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1 Board of Directors Meeting p.m. 12:50 p.m. Roundtable Discussion/ Presentation/Education Board Working Lunch 1

2 Table Topic: Tourism Sales International and Group Tour Markets Frequently Asked Questions How do I get a group tour to stay at my hotel or visit my attraction, restaurant or county? I m a small property. How do I work with a U.S. receptive tour operator to attract international visitors? What are groups looking for in a hotel or destination? How do I compete to get their business? 2

3 Top 10 Inbound Markets to the U.S Canada Mexico United Kingdom Japan Brazil China Germany France South Korea Australia *US Travel Association These travelers can go anywhere in the world, why Montana s Glacier Country? Montana has great sex appeal, but people don t know where they want to go, what to do or how to do it. We (all the Montana tourism entities) need to provide them with orientation and facilitation We need to tell them how they can experience it. Judy Randall, Randall Travel Marketing, Governor s Conference on Tourism,

4 International Tour Operators and/or Travel Agents A company overseas that creates and markets inclusive tours as a wholesaler or directly to clients Most specialize in fly-drive itineraries and utilize the services of U.S. receptive tour operators FIT Foreign independent travel couples or families more apt to travel throughout the year Stay in unique lodging U.S. Receptive Tour Operator A U.S. based company that markets and sells U.S. travel products (lodging/attractions) to international inbound travelers Middleman between international tour operators/travel agents that are overseas and local hotels and attractions in the United States 4

5 Why Work With A Receptive Operator? They have in-depth knowledge of an area or region They re-sell your product to other tour operators and overseas travel agents (i.e. your sales force) They work with smaller unique properties giving them an opportunity to provide their products to FIT (fly-drive) clients They can work with both group and FIT (fly-drive) clients U.S. Receptive Tour Operators When working with a U.S. receptive, offer your lowest rate Usually 25% to 30% off your rack rate Net rate: rate is marked up by receptive, tour operator and travel agent to cover distribution, promotion, etc. $100 rack rate (10% receptive, 10% operator, 10% agent) = $70 net rate International travel agents are selling it to client for $100 5

6 U.S. Receptive Tour Operators Attractions/outfitters offer discounts and accept vouchers Rocky Mountain Holiday Tours and America 4 You are our preferred U.S. receptive operators; specialize in the Rocky Mountain Region America 4 You L.L.C More Tips The U.S. receptive operators and international tour operators are our sales force in foreign countries The commission is paid only when the sale has been made, there is no cost otherwise Have prices available months in advance to be included in the receptive s tariff/brochure Bookings from international come in early/black out dates 6

7 More Tips International clients might research online but the majority still use tour operators due to insurance and unforeseen circumstances Trefalgar, ATI, Allied T Pro, GTA, Tourico Holidays, are other large well-known receptive operators Long-term commitment: 2 3 years at least Participate in FAMs (familiarization tours) Attend a tradeshow to promote your product to tour operators Rocky Mountain International Marketing partner of Rocky Mountain International (marketing consortium of Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota) RMI focuses primarily on UK, Germany, France, Italy, Benelux region (the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg) and the Nordic Region (Finland, Norway, Iceland, Denmark) Australia/New Zealand, Travel trade reps in those countries selling our region as the Real America Consider attending RMI Roundup if new to international (May 4 6 in Cody, Wyoming) 7

8 Report from 10 U.S. receptive tour operators ROOM NIGHTS BOOKED Glacier Park Kalispell Whitefish Missoula Top 10 U.S. Inbound Travel Markets Forecast Canada 1. Canada 2. Mexico 2. Mexico 3. United Kingdom 3. CHINA 4. Japan 4. United Kingdom 5. Brazil 5. Japan 6. China 6. Brazil 7. Germany 7. Germany 8. France 8. France 9. South Korea 9. South Korea 10. Australia 10. Australia 8

9 Welcoming the Chinese Visitor Yellowstone National Park currently Glacier National Park is next Cultural differences (just a few) New to travel, allowed to travel in 2008 Reputation of being loud, rude Food choices in your hotel, town, hot water/tea In room amenities: slippers, drying rack, small rice cooker Darkness is scary Signage Welcoming the Chinese Visitor Knowledge will alleviate frustration Let Glacier Country know if this market is part of your goal 9

