not to be missed 25/07/ /01/2019 EXHIBITIONS IN THE GREAT MUSEUMS 31/03-01/05 MESSER TULIPANO - 19th EDITION

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1 APRIL 2018 TORINO e area METROPOLItana L not to be missed 31/03-01/05 MESSER TULIPANO - 19th EDITION A great event in the Pralormo Castle Park will announce spring with the extraordinary flowering of over 90,000 tulips and daffodils. As every year, the planting hosts many interesting varieties, such as a collection of black tulips and a path in the underwood dedicated to parrot tulips, lily tulips and the frills of the wavy tips. The side theme 2018 is The Rose. Pralormo - Castle, Via Umberto I 26 T. (+39) /04 LOVERS FILM FESTIVAL. TORINO LGBTQI VISIONS - 33rd EDITION Edition 2018 will be held in the name of a cinematographic spirit, militant, pop, and focused on the theme of LGBTQI rights through the cinema Contest, and the Special and Musical Events. The godmother will be one of the icons and excellences of Italian cinema, the actress, director and producer Valeria Golino, and the first guest of honor Rita Pavone in a show/talk/concert conducted by Pino Strabioli. Massimo Cinema, Via Verdi 18 T. (+39) /04 TORINO JAZZ FESTIVAL - 6th EDITION The novelty of this edition is the direct involvement of Italian and Torino musicians, with original productions created for the festival, along with international jazz stars and artists from other musical worlds: the program will be interpreted by great oldies of US jazz and by artists representing the current evolution of jazz, rock, electronic music. Various venues T. (+39) EXHIBITIONS 12/10/ /09/2018 EXHIBITIONS AT THE ROYAL RESIDENCES 12/10/ /04/2018 Gianfranco Ferré. Under another light: jewellery and ornaments; 15/02-21/05 Perfumum. The scents of history; 29/03-16/07 Charlemagne goes to war. The paintings of the Cruet Castle and the knightly Medieval times between Italia and France - Madama Palace; 06/12/ /03/2018 Piranesi, the factory of utopia; 07/02-27/05 Fragments of a loving Bestiary; 22/02-03/06 Comparisons/ Animals and signs. Carlo Mollino and Carol Rama - Royal Museum, Savoy Gallery; 01/02- The marvels of Roma - Royal Museum, Royal Library; 28/02-20/05 Frank Horvat: history of a photographer - Royal Museum, Chiablese Halls; 06/03-27/05 Giorgio De Chirico. Masterpieces of the Collection of Francesco Federico Cerruti; 06/03-24/06 Metamorphosis. Let all things happen to you - Rivoli Castle; 09/03-09/09 Also statues die. Ancient and contemporary conflict and heritage - Royal Museum; 17/03-15/07 Genius and Mastery. Furniture and cabinet makers at the Savoy Court between the 18th and 19th centuries; 22/03-16/09 Sebastião Salgado. Genesis; 28/03-16/09 The fragility of beauty. Tiziano, Van Dyck, Twombly and other 200 restored masterpieces; 06/04-20/05 Architecture and perspectives. Massimo Listri at the Venaria Reale - La Venaria Reale Royal Residences /07/ /01/2019 EXHIBITIONS IN THE GREAT MUSEUMS 25/07/ /07/2018 The crysanthemum and the crane; 07/12/ /04/2018 Ninja and Samurai. Magic and aesthetics; 28/02-03/06 The Duke s exotic treasures; 29/03-26/08 Other universes; 20/04-26/08 Orients years of Asian art from the Museum of Civilizations in Roma - MAO Museum of Oriental Art; 18/01-13/05 The magic eye of Carlo Mollino. Photographs ; 14/03-08/04 Martha Cooper: on the street - Camera Italian Center for Photography; 24/01-22/04 Filippo De Pisis, eclectic connoisseur; 24/01-22/04 Ferenc Pintér. The perfect illustrator - MEF Ettore Fico Museum; 26/01/ /01/2019 Soundframes. Cinema and Music on Exhibition - National Museum of Cinema; 16/02-03/06 From Piffetti to Ladatte. Ten years of acquisitions at the Accorsi-Ometto Foundation - Accorsi-Ometto Museum; 23/02-24/06 Renato Guttuso. Revolutionary art in the fiftieth anniversary of 68 - GAM Civic Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art; 01/03-01/05 A(r)ma il prossimo tuo. Stories of men, conflicts, religions - National