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1 ARMY Photo Courtesy of Damian Trice Phone Orders: (800) (256) Fax Orders: (800) Catalog 134

2 2 ACU Patches with Hook Fastener 1st Infantry Div PV-0001A 1st Armor Div PV-0001B 1st Cavalry Div PV-0001C 1st Army PV-0001D 1st Aviation Bde PV-0001E 1st Corps PV-0001F 1st Field Force PV-0001G 1st Support Cmd PV-0001H 1st Personnel Cmd PV-0001I 1st Signal Bde PV-0001J 1st Mar Exp Frc PV-0001K 1st Medical Bde PV-0001L 1st Info Op Cmd PV-0001M 1st Space Bde PV-0001N 1st Sustainment Bde PV-0001O 1st Infantry Div PV-0001P 1st Man Enhance PV-0001Q 1st Eng Bde PV-0001S 1st Marine Div PV-0001U 1st Mission Spt Cmd PV-0001V 2nd Infantry Div PV-0002A 2nd Armor Div PV-0002B 2nd Army Cavalry PV-0002C 2nd Army PV-0002D 2nd Field Force PV-0002E 2nd Mil Int Cmd PV-0002F 2nd Signal Bde PV-0002G 2nd Support Bde PV-0002H 2nd Medical Bde PV-0002I 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing PV-0002J 2nd Eng Bde PV-0002K 2nd Marine Div PV-0002U 3rd Infantry Div PV-0003A 3rd Armor Div PV-0003B 3rd Army PV-0003C 3rd Corps PV-0003D 3rd COSCOM PV-0003E 3rd Personnel Cmd PV-0003F 3rd Signal Bde PV-0003G 3rd Cav Regt PV-0003H 3rd Med Cmd PV-0003I 3rd Trans Agency PV-0003J 3rd Chemical Bde PV-0003K 3rd Sust Bde PV-0003L 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing PV-0003M 3rd Man Enhance Bde PV-0003N 3rd Marine Div PV-0003U 4th Infantry Div PV-0004A 4th Army PV-0004B 4th Trans Cmd PV-0004C 4th Medical Bde PV-0004D 4th Man Enhan Bde PV-0004E 4th Sust Cmd PV-0004K 4th Sust Bde PV-0004L 5th Infantry Div PV-0005A 5th Army PV-0005B 5th Corps PV-0005C 5th Bde Trn PV-0005D 5th Signal Cmd PV-0005E 5th Medical Bde PV-0005G 6th Infantry Div PV-0006A 6th Army PV-0006B 6th Army Cavalry PV-0006C 6th Cav Bde PV-0006D 6th Signal Cmd PV-0006E 7th Inf Div PV-0007A 7th Army PV-0007B 7th Corps PV-0007C 7th Army Spt Cmd PV-0007D 7th Engineer Bde PV-0007E 7th Medical Cmd PV-0007F 7th Signal Bde PV-0007G 7th Trans Cmd PV-0007H 7th Army Reserve Cmd PV-0007I 7th Civil Spt Cmd PV-0007J 8th Infantry Div PV-0008A 8th Army PV-0008B 8th Medical Bde PV-0008C 8th Personnel Cmd PV-0008D 8th MP Bde PV-0008E 8th Theater Sust Cmd PV-0008F 9th Infantry Div PV-0009A 9th Corps PV-0009B 9th Support Cmd PV-0009C 10th Infantry Div PV-0010A 10th ADA PV-0010B 10th Personnel Cmd PV-0010C 10th Sustainment Bde PV-0010D Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

3 ACU Patches with Hook Fastener Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at th Arm Cavalry PV-0011A 11th ADA PV-0011B 11th Aviation Bde PV-0011C 11th Signal Bde PV-0011D 11th MP Bde PV-0011E 12th Aviation Bde PV-0012A 13th Sust Cmd PV-0013A 13th Finance Gp PV-0013B 13th Army Band PV-0013C 14th MP Bde PV-0014A 15th Sustainment Bde PV-0015A 15th Signal Bde PV-0015B 15th MP Bde PV-0015C 16th MP Bde PV-0016A 16th Engineer Bde PV-0016B 16th Sustainment Bde PV-0016C 16th Avn Bde PV-0016D 17th Aviation Bde PV-0017A 17th FA Bde PV-0017B 17th Sustainment Bde PV-0017C 18th Airborne Corps PV-0018A 18th Aviation Bde PV-0018B 18th Engineer Bde PV-0018D 18th FA Bde PV-0018E 18th Medical Bde PV-0018F 18th MP Bde PV-0018G 19th Support Cmd PV-0019A 20th Engineer Bde PV-0020A 20th Aviation Bde PV-0020B 20th Support Cmd PV-0020C 21st Sust Cmd PV-0021A 21st Cavalry Bde PV-0021B 21st Signal Bde PV-0021C 22nd Support Bde PV-0022A 22nd Signal Bde PV-0022B 23rd Corps PV-0023A 23rd Infantry Div PV-0023B 24th Infantry Div PV-0024A 24th Corps PV-0024B 25th Infantry Div PV-0025A 26th Man Enhan Bde PV-0026A 27th Infantry Bde PV-0027A 28th Infantry Div PV-0028A 29th Infantry Bde PV-0029A 29th Infantry Div PV-0029B 30th Armor Bde PV-0030A 30th Armor Div PV-0030B 30th Armored Bde PV-0030D 30th Medical Bde PV-0030E 30th ADA Bde PV-0030F 31st ADA PV-0031A 31st Armor Bde PV-0031B 32nd ADA PV-0032A 32nd Infantry Bde PV-0032B 32nd Support Cmd PV-0032C 32nd Medical Bde PV-0032D 33rd Infantry Bde PV-0033A 34th Infantry Div PV-0034A 35th ADA PV-0035A 35th Engineer Bde PV-0035B 35th Infantry Div PV-0035C 35th Signal Bde PV-0035D 36th Infantry Div PV-0036A 36th Engineer Group PV-0036B 36th Sustainment Bde PV-0036C 37th Trans Gp PV-0037A 37th Inf Bde CMBT PV-0037B 38th Infantry Div PV-0038A 38th Sust Bde PV-0038B 38th ADA Bde PV-0038C 39th Infantry Bde PV-0039A 40th Armor Bde PV-0040A 40th Infantry Div PV-0040B 41st FA Bde PV-0041A 41st Infantry Div PV-0041B 42nd FA Bde PV-0042A 42nd Infantry Div PV-0042B 42nd MP Bde PV-0042C 42nd Spt Gp PV-0042D 43rd Infantry Bde PV-0043A 43 MP Bde PV-0043B 43d Sustainment Bde PV-0043C 44th Medical Bde PV-0044A 45th Infantry Bde PV-0045A 45th FA Bde PV-0045B 45th Sustainment Bde PV-0045C 46th MP Command PV-0046A 47th Infantry Div PV-0047A Web:

4 4 ACU Patches with Hook Fastener 48th Infantry Bde PV-0048A 48th Chem Bde PV-0048B 49th Armor Div PV-0049A 49th MP Bde PV-0049B 49th QM Group PV-0049C 50th Armor Div PV-0050A 50th Infantry Bde PV-0050B 50th Support Gp PV-0050C 52nd Ord Group PV-0052A 53rd Signal Bde PV-0053A 53rd Infantry Bde PV-0053B 54th FA Bde PV-0054A 55th Sustainment Bde PV-0055A 56th FA Bde PV-0056A 57th FA Bde PV-0057A 58th Infantry Bde PV-0058A 59th Ordance Bde PV-0059A 62nd Medical Bde PV-0062A 63rd Infantry Div PV-0063A 63rd Aviation Bde PV-0063B 65th Fires Bdg PV-0065B 66th Aviation Bde PV-0066A 66th Mil Int Bde PV-0066B 67th Battlefield Surv PV-0067A 67th Army Band PV-0067B 69th ADA PV-0069A 70th Infantry Div PV-0070A 71st Ordnance Gp PV-0071A 72nd FA Bde PV-0072A 73rd Infantry Bde PV-0073A 75th FA Bde PV-0075A 75th Infantry Div PV-0075B 75th Infantry Scroll PV-0075C 1/75th Infantry Scroll PV-0075D 2/75th Infantry Scroll PV-0075E 3/75th Infantry Scroll PV-0075F 75th Ranger, STB PV-0075G 76th Infantry Div PV-0076A 76th Infantry Bde PV-0076B 77th Sust Bde PV-0077A 77th Avn Bde PV-0077B 78th Infantry Div PV-0078A 78th Avn Trp Cmd PV-0078B 79th Infantry Div PV-0079A 79th Infantry CT PV-0079B 80th Infantry Div PV-0080A 81st ARCOM PV-0081A 81st Infantry Bde PV-0081B 82nd Airborne Div PV-0082A 82nd Sust Bde PV-0082B 83rd Infantry Div PV-0083A 84th Infantry Div PV-0084A 85th Infantry Div PV-0085A 85th Civ Aff PV-0085C 86th Infantry Div PV-0086A 86th Infantry Bde PV-0086B 87th Infantry Div PV-0087A 88th Reg Spt Cmd PV-0088A 89th Infantry Div PV-0089A 89th MP Bde PV-0089B 90th RES Cmd PV-0090A 91st Infantry Div PV-0091A 92nd Infantry Bde PV-0092A 93rd Signal Bde PV-0093A 94th ADA PV-0094A 94th Infantry Div PV-0094B 94th Army Band PV-0094C 95th Infantry Div PV-0095A 95th Civil Affairs Bde PV-0095B 96th ARCOM PV-0096A 97th Training Bde PV-0097A 98th ARCOM PV-0098A 99th ARCOM PV-0099A 100th Infantry Div PV-0100A 100th Missile Def Bde PV-0100B 101st Airborne Div PV-0101A 101st Sust Bde PV-0101B 102nd ARCOM PV-0102A 103rd FA Bde PV-0103A 103rd Sust Cmd PV-0103B 104th Infantry Div PV-0104A 106th Signal Bde PV-0106A 107th Armored Cavalry PV-0107A 108th Abn Div PV-0108A 108th ADA PV-0108B 108th Sustainment Bde PV-0108C 110th Aviation Bde PV-0110A 110th Man Enhan Bde PV-0110B Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

5 ACU Patches with Hook Fastener Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at th ADA PV-0111A 111th Eng Bde PV-0111B 112th Med Bde PV-0112A 113th FA Bde PV-0113A 113th Sustainment Bde PV-0113B 115th FA Bde PV-0115A 115th Support Group PV-0115B 116th Infantry Bde PV-0116A 116th Arm Cav PV-0116B 120th ARCOM PV-0120A 120th Infantry Bde PV-0120B 121st ARCOM PV-0121A 122nd ARCOM PV-0122A 122nd Army Band PV-0122B 123rd ARCOM PV-0123A 124th ARCOM PV-0124A 124th Trans Cmd PV-0124B 125th ARCOM PV-0125A 125th Trans Cmd PV-0125B 128th Aviation PV-0128A 130th Engineer Bde PV-0130A 130th FA Bde PV-0130B 130th Man Enhan Bde PV-0130C 135th FA Bde PV-0135A 135th Sust Cmd PV-0135B 135th Army Band PV-0135C 136th Man Enhan Bde PV-0136A 138th FA Bde PV-0138A 141st Man Enhan Bde PV-0141A 142nd FA Bde PV-0142A 142nd Signal Bde PV-0142B 142 Btlfld Srv PV-0142C 143rd Trans Cmd PV-0143A 149th Armor Bde PV-0149A 151st FA Bde PV-0151A 153rd FA Bde PV-0153A 155th Armor Bde PV-0155A 156th QM Cmd PV-0156A 157th Infantry Bde PV-0157A 158th Infantry Bde PV-0158A 158th Mnvr Enh Bde PV-0158B 160th Signal Bde PV-0160A 162nd Infantry Bde PV-0162A 163rd Arm Cav PV-0163A 164th ADA PV-0164A 165th Inf Bde PV-0165A 166th Avn Bde PV-0166A 167th Sust Cmd PV-0167A 168th Eng Bde PV-0168A 169th FA Bde PV-0169A 170th Infantry Div PV-0170A 171st Infantry Bde PV-0171A 172nd Infantry Bde PV-0172A 173rd Abn Bde PV-0173A 174th Inf Bde PV-0174A 174th ADA PV-0174B 175th Finance Ctr PV-0175A 175th Medical Bde PV-0175B 176th Engineer Bde PV-0176A 177th Armor Bde PV-0177A 177th MP Bde PV-0177B 181st Inf Bde PV-0181A 184th Sust Cmd PV-0184A 185th Aviation Bde PV-0185A 187th Infantry Bde PV-0187B 187th Signal Bde PV-0187C 188th Infantry Bde PV-0188A 189th Inf Bde PV-0189A 192nd Infantry Bde PV-0192A 193rd Infantry Bde PV-0193A 194th Armor Bde PV-0194A 194th Engineer Bde PV-0194B 196th Infantry Bde PV-0196A 196th FA Bde PV-0196B 196th Man Enh Bde PV-0196C 197th Infantry Bde PV-0197A 197th FA Bde PV-0197B 198th Infantry Bde PV-0198A 198th Army Band PV-0198B 199th Infantry Bde PV-0199A 200th MP Cmd PV-0200A 201st Mil Int Bde PV-0201A 204th Man Enhan Bde PV-0204A 204th Army Band PV-0204B 205th Infantry Bde PV-0205A 205th Mil Int Bde PV-0205B 207th Mil Int Bde PV-0207A 209th FA Bde PV-0209A Web:

6 6 ACU Patches with Hook Fastener 210th FA Bde PV-0210A 212th FA Bde PV-0212A 213th Med Bde PV-0213A 213th Support Gp PV-0213B 214th FA Bde PV-0214A 218th Infantry Bde PV-0218A 219th Battlefield Surv PV-0219A 220th MP Bde PV-0220A 221st MP Bde PV-0221A 224th FA Bde PV-0224A 224th Sust Bde PV-0224B 225th Eng Bde PV-0225A 226th Man Enhan Bde PV-0226A 227th FA Bde PV-0227A 228th Signal Bde PV-0228A 230th Sust Bde PV-0230A 244th Avn Bde PV-0244A 256th Infantry Bde PV-0256A 260th MP Bde PV-0260A 261st Signal Bde PV-0261A 263rd ADA PV-0263A 266th Finance Ctr PV-0266A 278th Arm Cavalry PV-0278A 279th Support Bde PV-0279A 287th Sust Bde PV-0287A 290th MP Bde PV-0290A 300th Mil Int Bde PV-0300A 300th MP Bde PV-0300B 300th Sust Bde PV-0300C 301st Support Cmd PV-0301A 301st Cmbt Spt Bde PV-0301B 303rd Man Enhan Bde PV-0303A 304th Sust Bde PV-0304A 304th Civ Affairs Cmd PV-0304B 308th Civil Affairs PV-0308A 310th Support Cmd PV-0310A 311th Sust Cmd PV-0311A 311th Signal Cmd PV-0311B 316th Sust Cmd PV-0316A 316th Cav Bde PV-0316B 319th Mil Int PV-0319A 319th Trans Bde PV-0319B 321st Sustainment Bde PV-0321A 321st Civ Aff Bde PV-0321B 322nd Civ Aff Bde PV-0322A 330th Medical Bde PV-0330A 332nd Medical Bde PV-0332A 333rd MP Bde PV-0333A 335th Signal Bde PV-0335A 336th Finance Cmd PV-0336A 336th Trans Gp PV-0336B 338th Medical Bde PV-0338A 347th Support Gp PV-0347A 350th Civil Affairs Bde PV-0350A 351st Civil Affairs PV-0351A 352nd Civil Affairs PV-0352A 353rd Civil Affairs PV-0353A 357th A&M Def Det PV-0357A 359th Signal Bde PV-0359A 364th Civil Affairs PV-0364A 364th Sust Cmd PV-0364B 369th Sust Bde PV-0369A 371st Sust Bde PV-0371A 372nd Eng Bde PV-0372A 377th Support Cmd PV-0377A 401st Support Bde PV-0401A 402nd Trans PV-0402A 402nd Support Bde PV-0402B 403rd Spt Bde PV-0403A 404th Man En Bde PV-0404A 404th Spt Bde PV-0404B 406th Spt Bde PV-0406A 407th Support Bde PV-0407A 408th Spt Bde PV-0408A 409th Support Bde PV-0409A 410th Support Bde PV-0410A 411th Engineer Bde PV-0411A 412th Engineer Bde PV-0412A 415th Chemical Bde PV-0415A 416th Engineers Bde PV-0416A 420th Engineers Bde PV-0420A 425th Trans Bde PV-0425A 426th Medical Bde PV-0426A 428th FA Bde PV-0428A 434th FA Bde PV-0434A 442nd Infantry PV-0442A 449th Avn Bde PV-0449A 451st Sust Cmd PV-0451A Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

7 ACU Patches with Hook Fastener Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at th Chemical Bde PV-0455A 460th Chemical Bde PV-0460A 464th Chemical Bde PV-0464A 470th Mil Int Bde PV-0470A 479th FA Bde PV-0479A 484th Army Band PV-0484A 500th Mil Int PV-0500A 501st Mil Int Bde PV-0501A 501st Sustainment Bde PV-0501B 504th MI Bde PV-0504A 505th Sig Bde PV-0505A 509th Inf Geronimo PV-0509A 513th MI Bde PV-0513A 516th Signal Bde PV-0516A 525th BSB PV-0525A 528th Sust Bde PV-0528A 555th Engineer Gp PV-0555A 560th Btlfld Surv Bde PV-0560A 572nd Maint PV-0572A 593rd Sust Bde PV-0593A 631st FA Bde PV-0631A 648th Man Enhan Bde PV-0648A 650th MI Gp PV-0650A 704th Mil Intel Bde PV-0704A 734th Spt Gp PV-0734A 804th Hospital Ctr PV-0804A 807th Medical Bde PV-0807A 818th Hospital Bde PV-0818A 902nd Mil Intel Gp PV-0902A 916th Support Bde PV-0916A 926th Eng Bde PV-0926A 1101st Signal Bde PV-1101A 1104th Signal Bde PV-1104A 1107th Signal Bde PV-1107A 1108th Signal PV-1108A 1889th Spt Gp PV-1889A Army Correction Cmd PV-ACC Aquisition Spt Ctr PV-ACQ Air Defense Center PV-ADEFC Afghan Comb Forces PV-AFGHAN US Africa Command PV-AFRICA Allied Cmd Europe PV-ALLIED Ammun Surveillance PV-AMMUN Aviation Trn PV-ANTRN Army Res Careers Div PV-ARCD Armor Center PV-ARCTR Armor Plain PV-ARMOR Army of One PV-ARMY Army NG School PV-ARNG SCH Armor School PV-ARSCH Army Sec Agcy PV-ASA Asymmetric War Gp PV-ASYM Air Traffic Svc Cmd PV-ATC Avn Log School PV-AVNLO Berlin Cmd PV-BERLI Broadcasting Service PV-BROAD Chemical Brassard PV-CBRN Central Command PV-CENT Chemical Trn Sch PV-CESCH Cmd & Gen Staff Schl PV-CGS Chaplain Ctr & Schl PV-CHAP CID PV-CID NG Civil Spt TMS PV-CIV SPT Civil Affairs & Pysch Cmd PV-CIVAFF Cmbd Joint Interagency Task PV-CJITF CMB Sec Trn Cmd PV-CMBST/O CMB Security Trn Cmd Afghan PV-CMBST/N Computer Sys Cmd PV-COMP Combined Arms & Spt Cmd PV-COSCOM Corps of Engineers PV-CPENG Criminal Invest Cmd PV-CRIMI DARCOM PV-DARCM Def Language Inst PV-DEFLANGINST Dept of Army Guard PV-DOA GUARD Dept of Army Police PV-DOA POLICE Engr Field Sup Act PV-ENFSA Eng Cmd Vietnam PV-ENGCM Engineers School PV-ENSCH Explosive Ord Disposal PV-EOD European Cmd PV-EUROP Field Artillery School PV-FASCH Fires Ctr of Excl PV-FCOE Foreign Intel Cmd PV-FORINTEL FORSCOM PV-FORSC Hawaii PV-HAWAII Health Service Cmd PV-HESVC HQ Command PV-HQCMD Info & Data Sy Cmd PV-INFOR Web:

8 8 ACU Patches with Hook Fastener Infantry School PV-INSCH Intell/Security Cmd PV-INSEC Installation Mgt PV-INST Info Sys Eng Cmd PV-INSYS Intell Agency PV-INTEL Indv Ready Res PV-IRRES Int St Afghan Force PV-ISAF Info Sys Cmd PV-ISC Judge Advocate Gen PV-JAG Japan PV-JAPAN JFK Spc Warfare PV-JFKSW Joint Readiness Cmd PV-JNTRE JROTC PV-JROTC Jungle Expert PV-JUNEX Legal Service Agency PV-LEG Logistics Center PV-LOG Logistics Specialist PV-LOGIS MAC V PV-MACV Man Spt Ctr of Excl of Ft. Lenoardwood PV-MAN Man Ctr of Excel PV-MCE Medical School PV-MED Joint Medical Cmd PV-MEDCMD Medic PV-MEDIC Med Cmd Korea PV-MEKOR Multinatl Force-Iraq PV-MFIRAQ Mil Dist of Wash PV-MIDIS Mil Per Center PV-MIL Mil Entr & Processing PV-MILEN Mil Intel Readi Cmd PV-MINTRE Mil Intell School PV-MISCH Mil Traffic Mgmt Cmd PV-MITFC Multintl Corps PV-MNCORPS Missile School PV-MNSCH MP Brassard PV-MP MP Hawaii PV-MP HAWAII MP Cmd Panama PV-MPCMD MP Trn School PV-MPSCH Multi Nat l Forces & Obsv PV-MULTINATIONAL NG Recruit & Retention PV-NG North Atlantic Treaty Organization PV-NATO NG Training Center PV-NG TRN NA Aerospace Def Cmd PV-NORAD Northern Command PV-NORTH National Trn Center PV-NTLTN NATO-OTAN Trn Mission-Afghan PV-NTMA Opns Spt Airlift Cmd PV-OPNS Ordnance Trn Schl PV-ORSCH Army HQ Pacific Cmd PV-PACCMD Personnel-DOD PV-PER QM Trn School PV-QMSCH Recruiting Cmd PV-RECMD Reserve Cmd PV-RESCMD Mil Research & Dev PV-RESEA USAR Med Cmd PV-RESMED Army Resv Pers Ctr PV-RESPER USAR Readiness Cmd PV-RESRED ROTC Cadet PV-ROTC School of Americas PV-SCHAM Selective Service PV-SESVC SETAF PV-SETAF Special Forces PV-SFORC SGM Academy PV-SGMAC Signal Trn School PV-SIGSCH Unified Ops Cmd PV-SOCOM Soldier Media Ctr PV-SOLDMEDIA Spec Op Cmd PV-SOPER Spec Op Cmd Africa PV-SOPER/A Spec OP Cmd Central PV-SOPER/C Spec OP Cmd Europe PV-SOPER/E Spec OP Cmd Korea PV-SOPER/K Spec OP Cmd Pacific PV-SOPER/P Spec OP Cmd South PV-SOPER/S Southern Cmd PV-SOUTH USAR Southern Cmd PV-SOUTHERN Joint Forces Cmd PV-SPC Space Cmd PV-SPCCD Soldier Support Ctr PV-SSC Space & Strategic Defense Cmd PV-SSDC Staff Support PV-STAFF Army Strat Cmd PV-STRAT Sust Ctr of Excl PV-SUSTCTR Total Army Pers Cmd PV-TAPC Trans Trn School PV-TCSCH Test & Exp Cmd PV-TEXCO TRADOC PV-TRADO Transportation Cmd PV-TRANCOM Trial Def Svc PV-TRIAL Training Ctr PV-TRN CNT Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

9 ACU State National Guard HQs Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at 9 Texas State Guard PV-TXSG US Army Alaska PV-USAAK USA Europe PV-USAEU USA Cyber Cmd PV-USACC US Army Mission PV-USAM USA Retired PV-USAR USAR Res Legal Cmd PV-USARLC USA Vietnam PV-USAVN Joint Force Cmd PV-USJFC US Mil Academy (Cadets) PV-USMAC US Mil Academy (Instructor) PV-USMAI CALL FOR UNIT PRICING Speak with one of our sales representatives to see if you qualify for special pricing. War College PV-WAR Warrant Officer Career Ctr PV-WARRANT Western Hemisphere Inst for Security PV-WEST WESTCOM PV-WESTC ACU Tabs ACU BAGS & PACKS pgs Airborne PVT-101 Ranger PVT-102 Special Forces PVT-103 Mountain PVT-104 Sapper PVT-105 Recon PVT-111 Honor Guard PVT-113 President s Hundred PVT-115 Sniper PVT-SNIPER ACU State National Guard HQs Alaska PV-NG/AK Alabama PV-NG/AL Arkansas PV-NG/AR Arizona PV-NG/AZ California PV-NG/CA Colorado PV-NG/CO Connecticut PV-NG/CT District of Columbia PV-NG/DC Delaware PV-NG/DE Florida PV-NG/FL Georgia PV-NG/GA Guam PV-NG/GU Hawaii PV-NG/HI Iowa PV-NG/IA Idaho PV-NG/ID Illinois PV-NG/IL Indiana PV-NG/IN Kansas PV-NG/KS Kentucky PV-NG/KY Louisiana PV-NG/LA Massachusetts PV-NG/MA Maryland PV-NG/MD Maine PV-NG/ME Michigan PV-NG/MI Minnesota PV-NG/MN Missouri PV-NG/MO Mississippi PV-NG/MS Montana PV-NG/MT North Carolina PV-NG/NC North Dakota PV-NG/ND Nebraska PV-NG/NE New Hampshire PV-NG/NH New Jersey PV-NG/NJ New Mexico PV-NG/NM Nevada PV-NG/NV New York PV-NG/NY Ohio PV-NG/OH Oklahoma PV-NG/OK Oregon PV-NG/OR Pennsylvania PV-NG/PA Puerto Rico PV-NG/PR Rhode Island PV-NG/RI South Carolina PV-NG/SC South Dakota PV-NG/SD Tennessee PV-NG/TN Texas PV-NG/TX Utah PV-NG/UT Virginia PV-NG/VA Virgin Islands PV-NG/VI Vermont PV-NG/VT Washington PV-NG/WA Wisconsin PV-NG/WI West Virginia PV-NG/WV Wyoming PV-NG/WY Web:

10 10 ACU Uniform Accessories Helmet Bands with Cat Eyes Dog Tags Choose what information you want sewn onto your helmet band. Select from one of the following options. No letter after Item # = Blank helmet bands A after Item # = Name only B after Item # = Name and Blood Type C after Item # = Name and Roster Number D after Item # = Name, Blood Type and Roster Number Silver Dog Tag Available in Dull DT-02A Shiny DT-02B Black Dog Tag Available in Matte DT-03A Enameled DT-03B Dog Tag Silencers DT-07 ACU Foliage Green Band HELMET BAND-01 A POS C1234 Helmet Band Name Tape EMB-152D Chains Available in 5, 24, and 30 Silver Chain 24 DT DT-04L 5 DT-05 Black Chain 24 DT-08B 5 DT-09 Dog Tag Set Nickel - Dull DT-01S Dog Tag Set Black DT-01B Black Metal Badges Aviator Senior Aviator Master Aviator Aircraft Crewman Senior Aircraft Crewman Master Aircraft Crewman Parachutist Para w/1 C Star Para w/2 C Star Para w/3 C Star Para w/4 C Star Sr Parachutist BM-301 BM-302 BM-303 BM-304 BM-305 BM-306 BM-307 BM BM BM BM BM-308 Sr Para w/1 C Star Sr Para w/2 C Star Sr Para w/3 C Star Sr Para w/4 C Star Master Parachutist Master Para w/1 C Star Master Para w/2 C Star Master Para w/3 C Star Master Para w/4 C Star Combat Action Badge Air Assault Expert Infantryman BM BM BM BM BM-309 BM BM BM BM BM-312 BM-313 BM-314 Combat Infantry Combat Infantry, 2 nd Awd Combat Infantry, 3 rd Awd Expert Field Medical Combat Medical Combat Medical, 2 nd Awd Combat Medical, 3 rd Awd Pathfinder Scuba Explosive Ord Disposal Senior E.O.D. BM-315 BM-316 BM-316A BM-317 BM-318 BM-319 BM-319A BM-320 BM-321 BM-325 BM-326 Master E.O.D. Flight Surgeon Senior Flight Surgeon Master Flight Surgeon Diver First Class Diver Second Class Salvage Diver Master Diver Pararigger Spec Ops Diver Spec Ops Diving Supv BM-327 BM-328 BM-329 BM-330 BM-337 BM-338 BM-339 BM-340 BM-341 BM-346 BM-347 For More ACU INSIGNIA Visit Us on the Web ACU Rank ACU Cap GORE-TEX w/hook Fastener Sew-On ACU Loop Blank SV-100 N/A N/A Private SV-101 SWV-101 AR-GL301 Private 1st Class SV-102 SWV-102 AR-GL302 Corporal SV-103 SWV-103 AR-GL303 Spec 4th Class SV-104 SWV-104 AR-GL304 Sergeant SV-105 SWV-105 AR-GL305 Staff Sgt SV-106 SWV-106 AR-GL306 Sgt 1st Class SV-107 SWV-107 AR-GL307 Master Sgt SV-108 SWV-108 AR-GL308 1st Sgt SV-109 SWV-109 AR-GL309 Sgt Major SV-110 SWV-110 AR-GL310 Cmd Sgt Major SV-111 SWV-111 AR-GL311 Warrant Officer 1 SV-112 SWV-112 AR-GL315 Warrant Officer 2 SV-113 SWV-113 AR-GL316 Warrant Officer 3 SV-114 SWV-114 AR-GL317 Warrant Officer 4 SV-115 SWV-115 AR-GL318 Warrant Officer 5 SV-115A SWV-115A AR-GL319 2nd Lieutenant SV-116 SWV-116 AR-GL320 1st Lieutenant SV-117 SWV-117 AR-GL321 Captain SV-118 SWV-118 AR-GL322 Major SV-119 SWV-119 AR-GL323 Lt Colonel SV-120 SWV-120 AR-GL324 Colonel SV-121 SWV-121 AR-GL325 Brig General SV-122 SWV-122 AR-GL326 Maj General SV-123-C SWV-123P AR-GL327 Lt General SV-124-C SWV-124P N/A General SV-125-C SWV-125P N/A OCS SV-130 N/A N/A WOC SV-131 N/A AR-GL328 Chaplain SV-135 SWV-135 N/A US SV-136 N/A N/A Multicam Rank w/hook Fastener SV-200 SV-201 SV-202 SV-203 SV-204 SV-205 SV-206 SV-207 SV-208 SV-209 SV-210 SV-211 SV-212 SV-213 SV-214 SV-215 SV-215A SV-216 SV-217 SV-218 SV-219 SV-220 SV-221 SV-222 SV-223 SV-224 SV-225 N/A N/A SV-235 SV-202 Multicam Rank Sew-On SWV-200 SWV-201 SWV-202 SWV-203 SWV-204 SWV-205 SWV-206 SWV-207 SWV-208 SWV-209 SWV-210 SWV-211 SWV-212 SWV-213 SWV-214 SWV-215 SWV-215A SWV-216 SWV-217 SWV-218 SWV-219 SWV-220 SWV-221 SWV-222 SWV-223 SWV-224 SWV-225 N/A N/A SWV-235 SWV-202 Black Metal Rank Private Private 1st Class Corporal Spec 4th Class Sergeant Staff Sgt Sgt 1st Class Master Sgt 1st Sgt Sgt Major Cmd Sgt Major WO 1 WO 2 WO 3 WO 4 WO 5 2nd Lieutenant 1st Lieutenant Captain Major Lt Colonel Colonel Brig General Maj Gen - Pt/Ctr Maj Gen - Pnt/Pnt Lt Gen - Pnt/Ctr Lt Gen - Pnt/Pnt Gen - Pnt/Ctr Gen - Pnt/Pnt BM-101 BM-102 BM-103 BM-104 BM-105 BM-106 BM-107 BM-108 BM-109 BM-110 BM-111 BM-112 BM-113 BM-114 BM-115 BM-115A BM-116 BM-117 BM-118 BM-119 BM-120 BM-121 BM-122 BM-123C BM-123P BM-124C BM-124P BM-125C BM-125P Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256) ACU Caps Available in Sizes: 6 1 /2, 6 5 /8, 6 3 /4, 6 7 /8, 7, 7 1 /8, 7 1 /4, 7 3 /8, 7 1 /2, 7 5 /8, 7 3 /4, 7 7 /8 Patrol Cap Digital Camo (ACU) ACU CAP-00 Boonie Cap Digital Camo (ACU) ACU BOONIE ACU Helmet Covers ACU Kevlar Helmet Cover No Buttonholes & No Flap 8106-A Buttonholes 8106-B Buttonholes & Flap 8106-F

11 ACU Name Tapes Name Tapes & Tags 11 Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at Plastic Name Tags ACU Name EMB-150 ACU U.S. Army EMB-151 Plastic Name Tag Smooth Finish PLA-103 Flight Tag FT-101 Plastic Name Tag Pebble Finish PLA-101 ACU Gortex Name w/fastener EMB-150C ACU Infrared Insignia w/hook Fastener ACU Black IR Squares Army ACU Armband ARMBANDS MADE IN HOUSE. Call for your stock or custom armbands TODAY!! U.S. Flag - full color IR-4020/FULL COLOR U.S. Flag - full color IR-4010/FULL COLOR Type Style 3/4 w/hook fastener IR-3999/WV 3/4 w/o hook fastener IR-3995/NV 1 w/hook fastener IR w/hook fastener IR-4002 Foliage Name Tapes U.S. Flag - Desert IR-4020/DESERT U.S. Flag - Desert IR-4010/DESERT MP - Clear IR-7025/GAR Foliage Name EMB-158A Foliage U.S. Army EMB-159 Foliage Gortex Name EMB-158D Multicam Name Tapes A-Positive-Desert IR-4025/A POS AB-Positive-Desert IR-4025/AB POS B-Positive-Desert IR-4025/B POS O-Positive-Desert IR-4025/O POS A-Negative-Desert IR-4025/A NEG AB-Negative-Desert IR-4025/AB NEG B-Negative-Desert IR-4025/B NEG O-Negative-Desert IR-4025/O NEG Belts Explosive Ord Demolition IR-7018/TAN No Known Allergies IR-7015/TAN No Known Drug Allergies IR-7016/TAN No Penicillin-Desert IR-7017/TAN Multicam Name Tape EMB-194 Buckle B-109 Belt Tip B-203 Cotton BM-410 Nylon BM-403 Elastic BM-404 Multicam U.S. Army Tape EMB-194C Multicam Gortex Name EMB-195A White Name Tapes White Name EMB-113A (specify embroidery) White U.S. Army EMB-113A (specify embroidery) Military Belt For BDU Pants. Metal Cargo Buckle/Hook Fastener Closure Heavy Duty 1 3 / 4 Nylon. Fully Adjustable. Item #: Color Belt-AS Desert Tan Belt-BS Foliage Belt-CS Black Belt-DS Olive Drab Belt-ES Coyote Brown Belt-FS Navy Sizes: S (27-31), M (31-35), L (35-39), XL (39-43) Style: Belt-xx Military Rigger Belt Mil-Spec Buckle and D ring tie-in anchor point Strong 1.75 nylon webbing. 8,000 lb. tensile strength Abrasion liner minimizes wear Hook and Loop covered to prevent belt from flapping Heat-sealed and eliminates unraveling Made in the USA - Guaranteed for Life! Item #: Color: Belt-RiggerA Desert Tan Belt-RiggerB Foliage Belt-RiggerC Black Belt-RiggerD Navy Belt-RiggerE Olive Drab Belt-RiggerF Coyote Brown Sizes: S (27-31), M (31-35), L (35-39), XL (39-43) Style: Belt-Rigger Web:

12 12 New Multicam Patches 1st Infantry Div PMV-0001A 1st Armor Div PMV-0001B 1st Cavalry Div PMV-0001C 1st Army PMV-0001D 1st Corps PMV-0001F 1st Medical Bde PMV-0001L 1st Space Bde PMV-0001N 1st Sust Bde PMV-0001O 1st Man Enhance Bde PMV-0001Q 1st Spec Ops Cmd PMV-0001T 1st Mission Spt Cmd PMV-0001V 2nd Inf Div PMV-0002A 2nd Armor Cav PMV-0002C 2nd Medical Bde PMV-0002I 2nd Engineer Bde PMV-0002K 2nd Marine Div PMV-0002U 2nd Marine Exp Frc PMV-0002V 3rd Inf Div PMV-0003A 3rd Army PMV-0003C 3rd Corps PMV-0003D 3rd Support Cmd PMV-0003E 3rd Armor Cav PMV-0003H 3rd Medical Cmd PMV-0003I 3rd Sust Bde PMV-0003L 3rd Man Enhance Bde PMV-0003N 4th Infantry Div PMV-0004A 4th Medical Bde PMV-0004D 4th Man Enhance Bde PMV-0004E 4th Sust Cmd PMV-0004K 4th Sust Bde PMV-0004L 4th Marine Exp Bde PMV-0004V 5th Corps PMV-0005C 7th Infantry PMV-0007A 7th Signal Bde PMV-0007G 7th Sust Cmd PMV-0007H 8th Medical Bde PMV-0008C 8th MP Bde PMV-0008E 10th Infantry Div PMV-0010A 10th Sust Bde PMV-0010D 11th Avn Bde PMV-0011C 11th Signal Bde PMV-0011D 11th Military Police PMV-0011E 12th Aviation Bde PMV-00012A 13th Sust Cmd PMV-0013A 15th Sust Bde PMV-0015A 16th MP Bde PMV-0016A 16th Engineer Bde PMV-0016B 16th Sust Bde PMV-0016C 16th Avn Bde PMV-0016D 17th FA PMV-0017B 17th Sust Bde PMV-0017C 18th Airborne Corps PMV-0018A 18th Engineer Bde PMV-0018D 18th MP Bde PMV-0018G 20th Eng Bde PMV-0020A 20th Support Cmd PMV-0020C 25th Infantry Div PMV-0025A 26th Man Enhanc Bde PMV-0026A 27th Infantry PMV-0027A 28th Inf Div PMV-0028A 29th Inf Bde PMV-00029A 29th Inf Div PMV-0029B 30th Armor Bde TN PMV-0030A 30th Armored Bde NC PMV-0030D 30th Medical Bde PMV-0030E 31st Armd Chem Bde PMV-0031B 34th Infantry Div PMV-0034A 35th Engineer Bde PMV-0035B 35th Infantry Div PMV-0035C 35th Sig Bde PMV-0035D 36th Inf Div PMV-0036A 36th Engineer Gp PMV-0036B 37th Infantry Bde PMV-0037B 38th Infantry Div PMV-0038A 39th Inf Bde PMV-0039A 40th Infantry Div PMV-0040B 41st FA Bde PMV-0041A 42nd Infantry Div PMV-0042B 42nd MP Bde PMV-0042C 42nd Spt Group PMV-00042D 43rd MP Bde PMV-0043B 43rd Sust Bde PMV-0043C 44th Medical Bde PMV-0044A 45th Infantry Bde PMV-0045A 45th Sust Bde PMV-0045C 48th Inf Bde PMV-0048A 48th Chem Bde PMV-0048B 49th MP Bde PMV-0049B Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

13 New Multicam Patches Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at th Inf Bde CT PMV-0050B 50th Support Grp PMV-0050C 52nd Ordnance Gp PMV-0052A 53rd Infantry Bde PMV-0053B 58th Inf Bde PMV-0058A 62nd Medical Bde PMV-0062A 63rd Avn Bde PMV-0063B 66th Mil Intel Bde PMV-0066B 67th Btlfld Surv Bde PMV-0067A 69th ADA PMV-0069A 71st Ordnance Gp PMV-0071A 71st Batfld Srv Bde PMV-0071B 75th Ranger Regt HQ PMV-0075C 1/75th Ranger Regt PMV-0075D 2/75th Ranger Regt PMV-0075E 3/75th Ranger Regt PMV-0075F 76th Inf Bde PMV-0076B 82nd Airborne Div PMV-0082A 82nd Sust Bde PMV-0082B 89th MP Bde PMV-0089B 95th Civil Affairs Bde PMV-0095B 101st Airborne Div PMV-0101A 101st Sust Bde PMV-0101B 103rd Field Artillery PMV-0103A 103rd Sust Cmd PMV-0103B 108th Sust Bde PMV-0108C 110th Man Enhance PMV-0110B 111th ADA Bde PMV-0111A 113th Sust Bde PMV-0113B 115th Spt Group PMV-0115B 116th Infantry Bde PMV-0116A 130th Engineer Bde PMV-0130A 130th Man Enhan Bde PMV-0130C 136th Man Enhan PMV-0136A 142nd Btfld Surv PMV-0142C 143rd Trans Bde PMV-0143A 155th Armor Bde PMV-0155A 160th Signal Bde PMV-0160A 162th Infantry Bde PMV-0162A 164th ADA PMV-0164A 167th Sust Cmd PMV-0167A 168th Eng Bde PMV-0168A 170th Inf Div PMV-0170A 172nd Infantry Bde PMV-0172A 173rd Abn Bde PMV-0173A 174th ADA PMV-0174B 176th Eng Bde PMV-0176A 177th MP Bde PMV-0177B 184th Sust Cmd PMV-0184A 185th Aviation Bde PMV-0185A 194th Eng Bde PMV-0194B 196th Man Enh Bde PMV-0196C 197th Field Artillery PMV-0197B 200th MP Bde PMV-0200A 201 Battfld Svclnce PMV-201A 204th Man Enh Bde PMV-0204B 214th FA Fires Bde PMV-0214A 220th MP Bde PMV-0220A 224th Sust Bde PMV-0224B 225th Eng Bde PMV-0225A 226th Man Enh Bde PMV-0226A 228th Signal Bde PMV-0228A 230th Sust Bde PMV-0230A 290th MP Bde PMV-0290A 300th MP Bde PMV-0300B 300th Sust Bde PMV-0300C 301st Man En Bde PMV-0301B 302nd Man Enhan PMV-0302A 303rd Man Enhan PMV-0303A 304st Sust Bde PMV-304A 310th Sust Cmd PMV-0310A 311th Sust Cmd PMV-0311A 311th Signal Cmd PMV-0311B 316th Sust Cmd PMV-0316A 321st Sust Bde PMV-0321A 330th Medical Bde PMV-0330A 333rd MP Bde PMV-0333A 335th Sig Bde PMV-335A 347th Support Gp PMV-0347A 359th Sig Bde PMV-0359A 364th Sust Cmd PMV-0364B 369th Sust Bde PMV-0369A 371st Sust Bde PMV-0371A 372nd Engineer Bde PMV-0372A 404th Man Enhan PMV-0404A 411th Eng Bde PMV-0411A 412th Eng Bde PMV-0412A 416th Eng Bde PMV-0416A Web:

14 14 New MultiCam Patches 420th Eng Bde PMV-0420A 470th Mil Intell Bde PMV-0470A 504th Mil Intell Bde PMV-0504A 505th Signal Bde PMV-505A 513th Mil Intell Bde PMV-0513A 516th Signal Bde PMV-0516A 518th Sust Bde PMV-0518A 525th BSB PMV-0525A 528th Sust Bde PMV-0528A 555th Eng Gp PMV-0555A 593rd Sust Bde PMV-0593A 648th Man Enhan PMV-0648A 807th Med Bde PMV-0807A 902nd Mil Intell Gp PMV-0902A 926th Eng Bde PMV-0926A Acquisition Agency PMV-ACQ Afghan Comb Forces PMV-AFGHAN Army of One Star PMV-ARMY Asym Wr Grp PMV-ASYM Chem Brassard PMV-CBRN CENTCOM PMV-CENT Crim Invest Div PMV-CID Civ Aff & Psy Ops Cmd PMV-CIVAFF CMBST Afghan PMV-CMBST Corp of Eng PMV-CPENG Criminal Investg Cmd PMV-CRIMI DARCOM PMV-DARCM Expl Ord Disp PMV-EOD Air Force Central PMV-FORSC Intel & Security PMV-INSEC Intrn Stab Afghan Frc Intrn Stab Afghan Frc PMV-ISAF PMV-ISAF-1 JFK Spec Warfare PMV-JFKSW Legal Svc Agency PMV-LEG Multi-Ntnl Frc Iraq PMV-MFIRAQ Mil Dist of Washington PMV-MIDIS Mil Intel Rd Cmd PMV-MINTRE Mil Traff Mgmt Cmd PMV-MITFC Military Police PMV-MP Arkansas NG PMV-NG/AR Arizona NG PMV-NG/AZ Connecticut NG PMV-NG/CT Dist of Columbia NG PMV-NG/DC Delaware NG PMV-NG/DE Florida NG PMV-NG/FL Georgia NG PMV-NG/GA Hawaii NG PMV-NG/HI Illinois NG PMV-NG/IL Indiana NG PMV-NG/IN Kansas NG PMV-NG/KS Kentucky NG PMV-NG/KY Louisiana NG PMV-NG/LA Maryland NG PMV-NG/MD Michigan NG PMV-NG/MI Minnesota NG PMV-NG/MN Missouri NG PMV-NG/MO Mississippi NG PMV-NG/MS Montana NG PMV-NG/MT Nebraska NG PMV-NG/NE North Carolina PMV-NG/NC N Dakota NG PMV-NG/ND New Jersey NG PMV-NG/NJ New Mexico NG PMV-NG/NM Nevada NG PMV-NG/NV New York NG PMV-NG/NY Oklahoma NG PMV-NG/OK Oregon NG PMV-NG/OR Puerto Rico NG PMV-NG/PR S Carolina NG PMV-NG/SC S Dakota NG PMV-NG/SD Tennesse NG PMV-NG/TN Virgin Islands NG PMV-NG/VI Washington NG PMV-NG/WA Wisconsin NG PMV-NG/WI W VA Ntnl Guard PMV-NG/WV NATO Trg Mss Afghan PMV-NTMA Reserve Cmd PMV-RESCMD S Euro Task Frc PMV-SETAF MultiCam Tabs Ranger PMVT-102 Mountain PMVT-104 SETAF PMVT-SETAF Special Forces PMV-SFORC AR Elemt Spec Ops Cmd PMV-SOCOM Spec Ops Cmd PMV-SOPER Joint Forces Cmd PMV-SPC Trial Def Svc PMV-TRIAL Airborne PMVT-101 Special Forces PMVT-103 Sapper PMVT-105 Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

15 Necklace Medallions Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at 15 Saint Michael Necklace Protect Us with Eagle Silver Gold Description NS-742A NS-742B 1 1/8 Oval Protect us & Eagle w/us Army NS-743A NS-743B 1 1/8 Oval Protect us & Eagle w/us Air Force NS-744A NS-744B 1 1/8 Oval Protect us & Eagle w/us Navy NS-745A NS-745B 1 1/8 Oval Protect us & Eagle w/us Marine NS-746A NS-746B 1 1/8 Oval Protect us & Eagle w/us Paratrooper Pendant Box 2 1/4 x 3 x 1 3/8 Black Velour Item: ARP2 Saint Michael Bronze NS-801 Saint Michael Pewter NS-800 Saint Michaels - Guardian Angel Silver Gold Description NS-700A NS-700B 1 1/4 Round Saint Michaels w/guardian Angel NS-701A NS-701B 1 1/4 Round Saint Michaels w/us Army NS-702A NS-702B 1 1/4 Round Saint Michaels w/us Air Force NS-703A NS-703B 1 1/4 Round Saint Michaels w/us Navy NS-704A NS-704B 1 1/4 Round Saint Michaels w/us Marine Corps NS-705A NS-705B 1 1/4 Round Saint Michaels w/us Paratrooper Saint Christopher - Guardian Angel Silver Gold Description NS-706A NS-706B 1 1/4 Round Saint Christopher w/guardian Angel NS-708A NS-708B 1 1/4 Round Saint Christopher w/us Air Force NS-709A NS-709B 1 1/4 Round Saint Christopher w/us Navy NS-710A NS-710B 1 1/4 Round Saint Christopher w/us Marine Corps NS-711A NS-711B 1 1/4 Round Saint Christopher w/us Paratrooper My Guardian Angel Silver Gold Description NS-722A NS-722B 1 Oval Guardian Angel w/us Army NS-723A NS-723B 1 Oval Guardian Angel w/us Air Force NS-724A NS-724B 1 Oval Guardian Angel w/us Navy NS-725A NS-725B 1 Oval Guardian Angel w/us Marine Corps NS-726A NS-726B 1 Oval Guardian Angel w/us Paratrooper Saint George - Pray for Us Silver Gold Description NS-717A NS-717B 1 Oval Saint George w/us Army NS-718A NS-718B 1 Oval Saint George w/us Air Force NS-719A NS-719B 1 Oval Saint George w/us Navy NS-720A NS-720B 1 Oval Saint George w/us Marine Corps NS-721A NS-721B 1 Oval Saint George w/us Paratrooper Saint Michael - Pray for Us - Round Silver Gold Description NS-727A NS-727B 1 Round Saint Michael w/us Army NS-728A NS-728B 1 Round Saint Michael w/us Air Force NS-729A NS-729B 1 Round Saint Michael w/us Navy NS-730A NS-730B 1 Round Saint Michael w/us Marine Corps NS-731A NS-731B 1 Round Saint Michael w/us Paratrooper Saint Michael - Pray for Us - Oval Silver Gold Description NS-712A NS-712B 1 Oval Saint Michael w/us Army NS-713A NS-713B 1 Oval Saint Michael w/us Air Force NS-714A NS-714B 1 Oval Saint Michael w/us Navy NS-715A NS-715B 1 Oval Saint Michael w/us Marine Corps NS-716A NS-716B 1 Oval Saint Michael w/us Paratrooper Saint Michael - In Harms Way Silver Gold Description NS-732A NS-732B 1 1/2 Dog Tag St Michael In Harms Way/US Army NS-733A NS-733B 1 1/2 Dog Tag St Michael In Harms Way/USAF NS-734A NS-734B 1 1/2 Dog Tag St Michael In Harms Way/US Navy NS-735A NS-735B 1 1/2 Dog Tag St Michael In Harms Way/USMC NS-736A NS-736B 1 1/2 Dog Tag St Michael In Harms Way/US Paratrpr NS-737A NS-737B 7/8 Dog Tag St Michael In Harms Way/US Army NS-738A NS-738B 7/8 Dog Tag St Michael In Harms Way/USAF NS-739A NS-739B 7/8 Dog Tag St Michael In Harms Way/US Navy NS-740A NS-740B 7/8 Dog Tag St Michael In Harms Way/USMC NS-741A NS-741B 7/8 Dog Tag St Michael In Harms Way/US Paratrpr Plaques & Awards CUSTOM PLAQUES & AWARDS Call to order your plaque or award TODAY!! Plaques & Awards From traditional to contemporary, we have a wide variety of plaques and awards perfect for any occasion! The possibilities for custom options is endless: engraved, printed image, attached medallion, and more! State Plaques National Guard Awards Full Color Custom Plaques Acrylic Plaques Engraved Plaques Web:

16 16 Enlisted Rank & Branch of Service Officer Branch of Service Enlisted Branch of Service Adjutant General NS-OS201 ADA NS-OS202 Armor NS-OS203 Aviation NS-OS204 Cavalry NS-OS205 Adjutant General NS-E201 ADA NS-E202 Armor NS-E203 Aviation NS-E204 Cavalry NS-E205 Chaplain NS-OS206 Chemical NS-OS208 Civil Affairs NS-OS209 Engineer NS-OS210 Field Artillery NS-OS211 Chaplain Asst NS-E206 Chemical NS-E208 Civil Affairs NS-E209 Engineer NS-E210 Field Artillery NS-E211 Finance NS-OS212 Infantry NS-OS214 JAG NS-OS216 Medical NS-OS217 Dental NS-OS218 Finance NS-E212 Infantry NS-E214 JAG NS-E216 Medical NS-E217 Military Intelligence NS-E223 Nurse NS-OS219 Med Svc Corps NS-OS220 Logistics NS-OS221 Military Intelligence NS-OS223 Military Police NS-OS224 Military Police NS-E224 Ordnance NS-E226 Quartermaster NS-E227 Signal NS-E228 Special Forces NS-E229 Quartermaster NS-OS227 Signal NS-OS228 Psych Ops NS-OS225 Ordnance NS-OS226 Special Forces NS-OS229 Transportation NS-OS232 Public Affairs NS-E230 Psych Ops NS-E231 AF Volunteer Excellence Award LAPEL-013 Transportation NS-E232 Army Enlisted Rank Army Officer Rank Lapel Pins Private NS-101 Pvt 1st Cls NS-102 Corporal NS-103 Spc 4th Cls NS-104 Sergeant NS-105 Staff Sergeant NS-106 Sgt 1st Class NS-107 Master Sgt NS-108 1st Sergeant NS-109 Sgt Major NS-110 Cmd Sgt Maj NS-111 Regimental Insignia WO 01 NS-112 WO 02 NS-113 WO 03 NS-114 WO 04 NS-115 WO 05 NS-115-A 2nd Lt NS-116 1st Lt NS-117 Captain NS-118 Major NS-119 Lt Col NS-120 Colonel NS-121 Brig Gen NS-122 Maj Gn (PC) NS-123C Maj Gn (PP) NS-123P Lt Gn (PC) NS-124C Lt Gn (PP) NS-124P Gen (PC) NS-125C Gen (PP) NS-125P Army Civilian Retired LAPEL-004 Sergeant Major NS-E234 Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve LAPEL-005 US NS-E333 Naval Reserve LAPEL-006 US Army NS-T401 US Air Force NS-T402 US Navy NS-T403 US Marine Corps NS-T404 Army LAPEL-001 Air Defense Artillery Aviation Cavalry Infantry Military Police Armor Officer Enlisted Special Forces Air Defense Artillery Field Artillery Aviation Military Intelligence Cavalry Engineer (Closed Window) Infantry Engineer (Open Window) Military Police Armor Minimum Quantity: Officer - 12 Pairs; Enlisted - 48 Pairs Special Forces Field Artillery Military Intelligence Eng (Closed Window) Eng (Open Window) US Army w/flag NS-TF01 US Air Force w/flag NS-TF03 US Navy w/flag NS-TF02 USMC w/flag NS-TF04 USAF LAPEL-009 Length of Svc 10 Years LAPEL-025 Length of Svc 15 Years LAPEL-026 Length of Svc 20 Years LAPEL-027 Length of Svc 25 Years LAPEL-028 Length of Svc 30 Years LAPEL-029 Length of Svc 35 Years LAPEL-030 Length of Svc 40 Years LAPEL-031 Length of Svc 45 Years LAPEL-032 Length of Svc 50 Years LAPEL-033 Meritorious Civ Svc Awd AR ML-L1311 Exceptional Civ Svc Awd AR ML-L1310 Cmdr Awd Pub Svc Army ML-L1302 Superior Civ Svc Army ML-L1312 US Army Retired NEW LAPEL-015 US Army NEW LAPEL-016 Patriotic Civilian Service LAPEL-007 Army Ret Pers LAPEL-008 USAF Civilian Retired LAPEL-010 USAF Retired LAPEL-003 Navy Honor Discharge LAPEL-011 Navy Reservist Honor Discharge LAPEL-012 WWII Honorable Discharge LAPEL-014 Next of Kin of Deceased Pers LAPEL-020 Next of Kin of Pers Killed in Action LAPEL-021 Achieve Medal Civ Svc Army ML-L1314 Distinguished Civ Svc Awd AR ML-L1300 Outstanding Civ Svc Awd AR ML-L1301 Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

