For Guides aged 14-17, we are offering four different adventures to allow girls to choose which challenges they would like to face.

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3 For Guides aged 14-17, we are offering four different adventures to allow girls to choose which challenges they would like to face. STEM Camp Days full of exciting science and technology activities Outdoor Camp Heaps of outdoor challenges for everyone including canoeing, raft building, and caving Handy Woman Camp Lots of practical skills for your life now and into the future Performing Arts Camp Take your love of performing arts to a new level $270 (covers accommodation, food, camp activities, and volunteer expenses). Camp fees can be paid in two instalments of a $100 deposit (due at the time of registration) followed by a $170 balance (due by 25 February 2019). All Guide camps are staffed by experienced and trained volunteer Guide Leaders who donate their time at no cost. Registrations are strictly online at There are three different age groups available to register for, 5-9, 10-13, and Each age group is a different event on the Girl Guides Victoria website. Please ensure that you register your Guide for the correct camp. Have your Guide s login details (member ID and password), dietary requirements, and any information on special needs your Guide may have at hand. If you do not receive an acknowledging receipt of your application, please contact or call (03) as soon as possible. Registrations close on Monday 25 February 2019 As volunteers assess each registration to plan for the camp, late registrations cannot be accepted.

4 GETTING TO CAMP Guides and Leaders are expected to make their own way to and from camp. Guides and Leaders are encouraged to carpool as with so many participants it will make sign-in, parking, and leaving a much easier and smoother process. PARKING Please note that the only cars allowed on site will be those of the central committee. All Leaders attending the event will need to park their cars in the designated parking area. Those dropping participants off will need to do the same. It is highly recommended that Guides pack all their gear into one bag. This way they can carry their bag in one hand and have their bedroll in the other. Participants will need to carry all of their gear/equipment to their campsite themselves. Camp will begin at 3.00 pm on Tuesday 9 April and close at 1.00 pm on Sunday 14 April. If your Guide is expecting to arrive at camp later than 6.00 pm on the Tuesday, or leave before pm on the Sunday, please let the committee know in advance by ing the Leader-in-Charge at Upon arrival please park in the designated car park then make your way to the administration area, once you have been signed in you will be directed to your campsite. FIRST AID The staff at each campsite includes a trained, designated First Aider to attend to basic first aid needs and minor mishaps. If, in her opinion, your Guide becomes too ill to remain at camp, you will be contacted on the emergency number you provided to arrange for a pick up. MEDICATION & MANAGEMENT PLANS All personal medication (except asthma puffers and Epipens) must be handed in on arrival at Camp with the First Aider. Medication should be in its original packaging, in a snap-lock bag, and labelled with the Guide s name and dosage instructions. For her protection, no medication, including analgesics, will be given unless it is registered in this way. All medication must be itemised on the Health Form (to be ed out prior to camp) handed in on arrival. You must also bring a current management plan for any medical, mental health, or wellbeing concerns listed on the Health Form (e.g. asthma, anaphylaxis, Autism Spectrum Disorder or Asperger s, anxiety, etc.). Medications can be collected at the end of Camp from the First Aider. ALLERGY & DIETRY MANAGEMENT

5 Please provide detailed information on any allergies or dietary requirements your Guide has on the Health Form, and review these at registration with the First Aider. Please be specific about food or allergies that cause anaphylaxis, distinct from food intolerances and preferences. Leaders manage on average 15 types of allergy or food intolerance at each camp and it is critical we have the right information and understand the severity and treatment for any allergy. SELF-CARE EXPECTATIONS In line with our Child Protection Policy, Guide Leaders are expected to respect the privacy of all girls and allow them to shower, dress, and manage personal hygiene without adult supervision. No clothes washing facilities are available. Please ensure your Guide packs enough clothes and packs her bag herself so that she knows what she has available to her. SLEEPING ARRANGEMENTS Girls will be sleeping in tents with other girls in subcamps These subcamps will be organised by the Central Team. Leaders will not be in tents with the girls, but will be sleeping in separate tents on the same subcamps. MEALS Meals will be provided to participants from dinner on the Friday night until lunch on the Sunday. Guides are not permitted to bring any food to camp. There will be Guides attending with allergies, and we would hate for their enjoyment to be unintentionally impacted by someone else s treat. We will provide plenty of great food at camp for everyone. Guides will be expected to help with preparing, serving, and cleaning up. ELECTRONIC DEVICES AND PHONES Camp is designed as an opportunity to get to know others, enjoy fun activities and experience the outdoors. Therefore, there is no need for electronic devices at this camp. We ask that mobile phones, electronic games, and other devices stay at home. Cameras are not permitted in bedrooms/sleeping areas, and are held at the Guide s own risk. Girl Guides Victoria cannot monitor or take responsibility for photos that participants may take and publish themselves. POCKET MONEY There is no need for pocket money at camp and we ask that it be left at home.

6 CAMP COURTESY We would highly appreciate you taking the time to discuss the camp expectations with your Guide prior to her attending Camp. This will support her and the Leaders in a shared understanding of expectations at camp. You may also wish to discuss the event with your Guide s local Unit Leader to understand how best to prepare her. Often local Unit Leaders have been to the campsite or have taken girls this age on camp before. Camp will be staffed by trained volunteers who are unlikely to come from your Guide s Unit, so please ensure she understands this aspect of camp. As with all Girl Guide events, we expect that all participants will live by the Guide Promise and Law throughout the camp. This includes working as a team member, helping out, and looking after one another. We expect that all participants will: Challenge themselves to try new things Take responsibility for themselves and their possessions Treat others, their possessions, and themselves with care and consideration Remain with the group and within the boundaries of each camp or activity site Respect each other and the environment Bedding Sleeping bag Inner sheet (optional) Camp blanket Sleeping mat One ground sheet/tarp 2 m x 1.3 m Small pillow OR pillow case Clothing Please wear Guide uniform to camp Camp shirts (with sleeves and preferably collars no midriff or singlet tops) Jeans or long pants Shorts a good length A warm jumper Pyjamas Underwear Socks Bag for dirty clothes Full length rain coat Spare pair of shoes Beanie Sun hat

7 Toiletries in a waterproof bag Toothbrush, tooth paste, and tooth mug Soap Hair brush and hair ties Bath towel Face washer Roll on deodorant (no aerosols) Sanitary items (as needed) Pull-ups (as needed) Lip balm Thongs for the shower Insect repellent and sunscreen (no aerosols) Dilly Bag Cloth, drawstring bag containing Plastic plate, bowl, and mug Knife, fork, spoon, teaspoon Sit upon (a small tarp/square of plastic) Hand sanitiser Drink bottle (minimum 750 ml) Other Torch or head torch plus spare batteries Camera Small soft toy (optional) A post card from your town A book to read Note pad and pen Health form (will be ed to youth members prior to camp) Any medication labelled in a clear snap-lock bag 3-4 person tent if you or you Unit has one Outdoor Camp Required for participants who select the Outdoor Camp option. Bathers Towel Spare clothes long sleeved shirt and long pants Closed toed shows (NOT gumboots or Crocs) Sturdy shoes/walking boots Handy Woman Camp Required for participants who select the Handy Woman Camp option. Sturdy shoes/boots Sunglasses OR protective glasses