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1 Duke City Wings Autumn Edition Vol. 4 Issue 10 Zion National Park-west entrance From the Farmington Museum, Convention and Visitor Center Ruidoso, NM October gathering is Oct. 15, 2017 November gathering is Nov. 19, 2017 At Golden Corral 5207 San Mateo Blvd NE Doors open for Breakfast at 7:36 a.m. Gathering commences 8:33:13 a.m. GWRRA Chapter W Chapter Director: Tom Brewer PH: (505) Golden Corral 5207 San Mateo Blvd NE Albuquerque, NM For you GPS ers Albuquerque, New Mexico October 2017 Page 1 of 19

2 Your Chapter Staff and Upcoming Events CHAPTER W: Director: Tom Brewer (505) Assistant Director: Richard Mummey Treasurer: Christy Porter (505) Rider Educator: Chris Boyle (505) Membership Enhancement Coordinator: Christy Porter Couple Of the Year: Richard Mummey and Christy Porter Individual Of the Year: Chris Boyle (505) Goodie Store: Chris Boyle (505) Ride Coordinator: Thank you Jonathan for the ride suggestion!!! Webmaster, Newsletter, Roadrunner, etc: Richard Mummey (505) Be Alert!! Expect the Unexpected UPCOMING EVENTS: Oct. 15th Chapter W Gathering Breakfast starts at 7:30am, Gathering at 8:30am Oct th Arizona District Rally Lake Havasu City, AZ Oct. 28th Chapter N Gathering Village Pizza-Noon Oct. 28th Chapter F Social 6:PM Check your for more information Nov. 9th Chapter W Social 6:30pm Place : To Be Announced-check your s Nov. 19th Chapter W Gathering Breakfast starts at 7:30am, Fun at 8:30am Nov. 28th Happy Thanksgiving!!!! GWRRA Chapter W Albuquerque, New Mexico October 2017 Page 2 of 19

3 Chapter Director TOM BREWER It s that time of year when thoughts go to ghosts and goblins and lots of candy. Of course, there are the parties that go with all of this stuff. Just remember who is out there on the streets running around going to their parties too. Watch out for them and the other drivers because you know they may not be looking for you. Lately I ve had lots of time to read while flying back and forth to Kansas City for work. The books I have been reading have to do with a group of people that hunt monsters for a living. Of course, these books are just fantasy but are based on quite a bit of legend and lore. I didn t realize it until I started to look up some of these creatures in my handy-dandy-digital phone. I can get lost reading about stuff on Google and almost forget about the book I m reading; everything from different kinds of guns to explosives, ancient monsters from around the world, ancient history of wars and battles. It has been quite some reading and has kept me entertained at 40,000 feet. Stay straight and watch out for those vamps. Tom manning the Door Prize table at the NM District Rally GWRRA Chapter W Albuquerque, New Mexico October 2017 Page 3 of 19

4 Rider Education Chris Boyle AGATT (All the Gear All The Time) I recently witnessed an excellent example of the protection that proper riding gear can provide. At the Ruidoso Rally, one of our members had the unfortunate experience of a dog bolting out in front of him resulting in a collision. The motorcycle went down and slid across the opposite lane of traffic. I m happy to say the member was wearing proper gear and only suffered a slight abrasion on the side of his left knee. However, we can t say that about the gear. The rider stayed with the motorcycle and his gear performed the job it was designed to perform, that s to say - protection. The left boot suffered significant scuffing and wear at the toe. The left arm of the rain jacket (yes it was wet) was shredded. The second layer was a textile armored jacket and the left elbow area had significant abrasion and a couple of wear holes. He also had a heated layer which had some evidence of abrasion. The textile jacket did the job it was designed for by protecting the elbow and skin. The other area of abrasion was the left pant pocket which tore with some abrasion on the leather wallet. The helmet and gloves were not affected. The best part of this is the member continues to ride and his Goldwing had only minor damage. Now let s briefly review what constitutes good riding gear. Helmet Buy a good one and wear it. The top safety pick is the full face helmet which provides the most protection. Boots Select a sturdy boot that provides over the ankle cushioned protection. A sturdy boot with a sole that provides good traction will not only protect the small bones in the foot, but also helps with stability while balancing the motorcycle at a stop. A good sole also helps spread the center stand pressure when you lift the bike up on the stand. Try that trick wearing flip flops and you ll know what I mean. Jacket The jacket gets a lot of attention as we try to select the right garment. We have to consider performance in a wide range of temperature conditions, abrasion resistance, armor, and leather versus textile. Leather probably provides the best abrasion resistance, but a textile jacket is nearly as resistant for the type of riding and the exposures that we can expect to encounter. However, if you are on the race track, stick with leather. Armor has become very common in all types of motorcycle jackets. Armor cushions and protects the common impact zones and is typically placed in the elbow, shoulder, and back. Some jackets are mesh which provides good ventilation. This is certainly a big consideration for summer riding in New Mexico. However, as you would expect, mesh does not provide as much protection as a solid textile or leather. Obviously we have many choices and the type of jacket we wear is a personal preference. The key here is whatever you buy, wear it. Continued on page 5 GWRRA Chapter W Albuquerque, New Mexico October 2017 Page 4 of 19

