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1 Summer: 4151 Camp Bryn Afon Rd. Rhinelander, WI Ph: Fax: The Northwoods Camp for Boys Winter: PO Box 1938 Highland Park, IL Ph: Fax: February 2010 Dear Horseshoe Parents, It s time to start planning for the summer of 2010! Enclosed is all the information you will need to get your son(s) ready for camp Handbook and Health Guide: This is your guide to the summer, filled with detailed information about the mechanics of camp. Please be sure to read the entire Handbook, as there are new policies for the 2010 season. CampMeds Registration Information: If your son will be taking medicine during camp, please register for CampMeds by May 21st. Information is available in the Health Guide. Parent Authorization Form: Please return by April 1st. Insurance Card Form: Remember to attach the FRONT and BACK of the insurance and prescription cards to this form. Please return by April 1st. Physicians Examination Form: Schedule your doctor appointments now! Please return by April 1st. Travel Information Form: Please return by April 1st. Copies of the above forms can be downloaded from our website under the Forms and Mailings tab in the Current Campers and Parents section. - OVER -

2 The following forms must be completed online using your my CampMinder login. To login, please follow these simple steps: Go to Click on Current Campers & Parents (located on the top of page) Click on the My CampMinder button Please log in using the following unique login and password. Note: You may change your password under the My Account menu after you login. Once you have gained access to this secure site, you may click on the specific forms listed below. Please fill out the forms below by April 1st If you have any questions, please call us at or at Activities Selections: In order to help make sure each camper has the opportunity to participate in the clubs (instructional periods) of their choice, we would like to know their club preferences before the summer begins. Please complete online by April 1st Cabin Request Card: Cabin assignments are done shortly before the campers arrive. Campers should request 3 cabin mates. All cabin requests must be submitted electronically via My CampMinder no later than April 1st. Camper Profile Form: This form will help us to get to know your son before he arrives at camp. All information will be kept in the strictest of confidence. Please complete online by April 1st. Online Medical Form: Schedule your doctor appointments now! We must have the online medical form submitted by April 1st. Photo ID Card: It is very helpful for us to have a recent photo of your child on file. Please upload a recent picture or it to us if that is easier. Please return by April 1st. Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions or concerns. Communication is a vital part of our relationship with you and your son. Hail to the Forest! Fran and Jordan

3 2010


5 Important Dates April 1...Final Payment Due April 1...All forms due in Office* June 18...Father/Son Weekend June 21...Camp Begins June 26...Rookie Weekend July 16...First Session Ends July Visiting Weekend July 18...Second Session Begins August 13...Camp Ends August 14...Horseshoe Basketball Camp Table of Contents Camper Travel... 4 Baggage Shipment... 4 Clothing and Equipment... 4 Personal Expenses and Pocket Money... 4 Electronics and Extra Items... 5 Letters, and Faxes... 6 Phone Calls... 6 Online Photos... 7 Packages... 7 Communicating with Camp... 7 Internet Social Networking and Blogging Policy... 8 Cabin Assignments... 8 Homesickness... 8 Responsibility and Conduct... 8 Visiting Weekend... 9 Directions to Camp... 9 Health Guide Parent Checklist Activities Selection Please complete online by April 1st Camper Profile Form Please complete online by April 1st Cabin Request Form Please complete online by April 1st Insurance Card Form Please return by April 1st Travel Information Form Please return by April 1st Photo I.D. Please return by April 1st Online Medical Form Please complete online by April 1st Parent Authorization Form Please return by April 1st Physicians Examination Form Please return by April 1st CampMeds Registration (If your son will be taking medicine during camp) Please register by May 21st Cloz Company Order Order early to avoid last minute rush *Please send all forms by April 1st to: Camp Horseshoe PO Box 1938 Highland Park, IL

