TRAVEL ITINERARY. Bellingham Safaris Scheduled Tour. Borneo. 19 to 27 April 2017/2018

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1 PHOTO CREDIT: JIM JAMES TRAVEL ITINERARY Bellingham Safaris Scheduled Tour Borneo 19 to 27 April 2017/2018

2 2 TOUR MAP TOUR AT A GLANCE Day Date Location Accommodation Apr Kota Kinabalu Palace Hotel Apr Sukau Bilit Rainforest Lodge Apr Sukau Bilit Rainforest Lodge Apr Tabin Wildlife Sanctuary Tabin Wildlife Resort Apr Tabin Wildlife Sanctuary Tabin Wildlife Resort Apr Danum Valley Borneo Rainforest Lodge Apr Danum Valley Borneo Rainforest Lodge Apr Danum Valley Borneo Rainforest Lodge Apr Day of departure DATES AND PRICES These costs are based on 8 adults travelling Per adult in double room April 2017 $ 6 905,00 Single Supplement April 2017 $ 675,00 Per adult in double room April 2018 $7 595,00 Single Supplement April 2018 $ 740,00

3 3 LOCATION: SUKAU IN: 20 APRIL OUT: 22 APRIL The massive limestone Gomontong Caves where an estimated two million bats and a million swiftlets make their home, is a must visit. At twilight a mass exodus of these bats into the night sky may be observed, while hasty Bat Hawks and Peregrine Falcons stoop into the masses to pick off their evening meals. Superb rainforest wildlife is to be had along the extensive riparian forests on the Kinabatangan River at Sukau. Time spent on the Kinabatangan River and its black-water tributaries in small motorized boats, assists to maximise one s opportunity to creep up quietly and get close to this phenomenally high concentration of both birds and mammals. Keep a close eye here for Asian elephants having a swim. Sukau offers the first real chances for seeing the Old Man of the Forest the highly endangered Bornean Orangutan. Other encounters include Red and Silvered Leaf- Monkeys, Long-tailed and Pig-tailed Macaques, amazing Proboscis Monkeys, Bornean Gibbon, Oriental Small-clawed Otter, Colugo (Malayan Flying Lemur) and Bearded Pig. The Reticulated Python, the second largest snake in the world, is also possible as well as small crocodiles that can be seen on an evening boat cruise along the river. An incredible array of birds and highlights could well include the rare and highly endangered Storm s Stork, Lesser Adjutant and Grey-headed Fish Eagle, impressive Buffy Fish Owl, Stork-billed and Blue-eared Kingfishers, White-crowned Shama and Malaysian Blue Flycatcher. At night one has chances of finding Malay and Common Palm Civet or with some fortune the strange Binturong (Bear-Cat) or Fishing Cat. PHOTO CREDIT: PROBOSCIS MONKEY BY JIM JAMES, ASIAN ELEPHANT SWIMMING BY LAWRENCE WEITZ

4 4 LOCATION: TABIN WILDLIFE SANCTUARY IN: 22 APRIL OUT: 24 APRIL Two of largest mammals of Sabah occur at Tabin, namely the Bornean Pygmy Elephant (this is not as yet an official subspecies of the Asian Elephant but new genetic data provides compelling evidence that these elephants may be a distinct population) and Banteng (wild cattle). Tabin was once a sanctuary for the Sumatran Rhino, but these endangered hairy rhinos are rare and sadly you would have to be extremely fortunate to come across one of these small, shaggy mammals. The Bornean Orangutan, the ultimate wildlife symbol of these parts also resides here, as well as the endemic Hose s Langur and Bornean Gibbon. Tabin Wildlife Reserve is one of the richest in terms of wildlife and birds. You are very likely to have excellent views of the endemic Hose s Langur, Beaded Pig, several troops of Pig-tailed and Long-tailed Macaques. Hearing the Bornean Gibbons vocalising can be a real thrill. Other special mammals that we might expect to encounter include Gaur and Bornean Pygmy Elephant. Keep a look out too for flying Giant Red Squirrels. On the night outing, good views of Common Palm Civet, Leopard Cats, Thick-spined Porcupine, Small-toothed Palm Civet and Banded Palm Civet are very likely. The birding is especially excellent here, including all 8 species of Hornbills found in Borneo (Helmeted, Wreathed, Wrinkled, White-crowned, Malaysian Pied, Bushy-crested, Black and Rhinoceros). PHOTO CREDIT: BLUE-THROATED BEE-EATER BY JIM JAMES, RHINOCEROS HORNBILL BY JIM JAMES