17 FULL SIZE = FULL NS-# SILVER OX = SO-# DRESS MINI = MINI NS-# No Shine Badges 17 Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at Aviator FULL NS-301 SO-301 MINI NS-501 Expert Infantry FULL NS-314 SO-314 MINI NS-514 Expert Field Med FULL NS-317 SO-317 MINI NS-517 E.O.D. FULL NS-325 SO-325 MINI NS-525 Flight Surgeon FULL NS-328 S0-328 MINI NS-528 Air Crewman FULL NS-304 SO-304 MINI NS-504 Senior Aviator FULL NS-302 SO-302 MINI NS-502 Combat Infantry FULL NS-315 SO-315 MINI NS-515 Combat Med FULL NS-318 SO-318 MINI NS-518 Senior E.O.D. FULL NS-326 SO-326 MINI NS-526 Senior Flight Surgeon FULL NS-329 S0-329 MINI NS-529 Senior Air Crewman FULL NS-305 SO-305 MINI NS-505 Master Aviator FULL NS-303 SO-303 MINI NS-503 Combat Infantry 2nd FULL NS-316 SO-316 MINI NS-516 Combat Med 2nd FULL NS-319 SO-319 MINI NS-519 Master E.O.D. FULL NS-327 SO-327 MINI NS-527 Master Flight Surgeon FULL NS-330 SO-330 MINI NS-530 Master Air Crewman FULL NS-306 SO-306 MINI NS-506 Rigger FULL NS-341 SO-341 MINI NS-541 Pathfinder FULL NS-320 MINI NS-520 Glider FULL NS-342 SO-342 Air Assault FULL NS-313 SO -313 MINI NS-513 Combat Infantry 3rd FULL NS-316A SO-316A MINI NS-516A Combat Med 3rd FULL NS-319A SO-319A MINI NS-519A Sapper FULL NS-331 MINI NS-531 Ranger FULL NS-332 MINI NS-532 Special Forces FULL NS-333 MINI NS-533 Parachutist FULL NS-307 SO-307 MINI NS-507 Cmbt Parachutist 1st FULL NS SO MINI NS Cmbt Parachutist 2nd FULL NS SO MINI NS Cmbt Parachutist 3rd FULL NS SO MINI NS Cmbt Parachutist 4th FULL NS SO MINI NS Scuba FULL NS-321 SO-321 MINI NS-521 Combat Action Badge FULL NS-312 SO-312 MINI NS-512 Senior Parachutist FULL NS-308 SO-308 MINI NS-508 Cmbt Senior Parachutist 1st FULL NS SO MINI NS Cmbt Senior Parachutist 2nd FULL NS SO MINI NS Cmbt Senior Parachutist 3rd FULL NS SO MINI NS Cmbt Senior Parachutist 4th FULL NS SO MINI NS Diver 1st FULL NS-337 SO-337 MINI NS-537 Diver 2nd FULL NS-338 SO-338 MINI NS-538 Special Operations Diver FULL NS-346 SO-346 Master Parachutist FULL NS-309 S0-309 MINI NS-509 Cmbt Master Parachutist 1st FULL NS SO MINI NS Cmbt Master Parachutist 2nd FULL NS SO MINI NS Cmbt Master Parachutist 3rd FULL NS SO MINI NS Cmbt Master Parachutist 4th FULL NS SO MINI NS Salvage Diver FULL NS-339 SO-339 MINI NS-539 Master Diver FULL NS-340 SO-340 MINI NS-540 Special Ops Diving Supervisor FULL NS-347 SO-347 Qualification Bars Rifle NS-354 SO-354 Pistol NS-355 SO-355 Grenade NS-356 SO-356 Machine Gun NS-357 SO-357 M-16 NS-358 SO-358 Bayonet NS-359 SO-359 Mechanic NS-360 SO-360 Driver NS-361 SO-361 Driver-T NS-362 SO-362 Driver-W NS-363 SO-363 Driver-A NS-364 SO-364 Driver-M NS-365 SO-365 Operator-S NS-366 SO-366 AA Artillery NS-367 SO-367 M-60 NS-368 SO-368 M-203 NS-369 SO-369 Riot Gun NS-371 Aeroweapons NS-372 Missile NS-373 Tank Weapons NS-374 SO-374 Field Artillery NS-375 SO-375 Rocket Launcher NS-376 Marksman NS-350 SO-350 Sharpshooter NS-351 SO-351 Expert NS-352 SO-352 Driver NS-353 SO-353 Submachine Gun NS-377 SO-377 Mortar NS-378 SO Web:

18 18 Breast Badges Gold Recruiter Disk REC-2 GOLD MP Badge Nickel NS-803 MP Badge Silver Ox SO-803 CID Belt Badge NS-811 Army Reserve Recruiter NS-813 BM-813 Career Counselor Nickel NS-804 Silver Ox SO-804 BM-804 Green Recruiter Disk Green/Red REC-2 GRN Recruiter Disk Red REC-2 GRN WITH RED Red/Green Recruiter Disk Recruiter Disk REC-2 RED REC-2 RED WITH GRN N/G Basic Recruiter NS-806 BM-806 N/G Senior Recruiter NS-807 BM-807 N/G Master Recruiter NS-808 BM-808 Badges also available in Black Metal American Flag Patches Army Recruiter Gold NS-897 BM-897 Army Recruiter Silver NS-896 BM-896 Drill Instructor NS-812 BM-812 ACU (Reverse) PV-USFLAG ACU PV-USFLAG/2 Full Color (Reverse) N-008 Full Color N-010 U.S. Flag - full color IR-4020/FULL COLOR U.S. Flag - full color IR-4010/FULL COLOR DOA/DOD Badges (specify guard or police) Belts & Buckles Male Ridgeway Buckle B-120 Male Buckle (Roller) B-100 Guard Cap Badge DOA P-DOA GUARD/2 DOD P-DOD/G2 Guard Shirt Badge DOA P-DOA GUARD/1 DOD P-DOD/G1 Police Cap Badge DOA P-DOA POLICE/2 DOD P-DOD/P2 Police Shirt Badge DOA P-DOA POLICE/1 DOD P-DOD/P1 Female Ridgeway Buckle B-120F Female Buckle (Roller) B-100F Male Belt Tip B-201 Female Belt Tip B-201F Sergeant U-B-730B Chief U-B-730E Lieutenant U-B-730C Numbered U-B-730A Captain U-B-730D Male Cotton NS-405M Male Elastic NS-404M Male Nylon NS-403M Sergeant U-B-732B Chief U-B-732E Lieutenant U-B-732C Numbered U-B-732A Captain U-B-732D Female Cotton NS-415F Female Elastic NS-414F Female Nylon NS-413F Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

19 Custom Coins Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at COIN SIZES Shown here at Actual Size FINISHES 19 Bright Polished Silver 1½ 1¾ 2 COIN EDGES EPOXY FINISH CUSTOM SHAPES Bright Polished Gold Diamond Cut 1 Dome Over Patch Pewter Beaded Dome Over Center Rope Diamond Cut 2 Dome Over All Antique Brass How to Order Step 1: Decide on your artwork What will your coin look like? Everyone in your unit might have given you ideas and now it s your choice. You probably have a good idea what artwork you want, but maybe you need help on the wording or layout. We can help you design a coin with the look you want. Step 2: Send us your artwork If you have a specific logo for your unit or organization, just send your graphics or logos in a file format,.eps,.tif or.jpg with a resolution of 150 to 300 dpi. If you have any questions about the formats listed, please do not hesitate to or call us. You can send us artwork on CD or if your artwork is under 2MB in size, you may attach it to . Step 3: Decide on the finish of the coin Remember when picking the color of the coin, we have different finishes: Antique Gold, Antique Brass, Pewter (Antique Silver), Bright Polished Silver and Bright Polished Gold. You can have as many painted colors, baked enamel paint, on one or both sides of your coin at no extra charge. Step 4: Pick your coin size: 1.5, 1.75, 2 We know that every unit has a limited amount of money to purchase coins, but we have our coins priced to help your unit or organization. The average thickness is 3mm. Step 5: Pick extras for your coin Clear Epoxy Dome Cover: covers the whole coin from rim to rim, just the inside ring, or just your logo. There is no additional charge. Diamond Cut: you might want to add a diamond cut to the edge of your coin, one side or both. There is a $1.00 additional charge per side. Price is dependent on the size and shape of the coin. All custom coins require a die, or set of dies for production. This is necessary for tooling. The dies are made by hand by craftsmen, and remain in-house, and as such, are guaranteed to remain available for your continued use. Your dies are cast for either a 2 or 3 dimensional look. Dies are free of charge with a minimum purchase of 100 coins. All artwork is custom designed to your specifications and is based on the individual item requested. A proof fee of $35.00, including up to three (3) revisions, is charged; if an order is placed, this fee will be applied as a credit to your order. Our coins are the perfect medium of recognition for a squadron, unit, corporate milestone or anniversary, individual effort, or civic achievement. Web:

20 20 Berets BT-D BT-E BT-B BT-S Available with flash sewn on. Please specify which flash. Sizes: 6 1 /2 6 5 /8 6 3 / / /8 7 1 /4 7 3 /8 7 1 / /8 7 3 / / 8 Unlined with Leather Sweatband Lined with Leather Sweatband Unlined with Nylon Sweatband Unlined with Nylon Pre-Shaped Black Maroon SF Green Rust Ranger Tan Multinational Beret BT-D17 Multinational Forces Patch P-MULTFOR Flash PF-MUL Unit Crest DUI-MULTI Cords INSIGNIA WEAR WITHIN FLASH: Officers wear rank insignia within the flash. Enlisted wear distinctive unit insignia (DUI) within the flash. More Styles Online: Army Service Cord Bullion CORD-A201 Army Dress Cord Bullion CORD-A202 Infantry Regulation Nylon CORD-A101 Nylon CORD-A102 CD-A205 Armbands Please specify embroidery when ordering. Call for pricing. French WWI CORD-F105 Marksman CORD-A110 French WWII CORD-F101 Vietnam CORD-F103 Artillery CORD-A115 Belgian CORD-F102 Netherlands CORD-N109 Armor Infantry CD-C116 CD-C131 AB-AR/1 ACU, Leather Letters AB-AR/2 ACU, Embroidered Letters AB-AR01B Black Leather, Leather Letters AB-AR01K Khaki Leather, Leather Letters AB-AR01W White Leather, Leather Letters AB-AR02B Black Nylon, Leather Letters AB-AR02K Khaki Nylon, Leather Letters AB-AR02N AF Navy Nylon, Leather Letters AB-AR02OD OD Nylon, Leather Letters AB-AR03B Black Nylon, Embroidered Letters AB-AR03K Khaki Nylon, Embroidered Letters AB-AR03N AF Navy Nylon, Embroidered Letters AB-AR03OD OD Nylon, Embroidered Letters AB-AR04 Black Felt, Embroidered Letters ADD FLAG Sew-On or with Hook/Fastener Add Cost of the Flag ADD PATCH Sew-On or with Hook/Fastener Add Cost of the Patch For more UNIFORM ITEMS, see pages or visit us online: Ear Plugs M-A-ACU-SML M-A-ACU-MED M-A-ACU-LGE BDU Hat Block M-A01 Boot Twist M-A03 Pace Counter M-A04 Unit pricing is available to those who qualify. Speak with one of our representatives for more information. Helmet Pad M-A02 Leadership Tabs w/fastener M-A05 Leadership Tabs w/snap M-A05A Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

21 Sizes will vary proportions are not accurate as shown. Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at NEWLY APPROVED FULL COLOR PATCHES WITH FASTENER FOR ACU UNIFORMS Full Color Patches 21 Full Color with Fastener Full Color without Fastener NEW Full Color Patches with Fastener are approved to be worn with the ACU Uniform during ceremonies, parades, and change of commands. P-0001A-F 1st Infantry Div P-0001B-F 1st Armor Div P-0001C-F 1st Cavalry Div P-0001D-F 1st Army P-0001E-F 1st Aviation Bde P-0001F-F 1st Corps P-0001G-F 1st Field Force P-0001H-F 1st Sust Cmd P-0001I-F 1st Personnel Cmd P-0001J-F 1st Signal Bde P-0001K-F 1st Marine Expd Frc P-0001L-F 1st Medical Bde P-0001M-F 1st Info Op Cmd P-0001N-F 1st Space Bde P-0001O-F 1st Sust Bde P-0001Q-F 1st MEB P-0001R-F 1st Marine Div P-0001S-F 1st Engineer Bde P-0001T-F 1st Spec Ops Cmd P-0001V-F 1st Mission Spt Cmd P-0002A-F 2nd Inf Div P-0002B-F 2nd Armor Div P-0002C-F 2nd Arm Cavalry P-0002D-F 2nd Army P-0002E-F 2nd Field Force P-0002F-F 2nd Mil Int Cmd P-0002G-F 2nd Signal Bde P-0002H-F 2nd Support Bde P-0002I-F 2nd Medical Bde P-0002J-F 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing MC-P-0002A-F 2nd Marine Div P-0003A-F 3rd Infantry Div P-0003B-F 3rd Armor Div P-0003C-F 3rd Army P-0003D-F 3rd Corps P-0003E-F 3rd COSCOM P-0003F-F 3rd Personnel Cmd P-0003G-F 3rd Signal Bde P-0003H-F 3rd Armor Cavalry P-0003I-F 3rd Med Cmd P-0003J-F 3rd Trans Agency P-0003K-F 3rd Chemical Bde P-0003L-F 3rd Sust Bde MC-P-0003A-F 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing MC-P-03AF 3rd Marine Div P-0003N-F 3rd Man Enhance Bde P-0004A-F 4th Infantry Div P-0004B-F 4th Army P-0004C-F 4th Trans Cmd P-0004D-F 4th Medical Bde P-0004E-F 4th Man. Enhanc Bde P-0004K-F 4th Sustainment Cmd P-0004L-F 4th Sustainment Bde P-0005A-F 5th Infantry Div P-0005B-F 5th Army P-0005C-F 5th Corps P-0005D-F 5th Bde TRN P-0005E-F 5th Signal Cmd P-0006A-F 6th Infantry Div P-0006B-F 6th Army P-0006C-F 6th Arm Cavalry P-0006D-F 6th Cavalry Bde P-0006E-F 6th Signal Cmd P-0007A-F 7th Inf Div P-0007B-F 7th Army P-0007C-F 7th Corps P-0007D-F 7th Army Spt Cmd P-0007E-F 7th Engineer Bde P-0007F-F 7th Medical Cmd P-0007G-F 7th Signal Bde P-0007H-F 7th Sust Bde P-0007I-F 7th Army Res Cmd P-0008A-F 8th Infantry Div P-0008B-F 8th Army P-0008C-F 8th Medical Bde Web:

22 22 Full Color Patches P-0008D-F 8th Personnel Cmd P-0008E-F 8th MP Bde P-0008F-F 8th Theater Sust Cmd P-0009A-F 9th Infantry Div P-0009B-F 9th Corps P-0009C-F 9th Support Cmd P-0010A-F 10th Infantry Div P-0010B-F 10th ADA P-0010C-F 10th Personnel Cmd P-0010D-F 10th Sustainment Bde P-0011A-F 11th Arm Cavalry P-0011B-F 11th ADA Bde P-0011C-F 11th Aviation Bde P-0011D-F 11th Signal Bde P-0011E-F 11th MP Bde P-0012A-F 12th Aviation Bde P-0013A-F 13th Sustainment Cmd P-0013B-F 13th Finance Gp P-0014A-F 14th MP Bde P-0015A-F 15th Sust Bde P-0015B-F 15th Signal Bde P-0015C-F 15th MP Bde P-0016A-F 16th MP Bde P-0016B-F 16th Engineer Bde P-0016C-F 16th Sust Bde P-0016D-F 16th Aviation Bde P-0017A-F 17th Aviation Bde P-0017B-F 17th FA Bde P-0018A-F 18th Abn Corps P-0018B-F 18th Aviation Bde P-0018D-F 18th Engineer Bde P-0018E-F 18th FA Bde P-0018F-F 18th Medical Bde P-0018G-F 18th MP Bde P-0019A-F 19th Support Cmd P-0020A-F 20th Engineer Bde P-0020B-F 20th Aviation Bde P-0020C-F 20th Support Cmd P-0021A-F 21st Support Cmd P-0021B-F 21st Cavalry Bde P-0021C-F 21st Signal Bde P-0022A-F 22nd Support Bde P-0022B-F 22nd Signal Bde P-0023A-F 23rd Corps P-0023B-F 23rd Infantry Div P-0024A-F 24th Infantry Div P-0024B-F 24th Corps P-0025A-F 25th Infantry Div P-0026A-F 26th MEB P-0027A-F 27th Infantry Bde P-0028A-F 28th Infantry Div P-0029A-F 29th Infantry Bde P-0029B-F 29th Infantry Div P-0030A-F 30th Armor Bde P-0030B-F 30th Armor Div P-0030D-F 30th Armored Bde P-0030E-F 30th Medical Bde P-0031A-F 31st ADA P-0031B-F 31st Armor Bde P-0032A-F 32nd ADA P-0032B-F 32nd Infantry Bde P-0032C-F 32nd Support Cmd P-0032D-F 32nd Medical Bde P-0033A-F 33rd Infantry Bde P-0034A-F 34th Infantry Div P-0035A-F 35th ADA P-0035B-F 35th Engineer Bde P-0035C-F 35th Infantry Div P-0035D-F 35th Signal Brigade P-0036A-F 36th Infantry Div P-0036B-F 36th Engineer Gp P-0036C-F 36th Sust Bde P-0037A-F 37th Trans Gp P-0037B-F 37th Inf Bde P-0038A-F 38th Infantry Div P-0038B-F 38th Sust Bde P-0039A-F 39th Infantry Bde P-0040A-F 40th Armor Bde P-0040B-F 40th Infantry Div P-0041A-F 41st FA BDE Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

23 Sizes will vary proportions are not accurate as shown. Full Color Patches 23 Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at P-0041B-F 41st Infantry Div P-0042A-F 42nd FA Bde P-0042B-F 42nd Infantry Div P-0042C-F 42nd MP Bde P-0042D-F 42nd Support Gp P-0043A-F 43rd Infantry Bde P-0043B-F 43rd MP Bde P-0043C-F 43rd Sust Bde P-0044A-F 44th Medical Bde P-0045A-F 45th Inf Bde P-0045B-F 45th FA Bde P-0045C-F 45th Sust Bde P-0046A-F 46th MP Cmd P-0047A-F 47th Infantry Div P-0048A-F 48th Infantry Bde P-0048B-F 48th Chem Bde P-0049A-F 49th Armor Div P-0049B-F 49th MP Bde P-0049C-F 49th QM Gp P-0050A-F 50th Armor Div P-0050B-F 50th Infantry Bde CT P-0050C-F 50th Support Gp P-0052A-F 52nd Ord Group P-0053A-F 53rd Signal Bde P-0053B-F 53rd Infantry Bde P-0054A-F 54th FA Bde P-0055A-F 55th Sust Bde P-0056A-F 56th FA Bde P-0057A-F 57th FA Bde P-0058A-F 58th Infantry Bde P-0059A-F 59th Ordnance Bde P-0062A-F 62nd Medical Bde P-0063A-F 63rd Infantry Div P-0063B-F 63rd Avn Bde P-0065B-F 65th Fires Bde P-0066A-F 66th Aviation Bde P-0066B-F 66th Mil Int Bde P-0067A-F 67th Btl Surv Bde P-0069A-F 69th ADA P-0070A-F 70th Infantry Div P-0071A-F 71st Ord Gp P-0072A-F 72nd FA Bde P-0073A-F 73rd Infantry Bde P-0075A-F 75th FA Bde P-0075B-F 75th Infantry Div P-0075C-F 75th Inf Scroll P-0075D-F 1/75th Inf Scroll P-0075E-F 2/75th Inf Scroll P-0075F-F 3/75th Inf Scroll P-0075G-F 75th Sp Tp Bn P-0076A-F 76th Infantry Div P-0076B-F 76th Infantry Bde P-0077A-F 77th Sust Bde P-0077B-F 77th Avn Bde P-0078A-F 78th Infantry Div P-0079A-F 79th Infantry Div P-0079B-F 79th Infantry Bde P-0080A-F 80th Infantry Div P-0081A-F 81st ARCOM P-0081B-F 81st Infantry Bde P-0082A-F 82nd Airborne Div P-0082B-F 82nd Sust Bde P-0083A-F 83rd Infantry Div P-0084A-F 84th Infantry Div P-0085A-F 85th Infantry Div P-0085C-F 85th Civ Aff Bde P-0086A-F 86th Infantry Div P-0086B-F 86th Inf Bde CT P-0087A-F 87th Infantry Div P-0088A-F 88th Reg Spt Cmd P-0089A-F 89th Infantry Div P-0089B-F 89th MP Bde P-0090A-F 90th RES Cmd P-0091A-F 91st Infantry Div P-0092A-F 92nd Infantry Bde P-0093A-F 93rd Signal Bde P-0094A-F 94th ADA P-0094B-F 94th Infantry Div P-0095A-F 95th Infantry Div P-0095B-F 95th Civil Aff Bde Web:

24 24 Full Color Patches P-0096A-F 96th ARCOM P-0097A-F 97th Training Bde P-0098A-F 98th ARCOM P-0099A-F 99th ARCOM P-0100A-F 100th Infantry Div P-0100B-F 100th Missile Def P-0101A-F 101st Airborne Div P-0101B-F 101st Sust Bde P-0102A-F 102nd ARCOM P-0103A-F 103rd FA Bde P-0103B-F 103rd Sust Cmd P-0104A-F 104th Infantry Div P-0106A-F 106th Signal Bde P-0107A-F 107th Armored Cav P-0108A-F 108th Abn Div P-0108B-F 108th ADA P-0108C-F 108th Sust Bde P-0110A-F 110th Aviation Bde P-0110B-F 110th Cmbt Spt Bde P-0111A-F 111th MEB P-0111B-F 111th Eng Bde P-0112A-F 112th Med Bde P-0113A-F 113th FA Bde P-0113B-F 113th Sust Bde P-0115A-F 115th FA Bde P-0115B-F 115th Spt Gp P-0116A-F 116th Infantry Bde P-0116B-F 116th Arm Cav P-0120A-F 120th ARCOM P-0120B-F 120th Inf Bde P-0121A-F 121st ARCOM P-0122A-F 122nd ARCOM P-0123A-F 123rd ARCOM P-0124A-F 124th ARCOM P-0124B-F 124th Trans Cmd P-0125A-F 125th ARCOM P-0125B-F 125th Trans Cmd P-0128A-F 128th Avn Bde P-0130A-F 130th Eng Bde P-0130B-F 130th FA Bde P-0130C-F 130th Man Enhan Bde P-0135A-F 135th FA Bde P-0135B-F 135th Sust Cmd P-0136A-F 136th Man Enhance P-0138A-F 138th FA Bde P-0141A-F 141st Man Enhance P-0142A-F 142nd FA Bde P-0142B-F 142nd Signal Bde P-0143A-F 143rd Trans Cmd P-0149A-F 149th Armor Bde P-0151A-F 151st FA Bde P-0153A-F 153rd FA Bde P-0155A-F 155th Armor Bde P-0156A-F 156th QM Cmd P-0157A-F 157th Infantry Bde P-0158A-F 158th Inf Bde P-0158B-F 158th Man Enhance P-0160A-F 160th Signal Bde P-0162A-F 162nd Inf Bde P-0163A-F 163rd Arm Cav P-0164A-F 164th ADA P-0165A-F 165th Inf Bde P-0166A-F 166th Avn Bde P-0167A-F 167th Spt Cmd P-0168A-F 168th Eng Bde P-0169A-F 169th FA Bde P-0170A-F 170th Inf Bde P-0172A-F 172nd Inf Bde P-0173A-F 173rd Abn Brig P-0174A-F 174th Inf Bde P-0174B-F 174th ADA Bde P-0175A-F 175th Finance Ctr P-0175B-F 175th Medical Bde P-0176A-F 176th Eng Bde P-0177A-F 177th Armor Bde P-0177B-F 177th MP Bde P-0181A-F 181st Inf Bde P-0184A-F 184th Sust Cmd P-0185A-F 185th Avn Bde P-0187B-F 187th Infantry Bde Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

25 Sizes will vary proportions are not accurate as shown. Full Color Patches 25 Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at P-0187C-F 187th Signal Bde P-0189A-F 189th Inf Bde P-0192A-F 192nd Inf Bde P-0193A-F 193rd Infantry Bde P-0194A-F 194th Armor Bde P-0194B-F 194th Eng Bde P-0196A-F 196th Infantry Bde P-0196B-F 196th FA Bde P-0196C-F 196th Man Enhan Bde P-0197A-F 197th Infantry Bde P-0197B-F 197th FA Bde P-0198A-F 198th Infantry Bde P-0199A-F 199th Infantry Bde P-0200A-F 200th MP Cmd P-0201A-F 201st Mil Int Bde P-0204A-F 204th Man Enhance P-0205A-F 205th Infantry Bde P-0205B-F 205th Mil Int Bde P-0207A-F 207th Mil Int Bde P-0209A-F 209th FA Bde P-0210A-F 210th FA Bde P-0212A-F 212th FA Bde P-0213A-F 213th Medical Bde P-0213B-F 213th Support Gp P-0214A-F 214th FA Bde P-0218A-F 218th Infantry Bde P-0219A-F 219th Btlefld Surv Bde P-0220A-F 220th MP Bde P-0221A-F 221st MP Bde P-0224A-F 224th FA Bde P-0224B-F 224th Sust Bde P-0226A-F 226th Man Enhance P-0227A-F 227th FA Bde P-0228A-F 228th Signal Bde P-0230A-F 230th Sust Bde P-0244A-F 244th Avn Bde P-0256A-F 256th Infantry Bde P-0260A-F 260th MP Bde P-0261A-F 261st Signal Bde P-0263A-F 263rd ADA P-0266A-F 266th Finance Ctr P-0278A-F 278th Arm Cavalry P-0279A-F 279th Support Bde P-0287A-F 287th Sust Bde P-0290A-F 290th MP Bde P-0300A-F 300th Mil Int Bde P-0300B-F 300th MP Bde P-0300C-F 300th Sust Bde P-0301A-F 301st Support Gp P-0301B-F 301st Cmbt Spt Bde P-0303A-F 303rd Man Enhance P-0304A-F 304th Sust Bde P-0304B-F 304th Civ Aff Cmd P-0308A-F 308th Civil Affairs P-0310A-F 310th Spt Cmd P-0311A-F 311th Sust Cmd P-0311B-F 311th Signal Cmd P-0316A-F 316th Sust Cmd P-0319A-F 319th Mil Int P-0319B-F 319th Trans Bde P-0321A-F 321st Sust Bde P-0321B-F 321st Civ Aff Bde P-0322A-F 322nd Civ Aff Bde P-0330A-F 330th Medical Bde P-0332A-F 332nd Medical Bde P-0335A-F 335th Signal Bde P-0336A-F 336th Finance Cmd P-0336B-F 336th Trans Gp P-0338A-F 338th Med Bde P-0347A-F 347th Spt Gp P-0350A-F 350th Civ Aff Bde P-0351A-F 351st Civ Aff Bde P-0352A-F 352nd Civ Aff Bde P-0353A-F 353rd Civ Aff Bde P-0357A-F 357th Air & Misl Def P-0359A-F 359th Signal Bde P-0364A-F 364th Civil Aff P-0364B-F 364th Sust Cmd P-369A-F 369th Sust Bde P-0371A-F 371st Sust Bde Web:

26 26 Full Color Patches P-0372A-F 372nd Eng Bde P-0377A-F 377th Support Cmd P-0401A-F 401st Spt Bde P-0402A-F 402nd TRN P-0402B-F 402nd Spt Bde P-0403A-F 403rd Spt Bde P-0404A-F 404th MEB P-0404B-F 404th Spt Bde P-0406A-F 406th Spt Bde P-0407A-F 407th Spt Bde P-0408A-F 408th Spt Bde P-0409A-F 409th Spt Bde P-0410A-F 410th Spt Bde P-0411A-F 411th Eng Bde P-0412A-F 412th Eng Bde P-0415A-F 415th Chem Bde P-0416A-F 416th Eng Bde P-0420A-F 420th Eng Bde P-0425A-F 425th Trans Bde P-0426A-F 426th Med Bde P-0428A-F 428th FA Bde P-0434A-F 434th FA Bde P-0442A-F 442nd Infantry P-0455A-F 455th Chem Bde P-0460A-F 460th Chem Bde P-0464A-F 464th Chem Bde P-0470A-F 470th Mil Int Bde P-0479A-F 479th FA Bde P-0500A-F 500th Mil Int P-0501A-F 501st Mil Int Bde P-0501B-F 501st Sust Bde P-0504A-F 504th Mil Int Bde P-0509A-F 509th Inf Geronimo P-0513A-F 513th Mil Int Bde P-0516A-F 516th Signal Bde P-0525A-F 525th BSB P-0528A-F 528th Sust Bde P-0555A-F 555th Engineer GP P-0560A-F 560th Btl Surv Bde P-0593A-F 593rd Sust Bde P-0631A-F 631st FA Bde P-0648A-F 648th Man Enhance P-0650A-F 650th MI Gp P-0704A-F 704th MI Bde P-0800A-F 800th MP Bde P-0804A-F 804th Hosp Center P-0807A-F 807th Med Bde P-0818A-F 818th Hospital Ctr P-0902A-F 902nd MI Gp P-0916A-F 916th Support Bde P-0926A-F 926th Eng Bde P-1101A-F 1101st Sig Bde P-1104A-F 1104th Signal Bde P-1107A-F 1107th Signal Bde P-1108A-F 1108th Signal Bde P-ACC-F Army Correction Cmd P-ACQ SPT-F Acquisition Spt Ctr P-ADEFC-F Air Defense CTR P-AFGAN-F CF Cmd Afghan P-AFRICA-F Africa Cmd P-ALLIED-F Allied Cmd P-AMA-F AL Military Academy P-ANTRN-F Aviation Trn P-ARCD-F AR Res Career Div P-ARCTR-F Armor Center P-ARMY Army of One P-ARNG SCH-F Army NG School P-ARSCH-F Armor School P-ASYM-F Asy Warfare Gp P-ATC-F U.S. Army AT Svc Cmd P-AVNLO-F Avn Log School P-BERLI-F Berlin Cmd P-BROAD-F Broadcasting P-CENTC-F Central Cmd P-CESCH-F Chem Trn School P-CGS-F Cmd & Gen Staff School P-CHAP-F Chaplain Ctr & School P-CIV SPT-F NG Civ Spt TMS P-CIVAFF-F Civ Aff & Psy Cmd P-CMBFA-F Combined Field Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

27 Sizes will vary proportions are not accurate as shown. Full Color Patches 27 Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at P-CMBST-F Cmb Security Trans Cmd Afghan P-CMBST-F/O Cmb Security Trans Cmd (OLD Design) P-COMP-F Computer Sys Cmd P-COSCOM-F Arms & Spt Cmd P-CPENG-F Corps of Engineer P-CRIMI-F Criminal Invest Cmd P-DARCM-F DARCOM P-DEF LANG INST-F Def Lang Inst P-DOA GUARD/1 Dept of Army Guard (shoulder) P-DOA GUARD/2 Dept of Army Guard (hat) P-DOA POLICE/1 Dept of Army Police (shoulder) P-DOA POLICE/2 Dept of Army Police (hat) P-DOD/G1 Dept of Def Guard (shoulder) P-DOD/G2 Dept of Def Guard (hat) P-DOD/P1 Dept of Def Police (shoulder) P-DOD/P2 Dept of Def Police (hat) P-ENGCM-F Eng Cmd, Vietnam P-ENFSA-F Eng Field Spt P-ENSCH-F Engineer School P-EUROP-F European Cmd P-FASCH-F FA School P-FCOE-F Fires Ctr of Excelence P-FORINTEL-F Foreign Intell Cmd P-FORSC-F FORSCOM P-HAWAII-F Hawaii P-HESVC-F Health Serv Cmd P-HQCMD-F HQ Cmd P-INFOR-F Info & Data Syst Cmd P-INSCH-F Infantry School P-INSEC-F Intell/Security Cmd P-INST-F Install Mang P-INSYS-F Info Sys Eng Cmd P-INTEL-F Intell Agency P-IRRES-F Individual Ready Res P-ISC-F Info Sys Cmd P-JAG-F Judge Adv Gen P-JAPAN-F Japan P-JFKSW-F JFK, Spec Warfare P-JNTRE-F Joint Readiness Cmd P-JROTC-F JROTC P-JUNEX-F Jungle Expert P-LEG-F Legal Serv Agency P-LOG-F Logistics Center P-MACV-F MACV P-MAN-F Man Spt Ctr of Excl Ft Lenoardwood P-MED-F Med School P-MEDCMD-F Joint Med Cmd P-MEKOR-F Med Cmd-Korea P-MFIRAQ-F Multnat l Force-Iraq P-MIDIS-F Mil Dist of Washington P-MIL-F Mil Pers Center P-MILEN-F Mil Ent & Processing P-MINTRE-F MI Readiness Cmd P-MISCH-F Mil Intell School P-MITFC-F Mil Traffic Mgt. Cmd P-MNCORPS-F Multnat l Corps P-MNSCH-F Missile School P-MPH Military Police, HI P-MPSCH-F MP TRN School P-MULTFOR-F MULT NATt FORCE & OBSERVERS P-NATO-F N.A.T.O. P-NG-F NG Recrut & Ret P-NORAD-F NA Aerospace Def Cmd P-NORTH-F US Northern Cmd P-NTLTN-F Nat l TRN Ctr P-OCS OCS P-ORSCH-F Ord Trn Sch P-PACCMD-F HQ Pacific Cmd P-PARAL-F ParaGlider-Enl P-PARAR-F ParaGlider-Off P-PATHM-F Pathfinder Patch MER P-PER-F Personnel-DOD P-PERSON-F Total Pers Agency P-PHYFI-F Physical Fitness P-QMSCH-F QM TRN School P-RECMD-F Recruiting Cmd P-RESCMD-F Reserve Cmd P-RESEA-F Mil Research & Dev P-RESMED-F Army Res Med Cmd P-RESPER-F Army Res Pers Ctr Web:

28 28 Full Color Patches P-RESRED-F Army Res Ready Cmd P-ROTC-F ROTC Cadet P-SCHAM-F School of Americas P-SESVC-F Selective Service P-SETAF-F SETAF P-SFORC-F Special Forces P-SGMAC-F SGM Academy P-SIGSCH-F Sig Trn School P-SOLDMEDIA-F Soldier Media Ctr P-SOPER-F Spec OP Cmd P-SOPER/A-F Spec OP Cmd Africa P-SOPER/C-F Spec OP Cmd Ctrl P-SOPER/E-F P-SOPER/K-F Spec OP Cmd Europe Spec OP Cmd Korea P-SOPER/P-F Spec OP Cmd Pacific P-SOPER/S-F Spec OP Cmd South P-SOUTH-F Southern Cmd P-SOUTHERN-F Southern Cmd P-SPC OPNS CMD Joint Forces Cmd P-SPCCD-F Space Cmd P-SSC-F Soldier Support Ctr P-SSDC-F Space & Strat Def Cmd P-STAFF-F Staff Support P-STRAT-F US Army Strategic Cmd P-SUSTCTR-F Sust Ctr of Excel P-TCSCH-F Trans TRN School P-TEXCO-F Test-Exp Cmd P-TRADO-F TRADOC P-TRANCOM-F Transportation Cmd P-TRIAL-F Trial Def Svc P-TRN CNT-F Training Ctr P-TXSG-F Texas State Guard P-USAAK-F Alaska P-USACC-F USA Cyber Cmd P-USAEU-F Europe P-USAR-F Retired P-USAVN-F Vietnam P-USJFC-F Joint Forces Cmd P-USMA/F Mil Acad, Instructor P-WAR-F War College P-WARRANT-F WO Career Ctr P-WEST-F Western Hem Inst P-WESTC-F WESTCOM Full Color Tabs PT-101 Airborne (Gld/Blk) PT-102 Airborne (Wht/Blue) PT-103 Airborne (Red/Blk) PT-105 Ranger PT-107 Special Forces PT-109 Mountain PT-112 Honor Guard PT-128 Raider PT-131 Ranger Challenge PT-SNIPER Sniper State National Guard HQ s P-NG/AK-F Alaska P-NG/AL-F Alabama P-NG/AR-F Arkansas P-NG/AZ-F Arizona P-NG/CA-F California P-NG/CO-F Colorado P-NG/CT-F Connecticut P-NG/DC-F District of Columbia P-NG/DE-F Delaware P-NG/FL-F Florida P-NG/GA-F Georgia P-NG/GU-F Guam P-NG/HI-F Hawaii P-NG/IA-F Iowa P-NG/ID-F Idaho P-NG/IL-F Illinois P-NG/IN-F Indiana P-NG/KS-F Kansas P-NG/KY-F Kentucky P-NG/LA-F Louisiana P-NG/MA-F Massachusetts P-NG/MD-F Maryland Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

29 Sizes will vary proportions are not accurate as shown. State National Guard HQ s 29 Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at P-NG/ME-F Maine P-NG/MI-F Michigan P-NG/MN-F Minnesota P-NG/MO-F Missouri P-NG/MS-F Mississippi P-NG/MT-F Montana P-NG/NC-F North Carolina P-NG/ND-F North Dakota P-NG/NE-F Nebraska P-NG/NH-F New Hampshire P-NG/NJ-F New Jersey P-NG/NM-F New Mexico P-NG/NV-F Nevada P-NG/NY-F New York P-NG/OH-F Ohio P-NG/OK-F Oklahoma P-NG/OR-F Oregon P-NG/PA-F Pennsylvania P-NG/PR-F Puerto Rico P-NG/RI-F Rhode Island P-NG/SC-F South Carolina P-NG/SD-F South Dakota P-NG/TN-F Tennessee P-NG/TX-F Texas P-NG/UT-F Utah P-NG/VA-F Virginia P-NG/VT-F Vermont P-NG/WA-F Washington P-NG/WI-F Wisconsin P-NG/WV-F West Virginia P-NG/WY-F Wyoming Flashes PF-0001A 1 Spt Cmd PF-0001B 1 SF Gp PF-0001C 1 SW Trn Gp PF-0003A 3 SF Gp PF-0003B 3 Spec Op PF-0003F Co F, 3 Bn, Academy Bde PF-0004A 4 Psyc Op PF-0004B 4 ADA 3 Bn PF-0004C 4 Spec Op Spt Cmd PF-0004D 4 Bde 25th Inf PF-0004E 4 Bde 25th Inf Spec Trp PF-0005A 5 SF Gp, RVN PF-0005B 5 SF Gp PF-0005C 5 Spec Op Spt Cmd PF-0006A 6 Theater Spec Op PF-0006B 6 Spec Op PF-0006C 6 Spec Forces PF-0007A 7 SF Gp PF-0007B 7 Spec Op PF-0010A 10 SF Gp PF-0011A 11 SF Gp PF-0011B 11 FA 4 Bn PF-0011C 11 QM Co PF-0012A 12 SF Gp PF-0014A 14 MI Co C PF-0016A 16 MP PF-0017A 17 Cav 1 Sq PF-0017B 17 Avn Bde HHC PF-0018A 18 Abn Corp PF-0018B 18 FA Bde PF-0018C 18 Avn Bde PF-0018D 18 Abn Corp Arty PF-0018E 18 Pers Gp PF-0018F 18 Cav 1 Sq Trp E PF-0018G 18 Abn Corps PF-0019A 19 SF Gp PF-0020A 20 SF Gp PF-0020B 20 Eng Bde PF-0020C 20 Avn Bn PF-0027A 27 Eng Bn PF-0030A 30 Eng Bn PF-0035A 35 Sig Bn PF-0037A 37 Eng Bn PF-0038A 38 Cav Rgt 1 Sq C Trp PF-0038B 38 Cav Rgt 2 Sq C Trp PF-0038C 38 Cav Rgt C Trp PF-0040F 40 Cav 1 Sq PF-0044A 44 Med Bde PF SF Co PF-0050A 50 Sig Bn PF-0051A 51 Sig Bn PF-0051B 51 Inf Regt Co E & F PF-0052A 52 Inf Co E PF-0053A 53 QM Det PF-0055A 55 Sig Co PF-0056A 56 Chem Recon Det PF-0058A 58 Avn Regt 1 Bn PF-0073A 73 Arm 3 Bn PF-0073B 73 Cav Regt 1 Sq PF-0073C PF-0073D PF-0073E 73 Cav Regt 5 Sq 73 Cav Regt 3 Sq 73 Cav Regt 4 Sq PF-0075A 75 Ranger HQ PF-0075B 75 Ranger 1 Bn PF-0075C 75 Ranger 2 Bn PF-0075D 75 Ranger 3 Bn PF-0082A 82 Abn Div HQ PF-0082B 82 Abn Arty PF-0082C 82 Avn HQ PF-0082D 82 Avn 1 Bn PF-0082E 82 Avn 2 Bn PF-0082F 82 Avn HHC PF-0082G 82 Avn Co D/HQ PF-0082H 82 Spt Bn PF-0082I 82 Per Spt Bn PF-0082J 82 Sig Bn PF-0082K 82 Fin Bn PF-0082L 82 Avn Co D PF-0082M 82 Abn Div STB PF-0082N 82 Abn 3 Bde CT PF-0082O 82 Abn 2 Bde CT PF-0082P 82 Abn 4 Bde CT PF-0082Q 82 Abn 1 Bde CT PF-0082R 82 Abn Div 1 Bde CT STB Web:

30 30 Flashes PF-0084A 84 Eng Co PF-0087A 87 QM Det PF-0095A 95 Civ Aff Bde PF-0096A 96 CIiv Aff Bn PF-0097A 97 Civ Aff Bn PF-0098A 98 Civ Aff Bn PF-0101A 101 MI Bn Co D PF-0101B 101 Cav 1 Sq PF-0101C 101 Abn Div PF-0101D 101 Abn 2 Bde PF-0104A 104 MI Bn PF-0105A 105 MI Bn PF-0106A 106 MI Co C PF-0107A 107 MI Bn PF-0110A 110 MI Bn PF-0112A 112 Sig Bn PF-0117A 117 Cav 5 Sq PF-0122A 122 Inf Co H PF-0125A 125 MI Bn PF-0131A PF-0143A 131 Cav 1 Sq C Co 143 Inf Rgt 1 Bn PF-0151A 151st Inf Det PF-0158A 158 Cav 1 Sq PF-0160A 160 Avn HQ PF-0160B 160 Avn 1 Bn PF-0160C 160 Avn 2 Bn PF-0160D 160 Avn 3 Bn PF-0160E 160 Avn 4 Bn PF-0163A 163 MI Bn PF-0167A 167 Cav 1 Sq PF-0167B 167 Spt Bn PF-0173A 173 Spt Bn PF-0173B 173 Abn Bde CT PF-00173C 173 Abn Bde PF-0188A 188 ADA 1 Bn PF-0194A 194 Cav 1 Sq PF-0207A 207 Inf Gp PF-0229A 229 Avn Gp PF FA Det PF-0245A 245 Avn 1 Bn PF-0250A 250 Forward Surgical Tm PF-0307A 307 Fwd Spt Bn PF-0307B 307 Eng Bn PF-0311A 311 MI Bn PF-0312A 312 MI Bn PF-0313A 313 MI Bn PF-0319A 319 FA 1 Bn PF-0319B 319 FA 2 Bn PF-0319C 319 FA 3 Bn PF-0321A PF-0321B PF-0321C 321 FA Regt 1 Bn 321 FA Regt 2 Bn 321 FA Regt 3 Bn PF-0325A 325 Inf HQ PF-0325B 325 Inf 1 Bn PF-0325C 325 Inf 2 Bn PF-0325D 325 Inf 3 Bn PF-0325E 325 Inf 4 Bn PF-0327A 327 Sig Bn PF-0337A 337 MI Bn PF-0345A 345 Psy Op Co PF-0346A 346 Psy Op Co PF-0360A 360 Civ Aff Bde PF-0377B 377 FA 1 Bn PF-0377C 377 FA 2 Bn PF-0404A 404 Civ Aff Bn PF-0407A 407 S&T Bn PF-0412A 412 Civ Aff Bn PF-0421A 421 QM PF-0422A 422 Civ Aff PF-0425A 425 Inf LRS Unit PF-0426A 426 Sig Bn PF-0426B 426 Civ Aff Bn PF-0450A 450 Civ Aff Bn PF-0501A 501 Inf 1 Bn PF-0504A 504 Inf HQ PF-0504B 504 Inf 1 Bn PF-0504C 504 Inf 2 Bn PF-0504D 504 Inf 3 Bn PF-0505A 505 Inf HQ PF-0505B 505 Inf 1 Bn PF-0505C 505 Inf 2 Bn PF-0505D 505 Inf 3 Bn PF-0507A 507 Inf 1 Bn PF Inf PF-0508A 508 Inf 1 Bn PF-0508B 508 Inf 2 Bn PF-0509A 509 Inf PF-0509B 509 Inf 1 Bn PF-0509D 509 Inf 3 Bn PF-0511A 511 Inf Regt PF-0525A 525 MI Bde PF-0528A 528 Spt Bn PF-0600A 600 QM Co PF-0612A 612 QM Co PF-0618A 618 Eng Bn PF-0647A 647 QM Co PF-0725A 725 Spt Bn PF-0782A 782 Maint Bn PF-0824A 824 QM Co PF-AF TACP AF Tact Air Ctrl Party PF-ARMY Army PF-ATF Abn Test Frc PF-CIV Civ Aff/Psy Op PF-FOR-A FORSCOM PF-FOR/B FORSCOM PF-JFK/A JFK PF-JFK/B JFK Spec PF-JRTC JRTC PF-JSO JSO PF-MUL MLTNAT L FORCE PF-RED ARMY FLASH Army PF-RNGR TRN BDG RNG TRN BDE PF-SF CMD SF Cmd PF-SF/B SF Per Not in SF Units PF-SOC/A Spec Op Cmd Atlantic PF-SOC/AF Spec Op Cmd Africa PF-SOC/C SPEC OPS Cmd Central PF-SOC/E Spec Op Cmd Europe PF-SOC/P Spec Op Cmd Pacific PF-SOC/S Spec Op Cmd South PF-SOE Southern Europe Task Force PF-SOS Spec Op Sch PF-SOTF Spc Ops Task Force Europe PF-SPB/CS PF-SPL HQ AP Spec Op Spt Cmd Spl Projects HQ PF-SPL-A Spec Op Spt PF-SPL-Cmd Spec Op Cmd PF-SPL/WRF MED PF-SROTC Spec Warfare Med SROTC Ranger PF-USAE USA Element Spec Ops Cmd PF-U.S. ARMY GARRISON PF-WHISC West Hem Inst CALL FOR UNIT PRICING Speak with one of our sales representatives to see if you qualify for special pricing Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

31 Ovals Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at 31 PO-0001A 1 Corps Spt Cmd PO-0001B 1 SF Gp PO-0001D 1 Spec Warfare Gp PO-0003A 3 SF Gp PO-0003B 3 Spec Op PO-0003F Gp F, 3 Bn Academy Bde PO-0004A 4 Psyc Op PO-0004B 4 ADA 3 Bn PO-0004C 4 Spec Op PO-0004D 4 Bde 25 Inf Div PO-0005A 5 SF Gp PO-0005B 5 Spec Op PO-0006A 6 Spec Op PO-0006B 6 Spec Op Cmd PO-0007A 7 SF Gp PO-0007B 7 Spec Op PO-0010A 10 SF Gp PO-0010B 10 MP Det PO-0011A 11 SF Gp PO-0011B 11 FA 4 Bn C PO-0012A 12 SF Gp PO-0014A 14 MI Bn Co C PO-0016A 16 MP PO-0017A 17 Cav PO-0017B 17 Cav 1 Sq PO-0018B 18 Abn Corp HQ PO-0018C 18 Abn Corp Arty PO-0018D 18 FA PO-0018E 18 Personnel PO-0018F 18 Cav 1 Sq TRP E PO-0018G 18 Avn Bde PO-0019A 19 SF Gp PO-0020A 20 SF Gp PO-0020B 20 Avn Bn PO-0020C 20 Eng PO-0025A 25 Inf 4 Bde STB PO-0027A 27 Eng Bn Hq PO-0030A 30 Eng PO-0031A 31 MP Det PO-0032A 32 Cav Regt, 1 Sq PO-0033A 33 Cav Regt 1 Sq PO-0035A 35 Sig Bde PO-0037A 37 Eng PO-0038A 38 Cav Rgt 1 Sq C Trp PO-0038B 38 Cav Rgt 2 Sq C Trp PO-0038C 38 Cav Rgt C Trp PO-0040A 40 Cav 1 Sq PO-0044A 44 Med PO-0044B 44 ADA PO-0050A 50 Sig PO-0051A 51 Sig PO-0051B 51 Inf Co E/F PO-0052A 52 Inf Co E PO-0055A 55 Sig PO-0056A 56 Chem Recon Det PO-0056B 56 Troop Cmd PO-0061A 61 Cav Regt 1 Sq PO-0073A 73 Armor PO-0073B 73 Cav Regt 1 Sq PO-0073E 73 Cav Regt 3 Sq PO-0073D 73 Cav Regt 4 Sq PO-0073C 73 Cav Regt 5 Sq PO-0075A 75 Ranger HQ PO-0075B 75 Ranger 1 Bn PO-0075C 75 Ranger 2 Bn PO-0075D 75 Ranger 3 Bn PO-0082A 82 Abn HQ PO-0082B 82 Abn ARTY PO-0082C 82 Avn PO-0082D 82 Avn 1 Bn PO-0082E 82 Avn 2 Bn PO-0082F 82 Avn Bde PO-0082H 82 Spt Bn PO-0082I 82 Pers Svcs Bn PO-0082J 82 Sig Bn PO-0082K 82 Fin PO-0082L 82 Avn Co D PO-0082M 82 Abn Div Spec Tp PO-0082N 82 Abn 3 CT Spec Tp PO-0082O 82 Abn 2 CT Spec Tp PO-0082P 82 Abn 4 Bde Cmb Tm PO-0082Q 82 Abn 1 Bde Cmb Tm PO-0082R 82 Abn 4 Bde CT, Spec Tp PO-0082S 82 Abn 2 Bde Cmb Tm PO-0082T 82 Abn 3 Bde Cmb Tm PO-0082U 82 Abn Div 1 Bde CT, STB PO-0084A 84 Eng Co PO-0091A 91 Cav Regt 1 Bn PO-0095A 95 Civ Aff Bde PO-0096A 96 Civ Aff PO-0097A 97 Civ Aff Bn PO-0098A 98 Civ Aff Bn PO-0101A 101 Abn Div PO-0101D 101 Abn 1 Bde PO-0101E 101 Abn 2 Bde PO-0101F 101 Abn 3 Bde PO-0101G 101 Cav 1 Sq PO-0101H 101 MI Bn Co D PO-0101B 101 Abn ARTY Web:

32 32 Ovals PO-0101C 101 Abn Div Spt Cmd PO-0101I 101 Pers Svc PO-101J 101 Abn Div PO-0101K 101 Abn 2 Bde Spec Tp Bn PO-0101L 101 Abn 4 Bde Cmb Tm, Sp Tp PO-101M 104 MI PO-0104A 104 MI PO-0105A 105 MI PO-0107A 107 MI PO-0110A 110 MI PO-0112A 112 Sig PO-0117A 117 Cav 5 Sq PO-0122A 122 Inf Co H PO-0125A 125 MI PO-0131A 131 Cav 1 Sq C Co PO-0135A 135 Inf 2 Bn PO-0143A 143 Inf Rgt 1 Bn PO-0151A 151 Inf Det PO-0158A 158 Cav PO-0159A 159 Avn PO-0160A 160 Avn HQ PO-0160B 160 Avn 1 Bn PO-0160C 160 Avn 2 Bn PO-0160D 160 Avn 3 Bn PO-0163A 163 MI Bn LRS Det PO-0167A 167 Cav 1 Sq PO-0167B 167 Spt Bn PO-0173A 173 Abn Bde Cmb Tm PO-0173B 173 Abn Bde Cmb Tm, STB PO-0173C 173 Support Bn PO-0187A 187 Inf HQ PO-0187B 187 Inf 3 Bn PO-0187C 187 Inf Regt 1 Bn PO-0187D 187 Inf 4 & 5 Bn PO-0194A 194 Cav 1 Sq PO-0229A 229 Avn PO-0234A 234 FA Det PO-0245A 245 Avn 1 Bn PO-0250A 250 Fwd Surgical Tm PO-0307A 307 Eng PO-0307B 307 Spt Bn Fwd PO-0311A 311 MI PO-0311B 311 MI (LRSD) PO-0312A 312 MI PO-0313A 313 MI PO-0319A 319 FA 1 Bn PO-0319B 319 FA 2 Bn PO-0319C 319 FA 3 Bn PO-0319D 319 FA 4 Bn PO-0320A 320 FA 1 Bn PO-0320B 320 FA 2 Bn PO-0320C 320 FA 3 Bn PO-0320D 320 FA 4 Bn PO-0321A 321 FA 1 Bn PO-0321B 321 FA Regt 2 Bn PO-0321C 321 FA 2 Bn PO-0325A 325 Inf HQ PO-0325B 325 Inf 1 Bn PO-0325C 325 Inf 2 Bn PO-0325D 325 Inf 3 Bn PO-0325E 325 Inf 4 Bn PO-0326A 326 Eng PO-0326B 326 Med PO-0327A 327 Inf 1 Bn PO-0327B 327 Inf 2 Bn PO-0327C 327 Inf 3 Bn PO-0327D 327 Sig PO-0337A 337 MI PO-0345A 345 Psy Op Co PO-0346A 346 Psy Op Co PO-0360A 360 Civ Aff Bde PO-0377A 377 FA Regt PO-0377B 377 FA Regt 2 Bn PO-0404A 404 Civ Aff Bn PO-0407B 407 S&T PO-0412A 412 Civ Aff Bn PO-0421A 421 QM Co PO-0422A 422 Civ Aff PO-0425A 425 Inf LRS PO-0426A 426 Sig PO-0426B 426 S&T PO-0426C 426 Civ Aff Bn PO-0450A 450 Civ Aff PO-0501A 501 Inf 1 Bn PO-0501B 501 Sig PO-0502A 502 Inf 1 Bn PO-0502B 502 Inf 2 Bn PO-0502C 502 Inf 3 Bn PO-0503A 503 Inf HQ PO-0503B 503 Inf 1 Bn PO-0503C 503 Inf 2 Bn PO-0503D 503 Inf 3 Bn PO-0504A 504 Inf HQ PO-0504B 504 Inf 1 Bn PO-0504C 504 Inf 2 Bn PO-0504D 504 Inf 3 Bn PO-0505A 505 Inf HQ PO-0505B 505 Inf 1 Bn PO-0505C 505 Inf 2 Bn Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

33 Ovals Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at 33 PO-0505D 505 Inf 3 Bn PO-0506A 506 Inf HQ PO-0506B 506 Inf 1 Bn PO-0506C 506 Inf 2 Bn PO-0506D 506 Inf 3 Bn PO-0507A 507 Inf 1 Bn PO-0508A 508 Inf PO-0508B 508 Inf 1 Bn PO-0508C 508 Inf 2 Bn PO-0509A 509 Inf PO-0509B 509 Inf 3 Bn PO-0509C 509 Inf 1 Bn PO-0511A 511 Inf Regt PO-0525A 525 MI PO-0526A 526 Fwd Spt Bn PO-0528A 528 Spt PO-0612A 612 QM Co PO-0618B 618 Spt PO-0725A 725 Spt Bn PO-0782A 782 Maint PO-0801A 801 Maint PO-0824A 824 QM Co PO-ATF Abn Test Fce PO-CIV Civ Aff PO-FOR FORSCOM PO-JFK JFK Spec Wfre Ctr PO-JRTC Jnt Readiness Trng Ctr PO-JSO Joint Spec Ops Cmd PO-RTB Ranger Trng Bde PO-SETAF SETAF PO-SFORC (old) Spec Forces Cmd PO-SFORC Spec Forces Cmd PO-SOC Spec Ops Cmd PO-SOC/AF Spc Ops Cmd, Africa PO-SOC/C Spec Ops Cmd, Central PO-SOC/E Spec Ops Cmd, Europe PO-SOC/S Spec Ops South PO-SOS Spec Op Spt Cmd PO-SOU SOUTEHRN EUR PO-SPL/JNT Spec Op Cmd Joint Forces Cmd PO-SPL/MED Spec Warfare Med Gp PO-SPL/PAC Spec Op Cmd Pacific PO-SPL/TSFC Spc Ops Cmd, Task Force, Europe PO-USAE US Army Element Spec Ops Cmd PO-US ARMY GARRISON Fort Bragg PO-WHISC West Hem Inst OPFOR Insignia Private OPFOR-SM/OD-01 Private, 1st Class OPFOR-SM/OD-02 Corporal OPFOR-SM/OD-03 Junior Sergeant OPFOR-SM/OD-04 Sergeant OPFOR-SM/OD-05 Senior Sergeant OPFOR-SM/OD-06 Sergeant Major OPFOR-SM/OD-07 Junior Lieutenant OPFOR-SM/OD-10 Lieutenant OPFOR-SM/OD-11 Senior Lieutenant OPFOR-SM/OD-12 Captain OPFOR-SM/OD-13 Major OPFOR-SM/OD-14 Lieutenant Colonel OPFOR-SM/OD-15 Colonel OPFOR-SM/OD-16 Collar Tab OPFOR-02 Collar Tab OPFOR-02B Collar Tab OPFOR-02A OPFOR Name Tape Desert OPFOR-10A OPFOR Name Tape Subdued OPFOR-10 More OPFOR Insignia Available Online OPFOR Patch - Full Color OPFOR-05 OPFOR Crest OPFOR-61 OPFOR Crest OPFOR-62 OPFOR Patch - Desert OPFOR-03 Infantry Sew-On Blk/Gld OPFOR-60 OPFOR Patch - Subdued OPFOR-04 Infantry Sew-On Subdued OPFOR-07 Private OPFOR-21 Private, 1st Class OPFOR-22 Spec, 4th Class OPFOR-24 Sergeant OPFOR-25 Sergeant Major OPFOR-29 2nd Lieutenant OPFOR-30 1st Lieutenant OPFOR-31 Captain OPFOR-32 Major OPFOR-33 Lieutenant Colonel OPFOR-34 OPFOR Patch - Subdued OPFOR-64 OPFOR Patch - ACU OPFOR-65 OPFOR Star - Gold OPFOR-14 OPFOR Star - Silver OPFOR-15 OPFOR Star - Red OPFOR-16 Armor - Gold OPFOR-13 Infantry - Gold OPFOR-09 Armor - Black OPFOR-12 Infantry - Black OPFOR-08 Web:

34 34 ASU & Dress Mess Accessories Gold/Blue Chevrons Service Stripes Male C-M112 Female C-F112 Private Male C-M101 Female C-F101 Private, 1st Class Male C-M102 Female C-F102 Corporal Male C-M103 Female C-F103 Specialist, 4th Class Male C-M104 Female C-F104 Sergeant Male C-M105 Female C-F105 Overseas Bars Male C-M113 Female C-F113 Staff Sergeant Male C-M106 Female C-F106 Sergeant, 1st Class Male C-M107 Female C-F107 Master Sergeant Male C-M108 Female C-F108 1st Sergeant Male C-M109 Female C-F109 Sergeant Major Male C-M110 Female C-F110 Cmd Sergeant Major Male C-M111 Female C-F111 Gold/Green Chevrons Service Stripes Male C-112 Female C-212 Private Male C-101 Female C-201 Private, 1st Class Male C-102 Female C-202 Corporal Male C-103 Female C-203 Specialist, 4th Class Male C-104 Female C-204 Sergeant Male C-105 Female C-205 Overseas Bars Male C-113 Female C-213 Staff Sergeant Male C-106 Female C-206 Sergeant, 1st Class Male C-107 Female C-207 Master Sergeant Male C-108 Female C-208 1st Sergeant Male C-109 Female C-209 Sergeant Major Male C-110 Female C-210 Cmd Sergeant Major Male C-111 Female C-211 Bowtie Clip-on T-107 Band T-108 Tie Regular T-104 Clip-on T-101 Dress Blue & Dress Mess Accessories Service Caps Cap Devices Enlisted Male AR/CAP-MEN Company Grade Male AR/CAP-MCG Male Officer NS-420 Male Enl NS-423 Buttons Female Officer NS-422 Female Enl NS-424 G-106 G-102 Cotton Military Gloves (Standard Length) G-101 No Snap G-102 With Snap Cotton Stretch Gloves (Long Length) G-106 Long Length Tab for Formal Blouse T-105B Enlisted Female AR/CAP-FEN 20 NS NS NS-459 Button Sets 36 NS-460 Snap Closure Tab for Dress Blouse T-105A Cummerbund Male T-110 Female T-121 Company Grade Female AR/CAP-FCG Snap Suspenders Black SUS/S-BLACK White SUS/S-WHITE Male Button Sets NS-450 NS-451 (Eng) Male Mess Jacket NS-454 NS-455 (Eng) G-107 Gloves available in sizes S-XL G-103 Sure Grip Gloves w/ Rubberized Palm (Standard and Long Length) G-103 Standard Length G-107 Long Length Clutch, Rubber M-A12 Button Toggle M-A09 Shirt Garters Black PE-H05/B White PE-H05/W Button Suspenders Black SUS/B-BLACK White SUS/B-WHITE Female Button Sets NS-452 NS-453 (Eng) Female Mess Jacket NS-454A Clutch, Brass M-A11 Button Ring M-A08 Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

35 Rayon Shoulder Boards ASU & Dress Mess Accessories Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at Bullion Shoulder Boards 35 Rayon Shoulder Boards When ordering, specify: Male or Female Branch of Service Rank (W01 - COL) When ordering, specify: Male or Female Branch of Service Rank (Capt - COL) When ordering, specify: Male or Female Branch of Service Rank (W01 - COL) Allow six weeks for delivery if not in stock. Epaulettes and Soutache Kit Adjutant General Tropical Item # Male C-M320 Female C-F325 Military Intelligence Armor Shoulder Marks & Shoulder Knots Military Police Artillery Ordnance Aviation Chaplain Chemical Large Size SM-xxxL Corporal Sergeant Staff Sergeant Sergeant 1st Cls Mast Sergeant 1st Sergeant Sergeant Major Cmd Sergent Maj W01 W02 W03 Small Size SM-xxxS SM-103x SM-104x SM-105x SM-106x SM-107x SM-108x SM-109x SM-110x SM-115x SM-116x SM-117x Large Size SM-xxxL W04 W05 2nd Lt 1st Lt Captain Major Lt Col Colonel Brig Gen Major Gen Lt Gen General Small Size SM-xxxS SM-118x SM-119x SM-120x SM-121x SM-122x SM-123x SM-124x SM-125x SM-126x SM-127x SM-128x SM-129x Male Shoulder Knots KT-01 Female Shoulder Knots KT-02 Trefoil BD-T01A Quartermaster Signal Sleeve & Hat Braids Special Forces Civil Affairs Engineer Finance Infantry Judge Advocate General Medical Sleeve Braids Officer BD-S/01 Adjutant General BD-S/02 Armor BD-S/03 Artillery BD-S/04 Aviation BD-S/05 Chaplain BD-S/06 Chemical BD-S/07 Civil Affairs BD-S/08 Engineer BD-S/09 Finance BD-S/11 Infantry BD-S/12 Medical BD-S/13 Military Intelligence BD-S/14 Military Police BD-S/15 Ordnance BD-S/16 Quartermaster BD-S/17 Signal BD-S/18 Special Forces BD-S/19 Transportation General Officer BD-S/10 General Officer Officer BD-H/01 BD-H/02 BD-H/03 BD-H/04 BD-H/05 BD-H/06 BD-H/07 BD-H/08 BD-H/10 BD-H/13 BD-H/14 BD-H/15 BD-H/16 BD-H/17 BD-H/18 BD-H/19 BD-H/20 BD-H/21 BD-H/22 Enlisted BD-H/09 Hat Braids Adjutant General Armor Artillery Aviation Chaplain Chemical Civil Affairs Engineer Finance Infantry JAG Medical Military Intelligence Military Police Ordnance Quartermaster Signal Special Forces Transportation Enlisted Transportation Acquisition Corps Brigadier General Major General Lieutenant General Web:

36 36 Unit Crests 1 ADA 1 Armored Div 1 Army 1 Cav 1 Cav Div 1 Corps 1 Spt Cmd 1 Eng Bn 1 FA 1 Fin Bn 2 ACR 3 Corps DUI-0001/001 DUI-0001/001(2) DUI-0001/002 DUI-0001/003 DUI-0001/004 DUI-0001/010 DUI-0001/034 DUI-0001/082 DUI-0001/101 DUI-0001A DUI-0001B DUI-0001C DUI-0001D DUI-0001E(L) DUI-0001E(R) DUI-0001F DUI-0001G DUI-0001H DUI-0001J(2) DUI-0001K DUI-0001L DUI-0001M DUI-0001N DUI-0001O DUI-0001P DUI-0001Q DUI-0001R DUI-0001S DUI-0001T DUI-0001U DUI-0001V DUI-0001W DUI-0001Y DUI-0001Z(L) DUI-0001Z(R) DUI-0001ZA DUI-0001ZB DUI-0001ZC DUI-0001ZD DUI-0001ZE DUI-0001ZF DUI-0001ZG DUI-0001ZH DUI-0001ZI DUI-0001ZJ DUI-0001ZK DUI-0001ZL DUI-0001ZM DUI-0001ZN DUI-0001ZP DUI-0001ZQ DUI-0001ZR(L) DUI-0001ZR(R) DUI-0002/001A DUI-0002/001B DUI-0002/002(2) DUI-0002/003 DUI-0002/004 DUI-0002/010 DUI-0002/028 DUI-0002/082 DUI-0002/101 DUI-0002A(2) DUI-0002B(2) DUI-0002C DUI-0002D DUI-0002E DUI-0002F DUI-0002G DUI-0002H DUI-0002I(L) DUI-0002I(R) DUI-0002J DUI-0002K DUI-0002L DUI-0002M DUI-0002N DUI-0002O DUI-0002P 1 BCT 1 Armored Div STB 1 Bde 1 Cav, STB 1 Bde 2 Inf STB 1 Bde 3 Div STB 1 Bde 4 Inf, STB 1 Bde 10 Mt, STB 1 Bde 34 Inf Div STB 1 Bct 82 Abn STB 1 Bde 101 Abn STB 1 ADA 1 Armor Div 1 Army 1 Avn 1 Avn Bde (LH) 1 Avn Bde (RH) 1 Bde, 1 Inf Div 1 Cav Regt 1 Cav Div 1 Corps 1 Spt Cmd 1 Eng Bn 1 FA 1 CmbArm Bn 5 Bde 1 Arm 1 Field Force Vietnam 1 Finance Bn 1 Inf 1 Maint Bn 1 Maint Co 1 Med Bde 1 MI Bn 1 MP Co 1 MP Gp 1 P&A Bn 1 Pers Cmd (LH) 1 Pers Cmd (RH) 1 Pers Gp 1 Pers Svcs Bn 1 Psyops Bn 1 Trans Bn 1 Sig Bde 1 Sig Bn 1 Inf Div 1 Sig Gp 1 Inf Div Arty 1 Trans Agency 1 NCO Academy 1 Space Bn 1 Info Ops Cmd 1 Space Bde Us Army 1 Sustainment Bde 1 Cmbt Spt Bde 1 Info Ops Bn (L) 1 Info Ops Bn (R) 2 Bct 1 Inf Div STB 2 Bde 1 Cav, STB 2 Bde 2 ID, STB 2 Bde 3 Inf Div, STB 2 Bde 4 Inf Div, STB 2 Bde 10 Mt, STB 2 IBCT 28 ID, STB 2 Bde 82 Abn, STB 2 Bde 101 Abn, STB 2 Cav Regt 2 ADA 2 Armored Div 2 Army 2 Avn 2 Chem Bn 2 Eng Bn 2 Eng Gp 2 FA (LH) 2 FA (RH) 2 Field Force Vietnam 2 Field Hospital 2 General Hospital 2 Inf Regt 2 Inf Div 2 Maint Co 2 Medical Bde DUI-0002Q DUI-0002R DUI-0002S DUI-0002T DUI-0002U DUI-0002V DUI-0002W DUI-0002X DUI-0002Y DUI-0002Z DUI-0002ZA DUI-0002ZB DUI-0002ZC DUI-0002ZD DUI-0002ZE DUI-0003/001A DUI-0003/001B DUI-0003/001C DUI-0003/003 DUI-0003/004 DUI-0003/010 DUI-0003/025 DUI-0003/082 DUI-0003/101 DUI-0003A(2) DUI-0003B(2) DUI-0003C DUI-0003D DUI-0003E DUI-0003F DUI-0003G DUI-0003H DUI-0003I DUI-0003J DUI-0003K DUI-0003L(4) DUI-0003M DUI-0003N DUI-0003O DUI-0003P(2) DUI-0003Q DUI-0003R DUI-0003S DUI-0003T DUI-0003U DUI-0003V DUI-0003W DUI-0003X DUI-0003Y DUI-0003Z DUI-0003ZA DUI-0003ZB DUI-0003ZC DUI-0003ZD DUI-0003ZE DUI-0003ZF DUI-0004/001A DUI-0004/001B DUI-0004/001C DUI-0004/003 DUI-0004/004 DUI-0004/010 DUI-0004/025 DUI-0004/082 DUI-0004/101 DUI-0004A(2) DUI-0004B DUI-0004E DUI-0004F DUI-0004G DUI-0004H DUI-0004I DUI-0004J DUI-0004K DUI-0004L DUI-0004M DUI-0004N DUI-0004O DUI-0004P 2 MI Bn 2 MI Cmd 2 MP Bde 2 MP Co 2 Psy Op Gp 2 QM Gp 2 Signal Bde 2 Spt Bn 2 Support Ctr 2 Support Cmd 2 Trans Gp 2 Surgical Hospital 2 Info Op Bn 2 Cbt Ar Bn, 5 Bct 1 Ar Div 2 Eng Bde 3 Bde 1 Cav, STB 3 Bct 1 Inf Div, STB 3 Bct 1 Armor Div, STB 3 Bde 3 Inf Div, STB 3 Bde 4 Inf Div, STB 3 Bde 10 Mnt, STB 3 Bde 25 Inf, STB 3 Bct 82 Abn STB 3 Bde 101 Abn, STB 3 ACR 3 ADA 3 Armored Div 3 Army 3 Avn 3 Bde 104 Div 3 Corps 3 Corps Arty 3 COSCOM 3 CS Hosp 3 Eng Bn 3 FA 3 Field Hospital 3 Fin Gp 3 Inf 3 Inf Div 3 Inf Div Arty 3 Med Cmd 3 MI Bn 3 MP Gp 3 NCO Academy 3 Ord Bn 3 Pers Cmd 3 Pers Gp 3 Psyops 3 Sig Bde 3 Spt Bde 3 Spt Bn 3 Trans Agency 3 Sust Bde 3 Chem Bde 3 Man Enhance Bde 4 Bct 1 Arm Div STB 4 Bde 1 Cav, STB 4 Bde 1 Id, STB 4 Bde 3 Id, STB 4 Bde 4 Inf Div, STB 4 Bde 10 Mt Div, STB 4 Bde 25 Inf, STB 4 Bde 82 Abn, STB 4 Bde 101 Abn, STB 4 ADA 4 AG Bn 4 Avn Bn 4 Cav Bde 4 Cav 4 Eng Bn 4 Evac Hosp 4 FA 4 Field Hosp 4 Finance Bn 4 Inf Div 4 Infantry Regiment 4 Maint Bn 4 Med Bde DUI-0004Q DUI-0004R DUI-0004S DUI-0004T DUI-0004U DUI-0004V DUI-0004W DUI-0004X DUI-0004Y DUI-0004Z DUI-0004ZA DUI-0004ZB DUI-0005/001A DUI-0005/001C DUI-0005/001D DUI-0005A DUI-0005B DUI-0005C DUI-0005D DUI-0005E DUI-0005F DUI-0005G DUI-0005H DUI-0005I DUI-0005J DUI-0005K DUI-0005L(2) DUI-0005M DUI-0005N DUI-0005O DUI-0005P DUI-0005Q DUI-0005R DUI-0005S DUI-0005T DUI-0005U DUI-0005V DUI-0005W DUI-0005X DUI-0005Y DUI-0005Z DUI-0005ZA DUI-0005ZB DUI-0005ZC(L) DUI-0005ZC(R) DUI-0005ZD DUI-0006B(L) DUI-0006C(R) DUI-0006D DUI-0006E(2) DUI-0006F DUI-0006G DUI-0006H/1 DUI-0006H/2 DUI-0006I DUI-0006J DUI-0006K DUI-0006L DUI-0006M DUI-0006N DUI-0006O DUI-0006P DUI-0006Q DUI-0006R DUI-0006S DUI-0006T DUI-0007B(2) DUI-0007C(2) DUI-0007D DUI-0007E DUI-0007F DUI-0007G DUI-0007H DUI-0007I DUI-0007J DUI-0007K DUI-0007L DUI-0007M DUI-0007N(2) 4 Misssile Cmd 4 Sust Cmd 4 MP Gp 4 NCO Academy 4 Pers Svcs Bn 4 Psyops Gp 4 Sig Bn 4 Sig Gp 4 Spt Bn 4 Trans Cmd 4 Sust Bde 4 Maneuver Bde 5 Bct 1 Armd Div STB 5 Bde 1 Armd Div Fires Bn 5 Bde 1 Armd Div Spt Bn 5 ADA 5 Armored Bde 5 Army 5 Arty Gp 5 Avn Bn 5 Cav 5 Eng Bn 5 FA 5 Field Hosp 5 Fin Gp 5 Gen Hosp 5 Inf 5 Inf Div 5 Maint Bn 5 Med Gp 5 MP Bn 5 MP Gp 5 NCO Academy 5 Ord Bn 5 Pers Gp 5 Pers Svcs Bn 5 Psych Ops Gp 5 Replacement Bn 5 S&T Bn 5 Sig Bn 5 Sig Cmd 5 Spt Bn 5 Surgical Hospital 5 Theater Army Area Cmd 5 Theater Army Area Cmd 5 Armored Div 6 ADA (LH) 6 ADA (RH) 6 Army 6 Cav 6 Cav Bde 6 Eng Bn 6 FA (L) 6 FA (R) 6 Gen Hosp USAR 6 Inf 6 MP Grp 6 Ord Bn 6 P&A Bn 6 Psyops Bn 6 Sig Bn 6 Sig Cmd 6 Spt Bn 6 Spt Gp 6 Trans Bn 6 Gen Hosp 7 ADA (LH) 7 ADA (RH) 7 ARCOM 7 Army 7 Avn Bn 7 Cav 7 CS Hosp 7 Eng Bde 7 Eng Bn 7 FA 7 Field Hosp 7 Fin Gp 7 Inf DUI-0007Q DUI-0007R(R) DUI-0007S(L) DUI-0007T DUI-0007U DUI-0007V DUI-0007W DUI-0007X DUI-0007Y DUI-0007Z DUI-0007ZA DUI-0007ZB DUI-0007ZC DUI-0007ZD DUI-0007ZE DUI-0007ZF DUI-0007ZG DUI-0007ZH DUI-0007ZI DUI-0007ZJ DUI-0008A DUI-0008B DUI-0008D(L) DUI-0008E(R) DUI-0008F DUI-0008G DUI-0008H DUI-0008I DUI-0008J DUI-0008K(2) DUI-0008L DUI-0008M DUI-0008N DUI-0008O DUI-0008P DUI-0008Q DUI-0008R DUI-0008S DUI-0008T DUI-0008U DUI-0008V DUI-0009A DUI-0009B(2) DUI-0009C DUI-0009D DUI-0009E DUI-0009F DUI-0009G DUI-0009H DUI-0009I DUI-0009J DUI-0009K DUI-0009L DUI-0009M DUI-0009N DUI-0009O DUI-0009P DUI-0009Q DUI-0009R(2) DUI-0009S DUI-0010A DUI-0010B DUI-0010C DUI-0010G(L) DUI-0010H(R) DUI-0010I DUI-0010J DUI-0010K DUI-0010L(2) DUI-0010N DUI-0010O DUI-0010P DUI-0010Q DUI-0010R DUI-0010S DUI-0010T DUI-0010U DUI-0010V DUI-0010W 7 Inf Div Arty 7 Inf Div (RH) 7 Inf Div (LH) 7 Med Bde 7 Med Cmd 7 MP Gp 7 NCO Academy 7 Pers Gp 7 Psyops Gp 7 Sig Bde 7 Sig Cmd 7 Spt Bn 7 Spt Cmd 7 Spt Gp 7 Surg Hosp 7 Trans Bn 7 Trans Gp 7 Trng Cmd 7 Civ Spt Cmd 7 Psy Ops Bn 8 Army 8 Avn Bn 8 Cav (LH) 8 Cav (RH) 8 Eng Bn 8 Evac Hosp 8 FA 8 Field Hosp 8 Fin Bn 8 Inf Regt 8 Inf Div 8 Med Bde 8 MP Bde 8 Pers Cmd 8 Psyops Bn 8 Sig Bn 8 Spt Bn 8 Spt Gp 8 Trans Bde 8 Wightman NCO Acd 8 Sustainment Cmd 9 Avn 9 Cav 9 Engr Bn 9 FA 9 Fin Gp 9 Fin Bn 9 Hosp Ctr 9 Inf 9 Inf Div 9 Inf Div Arty 9 Maint Bn 9 MP Co 9 MP Gp 9 Psyops 9 Regional Spt Cmd 9 Sig Bn 9 Sig Cmd 9 Spt Bn 9 Spt Cmd 10 Air Miss Def Cmd 10 Avn 10 Avn Bde 10 Cav (LH) 10 Cav (RH) 10 Combat Spt Hosp 10 Eng Bn 10 FA 10 Inf 10 Mountain Div 10 MP Bn 10 Pers Cmd 10 Pers Svcs Bn 10 Psyops Bn 10 Sig Bn 10 Spt Bn 10 Spt Gp 10 Surg Hosp 10 Trans Bn Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

37 Unit Crests Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at Inf Div 5 FA 6 FA (L) 7 Inf Div (RH) 8 Psyops Bn 9 Spt Cmd 10 Spt Bn 10 Trans Bn 11 ADA 12 Avn Bde 12 Cav 12 FA DUI-0010X DUI-0011A DUI-0011B DUI-0011C DUI-0011D DUI-0011E(L) DUI-0011E(R) DUI-0011F DUI-0011G DUI-0011H(2) DUI-0011J DUI-0011K DUI-0011L DUI-0011M DUI-00011N DUI-0011O DUI-0011P DUI-0012A DUI-0012B DUI-0012C DUI-0012D DUI-0012E DUI-0012F DUI-0012G DUI-0012H DUI-0012I DUI-0012J DUI-0013A DUI-0013B DUI-0013C DUI-0013D DUI-0013E DUI-0013F DUI-0013G DUI-0013H DUI-0013I DUI-0013J DUI-0013K DUI-0013L DUI-0013M DUI-0014A DUI-0014B DUI-0014C DUI-0014D DUI-0014E DUI-0014F(2) DUI-0014G DUI-0014H DUI-0014I DUI-0014J DUI-0014K DUI-0014L DUI-0015A DUI-0015B DUI-0015C DUI-0015D DUI-0015E DUI-0015F DUI-0015G(2) DUI-0015H DUI-0015I DUI-0015J DUI-0015K DUI-0015L DUI-0015M DUI-0015N DUI-0015O DUI-0015P DUI-0015Q DUI-0016A DUI-0016B DUI-0016C DUI-0016D DUI-0016E DUI-0016F DUI-0016G DUI-0016H DUI-0016I DUI-0016J 10 Sustainment Bde 11 ADA 11 Arm Cav 11 Avn 11 Avn Bde 11 Eng Bn 11 Eng Bn 11 Evac Hosp 11 FA 11 Inf 11 MP Bn 11 MP Bde 11 Psy Ops Bn 11 Sig Bde 11 Sig Bn 11 Trans Bn 11 Armored Div 12 Avn Bde 12 Cav 12 Eng Bn 12 FA 12 Field Hosp 12 Inf 12 MP Gp 12 Psyops Bn 12 Sig Gp 12 Spt Bn 13 ADA Gp 13 Armor 13 Avn Regt 13 Corps Spt Cmd 13 CS Hosp 13 Eng Bn 13 FA 13 Field Hospital 13 Fin Gp 13 Inf 13 Psy Ops Bn 13 Sig Bn 13 Spt Bn 14 Armored Cav 14 Avn 14 Eng Bn 14 FA 14 Field Hosp 14 Inf 14 MI Bn 14 MP Bde 14 Psyops Bn 14 S&S Bn 14 Trans Bn 14 Field Hosp 15 Arty Gp 15 Avn Gp 15 Cav 15 Eng Bn 15 FA 15 Fin Bn 15 Inf 15 MI Bn 15 MP Bde 15 Ord Bn 15 Pers Svcs Bn 15 Psych Ops Bn 15 Sig Bde 15 Spt Bde 15 Spt Bn 15 Trans Bn 15 Sustainment Bde 16 ADA Gp 16 ATC Bn 16 Avn Bn 16 Avn Gp 16 Cav 16 Eng Bde 16 Eng Bn 16 FA Bn 16 Inf 16 Med Bn DUI-0016K DUI-0016L DUI-0016M DUI-0016N DUI-0016O DUI-0016P DUI-0017A DUI-0017B DUI-0017C DUI-0017D(2) DUI-0017E DUI-0017F(2) DUI-0017G DUI-0017H DUI-0017I DUI-0017J DUI-0017K(2) DUI-0017L DUI-0017M DUI-0018A DUI-0018B DUI-0018C DUI-0018D DUI-0018E DUI-0018F DUI-0018G DUI-0018H DUI-0018I DUI-0018J DUI-0018K DUI-0018L DUI-0018M DUI-0018N DUI-0018O DUI-0018P DUI-0018Q DUI-0018R DUI-0018S DUI-0019A DUI-0019B DUI-0019C DUI-0019D DUI-0019E(2) DUI-0019F DUI-0019G DUI-0019H DUI-0019I DUI-0020A DUI-0020B DUI-0020C DUI-0020D DUI-0020E DUI-0020F DUI-0020G DUI-0020H DUI-0021A DUI-0021B DUI-0021D DUI-0021F DUI-0021G DUI-0021H DUI-0021I DUI-0021J DUI-0021K DUI-0021L DUI-0021M DUI-0021N DUI-0022A DUI-0022B DUI-0022C DUI-0022D DUI-0022E DUI-0022F DUI-0022G DUI-0022H DUI-0022I DUI-0022J DUI-0023A DUI-0023B 16 MP Bde 16 Ord Bn 16 Psyops Bn USAR 16 Sig Bn 16 Spt Gp 16 Surg Hosp 17 FA Bde 17 Arty Gp 17 Avn Bde 17 Cav 17 Eng Bn 17 FA 17 Field Hosp 17 Inf 17 Psyops Bn 17 Sig Bn 17 Spt Bn 17 Spt Gp 17 Sust Bde 18 ADA Gp 18 Abn Corps 18 Avn Bn 18 Avn Bde 18 Cav 18 Eng Bde 18 Eng Bn 18 FA Bde 18 FA Bn 18 Field Hosp 18 Fin Gp 18 Inf 18 Med Cmd 18 MP Bde 18 P & A Bn 18 Personnel Gp 18 Psy Ops Bn 18 Spt Bn 18 Surg Hosp 19 ADA Gp 19 Avn Bn 19 Eng Bn 19 FA 19 Inf 19 Maint Bn 19 Spt Cnt 19 MP Bn 19 Spt Cmd 20 Avn Bn 20 Eng Bde 20 Eng Bn 20 FA 20 Inf 20 Spt Gp 20 Avn Bde 20 Support Cmd 21 Avn Bn 21 Cav Bde 21 Combt Spt Hsp 21 Eng Bn 21 FA 21 Gen Hosp 21 Inf 21 Pers Gp 21 Replacement Bn 21 Sig Gp 21 Spt Bde 21 Spt Cmd 22 Avn Bn 22 Chemical Bn 22 FA 22 Inf 22 MP Bn 22 Personnel Svc Bn 22 Sig Bde 22 Spt Cmd 22 Spt Gp 22 Surg Hosp 23 ADA Gp 23 Chem Bn DUI-0023C DUI-0023D(2) DUI-0023E DUI-0023F DUI-0023G DUI-0023H DUI-0024A DUI-0024B DUI-0024C DUI-0024D DUI-0024E DUI-00024F DUI-0024G DUI-0024H DUI-0024I DUI-0024J DUI-0024K DUI-0024L DUI-0024M DUI-0024N DUI-0025A DUI-0025B DUI-0025C DUI-0025D DUI-0025E DUI-0025F DUI-0025G DUI-0026A DUI-0026B DUI-0026C DUI-0026E DUI-0026F DUI-0026G DUI-0026H DUI-0026I DUI-0027A DUI-0027B DUI-0027C DUI-0027D(2) DUI-0027F(2) DUI-0027G DUI-0027H DUI-0027I DUI-0027J DUI-0027K DUI-0027L(L) DUI-0027L(R) DUI-0028A DUI-0028C DUI-0028D DUI-0028E DUI-0028F DUI-0028G DUI-0028H(2) DUI-0028I(2) DUI-0028J DUI-0028K DUI-0028L DUI-0028M DUI-0028N DUI-0029A DUI-0029B DUI-0029C DUI-0029D DUI-0029E DUI-0029F DUI-0029G DUI-0029H DUI-0029I DUI-0029J DUI-0029K DUI-0029L DUI-0030A DUI-0030B DUI-0030D DUI-0030E DUI-0030F DUI-0030G DUI-0030H 23 Inf Regt 23 Inf Div 23 Med Bn 23 QM Bde 23 Spt Gp 23 S&T Bn 24 ADA Gp 24 Avn 24 Eng Bn 24 Eng Gp 24 Evac Hosp 24 Finance Bn 24 Inf Div 24 Inf Regt 24 MI Bn USAR 24 Pers Svcs Bn 24 Sig Bn 24 Spt Gp 24 Spt Bn 24 Trans Bn 25 Avn 25 FA 25 Inf Div 25 Sig Bn 25 Spt Bn 25 Surg Hosp 25 Trans Bn 26 Eng Bn 26 Inf Bde 26 Inf Div 26 Sig Bn 26 Spt Bn 26 Spt Gp 26 FA 26 Inf Bct STB 27 Eng Bn 27 FA 27 Fin Bn 27 Inf (RH) 27 Inf (LH) 27 Inf Bde 27 Spt Bn 27 Surg Hosp 27 S&T Bn 27 Trans Ctr 27 Inf Bct STB 27 Inf Bct STB 28 ADA Gp 28 Avn Gp 28 FA 28 Fin Bn 28 Gen Hosp 28 Hosp 28 Inf Div 28 Inf Div Art 28 Inf Regt 28 Pers Svcs Bn 28 Sig Bn 28 Trans Bn 28 Inf Div STB 29 ATC Gp 29 Eng Bn 29 FA 29 Inf 29 Inf Bde 29 Inf Div 29 Inf Div Arty 29 Sig Bde 29 Sig Bn 29 Spt Bn 29 Spt Gp 29 STB, 29 ID 30 ADA Bde 30 AG Bn 30 Eng Bde 30 Eng Bn 30 FA 30 Field Hosp 30 Fin Bn DUI-0030I 30 Inf DUI-0030J 30 Inf Bde DUI-0030K(2)(L) 30 Inf Div (LH) DUI-0030K(2)(R) 30 Inf Div (RH) DUI-0030L 30 Maint Bn DUI-0030M 30 Med Bde DUI-0030N 30 MP Bn DUI-0030O 30 QM Bn DUI-0030P 30 Sig Bn DUI-0030Q 30 Spt Gp DUI-0030R 30 Spt Bn DUI-0031A 31 ADA Bde DUI-0031B 31 Armor Bde DUI-0031C 31 Avn Gp DUI-0031D 31 Eng Bn DUI-0031E 31 Eng Gp DUI-0031F(2) 31 FA DUI-0031G 31 Field Hosp DUI-0031H(2) 31 Inf (LH) DUI-0031H(2) 31 Inf (RH) DUI-0031I 31 Med Gp DUI-0031J 31 Supply Co DUI-0031K 31 Spt Bn DUI-0031L 31 Spt Gp DUI-0031M 31 Cav Rgt DUI-0032A 32 Air Missle Def Cmd DUI-0032B 32 Armor DUI-0032C 32 Avn Bn DUI-0032D 32 CS Hosp DUI-0032E 32 FA DUI-0032F 32 Inf DUI-0032G 32 Inf Bde DUI-0032H 32 Med Unit DUI-0032I 32 Sig Bn DUI-0032J 32 Spt Cmd DUI-0032K 32 S&T Bn DUI-0032L 32 Trans Gp DUI-0032M 32 Med Bde DUI-0033A 33 Armor DUI-0033B 33 Avn Bn DUI-0033C 33 Avn Gp DUI-0033D 33 FA DUI-0033E 33 Field Hosp DUI-0033F 33 Fin Bn DUI-0033G 33 MP Bn DUI-0033H 33 Sig Bn DUI-0033I(3) 33 Support Gp DUI-0033J 33 Inf Bde, STB, CBT DUI-0034A 34 Armor Bn DUI-0034C 34 Div DUI-0034D 34 Eng Bn DUI-0034E 34 Eng Gp DUI-0034F 34 FA DUI-0034G 34 Gen Hosp DUI-0034H 34 Inf DUI-0034I 34 Med Bn DUI-0034J 34 MP Bn DUI-0034K 34 Sig Bn DUI-0034L 34 Spt Bn DUI-0034M 34 Spt Gp DUI-0034N 34 Inf Div STB DUI-0035/SPL(L) 35 Inf Div STB (LH) DUI-0035/SPL(R) 35 Inf Div STB (RH) DUI-0035A 35 ADA Bde DUI-0035B 35 Armor DUI-0035C 35 Arty Gp DUI-0035D(2) 35 Div Arty DUI-0035E 35 Eng Bde DUI-0035F 35 Eng Bn DUI-0035G 35 Eng Gp DUI-0035H 35 FA DUI-0035I 35 Inf DUI-0035K 35 Inf Div (LH) DUI-0035L 35 Inf Div (RH) DUI-0035M 35 Sig Bde DUI-0035N 35 Sig Bn DUI-0035O 35 Surg Hosp DUI-0035P 35 S&S Bn DUI-0036A 36 Arty Gp Web:

38 38 Unit Crests 4 Spt Bn 67 Maint Co 67 Sig Bn 68 Armor 68 Spt Bn 69 Armor 70 Armor 70 Div Train 71 Maint Bn 71 Trans Bn 72 Armor 72 FA Bde DUI-0036B DUI-0036C DUI-0036D DUI-0036E DUI-0036F DUI-0036G DUI-0036H DUI-0036I DUI-0036J DUI-0036K DUI-0036L DUI-0036M DUI-0037A DUI-0037B DUI-0037C DUI-0037D DUI-0037F DUI-0037G DUI-0037H(2) DUI-0038A DUI-0038B DUI-0038C DUI-0038D DUI-0038E DUI-0038G DUI-0038H DUI-0038I DUI-0038J DUI-0038K DUI-0038L DUI-0039A DUI-0039B DUI-0039C DUI-0039D DUI-0039E DUI-0039F DUI-0039G DUI-0039I DUI-0039J DUI-0039K DUI-0039L DUI-0040A DUI-0040B DUI-0040C DUI-0040D DUI-0040E DUI-0040F DUI-0040G DUI-0040H DUI-0040I DUI-0040J DUI-0040K DUI-0041A DUI-0041B DUI-0041C DUI-0041D DUI-0041E(2) DUI-0041F(2) DUI-0041F(2) DUI-0041G DUI-0041H DUI-0041I DUI-0042A DUI-0042B DUI-0042C DUI-0042D DUI-0042E DUI-0042F DUI-0042G DUI-0042H DUI-0042I(L) DUI-0042I(R) DUI-0043A DUI-0043B DUI-0043C DUI-0043D DUI-0043E DUI-0043F DUI-0043G 36 Bde 36 Eng Bn 36 Eng Gp 36 Evac Hosp 36 FA 36 Inf 36 Med Bn 36 Sig Bn 36 Spt Bn 36 Trans Bn 36 Infantry Div 36 Sust Bde 37 Armor 37 Eng Bn 37 FA Bn 37 Inf Bde 37 Sig Bn 37 Trans Gp 37 Inf Bct 38 ADA Bde 38 FA 38 Inf 38 Inf Div 38 Spt Gp 38 Sig Bn 38 Spt Bn 38 Spt Bn ARNG IN 38 Trans Bn 38 Cav Rgt 38 Sust Bde 39 AG Bn 39 Eng Bn 39 Eng Gp 39 FA 39 Fin Bn 39 Inf 39 Inf Bde 39 Ord Gp USAR 39 Sig Bn 39 Spt Bn 39 Trans Bn 40 Armor 40 Armor Bde 40 Arty Bde 40 Eng Bn 40 FA 40 Fin Bn 40 Inf Div 40 MP Bn 40 Ord Gp 40 Sig Bn 40 Spt Bn 41 Area Spt Gp 41 CS Hosp 41 Eng Bn 41 FA 41 Fires Bde 41 Inf Bde (L) 41 Inf Bde (R) 41 Inf Regt 41 Sig Bn 41 Inf Bct STB 42 AG Bn 42 FA Bde 42 FA Bn 42 Field Hosp 42 Inf Div 42 MP Bde 42 Spt Bn 42 Trans Bn 42 Spt Gp (L) 42 Spt Gp (R) 43 ADA 43 AG Bn 43 Eng Bn 43 MP Brigade 43 Sig Bn 43 Spt Gp 43 Surg Hosp DUI-0044A DUI-0044B DUI-0044C DUI-0044D DUI-0044E DUI-0044F DUI-0044G DUI-0044H DUI-0044I DUI-0044J DUI-0044K DUI-0045A DUI-0045B DUI-0045C DUI-0045D(2)(L) DUI-0045D(2)(R) DUI-0045E DUI-0045F(2)(L) DUI-0045F(2)(R) DUI-0045G DUI-0045H DUI-0045I DUI-0045J DUI-0045K DUI-0046A DUI-0046B DUI-0046C DUI-0046D DUI-0046E DUI-0046F DUI-0046G DUI-0046H(2) DUI-0046I DUI-0046J DUI-0046K DUI-0046L(2) DUI-0047A DUI-0047B DUI-0047D DUI-0047E DUI-0047F DUI-0047G DUI-0047H DUI-0047I DUI-0047J DUI-0048A DUI-0048B DUI-0048C DUI-0048D DUI-0048E DUI-0048F DUI-0049A DUI-0049B DUI-0049D DUI-0049E DUI-0049G DUI-0049H DUI-0049I DUI-0049J DUI-0049K DUI-0049L DUI-0050A DUI-0050B(2) DUI-0050C DUI-0050D DUI-0050E DUI-0050F DUI-0050G DUI-0050H DUI-0050I DUI-0050J DUI-0050K DUI-0050L DUI-0050M DUI-0051A DUI-0051B DUI-0051C DUI-0051D DUI-0051E 44 ADA 44 Chemical Bn 44 Eng Bn 44 Eng Gp 44 Evac Hosp 44 Gen Hosp 44 Med Bde 44 Signal Bn 44 Spt Bn 44 Spt Gp 44 Surg Hosp 45 ADA Bde 45 Avn Bn 45 Eng Gp 45 FA Bde (LH) 45 FA Bde (RH) 45 Field Hosp 45 Inf Bde (LH) 45 Inf Bde (RH) 45 MP Bn 45 Spt Bn 45 STA Hosp 45 Surg Hosp 45 Sust Bde 46 AG Bn 46 Arty Gp 46 Avn Bn 46 Cmbt Spt Hosp 46 Eng Bn 46 Eng Gp 46 Inf 46 Inf Div 46 Med Bn 46 Spt Bn 46 Spt Gp 46 MP Cmd 47 Arty Bde 47 Cmbt Spt Hos 47 Eng Bn 47 Field Hosp 47 Gen Hosp 47 Inf 47 Inf Div 47 Spt Bn 47 Spt Gp 48 Inf 48 Spt Bn 48 Trans Gp 48 Cmbt Spt Hosp 48 Chem Bde 48 Inf CT STB 49 ADA Gp 49 Armor Div 49 Fin Bn 49 Med Bn 49 Pers Svcs Bn 49 QM Gp 49 Spt Bn 49 Missile Def Bn 49 Trans Ctr 49 MP Bde 50 Armor 50 Armored Div 50 Fin Bn 50 Gen Hosp 50 Inf 50 Med Bn 50 Ord Co 50 Pers Svcs 50 S&S Bn 50 Sig Bn 50 Spt Bn 50 Spt Gp 50 Inf Bct 51 ADA 51 Avn Gp 51 Eng Bn 51 Inf 51 Maint Bn DUI-0051F DUI-0051G DUI-0052A DUI-0052B DUI-0052C DUI-0052D DUI-0052E DUI-0052F DUI-0052G DUI-0052H DUI-0052I DUI-0052K DUI-0053A DUI-0053B DUI-0053C(2)(L) DUI-0053C(2)(R) DUI-0053D DUI-0053E DUI-0053F DUI-0053G DUI-0053H DUI-0054A DUI-0054B DUI-0054C DUI-0054D DUI-0054E DUI-0054F DUI-0054G DUI-0055A DUI-0055B DUI-0055C(2) DUI-0055D DUI-0055E DUI-0055F DUI-0055G DUI-0055H DUI-0055I DUI-0056A DUI-0056B DUI-0056D DUI-0056E(2) DUI-0056F DUI-0056G DUI-0056H DUI-0056I DUI-0056K DUI-0057A DUI-0057B DUI-0057C DUI-0057D DUI-0057E DUI-0057F DUI-0058A DUI-0058B DUI-0058C DUI-0058D DUI-0058E DUI-0058F DUI-0058G DUI-0058H DUI-0059A DUI-0059B DUI-0059C DUI-0059D DUI-0060A DUI-0060B DUI-0060C DUI-0061A DUI-0061B DUI-0061C DUI-0061D DUI-0061E DUI-0062A DUI-0062B DUI-0062C DUI-0062D DUI-0062E DUI-0062F DUI-0063A 51 MP Bn 51 Sig Bn 52 ADA 52 ADA Bde 52 Arty Gp 52 Arty Gp 52 Avn 52 Eng Bn 52 Inf 52 Med Bn 52 Ord Gp 52 Sig Bn 53 Armor 53 Avn Bn 53 Inf Bde (LH) 53 Inf Bde (RH) 53 Sig Bde 53 Sig Bn 53 Spt Gp 53 Spt Bn 53 Trans Bn 54 Arty Gp 54 Eng Bn 54 FA Bde 54 Inf 54 Ord Co 54 Sig Bn 54 Spt Bn 55 ADA 55 Avn Bn 55 Inf Bde 55 Maint Bn 55 Med Gp 55 Pers Svcs Bn 55 Spt Bn 55 Surg Hosp 55 Sust Bde 56 ADA 56 Arty Gp 56 Gen Hosp 56 Inf Bde 56 Med Bn 56 Pers Svcs Bn 56 Sig Bn 56 STA Hosp 56 Info Ops Gp 57 ADA 57 FA Bde 57 Med Bn 57 Ord Bde 57 Sig Bn 57 Trans Bn 58 ATC Bn 58 Avn Bn 58 Inf 58 Inf Bde 58 Med Bn 58 Sig Bn 58 Spt Bn 58 Trans Bn 59 ADA 59 ATC Bn 59 Ord Bde 59 Sig Bn 60 ADA 60 Inf 60 Ord Gp 61 ADA 61 Inf 61 Med Bn 61 Ord Bn 61 Cav 62 ADA 62 Eng Bn 62 Eng Co 62 Maint Bn 62 Med Gp 62 Sig Bn 63 Armor DUI-0063B DUI-0063C DUI-0063D DUI-0063E DUI-0063F DUI-0063G DUI-0063H DUI-0063I DUI-0064A DUI-0064B DUI-0064C DUI-0064D DUI-0064E DUI-0064F DUI-0065A(2)(L) DUI-0065A(2)(R) DUI-0065B DUI-0065C DUI-0065D DUI-0065E DUI-0065F DUI-0066A(2) DUI-0066B DUI-0066C DUI-0066D(2) DUI-0066E DUI-0066F DUI-0067A DUI-0067C DUI-0067D DUI-0067E DUI-0067G DUI-0067H DUI-0067I DUI-0067J DUI-0067K DUI-0068A DUI-0068B DUI-0068C DUI-0068D DUI-0068E DUI-0068F DUI-0068G DUI-0069A DUI-0069B DUI-0069C DUI-0069D(2) DUI-0069E DUI-0069F DUI-0069G DUI-0069H DUI-0069I DUI-0070A DUI-0070B DUI-0070C DUI-0070D DUI-0070E DUI-0070F DUI-0070G DUI-0070H DUI-0070I DUI-0070J DUI-0071A DUI-0071B DUI-0071C DUI-0071D DUI-0071E DUI-0071F DUI-0071G DUI-0071H DUI-0071I DUI-0072A DUI-0072B DUI-0072C DUI-0072D DUI-0072E DUI-0072F DUI-0072G DUI-0073A 63 Avn Gp 63 Eng Bn 63 Maint Bn 63 Ord Bn 63 Regional Spt Cmd 63 Sig Bn 63 Supply Bn 63 Avn Bde 64 Armor 64 Eng Bn 64 Field Hosp 64 QM Bn 64 Spt Bn 64 Spt Gp 65 ADA (LH) 65 ADA (RH) 65 Eng Bn 65 Inf 65 Med Gp 65 Regional Spt Cmd 65 Fires Bde 66 Armor 66 Avn Bde 66 Eng Co 66 Maint Bn 66 MI Bde 66 Trans Bn 67 ADA 67 Armor Bn 67 CS Hosp 67 Inf Bde 67 Maint Co 67 Med Gp 67 Sig Bn 67 Spt Bn 67 Trans Gp USAR 68 ADA 68 Armor 68 Maint Bn 68 Med Gp 68 Sig Bn 68 Spt Bn 68 Trans Gp USAR 69 ADA Bde 69 Armor 69 Eng Bn 69 Eng Co 69 Inf 69 Inf Bde 69 Maint Bn 69 Sig Bn 69 Trans Bn 70 Armor 70 Div Training 70 Eng Bn 70 Eng Co 70 MA Regt 70 Med Bn 70 Ord Bn 70 Regt CST 70 SP Bn 70 Trans Bn 71 Abn Bde 71 ADA 71 Evac Hosp 71 Inf 71 Maint Bn 71 Trans Bn 71 Cavalry 71 Ord Gp 71 Btlfd Surv Bde 72 Armor 72 FA Bde 72 Inf Bde 72 MP Bn 72 Spt Bn 72 Sig Bn 72 Trans Bn 73 Armor Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

39 Unit Crests Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at MP Bn 73 Armor 73 FA 73 Ord Bn 75 Combat Spt Hosp 75 Div 75 FA 75 FA Bde 80 FA 82 Chem Bn 84 FA 89 Regt DUI-0073B DUI-0073C DUI-0073D DUI-0073E DUI-0073F DUI-0075 DUI-0075A DUI-0075B DUI-0075C(L) DUI-0075C(R) DUI-0075D DUI-0075E DUI-0075F DUI-0075G DUI-0076A DUI-0076B DUI-0076C DUI-0076D DUI-0076E DUI-0076F DUI-0076G DUI-0077A DUI-0077B DUI-0077C DUI-0077D(2) DUI-0077E DUI-0077F DUI-0078A DUI-0078B DUI-0078C DUI-0078D DUI-0078E DUI-0078F DUI-0078G DUI-0079A(L) DUI-0079A(R) DUI-0079B DUI-0079C DUI-0079D DUI-0079E DUI-0079F(2) DUI-0079G DUI-0079H DUI-0080A DUI-0080B DUI-0080C DUI-0080D DUI-0080E DUI-0080F DUI-0080G DUI-0081A DUI-0081B DUI-0081C DUI-0081D DUI-0081E DUI-0082A DUI-0082B DUI-0082C DUI-0082D DUI-0082E DUI-0082F DUI-0082G DUI-0082H DUI-0082I DUI-0082J DUI-0082K DUI-0082L DUI-0082M DUI-0083A DUI-0083B DUI-0083C DUI-0083D DUI-0083E DUI-0084A DUI-0084B DUI-0084C DUI-0084D DUI-0084E DUI-0084F 73 CS Hosp 73 FA 73 Field Hosp 73 Ord Bn 73 Sig Bn 75 Cav Rgt 75 Cmbt Spt Hosp 75 Div 75 Eng Bn (LH) 75 Eng Bn (RH) 75 FA 75 FA Bde 75 Inf 75 Spt Bn 76 Avn Gp 76 Div (Trng) USAR 76 Eng Bn 76 FA 76 Inf Bde 76 Regt CST USAR 76 Spt Bn 77 Armor 77 Avn Bn USAR 77 FA 77 Regional Spt 77 Avn Bde 77 Cmbt Sust Spt Bn 78 Div Trng Spt 78 Eng Bn 78 Regt CST 78 Sig Bn 78 Spt Bn 78 Trans Bn 78 FA 79 Army Res Cmd (LH) 79 Army Res Cmd (RH) 79 Eng Bn 79 Eng Gp 79 FA 79 Ord Bn 79 Spt Bn 79 Inf Bde CT 79 Troop Cmd 80 Div (Trng) USAR 80 FA 80 Ord Bn 80 Regt CST 80 Spt Bn 80 Spt Gp 80 Trans Bn 81 ARCOM 81 Armor 81 FA 81 Armor Bde 81 Maint Bn 82 Abn Div Arty 82 Abn Div 82 Abn Div 82 Avn Bn 82 Cav 82 Chem Bn 82 FA Bn 82 Field Hosp 82 Fin Bn 82 Forward Spt Bn 82 Per Svc Bn 82 Sig Bn 82 Sust Bde 83 ARCOM 83 Avn USAR 83 Chem Bn 83 Eng Bn 83 FA 84 Chem Bn 84 Div (Trng) USAR 84 Eng Bn 84 FA 84 Ord Bn 84 Regt DUI-0084G DUI-0085A DUI-0085B DUI-0085C DUI-0085D DUI-0085E DUI-0085F DUI-0085G DUI-0086B DUI-0086C DUI-0086D DUI-0086E DUI-0086F DUI-0086G DUI-0087A DUI-0087B DUI-0087C DUI-0087D DUI-0087E DUI-0087F DUI-0088A DUI-0088B DUI-0088C DUI-0089A DUI-0089B DUI-0089C DUI-0089D DUI-0089E DUI-0090A DUI-0090B DUI-0090C DUI-0091A DUI-0091B DUI-0091C DUI-0091D DUI-0091E DUI-0091F DUI-0091G DUI-0091H DUI-0091I DUI-0091J DUI-0092A DUI-0092B DUI-0092C DUI-0092D DUI-0092E DUI-0092F DUI-0092G DUI-0092H DUI-0092I DUI-0092J DUI-0093A DUI-0093B DUI-0093C DUI-0093D DUI-0093E DUI-0094A DUI-0094B DUI-0094C DUI-0094D DUI-0094E DUI-0094F DUI-0094G DUI-0094H DUI-0095A DUI-0095B DUI-0095C DUI-0095D DUI-0095F DUI-0095G DUI-0095H DUI-0095I DUI-0096A DUI-0096B DUI-0096C DUI-0096D DUI-0096E DUI-0097A DUI-0097B 84 Spt Bn USAR 85 CS Hosp 85 Div 85 Maneuver Cmd 85 Med Bn 85 Regt CST 85 Spt Bn 85 Civ Aff Bde 86 Armored Bde 86 Eng Bn 86 Evac Hosp 86 FA 86 Ord Bn 86 Sig Bn 87 ADA Gp 87 Eng Bn 87 Inf 87 Res Cmd 87 Maint Bn 87 Med Bn 88 Arty Gp 88 RSC 88 S&S Bn 89 MP Bde 89 Regt 89 Sust Bde 89 Spt Bn 89 Cav Regiment 90 Pers Svcs Bn 90 Reg Spt Cmd 90 S&T Bn 91 Div USAR 91 Eng Bn 91 Evac Hosp 91 Med Bn 91 Regt AIT 91 Spt Bn 91 Svc Bn 91 MP Bn 91 Cav Regt 91 Civ Aff Bn 92 Chem Bn 92 Eng Bn 92 FA 92 Field Hosp 92 MEB 92 Med Bn 92 MP Bn 92 Svc Bn 92 Trans Bn 92 Civ Aff Bn 93 Eng Bn 93 Evac Hosp 93 Med Bn 93 MP Bn 93 Signal Bde 94 ADA Bde 94 Armor Bn 94 Eng Bn 94 FA 94 Gen Hosp USAR 94 MP Bn 94 Regional Spt Cmd 94 Spt Bn 95 AG Bn 95 CA Bde 95 CS Hosp 95 Div 95 MP Bn 95 Regt 95 S&S Bn 95 Spt Bn 96 Army Res Cmd 96 Civil Affairs 96 Eng Bn 96 MP Bn 96 Support Bn 97 Trng Bde 97 Arty Gp DUI-0097C DUI-0097D DUI-0097E DUI-0097F DUI-0097G DUI-0097H DUI-0098A DUI-0098C DUI-0098D DUI-0098E DUI-0098F DUI-0098G(2) DUI-0098H DUI-0098I DUI-0099A DUI-0099B DUI-0099C DUI-0099D DUI-0099E DUI-0099F DUI-0100A DUI-0100B DUI-0100C DUI-0100D DUI-0100E DUI-0100F DUI-0110G DUI-0100H DUI-0101A DUI-0101B DUI-0101C DUI-0101D DUI-0101E DUI-0101F DUI-0101G DUI-0101H DUI-0101I DUI-0101J DUI-0101K DUI-0101L DUI-0101M DUI-0101N DUI-0101O DUI-0101P DUI-0101Q DUI-0102A DUI-0102B DUI-0102C DUI-0102D DUI-0102E DUI-0102F DUI-0102G DUI-0102H DUI-0102I DUI-0102J DUI-0103A DUI-0103B DUI-0103C DUI-0103D DUI-0103E DUI-0103F DUI-0103G DUI-0103H DUI-0103I DUI-0103J DUI-0104A DUI-0104B(2) DUI-0104D DUI-0104E(2) DUI-0104F DUI-0104G DUI-0104H DUI-0104I DUI-0104J DUI-0104K DUI-0104L(L) DUI-0104M(R) DUI-0104N DUI-0104O 97 Eng Bn 97 Gen Hosp 97 MP Bn 97 QM Bn 97 Sig Bn 97 CA Bn 98 Div 98 Regt CST USAR 98 Sig Bn 98 Spt Bn USAR 98 Spt Gp 98 Spt Bn 98 Civ Aff Bn 98 Cav 99 CS Hosp 99 Field Hosp 99 Reg Spt Cmd 99 Sig Bn 99 Spt Bn 99 Spt Gp 100 Div 100 MP Bn 100 Regt Cst USAR 100 S & S Bn 100 Spt Bn USAR 100 Spt Gp 100 Station Hosp 100 Missile Def Bde 101 Abn Div 101 Abn Div Arty 101 Avn 101 Avn Gp 101 Cav 101 Eng Bn 101 FA 101 Finance Bn 101 Inf 101 MI Bn 101 Ord Bn 101 Personnel Svc Bn 101 QM Bn 101 Sig Bn 101 Spt Bn 101 Spt Gp 101 Sust Bde 102 ARCOM 102 Armor 102 Eng Bn 102 FA 102 Inf 102 Med Bn 102 MI Bn 102 MP Bn 102 Sig Bn 102 MP Bn 103 Armor 103 Avn 103 Eng Bn 103 FA 103 FA Bde 103 MI Bn 103 Spt Bn 103 Sust Cmd 103 Spt Gp 103 Chem Bn 104 Avn 104 Cav 104 Eng Bn 104 FA 104 Inf 104 Med Bn 104 MI Bn 104 Regt AIT USAR 104 Spt Bn USAR 104 Spt Gp 104 Div Trng (LH) 104 Div Training (RH) 104 MP Bn 104 Div Inst Trng DUI-0105A DUI-0105B DUI-0105C DUI-0105D DUI-0105E(2) DUI-0105F DUI-0105G DUI-0105H DUI-0105I DUI-0105J DUI-0105K DUI-0105L DUI-0105M DUI-0106A DUI-0106B DUI-0106C DUI-0106D DUI-0106E DUI-0106F DUI-0106I DUI-0106J DUI-0106K DUI-0106L DUI-0106M DUI-0106N DUI-0107A DUI-0107B DUI-0107C DUI-0107D DUI-0107E DUI-0107F DUI-0107G DUI-0107H DUI-0107I DUI-0108A DUI-0108B DUI-0108C DUI-0108D DUI-0108E DUI-0108G DUI-0108H DUI-0108I DUI-0108J DUI-0108K DUI-0108L DUI-0108M DUI-0108N DUI-0108O DUI-0108P DUI-0108Q DUI-0108R DUI-0108S DUI-0109A DUI-0109B DUI-0109C DUI-0109D DUI-0109E DUI-0109F DUI-0109G DUI-0109H DUI-0109I DUI-0109J DUI-0109K DUI-0109L DUI-0109M DUI-0109N DUI-0110A DUI-0110B DUI-0110C DUI-0110D DUI-0110E DUI-0110F DUI-0110H DUI-0110I DUI-0110J DUI-0110K DUI-0110L DUI-0111A DUI-0111B 105 Cav Regt 105 Cav Regt 105 Eng Bn 105 Eng Gp 105 FA 105 Fin Bn 105 Inf 105 Med Bn 105 MI Bn 105 Pers Svc Bn 105 Sig Bn 105 Spt Bn 105 MP Bn 106 Avn 106 Cav 106 Eng Bn 106 FA 106 Fin Bn 106 Gen Hosp 106 Med Bn 106 MI Bn 106 Regt 106 Sig Bde 106 Support Bn 106 Trans Bn 107 ACR 107 Arty Gp 107 Eng Bn 107 FA 107 Fin Bn 107 Spt Gp 107 MI Bn 107 Trans Bde 107 QM Bn 108 ACR 108 ADA 108 Armor 108 ARNG GA 108 AVN 108 CAV 108 Cmbt Spt 108 Div (Trng) USAR 108 FA 108 FA 108 Inf 108 Sustainment 108 Med Bn 108 MI Bn 108 MI Gp 108 MS Regt 108 Regt 108 Sig Bn 109 Armor 109 Avn 109 Eng Bn 109 Eng Gp 109 Evac Hosp 109 FA 109 Gen Hosp 109 Inf 109 Med Bn 109 MI Bn 109 MI Gp 109 MP Bn 109 Sig Bn 109 Spt Bn 110 Armor 110 Cav 110 Man Enhan Bde 110 FA 110 Inf 110 Maint Bn 110 Med Bn 110 MI Bn 110 Repl Bn 110 Spt Bn 110 Chem Bn 111 ADA 111 ADA Bde Web:

40 40 Unit Crests 122 FA 123 Sig Bn 124 Inf Bn 125 ARCOM 125 FA Bn 125 Inf 126 Avn 126 Chem Bn 127 FA 128 Avn Bde 129 FA 129 Spt Bn DUI-0111C DUI-0111D DUI-0111F DUI-0111G DUI-0111H(2) DUI-0111I(2) DUI-0111J DUI-0111K DUI-0111L DUI-0111M DUI-0111N DUI-0111O DUI-0112A DUI-0112B DUI-0112C DUI-0112D DUI-0112E DUI-0112F DUI-0112G DUI-0112H DUI-0112I DUI-0112J DUI-0112K DUI-0113A DUI-0113B DUI-0113C(2) DUI-0113D DUI-0113E DUI-0113F DUI-0113G DUI-0113H DUI-0113I(L) DUI-0113I(R) DUI-0114A DUI-0114B DUI-0114C DUI-0114D DUI-0114E DUI-0114F DUI-0114G DUI-0114H DUI-0115A DUI-0115C DUI-0115D DUI-0115E DUI-0115F DUI-0115G DUI-0115H DUI-0115I DUI-0115J DUI-0115K DUI-0115L(2) DUI-0115M DUI-0115N DUI-0115O DUI-0116A DUI-0116B DUI-0116C DUI-0116D DUI-0116E DUI-0116F DUI-0116G DUI-0116H DUI-0116I DUI-0116J DUI-0117A DUI-0117B DUI-0117C DUI-0117D DUI-0117E DUI-0117F DUI-0118A DUI-0118B DUI-0118C(2) DUI-0118D DUI-0118E DUI-0118F DUI-0118G DUI-0119A 111 Armor Gp 111 Avn Bn 111 Eng Gp 111 Eng Bn 111 FA 111 Inf 111 Med Bn 111 MI Bde 111 Ord Gp 111 Sig Bn 111 Spt Bn 111 Spt Gp 112 Armor 112 Avn 112 Eng Bn 112 FA 112 FA Gp 112 Inf 112 Med Bde 112 MI Bde 112 MP Bn 112 Sig Bn 112 Trans Bn 113 Armored Cav 113 Avn 113 Eng Bn 113 FA Bde 113 FA Bn 113 Inf 113 MI Gp 113 Spt Bn 113 Sust Bn (LH) 113 Sust Bn (RH) 114 Avn Regt 114 Cav 114 CS Hosp 114 FA 114 Inf 114 Spt Bn 114 Support Gp 114 Sig Bn 115 Armor 115 Eng Bn 115 Eng Gp 115 FA 115 FA Bde 115 Field Hosp 115 INF 115 MI Gp 115 MP Bn 115 S&S Bn 115 Sig Bn 115 Spt Bn 115 Spt Gp 115 Surg Hosp 116 Cav 116 Cav Bde 116 Eng Bn 116 FA Bn 116 Inf 116 Inf Bde 116 MI Gp 116 Mobile AR Surg Hosp 116 Inf Bde, Sp Trps Bn 116 Cav Bde, CBT, Sp Trps 117 Cav 117 FA 117 Regt 117 QM Bn 117 Space Bn 117 MP Bn 118 FA 118 Cav Regt 118 FA Bde 118 Inf 118 Med Bn 118 MP Bn 118 Spt Bn 119 FA DUI-0119B DUI-0119C DUI-0120A DUI-0120B DUI-0120C DUI-0120D DUI-0120E DUI-0120F DUI-0120G DUI-0120H DUI-0121A DUI-0121B DUI-0121C DUI-0121D DUI-0121E DUI-0121F DUI-0121G(2)(R) DUI-0121H(2)(L) DUI-0121J(2) DUI-0121K DUI-0122A DUI-0122B DUI-0122C DUI-0122D DUI-0122E DUI-0122F DUI-0122G DUI-0123A DUI-0123B DUI-0123C DUI-0123D DUI-0123E DUI-0123F DUI-0123G(2) DUI-0124A DUI-0124B DUI-0124C DUI-0124D DUI-0124E DUI-0124F DUI-0124G DUI-0125A DUI-0125B DUI-0125C DUI-0125D DUI-0125E DUI-0125F DUI-0125G DUI-0125H DUI-0125I DUI-0125J DUI-0125K DUI-0125L DUI-0126A DUI-0126B(BO) DUI-0126C DUI-0126D DUI-0126E DUI-0126F DUI-0126G DUI-0127A DUI-0127B DUI-0127C DUI-0127D DUI-0127E DUI-0127F DUI-0128A DUI-0128B DUI-0128C DUI-0128D DUI-0128E DUI-0128F DUI-0129A DUI-0129B DUI-0129C DUI-0129D DUI-0129E DUI-0129F DUI-0129G 119 Inf Bn 119 Spt Bn 120 AG Bn 120 ARCOM 120 Eng Bn 120 FA 120 Inf 120 Med Bn 120 S&S Bn 120 Inf Bde 121 Army Res Cmd 121 Cav 121 Chem Bn 121 Eng Bn 121 FA 121 Gen Hosp 121 Inf (RH) 121 Inf (LH) 121 Sig Bn 121 Spt Bn 122 ARCOM 122 Eng Bn 122 FA 122 Regt 122 Sig Bn 122 Spt Bn 122 Spt Gp 123 ARCOM 123 Armor 123 Avn Bn 123 FA 123 Inf 123 Sig Bn 123 Spt Bn 124 Army Res Cmd 124 Cav 124 Inf Bn 124 MI Bn 124 Regt 124 Sig Bn 124 Spt Bn 125 ARCOM 125 Armor 125 ATC Bn 125 FA Bn 125 Fin Bn 125 Inf 125 Med Bn 125 MI Bn 125 MP Bn 125 Ord Bn 125 Sig Bn 125 Spt Bn 126 Avn 126 FA 126 Fin Bn 126 Armor Reg 126 Maint Bn 126 MI Bn 126 Chem Bn 127 Armor 127 Eng Bn 127 FA 127 Inf 127 Sig Bn 127 Spt Bn 128 Avn Bde 128 CS Hosp 128 FA 128 Inf 128 MI Bn 128 Spt Bn 129 Evac Hosp 129 FA 129 Inf 129 MP Bn 129 Regt 129 Sig Bn 129 Spt Bn DUI-0130A DUI-0130B(L) DUI-0130B(R) DUI-0130C DUI-0130D(2) DUI-0130E DUI-0130F DUI-0130G DUI-0130H DUI-0130I DUI-0130J DUI-0130K DUI-0131A DIU-0131C DUI-0131D DUI-0131E DUI-0131F DUI-0131G DUI-0131H DUI-0132A DUI-0132B DUI-0132C DUI-0132D DUI-0132E DUI-0133A DUI-0133B DUI-0133C DUI-0133D DUI-0133E DUI-0134A DUI-0134B DUI-0134C DUI-0134D DUI-0134E DUI-0134F DUI-0134G DUI-0134H DUI-0134I DUI-0135A DUI-0135B DUI-0135C DUI-0135D DUI-0135E DUI-0135F DUI-0135G DUI-0135H DUI-0135I DUI-0135J DUI-0135K DUI-0135L DUI-0136A DUI-0136B DUI-0136C(2) DUI-0136D DUI-0136E DUI-0136F DUI-0136G DUI-0137A DUI-0137B DUI-0137C DUI-0137D DUI-0137E DUI-0137F DUI-0137G DUI-0137H DUI-0137I DUI-0138A DUI-0138B DUI-0138C DUI-0138D DUI-0138E DUI-0138F DUI-0138G DUI-0138H DUI-0138I DUI-0138J DUI-0138K DUI-0139A DUI-0139B 130 Avn 130 Avn Bn (LH) 130 Avn Bn (RH) 130 Eng Bde 130 Eng Bn 130 FA 130 FA Bde 130 Gen Hosp 130 Inf 130 Spt Ctr 130 STA Hosp 130 Fin Bn 131 Armor Bn 131 Avn Bn 131 Field Hosp 131 Inf 131 Regt 131 Sig Bn 131 Surg Hosp 132 Avn Bn 132 Eng Bn 132 FA 132 Sig Bn 132 Spt Bn 133 Eng Bn ME 133 FA 133 Inf 133 Med Gp 133 Sig Bn 134 Cmbt Spt 134 Eng Gp 134 FA 134 Inf 134 Med Bn 134 MI Bn 134 Sig Bn 134 Spt Bn 134 Avn 135 Arty 135 Avn 135 Eng Gp 135 Evac Hosp 135 FA Bde 135 Inf Bn 135 Med Bn 135 Med Hosp 135 MI 135 S&S Bn 135 Sig Bn 135 Sust Cmd 136 Cmb Spt Hosp 136 FA 136 Inf Bn 136 MP Bn 136 QM Bn 136 Sig Bn 136 Regt TX 137 Armor 137 Arty 137 Avn Regt 137 Avn Bn 137 Eng Bn 137 Inf 137 S&S Bn 137 S & T Bn 137 Sig Bn 138 ADA 138 Eng Gp 138 FA 138 FA Bde 138 Fin Bn 138 Maint Bn 138 MI Bn 138 Pers Svc Bn 138 Regt 138 S&S Bn 138 Sig Bn 139 FA 139 Med Bde DUI-0139C DUI-0139D DUI-0139E DUI-0139F(2) DUI-0140A DUI-0140B DUI-0140C DUI-0140E DUI-0140F DUI-0140G DUI-0141A DUI-0141B(2) DUI-0141C DUI-0141E DUI-0141F DUI-0141G DUI-0142A DUI-0142B DUI-0142C DUI-0142D DUI-0142E DUI-0142F DUI-0142G DUI-0142I DUI-0142J DUI-0142K DUI-0142L DUI-0142M DUI-0142N DUI-0143A DUI-0143B DUI-0143C DUI-0143D DUI-0143E DUI-0143F DUI-0143G DUI-0143H DUI-0143I DUI-0143K DUI-0144B DUI-0144C DUI-0144D DUI-0144E DUI-0145A DUI-0145B DUI-0145C DUI-0145E DUI-0145F DUI-0145G DUI-0145H DUI-0145I DUI-0146A DUI-0146B(L) DUI-0146B(R) DUI-0146C DUI-0146D DUI-0146E DUI-0146F DUI-0146G DUI-0146H DUI-0147A DUI-0147B DUI-0147C DUI-0147E DUI-0147F DUI-0147G DUI-0147H DUI-0147I DUI-0148B DUI-0148C DUI-0148D DUI-0149A DUI-0149B DUI-0149C DUI-0149D DUI-0149E DUI-0149F DUI-0149H DUI-0149I 139 Ord Bn USAR 139 Regt 139 Trans Bn 139 Spt Gp 140 Avn 140 Eng Bn 140 MI Bn 140 Regt 140 Sig Bn 140 Trans Bn 141 Eng Bn 141 FA 141 Inf 141 MI Bn 141 Sig Bn 141 Spt Bn 142 Avn 142 Eng Bn 142 FA 142 FA Bde 142 FA 142 Inf 142 Med Bn 142 MI Bn 142 Sig Bde 142 Sig Bn 142 Spt Bn 142 Trans Bn 142 Btlfd Surv Bde 143 Evac Hosp 143 FA 143 FA Gp 143 Inf 143 MP Bn 143 Ord Bn 143 Sig Bn 143 Spt Bn 143 Spt Gp 143 Trans Cmd 144 FA 144 Inf 144 Sig Bn 144 Trans Bn 145 Avn 145 Cav 145 Chem Bn 145 FA Bn 145 Med Bn 145 MASH 145 Regt 145 Spt Bn 146 Medical Bn 146 Avn Gp (LH) 146 Avn Gp (RH) 146 Cav 146 CS Hosp 146 FA 146 MP Bn 146 Sig Bn 146 Spt Bn 147 Armor 147 Avn Bn 147 CS Hosp 147 FA Bn 147 Med Bn 147 MI Bn 147 Spt Bn 147 Pers Svc Bn 148 FA 148 Inf Bn 148 Spt Bn 149 Armor 149 Inf Bde 149 Avn 149 Avn Bn 149 Inf KY NG 149 MP Bn 149 Pers Svcs 149 Surg Hosp Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

41 Unit Crests Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at AVN 130 FA 130 Inf 131 Armor Bn 131 Field Hosp 131 Inf 134 Spt Bn 135 FA Bde 136 FA 136 QM Bn 137 Avn Regt 137 Inf DUI-0150A DUI-0150B DUI-0150C DUI-0150D DUI-0150F DUI-0150G DUI-0151A DUI-0151B DUI-0151C DUI-0151D DUI-0151E DUI-0151F DUI-0151G DUI-0151H DUI-0151I DUI-0151J DUI-0151K DUI-0152A DUI-0152B DUI-0152C DUI-0152D DUI-0152E DUI-0153A DUI-0153B DUI-0153C DUI-0153D DUI-0153E DUI-0154A DUI-0154B DUI-0154C DUI-0154D DUI-0154E DUI-0155A DUI-0155B DUI-0155C DUI-0155D DUI-0156A DUI-0156B DUI-0156C DUI-0156E DUI-0156F DUI-0156G DUI-0156H DUI-0157A DUI-0157B DUI-0157C DUI-0157D DUI-0157E DUI-0157F DUI-0158A DUI-0158B DUI-0158C(2)(L) DUI-0158E(2)(R) DUI-0158F DUI-0158G DUI-0158H DUI-0158I DUI-0158J DUI-0158K DUI-0158L DUI-0159A DUI-0159B DUI-0159C DUI-0159D DUI-0159E DUI-0159F DUI-0159G DUI-0160A DUI-0160B DUI-0160C DUI-0160D DUI-0160E DUI-0160F DUI-0161A DUI-0161B DUI-0161C DUI-0161D DUI-0162A DUI-0162B 150 Svc Bn 150 Armor 150 Avn Bn 150 FA 150 Spt Bn 150 Eng Bn 151 Avn 151 Cav 151 FA Bde 151 FA Bn 151 Inf 151 Med Bn 151 MI Bn 151 Sig Bn 151 Chem AL 151 Spt Gp 151 MP Bn 152 FA 152 Chem Bn 152 Eng Bn 152 Inf 152 Spt Bn 153 Cav Regt 153 Eng Bn 153 FA Bde 153 Inf 153 Fin Bn 154 S&S Bn 154 Sig Bn 154 Trans Bn 154 Regt 154 QM Bn 155 Armor Bde 155 Inf 155 Spt Bn 155 Chem Bn 156 Armor 156 FA 156 Inf 156 Sig Bn 156 Spt Gp USAR 156 Trans Bn 156 Info Ops Bn 157 ARNG CO 157 ARNG MI 157 Inf Bde 157 MP Bn 157 Ord Bn 157 Spt Bn 158 Avn 158 Cav 158 FA Bde (LH) 158 FA Bde (RH) 158 FA Bn 158 Inf Bde 158 Spt Bn 158 Spt Gp 158 QM Bn 158 Fin Bn 158 Man Enhanc Bde 159 Avn Bn 159 Eng Gp 159 Inf 159 Cmbt Spt Hosp 159 MP Bn USAR 159 Spt Gp 159 Trans Bn 160 Avn 160 Eng Gp 160 FA Bn 160 Inf 160 MP Bn 160 Sig Bde 161 FA 161 Inf 161 Maint Bn 161 Med Bn 162 FA 162 Inf DUI-0162C DUI-0162D DUI-0162E DUI-0162G DUI-0163A DUI-0163B DUI-0163C DUI-0163D DUI-0163E DUI-0163F DUI-0163G DUI-0163H DUI-0163I DUI-0163J DUI-0163K DUI-0164A DUI-0164B DUI-0164C(2) DUI-0164D DUI-0164E DUI-0164F DUI-0164G DUI-0164H DUI-0165A DUI-0165B DUI-0165C DUI-0165D DUI-0165E DUI-0165F DUI-0166A DUI-0166B DUI-0166C DUI-0166D DUI-0167 DUI-0167A DUI-0167B DUI-0167C DUI-0167D DUI-0167E DUI-0167F DUI-0168A DUI-0168B DUI-0168C DUI-0168D DUI-0168E DUI-0168F DUI-0168G DUI-0168H DUI-0168I DUI-0168J DUI-0169A DUI-0169B DUI-0169C DUI-0169D DUI-0169E DUI-0169F DUI-0169G DUI-0170A DUI-0170B DUI-0170C DUI-0170D DUI-0170E DUI-0170F DUI-0170G DUI-0171A DUI-0171B DUI-0171D DUI-0171E DUI-0171F DUI-0172A DUI-0172B DUI-0172C(2) DUI-0172D(2) DUI-0172E DUI-0172F DUI-0172G DUI-0173A DUI-0173B DUI-0173C 162 Med Bn 162 Spt Gp 162 Trans Bn 162 Inf Bde 163 Armored Bde 163 Cav 163 FA 163 Gen Spt Gp 163 Inf 163 Med Bn 163 MI Bn 163 MP Bn 163 Pers Svcs 163 Spt Bn 163 Trans Bn 164 ADA Bde 164 Avn Bn 164 Avn Gp 164 Eng Bn 164 Eng Gp 164 Regt 164 Spt Gp USAR 164 QM Gp 165 Avn Gp 165 MP Bn 165 QM Bn 165 QM Gp 165 Inf 165 MI Bn 166 Avn Bde 166 Inf 166 Regt 166 Spt Gp USAR 167 Support Bn 167 Cav 167 Inf 167 MP Bn 167 S&S Bn 167 Spt Gp USAR 167 Sust Cmd 168 Avn 168 Avn Gp 168 Eng Gp 168 Eng Bn 168 Inf 168 Med Bn 168 MP Bn 168 QM Bn 168 Regt 168 Spt Gp USAR 169 Avn 169 Eng Bn 169 FA Bde 169 Maint Bn 169 Regt 169 Spt Bn 169 Spt Gp 170 Arty 170 Inf 170 Maint Co 170 MP Bn 170 Spt Bn USAR 170 Spt Gp USAR 170 Inf Bde 171 Avn 171 FA 171 Inf Bde 171 Spt Bn 171 Spt Gp USAR 172 Armor Bn 172 FA 172 Inf Bde 172 Inf Regt 172 Med Bn 172 Spt Bn 172 Spt Gp USAR 173 Abn Bde 173 Eng Bn 173 Med Gp USAR DUI-0173D(2) DUI-0173E DUI-0173F DUI-0174A DUI-0174B DUI-0174C DUI-0174D DUI-0174E DUI-0174F DUI-0174G(2) DUI-0175A DUI-0175B DUI-0175C DUI-0175D DUI-0175E DUI-0176A DUI-0176B DUI-0176C DUI-0176D DUI-0176E DUI-0176F DUI-0176G DUI-0177A DUI-0177B DUI-0177C DUI-0177D DUI-0177E DUI-0177F DUI-0178A DUI-0178B DUI-0178C DUI-0179A DUI-0179B DUI-0180A DUI-0180B DUI-0180C DUI-0180D DUI-0181A DUI-0181B DUI-0181D(2) DUI-0181E DUI-0181F DUI-0181G DUI-0181H DUI-0182A DUI-0182B DUI-0182C DUI-0183A DUI-0183B DUI-0183C DUI-0184A DUI-0184B DUI-0184C DUI-0184D DUI-0185A DUI-0185B DUI-0185C DUI-0185D DUI-0185E DUI-0185F DUI-0185G DUI-0185H DUI-0185I DUI-0186A DUI-0186B DUI-0186C DUI-0187A DUI-0187B DUI-0187C DUI-0187D DUI-0187E DUI-0187F DUI-0187G DUI-0188A DUI-0188B DUI-0188C DUI-0188D DUI-0189B DUI-0189C(BO) 173 Spt Bn 173 Spt Gp USAR 173 Trans Bn 174 ADA 174 Armor 174 QM Bn 174 Inf 174 S & S Bn 174 ADA Bde 174 Inf Bde 175 Fin Ctr 175 Inf Regt 175 Med Bde 175 MP Bn 175 Regt MN 176 Eng Bn 176 Eng Gp 176 Fin Co 176 Maint Bn 176 Med Bde 176 MP Bn 176 Eng Bde 177 Armored Bde 177 Fin Bn 177 MP Bde 177 QM Bn 177 Regt 177 Spt Bn 178 Eng Bn 178 FA 178 Inf 179 ADA 179 Inf Bn 180 FA 180 Inf Bn 180 Med Bn 180 Trans Bn 181 Eng Bn 181 FA 181 Inf 181 Sig Bn 181 Spt Bn 181 Trans Bn 181 Inf Bde 182 FA 182 Inf 182 Trans Bn 183 Avn Bn 183 Cav Regt 183 Regt 184 Arty 184 Inf 184 Ord Bn 184 Sust Cmd 185 Armor 185 Avn 185 Avn Gp 185 Inf 185 MP Bn 185 QM Bn 185 Regt 185 Spt Bn 185 Maint Bn 186 Arty 186 Inf 186 Spt Bn 187 FA 187 Inf 187 Inf Bde 187 Med Bn 187 Ord Bn 187 Sig Bde 187 Spt Bn 188 ADA 188 Inf 188 Maint Bn 188 Inf Bde 189 Avn Bn 189 Regt DUI-0189D DUI-0189E DUI-0190A DUI-0190B DUI-0190C DUI-0190D DUI-0191A DUI-0191B DUI-0191C DUI-0192A DUI-0192B DUI-0192C DUI-0192D DUI-0192E DUI-0192F DUI-0192G DUI-0193A DUI-0193B(2) DUI-0193C DUI-0193D DUI-0193E DUI-0193F DUI-0194A DUI-0194B DUI-0194C DUI-0194D DUI-0194E DUI-0195A DUI-0195B DUI-0195C DUI-0196A DUI-0196B DUI-0196C DUI-0196D DUI-0196E DUI-0196F DUI-0196G DUI-0196H DUI-0197A DUI-0197B DUI-0197C DUI-0197D DUI-0197E DUI-0197F DUI-0198A DUI-0198B DUI-0198C DUI-0198D DUI-0198E DUI-0199A DUI-0199B DUI-0199C DUI-0200A DUI-0200B DUI-0200D DUI-0200E DUI-0201A DUI-0201B DUI-0201C DUI-0201D DUI-0201E DUI-0201F DUI-0201G DUI-0201H DUI-0202A DUI-0202B DUI-0202D DUI-0202E DUI-0202F DUI-0202G DUI-0203A DUI-0203B(2)(L) DUI-0203B(2)(R) DUI-0203C DUI-0203D DUI-0203E DUI-0203F DUI-0204A DUI-0204B 189 Spt Bn 189 Inf Bde 190 FA 190 Sig Bn 190 Spt Gp 190 Trans Bn 191 Inf Bde 191 Ord Bn 191 Spt Bn 192 Avn 192 Cav 192 Eng Bn 192 MP Bn 192 Maint Bn 192 Spt Bn 192 Inf Bde 193 Avn 193 Inf Bde 193 MP Bn 193 Regt 193 Spt Bn 193 MP Bn 194 Armored Bde 194 Eng Bde 194 FA 194 Inf 194 Maint Bn 195 Armor 195 Ord Bn 195 Regt 196 Cav 196 FA Bde 196 Inf Bde 196 Ord Bn 196 Regt 196 STA Hosp 196 Trans Bn 196 Man Enhan Bde 197 FA 197 FA Bde 197 Inf Bde 197 Ord Bn 197 Regt 197 Spt Bn 198 Armor 198 Inf Bde 198 Maint Bn 198 MP Bn 198 Sig Bn 199 Inf Bde 199 Regt 199 Spt Bn 200 ADA 200 Eng Bn 200 Regt 200 MP Cmd 201 Engr Bn 201 Evac Hosp 201 FA 201 MI Bde 201 MI Bn 201 Regt 201 Spt Bn 201 QM 202 ADA Bn 202 FA 202 Med Gp 202 MI Bn 202 Spt Bn 202 Cav 203 ADA 203 Eng Bn (LH) 203 Eng Bn (RH) 203 MI Bn 203 Pers Svcs 203 Spt Bn 203 MP Bn 204 ADA 204 Eng Bn Web:

42 42 Unit Crests 3678 Spt Bn 163 Cav 163 FA 163 Inf 163 Spt Bn 164 ADA Bde 164 Regt ARNG ND 165 QM Bn 166 Avn Bde 167 Spt Bn 167 Cav 168 QM Bn ARNG NE DUI-0204C DUI-0204D DUI-0204E DUI-0204F DUI-0204G DUI-0204H DUI-0204I DUI-0205A DUI-0205B DUI-0205C DUI-0205D DUI-0205E DUI-0205F DUI-0205H DUI-0205I DUI-0205J DUI-0205K DUI-0205L DUI-0206A DUI-0206B DUI-0206C DUI-0206D DUI-0206E DUI-0206F DUI-0206G DUI-0207A DUI-0207B DUI-0207C DUI-0207E DUI-0207F DUI-0207G DUI-0207H DUI-0208A DUI-0208B DUI-0208C DUI-0208D DUI-0208E DUI-0209A DUI-0209B DUI-0209D DUI-0209E DUI-0210A(2) DUI-0210B DUI-0210C DUI-0210D DUI-0210E DUI-0210F DUI-0210G DUI-0210H DUI-0211A DUI-0211B DUI-0211C DUI-0211D DUI-0211E DUI-0212A DUI-0212B DUI-0212C DUI-0212D DUI-0213A DUI-0213B DUI-0213C DUI-0213D DUI-0213E DUI-0214A DUI-0214B DUI-0214C DUI-0215A DUI-0215B DUI-0215C DUI-0216A DUI-0216B DUI-0216C DUI-0217A DUI-0217B DUI-0217C DUI-0218A DUI-0218B DUI-0218C DUI-0219A 204 Med Bn 204 MI Bn 204 MP Bn 204 Regt 204 Spt Bn 204 Spt Gp 204 Avn Gp 205 Armor 205 Eng Bn 205 Inf Bde 205 Med Bn 205 MI Bde 205 MI Bn 205 Regt 205 Spt Bn 205 Spt Gp 205 Trans Bn 205 MP Bn 206 FA 206 MI Bn 206 Maint Bn 206 Spt Bn 206 Chem Bn 206 Eng Bn 206 Reg Spt Gp 207 Avn 207 Eng Bn 207 Evac Hosp 207 MI Gp 207 Regt 207 Spt Bn 207 Spt Gp 208 Armor 208 Fin Bn 208 MP Co 208 Regt 208 Spt Gp 209 FA 209 FA Bde 209 Regt 209 Spt Gp 210 Armor 210 Avn 210 FA Bde 210 Fin Bn 210 MP Bn 210 Regt 210 Spt Bn 210 Spt Gp 211 Avn Regt 211 Avn Gp 211 MP Bn 211 Regt 211 Spt Gp 212 Avn 212 Fires Bde 212 QM Bn 212 Sig Bn 213 ADA 213 Med Bde 213 QM Bn 213 Spt Gp 213 Regt 214 Avn Bn 214 FA 214 FA Bde 215 Fin Bn 215 Spt Bn 215 Regt 216 ADA 216 Eng Bn 216 MP Bn 217 Spt Bn 217 Med Bn 217 Pers Svcs 218 FA 218 Inf Bde 218 Regt 219 Spt Bn DUI-0219B DUI-0220A DUI-0220B DUI-0220C DUI-0221A DUI-0221B DUI-0221C DUI-0221D DUI-0221E DUI-0221F DUI-0222A DUI-0222B(2) DUI-0222D DUI-0223A DUI-0223C DUI-0223D DUI-0223E DUI-0223F DUI-0224A DUI-0224B DUI-0224C(2) DUI-0224D DUI-0224E DUI-0224F DUI-0225A DUI-0225B DUI-0225C DUI-0226A DUI-0226B DUI-0226C DUI-0226D DUI-0226E DUI-0227A DUI-0228A DUI-0228B DUI-0228C DUI-0228D DUI-0229A DUI-0229B DUI-0229C DUI-0229D DUI-0229E DUI-0229F DUI-0229G DUI-0230A DUI-0230B DUI-0230C DUI-0230D DUI-0230E DUI-0230F DUI-0230G DUI-0230H(2) DUI-0231A DUI-0231B DUI-0231C DUI-0232A DUI-0232B DUI-0233A DUI-0233B DUI-0233C DUI-0234A DUI-0234B DUI-0235A DUI-0235B DUI-0235C DUI-0236A DUI-0237A DUI-0237B DUI-0237C DUI-0237D DUI-0238A DUI-0238B DUI-0238C DUI-0238D DUI-0239A DUI-0240A DUI-0240B DUI-0240C DUI-0240D 219 Spt Gp 220 MP Bde USAR 220 Spt Bn 220 Fin Gp 221 Cav 221 Eng Gp 221 MP Bde 221 Spt Bn 221 Trans Bn 221 MI Bn 222 Avn 222 FA 222 Spt Bn 223 Avn 223 Eng Bn 223 MI Bn 223 Regt 223 Spt Gp 224 ASA Bn 224 Avn 224 Eng Bn 224 MI Bn 224 Spt Bn 224 Sust Bde 225 Eng Gp 225 Spt Bn 225 STA Hosp 226 Eng Bn 226 Med Bn 226 QM Bn 226 Spt Gp 226 Spt Bn 227 Avn Bn 228 Avn 228 Cmbt Spt Hosp 228 Sig Bde 228 Spt Bn 229 Avn Bn 229 Eng Bn 229 FA 229 MI Bn 229 S & S CO 229 Spt Bn 229 Med Bn 230 Cav 230 Eng Bn 230 FA 230 Fin Bn 230 Med Bn 230 Sig Bn 230 Spt Bn 230 Spt Gp 231 Eng Bn 231 MP Bn 231 Spt Bn 232 Med Bn 232 Support Bn 233 Eng Gp 233 Regt 233 Spt Bn 234 Sig Bn 234 Trans Bn 235 Eng Gp 235 Regt 235 Spt Bn 236 Spt Bn 237 Cav 237 Eng Bn 237 Per Svc 237 Spt Bn 238 Avn Regt 238 Cav 238 S&S Bn 238 Regt 239 QM Gp 240 Cav 240 Eng Gp 240 QM Bn 240 Regt DUI-0240E DUI-0241A DUI-0241B DUI-0241C DUI-0242A DUI-0242B DUI-0242C DUI-0242D DUI-0243A DUI-0243B DUI-0243C DUI-0243D DUI-0244A DUI-0244B DUI-0244C DUI-0244D DUI-0244E DUI-0244F DUI-0245A DUI-0246B DUI-0246C DUI-0246D DUI-0247A DUI-0248A DUI-0248B DUI-0249A DUI-0249B DUI-0249C DUI-0249D DUI-0249E DUI-0250 DUI-0250A DUI-0250B DUI-0250D DUI-0250E DUI-0251A DUI-0251B DUI-0252A DUI-0253A DUI-0254A DUI-0254B DUI-0254C DUI-0256A DUI-0256B DUI-0257A DUI-0257B DUI-0258A DUI-0259A DUI-0259L DUI-0260A DUI-0260B DUI-0260C DUI-0260D DUI-0261A DUI-0261B DUI-0261C DUI-0261D DUI-0262A DUI-0262B DUI-0263A(2) DUI-0263B DUI-0263C DUI-0264A DUI-0264B DUI-0264C DUI-0264D DUI-0265A DUI-0265B DUI-0265C DUI-0265D DUI-0265F DUI-0266A DUI-0266B DUI-0267A DUI-0267B DUI-0268A DUI-0269A DUI-0271A DUI-0272A 240 Sig Bn 241 Eng Bn 241 FA 241 Med Gp 242 Eng Bn 242 Inf 242 Maint Bn 242 Sig Bn 243 Eng Bn 243 MP Bn 243 QM Bn 243 Regt 244 ADA 244 Avn Bn 244 Avn Bde 244 Eng Bn 244 Med Gp 244 QM Bn 245 Avn 246 FA 246 QM Bn 246 Trans Bn 247 QM Bn 248 Eng Bn 248 Trans Bn 249 Engr Bn 249 Gen Hosp 249 Inf 249 Regt 249 Sig Bn 250 Gen Hosp 250 ADA 250 Sig Bn 250 Spt Bn 250 MI Bn 251 ADA 251 Evac Hosp 252 Armor 253 Trans Bn 254 Regt 254 Spt Bn 254 Trans Bn 256 Cmbt Spt Hosp 256 Inf Bde 257 FA Bde 257 Trans Bn 258 FA 259 QM Bn 259 MI Gp 260 MI Bn 260 MP Bde 260 QM 260 Regt 261 Eng Bn 261 Med Bn 261 MP Bn 261 Sig Bde 262 Eng Bn 262 QM Bn 263 ADA 263 ADA Bde 263 Armor Bn 264 Eng Gp 264 Maint Bn 264 S & S Bn 264 Med Bn 265 ADA 265 Arty 265 Eng Gp 265 Eng Bn 265 Maint Bn 266 Fin Cmd 266 QM Bn 267 Avn Bn 267 Fin Bn 268 Avn Bn 269 Ord 271 Spt Bn 272 Maint Bn DUI-0272B DUI-0272C DUI-0274A DUI-0275A DUI-0276A DUI-0277A DUI-0278A DUI-0278B DUI-0278C DUI-0279A DUI-0279B DUI-0279C DUI-0279D DUI-0279E DUI-0280A DUI-0280B DUI-0282A DUI-0284A DUI-0285A DUI-0286A DUI-0287A DUI-0289A DUI-0290A DUI-0290B DUI-0291A DUI-0291B DUI-0291C DUI-0292A DUI-0292B DUI-0293B DUI-0293C DUI-0294A DUI-0294B DUI-0295A DUI-0296A DUI-0296B DUI-0297A DUI-0297B DUI-0297C DUI-0297D DUI-0297E DUI-0297F DUI-0298A DUI-0298B DUI-0299A DUI-0299C DUI-0300A DUI-0300B DUI-0300C DUI-0300D DUI-0300F DUI-0300G DUI-0300H DUI-0300I DUI-0300J DUI-0300K DUI-0300L DUI-0301A DUI-0301B DUI-0301C DUI-0301D DUI-0301E DUI-0301F DUI-0301G DUI-0301H DUI-0302A DUI-0302B DUI-0302C DUI-0302D DUI-0302E DUI-0302F DUI-0302G DUI-0302H DUI-0302I DUI-0303A DUI-0303B DUI-0303C DUI-0303D DUI-0303E 272 Trans Bn 272 Spt Gp 274 Regt BCT USAR 275 Spt Bn 276 Eng Bn 277 QM Bn 278 Armor Cav 278 Spt Bn 278 Chem Bn 279 Inf 279 Sig Bn 279 Spt Bn 279 STA Hosp 279 Spt Bde 280 Sig Bn 280 Spt Bn 282 Spt Bn 284 Spt Bn 285 Avn Regt 286 QM Bn 287 Sust Bde 289 Regt 290 MP Bde USAR 290 Regt 291 Eng Bn 291 Regt AIT USAR 291 Spt Bn 292 Ord Bn 292 Spt Bn 293 Inf Bn 293 Spt Bn 294 Arty Gp 294 Inf 295 Inf 296 Inf 296 Spt Bn 297 Cav 297 Inf 297 MI Bn 297 Spt Bn 297 Spt Bn (Huki Like) 297 Btfld Surv Bde 298 Spt Bn 298 Regt 299 Eng Bn 299 Spt Bn 300 CA Gp 300 CS Hosp 300 FA 300 Field Hosp 300 MI Bde 300 MP Cmd 300 Ord Bn 300 QM USAR 300 Spt Bn 300 Spt Gp USAR 300 Sust Bde 301 Area Spt Gp 301 Armor Gp 301 ASA 301 CA Gp 301 Field Hosp 301 MI Bn 301 Cav 301 Man Enhan Bde 302 Eng Bn 302 Field Hosp 302 Maint Bn USAR 302 Med Bn 302 MI Bn 302 Sig Bn 302 Spt Bn 302 Trans Bn 302 Cmbt Spt Bde 303 Armor 303 Cav 303 Field Hosp 303 Ord Bn 303 MI Bn Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

43 Unit Crests Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at Avn ARNG CT 169 Engr Bn 169 Regt ARNG Co 169 Spt Bn 170 Maint Co 170 MP Bn 171 Avn ARNG GA 171 Spt Gp USAR 172 FA ARNG NH 172 Inf Regt 173 Abn Bde 174 ADA DUI-0303F DUI-0303G DUI-0303H DUI-0304A DUI-0304B DUI-0304C DUI-0304D DUI-0304E DUI-0304F DUI-0305A DUI-0305B DUI-0305C DUI-0306A DUI-0306B DUI-0306C DUI-0306D DUI-0306E DUI-0306F DUI-0306G DUI-0307A/1 DUI-0307A/2 DUI-0307B DUI-0307C DUI-0307D DUI-0307F DUI-0307G DUI-0307H DUI-0307I DUI-0307J DUI-0308A DUI-0308B DUI-0308C DUI-0308D DUI-0309A DUI-0309B DUI-0309C DUI-0309D DUI-0309E DUI-0309F DUI-0309G DUI-0310A DUI-0310B DUI-0310C DUI-0310D DUI-0310E DUI-0310F DUI-0310G DUI-0311A DUI-0311B DUI-0311C DUI-0311D DUI-0311E DUI-0311F DUI-0311G DUI-0311H DUI-0311I DUI-0311J DUI-0311K DUI-0312A DUI-0312B DUI-0312C DUI-0312D DUI-0312E DUI-0313A DUI-0313B DUI-0313C DUI-0313D DUI-0314A DUI-0314B DUI-0314C DUI-0315A DUI-0315B DUI-0315D DUI-0315E DUI-0316A DUI-0316B DUI-0316C DUI-0317A DUI-0317B 303 Ord Gp 303 Man Enhnc Bde 303 Info Ops Bn 304 CA Bde 304 MI Bn 304 MP Bn 304 Regt BCT 304 Sig Bn 304 Sust Ctr 305 Field Hosp USAR 305 MI Bn 305 Regt 306 MI Bn 306 CA Gp 306 Field Hosp 306 MP Bn 306 QM Bn 306 Spt Bn 306 Regt USAR 307 Avn Bn 307 CA Gp 307 Eng Bn 307 Gen Hosp 307 Inf Regt 307 Med Gp 307 MI Bn 307 QM Bn USAR 307 Spt Bn 307 Sig Bn 308 Civ Aff Bde USAR 308 Eng Gp 308 MI Bn 308 S&S Bn 309 Avn Bn 309 CA Gp 309 CS Hosp 309 Med Gp 309 MI Bn 309 Ord Gp 309 Regt BCT USAR 310 Cav Gp USAR 310 Field Hosp 310 MI Bn 310 MP Bn 310 Regt BCT 310 Sust Cmd 310 Pers Gp 311 ASA 311 Avn Bn 311 Evac Hosp 311 Field Hosp 311 Gen Hosp 311 MI Bn 311 Regt BCT USAR 311 Sig Cmd 311 Spt Cmd 311 STA Hosp 311 Spt Bn 312 Field Hosp 312 MI Bn 312 Regt AIT 312 Spt Gp USAR 312 S&S Bn 313 Inf USAR 313 MI Bn 313 Surg Hosp 313 Trans Bn 314 Inf USAR 314 MI Bn 314 Spt Bn 315 Eng Gp USAR 315 Regt 315 Regt 315 Spt Gp 316 QM Bn 316 STA Hosp 316 Sust Cmd 317 Eng Bn 317 MP Bn DUI-0317C DUI-0317D DUI-0318A DUI-0318B DUI-0319A DUI-0319B DUI-0319C DUI-0319D DUI-0319E DUI-0319F DUI-0319G DUI-0320A DUI-0320B DUI-0320C DUI-0320D DUI-0320E(2) DUI-0320F DUI-0320G DUI-0321A DUI-0321B DUI-0321D DUI-0321E DUI-0321F DUI-0321G DUI-0321H DUI-0322A DUI-0322B DUI-0322D DUI-0322E DUI-0323A DUI-0323B DUI-0323C DUI-0324B DUI-0324C DUI-0324D DUI-0324E DUI-0325A DUI-0325B DUI-0325C DUI-0325D DUI-0325E DUI-0325F DUI-0325G DUI-0326A DUI-0326B(L) DUI-0326B(R) DUI-0326C DUI-0326D DUI-0326F DUI-0327A DUI-0327B DUI-0327C DUI-0327D DUI-0328A DUI-0328B DUI-0328C DUI-0328D DUI-0329A DUI-0329B DUI-0329C DUI-0329D DUI-0329E DUI-0330A DUI-0330B DUI-0330C DUI-0330D DUI-0330E DUI-0331A DUI-0331B DUI-0332A DUI-0332B DUI-0332C DUI-0332D DUI-0333A DUI-0333B DUI-0333C DUI-0334A DUI-0334B DUI-0334C 317 QM Bn 317 Regt BCT USAR 318 Regt AIT 318 Trans Agency 319 FA 319 MI Bde 319 MI Bn 319 QM Bn USAR 319 Sig Bn 319 Trans Bde USAR 319 Spt Bn 320 Evac Hosp 320 FA Bn 320 Gen Hosp 320 MP Bn 320 Regt AIT 320 Spt Bn 320 Ord Bn 321 Civ Aff Bde 321 Eng Bn 321 FA 321 MI Bn 321 Ord Bn 321 Regt BCT 321 Sust Bde 322 Civ Aff Bde ASAR 322 Cav USAR 322 Gen Hosp 322 Regt 323 CS Hosp 323 Maint Bn 323 MI Bn 324 MP Bn 324 Repl Bn 324 Sig Bn 324 Spt Bn 325 Field Hosp 325 Fin Bn 325 Inf 325 MI Bn 325 QM Bn 325 Sig Bn 325 Spt Bn 326 Eng Bn 326 Fin Gp (LH) 326 Fin Gp (RH) 326 Maint Bn 326 MI Bn 326 Spt Gp 327 Inf 327 MP Bn 327 Sig Bn 327 Spt Bn 328 Cmbt Spt Hosp 328 Med Bn 328 Pers Svcs Bn 328 Spt Bn 329 Eng Gp USAR 329 Ord Bn 329 QM Bn 329 Regt BCT USAR 329 Spt Gp 330 Eng Bn 330 Hosp 330 Med Bde 330 Regt BCT USAR 330 Trans Ctr 331 Gen Hosp 331 Med Gp 332 Med Bde 332 Ord Bn 332 Spt Bn 332 Trans Bn 333 FA 333 Regt BCT 333 Spt Bn 334 Med Gp 334 Ord Bn 334 QM Bn USAR DUI-0334D DUI-0334E DUI-0334F DUI-0335 DUI-0335B DUI-0335C DUI-0336A DUI-0336B DUI-0336C DUI-0336D DUI-0337A DUI-0337B DUI-0337C DUI-0337D DUI-0337E DUI-0337F DUI-0338A DUI-0338D DUI-0338E(2) DUI-0338F DUI-0339A DUI-0339B DUI-0339C(2) DUI-0340A DUI-0340B DUI-0340C DUI-0340D DUI-0341A DUI-0341B DUI-0341C DUI-0342A DUI-0342B DUI-0343A DUI-0343B DUI-0344A DUI-0344B DUI-0344C DUI-0345A(2) DUI-0345B DUI-0345C DUI-0345D DUI-0345E DUI-0345F DUI-0346A DUI-0346B DUI-0346C DUI-0347A DUI-0347B DUI-0347C DUI-0347D DUI-0348A DUI-0348B DUI-0348C DUI-0348D DUI-0348E DUI-0348F DUI-0349A DUI-0349B DUI-0350A DUI-0350B DUI-0350C DUI-0350D DUI-0351A DUI-0351B DUI-0351C DUI-0351D DUI-0351E DUI-0352A DUI-0352B DUI-0352C DUI-0353A DUI-0353B DUI-0353C DUI-0353D DUI-0354A DUI-0354B DUI-0354C DUI-0355A DUI-0355B 334 Regt AIT USAR 334 Spt Bn 334 Trans Bn 335 Maint Bn 335 Replacement Bn 335 Sig Cmd 336 Fin Cmd 336 MP Bn USAR 336 Spt Bn 336 Trans Gp 337 CS Hosp 337 Eng Bn 337 MI Bn 337 Regt BCT 337 Spt Bn 337 Med Bn 338 Fin Bn 338 Med Gp USAR 338 MI Bn 338 Regt AIT 339 Cmbt Spt Hosp 339 Eng Bn 339 Regt 340 Gen Hosp 340 MP Bn 340 Regt 340 Spt Bn 341 Eng Bn 341 Med Bn 341 MI 342 QM Bn 342 Spt Bn 343 CS Hosp 343 Gen Hosp 344 Cmbt Spt Hospital 344 MI Bn 344 Trans Bn 345 Cmbt Spt 345 Med Bn 345 MI Bn USAR 345 Regt 345 Spt Bn 345 QM 346 Regt 346 S&S Bn 346 Trans Bn 347 Gen Hosp 347 Regt 347 Repl Bn USAR 347 Spt Gp 348 Eng Gp 348 Gen Hosp 348 Personnel Gp 348 Regt 348 Trans Bn 348 Spt Bn 349 CS Hosp 349 Regt 350 Evac Hosp 350 Regt 350 Surg Hosp 350 Civ Aff Cmd 351 Civ Aff 351 Gen Hosp 351 Regt 351 Surg Hosp 351 Spt Bn 352 Civ Aff Cmd 352 CS Hosp 352 Maint Bn USAR 353 Civ Aff Cmd 353 Eng Gp 353 Regt BCT 353 Trans Bn 354 Cav Bde 354 Regt BCT USAR 354 Trans Bn 355 Eng Bn 355 Regt USAR DUI-0356A DUI-0356B DUI-0356C DUI-0356D DUI-0357A DUI-0357B DUI-0357C DUI-0357D DUI-0357E DUI-0358A DUI-0358B DUI-0358C DUI-0359A DUI-0359B DUI-0359C DUI-0360A DUI-0360B DUI-0360C DUI-0360D DUI-0360E DUI-0361A DUI-0361B DUI-0361C DUI-0361D DUI-0361E DUI-0361F DUI-0362B DUI-0362C DUI-0363A DUI-0363B DUI-0363C DUI-0364A DUI-0364B DUI-0364D DUI-0364E DUI-0365A DUI-0365B DUI-0365C DUI-0365D DUI-0366A DUI-0366B DUI-0367A DUI-0368A DUI-0368B DUI-0369A DUI-0369B DUI-0369C DUI-0369D DUI-0370A DUI-0371A DUI-0371B DUI-0371C(2) DUI-0372A DUI-0372B DUI-0372C DUI-0372D DUI-0372E DUI-0372F DUI-0372G DUI-0373A DUI-0373B DUI-0373C DUI-0373D DUI-0374A DUI-0375A DUI-0375B DUI-0376A DUI-0376B DUI-0376C DUI-0377A DUI-0377B DUI-0377C DUI-0377E DUI-0377F DUI-0377G DUI-0378A DUI-0378B DUI-0378C DUI-0379A 356 CA Bde 356 Field Hosp 356 QM Bn USAR 356 Regt AIT USAR 357 CA Bde 357 Regt 357 Spt Bn 357 Spt Gp 357 Spt Bn 358 Civ Aff Bde USAR 358 Cmbt Spt Hosp 358 Regt 359 Regt 359 Sig Bde 359 Trans Bn 360 Ca Bde 360 AG Bn 360 QM Bn 360 Regt BCT 360 Sig Bn 361 CA Bde 361 Evac Hosp 361 Gen Hosp 361 Regt BCT 361 Sig Bn 361 Spt Bn 362 QM Bn 362 Regt 363 CA Bde 363 Regt USAR 363 Spt Gp USAR 364 Civ Aff Bde USAR 364 Eng Gp 364 Regt 364 Spt Gp 365 CA Bde 365 Eng Bn 365 Replacement Bn 365 Spt Bn 366 Ord Bn 366 Sig Bn 367 Eng Bn 368 Eng Bn 368 Fin Bn 369 Adj Gen Bn 369 Cmbt Spt Hosp 369 Sig Bn 369 Sust Bde 370 QM Bn 371 Spt Bn 371 ARNG TX 371 Spt Gp 372 Eng Bn 372 Eng Bde 372 Maint Co 372 MI Bn 372 MP Bn 372 QM Bn 372 Spt Bn 373 Gen Hosp 373 MI Bn 373 QM Bn 373 S & S Bn 374 Fin Bn 375 Spt Gp 375 Trans Gp 376 CS Hosp 376 Fin Bn 376 MI Bn 377 FA 377 CS Hosp 377 MI Bn 377 P&A Bn 377 Regt BCT USAR 377 Spt Cmd 378 MI Bn 378 Regt BCT USAR 378 Spt Bn 379 Eng Bn USAR Web:

44 44 Unit Crests 325 MI Bn 326 Eng Bn 327 Inf 327 Sig Bn 328 Pers Svcs Bn 329 Eng Gp USAR 329 Regt Bct USAR 330 Med Bde 330 Regt Bct USAR 334 Spt Bn 336 MP Bn USAR 336 Trans Gp DUI-0379B DUI-0379C DUI-0380A DUI-0380B DUI-0380C DUI-0381A DUI-0381B DUI-0382A DUI-0382B DUI-0382C DUI-0382D DUI-0382E DUI-0383A DUI-0383B DUI-0383C DUI-0384A DUI-0385A DUI-0385B DUI-0385C DUI-0385D DUI-0385E(2) DUI-0385F DUI-0386A DUI-0386B DUI-0387A DUI-0387B DUI-0387C DUI-0387D DUI-0388A DUI-0389A DUI-0389C DUI-0389D DUI-0390A DUI-0390B DUI-0390C DUI-0391A DUI-0391B DUI-0391C DUI-0391D DUI-0392A DUI-0392B DUI-0392C DUI-0392D DUI-0393A DUI-0393B DUI-0393C DUI-0394A DUI-0394B DUI-0394C DUI-0394D DUI-0394E DUI-0395A DUI-0395B DUI-0395C DUI-0395D DUI-0396A DUI-0396B DUI-0397A DUI-0397B DUI-0398A DUI-0398B DUI-0398C DUI-0399A DUI-0399B DUI-0399C DUI-0400A DUI-0400B DUI-0400C DUI-0401A DUI-0401B DUI-0401C DUI-0402A DUI-0402B DUI-0402C DUI-0402D DUI-0403A DUI-0403B DUI-0403C DUI-0403D 379 Regt BCT USAR 379 Sig Bn 380 Inf 380 QM Bn 380 Repl Bn 381 Regt 381 Repl Bn 382 Field Hosp 382 MP Bn 382 Surg Hosp 382 Regt 382 Spt Bn 383 MI Bn 383 QM Bn 383 Regt 384 MP Bn 385 Avn Gp 385 CS Hosp 385 Eng Gp 385 MP Bn 385 Regt BCT 385 Trans Bn 386 Eng Bn 386 P & A Bn 387 Maint Bn 387 QM Bn 387 Repl Bn 387 MP Bn 388 Med Bn 389 Eng Bn 389 Regt BCT USAR 389 Ord Bn 390 CA Gp 390 Pers Gp 390 Regt BCT 391 Eng Bn 391 Eng Co 391 MP Bn 391 Regt BCT 392 MP Bn 392 Regt AIT 392 Trans Bn 392 Sig Bn 393 Regt USAR 393 Spt Bn 393 MP Bn 394 Regt USAR 394 Spt Bn 394 STA Hosp 394 Trans Bn 394 QM Bn USAR 395 CS Hosp 395 Fin Bn 395 S&S Bn 395 Regt 396 Cmbt Spt Hosp 396 STA Hosp 397 Eng Bn 397 Regt BCT USAR 398 Fin Gp 398 Spt Bn 398 Regt BCT 399 CA Gp 399 CS Hosp 399 Regt AIT USAR 400 MP Bn 400 MP Camp 400 Regt AIT 401 Civ Aff Bn 401 MP Camp 401 Spt Bde 402 Bde 402 Civ Aff Bn 402 QM Bn 402 Spt Bde 403 Civ Aff Bn 403 CS Hosp 403 MP Camp 403 Spt Bde DUI-0404A DUI-0404B DUI-0404C DUI-0404D DUI-0404E DUI-0404F DUI-0405A DUI-0405B DUI-0405C DUI-0406A DUI-0406B DUI-0406C DUI-0406D DUI-0407A DUI-0407C(L) DUI-0407D(R) DUI-0407E DUI-0408A DUI-0408B DUI-0409A DUI-0409B DUI-0409C DUI-0410A DUI-0410B DUI-0410C DUI-0410D DUI-0410E DUI-0411A DUI-0411B DUI-0411C DUI-0411D DUI-0411E DUI-0411F DUI-0412A DUI-0412B DUI-0412C DUI-0412D DUI-0412E DUI-0413A DUI-0413B DUI-0413C DUI-0414A DUI-0414B DUI-0414C DUI-0415A DUI-0415B DUI-0415C DUI-0415D DUI-0415E DUI-0416A DUI-0416B DUI-0416C DUI-0416D DUI-0416E DUI-0417A(2) DUI-0417C DUI-0417D DUI-0418E DUI-0418F DUI-0418G DUI-0419A DUI-0419B DUI-0419C DUI-0420A DUI-0420B DUI-0420C DUI-0421A DUI-0421B DUI-0422A DUI-0422B DUI-0423A DUI-0423B DUI-0423C DUI-0424A DUI-0425A DUI-0425B DUI-0425C DUI-0425D DUI-0425E 404 Civ Aff Bn 404 Ord Bn 404 QM Bn 404 Spt Bn 404 Man En Bde 404 Spt Bde 405 Civ Aff Bn 405 Cmbt Spt Hosp 405 Spt Bde 406 CS Hosp 406 Med Lab 406 Spt Bn USAR 406 Spt Bde 407 Civ Aff Bn 407 Spt Bn (LH) 407 Spt Bn (RH) 407 Spt Bde 408 Pers Svc Bn 408 Spt Bde 409 Regt USAR 409 Spt Bn 409 Spt Bde 410 Evac Hosp 410 Inf 410 Spt Bn 410 Spt Bde 410 Civ Aff Bn 411 Civ Aff Bn 411 Eng Bn 411 Eng Bde 411 Spt Bn 411 Regt 411 Spt Gp 412 Eng Cmd 412 Spt Bn 412 Civ Aff Bn 412 Spt Bn 412 Spt Bde 413 QM Bn 413 Regt 413 Civ Aff Bn 414 Civ Aff Bn 414 Regt 414 Spt Bn 415 Civ Aff Bn 415 Chem Bde 415 MI Bn 415 Regt 415 Spt Bn 416 Civ Aff Bn 416 Eng Cmd 416 Eng Gp 416 Regt BCT USAR 416 Trans Bn 417 Regt BCT 417 Sig Bn 417 Spt Bn 418 Civ Aff Bn 418 QM Bn 418 Regt AIT USAR 419 Avn Gp 419 Spt Bn 419 Trans Bn 420 Eng Bde 420 Trans Bn 420 Chem Bn 421 Med Bn 421 Regt 422 Civ Aff Bn 422 Sig Bn 423 Med Bn 423 Regt AIT USAR 423 Spt Bn USAR 424 Med Bn 425 Civ Aff Bn 425 Inf 425 Med Bn 425 Spt Bn 425 Trans Bde DUI-0426A DUI-0426B DUI-0426C DUI-0426D DUI-0426E DUI-0426F DUI-0427A DUI-0427B DUI-0428A DUI-0428B DUI-0429A DUI-0429B DUI-0429C DUI-0429D DUI-0430A DUI-0431A DUI-0432A DUI-0434A DUI-0434B DUI-0435A DUI-0436A DUI-0436B DUI-0436C DUI-0437A DUI-0437B DUI-0439A DUI-0439B DUI-0440B DUI-0441A DUI-0442A DUI-0442B DUI-0443A DUI-0443B DUI-0444A DUI-0445A DUI-0447A DUI-0448A DUI-0448B DUI-0449A DUI-0449B DUI-0449C DUI-0450A DUI-0450B DUI-0450C DUI-0451A DUI-0451B DUI-0451C DUI-0452A DUI-0452B DUI-0453A DUI-0453B DUI-0453C DUI-0455A DUI-0455B DUI-0457A DUI-0457B DUI-0458A DUI-0458B DUI-0459A DUI-0460A DUI-0460B DUI-0461A DUI-0462A DUI-0463A DUI-0464A DUI-0464B DUI-0467A DUI-0467B DUI-0468A DUI-0469B DUI-0469C DUI-0469D DUI-0470A DUI-0470B DUI-0472A DUI-0473A DUI-0474A DUI-0475A DUI-0475B 426 Civ Aff Bn 426 Eng Bn 426 Med Bde 426 Regt USAR 426 Sig Bn 426 Spt Bn 427 Med Bn 427 Spt Bn 428 FA Bde 428 Med Ctr 429 Eng Bn 429 Med Bn 429 QM Bn 429 Spt Bn 430 Eng Bn 431 Civ Aff Bn 432 Civ Aff Bn 434 FA Bde 434 Spt Bn 435 Med Bn 436 Med Bn 436 Trans Bn 436 Civ Aff Bn 437 MP Bn 437 Civ Aff Bn 439 Eng Bn 439 Med Bn 440 Sig Bn 441 Ord Bn 442 Inf 442 Sig Bn 443 Civ Aff Bn 443 Spt Gp 444 Pers Svs Bn 445 Civ Aff Bn 447 Sig Bn 448 Civ Aff Bn 448 Eng Bn 449 Avn Gp 449 Spt Gp 449 Spt Bn 450 Civ Aff Bn 450 Chem Bn 450 Trans Bn 451 Civ Aff Gp 451 Chem Bn USAR 451 Civ Aff Bn USAR 452 CS Hosp 452 Spt Gp 453 Fin Bn 453 Trans Bn 453 Chem Bn 455 Field Hosp 455 Trans Bn 457 Chem Bn USAR 457 Trans Bn 458 Eng Bn 458 Surg Hosp 459 Sig Bn 460 Chem Bde 460 QM Co 461 Pers Svcs Bn 462 Trans Bn 463 Eng Bn 464 Chem Bde 464 Eng Bn 467 Eng Bn 467 QM Bn 468 Chem Bn 469 Fin Gp 469 QM Gp 469 Spt Bn 470 MI Bde 470 Trans Bn 472 Chem Bn 473 Spt Bn 474 QM Gp 475 CS Hosp 475 QM Gp DUI-0476A DUI-0478A DUI-0478B DUI-0478C DUI-0479A DUI-0479B DUI-0479C DUI-0479D DUI-0483A DUI-0483B DUI-0484A DUI-0485A DUI-0485B DUI-0485C DUI-0485D DUI-0486A DUI-0487A DUI-0487B DUI-0489A DUI-0489B DUI-0489C DUI-0490A DUI-0490B DUI-0492A DUI-0493A DUI-0494A DUI-0495A DUI-0495B DUI-0496A(R) DUI-0496B(L) DUI-0497A DUI-0498A DUI-0499A DUI-0500A DUI-0500B DUI-0501A DUI-0501B DUI-0501C DUI-0501D DUI-0501E DUI-0501F DUI-0501G DUI-0501H DUI-0502A DUI-0502B DUI-0502C DUI-0502D DUI-0502E DUI-0502F DUI-0502G DUI-0502H DUI-0503A DUI-0503B DUI-0503C DUI-0503D DUI-0504A DUI-0504B DUI-0504C DUI-0504D DUI-0504E DUI-0504F DUI-0505A DUI-0505B DUI-0505C DUI-0505D DUI-0505E DUI-0506A DUI-0507A DUI-0507B DUI-0507C DUI-0508A DUI-0508B DUI-0508C DUI-0509A DUI-0509B DUI-0509C DUI-0510A DUI-0510B DUI-0511A 476 Chem Bn 478 Civ Aff Bn 478 Eng Bn 478 Pers Svcs Bn 479 Chem Bn 479 Eng Bn 479 FA Bde 479 Trans Bn 483 Eng Bn 483 Trans Bn 484 Trans Bn 485 Chem Bn USAR 485 Regt AIT USAR 485 Spt Bn 485 QM Bn 486 Civ Aff Bn 487 Chem Bn 487 FA 489 Civ Aff Bn 489 Eng Bn USAR 489 Spt Bn 490 Civ Aff Bn 490 Chem Bn 492 Civ Aff Bn 493 Eng Gp USAR 494 QM Bn 495 Eng Bn 495 Spt Bn 496 MP Bn (RH) 496 MP Bn (LH) 497 QM Bn 498 Spt Bn 499 Trans Bn 500 MI Bde 500 Trans Gp 501 Avn 501 Fin Bn 501 Inf 501 MI Bde 501 MI Bn 501 Sig Bn 501 Spt Bn 501 Sust Bde 502 Avn 502 Inf 502 MI Bn 502 MP Bn 502 Pers Svc Bn 502 Spt Bn 502 Surg Hosp 502 Trans Ctr 503 Inf 503 Avn Bn 503 MP Bn 503 Spt Bn 504 Avn Bn 504 Inf 504 MI Bde 504 MP Bn 504 Sig Bn 504 S&T Bn 505 Eng Bn 505 Inf 505 MI Gp 505 QM Bn 505 Sig Bde 506 Inf 507 Eng Bn 507 Inf 507 Spt Gp 508 Inf 508 Spt Bn 508 MP Bn 509 Inf 509 Pers Svc Bn 509 Sig Bn 510 Pers Svcs Bn 510 Spt Gp 511 Inf Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

