Printed Circulation: 496 Est. Readership: 1,100 Volume 27 Issue 7 August Judy s Kitchen Morning Tea Wednesday 9 August. 10.

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1 The Bungonia Times Community Grape Vine Incorporating the Marulan District In it s 27th continuous year Printed Circulation: 496 Est. Readership: 1,100 Volume 27 Issue 7 August 2017 $15 Nutritious Meal at the Hall Wednesday 2nd, 16th, 23rd, 30th Aug Judy s Kitchen Morning Tea Wednesday 9 August am $5 Big READ bus Outside Hall Wed 2 & 23 August Bungonia now has its own Facebook page. Find us at $15 HOT LUNCH Bungonia is the home to numerous people who may not be looking after themselves in relation to a properly prepared and nutritious meal. I, and others, can prepare a nutritious and flavorsome meal down at the Hall for the princely sum of $15 per head. It won t be sandwich s but steak & veg or similar. A proper home made meal with dessert. Now whether you decide to stay and eat the meal with others at the hall or take it home for dinner that night - you are more than welcome to come on down for the meal. years. Margo also worked in the kitchen on Market Days even though she could not make a scone. At the time her mother in-law made them until she taught Margo and gave her the recipe. Margo ten became an excellent scone maker. Another of her specialties was her Lizzy s Lovelies slices - her mother s recipe; she also helped out at Judy s morning teas and served Minestrone soup on History Days. Margo was also very supportive of her friends and neighbours who had suffered loss or illness. We will all miss her and our sympathy goes to Damien and Margo s Family. Because we have Judy s Kitchen Table Morning Tea on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, we will provide a lunch time meal on all other Wednesday s of the month except the 2nd Wednesday. I would appreciate you contacting me on each occasion by the end of the proceeding Monday so that I can cater for the correct numbers. If you don t pre book, there won t be a meal for you to collect or eat. Looking forward to seeing you all. Cal * * * Margo Crossley - Vale Margo and Damien settled in Bungonia many years ago and Margo became involved in many organizations i.e. Progress Association, Park Trust and the History Society, she held the office of Treasurer and later Secretary of the Progress Association for many May she rest in peace. Come along to Judy s Kitchen Table $5 per person and you will be treated to magnificent coffee, tea and scrumptious food which are home made. All monies raised go towards the Bungonia Hall Supper Room am noon August dates: Wednesday 9th 2017 at Bungonia Hall

2 Enquire here Bungonia Hall Hire The Progress Assoc. Policy is to make the Hall facilities available to locals at affordable prices. There is no caretaker, and maintenance is the responsibility of members. Cleaning is less of a problem since the ceiling has been installed but most hirers sweep the Hall and remove rubbish and clean the kitchen after use. If, however, we have to employ a cleaner, then the fees will be increased. Present Fees are: DAILY Hall & Supper room together - $300 Hall only - $200 Supper room only - $200 Govt, Govt. Entities, Business rate = $400 Wedding package $550 is from noon the day before, full day of wedding & a.m. to noon the day after, plus refundable deposits. HOURLY RATE: Hall & Supper room = $50 p/h Supper room = $40 Hall = $40 Regular Local Users of Hall = $15 per session All charges include GST Daily rate covers 8a - MN REFUNDABLE FEE s Damaged deposit = $400 Cleaning = $150 Discount of 50% to financial members of 12 mths standing on the fee s. In the past the Hall has been available free for wakes for locals. Due to expenses, that policy is cancelled and above fees will apply BUNGONIA HISTORICAL SOCIETY Next meeting: Monday TBA 7.30pm at Hall. BUNGONIA RURAL WATCH Next Meeting: Monday TBA pm at the Hall Contacts: Moira McGinity Diana Moran If Senior Constable Kim Finch is not available at the Marulan Police Station ( ) when you ring, your call will be transferred to Goulburn Police Station ( ). Mick Calleja is the Rural Crime Investigator and deals with matters relating to stock theft or stolen equipment or chemicals. Report any theft no matter how small as it may build up a picture of a wider ring. Always report to the police any sighting of vehicles hanging about. If possible give the registration number, colour, make etc. This gives the Police information to work on if there are any incidents in the area. BUNGONIA PARK TRUST Next Meeting: Wed. TBA the Hall. PILFERING IN BUNGONIA It has been reported that person(s) have been helping themselves to various items around the Bungonia Village area that don t belong to them. One being a plastic water tank ( belonging to the Church ) and also a gate. If it doesn t belong to you - don t take it. Deer Just a warning to motorist around the area to be cautious of Deer on our roads. Seems the population of Deer have increased with more and more sightings on the roadsides being reported. Goulburn Tip. Marulan Tip Marulan Tip Tarago Tip TIP TIMES BUNGONIA PROGRESS ASSOCIATION 7 days 8a - 4p Sat / Sun 8a - 4p Fri & Mon 8a - noon Sat / Sun / Mon 8a - 4p Next Meeting: Monday 14 August pm at the Hall AGM HUME RESIDENTS CAN NOW SIGN UP AS ORGAN DONORS ONLINE In the lead up to DonateLife Week (30 July 6 August) residents are encouraged to sign up as organ donors through the new online registration process at A minute or two of your time could save lives and make a lifetime of difference for up to 10 people needing organ or tissue donation, Mr Taylor said. Now, almost instantly, you can register to become a donor on a mobile phone, tablet or computer. Across the nation last year, 503 deceased and 267 living donors contributed to a record 1713 people receiving donated organs. Research shows that more than two-thirds of Australians are willing to become organ and tissue donors. But only one-third have taken the step of joining the Australian Organ Donor Register. With around 1400 Australians currently waiting for a transplant, I m asking everyone in Hume to join the register as soon as possible. Jump online, type in the words donatelife and register, and sign up using the simple, five-line form. It was important those considering to sign up as donors discuss their decision with loved ones. Along with the new online registration form at Australians can still join the Australian Organ Donor Register online via the mygov, Medicare Express Plus and Department of Human Services websites, and by submitting printed forms. Camping under the stars... A great chance to view the night sky. And to feed mosquitoes