5 Rider Education Continued from page 5 Gloves Gloves are an important item of safety gear. Why? We humans instinctively try to catch our falls, so your hands are likely going to be the first or second thing to touch down in a crash. As illustration, look at the women s hands in the above pictures. A good glove will fit securely around the wrist, have extra protection around the knuckles, and address abrasion in the palm area. Of course, we all have seasonal gloves to address different weather conditions and each should address these important safety features. Pants Many riders wear regular cotton jeans which provide minimal protection, some wear leather or textile chaps, while others wear full leather or textile pants. Of course the best selection is the leather or textile. For those that like the blue jean look, there are options now available that offer jeans that are Kevlar reinforced in high abrasion areas knee, hip, and seat. In summary, whatever your preferred gear is, follow the All the Gear All The Time safety principle and Dress for the Slide, Not the Ride. Safety Doesn t Happen by Accident Be Alert! Accidents Hurt! GWRRA Chapter W Albuquerque, New Mexico October 2017 Page 5 of 19

6 Ride to California District Rally Christy Porter We were lucky enough to be able to go to the Mammoth Rally in September. Richard and I met up with Gary and Janet during last months meeting. I was so anxious, I could hardly sit and luckily we hoped on our bike and trike, leaving early as we had a ferry to catch at Lake Powell. We made the ferry and took a ride across the lake. Was beautiful weather and lake. Then on to Hooters in Vegas! Yes we all ate chicken. They have a nice Hotel. I tried to gamble on the Ellen DeGeneres machine which teased and shook you up when you were winning, or not. Came out $2.00 ahead so that was ok. Mark Davis met up with us so we could all eat breakfast at an proper English Pub. Lady that served us was very pretty, but she wasn't English, she was from Poland. We went through Capital Reef, Bryce, and Zion National Parks. Saw some deer hanging out at Bryce. Each place was so beautiful! Zion was something else, riding through on the bike because you were right there in the open looking up at the rocks. I think I got some great pictures, there was so much to see. Off to Mammoth! The closer we got, the colder it got. By the time we got there we were frozen popsicles. Nice place to stay. It was in a resort, three bedroom condo. Snowed pretty hard while we were there, Richard and I cooked some steaks in the snow by the pool. They were quite tasty. Next day we saw were asked the there something else out there? We don't know, but an alien bird took a dive at Gary and Janet's trike and lost. Then we ate an alien burger at Rachel, keeping our eye out. The boys met a new friend and spoke about intense lights on his cool older bike. Janet and I spoke to the little green man out front. He wasn't giving up any secrets. We had a free day and took a trolley into town doing a little sight seeing and shopping. For the Rally, they picked up everyone in a bus and took us up the mountain. Was a nice evening, they did a great job with their opening ceremonies. Next morning Richard and I started our trip home. Was sad to leave, but it was a wonderful time! GWRRA Chapter W Albuquerque, New Mexico October 2017 Page 6 of 19

