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1 Chickasaw Times Official publication of the Chickasaw Nation Vol. XXXX No. 1 January 2005 Ada, Oklahoma Tribe s Lazer Zone fills need for Ada-area youth ADA, Okla. - Lazer Zone Family Fun Center celebrated its already successful operation with official grand opening ceremonies Friday, Dec. 10 and Saturday, Dec. 11. We are so pleased the community can come and enjoy themselves and see this tremendous gift to the community, said Lazer Zone general manager Jeff Warmuth. I call it a gift because in south central Oklahoma, and probably in the whole state of Oklahoma, there s really nothing like this facility that s got the bowling and the lazer tag, PRESORTED STANDARD US Postage PAID Permit No.1 Oklahoma City, OK 731 and the skating and the arcades and the eating places. Evidence that Lazer Zone is indeed a unique facility is seen in the fact that a variety of families, churches and other groups from areas as diverse as Oklahoma City, Dallas, Atoka, Seminole, Coalgate, Sulphur, Davis and Fitzhugh to name a few have booked parties at the facility. Locals also appreciate the facility, as more than 2,500 customers flock to Lazer Zone on an average Friday and more than 3,000 fill the facility on an Christmas Celebrations for the Children Jordyn Grimm and Governor Anoatubby flip the switch to light the Sulphur Christmas tree. The Chickasaw Times Post Office Box 1548 Ada, OK average Saturday evening. What really makes Lazer Zone unique is its successful combination of a variety of entertainment, technology and emphasis on customer service, according to Warmuth. Whether skating in the 10,500- square-foot rink, bowling on one of the 24 lanes, playing one of the more than 70 games in the 5,000-square-foot arcade, or shooting it out with friends in the 5,000-square-foot lazer tag arena, technology enhances the entertainment experience at Lazer Zone. Just walking in you get all this neon lighting which is really neat, said Warmuth. Then when we turn all that off and all we turn on is the black lights everything starts to glow and illuminate it seems that the energy level goes up ten notches. Energy just goes off the chart and it s really a fun thing. Beyond the lighting in the facility as a whole, each venue has its own special features. In the lazer tag arena we ve got fog systems, lighting systems and sound systems that really add to the fun, said Warmuth. When you walk in there it s just pulsating. You can just feel the beat of the music and it s just a lot of fun. We ve also got a great sound system in our skating area and lighting system, Warmuth continued. Of course you ve got the D.J. in there and they can adjust the lighting and adjust the music and they take requests. I think what s important is it s not a computer sound system where we just press ten tracks and play one after the other. We ve got somebody there, so if somebody wants to roller skate to oldies and says can you play Elvis or play this or that, if we ve got the CD, we ll play it. Catering to the tastes of customers in the skating rink is just one confirmation of the high priority place on customer service at Lazer Zone. A wide variety of daily specials are available, including free skating Monday through Friday from 3 to 6 p.m. to 25- cent bowling games Monday after 6 p.m and many more. Several diverse party packages are also available from birthday parties to corporate events and church lock-ins. Selection and training of employees is another important element of Lazer Zone s success. I think we ve got some of the best employees that Ada has to offer, said Warmuth. We really like helping people. It s a lot of fun. We ve hired a lot of teenagers. A lot of them are on their first time jobs ever. It s really fun to show them how exciting it can be to really care about them, because the customers give that back. These young kids are just electrified by that, he continued. So they do even a better Main entrance of Lazer Zone Family Fun Center. Jeff Warmuth job next time they re with a customer. And it s a perfect opportunity for us to train and shape and mold young workers on how to do really good customer service focused and how to deliver a good product and how to take care of a customer. Proof of the quality of the service and the caring nature of the employees comes in the story of Laverne Warren of Dallas, a visitor to Ada whose car broke down near the facility one dark night. Several employees offered to help Mrs. Warren in various ways, including offering the use of a cell phone, locating a mechanic and escorting the woman to a nearby motel until her husband could come to pick her up the following morning. I believe I have met Ada s finest, said Mrs. Warren in a letter to Mr. Wamuth. Thank you for your high standard for hiring. And thanks for the kindness that was shown to a total stranger, who was definitely stranded on unfamiliar turf. Your town can really be proud of an unusual team of people that work in an unusual place that evidently has set a very high standard for hiring their employees. I will never forget the kindness that was shown to me by the kindest most caring people I have had the pleasure of knowing in a long, long time. Contributed by Tony Choate, tribal media relations.

