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1 HE IMPERIAL JAPANESE NAVY IN WORLD WAR II A Graphic Presentation of the Japanese Naval Organization and List of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels Lost or Damaged in the War Prepared by Military History Section 7 Special Staff, General Headquarters, Far East Command February 952

2 FOREWORD hrough instructions from the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers to the Japanese Government, 2 October 945, subject; Institution for War Records Investigation, steps were initiated to exploit military historical records and official reports of the Japanese War Ministry and Japanese General Staff. Upon disso -,-. lution of the War Ministry and the Japanese General Staff, and the transfer of their former functions to the Demobilization Bureau, reseorch and compilation continued and developed into a series of historical monographs. he paucity of original orders, plans and unit journals, which ore normally essential in the preparation of this type of record, but which were largely lost or destroyed during field operations or bombing raids, rendered the task of compilation most difficult; particularly distressing has been the complete lack of official strength reports, normol in AG or G3 records. However, while many of the important orders, plans, and estimates have been reconstructed from memory and therefore are not textually identical with the originals, they ore believed to be generally accurate and reliable.



5 PREFACE Monograph No. 6, he Imperial Japanese Navy in World War H^ one of the Japanese Operational Monograph Series covering operations of the Japanese Army and Navy during the period , is intended primarily as a reference for research and analysis, specifically in connection with other volumes in the series, and does not purport to be complete in itself. Initially prepared in Japanese by former officers of the Japanese IMavy under the supervision of the 2d Demobilization Bureau (Navy), the material was translated into English by the Allied ranslator and Interpreter Service, General Headquarters, Far Eost Command, and edited for clarity, coherence, and accuracy by the Japanese Research Division, Military History Section, General Headquarters, Far East Command. he chief sources used in compilation of this document included: Greater East Asia Imperial Japanese Navy Wartime Organi2ation, original and revisions, issued by the Chief of the Navy General Staff, I June 945; Battle Lessons, compiled by the Yokosuko Air Group; wartime diaries, battle reports, and Summaries of Merit of various units and ships, as submitted to the Navy Ministry and IMavy General Stoff; documents ond reports of the Civil Merchant Marine Committee and individual ship owners; wartime documents and radio messages available at the 2d Demobilization Bureau Liquidation Office; and interrogations, statements, and private records of personnel concerned. In many instances material was either lacking altogether or consisted of mere scraps, resulting in a certain amount of inaccuracy and incompleteness in some portions of the report. he repori has been checked against all available Japanese sources, but has not been compared with documents or material from other sources. o accomplish the latter would have involved a considerable amount of time, delaying publication of the monograph still further. he graphic presentation originally used in compiling the document in Japanese was carried over into its translated form as the simplest and most accurate method of depicting the information.

6 hat portion of Monograph 6 pertaining to Japonese shipping losses (Parts inn and JK ) is not intended as a duplication of information in Japanese Naval and Merchant Shipping Losses During World War U by All Causes, prepared by the Joint Army-Navy Assessment Committee and published by the United States Department of the Navy in February 947. he latter volume lists only those vessels of 500 or more gross tons, while this document lists all vessels, regardless of size. In comparing the two studies, information in this document pertaining to the names of the ships and tonnage should be accepted, while information in the U.S. Navy publication as to damage or sinking and the location of the strike probably will be more accurate, since, although the ship owners were conversant with the names and sizes of their ships, their information covering the exact location and time of loss was not complete. hus, many ships listed as missing in this report no doubt will be indicated as sunk in the U. S. Navy vol ume. his document supplements others in the Japanese Operational Monograph Series, particularly those pertaining to operations of the Japanese Navy, of which the following ore only a few: Monographs No. 79 through 02, covering naval operations in Pearl Harbor, the Philippines, Okinawa, New Guinea, the Aleutians, Midway, Iwo Jima, the Netherlands East Indies, and other areas; Monographs No. 05 through 25, covering naval operations against Soviet Russia, Malaya, Borneo, and the defense of the Japanese homeland, as well as naval communications ond submarine activities. Certain number of these documents are already on file in the Office of the Chief of Military History, Department of the Army; the remainder, as yet unfinished, will be forwarded there upon completion. he majority of the monographs are typewritten,' difficulties inherent in reproducing the charts in this monograph in any quantity necessitated that it be printed.


8 NOE Part I is primarily concerned with the organization of Fleets with numerical designations. he organizations of the First to Fourth Southern Expeditionary Fleets inclusive, which should be categorically listed in Part I, have been noted in Part III under the Southwest Area Fleet. Ships and naval units which were under the direct command of the C-in-G of the Combined Fleet were placed under the heading of Combined Fleet, as were the attached units. he Combined Fleet, in its full sense, actually encompassed all the Fleets listed in Parts I, I and M as well as the directly assigned and attached units. he First Mobile Fleet, not graphically shown in any Part of this volume, was composed of the Second and hird Fleets and existed as such from I Mar to 5 Nov 44, In the following charts, the double horizontal lines represent the active tour of the naval units which comprised each Fleet and the single horizontal lines represent the breakdown of each naval unit. Changes in the organization ore noted as they occurred with dates in parenthesis.

9 CHAIN OF COMMAND OF HE IMPERIAL JAPANESE NAVY (From 8 December 94 to 5 August 945) IMPERIAL GENERAL HEADQUARERS NAVY GENERAL COMMAND (Established 25 Apr 45) SOUHEAS SOUHWES F I RS SECOND YOKOSUKA KURE MAIZURU SASEBO POR ARHUR AREA FLEE AREA FLEE AIR FLEE AIR FLEE NAVAL DISRIC NAVAL DISRIC NAVAL DISRIC NAVAL DISRIC NAVAL GUARD DISRIC 29 May May 45- I Jul 43-5 Jun 44 - Deactivated 5 Aug 45 5 Aug 45 5 Feb Jul 44 5 Jon 42! I! ELEVENH EIG HH HIRD SOUHERN FIRS CHINA SECOND CHINA HIRD CHINA HAINAN GENERAL ESCOR FIRS ESCOR OSAKA CHINHAE OMINAO AKAO MAKO AIR FLEE FLEE EXPEDIIONARY EXPEDIIONARY EXPEDIIONARY EXPEDIIONARY NAVAL GUARD COMMAND FLEE NAVAL GUARD NAVAL GUARD NAVAL GUARD NAVAL GUARD NAVAL GUARD FLEE FLEE FLEE FLEE DISRIC DISRIC DISRIC DISRIC DISRIC DISRIC 29 May May 45 " 29 May 45 - Deactivated Deactivated 5 Nov 43-0 Dec 44 Deactivated 5 Aug 45 5 Aug 45 5 Aug Aug 43 0 Apr 42 I5 Aug 45 5 Aug 45 Org 5 Jon 42 Nov 42 COMBINED FLEE NORHEAS SOUHEAS SOUHERN SOUHWES FIRS SOUHERN SECOND SOUHERN HIRD SOUHERN CENRAL PACIFIC ENH FIRS FIRS FIRS AREA FLEE AREA FLEE EXPEDIIONARY AREA FLEE EXPEDIIONARY EXPEDIIONARY EXPEDIIONARY AREA FLEE AREA FLEE MOBILE FLEE AIR FLEE FLEE FLEE FLEE FLEE FLEE o 4 Jul 42; 5 Aug Dec 42 - Deactivated 0 Apr 42-3 Jan 42-0 Mar 42-3 Jan 42-4 Mar 44-5 Feb 45- I Mor 44-5 Feb- 0 Aug 44; Deactivated 5 Dec May 45 3 Jon May 45 0 Apr 42 0 Apr 42 IO Apr 42 8 Jul 44 5 Aug 45 5 Nov 44 8 Moy- 5 Jun Feb 44 FIRS SOUHERN FIRS WELFH ELEVENH SECOND SECOND EXPEDIIONARY AIR FLEE FOUREENH FIRS SOUHERN SECOND AIR FLEE AIR FLEE AIR FLEE FLEE FLEE AIR FLEE EXPEDIIONARY FLEE o I Mar 44; 0 Apr 42-0 Aug 44- FLEE 5 Aug Dec Jul 44-5 Nov 44 5 Feb 45 8 May 45 4 Mar 44-5 Feb 45- I Mar 44 5 Dec May 45 5 Nov Apr 45 8 Jul 44 5 Aug 45 I5 Nov 44 FIFH EIGHH SECOND SOUHERN SECOND FOURH HIRD HIRD EXPEDIIONARY SECOND SOUHERN HIRD FLEE AIR FLEE FLEE AIR FLEE FLEE FLEE EXPEDIIONARY FLEE FLEE o 0 Mar 42 ; 0 Apr 42-5 Nov 44 FLEE 5 Aug Dec 42-4 Mar 44-5 Feb 45- I Mar 44 0 Jul 44-4 Jul 42 5 Dec May 45 5 Feb 45 8 Jon 45 5 Aug 45 8 Jul 44 I Mar 44 5 Aug 45 5 Nov 44 HIRD SOUHERN HIREENH NINH FIFH FOURH EXPEDIIONARY AIR FLEE HIREENH FLEE AIR FLEE FLEE FLEE AIR FLEE o 4 Mar 44, to Apr 42-5 Nov Sep 43-0 Feb 45-8 JuI May 45 5 Feb 45 5 Feb Mar 44 5 Aug 45 5 Aug 45 5 Aug 45 FOURH SOUHERN FIFH ENH FIFH EXPEDIIONARY FLEE AIR FLEE FLEE FLEE o 30 Nov 43-5 Dec 44- I Mar 45-0 Mar 45 5 Feb 45 5 Aug 45 5 Aug 43 NINH NOE ELEVENH SI XH FLEE he Navy General Command was established to unify the tactical command over all the AIR FLEE FLEE fleets as well as the General Escort Command and the naval districts. Admiral Soemu o 25 Mar 44-- oyoda, C in C of the Combined Fleet, wos appointed Chief of the Navy Generol Com- 24 Dec 42 0 Jul 44 mand {concurrently). On 29 May 45, he was succeeded by Vice Admiral Jisaburo Ozawa to fill the concurrent role. With the advent of this appointment, the situation arose whereby the C in Cs of the Southwest and Southeast Area Fleets outranked Ozawa as WELFH SEVENH AIR FLEE far as seniority was concerned. Inevitably, these two Area Fleets were removed from FLEE 8 May-5 Aug 43 i the Combined Fleet and placed under the direct command of Imperial General Head 5 Dec 44-0 Apr 45 quarters. 5 Aug 45 5 Aug 45 Inclusive dates in each box indicate the respective unit's position in the chain of commond for that period. Detached, transferred or reassigned units are repeated and placed in EIGHH FLEE their proper positions for the period designated. In box where no date is entered, the unit existed in that position throughout the war. 4 Jul Dec 42

10 UNI DESIGNAION D"5C -AN FEB MAE MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OC ROV DECJAN FEB MAE APR MAY JO JJL AUG SE P OC NOY DBCJAN FEB MAR APE MAY JON JO, AUG SEP OC NOV DEC lonidinea Combined] Fleet st Battli ship CiviiIon st NAGAO Battleship JOSU «Division YAMAO First Fie ((4)-i(5) J stbatt le sh p Dilifaomt ined Fleel «' 4 >L -J tn 3d Battle ship Divis ion/ irs t Flee ><I4) (4) o Dire ot Oo mnanc ofc-ln Comt tned Fleet 425) OYO:>O <25) Deaotivat 3econi. Flest (5)' o Se<ond Fleet 45 AUG) 2d Battle SP" 325) neao tivat (25) o C smb in s d Fl set HYO3A < <25) o 3ombiied Jlee t 2d FJSO Battleship Division YAMASHIEO (25).NlGAO (25) o lbt Battlesli p DLv./Se.MJS )Eemi red Pleet 3d Battle hip Hi vis.on First Fleet KONGO Battleshi p HAEI3RA Division KIESHMA. HIEI o Second Flee o Uth Bittleship Fleet 6th Cruiser Division 6th Cruis r Division AOBA KNUGASA KAKO FUEUAKA (0) Dsacti rated (0) l o KUSS Nan. Dist. <IO) to lijbt h 5) Removed (0) Hemov* d 9th Cruiser Division 9th Cruis KIAKAMI 0 r Di-'ision =(20) Deactivated ( 0) Combined llee t (20)/ st Destri quad:'on lifth ABUKDVtA, XI) o Stuadron/Fifth F eet st 6th Destr; ver Divls (l)o Mth Ibestrci Destroyer yer! quedron/ir s t leet 7th Dest' Divi Ion Squadron (0) p Des roye: Squidron/Flrs i Air Fleqt 24.,h De 2st Dest: oyer troy«rdlv, (0) KI4) Ed Destroyer 5quadro in/: Fleet Divl Ion <l)o ] s t D«stro; er S uadrdm/fifth 27th Dest: Dv ion 4t h Destroyer Squadron/Secord F e t -


12 UNI DESIGNAION DEC JAN FSB MAR APE MAY JUN JU AUG SEP OC RO OCJAN EB MAR APR MA ONJOL AOG SEP OC NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR A ^ MA JON JUL AUG SEP OC NOV EEC JAN FSB MAR APR MAY JON JOL AUG 3d Carrie r>ii ision 3d Carrier HOF3HO & Zrrao Division MIKAZOKI i Y3!AZE I) De activate< HC First ] eet llj!0gam First SHNSH0 Ifl IBU I 2 >ved "(0) o 7 th Ct rrie P Dilr/hi rd : eet (30 50 Fleet OSH 420) o irst Air Flee (30: o Ssoon Destroy r Sl/Se( ond Flee HO (20) o Attached 5th Cirrl( tr Dis/i:'St i ir.eet hzuk UCUMC ^20) O st E joor Div./Sou" hwes t Ar a F"eet frl Y I) okor re inic g Sqilafiro AZE o *irst Air Flee "DMO Air Jrou ( I) o 50 th kir Flo Alls /hi rd F eet n (Combined ies tl (5 Irat Mobi Le : eet' Com ine( Fie Deac.iva' e d 4th Cruis sr Division Deac.ivat ed AAGO ft M LYA 4th o C moil sd F leet Cruiser Division AKAO o 5.h Ciuise Dii./Second ; 'leeffnra. o S Fie 3t 05) o C tnbir ed F leet 5th Cruis. >r Pi pn HAGURO & '[OKO 5th 0 So ithm st Area : 7 lee Cruiser o Cruis 3r D J V,/Fi fth fleet AKAO (5)- ^^^^ Division I tman ) (2I> =! OK 3 (2)^^^^ wj KtJRlS rinin g SqlacLn n :D C 7th Cruis I D i 7-isi >n 7th Dea( tiva ted MOGAMI S-. HI) K Cruiser LULSNO & OE o ' hire Flei i t o! tb C ruis ir DJ y/se s ond Fle< t ivision "4, Second SUZUYA ft : 'MAN0 VW A & CH o Combined fleel Fleet 8th 8th Cruis' ir Di 7isi >n Cruiser ONS & CKKMA Division o l'hird Fle«t 3d Battleship Division Bat tiesilipd: visi I Bctii atec )NG0 ( >o hlr Fl<iet Com*inec Fie *t 0 lst Bat ties lip I iv./a eoon Fi et NtGA< st Battleshii Division Lst sattj BBhi ) Di^iaio li = =(0) teaot ivat i& Deec iwte IAGA XJ [IV -(0) OKOS JKA ]lav. I st. rosa!hi 'o C<utiin ea F eet X) M 4Mb A III -(0) 0 Ist Ca iei Dl!/Sec >nd Ileet M l tuna ) mon 0 KBRE Km DiSt. Attached MA( (5p MM 0) o st Batt lebh.p Djv^Se cond Fleet - 3


14 WI DESIGNAION DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JJL AUG SEP OC NO DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUK JUL AUG SEP OC NOV DEC JAN FEB WAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OC NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG 4th Destr( ver Squa ron Dea tivi ted NAG NAKA < Spec ill ve} JRA^ o d D< str< yer qua Iron/ Seoo nd F eet JRA 7ed 2d Destroy er I ivis on ctiv ted 4 th 4th Destrj P\Jl ion 0 < th I Squa hii d Fl jet Destroyer 9th Destrc jer_ Divi ion st *rayt jadrc n'f' fth lee Squadron 24th Desft oyei Div sion ro ii t De stro er J qua a ron/ irsi Fie t 8th Destrt yer Divi! ion Spec ial Rese ve) 27t] Des troy* r D: visi n J- o 2d testi oyer Squ dron /Sec and ] leet SAMI DARE >(2O! Second Fleet lit De: troj er S< uadi on (l)=(20] SAKA WA (IM20) 53d Des troj er D! visi j H2O] OIZD EL { W2O N HE (IH20 th S3 IA (IHZO) Destroyer Squadron HA SI (IH2C! > Coi Dine d Fli et th lth Seap lane end er Dvisi on Seaplane HIC SE I nii c SAS BO ] av Dlst o outh east Aret Fie t ender lw A JARO IKA^ A MA ( ), EA KI (IH2O] SH I I (IW2O! NAS KI (IM2Q SIMI ffi (i K2o: NA^ SUZJ ERO a. (t H20 n [BK2Q KAMIKAZE A3J Attached o C ombi tied leet DYOD HI5* ^ ) O 5th :rui»er I ivis Ion/ ioutti west Area Fleet hird Fief t eaet ivat sd) r stj J obil ( Fl :et) Dea< tiva,ed 6th Cruii er I iv. 6th o 3eco id So uthe rn EJ :ped. Flee Cruiser Division o 6 th C uise r Di r/se ond Sout lern Expe i. F l et KtMA [3) o hi d So uthe rn E :pe4 Flee 7th la rer I V. 3) r eaot vate hird 7th a ISOII-. [3) o l.ird t Fleet layer 7AEYAMA. Divi s ion (3) o l.ird 3out i era Sxpe d. Fl set ASMIYA (3) o Ird Flee iarxi ' t 'th C ruis 3r DvisJ on UMAt 0 l) A 7 th m Cruiser IOC3AMI <R>Q )mv>- o Se s ond Fie t (4) Division Spec al I eser e) I) ('i)chi - 5

15 WI DESIGNAION S45 DEC JAN FEB WAR APR MAY JUN JtJL AJG SEP OC NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JON JU L AUG SEP OC KOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JIM NOV DEC 8th Cruiser Division Sth Cruiser (4): ONE (I4) (4)- Div< sion =() De -ID o otii 7th ted!ruls4r Dlk/hit-d Fltet 0th Destroyer Squadron ] DthI estro yerjgaadran (4* NAGARA K2O) o 4 th Destroyer AGAE 3 4 th Destroysr DJvisioi 0th Destroyer Iivlsl (4* 5th D astro rer I ivi si (4* 7th Destroyer (4* {st D sstro irer Eiviai^n do* Squadroi/See and P 3) Remsvefi (3 j Dea jtiva ;ed 0) D!actl a ted SHIMOSOKl (IO> -Ki5) "o 4s ; Des 4 it De 3troy ir Di-r. (is) i\5)> sacti rated 05) -(5) o 2d Destroyer Sq. /Second Fleet 'o Co ibined Fleet 2d )eact.sion o 2d Destroyer S</Seoond leet vated Destroyer So/Second Fleet th Battleship Division th Battles lip Iivisi (I4> (4 KRISHWA (4* =( 0) C20) -(20) Deactiirat Ren hird 3d Battleship Division Hetties hip (24] (24 Second F3eet (24) HARUA Fleet 5th Destr 5th NAOHI Destroyer Squadron 5th Destr yerliiv. 2Sd Destr< yerjiiv. (0! D( aoti"ated < 6t: Cru ser cond Sout] l Fir it So ither u Ex>$d, Flfcet (0) Second S uthei'n : eet r xpad. Flee 6th Squadron 2th Seaplane ender Division 6t h SuDtnaa ine jig. Com' IHOGEI 6 th 9th Subma tiva 3th Div. i\o)\ r I-:.23(25WIO) 2th Sesap. ane ender D: Div^ ([) Deac tiva- KAMIKAWA o hird Fie SANYO MAR lined Flee ; Squa lron/( omblied F Leet ed Subiiarim Squi dron jied fleet st Carrier Cirrie: Div Lsion (4)= (4) (4* (0) ' 3d <IO) ' hil I) o 3d Cs(rriei Div. 'hird Fie it AIH0 (7* liyho HO* j-«o) JNRYU LMA< 0) (Olst Air Uroup (IO> =(5) qarri< d r Di^r/hi et bined Fleet d Fleet hil d Fie e t 4t h Carrj er D: v:/h: rd flee t (5) o li t Carrier Div/Combined Fleet

16 UNI DESIGNAION Z& Carrier Division 5oth Air Flotilla raining) JAN MAR MAY UN JUL AUG SEP OG NOV DEC JAN FSB WAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OC NO DECJAN MAR APR MAY JON J"UL AUG SEP OC NOV DEC (4) sc J.O JI NYO HIYO (3) Ler D visi (0) Ramov t I5J: Oth Air Flotilla JHO :OSHO 'JKAZE ANOYA r> S JIKI Ai r C Ai r C roup (ra ningi (2) RY3H0 52 d A: r Gro Deactivated I 2d C vlsio irr lei (5) CHOS Air Gt- ilq) <IO) MO) 40) Mo) D o "hird Fleet o $lst Ajlr Fl tills/wel th A r Fie o :.2th o iilst Cpmbin 3d Ail Grou j/kuri Fl till4/welfth Ai Nav. )iat. r Fie it it) Deantivatted (activated > 4th arr hi a FI st arr act* ated er Dl d Fi e et './hird Fie 3a Carrier Division 3d Carrie;' Division CHI CBE CHYOCA. ZUIH3 653d A I Grc. 2UIKAU Deact vated o Coibined Fleet Deaot vated hird 4th arri ir Div sion Fleet I.ISE 4th o Se ond Fleet Carrier.HYUO, I5) Division JJNYO (0) o Is Carrier Div/ UHO ^ombl ed Fleet (0) 364 i Air iroup "(5) o Se ond Air Fleet st Base =(io) eaotiirated SHXRAAKA -mo; o 2s t Spesial rce/ econc Rout xpe Flee AOAKA -(0) o 23dSpec Lai rce/s cond South rn E sped leet 2st wee pe r Div -(0) teactirated st Subch ser I iv. 2d Subcha er DJ v. o 2ls; Spejial 3ase F ilxpe Flee 2th Subc o 23dSpecl al B ase l rce/s cond oath sped. leet o 2s Spe ial 3ase roe/ :eoon< Sou Fleei st Conve tedflunboa st I 32a Special Ba se Force/l ird! iuthe ied F eet Base 5st Conv rtedjrubch iser IiLI j Force 52 d Convert id Subchaser o 24tji Special Base Farce econc Rout Fleei MAR o Sup rce/ iecond Sout ern :ped. leet o Navy Min stry Supply ""or st Defen eaotiy ate a st Conm. hit!eactikrated st Survey o Sebond feouthbrn Exlped. Fleet st Harboi o 2ls t Specia Jial l Base Rase Farce/ Becontl Sout Fleei RAKJSAN v\ RU mo) o Navfcr Mln Lstry Suppl

17 UNI DESIGNAION DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JIM JUL AUG SEP OC NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MA JUN JUL AUG SEP OC NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MA JUN JUL AUG SEP OC NOV DEC hird Fleet 2d Base force Special Base Force 24th Special Base Force 2d Base Force WAKAAKA 2st orpedo Boat Division th sweeper Division 30th sweeper Division sweeper No.9 sweeper No.20 2st Subohaser Division 3st Subchaser Division ASUHARU MARU SHINKO MARU NICHIU MARU SANUKI MARU SUMANOURA MARU SEIAN MARU IMIZU MARU 2d Converted Gunboat Div. 3d Converted Gunboat Div. 53d Converted Subchaser Div, 54th Converted Subchaser D iv. KENRYU MARU KUMAGAWA MARU 2d Defense Unit 2d Comm. Unit 2d Survey Unit KYODO MARU No.36 2d Harbor Master's Office HAKOZAKI MARU 32d Special Base Force 24th Special Base Force 24th Conn. Unit D bid Southern Expsd. Fl Attached ISUKUSHIMA ASUMIA MARU AMABIKO MARU KAMIKA W A MARU SANYO MARU 00D0 425) o Comb in d Fl set MOGAfI 5) o Conbined Fleet 33d Air Group CHIOSE :i)o Cr:-ier ])iv/iird st uir G'oup Fleet 35th Air Group (0) c st Harrier Di<r/h5 rd F 'o 50 h Ail railing) hir Fie ]II0 (0 ^"(0) R imove UOY.AIHO SEOKAKU o Caibined Fleet (I5)J 5( th A! r Flc tllle(raining)/hi:d

18 r. O k r^ V & rl H S rl rl &i rl <! H ih R O S JA l in ID O 5 S^ <M in in in 55 ifi t> N EH 4> IS H ih & (0 <! B ion V.s iser M o S -< ^< ro H s 3 MAR 43 <a rv pi Xl g. rj EEC 43 eet r^ eet g o rv ^. 0 irl o a c c t» to rl rl r< o o a> a) «<! 3 ^ X3 M OC 0 rh 5 H ^ O ft, PlH «s 6*.3 fc X 43 xl xa ID 0} ID ID ; <d +> +s > 3 d CO xj (0 xj w t> h j: «f to CO ft H 2 W ^ Xl Vl xl *H ^ ^. V- pa o fci w * O CM rh g rh o 0) O 0 xl <D EH fi EH EH +> P EH 0 43 rh rl ^ g iff U O o o o flu < c I «It o -< << < a! B ^ a XI xl Xi 0 s P 4» +3 If) ^> r^ ci «Si 0J CVJ EH EH EH q n MAY! s S (25) tille s s 0) ^H o 7 04)j o F o 7 o F fleet 43 4> <D U <D m rh H F^i r~l s I! 4> 0 B 0 S S c ID p M rf cl ri Ct P O 0 c O O (3 a GH a H (SO H sm ri8 g <D <n ~ > P n ih * " Pi i H «P OK> I-l R fr- 3 I _J ' " o r< 5 M u ID ( 5s S P n U ID i ih fa 3 g 6 4> 4> D Pn i r rl E 5 P m m 4> r* >H -a! % "3 I B H fr) U g E 3 H CO HS P $ 5o g ID CO W to ca $ 8 < % I S H S^ < Sxi xl p * %$ Sg M %K o CD S Pel H E P P Ol O > r» 0 rlf *B P ^Q (M W IO S i O EH lei EH 32g MM CM H MOCO a) u R r- m *r,^ «* f Si vh *H + a 3 w*< 0 «^ H r-l «c bin i e (0l)«6th Js itill 24th CHI till till 'leet a.toil '(0) I t S3 4> fc W cf ca 0

19 ONI EESGNAI0N 94 DEC 945 AUG 3d Base Force 3d Base Force 4th Converted Gunbo OKUYAMA MARt 3th Converted fetreeijer D: 55th Converted Subc 3d Defense Ohit 6th. Ai r Group 4th Base Porce KOEI MAHU Pourth Fleet 4th Base Force 5th Converted Gunbo 6th Converted Gunbo 4th sweeper Dl 56th Converted Subehjiser 57th Converted Subc 58th Converted Subc 4th Defense Unit 7th Air Group 5th Base Force 7th Converted Gunboi 5th Base Force SHOEI MARU 5th Converted 59th Converted Subc 60th Converted Subc: 5th Defense Unit 54th Guard tfait 8th Air Group - 0

20 UNI DESIGNAION Fourth Fleet 6th Base Force 94 DEC JAN MAR APR MA 6th Base oree 8th Conve ted Junta at DLvds HAKKAISAN MAR WISUSHIMJ OOS J Mi RJ -24) Hem 6t h Convj nes^ree ser 63d & 65t! 62d Convei tea Subclaser 64tli Con"»Br ;ed S lbcha 6th Defens e Un.t (5) toiu 65th Guar Unit 9th Air (roup 942 Ion Con rert< fl Su jchailer ivision Di v Lsior Mva ID 6tl UN JUL AJG OC NOV DEC JAN MAR APR ti i te d st Guard 63 d 64 Sutaariie Base nbit <IO) Ieactiva t s& 3KUA MAR IAID0 MAR KA0RI (4) 6t h Rem»ve d Comm. mice tjor s tn. t 9ESd A.r Gi -(5) 5) to 3 Speci e )eac liiratbd ede igni ted) MAJO J (5). 943 JU L AUG SUP OC NOV DSC JAN Fo i ce/f- jurtli Fie e t 6 th lhi t 6 3thCH.(5) o Supply iemored ; (2o: I FEB MAR APR (MA 5) Eemovud ; ourth FLeet, Dtactirate 944 UN JJL A JG SE P OC NOV DEC JAN MAR APR MAY -(8) De eti te d 945 JUN JU L AUG 8th Specia 3a ae Foree o Ei!5 hth Fleet i84tti Guird 30 th Special Base Force 3o th S eotel Base. rce d Coimuni catijons tlnit 45t Gui ird r 3 Oth o C Bas< i ce) a F3 2 d uxfa :e ^s cort Di slot 2d Surface Escort DiYi aion KN. ZAE MAR 3()th I st r»yer Div. (I0MI4 (I) o o avy Mini stry L MAI J rivi ighth r. ee t Su p ily rorce emoied,o (I).ZtKI..OKI, HI DOR: eet PI ORI o (eneral Coranand -

21 UNI DESIGNAION 4th DEC JAN MAE APR MAY JON UL SEP CO MOV DEC JAN MAR APR MAY JO JtJL AUG SEP OC NOV tec JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JtJJ JJL AO SSP OC RO DEC JAN JEfl MAR APR MAY JON Mas fcer'i Off I) o 4t t Base orcs/foirtli CIYOKA'VA 'o Sighth lett IAEA Removed SHOEI VAFJ (25) Removed YAMABAO 4ARU. 0) lovba HIKAWA WAI U (25) o omb ned lee' KONGO MAR <2O] Remc ved KINRYJ MAI U_ o C ambi] e d leefc imizuru 2 dj tait Dt acti ate< Survay Hi it -(5) o F Leet 945 fourth leet KAMHAWA : IARU EKE 3d Sp.ljO. IBI tding tohit 0) 0 ;h. Cc us. J lit o th C ms. tfnlt { OK.J.W, o Ip-th eaplpne 'ender Dif/Com line Flest I tbo IA ẠR n eet <l)o 52d liase Force /OMIJAO Nav. ;aarc Dis'i (I o lltl. Sea plan* enfeer Di\t/S< cond Fleet S JKA 6 tfasfitfer. li m.dln t (25 SDK DSHI (25> 2O! o List Surrt Y Vn.% (2a) Sea tivatad (20 -tt Con tion Unit I) o K5R! Nav, Dist ^AS!BO th Sii Lancing tait iacti ratei Attache KOSIitt. gc Sv. Jav. andi: ig Jt Lt \O> 6tl AA alt 48) Eeai stivated ZZ st Cona 5> Ihit 5H20 43d AA (20 i\e) Dei icti ited (E0> l46th AA tiit )eaetlvat«d rtheist jrea fleet 8]3t - 2

22 i UNI DESIGNAION DEC JAN MAR APR MAY AXi SEP OG NOV DSC AN FEB MAS APR MA JO JJL AOG SEP OC NOV DEC JAN PEB MAR APR MAY JJN KJL AJG SEP OC NOV FEB MAR APR MAY ONJDL AUG 945 Fifth Fie t/ccmblnad FLeet ft h Fleefc/Noi thea it Area 'leet Dsact O ted 5tl DiVy* enth leet Fifth Fleet 2st Cruiser Division SSd Pioket Boat Squadron 3st Escort Squadron 2st Crui er IIIB AMA «3O) O lltl Des troy r Scuadr)n/C(«nbined eet nso -(30) o Y0K< SKA Dist KIMIKAWA *ARU NACH c Fifth F eet o Ci nibin ad F eet ASEICARJ 25)" 'o F: fth Flee SSd Picke Boet IKAGI MAS io 2d 'lcket Bolt ast Fleet UAA MAR &SAKA MAR KOWi MARC SH(KO (I) < HINO MAR No. Pisket Boa Groip 3HINtY0 I ABI IOKJI MAR NO tl) (Z5> st 2d & 3 Flo cet ioat Groii JS Sulply jtiit, 'Combined Fleet Ml list: y St pply Force (I) c 2d Bo i t Group )eao (2) o 2!d Pioket Boa Sqiadro I/NO] theast A*ea leet -3] st Esc or Sqiadroi ISJZJ 43d 52 d Des' roysr o Co nbin d F. eet CD ill & Coast Defonse Fii st E 3C or Fleet CD J2 & 3oth D6B' roye(r JSSd Air Deac tiva ;ed st Destroyer Squadron 7th Base Foroe 8 DOB troy»r 5c uadr on (NOV) DeaJjtl ted ABtKDWA i -(20) o ;omb: ned Flee Destroy Di vislm (3D Deactivated De3tro - r er I ivlslon -(s: o '..7th ar Slrlsl 2d Hestr oyer Squ«dran/Seoc nd I leet 8th Destroyer D Lvlsion (5) J ival ed 3 st I). strosrer io n (I5W20) o 2d test oyer d Fl set 7th Base fore CjntHdlMA 4rea Slj Baa e for se I I (I5W2O) o Combine CHICHIJIMt^ Ait Gro ap Flest MAGINS ]»HU 0 th Con* rted Gunb «t D (25) tlo! YOSHIDA 5) ed V o YOHOSUKi Nai.Bia 5DQ (I5>i ifcaru 7th Con irte Mlnsswe uper Dl. 66th Con irte ) CHICtLJIllA CdnBll.I]lit 7th Defen e Pi it - 3


24 Sixth leet WI DESIGNAION Squadron EEC Sixth Flei t AN FEB MAH APR MAY UN UX AW SEP OC NO IEC AN FEB MAR APE MAY JIN UL AUG SEP OC NOV EECJAN FEB MAR APR MAY UN UL AtJG SEP OC NOV IECAN FEB MAR APR MAY IM ULAO KAORI (5) o General Eieort Command 2t h Subnu Divlsloi (0) 2th gutamnrini DivLaloi Deactiva (0) 54t L Sutmarlie D vision I-0 (0) ltemo^ed Sub ngrjj ie_dj 0) vate fl L5th ibm.7 K30) Deaoti L-ll (30) Removed I- 2 (4) st Submaiine 3qua Iron st Subm. O Silth FLeet 2d PjJiBJon 5d Subm,D (I) o Fourth Fleet st 4th Subma: ine Squadron E IAN MAR <IO) Heaoti-rat (22 «25) o 5th Subnarins Dii'lsicn j. 5 h Su> on (25" Submarl ae 5quad:-on 320) Deajstiv^ted ine Division -(20) o feixti Flejet ine Division -(20) Deajtiv«ted -7 -(20) o 3ixt!. Flajet I-0 ID o Sixth Flset SAHOS MJ RU (20) o iddre Nav. l))ist, Z5) Deactivi o Exth 3d Submar ne quadfon Deactivated ilth DivLsior (5) Dea i tivated 2th Div Laioi o ixth Fie 20th Sul.bmi rine Dea itivuted 3a [-8 -(20) o th S ibmai ine 3q/Combir ea F eet Squadron U5> - o 3 at Sabma ins Squa Iron/ Sixti Fl et 2 d ubmarine Dlv!aion YAStJCJRI ASU o Sixti Fl< et ( ) <I5) o ) ixth Pie o lt h Subm i Squadro:i/Si3:tii Sleet 5*& -5 (6X30) c st Di srisit lsi 6tl Subiiarire (2o: Submaxijie Di.(20 temoved - 5

25 UNI DESIGNAION JAN B MAR APR MA JUN JUL AOG SEP OC KOV DEC JAN SEB MAE APR MA JtlN 3JL AtG SSP OC NOV DEC JAN FEB MAE APR MA JUN JO, ADC Bth Squadron ubm. Sq/S: xth th Squadron 3 ubm. Div. S([/Combined Subm.Di. Subm, Eiv. Fit. - 6

26 UNI DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MA JON JDL AtJG SBP CC HOV EEC JAN FSB MAR APR MAY JW JC, ADD SEP OC NOV ESC JAN EB MAR APR MAY JON JUL AUG SEP OC N0V EEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JtJL ADG i Su marl le S luadi on!t S : Dinar ine )V. )eac ivat sd 'tiv te d Sixth Fleet 7th Squadron Attached st S J tubm. Div., ) H 0) 5d Syttm. y no) o 3th! lubm. Set/ Silt le t (I =2 (0) >I-26 (6H24) o : 4t h (24> (0) o st: 3ubm Di, i-a I Stf /Six th V.eet 7t h 3ubm irin«div isioi L 7t h Suta (28>(0) o 4 bh S tbn. iv. L3th Subm -Mv. (4) Po 7 -h Su am. S ivfcis ht h rloei isic Fift h FI sat ) o 4t h Subm, Div RO-3 RO-3 5 (3 \ I Vs 'J ASUF :mi KARJJ 34 t Sul nu I i iemo-s e d 3oth Sub o. Bes B Dn; if D ^t h Sim. JaseD f D > emov 3d -36 (3 - ; [ Hi r) (27 Hi -04 (5) Hi -02 (0) act" St S bmal ine 3a se Unit JBH MARU 4 (20 -(20 65S : o Al: Y URE Gro Supp.y Iff i t UP irem ived i-o 5 t Sub nari] ie Di vision j > o 6 t i Su b sari.e Di vision hird So. Erped, Fit. i even.h F ee t 8th Escort Squadron If t h E scon Sq, IO)=I (5) D sact: vate d OI WA 0) <5) K )EI \[AR0 K5)[ a Sei enth Fleet E IJO taru (I0H (5>J GHC HAKD SAN ARU (0) -(0) Remo ve d 0 3d E con Sq. 0^= Seventh H IROS UKI 0) OKI IOH Fleet lq3a Mr AKE I0H Escort Squadron OKU (0) KAB BHI (I0H EA AWA I0 H CD 59 ( Coas Dei ense Shi] NO 59) (0)- Cl 60, 37, 2 & 23 (0) - 7 C 02, 04, )6 & 54 0) WI OSEI I Gu urd tit 33 d Com erte Mil eswe per Div. ( ) De actl' a tec i O CIWA & KO I M LRU (5MI0) o (,ener a l Escor t Conmfind E l ro M LRU 5) 0) E moved SU 3HIMJ Gua d Uli t (I5> Si s Co«st I fen se G: oup 0)

27 ONI DESIGNAION DEC JAN FS B MAE APR MAY JDN JUL AUG SEP OC NO DEC AN FEB MAE APE MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OC NO DEC JAN FEB MAS APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OC NO DECJAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JU L AUG Eighth Fie et (4)= CHOKAI =(24) Soutieasi. Are i Fl^et/Combine a Fleet o < th C :uiser Di /Sec nd ]'leet EBUGASA 5) Ri iino EKRU 0X 4) O Ship 4th Class JO) (I) < Des troys r Sqaadrc n/fl OBA YUEAEI NAOJIRA st Sleet (25 o ] irst Sout hern Expe d. Fl< et ) o 3d r istrc yer Fou] h.eet Fi t e t 8th Cruiser Division 8t h ruis (4)= ENRY7 r D.isi eactlvat o Eighth Fleeit 3d iestioyer Squa Eighth Fleet 3d Destroyer Squadron SENDAI 8t h Des royi ". (25 I) Deactivated th Destroyei Div sior (25,22d Pivi ion 50th Destroysr Pi isi (3) 5) Rsmove YI3I ARI (0) Ieaet: vate d.^abagir: to Ceitra] fi e Flee 7th SiLbmar JINGE] mad'on 'o Ku ranalist. 7th Squadron 3th ubma :ine Divi ion Sst Sutra.. tt.. 5iDe activated -34 <!) 0-0 Hi) 0-03 R0-D2 <l) (20 U) ito-io 6(i5Ml) SO-0 7 (5W I) o Southe; st Area leet th F 7th Base Force 5d ha ser IlYis Ed ha 5th qomam: lie at ions ubma Unit 82 d (29)" 4th j/e j ghth Flee Guar a Unit Foroe/Fo irth B"lee 35th (5) Guar I Un lint - 8

28 UNI DESIGNAION 8th Base Force 94 DEC AN FEB MAE APR MA 3"K UL AJG SEP OC NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JJL SEP OC NOV DEC JAN FIB MAR MA JJN JUL AUG SEP OC NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR (4)= 8 th B ise Ioree )o 3out least Are Fli Ho. 30 & (4) 2L (0) 'o MA CO A*ea Spec' al ase force /AXLO Ni «-. GI: ard )ist. W-S5 O) o ;!ubolibser Div st sioi Base For<e/Eighth Fleet 5th Base For!e/< urth Fie 24th Suwhaeer Dlvja <5) ( hird S E::ped, Fie & W-EE (0) ft> SCth B rc«/cen,ral Pacific Flee d SuSchaner I I. 23a Subopase] Di ^ De icti rate< "(3 ved,c l 3 4) HI) O 4t h Bass Foree/Fo crth Flee 5th rt e Gunboat Div. (J4> NXOCAI MAR -(I) o Supp Ly D iit/( ombl led rieet WABt.(I) ReiDvefi NA 3USH MA i: NASUJI 0 (30) He iove ( 4f 3th ( onverted Sub< hasi r Di r. stivi^ted (MA st (r Uni ; BZ& Guard 0nit Detfee&o] i Sta- jlons (4V (29) o th gase ] 'orce () o 8th Baa ( FO P e/ S LSt Fleet st Base For< i/sl ghth Flee 4i*i Base F >rce/eighth eet (5) MAY JON JU L AO Eighth Fleet st Base Force 2d Base Force i6tb Guard 3th!fulmarine Bas«Unit (5) h Giard Unit ) St: i Ba s e Po; oe/j outleabt Ares Fleet 3th ( ommu alca iloni Bth : [arbjr Mi Bter (25) s Office s t Base 32d Subc hase: Diiisioi -fl) o 4th jase Force/Fourth Fleet Blst Suachai ier jis Lon -(20 o 2 Oth Jase Force/Ce: tr a ) o 2st Spe Base cone Sou ;hen Exjsd. F.set W-2J o MAIZDRU -5 () o SASB0 Coast Defe ise :squacron W-J6 (30) Hem avad (5) d> hird Stuthern E sped Fle> 84tli Guard Hilt Deac tiv ited (th S >ecit Na ra l Landing mi t 87 th Gi.ard Obit (5) KKE 7tl : Navil Liindiig Vn;.t s t Conn unici tioi s XJalt 6th & th : it Ai tjai i Ietec, JW ts (I) (IOV don Station 3! Ant ieuttt. Defection Stati n (i). 2d iaae Force SHrtAAIA,Ch 26, (29) Ch S4 2d iiommi ni cation:: Unit (29> 2t i Hai 5t] i An isul 3d AntisibmarLne :)eteotion Sta-.ion (0) irate d ci 35 05) 05 (3D Dei ctivated o lintj Fleat 4th Base Force ;h k.3st 4tl Bas $ 83a & Bth Guard 7 ;h S]ecia l Na ral tandi ig Ilit Dei cti-yated Ant. subujarinje De.eot: on Station s (i) <3t)J o Sou;hea! eet - 9

29 - 2 0

30 Souti east Area j m i Southwest irea - 2

31 JNI DESIGNAION DEC JAN FEB MAR km MA JN JJL AUG SEP OC NOV DEC JAN FSB MAR APR MA JU JUL AOG SEP OC NOV DEC JAN FSB MAR APR MA JW AUG 24thConver edcru liser 24th HOKOKI MAi 5 Converted LKCKV MAI rr bine Fie Division KXOSHDMA MARU Combined Fleet Pick it BoJ it so, i aaro CHO 3N MA: O o 5 h Pi ket ]joat 2Sd KAZA I MAR J (20)i (25) o roeos JKA Na v. Dii it. Picket KIK] MAR I Boat Division r 2d i 3d & 4th Icke ; Boa t Gro ups 5t ] L Pici et B ;th PJ cket Boat > Dea stivat e d 3st Escort Squadron th Seaplane ender Division th Seap ane ende " Divi sion _ J J. KA IIKAWJ MAR (20) p ed I o S econi n«t OKOSUKA Nav Dist 0) D«ictivated st iscor idron 3st *t Sq' ladroi HANA ISUZl i < M B m mi K5> (5) 30th & 43<. Des roye on: 43d pest. 3iv. 2 Jt Coi»st D«fens< > Gro' ip!20> ^80 ) o D 2 Def«Ship ro.22] W Best a*iu o S cond Flee C D 43 Fi e t 3 7th >est. CD i!9 & 3D ( 3 (3)^ I'* I amove d 4st Dest Div. 33d A >u p < MA] JU & KANJ Io XASA] )o at i IAK:] (20) tooa list 7th Dest Div. t Del! ense IP (20) 52d ] lest. )iv. CD3 <20> (5) (5) > Fira t Ese ;ort fleet 'Gene: al Escort Conunand i;»th A,r Flc tilla (20) ^0) )aaot.vated th 72s Ai r Grouj (20) (0) Air o FJ fth A ir F: eet Flotilla 762d Ai r Group (20 <IO)J 62d Air Flotilla d Aii Flo ilia (5> = =(5) ])eacti vate< 4st Air t rroup (5r (5) i 2st Air ( rroup (5H (5) 322d Air ( rroup (5> i (5) n 4st Air { rroup (5) (5) z 45th Aii ( rroup (5 H <I5) V o Secoi ^a AH Flee t 6st Air (rroup -45) 522d Air ( rroup (5) (IS) 5 24th Air < rroup (5)" <I5) 54st Air (rroup (5)-«(5) 762d Air ( rroup (5) i «(I5) Olst Air loti la(] ana) 0st onlsi & ] 36S' Ai r GOU 38 Ai r Flotilla 022d Ai r G >O I avy General Command roup ] ;8) 45) o Fifth Ai r Flee 022d Ai r f O up (rans.) j C 2st Air ( roup Deac ivated

32 UNI DESIGNAION 4th Carrier Division Squadron/Second Flee estroyeir Squadron/h t Escoirt Squa iron/fi Fth Fie 5) Ieactietea th Destroyer Squadron )estroysr Division destroysr DiviJion <D-"H2OX25) O 5 o t 5> ^j SWIRE (26Hl)- -(2O: M Destroyer Division er rivision royer livision Destroye r Divi (5) O Destrojyer Division Destrojyer Division (5)" MAIZOtU Nav. Dist - 23

33 UNI DESIGNAION DSC JAW FEB MAR APR MAY JtU JUL AC SEP OC HO IEC JAN FEB MAE APR MAY JUS JUL AO3 SEP OC NOV JAN FEB M&R APR MAY JUS JUL ADG 3 d Destroyer Squadron 3d Dpstroyer Scuadroa NAOEI S2d Dfestroier DJvlsio Dsstroyer Djvisio]n 320) <20) Deactivat id o 0ombiced FlJeet Deactivat ed o Mat Escort Squa Jron/Combii ed Fleet 4th Stquac dr m 4th KINU Lbmai 8th Subme rlne Squadron 9 th Subms rice Dlv. Dlv. Elst Subma rine 5AG0YA MAFlJ Dlv. do) sacti a ted 6th Cru Eure Nav 5th Subms rine o 6th SubmE rlne ser rjlvisipn/se DiBt ond J (out hern 3quad:on/Cnntbin«d 5quad7on/C<anbln«d Eaped. fleet 3th Sutamarjine S^uadrpn [0) E jao t i- ated 28th Subme rlne Deact3 vated 29 th Subms rine Div. laoti ated 5th 30th Subme rine Div. Souphwes Are Fleet Squadron Nav. Dist, (0) «li o) (0 RIO-DE-JAipiRO ijaru (0) Southwesi, Aree Sou^hvresL Ares Fleet Fleet Combined SURA 4t h Destrjyer!iquadion/S cond (Fleet Fleet 6th Sutnarin3 Squidron 6 th Squadron CPOGEI (0) 3th Sifanaripe Di rision (0! 2st Sdbmarihe Dikrision do: i-: (0 HAGOYA MAR KURE Nav Diat Si7th Fl set o 7tt Squailron/^ourtt o Division Eleventh Air fleet Flee Lst Combined Cojanuni^atioins Foijce OKYO Comra. Unit st Combined Coma. Force AKAO Comm. Uhi 3HICHIJIMA Conn OKINAWA Cdnm. i t 3d Conm. jiiit 4t h Conn. XJiit 5t h Comm. Unit 6t h Comm. Unit Wait i t Deactiva 'o MAJtO Ra-i Guard Area Sp Base Force o 4tji Basi Fore e/ Fourth leet Spe ial Base Boroe/pourth Fleet Po 6th Bas«Fort e/fotrth FLeet O'lADA Coa m Unit 8th Combined Special Naval Landing Force h Cosfbineq Spi NJav. Landing Forc < MAIZIRU 4tjh Lindini Unil KIR5 h Sp. Limdin*; Unii 'OKOSIKA 7t h Sp. av. Landing: Unit (20! (20 (20 (20 o Eighth Fleet

34 OU EESIGNACN Z& Combined Sp.Rav. Landing Force a Combin< OKOSUKA HE 5t h JAN FEB MAR APR MA JJN JXJL A3O SEP OC NO DH3JAN FEB MAR APR MA JUN JUL A0G SEP OC NO DEC MAR APR MA JON JDL AUG SASEBO Combined Sp. Kav. Landing Force av. Lan ASEBO st 3ASEBO 2d st ransport Squadron 0th Special Attack Squadron lot], Sp. lout si SKS J AKASAGO laa^hi JRAGAK V (20) o "SOKOSUKA N&.Dlst - 25


36 UNI DESIGNAION DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OC H07 DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OC N07 IEC JAN FEB MAR APR Mft.Y JUN JUL AJG SEP OC N07 IEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JON JUL AUG 945 L UD XX*D & 2th C OE stru ts ( ANJU & KJ LSADO rp.. f MIYd OS k MANJ Uni.{4} 0 isigni CD Z 3s- Sq/Cc Ai Gro ip (3>^H ^'4)y IW A CD * 4 E^ Fir at "S Fie et o 7th iase Fore s/ei 5hth Flee b emo( d 3th & 4th Cor atru itioi ts h^ - Bse ort mbin ed F!.eet 85th C ommu iica ions uni ; (5). MI4)^ (25 MIIj <5) ( con 85th S ubma Base > (>5* ^I4)J Ch 2 3 & < )(SUt ohaq }SB I o.26 It N< Ch. g th Bas 9 Urc Fir st & uth< rn Exped. Fleet foil o 9t i Sp< leial Bas S Foi oe/f irst Soul hern Si p d.f: eet -i MM V 7 L37 4 LS7 3 red J Ren ored rg o Ed rant port Divi sion 2&) o st rai spori Sq^ Somb: ned Flee 7 3 IS7 9 o 2 d n ns () <IO)J port ^ Dl. (in I,S7 3 z lemoted I 57 ^ (8)IH ^25)^. (. r^"i O 3a nspo rt D3 57 If (2)" - (25) J L4(IWiO> Rem >ved IS 7 Combined Fleet Attached 2d ran Bpori Div U , 3 36, 43, L60 (!). <IO) temo ed st rran SPO ' DiU 7: list Kir rrou > (5)- " <2D) \ O th Air Flot /Com >ine<. Fie Bt 7«f Q' UP (!> CO)/ d Ai 7 33a i ir G roup (0) N&.OR" : (20) (0) Reme red A IGO, JHOKi I, MA JA,N( SHIR JAMI wo KI5^ ^20 Cl * Z IHO, CHII OSE rrod Remc ed s 3EUY. I (2) H20 Remc ed CH 3CUM L PK _ AOB o ] USE EACH: : (is)- <20) Rem oved A escrar i ' 'A HC ZUI onul.ajjtv AB 5KUMJ i. (20 -(20 KIS ) 05) > Ren oved 4th Dest oyea Di i '. (5)- )est J SAKJ.WA{30)-^ -<I5) o th De stro yer rakal A, SH CRAN II, ) f OJUJJ MI, A; CIZJ x > (f5^ <IO) Hemot ed HA 3U2A I J JHIMJ KAZ3 (20) IOC (0) I eaet Lvat< d (0} emo'v e-d LS 7 8 (3; ^25) o ran port Bion 784 h Air Gr >up (l)^^ 725 h Ai r Gr >up {\f 3 >8a* Dst 72»2u ^ i r G roup (20)" a item )ist. IS 7 9 (20H-«a o lat reu isporl ; Sq, Comb Lned Flee t jpi/c c mbin 3d F] eet DEDSJXA - 27


38 NOE Although Part n deals with Area Fleets, the complete organization of each is not presented. (See Frontispiece: Chain of Command). he Fleets and Air Fleets, the integral components of Area Fleets, have been purposely omitted (except First, Second hird and Fourth Southern Expeditionary Fleets) as they are categorically presented in Parts and HI respectively. All other units assigned or attached to Area Fleets hove been noted in Part II.

39 UNI DESIGNAION Southwest Area Fleet 6th cruiser Division 23 d Air Flotilla 28th Air Flotilla DEC JAN FEB MAE APR MAY JUN JUL AO SEP OC NO DEC JAN FEB MAR APH MAY JOK JJL AJG SEP OC ROV DEC JAN FIB MAR APR MAY JO JtL AUG SEP OC NO DECJAN FEB MAR APR MAY JDN JUL AtJG ',!outt west Area Flee t/c oi abine a Fliwt (0 {IS} GAIA ith Crulstr Di rlsioa!,.ori 2: id Air Flcitilli 2(>2d Air Group (20)o 5th Cruiser Vi vlsi >n/southw< st Area 'leet ASHI3ARA (20) <25) o Slst qruis ar Di[visi ra/fj}fth fleet AOBA (25 Po C unbired FLeet HI) o I teser tre SI ip 4th Class JO) Re movel o C anbired FLeet o S ) uthi te st Lrea Fleet sd 9th Desi iroye (20) Di' isioi I cactiirate i o So ithiw st Area I leet -<20) :ath llotllla ( fc=(2o) 33 it Air 553t Air 85 rt A3r Group hirteen E (imperial General Hqs.) (5! (5) to Co: lib ine;d Flset th Dastrcyer o 6th Crul liis irea Flee t th S lbmai ine : )lvis ion (I o E th S[ibmai[ine : Squadron/Sixth Fledt -st Lir (roup <«o 28th Air Flot 'Sout hwe s ; Arei R; Q - -JANIIRO IARU (5) Ki5) f o Nahr. V. nist *y Si pply Fore t! r uthe:"a r Compiled rit. o 6<uthwset leet o Area FKet/GHfcimidyife. First KASHII ) o Kure raining Division Southern Expeditionary (25 <25 o 3 6th iruiter D.visiDn/S(iuthv»!St leet Fleet SHIM5HU I o Fleet 5th De D3 visi )n (4; Dea tiva 9th Base oroe HASOAKA' st <2O)o S isebo Nav. Dist 44th Con ertej sweeper 'o' ]Oth JSpeciEil B«se Force Fir Sou then. Expsditionar ZLC-g IDth!!p. BBiie Forje/Ftst Southeii Expsd.Flt.) ' GO! K20) ol5th Bdse Force/Firs Southern Expeditionary Fl< et 9th 3AGARA M, Base juth rn cpedi tionury Fleet Force IKO MARU 0) B emoiri 3H0SA MAR (0) o 0 ;h Sp, Baso For je/fjrst Soutt ern Ilxpeflitioi ary rleet 9st Subcl Dirlsii on ] Be activated NOJIMA M. o Na Ministi Supply 9st Guard 9st Conna. ttait Deao tiiated Ith Base o 0th SpeAlsl 3ase Fores/First S<uthe^i E3pedi;ionary FLeet liolrenoved - 28

40 tf g Pf 45 & JB-JD a e flf 3 0 (D O ID Mi ing <

41 WI DESIGNAION JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OC NO DHJ JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JO JUL AUG SEP OC NO DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JtH JUL APR MAY JON JUL AUG 4th Class moved 'o Reserve Ship th Class v(radesl mated) Southwest Area Fleet f(il_ds act!rate*i ti l I Cons hi " 5) deactivated (23X5) 0 Sesond Second Southern 2xpedi t ionary Fleet rn Ixpedltionary 6t h Cruis e Dlviaio o Southwist Jrea - 30

42 MI DESIGNAION EEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JO JUL AUG SEP OC NO DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MA JUN JUL AUG SEP OC N07 DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MA JUN JUL AUG SEP OC NO EEC JAN FEB MAR APR MA JUN JUL AUG st! pec 3 al Base orce HIEA' AKA (P) S Sth lee feoue P Wftj ) o E3d Spec al I ase /Sec ond,outl era xpei a tic nery Flei t emoi ed 2 Ren oved (3 d ls t Subc lase r Dii MO'mm ( ) D«acti vate< 2d Subc mse r Pii ilo) o Fin t B8 Be F Dree, 8 k DBUfcl Nav. Pi 3t. tigl th 5leet Su icha: er N o.i ""M Hi mmm- emoved i : 2lBt atro. Boa 04) IYA MARU Base ) o Nav. Min str; ' Suj pl y Foro«oroe ASU D rai.min Istr; Su] fore a At] Gra UD r Gi oup l\ I eact vat. d 3d i uarc Uni ; th G iard Unit (0 Dead ivated slst ( onmu nica tion: Uni b o 3 I Con bine d Coi Ei uni cati( ns Ibit/ 3outl wesi Axe. l Fit et th G lard Unit 6th <J ard Unit Lst J ubme rine Bas< Oil -- "~ 5 St H! rboi Mas ter' i Off Lee pscial ( <«rp ) o Osak ana- lius rd. Eist Second South- South- 2 Jd S] ecie Ba 36 Ft roe west ern WiKAV FA Exped. 3) o 25t: l Spe clal Bas< Foi ce/3 3Com Sou ther l EX edit Ion aj y Fl eet Fleet Fleet L5 o it S - eels Ba se F< irce/ ^igh t.h 7 L L6 otiv ited bcbb dh fcmbined lee ( Ch4 (.uhs 22d,Ch6 Special P2 Base Ch5 Remo red Force )8 (3 emov sd ISUF AEU O.RU o Nav. mini itry Supp ly F( irce j o Nav, SJini itry Supp ly F irce Gus Kit Ith luard Uni 2 Hai bor igaat sr's Off! se jth!7 Juara bbi o 25d Siecia Ba rce/ 3eco d So uthern Exped. Fit. UJP" B 5a Sp ecia Ba se Fo rce )AKA ) o 26th Spec ial 3ase Fore s/2d Soul hern Sxp id. I'leet [IDOfi JJAZt Do 0 laka lav. (iuard Dls (IOW ths;, (IOt- 'ated 23d 3 > Specia: ) c lit l Sp Bas! FOI ce/j irst Sou torn Exp sdlt onar 7 Fl set Base e oroe tth s'ffich iser Divi J 'il D acti rate SI finko MAR [J o LSth Ksco rt S luadt on/g sner. EE cort Com iand (Jus r d. lit I) o 2st Sp. B ise ; orce /Sec m& Smthe m EJ ped I ith uar c Unl It. 0) o 24tfc Bas i So ther leet th a hi t i Fo ce/f Durt i Ex «d.l o 2 Lst bh G Lard Unit peoi al Base Force/ ith A Ir G 70 UP Seco id S uthe rn Exped.Fleet o Sscon! Soi ther l Ex edit Lona -y F eet I - 3

43 Foroe/Seiond Southern ]5xped Force i)=(30) A0AKA Guiird Unit 0) (30). 32.



46 WI DESIGNAION JAN FEB MAR APR MA JUN JUL AUG SEP OC NOV DEC JAN FSB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG (a) 94 t & AA Ur i t 95 t l AA UK i t 97th AA Uni LA Uni (Sf28h LA Uni >- Dsaetive te d 4S& LA Uni west Southern Area Expo fi. Fleet Fleet AAUtt *<5,. J.3s ; AA tr li t Deact' rated 9ati AA Un I t (5) (5) Deai itivate a net* AA Un.t(l5)«" '(25) 7tl AA Va. t (5) (25) tivate 20«AA Un (25) J 33* AA Un lt{fs) i -Vet.ctival e<3 43i AA Un.t(!5) '(5) j i; 4t h AA Mteo)< (5)E ea c ivat«c 66 h AA U li t 35 b AA H h Ai O li t 67th,Ik Unit 68th, A Unit.83d AA Uni i84t: i AA Ito i t last: i AA Un i t i87t: i AA Un i t I AA Un i t i AA Un i t 206 t l AA On i t i AA Oa i t 3at Submarii e Base Unit (5) - 35

47 - 36

48 CNI DESIGNAION JAN FIG MAR APR MA JIM JUL AUG SEP OC NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MA JIM JUL AE SEP OC NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MA JON JUL AOG 25,934ti Air Grou Cnmgjjtaii NB. Dls i.) 824th Conn. VaV (20) iosd Oons. fiiit HOKA.ZE.E. Boat 3r QUI- RsaiDved hird Southern Exp ditlo:iary :fleet I) Deactivated ElSth Cons 20)Co Sesoad ijouthsrn E:cped. Flee; 2i)2d C ma. 0 li t So utiwest Atea Fleet Fourth Southern Attached Expeci, Fleet 22 ith C (3OK5) )o hi^d So itherp. iona. (20] Exppd\. Fleet sactiv ited SO st Oons (20} Cona fillt (33! 5) reactivated 36th [0) o enth irea :*leet (20> ioth 20) o S scone Soutiem lisped. Fie >t >6th Ds L06th AA a li t acti'rated (20) L05tli AA Uiit (25 24tn AA Uilt (20) 5 th AA Uilt 20) o lrd iiouthisrn Ecped 5) 07tiAA llotiaa_3nlt 5) 'activated Fleet AA Jhi t '!6tnAL Unit o Second Southern ipxpedjitlonfry (3W^ le2daa a It) ( w 5) ',57t i AA Jnlt Deactivated FfLeet 4iifi AA Unit(5HZ0) o S eond Southern xpedf,tion ry Fleet 4! id AA 5) o tlrd Southern E^cpedi loca^y Fliet 8 ;h AA tait itivajted 3d hpransbort 5* o 2>th S >eoia:. Bas«Force/Joi irth iloutbirn E:cped. Fleet - 37

49 WI DESIGNAION DEC JAN FEB MAE APR MA JtN JUL AUG SEP OC NO DEC JAN FEB MAE APR MA JEN JDL AUG SEP OC NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JtN JUL AUG SEP OC NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG 5th Crul 5th Cruiser Division HAGJBO 'DO AICAO til eo)j o eith Jx Flee ; First Southern Ex sea. Fleet KJMCNO (IM20) 2a t Aiv Flotilla KAK)YA I I Group 75 at A:x a a up 2st Air Flotilla.0K3 Ai3 Group I MARU Oo! louti west Aret. Flest.255 Ail Gro tp (5) o i;ieveatli jlir Jleet Air Flotilla 23a A x FjotillLa AJrGP 75 id A:.r Gi oup (ZO) KAN Grcup MABU <20l Bemi vea 20 d Ai r Gruu p Dire ct C Dtnmaiid Ut der i:-in-c Soathwist Area Flee Southwest Area Fleet 4th Carrier Division 4th Carr,SE HYJGA I) -(5) o inth Area Fie it 26th Air Flotilla ecial ia«e sa Combined Coot. ftiit d Ccmbin Ccamiun Loat Unit :.Oth Conm mice tiona Un iilst omm mice ttop un t 3et Co on oncations Siit - 38 NoitherAphi Central Phi Southern Phi ippiles ippiles ippiles!6th Air FlotLlla eld eld eld Alrf Obit Airf Ulit 4Lst. i r Gtoup H53d A)ir Gjroup 2o st 22Lat Jiir Giro up 34]Lst ilir Group 76Lat Ir Group Air Group thgard DUit dot 7th Special B o nth Area Fleet Deactivated 0th Spe ial 9a se ioutiiern. Fleet 2st Spe ial Base FO P e/se Southern Exp«d. Sleet hird So theiq iona ry F.eet



52 WI EESIGNAION JAN FEB HAS APR MA IS JUL AO SEP OC NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JIK JUL AUG SEP OC NOV 'EEC JAB,FEB MAR APR MAY JW JUL AUG KUIKAfAMA ELHUUICAMA I) o Ha i ministry Supply Force 5) iamovjad OSE[ MARP (5) p Area Flejet (5)" HiRCBHQlA MiRU o Jourth Fleet ssa AA 333 AA ttoit oait (20* (5) (20) (5) Fourth Fi 2d Unit,5th AA Mt Jnit,Els: AA 3b It 22 d AA Ualt.S6ti AA 3blt 44ti AA Jnit,45ti AA. 52 d AA Hilt Peac tivat South- East Area Fleet Attached 633 AAOiit,64ti AA Jilt 65ti Jnit 67ti AA Jnit.69ti AA Jnit ( PF i^roup llt i P iroap D >aotl ir ated 2d-Qmver»e4 Group -tao) Deac tivatsd 8 s ; Gua d Un Lt rd Unit 85ti Gua t t 86ti Guai'd Un Lt Sasebo 7th Sp.Nay.Landing Unit I) o Fourth 'l.iet Si isejso 0st Sp. Jav. Linfiin 03t Ai: Bass Uni st Cans. I nit 3st nit Uni ;(io K20) Cleacti o C>mbinjed Flpet ated Conm iniea iione Unit [okosaka 8th Sp Na Landiig Unit 20).8th Subm irine Base Unit "L ) EigUth FLeet ZZZi Cone, Unit Deao tivat In st Con& Colt 8t h Barb. 3 Office - 4

53 WI DESIGNAION S JAN FEB HAH APR MfcY JN 944 JUL AUG SEP OC NOV DEC 945 (Aug. 5). Northe ist Area set/combin sd Flee t <5) Deactivated 2 d Ploket Soat Squad]on (2)= =<D OYOKW: MARU f2l i HO) Removed AKAG: MARU Removed 22d Picket Boat Sq. Ploket Iioat Group 2(. Ploket B<iat Group CHOU M«g (I) (0 I I o Con.blned le«t Picket B<iat Group 4th p; oket Boat Group (0) Sc (2) North- Sast Area Fleet Curllea Area Base Force (5): s t Destroyer Division ISHGAKI (I5 KWiiSHIRI HACIIJO Remo' furilea Area Base Force 3d ] Boat Group (5). 5st Guard Unit [5* -52d Guard IJhit 2d P Boat Group 05) o Yokoauka Kav. Dlst welfth Air Fleet 53d Guard Unit (I5)B 5tl ransport Group ( 5 92 AA Unit. 95( AA Pblt SHIWJSHJ ionununica ions tbit (5) -(5) Ieactivate 39 th AA iiit (30).lElst AA Unit (30 (5 ) 44th Ak Unit..46th M ttoit Deaot lvated - 42

54 WI DESIGNAION JAN FEB MAR AH MAY JtH JO AUG SEP OC NOV IEC.Central Pacific Area Fleet/Combined Fleet. (8) 3a rest Sq.,5d Destrcyer Squafoon (It (8) YUBARI (0 Eemo v e d JNACRI -(8) g d peatifoyer Division d>f (t).5qth Desiroyer Division -(6! - o Combined Fleet Central Pacific Aree Fleet 5th Base Force 30th Base Force t5tb. Bast Force..50KUEN 2st Saicbaser Division 60th coi.verted Sulichaser Dii ision ud.. 54th Gut 55th Gturd unit > 56th. Unit (. 5th Comi unio atiorti,44th. ttoit 5th i'ansport G: *OUP.5pth BB!«Force W-2 Pntt (0) :it Subchaser Divisioi. 45thGui t h gg Guard 50th Base Urlt(io] o Sixth 'leet 50th, Harbor Maater' s,~6th :'ansport t>y 3d Comnunicatiolis Ifiilt -tie) (8) o rhird Southern ExpeL Fleet -(8) o Four;h Fleet -(IS) 08) (8) Deactivate 8) =<I8) lie ) lie) o hird Southern Expeditioi ary Fleet lie) 06) A.ttachec.. ISPZJ (8) (' Combined Fleet (20*^' r J L(t5) o Mth Destroyer Squad] on/comb In d Fleet 5) o lid Destroys r Squadron/central 'acific Are a Fleet 23 d 59th -K4S> DeactivE ted.60 th ^8) (I5i.9st AA Unit -(IS) (i> 82a AA unit «I8) o FourLh Fleet -(«) lit. (3O> "(8) (3b:mjj^AA^JI^lt AAJta lit Deactivated ma) Unit (5)* :; ig 6,8) ^ ".28th Ccna. Unit 2Sgaj6asjto^t.24th il l 27 Ik ZQ6th Cor :,4-^-^ Uh,25th A/ JJai < (is) ^8) -4 Sl^th^ ^ CjO^gJ^^, ^ t M KlS) Deactivt ted Yokosuka Nav. Dlst. o Fourlh Fleet ^8! < hird Southern Exp< ditionary Fleet ^8) D«activated ^6) o hin. Southern Expeditiorary Fleet (8) KI8) t Fourth F- eet *8) c hird Southern Expeditionary Fleet me) < Fourth F:.eet - 43

55 HI DESIGNAION JAN FEB MAR MA JUN JUL AUG en ;h Area Flee"/Combined lleet 5th Cruiser Division 5th Cruls r Div.sion 20) Deac ivate< HAGlpRO (5) (20) Removed (5XI0I. - o 4th Carri r Division/jcombiiied F l et.ashlgara AR <20) o nth Aiea Fleet 4th Carrier Division 4th C arr ier Div. ISI HYKJA (5MI0 o Combined enth Area Flwt 25th Base Force 25 h Baso Fore dot 5) (5) (29J PIf I (5)., 7tl. Guar Unit 20 h Guai d Uni ; 5) Si!t Guai'd Uhi ; (5) rtufti d Uni' (5) 5) {0* 29 th o Second Southern Expeditionary Fleet 6th Special Base Force Special Base Force 28th Base Force NANIAI 26 h Spei ia l Bnse Force ={29 ) Deactivate (!0X o E5th e/enth Area Fleet 27 h Spe ia l Biise Force dot Sth Bas«Fore not 3th Guai d mil ISUZU (25) (20) 5) Dei otivated :s) O 25th Ease Force/Second Southern Expeditionary Fleet y Halt Attached o Second Southern Expeditionary Fleet

56 ' B H CO t-i C4 P o 5 ID in <D ion rj 0 o is tn P 05 h P "'* S u ^o rh O = a o CQ m in to p t( S) $ O ID s m p. <p <B O o ID W co a) CO h w h ^ * ">. (SO p» 0)^ 3 CO > o ID 2 w <o o o m n K P S E3 CD to J.00 i B II gg K fl ID E-< O OJ OH <Do C O O s) +» S V rh 'S O OE-< tl <D O H 0 Oft P -HEHCO o o N P CD N ) o 5" P IB r MAY B3 MAR eg o p P eact fb o (D Q <P P a f (0 H <D r= P w ft H to 52 C a a rj + ID P E H > ~ a 03 i g-t I 0 p rr CO o v r-l o a Vl 0 < o *H Cc o B I ED t ti4 «h> 94 rh ION _i. ID O ID rl ra IV K r I PD ff) o P 4= o rh _^ h n 4- (C to a) W M < JS W o IS 4> o < A3 r fli p e a. ^ ID ^ -^ to «to CD - <s p S ^ ^t, +* P l» -S -i! W3 H rh rh (d o a ^ g C S ^ H P <; (K C CD <^ «H 9 o <6 H O «! o & a k! Q> O a I K 8 L 5 e w p tb ft I I "" 0 li <u ID CJ o 6H H H R5 bj<dr CD U 40 t-i o O M g m li rl ID O u 0 pi "P*o! t^ H ^ n QO H [j o < p ^HESfH^N^il Sis P ID o P oh R o ^ o Q2^S< p p 3 co frn f te t> 0) 0 t) ^ i H < rh i M >*PKI a) s s H w w pre i» is p o o ft ft 8! s K to K CO P < 0 P in rh ID OK 3 to t! K hh4^ II Pleei E* < ff O *** ff c o " * ^ H f* Mi ft K CO w W CHINA Area ID H a 0n a) rl

57 ONI DE SIGNAION 94 94E DEC JAN FEB MA.H APR MA JDN J3L AOG SEP OC NOV DEC JAN FEB MAH APE MA JO tjl AUG SEP OC NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MA JUN JO. AUG SEP OC NOV DEC JAN FEB MAH APR MA JUN JUL AUG hir d CHU A Ea ped. fleel saoti rate rwae. 45) ro K ]RE K av. DLat. hird CHINA KIJI (5^ 0) ) S NGA I Are a Sp»eia. Bas B Fo: ce/c UNA Area Fle< t Expe di t ionarj Fleet llthojje-i ao Boat v r, -(5) )eact ivat»d SHOR MARtH Po S ING,0 At ea S >eci Ba se F< irce/ HIM. Are F l «t NIHONKAI WAR3 (5)- Bam [0) SINGAO Area =(5) Deac ;iya ed Sp. Base Force l»2 3ING AO ( Sa5«a te HAINAN Nai. Gua rd D.St. HAINAN Naval Guard District 0' ORI )o 3d Si rfao B Esi ort Divii ion/ Four ;h F3 >et HAAI OSA (IOH- <IO) ) st Sur 'ace Eseo :t D isi >n/s( uth«tat J xea Flee st orpedo Boat Div. 0) D act: rate HAINAN dmrd I ait 0K0S3KA ' th r. Lai ding Unit MAIZURU l i t Si Nav. Lan«ing Jnit SASEBO 8tl Sv.!Iav..andi ng Ulit CHINA 5th Guar< Uni t Area 6th Guan tail t Fleet HAINAN Cam.Phi )ead ivat ed th A.r Gi ( ) Dei OtiD ated YJI tn A.r Gi oup ( SHANGHAI A r H.AFJ mi OKI SU( SHANGHAI Area Base Force CHUSHAN I!.Gua rd u ait IAJ i a Na r. Lai dinpj tmt o CK NA A re a 'leet 0) R< move a NANKING Gi Lard ttalt 3th Conv< rtec Gun Doat Divi sion 4 th Convi rtec Gun soat Divi sion NIHONKAI &RU *I5) Po l ird 3HIN* Exp d. leet s t Convei ted Koto r-gui boat Dir! sion 2d Conver - ed Votor -Gunl oat Divis on SHANGHAI I arbc Ma 3ter a Of fiee eacti ate i Deac tio ted 0) D»act vate d

58 WI IGNAION OC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JI B JUL AUG SEP OC NOV racjan FEB MAE APR MAY JJL AUG SEP OC NOV DEC JAN MAR APR MAY JUN JL AtKJ SEP OC NO DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JI3N JUL AO 945 YAN( irea Spec la l I ase ore* SWA 0) I emov ed UJ I 3) c SH&J IGHA3 Are a Bas e Fo pee s IIMI 3MIHA > Gunt aetd o) I eaot S.vat< d YANGZE Area Specia l Base Force SEA K AA HOZU HIPA El 9t Gl tnbos ; Div 22 d Gui boat Div. eact.vat«d AMI F JAfC 23 a GUI boat Div., LAPJL KAB 3MI ( KIDK IANG Guai d m.t ;h G\mboa t Div CHINA Area Fleet SINGAO Area Specia l Base orce S] furi KI.I MARI ING AO A ea S >ecia Ba se Fc ro e O i 4t h 5peci a l Base 'oroe /Seo< OUthi rn S jcped, Flee t no) aemov«sd RHO IKAI MARU I) o Nav. Wlni itry Bupp. y o roe SHANGHAI! peoi ii yii v. La idin^ ; mi t {o mmmm SHAN SHAI Area Base Fo r e) o K IRE ain ing o "S ANG E AJ ea S >ecia Ba is Po roe livia ion MURO MAR > 'o Co nbint d. F l set Attached HAKUSA m I) o 3omb ned.256 h Ai r Gr mp Flee )eact ivat id i24tl Con i. Jn: t entr a l CI 3NA Airf.eld 23d Cons.m i LSV 44 ( l>u» r<,ns. S li p (,fs ] - 47


60 BJI DESIGNAION st Carri st Carrier AKAGI Division KAQA 7th Dest.: 2d Carrier Division 4 th Carrier Division 94 94S DEC JAN MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AWJ SEP OC NOV DID JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OC NOV EEC JAN First Air Fleet *= P i ig JO II (Conbintd Fleet) 4) Dead ivatod First Air VI eet ( (Imieria L Gensral Head" uart' 4) 44) o lira ]fleet 'C omb ine a Fleet o lira 7eet move ;h Deist. Sduadrcn/FL'st A ir F]jeet I is.0) "O 0 2d Carrie: Division 4) o hird fleet, 'C omb ine d Fleet SORYU <i 4]M4<IO) Romove HIRYU (4) o l ird 'leet 23d Dest.l ivis Lon 0 "o 6t: t Dest. Sqtadroi/Fom'th Fleet 4th Carri r Dirisioa V 4 Deactivated RYJJO <I4) o Zi Cars-ier Division/hird Flee ; SHOHO izo) Remaved 3d Dest. D: JNYO mi\o) Dsactivatec 4) o Z< Carrier Division/hird Flee-; gh[qka2e HOCAZE "o Fi tli Fleet FEB MAR MAY JUL ombiied 5 leet) SEP OC NOV {Southwest iixea DEC fleet JAN FEB MAR APR ined FleeL) MAY JUN AUG nted First Air Fleet 5th Carrier Division 0th Destroyer Squadron 5th Carri* rjdirtsloa SHOKAKU ZJIKAKU 0B0H0 (20X4) Na r. Dis Deactivate d o Is t Ca: ier DivlBion/hirc (0) o do) o li)th D est. jivis^on ([Olr-r t^c 0 ih De; it. So a. tl4)l tio> NAjkAHA -,h De;it. Di, o hird Fleet j.7',h De it. Dir 7t)L Des Di v II 0> o Ccmbinnd Flaet 6i t Air Gro ip 6st AH Flo,/First Air Fleet lot/l'irst Air fleet Flot/Flrst Air Fleet Grout (I5MDJ Air Flot/Firs; Air Fleet - 4B

61 - 49

62 UNI DESIGNAION First Air Fleet 26th Air Flotilla DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JON JUL AUG SEP OC NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG 26th Air Flotilla Olst 5st Air Air Air Group Group Group SEP OC NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG (0! o Fi: s t Air Fletet (!0)\ Deaet vate 0) f!to...jblllipp Ines 5) Deaot vate<3 (5)2 Ajfld. (5) sntra. Philippin as Af Ld. unit Phljlippi^ea A (5* West C irolices Afld JhLt 4st Air Group (5),55d Air Group, gplst Air Group 22st Air Group H8) 343st Ait* Group K8) 76st Air Group K8) d Air Groui) =,37 GusJrd th Sj rn Base pea.,foroe/hird o Sc uthweist Area Fleet ^ Group Sclst Air Gr< t.o)3 7 lst Air Gnup C 2lst Air G:*oup <5) o 0is'; Air FloU/fCombiaed F Leet 4st Air Group o 26th Air Flo! Air Fleet 22st Air 34st Air Groui 634tli Air Grouj (20) Co FiJ'th Air Flest 763d Air Groui,52 Air Group ( AirGroup 5)De tivat ed 2p5jh AiJt Grou o 9th Aar FloVakao Nan -(5) Guard Dist 765th Ai4 Grou -(5) s t o hird Fleet Attached <5) o ComMned 'leet 02 rt Air Group (20 (0) Ai signed dir ectly to Fi.rst j ir Fleet - 5o

63 UNI DESIGNAION JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AOG SEP OC NOV EEC JAN MAR APR MAY JO) JOL AUG (Southwest A3 a Fit. \ Second Air Fie (Coaftlned Fl.eet) Court ine d Fl «t 8) De<activated (20) (5) 2st Air Flotilla 88. Air Fl<tilla ciot r an (foraosai Aii field fldt (to* akao K an Guarc Dist. 25th Air Flotilla Air Fit tilla Han! el Islaids Airfield tta. ushu Ai field (is =[i5h 5) hird Flee; Second Air Fleet 4st 2st 322 d 34st Group Group Group Group Group Group Air Air 345tll lair 36st 52 d Air Grou (5 524tt ii r Group 54st Grot p tl 76 2 d Air Group 0) Deac tivate d D«activate d IQ&d AirGl (0) g liu Airfi el d o First Air Fleet 8) o First Air Fleet ) o Conbin'ed I Leet <8> o tlolst Ai r Flot/Combined Fleet 25th Ai f Flot/Sfecond Ai* Fleet, Air 634tt Air Groi.p o First Alir Fleet 48tb Attached 86t h AA UaiU5 38th AA. te d hird Air F3set hird Air Fleet 25th Air Flotilla 25th Ai) Nai^sei Islands Air Kyishu Air 203 d 70st Flotilla (i5 ield Un ield Un: t ( 5> Air Gro Air Gro (5) ip (5 Air Gr >up (25)i 40) Eeajctivatec < O) *0) Fifth Air Fleet 40) <IO) o hird Air Fleet 27tt Air Flctilla Air Flotilla (0 (Soathern) la.andg Airfield 3!lit vated (20* Iro Jima c uard Un:.t - 5

64 QUI DESIGNAION JAN FEB MAR APR MAY 944 JUN JUL AtlG SS P OC NOV DIE JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG 3th Air Flotilla,3th Air Fl< tilla SuzuJa Air iroup pi A:x Grou sin; ;tao Aiv Grouj o Air ij-roup NoJ Air Group,Kash: ma Air Group Ho. 2 A r Grou Ai:: Grouj 53 a Air Flotilla 53d Air Flo 20th Air G:oup oyot ashi Ai : Grou] 2d Air (3) J Group (3 enth Air Fleet hird 7st Air Flotilla Lsukiba Mr 5Q2d Air GP 252 a Air GP(3) Fleet (0); (io)2 st Air Group & Air roup d Air ; ro up st Air Group to Air 'ield l (5)- 0th Ai r Grou 025 Air G: (i) (20) o Gee era l E oor t G )mmand (5) o tivat' a 34J (0! (5) o 60 (0) st Air Group d Air roup 706t)L Air Group 5) o ai Ai: Kink field Airfi 3d Air 'lfth A,r Flee (20) lnit!20) id uni. (5)" -(3) o st Air Flot/hird r Fleet o Con.bined Fleet Air Fit. 04th C instruction Unit (20 V 69ta AA OS i t 20s t AA init -05) (5) AA Jn (5 ) Deacti.(30) Deativate Attached (5 ) Gro IP (20) -(5) 7st Ai ih Land r rans. Floty hird Air Fleet L«pot (5) - 52

65 UNI DESIOAION JAN FSB MAR APR MAY JUL Fifth Air Fleet/Combined Fleet 2th Air Flotilla 2th Air Flotilla.okushlma Air Group (5* Air Gn up.,kannon.i Air Gro up.saijo Air Grjup..Iwakuni Air Iroup.suiki Air Group _.Hakata Air Group.Isahaya Air roup Kwanju Air G ca p Pusan Air Grup (5),Amakusa Air roup Fukuyama Air Group iia Air Flotill a Fifth Air Fleet 72 d Air Flotilla 32fl Air Flotilla 3d Air Group 3d Air Group (25)-; 3 5Sd Air Group (25 > 3 52d Air Group -2d Air Flotilla 634th Air Group 762,d Air Group 93st Air Group 53d Air Fl Fleet no; Kyushu Ai rfield Unit I s,an<3s Airfield li t do: Q3d Air (0 70st Air Group (0 72st Air Group (0 762d Air (0 i-roup (0 80st Air Group 022d Air Group <5) o 0st A Flc 25)"o 7 d Air Plot/ ifth Air Fleet Deactivated 3) o 32d Air Flot^ifth Air Fit. 9Sli!t Air Group (20>. ak ma Air Gro up 7st Air Grou) 3) o 32d Air Flo./Fifth AirFlt. Attached 343d Air Group (5 72d Air Flot./ ifth Air Fleet San'in Airfield Unit (5) Jjaikaj Ai:-field Unit (0) 634 ;h Air Group 32d Air Flot/Fiftii Air Fit. (0) Chosen (K irea) Airfield quit.2th Land rail i. Depot Land rana Depot 32d La:id rans. Depot - 53

66 UNI DESIGNAION JAN FEB MAR APR MA JUN JOL ADQ.enth Air FJ eet/combined enth Air Fleet Hth Combined Air Group 2th Combined Air Group 3th C omt>ine a Air Group th Combine fl Kasumigam a sukula Yatale Hyakurigahaia Kashii a Kitauia Otf u Jinmacl.i Air Air Air Air Air Air Air Air Air Air Group (!) Koriyama No, 2 Air Group ID- Kowa No, 2 Air Group (!) oyohasl.i Air Matsushina Air Yamato Air Okazakl No. 3 Air okjo Air Group (l)= Group (!> Group (!> Groupd) Group (i). Group (t^ Group (i)" Group (!) Group (!> Group! I ) Group (IN Group (I)" Group (i>i Group (!) 2th Combined Air Air Group (it Us a i Air Group (!) Hime; Group c i > Hakat a Air Group (l)a Omuita Air Group (!) Air Group (!) suitfi Air Group ;i). Wonsen Air Group (!> Fuse a Air Group (!> Iwakuzi Air Group (it- Sai;< Air Group ( ^ Fukuyan a Air Group (i). yana Air Group (!) Amekus a Air Group (!) Ju Air Group (IV Kannon;f ft Air Group (i)«isaha^a Air Group (IV 3th Combined Air Group (^ Ci Air Group (I) Suzuia Air Group (i> slngteo Air Group (i) okushii a Air Group (i> Kocyi Air Group (i> <2O) (20) 45) Deactiva,ed ^5) o enth Air Fleet hird Air ififl.eet * { o enth! Air Fleet <5) o 53dAlir Flot/hir< Air Fleet <5> o 3th [[Air Flot/hiifa Air Fleet Deactivated o Osaka Nav. Guard Djst. o enth Air Fleet o 3th (Lir Flot/hiifd Air Fleet o 53 d Air Flot/hir Air Jleet o enth Air Fleet o 3th Mr Flot./hiifa Air Fleet (5) o enth Air Fleet H5) I Deaotiva ted *5)J «(5) o 2th Mr Flot/Fift h Deaotivajted o ifth Air Fleet (5) o 2th lir Flot/Fiftjh M.S) o enth Air Fleet (5) Air Air (5) o 3 th lir Flot/hii d Air «<5) < 5 > i o 2th Air Flot/Fifth Air <5) Fleet Fleet o 2th Air ^lot/fifth Air Fleet Deactiva ted Fleet Fleet o 3th lir Flot/hirjd Air Fleet o 2th Llr Flot/Fif^lh Air Fleet 5th Combined Air Group 5th Combined Air Group Kasumigadra Air Group Koriyama No.2 Air Group Jinmectii Air Group Wonsan Air Group Ou Airfield Unit Attached Kasumlga ira Air Group o; :yo Air Group Koriyama N i.2 Air Group Jinma h i Air Group at ibe Air Group Hyak ur i gaha ra Air Group Matsushlma Air Group Wonian Air Group o 5th Combined Air (l-roup/enth Air Fleet <I5) Deactivated o 5th Combined Air (l-roup/enth Air Fleet (3) O 5th Cqmbined Air GJfoup/enth Air Fleet oyohnshi & Nagoya Air Groups 33d lind rans. Denot Ou Airfield Jnit (20>i <3) o 5th Combined Air Group/enth Air Fleet

67 >b Air Flot/welfth Ax Fleet ' 5th H Flot/Elfeventt Air - 55

68 UKI DESIGNAION DSC JAN FEB MARAPR MA JtN JUL AXJ SEP OC NOV DECJAN FEB MAR APR MAY JO! JUL AJG SEP OC inov DEC JAN FE3 MAR APR MA JUN JUI AUG SEP OC NOV IEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAYJUN JUL AUG 34th Dest. Divis ion AKICAZE o 30th O Dea j,. ACIKAZS Reiioved < ) o Navy Minis try upply For ion Kir o Savy ilinis try uppl For AKI M SU5H:3ilA (25 4) c th Air Fie GOSE U MAI U (24k o Combined 'leet Supply U4it MO&J! JIGA A MAI :U (24) FUJIKAWA MARU (24)J o Javy Vfinis tr y uppl For oe 6th Coi.s. Un:.t ictivated 23th Cons, toit 22<. Conn. Uni Eleventh :.7th ons. Unit H5 )jaotiratet 9th Cons. Unii Air Attached (20) Coni. Uai' (24) ) Denctivited Fleet.'.latt Cons. Unit Deeotivi te d A 4th Cons Unit (5 DeactlBted Ll8th Cons Unit (24 26tt Coni. Uni,2att Cons. 52d (20) ons. Unit (20 54th Cona. Uni <D oeigh Fl iet i) o :ign ;h Flset ^o!igh.h Flset 802 Air Groi th C ns. uiit I) o 2d Air Flot/E: even;h Ai r Fleet 'o 53t Air Flc lfth Air leet, 5 at Air Grcup 22d 958th Ai : Group Air Fleet,l)5th Air I bit wslftt Air Flee-; Nortieaat Ares Fle< t/conbine lebt) (Ccmbinod glset) welfth Air Fleet 24th Air rloti l a =(20) Deactivated 24th 20st Air Grou) 5) o Eli it Ai:: Flo Air Flee Air 552 Air Grou) <m\) o22a FLot/Elever th A Flotilla 752d lair i o 2 th Air F. Air Fleet Air Group 28; st ALr Gioup Dea stivateft 27th Air Flotilla 27th Air Iloti l a (8.0) jo hijrd A: r Fl set Air Grouu KD o 24th Air ("lovpwelfth A:x Fl 30at Air Grouj) hird Ar Fl set Air (Oup welfth Air leet 752d Air Group (20) 0) 252 Air Grom o hird Air Flset - 56

69 5lst Air Flotilla fl Fleet yohaibi, Atsugi desiimatec on 2 end Peli ' as sulk: ii Ai r 3roup dicated.) 04 Soya 04th Escort Squaaron Ominato ] Guird Dist. SOEO U<I8 welfth Air Fleet Kuriles Area Base Force. Ku lie s Area (5 Base t Mi (5K25 o omb ii e d Fl eet KU fashjtl 00) HA BIJO 3HMHSH0 <25 EORi (23) KASA])0 (25' KAI 3d P Bo t Grc up 5s Qua] d Ofr: 52d Guar Uhit.55d Uni (20 5 rauspor 57th Gro J3hu mshu Com. J) 04 Giard Suard tinit peact Lvate 3 h Sso^rt Sq/proina to Nav. &j Re mo ed \8) KI8) o ominato Nav. Guard Dist. Attached Param ishir Comi;unioationa Unit 9th AA nit (0) Eeact Lvate 2d At- Gro )Eea Hok to Alrfiel Oni KD o a Bas e For so/rorthea t Area Fie it (Re Lesigrated 3HJMU5HU Comm. IS it ) th Lt (2C DCeactivat 05) th Unit (5M2O! th AA Ohit (3W2Q o hir Sout xped tiona ry Fl

70 JNI BESIGNAION JAH FEB MAR APR MAY JN JO, AUG SEP OC NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JK JttI AUG OC NOV JAN FEB MAH APR MAY JDN JUL AUG hirteendh Ail Fleet (20) Soutl *rest ire a o-ieet Comb: ned Ileet) [en th A' Fleat/C' nbineil Fie it) 23 a Air Flotilla A! r Flotilie (20): 753a ir Gr ou p (20) Jl r Gioup (20) 53d Air Gjroupfi.388 Air O (5) o Firs i Air Fleet hir ;eentl Air Fleet Goh Air rth ( quit 5) Dsactirated Aus bra Hi i) th Jir Flatilla hirteenth Air Fleet 28th Air Flotilla (20> (5) Air group '05th Air C roup o && AH Flot/Fourth Fl <20) Deactiv st AI ted Grou Fr< noh I Date do China A Malay A Indies A.rfie.rfie.rfie Malay Airf; eld unit Eastern ch Indies.irfl (5) d Jhitii5> d ftiit{ 5> Id Ur ^ it (5) Deaot ivate h i teen!h Aii Fleet o 28 ih Ail Flot/hirteenth Air Fleet 936th Air Group 9 56th Air G3oup Attached 73 c Air Grouj lo2d Air.03d Ai r I'ourteenth Mr FLeet 5)o ALr 38st Ai' Gro iase ihit aae Ihit. 04th Air Base unit (Ceitral Cb i Pac. Area Fleet) FfLeet/ <I8) Air H } O 23th ctio «i) Deaotiva e d ir Fl' it/hirteen* Ai ed (20) (20) (20) (20 th Air Groi l th 3th 3st oup f) Dea oup '(I5)i Air tiva ie d * -5) Deact Lvate J up Fourteenth Air Fleet E2d Air Flotilla 22d Ail Flot LI la Air G: oup 30lat Air G oup 503 d Air G oup 55st Air Group 755th Air G:oup FiD t Air Flee 26th Air Flotilla 26th All 20st 50lst 75st Flot ll a Air Group Air Group Air Group D Fir3t Ai:- Fleet Attached 802 d Air Group AKISJSIIMA otiva te d o Ccmbine d Fleet - 59


72 - 59

73 DNI DESIGNAION JAN FEB MAE MAY JtN JOL SEP OC NOV DEC 945 First Escort Fleet First Escort Fleet Sscort Sq./General mffidg First Escort Fleet Coast Defense Group First Sscort Fleet Defense Group First Escort Fleet scort S mand First Escort Fleet Escort Sq./General mnadu o First Escort Fleet General Escort Command st Surface Sscort Div. Coast Defense Group st Coast Defense Group First Escort Fleet st Coast Defense Group First Escort Fleet st Coast Defense Group o First Escort Fleet o First Escort Fleet oved First Escort Fleet '-2(Pat-ol First Escort Fleet icket Boat Sq./ S Fleet. Guard Dist

74 WI DESIGNAION 2d Surface Escort Division JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AtJO OC NOV EEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OC NO DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JIN JUL AUG (5): 2 Surf a e Esc rt Divisioi Dead vate YUZUK: (l5m3pj_o 3 (5) th De troyer Divi slon Remibved I amoved : i (I5* 3) o Yolsosuka Nav. Dist, FJKUE (5V D) o Ominato Hav. Guard Di t.,h :RAO.M3CURA o Is t Sur ace E scort bivisi (20... IMAKUSA o Yokosuka Iav. Diat. (30> MA.W.U o C'lmbine Flee CD--2(Coai t Def nsealip 08 ) o Yolsosuka Nav. Dist. SD-2 (8) o Ominato Nav. Guard Di (30 SD-3 (5) CD- 6 (8) L o 3st Surface Escort Divis (25) CD-6 ^8) (5* -(8),H [YODORI (5) O'"OHI Surface Es cort D visio: CIIOK MA! V (5)* 8) o st 8) Rem I) o i2d Pi ;ket Boat Sq uadro: /Kortbeast Area 7, set General Escort 0st Escort 3 quadron 0st Estsort!iquadraniis KASHI(I5 DAIPO!I5> o First Esc art PI set CD CD A: O (0V (0 OE 0,,KA: YO (20 noved i(io)rajioved 00) First Escort (io)«enoved Flee Attached, ; KASH: (25! CASHMl (5X25) o.90 st Ai Grou,95at Air 55d A.r Gro^p (20> ure raining Division aoist J ubmar (5) i 0st Escor t Squairon/Gsneral Escort C Escort Fleet 05). tlo) c First Escort Fleet acti ited,ir Grc up(20! Dfactivated Jje HA 06(30) 33d OKIWl H0> K0EY J MARJ EOE: ' MARJ IINOO O First is( cor fl eet let, 2d 3d, th k. Sth Co ivoy 5t hft7 b. Convoy Bssorts Sth C mvoy Escort scort 3 ^0" Ee actia ted j-c <IO)J First Escort Fleet - 6

75 tr.i DESIGNAION JAR FEB MAR APR MAY JON JUL AUG SEP OC NO DEC JAN JEB MAE APR MAY JIM JUL AUG SASB0 Heval District 4th Surface Escort Uvisiot 4th Surfaie Esccrt Division dot..mi Oi'OZURJ (.0. MAJAZURU (0). (0)i Ch-49 { Chaser Ho.49) do: Ch-58 0K]BAWA A:Lr Group (25.(r-s 2oast 00) Re noved lie ferns e Ship to.50 Deactivated 0) Deactiva ed (0) (0 I (0) (0) (0) k Removed i 5th peoial Attack Squad) on/sasebo va l D3 strict Osake Naval Guard Dist. YOKOSUKA JSAve. Diatriot Surface Es< ort Division (20) lomahashi (20) 3d Jil (5 Surface h-4 Escort (20) Divisioi (20> (20 (20' jteiaoved (20) [3e Defense 2th Subchi.ser Di dsion pecia Lstriol ^Specie-Atta biatrick Squadron/Y' kosuka -Attac Squa on/yoi ostika (5 Kov 43) General Esctirt Com nan d Fl's t Escort 3enera]lFirst Esoart Escort ;cnm- d Fleet 0 at Escort 3quaaron lo2d Beeort Squadron 0 at Esc art Sq KAJHII (IO> SUSHIMA (IO> [0* (I Ok tk'ej CD- SZ (0) do) CD- 5 ladron 5,20) Remove *25) (25) [ (0) 02 a Sscort Squadran. KA5HIMA ; YASmiRO CD-S ' MIKIBIA vated o Fjrat Es sort Fleet R amoved.cp-53 (I 0) Rpmoved (25.CP-29 I.CD-4 (25 'JANJU (25 H0DAKA(3> HABOO (fo> 5) Dea 5) o i <5) Removed tivate Irs t E 3cort leet (5) \ o 2d Coa3t Defense Group 25) O 45) o i ^5) asebo lav. Dist. irst E soort leet o 2d Coast Defease Croup

76 KI DESIGNAION JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OC AIXJ 03 a Eaoort Squadrac,h Fleet 05tfa Ssoort General First Esco r t Escort Secor Commend Fleet anoy Escort roy 3onvoy Ssoort x Fleet Seventh! Fleet - 63

77 WI DESIGNAION JAR FEB MAR AH! MAY JUN JUL SEP OC NOV DEC AUG eneral First scort scori csmsnc Fleet N0M KIME ishinnab C D-E(Coa st Defejnse Shi p No.2) CD-6 CD-9 CE-3 CD-I! CD-IE CD-2C CD-2J CD-2S CE-2C CD-2E CD-3J CD-S3 CD-34 CD-3E CD-39 CD-52 CD CD-64 CD-6 CD- CD-3J CD-3E SAG HjlYODORI r-l7( sweeperj NO.7) W-E 33(Patro l Boat No.38 ) 9pist Aljr Groui CD-60 0) Ri moved uadron/maizuru Nay. Diat. ttoit ron/lifat Escort Fleet at Escort Fleet Squ«dron/FI rst Eaoort Fleet./F: rst Escort Fleet e Grou ii se Gro - 64

78 HI DESIGNAION JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JK JUL AUG SE P OC NO DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG CD-02 Coast defense Ship R.02) )i mo) O Sevent Fleel VPJ o 2t Def Grou] C -06 5)n (0) o Seventh Fleet D-2 5* (20) ro Maiz xru Nai Diet. General Escort Ganmand First Escort Fleet ittachs< 3st.. _. J-OX Iff! YAKE 9(Sub DBL ser 0.9) h CD-04 KIO) o Sevent Fleet Remove 0 XU dron/fi at Escort Fleet d Escc "t SquE CD-I 4 (23*. MIO) o Sevent Fleet CD-2.3 (23* o 0 d Esco r t Squa dron/fl st Escort Fleet SOSH [MA (25) (25) j DA O (25) I o 22 II'" (25). Coast Defens s Group UK MU (25) <25) J CD 27 (25) "-(5) > 2st oast E efense Sroup CD-65( ) 5) O )5th Es ;ort Sq uadron OJUCA i5*-m2s) ] CD-59 (5) 425 [ o l )3d Ssc art Squ adron/! Lrst Escort Fleet CD-92 (20X25 ) s >.39) (3 r-4 (3 0 it Air flotill (ran ) (5)= Nav y 0st General attached Air )Olst A r Grou 3 (5*- Dctnmsm (rans L0 2a A r Grou 3 (5* )8st A r Grou ) (5* mm m - 65


80 OHGANIZAIOS AS OF HOVSCBSE 94 CHAK5SS 3 (BGAOZAIOff, W0SE3!R 9 *! FEBRUARY 9^ 2 UHI msiamsias SHIP AlfD SUBKAHfflS DIVISICH KAAL BISHE CCBVSBZD SHIP OF COtfVERSD SHIP OR OR SPSCIALL ESABLISHES FORCE SPBCIALIY BSABLISBED DAS SQAIlROir SHIP AND SUBHARHra BIISIOS FOECI KAORI 6 Hov lh I 26 assigned to ^th Sutimaritie Division. st Division Cl-5, l-l6, Uli) st 2d Division (-8, -9, I-2O) Squadron 3d Division (-2, -22, -23) ASCKCNI KiW BDRS 4th Division (-24, -25) A.IffSI removed fron 3<i Squadron. 5 Dec * YAStlOKIMAE transferred from let Squadron to 3d Squadron. HE IAS MASJ assigned to st Sqnadron. Sixth I 9 st Division and 3d Division removed from st Squadron and, Jan *2 0 removed from 2d Squadron.,and all placed under tactical commend 7th Division (l-l, -2, -3) of Sixth Fleet. 2d Sleet Squadron 8th Division (-4, -5, -6) SASOS HAHI CKOSJKA 5 Jan U2-7 0 eunfc and removed from 2th Division. -7. I 0 st Division reorganized with X-l6, I-B, -20. AIGBI 2d Division reorganized with -5, -7, -9. th Division (-74, I-75) Feb Us 3d 3d Division reorganized with -2, -22, L2U. 2th Division (-68, -69, -70) Squadron 20th Submarios Division Cl-7, )!»th Division reorganised with -23, -25, I-26. I S Kiinj 4th 8th Division (i-53, I-54, -55) Combined Squadron 9th Division (-56, -57. I-5S) NAOOA HAEU KURE 2st Division (BO-33. B0-3U) OEA fleet 5th 28th Division (-59, I-60) Squadron St h Division (I-62, I_6>*) MDIEJAHZIRO HABI SASBBO 30th Sttbmarine Division (I-65, -66) hird fleet bib Squadron CHOOBI 9th Division (-23, I-2 *) 3th Division (-2, -22) JISGBI fourth 7th 26th Sabmarine Division (BO-60, RO-6, RO-62) fleet Sabnarine Squadron 27th Sabnarine Division {EO-65, EO-66, BO-67) 33d So-boariiB Division (HO-63, HO-64, HO-63) KlffiB 6th Division (BD-57, HO-53, HO-59) Jteral District I 52 5 Jan U2 SO-60 ran aground and removed from 26th Division. RO-66 sunk and removed from 27th Division. - 66

81 OBGAHIZAIOH AS OF FEBHJAH 9^ 2 ^ CHAiaiis is ajrairizaiar, rsbrjah 9^2-0 MABCH 9+2 UNI DBSIGHAION SHIP A5D SUBMARIHB DIVISIOH COSViKl'JSD SHIP OB SKCIALL SSABUSHBD FORM 5AAL DISRIC 07 COS''!flffO SHIP OH SP3CIAU ISSAStlSHBD ORCS DAI SqSADROl SHIP Aim SOKAHIHS DIISIO* KA.OBI le t Division (l~l6, -8, -20) 6 Iteb U2-26 assigned to Sixth neet. 3d Division (-2, -22, l-zk) I 0 2U Iteb U2 4-th Sabmarina Division organized and placed under tactical command of Sixth fleet. -27 and -28 assigned to luth Division. Sixth fleet st Squadron 2 Squadron 2d Divisio n (-5, -7, -9) Uth Divisio n (-23, } I 9 7th Division (-, -2, -3) 8th Division (.Uk, -5, -6) I 7 th Divisio n (l~jk, -75) HBIAK MAEJ SANOS HAEU IOKOSDKA OKOSOA 27 l»b U 0 Mar 42 Sth Sabmarlna Squadron organised and assigned to -2 9 assigned to l^th Division. st Division, 3d Division, luth Subnarine Division and -0 assigned to Sth Squadron. HIEMAR assigned to Converted Ship force of 8th Squadron. -30 assigned to luth Division. 2th Division (-62, -69) Squadron 20th Division (-7, ) ASJKOI MARJ UBS Sixth Fleet. -73 sunk and removed from 20th Division. -8 C cabined XINU ihh ISth Division (-53, I-5 *. -55) Squadron 9th Division ( , -58) 2st Division (BO-33, E0-3U) NAGOY*. MARI KUO 0 liar 42 Uth Squadron deactivated. 8th Division assigned to UBS Kaval District. 9th Division assigned to 5th Suomarine Squadron. 2st Submprine Division assigned to Sth Squadron. KVSJ assigned to l6th Squadron. flee t OHA 5th 28th Division (L-59, -60) Squadron 29th Division (l-62, I-&H) 30th Division (L65, L-6b) ODDS JANEIRO MASJ SASBO lolfer tuok and removed from 28th Division. 29th Division deactivated: I-62 assigned to 28th Division and I-SU to 30th Division. hird Fleet 6th Suboarine Squadron OHOGEI 9t h Division (-23, -2*0 3th SubmBrine Division (-2, -22) 25 Hsb kz 0 Mar 42 6th SubmariiK Squadron transferred to Coobined lset I-2U sunk and 9th Division deactivated -23 assigned to 3th Division 2st Division assigned to 6th Squadron. JINOSI Fourth 7th 26th Division (EO-fal, RO-fe2) Fleet Squadron 27th Suom&rine Division (EO-65, H0-b7) 33d Division (RO-bj, RO-64, RO-68) KIRS 6th Division (KO-57. RO-53, BO-59) 4aval District I 52 0!teb U2 eb U2 0 Mar Us 27th Division deactivated and, HO-65 and RO-67 assigned to 26th Division. RO-3 aesignsd. 8th Division assigned. - 67

82 OEGAHI ZAION AS OS 0 MARCH 942 UHAK6SS IH ORGANIZAION, 0 MAHCH 9^2 - I * JULY 9te OHI DSSIGNAIOH SHIP AO SUBMARISS DIVISION OOHvSED SHIP OH SPECIALLY 3SABIISH2D FORCE KAVAL DISRIC OF C0HVSR3D SHIP OH SPHCIAELY 3SABLISHSD FORCB EAS sqtiamoir SHIP AO SUBMARINE DISIIOI let Sahnarine Squadron. KAOHI 2d Division (L5, l-h, t-9) 4th Division (-23, J~ ) I - 9 HSIAN MAEU YOKOSJKA 20 Mar ^2 0 Apr U2 6 May ^2 20th Suomarina Division deactivated, and -7 and -72 assisted to 2t& Division. 3th Division removed from 6th Sutmarine Squadron and placed under tactical command of Sixth Fleet. -23 sunk and removed from 4th Division. I-S transferred from 34 Squadron to 5th SuBmarine Squadron. - assigned to 3d Squadron, Sbcth 7th Division (l-l, -2, -3) 2d Sth Division (-4, -5, -6) Squadron I - 7 SANOS MARU YOKOSBKA 30 May k2 0 Jun k2 5th Division (l-3, -32) organized and assigned to st Squadron. -33 assigned to 5th Division. fleet th Division (-74, -75) 3a 2th Division (-68, -69) Squadron 20th Division (l-7, =72) YASJKOI MAHU KJHB 5 Jon U2-28 Bunfc and removed from 4th Division. I - g st Divieion (I-l6, I-S. -20) Sth 3d Division (-2, -22, -24) Squadron 4th Division (L-27, I-2S, -29, -30) H B MAR YOXOSUKA lu Jal +2 3th Division transferred from Sixth Fleet to 7th Squadron. HO Combined Fleet UBA 5th 9th Division (-56, -57, -52) Squadron 2Sth Division (-59, -62) 30th Division (-64, L-65, -66) 6th Squadron CHOGEI 3th Division (-2,-22, I-23) 2st Division (EO-33, HO-34) MD DSJAS2K0 MARU SASEBO 0 Apr Hz 6 Hay 42 0 Jul ks Ik Jul U2 6th Squadron deactivated 5th Squadron deactivated 28th Division deactivated, and I-J9 assigped to 9th Subaarine Division and I-62 to 30th Division. 3th Division placed under tactical command of Sixth Fleet; 2st Division assigned to 7th Squadron and CHOCI to UBS ffaval District. -8 assigned to 5th Squadron. YDEA transferred from 5th Squadron to 4th Destoryer Squadron. 30th Division, I-S ana RIO Dfc, JAWiilRO IttHU assigned to Scu-cmsest *rea Fleet and 9th Division to KJR2 aval District. -64 sunk and removed from 30th Division..Fourth fleet 7th Squadron JISGSI 26th Division (HO-6, RO-62, HO-65, H0-&7) 33d Division (HO-63, EO-64, B0-6S) 0 Apr U2 Ik Jul Ug 7th SquBdron transferred to Eighth Fleet. 2et Division transferred from 6th Squadron to 7th Squadron. 26th Division and 33d Division transferred from 7th Squadron to Attached Force of Fifth Fleet. KU&S ISth Division (-53, I-5 *, -55) Saved District 6th Division (RO-57, SO-53, EO-59) I- 52 HO Jal +2 4 Jal U2 9th Division transferred from 5th Submariie Squadron to ICRB Naval District. -52, being obsolete, was desigwted a reserve ship. RO-3 removed and assigned to YOKOSCKA Saval District. Uote) 20 May 42: lames of submarinee from -53 to -75 «r e changsd to -53 to -75 inclusively.

