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1 COSTA 3 PEAKS Team Guidance

2 This pack contains all you need to know to take part in this 3 Peaks Challenge It s sent to everyone in the team to make the team leader s job slightly easier. There s a lot of information to take in but please read it all carefully. If you have any questions after please feel free to ask either via the Facebook page or by ing This information is all on the website too Welcome 3 Fundraising 4 Tips for Fundraising 5 Team Leader 6 Walkers 7 Driver Briefing 8 Practise Walk 11 Event Plan 11 Food for the trip 15 Essential Kit List 16 Training 17 Safety & Hypothermia Guidance 18 National 3 Peaks Top Tips 20 Respect for the environment 22 Press Notes 23

3 Welcome Welcome Class of 2018!!! To the largest single fundraiser supporting the Costa Foundation and the fantastic work it does. You have signed up for the most challenging, yet rewarding event of It also accounts for 18% of the total fundraising activity in 2017, raising a whopping 92,208. This year, with your help, we are going to raise even more. We re not going to lie, this is not an easy undertaking, but... when you walk over the finish line to a round of applause and get the Costa 3 Peaks medal hung round your neck it will be worth it. That... and the whole point of doing it, raising a ton of money that will help children learn for years to come. All the money raised from this year s event will go towards building 1 particular school and giving those children a much better standard of education. The pictures below were taken of just some of the children that are about to attend the school built from the 2017 fundraising; Hoa Cuc School in Vietnam. 3

4 Fundraising Each team is tasked to raise 2500, this does not include Gift Aid or Match Funding as these are not a given. Between the 8 people in the team this is roughly 313 each... Simples! Our hope is for the Class of 2018 to raise over 100,000 which will go towards building another whole school...! Here s some helpful pointers Donations in Store Donations collected in store should be with a sponsorship form. This will create a record should you be audited and we can also identify where we can add Gift Aid. All money should be counted and verified with another in your team and then donated through the Sponsor Me page. Please note the date it was put onto Sponsor Me page on the Sponsor form again just in case you are audited. Keep the forms together in an envelope in the safe once complete. Sponsor Me Page Sponsor Me pages are set up for every team by us once teams are confirmed. Donations can be made directly through your Sponsor Me pages. These donations go straight into the Foundation s account. Please ask everyone to tick Gift Aid when appropriate as this will boost your donation by a further 25%. Cheques If you receive donations via cheque, please forward them to Sandy Gourlay at Whitbread Court, Porz Ave, Dunstable. Beds. LU5 5XE so they can be banked into the Foundation account. Make sure you've told us too so we can add it to your total. Sponsorship Form Go to our webpage and you can download the sponsorship form PDF. Store activities Store activity is a great way to get the message over to your customers and tell them what you re about to do; the 3 Peaks T-shirt you get can be worn in store on dedicated days with the agreement of your line manager and teams get A3 posters to display too. Office activities Office activities can be really good fun but please get approval first. Getting suppliers support for fundraising is great if you can, they can even join in with the team if they want to. 4

5 Tools for Fundraising We will send you some tools to help you with your fundraising Event Poster We will send you the colourful Costa 3 Peaks team posters along with enough printed Sponsor Me page details labels on to place on the bottom; they will help raise awareness of what you are doing. If you need more let us know via Store Collection Box sleeve For stores that have a collection box we will send you an oversleeve that fits over the original card attached to them. This helps explain where the donation the customers give will go. It really helps when they see the pictures. Top Fundraising Tips Make it personal Tell people what you're doing and what it means to you to build this school for the children. Show them the photos of what the Foundation does. As soon as we know which school the money is going towards we ll get some more information to you Share your page Get your page out there! Use social media to promote your page and ask people to 'share' it. Put a link to your Sponsor Me page at the bottom of all your s & ask your company if you can put it on work s, if appropriate. Say thank you! This lets people know exactly what their support meant to you and how much you have raised. Ask for Gift Aid Don't forget to ask for Gift Aid for all donations. Not all will be eligible, but it means that for those that are, the Foundation will receive even more money from your fundraising efforts. 4