2 2 CHICKASAW TRIBAL LEGISLATURE REGULAR SESSION David Stout Building Ada, Oklahoma November 19, 2004 AGENDA ITEM #1 CALL MEETING TO ORDER Chairperson Linda Briggs called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. AGENDA ITEM #2 ROLL CALL Members present: Beth Alexander, Linda Briggs, Melvin Burris, Scott Colbert, Tim Colbert, Holly Easterling, Mary Jo Green, Donna Hartman, Dean McManus, Judy Goforth Parker, Wanda Blackwood Scott, Wilson Seawright, Steve Woods Staff present: Doretta Sellers, Recording Secretary, Harold Stick, Sergeant-At- Arms, Robert Cheadle, Legislative Counsel Guests present: James A. Humes, Melvin Stoner, Kathleen Stoner, Pat Whaley, Traile G. Glory, Wilma Watson, Mike Watson, Sue Simmons, Juanita Tate, Ron Frazier, Paul Yates, Tony Choate, D. Brown, L. John, N. Jeannie D. Coplin AGENDA ITEM #3 INVOCATION Invocation was given by Mary Jo Green. AGENDA ITEM #4 READING OF MINUTES - October 15, 2004, September 17, 2004, September 2, 2004, August 20, 2004 Mr. Seawright corrected the spelling of a guest s name in the minutes of September 17, Mrs. Alexander noted a correction in the terminology of the vote record on page seven in the August 20, 2004 minutes. A motion was made by Mrs. Alexander to approve the October 15, 2004 minutes; September 17, 2004 minutes as amended, September 2, 2004 minutes; and the August 20, 2004 minutes as amended. The motion was seconded by Dr. Goforth Parker. Members voting yes: Beth Alexander, Melvin Burris, Holly Easterling,Mary Jo Green, Donna Hartman, Dean McManus, Judy Goforth Parker, Wilson Seawright, Steve Woods, Linda Briggs 10 yes votes Members voting no: Scott Colbert, Tim Colbert, Wanda Blackwood Scott 3 no votes The motion carried. AGENDA ITEM #5: UNFINISHED BUSINESS There was no unfinished business. AGENDA ITEM #6: REPORTS OF COMMITTEES (A) LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE REPORT by Chairman Steve Woods General Resolution Number , Authorization to Enter into Chickasaw Nation and State of Oklahoma Gaming Compact This resolution authorizes the Governor of the Chickasaw Nation to begin the process and enter a compact with the state government to allow the Chickasaw Nation to conduct certain gaming activities as are allowed under the new state constitutional amendment ratified by the state s voters in State Question 712. A motion was made by Mr. Woods to approve GR Ms. Wanda Blackwood Scott seconded the motion. Mr. Seawright offered an amendment which would allow the Legislature to review the final compact before the Governor entered into negotiations with the State. The amendment included adding the wording following the approval of final compact by the Legislature after Chickasaw Nation. A motion was made by Mr. Seawright to approve the amendment. Mrs. Hartman seconded the motion. Members voting yes: Beth Alexander, Tim Colbert, Donna Hartman, Wilson Seawright 4 yes votes Members voting no: Melvin Burris, Scott Colbert, Holly Easterling, Mary Jo green, Dean McManus, Judy Goforth Parker, Wanda Blackwood Scott, Steve Woods, Linda Briggs 9 no votes The motion to amend failed. A roll call vote was taken on GR Members voting yes: Melvin Burris, Scott Colbert, Tim Colbert, Holly Easterling, Mary Jo green, Dean McManus, Judy Goforth Parker, Wanda Blackwood Scott, Steve Woods, Linda Briggs 10 yes votes Members voting no: Beth Alexander, Donna Hartman, Wilson Seawright 3 yes votes The motion to approve GR carried. Mr. Woods concluded his report. (B) FINANCE COMMITTEE REPORT by Chairman Scott Colbert General Resolution Number , Assurances for the Indian Community Legislative Minutes January 2005 Development Block Grant Program