45 Unit Crests Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at Regt 383 QM Bn 383 Regt 386 Eng Bn 392 Sig Bn 395 Fin Bn 409 Spt Bn 417 Spt Bn 426 Civ Aff Bn 429 QM Bn 434 Spt Bn 440 Sig Bn DUI-0511B DUI-0512A DUI-0512B DUI-0513A DUI-0513B DUI-0514A DUI-0515A DUI-0515B DUI-0515C DUI-0516A DUI-0516B DUI-0517A DUI-0518A DUI-0518B DUI-0518C DUI-0519A DUI-0519B DUI-0519C DUI-0519D DUI-0520A DUI-0520B DUI-0521A DUI-0522A DUI-0522B DUI-0523A DUI-0523B DUI-0524A DUI-0524B DUI-0525A DUI-0525B DUI-0526A DUI-0527A DUI-0527B DUI-0528A DUI-0528B DUI-0528C DUI-0529A DUI-0530A DUI-0530B DUI-0532A DUI-0532B DUI-0532C DUI-0533A DUI-0533B DUI-0534A DUI-0535A DUI-0536A DUI-0536B DUI-0536C DUI-0538A DUI-0540A DUI-0540B DUI-0540C DUI-0541B DUI-0542A DUI-0543A DUI-0544A DUI-0546A DUI-0547A DUI-0548A DUI-0548B(L) DUI-0548B(R) DUI-0548D DUI-0549A DUI-0549B DUI-0549C DUI-0550A DUI-0551A DUI-0553A DUI-0553B DUI-0554A DUI-0554B DUI-0555A DUI-0556A DUI-0557A DUI-0558A DUI-0558B DUI-0559A DUI-0559B 511 MI Bn 512 Arty Gp 512 Eng 513 Maint Bn 513 MI Bde 514 Arty Gp 515 Regt 515 Spt Bde 515 Spt Bn 516 Pers Svcs Bn 516 Sig Bde 517 ADA 518 Maint Bn 518 MP Bn 518 Regt Bct 519 Maint Bn 519 MI 519 MP Bn 519 Trans Bn 520 Gen Hosp 520 Spt Bn 521 Maint Bn USAR 522 Maint Bn USAR 522 MI Bn 523 Eng Bn 523 Sig Bn 524 MI Bn 524 Spt Bn 525 MI Bde 525 MP Bn 526 Spt Bn 527 Eng Bn 527 MI Bn 528 Arty Gp 528 Spt Bn 528 Eng Bn 529 Spt Bn 530 Spt Bn 530 MP Bn 532 MI Bn 532 S&S Bn 532 Trans Bn 533 MI Bn 533 S&S Bn 534 S&S Bn 535 MP Bn 536 Eng Bn 536 Spt Bn 536 Trans Bn 538 Eng Bn 540 Avn Gp 540 QM Bn 540 Spt Bn 541 Maint Bn 542 MI Bn 543 Area Spt Gp 544 Maint Bn 546 Pers Svc Bn 547 Eng Bn 548 ArtyGp 548 Eng Bn (LFT) 548 Eng Bn (RHT) 548 Spt Bn 549 Eng Bn 549 MI 549 Trans Bn 550 MI Bn 551 Sig Bn 553 Eng Bn 553 Spt 554 Eng Bn 554 QM Bn 555 Eng Bde 556 Pers Svcs Bn 557 Arty Gp 558 Arty Gp 558 S&S Bn 559 Arty Gp 559 Eng Bn DUI-0559C DUI-0560A DUI-0560B(L) DUI-0560B(R) DUI-0561A DUI-0561B DUI-0562A DUI-0563A DUI-0563B DUI-0565A DUI-0567A(2) DUI-0570A DUI-0575A DUI-0577A DUI-0578A DUI-0579A DUI-0588A DUI-0589A DUI-0589B DUI-0593A DUI-0601A DUI-0601B DUI-0601C DUI-0602A DUI-0603A DUI-0604A DUI-0607A DUI-0612A DUI-0613A DUI-0614A DUI-0615A DUI-0620A DUI-0623A DUI-0626A DUI-0627A DUI-0628A DUI-0628B DUI-0629A DUI-0630A DUI-0631A DUI-0632A DUI-0633A DUI-0633B DUI-0634A DUI-0634B DUI-0635A DUI-0635B DUI-0635C DUI-0635D(L) DUI-0635D(R) DUI-0635E DUI-0636B DUI-0638A DUI-0638B DUI-0640B DUI-0640C DUI-0640D DUI-0640F DUI-0641A DUI-0641B DUI-0641C DUI-0642A DUI-0642B DUI-0642C DUI-0642D DUI-0643A DUI-0644A DUI-0644B DUI-0645A DUI-0646A DUI-0647A DUI-0648A DUI-0648B DUI-0648C DUI-0649A DUI-0649C DUI-0650B DUI-0650C DUI-0651A 559 QM Bn 560 Sig Bn 560 Btlfld Surv Bde (LH) 560 Btlfld Surv Bde (RH) 561 Spt Bn 561 Spt Gp 562 ADA 563 Eng Bn 563 Spt Bn 565 Eng Bn 567 S&S Bn 570 Arty Gp 575 Eng Bn 577 Eng Bn 578 Eng Bn 579 Eng Bn 588 Eng Bn 589 Eng Bn 589 Spt Bn 593 Spt Gp 601 MP Bn USAR 601 Ord Bn 601 Spt Bn 602 Spt Bn 603 Spt Bn 604 MP Bn 607 MP Bn 612 Eng Bn 613 Eng Bn 614 Trans Bn 615 Spt Bn 620 Spt Bn 623 FA 626 Spt Bn 627 S&S Bn 628 Spt Bn 628 MI Bn 629 MI Bn 630 Spt Bn 631 FA Bde 632 Armor 633 Maint Bn 633 Spt Gp 634 MI Bn 634 Spt Bn 635 Armor 635 ARNG KS 635 Avn Gp 635 MI Bn (L) 635 MI Bn (R) 635 Spt Gp 636 MI Bn 638 MI Bn 638 Spt Bn 640 Spt Gp 640 MI Bn 640 Regt 640 Spt Bn 641 Med 641 Spt Gp 641 Avn Regt 642 MI Bn 642 Spt Bn 642 Trans Bn 642 Spt Gp 643 Spt Gp 644 Pers Svs 644 Spt Gp 645 Spt Gp 646 Spt Gp 647 Spt Gp 648 Spt Gp 648 Eng Bn 648 Man Enhan Bde 649 Eng Bn 649 Spt Gp 650 MI Gp 650 Spt Gp 651 Spt Gp DUI-0652A DUI-0652B DUI-0653A DUI-0654A DUI-0655A DUI-0656B DUI-0657A DUI-0678A DUI-0682A DUI-0685A DUI-0687A(L) DUI-0687A(R) DUI-0688A DUI-0690A DUI-0692A DUI-0693A DUI-0694A DUI-0695A DUI-0696A DUI-0700A DUI-0701A DUI-0701B DUI-0701C DUI-0702A DUI-0702B DUI-0703A DUI-0703B DUI-0704A DUI-0704B DUI-0704C DUI-0704D DUI-0705A DUI-0705B DUI-0706A DUI-0706B DUI-0707A DUI-0708A DUI-0709A DUI-0709B DUI-0710A DUI-0711A DUI-0713A DUI-0714A DUI-0716A DUI-0716B DUI-0717A DUI-0718A DUI-0719A DUI-0720A DUI-0721A DUI-0723A DUI-0724A DUI-0724B DUI-0725A DUI-0726A DUI-0727A DUI-0728A DUI-0728B DUI-0729A DUI-0729B DUI-0730A DUI-0730B DUI-0731A DUI-0732A DUI-0733A DUI-0733B DUI-0734A DUI-0734B DUI-0734C DUI-0734D DUI-0735A DUI-0735B DUI-0737A DUI-0738A DUI-0741A DUI-0741B DUI-0741C DUI-0742A DUI-0743A 652 Eng Bn 652 Spt Gp 653 Spt Gp USAR 654 Spt Gp 655 Spt Gp 656 Spt Gp 657 Spt Gp 678 Pers Svcs Bn 682 Eng Bn 685 MP Bn 687 QM Bn (LH) 687 QM Bn (RH) 688 S&S Bn 690 Maint Bn 692 Spt Bn USAR 693 Maint Bn USAR 694 Maint Bn 695 Spt Bn 696 Maint Bn USAR 700 Spt Bn 701 MI Bde 701 MP Bn 701 Spt Bn 702 MI Gp 702 Spt Bn 703 MI Bde 703 Spt Bn 704 Maint Bn 704 MI Bde 704 MP Bn 704 Spt Bn 705 MP Bn 705 Spt Bn 706 Spt Bn 706 Trans Gp USAR 707 Spt Bn 708 Spt Bn 709 MP Bn 709 Spt Bn 710 Spt Bn 711 Sig Bn 713 MI Gp 714 Trans Bn 716 MI Bn 716 MP Bn 717 Trans Bn 718 Trans Bn 719 Trans Bn 720 MP Bn 721 S&S Bn 723 Maint Bn 724 Eng Bn 724 MP Bn 725 Spt Bn 726 Fin Bn 727 Maint Bn 728 MP Bn 728 Spt Bn 729 Spt Bn 729 Trans Bn 730 Spt Bn 730 QM Bn 731 Maint Bn 732 Maint Bn 733 Maint Bn 733 MP Bn 734 Maint Bn 734 Ord Bn 734 Trans Bn NE 734 Spt Gp 735 Maint Bn 735 Spt Bn 737 Maint Bn 738 Spt Bn 741 Spt Bn 741 Ord Bn 741 MI Bn 742 MI Bn 743 MI Bn DUI-0744A DUI-0744B DUI-0746A DUI-0746B DUI-0749A DUI-0751A DUI-0757A DUI-0757B DUI-0759A DUI-0765A DUI-0766A DUI-0766B DUI-0769A DUI-0773A DUI-0773B DUI-0774A DUI-0777A DUI-0779A DUI-0781A DUI-0782A DUI-0783A DUI-0785A DUI-0786A DUI-0787A DUI-0787B DUI-0791A DUI-0795A DUI-0796A DUI-0800A DUI-0801A DUI-0801B DUI-0803A DUI-0803B DUI-0804A DUI-0806A DUI-0807A DUI-0807C DUI-0808A DUI-0808B DUI-0809A DUI-0809B DUI-0810A DUI-0810B DUI-0811A DUI-0812B DUI-0813A DUI-0815A DUI-0815B DUI-0816A DUI-0817A DUI-0817B DUI-0818A(L) DUI-0818A(R) DUI-0818B DUI-0818C DUI-0818D DUI-0818E DUI-0819A DUI-0820A DUI-0820B DUI-0821A DUI-0823A DUI-0828A DUI-0828B DUI-0829A DUI-0830A DUI-0832A DUI-0834A DUI-0834B DUI-0835A DUI-0841A DUI-0844A DUI-0845A DUI-0847A DUI-0850A DUI-0854A DUI-0856A DUI-0863A DUI-0864A 744 MP Bn 744 MI Bn 746 Maint Bn 746 Spt Bn 749 Maint Bn 751 Maint Bn 757 Trans Bn 757 Spt Bn 759 MP Bn 765 Trans Bn 766 Trans Bn 766 Eng Bn 769 Eng Bn 773 Maint Bn 773 Maint Bn USAR 774 Trans Gp 777 Spt Bn 779 Eng Bn 781 Maint Bn 782 Maint Bn 783 MP Bn 785 MP Bn 786 QM Bn 787 MP Bn 787 Spt Bn 791 Trans Bn 795 MP Bn 796 MP Cmd 800 MP Gp 801 Cmbt Spt Hosp 801 Spt Bn 803 Armor 803 Med Gp 804 Hosp Ctr 806 Eng 807 Med Bde 807 Surg Hosp 808 Eng Bn 808 STA Hosp USAR 809 Eng Bn 809 QM Bn 810 Convalescent Ctr 810 Field Hosp USAR 811 STA Hosp 812 Trans Bn 813 Eng Bn 815 Eng Bn 815 STA Hosp 816 STA Hosp 817 Evac Hosp USAR 817 Repl Bn USAR 818 Eng Bn (LFT) 818 Eng Bn (RHT) 818 Hosp 818 Med Bde 818 Med Bn 818 Trans Bn 819 STA Hosp 820 Eng Bn 820 STA Hosp 821 Trans Bn USAR 823 Trans Bn 828 Evac Hosp USAR 828 Trans Bn USAR 829 STA Hosp USAR 830 STA 832 Ord Bn 834 Spt Bn 834 Spt Bn 835 Spt Bn 841 Eng Bn 844 Eng Bn 845 Sig Bn 847 Pers Svcs Bn 850 MP Bn 854 Eng Bn 856 QM Bn 863 Eng Bn 864 Eng Bn Web:

46 46 Unit Crests 201 MI Bde 201 Engr Bn 199 Spt Bn 198 Sig Bn 198 MP Bn 198 Armor 197 Regt 196 Regt 196 Cav 195 Ord Bn 194 Maint Bn 194 Inf DUI-0865A DUI-0867A DUI-0871A DUI-0875A DUI-0876A DUI-0876B DUI-0877A DUI-0878A DUI-0880A DUI-0890A DUI-0891A DUI-0898A DUI-0900B DUI-0901A DUI-0902A DUI-0902B DUI-0902C DUI-0902D DUI-0904A DUI-0905A DUI-0912A DUI-0914A DUI-0915A DUI-0916A DUI-0917A DUI-0921A DUI-0926A DUI-0926B DUI-0927A DUI-0931A DUI-0935A DUI-0937A DUI-0937B DUI-0949A DUI-0959A DUI-0960A DUI-0960L(L) DUI-0960R(R) DUI-0961A DUI-0972A DUI-0972B DUI-0980A DUI-0980B DUI-0983A DUI-0986A DUI-0986B DUI-1024A DUI-1030A DUI-1034A DUI-1058A DUI-1088A DUI-1092A DUI-1101A DUI-1103A DUI-1104A DUI-1106A DUI-1107A DUI-1108A DUI-1113A DUI-1120A DUI-1125A DUI-1138A DUI-1140A DUI-1144A DUI-1146A DUI-1169A DUI-1200A DUI-1200B DUI-1203A DUI-1204A(L) DUI-1204A(R) DUI-1207A DUI-1225A DUI-1249A DUI-1249B DUI-1297A DUI-1343A DUI-1401A DUI-1457A 865 Cmb Spt Hosp 867 QM Bn 871 Eng Bn USAR 875 Eng Bn 876 Eng Bn 876 Maint Bn 877 Eng Bn 878 Eng Bn 880 Eng Bn 890 Eng Bn 891 Eng Bn 898 Eng Bn 900 Spt Bn 901 Spt Bn 902 Eng Co 902 MI Gp (LH) 902 MI Gp (RH) 902 Spt Bn 904 Spt Bn 905 Spt Bn 912 Surg Hosp USAR 914 Cmbt Spt Hosp 915 Spt Bn 916 Spt Bde 917 Spt Gp USAR 921 Field Hosp 926 Eng Bn 926 Eng Gp 927 Spt Bn 931 Eng Gp 935 Spt Bn 937 Eng Gp 937 Sig Bn 949 Spt Bn 959 Eng Bn USAR 960 Eng Bn USAR 960 Spt Bn (LH) 960 Spt Bn (RH) 961 Eng Bn 972 Eng Bn USAR 972 Sig Bn 980 Eng Bn 980 QM Bn 983 Eng Bn USAR 986 Eng Bn USAR 986 Maint Bn USAR 1024 Med Bn 1030 Eng Bn 1034 Spt Bn 1058 Trans Co 1088 Eng Bn 1092 Eng Bn 1101 Sig Bde 1103 Trans Bn 1104 Sig Bde 1106 Avn Gp 1107 Sig Bde 1108 Sig Bde 1113 Eng Bn 1120 Trans Bn 1125 US Army Hosp 1138 Eng Bn 1140 Eng 1144 Trans Bn 1146 Pers Svc Bn 1169 Eng Gp 1200 QM Bn 1200 QM Bn 1203 Eng Bn 1204 Spt Bn (LH) 1204 Spt Bn (RH) 1207 Hosp USAR 1225 Spt Bn 1249 Eng Bn 1249 Eng Bn 1297 Spt Bn 1343 Eng Bn 1401 Eng Bn 1457 Eng Bn DUI-1461A 1461 Trans Co DUI-1889A 1889 Spt Gp DUI-1984A 1984 Hosp DUI-2223A 2223 Eng Bn DUI-2289A 2289 US Army Hosp DUI-2290A 2290 Hosp DUI-2291A 2291 Hosp DUI-3270A 3270 US Army Hosp DUI-3271A 3271 Hosp DUI-3273A 3273 Hosp DUI-3274A 3274 Hosp DUI-3297A 3297 Hosp DUI-3344A 3344 Hosp DUI-3345A 3345 Hosp DUI-3643A 3643 Spt Bn DUI-3678A 3678 Spt Bn DUI-4005A 4005 Hosp DUI-4010A 4010 Hosp USAR DUI-5010A 5010 Hosp USAR DUI-5501A 5501 Hosp USAR DUI-5502A 5502 Hosp Augment DUI-5503A(2) 5503 Hosp DUI-6250A 6250 Hosp DUI-6251A 6251 Hosp DUI-6252A 6252 Hosp USAR DUI-7227A(2) 7227 Med Spt DUI-ACC Army Corrections Cmd DUI-ACFM Area Conf Fac Mann DUI-AATC Avn & Trp Cmd DUI-ACQ SPT(L) Acquisition Corps (LH) DUI-ACQ SPT(R) Acquisition Corps (RH) DUI-ADA Air Defense School DUI-ADJCTR Adj Gen Ctr/Res Comp DUI-ADJSCH Adj Gen School DUI-AEROMED Aeromedical Ctr DUI-AFCE AF Cent Res Corps DUI-AFCNE Alld For Cent Nor Eu DUI-AFNW Alld For NW Europe DUI-AFRICA USAR Africa Cmd DUI-AFSE Alld Land Frc S Eur DUI-AIR Def Air Defense Cmd DUI-AIR TRAF SC Air Traff Svc Co DUI-ALACH Avn Logistics Sch DUI-ALASKA Alaska US Army DUI-AMCC Aramt Munit & Chem Cm DUI-AOHS Acad Of Health SCI DUI-ARCD Army Res Careers Div DUI-ARCHEMMA Chem Materials Agency DUI-ARMC Army Res Med Cmd DUI-ARMOR Armor Schl DUI-ARRTC Res Readiness Trn Ctr DUI-ASYM ASYMM Warfare Gp DUI-AVCRAD Mobilization Avcrad DUI-AVIATION-B Avn Sys Spt Ctr DUI-AVIATION(L) Avn Sys Cmd (LH) DUI-AVIATION(R) Avn Sys Cmd (RH) DUI-AVN&MISSILE Avn & Missile Cmd DUI-AVNSCH Aviation School DUI-AVNTRN/1 Avn Trng Site (LH) DUI-AVNTRN/2 Avn Trng Site (RH) DUI-BERLINBD Berlin Bde DUI-BERLINUS Berlin US Army DUI-BROADCASTING Broadcasting Svc DUI-BROOKE Brooke Army Med Ctr DUI-CENT CMD US Army Elemt Ctrl Cmd DUI-CENTER Ctr Health Promo & Prev DUI-CENTRAL Ctrl Us Army Element DUI-CHAPLAIN Chaplin Ctr & Sch DUI-CHEM Chem & Bio Def Cmd DUI-CHEMSCH Chem School DUI-CIV Civ Aff/Psy Warfare DUI-CIVIL Civ Aff School DUI-CJITF Cmbt Jnt Interagc TF DUI-COMBATAVN Cmbt Avn Trng Bde DUI-COMBATDEV Cmbt Dev Expmt Cmd DUI-COMBATSUR Cmbt Surv School DUI-COMBINED Cmbd Arms Spt Cmd DUI-COMBINEDFA Comb Field Army DUI-COMBINEDFORCES Cmb Fc Cmd (Afghan) DUI-COMM DUI-COMMAND DUI-CONTRACT DUI-CORR DUI-CORREC DUI-CRIM DUI-CSTC DUI-CYBER DUI-DDEAM DUI-DEF AM DUI-DEF INF DUI-DEF LAN DUI-DEF SW DUI-DENTAC SHAPE DUI-DENTAC/01 DUI-DENTAC/02 DUI-DENTAC/03 DUI-DENTAC/04 DUI-DENTAC/05 DUI-DENTAC/06 DUI-DENTAC/07 DUI-DENTAC/08 DUI-DENTAC/09 DUI-DENTAC/10 DUI-DENTAC/12 DUI-DENTAC/13 DUI-DENTAC/14 DUI-DENTAC/15 DUI-DENTAC/16 DUI-DENTAC/17 DUI-DENTAC/18 DUI-DENTAC/19 DUI-DENTAC/20 DUI-DENTAC/21 DUI-DENTAC/22 DUI-DENTAC/23 DUI-DENTAC/24 DUI-DENTAC/25 DUI-DENTAC/26 DUI-DENTAC/27 DUI-DENTAC/28 DUI-DENTAC/29 DUI-DENTAC/30 DUI-DENTAC/31 DUI-DENTAC/32 DUI-DENTAC/33 DUI-DENTAC/34 DUI-DENTAC/35 DUI-DENTAC/36 DUI-DENTAC/37 DUI-DENTAC/38 DUI-DENTAC/39 DUI-DENTAC/40 DUI-DENTAC/41 DUI-DENTAC/42 DUI-DENTAC/43 DUI-DENTAC/44 DUI-DENTAC/45 DUI-DENTAC/46 DUI-DENTAC/47 DUI-DENTAC/48 DUI-DENTAC/49 DUI-DENTAL/1 DUI-DENTAL/2 DUI-DENTLAB DUI-DENTLAB/1 DUI-DENTLAB/2 DUI-DEPOT DUI-DEPT DUI-ECC DUI-ENGCTR DUI-ENGIN CORPS/01 DUI-ENGIN CORPS/02 DUI-ENGSCH DUI-EUROPE USAR DUI-EUROPE DUI-EVAL CNTR DUI-FACILITY ENG GP DUI-FASCH Commun Elec Cmd Cmd & Gen Staff Coll AR Contract Cmd Correctional Bde Corrections Cmd Crim Invstgtn Cmd Cmb Sec Tran Cmd, Afg USAR Cyber Cmd Eisenhower Meddac Def Ammo Ctr & Sch Defense Information Def Language Inst Def Spec Weapons Agc Dentac Shape Ft Gordon Dentac Ft Polk Dentac Heidelberg Vicenza Alaska Augsburg Bad Cannstatt Berlin Bremerhaven Fitzsimons Ft Stewart Frankfurt Ft Belvoir Ft Benning Ft Bliss Dentac Ft Bragg Dentac Ft Campbell Ft Carson Dentac Ft Devens Ft Drum Ft Eustis Ft Hood Dentac Ft Huachuca Ft Irwin Ft Jackson Dentac Ft Knox Ft Leavenworth Ft Lee Ft Leo Wood Dentac Ft Lewis Ft McClellan Ft Meade Ft Monmouth Ft Ord Ft Riley Dentac Ft Sam Houston Ft Sheridan Ft Sill Dentac Hawaii Japan Landstuhl Nuernberg Panama Presidio San Francisco Walter Reed West Point Wuerzburg Ft Dix Den Clinic Cmd Ft Rucker USAR Dental Cmd Ar Den Lab Walter Reed Area Den Lab Alameda Area Den Lab Ft Gordon Depot Sys Cmd DOA Staff Spt Exped Contract Cmd Eng Ctr USAR Corps of Eng (LH) USAR Corps of Eng (RH) Engineer School Europe US Army Euirope Cmbt Spt Trn Ctr Evaluation Center Facility Eng Gp FA School DUI-FIELD BAND DUI-FIELD SPT DUI-FIELD STN DUI-FIN(L) DUI-FINSCH DUI-FOREIGN DUI-FORSCOM DUI-FORT DUI-HAWLEY DUI-HELI SCH DUI-HOSP AKS DUI-HOSP SB DUI-HOSP TG DUI-HOSP TUSAR DUI-HQ AK DUI-HQ AL DUI-HQ AR DUI-HQ AZ DUI-HQ CA DUI-HQ CO DUI-HQ CT DUI-HQ DE/1 DUI-HQ DE/2 DUI-HQ FL DUI-HQ GA(2) DUI-HQ GU DUI-HQ HI DUI-HQ IA/1 DUI-HQ IA/2 DUI-HQ ID DUI-HQ IL DUI-HQ IN DUI-HQ KS(2) DUI-HQ KY DUI-HQ LA DUI-HQ MA DUI-HQ MD DUI-HQ ME DUI-HQ MI DUI-HQ MN DUI-HQ MO(L) DUI-HQ MO(R) DUI-HQ MS DUI-HQ MT DUI-HQ NC(2) DUI-HQ ND DUI-HQ NE DUI-HQ NG DC DUI-HQ NH DUI-HQ NJ(2) DUI-HQ NM DUI-HQ NV DUI-HQ NY(2) DUI-HQ OH(2) DUI-HQ OK(L) DUI-HQ OK(R) DUI-HQ OR(LH) DUI-HQ OR(RH) DUI-HQ PA(LH) DUI-HQ PA(RH) DUI-HQ PR DUI-HQ RI DUI-HQ SC DUI-HQ SD DUI-HQ TN DUI-HQ TX DUI-HQ UT DUI-HQ VA DUI-HQ VI DUI-HQ VT DUI-HQ WA/LH DUI-HQ WA/RH DUI-HQ WI DUI-HQ WV DUI-HQ WY DUI-HYDRO DUI-INDUST DUI-INFO DUI-INFSCH Field Band US Army Field Spt Ctr Field Station Berlin Finance Cmd Finance School Foreign Intell Cmd Forces Command Fort Mccoy Hawley USAR Com Hosp Primary Helicopter Sch Hospital AKS Hosp Sandia Base Tripler Gen Hosp Tripler USAR Hosp Alaska Starc Alabama Starc Arkansas Starc Arizona Starc California Starc Colorado Starc Connecticut Starc Delaware Starc (LH) Delaware Starc (RH) Florida Starc Georgia Starc Guam Starc Hawaii Starc Iowa Starc (LH) Iowa Starc (RH) Idaho Starc Illinois Starc Indiana Starc Kansas Starc Kentucky Starc Louisiana Starc Massachusetts Starc Maryland Starc Maine Starc Michigan Starc Minnesota Starc Missouri Starc (LH) Missouri Starc (RH) Mississippi Starc Montana Starc North Carolina Starc North Dakota Starc Nebraska Starc Dist of Columbia Starc New Hampshire Starc New Jersey Starc New Mexico Starc Nevada Starc New York Starc Ohio Starc Oklahoma Starc (LH) Oklahoma Starc (RH) Oregon Starc (LH) Oregon Starc (RH) Penn Starc (LH) Penn Starc (RH) Puerto Rico Starc Rhode Island Starc South Carolina Starc South Dakota Starc Tennessee Starc Texas ARNG Utah Starc Virginia Starc Virgin Islands Vermont Starc Washington Starc (LH) Washington Starc (RH) Wisconsin Starc West Virginia Starc Wyoming Starc Hydro Topographic Ctr Industrial Ops Cmd Info Sys Eng Cmd Infantry School Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

47 Unit Crests Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at FA 192 Spt Bn 192 Maint Bn 192 MP Bn 190 FA 189 Avn Bn 188 ADA 187 Ord Bn 187 Med Bn 187 Inf Bde 187 Inf 187 FA ARNG NY DUI-INST DUI-INTEL DUI-INTELL/1 DUI-INTELL/2 DUI-INTELL/3 DUI-INTER DUI-IRR DUI-IX DUI-JAP DUI-JFK DUI-JNT SREG C DUI-JOINT TRN DUI-JOINT DUI-JRTC DUI-JUDGE DUI-LANDFOR DUI-LANDSTUHL DUI-LEGAL DUI-LETTER DUI-LOGIS DUI-MAD DUI-MANAGE DUI-MANEUVER DUI-MARK(2) DUI-MCAFEE DUI-MED CORPS DUI-MED KO DUI-MED DUI-MEDDAC/01 DUI-MEDDAC/02 DUI-MEDDAC/03 DUI-MEDDAC/04 DUI-MEDDAC/05 DUI-MEDDAC/06 DUI-MEDDAC/07 DUI-MEDDAC/08 DUI-MEDDAC/09 DUI-MEDDAC/10 DUI-MEDDAC/11 DUI-MEDDAC/12 DUI-MEDDAC/13 DUI-MEDDAC/14 DUI-MEDDAC/15 DUI-MEDDAC/16 DUI-MEDDAC/17 DUI-MEDDAC/18 DUI-MEDDAC/20 DUI-MEDDAC/21 DUI-MEDDAC/22 DUI-MEDDAC/23 DUI-MEDDAC/24 DUI-MEDDAC/25 DUI-MEDDAC/26 DUI-MEDDAC/27 DUI-MEDDAC/28 DUI-MEDDAC/29 DUI-MEDDAC/30 DUI-MEDDAC/31 Instltn Mgt Agency Intell & Sec Cmd Intell Ctr & Schl Intelligence Agency Intelligencde Cmd Inter Amer Geo Sur Individual Ready Res IX Corps Japan US Army JFK Special War Elmnt Jnt Subreg Cm Joint Mil Pkg Trng Ctr Jt Sec Ar Cmd Spt Gp Joint Readiness Trng Judge Adv Gen Sch Land Forces Ctrl Europe Landstuhl Reg Med Ctr Legal Ser Agency Letterman Army Med Ctr US Army Logistics Univ Madigan Army Med Ctr Mgt Eng College Maneuver Ctr of Excell Army Marksmanship McAfee Army Hosp USAR Med Command Med Cmd Korea Med Res & Materl Cmd Ft Polk Meddac Dwight D. Eisenhower Fitzsimons Hosp Aberdeen Meddac Alaska Augsburg Berlin Bremerhaven Carlisle Barracks Dugway Proving Ground Ft Belvoir Meddac Ft Benning Meddac Ft Carson Meddac Ft Devens Ft Dix Ft Drum Meddac Ft Eustis Meddac Ft Huachuca Meddac Ft Irwin Meddac Ft Jackson Meddac Ft Knox Ft Leavenworth Ft Lee Ft Leonard Wood Ft MacArthur Ft McPherson Ft Meade Ft Monmouth Ft Ord Ft Polk Meddac DUI-MEDDAC/32 DUI-MEDDAC/33 DUI-MEDDAC/34 DUI-MEDDAC/35 DUI-MEDDAC/36 DUI-MEDDAC/37 DUI-MEDDAC/38 DUI-MEDDAC/39 DUI-MEDDAC/40 DUI-MEDDAC/41 DUI-MEDDAC/42 DUI-MEDDAC/43 DUI-MEDDAC/44 DUI-MEDDAC/45 DUI-MEDDAC/46 DUI-MEDDAC/47 DUI-MEDDAC/48 DUI-MEDDAC/49 DUI-MEDDAC/50 DUI-MEDICAL DUI-MIL DC DUI-MIL INTEL DUI-MIL TRA DUI-MISSILE DUI-MMCS DUI-MP BDE DUI-MP COM DUI-MPC DUI-MPSCH DUI-MSC DUI-MULTI DUI-MUSSCH DUI-NATI DUI-NATO DUI-NG EDU DUI-NG OSA DUI-NG TRN DUI-NG/ID MIL ACAD DUI-NG/TN DUI-NORAD DUI-NORTH CMD DUI-NORTH DUI-OPER GP DUI-OPER SPT CMD DUI-OPER TEST DUI-ORD DUI-ORG DUI-PACIFIC DUI-PACIFIC/1 DUI-PARA DUI-PERS DUI-POST DUI-QT REPL DUI-QUART DUI-REC CMD DUI-RES CMD/4 DUI-RES LAB DUI-RES MED Ft Riley Meddac Ft Sheridan Ft Sill Meddac Ft Wolters Ft Campbell Meddac Ft Hood Meddac Ft Rucker Meddac Ft Stewart Meddac Japan Nuernberg Panama Redstone Arsenal Sierra Army Depot Tehran Vicenza West Point YUMA Proving Grounds Ft McClellan Wurzburg Med Dept US Army Medical Cmd Military Dist Of WA Mil Intel Ready Cmd Mil Traffic Mgmt Missile Cmd Mssl & Mun Ctr & Sch MP Bde Hawaii MP Command Mil Personnel Ctr Military Police Schl Maneuver Supt Ctr Mltntnl Force & Obs School of Music USAR Elm Natl Training Center NATO NG Pro Ed Cntr NG Oper SptAirlift Cmd NG Trng Ctr Garrison Cmd Idaho Mil Acad TN State Gd w. Red Star US Element US Northern Cmd Northn Warfare Trng Ctr Operational Gp Ops Support Cmd Operational Test Cmd Ordnance School Effectiveness Ctr & Sch US Army Pacific US Army Pacific Parachute Team DOD & Joint Act Pers Postal Gp Europe QM Repl Trng Ctr QM School Recruiting Comd Reserve Comd Research Lab Army Res Med Cmd DUI-RES PER DUI-RES SCH DUI-RESEARCH DUI-ROTC DUI-RUSS DUI-SAFEGUARD DUI-SAFETY DUI-SCH DUI-SEC CMD DUI-SEC SCH DUI-SEC DUI-SF DUI-SGM DUI-SIG SCH DUI-SIM DUI-SOC DUI-SOL DUI-SOLDIER DUI-SOPER SPT CMD DUI-SOUTH DUI-SOUTHERN COM DUI-SPACE DUI-SPACE CMD DUI-SPACE INST DUI-SPC OP CMD DUI-SPC OP CMD(2) DUI-SPEC OPNS DUI-SPEC OPS CM DUI-SPEC OPS CMD DUI-SPEC DUI-SPL OPN SO DUI-SPL/001A DUI-SPL/001B DUI-SPL/001C DUI-SPL/002 DUI-SPL/003 DUI-SPL/004 DUI-SPL/008 DUI-SPL/010 DUI-SPL/025 DUI-SPL/028 DUI-SPL/029 DUI-SPL/032 DUI-SPL/034 DUI-SPL/035L DUI-SPL/035R DUI-SPL/036 DUI-SPL/036 DUI-SPL/037 DUI-SPL/039 DUI-SPL/040 DUI-SPL/042 DUI-SPL/053 DUI-SPL/055 DUI-SPL/072 DUI-SPL/076 DUI-SPL/081 DUI-SPL/082 Res Personnel Cmd Army Reserve School Resear Dev & Eng Cmd ROTC Basic Camp Russian Inst Safeguard Cmd Safety Ctr Sch of the Americas Security Asst Cmd Sec Agency Sch Security Agency Special Forces Sgt Major Acd Signal Schl Simulation Trg Cmd Special Opns Cmd Soldier & Bio Chem Cmd Soldier Spt Inst Spec Opns Spt Cmd South US Army Southern Command Space & Mis Def Cmd Space Cmd US Army Space Institute Spec Ops Cmd Joint Forces Cmd Special Opns Cmd Pac Spec Ops Cmd Korea Spec Ops Cmd Cen Spec Ops Cmd Europe Spec Ops Cmd South 1 Armor Div, STB 1 Cav Div STB 1 Armd Div 2 Bde STB 2 Inf Div STB 3 Inf Div STB 4 Inf Div STB 8 Army STB 10 Mo Div, STB 25 Inf Div, STB 28 Inf Div STB 29 Inf Bde CT STB 32 Inf Div SPL 34 Inf Div STB 2 BCT 35 Inf Div, STB 35 Inf Div, STB 36 ID, 56 Bdg CT, STB SPL 36 Inf Div 37 Inf Bde, STB 39 Inf Bde, STB 40 Inf Bde CT ST 42 Inf Div STB 53 Inf BCT, STB 55 IBCT 28 Inf Div, STB 72 Bde CT 36 Inf Div STB 76 Inf Bde CT STB 81 Armr Bct STB 82 Abn Div, STB DUI-SPL/086 DUI-SPL/155 DUI-SPL/173 DUI-SPL/US ARMY SO DUI-SSS DUI-STRAT DUI-SUP DUI-TANK DUI-TECH DUI-TEST CMD DUI-TEST EVL DUI-TMDE DUI-TN MIL ACD DUI-TOPO DUI-TOTAL DUI-TRADOC DUI-TRANS SCH DUI-TRIP USAR DUI-TRIP GHS DUI-TRN CTR DUI-TRNG CTR DUI-TRNPER DUI-TROOP CMD DUI-TROOP DUI-TUSLOG DUI-UNI(2) DUI-UNIV SERV(2) DUI-US ARMY IRAQ DUI-US ARMY MEDIA DUI-US TRANS CMD(2) DUI-US/1 DUI-US/2 DUI-US/3 DUI-US/4 DUI-US/5 DUI-US/6 DUI-USAR AIR TRAF DUI-USAR EL M-NA(2) DUI-USAR SOC DUI-USARLC DUI-USARM DUI-USMA STAFF(2) DUI-V DUI-V11 DUI-VALLEY DUI-VARTY DUI-VET DUI-W HEM SEC DUI-WALTER DUI-WALTER(2) DUI-WAR DUI-WARRANT DUI-WILL DUI-WOMACK DUI-WOMEN DUI-XXIV 86 Inf BCT, STB STB 155 Armd Bct 173 Abn Bde, STB US Army South Selective Serv Sys Strategic Def Cmd Sprm Hqs Allied Pwr Eu Tank Auto & Arm Cmd Tech Escort Unit Test And Eval Cmd Test And Evaluation TMDE Group Tenn Mil Acad Topogr Ctr Def Map Ag Total Army Pers Cmd TRADOC Trans Schl Tripler USAR Hosp Tripler Gen Hosp Training Ctr Ft Jackson Trng Ctr Trainer Personnel Troop Spt Cmd Troop Spt Agency Tuslog Detach Four Uniformed Svc Unv Hlth Univ Health Science Elem Mlt-Ntl Corp Iraq AR Soldiers Media Ctr Transpotation Cmd US Discipl Barracks US Mil Acad Prep Sch US Joint Forces Cmd US Strategic Cmd US Thtr Ar Spt Cmd EU US Mil Entr Proc Cmd USAR Air Traffic Svc US Army Multi Iraq USAR Spec Ops Cmd USA Res Legal Cmd Army Material Cmd US Mil Acad Staff & Fac V Corps V11 Corps Valley Forge Gen Hosp V Corps Arty Veterinary Cmd Wstn Hemis Instsecur Walter Reed Army Med Walter Reed Inst Nurse War College Army Warrant Off Career Ctr WM Beaumont AR Med Womack AR Med Ctr Women Army Corps Sch XXIV Corps Regimental Crests Adjutant General D-R101 Chaplain D-R102 Chemical D-R103 Civil Affairs D-R104 Engineer D-R105 Finance D-R106 Judge Adv Gen D-R107 Military Intelligence D-R108 Medical D-R109 Military Police D-R110 Ordnance D-R111 Quartermaster D-R112 Signal D-R113 Transportation D-R114 Psych Opns D-R115 PACTUM EXCELLO Acquisition Corps D-R116 Web:

48 48 Combat Service Identification Badges 1 Infantry Div D-P0001A 1 Armor Div D-P0001B 1 Cavalry Div D-P0001C 1 Corps BCT D-P0001D 1 Sust Cmd D-P0001E 1 Med Bde BCT D-P0001F 1 Man Enhance D-P0001G 1 Marine Div D-P0001H 1 Marine Exped Force D-P0001I 1 Info Ops D-P0001J 1 Pers Cmd D-P0001K TOUJOURS PRET 2 Infantry Div D-P0002A 2 Armd Cav Rgt BCT D-P0002B 2 Marine Aircraft Wing D-P0002C 2 Marine Exped Force D-P0003D 2 Marine Div D-P0003E 2 Armor Div D-P0002F 2 Medical Bde D-P0002G 3 Infantry Div D-P0003A 3 Corps D-P0003B 3 Armd Cav Regt D-P0003C 3 Sust Cmd BCT D-P0003D 3 Chemical D-P0003E 3 Marine Aircraft Wing D-P0003F 3 Armor Div D-P0003G 3 Signal Bde D-P0003H 4 Infantry Div D-P0004A 4 Man Enhance D-P0004B 4 Sust Cmd D-P0004C 5 Corps D-P0005A 7 Sust Cmd BCT D-P0007A 7 Signal Cmd D-P0007B 7 Corps D-P0007C 7 Signal Bde D-P0007D 8 MP Bde D-P0008A 9 Support Cmd D-P0009A 10 Infantry Div D-P0010A 10 Sust Bde D-P0010B 11 Armd Cav Regt D-P0011A 11 MP Bde D-P0011B 11 Avn Cmd D-P0011C 12 Avn Bde D-P0012A 13 Fin Gp D-P0013A 13 Sust Cmd D-P0013B 15 Sust Bde D-P0015A 16 MP Bde D-P0016A 16 Eng Bde D-P0016B 16 Sust Bde D-P0016C 17 FA Bde D-P0017A 17 Avn Bde D-P0017B 18 Abn Corps D-P0018A 18 MP Bde D-P0018B 18 Fires Bde D-P0018C 18 Eng Bde D-P0018D 18 Avn Bde w/abn D-P0018E 18 Avn Bde D-P0018F 18 Fires Bde w/abn D-P0018G 20 Eng Bde w/abn D-P0020A 20 Spt Cmd D-P0020B 20 Eng Bde D-P0020C 21 Cavalry Bde D-P0021A 21 Sig Bde D-P0021B 22 Signal Bde D-P0022A 24 Infantry Div D-P0024A 25 Infantry Div D-P0025A 26 Man Enhance D-P0026A 27 Inf Div BCT D-P0027A 28 Infantry Div D-P0028A 29 Infantry BCT D-P0029A 30 Armor Bde BCT D-P0030A 30 Medical Cmd D-P0030B 31 ADA Bde D-P0031A 32 Air & Misl Def Cmd D-P0032A 33 Inf Bde CT D-P0033A 34 Infantry Div D-P0034A 35 ADA D-0035A 35 Sig Bde w/abn D-0035B 35 Sig Bde D-0035C 36 Eng Bde D-0036A 36 Infantry Div D-P0036B 36 Sust Bde D-P0036C 37 Infantry BCT D-P0037A 38 Inf Div D-P0038A 38 Sust Bde D-P0038B 39 Inf BCT D-P0039A 41 Fires Bde D-P0041A 41 Inf Bde D-P0041B 42 Inf Div D-P0042A 42 MP Bde D-P0042B 42 FA D-P0042C 43 MP Bde D-P0043A 44 Med Cmd D-P0044A 45 Fires Bde D-P0045A 45 Sust Bde D-P0045B 45 Inf BCT D-P0045C 46 MP Cmd D-P0046A 48 Inf BCT D-P0048A 48 Chem Bde D-P0048B 49 QM Gp BCT D-P0049A Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

49 Combat Service Identification Badges Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at MP Bde D-P0049B 50 Infantry BCT D-P0050A 52 Ord Gp D-P0052A 53 Inf BCT D-P0053A 54 FA Bde D-P0054A 55 Sust Bde D-P0055A 58 Inf BCT D-P0058A 62 Medical Bde D-P0062A 63 Avn Bde D-P0063A 65 Fires Bde D-P0065A 66 Avn Cmd D-P0066A 67 Btl Surv D-P0067A 69 ADA D-P0069A 75 Ranger Rgt D-P0075A 1/75 Ranger Rgt D-P0075B 2/75 Ranger Rgt D-P0075C 3/75 Ranger Rgt D-P0075D 75 Ranger Rgt STB D-P0075E 75 Fires Bde D-P0075F 76 Inf Bde Div D-P0076A 77 Avn Bde D-P0077A 77 Sust Bde D-P0077B 81 Armored Bde D-P0081A 82 Abn Div D-P0082A 82 Sust Bde D-P0082B 89 MP Bde D-P0089A 90 Sust Bde D-P0090A 92 Inf Bde D-P0092A 93 Sig Bde D-P0093A 95 Civ Aff Bde D-P0095A 96 Sust Bde D-P0096A 100 Trng Div D-P0100A 101 Abn Div D-P0101A 101 Sust Bde D-P0101B 103 FA Bde D-P0103A 103 Sust Cmd D-P0103B 104 Trng Div D-P0104A 106 Sig Bde D-P0106A 108 ADA D-P0108A 108 Sust Bde D-P0108B 110 Man Enhance D-P0110A 110 Avn Bde D-P0110B 111 Man Enhance D-P0111A 111 Eng Bde D-P0111B 115 FA Bde D-P0115A 116 Inf BCT D-P0116A 116 Cav Bde D-P0116B 130 Man Enhance D-P0130A 130 Eng Bde D-P0130B 135 Sust Cmd D-P0135A 143 Sust Bde D-P0143A 153 FA Bde D-P0153A 155 Armor BCT D-P0155A 163 Armor Bde D-P0163A 164 ADA D-P0164A 166 Avn Bde D-P0166A 168 Eng Bde D-P0168A 169 Fires Bde D-P0169A 170 Inf Bde D-P0170A 172 Inf BCT D-P0172A 173 Abn BCT D-P0173A 174 Inf Bde D-P0174A 174 ADA D-P0174B 176 Eng Bde D-P0176A 177 MP Bde D-P0177A 184 Sust Cmd D-P0184A 185 Avn Bde D-P0185A 194 Eng Bde D-P0194A 196 Man Enhance D-P0196A 196 FA Bde D-P0196B 197 Fires Bde D-P0197A 200 MP Cmd D-P0200A 201 Btl Surv Bde D-P0201A 205 Mil Intell Bde D-P0205A 207 Mil Intell Bde D-P0207A 210 Fires Bde D-P0210A 212 FA Bde D-P0212A 214 Fires Bde D-P0214A 218 Infantry BCT D-P0218A 219 Btl Surv D-P0219A 220 MP Bde D-P0220A 224 Sust Bde D-P0224A 225 Eng Bde D-P0225A 230 Sust Bde D-P0230A 244 Avn Bde D-P0244A 256 Inf Bde D-P0256A 260 MP Cmd D-P0260A 261 Sig Bde D-P0261A 263 ADA D-P0263A 266 Fin Cmd D-P0266A 278 Armor Cav Regt D-P0278A 287 Sust Bde D-P0287A 300 MP Bde D-P0300A 301 Man Enhance D-P0301A 302 Man Enhance D-P0302A 304 Civ Aff Bde D-P0304A 304 Sust Bde D-P0304B 308 Civ Aff Bde D-P0308A 310 Sust Cmd D-P0310A Web:

50 50 Combat Service Identification Badges 311 Sust Cmd D-P0311A 316 Cav Bde D-P0316A 316 Sust Cmd D-P0316B 321 Civ Aff Bde D-P0321A 321 Sust Bde D-P0321B 322 Civ Aff Bde D-P0322A 335 Sig Cmd BCT D-P0335A 336 Finance Ctr D-P0336A 350 Civ Aff Cmd D-P0350A 351 Civ Aff Cmd D-P0351A 352 Civ Aff Cmd D-P0352A 353 Civ Aff Cmd D-P0353A 354 Civ Aff Bde D-P0354A 358 Civ Aff Bde D-P0358A 359 Sig Bde D-P0359A 364 Civ Aff Bde D-P0364A 364 Sust Bde D-P0364B 371 Sust Bde D-P0371A 372 Eng Bde D-P0372A 377 Sust Cmd D-P0377A 404 Chem Bde D-P0404A 411 Eng Bde D-P0411A 412 Eng Cmd D-P0412A 415 Chem Bde D-P0415A 416 Eng Cmd D-P0416A 420 Eng Bde D-P0420A 442 Inf Regt D-P0442A 449 Avn Bde D-P0449A 455 Chem Bde D-P0455A 460 Chem Bde D-P0460A 464 Chem Bde D-P0464A 501 MI Bde D-P0501A 504 Btlfd Surv D-P0504A 513 MI Bde D-P0513A 525 Btlfd Surv w/tab D-P0525A 525 Btlfd Surv D-P0525B 555 Eng Bde D-P0555A 560 Btlfd Surv D-P0560A 593 Sust Cmd D-P0593A 704 MI Bde D-P0704A 800 MP Bde D-P0800A 804 Med Bde D-P0804A 807 Med Cmd D-P0807A 926 Eng Bde D-P0926A Criminal Invest Cmd D-PCID Cmbd Arms Cmd D-PCMBARM DOD & Jt Actv D-PDOD Mlt-Nat Corps Iraq D-PMNCI Mlt-Nat Force Iraq D-PMNFI US Army NATO D-PNATO NATO Trn Misson Afghan D-PNATOAF Sthn Europe Task Force D-PSETF Spec Forces Gp D-PSF Spec Ops Cmd D-PSOPER Spc Op Cmd, Africa D-PSOPER/A Spc Op Cmd, Central D-PSOPER/C Spc Op Cmd, Europe D-PSOPER/E Spc Op Cmd, Joint Forces D-PSOPER/J Spc Op Cmd, Korea D-PSOPER/K Spc Op Cmd, Ft Bragg D-PSOPER/NC Spc Op Cmd, Pacific D-PSOPER/P Spc Op Cmd, South D-PSOPER/S Trng & Doc Cmd D-PTRADOC Trial Defense Svc D-PTRDS Air Traff Svc Cmd D-PUSAATSC US Army Central D-PUSAC US Civ Aff/PsyOps D-PUSACA&PS US Cent Cmd D-PUSAE US Army Europe D-PUSAEU US Army South D-PUSAS US Cmb Frc Afghan D-PUSCFA US Frc Afghan D-PUSFA US Army Frc Cmd D-PUSFC Army Material Cmd D-PUSMC US Mil Dist of WA D-PUSMD NEW JEWELRY ITEMS MILITARY RINGS See Website for Full Selection All Branches Silver Gold Diamond NECKLACES See Website for Full Selection All Branches Silver Gold Diamond Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

51 Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at FULL SIZE MEDALS & BOX SETS See pages Insignia Resource 51 RIBBONS, DEVICES & MOUNTS See pages MEDALS/RIBBONS/DEVICES PAGES MULTICAM PATCHES See pages Sales Restricted to Approved Personnel Only FULL COLOR PATCHES See pages Also check out our CSIB s on pages ACU PATCHES See pages 2-9 Large Selection of ACU Insignia, Tactical Gear & Equipment PATCHES PAGES 2-9, 12-14, CHEVRONS See page 34 Gold & Blue or Gold & Green Male & Female CAP DEVICES See pages 34 Enlisted & Officer Male & Female SHOULDER BOARDS See pages 35 Made In-House Bullion Also Available SHOULDER MARKS See pages 35 Enlisted & Officer Male & Female DRESS BLUE ACCESSORIES PAGES OVALS See pages FLASHES See pages OFFICER BRANCH OF SERVICE See page 16 ENLISTED BRANCH OF SERVICE See page 16 FLASHES/OVALS/BOS PAGES 29-33, 16 Web:

52 52 Full Size Medals Army Dist Svc Cross ML-F1049 Navy Cross ML-F1120 Air Force Cross ML-F1006 Defense Dist Svc ML-F1092 Army Dist Svc ML-F1050 Silver Star ML-F1140 Def Super Svc Medal ML-F1093 Legion of Merit ML-F1104 Dist Flying Cross ML-F1094 Soldiers Medal ML-F1141 Navy/Marine Corps ML-F1132 Airman s Medal ML-F1027 Coast Guard ML-F1082 Bronze Star ML-F1069 Purple Heart ML-F1137 Defense Merit Svc ML-F1091 Meritorious Service ML-F1109 Air Medal ML-F1025 AF Aerial Achv ML-F1024 Joint Svc Cmd ML-F1101 Army Commendation ML-F1048 Navy Commendation ML-F1119 AF Commendation ML-F1005 CG Commendation ML-F1075 Joint Service Achieve ML-F1100 Army Achievement ML-F1047 Navy Achieve ML-F1117 AF Achievement ML-F1001 USAF Combat Action ML-F1174 CG Achievement ML-F1071 Prisoner of War ML-F1136 AF Cmbt Readiness ML-F1004 (Army) (NG) Army Good Conduct ML-F1051 Navy Good Conduct ML-F1125 Marine Good Conduct ML-F1107 AF Good Conduct ML-F1008 CG Good Conduct ML-F1081 CG Res Good Conduct ML-F1084 Army Res Comp Achv ML-F1060A Army Res Achv ML-F1060B Naval Res Merit Svc ML-F1113 Air Res Merit Svc ML-F1026 Marine Org Res ML-F1108 Navy Expeditionary ML-F1121 China Service ML-F1070 American Defense ML-F1039 Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256) American Camp ML-F1038

53 Full Size Medals Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at 53 Asiatic Pacific Camp ML-F1067 Euro Mid East Camp ML-F1095 WWII Victory ML-F1155 WWII Occupation ML-F1154 WWII Navy Occupation ML-F1157 Humane Action ML-F1097 National Defense ML-F1111 Korean Service ML-F1102 Armed Forces Exped ML-F1045 Vietnam Service ML-F1153 Southwest Asia ML-F1142 Armed Forces Svc ML-F1044 Humanitarian Service ML-F1098 Outstanding Vol Svc ML-F1204 Naval Reserve ML-F1112 Korea Def Svc ML-F1168 Kosovo Campaign ML-F1227 Armed Forces Res ML-F1046A NG Armed Forces Res ML-F1046B AF Armed Forces Res ML-F1046C Navy Armed Forces Res ML-F1046D USMC Armed Forces Res ML-F1046E Glb War on Terror, Expd ML-F1165 Glb War on Terror, Svc ML-F1166 Afghanistan Campaign ML-F1172 Iraq Campaign ML-F1173 Air & Space Medal ML-F1167 Phillippine Liberation ML-F1226 Navy Expert, Rifle ML-F1123 Navy Expert, Pistol ML-F1124 CG Expert, Pistol ML-F1201 CG Expert, Rifle ML-F1202 RVN Cross of Gal w/palm ML-F1150 RVN Civ Action ML-F1147 UN Korean Service ML-F1144 United Nations ML-F1146 UN Op Somalia ML-F1218 UN Prot Frc Yugoslavia ML-F1216 NATO Medal Iraq-Afghn ML-F1224 NATO Medal ML-F1161 NATO Medal ML-F1222 NATO Medal ML-F1223 Multinational Forces ML-F1110 RVN Camp w/date ML-F1149 Kuwait Liberation ML-F Web: Lib of Kuwait (new) ML-F1209 Dist Civilian Svc ML-F1300