10 Domestic Group Tour Market Why do we want motor coach tours in Montana? A motor coach spends an average of $5,000 to $7,000 per day in a community Lodging, attractions and activities, fuel, restaurants and retail Thousands of cars not driven, saving fuel, cutting emissions and reducing congestion It s a green way of travel Working with Tour Operators Set rates months in advance so they can package Rates include tax, resort, TBID fees Room breakdown (single, doubles) plus any additional charge for double occupancy Comp. room policy: standard is 1 complimentary room per 15 or 2 comps for 30+ rooms (bus driver & tour guide) Group tours are averaging between people 10

11 Working with Tour Operators Baggage handling: $4 per round trip (seniors, staffing) Motor coach parking/restaurant onsite or nearby Handicap access Advanced deposit and rooming/activity lists Cancellation fee and policy Tour Additions Hosted receptions with cookies/coffee, wine/cheese, gift (huckleberry something, chocolates, themed item) Train your front line staff. Know the community, cheat sheet (where have they been, where are they headed next) Know which restaurants offer group seating or offer coupons or discounts for groups (package) Build relationships 11

12 Surprise and Delight Attractions: what can you offer the tour operator to make their clients feel special? Special deal Behind the scene peek Back of house Surprise and Delight Communities work with local chamber or CVB to put a program together 3 and 3 Where are they going to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner 3 activities in between those eats Keep Glacier Country Tourism in the loop 12

13 Most Requested Authentic experiences Not Disneyland or Las Vegas Behind the scenes tours Can they meet someone, see something, experience something not everyone else is doing (artist, writer, historian, musician) Cowboy and American Indian experience Horseback ride, chuckwagon lunch or dinner, line dancing lessons, meet and greet with a wrangler, American Indian dancer, drummer, story teller Tour operators want an experience that their clients talk about and tell their friends Food for thought Seasonality in shoulder season Are attractions open Restaurants/retail Off-site venues Flights OPEN, OPEN, OPEN 13

14 Think Like A Visitor Table Discussion Assignment Each table will have a specific county in Glacier Country (Lake, Lincoln, Mineral, Sanders) Design a 1 day itinerary for a group tour Bus of 32 people, ranging from years old Tuesday to Wednesday end of July Tuesday to Wednesday end of July Where will they stay overnight (2 nights)? 3 places to eat (breakfast, lunch, dinner) 3 activities (after breakfast, after lunch, after dinner) 14

15 Break Mission Statement: Glacier Country Regional Tourism Commission is a non-profit organization dedicated to a balanced partnership among eight western Montana counties (Flathead, Glacier, Lake, Lincoln, Mineral, Missoula, Ravalli and Sanders), Glacier National Park and other entities, to effectively market the region to visitors and educate the public regarding the value of tourism, while encouraging respect for our outstanding natural environment and quality of life. Glacier Country is dedicated to promoting tourism in Western Montana Business Meeting 1 p.m. to 1:50 p.m. 15

16 Business Meeting Introductions Board & Audience Pledge of Allegiance (voluntary) Approval of Minutes Approval of Financials Financials - Public Funds Reconciled Public Account (September 2015 through October 2015) Income Expenses Checking/Savings Balance (Sweep) $65, $156, $54, Expenses Year to Date FY $1,358, Budget FY $1,536, Percentage of Budget Spent FY Expenses Year to Date FY Budget FY Percentage of Budget Spent FY % $557, $1,691, % 16

17 Financials - Private Funds Reconciled Private Account (September 2015 through October 2015) Income $72, Expenses $55, Checking/Savings Balance (Sweep) $94, Agenda - Spotlight Board Member Spotlight: Joan Prather 17

18 Agenda Policy Review Code of Ethics To preserve the reputation of the destination; to promote tourism throughout Glacier Country; and to guide our actions in business, we hereby promise to abide by the Glacier Country Regional Tourism Commission (Glacier Country) Code of Ethics It is the policy of the Glacier Country to investigate all complaints that a member has acted in contravention of the Glacier Country Code of Ethics. Engagement by member businesses or their employees in acts of impropriety or the appearance of impropriety or in any conduct that might adversely affect the well-being and reputation of the Glacier Country or prove detrimental to the goals of the Glacier Country. If it is determined that a member has so acted, membership in Glacier Country may be removed in accordance with our by-laws. Agenda Public Comment Public Comment: (limited to two minutes per person) 18

