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1 TOWNSHIP OF O HARA SPECIAL COUNCIL WORKSHOP MINUTES SEPTEMBER 20, 2011 I. OPENING PROCEDURES A. Pledge of Allegiance lead by President Smith. B. Call to Order by President Smith at 7:00 p.m. C. Roll Call Council Members Present: Robert John Smith, President of Council; Brian R. Kozera, Sr., Vice-President of Council; Charles Vogel, First Ward; Mark F. Rothert, Second Ward; Alan C. Templin, Fifth Ward Absent: Also Present: John R. Denny, Jr., Fourth Ward; Bart E. Bodkin, At- Large Richard J. Stampahar, Treasurer; Julie A. Jakubec, CPA, Township Manager; Brock McCandless, Township Solicitor; Charles W. Steinert, Jr., P.E., Township Engineer; James R. Farringer, Superintendent of Police II. CITIZEN COMMENTS CONCERNING NON-AGENDA ITEMS Mr. Templin acknowledged Mr. Rick Lee, Assistant Chief of Guyasuta Volunteer Fire Department, in the audience and suggested he comment now since the only agenda item is reviewing the 2012 Capital Improvement Plan. Mr. Lee indicated he was there to answer any questions Council might have about the fire department. Mr. Templin recalled the Township Manager had indicated that a positive meeting had been conducted. There were no questions. III. REVIEW AND DISCUSSION A Capital Improvements Plan Manager Jakubec noted the Capital Improvements Plan is before Council for review. She recalled traditionally Council has reviewed the plan section by section, and staff would answer questions. Manager Jakubec referenced the Manager s Message, noting funding requests for the next ten years is estimated to be $23,363, The average capital expenditure for the past five years is $1,852, She anticipated the 2011 capital expenditures to be $1,300, Council Special Workshop Minutes 1

2 Current Capital Projects Manager Jakubec referenced the list of current projects, noting many projects will be completed, while some projects will be deferred due to circumstances beyond the Township s control, such as the Meadow Park Lane Stabilization and Sewer Extensions. Issues with the property owner adjacent to Meadow Park Lane are unresolved. Some sewer extensions have issues among property owners and other sewer extension projects will be tied in with the East Little Pine Creek Sanitary Sewer Project. President Smith suggested removing the Calmwood Road signs at the old bridge. Manager Jakubec informed Council that the restroom facility has been delivered to George J. Sacco Park. However, the sewer line must be constructed. Parks and Recreation The Manager noted $1,000,000 is allocated for the new community center. Discussions continue between the YMCA and Boyd. The Township s $1,000,000 will be used for site preparation and demolition of the existing structure, and the Township will hold $1,000,000 security interest on the new building. She explained because $1,000,000 of taxpayers money would be used for the building, and the building owned by Boyd and YMCA, in order to guarantee the taxpayers money, the Township would hold the first lien and supersede the bank in the event the YMCA would default on the loan. The taxpayers are guaranteed $1,000,000 back. Manager Jakubec stated the Parks and Recreation Commission has recommended coating all court surfaces, which could be changed to the harder, acrylic surface. Mr. Vogel noted the Raymond A. Schafer Memorial Park basketball court has many depressions in the surface, and requested the contract include leveling the surface to prevent puddles. Mr. Steinert, Jr., P.E. indicated the depressions in the surface were raised the last time the court was coated. The only way to eliminate the depressions is to lay a new surface. Vice President Kozera, Sr. suggested resurfacing the Raymond A. Schafer Memorial park basketball court. Manager Jakubec noted the wooden play structure at Woodland Park has begun to rot at the base. A new play structure is proposed in Parks and Recreation Commission recommended replacing the old play structure at Squaw Valley Park with small pieces of play equipment due to the close proximity to the creek. The Manager noted continuing maintenance of the Township baseball fields. Mr. Vogel asked if the maintenance included replacing the dirt. Mr. Kephart explained the manufacturer of the current material has passed away and it is difficult locating the material. Vice President Kozera, Sr. suggested contacting Mr. Petrucelli, on the Parks and Recreation Commission, as he is familiar with astro-turf surfaces and may know of another suitable material for the baseball fields. The Manager indicated new park signage is proposed to replace handicap parking signs, park rules and regulations and other signs in the park that have aged. Council Special Workshop Minutes 2