5 5 LOCATION: DANUM VALLEY IN: 24 APRIL OUT: 27 APRIL The Danum Valley conservation area protects some of the last remaining pristine lowland rainforest on the island. An extensive network of excellent trails allows for having a good chance of seeing some fantastic mammals of the area. Working through the diverse and often muddy trails to search for mammals such as Sambar Deer, Greater Mouse-Deer, Bearded Pig, Common Tree Shrew, Prevost s Squirrel and the diminutive Plain Pygmy Squirrel can be very rewarding. A major attraction to this reserve is the fantastic canopy walkway that allows unique access to the little-known canopy world of Borneo's rainforest lowlands, and here you have excellent chances at locating the Bornean Orangutan. The Danum Valley is a hotspot for many species of primates and highlights could include the scarce Slow Loris, Western Tarsier, Bornean Gibbon, impressive troops of Red Leaf-Monkey and Long-tailed and Pig-tailed Macaques. Species that are regularly seen include Bornean Pygmy Elephant, Sambar and Red Barking Deer, Greater and Lesser Mouse-Deer, Red and Thomas s Giant Flying-Squirrels, Colugo (Malayan Flying Lemur). Rarer species that do occur include the regal Clouded Leopard, Flatheaded Cat, Malayan Sun Bear, Malay Badger and the Western Tarsier. Night drives in the Danum Valley can also be extremely productive and provide a superb opportunity for seeing a range of secretive forest mammals. The Danum Valley is also very rich in birdlife and one of your highlights could include a rare sighting of the Great Argus, a type of pheasant which is famous for having the longest feather of any of the world s bird species. PHOTO CREDIT: DANUM VALLEY BOARDWALK BY SIMON BELLINGHAM, GREAT ARGUS BY JONATHAN ROSSOUW

6 6 DAILY DETAIL Day 1, 19 April Kota Kinabalu Borneo is the world s third largest island and conjures up images of an untamed and verdant forest paradise. The entire island was originally a vast rainforest bloc but now human disturbance has fragmented what was once an endless sea of greenery. Despite this large tracts of forest still exist and this region is sure to impress even the most seasoned traveller. Today is set aside as an arrival day and you will meet for an orientation dinner. Transfer: Kota Kinabalu Airport to Palace Hotel Overnight: Palace Hotel Day 2, 20 April Sukau Today you make your way to Sukau by way of flight to Sandakan. En route to Sukau you will stop at the massive limestone Gomontong Caves where an estimated two million bats and a million swiftlets (of four species) make their home. The afternoon will be spent on the river. Transfer: Palace Hotel to Kota Kinabalu Airport Flight: Kota Kinabalu to Sandakan Airport Transfer: Sandakan Airport to Bilit Rainforest Lodge Overnight: Bilit Rainforest Lodge Day 3, 21 April Sukau Superb rainforest wildlife is to be had along the extensive riparian forests on the Kinabatangan River at Sukau including a night river cruise. Overnight: Bilit Rainforest Lodge

7 7 Day 4, 22 April Tabin Wildlife Sanctuary Today you overland to Tabin Wildlife Sanctuary where you will explore on foot and by game drive including night drives. Transfer: Bilit Rainforest Lodge to Tabin Wildlife Resort Overnight: Tabin Wildlife Resort Day 5, 23 April Tabin Wildlife Sanctuary Explore Tabin which is one of the richest reserves in terms of both mammals and birds. Overnight: Tabin Wildlife Resort Day 6, 24 April Danum Valley Today you will drive through bumpy dirt tracks and river crossings into the primary forest of the Danum Valley Conservation Area before arriving at the world famous Borneo Rainforest Lodge. Transfer: Tabin Wildlife Resort to Borneo Rainforest Lodge Overnight: Borneo Rainforest Lodge Day 7 & 8, 25 to 26 April Danum Valley Your rainforest lodge, situated along the banks of the Danum River allows access to the pristine habitat on walks, canopy trails and drives. Night walks here are also extremely productive. Overnight: Borneo Rainforest Lodge Day 9, 27 April Day of Departure After a final early morning in the Danum Valley, you transfer to Lahad Datu for a flight transfer returning to Kota Kinabalu for your onward flights home. Transfer: Borneo Rainforest Lodge to Lahat Datu Flight: Lahat Datu to Kota Kinabalu