6 Your role is to lead your intrepid team of mountain climbers and long distance drivers through this arduous event safely whilst keeping spirits high. As Team Leader, you may need to make some tough calls to keep your team safe on the mountain; don t be afraid to ask for help. If sending someone back to base, they must be accompanied by another; there is safety in numbers! We have more Mountain Marshals in place this year. You will see Jamie Buchanan at the top of Ben Nevis, Marshals at the 5 key points on Scafell Pike so you can t go wrong, and 3 of the prettiest Marshals ever at the half-way point on Snowdon. Laminated maps will be issued at briefing prior to both practice walks at Scafell and Malvern and the main event at Fort William. Your responsibilities are to: Team Leaders Ensure you plan training sessions with your team in the lead up to the practice walk and main event. Monitor your team s ability/progress throughout training to ensure you will all be able to complete the challenge. Get to know your team members really well; particularly each of their strengths and weaknesses. Keep your team up to date with any key information and ensure that you all attend one of the practice runs (Scafell / Malvern/Other) you will not be able to take part in the main event if you don t! Be prepared for every eventuality and make sure you are well stocked with medical supplies for the event. Make sure your phone / camera is fully charged for the event as there will be truly memorable moments you will definitely want captured of you and your team. Buy a power bar if you don t have one, they even come with solar panels! Ensure your drivers have read their briefing, they are crucial to your team. Encourage them to be honest when they get tired. Most importantly, ensure your team sticks together throughout the whole event. If you do need to send a person back, they must be accompanied. It s a tough challenge so don t be afraid to encourage them to sit one out if they are struggling. Most of all enjoy what will be an amazing team-bonding experience! 5

7 Walkers Training is the key to you completing this event, but physical fitness will only get you so far as this is also mentally challenging and you will need to be ready when the going gets tough. Take care of everyone in the team, stay together and have fun along the way. Make sure you have all the equipment you need, don t be afraid to speak up if you re struggling as there is no shame in not being able to complete all 3 mountains. This is a tough challenge and you need to be sensible. Ensure you start training with your team months prior to the event. Start walking your local hills in your spare time both on your own and in your team. Make sure you have the correct walking gear most importantly, comfortable/worn-in walking boots. These must be the boots you then wear for the big event. Get to know all your team members really well to form a great bond / help each other get through the event. You will not find another occasion to get so close to them. Even if they are smelly Pay attention to the complete KIT list you WILL need everything that is on there, if you don t have something see if anyone has one you can borrow. There is a cost to taking part in this event, but it can be minimised and it is worth it. Keep well hydrated at all times, you should drink circa 2ltr of water on each mountain. Get to know what protein bars/gels work for you to keep your energy levels up. Don t be a hero if you are struggling at any point tell your Team Leader. Start steady and go steady. Most importantly, enjoy this team-building experience. You will feel INCREDIBLY proud when you complete the 3 Peaks! 6

8 Do not under estimate the importance of your role in the team or just how absolutely knackered you are going to be at the end of it. Your job doesn t finish till you have walked through your own front door. Driver Care Packs will be given out at Fort William, containing items like Red Bull, sleeping mask, ear plugs, car air freshener and your team s vinyl windscreen badge. Things you need to do: Driver Briefing Ensure your car is roadworthy and you have an emergency breakdown kit in your boot to cover any eventuality throughout the event. Know your routes before the start of the event and have them set up in your Sat Nav in advance. Google Maps with street view is a great tool to look for landmarks as a guide. You ll be given a vinyl sticker with your team name on so please can you put it inside your windscreen as this will help us find you in the car parks. It is your responsibility to ensure the team arrives and departs each mountain promptly Keep well hydrated. Your body clock is going to be messed with, get as much sleep as possible whilst the team are walking as it is essential that you are alert whilst driving. Try to find ways to keep yourself motivated whilst on your long journeys. Do not be afraid to swap drivers or take a power nap if necessary, as it s essential you get your team to the finish in one piece. Ensure your team have plenty of water, snack bars and sandwiches for each mountain. There will be plenty at each base, but put a few extra in the car for the journey. Look after the walkers when they first get back, they tend to be exhausted and may need help to de-kit and get into their travelling clothes. Make sure you and the team have had hot food as quickly after they are down as possible to leave time before you start the next leg of the journey. This is important after Scafell as the roads are very twisty and what goes down may well come back up. This is worth saying twice as we have had some very near misses, DO NOT drive tired. Swap drivers or take a power nap if necessary, it s essential you get your team to the finish in one piece. Most importantly enjoy this team-bonding experience. You will feel incredibly proud to have been part of the 3 Peaks Challenge! And they can t do it without you. 7

