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2 Contents Introduction 1 Route plan 2 Horticultural achievements i Green Flag Retained for 3rd year 5 ii Sutton Seeds Major Sponsor 6 iii Chelsea Flower Show 7 Iv Paignton Landslip 8 Environmental responsibly i Tor2 Recycling Centre 9 ii Paignton Neighbourhood Plan 10 iii Bus Station refurbishment 12 iv Spring Watch 13 v Velodrome 14 Community participation i Paignton Gorillas 15 ii Occombe Beer Festival 16 iii Paignton BID Map 17 iv BMAD 18 v MYSPACE Parkfield House 19 vi Mayor s Fund 20 vii Paignton Geo-Play Park 21 Viii New Play Park 22 Newspaper Clippings 23 Four seasons of Paignton 24 Acknowledgements 28

3 Introduction A Warm Welcome To ~ Lesley Jellyman & Michael Foy This is the Paignton s 2013 Portfolio for our South West in Bloom entry. Here we have endeavoured to portray a small sample of what Paignton has to offer in the way of horticultural achievements, environmental responsibility and of course community participation. This portfolio is far too short to tell the whole story of what Paignton has to offer, but I hope you both enjoy this small taster. After being awarded the prestigious GOLD accolade last year, we know we have a lot to live up to. South West in Bloom Awards in Weston-super-Mare

4 Judges Route 2013 PAIGNTON IN BLOOM South West in Bloom Judging Route 2013 Judges Lesley Jellyman & Michael Foy Friday 12th July 9.30am Judging Time 3.5 hours 9.30 Commence at South Devon College with formal greeting 3min 9.33 Pictorial Presentation of Paignton Gardens past & in Spring 2013 by Tim Eley 7 mins 9.40 Recycling Presentation 5min 9.45 Tour round South Devon College garden training area with Peter Boon 15min Drive along Long Road & view White Rock Business Park landscape plantings - 5 mins Arrive at White Rock School and be shown around with Liz Chase 15min Back to Goodrington Road & into Beverley Park Holiday Park ( David Bellamy award winner )to view plantings 5min Continue down Goodrington Road viewing established gardens & turn left into Dartmouth Road & view hanging baskets at the Waterside pub 5min Arrive at Clennon Valley allotments and view from just round the gate area 5min On to Tanners Road and into Youngs Park & look round Conservation Wet area first 15min

5 Judges Route continued Leave Young s Park & drive to Harbour view plantings 5min Arrive at Apollo cinema & view landscaping at Crazy Golf, Torbay Park, Memorial, Crest Bed & point out sustainable planting in Apollo bed 10min Arrive at Geoplay Park 10min Continue on to Beach Road and view displays. Entrant in the local Bay Blooms Competition. 5min Back to Esplanade Road & point out solar/ wind powered lights & on to Marine Drive & view Redcliffe Hotel front garden 5min Arrive at Parkfield & be shown around 10min Up Manor Road & into Torbay Road past Preston Gardens 5min Continue on to Growing for Life 15min On to Hollicombe 5min Arrive at Hollicombe Training Centre 15min Leave on to Station Square 10 min allowing for traffic Drive through Station Square & on to Dartmouth Road & up Penwill Way 5 mins Arrive at Paignton Zoo & be shown around 20min 1.00 Judging Ends Refreshments

6 Planned Route 2013

7 Green Flag News For the 3rd year running Young s Park in Paignton has been awarded the prestigious Green Flag Award by the Keep Britain Tidy Organisation. Young s Park People ~ the park group that works with the council ~ would like to thank all park users for their help in keeping this lovely park clean and tidy. Special thanks also to the TOR2 gardeners and litter-pickers for without their help, the park would not gain this award. TOR2 gardening team, Young s Park People volunteers and Council officers all proudly show the flag before hoisting it up the flagpole in the park.