U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Southern Plains Office of Native American Programs This resolution approves the Chickasaw Nation s application for an Indian Community Development Block Grant for a community facility funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, for the establishment of a Community Center Phase I to be located in Ada, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma. Further, it provides assurances required by the funding agency. A motion was made by Mrs. Green to approve GR The motion was seconded by Ms. Wanda Blackwood Scott. Members voting yes: Beth Alexander, Melvin Burris, Scott Colbert, Tim Colbert, Holly Easterling, Mary Jo Green, Donna Hartman, Dean McManus, Judy Goforth Parker, Wanda Blackwood Scott, Wilson Seawright, Steve Woods, Linda Briggs 13 yes votes The motion to approve GR carried unanimously. Mr. Scott Colbert concluded his report. (C) HUMAN RESOURCES COMMITTEE REPORT by Chairman Dean McManus General Resolution Number , Application for Membership, National Congress of American Indians This resolution approves the Chickasaw Nation s application for membership in the National Congress of American Indians. This is the same application which is submitted to the Legislature for approval each year, and is drafted in accordance with the specifications and requirements of the NCAI. The NCAI has been instrumental in supporting issues of importance to Native Americans. As an independent group, NCAI is representative of the largest concentration of Native Americans, and is often called upon by Congress to provide information and testimony on important Indian subjects. The Chickasaw Nation has been a member in good standing in the NCAI since the early 1980 s. This resolution names the representatives of the Chickasaw Nation to NCAI. A motion was made by Mrs. McManus to approve GR The motion was seconded by Dr. Goforth Parker Members voting yes: Beth Alexander, Melvin Burris, Scott Colbert, Tim Colbert, Holly Easterling, Mary Jo Green, Donna Hartman, Dean McManus, Judy Goforth Parker, Wanda Blackwood Scott, Wilson Seawright, Steve Woods, Linda Briggs 13 yes votes The motion to approve GR carried unanimously. (D) LAND DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE REPORT by Chairman Judy Goforth Parker General Resolution Number , Authorization for Acquisition and Lease of Real Property in Pontotoc County This resolution approves the Chickasaw Nation s request to acquire real property, in Ada, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma, containing acres, more or less. The Gov- Bill Anoatubby Governor Jefferson Keel Lt. Governor 2612 E. Arlington, Suite B P.O. Box 1548, Ada, OK Chickasaw Times: (580) ; Fax: (580) Times.Chickasaw@chickasaw.net Chickasaw Headquarters: (580) Tom Bolitho Editor Becky Chandler Media Relations Spe- See Minutes, page 22 Vicky Gold Office Manager Jenna Williams Compositor Tony Choate Media Relations Specialist The Chickasaw Times is mailed free to Chickasaw registered voters, government and educational offices and upon request to other Indian citizens. Reprint permission is granted with credit to The Chickasaw Times unless other copyrights are shown. Editorial statements of the Chickasaw Times, guest columns and readers letters reflect the opinions of the writer and not necessarily those of the Chickasaw Times, its staff or the tribal administration of the Chickasaw Nation. All editorials and letters will become the property of the Chickasaw Times. Editorials must be signed by the author and include the author s address. Deadline for submission is the 22nd of each month prior to publication. Submissions can be mailed, faxed, hand-delivered or ed.