9 Driver Time line Saturday 30 th June Reveille is 3am. You get up, gather and load up your team for 3:30am and drive to the starting point. Glen Nevis Visitors - Car Park. PH33 6SX Check in with the Mountain Host Team and get your team logged onto the mountain. Make sure the walkers have water and food for the mountain. (all supplied) Final Kit Check by the Team Leader team before the walkers set off (teams set off at timed intervals) A driver needs to stay at the car park just in case of returning walkers. (Carry on sleeping) Car park charges apply from 8am for all cars in it, cost was around 6.00 for an all day ticket. All drivers need to be back at the car park for about 10am to get ready for the walkers to return The Mountain Hosts will have tea, coffee and burgers ready for lunch. (both beef/veggie option) Make sure the Mountain Host knows your team are back when they return and once team are fed and watered you can then make your way to Scafell via Loch Lomond or Sterling - whichever you decide. Scafell Pike Wasdale Head National Trust Car Park. CA20 1EX Getting to Scafell will take about 5 ½ hours. The National Trust car park is at the top of the lake on the right. Check in with the Mountain Host Team and get your team logged in Make sure the walkers have enough water and food for the mountain. Final Kit Check by the Team Leader before the walkers set off. Drivers then try to sleep until walkers return 5 hours later. Any walkers that have not made the summit by 10pm will be required to turn back and return to the base camp. This is to ensure teams are not coming down in the dark as it takes 3 times as long. Again, when the team returns, check them off the mountain with the Host team. The Mountain Hosts will have chicken curry, rice and naan bread for all (Quorn option too). When ready, walkers are loaded up and whilst walkers sleep, drivers will make their way to the final peak. 8

10 Drivers Time line, cont. Sunday 1 st July Llanberis - Car Park LL55 4TD Snowdon Cafe will be the base for the Snowdon team, but the road to the Café is an access only road for vehicles; hence the drop-off across from the Snowdon Railway. The car park (marked above) is down the road opposite the Snowdon Railway (car park directly opposite is locked overnight). From there you all will then walk up to the cafe. Toilets are at Snowdon Cafe. Teams need to be checked in and for last time collect supplies before walkers go off.. Car parking again needs to be paid and drivers need to sleep as it will take the walkers between 5 and 7 hours to complete the mountain. When your team get back, there s a bit of a moment to pause for thought and celebrate what both they and you have done, bit of emotion, a bit of I m never doing that again! (until next year ) Mountain host team will be cooking breakfast in a bun (including a veggie option) for all. Medals will be handed out to the walkers, and certificates and pins for everyone. Kodak moments all round and then a bit of Prosecco to toast your accomplishment and the money that is going towards building a new school. Depending on what time the team comes back you may be able to meet Steffen at the Snowdon Café and try his fantastic Welsh Cakes - they are as awesome as he is. Don t forget to book your team back in before departing for the long (or short) journey home and our thanks for taking part. 9