19 Executive Director Report Racene Friede Executive Director Report Congratulations to Carole Johnson on new position as District Ranger! LinkedIn Follow us at Glacier Country Regional Tourism Commission Link to us as a volunteer ONLY! If you link to us via experience, skills, etc., you are listed as an employee. Governor s Conference on Travel and Tourism April 10 12, 2016 (Kalispell) Reminder: Detailed executive director and staff reports are available on the Partner Center 19

20 Executive Director Report Travel guide made budget Nice job Windfall! Warren Miller Sponsorship All but one show is done. All have been very good. In talks with Warren Miller Entertainment about next year right now. Webpage/Call Center/Social Media FY 2015 Thru October Inquiries (All sources) FY % (34,442) Total Webpage Unique Visits Traffic (Primary + Mobile + Branded Content) FY (388,595) Tablet Friendly Travel Guide Unique Visits FY (18,352) Total Social Media Engagement FY % (22,259,134) 20

21 Publicity Tia Troy Public Relations 15/16 Total Earned Media for FY14/15 More than $2.17 million in editorial value Nearly 210 million in circulation 21

22 Major Highlights Media events in 4 key markets Los Angeles, Portland, San Francisco + Seattle Copy for advertorials (print + digital) Travel guide copy + photos Social media presentations Montana Brewery Association Whitefish Chamber (Brian Schott) B2B workshop in Kalispell Major Highlights Launched blog newsletter Media pitches + support (VIA Magazine, AFAR, brewery guidebook, Seattle Metropolitan Magazine, Washington Post, SIP, Journeys, LA Times, Sunset, Mountain Meetings; various follow-up with journalists from events) 22

23 Coming Up IFWTWA press trip: January 2016 Winter media visits May 2016 influencer trip Visit Glacier National Park website re-launch B2B workshops Missoula + Whitefish (March 2016) Detailed monthly reports are available on the Member Center Tourism Sales Debbie Picard 23

24 IMEX America IMEX America in October - largest MICE (meetings, incentive, convention, event) tradeshow in North America. 148 countries are represented at the show 3,000 hosted buyers and 2,500 exhibitors Montana Booth Glacier Country Destination Missoula Discover Kalispell Explore Whitefish Visit Billings Sales Efforts B2B Workshop, November in Kalispell Newsletters Biannual to meeting planners Biannual to group/international tour operators B2B blog bimonthly B2B social on Linked Inn, Twitter #RealAmericaChat: 1st Wednesday at FAMs International tour operator FAM in May Meeting planner FAM in September 24

25 Upcoming Trade Shows ABA, January, Louisville, KY Domestic Group Travel NTA, February, Atlanta, GA Domestic Group Travel Select Traveler, February, Little Rock, AR Bank and loyalty club organizations Go West Summit, February, Anchorage, AK International FIT Travel RMI Roundup, May, Cody, WY International FIT Travel Board Discussion/Vote 25

26 Board Discussion form approval (vote) Retreat agenda (discussion) Team building exercise Monday afternoon Member/partner retention Member Wine n Dine Barbara Wold board roles and responsibilities, community of practice, team building and the power of partnerships Laura Munson writing effectively Board Discussion New board member election (vote) Amy Overstreet Rick Sinclair Brian Morton Officer realignment (vote) 26

27 Board Discussion Cover photo selection (vote for top 3) Social media audience will vote for the winner Winner wins $500 First runner up wins $200 Second runner up wins $50 Photo #1 27

28 Photo #2 Photo #3 28

29 Photo #4 Photo #5 29

30 Photo #6 Photo #7 30

31 Photo #8 Photo #9 31

32 #1 #2 #6 #3 #7 #4 #8 #5 #9 Committee Reports Executive Committee Marketing Committee Nominations Committee VIC Committee Audit Committee 32

33 Executive Committee Marketing Committee 33

34 Nominations Committee VIC Committee 34

35 Audit Committee Break Values Statement: We will passionately pursue our mission with honesty, integrity, equality and respect. Honesty Operate fairly and with transparency to earn the trust of public and private partners, members and the travel and tourism industry at large. Integrity Exercise sound judgment and leadership benefiting residents and visitors to Western Montana. Equality & Respect Celebrate and honor the diversity of Glacier Country s communities, cultures and natural beauty to foster a united sense of place. 35

36 Board Discussion/ Information Exchange 2 p.m. 3 p.m. Board Discussion/ Information Exchange Board discussion on tabled items or predetermined topic Information Exchange Old or new business for discussion at next meeting Next Meeting: Board of Directors Meeting Tuesday, March 8th, 2016 Red Lion Hotel, Polson, MT Adjournment 36