3 January 2005 Chickasaw Times 3 Chickasaw heritage provides foundation of our achievements In the 17 th Century and a good portion of the 18 th Century, the Chickasaw people were a prosperous, confident and happy people. They lived, often along the rivers, in what is now northern Mississippi, northwestern Alabama, western Tennessee and southwest Kentucky. While this was the Chickasaw homeland, Chickasaw parties would often set up camp as far away as modern-day South Carolina and Georgia. The Chickasaw Nation was known for its warrior tradition and its superb hunting skills. The men were taught to be courageous, steadfast and persistent. It was written that Chickasaw men would run together during a hunt or other engagement for two and three hundred miles until success was achieved. Chickasaw women were resourceful, organized, hard working and attractive. Together, these men and women brought up strong families. The Chickasaw Nation was not the largest or fastest-growing tribe in the Southeast. The Choctaws were probably four or five times larger, but the Chickasaws acumen in battle kept other tribes at bay. To make up for lost population due to war or other event, the Chickasaws regularly took in other tribes or remnants of tribes living along Chickasaw borders. In one instance, the Chickasaws took in a group of Natchez Indians, who had met defeat in the 1730s at the hands of the French. These people, and many others, were welcomed into our tribe. Of course, we all know of the pain of Removal in 1837, the struggle of our ancestors as they built new lives in Indian Territory, and the great assault on our tribe during the allotment period of the late 19 th Century and early 20 th Century. What tremendous obstacles the Chickasaw people have overcome! Our tribal story is one of hope, of patience, of remembrance. We never capitulated or gave up hope of eventual success, just as our predecessors who would run hundreds of miles to achieve their goals knew never to give up. When contact was made and visitors would write about the Chickasaws, their lives and their society. Those observers noted the fundamental strength Burris receives Health System Employee Excellence award Gov. Bill Anoatubby of the tribe. We were referred to as Spartans of the lower Mississippi, reflecting our military prowess and resourcefulness. We were well-built people who much preferred hunting to agricultural pursuits and watched our hunting lands carefully. Our women were beautiful and noted for their exceptional family and leadership skills. It has served us well that we have a long tradition of selfconfidence and self-sufficiency. From our history, we know that our ancestors consistently believed they could overcome almost anything and always reach that final goal that had been set. How well our tribal heritage has served us all! From those times of both joy and sorrow and the many times in between our people learned that persistence in duty, belief in each other and the nurturing of strong families would always serve us well. I often think of those Chickasaws who have come before us when I deliver a scholarship to a deserving Chickasaw student; when I cut the ribbon on a new senior nutrition site; when I welcome home a Chickasaw veteran. Each of these events, and countless others, remind each of us of the pride and sacrifice of previous Chickasaw generations. For all of us Chickasaws, as we enter the fifth year of a new millennium, we can be very proud of who we are and where we are headed together. The old days may be over, but the foundation on which our tribe has been built will serve us for generations to come. To all Chickasaw friends, may you and your family enjoy a blessed and joyous New Year! Carl Albert Dietary Services staff earns Team Excellence award Joe Burris is the December Chickasaw Nation Health System Employee Excellent Award winner. Joe can always be counted to keep the Tishomingo Clinic clean and spotless! He will come to work early and stay late whenever the staff needs him, and will do this even without anyone asking him to make sure the work gets done. Joe is always friendly, polite, and helpful toward the patients Joe Burris and family members, and respected by his co-workers. With the high volume of patients the clinic receives on a daily basis, keeping the clinic clean isn t an easy job, but Joe certainly steps up and accepts this challenge. Thank you Joe for the great job you do each and everyday! Your friendliness, commitment to excellence, and dedication to our patients and staff is appreciated by all of us! Dietary Services of Carl Albert Indian Hospital was chosen as Chickasaw Nation Health System s December team of the month. Front row from left are, Alice Horton, Willette Walker, Marla Key, Davalyn Billings and Debra McDonald. Back row from left are Jenny Riegle, Carolyn Key, Jackie Blackenship, April Williams, Jody Reader, Amanda Parnell, Shelley Fulsom, Bill Lance, Melanie Todd, Nick Amador, Brenda Ashby and Erica Dean. The December Team Excellence Award is presented to the Dietary Services staff at Carl Albert Indian Hospital. The Dietary Services staff does an excellent job in providing food and meals to the staff, patients, and visitors at Carl Albert. They work as a team, and constantly looking at their services to see what they can do to make things better and more fun. In the cafeteria, they have initiated theme days in the cafeteria such as the 50 s day with poodle skirts and bobby socks, Hawaiian day, and provide popcorn on alternating Fridays. Everyone appreciates their efforts in decorating the cafeteria for the various holidays especially in providing a free meal on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year s Day to staff and family members. This isn t always provided to staff at other hospitals, and family members must find their own meals! Thanks to everyone in the Dietary Services Department, your friendliness, compassion, and caring for others is reflected in your smiles, and the work you do!