83 ORGAN IZiX IDS AS OF Xk JULY 9U2 CHANGSS I S OHGAWIEA IOS, \k JJL 9^ 2 SEPfSMEEH i9u2 FAAL DISHE CCNVEHSD SHI OF corrnsrsd SHIP OMI 2ESIGHAION SHIP ASD SUBMARINE DI7ISI0H OH OR SPECIALLY 35ABLISHSS FOHCS SP8CIALL ^SABLISHKB FORCE DAS SQADR05 SHIP AUD SBKfcRIira BIISIOS KAORl k hng kz -76 assignsa to th Sntmarine Division. Sixth 2d Division (-5, -7, -9) Uth Satnarine Division deactivated and Aug U2 a nd I-2S assigned to 2d Salsnarine Division. let ittb Satmarine Division (-25, -26) HSIAN MAR YOKOSBCA Squadron 5th Satmarine Division (-3, -32, -33) L-7 of 7th Division placed under tactical conaand of Siith Fleet. I 9 2nd Subaiarine 8th Division deactivated and I-U, -5 and -6 assigned to 7th Division. 20 Aug U2 7th Satmarine Division (-, -2, -3) SJH03 MARI assigned to Converted Ship Force of KtHS Haval District. 2d Squadron Stb Division {i-h, -5, -6) SANIOS KAEJ YOKOSIKA -8 removed from Soathwest Area Fleet and placed under tactical conmand of Squadron Sixth rieet. I 7 deactivated. fleet 34 Squadron th Satmarine Division (I-7U, -75) 2th Satmarine Division (I-6S, H69, -72) ASDKIMI KARtf KU8B I 3 Aog»2-7 aselgned to 7th Division. st Division {I-l6, -3, -20) Sth 3d Division (-2, -22, -2U) Squadron l^t h Division Cl-27, I-S9, I-3C) B E MAHU OKOSOCA I - 0 Fifth Attached 26th Sutmarios Division (RO-6, EO-62, RO-65, EO-67) fleet Force 33d Satmarine Division (EO-63, E0-6U, RO-63) Eight t fleet 7th Squadron JINGEI 3th Division 2st Satmarine Division Cl-2, -22, -23) (RO-33, EO-3 *) Southwest Area fleet Attached Force 30th Division I 8 (I-I62, I-l65, I-l66) RID EG ASEIRO MAP.U SASKBO 20 Attg!+2-8 removed and assigned to Sixth Fleet. KURS jjaval District OKOSUXA Javal District CH0GE 8th Satmarine Division (-53. I-l^, -55) 9th Division (-56, , -59) 6th Sutmarine Division (HO-57, BO-56, HO-59) RO-3 20 Aug *2 SAUOSMAH transferped frwl 2d Sciasdron to Converted Ship Force of rob Haval District. 3 Aug Us I-3U, -35 mid RO-OO amigned tocbshaval District. Se-p U2-3^ BOJOO and SASOSMAH organized into njr! Sobnarlne Squadron,

84 OEGAHIZAIOS AS OF SEFESHBEE iskz CHAHGBS IN OWiASZZiXIQB, Septembe r 9^ 2 Januar y 9V HA7AL DISEK COtEHBD SHIP O COI7EHSB SHIP WI DESIGSAIOH SHIP AND SUBMARINE DIVISION OR OR DAIS SQIJABRCM SHIP ASD SOMABDfS DIVISION SPECIALLY ESABLISHED FORCB SPBCIALL SSABLISEED JOBCt KAIOHI 7th Division (i-l, -2, -3, I-U, -5, L-6, -7) 0 Hov U2 I-S -33 sunk (accident) and removed froa 5th Division. -30 Eunk and removed from 4th Division, Sixth fleet st Squadron 3d Squadron 2d 5th Snimarine DiviBion Division (L-5. (L-3, , ) -32, -33) HBIAH HARt OKOSJEA I-36 assigned te 5th Division. -72 sunk snd removed from 2th Sulmarine Division. 5 tec ^8-22 sunk and removed from 3d Sufcnarine Division. th Division (-74, -75, -76) 3d Suomarine Division deactivated, and -2 and -24 assigned to st, Division. 2th Division (L-l6S, -69, -7, -72) usvxmi MAEH KJHS - 2k Eec t2 I-5 sunk and removed frr>m 2d Sntmsrine Division. st Division (X-l6, -8, I-2O) 8 th 3d Division (l- l, I- 2, Dec 42-3 sunk and removed from 7th Division. Squadron ll+th Division (-27, ) H B MAHtJ YOKOSUKA L-0 Fifth Attached 26th Division (EO-6, B0-D2. Ha.65, HO-67) riuet Force 33d Division (EO-63, BO-64, H0-6g) JISGEI Eighth 7th 3th Division (-2, L-22, -23) ileet Squadron 2st Division (EO-33, HO-3^) Southwest Area Attached Fleet Force 30th Division (L-62, I-I65, -66) HIO US JASEIRO KARU SAS30 25 Sep *2 33d Division assigned to KO3 Naval District. 20 Oet 42 S0-6l sunk and removed from 26th SuDmarine Division. 5 Hov k2 26th Division assigned to KJHE Haval District. -3^ and -35 removed from KJBS Squadron and assigned to Fifth Fleet. 5 Oct U2 L.23 sank and removed from 3th Division. HO-33 sunk and 2st Division disbmded. Dec U2 RQ-0, RO-02 and EO-03 assigned to 7th Sqaadron, 5tecte HO-00 assigned to 7th Squadron. KtRB Squadron U$k, -35. EO-00 SANOS MAEU KDHS Sep U2 HO-03 assigned to iturai Squsdron. KOBE Naval CH0QS lsth Division (-53, -54, -55) 30 Sen +2 I 36 Resigned to KJR5 Squpdron. Oct 42 EC-0 and RO-0 assigned to K'JRS Squadron. 26th SaDmarina DiviBion transferred tok'uhh Uaval District. 5 Hov %2 ^3^ and -35 transferred from UKZ Squadron to attached Force,KPfe Efeet District 9th Division (-56, -57, ) 20 Eov 42 RO-65 sunk and removed from 26th Division. EO-0, EO-03 and EO-03 transferred froa KJH3 Squadron to 7th Sqnadren, 6th Division (EO-57, BO-58, RO-59) Dec +2 EO-06, RO-07, -77 end I-7S assigned to WB3 Sqaadron. RO-00 transferred from KJHS Squadron to 7th Sqaadron. 5 Dec "+2 L.3S transferred froa KURt SuBmarine Sqaadron to 5th Division. YQKOSUKA SO-3 Havel District,. - 70

85 0RGASIZAII03 AS OF JAH0AR 9^3 CHAIG'SS nr osr,asizaio!r, i JAHtrsH 9*3 - l * AFKIL 9*3 HA7AL DISRIC COHYSESD SHIP OF CCKHRSD SHIP OS I DSSI0HA3I0B SHIP JUJI StrSHASISB D I IS ICE 0 OH DAS sqjjaircar SPECIAL!! BSABLISHSD F0RC3 SPECIALLY 3SA3LISEED IOCZ SHIP AJD StfflHARINS DIISIOS KAIOBI 7tfa Division (l-l, -2, -4, -5, L-6, -7) UZ 2d SuDmaria) Division (I-7, -9, -25, -26) let Slitb 5th Division (-3, ) HEIAU MASC DKOSVKk Squadron -9 th Division (L-7U, -75, -76) 3d 2th Division (I-6S, -69, -7) AS"XKI HAHU SUES Squadron I- Fleet let Division (-6. -3, -20, -2, J-2^) Sth luth Division {l-27, -29) HIE MAEU OKOSA Squadron -0 Fifth At tacksd fleet Jorca -3" JISOEI Mar ^3 5 Mar h3 Ax,r i+3 Apr hi 5 Ja n +3 -h sank and removed from 7th "ivision. th Satearine W-rision deactivated and -74, -75 a ^ -76 assi^iad to 2th Salraarine Division, 22d Division ( , -20) transferred from RUSE Squadron to 3^ Squadron. I-3U and -35 transferred from Attached force, Fifth Fleet to 5th Sutanarine Division. -8 sunk snd removed froffl let Division, - transferred from the tactical coarsnd of Sixth Fleet to l^th Saffline Division. - sunk and removed from 7th Sntmsrine Division. 7th Division transferred from the tactical command of Sirth Fleet to Fifth Fleet. t~jih and -35 removed and assigned to 5th Division. JISEI aeeigned to KUHE Naval District. CH003I transferred to 7th Squadron. iighth 7th 3th Division (-2, -22) 5 Mar U3 Fleet Squadron EO-3U 5 Apr U3 HO-00, HO-0, EO-02, EO-03 7t t Sntm*rine Squadron aasigned to Soutbeset EO-06 and EO-07 tranefarred froo VJSS Squadron to 7th Squadrcn South**it Area Fleet Attached Orce 30th Division (-62, I-I65, I-l6b) HIO DS JABSIRO MAEU SASSBO KDBB -77, I-7S 5 Jan U3 SASOS MAEt SDBB Squadron BO-06, HO-07 L-3S and -80 aseigned to KIES Squadron. 6th Division assigned to OKOSUKA Haval District. HO-3 transferred from YOKQSmA Haval BUtrict tokrb Hsral District. CHOSE I assigned to 7th Squadron and JIISBI transferred from 7th Squadron to XW! Saval District. KOBE CHGGBI 8th SuDmarine Division (-53, I-5^+, -55) Save! 9th Sucmarine Division (-56, -58, -59) District YQKOSUKA Saval District 2 Feb Fab U3 5 Mar H3 0 Mar +3 6th Division (BO-57, E0-5S, HO-59) 5 Mar U3 26th Division (EO-62, HO-67) 25 Kar U3 33d Division (fio-63, EO-6^, Efr-bS) HO-3 Apr +3 JUBB Sabmarine squadron removed anc ibblgned to FSjst Flee 3fl, EO-lOU assigned to HKJ5 Squadron. 22a Division (-77, -78, I-S0) organized anfl assigned to CRS Sutraarine Squadron. HO-05 aebigned to tuns Squadron, -37 assigned to AUKS Sqia&ron. 22i Division aseigned to Ji Squadron. SO-35 aseiened to KUHS Sqnaaron. SAw^OS MAEU removed from, and SJK0SHI MAEI assigned to. Converted Ship Force of KJH3 Squadron. RO-3 assigned to KUPJC Uaval District. Sth Division transferred from SIRS Haval District Unit to CK0S3KA ffaval District. - 7

86 OBSAHIZAIOH AS OJ Ik APRIL 9V5 CHANSBS IH OHGANIZASIOH. lu APRIL 9^3 J7N! 9U3 SAVAL DISRIC COHiEEED SHIP OF C0S3EEE SHIP mif DBSI&KAI0 SHIP AND SUBMAJUHS DIVISICS OR OE SEBCLALY ESABLISHED FOBCE SPBCIALLY ESABLISHED PORCS DAE SqUAIRON SHIP AND SUBMABIHE DIVISION KAOEI Sixth let Squadron 2d SubBarlne DiviBioii (-7, -9, -25, -26} 30 Apr H3 I-lg transferred from irst Fleet to 5th Bivision. 5th Division (-3, L-32, l-3k, L-35, L.36) HaiAI MAEU OKDStJSCA -9 2tfa Division (-6S, -69, -7, I-7 *, ) 3d 23 Kay»+3-37 transferred from First Fleet to ll+th Division. 224 Division (-77, I-7S, I-lSO) AS0K3NI HAHU KtJES Squadron leet - 6th Squadron le t ll+th Sutmariae -0 Division Division (l-l6, -20, -2, (i-s, -27, -29) I-2k) HIE MAE: OKOSmCA 25 May +3 I-g removed from luth Susnarine Division and placed under tactical Bth Sttbmarinc Squadron. command of -37. t-38 first th 30 Apr U3 Fleet Squadron BO-35 SUKU5EI MAHU SASBBO 20 Apr ^ 3 R0- Cg assigned. 22 Apr +3 HO-39 assigned. 0 May *3 I-S2 assignsd. H0-C9 assigned. -38 removed and aesigned to 5th Division. BQ-OI+, EO Hay removed and aesignei! to luth Division. mth fleet Attached Force 7th SubBiarine Division (-2, 3-5, I_b, L7) 2U May +3 I-E assigned. 3 May +3 KO-36 assigned. CH0GS Soutiieaet 7th 3th Division (-2, -22) Area EO-34 3 Hay +3 3th Division deactivated. fleet Squadron 80-00, EO-0, EO-02, EO-03 SO-06, SO-07 Southwest Area Fleet 30th SabmariM Division (l-l62, I_l65, -66) EIO D3 JAHSIEO MAHt SASEBO JIKdSI 8th BiviBion (-53, -5^, -55) KOBE 9th Dirision (I-5&, -57, -58, -55) SaVBl 26th Division (RO-62, EO-67) District 33d Submariis Bivieion (fio-63, BD-6+, 20-6S) BO-3 YOKOSUXA Haval District fath Division (EO-57, E0-5S, EO-59)

87 OBGAHIZAIOH AS O JUKI 9*3 CHAWJ8S t l QROUIZAIOI, 3B 9>+3 - AUGUS 9 *3 WI DBSIGBAIQH SHIP ABU S3BMAEIHK DISIOI CCHEHSII SHIP OE SFKIiXL SSABLISHZD QBC! IAAL DISRIC or ccbtssrad SHIP OS SPECIALLY SSf ABLISHIS fobcs DAS StgMUBOB SHIP HID SSBHAHCS DIISIOI KAQSI Sixth fleet lit Squadron 3d Squadron 8th Squadron 2d Division 5th Division 2th Division 22d Division - st Division l4t n Division -8 W O (l-7, -9, -25, I-26) ( , -34, -35, -36, -38) (-68, -69, -7, I-7 * I-7&) {-77, ) (-6, , -24) (-27, ) HBIAS M&Etr Asannri KAB HIS KiBt OKOSOA XUBt CKOSUIA 2 0 Jn l M-3 Mtgh3-39 aeeignefi t o l4t h Satmarins Divteion. EO-35 reaoved frca th Sobnarinfl Sqoadron and placed onder of Sixth Fleet. -3 wufc and removed frot 5th Division. Lh soak and reaoved fron st Division. tactica l command 5 Jon 43 BO-04 assigned to 7th Squadron. 8 Jon assigned. -39 Jtm U3 SO-05 assigned to 7th Squadron. First 30 Jna U3 EO-37 assigned. th -8, I-B2 0 J«a 43 BO-0 assigned. SDECrSfil MAEtr SASSBO EO-35 placed onder tactical command of Sixth Fleet Squadron ao-35. EO Jill U3 *39 asslgwd to luth Snbiarlne Division. EO- assigned. HO-04. EO-05, E0-0S, EO-09 3 Jul 43 BO-38 and -40 assigned. AugU3 BO-08 assigned to 7th Submarlno Sqoadron. fifth Fleet Attached force 7th DiviBion (L2, -5, -6, -7) Ing 43 L-7 sank and removed. Fleet. Southeast Area Fleet 7th Squadron CHOGEI -2, -22 H&-34 BO-00, HO-0. H0-0S, SO-03 SO-06, RO-07 5 Jan 43 Jan 43 Ja l 43 BO-04 transferred from th EO-05 transferred from th Sabnarine HO-34 and EO-02 sank and removed. Squadron. Sqnadrun. Aog 43 R0-0S transferred from th Squadron. Southwest Area fleet 30th SobnariiiB Division (I-lb2, I-I65, -66) BIO IM JANEIHO URU JUOEI KOBE Naval District lgt h Sahmarine 9th Stitaarine 26th Siibmarino Division Division Division 33d Division (-53, (-56, (B0-&2, (RO-63, -5^. -57, HO-67) HO ) I-5S, RO-68) -59) EO-3 OXOSBKA HavaL District bth Division (EO-57, EO-58, EO-59) - 73

88 ORGAN lewio! AS Of AUG0S 943 CHASSSS I S OHaiUIZA'IOH, AOB 9^3 - SKSSMBHH I9I+3 C0H3B33E SHU UNI DBSiejLAflOK SHIP AHD SUBMARINE DIVISION OR SPECIALLY SSABLISHBD FORCB HAH BISHIC O OOKBHBD SHIP OR SPKIAL ESABLISE3D 70SCS DA5S SQtt&IRCN SHIP AO SBMARnn! DIVISION KAOEI HO-35 0 Aag 43 5 Aag assigned to 22d Division. I-l68 Bonk and removed from 2th Division, 2d Division (l~7, -9, -25, -26} st 5th Division (-32, -34, L.35,.36, I-38) HE IAS HABI Squadron Sixth -9 YDK0S3SA 20 Aag 43 I-S assigned to 22d Division. EO-36 placed under tactical command of Sixth Fleet. 2th SuDmarine Division (-68, -69, -7, -74, -75, -76 3d 22a Division (-77, -78, -80) YASOltJSI MAH Squadron fleet - KJKB Aag *3 Aug U3-9 sunk and removed from st Subnarire Squadron. st Division transferred from 8th Sqiadron to st Squadron. 8th Squadron le t Division luth Division -8-0 (-6, (-27, -20, -2} t-29, -37, -39) H H KAEU OKOSJKA Sep 43 I-7S sunk aid removed from 22d Division. -40 *l*st th -79, -8, -82 Jlaet Squadron HO-36, EO-37, ED-38 EO-09, ao-0, B&- StJKtJSHI MAHtJ SASS30 0 Aag **3 5 Aug Aag 43 Sep assigned to 22d Division. HO-09 assigned to 7th Squadron. -8 assigned to 2d Division. EO-36 placed tinder tactical command of Sixth Fleet. EO-42 assigned. I-79 smk due to an accident and removed. fifth fleet Attached force 7th Division (l-2, -5, -6) Southeast Ana fleet CB3GSI 7th -2, -22 Squadron BO-00, fio-0, HO-03. BQ-04 5 Aug Aag 43 RO-09 transferred from th Squadron. -2 and -22 assigned to KtHH ffaval District. 5st Division (EO-00, BO-0, EO-03, BO-04, RO-05, 80-06) erganizaj BO-05, EO-06, BO-07, RO-08 Sep 43 SO-07 sunk and removed. BO-08 and HO-09 assigned to 5st Division. Southwest Ares Fleet 30th Division (I-I62, I-I65, I-l6b) EIO 0 JJCEIHG HARt SASBBO JUJGSI SUJS 8th Division (-53. I-5 *. -55) Naral 9th division (-56, -57, I-5S, -59) 26th SubmariHs Division (BO-62, BO-67) iiiatriet 33d Division (BQ-63, BO-64, E0-6S) SO-3 5 Aag Aag 43-2 ad -22 transferred from 7th Squadron. -2 and -22 assigned to 8th Division. OKOSUKA Naval District 6th Sujwarina Division (SO-57. S0-5S, EO-59) - 74

89 OHGAHIZAIOH AS OF SSPSMBEfi 9^3 CEAHSBS IS 0RM5IZAIOK, SSPBHBSR 9&+3 - OCOBER 9U3 COinrSHEB SHIP OU D3SIGHAI0N SHIF AND SCBHAHI33 BIYISIOH OH SF3CIALIY 2SASLISHED FCRCI KA7AL DISRIC OF COSVSHED SHIP OH SPECIALLY ESALISH3D F0RC! BA! SQtJADHCH SHIP ASD SJBMABHra DIVISION Sixth le t Squadron KAORI RO-35, HO-36 st Division (l-l6, -20, -2} 2d Suhraarios Division (X-7, Ll9, -25, -26) 5th Division (-32, I-3 * , -38) EHIAH MAHU CKOSUKA 5 Sep U3 3d Squadron ^activated L-3 + transfer*"ea from 5th Diision to 8th Squadron. -29 removed from luth Suljroarine Division and placed under tactical eaomaad of Sth Subnwirins Squadron. 2th Submsrine Division and 22d DiviEion placed un*r tactical command of Sixth Fleet and YASJKXO KARU assigned to Attached Force, Si^tth Fleet. n#et 3d 3cj.aB.dron 2th Division (-69, -7, I-7 *, -75. I-7&) 22d Division (-77, -S0, -8, I-S2) ASUKMI MAHJ X-ll KJRB 2k Sep *3 - assigned to st Suhnerine Squadron. EO-37 placed tinder tactical command of Sixth Fleet. 8th Squadron ll+th Subnar ine Division US -0 (-27, -29, -37, -39) HIS HAR0 OKOSOA 25 Sep 43 st Division deactivated and -6, -20 and I-3 assigned to 2d Division. First Fleet th Squadron I-S+O HO HO-l+2 SJKHSHI MARJ BO-0, RO- SASHBO 2 Sep I3 8 Sep Sep U3 2k Sep +3 2S Sep Sep *3 ED-39, BO- * and RO-2 assigned. -4- assigned. -85 assignsd. RO-37 removed and placed under tactical command of Sixth Fleet. RO-UO assigned. I -83 assigned. Fifth Fleet Attached Force 7th Submariae Division (-2, -5, -6) Southeast 7th CHoasi Area Fleet S^uadroa 5st Division (fio-00, EO-0, EO-03, BO-04, HO-06, EO-08, BO-09) RO-05, Southwest Area Fleet 30th Division (-62, -65, -66) RIO DE JANEIEO MARU SASEBO 5 Sep +3 RIO IE JAHEIEO MAH removed. j or &s KOBE Naval District lst h Sutmariae Division (-2, -22, -53, I-5 *-, -55) 9th EiviEion (I-I56, , -59) 26th Division CRO-62. BO-67) 33d Division (EO-63, RO-CU, RO-68) l Sep +3 RO-500 assigned. HO-3 OKOSUKA. Haval DiEtrict 6th Division (EQ-57, RO-58, KO-59) - 75

90 CBCMIZAfriOB AS OF OCOBER 9^3 FAAL 3ISRIC COIVSHIiD SHIP OF COtfSRSD SHIP UHI DESIGNAION SHU AND SUBMAEIES DIVISIOH OB OH SPECIALLY ESABLISHED FQECS! SPECIALLY BSABLISHSD FOECS KAIORI 2th Division (-69, L.7, L7 +, -75, -76) 22d Division (-77, I-8O, L-8, -82) Oct U3 Oet U3 SQAHRON CEASGSS IS OEGAHIZAIO, OCOBER 9^3 - OWHBER 9U3 SHIP AO SUBMAEIIB DIISIOH 30th Sabm*rine Division transferred from Southveat Area Fleet to Sth Squpflron. HIB HUR removed frem Sth Sqiadron and ilaced under tsctical eommand of Combind Fleet. Sixth EO-35, SO-36, BO-37 ~A0 transferred from th Squadron to 2d s utiraarine Division. fleet st Squadron 2d Division (-$, * , -2, -25, I~S6) 5th Division (h3z, ) HSIAH MAHJ OKOSUKA - 3 Oct U3 HO- transferred from th Squadron to 30th Division. HO-35, EO-36 and HO-37, under tactical command of Sixth Fleet, organized into 3^th Division, 8 th im h Division (-27, -37, -39) Squadron I-S, -0, -29, I-3 * HIS KAEl OKOSDKA SO-38 trpnsferred frcn th Squadron to 3^tn Division. First Attached Force ASODNI UiSXJ th -*0, -4-83, L-S5 Fleet Squadron EO-38, 80-39, HO-UO. RO-+2, HO-Wt 'if tli fleet Attached Force EO-0, EO-, HO-2 7th Division (-2, -5, t-6) SOKOSia MAHU 5 Oet U3 3 Oet V5 Sov ^3 L-lgU and HO-3 assigned. -+2 and I-U3 assigned, BO- assigned to 30th Division. EC^38 assigned to 3't-th Division. L-lJ-0 assigned to 2d Division. RO-Ul assigned. Southeast Area fleet 7th Squadron CHQGEI 5st Division (EO-00, EO-06, 20-03, KO-09) BO-0, RO-03, RO-IO *, HO-05, Iov 43 RO-03 gunk m 6 reooved from 5st Division. Southwe Et Area Fleet 30th SubmarinB Division (l-l6s, I-I65, l-l66) Oct *3 30th Division assigned to 8th Squadron. JEJGBI KUBE Haval District 8th Division (-2, -22, -53, I-5 *, -55) 9th Divieion (t-56, -57, I-5S. -59) 26th Submariie Divieion (EO-62, EO-67) 33d Division (RO-S3, S0-6U, EO-68) BO-3, HO-500 XQKOSEKA Haal District 6th SubmarinB Division (fio-57, EO-58, RO-59) - 76

91 ORCAUIZAIOH AS or HOVSMBER 943 CEAUGES IN 0R&ANIZAI0, N0VSKBE 9^ 3 DBCSMBm 9^ 3 SAAL DISRIC C0O3RED SHIP 07 COBVSBBD SHIP UHI DESIGNAION SHIP MS SUBMARINE DIVISIOH OS SPSCliLL ESABLISHED FCRCI OR SPBOIALL ESABLISHED FORCB DAE 5Q.ADRCH SHIP AND S3BMARDB DIISIOI KAIOHI 0 Kov U3 RO-0 transferred from th Suomsrine Squadron to 30th Division. l th Division (Ll69, -7, -74, -75. I-7&) 22d Division C-77. -SO, -8, -82) juth Divieion (RO-35, RO-36, H5-37, HO-38) 25 Bov transferred from 2a Suomarins Division to 8th Squadron. -39 transferred froa l4th Division to 2d Division. Sixth st 2d Division (I-l6, L.40) Squadron 5th Division {-32, -35, -36. *-38) - L-7, -9, -20, -2, -25, -26. mus HARD YOKOHAMA 3 0 Uov 43 HO-42 transferred froa th Squadron to 34th Division. Fleet Sth Squadron l4th Division (-27, -37, -39) -7, -20 and -25 sank and removed from 2d Division. 30th Divieion (L-l62, -65, I-l6b, HO-) I-S, -0, -29, U3^ Deo sunk and removed from 22d SuDmarine Division. Attached force YASUKOI MARtf KUHE RO-35 sunk and removed froa 34th SuDmnrine Division. first Fleet th Squadron -4, -42, , I-i.34, -35 EO-39, EO-40, KO-4, EO-42. RO-tU RO-0, EO-2, BO-3 fifth fleet Attached fores 7th Division (-2, L-5, -6) SCKDSHI MAR SA5XB0 0 Nov Hov 43 th sulmarine Squadron transferred from First Fleet to Sixth aieet. RO-0 assigned to 30th Divieion. RO-43, HO-4 and HO-5 assigned. 30 Fov 43 BQ-42 assigned to 34th Division. Southeast 7th CHO&SI 29 Kov 43 CHOSSI assigned to th Squadron. Area fleet Squadron 5lEt Division (BO-00, SO-0, RH-ltft, RO-05, RO-06, RO.08, HO-09) Dec 43 RO-0 sunk and removed from 5st Division. XUKit JIUCEI Squadron KORS ISth Divieioa (-2, -22, -53, I-5 *, -55) Organized with 9th Division (-56, -57, -58, -59) Dec 43 JSaval Divisions and 26th Division (HO-62, HO-67) s of District 33d Division (RQ-63, BO-64. BO-68) KUJU Haval HO-3, SO-500 District. 26th Division deactivated and RO-26 and HO-67 assigned to 33d Division. YOKOSUK HaveO, bth Division (EO-57, E0-5S, HD-59) Dl strict

92 OEQAHIZAIOS AS Of DBCSMBBE 943 UHAWS^iS I S OSOAlIZAIOIt, UBCKMBIffi 9U3 JANUAB 9UU SAVAL DISRIC COSVSHBD SB IP 07 CC5V5RSD SHIP WI EESIOKAIOH SHIP ASS SUBMABIHB DIVISION OR OS DAS SQPADBQ SHIP AO SHBMAEI«ra DIISIOH SPSCIALLY SSASLISH3D FORCE SPSCIAIY USABLISH8D rorob KAORI 2th Division (-69, ^7. -74, ) 5 Dec 43 4th Sabmarine Division deactivated 22d Division (-77, I-S0, -S) 34th Division (RO-36, fio-37, RO-38. RO-42) 8 Dec 4 3 *52 aasiglea to th Suomarine Squadron. Sixt h st Stiunarine Squadron 2d Division (-6, -9, I-W) 5th Division (-32, -35, ) H3IAK MAHU YOKOSDKA I- 2 0 Dee transferred from th Squadron to 5th Sttfcnarine Division. I-S5 transferred from th Squadron to 22d Submrine Division. fleet ath Sobnarioe Squadron llfch Squadron ltt h Division (-27, -37) 30th Division i-a, i-io, -26, -29, CnOG-SI mi, -42, Uh$ I-S3, I-8U, I-S5 (-62, i-ih I-I65, -66, HCX-llO, EO-) SUKSHI KARJ SAS3B0 25 DBC 43 HO-39 sni HO-44 transferred Division. from th SuDmarine Squadron to 34th KO-2 transferrea from th Squafiroa to JOfh Division. 23 Dec 43 i-u5 assigned to th Squadron. HO-39, BO-tO, BD-4, RO-^, EO-iA -0 removed from 8th Sutansrine Squadron mi -olacea under tactical comraai d HO-2. HO-3, SO-lll*, HO-5 Jan 44 of Siztii ileet. Attached Force ASDKHHI MAHU irnss fifth Haet Attached force 7th Sabmarine Division (-2, L-5, -6) Southeast Area 7th 5st Division (BO-lOO, HO-CW, HO-05, EO-06, EO-OB, Squadron Fleet HO-09) -34 sunk and removes from th Sutaarine Sqaadron. JIBG3I lgth Division (-2, -22, -53, ^5^, -55) SUBS Haval District KUES Squadron 9th Suomarine Division (--56, -57, -53, -59) 33d SataariiB Division (EO-62, fio-63, LO-hh, EO-67, EO-68} EO-3. BO-500 YOKOSCKA JJaval District 6th Division (EO-57, SO-5S, fio-59)

93 QR&AHI AIIQH AS OF JA3UABY 9M+ CHAHOSS 5 OR&AjnZAf IO, JAKARY 9 * * CHARY 9IA NAVAL DISEIC COHVERED SHIP OF COimSED SHIP UNI BSSIGHAION SHIP AHD SUBMARIXS DIVISICH OB OE SPECIALLY ESABLISHED F0EC3 SPBCIALLY ESABLISHED FOECIi DAS SQJ-ASRO SHIP M> SOHARIffl: DIVISION KAfOHI Ja n UU RO-U-5 assigned to th Squadron. 2th Division (l-l69, -7, l-llk, L-75, L76) 22d Division (-77, X-SO, -6, L-IS5) 3Uth Division (HO-36, HO-37, HO-3g, EO-39, EC-U2, RO-W 5 Jan * EO-UO transferred from th Squadron to 3^th Division. Sixth st Squadron L-0 st Squadron deactivated ind 5 Jan Uk its divisions plsced under tactical command 2d Division (-6, -9, I-Hl. -39, l-ho) of Sixth Fleet. 5th Division (-38, -35, I 36, -38, l-^l) HSIAH MAE YOKOSOA I- & Jm hk -53 assigned to th Squadron. Stli 30th Division (I-I62, I-I65, -66, SO-O, HO-, EO-2) Squadron I-S, -26, -27, -29, transferred from th Squadron to 5th Division. -8^ transferred fro* th Squadron to 22d Division. Fleet th Squadron CHCG3I L-'lS, -43, -45, , -84 HD-l+O, EO-4, HO-*3 EO-3, EO-lllt, EO-5 SDKJSEI MAHU SASSBO 3 Ja n UU L-UU, RO-U7, HO-llS and EO-7 assigned to th Squadron. EO-3 transferred from th Squadron to 3 th Division. Attached Force YASmmi MAEU fifth Fleet Attached Force 7th Sabmarin* Division (-2, -5, -6) Feb Uk 7th Division Sixth Fleet. transferred from Attached Fo-ce of Fifth Fleet to Southeast Arse, Fleet 7th Squadron 5lBt Division (EO-00, EO-0 *, BO-O5, RO-O6, RO-O6, HO-09) JIHOBI KUR2 KURE ISth Division (-2, -22, -53, I-5 *. -55) JJaval 9th Division (-56, -57, ) District Squadron 33d Division (EO-62, BO-63, EO-6U, EO-67, HO-68) RO-3. HO-50O 8th Division deactivated. -53 and X-5^ designated reserve ships. -2, -22 and -55 assigned to 9th Division. RO-3 removed (reserve ship) YQKOSUKA IJavd. 6th Division (RO-57, E&-5S, EO-59) District

94 OEGAHISAIIOS AS OF FEBRUARY 9UU CHAHG2S U OOMIZAION, FEBRUARY 9 * MARCH 9W+ UNI DBSISHAIIOH SHIP AND SUBMARINE DIVISICSJ CajfEESD SHIP OE SPECIALLY ESABLISHED FORCE NAAL DISRIC OJ COffVSHBD SHIP OE SPEC IALLY ESABLI SHED FOECB DAB SqtADHOS SHIP AO SffiHARIira BIISION KAORI LU3 transferred from th Squadron to 5th Division. e b UU 2d Division (l-l6, -9, , I-UO) R0-U6 assigned to th Squadron. 7th Division (-2, -5, -6) 2th Division (I-I63, L-7, I-7U, -75, -76) 5th Division (-32, -35, -36, -38, I-Ul, I-U2) 5 W b UU KAORI transferred from Sixth Fleet to KJHE raining Sqnadrou. Sixth 22d Division (-77, -80, -8, I-I84, I-I85; 34th Division -0, - (BO-36, EO-37, HQ-3S, Ho-39, EO-^O, SD-kz, JLOJik) 2 0 PB'D V+ RO-llU transferred from th Squadron to 30th Division. 30th Sutaarine Division Cl-l62, I-I65, -66, HO-0, HO-, Stli EO-2, HO-3) rieet Suhmarine Squadron -3, -26, -27, -23, e b UU I_U6 assigned to th Squadron. th Stdunarine Squadron CHOGEI i.m-3, I-Wi, -45, -52, I-53 I-S3 EO-^l. E0-H3, EO-i+5, S0-U7 BD-ll^, RO-5, B0-U6, EO-7 SUKJSHI MAEU SASKBO K a r UU 7th Squadron transferred from Southeast Area Fleet to Sixth meet. Attached Force E2IAH KAHU YOEOSJKA YAsmcrori HARJ KDEK Southeast 7th 5et Sabmarine Division (HO-00, BO-lOU, HO-05, EO-06, HO-08, 5 Fel) UU EO-00 eunk and ramoved from 5st Division, HS-09) Area fleet Squadron tt Sntaariiie Sons, Mar UU arori traasfeiraa tpoa Southwest Area Bast to Sixth Jeet. JIHUEI EURS EURE 9th Sabmarine Division ( , -55, I-5&, -57, I-5S, -59) Haval District Squadron 33d Division (E0-b2, ECU>3, EO-fcU, SO-47, EO-68) OKOSUKA Haval District 6ffli Division (EO-57, E0-5S, HO-59) - 80

95 QEGASIZAIIOH AS OF MABCH 944 L-BWtfflS 5 0E5ANIZAI0K, MABCH 9 ^ APRIL 94 4 CCWr!Hi!!Il SHIP tliffir DSSOSAIQN SHIP A3D SUBKAHIK3 BI7ISICft Ofi SPICIALL BSA5LISHRD FCKCB HAVAL DISRIC OF C0jnr2E3D SHIP CfR SPECIALLY ESABtlSHSD FORCS DAS sqphmas SHIP AO 5JBIMBIH3 riisio d Division (l-l6, -9, -2, -39, I-^O) 5 Mar U4 7th Division {-2, -5, I-fc) 2th Suomarine Division (L69, -7. I-7 * L76) 5th Division (l-32, -35, -36, -38, -4, -42, -^3) 224 Division (-7, I-S0, -8, -84, -85) 0 «ar 44 34th Division (EO-36, BO-37, H0-3S, HO-39, RO-40, RO-42, H0-4U) -6 transferred from 23 Suomsrine Division to 5th division. HO-4 transferred from th Squadron to 3^th Sacrawrlne division. HO-43 trsneferre* from th Squadron to J4th Division. YASOtWI MARtI eui*: and removed from Sixth Fleet. SO-5 transferred from th Squadron to 5st Division. -52 transferred from th Squadron to 8th Sqctpdroa. 7 tia Squadron 5st Division (HO-04. HO-05, HO-0b, R0-0S, HO-09) 20 Mar 44 EO-0, HO-, RO-2 transferred from 30th Division to 5st Division. Sixth 3 tb Sq.aad.roo. 30th Division I-g, -26, -27, -23. t-37 (L-lb2, -65, I-l6b, HO-llO, 20-2, HO-3, R0-J.4) HO-, 25 Mar transferred from th Squadron to 5th Division. EO-3 snd RO-4 transferred Division. from ^Oth Subiaarine Division to 5st Flee t th Squadron 30th Division iaactivated and -62 asaigpsd to icuhk Defense Squadron. CHQQ2I , I-+6, i-52, L.53 -S3 SUKUSHI KAHU SASB0 EBIA MARt sunk and removed fpoft Sixth Fleet. HO-Ul, HO-t+3. H0- ) +5, HO-46, HO-47 KO-5, EO-6, HO-7 3 Mar 44 HO-48 assigned to th Squadron, L-54 assigned to th Squadron, Attached HE IAN MAEI YOEOSUKA Force Mar U * P.O-53 assigned to 3th Squadron. YASUKWI HAHH KEE KUHE Haval District KUHS 9th Sutaariaa Division (-2, -59) -22, -55, I-5&, -57, L-5S, Squadron 33d SubmarinB Division (RO-62, H0-b3, HO-64. EO-67, RO-68) HO Mar hk -62 transferred from 8th Squadron to KJKS Defense Squadron. Apr W -33 assigned to XRS 5aval Dietrict. YOKOSUKA Kava l District 6th Division (HO-57, EO-58, HO-59) - 8

96 OEGANISAIIOB AS OF APRIL 944 CHAHGSS IK OR&ASIZAIOI, APHU l9vt MAY I9A US IS BSSIGHAIIOH SHIP AHD SBBMARIBE DIVISION COKSEBD SHIP OE SPECIALLY BSABLISHSD OICS HAAX DBHIC OF COFiraR'PED SHIP OR SPECIALLY ESABLISHED FORCE DAS SqpADROS SHIP AND SUBMARnrB DIVISION 24 Division (-9, ^0) 5 Apr to RQ.l*5 transferred from th Siibmarine Squadron to 3^* n Division. 7th Division (l-2, -5, L-6) 2th Division (I-l69,.7, -7*, -75, I-7&) 20 Apr W -55 assigned to th Squadron. 5th 224 Division Division (l-l6, -32, t-35, -36, I-3S, Ukl, Uk2, I-U3, -+5) ( , I-8U, I-iS5) 25 Apr * 30th and 85th Sutmarine Base Slit s assigned to Sixth Fleet. Sixth 3l+th Suomariae Division i-0, X. (HO.36, ED-4, EO-37. BO-te, EO-38, HO-^3, EO-39. HO-UO, BO-W) 28 Apr W L-HH transferred from th Squadron to 5th -83 transferred from th Squadron to 22d Division. Division. I_9, -^2, -39 and L-M-0 sunk and removed from 2d Sabaarina Division. 7th Squadron 5st Division (H&-0+, EO-0, E0-U5) EO-05, BD-U, BD-06, HO-2, BO-08, BO-3, RO-09, EO-UU, 2d Division deactivated. L. sunk and removed from Slxtn Fleet and I-U3 sunk and removed from 5th Division. fleet 8th Squadron th Squadron US, -26, -27, -29, -37 i-52, -65. I-lfeb, BO-50 CHOGBI u^h. i.m>, L53, EO-^5, SO-kb, B&J*7, HO-W StJDSHI KAHt SASSBO 3 Apr V* IU7 sunk and removed from 2th Division. -5 sunk and removed from 22d Sumarine Division. HO-37, HO-38, HO-39 and RO-40 sunk idreooved from 3^th Blvision. HO-0 sunk aid removed from 53- s t Division, BO-6, HO-7-33 JJ3GEI UBS lavei District EIES Squadron 9th SttbmariM Divi»ion ( ) -22, -55, -56. I , 33d Sntnarina Division (S0-&2, RO-63, BO-6^, BO-67, BO-68) HO-500 OKJSOXA Savtf. District XUSX Defense Squadron I-&2 6th Sobmarini Diviaion (Bft-57, BO-58, 0-59)

97 ORGAiJIZAIOH i S OF E l 9 * * CEAHOS IU OHGASIZAIOS, HA 9 ^ _ JUKE 9^ SAVAL DISRIC COFrastEE SHU OF CdfSEED SHIP ON I ESSIGHAIO3 SHIP AND StmMAEIira BI IS ION OR OH DAE SqiADHW SEIF AO StIBMAEira HIISIOH SFECALY ESiELISHSB ORCH SP3CIALL SSABLISE2D POBOS 7tb Division (-2. -5, -6) 2th Division Cl-l69, Ultk, -75, -76) k May UU E0-ll6 transferred from llt a Sulmarine Squadron to 5st Sttbmarine Divieion. 5th Division (l-l6, -32, t-36, -38, -^, Ukk, -*5) 22d Division (-77, I-SO, -23, H *. L85) RO-»47 transferred from th Squadron to 3^-th Division. Sixth 3»Hh Division -0 (KQ-36, BO-Ul, BO-U5) RO-+2, BO-43, B0- +. l U May I4U RO-7 transferred from th Squadron to 5st Division. 7th 9 H«y A -53 transferred from th Sqiudron to 5th Division. 5st Division (KO-lOlt-, ED-05, KCul06, EO-08, 80-09, Division E0-I, HO-2, EO-3, EO-llU, EO-5) US 25 May UU -2, I-3&L and I-3&2 assigned to llt b Squadron. fleet Sth -26, -27, -29, Division LI65, I-66 EO-50 CEOQEI th -(6, -53, L$k, I-55 S30JEHI HAHJ SASlfflO Squadron H0.U6, EO-+7, E0-4g Ju n Wt -33 assigned to Ht h Squadron. EO-ll6, EO-7 Attached Force 30th Base Unit OICOSUKA S5th Base Unit YCKOSKA -33 aims 9 May A HO-^ assigned to 33d Division. Maval DiBtrlct YGXQSUKA. H a va l district HJSE 9th Sutnarina Divieiou (-2. L22, -55, -5&. -57, -58, r-i59j Squadron XUKE Defense Squadron 33d Division (BC-62, HD-63, H0-6U, HO-67, R(X6S} 2 0 May UU EO-500 assigned to 33d Division. EO Jun -33 assigned to th Squadron. 6th Division (HO-57, E0-5g, HO-59)

98 ORGANIZAION AS OF JUNE 94-U CHAWJBS E ORaAHIZAlOH, JONS IS^k JULY 9^+U NAVAL DISRE COHBEBD SHIP OF CONVERED SHIP UNI rssighaioh SHIF AHE SUBMARBS DIVISION OE OB DAE SQUADRON SHIP M B StBMARnrS DIVISION SFBCULL ESABLISHED JOBCS SPECIALLY BSABLISBSD FOECB 7th Division (-8, L-5, -6) 2th Division (-69, U7k, -75, -76) 5th Division (l-l6, -32, -36, -38, I-Ul, Ukk, -^5. -53) g Jun hu I-5o aasis^ed to th Squadron. 22d Division (-77. I-lSO, I-S3, I-lSU, -85) -32 sank and removed from 5th Division. Sixt h 7th Squadron 3Uth Division -0 5st Division (BD-36, E0-I+, HO-lt2, SO-h, HO-UU, HO-U5, &6.kl) (EO-IOI4, HO-05, RO-06, BD-0S, BD-09, BO-, EO-8, EO-3, BO- *. E0-U5, EO-llfi. BCL7) 0 Jun UU L-l69 and -74 sunk and removed from 2th Division. -2 sunk and removed from 7th Division, Ik Jun W* j_3feit assigned to th Squadron, -8 fleet etb -26, -27, -29, -37, Jon ^ -26 transferred from 8th Squadron to 5th Division. Submaii as Squadron I-65, -66 so-50 CHO&BI 23 Jon W+ HQ-*6 transferred from th Sqadron to 3^th Division. th , I-t6. 3-5^. -55 Subnarina Squadron X.36, -362 H0-U6, E0-it3 SDKBHI MARJ SASEBO Attached force 30t h Bas«S tfeit YOEOSDKA 85th Subnarine Base Unit YOKOSUKA j of as KUEi KURB 9th Division (-2, I-5S, -22, -55, -56, -57, -59) L-l62 transferred from KJR3 Defense Squadron to 9th Division. Kaval District OKOSUKA HavaQ. District Squadron 33d SutBiarine Division (fio-+9, EO-62, BD-63, S.0-6k, BO-67, E0-6S, HO-500) Defense KBES Squadron -62 6th Division (BO-57, E0-5S, BO-59) BO-500 transferred from 33d Division to EJHB Defense Squadron, - 34

99 Qs&isiztaias AS OP I JJLY 9V* CHASGSS IH OB&AKIZAIOF, JJL 9 * AOOS I9I A COSSHBD SHIP OHM DSSI&HAflQH SHIP AHD SUBMARINE DIVIS IDS OR SEBOIALL SSABLISEEB FORCE SAVA BSHIC OF COBSESD SHIP OR SPSC IALLY ESABL KHSD FOB3B HA33 squabrar SHIP AJD SBMAEHra DIISIOH 7th Eivisio n (-5, L-6) 3 Jtll * RO-Ug transferred from th Squadron t o 3^th Division, 2th Division (-75, L.76) 5th Division (l-l6, -26, L-36, I-3S, -+, I-U. L-45, I.53) 22d Division (-77, I-SO, I-S3, I-6U. -85) 5 Jtt l UU BO-3 transferred fron OKOSOKA Baval Biatric t to KDffl Naval District. g Jul * I.363 assigned to th Squadron, 3^th Division -0 (EO-36, EO-lU, HO-42, EO-U3, E , BG-Wj, HQ-U7) (BO-IOU, EO-05, EO-06) I-5U E«xd -55 transferred from th Squadron to 5th Division. -75 s ^.76 sank and were removed from 2th Division. 2th Division deactivated. -20 sunk Bed' was removed from 22d Division. 7th (EO-lOg, EO-IO9, EO-) 0 Jal "A EO.H5 sunk and was removed from 3^th Submart ne Division. 5lBt Division > Squadron (E0-U2, HO-3, SO-lllt) -27 sunk and was removed from 8th Squadron. Sixth (EO-II5, SO-6, E0-U7) US 3 th -27, , -52 Squadron L.65, tl Jul UU fio sunk )y accident and was removed from th Squadron. I-U7 assigned to th Squadron. SIK3SEI MAE transferred from th Squadron and attached t o Sixth Fleet. Fleet th Sijiadron CKOGEI 3 Ju l W* EO-50 assigned to th Squadron. -2, -33. i- ^. -5^. -55, U56 I-36, I-3&* SmOSHI MABU SJLSEBO t-365 assigned to th Squadron. EO-l+S -77 transferred from 22d Division to 3 *th Division. Attached Force 30th SulJmarine Base Unit OKOSOKA 85th Sutmarine Base nlt transferred from Sixth Fleet to Fourth Fleet. S5th Base Ohit YOKC63KA JINQSI KUB» KUBS 9th Division (-2, -22, -55, I-I56, L-57. I-5S, K ) Naval Squadron 33d Division (EO-ll9, EO-62, EQ-63, HO-6+. EO-67, EO-68) District Defense KUBS Squadron EO-500 YGJiGSBKA S&va l 6th Division (ED-57, EO-5S, BO-59) District - 85

100 OHGANIZAIOH AS OF AUGUS 9V* CHAireiis nr OSGAHIZAIOH, I AKJIS ibuk. 5 AUGUS iguu UIU IBSIOSASIOH SHIP AUD SOMAHIH3 DIVISION COBVEE'ESI! SHIP oa SPECIALLY SSALISHBD FOECE SAAI, DISEIC OP COHERBD SHIP OE SPECIALLY SSABLISHBD FOECB DA!P3 SqpADEON SHIP USD SUBMARINE DIVISICI t h Divisio n (-5, -6) 5th Division-! (L-6, -26, L-36, -38, UH, I-Mf, I r-»*5, -53, I ) 22d DivisionJ (I-I83, I-lgl*, I-S5) (-77} 3+th Division! (BO-36, EO-l+l, BO-i+2, RQ-^3) I (BO-4+, EO-W>, HO-l+7, EQ-48) L-O 3 Aug W+ 5 Aug hh t-366 assigned to th Squadron. -29 transferred from Sth Squadron to 5th Division. L-83, I-IS * and L.35 sunk and were removed from 22d Subnarine Division. 22d Division WPS deactivated. Sixth 7th Squadron {BO-OH, EO-O5, (EO-OS, SO-IO9, 5st SaDmarine Division (EO-2, EO-3, ^ (EO-5, EO-6, EO-IO6) EO-) BO-llli) EO-7) 0 Aug HU EO-36, EO-l+2 and S0-U4 sunk and were removed from 3^th Stajowine Division, D-0H, RO-05, SO-06, HO-05, EO-, EO-llU, EO-6 and EO-7 sunk and removed from 5st Division..8 Sth -29, -37, -52 Squadron H65, -66 HO-50 neat th Submaii ne Squadron CEOQiSI -2, -*6, -+7, I_5b -36, -368, L-363, -36* -365 BO-50 5 AJig kh 5st Division deactivated; and EO-2 assigned to KHB Squadron and EO-3 and EO-5 assigned to Sth Squadron. -36 and L-3&2 were transferred from th Siibnarine Squadron to 7th Squadron. 30t h Base Oh i t OKOSOA E0-U9 was transferred from 33d Division to th Squadron. Attached Force 3i t Base Unit KtJHB I-367 assigned to th Squadron. SUKSHI MAEJ SASSBO KUBS Savsl District KUBB Squadron JINGil 9th Sutmarine Division j (-2, -22, L.55, I-I56, -57. I -58, -59, -62) 33d Division (HO-49, HO-62, HQ-63, HO-64, HO-67, EO-68) 5 Aug * EO-bS was transferred from 33d SuOraarine Division tooffljdefense Squadron. HO-09 aid SO-2 were transferred from 7th Squadron to KJH3 Squadron. HO-^9 was transferred from 33d Division to th Squadron. JB Defense Squadron so-500 OKOSBKA Kava l District 6t h Division (HO-57, EO-5S, EO-59)

101 OBGAHIZAIQS AS OF 5 AOOS Vjkk CHASGBS IK OROASIZAIOH, 5 AO7S 9UU _ 5 SSPOBHR ig W VSI DBSIGSAIQH SHIP AND SUBMAEDJE DIISIOS COFVSRSD SHIP OS SHSCIAL 2SABLISHED JCHCB HAAL DSEIC 0 C OS VSHSO SHIP OE SP2UIALLY SSABLS3HBD FOSOI DAS SQDABRCH SKIP AO SUBMAEISE DIISIOB 7th Divisio n (-5, ~b) 5t h Divisio n J (I-6, -26, -29, -36, -38, L-W.. ] -44, -45, -53, -9*. -55) (-77) 34th Division J ( B&.ln -0 (HO-l«) BO-43, 30-46, R0J+7J 25 Aag Mv Se p UU HStptt I.368 assigned to th Squadron. 30th Base 3bit deaotiated. L-370 aeslgned to th Squadron. 5 Sep kk LkH assigned to th Squadron. Sixth 7th Squadron I-36I, I-362 S Sep U+ I-36U transferred-fron th Squadron to 7th Squadron. 6 th Squadron I KO-3, ao-5 7 Sep 4f -52 assigned to th Squadron. EO-5O L-5 sunk and was removed from 7th. Division. CHOGSI -6 sunk and was removed from 7th Division. fleet th Submar ins S cfi adron -2, L-l+6, U, , I-36+, Sep M+ 7th Division deactivated. -66 sunk and was removed from 8th Squadron. so-h-s, HO-50 Attached Force 30th Base tjait 3 at Ease Unit SJKUSSI MAE OKOStJKA EJHS SAS3B0 2 Sep IA -37 was transferred from Sth Squadron to 5th B ivision, 5 Sep Wi -363 was transferred from th Squadron to 7th Squadron. JIH03I KURS Haval KUEE Squadron 9th Division ] (-2, -22, -55, -56, [ I-5S, -59, -62) 33a Division (S0-6, Ea.63, H0-b4, HO-67) -57, District EO-09, EO-2 YQJCO5UKA itavsl Difstrif ^ Defense KJKB Squadron R&-6S, RO-500 6th Division (RO-57, EO-58, EO-59) - 37

102 OBOAHIZAflOH AS OF 5 SEPEMBER 944 CHAKJES VS CRGAUIZAIOH, 5 SBPBKBSR 9UU _ 5 0COB3R 94 U HI HBSIGHAIQH SHIP ASD SBMARIHB DIVISION C0HVER33 SHIP OR SFBCIAIXY 3SABIISHBD FOBCS WAA DISRIC or canrased SHIP OR SPECIALLY ESASIISHBD PORCS DAS S^ADKON SHIP Aim SJBMKRIS: D^ISIOI 5th Division (l-l6, L.4, 34th Subaarine Division -0-26, L-29, I_Vt, -45, f< L77) iuo-l+l, RO-43, RO-46, [CHO-4S) L.36, -37, I-3S, -53. I-5 *-. -55) 20 Sep hk I 5S transferred from th Satmarine Squadron to 5th DiviBion. -46 transferred from th Sqiadron to 5th Di-rielon. HQ-47) 30 Sep Hh -365 trfsnaferred from th Squadron to 7th Sabasrine EO-55 assigned to th SuDmarine Squadron. Souadron. 7th Squadron I-36, I-362, -363, Oct UU L.360 transferred from th Sutmarine Squadron to 7th Sqiadron. -37 aesigned to th Squadron. Sixt h -8, L52 4 Oct UU L-2 transferred from th Squadron to Sixth Heet. 8th Squadron I-lb5 RQ-U3, HO-5 HO-5Ca CHOMI S Oct transferred from th Squadron to 5th Division. 9 Oct 4U L.369 aedgned to th Squadron. Jleet th Squadron -2, J-46, -47,!-*»«. L-56 t-0 sunk aid WPE removed from Sixth fleet. I-58 L-l6, -29 and -55 sunk and were removed from 5th 0 Oet , I-36S RO-48 sunk and was remove3 from 34th Division RO-50 eunfc and was removed from Sth Squadron. BD-U9, BO-50 Division. Attached force 3s t Base Unit KDHB 5 Oct W I 367 was transferred from th Squadron to 7th Squadron. SJKDSHI MAEO SAS3B0 JIBGSI 9t h Siaimarine Divisio n ( -2, -22, -55, -56, -57, KUSX KDBS L -58, -59, L-62) 25 Sep 44 RO-09 and RD- were assigned to 33^ Division. Haval Squadron 33 4 Divisio n (EO-62, HQ-63, EO-64, HO-67) HO-O9, HO-2 district 0 Oct 44 HC-6 was transferred from 33d Division to UBS Defense Squadron. KUB Squadron SO.6S, &O.500 YOKOStJZA JtavA District 6t h Sttboarine Diisio n (SO-57. EO-5S, ) - 88

103 OBGAHIZAIIO AS OF 5 OCCBSH 9>* CHAH8ES W OBSAHIZAIOH, 5 OCOBSE 9M4-5 HLVFUBBS 9UU UKI BSSI&HAIIOa SHIP AHB SUBMARDB DIVISION CCK7SRSB SB IF 05 SFSCIALLY SSASLISESD FOECK HA7AL DISEIC OH 00B7SSSSD SHIP OR SPBCIAIL 3SABLSHBD JOKX DAS SqOADECH SHIP AHD SUBMAHHB DIISIOS f(l-26, I , L38) 5th Sulmarine Diisioc J(i_ln t I_i&, uk$, -*6) [(Ll* ^. I-56) 2 0 Oc t W* RO-09 and EO-2 were transferre d from 33d Salmarine Diielo n t o Division. 3^t h 3l*th Division J{ -77) KBO-iH, EO-^3, HO-46, EO-*7) 2 HO»A I-36 8 va s transferre d from t h Sqiadron t o 7t h Sqaadron. I-IS U HO UU -370 va s transferre d from t h Squadron t o 7t h Squadron. 3ixth 7th Squadron Sth L36, I-362, I-3&3, , L I-5 I-36U 5 HO! * -3 was removed fra n St h Squadron and place d under tpctica l coaraand of Sixth Fleet. HO-50 was tranaferfed from llth Suwarine Squadron to 3 ** Submsrine Division. Squadron -65 Ecmi3, EO-5 g HO Wt -372 was assigned to th Squadron. CHOG3I Fleet th Squadron L-W, I-5S I-36S, I , -37 EO-49, EO-50, EO-55 0 HO Vt EO-^9 was transferred from th Squadron to 3^* Divieion. Attached Force 3st Base Unit KUKS 5 HO * K0-5S was assigned to th Squadron.. SXJKJSEI MABB SASBBO SUSS. KOBE Squadron JINKS I 9th Division (-2, -58, , I- K -56. H Oct kk KO-09 and EO-2 vere transferred from 33d Satastine Diision to 3M;h SalmarinB Hivision. Voxel 33d Sutaarim Pirisio n (EO-63, HO-6*. HO-67. BO-09, EO-2) District 0 Hov»A JDRxII sunk and was removed from DRS Sutmarine Squadron. KOBE Squadron EO-62, EO-62, EO-500 YQXOSUKA Haval District 6th Division (EO-57, HO-5S, BO-59)

104 ORGANIZAION AS OF 5 NOVEMBER 9 ^ CHfiUaS IN ORSAHIZAIOH, 5 KOBiraER 9IA- 5 EBCEMBER 9UU VHVS DBSIGHAION SHIP AKD SCBMARIIIE DIYISIOH CONOBBD SHIP OR SPECIAU BSABLISKD FORCE SA.VAL DISRIC ns conrshed SHIP OR SPECIALLY SSABLISEEB FORCE DA3E SQIADROS SHIP ASD SWBMAEDIE DIISIOH f(l-26, -36, -37, I-3S) 5 th DivisionJ (ukl. i_i&. ukh. UkS) (^7, J-53, I-5 *. -56) 3+th Division '(-77) (EO-lH, HO-»3, RO-U6, RO-+7) (HG-+9, HO-50) (EO-09. RO-2) 2 2 HO V* Dec ^ U Dec Wt EA-0 WSB assigned to th Sobmarise Squadron. HA-lOU vae assigned to th Sqoadron. I-53 was transferred from th Squadron to 5th Sntmarine Division. Sixt h 7th Squadron -6, -2-36, -362, -363, I~36W , I.367, Dec Wt 7 Bsc Vt HA-02 vas assigned to th Squadron. -37 *as transferred from th Squadron to 7th Squadron. I-Ug was transferred from th Squadron to 5th Bi vis ion. 8th Squadron -52 L.65 EO-3, EO-5 0 Dec ** -52 eank and was removed from 8th Squadron. Z-jGh sunk and vas remo-w d from 7th Squadron. Jleet th CHOGBI -(2, -58 I-369 was transferred from th Squadron to 7th Satemriae Squadron. Squadron -369, -37. L was transferred from Sth Squadron to 9th Division. RO-55. HO-56 5 DBC UU HA-06 was assigned to th Squadron. Attached ore* 3s t Base Unit Ktma 63st Air Groop vas attached to Sixth Jleet. SKBSEI MAEtJ SASEBO IUEB Kcrta KDHB Squadron 9ta Sttlsaaalne Dii»li>n (-2, -22, -55, U58, -59, L62) 33d 8dbBarine Sirisloa (BO.63, SO-6U, BO-67) I-5&. -57, 5 DBC * -65 was transferred from 8th Squadron to 9th Division. District KUBI buanarine Squadron BO-62, BO-68, HO-500 OIOSHKA Hav» l District 6th Subaarin* Oiiiion (EO-57, HO^5g, BO-59) - 90

105 AS OF 5 DSCSMBSR 9+4, 5 DSCSMMB 9*4 _ IBHIJAH 945 COUVKHED SHIP or ctmssav SHIP OFI BBSIGSAflOI SHIP AHD lobhasibe DIVISION OB OE SE C JJE SUBMAJLI8I SPECIALLY BSA3LISHBD JOHC SPBCIALL 3SABLISHBD FOBC HAVAL DISHIC (-26, -36, -37, -36) 5 th Division (LAl, 5, I-U6) (-47, I-4S, ^ -5* 6 BBC -3 asbigned to Sixth Fleet. (t.77) 34th Division. (SO-l+l, BO-l+3, BO-46, EO-+7) let Slisl«n organized and aaelgned to Sixth Fleet. (BQ-49, BO-50) (BO-09, BO-2) -3 transferred from the direct command of Sixth fleet to let Sabnariae Division. -8, Dec -+00 assigned to let Siibmarine 7th Squadron -36, -362, I-363, I-365 I-36b, -367, -368, , t-37 k 3 EA-06 transferred frota th Sqaadron and attached to Seneral Escort HO-55 traneferred from th Stthnarine Sqaadroa to 3 +tli Bi vie ion. Fleet Btb Sobmariae Sq.<iadroa HO-3, HO-5 CBOGS I transferred from th Squadron to 7th Diision. I-Uoi aseigned to st Dlvieion. HO-55, KO-56 BA-0, HA-02,, BA Jan SlMusEI HAHC transferred from Sixth Fleet to KtHB Baval District. Attached Force 63st Air Group 3et Base Unit 27 Jan HA-}.0 transferre d from t h Sahmarine Sqaadronto 7t h Sahmarlne Sqaadron. StCOSHI KAHJ 28 Jen -35 assigne d t o t h Sulnarin e Sqtusdrcc. KUHfi Savd Sobmarioe Squadron 9th Sabmarlne Division (L-2, -22, -55, -56, L57,, -59, I-l62, L-l65) 33d SaBn»rine Division (EO-63, E0-6+, HO-67) IfACHIMAR7 assigned to KHE Sqxadron. Distric t EUEE Satmarine Sqaadroa BO-62, BO-65, BO-500 OKOSIKA Hava l bth Sutmarine Division (RO-57, RO-58, SO-59) Sistrlet - 9

106 OBfiAiUZAIIOH AS OF KBEUAH 9^5 CHAHEBS Df ORGilIZAIOir, FEBRUARY I9U 5 _ MARCH 9^ 5 HAVA DISSIC OOrSRED SHIP OF CONVBRED SKIP UNI DESIGHAION SEIF AHD SUBMAEIHE DIVISION OB OS DAE SQUABECH SHIP ASS SVBMKRim BIISI0I SPECIALLY ESABLISH3I) FORC5 SPECIALLY ESABLISHED POECS lbt Division (-3, I-"WO, -kol) 3 et *5 HA-03 assigned to Hth Scpadron. 5th ^ Division (-26, I-36, -37, I-U5, -*6, Li*7, -56, -58) L3S. l-i*s, -^. -53, I- *. I-5 *, 5 Fe) I45 HA-C+ transferred from th Squadron to 7th Squadron. (-77) 34th (EO-4, EO-»*3, RO-l*6, RO-47) Divisiom (EO-U9, EO-50, EO-55} Sixth -8, -2 (EO-09, HO-2) 7 Fet +5 HA-07 assigned to th Squadron, I-36, I-362, I-363, I-365 7th I-366, -367, I-368, I-369 Squadron -370, -37, -372 HA-0 0 Fel> *5 HA-02 transferred from th Squadron to 7th Squadron. H3-56 transferred from th Squadron to 3**th Squadron. fleet Sth Squadron RO-3, BO-5 CEDGE I th Feti +5 HA-05 assigned to th Siibffiarine Squadron. Squadron RO-56 Attached Force HA-02, HA-Q * 63st Air Group 3st Base Unit nuts 20 Feb 45 3 th Satiwriae Sqtis dr on deactivated. RO-3 and RO-5 trangferrefl from th Stibmnrine Squsflron to jl+th BiviBion. General Escort Attached Force SA-O6 Ggmman^ XUBS KU&E 9th Division i( -2, -22, -55, X-I56, -57, [ -58, -59, -62, I-l65> Squadron Navsl 33d Division (BO-63, EO-6*, EO-67) HACHI HABI XVS& 2 Feb +5 I-P0 assigned to 33d Division. District Ik Feb assigned to 3^d Division. KOE Defense Squadron EO-62, HO-6S, RO-500 YOKOHAMA liaval District bth Division (EO-57, EO-5S. SO-59) - 92

107 ORGANIZAION AS OF MAECH 9^5 OHAHGSS Df ORGAIIZAIOir, MARCH 9^ 5 _ ARH 9^ 5 IAVAL PISHK COKBRED SHIP OF C0HE3B SHIP US ESSKHAIOS SHIP AHD SUBMARINE DIVISION OB OH DAE SQJADEOS SHIP ASD SUBMARINE DIVISION SPECIALLY ESABIISHS5 FOSCB SPECIALLY ESABLISHED FORCE st Division (-3, I-AOO, -40} I-2fi, L37, -38, -^, -^5, -^6 snd L-5^ Bonk and were removed from 5th Division. 5th Diiaicm ((-26. I-36, -37, { -^5. I-^B, -47, I.56, -58) -38, I-'tS, L.H, I-W, -53, ^-^, 0 Mar and RO-M-7 sank and were removed from 3^*^ Division sank and removed from 7th Squadron. Sixth I-S, -2 ((-77) 34th Division J (RO-l+, SO-^3, RO-i+6, HO-47, RO-l+9, j EO-50, SO-55, EO-56, EO-09, EO-2, ^ HO-3, HO-5) lu Mar 4 5 Hi-09 aeeigied to th Squadron. I-lH assigned to st Division. EA-09 transferred from th Squadron to 0th Special Attack Squadron. l6th Division organized and aesigied t o Sixth Fleet. Fleet -36, I-3&2. I-3&3, L.365 7th 7ta -366, -367, -368, -369 L.369, -372, HA-0, HA-02 and HA-0^ transferred from 7th Squadron to lgth Division. Squadron -370, -37, Mar U5 Squadron -36, L362, I-363, -366, L367, I-368. *-37O and -37 were transferred HA-0, HA-02, HA-0U deactivated. from 7th Sqtiadron to 5th Division. HJU07 transferred from th Submprine Squadron to 33* Division. CECGSI th -35 SiibQarine Squadron HA-03, HA-05, EiU07-56, I-I62 and t-65 were transferred from 9th Division to A-or *5 Attached Force 63st Air Group 3st Submarina Base Unit ORE 3Uth Division. General E«cort Attached Force HA-06 0 Mar U5 HA-06 was transferred from General Sscort Command to 33d Division. Q oflujiflixd. JCUBS Naval KfffiS Squadron 9th Sutaarine Division (-2, -22, -55, -56, Mar *5 EA-06 was transferred from General Escort Command to 33 a Division. I-5S, -59, I-&2, I-I65) NACEI KAEU KURS 20 H «45 HA-07 was transferre* from th Squadron to 33d Division. 33d Division (-20, -202, K0-&3, EO-64. RO-67) District KUHE Squadron ao-62, E0-6S, E0-50C Apr +5 L.56, L-lb2 aad I-l65 were transferred from 9th Suomarine Division to 3'f-th Division. OKOSUKA Hfcval 6th Sttbmariae Division (HO-57, S0-5S, RO-59) District - 93

108 ORGANIZAION AS QF APRIL 9^5 CHAO3S IU OtOAHIZAIOir. APRIL 9^ 5 MA 9^ 5 UNI DESIGNAION SHIP A3D SOMAHIHB DIVISION OOUVSHEE SHIP OH SF3CIALLY ^SABLISH3D FOHC: UAAL DISRIC OF C0N7SRO SHIP OR SPSKIALL SSABIISHBD FOKCB BAS SQARCH SHIP AND subhuinn: Division s t Division (l-3, l-l *. I-Uoo, I-UOl) - Apr ^ 5-35 removed from th StLbraarine Squadron and assigned to 5th Division 5th divisio n ft -36, -Uk, L.+7, i-it8, -53, -56. \ L5S, -36, -362,.363, -366,.-367, L-368, -370, -37) 0 Ap r U5 t-362, I-3G8, -370, L^7 sunlc, ana removea from 5th Di i S i O n. RO-U3 sunk, end removed from 3 u th SaBmnrine Division. l6t b Division (-369, -372, HA-0, BA-02, H&-O *) -203 transferred from 33d Division to th SubmBrins Squadron. Sixt h ftl-56, -62, -65, EO-W, HO-l+6, 3itb Division <^ KO -49, HO-50, RO-55. BQ-56, RO-09, IBO-2, &0-3, E0-5i l U Ao r *5-373 assigned to th SuBmarine Squadron. LS, transferred to th Squadron from 33d Division. 5 Apr 45 HA-03 removed from th Squadron and assigned to l6th SuDmsrine Division. Fleet CHDOSI th Squadron -35 HA-03, HA Apr ^5 I-57, -58, Squadron. -59 assigned to 3 l«i Division from 9th Attached Force 63et Air Group 3st Subnarine Base KR Combined Ileet 0th Special Attack Squadron EA-09 0st Assault Unit OKOSO k KURS Haval District KUKS Squadron Defense Squadron 9th Division 33d SuDmarine Division EO-62, EO-faS, HO-500 HO-62, HO-bB, HO-500 (-2, -22, -55, -57, -5S, -59) (-20, -202, HO-63, HO-6*, H ) KURi, 0 Ai:r 45 2 Apr +5 5 Apr Apr ^5-202 removed from 7 3d Division ana assigned to th Squadron, HO-62 removed fron Kt! Defense Sousidron and assigned to 33d Squadron. -20 removed from 33d Di i 9 i 0 a and assigied to th Submnrins Squadron L57, -58, -59 renoved from 9th SubBPrias Division and assigned to 3^*h Division. -2, -22, I-55 removed from 9th Division and assigned to 33* Division. 9th Division deactivated. YOiQSIffiA daval District 6t h Division (EO-57, R0-5S, fio-59) Hay ^5 s RO-57, R0-5S and HO-59 «ere designated fourth Class reserve submarines - 94

109 OBGASIZAIHG AS OF MAY 9H5 CBAS&BS» OESAHIZAIIOK, MA 94 5 JJH2 9 ^ O I BBSI5HA2IOH SHIP AHD SIBHAEIKS DIVISIOH OOHESBD SHIP OH SPECIALLY ZSABLISEBD FCBCJ FAAL ElSEICf CF COMVJUa'JtB SHIP OR SPECIALLY SSABLISHO FORCS DAE SqUADROt SHIP AHB SJBHAHIBg DI7ISI0 H st Division (l-3, Li**, L400, L-UOl) 5th Suomarine Division (i-36, L-5S. LW, I-M-7, I_^g,.53. I.56, L-35, I-36, I-363, I-36b, I-367) 0 May **5 I_l+g Bank and remored from 5th Division, EO-55, EO-2, RO-3, SO-5 gunk and removed from 3l*th Division l6t h Division (-369, -372, HA-0, HA-02, EA-03, HA-lCUO 3^th SulMrine Division (tl56, L57, I-5S, -59, -62, I-&5, EO-itl, 20-!+b, EO-49, SD-50, EO-55, HO-09, HO-2, EO-3, HO-5) fio-56, 7 May *5 HA-05 renoved from llt h Sobnarine to lfith Division, Squadron and assigned fleet llth Squadron CHOGEI L20, -202, HA-05 L Vsg M.5 EO-i+, EO-'+g, SO-56 removed from 34th Suomarine Division. Attached force fa3st Air 5roup 3st Base Unit ConblM* Fleet 0th Special Attack Squadron HA-09 0st Assault Unit MAIZ3B YOKOSUXA KUBK Squadron 33d Division (-2, -22, SO-6+, EO-67, -55. RO-&2, EO-63, HA-I06, HA-07) KACEI HAEU EUR3 5 May U5 EO-68, EO-500 removed from UR7, Defense Squadron and assigned to 5st Squadron, KUHK 6 May 4 5 HA-lOg assigned to 33d Suomarine Diision. Hava l District Defense KCRS Squadron EO-68, E& May +5 HA-^0, HA-202 assigned to 33d Division. - 95

110 AS tff GEAKJBS W OHGAJIZAIOS, JJSS 9^ 5 J3L OHII BESIQHAIOH DIVISION 0 0H7BB3D SE IP OH SPECIALLY ESABLISH ^ FORCS HAVAL DISHE I OF COB3EBD SHIP SPECIALLY 3SABLISHSD FOESB SQSJADBON SHIF AHD SJBMASH3 BI7ISIO H st Sutmarina Sqttaaron (-3, H *. -koo, t-hol) 0 Jan U5 -^, -56 sunk aad removed from 5th EO.US, EO-09 sank and reao-ned fron 3Uth Sutmarina Division. 5th SuDmarlne Division (-36, I-tt, t , -56,.58, -35, I-366, r-367) 5 Jan -20 removed from th Squadron and assigned to ~$hvn Divleion Sixth l6th DiviBion (-J69, -372, HA-O, HA-02, HA-O3, 20 Jan U5-373 removed from th Sqaadron and assigned to 5th Division. Sabaarine Diislon (-56, LI65, -57, L-58, -59, -62, RO-<6, EO-5O, ED-O9) fleet I-S, Jua U5-203 a«signed to th Squadron. th Squadron CHOGBI -20, -202 i-373 Jul HA-03 and EA-05 removed from l6t h Sabmarine Division and assigned t o Division. Attached Force &3et Air Group 3st Ease Unit EtfflB Combined fleet lotii Special Attack Squadron HA-C9 0st Assault tfnit MAZO0 OKOSUKA laval District KUHB Squadron 33d Divisio n (-2, HO-62, BO-63, 0-6^, EO-67, EA-06, EA-07, HA-08, HA-20, EA-202) 20 Jan 25 Jun HA.203 assigned to 33d Division. HA-204 assigned to 33d Division. ULIZUBU Naval district 5it Squadron SO-68, fio

111 OBGAHIZAIOH AS OP JULY 9V5 OHJOISES xs asaxsiztaiatt, JJL 9+5 m&vsi 9U5 UNI BESIGHAIOH SHIP AND SOBMARIKS DIVISHW * COHVEHED SHIP OH SFBCIAL BSJtBLKHED FORCE HAAL BISEIC OF COHVEBSD SHI P OH SPBCIALI SSABLISHEB F0HC3 DAS SQUAXEOtf SHIP AND SUBHEIHB DIISIOH s t Division (l-3, I- *. U^OO, I-'tOl) 3 Jui U5 HA-205 asiigne d t o t h Squadron. 5th Division (L.36, I->*7, I_5J, -58. L-35. I~3&L, L363, L L-373) 52d Stfbiaarias Squadron organiiea end assigned to Sixth Fleet. 6th Division (I-369, -372, HA-0, HA-02, HA-ltf+) Sixt h 3!+th Saimarine Division (L-I56, -20, -57. HO-50, I-5S, -59, L-l62, HjUlflg, HA-IO5) I-I65, 20 Jul H5 EA-20, HA-202 removed from 33d Division. Division and aeeiened to 52d I-S, -2 HA-205 removed from th Sijiadron aid assigned to 52d Division Fleet th Squadron CHOGBI -202, h Jui I45 -*02 assigned to st Division. Attached 63st Air Group 3st Base Unit KJRB *Ug -372 removed fron l6th Stitmarine Division. Combined Fleet Special 0th Attack Squadron HA-09 lolet ^seail t Unit MAIZM OKOSmA 3 Jul *5 HA- assigned to 0th Special Attack Squadron. 5 Jul *5 I-5O3, I.5OI* assigned tokjhb 5aval District. KIES Haval District KHSB Squadron 33d Stamarine Ciyiaion (-2, -22, -55, HO-62, EO-63, SO-Sk, EO-67, HA-06, HA-07, HA-08, HA- 0, HA-202, HA-203, HA-20U) NACHI KAHJ KJHB 20 JuJ "+5-55, RO-67 removed from 33d Division. BA-20, HA-202 reooved from 334 Division md assigied Elvision. to 524 XAIZUKJ Haval District 5st Squadron E0-6S, flo Jui U5-50, -502 attached to First Southern Sipeditionary Fleet. L5O5, I-506 attached to Second Southern ttzpecliiionary Fleet, - 97

112 OEGAHIZAIOI AS Of JBWS 94 5 CEAHGBS XS 0R6AHIZAIOI, AtStB AUGUS 94 5 NAAL DISRIC COHSEBD SHIP OF CONBHirBD SHIP JBIt DJSKHIAIQH SHIP ASS SUEMABBS DIISIOH OB OB B43 SP3CIALL BSABLISEBE FCEOB SPECIAL! ISABLISESE 70BCX sqraijeoir SHIP AND SBMABES DWISICH le t Sabnarine Division (-3, l-l *. L-400, -40, UkC ) 4 A»gl45 HA-20S, HAJ209 assigned to 52d Sabnarins Division. 5th Divisio n (L.36, -47, I_53, -58, -35, L-36lt -363, I-366, I ) 5 tag 45 3st Base Unit removed from Sixth Fleet end assigned to 3d. Southern Expeditionary Fleet, 6th Division (-369, HA-0, HA-02, HA-04} 0 Aug 45 I-g, -2 sunk and removed from Sixth Fleet. L-Jol sunk sai. removed from 5th Division. Sixth 34th SaDoarlne Division (I-56, -57, H53. H59. I~l62, L65. L-20, BO-50, HA-03, HA-05) Ap«45 RJU20 assigned to 52(3 Division. 52d DiriBion (Bi-20, BA-202, HA-205) 4 Aog 45 Si-207 assigned, to 5d Division. -8, -2 L-202 removed from th Squadron and assigned to 5th Division. Fleet th CHOGSI Sq.uadron -202, -203 ORS 5 Ang 45-56, I-57, X-5Z, -59, -62, -65, -20, HO-50, EiU03, HA-05 removed from 34th Sutimariae Division and assigned to 5th DivlBlon. 34th Division deactivated. Attached Force 63st Air Group 3st Sobmarlne Base tnit Combined 0th 0st Assault foit MAIZIHtl HA-09, HA- Fleet Special Attack OKOEAHA Squadron first Southern Expeditionary Fleet Attached Force t-50, -506 Second Southern Expeditionary Attached Force -505, -506 Fleet -503, -504 KGBB HavA 33d Ciision (-2, -22, SO-62, BO-63, B0-&U, 0 Aog 45 KJ2B District HA-IOS, HA-07, HA-0S, HA-203, NACHI MAEU rths Squadron EA^204} BO-64 sunk, and removed from 33d Division. KAIZDBU 5«t District Squadron EO-68, BO-5OO - 98

113 0BGAHI2ASI0H 5 OF 5 AU3CS 945 RAAL DIEH3E C0SBBE SHIP OF cosnniebr SHEP UHI BSSIGKAION SHIP Hid StJBMASDQt DIVISIOH OE OR SFECIALL ESABLISHED FCBCS SPSCIAIIY BSABLISHED FOECB st SasmariiB Division (-3, -^. -400, -40, -402} ^( , ) 5th Division (-56, t-59, -62, I-65) (I-20, I-2Q2, L-35, I ) K(l_367, -373, BO-50, HA-03, EA-05) Sixth 6th Division (-369, HA-0, HA-02, HA-04) 52d Division (HA-20, HA- 02, HA-205, H/U207, HA-208 HA-209, BA-20} Fleet th Squadron CEOOSI L203 Attached Force 63lBt Air Group Combined fleet 0th Special Attack Sqjuadron HA-lOg, HA. Firat Southern Expeditionary Attached force -50, L.5O2 Fleet Second Southern Expeditionary Fleet Attached Force L.506 0t& Assault Chit KAIZtffit 0EO8SCA SIRS Baval. VJSS 33d Division (L-2, -22, BD-62, EO-63, HA-06, District Scfiadron ffiu07, HA-0S, HA-203, Ei-20U) NACrll URI KURB HAI8UBU Haval District 5st Squadron EO-68. ED


115 NOE he organization of naval ship divisions, which heretofore ha c not been noted, is graphicaily presented in the following charts. he horizontal line represents the active tour of the designated craft and the dates are noted in parentheses. he list of naval craft noted in this Part is complete insofar as they comprised the respective divisions. Auxiliary minesweepers, submarine chasers and other auxiliary combatant vessels and transports (LSVs') which did not comprise any composite naval division are omitted. (See Appendix A for complete list,)

116 OI DESIGNAIOH 94 9M-2 9^3 QU+ 9U5 Dec Jan JPei) Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aog Sep Oct Hov le e Jan liar Apr May Jan Jul Aug Sep Oct Dec Jsn Pet Mar Apr May Jon Jal tag Sep Oct Dec Jpn Mar Anr Kay Jon Jul SHIO& LSAQA( MOKAZE st WDMAKAZB UAHIKAZB KAMIKAZ3 MtlSASAME ) OBACEI CIOS riwo UCISH [HO 2d HARSAME ) EEOOER SAMIDAEB ) SAY AS no DIYISICSJ SASHI (5) mmmm <IO) SHIOXAZE (0) 3<* H0KA2E 00 ) AS ksmc 0 MICI ISHIC AHASEI HAGIKAZji, BQWAK3 HAIKAZE YAHAC OMO ASAKASjl 5th BAEUKAZS. MASUKAZE HAAKAZ3 5) - 00

117 0 I DSSIGSAIOH 9+ Dec Jan Fe b Mar Apr 9+2 ttey Jun Ju l Sep Oct Nov Dec Jar. Fei A-or Kay 9U3 Ju n Ju l Aug Sep 0-t ec Fa. A-rr Key Ju n Ja l Aue o - Dec Ja n Mar A-nr May Jun Ju l Aug IKAZJCEI 6t h INAZUMA BIBIK I <IO) 7th AKASUXI AKSBQSO USEIO SAZANAMI : i! ra--". I 5) ; H-Illl 5) i (29 m-ml, ) 8 th XiSSKGYER VICHISEIC ) FAStWI ) j ( ) 9 th ( SHI uxtw S 3IBAS JI ( ) lucigk 0, 0th YUGU :U I ^UMO iagum ) ) (25 YW IP. I (3 ASl th ) ::UEAK UKO A.--A' IR I

118 BI ISSIG SAIIOH 9^ Sec Jan Mar Apr 9^2 May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oet HO Dec Jan Jet Har Apr Kay 9^3 Jan JaL Sep Oet Dec Jan fell!!ar Aor May Jun Jul Aug Sen Oet Dec Jan Fe'b "sr 9^5 "ay Jun J'Ol Ang rmaeumo ^ > -00) 2th SfilSOHOMS KI5) HIBAKUMO FAXAAK3 3 tli SBRSAKS SANAE KUBOSH 0 OASHIO 5th HAASEIO flasishio > (28) KAJJS ao DIVISION EASUKAZB l6t h XKIKAZS AMASUKAZS OK ISIffiAZS ) (20 HAS trshih ) UEAKAZS 7th ISOKAZS AHIKAZB HAMAKAZS (3 rnri kzh ISth JCASOMI ASABS XAGHRQ pal ) (3 (3 USO MO KASJ II SHIEAS m (3 SHI R JJI - 02

119 I UIOS 94 9U2 Dec Jan Fell Kar Apr May Jon Jnl Aag Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Fel> Mar Apr Kay Jim Jul AQg Sep Oet Jen Fe* Mar Anr May Jnn Jal Se-o <vt tec Jan A * May Jun Jn l All ) URAA'AHI 0) 9 th 0), AKAt in ( 0) ) 20 th ) SAaifil a (5 SI IHAK0 [0 D3SH0YSH (0 KA UHI OBBBI 0 DIVISION 2st ) A BBI aaaaiai 0) Li S S 22d «a<2e ) O* AS I (0) ) 23 d ) ) 24 til!!i HI3E 3 (3 ) - 03

120 w I SSSIG 94 Bee Jan Feb Har Apr May 9*2 Jan Jol Aug Sep Oct HO Sec Jan Har Apr May 9*3 Jon Jol Ang Oct HO Dec Jem Har Apr May 9"* Jon Jul Aug Sep Oct Dec Jan Fet Mar Apr Hay 9^5 Jim Jul Attg (30 HAM S AMI! ASIAK3 27th JGUEB < SEIRAISUO' SHIGtJHK ( SAM [BA M UZO ) ) 29 th RAA3 < 45) ASMHAG ) YUHAGI (3 uznz I O mi ( HA! 5OAZ ISSflQISE DIYISIOK 30th KISAHAGI IIS) AXOI < HOCfilZUKI UZUK ) > ^ ^ ( AK] KAZ JKAJ 3 (3C ) ^ " (0) 5AJ5 KI (30 (0) 0 :MM: VAC AS AM] ISHDM MI 3st MAI IHAHI t ^m [A ^ (2 * CSA I KI! SAM I AS AS! IHO (5) HJUM I <IO) AMA 'AMI I SJZJI AMI HAMAg 32d FOO (0 (0) (0) POJJ 5AH I HA/ SAM I - 04

121 UUI3 nssighaiicar 9U 9* Dec Jan Aug Pet Mar May Aug Jan Feb!fer tor May Jun Ju l Aue Sen Oct JI Fe'b Mar A>I" Msy Ju a Ju l Aag HAKAZE 34 th AKIEAZS (I ) ACEUAZE (I ) 0) (5) SZS IKI (5) K3EI (25 (25* +34 (5) (I5> DIVIS20S (5) 0) (30* 5 cl (I5> (5) (5) (to) (0) (20) (20! 53d (5) (5) (5) SJBAKI (5) (5) (5) 6l8t (5) 05)-! (5 H 30) (3 V (5) - 05

122 r UHIi aisiqhj LXIOH 9* Dec Jan Mar Apr May 942 Jon Jul Aoe Sep Oot NO Dec Jan eb May Apr May 943 Jon Jal Aag Sep Oct Sov DBC Jan et Mar Apr May 94U Jun Jul Aae Sep Oct SO Dec Jan Mar Apr 945 Kay Jon Jul Aag le t Ch Ch 2 ) ) Ch 3 ) Ch 3 2d Ch 4 Ch 5 snbchasbe DtISlOK 5th Ch Ch Ch tb Ch 7 Ch I Ch9 LZ~ ~ 2th!h20( i) ) I) 3th h 25 D i i h 26 ( h 27 (20-06

123 UHIt EBSISHAIIOH 9U Dae Jan Mar Apr May 9*2 Ja l Jiia Aug Sep Cct Dec Jan et Mar Apr Hay 9U3 Jun JtLl Aog Sep «ct SO Dec Jan Fat Mar Apr May Jun 9 * Ja l Ang Oct SO Jan el} Har Apr 9^5 Kay Jos. Ja l Aog Cb k ) Ch 5 ) Ch 6 Ch 6 2st Ch 7 Ch 8 C h 25 C C h 38 Ch 2, 23d Ch a, SDBCHASEfi Ch 2 DIVISIOH!h3 7 Ih 38!h 39 Ch 0 3i«t Ch Ch 2 Ch 2 32* Ch 2 ) Ch 3-07

124 UNI MSIGHAIQH 9+ Itec 9^2 9^3 9^ 9U5 Jan Mar Apr Kay Jan Jal Aag Sep Oet HO Dec Jan Pet Mar Apr May Jon Jal Ang Se-o Oet Iov DBC KYO MARJ # ) 5st SYO MABU # OKO MARU # AKOHAH MAB»5 ) 52d SHOSAS MAK ) F'JEtJSI HABU #5 ) KO HAHU #2 i) SUBCHASEfi 53d KYO MAfit#U KCHSI MABU ) i) DIVISIQH (CoaOrted) SHQSAN KABC # ) 5^th SHOHAH HASH #2 ) HAUAHA MAEU ) GAHJISU HA K # i) 55th SHOWA MAHU SHOKA MABU ^3 i) i) SHOWA HAHU ^5 i) AMA HAH «) OSHI HARU ) KOQBUKI M g# 5 ) - 03

125 OS IS EESIGNAIOB 9H 942 9*3 94U Sec Jan FeD Mar Apr May Jon Jed Ao«Sep Oct NO See Jan n Mar ipr May Jan Ja l A3* S.P Dot SO See Jan ft* Mar Apr May Jon Jnl Aag Seip Oct lo r Sic fxsmis v.aru # 2 SHQHAH HA 57th SOKKO MAI SBOHAH MAHU t AEH5A] HAE.7 SSOSJLS MJ AEUSA5 (LE fl 6 EQBI «AHI SHCKAS Hi SUBCHAS3B 59th SHOHAH Hi RtJ#6 DIVISION SHOfUXD (Converted) KO HABIJ ft 6 Oth KO HAHt fio SHJXO MAI ) AKUSAH MA SOjj ^ b2d SAStHAH H KiSUEA M ieu SHOHA2J HI wmtlm FOMI M*Hl Jh ZO0B3KI EOHAS t AHtr # ] - 09

126 ahi ESS I 3SAI0H lglll 9*3 9Vt 9^5 Sec Jan Feb Mar Apr Hay Jan Ja l Au«Sop Oct Hov Dec Jan Fab Mar Apr May Jan JiU Ang Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Mar Apr May Jun Jul tag Sep Oct HO Bee Jan Mar Apr May Jun Ja l SHCHAH KAE JfclO. -<I5) SHOHAH MAS <I5) KASHUiA HAJ -<I5) EO MAHU#6 ) KYO HARU# ) OJI MAEU!) I-DMI HABI 66th SK I HABI KOOI MAit SUBCHASER DIISIOK SHONAH MAJ ) (Converted) 9st SHOSAH HA] ) CHCEO MAR! ) ( ( urn 0 MAE *B HI 0 MAR r «U2 d AIC, SK HU ( AK. S7 M LEt # i EA. BBSA tah HIC VJ&X #7 (29: 25th FIC MAHt +S (29: HIHOI I MAI u (29-0

127 O(I 9*U 9U2 9^3 9W+ 9^5 Sac Jem Mar Hay Jun Jul Aag Sep Oct Hov Dec Jan Mar Apr May Jon Jul lo g Sep Oet SO Dec Jan Hs-b Bar Hay Jon Jtd Ang Oet Dee Jan Mar Apr Kay un Jtt l s t 2 * 3 V wmmmm -45) mo) 29 ( 33 ( ) ) *3 *; ) th V Ik 5 I) mo) V6 mo) HMSSKESF3R DIVI3I0H 2st 7 V g W M i MIO) -<I5) -HI 5) ^^^ ^ MMl *0 ) mo) men 3^ 39 f Ul (I 7 ^0) 30th 8 W 3 ( ) 524 * ( ) - Ill

128 Dili 9^2 9U3 9U* DSSIOHAIKar fee Jan tmt Mar Apr Hay Jun Jo l Aa«fep Oct SO fee Jan Mar Apr Kay Jan Jal Aug Sep Oct HO fee Jan Mar Apr Kay Jttn Jnl Aug suruaai t ABASE IAW "^20 ) taiasaoo i AHD 3th fahazoffo ) ABB # 3 fopiiwg!* i m ijtkil IMM AMA HAHU llfth AttA KAHI HA6OS0HO ) n KOSHB0 KJ DIVISICW (CoaSrtad l5 t n OMI HARU ^2 SKKI HAHU» AHA MAR AXA KAEJ SSOVA MAEQ 7 SHOKA HAHQ #s OSHI HARD #6 \ 7th foshi KAED #6 fsxsxs HAS J <l) () MISAGO HAS - E

129 * _3 5 En h-i O tu S 8 0 K En EH EH - O

130 mm O^CHS (S) Ame IEOIIHO fiwh SI0HO flhm ISDH nai K YKIHSDCH! * mm yixiih I# vsm masirs H.H IlMBiVS LI awn XHSOI 2HH xass OHH 0X2 ( HH USI3H 9 HHH 0 0 C4 nhm 03 9) ISKIIIH IHH JJHSffa lavwnhsis (p*q.'m.aoo; aoisiiia HHH I0 Otf iffo CHI3DI 0HVX ZOX D IN OilHOI (i F nsm iaii JBYH OUK AtrvN mts t aaro oaaaoi AHYH JIlff m ( ahk KIfDI AO* Soy W trap a* me Of >«r w n f ** Mr me o«,6 urn


132 OEC DESIGNAION XSkZ n»c Jan Mar Apr May Jan Jttl Asg Sej, Oct NO Dec Jan Vail Mar Apr May Jna Jul tog Sep Oct HO fee Jan Mar Apr May Jon Jnl toe Sep Oet SO Jan Ite) Mar May Jon Ja l tag 9U5 XJKO KAK le t MOO MAE KAHKO HAHD BUSHO HASU 2d K4HQ HAHJ KAHISU HA] AIKO MAHU a GO OKfO MAH GBHBOA 3d HAHK) HAHU KISO HAEU ASO MAHU :D i) ;n DIVISIOH (CoavwrUd ) SAIO MAE j SCO MARJ nu o HAEO 0 5th SSI AI MAS r NIKKAI MAH I CH0A5 MAHt 6th CHOKO KABU H2LJ0 MAHC! - us

133 UHI rssigsalos 9«U 9^ 2 9U3 9*5 Dec Jan Mar Jpr May Jtm Jnl Aog Sep Oct SO Dee Jen Mar Apr May Jan Jol AQg Sop Oct HO Dec Jan Mar Apr M8y Jun Jol Sap Oct HO Dee 7th SSOOKP J HO aieoiaha ; U3.V (0) <IO) KUA MA^ r 3th KA&AIA MA DAIDO MAB J <IO) GUHBQA DIVISIOS 0th HAQAH3 MA m OSHIBA ij (Converted) 3 th HOKOKU H^ SH0SS KA IV HAKJNffiU MAEtJ USKAI HAS r#io SHISEO MA «J # i ) lwtli OSSO MAH NISSEO HA tg»2 ) EAiaSS HA IP # - 7

134 oi n mtwwim 9* tee 9*2 Har Apr 9*3 Jo. Jo l S.p Oet O tec J n M Kar Am Oet lo r tee JB B Itet Mar Apr May 9*5 Jon * li t SHDII *IDA tk naaotf 9IUI0I 224 tkfk noiss nnl H X U HJ IIIHA 23d UCI n; PiKI smi fifia - a.

135 OI DESIGWIOB 9*4 9^3 Jan Mar Apr May Jon Jol Oct IO Ue fm Wb Mar Apr fey 9U5 Jnl <IO) LS r 8 &Sp I LSriO6(25)- (0) <IO) LSr 07 (25> ] L8 f ^6 twto Lsriio Lsr <IO) <!0) (I ) 2d f.s3 (l). LS 7 ti5> XBABSPOBX DIISICB S 53(5). LS I I H7(25> LS l!»ao] LS 9 LS LSI IB 3l«t LSI Lsjl7 5 (l>i 20(23] «IO) 2(5) - 9

136 USI HESIGHAICH Mar Apr Hay Jim 9V* Ja l Aog Sep Oct SO See Msr Apr May Jon Jal (IB 72 (25 < B 76 (25' KOZD (0) CB j (0) CD : (23) (20)" BOMI CRA3ASHI CD 3 ) 2d ASHIBO ROQAXA HABWO KJUU7 CD 2 CB 3U!D 82 (5> < (5) (5) (5) «(5> (5> (5) CBU7 (20) 36 G&oap th CD 3 (5) (5* t D 3U!20>.! D HO KIO) CD 7 (5) (0) (25) (25) 2 D *5 (20> (20> ;p 6 2th (20* :E 38 (25) 56 (23> (20> (25) (20> KISADO (25) (25) (20) KUKH (5 (20V (3 SHII 98-20

137 us: ESS IOg ASICS 9>n 9^2 9^3 9^5 Sec Jan eb Mar Apr Kay Jun Jul Atlg Sep Oet Hov Sec Jan Jet Mar Apr May Jan Jal Aag Sep Oet HO Dec Jan Jo> Har Apr May Jun Jnl Aag j 32 22d 52 6S XWU (25) DArro JHIKtB 3AKI0 COAS PStSHI HA BBIBHSS CD 9 6 (5 * 234 CD 2 5 (5 * tteoup c 0 22 (5 * 3lst OK DM VA (25 ISAGAO (5HI5) r p Asmi CD 22 5E 26 bd 8 <27 AMAK le t arosi HAYABUSA KIO) ^^^^^ KIO) ORPEDO th "(0) LABI 40) BOA CHIBOEI ^^^ ^ KIO) DIVISIOH 2st KAKAZUEU EA5UKABI KIO) OMOZJEU - 2.