6 What to Bring Camper Travel Camp busses will depart from: Niles North High School Monday, June 21st and Sunday, July 18th 9800 N. Lawler Ave., Skokie Busses will depart at 9:30am SHARP and NOT to Bring *Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to departure time. We will provide lunch for the campers; you do not need to pack a lunch. Campers flying to Rhinelander (RHI) or Central Wisconsin (CWA) should call us prior to booking your flights. Please book early to take advantage of the best fares. Horseshoe staff will be waiting at the terminal to greet campers. Any camper requiring medication during the bus trip should present the counselor with the medication in a bag clearly marked with the camper s name and instructions. Clothing and Equipment You should have already received The Cloz Company catalog and packing list. The required logo s items must be purchased thru The Cloz Company. Their phone number is CAMP or you may order online at Remember, laundry is done weekly by a laundry service and returned within 24 hours, so your son does not need a tremendous amount of clothing. The amounts specified on the packing list are perfectly sufficient. Although we have an excellent laundry service, it is still camp laundry. Please do not send any clothes you would be concerned about if it were to get damaged in the laundry. Please remember to label all clothing, shoes and equipment with your son s first and last name. Don t forget to label the laundry bags, roller hockey equipment, tennis racquet, baseball glove, and clothing worn on the bus. Don t forget to send two sets of twin sheets for your son, including a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and a pillowcase. Bedding will be changed once a week and will be washed with your son s clothing. 4 Baggage Shipment CAMP BAGGAGE EXPRESS FOR CHICAGO AREA CAMPERS All campers must ship their baggage to camp. Camp Baggage Express is our baggage carrier and has been in operation for more than 20 years. CBE is the most efficient and reliable way to transfer camper baggage. Camp Baggage Express will pick up trunks and duffels a few days before the start of camp. You will be contacted a week or two in advance with pick-up information and schedules. Camp Baggage Express can be reached at We find it unnecessary to lock your son s luggage, and in fact, we prefer that you leave duffels unlocked. If you prefer to lock your son s bags, please send the key or combination to the camp office no later then June 10th. OUT OF CHICAGO AREA CAMPERS USE FEDEX OR UPS Please contact FedEx or UPS to review your shipping options, including Express or Ground services. When shipping with FedEx or UPS please secure the zippers on all duffels with a zip-tie. Once you have shipped your child s baggage, please your shipping method and tracking numbers to Please note: Baggage should arrive at camp no later than June 18th, CAMPER BAGGAGE SHIPPING ADDRESS Camper s Name Camp Horseshoe 4151 Camp Bryn Afon Road Rhinelander, WI SENDING BAGGAGE HOME All baggage will be shipped home via Camp Baggage Express and be delivered to your door a few days after the end of camp. Luggage for out of Chicago area campers will be sent home FedEx by Monday, August 16th and we will you the tracking numbers once shipped. Personal Expenses and Pocket Money Each camper has a prepaid canteen account of $150 - $250. This covers: TRIP DAYS: Throughout the summer campers will go on 3-5 day trips to various attractions in the Northwoods including horseback riding, golfing, bowling, movies, water parks, and more! Admission to these attractions as well as spending money for each camper (generally $5-10) will be withdrawn from the canteen account. PERSONAL ITEMS: Campers needing to restock on toothpaste, shampoo, batteries, postage or other essentials can do so in the camp office. DRINKS: Twice daily campers can purchase a cold sports drink or bottle of water. Unused portion of the account will be credited to your son s account. If you wish to send your camper with some extra cash please keep it to a minimum. Campers can keep pocket money in their own envelope in the camp office. We will not be responsible for any money left in the cabins.