8 8 INCLUDES Accommodation All meals from dinner on day 1 to lunch on day 9 Mineral water and soft drinks at meals Internal flights in Borneo Ground transportation during the tour Activities as specified and park entrance fees Services of a specialist Bellingham Safaris Guide Gratuities for local staff EXCLUDES Alcoholic beverages Items of personal nature Visa fees (please be sure to check if visas are required) Travel Insurance Excess baggage costs Airfare from your home to Kota Kinabalu and return home Any items not included in the inclusions above IMPORTANT INFORMATION Payment In the event of a go ahead we will require a non-refundable 30% deposit and the balance to be settled 2 months prior to arrival. We may have to impose more stringent payment and cancellation terms, should that be demanded of us by any of our individual suppliers that have been included in your itinerary. The tour price is always fixed in the currency quoted, and the actual cost in the other currencies will be adjusted according to prevailing exchange rates at the time of final invoicing (payments can be made either in USD or ZAR). We use the exchange rate of the day minus 3% (the typical exchange rate applied by credit card companies), using this source: Guests are given 7 days to process with wire, after which we may need to update the exchange rate. Rates are based upon group tariffs; if the tour does not have sufficient registration a small-party supplement will be charged. Please note Upon confirmation of this tour, the cancellation policy for Bellingham Safaris will be effective immediately and the parties agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions as stated in our booking form. In the event of the Booking Form not being signed, the placement of any booking/s, by any means including , shall be deemed to be confirmation that the Terms and Conditions have been read, understood, any queries have been addressed to the satisfaction of the parties and that the parties agree to be bound by thereto. Rates quoted are subject to change if there are any increases in park fees, fuel, sales tax or VAT, third-party services, currency fluctuations or any other circumstances beyond our control. We will use our best endeavours to bring such changes to your attention, but you are nevertheless bound thereby. Prices are subject to unforeseen increases in tour related costs. Should an amendment in a routing or itinerary be necessary, we will adjust the price but such adjustment will be for your account.

9 9 If the number of nights or dates of travel or number of participants should change, this may have an effect on the cost. We will re-cost accordingly and you agree to be bound by such recosting. Please be sure to carefully check your visa requirements before your intended date of travel, as Bellingham Safaris cannot be held responsible should the necessary visa requirements not be fulfilled. Please remember that in some cases you may need to apply for a multiple entry visa. Please be sure to carefully check your passport requirements before your intended date of travel, as Bellingham Safaris cannot be held responsible should the necessary number of blank pages and passport validity dates not be fulfilled. Please consult your physician before you travel for advice on vaccinations and prophylaxis. Bellingham Safaris strongly advises that you take out comprehensive travel insurance covering yourself for personal effects, cancellation and curtailment. Personal accident, medical and emergency travel expense insurance is mandatory on any of our tours. Some activities and services may have weight and/or height restrictions per guest. For the sake of your own comfort, please advise us at time of booking if you are particularly bulky or tall and we will do our best to accommodate you. Please note additional costs may apply. Luggage restrictions are applicable including the use of hard suitcases. Details of luggage restrictions per region are available on our pre-departure documentation. Please peruse all flight information supplied by the airline concerned. Some flights may involve stops before reaching the final destination. Please check your itinerary and all flight information supplied by the airline concerned. Although we will try to stick as closely to the itinerary as possible and include all the activities mentioned there may be changes due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Flights, times and routes are subject to change without notice. Please make sure that you are aware of the check-in times for flights and give yourself ample time in this regard. Please advise us prior to booking should you have any health concerns. Also please notify us if your age is above 80 as you may require a doctor s certificate. There may be some age restrictions with certain activities, most notably canoe rides and walking. All accommodations, activities and other services are subject to availability at the time of booking