139 NOE he heavy horizontal line denotes the tour of the command unit during which an Air Group or Airfield Unit was assigned; the thin horizontal line(s) denotes the tour of deployment at the points designated. Any changes in the command unit or points of deployment are offset by dates in parenthesis wherever known. Where a redesignation of any Air Group occurs, the data is continued under the new designation. Air Squadrons have been abbreviated and differentiated by varying broken lines. Examples: 00 " " ^ ^ ^ ^ 00th Reconnaissance Squadron S-200 B M M B I i ^ M i 200th Fighter Squadron K-300 «M H B B M H B 300th Attack Squadron

140 AIR GROUP YEAR JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL WAY JME tty ADGJS SEPEMBER OCOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER ASJG At* Group t Air Flotl Lla AS &L D» * (Redea Lgnata d*sae 03d A lr GP) Blee nth Ai r Flee t i! ^ZuSi.^... 5st Air Flotilla 2st J ir Flo tilla KANOYA Air Group H tl DAJ (O DAVA o : KEN ARI EHBANG KIS ARAZ 2st i ir Flo tilla SAB &NG i iamg * H DAJ O FORM OSA [Redea Lgnate : See 75st Air G foup) DfiBD 94 KSAHA2J Air Group 942 YOKOE OKA NE v. Dial Kl SARAZt 26t h A lr Flo tilla roakal An *t i edeslg nated: See 7C 7th Al r GP) MARCUS 8. KISAWA Air Group 942 ( Fiftl Flee Z SARA5 tl HISAWi EISA RAZU 26tt Air 7o tilla SAIPAI (tmaka tedesl) nated: See 7C 5th Ai x GP) 94 S3 Air I lotill * AD) UN AINAN Ai r Group 3cl A ir Flo fcilla 25th Ai r F Lotill &. fo edesif See 25 st Ai 942 J00 ARAK W B HXIKPA PAN Bil l 3 E kbajl G A5KAA IAS BDEA 94 23d Air F3 otllla AEAO AKAO Air Group JOLO KENI iri 23d Air Flo tills KEN ARI Redes Lgnate d: See 753d i r Gr sup) KOBP NG - 22

141 AIR GROUP EAR JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY JKE JIY AC7S SEPEMBER OCOBER NOOMBER XSCBUBES 94 2st Air! lotil.a I ALAU OKO Ai r Group 2st PI >tilla > {R sdesig See 8! let Ai r GP) 948 DAVAO AMBO n)h Bl LIE POR BAIR C HORU ND PARAM SEHRO E levei ith Ai: Flee pat A Lr Fl o tilla 943 O YOB ASHI OYOHASHI Ai r Group st Ail Flot: Ua OYOI ASHI Redes gnateil:see ' r GP 94 S2d Ai r Flo ilia SAIGC N WONSAN Ai r Group 942 SA IGOH VMAK IKAU 22 d A: r Flo-tills ll [SAWA KISA RAZJ -*( B edesig nated; See 7E 5th Ai r GP) GELGE iffiang RABAU; 94 24tb Air Flc tilla ROI YOKOHAMA Ai r Group 942 R0 24th RA JAtJL Air notilia 25th Air Flc tilla Y»-(B OAG] - 23

142 AIR GROUP YEAR JANUARY "FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY jrwa JULY AUGUS fflp5mbkr OCOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER d A.r Flo,illa SAIGON BIHORO Ai r Group S ft-lgon SABAN 22 d A3 r Flot Ilia AE Am K [SARAZ Redes.gnate : See '0st AirGP) KIAH 942 FA BH LRU ANAN ENANG BI ORO PARAf.' UBHIRC MA CU5 I 94 J4t h A r S-lo tilla ROI CHIOSE Air Group 24 th Air r. Otllll edesi Snated See 7 3d A3 r GP) 943 RUK ROI r ARQA ^AHAUl AROA - 24

143 AIR GROW YEAR JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY JKE JULY ADGOS SEPBMBER OCOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER 94 t 2st Air F:.oti CANOYA RAKKO KANC YA OIHOI AIKAI JO] 0 n, st Air Group 2 * Ai r 3 lotil] a 24th.lir Fl otilla * { ARYi MA KM 3» KAGI (Z< 3X22! ( desig ated; Se e 7E 2d Ail GP) 942 AINAN DAA 0 KENDAE I AMBOH R/ BHJL ABOA MESS (25> RJI {26X2f ) RA JAtJL MI L I 2d Air Group 94S C smbine 3 Flee I ighth Fleet 26th Ai r Fl otil^ roeoha] a!labaijl LIE (IS K2E} (28] BtJNA (23M29 > (fl edesig nated: See 5! t2d Ai: GP) 94 23d Air Flo tllla 'EDLI J IKI A iama 3d Air Group KAKASo DARI K 3EPANG ODAEr 23 d J i r Fl< tilla SA A H HANO: AKAO KAN( YA AKAO DAAO 0) >{f edesig aated: Se e 2( 2d Ai: GP) 942 (4) AAO LMBON H5)- K arfftri KOE; 22> (7) DA (6) AO (23) ( A KOEPAG I ABAUL SABAN i 24th lir Fl tilla 25th iir Fl Otilla > (B See 7 )2d Ai " GP) 4th Air Group 942 RJK Dl AKAfA IA : IOHAKiB A J RABAU )) * ISARA2 (2) :MI 5MAA { 0^06) WA CANAJ 2) USE smtwr 5th Air Group 942 Fifth Fleet KISKA 5 t Baw i yore* edesig Dated See 4 >2d Al GP) 6t h Ai r Group 942 ZU 26tb <Lir F 3 otjlla RABAI edesig nated See 2 )4th A J QpJ - 25

144 AIR GHOJP YSAR jamfcrar FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE JULY ADGB SEPBfflER OCOEER NOVEMBER DECBMBER 940 3d Base Yd OSUKA 3) oroe 94 3 d Ba e or< e ARAKA! fflsas PALAO 5 -> (R deslg tated;! See 6 h Ai r GP) 8t h Ai r Group 940 5t ] Base Force Y< KOSOKJ Oxisfi irred 94 5th a se Foi e e Si JPAN 3) *^ (Red isigna ;ed;se<» 8t h Ai r ff ') t h Ai r Group 944 mmmmm Phirt* enth i l r Fl«et Firsi Sout l ern Ei pediti SEI AS [3INGA POHK^ Flset 945 SEIEi S BAH ABA 940 HANKCH r OHIB L Area Fleet 0 flang 2t h Ai r Group (Deactivated) 94 JHINA ta-ea { ICH&NC, YUNCI ENG.SE AJfGHAl,KA!Wn KG et<. HANK0. HAH COW, A S SING 2th Air Group (Reactivated) 944 f lirtee ath Ai r Flee SINGJ PORE KOA BHARt First South ern E i >editl mary :fleet HU )A U MO 945 Is 4 PRANG, H D KV MO } {Deactivated) 940 CHIN k Area SRANG IAI Fleet >AK 3th Air Group (Reactivated) Continued next page 944 SHU CHIE First South >rn B i pediti jnary fleet AYER 'AWAR - S6

145 AIR GROOP YEAH JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY UNS JULY AtKJOS SEPEMBER OCOBER N07EMBER DECEMBER (Continued) 3th Air Group 945 wammmm hirt senth AYER 'AWAH Lir Fl set I 4th Air Group (Deactivated) 4th Air Group (Reactivated) ( SAIGO mx. N Combi ted Ai r Grou W0J 2) H03 HOW 4th lir UIK Fl otille (2 MAEN (25H2" ') CH] NA An a Flee MAKIH 0) ( E ABAUL, JOLOM ON Ar e US Si IGON Mi edesij nflted See 8( 2d Ail GP) 5th Air Group 940 H<gHOW i 3a Ca nbined Ai r C roup SIA 3KAN HOI Si IGOR r r. HO IH0W 6th Air Group (Former 7th Air Group) a i ise Fo DAVAO [)»- Attach a a Aii unit of 5a Base ] oree (I 5d Ba se For se ARAKA 3ESAN PAL 940 ( JDKDSOg K 4t h Bi Be Foi oe BUK DDB: -ON (: ICE) mm leufy,, ;. WiKB amice 7th Air Group 94 4 t i Base Force P OK (DtJ ILON) WAKE KAVH: KG ) 94 (I 5th B ise Fo SAIP N ce ISth Air Group 5tt Base Force, Attacl ed Ai: Ubit of 5tt Base Force 942 SAIPAH - 27

146 AIR GBOUP YEAR JANUARY MARCH APRIL MAY JUN JULY AUGUS SEPEMBER OCOBER NOEMBSR DECEMBER 6th Baae Fo *ce 94 OKOSl EA rans f erred. EMIB J BIJUi KWAJA: JEIN) [I7 BMIDJ 9th Air Group 942 6th B se Foi oe EBIJX SJ IDJ (KWA; AIE IN MAE IN (Sedes ignat< id: See 95 d A irgp) 2st Air Group t ti Base Foro«RUK(Dt BLON) PA LAU(AR &KABEE AN) (Redes ignat< d: See 902d J i r GP) 3st Air Group 942 3st pecia: Base Force MANX] A NICHC LS, * PUER^ 0 GAli RA. SGASP] I lira SDuther a Ixpe a it ion ary Fl set iffllrii Pranef arred (Redes ignat«d:see 954tbA i r GP) 32d Air Group (Deactivated) 32a Air Group (Reactivated) I 32 d S ecial Base ] torce DAVA< CEB! hird South rnexj edit it nary leet SALAI GA n\ 33d Air Group 942 ( r hird leet SAEK [JKPAH AKASS R e 0ERA3A JA B is SI ia l Be.36 FO rce JO fl-akari 2K3) B (Redes ignat«d; See 93 a A ir GP) 35th Air Group 36th Air Group hird Fleet 23d Speeii Base JOG (I Fore* MAKA SAB (2 AMBC Sec and So atbem Exped itiona ry F& i t ) (6)- 7 BAP EPAPAN m 24 th 3peoia L Base Force AMBON KES 3ARI (8> [2 m OJGAKE 0) (28 (2 tgnate d 956t h Air 3r oup,,ransf srred to RAE AUL an i dei ictiva bed a month later. i (Redes ignate d; See 9342 ixgp) 40th Air Group 942 pabyi MA SINGAI ORE sirs t S out ha n HXP«ditto ee t SABKNQ 5INGAF JRE ^ (Redes ignatc d : see 936tbA IrGP) - 28

147 AIR GROUP YEAR JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MA.Y JUNE JtJLY AUGUS SEPBMBSR OCOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER 943 ( First Air leet K IORI 2at Air Group 944 KAOR] INIi 6st Air P: otilli E 32LIF CAVAO 3) 944 d -ll) -95) YO COSKA vn (-ll } hird Air B leet.( 5) (K 05) (2 I P-8 )( 3 (5) -05) KAO II KISARA ZU (-2)» _ (S3 I 0 JIM k. KANOU IW0 J I ii. ASUGI 3st Air Group hird Air Leet 945 JK-C 5) B 0 JIMA {23) (3 -E56](! (K-5)( (I3> HACHI ro JBIA. K-25) (IE M23) (s-aii ) (5) (I 0) -904 tf0) 0) (s-9o: {K-25^ (5) (S-90!)(I5) WSDJ (! c KAO!I Firs, Air fleet ( -(5) j I! i i KUSB I ta FU3" :SDA MMMMWi I I I I I I >th Ai FlOtl Ua(a caonbi Guard Mat.) 32d Air Group 945 ( A3 NAN (S-85 SHIN( H3XU ) - F l st Ai: Flee ; 33fl Air Group 945 (S-85 D KIJIN AIU.0 EKJ AXAt

148 AIR GROUP YEAR IAHUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY J3HS JLY AUGUS SEPEMBER OCOBBR NOVEMBER DECEMBER 6Zi Air lotil l a ^eoa id Air Fleet 944 ( ME suzt KA No 2 JKA -4) ( O) '". SU5 mk -804) KA0 i KAUOY UCJOYA ] IAN0YA -(5) l AJ.-OYA. KAOOSH [-02 I (5) ilchol S CLAR L 4s t Air Group ( Firei 945 n ru (-IC (5) AirFl fill- I) 26th Air lt tilla 0) -(5) I-2X! 2t t Air Fioti: la Ble ent h Lir Fl set 943 RABA 5s t Air Group 944 RABA Ele-v 9gt^i ir Fl< e t (-0 RUI 22d A: r Flot ilia 0 3a Ail Flot ll a irst,.ir Fl iet ( -02) -(5) 944 (S-3 ) (5) 0) (S-80 t) (5) S-90) 05) 53a Ai r Group KENDAH I WAI DE (Re malne ORIDO J KEND ONG i2 a BBDffi 2&t3 ^ Lr Fit >ti Us PELELI KEN AR DAVA 5 tr> (3-8 J}(!5) "cisa 945 ) (S -82) CLARK ) (5! 7s t Ai r Group 945 ( r-u) ( Fl fth A r Flee t uson. r I 0 A - 50

149 AIR GROUP YEAH JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL JUKE JULY AUGUS SEPEMBER OCOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER Fl< tllla 94 2 ROI AROA Air imotil.a (5)* 2s ; Air Flotilla 6th Air.Flotilla ROI BUCK BKA RABAUL 943 AROA WAKS IS. NAURU -(5) (4) IIASUSFIMA BHEA KAWSNG (25) Ai r 3 lotir.a do: First Air Fleet (S 30<) W) (f) (S-30 2JB5) 20st Ait Group (S-30! (3 (S- 3 ) UOi :xz -(5) -303) (I) -(5) 944 labaul -(3) BUIN SAIPiN RUK (4) ' (28 VZU LIU (8) (4) BIKA (4) DA7A0 (4) PI:LELIU (7) CEBI (20) (5) SLELI MINI LA, -(5)2 (20) NICH0S (5) YAP DAVAO (24). HAV,U.VLO (25 25! -70) (I) CSBU (5) '.20) CEBU (0) IASAK (27) 6tli Air llotll]a 945 (S-308) 3IARK -(0 23d Air Flotilla 202d Ai r Group (Former 3<J Air Sreup] 942 KOEPANG pontimied Next bgei - 3

150 AIR GROUP EAR JANt&R FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MA JRE JJX AIXJUS SEPEMBER OCOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER (Continued) 23 d A3 r Flo ilia OEPAI AMBOI 943 nlvao BALI BAL KPAPA3 3) S ERABJ A. SI ERABA ra MAKAJ SAR 202d Air Group 30ROHG (Former i «AISBA 3d Air Group) E KDARI d Ai - Flot Ilia 22 d Air : otille KO: PMG (S-30 (4 (S-603 (4 j RDK AP SOROFG AVAO (2 5st i ir Flc tilla 25th Air FjLotill a (S -303)( 3) 0) (S-30! ) (5) - ^ -304) (S (S- 82) t ) (5) (S-90.) (5) 944 (S-40 ') 05)- -(25) ASJG CF OSE K LAOKA SHl JOSHtJ BIH0 0 BAJ!BAH KASAN )HARA,,, ;, AGCEHB ft. KA AOKA HM3SE :U[ J MUSA SHI KAGOSI [IMA 203fl Air Group Former ASUGI Air Group (S-3 <S_ 90l)_ (S-3 *i ( ) SJRI A 5CI PARAMJ 3HIR0 Fifth Mr Fl set Bd Air Floti lla (S.3.) < 0) (S-30 ) (5) 945 ( 3 3) ( 0) --(5) KAGO EIMA (S-60 J) (5)- <25) (S-3 )) (I5>- <25> (E -33) s] S-3U ) (25) USAHO UARA UKI I) - 32

151 AIR GROUP "EAR JANUARY FEBRIBE MARCH APRIL MA JVSR JOL AJJJS SEPSMBBR OCOBBH HOEUBES DB3EHBER h Air riotil l a BU HA SAUL 204th Air Group t Former 6th Air Group) 943 BABAJL BE m Bi BAUL 26th Air. DtilK BOH SABA BOH >RPOI SU(BOI r) HA AUL KA IB! 'Gt 944 set l Air BABAU L rioti] l a RK st Ai: Fleel 2i th Air yiotil la(ak/ 0J»7. Cisr d D (S-302 -, (S th Air Group 945 (S-37 A] HAN A: CHJ l"nl ISH] GAKI GIEAN 3HIHCB (28) EAICHI third Ai r J.eet 944 MEi n 20th Air Group hitd Ail Fleet 53d Mr F] otilla 94S t MEII OKtJSHl ILK - 33

152 AIR GROUP YEAR JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRI L MAY JURE JULY AUGUS SEPEMBER OCOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER (5)* ra t 62d Ai r Flot ilia eoon< Air leet -33) 3) -30B) - _. -(5 ) (S 08) (2())_.., (i -407) (5) (S 7) (2 D) 944 S-304 (5) S-35 (5) 22st Air Group rasmmir A 7) (25)- KAS i HOHARA (2 DH24) AORI EI ARAZU -^-(29 ) (I5H f KAG OSHIMA SHI CHIKH o UABA LACA CLARK Area) S-303 (5) (I) second First UrFie * 26th lotill a 945 (S-35) (S-30 3) 0) (S-3! (S-3 MAI IAACA ) ) -(5) -(5) Fl.tilla ( R&BAUL YOHASJ 3 D iny (26H OensEfer ]sita,"re 25t h A ir Flo tilla 25st Air Group (Former AINAN Air Group 943 O rohash BUK IV 27> Bin RAB ttl BALL ile KJ IENG 25t i Air H.otil La J2d A r Plot Llla (S-90 (4) 944 VSUKA ABJSJL \2) -(I5HI 8 ) [2S rsnsfe KA ENG BUKA OM. CANAL, RIE RABLUL - 34

153 AIR GROUP Y38R» FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY JULY AUGUS SEPEMBER OCOBER BOEUBEB 942 (2 22 a Mr E ISARA2 U Fl otllla iabaui 22d A3 r Flot Ilia RABAUL ROI UCE l i i. 943 MA LOEIA; M AURU > OJE IIILI S2d A l Flot ll a 27 t h Ala Floti ll a hird Air F Leet 85Sd Ai r Group 36 ) (li (S 302) ( (a (S 35) in )) 37) ( ( - - _.. IS (S-fcll) ) ~ -(2 0) 944 (S-: 50) ( (25) ROI F AEE I Mi IOBLA ) AE AMA.» ISAWA AEAI AR u MISA m li -36).EYASti WO JIMA MOBA (S-!!06) ( -(5) NAURU hird Air r leat,ir (S-3 LI. li _ -(25) ( «IC ) 945 S-304)( (S 308) ( (S 36) ( i ^ <2» (K MOBAR J KOK JBU - 9 A! IYAMA IW ) WA 7 taori ^OKUB (3( I0RIY* IA - 35

154 AIR GROUP YEAR JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY JUKE JULY AUG JS SEPEMBER OCOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2l3t M r Fl> Dtllla 942 KA7IE (G RABSL RA 5ADL, KAV [ENG R VBAUL 2st JLlr Flotilla 5 t h Air Flotil l a KA 5NG RA AUL Bj W G RABAIJI E3G YODDA mm- SAIPAI R BAUL q WW D 53d Air Group 943 ABAUL AVIENC UNAKAJ rau KAYIEI' - RABAI iuka i, P DNAPE (3C ) * (I 7) 85tt Air lot! Ilk 26 h Air Flotil f 25th ; l r FlC.till* 22 a Air Lot ilia 0) ( 5-309) (4 944 ( S-30) (4) n!uk (DM AN i a VENG VONAK ANAU (2 UNAH ks. Gukrd Di 943 &SMAH jloihow 254th Air Group HAiKAN N.Y. Guard Elst, j i FAH i 944 HOI row HQNGK ONG (2 I HO'IHbW : (27V [LIPHC n 56th Air Group 944 i c 'HAHGHJ* I CHINA Area J leet R0KJ3A aad' 5) (Dis pate he d to) i _ - 36

155 AIR GROUP YEAR JAN&HY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL HAY JWE JULY AOUS SEPEMBER OCOBER H0V3MBER DECEMBER 943 SASK 90 Ran Dist. KAGOS: urn Fi rat Ai r Fie it KSSI mgtmt bsm ragosh* S6st Ai r Group First Air F leet KAGOS nm H inafei6 d 6st A ir Flo til la SA IPAH 944 I) KA 3SHIMA JAGOS mia,., I I*' ^ IEAI IMA is. I WO JK k GUAM YA3 fasiie DA7A0 943 Firs HA Air :leet 263d Air Group 'irst Air F l a at 6st fcir n otilla 944 ittsuy. IMA (29) (9) PAI IJ GUAM 943 Fil st Ai. r Flee KASAN' )HARA 265th Air Group 6St Air B lotill a 944 KASANOi ARft. CHIKtJ AIPAR YOJ OSUKA Na. D: St. 27 th Air Floti ll a E4th Air Flotilla J EYAHJ PARAMI] SHIEO HO: 943 KAMUSI AE AMA 7 (Disp atched to) S IJRIHAC HI, MU 3ASHI 28st Ai r Group 4th Ai r Flot Llla 944 RO t AE fama c CJRIBAC 3, MO ;ASHI UEA Jav, DI YOKOi UKA J OKOS DKA Ha. DiSt 22 d Air Fioti: la 30st Air Group (S-36 ) (4 944 (S-60 ) (4> YOKOS BCA ASYfll A "Mi A! UGI 7-37

156 AIR GROUP YEAR JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRI L MAY JUKE JULY AUGUS SEPS/BER OCOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER YOKOS UKA Na v. Dist 944 OKOSJi! A A5 SJGI 302a Air Group KE ARAZf HA( (4) HIJO riua 0K0S3K A Nav. Dist. 7 s t Air loti] l a 945 YO COSUKA A SOGI HACH JO JI «A NOYA 2) YC KOSUKi Nav. I st. 32th Air Group 945 YOKC SUKA KASr JtlGAUR AE UGI First Air F.eet 943 MOBARJ K LOHI YOKOS UKA KACE 32st Air Group PI set 5st A ir Flc tilla 0} KAO (I C UAM 944 'EIELI J PEIEJ tr VI VAO (2 Dl INIA 52d A i r lot ilia 322a Air Group 944 (S-804 KA rora: AP 33st Air Group Southv est A "a a PI set SAB KI ferred E8 th Air Floti Lla SABJ HG P DR BLAIR (Continued Ntext Ifege ( 3AH NIC OBAH K)EAHA JJA

157 i AIR GROUP YEAR X&I&RY 5SBRA.RY MACH APRIL MAY JONS JULY AIUJS SEPEMBER OCOBER NOVEMBER DECEMB3R (Continued) 2bth Ai. ~ Flotilla! (. S-309). _ 944 POR BiA.I MBRGUI KO^ARAD ra, silbang SELE AR! ( >253) MAN!LA (Attac k U nit) c EIEAB (ra i nlng V nit) i EIEA F KOSARADJA 33st Air Group '-AlNGAP< S CAR NI C OBJ LR BALIKPAPAN (Fl* te r Oit ) SO SRAHAJA 945 (S-30S I (K-25^) 2Sta ll r Fl >tilla (S-5 J SEIt 'AR... : H ^EUSAI PENA! ncorpt iratefl wit h 3i-fc>i & Lr Groi P ; BAL.IKPAPJ IN SOEPABAJ) * JOHC>RE >- JAP. 944 ( mjlsbsi Nav. st. WAKO^ I 332d Ai r Group KIHE J S. Dl^lt. 72«3 A:.r Plo,a ARUO 945 WUCUNI KARJO 34st Air Group (Continued fext ftge' ! st Air Flotilla $2d Al t Plot li e (! f -402) ^t Ail Fleet. MA rsuyaji KASAN OHARA Se cond A ir Fie J (S-70 ) (I5> -(25) - KASANC AI YAMA. SH INCHIK CLAE K ICEIJI - 39

158 AIR GROUP YEAR JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MA ttte JULY AJGtB SEPEMffiR OCOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER (Continued) First 6 (S-40 Air n eet, 6 h Air Flotll l a 34st Air Group 945 (S-402) CLARK MAS AMA 3433 Air Group 944 )airs t Air Fleet KkGOSH] IA IKIJ! K 6st Air i'lot ill PALAI 0] (25V ( S-30 (25) 343d Air Group (Reactivated) th Air F lotill HI -4) l> (S-30 L) (S-40 h (S-70 ( ( 5-40) 5-402) (5) lir a A Lr Fie it MA k <5) thal Fleet 72 d otilla S-407 S-70 OSHHffl 345th Air Group 944 (5) - Lrst rjneeti 5 d_ ^ Flot ilia con d r Flee t N LRIO SASEI 0 Nav. Dist. 352fl Air Group 944 SASE 50 Nav Pist. 72 d Ai r Flot.lla OMURA IRA { 3-902) (25) 36st Air Group 944 (S-4 62 d Air *lotilli KJ.GOSFI beconfl kir 0) - 40

159 MB GROUP EAR JANSLR FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MA 3JNS JULY AUGUS EEPSMBER OCOBEH HOVEMBER DECEMBER a Ai r F Lotill EEKDA tl 3d Ai r F Lotill a hirt eenth Air. ee t set: ^^r_ Plotil (s (s -3} -602) PHOAR (s -902) BALE [PAEAN 38st Air Group 944 BkUKk PAN LW 2 ^ A ox LBO 22) UNGAP (7) tfg L/ IKANG J SOS5 ABA.A onvoy scort (22) (4H«IBON 2) PO!2I> 0) P0MA (28K2 2 mm K (8) BIAK (4) Jat h A Lr Fl o tilla hirty ent h A Lr Fie et 945 (S-60 (S-90 (5) (5) BALIK PAPAW SSLEA SOER IBA3A.*. JAKARJ 94 2 sist : iase 7c rc e K SKA 5 it Base Fore a Air FlotiJ l a 452fl Air Group (Former 5th Air Group) KISE PAH AMUSH EO 7th A r Flo ilia PARA JDSHIR wel ftb AJ r Fleet OM INAO ( ) 5ASSB0 Fair. D: St. Gene al Es sort C amsand 453d Air Group 944 SUK mo I B HSUKI K insa - 4

160 AIR SHCOP EAR JANBLR FEBR!KHY MARCH APRIL MA 3UL AUGUS SEPEMBER OCOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER 50s t Air Group 943 ( 944 RAB ( 3-25) (4) t-05) c 26th Ai r 73 R3K otill* FEtEI I A7A0 3) 2E th Ai: Flotj ll a r :SARAZ r 26 th Air J Bnsfer Floti Lla R ibaul 943 MOBAI A 5st, ir Fl )tillft 5st A ir lc tilla 502d Ai r Group 944 (K -03)( ) OBAHA BmoRO (K -02) _~ 2 - S HIOS] [ASUWi 943 YOKOS JKA Ha ] 3SARA: '. Diat :u 503a Ai r Group Y0K0S JKA Na r. Dist l 26th Air 5 Lotill a 22 d iir Fl >tille 944 QSARA ( E-07) IWO J 22> (4> MA 2) ( R SAI PAN AP 52s t Ai r Group First Ai r P Leet KASJ (IGAUR GUAM 6at Mr F] Otilla PSEEI ru DAAO 3) First Air P :SARAZ J Leet 522d Air Group 944 ( 624 Alr Flo tilla KIS teazu Se cond f, r A i r Flee t 523fl Air Group MIS BS [AN 6st Air lotil l a PEIELI J EA AO 6s ; Air KAO II!-lotii: a V. E 524th Ai r Group 944 (K -405) 3d Air Flotl Lla OO HASHI S!r F' se t - 42

161 AIR GROUP YEAR JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MA JUNE JULY AUGUS SEPEMBER OCOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER 84th Air Flotilla ML0EA 943 SDJRIBACBI BAAOKA 53st Air Group 4li Air Flotilla MALC ELAP 944 SJRII AC HI AEYAMA KAAOKA.20) 62<L Air loti i: a Second 54st Air Group 944 IK-3) MA5SXYAMA 28th Plo tills KISAAZU -(27) 943 StBANG 55st Air Group (24) 24) POR BLAIR CAR WICOBfLR 2 8t h A3 2 d A: ilia 944 rensierred KOSAJ ADJA.. i board I AIYO IK-25] 4) it UK SILELIU til Llr Flotilla AEYAMU 552d Air Group 24 h AirFloti l a Air Flot! ll a 943 A5AMA BBI0R0 A'FEYAMA ARAWA KL I RABAUI SAIEg [ContinuedNext Page) - 43

162 AIR GROUP YEAR JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY JOE JULY AU3IB SEPEMBER OCOBER NOVEMBER D5CMBEE (Continuea) 22 d Air F: otill i 552a Air Group 944 RABAU RO] (2 5st lir 7 stilla (K -02) ( ) ) 553a Air Group (K 252) ( > (Former SUIKI Air ffltxjp) 944 (IS BIH )H0 MUS LSHI MAS MA CHI OSE MAE JYAMA ) SH OMSHU 6 t h Ai r Flotil l a 942 HAI BJIN 5IEUMI (24) 26th.Hir itilla 582a Air Group (Former 2d Air Group) 943 RABAU BUIN BO] N RAJ SAtn KAVIE IG <^ KAV: ENG LAE BUI A 26t h A lr Flo tllla 25th Air S Lotill

163 AIR GROUP YEAH JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MA JWE UL AUGUS SEPEMBER OCOBER NOVEMBER DECIMBER h tra 7set lst C trrier Piis: an (-6) (S-6) (E -62) (K -6) 944 5EIEA R {K-262) SUAl UL 0) 3M3A7 A MXYAZi 60st Air Group 3HAJ PAHA EN SA Aboa d Car s t C irriex riers Pi vie ion ) 945 Lst Ca: ier iivisi n! ( 3-30) 20) <i 5-308) i2o^ (S-40 ) (5> (K 254) (20 -(5) ( t-l) (2 3) MA 3UYAMA hird Air P Leet (20) HEAKURI SAHARA {C-3) - :th ^ ^ ^ 944 SHIMA 63st Air Group (-borne Seaplane Unit) 945 7* K IRE Six th Pie 3 t ISHIRO rima ^AOI rima NANA ) 7AMA 4tl Carr: e r Di q rision Seci >nd Ail Pleel 944 O -63)( l) (-30:.) (5) (5) '^^^^^ 634th Air Group rwakun nfao KURE (S-6* ') (5) - (5) AVIE c 945 Second Airnt -«B) (-30 > First Air F] ee t 0K0 Pitt h Air Fleet {' -302) GERKA 32a A r l a «otfl - 45

164 AIR GROUP SAR FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MA 3UB JtL AUGUS SEPEMBER OCOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER 652d Ai r Group 944 ISO)' IWAIBI 24 Carrier Divisio n (0) (6). Aboard c*r»*gff of 2d Eaxrla (S 65)< O> I (S 66) (IO> 653 d Ai r Group 944 Ai r (Other than Air J^it). IKAKBII (26> MAPSOAML Abo ird Ca iers of 2)- Reeonlalsaa tee PI inesi [ 3d CarriBr (K 263) (0) (4) (S- 64} (0). OIJ KAGOSIIMA 22 d Ai r Floti]la 94S IHliH.(20; ROI VMAKANJU 70s t Ai r Group 22 d l r tilla (5) (Former BH0R0 943 HIHAKANJ (Deaotivatedl (20)< 5st Air 25th J ir Fittill a (-I -252)() 70st Air Group (Reactivated with OYOHASHI Air Groupi 944 OI ZU (7). <20)- PARIM3SHI 0 No.. (K-70 2) -02) (K -03) BIBORO 08] (I 252( -03-3) ) KDKUID -flo) Cl tiosk BH0S0 PARUOBH! RO (25). EANOA MIigONOC KJkPORI. ClftRE -(5) KiORI KISARAZU Coaitiniedtfert Page - 46

165 AIR GROJP EAR JANJARY FEBR3AR MARCH AE MAY OMS JtL AOBOS SEPBMB5H OCOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER (Continued) 25 h Air *lot5 a Fifth Air W ee t -3) K-IO: ( 0) (S-33 (5) (S 305) [J 0) 45 ) -^2 5) 56) -.2 ( 0) 3) 70st Air Group 945 K-406 (25) (I 0) (* -05) (I 0 it LjB5)( 0) (i 0) KOKH MIH0 K-S5< } -3) (K-40«KVIS HIHO ( r-25) KOKO U NO. IZt Wl (- 3) 3J&LSAZJ! 25t h Air Fioti: l a 942 KI! ARAZU 70Sa Air Group (Former 4t h Air Group) 943 KISAR LZU 25 th Air Flotn: a RAB* UL BDI A ) (.2)2* Si<.7 BUKA 2) BHKJ 24th Air F otill ABAUL 942 R I 703d Air Group WAI E l a (Former CHIOSE Air Group 4 h Air Floti Lla 943 RO - 47

166 AIB GROUP EAR JANUARY FEBHtUH MARCH APRIL HA JWE JULY AXJB SEPEMBBE OCOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER th j Ir N Dtillfl [AKANA p Zt t h Ail Floti ll a... s:th Al Flot.ll a 2 3th Ail Flot Llla 943 VOAI ANAU AR 0 PA )ANG 705th Ai r Group IAN 3 (8) U IAN SA iang (Former HSAWA Ai r Group] S8tl Air l lotiu a FA ksa I OEARi OA 944 XOEI ANG PAB UG SAl ARANG B3 LIU hird i ir Fl e t 706tb Ai r Group 94S (K-40! ) (K-7CM ) Kia MAS! BBIMA 707th Ai r Group {Former KISARAZU Air Gnwi 942 Ur Flc tilla VI JAKAKA cr 0K0S3K k Nav. Diat. Combi aed Fl JSt A J l0tiub fo)"" " 72s t Air Group 944 (s-soe (K-73) ) (K -706) HAK' XttGAHA (ContiDuedHrtt page - 4a

167 AIR GROUP EAR JANJAR FEBRUAR MARCH APRIL MA jura JUL AU3OS SEPfSMBER OCOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER (Continued) th Mr : otllla S-306 Fifth Air 7eet 72st Air Group 945 K-7 (S-3C 5) (S-3( 7) a0) K-708 OMIi KA KA! OA OMB AKA, ESA 722d Air Group 945 hir< Air I leet K0NOI EE ned F ee t 723a Air Group 945 ( 0 39ablne d Fle«t OKC SUKA 724th Air Group 945 ( CombJ aed F eet O COSUK, 725th Air Group 945 ( jcjombl led Fl set OKOS 3KA OKO! KA st. IGA 943 ( h rteent h Air Fleet OOHl SEI 732d Air Group 'hirte nth A Lr Fls st 33 a Air Flot La PA DANG (K-70 n < 3E0NG PEIEU tj Jt All Flot ll a 942 SAE IKG IBNG 75st Air Group 2 st Ai Flot ll a 25t l Air floti] La {Former KAROA Air Grouj 943 G E rian IS UOfflA] 944 5th A r Flot Ilia RAi km. K-704) (4> i$. P5LE 26th Air F otill i DAVAO 0) - 49

168 AIR GROUP YEAH JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE JULY AUGUS SEPEMBER OCOBER NOVEMBER EECEMBER 24 th Air Floti la KLS EAZU 942 MI LI «23) B (8) < 8) OS3 Is. 24th Air Fl otllla 943 K :SARAZ tj B fhoro ftramdshiro IUSASF I PARWJE HIRO (6) CHI' 'OSE CHIt SE ROI PA tamdbh 5AHELA P <i Of 7 752a Air Group (Former st Air Group) I-4th A! r Flo- Ilia (K i-703) ( 27th Air F Btni & hir< Air ] leet -(II ) (-I; >) (5) Re i ained GHI( 0 < (K 50) (j 0} -) (5) -(5 ) (K -256) () -(5) 702) ( 3) 944 )(S-90 ) (5) -.) (5)- ) (5)- K-5) ( D) ROI feljbd OO] IASHI M PSOJIHA KISA ElAZU - (5) IZS I CHIOJ E (2 iae kha IWO J3MA ORI (K-7W MIYA SAKI CIAR] 06HI9K 20) 945 wm (K-704 ).(I5)C* -02) -(25) (,(s-e: (S) (5) -(5) hird Air (S-3! ) (5) (K-! ) (5) (K 405) (2 0) -(5) (K-7C 9)(5) - 709) J Rename - 50

169 AIR GROUP YEAR JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY UNB JULY AUGUS SEPEMBER OCOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBEfi 23 d A lr Flo iillfl 942 SEN QARI KOE PANG 23& A Lr Flo tilla 753d Air Group f Former AKAO Air Group) 943 KEN. KOEP ing IADIOE CHIR [RIAS R >I 23d Air F -Otill & CHIRI tian C-705) rf 3YOHAS I - K ENDARI 944 ROI PE LEIIU V CGOS rasim > 30R0NG FAKAO 2 id Air Floti ll a 942 KIS &RAZU 22d Ai r Plot ilia 755t t Air Group (Former WDWSANAir Group) 943 nil ROI ARO L n) WAK E IS. (l AR OA MILI ROI ROI MIL I 22 d Air Fioti: l a 944 RJK (K-70 (K-706 (4) (4) GUAM PEI 5 LIU GUAK 76st Air Group (Continued Jert ^g e ) 943 ( KANC ra First Ai r F] eet ASHIIffl! 8 I AGOSH ia CANOYA - 5

170 AIR GROUP EAR JANUARY S*E0R0ARY MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE JULY AUGUSf SEPEMBER OCOBER NOVEMBER DECSlEER (Continued) first Ai r F ee t 6st Air F lotill i Firsi Air : leet! 944 (K 40) 0 (K (K 704) ( (K 05) <l (5) -(5) ^5) K-252 (I5H» «20) MM * 76st Ai r Group.ANOYA I! JIAN PEIEI ru I ISARA; DAVJS 0 (K-! )) (5 c: 0] A ) First Air r. ee t 26th Air j.otill a 945 (K-lOi ) (J-25J ) _ CK-3 -(5) (K-5) - (55 CIARI 5 ) -(5) jjgj^a Lr Flotilla Se cond j ir Fie e t Cc mbine< Fleet (K-25 J) (5) (K-: 5) (5) (' -) (l O> (S 303) ( 0) : -70) {K 708) (!K-3)( 0) j ) ) ( MMBHMMMW th Air 0) 768a Air Group 944 (K 3) 0) (K 262) ( (K -50) ( I) KANOYJ (K. 705) ( 0) -. _ - -H2 0). MAS JYAMA, OHASHI pjcugtr 0) 0) MIYAZA KI n (29 SHIWGH IK0 AHAI CLARK [Continued Next Itege 0) - 52

171 AR GROUP YEAR JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH ARIL MAY JUNE JULY AUGUS SEPEMBER OCOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER (Continued) llt l Air lotli: a Fiftt Air leet 32d Air (- ' (K-5O: } 0) UOYA } - 762d Air Group 945 (K 406 ) (l I2X MI KAI OYA KANOYi MIH( ) UYA ZAKI ( Secon a Air 'leet (K 405) ( K-3) (» 45) 944 (K 406) 0) K-702 (5) 763a Air Group ISM r, A Ji.0 CLARK First ll r Fl set 26th Ai r V Lotil] a 945 K-405 (20) [K-702 (K-40 L) (I5> CLARK 45) (5) (K-0!) (5) (K-25!) (5) lrst Air Ileet IHOK a thair Dtllla (AKAO fiav, Gui ird Us t.) m <I5> 765th Air Group 945 (K-40 ) (5) -HI5). _. - (K-70 ' ) (5K- (K-25 5) (5) "(5) - AINA] A [NAN - 53

172 AIR GROnP YEAR JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE JULY AUGUS SEPEMBER OCOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER th Air F Lot a YOKOH ima h Air Floti l a 'OKOHAJ A KA: IIWABAA 27th Air PiHAMUSII R otills YOl :OHAMA 27th Air FLotlll hii a Air Fleet ( 30)00) - (5) (-30 Z) 944 OKO IAMA YOIOHAMA -703) JUK (9) A:UMA,iAtr, 9) OKO SOlst Air Group Former YOKOHAMA Ai r Group) U) 9) Gem ra l S Lfth A l r Fie (-30, YOKO IAMA -H25) -3)(io> IE-Z22. (Reatmed) (-ll) (20) 945 JUCOMA x- KANDYA -70: JIOYA OKO MHO (5) AKUM. OKOHAKA - 54

173 AI R GROUP EAR JACmRY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE JULY AUG3S SEPEMBER OCOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBBR ( -Sleven»b Ai r Fleet 942 EMIDJ UBA3L & SOI 3M0N Are a E lever th Ail Fleet 22d A Lr Flo iilla 80«th Air Group (Former 4th Air Group) 943 EMIK «SHO IAND "(S3) MAI IN OKOHAB (3) ^ MAKN. SB ORLA! Mr Fl otilla ttaixf] ee t 944 WO VE SAI AN Si IPAK ( Sou Jhwest Area Fleet 942 SHOE PLANE HAB LUL REK WA < outh* st Ar«a Flee t 2 3tt Ai yiot ll a 85st Air Group (Former OKO Air Group) 943 3H0RL r ffi&ftir id O 0 Advsm< ed to J OERABi V, SOERJ BAJA SIBO LGA S I 30LGA rt, si IGAPOR 5 del PO S BI A [R S [KGAPORE 28tb Air i lotil] a 0) SI B )LGA SlRGi (.POKE CAVAC SItGAI ORE 944 S OLGA SINGA ORE POR BLAIR 0) ( * MANl LABJAI <I3) <2-55


175 AXR GROUP EAR JAIUAH BEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MA JUNE JUL AUGUS SEPEMBER OCOBER NOVOBER EEC EMBER 2i t Air Group tb Bas R B Por o e 942 PAI ( 5AIPA 4th B ee FRtJE 9023 Ai r Group '. onaer 2s t Ai r Group) 943 por APE 0) Pi klau (, IBAKABI SAN) a LIPAN! 4th la se r "RUK i >rce ) PO APS i\7) (4*2 LOCK,, ) PALAt (25> [2) (5^2 LQ7] 944 OK (.5)2^ OSUKA. Diet A BAUA HAC HIJO JIMA KOM ksu jag I 903d Air Group (Former OMINAO, ABAMA, KCMASUJHUtA, CHICHIJIMA and KUSHIMOO Ai r Group) OKOSUJ! A Na v Dist. 0 UNAO Nav. Gi ar d D St. S CKIBA H i 0 I5INA0 / EYAM* > HAC HJO IMA WJ JOCANA: 945 K0\ IMA AKESH.... KUSH MOO MADA ran 0 OMINA' BIHOH. _ - 57

176 AIH GROUP EAR JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY UNE JULY AUGUS SEPEMBER OCOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER Generj ISO!»rt Con a and First Escort Fleet SAEK: 944. IWO JMA IPAN (9 PA CUNG SJ N io) [JELPA r i. Abo ird UN h ( «Abo ird SEINYO o Aboa r I t ) 93et Al Group Firs t Ssoo rt Fls at Ifth i ir Fie e t 3 d A, ir Floti Lla 945 (K. 25) (20) SAB] 2st Sped a l Ba s i Fore e 942 BJ* AVIA 932d Ai r Group (Former 53d Ai r Group) 943 BAA7IA JOERABi JA) i -st S aec ia Base f oroe MAKA!!SAR ill 2st Specie Base Forc< I) 944 SOERJ BAJA AEE 3LAKA 933d Ai r Group 944 SASEI Ls t Es sort S juadro Iraneferre CAV CE -58

177 AIR GROUP YEAR JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL HA JUE JUL AUGUS SBPHEHBSR OCOBER NOVEMBER fmnlbimiew U Spec al Ba ie Fore e AH SOB 24th 3peola Base Force Secc id Southem Expe d Fleet AMB CN AMBOfi SA acr Fourt: Exped i Soutl ern Ltionai yfjeet BEO JORONG 934th Air Group (Former 36th Air Group) 943 rowjc ^ABOEB k MINOKWA tl A [ESBU CA - J SNDAR: HAKAi BAR 944 Fourt Sout lern B cpedit jonary Fleet ) 94E ( FI! t Sou hers : xjedit ionar: Floet SNG LPORE n ^,. sun HHA SAHG JAHG iafore 936th Air Group (Former 40th Air Group) I! XXBUB ( \)M\7) PAD (M) -(23) $G ttrst Jouthe O Bxp»aitio iary leet S.BANG..SO JAPORE SABAN t SIHGj PORE HE] GUI 943 sn fgapohl S IBANG SINGAPI >RE JABANC LAB N (3) 2) (8) ABUASj 2) PRNAHC IAB0A V (Contlnuefl Ifeit Pagp) F (7) CYAN - 59

178 AIR GROUP YEAR JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MA JUNE JULY A'JGDS SEPEMBER OCOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBBH (Continued) ( First Souths rn "Ex-»diti( nary ] leet MEEG] 3INGAI ORS SINGA PORE PSBAHC 936th Air Group (Former 40th Air Group) 944 tabum PIN YAN 7 JOHUI POINI ( nrst Ssoori Fleet fairte anth A ir Fit e t 945 SINGA ORE Eight Flee 5H0RI AND BO A IABAUL 943 aucajs ' IORLA n RAB LJL BUKA 939th Air Group Ei^t h Flee t RA )AIL BOH 944 SHO FFIAHD B KA o 95st Air Group jsontinued Hext Bage) 944 SAv JEBO Na :Dist. (I5>- SAv. EBO CH imae KO iokc KO IYAMA Q.W LPAR HAJ AA SE KCflAI - 60

179 AI R GROUP EAR JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL HAY JUNE JULY ADGO3 SEPEMBER OCOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER (Continued) SASEB ) Ha. Dist. SA 3EB0 CHI KOI OKU 95st Air Group 945 KOR [YAMA QUEI PAR 3 HA KAA o _ POR A RHUR 5HABO LI a K pniya OMUR K IBDSC KI SI JGAO 942 ( t th Bai e Forq e KWAJJ LEIN EM: W MAI I N 952d Air Group (Former 9th Air Group 943 CWAAI SIN EMIB r 6 tli Bat e Fore El HJIE KWAJJ klein MAKI i t i Base Force CWAJAL :IN ) i AKAO Rav, G lard D st Air Group 944 OKO ANSO: PASCO - 6

180 AIR GROUP YEAH JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY ONE JULY AJGtB SEPEMBER OCOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER 942 hiri Soutl ern E: pedit onary Fleet AEYi HA (" f Ml DAAC NX LA rhird Souths rn Eip idltioj ary Leet NICHO S MA ILA 954th Air Groap (Former 3st Air Group) 943 EAVAi I JOH) CBU hird South arn Ix )efliti >nary pleat 944 DAVAO MA IIIA Niq HOLS CAVH3 944 ( hird South* rn Elleditic leet EAfAO PDERf RSi ESA 955th Air Groap 945! Mr d 5outhe m Eip iditio jar^f Leet POER ) PRIM!ESA 942 { )b ie* t irflanl R, BA.UL &.VIENG 958th Air Group 94S SHO LAND E Lghth fleet RABA Jl E:.ghth 'leet Slei enth i ir le e t 944 RABA DL 945 Eleve lt h Al r Flee t RABAU L i - 52

181 AIR GROHP EAS JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY OUS JULY AUGUS SEPEMBER OCOBER NOEMBEH ISCZMSER 943 Y( KOSK i ua. a st. K :SARAZ r YOKC SJKA Nav. Dis 0s i Air!lotil 944! ISARA2 0 SDZi K A NO MAE (20) USEWA -^25) KISJ M&ZV loolst Air Group 0st Air lot! suz OKA Nc U ti (i I AGOYA OK AZAKI E IMEJI IK AKUNI O EUSHiS IG 0ENO IEBI'S AHA,» K DMASt 944 First Air F.eet j AORI mm 6st Air i lot ill i YAP DA7 Firs t Air Fleet CLAE K 0 2st Air Group i First Ai r V Leet 0 st Ai Flot Llla E3 Air Group 944 ( KAOR KAKO A No. E Seoo] d Air Fleet SAW, AKAO No. 2 i! LOlst Lir Fl 5till Fif Hi Air I leet 0st Air F Otil l 945, A CAO KANOYA No. E HAKJ LA - 63

182 AIR GROUP EAR JANUARY SEBRMY MARCH APRIL ma JME JULY AI3GB SEPEMBER OCOBEH NOVEMBER DECEMHES 944 hirfl Air r Leet E l 5ARAZB 023flAir Group r lire A.r Fie 9 t 945 CISARA 5U 944 ( YQ EOSUKA Nav. I ist. 0st LI F! OtillE A' 08s t Ai r Group 0st Air I lotill EL 945 ASJG I - 64

183 AIRFIELD tbi YEAR JANUARY F3BRISLRY MARCH APRIL HAY sum JULY AUGUS SEPEMBER OCOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER MARIANAS Airfiel d Unit 944 ( 945 Fourth Fleet Fl tilla Fourt Flee Borth of AUSRALIA Airfiel d Unit 944 ( MS (9) [ADO -(2) 23 d A r Flo AMBON ilia 945 S 3 i Air Flo ti l la PHILIPPINES Airfiei a Unit 044 ( tilla Cli RK, Northern PHILIPPINES Airfield Unit th k ir Flo tiua E6 t. Mr ]lotil A Central PHILIPPINES Airfiel d Unit th. Air Flo tilla 2 6 h Air Floti la Southern PHILIPPINES Airfiel d Unit S6th A I Flo tilla 26 h Air Floti l a h rteen h Air Fleet VALAY Airfiel d Unit 944 P R BL as. PS ANG (See next t - 65

184 AIHIBID tlri BAR AICUIEY JEBRAKY MABCH APKIL MA JULY AIBUS depembsr OCOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER vkixr Airfield unit irteei th Ail Fleet 945 POM BIA3 R IB RANGOO 9, 3AI GON, OA BH IBU, IBOWM, PENi NG, 0 tlaj MO, ERGIt, SABA] G, EOE AEAD; A 28th j i r Fl«tilla 944 Ljhirt entb j ir Fl et OEEABJ hi teenth Air leet 2 th Air 3 )tilla 30ERA B LXA. BANJE HHA3S J Eastern DOCH EAS HESES Airfield raiit 945 ( IXASS A A *AKAH WAZSG U»OE AEA CAN DKNPA JSAB - BAN CAHANI or 0) J3CSAI, AGQS n CHI ilbia SHIK DSA -I,., DIOES S3HB kwa ". K XAL < «lf ih Air Fleet 944 (5) ^ ^ -MM (S-85 ) - HCflrtJO Airfield Unit FABAV DSHIEC WA, ] IHOBO CHI POSE H 0. welf h Air n»et 945 S-804) < 2 0) SHMDE JU, P, LRAHBl ISO, [ZSAWA BIHOI 0, CH OSB ] fo. l ONO Airfield Jtait 944 ( h Ird Ai * Flest FD neea HACBIJ 0 JBU 66

185 AIRFIELD UH EAH JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE JULY AUSB SEPEMBER OCOBER HOVMBER DECEMBER KANO Airfield Unit 945 7UJ3 DA hird Air ] ea t HACHI; 0 JMJ KISAHJ ZU, MO] iara,kj OEI, KHQD JIMA Airfield Unit 945 l ird A: r Fie it YJ MAO KARA OKAI Airfield Unit 945 (2 hin. Air leet FUJ: EDA U EIJI SAHIB Airfield Obit 945 MIHO Fifth Air n eet AISE^ NAIKA Airfield Unit 945 ( Fifth Air n set MAI SUYAMA SEIKAI Airfield Unit 945 (2 Fiftl Air I leet OIA 944 ( Sf corn! J ir Fie e t KANO A 25 th Air P; otilk KYUSHU Airfield Unit 25th Air F:.Ot ill«fifth Air 7 Leet 945 KANOYA KOREA Airfield toit 945 ( Fifth Air F Leet K ANGJU - 67

186 AIRFIELD WI YEAR JANUARY fehrtahy MARCH APRIL MAY JIB E JULY AGJS SEPEMBER OCOBER NOVMBER DECEMBER IJDO -CHINA Airfield Unit tl. Air H r IAU II O lot iia a (2 CHINA Area Fleet Central CHINA Airfield Unit 945 S RANGHA I CI USHAN Is. ROHHWA ( 2:Let Ai : Flot Llla 944. IKAO 2st Air notilla AKA 0 NaY. Guard Dist. FORMOSA Airfield Unit A3 O AIKAI 9 EO 3HS* AKAO 945 KI3N INOK BH3 NCHIKQ a KOBI, AI 6 KOSHE k A.IKO5U M - 68

187 AIRFIELD UNI EAR JANUARY FEBRUIRY MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE JULY AUGUS SEPEMB5E OCOBER NOVaiBER DECEMBER Northern FORMOSA Airfield Unit 945 AKAO lav. Gi ar d Di St. s SHII IHIKUj AIHC KU Southern FORMOSA Airfield Unit 945 ftkao N I. Gua r d Eis t. A] \AN,, LIRIR, KOBI ( S5t h Air Flc tille OROKU 944 MIYAKC i ISHI GAKI 2 IMA, DLNAMI OAGAR] JIMA NANSEI Is. Airfield Unit KI KAIQAi HIMA tl Air lotii: Fifth Air F.eet [OROKU KIKA :GASHII 3) NAMPO(Southern) Islands Airfield Obit th I ir Fl itilla 3) ( IWO 3 IMA 27th ir Flc tills V*0 JB«945 IW JIMA Bast CAROLINES Airfield Unit 944 ( RK (KASD! JIMA] Bd Ai r Floti ll a to.l MOEN MOEN Ho. 2 I ourti Fleet tuan DUBL - 69

188 AIRFIELD UNI EAR JAWJARY FEBRUARY MARCH AJKIL MiY JUNE JULY AUGfJS SEPEMBER OCOBER NOSMBKR DECEMBER fourtl Fleet Bas t CAROLINES Airfield Unit 945 MOEN DUBLO No. 2 N, XM&N n MOEN No. a MOEN No. l West CAROLINES Airfield Unit 944 6l! t Air Floti: l a PELEL [U 26th Air FLotill i t Air Plotll l a 3 Ot h Be se For oe


190 NOE Abbreviations of the ship type designation used in this Part ore as follows: AF AG AGP AGS AH AM AMc AO APV AR ARC ARS AS AV BB -CA CL CM - CMC - CV Provision Storeship Miscellaneous Auxiliary orpedo Boat ender Surveying Ship Hospital Ship sweeper sweeper (AuxJ ransport Repair Ship Cable Layer Salvage Vessel ender Seaplane ender Battleship Heavy Cruiser Light Cruiser layer layer (Aux.) Carrier Ship type designation preceded by an X indicates it s a vessel converted to the type designated. hese converted vessels, although mostly combatant, have been listed with the non-combatant vessels. Ship type designation preceded by a dash indicates Army, Navy or Civilian vessel Monthly losses are tallied in lower left combatant and non-combatant vessls. CVE - CVL. CVS -DD DE LSV OSS PC PF PG PGM PR P SCS -SS B YN ^ YP YPc - Carrier Escort Light Carrier Seaplane Carrier Destroyer Destroyer Escort Landing Ship, Vehicle (Aux.) Chaser Frigate Gunboat Motor Gunboat River Gunboat Motor orpedo Boat Chaser (Aux.) orpedo Boat Net ender Patrol Boat Patrol Boat (Aux.) Unidenlified ransport and the letter A, B, or C respectively. inset box with a breakdown of Abbreviated terminology of combatant have the following denotations: vessels with other than proper names CD Ch Cha ~ M Coast Defense Ship Chaser Chaser (Aux.) layer (Aux.) P Pa W Wa Patrol Boat Patrol Boat (Aux.) sweeper sweeper (Aux.)

191 DAE PecemDer able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels DA NAME OP VESSEL YPE (Combatant) ON NAGE LOSSES BAE NAME OF VESSEL YPE PLACE OAL'S 3OEN ( IML " o ombatant ) ON NAGE PLACE LOSSES CAUSE XENI SS Of f PBJBL EAKBOR 2 x 3 A Off PAJKI r X 0 MAOHI CL Of f APAHHI O " BAMJ A- 932 VUSFfSS (SD98OBA} 0 9 AM APABBI Harbo r o^ X 3 SIKKOU MAE C Off EAraU I 0 NAKA CL VISA S 0 3_ AIZA HABt A Ssar C CAMAJ 0 W 0 AH VKA H mjsemamaett -Carg o FHlHPPHffiS HAA5X DD WAKE or> MIHAHtr MARU C mi S of KRIHO <s KISASAGI BD VAKB on ih ZIKO HABir C-Oargo 2577 HASWA I 0 _ i- 2 KABnr CMe CKOGASBIMA Cima. 9 5 KASRII KAPt A-Carge BU07 Off SAMAH Jx. A -70 (lq) 5 HAAOHO AO M6ASPI or» o 6 Af SOASAH KWU A 7 ao 66 SS 25 mi SV of VOX 7 X t ml S of SAHAH MIHI A. or* O 7 ao 62 SS 25 ai SV of MIX t 2 HAO KABt A irauaiw ffaif A. X 7 SHnrOBCME BD SBBIi an a (HIRI) t "t 2^ foffiw HAF # 3 B - AO ^262 BA7A0 or tl t S3 P 32 P WAKE X 2" KAOBI HAO A-CawM ^ mi of f KUCHnra ^i. -# 23 P33 P WAKE X 23 HIOSHI HAW A- ^ i e 2b SAG mi BD 3 0 mi S o f IDCHUfS- Jx. - i- 23 EOEEAI HAB0 B-Carge &Ui6 -i- o 26 If AH KCHISS -ii. 23 SOHff MABU A-Careo S56 Of f BABOC A. 26 KtffiASAKS BD ASAO O 23 FICHISAS KAO A-Gargo 6503 A 26 V2 0 AM AEAO i O 26 tmro KAH f 2 S 2827 Of f JtlftjHXKG on 27 HO IMA Aft 9 0 ml SV EDU3KCO 4 28 KAHOSAWA HAM C-Careo 6WK Saa of I2O 28 AKIEA2S ED Sea S of imtm 28 EOKACI KAHI 852^4 r 29 SO 6 0 SS KWAJAisnr -tl 3 AMACK0 BD Oataide LrfGASS A - - 7

192 DAE Jaaaanr 9U2 able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels r EXEN ' ' r,dvr 'jjv ' ' ~ ' ' ' i ' 3A YPE ON LOSSE S ON LOSSE S SYMBOL MEANING PLACE CAUSE EXEN NAGE PLACE CWISE XEHl L -CL SUNK X OAMAGE Oen-coatetaat) E MEDIUM A OAMAGE 2-68 SS -V ja>.*sj ^ " ^^' : KIDKA ranar HAO A-Carxe l«*8 Off IHRJAKr V O MINOR OAMAGE!» KCKO CA HAIAtAO Bay "A" OB KABir B-AO sv of Booftum 9 G 2 UNKNOWN E CAUSE 2 Vl U AM - wnoiumr C-Caneo *3«3 IS-OM. uajtffl v SYMBOL MEANING "27" i 73 SS SV of OABff r -y 33U O MAS B-Csruo Ml SS IZKLOSBIHi 0 N A. SUBMARINE I 60 AIRCRAF B-XPfl 22*80 samin XAB ^ (7a ^ ^ ^ ^ MINE _20 rjazma ED Katraoce BAAO Bar Bf 9 fkia KASC a l SS ISHBO SAE JL 0 * BALE < ^frstf *J#f BIOKABJ A(5) 20 I 2* SH Off Pdrt KffRB^l t 0 n m taet B-Can s Month of MAO Mi l A A OHERS KOJI MABP (3) g *^L.^a^^ ^ ^f 0 lualj * A<0) ^r P 37 P BALHPAPA -A. X 0 AKMA HAEtr A-Cano m7 7-3>ar. i2o-«im A 0 I ). Sat* ( uk or K r»\zt,«.- " ** ""j^-gt» IIIA I map (9) ^ 9 daaaaaj I j [ IIIAHHABI (8) A - 68 (2) -v 25 SAflAHA CL Se a of ramahi 0 0 HAHBU KAHJ A-Can» P.67 S eoaat of ntrma A e 25 EAfSDHABn Fl ra msst ^<i) BD 7 0 WO KABtr # B-XP9 222 t > Off KKOKOf0 I A IDE msi HASD "(7) KB CKJJUB i 3> t ASASW0 BD 7AHJKA BODSSI MABJ C-Carce 5822 Off AROVZi n«r & JL nu n MAU '() ( SaUHOORA HAW «(2%) 8 BIZA f KAfiU C n) o EOBBfAlX HASH % (z4 j jaw Off C SHIOVOMISJEI A 90 ASO WHI B 703 SIBEJ Bay 9 ffl f ^ f d^ P 37 (24>.A 20 BAISK HAStf #52 23H V v -^ SOBAI HABI (20) IASSUHAO HAE0 (24 ) ^ SBDAl MAiar AfSDBAWI HAO B-A B» Month af MAO Ool: Off BALIXPAFA H a. CAUSE» 23 mmmn ~6a^i ^ 7 - V " " -60 (7 SAIOtl HASP (27)r ItfA M/B" (23J"~ By I-2 (20) ' 2^ * 23 raroro MABV A-Carco 5*63 forth eoaat I.I.C. A X nnnini itiinr mmaaaskuao Cr.Car«B * Et M Ii. -jp*^^ v ^ V ^ 2* ti l (fcawl sa w ) A BABAHL X 24 HCOVKAEir B- U2* 0.26B:, S9-0 ^~ NUMBER OF VESSELS LOS Zl SABUI W W i 92% BALIXPAPAI COMBA.VESSEL CLASSIFICAION OF COMBA WN-COMBAUf VESSELS VESSEL / ARMY NAVY CIVILIAN i(isstng OHERS OAL 0 5 S 6 urn a -7 3 I SiatnJA RABI 6987 Ri.PlPlir B! is. * CL

193 DAE QU able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels L E G E EXEN LOSSES DA ON LOSSE S NAME OF VESSEL YPE NAGE DA ON NAME OF VESSEL YPE SYMBOL MEANING PLACE CAUS EXEN NAGE PLACE CAUS! EXEN K SUNK HEAVY (Comtatant) (HoiwcoBBatantl X DAMAGE c MEDIUM A CKIWA CM HAHSHALLS -V A, Asmnnri HASP DAMAGE B Frt-Pa» LOO0 HASSHAIS X MINOR O DAMAGE KAORI CL rm SHIHHBI MAW C 67OC / ^ X UNKNOWN CAUSE SYMBOL MEANING y*~ N,&. SUBMARINE AIRCRAF AXAKA W 9 SS CM AM SOIC Ba y SV are a (AMBOIBA) nr% V O KiSBlMA KASU f OA MAEt ECO MAH0 2 Vl l AM V SEQSAir HABI # 0 B nn MINE 2 If 2 AH 9 B0RB8AOC HASH B-AS 5500 D 9-2*. U7-8 rrt M BALE «u OHERS shoero MABD Aa ) 3 - ' N ^^^^^^ i s J V^m 0 MAH f 5 (8) A 9 KAOA C PALA Anchorage O BASA5A HASH B IV iadica tea dates t ) 8 tint 0 * damaeod. 9 JASOHIO DD Off MAKASSAH A EAVFO MABt 8600 (V> Jt iu f CHOKAI (25 SI Go < 8) A d ASJJ -K- 7, f K L^" XUEAHA H&EU (9 i * CESKA XABU (0) A IMAOAIA MAEIJ (2) A BU K*K0 (2) A.PiWMAHg( 2 7 ) A. t (PU) KABIO MAHU (l ) <v I 23 () XASOBI (l) "" c ' OKIVA U ) M* 4 ^HAGAA HAB J'** ASOKOI HARf «<' SHIKEBI MAHU M l KASHIHA KAKt "t l U SUZUXAZB DD Off KJBDASI A SEOHAV HAR # 2 B 350 ( V X CEIOSS 4YAKAMI HICHSHI0 OSHIO CEOKAI CS CA V o f CEBES AWAMBAS «Off C S t JACOJJBS rvaltafial OAKAEI ( ) m " 26 SENBA CL f... i ^ c WO (27)* CIVIL. cnun foil K paw _, OSEIO (igjs I <g # J O ' S> *5 CEIGSS (2 UISU5EI0 (9) A NUMBER OF VESSELS LOS 3»l «s A r,«" is ^INJL f" ^ ^^^b \ 9(2) ^ \ *^ KIBED MA"" ^ HOOMAEU () SHOHAV HABI # 2 ^ SH0HA9 KASt # 0 (!0> v» ^ 27 ASA&tMO MIUEStlHO DD DD AEB I F Of SOBBABAJA 28 I 23 SS S o f OAH I 8 A 2 2.s 9 0 ^AHASAWA HAHt SISSHO-HAH IJSAMA KAB/ CHtWAMASF 3-AO Carjm A- A B- A 87 OOO0 293 (HU S JS 279 IGAB Off wmma SJHDMI sozni KARtr B-rane 7O7S * O lit UABASAir MAB/ C- ^ 4 m 9 2 AMA&ISAV MASI SHI S Yd MAHI # 5 SAOAMI MAEt SHGKtr MABi B- 962C Of f BAAO 498 Of f JAGASAJn A- nuat Bea r MADA I 27 PALAt MARtr B-Plct»t t S V o f PA&AI I A. 88 i l 28 MASJJ KAR B fc55 29-OUH, 37-56B A. r «fvi A A A A jli. A X X X A. 0 Ji. A O t GAUSE CLASSIFICAION OF COMBA *N COUBfllBM VESSELS * i VESSEL ARMY NAVY CIVILIAN MISSING k 2 2 0»E VESSEL Of* (SS) OHERS OAL u i row _J - 73

194 DAE March able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels L E G SYMBOL A O EXEN MEAN MS SUNK HEAVY DAMAGE MEDIUM DAMAGE MINOR DAMAGE /D'IS'^^D.X UN KNOWN yh /^J i^p^j% >^.^ ' DA NAME OF VESSEL CosSatant) YPE ON PLACE LOSSE S CAUSE XEN (on-combatant) ON NAGE LOSSES PLACE CAUSE ixeni SmJAMI DD BAHAM Bay 0 t x 2 A SHDUUMO HUDEAZB 0 & KAMOSAWA MAO OEUSHZMA MABJ B-Careo A- fton E Of IOBBO I f f ESAC-AS o n JAVA v E CAUS E 2 AM BAHAM Bay 9 2 EO HAEU # B-XFC 38^ Ib a i SW GBADB I At. SYMBOL MEANING JMPO HJUB7 O(«W / ^ S3HMI AO 6 n i K IICI0AS Pt. 3 SAEUSAMAHJ C AVAM I w A SUBMARINE N jr IS * EO Cl EBAfiAH or BA5AR "\^ 0 It tae I MAStr A 2H3 9 a l V AMAMI OSHJtA >^ iris SEO HAS -^H[P7) n MINE 0 P9 M. (28) ^ ASA8M0 DD BABAMBar V a k AIO KABJ B f Of LOMBCK * JAVA tua -&. 0 NAVAL * BALE Af^Sr ASAHH UiC f7l A I «5 SS SAHIHB Bar 0 MOHI0EAKABU A- 5S9 Off SAEIO I 9 JhL. OHERS ^ ^ 5 " 6 MIM 0 65 Hi S BILLM0J I e )i IJO WAM 4l9 B AO 8632 lu >i at iffio nn r JL < ) indicate! dates MiBP Ik\ L_fer oak or danaged. > -u. ISHIEARI MABW (l7 W 0 UHAGI DD LAI 7 ASAEISM HiStf B al 8 SHIOXtSffi AS tamo (l) n * * **" SB \ FDXDSHU HAK7 (ll)-^ 0 YJBAHI OL "V 0 OEOHAMA MABJ A- 6H3 is. IKHAMI ()* HA) mnr*2f (x)» «o KAHB *LL,2; Jfc KIAHO JUEO (2S) s 0 ASAHAftl DD V 0 0 EBNO MABJ B-Careo 6BU ' ^ # w\ k " \ 0 SJBAK CM V 0 0 EJOEAVA MAH 3-Canco 6Bb2 ' V 0 I l N KAIJO KAEU #2 (5)^. IASJHO MABU A(-^Q) 0 EOEAI MABJ 3-Careo 387 <v 0 < fa j 0 p^ S EOSBI HAEU (0) 9 fell B-XAM t ^v 0 ^ ^ \ Or " tl 0 "w^ l B-XAM i. " 0 EOSE I MABU B CAMHAHH Ba y 9 i0f^ if - CHOK) HAHU (28) A 7UEUSBJ MABJ A- luju 3O-^5» S -* XB.IMO (4)^6. ql..f # 3 i l t V o f LOMBOE Str. X X KOO (IK- 7 ISHUCAE I MAR B Ml.l2CPCB3CHUlMA J ^ V l>9 EAMO OA U HABI Ji(l ) IAS O KABJ ^+ ) I >J 8 JJMPO MAHJ C- ^ SUSHIMA I. O t fv; ^-5 () xl (3) e ^ V. \\ UBAB I fflsso MASJ MABJ B-Coal C- ^09 EOBPAHS b"52<> 5 Bl.30 0 EJMtJH I. v ^. UBARI MAB.U >f27) \ \ ' Y OECBBtA HAW (lop ^ 28 CHOEO MABJ B- 842 Hea r MAKASSAE CAUSE _ ^ COMBA.VESSEL NUMBER OF VESSELS LOS D Br VESSEL 9 NON-COMBAAN VESSELS ARMY NAVY CIV UNK MISSIN G DAE "VESSEL* on OHERS OAL 7 k row \>L ) / \ BHO HAEU (0 ) ^ i l KIAH O MAHU ASIHO MAH C-Csigo B t SB o f SHIOMISAEI 6-O9H, B 633t Hea r BROW Atol l 0 j ~Z~ O - 74

195 DAE April 9U2 able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels L E ( f M I SYMBOL X A EXEN MEANING SUNK i i i DA NAME OF VESSEL YPE ON NAGE LOSSES PLACE CAL'S EXEN DA NAME OF VESSEL YPE HEAVY ( (Combatant) (on.-cora:atant) DAMAGE MEDIUM HAEA CL CHRISMAS I A X AB HAH A- 680 J-7H, 99-2B A, «DAMAGE ^ > DAMAGE 3 noni DD POR BLAIR SHUHSEI HASJ * +939 >-7», 99-2B A UN KNOWN CAUSE SYMBOL MEANING y 7 - ON NAG PLACE LOSSE S 9 rtma 0 3 n i S o f CBBI I A 0 SABO 0 0 C 3039 ' > H i 60 o f OSHIMA A 5 HAEAZE W. SAIGON e 0 ALJir MARU Hisc, 273 PRJK 9 SUBMARINE RJ7Q HAR/ C-Careo 62^3 OKJOSHIHA A AIRCRAF ' ^ " CHQO MABJ j'v. MINE IKAE HAR # (8 ^ 3 HIHO MARJ # 3 B-AG U39 COEPASO. v. 0 * NAVAL BALE HAHSHIF KAR (IB) ^> 7 XHAM I HAR 6-fishln 39U SB o f EAVIBHG A li _ HifiAO HABJ (IS) ^ OHERS 5 HIO HARff (8) ^ t ) indicates elates same or aamagta. % HAXAZK (5) B EDM A (9) A / / \\ V >/^/ 7 ACHIBAHA / y MARU (2U) / \ \ v_ s > AI6BI (8) r^ SABO 60 (0) NISSHH HABJ (U) ^ A lflo MAR0 #2 3 HASAO HAEJ NAlfSEIK MARU Picket mi I! ISJBO SAEI * 8 IWAfE MARJ # r- 95 ««8 OHOEJ HARJ 6 a VC h QBAMARU (25) 7 SEA MAS f^d^ A 90 S8 * CAU SI EXEN j ^ rv-* K J ^ J ^ AJASACO HASH f fi l A 25 OORI MARJ A t>995 SAK FEBIAirDO A 0 " AXJJH MARI (ll) s 25 OBA HAH A If o f LJZOH 9 2fe 9A23KAI HARJ f 2 B-AS 960 SBORftAlO r-r 0 26 AEASAGO HAR S-Hoep. 93U 7 HAHIPA Strai t A 0» <l 30 SBIA HARJ B- b&m09-2iw. 56-8B A e X ^ NAKKAI K*2U #2 (26)^ IAEA () r AB KAEU (l)i i SHUSSBI MAREiXU/ EIAH MARJ (l7) A " ^ V EIHO MARU #3 (3) ^ \ c AUSE NUMBER OF VESSELS LOS CLASSIFICAION OF COMBA C8MBA- NON-COMBAAN VESSELS ).VESSEL ARMY NAVY CIVILIAN MISSING VESSEL / 2 BUE NAME OF VESSEL 5 2 J OHERS 0 l 0 v> OAL rorai Vesseli i... ' - 75

196 DAE able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combat ant Vessels mrioshma fnv A QgnrosHim - 76

197 DAE 9»»2 able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels L E G SYMBOL X A O EX E N MEANING SUNK HEAVY DAMAGE MEDIUM DAMAGE - 3 MINOR DAMAGE SIS UNKNOWN 9) SA NAME OF VESSEL YPE ~ 5 (CoartMrtant) ON NAGE Patrol 3U P SAIPAI 0 Patrol 2 YP SAIPAH 0 0 U E CAUS E 5 KAGA ' - C v 5 M SYMBOL A D M MEANING SUBMARINE AIRCRAF MINE NAVAL BALE OHERS ( ) IndicateB dates sank oi damaged.. SI3MIBA {S2.)" r rnvnnr uiot H * L / 4 \j EKDAI HASH (_gpj S IS * ^ / ^ ^ f '- r*^ n JBXAI MAHO # 5 (29 ) -A. Patrol 2 (3) e.. ^ Ptttrnl W ()- \ -** ^ ISfflAHI (9) e \ \ SASJCI (27) SHIRAHUI (27) HIBIKI -(27) ^ KAQA (5 ) v MIEDHA (fe) -K. HIHYtr (5) ' v SOEYO (5) ">- AUQI (5)-» -68 (!) < 5 SOEY g L 9 a 2 HIHYI Mnmiu. KOGAMI -68 ASASHIO ARASH0 ISOViMI HIBIKI \ - u ' V / ; h i> C7 C CA CA SS DD BD UD H of MIDWAY LOSSES OA NAME OF VESSEL YPE PLACE CAUS XEN KV of MIDWAY H of MIDWAY iclnit y of WA0! I EISEA -r~ ">~ - C "V -v V 0 -r e A A lu Vi a (Hoa-co«iataiit) ON NAG KOIKJ MAO C-Carp> «isp RANQOOH PLACE LOSSE S AKS30H0 MAHJ \ / B "5Uirt 7ll-lUl OYOEASHI MAHJ 703 r_3oit 98-iOS CAUSE HOKKAI MAHJ t JJ : BDBMA MAHJ AIZAH MAR 5AMP0 MAHJ WAYO MAH HISSA 9 MARJ BOAI MAH OJAH MAHJ # 3 OEAI MAsrj #5 C C B-AG B-Oil C- B-P0 C-flargo 206 L0-2S, s v 2726 BABAJI, 6800 KI5E A shore o f XOHKA 3 J t6l U2-7H. 30->tM Sbzt )ff C UH!ffSft ILOR S-5UU. 36-5^S OK, 23-0 A A -r ~r t-xpo -r - A A. e ^c -a. 0 -at \ 22 SJHIHA PS 00 a i V of HAHKOW """ 0 SAIEYO HAHJ (28 ) A AHAUZS DB 3 coast of Japan > h\ \ f f ^» ^ /J " / «IYOMAEU (9) 27 I 7 SS ALBOIAI 0 27 SEHUHJI BD EISEA 9 /v 27 EASJKI DD A BH33U tu n r ^ 2) ^ IOOHASHI HABJ >0 A NUMBER OF VESSELS LOS f ^ ^-^N j J\ \ *^fc ^ KBIJO KASn (2) A ^. ^ - 30 I 30 SS 300 Bi S CAFBOWJ 0 CAU SE COMBA AN VESSEL CLAS SIFCAI0N Ot NON-COM BAAN VES! 5ELS ARMY NAVY CIV UNK J^ W E MISSING NAME OF VESSEL OHERS OAL l u 4 row ' /V J u

198 - 24 2U DAE. July 9*2 able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels EXEN _ / < ^ n ^ ^ j % s ^ * ^... DA YPE ON LOSSE S ON SYMBOL MEANING PLACE GAL'S EXEN NASE L -fcl E G A O SUNK HEAVY (Combatant) (Bon-coBjfttant) DAMAGE OJISAHHAH (3) _,.,._,.. ^ J ^ S MEOIUM IWDUWAHAR (3) ^ KASHIKAKAro(3)A W KASJMI DD Jntranee KISEA Bay X DAMAGE MCWBVIIIgO MAHJ B-AO 7266 fear W o f LJZ0I Ji- - * MINOR DAMAGE UNKNOWN 9 SHIHAWJI no A X 2 HO HABt # 3 A-Carg o <t77 «_y^ JgHM SHIHAOI (5K\ ABASX IS PLACE LOSSE S 2 KAIO HAW # B-Plck»t 32 fear OABAWAIAL CAUSE EXEN P CA US E 5 ICOHI DD 8 Month McDCRAIJ) Ba] JS_ Ch 27 (5 ^ SYMBOL MEANING 5HIHSII HAH7 #83 i ( Ch 25 (5)^ 8 Ch 30 PC r coas t ZAMBQJOKJA G O ^ J J ^ ^ V,- ( SUBMARINE IBIOHI («5K N 5 Ch 25 PC tetalda o f KISKA Baa Ji. tal0kahrj# 2 EAHDCAWL KAHt OISAS KARtr O X B-3DS 68^ Anchorage A8AJ I rf\ 0 B-rani 9524 O CAUSE t COMBA.VESSEL AHQH MAHI #l(4) A r r SHOJn HAS n * < 7 ^ r" 7508 asmoits str O n i If Ortfl* ^lflhlb C boa t BCBLA or- Jac ^ j ^ ^ ' _^S * is, P * C> v KOI CO MAWI AAOSAH MAO (29) "" (22) l b EAKODAI HAW C-Car«> 53O o f CAHBAHH Ba r A. Jit. *^. 6 HJSASEI HABJ B-AHc 227 *^^ ^ KAIO HABJ # (2) 0 UZJEI (22) "* * * ' 20 lojduhahf f B-AO /WO 0 0 a i H IOJIHASAII A. Ji. 5 a l SV o f EDK 22 AAOSAI HAKt A SJffA Ji. * HISSHG HABJ x<mai HAHJ C- J3JL ear SOUUU I NUMBER OF VESSELS LOS 2U~ SHJSEI HAHD #8 3 B-AO ~5J rjrasjs Ba y A. MINE 5 m. 27 PC. Ji, 3 KDHKAMA MASt B-AO O D NAVAL 309 OHERS HIKAC3 HAHO # 3 26 ( ) Indicate a data* oak or daaagea. A ' -J O isakazi DD 7-0-W. l-lljlo l BASJKA HABI C Bear OKASSAKX O Ji. 8 3BAEAI HABJ (9) J HHZAi r HABJ B-AO _2JI5 V o f BABAJL A. Ji.. \ imro M»R0 #3 (2r L 9 SHDFSHO KAEJ B-A OJAHC A. Ji. n l i u % i If 9 AQBASA MARJ A-Car«J 88 ll-ho» A A k i r^ ^ f SHUO HABI (3 ^ 2 onurima HAEJ B-AO 424 V of BOFG5LAP I O 9 * QKAJIIU. HABI (2) 0 2 EIAKA KAB C- 67 Off CAKRABE Bar Ai Jb4_ k *\8 > ^ < / v tnr A /^7\ ^ SHHSHO HAHU (9)-^ ^ L HIUMA (2) * H ^ "* nu k r o ASAEAZI (30) 0 \ Ch 20 (8) iilllllfo H*HU ftlbl % 6 muhm. KABJ B-rana CLASSIFICAION OF CSMBA WN-COMBAAN VESSELS VESSEL ARMY NAVY CIV UNK f MISSIN6.A DOE NAME OF VESSE L \' : ~ ' iff oiro Hame antaown A Ji. 27 BIO-JB-JAHSUtO HABX B-AO 9b2b 95 "i S of CAHBAn A A ry> SHOlirn HAB # 2 B-AS a l S o f POAO A EOOKJ HABI B-rana b70 BJIA "** Ji. OHERS OAL k It 3 IDOl A A. JS4. Ji. - 78

199 abfe Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels - 79

200 DAE. able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels L E G E N D SYMBOL X EXEN MEANING SUNK HEAVY DAMASE MEDIUM A DAMAGE MINOR o DAMAGE SI** 7 UNKNOWN CAUSE SYMBOL MEANING SUBMARINE AIRCRAF K MINE BALE OHERS ( ) indicates date* sunk or damaged. A 5*7 \ *r*'^ /^f SX^^t <* SIX nunr (2) A KA.IHEI MAHU (**) CHIA MASD* (U) A. HAHSHIH Mi SB #27 (5) * A C3 : * * HCJIMA AEJ (5> no J 67 <6)' v ^ DAE NAME OF VESSEL AKISUSHIKA AKIKAZJJ -23 RO 6 l - HO 33 2 P 35 k KASHIHO a 0 I AOI YPE A ED SM SS ss IP AS SS HD ON NAGE BUEA I LOSSES PLACE ndispbksabijt St r SAZAH Bay. AEA I Off POM MOHESB LAI 25-U5I. 22->II 5 mi of HOEMASB DAE CAUSE EXEN h k n k h 7 J i NAME OF VESSEL rencomaeir EAMtr MAS KAKJO HAS EAEffil HAEt BH MARt CHIA MAHH AXA KARU EAHO MAHU HOJIKA MAHU YPE C C-Careo n C C-Careo C " B-Afl ON NAGE LOSSE S PLACE CAUSE 9CEM 33 3 Ml SI BRMOZAri A Bl SS C PADARAF 7260 SI of CAMBAKE A KWI Bar, IVAfl-b D A » i 70 rracieau 790 EISEA mr o f C KEKDABI ^». rv-* K X ^ ^ v< KJSJI MAR0 [ j ^ J 7, & ' / V *faika MAHJ (7 ) ^ nnmuki (5) nini! ii»pn (7) A. ^ "^ AIYO (28) A HISSEIH (28) <S Xk MOEO w rmizmi 5 BO 63 5 HO 6U 24 FMXKA23 J5_ ^5_ IDEA J= "26" RO-67 CA DD SS DD CL SS M SS Soatb-eaat are a VQBMOSA St r t KAMIMBO SHOELAKD Aneh. Hea r fthjulcabal RJK KISEA n ~ n-» _JL_ O O O O O 0 O * 0 ^5_ U _25. ^ k 26 KUSHB MAR #2 7 ORS MABJ SBrfiOSAWE VKSO KOBI MAffl SABKI MAHU E MiC KOSI MAtJ # 6! -Vet. Ob. AM05 MAHJ 46 B-Picket A-Careo R.AB s-rra B-Afl C-Caxco C-Carm _ S 407C 70RM0SA St r nfn 37J^52J -lm5b. «JS-4B ague SHOHlAiri) Off Ceci r te Her 20c Fear WOOBtABK I 499U UO-33H. 4-52B A A A A. t-c 0 - ^ ik. 8 Arro CVB 4 0 mi. I Of HDK S JK I HABJ ( \ ^ -5 (25)» 28 HISSHIH CS 97 of f KOKODA I. 0 U9 0 MASD ( t Ch 3 PC 0 \ ;3 NUMBER OF VESSELS LOS fil AS5IFICAI0N OF CAUSE COMBA CO%A NON-COM BAAN VESSELS.VESSEL AN VESSEL ARMY NAVY CIVILIAN MISSIN G.A NAME OF DOE VESSEL I BO 33 OHERS BO 6 l P 5 (2) ~ \ \ XAOI (0) ~> \ \ \ \ fin«0fl*m! MAHJ (9) A RfiB MiHtr # 6 (26) _ ^ \ A. j V, - OAL IDOL 3 ' - 80

201 DAE iqiig able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels ) Indicatee dates oak OP daoag.d. LIBBOS HASP (l) A - 8

202 DAE able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels RISBAHE HARPfl JXAZJEI MABtU HIRCEAVA NARP(]

203 DAE December able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels x (22) SEIHOO HABI (l6 ) HABI (6) ) indicate! date* took or damaged. - B3

204 DAE able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels ) indicates dates OYO () sank or damaged. tmtjeaa (27) OSB () UBHIO HARP (25) ACHIYO MABP (7)^ MICHIMBIMAHPfigK- L-27 (27 ItSU HAHtJflL SHIBAHAtn HABI KAUO MAR SCBHABAJA MABP SHIHAI MA8 CHHOU MAR - 84

205 DAE fefrrnarr able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Gombatant Vessels L E G SYMBOL A O EXEN MEANING SUNK HEAVY DAMAGE DAMAGE r/> r (Combatant) ON NAGE LOSSES PLACE CAUS EXEN MAXIGUMO BD S Of SAO I V 5 ASUK A MAS U BOSEIKAVA MARU B-rane A- ON NAGE PLACE LO S SE S 2-30H, 3-U2E MINOR DAMAGE MAKIHAKI ro B o f H3V SK0R6IA a 6 BfASISAH MARU B-rans f}9 U LAN j \ S UN KNOWN Off BAAU CAUSE 3OEN KAHI B RAKGOOF O 7 HISSHI K MARU B-anker L680 Off MIRI A A A V O ±*_ E CAUS E SHOGKU MAEU (8) ss 2 USIEI BD SHORIJAHB Ba y 0 7 HIO MAHU C mi J.O7 0 OMAEZAK is. SYMBOL MEANING - S MAEU (20) Bf g ASUf A MARU B-Mlsc 2 mi a MIKURASHISQ ft N A SUBMARINE k KDHOSHIO * 5 o f K0L0MBA5SAHA 0 8 KUSUAMA MARU C- 530b 22-30N, 9-3 B O AIRCRAF JttiAfll MABt t\) J^. MINE xir^/^ KASEIIMAEU (P8^ h KAWAKAZS» "V" 0 8 EHCC&U MAEU M-0 HISCKISAKI, IZJMO D NAVAL J J i s. ^ ^ ^ ASUA MAEU (8) A * BALE 7 ISOKAZB R.50 mi W GUADALCANAL -v 0 9 OUJ MARU A-Carg> mi W o f SHORLAin OHERS wufazb (7 ^ I 7 HAMAIA7B R 70 mi S I o f KIZO 0 HOBIZAN MARU mi 220 C0HE3GID0' HIO MJlfiU (7) r indicates dates sonic or damaged. (!) ^ / / lakafi HARU (E5) KYO MAEU #3 (2 )f 5 ^ ^ P 46 (li+) 7 HAMIKAZE DD 5 mi of f OMABZAKI O 0 lu HIACHI MAHU fo5l«5 SHORLAHB / ASAKASAH MAEU (27)~ ~ JJ KOBQSHIO MARU (27J" " ^ OV " XUSHYAIU. MARU(S) AsBSW) MA f l (^ ) A 0 9 EAVAKAZX " 3 0 mi W SHOELAIO 0 EIROAMA MAHU B-rans S, /-30 B A r>-^ AfSUWA MAHU (5 ) i i EASASARI («) 'b I - 8 SS S o f SOLCWOI I J3. 5 AIYAMA. MAHU B-Miac K, ^2-33 i J ^ -= _ EU(JA MAHJ (6)^ L lu P U6 P EUEE Kav Dock-Yard "I 0 5 SJEJGA MARU B-A 99 b-25s, 5&-5B C. ^ "^^ ^ SAGISAH MAEU (6) A HnK7.AH V»R f ) A -^ sennmnr MASU (IS) A lit HAO B 0 6 EYUGA MARU 99U 8-35H. ^5-558 A B. f n OSHIO 20) A HASUJKI (7) s> 7 HASUUri in KAVIEH8 0 9 OKAI MARU i 8359 SH0BLAH) 0 8 KASASAUI B Month XKASGCHOW O 0 9 SOMEDOSO MARU A- 55H 0 \ OORI HAEU #2 (2*0 A 7 HO 0 0 SS MOHESB JS 0 8 SHIHEOEU MARU 399 S of SAIPAH A ±c lu I 62 SS LSSSSH SUSDA I A 0 8 KBIYO MAHU B-rana y^ i 4-55S B A O COMBA VESSEL ^^"^ n /EIHOJUIA MAUI fittl A * \ \ \ ^ KBHKOKU MARU (2) -v- 20 OSBIO DJ3 70 mi K of MANUS I A 9 HIBARI MARU B-Mlsc 655C 6-25S, 56-5B A 0 " ^ ^ " O ^ SURF.A MAU (l=i) ft 2 OSX i AO Hea r OASASUIMA A 0 20 OSHIBA MARU CM PG 292C 3U-3ON, 37-20B A -62 (lu) *% ^~~ \ MAKIOBBO l) f KUWA AHA MABU (!)- "^~~^>^_ i s (} & 25 SUOABU CM JUF5 o f OEK -v ~ O fo AEA6AB8 MARU A- 32 Bear AU I JS. "0- nshkiwi Min n Btm* I MAB (lla. 27 ISO AO 30 mi V o f JALUI A A 2 BAOAI MARU C K, A J!. \ NUMBER OF VESSELS LOS ^"v.^s a KIEIKAKA MABU <27 ) ^ AM KOLOMBAVaASA A 0 2 EUWAAMA HARU A- 572^ 6-3OS, U-30S A Sf NON COMBA AN VESSEL (c)-v-j ^ (J\ CLASSIFICAION OF NON-COMBAAN VESSELS HO ]00 (7)», HliRi (7) A \ \ \ ARMY NAVY CIVILIAN MISSIN G \ j l DAE l 0 OHERS l 0 3 OAL lotl NAME OF VESSE L \ ^ ^ \ \ ^ \. V \ OUK MAEU (9) KAWAKAZB (9) ^ - \ maosbio C+)^ toiai MAHU \\UaiH l (2)«KAWAKAZB \ IAVIAWA MAEU (l ) J u HIACHI! AEU ->~(lu) (9)}^ lh)\ - HIO MAHU (2)-v~- MAIKAZB (U)^ - 85 OORI MARU H B-Mise OS * A. ±L. (Hon-combatant) 25 AIAO MAHU A- H82 RANGOOH Hi«r rushimi MARU C mi S MDCURASEIMi A O 27 KIRIKAWA MAHU B-ranB 3000 HV of KOLOKBANGARA H_ 2 KXIO MAHU S-rane 6Wn HOSLAO ^ ~ O 27 ASAKASAH MAHU A Mouth M0ULMEI5 Her -V- f> gbhkoru KARU C 95U»-57S, 57 - SS -^~ 7 KUROSHIO MARU A 30C» ~< J±. 3 SHI50 MAEU # A-Carpo H. llu-23 A 8 KASHII MAHU C Dii s MHOMOOJDU m ill Y 9 ±L

206 DAE. able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels IMS HAED (3) «SASUKI KARU ( <taliosah HABI ( HISJ HASH (2 ) A EOVA HiBJ (20 ) A ZOQBI JSO : U9) A MISHO HABI ( ) A B02JU HASP (2O M 50 mi ss of omris SHOSH MIBP (7 ) /U<jj _ JISASEHtA HARP (.S) A A 5 0 B l S e f MOORAS 7! 5«of foizat ) indicates datflis SBHSBI MHU (30) aunno mam 29) A EOSBI IUSH (3 ) A S coas t o f KADCAIA CHQAH MAHtr f 2 (SO) A ILOEIDA HAE(5)A MIO MAEJ (6 ) A KIRIHA MABtl (k) A Off -rohahi. A0H0H YAKAZJ3 (6 P 3U (6) NOSHIRO MAW (3) A V HIBA8I KAB!(2U) PAEAMDSHISO Strai t HOHOAMA MAO ^ KOSOHIHS MARD(3QA. HAH (2 ) ^ SHQfAI MAO (3>-r MABP (2)^87 0 HAEP (2 ) o i ASASBIO (3) MtASHIO^C) 20!. * OO-35S, *

207 DAE Jaril 94 able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels I -6 (a) XASSGMO (3) e KOO MAB.U (0 ) SUBBY HASU (2 ) i l (5) KOSEI KAHff (20-97

208 DAE. May 9*3 able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels lllfo f AHSBI I SA FHA5CIS0O HABI 30! of AO I [ ) indicate* data woosuro MAEH s.u7) ISO Bi IV KAUVS I n rout s t o KABAO A SHCBI HARP (25) OKAI HABU (5) SABSKOK HARt (20) A HIHA. BOSO. CHCA (4), BS&LAHJ HAHDtl7)^ i m MAH(80) A PALEMBASS MARI SOCHI VHW - 88

209 DAE June able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels L E G E SYMBOL "* A EX E N MEANING SUNK HEAVY OAMAGE MEDIUM DAMAGE MINOR OAMAGE /KSAHLIO, \ UNKNOWN CAUSE SYMBOL MEANING W^^r- ISHBAHE (9) -^ invfi MARIf R } J - a - QEIVA HAB (9)!> HOIS;r / / / / / / / 'ZR. HISAia HAB (29) yjf S* -2 ^ OS) \ X C^^-^ 3. i -5 7 (6) DA NAME OF VESSEL (Combatant) BO 02 JMAIAZS SHIBAOMO SEA YPE IS PB ON NAGE, - f BJ3 I LOSSES PLACE CAUS L22 a i off C L0PA3X %»r AICf ZS B 0 DA EXEN -^ X X NAME JIHB HAB GSIOA MAB KOBAN KAHt AIKO MAB SZA HAB OF VESSEL YPE C-CarKO A-Careo B-CM PS A ON NAG PLACE H. 55-3SB 67«* 9-^OH. 3» SH B 29SU HOLLAOIA 20 3-os. 5-iSs LOSSE S CAUSE EXEN on -A. N SUBMARINE I 7 (23) 0 HIO C3 8 a l 64 M»I A ib SAHELAJLU HAR U B , A. D ( ) MINE NAVAL BALE -"* r / / /J4 SBA (b) or> "^" oil OHERS A OS indicates dates J. sank or danagsd. AfAKI (0) "^ i Ktffll (24).d/ a r V \ BnWGgfgrt HABI (23.}-A ~ifea / / e "3 / \ \ \ \ \ \. OO MARI (26)-* \ N. SUOZAH HABF (26)-* \ N 55AS4RA W/f8g['5 i - \ rroii HAR #3 (2)-^ / B. SHHJ HAB (5)^- \HASASHI8I MABI #2 {6)Ait^ # -^-^ guiw HiBrr/nOik. W "^ \ HIASBO HAB # (9 ) -A ^^v, SOBOBHAWA HAB (l ) -A. N. HIO UO) ^ - 6 { ^ -""-^ SBDOXJ KABU (28) -A. IAH0KU MARC (S)-A 0..0A HAB (ll,- SABBAEI MABt (5) -A- ^ tgr*\ ^ ^ ^ , IBO AAKI -2 4 I 9 I 57 7ll AO SB SS ss ss O a l 50 0 OKA I [ of Xake innjhu.60 Bl BI of SORK! ss S of KISKA SA&AKI HAB * 35 3fc.4OH, 42-55E MSIJH HABI (20) -A 8 ISOEAZB DD SEO IULAID Sea 0 20 mirm HAB a W7U 5-57", ^O-57B A 9 3 ^r SBAHB I 7 23 KIO 23 KJHA OSS ; CMC SS CL " AO HIS of IOB SI.S 2-3CW. 26- ( 5B tiska I 20 a l V AMHIOSEDU o n katfe on A K O O X KOO MAB MGEO HAB 9 9 OIfA KAB FISHIG BOAI *i 2 SEOJIH HAR BOHOKOBB MAB KOSI HAB # 3 BIO MAR VIKKA HAB C B-AS A-C»rgn C-Cnrfo C- B-Otl C- B-AS li« IVf*, P 7 -^ ljtf. 4R Oif, 26-5 ba r PARAMSBinO I ^739 2U-32H, 8-53B 279 SHIBASB Lt (KrSHI) 89 B of DAIO SAKI 8b73 U-8H, O3-52B *2 'IOP Harbor 24 CIBI O Off «R-CHOV 0 23 SAfiAHA MAB * , 38-20B ^A. Ji _ o n I v * X X A ji. /I' I0 HAKtJ (22) -A-' J^f LJ KIK (23) on %, NUMBER OF VESSELS LOS COMBA.VESSEL AN VESSEL Zh 3 0 / CLASSIFICAION OF NON-COMBAAN VESSELS ARMY 5 l 0 NAVY I e* ^* N i \ i CIVILIAN 7 MISSING OWE ^S E SE L F U BO-02 I_2J* IOHAI KAB (3) -*-\ SUBB M»Rj (6) J^. SA 26 SH0ZA5 MAB * O. 39-OB Ji. \ \ \ 3S0BI HAKU (26) ~ 26 OOMAfi 463 -A. \ \ "\ \ V \ \ V j /,^<^cf ^ o, I-7Jt (6) «5 6 8 (Hoft-coatiat aat) EOBOHBUSCA HAB SHXFWJKI HABI SB OB I HAB BAQASEIGS HAB # 2 KAEOZHAB C " C " e Q A-Careo C- 3-Aft 2 K tw, H085LASD -5» S 30 ti p of KAMCHAKA SH, 3^-4 OHERS AESBOffO HAB B O-7H, lu«i-««-a. X on.a. A jtt. t* « on 29 SEOSI HAB SHtHB HAB SHOOK HAB IB8I HAB MAfl! MAR A-Careo B-XPG C-Carro C Bl V of BKA o n PC /*\fl HilABMIUHAKU -" *^y " "y / rr H 0 K ^ <i7) -*- f J ^ /* \ ~ / % 5HOAIHABD #2 (29^ - nit V \ «tlo)-" ^935 MASStA I. KBBXS I 9W "V S -* B, U a l SV KAMOISAKI 0 -tt. _fct_ OAL 2 7 Ik 8 IDOL. i BMBI I 0 BIBOIB KAB B-A3 256 ^-43H, 52-OI -A. - 99

210 DAE. able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels BIIilA MARP(l2) A OAHA HtBOlXZ) BJMSHO UBSU MAP ^33 (6)6, MZA HABU(7) A Off 0PALA, XAHCHAE HAMIIA (20U! 8 mi 20 of OO I 72 of HIMBJIKA H ABKIMA (27) (27) ( ) Indicates datai sank or OOL MAHtJ EOKI MAHJ (lt) A AI&AI IC^HAEU At4 ) CAHOH HABP (2 ) Wmrro MAW (it.) -A. topo HABJ () A UO MAEU W Q (29 ) ijtaiaoei MAO # 8 i. W&) MAHt (5 ) S Coas t o f CHOISO «JIAIKO tt.hdfflamioava MAH 5B U HAS ONAF MABt # a t 3 o f WIKIZAZ HAHBS HASP (25 ) A 0 Pnfa-HA.HAIHAS Off BAOOCB I I AHISHIMA MARf^dg fahikazb (5) * AHAGIBI (fa) * HASflKAZ! SUZtKAZE (5)» A5KAZ3 (9) ^ MOCHIZUK (5) Ch-30 (3) SASIJJU (5) v OAGI (7) Y MOOHIZCKI (6)»-5 (7) v - 90

211 DAE Angnst able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels SYMBOL MEANING <F*V-^j NAME Of VESSEL CAUSE EXEN NAME OF VESSEL ON MAS SYMBOL MEANING Indicates dates a f~. AICKU MARP (27 ) A SHOWA HABU # 6 (6 )» Jt- J - NABPO MABt (8 ) B30 MABC (3 ) ^ SHOJP MABP (5 ) MA f7 ) SB HO MABP () MMBP MARJ (It) 9 MtSASHI (2) SHISSBI MABt #(27) ^ ^ A. Ch gg (30) BtWigiC gfi) Ch 0 (30)>.AMAGB I ( 2 ^ SOKOIN (3/ ~-wuw -'r/«sblsfeei MABP fi g (3) HAMAKAZB (l7) g J4 PJIGAKt Kj -UO ABASHI.*«Cha 5 (IS) EAVAZAZB'fG) Cha 2.J8) HA0ItAZ8 (6) AKIIAZB 2) - 7 (9) 2 () ^ 0 * IS 8 9 a (Combatant)!h 2 >Q 07 krnuzs WAS 3 I- 35 Jl!_ F 3 BOEPBB I 78 SEARU ABASBI CAVAEAZB HA&IKA28 BO 0 3 Cha 0 9 UMAKAZS SOEAZK Cha 5 ha 2 I - 7 Ch fakaaka I * _EC W_ CHc 38 ~C O scs M) SCS scs CM AH Bpnr saomoas S of BA3A0L ELIA 9ol f SSH8AI Bsef LAB IAS Water* B ASRttlA ml 20 BABAPL V3LLA Gulf of f imr.nwrawb*ba iw o f SSW 6B0B0IA BALIKPAPAW 7BLLA gnl f XLLA t,tlt.u 4 0 n l of f SOtJMBA RO I I o f KUJ UUHIBAHA S of BPKA I 27 tjawk PAI-SHU-CHI l* l* »» (ypa-cobpatant ) SBIKO MABP SECS!! I MABftg PJIOAKA HARP EBMBtMABP EAISRO HASP SBOJPMAfiP SHOW. HASP # 6 ihiro MABP 0ZA5 HASP sano MABP. SSmOBP MABP VAKASOPBA MABP A SPHIA MASP BDO MiBP HIBAKA KABP AEASHIKA MABP DAI HIPPOHAH # BOAI MABP BSIVA MABP BRPCAVA MABP XttXISI MABP AMOKAR SBI2A MABP SSIAI MABP CHOSAMABP IHABI MABP # KIO O MABP HISHIAMA MABP KAISBO HASP BOKAI MARP OOK MABP GLASGOV MABP. AAKA MABP BSIO MABP SHDASARA HASP SBII I U KABP 0 5 WSPCHI KABP AMA5IEI MABP OEAI MABP AIFPrPMABP MBIZM KABP SHIHSBI MABP # SHIBSBI HABP HAMOW MABP CHOJtWMABP AIBP 8ABP SHOO MABP ECXrO MABP B-AO B-AO B-Ifcapon H-AS C- BrAft AJ B-PB A- B-Plcket C-Ca B-0 C- B-AO C- B-PO JCM C-Careo A- B-AO A-Careo C-Carga 3-AO B-Plcket A-Carea B-AS A-CargO B-A A- A w*5i W 28J « U86 0-0, 53-30* SEOBLARD 7-3Q, ifei-i a U5C 24-3CW Outside Of FAHA Hb 24-5H, eoact of 24-ioir. laa-ioi 36-Ojir I B 5-3OS, U8, l48-8l" 24-4y, 42-2U 33-45S. 3& (outb of BASSESA B ISMABCK I , Eimoai 5AKI ^3-46H. i: S I 5S B, 2-gS OB. llt.o B 3404 ki->m. 39-^^ 253 p-olff 0Q.0I J I 45-3OH, U 62 ml 20S DAIOSJKI », 36-2B 4i S OH B, 96-9B of CAB ICOBAB 8 of EBMUBO ! HA5SA, -3S, PAX I Pu l 3-39H J8 4-2SH, OH S-30H J±_ O O ES!ha 26 SCS P U 3 (2)' ^P. Ch 28 uyusm 30 Ch 0 PC 5-58S, 55-3* ntfsit e AIBO Bay OOAMAIOSP 5 SAOl 8-305, 23-faI

212 DAE. able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels - 92

213 DAE October able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels 50 off JELLAA C AMUA HAHJ (22JLA. SHIBO MAEP (30) CHI0DA(27) MICHABL HAH (7 ) orpedo Boat (6) HUM HAO#2Q (7) HCHOMAHC (29) ^ A (6) OJHU. (7) KIKDKAKA HABC(7) MAHP () js. OHBI MABP () Hear Cape S 6S0HGI 9] BASHPtt () -y CIOVA Hnro-HAO #5 do)^«o EOOABE MABC (9 ) js_ IAHPIO (2) KOCHIZtlKI (2) -^Ho-I05( l2) MBAZPEI (2) ACHHAZ (2} - 93

214 DAE able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels DPSHIMA KiBP tastl) -v, HAGAIA XAHJ *6 (7) fnt&j HARP (gq^. O n WAU 9\ A Bon o KAHcr roo mm lunrn KIB ironaa VI* BRIAHI OSEIOMO HAHtJ *22 ZO MABa #6 (27) Oatiide EABAtn. Hbr ttm ffitflt t o FAI.A. oshirafo MAKC # a near month UB Bay Arom d HBW HBBEIESS Oh 30 (U) HQ-OQ (5) W. Q9-3 M IAHOOMARP (g ) -Q. narifama WABI(II)A NUMBER OF VESSELS LOS Cb CLASSIFICAION OF NON-COMBAAN VESSELS OAMI KAZHUMI OIEI (25 ) * CBOZAI HASDlf #( CatHA I.Cba n V Btm r 3BHOS Alia s MAB 60 ml V of IAICG COHMBIA HARP HJtALAA MASS 28 Bi V of KA7SH8-94

215 DAE P»cbar able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels SXIZAH luxtr safitro ma n - 95


217 ^ DAE February 944 able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels EX EN ON LOSSES ON- LOSSE S L -fcc SUNK HEAVY (Combatant) (Non-combatant) X DAMAGE cp\ SYMBOL MEANING NAGE PLACE CAUSE JEXEN NAGE PLACE cflus EXEN E A DAMAGE JMIKAZE DD 4 m i SW o f RJK A OEI MAEJ B-rans H, 43-5B A - X MINOR 2 I -. SS GILBER I X ACOMA MAR/ C ^OH, 28-«iOl! t < DAMAGE h KJNASHIRI BE FARAMSHIHO St r 0 RAM A MARJ C- 40b -30H E A. < 6 9 /ClSABLED, \ 0 MUEKAZE DD 23-20N. 2-3QE A MIOYO MARJ A lvtw B A ; < f 6 AGAHO Cl 60 mi H o f RJK A IV 2 OYO MARJ # 5 C W B A < 6 Ch 39 PC KAVIBIG X 2 OYO MARJ # S 29 a A. t ^ E CAUS E lb Cha 6 SCS KAHIG ~ " 3 ARIAKB MARJ C-anker 500 2S-32N, 24-4B A. j // Acs KOASEIHI (4) ** SYMBOL MEANING 7 SAA AO On SU B W nt 'A.A A A 4 KB I MARJ A Sear PALAJ A 9 A sir SUBMARINE N 7 Ch 24 PC Nea r RJK rr. ±2.. 5 SBIKYO MARJ C- 0 mi SB HCSfGKOU& /I), 7 w 26 AM HABAJL nr. 5 ROZAI MARJ * 253 ^ A RCRAF 7 SHIGJRE DB rr* HJK 0 5 KOZAN MARJ * 2539 v< MINE 7 I 0 SS r^ 0 5 AISHI H MARJ A , 20-26B A. < D NAVAL 7 RO 42 SS 0 ASAHI MARJ B-Misc 9326 BISAN _ SEO X J BALE 7 AKASHI AH n rv^ 0 RYOIKJ MAS A- 377 Off MMILA i^. OHERS r^ 7 KAKA CL On Se a SW o f RJK 6 MEIBO MARJ B-Misc 08 KWAJALEUr ~r il. sank or damaged. p ij 7 MAIKAZE BB K o f RJK n- t < b KIKYO MAH 274 il. 7 out DD S o f RJK b YAMASHIHO MABJ B-Ficket 38 2 ^ 7 KAORI CL (] J o f RJK nr 6 FOI MAHJ # B-Hisc 35 n i ^ jj 4 7 SOYA AG RJK rv 0 6 AKBURA MAHJ B-Picket 2i MARSHALL I ±i_ 7 MASJKAZB BD n ^ 6 PALA MARJ» 35 KWAJALSJJ il. S rf^ MHIJSKAZS (0) A 7 HAKACHI n ^ 0 8 I IMA MARJ A A i^ ft ^ ^ V 7 AKISCSHIMA A n A 8 SHIRAiraSAir MAHJ» N A X 7 Cha 20 SCS n O 8 ASJJA MAHJ B-Misc 6975 S of MIKDRASEIMA A ± ^ Ch 2U (7)'" Q 7 HO 37 SS HEW HSBJtmBR 9 OAH MAHJ # 2 C-anker I. 09-8! A JAKA (7 ^ IS FJMIZJKI DD HJK i ^ 0 MALA MARJ C , 2-35B ^ X HAIKAZE (lf) ^ 8 F 0 P W o f HIK JS ^ 0 ASWA MAHJ B-Hisc 633$ 2-55I, 9-30B A. X OIB (7)"" 8 Ch 29 PC W o f BUf il. SASJMA MAH0 C S-OS, 2-3OE /v > KAORI (lp^ 8 Cha 7 SCS r v MIYO MARJ B-Misc 65 Off LE! 0 / / \ ^ / DU p.. SAA 7) -*- j ^ AGASO (6) A FUMIZUKI (8 ^ A / V r,\y SUSHIMA 29)» Cl«n «AKlRUSHIMAf^} ~~ S coas t HEW IRSLAB P 0 (.IS^ 9 Ch 40 PC SBPHBir St r r~ 2 ROSSAF MAR/ C-anker K S A il. Ch 29 (l&^ 9 Ch 22 PC n ^ j-l 3 YOSHIFO KAH L S SS SV o f m ABiWA 3 MISJ MARJ 404 SODH S8AS rv~ V \ ^/ / KARDKAYA 2b) <S> 2-40 SS Bea r MAKU I 4 HIOKJ MASU C- 359 Off SSHIMA A i^ _ \ 2 Ch 38 PC W o f SEW HAinER 4 HOKJAI MARJ C-anker H, 20-29B A i - ^ Ch 38 (2) ^ 2 Cha 48 SCS If o f SEW HAJOEH HYOKA MARJ n 530 Mouth of YANGZE 9 ^ir< _ Cha ^4 (9) 'vx 22 SAGAJHA AO RABAfL J ^ 5 ODASJKI MAHJ A- 9K 9-30, 27-OB A Ji 22 Cha 29 SCS Nea r KAVIEG 9 < 5 MASJ MAHJ B-XYIf W RABAL - ^ X 22 NASSHIMA CMc IKGWOH I S) 5 HOSFI MARJ C I, < w 22 HAS AMI CMc RABAJL O l b SASKn MAR 0-rans 546 SB* HAIOVER " ^ i< ^ W r/ '( U X ^ \ * 24 KARI B MALACCA St r O 6 CHOJO MARJ A- 260 S-IMI, 27-3OE A Z i 26 KABHXAYA DD MIRI t 6 AIYO MAHJ # 3 B-Pieket 36 HABAJL A 29 SUSHIMA DS 9-20S. 06-4S O ^v 7 ASJHA MASJ A m i If o f HJK -E ^ w 26 (7) ^ 7 GOSEI MAHJ B-Mlsc 93 HUK. ' v > Ji NAGADEA (22) ^v> 7 ZJIKAI MARJ 3CCL 2700 n nf HOK li ^ 7 AKAGI MARJ» 7389 RJK r< "^ 3 SHIGUEE (7) r (See next page) i \^ ^ ' COA ( 7 ^ ^ 7 HEIA MARJ AS 64 r-r < Ch 39 (6)--^ Ch 22^9) ^ -0 (7) ^ HAKACHI (7) ^ 7 HOEI MAHJ B-Mi«e r-r 72 J^ - Cha 6(6) ^ Cha 48 (M.) ^ RO-42 (7) ^ Cha 20 (7) ^ 7 AIKCKJ MAHJ» 0437 nr ±^ rv^ Cha 7(2) ^ Cha 29 (22) ^ AKASHIU7) ^ 7 MASJA5 MAHJ B-Misc 999 NON CLASSIFICAION OF Ch 40(9) ^ HASDSEIMA (2a) * 7 REIYO MARJ 54*5 CAUSE COMBA COMBA VESSEL AN 7 BOKJYO MAHJ rv VESSEL ARMY NAVY CIVILIAN MISSIN G 7 SEIKO MAHJ V. / NAME OF -A. *\ J V n 5385 DAE 7 HOYO HAHJ B-anker 869 VESSEL < 7 AIKICHI MARJ 7 C- 9 7 SAK FRANCISCO MARJ B-Misc 583 ^ 0 7 HAGAKO MAHJ A v< OHERS V> 7 AMAGISAK MAW B-Mlsc 7620 r* L_ 7 RIO DE JAH5IR 0 MAH 9626 ryr. ii 7 rouah VAR # 3 C-anke r 3209 n> /r /7 CJ _j, - 97 (Continued next page)

218 DAF (Continued from y»iou«page) able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels ( ) Indicate* date* unk or damaged. IAISHBJ MABP MUBIO MAHP SACOMA KABP (l ) -&. HAHIAHAHP 4 NUMBER OF VESSELS LOS CLASSIFICAION OF NON-COMBAAN VESSELS DA NAME OF VESSEL YPE OAE ON PLACE CAUS EXEN NAGE PLACE CAUSE 3CEKI MAMI KARP IIOKP MABP 7 YAHAGIRI MAHP B-AO 643 HPK "Y" JX 2it EJBISHIMA MARP B-Mls e liir, 36-48S 9 HOSHI KABP 7 FJISAW MARP B-anker 9524 "Y" Js 5 IISSBO MARP B-anker A H 7 SIC HIFO MAHP B-rans , A JH. as EffPSBI MAHP 48C* 7-55S. 5-5S A K 7 OYOSN MAR A- 685M 8-OF, K. ANGO MAHP C- 62OC 7-4S K CHOJO KARP (l6). A SAIGBH MABP #3 ( ZAIGSH KARP # 6 {2 A A. U RUM IS HAHU C-anker OS, JS. 2") FOKPO MAHP B-anker 005 *>-58H. S&-0I 7 UfAS MAHP A RABAfl. v JS. 25 AIKO HARP A SBO Island Sea 7 IKAI HAHP # 6 B-A EDK "v- J i 25 ASSUP HARP A 83c 2-46H, 5O-*2S Ji. 7 BASAKAWA HABP «473< 26 AISBH HAHP # 3 A- 525*.-5W ^ / MOMOKAWA MAH 3829 v. 26 IAMI MARP C- 87* 33-53H, PBAS HABP A- 32' -v ± 26 pnso MARP C- 99 4o-32ir ii _ 7 AIHO HAHP B-Afl 282 JX. 27 CBLOH MAHP B-Mise 490* 3~45H, ji. 7 HAKUSHUH HAHP 72 «-v- ±. 27 BAIH55 MAHP A-CaiKO 2-OS Ji. 7 AKAKISAN MARP * v* *r 27 SPHIOSHI MAS B-H8C t HABAJL Area v j * _ II3SEJ HABP» H9) JOZAff MARP 08 SOUH PACIFIC Area A J5C 27 MIAKO MAHP U- 2U Area of GOO I -r J2S 7 KEHSHO MARP 486 RPI " V Nf 28 XAJCO MARP B-AS H E A. l _ JPBO HARP (gu) 7 SHIUXOEP HAH7 B-anker v" rv f* AKIRA HAHP A H f\ rv 7 HIPPO MAHP B-rans 37&5 -v" jx_ 29 SAKIO MARP UOH. 3-5OS jis. 7 FUJIKAWA HARP B-A& b938 v Jx. 29 AKI MAHP A- 409 OEirOOASARI I A 7 ZPIBO MARP C-anker lbN, 2~46E 7 29 SHOHO HAHP A-"argo H, 33-2B Sis. UMISHIMA MARP (24) 8 SHEJSOKP MARP B-A& , 2-5OB v 29 CHOKA HARP C-tov boa 296 HSIAH6 on AH6ZB KAHO (8)-2S 8 OAS MAHP C H. 5-5B 3 HICHIAf MARP A- W9 3-23S, 49-55B X rpkaha HABP SHIHPBABI HAHP SIIZAI MAHP SOIBH HAHP HAHP ( 7 jqah HAHP (8 ) SEUO HABP SAOO MABP KSIHO HABP KIIO HABP r< JAHASSIBO HABP (6 ) ^ L IAIO KARP HUXB HARP (7) ~ UKAA KARP #2 (2) AISHO MARP (22) (Sote: hig ^reakdoun of veseela incladee the previous page.) AISPHA HAHP GOSII KABP ZPHAI HAHP KA8I MARP MABP HG I HABP AIEOEP UBP MASPJil MABP MABP JbL > 8 siim r MARP B-CM, P& 352Q 7-55N. 93-3B A. 9 HA5EI MARP A H, 4-27B A 9 ICHIO MARP C-anker ml SS PSRCSL I SX. A 9 NICHIHUr MARP " 562 -DS MPO HAHP ($ 0.A. 9 AIIB I MARP A SB", 9-5OB A L J^_ 9 ASAHAOI MAHP B-anker S, 5-57S A 7 9 SHIHO HARP A- I'm 2-50S, l«5o-<5«n J^. fisshih MARP # 3 C- 2H7 Bear HAKOEAB <s> 20 OSHIS MARP A SN JC*. 20 SASO MAHP C 364 IHIOMOB I j^s H. WI HARP #X (6) 20. Aunr MARP C H, 23-5B /\ X AOPSA KAHP (6) 2 AIG3N MARP # 6 A- 5C -5W. 39-OB ALAP MAHP (6) A. r< 2 KCKAI HAHP B-Mise 387 Near EAHSIG >r JX. 2 EOVA MARP B-AS 06 * -v- X 2 HASSBPMARP A- 26(« J±L 2 YAlfAA MAHP # 2 B_Picket 35 RABAPL -V" _CsL 22 FPKPAMA MAHt B-A mi V o f SAIPA A Ji. 22 3IK 0 MAHP A-Paas ura i MARP A lUff, O9-5Z A. _Ct- OullS. 35-OE A. RABAPt JX. CEOKO HA^P KHIZ M IIABP ( U 22 AISHO MARP 485 -v- RIO SB 22 CHIGDA MARP # S PACIFIC Area JCI. JUIIR O KARP 22 KOSEI MARP VOSiS MARP H B-Miac 556 KAviara _ J AMASIEI KARP 22 AKAORI MARP C-anker 52 RABAPL A JCi. JtEISAS MABP OKAI MARP # FOKP MARP # 2 E3JIH MARP fz B-Pickat n 39 HABAJL are a 38 RABAPL -V - _ HMAEAtt MARP 22 YAMASHIHO HARP B- Rep air 6776 RUK _CS HOKCKAWA MARP PMB MARP 23 XIHISHIHA MARP B-AS 59] 30-S, 40-49B j \ JiC 0 HAHP AIHO MARP 23 KOO MAHP 3-Misc S, 4-3S Ji. OORA HAHP # 3 r* HIIPBARI MARP SEIKO MABP BOO MABP KIOSPMI MARP AHICBI MABP SAQAHO HABP AHAOISAH HABP HAEPSBPff MAHP XAMAtlSAH MARP ESISHO MARP SHIOOK MAHP trnro HARP MARP UMA3EIH0 MAHP AKAQBI MARP KARP (22) StWIOSHI HARP (27) OKP HU P # 2 (22) (lote: AHASHIHO HARP sank 07 sub ; al l others sank t. ) ORB I HAHP EIXO MAHP GOKO MARP S3IZAM MABt HOAN MABP JEKO MARP AHA MAB # 8 IKO MAHP HOKO MARP HCBZ3!''' MAHt IAHPO MAHP ASAMA MAHP SHJNZAN MARP # 2 OEO MAEP i- anker B-rans - -anker - "B-MIBC B-AO - scs - B-anker B-Miae 3-anker B-Miec K, W of SAIPAH , 26-ll B 26-20H, Off IAHA. OKKAWA SAEPAU ; 274 MCKPO. KOREA 279 KAQIG 843 L5-2S, 44-52B , 44-0B I, 43-29! F, 22-23^ 697^ 24-l>5ir. 22-9B 60S Port of KJSAU! A A A A m V A j ^. ii. / ^ JS. r< ±i. r< SSL. A rv A. 0 -Esi. A A ^. "Y" ~r - 99

219 DAE able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combat ant Vessels AKASHISAH KARP (2) A BJMO HASP (8) ISBZAK HASH (It) 30a l a HOIXMDIA I ) indicate s flatas tank or damaged. lilubishi NiBD MUSK MAED gpshiha HAlt (30) A 75al H CHICHIJIHA QotlidS_ iliilehx SHOBU MAM (g ).A. NUMBER OF VESSELS LOS ASASHIO HAHt AMASB JOHD 3O2AH xn i MAEU SB IB I MAH7 #2 Oha *7 SHOttt HAEP#5 Oha *9 BICBt HABEJ HASSH IftBt SOSHt MA2U feshio HAH AHB05 0 BK0 MABt IAGISAH CHDO KAH BAIZAH lustr USO MAEC#2 EAXXO KABP AKIA MAHt # 3 IO MAHI HO KAHP fe - 99