8 Sutton Seeds Paignton ~ Major Sponsor (extract from Sutton s web-site) Sutton Seeds is an internationally renowned supplier of flower and vegetable seeds, young plants, bulbs, fruit bushes and other horticultural products to amateur gardeners. They have a reputation for quality and service that is second to none, and a remarkable history that goes back over two hundred years. The company was founded in 1806 by John Sutton ( ) who named it the 'House of Sutton' of King Street, Reading, supplying corn. In 1832 he was joined by his sons, Martin Hope ( ) and Alfred. A few years later in 1837 the business was transferred to the Market Place, when they induced their father to launch out into the flower and vegetable seed trade. From this time on the firm progressed and expanded rapidly, being the first seed house to supply pure, unadulterated seed. By untiring energy and business acumen they laid the foundations of the great firm as it is today. The determination to supply only the best seed has been carried on by their successors, and through the years the name of 'Sutton' has become known the world over. Suttons received Royal patronage in 1858, when Queen Victoria requested Martin Hope Sutton to supply seeds to the Royal household; the honour of the Royal Warrant has been bestowed on the firm ever since - right up to the present day with Her Majesty the Queen. In 1962 Suttons moved again to new premises on the then main London-Bath (A4) road. The design and modern building had all the necessary features to run a successful business. At the time the premises were the most up-to-date of their kind in the country. Flower and vegetable seeds are produced for Suttons in many parts of the world. This is because of the need for long summers and guaranteed dry harvesting conditions, thus ensuring that the seeds are of the highest quality. In 1965 Suttons were the first company to offer foil packets to the amateur gardener in the UK, after developing the Harvest Fresh Foil seed packet system over many previous years. The company relocated to Torquay in Devon from Reading in In December 1998 Suttons moved to brand new premises in Paignton where all packaging and distribution is now carried out. Today Suttons is part of the international company Vilmorin who are the largest packet seed distributors in the world.

9 Paignton Chelsea Flower Show Success PAIGNTON ZOO and Sutton's have won gold at the Chelsea Flower Show. The team behind the show garden heard the news that they have won a top award at the world's greatest flower show early on Tuesday morning. Zoo plant curator Kevin Frediani and his hydroponic growing expert Mike Phillips raised the plants for their show garden with Paignton based Sutton Seeds, Horticolous, Solardome Industries and Hydrogarden. Kevin has bettered the silver-gilt award he received for the gorilla garden that he made during his time at London Zoo in The garden is called The Secret Garden of Past and Present for Chelsea's centenary. Francijn Suermondt from Sutton's said: "Sutton's seeds feel honoured to have been a partner in this stunning gold medal garden and to have been able to join together with all of the horticultural industry in celebrating the Chelsea centenary this year." A spokesman for Paignton Zoo said: "This is a tribute to the hard work of all the people involved in the garden Sutton's Seeds, Solardome, HydroGarden and Horticolous Landscape & Garden Design. "Paignton Zoo is very proud to be associated with the garden and to have played a part in this success. "The only previous zoo to be represented at Chelsea was London Zoo and our own curator of plants, Kevin Frediani, was responsible for that garden, too! "Well done to everyone involved in the Suttons Seeds Chelsea Flower Show garden "Paignton Zoo is a botanical as well as a zoological garden, and our horticulturalists work very hard on the plants side. "This is a well-deserved success!" Lynn Riches from Horticolous said: "We are delighted to achieve a gold medal, in partnership with Solardome Industries, Sutton's Seeds, Hydrogarden and Paignton Zoo, in this very special 100th Chelsea flower show.

10 Landslips in Paignton Cliffs at a Paignton beach where two rock falls occurred in the winter are to undergo stabilisation works in a scheme costing 150,000. The first fall at Goodrington Sands North happened at the end of December, and this was followed in January by a second incident, leading to the closure of a section of the promenade. On Monday 10 June, work started on removing several unstable trees at the crest of the cliff, prior to the first phase of stabilisation work getting underway. Torbay Council has appointed Vertical Technology, the company that carried out stabilisation works at Torquay's Royal Terrace Gardens, to undertake the scheme at Goodrington. The first phase is due to be completed by mid-july to enable the promenade to re-open in time for the main tourism season. A further partial promenade closure for about four to five weeks will be required in October when the second phase of works takes place. Cllr Jeanette Richards, Executive Lead for Tourism and Harbours, said: "The extremely wet weather over several months inevitably led to rock falls around the country's coastline, and Torbay was among areas that suffered. "With public safety being paramount, we had no option but to close a section of the promenade at Goodrington, and we have also been unable to site beach huts there for the summer season. "I am pleased that the the stabilisation scheme is getting underway so that we can fully re-open the promenade again for the enjoyment of our residents and visitors."