7 WHEN: Sunday, November 19, am 5pm (approx.) WHERE: GO-AZ N. Hayden Rd Scottsdale, AZ COST: $40.00 We can have a maximum of 12 bikes RSVP: J.D. Ladner (AZ District Educator) Advanced Rider Course (ARC) (1up or 2up) ***RSVP no later than Friday, Nov. 10 th *** Rider Course Instructor Certification Program (RCICP) GWRRA, Region F, CO District will host an Advanced Rider Course (ARC) Instructor Certification Programs (RClCP) November at the GO-AZ Facility, N. Hayden Rd, Scottsdale, AZ., Both the CIDM (Classroom Instructor Development Module) and the RCIT (Rider Course Instructor Training) will be at the GO-AZ facility. The Master Instructor Trainer (MIT) conducting the class is Bob Berry. Questions regarding this course can be directed to Region F, Rider Educator, Mike Werner at , Members wishing to become Rider Course Instructors (RCIs) through this Course should submit Rider Education Form N.13A to the Director, Rider Course Programs through their District Educator. Submit a completed GWRRA Rider Course Instructor Application (N.13A) with current validating credentials. Have no more than 4 points on his/her motorcycle license. Have no DUI convictions within the past five years. Be current in Level III or above in the REP Levels program. Be a GWRRA Member in good standing Demonstrate safe riding habits by always wearing proper riding gear as defined in the REP Levels program. GWRRA Chapter W Albuquerque, New Mexico October 2017 Page 7 of 19

8 Newsletter Editor and Comments Richard Mummey Happy Halloween!!! Yes, black and orange time, ghosts, witches, goblins, mummys and other monsters may be invading the streets on Oct. 31 so be prepared for treats or I may soap your windows! Christy and I left Saturday morning before closing ceremonies for the 2 day trip back home. Christy and I would like to thank the members for the congratulations as we accepted the roles of Assistant I heard that we had an after gathering ride to Madrid, Chapter Director and Membership Enhancement CoordiGalisteo, Edgewood and of course DQ. Those participat- nator. Thank you. ing: Chris Boyle, Tony Fields, Bob Wieseler, Tom Brewer As for the Roadrunner, I would need a person to take and Jonathan Pendley. Thank you Jonathan for the idea! over this. I will show what I have done and you can add Last month, Christy, Gary and Janet Longhurst and I your own piazza to it. Very easy and fun!! sneaked out of the meeting, well more like bulls in a Also, Chris Boyle recorded last months mileage and this china shop, to start our trip to the California District Rally. month we will have results for winners for those two As you read Christy s article, we had a great time seeing months. So come out on the 15th!! the many national parks in Utah, and California, and the Extraterrestrial Hwy 51, Death Valley at 287 feet! Avoid Heat Stress Drink Plenty of Water GWRRA Chapter W Albuquerque, New Mexico October 2017 Page 8 of 19

9 Newsletter Editor and Comments Welcome New Officers to Chapter W Richard Mummey has been announced as Assistant Chapter Director for Chapter W. Working closely with Tom he will be getting prepared to take over Chapter W at some point. Becoming an Officer within GWRRA is a huge commitment both in time and effort and, even though National has recently made changes to some of the roles at Chapter level there is still a lot of hard work to be done in this leadership position. One of his many roles will be to keep the communication link between the Association and its members alive, his position is to serve the members. GWRRA has an Officers Handbook that has their Mission statement, Vision and Core Values in for all to follow as Officers. Richard and Christy also attended the Officer Certification Program (OCP) a couple of years ago, so now they are very prepared! The Oath of Office that is taken at the time of installment into Officer position clearly lays out the responsibilities and importance of the Role. One of the lines being to lead by example while promoting an atmosphere of fun, safety and knowledge Christy Porter has also taken another Officer Position for Chapter W and she will be the Membership Enhancement Co coordinator (MEC). This role has significantly changed with the new job descriptions from National, and so it will be interesting to see how this all rolls out. One thing to remember is that these are volunteer positions and so our support is greatly appreciated. When you see these two members you need to be congratulating them and recognizing and thanking them for stepping up to take these Officer roles. Ask them is there anything you can do to assist them in their new roles, I know Richard is looking for a new Roadrunner person to collect mileage from our riders. They both still work full time and love to ride their Harley and so are excellent examples of where we need to be as active members of GWRRA Thank you Richard and Christy Janet Longhurst This is Richard. GWRRA Chapter W Albuquerque, New Mexico October 2017 Page 9 of 19