3 Advertising charges For Sale/Wanted $ 5.00 (Max. 3 lines ) Business Card Size $ $80 per annum. Quarter Page $ $140 per annum. Half Page $ $200 per annum. Full Page $ $400 per annum. Community Service Special Rate: 33⅓% off normal rates. Loose leaf inserts subject to quote. BUNGONIA TIMES DEADLINE: 12 MD 20th of each month. Please ensure that all contributions are received by the above time and date. Home Delivery by Mail: Send your mailing details to Cal, 70 Blakes Bvd, Bungonia, NSW, 2580 with a cheque for $25 to cover the cost of postage stamps and envelopes for one year (11) issues. If you wish to have Bungonia times ed to you, please your name & address to: All expressions of opinion are published by the Bungonia Times (Volunteers) on the basis that they are not to be regarded as expressing the official opinion of the publishers unless expressly stated. The Bungonia Times (Volunteers) accept no responsibility for the accuracy of any of the opinions or information contained in this edition and readers should rely on their own enquiries in making decisions touching their own interest. This newsletter is COMPILED and DE- LIVERED by volunteers as a service to the community. If you have any questions regarding this publication or its delivery, please feel free to phone one of the contacts and we will endeavour to help you. ALL ADVERTISING COPY MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY PAYMENT. Cheques to be made payable to: THE BUNGONIA TIMES Copy and payment can be placed in the locked post box in front of the Hall or send your copy to: Bank details: BSB: Acnt: Name: Bungonia Times Bank: BDCU Bungonia CWA On a cool July day Bungonia CWA were lucky to hold our meeting at Colleens house where the heaters and tea and goodies were very well received. Our group Representative Brenda Phillips attended our meeting and it was lovely to have her there. Also lovely to see Jade at the meeting. We talked about the upcoming events on the calendar and which members were able to attend which, it looks good for the Council meeting and the Group International day. Vickie talked about the Handicraft entries at State and we are all very proud of her place in the top 10 items at State. And we all wish Lorraine all the best in her upcoming bowls competitions. Also best wishes to Don Cooper who is under the weather at the moment and we wish him all the best. Our next meeting Thursday 10 th August 9.30 for 10am at Bungonia Hall Leanne WEATHER FACTS Jan mm over 9 days Feb mm over 12 days Mar mm over 23 days Apr mm over 6 days May 23.6 mm over 3 days June 18.2 mm over 8 days July 7.6 mm over 6 days ( to 31st ) Aug mm over days Sept mm over days Oct mm over days Nov mm over days Dec mm over days YTD: mm over 67 days 2016 total 837.2mm 113 days Bungonia Heights UHF Repeater frequency The private frequency for Bungonia has now been turned off. Channel 8 UHF CB will be the local UHF CB Repeater channel to use locally. If you are close enough to speak directly with someone, you can use channel 38 ( simplex ) car to car, car to portable, but if you need to utilise the Repeater function, use channel 8 ( duplex ) for all of your radio needs ( depending on the terrain and distance you are from the repeater ) GET WELL: HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Chook - P1 - Pauline Dickson 86 & going strong. Laurie - 60 Condolences to friends & family of: Margo Crossley Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW : ), Wednesday 2 May 1928, page 2 MR. L. LEONARD The death is announced of Mr. Larry Leonard (54), a one time resident of Bungonia. Death followed a paralytic stroke. Mr. Leonard was a native of Bungonia and some years ago joined the Police Force, being later elevated to the rank of sergeant. Failing health necessitated his retirement from the force. A widow and three children, the eldest of whom is 18 years and tile youngest 11 years, survive. Mrs. G. Broadhead, of Inverary, is a sister. The little toe - invented by God to help find furniture in the dark 3