11 Tor 2 Recycling Torbay Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) Commercial and Trade Waste is not permitted to enter the public HWRC but will be redirected to the Waste Transfer Station on the same site, where Commercial and Trade Waste can be processed. Household Waste This site is for Torbay residents only and is available for you to recycle or dispose of most household bulky waste and garden waste. Please note the opening hours & restrictions below. All the following recycling items are accepted free of charge: Paper, junk mail, newspapers and magazines Ferrous and non-ferrous metals Plastics Cardboard Large Domestic appliances, including cookers, microwaves, washing machines etc Small Domestic appliances, including toasters, hairdryers, music players Fridges and Freezers Glass bottles and jars TV's, PC's including monitors Plate glass Steel and aluminium cans and foil Car batteries Green Waste Clothing, textiles and shoes Waste engine oil, cooking oil and other lubricants Wood, wood derivatives and timber Liquid cartons known as Tetrapak Paint Furniture Tyres (but the number of tyres shall be restricted to five (5) only per Contract Year per Customer) Gas bottles Household batteries Fluorescent tubes Light bulbs Household chemicals and other Household Hazardous Waste Restricted Wastes Rubble, Hardcore, Soil (DIY) Such wastes are legally classed as industrial even though these may have arisen from the home. However, up to 12 normal size bags will be accepted as long as the owner is prepared to place them in the proper area for recycling purposes. Visits with these materials will also be restricted to one in any 6 month period

12 Paignton Neighbourhood Plan The Paignton Neighbourhood Forum have their own web-site, which has up to date information with progress and events. Our communities have an exciting opportunity to shape our own future and guide the development that will take place in our area over the next 20 years. Where are we now? The Paignton Community Partnerships and Ward Councillors have agreed to join in producing an interim Neighbourhood Forum for Paignton. Our Neighbourhood Plan will form a significant part of the basis for deciding planning applications in our area, specifically covering Paignton town and the related communities in the surrounding areas. When adopted, it will form part of the overall development plan, in the context of the Torbay-wide Core Strategy. The Neighbourhood Plan Forum (NPF) have elected David Watts as Chairman, and Alan Hill as Vice Chair. Currently on the Paignton Neighbourhood Forum are:- The Paignton Neighbourhood Forum currently includes representatives from the following: Blatchcombe Community Partnership Clifton with Maidenway Community Partnership Goodrington with Roselands and Hookhills Community Partnership Paignton Town Community Partnership Preston Community Partnership Blatchcombe Ward Goodrington with Roselands Ward Roundham with Hyde Ward Preston Ward Clifton with Maidenway Ward What area is covered by the Paignton Neighbourhood Plan? Paignton Neighbourhood Plan area is shown on the Plan on page 11

13 Paignton Neighbourhood Plan Consultation shop in Paignton Town Centre

14 Paignton Bus Station Development Torbay Council has welcomed confirmation from Stagecoach South West that all works at Paignton Bus Station have been completed on time and to 150,00 budget. The re-opening of the bus station took place on 27 May with all scheduled services once again able to operate from their allocated stands. The bus station closed in February in order to allow for essential renovation works to take place. These were primarily focused on the replacement of the roof canopy but also extended to include new signage, paving, lighting, CCTV and seating for customers. Councillor Ray Hill, Torbay Council s Executive Lead for Highways, Transport and Environment, said: "The renovated bus station with its new facilities is a welcome improvement to our public transport facilities in the Bay. Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard to ensure the project was completed on schedule. "We worked closely with Stagecoach and other operators to put alternative bus stop arrangements in place while the bus station was closed. We recognise that a scheme like this can cause some inconvenience, and we are grateful to everyone for their understanding. We will all now be able to enjoy the improved facilities at this busy and important public transport hub." As well as the bus station itself enjoying a complete facelift, the Travelshop is also undergoing some exciting changes. As part of the on-going partnership with the English Riviera Tourism Company (ERTC), it is now in the process of becoming a fully-fledged official English Riviera Visitor Information Point and will be offering a full range of tourism services. Carolyn Custerson, Chief Executive of the ERTC, commented: "I am absolutely delighted that Stagecoach is now working with the ERTC to help us deliver the new shared delivery official English Riviera Visitor Information Service." The works were carried out by local firm EaseBuild under contract to Stagecoach. Mike Bishop, Stagecoach South West s Engineering Director, said: "The project was challenging in terms of timescale as we wanted to get back to being able to operate out of the bus station as quickly as possible. However, EaseBuild ensured we remained on time and on budget allowing us to reopen bang on schedule. I d also like to thank our customers for their patience whilst the closure was in place." Stagecoach South West also praised the support of local bus operators and of Torbay Council during the closure period. The new canopy at Paignton Bus Station