7 Electronics and Extra Items Almost every type of electronic device is NOT allowed at camp. As a rule, any item that can: send and receive a phone call, play a DVD or video content, access the Internet or send or receive or instant messages is not permitted at camp. Apple no longer makes ipods without video capability. As a result, we will only allow ipods as long as all video content (music videos, movies, TV shows, etc) is deleted prior to camp. iphones and ipod touch devices are not permitted at camp. Nintendo DS, Game boys, ipods without video and small CD players are permitted inside the cabins; however, we are not responsible for damage and/ or loss to these items. If the ipod or MP3 player has the capacity to play videos, all video content must be deleted prior to the start of camp. CELL PHONES While we fully recognize many of our campers have cell phones, please respect our policies and do not send a cell phone to camp. While these may be a convenience at home, they are burdensome and disruptive at camp. Camp is one of the only places where boys, have a chance to make their own decisions. This allows campers to gain confidence by acting on their own, developing skills that are essential to becoming healthy, productive adults. We believe this emerging independence is one of the greatest benefits of camp. Parental cooperation in not permitting your son to come to camp with a cell phone is critical and sends the right message to your son. If your child brings a cell phone to camp, it will be confiscated and held at camp until the end of the season, no exceptions. ITEMS NOT PERMITTED ELECTRONICS Cell Phones Sony PSP s iphones ipod Touch ipods w/ video content Televisions DVD players Palm Pilots Blackberries Portable devices Internet devices Video Cameras Walkie Talkie/2-way Radios Portable video/ DVD game players at Camp OTHER ITEMS Skateboards Food Gum Bottled Water Knives Matches Lighters Water guns Any items brought to camp on the above list will be confiscated and held in the camp office until the end of the season. We are not responsible for damage and/or loss to these items. CAMERAS Please pack only a simple inexpensive camera. Disposable cameras with your son s name on it are absolutely your best bet. Video cameras are not permitted at camp. For privacy reasons, campers who bring a digital camera with video capability will not be permitted to use the video feature at camp. Unfortunately, videos taken at camp can create embarrassing situations, and we want to avoid any video images being posted on Internet sites. 5

8 Communication with your son Letters We believe in old-fashioned letter writing at Camp Horseshoe. Campers love to get mail, just like parents love to get mail. We require our campers to write home twice a week, usually on Monday and Thursdays. We recommend sending pre-addressed, stamped envelopes for our younger campers. Remember, our rural post office is swamped in the summer and mail sometimes takes a week to arrive home. When writing to your son, a good way to start every letter is to discuss camp activities, especially the ones your child has mentioned to you in his letters. Comments such as How s your basketball coming along? Your counselor sounds great, will help your son adjust to the newness of camp and show that you have truly listened to what your child has said. Try and avoid phrases such as The house seems empty without you and If only you were here. Although these sentiments may be true, they can only make your child miss you more. A better way to express your feeling might be to say We ll have to tryout that great backhand when you get home or By August, you ll be able to teach me how to golf. When you receive letters from your son, remember camp life has its ups and downs, just as life at home and the child who today Hates Steven who sleeps next to me may tomorrow think Steven will be my best friend forever. Call us if you are concerned. Most of the time, the problem was resolved long before you received the letter! Finally, save the letters your son sends you from camp. Years from now, you will be able to read them together and relive those childhood memories. We are sure you will discover that Camp Horseshoe is more than a summer camp; it is an experience of a lifetime. The mailing address for your son is: Camper s Name Camp Horseshoe Your Sons Cabin Number 4151 Camp Bryn Afon Rd Rhinelander, WI Camper Many parents prefer to their letters. We will fold your and distribute it with the next regularly scheduled daily delivery. To send an Go to Click on Current Campers & Parents (located on the top of page) Click on the My CampMinder button Please log in using your unique login ( address on file) and password. If you have forgotten your password, click the Forgot Your Password link to have it ed to you. You may change your password under the My Account menu after you login, update your contact information or emergency contacts. Once you have gained access to this secure site, you may click on the button to your camper. If you would like other people to your camper, click on the My Account menu. From there, you can create Guest Accounts for family and friends. Please note that is not available for camper s. Faxes Please do not fax letters to your son. Faxes will not be delivered to campers. Please let all relatives know of this policy. Phone Calls Campers are not permitted to use the telephone, except on a camper s birthday or in an emergency. Please do not hesitate to call Fran, Jordan or your son s counselor with any questions you may have. The number at camp is:

9 Online Photos The camp website will be updated regularly with pictures to give you a glimpse into life at camp. Please note that we try to include as many campers as possible in our photos, but cannot guarantee how often your son will appear. To see your son, follow the instructions below to login to My CampMinder. Go to Click on Current Campers & Parents (located on the top of page) Click on the My CampMinder Button Please log in using your unique login ( address on file) and password. If you have forgotten your password, click the Forgot Your Password link to have it ed to you. You may change your password under the My Account menu after you login, update your contact information or emergency contacts. Once you have gained access to this secure site, you may click on the Photos button to view pictures of your camper. If you would like other people to view these pictures, click on the My Account menu. From there, you can create Guest Accounts for family and friends. Please note that through My CampMinder, you are able to purchase photos. This is not a Camp Horseshoe service and all questions should be directed to Packages CAMP HORSESHOE HAS A NO-PACKAGE POLICY Your son s gift for the summer is the privilege of going to camp. He will be coming to camp with everything he needs. Therefore: No care packages of any kind can be accepted for any camper! This includes padded mailing envelopes, flat envelopes, boxes, books and magazines. Packages can create unhealthy competition among campers and an overwhelming amount of unnecessary garbage around camp. Our policy of NO Packages extends to all parents, relatives and friends. In order to ensure fairness, this rule will be strictly enforced. Packages will be refused and sent back to sender at their own expense. If the address is unavailable, contents will be donated to local charity. As always, your cooperation is greatly appreciated. We will make every effort to provide your son with anything he needs. If there is something we cannot provide (glasses, etc.) please call the office to arrange for your son to receive these items. The only exception to our no package rule is if your son is celebrating his birthday while he is at camp. If this is the case, you may send one special birthday package to the attention of Fran Shiner that does NOT include any candy, food or gum. We celebrate birthdays with announcements, Bean Cake, a special cabin Pizza Party and an all camp birthday song. You will also be able set up a special birthday phone call with your son. We thank you for your kind cooperation and respecting our NO-PACKAGE POLICY. Communicating with Camp You have placed a great deal of trust in our ability to care for your son. We value this trust and will do everything possible to ensure a successful summer experience for your son, as well as a harmonious relationship with you. Please do not hesitate to communicate with us regarding any question concerning your son. During the day, Fran, Jordan, Chris, Kevin and Bill spend very little time in the office. We stay in close contact with the campers by spending time with them at activities and programs. In almost all cases, if you were to receive a sad card or note, by the time you receive it, any issue has been long resolved. We prefer to attempt to solve problems during the summer instead of hearing about difficulties after the summer has ended. If you become aware of something negative during the summer, please bring it to our attention immediately. When you call, you will speak with our office staff that will ensure all messages are directed to the appropriate person, as soon as possible. Someone will return your call within 24 hours. Please give us some time to check on your son. We pride ourselves on the very personal atmosphere at Camp Horseshoe and will do our best to resolve any difficulties that may arise. Going on vacation? Please be sure to leave us the dates and a phone number where you can be reached. Contact Information If calling by phone, it s best to reach us between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. SUMMER Camp Horseshoe 4151 Camp Bryn Afon Road Rhinelander, WI FAX WINTER Camp Horseshoe PO Box 1938 Highland Park, IL FAX 7

10 Internet Social Networking and Blogging Policy Please discuss and review with your child our Internet policies: If a camper chooses to identify himself as a camper at our camp on Internet venues, some readers of such websites or blogs may view the camper as a representative or spokesperson of the camp. In light of this possibility, we require, as a condition of attending Camp Horseshoe, that campers observe the following guidelines when referring to the camp, its programs or activities, its campers, and/or employees, in a blog or on a website. 1. Campers must be respectful in all communications, pictures and blogs related to or referencing the camp, its employees, and other campers. 2. Campers must not use obscenities, profanity, or vulgar language. 