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1 Idemitsu Vetting Service Intertanko Vetting Seminar June 25th 2014 at Tokyo, Japan IDEMITSU TANKER CO., LTD SHIP VETTING SERVICE

2 Contents 1. History & Introduction 2. Idemitsu Vetting Flow 3. Vetting Performance & Examples 4. Idemitsu SIRE Inspections

3 1. History & Introduction ( 1 ) Start of Idemitsu Vetting Oil Spill Accident March, 1989 Collision Incident Jan, 1993 The burden of social responsibility Tremendous tangible and intangible losses Urgent need to built Safety Management System for Idemitsu Managed Vessels Idemitsu Vetting Services was established in April 1993

4 1. History & Introduction ( 2 ) Vetting Team Members Ms Ryuchi Vetting Assistant Ms Wakayama SIRE Inspection Domestic Area Coordinator Capt Okano SIRE Inspection Supervisor Ms Takahashi SIRE Inspection Oversea Coordinator Capt Ishida Vetting Supervisor

5 2. Idemitsu Vetting Flow ( 1 )Vessels to be checked by Idemitsu Vetting 1 The vessel which will be chartered by Idemitsu 2 The vessel which will call at Idemitsu terminal (s) 3 The vessel which will carry Idemitsu cargo (es) ( 2 )Number of Vetting Processed Numbers

6 2. Idemitsu Vetting Flow ( 3 ) Vetting Process 1 Vetting Request 2 Basic Standard (Vessel Age, the Operator Info, etc) 3 SIRE or CDI Reports 4 Terminal Safety Report (Past Terminal Entry Safety Record by Berth Masters) 5 Incidents Data Vetting Result

7 2. Idemitsu Vetting Flow Materials to be Checked in Vetting Vessel Questionnaire (Q-88) (APPENDIX) Inspection Report (SIRE) (CDI) Terminal Safety Report 1Vessel Age 2Dimension Detail 3Crew Matrix 4Due Date of Certificate 5Incidents Data 1Integrity of Class Certificates 2Condition of Equipments 3Crew Skill & Knowledge 4 Due Date of Certificate 5Operator Comments 1Evaluation of Equipment 2Evaluation of Cargo Operation 3Evaluation of Safety Management 4Corrective Action Against Terminal Requirement 1Incidents Data (Lloyd s Data) 2AIS Chase Data 3PSC Information

8 2. Idemitsu Vetting Flow ( 4 ) Criteria for Vessel Age 1 Age Limitation: A) Product Chemical LPG under 23 years are acceptable B) Heavy oil & crude oil with double hull is acceptable under 20 years 2 SIRE Inspection for vessels under 16 years age Must be conducted once a year 3 SIRE Inspection for vessels over 16 years age Any of the below condition must be fulfilled A) Idemitsu SIRE report (must be within a year) B) At least 2 SIRE or CDI reports (one of these documents must be within 6 months) C) SIRE or CDI report & at least 2 terminal safety reports (one of these documents must be within 6 months)

9 3. Vetting Performance & Examples ( 1 ) Rejected Vessels REJECTED (Major reasons of rejection in past 3 years ) 1 No SIRE or CDI inspections for over a year 2 New major accidents occurred right before vetting 3 Non-completion of Deficiency Note requested by Berth Masters 4 No SIRE inspection after the Management Change 5 Vessel age

10 3. Vetting Performance & Examples ( 2 ) Rejected Examples 2 vessels occurred accidents within 1 year after the rejection 1 Vessel A (DWT:1,114MT BULT:1990 Chemical) 2012/08/03 Judgment as Rejection Reason: Although the deficiency note for the equipment part has been issued by the Berth Master, corrective action was not taken afterward 2012/10/01 Incident Occurred: At the time of berthing at other berth, Heavy oil spill incident occurred, and this was investigated by Japan Coast Guard 2 Vessel B (DWT:23,479MT BULT:1997 LPG) 2013/02/28 Judgment as Rejection Reason: The vessel has never had SIRE inspection in past 2013/06/04 Incident Occurred: During STS at Indonesian Sea, it has contacted other vessel

11 4. Idemitsu SIRE Inspections ( 1 ) History & Outline 1 Idemitsu Tanker Co Ltd has registered as SIRE Submit Member since 1994 (19 years experience & performance) 2 There are 67 SIRE Submit Member in the world, but Idemitsu Tanker is the only one Submit Member in Japan SIRE submit member OCIMF SIRE system Inspection Report User Provided free of charge Purchase SIRE report

12 4. Idemitsu SIRE Inspections ( 2 ) Inspections in Worldwide Year 2013 Performance 590 inspections EUROPE 2% ASIA 24 % MIDDLE EAST FAR EAST 2% AFRICA 0.5 % 69 % AMERICA 2% OCEANIA 0.5 %

13 Thank you for listening Idemitsu Vetting Service