Museum of the Italian Risorgimento; 07/03-20/05 Fatma Bucak - Merz Foundation; 08/03-29/05 Today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow; 09/03-30/05 New images of the ancient: photographs of the 19th century in Italia; 09/03-30/05 Also statues die. Ancient and contemporary conflict and heritage - Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation; 09/03-20/05 The valley [re]found - National Museum of the Mountain; 09/03-09/09 Also statues die. Ancient and contemporary conflict and heritage - Museo Egizio; 16/03-03/06 Frida Khalo and Macondo in the photographs of Leo Matiz - Accademia Albertina Art Gallery; 23/03-16/09 Red Fioravanti. The cars of a freewheeling engineer - MAUTO National Automobile Museum; 28/03-01/07 Frank Lloyd Wright and Italia - Agnelli Art Gallery; -03/06 We robots - MUFANT Museum of the Fantastic and Science-Fiction Museums of Torino - FOOD&WINE 02-29/04 ROADS OF COLORS AND FLAVORS 2018 Museums, parks, farm and winemaking enterprises, didactic farms but also biking routes and trails for excursions: these are some of the opportunities which the land of Roads of colors and flavors offers to those who love soft tourism and attentive to the environment. There will be many food and wine events 02, 08, 15, 22, 25, 29 Farms in the Square - Pralormo; 08 Gourmet walk among the cherry trees in bloom - Pecetto Torinese Hills of the Po river T. (+39) /04 SWEET ARCADES The event hosts the excellence of chocolate in Torino area. Next to the master chocolatiers there will also be confectioners, ice cream makers and producers of chocolate liqueurs... a three day when the city centre will be filled with the aroma of chocolate declined in all its possible forms and representations. Via Roma - T. (+39) /8

2 APRIL 2018 TORINO e area METROPOLItana SPORTS&NATURE 15/04 TUTTA DRITTA and VIVICITTÀ The competitive and non-competitive race of 10km - that crosses Torino for a straight 10km starting off from Piazza San Carlo and finishing at the Stupinigi Hunting Lodge - and the World s biggest race of 21,097 (with a shorter version of 12km) that takes place simultaneously in many Italian and foreign cities, take place on the same day. Piazza San Carlo and Valentino Park /04 Absolute Italian championships of indoor dives Like last year, the event will see the participation of the best Italian athletes who will compete for the title of national champion. Monumental Swimming Pool, Corso Galileo Ferraris OPERA&SHOWS 03-28/04 THE GREAT CONCERTS 03-04, 06-07, 09 Lorenzo Live Pala Alpitour; 06 Fabio Concato & Paolo di Sabatino Trio - FolkClub; Massimo Ranieri. Malìa napoletana - Alfieri Theatre; 09 Norah Jones with Brian Blade and Chris Thomas in concert - Colosseo Theatre; 10 Luca Barbarossa. Roma è de tutti - Colosseo Theatre; 13 Nino D Angelo. The concert Colosseo Theatre; 14 Gianna Nannini. Phenomenal the tour - Pala Alpitour; 14 Decibel Live The Antichrist - Colosseo Theatre; 14 Piano Lessons. Michael Nyman - OGR Officine Grandi Riparazioni; 15 Patty Pravo tour I myself will change the life that - Colosseo Theatre; 20 Angelo Branduardi. The hits tour - Colosseo Theatre; 21 Ricchi e Poveri in concert - Colosseo Theatre; 22 Baustelle. Love and violence vol. 2 - OGR Officine Grandi Riparazioni; 24 Brunori Sas. Songs and monologues about uncertainty - Colosseo Theatre; 28 Sergio Cortés. Michael Jackson live tribute show - Colosseo Theatre; 28 Mannarino. The empire will collapse - Auditorium of Lingotto Various venues /04 CONNECTIONS. THE EIGHTH ART An innovative production in the field of performing arts that inaugurates an unprecedented mode of interaction between artistic-acrobatic performances and big museums. The show, a World premiere, is proposed by Les Farfadais, one of the most important nouveau cirque company in the world, a master in hybridizing creative languages and expressive modalities. National Museum of Cinema - Via Montebello 20 Tel FESTIVALS&FAIRS 07-08/04 