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1 Dear collector friend, Above is our latest price list. Prices are in Canadian funds. Payment by credit card, cheque, etc as usual. Taxes are extra, if applicable. Unsubscribe - If you do not wish to receive my notices please respond with "Unsubscribe" or "Remove" in the subject header. BNAPEX 2017 is just a few days away. Meanwhile, BNAPS launched their FACEBOOK page a few days ago; to find the page, search for British North America Philatelic Society. Hugo Hugo Deshaye (Philatelist) Inc. P.O. Box Quebec City, QC G3J 1Y9 Canada Item Double EAMS to New Zealand 1938, 3 Mufti (2) tied by Trenton machine cancel (March 8, 2018) on cover underpaying double 6 all-up Empire rate to New Zealand. T30, to pay 3d, 1d-2d stamps tied by St. Heliers NZ cds. Reverse with RCAF c/c. $ SOLD EAMS: Empire Air Mail Scheme effective Feb 23,1938

2 Item printed papers to Fiji 1953, 1 GEOVI (2) tied by Wainwright Alberta machine cancel on cover paying 2 printed papers to Fiji (b/s). A show piece. $85.00 SOLD Item domestic registered ballot box c1942, 8 Mufti, 20 Fort Garry tied by grid cancel from Mitchell Ont (Perth) on ballot box tag paying 28 domestic registered ballot box parcel rate to Stratford. 18 parcel rate under 20 miles plus 10 registration. Great piece with 8 value. $75.00 SOLD

3 Item By China Clipper to Straits Settlements 1938, 20 Niagara Falls, 50 Victoria tied by Toronto roller cancel on cover paying 90 airmail rate to Singapore via Hong Kong (b/s). Carried by China Clipper via San Francisco. Redirected to London England. $ SOLD

4 Item Way letter entered in Toronto 1939, 3 Royal Visit tied by Toronto machine cancel on cover from somewhere north of Toronto (perhaps Simcoe, Parry Sound omuskoka) entered as way letter to local. Nice. $35.00 SOLD Item Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition 1937, 3 Coronation tied by Halifax machine cancel on NS Provincial Exhibition advertising cover. Pretty. $45.00

5 Item Little Norway Ont 1943, 2 Mufti (2) tied by Little Norway Ont cds on patriotic cover to US. Though of obvious philatelic origin, it is a very scarce postmark. $ Item airmail to Iceland 1952, 5 GEOVI tied by Hamilton machine cancel on cover paying 15 airmail letter rate to Iceland. A very scarce destination (any period). $45.00 SOLD

6 Item Postage due in India and refused 1939, 3 Mufti tied by Toronto machine cancel on shortpaid cover to India (b/s). The actual rate was 6 (EAMS). Please advise your correspondents that letter rate from Canada is six cents per half ounce. T30, postage due in Karachi, refused, sent to Lahore DLO and returned (with 9 due) to Canada via DLO. Lovely. $ SOLD

7 Item Preferred rate to Mexico 1943, 1, 2 Mufti tied by Montreal machine cancel on censored cover paying 3 preferred foreign rate to Mexico (b/s). Not found (unclaimed) and returned. A good item. $75.00 SOLD

8 Item Bayswater Nova Scotia 1937, 13 Charlottetown tied by grid cancel from Bayswater NS on cover with keyhole paying 13 registered letter rate to US (redirected within). Hubbards transit and 2 RPO s (b/s). $25.00 SOLD Item PSE cut out 1939, 3 postage stationery envelope cut out tied by Cumberland BC machine cancel on cover paying 3 letter rate to US. Not caught or accepted (who knows). $20.00

9 Item airmail to Bahamas 1937, 5 Pictorial, 10 Cartier (2) tied by Toronto machine cancel on cover paying 25 airmail rate to Bahamas. A nice Cartier franking. $75.00 SOLD Item $1.00 Fisherman block of , $1.00 Fisherman block of 4 tied by Toronto roller cancel on Bank of Toronto tag paying 97 registered money packet (3 overpaid for convenience) to Sarnia. 27 for the first oz including registration and 5 each added oz. Stunning. $200.00

10 Item Empire registered to Malta 1927, 12 Confederation tied by Winnipeg Man Sub No.6 MOOD cancel on cover paying 12 Empire registered letter rate to Malta (b/s). Scarce. $ SOLD Item Unmailable (postal strike) 1968, US 6 Roosevelt tied by Hoquiam WA machine cancel on cover to Vancouver. Unmailable due to postal strike. No backstamp or annotation. $15.00 SOLD

11 Item parcel post c1920, 10 Admiral (2), 5 Mc Gee tied by Hamilton roller #1 cancel on Arthur Balfour tag (steelmakers) paying 25 regular parcel post rate to Kitchener. $50.00 Item Unused HBC airmail envelope c1940, unused Hudson s Bay Company airmail envelope. $10.00 SOLD

12 Item parcel post c1940, 10 Parliament (9) tied by Tilbury Ont roller cancel on tag paying 90 regular parcel post rate. Nice Kent county item. $50.00 SOLD Item US to England to Canada 1960, US 4 Lincoln (2) tied by SF machine cancel on airmail cover to England redirected to Corunna Ontario (Lambton county) with GB 1/3 QEII. $10.00 SOLD