220 DAE April 944 able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels Dfl ON YPE ON PLACE CAUS EXEN NAGE PLACE LOSSES CAUSE EXENI (.Combatant) (Ron-combatant) 3ASAMI CMc EABAJL -K. 2 I 46 ss MIHAHI MAEJ C *, 3-93 M 3ear EOMMASS Lt. 0 2 AEAKA MABJ B-Oil Ol 523", 06-ll X 3 05EI KARI A-Careo K *^7 458 u\ 2 HO - 46 ss It < > 0 4 CHOO MAHJ n 24 RABAUL -v- j < 4 IWAOKI MARJ fal9 n K, 5 Cos 5 scs Mouth of OMIURA Ba r e 0 5 fmhyj MAHJ» 554 n 8 AEAAHA MAEU 3-ifesDons 67S3 3-6H. 45- X 4 I KIZJSAWA MABJ ss B-AS 95 n X 9 HOKJHEI MAEJ C U50 8-3J, ^ 5 Cha 46 WAKE I ~v- K AKASAGO KAEJ B-AE FAAJ 0 scs V 9 KISAKJ HAHJ B-AG F. U6-0E -i. Ji. I - 43 S Seas area 2 AICHJ HARJ C-Car^o SI. 28-5K Jtu ss JsL 2 5ARIA MAHJ C- 95 Off HOIiAIDIA ~^- K_ i i AKIGJMO ED ZAHBOAJKH ^x. i< 5.SJMIBA HAHJ n S , 42-22B ^il 5 M0 MAR A S, 27-24B -A -fc _ 4 IKAZCHI BB O-O, 43-48B -^. HI50 MAHJ # C- H 267 _ih. KOSEH fiabp (9) WAZAU MAHJ ^(26 ) Ji. ( ) indicates dates K090HIRA MAEJ -AG EDK sunk O 5 39 Ji. damaged AICSJ MAEU(2) 5 w 7 AM AOAMAJS 6 YAMAGAA MARJ A-CargO J, 23-47B -A. Ji. v 7 (5 EAMOMB (27) A. J 6 SEimrrj MAHP n H, 23-42E X SBMBU MARJ [27)-<±i f 23 AMAGIHI DB 2-2S < 7 MASUB MAR n U2-UUE Ji. 7 0SHIE0 MAE #2 S-XAM mi S HASAJMA _A 24 F 428 F Inside ALAJ Bay 9 K 7 KIKAOB MAKU # 2 A fel AIAPE, mv G-JIHSA -v- JcL. 9 K0G M KABU S-AS 2965 Off HDfOMlSJKI 0 -K. 3 I - 74 SS S of H.JE 9 HAHDHO MARJ A 778 SABAIO v- K 20 HONAI MABJ C-Careo 540 fw of KSHJ Ji. -S^ 27 KAM0M2 CMc 70 Bi H of SAHA _A- K 2 KAESAI MARIJ A-Careo 472 SASMI "V- JL. 2 trai MAHJ # 2 MtJSH.0 I -v- JL. 27 I- 37 SS S of PSIAF& V 0 22 LOmOS MARJ A- 790 SB JACQDBS Ji. 22 KOEJ MARJ B-Oil 6680 * - V il 27 KASADO DB 8-33N S _A_ A 22 SAGAA MARJ B-AG 2969 H ~v~ _ti- 22 AMAKIZJ MAH # 3 C-anke r 5244 II -v K 27 f -42 SS H of SOLOMONS - 22 NISSHU MAE0 B-anfcer 680 a -v BCKJAI KARJ I-GO B-ARS _A- J^_ 28 JBARI CL 5-28H, 3-45E ^ _ l< 22 SIEK HARt 3-AG 508 ORLO I fcaroljras -V -ti. 23 AJ MABJ C-Car^o 6886 nf f 83^0 Mana 5P» - ±. _ L 29 CD 24 DB SEO Inland Sea 0 24 AEA KARJ A S B j^l 24 KS^Rl GO C- t , 25-32B JJL ~ Cha 38 SCS Around RJK 25 KASFIWA MARJ A- 97b 7-U, 6-46S -tk. 25 ISO HAHJ A mr of CHICHUIMA 26 VAZAU KASJ it J *!! - ^ 26 FOSHIBO MARt I-GO n S-Uaf. i4i-26f -di_ Ji 26 OSHIBA MARJ # A-CarRO 8-6S. 9-40E jii. j ^ 27 AKKAWA MARJ B-AG 5244 lii-46w, 43-22H.A. JiL 27 HI KB MAW A- 738 S-Jto^ _i. Ji^ 27 GEMBJ MARJ C , 26-2H ^h. -t ~ 27 AS0SA5 MARJ A JI, 34-4SB A A 27 HAWAII MARJ C B S ^i. X 2JL VALES HARJ A- 65S6 9-20H. 8-50! ^i. O 29 AKEKAtfA MARJ " OW A. -ti- N f 29 SAKIJIKA MARJ 224 SEO Inland Sea CLASSIFICAION OF KASHJ HARJ 20-OS, Ji_ NON-COMBAAN VESSELS 29 KOIKASA MARJ B-AG 6863 A 30 JIAS f^arj C-anke r 2S59 30 utrnr MARJ #2 70 B of FAA _tl 30 FKJEI MAEJ #5 C OS K F - 200


222 DAE able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels SYMBO L EX EN MEANING DA ON NAGE LOSSES PLACE CAUS KEN ON NAGE PLACE LOSSE S CAUSE 3CEN L -fcl SUNK HEAVY (Combatant) \r DAMAGE MEDIUM E A 2 ODOKAEI Ice Break, rakkabai O DAMAGE MINOR 2 AWAJI HB Jear ASBO I A. DAMAGE 3 KUI B tafokbei 0 LDISABLID. ^ G 4 HASDKAZS BD- LBIAK3 Bay 0-33 (3) «&r ^ J 4 LS 28 LS U0H >5S IV ^^MsAjifl Jf ^ ^ AKASAKI 5 AO >-44H, 20-55! - E CAUSE ^ «* * b ASHIZJBI " «r b CRISHIKA CMc 7-46* S 0 SYMBOL MEANING b CB >5 Jfr f 9 3* of C S JACQUES SUBMARINE b HEBAZUKI N ygar 6y * OBCHABI (2) BD UZX, 9-SE HAA9AHI AIRCRAF BD S of AWIAWI» 8 SHIOA AO 20 mi FW KBNADO > - MINE 8 KA2AGDM0 BD Month of BAAO Bay» D 8 HJEDSAHB NAVAL Sill f MUOKWASI & BALE % Is 8 SHIEASDI a 0 OHERS 8 f 0 J ( ) Indicates dates mwirtn (4) <&. 9» 9 Mk m # m ' Jf MOHOfn (27) -iw^p^ \ IKs" ilmji (2) 2*. w M ** Ik \ JW^ * I ^ CD 0 (28^2/^ f -f f \i c 050EI (2) on fiha ^fi{l7)>"~ K " ^ ± _ V ^ LS (3) -^ sum t\k\ K_S HAISUKAZS (9) J \ 2 K. CD 24 (28jji. 2 2 Cha 50 (2) ^ 3 3 A -*^ - D * ^2 ^ ^ K SHIBAS ; ^ EAZAGDKO (8) ^ X DHISHIMA (b) o «^ ^. LS 28 (4) r-r^ ^ 4 / c - 'V \ A 0 SBBEAKI HIO EABBHI OHIODA MAA Z^IKAKJ EBBO EAASI () 2^ (20) _^ (20) -^ (20) i-r. (20) N (20) ^v> (20) ^ (20) ^ Ch 7 Hi) " SAKIDABE SHIGJEE HASJKAZS fasikazs i - 76 Cha 50 CD 4 OSOHI HO SHIBASm Ch 7 Cha 5* CSia 56 SHOKAK AIEO HIO HAEUSA ZtIKAEir BDHO HAYASJI «SS scs BS B SS ss BD PC SCS C * C BB C CL AO SS t isv stmrsia K) Bi SB CHICHUDCA U CS ear BKA L7-32H. 44-OB L7-2OH, 44-0 S D f!n«b off ire MINBAHAO 4-3K. 3'5--8S SCA I. Off SAIPAH 250 Bi. H of AP I. CD 5 (b) -tix if.9.( ^5 HO-0 4 S PACIFIC Ocean t > 25 HO-0 5 HAAHAMI (7) ^ v * t "25" - HHAZnir (f,) A AHAZ (9> >. 25 BO-08 AKASAKI (5) ^ 25 R0-U6» ASHIZUB.I IB) *-* SOLOMONS are a n 27 KIOHOPt BX 2-O, 20-3 H X KUI (3) JS-\ SBIBASJ(J(8) no \ «\_ 28 CS 24 S coas t of IO-JIHA SAKIDAE2 (8) -v> ^ 4 ^ ^ 28 CB 0 Ofc-50H » A, \ 28 HAASI AO ALBAYGUW HAHDSAMB (8) 0 ^ v 94 NUMBER OF VESSEL S LOS ISUGAHU (29) A \ 29 SOAH0 CM MOHOAI I. 4 CLASSIFICAION OF 30 L.6 SS mr of SOLOMONS t COMBA C8MBA M0N-C0M8AWN VESSELS.VESSEL AN VESSE L ARMY NAVY SIVILIAN MISSIN G s.a.,/ - ' % m r Y -v> " " A A - 0 y A ±4.» " A Q «4»E U NAME OF VESSE L A* OP 6 ^76 BO-04, 05,03, 0 li b * Utf OHERS 2 30 US OAL 22 S Dsselc I r L - 202

223 Jqne DAE 9** able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels HOKPSAS HAHP (29) SAHSBI MAffll (23 ) A inahoco *!I!AIJUBItAHPt25)A EEBHICEI * HLSUSAB KAHn(2<>)A OHIHAA OBH HAStr u5W. 2«>-SB UI, 29-38* 6866 L9-»5B. 38-* I. 9-HO8 3JANMBI MAHU # 6 (30 ) KDMASOSAI MAin IWAKI MAHU ) ( ) indicate s data s gaaiwak Hj ^ sunk or damaged HIEI i mu u A f SAH PEUHO HAEtJ( 2* OYAMA MARI (29 ) A. SHPgQ MARP # 0 (4 AHAIKO HAR(5)ABYAKUFDK MABC HAE'JSAH MAHU (4 ) -A mi H CHICHUDCA Se a nas t of KOKPQ ISPKPSHIIIA HABP(g HlfO HARP A Ji. HAHP (20^ J*. SSIYO HARU (20 ".tt; HIBI HAHP (20) A HICHIYI MARU (26 ) KiZDGAMA HARP (27 ) OIY O MAHP(2r y 'MARDI)AI HIHOHSAI 2ARPQ7-A. CASHIMASAa HARP (6)-A.EAVH3 MARP(b) -A. KOKKO HARU IMIZP HARP RSBU I HARP KOJI MARP JUKUKU MARU BAfA U HABU NICHO HAHP PHPKB (HAILASB) HIYOSHI HARP (0) HARP6IKP HAHP (26) gaihaf KARP(2)A A A t> CHOPH MARP #2>* (7) SAHZO. MARP#2<7r ^ SHOPtKP MARP (X7) HIHYPHABP (7) ^ B0KP5HIHMAHP ASAJiASI HARP (U) A KOAH HARU (4) A YAHASnCP MARU (28) A HAHP (lb) A - 203

224 DAE. Julj 944 able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels L E EXEN SVMBOL MEANING SUNK HEAVY X DAMAGE MEDIUM A DAMAGE DAMAGE G ^MROlS^ L-66 (7) A. f^ f ~ DAE NAME OF VESSEL (Coa'batant) RO 2 fbup 0 2 LS 50 LS AMO 0 V 2 I 0 ss K! o f SAIPAH EAJHJ5HIKA CMc W "oast of AlIJBft J ^ Chi 94 (24) i> ^^^^ / J - Ch 6 PC 5ear CHICHLJIMA 4 W 25 AM HS-35^, 4-4S rrw. J^ 4 LS 53 LS A5I JIKA 0 E CAUSE /7/ J/^UMASSIHI(27)S> N «/ J I 3, 4 3h IS FC Sear CHKHUEIA - 0 N CD 7 (IS) -A- / / ^ * 4 S 30 LS IW5 JIMA A 4 SUBMARINE LS 03 LS Sear C5CBIJIMA J^_ b H0KA23 O 2 a i \r SASPIHS I il. n o 7 AHANAMI of MAS HA J\. 9 MINE 7 SOMO S of SOEOFt -A. v< L) s^2s-~\ C f ) 7 Cta 6 SCS HABAJL K BALE ~ ) \ */ r s Cha 7 and 9 *» O OHERS f s } J s jj SAHJSHIMA (4) 9 CD 2 BS Off OO Hb r «A 9 ASAGAO jm SAMAH O ( ) indicates dates i 9 I - 26 ss GAM O gone o r damaged. ASAGAO (9). / 7 IJ Ch 50 (20)^ ^ 9 3ha 23 scs HABAIL P 25 i. P KISHIRO ' 2 I S4 ana S5 Cli 8 (4) ~ " SS Hea r SAIPAJf ; / j^v ' LS 30 (U) ^ CD 2 (4) ^ 2 flo-, 4 & 7 ss 9 RO-42 and 36 II 7-29 (26) ^ 2 HO 44 MARIAKAS 9 CD 2 (9) P S \ A5 a 4 CD 2 m 0&ASAWAF.A -54 (R) 5 I 55 n, 0 ss Hear I5A5 9 5 HO ^8 «^ Of SAIPAJ 9 5 I 54 «W of KA^IAKA O o. -26 (9) f> 7 I 66 n Bear SICAFOHB A SOKDEI (25) «-» 3 CD 7 DB Near "PAKAO X ^ -^ HO-2 () iq -5 SS 3 of SAIPAN 7 CD lb U9 ) ^ " 9 0 CL Y of HA5ILA ji t LS (ZIY^ 9 CD IS IS 5b Ml SW AP I O " \ \ \ \ ^ / LS 50 (27> ^ 9 w* 4 A.MC till JC ^ 20 Ch 50 PC CEICEIJIMA / "- A -<* * ^ V V-v^^_^ ^^^\ ^ ^ Cha 23 (3J 22 c ^^N. ta 24 2«> SOKOSS I 29 CNASHIRI LS LS 50 YPE CMc SS 33S LS LS PLACE LOSSE S CAEOLINK I 20-0S, 2-55E W of PAHAMJSniBO PALAU DAE NAME OF VESSEL YPE CAUSE EXEm 0 ON NA6E O«NAGE PLACE LOSSE S CAUSE EXEK - - HOKA.«(6) ^ j v>. v_ / i ^ ' Cha (g>5jv a o Wa 4 C9) " - NUMBER OF VESSELS LOS MISSING NAME OF CLASSIFICAION OF NON- DAE VESSEL NON-COMBAAN VESSELS COMBA CAU!,E COMBA VESSEL AN ' i n ' ARMY NAVY CiVLIAN VESSEL 6 2 EO-36 42, j E0-4S 9 OHERS l -5 7 AMAHAMI OAL 8 ram. ljifesael* / I ' - 04 j -A


226 DAE August able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels EXEN LOSSES ON LOSSE S DAE NAME OF VESSEL YPE ON- NAGE DAE NAME OF VESSEL YP E SYMBOL MEANING PLACE CAUSE EXEN NAGE PLACE L SUNK 22 EKJHI BE 35 mi W of MANILA E G» E N HEAVY X DAMAGE 23 ASAKAZB BB 30 mi V LIBOASir A MEDIUM A DAMAGE - (Conrtsatant) O MINOR AKIKAZS DAMAGE SORQFU (6) 2^. t/^y^ ^*^S~' ^V As SMOSAKI AO M of BOFJEO A SHIKIHAMI DB IISGOA Anchorag e 0 CAUSE EXEN 2h ISKSHIJ'Jl CM Wear M35AB0 -> i) 25 OKAGI BD tv coas t of LJZOH A CAUS E 2 LS 52 LS CEICHIJIMA--IOJIHA HB* (7 -v- J ^ SYMBOL MEANING / r. - ChaJLi2Sl ^ 25 AICSBOJO BD OSU SHMA 0 2 I - 52 ss Sa t of BISCAY SUBMARINE 26 BO 50 SS nteiaf Ocean I 3 EASJAKA CM S o f RANG Str.,MALA O AIRCRAF 26 SAKIMRK BD I end of PALAtr I A. K 9 3 LS 04 LS Fea r IO-JIMA O D 2S Cha 77 scs FAHAMSKItO 9 BALE If. LS S CHICHIJMA J^ _ y / OHERS ^ ^ 5 (5) < I C D, (H) ^ MASO (0 ^ u MASJ BB Wear CHICHIJMA -v -K_ CD 2 (4) ^ h (t\ I W fpl v 4 CD \ n O m SAGAEA (7) 2± f " J^" ^ LS Vl 6 k (3) 8 "U ^^^^C/siftEAAKAC^lLi. f CB 2 Bl n O 0 l s v " ^ ' 3 (**) " ^ p ^ ^ 5 SRCMI AO S of BAAO ^^~ K YUHAfil t2 c i\2± -' I KAYifftjidjj-A y~\/ V. AIYO (lgj^a-f 7 ro > **" *LsM (2JJ ^"^-I "-"H MASSCWA (22)^iw 5 If 30 AM H A ( _, SAEO) (22) -^i\ } / K KCSAJSAKI (7)^-[ " ^ n HAOHI US ) 2s. 5 w 5 AM Off KAGOSHIMA HDr 0 J f ^ f ' \f$ i, A SAMIDAEE ClSte ( A ^ ^L A -t*- Oft' SAHIBARE (26) ^ 6 5QRO5 BE U5B 2*. A \ \ SUBOSAKI (l ),,A ^ A CU A. " ^ SURUMI ("i) "" ^ \ \ ^ V " ^ OO (5) ~ 7 JACAEA Cl AMAOSA SHIMA N: _, BSBKJSBIMA (2l+) " ^ V 7 ICtlSA&AKl BE W of HAIILA J C L J ) {* 7 HIRAO m MOJI 0 \ A 9 LS 2 LS Fea r CHICHIJIM A j ^ 2 IEAKO AP JAPAN-AEAO 0 29 If 2S AM 2-5N, it. 3 SHIRAAKA CM 2O-55F, 2-7 LS7 29(4 ^ lit LS 2 9 LS U-4S, J 2± - 7 HIRA PR KIUKIA3G -v-> f -65 (8) ^- ^= ) IS I 65 SS lh mi 5 of BIAS I 0 IS NA OR I Cl 380 mi WE of BAAO NUMBER OF VESSELS LOS \ IS SAMIJAHB BB N en d of PALAtr I IS A I ^ CLASSIFICAION OF COMBA COMBA NON-COMBAAN VESSELS CAUSE 8 AIO CB tf coas t of LJZOI A _K_ VESSEL ARMY NAVY CIVILIAN MISSING VESSEL NAME OF 9 EAASI AO W of LOOI A -ti. VESSEL P P NA5ARA Pie r 0 0 HO SABO VS 35 mi If of VAILA A. OHERS OAL 2 rona. 2e«tt. 22 _ : J. - 06

227 DAE able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels 5374 S of CHICEIJIKA sxri HASP BS3UI HASP * OHSOAKA HASP AOI MARP faju HASP #6 SHOU HASP #5 30CO HASP (Q) A MItrn imar («;) A HUXO KAEF (U) SBOGBH map ( OU KEC CHOtO MABP (gq IIA HAHP fjhafspm BIO HAM sm o map KAHP (3) /-s 83^ 2-26N, 9-553! Bet.CHIEIir and SAHA NUMBER OF VESSELS LOS POA HASP IIHSOKAHP AISI HAHP 30 mi.22 of IO-JIMA W AIGES M.iL=t r #7

228 DAE. 944 able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels SYMBOL EXEN WEANING L t< SUNK X HEAVY DAMAGE E MEDIUM A DAMAGE 0 MINOR DAMAGE G JSI&SILIO. UN KNOWN E CAUSE SYMBOL MEANING M SUBMARINE C/y \ ti,. SHOHAS (9) «Coa 99 (4) ^i. BASU (I) CD 30 (l9)^i. MIKOEA 23 k M ME D NAVAL M BALE CD 63(2O)-v 9 OHERS I ) indicates dates rjho (l7i\ sunk or damaged. SAGA (26) VJ CHEPOSS (9) HOSHO (27) Cna 53 (IS) 0 ^"V ^ -^" \ V* ^ j_. /^ ^ /V. i^^^, HCKI (2b).A, L r r 7 - / ] / ' ' MV L U K, loshlma (9) ^ <r A f ~ ^ C z L ^ CD 0 (27K LS 05 () a J x ^ iiihiai (9K xj^-iymsl ^ L^ J^ Jig j -J! "S" 0 - LS 53 (3.) -* X A 0 DA NAME OF VESSEL YPE 2 (Combatant ) L LS 04 LS LS ON NA6E PLACE CHIC HIJ IMA LOSSES - 3 HASt 3-95', 2-43S A 2 6 s $ g HIBIKI SAMIKAZB KASUEIKI MASAZJH SEOHAH Cfla 8 Cfla 9 " ASS B VS. SCS SCS S mi E RYOKYU 30 mi H SABH I DAE NAME OF VESSEL YPE CAL'SE EXEN -v - r-0s, mi HW EACMA I MOJI Hbr Off BaAWAH.SMAHJ H Coast of SJUAHA HIBIKI (b) A. ci> 25 (27) ^ YASHIHQ (4) < 2 SKHAH I DO» J54. V O X X X 0 O ON NAGE PLACE LOSSE S CAUSE EXEKl 9 CFI 068 CS IO Chan O KASHIltl SWOSAKI SASUKI CD 5 Cha 3 9 AGS AO DB DB SCS 3=^^3=0 SO ml Slf of HAFILA AHILA H*r S of MASPLOC 2-8W Wa 7 AMc -v 23 MIKJRA - 24 AEII'SSHIf-'A. m A.Near MAEO, EOO I COROJ Area 2U HAYABSA B 3-OOJ, V- ^ _ - y - X l _K i_. K ^ -v - A 24 IHAKO AF COBOS Bay X 2U YASYAI^A CH S ti) of MntDOBO - V <~^XA fjj (l6)*\ J LS 27 (24K S Ch 55 PC 5 of CEBI I -^ Ffx7 (lzj-v ) ^ Ch»i<i (l^k^ AKISSHlM424-v- 24 Ch 3 2 PC «ASYAMA (24)-^ I LS 53 LS IO JIMA 0 Cn 32 (24)-v 24 F x P Cna 32 (24)-^-^ ^Hf ^ X \V V a x W * FUAGAHlllsfc m 3 (l8)-v 3 MAHOSHIHA CMC 24-5N, 2U-B 0 P (24)" v X ) S " IRAKO (24K- - LS 3 4) 0 ts 5 (4) ~v- A KAMOI (24>-^ 4 P 482 P 5 of CBBJ 24 Cha 32 SCS s ti> of Mrromo J _ \ V\ fc ^ 4 LS 3 LS SAHASGASI - j - KAMOI AO IF YASEIBO IE 22-42J, Wa x AMc HALAKAL I.. PALA X \- j ^"^ CD 5 C!)"^* ^^ \ ^ j vl^ ^ 4 Cba 99 SCS 4-29Hf 24-48B X 24 Ch 30, 33 PC -v- 0 4 LS 5 LS DAAO Sulf U. Cna 8 (9) 25 P 24 f EAEAJBIA (i) X cjia 9 (9) & LSV 04 LS» CHICHI JIMA 0 26 SAGA FB H0IGK08 V KAMOI lpa. l b KAIJU 5-2lffl, 6-2B 0 m KASDBIKI(S) r \ ^ 2b MCffll m 45-44I, 48-4E A 3 3S 50 UNO CB 85 mi SB PRAAS I Cm ^ V ^ /Of AEA ( 6) *-* \ Wa 7 (2)-^- ^ 8 Cua 53 SCS MASO, SADO I 7 2b AOAKA CM 07-OOar, llb-ooe Jl_ 2/ CD 0 BE Off AKAMI-0SHMA Ji_ \ NUMBER OF VESSELS LOS \ IP! mjl CMC BinSEBY O NON- CLASSIFICAION OF 27 HOSEO CL SPFO Inland Sea O CAUSE COMBA COMBA- NON-COMBAAN VESSELS IS ifa 5 AMc ~v- O VESSEL r UNK, i VESSEL ARMY NAV t c\ MISSING 27 iamoi AO 24Omi.SV of MANILA A NAME OF V / 8 FWASAMI AS O Cft c E VESSEL &\ ^ 27 CD 25 BB fear AKA.O, rthwosi A I0SHHU PP W of HACHIJOJIMA K JIIOEI AS go mi mr osnulva X OHERS 3 9 OAL s i includes the next two pages.) S^ / 9 CB 30 DB 24-54J, X i < 5 I - 09 r

229 f»af September able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels OYOOKA MABJ (9) ^ AZWSA KARJ (7)_A. Bcattle a MANILA Hbr AWAJI HARIJ SGOCHI MAEtJ #3 (6) HAXUMSt MAS #7 (2) A. *" HACEIBOSAA KAHU (g6).a. MISAKI MAKJ #2 (l ) UMI HAHtJ #2 (ZL) fear SBIJOSHIHI I YACHIYO HAEH #3 (29) Scuttle d MANILA Hbr QKIWASAS MARI (9 ) SDZDA MAHU #2 (22}v JlflASBIHOSAE MAHC () D5BU HARj #9 I) H &.bj^ohpoh HAEI #2 (la ) MISASO HASll #2 (2 ) "v -C* HAKO3S MAR #7 SAIIO MABU *5 JJ.Z) HISOKI MAEJ ( ) SHI0 MAEU C7) A _^-, AHASAA MAEJ (S) ^ W ^ KOESI HABI U2>v- OBEa MAfit (2) MIHO HARU (2K RAKWO MARU (2) 3I0 MAHU #2(l2)v- AKIA HAEtr ( 2) ZO IAB3J #2[\2h BA3SO MAEU #97 U2 ) "V MCX5AMI MABUU2) ^ ICHIEI l-iabu (2 ) lae#l&(22) KABI (22 ) KISO KARJ (2) -v FUra HAR IDHIARA MAH (9 ) HABBO MASI (2 ) 9 BAH I. IOQ5 NUMBER OF VESSELS LOS HI5ASHIH0SAS MARJ - 209


231 DAE October able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels Cha 7 Cha 5 {Ik Ik Cha 95 (8 V of SABASG Chan X ent GIHAHAS Str } Indicstes dates auk or damagbd. CB «(8) -i. S coast of BAfpfflAH KIOKO 5 AHAO (25) IAQAO ( ) ^ IAHA0I trroshbio E&SUEA CLASSIFICAION OF MON-COMflAnN VESSELS (Bote : hi s Breakdown of e Include s %be nex t two pages. ) - Sl l

232 DAE octoter able Showing Losses of Combotant and Non-Combatant Vessels L EXEN ON LOSSES DA LOSSES NAME Of VESSEL YPE DAE NAME OF VESSEL ON SYMBOL YPE MEANING NiOE PLACE CAUS XEN NAGE PLACE CAUSE EXEN SUNK J \ IISO KASD (l )~~ V-V~"li J ^V % MAHU B-AO 5U58 U-U^ir. V30I A _^ f/} BUO KABU (2) \,<-v (Von-c oatatant) *^f AKISU KASH (2) ^ J^-v r 22 OMISU KAEU B-XPGHSf ^ 39-8H, 29-iAf A E A DAMAGE KOKJHO MAStJ B-0U I, 9_l*l*S J C AISOOSA KAHU (26)^-, > * O DAMAGE Oti iuau do) r^ y^sa J^~ lg-»;8g, 8-»*6l fismxs MAKtr B-A S, ll*3-30b A re ASA A KASO {2>^ SEMPO JiAKU (0) rr* ^ ^_n^_^-s J^S-*-^ ^ 3 ii HAHSASJMAHC #3(lo)^< - / ^ f ;, faisbi MAHU #5 lo) ^ ^-^ X \ SBIAH MAHU B-AO 900 2S-20I, IA~ W^L ^7 A QAI!! S MAM j i i OHirSJ KAEU (22i\ W\/ / r^ *** 2 * SIO MAKtr " I8U H A K CA USE MAHU 500 S3-25N, 9-56S 0 SAino MABU (9)rr,/} - fcc * - r^ ~ 2"5 lastfo MAHU a O-2B A j BAHSEIS HABU #2g B-Piclcet S5 Area 0 HEAVY y^ *^~ r-( M SUBMARINE 26 ASUDEA MAEU 9-7S, 20-*2 A A 3 AZUCBISAH HAED B-A9 68S6 Hearm tip of LUZQH I -tl..a 27 FIPPO MAEU B-0 E52B 7-7S. ll6-lmil A MINE / KIOQASA MAfiU g!*o7 l9-l*gh, 8-22 f\ 0 9 f nn NAVAL 27 irsukushiha KAHU D006» _A, K BALE 3 L, r 7 SHIHO HAHU ts * -.<;.:< ifearmr tip of nrzor i /*3_ K _ fs f OHERS ] I 2g SUMARA MAEU B-AG 9SU PHUKE Hbp.A X. ) indicate* dates sunk or > it r s EIHIEAVA HABU 6s63 4-2H. 5-53I t\ X 29 S70SI MAEU #3 38 LUZOB I 9 K 9 SABKO HABJ B-XPC 29 OtIBAHA - v 0 ' SZIAK M/CH fl A K&UXAKA M«B j^fft^i 3 KOMBI MASU n 28 R" l^-lsf. iit)_s6a A. Ji ^> ' f, _ AEUHAH MAEI (l) _ _ 0 UEI HAEU B-AO 64 -^ K rv ISHHAHI HAEU (7) ro ft JRJPpt KAHU B-IPC 22U Bear MUrDORO I - v ^ / v^. EAKAA Mlffl #6 (l6)-^, i [EO HAEU(l7)^" AZDCEISAB MAHJ^M3) 0 AED5A5 MAEU #» 3^*3 MraAMI-QAGAHIJIMA X SHINOMAEJ ta-^7) EYQK:tj H0 MABUJxtl) _i h * / K0H3I KAH (3)_A. 0 EdSl MAHU B-AC 9 looisverbaweah I y*a.-u.. "OKO MAHU (l Ji. K/^ v f J _tijp=34. UEUPPU MAHt ( 0 SASSASU KASU #3 B-Picket ll*9 SAHA t [ \Jf d'- IIPPO HABI (27) _A_ ^V-' ) ISDKGSalHA HABU (27)_A_ C AISI I MARU pj» 95 -v. ' \ V 00 XABU (20)-A- K/ > 0 JOSHO HAEU B-A0 797 * AEAO Hbr ">/- - i_ Ural.- - _ A ^ \ ^ ^ 2 OEO MAEU H. 20-2B 2 ASISU MARJ B-IPC 97 Hear EOKUSHO 'V " 2 ASAKA MARJ B-AG 7398 MAKO /SUKAIEEA MAHU j^s ) 2 SIBO MAEU B-AO 5o6a Off AEAO BAHSHU MASD #9S w ) 2 BUO HAEU B-AO AKAO y MS \ KJ IO HARU#2 (5) Ik /^ OOMM SEIF ft S of CBL2BES I I0EI MAEU (0) J V 5 KAIO HAEU #2 B-IPC ^3 6-3OS. lll-3"il A -A j 6 IOWA MAHU # B-Pickst 08 5 mi SBW HASUWAJIKA A. - K - NUMBER OF VESSELS LOS \ 6 EAKAA MAEU #6 B-AK 262 V of HOUMLOAGAHtriKA -v- CLASSIFICAION OF tmk E COMBA CSMBA- NON-COMBAAN VESSEL.S 6 SANOS KASU B-AO 766 EOHGKCNO -v- O AN v ; VESSEL ARMY NAVY CIVILE N MISSING OHERS 2 \A / 2 NAME OF 7 AIHO KAHU " 272C F of imon -v~ Ji. QftE VESSEL 2 OftL 35 0 ^Q /yf. - i ' L _ 7 ISEIXAEI MAHU C-Coal S3C Off SIC OB AS -V- ^ 9 3EHIZUI MAEU B-AO 658* 2-S, U-5S v- -fit 9 BAKSHU HAEU #9 g it 97 w of BnarroH i ^


234 !, reiillier DAE» able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Gombatant Vessels EXEN ^ NAME OF VESSEL NAME OF VESSEL SYMBOL MEANING CAUSE DCEN CAUSE Soart SEIHO (7) (Combatat USHIO Cha ts 8"2 scs feako IIJfQOA BALA3AC I. UN KNOWN KQSSOjgj.) ^MlnA_(25^.0 AEB 25_ SYMBOL P 33 SUBMARINE 55. CD SHIMOSJKI LS S BALAlACAir. P.I. S sea of SABf A CStZ Strait 60 ml y. af MAILA Sf of iaoma Str. S.Saa of SABBICHOZ NAVAL BALE OHERS 25 ( ) indicates dates or yuseihi ( f SJHABO ISB PC Off SAUA carrz ASK Ere JOHOSS Strait I 7 AK Aronna HAISAJf I. AIRING Ch F 05 hi SAGI (S) 3EIlfA50 KOASAKI (5).A. YASOSEIMA (25) LS 2 (25) o (25) " 6 (2$ KOtAHO (25) !ha 05 CEIBURI Cb Cha 6 LSV 5 SCS PC scs LS OBJSOC I. of SOSOP Bay B.CBBJ L Kear PALAJ, H9-O7B NgOROi_(g_) AEIKAZB MACKI P 07 AK3B0N0 (3^ AKISEIMO (3) KISO (3) EASUHAEU (3) OEIFAMI KIYOSHIMC Ch JLliil ^i ^ NUMBER OF VESSELS LOS CLASSIFICAION OF NON-OOMBAAN VESSELS /llnk! 6 57 JLO ;:;= 35 6 Bo^ n SV ;> (Nete; his treakdown of vessel! ; -:i 6 Vessels alt o iacladae the next two pages. ) - 24

235 DAE HoO " ber able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels CAUse A. OHERS OAL DHO MARI (:>fi) /sob I KARU (6) ^" ^ \ ^ SUGIAMA MAH B-AG 5-5W, 2-0B JSL, z ' BSHBN MASU (lg) - v V NAUSUXAVA MABU ( ]L9) "v ^ KQMPEA KARU #6(B V \ Pu. 6 KOBI KARU B-0I 602 AMEAS -v f v ilkoku KARU (l8) - ^ ^ ^ 3 r V 6 KOJO MAW B-Picket 9 29-^I. 39-^9B A H IDOL c \0 K ] / j J i ' i L. - 6 KISARASI MAEU 6 AIKAI MABU # 3 7 ~ir IS IS - 25 FUSA MAHU BBBEH MARU KOMPIRA MARU # 6 BIKCKU MAHU EXEN LOSSES DA ON LOSSES NAME OF VESSE L YPE NAGE DA NAME OF VESSEL ON - YPE SYMBOL MEANING PLAGE CAL'S ixen NAGE PLACE CAUSE DCEN L U SUNK 9 BASSHU MAEU #7 Af ><59 9-2S, 5-5B A Jii_ HEAVY (Hon-coatoatant) DAMAGE ' G[f GOKOKU HAEU (0) A. 9 KASSJKMA MARU B-AG 4739 BBUKEI Bay -v / MEDIUM E A ASAMA. MAEU B-AG DAMAGE 'H, 7-SS A. Jis. MINOR 20 K3HKAI MARU XPC 89 Area / /I DAMA6E OKAI MARU #2 B KIBSBB MARU (6) G KIHOMAEU () A /~*~~~^Jy i H, 20-2B ^/ " 2 HOKKAI MARU A as A. _ti. CASOLKra MARU K 320 «UN KNOWN i 2k SHEAI # 3 (batter Obei BAIABAD -v X E CAUSE 2 EACEIJnr HAEU» If} S x ^ H, I07-AS «Jj [ j ** 2*5 SHOBO MAHU B-AG F. 2-40B A. -fc ASAMA MABU (l) A /ffv * 3 AM S MARU» 737U LUZCS Strat t, a M SUBMARINE \ 2 s ) OEOO MARU #2 AMe MASXA // w; \ k KAGU MARU B-rans 8H7 5-55H. 9-4UE a V \ 26 OEO MAHU B-Oil 522 _A Nt MINE 6 MYOJUr MAHU # 2 B-AG 9 PHHIPPIBSS 9 // D EUMABD MAHU NAVAL / J KISIMARU #g (7) A B- ender S72 MALACCA Strai t A. BALE b EDSEir MARU ^^Y._^..^C7) A. SUSBI MAEU (S)-^ B-rass OK. 25-QE <i> 0 - OHERS HAEKO MARU ($) A CBOJUSAS MARU (9) A C ) indicates dates i onk \ \ 7 KIEI MARU # 8 3k5 3»i-3U3f, 3S-35B A. -Ci EOKZAI MABU (2) A i 4 ^. ^ KOJO MAEU (( >>A 8 3AH3I MAEU B-rans OH, 9-2^ 8 BABSHU MABU #7 (9) _i.\ f A "X A.IKA KAHU #3( b)a * X KKARAfll KARU (6) A 8 RUSEI KARU IK 99 3-CM. 29-4B SAKI HAEtJ ( ] SO GI AM A wfhir fn 6) A. / \ <^/f jh " / / AJ W^ """ ( g 3) ^ EAKEO MABU B-AG 9>t8, r g -OH * \ 4 - >V jl E_. SHOBO MAEU (25) A. mnua MARU #2 (I) A CASOLllO! MAEU (l) A vi ASUAKA n 246 South o f MAHHA f a if.«*». fa v 7 /*-) KAGU MAH {k) _&_ BA3I MABU (8) A 9 \ ±S CHOJUSAH MASU B-PG H. 29-CSB A. ~ ( u EISBI MAEU # 2 (9X A afc^5! 9 EISE I MABU # 2 B-Oil »»B, 20-45B * DAISO MAH (3)" ^ \V CEOUH MAHU #2 (25) 0 (JCKOKU MAEU B-raae H. 29-9B // u o OQBI MAEU (luj-v V MIHO MARU B-AG >«f B A ^ A' 3EO MABU 6 9 '-' ^ f BAIO JaSC B-PiobBt J ~* CABEB Pie r v Pl/i / Ik OORt MAEU B-AG 5973 MAHLA v 0 / IMAHO MAEU () - A Ik MISAKI MAEU B- W^2 B ! A. k Hi ICHWIH MASU (2) 2 NUMBER OF VESSELS LOS CLASSIFICAION OF COMBA go&ift- NON-COMBAAN VESSELS VESSEL ARMY NAVY CIVILIAN MISSIN G NAME OF 23 DOE VESSEL -AC B-Afl B-Pickst B-AG 87^ 29-3F, U2-2E 9«> 30-csr, 39-4OB OH. ^0-lOB ~9U AEAKAF M v I' II X j,

236 DAE able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels EXEN LOSSES DA ON LOSSE S NAME OF VESSEL YPE SYMBOL MEANNG r^/r$l-^ MAYASAB MARU (l7)-^ L/U^-i ^ \ _ ^ // SBISHOHAHU (7) ^ * * ^ ~ "\v ^Z L SUNK /A. CHIHKAI HARU (7)-A. "*-' ^ v r^. NAQE DAE NAME OF VESSEL ON YPE PLACE CAUSE EXEN NAGE PLACE 2 FUKURI MARU C- 398 Off CEAHGSHAN I. HEAVY f yj l OSAKASAH MARU (7)-A- \ 22 DOWA MARU A- 96 O-22N, U-22S DAMAGE &^A Wfi tt, W8 0( 7) j V KXXUWA MARU (7).A. ( O ^ Iffon-caabatant) 22 H0ZA2 MARU C-C=rgo 23*5 2i4_3fl, 22-38JS MEOIUM E A HAEUO MABU (2) A DAIRKi MARU ^30) A. HIZSH MARU (5) (8) V ^ ^ DAMAGE JKUB KARU ()-^ I S c 22 SAKAS MARU " 2878 S of YOHAGUHI I. MINOR O OAMAGE AISUSHO HAHJ -M 2 ) KAHKO MARU #6 (27^) 23^5 HORAI MAHU #7 83* 2-57H. 2O-2E 23 SHUYO MARU l*-0H, 28-58* G IAICBI UkBB (20)^, l i iisbi MABU #6 M.) 2 HOO MARU A- 79 ORMOC Harbor 23 Furaru KARU 3l*-26H, " KISKO KAH (27>-^ ixf$i MARtl'ijA 2 KJRAMASAt MARU 995 MAKASSAR Strai t 25 MAHJU MARU 7266 UNKNOWN SBUO HAHU (23A-» 2 ABYAMA MARU # 2 39* 25 MANILA MARU A- O5- U 5H, 3-5E E CAUSE SlpLMSU MAK0(2jiA. OHKAl MAEU ^5CW-ii_ 3 AIMBI MARU C-anker H, -2B 25 MAHEI MARU # 6 n 9 Off SAH FERNANDO 3 HAMBURG MARU A- 527 LUZOH Strai t < «25 CERAM MARU C-anker 2858 MAHILA Bay SYMBOL MEANING SHONEK MABU -Ml]] KEUO KARU {S) A. /(r 3 SHIHO MARU C-Carzo 53 Off PALAU 27 HASIO MARU # 6» 83* SHAHUHG A SUBMARINE 5 HIZSH MARU 9U6 C'ARU Hsrbor N 27 KIHKO MARU C-CargO 268 YAHSZS RiOr j /^J, A ' ^ 5 &ASSAN MARU lu^a. 7 IOA MAHU C-anker 97 3k-3krt, 38-35E K 28 AAQO MARU C-ahker 75U2 MIRI, BORHEO 8 HICHIHAN MARU # 2 a OOH, 6-*8B X 29 SHIHSHO MARU A oacoc MINE 8 KEIJO MARU C , 29-^3 < H 30 BAIREH MARU C- 37Ug 38-08H, 2U-35S D NAVAL.' \ f J 9 SHIMOSU MARU C-anker 285* lu-^an, 6-53E > t 30 SHDHZAH MARU #6 MAHAKAM R..BORSBO M BALE " &_ <\r f 9 AOKI MARU C- 370 MAHILA «HANSHIN MARU #7 C-anker 865 KUDA, W BORHSO OHERS * 0 AKASU MARU A OHMOC Bay ' AISEI MARU #6 C V coas t of KOREA 0 < * C ^ KOA MARU (7) ^V SH IlflO MAR" # (j "' ^ K V 3. 7 P ^ w^ ASAHI MARU # (lg)ji±. 0 KIHKA MARU n 9305 Off MAHILA, 0 CELEBES MARU «586 SBUYAK Sea # 7 HOIAH HARU (22) J\. HICHI5AH MAEU #2 (S)_i i. f MIKASA MARU A-Carso 3»»3 0-50H, 2U-30E AMArfrSA MAHU (22) -A AIZA5 MAEU C H, 2l*-29S.' y f] HAMBURG MARU (3) -A. 0 % y " BHSHO MAHU (ll) 0-. EYAKA HARU # 2 rv & f K MAHJU HARU (25) -6 nnni M.H #«5 (ik) ^ rv» ^, SBIHO MARU A- 0-5OH, 2i*-3CB.. SHSHO MARU» *982 9-O7N, 20-*23. 2 ASUA MARU K 2800 H tip of PALAWAH I. / BSASHI MAEU (9) ^ vj 2 NARUO MARU» *82] 3-3OH, 25-57B N \ K^ a MAHEI MARU # 6 (2^ ^ 2 GYOKUYO MARU C <r VI; v > K \ "jt/ SHDK7S7 MARU (9) A 2 ASUSHO MARU A- 27*6, 3-375, 25-36B ' ^ X (X^t^-H 3 GASSAN MARU C- 887,.!*5-32H, U8-6B 3 XAKOGAWA MARU A MAHILA Harbor \ ^''^AiPSUA MARU (2) ^ 3 8IWA MARU C 6900 Outside MAHILA Hbr X ->t/^/) _te^ SHlffO MAW (3i '~ _K. A jf\ K l f* ASOKAWA MARU (l6)-a \V n 3 DAIOKU MARU C-Carao 6890 n H 3 HEIAH MARU H "^*6 CABCABEH Hbr H SEIWA MARU 720 Outside MAJILA Hbr, m 3 BIYU MARU A MAHILA Hbr. \>k\ A 3 \ \ v; N SHIJGYOKU MARU 27U6-4 HOO MARU (2)"" ll* AYAGIRI MARU C-anker 285U tf of MIHDQRO I. U U5KAI MARU # 5 n 28* 7-Ugir, U7-5SE HORAI MARU # 7 (i) A -i KURAMASAK HASUX2)A ^ \ ^ J Sr ^ Cs^ KASEUMARU (0)" ^ ACKI MARU (9) ll* HORAI MAHU #>5» 83* Off SAH F3RHAO0 CELEBES MARU(lO) ll* HASU MARU C-Csreo *300 Off LUZON MIKASA MARU(ii)^-' anar ^fir ^K ^ ' \-j\ ^ ll* MYOGI MARU A KAHILA. KAKOGAWA MARU(l3) ^ m MAHILA KAMI 25) -A. tsfv ^ r\ ^ ^ *=> DAIOKU JiAEU (3)^ ^ 5 AKISU MARU n H. 28-UE -iii. AA80 MABU (28^ J^J 7 I \ SIYU MARU (3 ^ 5 HICHI3 I MARU C , -. los-^e HICHISI HARU (5/ _i V. ( \ «fshihrfo MSBrfaQi HEIAN MARU (3) 5 YUZA2 MARU # 2 C-aiker, 6859 YI7.AU MAn f {ft) A ^-O I ^ ""d i OYO MARU (j.0^ 5 SEKIHO MARU A- 5**02 SOUH CHDA Sea OYOZAS MAHU (f*)^ - \ ^ SEIAiJ MAHU (9^! 5 SR5FU MARU 259 HE of AJGA CEEAM MAB (jct v X EIKA MARU (3P > HICHIH7U VARffiQW V 6 HIROA MARU A- *79 Off CELBES I SEIWA MARU (3 ^ _, 7 MAASAN MARU 9> H. 2l*-l*lB MY03I MARU llk)"^ NUMBER OF VESSELS LOS j NON CLASSIFICAION OF CAUSE I SHIS5Y0KU H«D( 3 X^ 7 SHUHlfflJ MARU 7 AWAGAWA MARU I 692! 33-32H, 2+-O9B A A 7 SEISHO MARU A OH, 2l*-30E -t<l COMSA COMBA <* 7 CHIHKAI MARU 2827 it VESSEL ARMY NAVY CIV UNK MISS NG H 0 I Zk 0 a, NAME OF V / 7 OSAKASAN MARU C-anker 6600 n JE VESSEL 7 E30GAWA MARU C CAUSE DtENI m > - * 6 lh x 9 S3IAN MARU C-anker Hear SOBIO Bay, P. I. -K. o 9 SHINKO MARU # C O6H. -08E -A. 9 IKHIHAH MARU C-aaker 9*5 O-37H, 02-53E», OHERS l 3 0 C-» 27 /V IS _ 6 SSASHI MARU AICHI MARU GYOZAH MARU A^- ^ H of SAH FERNANDO YANGZE Ri-ror 0-30I, 5-08E -A. t

237 \ \ \ DAE December 944 able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Gombatant Vessels EXEN LOSSES DA ON L OSSE S NAME OF VESSEL YPE SYMBOL MEANING NAGE DA NAME OF VESSEL YP E ON- PLACE CAUS EXEN NAGE L C3 PLACE CAUSE XEN h< SUNK ( "*- > V CD 9 DB S. o f CAHEAHE O HEAVY Cha 76 () A \ (CombataSt) DAMAGE E w c IS KAAA PE rrtjkiang A DAMAGE iii 2 I-4l SS E.o f PHIL IFF DCS I. 9 O MINOR DAMAGE MAKI (9) A 9 UJIHJU C 2OnilB»MlIU[OJ]K A kc 9 G 20 HAHIA A 250 mi. I.o f SAMAH * KUBA (5) y^ ^^/i^^ UN KNOWN SS E.o f OGASAWARA E CAUSE KAAA (IS) f[\ is "5 SYMBOL MEANING EIIOHOSS (2) Jir * KDWA n n K ZL AHAKJSA DS ffiomt 6e KAHAHSIWA 0 3 CD 64 BB E.o f HAHAH I. A /, N A SUBMARINE 2 HI0H0S3 AO SHIH Hbr. LS 2 (3) -A. AIRCRAF LS 04 (3) A j y IS," 4 LS 32 LS O 22 CHIDOHI SB 0 ml V.ofOXABZAK A.» MINE / / D A 5 KISHIUAKI DD aoomihw.palawair L A K NAVAL BALE /7 s OHERS //A 7 I f v 24 LS g LS 72aJ.207>CHIfflr.JlMA f 5 IKDKA SB Off. AJSHAVEDBMQEA O 24 LS 57 LS IW3JIMA X k / 'l/^sp^j^r'^ Ch 52 (5J 5 Ch PC 30mi. 20 HJCHJ0 JWA n w LAlpJV^ Ch 5 (5J 24 Ch 30 PC 2-42H. -5 J A -^ O 0 / ' JHRYt (9) A t-37 SS Hear PALAt *} 26 KOSEDfO DD SAU JOSB ' A LS 57 (24) "^ LS 32 (07) 6 I-3S» B. of BHILIPPIHBS f -'r-x ^ LS 7 (27) 27 ASHISABA CA SiH JOSZ O 0 7 SS S Hear LES Jti. /v > y CD 54 (5) 27 OODfl CL H02AK (28) A MOMO (5) A \ " f 27 KASDMI '» LS 06 (5) A ASHIGAHA (27) nr> 7 SUB I «' >< -^_ CD 28 (lit) A OODO (27) nr- 27 KAA " " KASJHI (27) 'V^ JJHYO KAA (27) ^ 9 SB ASASHIHO (27) "*" 27 ASASHIKO,,,, EASHI (27) ' ^ 9 WhXl DD 3Omi.6b C!SH»JIHALt t, KASEII (27) ' ^ 27 KASHI >, > > ^ Cha 76 SCS Bet. SJSHIMA-500 r*c 27 IASHI CL >, ft 2 LS 59 LS OEMOC X KOKO (3),.. CAUJ Oh 30 (24) A CD 9 (7) COMBA VESSEL A -v- KISEUMKI c NUMBER OF VESSELS LOS CLASSIFICAION OF AN VESSEL CIVILIAN MISSING 2 KIHI DD i, A rova (3) is LS (7) -v 2 SUZUKI >, Ji. YJZJKI (l2) 00 JZJSI (2) (S 2 UZUII S ', LS 40 (2) a («0 A ^^Jl f\ ** X LS 59 (2) ^ 2 LS 40 LS )St O KIEI (2) ^r AKE 3) gj 0 JHE {7) o r 2 LS 5 LS X SOI (7) -v> 2 Cha 2S SCS 3450 of orrjbhiha 9 3 LS 2 LS 200 mi SS of AKAO A jj \ LS 04 LS (/ n 3 MOKO CA Off Point e da Camaa A 27 LS 32 LS «>,» 28 KOZAEI AF Off C.A^rlA.y.IO, A 29 CD 20 SB 6-43H. 20-I8B Ch 8 3 SUSHIMA PC US Off SASIAGO I. t iy 0 A. JAME OF 3 QftE VESSEL g 2 i-ui 0 6 [-37 6 [ ],S torn f eseeli OHERS OAL /f CJ 4 CD 2 8 IB 3 mi tf.hbsmahlmsroi " JS(L 5 HOMO CD 54 - S7 DD 20m i HI of HAUILA 3AIHA P. m S.ti) of CALAAU. *,t X

238 DAE December able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels YAKAEPHI HABI (7)^ - KEIZPI MAEP AOBASAK MAKI MBBOHAN MARP - 28

239 DAE Jannary able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels EXEN LOSSES LOSSE S DA ON NAME OF VESSEL YPE SYMBOL MEANING NAGE DA NAME OF VESSEL YPE ON ^/^V^-i Ci» 79 (7)^- CD 52 () Kf PLACE CAL'S DOEN NAGE PLACE CAUSE EXEN L -fcl SUNK 2 CD 2 DS * HEAVY X DAMAGE rfk KDIO (28) KIKAZE (3D i<, 2 CD 8 a C S JACOJDSS LS 07 (5)-* E MEDIUM A DAMAGE Mi o CD,6 (5) Ch k2 (22) < 4 tmtseiha CMc S I Coas t MLA MINOR 2 CD 38 DE Off SAF FBffiAHBO l<5 HAAEAZB DD AEAO DAMAGE 2 LS 03 LS HAZE Harbor O 5 SOA a KAKO * G $SA LID.\ - _^» 3 MIAES DB 22-45N O 5 LS 4 LS AKAO u E N D f 3 F0HI BAXAKASS (8) *>< ^ 3 CD 2» CAUS E //} CD 33 3 LS 37 LS SYMBOL MEANING Uh bl W/^Offl (SOg^iSDOA d^ 2 " SAGA SUBMARINE 9 (22)^ k W 4 AM EAMOI f V D ifits 4(DH X AIRCRAF 3ha. 76 (Ur Ch» 2tf (9)~ Cba ifils)^ k Cha 76 A 3D 9 fei-v^kaini (3i)'v> mbobbba^ A HASH scs LS 08 (isn k Cha II MINE KIIXB (3K-CD 36 (9) ism>ac<0 NAVAL FOMI o> ^ CD 60 (9>^ isrnw.2y~ 0 (lip M BALE 2f F O CD 2 (3>-^CD 3 (9)^" S ligea)^ KOMI OHERS IEUKA fl*/"miiaks (jj^^> m.shi tel f, 8 k IKBHA DB k Ch 7,8.23,37,38 PC (6) ' i 5 CD 66 DC ^A "^ LS 07 LS (2> ^ 5 HEfOXI DD ^ J<y ^ I M ill ) ()8 5 M0M n HABOII (5>^ O Cha 63 Wr^ Cha 20V (Ujn HkBOSHHU^ 5 SGI SHXHHAS (2 ) IDHAHASHI (2) / -X \ ft \ X if SBIOUHE (24K D CHU f i l V A. W 34 (20kb. (** NUMBER OF VESSELS LOS CLASSIFICAION OF N0N-COMBA»f VESSELS / j r 22-45N, 9-25 S h 5 MASOSHKA CMe B0E70. FORMOSA it ti 5 HASmfl PR HAHOir 0 it * 6 EAMOI AO H0IGK0JO X K5R BICHinnKA-OKOSKA 6 HASU DD A ii lo AKAO : 6 CD 6 0 IB O IOHMOSA St r * is SEIBHAH a» a * 6 HOMI» n * O l b DAIO a DLUf O SAH JSSSkSm 0 7 LS 5 LS ^5-65. no-34i WO JDIA O 7 Cha 79 SCS 25 mi SV XSIX Mt * «V Canst of loaujiha ± AM 2-36H, 04-34B CD 38 V of MANILA 2 LS LS JffiAO O Va 0 ±<^ 2 SHIBIfAS DS HArffAII St r O Ch 7 O 2 mirahasei a ^.LS 0 (2)... 9 ansaai^) LS U3&) 0 Ch 8 5 LS 54 LS IWD JIHA is 2 HAHDKAZ! DD HAKO A J S cr fio^r^- 5^ (5) ^ C D 6 6 c^^ jg Ch 37 (U)r 5 tjiiml Hbr EASHI Ch 38 6 Cha 6 4 SCS PDHO COmOBE I a SJ3I CD 42 (IDE" CD *7 (q) ^ 0 «HAMAKAZB DD SHMCHDnr. FOBMOSA 9i t 2 L.48 SS Sea r ULIHI I s C3 A D 3 (9) ~ a. 5 Km S o f MASCO r 22 Ch 42 PC CHIC HI-J-IMA 9 O 9 KAM0I AO Oatsiel e AKAO Hbr O 22 SAGA PR J< ^ 9 CD 9 SB Off SABI, FOEMOSA A 24 SHISUE DD S Coast MAA EASEII (idq q Mt»l 5; ^.. K CD 23 stnji (5)~- CD 5 li" N O PR Cha 9 0 SCS Off SDRJKISAiri 9 Ch 5 PC 3-4H, -54 B A 28 Etna DS 33-54H JKOU 9 CD 3 6 DS FOHMOSA St r O 29 CD 4 7 a 20.45I. 42-OS A 0 9 Ch 6 l PC 3 MANJt a -5I.09-2S A iig;" CD 27 9 Cha l6 l SCS» «X 3 m i DD 20 mi S of BIAHF - < ^ (2)» 9 Cha 26 Off PAISHAJH a» 3 KABDB a a A 9 CD 3 DS H o f ESSLUKO 0 3 SEIOEAZB a O 9 CD 6 0 Off SAB I 3 EnAZB OIA Hbr " 0 9 CD 3 a * 3 LS 43 LS Off FBSCADORSS CD 7 (2) ^ 9 W 02 AM K5EL79O CD 9 (2) CD 35 2)ffis 0 CD 3 0 DS 00 mi Y OKUAWA X CHIBtmi (2) CD U3 LS U0 (2) 2)- 0 CD 42 0 ASHIHO AKAO Hbr 0 P 03 X LS *9 (l2>i(j5s 2).. X 0 LS 3 (2) Ch 3 ASASAO DD "» n 2 ) CD 7 w 0 2) " " I [l )^ 2) " Da 0 AMc 3 o f VIGAff isf Ch 3U 2)"" A HJUJJ 5 o f O0IHHGB <DB 3)A 2 JEJHU Dl 0 2 BAIO «n y V COMBA VESSEL AN VESSEL ARMY NAVY av MISSING KIE slef Burcxi LIU! OHEHS 3 IS 6 C 3 Lie OAL b2 6 row3%bb«j.i - cover. th> nait two pagas) ' v (Hote: his break)down of ships also s yr r j ^ / i (K' DB A i r c r a f t i CD 2 3 -t^ CD 5 a 2 CD 7 C S JAC0J7SS» \ CD 9 CHIBOI " " f r om otveay tas k force) 2 t 2-29 S 40 LS 3 CD 43 P 03 Oh 3 if 0a LS 37 Ch 43 P All LS PC. SAISOH Hbr Sea r SAI&OH Hbr Bea r C FADAHAI * a a C S JACOjms Hear CAMSASH» X X X

240 DAE Jannary able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels L E G E N D M p SYMBOL X A O f A EXEN MEANING SUNK HEAVY DAMAGE MEDIUM DAMAGE DAMAGE $SABL O. CAUS E SUBMARINE s ami KARU C7) * sa-^jj < EAIEAK KABU #7 (23) A /-> SAHUSI HABU (28) A /* *-J^- S ^ / / ffl \/ jf /(r to, HAKUO HABU (ll) SHWO MAHU (263 ^ HAKIO MAHU (26 ^ JOBilSu ktr\s It): loshihahji-ao (J) i < V vj DA 2 ~ r (; b (Hcn-ComDatant. Sa-f7 MSIB7U KARU IKAO HABU SBUHSSI HARU EAHEO HARU UBAXA5 KABU irarai KABU HICHISI MABU EISSX KABU 5HXBK0 HABU # KOSU I HABI IH O HAHU #2 2 BAHSHU MABU # % B-AG B-Aft B-X f B-XB B-anke r B flnvnr ON NASE 473! 5jj_ 272 PLACE LOSSES Off SAB ISBSABDO 526 IS coast. fobhosa 97 5-OS, U2-2CU 90$ 5-OS. U2-2OS * SOO Pen B-anker 002C 4-3OH B-AG B-AS B-XPC B-XPC B-AH SUJDA Str 93» 3-4S H of FOHMOSA 95 If coast SffttOG 26' HAFXA Bay CAUSE EXEN A A. * It * * * t r t * X is SEJRI HARU BAHOA HAH CHI0S3 KABU # 6 EAIHAH MABU # 7 OHBAHA HAHU I-S O SBJBO HABU HAEKO KABU KO KAHU #3 EAGASU HARU SANDKI HARU AKUIUH HAHU #0 JIEIKIISU MABU OSEI HAHU I-GO S-ZAGP B-ABS B-AG 3-HckB t B-AG B-3FC B-IPC B-XPC B-AG B-AG B-ZFC B-AG B-AG j rnrsui KARU (9) r^ HIO KABU #22 (9) ^ ON NAGE LOSSE S PLACE 33-45, 28-H EOHGKQVG 65 BAVSSI Ia.fre a OCffi, IWO JIHA 7b C06EBGIKE area 7& COHHtOIDOH area 34C BEBGSRI Pt. S4C CHICEIJIHA H J 27-45H. 42-OCB CORHEGISQR area HAKILA area CAUSE EXOfl A & * Y MINE M NAVAL W^i-C ~J) IIWHABU (6) OHERS / -la'> L*^ <*~n f^*^ SHOBI MAHU (a) A HABUA HARU (2 ) "", * J ^ ^ ' AKOAHKABU^0 / AGAfA HAHU (9) A. / J " HAGAtSU HABU (27/ ^ ^. «AO MAEU IM-J" ^ KJBBAHA MABU L.S0 (2^)«IABAKAH MAHU (6) A, ^Int Ja 4 / MBII MABU (5) " ^ \ HBIBU HABU (2)' v > it*% HOBII HABU (5) "v- 5 * X ±4. t, " A. " " x " ^ l * ^ "<^ L f ^ p ^ "-- - A NJ KBHBU MABU (2)-^ 0O» HAEU (2) -v~ HICHIBI HAHU (6 ) A K SHKS2I HABX (l2)'v> OIU HAEU (2)-^ IKUAGAWA HAHU (l2)' v > O EYOBI HARU #3 (2) ^ 7USHIMI MABU #2(2)-v- HAKUO HAHU B-XFC 2S KABILA Bay EXHBU OU HAHU KOZI HABU # 3 B B-AG B-AO us S of QJHOH Bay c sf JACQBS si jaconas * «* O 2 KFSHHI HABU # 2 B-AS 46 S I JACQUES * I / rc» gim (a} / KIO HAHU #3 (26) rro HAHU # (5) it SHUSSBH MAEU (5)A^-\ OOVA HABI KSISEt HARU Hltll MABU B-AH B-AS B-A C 0594 CAHRABH Off LOBGBAI 9AKA0. robmosa > *» NUMBER OF VESSELS LOS CLASSIFICAION OF COMSA CAWE CBMBA NON-COMBAAN VESSELS VESSEL ARMY NAVY CIVILIAN 0 OHERS OAL 5 JUZAHHABU B-AG RH0SA Are a 5 HORIIMABU B-ABS I2gg SA nskahso 0 MISSING 5 DAE N V^S E SE L F KO HABU # B-AH 3*K vssaa s c>,«, 9 _ _ 3 6 AIO MABU # B-AG 4; I Coast of EAIBAir I 2 6 HOEEAI HABU B-AG 846 EOHGECIHG t * 6 3 row 9 AfiAA HARU B-m 55"i S of ROSS I X i _ SEo

241 L h G F N D DAE January SYMBOL K X A o i W M EXEN MEANING SUNK HEAVY DAMAGE MEDIUM DAMAGE MINOR DAMAGE /SsAs^a \ tftnapftfro CAUS E SUBMARINE AIRCRAF MINE NAVAL BALE OHERS It If fee I vi BYUZAH H. AKA5SUKUS SIOSEBJ MAB I (2l)j4-cL HAEIHA HABU (l6 > Kffil HABU (3}A. EAIBSU HABU (3) A U^rUMAEU (3k ^ \ \ MALAY HABU r t X S5UIO MABU {2lL i i. JLYOI HABU (5^ USA HABU (i9i± L MABU (20)_A. s > J ASBI GO #2. (l6h- SU I KABU (l6h> ** "«. jshs=fi_.. i&f«~ ^H5B3BttHUgDt2>^SE fief 3, HABU ( all l A < " > * BYUYO HA O h A -r* \ SEIKAI HABU #2 U»^ ghjsei HABU (ll ) JJAGA MAHJ ti l ijffjji"-*" "*- ' ^ ^\/) / t fu able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combat ant Vessels i / / ^ S \ C3 s J /^ KUJYU HABU#«5 (l ^.».. ) ^ SUMA HABU AEU(22^._t ^ SIIKAI MABU #22 (g) "^-^ -v ^ ^> (\ ^ ^ \ kskyk MBU# 3 ^fjj^ D5SS I KARU > KYOBI MABU # 6 (3)^ ^ KOEI H»EU#0 (3h HASKO MABU # (3)-<nASAKAKARU #8(3)-^ KODO HABU (3) ^ 3SUSEIS MEU #C( 6 ) ~ H*S5HlirMffiU#U (9)- idkbi HABU # 3 (3)-" K0KUHARU#9 (9) n n HJUI MABU (l2)->- SEJJSHU HABU (5)-^ YOSHUHABU (2)-^ IOJU HAKU (l2) ^ FDKtYAHA KABU (9> ^ OStfSAN HABU {l2)~ n KAIHO MABU (9) ^ SHOSI MABU (2) ^ BIPU MABU (2 ^ ASAXA MAEU (2>^- SHBU HABU#2(l2>v- HOSUSAH KABU(2) ^ BUOH MfflU *Sp f 26 ) 9 nsscoboiur (2K KCKUUJ HABU (2)-o "ffg)f- IIO HABU (2 Yr V 9 KUSAKAA MABU(2iy^' YOSHUNHABU ft«;) ^ SAIYO HABU (8B3- EAWAII HABU (g^± > AHYO HABU (g> ^ SHMYO HABU (%Y^ HISA6AKA MABU (8h KAIHO MARU (S)& HIKOSBIMA Mtni(g)iSi HC8I HABU #«5 (2) ^ YAHAZAWA HABU(2l3 ^ ffirouba HABU (2l)-o ULnr HABU (2>-o HIKKO HABU (2l)-r> KUBOSHIO KABU (9)" ^ SBIHSH MARU (3) ^ DA if c (Son-c ombat ant, Army and Civilia n EISEHAA HABU 3 samshtr MABU HBEEO MABU SHIBAZOKO HABU HASAKA HABU 7 KYOSI MABU # 6 3 KOEI MABU #0 HABKO HAEU# a IASAKA MABU # _ S 9 9 Q 9 " KYODO MABU KYOBI MARU # 3 HOBIXOSHI MAEU # 5 SHOO MAHU SSHSH U HABU BAlSHrB MABU # 0 SAIGO KABU MUKAKAA MABU MfflJU MABU HISAGAWA MABU SBIHYO MARU AHYO MABU KEIBO MABU BXKOSEIMA MABU KAIEO HABU MALAY HABU SBIKAI MAHU #2 2 HAWAII MABU KAIHO KABU KUBOSHIO MAB FKUYAMA MABU FICBIU MARU # 2 OKUSO HAHU S3SIKAI HABU # 2 smsai HAH K3KBI MABU C- I A- C- C- C-acke C-anke C-anke C-anke A^CargO C-anke A A. A C-anke C C-anke C-anke C- C- A- ON NAGE * 83 9U _83t 83^ a-zh ^ 572 8l6o 83^ 52kk K0U5 C_aake C C-anke 285U C-anker 0238 C- C-Pass C-anker A-anker C- C b 5^9 9U6 O23S ^ PLACE LOSSES Off SAH F3BIANS0 Se t HAHILA-AKAO «3O-2N, U2-3I 30-2N, *2-3* If of LUZOH BOJSADOR. LUZOH HW ti p o f LUZOU Off S JACQJIES n BOJEADOR, LUZOK HE Share MUEAI-SHIMI 23-35M, lul-7b *0 mi SW of AKAO 5W ti p o f LUZON KASA-EO, SW KORSA 25-UUir, 2-lU S AIKOKBI. FOBHOSA 6 0 mi SW o f AIPSH 60 mi SW of AIPBH 2U-3IH, 2O-37B W coas t of FOBMOS. W coas t of FORMOSA, SHIBCHIKU O5-58H, Off HAHAJIMA FOEHOSA Strai t S o f FOEMOSA» AKAO MtffiAISEIMA HO2A HABU # (ZiY" ( 2 SHOai MABU H C-anker 27&U iji&ifii MASU tl2>=c XOSHIH HABU t (l2h AIYU MABU (2 ^ 2 ASUHAO MABU C- 5^<6 K, SHUSSI X*BU#7O2)^SAYAIAHI HAE I (l2)^bqsii HABU tlz^ \ KYOXUUK HAS U A- DCU e» NUMBER OF VESSELS LOS AKASHI MAHU le)^ile 0 HABU 2 BAffSffl MABU #63 C- 533 CLASSIFICAION OF CAUSE COMBA GOMBfl» KW-GOMBAfcN VESSELS 0 SHnrsi KASJ Ci2h^ 2 KBHSEI KABU C- SB of S JACqOBS AII MABU (7) AN KOSHU MABU C-ankei lh «-7 VESSEL JMSSNQ AAHAMI KABU C-a*er 2S63 NAME OF AIZASU HABU(2ll)^ 5 3 DAE VESSEL AIHO MABU (l6) 2 SIHOHABU C-ankei 5209 a /f u X Y 2 BJLSCS HABU A n ' X // ^b i 2 SHJSI HABU C-ankei 6S0C KIYO KARU A- UU28 SAIBOS '' 3 so SHISSBI HABU # 7 AKASHI HABU XIMAH MABU YUSEU MABU YUJO HABU OSUSAH HABU C-Oil C 6S9C 5U C- 222C C- MS5 A C-ankei 00U5 C A /r J L / OHERS l l 0 2 KASJU HARU C a OAL i «62 6 IDOL - 22 C- C- b85 9 OSAKA Ba y SAIGOI SAIG05 S JACQJSS S coabt of F. I.C. H of QUIHHOIf Bay 2 EYUYO HAH CAMHAHH Base CAUSE DtEN n / * «V It A, * // A. // X II " '/ /I * _t _ t i a a X X -~ 9 X O,, n n " <8> I ±L '/ n " a n n " " 2 AYAYDKI HARU 2 EORAI HABU # 9 2 HAKBYU MABU # HOSUSAH MABU HOB I MABU AKASUKI HABU ^ \ BBIJU HABU moshima HABU YOSEUi HABU AYOI MARU KUJYU HABU # 5 BHBI HABU HASUSHIKA HARU SAHKO HARU AHHI GO # 2 EABBU KABU AIHO MARU AII MARU MMKA HABU BEIZAI MABU USA HABU OKIWA HABU MtHUKAA HABU BIFUMABU ASAXA. MAHU SEIBCRO MABU HOBI HABU # 3 HOBI HAEU # 5 YAMAZAWA MABU ENOURA MABU SHOSHU MAEU YDLII MABU SUMA HABU HANKO MABU # 2 NAHSHUr MARU # 2 HHOSAI MAB 3 HOZAir MAEU # 23 AIKO HABU 2^ SARAWAK MAEU 2k AIZASU HAEU 2k AIMAS HARU # 25 HALAY MAHU q 0 30 ^ HAGA MARU # AHOU HARU # 5 CLYDE MABU ISSEI MAEU BHKI MAEU JAIESU MAEU ORO MAEU C-anke C-anke C-eake C- C-anke C-anke A- t ON NASE pa f y MALAY HABU (2R -L AS ' -^~~ & 'Sffl l HABU (lois SHI** 20 * HteU(3)^- ' ^ IYASAKA HARU () ^ SHOO HABU (5) -^> A a Hm j #^ 22 c C-anker C-anker C-anke C- C-anke A- A A- 285U 83U 83U &U-55 Off C.PAUABAH SA GOB I coas t o f FIC Off QUJIHON S JAC«5ES Uprser YABGZI B KESSLUNO AKAO A vn KBHLUIG C 875 Of f UCHOir C- 226 SW o f PARAMSHfiO C- C- C- C-anke C- A- C-aako C-ankei C-ankej C-anker A- A- C C-ankei C- C-ankei A- C-anker C-Csrgo C- A- Saai»a t 3-Carg o 02l«L *8 026 DOU !t6gl 53' >U S3U k LOSSE S PLACE HOFGKOBS * it» YULU I o f KHCHOW it Above KIUKIAI8 Joper AHGZB H WJM t U 203 D0U5 KUBLUFG * "+556 U l». 29-3! Oatside AKAO AKAO 23-tanr. 25-6B AKAO SIMA Hbr..KJHE I. Nea r HIYAKOJIMA Off HAHA, OKDAWA U o f SUMARA 29-25I, 20-6 B coae t o f HALA AKAO 36-U2S, O9H. O-O5B 30-OOH. 36-2OE Coast of AHHAH A- C- C- C- C- 5U97 86U Wf i 689 C H, 2-06B , 35-3^8»-58H B 4-58S, 08-58B Off PORf HJAIH CAUSE 3OEN -V // - * ' " " A «" 'V n Y A. IS. ',,.,» O " X < X 7 X " y ' " n '» // II >J A ±4. " " n i

242 DAE able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels EXEN SYMBOL MEANING CD 2l+ (2) SASHJ (l#^is3u- r4 ^ ^,, _ L. SUNK E X A /A\ -202 (20) Cha 225 (6) -r, W~~^~*K^ Cha 2 (6)'^ * V^^ DA ON NAGE LOSSES PLACE CAUS pcen ON NAGE PLACE LOSSE S CAUSE DCEMI 6 KABU CHe OHBIWA K DAMAGE StRAMS! f 7 6 CD U7 DS YOKOHAMA Hbr 0 MED UM DAMAGE A'iSAKI V Of SOEEABAJA Y MINOR lf> AKAKJSA DS S o f IZU OSHHCA It DAMAGE LS ^ (7) SHI3ICK0 AO snraapohs X G ( CD 72 (a) 6 Cha 2 SCS SHIHODA X CD 50 (2) nti JN KNOWN CD 33 (0; 6 Cha 236 SCS,, E CAUSE HIKOBA (0} LS 5 LS H of BAmntAO p -0 6 Cha 225 SCS 0 SYMBOL MEANING Ch 28 PC Jfr f v N A SUBMARINE a 7 LS ^ S i n MRCRAF HOMI (Zk)-rs sis «. Bea r SaUGEAI 2 LS 37 LS 7UAMI Hbr 9 7 Ch *7 PC 32-^5H. -56 B 0 D MINE 2 CD Ihk DS H-5, OH-35 9 K > * 3ALE l - 3 HASIO AO S coas t of VS 0 O 7 CD 5S DS 5mi of f MIKPHAJIM& A DHERS 20 IOKAZB DD 2-27S, O9-*CB ' MUMS (ll).-^ r ^- ^ -""gpsa (&P CD.& ( 7 ) A _, 3 02 AM I of HAIAS I 0 X 20 L2O2 SS KXR3 ^/ ^ ^^ < 3 m XABAS FG KAHILA. A. LS 3 (II)-Y^,r). _ CD 6l C9)X> _ 20 SO-2 SS L3Z0S St r r W 02 (3) " ' *" V(2) CD ^ «) P 0 (lhh^ 20 KO-3 SS " \ &{*%(. SHOH AH (25) ^ 5 CD 6 DS 2 CD 50 DS Coast of WBCHf* 0 6 isx BB SDSAPOHB. V 2 CD 72 DS m 6 CD 2 DS 36 mi IV CEZSflXJOfA i n «j 2 HO-5 S3 If of PHILIPPIJES 2^ ^C^j _ "^ ^~ AK <aj)a Ch 35 23) p 0U (5) Ch 20 (23>nrv,,.,. fo v.. 7 CD 53 " U-SSF. C9-20S -^ > 7 SEAMB CMc Oataiflfi OMB Hbr 0. \ \f^ 8 LS 43 LS SS of PESCADORES I ±S \ \ SJ 0 ^/ / 9 CD 6 DS C S JACQUBiS V A \ V. SHIRBCKO U J 0 CD 33 DS 23-5N, 7-52S O v ^ ^ "ABA, 3AKI (l) 9 ^^~\ \ ^ 7 ^ 0 MliOJHA n K ' // LS 3 LS BOHIK Is. area -v-> A HOMI () BS -v^ f ^ C. \ ISE (6) 0 - HOMI DC IOMOE 0 MIYAKB n 9-08H, O8-5B 2 CD 2H " FOBS * NUMBER OF VESSEL S LOS lu P 0 YP SBWAH SOJUD CLASSIFICAION OF N CAUSE COMBA C8KBA NON-COMBAAN VESSELS U CD 9 DBS 52-I3H S A /, VESSEL VESSEL ARMY NAVY C VIUAN MISSIN G ^V NAME OF / Ik Cha ll U SCS 0S- 7 + t 5N. 0S-2S E DAE VESSEL / 3 5 p IDU pr Wear C.PADAEAS O 0 SO-3 2 RO-5 5 LSV 6 LS r,i'o JIMA X OHERS Ch 2S re" OAL 2 rora» Cf s / i *. lo-l'sb 23 AO DS 2-'»»H.O9-2! }S JSL 23 Ch 35 PC 8 ml 7* HU3ABA» U 2^ IOHI DS k ml S of WZFSHUI Is v 5 SHOHAN DS 7-"i2ir. llci B rs -K 25 Wa Ik AHc OFUIADO, MAEKjau -v O 25 Cha 208 SCS «

243 DAE 945 able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels EXEN ON LOSSES LOSSES ON SYMBOL MEANING NAGE PLACE CAL'S EXEN MAGE PLACE CAUSE EXEN L SUNK // UUHAMI MAjiPfttt^' PZPKIMAHP (4)/ S """"X^,, r\g- -J^ 2>5 HOSHO MARP # 3 B-Pieket 34-6K. 3S-28B HEAVY s C Fen-Combatant 5.25 ECEI MARP t 8 3-OH. 4_OS " X \6> ASPMOMO MARP (24) A ' DAMAGE HISSBI KAHP (3) V E MEDIUM A 0AMA6E XAHSHXff MAB7 #26 B-Piokat 8 3O-5N, 35-5J 25 FPJI MAHP L.GO B-PIcket N. li-oa >i AIHAI MARP (4) A YAMASHIO HAEP(7)^-N \ = O MINOR O Y DAMAGE 2 EASSPPRA MAHP 0-Oargo I of HAIAI I AIBIXP HARP(l9)A AKAO MARP C-anker J, 09-8B A G /DISABLED, \ e KIHYP HARP #3 C-anker 834 Off PHAHflB. IC '/ 27 KKAKP MARP #6 B-AG 3 00 ni SB of SBSLPKU,, 3 HAHRYP MARP ft 834 AKAO, '/ 27 SPMA MARP #2 SSQBSI KARP CojA C mi off K0Y ', 3 HISSZI HARP C- 878 Off PSHKI 28 HAUSHIH HARP #2 9-OH. -5B A E CAUSE SOZAH HARP (20) 3 KYOSHQ HARP # B-AG 39 KAIILA-Dier >r 3 OKO MABP # 3 C 48 ABKIJS, YAKCZB R 'r SYMBOL MEANING ZPIBO HABP (9)^, fairai MARP C H A SUBMARINE N RXOKAaUf3(3 u6 mam HARP C-ankar 696S 6-22H. 0-SB V *t % HARP (7)^ KAIAH #0 (]5h^ SHOHSI HASP C S, 2-28B II <l CHOYO *EP #3 (5)^ 6 AISYO II SAH0K MABP f3 (5 ^ 7 MARP H MINE CC^PEPSSI HARP (2} HAGAQKJ. MVRP #2 (I6) 0 7 POBO MAHP L0238 ' -55H B A D f NAVAL / -I IDXPIC II MAHP #5 (lsa 7 WAKAAKB MAHP B-XPC 45 H ip of ORMOSA t BALE SEIDN >! i IARP #5 (25)^ 7 EPRBAZB MARP A- 9S4-46S. 4Q.7B A A WAO HAStf OHERS 4> JJIYAAKB MARP W (25)-v-> (l7r K0I MJ SB I25)f^ g B-XPG.XC , 04-50B r ^. HOSHO MARP #3 (25 A " KAZPSA MAHP C2«5r^ ^3,,i ikxsms&k HARP 9 (2) J 0 WAEA MAHP C PO-HAI " LYDKAVA MABP ( isr - Lu Hy^~ i *ifflrl MtBIJ ^3 5(8^ ^ X 3"AISPI HARU (l4r > f J V j, KAEP (2>Y\tv. t^ fst ' IN/ HASSHIS MARP #9 0-anker 4-OH. 02--S6S A nffilolh^u M "_,,U ^»«f. ^ r.ab ««fifl ^ SHIBEO HARP C H, 20-2<5!! SIIH * H "Hv g.. 27 J»^i**7 r -. f HIYOSEI MAEP #2 (IS 0 " 0 IKAHO KARP C- 875 If coast of K0R2A A 30tt SIZAH MARt (2^) rrv ^J*r^ni IKIZAKP HAKU ft Q27J^ 3 KO0SHI20 KARP #8 B-Piekot 0, QB A JCi. ZDStQ HARD KBI0 HARP #3 lml 3 SHOfA HARP #3 «a " " 9 4 US90 HARP ft B-Picket B. 3^3 0 KIKYP MAHP #3 (2)"^ HEEAM MAEP B-AE LI 62 SINGAPOHB St r V 0 C f KYOSHIN MARP # (3) xa *JBU f25 llbj IIDA MARP (6 ^ 4 f ASPI MARP B-XPC Jf, 2-6B X \ /I BICHIYOEP MARP (22^ Aiui>n MAWI rs7ici OHD MJBP (7i A 5 OHOYO HAHP ft B-Picket OH. l4l_0b J ^ &=L /*# IO MAW fni A 5 SAmOKP MARP #2 46 3O-0N. 4-OB * '/ ASO 5 AIHSI MARP ft B-AKc 97 Off YOHAGPHI I " \ \. J*_- ^ - -C3CO»» <7) ^ *X \ Yr-c / ^ / HARSH IN uimj &"\ci f n ^/A> 6 RYOYP HAHP #23 A- 4-36H, O9-6B, \ 6 HA6OR0MO MARP B-AMe a i S.aEHttffiBJlKJ. \ V 6 HASAOKA HARP # 2 Off HACHIJO-JIMA " EAIAB #0 50 US A HARP A- 05 S JACQPJ55,,» «7 YAMASHIO HARP A IO6O5 YOKOHAMA Hbr // HASSHU MAHP #28 7 C-f^nkxr S-30B ' / I IAIZEH KAEP (20A es^ - fv ^^* *» ' O 7 DA B I HARP C- 530 Off OHICHI_JDtA 'i 7 SA35HIH MARP #36 B-Picket 8 SW of ME0M00 It " ", 8 APKAWA MARP B-IPC U, 2-lSB SIOKP HAEP (SkS- f ^ ) \ ^ 8 HAFSHIH HARP #^R B-Picket "KM i UAHP (4J t " ^ ^~\ > 8 XYOWA MAEP # 3 a 5 * 3-OB. 37-^OB n 8 HIYOSHI MARP #2 C-AG 287 CHICH-JIMA 'i IS JUJtUICHI MAHP #5 B-Picket OS >i 9 AIHK P MARP C YBIXOW Sea A r i ^^ 9 ZPEO HARP C 37 KI P KiAS'G.'ftBOina a A 20 AIZSJ MAW C 0-49H, O6-5B A NUMBER OF VESSELS LOS CLASSIFICAION OF 20 IY 0 MARP C-anker U, 09-2 A n COMBA S8&A- NON-COMBAAN VESSELS CAUSE 2 UKUSfil MARP C- W Off SHIRIYAZAKI f» 9) VESSEL ARMY NAVY c v UNK MISSING HICHIYOKP MAU C- anker 94«j A NAME OF V / ^ DAE 22 IKPA MARP A RABAPL Hbr VESSEL * \ J ^!- 20 ROZAH MARP A 2000 BBIOWAKP. S CHINA n ASPMOHO HARP t4gg S^SB A 2 o o - 24 PZPKI MAHP H 875 3Km 3CPof HIIZAKI 24 YJDI MARP <i 893 B coast of IC <*> t OHERS SEIPlf MARP #5 B-Picket 46 3-OK. 4-OB 25 HIYAArB MARP #«i B-IPC 53 Off SHIRAHAMA OAL 26 rorai " o CJ - i KOHO HARP! lI, -9B

244 DAE able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels NAME OF VESSEL CAUSE DOEN NAME OF VESSEL CD 69 (6) CD 02 (28) CD 06 (2g)' CD 36 (5K CD 66 (3^ L v LS n () OHOZJBP (l ) 5 (.5).A. 7 (8) ' inazm () Cha ^6 Cha 89 Cha 92 Cha 75 Cha 67 (28)"^ ODAIE (87)-v () ' LS 05 iit (Comfratant toezaei ao-55 Ch HAFA2DW CHOZUEJ UKUE SHBAHI MXJRA CD 3 HASIO Ch Cha 0 Cha 9. Cha 22U Ch CP 69 CD HI; CD 66 Cha 235 t-368 CD 36 Ch 2 CD 69 S 37 LS 8 CHc PC scs scs scs _ss_ ss BII Bay, AHAHLCgHIMA o f EL BHDIRI. SOOKOSB I ISHIGAKI-JIKA HAEA AMAHI-OSHIKA ISEIGAKI-JIMA,. 2U-U; Hear AKUStlKI I SA3 Str Home waters MAKO HACHIJO-JffiA 9-2. of Sooth Seae It S end of SAMOA I Near IWO-JIHA 23-3H. Il6-'i2a S en d o f SAMOA I 8 mi 30 o f KkO MffSBISEI Heit KE AEMB.HACHPD-JIKA Haar MOS)^-J IMA A. Ji J l Ch 63 ODAE 08 CD 02, Cha 75 Cha 67 Cha 78 CD 8 CD 30 CD 73 Cha 200 Cha 205 CD 3U 0 6 Cha 5& CD IWAfll 233 H IB II I SS Hear IKO JIMA 0-385, 94-U2I O-38H, CH 5 mi.sjcasbgai I. ASS mi.2plbtjs)k SCS scs scs ss scs 05-06S, U9-8B Around SQRSSO ESSLOO B Of OKASHIMA 3 <-02H , 30-39B KXJHJIOgRAB SO 7-7H. 5-iOH. AKAO OLIJ SWO-HADA. 32-9ir HMBJIHA tt.honea o Cha 22k (5) CD (5) Ui KAIO HOSHO zpaao. 00D0 EOA HAHORA HtJHD torn Cha 229 CL BB C SCS ss KOBS KPHB Haval Base In dock, KUHB N COMBA C8M-BA - VESSEL AN VESSEL SHHlAir KAKI ifotorgnabcat #29 ABISEI Ch 33 Ch CKISU Ch 23 CD 29 _SL DD Hear HUJA Hear OSAKA 3O-O6H B Coas t o f.i.c. 2-30H OW, 09-OOB Off CCHOAUG HUA Moath o f AHBZB H, SOSOOSAKI OMOZOBU CD OON, 30-OOlf. 26-3O E Ig6-^,6 E - 224

245 DAE March able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels KEIZAH MAHD EOHO KAKP CHIOSB HASP warn OSHI MARP # 7 (gu) O HAgQZAKI MAHP (9) ASUBABII MAHP (l9)a_ A CEIKPO MARP (29 K BI&ICHI MARP (30> \ YASPSHIRO HARP ( ^ HASAJIMA MABD (3) ~v~ YAroDCA-UWtlOSHH YPSBN MABP #2 7 (2 7 CHQPH MARP # 3 (g 7 SOBPH MARP (25 ) YPSEH MAHP # n MICHIBB MARP (g ) V SHOSEI MARP HOOIM MARP (2 ) ft (!2)-v - XAIKAH MARP (2 ) A SHIHAS MARP RISPI MARP (26) SSEIQ MAEU (26) (30> v & HAHYO KARP NAGARA HARU H3IHIH MARU (5 ) (li+) A - 225

246 DAE able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels OKEJOAHA HABt # 5 BP I Bay. AtHMLQSHM* KQg I Bgr. AMAHI-OBIMA Ktar HABO i rzoir HABI j ^ _ D3SBI HA& ECHOSAH HABU Dil A HABI Pi n Bay. AMAMI-OSBIMA Off C.ALJBBA.,I.O, Bat.fOO andmcksbaj SI» B t0x-tt-' MgHI " tup(go > ISBIKA HASP (s) ^ DAISHO MABU EjDKtr HAB0 ( l HABI -IS-HUffiING HAEE KAHE (7> A AMA3ISHI MAEI # 0 SHO HARU (5 ) SABAVAX HABU (9 ) (Z5h HAHSHIH HABt #2(20) ^ HOSBH MAED AMAGDCHI MAEU (20>±v- SAKASAfiO MAH#6 50HAS HARU KAB5SHIMA. SACA-KM NUMBER OF VESSELS LOS - 2S6

247 DAE April able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels L E G E N SYMBOL J±\ X A EXEN MEANING SUNK HEAVY DAMAGE MEDIUM DAMAGE MINOR DAMAGE /DISABLED, \ UN KNOWN CAUSE SYMBOL MEANING / / "Z > FtB -.46 (28^:L. L. L LS X CD 02 (9) -A. UKU (28)-v- P 02 (26W" CD 30 (8) s c XL KOKDO A CD 24 IBAGI Cha 25 0 CD 40 I0KIKA (4) 9 (0) 9 (l) 9 (ll) 9 (3) 9 (4) Jir t A SUBMARINE CD 56 (0) 4 MOKOO DE 4mi,l6O o f EBSAEtLt JL. BO-64 (2>P 4 LS I4«s LS AKAMI-OSEIMA to X A DCJUA (lo>i> IAEAGI Ht*~ 5 CD 52 DE 22-45H. &.CB O MINE OKI (I4r* Wj ^ rsi CD 3 (l4)^- NAVAL J " '. «i 2 BALE k OHERS HABD5HI (8) 3 0 f I'f M il w 3 (9) <^ u Cha 226 (l) 9 ^ BffllfflAZB (7 >v- 5 Ch 9 PC a X n LS 9 (9) y 5 IZDMO (9) 9 ASASBIKO (7 y^~ "5 CD DE X ISOKAZB (7)^ ~ 5 KAMOI AO HONGKONG X 0 6 Ch 20 PC KmrSUUO tschk A 0 FOUZCSI ( 7 ^ C DE * ipsmnir fin P AA > ^ jgyx - 6 CD 34 DB R KAXAXA {Z)r^\ f '-9 6 AKASJKAZS DD H Ch 7 () ~v J. SiziPsrnri (7) -* 7 YAMAO BB 30-4O. 8-3 I YAHAGI CL R 7 EAMAKAZE DD " CD 32 (3)^- LS 7 (2)43 ISOEAZE R DD CD 8 (22)"v- * ^ % Y V^t ^ Cia dwv /^ (~J JL 7 CD 34 (6h ^ X LS 45 (4) KASrjHI DD 7 3O-5H. 27- t i7s Ch 9 (5)^- Ch 49 (2)-^ j. WPI (O) V 0 7 YUEIKAZX DD 3O-4ONt 2S-C 0 " KAKOI (5)"^".<W lljf i l^^r /f N J^ A$ 7 StJZOStJKI DD ACrOUBA Bay. GOO IB X CD 52 (5 ^ 7 KAMOI AO HONGKONG JL. 0 CD (5^ ~ 7 ISJZt CL BIKA.SOEKBAVA I Y\ A, v Ch 20 (6) s Cha 0 SCS 4-43S. 22-7S a ' \ \ l I. / / Cha 0 (B) Sf 0 HABtBEI 0 ml tiojumr WOOSUNG 8 Cha 72 SCS IUf^ E 9 H J Cvu> n n (RE- Am 9 LS 9 LS OKUROKAMI I V 0 9 IZDMO OCA R ' '/ 9 W 3 AH 39-7K. 4-R7S - L 0 SJBAI DD Lt 58ai,95 W0OSJNG 0 A D j-^^ n 7 J V w ; DAE NAME OF VESSEL YPE LOSSES ON ON LOSSE S NAGE DA NAME OF VESSEL YPE PLACE GAL'S EXEN NAGE PLACE CAUSE 3OEN ZS LS 46 LS 80 of OSEZAKI Ch 7 PC 32-25S. 2S-46B K 28 HASH IMA ADC 2.4ml. 55 afwnzaii Cha 226 SCS 3O-O4K, 30-54* V O SS JKU D * 34-52S, 24-23B O MAGI DS S3 o f EESAKI O 8 P 02 IP R -,,, 2 LS 7 LS SEAI Bay -v 30 NtnOJIKA CKc ss DAumwrm, saet X z CD 86 DS R.. 2 Ch 49 PC R t 0 2 LS 46 LS n., 0 2 EAAffA PR SHANGHAI a 3 MAK DS Insid e HOUGKOKG Hb ; X CD 32 DE 3-57H, O 0 JJKA DS sw of m i I 0 * () ^ 0 CD 24 DS Hear FOAOI-JHA V Cha 04 U2X 0 W 2 AH S month of AHGZS > CtB 4 (>))-CL. 0 CD ^6 DS MOSDEE Lt. 0 Ch 7 PC 5Omi,SS>K3EELAIE K. isuau (7) ±*. Cha 2S 25 of ymaox-jxha u O 2 B0.5U HIBOSEKA Bay SCS ss -fcl 2 fa 04 AMc N coas t of BALI I X 2 Cha 04 SCS» - 3 DB OPAOt-JIMA K CD 40 NUMBER OF VESSELS LOS \ JOHI DS W of qrjhlfar CLASSIFICAION OF 4 CD 3 DE COMBA S8MBA MON-COMBAnN VESSELS * ill 0 VESSEL AN VESSEL ARMY NAVY CIVILIAN MISSIN G 4 Cha SCS 5-45N, 08-28K V / 0 DOE slsf 5 Cha 4 SCS 9-5S, 5-^5.5 B X -* % VA J I L-8. EQ-4, 49, R6 SS Hear OKINAWA 0 2 it) CD 73 DS 2 mi. 24 of ODOZAKI ^\. JL CD 30 DB Shoel of HAKQHfi^Q O to OHERS 5 BO-56 9 Cha 97 SCS 33-35H K ^i_ Ji. /I 22 CD SI DS 3-26N E -vcsf 0 OAL 26 4 eseels ok LS 73 LS SASBBO Hbr * O J «

248 DAE 845 able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels HABP U3F AMABAHI MABP # 3 ( l CHOSSH KABP # 6 MJBJIKA HABP (26)9 In s Ids K0B Bar'bor fflo map fi7 KAIYP MAHP # (4) () A BIS GO (S) A CSAGO HASP # COSHO MAHP # 2 POGO MABP **HEP HAHff [BAKO MABP (2 7 PAISEP HASP (2 9 S o f OSHI I. MBJBN ASAIA HASP (II)"- IQKAI HARP #2 H I MiP KCBOSHIBO MABP fag If coas t o f FOBMOSA If Month KAMKOff St r 33 ml 76 OMOUIKA S3AI.AMAML.0SHIMA glchhas MASP #0 ^ AMUI MABP ( 2) -A IMABI KAHI HOZAI MABP (4 ) J MABP 3 BSHP MAEPf92(l7) 9 MABP (lg)( ) Off WAKAMASP Hbr S end of HIBAOJPU, 7 0 mi SB o f S HGOHA OZAKI. E qf KfflABHI IBOQAWA M*&P(29)lj) < YAKABA MABPfjdUg) lomlto f 3CEPK0SAH I YAMABISHI MABP #8 I.56 taa S3 HBSAKI Lt OEA.I KABP SEOZAH MABP EXIEAI MABP Hiiro HAM*i7 SHISOJIMASAN MABP 2.5km SB HBSAKI L - 228

249 DAE May 945 able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels NAME OF VESSEL NAME OF VESSEL ON NAG (Combatant} CD 50 OJICA I-W, 56 0-i(6 BB EB ss ss Of f VAKAAMA 33-56F, 22-H9I Bear 0KIHAVA SI of OKINAWA» X _ci_ v SAKURA Wa 05 Cha 72 Pa 6H CD 29 D5 AMc SCS Pc DB 7km. S HBSAI Lt. O5-2S, 0-57 S Entr. ISHIICI Hbr. AHBGASHIMA HU* /' * 3 CD 25 m 33-56S. 22-^9» >, i+ OKI DS 37-36N, 26-OB O 5 V 20 AM 33-56H, 22-U9I SS Off HIKARI 9 O 7 HAASAEI A 0-OOS, 0U-30B 9 7 W 29 AH Off KISZUHDSAKI " 7 SOAJIMA CMC SABEI lay X 7 EO-09 SS S3 of OKIHAWA 8 W 39 AM K5) loa. SE IOA0I K 9 li tnnr HACEIJO m DB 6.8 km. SB IOA0I Lt KAA0KA Bay 3 Cha 70 scs Hear SHODOSHIKA V it EAQJRO CA PESAlia area H 6 HASOAKA CM C4-U9I, O3-3B " 7 CD 200 m Oatslde WAO Htp. V 8 Ch 57 PC S Chan, of PBHAiro V O 8 S 37 S 2mi.ffifDklOSSS.l 9 KASHIMA CL IV) 3^-40!, " 20 Cha 2l& scs 22-35K, U AM 06-8S. 6-C4I " 22 LS 37 LS SASSBO JttMUBHtH! 22 Ch 37 PC it 22 Ch 58 PC» K Pa 25 Pc lfcm. of CMA3SAU «0! 22 Cha 57 SCS Sini.^qoiriioA'ia. Hiu 9 " i 23 SHQKAZS DB 2.6 km. S of HIMSJIM* 25 Lt

250 DAE 945 able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels (Hate: MB 'breakdown of OBe alio includes the next page.; ^Continued next page)


252 DAE J 9»»5 able Showing Losses, of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels - 233

253 DAE 945 able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels (Kate: this breakdown of vessels includes tie next page.) 4 't i s I! 6 7 NAME OF VESSEL {Hon-combatant Vessels: Naval) HAKO3S MAHI # 5 HYOI3 MAH HIJtJB MAS StffitJSHI HABI KHOKff MAH # 3 HAESHD MABt Hiiro mm #43 SHIHROKI MAR DAUCI HAH CEQBI KAHt KAKJSAU MMK # 5 HICHK MAH #5 KOKSSHAStr HAKYO HAHJ KORt MAB»AKAMIYASAN MAB OION MAHJ JINKO KAH VAKAAKE mm EIJO MAH B-AQ B-AS B-ODs. B-raas. B-IPC B-PIcket B-XPO B-AG B-AS 3-Fickst B-AG B-AG B-JPC B-AG B-Oil B-AS 3-Picket B-Plcket B-XPC B.XCM k 6 34-lOIf, 3O-49B Hear HACHHOHB 5.5al.l25 o ofhbsaxi 33-5OF. 3-9S Off IOtS HlMA-fcen 42-3 "5H B HIHABOJBB, HRUrORA 4-49H, 4-M OOSBZAKI Off SHIBMrSAO 4o-47f, Off 3 * KAEAMSHIHO ASOA Boekyara 4-445, 4-O5B H3SAKI It.Eouoe OB CAHHAHH Bay Y 0 -^. A.v O «A 4 KSBLJUa Baroor 227U 42-43H, 39-57E ', A,,» * ' ft 4 NAME Of VESSEL BIO HARtr ONBSAVA HAR ESCHO MAH HDUMISAN MAW JBAHI HAR # 3 KASHIMA HAR HISSED MAB KASEA MAR ANO XAH #39 K0JJ5 MAH KONBI HAH MOMO MAH AJSI MAR ASBI MAH A5J0 MAHI ransnortahi'd x AMKAI MAK#6 rishingdoat x BRIMO MAR AI0KAHt Klriiai MAB SHOB MAR AHABISHI KAHIJ5 AKAI MAU # t&g'boa.t x t S end MOOYAMAZAKI Y 3 HBIVA liaet B-Picket se 3O-45S, I26-OCB ; O 4 SAVA HAH C- 2ka.l44 0 of HJSJHS A 7 BDfGO HARJ B-AG ka.90 (f POKOHGDO 4 MIAKAVfA HAR # 5 C- 873 HIRAOJIHA ^L IK HBHO MARI B-Pleket J, 26-OQB 4 AICBI MAH 2 t Y </ 8 SHIHAI MAS 3. AS H J Y > 4 BANSHt MAH 5 3U-27N, 29-35B -v- X 9 KAIGYO MAH # 3 B-Picket 77.9km.29lof HBSAKI ft HIHOEfS MAH b" Cff HOJI City Y ±L 22 KOSHO HABtJ 3-XPC ko.2aO of RSAZAKI 0 5 AZSA MAR A- 37C IMI. 3 of SOP-fOLt. O 22 ASUMIA MARI B-rans Ltea»SS GASSUIHA It, 6 KAHIStr HARt B-AO 272 7nl.l7CPof todozaki 26 BINGO MAR B-AG 4642 BAS CHIKA Sea 28 OSEI MAHJ B-ARC 64 3te.S 3 ofjizozaki 28 OYOKAWA MARU B-AG 52 : 450otr.SI HJKOSHIKA 29 sosmr HARtr B-AG 283 2ko. 5 SttftIGA U. 27 KYUSHU MAE B-AG 632 Off OS, tbabagi-kaa [Hon-conibataat easels: Army & Civ.i fflsho HAR OKO HAR SBISB MAEt ABDKMAGAWA HARt H0S3I MAH KMIGAYO MAH # 2 AKAZOUO KAB SHDWA HABI KBSKO HSHt # 7 BAIO MAH EISH5 HAB 30K0 HAR SHEJI MAE USEH MAH SHIBAHO HARt EOKDJHAE SHUJfSHO MAH BUS MAH BZSSEIB MAHI 02YAKA MAH C- C-ariker A- C- C- C- A- A- C- C- C- C-Careo C-Carso C- C- A-anker A-anker C-Careo g E3_3 I *iU u If. 35-l'i3 3 2»-33ir. 35-4E Off S HOBOS HIMA 4-3^. 34-4B Off KAMMOK Str. OSAKA Hartor» H.Ska.l7 afhs AKI OSAKA Harbor Near MOJIZAKI Lt. NW of KAtAMAI'S 5-U2N. 36-O4S If of SBO Inland S«B Oatside ISHIKI Hbr. OSAKA Hartor u C- C- C-«nk«r C- C- C-Careo A- C- C- C A- C- -C- C- C- C- C- C- C- ON NAGE U OO 2220 I OSAKA HIACHI Dock,OSAKA 5 al.s K SEIEIASAKI month KAMMON Str N, 30-ftZl 2 ka J ABISHISAKI OSHIJIHA OUKAIJIM 37-3, 25-^5B RABAL araa Oatside KABAS Hbr Jcn.2O8 KCf!0AHA L 34-57J Off PISAN OOS Island HIAKAA, BABAKI-ken 05-4S. O6-37B 33-U7H-, 3-4B iftojaafaidonkano Off NIIGAA 34-20N, 24-30B 33-44, N. 29L24B -v,, * * '/ 'r * V -A. Y Y O 5 AISHO MAR C-Car«o HP 2 km. 76 MtfSIRiS Lt, 0 J^ ^. ±C 5 OO MAHU A Near AOHAMA -v- X 5 AHHSIFB FRIZBN GO C N. 3-O3B > 5 5AVSBI MARU # 2 C- 873 Near HOJI O 0 5 AIKO MAB A-Careo 6859 Off KANNONZAKI f 5 AWAfA MAHt # 5 6 QffStflBMI.MOJI Y 6 GASSAS MAHt C-Careo 83C Off MOJI b HOKKO MAR #20 A 06 S coast AOMOHI-ken 7 AZSA MAR A-Careo 37C Near OSO-DO 7 AIGBN MAR C- 222 Jatslde IJ5HIKI Hbr. O V,,,,,, t, O X ', Y Y 'r A _fcl X O «. 7 s BARI KAH # 2 C- 86 I aoath KAMMON Str. OJMA MAH C- 3*c AB0BA 7AIN0SAKI 9 SAGAVA HARt C-Careo 89 3S-0N, 38-50B Y ; V - O A X J<L,, r, O X J^ '/,, ', A O t O _fc _ 9 SHOYO MAR C- 22 > 9 OKAAMA MARt C-Car«o ON. 29-3OB,, 9 HOKOO HARt C O-57N B * f 9 BASSHtr HAB #35 C S-95, 36-2B Y O 9 KAISRU MAHI # 5 C-Ceriso O7N, 29-OSB A 9 mutra KAR C kn2&5 AKASB Lt Y * 0 AIGBS KAB # 2 C N. 4O-39B 0 AGA HAH C- 222C 4L.42N. 29L«54B 0 SHOE! MARt # 6 C- anker N. 4-3B s «0 HAKO HARI C N B ', 0 JIBSC HAB C-Carao 98 Near KAMOIZAKI i 0 ADO HAH C-aaker 887 Near ANMA-DO '/ 0 ASOA HARir A- 2704,, A Koynnr HAR C N. 39-U»a ±^ O HHKAI KAH # 8 C- 293 ^3-55N. 4-3B : * HAKttn MAR C- 222C 32-39N B, t SHINO MABt # 3 C ONSAir ' * HIWAKA HAR C H. 2^28 * V,, MOJO MAIU A- 893 U-47N. 3O-3SB // mt n MARI #2 C N 'r KIMI HARU coas t AOMORI-ken (Continood next cage) r. f A O

254 DAE Jane (Continued from previous page) able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels 0 BI S o f ODOZAKI XSAHISU XASU (g V AIGM MAB K JIHS MAB EQ3A MABt eubb U HMPO MAHI (0)^6,. ^ m - ^. ^ ^ ^ ^ IJAIDO MAHJ (l A H&DAI KJlBU ZAOSAI KlHtJ Outside ABASHISI Hbr a4l»ri6 lltb'sdbb It JfattthafKABASr Ba 230C BfOBBiaBa, KU«CH St i OntBide SAirrpn Bhr 7mll7CPof ODOZAKI IAMAPOHO HAEg (2 ) -t^ HOMO XAHU (3) 9BOO MAHI SAOAltt MABir KBKO mm i ZUIEO MAS ( l g Up of aumnr o Bm OPtM. OPORI-ren SBZ4H Mffit (9 HABP»StrHAaX30 FIO HAEC (20) 'i S. 26-7B O23S S«coart Of HALA Pep BBHSHBMiBtr OMAHA BIO HAEir bggq HASEIKlCpHEA Ont'tlde SAkAI Hbr OEOSHIO MABU *O3) KZSKCN MAHU*7 OBAKI MASt # 3 (iff (2) p UKISOCI MIHO(2) OSES HAfitJ (22) 9 OBUMA MAHI*gaU)9 EASffiA BtABU (2U) 9 -ti luttbiffil MH*5 (4} BlHSH;M*ffl«5(l6)9 BUSDXABA MAKJ(2^)9 ugboat x HINOBB HABI 5ISSH0 HABI (ls} 9 AISHO MAB raasrsbo MAHI (IS) 9 AVAA HAB # 5 ( 5 OASSAH HAEU ( 5 tbahi HABI # 2 Iff KAISE HABI ( w U SSHAJf MARI (U K lai MAEI#a (30>v- AISS I MJUH (30) 9 AHRI HAB AKA I MAEtr#l KOSSI MABtr KISHDH KAR OCKO MAS nsmra MAB AHJO HAHU CHDCUMA HABI (30) 9 geiho HAEU iokamasumasugu) IZUKI HASU (27) IB B of f KISSHD 597 i of acag p sa g H7H. 40-S B 7 fa lgcfjgim a - 2S4

255 DAE 9**5 able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels.5tmJ38 0 MOSmBLt Inside OKOSJKA Hb 55 ml. 70^ f ODOZAK -372 YASZAXOHA Pa 37 F 28 (8 " Cha 225 3ha ffagao Pa 22 (8 j 256 LS7 0 Oatslde HACSOfOB Hbr. Oatslda HACHPPB Hbr Inside MIYAZ Bay IHB, near HAIZUHU AHAGI SAKtJBA (ll) 9 OYODO CD 30 (2S)-v (23) IZJHO I4SU (28) CD 90 CD 90 (28 r ^ 500mti;B SnGAPOM 5B.8O 0 of OSAKI, 2.ikaq36 B mamma (Sote: Ibis breakdown of vessels also Includes tbe next three pages.) - 235

