Year XIII No. 49 December January FREE INFO BULLETIN Gaylife News, Comments, Activities and Information

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1 Year XIII No. 49 December January 2016 FREE INFO BULLETIN Gaylife News, Comments, Activities and Information

2 Asian, TexMex & Costarican Fusion Open Everyday 7 am to 10 pm USE OUR POOL* * $20 minimum required in drinks or food per person Sunset Time Happy Hour 4 pm to 6 pm Reservations Free Follow us

3 A Grito Pelado! Por Jose Chaves Ignorancia (Del latín no saber ). El diccionario dice que suele entenderse de forma general como falta de conocimiento acerca de un asunto determinado. Sin embargo, se puede entender en dos sentidos: El absoluto que equivale a un insulto, manifestando una degradación en la escala social y en la valoración individual. Y el sentido concreto que es cuando significa «no saber algo determinado», frente al conocimiento de otras muchas cosas o «tener un conocimiento imperfecto sobre» Esto me recuerda un refrán popular que escuché en algún lugar Será ignorante (menso o tonto es lo usual que se dice) o se hace?. Por lo visto según el diccionario y el consenso común, cualquiera se gana el sentido absoluto de la ignorancia, ante la falta o interés en aprender o informarse correctamente, en especial cuando vamos a opinar o expresarnos en público. Por todo lado hay muchos que se ganan el sentido absoluto de la palabra ignorante, ya que hablan sin saber y opinan como los más conocedores o, peor aún, lo publican en redes sociales con faltas de ortografía. Actualmente con la facilidad que tenemos para encontrar información, desde una búsqueda en Internet, hasta una llamada telefónica, no justifica que las personas hablen semejantes cosas. Y esto sucede en todos los estatus sociales y clases económicas, sin excepción. Pellizquémonos, hagamos un alto. Revisémonos personalmente pero también ayudemos a quien no lo ve, diciéndole no hable sin saber. Y el esfuerzo de cada uno es lo que contará ante tanta Ignorancia. INDEX INDICE What s new in Manuel Antonio Pag 4 Who is Jeff Olson? Pag 7 THE TIDE / LA MAREA: December-January Pag 8 Learn Spanish the EASY way! Pag 13 And & About Pag 14 New Biking Tour Pag 17 Directory Pag 18 CREDITOS FINE BODYWORK A pioneer of the massage industry USA Nationally Certified New York Institute of Massage Graduate Dedicated to deep, therapeutic bodywork since 1998 The First professional male massage therapist in Manuel Antonio Cel: Tree Top Home Studio or on Location Director: Jose Chaves Productor: Paul Sfez Diseño: Diego Hidalgo Playita Online: Website: Colaboradores: Don Willems, Jim St Marie. Ventas: / / Todas las opiniones expresadas en este medio son entera responsabilidad del autor. PLAYITA Year XIII No. 49 December 2015-January

4 What s new in Manuel Antonio Starting the season we have 3 new businesses to make your time here more enjoyable and to spoil you a little. Tico Tico Villas are flexible-stay apartments. With a minimum stay of 3 nights, you can enjoy this great adults-only facility all year round. All Villas include full utilities, WIFI, swimming pool, A/C, cable TV and kitchenette. This place is gay owned and operated and is located on the main road of Manuel Antonio with a bus stop in front. Handicap accessible villas are also available. For prices and details check out their website MA Fitness is a GYM with the latest machinery in the training world and the best view ever. It has A/C, daily classes, locker with hot showers and a separate GREAT smoothie bar. By Jose Chaves They are open Monday to Friday 5:30 am to 9:30 pm and Saturdays and Sundays 7:00 am to 6:00 pm. They offer different memberships: Daily for $13, 3-Day Pass $26, Weekly $37, Monthly $50. ALL memberships include towel, purified water and access to all services. LUSH tapas & lounge is a new gay friendly spot to hang out or eat late. Their International Value Menu goes from $6 to $30. Hours are 11:00 am till 12 midnight. They offer 5 types of beer and a big selection of wines (red, white and rose) from 8 different countries. Of course they also have regular cocktails and sodas. LUSH AND GAYTOURS host an event the last Wednesday of the month: SPEED DAT- ING NIGHT. Come over and enjoy this fun game to meet people and make friends. Evening starts at 7 pm with game beginning at 9 pm. Cover for the game is $10 which includes a glass of wine or a pint of beer and a tapa. NO cover for people who just want to come by and watch others play while having a drink or eating dinner. Let s enjoy this summer and try these new options. See ya around! 4 PLAYITA Year XIII No. 49 December 2015-January 2016