4 A fire must be supervised at all times. Yass Zone MUST be notified at least 24 hours before you light the fire, during business hours ( 9am - 5pm ) or 3.30pm on Friday. Phone Your immediate neighbours must be notified before you light any fire. Notify the local RFS Brigade, as a courtesy, to circumvent the false alarms of smoke being reported by others. Captain Terry Lewis Voluntary Contribution We, at your local Volunteer Brigade, are seeking voluntary contributions from residents & landholders in the area to help maintain & upgrade our equipment so that we can offer the best assistance possible to the people in Bungonia & its surrounds. As you are all no doubt well aware, we are in the midst of a very dry and hot summer. The Bungonia Brigade has been very active this season, responding to many incidents. Voluntary contributions assist us in the maintenance & upgrade of our equipment, in both the fire station & on vehicles, as well as the purchasing of Personal Protective Equipment. Donations are greatly appreciated. Acc. Name: Bungonia Rural Fire Brigade BSB: Acc # Please include your name in the reference. OR in person at the Fire Shed Bullamalita Road Quarry DA Councillors resolved to give deferred commencement consent for a quarry at 984 Bullamalita Road, subject to the Voluntary Planning Agreement that was endorsed in June. The VPA includes widening and realignment work for Bullamalita Road as well as improvements at the intersections at Windellama & Lumley Road. Council has placed conditions upon this approval which restrict Operating Hours from 9am 3pm Monday to Friday only. * * * Lamb Marking and Practical Sheep Husbandry Field Day Friday 8 September am pm Tarago This field day will cover practical aspects of managing sheep based around jobs to do at lamb marking. Bill Johnson, District Veterinarian, and Matt Lieschke, Livestock Officer, from South East Local Land Services will be discussing and demonstrating practical skills including lamb marking, mothering up, weaning, vaccinating and looking after the breeding ewe. Under their supervision, participants will be able to practice their sheep handling skills. You may recall, last month, I ran a story from September 1953 about the 47th annual dinner, at the Hall, for the Bungonia Rifle Club. Seems we still have people in the area who remember attending that event ( as a child ) and the possum making his entrance along the steel rods across the roof and the possum urinating on the mostly bald heads. The Mrs Cooper, mentioned in that article, used to live in the house directly opposite the Hall. * * * Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW : ), Monday 29 April 1935, page 5 ENDED IN HOSPITAL Falling from his motor cycle near the 12 miles peg on the Goulburn -Bungonia road yesterday, Bruce Squires, who resides on the Bungonia road, suffered concussion and cuts and bruises to the head, face and left hand. A Goulburn District Ambulance car on its way to Bungonia to attend to a case went to the aid of Squires and conveyed him some miles back towards Goulburn until it was met by a second ambulance, which had been summoned. Squires, who intended taking part in a football match at Bungonia, finished up a patient at the District Hospital. His condition to-day was reported to be satisfactory. * * * Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW : ), Thursday 2 December 1915, page 2 SMART PIECE OF WORK. On Tuesday afternoon a horse which was attached to a spring cart and was being driven by a little boy named Don Trotter, son of Constable Trotter, along Bourke-street bolted. The little fellow hung on to the reins, though the animal was lashing out furiously, breaking the harness and smashing the front of the vehicle. Turning down Montague-street, the animal galloped into Auburn-street. When in front of Hollis and Co.'s pharmacy Mr. E. H. Gale, a bystander, who was on the footpath, ran out, sprang into the cart over the tailboard, and brought the horse to a standstill at the Bank of New South Wales. Those who saw the plucky act describe it as a smart piece of work. When the horse was pulled up the little driver had collapsed. The animal was cut about the hocks and the vehicle and harness were damaged. * * * Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW : ), Saturday 22 December 1883, page 3 TOWN TALK. AT the police court yesterday afternoon, Edward Aruint was fined 20s and costs for refusing to leave the licensed premises, of John Garrad of Bungonia; on a charge of riotous conduct the same defendant was discharged ; John Evans, for a similar offence, to the first charge, was fined 20s and costs; Charles Dixon, for drinking at the Emu Inn on a Sunday, was fined 20s and costs. Bungonia s UHF CB channel. Channel 8 ( repeater ) / 38 ( simplex ) is now up and running from Bungonia Hts. If you have a uhf cb radio, you can now take advantage of these channels for your daily communications needs - if your radio / location is suitable. BUNGONIA NOW HAS A FACEBOOK PAGE: FIND US AT: & I was going to tell you a joke about a giraffe but it was too long 4

5 K9 Beauties TAFE Accredited Groomer Now going Mobile Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday No stress. We come to you Not just a dog wash Basic wash to breed clips Fresh warm water Brushed & blow dried Flea treatments Nails trimmed Ears cleaned Pension discount of 10% Loyalty Card Gardening in August Well Goulburn has certainly made the headlines lately as the coldest place in N.S.W. So get out there and do some garden maintenance. Prune roses and also ericas (lightly) as the flowers fade. Choose winter flowering plants while they are in bloom from the nursery. Transplant or plant deciduous trees, roses and shrubs. Feed brassicas with liquid fertiliser, protect cauliflower and broccoli heads from frost damage by using broken leaves. Tip prune apple trees and gooseberries to control over-wintering powdery mildew. Remove codling moth bands from trees and destroy, check for bugs imbedded in the bark crevices. Clean up strawberry beds and destroy all old foliage, plant new berryfruit bushes and strawberry runners. Spray for scale infestation on citrus, camellia and daphne with emulsified oil and water. Feed all trees and shrubs with blood and bone fertiliser containing added potash. Bring in plenty of firewood and grab a good book to read. From just $30 We have good Sydney and local enquires for small farms, land and residential homes. Anything from a house to humpy!! We sell from Bungonia to Big Hill and Towrang to Tallong We offer you an honest and accurate market appraisal an internet marketing programme strong local print advertising an extensive data base excellent photography regular market updates and knowledge of your area Call John Everett for an obligation free appointment or The difference between a girl and a mobile phone? You can put the mobile on silent! 5