256 DAE July able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels NAME OF VESSEL (Hon-combatant Vessels: Saval) HIHEASA HAS KBUC MAE HARI # 3 KASEIMA MABJ # 3 HOJIN MABt # 7 SAKAB HAHt # 6 SO0B3 MAS BH0D 8 HABU #8 {2o)v MIAMAR SIKUZE H HABI (pgr^" HOKOnMAR AHAZOWO HAH # SEMtl HtRt#U(27r^ AMAZOWO MAB # 2 MIBAKAMI MAE 'BJHZAH MABt fl5 ) KAIZAH HARP (4 ) ABt MAR CHOPS MAB.U JPKtfft MARt # 5 H0JH MARP # 7 (2 SAKAB MARI # 6 (l i 03HI HARP # 7 (22 ) HIORA HARP (28 ) HAKUSHIMA MAE HI P MHI * 3 AISHO MASJ # 2 (23 ) f KA.ISEIH HABU#U(2U)-v - DABI MAHt # 0 (25 ) DOSHI MAEtl (27) HASKO HAEt (a) (9)nn AIKO MAHt ) CHOYO MAHJ # 2 OO KAB # SSISHO HABI # 3 (2l4)-V CHOO MAH FCKUSBI MARU #2(28)~Y m m MAE #2 FDKDSBI MARt #2(28)^" «IOg MAEJ #8 KAnj s MAR; # 2 (28)" CHIOSB MARU ISABI MARU # 2 (28)' OJIMA MAE tki MAE BJNZAB MASt JS-BAgSHJ MAR #8(28)-v ABMAEg SHOWA MARU #0 (2S)"v- 8HISE I MAE KYOJIH HABt # HACHI MARI KOSBO MAEJ 28-V BOHIS MAEt EAR5EIMA MABt HISSBH MABU # 6 (ll+)"v- OSEI MABt # 7 CHOO MAEU AISBD MAHt # 2 CHOO MARU # 2 JS-HBIJ MAWI # 2 ( ) BIOK MAS #lg(lu)-v CHI06S MAEU SHIHI!I MAHtl JtJI KAEU ASAEI HABU KAIO MAH7 # 6 (29) swridshz MAHtr * g (30)-^ swirc6bti«ta#io(3i)-y SAKOO MARU J IR I MAEt # 2 AIKO MABt SBISHO MAE KAISHIH MABt # XAIWA MAEt KIOKAWA MAHC DAIR I MARU #0 KOMPIEA MABU # 2 OEUBI MARI #0 HINODE MARt #8 SIKUZEH MARU SHOHAH MAHt # DOSHI MAEt SIS O MAHt ZkSSS MA5t # 2 8ACHI tubt # 3 ( ) NISSHO HABD (6) KAZUURA KAB (2) KIYOKAVA MARP HOKUSBI HABg DARI MARtr # 2 KOJIH MARJ # KOSHO MABt SBOWA MAR #0 28_ BAWSH MARI #8 KORY HAEt FDKtSEI MARt # g HAOI MARt # g ijjktsei MAR # g gg rtnngg MAW 2 ASAHI MA.B KAIO MAEt # 6 ASDMIA MARt WIFPOW MARU # 2 BAtSEI MAR #53 KEISHO MAR CHIKZBI MAR SSMIOSHI MAR #8 B-AO B-rans B_Piofcet B-AS B-AMc B-Pleket B-rane B-AM B-XK B-AMc B-rana B-AMc B-Flcket B-AS B-Afl B-Pleket B-AM B-PC B-XPC B-XPC B-AM B-Pieket B-Picket B-gleket B-Pleket B-AG B-Pieket B-AS B-AG B-AM B-XPC B-Plcket B-Pleket B-AM B-AM B-AM B-Ploket B-Picket B- Picket B-Flcket B-AO B-XPC SI 27U _92 JOO JS Q 227 * U 373 J3. 27J _ bj KUHB Q.UBB m SHIRIAZig SAIFAN 36-3H. Bear Mnfe ABGZS B CHICHI-JfflA S coast of H0KKAU5C BMnatfaStBAUgStr C.OMA.SOABtr St r gtshiso Pie r 3ml qgf SOBI 5mloff KK0HAI Around HUROEAM Near HAKODAE HAKOBAE 77 Off KAABa.HOKKAglO Off SHIRIA2AKI Oatglcte HUOIlAE gbr HACHIHBB Hbr QBfSHJBQmi Of f OSHIMI of OHomarnr B g OKOStKA 7.5mi 2Q 9 swawagi CHUHAB 3HI0AZAICI KOBE 33-3H. rrtrshtr SHMOirOSBgl St r Uear MQI BtrOO Chan y Mbath HAEJ-ffAH Inside CBEFOO Hbr SISHIOMARI Off RAJIRI KOBE Hbr Around OWASB DraOSHIMA Dockyard KOBE Hbr AOMORI Ebr gear OSAKA B o f PISAK Off C MAIZR 03AMI_Sj OSAKA IMAURA 8m l KCHIIMA CAUSE -XEN Ji. U 25 NAME OF VESSEL HABt #2 KAMOI MAR # 9 tbbt MAEU MAR # 2 SHBSBt MARt # 5 KAISO MAH # 3 AMA MAR #5 SJMI03HI MAR # 0 (Hon-comiatant Army). HASKQ MARt HCBI MAR OISA HAR Ho So 49 HISSHO MARU gbhshq MAR GAKOO MARU SAKISHIKA MARt KAIZAH MARt SISSE MARU #6 MABU AISHO MARU KAZtJRA HARt i MARU MAEt OffO MARU #8 HOKUSBI MARU S3SSAH MARU AKO MARU B-XPC B-IPC B-Picket B-AM B-ilcket B-Plcket B-AO B-AO A-Carao A- A. A- A-anker A- A- A- A-Cargn ON NAGE SO Jl Jfi 0 J J IMAUflA AIBA Bay WOffSAB Hbr 4saga of SHIRIA B Hmth tiamm Str Month of ABOZB B Sal S of <X5fc of f gammo Lt 20 a tr M BIKUA Lt Month SSBZAKI Bay 4Q-W Off gllblpar I Aronnd gstsaru 3t r Off OAS PUS AN Off HIRO SUO-SAPA IS05HIMA Poekyard Off DLSiB Off KQROISPO Off Off JLSAK 9 o o < > o - 236


258 DAE July 945 able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels (Continued from previous page) EX EN LOSSES IStJOSBwZ (24h~ LOSSES t i DA, ON NAME OF VESSEL YPE ON DAE NAME OF VESSEL YP E SYMBOL MEANING t-x nfepjcn-m*r PLACE GAL'S EXEN! u (9)9 PLACE CAUSE EXBfl HOSHI MABU (25) 9* IAMBI HJ%9 MAHU OtAI HAEU# fe5r" OSAKA 0 CHBUZEN Kt&U fe7ja _ IS JfflYU MABU C- 69 Sea F of HCSSHU ±L. 27 SSIKO # 2 C-anker 478 A UIKO HAHU L K SUNK 23F HEAVY EKiWIf HAHU {fl' 9 SHOKAI MARU # 2 C- 882 Out aide WUtAMASU V 27 ASJKAII KAHU 870 WAKAMASU 3*.St«. 0 SH23I KARU GoF" X DAMA6E (23)9 DAIKOU MARU C-Bredger 598 Insife HIIGAA Ebr. «J. HOKUZAF MAHU C- 059 SK coast o f K0RA no MEDIUM I X tojo KABU E (22)9 20 ASOASAWA HARU C- 87' SHIMOHOSOI Str. '/ & '/ 7 Y5HIH MAHU C-'i'anksr _35JI 29_33J // A MINOR 0 SHOAI MABU (30)"" X HUfcJ 20 KYOHAKU HAEU # 3 58 Golf of SIAM '/ H8IK 0 MAHU C- KOXUSHI YAHAOJCHliet 9 0 DAMAGE ^ ^ 2 H I IO KARU C- JASSBSU m«nfa>>^ K fdxour KARU (3C f km. HJSfraCSHJM*. I n n O 27 BAWSHU MAHU #55 C- 0U0 St&SinMOffOSSKI */ SRW MARU fc9i' G r i SEOEO KABU (JOK, 2 HICHIYO HAHU C- 886 OMIfA Harbor V -tc 28 3HZAH MA8U C-Pasa B, ^2-428 O BAMAPKW KOSBIH HAEU OoV" HBSEOHABU (jtf ^ 22 YUYO MAHU C-anker DO+5 l.febs.0fc 0 MUSHIMA I* O 28 UHKAI MAHU #5 C H ±c yf& 22 HAXUfBSU MAHU # 5 C ka.aopof KBRA 28 HAKU3I MARU C '/ lakoqalg. HIBJ^Q^Y" } S5BUH HAHU E CAUSE KASHI KABU ilfflh 2 2 C- ^..-, ** 6600 X 28 SIRIS U MARU C-ase ta.SV 3AZJCHZAKI KAORI MARU C- 22 HIIGAA 9 j^ L 28 HAOIXAVfA MARU C-Careo 2995 Sal. V of foshiro Hlr. 7/ ' / 2 2 KOJO HARU C- R lbs4 «- X 28 SHIBO MARU # 8 C- 35-O6], M SUBMARINE CHOYO HAHU (22) 9 y L) WfAMABU #8 (8) m 2 2 Motor sailboat 3,5 km. 25VC.MOOYAM ±L. 28 HISSHO MAHU #8 C-anker 990 OSAKA '/ X MAHBI MAHU #3 C fa»y of rukaga^c 0 28 S I H O MAHU # 2 C-anker N 'J 0 on XOICHI KABU (24)9 AIRCRAF X^i f MIKAGBHARU #3 (28) 22 CBOYO MARU C HASHIS 9 SHIUOI MAHU C- anker 6800 SCO '/ * KJLSUtlBik MiE0 (0 5J> ^s\ Vn<$XB MABU (^).v, OKAIM4HU#5 (28)^- &0SHU MABU 882 Off 9WSHIMA KINZAH MAEU MINE X C- 4 mi.* o f OGASBKA BAIKOKU MABU C- HAGI Har'bor A KYOWA MAHU # 0 KOBB Har'bor '/ «NAVAL A SEIH) MKU#2 (27) Y M BALE HANSHIS MARU #58 C-rishine OH, 30-«CIS 0 28 NAGASAKI MAHU C- S side of OSAGIJJtA '/ 0 SBS 0 ^ < > J % S / ^ % * J ^ - SBHIOSBI HiO (.) EIBOQUB MKEC (24) ^ rv-. OHERS,v r^ X fr /*«'v^^r.j.j, srcnnrfi MAW (*M~ HOKKO GO C OH, 29-3CB JSL C-&nker 834 AIOI sraco MABjr#2 (aer: 28 PAIGBJ MAHU 884 HAHU \3i) \ 23 AIHA MABU # C Rev MOJI O 's 28 KIYOADA MAHU C-Careo 5079 Ins ids Ufil Harbor II m$^ <~ -,-,- isspjn** HAHU #5(23)^ K ^,f (Si V!r\A \HICHIYO HABD (2)9 23 GIZAN MAHU C- 22 '/ 0 8 MIKAGZ MAHU # 3 OAHU N 23 YAMAOBI KABU C Outside MUCAMCESU Hte -fc _ 28 BASHU MAHU #87 C-Jishine 33-45H j F\ 00,, 23 AISHIH MAHU # 2 C- 5 MOJI 29 AHGSSU MAHU C- 882 Off ULSAH '/ /A ' AIKOSEH HABU (6)9 IHAHI HABU (24)^- C- anker Off PUKOU PV '/ 29 KOKYUMAHU C-Careo 2220 Fear PUSAH // 0 3 HOHAI HAHU #5 MAREF^ (4)~ HAHJIH MABU (6)9 HIHiKAWi MARJ (24) 9 23 NISSHO HAHU # 6 C- 642 KAMKOir Str. 9,, 29 HBISUI MAEU # 2 C , 28-59B,, HISSHO HARU (l6) KOHYO HAHU (24) " 23 KOCHO MAHU 6888 Off MOSUHB, t 29 YAHAMIZ MAR >> C-pnter 9965 SAGASAKI it O \ Q 'fflwa HAHU (25) ^ SHIHAI MARU (lgf" H0SUBSJHA. HAHK24) ^ CHBHIMAHffiH(lS) 23 SURUJCAifA HAHU # 2 C- 884 Of f WAKAMASU >, /, 29 SUHIYOSHI MAHU C-Careo 2300 Outside KAHAISHI Hbr. H_ Q3S0AMVi HffiuX 20 )9 EAIO MARU (25)^ 23 AEAKA HARU # 5 C H, 3O-55E o n O 29 HUSAir HARU C- 865 Hear SHIRASHIMA \ rr SABABG HARU(24)' >^ t Motor Salltoat (22)9 MEDCO HARU (27)9 EtHYU M4B!I#9fe4) n o 24 KOICHI MARU C- 873 *OSAN Hartor 9 29 MISU MARU # 2 C- IV 3 CVAKiMIYA. H I I. HOKKO GO (22)' " BUJSHU H*BUf55 (27) 9 KAKASI MtKU ( i to"" 24 IHARI MAHU C-Careo 2759 MOJI Harsor orv., 29 ASJKASH HABU C- 880 FUSAir V \ ^ V MISHU4A UMJ (pf>)'^~- AIHA KARU# (23)9 KIYOADA HABU (28) ^ KHEKAWA MABUl i ^ /'',, SBISHIH MAHU o n < * - 24 SASAHG MAHU C-anker 024 OKUROKAMI Islan d 29 C- W 35-H. 27-3CB IO HAHU (24)^ \KrOBAKU HARU #3 (20^ j-^ % IAHAD0BI HARU (23)9 HWSUH*! MARU #5(3)9 24 KISYU MARU # 9 C-anker Off SURUSHDtA,, 29 YUSHIH HABU C-anker 900 KJKP0.I of KORSA '/ '/ HISSHO HARU # (23)9 24 ASUKUSU MAHU HAGI O CBDKO KAHU C- 0 Off HDCO ', O C- 880 \ SAIXOKU MARU (22) A SERIA HARU (26)"" 24 KAASU MARU C-anker 2724 AWASH B U Anch. or> 30 SHOZAH HAHU # 2 C Off ULGI ', -fcc AgKBS ( gy. KHYU MAHU#4(28) 0 " 24 GYOKUBI MARU 024 O 30 YUZAH MAHU C-anker 33-55S, 3-^58 9 C k«.inrof amosuda A. '/ AGAMI HARU (iy** A 24 KJHOGAirB MAEU C-Careo _98J KOHS o n O 30 SHOKBI MAHU C-PasE HIAZU Bay o n A99WAKI HABU (27)9 HEIYU MARU (2)^ AItaif HARU ( 28)"" l\ V \ HOSI HABU#«5)"-' 9 UYO MARU (22)V BSISU MARJ #2 (29 F" 7h KOMYO MAHU C- 873 Off OKINOSHDU. Lt.,, 30 HOKJSAI MAHU C-ug 09 PUS AH,t 0 SHOJUH HAHU ( ) GIZAN MARU (23)9 24 IS E MARU # 2 C- 884 Off MIHOGASAKI i, 30 KOSHnr HAHU C- 868 Of f PAHG-O-JHf '/ ibsukusu HABU(24)9 ABAKA HARU #5 (23)"" 24 KAGBSU MABU C- gs2 Off UifAJIMA, 30 irrjkuair HAB U KAIZQBU, X GYOK^tiHABU { 24 )9 KBIHO KARU (25)^ 24 SHOKAI iasr ] C- 282 CtttBicteSHIMOSUffli ' 30 AHUYASU MABU KII0KAKA MAEU C-Carso Off YOSHIUHA * -K_ MASUURA HABU C-Cargp 384 Month o f YCEIir AZUHA Hflh^ (25) A3SDKASHI K*EJ( 29) 9 oh. rahabishi HARU #5 OYU HABU #6 (6)^ isnrma W>K«#e(23)9 KOI HAHU (6 )9 24 IO MAHU C o f KOHIHASB Lt JiL. 30 SHDKO MARU C- 882 KAKASA 3-y 0 SHCEAI HAEU # 2 (l<89 24 SUGAMUUA MAEJ 90 JISZAI Hartor,,./ 30 KASHI MAHU C-Cnrgo 884 SUHUGA " K.. YUSHIN MARU (27^ /^/ ( I \ MISU U * # 2 (29) 24 MUSUHEJIMA HARU C-ug 26 KAGAJ, OIA-ken,, -/ 30 KAMOGAWA KABU C 865 ULLUHO Island t r ^ ^ \ ODSHU HABU (22)" KOGA KABU (3)^ 24 S M MAHU HAKOEAB ' u 30 HISSHO MAHU C 5300 SURUOA 0 KOCHO KAHU te3)9 ^ V HINO MABU #g ()A 25 HOSEI MAHU C Moath MAIZURU Bay 9 " 30 K2HK0I MAEU # 5 C H B * X OXAI MAHU # 2 C- 290 // 3 MASWAB MAHU # 5 pusair V., H \ 25 EIAH MAHU C Off HKUHIYA,, 3 KOGA MARU C- t coas t of HOKKAIDO 0 0 NUMBER OF VESSELS LOS \ 25 BNWA MAHU C-anker 834 KA50A SHOJUir HAEU C-Careo 886 four MASAW O CLASSIFICAION OF 25 RYUEI HtRU #& C-anker part OKUROKAMI I. YOSHIOMO MARU # C-anker 26l r COMBA 00-MiA- NOM-COMBAAN VESSELS CAUSE 25 AZUMA HARU C- 9M-6 HAKAA Bay SHDO MAEU # C VESSEL VESSEL \ ^ / Oy^ 0 ARMY NAVY CIVILIAN MISSING 25 Knnru KAHU #6 C-anker 834 B coast AKISHHA HISO MAHU # 8 C-Careo 250 H Bntr. KAMMOH Str. J i. N A M E F 25 MBIHO HAHU C- 72 AOHNOSHO // O IMAZJGAWA MARU C-Careo 873 C " - 25 BAIO HAEU C ObK B // fsf 26 AJWEU FHIZBW GO C- 276g PUSAH SSRIA MAHU C-anker 20J8 Hear AIOI M 26 MISHIMA MARJ Hear HIZM. OSHXA,, /, V E S SEL *, / / 27 CHIKUZEN MAEU C ml.239 D KY0flASAKI -C _ y // OHERS 26 MIS AGO MABU #U 0 C-Fishln* t Off UKBO» i C_ i 27 JIHSUGAWA MAHU C 6859 rrjshiki 9 A HIKK0 MAHU Off CHOSBI

259 DAE 95 able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels L E R E N D \ \ EXEN SYMBOL MEANING X A 0 SUNK DAMAGE MEDIUM M NOR DAMA6E SslfjSb* RANACWPWO CAUSE SYMBOL MEANING SUBMARINE o M * In. ( %\ AIRCRAF BALE OHERS \y J YASHIEo (9 7 fa 0\f " KAHJJ (IS ) ~ o CD 39 (7h- ] _ MYAKS (2) 7 V 7 (2)9 0 CD 98 (ior ASA&AO (22) / n ^* Q 9 - i C li t Z r LLdi^ry^S' y y i CD 63 (0) CD 3 (^V^c^ 7^\ IKABA (l) S^~~» * %*- a^^ Mr V^» f >^ ^ Ch g (.3) CB V7 (6) ^ LS 2 OC^ LS 20 (5) o L59 (ll" OiM Ul ^ LSl ^ fll) LS 2 (9) ^ W (0 ^ DUfll (9) rv> CD 6 (l^la. rokim (9) ^ o YMA&I (9)"f " Ifc 6 (0) DA NAME OF VESSEL YPE g IEAHA F w 7 Ch 2 LS 2 0 CD 3 7 KYOSAI CD 39 Cha LS 2-9-] OKIWA CD S 7 YASHIHO AHAKJSA 33 us P SS AH PC LS D3 CMC EE SCS LS CM US D3 D3 AM LOSSES ON DA NAGE PLACE GAL'S XEN OOCEI Channel NA&ASAKI Bockjrard Centra l PACU K CHUJHAB (WAGAWA 0300 K0IW4.UDU 3i-'52K. l^q-'jgb H 050 W MAL L fee I t SJWAJI, BH MB-Ken OMCttO Mouth o f JJfflSl Hbr M OHAOAWA Sbr H V V n n n^ i^r. ^r, --^ X 3 0 K. 5 O 5 7 t 9 2 sl. 22 A O '/ t NAME OF VESSEL LS 53 EABA Pa 66 CB 6 CD 6 L-373 CD 7, 3 Cha 67 EASJJ CD 6 OKI MYAKS ASASAO YPE LS BD Pc SB m SS DE SCS SI DX OX m m ON NAGE PLACE LOSSE S SKiXHSKAlAVAIirAI, tms 5alS a of JLSI Lt 2-lbJ, 2-2 B» EAS CHUA SBA 3">-H Krnat Off mssjm 3-3S B 3»-5iH, Bntr. PtJSAH Hbr, KAWJON Strai t! MOSOB It. CAU SI f A -A _ ^i DtEifl O r< 0 K I± ^ _ A i { S^ ^. 9 9 IHACI YAHAGI m w HACHINOBE Harbor CMUrAO - ^ O 0 Pa Sk YPo Off HIIGAA Hbr. 0 0 LS 2 CD 63 LS I'SmiMJI, BRIKS-ken DB 08JCRI-SB0 0 W AH YAMABA Bay - ^ K - 0 CD 82 BE 7 mi.ssw KDMSDDAF 'V-. /, 0 CD 9«BE StiSHIMA Strai t ^v> 0 V JSL. O CAUSE OHERS NUMBER OF VESSELS LOS CLASSIFICAION OF COMBA COMBA NON-COMBAAN VESSELS VESSEL ARMY NAVY CIVILIAN M SSIN S 2 DAE NAME OF VESSEL OAL mm 2 sbbsil i ; 0 0 CD Wa 9 6 BIS Pc YAMADA Bs y /, -36 SS EJHE Nava l Baee or. 0 I "0' SS 0 «H i -53 SS * - 39

260 DAE able Showing Losses of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels IZU KAHU K. JUKO MARU KOirGO HASH #2 (0) IAEUIUS MAHU #6 (0) Oat sid e BASBnr Hbr Outsid e HASHB Hbr HOUHA. SUGARU St r KDJYU HABU NISSEO MARI #2(0) WffiO GO (3) 9 Month of RASHM Bbr CHOKAI HARU #2 (6) SASO HAH0 (2) UJDAHARU ( ^OYQAMA MARU SHOAI HAHt (3) 9 KAHEI MASU #7 (0) YORIHIMS HARU ( HAKKO MARU #4 (4) cj KARU#l6 (2) 9 KISSHO MARU (5) 9 SHOSHIHA MABU (9) 9 H05HI MARU #7 (0) BUMISU KARU(9) DUSBUSK4BU EAIO MAHU (0) -v BHIMO MAEH (0)" v " 3ASHIB HAEU (8)-U SBIBW. KAKU*/ (6h~ K0WA MASU H4HKI HABU # 9 SHOKAI MAHU 79) HIHO MARU #63 (9K KOKJIU KARUC* (3) 9 KjSHIH KAKU HARU #25 MARU BXlRESU HARU J A KAHU KABU GAMI MAEU MAHU 335 o f FUSHIKI Lt 5nlVo f SUHO-JIKA 250l tr g of HIRAISO U En S flgacuuq He r 3mlSSW HIMEJIHAIt MAEU (0) W o f HOKO, affpusai HIM M*EU#2(llJ HARU # (2) KAfiff (4)9 HAED OQCHI Chan. FAiAO YAMABISHI MARU #7 (3)9 5a l 20 o f SONJIS Oataia e HIIGAA Hbi Off HACHINOHB Hbr 8 S i 6 WAKAMASUM KO&UCHI Chan.HAIfAO ga l 300 o f MISHMA. KOZAJ HARU #2 (6) DAIRESU HAEU YURAKAWA KABU (2) 9 KIABAMI HAEU (l2>v~ SHMRI GO (9) GEHYO MAHU (9)9 IUBU (lut^ ASU*^ ^ KAHU (J ) < OateldB MIYAKO Hbr YAMABI3HI MAHU # B 5CPof BOBBHSBH - 240


262 SUBMARINE COMMANDING OFFICER DAE SUNK and/or (confirmed date) LOCAION SUMMARY SUBMARINE COMMANDING OFFICER DAE SUNK and/or (confirmed date) LOCAION SUMMARY -70 RO-66 RO Comdr. SANO, akao Lt. Comdr. KDROKAWA, Hideyuki Lt. Comdr. FUJIMORI, asuo Lt. Comdr. HASEGAA, Shun Lt. Comdr. KISHIGAMI, Koiehi Comdr. ISOBE, Akiro Comdr. SHIBAA, Genichi Lt. Comdr. YAJIMA, asuo Lt. Comdr. NIINA, Yoshio Lt. Comdr. NAEAI, Makoto (0 Dec 4) 7 Dec 4 (7 Dec 4) Near entrance to PEARL HARBOR 25 miles at 252 degrees off WAKE Island 29 Dec 4 KWAJALEIN Reef 7 Jan 42 (7 Jan 42) SUNDA Strait (20 Jan 42) Off POR DARWIN (27 Jan 42) (28 Feb 42) 6 May 42 (6 May 42) (25 May 42) ( Sep 42) At sea south of OAHU Island At sea south of OAHU Island Approximately 250 miles north of RABAUL South Sea Islands INDISPENSABLE Strait I Nov. Departed SAEKI. 0 NO. Arrived at KWAJALEN. Lt. Comdr. S3 Aug. 23 Nov. Departed EWAJALEIN, participated in PEARI RO-33 KURIYAMA, ( Sep 42) Off port HARBOR attack at sea south of OAHU Island. Shigeshl MORESBY 9 Dec. Missing after reporting on the enemy situation 4 miles at 20 degrees off DIA MOND HEAD. 6 Dec. Dec. 7 Dec. Departed INIAN; took station at sea near WAKE Island for support of WAKE inasion operation and patrol duty. ransferred from WAKE Invading Force to South Seas Force, but out of communication. 2030, collided with RO-62 entering the patrol sector, 25 miles at 252 degrees off WAKE Island and sunk instantly. 29 Dec. 0200, stranded on KWAJALEIN Reef (north end) and sank; Captain survived; entire crew rescued by submarine tender JINGEI at Jan. 7 Jan. Jan. 6 Jan. 9 Jan. 2 Jan. 2 Jan. 5 Jan. 25 Jan. Feb. 8 Feb. 4 Feb. Departed DAVAO 0600, arrived at SUNDA Strait; sighted one transport and attacked it, but without result; in the afternoon, attacked by British destroyer "JUPIER"; unable to cruise underwater; surfaced and fired guns and torpedoes but finally sank. 0900, departed DAVAO. Laid mines off POR DARWIN. Sighted one destroyer and three transports entering the port of DARWIN through CLARENCE Strait. Missing since reporting the above discovery. Departed KWAJALEIN for patrol and surprise attack in the HAWAIIAN area. Missing after making contact. Presumably reached patrol sector south of OAHU Island and sunk after encountering enemy counterattack. Departed KWAJALEIN for HAWAII to search for enemy task force. Reached sea south of OAHU Island, and on watch and patrol duty in that sea area. No contact after this date; missing. 30 Apr. Departed RUK, took station on CORAL SEA line of deployment, and engaged in CORAL SEA Battle. May. Ordered back to RUK. 6 May. elegraphed engine trouble 250 miles north of RABAUL; failed to return. 6 May. Departed SASEBO for KtfAJAISlN to participate in MIDWAY operation; missing enroute. 7 Aug. 24 Aug. 29 Aug. Departed RUK. Patrol and reconnaissance duty in SOLOMON Islands area. On patrol in INDISPENSABLE Strait since date. Last heard sending radio message: "Under heavy enemy air attack". RO-6-30 RO I-l -8 Lt. OKUOMI, oshisada Comdr. ENDO, Shinobu Lt. Comdr. EGI, Shoiohi Comdr. NARUSAWA, Chinao Lt. Comdr. OA, akeshi Comdr. ISHIXAWA, Nobuo Comdr. KAWAKAMI, Ichiro Lt. Comdr. UENO, oshitake Lt. Comdr. SAKAMOO, Eiichi Comdr. MURAOKA, omiichi 3 Aug 42 ( Sep 42) 3 Out 42 (3 Oct 42) 4 Nov 42 KISKA NAZAN Bay AKA Island 3 miles east of SINGAPORE Commercial Port (2 NO 42) SOLOMON Islands (27 Nov 42) (5 Dec 42) (9 Dec 42) SOLOMON Islands SOLOMON Islands Approximately 3 miles off KAMIMBO (5 Jan 43) NEW GUINEA 29 Jan 43 (29 Jan 43) Feb 43 ( Feb 43),000 meters north of KAMIMBO At sea south of SOLOMON Islands Departed RABAUL; station in watch of MORESBY. 25 Aug. Patrolled sea south of SAMARAI. 26 Aug. No communication made since this date; missing. 28 Aug. Departed KISKA to attack enemy ships in NAZAN Bay. 3 Aug. Entered NAZAN Bay after sunset; sighted one cruiser and one destroyer at anchor and torpedoed the oruiser; direct hit with torpedo; last heard from when they sent message of above action. 3 Oot. Departed SINGAPORE to return to JAPAN; hit mine 3 miles east of commercial port at 630 hours and sank. 3 petty officers and men killed out of crew of Sep. Departed 0MINA0 for patrol near KISKA. 4 NO. by hitting oeean floor after submerging because of enemy air attack. Sep. Departed YOKOSJKA to take watch duty in SOLOMON Islands area. 2 Sep. Reached SOLOMON Islands and: was stationed on line of deployment. Oot. Sighted a convoy heading north 40 miles east of KALAIA Island. 5 Oot. (approximate date) Missing since this date. 2 Oct. Departed RUK. Engaged in SOLOMON Operation. 23 Oct. Missing from about this date. 5 Oot. Departed RUK. Operated at sea east of GUADALCANAL Island. 3 NO. Missing since this date. 7 9 Dec. Dec. Departed SHORLAND to unload cargo at KAMIMBO. Attacked by enemy torpedo boat about 3 miles off KAMIMBO and was sunk. 6 Dec. Departed RABAUL for emergency transport to BUNA. 9 Dec. Liaison with land force impossible and unloading abandoned. 2 Dec. Last heard sending telegram she was due to return to RABAUL Jan. 29 Jan. 22 Jan. 25 Jan. Feb. Departed RABAUL for unloading at KAMIMBO. Pursued by two enemy patrol boats and two torpedo boats off KAMIMBO, fought and sunk; submarine commander killed; 66 men including senior officer, survived. Departed RUK to unload midget submarine for transport of cargo at ESPERANCE. Successful in unloading; then in charge of intercepting enemy reinforcement at sea east of GUADALCANAL Island. Saw enemy reinforcement at sea south of SOLOMON Islands and attacked; sank at 233 hours.

263 SUBMARINE COMMANDING OFFICER DAE SUNK and/or (confirmed date) LOCAION SUMMARY SUBMARINE COMMANDING OFFICER DAS SUNK and/or (confirmed date) LOCAION SUMMARY RO-34 It, OMA, Jiikichi (2 May 43) SOLOMON Islands 943 2~~ Apr. Departed RABA'JL at 200 hours to Droceed to east of RUSSELL Islands and attack enemy craft entering or leaving UIAGI port or GUADALCANAL Island area as required by "I-GO" Operation. 6 Apr. In charge of resorting on weather and enemy situation near RUSSELL Islands and rescue of plane crew in forced landing; no radio communication since this date. 6 Apr. Ordered to withdraw from the line and return to RABAUL, but no reply received; missing Lt. Comdr. HARADA, Hakue Lt. Comdr. NAKAJIMA. Sakae 9 Aug 43 (24 Oct 43) (0 Sep 43) 40 miles off NOUMEA Bay BISMARCK Archipelago Jul. Departed RUK for aircraft reconnaissance and shipping raid at ESPIRIU SANO and NOUMEA. 9 Aug. (Aporoximately 000 hours): Attacked by enemy aircraft 40 miles off NOUMEA Bay and sunk. 25 Jul. Departed RUK for RABAUL. 27 Jul. No messages received after reporting position at noon; missing. 28 Jul. Due RABAUL at 30 hours, but failed to arrive. -3 RO Lt. Coindr. INOUE, Kiku Lt. Comdr. KANEMOO, Shoji Comdr. HANABUSA, Hiroshi (4 May 43) (2 Jun 43) ( Jun 43) North PACIFIC (KISKA) At sea south of RABI North PACIFIC 3 May. Departed PARAMUSHIRO. 3 May. Completed unloading at KISKA; missing since then. 29 Apr. Departed RABAUL; advanced to south of RABI to cut enemy supply line toward MILNE Bay area and assault enemy vessels. 9 May. Radio communication failed after sending message reporting absence of enemy in the area. 5 May. Ordered to withdraw from the Line and return to RABAUL, but no repl received; missing. 2 May. Departed KURE. 27 May. Arrived at PARAMUSHIRO; engaged in operation in North PACIFIC area. 7 Jun. Out of communication since this date; missing. HO-3 5 RO-0-82 Lt. Comdr. MANABE, Masateru Lt. FUJISAWA, Masakata Lt, Comdr. Y0NEHARA. Minoru \2 Oct 43) ( Oct 43) (22 Oct 43) ESPIRIU SANO At sea south of SAN CRISOBAL he NEW HEBRIDES 6 Aug. Departed RUK to take s-tation in ESPIRIU SANO. 25 Aug, Reported sighting six transports. 8 Sep. No reply to request for report on enemy situation; missing. 0 Sep. Departed RABAUL at 400 hours; proceeded to southeast of SAN CRISOBAL Island to disrupt enemy supply line and attack enemy craft; encountered enemy and attacked, but sunk by enemy counterattack; missing 22 Aug. Departed RUK to take.position in the NEW HEBRIDES patrol sector. 8 Sep. No reply to request for report on enemy situation. 5 Sep. Ordered back to RUK but failed to return RO RO-03 Comdr. FUJII, Akiyoshi Lt. Comdr. NAGAI Katsuhiko Lt. Comdr. YUASA, Hiroshi Lt. C omdr. EGI, Shoichi Comdr. USUGI, Hide.Uro Lt. ICHM7RA, Rikinosuke (5 Jun 43) 28 Jun 43 (23 Jun 43) (4 Jul 43) ( Aug 43) Between late May and middle June (4 Aug 43) (0 Aug 43) North PACIFIC KISKA IO Bay SOLOMON Islands At sea east of AUSRALIA At sea northwest of NEW GEORGIA Island 0 Jun. Departed PARAMUSHIRO. 5 Jun. Due at KISKA, but failed to arrive; missing. 5 Jun. Departed PARAMUSHIRO for KISKA. 2 Jun. At 500 hours, engaged enemy patrol boat * in action one mile south of anchorage; conning tower hit, and five persona including commander killed. 22 Jun. Unloaded transport cargo, departed HIA Bay for Y0K0SUKA at 2000 hours; encountered about three enemy craft 0 miles south of Cape HIA at 225 hours and engaged in gun duel several times; sustained serious damages and ran aground at UAK0I -VA, MINAMI-SUID0 at 2300 hours. 23 Jun. Landed 43 survivors; boat to be destroyed by bomb by 5 July. 4 Jul. by accident while on_ patrol training in IYO Bay. (th Squadron) 30 Jun. departed RABAUL for RENDOVA Island. 4 Jul. Penetrated BLANCHE Channel from east of RENDOVA Island and searched for enemy in the channel. 6 Jul. Missing since date. Early in May. Departed RUK;reported missing while operating east of AUSRALIA. Jul. D eparted RABAUL. 3 Jul. Arrived at position, VANGA Bay, southern point of VANGO7 Island Jul. Sighted enemy craft thrice but no opportunity to attack. 28 Jul. Out of communication since date; missing RO-00 Comdr. OBIGA, Maseru Comdr, IRIE, atsu Lt. Comax. OSUKA, Susumu Lt, Comdr. OGAM, Hleao (24 Oct 43) 3 Nov 43 (3 Nov 43) (8 Nov 43) 5 Nov 43 (25 Nov 43) ESPIRIU SANO 5-26N, 08-6E he NEW HEBRIDES Approximately 2 miles west of OMAI Island outside North Channel of BUIN Jul. Departed RUK to take position in ESPIRIU SANO patrol sector. 24 Aug. Reported reconnaissance of aircraft in ESPIRIU SANO. 6 Sep. Ordered back to RUK about 20 September after reconnoitering SUVA, but failed to return; missing. Nov. Departed SINGAPORE for PENANG with special duty as ordered by Imperial Headquarters Navy Section Directive No Nov, (About 0730 hours) either by hitting mine or by enemy submarine 8,000 meters at 28 degrees off Cape MUKA lighthouse, PENANG Island. 9 Aug. Departed RUK to take station in the NEW HEBRIDES patrol sector. 30 Aug. Reported sighting two battleships and one aircraft carrier. 8 Sep. No reply to request for report on enemy situation. 5 Sep. Ordered back to RUK, but failed to return. 23 Nov. (0500 hours) Departed RABAUL for emergency transport to BUIN. 25 Nov. (740 hours) by enemy bombing while cruising underwater toward North Channel of BUIN

264 SUBMARINE COMMANDING OFFICER DAE SUNK and/or (confirmed date) LOCAION SUMMARY SUBMARINE COMMANDING OFFICER DAE SUNK and/or (confirmed date) LOCAION SUMMARY -2 RO RO RO-39-7 RO-0 Comdr. INADA, Hiroshi Lt. Comdr. NOMURA, Shunji It. Comdr. YAMAMOO, Hideo Lt. Comdr. KOBAYASHI, Shigeo Lt. Comdr. SAO, Sakuma Lt. Comdr. ANAKA, Makio Lt. Comdr. WAANABE, Katsuji Lt. Comdr. AOEA, Kiyoshi Lt. Comdr. ACHIGAMI, Rikuta Lt. Somdr. SHIMADA, akeo Lt. C omdr. SBAO, Kazuro (24 Dec 43) (2 Jan 44) (0 Jan 44) (2 Feb 44) {7 Feb 44) (20 Feb 44) (2 eb 44) ( Mar 44) (5 Mar 44) (2 Mar 44) (5 Mar 44) Around ARAWA Island GILBER Islands Area GILBER Islands Area GILBER Islands Area NEW HEBRIDES Islands Area Southwest of ARAWA Island Near MAKIN Island Near GIDIAGU Strait East of WOJE Island West of BUKA Island Indian Ocean. Area " Sep. Departed RUE; operated at sea south of FIJI Islands. 2 NO. Rushed to ARAWA Island to attack enemy craft. 27 NO. Out of communication since date; missing, 9 Nov. Departed RUE; missing -While operating in GILBER Islands Area. Oot. Departed RUK; operated in GILBER Islands Area, patrolling and attacking enemy ships. 22 NO. Missing after reporting sighting of strong enemy force. 7 Oct. Departed RUK; missing while patrolling and attacking enemy ships southeast of ARAWA Island. 944 S~ Jan. Departed RUK; missing while operating in the patrol sector of NSW HEBRIDES Islands Area NO. Departed RUK for F Patrol Sector southwest of ARAWA Island. 25 RO. (0330 hours) Arrived at F Sector; patrolled and attacked enemy ships. 3 Dec. (624 hours) Ordered to change scouting line but no reply; missing thereafter. 22 Nov. Departed RUK; missing while patrolling and attacking enemy ships in patrol sector near MAKIN Island, 944 IS" Jan. Departed RABAUL to carry out operational transport; due at GALI Island on 6 January, Missing after 6 January; Army and Navy forces on GALI Island reported the sinking of this craft while it was in action against enemy destroyers and motor torpedo boats in GIDIAGU Strait. 20 Jan. Departed RUK; operated in the waters east of MARSHALL Islands. 30 Jan. Ordered to rush to the area about 200 miles at 30 degrees off WOJE Island, and seize and destroy invading enemy ships. 2 Feb. (038 hours) Missing after sending urgent dispatch. 30 Jan. Departed RABAUL for BUKA at 530 hours. No contact after 3 February; presumed to have been sunk while in underwater action against enemy destroyers encountered west af BUKA Island. Early February 944. Departed EBNANG; missing while operating in BENGAL Bay: I-ll R Comdr. IZU, Juichi Lt. Comdr. IN0M00, Masayuki Lt. Comdr. ABAA, Sunao Lt. Comdr. KIDO, Yasuo Lt. Comdr. SHINOHARA, Shigeo Comdr. ENDO, Shinobu Lt. Comdr. SUZUKI, Katsuto Lt. Comdr. 0GAWA, sunayashi Lt. Comdr. YAMAGUCHI, Kazuo Lt. Comdr. FUKUMURA, oshiaki (20 Mar 44) (24 Mar 44) (26 Mar 44) (28 Mar 44) 4 Apr 44 (7 Apr 44) (8 Apr 44) (3 Apr 44) (27 Apr 44) (4 May 44) (5 May 44) South of FUNAFUI Island West of MARSHALL Islands Near MARSHALL Islands Inner South Seas Area About 2,800 meters at 34 degrees from Mt 0R0M0N of DUBLON I., RUK Islands. Inner South Seas Area South of RUK Northwest of SOLOMON Islands Northwest of SOLOMON Islands Indian Ocean Area Dec. Departed RUK; operated in SLLICI Islands Area. 3 Dec. Reconnoitered FUNAFUI Island by submerged cruising; patrolled and attacked enemy off the channel south of the island, 944 I Jan. Ordered to attack enemy ships in the ELLICE and SAMOA combat sectors, instead of reconnoitering FUNAFUI by aircraft; missing thereafter. 5 Mar. (0630 hours) Departed RUK to destroy enemy traffic line east of MARSHALL and to carry out operational transport to WOJE. 23 Mar. (223 hours) Missing after reporting sighting of anemy task force. 27 Jan. Departed RUK and proceeded to east of MARSHALL 30 Jan. Ordered to rush to the area 200 nautical miles at 30 degrees off WOJE Island; missing after reporting an anticipated action. 2 Feb. Missing after leaving RUK and proceeding toward the waters east of GILBER Islands. Anchored 2,800 meters at 34 degrees from Mt OROMON of DUBLON Island. 4 Apr. (0950 hoars) Lay on the bottom at the air raid warning but failed to rise to surface; captain survived. 9 Feb. Departed the western part of Inland Sea to carry out operational transport to RUK. 3 Feb. Arrived at SAIPAN; unloaded. 4 Feb. Departed SAIPAN and missing thereafter. 3 Apr. Departed the western part of Inland Sea; operated in the waters east of PALAU and then east of BROWN. 0 Apr, Ordered to defend the water3 south of RUK against enemy task forces. Apr. (746 hours) No reply to the request for anticipated action; missing thereafter. 5 Mar. (500 hours) Departed RUK. 9 Mar. (085 hours) Arrived at PALAU, received sui>ply and underwent repair; embarked personnel and materials to be transported. 23 Mar. Departed PALAU; due at RABAUL on 30 March but failed to reach; missing. 2 Apr, Completed unloading at HIKUSON Bay; sailed to RABAUL and took on personnel and materials to be transported. 4 Apr. (800 hours) Departed RABAUL; due in the south passage of RUK on April (500 hours), but failed to reach; missing. 4 Feb. Departed EENANG with the mission of reconnoitering ADDU AOLL, then engage in disrupting enemy traffic in ADEN Bay and Arabian Sea Area and return to EENANG in early April, but no contact since its departure. - 34S

265 SUBMARINE COMMANDING OFFICER DAE SUNK and/or (confirmed date LOCAION SUMMARY SUBMARINE COMMANDING OFFICER DAE SINK and/or (confirmed date LOCAION SUMMARY i-iao RO RO-04 RO-05 RO-06 RO-08 RO-6-6 Lt. C omdr. FUJIA, Hidenori Lt. C omdr. KAWASHIMA, Mamoru Lt. C omdr. SAEKI, akuo Lt. Comdr. OKADA, Hideo Lt. C omdr. WADA, Mutsuo Lt. Comdr. AKEUCHI, Yoshitaka Lt. IDEBUCHI, Susumu Lt. INOUE, Junichi Lt. UDA, Shigehiro Lt. KOHARI, Kanichi Lt. Comdr. OKABE, akeshi Lt. Comdr. FIMON, Shozo (20 May 44) (20 May 44) (29 May 44) ( Jun 44) (3 Jun 44) (25 Jun 44] (25 Jun 44) (25 Jun 44) (25 Jun 44) (25 Jun 44) (25 Jun 44) (30 Jun 44) North Pacific Area East of the PHILIPPINE Islands. Central Pacific About 4 miles 2 degrees off BOKA. IYO NADA(Sea) Northwest of SOLOMON Islands South Pacific Area South Pacific Area South Pacific Area Same as above Same as above SAIPAN Area * Mar. Departed OMINAO with the mission of destroying surface traffic and reconnoitering enemy situation in the area from east of UNALASKA Island (including DUCH HARBOR) to south of KODIAK Island; lost during the operation and failed to return to OMINAO on 3 May as scheduled. 6 Apr. Departed KURE for RUK. Apr. Arrived at RUK. 30 Apr. Departed RUK to intercept enemy task force. May. Presumably engaged the enemy in action (explosion of depth charges was heard by RO-08 at 0526 hours in the direction of RO-45.) 28 Apr. Departed west waterway of BUNGO Channel; scheduled to advance to RUK via SAIPAN but failed to reach SAIPAN; missing. 0 May. (000 hours) Departed RUK for operational transport; scheduled to arrive at BUKA on 8 May (730 hours). 3 May. (337 hours) Discovered by enemy patrol plane at 0-50S and 58-23E. 9 May. (200 hours) Attacked and sunk by enemy destroyers at 2 degrees 4 miles off BUKA (by radio intelligence). by accident during training. 4 May. Departed RUK to carry out operational transport to BUIN; missing after departure. 7 May. Departed RUK to reconnoiter enemy situation and patrol at station northwest of NEW IRELAND; missing after its departure. Same as above. 6 May. Departed RUK; engaged in reconnaissance of enemy situation and patrol duties at station northwest of NE*V IRELAND but missing after its departure for the operational zone. Same as above Same as above 5 Jun. Departed YOKOSUKA for mission in sea east of SAIPAN. 30 Jun. Reported attacking and sinking a presumed enemy oarrier at point 20 kilometers off the east shore of SAIPAN. Missing thereafter RO-36 RO-42 RO-44 RO- RO-4 RO-7-55 Lt. C omdr. NAEAJIMA. Seiji Lt. C omdr. RIKIHISA, Matsuji Lt. C omdr. ARAI, Jan Lt. KAWASHIMA, atsuo Lt. KUDO, Yoshinosuke Lt. C omdr. UESUGI, Sadao Lt. C omdr. NAKAMURA, Naozo Lt. AA, Yoshihiro Lt. Comdr. EN0M00, Yasuo Lt. Comdr. IZUSU, Monshiro (2 Jul 44) (2 Jul 44) (2 Jul 44) (2 Jul 44) (2 Jul 44) (2 Jul 44) (2 Jul 44) (2 Jul 44) (2 Jul 44) (5 Jul 44) Northeast of SAIPAN Near SAIPAN Near SAIPAN Around SAIPAN Around SAIPAN MARIANAS Islands Area Near SAIPAN Same as above Same as above Near INLAN Island 944 5~ May. Departed YOKOSUKA and advanced to the waters east of MARS!ALL Islands. Night of 2 Jun. Reconnoitered MEJURO Anchorage. 4 Jun. Rushed to the waters east of GUAM. 24 Jun. Attempted to evacuate the personnel of Sixth Fleet Headquarters on the east coast of SAIPAN but without success. 28 Jun. (080e hours) Missing northeast of SAIPAN after reporting its position as of noon of 27 June at 40 miles northeast of SAIPAN. 20 May. Departed YOKOSUKA. 2 Jun. Completed unloading at MIRI and despatched to patrol sector in MARSHALL Area. 5 Jun. Withdrew from patrol sector and rushed to SAIPAN; missing thereafter. Jun. Departed BUNGO Channel to carry out operational transport to WEWAK. 5 Jun. Missing after departing for the zone of decisive battle in the SAIPAN Area. 4 Jun. Departed homeland and advanced to SAIPAN. Jun. Started from SAIPAN; ordered to intercept invading enemy ships at station near SAIPAN, en route to patrol sector north of NSW GUINEA. 3 Jun. Missing after reporting enemy situation and weather near SAIPAN Island. 5 May. Departed YOKOSUKA; dispatched to patrol sector in MARSHALL Area; missing after moving to SAIPAN area on orders to intercept enemy invasion force in that area. 5 May. Departed KURE and advanced to SAIPAN. 23 May. Departed SAIPAN to patrol sector of MARSHALL Area. 3 Jun. Reconnoitered BROWN. 5 Jun. Missing since it started for SAIPAN and reported the result of reconnaissance of BROW. 4 Jun. Departed SAEKI for SAIPAN Area; missing thereafter. Same as above. 5 Jan. Departed SAEKI for SAIPAN area; missing thereafter. 5 Jul. Departed YOKOSUKA; operated with the object of transporting supplies to INIAN and evacuating flight personnel from the island. 4 Jul. (0444 hours) Missing after reporting that it was scheduled to reach INIAN after the night of 5 July



268 NOE he f o l l o w i n g a l p h a b e t i c a l list o f c o m b a t a n t vessels includes those listed i n Part \Oii a n d o t h e r s w h i c h did not incur any loss or d a m a g e w h a t s o e v e r i n W o r l d W a r LL I n the l a t t e r c a s e, no d a t a o t h e r t h a n t y p e a n d t o n n a g e w a s e n t e r e d a f t e r the n a m e o f the v e s s e l. C o n v e r t e d c o m b a t a n t vessels h a v e b e e n listed with the non-combatant v e s s e l s i n A p p e n d i x {B}

269 SUBMARINE COMMANDING OFFICER DAE SUNK and/or (confirmed date) LOCAION SUMMARY SUBMARINE COMMANDING OFFICER DAE SUNK and/or (confirmed date) LOCAION SUMMARY RO Lt. Comdr. ICHIOMI, Seita Lt. Comdr. DOI, akeshige Lt. Comdr. SWA, Koiehiro Lt. C omdr. KINASHI, akaichi (5 Jul 44) (9 Jul 44) 9 Jul 44 (22 Jul 44) 26 Jul 44 (26 Jul 44) About 00 miles east of SAIPAN islana. East ot SAIPAN 7 miles at 44 degrees off ONE FAHOM BK, SINGAPORE island. 20-lON, 2-55E 944 5" Jul. Started from KURE for station near SAIPAN. 2 Jul. Operated within 200 miles range off SAIPAN Island as occasion demanded; attacked enemy there. 3 and 4 Jul. Not heard from since reporting its withdrawal from the station due to enemy pressure while waiting in readiness at 30 miles nortit of SAIPAN. 9 Jul. Departed R'JK for YOKOSUKA. 9 Jul. After attacking enemy ships east of SAIPAN, sunk by their counter attack. 6 Jul. Departed PENANG; cruised to SINGAPORE to participate in the training of Striking Force and to dock for repairs. 7 Jul. (000 hours) by torpedo attack of enemy submarine 7 miles at 44 degrees off ONE FAHOM BK. 22 Jul. Departed SINGAPORE for KURE. 25 Jul. (0630 hours) Reported sighting surfaced enemy submarine at I3-30N, 5-40E. 26 Jul. (645 hours) by two torpedoes from enemy submarine at 20-lON, 2-55E Lt. Comdr. KAWASHIMA, Mamoru Lt. Comdr. NAKAYAMA, Denshichl Lt. Comdr. K0ND0, Fumltake (2 Nov 44) (20 Nov 44) (2 Dec 44) Same as above Same as above East of the PHILIPPINE Islands 944 IS Oct. Departed KURE; went into action to destroy enemy task forces attacking NAN SEI Islands, FORMOSA and later east of the PHILIPPINE Islands. 24 Oct. Ordered to rush to east of LEYE. 27 Oct. Patrol sector was changed to east of the PHILIPPINE Islands. 5 Nov. Ordered to change patrol sector to east of LAMON Bay but no reply received; missing thereafter. 5 Oct. Departed KURE; engaged in action to destroy enemy task force invading NANSEI Islands, FORMOSA and later east of the PHILIPPINE Islands; missing since 23 October. 9 Oct. Departed KURE; engaged in action to destroy enemy task force invading the waters east of the PHILIPPINE Islands. 24 Oct. Ordered to rush to east of LEYE. 27 Oct. Patrol sector was changed to east of the PHILIPPINE Islands. 3 Nov. one Essex-type aircraft carrier. 2 Nov. Not heard of since it reported having sound detected a presumed enemy task force. -52 RO PO Comdr. UNO, Kameo Lt. C omdr. NCRIA, Sa da to shi Lt. Comdr. MAKINO, akeo Lt. ISHIKAWA, Nagao Lt. C omdr. ^AANABE, Masaki Lt. C omdr. NISHIJCHI, Shoichi (2 Aug 44) (26 Aug 44) (3 Oot 44) (2 Nov 44) (8 Nov 44) (2 Nov 44) Bay of BISCAY Area Indian Ocean North of MARSHALL Islands Southeast of PALAU 'Vest of PALAU East of the *HILIF*>INE Islands 23 Apr. Departed SINGAPORE for Atlantic Ocean on special mission based on Imperial Headquarters, Navy Directive, No Jun. Contacted German submarine and embarked German liaison officers; operated thereafter on instructions of the Operations Department of German Navy; missing since August. 30 Mar. Departed KIEL for cruise; scheduled to arrive at PENANG in mid-july. May. Reported passing 30N-37W on 6 May; no contact thereafter. 4 Sep. (300 hours) Departed YOKOSUKA to carry out operational transport; due at WAKE Island in late September; missing since 30 September. 8 Sep. Departed the western part of Inland Sea to patrol sector between PALAU and MINDANAO. 24 Sep. Hissing after departing to attack' enemy near PALAU. 9 Sep. Departed the western part of Inland Sea to patrol sector between PALAU and MINDANAO. 24 Sep. Departed to attack enemy near PALAU. 4 Oct. Ordered back to KURE after reconnoitering ULIHI, but no reply; presumed to have been operating around PALAU up to 5 October. 3 Oct. Departed KURE; went into action to destroy enemy task force attacking NANSEI Islands, FORMOSA and later PHILIPPINE Islands Area. 24 Oct. Ordered to rush to east of LEYE. 25 Oct. Reported sighting 4 enemy aircraft carriers. 27 Oct. Ordered to change patrol sector to east of the PHILIPPINE Islands and on 5 November to east of LAMON Bay but no reply received; missing thereafter Lt C omdr. YAMAGUCHI, Kozaburo Comdr. K0M00, Nobuo Lt. C omdr. SHIMOSE, Yoshiro Lt. C omdr. NAKAMURA, " Motoo Lt. C omdr. OYAMA, Zenshin (2 Dec 44) (6 Dec 44) (6 Dec 44) (20 Dec 44) (2 Jan 45) Same as above Near PALAU Island East of the PHILIPPINE Islands East of B0NIN Islands Near ULIHI 9 Oct. Departed KURE; engaged in action to destroy enemy task forces invading the waters east of the PHILIPPINE Islands. 24 Oct. Ordered to rush to east of LEYE. 26 Oct. Reported sighting of small convoy to the east of patrol sector and frequent detection of sound. 27 Oct. Ordered to change natrol sector to east of the PHILIPPINE Islands but no reply received. 8 Nov. Departed KURE as a craft of KIKUSUI Squadron (KAIEN Special Attack Unit) to carry out surprise attack with human torpedoes against enemy ships at anchor in KOSSOL Passage at dawn of 20 November; missing after its departure. 9 Oct. Departed KURE and operated in the area east of PHILIPPINE Islands. 24 Oct. Ordered to rush to east of LSYE. 27 Oct. Patrol sector was changed to east of the PHILIPPINE Islands. 5 Nov. Ordered to depart from patrol sector and to reconnoiter NGUL; reported sighting enemy task force on the move; reported missing thereafter. 6 Nov. Departed RUK to east of BONU Islands, but missing thereafter; captain returned safely Jan. Departed western part of Inland Sea to carry out surprise attack on enemy ships at ULIHI; missing thereafter

270 DAE SUNK DAE SUNK COMMANDING COMMANDING SUBMARINE and/or LOCAION SUMMARY SUBMARINE and/or LOCAION SUMMARY OICSR OFFICER (confirmed date) (confirmed date) RO-2 RO-3 RO-5 RO RO Com dr. KUDO, Kaneo Lt. G omdr. NAKAJIMA, Hid&nosuke Lt. YUCHI, Makoto Lt. HARADA, Kiyoshi Lt. AKEMA, Chuzo Lt. Comdr. SUVA, Koichiro Lt. KAMIJUKOKU Yasuo Lt. Comdr. IRISA'VA, Mitsuteru Lt. SUKIGAA, Masaki Lt. FUJIKAWA, Susumu (3 Jan 45) About 4N-7Z (5 Feb 45) CAROLINE Islands Area (20 Feb 45) LUZON Strait 944 4~ Oct. Departed western part of Inland Sea; after passing through Japan Sea and SUGARU Strait, engaged in disrupting enemy communioation lines east of HA"JAII, AHII and MARSHALL Islands. According to enemy radio intelligence, i t sank 2 transoorts at 27N-42W on 3 October, and, cruising through South Pacific a long the west coast of AMERICA, i t sank more than one large tanker and one trans>ort respectively in the Central Pacific in December ~~ Jan. According to intelligence the craft seems to have been discovered at 4N 7E; missing thereafter. Jan. Feb. (20 Feb 45) Same as above Same as above (2 Feb 45) 'Vest of the PHILIPPINE Islands ( Mar 45) Same as above (2 Mar 45) East of South Sea Islands (4 Mar 45) Near IWO -IMA (4 Mar 45) Same as above (24 Mar 45) Same as above (00 hours) Departed YOKOSUKA; engaged in operational transport and scheduled to arrive at MAHI0AN about 2 January and at RJK about 25 January. Failed to arrive at MARI0AN; missing. 9 Feb. Departed AKA0 to carry out operational transport between BAJLINAO and AKAO but did not arrive at BAULINAO; missing. 22 Jan. 2 Feb. 27 Jan. Feb. 2 Feb. Departed SINGAPORE and advanced to west of the PHILIPPINE Islands but missing. Ordered to withdraw from patrol sector and enter the port of AKAO to undertake operational transport between BAULINAO and AKAO but did not arrive at the port. Departed KURE. After passing west of LUZON Island, headed for patrol sector below 3-30N. Missing after reporting engagement with enemy aircraft and scheduled arrival at patrol sector. 3 Jan. After carrying out operational transport between RUK and INIAN, departed RUK for YOKOSUKA. Did not arrive at YOKO- SUKA on 22 February as scheduled; missing. 20 Feb. Departed KURE as a submarine of CHIHAYA Squadron (KAIKN Special Attack Unit) to carry out surprise attack on enemy task force likely to invade IWO JIMA area about 25 February, but missing since it s departure. 6 eb. Deuarted KURE and advanced to east of NANSEI Islands to intercept enemy task force leaving JI.IHI on February and moving northward. 7 Feb. Ordered to change it s station to the vicinity of IWO JIMA, but no contact thereafter. 2 Feb. Departed BUNCO Channel as a craft of CHIHAYA Squadron (KAIEN Special Attack Unit), to carry out surprise attack on enemy task force likely to invade IWO JIMA area (about S5 February); missing since its denarture. RO-64-3 RO-4 RO-49 RO RO-46 R Lt. Comdr. MUO, Keigo Lt. Comdr. SHINOHARA, Shigeo Lt. HONDA, Yoshikuni Lt. GO, Comdr. Yasuo Lt. NAGAMASU. Masateru Lt. Comdr. MASJZAWA Seiji Lt. Comdr. MASADA, Keiji Lt. Comdr. KIMURA, Masao Lt. NAKAGAWA, Hiroshi Lt. MIHARA, Shosaku Lt. MASUURA Masaharu Lt. AKAHASHI Shingo f-65 Lt. C omdr. 0N0. Yasushi 2 Apr 45 (3 Anr 45) 0,000 mtrs at 256 degrees off KABE I, HIROSHIMA Bay (5 Apr 45) Near OKINAWA (5 Apr 45) Same as above (5 Anr 45) Same as above Apr. (423 hours) Hit mine and sank while training in HIROSHIMA Bay. 20 Mar. 28 Mar. 3 Mar. 22 Mar. Departed KURE to attack enemy task force invading OKINAWA area. Missing after reporting sighting enemy craft; commander returned safely. Departed 3UNG0 Channel to attack and destroy enemy OKINAWA Invasion force southeast of KYUSHU. Missing after reporting on enemy situation. Same as above. 25 Mar. Missing after tion reporting on enemy situa- Same as above. (5 Apr 45) Same as above Missing with no contact since its departure. (2 May 45) Same as above (2 May 45) Same as above (2 May 45) Southeast OKINAWA (7 May 45) Same a s above 0 Jun 45 (0 Jun 45) (25 Jun 45) 8 Jul 45 (8 Jul 45) 6 miles at 20 degrees off lighthouse of ROKUGO Cape, ISHIKAWA "refecture Southeast OKINAWA 4 Apr. Departed western part of Inland Sea as component of AARA Squadron {KAIEN Special Attack Unit) to attack enemy OKINAWA invasion force; missing since it s departure. 3 Mar. Departed BONGO Channel as a component of AARA Squadron (KAIEN Special Attack Unit) to attack and destroy enemy OKI NAWA invasion force; missing since it s departure. of 6 Apr. Departed to attack enemy OKINAWA invaaion force; missing since 7 April. of 2 Apr. Departed SASEBO to attack enemy OKINAWA invasion force; no contact since its do parture. 0 Jun. (45 hours) Departed MAIZURtJ: sunk by torpedo in engagement with enemy submarine en route to Altttfl on northern coast of NANA0 Bay. 24 May Departed BUNGO Channel as a component of 0DOR0KI Squadron (KAIEN Special Attack Unit) to disrupt enemy supply route about 400 miles east of OKINAWA. Scheduled to arrive at patrol sector about June but no contact since it s departure. 8 Jul. by enemy air attack while anchored YOKOSUKA in YOKOSUKA. 5 Jun. Departed HIKARI for east of MARIANAS as a component of 0DOR0KI Squadron (KAIEN Speoial Attack Unit). Late Jun. According to enemy radio intelligence, great results were achieved by human torpedo attaok but their actual date, etc. are unknown. Missing since early July. (29 Jul 45) Eas t o f MARIANAS - 246

271 SUBMARINE COMMANDIKG OFFICER DAS SOIK and/or (confirmed data) LOCAION SUMMARY -35 Comdr. OKAYAMA, Nobor u (5 Jul 45} Near South China Sea 945 SS Jun. 6 Jul. Jul. Departed SASEBO to carry out operational transport. Arrived at SINGAPORE. Departed SINGAPORE and missing enroute to SASEBO. -3 Comdr. OHASRI, KatBUo ( Aug 45) Central Pacific 2 Jul. Departed MAIZURU to carry out operational transport cruising southward in the waters east of MARIANAS ana due at RUK on 5 July; missing'after its departure Lt. Comdr. INOBI, ukio (4 Aug 45) Bast China Sea 9 Aug. Departed SASEBO; missing while engaged in operational transport duties between the homeland and FORMOSA

272 NAME 0 VESSEL YPE 0 VESSEL ONNAGE ASSESSMEN DAE CAUSE NAME 0 VESSEL ONNAGE ASSESSMEN ]DAE CAUSE LOCAION LOCAION YPE OF VESSEL ABUKUMA Light Cruiser Oct 44 Near LEYE coast Defense Ship No.8 Escort Vessel 740 Missing 29 Mar N, 09-6E AGANO Light Cruiser Feb mi. north of RUK Coast Defense Ship No.9 Escort Vessel Jan 45 3ape S. JACQUES AGUNI Escort Vessel 940 Coast Defense Ship No.20 AJIRO Escort Vessel Dec N, 20-SE Coastal layer 720 Oet N, 39-25E Coast Defense Ship No.2 Escort Vessel 750 Missing 6 Oct N, 8-22E AKAGI Carrier- < * ^ -"5 Jun mi. north of MIDWAY I. Coast Defense Ship No.22 Escort Vessel 740 AKASHI Repair Ship Mar 44 PALAU Coast Defense Ship No.23 Escort Vessel Jan 45 North of (JUINHON, F.I.C. AKASUKI Destroyer Nov 42 Sea battle LUNGA Coast Defense Ship No.24 AKEBONO 700 Escort Vessel Jun 44 IW0JMA Destroyer 3 Nov 44 CAVIE Coast Defense Ship No.25 Escort Vessel May N, 22-49E AKIGUMO Destroyer 2000 Apr mi. 2 of ZAMBOANGA Coast Defense Ship No.26 Escort Vessel 740 Medium damaga 30 Mar 45 YULIN, HAINAN I. AKIKAZE Destroyer 25 3 Nov mi. NW of MANILA Coast Defense Ship No.27 Escort Vessel 750 Slight danege 30 ju l N, 28-27E AKISHIMO Destroyer Nov 44 CAVIE Coast Defense Ship No.23 "Escort Vessel Dec 44 3 mi.w of HERMANA MAYOR X, AKISUSHIMA Seaplane ender Sep 44 CORON Area, PHILIPPINES Coast Defense Ship No.29 "Sscort Vessel 750 Median damage 28 May N, AKZUK Destroyer unk 25 Oot mi. east of LUZON Strait Coast Defense Ship No.30 Escort Vessel Jul 45 Near KOBE AMAGI Carrier 7500 Capsized 24 Jul 45 KJRE Coast Defense Ship No.3 Escort Vessel Apr 45 West of QUBLPAR I. AMAGIRI Destroyer Apr S, 6-45E Coast Defense Ship No.32 Esoort Vessel 740 Slight danage 3 Apr 45 Airoraft 3-57N, 24-47E AMAKUSA Bscort Vessel Aug 45 ONAGAWA Hbr., NE coast of HONSHJ Coast Defense Ship No.33 Escort Vessel 750 Hissing 23 Mar N, 3-45E AMAMI Escort Vessel 940 Coast Defense Ship No.34 Vessel 740 AMASUKAZE Destroyer Apr N, 7-40E Escort Coast Defense Ship No.35 Escort Vessel Jan 45 Near cape PADARAN AOBA Heavy Cruiser 700 eavy damage 24 Jul 45 KURE Coast Defense Ship No.36 Escort Vessel 740 Slight danage 5 Mar 45 Airoraft 23-3N, 6-52E AOAKA layer Sep 44 7-ON, 6-OE Coast Defense Ship No.37 Escort Vessel 750 Slight danage 6 Aug N, 39-58E ARAIZAKI Coastal layer 720 Coast Defense Ship No.38 Vessel Nov 44 ARARE Escort 60 mi. west of MANILA Destroyer ul 42 Entrance of KISKA Bay Coast Defense Ship No.39 Escort Vessel Aug 45 NearKUCHEI., S coast of KOREA ARASAKI Storeship 920 Disabled Feb 45 Hine West of SOERABAJA Coast Defense Ship No.40 Escort Vessel 740 Slight damage 24 Mar 45 ARASHI Destroyer Aug 43 orpedo boat Near N entrance of VELLA Gulf Coast Defense Ship No.4 Escort Vessel Jun 45 SUSHIMA Strait ARASHIO Destroyer Mar ml SE of Cape CREIN Coast Defense Ship No.42 Escort Vessel Jan mi. west of OKINAWA ARIAKE Destroyer Jill 43 0 mi. north of ULUVJ Coast Defense Ship No 43 Escort Vessel Jan 45 Near Cape PADARAN ASAGAO Destroyer 82 Slight damage 28 ul 45 W of BISAN SEO, SEO Inland Sea Coast Defense Ship No.44 Escort Vessel Mar N, 28-2E ASAGIRI Destroyer Aug 42 SOLOMON Is. are a Coast Defense Ship No.45 Escort Vessel 750 Strande d 28 jul 45 YOKOSUKA ASAGUMO Destroyer Oct 44 Surface oraft LEYE Coast Defense Ship No.46 Escort Ve sse Aug N, 26-2E ASAHI Repair Ship May mi. SE of CAMRANH Bay Coast Defense Ship No 47 Vessel Aug 45 ASAKAZE Escort 35-4N, 34-38E Destroyer Aug mi. west of LIHGAYER Coast Defense Ship No 48 Escort Vessel 740 ASAMA raining Ship 9240 Coast Defense Ship NO 49 ASANAGI Vessel 750 Destroyer May 44 Escort 90 mi. NW of CHICHIJIMA Coast Defense Ship No 50 Escort Vessel 740 Heavy damage May 45 Off WAKAYJMA ASASHIMO Destroyer Apr 45 South of KYUSHU Coast Defense Ship No 5 Escort Vessel jan 45 North of QUINHON, F.I.C. ASASHIO Destroyer 500 3unk 3 Mar mi. SE o f Cape CREIN Coast Defense Ship No 52 Escort Vessel 740 Slight daoage 5 Apr N, 6-0E ASRIGARA Heavy Cruiser unk 8 Jun 45 North tip of BANGKA I. Coast Defense Ship No 53 Vesse Feb 45 ASHIZAKI Escort Sito marine -55N, 09-20E Auditory layer 420 ASHIZURI Coast Defense Ship No 54 Escort Vessel 740 Heavy damage 5 Dec 44 N tip of CALAYAN I., LUZON St Jun N, 20-55E ASUKA Coast Defense Ship No 55 Vessel 750 Slight dasage 5 jul 45 Comm. Ship OARU 860 Escort AADA (Ex-YA-SEN) Coast Defense Ship No 56 Escort Vessel Feb 45 5 mi. east of MIKURAJJMA raining Ship 520 Coast Defense Ship No 57 Vessel 750 AAGO Heavy Cruiser Oot 44 Escort 9-23N, 7-7E Coast Defense Ship No 58 Escort Vessel 740 AAKA River Gunboat 725 Coast Defense Ship No 59 AAMI Escort Vessel 750 River Gunboat 70 Damaged 7 May 42 K0NAN Yard, SHANGHAI Coast Defense Ship No 60 Escort Vessel 740 AWAJ Escort Vessel Jun 44 NearKASHO L, E coast of FCBMOSA Coast Defense Ship No 6 Escort Vessel 750 Median, damage 9 Feb 45 0 ml 88 of Cape S. JACQUES AANAMI Destroyer 700 3unk 5 Nov 42 Sea battle SOLOMON Is. Coast Defense Ship No. 63 Escort Vessel 750 Disabled 20 Sep N, 9-OE AZUMA raining Ship 8640 BOKO Coast Defense Ship No. 64 Coastal layer Sep 43 Escort Vessel Dec 44 East of HAINAN I. East of BUKA Coast Defense Ship No. 65 Vessel jul 45 CJUBURI 940 3unk Escort MUR0RAN Escort Vessel 2 Jan 45 Cape S. JACQUES Coast Defense Ship No. 66 CHID0R Escort Vessel Mar 45 S end of NAMOA i, S CHINA orpedo Boat Dec 44 0 ml west of OMAEZAKI Coast Defense Ship No. 67 CHIKUBU 940 Escort Vessel 750 Escort Vessel Coast Defense Ship No. 68 CHIKUMA Sscort Vessel 740 Missing 24 Mar ON, 26-30E Heavy Cruiser unk 25 Oct 44 Sea battle East of EEYE Coast Defense Ship No 69 Escort Vessel Mar 45 Storm 9-2N, -50E CHIOSE Carrier unk 25 Oct mi. east of LUZON Strait Coast Defense Ship No 7 Escort Ve sse 750 CHIYODA Carrier Oct mi. east of LUZON Strait Coast Defense Ship No 72 Escort Vessel 740 ju l 45 West coast of KOREA CHOGEI ender 560 Slight damage 8 May 42 Collision IY0 Channel, SEO Inland Sea Coast Def en se Ship No 73 Escort Vessel Apr 45 2 m l 24 of ODOZAKI CHOKAI Heavy Cruiser Oct 44 Sea battle East of LEYE Coast Defense Ship No. 74 Escort Vessel jul 45 MUR0RAN CHUYO Carrier Dec ml east of HACHIJOJIMA Coast Defense Ship No. 75 Escort Ve sse 750 Coast Defense Ship No. Sscort Vessel Apr N, 7-40E Coast Defense Ship No. 76 Escort Vessel 740 Coast Defense Ship No. 2 Escort Vessel 740 Stranded 30 Jul 45 MAIZURU Coast Defense Ship No. 77 Escort Vessel 750 Coast Defense Ship No. 3 Escort Vessel Jan 45 North Of KSELUNG Coast Defense Ship No. 78 Escort Vesse 740 Coast Defense Ship No. 4 Bscort Vessel Jul 45 YOKOSUKA Coast Defense Ship No. 79 Escort Vessel 750 Coast Defense Ship No. 5 Escort Vessel 750 Abandoned 2 Sep 44 North of MASINLOC Coast Defense Ship No. 8 Escort Vessel 750 Slight damage 22 Apr 45-26N, 23-30E Coast Defense Ship No. 6 Escort Vessel Aug 45 Sutmarine 42-6N, 42-2E Coast Defense Ship No. 82 Sscort Vessel Aug 45 7 m l SSW o f KUMSUDAN Coast Defense Ship No. 7 Escort Vessel Nov 44 Sutrasrine 250 mi. west of LUZON I. Coast Defense Ship No. 84 Escort Ve sse Mar N, 09-6E Coast Defense Ship No. 3 Escort Vessel 740 Heavy damage 8 Oct N, 6-38E Coast Defense Ship No. 85 Escort Vessel 750 Coast Defense Ship No. 9 Escort Vessel Peb N, 25-37E Coast Defense Ship No. 87 Sscort Vessel 750 Slight dasage 9 Aug 45 of UNGCEEHbr., NE coast < KOREA Coast Defense Snip No.0 Escort Vessel Sep 44 0 mi. NNW of AMAMIOSHIMA Coast Defense Ship No. 95 Escort Vessel 750 edium damage 5 ju l 45 Collision SURUMI Harbor, OKYO Bay Coast Defense Ship No. Escort Vessel Nov 44 ORMOC Bay Coast Defense Ship No.02 Escort Vessel 740 Slight damage 28 Mar 45 KSELUHG Coast Defense Ship No.2 Escort Vessel 740 Slight danage 6 Feb mi.nw of CHICHIJIMA Coast Defense Ship NoJ04 Escort Vessel 740 Coast Defense Ship No.3 Escort Vessel Aug N, 34-38E Coaot Defense Ship Nol06 Escort Vessel 740 Slight damage 28 Mar 45 CEELUNG Coast Defense Ship No.4 Escort Vessel 740 C: ' ' Defense Ship NoJJ.2 Escort Vessel ju l N, 42-6E Coast Defense Ship No.5 Escort Vessel un 44 SW of Cape S. J2CQUSS, F. I. C. C'J-. v Defense Ship No.8 Escort Vessel 740 Coast Defense Ship No.6 Escort Vessel 740 Slight damage 3 Aug N, 42-2E C:*st ^ "ense Ship No.24 Escort Vessel 740 edium damage 0 Apr 45 ear FJA0I I. Coast Defense Ship No.7 Escort Vessel Jan 45 Cape S. JACQUES Coast Defense Ship No.26 Escort Vessel

273 NAME OF VESSEL Y P E O F V E S S E L ONNAGE ASSESSMEN DAE CAUSE LOCAION NAME OF VESSEL YPE OF VESSEL ONNAGE ASSESSMEN DAE CAUSE LOCAION Coast Coast Coast Coast Coast Coast Coast Coast Coast Coast Coast Coast Coast Coast Coast Coast Coast Coast Coast Coast Coast Coast Coast Coast Coast Coast Coast Coast DAIO ENOKI ENOSHIMA ERIHO EOROFU FUBUKI FUJI FUJINAMI FUKUE FJMIZUKI FURUAKA FOSHIMI FUSO FUAGAMI FUAMI FUYO FUYUZUKI HA-0 HA-02 HA-03 HA-04 HA-05 HA-06 HA-07 HA-08 HA-09 HA- HA-20 HA-202 HA-203 HA-204 HA-205 HA-207 HA-208 HA-209 HA-20 HA-26 HABUSHI HABUO HACHIJO HAGI HAGIKAZE HAGURO HAKACHI HAKAZE Defense Defense Defense Defense Defense Defense Defense Defense Defense Defense Defense Defense Defense Defense Defense Defense Defense Defense Defense Defense Defense Defense Defense Defense Defense Defense Defense Defense S h i p S h i p S h i p S h i p S h i p S h i p S h i p S h i p S h i p S h i p S h i p S h i p S h i p S h i p S h i p S h i p S h i p S h i p S h i p S h i p S h i p S h i p S h i p S h i p S h i p S h i p S h i p S h i p N o. 3 0 N a l 3 2 N o. 3 4 N o N o. H 4 N o. 5 0 N o N 0. B 6 N o J 5 8 N o. 6 0 N 0. M 6 N o. 9 0 N o N o. 9 4 N o. 9 6 N o. 9 8 N a N a N o N a N o N o. 2 3 N a 2 5 N o. 2 7 F o. 2 9 N o. 2 2 N o N o Escort Vessel Escort Vessel Escort Vessel Escort Vessel Escort Vessel Escort Vessel Escort Vessel Escort Vessel Escort Vessel Escort Vessel Escort Vessel Escort Vessel Escort Vessel Escort Vessel E9oort Vessel Escort Vessel Escort Vessel Escort Vessel Escort Vessel Escort Vessel Escort Vessel Escort Vessel Escort Vessel Escort Vessel Escort Vessel Escort Vessel Escort Vessel Escort Vessel Escort Vessel Destroyer Auxiliary layer Escort Vessel Destroyer raining Ship Destroyer Escort Vessel Destroyer Heavy Cruiser River Gunboat Battleship Salvage and ug River Gunboat Destroyer Destroyer } rana) SubmarIne(ra nsj Sutmarine[rana) Submar ine(ran s) (rana) (rana)!rana) (rana) (rana)! rans.) Submar ine Escort Vessel Escort Vessel Escort Vessel Destroyer Destroyer Heavy Cruiser arget Ship Destroyer hissing leavy damage Sligrt damage Slight damage iunk Slight damage Slight aamage [edium damage Slight aamage fedium damage Slight damage Slight damage Vtediim damage Heavy damage fediun damage Stranded Slight damage Slight aamage Slight damage Medium damage Sligat damage Mar Oct Apr Jan Feb Feb Jun Apr Apr Jul Aug Jun Aug May Jul Jul 26 Jun 45 4 Mar 42 2 Oct 42 Oct Mar Feb Oct Nov Oct Dec Apr Apr Jun May jul Aug May oilis ion ine Wine Accident Slight damage 4 Jul 45 5 Jul 45 Slight damage 5 Jul ia a Sea battle Sea battle wine A i r c r a f t A i r c r a f t o r d e d o b e a t S e a b a t t l e 23 Jan 43 S u b m a r i n e 4-44N, 09-6E 2llm i 205 of ASHIZJRUSAKI 23-55N, 7-40E Off SAN FERNANDO 4-N, 04-35E Coast of WENCH0N, Central CHINA KANM0N Strai t Near ^.entrance of BVNMOR Channel AMAMIOSHIMA ANABE Hbr., S coas t of HONSHU SUSHIMA Strai t 39-3N, 42-39E SUSHIMA Strai t Outside MYAZU Harbor SENZAKI Bay, E coast of HONSHU Outside OARU Harbor HAKODAE Near HAKODAE East mouth of SUGARU Strai t 0BAMA Bay, N coast of HONSHU 65 mi. south o f BIIXION I. Near SAVO I. Northwest o f PANAY I. ISHIGAKIJIMA, RYUKYU RUK 5 mi- west o f SAVO I. ANKING, YANGZE LEYE SUBIC Bay 30-40N, 28-3E 0 mi. below WOOSUNG Mouth of OKYO Bay KAA0KA Bay, KURIIE Is. S of V/AE3HMA, SEO Inland Sea 9 mi. of KOLOMBANGARA Off PE^ANG Channel west o f KAVI^HG HAKOSA HAVAKAZE HAMANAM : - jjazja HARI0 HARUKAZS HARUNA HARUSAME HARUZUK HASHIDAE HASHIMA HASHIMA HASU HAAKAZE HAO HASUHARU HASJKARI HASUKAZE HASUSHIM0 HASJAKA HASUUME HASUY'JKl HAS7ZAKURA HASUZUK. HAYABSA HAYANAMI HAYASAKI HAYASE HAYASHIM0 HAYASHI0 HAYASC HAYAE HAYA0M0 HEIYO (Ex-HERALD) HIBIKI HIBURI HIEI HIN0KI HIRA HIROSHIMA HIRAO HIRYU HIONOSE HIYO HIY0D0RI HODAKA HOKAZE HOSHO H0Y0 (Ex-POLLUX) H0ZU HYUGA I ransport Destroyer Destroyer Destroyer Destroyer Battleship De stroyer Destroyer River Gunboat Cable Layer Salvage and ug Destroyer Destroyer orpedo Boat Destroyer.orpedo Boat Destroyer Destroyer layer Destroyer Destroyer Destroyer Destroyer orpedo Boat Destroyer Provision Storeship Repair Ship Destroyer Destroyer Destroyer Surveying Ship Destroyer Escort Vessel Battleship Destroyer River Gunboat Coastal layer Escort Vessel Carrier Repair Ship Carrier orpedo Boat Escort Vessel Destroyer Carrier Obaervation Ship River Gunboat Battleship S u b m a r i n e - S u b m a r i n e S u b m a r i n e S u b m a r i n e S u b m a r i n e S u b m a r i n e S u b m a r i n e S u b m a r i n e S u b m a r i n e S u b m a r i n e S u b m a r i n e S u b m a r i n e S u b m a r i n e S u b m a r i n e S u b m a r i n e S u b m a r i n e S u b m a r i n e S u b m a r i n e S u b m a r i n e O Median damage Foundered S u n k S u n k S u n k S l i g h t f t a f f g g * Kiss Ing Missing Missing Slight damage Stranded sunk Slight damage flediun damge S i n k S u n k K i s s i n g H e a v y d a m a g e S u n k S u n k S u n k S u n k S u n k S u n k S u n k Slight Straided soak foundered Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing hissing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Hissing Missing 8 J u n A p r 4 5 N o v M a r N O V j u l J u n M a y A p r J a n O c t N o v N o v N o v J u l M a y j u n J u l O c t S e p Jun 44 7 Hay 45 2 o S e p O c t N o v A u g 4 4 D e c A u g N o v M a r A u g N o v J a n N o v j u l S e p J u n D e o J u n N o v J u l j u l N o v J u l J a n M a y D e c J a n J u l J u l j u n A p r j u n J u l M a r J a n A u g D e c j u n A u g P e b F e b N o v D e c Sea battle Submar ine Sea battle Collision Patrol boat orpeao boat > f Sea battle f > Near Cape CAMAU, F. I.C N, 28-3E ORMOC 8-UK, 09-39E North channel of SOERABAJS. KURE a mi. NW o f MAN0KWARI 2-8N, 7-20E 24 ml 55 of MDCIZAKI AKAO 2-49N, 5-50E MANILA North o f HONGKONG Off MUUPINA point MIYAZU Bay, N coast of H0IEHU 4-49N, 03-3E Near MAIZURU SHORLAND 3-ON, 22-OE South of AEAIfl -OS, 04-30E KItKIANG, YANGZE 2-5N, 2-2E About 3 mi. eas t of LAE Northwest of LUZON I. WAKE X. 0 mi% southeas t o f AMBON JAVA Sea NearHIMEJIMA.SEO Inlanasea 35 mi. west o f MANILA LURGA anchorage West o f MANILA ANKIRG, YANGZE Near OSEZAKI, GOO Is. 250 mi. eas t o f HAINAN I. About 20 DL N of MIDWAY I. SHIN Harbor, YANGZE Around MARIANAS South of HAINAN I. 2 mi. west o f SANGIHE Z. KURE ANKING, YANGZE KURE 000 mtr.north of KAMIMBO Northwest o f SOLOMONS Off KAM3MB0 NEW GUINEA area Eas t of SAIPAN Northwest o f SOLOMONS KISKA Hear OKINAWA North PACIFIC Northeast of SAIPAN South of FUNAFUI I. Near 4-ON, 7-OE Central PACIFIC SOLOMON 3. area SOLOMONS area 40 mi. of f N0IMEA Harb<r South of SOLOMON Is. GILBER Is. Near NEW HEBRIDES Is. Near ARAWA I

274 NAME OF VESSEL YPE OP VESSEL ONNAGE ASSESSMEN DAE CAUSE LOCAION NAME OF VESSEL YPE OF VESSEL ONNAGE ASSESSMEN DAE CAUSE LOCAION Submarlne Submar ine Missing hissing Wissing Us s ing *is3ing Missing Sink Hissing Hissing Sink ffisslng Slight damage Missing Missing Missing Kissing Hissing Kissing Ilssing Missing Hissing Kris sing Hissing Missing Disabled Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Slight damage Missing Wissing Medium damage Slight damage Slight damage Slight damage Hissing Missing Sink Missing Kissing Hissing Kissing Missing Hissing Wissing Wissing 3unk Kissing Hissing Kissing Wissing Wissing Hissing > Hissing 2 Nov Feb 42 jun Oet 43 2 Nov 44 5 May 44 6 May Jul 44 3 Oct 42 4 May Mar 44 3 un 44 3 Nov 43 0 Jan Jun 45 6 Deo 44 6 Dec Feb 44 2 Feb 44 2 Dee Apr 44 8 Apr 44 2 May 45 2 Nov 44 2 Deo 44 2 Jan 45 2 Aug Mar Nov 44 5 Jul 44 2 May 45 7 Jan 42 0 Dee 4 f 27 Jan Aug 42 9 Jun 45 Sep Jan Jul 45 7 Mar 45 Aug Jim May Jul 45 7 Jul 44 0 Sep 43 4 Apr 44 2 Mar Nov 42 3 Apr Mar 44 Jun 44 8 Nov 44 4 Aug 43 4 Jul May 44 Mar Oct May 44 2 jul 44 2 Jul 44 > > > > Occident Depth charge > 30 Jul 45 3 Jul 45 > t M Lne > An aground > Accident f A30 ident SOLOMON area South of OAH. North PACIFIC ESPRIJ SANOS are a Eas t of PHILIPPINES INDIAN Ocean 250 mi. north of RAHAUL 20-ION, 2-55E 3mi. east of SINGAPORE KISKA West o f MARSBALIS IONADA, SEO Inland Sea 5-26N, 08-6E GILBER Is. 2-50N, 54-50E Hear PALAJ Eas t o f PHILIPPINES Southwest of ARAWA Near MAKIN I. East of PHILIPPINES North of S0L0M0N3 Inner south sea area Near OKINA!*. Eas t o f PHILIPPINES Eas t o f PHILIPPINES Near JLIHI I. Bay o f BISCAY SUWONADA, SEO Inland Sea Eas t o f PHILIPPINES Near INIAN Near OKINAWA SCNDA Strait Off PEARL Harbor SW of OAHJ Off ROKUGOZAKI, N ooest of BCKSH INDISPENSABLE Strait*SOLOMON l a Off port MORESBY MAIZURU KOBE KURE South coast of KOREA South sea area East of MARIANAS Near SINGAPORE BISMARCK is. ajea REK West of BUKA SOLOMON area South of RUK Around MARSHALLS Near BUKA West of PAIAJ Eas t Of AUSRALIA 5 mi. 85 of AKIZAKL, SEO Inland 3* Northern PACIFIC East of NEW GUINEA NSW HEBRIDES Is. area Central PACIFIC Near SAIPAN Near SAIPAN MAIZURU South CHINA Sea Submar ine Submar ine I-50KEI-D8) I-502JEX-GERHAN U862) I-503(El-GERMAN UI24) I-504(Ex-GERMAN UI25) I-5o5{Ex-GERMAN J29) I-5O6(Sx-GERMAN U95) IKARA Escort Vessel IKAZUCHI Destroyer IKI Escort Vessel IKUNA Escort Vessel IKUNO Escort Vessel INAGI Escort Vessel INAZUMA Destroyer 0 Escort Vessel I0SHIMA Escort Vessel IRAKO Provisicn Store shii IRO ISE Battleship ISHIGAKI Escort Vessel ISRIZAKI Coastal layer ISOKAZE Destroyer ISONAMI Destroyer isjztr Light Cruiser ISUK'JSHIMA layer IWAE Crui ser IZUMO Cruiser JINGEI ender JINSU Light Cruiser JUNYO Carrier KABA Destroyer KAEDE Destroyer KAGA Carrier KAGERO Destroyer KAII Aux. Sibnarlne Chaser KAIYO Carrier KAIYO No.l Observation Ship KAIYO No.2 Observation Ship KAIYO No.3 Observation Ship KAIYO NO.4 Observation Ship KAIYO No.5 Observation Ship KAIYO No.6 Observation Ship KAKI Destroyer KAKO Heavy Cruiser KAMIKAZE Destroyer KAMI SH IMA Coastal layer KAMOI KAMOME Coastal layer KANAWA Escort Vessel KANJJ Escort Vessel KARASU(Ex-U.S.SbJp LU2O) Gunboat KARI orpedo Boat KARUKAYA Destroyer KASADO Escort Vessel KASASAGI orpedo Boat KASHI Destroyer Missing Missing Missing Missing Slight damage Missing Missing Missing Missing Sligit damage Slight damage Capsized Slight damage Missing Medium danags Slight damage Foundered Stranded urned over Me d Inn damage Slight damage Foundered Submar ine Missing Slight damage Slight damage Foundered Disabled sunk Medium damage 25 Jun 46 5 Feb 45 3 oct Dec 44 6 May 45 4 Mar Mar 45 2 Mar 45 8 Jul 45 4 Aug 45 9 Mar 45 Aug jul 45 Aug 45 4 Apr May 44 0 Apr 45 9 Aug 45 4 May 44 3 jun 45 9 Sep Mar jul 45 3 May 44 7 Apr 45 9 Apr 43 7 Apr 45 7 oct jul JUl 45 0 Oct 44 2 Jul 43 9 Dec jul 45 5 Jun 42 8 May 43 0 Oct JUl 45 5 Oct 44 2 Nov 44 Aug 44 3 Oct 44 9 Mar 45 9 Aug 42 5 jun 45 7 Apr Apr 44 5 Aug 45 3 Feb 45 6 jul 45 0 May Apr SeD 43 Airoraft Submar ine Airoraft Sea battle Airoraft Airoraft Airoraft Airoraft Southeast of OKINAWA CAROLINE Is. area MARSHALLS East of BONIN Is. Off HIKARI, SEO Inland Sea Near IWOJIMA Near IWOJIMA Eas t o f CAROLINES YOKOSUKA East CHINA Sea KURE KORE KIEE OGUCHI Chaimel,N coast of HONSHU 0-ON, N, 07-53E Southwest of IKI I. HACHIKOHE Hbr., N coast of HONSHU 5-3N, 9-36E Entrance of OKYO Bay Northwest of HACHIJOJIMA PALAU KURE 70 mi. W of MASUWA I..KURILI 30-40N, 28-3E BOEOENG Strait BIMA, SOSMBAWA I. East of BAWEAN I. KORE AKASUHAMA, SEO Inland Sea OKINAWA Northeast of KOLOMBANGARA 50 ml. SW o f NOMOZAKI N.79-7E, N of MIDWAY L lmlwof FARSRE I., SOLOMON Is OKINAWA Near SEKIZAKI, SEO Inland Sea Near SOERABAJA CELEBES Se a Off MUROOSAKI Near OSAKA 2-30N, 52-0 SINGAPORE HONGKONG 70 mi. N of NAHA Off WONSAN MANILA 5-303, 6-0E 5-47N, 9-32E 8-33N, , 50-50E - 250

275 NAME 0 VESSEL YPE OP VESSEL ONNAGE ASSESSMEN DAE CAUSE LOCAION NAME OF VESSEL YP2 OF VESSEL ONNAGE ASSESSMEN DAE CAUSE LOCAION KASHI raining Cruiser Jan 45 North of QUIHHON, F.I.C. MINEGUMO Destroyer Mar 43 0 mi. NE of KOLOMBANGARA KASHMA raining Cruiser 5300 Slight rtw"y 9 May 45 Collision 34-40N, 28-38E MINEKAZE Destroyer 25 0 Feb N, 2-30E KASHUiO Ship Sep N, 22-4E layer No.l (Aux.) Coastal layer 280 KASOGA raining ship 7030 Foundered 8 Jul 45 Airoraft YOKOSUKA layer No.2 (Aux.j Coastal layer Dec 42 Rear N entrance of S0ERABA3A Bbc KASUMI Destroyer AO UJ, 27-57E layer No.3 (Aux.' Coastal layer 280 Slight damage 8 Sep 44 Airoraft INDERBY KAASHIMA Auxiliary layer 420 layer No.4 (Aux.) Coastal layer Nov 44 South ti p of NICOBAR 8. KAAA River Gunboat 305 Stranded 2 Apr 45 SHANGHAI layer No.0 (Aux.) Coastal layer 900 KAOKU Auxiliary layer 420 sweeper No.l sweeper 65 0 Aug 45 Airoraft EAMADA Bay,NE coast of HONSHU KAORI raining Cruiser Feb 44 Outside north Channel of RUK sweeper No.2 sweeper 65 Mar 42 arbrpbdc BANAM Be.*. N coast of JAVA I. KASURAGI Carrier 7500 Median denege 24 Jul 45 KURE swee per No.3 sweeper 65 9 Apr 45 Sub mar ine 59-7N, 4-57E KASURIK Surveying Ship Sep mi. west of MANILA sweeper No.4 sweeper 65 Disabled 9 May 44 CA.CEE Bay, HAIHAHARA KAWAKAZE Destroyer Aug 43 orpedo boat Near N entrance of VELLA Gulf sweeper No.5 sweeper 65 4 Nov N, 99-50E KAA Destroyer 260 sweeper No.6 sweeper Dec 4 CUCHING, north BORNEO KAZACWO Destroyer Jun 44 Mouth of EAVAO Gulf sweeper No.7 sweeper Apr 44 fear ANDAHANS KAZAHAYA Oct mi. northwest of RUK sweeper No.8 sweeper 630 KEYAKI Destroyer 260 sweeper No.9 sweeper Feb 42 Hear AMBOINA KIJI orpedo Boat 595 sweeper No.0 sweeper Deo 4 7IGAN KIKUZUKI Destroyer May 42 Airoraft GAVUU, ULAGI Harbor sweeper No. sweeper Mar 45 Airoraft 5-6S, 9-8E KINEZAKI Provision Stareship 92o Mar 45 AMAMIOSHIMA sweeper No. 2 sweeper Apr 45 South mouth of SANIRI Strait KINU Light Cruiser Oot 44 Northwest of PANAY I. sweeper No. 3 sweeper 492 Heavy damage 2 Jan 42 Off ARAKAN KINUGASA Heavy Cruiser Nov 42 Near OW GEORGIA I. sweeper No.4 sweeper 492 Heavy damage 2 Jan 42 Off ARAKAN KIRI Destroyer PAn icou sweeper No.5 sweeper Mar 45 Subnet rine Hear AKUSEKI I. KIRISHIMA Battleship Nov 42 Sea battle Southwest of SAVO I. sweeper No.6 sweeper 492 Sep 43 MAKASSAR KISARAGI Destroyer 320 Dec 4 WAKE I. sweeper No.7 sweeper 492 Slight damage 8 Mar 45 Near MUSUREJIMA KISHINAMI Destroyer Dec mi. NW of PALAWAN L sweeper No.8 sweeper Nov 44 Around HAINAN I. KISO Light Cruiser Nov 44 MANILA swee per No.9 sweeper 630 Heavy damage 0 Deo 4 A.PARRI KIACAMI Light Cruiser 500 Heavy damage 24 Jul 45 Near KURE sweeper No.2o sweeper 630 Missing 5 May N, 22-49E KIYONAMI Destroyer 2040 Missing 20 Jul 43 South coast of CHOISEUL sweeper No.2 sweeper 630 Medium damage 0 Apr 45 South of Mouth of YANGZE KYOSHIMO Destroyer Nov 44 MANILA sweeper No.22 sweeper 630 Abandoned 23 Aug 44 PALAU KOMAHASHI ender Jul 45 Airoraft OKOSUKA sweeper No.23 swee per 630 KONGO Battleship Nov mi. NW of KEELUNG sweeper No.24 sweeper Jul 45 Off OMAEZAKJ, N coast of HONSHU KOSAI Comnrtnlcatlon Ship 8 sweeper No.25 sweeper jul N, 4-4E KOAKA joannunijation Ship 63 sweeper No.26 sweeper Feb 44 RABAUL KOZU Esoort Vessel 940 sweeper No.27 sweeper Jul mi. 70 of ODOZAKI KUGA Esoort Vessel 940 Medium damage 25 un 45 FKAGAWA Bay, N coast of HONSHU sweeper No.28 sweeper Aug N, 23-29E KUMA Light Cruiser 500 Jan 44 8 mi. west of PEHANG sweeper No.29 swee per 630 Abandoned 7 May 45 KANMON Strait KUMANO Heavy Cruiser Nov 44 Off SANA CRUZ sweeper No.30 sweeper 630 Nov N, 24-3E KOHE Escort Vessel Jan N, 22-55E sweeper No.33 sweeper Aug 45 ONAGAWA Hbr., E coast of HONSHU KUNASHIRI Escort Vessel 860 sweeper No.34 sweeper May , U6-4E KURAHASHI Escort Vessel 940 sweeper No.38 sweeper 630 Missing 9 Nov 44 Sear AKAO KURASAKI Provision Storeship Nov N, 8-OE sweeper No.39 sweeper 630 Missing 8 jul 45 f SW coast of KOREA KUREAKE Destroyer Dec 44 BASHI Channel sweeper No.4 sweeper 630 Stranded 4 jan 45 AKAO KURI De stroyer 770 sweeper No.0 sweeper Jan 45 Near Cape PADARAN KUR3HASHI Salvage ana ug 040 sweeper No.02 sweeper 695 Disabled 3 Feb 45 Hit reef N of HAI/N I, Coast of S CHINA KUROKAMl Auxiliary layer 420 sweeper No.l (Aux.) Coastal sweeper 25 4 May 42 Airoraft GAVUU, ULAGI Harbor KUROSAKI Auxiliary layer 420 sweeper No.2 (Aux.) Coastal sweeper 25 4 May 42 GAVUU, ULAGI Harbor KUROSHIMA Auxiliary layer 420 sweeper No.3 (Aux.) Coastal sweeper jul 45 Airoraft SOERABAJA KUROSHIO Destroyer May 43 mi. W of FARERE I., SOLOMON Is. sweeper No.4 (Aux.) Coastal sweeper 25 9 Jul 44 Airoraft DILI Harbor, IMOR L KURUSHIMA( fte-fishgjp ) Salvage and ug 000 ULUin sweeper No.5 (Aux.) Coastal sweeper 25 Aedlun damage 4 Nov 43 Sas t Of GREENWICH I. KU3AGAKI Escort Vessel Aug 44 West of MANILA sweeper No.6 (Aur.) Coastal sweeper 25 Damaged 0 Aug 45 ramada Bay, NE coast of HONSHU KJ3UN0KI Destroyer Deo 44 Sea battle ORMOC Bay sweeper No.7 (Aux.) Coastal sweeper 25 Disabled 2 Sep 44 Airoraft 2-8R, 22-46E KYOSAI Coastal layer Aug N, 39-58E sweeper No.8 (Aux.) Coastal sweeper 25 2 Oct 44 BIGANE I. MAESHIMA Coastal layer 720 Stranded 8 Oet 44 SALOMAGUE, LUZON sweeper No.9 (Aux.) Coastal sweeper 25 MAIKAZE Destroyer Feb 44 Outside north Chanel of RUK sweeper No.0 (Aux.) Coastal sweeper 25 Jan 45 Sea battle South of VIGAN MAIKOC&B.HBUGUESE MACAU) River Gunboat 00 (Aux.; Coastal sweeper 25 MAIZSU ug 300 sweeper No.2 (Aux. Coastal sweeper 25 MAK Destroyer 260 sweeper No.3 (Aux.' Coastal sweeper 25 MAKIGDMO Destroyer 2040 Peb 43 South of SAVO I. sweeper No.4 (Aux.' Coastal sweeper 25 MAKNAMI Destroyer Nov 43 Sea battle 50 mi. west of BUKA sweeper No. 5 (Aux.' Coastal sweeper 25 MAMIYA Provision layer Dec mi. E of SAMAR sweeper No.6 (Aux.; Coastal sweeper 25 MANAZURU orpedo Boat 527 Mar 45 NAHA sweeper No. 7 (Aux.] Coastal sweeper 2]5 MANJU Escort Vessel 870 Heavy damage 3 Apr 45 HONGKONG sweeper No.8 (Aux.) Coastal sweeper 235 MAROSHIMA Auxiliary layer 420 Stranded 5 Jan 45 BORYO, FORMOSA sweeper No.9 (Aux.j Coastal sweeper 25 MASU Destroyer Aug 44 Near CHICHIJIMA sweeper No.2o (Aux.) Coastal sweeper 25 MASUKAZE Destroyer Jun mi. NE Of CHICHIJIMA sweeper No.2 (Aux.j Coastal sweeper 25 MASUWA Escort Vessel Aug mi. west of MANILA sweeper No.l0l(Aux.) Coastal sweeper 75 3 Oct , 2-47E MAYA Heavy Cruiser Oot N, 7-7E sweeper No.lo2(Aux.) Coastal sweeper 75 MICHISHIO Destroyer 500 3unk 25 Oct 44 LEYE sweeper No.l03(Aux.) Coastal sweeper 75 MIKAZUKI Destroyer 320 Abandoned 27 Jul 43 Airoraft 0 mi. north of ULUVU sweeper No,04(Aux.) Coastal sweeper 75 Abandoned 2 Apr 45 Rorth coast of BALI I. MIKMA Heavy Cruiser Jun West of MIDWAY I. sweeper No. 05(Aux.) Coastal sweeper May S, 0-57E MKURA Escort Vessel Mar 45 sweeper No.06(Aux.) Coastal sweeper 75 MINAZUfCI Destroyer jun N, 9-8E sweeper No.l07(Aux.j Coastal sweeper 75 25

276 NAME 0 VESSEL YPE OF VESSEL ONNAGE ASSESSMEN AE CAUSE LOCAION NAME OF VESSEL YPE OF VESSEL ONNAGE ASSESSMEN DAI 5 CAUSE LOCAION iroroo MIURA MIYAKE MIZUHO MOCHZUKI MOGAMI MOKUO MOMI MOMO Motor Gunboat No.54 Motor Gunboat No.29 Motor orpedo Boat No.l Motor orpedo Boat No.2 Motor orpedo Boat No.3 Motor orpedo Boat No.4 Motor orpedo Boat No.5 Motor orpedo Boat No.6 Motor orpedo Boat NolO Motor orpedo Boat Nail Motor orpedo Boat NoJ.2 Motor orpedo Boat Nol3 Motor orpedo Boat Nol4 Motor orpedo Boat Nal5 Motor orpedo Boat Nol6 Motor orpedo Boat Nol7 Motor orpedo Boat No24 Motor orpedo Boat Na28 Motor orpedo BoetNo.02] layer Salvage and ug Escort Vessel ender Destroyer Heavy Cruiser Escort Vessel Destroyer Destroyer Gunboat Gunboat orpedo Boat orpedo Boat orpedo Boat orpedo Boat orpedo Boat orpedo Boat orpedo Boat orpedo Boat orpedo Boat orpedo Boat orpedo Boat orpedo Boat orpedo Boat orpedo Boat orpedo Boat orpedo Boat orpedo Boat Motor orpedo BoatNoJJjJ orpedo Boat Motor orpedo BoatNallS Motor orpedo BoatNall5 Motor orpedo BoatNa.25 Motor orpedo BoatNo.256 Motor'orpedo BoatNa402 Motor orpedo BoatlfoA2S Motor orpedo BoatNb.453 Motor orpedo BoatNo.482 MURAKUMO MURASAME MUR00 MU3ASHI MSU MUSUHE MUZUKI MOK0 NACHI NAGANAMI NAGARA NAGAO NAGASUKI NAGAURA NASA KAMIKAZE NARKAI NANO NASA NARIU.«. NARWHEx-m^^EjoO) NARUO NASAMI NASHI NAORI NASUGUMO NASUSHIMA NASUSHIO NASUZUKI MSNOHI NIIZUKI HIROSHIMA NIRE NISSHIN NOJIMA NOKAZS orpedo Boat orpedo Boat orpedo Boat orpedo Boat orpedo Boat orpedo Boat orpedo Boat orpedo Boat Destroyer Destroyer Ship Battleship Battleship Escort Vessel Destroyer Heavy Cruiser Heavy Cruiser Destroyer light Cruiser Battleship Destroyer Salvage and ug light Cruiser Destroyer Converted Gunboat Auxiliary Gunboat Destroyer Coastal layer River Gunboat Coastal layer Destroyer Light Cruiser Destroyer Coastal layer Destroyer Destroyer Destroyer Destroyer Auxiliary layer Destroyer Seaplane ender Ship Destroyer n BIZ tedium damage [eavy damage Slight damage 3unk 3unk "unk )isab led eavy damage foavy damage Abandoned Uediun damage 3unk Medium damage Medium damage Abandoned 3unk rtedlum dsaage Ba^Abanaatfid Slight damage hissing Medina damage 2 Aug 45 May Oct Oct 44 4 Apr 45 5 Jan 45 5 Dec 44 3 Jun Mar 45 4 Dec 42 9 Sep 43 9 Sep Mar 44 an 44 Jan 44 8 Feb Aug Sep 44 8 Jul 45 Aug 45 2 Aug 43 2 Aug Jul 4S Jul 44 IS Jul 45 8 Mar Apr 44 8 Mar 44 4 Sep 44 2 Oct 42 5 Mar 43 2Z Oct Oct 44 8 Jun 43 2 Sep Aug 42 3 Dec 44 5 Nov 44 Nov 44 7 Aug 44 8 Jul 45 6 ju l Feb 44 7 Feb 44 6 Jul Dee Jun 45 6 Feb 45 2 Mar 44 Apr ul 45 8 Aug 44 2 Oct Feb 44 9 Feb 42 6 Jun 45 5 Jul 42 5 jul 43 Wreck > Accident Collision Ai re raft Accident Accident asm aground Accident Sea battle 22 jun Jul 43 3 Mar Feb 45 KANM0N Strai t 40 mi. 22o o f 0MAESAI JAQUINO Bay, NE'V BRIAIN Nea r CAMG7IN I. KANM0N Channe l 'Vest o f MANILA 20 mi, NW o f MANILA Off POR ARHUR 30-6N, 22-22E ARAWA ARAWA WAKE I. WAKE I. WAKE I. West o f RUK YOKOSUKA HAHAJIMA YOKOSUKA NAGASAKI LAE LAE KUSHIRO Harbor, HOKKAIDO OKOSUKA B0R0NGA I., BURMA PALAU BORONGA L, BURMA North of CEBU I. 40 ml. off SAO I. 0 mi. NWof KOLOMBANGARA 29-SN, 29-44E 3-7N, 22-32E HIROSHIMA Bay North of RK I. North of GUADALCANAL I. Off south tip of F.I.C. MANILA ORMOC Nea r AMAKUSASHIMA Y0K0SUKA 8ml. 20 o f DEVIL 3,,SOLOMON Is. RABAUL Southwest of RUK West of SOERABAJA West mouth of KANM0N Strai t Y0MSIWA.S coas t o f HONSHU RABAUL RABAUL Near KURE 380 mi- NS of DAVA0 Near SAVO I. INGW0N I., NEW IRELAND Off MAKASSAR, 5-36S, 9-66E KANMON Strai t Entrance of Me EOOO Bay.KISKA KULA Gulf KURE 60 mi. eas t of BUIN 30 ml SE of Cape CREIN 2-27N, ; N0MI Escort Vessel NOSHIRO Light Cruiser N00H0 Seaplane ender NOWAKI Destroyer N0ZAKI Provision Storeshi NUMAKAZE Destroyer NUWAJIMA Coastal la ye 0B0R0 Destroyer ODAKE Destroyer ODAE Cable Layer 0D0MARI Ice Breaker 0HAMA arget Ship 0 Light Cruiser OIE Destroyer OJIKA Escort Vessel OJIMA Salvage and ug OKI Escort Vessel OKIKAZE Destroyer 0KINAMI Destroyer OKINAWA Escort Vessel 0KIN0SHIMA layer OKISUCEx-IALIAN LEPANO) Gunboat 0NAMI Destroyer OND0 OSE 0SHI0 Destroyer OORI orpedo Boat 0YASHIO Destroyer 0YOD0 Light Cruiser Patrol Boat No. Patrol Boat Patrol Boat No.2 Patrol Boat Patrol Boat No.3 patrol Boat Patrol Boat No.32 Patrol Boat Patrol Boat No.33 Patrol Boat Patrol Boat No.34 Patrol Boat Patrol Boat No.35 Patrol Boat Patrol Boat No.36 Patrol Boat Patrol Boat No.37 Patrol Boat Patrol Boat No.33 Patrol Boat Patrol Boat No.39 Patrol Boat patrol Boat No.46 Patrol Boat Patrol Boat No.0 Miscellaneous Patrol Boat No.02 Patrol Boat Patrol Boat NO.03 Patrol Boat Patro Boat No.04 Patrol Boat Patrol Boat NO.05 Patrol Boat Patrol Boat No.06 Patrol Boat Patrol Boat NO.07 Patrol Boat Patrol Boat No.08 Patrol Boat Patrol Boat NO.09 Patrol Boat Patrol Boat No. (Am.) Aux.Patrol Boat Patrol Boat No.2 (AUX.) Aux. Patrol Boat Patrol Boat NO.3 (AUX.) Aux. Patrol Boat Patrol Boat NO 25(Aux.) Aux, Patrol Boat Patrol Boat NO.26(Aux.) Aux.Patrol Boat Patrol Boat No,3(Aux.) Aux. Patrol Boat Patrol Boat No.37(Aux.) Aux.Patrol Boat Patrol Boat No.54 AUX.) Aux. Patrol Boat Patrol Boat NO.84(Aux.) Aux.patrol Boat Patrol Boat No.90 (Aux.) Aux. Patrol Boat Patrol Boat NO.22 (AUX.) Aux. Patrol Boat Patrol Boat No 34(Aux.) Aux.Patrol Boat Patrol Boat NO 35(Aiix.) Aux. Patrol Boat Patrol Boat No. 36 [ Aux.) Aux. Patrol Boat Patrol Boat No 37(Aux.) Aux.Patrol Boat Patrol Boat No.38(Aux.) Aux.patrol Boat Patrol Boat No.52 (AUX.) Aux. Patrol Boat Patrol Boat No. 53 (Aux.) Aux. Patrol Boat patrol Boat No.54 (Aux.) Aux. Patrol Boat patrol Boat No.63 (Aux.) Aux.Patrol Boat Patrol Boat No.64(Aux.) Aux. Patrol Boat Patrol Boat No 65 (Aux.) Aux. patrol Boat Patrol Boat No.66 (Aux.) Aux. Patrol Boat o Heavy damage Missing Heavy damage Vfediun damage urned over Abandoned urned over Heavy damage Heavy damage Uediun damage Heavy damage Heavy damage Uedlun damage Slight damage Apr Oct Nov Oct Dec Dec Apr 00 Ju l Fsb May Oct Aug Jan Nov ju l May Mar Nov Nov Mar Feb Jun SI Jan ju l Mar Dec Deo Mar Sep May Jan Nov Mar Apr Nov Feb Mar May Nov Nov Mar May 45 8 ju l 45 0 Aug 45 fediun damage 8 ju l May 45 2 Aug 45 Sufcmar ine Accident Sea battle Ran aground Jan aground Collision orpedo boat Ran aground West of QUELPAR I. South of MIND0R0 L SINGAPORE Off Cape VARELXA, F.I.C N, 28-3E SAEKI Bey, NE coast of KYUSHU 9 mi. 3 ^ of KISKA 42 mi. 226 of IBUSUKI West of MANILA Outside S Channe l of RUK 33-56N, 22-49E RUK Entranc e o f PUSAN Harbor 9 ml 80 of KASUURA MANILA MAIZUHU West o f BUKA I. Off Cape CHUANG HUA 50 mi. west of BUKA CAVIE PALAU 70 mi nort h o f MANUS I. 7-20N, 44-ICE mi W of FARERE L, SOLOMON Is. KURE 5 ml S of INGHONI., Wof KAVJENG 7-6S, 5-42S PALAU WAKE X. WAKE I. South of KAVIENG LAE SOERABAJA BAIIKPAPAN LUZON Strai t 23-48N, 22-42E S of IROSAKL, S coast of HONSHU SEWARSOUND, ANDAMAN 40-6N, 2S-24E W entranc e of KANMON Strai t ORMOC 4 ml 50 o f CORREGIDOR Aroun d BORNEO Of f OMAEZAKI, S coas t o f HOJSft YOKOSUKA Off NIIGAA Harbo r YOKOSUKA ANHGASHIMA 5 m l SE of ULGGI - 252