5 Tico Tico Villas Flexible stay Studio Apartments Manuel Antonio Costa Rica +(506) CR Mobile +(702) US Mobile PUSH YOURSELF TO YOUR LIMIT LLEVA TU CUERPO A UN NUEVO NIVEL MANUEL ANTONIO FITNESS FULL SERVICE GYM (506) LUSH Tapas & Lounge 8:00pm HOSTED BY Infoline:

6 NEW English-Speaking Counseling Jeff Olson (M.A. in MFT) Compassionate Consultation / Constructive Change M. Antonio / Quepos / Dominical / Jaco CR / US / mts from the ocean. 150 mts before Manuel Antonio Park 150 mts del mar. 150 mts antes del Parque Manuel Antonio

7 Who is Jeff Olson? By Don Willems He was born and lived until recently in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 2010 Jeff visited Costa Rica and fell in love with its charm. He initially enjoyed it so much that he contacted a realtor on that first vacation and came back 3 months later with his father to buy a hector of land in the Central Pacific. After 5 years of three long vacations per year he now lives here full-time! One of Jeff s goals is to start to offer English Speaking Counseling which is rare to find in the area. His expertise is relationship therapy with a Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) background. He holds a Masters Degree in counseling from St Mary s University in Minneapolis. Why the need for counseling/therapy? There are times, especially when addictions or subtractions happen in people s lives (transitions) where a trained neutral outside source is needed for individuals, couples and families to gain clarity, stabilize and move beyond the immediate concerns to a future of flavored with growth, peace and happiness. That is the service Jeff would like to give back to the community where he has come to live. His past client-base has been broad... straight and gay clients, single or partnered, individuals/ couples/families, addiction issues, communications challenges, self-esteem building, dynamics of change, family or origin influences and relationship roles to name a few. Letting Go of the Past to Live Peacefully in the Present has also been a journey of many of his clients. His style is personable yet structured...and his goal is understanding, empathy, honest interaction and a sincere process. There will be reasonable challenges in each session as a majority of the work toward change happens outside the sessions. People have also called him an educator in sessions so learning and gaining new tools is a part of the process of his therapy practice. In the future he would also like to lead... 1) A relationship group for men straight and gay. 2) A co-dependency support group for women. 3) Psycho-educational seminars quarterly the general public. The Adventure and Magic of my 5 years of being part-time in Costa Rica and being here full time means... THE SKIES THE LIMIT!!! or When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Lemonade (Martha Stewart). PLAYITA Year XIII No. 49 December 2015-January