15 Spring Watch Paignton TV wildlife expert and presenter Nick Baker really inspired students at South Devon College. The presenter from popular shows including the Really Wild Show, Spring Watch and Weird Creatures was guest speaker at the Animal and Environment Symposium event held at the University Centre at South Devon College in Paignton. Nick is a great role model and inspiration for the students due to his local connections: from studying at the University of Exeter, engaging in various conservation activities on Dartmoor and the local area, and being a very well respected naturalist in his field. He said: "It's always a relief and a pleasure to see so many bright, young and stimulating minds all hoping to make the world a better place. "My day with the exciting raw talent which are the students at South Devon College did nothing but inspire and reassure me the world is in good hands." The symposium involved academic staff from the University of Plymouth and all the foundation degree animal science students at the college. A number of internal and external further education students attended the full day event at South Devon College. Nick took time to hear about research projects students are undertaking. Chloe James, studying in her second year of a foundation degree in animal science at the college, said: "The symposium was a good day, providing great opportunities such as presenting to an audience and networking with people from Plymouth University." Lucy Foster, also studying in her second year in foundation degree in animal science, added: "It was so nice to be in a room full of people who care about animals and the natural world as much as I do." Nick Baker from TV s Spring Watch inspiring students at Paignton s South Devon College

16 Velodrome for Paignton? A 1.56MILLION outdoor circuit could help boost plans to make Torbay a cycling Mecca for the South West. Councillors are being asked to give their go-ahead to the new velodrome circuit which would be the first track of its kind in the South West and has the support of British Cycling which would fund half the cost. Torbay Council would be expected to find the other half, to be recovered from grants, sponsorship and concessions. The 400m outdoor track, proposed at Clennon Valley, Paignton, would have banked sections. Special fixed-wheel bikes would be used for local, regional and national competitive events. There would also be a 1.5 km off-road circuit which could also be used for competition and community use, from training primary school children to GP referrals for people trying to get fitter. It would build on the growth in cycling in the country following the success of riders like Bradley Wiggins and local rider John Tiernan Locke, who won the Tour of Britain which finished a stage in Dartmouth last year. Transport councillor Robert Excell said: "I think it would be fantastic for the people of the Bay, especially the youngsters who can learn to ride a bike in safety off road. "The off-road circuit can be used for all sorts of activities including rollerblading, and by wheelchairs and scooters. "While people enjoy using the track they will also be improving their health which has to be good for the Bay. "It will also be on the route of the new cycle links between Torquay and Brixham." Mayor Gordon Oliver said: "Cycling has never been more important nationally and this is a really exciting project which would strengthen our cycling sporting offer to residents and visitors with a positive knock on effect for the local economy. But, of course, any decision would be subject to council approval." Ken Robertson, South West general secretary of British Cycling, welcomed the progress on the scheme and said it would attract cyclists from all over the region as well as provide a valuable training facility for local riders. He said: "There has to be a business plan so that it is not subsidised by the taxpayer. Like a swimming pool, people would have to pay to use it and book a slot. "Competition would be a relatively low-level activity. It doesn't mean there will be floodlights all night and loud music." Steve Parrock, chief executive of Torbay Development Agency, said: "Cycling in all its forms is already a very popular sport and Torbay has a great opportunity to take centre stage in the South West as the sport goes from strength to strength. "A regional sporting centre of excellence in Torbay would provide a great facility for our residents and youth especially and also attract many visitors through national and regional events, which would benefit the wider economy." A track complex would be run by an organisation or club and the income would repay the council's cost of the track. It comes as cycling has been identified by the council as a potential attraction for tourists as well as a health booster for locals and an environmentally friendly form of transport. Parkwood Leisure, which runs Torbay Leisure Centre, has registered an interest in running the circuit. The council has already won 525,000 funding for a series of on and off-road cycle link improvements, a first class BMX circuit at Parkfield, and a bid has been made for a further 600,000 off road circuit linking Occombe Farm, Cockington and Compton Castle. The latest project will go to full council on February 6. It would need planning approval. The plans were passed in mid May by the council ~ were 31 votes in favour of the proposals and none against. 4 councillors abstained