11 Practice Walk All teams are required to attend a Warm Up to validate that they are capable of taking part. We will contact each Team Leader to find out which of these you are doing. If you are coming to Scafell, depending on how far away you live, you may want to make a weekend of it as it is a beautiful area. You need to start your ascent around 10am so you re back in plenty of time to head home, or back to a hotel/b&b. You will not be able to take part in the main event if you haven't completed this step. Full kit is required for the practice so it can be checked by the safety team. You wouldn't go onto a mountain without it anyway and don t forget you'll need plenty of water on the mountain! This year we have 3 options for you. 1. The main Warm Up at Scafell Pike is on Sat 2nd June. This is our preferred pre-walk as it's a tough one to navigate especially when the weather isn't in our favour. It also gives you a good taste of what's to come. Aim to be there for a 09:30 briefing and then 5 hours up and down depending on weather. Breaded chicken burgers will await your return, or Veggie burgers. 2. Malvern Walk on Sat 19th May. As much as it's not a mountain, this walk is still tough as it's up and down the Malvern Hills for 10 miles stopping at the Malvern Hills Hotel for pub lunch at the half way point. Should take around 4 hours for the walking part. Meeting at car park for a 09:30 briefing and then off on our hike. Don t forget your cider money! 3. Agree with Ash or Andrew a date and mountain/hill you want to climb, show us the plan to do it and then hold a debrief with us. This must be a challenging walk for the whole team. Meeting Points: Sat 19th May Malvern Walk North Quarry Car Park Malvern Road, Malvern WR14 4LT Maps will be provided and car park is 4 all day but machine is cash only Sat 2 nd June Scafell Pike National Trust car park at the end of Wast Water, CA20 1EX Maps will be provided on the day, car park is around 6 for all day. 10

12 Event Plan Friday 29th June Fort William Make your way to Fort William, and find The Nevis Centre, PH33 6AN. (Opposite the Premier Inn) We have the smaller hall with the Entrance door across from The Brewers Fayre. Look for all the Costa 3 Peaks stuff, you can t miss it. You can check your teams in from 6pm and pick up Driver Packs and Maps prior to the 7pm Event Grand Opening. There is a bar there too, and us of course! There are various takeaways and restaurants in Fort William, including McDonald s and a JD Wetherspoon s pub. There s also a Morrisons, Tesco, Aldi and Lidl for any shopping supplies. Saturday 30 th June Ben Nevis Reveille is 3am. You get up, gather and load up your team for 3:30am and drive to the starting point which is: Glen Nevis Visitors Car Park. PH33 6SX. Check-in with the Mountain Host Team and get your mountain pass. Make sure the walkers have water and food for the mountain. Final kit check by the Technical team, then the walkers will be sent off at timed intervals. A driver needs to stay at the car park just in case of returning walkers. The car park charges and all cars remaining will need tickets after 8am, about 6.00 Drivers need to be back at the car park for 10am to get ready for the walkers to return. The Mountain Hosts will have tea, coffee and a cooked lunch ready. Once walkers have returned and have been fed you can then make your way to Scafell via Glasgow or Stirling which ever you decide. Next stop Wasdale National Trust Car Park. CA20 1EX 11

13 Saturday 30 th June - Scafell Depending on what time you left Fort William you should get to Scafell around 5pm. The National Trust car park is at the top of Wast Water on the right. Look for the little bridge that takes you over the stream to the car park. Leaders need to check in with the Mountain Host Team and get their mountain passes. Drivers to make sure the walkers have enough water and food for the mountain. Kit check by the team leader and then the walkers set off for the second time. Drivers, leave your car registration number with the mountain team just in case we need to wake you but once the team has left you need to get some sleep until walkers return 5 hours later. Any teams that have not made the summit by 10pm will be required to turn back and return to the base camp. This is to ensure teams are not coming down in the dark as this doubles the time taken and delays getting to Snowdon. Tea and coffee is freely available and the Mountain Hosts will have chicken curry, rice and naan bread ready for when walkers return (vegetarian/vegan option too) Drivers can eat at any time but must get some sleep and be up ready for walkers to return, the have a long drive ahead of them in the dark with 100% concentration on the road. IF YOU FEEL TIRED PULL OVER AND SWAP DRIVERS! Once the team is back and checked off the mountain, make sure everyone has been fed and when ready, load up and depart. Whilst walkers sleep, drivers will make their way to the final peak. Leave the Lake District by getting straight back on the B595 at Holmbrook. The roads are twisty until you get close to the motorway again. Drivers need to take special care as a grumpy walker is never fun to have in the car with you. Next stop Snowdon Public car park LL55 4TT (opposite Snowdon Railway Station) 12