10 October Birthdays and Anniversaries Steve & Dianne Howcraft 7 Happy Anniversary Cindy Cruickshank 15 Happy Birthday Dave Gottheimer & Monique Kourdae 18 Happy Anniversary Dave Gottheimer 21 Happy Birthday October Goldwing Anniversaries Terry Cook Capt. Bob Grant Richard Mummey Wanshula Paxton Douglas Schuler JR Torres 7 years 6 years 5 years 2 years 13 years 6 years To become a GWRRA member or renew your membership, please copy and paste the following web address: Note: If I misspell your name or forgot your birthday, anniversary, please let me know and I will correct it for the next newsletter. Thank you, Rocky J. Squirrel, Editor in charge GWRRA Chapter W Albuquerque, New Mexico October 2017 Page 10 of 19

11 NEW MEXICO DISTRICT CHAPTERS Gatherings F Albuquerque 1st Saturday 7:30 am, Eat 8:30 am Gathering Golden Corral 2701 Coors Blvd., NW CD s: Gary Smith and Trish Warwick (505) D Farmington 2nd Saturday 9:00 am Gathering Golden Corral 1715 E. Main St. Farmington, NM CD: Gary Greenfield TX- A1 El Paso 2nd Saturday 11:30 am Gathering Rudy s Country Store and BarB-Q 11:00 am Eat 6401 S Desert Blvd El Paso, TX R Roswell 1st Saturday 11:30 am Jan. 7, April 1, Aug. 5, Nov. 4 Los Cerritos Mexican Kitchen, 2103 N. Main St., Roswell Feb. 4, May 6, Oct. 7, CD s: Glennie and Terry Payne Place: TBA City: Clovis, NM (570) March 4, July 1, Dec. 2 Stevens Inn 1829 S. Canal Carlsbad, NM June 3, Sept. 2 N Rio Rancho 4th Saturday Noon Gathering Village Pizza 4266 Corrales Rd Corrales, NM CD s: Joe & Nancy Opuszenski (505) K-Bobs, 157 US Hwy 70 Ruidoso CD: David West (575) W Albuquerque 3rd Sunday Breakfast 7:30 am, 8:30 am Gathering Golden Corral 5207 San Mateo Blvd. NE CD: Tom Brewer (505) GWRRA Chapter W Albuquerque, New Mexico October 2017 Page 11 of 19

12 Rallies-District, Region, National Districts: Arizona-October Lake Havasu City, AZ. Rally 2018 The region is offering comped registration to each member of the chapter that successfully names the Zermatt Rally. Here is a link to the hosting resort, which may help get some ideas flowing. So please think about it, and get your ideas to your respective Chapter Director, who will then select one name from your chapter and I will need your nominations by 10/22. The District Team will then select one name to send to the region for consideration. Good Luck. Tom Evans NM-DD For Rally registration, hotel registration and a video, please check the link below: Southwest Region "F"un Rally Information GWRRA Southwest Region "F" GWRRA Chapter W Albuquerque, New Mexico October 2017 Page 12 of 19

13 AND THE WINNERS ARE from the September 2017 Gathering Winner Gift Donated By Roy Palmer Gift Card R&S Honda Gavin Strawderman Gift Card R&S Honda Trish Warwick Chicken Soup Basket Larry Veltman Clear Rain Cap, Bling Tray Tom and Grace Mike Dalby Assorted Zip Ties Tom and Grace Jerry Stillwagon Screwdriver set Harry Jenkins First Aid Kit Tom and Grace Gavin Strawderman Marble Game (drew black marble) next month $ Goodie Can Replenishment Fund $83.00 Keith Morrison You are a winner! Now just come to the gathering for a chance to get some awesome prizes. Our next gathering, October 15, 2017 will be your next opportunity. Come join the fun! THANK YOU to our sponsors and donors for their generous donations and support. USE the gift certificates and THANK the donors for the donation. GWRRA Chapter W Albuquerque, New Mexico October 2017 Page 13 of 19