277 NAME OF VESSEL YPE OF VESSEL ONNAGE ASSESSMEN DAE CAUSE LOCAION NAME OF VESSEL YPE OF VESSEL ONNAGE ASSESSMEN DAE CAUSE LOCAION Patrol Boat No. 73 (Aux.) Aux.Patrol Boat Patrol Boat No.l74(Aux.) Aux.Patrol Boat Patrol Boat No. 75 (Aux.) Aux. Patrol Boat Patro l Boat No.79(AuxJ Aux. Patrol Boat Patro l Boat No.l9(Aux.) Aux. Patrol Boat Patrol Boat No.l92(Aux.) Aux. Patrol Boat RO-30 RO-5 RO-52 RO-33 RO-34 RO-35 RO-36 RO-37 RO-38 RO-39 RO-40 RO-4 RO-42 RO-43 RO-44 RO-45 RO-46 RO-47 RO-48 RO-49 RO-50 RO-55 HO-56 RO-57 RO-58 RO-59 RO-60 HO-6 RO-62 HO-63 RO-64 RO-65 RO-66 RO-67 RO-68 R0-OQ RO-lOl RO-02 RO-03 RO-04 HO-05 RO-06 RO-07 HO-08 SO-09 HO-0 RO- HO-2 RO-3 HO-4 RO-5 RO-6 RO-7 R0-500(Ex- GERMAN U5) RO-50l(Ex-GERMAR RYUHO(Ex-AIGBI) HYUJO SADO SAGA SAGI SAGIRI SAISHU SAKAWA SAKIO SAKORA SAMXDARI SARAS US24) Submerin* Carrier Carrier Escort Vessel River Gunboat orpedo Boat Destroyer Coastal layer Light Cruiser Escort Vessel Destroyer Destroyer Destroyer hissing Kissing ilissing Kissing hissing Hissing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Kissing Bissing Missing 3unk Missing Slight damage Slight damage Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Hissing Missing Missing Missing Missing Kissing Missing Missing Missing Missing Kissing Hissing Slight damage Slight damage 29 Mar 45 Sep 42 2 May 43 2 Oct 43 2 Jul 44 7 Feb 44 an 44 5 Mar Mar 44 5 Apr 45 2 Jul 44 4 Mar 45 2 Jul May 44 2 May 45 2 Nov 44 5 Jul 44 5 Apr 45 Mar 45 5 Apr Deo 4 Sep 42 7 Dec 4 5 Sep 42 2 Apr 45 4 Nov 42 7 Dec 4 26 Sep Nov 43 Oct 43 2 Jim 43 0 Aug jun Jun Jun 44 Aug Jun 44 7 Mey 45 5 Mar 44 2 Jul Feb Feb 45 2 Jul 44 2 Feb Jun 44 2 Jul Aug Jul Aug Aug Jan 45 8 Kov Dec 4 > > Han aground Collision Accident Collision f > 27 Jun 45 Jul Aug 44 8 NOV 43 WAKAMASU Hbr., N KYUSHU Off POR MORESBY SOLOMON Is. area ESPIRIJ SANOS are a Near SAPAN NEW HEBRIDES GILBER Is. East of WOJE I. Around GILBER Is. Nea r OKINAWA Nea r SAIPAN Nea r IWOJIMA MARIANAS East Of PHILIPPINES Southeast of OKINAWA Southeast of PALAU East of SAIPAN Nea r OKINAWA West of PHILIPPINES Nea r OKINAWA S of ROI I. NAZAN Bay, AKA I. 25 mi. SW of WAKE I. HIROSHIMA Bay, SEPO Inland Sea KISKA. 25 mi. SW of WAKE I. KISKA N entrance of BUN S o f SAN CRISOBAL South of RABI NW Of NEW GUINEA Sout h PACIFIC Sout h PACIFIC Sout h PACIFIC SOLOMON Is. area Sout h PACIFIC Southeast of OKINAWA INDIAN Ocean Nea r SAIPAN LUZON Strait LUZON Strait Nea r SAIPAN West of PHILIPPINES Sout h PACIFIC Nea r SAIPAN INDIAN Ocean KURE S end of SOLOMON Is. 35 mi. west of MANILA HONGKONG West of LUZON I. 30 mln Of KUCHINGi N BORNEO 34-3N, OSAKA Harbor N end of PALAU Is. 5-ON, 22-OE SARUSHIMA SAA SASUKI SAWAKAZE SAZANAMI SENDAI SEA SESU SHIGA SHIGURE SHI I SHIKINAMI SHIKISHIMA SHIMAKAZE SHIMOStKI SHMUSHU SHNANO SHINNAN SHINONOME SHINO SHIOKAZE SHIOYA SHIRAGAMI SHIRAKUMO SHIRANUI SHIRASAKI SHIRAAKA SHIRASUYtJ SHIRAYUKI SHIREOKO SHIRIYA SHISAKA SHOHO SHOKAKU SHONAN SOKUEN SORYU SOA Chaser No.l Chaser No.2 Chaser No.3 Chaser No.4 Chaser No.5 Chaser No.6 Chaser No.7 Chaser No.8 Chaser No.9 Chaser No.0 Chaser No. Chaser No.2 Chaser No.3 Chaser No.4 Chaser No.5 Chaser No.6 Chaser No.7 Chaser No.8 Chaser No.9 Chaser No.2o Chaser No.2 Chaser No.22 Chaser No.23 Chaser No.24 Chaser No.25 Chaser No.26 chaser No.27 Chaser No.28 Chaser No.29 Chaser No.30 Chaser No.3 Chaser No.32 Chaser No.33 Chaser No.34 Chaser No.35 Coastal Mlnelaye Destroyer Destroyer Destroyer Light Cruiser River Gunboat arget Ship Escort Vessel Destroyer Destroyer Destroyer raining Ship Destroyer Destroyer Escort Vessel Carrier Escort Vessel Destroyer Carrier Destroyer Coastal layer Destroyer Destroyer Provision Storeshj layer Destroyer Destroyer Escort Vessel Carrier Carrier Escort Vessel Coastal layer Carrier Ship Chaser Chaser Chaser Chaser Chaser Chaser Chaser Chaser Chaser Chaser Chaser Chaser Chaser Chaser Chaser - Chaser Chaser Chaser Chaser Chaser Chaser Chaser Chaser Chaser Chaser Chaser Chaser Chaser Chaser Chaser Chaser Chaser Chaser Chaser Chaser Median damage Slight damage Maditn dosage Slight damage Missing Abandoned Slight damage Stranded Abandoned tedium damage Abandoned Missing Slight damage Slight danage Slight damage Slight damage Kissing Missing 4 jul Mar 44 2 Sep 44 4 Jan 44 2 Nov jul 45 4 Jan 45 5 Jun 45 2 Sep 44 NOV Nov Nov Nov 44 9 Mar 45 7 Dec 4 7 Nov May 45 8 Jun 44 3 Mar 44 6 Mar Oet 44 3 Aug 44 5 jun 44 3 Mar 43 Feb 45 2 Sep 43 6 May 42 9 Jun Feb Jul 44 5 jun 42 8 Jan 43 4 Nov Jun 45 9 Jan Mar 44 Apr 45 4 Mar 45 2 Bar 45 2 May 44 6 NOV 43 Aug 44 3 Apr t 42 4 jul Apr Dec jun 45 8 jul 42 5 Mar 45 9 Feb Mar 45 7 Feb 44 5 jul jul 45 5 Jul 42 Feb 45 8 Feb Dec 44 2 Jan Sep 44 2 Mar Mar Feb 45 Sea battle Alrcraft Ran aground Collision Collision Airoraft Airoraft Airoraft Alroraft Airoraft Ran aground Airoraft Airoraft Airoraft Ran aground Airoraft Airoraft Sea battle W coast of AHLCMA,' BCHDJ Is. PALAU MANILA- Harbor 5-3ON, 4-34E Off MUUPINA Point HIROSHIMA Bay East coast of MALAY Entrance of BUNGO Channel 250 mi. E of HAINAN I. SW of NAOENA Strait 4-ON. 9-25S 55 ml 0 of SHIONOMISAKI 33-47N, 3-35E Off IUKI, N BORNEO West of QUELPAR I. Near HMEJIMA, SEO Inland Sea 20 ml NW of MENADO S of URUPPUL, KURILE Is. 40 ml. south of AKKESHI North of PANAY I N, 2-7E HE coast of MINDANAO 30 ml. SE of Cape CREIN SINGAPORE 90 mi. NE o f KEELING CORAL Sea Off SAIPAN 7-52N, 0-5E CAROLINE Is. About 20mLN of MIDWAY I. QUEEN CAROIA Channel 2-45N, 20-47E 7-30S, 6-5E 3-4N, -54E PAIAU 50 mi. 60 of POR BLAIR 4-4N, O0-35E 2-30N, 09-OE PALAU West of BUKA Around PALAU 43-3N, 4-58 KISKA 80 mi. 34 of CHICHI JIMA 32-25N, 28-46E Off SANIAGO I., PHILIPPINE South of KOREA N coast of ZAHBOANGA S end of NAMOA I., S CHINA SEPHEN Strait Mouth of YANGZE Near RUK Outside of KISKA Bay 34-47N, 28-27B Outside of KISKA Bay North of BAULINAO Pt. West o f RUK 2-42N, -5E Cape PADARAN, f.i.c. South tip of MND0R0 I. 2-30N, 09-CE 0-38N,94-42E 8 mi. 74 of Cape PADARAH, KIC - 253

278 NAME 0 VESSEL YPE 0 VESSEL ONNAGE ASSESSMEN DAE CAUSE LOCAION NAME OF VESSEL YPE OP VESSEL ONNAGE ASSESSMEN DAE CAUSE LOCAION Chaser No. 36 Chaser NO 44 Aircaft Mouth o f SUBIC Bay Chaser No.37 Chaser May 45 Between SASEBO &AMAMI0SHIMA Chaser No.38 Chaser No.39 Chaser 440 Chaser 440 Abandoned 6 Feb 44 KAVIENG Chaser No.40 Chaser Feb 44 SEPHEN Strait, N of NEW IRELAND Chaser No.4 Chaser 440 Chaser No.42 Chaser 440 [edium denege 3 Aug 45 5 mi. 80 of OZAKI, ISHINOMAKI Chaser No.43 Chaser Jan 45 Rear CAMRANH Chaser No.44 Chaser 440 Chaser No.45 Chaser NO W 24-OE Chaser No.46 Chaser NO 44 CAAINGAN, MASBAE I. Chaser No.47 Chaser 440 Slight damage 5 Jul 45 YAMADA Bay, E coast of HONSHU Chaser No.48 Chaser jul 45 Off KAMAISHI, E coast of HONSHU Chaser No.49 Chaser 440 Slight damage Mar 45 SUWANOSE I., HYUKYU Chaser No.50 3ubmarine Chaser Jul 44 CHICHIJIMA Chaser No.5 Chaser 440 medium damage 7 Mar 45 Off HACHIJOJIMA Chaser No.52 Chaser 440 Chaser No.53 Chaser NO 44 orpedo boat oraioc Chaser No.54 Chaser 440 Hissing 25 Mar mi. north of CHICHIJMA Chaser No.55 chaser Sep 44 North of CEBU I. Chaser No.56 Chaser 440 Chaser No.57 Chaser Jun 45 Gunfire SABANG I., SUMARA Chaser No.58 Chaser May 45 Between SASEBO&AMAMIOSHIMfc Chaser No.60 Chaser 440 Chaser No.6 Chaser Jan 45 FORMOSA Strai t Chaser No.63 Sub-Chaser No.l(Aux.) Sub-Chaser No.2{Aux,j Sub-Chaser No.3(Aux.) Sub-Chaser No.4(Aux.) Sub-Chaser No.5(Am.) Sub-Chaser No. 6 (Aux.) Sub-Chaser No.7(Aux.) Sub-Chaser No.8(Aux.) Sub-Chaser No.9(Aux.) Sub-Chaser No. 0 (Aux.) Sub-Chaser No.llJAux.) Sub-Chaser No.l2(Aux.) Sub-Chaser No,3(Aux.) Sub-Chaser No.l4(Aux.) Sub-Chaser No.l5(Aux.) Sub-Chaser No.l6(Aux.) Sub-Chaser No.l7(Aux.) Sub-Ohaser No.l8(Aux.) Sub-Chaser No.9(Aux.) Sub-Chaser No.2o(Aux.) Sub-Chaser No.2l(Aux.) Sub-Chaser No.22(Aux.) Sub-Chaser No.23(Aux.) Sub-Chaser No.24(Aux.) Sub-Chaser No.25(Aux.) Sub-Chaser No.26(Aux.) Sub-Chaser No.27(Aux.) Sub-Chaser No.28(Aux.) Sub-Chaser No.29(Aux.) Sub-Chaser No.30(Aux.) Sub-Chaser No.3(Aux.) Sub-Chaser No.32{Aux.) Sub-Chaser No.33(Aux.) Sub-Chaser No.34(Aux.) Sub-Chaser No.35(Aux.) Sub-Chaaer No.36(Aux.) Sub-Chaser No.37(Aux.) Sub-Chaser No.3<3(Aux.) Sub-Chaser No.39(Aux.) Sub-Chaser No.40(Aux.) Sub-Chaser No.4(Aux.) Sub-Chaser No.42(Aux.) Sub-Chaser No.43(Aux.) Sub-Chaser No.44(Aux.) Sub-Chaser No.45(Aux.) Sub-Chaser No.46(Aux.) Sub-Chaser No.47(Aux.) Chaser Aux Sub-Chaser Aux Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux.Sub-Cha ser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux.Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux.Sub-Chaser Aux.Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Cha ser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux.Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux.Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux.Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux, Sub-Chaser Aux.Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Wissing Abandoned ueaiun damage 3unk Visaing Wissing 26 Mar 45 Sea battl e 0-38N, 94-42E 6 Oct 44 Submar ine 9 Aug 43 Gunfire 7 Jul 44 9 Sep 44 Pine 9 Sen 44 8 Mar 44 Gunfire 4 Apr 45 8 Aug 43 Gunfire NO Jan 44 f 22 Oet 44 6 Feb 44 8 Feb Jan Jan Jul Jan Mar 44 9 Jul 44 3 Jan 44 > 30 Mar Jan 44 > 22 Feb 44 4 Nov 43 Alrcra ft 6 Oct Sep 44 3 Jan 44 o 9 eb 44 5 Jul Apr Sep Jan Jun 45 5 Apr Mar 44 0 mi. west o f FENANG VELLA LAVELLA I. RABAUL Off BEIAWBN Hbr., N coast of SOSKIRA N coast of SUMARA MUSHU I., Near WEWAK 5-45N, 08-28E VELLA LAVELLA I. nfest of SHORIAND MIL! Atoll 2-55N, 2-35E KAVENG KAVXENG KWAJALEIN I. Mil l Atol l KOBE KWAJALEIN I. PAIAU RABAUL NAURU I. PALAU MI LI Atol l Near KAVENG Near KIEA, NEW IRELAND Off Cape LAMBER, NEW BRIAIN South ti p of MINDORO I. NAURU I. S coas t of NEW IRELAND N coast of BALI I. Around RUK 2-8N, 22-46E LOHENOAU Near MADOERA I. WAKE I 30 ml eas t of HOLLANDIA - 54 Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Cha ser Sub-Chaser S.ub-CRiaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub -Cha ser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser No.43(Aux.) No.49(Aux.) No.50(Aux.) No.5(Aux.) No.52(Aux.) No.53(Aux.) No.54(Aux.) No.55(Aux.) No.56(Aux.) No.57(Aux.) No.53(Aux. ) NO.59(Aux.) No.60(Aux.) No.6(Aux.) No.62(Aux.) No.63(Aux.) No.64(Aux.) No.65(Aux.) No.66(Aux.) No.67(Aux.) No.68(Aux.) No.69(Aux.) No.70(Aux.) No.7(Aux.) No.72(Aux.) No.73(Aux.) No.74(Aux. ) No.75(Aux.) No.76(Aux.) NO.77(Aux.) No.78(Aux.) No.79(Aux.) No,30(Aux.) No.3(Aux.) N0.32(Aux.) No.33(Aux.) No.84(Aux.) No.35(Aux.) No.86(Aux.) No.87(Aux.) No.88(Aux.) No.89(Aux.) No.90(Aux.) No.9(Aux.) No.92(Aux.) No.93(Aux.) No.94(Aux.) No.95(Aux.) No.96(Aux.) No.97(Aux.) No.98(Aux.) No.99(Aux.) No.l00(Aux.) No.lOKAux.) No.l02(Aux.) Wo.l03(Aux.) No.l04(Aux.) No.05(Aux.) No.l06(Aux.) No.l07(Aux.) No.09(Aux.) No.ll0(Aux.) No.llKAux.) No.ll2(Aux.) No. 3(Aux. ) No.ll4(Aux.) No.ll5(Aux.) No.ll6(Aux.) No.7(Aux.) No.ll8(Aux.) No.l5(Aux.) No.l52(Aux.) No.53(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux Sub-Chaser Aux Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub -Cha se r Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux Sub-Chaser Aux Sub-Cha ser Aux Sub-Chaser Aux Sub-chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux Sub-Chaser Aux Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux Sub-Chaser Aux Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Cha ser Aux sub-chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux Sub-Chaser Aux Sub-Chaser Aux Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux Sub-Chaser Aux Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Cha ser Aux Sub-Chaser Aux Sub-Chaser Aux Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux Sub-Chaser Aux Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux Sub-Chaser Aux Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux Sub-Chaser Aux Sub-Chaser Aux Sub-ChaBer Aux. Sub-Cha ser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux. sub-chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux Sub-Chaser Aux Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux Sub-Chaser Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux Sub-ChaBer Aux. Sub-Chaser Aux Sub-Chaser Aux Sub-Chaser Abandoned Medium damage Abandone d Abandoned turned sunk 3sairy damage Heavy damage Fire sjnk ibandoned Heay damage Feb Mar jul Mar Jun 0o t Jun jul Jun jan jul Aug Apr jun Dec 44 Aug 44 jul NO NO jul Oct Jan 45 Off SURUKUIZAKI 4 Oct 44 Ran aground Wast side of SABANG Channel 23 Sep 44 yphoon SABANG I. LUZON Strait 8 Oct 44 AKAO 9 Apr N, 35-23E 24 jul 45 MOJI 4 Sep N, 24-4SE 8 Apr 45 Sea battle 4-43S, 22-7E Apr jun Aug Mar jul Jun Jun Feb NO jul Nov Apr jul 44 W Of NEW HANOVER, NEW IRELAND mi. east of HOLLANDIA N, 05-5E 44 PALAU 44 ROA I. 44 Ran aground Off SOBUN I., FORMOSA 44 ROA I N, 54-22E 45 Collision Gunfire SubsBrine Ran aground 45 Ulna West of MOKPO, KOREA POULO CONDORE I., F.I.C N, 54-22E RUK 4-43S, 22-7E Off ONNEKOAN I., KURILE Is. Between SUSHIMA & GOO PARAMUSHIRO I., KURILE l a HACHINOHE Harbor BALABAC I. N of BANGGI I., N BORNEO S ooast of KOREA iround HYUKYU North coast of BALI I. North Of SOERABAJA BALIKPAPAN SAPE Strait SOERABAJA 5-OS, 6-4E ear MADOERA I. 8-45N, 08-28E 4-30N, 20-45E North coast of BALI I. RAINGAPOE Southeast of PESCADORES NIIGAA Harbor

279 SAME OF VESSEL YPE OP VESSEL ONNAGE ASSESSMEN DAE CAUSE LOCAION NAME OF VESSEL YJE OF VESSEL OWJAGE ASSESSMEN DAE CAUSE LOCAION Sub-Chaser No.54(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Cbaser 30 Sub-Chaser No.227(Aux.) Aux Sub-Chaser 30 Sub-Chaser No.l55(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 Sub-Chaser No.228(Aux.) Aux sub-chaser 30 Sub-Chaser No.l56(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser Mar 45 AKAO Sub-Chaser No.229(Aux.) Aux Sub-Chaser 30 3 ub-cha ser No.57{Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 Sligh t damage 22 May 45 Off NIGAA Harbor Sub-Chaser No.230(Aux.) Aux Sub-Chaser 30 5 un 45 Collision Off SOP-O, South KOREA Sub-Chaser No. 58 {Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 Sub-Chaser No.23(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 Sub-Chaser No.59(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 Sub-Chaser No.232(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 Sub-Chaser No.l60(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 3o Sub-Chaser No.233{Aux.) Aux Sub-Chaser 30 3 Mar 45 Airoraft 32-9N, 29-50E Sub-Chaser No.l6(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 Sub-Chaser No.234(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 Sub-Chaser No.62(Aux.) Aux Sub-Chaser 30 Sub-Chaser No.235(Aux.) Aux Sub-Chaser 30 Heavy damage 4 Mar 45 MAKO, FORMOSA Sub-Chaser No.53(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 Abandoned 4 Jan 45 FORMOSA Strai t Sub-Chaser No.236(Aux.) Aux.Sub-Chaser 30 Sub-Chaser No.l64(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 Sub-Chaser No.237(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 un 45 Eas t of IRAKOZAKI Sub-Chaser No.l65(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 gub-chaser No.238(Aux.) Aux Sub-Chaser 30 Sub-Chaser No.l66(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 Sub-Chaser No.239(Aux.) Aux Sub-Chaser 30 Sub-Chaser No.67(Aux.) Aux.Sub-Chaser 30 5 Aug 45 Accident KJRE Sub-Chaser No.240(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 Sub-Cbaser Ro.l68(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 Sub-Chaser No.24(Aux.) Aux.Sub-Chaser 30 Sub-Chaser No.l69(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 Sub-Chaser No.242(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 Sub-Chaser No.70(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 Medium damage 3 May 45 Near CHODOSHIMA, SEO Inland Se e Sub-Chaser No.243(Aux.) Aux Sub-Chaser 30 8 May 45 ISHIGAKIIMA Sub-Chaser No.7(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 Sub-Chaser No.244(Aux.) Aux.Sub-Chaser 30 Sub-Chaser No.l72(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser May 45 Entrance o f FUSHIKI Harbor Sub-Chaser No.245(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser May N, 28-5IE Sub-Chaser No.l73(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 Sub-Chaser No.246(Aux.) Aux.Sub-Chaser 30 Sub-Chaser No.74(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 Sub-Chaser No.247(Aux. ) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 Sub-Chaser No.75(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Che 8er 30 Slight damage 28 Mar 45 East o f FUKASHINA Sub-Chaser No.248(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 Sub-Chaser No.l76(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 Abandoned 4 Jan 45 FORMOSA Strai t Sub-Chaser No.249(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 Sub-Chase No.77(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 Sub-Chaser No.250(Aux.) Aux Sub-Chaser 30 Sub-Chaser No.l78(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 3ight damage 28 Mar N, 30-54E Sub-Chaser No.25(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 70 Sub-Chaser No.l79(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 7 Jan mi. 230 Of KAIMON Mt. Sub-Chaser No.252(Aux.) Aux Sup-Chasar 70 Sub-Chaser No.80(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 Sub-Chaser No.253(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 70 Sub-Chaser No.l8l(Aux.) Aux.Sub-Chaser 30 SUGI Destroyer 260 Sub-Chaser No.l82(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 Heavy damage 30 ul 45 rro SUMA(Ex-MOH) River Gunboat Mar 45 5m l above KIANGYDJG,YANGZE Sub-Chaser No.83(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 SUMIDA River Gunboat 373 Slight damage 22 Jim ml upstream o f HANKOW Sub-Chaser No.l84(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 SUMIRE Destroyer 260 Sub-Chaser No.lS5(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 SUNOSAKI 4460 Abandone d 2 Sep 44 Aircra ft MANILA Sub-Chaser No.l86(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 SUZUKAZE Destroyer an 44 Sea north o f PONAPE Sub-Chaser No.l87(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 SUZUNAMI Destroyer 2040 Nov 43 Outsid e RABAUL Harbor Sub-Chaser No.l88(Aux.) Aux. Sub-chaser 30 3unk 2 ul 45 KANM0N Strai t SUZUSUKI Destroyer 2700 Heavy damage 7 Apr 45 AINOURA Bay, W o f KYUSHU Sub-Chaser No.l89(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 3unk 29 Mar 45 AKAO SUZUYA Heavy Cruiser Oot mi. eas t o f SAMAR I. Sub-Chaser No.l90(Aux.) Aux Sub-Chaser 30 ACHIBANA Destroyer ul 45 HAKODAE Sub-Chaser No.l9(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 Slight damage 5 War 45 Bad weather Near JAPAN ACHIKAZE Destroyer 25 7 Feb 44 Nea r RUK Sub-Chaser No.92(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser Mar 45 AKAO AIGEIf Latte r RYUHO) ender 0000 Capsized 8 Apr 42 YOKOSUKA Sub-Chaser No.93(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 AIHO Carrier un mi. north o f YAP I. Sub-Chaser No.l94(Aux.) Aux Sub-Chaser 30 Ran aground 9 Oct 44 Storm ONAHAMA, E coas t o f HONSHU AIYO Carrier Aug 44 W coast of LUZON I. Sub-Chaser No.95(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 6 Jun 45 Entrance o f OKYO Bay AKANAMI Destroyer Nov 42 Sea battle Off LUNGA Sub-Chaser Ho.96(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 AKANE Escort Vessel 940 Slight damage 30 ul 45 Near MAIZURU Sub-Chaser No.l97(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 8 un 45 KANMON Strai t AKAO Heavy Cruiser 9850 So utt le d 2 Oct 46 British Navy MALACCA Strai t Sub-Chaser No.l93(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser un 45 Gunfire W of SHUNMUKOAN I., KURILE Is. AKASAKI UD N, 20-55E Sub-Chaser No.l99(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser W entrance of KANMON Channel AKASHIMA Coastal layer 720 Missing 0 Oct 44 OKINAWA Sub-Chaser No.200(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser Mar N, 30-39E AKE Destroyer 260 Light Cruiser Oct ml. E o f LUZON Strai t Destroyer 2040 Missing 7 ul 44 West o f MANILA Sub-Chaser No.20l(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser Sub-Chaser No.202(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser AMA AMANAMI Sub-Chaser No.203(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 ANIKAZE Sub-Chaser No.2o4(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 Stranded 4 Jan 45 FORMOSA Strai t AARA(Ex-WAKE) Destroyer River Gunboat un N, 9-40E Salvage and ug 82 Missing 0 Oct 44 OKINAWA. Cable Layer Mar 45 Coast o f F.I.C. Sub-Chaser No.207(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 ASUA Light Cruiser Mar 44 Near HACHIOIMA Sub-Chaser No.208(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 ENKAI No. l Observation Ship 50 Sub-Chaser No.205(Aux.) Aux. Sub-chaser Sub-Chaser No.206(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser unk 29 Mar un 45 Gunfire KUCHINOERABU Bay, RYUKU Off ONNEKOANI., KURILE Is AEGAMI AEISHI Sub-Chaser No.209(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser un 45 Gunfire Off ONNEKOAN I., KURILE Is. ENKAI No. 2 Observation Ship 200 Missing 7 un 43 Between RUK and RABAUL Sub-Chaser No.20(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 Abandoned 4 an 45 FORMOSA Strai t ENKAI No. 3 Observation Ship 625 Sub-Chaser No.2(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 Medina damage 8 Ju l 45 YOKOSUKA ENKAI No. 4 Observation Ship 200 Dec 44 BAIABAK IS. Sub-Chaser No.22(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 ENKAI No. 5 Observation Ship 400 Sub-Chaser No.23(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 ENRYU Light Cruiser Dec 42 North of MADANG Sub-Chaser No.24(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 ERUSUKI Destroyer 2700 Dec 42 orpedo boat GUADALCANAL I. Sub-Chaser No.25(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 Sligh t damage Apr 45 W entranc e o f KANMON Channe l OBA River Gunboat 25 Sub-Chaser No.26(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 OIMA Aux. layer ul 45 MAIZURU Sub-Chaser No.27(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 OKISUKAZE Destroyer Mar mt SE of Cape CREIN Sub-Chaser No.28(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 2 Dec 44 Collision Nea r UKUSHIMA, W o f KYUSHU OKIWA layer 9240 Medium damage 9 Aug 45 OMINAO are a Sub-Chaser No.29(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 OMOZURU orpedo Boat 527 Missing 24 Mar 45 Near 3o-ON, 26-30E Sub-Chaser No.220(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 ONE Heavy Cruiser 8500 Seavy damage 28 ul 45 KURE Sub-Chaser No.22(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 ransport No.l LSV ul 44 PALAU Sub-Chaser No.222(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 ransport No.2 LSV Aug 44 Near CHICHIIMA Sub-Chaser No.223(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 ransport No.3 ISV Sep 44 Hit reef SARANGANI Sub-Chaser No.224(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 5 Mar 45 MAKO ransport No.4 LSV Aug 44 CHICHIIMA Sub-Chaser No.225(Aux.) Aux.Sub-Chaser 30 3 ul 45 Y0K0S0KA ransport No.5 LSV Sep 44 Airoraft DAVAO Gulf Sub-Chaser No.226(Aux.) Aux. Sub-Chaser 30 Sligh t damage Apr N, 30-54E ransport No.6 LSV Nov 44 ' BALANACAN Harbor - 255

280 NAME 0 VESSEL YPE 0 VESSEL ONNAGE ASSESSMEN DAE CAUSE LOCAION NAME OF VESSEI YPE OF VESSEL ONNAGE ASSESSMEN DAE CAUSE LOCAION ransport No.7 ISV Dec 44 I'OJIMA SUSHIMA Escort Vessel 870 ransport No.8 LSV 500 Missing 24 Dec ml 203 of CHICHI JIMA SUA Destroyer 260 ransport No.9 LSV 500 Slight dameff 5 Jun 45 North of CHJ3 HE JIMA UI River Gunboat 205 ransport No.0 LSV Nov 44 BALANACAN Harbor UKISHIMA Coastal layer 720 Missing 6 Nov 43 Sub.or mi. SE Of HASUSHMA ransport No. ISV Dec 44 Near L5YE UK r J Escort Vessel 940 Slight 28 Apr N, 24-23E ransport No.2 LSV Dec mi SE of AKA0 UKURU Escort Vessel 940 ransport No.3 LSV 500 Medium denbge Feb 45 B0NIN Is. UME Destroyer Jan 45 2o ml S of ELUANPI ransport No.4 LSV an 45 AKAO UMIKAZE Destroyer 368 Feb 44 4 ml SW of RJK ransport No.5 LSV Jan N, 30-34E UNRYU Carrier Dec ml HWof MIYAKDJMA.RYUKYU ransport No.6 ISV 500 Heavy damage 6 Feb 45 South of I'OJIMA JNYO Carrier Sep ml. SE of PRAAS I. ransport No.7 ISV Apr 45 AMAMIOSHIMA URAKAZE Destroyer Nov 44 FORMOSA Strai t ransport No. 3 ISV 500 Missing 8 Mar 45 Near MUSUEE JIMA, N of KYUSHU URANAMI Destroyer Oct 44 NW of PANAY I. ransport No. 9 ISV 500 Slight dsnage 9 Apr 45 HIROSHIMA Bay, SEO Uland Sea USHIO Destroyer 700 ransport No.2o ISV 500 Slight damage 5 AUg 45 4 mi. 300 of K0IWAIJIMA USJGUMO Destroyer Jul 44 N of EOROFU I., KURILE Is. ransport No.2 ISV Aug 45 SEO Inland Sea JZJKI Destroyer Dec 44 orpedo boat ORMOC ransport No. 0 ISV Oot 44 ORMOC WAKABA Destroyer Oct 44 SULU Strait ransport No.02 ISV Oct 44 N entrance of GUIMARAS Strait WAKA.MIYA Escort Vessel Nov mi. S of SHUSHAN I. ransport No.03 ISV 390 4,ul ml 325 of CHICHIJIMA WAKAAKA layer 600 Heavy damage 27 Mar 45 5 mi. South of KANGEAN I. ransport No. 04 ISV Dec mi. SE of AKAO 'VAKAAKE Destroyer Mar 44 PALAU ransport No. 05 ISV 890 Oct N, 37-38"E WAKASUK Destroyer 2700 Nov 44 ORMOC ransport No.06 ISV Dec 44 CAIMAN Point, LUZON I. 'VASHIZAKI Aur. layer 420 ransport No.07 ISV Jan 45 Sea battle HAHAJIMA, BONIN Is. YAEYAMA layer Sep 44 South ti p of MINDORO ransport No. 08 ISV 990 YAEZAKURA Destroyer 260 I 8 jul 45 YOKOSUKA ransport No.0 ISV 890 Medium dame^e 9 Jul 45 YOKOSUKA YAHAGI Light Cruiser Apr N, 23-3E ransport No.Ill LSV 890 Abandoned 24 Nov 44 CAAINGAN Bay YAKAZE arget Ship 25 Mediun di 8 jul 45 YOKOSUKA ransport No.2 ISV 890 Abandoned 5 Nov 44 Han aground N coast of LUZON I. YAKU Escort Vessel Feb N, 09-29E ransport No.3 ISV Nov 44 South of SANA CRUZ YAKUM0 Cruiser 9000 ranspo rt No.4 ISV Feb 45 Near SHANGHAI YAMAGUMO Destroyer 500 ILEYE ransport No.5 ISV 890 Disabled Feb 45 North of BALINAO Pt. YAMAKAZE Destroyer 368 Between OMINAO & KASURAJIMA ransoort No.27 ISV Sep 44 MANILA YAMASHIRO Battleship Sea battle LEYE ransport No.28 ISV Jun 44 4-ON, 29-45E YAMAO Battleship N, 23-3E ransport No.29 ISV Aug 44 Submar ine 4-4S, 26-59E YANAGI Destroyer 260 SUGARU Strait ransport No.30 ISV Jul 44 IW0JIMA YASHIRO Escort V e ssel 940 JMouth of UNGGI Harbor ransport No.3 ISV 890 Heavy danfige 2 Jan 45 Near SAIGON YASOSHIMA Light Cruiser 2600! South of SANA CRUZ ransport No.32 ISV Dec 44 OJIMA YAY0I Destroyer mi. E of NORMANBY I. ransport No.33 ISV 390 Abandoned 4 Aug 44 FC JIMA YODOBASHI Salvage and ug 870 ransport No.34 ISV 390 Abandoned 4 Oct 44 YOIZUKI De stroyer Slight damage Ran aground IWOJIMA jun 45 SEO Inland Sea ransport No. 35 ISV 890 Abandoned 3 Oct 44 SALOMAGUE, LUZON YJBARI Light cruiser Apr N, 3-45E ransport No.36 LSV 890 Abandoned 8 Oct 44 SAL0*'AGUE, LUZON YUACHI Destroyer 368 IS Nov 48 Sea battle Near SAVO I ransport No.37 ISV 890 Stranded 2 eb 45 Bad weather FUAMI Harbor, CHICHIJIMA YUGIRI Destroyer Nov 43 Sea battle North tip of BUKA ransport No.33 ISV Oct 44 Near rojima YUG'JMO Destroyer Oct 43 Sea battlejnw of VELLA LAVSLLA I. ransport No.39 LSV Nov 44 SIIANGUN Bay YGURE Destroyer Jul S, 56-46E ransport No.40 ISV Jan 45 orpedo boat SAIGON YUKAZE Destroyer 25 ransport No.4 ISV 890 i 24 Nov 44 CAAINGAN Bay YUKIKAZS Destroyer 2000 Slight damage 2 NOV 44 Ai rcr a ft GUADALCANAL ransport No.42 ISV 390 i 25 Nov 44 South of SANA CR r JZ YUMLHARI Salvage and ug 333 r a ns par t No. 43 ISV 890 Abandoned 9 Feb 45 Ran. aground SE of HCSCADORES YUNAGI Destroyer Aug 44 m coast of LUZON I. ransport No.44 LSV 390 YJRA Light Cruiser Oct 42 ' INDISPENSABLE Strait ransport No.45 ISV 990 Heavy damage 4 Apr 45 Ran aground AMAMIOSRIMA YURAGA'VA Freighter 99 ransport No. 46 ISV Apr 45 Off OSEZAKI, " coast of KYUSHU YURISHIVA Coastal layer! Jan 45 SE coast of MALAY ransport No.47 ISV Jul 45 HACHIjnjlMA YUZUKI Destroyer Dec 44 ORMOC ransport No.49 LSV 890 Heavy damage 2 Jan 45 Cape S. JACQUES ZUIHO Carrier Oct ml. E of LUZON Strait ransport No.50 LSV Jul 44 ^ALAJ ZUIEAKU Carrier ( 25 Oct 44 I 250 mi. E of LUZON Strait ransport No.5 LSV Nov 44-22F, 9-07 LSV 2 Aug 44 Bad weather Between CHICHI JIMA k r^oj'a ransport No ransport No.53 LSV 890 ransport No.54 ISV 890 ransport No.57 LSV 890 Abandoned 5 Jan 45 See battle PVOJIMA 24 Dec 44 POJIMA 0 Oct 44 OKONA^A 2 Dec 44 ORMOC ransport No. 60 ISV 390 Abandoned ; 24 Nov 44 CAAINGAN Bay ransport No.6 LSV Nov 44 South of SANA CRUZ ransport No.53 ransport No.59 ISV LSV Abandoned ransport No.72 ISV 390 ransport No.73 LSV Vay 45 Between SASEBO & AMAMIOSHIMA ransport No.74 LSV 390 SUBAKI Destroyer 260 Median damage 0 Apr 45 Nea r "OOSNG SBAME Coastal *'ine layerl 450, f ar 45 ISFIGAKIJIMA, RY KY7J S GA Destroyer Jan 45 VAK0 SUGAF.U "inelayer un 44 Submar ine 'V entrance of MOROAI Channel SUKUFO raining Ship 545 SUKSHI Survey Ship Nov 43 Fine EIFAGO I., NE '.' IREJIM SURUMI Aug 44 Sout h of DAVAO SRUSFB'A. Cable layer


282 NOE Appendix (B) i s an alphabetical and converted vessels which were d a m a g e d, sunk, or missing i n Part listing recorded V of all the monthly non-combatant as either

283 HAKE OF VSSSSL YF3 O VESSEL OSWA&S ASSESSMEN DAE CXUSE LOCAION NAME OF CSS3L YPE OF VESSEL ONNAGB ASSESSMEN DAS CAP SB LOCAION ABUKUMAGAHA MARU 6888 Jun S, 34-4 AHZAK MARU 5U93 6 Max 44 Subnarine 27-38H, ASAKA MARU #5 880 Slight damage 23 Jul * S AtfZEH MAHU Aug 44 CEBU Island ABSB MARU May U, 24-7B AOBASAK MARU Dec 44 SAN FSRNANDO AFRICA KARU -Passenger Oct H, 2O-26S AOKI MARU Hov 44 Storm MANILA AOAA KARU Converted Set ender 302 Apr H, 95-4OK ARABIA MAHU -Passenger Oct H, AGAA HAEU tj Jul +5 46mtr8:P of JoJ UgA Buoy, WAKAKASU ARAOSAN MARU Apr 45 O9-8H, AICHI MABU 72 + Jun +5 } ARAHE MARU Sep 43 SINGAPORE AIKO MARU #20 Miscellaneous Aux. 5 Aug *+ KAOE Bay, HALMAEERA ARAAMA MARU Vfeapons 6783 Heavy damage 8 Apr H, 45-8 AIXOKU HAEU Converted Cruiser 0+37 Slight damage 6 Jul +3 CL27N, ! ARGUN MARU Sep * AIXOKU HAEU Miscellaneous ret 44 RUE ARIAKS MARU Feb 44 2S-32N, I2J4-BMI AIXQKU MAEU Picket Boat Jun ++ Enemy gunfire KWAJALEIH ARLAKE MAHU Picket Boat Apr 45 IS8 Bay AIOI MAKU # -FaBBenger Apr +5 3 mi off SUNEHI ARIMA MARU Apr H, AIdkU MAEU Dec +4 Collision ARISAS MARU Oct N, 8-83 AIGKU MAHU #2 35 May +5 Off PARAMUSHIRO ARIA MARU Dec 44 5-O7H, AIYO HAEU Mar +3 Off LAX ARIZONA MAR -Passenger Nov 42 North of GUABALCANAL AIZAS MASU 22 2 Jun +5 HAKAA Bay ASAHI MARU Miscellaneous 9326 Heavy damage 5 Feb 44 Collision BISAN-SSO, S80 Inland Sea AKAGAHS KARU Feb +3 Enemy gunfire Hear AU Ieland ASAEI MARU Picket Boat Jul 45 Ran aground Saet of PUSAS AKAGI MAEU Converted Cruiser el! ++ HUK ASAHI HAEU # Aug 44 AKAGISAJI MABU +63+ tedium damage 22-03H Jan S, 5-24B ASAHI MARU # 9 Miscellaneous Nov 43 West of BUJCA AKAGISAN MARU Dec +4 SAN ISIDRO, HV coast of LEYB ASAHI MARU # 00 Heavy damage 8 Hov 44 AKAKA KARU 3-4OH, 4-47S Sep +3 4l-0N, 4-3QB ASAHISAH MAHU Miscellaneous Jul W+ KAOE AKAKE MARU Oct m 9-4SB, 8-22B ASAHISAK MARU Kar 42 AKASHI MAEU -Passenger Sep mi. S of SHIOASAFI, NE at HONSHU 6-5S, 25-55s ASAKA MAEU Miscellaneous Aux Oct 44 MAKO AKASHI MARU Jan 45 S JACQUES ASAKA MARU Jan 45 AKASHISAH MAEU Miscellaneous Atuc. +5+ AXAO 2 Mar C5, 49-SB ASAKASAH MARU Feb 43 Mouth of MOULMSIN Hbr., BJBKA AKASSUKI MASU 90 4 Jan 45 Upper YANGZE River A5AKAZI MARU Goal ransport 657 Stink AKASUKI MAEU Kay 43 5 Dec 43 KWAJALEII Islan d 27-4ON, ASAKA MARU Miscellaneous Aux Hov 44 AKKBOHQ KARU Kar * FALAU ASAMA MAHU 489 ASI MABU -Passenger III+C& 26 Jul Jan 43 Ran aground Outside KUSHIRO Hbr, HOKKAIDO 8-24H, 8-2 AXIBASAH MARU Miscellaneous Aux ASAHAGI MARU ransport-oil Jan 44 Jun ON, XWAJALBIH ASASHIO MARU 54 AKIKAWA HAEU Miscellaneous Aux. 30 Mar 44 PALAU 52"* 27 Apr N, 43-22B ASO MARU Converted Gunboat May 43 AKIKAWA MARU 6800 Southeast of CAGAYAN Island 2 Dec 44 3O-24H, 28-7S ASO MARU -Passenger Jun 44 Subnarine O9-5N, AKIBA MARU t ^75 4 May 44 Enemy goof Ire O-53S S ASOKAWA MARU Mar 45 S-32N, AKISHIMA MARU Miscellaneous Aux. 993 ieavy damage 26 Hay 45 Hear MOJI ASOSAH HARU 88 May OCB AKIA MARU 387 Slight damage 0 Jan H, 20-5CS ASUKA MARU Miscellaneous May 43 MAKASSAR Strai t AKIA MARU # Kar 44 7 mi off ANGAUR Light Bouse ASUKA MARU Jan H, AKISU KARU Converted Sub. Chaser 97 Soak 2 Oct 44 Hear PYJKYUSHO, FORMOSA ASUKASAN MARU 6886 AKISU MARU 9S6 4 Jul 44 5 Hov H, N, 28-LB AKISU MARU Miscellaneous Aux. 038 AASO MARU Hov May 45 MIRI, BOENEO 2Km]0tPaf KAMEHOKBI, S of KUHS AAKA KARU -Passe nge r 5248 AKISUSHBtA MAEU 542 Sep Aug &N, 3&.5OB MIHDAHAO Island AKIURA MAEU 6803 sunk ALANIC MARU Miscellaneous Aux Kar Feb H, N, 33-02B ALAS MARU Miscellaneous Aux Hov 44 AEIUSA MARU LUZON Strai t Jun ON, 28-5B ALAS MAHU 7400 Medium damage 3 Jul DS, U2-C8 AXIZUKI MAEU 880 Ban aground 29 Jun 45 7 Em N of pier light house, SURJGA Hbi ASU MARU Mar 44 SOUH S3 AS AIO MARU t Heavy damage 0 Aug 45 t ASUA MAHU Jun 45 ALASKA MAEU Dec 43 Off XAVIEHG ASfA MAEU Kay 42 AMAGI MARU -Passenger 26_22!r, 29-2OB May 44 Subnarine ANDAMAir Islands ASWASAI MARU 8663 Fire 6 Dec 4 AKAGISAN MAEU Feb U4 HUI 20 ml S of SAMAH, HARAS Island AMAHI MARU AWA MARU ransport- Mi sc May Medium damage 2 Sep 44 MAHILA Harbor Subnarine 34-25N, AMAHO KARU Apr 43 AWA MARU Fishing Boat OH, 43-2CB Apr 45 Off FORMOSA AMAIKO MAEU AWA MARU -Passenger 249 Apr Jon H, l4l-7e 24-4N, 9-28 AWA MASU 887 Minor damage AHAKASU MAEU # Water ransport 5 Jal mi U3 0 of KASSJURA Light House Dec 42 0 km south of WAKE Island AWA MARU t I960 4 Jul 45 AMAEUSA MARU AOHORI HAE0DA8 area HO N, 22-38B AWAGAWA MARU Oilar 6600 Slight damage 20 Oct 44 AHAEI HAEU feb 43 Hortheast coast of HONSHU Collision 34-llN, AMAO HAEU IVb 45 AWAGAWA MARU Attg 45 CHCW3JIH -56H, 09-isa AHASU MARU AWAJI MARU Miscellaneous Aux Sep 44 IO Kar 44 FALAU 8-42S AMASUSAH MAEU 6886 AWAA MARU Miscellaneous Kay Oet N, N AMERICA MAEU Miscellaneous Aux Mar 44 AYAGIRI MARU Hov H, West of MINDORO Island AMOY KARU Attg 43 AYAHAMI MARU Miscellaneous Aux Au* 45 8 mi 300 of MISHDCA 38-52H AYASAMI KARU Jan 45 AMOY MARU -Passenger Southeast of S JACCjISS 73^ 25 Key 45 North coast of SUSHIMA AYAOSAN HARU Jul 42 BtffA AMLJI KARU Picket Boat Apr 45 3O-5OH. 38-3QB AYAYEI MARU Jan 45 AHIYEA KASU Liaison Off Caps PADARAN, ndo-china 339 iinor damage 0 Aug 45 Sear MOURA, SUGARU Strait AYAZONO MARU Sen 44 AMJO MAEU Sep 44 GEBU 3-3H, AUK AWA MARU Converted Sub.Chaser 98 IS Feb 45 AJUO KARU S82 iino r damage 3 Jua S Off PUSAH AZUCHISAH MARU Miscellaneous Aux Oct 44 AKXO MAEU Miscellaneous Aux Key 45 Hear abqeados, IWtip of LUZON I. Off SBIMONCSEKI AZUKA MARU 946 Ran aground 25 Jttl 45 j ASiiAK MARU 29+ HAKAA Bay 6 Sep 43 RANGOON AZUMA MARU 6645 AKSZ FRISIH GO 2768 (inor damage 3 Dec Jul 45 O6-35N, km 46Srf MAKBOSEIMA Light Boase AZUMASAS MAHU Miscellaneous 7622 Slight damage 4 May 42 GAVU'i'U, LAGI Harbor AI BI GO 668 junk 25 Jun 45 Off MUSURSJIMA AZUMASAF MARU 6645 Stranded 4 Oct 42 ANHI 00 # Jan 45 Off ASSAFAEONG, GUADALCAHAL I. HONGKONG AZUSA MARU Miscellaneous 54g AHRI MAEU 29 Dec fedium d&mage 3 Jun 45 WICHAM, SOLOMON Island s 34-57H, AZUSA MARU 002 ASSHU MAEU ransport-misc. 7 Sen May ALHD Island, DAVAO Gulf AZUSA MARU 370 ASO MAEU #39 J feavy damage 2 Jun 45 7 Jun mi SW nea r YOSO-DO, S KOREA 37-3K B ANYO MARU 9256 sunk 8 Jan N, 2O-37B AHZAN MARU Jul 43 Submar ine 38-2N,

284 SAMS OJ OSSSL FB OF OSSSL OHSAGS ASSSSSM2H DAS CAUSE LOCAION HAMS OP VSSSBL YPE OF VESSH. OHSAGS ASSBSSM2 SAS CASB LOCAIOS BAH I KABU BAIKAL MAHU BAliDAI HAHU BAHDAI HABU BA5DCSHG KABU BAKEI HABU BASSI HAEU #2 BASGAKK HAHU # 3 BANGKOK MAEU BABSHU HAHU BAHSHO HAEU BAHSHU KABU # 2 BAHSHU HAEU # 5 BAHSHU KABU # 6 BAKSHU HABU # 7 BAHSHU HABU # 7 BAHSHU KABU # 8 BAHSHU KABU #3 BAHSHU KABU #3 3 3AHSHU KABU #3 5 BASSHU HABU #5 2 BAHSHU HABU #5 3 BAHSHU HABU #5 5 BAHSHU HAEU #5 6 BASSHU KABU #6 3 3AHSH0 HASU #6 5 BAHSHU KABU #8 7 BASSHU KABU #9 2 BAHSHU HABU #9 7 BAISHU HABU #9 8 BAAVIA KABU BAUPAHA HABU BSIJU HABU BSLGIUM HABU BSNGAL HAfiU B3NKH HABU BICHU HABU BUKU MABU BIHOO KABU BIKO HABU BISAN HABU BKA HABU BIYO HABU BIZ AS HAEU BIZES HABU BOKO MABU ECKUEI HABU BOXUO KABU BOBEKAOX KABU BOBHBO HABU BOSON HABU BRAZIL HABU BSA2I HABU BBISBAKB HABU BUBHOS AIBSS HABU BUJSH KABU BWO HABU BDJUH HABU BUKUS HABU BW2AS HA&U BUSXA HABU BUSEO HABU BUSHUHABU BUIO HABU BUSAH HABU BXOSISU HABU CALCUA HAEU CASBIBBA HABU CANOS HABU CAROLIHB HABU CSLXBS HABI CfiBAH " tp " CSLQB HABO -Passenger I Dredger Car go-fas senger ransport-oil Picket Boat Converted layer Refrigeration Provision Store ship Provision Store ship Converted Hinesveepex Miscellaneous Aux. J Concerted sweeper Converted Sub.Chaser Converted sweeper Fishing Boat Miscellaneous Aux. Miscellaneous Aox. Miscellaneous AOJC. Miscellaneous Auz. Picket Boat Boating Crab Conasry Miscellaneous Aux. Miscellaneous -Passenger Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Aux. Miscellaneous Aux. Miscellaneous Hospital Ship Miscellaneous Aux. Miscellaneous iax. Converted Sub.Chaser t Converted Gunboat t Converted Sub.Chaaer -Passenger Miscellaneous Aux. Miscellaneous UO S89 5*90 U59 26U 7US U U U U U6U2 luu U667 33,50 &9 3U20 U «63 5^ U X 2270 UaoU U UU S 6U U9O5 t Hissing Heavy damage I Heavy damage J Heavy damage Minor damage Heavy damage Slight damage Minor damage Minor damage Oct UU Sep UU ret U3 Mar U5 Dec U2 Hov UU Kay UU Mar UU Kay U3 U Jun U5 t IS lu 8 Jun U5 2U Hay UU 9 Aug UU U Jan UU lu Aug U5 Dec U2 Apr U3 Aug U5 Jul U3 HO UU Jul U5 Dec «*U Jul U3 Jun <+5 Jan U2 Jul U5 Jul U5 Jan U5 Jan U5 May U5 Jul U5 Apr U5 Sep UU Oct UU Jun UU Aug UU Jan U5 Oct UU Mar UU Sov UU Mar UU Aag Us Jun U5 Hay U5 May UU HO U2 Jun U5 Jun UU Feb U2 Oet U2 SO U2 Aug U2 May U5 HO U2 HO U3 Sep UU Oct UU Kay U2 Sep UU Jul U5 Jon U2 Jan UU Sep UU Jan U3 Oct UU Jul U5 X Kay U2 lu Hov U2 2 Jul U3 HO UU 0 HO UU 25 SO UU 27 reb UU Ran aground Submar lne t I Collision Submar ine Han aground Off BBUHI U6 mi. H of HASlmOC O7-5OH, Hear BtKA Island 3-3OH, 9-25* UO-005, U-5M 38-oos, 5-00 U mi. 83 of JALUI Island 3U-27W r 08-UOS, 2U-3CB Between RUE and YCKOSKA Off HAMADA Off OPALA, KAMCHAKA 9-2H, 5-5J Around OVASB W of DALCPIBI Island, I of LU2DH U3-3OH, luo-20* U3B SUBIC Bay OB AHA 0D0 Strait, SHIMQHOSIKI South entrance of MAHILA Bay Horth of QjriBHOS Bay Hear SHUMUSHU Island 33-U5H, 3-57* Off GOO CEBU Island area West of BILLIOH Island 7-32&, iuu-ica 8-3H, 20-3S KKELUSG Off MAHILA O5-3gH, 25-5OB AHAKAH Outside FALAU Harbor U-30I, lul-0b 2AS CHIHA Se a Off CHANGSAN, K0E3A 0-0H, 3-U2B 3-3ON, 09-2* OSAKA 33-58H, 30-UUl O7-2OK * 27-56H. 23-U7I Sea wet of HO SUES SAIPAN 09-2H, U7-IBB 53-UOH, 76.5s O6-0H, 35-9B O9-5H, 50-UCB Off KOBE Horth of GUADALCANAL West of HBW KELAND CEBU AKAO 2-SN, 7-7* O3-5UN, 98-U3B HACHINOBB Harbor 0-2N, O2-29B 0S-3QH, 09-0* 29-U6B, 29-UOB 0L-5UH, 3U-57B In dock of KOWLOOH 500 m^of mouth of CHOHGJIH Bay 28-6K, 23-5OB Horth of GUAHALCA5AL 2U-U2H, B SIBUYAN Sea MAHILA Bay 3-U5S, 27-UCB CHEFOO MABU CHEEIBOH MAB CHIBUBI MAEU CHICAGO MAEU CHICHQU MAHU CHICHIBU MAHU CHIFUKU KABU CHIHAA MAHU CHIHAA HAEU CHIHAYA MAEU CHIHAA MAEU CHHUGO MAEU CHIKUGO MAEU CHIKUMA MAHU CHDCJO MAEU CHIKJZAN HAEU CEDCUZSN MABU CHIXZSK MABU CHKU MAHU CHILI HASU CHIUA MABU CHIHKAI HABU CHUKO KAHU CEIHZBI MAEU CHISHIHA MAEU CHIA MAEU CHIOSE HASU CHIOSB HABU CHIOSK HAEU # 6 CHIYO KABU CHIO KABU CHIO MAEU CHIODA HABU CHIOBA HAEU # 5 CHnOAKA MABU CHIZAH MABU CHQAH KAHU # 2 CBOAff MABU # 2 CHQ5I MABU CHOBI KAEU CHCBI MAHU CHOFUKU HAEU CHOHAKUSAH MABU CHOHO MAEU CHOI HAEU CHOJO MAEU CHOJUH MAEU CHOJUSAN MAHU CHOXA MABU CHOKAI MAEU CHOKAI HABU CHOKAI MAEU # 2 CHOKO MABU CHCKO MAHU CHOKO MABU CHOKO HABU CHOKO MAEU CHOKO HABU CHOKO MAHtJ # 2 CHOKU KABU CHorro KABU #2 CHOHAH HAEU CBOSA MABU CH0S3N HABU CHOSSH HABU #6 CHOUH MAEU CHOUH MARU CHOUH MAEU CH0U2 MAEU # 7 CHOO MAEU # 3 CHOUff KAHU # 8 CHOUH MAEJ #2 CHOUH MAHU #2 3 t C argo-pas ee nge r Car go-passenger Provision StoreBhip t Miscellaneous Converted Sub. Chaser CARGO C argo-pasee nge r Converted Sub.Chs.Eer Converted SiitChager -Passenger Converted sweeper Miscellaneous Aux. Miscellaneous Aux. Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Aux. Converted Gunboat ransport-miac. Picket Boat Picket Boat -Passenger -Pas se nge r Converted Gunboat -Pa se nger ransport-misc. Converted Gunboat low Boat Picket Boat Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Converted Gunboat Picket Boat Converted Gunboat Picket Boat ransport Converted eweepei Picket Boat Converted sweeper Converted swe epei 328 UO6 9U S8U U70 2U I8U0 2UU U5 X I U700 U700 U U U U U S3 8U E9 79U U37O U 9U 63 9b Heavy damage Heavy damage t t Minor damage Slight damage Heavy dan age Slight damage Msditna damage Ifediam damage Heavy damage Minor damage Minor damage Sidesviped Heavy damage Slight damage Heavy darna^ 2 Jan U5 28 Hov U2 7 Jan UU 5 Oct U3 3 Mar U2 0 Aug U5 6 Jan U3 28 Hov U2 2 Hov U3 Jun UU 0 Sep UU 3 Hov U2 3 Jun UU 0 Jul U5 29 Mar U5 2 Jul U3 27 Jul U5 30 Jal U5 22 Apr U5 2 Hay U5 2 Sep UU 7 Hov UU U Hov U3 8 Oct UU 8 Jul U5 U Sep U2 2U Har U5 lu Jul U5 22 Jan U5 0 Hov U2 26 May UU 2 Jan UU 3 Aag UU 22 Feb UU 7 Aug U5 27 May U5 20 Mar U3 0 May UU 3 Mar U3 0 Jun U5 Jul U5 lu Hay U5 Mar U5 6 Hov U3 2 May UU 6 eb UU 29 Aug U3 9 Hov UU 29 Feb UU 2 Mar U5 26 Mar U5 6 Aug U5 2 Oct U2 28 Mar U2 5 Dec U3 2 Feb UU 2U Feb UU 30 Jul U5 2 Jan UU 8 Apr U2 20 Oct UU Hov U3 20 Aug U3 2U Jan UU 26 Apr U5 2 Jan UU U Apr UU 9 AugU5 lu Dec UU 27 Mar U5 2 Sep UU 25 Hov UU 2 Aug UU Aircfaft I Enemy gunfire Collision Collision Hit rocks Suomarine Scuttled SAIGO A Island O2-27H. US-58B 2U-30H, 2O-3CB SV of MHURA Island, IZU Islands KBBLJHG Harbor VAOM Island, HV of BABADL 28-20, U7-22B U6-5OH, UU-05B 33-U7, 27-37* HV of HAINAN Island 32-25H, 22-UOB.8 km. 28 of HOJIZAXI AMAKAWA Harbor, KAGOSBOtA Bay HAIPHOHG, FESHCH IHDCCHIHA 30 mi. 239 of KOOASAKI QUSA South of OSHIJIMA, HIB-ken Horth of IKI MANILA Harbor 33-2OH, 2U-308 SWAOW lu-ouh, 9-52* Off KAK&JIEI Hear KUJI Bay, HScoast of HDBfSH 29-2H, 25-3 U mi. off KAABS, CEXAIDO HAHSEI Islands area Off pier AZAB 28-08H, lul_55s 2-OOH, luo-30b 2O-55H. 2-7 SOtR"H PACIFIC area U km. S of KUAGAWA F3er i^ t Binse Off VACAIOMISAKI Light House O3-U8H, luu_2-3k. lu3_ull 7SLLA LAVELLA Island 50 mtr. off SHUHIHAO Off woostura Hear HAKAA. Bay NASA BUKA Island O3-28S, 26-O3E os-ooir, 27-30B 3U-26, 28-55* 3-5H, 29-0B IHSIAWJ. YA3KWZS Rive r 3U-6H, Off KOKIYA, AKAMI-OSHIHA 335 of FOSHIKI Light House South of KAIBIIG 37 mi. SS» of MAKASSAH KVAJALIH 05-U6H, 99-52* 5-U6S, luu-0* Off HIMO O3-37H, U7-27* 650 «i. east of IHUBOSAKI Off KJI Istuary Hear HOO Pen.,HVccaet of HQ9SHE O5-09H, UOH, 32-8 Bast mouth of KAMHOI Strait Off HBDAI, east cowt of StJMAEA HABAUL Off BSLAWAir, SMAEA KDCHIHOBHABI Bay, S of KYUSHU CBU Scuttled to blockade MAHILA SAiraiHS Island - 253

285 NAME or vassal ftps as VESSEL OHNAGS ASS3SSHEN PAS CAUSE LOCAION HAMB OF VESSEL YPE OF VESSEL 0NKA33 ASSESSMEN DA! CADSB LOCAION CBOUN MAEU #24 CSOVA MAEU CEOIO HAEU CHOYO MARU CHOYO MAEU CHQYO MAEU # 2 CBOIO MAEU # 3 CBOXO MAEU # 8 CHOZAN MARU CEOZAH MABD CHUKA MAEU CHtSO MA U CHOANZAK MAKU CHUWA MARU CEUO MAEU CIiYDS MAEU CQLUMBU MAEU COMMUNICAION SHIP #28 COMMUNICAION SHIP #37 COMMUNICAION SHIP #42 COMMUNICAION SHIP #833 CUBA MAEU DAI MA&U DAI NIPPON MAEU #5 DAXA MAEU DAIAI MAEU ntin MARU DAIBI MASU DAIDO MAEU BAIDO MABU DAIBSU MAEU DAI&EN MAEU CA.IGO MABU DAUI MAEU DALJIS MAEU # DAIKI HABU DAQCO MABU BAIKQKU MABU DADCQKU MAEU HAI2QKU MA&U # 3 DAIiOKUSAN MA&U BAIOU MAEU DAIHICHI MABU DAIO MABU EilEEH MAEU DAIEEH MAEU EAIEEH MAEU DAIE&tSU MABU BAIESISU MAEU DAIEI MABU #0 DAISHIH MABU DAIS HIS MABU DAISHIN MABU DAISHUH MAEU BAI3I MAEU DAISN MABU DAIIOMAEU DAIO MAEU DAIO MAH7 DAIO MAEU # DAIO MASU # 2 DAIO MABU #3 DAIOKU MASU DAIUN MAEU # 2 BAION MAEU #9 UgiB MAH0 UfE MABU DSLAGOA MAEU JJAHU EENHAEK MAEU EfiNSHEJ MAHJ DOGO MABU DOEAJS MAEU ransport- J Con-verted MisBsveepsr Converts d sweeper Picket Boat Picket Boat feter ransport Miscellaneous Any. Miscellaneous Anx. Communication Snip t Miscellaneous 7 Picket Boat Converted Gunboat Miscellaneous Aux. Picket Boat Miscellaneous Aax. Dredger Picket Boat -Passenger r Miscellaneous Aux. I Miscellaneous Aux. Picket Boat Converted Gunboat C a rgo-pas sen ge r * * * I+6U Ban aground Heavy damage Heavy damage Slight damage Missing Slight damage Soak Soak Set fire Medium damage Minor damage Minor damage Heay damage Slight damage lg lg 2 0 Jun 44 May 45 Dec +2 Jul +5 Jul +5 Jul +5 Jeb +5 May U5 May 45 NO +3 Sep 44 Aug 44 Dec ++ Feb 42 Mar +4 Jan 45 NO +3 Oct 44 Oct + Dec 44 Jun 45 Aug +2 May +5 Aag +3 Mar >5 Mar +5 Hay 45 Jet 45 Dec *3 Jun 45 Jan +5 Aug 45 Jan 45 Jul 44 Apr +5 Jun +5 NO 43 Jul +5 Jal 45 Mar 45 Jun +5 Dae 44 Oct +3 Jal 45 eh 44 Mar 44 HO 44 Attg 45 Aug +5 Jul +5 Sep 43 May +4 Mar +5 Aug +5 Dec 43 Oct 44 SO 44 Jun +5 Aug +5 Mar +5 May 45 May +5 HO 44 Ju l++ May +5 Sep 44 Jul +5 NO 43 Jan 44 Jan 44 Jun +5 Oct 44 Mar 45 Wreck Collision Collision Sutjuarine Collision Aiicraft Aiicraft Han aground SOBONG 4-02N, 44-36B 25-O5H Near HAKODAE HASHIN, KOREA 5 mi. off KIKOHAI 30-OQS, 4-00B Between KJMUH I. and C.KUMA 35-+2N, 26-3S West of BUKA -N, N, 25-34S Off MBtEAMAO 25-23H, PALAU 25-20H, 2-06B OI-5UH, U7-2CE South of CELEBES Island 05-47S, U9-42S 04-OSS, 9-33* 05-44S, 4-63 U6-23H, U3-37B MAKASSAR Harbor BISMARCK Islands KUJI Bay, AMAHI-OSHIMA Between OKYO and MUR0RA5 OKINAWA Off CHICHUIMA. 09-OSH, 59-O2B Near EISHIEI I., V of W4KKAHAI 4-58H, 0S-5SB 4 km. S of IJHifiASSa Pier Light House Nea r KASA-DO, Stf KOBEA 27-25N, OOH, About 30 km. of f OOSBZAKI 22-2SN, Inside NIIGAA Harbor 2.5 km. 243 of KASAYAMA, HAG I Bfarbor East of OAOABLIMA Off MOJI SOUH CHINA See 3-4SN, 9-2IB 35-O6H, 29-+OB 02-OOS, 27-+QK 33-44H, O8N, mtr. 04 of KGBS Harbor 34-42H, 3O-3B Hear MOJI 34-20, s t Off HAHA CHOBQJIB Near ASKING, YASGZS , 8-47 CAVIE Pier OSAKA Harbor 5 mi. 20 of SONGJIN 35-2QN Off YOSU 5.5 mi. 8 of ODOZAKI Outside KABILA Harbor 34-+OH, 25-25S West of KUNSAN SAN FSBNAHDO Hear HIGAML-MISAKI 2S-20N, H, S 23-5S OSAKA Harbor 0-30N, 20-25S 29-3OH, 28-5 DORI GO DORYO MAHU DOSEI MAEU DOSHI MARU DOVEH HARU DCWA MARU DOZAN MARU DUHBAH MAEU BISU KARU #3 2BISU MARU #5 SBISU MAHU #5 BBISUMARU # EBISU MAHU #32 3B0N HARU SCHIZEN MABU 3DAMISU MARU BDO MARU BDOGAWA MAHU BDOGAVA MARU SGUCHI MAHU BGBCHI MARU # 3 SHIMS MARU SIAH MARU EIFUKUMAHJ BDJKU MARU BDKU MAHU #8 EIFOKU MABU # 5 EIHO MAHU EIHO MAHU BIHO MAHU BIBO MARU SU J MARU EIJO MARU 3IJ0 KARU BU MAEU BUON MAHU EUUN MAEU EIKAN MAEU SIKICHI MAHU SIKO MAEU SIKO MAHU SIKO MAHU SIKO MAHU SIKO MAEU # 2 EIKOK MARU SIKYO MARU BIKYU MARU SIM AN MARU 3IHBKI MAHU IRYU MAHU SISJHff MAEU SISHIN MAHU EISHO MAHU EISHO HAHU EIO MARU BICKU MARU BIOKU MAHU # 8 3IWA MARU BIYO MAEU BIYO MAEU # 2 3IZAN MAHU 3IZAH MAHU 3JIEI MAHU BKISAN MARU KKAI MABU EMPO MAHU SNBUtf MAHU 3NCHO MAHU 3NDAI HAEU 3KG25 -IAEtr JESLUJD MAEU E&c KABU 3HJU KARU Miscellaneous Aux. Miscellaneous Am. Miscellaneous Aux. Picket Boat Miscellaneous Aux. Miscellaneous Aux. Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Conarted Gunboat Miscellaneous Aux. Converted sweeper Converted Gunboat Miscellaneous Aux. Miscellaneous Aux. -Passenger Conerted layer Caxgo Miscellaneous Aux. Miscellaneous Aux. Conerted Gunboat Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Aux. Comerted Net ender Caxgo Miscellaneous Aux. 7 Miscellaneous Aax U Sl B Heay damage Minor damage Minor damage Suck Heavy damage Heavy damage Minor damage Heay damage Sack Minor damage Burnt Medium flaa^ Heavy damage Gutted Minor damage 6 Ja l 4+ 3S-5ON, S 23 Mar N, 27-3 Mar +5 Bnemy fir e ICI Bay, AMAHI-OSHIMA 27 Ja l 45 Insid e HISHHOMARI Bay, SUSHIMA 26 Oct 43 RANQ-OOI! Rier 22 HO H, eh 44 Ran aground Off INCHON 2 Aag 44-45H, Dec 4U MANILA 30 Apr U N, 55-OCE Dec +4 MANILA 8 Ja l 44 SAIPAK Aag 44 KAOE Bay, HALMAHERA 2 Jan +3 C4-30S, 5-3OB 24 Feb * 5-45N, Attg +5 RASHIH, KOKEA 3 Aug N, HO ON, Apr O2H, Aag U3 HAHSA, ffsw GDJEA 6 Sep H, NO N, Ju l 45 Off MIKURIYA 3 Aug 42 0 mi.eof SAHIAOCHIAQ, FORMOSA 8 Rsb S, Sep 44 0 Aug +2 t Southwest area Off IMOR Island 2 Jan 4^ AKAO NO +4 f 2 Jan 45 Southwes t o f S. JAC(JES lu Ja l 45 HAKODAE Harbor 6 Set) 4U 22-9N, 2O-3OE Mar +5 SHIN-AG Bay, SHANUNG 7 Jun H, May 45 YELLOW Se a Jan 45 OSAKA Harbor Jal +5 MOJI 26 Jun 45 7»i. 70 o f ODOZAKI 30 Mar +5 Off BOHOMISAKI, KAGOSHIMA 24 Oct H, S-37 B 23 Feb H, Jua 44 O5-59H, May 45 Off IUCHOH 5 Dec 43 KWAJALEIN Islan d 8 NO 44 ARAKAH 4 Oct OON, II5-55 E 2 Sep 44 MANILA Harbor 2 Jan +5 Eas t coas t o f FRENCH EDOCHHrA 4 Ju l +5 M0R0RA 4 May N, Jun H, 40-55! 22 Sep 44 Off SAU FBRIANDO 30 Hay ON, 0-55 Mar N, 08-3 Aug 45 MUROZ, YAMAGJHI-ken 4 Ja l +5 HAKODAE Harbor 4 Jttl 45 Nea r C.SHIOKBI, HOKKAIDO 3 HO l+u Outsid e MANILA Harbor 20 Feb B 2 Sep +4 cssu 8 Jan 42 Off SHIONO-MISAKI Dec +3 In K033AI Waters () 0 Oct 4l+ 6-0H, 9-l+UB 29 Sep «H 27-^, Sep l+u KAIILA Harbor 9 Aug 45 RASHDr, K0H3A 22 Jul 45 Bnemy gunfire 7 km. 20 of M3RA Jun +5 HIACHI Dockyard, OSAKA 20 Jon 42 Ran aground 42-7N, Feb H, May * I, Jttl +5 4 Aag H, 3O-5SI Hhils heading H from CHICHUIMA - 259

286 SAME of VESSEL IPS O VESSEL OKSAGB A S S E S S M E N D A S C A U S S L O C A I O N NAME OF VESSEL YPE OF VBSSIL ONHAGS ASSESSMEH DAS C A U S S L0CAI05 KKEI MAEU SSS. MABU fflffiro MAEU SNOSHIMA MAEU 3H0UEA MABU fifi2as HABU SRII MABU EEIMO MABU SBIMO MABU BSASHI MABU SSUOEU MABU EAJIKA MAEU ESUIAS MABU FISHIHG BOA FISEIHG BOA JLOBIEA MABU rbaice MAEU fbaucs MABU FUCHU MAEU FUJI MABU ran KABU JU I MASU FUJI MABU FUJI MAEU I-GO mi l MABU # 7UJIO.HA MAEU FUJIKAWA MABU FUJIKAWA MABU FUJISAH MABU fujiiama MABU JO I MABU FUKKAI MABU FUEKSa MABU 7UKKO MABU IUKOKU MABU im u HARU JUKU MABU #2 imuan MABU UXU3I MABU FUJOIBI MABU FUJCUSI MABU FUKUEI MABU FUKtHI MABU FUKUEI MARU yuicuai HARU tz JOUJSI MABU # 3 FUKUSI MABU t5 FUKUEI MARU *0 UKUI MAEU # 2 FUKUICHI MABU # 5 jmuju MASU JUKUJU MABU 5 JfUKUJU MABU #4 BO-SO lukuebi MABU FUKUSI MABU iukus3 MABU FUKUSSI MARU FUKUSEI MABU IUKUS3I MABU imus I MABU #2 FUKUSSI MABU #2 FUKUSHU MAEU JUKUUS MABU FUKUUHA MABU JUKUYAHA MABU JfUKUYAMA MABU FUKUO MAEU imuoshi MABU #5 j'umi MARU #2 FUMI MAEU #5 JUNISUJCI MAH7 i'uhakawa MABU JUSAKAWA MABU #2 Car gel Miscellaneous Aux. -Pas ee nger Converted Siib.Chaser Miscellaneous Aax. Picket Boat Miscellaneous ransport Miscellaneous Aux. -Fas ee tiger Picket Boat Miscellaneous Aux. Miscellaneous Aux. Picket Boat Picket Boat Miscellaneous Aux. Picket Boat Miscellaneous Aux. Motor Sailboat Miscellaneous Aux. Picket Boat Converted layer Whaler ^ S t is6s b O M i n o r d a m a g e S u n k S u n k M i n o r d a m a g e S u n k H e a v y d a m a g e S u n k M i n o r d a m a g e S u n k S u n k M e d i u m d a m a g e S u n k S u n k J t M e d i u m d a m a g e H e a v y d a m a g e H e a v y d a m a g e S u n k S u n k M e d i u m d a m a g e S u n k B a n a g r o u n d S u n k B a n a g r o u n d M e d i u m d a m a g e S u n k S u n k S u n k S u n k S u n k S u n k S u n k S u n k S u n k S u n k t H e a v y d a m a g e S u n k S u n k H e a v y d a m a g e S u n k S u n k S u n k S u n k S u n k S u n k S u n k S u n k S u n k S u n k B a n a g r o u n d S u n k S l i g h t d a m a g e S u n k S u n k S u n k S u n k S t r a n d e d S u n k S u n k S u n k S u n k S u n k S u n k S u n k S u n k M i n o r d a m a g e S u n k S u n k S u n k S u n k S u n k 7 M a r J a n + 5 I S M a y A a g J a n M a y 4 5 J a n Jun 45 0 A a g S o v A u g S e p M a y J u n J u n M a r S o v J a n S e p S e p O c t M a r J u l e b U 5 6 F e b S e p F s b M a r F e b M a y M a r D e c D e c M a y J u n O c t F e b J u l A p r 4 3 I S J a n A u g S e p D e c Hsjf J a n 4 3 S J u l A p r J u l + 5 J u n F e b N O S J u l 4 5 I S e p D e c N o v ++ 7 J a n S e p M a r F e b J u l J u l + 5 M a r M a y O c t 4 i ' 9 J a n F e b D e c J a n S e p J u l J a n M a r M a y + 5 S u b m a r i n e S u b m a r i n e Han aground Submar ins Sea disaster Sue my gunfire Submar ine Collision Storm Sea Battle 7 Ban aground t Wreck Submar ine Submar ine Ban aground,, N 2 S E H O 8-5 S B 35-i^m, OGDCHI Channel, SASAO Bay AKAO 34-2S, 27-24S 32-3S, 3-5+B H, 3-4.3* BASHIN, ZORSA Sorth of SAN 7ERNAHD , 40-45B 34-29S, 24-4SS 0-3 OB, N, 40-56S 05-4S, 06-37B 00-09N, 44-55! 33-47K, Southeast of S. JACQUES RABAUL MUSH I Island, HEW GUDBA,,,,.., 2S-2OH, 2S-O53 3-O7, 3O-3B Outside HAKODAE Harbor 3-O6N, 7-00E KWAJAL3D 08-23N, 65-2B EBK 0-50H, 33-25B HUK 63kB.03 aff WABAICMISAK.I Lt. House 37-29N, U-35 O 7 - O 6 H E O f f n o r t h w e s t e r n H A t H A I I s l a n d H H S E A B A U L E A 3 A U L a r e a M A I Z U B U S o f S H I B I A S A K I H E c o a s t o f E O H S B U 2 0 m i o f f M B V H A H O V E E 3 m i o f f S A H C H O F O R M O S A M A N I L A H a r b o r B e t w e e n F A L E M B A N G a n d S I N G A P O R E,,,,,,,..,,,,.., M O K S W a t l S H O D O - S H I M A Q 4 H l O E S A I F A H O N 3-9 E B U H G O C h a n n e l H l S B O O H B N B r U J U K U E I H A M A C E B U I s l a n d a r e a O 7 - O 6 S B O f f C H A H G S H A K I s l a n d M o u t h o f Y A N G Z E H i v e r J 5 k m S o f O K U O - O A O A B I J I M A O f f S H I R I Y A S A E I m c o a e t o f H O S H U S e a r O S A K A K O B S H a r b o r 3 O S S H S H A S S E I I s l a n d n e a r N A E A S o u t h o f F C H M O S A 4 0 m i w e s t o f S A I P A S W e s t o f D A L U P I H I I S o f L U Z O N WOJE 8 mi. eas t of HIIJIMA 59 mi. 89 of KmKAZAH 33-57N, 30-UUs Hear SHIEIYAZAKI 34-OOH, 23-OOK JJSA MAEU rossi KAstr FUSBIMI MABU FUSHIMI MAEU F^HIMI MAEU FUSHIMI MAEU PUSHIMI MABU # 2 JJSHIMI MAEU # 2 7USHIHI HAEU # 3 PUSO MABU ruso MAEU FUYUKAKA MAEU GAKUJO MABU GA5GES MABU GA5JISU MABU # GASSA5 MABU GASSAH MAEU GASSA5 MABU GSMBU MAEU OE5CHI KAEU GSM I MAEU # GE3XAI MABU G3SMBI MABU G35OA MABU 55N7O HAEU GS5YO MAEU GBHZA5 MAEU GSKZAS MAH # GBNZA5 KAEU # GBSUYO MASU GIFU KAEU GI5HII MAEU GINSSI MARU GIHYO MAEU GI5ZAS KAEU GIO5 KAEU GISHO MAEU GISO MAEU #+0 SIZAH MABU GLASGOW KAEU GOKO MAEU GOKOKU MABU GCKOKU HABU #9 GOSO MAEU GOSBI MAEU GOSHU MAEU GOSHU MAEU GOSHU MABU GOYO HABU GOZAH HAEU GYOII HAEU GYOKO HABU GYOIU HAEU GOKUBI MABU GYOKJEI MAHU GYCKUHBI MAEU GYOKUYO MAEU GYOXUZAS MABU GYOEY HAEU GYOSHD MAHU GY0S5 MARU GOJH HAEU GOYU HAEU GYOZAH MAEU HACHIGB5 MABU HACHIJI5 MARU HACHDfAH MAEU HACHIHBI MAHU HACHIEOGAA MABU HACHIHYU MAEU #0 HAJERLAHD GO HAGANI MABU HAGHAWA MAHU HAGOEOMO MJffiU Miscellaneous Aux. -Pas senger Miscellaneous Aux. Miscellaneous Aux. Car go-fasee nger Ore Carrier -Passenger Converted Sub.Chaser Converted sweeper -Passenger Picks t Boat Converted Sab.Chaser Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Aux. Miscellaneous ransport Miscellaneous Aux. Miscellaneous Aax. Miscellaneous Aax. t -Passenger Converted sweeper kb S U iw ^ U U , Beavy damage Slight damage Stink Heavy damage Soak t Stranded Stranded Minor damage Minor damage J Minor damage Msdiua danage Heavy damage Msdium H*»^ga Hi nor damage 7 Hov 44 Sex> +3 3 Hay +4 4 Oct ++ 6 Apr +5 eh 43 2 Jan *5 2 Mar +5 7 Jan reb l+u 3 Jul l+u 24 Oet 44 9 Jol May 42 4 Jan ov ++ 6 Jon Jul Apr Sov +3 5 Hay +3 2 S e p D e e + 3 J o n A a g * J t t n D e e H a r O e t J a n H o v D e c M a y D e e H a y J o n A p r J t t l J u l A u g + 3 J u n H o v ++ 6 H a r D e c ++ 7 i B b H a r J u n J u l Feb M a r J a n J t e b S e p ++ 2 l + J u l A p r D e c H o v D e c M a y D e e e b ++ 2 O e t W t + J u l H o v A u g H o v O c t J u l S e p J u l D e c A u r J u l F e b + 5 S u b m a r i n e S u b m a r i n e S u b m a r i n e S u b m a r i n e S u b m a r i n e Ban aground Hine Sobnar Ine Hine Hine ire Hine Explosion Ban aground Sabmarine Sabmarine Sabmar Ine SabnarIne Sabmar ine SabmarIne , 40-0S 3-65, , 49-0S 6-75, 9- U 5«29 Bi. S of HHURAJIMA Southeast entrance to S.JACCJUS I , 7-26B , , 2O-55S Off LUZ05 Island , 3O-+3S , O-56S , 3O-5CS , 48-6B Off KOJI Off ULSA , 28-2S CHIA5GHAI Bay, CA505 South of PALA C B B U M 0 B I s l a n d , I 3 I O B 33-55, 3-5S 5-35*. 33-3OJ 6 ml. 35<> of SHIBIYASAI I5D0-CHI5A 2-365, 2-3 *! 27-85, 27-40S Off Cape SA5 AmjSDr Bast of BAI5A5 Island 3 ka. 88 of HOSUKS Lt.Honee 22-85,' 9-52J 3 km. 88 of MUStlEI Lt.House CAMEA5E Bay ELLA LAVELLA Island Off URAJIEI, raushiha-ken Near KOJI 6-235, 96-9* S o r t h u e s t o f W A K A H A S U 33-35, 29-9S KIKAKUSHIHA AHGZE Elve r EJK PALAU 50 mtr. 78 o f MUSUHB Lt.House,,, Off SUSHIMA O l + S P A L A U O f f n o r t h t i p o f H A I 5 A 5 I s l a n d O f f 5 A H A O K I H A A B , 3-45«SAXAI Harbor , P5-57S.. Off KOBS BI coast of BABARH I., MALAY , 49-7* AKAO S 0-305, 5-O8S , , HAttC* Harbor, EAI5A5 Island 9 mi. off HASAI , 5-25S 40 mi. 5B of YUSBAH, YA5GZS H. Off KASHnrOSAKI , 35-23S i l l» o f H O S H I H O H a r b o r 0 m i o S f M I Y A B S J I K A - 260

287 HAMS OF VESSEL YPE OF VESSEL ONNAGE ASSESSMEN DAE CAUSE LOCAION HAMS OF VESSEL YPB OF ESSSL ONS DAS CAUSE LOCAION HAG-US HABU HAQUEO MABU HAXAA MABU # 6 HAKKAI MABU HAKKAI MABU BAKKAISAH HABU HAKKO MARU HAKKO MABU HAKXO MABU HAKKO HABU HAKKO MARU HAKKO MABU HAKKO HABU # 2 HAKODAE KABU HAKOHE MARU HAKQHKSAH MABU HAKOZAKI MARU HAKOZAKI MARU HAKUAI MAHU HAKUBA HABU HAKUBASAN MABU HAX.UBI MABU HAKUJIISU MABU HAKUJU MABU HAKUBAH KABU HAKUBOKU MABU HAKUSAN MARU HAKUSAN MABU HAKUSAN MABU # 2 HAKUSAN MABU # 2 HAKUSAN HABU # 5 HAKUSBIH MARU HAKUSHUH KABU HAXU3SU MABU # 3 HAKUSSU KABU # 5 HAKUSStr MAHU # 7 HAKUXBSSU KABU # 3 HAKU3SU HABU # 3 HAKUSSU MABU # 5 HAKUESU HABU #3 0 HAKUUH HAHU HAKUUH HABU #2 0 HAKUO HABU HAKUO KAH HAKUO HABU HAKUO HABU HAKUO HABU HAMBURG MABU HASAKAVA MABU HANASAK MAHU HA&SI HABU # 2 HANKOW MABU HANKOW MABU HANSBIH MAEU HABABA HABU HARBIH HABU HABIHA HABU HABUGIKU HABU BAEUSA KABU HAEUNA MABU HABUHO HABU HABUSEIKA MABU HARUA HABU HABUA HABU HABUASU HABU HAHU HABU EASSHO KARU HASSHU KARU flasshumabu HAIOKAVA MARU HAOKAWA KARU # 6 HASU KABU HAffSUKABI KABU Miscellaneous Aax. Converted sweeper Converted Gunboat Repair Ship Converted Gunboat Picket Boat Miscellaneous Aax. Converted Sub.Chaser -Passenger Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Aax. ransport-kisc. Converted Sab.Chaser Converted Sub.Caaser Hiscellanoous Anx. Miscellaneous Aux. Kiscellaneoas Aax. Miscellaneous Aax. Miscellaneous Aax. Miscellaneous Anx. Converted Sab.Chaser Miscellaneous Aux. Miscellaneous Aux. -Passenger Miscellaneous Aux. Picket Boat -Passenger C argo-pas se nee r -Pas senge r Provision Storeship t Converted Sub.Chaser Miscellaneous Aux. Salvage Ship l * li o S t 2655 S Son* Heavy damage Stranded Heavy damage Minor damage Carnage Ran aground Missing Minor damage Minor damage Slight damage Accident Slight damage Heavy damage Barnt 8 Oct 42 3 Jan 44 6 Oct 44 5 Kay 43 7 Jan Oct 42 4 Jan 44 3 Mar 44 2 Oct 44 8 Hov 44 5 Bee Jan Aag 44 6 Jul HO 43 8 Oct 42 4 Bee 43 9 Har 45 8 Jon 45 8 BBC Jal Jal 45 3 Jun 45 Jan Oct 44 8 Oct Sep 43 4 Jan 44 7 May 45 5 Jun 44 Jon Jal 45 7 Feb 44 5 May Jul 45 2 Sep 44 8 Sep 43 8 Sep 44 3 Jun Sep May 45 Sep 44 2 Dec Oct 44 Jan 45 0 Jon 45 2 Jun 45 3 HO 44 7 Feb 44 4 Jul Jal Aag 43 2 Sep 43 7 Jan 45 0 Aag 45 0 Jan 42 6 Jan Jun 44 7 Jul 42 6 Jan 44 9 Apr 44 8 Jal Jun 44 2 Jan Jun 45 2 Sep 43 Ser> Aor 44 0 Mar 44 Bee 44 4 Aug 45 4 HO 44 7 Apr 45 Sea battle Bnemy gunfire Blockade Ran aground Suomarine Ban aground Collision Ban aground Ran aground 34-0H, North of HEW IRELAND West o f MINAMI-OAGARLJIMA 34-05I, 37-35B BABAUL 630 mi. SSS of MILI Atoll O6-55H, 09-29B PAL AH West coast of FORMOSA 3-0H, 29-4B 3-2N, 6-35* C0BR3GIB0B are a 8-48N, 20-U6B Cape ABBLLA, FB3HCH INDOCHINA Southeast of F00CH5W OZ 33-lON, 25-Ooa 32-lOH, 22-lOE 50-23H, 55-06B West o f LBS 6-23H, 9-40* 39-49H, 39-47B 33-37* * 32-39N, 29-43* 5mi.H»of OKASHIMA, SWcoast ofkobba 4-04H, 9-52B SIHGAF0H3 Southwest of IWO-JIHA ISHIGAKI Island MANGE VARI 40-47H, 4O-O3B Off FAHGOJIH RUE Sast coast of KOSSA 7 km. 20 of MBHA 33-32H, «02-30S, l4l_44b If AHA 34-OH, IE 39-SH, 23-OQE EAKAA Harbor 27-45H, 4O-4OB Hear RABAUL 5O-2N, 50-20* Soutn entrance of KAHILA Bay 47-2N, 49-07* 4-44H, 4-05* LUZON Strait RUK HAKOBAS Off 5OSUMIGAWA pier, AOMCBI Hbr. 6-22H, 96-8B VEWAK 42-35H, 43-59B 34-23N, 34-57* South coast of HAINAN Island ULIH 03-5H, 99-46B Hear OMASZAKI, S coast of HONSHU Southwest of PALAU SABAHG, north tip of SUMARA OKOSUKA PAGAN HONGKONG Of f MAIZUHU Northwest coast of KORSA Off CHICHLMA 20-00H, 3O-50S HOLLANDIA IKI Island Off ANOURA Off LUZOH Off WAKAMASU Harbor HASXBNZAH MABU HAAHA MABU HAH* MABU BAVHB MARU HAWAII MABU HAYABUSA MABU BA AH I MABU HAO MABU HAZUKI HAHU HSIAH MABU HBIAN MAHU HBIAN MABU HBIBI MABU HSIHO MABU HSLO HABU HSffiAI MABU H3DOI MABU HBIHAH MAHU EBIBU MABU HBISHIN MABU HBIO MABU HSIVA MABU HBHfA MABU HBIWA MABU HEIWA MABU HBIO KABU BH IU MABU HBIZAN MABU HBKISUI HABU HIBARI MARU BIB I MABU HIBUBI MABU HIDA KABU HIDAXA MABU E H MABU HIGANB HABU HIGASEIN0SA5 HABU HUO MAHU BIEAVA HAHU HIKOSAN MABU HIEOSBIMA HABU HIMALAA MABU HIM3KAWA MABU HIHZAEA HABU KI5K0 MAHU KIHKO MABU HIHO HABU # HIHO MABU # 2 HIHO HABU # 3 HIHO HABU # 5 HIHO MABU # 8 HIHO KABU #3 HIHO HABU #25 HIHO MABU #43 HIHO MABU #63 HINODB MABU HIHODE MAHU HIHOBS HAHU BIHODB MABU # HIHODB MAHU # 2 HIHOlJf KABU # 6 HIHODB HABU # 5 HIH02 HABU # 7 HIHODB KABU # 8 HIHODS MABU #2 0 EIHOri MABU HICK I MABU HIEAN HABU HIBAHO MABU HlfiO MAHU HJSOA«A HABU..' :..-:Hi KARU #3 iiacsh MAHU # 3 EIROA KAJJU' Passenger -Passenger Converted Sub.eader Converted Gunboat Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Anx. Picket Boat Miscellaneous 3 argo -Passenger liscellane oas Jar go 3 argo Miscellaneous Aax. iooverted Sub.endsr Jar go Ciseellaneoas Aax. Observation Ship Hospital Ship largo liscellaneoas Aax. largo-passenger liscellane oas Aax. lieeellaneoas (iscellanesas [Iscellaneous I inverted Sub.Ohaser!onvarted Suh/Jhaser Converted Sub.Chaser Hseellanaoae ^argo Picket Boat 5 leket Boat Miscellaneous Aux. onarted SolxOhaser onverted sweeper onverted sweeper onverted sweeper onverted Net ender argo ferry Ship arge onverted Net ender argo argo iscellaneous Aax. argo * U6l t Minor damago Heavy damage Minor damage Heavy damage Set fire Medium damage Minor damage Simk Ban aground Soak Slight damage Median damage tank San aground iunk 9 Jan 45 8 HO 42 2U HO 42 6 Jan 44 3 Jan 45 Aag 45 3 Jttl 45 2 Sec 4 5 Jon 45 3 HO 44 9 Jan 45 7 Feb 44 6 Dec Sep 44 k Sep 43 3 Apr 45 4 Jan 44 8 Sec 42 5 Jon Mar Aag See 43 4 Aag Jan 44 8 Jon 45 2 Jan 43 9 ing Bee 4j 9 Feb 45 7 Apr Jon 44 Jon 44 9 Sec Jan 44 7 HO 43 2 Oct 44 Sep 44 4 Jun 45 4 Feb Jan 45 8 Jan HO Jal 45 2 Jul 45 5 May 43 2 Jon 44 5 Apr 44 4 May 44 7 Bee 42 0 Oct 43 t Jal 45 I Apr 45 5 Aag 45 7 Jan 45 9 Aag 45 0 Jan 43 6 Jan 44 4 Jan 45 2 Har 45 5 Apr 45 4 Sep 44 4 Sep 44 Apr Jul 45 3 Aag 44 Sep 44 a Sep 44 4 Jal 45 4 Jul 45 3 Jan 44 5 HO 42 9 Bee 44 0 Jul 44 0 Oct 44 Off MASAH BUM 22-55H, 2-3 U 6-28H, l42-l6b FORMOSA Strai t Hear BBOSHI Light House 0 km. N of MUfSUBB Light House UBQSSH 9ol f Ban aground KUZUIK4 Bnemy gunfire CABCABBN Harbor Ban aground 36-O3H, 29-35B HUK 0-48S, O3-4OH, 22-25B 05-25H, HCBOKOWG SHAU Ancorage, K0PAHG Sttbmarine OO-49H, 38-5! Ban aground 36-39*. 26-O7a 23-42H, 37-5B Bast of CAHHICCBAB Island Sea disaster KAOB Bay, tkmkmmi Off XANOBISAKI LCBBHGAt 3O-45H, Northeast of RO UHMI Hear PBHWSB, YAHOZI Rior MAKO. FORMOSA SabBarlae SHOBLAHD 05-36H, 25-7* MASUWA-O 3-3CW, 35-03* 0I-45H, 48-35* O6-3OH. 6-5 LXl Island area 5.5»i. 25 of HBSAKI SIHGAPOHB Strait Off HAHA, OKINAWA Ran aground test eoast of FORMOSA 28 mi. V of KAVIBHQ 4 ka. 4C of HIMBJIHA KUHB Horthern BLL0 Sea Off CHICHIJDa 02-25S, BU ubmarine 23-OOH, 38-20* 3UEA ubmarine North entrance to EAMMOH Strait Off HOHBKOHa San aground ta. H of HIHOHISAKI Lt.Houw GOO, HIBAOSHIltt, MrAHOJRA ircraft Bast of KOJIDO, KOREA SttbBarine 02-43H, 52-00* ubmarine 2-23H, 28-43* ine Off SHBOHCB. MOJI &-54N, 3-30* ircraft 3-9H, 27-2* Lbmarlne -55H, 52-0OI AHILA Harbor tatmarine 7-3H, 25-* rcraft West mouth of HABJU-VAH -2H, 2-* SuBiiiarlne O6-7S. &-27* ircraft ANILA Harbor Ircraft AOMORI HAKODAB area rcraft IUMA7A Say, H tip of HONSHU 5-2H, 45-3* reraft orth of OUABALCAHAL reraft 44-56H, 47-39* SAIPAH ireraft IAKOJIMA - 26

288 HAMS or vassal YFI or XSSXL 0H5AG ASSSSKBH DA! CAUS LOCAIOH 5A«3 OF VBSSB FS O BSKL LOCAflCB BIBOA KABU U79 6 Hov 44 Off C2LS33S Island HIBOtA KARU Miscellaneous Am Aag 45 Kine HUSUBS Light Eoaee HffiOAJU MABU Kitcellaueous 9 4 Feb 43 O3-59S, 7-30 HISAGAWA MAS! 6600 Heavy damage g Jan Bi. SW of AIPgH HISASHMA HABU Mar 43 Suooarice 4-25, 4-32S HISB.I KASt f 2 «56 9 Hov , HISEIAA KAHU Jan 45 Off SA5 JSEHAOO HIACHI HAEU 6540 Stranded 4 Job 43 SHOHILAHD HIOEA MABU I 353 Ban aground 28 Jal 45 Set fire nnroshdta Dockyar d HIVAtA MARU 884 Soak Jan 45 Kine , 25-52«BIYAKA MAHD 67 2 Jal 42 Saboarine Off CAKRA5H Bay HIQEIAKA MABU largo 873 Minor damage 29 Jan 45 Hine Outside SAXAI Harbor HIYOSEI KABU Jan , 99-5 «EIOSEI KAEU 4943 Stranded 23 Dec 4 5 mi. off KUCHIHG BOHHIO EIOSHI KABU Miscellaneous 40% 4 Dec , EIOSEI KASU # 2 Miacelianaoas AUX. 287 IS Job 45 7UAKI Harbor, CBICBIJIMA SIOSSI KABU # 3 riiblng Boat 48 9 Aag 44 Hear FADASB HUAH KABU Ja l H, 20-5 HIZSH NAStr Jan , 4U29 HQSI KARU Jal , BOSI HAEU Converted sweeper Sep 44 SubSLarine 27-45, 2S-2SX SCSI HABU Jan 45 S.JACqSSS HQSI KARU # Soak 0 Sep 44 Kine Off WJ0SU58 HOII KAEU # Jan 45 AtAD EQSI HAHO # Jan 45 AKAO EOSI HAfiU # Ma 45 Off IBCEOH HCHIAJIMAB.U 6032 Medina damage Pel) 43 9 «i. 220 o f COERKJIDOB aoosisu KABU 5 8 Jal 44 Centra l PACIFIC HQJQ MARU Apr 45 O5-O5S, HOJO HABI May 45 Sout h coas t o f SOSHDCI HOEI HARU Miscellaneous 72 7 ft>b 44 HtK BOKICHI MABU J 2 Oct 44 2 km. S o f SOGOS Bay, CEBU HOKKAI JtABU Miscellaneous Attx. 846 I 6 Jan 45 HONGKONG HQKKAI KAHU Provision Storeahip Hov CS. 42-OOB HOZXAI HAEU 400 Hov 42 Sout h coas t o f ES5CH DDOCHim HQKXI HAHU Sep , 7-4U HCKKO Jal , 29-30* HQKXO HARU Hov CM, HOKSO HAHD 53 ^ Ho dims dan age 9 Aag 44 SHANGHAI 4-5U HOKKO HAEU Mar 44 Ban aground IKtSBOSAKI HOKKO tasa Miscellaneous Hov , BOKJCO HABI 247 Ban aground 8 Sec 44 CBA5GCHACH0V, Fl IHSIAHOAO. CEJU HQKO MABU #20 0b 6 Jon 45 Ban aground las t coast of AOHOBI-kan BOKO KASU Provision Store ship 5a 20 Mar , 38-0 HQK.QKU HABI Converted Cruiser 0438 Hov 42 Sea battle About 80 Bi. SV of KOEOS Island HOKOKU HABI 245 Ban agr cond 9 Jan 45 ISHIGAIISHIHA EOKOKU HAEU ransport 2k 4 Jal 45 Hear OMASAEI, SUOAH Strait EQKOK HAHU # 2 Picket Boat Jan 44 EVAJALStB H0KUA5 MAS leb , HCKUAS HAHU -00 Salvage Snip Apr , 99-4 HQKUHI HAHU Miscellaneous Aux. 500 Mar 45 5sar KAIO, FORMOSA HOKUJU MABU 4246 Minor damage Jun 45 OSAIA Harbor HOKUBBI HAHU I Apr * BOEUHSI MABO -Passenger 2407 Medium damage 6 Oct , 20-2 HOEUBIEU HABI Miscellaneous Anx Mar 44 SUB marine 9-245, 6-5CB H0KUB7U HASH 4378 t 20 Dec 44 Ban aground Horth ti p of YAKISBIBUDU. EOKURU HAEU # Kiscell&naoas Anx Jal Bi. HB of OBISHIKA HQKURYU MABU # Jul Btr. 40 of HJBORAH HOKUSAN HAHU ag- Icebreaker C9 30 Jal 45 prasjot HOKUSAS MAH Jun 44 Collision , 33-U HOIUSII MABU 39 * 2 Oct , HCSUSBI HAEU 284 Heavy damage 2 May 45 4, 4 ks. HV of HOStEEJOCA HGKUSSI HABI 284 Ban aground 20 Jul 45 Off X0B7O5GPO, KOREA HQKUSHIH MABU -Passenger Jon 44 0L-03S, 3-08 HOKUSHIH MABU Jon 45 Subuerine SOOH CHISA Sea HOKUSHIS MABU 997 Slight damage 4 Jal 45 SUGAH Strai t () HOIUSHO HARU Miscellaneous 42U 2 Sep 43 3 mi. 5V of BAUEU Island H0XUSU KABU 3944 Stranded 6 Mar , 4O-5X HOKUAI HAEU Kar 45 Off PUSAH BOKUO HAEU Jun 45 West coast Of ACHOBI-ken HQXUO MABU Kar «i. S of KUEOBJIB HOtUO MABU HOIUYO MABU Miscellaneous Kay 44 7 let) 44 Sea nest Of KASUVAJIXA BBK BOEUZAN KABU Oct 43 HAIKOW BaxDor, HAI5A5 Islan d HCtiAO HABU HCBA3 KAHU HDHAS RAO E racosa MAH HCFRAI HAHU HCRA.I HABt HORAI MABH HQRAI HAHU # HORAI KASU # 5 EOHAI KAB # 6 HOEAI MABU # 7 HORAI HABI f HORAI MAHU # 9 HOEAI KAHU # HOHAI MAH # 3 HORAI KAHU #l U HOBAI KAB # 5 HORAISAS HASt HORCI KAEU HOEI I HAEU HOHBI HAHU HOHDCOSHI KAH # 5 HOSBI KAHt # H0S8I MAR #2 H0SE5 MASJ SOSHI KABU HOSHI MASt HOSHI MAHJ # 7 HOSHI MAB # HOSHHAKA KABU HOSHIH HAB HOSEO MAEJ HD7BS HAS HOSOAS KAH HOO MABU HOO KARf HOO MARir HOO XAH HOZAH HAH H0ZA5 KABt HOZAS MABf H0ZA3 KABU HOZAH MAW # HOZU KABU HOZUGAWA MASU H0ZJ3AKA HABI HAK.UJJKU HARt HUGA HAHU HDtU XAH IBARAKI KAEU IBCGAVA HAHU IBUEI XAH KHIU MAB ICHIO MAHD IGASA KAH imakahu IKAHO HAS t l MAB IECKA MAR IXOKASAir HAHU mrsa MAH nnsbima MAHS KOA HAEU IIUA KAHtr ntoa HAB IXUAGAVA HAR IffU AGAKA KABU IMAHAHU KAB DtAHI HAHU IMAOGAWA KAB IHIZ KABU OflZU HAHU Converted Stmboat j I Miscellaneous Salvage Ship Miaeellaneoas Anx. Picket Boat Salvage Ship Picket Boat -Passenger t -Pas senger ransport-mi sc. Provision Storeahip Picket Boat Miscellaneous Aox. Converted Gunboat t Provision Store8hip ransport-klse U «34 83U g}h 83U U 3fSU icas 485 IO2U i tusk i Heavy damage j! jsu*k! I Minor dsaage j ; ;! Heavy damage j i Minor damage ;! '!, j Slight damage, I j ( ; ; f i! Burnt Hsevy ; \ Medina l I.!! j ; j I I S daaage j daaagel I! Minor ifediam Missing Minor Medium damage Slight Median Minor 7 Oet Apr * 23 Har U5 2 JOB 43 0 Jan U4 2 Sep UU 0 Oet 44 Sep 44 4 Hov 44 0 Oct 44 Hov 4U 8 Jnl 45 2 Jan May 45 9 Kay 45 0 Aug Jul Hay 44 0 Bee 43 5 Jan Feh 44 U Jan 45 8 Jul 44 3 Apr Xar 45 5 Jab Jal 45 0 Aag U5 Kar >**> 5 FB> Jul feb 45 8 Oct 44 2 Jam 45 Ssb 42 7 fteb 44 3 ing Har Jal ov UH 4 Apr Jan Jun U5 2 Aag 6 Jan 30 Jon 6 leo 30 Kay 30 Kar 28 Apr Jun Itec 4U 9 Jet Ray 45 6 teo 45 0 Jet 45 2 Jan 44 3 M^ Kar 45 0 Aag Har 44 2 Jen 44 Aag lob Oet *4 2 Jan *5 6 Sap 44 3 Apr 45 Jul 45 4 Jal 45 2 Jun m Ban aground j I! jfreek I I [ j i [ Hine Subsaxiiie Wre Klae Subaarine Kiae Hit reef Snbuarine Hat aground SuREarine Ran aground Subaarine I I i [ [ 0 ml. I of HBOSHIMA, S af KFSatl irorthsest of CSBC 2-UC Bear SBIBAS3 It. House, 5 of msej MA5ILA Harbor OXtVAVA Island 2 BI. off PALAU Island Off SAS ISB5AHD0 KAlft, 7OM0SA 2-57H. 2O-2«ASUA, 5 of ISHIEAHI SAIGCB 36-CB S last coast of XOBSA Off Force * Off OSHUS, rofhosa SAS KRIttHDO, LJ20H 26-20BI, 26-S 5ortheast shore of MU5CAI-SHDCA SAIFA5 30-oai, , 08-57S 3^27H, 25-45B Mouth of MAIZIH Bay Oatside 5II8*A Harhor HO Bay, AHAMI-OSHIMA Off BAAYIA , 5-5« Sffl! SOOS CHIA Sea off qtrciraos, SOH CHIHA sea SHDWLABD MARS BILLS RUE Off ASH, ASBZS River Off CHUEUMPO, KCSBA KABILA 2««-2H, "»5» Sorth of SBttSHA Sea r HABAUL last coast of K0H3A Betwea PALAU and BAEAUL 28-2CB, * 3.6 km. SSS of PAIAU ASHIB5 Bay. Ul Island 39-33", 42-S JAA Sea 200 ai. 35 of PSBC5L Island 2.2 km. SZ of HSSAEI Cape S.JACqtBs *at coast of rohsa. Point A, HAMAU Island 03-War. 37-OOB Sast coast of K0S3& South of FOOCHOir test of roiaoedu I.BJ3-0MI SonthMst PACIFIC RABADL Harbor »5B SAIMS Harbor 05-0B5, 5-O5J Off Itl JJHBISA, OAHi Bay 7-32H

