Tunisia. Medenine Tunisia. Medenine Tunisia. Medenine.

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1 Supplemental Table S1. The 91 accessions of Daucus and 15 accessions of related genera used in this study, ALB scores, AUDPC of ALB, and their locality information. Taxon a Accession b ALB AUDPC of Score c ALB d Location or source e Ingroup Daucus aureus Desf. (22) PI Israel. Wadi Rubin (HaMerkaz). D. aureus PI Israel. Mediterranean Region. D. aureus PI France. Dijon. D. L. subsp. capillifolius (Gilli) Arbizu (18, all subspecies) capillifolius capillifolius capillifolius Tunisia. Medenine Tunisia. Medenine Tunisia. Medenine. PI Libya. Near Jefren Germany. Saxony-Anhalt Portugal. Castelo Branco Uzbekistan. Between Yalangoch and Sobir Raximova. Tunisia. Nabuel: along Route 28 at junction of road to Takelsa. Tunisia. Nabuel: Route 26, between Takelsa and El Haouaria, 26 km from El Haouaria. Tunisia. Nabuel: Sidi Daoud, 1 km from Route 27. Tunisia. Nabuel: between El Haouarcae and Dor Allouche. Tunisia. Nabuel: along road between Korba and Beni Khalled.

2 x D. subsp. capillifolius Tunisia. Bizerte: south side of Ischkeul Tunisia. Bizerte: along Route 51, west of Ghzab. Tunisia. Bizerte: grounds of Direction Regionale Mogods, Khroumerie Sejnane. Tunisia. Beja: road from Route 7, just west of Sejnane to Cap Negro. PI Pakistan. Northern Areas. PI Israel. Central Israel: From Bet Elazari. PI United States. Kansas: Elk County. PI PI PI PI China. Xinjiang: near Chou En Lai Monument Stone River, Sinkiang. Italy. Sardinia: St. Elia beach, 50 m from sea, Cagliari. United States. Oregon: roadside between Echo and Pendleton. Source: The Netherlands. South Holland: Botanical Garden, Leiden. PI Portugal. Coimbra: Lousa. PI PI Source: Tunisia. Greece. N. Khalkidiki: 10 km N of Kassandra on coast road. PI Albania. Lushnje. PI Syria. Ash Sheik Hasan PI Turkey. Konya: km to Seydisehir, between Yarpuz and Konya. Tunisia. Nabuel: between El Haouarcae and Dor Allouche.

3 (Syme) Hook. f. (Desf.) Ball (Hoffm.) Schubl. & G. Martens Portugal. Faro: Near Portunao Portugal. Faro: Near Sagres Portugal. Faro: Near Aljezur Portugal. Beja France Source: Italy. Tuscany: Botanic Garden. PI PI France. Finistere: maritime turf, Le Conquet. France. Finistere: Pointe de Rospico, Navez Portugal. Portalegre near Monforte Portugal. Portalegre near Monforte Portugal. Beja PI Spain. Morocco, Larache: approximately 10 kilometers south of Larache, Laouamra Region PI Source: Spain. Madrid: Botanic garden PI Source: Denmark. Copenhagen. PI Source: Hungary. Pest. Botanical Garden. PI Source: Egypt. Giza: Orman Botanic Garden.

4 D. conchitae Greuter (not reported) PI Austria. Vienna. PI Spain. Madrid. PI Afghanistan. Zardek. PI Source: France. Collection site unknown. PI Turkey. Mugla. D. conchitae PI Turkey. Mugla: between Dalaman-Gocik and Fethiye. D. crinitus Desf. (22) Portugal. Castelo Branco. D. crinitus PI Portugal. Braganca: near Zava. D. crinitus PI Portugal. Guarda: near Barca de Alva. D. crinitus PI Portugal. Faro: near Bengado. D. glochidiatus (Labill.) Fisch. C.A.Mey. & Avé-Lall. (44) D. guttatus Sibth. and Sm. (20) PI D. guttatus PI D. guttatus PI D. guttatus PI Source: CSIRO, Australia. Capital Territory Turkey. Konya: Konya, toward Beysehir. D. guttatus PI Syria. Kassab. D. guttatus PI Syria. Halwah. D. guttatus PI Turkey. Antalya D. involucratus Sibth. and Sm. (22) PI Source: Israel. Jerusalem Department of Botany. Source: Lebanon. Faculty of Agricultural Sciences. Iran. Mazandaran: Dhalus Road, Dasht-e Nazir, Kandalus. Greece. Peloponnese: village of Loutra Agias Elenis, 17 km south of Korinthos, Korinthia Prefecture.