14 Sunday 1 st July Snowdon Snowdon opens to walkers from 6am. This is to allow teams to rest and ensures teams are not climbing in the dark. This also makes for a great finale as most people are finished around the same time. Drivers need to drop walkers at the Snowdon Railway and then park in the public car park opposite. Unfortunately public toilets do not open until 9am, so walk up the hill with the walkers to the Snowdon Café and the Mountain Base team where they can collect supplies before walkers set off for their last mountain. This will also be the finishing point of the weekend so drivers need to make sure they get some sleep before returning in about 6 hours to welcome their teams back. Make sure you have some money as Steffen at the Snowdon Café serves very cold cider and some fantastic Welsh Cakes. He also serves the best hot chocolate too! Obviously this is all depending on what time your team are on the mountain and what time he opens up. The Base Team will have hot food cunningly disguised as breakfast in a large bun; complete with fried egg or a vegetarian option if you prefer. The road to the Café is an access only road for vehicles and we don't want to disturb the locals, hence the drop-off near the Snowdon Railway which is a short walk from the Snowdon Café and the Llanberis Path. 13

15 All though the weekend you will need to eat to replace all the calories you ll be using. Our fantastic suppliers help out with this by supplying pre-packed sandwiches, Tyrell crisps, and Costa s very own Gluten Free Brownie and Fruity Flapjacks, plus what ever else we can get our hands on. Add to this the hot meals that we cook for you and your well catered for... You ll have enough on your mind with climbing 3 mountains or driving 1200 miles so it s the lest we can do. Anything not covered by this you need to bring with you, like energy tablets and chocolate etc Weekend s Menu Summary Food for the trip Friday Fort William Your choice in Fort William eateries Saturday: 03:30 Ben Nevis Breakfast Instant porridge On Mountain Sandwiches, crisps, flapjacks and brownies On return Lunch Burger/veggie burger (Bob s Burgers!) (optional plastic cheese on top), tea, instant coffee. 17:00ish Scafell On Mountain Sandwiches, crisps, flapjacks and brownies 22:00ish Supper Chicken/Quorn curry (The best curry ever!) Sunday 6am Snowdon On Mountain Sandwiches, crisps, flapjacks and brownies Breakfast Bacon, sausage, egg in an awesome big bun Not forgetting a glass of Prosecco! 13

16 Essential Kit The following list is a minimum requirement. Weather conditions can change very rapidly on mountains and you will get soaked if walking up through the cloud base. With the addition of fatigue building over the 2 day event, the following items are essential for your comfort plus injury and accident prevention. Most of the below can be found cheaply on Amazon, Go Outdoors, Cotswolds and Sports Direct, to name a few. Also have a look at the National 3 Peaks website for some great tips. Walkers For the mountain : Walking boots & hiking socks Walking poles Waterproofs (lightweight over jacket and trousers) 3 Peaks Event Soft Shell (Looks awesome) Walking trousers (definitely not jeans!!!!!) Gaiters (recommended but not essential) Base, mid and fleece layers Hat and gloves (there is ice at top of Ben Nevis) Rucksack 30 litre (approximately) have a look at Berghaus Freeflow II as the system keeps the bag off your back allowing air through, there are alternatives. Too but look for this type of pack Good bin bag for lining your rucksack or dry bags if you have them, to keep clothes dry. Water bladder/water bottles (2 litres capacity in total, bladders are preferable as you then don't need to use energy to remove your rucksack every time. Head torch (for night time walking) + Spare batteries Bivvy Bag (big orange survival bag.) Emergency whistle Compeed plasters for the blisters Midge Repellent (for Ben Nevis especially. Put it on before you arrive at the Visitor Centre) Phone and watch High energy food/dextrose tablets (Emergency use) Sunglasses and suncream (travel one is fine) Blow up pillow for the car Team Leader Additional kit for leaders Small First Aid Kit K Tape (Kinesiology Tape on Amazon 5mx5cm for 5-10) Laminated Maps (provided by us at the start) Map case & compass Drivers For the journey: Some banging tunes Travel pillow and blanket Multi USB charger For the car : Each team covers over 1,200 miles of driving in the 2 days. You need to sleep between walks so it s essential to be as comfortable as possible. A complete change of dry clothing Additional warm jacket or fleece to sleep in Pocket sized wash kit to freshen up with (there will be no shower stops during the 2 day event) Wet wipes are perfect. Items that help to pass time (ipod, Nintendo etc plus charging leads) A small bag to pack this into (Each car will have 4-5 occupants including the driver, leaving very limited storage once all the rucksacks are loaded) Your favourite feel good/high energy snacks! 14