289 saa of &SSSL Pi OF XSSXL : OHSASS ASSSSSXSS UE CAU5S LOCAICS SAME 0 BSSSL PI Ol VBSSKL CSSAM ASSSSSMBS DA! CAUS3 LOCAIOS ISA HAEC QASASA5 HABIJ IXAEI KAHO DUai KAHO HASI HAS «. ISAB.I MASS f 2 mabi KA3 #20 HADEA mac Q3IA HASU HBOS xxscr QU5HIMA KAEO#6 ISA O KAHJ IS3 HAEU r2 ISX MAH#5 ISS2AXI KARU ISHitABI KABE ghfripx KAB.U ISEWA KAEU ISCJIMA KAEU ISSJI HAE isshis MAKt ISSED KAfitJ isuzc HABI istrea Kian #3 ISQZBQAXA MASU ISZOSAiU MAR # 5 HAL KABU IARI KAHC ISO MAS HSKSHIKA KA&U IKAI Xt U IVAISEIXA KAHB IKAII KA50 lulull JUEtf MACH KAB7 OiXUSI KAfitf VttMl KAEE7 IittSHIBO MAH IMA5J KABD thazb KAEJ MA N MAEV7 IIASAIAMAffi UA5AEA MA2E # HASttA HAEI #2 HASAEA MABD f 3 IXASAKAIU3J #fe XASAXA XAB #8 noxasb ZU KA23 IZDKI XAH JAM I MJBB JMBO HABI #2 JJXbU KAEU JIJOGJ XAS0 JISBAI KAHD JBffO KAEU JESSAS HABU jmsu HABI JISSESA». MAES JLSO MAHt JOG/ KAB JOHOES»"" JOKJJA HABI JOSEO HASH JOS 3J MABP JCZAS HABD JOZAI KAEff JBXO KAEU JOVOSS GO JUKI HSU HARD jtnrpo HAS JBSY0 KA2U jnrro HABI JUO KASI Miscellaneous Anx. j Fishing Boat Picket Boat ' Picket Boat : Coal transport picket Boat Miscellane as* Aax. war go juaoellaaeoaa Aax. Miscellaneous Aax. -Passenger Coal transport Picket Boat Mlace liana cas Anx. Oiter Otter Kiacallane oas -Pas asnger Picket Boat Caigo Miscellaneous UicellaQeaas Anx. Miscellaneous Aax. Hitceilaae ens Aax.! Si S84 SD B84 S a* * i *5l 5244 j : bb B8b2 4803! bl8/! b440 ' 7974 ' Ife58 06b i! 4/S! iblo : i 4277 i *56 S i Hiaor damage (! Soak Hiaor da»age I Soak : Msdiac daeage Soak ; j Soak \ j '< SO2k Soak j Soak Soak Smk Heey dssage Soak Sosk Snat S!_ak Sack Kiaor dasage Soak Sack Soak ai^)r Soak Sideivlped SnnV StLEk Sosk Stink Mtdiaa damage Snsk Soak Sack ifeary dasage Stranded Medita drnage Soak HediuB dasbge Sons Ms dia«dasage bank Soak: Bear/.iBEage Sack jsask Sep toy 45 4 fet; 42 0 Jal Jul Aag Jol 45 7 Oct 43 9 Jem 45 5 Apr 43 5 May 43 7 HO Apr Jul Jua 45 4 Mar 44 i7 Oct 44 7 Har 42 8 Kar 45 Aog Jan 45 2 Jan 44 0 Aug 45 2 Jul 43 9 Apr 45 0 Oct 43 Jol See RD Jal Oct May 45 8 Sap 44 Jun Sep Kar 4> 4 Apr DBC 42 5 Jaa 43 7 J»D 44 8 Apr 42 4 Jan 45 3 Jan 45 3 Kar 45 Kay 45 3 Jan Dec 44 3 Jaa<*5 25 May 45 9 Aag Dec 42 8 Jal 44 2 Kay 43 Jaa 43 9 Kay 43 3 fey 45 5 Jan 45 lb Jal 44 0 Jan Jal 45 7 Dec 44! 9 Oct Oct 43 5 Kay 44 0 Get 44 0 Oct *4 j.9 eo m ^ Sep 44! 9 Ang 45 2 Sep 44! t Jan 45 8 Kar 42 i 25 lee 44 8 Sep 44 7 Kar 44 Sdbsiariae Kina ire Stora Sea disaster Sobetarioe Sutearine StLbnarlae Sa twine Sabaariae Sobaarlne SabEsrine Collision Salaarlae Subaariae Saoaarise aircraft SobMriM SaiBarine Sctbaariae Saaaarine Satnarina SobBarln Sataarine XIne Sataarine S;ibaari SaDBarine Su marine SaDBarins Eaboarine J Sea disaster SaiBarine Kine 30-26B, 40-53S West of 0SBDU, EAGAVA-ken 0U25S, O5-0G8 Off KAHBAS, rorusema-ken MOJI Harbor 45-30B, 46-30B ICBl Harbor Off U O Island 0.7 JOB. 205 of 7OHSS Lt. House 5 >i. S of KARISL I., BV OISA 6 «i. SSO of EALASAB Island AMO Horth of UMAISHI Off KIHCGASAKI Oatslde SAKIPO Harbor Off SIC (BAH 5 at. 20 of CHICHIJDU 22-3>«. ll4-53«ukkoh Strait S «28-36S, Off ULSA5 LCMBCK Strait H, K. 4- ea r HAHAHL * mi. Wat K0KHASE Lt.Hoase llb-45 3 kn. S5 of HUSHIMA KAISKAJOtA 25-CM Inside JXSLBQ Bar*bar BABiHL SCELOHd Island area Off nuaijii BABJDL 650 mi. east of HUSOSAEI lortheast coast of IDHHOSA 3O-2, 42-3 HAIAH Island Snt ranee to SQCAP0B Off S.JACQPJS O-3S Sottatatt of LDZO Bast mouth of EAKHCK Strait SHIO&AMA Harbor SOQrH SEA area EAVSAS Island 00.35s. ii7_5ca , 4-43 Bar tare Bt of HPfSDHEJDU CiHBASH Bay Hear lammisaxi, BGCXAIOO KSHIKI V of DAL3PIEI Island. of L7ZO9I KAHILA 02-OOa, , 3-48 AAC Harbor nsncicbu, FoaiosA Soath PACIIC area Sear IXtS. ASCZJ Siwr CSAGAKA Ear to r 5-25, 8-48 OOBEBSISOB area Sear S05EIHA Island 00-5B O2-53S. 0- IOSCKAIG, HAILAXD JUZA5 KABt J2A5 KAE I GO EABA MAR EABUO KAE EACHIDOEI MAB EACHIYAKA MAR EACBOSAH HAB EAS3SU HABI EA&I MAfit EAGOSHMA HAHt EAS/ HAB EAHOE MAHI EAIAH MAS #0 KAFDE KAED EAI&O MAR # 3 EAIEII KAE KAIHO MAR EAIHOHAStr KAIHO KABU taiho HAS EALO HABI EAIJO HAB EAUO MAH 02 EAIEA KABt EAIEO HAB EAIEO KAB EAIEO HABt EAIEO KABU EAIEO MAB EAIEO HABt EAIEO KASI EAIEO KAB EAIEO HAB EAIEO HAE EAWBI MAB EAUA* MAR EAI5AS KABt ZkSKS KAB EAJU3 MAH # 2 EAHAH HAHt # 7 EAIO KAE + 2 EAIB KAB EAIBU HAB EAISSI HAB EAISJI KABI +5 EAISHIS HAB EAISHIH HABI # 5 KAISHJ HAB # 7 KAISHIH KAEt # EAISHH KABt #4 EAISBO HARU EAISBO HABI EAISHO MAB EAISHff KAB EAISCE KABt KAHO KAE EAitnr HAS IAIVA HABI EAIYA KAB EAIO KABt EAIO HARtr EAIO HAE EAIO HASH EAIO MAB # IAIiO HAS # 2 EAIYO KABU f 2 EAIO KABU # 5 EAIO KAE 46 EAIO KAR # 6 EAIO HAHtr f 6 EAIZAR KASU EAEO CO EAEOGAVA KAB Miscellaneous Anx. Miscellaneous Anx. -Passenger Passenger Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Picket Boat Miscellaneous Converted Gunboat -Passenger Miscellaneous Aax. Converted Sub. Chaser Miscellaneous Aax. Miscellaneous Anx. Miscellaneous Anx. Picket Boat Picket Boat ag Converted Sab. Chaser Miscellaneous Anx. Picket Boat Picket Boat Converted Sub JJhaeer Bieket Boat Picket Boat Miscellaneous Anx. Miscellaneous lax. Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Kiecelime oat Aax. Picket Boat t Picket Boat Converted Snb.Chaser Picket Boat Picket Boat Picket Boat * U >* U2 t Stank Minor damage Stranded Minor damage Slight damage Minor damage Medium damage Medium damage Heavy damage Heavy damage Heavy damage Disabled Klnor damage 4 *or 45 6 Dec 44 7 May 45 6 Aor 45 2 Se-o 44 9 S« Mar Jal Mey 43 9 Attg 45 4 Hov 44 8 Jaa 43 6 Heb 45 4 Hov 43 Jul 45 5 Apr 43 3 Aag Apr 45 9 Apr 45 9 Jan Mar 45 0 Har 43 5 Kar 42 6 Jan Mar Oet 44 3 Anr Anr 4JJ 28 eb 44 4 Jul 44 5 Sep 44 4 Mar Jal 45 9 May 45 4 Sep 42 8 Aag 45 2 Mar 45 2 Jon Jnl Jan 45 2 Jul May 45 9 Apr 45 9 Jon 45 4 Jul May 45 9 Jon Jon Jal Kay 45 3 Jon U5 22 Aag 43 4 Aag Sep Jul Dec Kar 44 2 Jon Jal U5 27 Jan Dec 42 9 Apr 4S 6 J» 44 2 Jal 42 5 Oct 44 2 Jal U2 2 Sep 44 4 May 45 3 Oct Jal 45 4 Jal 45 4 Apr 45 3 Kov 44 Sea battle Ran aground Sabnarlne Sutaarine Wreck Ban aground Ban aground Ran aground West of QBLPAS Island 27-24H, 4-AE West coast Of EOREA 32-02H, 9-59B 9-25* N mi. irw of AMAMI-OSHDU. Off WWIKA 25-5OH, Of f PSAW 5-55* S-58I, 34-4 Above WtH, ABGZS Hiver 2-00* Bast mouth of KAMHON Strait 2-3N, , 36-O9I feet mouth of EAMHON Strait 42-2H, 42-2 South of FORMOSA 30-00*. 2&-30E South of CBEBKS 4.5 mi. 85 of RtK Island O3-5OH, lug mi. I of CAMBAHH Bay , -5C8 2-25*. C9-2CB SAIGOJ 50-02I, AEHOJHA Bay. SV o f AISHIMA MARS HALLS BB0SAEI HIIGAA ESE/tnrG Harbor Sear EUI Bay, WS coast of HOHSHD 2-00*. 09-7! PHUKE, HAHAin) EOBB Harbor 30-OO, 20-6! 28-O, 4-36 O6-04s * Off SZffZAKI 24 km. 07 of MBOHiH Lt.Hoase North end of PABAMtrSBIRO 35-07* Off MfSRlJIHA 33-3* West mouth of EAMHOH Strait 35-49* * S, -50 SOUH SXaS of SBMOEAMASASUIMA 04.35*, 5. South tip of HJBAJL 4-23* Horth of HIHtDU, ESHtr Hear MAHILA SEO Inland Sea 42-2* KALOSLAP Bear GADALCAHAI Island O6-3OS. -35 Near GABALCJHAL Island 03-55* km. SO of HISAEI Lt. Boose 20 mi. 94 of MRWOSAEI 5.8 km. off C.VAEAKIA, IE I I. Outside HACHIUOHS Harbor Bear RIKA Island MAHILA Harbor - 263

290 HAMS 0 VSSSSL YPS 02 7SSSE 0HHAG3 ASSESSMEN DAS CAUSS LOCAIOH HAK3 0 SSSXI p s O F Y B S S I L 0 V S A G 3 ASSBSSMZH DAS CAUS LOCAIOH KAKUZAS KABU JXAKAKURA KARU KAMttAG* MABU # 3 XAMIKAWA MABU irihyj.y MABU EAMISHIMA MABU KAMISHIHA HAHU KAMISHIMA HABU KAMISU KAHU KAMIYAMA KABU KAHC KABU KAHQ MABU KAHQ MABU KAHOGAKA MARU KAHQGAWA MARU KAHOI MABU JUHOI KAHU KAMOI KABU KAM0 MABU #9 IUMOHB HAHU KANAQAUA MAHU KAHAH MAHU KAflAH HABU KAHASU MAS KANAYAMA MASU KASAYAMASAH HARU KAHZSHIOI KABU KAHJO HAHU KASJU KAEU KAHKO MABU KAHKO MABU KAHKO MAHU KAHKO KABU KAHHO KABU # 3 KAHHQ3 MABU KAHHOH HAHU X.GO KAHPU HABU KAHSAI KABU KASSAI MABU KAHO KABU KASZAKI HABU KABI GO KARIKAWA HABU # 3 KABIMO HABU KASADO MABU KASAQI MABU KASEI MABU rigu MAHU KASHI HARU KASHII MAHU KASEI MABU KASHWA MASU KASHIMA MABU KASBIHA HAHU KASHIMA MABU KASHIMA MAHU KASHIMA MABU fi KASHUUSAK MABU KASHIWA HABU KASHIVA MABU KASHIHA HABU KASHU MABU KASUGA MABU KASUGA MABU # S KASUMI HABU KASUMI MAH7 KAOBI MAHU KAOBI MAHU KAOBI MAHU KAOBI HARU KAOHl MABU KASUKAKA MAHU KASUEA MAHU Ml seel lane oiis Seaplane ender Converted Gunboat Miscellaneous Anx. Miscellaneous Anx. Miscellaneous Aox. Converted Sub.Chaser Miscellaneous Aux. -Passenger ransport Coal ransport Converted Sab.Chaser -Passenger Befrlgation Ckrgo-P&ssenger Miscellaneous -Passenger -Passenger -Passenger Converted Gunboat Converted Set ender Picket Boat Miscellaneous Aux. ransport Provision Store ship Converted Gunboat Miscellaneous Aux. Miscellaneous Miscellaneous -Passenger Miscellaneous Aux. Miscellaneous Aux. Converted Net ender -Passenger Miscellaneous ramsport-hisc. ransport-hisc H S6l4 S oe Minor damage 7 Minor damage Medium damage Heavy damage Minor damage t Heavy damage Medium damage Slight damage 29 Dec Apr 43 3 Aug May tor 44 2 Jun May 45 9 Jul Jun 45 May 45 8 Jtil 44 Jul 44 3 Jul 44 Mar Jul 45 2 Oct Hov 43 0 Dec 42 3 Jal Jun May 45 2 Jun 44 6 May Jul Dec 42 2 Hov +3 0 Sep 44 2 Jan 44 2 Jan 45 9 Oct 43 6 Oct 43 0 Jan 42 5 Jan 45 4 jeb 45 3 Jun 45 3 Jul 44 4 Hay 45 2 Apr 44 8 Sep 43 Sep Aug 44 0 Aug 45 Apr 45 9 Aag 45 9 Aug Jan 44 2 Har Jul 45 2 Jttl +3 0 Hov ab 43 eb 42 2 Jun 45 4 Aug 45 3 Jnl Sep 43 0 Jul 45 6 Jun Apr Apr 44 2 Dec 43 8 Oct Apr 43 3 Har May 45 2 May Dec 4 25 Jun Jttl Jun Dec 43 4 Jun Jun 45 Ran aground Han aground t Ban aground Collision Hine Hine Hine YAHGCHOW, YANGZ* River SW of CAGAYAH B. Outside RASHIH Harbor OL-OOS, 5O-8S FALAU 7-32H, 44-0* O6-25S, -00* Off KAKAHASU 7 mi. 70 of ODOZAKI Off HOKPO 08-OQff, 4-38* 3-26, l4l-ll* 3-4.6H, 28-3* Horth entrance of LOMBOK Strait ULLUHG Island RABAUL 00-46H, 48-20* Northeast of SHORLAHD AIRA Bay Between PUSAH and YOSU South coast of KOREA 03-58S, S-35* Outside of CAMRAHH Bay AWASHIMA Anchorage O5-3OH, OOH, 49-20B Off IWO-JDU H, 20-* SAIGOH Off OGA Pen., US coast of HOHSHU 37-SH, 29-2* 20 mi. 267 of cape SAH AUQUSIH 05-O6S, 2-20* 29-50H, 35-3L8 Southwest area 33-O2H, 29-07* SABMI 0-03H, 46-27* 40mi.HVof C.KEHDARI, MAKASSAR 36-OH, 29-4* HASHIH, KOREA Off SUSHIMA Outside MIYAKO Harbor, IWAS-ken KAHCHAKA peninsula 33-3OH, 39-35E Off SHIOGAHA SURUGA Hear SOLOMOH Islands OBMOC Bay 4mi.SofHDC0H00JIMA, S of HOHSHU MARSEALLS H, 30-U.8*.7 km. 380 of KOHSA 2 mi. northeast of KISKA 0-0H, 09-40* 40 mi. HI near mouth of YAHGZS R. 6-28H, 42-6* 07-N, 6-46* 3O-26H, OO-26S, 46-7* 4-42H, 4-20* -40H, 92-5OB 0.8 km. 78 of HOJIZAKI Sast coast of SUMARA 5 mi. off KKJHHG, Horth BORHSO 36-O2H, 29-25* HIIGAA Harbor 9-00H, 2-42* O8-2H, 57-45* 9-45H, 38-5* 34-9H, 33-35* KASURA MAHU JtASURA MARI KASURA MAHU + 2 KASUHAGI MABU KASUHAGISAH MASU KASURAHAMA MAEJ KASUOEA MAHU KAO MAHU KAZAH MAHU KAZAH MASU KAZU KAHU EAZUSA MAHU EAZUUBA KABU KEIAI MABU EBimUHABU KXIHIH HARU KSIJIH MABU *2 KSJIH MARU #3 CEUO MAHU KLJ0 MABU KB HO KAHU K3ISBI MAHU EISHIH HARU nishdi MARU KSISHO MABt KSISBO MARU H3ISH0 MARI K3I0 MARU XIIUH MABU KI0 MABU KBIZAI MARU KBIZA5 MARU KJIZAIf MABU ESIZAn HAHU KB IZAN MABU KEMBU KABU EEMBU MABU KBHBU MARU KSHM MARU XBSSS HARU KSHXI MABU KSHJO MARU KIHJO MABU KXHKAI MARU X3HK0KU MAHU KBEKOEU MAHU KS5K0KU MABU KSHKOI MARU XSSKOS MAHU # 5 SSHiOH MARU # 7 KESKOH MARU +6 KEHHICHI MARU rmrai so KSSR7U MABU KENSBI MARU K3NSHIH HA ID KBNSHO MAHU KE5UN MARU O NtfAHARU KCYO MARU KBHO MARU KIHO MARU jfflzan' HAHU iehzjui HAHU nnrzui J«HU K I B I H A R U K r B I S U H A H U K E U H I M A R U K I H O M A R U f l K I E O M A R U H M i s c e l l a n e o u s A n x. C o n v e r t e d H e t e n d e r M i s c e l l a n e o u s A i r c r a f t r a n s p o r t M i s c e l l a n e o u s A o x. C a r g o C a r g o - P a s s e n g e r C a r g o C a r g o M i s c e l l a n e o u s A u x. P i c k e t B o a t C a r g o C a r g o C a r g o - P a s s e n g e r C a r g o C o n v e r t e d C o n v e r t e d C o n v e r t e d C a r g o C o n v e r t e d C o n v e r t e d C a r g o C a r g o C o n v e r t e d C o n v e r t e d S u b. C h a s e r M i n e s w e p a i K l n e s v e e p e x G u n b o a t G u n b o a t G u n b o a t S u b. U h a s e r M i s c e l l a n e o u s A o z. M i s c e l l a n e o u s A u x. C a r g o C a r g o M i s c e l l a n e o u s C a r g o C a r g o - P a s s e n g e r M i s c e l l a n e o u s M i s c e l l a n e o u s M i s c e l l a n e o u s M i s c e l l a n e o u s C a r g o M i s c e l l a n e o u s C a r g o C a r g o C a r g o C o n v e r t e d S u b. C a r g o C a r g o C a r g o C a r g o C a r g o C a r g o C a r g o C a r g o M i s c e l l a n e o u s C a r g o M i s c e l l a n e o u s M i s c e l l a n e o u s C a r g o O i l e r M l s c e l l m e o u s M i s c e l l a n e o u s G i l e r C a r g o C a r g o O i l e r C a r g o C a r g o C a r g o P i c k e t B o a t t A n x. C h a s e r A u x. A u x. A n x *33 * SO SO i ^ U * i i+86l +& H» U 626 7U Minor damage Minor damage Heavy damage Abandoned Minor daaage H»diua damage Minor damage Heavy damage Heavy damage Infantly sunk Ran aground 2 Dec 44 3 Jan 44 2 Sep 43 Oct 42 4 Jan Sep 43 2 Fob 45 3 Har Oct 43 3 Hay 45 5 Sep Peb 45 2 Jul 45 2 Sep 44 6 Jan 43 4 Kar 45 Jul 45 4 Jal 45 8 Hov 44 2 Jtm 42 8 Hov Jan May 45 May 43 8 Dec Jul 45 2 Jan 45 2 Jun 45 5 May 45 2 Jun Jon 45 3 Mar Oet 42 0 Mar 45 7 Aag 45 5 Dec 43 4 Aug 43 3 Mar Jon 45 3 Hay 44 2 Jan 45 2 Jun 45 7 Dec m 20 Hov 44 4 Jul 45 3 Oct eb 43 2 Jan Jul 45 Jun Jun Jun Apr Hov 43 2 Jo 45 7 J* 44 7 eb Oct i»2 24 Sep M*r 43 7 Mar 45 4 Jan Jan Sov Dec Har 44 7 Aug 45 4 Jun 45 b May 45 Ik Oct 43 t Subm&r lne Ran aground Ran aground Airc/aft Collision Airlraft Ran aground Enemy gunfire Collision Sucmarine ire BOHHBO SOUH SSA area 48-OOH, 49-20* Cape S.QS0RG3, RASAUL Northeast channel of BUK , 24-20* Horth of HAIAB I., CHIKA 0-403, 38-50* 02-00H, l44_46* 3.35 kb.52' of OHIAUIMA Lt.Boua MARSHAUS Off MI7AKXJDU PUS AH CIBU MOKPO, IORSA O5-5OS, 4-02* 4 ka. KS of SBIRIYASAitl 0.4 km. SI of SalRIASAri 3-O. 29-4* 2 mi.270 of GAJU I..KLAGI Hh 06-42H, 25-59* Hear XCXPO Off njchch 37-OOH, 4-05* HAGOYA Dockyard IMAURA Off LOHGHAI, I5DO3HIHA 37-3OH, 29-20* Off KAHASU SAIPAt 7 km. S* of MOOAHAMISAKI Gulf of POHAI 50-0H, 55-4H 29-30, 28-5* 3 mi. SStf of EIM3UIMA It.House MARSHALLS O7-3OH, 6-2S RABAUL Horth KOSHU Channel 5-20H, 45-34* SAIGOH 37-O8B, 36-43* Ifest of DALUPIRI I., t of LUZON Southwest PACIFIC area HAKODAE Harbor 22 mi. 265<> of AMBOH C4-57S, 57- SB 60 ml. 20 of BUI H, 24-57> 5.! km. 7 of HUSAKI 2.4 km. 46 of KUSURS Lt.House 32-24N, 29-38* 34-48N, 25-32* 2 mi. 70«ofBACHUOJIHA Southeast of S.JAC^SS RABAUL RUK 4-03, 4-35B -3U, 03-4* J-20S, +5-00* KAdOSHIMA Bay O5-23S, 4-3* 27 mi. 22 of KISKAZAir 00-46H, 44-07* Off SAH HHNAKDO FALAU 250 mtr. eaet of HIRAISO Off HIIGAA AMOY - 264

291 HAMS 0 7 SSSSL YPE OF VBSSXL OHHAfil ASSESSKSH D A S CAUSI LOCAIOH HAWS 0 7 VESSBL FS 0 BSS3L 0OA5S ASSBSSMim DA! CAUSI! LOCAION XIXAEU HAHU >6 KffiU KABU KIK KAHU EIEU HABU #6 EIXUEAWA HABU EIKUSUI HABU XIEUZUEI MABU XIXYO MABU EIMI HABU EIMI HAHJ # EMIOAO KARU EIMISAtO HABU # 2 EIMIEAWA KABU EIMISHIKA MA2U EIKFOSAH MAE XIHAI HABU KISI HABU XIHJO HABU KISJOSAH HABU EINXA MABU KIHXAI HARU KIHKAI HABI KIHEASAH HABU tjm.0 KAHU XIHKO MABU KIHMOJJ MABU KIHQEAWA KABU KIH050 KABU EIHBBI HABU XIBBII MABU KIHBU HABU XIHBUKABU XIBHmAS KABU EDSII HABU EIHSM HABU tlssbo MABU KIHSEU MABU EIHSHU HABU KIHSEU MABU KIBSUI KABU XIHOEU MABU #3 EIHUGASA MABU KIHUGAWA MABU KUO MABU KIHYU HABU # 2 XIHYU HABU # 3 XIHYU HABU # 4 KIHYU HABU # 6 XIHYU MABU # 7 KIH MABU # S XIHYU MABU # 9 EIHYU MABU #0 XIHZAH MABU XIHZAH HABU KIHZAH HABU #3 XIBI HABU XIBI HABU #2 KIBI HABU #2 EIBI HABU #8 KIBIHA HAEU XBIXAVA HABU EIBISHIMA KABU EISABAGI HABU KISil CO KISS I HABU IISHO MABU EISO MABU EISO HABU EISO MABU XISOGAWA HABU XIAKAIA HABU XISAMI MABU Miscellaneous Aax. Picket Boat 4iscellaneoas tiscellaneoub largo Miscellaneous Picket Boat largo tiscellaneous Atti. tfiscellane ous Am. Jargo Kiscellaneous Converted sweeper t 3ar go-passenger -Passenger Miscellanecm* fishing Boat Miscellaneous Aux. Converted Sub.Chaser Converted Sub. Chaser Miscellaneous Aax. I Picket Boat Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Aux. Miscellaneous Aux. Converted Ounboat Water ransport Pishing Boat « t S C»O S oak *unk ask unk tank ank nvthank ank s a v y d a n a g e ank t u s k unk ank S l i g h t d a m a g e oak ank unk. a n k e a v y d a m a g e unk ank ank ank ELfilC nnv ank l i g h t d a m a g e * u u s k M i n o r d a m a g e S a n k t a n a g r o u n d S u n k S a n k S a n k H i n o r d a m a g e S u n k S a n k S t u k S a n k B s a v y d a m a g e K i n o r d a m a g e S u n k M i n o r d a m a g e S a n k S u n k S u n k S u n k S a n k S a n k S u n k S u n k S u n k S a n k S u n k S a n k S u n k M i n o r d a m a g e S a n k S a n k S a n k S a n k S a n k S a n k 2 7 J s b M a r 4 5 M a r O c t O c t O c t J a n 4 4 6eb 44 Jan 45 2 Mar Ma 45 Jon Oct let 44 6 Jan 43 0 May May 45 6 Aog 45 4 Kay 42 0 Hov 44 3 Oct Sec 42 Oct 43 Aog Hov 44 0 Jan Jal 45 3 May 45 4 May 44 6K«r 45 2 A u g A u g M a y + 5 J a n lov 44 6 Jan 45 9 Apr 45 7 Jan 44 7 Aag 44 9 Jan 45 5 Jon 45 7 Oct 44 5 Hov 42 3 Jon 45 4 Apr 45 2 ab Jal Jttl 45 7 Aag 45 0 Aag Jul 45 7 Jal Jal 45 Mar 45 6 May Sep 43 7 Jul Jttl 45 7 Hov 44 6 Mar leb Sep 43 6 Hov Jon +5 8 Jan +5 Jun 45 5 Dec Hov 43 2 Sep 44 0 Hov May +2 7 Apr 42 Fire fire Explosion ire Aircr&ft Suomarine.,,,,., 00 mi. HI of XSHLUHG 04-OBH, AMAHI-OSHIHA BAEAUL RtK 9-46H, 8-3CB 22-0H, 9-30 EWAJALIH Heist coast of AOHOBI-ken ULUO, HW BBIAI5 Vest of HIMBJIMA OSAKA Barbor 8-58H, , 4O-49K Vest of EAYDC5G 4-335, 49-23* 2»i. S of EU3HIH0 Lt.House Hear EUJUEURIHAMA 09-25H, 5^5 Off HAHILA , 42- OCB Ob-lOS, I56-OOI 04-00H, 43-5CB N A G A S A K I A H O Z B H i v e r S I H G A F O B K O f f Y O S H I U B A 2 k m o f W A D A H O M I S A E I 2 - O O H H H * 3-255, 20-9 Off MOJI OSAKA Bay 29-OOH, 25-OCa ftest mouth of KAMMOH Strait , , O-O9H, 2-44 Horth of OKMOSA Off rujihahihohaha, 7UKUSHIMA-kM 9-485, 8-22 Horth of SUADALCAHAL MOKHHHISAXI, EAHMOH Strait Host coast of FOBMOSA Off PHAirarsf, rassch IHBOCHIKA A I O I B a s t c o a s t o f A W A J I S H I M A H e a r E 0 J D 0 E 0 E A M A I Z U H U H a r b o r O f f S U H U S H D t A O S A K A B a r b o r 4 m i e a s t o f O G A S H I K A O f f O E I H A V A E t c H 3 I s l a n d M U S H I I s l a n d H B W 8 U I H B A H E W B H I A I H I s l a n d B e t w e e n U S O O S A E X a n d S E O Y A S A Z I 34-34H, 38-35B OO-37H, 45-3CB HV of EOLOKBAHQABA O9-53H, 2-CB 29-O3H, 42-2 Bast tip of SHAH5UHG Pen. SUHDA Strait Hear MOJISAEI Light House BABQOOH Ba y PALAU CKBU 06-2H, 99-27" HOJIMASAKI, coas t o f HONSHU Southeast of EAVIZHQ KIAIAMI MABU iiaco HABtr KlSURHr HABU EIUKUHO MABU KIO HARU KIO MABU -00 EirOKAWA MARU JIOSUMI MABU KIYOADA MAEU IIZAH MAHU EIZUOAWA MARU EOA MABU EOA MABU EOA MAEU EOAH HARU KOAN HABU EOAH MABU EOAH HABU KOAH MABU EOAH MABU ECEBAI MABU KCBE MABU EOCHI MABU EOCHI MAHU # EOCHISAH MARU # 8 ECCHO MABU XOCHO HABU E0I HABU EOSI MARU EOBI HABU KOBI MAHU EOBI HARU KOSSU MAHU EOIOI MABU EOFUEU MAEU EOIOU MAEU E07UKU MAEU EOFUKU MAHU 0FUKU MAEU # KOPUKU MARU # 3 EOUICU MAHU # 5 EOSA KABU EOOAHB MABU EOGSH KAEU E0G3H KAEU EOOI MAHU EOGYO MABU EOfiYO MARU # 2 EOEO MABU EOHO MABU EOHOEU HABU EOI MABU EOICHI MAEU E0IC3I MABU EOJIK HABU EOJO MAEU EOJO MABU KOJUH MABU EOJO MABU EOEAI KAHU E0K3I MABU EQEI MAHU EOCI MAHU EOKXA MAEU EOEEO KAEU EOEC MAEU KOKEO MAEU EOEO MAEU EOEOEU MAEU EOEURA KAHU # EOKURU MAHU KOKUHU KARU -Passenger -Passenger Miscellaneous Aux. Miscellaneous Water ransport C argo-pas se nge r Miscellaneous -Passenger Miscellaneous Aux. Water ransport -Passenger Picket Boat Miscellaneous Aux. Converted layer Converted Net ender Miscellaneous Aux. Miscellaneous t Miscellaneous Aux. Jar go Miscellaneous Aux. Converted Het ender Miscellaneous Aux. Cozrrcrted Sub.Chaser -Passenger Picket Boat "argo ttiecellaneoue Aax. Miscellaneous Picket Boat Converted Ifet ender -Passenger S S t t Minor daaage Minor damage Ran aground Slight damage Medium damage Minor damage f Minor damage Heavy damage lisa'bled Medium damage 2 Aug U5 28 Vnr 42 XI May U5 4 Jal 45 2 Jan 45 4 Jan Jal 45 7 Jfeb Jul Jov Jan 44 Jal Dec 42 4 Apr 43 7 May 45 lu Jun 44 5 Jun 45 3 Aug 44 4 May Jan 44 9 Jun 45 24^Mar g May 43 Mar 45 Apr 45 Jun 45 Jal 45 Aug 45 Sep 42 Oet 44 Jal 44 Jul 44 Sep 44 Jul 42 Jan 45 Mar 44 Jun 42 Sep >«Jul 44 Jal 44 Jul 44 Jul 45 Oct 43 Aor 4i* 25 Oct 44 5 Jul 4U 24 Sep Jal eb 45 4 Hay 44 8 Oct 44 6 Jul *5 24 Jul 45 IS Mar 45 2 Jun Jul 45 6 Hov 44 2 Jul 45 3 Aug eb Mqy 45 4 Jal Feb 45 5 Sep 44 2 Jun 44 Oct 44 3 Aug 43 Mar 45 Atsr 43 3 Jul 44 3 Jal 43 4 Oet 44 Sea disaster Sutmarine ire Collision - t Submar ine Collision Ban aground,.,,.,..,,, Hear MISHOtA It.House, SUSHIMA 6-O9I, km. Ill 0 of WADAHOMISAEI 35-O6H, SAIGOH O6-55H, O8-28B SEIXiA Beach, I of SHIMOHOSBEI Str. EUE Inside UBS Harbor Mouth of JCAOB Bay, HALMAHSXA OUAM Off WOOSUUG Cape KBREUS, H3W BHIAIH 3-3 O I l 6 l _ 5 6 l m t r o f f W A C A H O H I S A E I H S 39-57H, mi. HI o f AMAMI-OSHIMA Off PUSAH RABAUL H H H O 6 B l a s t o f H O H S H U H e a r S A S E k a 0 o f A E H O E O I s l a n d O f f M U S R S OMIHAO 06-45N, mi. SW of BAWBAH Island 9-005, S A I P A I H O f f O I O H O O S HAHSOOH Hear SAX) Island SAIPAH SAIPAH SAIPAH Ifest coas t Of HOEEAIDO 03-3OS, 27-45= mi. SW of HIHOMISAEI, III Str. 2S-075, Hear OOOJIKA COROH Bay D4AURA 20-05, , IS-UOH, 6-00 Off UBi VCSSAff Harbor AKACHI Harbor, EOCHI-ken RABAUL area HIISAA Harbor 29-59H, mi. of HIIQAA Lt.House 5 mi. H of C.SAH AOUSIH Hear EAYHHC Off FUSAir 25-45J, , EEBLUHG Harbor 7-32H, l44_i0b South of BALIPAPAH 28-3OH, Off SHAHGHAI RABAUL 9-025, , , E65

292 lira or IXSSBL fpl V YSSH. QHKAO* ASSSSSHBH OAS CAUS LOCAICH 9AH 0 isssl P5 OF SSSL OWKAOS LOCAIOB XQEBBII HARU Oct 4* OD-30V, 6-8X EOSEO MABU Converted Sub.Chase 88 XOEUO HAHU KIseellaneoas Am. ^6o7 Soak 2 Mar *t S, 39-2* EOSO MAEC 37S XQKJO HABI Kiscellaneoas Ani Soak 30 Jol *. 20-0OI EOA HAHH 97 EQICU HAHU S78 Minor damage 3 Aog 45 Mi** 0.9km. east of EESAEI KOO HAEU 3363 Stranded EOOJ KABU 2220 Minor damage 29 Jal 45 Sear PUSAV KOO KAEtr raneport-mik. 053 Soak EOUIXBI luho 675 May 45 Off SIHGAO EOO MAHI # 2 Mieeellaneoas Aai Susie ECUAEI HABI ransport 8524 Esay danage 8 Apr 42 HABAUL EOCSBFEI MAHI 5874 XQNSI KABU Miscallaaeoaa Aux Oct 44 Submarlns 5-5S, 9-56 EO0B3EI HAHJ * EOKFIBA HABI Oct 44 SEHSEIEtr I.. Central KtmiLJS EOCBKI HABO #7 99 XQKPIRA HABI Pickst Boat 35 2 Jon 44 Knemy goaf in IBIA EMOHIEA MABU 600 IQJCPIRi HABI # Kiscellaneoai Aox. 94 Soak Aog 44 Sneay gonf in IKIAH EOOHIEA MARU Miscellaneous Aoz. 39 EOKPIBA MABU # 2 Kiseelleaeoas Aux. 89 Media* damage 25 Jttl 45 Hear K0J K00RIRASA5 KABC 2220 Soak IQKPIBA HAEU #6 Miscellaneous Aax. 98 Soak 8 VO 44 AMKA5 EOCE MABtJ Aamoaition Ship ECKO HAR/ Jal 45.5km. 6CP of OEIHOSBIMA It.Eooee EOXal KAHU 33 * Heaty image 4 Sep 44 Ban agioond 42-07H, l4o-47 Eorortr MABr Fishing Boat Disabled EQSAB HABU Dec 43 3O-26H, SOQRUHABtt 9*3 X<WAI MAS Jon OSH, 3S-28X KOOSHIHO KAE7 Picket Boat 90 XOMAH HABI # 456 Soak 20 May 45 Off EOBQEOBS KOOSHSO KARt f g Picket Boat 09 EOHSI MAEBJ Jan 45 Oat Bit EASASU Harbor K0OBHH0 HAHt #2 Picket Boat IOKBI MAB Aog OO, 36-7S EOSU MAHt 9 54i Minor damage KOXEI HARU Miecell&axxu 23*5 Sac 43 Sobaarlne 0-6, i46_45«koo MAEI 665 EOBOO JUE Kiicella neons Oet 43 AMO Eotnr MABtr -Passenger XQ5G0 HABI 345 t 9 Jan 45 Fort h o f SHDKJSHD Islan d EOIH KAH!# - Passenger 606 SOSGO MA6J # 2 JUscellaneoas Am Aag 45 05AGAVA Harbo r Eotnr KABU #3 EQSGO MAW #2 39 Leakage 4ll 24 Aag 44 PHIL IFP OS S KOK*. KAHC EOBQOSAS HASP -Passenger 29 4 Kay ni.sw of CAIOZAEI,S of HOJSBU E0U. MAB 884 EOBO MARC Aog 44 HALMAESRA EOHA KAHU 327 KOHEI HAEU 306 Jol 45 Saboarlne Hear CHANSAHKO EOVA MAR 4520 Miscellaneous Aux. SOBEOS HABI 7903 Beavy damage 5 Oct OH, 30-SS KOO MAEF 06 EOHZAK HASH Jon *. 37-6B EOO MAB 300 Bonk Miscellaneous EOHZAK KARJ Jal H, 28-3 XOO MABI 5^7 KQRBI HARU Converted Bst ender Sep 44 EOO KAO KQRSI HARU Oct 44 3O-3H, KOUKAHt Si EOBBI HAEO 599 Sep 44 JAA Sea KOZAff KAH KOEI Oct 44 t 24-42B, 2O-2E 5324 EOZAB MAEtJ KQBI HABI 09 5 Aag 45 3S-5H. 2-39B 882 Heavy damage E0ZM KAEU -Passenger EORYQ KAECr Oct H, 37-38B EOZAH HABU 480 EQRU KARU 623 Heavy damage 2 Sep S, 3-* KOZDI MAO 2539 EORU KARU 270 Heavy damage 0 Oct 44 BAHS5I Islands, near NAEA EDJU MAHU # EOED MAKJ -Pas lender Aug 44 Upstream of ErOIIANO XUHAOAlfA MABI EOB.U MABJ Coal A Oil raabpor boso 22 Apr 44 S7.JACQ,tnSS EDMAVO MAB Converted Set endei IQEU MARU Miscellaneous Aoz. 873 Soak 28 Jal 45 IHH0SHHA Dockyard KUMASOSAI KARU 7508 Miscellaneous Amc. 4 Jan 45 36O»tr. 83 s of HBSAEI Light House 872 KOR0 HARU 874 rcwi MABJ Converted Sub. Chaser 2857 Minor damage K.053I MAEtJ Jan 44 RA3AD KJNIBI HAEU 80 KOSSI MARU 3262 Slight damage 3 Mar H KONIEAWA MARC Miscellaneous Aux. 584 Mediao damage EOSII HARU Apr 43 SWAK OKIMIA HAEtr Picket Boat EOSII MARU 8237 S Apr 43 0S-45H, KtJHISHIMA MABtl Miteellaneoas 0U EOSEI HASH Coal ransport Mar 42 CAMBA5H Bay EtJHIAMA MABt 4083 EOSSI KAH Ooa-verted Sob.Chaser 026 Sligh t damage 6 Aag 45 Bear EttraKttRIBAMA EWIAMA KABt Miscellaneous Atti. 327 EOSSI HARD Hiioellaneoui 355 HO OH, 3O-24B KUSUU-I MARf 287 Hsavy danage EOSII HARU Klscellaneoas Aax Jan B, 9-30 EJRAMA MAB Converted Sab.Chaser 884 EOSSI HARD Picket Boat 34 Oot 43 Off cape EAHCI KtBAMA MABI 6788 EOSSI KARU 99 3 Oct 44 Snbmarine WflBt coast of C3L3BSS EtRAMASAS MAEtJ 995 EOSXI HAHU 233 t 6 Sec 42 5 mi. Sif of rtjshiho, HOEKAIIIO BAJB MAB 94 EOSEIH MARU Jal 45 Off FASG-O-Jnr ERBAK MABU 575 EOSHIS HARU 358 Sep 43 Collie ion 34-2K. 27-5B O8ASl HAH 987 Minor damage IOSHIH KARU Miscellaneous Aax Sec 44 East IBSQS5 EJR0GAK3 MABt 2S44 KOSHD HARU Miscellaaeoai Aux Aag 44 Fir* 50 Of KKELIKS KtROHIH! MABIJ KOSEIS KARU Aag ml. 262 of OSAKA Harbor KBOKJiMISflr MAEJ E0SEI5 HUB Jan 45 Southeast of S.JACQDBS KfiOSEIO MAB 058 EOSHIH KAH Jan 44 O7-27N, 5-O7B KUROSHIO HAE 300 iask EOSEIB MA8U Picket Boat 67 Heavy damage Jal 43 Bast of EAMCttAKA KDROSHIO MAH #2 t J EOSEIH HARU 68 Soak 23 May 44 0O-25S, O7-45B EDSEIRO MASJ Dredger 70 Heavy damage EOSEO HABU -Passenger 3378 tedium damage 2 Sec 44 Collision Off HUANG-SEIHKANO tnroki MAE # 2 t EOSEO MAHU Converted Gunboat May S, 00-8 EtSJAMA MAH 5306 EtHAAMA MAH Slight daaage EOSEO HABI I Oct , EO KAH # SOSHO KAED! provision Storeship 5 Ran aground 28 Jal 45 Around 0WAS Converted M ins sweeps i- 340 EOSBO HABO # 2 Picket Boat 33 5 Apr 45 Hear 0DC2AKI KO HABI # 2 Converted Sub.Chaeer 340 >ank EOSHO HJRU # Kay S, 3-09 EO MAB # 3 Conve rte d ewepeij 34 tank EOSHU MARt EO MAE # Aag 44 O4-05S, 7-40 Converted Sub.Chaeer 340 EO MABU #7 Abandoned EOSHU MAR; Mar 45 3O-25H, Converted So*.Chaaer 340 EO KABt # unk EOSHU HAEJ f2 Sfeb 24 Sep 44-5&S, Converte d Snb.Chaser 385 tank 22 Jon 45 9 Sep 43 7 JO 44 4 Sep 43 3 May 44 7 Jal Hov Oct May 45 6 Jan 43 5 Apr 44 5 Aag Jal 42 6 May 43 a Kay 4 25 Aag 44 4 Apr 45 3 neb 45 4 Apr 45 4 Jal 45 3 Jan U5 6 Apr 45 7 Jal 45 4 Jal 45 6 Aug Mar 3 23 Sep 43 2 Job 44 9 Sep Jab 4U 0 Apr 43 5 Jon Jan Jon 45 4 Sep k} 5 eb 9 Mar 45 4 Oct 43 5 Jan 45 2 Jan 45 HO Jua 44 6 May 45 7 Iteb Apr 44 8 Mar 44 gu 7»b 44 HO 43 9 Sep May 45 8 Jttl 44 9 Iteb 42 2 SO May Jan Jal Sep Mar 43 5 May 45 9 Jan I»b 43 3 Jon 45 4 Jal Jon 45 8 Feb 43 2 eb 43 5 Jan 45 7 Aag Feb HO Sec 44 2 Mar 4 Wreck 4.5 k». 220 of Sea disaster XAZE, AMAMI-OSEIKA , H 47-55W. 3-O8S, Sbrthwet of SAffAS South igv; *«t coast of EISAOJIKA A3t7 Island HDE 39-4ot, 3R-35* SUA Sobaarine Month o f f A5AEAS Harbor Ssbnarine Hsar LIfSHklSHIMA, V a FCRfOEA 8-4S, 20-5CB KARSEAliS Sobnarins 30-OO, orar, H OAE Off CAMO* Above CHOtHFS, AKS2I, 29 Hl6t 4 4 Bi. E of 3AIKSWIMA. 5 mi. 9 of sraranka , l Bear EAISBB l4o-3gi *. os-uis, Off VAEAKlf S 22-06, 0 mi. S3 of Belov CHdriASS, AB7Z! 27-35H B SV of PABAHJSHIfiO Island s HAI.ACCA Strait , 39-3QE SI of rtkhe Island, 053A , OOS-, 5-OM Haa aground 34_ii!r, ml. K of AMBOB ireraft Soath of ZAKBOASGA ine Oats ids ECBS Barber Sabuarine , 4-38 >abnarine , 2-03 itthmarlne HAASSAH Strait 'abnarlne 64 ubsiarine BALKPAPA5 J0B2 San aground MOIXA Harbor OO-35S, Ureraft Vest of E5CHB Island Ireraft South of FORMOSA lireraft Mouth of HOILMII5 Hbr., my gunfire Borth ef SABJWS 50HH CHICHIJIKA ubmarine , 9-03 ubnarine O6-30S, O-30B ine Sooth channel of PSHASS labmarine , 23.0CB fine SA5G00S Eier 5aa aground HAMU Island, MAHSHALLS Ine 9 of 0KI5CWISAKI, HAHAJWa Ireraft j.hear GHAHB I., If coast of lusts - 265

293 SAME OF 3SSK, IPS OJ ESSSL CSHA6B ASSESSMEN DAS CAUSI LOCAIOH 5AMB OF SSSKL PB OF BSSBL 05NAC DA* LOCAION 20 KASU #2 n o KAEJ #3 KQBQ JUBE KODO KAEU «. XODO MAE # 3 KCDO KABU #28 SYCDO HAR0 #36 0 MABU EOSI MAHJ KYOBI MABU K0SIKABU#2 SYOtI MASS #3 EtCBI HABU #3 EGBI MAHJ # 3 KCE HARU # 3 0X MA3J #5 XOBI HABU # 6 SCBI HARU # 6 EIOSI XARU #0 K0JI3 KASU# XOKIO MASH rioko KAEU OOKOEI HAS KOKDHO HABJ EGKtSII MABJ SOKUO HAED EfOEOO HABU SQKJO KAHU I08UO JUEU IOKUZAH HARD KXOBAIJ HABU f 3 rroeisa HABU IOSil HAB.U KOSHIJf HABI # ZOSHIX MABU tz KOWA HABD 2YQKA HAHU # 2 XOVA HABI # 3 KYOMA HAE'J # X3 MABU HOSED KABU UJ5HU HABI LOU. HABI LISJBOS HABI I3BPO0L KABU LOSKS KAED LUZQS HASP LOH HABI KASHAS HABI MAXBASHI KABU XAGASS HABI KAfiASS HABD MllRatB KAHU MAEO KABU HALA HABI XAL5A KAH K U KABU HAMSO HABI HASZI MABU # 3 MAIE HABU # 6 MAXBI JUBU # 7 KABILA HABD HASJU MABC JtAUO HABI XAIJUKABO MAiKO MABU HAJERO HABU MAIEO HABU XASSSI HABU MA3SXI MABU KABSHOKABU iinsmi HABU Converted Sub. Chaser Converted Sab. Chaser Miscellaneous Aux, Miscellaneous Aaz. Miscellaneous Am. OUer Heather Observation Converted sweeper OUer OUer Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Anz. Miscellaneous Aux. HiBCellaneooa Picket Boat Picket Boat t Miscellaneous Aux. Miscellaneous Aaz. Contorted Gunboat -Pas senger Car go-passengb r -Pas senge r Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Aux. Miscellaneous Aax. 3U l" / * » * t S » % b t Slight damage Kinor damage» Medium damage Slight damage Ran aground Ian aground Medium damage Stranded Stranded Heavy damage Minor damage Slight damage 2 Sep A 26 Jan +5 3 Jan 45 5 May +5 ll+ Jal +5 + Jul 44 7 Jul 44 6 HO A 29 Mar +3 6 Jan A 27 Jal A 29 Oet A 3 Jan +5 6 Dec A 2 Jan +5 4 Jal 45 3 Jan Sep +2 3 Jan Jnl +5 3 "or Dec +3 8 HO U3 Oct A 2 Mar Jon +5 2 Sep 44 2 Jan +5 7 Sep Sep + 20 Jul *5 6 HO Feb ++ 3 ret +5 3 Aug A 23 Oct 43 6 Oct A 8 Feb Jul Dec +3 ll+ Oct Jon +5 8 Feb A Oct i+2 + Jal Apr 44 Mar U5 24 Jan A 3 Hay Sep +3 3 Hay Jan 44 7 Oct A 5 May Jan +5 0 Feb 44 3 May 45 2 Hay Jal HO m 0 Aag HO HO HO 43 3 Jul A Mar +5 6 Apr 45 7 Mar 45 5 Dec 42 5 May 45 7 Aug "A Collision Su bmar ine Sea disaster t Sab mar ins Sab marine t Sab marine Ban aground Sea disaster Collieion CEBU BHJOBRI Point, SIHGAFOBB Northwest of LUZON 34-5H, 26-56S Off OAEU 20-85, 5-02! Vte«t coast of BORNEO ARAKAH Southwest of PALAU O5-25H, 2-42 LUZON I eland Cape BOJEADOR, LUZOH 4-405, SB entrance to S.JACQUES MASMAB Sorth of LUZOH Hear WOODLAHK I., S0L0M05 Is. Near BOJBAOR, LUZ05 Around OKASB 4-53* West mouth of IORO Str.,CBtirBSS 7-005, II H, 9-44 Off LAB Off MUSUR MANILA Harbor Horth of (JUI5H0! Bay NAZI, AMAMI-OSBIMA 5orth of BUSUASSA Island Golf of SUM O3-25S, U5-3OB KAYQHG MANILA Pier HALMAHEHA 45 mi. 290 of BUKA 5 mi. 5HV o f MAISUWAJIMA 3-005, 37-3QB KOBE Harbor 2-255, 8-05S Off ASSAABQHG, OABALCAHAL Aboat 6km. of OSt, UAHAftUcen 3-055, 27-7! 20 mi. of CHUSHAN Islands , S.JAcqnss Off KAZE, AKAMI-OSHIHA BABAUL ttsst o f KASUVAJIMA 0-005, 39-28B S 7-305, 9-52* 34-lSS, I26-IAB 3-095, 3O-O5S 23-2H, 2-35^ EBSAEI Light Boose 9 km. 04 of WADAHOKISAXI 0 km. * of ruhaoava Off SAN ysehahbo HIISAA O5-+5N, 3-5X 20-45, 2-i+OB 8-38H, 39-58* 9-085, 20-5U Southwest area , ll+2-0fcb 3-95, 2-+2B Off PKSCADOBBS , 3-35* MOJI MAHSmi KARU MAUAI HARU MANYO MABU MAHYMARU fl MAOKA MAHJ MAR U MABU MABUSAI MAS KABUKO MARU KAHEHIH MARU # 2 MASAJIHA HABI MASAKI MARU MASAOSEI HAR MASU MAFU MASU MARU MASU8 MARU HASDJ HARU HASDKAWA MASU MASOU5I MARU HAfSUMAS HARU MASUMAS MASU # 5 MASM00 MARU MASUO MARU HASUSHIMA MARU HASUSHIMA MABU MASUAN MABU HASUUBA MABU MAA MABU MAACHI MARU MA7ASAH MASU MBSA5 MARU MBGAMI MARU MBISB5 MARU MBIHO MARU HBIEO MARU MBIHO MARU MBIJI MARU # MBUI MABU #2 MBIKAI MARU MBIKO MARU MS HO MABU MSIHU MASU MBISHO MARU MIISHO MARU MSIBH MARU MSIU MARU MSIVA HARU M8I0 MABU MBIU MAHU MSIZAN HARU MBIZA5 MARU MBJIHA MARU KEHASO KARU MBXICO MABU MICHAEL KARU MIDdl MABU MI3 HARU MISSAS MARU Mirratr HAH MirUHBSAH MABU MIEABU HABU MIBO HABU HIHO MABU MIEC MABU MIIKE MAHU MIIKBSAK MABU MXA5B HARU MXA0 MABU MJU.G3 MARU #2 MIKAGE HARU # 3 MIKAGS HARD #3 MJEAGB HABU #8 RIEASB MABU #20 KDCAGBSAN MARU Passenger Misoellaneous Aaz. Converted Gunboat I Miscellaneous Aax. Miscellaneous Aax. Converted Set ender Ferry Miscellaneous Car go-pms se nge r Miscellaneous Conerted Ganboat Picket Boat Miscellaneous Aax. Mi see Hansons Miscellaneous Aax. Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Contorted Mlneaneeper Miscellaneous Aax. argo argo Miscellaneous Aux. Miscellaneous Aux. Salvage Ship I Miscellaneous Coal ransport Miscellaneous SO Slight damage Beavy damage Beay damage Heavy damage Ran aground Set fire Soak Sask Minor damage I 9 Sep 44 6 Jal 44 5 Mar 45 4 Apr Jon 45 3 Jon 44 7 Jon 44 0 Apr 45 0 Sep 4+ 3 Mar 45 Oct 43 0 Aug 45 8 Jal A 5 Feb May 43 7 Apr Jun Jal 44 4 Jal 45 3 Jal Oet 44 3 Jan 45 6 Jan May 45 7 Feb Jal +5 7 Jal 44 2 Aag 44 7 WO Jan 4U 8 Aag Mar Jal 45 6 Feb Mar Apr 43 4 Jal 45 5 May Jul 45 3 Jan 42 2 Jan 45 9 May 44 6 Jan Jam +3 2 Jan 43 Aag 42 8 Aag 42 2 Jul 45 7 Jal Aag Apr Jan Aug 44 7 Oct 43 7 Oct Jul Jul Jun Jun +5 4 Dec + 5 Jul A 30 Apr +5 2 Sep Apr +4 Aug Oct Jon +3 7 Apr Jul +5 3 Jul +2 5 Bee +3 8 Jal U3 24 Oct ++ Ran aground Ran aground Saboarlne Wine Su marine Sea disaster Ran aground Storm Satmar ine Ran aground Collision Collision 9-45H B 9-7H, 2O-5S O5-5OS, 3-46B Off AJU Is., Horth KOSBA 0.3 km. 26> of HIIOAA Lt.House 6-OOH, 9-4 SAIPAV Off WOOSUIHJ UHfflr Earnor, OKINAWA SVAOV Island SAKAA Harbor 4-75, BABAUL OOB 0-305, 42-44S 4-25H, 9-45 lest coast of KOREA AOMOR I HAKODAE are a PUSA , 9-45B S»ar MOOAMA Light Buoy 2 mi. S at MASUZAf I Lt. Honsa RUK Mouth o f ULI , , 44-02J 33-75, 24-4B 2-05, 20-3 Sear SHCOOSHIHA O6-23S, 2-43! A0B5OSH0, AMASUCHI-fcen mfajalbis Off SHI5CHIKU, FORMOSA Off KI5KAZA5, of H05SEU HAKODAE 3-05, 2-50 Off XOKDSB, AMASUCHI-ken 5-05, 2-48B Off SAN FSH5A5D0 Hear MUKOJIMA, OG-ASAWARA 02-55, 45-35! 5-57H, *C, , 4-34 Hear Cape S.OVOfttS, RABAL 5ear MAKI50SHIMA Light Boose Month of MOKPO Harbor 3-36H, mi. 7b of FUfAOIJUtt 40 mi. SI of SifAOW 02-55, 22-29! Sooth of IZU Islands Aboe WOOSUHft BABO, HEW OUDHA Hear SHIRASHIHA Outside 5AKA0 Harbor HARIMA-SAHA 20 mi. S of BRIMOZAII 48L29H, 47-36B , CSBU 08-34H, Outside AKAO Harbor 33 «i. 25 of KAMUIMISAXI AIAPB, FEW GUI5BA OARU 3 «i. S of SSSHIMA rittjalbi5 I s i ana 50 mi. S of WAKE Island 32-56N,

294 HAKE 07 resssl YPE O BSSSL OfflJAGB ASSESSMEN DA3 CAUSE LOCAION NAMB OF ESSBL FE OF V5SS2L ASSBSSM2N KliAHISAH KARU KI&ASA KARU MIKAWASAJJ KARU MIKAZUKI MARU KIKUHISAN KAB U MILAB RAHU MISAKAMI KAEU MIHAMI HARU MIHAO HAEU HIHA.OGAWA HAEU HIJDIA HARU MIHO HARU MIKRO KARU MIHIU HARU MIRII HAEU HISAGO MARC MISAGO KAHJ tl HI SAGO KARU # 2 MISAGO KARU # 3 MISAGO KARU #+0 MIS Ai l HAEU MISAKI HAEU # 2 KISAXU KARU MISEIHA MARU MISHIHA MABI MISEIHA MARU MISHIMASAM HARU MIAKESAH MAHJ MIAZBSAN MAHJ MIO HARU MIStJ HARU MISU MAiD MISU HARU # 2 MISUXI HARU HISUKI HARU MISUMIHESAH HARU MISUAHA MARU MIURASAB MARU HIYA KASU MIYADARA MABU HIYABOKO KARU KIYAGI HARU KIIAJIMA HARU HIYAKAWA MABU # 2 HIYAKAWA HARU # 3 HIAKAWA HARU # 5 MIAKAWA HARU # 6 HIYAKO MARU MIYAKO MARU MIASHO MARU # MIYAAKE HARU # 5 KIYAURA HARU MIYAZAKI MARU MIYO MARU MIZUBO HARU MOCHIZUKI HAEU MOGAMI HARU MOGAMIGAWA MARU MOGI HABU MOJI HAEU MOJI HARU MOJI MARU HOMO MARU HOMO MAEU MCMOKAWA MAEU MOHOYAKA MAEU HOHEIEEO MARU MONREAL MAEU MORIOKA MARU MOOR SAILBOA MOOR SAILBOA MOOR SAILBOA x Car go-fab senge r Converted Sao.Chaser Provision Store ship 7 Converted Sat.Chaser Converted sweeper Converted Sob.Chaser Converted sweeper fishing Boat Miscellaneous Aux. Miscellaneous Aux. Picket Boat ransport-misc. fishing Boat Picket Boat Picket Boat Car go-pas eenger Miscellaneous Converted aib.cfeaser Miscellaneous -Passenger Converted Sub.Chaser ransport Coal A Oil ransport -Passengar Miscellaneous Aox. Miscellaneous g6l il ^ U I * 3* SS4 S SS S Ig56 39^ ^ SS Minor damage Median damage Abandoned Minor damage t Minor damage Heavy damage Minor damage Slight damage ' Stranded Minor damage 2 Jan +5 Hov 44 9 Mar +5 7 May +5 8 Jul +5 6 Sep +3 ll+ Jul 4% Apr W( 3 Hov +3 2 Apr +5 7 Jan +5 + Dec ll Feb 44 Ju n ++ Jun 44 Ang ++ Apr +5 Sep ++ May +5 Jul +5 Hov W+ Sep ++ Apr UK Jul +5 May +5 Oct +3 Hay +5 Jal +5 May ++ Apr ++ Fob ++ Jal +5 Jul +5 Bee +2 Oct ++ Jal +5 Apr +5 Jul +5 Jul +5 May +5 Jun +3 + Aug ++ 5 May Sep ++ 4 Apr +5 + Jon Kay Jeb 44 5 Ang ++ 9 Jan Feb May ++ 8 May ++ lab ++ 2 Sep ++ 2 Jal 45 2 Sep ++ 3 Jal May +5 3 Jan +2 2 Jun ++ g Jul++ 29 Oct +3 3 Jun +5 7 Feb ++ 3 Mar +3 Jul +2 6 Jan +3 + Mar +2 2>+ Jun Jul +5 9 Jal ++ Submar ine Ran aground Sabnar Ine Ban aground Sea disaster Ran aground Hit reef Collision Submar ine ' 5 mi. SI of SHIRIYAZAKI MUKO MARU Miscellaneous 0-50S, 24-30B MUNAXAA MAHU 0CJ+5 Off IYO MUR0RA5 MARU 5770 Below WOOSONG MUSASHI MAB7 Converted sweeper 227 Mouth of MQKFO Harbor MJSASHI MARU icket Boat Heavy damage RANGOON MUSHI GO mi. of f USJ7IRI MUSUHSJIKA MARt ig Boat *. 3-9* MYOGI MARU Disabled OCEAN Islan d MYOGI MARU 4020 Ran aground Off WAKAMASU MYOHO MARU 422 Above KIUKIANG MYOJIN MARU # 2 Miscellaneous Aux. 9 MYGJIN MAHU #7 Picket Boat 3-+3B, 2O-39B MYOJIN MARU #2 Picks t Boat 66 Por t SORONG MYOJO HARU H, 8-8B MYOKEN MAHU Converted Gunboat mi. H of SAB AGUSIH MYOKEN HARU Converted Sab. Chaser 85 Sea r ODOZAKI MYOKO MARU 400 Burnt MINDANAO MYOKO MARU Miscellaneous *»-39N MYOSBI MARU 6886 Minor damage Off UKSDO HACHI MARU C on-re rte d Gunboat 605 Minor damage 5-lOH, 2-40B HACHIRYU MAHU #2 Picket Boat 97 Medlom damage Hea r SHIKSEIH Islan d 5ACHISAN MAHU Miscellaneous H, ll+5-oob NACHIZAN MARU ; Hear HIZEN, OSHIMA NAGA MARU, Heavy damage Off KOEB NAGA MARU # Motor Sailboat RABAUL NAGAIJO MARU 3S24 7 Feb 44 3 km. 80 of AESHIZAKI KAGAQKA HARU t2 l b Feb N, 29-2+B SAGARA MARU Sov *. +5-3OB SAGARA HARU Converted Hat ender Mar S, 27-2+B ijagaragawa MARU Jon 44 SOUH SEAS NAGABAGAWA MAEU Oct U3 AKASHI Strai t NAGASAKI HARU 273 Minor damage 28 Jul 45 Off cape WAKAMIYA, IKI Island iiagasaki MARU Passenger 526a 3 May 42 90mi.Sof DAIOZAKI, S of HONSHU HAGASAKI HARU r Mar 45 KAKO, FORMOSA NAGASHIGB MAHU # 2 l 30 j, 6 Jun *3 Near CHINHAE NAGAA MAHU 2900 Medium damage Feb SN, 22-3 NAGAA MAHU Miscellaneous Atuc Apr 44 3U-U7H, 2S-+9E JA3AA MAHU #2 S Nov 43 Bast mouth of SUGAH Strait NAGAO MARU Sep 43 Off MOKPO NAGAO KARU Picket Boat 90 5 Apr N, U8-23B NAGASU HAHU Mlscellaneo as Aax. gi+o Medium danags 27 Jan N, ll+l-oob NAGISAN MARU Mlscellaieoas Aax Mar 43 SA50YA MARU 3+-28N, 3+-+6B Miscellaneous Aux. 607 Jan 44 NAKA MARU Off CHINHANPO 5 May 45 NAKAGAWA MAHU HIRAO 6S86 6 May 45 NAKO MARU EIRAOJIMA, IOYAURAGUCHI Caigo Nov 42 NAHINOUS MARU 3.5 km. S of HESAKI -Passenge r Oct 42 NAMPO MARU GOO Islands area Converted Gunboat Jun 42 NAMPO MAHU Off ISBN Bay, OKUNOSHIMA Feb 44 NAN-A MARU 80 ml. 80 of INUBOZAKI 6557 Set fire 23 Jan 42 NANBI MARU Off SEIRAHAMA, CHIBA-ken Feb 44 NANHO MARU 02-4N, Converted Sub.Chase 22 2 Sep 44 NANHO MARU +-525, +-2B 22 3 Mar 45 NANIWA MAHU Miscellaneous Off LBYB 4853 NANIWA2U MARU # 7 3 Aug 42 og Boat 8-38S, 2O-U3B BfANJIN MAHU 0 May +5 Off EAKAA 2486 NASKA MARU CBBU 6 Jul NA5KAI MARU 45-08N, 53-8E NANXAI MARU -Passe nge r 842 South of HIKSJIMA NANKAI MARU Miscellaneous 846 Me d ion d amage SW of HONGKONG NA5KAI MAHU # N, 44-0B Miscellaneous NANKAI MAR #g 02-25N, lls-ll+b Oile NANKI MAHU 08-OON, Oile NANKI MAHU # 3+-35U. 3U-5E Oile NANKI MAHU # 2 KUK ; Oile 83+ NANKI MARU # 5 45 ml. north of WEWAK Oile 834 : NANKI MARU # 6 Near NW ti c of LUZON Island Oils 834 Minor damage NANKI MAHU # N, Oile NANKING MAEU Off SAKIOJDtA, Neoast of KYUSHU Carg 300>> NANKO!tAHU 20 km. 200 of SABANG Motor Sailboat 0 NANKO MARU # Heavy damage.5 km. 254 of MOOYAHAMISAEI Oile NANKO MAHU # 2 ' HAHAJIMA Oile Nov +3 2 Jan Dec +4 6 Jnl 42 2^ Ser> 4J+ 6 Jal++ 2l+ Jal "+5 May >+2 lu Nov +4 9 Jan 43 6 Nov +4 3 Jul Mar 45 Jun Jan 42 2 Jan 45 7 Jan 43 7 Jun 43 Jan 45 6 Jal 45 5 Nov 44 3 Nov U3 7 Jal >»5 9 Jun Jan 4*; Feb 44 Se-o 43 Sep Dec Dec 43 l 4 Ang 45 4 Aug 45 9 Jun 45 0 Aag 45 2 Jal Jul 45 7 Kng 45 7 Mar 45 2 Jal 45 3 Jan Jan 45 I ; Ran agroand ^Ran agroand Ran aground i! ', j Sabnarlna I J I ' ( Ran aground j ' ; '. j Subaarine j I! I! I SaSmarine.! j ' Subaarine ' Han aground jran aground I j JHan aground Ran aground 09-02N, 52-U6S Korth of SAN FHNAOO j 00 ml. B of WOJIMAZAKI, S of HONSHU! South of EAAJ Island, LUZON Str. j 36-UON, j+ ml. W off KAGAJI, OIA_ken i BAESKO Reef, north of PALAU j MANILA I O5-38S, I56-2OE! CHICHIJIMA 30-OON, 39-3OB, Ul-l+N, 3O-3SB 0-26N, 25-0S ASUA Dockyard LAB j 04-04N, I5U-O3B Off KAMMON Strait Off YOSEWI 30-0N, 37-23B 32-55N, KAHMON Strait North of BSANMISAKI Lt.House 30-OON, 36-2OB RUK Off HACBIJOJIHA North of GUADALCANAL O5-23S, 4-OOB 34-3&N, 37-56B 00-9S, 32-24B South side of OSAGIJIMA Near entrance of NAGASAKI Ebr. West of KABBSEIMA, SAGA-kan South ti p of KAMCHAKA O9-7N, ' 47-8B S.JACqUES AMOY WEWAK 650 mi. east of INUBOZAKI CHICHIJIMA PALAU 32-5N, 3S-02B Off MCSPO Off YOSU Nort h of GUADALCANAL Off RABAUL 6 mi. 237 of CORHBGIBOR N, 22-23B Off BALIKPAPAN 4-2SN, 4-27E Betvrsen CBBU I. and BILIAN I Sea r MAKASSAR 07-7N, 50-46i! 2 km. i4c of WABANOMISttl Off WAKAMASU 0-30N, Off MIYAKO, B coast of HONSHU 22-2N, 20-26E 24 ml. g3 of C. S.SBOHGB MILI Atoll 36-54^, B 300 ml.5o of BONBNSBN AKI-NADA SAKAA Harbor 38-i8N, l4l_2>5s 38-I8N, Uenr OKPO. KOCHSO 25-28N, Off KAMMON Light House Northwest ti p of LUZON MIYAKOJIMA. RYUKYU Island s - 263

295 ASSBSSMBH HAMS Of BSSEL PB OP BSSZL QBHAGX DAE CAUSB LOCAION 5AMB OF BSSSL PB OF SSSH 0S5AGB ASS3SSH3B DA CAUSE 0CAI05 HAHKO SURD # 4 HAHKO MAEU # 5 HAHKO KARU r 6 HAHKO MAEU # 7 HAHXO MARU # 8 HASMAH MAHU HAfiHBI MAEU NAHMSI HARU # 6 SAKKSI HASI # 9 HAHBBI HARU HAHRIU MAHU # HASRU MARU # 2 HAHHYU MARU # 3 HAHHU MAHU # 6 HAHSASU MAHU # 2 SASSASSU MAEU #3 SANSSI HAEU HAHSSI MARU HAHSBl MAHU # HAHSSI KARU # 2 HAHSHia MARU HAHSHIH MARU HAHSHIH MARU HASSHIS KAHU IAKSHD MARU HAHSHIH MAHU # HAHSHIH MAEU # 2 HAHSBIN MAHU # 3 HAHSHIU MARU # 4 HAKSHIH MARU # 5 HAHSEIH MARU # 6 HAHSHIH KARU #S HAHSHIH KARU # 0 HAHSHIH MARU # 2 HAH3BN MARU # 2 HAHSHIK MABU # 3 HAHSHIH HAEU #l 4 HAHSSIH MAEU # 8 HAHSEIH MARU # 9 HAHSHIN MARU #2 0 HAHSHIH MARU #2 HAHSEIH HARU #2 3 HAHSHIH MAHU #2 4 HAHSHIH HARU #2 6 HAHSEIH HAEU #2 6 HAHSHIH MAEU #2 6 HABSRIH MARU #2 7 HAHSHIK MARU #2 7 HAHSHIH MARU #2 8 HAHSBIH MARU #2 8 HAHSEIH MARU #3 0 HAHSHIH MAEU #3 HAHSHIH MARU #3 5 HAHSEIH MARU #3 6 HAHSHIH MARU #5 8 BAHSHU KARU # 2 5AHI0 MARU HAHO XARU HAHO KARU # 8 HAHU MARU # HAQSHIKA HARU HAFLSS KARU SAEIA KARU HABUO HARU HARUO KARU HARUO KARU HASU KARU IASUSAK KARU KASUtAVA HASU HAZS KARU HXIEAI MARU HECKA KARU Miscellaneous Car go-fas Be ager Picket Boat -Passenger picket Boat Picket Boat Picket Boat Picket Boat Picket Boat Picket Boat fishing Boat Picket Soat t Converted sweeper Ammunition Ship I Miscellaneous iax. Miscellaneous Aox. C argo-faeee nge r S > fth 8J4 S65 83H S U » S >* ^ S ! Slight damage Heavy damage Minor damage Sonic Median danage Medium damage Slight damage Minor damage I 6 * 4 Aag 45 3 Jal Hov Hay Aag Oct 43 7 Dec Jan Sep 44 4 Oct 44 6 Kar 45 2 Jan 45 3 Ie\> 45 6 Jan Aag 44 0 Oct 44 2 Sep 44 8 Aag 44 IS Kar 45 5 Jon 45 ID Jon Jon 45 8 Apr 42 9 Oct Ang 44 0 Oct Jan Aag 44 9 Jan 45 2 Oct 44 Hov Oct 44 & Jan 45 3 Apr Feo 45 3 Dec 44 3 Oct 44 3 Bee 44 et 45 3 Aag Mar 45 2 Oct Sep Aag 44 2 Oct 44 Jet) 45 5 Sep 42 Sep 44 7 e"b 45 3 Oct 44 3 Apr Oct 44 IS feo 45 7 ret Jal 45 8 Mar 44 0 Oct Feb 44 7 Apr 45 8 Jan 44 Jal 45 9 HO 43 2 Apr 44 2 Hov Dsc 43 8 Aag 43 2 Jal Jan 44 9 Hov Mar Jan Hov 43 Ran aground Snen gunfire J Ran aground Collision SuDmarine A t craft Ran aground San aground Air craft Sneay gunfire Sabmar ine 3km.34S of FUSBIKI Hbr. S50 Inland Sea SHAHU5G 9.65 ka. 5 of MOOAMAMISAKI 5 mi. S of MIKIZAKI 2-02H, 34-2SB PESCADORES, FORMOSA OOZSHIWA SA5 MRSAHDO -5H O9H, 22-0 Bast coast of FHBHCH IHDOCHINA AIAO, FORMOSA, Coast of SOUH CHIHA Off HIKIZAKI wm*. OKINAWA i5-0feh, 9-O5B 08-39H, YAKAKAitt Harbor, KAGOSIIKA-ken Near MOJI , Off cape S. J AC 403 S b50 mi". 2 of IHUBOZAKI 07-OOH, 9-40B 2-2H, 9-55S Hear HIAKOJIMA, off HAHA 2-26H, 9-55* Horthwst of LUZOH Off ASAO, FORMOSA KUDA, north of B0H5B0 Horth coast of BORHBO Horthwest tip of LUZOH 04-OOH, , s, 6-52B ZAMBOAIGA Hear BORHBO 04-OOH, Off AKAO -85, MAKO, FORMOSA SAH ERHA5D0 2-26H, 9-55 MAKO, FORMOSA 3O-O5N, 35-5* 37-OOH, 52-OOB 2-6H, 9-53" 3&.0OH, 38-3OS Northeast area Off SAIGOH 08-22S, 6-55* , 37-3OB SWof MIKOMOO Lt.House, IZU Pen. 35-2QH, 3O-OOI DUES tf CEr I aland 30 km. V of SUHBSHIMA IHIOMOB Island, OKIHAKA 0-05H, las ids JAL0I Harbor 3 mi. I of SHQDOJIMA , 5-45B Off HOLLAHDIA, HBtf SUIHSA, 3-3OH, nl. HS of DAIOSAKI, S of HOHSHU 24-55, 42-+5B Off 5II&AA 32-2!+If, BRUHEI Bay, B0R5BO , O3-H5H, 50-38B 28-43H, SICHIAI MARU 5ICHIA5 HARU 5ICHIEI HARU 5ICHIBI MARU 5ICHIBI HARU 5ICHIBI KAR #2 HICHMI MASU #5 SICHII MARU HICEII HARU 5ICHIH0 MARU 5ICHUAKU MARU NIC H MAS HARU 5ICHIMBI HAEU 5ICHIHAH HASU 5ICHI5A5 MARU 5ICHI5A5 MARU HICHIHAH HARU # 2 5ICHIHA5 HARU #03 5ICHIHAK HARU 5ICHIRA5 HARU # 3 5ICHIR3I HARU HICHIHB5 HARU 5ICHIRIH HASU HICHIRIH HARU SICHIHO MARU 5ICHIBY0 MAEU HICHIBU HAHU 5ICHIUS HARU SICHIKA HAEU 5ICHIKA HARU 5ICHI0 MAHU 5ICHI0 HARU 5ICHI0iU HASU 5ICHIU HARU 5ICHIYU MARU # 5ICHIU MARU # 2 HICHIC MAEU # 5 HICHIU MAHU # 7 HICHIZUI HARU 5IGISU HARU HIH05KAI MARU 5IIAKA HARU SIKKA MAEU HKKAI HARU 5IKKAKD MARU HIKEA5 MARU srarai HARU KIKKI MARU 5IKKIH MARU SKEO HARU 5HK0 MARU 5IKK0 KAHU 5HK0 HARU SIKKO HAHJ SIKKO MARU # HIEKKU MARU HIKKO HAEU HIKKU HARU 5IMIKI MARU # 8 5I0SA5 MARU HIPPO HAHU HIPPO MAHU 5IFP0 HAHU HIPPO MASH 5IPF0 KARU #5 5IPF05 MAHU IIPP05 MARU # 2 IIPPU MAHU HISHIAKA KARU HISSA5 MARU Miscellaneous Aux. Picket Boat Miscellaneous Aox. Picket Boat Ammonition Ship -Passenger -Passenger Picket Boat Miscellaneous tax. Ammunition Ship Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Aoz. Auxiliaries Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Aoz. Hater ransport Converted 9ub.Cb.aser I U lto ^5 fe ** ^ l4o j 6800 Beay damage Ms ditts damage 3eavy damage Slight damage Msdlam damage Minor damage Hissing 3 Feo 44 8 Sep 44 5 SO 44 2 Sep 44 6 Jan 45 7 Jan 45 Jon Jan 44 2 HO 43 2 Oet 42 9 Dec 4 8 Sep 44 5 Jan Mar Dee 4l 9 HO U Apr 45 2 Jal 44 2 Jal 44 9 Mar 44 6 Har 44 2 Kar +5 9 Feb 44 2 Aag 42 Dec 43 7 Jan Jan 43 7 Kay 44 Z Oet 44 2 Jnl 45 8 Dee Fe* Jan Jan 45 9 Jan 45 5 Jal Jan 45 9 Oct 44 2 Jan 44 7 Jon U4 2 Jal 43 4 Oet Jan O 43 6 Jal Hay 45 8 Aag Feb Jun 44 6 Jan 44 Jttl 44 9 Apr HO 43 2 Jan 45 IS Dec 44 3 Dae 4l 20 Aug 43 4 Jul 43 IB Oct 43 6 May Jan 44 6 Jal Oct 44 7 Feb 44 8 Jan 44 4 Jan Jttl 45 9 Jttl 45 0 Aug Aug 43 9 Jon 42 Sabmar ine Sa»arIne Ban aground Sabmar ine Sabmar ine Sabmarine Sabnarine Sabmarine j Enemy gunfire Hine Ran aground Sabmar ine Sttlanarlne Stibmariiw Sabmarine Su'bmarine Han aground San agroond Sabmarine! Kioe 03-23S, 49-55H , 23-20B -5, OS-56B CBU , O3-3OB Inner SOUH SSAS area Off SW of PARAMDSHISO I. SOUH SEAS area 5orthi»est of KADSIS 27-25, 23-O5B Mouth of EA2D05G River, KOREA , 23-20B 3-37* S 07-27S, 5-5P KJ3HI5G, Worth BQRHBO , , 6-48 About 2 mi. SB of HBSAJI Lt.Honse 8-505, 22-»»0B 8-505, 20-UOB 9-445, , * ni. SB of PBHCBL Is H, , 20-44! O6-45S, orth entrance of SHORLAHD Anch 4-495, 42-29B , I6-I5I CMA Harbor 36-45, , IO9-O6 GUAM , AKAO, FORMOSA Off OHIA , I29_6l SOUH CHI5A Sea 23-55, , , 39-56B Off AKAO, FORMOSA IOP Hbr., B0UBAI5IHB I , l4g_20b , Off PUSA H, 00-S, O5N, , 50-8 O5-39S, , , AKAO, FORMOSA 4-055, Off HAIHAH Island 6.2 mi. 208 of DAIOSAKI, S of HONSHU , BISMARCK Island 5orth of KUM05 Island , , , 6-45 HUS , , US AMI 3ay, SHIZCUCA-fcen Oatside WAHASAfSU Hbr. Off HACHI50J58 Hbr. O2-53H, 36-2 KISKA - 269

296 HAMS OF ESSE HISSAS MAEU # HISSSI HARU HISSEI MARI NIS33I MAEU HISSSI HAEU HISSES MARU #5 HISSBH MABU #6 3ISSHI MAEU HISSEIB MABU HISSHIH KABU NISSHIS MAEU HISSHIH MARU HISSHIH MARU # HISSHIS KAHU #2 HISSHIH MAEU #2 NISSHIH MABU #3 NISSHO KAEU HISSHO MABU HISSHO MABU HISSHO MABU HISSHO MABU HISSHO MARU HISSHO MAEU HISSHO MAEU HISSHO MAEU HISSHO MAEU # HISSHO MAEU # 2 HISSHO MAEU # 5 HISSHO MARI #6 HISSHO MAR # 8 HISSEO MABU #2 HISSHO MABU #l 6 HISSHO MABU #>S HISSHO MAStI #8 HISSHU MAEJ HISSHUH MAEU HISUI MAEU HICHO MABU HICHO MAEU HISAI MAEU HIASU MABU HISSI MAEU HI3SU MAEU HIO MARJ HIO MAEU HIO MAHU HIO MABU HIO MABU #0 HIO MAEU #9 HIO MABU #20 HIO MABU #22 HIO MAEU #23 HIOKU MABU HI3SU MABU HISU HAEU MIYO MAEU Ho. 94 Ho. 49 BOBOBIKAVA MAB HOJIMA MAEU NORFOLK MABU HORWAY MAEU HOSHISO MARU HOSHIEO MAEU I GO HOSEIEO MABU # 2 HOO MAEU OKIIA MAEU QDASUKI HAEU QSYAMA MAEU OGASHIMA MARU OGI MAEU QGISHIMA MAEU YPE OF ESSEL Kiscellane ous! Miscellaneous Aax. Miscellaneous j Miscellaneous Aax. Miscellaneous Aux, Miscellaneous Aux. Miscellaneous Aux, Ammunition Ship Converted Sub.Chaser Miscellaneous Aux. Coal ransport Miscellaneous Aax. Oil*r Converted Sab.Chaser Converte d Sab. C hase r Converted Subchaser Picket Boat» J Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Aux. Miscellaneous Aax. Converted eweepe Miscellaneous Aax. Miscellaneous Aax. I OSSAGB S S7S t J ASSESSMEN Minor damage Soak Heavy damage Minor dasage Minor damage Minor damage Minor damage Strong leak Minor damage Soak Disabled Heavy damage Medium damage Medium damage Minor damage Heavy damage Heavy damage Heavy damage Bank Set fire Set fire [ Slight damage Heavy damage BAB 25 May 45 7 Nov 42 3 Feb Sep 44 b Jan May 45 4 Jal 45 Oct 44 2 Apr 45 5 May 4 6 May 44 2 Sep 44 2 May 45 7 Apr 43 Aug 45 9 Feb 44 8 Jon Dec 42 2 Jun 45 6 Jol 45 5 Aag Peb Jal 42 6 Jal Jul 45 2 May 45 3 Mar Mar Jal 45 4 Jun 45 0 Aag 45 Feb 45 8 May Jul 45 IS Jul 44 8 Apr Mar May 45 2 Jun 44 3 Mar Apr 44 6 Jan 45 l4 Oct Jun 45 4 Jul 44 7 Feb 43 2 Dec 44 3 Aag 45 8 Jal 44 8 Jul 44 9 Jan 45 8 Apr 42 4 Peb 44 2 Mar 43 7 Mar 44 2 Sep 44 6 Jal 45 6 Jal 45 Jan 43 5 Sep 42 2 Aag 44 2 Sep Sep Apr 44 7 Apr 44 2 Kov 44 2 Sep 44 5 Feb 44 [ Jun Jan 44 9 May 44 9 May 45 CAUSX Wreck Ran aground Ban aground San aground Ran aground Hit reef ColliB ion 7 Ban aground Submar ine LOCAIOH Off MtrSREJIMA CHRISMAS Island Off FUSHKI 37-OOS, MIKOMOCJ IMA, S coas t ef HONSHU Hear MOSUEBJIMA Around SUGARt Strai t Near HAOBSU 34-02H, 24-00B Southwest of UHEUPPU Island J, J Off KABILA SHIMOOSEKI Channel 23-3ON. 24-9B S ka. 6 of WAKAMAS Lt.House Hear HAKODAE, HOKKAIDO MOJI OO-34N, 48-58B 2 km. nort h of AEISHIHISAKI Mouth of SENZAKI Bay Passege of OGUCHI, HAHAO Bay O5-5OH, 26-OOB Near EOBESU Hbr., EOBOFU I. MUSJEUIMA SUBUGA Wast mouth of SHIHONOSBXI Hear MIYAEBJIMA PALAU KAMMON Strait 33-54N, 3-O7B.6 km. 227 of ECBIZBBKISAEI Around KOREA 34-33H, 34-47E OSAKA 2S-40K, 39-25E 02-02H, 48-27B B of FtlKASHIMA, E coast of KYUSH 44 km. SW of ONNAJIMA 7-32N, 44-lOB O3-8N, I23-56B 9-043, 9-4B KOO Peninsula 06-OOH, 5-55E Off ABISHIMISAKI 9-20N, 5-5OB Hear OMAEZAKI, S coast of HONSHU East INDIES 34-22N, 30-54B EABAUL RABAUL Ifest coaet of KEBLBS 650 mi. B of INUBOZAKI Off SUSHIMA 3S-0SH, 24-3OB Off MUROBAN MANILA Harbor <iuelpar Island qdelpar Island 35-O3N B KISKA 3-23F, 2O-9B MANILA Harbor MANILA Harbor 2S-42N, 4-26B 2 mi. S of EAHAJIMA OBMOC Harbor CEBU 09-30, 27-00E OSAKA Harbor 08-07N, 37-3SS MAIOKWAEI 34-39H, 37-32B SAME OF YESSEL OGUHA MAEU # OGUBA MARU # 2 OGURA MAEU # 3 OGURASAN MAR OHIO KABU OIKAWA MAEU OIA MARU OJEASAS MABU OJIMA MABU OJIMA MAB OKAJIMA MAEU CKKAKA MAEU OKIHAVfA MAEJ OKIirOAMA KiSJJ OEnrOYAMA HABtJ # 5 OKIA MABU CKISU HARU OKUII MABU CKUS MARJ OKUYO KAEU OLYKPIA MARI OMI MABU OMUROSAW MAR OIISHI MARt OHO MAH #8 ONOa MAE OBIDOO MABU OBYOKU MAR OSAKA MAR OSAKASAtf MAEU OSAKI MARt OSS I MAEt OSEIMA MAEJ OSHIMA MAEI # OOKU MAEt OOME MARU OOEI MARU OOBI MAEU OORI MARU OOEI MABU # 2 OORISAH MASU OOSHI MARt OSU MAEt OSSAS KAE OOWA MAR COVA MAH OOWASAS MARU OYAMA MABU OYASHIMA MARt OYO MARU PACIFIC MARJ PALAU MARU PALAU HAEtr FALEMBAira MAEt PANAMA MAR PEKIHG MAR PEKING KAEU PEBAKG HARU PLUO MARU POEOHAI MAEt BAIZAH MARJ BAKUSAH MAEJ HAKOO MAHt RAKJYO MAEU RASHIN MABU BASHU MABU BEIKAI MABJ REIKO MAEU REISI MAEU RBISUI MARU #2 EEIYO MARU HSIZAir MARU YPB OF BSSEL -Passenger Picket Boat Mi see lane oats Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Arac. Converted Gunboat Car go-pas eenger Miscellaneous Aux. Ammunition Ship C argo-pas ee nge r Bepair Ship Miscellaneous Aux. Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Converted aweepei Miscellaneous Aux. Picket Boat Converted Gunboat Miscellaneous Aux. -Passenger Miscellaneous Aux. Car go-passenger B«acon Inspection Miscellaneous Aax. Picket Boat Con-verted sweeper Miscellaneous OHSAGE &93 7ii U 0* U % ggS S S ASSESSMEN Heavy daasagb Slight damage Median damage Ran agroond Medium damage Minor damage Stranded Minor damage Slight damage DAE 2 Se-o 44 6 Sep Feb NO 43 5 Aag 42 2 Mar 43 0 Oct 44 3 Jun 45 8 Jun 45 4 Jul 45 2 Jul 42 2 Sep 44 0 May 44 2 Mar Mar 45 9 Aag Jan 44 3 Ang 44 5 May 45 3 Dec Sep Dec Bee Sep Jul Nor 43 May 42 6 Dec May 44 7 Nov 44 4 Jul Jun 45 3 Mar 45 IS Jan 45 Aag Apr Oct May 44 7 Bee Feb Jul 44 4 Oct 44 Mar 45 2 Jan 45 0 May 45 2 Jan Dec 44 9 Acr 43 9 Jul Oct 44 3 Oct 44 5 Aug 42 6 Feb 44 4 Mar Jim 44 3 May 45 2 Jul 44 9 Apr Jun 45 7 Apr Mar 44 9 Aug 45 2 Sep 44 2 Sep 44 8 Aug 45 9 Mar 45 2 Jon 44 [ IS Jon U>5 25 Dec Jul 45 7 Feb 44 IS Jan 45 CAUSS SaDmarine Ran aground Sulaaarine Subffiar ine Submar ine Sabnar ine Ban aground Wreck Enemy gunfire Enemy gunfire Submsr ine Submar ine Ran aground Sea disaster Submar ine LOCAION MA3ILA Harbor 2-42, N, H, O5-3OB SO^H CHIA Sea O6-5gS, l4s-l6k 7mi.S of FtJKDBICHIA, F03C0SA B Betveen ADOUBA and AHOSAKI Off SHIEIYASAKI HortH coast of BOHGSLAP I. MAiniA Harbor -3K, l43-4l» 00-20S, 32-OO Hear HAHA Hear BJMO O9-3OH, 57-5QB 2O-55N, 2-7B Off KARAS Hear AMBON ii-5!sr, H, 20-0S 5-O7N, O9-O5B CBB Island area Off JLSAN OO-4OK, 4S-2CB Off JIHtAjr, near SOBaABAJA SBIC Bay U-4J, 35-2E 33-3ON, 24-3 OS 40 of MJRORAir light House SE of JIZOZAKI MAKASSAB East of ACHASGSHAH Island 0-S, 4S-08B Soothsast of BORNEO Off KlfL'S Estuary 05-57H, 27-llB CHINHAMPO, KOREA O6-5OH, 2-25B 7-5&. 8-O7B 5-22N, 9-5B MIYAKOJIMA North of ^ONHON Bay 34-3SK, 35-2B CAMHANH Base, ndochiha 5-O7N, O9-O5B 00-38, O-37N, 28-32B O4-45N, H3-3QE 5-5N, 9-5E , 50-42B KWAJALSIF Off C.ALLBBA, FRENCH IFDCCHIirA 27-5N, 2O-45B Off COAJBiA 7-3.7H, B 05.29s, 23-06B Off MOKPO Northeast coast of HOSSH PALAU HACBII, KOREA CEBI 8-325, 4-29E 4-5H, 3_9B ZAKI, HYOGO-kan 7-32N, 44-lOB 3O-45N, 26-OOB 03-9S, 99-45B 34-59N, 2S-59B HK pper YANGZE Rive r - 270

297 HAMS O ESSEL IPS OF ESSEL OSHAGS ASSESSMEN DAS CAUSB LOCAI OH HAM2 OF BSSBI fypb Of BSSKi OBHASB ASSBESH23 EAS CAUSZ LOCAIOB BSKIZAH HAEff nttw.*g MAED HLJO MABU X MABU BHXO MAE BffiUZM HAEU SI O US JABXIHO MAEU BISBD GO BISSHDB HABU BISUI HASH aisxj GO RIZAS KABU BCKKO HABU BOKO MABU BOKUZAB" MAHU HQHSAH MABU EOSHUHAEU ROSHU HAEU # EOSSBACB EOSAS HAEU BOZAH MABU E02AH HABI BOHQS KABtJ BOCE HASH BQSI KABU JtOXI HASI #66 fioga MABU BOJUHKAHU BYQEA MABU RIOEAI MAHU BYOKO MABU BQKUSBI HASH BYGSBKI MABU BYQK) KABX BYOf OKU HABU BYOYO HABU BYOYU MABU #23 BIUA HABU BDEI MABU BOBI HA80 HYD3I HABU RYUBI HAEU # 6 BUfQEU MABU BYUGIKU MABU BUSO MABU # BIUBO MABU # 2 EIUIH HABU EYWIH MABU SUXO MABU BUKO HABU SOE0 HABU BDSAK HABU BUOSAH MAEU BXUSSI HAEU B2USBI MASU BIUSSI MABU BXU5BO MAUD BIUO KABU HYUWA MABU BDO MABU BBZAH HABU BUZAH MABU SABAHG HABU SACHI MABU SACHIAKA KAHJ # 3 c t\ri (if) SADO MABU SA0AMI HABU SAGAHI MABU SAGAMI HAEU SAGAHI MASU SAGAMI MABU Miscellaneous Am, J Converted sweeper Miscellaneoas Miscellaneous Aax. Car go-passenger Converted Sob.Chaser -Fas seager J Converted Sub.Ch&ser Converted Sab. Chaser Miscellaneous Aax. Miscellaneous Am. Miscellaneous Aax. Miscellaneous Aax. Miscellaneous Aax. -Passenger Miscellaneous Converted Sab. Chaser -Passenger Miscellaneous Am. Miscellaneous Befrigeration Ship ^ / 23 3O ! S7S * OS7 4S lunk ' lunk >unk tank!nnk iunk fe diuj& damage Medium damage Soak J Soak Disabled Missing Slight damage Minor damage Soak Slight damage 2 May 45 Jan 43 5 Jal Sep 44 6 Mar Jal 45 7 Feb 44 May 45 2 Sep Mar 45 S Apr Sep 44 5 Oct 44 Aag Jal 45 2 Feb Oct 42 5 Jal 44 7 May 44 2 Sep 44 5 Feb Bsb 45 7 Aag 45 2 Oct Vi 5 Mar 45 5 Mar 45 7 May 42 2b Jal 44 5 Jab Aag 43 4 Aag HO 42 6 Sec 44 8 Mar Sap 43 2 May 44 6 Feb 45 3 Mar 44 7 Jal Oct 44 2 Jan Jal Dec 42 6 eb Jan 45 9 Aag 45 3 Apr 42 4 Jan 45 5 Jan Mar 44 Mar Oct 42 4 HO 43 e HO 44 Oct Jab 44 Dec Dec 43 9 Aag 45 Jan 44 3 Jal Jan Jul 45 4 Jal 45 g Jal 44 0 Apr 42 4 HO 42 2 Jan May 45 3 Hov 42 9 Jon 43 4 Jal 45 Sea battle Ban aground Ban aground Ran aground POI agpoond 37-25S, 24-OOS 39-K, 42-02B Off AOMOBI KOA BHAHU KSELUHG Harbor West mouth of HABJU-tfAH RUK 500 mtr. 349 of HOOSENG MANILA Harbor 0-385, N, 25-OOE 49-36S, 45-3C8 Between AKAO and KSLUSG 33-58H, 36-9 Southeast of KOREA 27-44H, 28-42B SAGAMI-NADA 04-00S, 3-2SB 25 mi. S of MUROOSAKI MANILA Harbor 0 mi. SB of HOHGKOHG- Below AEJ, HORH CHINA MYHO, FRESCH DDOCHUA BAHAYAH Island, H of CEBU 6-47H, 08-4 Between OUBAHE and EAIHAH I. Hear POOLO CONDORS Z., PIC PALAU Mouth of YAHMZB River , 39-47B 2S-33H, 4-43S CANOS Between MANILA and AKAO Off HACHI30HE Harbor 2O-45S. 4-OB Horth PACIFIC 4-36H, O9-O6JS 47-39* ABAKAS Harbor Between MANILA and ARAKAH O6-03N, 0-02E Bast of OKUROKAMI Island 00-34S, 4S-58B Off KABILA 35-OH, 40-0B Off UXA Off OKIHOSHIMA, S coas t of HOHSHU Hear HACBIX0H3 0-50H, PALAU Hea r EOSIYA, AMAMI-OSHIMA 34-O9H, 3&-46B Hear ZBHAGO I., G3W IBSLAHD 3-0H, 29-4B Outside of AISYAMA Harbor 07-55S, 5-5* 4-27S, OOH, 34-OOB UHGGI O8-36H, 22-52S O6-3OH, -30S Upper AHOZE Hiver OKUEOKAHI Island Off 05ABU SAIPAS 6 mi. 60 of OSHIMA Horth of SUADALCAHAL 25 mi. 35 of KABUHASAKI Off ftasamasu BAAO 36-4OH, 42-55B OSASA Harbor SAGAMI MABU # 8 SAGAHA MARU SAGAVA MABU SA5I MABU SAI30H MABU SAIKAI MABU # 6 SAIKYO MABU SAWA5 MABU SADEI MABU S A IP AN MABU SAISHU MABU SAHO MAHU SAISU MARU SAKA3 MABU SAKA3 MARU # 6 SAKAB MABU RO-SO SAEAKI MABU SAKIHANA MABU SAKISHIMA MABU SAKIO MABU SAKURA MAH SAN-A MABU SAI CliStMSKirB MABU SAS JSAHCISCO MARU SAH LUIS MAEU SAN PSDRO MARU SAH RAMOH MAMJ SAHJIH MARU SAHKA MARU SAHKO MARU SASKO MARU SAHKO MARU SAHKO MARU SAHKO MAHU SAHKO MAHU #2 SAHKO MARU SAHRAKU MARU SAHS3I MARU SANSS I MARU SAHS3I MARU SASflH MAHU SAHO MARU SASO MARU SAHOKU MABU # 2 SASOS HARU SAHUKI MARU SAHWA MABU SASYO MAHU SAHYO MABU SA5Z3J MAHU SAPPORO MARU SAPPORO MAHU # SAPPORO MABU #2 SARAWAK MABU SASAKO MAHU SASUKI MAEU SAWA MARU S3 GO SEACLB MAHU SS I A MABU SSIAR MAHJ S3 US MABU S33 MABU #2 SEIHO MAHU SBIKAI MAEU SBIKAI MAHU SBIXAI MARU SBIKAI MARU # 2 SBUCAI MAHU # 3 SBIKAI HARU # 5 SBIKAI MARU #22 SBIKAH HARU# Miscellaneoas Aax. 43 May 45 Miscellaneoas Jan Jan H5 SS7 2 Jan 44 Converted Gunboat 5350 IS Sep Sep 44 Converted Gunboat Jan 42 -Fassenger Sep Jal 44 -Passenger Jttl Jan 44 ggg 4 Jtil 45 -Passenger Jttl HO 44 Miscellaneous Atw Jal 45 Miscellaneous Aax Aag Minor damage 6 Jo l Sep Jttl 45 Cargc Bsb 44 Cargt Mar 42 Cargt 3365 Slight damage 20 Oct 43 Oilej May 43 Misce llaneous Feb 44 Oiloi 726S 2 Jan 45 Oilei Jon 44 Oilei HO 43 Carge 256O 4 Jon Mar 45 ransport Feb Mar k Dec S Heavy damage 6 Jan 45 4gg 7 Jon 44 Converted Snb.Chaser S9 Minor damage 9 Oct Jan 43 Coal ransport 64 Slight damage 5 S#p 43 Coal ransport Jan 44 Miscellaneous 3266 Median dsrcage 8 Dec Hay Aag 45 Miscellaneous 3266 Msdiom damage 29 Sep 43 Picket Boat 46 5 Feb 45 Miscellaneous Aax Minor damage 6 Oet 44 Miscellaneous Aax Jan Oet 43 Miscellaneous May Jan Minor damage 9 Jul 45 Con-verted Sttb.Chaser May Jul Apr Mar Stranded 4 Oct Mar Medium damage 4 Jon Heavy damage S Feb 42 -Passenger Jul 44 Ammunition Ship 6659 Aug 44 Miscellaneoas Aax. 900 Oct Hov 44 Picket Boat 3 30 Mar Hov Aug Jan 44 Con-rerted Gunboat Sep Jan 45 t Feb Jol Jon 45 Ferry Ship Jttl 45 Ran aground Snemy gunfire Snemy gunfire Submar ine Ai rnraf t H, 3-O8.9B , 3S-2OB 3S-0H, 3g-5CB 4-20H, H, 36-2OE Off *OOSUHG 9-7H, 20-5B 6-29H, 23-57B 33-44H, 36-23B Bast coast of KOHEA 38-48H, 2-25B South of 0HA8DHI Island CHICHIJIMA RABAtfL 3. ka south of MOOYAMAHISAI WZVAK Off qpblpah Island 22-40H, 3-5OB BAHAM Bay, H coast of JAA I. 2-30H, 09-30B O6-5OH, 34-26B BUK Horth of QtIHHGH Say 6-7H, 9-4QB 33-36H, 2&-57B JAPAN Sea 29-48H, 28-02B HEW HAJOER 29-5H, 25-3B CHOCHIKU Channel, XOHBA HlfOKAP Bay, KURIL HOHGKOHO SOROHS QKIHAVA 04-58H. 9^37 Island 09-42I, 50-36E 33-53*. 29-OE 26-32H, \4i-363 Off HIIHAMA Off HIIGAfA 5-2SH, H, 43-OOB HOHGKOH& 33-55H, 22-55B flop Anchorage, BUKA I H, 24-22B West coast of FORMOSA 5km. southeast of GBHKAISHIMA RUS Inside ODOMARI Harbor S of SHIRIYASAKI, HE of HOHSBU Of f SIKGAPORB Of f ASSAFAEOFG, CADALCAHAL 38-lfeN, 23-4B 2 taa. 44 of MtrSURS Island South of POOLO C0UB0R3 9- (S, 20-5B 0-46S E 28-20H, Near SUBIC Bay, PHILIPPINES PALAU 0-50H, 24-3OE Off KIHKAZAir, I coast Of HCFSHU MERGUI Harbor, MALAY KAYSHG Harbor MtJKAISHIMA Central PACIFIC Off MUSJHS Off HAHAJIMA Hear MIDMAYA - 27

298 mm OF BSSBL 5YFS 0 YBSSBL fqssiss ASSESSMEN BAS CAD S3 tccaict 3AKB OF 8SE2 YPE OF ESSB OOAffl ASS8SSM2H DAS CAUSE LOG A IQ SSIIAH MAEU #2 SSKAI MAEC #3 SIKAC MABI #* 5 HAS MAEU #6 SSIXAH HABU #8 S3 ISAM HJffitr #0 SEH MlSU SSHO MABU SEIKO MABU SBIKQ KAEU #2 SSIXO HABU SSIEYO MABff SB ISAS MAHJ SBIKAE HAEU SBIEI 00 SSIEUHAHtr SBISHIH MABU SBISHIH MAStJ SSISHO MAS SEISHO MASU SSISHO MABU #3 SBISBU MAEU SSIAI MARU SEIQ HABI SEIUH HABC SBIUH MABU # 5 SBIWA MAE SSIYO MABt SBI.0 MAEt SSliAN KAEU SMIZiS HARD SSIZAH HAEtJ SSIZM KABU SSIZAN HARU # 2 SBKI MAEU asei HAfiU #5 SSKIBO HAfiU S2KIHQ MABU SSKIYO KAEU SSKiCO MAEU SE I MAEU SSHSAI MABU SEHJU MABU SJHKAI MASU ssmo MASU sm o MAEU SEHKO MAEU SBJYO MAEU SBHYO HABU SSYU MAEU # 5 SBBZAN KARU SEHZAN MABU SfiRIA MAHU SSAGAWA MAEU SSSUYO MARU SSSUZAH MASU SHANGHAI HARU SEASQEAI MASU SHIBAZOHO MABU SHICBISSI MAEU SHIOHIO MAEU SEICHIO MAEU SBIGA MASU SHIGAifOUEA MABU SEIGUHE MABU SHIKISAH MABU SHIMA MABU SB IMA MABU #2 SHIMASB KAEU SHIMOFUSA MAEU SEIMOHOSBKI MAEU SHIMOSSU MAEU Jterry Ship Perry Ship Jerry Ship Jteriy Ship Jerry Ship Jerry Ship Converted le t ender His eellans cms C argo-fas se age r Miscellaneous Picket Boat Picket Boat Picket Boat Picket Boat Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Converted sweeper Hhaler -fas eeage r Provision Store ship Provision Storeship Miscellaneous Aux. -Passenger Mis eel lane oat Miscellaneous -Passenger -Passenger -Passenger C argo-paee enge r Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Aax. Converted So.b.Chaser t Liaison Ship S S S ^ t ^ i S S 500 7! S S54 Soak Medium damage Heavy damage Minor damage Soak Slight damage *R«m aground Souk San aground t Sausage Soak 4 Jal 45 4 Jul U5 4 Jul 45 4 Jul *5 4 Jul 45 4 Jul May 43 3 Aag 44 7 Rsb V* 23 Jul *5 5 el) Oct Jan Mar 43 May 45 May Jul 45 0 Mar 45 7 HO Jan Jul 45 Jun Aug Oct 44 Jul Feb 45 3 Hov 44 0 Aug Jun 44 4 Jun Aag Jet Mar Dec Mar Kay 45 5 Hov 44 Sap 44 2 Mar 45 9 Aog Jul Jan 42 4 Jol 45 7 Oct 42 9 Aug 45 5 Dec Ang 44 Jun Aug Aug *3 4 Jul 45 IS Jan Jal 45 4 Jnl 45 4 Oct 42 6 Jal 44 9 Apr Oct 43 3 Jan Bee *3 4 Jul 45 2 Sep May * Dec 43 0 Oct kz 24 Oct 44 4 Jnl 44 2 Jul 45 4 Jan 44 4 Jul 45 2 Jan 45 9 Hov 44! SubEiari&s Sob marine Collision Collision AOMQHI HAKODAE are a AOMQRI HA20DAM are a AOMQEI EAKOBAfB are a AOMORI HAKODAE are a AOMOSI -- HAKODAE are a AOMOBI HAKODAE are a 5O-35H, 55-3B 0-46S, 26-5B EUK OSAKA 0 ai. SI of HONGKOSJ 33-2H, 35-4B O7-H7H, 5-O7S Off OMABI, H coast of BOHSHU 34-7H, 27-O4B 29-4H, J2H, 27-3OS 0-0H, OH S CELEBES KOBE Off SH0D05HIMA 4-43H, 39-55" 03-.5S, 6-5H 5-20H, 64-3OB 3-OOH, 4-OC Outsloe MAIILA Harbor MIEAMI-OAGABISHIMA 5-35*. 33-3OS ^7-O3H, OOH, 9-00 SAIFAH 29-55, 25-3B 27 mi, 3 of MIKISAKI, S of HOKSEU 30-OOH, 26-3DB 55 mi. 7 of KHKASAH SOOH CHIHA Sea 0-06H, 22-2E NAHSSI Island area 24-0S, 22-CE HAKOEAS Mouth of DAAO Golf MOJI 0-0H, 53-3S Off CEOSGJIS PAIMACHIH&, HAISAS Islan d F.BOBOENG Harbor, CXLEBES HSIANS PIAO, YJiHaZS River Hear AKAO BAHSA, irsw OIBBA AOMORI HASODilB are a 00 mi. 24 of KAIBHG Fear AIOI Off YOHGOK, KOHSPUK Sortheaet coast of HOHSHU 29-O5H, 22-55B 3-O5S, i2-43b 6S mi. 22 of HUAHIAOSHAH I. 3O-2H, 42-3B 08-OOH, 34-OCB ^3-^7^, 4-2B MAHIA Harbor 5 mi. 30 of MUHOOSAKI S-02N, 3S-55S 0-07s, ogir, S-35S rakefouea Bay, Stf of ASIJIMA 35-43H, 26-23B HAEfOKWAHI, ISW CH2A West entrance to SUGAEU Strait 36-3OH, 3O-9B 4-32, US-53S SHIMOWIKI KARU SHIMPO MAEU SHIKPO MAEU SHI5AGAWA MAEU SHISAI MARU SHIHAI MAHU SIIHAJ MABU SHIHAF MASU SHCAHO MAEtf SHISAHOGAVfA MAHU SHISUH MAEO SHISCHO MAEU SHHCHO MABU SHIH3I MAEU SEIHEI KAEU SEIHSI MABU SEIESI MAHU #2 SEIHSI HAEU #3 SEismsu MABU SHIHG3SU MAHU SHIHGI MABU SHIHGISBU MAfit SHI580 MABU 5HIH&U MAU SHIKSOn MAHU SHIOEI MAHU SHIHHO MAHU SHISJO MABU SHIHJU MAHtf SHUfJU MAHU SHIHZI MARU SHINKO MASU SEIHKO MASU SHIHKO MARU SHIMO MARU SHI35EO MAEU SHISKO KARU # SHIHKO MAEU # SHIHKO MARU # 5 SHIBKO MAHU # 6 SHIHKO MABU #0 SHIHKO MAHU #5 SHIHKCKU MABU SEISKOKU MAEU SHISZYO MABff SEIHKYO MABtr SHXRMBI MABU SHISHAS HABU SEIHHAH MAEU SEIHHBISEO 80 SHIFHO MABU SEBO MARU SHIHOJIMASAlf MAEU SHIHPBH M4RU SHIHPUKU MAHU SHISHSI MABU SHIHBI 00 SHDRO MABU SHIHHOKU MARU SHUHO MAHU 5HINBYU MAEU SHISSBI MABU SHUfSBI MAHU SHIHSSI MAEU SHUSBI MABU SBIHSBI MAHU # SEIHSBI MAHU #3 SEIHSEI MABU #5 SEIHSBI MABU #6 SHIHSSI MARU #6 SHUS! I MAHU # SHIHSSI MAHtr #7 Converted sweeper Picket Boat Converted Sub.Chaser Miscellaneous Aax. f! Miscellaneous Anx. Miseellaneoaa Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Aux. Picket Boat Picket Boat Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Aax. Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Anx. Miscellmeous Anx. Miscellaneous Miscallaneous Aax. Picket Boat Provision Storeship Miscellaneous Aax. Coal ransport * 25 ggo S SSg O SS ^ l4g S7S Stranded Soak Minor damags Bsavy damage Minor damage Minor damage Minor damage t Heavy damage Slight damage Missing Stank Medium damage Heavy dafflaga Snnk Soak t Median damage Snnk Msdinm damage 26 Mar 44 2 Aag 44 0 Oct Aug 43 7 Sep 44 3 Mar 43 2 Oct Mar 45 Jan 45 4 Hov 42 6 Dec 44 Aag ^5 2 Jan 45 6 Jun 43 5 Jnl 45 0 Aug May 45 9 Jun 45 4 Dec 44 5 Sep Jal Jan 45 6 Dec 42 3 May 44 3 Sov 44 JfeD May 45 0 Aag May 44 5 Jun 43 9 Oct 44 5 Jul 45 2 Jlrt May 43 2 Hov *3 30 Jal 45 9 Hov 44 9 Jan U5 4 Aag 45 7 Jan 44 * Jon Oct U4 IS Fab 43 7 Sob 44 2 Mar Mar 44 5 Jal 44 7 Apr 43 3 May 45 Jnl May 45 3 Sov 44 4 Apr 45 >* Hay 45 9 Dec 44 7 May 44 9 Aag 45 3 Arp 45 9 Jan Jun 43 IB M«f Mar 43 7 Jan»5 2 Jan Mar Oct 44 7 May 43 S Dae 44 Aug 44 2 Aag Jan 45 2 Jan 45 Sine Suranarins Han aground Aireraft Sttbrnarine Aireraft Sabmarine Aireraft Hit reef Aireraft Aireraft Sea disaatsr Sabmar ine Aireraft Satan Erine Ban aground Off Mtraoosjffii 3-85, 20-H Bear KAHA Bast of HSMOHO, HOKKAIDO Baet coast of CSLKBBS Off LAB POAI Ebr., W coast of FOHMOSA Ctatsids YULIN Harbor Outside 7USHIKI Harbor SHOHLAHD , 9S-2O USB AXAO, FORMOSA O7-O5J, Off SHIROJIEI Hbr, HCEKAIBO 6-5H, 9-45B Off HESASI 42-47H, Horth tip of CfBU Off MtJHOOSAKI KOBB Off PUSAS Off SHIEIYASASI, M of IOSSHU 22-20S, 8-20B MAHILA Harbor HARSHALLS Off SOSA-gun, CHIBA-ken EIHSSHIMA 2-20H, 7-0E 39-5S, 42-03B 32-20H, H,^O-O5B , 20-35B BABAUL RA5AL Off CHOSHI, CHIBA-ken 9-lgjl, Ill-OSS 03-4S, -54E 34-35H, SOOE SEAS area 35-47S, 54-54B AHGfZB River South of SAIPAH OUK 06-22B, 4B-27B O5-37H, 25-5SB 5-2SH, 5&-2SB SHCBAO 39-O6F, I4I_57B Mouth of fsuru&a Bay Off PALAU KACOSHBU. Bay 45 mi. S of ODOSAKI tt.eoase 300 mi. V of MAHIIiA JAA area 34-0&J, km. SU of E8SAK Lt. So rise 04-49, 4-B MAfSWA Island, KURIL Is. O7-33S, 3-6S , 52-OOB 22-40H, 8-45B S.JACSjrjgS, IHDOCEIHA IM0 Island 20-25H, H, Off SAS ISIDRO 20 ml. B of SALAJAS 8tr.,ClSISBaS 07-02H, 5S-O3B Sast of KiHulMISAKI, HOKKAIDO SAieos - 272