4 4 News from your Legislators Special season makes us happy to be Chickasaw Linda Briggs Chairman Chickasaw Tribal Legislature Happy New Year to all of you! Personally, I feel as if I blinked and 2004 flashed by. Then I start thinking about all the new projects we have begun and the ones completed and all the legislation we have worked on, some passed and some still being explored, as we try very hard to do the best possible job we can for the citizens of our Chickasaw Nation. A lot of work and research goes into the legislation presented to our body even before it comes to us in the Legislature. Then, a lot more work is done as we place it in a committee for further study and consideration. We anticipate a very busy year. All indications are that we will definitely not be disappointed. A large plus is a truly dedicated group of people on the Legislature representing you the Chickasaw people. It is forever our goal to do a good job for you, collectively and individually. I hope the Christmas Season was a time of great joy and wonderful memories for all of you. A noteworthy series of events in the Chickasaw Nation was the Governor s Christmas parties January 2005 for the Children. They were so much fun and the children were so excited. Especially they love the countdown for the turning on of the lights on the enormous Christmas trees. Several of the parties were held around the Chickasaw Nation in an effort that many of our children could attend and no child present could have enjoyed in more than those of us helping with it. On December 2 I attended the 100th birthday celebration of a beautiful Chickasaw lady, Mrs. Edna Mae Hayward Goodin. And besides the pleasure that was mine in meeting and visiting with such a special lady the day turned into one of great note in my personal life - I became a great-grandmother for the first time the very same day. Miss Emily Elizabeth Briggs was born that day into a very happy and proud family. I told Mrs. Goodin it had to be a good day for a birthday because she was such a beautiful, wonderful lady! For all of you this New Year I wish the reality of your dreams and great, good health! God bless you. Linda Briggs Our healthy choices make our lives much better increasing activities with family members, or simply parking a few parking places further from our point of destination. Imagine how much you would walk in one year with that one activity. Continue to work at healthy eating. Healthy eating is not something you acquire the taste for overnight (pardon the pun). You have to know the food choices that are best for you. I have a family member who was recently diagnosed as a prediabetic, and I can attest to the changes that just one diabetic in the family can make to the entire family. With all of the teaching that we received, the point that continued to jump out is that with a healthy lifestyle, diabetes can be either prevented or slowed down simply by the choices that we make from day to day. Find a partner or support person this year and determine to make some changes in your life. If you do that, we will all experience a better year. I would love to see each of you individually and greet you in this new year. May you be greatly blessed as we travel on in the year. Thank you all for your letters and calls over the past year. I look forward to hearing from you again. Judy Goforth Parker, PhD, RN jparker@mailclerk.ecok.edu Dr. Judy Goforth Parker Chickasaw Tribal Legislature Happy New Year greetings to all of you in the great unconquered and unconquerable Chickasaw Nation. I believe that for us to continue as an unconquerable Nation, we will have to continue to set goals. My encouragement for you all at this time of the year is to look at your life and decide what those goals might be. I recently read an article that encouraged me to write five new goals, and I am working on that. By the time of this reading, my goals should be complete. The goal that I would like to share with you is that of a continued healthy lifestyle. I know that there are many other goals that would seem more important, but without our health, we will accomplish little. So, with