ORTOFLORA & NATURE - 30th EDITION Expo market among the most important in Piemonte on the production of the horticultural sector, which this year will also set up a grandiose Renaissance-inspired Italian Garden of about 1500 square metres. There will also be the Square of Herbs, workshops for adults and children, street food, the traditional tasting of ravanin and leek, shows for children. Carmagnola - Cascina Vigna Park, Via San Francesco di Sales 188 T. (+39) /04 CARTOONS ON THE BAY. PULCINELLA AWARDS 22nd INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF CROSS-MEDIAL ANIMATION AND KIDS TV The best of animation cinema with free projections, dedicated activities in schools and exhibitions, like the projects at the National Museum of Risorgimento and the Le Nuove Jail and the review that will involve 150 artists and their works achieved in memory of the anniversary of the racial laws in Italia. Various venues /04 MANUALMENTE SPRING. THE CREATIVITY FAIR Manualmente promotes the culture of manual creativity, and is a meeting point between different generations: in a world that imposes a frantic daily life, it is good to rediscover and encourage the pleasure of patient, unique and personal work, created with one s own hands. Lingotto Fiere, Via Nizza 280 T. (+39) /04 TORINO COMICS. COMICS GAMES COSPLAY - 24th EDITION Comics market-exhibition dedicated to curious, collectors and enthusiasts of manga, souls, cinema, games&videogames, and cosplayers. Lingotto Fiere, Via Nizza 280 T. (+39) /04 SPIN OFF AT FULL LENGTH Areas equipped for numerous dog-owner activities such as water baptism, agility and disc dog, flyball, rally obedience, nose work, dog dance, etc. And then live music on Saturday night, street food and an area with dozens of activities all children-friendly to entertain even the youngest, too. Carmagnola - Cascina Vigna Park, Via San Francesco di Sales /04 MODEL EXPO 2018 Festival dedicated to modeling (planes, cars, trains, ships, toys, LEGO...), with the new area dedicated to Japan. Torino Esposizioni, Corso Massimo d Azeglio /04 01 Antiques markets - Moncalieri; 07 Spring market expo - Torino, Botanical Orchard; 15 Antique and handicraft market - Rivoli; 15 Stramercatino - San Mauro Torinese; 29 Antiques and flea market - Chieri; 29 Spring Fair - Druento Torino and Metropolitan area - Turismo Torino e Provincia. Tourist Information: Contact centre (+39) (Mon-Sun 9.30am-12.30pm/2.30pm-6pm) 2/8

3 APRIL 2018 GRAN PARADISO E ALPI REALI, valli di lanzo ANFITEATRO MORENICO D IVREA alto canavese e colline del po not to be missed 17/03-14/07 EGIDIO BONFANTE. A KALEIDOSCOPE OF RHYTHMS, COLORS AND ATMOSPHERES Egidio Bonfante worked for and with Olivetti since 1948, designing shops and exhibitions in various parts of the world, books and posters but continuing at the same time his artistic research. Here is a selection of works by the Treviso artist, interpreting the city for excellence and more congenial to him, Venezia. Ivrea - Civic Museum Garda, Piazza Ottinetti T. (+39) / ICF CANOE SLALOM RANKING RACE International canoe slalom contest: the qualifications will be held on Saturday and the semifinals and finals on Sunday. Ivrea - Canoe Stadium, Via Dora Baltea T. (+39) /04-01/05 SHOWCASE OF THE VALLEYS 6th EDITION Trade fair of the local productions, excellences of the food and wine sector and handicrafts, especially sweets, cheese (the Toma di Lanzo ), salami (the salame di turgia ), wrought iron, stone and wood items, folklore shows, musical events, and tasting of typical wines and foods. Ceres - Piazzale Grande Torino T. (+39) EXHIBITIONS 18/03-08/04 AMONG NOBLE WALLS In 20 black and white shots, the exhibition reports the situation in 2009, before the restoration and functional recovery of the ancient Village of the Castle of the Counts Francesetti of Hautecour and Mezzenile, which concerned in particular the rustic part, the courtyard and the neo-medieval chapel of