6 ST. PATRICK S MARULAN Mass is to be celebrated at St. Patrick s Marulan on the 2nd and 4th. Sundays of the month at 8am. Dates for August 2017 Sunday 13t h Sunday 27th Mass times in Goulburn are: Saturday vigil Mass: 6pm at St. Peter & Paul s. ( SUMMER time table ) Sunday: 7am at Fatima, North Goulburn Sunday : 10 am. at Sts. Peter & Paul s. St Michael s - Bungonia Parish Priest: Fr. Dermid McDermott Assistant Priest: Fr. Assin Retired Priest: Fr. Laurie Bent Deacon: Chris Van Gessel Parish Office & Presbytery Phone Secretary Sharon Hickey. Office hours 8.30am pm. ST. MICHAEL S BUNGONIA Thursdays 7pm - Rosary. Every two weeks I attend the Goulburn Blood Bank in Auburn St, and donate plasma which takes about 1.5 hours for the process to complete & can produce 17 different life saving products from that one donation. I used to attend and donate whole blood but you can only do that every 12 weeks which saves 3 lives. The girls down at the Blood Service are absolute crackers and you will thoroughly enjoy your time down there with them, have a few milk shakes and snacks before leaving and you know that your donation will be directly used in a life saving situation. It is a great feeling to know that you are helping people that you might not even know with the aid of your blood. The new opening hours are now: Monday Tue Wed & Thu Fri Sat Closed 7.45am pm 11am pm 9.30am pm Closed * * * Goulburn Evening Penny Post Tuesday 24 October 1916, page 4 BUNGONIA. ( From a Correspondent. ) BUNGONIA TIMES is a NOT FOR PROFIT organisation that is now into it s 27th year. This publication can ONLY exist through the sponsorship of those who advertise in this publication and in order to advertise, you also need to pay for the extremely low costs of your adds. You will NOT find cheaper advertising anywhere. It has been noticed that the Bungonia Facebook Group, together with other Community Facebook Groups, are now being flooded with local businesses who are seeking no cost advertising which is having an impact on this, and other Community, publications. Not all community members are on Facebook, or for that matter, even have internet - thus the importance of these types of publications. To publish each and every issue of the Bungonia Times costs around $266 per month - and that is just the cost of printing and that cost can ONLY be met by advertisers and those advertisers paying their bills. These Facebook Groups were not set up for advertising but a portal to keep those locals on Facebook informed of the happenings ( both criminal and social ) around our area. Shortly, adverts that appear on the Bungonia Facebook Group will no longer be accepted. If you wish to advertise, please support your Community Newspapers by advertising within their pages and pay immediately instead of us having to continually chase you for payment of your advertisement. Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW : ), Thursday 12 April 1923, page 2 STUDDART - CRIPPS-CLARK The Sydney Sun reports: The marriage of Miss Geraldine Cripps -Clark, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.. H. Cripps-Clark, of Brisbane Grove, Goulburn, at St. James's on Wednesday afternoon, has an unusual interest. The bride's grandfather, the late Major Archibald Clunes Innes, was married in the same church to Margaret Macleay, niece of Sir William Macleay, in the early thirties. They afterwards settled at Port Macquarie, and Glen Innes is named after them. The bridegroom was. Mr. Charles Handcock Studdart, of Spring Ponds, Bungonia, Goulburn, nephew of Dr. Handcock Burkitt, of Goulburn. The ceremony was performed by Rev. P. A. Micklem. The bride wore a simple frock of ivory morocain, with touches of blue and silver, and silver tissue hat. She carried a sheaf of roses and pink carnations. Miss Mary Lee was bridesmaid, and wore a frock of lemon georgette, with hat to tone. Mr. J. H. Cripps- Clark was best man. After the ceremony a reception was held at the Feminist Club, where the bride's mother, in a gown of black cloth and navy cashmere do soie and black hat, received a number of guests. She was assisted in entertaining by Mrs. Osborne England, frocked in mole morocain, with floating panels trimmed with fur. I bought some shoes from a drug dealer. Don t know what he laced them with but I ve been tripping all day 6

7 Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW : ), Tuesday 10 November 1903, page 2 Specialising in: Exposed Aggregate Spray Stencil Coloured Oxides Garage / Shed slabs Driveways and Footpaths Saw Cutting Dry Grind Trip Hazard Removal Obligation Free Quotes Phone Matt today or St. Saviour's Young Men's Society. Picnic to the Look-Down. The members of the above society celebrated the King's Birthday by having a picnic to the Look -Down. The party comprised about fifty, including a number of ladies. A. start was made from St. Saviour's Cathedral at 5.!5 a m. in two drags, one hired from the Royal Hotel and one from Lake's livery stables, and a private buggy. The day was an ideal one for outdoor enjoyment. The drive across the plains and through the village of Bungonia revealed a promise of a very bountiful harvest, and the country in its spring garb wore its most pleasant aspect. The cave accommodation shed was reached about 8 30, and the distance between there and the Look-Down having been accomplished the cooks and waitresses of the party were soon occupied in preparing an al fresco repast. After the refreshments, which were provided by the ladies, had been partaken of the picnickers set themselves to spend the morning in the way best suited to their tastes. Some took themselves to the various points from which good views of the Look-Down could be obtained. A few of the more adventurous formed a party and descended to the valley underneath. The result was described as worth the toilsome journey. Others availed themselves of an opportunity for a stroll to obtain ferns and wild flower's, which abound in profusion this season. Lunch was ready by one o'clock, and was thoroughly enjoyed. Afterwards the party again dispersed to amuse themselves according to their bent. Tea was served about 4.30 p.m. The toast of the King was loyally honoured in " the cup that cheers." The return journey was begun about five o'clock, and town was safely reached by 8.30, the way being enlivened by songs. Before dispersing at the Cathedral cheers were given for the ladies who had so generously provided the edibles. All who attended the picnic much appreciated the day's outing. Found out that my toaster wasn t waterproof. I was shocked