17 Paignton Gorillas The Great Gorillas Project will bring a world class mass public art event to the streets, parks and open spaces of the English Riviera and Exeter. For 10 weeks in the summer of 2013, life-size gorilla sculptures will inhabit the streets, parks and open spaces showcasing the wealth of artistic talent in the area, while highlighting the significant conservation threat facing wild gorillas and how the local business community can make a difference. Similar events have run throughout the country generating huge increases in footfall, public interest and media coverage providing opportunities for sponsors to benefit from association with and coverage from the project. The Great Gorillas will be invading the streets from Saturday 3rd August until Sunday 13th October They will then be at Paignton Zoo from Friday 18th to Sunday 20th October 2013 before being auctioned for charity on Wednesday 6th November For more information, to download an Artists' Information Pack or to support the project please visit the Great Gorillas web-site. Location: The streets, parks and open spaces of the English Riviera and Exeter Excitingly, schools can also take part in The Great Gorillas Project public art event, producing uniquely designed gorilla sculptures to showcase their students' creativity to staff, parents, governors and the local community. Each sculpture will form part of a Great Gorillas community trail for 10 weeks over the Summer of 2013, after which schools will have the opportunity to display their gorillas at Babbacombe Model Village, Torquay, over the Autumn half term. The gorillas will then return to their schools as permanent mementos. The Great Gorillas Project has been developed in partnership with Wild in Art, an experienced arts, events and education company, which has run many similar schools events throughout the UK, in Europe and in Africa. Through these events, schools have collectively produced hundreds of animal sculptures from penguins to elephants, generating massive media interest and inspiring students to exercise and promote their creativity. For more information on previous projects go to All schools participating in The Great Gorillas Project will receive a blank gorilla sculpture and education pack full of cross-curricular lesson starters and ideas, as well as guidance notes on art and design, online materials and access to a subsided outreach programme, enabling one of our Education Officers to visit your school

18 Paignton Beer Festival Sun shines on sell-out beer festival... THE 2013 Occombe Beer Festival has been hailed the best yet helped by glorious sunshine throughout the two-day event which was a sell-out for the first time. More than 6,000 people attended and enjoyed the mix of local beers, ciders and music. The event, now in its eighth year, is a major fundraiser for the Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust, the local conservation charity which manages 1,700 acres of Torbay's greenest land including Occombe Farm in Paignton, Cockington Country Park and Berry Head nature reserve. Event organiser Julian Carnell said: "The weekend went really smoothly. We were blessed with great weather and we had very few problems. We were really focused this year on delivering a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. It was great to see thousands of people enjoying the event and raising money for the trust's conservation and educational work." Mark Salmon, director at Paignton-based Bays Brewery, said: "We have supported the festival for a number of years, so when the trust asked if we would consider taking on the running of the bars we were happy to get more involved. It was hard work and long hours but we had a fantastic weekend." Insp Adrian Leisk of South Devon police also praised organisers and confirmed there was only one arrest, for domestic assault. He said: "We were really, really pleased. We worked with traffic officers from Exeter, Newton Abbot and Plymouth who supported us at night and the following mornings."

19 Paignton BID map Promoting town to residents and visitors A new guide has been produced to help residents and visitors alike to get to know more about Paignton. The Business Improvement District (BID) has been created to promote the town and one of its major projects was to produce a town guide and business directory. This is now available in shops and Visitor Information Points around the town and across the Bay. An enlarged guide is now available in Station Square outside Superdrug/99p Stores, to help guide shoppers through Paignton town centre. Matthew Dart, Paignton BID manager, said: "With all the independent shops in Paignton, it is not surprising that there are some 15 stores offering fresh produce and speciality foods and eight shops under the heading hobbies, interests and crafts. "It has taken some considerable time to get the guide to its final stages and I hope that everyone will find this a very helpful addition to the marketing of Paignton Town Centre and all it's great qualities. "Paignton has a high number of independent traders giving a unique service and also those branded chain stores that also add to the vibrancy of the town centre.