14 October 2017 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Chapter R Gathering Chapter F Gathering Wing Ding Chapter W Social 6:30pm Place: TBA Chapter D, TX- A1 Gatherings 15 Chapter W Gathering- Chapter W 7:36am, Gathering 8:34AM AZ. District Rally Lake Havasu City, AZ Oct Chapter N Gathering-High Noon-Village Pizza -Corrales, NM Chpt F Social GWRRA Chapter W Albuquerque, New Mexico October 2017 Page 14 of 19

15 November Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Chapter R Gathering Chapter F Gathering Chapter W Social 6:30pm Place: TBA Chapter D, TX- A1 Gatherings Chapter W Gathering- Chapter W 7:36am, Gathering 8:34AM Thanksgiving GWRRA Chapter W Albuquerque, New Mexico October 2017 Page 15 of 19

16 NEW MEXICO GWRRA CHAPTERS F, N & W Combined Holiday Luncheon MCM Elegante Hotel 2020 Menaul Blvd NE, ABQ Saturday, December 2nd 11:30-3 PM ALL ARE INVITED (even non-members) Three great menu choices Cost $24 Cornish Game Hen, Prime Rib & Alaskan Salmon + salad, sides, dessert, tea RSVP -N.L.T. November 22 nd to Margie & Gary Green: 4916 Duffer, Albuquerque, NM (505) Make check payable to GWRRA Chapter F Indicate menu choice on check. Santa Claus will pay us a visit before heading out to deliver stuffed animals to hospitalized kids. Time permitting, we will have games. If you are interested in staying overnight at the MCM Elegante it is offering a room rate of $82 with complementary full hot breakfast and 2 complementary drinks per guest per evening. GWRRA Chapter W Albuquerque, New Mexico October 2017 Page 16 of 19

17 For Sale 2006 Honda Goldwing with Champion Trike Kit 48,000 miles Auxiliary fuel tank. Trailer hitch, CB radio, Wind Wings, and many extras. Front fork seals just replaced!! Price: $24, Contact Rick Howell for more information (928) Owner: Annette Perry If you like to place an ad for motorcycle related item for sale, please send your ad in a Word file and photos and submit to Thank you, Editor GWRRA Chapter W Albuquerque, New Mexico October 2017 Page 17 of 19

18 National, Region, District Directory Future Rides Future Rides NATIONAL: website: GWRRA President: Anita Alkire GWRRA Deputy Directors, Region F,I&J: Ray and Sandy Garris REGION: website: GWRRA Region F Director: Andy and Sherry Smith (757) GWRRA Region F Assistant Director: Joyce and Rick Elmore GWRRA Region F Assistance Director: Cathy and George Diaz DISTRICT: website: NM District Director: Tom and Lisa Evans (575) NM Assistant District Director: David West (575) NM Assistant District Director: Gary Smith and Trish Warwick (505) NM District M.E.C. : Bill and Becky Brown (575) NM District Rider Educator: Chris Boyle (505) NM District Leadership Trainer: Walter Clement (313) NM Couple of the Year: Gary Smith and Trish Warwick NM District Treasurer: Margie Green (505) NM Motor Awareness Coordinators: Walter Clement (313) NM Medic First Aid: Gail Reynolds (915) NM Goodie Store: George and Priscilla McCarty (575) NM District Photographers: Bill and Becky Brown (575) NM District Webmaster: Tom and Lisa Evans (575) NM District Newsletter Editor: Judy Metts (575) GWRRA Chapter W Albuquerque, New Mexico October 2017 Page 18 of 19

19 Our Sponsors GWRRA Chapter W Albuquerque, New Mexico October 2017 Page 19 of 19