Chapter 1 [Air Travel 機場買票 ]

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1 Chapter 1 [Air Travel 機場買票 ] Chapter 1 Air Travel: 機場買票 行李 Vocabulary Bank attendant n. 服務人員 boarding gate boarding pass 機門 機證 code n. 號 碼 密碼 counter n. 櫃 currency exchange customs departure/arrival board departure/arrival lobby/hall destination domestic duty free shop final call 貨幣 換處海關班機 抵 時 表 入境大廳目的地國 的 稅店最 機廣播 fragile adj. 易碎的 脆弱的 immigration counter information inspect 入境櫃 詢問處 檢查 kiosk n. 亭 攤 luggage n. 和 baggage 義 1

2 領隊 觀 英文 luggage cart one-way passport round-trip security terminal transfer desk/lounge 車單程護照來回安檢航站轉機櫃檯 轉機大廳 upgrade v. 改善 VIP lounge visa 貴賓 簽證 各大主要航空公司代號 AA American Airlines 美國航空 KE Korean Air 大韓航空 AC Air Canada 拿大航空 KL KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 荷蘭航空 AF Air France 法國航空 LH Lufthansa Airlines 德國漢莎航空 AK Air Asia 亞洲航空 MH Malaysia Airlines 馬來西亞航空 BA British Airways 英國航空 NH All Nippon Airways 日空航空 CI China Airlines 中華航空 NW Northwest Airlines 西 航空 CX Cathay Pacific Airways 國泰航空 PR Philippine Airlines 菲 賓航空 DL Delta Airlines 美航空 QF Quantas Airways 澳洲航空 EG Japan Asia Airways 日亞航空 SQ Singapore Airlines 坡航空 BR Eva Airways 長榮航空 TG Thai Airways 泰國航空 EL Air Nippon 日空航空 UA United Airlines 美國聯 航空 JL Japan Airlines 日 航空 Josie 老師 2

3 Chapter 1 [Air Travel 機場買票 ] 選機位, 樣說就 了 I d like. a window seat an aisle seat a seat near the back of the plan a seat near the front of the plan a seat with no one next to me a seat with more leg room a bulkhead seat 買機票 Business Class Economy Class First Class 機場 A 好康 mileage upgrade Common Phrases 購票 劃位好用句 1. Is it possible to cancel the ticket? 2. Can I change my return date? 3. Is there a fee for changing the return date? 4. I d like to order a vegetarian meal. 3

4 領隊 觀 英文 5. Do you have a direct flight? 6. Can I change my one-way ticket to a round-trip ticket? 7. Could I change the destination? 8. Can my family and I sit together on the plane? 9. Can I have a window seat/an aisle seat? 10. I don t want to sit in an exit row. 託 行李, 好用句 1. I have a fragile item. 2. How much does the bag weigh? 3. Can I take this as a carry-on? 4. I don t have any luggage to check in. 5. How many pieces of carry-on luggage are allowed? 6. What s the charge for two checked bags? 7. What s the weight limit for checked bags? 8. Can I check this stroller? 9. How much is the extra baggage fee? 10. Does my backpack count as a carry-on? 11. Carry-ons need to be 45 inches or less. 12. You need to put a name tag on each checked bag. Air Travel: 報到 轉機 補位 Vocabulary Bank domestic adj. 國 的 harm v. 損傷 identification n. 身 證明 Josie 老師 4

5 Chapter 1 [Air Travel 報到 轉機 ] inspect v. 檢查 視 remove v. 脫掉 security n. 保 安檢 suitcase n. 手 箱 箱 terminal n. 航站 終點站 transfer v./n. 轉乘 飛機 車等 轉 transfer to phr. 轉而 乘 進入 duffel bag phr. 筒狀 袋 baggage claim phr. 領 處 lounge n. 機場 候機 standby n. 候 人員 on standby phr. 候 時待 Common Phrases 轉機 機位候 好用句 1. Excuse me, where is Gate 18? 2. I have an e-ticket. 3. What time does the flight (leave/arrive)? 4. I missed my flight. 5. Can you put me on the next flight/on standby? 6. When is the next flight to Chicago? 7. How do I get to the domestic/international terminal? 8. I don t have any check-in luggage. 9. How many pieces of carry-on luggage are allowed? 10. Do I need to go through immigration/customs/security? 11. Do you know where the transfer desk/lounge is? 5