299 i HAMS 0 7SSS3L YPE OF VESSEL OHHAGB ASSS3S.M3H DAE CAUSS LOCAION BAMS 0 BSSSL YPE OF VESSEL POHHAGB ASSBSSMBH BAH CAUSE LCCAIOH 30 Mar 44 FALAU SHOBI MAHU Miscellaneous 3OS3 Medium damage 4 Apr N, 42-05B SHISSSI MABU #8 Miscellaneous Aux. 27 SHOE I MARU Miscellaneous Dec 44 West aide of SUHEA Strait SHINSSI MABU #S 3 Miscellaneous Jul 42 UASUSU Bay, HOKKAIDO SHOE I MAEU Miscellaneous May H, SHIHSSH HABU Jon 45 Su marine 40-H, 39-46B SH03I MAEU Jan 45 North of QUIHUOH Bay SEIKSBH MABU J 2 Jun 45 mi. 76 of SUDOSAKI, AKIA-ken SHO I MABU 2B5h g Dec OH, -3OB SHIHSUO HAEU 2S8O 29 Nov 44 oatoc SHOEI MARU # Jon 45 4-SS, 4-3B SEIKSEO MABU Provision Storeshlp Jul 42 Submar ins Hoi. SWof ICO Chan., KWAJ ALB Iff SHOZKI MABU Converted Bet ender Dec 44 O6-5S, 27-3OS SEIHSBU HASH Oct 44-53H, O9-7S SHOFU MARU Nov 44 Northeast of ASGA SHOSHU MABU t Jan mi. SW of AKAO SHOFUKU MAEU Jon 44 Cape SOROHG SHI5SHU MABU # 5 picket Boat 99 t Jul 45 SHOFUK MAEt Converted Set ender 89 7 Aug 42 O9-25S, 70-llE SEIHSOKU HABI MiecellaaaouB Aox Feb H, 2-5OJ SHIHAI HABU Oct 44 Ran aground -42H, SHOFUKU MAEU Aug , 29-5OE SHIHAI MABU 933 IS Jul 45 3U-20H, 30-27! SHOFUKU MAHU 767 7% 45 DAlKEH SHHA MABU Miscellaneous Anz. 2S57 Minor damage 8 Jun I, SHOFUKU MAEU # 2 Miscellanems Aux. 729 Jfedittm damage 6 Mar H, 94-7! SHINAI MABU ts 830 Sunfc 2 Sep mi. north of CKBU SHOGEN MARU Sep N, 42-OOB SHIMIAI MABU # Sep 44 PAMILCAH I., PHllIEPnraS SHOGBH KARU Aag 44 2S-33N, i4i-4ga SHIHAI HAEU #5 830 Sulk 2 Sep mi. north of C2BU SHOHEI MARU -Passenger iteb S, 2L-28E SHIHAI HABU # Ang 45 5 mi. west of SUHOSHIMA SHOHO MAB Feb N, 33-02B SHISAI MABU # Sep 44 CEBU SHOHO MASU Miscellaneous Atix Hov H. 2-40B SEIFEH MABU 254 S Sep S, 23-3CB SHOHO MARU Oct 44-8H, 4-5OB SEIEQ MARU 25 6 Dec 44 S-52H, 2O-57E SHOHO MAHU Miscellaneous Dec 43 O5-4ON, l60-2ob SHIHO HABU Feb 44 O2-5OS, 5O-55S SHOHO MARU 327 Heavy damage 4 Jul 45 YOBESU SEIHO MABU 22 Eieavy damage 9 Jul 45 Hear WAKAMASU Hbr. SHOHO MABU Ferry Ship Jul 45 AOMORI HAKODAE are a SHISO MABU # Mar N, 23-3S SBOJIS MAR Mar H, 52-45S SHINO MABU # 2 Converted Met Sender Apr 45 KAHA Harbor SHOJU MAEf SHISO MABU # Heavy damage 25 May 45 Off HBSAKI 4739 Heavy damage 20 Jun H, SHOJ MARU Miscellaneous Aux, *3 2 Dec 44 SHINO MAEU # Sligh t damage 28 Jul O6H, 29-45S Sast USD DCS SHOJU KARU Miscellaneous 9 SHIHCKU MAEU tog 43 5 Jnn 43 SHOELAHD 24-30J, 58-3OB SHOJUN MARU 886 Minor damage Jul 45 SEINWA MAEU Hit reef 95 Medium damage Jun 45 OSAKA Harbo r Hear MAS AS SH3KA MABU 93 5 Jul 45 SEINWA MAEU Miscellaneous HO 43 MANCKWAKI OAR SHOKA MARU Miscellaneous May 42 SHIHO MABU Miscellaneous Jul 42 Off cape VAHEILA, FRENCH IOOOBIffl OU-055, 44-llE SHISO HAEU Sep 44 MAHILA SHOKAI MAHU tog 45 mi. W of MOKO, PUSA SHOKAI MAEU 282 Ran aground SEIHYO MAEU Mar 44 Ban aground Hea r SRIMOZAKI tog I, 34-56B SEISO MABU Oct 43 Collision 4-27N, 45-46B SHOKAI MASO # Jul 45 Outside WAKAMAS Harbor SHOKAI MAHW #5 882 Minor damage 25 Jul 45 SHIHYO MABU -PaBSenger Jan mi. SW o f AJJPSB, FORMOSA Off SHIMAS! Peninsula SHOKEI MAE Miscellaneous Aux Sep 44 SHIHYO MAEU Miscellaneous tax Sep 44 0S-2H, 22-37E 24-45H, 23-2QS SB3&EI MARI Passenger Jul 45 MIYAZ Bay SHIHYO MAEU Picket Boat May mi. HE of PAEAMOSHIEO Island SHOKBN MARU Miscellaneous May 44 SHDYO MAHJ # Aug 45 Channel of NOBH KYUSHU 6-9H, 45-25S SH3C0 MARU 882 Minor damage 30 Jul 45 WAX AS* Bay SHIHYO MABU # 3 89S Jun 45 Submar ice 6.7 mi. off WOISJUJ SHOKO MAHU 220g 23 Jul 45 NIIGAA Harbor SHIHYO KAEU # Feb 42 Hear DJWJO-GUHJO SHOKO MAEt Converted Gunboat 933 Dec , 38-55E SHIHO MAEU # 8 Miscellaneous iax Oct 44 Hear C.BOJUADOH, HW of LUZOH SHOKYU MABU Feb 42 46mi.l25 of MARA I.. S of X0H3A SHJJJYU MAEU Sep 43 SBWAK SH0NA2 MARU Aug 44 SHIHYU MAEU Sep 44 DAVAO 3O-53H, SEOHAS MAE Sep 44 SHIHYU HABU Aug 44 Insid e HALMAHEEA Bay 47-O3H, 48-SB SHISYUBABI MABU Coal ransport Feb 4U West of SAIPAH SHOHAN MARU May 42 Off KIKOMOO I., S o f HONSHU SEOHAS MABU 08 Infantly sunk Dee 44 SHIHZUI MAEU Jan 42 Sea disaster 25-lOH, 2O-50B 2-42N, 22-0B SHONAI HARU Sep 43 MSSAU Island SHIOKUBI MABU 37^7 26 May 45 MOOYAMAMISAKI SEOKAH MARU # Heavy damage!feb 42 O9-2H, 47-8B SEIHAGI MABU -Passenger May 45 Sear EESAKI shoma MAHU #5 Converted Sut.Chaser Aag 44 Horthwjst of CHICHIJIMA SHIHAHAMA MAEU Aug 44 CELEBES SH0IAI MAEU # 7 Converted Sob.Chaser Sep 44 SEIBAHAHE HAEU C.MAAR, vest tip of L20S Jan OOH, 3O_O5! SHOSAN MARU #0 Converted Sub. Chaser 350 Feb 42 MARS HALLS SHIBAKAMI MAEU 245 Heavy damage Sep 44 Enemy gunfire North of CHICHIJMA SHOHAN MARU # Converted Sub.Chaser- 350 Slight damage 27 Jul 45 Ins lde CH3F0O Harbor SHIBAKAWA HABU Jan 45 SAS FERNANDO SH0HA5 MffiU #2 Converted Sub. Chaser 355 Suak 30 Apr 43 SHIEAHr m MABU Miscellaneous Aux. RANGOON Harbor Sep 44 CKBU SHOHAS MAR #l 6 Converted Hineeweepa 354 Soak 24 Mar H, 25-3B SHIRANS MABU Miscellaneous May OH, 35-32B SHIEAJfflSAN HABU i 4739 Heavy damage IS Oct S, SHOEI MAHU Jal 45 Off 'XHJCBl, YAMAfltCHI-ken SHORI MARU 3087 SHIEAAKA MAEU Converted Sao. Chaser j Mar 44 V3-4OJ, l40-45 Mar H, 27-54B SHIBAOEI MAEU Picket Boat Apr 45 3O-45N, 3L-5OS SH0RIX MARU Miscellaneous Aux. 50 Dec 44 t MAHILA SHIRAUMB MAEU Mar 45 OSAKA Harbor SHORI MAH 6U75 4 May H, SHIBSCKO HAEU Sep 44 Submar lae 05-44S, 04-58! SHOHO MAH 96 9 Sep SH, SHIEOOAHE MABU 22 Heavy damage 2 Jun 45 Off FOAKOSHI Bay, S of ODOSAKI SHOSBI MARO Converted Hat ender 773 Stranded 30 Mar 44 PALAU SHIEOGAHE MABU Mar 45 OSAKA Harbor SHOSEI MARU Picket Boat 88 2 Mar H, 3-3SS SEIEQGAKB HABU Miscall ana out Sep 42 OS-25S, 56-2OB SH0S3I MARJ #5 Fishing Boat 9 9 Jul ml. W of IAirjO I». SHIROGAHS MAEU 300 J 9 ipr 43 BUIN SH0S3I MAHU #5 Miscellaneous Aux, 43 3 May 45 Submar ins O7-O5S, 4-3B SHIBOGAS3SAH HASU 4739 S Aug H, 7-2 SHOSHIU MARU Jan 45 Bnemy gunfire 23-48, 25-6 S SHIHOAE MABU Oct 44 MAKO, FORMOSA SHOSHni MAR 30 Sligh t damage 7 Mar 43 SubmarIns 45.45s, 43-3OB SHISEH MABU May H, SHOAI MAHU 73 Heavy damage 30 Jul 45 MAIZUR EHQAN MABU Miscellaneous Aux Feb 44 SAIFAS SHOO MAH Jan I, 4-O7S SHOBU MABU Jon , 24-JOB SHOO MAEU Ang , 23-OSS SBOEU MAEU Miscellaneous Am Mar 44 O3-38H, 99-22B SHOO MARU Mar S, OS-37S SHQBI MABU Oct 43 WBWAK SHCOKU MARU 40 8 Fab 43 Sea disaster Off HJIOMISAKI, 9 coast of K5FSHU SHOEI MAEU S77 30 Mar 44 PALAU SHOOK MAH Converted Gunboat Jon 43 Submar ins 4-O7, 45-O7B SEOSI HABU May 42 Submar ine Off cape S.GBOEQB, RABAU SHOO HARU MiBcellane ous Aux Jun 44 Aireraft ROA Isl»nd SHQSI MABU Converted Gunboat May N, 44-5QS SHOtJ MAH #6 286 Ran aground 4 Jul 45 KASHI -Beach SBOEI MABU Miscellaneous Dec 43 EWAJALKK Island SHOWA HARU Aug 4 Off MAJIU - 27

300 HAMB OF vassal YPE Or VESSEL QSHAGB ASSESSMEN DAIS CAUSS LOCAIOH IAHS OF VBSSBL sirs OF BSSSL CHSAG ASSBSSMSff DAS CAISB XOCAIO SHQKA MAEU SHOWA MAEU # 3 SEQWA MAEU fi SKOKA MABU # 5 SHOVA MAEU # 6 SHO'rfA HAEU i>7 SEOtfA MABU *O SHOYO MAKU SHOYO KABU SHOYU MAEU SHOYU MAHU SHOZAH HAEU SHO2AH MAEU SHOZAH HAfiU SHOZAB MAHU SHOZAN MAEU # 2 SHO2UI MAHU SH3UCHO MABU SHUNKO MAEU SsHUHXO MAEU SKUtfiCO KABU SHUHSBI MAEU SHUISBI MAEO #5 SHUHS2S MASU SHUSSHQ HAEU 5HUHAI MABU SHUHIBH MABU SHUHYO MAEU SEUNZAd MAEU # 2 SHUSZAH MAEU # 6 SEUEI HAEU SBUO HAEU SIB2EIA HAEU SQBUH MAEU SOS I MAHU SOEEABAJA MAEU SOSEABAJA MAEU SOSBAKAKIA HAKU SOKA MAEU SOMEDOSO MA2U SOHJQ HAEU SUHQBS HARU SOEACHI MASU SOEIU HAEU SOSHU MAEU SOSU GO SOYQ MABU SUEZ HAEU SUGAMUDA HAEU SUGI MAEU # 5 SUGIAHA HABU SUIEN MAHU StKI MAHU SUMA MAEU SUMA MABU # 2 SUMA MAEU #22 SUMA HARU #26 SUMAHOUBA MAHJ SUHAIHA MAEU SUMARA MAEU SUMEEA HAEU SUMSHUSAH MAHU SUM IDA MAHU SUM IDA MAEU SUM IE I MABU #7 SUMIWA KABU SUMIYOSHI MAEU SUMIYOSHI MAEU SUMIYOSHI MAEU SUHIQSHI MAEU SUHIIOSHI MAEU SUMIOSHI HAEU #0 SUMIYOSHI HAHU #8 Picket Boat Picket Boat Converted Sob. Chaser Converted Sob. Chaser Con-verted Sub. Chaser Converted sweeper Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Aux. I Converted Net ender Converted Sub. Chaser Miscellaneous P Boat ender -Passenger Converted Sab. Chaser Oil«r C argo-pai se nge r -Passenger Salvage Ship Converted Hins sweeper Miscellaneous Aax. Coal ransport I Miscellaneous Aux. Miecellaneotis Aux. t t Miscellaneous Aux. Miscellane ous Aux. Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Aux. Miscellaneous Aux a O S70 * ^35 ^ hiol I i J 9370 )9 +9 fe dium damage alight damage Slight damage Hsavy damage linor damage Sock Jeavy damage tedium damage Ban aground t Stranded Sonic Sock t Soak Medium damage t I 6 Jul +3 3 Feb May Mar ++ 6 Aug Dec +3 2g Jul +5 9 Jon +5 2 Sep +3 5 Mar +5 5 Jai44 3 Apr 45 6 Jul++ 26 May *5 26 Jun Jul +5 4 Jul +4 8 Kay +5 6 Jan++ ll+ Oct +2 4 Jul 45 Apr 42 3 Kay 42 5 Jaa 45 Jun Jun 44 7 NO Jan JfeD Hov 44 2 Jm Hov Sep Mar 45 9 May Jan U3 2 Sep 44 2 Sep 44 Zk Mar 45 9 Feb 43 7 Apr 45 4 Jul Jun Dec 4l 29 Jun 45 9 Attg 45 7 Dec Hov Jul Aug 44 5 Nov 44 3 Mar 45 4 Sep Jan Feb "+5 6 Mar Mar Jan 42 0 Jaa Oct 44 8 Jul 45 9 Apr 43 5 Apr 44 8 May 43 Oct 44 8 Dec 44 4 Oct Jul 45 2 Dec Feb 44 0 Apr 45 3 Jul Jul 45 Ran aground Submar uie Submarins Ban aground Enemy gunfire Sti> marina Fire Xnemy gaafize Hen aground Off OAEU, HOKKAIDO 30-OON, 36-3OB East of JUEILE Island PALAU Outside of BAHA, OXKAVA 0S-2+H, I68-2JI Around OVASS, MIE-ken 38-0H, 3S-5QS 26-33H, 23-QB , Ii4_o6s 00-7H, EOHGKOKG 9-7H, mi. S of IVASBDU. Lt. House 33-ios, 39-osE Off ULSI AKIFOUEA Bey, SW of AHUIMA South of ruaoishima 2-5H, 49-35S O5-3OH, 44-30B I O6-07H, ml. 90 of MUROOSAKI 05-00S, 2-2QB OSAKA Harbor B 9-22H, 3-46 COEHBGIDOR area Port of KUSAES MAHAKAM Hlver, BORNEO 33-^H, 2g-43B 34-0H, 28-58S O4-53S, 7-4CB Between AKUJIHA and AMAMX-OSHBtA 6 km.s of HUSHDiA, E of IYO-HABA 03-24H, 54-3B HAS HA Harbor 5-23H, H9-5OB 30-OON, 26-3QB SHOHELAHD Inside OOSUHG Harbor 2 mi. 07 of HIBOO, HOKKAIDO SUSUBay Off BADOC, H of LUZON 2 km. H of SUBUGA It.House HASHIH, KORBA 4-O3H, 52-2GB 06-2OS, 6-3OB JINZAI Harbor, KAGAWA-ken POR BLAIE 5-5H, 2-OB Between SQEEABAJA and JAPAH BAHGKA Strait GMA Harbor, KJMB I., EYDKYU Is. 80 mi. off AMO 4 mi. KW of rukikaku, FOBMOSA ruchiscorabj Anchorage BALIKPAPAN 2-44H, FHVKS Harbor, N of P5HAHG Sear SAKIOZAKI BAA7U Harbor 42-04H, 42-22H In route to MASAIG AKAO Vest of MANILA 03-SS, Outeide KAMAISHI Harbor Bast INDIES BABADL Off MOJI Harbor S al. S o f KOHISHIMA.imUOKA-keiL 8 mi. H of K0HISHIKA,imU0KA-ken SUEU&A MAEU StHJGA MAHJ SUWAMAHU SmtJA MASJ StJZUA MAHU # SUZUA MARX # 2 SUBBY HARU SEKB MAEU ACHIBAHA HAHU ACOHA HAHU ADA HAEU ADO HAEU AGA KAHU AGA HAHt AGA KAHJ # 7 AGAHI HAHU AGOHOURA MAS AIAH HAHU AIAH KAH AIAH MAH AIAK MAE5 # 2 AIB KAHtr # 3 AIBtf MAHt AIBJH HAH AKHI HAS SAICBJ HAEJ AICH MAEJ AIBI MAB AB! I HAE AI5I HAH tinr IIID AX5 i. HAAU AIBI HAE AIBI HAEI AIFUKJ MAR AIFK HAHU AIGA HAEU AIGB3 HAHU AIG8H HAH AIG2H MAB AIGffll HARU AIGffll HAHU # 2 AIGB HAE # 3 AIGSS HAHt # 6 AIGBH MAH # 7 AIGO MAH AIHA HAHU # AIHAE HABI AIBS MAR AIEBI HAH #3 AIHO MAH AIHO MAHt AIHO HAHt AIHO HAE # 2 AIHOSAH HAHt AIHOSAH HAB AII KAH 5AUIH HAStr Biff* UftD AW IB MAKU AIJO HAS AUU HAB AIJ MAH AUJH HAH ALO Hffi Ifwi IftO AIJUl HARU AIKAI HABI AIKAI HAH AIKAI MAHt # AIKAI MAHt #3 AIKII HAHU ADCEH MAHU AHICHI MAH Provision Storeship Mlecellaneoos Converted Sab.Chaser Converted Sab.Chasar r Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Aax. t t -Passenger largo Miscellaneous t Jargo largo!argo largo Converted Gonboat largo Jargo "argo Son-rertad sveaper (iscellaneoos Aax. liscellaneoas Aax. 'icket Boat fater ransport largo Sargo!argo Jargo Jargo [iscellaneoas Jargo Jargo -argo Miscellaneous Aax, Jargo 'argo ^ SSk t S % * S S s6 2«Q Sgmk Saok Soak Minor (Sasage Sack Heavy damage Minor damage Soak Soak Snak Soak Saok t Soak Median damage Minor dasags Soak Soak Minor damage Heavy damage Soak Soak Sonic Slight damage 3 Attg 44 5 Feb *3 28 Mar *3 3 Jan Sep Sap 44 2 Anr 5*3 28 lov 43 9 Oct 44 lab UU Aag *5 0 Jan 45 0 Jaa»*5 9 Hov 43 Apr 45 7 Jul 45 3 Sep «23 Jan Sep 43 8 Oct 43 Jml 44 IS Oct 44 4 Rjy Attg *3 20 Hov 44 8 Oct *3 2 Apr 44 6 May Sep 44 9 Mar *4 3 Jon +5 2 Aag 44 9 Oct 44 5 Hay Aag 43 3 May 42 Apr 45 4 Oct *3 6 May *2 28 Jal *5 7 Jua *5 0 Jnn U5 26 IB> 4+ 2 Feb 44 4 Aag 44 7 He* Jal Oct 44 9 Jal 44 5 Feb 45 7 Oet 44 7 od 4* 7 Jaa Mar 44 2 Max 43 4 Mar 44 3 Aag Steb 44 2 Har 44 2 Apr Apr 4* IS Mar 45 Apr Hay B> 42 0 Oct *4 8 Oct 44 Aag 45 l 6 Hov 44 9 Feb U4 Mar 45 7 Jeb 44 Aireraft Sabmrine Subsarine Subsarine Aireraft Sabntarind Aireraft Aireraft Aireraft Ran aground Aireraft Snltmarine Fire Aireraft 24-46H, 4-9S 06-25S, 56-05* VAK2 Island O3-O5S, H, WSVAK 2-5OH, OS, CH, 28-5CE IA0ASAKI Hear A3KA-B0, Vest KOHSA 4l-l*2S, UOB, 3-2B OSS Harbor Aboat 2kn. off SUSHIMA 33- i *3», 40-OOS O5-50S, J.34-4S 5-iar, 43-39S is_i*aj, 9-2U Sear StWGAO SOUH CHKA Sea 2-OOir, 8-00S 'H-50S, ll*l-38 ASBZS River 33-59S, , 28-57S 2S-00B, 23-3K C0H03I Bay 30 nl. B of HOiASBIA 3.7 km. 208 of MOOAKA It.Baoy 3-3CH, J Hortfe of F0HM03A 32-2SH, 32-23B AMBOH KXSLMG Harbor AMO DfHOSHIMA Dockyard Ontaite FSHKI Harbor 43-23H, 4O-39B 0-5S, 39-OOB 0-53, 39-OOS 37-3OS, 25-5OB O6-56H, 09-20B Hear MOJI 9-O7H S Off CKAGJB, HOK Island s Sorth of LUZOH HUr Horth Of BSCBO Soath ti p of RABAUL O7-5F, 58-*5 O5-29F, 0S-46S 5.6 km, * of KASASISHIK* 24-5H, KIA-0A5AHISHIMA 3**-O2H, Off SHIOHOKISAKI Off HIKBJIIIJI HUC 02_»»2ir, Off FtKIKAK, H of FOSHOSA SAHS3I Islands 2-3OH, OON, 39-4OB 2-48H, 9-50B MIAKGnMA are a HIK - 274

301 HAMS OF VSSSSL ORE OP V3SSSL 0S5AG3 ASSSSSHSS BA CAG5S tccaios SAMS OP 3SSBI I M OP BSSB 0H5ASB ASSESSMEN BAS CA5S LOCAIOS IAIKO KARU SAIKO HAHU EAIKO KARB AIKO HARJ M.KO HARU AIKO KAHJ U.XEO KARB IAIKKU HAEU AIKOSBB MARU AIK0 KAEU 5AIXJ HARD IAIIU HAHU EAIXU MAHU AIHAH HABI # IAIKSI utsa AIMII HARD 5AIHSI HABU SAIBAH HAEU SAISAH MARJ AIHAH uivn AIRAI HAEU IAIEI HABI AIEIKU HABI ALRH KAKU AIHIH USI AIHO ItAHU AISBI KABJ AISBI HAEU AISII HAHJ SAISI HABU SAISI HAEU XAISXI HABI #3 IAISBI HABO #5 IAIS8I KAB.U ffe AI3BII HABI SAISH5 HAW AISHIH HAHU IAISEIB KAEU AISHIH MARU AISHIH KARU #E AISfiO HAS IAISHO HAEU AISHQ HABI taisbo HAHU SAISHQ HAHU ft IAISHO HAEU # 2 AISHO HAEU # 5 AISED KAEE SArSHU KAEU EAIIO KABtJ AIO HAEU AIO KARU IAIU HAHU AItH HAEU # AIO HAHU AIIO HAEO XAIO HAHU # AIO KAED # 3 taiosu KAEU AII HAEU AIU KAEU IAIU KAEU # AIZAH KAEU IAI2AS HAEU SAiZAI HABI AI2ASU KARU AIZKS HABI AJIKA KARU AJ IMA HAEU IAEA KARU witk man f AXAOBIBO HAEU Converted Gunboat Converted SoS.Chaser Picket Boat Miscellaneous C argo-faasenger Oilor uargo Miscellaneous Picks t Boat Picket Boat t Picket Soat Miscellaneous Aux. Converted sweeper Converted Hinesweper t Kiacellaneoua Aoz. Picket Boat rpaseeager Pickst Boat &S b S H & bs6& 60fa 39 * bssb 35S7 5* « iunk iwlv" Soak Suak Soak Soak Soak Soak Geary dosage Heavy damage Median damage Baa aground I Soak Sack Set fire Souk He diem damage Soak Heery daiiage 3 HO 43 Jal Sep 43 0 Aag 45 4 Jal 44 4 Jnl * 24 Jal 45 7 Hay 44 6 Jol Jan 45 & Jan 45 2 Jan 45 l e Jim Jan 45 3 SO 44 Z\ Oct 44 3 Kar Kay Jon HO +3 4 feb 45 7 Jul 45 9 fee 45 8 Oct 43 3 Jnl 44 7 Hay Bep 43 9 Apr 45 5 Jna Jon 45 4 Jal 45 4 Kar 45 0 Oct 44 SO Aag 44 5 eb 44 9 Hay 45 0 Ang Sep Jal 45 4 Jal 45 5 Jan Jeb 44 2b Oct 44 5 Jal Jal 45 4 Dec SO Apr Jun 45 6 Aag Key 44 4 Jan 45 Jal *5 26 Oct 44 8 May 42 6 Jan +5 6 Job +4 U Kay UU 22 Sep 4l+ 3 Sep Jan 45 U HO 44 7 Hay 42 + Jan Jan *eb +5 6 Hay 44 h Kay Apr 44 4 Jal *5 9 Kar 43 Sobaaxlne Suaaarine Mina Kins Kins Saeaarlne Sabsariae Subsariae Subaariae Sasaarine Suonarine Hiaa Suoaarine Collision Aireraft Sobnarine Sobmarina Collision Sabmarina Sobaarina Hiae Sabmarine Sabaarine Sataarine Sutmerine Sttbaarine Satearine Salmarine Sobaarine Sobaarine SotBEarina SutoariDa Saix agroaad Satnoarine Sabisrlne Sabaarine Aireraft Sobnarine 2-2, I3-O8S, 32-OCB 4-30B Hoath of HASHIH Hbr., XOSSi. O5-56S, 2-3U ASISOimA Bay, SV of AHISEIHA EQBI 4-5SF, kb H3V Off KOOAHAHISAEI 29-25S, 20-6 Vest south of EAHMOS Strait SAIGQH Off HO I , 23-U3 O5-53S, -2 Off SASDAKAlf, BOEBZO las t of KEV GtrOSA 36-59S, j S. O9-3QB * Off KEKUIKA XLLOV Sea 00-22H, SS, 29-5* Off WADAMISAEI Off «EVi 42-09S, 42-20B 20 >i. off KAKUMISAEI 35-OO Vest entrance to SCAHU Strait 03-35, 2-0 HAHA, CKIHAKA Meet coast of IOSSA Between CHIBIH and SANA 3-OBS, CB, 28-38S 5O-09S, SAS fbbhasdo MOJI 2 kn of KUSJB It. House HAEAUL 9-3CB, HCEEAUX) CHISEAB Southeast PACIFIC area 33-4F, 2S-35B OZAEI, east of KAKAISHI 36-oos, iyr, 25-52S -4H. 35-2*.5 Bl. SI Of S0 light House Sear CHABSAHKO 9-075, so BI. 205 of DAiJO-orarao East coast Of HAE5AB Island EABA0I 2-005, US.00I SAS fbrhalfpo Sear SHRIGAO, PHILIFPI5JS MOJI Earbor 0-50S OB-555, 09-0 Soatbxoat coast of EOESA AKAO 00-49S, IO6-O5I , si. 5 of VAX! Island OI-36S, 38-47S MUBOBAX area 25-5CM B AEAAVA MAB # 3 AKAinmASAK HABI AKAKSAH MAB AKAMIA MAHt I-GO AKAO HAEU AKAO KAEU AKAO MARU AXAOKA MAEU AXAOSAI HAHU -fakaeasah MASU ASASAGO MAEU AKASAGO MAEU AKASAQO KAEU AKASASO HAEU # 2 AKASAGO HAHU # 3 AKASASO MAEU # 5 AIASA&O MAEU # 6 AXASAfX) HAHU # 7 AKASACC MAHU +S isasaco HAHf # 4EASAG0 KAEU # 3 AKASA60 MASU # 4 9i A8AS0 MAS #5 AEASAEA MAEU ARASSCAlfA HARU AKASEIMA MAHU 9ASASBIHA HAEU ASASHIMA MAH ASASHIHA HASH # 7 ASA3RKA KMB.V #l ixaori MAEU AtifORI MAHU AZAOBI HAEU # AEAQHI M.S # 8 AASU MAHt AKE MAH AESGHI MARU # 3 AESEAVA MAEU A3SHIMA HAEU AKBOO HABI IAIBSU HAW AKStfflA MASU faki HAEU AEUKAS HAHU AEUSAH HAEU AE05AH MAH # 3 AEfiAI HAB # 5 AEDUAK MARU # 6 FADSA HAB # 7 AKUHAH MAHU # 0 AEISSI HAEU AKUSHS HARU # 6 AHA HAHU AHA HAHU A'IA MARU AMA MAEU AHA HAHU # 2 IAHA MAH # 6 AHA HAHU # 8 AMA HABU #5 AKAtHWA HAH AMAHIMB MAE AXASOrO MAH AMASHIHA HAHU AMASHI50 MAEU AMAfSU MAM AMASP HAHU AHAZ050 MAHU # AMAZOO MAHJ # 2 AMISHIMA MASU.^KOf HAH AKOf MAHU # -Passenger Miscellaneous Aox. Concerted Sub.Cbaser Hospital Ship Car go-fas senger Miscellaneous Aox. Miscellaneous Picket Boat Concerted Mlneswsepei Proision Storeehip Converted Sab. Chaser Contorted Sub. Chaser Contorted Sob. Chaser Con-verted Sub, Chaser Converted 3ob.Chaser Converted sweeper Converted Sub. Chaser HiscellaneoBS Anx. Picket Boat Hleeellaneoas Owierted Sub. Chaser Converted Sab.Chaser Mi6cellaneoai Aax. Mieeellaneous Aox. Miscellaneous Auz. J Miscellaneous Aux. Miscellanaoui Aux. 88U OO llls ««+ S34 82 &lk U S "* * ^ » U S Han aground Missing Han aground Seavy damage Mediae damage tedium damage Hsaxy danage Soak 4 Attg +5 3 Jan May +3 6 Jttl UU 2 Sep Jteb +3 9 May U3 5 Jon Mar U3 2 Jul 45 9 Apr Apr Sep 44 3 Hay Oct 44 5 May Har 45 5ov Apr 45 5 Hay +5 2 May May 45 4 May Dee Jon +5 3 Aag Dec 42 3 Jan 44 0 Oct 44 2 Sep +3 5 Attg »b +U 28 Jan UU Jul 43 0 SO UU 5 Jul U5 Jul U5 29 Apr 44 6 Jan U5 2 Attg UU lu Aag UU 6 Jteb UU U Mar U2 0 Oct UU Oct UU 8 Hay U5 5 Mar U3 0 Ang U5 5 Dec U3 29 Jan *5 lu Oet 42 2 Ang UU U May U2 8 Apr U5 U Jul UU lu Jan UU 2k Sec 42 9 ing UU 23!M> UU Jal 45 2 leb U2 5 Jon UU 25 Jttn UU 30 Jan UU 3 Jal 4U 6 Sep 43 9 Aug UU lu Jul U5 lu Jal U5 28 Jal U3 May U3 20 Apr 43 Subetarine Aireraft Enemy gunfire KM Ian aground Aireraft Subsarine J fire ilrcraft lass gunfire Worth of BntADOSRJU , 37-03* 3-205, 22-39a 28-5U5, I5O-5OI Between CEBJ and BILLI05 Is. HAIG005 HIO , 4-43B lg_u05, luo , S3-25B Outside VAKAKAS Harbor PALA , OU37S Off MA5XLA Off WABAirOMISAKI Off KUBI Bstuary 3U-UUS, Is6-l6l SAIGCH Southvest of MANILA 70 mi. SB of SI5G0BA OSU, South KOKSA KOeWSAH KUSBO, KOHSA 5ortlnmot of ADOS Off PUSAR HABAUI/ area 00 atr. 00 of KISfStmuZAKI Mouth o f BASSBHA R., BURMA ittcham, SOLOMOS Island s , 5-2 Outside of K05IA Harbor MAHSBAILS Off SAHCHSZ MIBA, PHILff BBS KARAIA Bay, RABAJL Sea west of KOEPO 2U B ORMOC Bay Sear MOJI Sea r SHOBOSHIMA 9-205, S, , 20-9 LUZON Strsl t HARSHALLS 9 ffli. 5 of AMAMI-OSHIMA HnrAMI-OACARISHIMA , U2-3O , 24-U0 South coast of KAIMAA 05A&AVA Harbor EXAJALIIS Island 27-U55, U2-00 U&-05, iua-aoi t (JAUfU, JLAGI Harbor Off ahnrosa5., sir of SOESA 07-UU5, 33-7B WOJX S3RJMI, Jim BHIAI5 30 ai. If of CHICHJIHA Off KAH5S Mouth of AHGZS Rier I8AS 8-U05, luo U5, , 49-igi SAIPA5 POS SBB5EAM, MALA 8-25, KUSHISO Bier KUSHIHO Hler Off RAHQ005 M35, U lUS, lul

302 SAKE 07 VESSEL YP OF SSS3L OHHAGB ASSSSSHBH CAS CAUSE LOCAIOS HAH3 0 VESSEL PE OF VESSEL 0HBAG3 ASSESSMBH DAS CAS3 LOCAIOH SAHON HAB.U #5 52&0 ft"* 7 May * N, 4-57a HS2N MARU May 44 East of 3DHHCS, CAMBAHS Bay IAHOH HABU # Susie 26 Sep , 4-52 EISHO MAHU Mar * H, AHOH HAEU # Jaa , 09-29* BISHU MARU Apr 45 BA5BJSEMASX5 AMOH HAEU # Apr +5 Belov SHAH&HAI 2ISHO MABtJ Aug U , 2-23E famok MABU # Jan +5 Coast of AHHAM E'SOH MAHU Passenger Oct , 2-0B fahoh MAEtJ #6 KOGUCEI Channel, SAHAO Bay Off IWJAYSH Gulf risoaisti HAEU Off ULSAI O6-56S, 4S-0SB fissq HABI Submarlae 07-4S, , 9-30E IABGO HABU -Passenge r HAZE, AKAMIOSBIMA HA5ILA Harbor ASOO MAHU OO-25H, 9-U5S MSEI S HABU # 2 t jtorm Hear KOBOSfAS Island, MALAY Pen. Off KAMMOI Strai t f AEAKAE MAEU OiLer 9-455, -25B 32-85, AEUSHIki HABU Miscellaneous Aux S, 35-46S 05-65, SABUASU HABU -Passenger KIZUEU OS-0O5, 3U-OOE SASXAHIA HAEU 7 PALOHPOS fas S HABI -35, 23-iiB ACISHI HAEU JOLO Island AQKAKA MABU ASSIAMA HAS f ASYAHA HAEU O5-45H, 34-lOH. 39-2H, 25-* B 42-03* AIYAKA MABU IWAJAUa Island *AEYAKA HABU # 2 ASU HASH 3-6S, LOESKGAU IA5SUCHI0 MAiU IAISUS I HABU SASWUXU HABI 5AISUIKU KAEU ASGAHI HABU quslfab Islan d AZIHOUHA Bay, SW o f AHISHIMA Off HSSAKI northeast, of B0EN30 Off BALISPAPAI ASUGIKU MAEU , 50-42B ASUHA HABU 2ASUHA0 MAB.U ASUHISA KAEU 40 mi. W of EDK Horth of QJIHHOH Bay BIAS Bay ASUHO HABU SAISU I KABU ASUJO MAS IASUKABA. KAEU AISUSASHI HAE H, 27-35N, 2l*-l*9H, 2-29 * 2-6S 20-26B ASma i HABU ASUKIEI KAEU IAISUKUS IUSU ASUMAII MAJK ASXWASlf HABI ASOMIA. MABU SASUMOMO KAEU IASOO KAEU ASSUSHIBQ MABU ASUSHO MAfiU IAISUSUGI KABU IAISOA HAB.U IA SUAGAWA KABU IASUA0AWA HASU 2ASUAKA KABU ASUAKS HASU 3AISUSUYU HASU SAISOEA MABU ASUKA KAEU 3IA MABU SIAH KAEC 3IBI KAS.I S2IB0 MABU HUU MABU 35ISOU HAHD lilhoku KABU SOU.I MAEU SIKIH KASU IIKO K&.EU SISO MABU SiSOH MABU BIKYU KAfiU 23IEKH HiLRU SIBISU MAEU IIBYU MASU Miscellaneous Vater ransport Converted Set ender Miscellaneous Auz, Ammunition Ship Hiscell&neoue Any. Converted Sub, Chaser Miscellaneous Auz. Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Auz. t Miscellaneous Aux. Miscellaneous Aux. Passenger C argo-pab se nge r Passenger I - Pas eanger f ao S3 nge r»3s IOO90 4 S * >* 99 94* 873 SSO % % Minor damage Suck Souk Burnt Heavy damage Ban aground Heavy damage Minor damage Kinor damage Heavy damage Souk Minor damage t Medium damage Medium damage San aground San aground 2 Aag *5 29 Ju l Feb 44 9 Sep 43 8 HO 43 5 Jon 45 6 Ja a 45 8 Jan Ju l +5 2 Dec Sep *J+ 27 Sep May 44 Mar +5 5 Jeb +3 5 Dec 43 2 HO Jan 44 6 May 45 * Ju l May May Jan Feb 44 7 Feb 44 2 Jan Jul Aag 42 4 Feb Oct Jun Jul *5 + May 45 3 Aug *5 24 Ju l Ju l 45 5 Deo Jul Feb +5 5 Jaa kk 5 Oct 44 2 Hoy 44 4 Attg 45 8 Feb Jul 45 2 Jun 44 g Hov 44 0 Hay +3 Jol Oct 44 0 Kay 45 8 Aug *4 9 Jaa 42 0 Oct *3 25 Sep 42 2 Jan Dec 42 Aug Dec Jul Feb 44 7 May 45 2 Aag 44 2 Sep 42 Dee Jul 45 9 Jul *4 Inemy gunfire Submarlae Kine 7 Kine Kine Kine Mouth of KABASU Bay PUS AH , H, 3-23" EAS-I Harbor WAZAHASU Signal Station SOUH SZAS MAIZUBU 32-42H, O-O5H, N. 2O-6B 3-37H, 25-36J 34-2H, I South of HIKUHASHIMA SHIK0N0S3KI Strai t 7-32H, 44-05B South of MAHILA 4-33H, *9-23 SSHZAEI 9-O7H, 20-42J Off IMABABI 8-2N, mi. SS of ISIBOSAXI 4.49H. 0-6B 38 mi. S8 of CtCIB ES M3E Islan d Outside AKAO Harbor + mi. 48 of IHOBOSAXI 3g-00N, 3O-2OU 7-205, 20-2UB Off Cape PISSMA, HAISAS Islm d 03-lOF, O9-5B FOAOISHIMA, S of KOSUHBJIMA 3-85, 20-B 3 mi. SB of ZEIMOZAKI HOHGJOHG 0. 2 km. SW o f BAKOCHIMISAXI , 8-27S BIUH MABU EIYO MASU EIYO MAEU Erru KABU EIZUI HABU EXXA MABU EMPSI HAEU EHPOSAH HAEU SSSI HABU BHJIH HAEU # 2 EBJIH MAHt #3 B3KAI # 3 EBKAI MAEU ESXAI HABU # 2 EHKAI HAEU #6 ESKO HABU EFHAH MARU E5EEI HABU BSBYU HABU EHHU MAHU B5EYCAWA MABU BHSBI MARU HSHIH MAEU BSSHDr MAHU HSEO KABU BHSBO MARU BHSHO MiffiU S5SHO MABU B5WA MAEU S5YO KABU SHO MAHU B5O MABU # 2 BHYU MABU EIYU HAH0 B5U KABU E5U KABU EHZAH MABU BNZA5 HABU BHZAB HAEU EHZAH HARU EBU HARU # 5 ERUXAlfA HAEU ESUKUJI MA EHUSHIHA HABU ESHIO HAEU BSHIO HABU SSUHA HAEU BSUO HAR ESUZAH MAfiU BSUZAH MAfiU HAMES HABU UBSI S HAHU OA HAHU OA MABU OA HARU OAS HABU OA5 MABU CffiA HABU CBI HARU CKI HABI OEI MAH OE I HABU OEI HAEU UB S HARU CUEU HASU OGSSU MAHt OGO HABU Miscellaneous Picket Boat Miscellaneous Aux. Heather Observation -Passenger Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Aox. -Passenger roop ransport Provision Store ship - Pas senga r Miscellaneous Passenger Picket Boat -Pas se nger Converted Gunboat Miscellaneous Aox. Miscellaneous Aux. Car go-passe nger Miscellaneous Aux, Miscellaneous Aux. Miscellaneous Aux. ransport Con-rerted svbepeif O6l IOO " Heavy damage Heavy damage Heavy damage Ban agrotmd Stranded Kin or d&mags Jan 42 2 Har 43 9 Aug o v 44 IS Apr +5 5 Sov Hay Dec +3 6 Jan Feb Har Hov 44 5 Sep Jun 43 3 Jun Feb Get *3 29 Hay *5 5 Apr Dec 43 2 Jun 44 2S Har Oct +4 3 Jul 44 IS Jun 45 9 Aug 45 Hov *4 Jun Jo l 45 0 Mar Jttl 44 3 Har ++ 4 Sep 42 Jttl 45 IS Jul Apr 44 HO +2 8 Aug 45 S Jul Jnl *5 3 Jul 45 2 Dec *3 8 Oct May Mar Mar ++ 6 SO Apr 44 2 Jan 43 0 Oct Jul 43 Sep 44 3 Jan *3 Sep Hov +3 8 Peb Aug Apr Hay ^5 6 Hsr 45 3 Aug 44 IS Jan +3 Feb 44 2 Har Dec Ju l 44 5 Apr +5 Submar ine Hit reef Ran aground Ban aground Collision Ban aground Sea battle Him Explosion j Sabmrrine H05GE0HS Southern end of EABAUL Hear MAPIA Island SAL IB AC 0-355, 4U45S 0-305, 5.2U Off flhakaa, IBARASUcen MOB>0, K0R8A , , BABAUL KAISHS 7-325, 44-0 Outside WUCAHASU Harbor 9-585, 8-33" , 6-00 Off HOJI CH05GJIK Harbor 9-075, I+H, 35-5 KA5OA LAB o r SAAKJHA SAIPA , 55-55E Hear UJI Say Entrance to HIIGAA Harbor Sea nort h of H05SHU Bast of PALAU Mouth of YAH&ZB 0 mi. off SHISAO, Bl of KAMAISHI 5ort h of RABAUL , 32-39E Off CHAHGDOK I., W05SAS Harbor 09-*55, SOUH CHIHA Sea , 7U00E 0-385, 94-+2B Channel west of PALA Off SWAOW Horthwest of CHICHJJBtt EABAUL SESOKO, OEDAWA , Off WOOSUBS Hear YRLLA LABLA Islan d LEGASPI are a , 5S-00S , , 26-2 tfeet of LUZOF Island Off HBSAKI Baet coast of SASHES Island , mi. SW of RUK , 43-5B 03-28S, 7-23 O7-O6H, BBA0EE Biver, SB* GUlHEA Hear OBOSAKI - 276

303 gkint OS" SSSJ U B Off VXSSXL OHSAGX ASSKS3KB5 DAS CitSX LOCAIOH HAMS 07 YSSH. Pl OF YSSH. 05HA08 ASSSSM5S DAS CAUSJ LOCAICff QHO HASP OHO KAJD IOHO HASH OHO KAHU IOHO MAEU KSKACHI HAHU CZAI KABU OKA MABD OSAI MABU QKAI HABU # 2 I0KAI HABI #2 50KAI HABI # 4 OKAI HABU # 5 IOKIVA HABI OZIKA MABU OKIVA HABU # 8 20KIKASA5 HAED O AH KAHU # 2 CHO KABI OKO HABU OKO HABU OKO HABO # OKO HASH # 2 OKUHSI HABU QKOSHIMA HAEtF fokuva HAHU loktrnr HABU f QUO KABU OKO MABU f OMIOKA HABI OHIISU HABU QKIUBA MABU IOHIU&A HABU OKQB HABU # 2 OHAS HAB7 OHAH HABU OHAS MABU # 2 OHAH HAEU f} OSS KABU OSB XABU OHEGAWA MABU OKBGAKA HABU fobei HABU OEAI HABU OEA MABU OHO KABU OHU KABU OBU HABU QS3I HASH OSSI HABU IOSSI HABU ICSSI HABU OSBI HABU OSil HABU # OSSI HABU # 2 OSH KABU # OSH I MABU f OSHI HASU # 5 OSHI HABU # 7 OSHI HABU * S OSHI HABU I-GO OSHIS MABU QSHISAKA KABU OSHO HAS OSO HABU # OAI KABU OSH MABU loobl HABU IOQBI HABU CU5 KABU SOAKA HABU foaha KABU Miscellaneous Anz. OUar Coal ransport Miscellaneous t -Pas seager Miscellaneous Aui. Miscellaneous Aux. Con-rerted le t ender I Hiscellaneous Contorted Gunboat -Fas ganger Miscellaneous t Contorted Sab.Cbaser Converted steeps Converted Hineiveepe Con-rorted sneepe Hiseellaneoae Am. Uergo viergo Miscellaneous Anx. t S ^ a S U2 53 ~ s s I rank uak nnk.ym\r unk iunk Slight damage lank lank lank iwnlr ' featy damage Heavy damage Sapsiied Median damage Heary damage Median damage J Mediae damage J Soak Heary damage Slignt damage Soak Blight damage Heavy damage 5 Jan 44 Jon Kar 43 5 Jan 45 5 Mar 43 7 Jan 43 3 Jal 44 5 Jul Aug Jnl 45 5 Apr Oct 44 7 Jwl Jan 45 9 Jun Sec 42 9 Sep 44 6 Oct 44 6 Apr Jan 44 2 Oot 44 9 Sep 44 3 Feb 45 2 Ang 44 6 Sep 44 9 Oct 44 9 Aug Kay 42 0 HO 43 8 May Oct Dec Dec Hay HO 43 7 Frt X4 22 Aug Jal Sep 44 7 Sep 42 4 Aag 44 Jan 45 Oct 43 20Ksy 45 6 Kay 45 2 Sec 4 2 Kay 45 7 May Ang 44 Oct 42 3 Apr 44 7 Hay 43 2 Dec 43 5 Jal 45 9 S»p 44 3 Ang 45 0 Ang 44 4 Jal Jul 45 3 Aag 44 Jan Fee 44 9 Oct 44 5 Aag 44 2 Sep 44 3 Bee 43 Jon 44 5 May Apr Oct 44 2 Jttl Jan 44 Scuttled Ban aground Hit reef Ban aground Sa [marine I 20-05, I2O.3II l4l-l4l , 8-26* SoutbsMt eeatt «f HALA Pen , mi. we t of SCMBABAJA Off H«.Hyg«Pf In trance to SO SI Bay, HOKKAIDO GUAM ibland Off SHIHAO Peninsula PIH&HAI WA , 4-36S 34-50B, CH O6-5OS, South of GBLBHB8 33-3S &-20B H, 20-2 KABILA Earbor Abote A5KIH5, YANGZE Biter AH, A5GZ Bite r 2-27H, H, 8-05 HALMAHSBA 50 mi. 300 of 5AHA, GKIHAIfA 03-28H, HADAH0 Harbor 29-SH, Sear RABAUL EABAUi 32-52H, OS, BO 29-5U, H, 48-35' SAHABIHDA Harbor, BOBHSO OBHOSA Strait Vnile heading 5 from CHICHUMA OSAKA , Off XmUHG Off KOEFO Cape XUA5A5, SIHGOBA 37-24H, Off CHOSHI 42-30, mi. of SHIRIASAKI 3O-4H, , 23-3* , km. 450 of HIGASA Lt.House , Off HAIAA South of KABABHA, OBLSBIS EAEAJIMA "7.5 ml. 20 s of SADAHISAKI IWO-JOU MAIELA area 2-48, 9-5d Off HAILA area 0H-30S, * O-25S, C0, U-49H, O3-3H 30 ni. of SAB SSSiSDO 24-49H, 20-26S 46-57s, H, HAHU OO KABU OO HASH OO HAHU OO KAHU OO MABU OO KABU OO MABU OO KABU # 2 OO KABU # 3 OYO KABU # 5 OO HABU # 8 OOFUKU KAHU 070HAMA HABU OOHABA MABU OOHASHI MABU OOHI MASU OOEAVA MABU OOEUiri MABU OOOXA HABU OOSAKA KAHU OOSHIMA HABU OOAKA MABU OOUEAHAHU OU MAEU OU HABU OU MABU # OU MABU # 3 OU HAHU j 0ZA5 MABU 0ZA5 KABU BAHSPOBJ SHIP x SI50A0 MAHU SOARU HABU SUEI MASU SUKIXAVA KABU SUKIHADA HABU SIKIUHA MAHU SUBUBA KABU SUKUBAMAHU SUKUJ3ASA5 HAHU SUCSHI KABU SUEUSEI HAHU SUKUSBI HAS StKUSHI KABU # 2 SBEUSEI MAEU # 3 SUHISHDU. HABU SUBUGA HABU SURUHA KABU SUEUKASA MABU SUBUEAVA MAH # 2 SSUOKA HABU SUHUSHIHA MABU SUSHIHA MABU SUSHIMA MAHU SUSHIMA MAHU SUAMA HARU UGBOA x UGBOA x 2 OCHIISS HAHU UDO MASU USA KAHU OO MABU UIUAltt. MABU XJSA KABU UJI5A KAHtr JSUI MAHU mm I-IAXJ #g6 OR SlVJ " --»':' KtSU r^jii KAHU #i mm..*&. 5-3 Cable Layer Car go-las senger Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Aux. Picket Boat Miscellaneous Anx. Miscellaneous Aux. f Miscellaneous Aux. Miscellaneous t -Passenger Jerry Ship -Passenger Picket Boat -Passenger Conterted Mtnesweeptr ransport Miscellaneous t Miscellaneous Car^o HiBCellane oas Conterted Sub.Chaser Picket Boat Motor Sailboat Coal ransport Provision Storeshlp i $ U j S ^> ^ t t Heavy damage Medium fenge Bonk Soak Minor damage Heavy damage Suift 6 Jal 45 8 Apr 43 2 Sep 44 5 Jan 45 4 HO 44 4 Jul 45 8 Ksr Jan 43 2 tor Aug 44 2 Fob 44 2 Fob 44 2 Sep 44 6 Oet 42 5 Key 42 4 Jan 42 4 Key 44 5 Jttl 45 8 Mar W» 9 Sep 44 Kar 45 9 Attg 45 0 Aug 45 6 May 44 5 Jttl 45 2 Jaa 45 0 May May 45 6 Jttl 45 2 Jttl 44 8 Aug 43 3 Jun 45 8 Oet 44 4 Jul May 4S 0 Mar 44 2 Oet 43 7 Kar 45 0 Jul May 44 2 Sep Sep Aug 44 4 JttB 45 Jttl 44 6 Mar % 20 Dec Jan 42 4 Aug Jua Jttl 45 9 Attg Juo 44 2 Jun Attg 44 0 Aag 45 2 Oet 44 4 Jon 45 Kay 45 2 Kar O 43 2 Aug Oct Oct 43 0 An* 45 5 Mar Dae 43 5 Hay ov Jun 45 7 Jan 42 5 Sov 42 Ban aground Ban aground Snemy gunfire Storm AI rcraf t South coast of H05SHU RABAUL C3U Sea r AOHJKA U Cape SWtt HA5E0V 33-l«, 39-WB 07-22, mi. off SA5CH0, FORMOSA * KASHA Harbor OJB Island 65 mi. 240 of 8H0rOKUSAHCO,rOHSA , , 8-00 HUSUMJIMA 9-2, ISHIGAKISHIKA Off PUSAS 38-55, , 27- Off 5KMUB0 SI entrance to S.JACQJBS Wsst coast of KOBIA 3.2 km. 69 of HBSAII rudakasu 8-245, 8-02 South coast ef HOKKAIDO Hums Island lorth of LZ05 A0M05I HAKCSAI area Off SHJH050B, MOJI 0-SS BABAUI , Ifest of 0ZKIM05, OSAKA Harbor 2-085, 7-20 MAHIIA. Harbor KKA5GCH0W Bay 34-37, , mi. W of SIHOAO 28-55, , BALIXPAPA5 Off SAI, rorhosa , 3-05 Off WXAHASU 5AGASAKI Harbor 4-55, , 44-CB , , 2-36B South of MOOAMAMISAXI 9 km. IOHP of HEHDAIOMISAKI , , , 3-30 KKA, 5BW IBBLAHD 5IISAA 5-32I, a ar BABAUL , , 35-26S 5orth of MUSUBUIMA Off MK0M00JKA, S of HOHSHU RABAUL - 277

304 sun or Osssx. YPE Of 73SS2L fohhajs ASSESSMEN DAS CAUSI LOCAIIOB HAM Of V3SSSL YPE OF 7BSSS ASSESSHSira CAUSE LOCAflOS tfflkai HASH #5 USZAI MASH #5 UHSio; JCASU#6 XSSM.I MAH7 #7 OKAI HAHJ#S UJJAI MABB #0 05EAI KASU #2 BSXAI HABC #5 teeyu MAHU USHYU KASU KJSH KABU UHYO HAEU M0 HABJ # USO HABU # ranro KAHJ #g xmro HABtr #2 OHIO XABt } OHIO MiEU #5 UHYQ HABU#6 H5I0 HABU #7 OHIO MABU #8 OYU HARU #2 mrziair HAJSJ OEADO MABU UBAJ0 HABU UBAKAMI KAEtJ 0EAIAVA MABU HEAL MAEU UBAO KARU UBUPFU MAEU USA HARU USA HABI USA HABU CSHIO MAHU USSUSI HAEU UKAJIMA MASU #3 UVAJIHA HA2 #5 UKAJBUL HASH #8 Ul&JIMA KAEU #25 US&ISU MAHU UYO KA2U UZAH MABt UZUKI MABU VBNICE MARU NAO HASU WAJIS GO WAKA MARU VAKAB MARU WAKAMAISU KAEU WAKAMIYA MABU WAKAMIYASAK HAEU ttkahqura MARU WAKASjilEQ MABU WAKAHAEB MAEU WAKAAES HABU AKAAKA HABU V4EAISU MAHU iiiayoshi HABU WAXG 00 WALSS HAR WASEI MABU WA.YO HAHU WtZAfi MAEU WOOSOHS MAEU MO MASU yaghio MAEU YACHIYO MAEU # 3 IA S HAHU YAGI HAHU YAEIKQ MABU YAHIKO MAEtl YAKUMO MAEU Kiicollanuous Am. Mlscellaneoiu Aax, KiBcsllaseoat Aax. Miscellaneous Aax. -Pae Be age r Car go-pas conger Coal ransport ransport t Miscellaneous Aax, -Passengsr -Pa»eenger Repair Ship C argo-pas ae nge r Converted SaU Chaser -Fas senger -Fas seager -Passenger Sag Boat -Pas seager -Pas senger -Pas ganger Miscellaneous Converted Sob. Chaser Con-verted Set ender Miscellaneous Aax. t Converted Sab.Cnaser Miscellaneous Aox. Miscellaneous Am. I Picket Bout "-, S ^5 20S iobo ^ 6> 3i"+o ^ ^3 S4 42 7U9 63S5 770 S24 S S Kb ^ ^ fe5s6 S S Soak Souk Soak Soak Soak Souk Kin or damage Kiaor damage Ifedium damage Soak Minor damage Minor damage Souk Stink Slight damage 4 HO Jua 42 7 lteb 44 4 Aug 44 Jon 45 7 Jal 44 HO Jal 45 3 Jan 45 3 DBG Jal Dae 43 0 Jan 42 4 Jal Dsc 4 2 Dec 42 2 Jal 42 3 May ««y ^5 0 Sep 44 4 Jal Mar 44 4 Jul 45 5 Jal 43 4 Apr Mar 44 5 Jul Sep 44 0 Oct 44 3 Oct 44 4 Jan Jan 45 Sap Jan Jan 44 4 Kay 45 6 Aag 44 4 Jon Hay k$ 29 May 45 2 Deo 43 2 Hay eb 45 Hov V»b 45 Aag 45 0 flsb 45 9 Jan Jan 45 5 Har 45 4 Jun 45 0 Aag 43 2 Sep 44 lfa Jon Oct 44 9 Jun 45 5 Deo Jul 44 3 Aag Hay 44 5 May 45 l i Mar Apr 44 7 Hay Oct 43 7 Jan Sep 44 Apr 42 9 Aug 44 0 Jan 44 2g Jon 45 9 Mar 44 SuSmarine Satearine Ban aground Stiboarine ft»i agro und t Sucmarine I Kins Ian aground Han aground Sucmarine San aground Sobaariae 7-48N, OOH, 23-OQS RUE While headin g S from CHCHLJIMA *3-55* H, 39-05s 2-57H ^9J, Off POH BAH, AFDAMAS Is, Off POH BLAIH, AHBAMAH Is. SO-HABA Sear PSHGSB, ASCZS Ei-er Off MIKOMOOJIMA. S of EOHSHJ Around MUH02AN Off nshnrs, BQEHBO 30-20H O7S, l25-3ffl 3.6 mi. 287 of SSAKI Lt.House MIOASAO Island fakiirouea Bay. SW of MISEIHA PALAU Harbor 3 mi. S of AKI Harbor 33-59H B AfJ Island PALAU KEMBEO 5-45S, 7-9S MASILA Hear MIHBOEO Island 3^0S, 36-4SI 39-09S, 22-52E 22-2H, 20-26B Korth of MIHBOBO Island 23-45I, mtr. 03 of HIEAISO O4-3S, 29-53S 33-39S, 3O-5B Off MCJI Off HtJSrafflJIMA 32-29S, 32-08B ai. off KASEIHOSASI 3 km. 30 of MKISAKI 35-45H, 23-46B 50 of 0MA3SAII Light House Hear FUHAKAVA PO-HAI 37-2H, 29-2OB 33-47S, 3-3B Off EBELUffG , H, 43-3OB MANILA Hartor Inside KE3L3HG Harbor 24-49H, OI, 29-3OS IMOE Islana HAAOMO-SSfO.2 ko. 47 of SUBUGA Lt.Hoase 07-20H, H, 26-SS 2-3H, H. 35-2^S Off MEEA, BOSO Pen., CHIBA-ken 22-45K. llb-los 40 mi. S of fakboashima 3-27H, 40-0/E 06-O7H, 99-2B Nea r CKISAWA 27-8^, 27-kOS 3^2H, 3O-56B 30 ml. 2 of HOLLASBIA YAKABAO MAEU YAHABX0 MAEU AHABISHI ItAHU # 2 YAHABISHI MAE # 5 i ^BISHI HAHXJ #7 YAMABISHI HAEt #0 YAMABISHI HAH #2 YAMABISHI KAK #3 YAMABISHI KABU #5 YAMABISHI KAEU #l g YAMADEI MAEU YAHADONO MAEU YAMADOHO MAEU ' YAMADQBI MAEU YAMAIttn HAEt YAMAHJKU HAEU YAHAflAA MABU YAMASIKU MAEU YAKAfilEI MASU YAMAGtJCBI MAEU YAMAJI KASU YAMAHASl YAHIEAEE HASt YAMAKISAH MAH AMAEUFI MAEU YAKAKOI MABU YiMAMIYA MABU YAMAMIZU MAHU YAMAMIZU HAHU # 2 YAMAMIZU HAHtJ # 3 YAMAMIZU MABU # 5 YAMAFAMI MABU YAMAIAMI MAHU YAMAHAMI MABU # 3 YAMAHAMI MAEU # 5 YAMAE4KI HAEU #7 YAMAOEA HABU YAHASEIMO HARU YAKASHIO MABU YAHASHIHO HABU YAKASHIRO HARU YAHAAMA HASU YAMAWaU MABU YAMAO MABU YAMAf0 MAEU YAMAf 0 HABU #2 YAMAO MAEU #3 YAMAOGAWA HAHU YAMAf OGAWA MAEU YAMAUA MAEU YAMAYUBI MAEU YAKAZAO MABU YAHA2AVA MABU YAMAZOSO MABU YAMAZUKI MABU YAMAZKU MAEU YAMAZUMI HAEU YANAGAWA MABU YASYU MAEU YASHDtA MAEU YASUJIHA MAEU YASUKAWA MABU YASUKUNI HAEU YASU2UKI MAEU YAStKUHI MAEU lasusufil MABU YASUKUHI MAEU YAfSUSHIBO MAEU YAWAA MABU YAWAA MARU YAWAA MABU YAWAfA MAEU # 2 Cable Layer Eepair Ship t Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Aax. I Miscellaneous Aui. Miscellaneous Aox. eilar iargo Eepair Ship Car go-passenger Picket Boat iargo iargo Passenger Miscellaneous largo Miscellaneous argo argo largo largo Miscellaneous Aax. Canterted 3ctlv Chaser -Passenger largo argo largo lon-wrted SuK ender lonwrted So*. ender 3on-rar te d Sab, 0 base r argo 'iehing Boat (iecellaneoaa icket Boat SEC SS I S5 88 3g2 873 S ^327 3S gl*S * Sight damage t Burnt Heavy damage Mediam damage Burnt Heavy damage Soak Minor damage Stink Minor damage Sask Median damage Hiaor damage Sask lank Disabled Bsavy damage Saary damage damage ; ank itmk 29 Har 43 0 Jan Mar 44 H Jon 45 9 Aog45 8 Mar 45 5 ing 45.3 Jal Jul Apr 45 2 Sep 44 2 Jon 45 7 Apr Jul 45 9 Oct SO 43 6 Apr 44 2B Jun 44 7 fteb Har 45 Jul 45 0 Oct 44 2 Sep 44 7 Fab 44 7 Dec 44 4 Jan Jun Mar 44 5 Oct Apr Jol 45 3 Jal 44 4 j-el) 45 5 Apr 45 6 Kay 45 9 Aag 45 Jal PeD 44 7 JVb Sep 43 6 Jte* 4U 7 Aag 44 7 Aag Koir 43 3 Sep Bov Mar 45 5 May Get 43 5 ffov Jan 44 2 Apr 43 2 Jan 45 Jan 45 5 HO 42 4 Jan Hay 45 8 Sap 44 5 Jal Jan Mar 44 SO 42 2 Jan kk 6 Dec 44 7 Bee 44 Feb 42 3 Jan 44 4 Mar 45 2 Sov 43 9 Jua 44 SO May 44 2 We* 44 Sabmariae oil is Ion Mise Ran aground jairoraft Ban aground Accident Subnarins Ban aground ircraft ubmarlne re raft re raft Sutearine Stibaarlne Alrcraft Sabaariae Sabmarine Sa marine 20 Mi. W of YAEOIMA 3-^ OS 33-44S, 32-9B 33-44S, 3-O6J 359, 36-Oin, 2O-7J 34_4l.5St 29-36S ttkahasu Harbor ittxasabay Off VAKAKAfSU Ligh t House MAKILA Harbor 2.5 km. 250 of HASABBSHIKA Inside KOBE Harbor Oat side KMUMASU Harbor Off FBSCABOBBS S-25, 40-08E O6-52H. 6-8H, ^-28H, 35-OSH AKAO MAKILA Harbor REK FASALSWJ O3-28H, O3-53S, 7-29H, 27-06B 09-42B 20-2B KAGASAKI Ifest coast of IOHBA Ifest of KYUSHU 2.5 km, SB of HBSAKI Lt.Eoase Off KAMMISAKI 25-5S, 3S-44B coast of KOREA Inside YOKOHAMA Harbor B45F 42- OS O6-O5I, 24-E3B , 25-SB PALAU 3-K, Between MrtUK and FALAU YJWMKAWA Hartor, KASOSHIKJUken S MOKPO EAIOW Harbor, HAIIA Island Fort h of GUADALCANAL EABAUL , 99-M-7B AKAO OSAKA Harbor Horth of OADALCA5AL 2S-25H, 33-3OB S4-05N, 3O- 5B Harbor 25 mi. HI of XABJBHA,, CBIOBS 3-3S, 0ffc.5CE ietween BUHA and EABAUL 33-VW, PASAMIS Bay of DALUPIBI I., 5 of LUZ05 UR5EKLIS 09-2N, SHIHSHAH Is., S of KSBCHOV 28-20H, 47-22B ai. St of EUSHISO Lt.Eottae.50 mi. I of MABCUS lelaad HABAJL - 273

305 SAMB 0 7 YKSSBL YPE OF VSSSBL OHHAGS ASSBSSHBH r BASE CAUSX LOCAIOH HAMS 0 7 VSSSBL YPB OF VSSSBL OHHASl ASSSSSMES LOCAIOB YAW AA HABU # 3 YAWAA HABU # 5 YAKAASAH MABU AYOI MABU YAYOI HABU QBAI HABU YODOGAWA MAR OJO HABU OKAI MAE YOKO MABU YOXO MARU OKO MASU YOKOHAMA MARU YOKOHAMA MASU YOKOHAMASAH HARU YOMSI MABU YOHEYAMA MARU YCJSYAHA MAHJ I" GO YORIHIMJ MABU YOBO MARU # 2 YOSHIDA MABU OSHIBA MABU # YOSHIDA HABU # 3 YOSHBJ MABU YOSHIEO MARU YOSHIHO MABU OSHLSO MABU YOSHIHOGAKA HABU YOSHIOMO MABU YOSHIOMO MABU # YOSUIOMO MABU #2 YOSHICMO MABU #2 2 YOSEIOMO MABU #3 2 YOSHU MABU YOSHUH MABU YQSAS MABU YUBAS MARU YUEAEI HABU YUBABI MABU #2, YUBASI MABU # 3 YUBUMABU YUBI HABU # 2 YUHO MABU YUJO MABU YUKI MABU YUKI MABU YUKI MABU YULQt MABU YULBI MABU YULIS MABU YUHIBARi MABU # 2 YUHO MABU YUBAiAKA MABU YURI MABU YUSSH MABU # 3 YUSEK HABU # 3 YUSSH MABU lo russs HABU # YUSSH MARU #l 6 YUSEH MARU #2 7 YUSSH MABU #3 YUSSH MABU #4 3 rvshis MABU YUSBO HABU YUYO MAEU YOZAH MABU YOZAH MABU YUZAH MABU YUZAH MABU # 2 YUZIKI MABU ZAOSAH MABU ZSHSBO MABU ZEHYO HABU 4isce"llanaoua Aax. UecellaneouB Aax. Converted Sat. Chaser Joal ransport liscellaaeoub Miscellaneous Jar go-pasbeager 2argo tiscellaneous Aax. Otter -Passenger Converted sweeper Miscellaneous Coal ransport r Miscellaneous Aax. Picket Boat t Miscellaneous Aax. Miscellaneous Aax. Miscellaneous Aux. Converted Sal). Chaser Miscellaneous Aax, Converted Sab. Chaser Converted Sub, Chaser Miscellaneous Aax. Miscellaneous Aux. J Miscellaneous Aax. Picket Boat S ' 52 2S S l6S I &4S Minor damage Minor damage feavy damage Slight damage I in or dan age Minor damage Ban aground Stink t Minor damage - Minor damage 27 May 45 6 Jan 45 9 Oct +2 4 Aag 44 5 Jan 45 7 May +5 May 43 4 Aug 45 2 Apr Feb 44 2 Sep 43 Jun Sep 43 0 Mar 42 0 Bee 44 Oct 42 2 Jul Jai 45 0 Aug +5 3 tov 45 8 Jan Apr Aug May 45 3 let 44 Jul 44 4 May +5 9 Jan 43 Dec 43 Jul Hov 43 7 HO 43 5 Aug +5 2 Jan 45 5 Jan 45 2 Jon +5 7 yet Mar 42 7 Jun 45 2 Jun Jun 45 2 Apr Sov 44 2 Jan!+5 2 Sep 44 lg Jun 44 0 Oct Feb +5 4 Sep +3 2 Jan 45 0 May Apr 45 2 Aag HO 43 2 Jul 44 Sep 44! Sep 44 5 Mar Sep Mar Apr +5 8 Mar Jul 45 3 Sep Jul Apr 43 2 Sep Jul +5 5 Hov Jun +5 8 Jaa +5 4 Aag 44 2 Apr *5 ubmarine ubmarine.ircraft.ircraf t tircraft lubmarine Sea battle Lircraft ixploaion t Saboarias Ran aground t J Of f ORISHMA off srorrai, HOJI 33-3OH, 36-06B CEICHUWA Off IHCHOS ISHIGAKISHIKA 00-+OS, mtr. 273 Qf OSAKA Harbor H03GKOO YAHOZE River 2 ml. W of MKUBAJIKA H, OOH, B LAS or SALAMAUA Southeast tip of CAIB 33-O3H, i35-e»«0-30h, 9-36 nrojka JIIGAA Southeast of HSSAEI 23-44H, 5-30* r8r06hj 9-40S JJ Bi ^ off SAHCHO, yobhosa UJISA Harbor 03-0S, H. 2O-55B XS ml. 63 of Cape BRIMO Ob-lOS, 56-OOB KBVAK NXV duixba 07-40S, 3&-23B 5.5 k». SSI of GSHKAISHIMA North of CJISHOS Bay KS3LUSG 37->-ogH, BUK KOEPAHO»s t nouth of KAMMOK Strait Kest aouth of EAMMOH Strait Off MOJI MURH0 Island H, 4*07.5» Horth of QJJISHOH la y MAHILA Harbor 02-23H, 28-+3K OKIHAVA Saet coast of PRBHCH INBOCEIHA 35-UOH, 59-O2B AKAO PUHAK-KUHOO, VSS KOHSA OO-58S, O4-3B 8 km. 6l of WAEAMASU Lt. Bouse 0-40S, 4-5 2S-0H. 4-36B LSYE area MANILA area OKIHOIRABU Island, OKINAWA CSBU Island area KUCHISCSRABi; Bay, S of KYUSHU SSAI, AKAHI-OSHIMA 45 mi. SW of SASAMISAXI Lt.House Off KAHPO, B coast of KOREA AKAO.6 mi. 05 of HUSHIMA Lt.House 37-54H, 43-7B MANILA Harbor 2 km. SV of H0SD5ASASI -H. IO8-56 Off MOJI 50-23H, lOH, 4-00B Off SHIOMISiKI EEHYO MABU ZOGEN SO ZUIHO MABU ZUraO MAHU ZUIHO MAEU ZUIKAI MABU ZUIKO MAHU ZIKO MABU ZUISHO MABI ZUISHO MAHU ZUIUJ MABU ZUIO MABU Picket Boat Converted Cruiser 6U+O Heavy damage Ms diem damage Stranded Beavy damage 2 Aug 42 9 Mar +3 2 Sep 44 7 Msy 44 9 Feb 45 7 Feb 44 2 Jun 45 lu Dec 4 26 Feb +5 4 Aug 44 2 Jan 45 Oet +4 Sea disaster Enemy gunfire 05-36H, S-2H, 23-OCB 9-6H, -5 BOKB of YORK Island XIUKIAHG, YAHGZ Hiver North of BUK 37_085, 36_43 MASUWA-O Hear H0H3K0HG 03-54I, 3-00K 33-3S, 29-3 ll-hh, 9-4U & FEC P&PC 2/52 25

Out-of-District Placement December Extraordinary Services ESY

Out-of-District Placement December Extraordinary Services ESY Initials Classification Placement Cost ESY Cost School Year DD Bridgewater Raritan (350555005) $ 14,427.00 Extraordinary Services ESY Extraordinary Services School Year Related Services Cost COMMENTS AJ

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Birmingham City Centre Vision for Movement

Birmingham City Centre Vision for Movement Birmingham City Centre Vision for Movement Wes Sedman - Centro Commissioning Team Laying the foundations for a vibrant and liveable global city Birmingham Big City Plan - A City Centre Masterplan A vision

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Specification Details: Coded Dash Number M28803/1 -MC PART LISTINGS MANUFACTURER'S DESIGNATION OR TYPE NUMBER TEST OR QUALIFICATION REFERENCE Specification Details: DLA Land and Maritime - VQ Date: 2/4/2015 Specification: MIL-DTL-28803 Title: Display, Optoelectronic, Readouts, Backlighted Segmented Federal Supply Class (FSC): 5980 Conventional:

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Summi triumphum. & bc. w w w Ó w w & b 2. Qui. w w w Ó. w w. w w. Ó œ. Let us recount with praise the triumph of the highest King, 1.

Summi triumphum. & bc. w w w Ó w w & b 2. Qui. w w w Ó. w w. w w. Ó œ. Let us recount with praise the triumph of the highest King, 1. Sequence hymn for Ascension ( y Nottker Balulus) Graduale Patavienese 1511 1. Sum Summi triumphum Let us recount ith praise the triumph of the highest King, Henricus Isaac Choralis Constantinus 1555 3

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Hiking Hillw alking 2009

Hiking Hillw alking 2009 Hiking Hillw alking 2009 Over seas Visit o r s w h o w en t h ikin g/ an d o r h illw alkin g w h ile in Ir elan d sp en t an est im at ed 494 m illio n in 2009. Holidaym aker s Overseas Part icipant s

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Chapter. CPT only copyright 2007 American Medical Association. All rights reserved. 9Ambulance

Chapter. CPT only copyright 2007 American Medical Association. All rights reserved. 9Ambulance Chapter 9Ambulance 9 9.1 Enrollment........................................................ 9-2 9.2 Reimbursement.................................................... 9-2 9.2.1 Emergency Ground Ambulance

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1972 Summer Beef Progeny Test

1972 Summer Beef Progeny Test 55-17 o,3et CT Ce r-1 5-- 3itit 44:411 4/4' - /-: ).\\\ 71121 1 1972 Summer Beef Progeny Test by A. T. Ralston and T. P. Davidson Special Report 388 August 1973 Agricultural Experiment Station Oregon State

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TO LET offices. 20,735 to 64,639 sq ft. available now WATERFRONT HOUSE, TECHNOLOGY DRIVE, BEESTON BUSINESS PARK, NG9 1LA.

TO LET offices. 20,735 to 64,639 sq ft. available now WATERFRONT HOUSE, TECHNOLOGY DRIVE, BEESTON BUSINESS PARK, NG9 1LA. TO LET offices WATERFNT HOUSE, TECHNOLOGY RIVE, BEESTON BUSINESS PARK, NG9 1LA available now 20,735 to 64,639 sq ft High Quality Refurbished Grade A offices Secure site with manned gatehouse Up to 323

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DEUS CARITAS EST SATB Choir, Soloist, Organ. œ œ. œœœœœ. œ œœœ œ œ œ

DEUS CARITAS EST SATB Choir, Soloist, Organ. œ œ. œœœœœ. œ œœœ œ œ œ INTRODUCTION 4? 4? 4 4? q = c 72? 7? SAMPLE From the repertoire of the International Federation of Little Sgers (Foederatio Internationalis Pueri Cantores, FIPC) Bibliorum Sacrorum nova vulga editio Eng

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NOTICE TO MEMBERS No February 5, 2003

NOTICE TO MEMBERS No February 5, 2003 NOTICE TO MEMBERS No. 2003-008 February 5, 2003 NEW EQUITY OPTION CLASSES Bourse de Montréal Inc.(The Bourse) and (CDCC) hereby inform you that at the opening of trading on Monday, February 10, 2003 the

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Thomas Tallis Mass for 4 voices

Thomas Tallis Mass for 4 voices homas allis Mass for voices G-Lbl dd. M 1780-5 Edited for choir by effrey Quick homas allis: Mass in voices Edition by effrey Quick his is a practical edition meant to make this mass possible for mixed

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2015 June Non-Ad Valorem Recap 5/27/2015

2015 June Non-Ad Valorem Recap 5/27/2015 BL BELMONT LAKES CDD $ 4,200.00 42 42 $ 176,400.00 - - 42 42 1 BROWARD COUNTY GARBAGE $ 270.00 183 192 $ 51,840.00 - - 183 192 4 BROWARD COUNTY GARBAGE $ 270.00 665 869 $ 234,630.00 2-667 869 5 BROWARD

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Make Model Number(s) STC No: Description System Covered SA449GL

Make Model Number(s) STC No: Description System Covered SA449GL Make Model Number(s) STC No: Description Covered 200, 200C, 200CT, 200T, A200, A200CT, B200, B200C, B200CT, B200T, B300, B300C SA00754CH ADC-2000 Fuel/Airdata ARMY ADC S35, V35, V35A, V35B, 35-C33A, E33A,

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Commissioned by Paul and Joyce Riedesel in honor of their 45th wedding anniversary. Lux. œ œ œ - œ - œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ. œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ.

Commissioned by Paul and Joyce Riedesel in honor of their 45th wedding anniversary. Lux. œ œ œ - œ - œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ. œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ. LK0-0 Lux/ a caella $2.00 Commissioned by aul and Joyce Riedesel in honor of their 5th edding anniversary. Offertorium and Communio from the Requiem Mass f declamatory - solo - - - - U Ex - au - di o -

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Order of Battle Reorganization of the Japanese Combined Fleet Air Assets 14 July 1942

Order of Battle Reorganization of the Japanese Combined Fleet Air Assets 14 July 1942 Order of Battle Reorganization of the Japanese Combined Fleet Air Assets 14 July 1942 Contributed by Tony DiGiulian Updated 22 December 200 Background Following the severe losses at Midway, the Japanese

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" Voting Place " " Prince William County, Virginia Gainesville Election District Voting Precincts and Voting Places EVERGREEN BATTLEFIELD ALVEY

 Voting Place   Prince William County, Virginia Gainesville Election District Voting Precincts and Voting Places EVERGREEN BATTLEFIELD ALVEY GROVETON PAGELAN LN MOUNTAIN Prince William County, Virginia Gainesville Election istrict Voting Precincts and Voting Places EVERGREEN LOGMILL JAMES MAISON HY 15 Voting Place 401 Evergreen Precinct Evergreen

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This work was created for a charity, and you may freely make printed copies from this PDF data for your performance until Dec 31, 2022.

This work was created for a charity, and you may freely make printed copies from this PDF data for your performance until Dec 31, 2022. This ork as created or a charity, and you may reely make rinted coies rom this D data or your erormance until Dec 31, 2022 lease inorm isemanroectcom or erormances and recordins This ork as created or

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Aviation Maintenance Industry Outlook and Economic Impact

Aviation Maintenance Industry Outlook and Economic Impact Aviation Maintenance Industry Outlook and Economic Impact March 18, 2015 David A. Marcontell Vice President CAVOK, a division of Oliver Wyman 1003 Virginia Ave, Suite 300 Atlanta, Georgia 30354 Office:

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Highway & Bridge Construction Market Update Southern Region

Highway & Bridge Construction Market Update Southern Region Highway & Bridge Construction Market Update Southern Region Alison Premo Black, PhD ARTBA Senior VP & Chief Economist November 26, 2016 2016 ARTBA. All rights reserved. No part of this document may be

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Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau April 2014 Visitor Profile

Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau April 2014 Visitor Profile RESEARCH DATA SERVICES, INC. 777 SOUTH HARBOUR ISLAND BOULEVARD SUITE 260 TAMPA, FLORIDA 33602 TEL (813) 254-2975 FAX (813) 223-2986 Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau April

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A TI,DIOS (You Are God) œ œ. œ œ œ œ. œ. œ. œ. Dios, Dios, God, we ac -

A TI,DIOS (You Are God) œ œ. œ œ œ œ. œ. œ. œ. Dios, Dios, God, we ac - Keyboard ITRO South erican Dance (q = ca. 80) TI,DIOS ( re God)....... the Se - the.. m Bilingual Spanish nglish.. % % Text: Spanish: Rosa María Icaza, VI, 1999, Mexican erican ultural enter. rights reserved.

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April 2012 Visitor Profile

April 2012 Visitor Profile RESEARCH DATA SERVICES, INC. 777 SOUTH HARBOUR ISLAND BOULEVARD SUITE 260 TAMPA, FLORIDA 33602 TEL (813) 254-2975 FAX (813) 223-2986 Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau April

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World History since Wayne E. Sirmon HI 104 World History

World History since Wayne E. Sirmon HI 104 World History World History since 1500 Wayne E. Sirmon HI 104 World History History 104 World History since 1500 April 23 Article Review Four Due April 24 Online Quiz Chapters 26-27 April 30 Exam Four (Chapters 25-27)

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Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau September 2013 Visitor Profile

Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau September 2013 Visitor Profile RESEARCH DATA SERVICES, INC. 777 SOUTH HARBOUR ISLAND BOULEVARD SUITE 260 TAMPA, FLORIDA 33602 TEL (813) 254-2975 FAX (813) 223-2986 Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau September

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Japan Export Air. International Air Freight Fuel Surcharge. All Destinations

Japan Export Air. International Air Freight Fuel Surcharge. All Destinations Japan Export Air January 12, 218 International Air Freight Fuel Surcharge Carrier 3K Jet Star Asia Airways 66 1-Jan-15 Taiwan, Philippines 48 1-Jan-15 5C C.A.L. Cargo 13 1-Oct-12 China, Hong Kong, Korea,

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Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau February 2013 Visitor Profile

Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau February 2013 Visitor Profile RESEARCH DATA SERVICES, INC. 777 SOUTH HARBOUR ISLAND BOULEVARD SUITE 260 TAMPA, FLORIDA 33602 TEL (813) 254-2975 FAX (813) 223-2986 Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau February

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Japan Export Air. International Air Freight Fuel Surcharge. All Destinations

Japan Export Air. International Air Freight Fuel Surcharge. All Destinations Japan Export Air January 3, 218 International Air Freight Fuel Surcharge Carrier 3K Jet Star Asia Airways All s 66 1-Jan-15 Taiwan, Philippines 48 1-Jan-15 5C C.A.L. Cargo All s 13 1-Oct-12 China, Hong

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TOURS. Day Tours from York Whitby. North York Moors. The Yorkshire Dales.

TOURS. Day Tours from York Whitby. North York Moors. The Yorkshire Dales. TOURS 2018-2019 Day Tours from York Whitby North York Moors The Yorkshire Dales Castle Howard The Lake District 01904 405341 www.mountain-goat.com1 Welcome to Yorkshire 1972 Established in 1972 Small group

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November 2011 Visitor Profile

November 2011 Visitor Profile RESEARCH DATA SERVICES, INC. 777 SOUTH HARBOUR ISLAND BOULEVARD SUITE 260 TAMPA, FLORIDA 33602 TEL (813) 254-2975 FAX (813) 223-2986 Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau November

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Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau November 2012 Visitor Profile

Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau November 2012 Visitor Profile RESEARCH DATA SERVICES, INC. 777 SOUTH HARBOUR ISLAND BOULEVARD SUITE 260 TAMPA, FLORIDA 33602 TEL (813) 254-2975 FAX (813) 223-2986 Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau November

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FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION (FAA) APPROVED MODEL LIST (AML) SA02430SE FOR MODEL BASIS 1. Aerostar PA-60-600 (Aerostar 600), PA-60-601 (Aerostar 601), PA-60-601 P (Aerostar 601P), PA-60-602P (Aerostar 602P), PA-60-700P (Aerostar 700P) A17WE FAR 23 FMS-5048 Revision IR, Revision

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/ Aus n Wilkins / Deputy Air Traffic Manager Honolulu CF

/ Aus n Wilkins / Deputy Air Traffic Manager Honolulu CF VATSIM NETWORK UNITED STATES DIVISION HONOLULU CF SUBJ: Approved Positions and Frequencies Table. This order prescribes the approved list of posi ons, callsigns, and frequencies for use in HCF ARTCC on

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Executive Summary with Graphs

Executive Summary with Graphs Executive Summary with Graphs Invoice dates from 1/1/28 to 6/3/28 Invoice dates from 7/1/27 to 6/3/28 Invoice dates from 1/1/28 to 6/3/28 Air Charges Summary Totals Averages Transactions - Invoices: Credits:

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A TI,DIOS (You Are God) INTRO South American Dance (q = ca. 80) Dm. œ œ. œ # œ œ œ œ. œ. œ. œ œ. j J œ. œ œ œ œ œ œ œ. ba - mos; you; All

A TI,DIOS (You Are God) INTRO South American Dance (q = ca. 80) Dm. œ œ. œ # œ œ œ œ. œ. œ. œ œ. j J œ. œ œ œ œ œ œ œ. ba - mos; you; All TI,DIOS ( re God) INTRO South erican Dance (q = ca 80) # %? Bilingual Spanish nglish? RFRIN: 1st time: ; reafter: Soprano/Melody F lto Tenor m claim ce - claim you; mos; you; Dios, Dios, God, J J Text:

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Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau January 2016 Visitor Profile

Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau January 2016 Visitor Profile RESEARCH DATA SERVICES, INC. 777 SOUTH HARBOUR ISLAND BOULEVARD SUITE 260 TAMPA, FLORIDA 33602 TEL (813) 254-2975 FAX (813) 223-2986 Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau January

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Japan Export Air. International Air Freight Fuel Surcharge. All Destinations

Japan Export Air. International Air Freight Fuel Surcharge. All Destinations Japan Export Air February 27, 2019 International Air Freight Fuel Surcharge 3K Jet Star Asia Airways All s 66 1-Jan-15 Taiwan, Philippines 48 1-Jan-15 5C C.A.L. Cargo All s 130 1-Oct-12 China, Hong Kong,

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Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau January 2013 Visitor Profile

Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau January 2013 Visitor Profile RESEARCH DATA SERVICES, INC. 777 SOUTH HARBOUR ISLAND BOULEVARD SUITE 260 TAMPA, FLORIDA 33602 TEL (813) 254-2975 FAX (813) 223-2986 Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau January

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HEAT TRANSFER PRODUCTS INC. AERO-CLASSICS 1677 Curtiss Ct. La Verne CA 91750 USA Tel: 909-596-1630 Fax: 909-596-1753 HEAT TRANSFER PRODUCTS INC. Aero-Classics Aviation Oil Coolers with FAA/PMA 8000074 9 row

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Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau March 2013 Visitor Profile

Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau March 2013 Visitor Profile RESEARCH DATA SERVICES, INC. 777 SOUTH HARBOUR ISLAND BOULEVARD SUITE 260 TAMPA, FLORIDA 33602 TEL (813) 254-2975 FAX (813) 223-2986 Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau March

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March 2012 Visitor Profile

March 2012 Visitor Profile RESEARCH DATA SERVICES, INC. 777 SOUTH HARBOUR ISLAND BOULEVARD SUITE 260 TAMPA, FLORIDA 33602 TEL (813) 254-2975 FAX (813) 223-2986 Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau March

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2015 Proposed Non-Ad Valorem Recap 08/05/15

2015 Proposed Non-Ad Valorem Recap 08/05/15 BL BELMONT LAKES CDD $ 4,200.00 42 42 $ 176,400.00 - - 42 42 1 BROWARD COUNTY GARBAGE $ 270.00 184 193 $ 52,110.00 - - 184 193 4 BROWARD COUNTY GARBAGE $ 270.00 665 871 $ 235,170.00 2-667 871 5 BROWARD

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Japan Export Air. International Air Freight Fuel Surcharge. All Destinations

Japan Export Air. International Air Freight Fuel Surcharge. All Destinations Japan Export Air March 30, 2019 International Air Freight Fuel Surcharge 3K Jet Star Asia Airways All s 66 1-Jan-15 Taiwan, Philippines 48 1-Jan-15 5C C.A.L. Cargo All s 130 1-Oct-12 China, Hong Kong,

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E X C E L L E N C E I N S A C R E D C H O R A L M U S I C. Puer Natus in Bethlehem. A Child Is Born in Bethlehem. Arranged by Robert G.

E X C E L L E N C E I N S A C R E D C H O R A L M U S I C. Puer Natus in Bethlehem. A Child Is Born in Bethlehem. Arranged by Robert G. 30140893 Arr Robert G arrell 30140894 (PD) SATB Choir and Organ E X C E L L E N C E I N S A C R E D C H O R A L M S I C A Child Is Born in Bethlehem Arranged by Robert G arrell ROM THE COLLECTION God Be

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GRND 3D 2D NXT GRND 3D 2D NXT GRND 3D 2D NXT AL 750's 12 PACK SHIPMENTS Wine Shipping Rates 11/01/2018 6 PACK SHIPMENTS 4 PACK SHIPMENTS GRND 3D 2D NXT GRND 3D 2D NXT GRND 3D 2D NXT AL AK - - $156 - - - $114 - - - $94 - AZ $50 $99 $112 $141 $36 $70

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March 2011 Visitor Profile

March 2011 Visitor Profile RESEARCH DATA SERVICES, INC. 777 SOUTH HARBOUR ISLAND BOULEVARD SUITE 260 TAMPA, FLORIDA 33602 TEL (813) 254-2975 FAX (813) 254-2986 Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau March

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DUBAI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT SOUTHERN RUNWAY REHABILITATION Summer 2019 SHL Summary 16 th April to 30 th May 2019 DUBAI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT SOUTHERN RUNWAY REHABILITATION Summer 219 SHL Summary 16 th April to 3 th May 219 Dubai International Airport (DXB) has two close-parallel runways. On 21 February 218, Dubai

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October 2011 Visitor Profile

October 2011 Visitor Profile RESEARCH DATA SERVICES, INC. 777 SOUTH HARBOUR ISLAND BOULEVARD SUITE 260 TAMPA, FLORIDA 33602 TEL (813) 254-2975 FAX (813) 223-2986 Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau October

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C O R M E U M E S T T E M P L U M S A C R U M P A T R I C I A V A N N E S S C O R M E U M E S T T E M P L U M S A C R U M (MY HEART IS A HOLY PLACE) text and music by P A T R I C I A V A N N E S S text transated into Latin by E D W A R D J. V O D O K L Y S, S. J. Cor meum est

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Passenger Movements. August 231, , ,090 81,

Passenger Movements. August 231, , ,090 81, 7. Conclusion The main objective of the Research was to find out ways of increasing efficiency and throughput by optimum utilization of Baggage Belts. The outcome of the Research can be used to manage

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, l 0A_ I ke/ta6 7) V!w.? q ( 69

, l 0A_ I ke/ta6 7) V!w.? q ( 69 LOS ANGELES WORLD AIRPORTS (REV. 01/15) Pape 1 of 2 (1) TRAVEL AUTHORITY (TL) NO. COST CENTER (30) /1/5201! 1120001 (2) EMPLOYEE PHONE NUMBER Deborah Flint 424 6466250 1,154.00 YES V NO (5) DESTINATION

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FOR SALE 1400 BARRETT CORNERS DRIVE HC Heritage Commercial Realty, nc Serving your commercial real estate needs since 1984 Suite 225 5579 B Chamblee Dunwoody Road Atlanta, Georgia 30338 P O Box 683 Greensboro, Georgia 30642 Phone: 770 395

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Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau February 2017 Visitor Profile

Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau February 2017 Visitor Profile RESEARCH DATA SERVICES, INC. 777 SOUTH HARBOUR ISLAND BOULEVARD SUITE 260 TAMPA, FLORIDA 33602 TEL (813) 254-2975 FAX (813) 223-2986 Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau February

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Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau December 2017 Visitor Profile

Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau December 2017 Visitor Profile RESEARCH DATA SERVICES, INC. 777 SOUTH HARBOUR ISLAND BOULEVARD SUITE 260 TAMPA, FLORIDA 33602 TEL (813) 254-2975 FAX (813) 223-2986 Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau December

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Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau March 2018 Visitor Profile

Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau March 2018 Visitor Profile RESEARCH DATA SERVICES, INC. 777 SOUTH HARBOUR ISLAND BOULEVARD SUITE 2 TAMPA, FLORIDA 332 TEL (813) 254-2975 FAX (813) 223-2986 Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau March 2018

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Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau June 2018 Visitor Profile

Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau June 2018 Visitor Profile RESEARCH DATA SERVICES, INC. 777 SOUTH HARBOUR ISLAND BOULEVARD SUITE 260 TAMPA, FLORIDA 33602 TEL (813) 254-2975 FAX (813) 223-2986 Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau June

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Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau January 2018 Visitor Profile

Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau January 2018 Visitor Profile RESEARCH DATA SERVICES, INC. 777 SOUTH HARBOUR ISLAND BOULEVARD SUITE 260 TAMPA, FLORIDA 33602 TEL (813) 254-2975 FAX (813) 223-2986 Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau January

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FLAT PANEL INFUSION DEMONSTRATION FLAT PANEL INFUSION DEMONSTRATION DESCRIPTION This flat panel in fu sion dem on stra tion il lus trates the use of two dif fer ent flow me dia s, of which there are sev eral. Ad di tion ally, there are

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BBL07/WBBL03 HOBART HURRICANES CORPORATE HOSPITALITY BBL07/WBBL03 HOBART HURRICANES CORPORATE HOSPITALITY HOTTEST NIGHT OUT THIS SUMMER Make the most of this summer and enjoy Big Bash entertainment from start to finish, with massive hits, classic catches,

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(U 338-E) 2015 General Rate Case A Workpapers

(U 338-E) 2015 General Rate Case A Workpapers (U 338-E) 2015 General Rate Case A.13-11-003 Workpapers Results of Operations (RO) Plant, Taxes, Depreciation Expense and Reserve, Rate Base, and Productivity SCE-10 Volume 02, Chapter I, Part 02 Revision

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Trinity River Vision Update

Trinity River Vision Update Trinity River Vision Update Presented to the City Council by: Mark Rauscher, Program Manager Planning & Development Department / Program Management Office August 23, 2011 1 Purpose of the Briefing Overview

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Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau August 2018 Visitor Profile

Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau August 2018 Visitor Profile RESEARCH DATA SERVICES, INC. 777 SOUTH HARBOUR ISLAND BOULEVARD SUITE 260 TAMPA, FLORIDA 33602 TEL (813) 254-2975 FAX (813) 223-2986 Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau August

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Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau October 2018 Visitor Profile

Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau October 2018 Visitor Profile RESEARCH DATA SERVICES, INC. 777 SOUTH HARBOUR ISLAND BOULEVARD SUITE 2 TAMPA, FLORIDA 332 TEL (813) 254-2975 FAX (813) 223-2986 Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau October

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ANCIENT GROOVE MUSIC ( ) Motets for Holy Week. Edited by BEN BYRAM WIGFIELD ANIENT GRE MSI ANTNI LTTI (1667-1740) Motets for Holy Week Edited by BEN BYRAM WIGFIELD 1. Arbor dignisma 2. nes No. 1 3. nes No. 2 4. Sepulto Dino 5. ere languores NTENTS 1.

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AVIATION MAINTENANCE INDUSTRY OUTLOOK & ECONOMIC IMPACT AVIATION MAINTENANCE INDUSTRY OUTLOOK & ECONOMIC IMPACT MARCH 16, 2017 David A. Marcontell General Manager CAVOK, a division of Oliver Wyman 1003 Virginia Ave, Suite 300 Atlanta, GA 30354 Direct: +1 404

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Pa 1 of (1) TRAVEL AUTHORITY (TL) NO. (30) ) (10) LODGING $ - $ - $ $ - $ 68.03" $

Pa 1 of (1) TRAVEL AUTHORITY (TL) NO. (30) ) (10) LODGING $ - $ - $ $ - $ 68.03 $ PERSONAL PENSE STATEMENT Pa 1 of I (aȍ 1120001 DEBORAH FLINT ADMIN YES NO g WASHINGTON, DC INT'L AVIATION CLUB FROM 7/12/2016 TO 7/13/2016 112000) 16/17 MISC. P. ' LAX IAD IA LAX (Extra leg room seats

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Life has never been more convenient.

Life has never been more convenient. Life has never been more convenient. Charlotte s newest living, office and shopping destination. Optical Communications HEadquarters 78,000 SF Wells Herndon 336.407.2181 Joey organthall

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January 2018 Air Traffic Activity Summary

January 2018 Air Traffic Activity Summary January 2018 Air Traffic Activity Summary Jan-2018 Jan-2017 CY-2018 CY-2017 Passengers 528,947 505,421 4.7% 528,947 505,421 4.7% Passengers 537,332 515,787 4.2% 537,332 515,787 4.2% Passengers 1,066,279

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TXDOT AVIATION DIVISION TXDOT AVIATION DIVISION Airport Project Development & Selection Process Today s Topics Project Development Process Working with TxDOT Aviation Division Funding Sources National Plan of Integrated Airports

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Davenport Group Coverage Model

Davenport Group Coverage Model Davenport Group Coverage Model RI WA OR CA NV AZ UT ID MT WY ND SD NE WI MI IA IL IN OH NM CO KS MO OK AR LA MS AL GA TX SC KY FL VA TN MD WV DE NY PA NJ VT NH ME MA CT MN AK South Central North Central

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2015 Region 1 Conference in Manchester, NH Attendance by States/Provinces

2015 Region 1 Conference in Manchester, NH Attendance by States/Provinces Rgion 1 Confrnc Yar Attndanc 2017 448 2016 490 2015 457 2014 527 2013 308 2017 Rgion 1 Vrona, NY 2016 Rgion 1 Portland, ME 2015 Rgion 1 Manchstr, NH 2014 Rgion 1 Manchstr, NH CT 25 CT 41 CT 50 CT 59 CT

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2008 Manchester Flats Cancelling Machine

2008 Manchester Flats Cancelling Machine 2008 Manchester Flats Cancelling Machine A NEC (Nippon Electric Company) Flats Cancelling Machine was introduced at Manchester Mail Centre in late November 2008. Its purpose was to cancel all Flat items

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Director of Naval History (OP-09B9), Washington Navy Yard, Washington, DC

Director of Naval History (OP-09B9), Washington Navy Yard, Washington, DC DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY USS CLEVELAND (LPD-7) FLEET POST OFFICE SAN FRANCISCO 96662-1 71 0 J From: To : Commanding Officer, USS CLEVELAND (LPD-7) Director of Naval History (OP-09B9), Washington Navy Yard,

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EXHIBIT A - RESALE LIST EXHBT "A" - RESALE LST Pursuant to Section 34.05(a)(c) and (d) of the Texas Property Tax Code, the properties listed below will be sold at a public resale of trust properties at the courthouse steps of

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Northern Branch Corridor DEIS December Appendix B: Site Plans of Project Elements

Northern Branch Corridor DEIS December Appendix B: Site Plans of Project Elements orthern Branch Corridor DEIS December 211 Appendix B: Site Plans of Project Elements EMERSO L 8' x 1' CAR SHOP SUB PROP TRACK LOCATIO (TYP) CAR WASH 25' x 3' CAR SHOP POSSIBLE DETETIO LOCATIO 43RD ST 5TH

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Weekly Disaster Stats Update

Weekly Disaster Stats Update Weekly Disaster Stats Update The Weekly Disaster Stats Update is published every week on Tuesday. The product is meant to provide a snapshot of major disaster statistics throughout the calendar year to-date,

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Ecce dies venit desideratus

Ecce dies venit desideratus Bartolomeo Spontone (1530 - c. 1592) Ecce dies venit desideratus à 7 Transcribed and edited by Leis Jones Source: The source comprises telve partbooks, the title pages of hich read: [PART NAME IN LATIN]/RELIQUIAE/SACRORUM/CONCENTUUM/GIOVAN

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1836 Dobys Bridge 1836 N Dobys Bridge Rd, Fort Mill, SC 29715

1836 Dobys Bridge 1836 N Dobys Bridge Rd, Fort Mill, SC 29715 Commercial Daycare/Meical Office 186 Dobys Brige 186 N Dobys Brige, Fort Mill, SC 9715 Holbrook Elementary School Haire etail Development Fort Mill Pkwy N Dobys Brige Propose E Park Commercial Daycare/Meical

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Stormwater Management Plan

Stormwater Management Plan Stormwater Management Plan March 2010 Revision 1 (February 2011) A copy of this Stormwater Management Plan is to be kept on site at all times. Volume 1 of 1 120TH AVE. 120th AVE HUDSON RD. 120TH

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General Specifications ROTAMASS 3- ROTAMASS ROTAMASS ROTAMASS. +/-1g/l I/O -200 ~ +350 EEPROM LCD HART EN ANSI JIS General Specifications ROTAMASS 3- ROTAMASS ROTAMASS ROTAMASS +/-1g/l 2 2 1 I/O -200~ +350 EEPROM LCD HART ENANSIJIS..1..1..2.....3..... 4....4... 5... 5....10....11... 13..17 - - RCCS30-33 RCCS34-39/IR

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EU DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY Product Description: Manufacturer Name & Address: PAC8000 General Electric Intelligent Platforms, Inc 2500 Austin Drive Charlottesville, VA 22911 USA This declaration of conformity is issued under the

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Your Questions & Comments. States to Watch in 2017: Transportation Funding

Your Questions & Comments. States to Watch in 2017: Transportation Funding Agenda National Outlook: Alison Premo Black, American Road & Transportation Builders Association Indiana: Kaitlin Lange, Evansville Courier & Press New Mexico: Andy Lyman, New Mexico Political Report Oregon:

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TOURISM & HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT School of Marketing TOURISM & HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT Thank you for applying for the Bachelor of Commerce in Services Marketing - Tourism and Hospitality at the University of New South Wales. The applicants

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Air Service Potential between Africa and North America

Air Service Potential between Africa and North America Presented by John Parkinson Area Sales Director Air Service Potential between Africa and North America Miami, June 7 th, 2007 Airbus Corporate Update US-Africa Market Drivers Potential for Direct Services

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8.7% 3.9% California. California MFG job growth continues to lag the country Percent change since Rest of United States. April Jan.

8.7% 3.9% California. California MFG job growth continues to lag the country Percent change since Rest of United States. April Jan. MFG job growth continues to lag the country Percent change since Rest of United States 8.7% Jan 10: 10,211,600 Apr 17: 11,098,100 886,500 April 2017 3.9% Jan 10: 1,248,400 Apr 17: 1,297,900 49,500 Jan.

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Regional Economic Conditions

Regional Economic Conditions Regional Economic Conditions Jason Bram, Research Officer Community Advisory Group Meeting March 29, 2018 The views expressed here are those of the presenter and do not necessarily represent those of the

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The Crossing at Doby s Bridge Doby s Bridge Rd and Fort Mill Southern Bypass

The Crossing at Doby s Bridge Doby s Bridge Rd and Fort Mill Southern Bypass Dobys Brige R Retail Space for Lease Park Propose Fort Mill Southern Bypass Nims Village ± 65 units SITE Holbrook R Dobys Brige R N Elementary School Retail Space & Outparcels For Lease Locate in fast

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August Aug 1. I Final Drop Unpaid Srhedul^ I Add/Drop. Drop Unpaid Schedules. Arid/Drop Fall Payment Deadline for Added Classes.

August Aug 1. I Final Drop Unpaid Srhedul^ I Add/Drop. Drop Unpaid Schedules. Arid/Drop Fall Payment Deadline for Added Classes. August 2016 Su Mo August 2016 Tu We Th Fr Sa 1? 9 4 S 6 7 R 1 10 11 V H 14 IS 16 17 IK 19 70 71 77. 24 2S 26 77 2B 29 90 i1 September 2016 Su Mo Tu V/t Th Fr Sa 1 7 9 4 S h 1 R g in 11 12 19 14 IS 16 IT

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Naval Construction Maintenance Unit 616

Naval Construction Maintenance Unit 616 Naval Construction Maintenance Unit 616 Historical Information Construimus, Batuimus We Build, We Fight NOTO AIm Reaq Date Left Am> Loca.tion - Dartsville - Hueneme CBMU 161S - 14 Mar l 45 - - Sa1pan LOG

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FAA SAFETY TEAM. Introduction to the FAA Safety Team. Federal Aviation Administration. Southern Region FAASTeam Program Manager Date: October 18, 2010

FAA SAFETY TEAM. Introduction to the FAA Safety Team. Federal Aviation Administration. Southern Region FAASTeam Program Manager Date: October 18, 2010 FAA SAFETY TEAM Introduction to the Presented By: John Carroll, Jr. Southern Region Program Manager Date: October 18, 21 MISSION STATEMENT Improve upon the Nation s aviation accident rate by conveying

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A statistical portrait of USAF in the first hot conflict of the Cold War.

A statistical portrait of USAF in the first hot conflict of the Cold War. WAN 60 MR FORCE Magazine / April 1996 A statistical portrait of USAF in the first hot conflict of the Cold War. Within minutes of taking off, US airmen could have their RF-80s (right) over MiG Alley (opposite),

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Report sales to a QEZE of nonresidential gas (including propane in containers of 100 pounds or more), electric, refrigeration, and steam services.

Report sales to a QEZE of nonresidential gas (including propane in containers of 100 pounds or more), electric, refrigeration, and steam services. New Yk State Department of Taxation and Finance Consumer s Utility and Fuel Taxes f Nonresidential Gas, Electric, Refrigeration, and Steam Services Sold to a Qualified Empire Zone Enterprise (QEZE) File

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Preft j Lt-Modification Class or Type Manufacturer Model Prefix: X - Experimental (Army or Navy) Y - Service Test Or Limited Procurement (Army only)

Preft j Lt-Modification Class or Type Manufacturer Model Prefix: X - Experimental (Army or Navy) Y - Service Test Or Limited Procurement (Army only) 46-9 AIRCRAFT IDENTIFICATION STANDARDS US MILITARY AIRPLANE MODEL DESIGNATION Example: X PB 4 U -I Navy Y P -2 - A Army Preft j Lt-Modification Class or Type Manufacturer Model Prefix: X - Experimental

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Subj: SUBMISSION OF BASIC HISTORICAL NARRATIVE FOR CALENDAR YEAR 1997 DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY USS HONOLULU (SSN-718) FPO AP 96667-2398 Ser SS~718/124 6 Mar 98 From: Commanding Officer, USS HONOLULU (SSN 718) To : Director of Naval History (NOgBH), Washington Navy Yard, 901

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A Brief History of the USS Blenny (SS-324)...

A Brief History of the USS Blenny (SS-324)... A Brief History of the USS Blenny (SS-324)... Blenny: Any of numerous small, elongated, and often scaleless fishes living along rocky shores. (SS-324: dp. 1,525 (surf.), 2,415 (subm.); l. 311'9"; b. 27'3";

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