13 Item Stratford registered 1896, 3, 5 SQ tied by oval R cancel from Stratford Ont on Rennie cover paying 8 registered letter rate to Toronto (b/s). $30.00 Item Nova Scotia Exhibition 1902, 2 Numeral tied by Halifax NS duplex on Provincial Exhibition advertising cover to Mahone (b/s). $75.00

14 Item John Labatt Brewery 1903, 2 Numeral tied by London machine cancel on John Labatt Brewery advertising cover to Amherstburg. $ SOLD

15 Item letter carrier attempts 1899, 2 Numeral tied by Toronto Bickerdike machine cancel on Chandler advertising cover paying 2 Empire letter rate to St. Mary s Newfoundland (backstamped St. Mary s Ontario). Redirected to Buffalo NY with 27 letter carrier delivery attempts. Reverse with carrier slip signed on every attempt (slip tied). The first such cover I ve handled. Awesome piece. $ Backstamps: St. Mary s Ont Jan 12, Buffalo Jan 12, Buffalo Jan 18, GD Jan 19, Buffalo Jan 19.

16 Item Rubber stamps 1899, 1 Numeral tied by Toronto roller cancel on Chas W. Mack manufacturer in rubber stamps and stamp goods advertising cover. Athens (b/s) and flap unsealed. $60.00 Item Lakefield Portland Cement 1908, 1 Quebec (2) tied by Montreal International machine cancel on Portland Cement Co. advertising cover (lion illustrated) paying 2 letter rate to Peterborough. Slightly reduced at right. $30.00 SOLD

17 Item Hamilton Copp Brothers 1891, 3 SQ tied by Hamilton duplex on Copp Bros c/c cover (iron founders) with statement of account and note. Reduced at right. $10.00 SOLD

18 Item Mutual Life Insurance 1900, 1 Numeral (2) tied by Toronto Bickerdike machine on T. Merritt Mutual Like Insurance Co of NY cover with enclosures to Deer Park. $10.00

19 Item Belle River Ont grain and seeds 1957, 5 Cameo tied by Belle River Ont duplex cancel on Grain and Seeds cover with enclosure. $20.00 SOLD

20 Item CFPO 5112 mailbag tag 2002, mailbag tag from Courcelette (CFB Valcartier), then Belleville (CFPU Trenton) to Zgon Bosnia via Zagreb Croatia. The funniest part on this item is that I stamped the tag myself (with the CFPO 5112 handstamp) while volunteering at the Zgon Camp Post Office. See my article in BNA Topics about the postal service in Bosnia (I remember I wrote this article on a night shift, edited by Mike Street). $ Item Brockville CW Berri duplex 1868, 3 Large Queen tied by Brockville CW Berri duplex cancel on lady cover to Montreal (b/s). Scarce duplex. $75.00

21 Item Insured parcel 1968, $1.75 franking tied by Kleena Kleene BC on fur auction insured tag (insured parcel handstamp) to Vancouver. $40.00 SOLD Item Postcard to US shortpaid 1953, 2 GEOVI tied by Drummondville Que machine cancel underpaying 3 postcard rate to New Jersey US. 2 postage due (tied). $15.00 SOLD

22 Item St. Andrews NB 2-Ring , 2 Numeral tied by 2-Ring-50 from St. Andrews NB on The Algonquin Hotel c/c cover to USA (Boston transit). Reduced at right. $50.00 Item Clothing manufacturers 1909, 2 Edward tied by London International machine cancel on Victor Clothing S&CO advertising cover to Rodney. $50.00

23 Item Drop letter returned to sender 1953, 3 GEOVI tied by Montreal machine cancel on cover paying 3 drop letter rate. Wrong address, unknown and returned to sender. A T4 of $38.70 enclosed. $10.00 SOLD Foreign friends -- a T4 is a Canadian tax document issued by an employer to declare income you received. Item airmail to France 1952, 5 GEOVI, 10 Fur tied by Sherbrooke Que cds on postcard paying 15 airmail rate to France. Reverse is typical King Street PECO picture. Unusual franking. $10.00 SOLD

24 Item Wanikewin Ont (Parry Sound) 1916, 1 Admiral (2) tied by grid cancel from Wanikewin Ont on postcard to Cleveland. Reverse is a French River view RPPC. Rare postmark. $45.00 SOLD Item Evaporated apples and fruits 1903, 2 Numeral tied by Belleville Ont duplex cancel on Graham Co. advertising cover (manufacturers and exporters of evaporated apples etc) to Toronto (b/s). $35.00 SOLD

25 Item UPU to Algeria 1902, 1, 2 (2) Numeral tied by Quebec duplex on cover paying 5 UPU letter rate to Algeria. Scarce destination. $ Item Service suspended in Viet Nam 1959, 25 franking tied by Toronto machine on cover paying 25 rate to Hanoi, Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Viet-Ham) service suspended and returned to Canada. In 1959, Viet Nam was in a period of instability with political assassinations and small-scale guerrilla actions. A rare modern mail suspended cover. $75.00 SOLD

26 Item Edmonton barrel 1961, 5 Pauline Johnson tied by Edmonton Alberta Terminal A barrel hammer on Pauline Johnson Confectionery cover to local. Perishable address label. $15.00 SOLD Item Titanic RPPC - c1912+, RMS Titanic unused RPPC on AZO back. $60.00

27 Item Seed parcel tag 1979, 12 (8) tied by Plum Coulee Manitoba cds on Harder s Seed Ltd parcel tag (perhaps used on a sack) to Parkhill Ontario. $30.00