8 THE TIDE December date time height date time height date time height date time height 01 Tue 00: Tue 06: Tue 12: Tue 19: Wed 01: Wed 07: Wed 13: Wed 19: Thu 01: Thu 08: Thu 14: Thu 20: Fri 02: Fri 09: Fri 15: Fri 21: Sat 03: Sat 10: Sat 16: Sat 22: Sun 04: Sun 11: Sun 17: Sun 23: Mon 05: Mon 12: Mon 17: Tue 00: Tue 06: Tue 12: Tue 18: Wed 01: Wed 07: Wed 13: Wed 19: Thu 01: Thu 08: Thu 14: Thu 20: Fri 02: Fri 08: Fri 14: Fri 20: Sat 03: Sat 09: Sat 15: Sat 21: Sun 03: Sun 09: Sun 16: Sun 22: Mon 04: Mon 10: Mon 16: Mon 22: Tue 05: Tue 11: Tue 17: Tue 23: Wed 05: Wed 12: Wed 18: Thu 00: Thu 06: Thu 12: Thu 19: Fri 01: Fri 07: Fri 13: Fri 20: Sat 02: Sat 08: Sat 14: Sat 21: Sun 03: Sun 09: Sun 15: Sun 22: Mon 04: Mon 10: Mon 16: Mon 23: Tue 05: Tue 11: Tue 17: Wed 00: Wed 06: Wed 12: Wed 18: Thu 01: Thu 07: Thu 13: Thu 19: Fri 02: Fri 08: Fri 14: Fri 20: Sat 02: Sat 09: Sat 15: Sat 21: Sun 03: Sun 09: Sun 16: Sun 22: Mon 04: Mon 10: Mon 17: Mon 23: Tue 05: Tue 11: Tue 17: Tue 23: Wed 05: Wed 12: Wed 18: Thu 00: Thu 06: Thu 12: Thu 19: WEATHER: January 01 Fri 01: Fri 07: Fri 13: Fri 20: Sat 02: Sat 08: Sat 14: Sat 20: Sun 03: Sun 09: Sun 15: Sun 21: Mon 04: Mon 10: Mon 16: Mon 22: Tue 05: Tue 11: Tue 17: Tue 23: Wed 05: Wed 12: Wed 18: Thu 00: Thu 06: Thu 13: Thu 18: Fri 01: Fri 07: Fri 13: Fri 19: Sat 02: Sat 08: Sat 14: Sat 20: Sun 02: Sun 08: Sun 15: Sun 21: Mon 03: Mon 09: Mon 15: Mon 21: Tue 04: Tue 10: Tue 16: Tue 22: Wed 04: Wed 11: Wed 17: Wed 23: Thu 05: Thu 11: Thu 18: Fri 00: Fri 06: Fri 12: Fri 18: Sat 01: Sat 07: Sat 13: Sat 19: Sun 02: Sun 08: Sun 14: Sun 20: Mon 03: Mon 09: Mon 15: Mon 21: Tue 04: Tue 10: Tue 16: Tue 22: Wed 05: Wed 11: Wed 17: Thu 00: Thu 06: Thu 12: Thu 18: Fri 01: Fri 07: Fri 13: Fri 19: Sat 01: Sat 08: Sat 14: Sat 20: Sun 02: Sun 09: Sun 15: Sun 21: Mon 03: Mon 09: Mon 16: Mon 22: Tue 04: Tue 10: Tue 16: Tue 22: Wed 04: Wed 11: Wed 17: Wed 23: Thu 05: Thu 11: Thu 18: Fri 00: Fri 06: Fri 12: Fri 18: Sat 00: Sat 06: Sat 12: Sat 19: Sun 01: Sun 07: Sun 13: Sun 20: WEATHER: How to read the Tide (example): High Tides at 04:37AM (9.90 feet high) and at 17:06PM (10.23 feet high). Low Tides at 10:45AM (-1.18 feet high) and at 23:13PM (-0.82 feet high). WARNING: 01 Wed 04: Wed 10: Wed 17: Wed 23: To go to Playita DO NOT Cross the rocks 2 hours after or before High Tide 8 PLAYITA Year XIII No. 49 December 2015-January 2016

9 The Best Gay Sunset Bar of Manuel Antonio Open Thursday to Monday 4 pm to 1 am (Closed Tuesday & Wednesday) Special in drinks 5 to 7 New TAPAS MENU, come and try our great food Big New Year Party Reservations: com Follow us on Facebook: Bar Mogambo Raphael Terrazas

10 to Manue MASSAGE Manuel Antonio by Jesús Sancho V. Relaxation and comfort through a remarkable massage session. Deep Tissue Swedish Warm stone massage: Performing Thai in table, Stretching, Reflexology and Trigger Points 1 to San José 2 Boca Vieja Bus Station 7 Please, feel free to contact me! Ph manuelantoniomassage Estelle Mansuelle CERTIFIED TOUR GUIDE Visit of Manuel Antonio Park Personalized attention 13 Vacation Rental Contact: Ph.: (506) Cell Ph.: (506) MANUEL ANTONIO: 1. Hotel California & Papi Pachas Guaro Bar 2. Tico Tico Villas 3. Rest. Mar Luna 4. Jungle Loft 5. Casa Bosque Verde 6. Karma Lounge 7. Rest. Salsipuedes 8. Emilio s Café 9. Re/max - Vida Realty 10. LUSH Tapas & Lou 11. MA Fitness Gym 12. Hotel Villa Roca 13. Hotel La Mansión 14. Rest. Raphael s Te & Bar Mogambo 15. Hotel Vela Bar 16. El Faro Restauran Tel: (506) PLAYITA Year XIII No. 49 December 2015-January 2016