3. Campers must not use blogs or personal Websites to disparage the camp, other campers, or employees of the camp. 4. Campers must not use blogs or personal websites to harass, bully, or intimidate other campers or employees of the camp. Behaviors that constitute harassment and bullying include, but are not limited to, comments that are derogatory with respect to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or disability; sexually suggestive, humiliating, or demeaning comments; and threats to stalk, haze, or physically injure another person. 5. Campers must not use blogs or personal websites to discuss conduct that is prohibited by camp policies, including, but not limited to, the use of alcohol and drugs, sexual behavior, sexual harassment, and bullying. Any camper found to be in violation of any portion of this Social Networking and Blogging Policy may not be allowed to attend camp. 8 The Camp Community Cabin Assignments Cabin assignments are done shortly before the campers arrive. Campers should request 3 cabin mates. We will try and honor at least one of those requests. We value the importance to children of being with their friends. We also value the importance of making new friends, the importance of avoiding cliques and learning to accept others. All of this is the essence of the camp experience. The bottom line is always the campers well being and happiness. Trust us to provide that and please convey that assurance to your children before they come to camp. ALL CABIN REQUESTS MUST BE SUBMIITTED ELECTRONICALLY VIA MY CAMPMINDER NO LATER THEN APRIL 1, Homesickness Every child adjusts to being away from home for an extended period of time differently and experiences some degree of homesickness or missing family, friends, and familiar routines. This separation process is important to one s growth and can be a challenge for some campers. A parent can help by reassuring their child that they are loved, talking positively about independence and separation, and not promising them that they can call or come home if they are lonesome. Discuss camp in a positive way by discussing living in a cabin with peers or the activities that they may want to take while at camp. Parents should prepare themselves for separation. Each summer we visit with more child-sick parents than we do with homesick campers! Always call us with your concerns about your child s adjustment to camp and be assured that we will call you if we feel it is necessary. Responsibility and Conduct It is expected that campers will treat each other and staff with mutual respect; follow the instructions and guidance of their counselors and other staff; stay in cabins between light-out and wake up; attend and fully participate in scheduled activities and meals; be a team player; treat camp property with respect; and respect others belongings and personal space. Failure to live within the expectations of the camp community or abide by the stated policies of the camp could result in immediate dismissal from camp with no tuition refund. The following behaviors are unacceptable: bullying and other forms of hazing or harassment against campers or staff; pranks; hurting another physically or threatening violence; the use of foul language, name calling, teasing, spreading rumors or exclusionary behavior; and destroying property or stealing from others. Gambling We insist that campers do not gamble for money or personal belongings. Please review this policy with your teenager before the summer. Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Policy Any camper involved with alcohol or drugs of any kind for any reason whatsoever will be sent home immediately with no tuition refund. Smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco is also grounds for dismissal from camp with no tuition refund.

11 Visiting Weekend Parents, relatives and siblings of campers may visit Camp Horseshoe on Friday, July 16th from 6:30pm-9:00pm and Saturday, July 17th from 10:00am 9:00pm. This gives you and your child a chance to spend quality time together, see camp in action and to meet your son s counselors and cabin mates. On Friday, July 16th, please join us in camp for our Council Horseshoe. Our gates will open after dinner, at 6:30pm and we will ask the parents to say goodnight by 9:00. On Saturday, we have in camp festivities from 10:00 until 3:00. We will begin our day with a morning full of activities, followed by a cookout lunch and an afternoon of fun-filled camp events. Eight week campers must be dropped off at camp no later than 9:00pm. Detailed information about Visiting Weekend will be sent home at the beginning of July. If you have not already done so, please make lodging arrangements immediately. First and Second Session Campers Campers going home at the end of the first session will be leaving camp in the morning on Friday, July 16th. Campers attending second session will be arriving at camp on Sunday afternoon, July 18th. If you will be picking your son up at camp or bringing your son to camp and would like to spend visiting weekend with us, you are welcome to. Pets No pets are permitted at camp at any time. Places to Stay If you haven t done so already, we suggest making your reservations immediately. Americinn Motel Super 8 Motel Quality Inn (formerly Holiday Inn Express) (715) Comfort Inn Best Western Claridge Motor Inn Holiday Acres Resort For more hotels & resorts, contact the Rhinelander Chamber of Commerce: FUN Directions to Camp Take I-94W towards Milwaukee Bypass Milwaukee on I-894 towards Madison/Fond du Lac Follow US-45N toward Fond du Lac; which becomes Hwy US-41/US-45 Where US-41 & US-45 split, stay on US-41N to Oshkosh; (Oshkosh is approx. 