St Anna. Mezzenile - Village of Francesetti Castle T. (+39) /05 ARTISTIC FRIENDSHIP This is an exhibition on the friendship between the artists, De Chirico and Savinio, with paintings and documentary material. Ciriè - D Oria Palace, Corso Martiri della Libertà 33 T. (+39) FOOD&WINE 15/04 FESTIVAL OF THE TORCETTO AND THE TYPICAL PIEMONTE SWEETS 30th EDITION Feast dedicated to sweets and food&wine of Canavese and Piemonte. The protagonists of the festival, the torcetti, are crumbly biscuits with a characteristic teardrop shape, made with simple ingredients: flour, butter and sugar. And then cold cuts, cheeses, wines... Agliè - Historical centre T. (+39) /04 KNOW-HOW AND FLAVORS OF OUR LAND: BREAD AND WINE Dinner show with lectures to the sound of music. A convivial proposal to gather with friends, meet new people, share the pleasure of good food and excellent wine. Booking required. San Sebastiano da Po - Via Casale 49/3 T. (+39) SPORTS&NATURE 02/04-06/05 THE SEASON OF WELL-BEING. SPORTS, HEALTH, FOOD Initiatives dedicated to healthy lifestyles Gymnastics week; Food week; Mountain week; Outdoor sports week; 30/04-06/05 Week of disability Chivasso - Various venues T. (+39) /04 LA GOIA D LI MAT It s the closing event of the winter season: let s prepare skis, snowboards, carts and craft vehicles to overcome the waterhole of about 100,000 liters. Guaranteed show! Valprato Soana - hamlet Piamprato T. (+39) OPERA&SHOWS 06-23/04 GIACOSA THEATRE. SEASON Gin and Genia, with Compagnia del Nostro Teatro - Bollengo, Municipal Hall; 12 The Bible, with Paolo Cevoli - Montalto Dora, Auditorium Burbatti; 16 The great live concerts. Equilibrium Tour, with Giovanni Allevi - Ivrea, Officina H; 20 Destiny decides, with Cochi Ponzoni - Ivrea, Giacosa Theatre; 23 The devil s hole, by and with Titino Carrara - Banchette, Pinchia Hall Ivrea and Canavese - T. (+39) HORIZONS OF SCENE - 7th EDITION 07 Three on the swing - by Luigi Lunari, with Bruno Sasso, Alberto Pisano, Daniele Stolfa Chivasso - Carletti Theatre, Via Don Dublino 12 T. (+39) /8

4 APRIL 2018 GRAN PARADISO E ALPI REALI, valli di lanzo ANFITEATRO MORENICO D IVREA alto canavese e colline del po 07, 21/04 BERTAGNOLIO THEATRE never ever did anyone kiss her on the mouth (infamous destiny of Sleeping Beauty) - with Ugo Dighero; 21 The body whispering - Balletto Teatro di Torino Chiaverano - Bertagnolio Theatre, Via del Teatro 19 T. (+39) /04 ORGANALIA Stefano Marino organ - Torino, Cathedral of St Giovanni Battista; 13 Cosimo Prontera organ - Fiano, Cathedral of St Desiderio martyr; 14 Stefano Marino organ - San Maurizio Canavese, Cathedral of St Maurizio martyr; 21 Diego Cannizzaro organ - Ciriè, Dome of St Giovanni Battista; 27 François Dujardin fifre+galoubet+tambourin, Silvano Rodi organ - Volpiano, Church of the Confraternity of the Immaculate Canavese, Ciriè area, Lanzo, Ceronda and Casternone Valleys T. (+39) /04 MAGNETTI THEATRE. SEASON I live in a jungle, I sleep on thorns - with Amanda Sandrelli Ciriè - Magnetti Theatre, Via Cavour 28 T. (+39) /04 THE REDISCOVERED THEATRE 14 Tasting of music and words - Faber Teater Casalborgone - San Carlo Theatre, Piazza Bruna T. (+39) FESTIVALS&FAIRS 02-29/04 SPRING AT THE MASINO CASTLE! 02 Easter Monday Picnic - team games in the Park like prisoner ball, tugof-war and the unfailing sack race and the chance to acquire delicacies of the territory directly from producers; 08 Family Stories - the history of the castle recounted by the voice of a historic personage of the Valperga family, which lived in this splendid home for 1,000 years; 15 On the discovery of antique book - guided specialist tours of the ancient Staircase Library; 22 Sunday in the countryside - a day for the discovery of agrarian life with labs, guided tours and activities for kids; 25 Picnic in the Park - labs and activities open air, picnic areas and a savory market of regional specialties for a tasty lunch break; 29 The kids Castle - special tours and activities dedicated to the little guests Caravino - Masino Castle, Via al Castello 1 T. (+39) , 22/04 THE ARCHEOLOGICAL PARK OF PISTONO LAKE A few kilometers from Torino, in Canavese, a Museum, a pile dwelling and a lake will allow you to immerse yourself in Prehistorical times. Booking required. 