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1 Herald s Corner Take the Long Island Expressway to Exit 61, Patchogue-Holbrook Road, CR-19 towards Patchogue/ Holbrook. Merge onto Expressway Drive South, turn left at Holbrook Road. The library is at 150 Holbrook Road st Thursday of each month at Sachem Public Library (Holbrook) at 7:30 p.m. Contact Seneschal Lord Ronan FitzRobert (Scott Petritsch) for information at All are welcome. Officers are encouraged to attend. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hawkes Reache Every other month as follows: January, March, May, July, September & November.. They will be held at during the Hawks reach A&S night Contact Seneschal Lady Michele the Ubiquitous The Barony of An Dubhaigeainn 1

2 Baronial Officers Baron & Baroness Baron David Vázquez de Valençia (David Cortijo) 62 Miller Street Patchogue, NY, (917) (before 9pm) Baroness Mistress Suzanne Neüber de Londres (Susan Maebert-Frank) 417 Freestate Drive Shirley, NY, (631) (before 9pm) Seneschal Lord Ronan FitzRobert (Scott Petritsch) (631) Deputy* Mistress of Arts & Sciences Lady Ealusaid inghean Uí Phaidín (Lisa Seckler-Roode) (631) (before 7pm) Deputy Lord Conall ó Ceallaigh See Minister of Lists Exchequer Helena Lundonie (Debra Pfundstein) 23 Skylark Ave Holtsville, NY, (before 9pm) Deputy* Knight Marshal Lady Vrisia Von Koningburg 11 Cleveland St Islip Terrace NY, Deputy Knight Marshal* Deputy (Fencing) Lord Eanraig the Bonesetter (Jim Best D.O) Rockhill Road Rocky Point, NY, Deputy (Archery) Baron Master Don Jean Xavier Boullier (Peter X. Boullianne) 59 Old Neck Road Center Moriches, NY (631) (before 10pm) Deputy (Thrown Weapons) Lord Magnus de Londres (Paul Holm) 23 Skylark Ave Holtsville, NY Webminister Lord Ronan FitzRobert (acting) (Scott Petritsch) *See Seneschal Deputy (Database Manager)* Herald Lady Violet Hughes (Allison Hoffman) call/ text (before 9pm) Deputy* Minister of Lists Lord Conall ó Ceallaigh (Tim Kellison) Deputy* Chronicler Lady Hermina de Pagan (Bettilou Torres) (631) Deputy Akos Szekely 75 Aloma Road Rocky Point, NY Chatelaine Kaalos (Milo Teplin) (631) Deputy* Canton of Hawkes Reache Seneschal Lady Michele the Ubiquitous (Michele Chang) 65 Rutgers Lane Huntington NY, (917) before 10:30 p.m. org The Barony of An Dubhaigeainn 2

3 BARONIAL EVENT SCHED U LE EVENTS STA RTIN G ENDING YULE AT THE PALAZZO WINTER COMMONS KINGDOM TWELFTH NIGHT MARKET DAY AT BIRKA KING & QUEEN S A7S CHAMPIONSSHIP SPRING SCOLA L I N K S M A J E S T I E S H IGHNE SS Yes Yes NO LINK No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes LINK FORTH COMING No No DECEMBER JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY *SEEKING LETTERS of INTENT for various deputy positions. Letters of Intent should be submitted to the Baronial Seneschal and the Coronet via mail or . Letters may also be submitted at the Baronial business meeting held the first Thursday of every month at Sachem Public Library. Interested parties may speak with the outgoing officer, the Seneschal or the Coronet.* The Barony of An Dubhaigeainn 3

4 December Practice Schedule Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Baronial Meeting Christmas Day Winter Commons The Barony of An Dubhaigeainn 4

5 January Practice Schedule Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday New Year's Day Baronial Meeting Martin Luther King Day The Barony of An Dubhaigeainn 5