54 54 Full Size Medals Outstanding Civ Svc ML-F1301 Cmd Awd for Pub Svc ML-F1302 Civ Awd for Humn Svc ML-F1303 Exceptional Civ Svc ML-F1310 Superior Civilian Svc ML-F1312 Commander s Award for Civilian Svc ML-F1313 Achieve Civilian Svc ML-F1314 Medal Box Sets available on page 56 Armed Forces Civ Svc ML-F1315 USAF Meritorious Civilian Service ML-F1402 USAF Exemplary Civilian Service ML-F1403 Outstndg Civ Career Svc ML-F1406 Global War on Terror Civilian Svc ML-F1316 Anodized Medals Army Dist Svc Cross ML-FA1049 Navy Cross ML-FA1120 Dist Flying Cross ML-FA1094 Soldiers Medal ML-FA1141 Navy/Marine Corps ML-FA1132 Airman s Medal ML-FA1027 Defense Merit Svc ML-FA1091 Air Medal ML-FA1025 AF Aerial Achv ML-FA1024 Army Commendation ML-FA1048 Navy Commendation ML-FA1119 AF Commendation ML-FA1005 CG Commendation ML-FA1075 Joint Service Achieve ML-FA1100 Army Achievement ML-FA1047 Navy Achievement ML-FA1117 AF Achievement ML-FA1001 Prisoner of War ML-FA1136 AF Cmbt Readiness ML-FA1004 Army Good Conduct ML-FA1051 Navy Good Conduct ML-FA1125 Marine Good Conduct ML-FA1107 Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256) AF Good Conduct ML-FA1008 CG Good Conduct ML-FA1081

55 Full Size Medals Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at 55 Naval Res Merit Svc ML-FA1113 Air Res Merit Svc ML-FA1026 Navy Expeditionary ML-FA1121 China Service ML-FA1070 American Defense ML-FA1039 American Camp ML-FA1038 Asiatic Pacific Camp ML-FA1067 Euro Mid East Camp ML-FA1095 WWII Victory ML-FA1155 WWII Occupation ML-FA1154 Humane Action ML-FA1097 National Defense ML-FA1111 Korean Service ML-FA1102 Armed Forces Exped ML-FA1045 Vietnam Service ML-FA1153 Southwest Asia ML-FA1142 Armed Forces Svc ML-FA1044 Humanitarian Svc ML-FA1098 Outstanding Vol Svc ML-FA1204 AR Armed Forces Res ML-FA1046A NG Armed Forces Res ML-FA1046B AF Armed Forces Res ML-FA1046C Navy Armed Forces Res ML-FA1046D USMC Armed Forces Res ML-FA1046E Naval Reserve ML-FA1112 Korea Def Svc ML-FA1168 Kosovo Camp ML-FA1227 Glb War on Terror, Expd ML-FA1165 Glb War on Terror, Svc ML-FA1166 Afghanistan Campaign ML-FA1172 Iraq Campaign ML-FA1173 RVN Cross of Gal w/palm ML-FA1150 UN Korean Svc ML-FA1144 United Nations ML-FA1146 Multinational Forces ML-FA1110 Outstanding Civ Svc ML-FA1301 Comdr Awd for Pub Svc ML-FA1302 Civ Awd for Human Svc ML-FA1303 Superior Civ Svc ML-FA1312 Ribbons Found on Pages Ribbon Mounts Located on Page 57 Cmdr Awd for Civ Svc ML-FA1313 Armd Forces Civ Svc ML-FA1315 USAF Merit Civ Svc ML-FA1402 USAF Exemp Civ Svc ML-FA1403 Glbl War on Terror Civ Svc ML-FA Web: See Our Price List Online at

56 56 Medal Box Sets Box Sets with Full Size Medal, Mini Medal, Ribbon and Lapel Pin Box Sets with Full Size Medal, Ribbon and Lapel Pin Army Achievement ML-BS1047/WML Army Commendation ML-BS1048/L Set Includes: Ribbon, Full Size Medal, Lapel Pin, & Mini Medal Legion of Merit ML-BS1104/WML Bronze Star ML-BS1069/WML Joint Svc Ach ML-BS1100L Army Ach ML-BS1047/L Set Includes: Ribbon, Full Size Medal, & Lapel Pin Def Merit Svc ML-BS1091/WML Army Comm ML-BS1047/WML Army Good Conduct ML-BS1051/WML National Defense ML-BS1111/L GWOT, Exped ML-BS1165/L GWOT, Svc ML-BS1166/L Afghan Camp ML-BS1172/L Medal with Ribbon Sets Army Dist Svc Cross ML-FR1049 Merit Svc ML-FR1109 Outstanding Vol Svc ML-FR1204 NATO ML-FR1161 Civ Award for Human Svc ML-FR1303 Sup Civ Svc ML-FR1312 Ach Civ Svc ML-FR1314 Army Achievement ML-FR1047 Army Commendation ML-FR1048 Army Good Conduct ML-FR1051 NATO ML-FR1223 Afghanistan Campaign ML-FR1172 Iraq Campaign ML-FR1173 Glbl War on Terror (Svc) ML-FR1166 Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

57 Ribbon Devices - Set of Two Each Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at 57 Ribbon Mounts 5/16 Bronze Oak Leaves 5/16 Silver Oak Leaves 1 Leaf - R-D107 1 Leaf - R-D111 2 Leaves - R-D108 2 Leaves - R-D156 Plastic Tight Mounts R-PM04/NG 4 Mount R-PM05/NG 5 Mount R-PM06/NG 6 Mount R-PM07/NG 7 Mount R-PM08/NG 8 Mount R-PM09/NG 9 Mount R-PM10/NG 10 Mount R-PM11/NG 11 Mount R-PM12/NG 12 Mount R-PM13/NG 13 Mount R-PM14/NG 14 Mount R-PM15/NG 15 Mount R-PM09/NG 9 Ribbons R-PM16/NG 16 Mount R-PM17/NG 17 Mount R-PM18/NG 18 Mount R-PM19/NG 19 Mount R-PM20/NG 20 Mount R-PM21/NG 21 Mount R-PM22/NG 22 Mount R-PM23/NG 23 Mount R-PM24/NG 24 Mount R-PM25/NG 25 Mount R-PM26/NG 26 Mount Plastic 1/8 Gap Mounts R-PMG04 4 Mount R-PMG16 R-PMG05 5 Mount R-PMG17 R-PMG06 6 Mount R-PMG18 R-PMG07 7 Mount R-PMG19 R-PMG08 8 Mount R-PMG20 R-PMG09 9 Mount R-PMG21 R-PMG10 10 Mount R-PMG22 R-PMG11 11 Mount R-PMG23 R-PMG12 12 Mount R-PMG24 R-PMG13 13 Mount R-PMG25 R-PMG14 14 Mount R-PMG26 R-PMG15 15 Mount R-PMG09 9 Ribbons 16 Mount 17 Mount 18 Mount 19 Mount 20 Mount 21 Mount 22 Mount 23 Mount 24 Mount 25 Mount 26 Mount 3 Leaves - R-D109 4 Leaves - R-D110 3/16 Bronze Stars 1 Star - R-D101 2 Stars - R-D102 3 Stars - R-D103 4 Stars - R-D104 3 Leaves - R-D157 4 Leaves - R-D158 3/16 Gold Plate Stars 1 Star - R-D105A 2 Stars - R-D105B 3 Stars - R-D105C 4 Stars - R-D105D Tight Mounts, Staggered Right R-M09S/NG 9 Ribbons R-MG09S 9 Ribbons 1/8 Gap Mounts, Staggered Right Navy Efficiency E R-D144 Bronze Letter E R-D145 Bronze Letter V R-D146 Gold Letter V R-D146A Bronze Letter M R-D155 Navy Bronze S R-D147 R-M09S/NG 9 Mount R-M10S/NG 10 Mount R-M11S/NG 11 Mount R-M12S/NG 12 Mount R-M13S/NG 13 Mount R-M14S/NG 14 Mount R-M15S/NG 15 Mount R-M16S/NG 16 Mount R-M17S/NG 17 Mount R-M18S/NG 18 Mount R-M19S/NG 19 Mount R-M20S/NG 20 Mount R-M21S/NG 21 Mount R-M22S/NG 22 Mount R-M23S/NG 23 Mount R-M24S/NG 24 Mount R-M25S/NG 25 Mount R-M26S/NG 26 Mount R-M27S/NG 27 Mount R-M28S/NG 28 Mount R-M29S/NG 29 Mount R-M30S/NG 30 Mount R-M31S/NG 31 Mount R-M32S/NG 32 Mount R-MG09S R-MG10S R-MG11S R-MG12S R-MG13S R-MG14S R-MG15S R-MG16S R-MG17S R-MG18S R-MG19S R-MG20S 9 Mount 10 Mount 11 Mount 12 Mount 13 Mount 14 Mount 15 Mount 16 Mount 17 Mount 18 Mount 19 Mount 20 Mount R-MG21S R-MG22S R-MG23S R-MG24S R-MG25S R-MG26S R-MG27S R-MG28S R-MG29S R-MG30S R-MG31S R-MG32S 21 Mount 22 Mount 23 Mount 24 Mount 25 Mount 26 Mount 27 Mount 28 Mount 29 Mount 30 Mount 31 Mount 32 Mount Bronze Fleet Marine R-D151 5/16 Bronze Hourglass R-D135 1/4 Bronze Arrowhead R-D142 5/16 Silver Hourglass R-D135A Date Bar R-D141 5/16 Gold Hourglass R-D135B 5/16 Bronze Star R-D132 Bronze Palm R-D136 5/16 Gold Star R-D133 Large Bronze Palm R-D137 5/16 Silver Plate Star R-D134A Kuwait Liberation R-D138 Tight Mounts R-M09/NG 9 Ribbons R-M01 R-M02 R-M03 R-M04/NG R-M05/NG R-M06/NG R-M07/NG R-M08/NG R-M09/NG R-M10/NG R-M11/NG R-M12/NG R-M13/NG R-M14/NG R-M15/NG R-M16/NG 1 Mount 2 Mount 3 Mount 4 Mount 5 Mount 6 Mount 7 Mount 8 Mount 9 Mount 10 Mount 11 Mount 12 Mount 13 Mount 14 Mount 15 Mount 16 Mount R-M17/NG R-M18/NG R-M19/NG R-M20/NG R-M21/NG R-M22/NG R-M23/NG R-M24/NG R-M25/NG R-M26/NG R-M27/NG R-M28/NG R-M29/NG R-M30/NG R-M31/NG R-M32/NG 17 Mount 18 Mount 19 Mount 20 Mount 21 Mount 22 Mount 23 Mount 24 Mount 25 Mount 26 Mount 27 Mount 28 Mount 29 Mount 30 Mount 31 Mount 32 Mount 1/8 Gap Mounts R-MG04 4 Mount R-MG05 5 Mount R-MG06 6 Mount R-MG07 7 Mount R-MG08 8 Mount R-MG09 9 Mount R-MG10 10 Mount R-MG11 11 Mount R-MG12 12 Mount R-MG13 13 Mount R-MG14 14 Mount R-MG15 15 Mount R-MG16 R-MG17 R-MG18 R-MG19 R-MG20 R-MG21 R-MG22 R-MG23 R-MG24 R-MG25 R-MG26 R-MG27 R-MG09 9 Ribbons 16 Mount 17 Mount 18 Mount 19 Mount 20 Mount 21 Mount 22 Mount 23 Mount 24 Mount 25 Mount 26 Mount 27 Mount Bronze Knots 1 Knot - R-D112 2 Knots - R-D113 3 Knots - R-D114 4 Knots - R-D115 5 Knots - R-D116 Silver Knots 1 Knot - R-D117 2 Knots - R-D118 3 Knots - R-D119 4 Knots - R-D120 5 Knots - R-D121 3/16 Bronze Numbers 0 - R-D R-D R-D R-D R-D R-D R-D R-D R-D R-D131 Unit Citations R-M01 R-MS04 Army Frame R-U101 Presidential Unit R-U102 Joint Merit Unit R-U104 Valorous Unit R-U103 Meritorious Unit R-U106 R-M02 R-MS05 R-M03 Army Superior Unit R-U105 Philippine Pres Unit R-U107 Korean Pres Unit R-U108 Viet Pres Unit R-U109 Viet Cross of Gal Unit R-U110 Viet Civil Act Unit R-U111 Web:

58 58 Ribbons Army Dist Svc Cross R-1049 Navy Cross R-1120 AF t Cross R-1006 Def Dist Svc Cross R-1092 Army Dist Svc Medal R-1050 Navy Dist Svc Medal R-1203 AF Dist Svc Cross R-1007 CG Dist Svc Medal R-1079 Silver Star R-1140 Defense Superior Svc Medal R-1093 Legion Of Merit R-1104 Dist Flying Cross R-1094 Soldiers Medal R-1141 Navy/USMC Medal R-1132 Airmans Medal R-1027 CG Medal R-1082 Gold Life Saving R-1080 Bronze Star R-1069 Purple Heart R-1137 Defense Meritorious Svc R-1091 Meritorious Service R-1109 Air Medal R-1025 Silver Life Saving R-1088 Aerial Achievement R-1024 Joint Svc Commendation R-1101 Army Commendation R-1048 Navy/USMC Commendation R-1119 AF Commendation R-1005 CG Commendation R-1075 Joint Svc Achievement R-1100 Army Achievement R-1047 Navy/USMC Achievement R-1117 AF Achievement R-1001 USAF Combat Action R-1174 CG Achievement R-1071 CG Letter of Commendation R-1074 Navy/Marine Combat Action R-1131 AF Pres Unit Citation R-U202 Navy Pres Unit Citation R-1115 Navy Unit Commendation R-1130 CG Unit Commendation R-1090 AF Joint Merit Unit Comm R-U204 Navy Merit Unit R-1126 CG Meritorious Unit R-1083 AF Outstanding Unit R-1015 AF Organization Excellence R-1014 Navy E Ribbon R-1116 POW R-1136 Combat Readiness R-1004 Army Good Conduct R-1051 Navy Good Conduct R-1125 USMC Good Conduct R-1107 AF Good Conduct R-1008 CG Good Conduct R-1081 CG Res Good Conduct R-1084 Army Res Components Achieve R-1060 Navy Res Meritorious Svc R-1113 Air Res Meritorious Svc R-1026 Selected Marine Reserve R-1139 Navy Fleet Marine Force R-1135 Outstanding Airman Year R-1016 AF Recognition R-1021 Navy Expeditionary R-1121 USMC Expeditionary R-1106 China Service R-1070 American Defense R-1039 American Campaign R-1038 Asiatic Pacific Campaign R-1067 Eur-Afr-Mid Eas Campaign R-1095 WWII Victory R-1155 WWII Occupation R-1154 Humane Action R-1097 National Defense R-1111 Korean Service R-1102 Antarctica Service R-1040 CG Arctic Service R-1072 Armed Forces Expeditionary R-1045 Vietnam Service R-1153 Southwest Asia R-1142 Armed Force Service R-1044 Humanitarian Service R-1098 Outstanding Volunteer Svc R-1204 AF Overseas Svc (short) R-1018 AF Overseas Svc (long) R-1017 Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

59 Ribbons Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at 59 AF Longevity R-1012 AF Training Instructor R-1009 Navy/Marine Sea Svc Deploy R-1134 Navy Arctic Svc R-1118 Navy Res Sea Svc R-1114 Navy/USMC Overseas Svc R-1133 CG Special Operations R-1089 CG Sea Svc R-1087 CG Restricted Duty R-1085 CG Basic Training R-1073 Navy Recruiting Svc R-1128 AF Recruiting R-1019 USMC Recruiting R-1108 USMC Drill Instructor R-1162 USMC Security Guard R-1163 Armed Forces Reserve R-1046 Army NCO R-1056 Army Service R-1062 Army Overseas R-1057 AR Res Components Overseas R-1061 AF NCO R-1013 AF Honor Graduate R-1003 Small Arms Expert R-1022 Navy Reserve Medal R-1112 MC Reserve Medal R-1105 Korean Defense Svc Medal R-1168 Kosovo Medal R-1227 Global War On Terror Expd R-1165 Global War On Terror Svc R-1166 Afghanistan Camp Medal R-1172 Iraq Camp Medal R-1173 Air & Space Medal R-1167 Navy Expert Rifle R-1123 Navy Expert Pistol R-1124 AF Training R-1023 CG Expert Rifle R-1158 CG Expert Pistol R-1159 French Cr/Guer WWI R-1160 French Cr/Guer WWII R-1096 Viet Cross Of Gall w/palm R-1150 Korean Pres Unit Citation R-U208 Vietnam Pres Unit Citation R-U209 RVN Cross of Gall Unit Citation R-U210 RVN Civ Action Unit Citation R-U211 Vietnam Civil Action 1st Cl R-1147 Philippine Liberation R-1207 Philippine Independence R-1208 United Nations Svc Korea R-1144 UN Observer Medal R-1146 UN Observer India R-1221 UN Operation Somalia R-1218 UN Protect Yugoslavia R-1216 UN Mission West Sahara R-1219 UN Observ Group Lebanon R-1217 UN Iraq/Kuwait Obsv Gp R-1220 UN Mission Haiti R-1215 New Nato Medal R-1161 Nato Active Endv Medal R-1222 Nato Balkans Medal R-1223 Nato Iraq-Afghan Medal R-1224 Multinational Force R-1110 Vietnam Campaign w/date R-1149 Kuwait Liberation w/device R-1103 Liberation of Kuwait R-1209 Distinguished Civilian Svc R-1300 AR Outstndg Civ Svc Award R-1301 Cmd s Award for Public Svc R-1302 Civ Svc Humanitarian R-1303 AR Excptnl Civ Svc Awd R-1310 Meritorious Civilian Svc Award R-1311 Superior Civilian Svc Award R-1312 Commander s Civ Svc Award R-1313 AR Civ Svc Achievement R-1314 Armed Forces Civ Svc Medal R-1315 AF Excptnl Civ Svc Awd R-1401 AF Merit Civ Svc Award R-1402 AF Civilian Achv Award R-1405 AF Meritorious Unit Award R-1170 AF Exempl Svc Award R-1403 AF Outstndg Civ Career Svc R-1406 AF Dstg Pub Srv Award R-1407 More Ribbons, Medals and Box Sets Available Online! Web:

60 60 Order Information Ordering There are 4 easy ways to order. 1. Call Toll-Free , Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm CST. 2. Fax order Toll-Free , 24 hours a day. 3. Mail in orders - include item #, description, size and/or color as required. 4. Use Our Web Store at Because all items are not in stock at all times, please allow sufficient lead time when ordering. Please include name, address and customer account number with orders. Your customer account number appears above your name on the address label of this catalog. Using it for each order or inquiry speeds response time! Minimum Orders Regular accounts - $50.00 (excludes custom items). Service charge of $10.00 on lesser orders, excluding freight. Custom Orders Custom work may take days for delivery. Please allow sufficient lead time when ordering. Avoiding Delays Most order delays are due to missing information. Be sure to specify sizes, colors, and any personalization. Prices Prices in this catalog supersede all previously published prices and are subject to change without prior notice. If there is major price change, we will contact you before shipping the order. Payment Terms Visa, Mastercard, AE, Discover and I.M.P.A.C. orders are accepted. Credit will be extended on authorized purchase orders of local, state and government agencies. Terms are Net 30 days. All other orders, prior to shipment must be paid in full by check, money order, or credit card. We will make partial shipments to meet customer deadlines. Partial invoices must be paid within our payment terms. Colors Colors shown in this catalog are as close as possible, but some variation may occur due to the printing process. Custom or reorders are best handled by sending a sample for us to match colors. Back Orders Unexpected demands or production delays on occasion may result in items that are temporarily out of stock. It is our policy to ship all available merchandise and back order the balance unless customer specifies otherwise. Missing or Damaged Goods Missing or damaged merchandise must be reported at once upon receipt. A packing list is enclosed with each order and will list all merchandise shipped. Damaged shipping boxes must be noted as such and saved for purposes of insurance inspection. We cannot accept responsibility for missing or damaged items reported more than 48 hours after delivery. Returns and Exchanges Merchandise may be returned only with prior authorization and within 30 days of receipt. No merchandise will be accepted for exchange or credit without prior authorization from The Supply Room, Inc. Returns of custom-made or obsolete merchandise will not be accepted. Freight must be prepaid on all returns. Restocking fees may apply. Return Address: 230 Supply Room Road Oxford, AL Suggestions We value any suggestions, comments or criticisms you may have about our service, catalog or products. Shipping and Handling All shipments are F.O.B. Oxford, AL with shipping charges prepaid and added to the invoice. Unless otherwise directed by the customer, all shipments will be routed by our shipping department. Shipping prices are subject to change. Prices stated below are estimates; shipping costs include shipping expense and handling. Insurance All shipments shipped via UPS will be insured and the insurance charges included in the shipping charges. Guarantee We fully guarantee all merchandise against defects in material and workmanship. Shipping Information The Supply Room ground service delivery schedule for commercial shipments from our Oxford, AL Location. Delivery Time for your order? Shipping Rate Estimates ONLY $ $8.00 $ $14.00 $ $18.00 $ $22.00 $ $26.00 $ $30.00 C.O.D. Add $10.00 Each Additional Box $8.00 Backorder $8.00 Next Day Air Letter $14.75 & Up Next Day per lb $21.00 & Up 2nd Day Letter $8.75 & Up 2nd Day 1 lbs. $9.00 & Up 3rd Day 1 lbs. $7.00 & Up Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256) Contact Information Phone: (800) Fax: (800) Web:

61 Ordering from the Website Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at 61 C G1 E F A B NEW IMPROVED WEBSITE! A New Improved Search B New Account Management C Extensive Product Menu D Specials & Promos E Order History F Find Us On Social Media G1 Catalogs & Resources G2 Catalogs & Resources H Blog SHOPPING CART D A D B H A Items in Cart D Cart Menu Options B Quantity E Totals C Price C E G2 For Your Convenience, is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week PRODUCT PAGES A B A B C D E SHIPPING & PAYMENT Items in Cart Quantity Price Cart Menu & Options Totals B A C D E C D E F A Catalog # & Barcode D Quantity B Price E Product Details C Size and/or color selection A Shipping Info D Coupon Code B Shipping Method E Payment Option C Billing F Place Your Order Web:

62 62 Positional Flags All flags are 3 x 4 or 4 4 x 5 6 and are Rayon Embroidered, also available in Nylon. E PLURIBUS UNUM E PLURIBUS UNUM Office of the President of the United States Office of the Vice President of the United States Office of the Secretary of Defense Office of the Deputy Secretary of Defense Offices of the Under Secretaries of Defense Offices of the Assistant Secretaries of Defense Office of the Department of Defense Inspector General Office of the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Office of the Vice Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Office of the Secretary of the Army Office of the Under Secretary of the Army Offices of the Assistant Secretaries of the Army and General Counsel Offices of the Principal Staff Assistants to the Secretary of the Army Office of the Chief of Staff, United States Army Office of the Vice Chief of Staff, United States Army Office of the Director of the Army Staff 1775 UNITED STATES ARMY RESERVE PRO DIO ET PATRIA 1908 UNITED STATES ARMY Office of the Adjutant General Office of the Chief, Army Reserve Office of the Chief of Chaplains Office of the Chief of Engineers 1636 D R O I T E T AVA N T NATIONAL GUARD Office of the Inspector General Office of the Judge Advocate General Office of the Chief, National Guard Bureau Office of the Surgeon General Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

63 Positional Flags Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at 63 Brigadier General Major General Lieutenant General General Brigadier General Medical Major General Medical Brigadier General Chaplain Major General Chaplain DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY S E N I O R E X E C U T I V E S E RV I C E CALL FOR UNIT PRICING Speak to one of our representatives about unit pricing Senior Executive Service States Army National Guard, Brigade General Organizational Flags E PLURIBUS UNUM US ARMY FORCES COMMAND ARMY SPECIAL OPERATIONS COMMAND 100TH TROOP COMMAND Major Army Commands Designated Commands Major Subordinate Commands Numbered Troop Commands Special Troops of Armies Armies, 3rd Army Corps, III Corps Corps Artillery, I Corps Divisions, 1st Armored Division Divisions, 3rd Infantry Division Division Artillery, 1st Infantry Division Division Support Command, 3rd Armored Division Web:

64 64 Organizational Flags Brigades of Divisions, 1st Armored Division Brigades of Divisions, 10th Infantry Division Named Brigades of Divisions, 1st Armored Division Named Brigades of Divisions, 1st Cavalry Division Named Brigades of Divisions, 1st Infantry Division Named Brigades of Divisions, 3rd Infantry Division Separate TOE Brigades, Airborne Separate TOE Brigades, Armored Separate TOE Brigades, Military Intelligence Separate TOE Brigades, Military Police Separate TOE Brigades, Support Prisoner of War Camp, Military Police Groups, Artillery Groups, Aviation Groups, Engineer Groups, Medical Groups, Military Intelligence Groups, Quartermaster Groups, Support Groups, Transportation US ARMY MEDDAC US ARMY DENTAC FORT MEADE FORT MEADE Hospital Centers MEDDAC DENTAC MEDSOM Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

65 Organizational Flags Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at 65 US Army Centers, ADA US Army Centers, Field Artillery US Army Centers, Infantry US Army Centers, Signal Depots College & Service School School Brigade Battallions of School Brigades Training Centers, Armor Brigades of Training Centers, Field Artillery Battalions of Training Centers, Infantry US Army Garrison 1 2 SICUT QUERCUS RARIN TO GO Fort Knox DENVER 110TH FIELD ARTILLERY 112TH ARMOR REGIMENT Brigade of Recruiting Command Battalion of Recruiting Command Battalions of Regiments Battalions of Regiments ARMY PRIDE PER ARDUA TAUGHT TO LEAD NOT FOR OURSELVES ALONE 369TH ADJUTANT GENERAL 44TH AIR DEFENSE ARTILLERY 131ST ARMOR REGIMENT 245TH AVIATION REGIMENT Adjutant General Air Defense Artillery/Field Artillery Armor/Cavalry Aviation FLAMMIS VINCIMUS FORGING PEACE PRAEVIUS STAND FAST 2ND CHEMICAL BATTALION 412TH CIVIL AFFAIRS 121ST ENGINEER BATTALION 155TH INFANTRY REGIMENT Chemical Civil Affairs Engineer Infantry Web:

66 66 Organizational Flags FAITH AND COURAGE MARYLAND S FINEST WITHOUT EQUAL TRIUMPHUS PERSUASIONIS 731ST MAINTENANCE BATTALION 115TH MILITARY POLICE BATTALION 184TH ORDNANCE BATTALION 8TH PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS Maintenance Military Police Ordnance Quartermaster KEYSTONE OF COMMAND DE OPPRESSO LIBER COURAGE COMMITMENT SERVICE FOR VICTORY 240TH SIGNAL BATTALION FIRST SPECIAL FORCES SPECIAL TROOPS BATTALION 31ST SUPPORT BATTALION Signal Special Forces Special Troops Supply and Service REX VIAE ON CALL TO SERVE THE WHEELS WITH PRIDE DEFENSIMUS PATRIAM 180TH TRANSPORTATION 299TH SUPPORT BATTALION 821ST TRANSPORTATION 49TH MISSILE DEFENSE Supply and Transport Support Transportation Missile Defense Guidons Guidons Dimensions: 20-inch hoist by 27-inch fly, 10-inch triangle Major Army Commands Designated Commands Major Subordinate Commands Armies, 3rd Army Corps, III Corps Divisions, Cavalry Divisions, Infantry Special Troops of Armies Corps Artillery, I Corps Division Artillery, 1 Armored Division Support Command, 3 Armored Brigade of Division, Cavalry Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

67 Guidons Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at 67 Brigade of Division, Infantry Engineer Brigade of Division, Cavalry Aviation Brigade of Division, Infantry Maneuver Area Command Maneuver Area Training Command Separate Brigade, Airborne Separate Brigade, Armored Separate Brigade, Aviation Separate Brigade, Infantry Separate Brigade, Support Military Prisoner of War, Military Police Depots Groups, Engineer Groups, Support Groups, Transportation TDA Unit Companies of US Army Garrison Hospital Centers MEDSOM School Brigade Battalion of School Brigade Company of School Brigade Battalion of OCS Brigade State ARNG OCS Web:

68 68 Guidons NCOA NCO Academy US Army Training Centers Training Battalion of Training Center Companies of Training Center Battalion Separate TOE Platoons Separate TOE Units Companies of Battalion without Branch Insignia Companies of Regiments and Separate Battalions Named TOE Companies of Regiment and Battalions Companies of Battalions of Regiments Named TOE Companies of Battalion of Regiment Separate Cavalry Squadrons Named TOE Companies of Cavalry Squadrons Cavalry Troops of Regiments Adjutant General Air Defense Artillery Armor Aviation Branch Immaterial Cavalry Chemical Civil Affairs Engineer Field Artillery Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

69 For custom vessel flags, call for pricing. Guidons Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at 69 Finance Infantry Judge Advocate General Maintenance Medical Military Intelligence Military Police Ordnance Psychological Operations Quartermaster Signal Special Forces Special Troops Battalion Supply Supply and Service Supply and Transportation Support Transportation Veterinary Recruiting Senior ROTC Branch-Oriented Senior ROTC Nonbranch-Oriented Junior ROTC Junior ROTC Companies of Regiments Web:

70 70 Guidons HQ A B C Heavy Division Forward Support Bn Headquarters Support Heavy Division Forward Support Bn Company A Supply Heavy Division Forward Support Bn Company B Maintenance Heavy Division Forward Support Bn Company C Medical D HQ A B Heavy Division Forward Support Bn Company D Adjutant General Heavy Division Main Support Bn Headquarters Support Heavy Division Main Support Bn Company A Supply Heavy Division Main Support Bn Company B Transportation C D E F Heavy Division Main Support Bn Company C Maintenance Heavy Division Main Support Bn Company D Maintenance Heavy Division Main Support Bn Company E Maintenance Heavy Division Main Support Bn Company F Medical HQ A B HQ & A Aviation Support Bn Headquarters Support Supply Aviation Support Bn Company A Aviation Maintenance Aviation Support Bn Company B Ground Maintenance Light Division Forward Support Bn Headquarters & A Supply B C HQ & A B Light Division Forward Support Bn Company B Maintenance Light Division Forward Support Bn Company C Medical Light Division Main Support Bn Headquarters & A Supply Light Division Main Support Bn Company B Maintenance C D E F Light Division Main Support Bn Company C Medical Light Division Main Support Bn Company D Transportation Light Division Main Support Bn Company E Quartermaster Light Division Main Support Bn Company F Maintenance Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

71 For custom vessel flags, call for pricing. Custom Vessel Flags Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at 71 Vessel Flags Air Defense Artillery Armor Aviation Chemical Civil Affairs Engineer Field Artillery Finance Infantry Medical Military Intelligence Military Police Ordnance Psychological Operations Quartermaster Signal Special Forces Transportation US Army Garrison Recruiting Web:

72 72 State & Territorial Flags Alabama # AL Alaska # AK Arizona # AZ Arkansas # AR California # CA Colorado # CO Connecticut # CT Delaware # DE District Of Columbia # TER2 Florida # FL Georgia # GA Hawaii # HI Idaho # ID Illinois # IL Indiana # IN Iowa # IA Kansas # KS Kentucky # KY Louisiana # LA Maine # ME Maryland # MD Massachusetts # MA Michigan # MI Minnesota # MN Mississippi # MS Missouri # MO Montana # MT Nebraska # NE Indoor/Parade FS-xx/1 Indoor/Parade FS-xx/2 Indoor/Parade FS-xx/3 Indoor/Parade FS-xx/4 Outdoor FS-xx/5 Outdoor FS-xx/6 Outdoor FS-xx/7 3 x 5 Pole Hem, No Fringe xx = State 3 x 5 Pole Hem, w/ Fringe xx = State 4 x 6 Pole Hem, No Fringe xx = State 4 x 6 Pole Hem, w/ Fringe xx = State 3 x 5 Header & Grommet xx = State 4 x 6 Header & Grommet xx = State 5 x 8 Header & Grommet xx = State Nevada # NV New Hampshire # NH New Jersey # NJ New Mexico # NM New York # NY North Carolina # NC North Dakota # ND Ohio # OH Oklahoma # OK Oregon # OR Pennsylvania # PA Rhode Island #RI South Carolina #SC South Dakota #SD Tennessee # TN Texas # TX Utah # UT Vermont # VT Virginia # VA Washington # WA West Virginia # WV Wisconsin # WI Wyoming # WY American Samoa # TER1 Guam # TER3 North Mariana # TER4 Puerto Rico # TER5 U.S. Virgin Islands # TER6 Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

73 For a full inventory of all Foreign Flags, call or visit us online at Foreign Flags 73 Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at Afghanistan Belgium Canada China Cuba Czech Republic Denmark Egypt France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Iran Israel Iraq Italy Japan Jordan Kazakhstan Kyrghyzstan Kuwait Luxembourg Mexico Micronesia Netherlands Indoor 3 X 5 4 X 6 Pole Hem & Fringe Indoor 3 X 5 4 X 6 Pole Hem No Fringe Outdoor 3 X 5 4 X 6 5 X 8 Header & Grommet For Flagpole North Korea Norway Pakistan Palistan Philippines Poland Portugal Qatar Romania Russia Saudi Arabia Seychelles South Korea Spain Sri Lanka Sudan Syria Tajikistan Turkmenistan Turkey United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United Nations United States Uzebekistan Yugoslavia Nato Web:

74 74 U.S. Flags U.S. Army Ceremonial Flag U.S. Army Ceremonial Flag The U.S. Army Ceremonial flag is 4 4 x 5 6 and requires a 9 6 flag pole. It is manufactured in either embroidered rayon or appliqued nylon. U.S. Army Display Flag The U.S. Army Display flag is 3 x4 with the same design as the U.S. Army Ceremonial flag. It is manufactured in either embroidered rayon or appliqued nylon. The U.S. Army Display flag is displayed where the ceiling height precludes display of the U.S. Ceremonial flag. Indoor Rayon w/fringe 3 x 4 F-US/RF-01 Organizational 3 x 5 F-US/RF-02 Indoor Rayon w/o Fringe 4 x 6 F-US/RF x 5 6 F-US/RF-04 Ceremonial Visit us online at 3 x 4 F-US/RN-01 3 x 5 F-US/RN-02 4 x 6 F-US/RN x 5 6 F-US/RN-04 Indoor Nylon w/fringe 2 x 3 F-US/NIF x 4 F-US/NIF-02 3 x 4 F-US/NIF-03 Organizational 3 x 5 F-US/NIF-04 4 x 6 F-US/NIF x 5 6 F-US/NIF-06 Ceremonial 5 x 8 F-US/NIF-07 Indoor Nylon w/o Fringe 2 x 3 F-US/NIN x 4 F-US/NIN-02 3 x 4 F-US/NIN-03 3 x 5 F-US/NIN-04 4 x 6 F-US/NIN x 5 6 F-US/NIN-06 5 x 8 F-US/NIN-07 U.S. Army Field Flag U.S. Army Field Flag The U.S. Army Field flag is 3 x 4 and is manufactured in either embroidered rayon or appliqued nylon. It requires an 8 flag pole. No streamers are displayed. Outdoor Nylon w/o Fringe 2 x 3 F-US/NON-01 5 x 8 F-US/NON x 19 F-US/NON x 4 F-US/NON-02 5 x 9 6 F-US/NON x 18 F-US/NON-16 3 x 4 F-US/NON-04 Boat Flag 6 x 10 F-US/NON x 25 F-US/NON-17 3 x 5 F-US/NON x 12 F-US/NON-11 Field Flag 20 x 30 F-US/NON-18 4 x 6 F-US/NON-06 8 x 12 F-US/NON x 38 F-US/NON-19 Garrison Flag 4 4 x 5 6 F-US/NON x 17 F-US/NON-13 Post Flag 30 x 50 F-US/NON x 15 F-US/NON x 60 F-US/NON-21 E PLURIBUS UNUM Flags Starting on Page 62 Guidons Starting on Page 66 Poles & Stands Pages Outdoor Spun Polyester w/o Fringe 3 x 5 F-US/PON x 19 F-US/PON-08 4 x 6 F-US/PON x 18 F-US/PON-09 Outdoor Cotton w/o Fringe 2 x 3 F-US/CON-01 8 x 12 F-US/CON x 4 F-US/CON-02 5 x 8 F-US/PON x 25 F-US/PON-10 3 x 5 F-US/CON-03 5 x 9 6 F-US/PON-04 Internment Flag 20 x 30 F-US/PON-11 4 x 6 F-US/CON-04 6 x 10 F-US/PON x 38 F-US/PON-12 Garrison Flag 5 x 8 F-US/CON-05 8 x 12 F-US/PON x 50 F-US/PON-13 5 x 9 F-US/CON-06 Internment Flag 10 x 15 F-US/PON x 60 F-US/PON-14 6 x 10 F-US/CON-07 Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

75 Streamers for the Inclement Weather Set are marked with an asterisk (*). Battle Streamers 75 Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at Revolutionary War *BS-AR001 Lexington 1775 BS-AR009 Saratoga 1777 BS-AR002 Ticonderoga 1775 BS-AR010 Brandywine 1777 BS-AR003 Boston BS-AR011 Germantown 1777 BS-AR004 Quebec 1775, 1776 BS-AR012 Monmouth 1778 BS-AR005 Charleston 1776, 1780 BS-AR013 Savannah 1778, 1779 BS-AR006 Long Island 1776 BS-AR014 Cowpens 1781 BS-AR007 Trenton 1776 BS-AR015 Guilford Court House 1781 BS-AR008 Princeton 1777 *BS-AR016 Yorktown 1781 War of 1812 *BS-AR017 Canada BS-AR020 Bladensburg 1814 BS-AR18 Chippewa 1814 BS-AR021 McHenry 1814 BS-AR019 Lundy s Lane 1814 *BS-AR022 New Orleans Mexican War *BS-AR023 Palo Alto 1846 BS-AR028 Cerro Gordo 1847 BS-AR024 Resaca de la Palma 1846 BS-AR029 Contreras 1847 BS-AR025 Monterey 1846 BS-AR030 Churubusco 1847 BS-AR026 Buena Vista 1847 BS-AR031 Molino del Ray 1847 BS-AR027 Vera Cruz 1847 *BS-AR032 Chapultepec 1847 Navy over Grey Civil War Southern-Grey over Blue *BS-AR033 Sumter 1861 BS-AR046 Vicksburg 1863 BS-AR034 Bull Run 1861 BS-AR047 Chickamauga 1863 BS-AR035 Henry & Donelson 1862 BS-AR048 Chattanooga 1863 BS-AR036 Mississsippi River BS-AR049 Wilderness 1864 BS-AR037 Peninsula 1862 BS-AR050 Atlanta 1864 BS-AR038 Shiloh 1862 BS-AR051 Spotsylvania 1864 BS-AR039 Valley 1862 BS-AR052 Cold Harbor 1864 BS-AR040 Manassas 1862 BS-AR053 Petersburg BS-AR041 Antietam 1862 BS-AR054 Shenandoah 1864 BS-AR042 Fredericksburg 1862 BS-AR055 Franklin 1864 BS-AR043 Murfreesborough BS-AR056 Nashville 1864 BS-AR044 Chancellorsville 1863 *BS-AR057 Appomattox 1865 BS-AR045 Gettysburg 1863 Indian Wars *BS-AR058 Miami BS-AR065 Apaches 1873, BS-AR059 Tippecanoe 1811 BS-AR066 Little Big Horn BS-AR060 Creeks , BS-AR067 Nez Perces 1877 BS-AR061 Seminoles , , BSAR068 Bannocks BS-AR069 Cheyennes BS-AR062 Black Hawk 1832 BS-AR070 Utes BS-AR063 Comanches *BS-AR071 Pine Ridge BS-AR064 Modocs *BS-AR089 Mexico Mexican Expedition World War I Victory *BS-AR090 Cambrai 1917 BS-AR097 Somme Offensive 1918 BS-AR091 Somme Defensive 1918 BS-AR098 Oise-Aisne 1918 BS-AR092 Lys 1918 BS-AR099 Ypres-Lys 1918 BS-AR093 Aisne 1918 BS-AR100 St. Mihiel 1918 BS-AR094 Montdidier-Noyon 1918 BS-AR101 Meuse-Arogonne 1918 BS-AR095 Champagne-Marne 1918 *BS-AR102 Vittoria Veneto 1918 BS-AR096 Aisne-Marne 1918 World War II, American Theater *BS-AR103 Antisubmarine World War II, Asiatic Pacific Theater *BS-AR104 Philippine Islands BS-AR115 Northern Solomons BS-AR105 Burma BS-AR116 Eastern Mandates 1944 BS-AR106 Central Pacific BS-AR117 Bismarck Archipelago BS-AR107 East Indies 1942 BS-AR118 Western Pacific BS-AR108 India-Burma BS-AR119 Leyte BS-AR109 Air Offensive, Japan BS-AR120 Luzon BS-AR110 Aleutian Islands BS-AR121 Central Burma 1945 BS-AR111 China Defensive BS-AR122 Southern Philippines 1945 BS-AR112 Papua BS-AR123 Ryukyus 1945 BS-AR113 Guadalcanal *BS-AR124 China Offensive 1945 BS-AR114 New Guinea World War II, European-African-Middle Eastern Theater *BS-AR125 Egypt-Libya BS-AR133 Normandy 1944 BS-AR126 Air Offensive, Europe BS-AR134 Northern France 1944 BS-AR127 Algeria-French Morocco 1942 BS-AR135 Southern France 1944 BS-AR128 Tunisia BS-AR136 North Apennines BS-AR129 Sicily 1943 BS-AR137 Rhineland BS-AR130 Naples-Foggia BS-AR138 Ardennes-Alsace BS-AR131 Anzio 1944 BS-AR139 Central Europe 1945 BS-AR132 Rome-Arno 1944 *BS-AR140 PO Valley 1945 Korean War *BS-AR141 UN Defensive 1950 BS-AR146 UN Summer-Fall Offensive 1951 BS-AR142 UN Offensive 1950 BS-AR147 Second Korean Winter BS-AR143 CCF Intervention BS-AR148 Korea Summer-Fall 1952 BS-AR144 First UN Counteroffensive 1951 BS-AR149 Third Korean Winter BS-AR145 CCF Spring Offensive 1951 *BS-AR150 Korea Summer 1953 War with Spain *BS-AR072 Santiago 1898 *BS-AR074 Manila 1898 BS-AR073 Puerto Rico 1898 China Relief Expedition *BS-AR075 Tientsin 1900 *BS-AR077 Peking 1900 BS-AR076 Yang-Tsun 1900 Philippine Insurrection *BS-AR078 Manila 1899 BS-AR084 Cavite BS-AR079 Iloilo 1899 BS-AR085 Tarlac 1899 BS-AR080 Malolos 1899 BS-AR086 San Fabian 1899 BS-AR081 Laguna de Bay 1899 BS-AR087 Mindanao BS-AR082 San Isidro 1899 *BS-AR088 Jolo 1905, 1906, 1913 BS-AR083 Zapote River 1899 Vietnam Service *BS-AR151 Vietnam Advisory BS-AR159 Vietnam Counteroffensive, BS-AR152 Vietnam Defense 1965 Phase VI, BS-AR153 Vietnam Counteroffensive BS-AR160 TET 69/Counteroffensive, 1969 BS-AR154 Vietnam Counteroffensive, Phase II BS-AR161 Vietnam Summer-Fall , 1967 BS-AR162 Vietnam Winter-Spring 1970 BS-AR155 Vietnam Counteroffensive, Phase III, BS-AR163 Sanctuary Counteroffensive BS-AR156 TET Counteroffensive 1968 BS-AR164 Vietnam Counteroffensive, BS-AR157 Vietnam Counteroffensive, Phase IV Phase VII, BS-AR165 Consolidation I 1971 BS-AR158 Vietnam Counteroffensive, Phase V BS-AR166 Consolidation II *BS-AR167 Vietnam Cease-Fire Armed Forces Expeditionary *BS-AR168 Dominican Republic *BS-AR170 Panama *BS-AR169 Grenada Web:

76 76 Battle Streamers Southwest Asia Service *BS-AR171 Defense of Saudi Arabia *BS-AR173 Southwest Asia Cease-Fire BS-AR172 Liberation and Defense of Kuwait BS-UC041 Specify Description Luxembourg Croix de Guerre Kosovo Campaign *BS-AR174 Kosovo Air Campaign 1999 *BS-AR175 Kosovo Defense Campaign Afghanistan Campaign *BS-AR176 Liberation of Afghanistan 2001 BS-AR178 Consolidation II BS-AR177 Consolidation I BS-AR179 Consolidation III BS-UC122 BS-UC076 Philippine Presidential Unit Citation Specify Description ITALY Croce al Merito di Guerra (Italy) Specify Description *BS-AR180 Global War on Terrorism, Expeditionary Global War on Terrorism BS-UC096 Military Order of William (Netherlands) Specify Description Iraq Campaign *BS-AR181 Liberation of Iraq 2003 BS-AR185 Iraqi Surge BS-AR182 Transition of Iraq BS-AR186 Iraqi Sovereignty BS-AR183 Iraqi Governance BS-AR187 New Dawn BS-AR184 National Resolution Unit Commendation The following streamers are just examples; You must verify a description when you order. BS-UC123 BS-UC127 FRANCE Order of the Tower and Sword (Portugal) Specify Description Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Specify Description BS-UC054 Specify Description Presidential Unit (Army) BS-UC173 Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross Specify Description BS-UC125 Specify Description Presidential Unit (Navy) BS-UC181 Republic of Vietnam Civil Actions Specify Description BS-UC155 Valorous Unit Commendation Specify Description BS-UC289 Joint Meritorious Unit Award DOD Specify Description BS-UC317 Specify Description Army Combat Action BS-UC092 Meritorious Unit Commendation Specify Description BS-UC110 Specify Description Netherlands Orange Lanyard BS-UC004 Specify Description Air Force Outstanding Unit BS-UC304 Specify Description Army Superior Unit Award BS-UC305 Specify Description Infantry Unit Streamers BS-UC039 French Croix de Guerre WWI Specify Description BS-UC040 French Croix de Guerre WWII Specify Description BS-UC306 Specify Description Medical Unit Streamers Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

77 Battle Streamers Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at 77 BS-UC580 Global War on Terrorism, Service Specify Description BS-UC149 Specify Description WWII Victory BS-UC097 Specify Description National Defense Service BS-UC379 Specify Description WWII Occupation BS-UC010 Specify Description American Defense BS-UC531 Specify Description USAF Meritorious Unit BS-UC121 Specify Description Philippine Liberation BS-MC06 Navy-Marine Corps Meritorious Unit Commendation Specify Description BS-UC119 Specify Description Philippine Defense BS-UC107 BS-UC064 Specify Description Specify Description Navy Unit Commendation FRANCE French Medaille Militaire BS-MC22 BS-MC27 Specify Description Nicaraguan Campaign Army of Occupation of Germany Specify Description U.S. Army Ceremonial Streamer Set (Set of 187) Streamers in 2¾ x 4. See list from BS-AR001 BS-AR187 BS-UC038 BS-UC078 Specify Description Belgian Croix de Guerre Chrysoun Aristion Andrias (Brave Gold of Greece) Specify Description U.S. Army Ceremonial Streamer Set for Inclement Weather (Set of 39) Streamers in 2¾ x 4. See list from BS-AR001 BS-AR187, streamers will be specified with an asterisk (*). Battle Streamer Sets BS-UC178 USAF Organizational Excellence Specify Description 4 ft. U.S. Ceremonial Flag BS-UC136 Specify Description Silver Star 3 ft. Organizational Flag BS-UC577 Specify Description USAF Campaign 2 ft. Guidons Devices BS-UC081 Marine Corps Expeditionary Service Specify Description Brown Arrowhead Earned Honor Device Oak Leaf BS-UC582 Specify Description USAF Gallant Unit BS-UC150 Vietnam Presidential Unit Citation Specify Description Star Palm Taeguk Web:

78 78 Flag Stands & Accessories MINI FLAG SETS F-MINI-STATE/50 F-MINI-STATE/50 F-MINI-UN STATE FLAG SETS FS-50-1 FS-50-2 FS-50-3 FS-50-4 FS-50-6 FS-50-7 FS x 6 50 State Flag Set, No Fringe 4 x 6 50 State Flag Set, Fringe 4 x 6 United Nations Set (185 Flags), No Fringe 3 x 5 Indoor State Flag Set with Pole Hem, No Fringe 3 x 5 Indoor State Flag Set with Pole Hem, Fringe 4 x 6 Indoor State Flag Set with Pole Hem, No Fringe 4 x 6 Indoor State Flag Set with Pole Hem, Fringe 3 x 5 Outdoor State Flag Set, Header & Grommet 4 x 6 Outdoor State Flag Set, Header & Grommet 5 x 8 Outdoor State Flag Set, Header & Grommet TERRITORY FLAG SETS FS-6-TERR-1 3 x 5 Indoor Territory Flag Set with Pole Hem, No Fringe FS-6-TERR-2 3 x 5 Indoor Territory Flag Set with Pole Hem, Fringe FS-6-TERR-3 4 x 6 Indoor Territory Flag Set with Pole Hem, No Fringe FS-6-TERR-4 4 x 6 Indoor Territory Flag Set with Pole Hem, Fringe FS-6-TERR-5 3 x 5 Outdoor Territory Flag Set, Header & Grommet FS-6-TERR-6 4 x 6 Outdoor Territory Flag Set, Header & Grommet FS-6-TERR-7 5 x 8 Outdoor Territory Flag Set, Header & Grommet Flag Tassels Nickel Flag Stand For Gov Spec Poles F-202/1 (31 lbs) Nickel Flag Stand For 3 Gov Spec Poles F-202/3 (36 lbs) A D F-C401/A F-C401/B F-C401/C F-C401/D 5 Tassel & 9 Cord White 6 Tassel & 9 Cord White 5 Tassel & 9 Cord Gold 6 Tassel & 9 Cord Gold Adapter For 3 Poles F-202/2 (5 lbs) Flag Covers 01 Maroon 02 Sand 03 Red 04 Navy Bl. 05 Royal Bl. 06 White 07 Kelly Green 08 Black 09 Gold 10 O.D. 11 Purple 12 Orange 13 Yellow 20M ACU 21 MultiCam 22 ABU Gold Finish Metallized Plastic For Rounded Bottom Poles F-201A (8 lbs) Nickel Finish Metallized Plastic For Rounded Bottom Poles F-201B (8 lbs) FC-401/xx w/o Embroidery FC-401E/xx w/embroidery xx= Colors Available Available in 48 or 63 Antique Gold Finish Metallized Plastic For Rounded Bottom Poles F-201D (8 lbs) Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

79 Flag Poles 79 Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at Flag Pole Accessories Pin and Ring BS-A001 Streamer Holders 15 Hole BS Hole BS Hole BS-24 Sterling Silver Bands with engraving BS-A002 Flag Spreader F-325 Flag Pole Gold Aluminum 7 x 1 FP-301-G 8 x 1 FP-302-G 8 x 1.25 FP-303-G 9 x 1.25 FP-304-G Flag Pole Silver Aluminum 7 x 1 FP-301-S 8 x 1 FP-302-S 8 x 1.25 FP-303-S 9 x 1.25 FP-304-S Adjustable Aluminum Flag Pole without Ornament 5-9 Gold FP-305G Guidon Staff, Gov Spec Spear & Ferrule 7 FP-102A 8 FP-103A 9 6 FP-103C One Piece 8 Guidon Staff FP-103B Guidon Staff, Gov Spec Spear & Wood Bottom 7 FP-102B 8 FP-102C 9 6 FP-103D Regulations Marker Staff 7 Gov Spec Acorn & Chrome Ferrule FP-103J 9 6 Flagstaffs are used for Positional Colors, Organizational Colors and Ceremonial Flags. If the flag is 4 x 6 or 4 4 x 5 6 then a 9 6 flagstaff should be used. 8 Flagstaffs are used for Guidons and General Officer Flags. 8 Flagstaffs can be used for 3 x 5 flags and smaller. 7 Flagstaffs are used in place of 8 when the ceiling height prohibits a taller flagstaff. The flagstaffs for all flags in a display should be the same length. Government Spec Flag Poles ITEM # DESCRIPTION SIZE FP-102A 7 Guidon Staff w/spear & Bottom Ferrule Govt Spec FP-102B 7 Guidon Staff w/spear & Wood Bottom Govt Spec FP-102C 8 Guidon Staff w/spear & Wood Bottom Govt Spec FP-103A 8 Guidon Staff w/spear & Ferrule, Chrome Govt Spec FP-103B 8 Guidon Staff w/spear & Ferrule, One Piece Govt Spec FP-103C 9 6 Flag Staff w/spear & Ferrule Govt Spec FP-103D 9 6 Flag Staff w/spear & Round Bottom Govt Spec FP-103J 7 Marker Staff w/acorn & Chrome Ferrule Govt Spec ITEM # FP-205G FP-205S FP-206G FP-206S FP-207G FP-207S FP-208G FP-208S FP-210G FP-210S FP-211G FP-211S FP-301-G FP-301-S Light Oak Flag Pole, Gold Joint & Ferrulet 7 FP-211G 8 FP-210G Dark Oak Flag Pole, Gold Aluminum Joint Commercial Size 7 FP FP FP-404 Light Oak Flag Pole, Nickel Joint & Ferrule 7 FP-205S 8 FP-206S Flag Pole List DESCRIPTION 7 Light Oak w/gold Joint & Wood Bottom 7 Light Oak w/nickel Joint & Wood Bottom 8 Light Oak w/gold Joint & Wood Bottom 8 Light Oak w/nickel Joint & Wood Bottom 7 Medium Oak w/gold Joint & Wood Bottom 7 Medium Oak w/nickel Joint & Wood Bottom 8 Medium Oak w/gold Joint & Wood Bottom 8 Medium Oak w/nickel Joint & Wood Bottom 8 Light Oak w/gold Joint & Bottom Ferrule, No Spear 8 Light Oak w/silver Joint & Bottom Ferrule, No Spear 7 Light Oak w/gold Joint & Bottom Ferrule, No Spear 7 Light Oak w/silver Joint & Bottom Ferrule, No Spear 7 Gold Aluminum Flag Pole w/o Ornament 7 Silver Aluminum Flag Pole w/o Ornament ITEM # FP-302-G FP-302-S FP-303-G FP-303-S FP-304-G FP-304-S FP-305G FP-400 FP-401 FP-402 FP-403 FP-403A FP-404 DESCRIPTION 8 x 1 Gold Aluminum Flag Pole w/o Ornament 8 x 1 Silver Aluminum Flag Pole w/o Ornament 8 x 1.25 Gold Aluminum Flag Pole w/o Ornament 8 x 1.25 Silver Aluminum Flag Pole w/o Ornament 9 Aluminum w/gold Joint, w/o Ornament 9 Aluminum w/silver Joint, w/o Ornament 5-9 Adjustable Gold Aluminum Pole w/o Ornament 6 Dark Oak Pole w/gold Joint, 1 w/o Ornament 7 Dark Oak Pole w/gold Joint, 1 w/o Ornament 7 Dark Oak Pole w/gold Joint, 1.25 w/o Ornament 8 Dark Oak Pole w/gold Joint, 1 w/o Ornament 8 Dark Oak Pole w/gold Joint, 1.25 w/o Ornament 9 Dark Oak Pole w/gold Joint, 1.25 w/o Ornament Web:

80 80 Gloves & Flag Pole Ornaments Polyester Stretch One Size Fits All White G-104 Cotton Military with Snap Closure Available in S, M, L, XL White G-102 Cotton Military no Snap Available in XS, S, M, L, XL White G-101 Black G-201 A #F-302-S Army Spear Solid Brass, Polished and Lacquered - Chrome 8¼ Long B #F-302-G Army Spear Solid Brass, Polished and Lacquered - Brass 8¼ Long C #F-301-S Army Spear Solid Brass, Polished and Lacquered - Chrome 7 Long D #F-301-G Army Spear Solid Brass, Polished and Lacquered - Brass 7 Long E #F-303 Eagle Antique Gold Plated Finish 5 F #F-304 Eagle Antique Gold Plated Finish 7 G #F-305 Eagle Gold Plated 7 H #F-306 Classic Eagle 11 - Gold I #F-307 Classic Eagle 8½ - Chrome J #F-308 Classic Eagle 8½ - Gold K #F-309-S Classic Universal 9 Spear ABS with Chrome Finish L #F-309-G Classic Universal 9 Spear ABS with Gold Finish M #F-310-S Round Spear - Styrene Plastic Plated Chrome 8¼ Long N #F-310-G Round Spear - Styrene Plastic Plated Gold 8¼ Long O #F-311-G Fancy Spear - Styrene Plastic Plated Gold 7¾ Long Pole Ornament List P #F-312 Fancy Spear - Styrene Plastic Plated Brass 8 Long Q #F-313-S Round Spear - Styrene Plastic Plated Chrome 8 Long R #F-313-G Round Spear - Styrene Plastic Plated Gold 8 Long S #F-314-S Staff 7 Spear ABS with Chrome Finish T #F-314-G Staff 7 Spear ABS with Brass Finish U #F-315 Guiding Star Solid Brass, Polished and Lacquered 7 Long V #F-316 Maple Leaf Solid Brass, Polished and Lacquered 8¼ Long W #F-317 Battalion Lance Solid Brass, Polished and Lacquered 9¼ Long X #F-318 Ball Gold Anodized Aluminum 3 Diam. Y #F-319 Plain Church Cross Solid Brass, Polished and Lacquered - Brass 9¼ Long Z #F-320 Classic Church Cross ABS with Gold Finish 8 Long AA #F-321 Botonee Cross Solid Brass, Polished and Lacquered - Brass 10 1 /8 Long BB #F-322 Cross Solid Brass Plated Aluminum 9 1 /8 Long CC #F-323 Botonee Cross Solid Brass, Polished and Lacquered - Brass 7¾ Long A B C D E F G H I J U V W X K L M N O P Q R S T More Flag Equipment & Gloves Available Online at Y Z AA BB CC Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