08, 22 A dive into Prehistory - a guided tour with an archeologist at the Exhibition Room, an easy walk (about 25 min.) along the road of vineyards to reach the reconstruction site which will allow all to see the environmental and cultural reality of 7,000 years ago; 22 Reliving the Neolithical age - an experimental archeological revocation for kids from 4 onwards, in the open-air reconstruction area on the banks of the Pistono Lake Montalto Dora - Exhibition Room, Piazza IV Novembre 3 T. (+39) /04 GOLD IS IN THE COUNTRYSIDE 4th EDITION Expo and tasting of typical products of Caluso, markets-exhibits, vineyard excursions, farm lunch. Caluso - Piazza Actis Perinetti T. (+39) /04 08 Fair of good taste - Salassa; 08 Sweet flower - San Maurizio Canavese; 14 Flea market - Caluso; 29 Mercà d la tola - Chivasso Canavese and Ciriè area - TRADITIONS&FOLKLORE 17/03-17/06 THE FIABOSCO Princess Bea will turn 18 and the Drinch will help fulfill a quite bizarre wish: to meet the antagonists of the fables and relive in their own way, the most beloved stories! Sad to say, once fulfilled, the more famous antagonists of the fables will disappear from the books leaving only white outlines to then appear, precisely in the Fiabosco Castellamonte - hamlet Filia, Equin Ozio Centre /04 CALENDIMAGGIO AND IDES OF MAY 38th EDITION Renewal new edition of the usual event of the Canavese village, enwrapped in the medieval atmosphere of its Tower gate of the 14th century. Saturday, 14 April: messa a dimora de lo maggio (as per tradition, there will be the planting of a birch tree, symbol of spring and celebrations) and Good wish dinner (booking recommended). Oglianico - Piazza Statuto and Via Ricetti T. (+39) Turismo Torino e Provincia. Tourist Information: t. (+39) /8

5 PINEROLO E VALLI VALDESI ALTA VAL SUSA E CHISONE VALLI E TERRE DI SUSA APRIL 2018 not to be missed 10/02-31/05 MEDALS OF LOUIS XIV OF THE WALDENSIAN MUSEUM All the samples of the small collection of medals of King Louis XIV kept in the Waldensian Museum of Torre Pellice will be exhibited for the first time. To celebrate the military triumphs and religious politics of France in the Grand Century, the Sun King wanted to create a medal collection to celebrate the main events of his reign: battles, alliances and territorial conquerings. Torre Pellice - Waldensian Cultural Centre, Via Beckwith 3 T. (+39) /02-15/04 CINEMA IN VERTICAL - 20th EDITION The festival deals with mountaineering and other sports related to verticality, exploration, environment preservation and animal species, culture, life and habits of small and large mountain communities. In each event, in addition to films, there are authors and protagonists of the images, mountaineers, mountain guides, writers, journalists, experts and enthusiasts to discuss and update the themes. Susa Valley and Sangone Valleys T. (+39) /04 VALSUSA FILMFEST - 22nd EDITION The festival regards themes of the recovery of historical memoires and the protection of the environment which for 19 years has been enlivening the Susa Valley, characterising it as a place open to cultural encounter and dialog through cinema contests, off projections and many side events across literature, cinema, music, art and civic commitment. Every year it proposes a theme for reflection, on the basis of which most of the events will be organized. The contest is laid out in 5 sections: Short films, Valsusa Workshop Lab, Memoires, Videoclips and The Alps. Susa Valley and Sangone Valleys T. (+39) EXHIBITIONS 17/03-27/05 THE VALLEYS ON EXHIBITIONS 17/03-14/04 Art s peaks - Sestriere, Olimpia House; 24/03-27/05 Goodbye