8 For HIRE PADDOCK Slashing / Mulching Free 8 PUPS Born 1 June 2017 Mother is a black Kelpie Phone Ross 707 Jerrara Rd Marulan Buying or Selling a House or Land? JOHNSON & SENDALL ( Incorporating Stephen J Lamond ) And Mullens SOLICITORS CONVEYANCERS 13 Montague Street, Goulburn, 2580 INFORMATION July / Aug issues For Sale Phone: Fax: Bungonia If you would like to advertise in the Bungonia Times - simply contact Cal with your advert and placement. Whether it be a quarter, half, full page advert, we can cater for your requirement. FOR ADVICE ON ALL YOUR LEGAL NEEDS Partners: Morris Owen Alison Howarth Consultant: Stephen Lamond Associate: Tim McGrath Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW : ), Monday 28 July 1930, page 2 FAREWELL SOCIAL Bungonia Monday. Prior to their departure for Sydney, where they will in future reside, Mr. and Mrs. John Kelly were tendered a farewell by the residents of the Bungonia district. The social was held in the P.A. Hall, Mr. James Ryan presiding. In presenting the guests of the afternoon with a wallet of notes, Mr. Ryan eulogised the Kelly family, stating that their departure would be a severe lose to Bungonia. Mr. Kelly expressed regret at leaving Bungonia, but said he would be pleased to renew his old acquaintances at any time. ALERT: Bunnings issues nationwide recall of popular heater July 31, :39 am/in National /by Shanee Dobeson A popular heater sold at Bunnings stores nationwide has been recalled over fears it may overheat. The hardware giant said the MORETTI Fan Heater (model FH- 2000) has been pulled from sale because of an internal fault which may cause the base of the heater to overheat and deform. Bunnings takes product quality and safety very seriously, and wishes to advise all customers of a recall on the following product, they said in a statement posted on the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission website. Artificial Intelligence is no match for natural stupidity

9 GLENDARLYN STOCKFEEDS 97 Burrabinga Road Tarago Phone: Mobile: Delivery Service Available Large and Small bales of hay Huge range of feed for your horse, pony, sheep, cattle, alpaca, goats, pigs and many more Chooks - feed for chicks to layer hens Dog & Cat food - cans & kibble - kitty litter Bird seeds, rabbit and guinea pig food Feeders and waterers ltr water tanks Wormers, herbal products - mineral blocks & veterinary products etc; with professional advice given for your steeds needs SUPPLYING FENCING MATERIALS - COME IN AND CHECK OUT OUR COMPETITIVE PRICES LOCAL AGENT FOR ELGAS - Delivery available EFTPOS AVAILABLE Not saying that I hate you, but I would unplug your life support to charge my phone 9

10 Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW : ), Thursday 16 October 1919, page 4 Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW : ), Thursday 1 April 1937, page 3 DISTRICT NEWS BUNGONIA. (From Our Correspondent.) Welcome home.- Friday last was the finish of the receptions for our lads returning from the front, as there are no more to come, so all is well that ends well. A reception, which took the form of a banquet and presentation, followed by a dance, was given to Gunner A. L. Chapman, Trooper C. Studdard, Pte. W. Roberts and his bride, G. Roberts, and W. Sullivan. Pte. Ken. Styles, who was included in the batch, put an apology from Sydney. His father, ex-councillor Styles, acted on his behalf. The local ladies, with their usual kind hospitality, had everything in applie pie order, and the P.A. Hall had had the best of attention in the way of decorating. The usual toasts were honoured, and the speech making was in very flattering terms of the boys. Cr. Broadhead made the presentations, which included, a gold chain to one and a gold watch to another. The lads returned thanks, and expressed their delight at being back again. The hall was then cleared, and the remainder of the night devoted to a dance to the music of Miss Myrie Armstrong (piano), with occasional assistance from the spectators. The Goulburn musical talent joined in the reception with their comic songs and recitations. Progress Meeting.- The annual meeting was held on Saturday last. Mr. Marsh Broadhead presided. The secretary's report was read. It was very satisfactory. So also were the treasurer's report and balance -sheet. After deducting expenses for improvements and extra expense for purchase of furniture there was still a balance in hand. The past year was a go-slow business for the association, as it had to stand off and let the war take its course. Now that the war is over and the association has a peaceful year to commence with, all that is required to get a good footing is a general break in the drought in order that people could pull themselves together and make up for the losses they have sustained during the past year or two. BUNGONIA FETE Annual Harvest. Festival GREAT SUCCESS BUNGONIA: The annual Church of England Harvest Festival was held on Saturday last, the weather being ideal for the fete, which was a decided success. The gross proceeds amounted to 91/16/11. Mr. J. A. Perkins, M.P., who opened the bazaar, spoke of the fine display at the stalls, and wished the committee every success. He apologised for his inability to be present last year. Mr. Perkins was supported by Ald. R. D. Gray (Goulburn), Cr. D. M. Broadhead, Mr. A. W. Smart (Presbyterian Church), and Mr. Jas. Ryan (Roman Catholic Church). During the afternoon sporting events were held, these including three flag races. Mr. J. S. Cooper won the first event with his horse, Betty, Mr. C. Croker's Domino won the second, and Mr W. Hansell's Bobby came home a winner, in the last race. The bending race was won by M r. W. Hansell's Bobby. All these races were keenly contested, and were much appreciated by those present. Mrs. Hansell won the prize for the best sponge cake, in which there were 14 entries. The judging was carried out by Mrs. J. A. Perkins and Mrs. R. D Gray. The pig donated by Mr. W. Wood was won by Mr. A Frost. A competition was run during the afternoon to guess the closest to the gross takings. This was won by Mrs. Hawkins. who guessed 92. At the dance which followed at night, Mr. J. M. Tully, M.L.A. was present, and congratulated the committee on its successful day. Great credit is due to the secretary. Mrs. T. Cooper; also to Mrs. Chapman, Misses Chapman and Mrs. Betts, who had charge of the fancy stall; Mrs. T. Blake, Mrs. South, and Mrs. Cook, produce; Mesdames Latham and M. Cooper, cool drinks; Mesdames T. Ayre and M. Tickner. and Miss Ayre., sweets; and: Mesdames J. S. Cooper, R. Frost, and Grose. luncheon. Messrs. Cook and John Ryan handled the chocolate wheel in a capable manner. The hall, which was tastefully decorated, was in the hands of Mrs. T. Blake and Mrs; S. Cook. CRICKET MATCHES During the holidays the Bungonia cricket team had two matches, one against the Wallaby's, at Bungonia and against Springfield, at Spring field. The games were greatly enjoyed, and the cricket keen in both instances. * * * Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW : ), Tuesday 13 August 1918, page 4 OBITUARY. Mrs. Mary Ryan, widow of the late Mr. Michael Ryan, of Brisbane Meadow, Bungonia, died at half-past six on Sunday evening at her late residence. Mrs. Ryan was 81 years of age, and the cause of death was senile decay. She was born in Ireland, and arrived in Australia before she was three years of age. Before her marriage she lived near Queanbeyan with her parents. She had lived at Brisbane Meadow about 57 years, and was very highly esteemed by all who live in the neighbourhood. Mr. Ryan is survived by six sons and five daughters. The sons are Messrs. Edward (Sydney), Michael (Bungonia), Patrick (Cootamundra), John (Bungonia), James (Bungonia), and William (Bungonia). The daughters are Mrs. Glennan (Wheeo), Mrs Barlow (Victoria), and the Misses Julia, Ellen, and Gertrude, living at home. Thanks for explaining the word many to me. It means a lot