11 5 6 to the Airport QUEPOS: 1. Aventuras Tropicales 2. Kukulas Restaurant 3. Tres Niñas 4. Midworld 5. Escalofrío Pizzería y Restaurante 6. Rancho Los Tucanes 7. Z Seafoods & Grill Restaurant & Pizzería Open 2:30 pm (close on mondays) Reservations Ph: (506) Ph/Fax: (506) l Antonio Best Seafood in Town Best Ceviche in Quepos Open everyday (except Monday) 2 pm - 11 pm 700m before the entrance bridge of Quepos (main entrance to Boca Vieja) 2 Tel: (506) nge Inn rrazas te Call Cory Martin at Visit us at our office in Plaza Vista next to Banco Promerica. 11 PLAYITA Year XIII No. 49 December 2015-January

12 Tel: (506) Fax: (506) Toll free number: skype-msn: hotel.californiacr Hotel California, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. GPS: N W ELEV: 117M Spectacular Sunset Dolphins & Marine Life Snorkeling & Swimming Delicious Food Professional Crew Magnificent Coastal Views Happy Hour 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm Every Day but Mondays Road of Manuel Antonio, Quepos Phone: Phone:

13 Keep it Happy, Keep it Snappy, Keep it Gay Learn Spanish the EASY way! Hola amigos! Is everything alright? I hope you have read my tres previous articles. If not, contact me and I will them to you. They are ESSENTIAL because they teach you important stuff about español. Before to continue, let s match this: QUÉ? QUIÉN? DÓNDE? CUÁNTOS? CUÁNTO? CUÁL? CUÁNDO? CÓMO? POR QUÉ? WHY? HOW? WHEN? WHICH? HOW MUCH? HOW MANY? WHERE? WHO? WHAT? On location or In studio Deep Relaxing Therapeutic Welcome to my country! I am Osvaldo, the Pura Vida Masseur of Manuel Antonio. Certified & Experienced Massage Therapist By OS Beautifully done guys! Last issue I said I will talk about the super important WH Words in Spanish with more detail, so let s talk about the QUÉ? one: QUÉ es eso? = WHAT is that? Just put a dummy face, point to something and say: QUÉ es eso? This is my favorite question ever! Using that question you have a great way to start a conversation with someone and get a new word instantaneamente After you ask QUÉ es eso?, the other person will say the Spanish word for the thing or object you pointed at. Be ready to catch the word and repeat it, if you don t repeat it 100% wright, I am pretty sure the other person will correct you right away, if that happens, you just need to smile and repeat the word until you get it wright. Then say thank you=gracias and try to memorize the word. YOUR HOMEWORK. Find 100 native Spanish speakers (or lovers) and ask him/her: QUÉ es eso? Don t forget to point to the object, repeat the word three times and say gracias!!! Os has been teaching Spanish for more than 2000 days to ALL levels and ages Let him help you learn! Schedule a FREE Spanish Trial Lesson here in Manuel Antonio or through SKYPE (+506) PLAYITA Year XIII No. 49 December 2015-January

14 And & About By Jim St Marie Marcha de la Diversidad Planning is already underway for the Manuel Antonio/Quepos entry for the 2016 Marcha de la Diversidad (Gay Pride Parade) on June 26 in San Jose! The goal of a Pride Parade is to bring LGBT persons from all walks of life together to work on a project showing their community support and the spirit of that community. Putting aside pettiness and egos to show the world that we are proud and that there is no shame in being who we are. Already on board as members of the planning committee are local businesses Vela Bar, Salsipuedes Tapas Bar, Karma Lounge, Mid World Costa Rica, GayTours, Playita, Gay Manuel Antonio and Ita Events. In our resort community, we are at the beginning of high season so many of those who are the pillars of gay life here are necessarily involved in maintaining the success of their individual businesses and are not yet able to devote a lot of their time and effort to the Gay Pride project. Although I have lived here for only a few years, I have seen a need to begin the processes of planning and fundraising much earlier than previously done in order to make our presentation more complete and, yes, maybe even more extravagant than in previous years. I have, therefore, volunteered to assist in the planning, fundraising and execution of next year s entry. I do not undertake this responsibility without an understanding of what is needed. I have previously assisted on more than a dozen Pride committees in both Los Angeles and Las Vegas. I have also witnessed the efforts put forth by some of the regional leaders here in Manuel Antonio/ Quepos. My personal desire is to coordinate and direct (with input from all) from this early starting point to ensure that this community is represented most effectively. To date we have finalized three separate events to be held before the end of this year. On Sunday, November 29th the Pride Committee will be joining with GayToursCR at their weekly Sunset Session at Salsipuedes from 4 to 8PM. On Saturday, December 5th we will be included in the High Season Grand Opening Pool Party at Villa Roca, from 4 to 8PM and on Wednesday, December 9th we will be at Karma Lounge from 6 to 11PM for a special evening welcoming the passengers of Brand G Vacations, the first gay cruise to venture back to Quepos/ Manuel Antonio in several years! At all three of these functions and in support of the Gay Pride Committee, we will be joined by both the creators and various models of the Men of Manuel Antonio Calendar for a launch celebration. There are also many upcoming events that we are working on with local business entities! The owners of the website Gay Manuel Antonio will be donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Men of Manuel Antonio calendars to the Titi Conservation Alliance and the Pride Committee fund. Please support our community and join us at any of these events! You can also sign up to assist our committee in any way you are comfortable or send an ! Jim St. Marie 14 PLAYITA Year XIII No. 49 December 2015-January 2016