Winter! - Pinerolo, Ethnographic Museum; 30/03-15/04 Exhibition in memory of Paolo Genovese - Avigliana, Gallery of Porta Ferrata; 21/04-20/05 The Land of the Gods - Avigliana, St Croce Church+Gallery of Porta Ferrata+Arte per Voi Gallery Pinerolo and Susa Valley - SPORTS&NATURE 02/04 SPRING SPLASH 2018 There are no excuses this year, the event location is at your fingertips: let s form a team or participate individually... but hurry up and subscribe!!! Sauze d Oulx - Campetto Clotes - T. (+39) /04 CIRCUITS OF THE VALSUSA TRAILS The first circuit which includes mountain racing contests to be held in various localities of the Susa Valley. 08 Trail Tour of the Villages - 8 and 16 km, Caprie Susa Valley - OPERA&SHOWS 06/04 SELVE THEATRE. SEASON Miss Felicita or happiness. Homage to Guido Gozzano - by and with Lorena Senestro Vigone - Selve Theatre, Piazza Palazzo Civico 18 TEATRO ABITATO. SEASON Killing Desdemona - by and with Balletto Civile Avigliana - Civic Theatre E. Fassino, Via IV Novembre 19 T. (+39) CASELETTE THEATRE 07 Novecento - by Alessandro Baricco Caselette - Multipurpose Hall Magnetto, Via Alpignano 113 T. (+39) LIVE SHOW CUMIANA. SEASON The Family Band - with Lidiya Koycheva, Davide Borra, Alessandro Borra, Lorenzo Borra Cumiana - Carena Theatre, Via Ferrero 14 T. (+39) FOOD&WINE 21/04 BARDO-Q BBQ COMPETITION Professional barbecue contest with teams from different European countries who will duel with each other with a pitchfork and a scoop. Not just a simple barbecue, the levels are so high that we will remain open-mouthed: wireless probes to monitor the temperature of the meat, unknown woods to flavor the dishes and many other tricks... Bardonecchia - Camp Smith T. (+39) /8

6 PINEROLO E VALLI VALDESI ALTA VAL SUSA E CHISONE VALLI E TERRE DI SUSA APRIL /04 MUSIC AND THEATRE IN PINEROLO 07 Rosalyn, with Marina Massironi and Alessandra Faiella - Sociale Theatre; 07 Improvisation show, Improledì - Incontro Theatre; 07 Oggitani, Sergio Caputo violin+fabrizio Vinciguerra acoustic guitar +Roberto Sciacca electric bass+fabio Turini cajon - Teatro del Lavoro; 15 Of the chameleon clarinet, Alessandro Carbonare Clarinet Trio - Music Academy; Quantum monologue, by and with Gabriella Greison - Incontro Theatre; 20 Flamenco, Alma - Teatro del Lavoro; Everything seems a dream, with Marta De Lorenzis - Il Moscerino Theatre Pinerolo , 14/04 CAMALEONTIKA. SEASON Catch Imprò - Quinta Tinta Company, theatrical improvisation challenge; 14 Marenostrovostroloro - Piccola Scuola Popolare by A. Tessitore Almese - Magnetto Theatre, Via Avigliana 17 T. (+39) /04 THEATRE SUCH A PASSION 07 Sleuth - by Scheffer; 14 The sidewalk songs - musical; 21 Concert jouet - musical Buriasco - Blu Theatre, Piazza Roma 3 - T. (+39) /04 WALL RECORDS. SEASON Violets - by Gabriele Lavia Bardonecchia - Feasts Palace, Piazza Valle Stretta 1 T. (+39) /04 DIVERSE GESTURES 20 Cromosholo Solo - a journey around contemporary man, victim and at the same time unconscious architect of a system that tends to uniformity and seriality Giaveno - San Lorenzo Theatre, Via Ospedale 8 T. (+39) /04 MUSEIAMO Two unknown characters are wandering around in Torino museums for collecting every possible piece of history, art, technology and science. Will they steal the memory of the sites or decide to keep the goods and the history for the community? Booking required. 