6 Heavy Weapons Practice Are suspended for the season. See you in the Spring! We continue to meet at 640 Belle Terre Road, Building F, in Port Jefferson on Friday evenings, 7:30-10:00 p.m. Some loaner gear may be available if requested beforehand. Please call Lord Eanraig the Bonesetter (Jim Best) at before coming to practice to confirm that we re meeting. Archery and Thrown Weapons Thrown Weapons Practice Are weather and availability pending for Saturdays in December at the discretion of Lord Magnus. 24 Skylark Dr. Holtsville, NY Archery Practice Has been suspended for the season. If you have any questions please call Lord Magnus (Paul Holm) at The Barony of An Dubhaigeainn 6

7 St. Andrews Follow Up Many hands make light work, and an event like this is no exception. First to my family, who s love and support helped me stay on track, on target and sane. Next to my Feastocrat Herminia de Pagan and her A Team (Akos, Erik, Lisa, & Dhalia, Michael, Marcy and Scott) for a yummy dayboard & fabulous feast, and Vivat on receiving the Burdened Tyger. Herminia also acted as my Deputy Autocrat, sounding board and biggest enthusiast. She cannot be thanked enough. Lady Helena Lundonie for her expertise at troll and with assorted paperwork on which our society keeps things organized. And for sitting Troll ALL DAY. Tycho Mikkelson who ran an interesting & fun tourney to find our new Heavy Champion, Baron Ateño for Marshalling and Vivat to the winner Yisrael ben Baron. Lady Devon for keeping the Heavy Marshals fed & hydrated. Master Jean Xavier for running a great Fencing tourney, Lord Magnus Delondres for the Thrown Weapons, and Genvieve Vellman for the Archery Those who participated and watched enjoyed themselves greatly. Lady Kayla for keeping those Marshals fed & hydrated Baron Ateño, and Baroness Suzanne for decorating the site on Friday with me. The hall would have looked much less festive without your keen eyes, steady balance and taller height. The Libermans, from the New York Estonian Society, for their assistance in bringing some of the Estonian culture to our little gathering. Those who made the eggs or danced with them had a great time. Lady Jenna Childslayer for kitten herding Merchant Wrangling. She kept it flowing smoothly, got it set up and broken down in record time, and it was successful for buyer and seller alike. Also Lady Iola for her assistance to Jenna. Lord Kaalos & his Broodling Brothers who ran the Ducky Garb Sale, also lady Veronica for her assistance with that. Lord Kaalos for handling the Chatelaine end of things, so I could concentrate on the Big Picture, and spend a short time as Inspiration to my Husband while he was fighting in the Tourney Baron Ateño, Baroness Lassar, Lord Kaalos & Lord Ronan for staying to the bitter end and cleaning up the site. All of you who attended, fought, competed, learned, danced, feasted and had fun. This is what our society is about, and this is what I was hoping would be the end result. Thank you all. Yours in Service to the Dream Lady Sláine báen Ronán Autocrat The Barony of An Dubhaigeainn 7

8 Hear Ye! Hear Ye! What happens to your SCA name and device when you no longer want it, stop participating or shuffle off this mortal coil? There's paperwork for that, easily filled out. There's permission to conflict and heraldic wills. Suggested templates can be found on If you have none of these on file with the college of heralds then for the rest of time your name/device will always be yours, nobody can ever conflict. Permission to conflict, you can determine how much difference is necessary for your permission. Instead of one SC (significant change, or big difference) or two DC (distinct change, or small difference) as is standard to clear conflict, you can allow one DC, or one DC as long as it's a certain color, whatever you please. A heraldic will, you can leave another person in charge of your name/device. It doesn't even have to be a person who plays in the SCA. Or you can release your name/device upon your death. If you just don't want your name/device anymore you can fill out a release form and it won't be considered when checking for conflicts in new submissions. All these firms are very simple. Basically I, legal name, known in the SCA as this name, give permission to and then you put down whatever it is you want to happen. Do you have to have these? Not at all. But heralds greatly appreciate it. If, twenty years down the road you've retired from the SCA and somebody wants to submit a name or device very similar to yours, but nobody knows how to get in contact with you, then we've already got it right there in writing what we can do. Suggested Standard Form Letters: ===== Yours in Service, Lady Violet Houghes The Barony of An Dubhaigeainn 8