17 Training Training is the key to whether your team will complete all three mountains or if they will struggle at every hurdle. This is not a walk in the park and should not be treated as such. What you have available to you will shape how you will do your training. In the gym Good CV machines to use are the stepper and the treadmill. The stepper is good for getting used to the climbing motion and increasing overall leg strength. The treadmill can be used on different inclines to replicate walking uphill and it s a good idea to change the incline every few minutes as mountains don t have one constant incline. It is harder to train properly in a gym for the descent, but a good exercise is to use the cross trainer backwards (so your legs are moving anti-clockwise). If you can, try to do about an hour of CV in each session. Leg strength is important so use the leg machines as much as possible. Squats are a good way of building upper leg strength which will be important on the way up the mountain. Don t forget you will be carrying a rucksack during the challenge, so it s also a good idea to strengthen your back, shoulders and stomach for support. Even train with your rucksack on. Fresh air, there s nothing like it Try to train as much as possible on the mountains or hills around you as this is the best preparation for doing the Three Peaks. If you can, train on all three mountains, however, it is unlikely that logistics will permit you to do this on a regular basis. If you can climb all three mountains before the challenge then great but if you can t, try not to miss out Scafell Pike its a constant incline and the uneven terrain makes it quite tough. Find out what alternative walks are available in your local area that involve some degree of ascent and descent. The less distance it is to travel, the more likely you are to train more often. Make sure on your training sessions that you pack your rucksack similarly to how you will for the challenge, and even add some extra weight if you want to train harder. Teamwork counts You should aim to do at least 3 other hikes up and down hard terrain as well as the warm up walk preferably as a team. It doesn t have to be a long walk but it should include lots of up and down hills. The more walking you do the more likely you are to complete this challenge. Never forget why you re doing this, it s going to be hard but at the end of it you will be giving an education to so many young children. 15

18 Safety Safety on the Mountains The mountain peaks will be a lot colder than the valleys so it s very important that you wear and carry the right equipment with you, so make sure you follow the kit list provided. The weather can change suddenly as you climb so you need to be prepared for all conditions before you set off. Even if it is nice and sunny at the car park, it can still be cold, wet and misty higher up. It is also common for the mountain peaks to be covered in snow for most of the year, especially Ben Nevis. Our Mountain Marshals all have emergency shelters should the weather turn bad and you need to get out of it to get yourself together. Bivvy bags are also essential if you need to look after one of your team and keep them warm. International Distress Signal Be aware of the international distress signal: 6 long blasts on a whistle 6 shouts or waves of a handkerchief 6 flashes of torch in succession All followed by a pause of 1 minute then repeated. Mountain Rescue All three mountains are covered by Mountain Rescue teams. In the event of an emergency call 999 and ask for Police, Mountain Rescue. 16

19 Hypothermia Symptoms Shivering is likely the first thing you'll notice as the temperature starts to drop because it's your body's automatic defence against cold temperature an attempt to warm itself. Mild Hypothermia Signs and symptoms of mild hypothermia include: Shivering, dizziness, nausea, fatigue Hunger Faster breathing / trouble speaking Slight confusion / lack of coordination Increased heart rate Moderate to Severe Hypothermia As your body temperature drops, signs and symptoms of moderate to severe hypothermia include: Shivering, although as hypothermia worsens, shivering stops Clumsiness or lack of coordination Slurred speech or mumbling Confusion and poor decision-making, such as trying to remove warm clothes Drowsiness or very low energy Lack of concern about one's condition Progressive loss of consciousness Weak pulse Slow, shallow breathing Someone with hypothermia usually isn't aware of his or her condition because the symptoms often begin gradually. Also, the confused thinking associated with hypothermia prevents self-awareness. The confused thinking can also lead to risk-taking behaviour. Treating mild or moderate hypothermia If you're waiting for medical treatment to arrive, the advice below will help prevent further heat loss. Move the person indoors or somewhere warm as soon as possible. Once the person is in a warm environment, carefully remove any wet clothing and dry them. Wrap them in warm blankets, towels, or coats (whatever you have available), protecting their head and torso first. Encourage the person to shiver if they're capable of doing so. If possible, give the person warm drinks (not alcohol) or high-energy foods, such as chocolate, to help warm them up. But only do this if they can swallow normally ask them to cough to see if they can swallow. Once the person's body temperature has increased, keep them warm and dry. It's important to handle a person with hypothermia gently and carefully. Some items on this page are fairly obvious to some people, but maybe less obvious to others, thus some 'obvious' stuff has been included for the sake of completeness. Simple Precautions 17 take and drink sufficient water