this new year, my continued wish for you and goal for me is to take care of ourselves. We can do that by being active; walking, Grant, scholarship application now on-line Greetings and Happy New Year from Legislator Mary Jo Green, Seat 5, Pontotoc District and Chairman of the Health Care Committee! I look forward to serving you in 2005 and know that working together we can accomplish great things for our Chickasaw Nation. Bill Lance, Administrator of the Chickasaw Health System has provided the following information for this month s report. The total number of hospitalizations at Carl Albert Indian Health Facility for November was 204 and a 9 month total (February through November, 2004) was 1,961. The number of outpatient visits at Carl Albert was 13,518 for November and 126,782 for the last 9 months. Emergency Room visits were 975 in November and 9,054 in the last 9 months. The number of surgeries for November was 203 and 2,136 for the last 9 months. The Same-day Clinic saw 2,902 patients in November and 24,947 in the last 9 months. The Family Practice Clinic in Ada saw 3,781 patients in November and 40,984 in the last 9 months. The Ardmore Clinic saw 2,905 for November and 26,470 in the last 9 months. The Tishomingo Clinic saw 2,599 patients in November and 23,113 in the last 9 months. The Durant Clinic saw 2,389 patients in November and 22,387 in the last 9 months. The total number of patients seen by the new Purcell Clinic was 310 for October and 398 for November for a 2 month total of 708. I m glad to see the numbers being reported for our new Purcell Clinic. Mr. Lance also reported that flu vaccine is available for those who qualify under guidelines for the aged, children and those with chronic health conditions. We hope to receive additional vaccine in the near future so that the guidelines can be broadened. The search for a full time doctor in Ardmore continues to be a top priority. A position is also open in Tishomingo for a dentist. Meanwhile, Carl Albert Hospital will staff those positions with Carl Albert doctors. The elder care clinic in Carl Albert Hospital will be located where the eye clinic is currently situated. The eye clinic will be removed to the area vacated by WIC. Education Department reported that the application for all education grants and scholarships is now on-line at www. chickasaw.net. The new application appears to be more user friendly than in the past and I encourage all Chickasaw students to apply in a timely manner for education assistance. The Chickasaw Nation will be the host for the Johnston O Malley (JOM) conference to be held in Tulsa on March 21-23, Please contact me through the address and telephone num- Mary Jo Green Chickasaw Tribal Legislature ber listed elsewhere in this and every issue of the Chickasaw Times and on the web site. I look forward to speaking with you! For your information, my articles are now located on the internet at I wish one and all the happiest of New Years! Thank you.

5 January 2005 News from your Legislators December 2004 Resolution results Permanent Resolution Number Amendments to Title 8 of the Chickasaw Nation Code (Chickasaw Election Rules and Regulations) Explanation: This resolution amends Title 8 of the Chickasaw Nation Code pertaining to the Election Rules and Regulations. The Election Commission and Election Secretary/Tribal Registrar are in agreement with the included changes. Requested by: Steve Woods, Chairman Election Rules and Regulations Ad Hoc Committee Presented by: Steve Woods, Chairman Election Rules and Regulations Ad Hoc Committee To table Yes votes: Beth Alexander, Melvin Burris, Scott Colbert, Tim Colbert, Holly Easterling, Mary Jo Green, Donna Hartman, Judy Goforth Parker, Wanda Blackwood Scott, Wilson Seawright, Steve Woods, Linda Briggs General Resolution Number Designation of Change of Legislative Session Day Explanation: This resolution changes the Legislative Session for January 2005 to January 15, 2005 at 9:00 a.m. Such change is necessary due to conflict with the inauguration of the President of the United States. Requested by: Linda Briggs, Chairperson Presented by: Steve Woods, Chairman