9 Hawke's Reach A&S Night IS CANCELLED! Because it would fall on Christmas Day. Instead, Harry & Michele will host a Hawkes Reache COMMONS on Saturday, December 26th. Starting at 12pm until whenever. There will be turkey, because Harry got a free one. Bring a dish to share if you wish. (Xmas leftovers welcome) Rutgers Lane Huntington, NY RSVP to Michele's cell or Oriquilt at gmail dot com Please look for updates on the An Dubh yahoogroup and FB page. Remember, Molly the beagle lives here. So take precautions if you are allergic! ;) If there is enough interest I will run a spinning wheel care and maintenance class in the craft room with a brief overview of spinning wheel drives, while the "party" continues downstairs. You can also try out my wheels. The smaller looms should be set up if anyone wants to play/experiment/ask questions. But you have to SHARE! :DFeel free to bring a project(s) to show off, or work on. Harry should have chainmail and tools available. He *may* have the armory set up. Or just come and hang out. YIS, Lady Michele the Ubiquitous This is the November 2015 issue of The Viaduct, a publication of the Barony of An Dubhaigeainn of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (SCA, Inc.). The is available from Bettilou Torres It is not a corporate publication of SCA, Inc., and does not delineate SCA, Inc. policies. Copyright 2015 Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. Unless otherwise noted, all artwork and photos by M. L. Schumacher. For information on reprinting photographs, articles, or artwork from this publication, please contact the Chronicler, who will assist you in contacting the original creator of the piece. Please respect the legal rights of our The Barony of An Dubhaigeainn 9

10 From the Coronet Unto the populace of An Dubhaigeainn, do your Baron and Baroness send greetings! November was a busy month for the populace of our fair Barony and the Kingdom. At the beginning of the month our most Royal Majesties Brennan and Caoilfhionn held a tournament to seek out heirs to this great Kingdom. Duke Kenric, with all his prowess won the title again, making Himself and Duchess Avelina Crown Prince and Princess. The following weekend, the Barony held its annual St Andrews/Birthday event where a new Champion of Heavy Weapons was sought and found. We congratulate our new champion Israel ben Aaron (formerly Radamus). Thank you to Lord Tycho Mikkleson for his service during this last year. We would like to congratulate the following: Lord Alec MacLaughlin, Lady Hemina de Pagan, and Akos Zekel for their induction as Companions of the Silver Feather; and to Lord Eanraig the Bonesetter and Travis Rogers for their new archery rankings, Bowman and Archer respectively. We also congratulate Lord Eanraig the Bonesetter as the premier inductee into the Order of Perseverance; the new Baronial award which recognizes individuals who demonstrate a given level of participation in each of the three classic "pillars" of the SCA: Martial, Arts & Sciences, and Service. That event was then followed with 100 Minutes War, where the King and Queen were gracious enough to recognize many individuals from the Barony, which included making Akos Zekel and Yisarel ben Baron, Lords of the Court; Dahlia who received a Tygers Cub; and Lord Vettorio Antonello whose calligraphy and illumination skill was recognize by inducting him into the Order of the Maunche. As always the Coronet seeks individuals who want to learn how to be retainers or get involve with any aspect of the Barony. Getting involved can be entertaining as well as giving individuals a better understand how the Barony and the SCA works. All interested parties should contact the Baroness. As the Yule holiday approach, we want to wish you and your families a happy and healthy holiday season. We look forward to see the members of the populace to take advantage of the many opportunities to participate and enjoy the activities in the Barony. David and Suzanne The Barony of An Dubhaigeainn 10