20 BMAD Charity MORE than 1,200 bikers gathered in Paignton to launch the BMAD first charity night ride of the summer on Wednesday 5th June. Charity bosses said the first Wednesday night charity event had come hot on the heels of the most successful BMAD festival to date. Andy Hobbs, chairman of Bikers Make A Difference, said: "We had a fabulous first bike night. The bikers turned up in their numbers to give us a cracking start to the new season. "We raised 1,590 for charity." He added: "Many thanks to all the bikers and members of the public, including lots of holidaymakers, who continue to support us. Well done to the BMAD crew. "We had a difficult first night due to the large number of bikes which arrived in a short space of time, but they handled it all very well. "Bring on the rest of the season." No fewer than 16 trikes turned up, along with other interesting machinery including Ian Loram's 1920s Norton sidecar combination and a Honda race replica from the Mike Hailwood era. Andy said: "There was a great turnout of marshals, including many new faces, as well as a number of new traders, along with stalwart supporters GT Motorcycles and Plymouth Harley." One such newcomer was Frenchman Maxime Ayoul, who is currently in the Bay on a six-month work placement and who turned up to marshal. He said: "I had a great night. There were so many bikes and so many rare machines which we never see on the roads in France, yet here there were two or three of them sometimes parked within metres of each other." Paignton's Bike Nights run every Wednesday until late September and all the money which is raised goes to BMAD's nominated charities, which include sick and disabled children and their families/carers of Torbay, Devon Air Ambulance, Devon Freewheelers (aka Blood Bikes) and St John

21 MYSPACE Project Parkfield Youth Centre is based just off the Sea Front in the Seaside town of Paignton, Devon. Parkfield is a unique Youth Centre as it was designed by young people for young people but provides access to a unique range of facilities and activities for children, young people, the local community, schools and businesses. Parkfield covers 9 acres in total and our facilities include a National standard BMX Track, Skatepark, Woodland area outside while Inside there is a Sports Hall that can be turned into a Theatre or Music Venue, Indoor Climbing Wall, Meeting and Training Rooms, Recording Studio, IT Suite and a Café. The centre also has access to free Wifi. As Parkfield was primarily built for young people we have a wide range of activities available during the week, evening and at the weekend for anyone over the age of 8. But our facilities are also used by Schools, Language Schools, Community Groups, Local Authority, Job Centre, Scout Groups and local businesses for meeting space, conferences and events Parkfield International Standard BMX Track They are proud to present their international standard BMX track which is part of the Parkfield facility. The track is free to use (outside of organised events) and is available to access all year round. WHAT IS BMX? The sport of bicycle motorcross began in the early 1970's. A handful of riders started riding their stingray type bikes off road in vacant lots and fields; not much competition but a lot of fun. Today the sport of bicycle motorcross is sweeping the country and the world. BMX is an exciting sport that everyone can get involved in, be it as a racer, recreationally or as a spectator Climbing Wall Parkfield hosts an Entre-prises climbing wall with 36 lead and top roping routes and bouldering routes. There is climbing for everyone at Parkfield, Torbay's dedicated indoor climbing wall. If you are new to this exciting sport, find out more from our friendly team. You can try one of our courses or bring your family and friends along for a have a go session and you'll soon be climbing like a pro. Reach new highs with a climbing based birthday party or group social! Parkfield is an Awarding Centre with NICAS and is approved to deliver NICAS training courses for Level 1 and 2 climbers. Foundation Climber: An entry level aimed at novices that recognises their ability to climb safely under supervision. Top Rope Climber: Aimed at promoting good practice in climbing and bouldering unsupervised on an artificial wall.

22 Mayor s Fund Mayor gives salary to good causes. ALMOST 50 organisations across Torbay have received a share of the Mayor's Fund after Gordon Oliver pledged to give away half his annual salary to good causes. Mayor Oliver last year handed over 42 cheques totalling 30,000 and now representatives from this year's successful applicants from 49 groups attended a second presentation evening at Paignton's Redcliffe Hotel, when the mayor handed over another 30,000 in cheques. Mr Oliver, who was not involved in the selection process, said: "Part of my role is to encourage and support local people to drive forward important projects within their local communities. "It confirms my belief the Bay is blessed with many people who work tirelessly for charities and sporting, social and recreational groups who benefit residents of all ages. "The fund has so far benefited 90 projects, and we look forward to helping a similar number in the next two years." The fund is administered by cross-party councillors Nicole Amil, Jackie Stockman and Bobbie Davies. Among the organisations to benefit from the mayor's cash were Young s Park People Paignton, the Friends of Shoalstone Pool in Brixham, Anode in Paignton, Torbay Sailability Ltd, Torbay Sea Cadets, Paignton Zoo, Brixham Junior Sailing Club Ltd, Swim Torquay, Youth Enquiry Service Brixham or Watcombe Community Association. Nigel Williams, from Anode, which received 500, said: "We will be taking over the old monastery building at the top of Berry Drive in Paignton and turn it into a family resource centre to expand our services. "The mayor's cash will go towards the renovation of the building." Cllr Amil said: "We know how important financial support is to enable various projects in the community to come to fruition, flourish and survive, so we were delighted to recommend grants of between 300 and 1,000 to 48 applicants. "Some people will naturally be disappointed not to be successful this time around. However, we want them to know that they will have the opportunity to submit bids when we go through the applications process once again next year and the year after that. "The Mayor's Fund is about making a difference to local people's lives in the Bay, and we are looking forward to seeing these projects take shape."