3 Roads Mr. Steinert, Jr., P.E. recalled scaling back the paving program in 2010 and He noted efforts in trying to retain the older paving material until a way to make SuperPave last is determined. He recommended initiating the rejuvenation process in The manufacturer of SuperPave is to perform test patches to prove their product and demonstrate the effectiveness on SuperPave. However, it appears the Township could go back to using the marshall mixes. Mr. Vogel questioned the availability of the marshall mixes. Mr. Steinert, Jr., P.E. stated Shields Asphalt has indicated they would make it, and supposedly the Lanes plant would make the marshall mix. Municipalities that do not use liquid fuels money for roads feel they do not need to use SuperPave. Mr. Steinert, Jr., P.E. did not anticipate Penn DOT would force the issue because several municipalities are complaining about SuperPave. President Smith asked where O Hara Township uses the liquid fuels money. The Manager stated liquid fuels monies are used for street lights and road salt. Mr. Steinert, Jr., P.E. recommended experimenting with different products in 2012, which would require additional funding. Manager Jakubec explained funding for future replacement of the Brownshill Road Bridge continues. However, if the Saxonburg Boulevard Sanitary Sewer Project moves forward, she might recommend including the bridge replacement in the funding with the sanitary sewer project. It was noted the bridge replacement fund balance is $200,000 as of the end of Mr. Steinert, Jr., P.E. anticipated increased costs to replace the bridge, as it would need to be wider to accommodate two full lanes and sidewalks on each side. He added that money set aside could allow for designing the bridge and requesting estimates for the bridge replacement. The consensus of Council was to include funds for designing the bridge in the 2012 budget. Mr. Steinert, Jr., P.E. informed Council he has been reviewing the traffic patterns along Freeport Road from the end of Blawnox to the Sunoco station. He proposed changes that would lower the speed limit, eliminate one travel lane in each direction and creating a center left turn lane. Mr. Vogel noted shortly after Freeport widens to four lanes, it narrows to three lanes to Powers Run Road. He suggested doing something all the way to Powers Run Road. Mr. Steinert, Jr., P.E. stated something could be done, and it would involve restriping, and obtaining a permit from Penn DOT. He did not anticipate a significant cost increase for the additional line painting. Mr. Vogel recalled Penn DOT opposing such changes. Mr. Steinert, Jr., P.E. explained the traffic study for the new housing development on River Road recommends a dedicated turn lane and not a traffic signal at Boyd Avenue, in addition to traffic changes on Freeport Road. Though Freeport Road is a State road, the Township is responsible for making traffic changes. Manager Jakubec stated each year staff selects a school safety device to upgrade. It is recommended that the Timberlane Drive and Cabin Lane school safety lights be replaced. Vice President Kozera, Sr. recalled Senator Jim Ferlo had assisted the Township in obtaining grant funding to replace school safety devices in the past. Council Special Workshop Minutes 3

4 The Manager stated the collapsing gabion basket wall along Squaw Run Trail has settled to a point that the Township Engineer is recommending an emergency repair to put the wall back in place. Mr. Steinert, Jr., P.E. suggested replacing the wall in 2016 with a soldier pile and concrete lagging retaining wall. Stormwater Management Manager Jakubec explained as a participant the Township has allocated $100,000 toward the controversial Delafield Road Stormwater Removal Project. She noted Allegheny County Health Department has presented statements that staff finds a bit troubling. Aspinwall Borough has stated they do not have the money to address the issue. Conversations with Fox Chapel Borough have resulted in researching alternatives to alleviate O Hara s and Fox Chapel s problems, including complete removal of sewage from Aspinwall s interceptor. The Manager referenced an erosion problem with Meadow Park Lane. Though the Township would like to correct the drainage problem, the adjacent property owner has demanded an exchange of property. Negotiations will continue with the property owner, but the Township may need to consider other means of acquiring the portion of property necessary to make the repairs. Mr. Steinert, Jr., P.E. expressed concern of the condition of the stormwater pipe at the bottom of the fill, which is approximately 30 underground. President Smith inquired of a right-of-way. Mr. Steinert, Jr., P.E. stated the Township does have a right-of-way up to the guiderail. The only way to verify the right-of-way is with a survey and workers would need to enter the property. Manager Jakubec noted a recommendation to increase the size of the existing stormwater pipe in order to handle increased flows. The project is recommended for Sanitary Sewers Mr. Steinert, Jr., P.E. informed Council of issues with the proposed location of the new East Little Pine Creek pump station. He explained the project could proceed as planned, or proceed with the preferred location across the stream, which would make all the residents happy. To construct the pump station across the stream, a potential developer needs to finalize the property sale, and construct a bridge across the stream. The potential developer has indicated the property would be donated to the Township for the purpose of constructing the pump station, which would need to be redesigned. The Township cannot apply for the DEP permit until the design is completed. Mr. Steinert, Jr., P.E. noted Sharpsburg officials have requested information concerning the additional sewerage flow to review the amount of flows anticipated. ALCOSAN must accept the Township s flows. Manager Jakubec noted it may take the developer three months to finalize the property transaction. Mr. Steinert, Jr., P.E. anticipated the development plan to be presented to Planning Commission in November. He noted the developer s engineer intends to begin working on a design and perform core borings on the hillside. Vice President Kozera, Sr. inquired about what the developer would request in return for the property, which Mr. Steinert, Jr., P.E. anticipated a credit toward the development s tap fees. The Council Special Workshop Minutes 4