5 D. involucratus PI Turkey. Izmir. D. involucratus PI Turkey. Izmir: 5 km north of Kusadasi. D. littoralis Sibth. and Sm.(20) PI Israel. Beit Alpha. D. littoralis PI Israel. D. muricatus L. (20) Portugal. Coimbra: Pitanca de Baixo- D. muricatus D. muricatus PI D. pusillus Michx. (22) PI D. pusillus PI D. pusillus PI Condeixa. Tunisia. South of Tunis along Hwy. 3 toward Zaghouan. Spain. Cordoba. From Villa del Rio (Cordoba). Uruguay. Montevideo. Near La Colorado Beach. United States. Oregon: near Hunters River Cove, Curry United States. Texas: Bastrop County, along Route 713 (Farm to Market Raod), 5 miles south of Rockne. D. setulosus Guss. Greece. Peloponnese: 4 km from Skoura, PI (not reported) toward Leonidion, Laconia Prefecture. Greece. Peloponnese: village of Loutra D. setulosus PI Agias Elenis, 17 km south of Korinthos, Korinthia Prefecture. D. setulosus PI Turkey. Mugla: between Soke and Milas. Murb. (18) Tunisia. Between Tataouine and Bir Lahmer. Tunisia. Between Tataouine and Bir Lahmer Tunisia. Between Remada and Chenini Tunisia. Near Beni Kdache to the South Tunisia. Between Medenine and Matmatas Tunisia. Between Medenine and Matmatas.

6 D. tenuisectus Coss. ex Batt. (22) D. tenuisectus Pseudorlaya pumila (L.) Grande (16) Rouya polygama (Desf.) Coincy (20) Outgroups Ammi visnaga (L.) Lam. (20,22) Astrodaucus littoralis Drude (20) Caucalis platycarpos L. (20) Oenanthe virgata Poir. (not reported) Orlaya daucoides (L.) Greuter (20) O. daucorlaya Murb. (14) Torilis arvensis (Hudson) Link (24) T. leptophylla Rchb.f. (12) PI PI PI Tunisia. Between Matmatas and El Hamma, near the Gabes airport. Morocco. Al Haouz: 25.7 kilometers north of center of Ijoukak, 29 kilometers south of Asni, Nfiss River Valley, Imgdal Region Morocco. Al Haouz: along Route 203, 2.3 kilometers south of road going to Oukaimeden from Tahannout (P2028), approximately 12 kilometers north of bridge over river, Nfiss River Valley, Moulay Brahim Region Tunisia. South of Medenine toward Tataouine, near Bir Lahmer. Tunisia. Jendouba: road to Tabarka, near Tabarka airport. Tunisia. Bizerte: National Park Ischkeul on road to Eco Museum. Source: Azerbaijan. Baku Botanical Garden. PI Germany. Saxony-Anhalt: Mannsdorf Tunisia. Beja: Route 11, 41 km from Eudiana, 254 km from Beja. PI Turkey. Aydin: Dilek Peninsula Reserve. PI Syria. Salma. Greece. Epirus: 8 km from Aristi, toward Ioannina. Morocco. Al Haouz: Along Route 203, 2.3 kilometers south of road going to Oukaimeden from Tahannout (P2028), approximately 12 kilometers north of bridge over river, Nfiss River Valley, Moulay Brahim Region.

7 T. leptophylla T. nodosa (L.) Gaertn. (24) T. nodosa T. nodosa Morocco. Ifrane: 2 kilometers south of N13 on minor road to Ain-Leuh, beginning a few kilometers southeast of Azrou, Tigrigra Region. Morocco. Berkane: Montes des Beni Snassen, Fezouane Region Morocco. Al Haouz: Moulay Brahim, between Tahannout and Asni, Moulay Brahim Region Morocco. Al Haouz: Moulay Brahim, between Tahannout and Asni, Moulay Brahim Region. Turgenia latifolia PI Syria. Ain el Haour. (L.) Hoffman (24) a These names correspond to those in the Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN) database ( Number in parentheses refers to the number of chromosomes. b Plant Introduction (PI) numbers are permanent numbers designated to germplasm accessions maintained at the National Plant Germplasm System (NPGS) in, Iowa, USA. numbers are assigned for carrots and other Apiaceae in the NPGS temporarily to newly acquired germplasm until passport data of an accession and taxonomy is verified. Also, accessions with numbers have to be determined they are not duplicate accessions, and that they can be successfully maintained by the USDA. It is not guaranteed these accessions may be assigned a PI number after the assessment period. c ALB (Alternaria Leaf Blight) were recorded 93 days after sowing, which corresponded to harvest time for cultivated accessions. d Area under the disease progress curve (AUDPC) for Alternaria leaf blight (ALB). e Location refers to where the germplasm was collected in the wild. If the accession was obtained through another entity (vendor, genebank, botanic garden), the source is indicated within parenthesis.