81 Flag Carriers & Accessories 81 Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at Double Strap Web Flag Carrier w/cup F-C103B F-C104B F-C101W F-C102W Leather Flag Carriers w/straps Flag Carrier, Single Strap, Black Leather Flag Carrier, Double Strap, Black Leather Flag Carrier, Single Strap, White Leather Flag Carrier, Double Strap, White Leather Double Strap Web Flag Carrier w/aluminum Cup F-C301N Double Strap, White Web, Aluminum Cup F-C302N Double Strap, Black Web, Aluminum Cup F-C303N Double Strap, Navy Web, Aluminum Cup F-C304N Double Strap, O.D. Web, Aluminum Cup Double Strap Web Flag Carrier w/gold Cup F-C310G Double Strap, White Web, Gold Cup F-C311G Double Strap, Black Web, Gold Cup F-C312G Double Strap, Blue Web, Gold Cup F-C313G Double Strap, O.D. Web, Gold Cup Double Strap Web Flag Carrier w/chrome Cup Patent Leather Flag Carriers HG-C01N Black Flag Carrier, Chrome Cup HG-C01G Black Flag Carrier, Gold Cup HG-C02N White Flag Carrier, Chrome Cup HG-C02G White Flag Carrier, Gold Cup F-C320 F-C322 F-C321 F-C323 Flag Carrier for Belt Flag Carrier, Black Leather Flag Carrier, Black Leather Flag Carrier, White Leather Flag Carrier, White Leather F-C310N F-C311N F-C312N F-C313N Double Strap, White Web, Chrome Cup Double Strap, Black Web, Chrome Cup Double Strap, Blue Web, Chrome Cup Double Strap, O.D. Web, Chrome Cup G 311G 312G 313G Leather Flag Carriers w/straps F-C201 Flag Carrier, Single Strap, White Webb F-C202 Flag Carrier, Double Strap, White Webb F-C305 F-C307 F-C306 F-C308 Web Carriers White Web Carrier w/web Cup Black Web Carrier w/web Cup O.D. Web Carrier w/web Cup Blue Web Carrier w/web Cup 310N 311N 312N 313N Web:

82 82 Sabres, Belts & Parade Equipment Army Sabre (Made In Taiwan) SR-101 West Point Academy Sword SR-103 PE-A02 PE-A01 Helmets White Helmet Chrome Helmet Pistol Belts, No Eyelets Parade Belts, No Eyelets Waist Buckle RC-CB10N Waist Buckle, Nickle RC-CB10G Waist Buckle, Gold (Belts listed are in Gold. For Nickel, substitute G with N) White PB-A1G/44 White Pistol Belt up to 44 PB-A1G/52 White Pistol Belt up to 52 PB-A1G/60 White Pistol Belt up to 60 Black PB-A2G/44 Black Pistol Belt up to 44 PB-A2G/52 Black Pistol Belt up to 52 PB-A2G/60 Black Pistol Belt up to 60 Navy PB-A3G/44 Navy Pistol Belt up to 44 PB-A3G/52 Navy Pistol Belt up to 52 PB-A3G/60 Navy Pistol Belt up to 60 OD PB-A4G/44 O.D. Pistol Belt up to 44 PB-A4G/52 O.D. Pistol Belt up to 52 PB-A4G/60 O.D. Pistol Belt up to 60 (Belts listed are in Gold. For Nickel, substitute G with N) White PB-C1G/44 White Parade Belt up to 44 PB-C1G/52 White Parade Belt up to 52 PB-C1G/60 White Parade Belt up to 60 Black PB-C2G/44 Black Parade Belt up to 44 PB-C2G/52 Black Parade Belt up to 52 PB-C2G/60 Black Parade Belt up to 60 Navy PB-C3G/44 Navy Parade Belt up to 44 PB-C3G/52 Navy Parade Belt up to 52 PB-C3G/60 Navy Parade Belt up to 60 OD PB-C4G/44 O.D. Parade Belt up to 44 PB-C4G/52 O.D. Parade Belt up to 52 PB-C4G/60 O.D. Parade Belt up to 60 Breast Buckle RC-CB11N Breast Buckle, Nickle RC-CB11G Breast Buckle, Gold Sabre Belts Black Available In 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42 & 44 lengths White Available In 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42 & 44 lengths SR-B01 SR-B-W Sabre Belt, 1¾ Black Garrison Belt Sabre Belt, 1¾ White Garrison Belt Buckles and Keepers Pistol Belt Buckle Nickel PB-101N Pistol Belt Buckle Gold PB-101G Belt Keepers Nickel PB-103N Belt Keepers Gold PB-103G Parade Belt Buckle Nickel PB-102N Parade Belt Buckle Gold PB-102G Keepers SR-B03C Pistol Belts w/eyelets Parade Belts w/eyelets Sabre Guards SR-G01 SR-GW01 Sword Frogs Sabre Guards Sabre Guard, Army, Black Sabre Guard, Army, White Sword Frog (Belts listed are in Gold. For Nickel, substitute G with N) White PB-B1G/44 White Pistol Belt up to 44 PB-B1G/52 White Pistol Belt up to 52 PB-B1G/60 White Pistol Belt up to 60 Black PB-B2G/44 Black Pistol Belt up to 44 PB-B2G/52 Black Pistol Belt up to 52 PB-B2G/60 Black Pistol Belt up to 60 Navy PB-B3G/44 Navy Pistol Belt up to 44 PB-B3G/52 Navy Pistol Belt up to 52 PB-B3G/60 Navy Pistol Belt up to 60 OD PB-B4G/44 O.D. Pistol Belt up to 44 PB-B4G/52 O.D. Pistol Belt up to 52 PB-B4G/60 O.D. Pistol Belt up to 60 (Belts listed are in Gold. For Nickel, substitute G with N) White PB-D1G/44 White Parade Belt up to 44 PB-D1G/52 White Parade Belt up to 52 PB-D1G/60 White Parade Belt up to 60 Black PB-D2G/44 Black Parade Belt up to 44 PB-D2G/52 Black Parade Belt up to 52 PB-D2G/60 Black Parade Belt up to 60 Navy PB-D3G/44 Navy Parade Belt up to 44 PB-D3G/52 Navy Parade Belt up to 52 PB-D3G/60 Navy Parade Belt up to 60 OD PB-D4G/44 O.D. Parade Belt up to 44 PB-D4G/52 O.D. Parade Belt up to 52 PB-D4G/60 O.D. Parade Belt up to 60 SR-G02B SR-G02W SR-M05 SR-M06 Shoulder Strap SR-B03B Sword Frog, USMC, Black Leather Sword Frog, USMC, White Leather Sabre Chains Sabre Chain, Nickel Sabre Chain, Nickel, Crate Style Sam Brown Waist Belt 2¼, Half Lined SR-B03A Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

83 Framed Guidons - Available in 16 x 20 Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at 83 Ordering Instructions: 1. Pick a frame style. 4. Submit information for a personalized, 2. Pick your flag or guidon. engraved name plate. 3. Pick a Medallion (optional). Black FR-001 Gold & Black FR-003 Mahogany FR-004 Cherry Stacked FR-006 Walnut Stacked FR-007 Walnut FR-008 Dark Cherry FR-009 Army Designs PD-NP001 PD-NP002 PD-D005 US Army US Army Retired Army Eagle, Gold Branch Of Service Designs PD-D201 PD-D202 PD-D203 PD-D204 PD-D205 PD-D206 PD-D207 PD-D208 PD-D209 PD-D210 PD-D211 PD-D214 PD-D215 PD-D216 PD-D217 PD-D218 PD-D219 PD-D212 Army Badges Adjutant General Air Defense Arty Armor Aviation Cavalry Engineer Field Artillery Chemical Finance Medical Mil Intelligence Infantry Ordnance Quartermaster Signal Special Forces Transportation Mil Police PD-AR-BADGE-802 Mil Police, Sil Ox PD-AR-BADGE-804 Career Coun, Nick PD-AR-BADGE-805 Career Coun, Sil Ox PD-AR-BADGE-811 CID PD-AR-BADGE-01 Army Aviator PD-AR-BADGE-02 Army Sr Aviator PD-AR-BADGE-03 Army Mas Aviator PD-AR-BADGE-07 Parachutist PD-AR-BADGE-08 Sr Parachutist PD-AR-BADGE-09 Mas Parachutist PD-AR-BADGE-11 Expert Infantry PD-AR-BADGE-12 Combat Infantry PD-AR-BADGE-13 Air Assault Unit Patches PD-P-NG/AR PD-P-CESCH-F PD-P/FA PD-P-NG/FL PD-P-HESVC PD-P/INF PD-P-MPSCH-F PD-P/RECMD PD-P-SFORC-F PD-P-JFKSW-F PD-P-0001G PD-P-0001D PD-P-0001A PD-P-0001C PD-P-0001E PD-P-0001F PD-P-0001B PD-P-0001H PD-P-0002A PD-P-0002B PD-P-0002C PD-P-0002D PD-P-0003A PD-P-0003C PD-P-0003D PD-P-0003E PD-P-0004A PD-P-0005A PD-P-0006A PD-P-0006B PD-P-0007A PD-P-0007B PD-P-0007C PD-P-0008A PD-P-0008B PD-P-0009A PD-P-0010A PD-P-0011A PD-P-0018A PD-P-0018B Arkansas N/G Chemical School Field Arty School Florida N/G Health Service Cmd Infantry School MP School Recruiting Cmd Special Forces Spec Warfare Scl 1st Infantry Div 1st Cav Div 1st Armor Div 1st Aviation Bde 1st Corps 1st Coscom 1st Army 1st Signal Bde 2nd Infantry Div 2nd Army 2nd Armor Div 2nd Armor Cav Regt 3rd Infantry Div 3rd Corps 3rd Army 3rd Armor Cav Regt 4th Infantry Div 5th Army 6th Infantry Div 6th Army 7th Army 7th Infantry Div 7th Corps 8th Infantry Div 8th Army 9th Infantry Div 10th Infantry Div 11th Arm Cav Regt 18th Airborne 18th Fa Bde PD-P-0018C 18th MP Bde PD-P-0018D 18th Avn Bde PD-P-0023A 23rd Infantry Div PD-P-0024A 24th Infantry Div PD-P-0025A 25th Infantry Div PD-P-0028A 28th Infantry Div PD-P-0029A 29th Infantry Div PD-P-0035A 35th Infantry Div PD-P-0038A 38th Infantry Div PD-P-0039A 39th Inf Bde PD-P-0040A 40th Infantry Div PD-P-0042B 42nd Infantry Div PD-P-0053A 53rd Infantry Bde PD-P-0063A 63rd Regional Cmd PD-P-0075A 75th Inf Div PD-P-0077A 77th Infantry Div PD-P-0081A 81st Regional Cmd PD-P-0082A 82nd Abn Div PD-P-0087A 87th Div PD-P-0089A 89th Reserve Cmd PD-P-0090A 90th Reserve Cmd PD-P-0094B 94th Infantry Div PD-P-0096A 96th Reserve Cmd PD-P-0099A 99th Reserve Cmd PD-P-0101A 101st Abn Div PD-P-0124A 124th Regional Cmd PD-P-0142A 142nd Fa Bde PD-P-0167A 167th Support Cmd PD-P-0193A 193rd Infantry Bde PD-P-0197B 197th Infantry Bde PD-PT001 Abn, Blue & White PD-PT004 Ranger, Blk & Gold PD-PT002 Abn Tab, Blk & Gold Custom Unit Crest & Rank PD-DUI-0087A 87th Div PD-DUI-SF Special Forces PD-SGT Master Sergeant PD-SGT1 First Sergeant PD-SGT2 Sergeant Major PD-SGT3 Cmd Sgt Major Web:

84 84 Military Mugs NEW ITEMS! Pages MILITARY MUGS Sizes: 15oz Customizable military mug. Ceramic, UV protected, FDA compliant, microwave and dishwasher safe, white imaging area. Available for all branches of the military. Customize yours today! 15oz Item # (Prices Each) MUG-AR/X-XXXXX $9.95 Production time: 5 business days plus shipping time MUG-AR/P-0002A-AB MUG-AR/P-0506A-AB MUG-AR/P-0002A-AB MUG-AR/P-0101A-AB MUG-AR/P-326-AB MUG-AR/P-0082A-CB MUG-AR/NS-313-CB MUG-AR/P-0082A-CB MUG-AR/P-0001C-CB MUG-AR/NS-312-CB MUG-AR/P-0003A-BB MUG-AR/DUI-0004/082-BB MUG-AR/P-0003A-BB MUG-AR/P-0010E-BB MUG-AR/DUI-0003A-BB MUG-AR/C-110-DB MUG-AR/P-0004A-DB MUG-AR/C-110-DB MUG-AR/P-0025A-DB MUG-AR/DUI-0014F-DB Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

85 Military Coasters Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at 85 Custom Lanyards 1-3 Colors Specify your lanyard color, design, and imprint color. Up to 3 colors maximum, Screenprint Imprint area 30" x.6" Lanyard Colors White Gray Black Tan Brown Foilage Green Yellow Gold Orange Red Maroon Purple Sky Royal Navy Below you can find some of our most common imprint colors, but you can customize your lanyard with any color! Common Imprint Colors White Gray Black Flag Blue Cobalt Blue Bronze Spice Brown Khaki Break-Away w/ Key Ring Swivel Clip Key Chain LANYARDS Size:.75" wide X 36" long (lanyard hangs approximately 18" down) 100% Polyester Lanyards available with a variety of attachments. Lanyards are shipped fully assembled. Can be customized. Item # see below LY-XX-000A Lanyard with Buckle Attachment LY-XX-000B Lanyard with Key Ring Attachment LY-XX-000C Lanyard with Rectangle Swivel Hook Attachment Production time: 7-10 business days plus shipping time Silver Gray Olive Drab Cardinal Maroon Foliage Green Sky Royal For full listing of stock lanyards, visit us at OR CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN! Navy LY-AR-025 LY-AR-034 LY-AR-026 LY-AR-022 LY-AR-027 LY-AR-035 LY-AR-028 LY-AR-036 LY-AR-029 LY-AR-012 LY-AR-007 LY-AR-006 LY-AR-030 LY-AR-037 LY-AR-031 LY-AR-038 LY-AR-032 LY-AR Web:

86 86 Customizable Sublimation Products STARTING AS LOW AS $2.99 Magnets ARMY MAGNETS Sizes: 11.5 & 5.5 Circle; 11.5 & 5.5 Square; 3 x 11 Bumper; 5.5 x4.25 Calendar Magnet Customizable Army magnets. These look great on your automobile. Customize an Army calendar magnet. Imprint with photos, custom or standard Army artwork. Production time: 5 business days plus shipping time CALL FOR PRICING iphone Covers Laptop Sleeves ARMY IPHONE COVERS Size: 4.5 x 2.25 IPhone cover with imprintable insert. Aluminum inserts are available in white, gold and silver finishes. Customize your phone to represent the Army. Plastic cover fits IPhone 4 and IPhone 4s. Production time: 5 business days plus shipping time Customizable inserts available in White, Gold or Silver CPC-I4 (Plastic): $6.95 CRC-I4 (Rubber): $8.25 CUSTOMIZE THESE PRODUCTS! Any product featured from page is available for customization. Choose a standard Army graphic from this catalog or create your own to place on these imprintable products. Create fully customized products for your Division, Battalion or Company. Get creative and order your items today! ARMY LAPTOP SLEEVES Sizes: See Chart Customizable Laptop sleeves. High quality neoprene with zippered closures. 1 and 2-sided cases available. 1-sided sleeves are white with black back. Imprint with standard or custom Army graphics. Production time: 5 business days plus shipping time TYPE SIZES ITEM PRICE Netbook 10-1-sided MP-MP018 $12.65 Netbook 11-2-sided MP- MP015 $12.95 Laptop 14-1-sided MP- MP019 $15.45 Laptop 14-2-sided MP- MP009 $16.20 Laptop 16-1-sided MP- MP020 $18.60 Laptop 16-2-sided MP- MP010 $19.95 ipad 10-1-sided MP- MP032 $12.95 Kindle 8-1-sided MP- MP040 $6.95 Clipboards Mousepads ARMY CLIPBOARDS Sizes: See Below Double-sided customizable clipboards. 1/8 hardboard. Durable item with dry-erase surface. MP-U x 12.5 (flat clip) $12.60 MP-U x 12.5 (regular clip) $12.60 MP-U x 15.5 (flat clip) $14.40 MP-U x 9 (flat clip) $9.75 Production time: 5 business days plus shipping time ARMY MOUSEPADS Sizes: See Below One-sided polyester fabric mousepads with open-cell black rubber backing. Also available with glossy surface. Great for the office or computer area. Customize your Army mousepad today! MP-MP x 9.25 x 1/8 (fabric) $2.75 MP-MP x 9.25 x1/4 (fabric) $3.95 MP-MP800 8 x 1/4 Round (fabric) $4.25 MP-MP x 9.75 x.135 (gloss) $8.95 Production time: 5 business days plus shipping time Please call for quantity pricing Buttons Coasters ARMY BUTTONS Starting at $ 1.20 Sizes: 2 1/4 and 3 Round Customizable aluminum Army Buttons. Available with standard pin, mirror, magnet or bottle opener backings. High quality prints in a protective enclosure. Production time: 5 business days plus shipping time Variety of coaster styles for any occasion! Starting at $ 1.20 Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

87 Drinkware Customizable Sublimation Products 87 Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at License Plates & Frames ARMY DRINKWARE Sizes: See Chart Army Drinkware. Durable travel mugs and water bottles available in both white and aluminum silver finishes. Great for your daily commute or outside activity. Imprint with your custom Army graphics! Production time: 5 business days plus shipping time TYPE SIZES ITEM PRICE White Travel Mug Silver Travel Mug White Water Bottle 14oz; Stainless Steel MP-MUG25SS $ oz; Stainless Steel MP-MUG22SS $ oz; Aluminum MP-WB600W-CH $8.75 ARMY LICENSE PLATES Size: x x.045 United States Military license plates. Imprintable white or silver surface area with 4 mounting slots for easy mounting. Choose from our standard military designs or customize your own! Production time: 7 business days plus shipping time White White Front/Aluminum Back LP-AR $7.10 Silver Aluminum LP-AR $7.10 Silver Water Bottle Silver Water Bottle White Water Bottle 20oz; Aluminum MP-WB600S-CH $ oz; Stainless Steel MP-WB003 $ oz; Stainless Steel MP-WB002 $10.50 Beverage Insulators ARMY INSULATORS Sizes: See Chart Army Koozies. Neoprene with white imprintable surfaces. Keep your drinks cold while showing your support for the Army. Choose a standard Army graphic or create your own. Production time: 5 business days plus shipping time TYPE SIZES ITEM PRICE Zipper Insulator 8 7/8 H x 3 5/8 W (12oz) MP-HUG5 $2.40 Slip-on Insulator Velcro Insulator Can Insulator Water Bottle Insulator 7 H x 3 5/8 W (12oz) MP-HUG6 $ H x 10 W (12oz can) MP-HUG4 $ /16 H x 4 W (12oz can) MP-HUG2 $ H x 4.5 W (600mL) MP-MPO24 $3.10 ARMY LICENSE PLATE FRAMES Size: 6 x 12 United States Military license plate frames. Aluminum with a chrome finish. Represent the military on your everyday commute. Choose from our standard military designs or customize your own. Not legal in California. Production time: 5 business days plus shippintg time Item: LPF-AR $11.95 Flip Flops ARMY FLIP FLOPS (Black or White Straps) Sizes: Adult; S-M-L Customizable flip flops with white or black rubber straps. These lighweight and durable sandals are perfect for any casual occassion. Show your support for the Army everywhere you go!. Production time:5 business days plus shipping time FLP001 - Adult Small $ 9.95 FLP002 - Adult Medium $10.95 FLP003 - Adult Large $11.95 Carpets ARMY CARPETS & RUGS Sizes: See Chart Army Carpets & Rugs. These durable carpets and rugs are a great addition for your home or office. Show your support for the Army in a unique way. Comfortable and long-lasting tufted loop materials. Choose a standard Army design or customize your own. Tufted loop carpets have a rubber backing. Production time: 5 business days plus shipping time SIZE TUFF LOOP ITEM PRICE 5 x 8 RECTANGLE X SUB-CP85 Available Soon 5 x 6 RECTANGLE X SUB-CP65 $ x 6 RECTANGLE X SUB-CP64 $ x 6 RECTANGLE X SUB-CP63 $ x 5 RECTANGLE X SUB-CP53 $ x 45 RECTANGLE X SUB-CP4534 $ x 40 RECTANGLE X SUB-CP4030 $ x 30 RECTANGLE X SUB-CP3020 $ x 30 SQUARE X SUB-CP3030 $ ROUND X SUB-CP30R $39.95 Tufted loop carpet has a reputation for being sturdy and wearing well over long periods of time. Tufted loop holds up well in high-traffic areas. Web:

88 88 Automobile Accessories Mirror Covers Size: Medium, Large Spandex mirror covers with elastic openings. Slide these over your side mirrors to show your military pride. Two sizes - Medium fits cars, some SUVs and trucks, and Large for big SUVs and trucks. Item # MP-AMC-01 Mirror Cover Medium $12.95/pair MP-AMC-02 Mirror Cover Large $15.95/pair Production time: 5 business days plus shipping time Military Window Decals Size: 2 x 24 ; 4 x 6 ; 4.25 x 5.25 ; 4 x 6.75 Customizable military window decals. Durable, clear decals are a great way to represent your branch, rank or division in the military. White and metallic inks available. Item # DECAL- See designs below for # Production time: 5 business days plus shipping time Window Strip $2.50 METALLIC - Add metallic ink to any design to make your decal stand out. A wide range of metallic colors are available. Metallic inks achieve a shine and luster that is not possible using normal inks. 2 Ply Auto Flag Size: x Large flag for car, truck or SUV. Thick, double-ply material. Show your military pride on the highway. Heavy duty flagpole included. Item # FLAG04 Auto Flag with Flagpole $10.65 FLAGD/P Large Auto Flag with Flagpole $19.95 Price includes: Auto Flag and Heavy Duty Flagpole Production time: 7 business days plus shipping time WHITE - Using white ink is another great way to get your decal noticed. White inks add an extra emphasis to your military decal. Combine with normal process colors and/or metallic ink for a unique decal with brilliant color. COLOR - Decals are also available using standard process colors. A wide range of color choices available. Use with white ink to make your color stand out, or combine with metallic ink for an extra shine. 3.5 x 5 Clear Decals $ x 5.25 Clear Decals $1.95 Military Car Mats Sizes: 27 x 17 ; (rear) 17 x 13 Automotive Mats (set of two). Excellent custom military item. Imprint with logos, photos or custom artwork. Protect the interior of your vehicle and present a unique message to your passengers. Durgan backed mats with black finished edges. Item # MP-CM2617L Starting at $37.80 Minimum order: Production time: 5 business days plus shipping time DECAL-AR-001 DECAL-AR-002 CUSTOMIZATION All products featured on pages can be customized for your unit. Additional products available. Call for further information DECAL-AR-003 DECAL-AR x 6.75 Clear Decals $1.90 DECAL-AR-005 DECAL-AR-006 Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

89 ACU Uniform Size Chart - See Item # Coat Trousers Item # Size Height Chest Waist Inseam ACU Uniform & Accessories 89 Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at 01 X-Small X-Short Up to 33 Up to 27 Up to 26 1/2 02 X-Small Short Up to 33 Up to /2-29 1/2 03 X-Small Regular Up to 33 Up to / /2 04 X-Small Long Up to 33 Up to /2-35 1/2 05 X-Small X-Long Above 75 Up to 33 Up to /2-38 1/2 06 Small X-Short Up to 26 1/2 07 Small Short / /2 08 Small Regular / /2 09 Small Long / /2 10 Small X-Long Above /2-38 1/2 11 Medium X-Short Up to 26 1/2 12 Medium Short / /2 13 Medium Regular / /2 14 Medium Long / /2 15 Medium X-Long Above /2-38 1/2 16 Large X-Short Up to 26 1/2 17 Large Short / /2 18 Large Regular / /2 19 Large Long / /2 20 Large X-Long /2-38 1/2 21 X-Large X-Short Up to 26 1/2 22 X-Large Short / /2 23 X-Large Regular / /2 24 X-Large Long / /2 25 X-Large X-Long /2-38 1/2 26 XX-Large Short / /2 27 XX-Large Regular / /2 28 XX-Large Long / /2 29 XX-Large X-Long /2-38 1/2 30 3X-Large Regular /2-32 1/2 31 3X-Large Long /2-35 1/2 32 4X-Large Regular /2-32 1/2 Boonie Cap Item: ACU BOONIE-## Patrol/Boonie Cap Sizes Available: 6 1 /2, 6 5 /8, 6 3 /4, 6 7 /8, 7, 7 1 /8, 7 1 /4, 7 3 /8, 7 1 /2, 7 5 /8, 7 3 /4, 7 7 /8 ACU Patrol Cap Item: ACU CAP-## ACU Coat 50/50 Wrinkle-Resistant Tilted chest pockets for use with body armor Elbow pouch with hook fastener closure for inner elbow inserts Zippered front closure with hook fastener for smooth surface under body armor 3-slot pen pocket with easy access Hook fastener sleeve closure Shoulder pockets that are easily accessible when wearing body armor Item: ACU COAT-## ACU Trousers 50/50 Wrinkle-Resistant Knee pouch with hook fastener closure for knee pad inserts Leg cuff with front closure tie Forward tilted cargo pocket for easy access in various positions Includes elastic drawstring for closure during movement Calf storage pocket with hook fastener closure on both legs Item: ACU TROUSER-## Boots OD BLK GI Style Boot Tube Sock 85% / Cotton 15% Nylon Forms to Foot Multi-Purpose, Over the Calf US Made Colors: OD, Black Black: SOCK-R/6180, OD: SOCK-R/6181 Socks TAN OD BLK CoolMax Military Sock 50% Wool / 30% Cotton / 20% Stretch Nylon Cushioned sole boot sock has a splice heel and a 14 leg Colors: Tan, OD, Black Sizes: SM, MD, LG, XL Item: SOCK-E/170 Altama Desert EXOSpeed II Tan Desert Suede and Codura Upper Dual-Zone Wicking and Breathable Air Mesh Lining Slip, Acid and Oil Resistant Outsole Medial Side Ventilation Screen Sizes: 7-13 Regular Width, 7-13 Wide Width Item: BOOT-3658 Khyber Desert Mountain Hybrid Boot Exclusive Vibram Ibex Outsole For Rugged Terrain TR-1 Load Bearing Orthotic Insole Heel and Toe Overlays Designed to Extend Wear & Life of Boot Low Profile Sole Reduces Weight & Improves Mobility Full Sizes: 3-14, Reg & Wide Width Half Sizes: , Reg & Wide Width Item: BOOT-TR360 Altama Desert Lightweight Boot Highly Breathable Air Mesh Upper Molded Ankle Stabilizers Trail Running Chassis Arch Support Shield Oil, Acid and Slip Resistant Non-marking Outer Sole Sizes: 7-13 Regular Width, 7-13 Wide Width Item: BOOT-3358 New Balance Desertlite 453MT Light Weight-Stability Redefined High Traction non squeak outsole and molded EVA midsole unit Stain Resistant Microfiber Suede upper with breathable nylon panels Mesh ventilation ports throughtout Reinforced inside toe Full Sizes: 6-13, Reg & Wide Width Half Sizes: , Reg & Wide Width Item: BOOT-453MT Danner Desert TFX Rough-Out 8 Military Boot Rugged, aggressive outsole and Danner s patented lightweight Terra Force X support system combine with Dri-Lex liner for rapid drying and air exchange Roughout leathe and 1000 denier nylon upper offers protection and toughness Sizes: 7-12, 13, 14 Reg, 7-12, 13 Wide Item: BOOT Oakley S.I. Assault Boot Offers the comfort of prime urethane shock absorption and the climate control of a moisture wicking liner. The vulcanized rubber sole includes directional lug geometry and provides wet/dry traction Sizes: 6-13, 14, 15, 16, 17 Reg Width 6-13, 14, 15, 16, 17 Wide Width Item: BOOT Web:

90 90 T-Shirts & Outerwear ACU T-Shirt T-shirt with ACU pattern Item: 4379 Sand OD Black Soffe 50/50 T-Shirt 3-Pack 50% Polyester / 50% Cotton Sizes: S-XXL Colors: Sand, OD, Black Item: M280-3 Tactical Grips Sand Brown OD Soffe Dri-Release Short Sleeve T-Shirt 85% Polyester/15% Cotton Dri-Release Taped neck and shoulders, wide-rib two-needle coverstitched neckband and two-needle bottom hem Sizes: S-XXL Colors: Sand, Brown, OD Item: M805 Soffe Dri-Release Long Sleeve T-Shirt Sizes: S-XXL Colors: Sand Item: M875 For more Outerwear Visit Us Online AVG Vertical Ergonomic Grip Allows a natural fighting stance hold on your rifle Improved muzzle control during rapid fire Secured storage compartment Comfortable grip surface Molded from reinforced polymer composite Screw attachment to securely lock on rail Fits Picatinny / Weaver rails Item: WEAP-CA/AVG Gen III Level 3 ECWCS Fleece Jacket Meets requirements of GL/PD 06/03 Retains body heat without weight Quick Drying Breathable Reduced volume when packed Center front zip opening Taslin reinforcement in collar, elbow & shoulders Raglan sleeves Channeled fleece side panels 2 internal upper chest pockets Name & Rank Loop Side Pockets Color: Foliage Sizes: S-3XL Item: 2078 Foliage Watch Cap Synthetic Microfleece Color: Foliage Item: FG-C/WC Leg Holsters ACU MOLLE Drop Leg Platform w/ Pocket Color: O.D., Black, Coyote Tan, Multi-Cam Item: ACU-C/MA1 ACU Gen-1 Gore-Tex Parka 3-layer windproof, waterproof and breathable material Taped seams Non-freeze, two-way zipper Double Storm Flap Oversize hood attached with drawstring Comes with free foliage fleece parka liner Sizes: Small (01), Med (02), Large (03), XLarge/R (04), XXLarge (05) Item: ACU-GEN1/PARKA-## ACU Gore-Tex Trousers Sizes: Small (01), Med (02), Large (03), XLarge/R (04), XXLarge (05) Item: ACU-GEN1/PANTS-## Weapon Slings Black Sling Point Combat Weapon Sling Traverse strap prevents sling from getting tangled in weapon mounted accessories Emergency quick-release 100% Made in the USA Guaranteed for Life! M16 - Black: ; M4 - Black: Quick Release Vertical Foregrip for Standard Rail Easy to fit and secure Fits hand guards equipped with a Weaver or Picatinny rail system Item: WEAP-M/T-AG44-S M16/AR15 Ergonomic Pistol Grip Enhances grip, minimizes slippage Provides better control during firing Item: WEAP-M/AG-43 View our entire collection of Grips, Slings, & Holsters Online at Tactical Foregrip for 1 Flashlight, Standard Rail Unique tactical grip allows for 1 flashlight Most ergonomic vertical grip Fits any weapon with a Weaver or Picatinny rail. Item: WEAP-M/T-GRIP With Surefire G2 Weapon Light Ergonomic foregrip Quick release button 1 flashlight adapter On/Off trigger Item: WEAP-M/T-GRIPSF ACU Tactical Leg Holster Retention system with Velcro strap to secure weapon Fully adjustable leg strap with non-slip rubber lining and quick release One magazine pouch, with adjustable Velcro strap Unit Weight: 1lbs Size: Fully Adjustable Color: O.D., Black, Coyote Tan, ACU Item: ACU-C/TLH ACU Universal Leg Holster Fully adjustable strap with nonslip rubber lining and quick-release buckle Extra magazine pouch Unit Weight: 1lbs Size: Fully Adjustable Color: O.D., Black, Coyote Tan, ACU Item: ACU-C/ULH Black Mamba Combat Fighting Sling Strike opponent with weapon muzzle For full-contact engagement Right or Left-Handed 100% Made in the USA - Guaranteed for Life! Fixed - Black: Mamba Geronimo Features a wider tubular web shoulder strap. (1 7 /8 wide) Fixed - Black: Single Point Tactical Weapon Sling Slip into any loop attach point Stainless steel gateless snap hook offers alternative to HK-style 100% Made in the USA Guaranteed for Life! Item: WEAP-M/MD-S1 Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

91 Accessories PT Gear & Sportswear Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at 91 Ear Plugs, OD Case Ear plugs come with swivel-top Olive Drab case Item: M-A-OD/SML, Small M-A-OD/MED, Medium M-A-OD/LGE, Large Pace Counter Black counters on foliage string Item: M-A04 Drill Sergeant Vest 2 reflective stripes One size fits all Blue mesh with lime stripesl Item: Type: U4326XL w/o Army patch w/army patch Ear Plugs, ACU Case Ear plugs come with swivel-top ACU case Item: M-A-ACU/SML, Small M-A-ACU/MED, Medium M-A-ACU/LGE, Large White Black Marine OD Desert Navy Sportswear Survival Firestarter Magnesium shaving edge & sparking insert Government Issue Item: 672 Tactical Shortsleeve Loose Fit Sizes: S-XXXL Colors: White, Black, M.O.D., Desert, Navy Item: 5384 Tactical Shortsleeve V-Neck Sizes: S-XXXL Colors: White, Black Item: 5084 Tactical Longsleeve Loose Fit Sizes: S-XXXL Colors: White, Black, MOD, Desert, Navy Item: 5385 Warm Up Jacket Taslan nylon outershell Reflective stripping Cool mesh poly lining, hook & loop/elastic wrist closures 2 Pockets Sizes: S-2XL S-XL (Army) (USMC) 2XL (Army) (USMC) Warm Up Pants Taslan nylon outershell Reflective stripping Warm poly/cotton lining,elastic/drawstring waistband, zipper elastic bottom cuff Sizes: S-2XL S-XL (Army) (USMC) 2XL (Army) (USMC) Running Vest w/ Fluorescent Lime Reflective Trim 1 1 /2 reflective stripes on front and back More reflective tape than any other running vest on the market Elastic/ hook & loop closure Sewn-In ID Tag Sizes: Large, XL Item: Type: 4313 Orange/Lime stripes 4314 White mesh/white stripes 4316 Lime mesh/white stripes 4317 Blue mesh/white stripes White Black Marine OD Desert Navy Tactical Full T-Shirt Sizes: S-XXXL Colors: White, Black, MOD, Desert, Navy Item: 5039 Tactical Full T-Shirt V-Neck Sizes: S-XXXL Colors: White, Black Item: 5040 Back For More PT Gear, Sportswear, & Accessories Visit Us Online White White Black OD Desert SportBra Sizes: S-XXL Colors: White, Black, Desert, OD Item: 1216 Soffe Reflective PT T-Shirt with Dri-Release Features Dri-Release to wick away moisture Sizes: S-2XL Color: Gray Item: Size: M815APT Shortsleeve M835APT Longsleeve Reflex Extended Reflective Belt Can be seen for 1/4 mile Stretches to over 9 feet Item: LR Black Desert Marine OD Navy Tactical Leggings Sizes: S-XXXL Colors: Black, Marine OD, Desert, Navy, White Item: 5550 White Black Gray Long Compression Shorts Sizes: S-XXXL, Colors: White, Black, Gray Item: Soffe Reflective PT Short with Dri-Release Features Dri-Release to wick away moisture Sizes: S-2XL Color: Black Item: M044 High-Intensity Belt 2 gridded, fabric-backed tape for 360º day and night visibility Belt is 60 long Meets military requirements Item: (Lime), (Blue) Web:

92 92 T-Shirts ARMY STRONG United States Army Strong T-AR-4036 Skull Army Strong T-AR-4007 Steel Dragons (Chem Corps) T-AR-4026 Steel Dragons (Chem Corps) T-AR-4026 Front Left PATRIOTIC/SUPPORT BRANCH Airborne Death From Above T-AR-4029 United States Army Strong T-AR-4036 Airborne Death From Above T-AR-4029 Skull Army Strong T-AR-4007 Airborne Death From Above T-AR-4029 Steel Dragons (Chem Corps) T-AR-4026 Airborne Death From Above T-AR-4029 Steel Dragons (Chem Corps) T-AR-4026 Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

93 T-Shirts Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at 93 United States Army Strong T-AR-4036 Skull Army Strong T-AR-4007 Steel Dragons (Chem Corps) T-AR-4026 Steel Dragons (Chem Corps) T-AR-4026 WOMEN S Airorne Bombshell T-MIL-0007 Army Wife T-MIL-0006 Liberty & Justice T-CF-2001 Our Love Is Army Strong T-MIL-0002 CUSTOM DESIGNED T-SHIRTS AVAILABLE! Need a shirt for a special unit challenge or just want to customize your very own? We re here to help you design a t-shirt customized to your needs! Welcome Home Daddy T-MIL-0010 Welcome Home Daddy T-MIL-0010 My Dad is Army Strong T-MIL-0011 My Dad is Army Strong T-MIL-0011 CHILDREN S Web:

94 94 Hoods & Eyewear FOL DES SAND BLK OD BRWN OD BLK BLK GI Fleece Neck Gaiter Made in the U.S.A. Long Length Sizes: One Size fits all Colors: Black, Brown, Sand Sand: HAT-F/ Black: HAT-F/ Polypropylene Balaclava 100% Heavyweight polypropylene Adjustable eye opening Made in the USA Sizes: One Size fits all Colors: Foliage, OD, Brown, Black, Desert Item: 5510 BLK DES Under Armour Tactical Hood Form-fitting comfort on its own or beneath the helmet/headgear Full facial protection extends below the neck line Converts to neck gator, with drop chin for full ventilation Sizes: One Size fits all Colors: Desert, OD, Black Item: 5503 Goggles ACU Recon Wrap Use as sweatband, balaclava, neck gaiter, helmet liner, contour forming face cover, dew rag, goggle cover, etc. Size: One size fits all ACU-SO/10113; BLK-SO/10101 Sunglasses & Accessories TAN OD BLK ACU Multi-Wrap Stretchable polyester microfiber material, comfortable fit, multiple configurations Anti-static and Moisture Wicking Colors: ACU, Black, Tan and OD Tan: C/212-TAN, OD: C/212-OD, Black: C/212-BLK, ACU: C/212-ACU Wiley X SG-1 Converts from sunglasses to low-profile goggle Ballistic, anti-fog lenses Unique Ultra-Foam seals the eye orbits providing protection from extreme changes in temperature Includes clear lenses, soft case, temples and elastic strap. Item: EYE-W/SG1 Wiley X CQC Meets ANSI Z high velocity safety and MIL-PRF Vo ballistic standards Designed to be worn with NVG Converts into sunglasses Includes: smoke and clear lenses, soft bag, elastic strap, temples and cleaning cloth Item: EYE-W/491 POLARIZED GASCAN Extended wrapped frame Dual lens polaric ellipsoid geometry ANSI-Compliant UV Protection Item: EYE-OK/ FLAK JACKET XLJ Three-Point Fit Interchangeable lenses & nose pads Glare Reduction & UNOBTAINIUM lens coating ANSI-Compliant UV Protection Item: EYE-OK/ Vehicle Ops 2.4 mm Lenses Durable Face Padding Interchangeable Lenses ANSI-Compliant Mil Spec Fits over Glasses Color: Black Item: EYE-ESS/MCSR-BLK Advancer V-12 ANSI-Compliant Mil Spec 2.8mm ClearZone FC Lenses NVG-compatible Interchangeable lenses EYE-ESS/EAI-BKR 2 Lens Clear and gray lens, lens pod, speed sleeve, hard case EYE-ESS/EAI-BKS 3 Lens Clear, gray, yellow lenses, 2 lens pods, speed sleeve, soft case FLAK JACKET Frame Accessory Kits Each kit contains two sizes of nose pads and a pair of matching stem sleeves All components made of UNOBTAINIUM to increase grip with sweat Item: EYE-OK/ M FRAME STRIKE UV Protection Three-Point Fit Interchangeable lenses ANSI-Compliant Pro M Frame to maintain position Distortion free coverage Item: EYE-OK/ ESS Tactical XT Goggles 2.4mm ToughZone lenses Interchangeable lenses Soft face padding ANSI-Compliant Mil Spec Item: EYE-ESS/BK-TXT Profile NVG ANSI-Compliant Mil spec 2.8mm Clear Zone FC Lenses Night-vision compatible Extra-wide field of view Interchangeable lenses Foliage: EYE-ESS/MSR-FOL Tan: EYE-ESS/MSR-TAN M FRAME Frame Accessory Kits Instantly change the look of your M FRAME Each kit includes two temple sleeves and a nosepiece All components are made of Oakley UNOBTAINIUM Item: EYE-OK/ Fuel Cell Unobstructed peripheral view ANSI- Compliant Maximum clarity at all angles UV Protection Warm Gray: EYE-OK/ Polarized: EYE-OK/ Locust High-Impact Protection ANSI-Compliant Interchangeable Lenses Comfortably seals to face Compatible with helmet / vision systems Black: EYE-R/201, Foliage: EYE-R/211, Tan: EYE-R/221 Land Ops 2.4 mm Lenses Soft Face Padding ANSI-Compliant Mil Spec Fits over Glasses Hi-Flow Ventilation ClearZone Lens Coatings Foliage: EYE-ESS/MLR-FOL Tan: EYE-ESS/MLR-TAN RADAR RANGE Shooting Specific Optical Precision ANSI-Compliant Impact Resistance Glare Reduction Interchangeable lenses & nose pads Recommended specifically for shooting UV Protection Three-Point Fit Item: EYE-OK/ Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

95 Gloves & Goggles Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at 95 CALL FOR UNIT PRICING Speak with one of our sales representatives to see if you qualify for special pricing ACU Glove Liners FOL Cold Weather Gloves 70 grams of 3M Thinsulate Insulation Windproof Nylon outer shell Neoprene knuckle and thumb panel to maintain flexibility and mobility Grip Advantage Technology provides an excellent grip while maintaining dexterity Sizes: XS 2X Colors: Foliage Item: GL Glove Liner 75% Wool / 25% Nylon Sizes: 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 Olive Drab: GL-3819, Black: GL-3818 OD BLK GI Wool Glove Liners Made in U.S.A. Colors: OD, Black Sizes: 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 Item: GL-R/8418 FOL ACU All-Purpose Gloves Heat Resistant Double layered palm, reinforced fingertips Size: XS 2XL Colors: Foliage, ACU Foliage: GL-49701, ACU: GL Ice Eye Shields with 3 Lenses and Case 2.4 mm Lenses Extra-Wide Field of View Interchangeable Lenses ANSI-Compliant Mil Spec ToughZone Lenses 2x kit Clear, Smoke and Hi-Def Yellow Lenses Item: EYE-ESS/ICE-R FOL Combat Assault Gloves Injection-molded knuckle protector for impact and abrasion resistance. Lightweight, 100% Kevlar weave throughout for flame resistance and cut protection Colors: Foliage Item: GL-W/G232 FOL Tactical Assault Gloves Injection-molded knuckle protector for impact and abrasion resistance. Lightweight Nomex / Kevlar blend top, sleeve and inner lining for thermal and abrasion protection Colors: Foliage Item: GL-W/G216 UVEX XC Ballistic Combo Pack Adjustable length temples Ratcheting temples promoting custom fit and comfort Soft, flexible nose fingers Clear and grey antifog coated lenses Eyewear retainer, lens cleaner Soft pouch with belt loops Made in the USA Item: EYE-BD/UVEX-XC Sawfly Deluxe High-Impact Protection ANSI-Compliant Optically correct for unrestricted field-of-view Interchangeable Lenses U.S. Army Authorized Protective Eyewear List Black: EYE-R/201; Foliage: EYE-R/251; Tan: EYE-R/231 TAN OD BLK Double Lens Pack for XL-1 Goggles Changeable smoke and clear lenses Item: EYE-W/XL Wiley X Sunglasses Wraparound PT-3 Glasses ANSI-Compliant Mil spec 8 Base wraparound compatible with all helmets Includes: smoke and clear lenses, zipper top nylon case and cleaning cloth Item: EYE-W/PT-3-S BLK Special Forces Tactical Gloves Kevlar, extended cuffs Ergonomic cut/fit Non-skid material provides excellent grip Sizes: S 2X Colors: Tan, OD, BLK Tan: GL-R/3462T, OD: GL-R/3462OD, Black: GL-R/3461 Operator Military Tactical Gloves Kevlar provides cut resistance, heat and flash-protection Water-resistant ultra-thin kangaroo leather palms Cut-ring allows removal of index finger for trigger control Size: XS 2XL Colors: Black Item: GL-SOG750 BLK D-3A Black Leather Gloves Genuine Cowhide Leather Cotton Pull Closure Plastic Fastener Connecting Pairs at Wrist Strap Available Sizes: 2 6 Item: GL-R/3383 BLK All Weather Specialist Shooting and Duty Gloves Palms provide excellent grip and feel. Extreme-Grip sewn onto the palms and fingertips for trigger control Size: XS 2XL Colors: Black Item: GL-NS430 XL-1 Changeable Lens Goggles - Light Adjusting Lenses Zipper top nylon case Elastic strap Cleaning cloth Item: EYE-W/XL Brick - Polarized Smoke Lenses Removable facial cavity seal Soft case T-Peg plastic strap Leash cord Cleaning cloth Item: EYE-W/BRICK Web:

96 96 Wallets, Bags, & Map Cases Map Cases Protractors Map/Document Case Size: 13 x 11 x 5 Large main compartment with Velcro closure storm flap 3 Velcro closure front pockets and one zip pocket Concealed map pocket on backside with Velcro closure Adjustable padded shoulder strap and carry handle Item: ACU-F517 Folding Map Case Size: Folds compactly to 6½ x 11 Outer flap-covered pocket can hold your compass, GPS or cell phone Lots of pen and pencil slots Unfolds to map size (16½ x 20½ ) with clear cover for full view Full length covered zipper makes changing maps easy Adjustable nylon shoulder strap Item: Military Round Protractor 5 Diameter Scales: 1:25,000 1:50,000 1:100,000 Item: RM-07 Military Square Protractor 5 x 5 Scales: 1:25,000 1:50,000 1:100,000 Item: RM-21 Grid Scale Reader Coordinator 3½ x 4½ Multiple scales for foreign/enemy maps Item: RM-22 Rolled Map Case Double polished vinyl 22 x 16 twoside viewing Velcro, pen holder Green: GRN-R/029RG Black: BLK-R/029RB ACU: ACU-R/029RC Desert Camo: DC-R/029RD Grid Scale Plotter 4 x 4 Aid for speed, accuracy Simplified method of plotting & reading grid Item: RM-24 Fantractor Observer fan for artillery and mortar fire adjustment Item: RM-46 Passport/ID Holders & Wallets Army Military Symbols 7 x 6 Tracing Plate, Marines & Enemy included Item: RM-20 Dry-Cell M/D Waterproof Case Watertight/Submersible Cordura 1000D nylon fabric Write on front with dry-erase marker/grease pencil. Desert: , Black: Universal Belt Wallet Size: 3¾ x 5¾ Made of rugged pack cloth with oversized military zippers and adjustable side-release buckle Outside zippered compartment for ID or credit cards Item: Compasses & Accessories Compass Pouch Size: 4.5 x 4.5 Snap closure Item: ACU-F227 Metal Lensatic Compass Liquid Filled, gold lensatic compass Item: F-3922 G.I. Military Phosphorescent Lensatic Compass Brief exposure to external light charges Phosphorescent markings for night time use Aluminum frame and waterproof housing Magnifying lens, sight wire and dial graduations in degrees and mils Includes carrying pouch, lanyard and belt clip Item: 415 Binoculars Tactical Wallet/Organizer 600 denier polyester MOLLE-compatible Compartments and pockets for storage of passport, pens, etc. Removable Velcro USA flag patch ACU: ACU-F827 ACU Arm and Ankle Wallet with ID Pouch Size: 17.5 x 3.5 Made of 600 Denier Polyester camo material Removable Cell Phone Pouch Exterior Clear ID Window Interior Concealed Zippered Compartment Fits around ankle or arm to carry cell phone, ipod, currency, or keys. ACU: ACU-M/9908 Mission Ready ID/Passport Holder One large ID window Velcro for name or rank Numerous inner pockets Detachable neck lanyard with quickrelease cord lock for position adjustment BLK-F61, ACU-F67 A. 7 x 35mm Black Binoculars Binoculars, with case Item: EYE-R/10257 B. 10 x 50mm Wide Angle Binoculars Rubber Coated Black: EYE-R/10266 Camo: EYE-R/10271 A. 8 x 21mm Black Binoculars Compact Binoculars, with case Item: EYE-R/10280 B. 10 x 25mm Binoculars Compact Binoculars, with case Black: EYE-R/10285 Camo: EYE-R/10282 Blood Type Key Chain Quick release snaphook Hook & loop attachment strap Specify blood type Coyote: Foliage: FG-C/214 Passport Holder / Neck Wallet Size: 6 x 5 closed, and 11¾ x 5 Lots of zipper and open pockets for passport, tickets, ID, maps, money, etc. Hook and loop closure Adjustable neck cord Hides underneath your shirt or jacket Item: Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

97 Tactical Gear & Medical Bags 97 Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at Planners & Padfolios Face Paint Compacts ACU ABU Our Day Planners and Padfolios are made of 600 Denier Polyester camo, available in ACU or ABU patterns. A. Business Card Holder Size: 4½: high x 6½ wide (open) Interior business card/credit card pockets Exterior card slot Includes notepad & pen ACU: ACU-M8192, ABU: ABU-M8192 B. Small Day Planner Size: 8 x 5 x 1 3 Interior slash pockets Notepad 6 Ring Binder with Time Mgt. Pages ACU: ACU-M7613, ABU: ABU-M7613 A. Business Card Holder B. Small Day Planner C. Large Day Planner C. Large Day Planner Size: 9 x 7 x 1 Includes 3-ring binder fully stocked with planner pages & sections Multiple storage slots ACU: ACU-M8615, ABU: ABU-M8615 D. Junior Padfolio Size: 9½ high x 12¼ wide (open) Interior slash pocket and one business card slot Includes 5 x 7 writing pad and pen holder ACU: ACU-M8525, ABU: ABU-M8525 E. Padfolio Size: 12¼ high x 19¼ wide (open) Interior slash pocket for legal size papers Pen holder 4 Small slash pockets for accessories ACU: ACU-M6610, ABU: ABU-M6610 Five-Color Woodland/ Grey Bark Camo Compact Dozens of camo combinations - Create any pattern Colors: Black, Olive, Brown, Light Green & Grey Item: 8205 G.I. All-Purpose Camo Compact 4 colors: Light green, Loam, White and Sand Current issue, U.S. made Compact comes with mirror Item: 8206 D. Junior Padfolio E. Padfolio F. Deluxe Zippered Padfolio Field Watch Nylon/Leather Velcro Strap Water Resistant Color: OD Item: SWW-11 OD Watches F. Deluxe Zippered Padfolio Size: 13¼ high x 20 wide(open) Outside slash pocket 5 Credit card slots 2 slash pockets Mesh ID window Zip storage pocket Large gusseted storage pocket Includes 8.5 x 11 writing pad and Elastic pen loop ACU: ACU-M7526, ABU: ABU-M7526 Lawman Watch All black, tactical watch Precision quartz Japanese movement Lightweight nylon/velcro band Electronic backglow for night vision Date Color: Black Item: SWW-11B-GLOW G.I. 3-Color Woodland Camo Face Paint Compact Colors: Black, Olive and Tan. Non-breakable. Current issue, U.S. made, compact comes with mirror Item: 8207 First Aid Kits G.I. Type ACU Digital Camo 3-Color Compact Colors: Desert Sand, Urban Grey, Foliage Green ACU Digital Camo Case with Mirror Item: 9107 Ranger Watch Swiss Movement Quartz Battery Luminous Dial Individually Boxed Item: Color: 8408 Black 8407 OD Squad Leader Watch Stainless Steel Case Nylon Band Quartz Battery French Movement Luminous Dial Item: 8405 General Purpose First Aid Kit High Impact Olive Drab Plastic Case With Moisture Resistant Gasket Case Measures 7 1/2 X 4 1/2 X 2 3/4 Contains Top Quality Essential First Aid Items Made In The U.S.A. Item: 8335 Narrow Watchband Item: Color: 8437 Black 8436 OD Military Watch 3 Changeable straps Gift set: Black face with Black, Desert & OD Bands Item: SWW-1464-BK OD Field Watch Quartz with battery Water Resistant Stainless Steel Back Metal Frame Item: 4104 Wide Watchband Made in the USA of Heavy Nylon One Size Fits All Crystal Cover w/ Velcro closure ACU: 38-17, Black: 38-11, OD: 38-10, Tan: Large M.O.L.L.E. First Aid Pouch Made of rugged synthetic material Contains assortment of bandages, wipes, swabs, sterile pads and gauzes, first aid instruction sheet Black: F BLK; ACU: F ACU Web:

98 98 Hydration Packs & Accessories CB FOL BLK BLK ACU MLT CAM DES ACU BLK ACU MLT CAM Camelbak ThermoBak 3L Closed cell insulation and neoprene tube cover keeps water cool or warm for hours. Capacity: 100 oz. (3 L) Size: 18.5 x 10 x 1 Volume: Including Water cu. in. (3 L) Weight: Empty lbs, Filled lbs. Coyote: 60303, Foliage: 60430, Black: 60304, ACU: 60302, Multicam: Camelbak ThermoBak Omega Capacity: 100 oz. (3 L) Size: 18.5 x 8 x 4 Volume: Cargo Only - N/A Including Water cu. in. (2 L) Weight: Empty lbs., Filled lbs. Black: 71000, Desert Camo: Chameleon Size: 21 x 9 x 1 Vol: 189 cubic inches 600 Denier Polyester with vinyl backing 100 oz. Reservoir PC connector set Insulated tube with valve cover Item: ACU-M9971 Hydration Carrier Holds most size bladders Metal grommet drain holes Wear as hydration pack or remove harness and stow it in its own pouch Attach carrier to your pack Back of carrier holds universal pouch Black: BLK , ACU: ACU , Multicam: HC-008 CB FOL BLK ACU MLT CAM FOL BLK ACU MLT CAM FOL BLK BLK ACU MLT CAM Camelbak Motherlode Main compartment with zippered mesh pocket and divided organizer Air Channel back panel and lumbar support. Capacity: 100 oz. (3 L) Size: 19 x 13 x 8 Volume: Cargo cu. in. (35.1 L) Total Volume cu. in. (38.1 L) Weight: Empty lbs, Filled lbs Coyote , Foliage: 74050, Black: 74000, ACU: 60309, Multicam: Camelbak BFM Main compartment with dual organizer, safety kit pocket for first aid, side pockets for MRE s or ammo, and zippered slat pocket for maps. Capacity: 100 oz. (3 L)Size: 21 x 13 x 10 Volume: Cargo only cu in. (41.8 L) Including water cu in. (44.7 L) Weight: Empty lbs., Filled lbs Foliage: 60062, Black: 60135, ACU: 60422, Multicam: Camelbak H.A.W.G. Any-size antenna port Multiple MOLLE/ PAL attach points Add/remove nametags and unit badges Closed cell insulation and neoprene tube cover keeps water cool for hours. Capacity: 100 oz. (3 L) Size: 19 x 12 x 6 Volume: Cargo Only cu. in. (18 L) Filled cu. in. (20.9 L) Weight: Empty lbs., Filled lbs. Foliage: 60434, Black: Camelbak M.U.L.E. Add/remove nametags/unit badges with integrated Velcro strips Secure storage pockets organize essentials Capacity: 100 oz. (3 L) Size: 18.5 x 10 x 5 Volume: Cargo Only 540 cu. in. (8.84 L) With Water 720 cu. in. (11.8 L) Weight: Empty 1.81 lbs. (0.82 kg) Filled 8.06 lbs. (3.65 kg) Black: 72000, ACU: 60306, Multicam: Camel Clip Attaches tube to clothing or strap Item: Hydration Accessories Cleaning Brush Kit Reservoir brush & tube brush Item: G1 1 Qt Plastic Canteen US Made BPA Free Color: Black OD: 604 Black: 606 Hydrolink Tube Kit Change out your delivery tube easily by snapping in a replacement delivery tube into the port on your reservoir. Tan: 90472, Black: HL Bite Valve Snaps into HydroLock Big Bite Valve - just bite and sip Works with CamelBak systems Black: Cleaning Tablets 8 tablets per box. Easy to use, works in minutes Keeps reservoir taste-free and odor-free Item: Bite Valve Cover Keeps Bite Valve clean and protects against extreme weather conditions. Tan: 60120, Black: Canteen Covers Pile line interior Two side locks Velcro pocket for water tabs, drain hole Item: Size: ACU-F One Quart ACU-F Two Quart Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256) BLK ACU Compact Hydration Backpack Large main compartment, one outside pocket with inside accessory pockets Hydration pocket with Velcro closure and carrying handle 2.5L bladder M.O.L.L.E. attach points on front Expandable design Fully adjustable straps Size: 17 x 8 x 5 Black: BLK-F351, ACU: ACU-F357