23 Paignton s Geo-Play Park A FACT-FINDING trip to Torbay to promote a higher international profile for Britain's Geoparks has been hailed a success. Top officials from the UK office of international organisation Unesco were invited to the English Riviera Global Geopark and toured its top sites including Kents Cavern, the Geoplay Park at Paignton and Berry Head in Brixham. They were met by representatives of the UK Geoparks Forum which spread as far as the Shetland Islands, the Brecon Beacons in Wales and the North Pennines. Nick Powe, chairman of the English Riviera Geopark Organisation, said their ambition is to get official Unesco branding for geoparks around the world. They are currently endorsed by Unesco on an informal basis but the executive board of Unesco are to consider this later this year. Mr Powe said: "The meeting was a great success. This was a big moment for us. "Not only did we have all the other UK Geoparks visiting but national level representatives from UK National Commission for UNESCO, Natural England, British Geological Survey, Scottish Natural Heritage, Countryside Council for Wales and others. "It was certainly a proud moment to be able to showcase not only our outstanding natural environment but the tangible examples of how Torbay has used its Global Geopark designation to attract significant capital investment funding into the Bay. Since designation, the Geopark has helped attract 6million in funding. "The Geoplay Park on Paignton seafront was an eye-opener for the delegates, a pioneering and unique example of geological heritage being used to bring real benefits to a local community." Torbay mayor Gordon Oliver said: "It was a privilege to host the UK Geoparks Forum. Children from Paignton's Curledge Street Academy were inspiring as they performed the Geopark songs about volcanoes and rocks. "Some verses were even sung in Japanese, demonstrating that the Geopark brings a real sense of one-planet to Torbay and to our children. "Feedback from delegates about the day was extremely positive." Prof Iain Stewart, patron of the English Riviera Global Geopark and presenter of BBC TV's How Earth Made Us and Earth, The Power of the Planet, said: "It was wonderful to have the opportunity to showcase Torbay's remarkable geological heritage."

24 New Park for Paignton A NEW mini 'park' has been officially opened in the heart Foxhole, Paignton. Blatchcombe community partnership chairman and deputy mayor, David Thomas, said: "It had been dragging on and on. I felt we had to get it done and dusted so we got a project manager involved and it is now completed." Picnic tables have been installed, a pathway created for pushchairs, there are two new self-closing gates, walls have been rebuilt and rendered, pavement games have been marked out for youngsters and two Super Snake benches have been installed. The opening was accompanied by music from the Miller Brothers from Paignton Patrick, 13, and Matthew, 11 who have been delighting shoppers with their busking prowess. Ryan Harlyn, 14, also sang some songs. The event was opened by junior street wardens Kacey Milner and Rebecca Marlow. Cllr Thomas said: "The event was extremely successful. We had a great turnout and the weather was kind. "We provided free food in the form of burgers, hot dogs and chips. "Entertainment was supplied by Wizz Bang Clowns, a face-painter, Play Torbay, Riviera Christian Centre and Animal Activity. "A special thanks to FUN for cooking and serving the food, sponsorship from Sanctuary Housing and the Blatchcombe Community Partnership. "We had around 200 to 300 people attend on the day, everyone was delighted with the new look and were looking forward to the spring and a little sunshine to be able to use the new picnic tables on the grass. "I am confident the project will be well used." The 50,000 cost came from a Groundworks UK grant. From left, Cllr David Thomas, Hayley Reed, Jeanette Richards and Lynne Roberts

25 Paignton Newspaper Clippings

26 Four Seasons of Paignton Autumn in Paignton

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30 Acknowledgements Tim Eley Torbay In Bloom Plus Chairman Richard Taylor Torbay Council Herald Express Google Maps Compiled by YPP Paignton in Bloom