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1 CUSTOM GARAGES New Holland, PA: Marshall, VA:

2 POPULAR CUSTOM GARAGES When you choose a post frame garage built by Conestoga Buildings, you get high-quality workmanship, customizable style, and most importantly incredible value. With time-tested post frame construction techniques, you ll have a garage built quickly and at a low cost. View the complete gallery at

3 LEARN ABOUT CUSTOM GARAGES At Conestoga Buildings, we not only strive to make your custom garage a reality with affordable, post frame construction, we challenge you to dream about the many possibilities with a new custom garage. Some people think of a garage as simply a functional space to keep their vehicles out of the weather. Others see a well-designed, custom garage as a space with multiple uses and benefits. Other than storing your vehicles, you can use your new garage as a workshop, a living space, for household storage, for car care and maintenance, or to store you RV or boat. The possibilities are endless as to what your new garage can bring to your property and your life! Interior Finishes There are various options available to finish the interior of your new garage. Metal wall panels can be installed for a sleek finish that s easy to clean or opt for drywall to create a professional, warm look. Second Floor When designing your building, you can choose to have overhead space for storing holiday decorations or recreational equipment or create a custom second floor living space with built-in kitchen. Traditional Style Doors OVERHEAD DOOR STYLES Carriage Style Doors Residential, Agricultural, Equine & Commercial Buildings

4 DOOR OPTIONS Deciding which type of overhead door(s) to choose depends on the look you are trying to achieve with your new garage. Many times, carriage style doors are selected for a country look while traditional doors are simple and versatile. All doors are designed for long-lasting performance and durability and have the option for window inserts. Traditional Panel Styles Carriage Panel Style Standard Long V5 Short Traditional Panel Colors Traditional Doors White Almond Desert Tan Carriage Panel Colors Taupe Brown Embossed wood grain texture Hot-dipped galvanized steel with two coats of baked-on polyester paint Bulb-type bottom weatherseal guards against wind and rain while providing cushion White Almond Desert Tan Decorative Door Framing Sandstone Brown Specific Model Specifications: Polystyrene insulation R-value of year limited warranty Carriage Doors Embossed wood grain texture Double-sided steel doors with tongue-and-groove design Dutch? Looking Arch for More Information? View our catalog to find general information about building options such as roofing, siding, insulation, entry doors and windows. Specific Model Specifications: Polystyrene insulation with steel back R-value of 9.65 Includes 4 hinges, 2 handles and mounting screws Limited lifetime warranty; Hardware: 6 years From Traditional to Custom to Commercial Buildings

5 OVERHEAD DOOR WINDOW SELECTIONS Traditional Design Selections for Residents in PA, NJ, MD & DE Clear Short Winston I Cathedral I Stockton I Stockbridge I Waterton I Ashton I Cascade I Williamsburg 4 Stockford 1 Madison I Ruston 1 Williamsburg 8 Sherwood 1 Traditional Design Selections for Residents in NY Cathedral 507 Charleston 508 Colonial 509 Prairie 510 Plain Window Sunset 501 (8', 9', 12', 16', 17', 18' widths only) Sunset 503 (8', 9',16', 17',18' widths only) Sunset 504 (14', 15', 15'6" widths only) Sunset 502 (7', 7'6", 12' widths only) Sunset 505 (16', 17', 18' widths only) Sunset 506 (10', 20' widths only) Cathedral 607 Charleston 608 Stockton 612 Prairie 610 Madison 611 Madison Arch 613 Plain Window Sunset 601 Sunset 603 Sunset 605 Standard windows are offered as Clear glass for maximum light infiltration. Interested in more privacy? Ask your sales consultant about Obscure glass for an additional cost

6 OVERHEAD DOOR WINDOW SELECTIONS Traditional Design Selections for Residents in VA & WV Cascade I Cascade II Cascade III Stockton I Stockton II Stockton III Waterton I Waterton II Waterton III Cathedral I Cathedral II Arch Stockton Sherwood I Sherwood I Williamsburg I Williamsburg II Clear I Clear II Stockbridge Carriage Design Selections Including Straps & Handles STANDARD WINDOW DESIGN TRIMS DESIGNER LITES EXTERNAL HARDWARE Cascade Madison Newport Short Stamped Stockton 2-2 Piece Arched Madison Newport Long 2-2 Piece Arched Stockton 3 Piece Arched Madison 3 Piece Arched Stockton 4 Piece Arched Madison Plain Barcelona 4 Piece Arched Stockton Wind can be unpredictable and destructive. This is why the C.H.I. Windbreaker Series was designed, tested, and built to the most rugged specifications. Wind chamber tested to ensure wind-load resistance, this extra-sturdy series provides enhanced defese against the elements. Glue Chip Tinted Wrought Iron Outside Lock There are a variety of powerful and quiet Door Openers offered for your overhead doors. Your sales consultant can provide you with the complete selection. Trusted Partner in the Post Frame Industry for Over 25 years