20 minutes past Fond du Lac) In Oshkosh, just after you go over bridge for Lake Butte Des Mortes, Take exit 120 for WI-110/Algoma Blvd Turn left to US-45N and follow US-45N for approx 60 miles Take the Hwy 29/US-45 N ramp to Antigo/Wittenberg and turn right at US-45N Stay on US-45N to US-8 Turn right US-45/US-8 (east) approx 1/2 mile Turn left on US-45N for approx 7 miles Turn left on County Rd C Follow County Rd C for approx 7 miles to Camp Bryn Afon Rd Turn right onto Camp Bryn Afon Road and follow into camp Tipping Visiting Camp Staff members are NOT allowed to accept gratuities. Please do not put staff members in a compromising position. If you feel it is necessary, some other form of expression of your gratitude may be employed such as a small token or better yet, a letter of thanks is still the nicest way to show your appreciation. 9

12 Health and Safety Our highest priority at camp is your son s health and safety. With this in mind, we have prepared this Health Guide to help you better understand our health and medical policies. This summer we are again partnering with CampMeds, a pre-packaged medical system to provide all medication your son will need. In order to ensure that our health center staff can accurately care for your child, you must complete the Horseshoe Online Medical Form by April 1, To login and fill out the online medical form: Go to our website at Go to the Current Campers and Parents section and click on the My CampMinder button. Please log in using your unique login ( address on file) and password. If you have forgotten your password, click the Forgot Your Password link to have it ed to you. You may change your password under the My Account menu after you login, update your contact information or emergency contacts. Click on Medical Form. Once the medical form is complete, click the Submit button. The form will not be submitted unless you click the Submit button. Enclosed are a Parent Authorization Form and a Physicians Examination Form. Both forms must be completed and returned to camp by April 1st, No child will be able to board the bus unless the online medical form has been completed and we have received both a signed Physicians Examination form and a signed Parent Authorization form. If your child has been exposed to any communicable disease after May 25, 2010, please be sure to communicate this information with us. Please carefully review information on the following pages regarding our health and medical policies and procedures. 10 Health Guide Health Center Q&A HOW IS YOUR HEALTH CENTER STAFFED? Our Health Center is staffed by 3 nurses and doctors who rotate throughout the summer. Our medical staff operates the Health Center with the utmost professionalism, providing each camper with the necessary care and compassion. Camp Horseshoe is located 10 minutes away from Rhinelander s state-of-the-art clinic and hospital. WHEN WOULD MY CHILD SEE THE DOCTOR? Our nursing staff treats most health center visits. When our nurses determine a child should see the doctor, we schedule an appointment. HOW WILL I KNOW IF MY SON IS NOT FEELING WELL OR IS SEEN BY THE DOCTOR? We will contact you under the following circumstances: The day after your son spend the night in the Health Center When your son sees any outside medical professional If your son sees the camp doctor for anything other than normal camp ailments. We will not contact you with information about minor items (bruises, scrapes, fatigue, and the like), nor will we contact you if your child is seen by the camp doctor for normal camp ailments (sore throat or general malaise, etc.) or routine follow-up visits. Rest assured, we will contact you when we feel you need to be involved. HOW MUCH OVER-THE-COUNTER (OTC) MEDICATION SHOULD I SEND TO CAMP? None. We want our medical staff to see every scrape and bruise, no matter how small. Please don t send any OTC meds. Our Health Center is well stocked with most OTC medications. WHAT ABOUT PRESCRIPTION AND DAILY MEDICATIONS? This summer we will be working with CampMeds, a pre-packaged medication system. ALL CAMP FAMILIES NEEDING TO SEND MEDICINES TO CAMP ARE REQUIRED TO REGISTER WITH CAMPMEDS. CampMeds, who we have been working with for years, is in full compliance with State and Federal law. CampMeds will fill and package your son s medication on a daily, or as needed basis. This will ensure that we dispense the proper medications at the correct time of day. We are confident that this is the safest, most reliable and efficient way to manage all medications. If your child will be taking medication this summer, you must register online at and return all required materials (prescription forms, heath insurance information, etc) to CampMeds before May 21st. WHAT ABOUT INHALERS? If applicable, please send TWO inhalers for your child for the summer. One will stay in the Health Center and one will be packed when your child leaves camp on a trip. Prescription inhalers must be filled through CampMeds. WHAT KIND OF MEDICATION CAN MY SON KEEP IN HIS CABIN? The American Camp Association and Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services require all camper and staff medications be kept in the Health Center.