11 Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW : ), Tuesday 23 February 1932, page 3 GOLD LEASE Trouble Over Claim.. INQUIRY BY WARDEN Allegations of claim jumping in respect of a 25-acre gold lease at Bungonia, held by J. Titley; formed the subject of an inquiry by the Mining Warden, Mr, M. E. Soane, at the Goulburn Court House yesterday. The warden's finding was that, on the evidence submitted, the land, at the time it was taken possession of by Titley, was not held by any person holding a miner's right. He intimated his intention of notifying the Minister of Mines to this effect. Mr. F. Duncombe, it is understood, was responsible for bringing the matter before the Mines Department through Mr. W. Davies, M.L..A and although both were called as witnesses to substantiate the allegations, neither appeared. Mr. J. W. Titley and Mr. W. J. Daniells appeared as witnesses in defence of the charges. William John Daniells, who gave his occupation as a miner and his address as Spring Creek, Bungonia, gave evidence that in October last he entered into an agreement with eight others to apply for an authority to enter D. M. Broadhead's land at Inverary Park, Bungonia. Members of the syndicate were: Messrs. F. Duncombe, H. Colhoun, G. Dovers, R. Shepherd, H. Williams, E. Gunn, J. Short and T. Knight. The understanding, according to Daniells, was that the others would provide him with the necessary financial backing, but he claimed that he was left to his own resources, and finally withdrew his application. Before taking action, said witness, he gave the syndicate seven days' notice of his intention, but they did not bother to send a representative along until the afternoon of the seventh day - half an hour before the Warden's Court closed. QUARTZ SAMPLES While engaged on the authority to enter, mentioned in his evidence previously, Daniells, together with Harry Williams and Ernest Gunn, were prospecting in the vicinity and found quartz, samples of which were taken home. As Williams and Gunn did not appear to show any further concern about the quartz discovery, Daniells said he pegged out the land as a prospecting area in the name of a friend of his, Alf. Shepherd. When Williams and Gunn, said Daniells, found that the reef was panning out well, they expressed their desire to come in, Daniells and Shepherd ultimately agreeing. Gunn, it was alleged later went to Wollongong, where, unbeknown to witness and his partner, he arranged for the other members of the original syndicate to come in as shareholders in the prospecting claim. Shepherd was in accord with this arrangement, provided the others found the finance, and Daniells finally went to Wollongong, giving the syndicate seven days in which to find the necessary money. Their proposal then, said Daniells, was that they should work the claim and that he should be responsible for arranging the finance. He would not agree to this. He continued to work on his own, but in September withdrew the authority to enter and abandoned the prospecting claim. He had not done any work on the claim since that date. Questioned by the warden, Daniells said the syndicate had not fulfilled the promises that had been made to him. " In fact, " he added, " Gunn and Williams were the only ones who had any right to work on the claim, and had they done so I would not have abandoned it. " It was not true that he handed the claim over to Titley. Witness had abandoned it in September and Titley had not taken it over until November. TITLEY'S EVIDENCE, James William Titley, a miner, residing at Bungonia, said he had applied through the Warden's Court for the 2 acres lease which was the subject of the inquiry, having taken possession in the prescribed manner on November 4, At that time there was nothing to indicate that the land was held under the Mining Act by anybody else. He had previously held a portion of the land - about four acres as a prospecting area, taking this up at 10am on October 3. He had met Daniells on two occasions prior to that date. At the invitation of Williams, he had washed a few sample dishes from the claim on the land in question. Williams later asked him to work half his ( Williams' ) share, but witness learnt that Williams actually had no share, but that it was in his wife's name. On hearing that Williams, Gunn, and another man had left for Wollongong, witness visited the lease for three or four days, and when he was satisfied that no work was being done he made application for the lease. His notice was erected on the lease, but the previous holders had raised no protest, nor had they made any claim. Titley denied that the claim had been handed over to him by Daniells, who was not a mate of his, although he had accepted an invitation to stay at Daniell's hut. Saone declared the inquiry concluded, and returned a finding as set out above. I hate people who use big words just to make themselves look perspicacious

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13 I was going to look for my missing watch, but I could never find the time