25 Ecomuseum of the Resistance - Coazze Various venues - T. (+39) FESTIVALS&FAIRS SPECIAL GUIDED TOUR Besides the visit to the Staircase of the dead, the Church and panoramic terrace, the visitiors will also be guided to the zone of the Old Shrine: Cloister, Striped Room, Library and Museum of daily life. Visitors will be given the chance to admire the exposition of the sacred objects and vestments set up in the Priests Corridor area. Sant Ambrogio di Torino - Sacra di San Michele Abbey, Via alla Sacra 14 T. (+39) /04 PINEROLO RECOUNTS ABOUT ITSELF Guided tours to discover the history of Pinerolo. Booking required. This month: 08 Caprilli at the turn of two centuries - Historical Museum of the Cavalry; 14 Art in study - Corso Bosio 29; 15 From Richelieu to the Sun King. The French Pinerolo - Piazza Marconi; 22 Factories and paper mills along the Moirano - Piazza Frairia; 29 From Monnet House to the new Temple - Waldensian Temple Pinerolo /04 CULTURE FESTIVAL Three days will be dedicated to the acquaintance with the publishing world through meetings with writers, editors, and bloggers, followed by didactic labs with craftsmen, aperitif-dinner and musical soirees. Rosta - House of Associations, Via Dante Alighieri T. (+39) /04-01/05 01, 15 El mercà d la Ciusa - Chiusa di San Michele; 02 Easter Monday antique fair - Avigliana; 15 Reviving the used - Pinerolo; 22 Flea market and Herb market - Giaveno; 22 Market of ancient paper and vinyl - Pinerolo; 25 Botanical trade fair - Cumiana; 28/04-01/05 Flower market in the Neo-Ghotic Greenhouse - San Secondo di Pinerolo, Miradolo Castle Susa Valley, Sangone Valley and Pinerolo area - TRADITIONS&FOLKLORE 01-02/04 EASTER AND EASTER MONDAY PICNIC AT THE MIRADOLO CASTLE On Sunday: tasty picnic baskets containing artisanal products of a historic Pinerolo bakery will be distributed, different for adults and children. On Monday: delicious picnic and Botanical Treasure Hunt for families, in the discovery of the magical Park of the Castle. Booking required. San Secondo di Pinerolo - Miradolo Castle, Via Cardonata 2 T. (+39) /04 MEDIEVALLE Medieval games. Avigliana - Piazza Conte Rosso - Turismo Torino e Provincia. Tourist Information: t. (+39) /8

7 Tourist products and services APRIL 2018 CITY PASS Wherever, with our Cards. oyal card Torino+Piemonte Card, Torino+Piemonte Contemporary Card, Royal Card: for a period varying from 1 to 5 days, free admission to the main cultural sites, to the Royal Residences in Torino and Piemonte, to the museums and foundations devoted to modern and contemporary art; discounts on the city s tourist services and special prices on a whole range of activities. Cost: from to /card/en CITY SIGHTSEEING TORINO Visit the city from a high viewpoint. News! New City Sightseeing Torino + Torino+Piemonte Card combined ticket: Routes A+B+C 48h + TPC 2 days 55.00; Routes A+B+C 48h + TPC Junior 2 days unique itineraries to know and discover Torino, featured by a digital audio system available in Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese; special channel for children in Italian and English (Route A); hop-on hop off at every stop. Frequency: from the bus terminal Piazza Castello Route A every day from 10 am to 6 pm (every hour) Route B every day from 9.30 am to 5 pm (every 90 minutes) Route C every day from 9.45 am to 3.45 (every 120 minutes) Cost: full Routes A+B 24h 22.00; reduced years old; -10% off Torino+Piemonte Card and Torino+Piemonte Card Junior owners full Routes A+B+C 48h 25.00; reduced years old; -10% Torino+Piemonte Card and Torino+Piemonte Card Junior owners full Route C 24h 12.00; reduced years old free 0-4 years old MADE IN TORINO. TOUR THE Excellent Come and visit the companies of Torino. Have you ever wondered how it s done...? Take part in the Made in Torino. Tour the Excellent tours: only with us you can enter the companies of Torino and discover the best local productions in exclusive! 06 Settimo Torinese - Aurora pens (Factory+Sign Museum, visit by bus); 20 Torino - Oscalito Maglificio Po knitwear (visit by bus); 21 Alpignano - Tallone Editore books (visit by bus); 27 None - Domori chocolate (visit+lab, visit by bus) Cost: visit by bus full 15.00; reduced under 12 and Torino+Piemonte Card owners visit on foot full 10.00; reduced 9.00 under 12 and Torino+Piemonte Card owners Notes: the minimum age to join the tours varies according to the company /en/madeintorino A GUIDED TOUR FOR EVERYONE. Your first time in Torino. Attention! Special tour on Sunday 29 and Monday 30 April! Every Saturday at am a guided tour to discover the more than 2000 years of history of Torino, from the Roman era to the splendor of the Kingdom up to our days. A royal itinerary in the magnificence of the first capital of Italia, among baroque churches, courtly squares and the splendid buildings of the UNESCO Heritage. The tour is scheduled by Somewhere Tour&Events. Frequency: from the Tourist Office in Piazza Castello Cost: full reduced for Torino+Piemonte Card owners 7/8 free under 12 /en/guided_tours