15 ! milio s e Fresh breads Sandwiches Desserts Croissants Salads Falafel Coffee Espresso Chai Specialty Teas Iced Coffee and much more! Panes frescos Sandwiches Postres Croissants Ensaladas Falafel Cafe Espresso Chai Te Cafe Frio y mucho mas! Excellent Manuel Antonio Location! HOMEMADE! FRESH! DELICIOUS! n 6:30am-9pm S TU S T 6:30am-9pm T S BEST COFFEE in TOWN! Frente Before a Hotel la Plaza Mariposa, de Futbol en Manuel Antonio Gay Owned Spacious Vacation Rental Be Yourself at Secluded Pool Walk to Beach, Restaurants, Stores 3 Bedrooms, Sleeps 6 To book The best way to experience Manuel Antonio s Coast! PRIVATE COASTAL TOUR $110 / PP PRIVATE BOAT RENTALS starting from $195 2,4 or 8 Hrs. with or without Captain EAT DRINK LAUGH SWIM SNORKEL FISH WHALE & DOLPHIN WATCH VISIT DIFFERENT BEACHES BOOK YOUR TOUR HERE LOCATED AT MARINA PEZ VELA

16 The Mangrove tour with the personal touch! Montain Bike Tour Don't miss the opportunity to see and learn about this incredible habitat called Mangrove! For more info: (506) Enjoy an entertaining and cultural tour where you can see how our peasants live and produce and the oil palm process, besides enjoying the views of the area. Do not miss it, we are looking forward to your visit! Book Now: (506) Nature & Adventure Tours Kayaking Tours & Snorkeling Horseback Riding Tours & Waterfalls White Water Rafting Damas Island - Safari Boat Trip Manuel Antonio Park Tour Follow Rancho Los Tucanes on Tripadvisor (506)

17 By Jose Chaves New Mountain Bike Tour Experience this adventure on wheels and work out at the same time. This tour will take you through the countryside of Damas Town, Quepos and the amazing Palm Oil Plantations. Learn the process of making palm oil from harvest to finished product. Check out how Costa Ricans live in the country side as you ride by other types of plantations: papaya, teak wood and watermelon. Enjoy the great landscape of Costa Rica passing through old towns and across creeks and rivers. This tour has two levels: Beginners - flat trail of 14 Km (8.78 miles) and Experts - a total of 28 km (17.40 miles). The last one is 50% flat and 50% mountain trails. Both levels have refreshing river swim time breaks in the middle of their tours. The Expert riders go up to an amazing waterfall for their swim break! After the ride you return to our base for a nice warm typical Costa Rican meal. The tour cost is $65 and includes round trip transportation from your hotel, all equipment needed, hydration on the ride and a meal at the end of the tour. You can choose either morning at 7:30 am or afternoon at 11:30 am. You must bring sport clothing, tennis shoes, sunblock, bathing suit and ADRENALINE! Tuesday afternoon is the GAYTOURS on bike. For more information or reservations at the phone number or send a to Don t miss the chance to experience Costa Rica from a bike! PLAYITA Year XIII No. 49 December 2015-January