14 Community First Responders C.F.R. / S.E.S. These blokes and women do an absolutely fantastic and critical job in responding to medical emergencies in this area and dedicate a lot of their personal time in an effort to help and protect members of this, and other, communities. C.F.R. Members are also member of the S.E.S., and are further trained in advanced First Aid techniques by the NSW Ambulance Service and could be called upon to provide advanced first aid at roadside collisions and other emergencies in areas where there is no immediate State ambulance service available or close by. C.F.R. Members also have a positive working relationship with local Police, Ambulance and other emergency services. In order to keep this vital C.F.R. Active in this community, further volunteers are urgently required. If you are interested in this line of activity - please contact Kevin Muffet on who will be more than glad to explain the processes to you. Regards from Kevin Muffet Team Leader Windellama S.E.S.& C.F.R. Windellama CFR are in desperate need of new members for their Community First Responders. These new members would preferably be in their 30 s - 40 s but not necessarily. Without such Units in our Communities, Emergency situations would be severely delayed and the CFR members are usually the first ones called to an emergency because of their Senior First Aid Training. Join the winning team & become a CFR member. We of the SES are very fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in various courses as the one just undertaken by members of the Windellama Unit. The task was to go to the NSW Fire Service training facility at Ingleburn and become qualified in the pursuit of Urban Search and Rescue. We, in doing so, had the pleasure of being given a guided tour of that facility, which is something to experience. The general public does not appreciate the training and dedication that these people have to go through to keep the Urban people safe. The NSW Fire Service also responds, at a moment s call, to events that do occur overseas. Our call out rate has also been rather heavy over the last month. This makes me really wonder why more people do not come and join our Unit to lighten the load on us few oldies. People want the service which we provide, but yet are reluctant to help us. We have been told that as retirees we have time on our hands to do this sort of thing. Let me assure you that this is not the case as we are very busy trying to do our own thing, whilst helping those in need. Therefore it is my opinion that it is high time that some of you younger people set your mind to doing a service to your community. Spread over a bigger number it means a lot less work for everybody. Putting it plainly folks, if you want this service to keep going, you had best stand up and be counted. We do have members that have jobs, but they are prepared to give us as much help as possible, nights and on days off. These are real community minded people. Remember folks there is no I in team. This applies to all activities where team work is involved. None of you are aware of the opportunities that are open to you as an SES member. They are many, some very interesting, from the air wing to mundane activities on the ground. Come along to one of our meetings, the 2nd and 3rd Monday of each month from 6.30pm at Windellama Hall SES Unit, where you can gain some insight in to what we are really all about. We now have a new Commissioner and there are some new and exciting changes coming up, all for the better, it would seem. Kevin Muffet Deputy Controller Windellama SES NEW BUS RUN IN OUR AREA Next RUN DATES ARE see Calendar on p21 Due to increasing demand, Valmar Community Transport will now be operating a fortnightly Bungonia, Bungonia Heights, Windellama, Tarago Bus Run on the Second & Fourth Thursdays of the month. A fortnightly service will continue from this date & pick ups will commence from 9am, stopping along the way to collect booked clients and then proceed into Goulburn. The Bus will leave Goulburn, for the return journey, at 2pm. Please call Valmar Community Transport office on to book your place. This service can be utilised by anyone for your shopping, access or medical appointment needs for a small fee and they will pick you up from your property door. Valmar Community Transport Office Hours: Mon - Fri 8.30am - 4pm Use it - or lose it! I m having an introvert party and you re all not invited

15 GOULBURN AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES 9A Victoria Ave, Goulburn ( behind Goulburn Mazda ) Ph: Gas Conversions & All Mechanical Repairs All light vehicle rego, Inspections Blue, Pink & Green slips Gas bottle re-stamping & inspections arranged You do realise that makeup isn t going to fix your stupidity?

16 BOB RUDD FUNERALS 73 REYNOLDS STREET GOULBURN PHONE We are there for you 7 days a week 24 hours a day. We have Pre paid funerals, quiet Chapel and on site park- Our experienced, friendly staff are at your disposal, ready to help you and your family in your time of need. David Rudd and his sister Shane are an Australian family owned Funeral Home in Goulburn All Monumental Work through Bob Rudd Funerals Please call Shane on Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW : ), Saturday 18 May 1918, page 5 VICTORIA HOTEL, BUNGONIA For Private Sale, with four original allotments of Land, each containing half an acre. The Purchaser or his Nominee to have the right to Goodwill of the Business and License so to take the Furniture and Household. Effects at a valuation if so desired. Extra terms and particulars, apply to BETTS & SON, Solicitors, Goulburn. * * * Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW : ), Thursday 24 January 1924, page 4 MOVING A CHURCH From Old to New Marulan Our Bungonia,correspondent writes:- Our Marulan friends are again getting a move on to remove the R.C. Church from Old Marulan to New Marulan, and expect to have the building erected on its new site by Easter. The structure is chiefly cut stone, which makes it all the better for handling. A bazaar and sports have been arranged for Easter Monday. Our folks have answered the call for help. A social and card party, with Mr. F. Hogg, Marulan, as secretary, will be held in the Bungonia P. A. Hall on Friday next. The music will be supplied by local and Marulan musicians. Our lady friends will join the Marulan ladies in providing refreshments for the midnight supper. I m glad to see you re not letting your education get in the way of your ignorance