99 Bags & Packs 99 Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at Computer Bags ACU Molle 3-Day Pack Size: 20 x 15 x 9 Rugged synthetic material to government spec Large main compartment with double zipper pulls, hydration pocket and front zippered pocket Fully adjustable/ padded shoulder straps and waist belt Numerous MOLLE attach-ment points Item: ACU-F447 ACU ABU Cargo Rucksack Size: 20 x 14 x 7½ Vol: 2100 cubic inches Large main compartment with drawstring Front accessory pocket Side zipper pocket Side mesh water bottle holder Back support belt with parachute clasps Item: ACU-M9974, ABU-M9974 ACU ABU ACU Computer Backpack Size: 13.5 x 16 x 8 Vol: 1728 cubic inches 600 D Polyester Front zipper organizer Two side zipper gusset pockets Large padded main compartment Zipper mesh and accessory pockets in dome Detachable/adjustable shoulder strap with luggage tag Item: ACU-M9980; ABU-M9980 Wheeled Laptop Computer Case Size: 16 x 13¼ x 6 Zippered file gusset and mesh pockets Side zipper padded pouch for easy access Telescopic handle with inline skate wheels Antique brushed silver hardware Back zippered pocket Luggage tag Detachable adjustable shoulder strap Item: ACU-M2164 ACU ABU Tac Pac with Bladder Size 20½ x 15 x 7¾ - 12¾ Vol: 3920 cubic inches Large expandable main compartment Hydrapack reservoir Organizer pocket MOLLE loops Reinforced handles Item: ACU-M9978, ABU-M9978 ACU ABU Stretch Backpack Size: 20½ x 15 x 7¾ - 12¾ Vol: 3920 cubic inches Large expandable main compartment Organizer pocket Side parachute clasps Back support belt with parachute clasps Item: ACU-M9979, ABU-M9979 ACU ABU ACU Alice Packs Computer Messenger Size: 17½ x 12¼ x 6 Vol: 1286 cubic inches Padded Nylon lined main compartment with dual zippers and flap LLE loopswith main compartment and flap Three removeable accessory pouches File and organizer pocket with dual zippers Removeable padded computer case ACU: ACU-M9968, ABU: ABU-M9968 GE Alice Pack Frame Fits all LC-1 packs Item: 2255 LC-1 ALICE Pack Frame Military Spec Black frame with ACU pad and straps Item: ACU-F017 TAN OD Medium BLK ACU Small Medium Modular Assault Pack II Size: 19 x 12 x 10 External side compression straps Heavy-Duty carry and drag handle Double zipper pulls on all compartments for easy access Heavy weight webbing over the entire pack for modular attachments Compression molded back panel Unit Weight: 3lbs Color: O.D., Black, Coyote Tan, ACU Tan: C/129-TAN, OD: C/129-OD, Black: C/129-BLK, ACU: C/129-ACU Compact MOLLE Style Assault Pack Size: 17 x 9 x 7.5 Tan: C/126-TAN, OD: C/126-OD, Black: C/126-BLK, ACU: C/126-ACU Large Medium Medium ACU Transport Bag Size: 18 x 10 x 10 Made of rugged synthetic material to rigid government specs Accepts MOLLE of ALICE pack components Hydration system compatible Large main compartment Three additional pockets and storage compartments Adjustable padded shoulder straps Item: ACU-F427 Large ACU Transport Bag Size: 19 x 15 x 8 Item: ACU-F437 Medium ACU Alice Pack Size: 20 x 19 x 11 Made of rugged synthetic material Large main compartment, 3 outside pockets Adjustable shoulder straps Item: ACU-F347T Web: Small ACU Alice Pack Size: 14½ x 12 x 7 Made of rugged synthetic material Large main compartment, 3 outside pockets Adjustable shoulder straps Item: ACU-F147T Large ACU Alice Pack Size: 22 x 20 x 19 Made of rugged synthetic material Large main compartment, 6 outside pockets For use with LC-1 frame Item: ACU-F517T

100 100 Bags & Packs Giant Duffle Bag with Backpack Straps Size: 31 x 15 x 15 Vol: 6975 cubic inches Made of 600 Denier Polyester w/ vinyl backing Main compartment with U shaped zippered opening Hideaway backpack straps Zipper front pocket Two end handles ACU: ACU-M9931, ABU: ABU-M9931 ACU ABU Mini-Monster Bag ACU ABU with 3 Wheel System Size: 31 x 17 x 13 Vol: 6851 cubic inches Large main packing compartment Padded exterior Reinforced handles Internal compartment divider and mesh pocket Zip-off exterior accessory bag Protective corner guards and feet/skids ACU: ACU-M9933, ABU: ABU-M9933 Modular Deployment Bag Size: 6 H x 12 W x 5.5 D Adjustable & removable shoulder strap Web carrying handle Unit Weight: 1lbs Modular attachment strap Color: ACU, Black, Coyote Tan Tan: TAN-C/127, OD: OD-C/127, Black: BLK-C/127, ACU: ACU-C/127 TAN OD Knee & Elbow Pads BLK ACU ACU ABU ACU Locker Bag Size: 21 x 11¼ x 10 Vol: 2362 cubic inches Made of 600 Denier Polyester w/ vinyl backing Large main compartment with two zippered pockets Front zipper pocket with mesh pocket inside Detachable shoulder strap ACU: ACU-M9905, ABU: ABU-M9905 TAN BLK ACU Tactical Response Bag Size: 9½ H x 13 W x 4 D Main compartment with removable divide Multiple pockets including Padded removable shoulder strap Universal Holster (UH1) included Tan: TAN-C/136, Black: BLK-C/136, ACU: ACU-C/136 Elbow Pads Elbow Pads Knee Pads Knee Pads ACU Elbow Pads / Knee Pads Elbow Pad Size: 7.75 x 5.5 Knee Pad Size: 9.5 x 7.25 Made of rugged synthetic material Padded with high density neoprene foam Flexible and durable caps Item: Type: ACU-F997 Elbow ACU-F987 Knee ACU Elbow Pads / Knee Pads Item: Type: ACU-A53010 Elbow ACU-A50413 Knee Multicam Accessories Multicam Gadget Pouch Size: 5½ H x 4 W x 2½ D Genuine Crye Precision Multicam material MULTI-C/MA Multicam Utility Pouch Size: 4½ H x 8½ W x 3½ D Genuine Crye Precision Multicam material MULTI-C/MA8-008 Multicam EMT Pouch Size: 7 H x 5 W x 2½ D Genuine Crye Precision Multicam material MULTI-C/MA Multicam Delux Universal Vest Wearer configures placement of pouches and accessories Fully adjustable Double D ring attachment points on each shoulder Side-release buckles Built-in shoulder pads with rifle butt stabilizer ribs Two inside zippered pockets Rear grab strap Adjustable keepers Hook-N-Loop ID patch panel Inside comfort mesh lining Multicam Multicam 3-Way Deployment Bag Size: 11½ L x 5½ W x 6 T Sewn web carry handle Rear universal attachment straps Removable, adjustable nylon shoulder strap 2 side zipper accessory pouches Adjustable compression straps Multicam Multicam Single M4 Mag Pouch Size: 7¼ H x 3½ W x 2 D Genuine Crye Precision Multicam material Fits two M4/M16 mags MULTI-C/MA5-008 Multicam Drop Leg Platform Genuine Crye Precision Multicam material MULTI-C/MA1-008 Multicam Double M4 Mag Pouch Size: 7¼ H x 7 W x 2 D Genuine Crye Precision Multicam material Fits two M4/M16 mags each pouch MULTI-C/MA4-008 Helmet Band & Name Tapes Multicam Double M4/M16 Open Top Mag Pouch w/bungee System Size: 6¼ H x 8¼ W x ¾ D Adapts to any universal vest, belt, or platform Holds 2 30-round M4/M16 magazines Multicam Multicam Dump Pouch Size: 9 W x 9 T x 2 D Attaches to universal vest, platform or range bag Great for stashing extra mags Inner full sized compartment w/ Drawstring extended collar Multicam Multicam 100 Round M240 Ammo Pouch Size: 9 H x 6¾ W x 3 D Adapts to universal vest, belt, or platform Removable Snap-In hand slot Hook-N-Loop flap cover with quick-open assist tab Multicam Multicam Accessories NOW Available! Visit Us Online Multicam Helmet Band w/cat Eyes HELMET BAND-05 Multicam Name Tape With Fastener EMB-194 U.S. Army Tape Without Fastener EMB-194C Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

101 Carabiners Rappelling Equipment 101 Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at Rigger Belts Silver D Carabiner High strength aluminum alloy 5500lb. test Silver finish Size: 4.25 Item: 377 Locking D Carabiner Aluminum Weight: 80G Breaking Strength: 27KN Gate Opening: 16MM Meets CE & UIAA Spec Item: 276 COY DES FOL OD COY DES FOL OD Black Rescue Figure 8 Ring Crafted of Aluminum Alloy NFPA Compliant Hardcoated for durability Item: 275 Rescue Figure 8 Ring Aluminum Alloy Hardcoated for durablility Weight: 212G Accommodates two ropes up to 5/8 Breaking Strength: 10,000lbs Item: 375 D Climbing Carabiner Aluminum Weight: 70G Breaking Strength: 27KN Gate Opening: 20MM Meets CE & UIAA Specs Item: 277 Hydration Equipment Page 82 NAVY BLK Military Belt for BDU Pants Metal cargo buckle/hook fastener closure Heavy Duty 1 3/4 Nylon. Fully Adjustable. Sizes: S(27-31) M(31-35) L(35-39) XL(39-43) Coyote Brown: Belt-ES, Desert Tan: Belt-AS, Foliage: Belt-BS, OD: Belt-DS, Navy: Belt-FS Black: Belt-CS NAVY BLK Military Rigger s Belt Mil-Spec Buckle and D ring tie-in anchor point Strong 1.75 nylon webbing 8,000 lb. tensile strength Heat-sealed - eliminates unraveling Made in the USA - Guaranteed for Life! Sizes: S(27-31) M(31-35) L(35-39) XL(39-43) Coyote Brown: Rigger-F, Desert Tan: Rigger-A, Foliage: Rigger-B, OD: Rigger-E, Navy: Rigger-D, Black: Rigger-C Harnesses, Rappelling Rope, & Paracord ACU & ABU Items 550 Paracord Available in 50, 100, 300, or 1000 Item: Type: Foliage Sand Foliage Sand Foliage Sand Foliage Sand More tactical and rappelling equipment available. Visit us online to view our full selection. ACU ABU Drawstring Backpack Size: 16 x denier polyester camo material with double vinyl coating for durability Drawstring closure Reflective strip on the front for visibility and safety ACU: ACU-M9913 ABU: ABU-M9913 Assortment of Bags & Packs Available in both ACU & ABU! See pages SWAT/Ranger Rappelling Rope Top quality static rope High tensile strength nylon cord U.S. Made 7/16 Diameter 9000 lb. Test Length: 150 feet Exceeds OSHA, ANSI and NFPA Standards Item: 279 Full Body Harness A lightweight, full body harness with two attachment points Fully adjustable harness Used for ropes courses, outdoor programs, rescue and industrial work Item: 267 ACU ABU ACU Tri-Fold Wallet 600 denier polyester camo Multiple storage pockets and compartments ACU or ABU pattern ACU: ACU-M1109, ABU: ABU-M1109 For a Selection of Wallets & Passport Holders See page 92 Full Finger Rappelling Gloves Provide great warmth and protection Reinforced suede palms for rappel protection Foam padded back & knuckles for debris & combat Sizes: S 2XL Item: GL-R/3451 Tactical Reactor Half-Finger Rappelling Gloves Half fingered gloves allow for maximum control and sensitivity when the full-finger version is not required Size: S 2XL Color: Black Item: GL-LR10 ACU BLK Triple Panel Pouch Size: 8¼ x denier polyester MOLLE compatible Consists of 3 affixed pouches - single mag and two utility pouches ACU: ACU-F837, Black: BLK-F832 Wide Variety of Pouches & Weapon Bags. Visit us on the web at: Web:

102 102 Knives & Weapon Accessories Full Selection of Knives and Multi-Tools online at Columbia River M21 3 Knife 3 Knife with Clip. Straight Edge, Serrated Item: KNF-CR/M21-12 Columbia River M16 Desert Tactical Knife Overall length: Desert Tactical Knife with Clip Item: KNF-CR/M16-14ZSF Special Forces Knife w/dual & Tanto Blades Blade Length: 3.5 Overall Length: 8.25 Weight: 4 oz. Tanto blades offer maximum strength Item: KNF-CR/M16-13SFG Spyderco Tenacious Knife Blade length: 3.39 Overall length: Plain Edge, Folding Blade. Item: C122GP SOG SEAL Knife 2000 Partially Serrated Edge Blade Length: 7 Overall Length: Weight: 12.6oz. Item: KNF-SOG/S37 Lansky Easy Grip Knife Sharpener Sharpens in seconds Precision v-shaped tungsten carbide sharpener Ergonomic grip Finger guard and thumb grip Item: 3241 SOG Field Pup Stainless Knife Fixed Blade Straight Edge Blade Length: 4 Overall Length: 8.5 Weight: 4oz. Item: KNF-SOG/FP3 SOG SEAL Pup Knife Fixed Blade, Serrated Edge Blade Length: 4.75 Overall Length: 9 Weight: 5.4oz. Item: KNF-SOG/M37 Gun Cleaning Kits & Bags HRT Boot Knife - Smith & Wesson Black dual edge Non-serrated blade Handle: Aluminum Blade length: 4.92 Overall length: 9.13 Item: KNF-SW/SWHRT9B KA-BAR/Dozier Folders Dozier Folding Hunter s Knife with Thumb Notch Item: KNF-KB/ M-16 Cleaning Kit Snap closure Includes metal keeper Color: ACU Item: 5421 KA-BAR Foliage Fighting Knife Slip-resistant oval-shaped handle Fixed Blade Straight Edge comes with Hard Plastic Sheath Item: Description: Price: KNF-KB/5011 Foliage, Non-Serrated KNF-KB/5012 Foliage, Serrated M.A.G.I.C. Military Police Smith & Wesson Knife Assisted opening Integrated glass breaker Slide safety lock Pocket clip Item: KNF-SW/SWMP1BS Multi-Tools M-16 Softpack Gun Cleaning Kit Kit includes: Memory-Flex cleaning rods, sollid brass slotted tips, 100% cotton cleaning patches, bore brushes, and all-in-one cleaner, lubricant & preservative, brass scraper tool set, lens cleaner, tissues and mohair lens brush Instruction booklet & mini CD-Rom included Item: FG Leatherman Micra 420HC Clip Point Knife Extra-Small Screwdriver Medium Screwdriver Flat Phillips Screwdriver Spring-Action Scissors Nail File/Cleaner Bottle Opener Ruler Tweezers Stainless Steel Key Ring Attachment Item: KNF-LT/ SOG Paratool Straight, Serrated Blade 3-Sided File Small, Medium, Large/Phillips Screwdrivers Awl Bottle/Can Opener Wire Cutter Item: KNF-SOG/B31 Mag Shooter s Bag Size: 11 x 10 x 6.5 Large brass zippered main compartment Six outside pockets with snap closures Adjustable shoulder strap & carry handle Item: ACU-F647 Leatherman Charge Hard-anodized Aluminum Handles Needlenose Pliers Regular Pliers Wire Cutters Crimper 154CM Clip-point Knife Serrated Knife Scissors Saw Wood/Metal File Diamond-coated File Large Bit Driver Small Bit Driver Large Screwdriver 8 Double-ended Bits Ruler (8 inch/19 cm) Bottle/Can Opener Wire Stripper Fixed Lanyard Ring Quick-release Lanyard Ring Removable Pocket Clip Length: 4 in / 10 cm Weight: 8.3 oz / 235 g Item: KNF-LT/Charge AL Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)

103 Type: Output / Runtime: White LED High 19.2 lumens for 6.2 hrs Mid 5.0 lumens for 28 hrs Low 1.4 lumens for 48 hrs Blue LED High 2.5 lumens for 20 hrs Mid 0.8 lumens for 48 hrs Low 0.3 lumens for 96 hrs Surefire Tan HL1 Helmet Light Durable glass-filled nylon polymer and neoprene O-ring sealed, watertight Two toggle switches and a pressure switch for total control White and Blue LEDs and infrared IFF LED beacon Battery: Single 123A lithium Tertiary IFF beacon: 1.72 mw/120 hrs Size: 2.2 x 2.6 x 1.3 Weight: 3.1 oz Item: FL-SURE/HL1 Flashlights 103 Prices for every item in this catalog can be found at Surefire G2 High Intensity Nitrolon Flashlight Max Output: 65 lumens Runtime: 60 minutes Length: 5.1 Weight: 4.1 oz Battery: Two 123A lithiums Black: FL-SURE/G2-BLK Headlamps 7 LED Headlamp Adjustable headstrap Variable 2, 5, or 7 LED illumination settings Waterproof LED bulb life of 100,000 hours Requires three AAA Cell batteries (included) Color: Black Item: BLK-F LED Headlamp Adjustable headstrap Variable constant & blinking light Wide beam & superbright 5 LED illumination Requires 2 AAA Batteries (not included) Color: Black Item: BLK-F Streamlight Stinger Piggy Back Charger Battery: Nickel-cadmium 3.6 Volt, 1.8 amp hour, sub-c; Rechargeable up to 1,000 times. Bulb: 3.7 Volt, 6 watt, xenon gas filled bi-pin; spare bulb in tailcap. Color: Black, Weight: 10 oz., Length: 7.4 Run Time: 1 hour of continuous use between charges. Candlepower: Up to 15,000 Special Features: AC, or 12V DC Item: Streamlight Twin-Task 1-Cell Lithium Battery: (1) 3 Volt lithium Run Time: Up to 9.5 hrs (3 LEDs) Bulb: Three 100,000-hour lifetime, high-intensity LED Color: Black Weight: 112 g Dimensions: 1.38 (D) x 4.09 (L) Item: TWIN-TASK1L For a full selection of Flashlights, Knives, & other Accessories, visit us online at: Field Equipment Pelican Light M6 Lithium Tested Lumen Value: 74, Watts: 7.8 Lamp Life: 120 hours, Run Time: 1 hour Batteries: 2 CR123 Lithium (included) Packaged with a free Cordura holster Color: Black Item: 2320C GI Anglehead Flashlight Safeguard switch Extra lenses and bulb 2 D-Cell Made in the USA. Black: FL-ROT/689; Camo: FL-ROT/690 Style: 935 and 9353T Item Cover & Page Color Size 935 Woodland Green 3 x 5 935T Desert Tan 3 x 5 Style: 946 and 946T Item Cover & Page Color Size 946 Woodland Green 4 x 6 946T Desert Tan 4 x 6 Streamlight Twin-Task 2-Cell Lithium Battery: (2) 3 Volt lithium Run Time: Up to 28 hours (3 LEDs) Bulb: Three 100,000-hour lifetime, high-intensity LED Color: Black, Weight: 152 grams Size: 1.34 (D) x 5.43 (L) Item: TWIN-TASK2L Surefire Red Filter for Flashlights 1.25 Diameter Bezel Produces a smooth beam of red light Useful for close range applications such as map reading Secondary Protection to Flashlight Lens Window Does not impair night vision Item: FL-SURE/FM35 NEBO CSI Redline Output: 220 Lumens Emergency Strobe Mode SOS Flash Mode Anodized aircraft grade aluminum weatherproof design 5 Lighting Modes: 100% White Light, 50% White Light, 10% White Light, SOS Mode or Emergency Strobe Adjustable beam Item: FL-NEBO/5599 NEBO CSI Edge Output: 35 Lumens Anodized aircraft grade aluminum water-resistant compact body deisgn Steel Clip Rear glow-in-the-dark button Rubber grip for non-slip grip Item: FL-NEBO/ R These all-weather pens write on wet paper and upside down in temperatures from -50F to 250F. Available with black, red, and blue ink. Item Description Ink Barrel NO37 Standard Pen Black Chrome / Plastic NO37R Refill (fits all) Black Metal NO47R Refill (fits all) Blue Metal NO57R Refill (fits all) Red Metal 37 For more Field/Tactical Equipment, See Pages Web:

104 104 Quick Reference The Supply Room 230 Supply Room Road Oxford, AL RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED PAGES CSIB & UNIT CRESTS CUSTOMER # PAGES MEDALS & RIBBONS CONNECT WITH US ONLINE PAGES MILITARY TACTICAL GEAR Facebook Twitter YouTube Pinterest Blog ACU Sew-On Skill Badges ACU Sew-On Rank Aviator Senior Aviator Master Aviator Aircraft Crewman Senior Aircraft Crewman Master Aircraft Crewman Parachutist Combat Parachutist 1st Awd Combat Parachutist 2nd Awd Combat Parachutist 3rd Awd Combat Parachutist 4th Awd Senior Parachutist Senior Combat Parachutist 1st Awd Senior Combat Parachutist 2nd Awd Senior Combat Parachutist 3rd Awd Senior Combat Parachutist 4th Awd Master Parachutist Master Combat Parachutist 1st Awd Master Combat Parachutist 2nd Awd Master Combat Parachutist 3rd Awd Combat Action Badge Air Assault Expert Infantry Combat Infantry Combat Infantry 2nd Awd Combat Infantry 3rd Awd Expert Field Medical Combat Medical 1st Awd SWV-301 SWV-302 SWV-303 SWV-304 SWV-305 SWV-306 SWV-307 SWV-307A SWV-307B SWV-307C SWV-307D SWV-308 SWV-308A SWV-308B SWV-308C SWV-308D SWV-309 SWV-309A SWV-309B SWV-309C SWV-312 SWV-313 SWV-314 SWV-315 SWV-316 SWV-316A SWV-317 SWV-318 Combat Medical 2nd Awd Combat Medical 3rd Awd Pathfinder Scuba Career Counselor Drill Instructor EOD Senior EOD Master EOD Flight Surgeon Senior Flight Surgeon Master Flight Surgeon National Guard Basic Recruiter National Guard Senior Recruiter National Guard Master Recruiter Para Rigger Wings USA Basic Recruiter USA Senior Recruiter USA Master Recruiter Diver 1st Class Diver 2nd Class Salvage Diver Master Diver Halo Badge Senior Halo Badge Master Halo Badge Special Ops Diver Special Ops Diving Supervisor SWV-319 SWV-319A SWV-320 SWV-321 SWV-322 SWV-324 SWV-325 SWV-326 SWV-327 SWV-328 SWV-329 SWV-330 SWV-331 SWV-332 SWV-333 SWV-334 SWV-335 SWV-336 SWV-336A SWV-337 SWV-338 SWV-339 SWV-340 SWV-341 SWV-342 SWV-343 SWV-346 SWV-347 Blank Private Private 1st Class Corporal Spec 4th Class Sergeant Staff Sgt Sgt 1st Class Master Sgt 1st Sgt Sgt Major Cmd Sgt Major Warrant Officer 1 Warrant Officer 2 Warrant Officer 3 SVR-100 SVR-101 SVR-102 SVR-103 SVR-104 SVR-105 SVR-106 SVR-107 SVR-108 SVR-109 SVR-110 SVR-111 SVR-112 SVR-113 SVR-114 Warrant Officer 4 Warrant Officer 5 2nd Lieutenant 1st Lieutenant Captain Major Lt Colonel Colonel Brig General Maj General Lt General General OCS WOC NEW ACU SEW-ON RANK & SKILL BADGES SVR-115 SVR-115A SVR-116 SVR-117 SVR-118 SVR-119 SVR-120 SVR-121 SVR-122 SVR-123 SVR-124 SVR-125 SVR-130 SVR-131 Now your choice of sew-on or hook & loop insignia. For all insingia, please visit us at: Phone Order: (800) (256) Fax Order: (800) (256)



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Requests by Intake and Case Status Period. Intake 1 Case Review 6

Requests by Intake and Case Status Period. Intake 1 Case Review 6 Number of Form I-821D,Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, by Fiscal Year, Quarter, Intake and Case Status Fiscal Year 2012-2018 (March 31, 2018) Requests by Intake and Case Status

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SGS ACCUTEST STATE CERTIFICATIONS, ACCREDITATIONS, AND PERMITS BY STATE Alaska UST-103 5/4/2017 Dayton, NJ Alaska UST-088 8/21/2017 Orlando, FL Arizona AZ0786 9/9/2017 Dayton, NJ Arizona AZ0769 7/12/2017 Houston, TX Arkansas 16-027-0 3/28/2017 Houston, TX Arkansas 16-050-0

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Statistical Report of State Park Operations:

Statistical Report of State Park Operations: National Association of State Park Directors Statistical Report of State Park Operations: 2011-2012 Annual Information Exchange for the Period July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012 Prepared for the National

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Approved FY 2002 Waivers (42**) (10)

Approved FY 2002 Waivers (42**) (10) Summary of Requests to Waive 7 CFR 273.24 Pending FY 2003 Waivers (1) Approved FY 2003 Waivers (43*) Approved FY 2002 Waivers (42**) No Current Waivers (9) Indian Reservations (10) Maine Alabama*** Nevada

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Q1 Arrival Statistics. January-March 2015

Q1 Arrival Statistics. January-March 2015 Q1 Arrival Statistics January-March 2015 Q1 Total Air Arrivals Visitor Expenditure The average per person expenditure increased by $278 vs. Q1 2014. Overall this increase in spend contributed over $6M

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Obtaining Licensing & Certification Testing Fee Reimbursement From the Department of Veterans Affairs

Obtaining Licensing & Certification Testing Fee Reimbursement From the Department of Veterans Affairs Obtaining Licensing & Certification Fee Reimbursement From the Department of Veterans Affairs What is this? The information in this packet summarizes a new program instituted by the VA in March of 2001.

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IAEE s Annual Meeting & Exhibition Los Angeles CA

IAEE s Annual Meeting & Exhibition Los Angeles CA Expo! Expo! IAEE s Annual Meeting & Exhibition 2014 EVENT AUDIT DATES OF EVENT: Conference: December 9 11, 2014 Exhibits: December 9 10, 2014 LOCATION: Los Angeles CA EVENT PRODUCER/MANAGER: Company Name:

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1. STATEMENT OF MARKET SERVED Corporate exhibit, event and trade show managers and suppliers to the exhibition industry.

1. STATEMENT OF MARKET SERVED Corporate exhibit, event and trade show managers and suppliers to the exhibition industry. EVENT AUDIT DATES OF EVENT: Conference: February 25 March 1, 2018 Exhibits: February 26 28, 2018 LOCATION: Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas EVENT PRODUCER/MANAGER: Company Name: Hall-Erickson,

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U.S. CIVIL AIRMEN STATISTICS Calendar Year 1995 US Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration U.S. CIVIL AIRMEN STATISTICS Calendar Year 995 IfämMmt A ÄäBfSOVWJ fear psfcdiig mi&a&»s OteSr?,bratas. önjfeoltwl J9970If 3 I Office of

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Palo Alto University Pre-Completion Optional Practical Training for F-1 Students Information Sheet

Palo Alto University Pre-Completion Optional Practical Training for F-1 Students Information Sheet Palo Alto University Pre-Completion Optional Practical Training for F-1 Students Information Sheet Pre-Completion Optional Practical Training (OPT) is a work authorization benefit while you are an enrolled

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1. Where Should you Send your EB-2 NIW (National Interest Waiver) Petition Package:

1. Where Should you Send your EB-2 NIW (National Interest Waiver) Petition Package: How to File an EB-2 NIW (National Interest Waiver) Case To file an EB-2 NIW (National Interest Waiver) Case, you need to fill an I-140 form (Immigrant Petition for Alien Workers) and send the petition

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Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas. Address: 98 E. Chicago Avenue, Suite 201 Westmont IL Phone:

Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas. Address: 98 E. Chicago Avenue, Suite 201 Westmont IL Phone: EVENT AUDIT DATES OF EVENT: Conference: March 12 16, 2017 Exhibits: March 13 15, 2017 LOCATION: Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas EVENT PRODUCER/MANAGER: Company Name: Hall-Erickson, Inc. Address:

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MapInfo Routing J Server. United States Data Information

MapInfo Routing J Server. United States Data Information MapInfo Routing J Server United States Data Information Information in this document is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment on the part of MapInfo or its representatives.

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AIS INSIGHT M AY ABOUT AIS INSIGHT AIS INSIGHT Keeping you up to speed on the latest statistics affecting your industry and your business. AIS InSight is a proprietary report created by American InfoSource using data derived

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Exhibition Attendance Certification for Expo! Expo! IAEM s Annual Meeting & Exhibition 2005

Exhibition Attendance Certification for Expo! Expo! IAEM s Annual Meeting & Exhibition 2005 Exhibition Attendance Certification for Expo! Expo! IAEM s Annual Meeting & Exhibition 2005 Date of Conference: November 29 December 1, 2005 Date of Exposition: November 30, 2005 Location: Atlanta, GA

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More information Q4 Arrivals and Statistics at December 31 st 2015 Q4 Arrivals and Statistics at December 31 st 2015 Q4 Arrivals and Statistics at December 31 st 1 Q4 Total Vacation Visitor Arrivals Q4 Arrivals Air - Vacation 23,770 23,125-2.7% -645 141,509 139,820-1.2% -1,689 Cruise 39,118 48,344 23.6% 9,226 355,880

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PROFILE OF MARKET SERVED: Audience Profile for Quarterly. Aircraft Maintenance Technology. Airport Business. Ground Support Worldwide.

PROFILE OF MARKET SERVED: Audience Profile for Quarterly. Aircraft Maintenance Technology. Airport Business. Ground Support Worldwide. ENDEAVOR ANALYTICS AUDIENCE PROFILE ENDEAVOR MEDIA, LLC 1233 Janesville Ave., Fort Atkinson, WI 53538 800.547.7377 For Period of April-June 2018 PROFILE OF MARKET SERVED: The

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17-Month STEM OPT Extension Request Form

17-Month STEM OPT Extension Request Form International Services for Students & Scholars Phone: 518.276.6561 Fax: 518.276.4839 17-Month STEM OPT Extension Request Form Name: RIN (Rensselaer ID Number): SEVIS ID# N Local Address: Phone: Degree

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IAEE s Annual Meeting & Exhibition International Association of Exhibitions and Events

IAEE s Annual Meeting & Exhibition International Association of Exhibitions and Events Expo! Expo! IAEE s Annual Meeting & Exhibition 2010 EVENT AUDIT DATES OF EVENT: Conference: December 7 9, 2010 Exhibits: December 8, 2010 LOCATION: New Orleans, LA EVENT PRODUCER/MANAGER: Company Name:

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Items to include in your final application packet to USCIS:

Items to include in your final application packet to USCIS: PREPARING THE APPLICATION PACKET FOR USCIS OPT EXTENSION CHECK LIST: 1. Sign the OPT Extension I-20. You keep the original. 2. Make a copy of OPT Extension I-20 for the USCIS. Items to include in your

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OPT Application. Optional Practical Training (OPT) Application Procedures

OPT Application. Optional Practical Training (OPT) Application Procedures Optional Practical Training (OPT) Application Procedures Step I Review the OPT Presentation on the OIS Website before Completing the Application Step II Submit the Following Documents to the Optional Practical

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CIM & Associates 2479 Murfreesboro Road Nashville, TN Tel: Fax:

CIM & Associates 2479 Murfreesboro Road Nashville, TN Tel: Fax: Alabama AL Arkansas AR Arizona AZ California CA (Northern) CA (Southern) Paine & Murray, Inc. 13300 Violet Lane Euless, TX 76040 Tel: 817-868-9584 Fax: 817-545-1312 Email: Intrex

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Political Event Recreational Event Federal Holiday ~ January 2012 ~ Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 2 New Year s Day (Federal Holiday) 5 -Progressive

Political Event Recreational Event Federal Holiday ~ January 2012 ~ Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 2 New Year s Day (Federal Holiday) 5 -Progressive Political Event Recreational Event Federal Holiday ~ January 2012 ~ 1 2 New Year s Day (Federal Holiday) 8 -Progressive Insurance New York Boat Show. New York City, NY Partners Outdoors 2012, Williamsburg,

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Curriculum Pacing Guide Grade/Course 5 Th Grade Geography Grading Period 1 st Nine Weeks

Curriculum Pacing Guide Grade/Course 5 Th Grade Geography Grading Period 1 st Nine Weeks 2013-2014 Curriculum Pacing Guide Grade/Course 5 Th Grade Grading Period 1 st Nine Weeks Time Frame Unit/ photographs, pictures, and tables to Locate and identify: Continents and Oceans -North America

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November 6, Washington, D.C Washington, D.C

November 6, Washington, D.C Washington, D.C November 6, 2017 The Honorable Paul Ryan The Honorable Nancy Pelosi Speaker Democratic Leader U.S. House of Representatives U.S. House of Representatives Washington, D.C. 20515 Washington, D.C. 20515 Dear

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A Nationwide View of State-Licensed Mortgage Entities Quarter I, II, III & IV

A Nationwide View of State-Licensed Mortgage Entities Quarter I, II, III & IV A Nationwide View of State-Licensed Mortgage Entities 2012 Quarter I, II, III & IV Updated January 31, 2013 Conference of State Bank Supervisors 1129 20 th Street, NW, 9 th Floor Washington, D.C. 20036-4307

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KEY BENEFITS STANDARD FEATURE(S) Easy to install Easy to clean White acrylic COMMON OPTIONS

KEY BENEFITS STANDARD FEATURE(S) Easy to install Easy to clean White acrylic COMMON OPTIONS Codes/Standards Applicable ANSI Z124.1.2 CSA B45 Series Whirlpool Bathtubs: UL1795 ASME A112.19.7 CSA C22.2. 218.2 CSA B45.10 KEY BENEFITS Ample deck space for faucet installation Flexible design to fit

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2010 Teacher Created Resources, Inc.

2010 Teacher Created Resources, Inc. Editor Heather Douglas Illustrator Kevin McCarthy Cover Artist Kevin Barnes Editor in Chief Ina Massler Levin, M.A. Creative Director Karen J. Goldfluss, M.S. Ed. Art Coordinator Renée Christine Yates

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The B&B Traveler Survey, September 2009

The B&B Traveler Survey, September 2009 The B&B Traveler Survey, September 2009 1. Besides price and location, what is most important to you when deciding where to stay: Doesn t matter to me Minor factor Nice to have Very

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Factory Direct made in the U.S.A. Catalog issue 425. Powell. Military supply inc.

Factory Direct made in the U.S.A. Catalog issue 425. Powell. Military supply inc. Factory Direct made in the U.S.A. Catalog issue 425 Powell Military supply inc. 1-800-598-9551 Fax: (423) 337-6448 Table of Contents MOLLE POUCHES 6 Other POUCHES 11 BAGS 13 Suspenders

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1400 K Street NW, Suite 801 Washington, DC (202) Fax (202)

1400 K Street NW, Suite 801 Washington, DC (202) Fax (202) 1400 K Street NW, Suite 801 Washington, DC 20005-2485 (202) 393-1500 Fax (202) 842-4063 FOREWORD GENERAL AVIATION is defined as all aviation other than commercial and military aviation. It

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IAEE s Annual Meeting & Exhibition Anaheim, CA

IAEE s Annual Meeting & Exhibition Anaheim, CA Expo! Expo! IAEE s Annual Meeting & Exhibition 2016 EVENT AUDIT DATES OF EVENT: Conference: December 6 8, 2016 Exhibits: December 6 7, 2016 LOCATION: Anaheim, CA EVENT PRODUCER/MANAGER: Company Name: International

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Published Counts TrafficMetrix

Published Counts TrafficMetrix Published Counts TrafficMetrix Contents Introduction... 1 TrafficMetrix Features... 1 TrafficMetrix Benefits... 1 TrafficMetrix Data... 1 File Descriptions... 2 State Abbreviations... 3 Count Type Glossary...

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Weekly Disaster Stats Update

Weekly Disaster Stats Update Weekly Disaster Stats Update The Weekly Disaster Stats Update is published every week on Tuesday. The product is meant to provide a snapshot of major disaster statistics throughout the calendar year to-date,

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California Craft Brewing: Future and Challenges. Bart Watson, PhD Chief Economist Brewers Association

California Craft Brewing: Future and Challenges. Bart Watson, PhD Chief Economist Brewers Association California Craft Brewing: Future and Challenges Bart Watson, PhD Chief Economist Brewers Association Zeroing in on Industry Challenges 1. All Beverage Alcohol 2. All Beer 3.

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If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us at MEDICARE ( ). Sincerely, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us at MEDICARE ( ). Sincerely, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Thank you for your recent request for the Patient s Request for Medical Payment form (CMS-1490S). Enclosed is the form, instructions for completing it, and where to return the form for processing. The

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USA Countr First Name Last Name Contact Phone Address City State Zip STATE

USA Countr First Name Last Name Contact Phone Address City State Zip STATE USA Countr First Name Last Name Contact Phone Address City State Zip STATE y Email Address Alabama IAC Acoustics Ted Marquis 614 561 9464 401 Airport Road North Aurora IL 60542 USA

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Census Affects Children in Poverty by Professors Donald Hernandez and Nancy Denton State University of New York, Albany

Census Affects Children in Poverty by Professors Donald Hernandez and Nancy Denton State University of New York, Albany Phone: (301) 457-9900 4700 Silver Hill Road, Suite 1250-3, Suitland, MD 20746 Fax: (301) 457-9901 Census Affects in Poverty by Professors Donald Hernandez and Nancy Denton State University of New York,

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Puerto Rican Entrepreneurship in the U.S.

Puerto Rican Entrepreneurship in the U.S. Puerto Rican Entrepreneurship in the U.S. Research Brief issued April 2017 By: Jennifer Hinojosa Centro RB2016-14 Puerto Rican entrepreneurs were the fastest growing business firms in the U.S. According

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CASINOS March pages ISBN# Published by Richard K. Miller & Associates

CASINOS March pages ISBN# Published by Richard K. Miller & Associates CASINOS 2009 March 2009 240 pages ISBN# 1-57783-140-3 Published by Richard K. Miller & Associates 1 MARKET OVERVIEW 1.1 Gross Gaming Revenue: 2008 1.2 Casino Gaming 1.3 State-by-state Commercial Casino

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Expo! Expo! IAEM s Annual Meeting & Exhibition 2006

Expo! Expo! IAEM s Annual Meeting & Exhibition 2006 Expo! Expo! IAEM s Annual Meeting & Exhibition 2006 EVENT AUDIT DATES OF EVENT: Conference: November 28 30, 2006 Exhibits: November 29, 2006 LOCATION: San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA EVENT PRODUCER/MANAGER:

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CONTENTS. 2 CASINO CORPORATIONS Profiles of Casino Corporations... 8

CONTENTS. 2 CASINO CORPORATIONS Profiles of Casino Corporations... 8 CONTENTS 1 MARKET OVERVIEW... 1 1.1 Gross Gaming Revenue: 2007... 1 1.2 Casino Gaming... 2 1.3 State-by-state Commercial Casino Revenue......................... 2 1.4 State-by-state Tribal Casino Revenue..............................

More information Agenda 1. Power of Travel Promotion Resources 2. New Tool: Travel Economic Impact Calculator 3. Accessing data through Interactive Travel Analytics 4. Unused Vacation Time Opportunity 5. Highlights from

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License Plate Placement Requirements State Equipment and Road Use Law Summaries

License Plate Placement Requirements State Equipment and Road Use Law Summaries License Placement Requirements StateCite Vehicle Type Requirements Alabama Ala.Code 1975 32-6-51 Must be attached. Alaska AS 28.10.161 AS 28.10.171 * 12 *1 or 2 plates Arizona A.R.S. 28-2351 A.R.S. 28-2354

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JOB CUTS FALL TO LOWEST LEVEL SINCE 1997; YEAR- TO-DATE TOTAL DOWN 25 PERCENT FROM LAST YEAR CONTACTS Colleen Madden, Director of Public Relations Office: 312-422-5074 Mobile: 314-807-1568 Blake Palder, Public Relations Associate Office: 312-422-5156

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Geography Quiz: State Capitals

Geography Quiz: State Capitals Geography Quiz: State Capitals Directions: Select the correct capital city for each state in the United States of America. 1. Alabama a. Jackson b. Montgomery c. Jefferson city d. Augusta e. Boston 6.

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2008 International Restaurant & Food Service Show of New York

2008 International Restaurant & Food Service Show of New York 2008 International Restaurant & Food Service Show of New York EVENT AUDIT DATES OF EVENT: Conference: March 9 11, 2008 Exhibits: March 9 11, 2008 LOCATION: Jacob J. Javits Center, New York, NY EVENT PRODUCER/MANAGER:

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DOWNTOWN, CHARLOTTE AMALIE TOTAL VISITOR ARRIVALS TO THE USVI : DECEMBER YEAR TO DATE DECEMBER TOTAL VISITOR ARRIVALS 2,85, 2,8, 2,814,257 2,75, 2,7, 2,65, 2,6, 2,642,118 2,71,542 2,648,5 2,55, 212 213 214 215 Visitor arrivals ended

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Optional Practical Training (OPT) 24-Month STEM Extension MCCULLOCH CENTER FOR GLOBAL INITIATIVES MOUNT HOLYOKE COLLEGE Optional Practical Training (OPT) 24-Month STEM Extension MCCULLOCH CENTER FOR GLOBAL INITIATIVES MOUNT HOLYOKE COLLEGE Are you eligible for the 24-month OPT STEM Extension? Requirements: You must be a

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Book Expo America 2011

Book Expo America 2011 EVENT AUDIT DATES OF EVENT: Conference: May 23 May 26, 2011 LOCATION: Javits Center, New York City EVENT PRODUCER/MANAGER: Company Name: Reed Exhibitions Address: 383 Main Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06851 Phone:

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X House. Trailer. House Trailer. X ** Camper. Trailer. X House Trailer X Towed Vehicle

X House. Trailer. House Trailer. X ** Camper. Trailer. X House Trailer X Towed Vehicle State/Cite Travel s Fifth-wheels Truck Campers Alabama Ala.Code 1975 32-5A-55 Alaska 13 AK ADC 02.495 Unless specifically designed to transport passengers while being towed. Arizona No Provision Found.

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Alumni. Section 8: Alumni

Alumni. Section 8: Alumni Alumni Section 8: Alumni This section includes a table and three maps showing the distribution of all living alumni in California counties, in each state, and across the world. All data was provided by

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OPT Work Permission for F-1 Students. International Programs Office

OPT Work Permission for F-1 Students. International Programs Office OPT Work Permission for F-1 Students International Programs Office Optional Practical Training This Power Point will: Outline OPT Basics Review Application Process & Timing Discuss work options in U.S.

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OPT Work Permission for F-1 Students. International Programs Office

OPT Work Permission for F-1 Students. International Programs Office OPT Work Permission for F-1 Students International Programs Office Optional Practical Training This Power Point will: Outline OPT Basics Review Application Process & Timing Discuss work options in U.S.

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TOURIST ARRIVALS REPORT No. of Arrivals TOURIST ARRIVALS REPORT Stay Over Arrivals by Market (March, 217) 18, 16, 14, 12, 1, 8, 6, 4, 2, USA UK Caribbean Canada Rest of Europe Germany France Rest of World 216 15,61 6,61 5,57

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special markets 2007

special markets 2007 special markets 007 jars contents jars 1-3 containers 4-5 votives 6 lids 7 special processes 8 index 9 ALL PRODUCT NAMES, CONFIGURATIONS AND ITEM NUMBERS ARE TRADEMARKS OF LIBBEY GLASS INC. Taper 6 Interlude

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TOURIST ARRIVALS REPORT No. of Arrivals TOURIST ARRIVALS REPORT Stay Over Arrivals by Market (June, 217) 18, 16, 14, 12, 1, 8, 6, 4, 2, USA UK Caribbean Canada Rest of Europe Germany France Rest of World 216 15,24 3,941 4,425

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2007 International Restaurant & Food Service Show of New York

2007 International Restaurant & Food Service Show of New York 2007 International Restaurant & Food Service Show of New York EVENT AUDIT DATES OF EVENT: Conference: March 4 6, 2007 Exhibits: March 4 6, 2007 LOCATION: Jacob J. Javits Center, New York, NY EVENT PRODUCER/MANAGER:

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*Post-Completion Optional Practical Training (OPT) Guidelines

*Post-Completion Optional Practical Training (OPT) Guidelines - - *Post-Completion Optional Practical Training (OPT) Guidelines The goal of Optional Practical Training (OPT) is to provide international students with practical on-the-job experience that is directly

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TOURIST ARRIVALS REPORT No. of Arrivals TOURIST ARRIVALS REPORT Stay Over Arrivals by Market (, 217) 16, 14, 12, 1, 8, 6, 4, 2, USA UK Caribbean Canada Rest of Europe Germany France Rest of World 216 13,454 5,969 4,154 5,881

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IAEE s Annual Meeting & Exhibition 2011

IAEE s Annual Meeting & Exhibition 2011 Expo! Expo! IAEE s Annual Meeting & Exhibition 2011 EVENT AUDIT DATES OF EVENT: Conference: December 6 8, 2011 Exhibits: December 7, 2011 LOCATION: Las Vegas, NV EVENT PRODUCER/MANAGER: Company Name: International

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WAVE II JUNE travelhorizons TM WAVE II 2014 PREPARED AND PUBLISHED BY: MMGY Global WAVE II June 14 travelhorizons TM WAVE II 14 PREPARED AND PUBLISHED BY: WAVE II JUNE 14 MMGY Global 423 South Keller Road, Suite 1 Orlando, FL 3281, 7-875-1111 14 MMGY Global. All rights

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Current Status of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) in the United States

Current Status of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) in the United States State Current Status of DFS (Regulatory Determinations and Legislation) 1 Alabama Alabama Attorney General has opined that DFS is illegal gaming. Legislation proposed/pending (legalize and regulate DFS).

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Current Status of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) in the United States. As Of October 18, 2016

Current Status of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) in the United States. As Of October 18, 2016 State Current Status of DFS (Regulatory Determinations and Legislation) 1 Alabama Alabama Attorney General has opined that DFS is illegal gaming. DFS operators are currently not conducting business within

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TOURIST ARRIVALS REPORT No. of Arrivals TOURIST ARRIVALS REPORT Stay Over Arrivals by Market (February 2016) 16,000 14,000 12,000 10,000 8,000 6,000 4,000 2,000 0 USA UK Caribbean Canada Rest of Europe Germany France Rest of

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Manufacturer s Representatives Plumbing Wholesale Channel

Manufacturer s Representatives Plumbing Wholesale Channel ALABAMA ALASKA ARIZONA Breecher Sales, Inc. 2520 W. Holly Street Phoenix, AZ 85009 602-257-0278 ARKANSAS Wiggs, Haun & Bohan 7013 Westbelt Dr. Nashville, TN 37209 615-350-8334

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OUR U.S. FULL SERVICE OFFICES: HOW TO NAME US AS YOUR REGISTERED AGENT Listing the correct name and address of your Registered Agent on filings is critically important. To make sure you have the most current address for COGENCY GLOBAL

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Quick, Easy, Painless & Proven Solution for HD

Quick, Easy, Painless & Proven Solution for HD Quick, Easy, Painless & Proven Solution for HD (hemorrhoidal disease) 2011.01.04 HD: Facts and Statistics Hospitalizations for Hemorrhoids: 316,000 people in the USA 1983-87* About 10 million Americans

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Supplementary Figure 1: Clinical Criteria by State.

Supplementary Figure 1: Clinical Criteria by State. Supplementary Figure 1: Clinical Criteria by State. Color Code Fibrosis State used to be in this category but is no longer in this category State is newly in this category n Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas

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TABLE 1 VISITOR ARRIVALS. Total Visitor Arrivals +/ Month / / /18

TABLE 1 VISITOR ARRIVALS. Total Visitor Arrivals +/ Month / / /18 TABLE 1 VISITOR ARRIVALS Stopover Arrivals +/ Cruise Passengers +/ Total Visitor Arrivals +/ Month 2018 2019 2019/18 2018 2019 2019/18 2018 2019 2019/18 January 194,609 216,509 11.3% 249,635 249,239 0.2%

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Matt MacLaren, Esq. SVP Member Relations AzLTA Presentation

Matt MacLaren, Esq. SVP Member Relations AzLTA Presentation Matt MacLaren, Esq. SVP Member Relations AzLTA Presentation 11.29.16 MOVING THE NEEDLE: MEMBERSHIP & ENGAGEMENT 2013 Properties: 8,500 Rooms: 1.3 Million 2016 Properties: 23,500 Rooms: 2.8 Million +175%

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7-Eleven Allegis Group, Inc. American Benefits Council American Hotel & Lodging Association American Staffing Association American Supply Association

7-Eleven Allegis Group, Inc. American Benefits Council American Hotel & Lodging Association American Staffing Association American Supply Association July 22, 2014 Senator Johnny Isakson U.S. Senate 131 Russell Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510 RE: S. 2546, The Auto Enroll Repeal Act Dear Senator Isakson: On behalf of the undersigned businesses,

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TOURIST ARRIVALS REPORT No. of Arrivals TOURIST ARRIVALS REPORT Stay Over Arrivals by Market (May 2016) 16,000 14,000 12,000 10,000 8,000 6,000 4,000 2,000 0 USA UK Caribbean Canada Rest of Europe Germany France Rest of World

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AVSP 7 Summer Section 7: Visitor Profile - Demographics and Spending

AVSP 7 Summer Section 7: Visitor Profile - Demographics and Spending AVSP 7 Summer 2016 Section 7: Visitor Profile - Demographics and Spending Demographics Origin Visitors were asked what state, country, or province they were visiting from. The chart below shows results

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ANNUAL AUDIT REPORT OCTOBER 1, 2017 SEPTEMBER 30, 2018 PHILIPS PUBLISHING GROUP. Seattle, WA (206) (206) FAX OCTOBER 1, 2017 SEPTEMBER 30, 2018 Established 1983 Established 1983 Issues Per Year: 12 Issues This Report: 12 PHILIPS PUBLISHING GROUP 4257 24 th Ave West Seattle, WA 98199 (206) 284-8285 (206) 284-0391

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HPE Automatic Number Plate Recognition Software Version: Automatic Number Plate Recognition Release Notes

HPE Automatic Number Plate Recognition Software Version: Automatic Number Plate Recognition Release Notes HPE Automatic Number Plate Recognition Software Version: 14.4.0 Automatic Number Plate Recognition Release Notes Document Release Date: February 2016 Software Release Date: February 2016 Legal Notices

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Land Information Ontario Data Description. OHN 2M Waterbody

Land Information Ontario Data Description. OHN 2M Waterbody Unclassified Land Information Ontario Data Description OHN 2M Waterbody Disclaimer This technical documentation has been prepared by the Ministry of Natural Resources (the Ministry ), representing Her

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FLORIDA RESTAURANT & LODGING SHOW 2007 FLORIDA RESTAURANT & LODGING SHOW 2007 EVENT AUDIT DATES OF EVENT: Conference: September 7 9, 2007 Exhibits: September 7 9, 2007 LOCATION: Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL EVENT PRODUCER/MANAGER:

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50 Alumni & Development ALUMNI & DEVELOPMENT

50 Alumni & Development ALUMNI & DEVELOPMENT 50 Alumni & Development ALUMNI & DEVELOPMENT INSERT PHOTO HERE Alumni & Development 51 52 Alumni & Development Alumni Association National Board of s 2004-2005 Christopher M. Doran 68 President Susan Power

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ALUMNI & DEVELOPMENT ALUMNI & DEVELOPMENT 48 Alumni & Development Boston College Alumni Clubs Arizona California Los Angeles Northern California/ San Francisco Orange County San Diego Colorado Connecticut Hartford District

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Contact Orion at if you are not able to locate your agent.

Contact Orion at if you are not able to locate your agent. Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Florida Georgia Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan

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September 17, Russell Senate Office Building 448 Russell Senate Office Building Washington, D.C Washington, D.C.

September 17, Russell Senate Office Building 448 Russell Senate Office Building Washington, D.C Washington, D.C. September 17, 2015 The Honorable Mark Warner (VA) The Honorable Rob Portman (OH) U.S. Senate U.S. Senate 475 Russell Senate Office Building 448 Russell Senate Office Building Washington, D.C. 20510 Washington,

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Colorado Aviation Technology Flight

Colorado Aviation Technology Flight Training Academies and Degree Programs SCHOOL STATE DEGREE PROGRAM Airline Transport Nationwide Flight Training Academy only Professionals (ATP) AFIT Accelerated Nationwide Instructors come to you. Flight

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Basic Rules of Poker. Basic poker is played with a pack of 52 cards.

Basic Rules of Poker. Basic poker is played with a pack of 52 cards. Basic Rules of Poker Basic poker is played with a pack of 52 cards. Each card has one of four suits : spades, hearts, clubs, and diamonds. No suit is considered higher or worth more than another. Each

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COPYRIGHT: The Arizona Historical Society owns the copyright to this collection.

COPYRIGHT: The Arizona Historical Society owns the copyright to this collection. TITLE: Arizona Historical Foundation Postcard Collection DATE RANGE: 1900s- 1980s CALL NUMBER: FP FPC #3 PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: 5.5 linear feet (10 boxes) PROVENANCE: Collection of vintage postcards from

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Education: Electrical Engineering Texas A&M College

Education: Electrical Engineering Texas A&M College L.C. Elliott Collection History of Aviation Collection Biographical Information Born: Greenville, TX, November 16, 1901 Died: Fort Worth, TX, May 15, 1970 Education: Electrical Engineering Texas A&M College

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VISITOR ARRIVALS REPORT No. of Arrivals VISITOR ARRIVALS REPORT Stay Over Arrivals by Market (September, 217) 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, USA UK Caribbean Canada Rest of Europe Germany France 216 7,91 3,874 4,36 1,134 374 6 114

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FBI Drug Demand Reduction Coordinators

FBI Drug Demand Reduction Coordinators FBI Drug Demand Reduction Coordinators Alabama 2121 Building, Room 1400 Birmingham, AL 35203 (205) 252 7705 One St. Louis Centre One St. Louis Street Mobile, AL 36602 (334) 438 3674 Alaska 222 West Seventh

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Factory Direct made in the U.S.A. Catalog issue 325. Powell. Military supply inc.

Factory Direct made in the U.S.A. Catalog issue 325. Powell. Military supply inc. Factory Direct made in the U.S.A. Catalog issue 325 Powell Military supply inc. 1-800-598-9551 Fax: (423) 337-6448 e-mail:

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Historical Manufacturing Data for Virginia and the United States in 1870

Historical Manufacturing Data for Virginia and the United States in 1870 Historical Manufacturing Data for Virginia and the United States in 1870 May 2015 For additional information or explanation of the content of this document, you may contact the Economic/Operations Research

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Louisiana BUILDING STRONG U.S. ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS BUILDING STRONG 2016 State Quick Facts (Tons in Millions) Tons Shipped - 256.7 Tons Received - 237.7 Tons Shipped Within State - 51.5 Total Commerical Docks - 781 Total Value

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Number of Distance Milestones Achieved in 2008

Number of Distance Milestones Achieved in 2008 Number Achieved 3 Number of Milestones Achieved in 8 497 391 268 17 97 64 34 28 13 3 1 1 5 Miles Miles 15 Miles Miles 25 Miles 3 Miles 365.25 Miles Miles Miles M ilestone 75 Miles Miles 125 Miles 1 Miles

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CSC Agent Office Addresses

CSC Agent Office Addresses CSC Agent Office Addresses Alabama Montgomery, Inc. 641 South Lawrence Street Montgomery, AL 36104 Montgomery County Arizona Phoenix 2338 West Royal Palm Road, Suite J Phoenix, AZ 85021 Maricopa County

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Director: David Roark

Director: David Roark Director: David Roark Service Area: The Texas Service Center accepts and processes certain applications and petitions from individuals residing in the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut,

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Case 1:13-cv EGS Document 1-6 Filed 08/06/13 Page 1 of 10 EXHIBIT F

Case 1:13-cv EGS Document 1-6 Filed 08/06/13 Page 1 of 10 EXHIBIT F Case 1:13-cv-01215-EGS Document 1-6 Filed 08/06/13 Page 1 of 10 EXHIBIT F Page 1 of 9 Case 1:13-cv-01215-EGS Document 1-6 Filed 08/06/13 Page 2 of 10 Public Safety Codes Incorporated By Law ATTENTION!

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