8 Tourist products and services APRIL 2018 ROYAL SENSES The Royal Residences of Torino and Piemonte through the five senses! The Royal Residences have prepared a full calendar of events all based on the five senses. This is a different sort of tour for a unique experience in timeless places, where sumptuous architecture, historic halls and regal gardens are on display to sharpen your senses. 15 Perfumum. The scents of History - Madama Palace (Torino); 21 Prohibited not to touch! - Carignano Palace, Apartments of the Princes (Torino); 22 Horizons - Racconigi Castle Frequency: Madama Palace at 3.30 pm; Carignano Palace at 11 am and 3 pm; Racconigi at 2.30 pm, 3 pm, 4 pm and 4.30 pm Cost: up to 5.00 free for Royal Card owners TOAST AT COURT 2018 in the Royal Residences of Torino and Piemonte. REALI SENSI In the sumptuous Royal Residences of Torino and its territory, architectural masterpieces listed World Heritage Sites by Unesco, court life was delighted by many social events, by the cycle of seasons and by the agricultural production. The wine cultivated around the Savoy mansions was the undisputed protagonist of everyday life of the time. Which wine did the Kings use to drink? How were the vineyards cultivated? How were the lavish royal banquets set up? All this and many other trivia with Brindisi a Corte (Toast at Court): a journey to discover the magnificence of the Royal Residences through an immersive theatre play and the tasting of typical Piedmontese wines and products. This month: 29 Ducal Castle of Agliè Frequency: bus start at 10 am from Piazza Castello (in front of Regio Theatre) Cost: full reduced Torino+Piemonte Card or Royal Card owners reduced years old, 5.00 under 6 BIBLIOTOUR PIEMONTE TORINO Libraries as places of wonders. Piemonte boasts a vast collection of library assets, libraries, places related to memory and work of writers and intellectuals lived in the past or still active. Why not promote and value this treasure of knowledge and beauty even in tourism? BiblioTour Piemonte Torino wants to be a proposal for everyone, to approach the world of books and libraries in an unusual and pleasant way thanks to touristic tours circuits linked by a thread. 16 Library of Literary and Philological Sciences (Via Bava 31); 18 University Historical Library Arturo Graf (Via Po 17) and Civic Library Villa Amoretti (Corso Orbassano 200); 18 and 19 Central Civic Library (Via della Cittadella 5); 19 Royal Library (Piazza Castello 191) and University Library Norberto Bobbio (Lungo Dora Siena 10); 20 Albertina Academy Library (Via Accademia Albertina 6/8) and Academy of Sciences Library (Via Accademia delle Scienze 6); 21 Library of History and Culture of Piemonte Giuseppe Grosso (Via Maria Vittoria 12) and Civic Library Andrea Della Corte (Corso Francia 186); 22 Bela Rosin Mausoleum (Strada Castello di Mirafiori 148/7) TYPICAL PIEDMONTESE CUISINE IN Spring. Every weekend from April to June you will make an unforgettable taste experience! In participating restaurants and trattorias you you can enjoy the delicious first courses, full of tradition and flavour: plin - tasty filled ravioli -, gnocchi alla bava - a perfect combination of the potato dumpling with the local toma cheese -, tajarin - thin pasta strips, bright yellow in colour from the egg yolks in the dough - and Messer l Agnolotto - the undisputed king of Piemonte s tables. Notes: booking recommended /en/food_wine Seguici su: 8/8