5 developer has not decided as to whether the roads would be dedicated to the Township or remain private. Mr. Steinert, Jr., P.E. referenced the agreement with Allegheny County Health Department pertaining to the Administrative Consent Order and explained funds are allocated toward sanitary sewer assessments, monitoring and improvements. The Township has not been informed as to the next step in the process or what repairs will be required. Manager Jakubec noted the Township has desired to connect six or seven properties along Field Club Road to public sewers, and recommended including the project with the East Little Pine Creek Sewer Project. Mr. Steinert, Jr., P.E. stated designing the Dorseyville Road East sewer extension across from Glenbrook Drive has begun in order to connect six homes. Vice President Kozera, Sr. noted the Township pays Sharpsburg to maintain the sewer line, and questioned the possibility of increasing the Township s contribution as a result of additional flows. Manager Jakubec stated the contract with Sharpsburg is very old and would need to be reviewed. The Manager indicated a desire to abandon the Crofton Pump Station. Mr. Steinert, Jr., P.E. noted one Fox Chapel Borough property owner is willing to allow the Township to install a sewer line through his property, but has stipulated the location for the line. However, the question is whether Fox Chapel Borough s sewer could handle the additional flow, which is subject to design requirements imposed by ALCOSAN based on infiltration inflow. Fox Chapel Borough s line currently has a lot of infiltration. Vehicles and Equipment Manager Jakubec noted a recommendation to replace a 2005 Ford F550 Dump/Plow/Spreader truck and two leaf vacuums at an estimated cost of $124,000. Public Safety The Manager stated the Fire Funding and Safety Committee has been focused on other issues, and has not had an opportunity to discuss capital projects or funding of future apparatus. As a result, $110,000 is allocated for the apparatus reserve designated fund balance in She hoped the Committee would be able to address future equipment replacement and capital projects at the fire halls in Police Superintendent Farringer noted a recommendation to replace one Ford Crown Victoria sedan and one Ford Expedition in However, the Crown Victoria sedan is no longer produced and all manufacturers are down-sizing vehicles. Ford claims 90% of the equipment in a Ford Crown Victoria sedan will fit in the new interceptor and is cost-competitive among Chevy and Dodge. Police Superintendent Farringer stated the Dodge interceptor is too small, as he hit his head getting into the vehicle and there is minimal trunk space. He stated the trunk of the new Ford interceptor Council Special Workshop Minutes 5

6 will not fit the current trunk vaults. In addition, front-wheel drive is standard on all vehicles, although all-wheel drive is available for an additional cost. Manager Jakubec stated the Police Expedition would not be traded in, but rather transferred for use by Code Enforcement. The Expedition currently used by Code Enforcement would be traded in. Municipal Building Manager Jakubec stated $110,000 has been allocated to replace the garage floor and install a new floor drain. The floor drain is undersized and has been backing up. In addition the slope of the floor is incorrect. An epoxy coating for the floor has also been recommended for slip protection and to protect the concrete. Mr. Kephart indicated a center trough drain is proposed. He also noted some of the roof drains do not drain properly and the water leeches out onto the floor. The roof water goes into the storm sewer system, and the water going into the floor drain in the garage goes through an oil separator and then into the sanitary sewer system. The Manager explained the automatic sliding gate opener is not operating properly. Mr. Kephart recalled the gate opener had been repaired in the past, but now works randomly. Unfortunately, the parts are obsolete. Manager Jakubec noted the Municipal Building Reserve Fund is an assigned fund balance established many years ago. The purpose of the fund is to set money aside for unanticipated events. General Government Manager Jakubec noted nothing is needed for 2012 since the copier has been replaced and the phone and computer servers are relatively new. Funds are set aside for a new computer server is Planning/Zoning/Code Enforcement Funds have been requested to continue updates to the GIS mapping. Mr. Steinert, Jr., P.E. explained the Township updated ArcView to the latest version this year. Unfortunately a lot of the maps will not open in the new version. A lot of sewer lines are not in the GIS system, and will need to be entered into the system. He noted existing problems of inaccurate information in the system need to be corrected. Manager Jakubec recalled new permitting software has been requested for the past few years and is again requested. She explained the current permitting software and programs are DOS based, and it would be beneficial for the Township to be able to customize the permitting, which the current software is not capable. Manager Jakubec referenced the Project Rating Sheets and requested Council rate the projects as to whether it is essential or deferrable and to return the sheets to staff for use in preparing the 2012 Budget document. Council Special Workshop Minutes 6

7 Mr. Stampahar commented concerning the lack of enforcement of littering laws along Powers Run Road near the In and Out Market. B. Discussion of Trick-Or-Treat Night in the Township The Manager stated typically Council designates October 31 st as Trick-or-Treat Night in the Township between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.. The consensus of Council was to continue past policy. IV. CONCERNS OF COUNCIL None. V. CONCERNS OF STAFF Mr. Steinert, Jr., P.E. stated should anyone receive phone calls concerning the paving program, the paving should be completed next week. Vice President Kozera, Sr. requested the fire departments be notified of road closures due to the road improvement program. Manager Jakubec requested Council to remain for a brief Executive Session to discuss legal matters. VI. ADJOURNMENT Council adjourned the special workshop at 8:18 p.m. and following a short break entered into Executive Session to discuss legal matters. Attachment(s): Sign-In Sheet(s) Cathy Bubas, Manager s Secretary Council Special Workshop Minutes 7