Legislative Committee Yes votes: Beth Alexander, Melvin Burris, Scott Colbert, Tim Colbert, Holly Easterling, Mary Jo Green, Donna Hartman, Judy Goforth Parker, Wanda Blackwood Scott, Wilson Seawright, Steve Woods, Linda Briggs General Resolution Number Approval of Development Budget Amendment Explanation: This resolution approves the amendment to the Development Budget with nine capital improvement projects. Those projects are: Thackerville Public Safety Building, Thackerville RV Park Office and Living Quarters, Thackerville Golf Course Maintenance Building, Thackerville Golf Course Club House, two Thackerville Hotels, Thackerville Parking Garage, Thackerville Family Fun Center, Thackerville Casino/Conference Center, Thackerville Security/Office Building, Goldsby Casino, Newcastle Casino and Sulphur Artesian Motel. The total cost of all 13 projects is over $5.0 million. Exhibit A provides all development projects, with documentation to be provided to the Legislature during committee meetings. Requested by: Bill Anoatubby, Governor The Chickasaw Nation Presented by: D. Scott Colbert, Chairman Finance Committee Yes votes: Melvin Burris, Scott Colbert, Tim Colbert, Holly Easterling, Mary Jo Green, Judy Goforth Parker, Wanda Blackwood Scott, Steve Woods, Linda Briggs No votes: Beth Alexander, Donna Hartman, Wilson Seawright New Year greetings to our servicemen and women Wanda Blackwood Scott Chickasaw Tribal Legislature Chukma! Warmest New Year greetings to all fellow Chickasaws. A special greeting to all our Chickasaw servicemen and women both stateside, in Iraq and elsewhere in the world. My thanks to Governor Bill Anoatubby for ensuring my son s unit in Iraq had access to satellite telephones. These phones are a Godsend to the soldiers and others serving overseas. They work tremendously well and the communication among military families means so much. Our son, Army Maj. Jimmie Scott, continues on assignment in Baghdad. It is a tough time, but we are blessed he will be visiting home for Christmas. Thanks to all of you who have offered your prayers and concerns for our son, and for all the Chickasaws and other military people serving in Iraq and other danger spots. Thank you for being good Americans. Thanks also to the Choctaw singers from the Ardmore site. The Choctaw singers recently sang at the funeral of a family member and they were wonderful. Special New Year blessings to all Chickasaws, and to all who serve our great Chickasaw Nation. Thank you for reading my column. You can contact me at my office, (580) ; my home, (580) or by at scottdes@telepath. com Committee Reports Education Committee Dec. 6, 2004 Present: Wanda Blackwood Scott, Beth Alexander, Melvin Burris, Holly Easterling, Linda Briggs Absent: Mary Jo Green, Donna Hartman Health Committee Dec. 6, 2004 Present: Beth Alexander, Holly Easterling, Dean Mc- Manus, Wilson Seawright, Wanda Blackwood Scott, Linda Briggs Absent: Mary Jo Green Human Resources Committee Dec. 6, 2004 Present: Dean McManus, Melvin Burris, Holly Easterling, Wilson Seawright, Linda Briggs Absent: Mary Jo Green, Donna Hartman Election Rules & Regulations Ad Hoc Committee Dec. 6, 2004 Present: Judy Goforth Parker, Steve Woods, Wanda Blackwood Scott, Linda Briggs Absent: Tim Colbert Finance Committee Dec. 6, 2004 Present: Melvin Burris, Holly Easterling, Dean McManus, Colbert hosts open house at Tish clinic every first Wednesday D. Scott Colbert Chickasaw Tribal Legislature 5 Judy Goforth Parker, Steve Woods, Linda Briggs, Wanda Blackwood Scott Absent: Scott Colbert Dec. 13, 2004 Present: Scott Colbert, Melvin Burris, Holly Easterling, Judy Goforth Parker, Steve Woods Absent: Dean McManus, Linda Briggs Legislative Committee Dec. 6, 2004 Present: Beth Alexander, Melvin Burris, Holly Easterling, Dean McManus, Judy Goforth Parker, Wanda Blackwood Scott, Wilson Seawright, Steve Woods, Linda Briggs Absent: Scott Colbert, Tim Colbert, Mary Jo Green, Donna Hartman Dec. 13, 2004 Present: Beth Alexander, Melvin Burris, Scott Colbert, Tim Colbert, Holly Easterling, Mary Jo Green, Donna Hartman Judy Goforth Parker, Wilson Seawright, Steve Woods Absent: Dean McManus, Wanda