20 Symptoms Confusion. Dark-coloured urine (a sign of dehydration) Dizziness. Fainting. Dealing with Heat Fatigue. Headache. Muscle or abdominal cramps. Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhoea. Simple Precautions take and drink sufficient water, (consider adding electrolytes to your water) drink when thirsty (and drinking a little often can prevent dehydration) do not drink to excess just because it's hot take appropriate food (peanuts, nutrient bars, energy tablets) wear clothing that can breathe, short sleeve base layer, wear a hat use sun cream and re-apply periodically, along with sunglasses cool down at streams by swilling your face and forehead in cool water, or even dipping your hat in the water to wet head. Heat Exhaustion Heat exhaustion is brought about by insufficient water intake and a loss of electrolytes, i.e. salt. Symptoms include thirst & tiredness things we'll recognise from being out in the sun. Muscle cramps could develop and breathing could become quicker. Progress will become increasing difficult and you should watch out for people lagging behind if walking in a group. Heat Stroke Heat stroke is a medical emergency and is when heat exhaustion is not remedied leading to the body's core temperatures rising. In addition to thirst, tiredness, muscle cramps and increased breathing, a quickened pulse could develop, together with mental confusion & lethargy. If a member of your party starts to exhibit the above symptoms, you need to call for help and treat as follows: get the casualty into the shade remove any extra layers of clothing to expose skin, which will aid the evaporation process have them drink water, and/or Complan or a rehydration mix cool the casualty further by pouring water on exposed skin (where water quantity allows), and consider fanning them for extra cooling Heat stroke can come on quickly, and can kill. Keep an eye out for the warning symptoms of heat exhaustion, which happens before heat stroke. 17

21 National Three Peaks Top Tips 1. Follow the slowest If you are walking or climbing in a group then it s a good idea for the slowest member of the team to set the pace. If a member of the team tries to go at a faster pace than they are comfortable with (or beyond their fitness level) you will end up having to stop more frequently for breaks and ultimately you may have to give up completely. The secret is to maintain a slow and steady pace from the start that the whole team is happy with and can maintain. Inevitably, you will become more tired as the climb progresses, so start off slower than you think is correct and try and maintain this steady pace throughout it won t seem so slow as you get higher up! Remember it s a marathon not a sprint. 2. Use a drinks bladder You will need plenty of fluid to climb a mountain and the best way to carry and access it is via a drinks bladder. Most new rucksacks accommodate a drinks bladder in a pouch located in the main compartment. This is the most convenient way of carrying your drink and saves you having to constantly ask a team member to pass you a bottle from your bag. 3. Don t buy cheap boots Good walking boots are arguably the most important piece of kit you will take. Take plenty of time looking for the right boots for you, and try plenty of pairs on before making your choice. For mountain walking it is a good idea to wear ankle supporting boots as the terrain is often rocky, uneven or loose and the extra support will help greatly. Make sure you try your boots on with good walking socks as these tend to be thicker than casual or sports socks, and you ll need a little room inside the boot to avoid blisters (ensuring that they still fit and do not slip). Most walking boots are waterproof, but double check as you don t want wet feet, and ensure they are breathable to avoid the build up of sweat which can lead to fungal infections such as athlete s foot. Ultimately, the boots you choose will be personal preference, but try not to skimp too much as good boots will last for years and you ll be thankful you bought a decent pair. 4. Don t forget travel sickness pills When taking part in this challenge you are going to spend approximately 11 hours in the car or minibus, travelling from mountain to mountain. You will be tired and the motion of the vehicle can easily give you travel sickness, especially on the narrow twisty mountain roads. If you have a dedicated driver the journey is a good chance for the climbers to eat and stock up on some energy ready for the next mountain, but if you feel sick this is not too easy. By packing some travel sickness tablets, you can settle your stomach and eat a decent meal in time for your next climb. 18