18 MANUEL ANTONIO DIRECTORY BARS Bat Cave (506) Inside La Mansion Inn t Karma Lounge Below Victoria s restaurant Cockatoo Building t Mogambo (506) By Raphael Terrazas Top Floor HOTELS Hotel Vela Bar (506) m before Manuel Antonio Park Hotel California (506) Next to Villa Las Palmas La Mansión Inn (506) / (506) Road to El Parador t Villa Roca: (506) Next to Hotel Si Como No MASSAGE & WELLNESS MA Fitness (506) Plaza Vista 2 nd Floor Massage Manuel Antonio (506) Jesus Sancho MASSAGE THERAPY by Os Massage - Physical Therapist (506) Massage Todd: (506) Professional Massage at your hotel RESTAURANTS Cousteau Restaurant (506) At La Mansión Inn Emilio s Café (506) Before Hotel Mariposa, Manuel Antonio El Faro Restaurant (506) m before Manuel Antonio Park Escalofrio Restaurante y Pizzería (506) Quepos Downtown t Exclusive Gay Kukula Restaurant (506) Boca Vieja, Quepos Lush Tapas & Lounge (506) Plaza Vista 2 nd Floor MarLuna (506) Near Manuel Antonio School Raphael s Terrazas (506) Main road to the National Park, beside the entry to Arboleda Hotel Salsipuedes Tapas Bar (506) Across the street from Banca Promerica Z Seafood and Grill (506) At Marina Pez Vela, Quepos SERVICES Jeff Olson M.A. in MFT CR (506) US Sarah Yunker LGBT Professional Photography Services (506) Roberto Estrada Konig Architect (506) TOURS Aventuras Tropicales (506) Damas t Gaytours (506) Fax (506) Manuel Antonio Park (506) Estelle Profesional Guide Quepos MidWorld (506) Canopy Centro Comercial La Garza Quepos downtown Rancho Los Tucanes (506) Quepos in the road to the airport l Gay friendly Sunset Sails (506) / (506) Tres Niñas English (506) Español (506) Quepos VACATION RENTALS & REAL ESTATE Casa Bosque Verde Canada contact (403) east from Super Joseph Manuel Antonio Jungle Loft (506) Behind Villa Canyon Verde Re/Max Vida Realty Real Estate (506) / (506) (506) / (506) Across the street from Cafe Milagro t Tico Tico Villas Flexible stay Studio Apartments (506) CR Mobile (702) US Mobile Manuel Antonio 18 PLAYITA Year XIII No. 49 December 2015-January 2016

19 The gay friendly tapas place, with an incredible ocean view and latin music!!! Across the street from Bco. Promérica, Manuel Antonio Open daily at 7 am-10 pm (closed Wednesdays)

20 GAYSCHEDULE Follow Us EVERYDAY Make Your Own Tour by Tres Niñas Boat Rental Starting $195 2 hours (1 to 8 people) EVERYDAY Hiking in Manuel Antonio Park $55 Pick up 12:30 pm* MONDAYS Damas Island Mangrove Tour $65 Pick up: High Tide of the day TUESDAYS Mountain Bike Tour $65 Pick up 12:00 noon* WEDNESDAYS Sunset Sail $80 Pick up 2:00 pm* Your way to fun in Manuel Antonio THURSDAYS Canopy Tour $80 Pick up 12:30 pm* FRIDAYS Horseback Riding $69 Pick up: 11:30 am* SATURDAYS Sunset Sail $80 Pick up 2:00 pm* SUNDAYS White Water Rafting $89 Full Day Pick up 8:00 am* *Times subject to change. Between December 1st and April 30th, (High Season) the tours tend to be more in the afternoons and are more exclusively LGBT. From May 1st till November 30th, (Green Season) the tours tend to be in the mornings, with mixed crowds, but always with the most gay friendly tour operators and crew. RESERVATIONS: (506) / SUNSET SESSION EVERY SUNDAY from 4 to 8 pm Happy Hour 4 to 6 Beer (Imperial y Pilsen) 1000 colones Guaro Sour 2X colones HOSTED BY Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica Across from Banco de Costa Rica Infoline: Located Below Victoria s Restaurant Happy hour 8 to 10 pm Open Tuesday through Sunday 7 pm Manuel Antonio s #1 Gay Bar!