17 COMMUNITY CONTACTS EMERGENCY NUMBER 000 FROM MOBILES 112 UHF CB: Channel 8 Bungonia Hts Channel 16 Bungonia Fire Ground ONLY Channel 21 Windellama Base JUSTICE OF THE PEACE Tom Larkin Pauline O Brien Mobile: BUNGONIA RURAL FIRE SERVICE UHF CB: During a Fire, UHF Ch 16 is Bungonia RFS Ground channel. Call sign: Bungonia Base. OUTSIDE OF FIRES - THERE IS NO BUNGONIA BASE Captain Terry Lewis Senior Dep: Sean Whitby Dept Cpt. Brendon Hobbs Dept Cpt. Donna Squires FIRECOM: Goulburn during business only FIRECOM: Yass Zone (of which Bungonia is within) NOTE:THESE NUMBERS ABOVE ARE FOR YOUR SAFETY IN A FIRE SITUATION BUNGONIA PROGRESS ASSOCIATION President: Bill Dobbie Secretary: Treasurer: Diana Moran BUNGONIA & DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY President: Moira McGinity Treasurer: Diana Moran Secretary: Anne Wiggan BUNGONIA PARK TRUST President: Diana Moran Secretary: Anne Wiggan Treasurer: COUNTRY WOMEN S ASSOCIATION President: Shirley Smith Secretary: Leanne Lourigan Treasurer: Colleen Cooper BUNGONIA TIMES Editor: Greg Cal Callander Treasurer: Pauline O Brien Pauline Dickson: Moira McGinity: Printer: Greg Callander JACQUA CREEK LANDCARE GROUP President: Ken Moran Treasurer: Diana Moran Secretary: Julia McKay RURAL WATCH President: Moira McGinity Secretary: Diana Moran Contact: Marulan Police & Mick Calleja on (Goulburn Police) BUSINESS DIRECTORY Automotive Goulburn City Glass Goulburn Automotive Farm Services Southern Weed Management Real Estate Jordans Crossing Real Estate Richardson & Wrench Goulburn Building Services Acom Design Corey Martin Carpentry Megsy s Painting & Decorating Local Plumber C J Solar Merino Lawns & Gardens Assured Glass Fencing Stylewise Concrete My Mate Marty - Window / Solar panel cleaning JCF Contracting Johnson & Sendall Solicitors Goulburn Foot Clinic Bob Rudd Funerals Lawn Mowing Little Treasures - Day Care Tobas Archery Stihl Shop Goulburn Valmar Community Transport Coolabah Pines Accommodation K9 Beauties Dog Groomer Southern Region Chiropractic WIRES Home Care Community Transport Ambulance Bookings Goulburn Ambulance Stn SES Poisons Information Goulburn Base Hospital Police - Goulburn Police Assistance Line ( P.A.L.) Country Energy - interruptions Life Line Kids Help line CFR - Kevin Muffett ( Ambulance ) Stupidity is not a crime - so you are free to go

18 August 2017 Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun 1 RFS Meeting 7.30pm at Shed. 2 $15 lunch at Bungonia Hall. See p 1 Big READ Bus Outside Hall 10a - 11a 3 Home Educators & family meet at Hall noon - 3pm Community Bus See page 15 St Michael s, Bungonia 7p Rosary 4 5 Marulan Art Exhibition - Marulan Hall 10a - 4p, Free 6 Marulan Art Exhibition - Marulan Hall 10a - 4p, Free 7 8 RFS Training at 7pm 14 Progress Assoc. meeting at Hall 7.30pm A.G.M. 9 Judy s Kitchen Morning Tea at Bungonia Hall 10.30a - MD. $5 Beginning in Bees. Gbn library 6.30p. Free. Booking essential $15 lunch at Bungonia Hall. See p 1 10 CWA meeting - Bungonia Hall. 9.30am Home Educators & family meet at Hall noon - 3pm St Michael s, Bungonia 7p Rosary 17 Home Educators & family meet at Hall noon - 3pm Community Bus See page 15 St Michael s, Bungonia 7p Rosary Marulan Art Exhibition - Marulan Hall 10a - 4p, Free St Patrick s Marulan 8am Marulan Book Exchange At Marulan Hall 10a - 1p free Marulan Art Exhibition - Marulan Hall 10a - 4p, Free 13 Marulan Art Exhibition - Marulan Hall 10a - 4p, Free Mass, St Patrick s Marulan 8am Marulan Pony club meet Jonifields, Brayton Rd, Marulan 20 Marulan Art Exhibition - Marulan Hall 10a - 4p, Free RFS Training at 7pm 23 $15 lunch at Bungonia Hall. See p 1 Big READ Bus Outside Hall 10a - 11a 24 Home Educators & family meet at Hall noon - 3pm St Michael s, Bungonia 7p Rosary Marulan Art Exhibition - Marulan Hall 10a - 4p, Free St Patrick s Marulan 8am 27 Marulan Art Exhibition - Marulan Hall 10a - 4p, Free Mass, St Patrick s Marulan 8am Marulan Pony club meet Jonifields, Brayton Rd, Marulan $15 lunch at Bungonia Hall. See p 1 31 Home Educators & family meet at Hall noon - 3pm Women sometimes make fools of men, but most guys are the do-it-yourself type

19 STIHL For over 85 years, STIHL have been the innovators of power tools for the land owner, with the range stretching from petrol powered to battery powered tools to help you with your gardening task. Everything is available from the Stihl Shop Goulburn from the best in chainsaws, hedge trimmers, brush cutters, hand tools and safety equipment. For the servicing of your Stihl products, there is No better place to take them than your Local authorised Stihl dealer. So for a great range at a great price, come on down to the Stihl Shop Goulburn where Scotty will look after your needs. STIHL SHOP GOULBURN 474 Auburn St Goulburn I m probably single because I didn t forward those chain messages in

20 I am right 98% of the time - who cares about the other 3%?