22 National Three Peaks Top Tips 5. Plan your breaks It is extremely important to take a few short breaks during your climb (and on the descent) to take in a high energy snack and some fluid. Apart from allowing you to catch your breath and see how the team are doing, it is motivational to think we ll stop just up there by that cairn and take a short break. It helps mentally to break the climb up into smaller, more manageable, segments. Also, it doesn t have to add time to your overall climb as you only need to stop for a minute or two and then be back on your way again. These short breaks, along with allowing you to take on some extra energy, allow you to catch your breath and then head off with a new lease of life. 19

23 Costa Respects the Environment Respect the Environment The Costa 3 Peaks Event is a great way to raise money for the Foundation. However, thousands of people descend on and around Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon each year, normally around this time. This can have a huge impact on the environment and local residents, with teams often arriving at Scafell Pike in the middle of the night. The mountain roads, particularly around Scafell Pike, were not designed to accommodate large numbers of cars and minibuses, and especially not larger vehicles. We are highly visible representatives of the Costa brand and as such we do not want to attract any bad press, so it is important to respect other walkers, local residents and the environment. Let s keep a peaceful environment for other casual walkers and residents. Drivers be mindful of engine noise and radio volume. Follow the mountain paths and avoid damage to the mountain side Stay together as a group at all times. Key Points: Collect any litter that you see or create. Fruit peel is littering! Bring all rubbish back with you and dispose of it properly, including rubbish that s not yours. Do not go over the speed limit. Drive to the prevailing conditions. It s not a race. Finally, make sure to look after yourself and each other. Take regular breaks and keep your energy levels up with regular snacking. 20

24 Press Notes These notes have been written to give you a brief background about the event should you wish to put something in the press or if you get asked about it. What is the Costa 3 Peaks Event The Costa 3 Peaks is an annual fundraising event in which Costa team members, suppliers and friends come together to raise money in aid of the Costa Foundation by walking the 3 highest peaks in the UK. Ben Nevis in Scotland, Scafell Pike in England and Snowdon in Wales. 100% of the money raised goes to the Foundation, who then use the money to help build better lives in the coffee-growing communities around the world through building schools and providing children with a quality education. How Costa 3 Peaks started: In 2007 the Costa Foundation was launched to the Costa business. Sandy Gourlay, then an Area Manager, was inspired to organise a team of 4 people to do the 3 Peaks Challenge with him to raise money in aid of the new Charity. He continued to organise it every year, rapidly increasing the money raised through it. What is the Costa Foundation and what does it do The Costa Foundation is a charity that builds schools in the coffee growing communities around the world. As of March 2017 it has enabled over 60,000 lives to be changed through education, built 550 classrooms in 72 coffee growing communities in 10 countries. To find out more visit Why do we do it We do it because we are passionate about the Foundation and what it stands for. We believe in it s strapline Helping Communities Grow and that includes the people taking part in the event the challenge is a fantastic team building exercise too. Costa 3 Peaks is also now the largest single fundraising event for the Foundation and everyone involved is very proud of what it achieves every year. How much have we raised In the 11 walks from 2007 to 2017 the 3 Peaks Event has raised over 350,000 pounds for the Costa Foundation. Impact on the mountains We are very mindful of the environment in which we walk and appreciate all the work the respective teams do in maintaining them. We donate to Mountain Rescue and The Nevis Partnership as a way of supporting their good work. We encourage the 3 Peaks teams to bring down any rubbish they find on the hills while walking or in the local area and dispose of it correctly. We are committed to leaving the mountain as we would want to find it. 21