13 CAMPMEDS INC. This summer we will again be working with CampMeds Inc. to provide the convenient service of dispensing, packaging and shipping medications directly to camp. Our policy and procedure for dispensing and administering medicine REQUIRES camp families to have all of your son s medicine to be dispensed by CampMeds and sent to camp prior to their arrival. This includes all prescription, non-prescription medicine taken daily or as needed, as well as vitamins. *Our camp stocks most over the counter items such as Tylenol, Advil, Benadryl, etc. so you do not need to have CampMeds dispense those items. Medications that are in pill form are individually packaged and sealed according to date and time of administration. This method of dispensing medicine during camp minimizes potential medicine errors, ensuring that every camper gets the correct medication and dosage, at the right time. We want to be clear that we do expect 100% participation from families with campers who will need medication while at camp. The only exception to this procedure is if CampMeds notifies us that they are unable to accept your insurance. If your camper does not take medication or vitamins, you do not need to register with CampMeds. IF YOUR CHILD will be taking medication this summer, you must register online at and return all required materials (prescription forms, heath insurance information, etc) to CampMeds before May 22nd for 1st session or 8 week campers and June 19th for 2nd session campers. We are confident that this program continues to help us achieve our primary goal; the health, well being and safety of your child. HOW TO REGISTER WITH CAMPMEDS 1. Register on (you may register prior to obtaining prescriptions) 2. Note your Camper ID number you will receive when registered. Print out receipt from registration. 3. Obtain original prescriptions written for 30 day increments. 4. Write Camper ID # on top corner of prescriptions. *Do not send medication, only prescriptions. 5. If your child attends for 8 weeks, prescriptions must have a refill. Unused meds are sent home from camp. 6. For Controlled Substances: If your child is staying longer than 4 weeks, law requires a new prescription to be written for each 30 day supply. No refills and only 30 days worth of meds should be written on the prescription. Two separate 30 day prescriptions are required. Send all prescriptions together. 7. Prescriptions are filled as written. It is your responsibility to confirm all prescriptions are written correctly; exactly how (daily or PRN) and when your child takes the medication, the correct medication is prescribed and the dosing is correct. 8. Non-prescription meds/vitamins; physician s authorization or clear directions written by parent are required. 9. Include a copy of both sides of your insurance/prescription card. 10. Mail prescriptions, registration receipt and copy of insurance card directly to: CampMeds PO Box , Ft. Lauderdale, FL The packaging fee for 4 week campers is $50 including shipping. The packaging fee for 8 week campers is $60 including shipping. Please note for non-pill meds (liquids, inhalers, etc) a one time fee of $30 per camper will be charged instead of the above packaging fee. All fees will be charged to your credit card immediately upon registration. The fee is per camper, not prescription and does not include the cost of medicine. Children attending camp beginning June 21; above items must be received no later than May 21. Children attending camp beginning July 18; above items must be received no later than June 18. A late fee of $25 will be charged to your credit card if any of the items above are received after the deadlines. Questions concerning medication or are having trouble registering, please contact CampMeds at or 11

14 Summer Camp Horseshoe 4151 Camp Bryn Afon Road Rhinelander, WI FAX Winter Camp Horseshoe PO Box 1938 Highland Park, IL FAX