Blackwood Scott, Linda Briggs Legislator Scott Colbert will have an open office for Legislature business at the Tishomingo Clinic between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. on the first Wednesday of every month. Please make appointments at (580) You may also call on the first Wednesday of every month at (580) Feel free to contact Colbert if you have any questions. Tribal rep in Chickasha CHICKASHA, Okla. - A Chickasaw Nation representative will be in Chickasha Jan. 17 to answer questions about tribal programs. For more information, or to apply for tribal elderly energy assistance, tribal emergency utility assistance, energy assistance, Community Health Representatives or other programs, visit Bettie Black at the Chickasha Boys & Girls Club, 1501 Henderson, from 3 to 5 p.m. A tribal representative will available for questions at the Chickasha Boys & Girls Club the third Monday of each month. For more information, call (405)

6 6 Chickasaw Times January 2005 Head Start students enjoy Milk and Cookies Day Cheri Bellefeuille-Eldred Supreme Court Chief Justice HAPPY HOLIDAYS! What a wonderful year 2004 turned out to be for the Judicial Branch. We have had such a great time meeting and serving our Chickasaw citizens as well as other Native American friends. We appreciate the opportunity to serve each and every one of you. I hope everyone has had the chance to attend the Governor s Christmas party near you. I attended the Christmas party in Sulphur and had a wonderful time. We sang Christmas carols, listened to the story, The Night Before Christmas and saw Santa. The Judicial Branch hosted a Milk and Cookies Day for the Sulphur Head Start children on Wednesday, December 15, The Head Start children provided the Christmas tree ornaments for the Supreme Court and the District Court. The children toured the Chickasaw Nation Supreme Court to see their decorations on the tree and had milk and cookies after I read them The Night before Christmas. We had a surprise visit from Santa who gave each little one a candy cane and promised to return on Christmas Eve with their other presents. Then the children loaded the buses and went to the District Court where they had a short tour to view their decorations on the Christmas tree there. We want to thank the teachers who worked so hard with the children to make the ornaments and for bringing them to see us in Ada. We had a great time with them and are delighted to be able to display their ornaments in our Chickasaw District Court news Judge Aaron Duck has had 504 cases docketed since January 1, There have been 355 NEW cases filed in The District Court Advocates have assisted 72 individuals in November and a total of 1100 since January 1, We are all very proud of the work courts. December 16, 2004, the Judicial Branch hosted an Open House at both the Supreme Court and the District Court. We enjoyed seeing so many of our associates and friends and sharing with them the renovations of both courts. With grant funds we were able to retain, being done at the Chickasaw Nation District Court and our employees who strive to provide the best possible service to our citizens. We look forward to serving our Chickasaw citizens in If you have the opportunity, please come by the Supreme Court and the District Court. Diana Walls, as a Decorator / facilitator to gather Chickasaw pieces to display in the courts as an effort to bring the Chickasaw culture into the courts. We are so proud of the Chickasaw artists who provided pieces for the courts. The Supreme Court is located at: 124 East Main, Suite 11 Ada, Oklahoma Phone: The District Court is located at: 1500 N. Country Club Ada, Oklahoma Phone: Peacemaking Gathering in Ada At right, Participants at the Peacemaking Gathering join the Chickasaw Nation Dance Troupe in a traditional dance. The Judicial office hosted a Milk and Cookies Day for the Sulphur Head Start students. Justice Cheri Bellefeuille-Eldred reads The Night Before Christmas to Sulphur Head Start stu- Lee Frazier, left, speaking in Chickasaw leads the Peacemaking Gathering participants in prayer. Also pictured are Haskell Alexander, right, and Jason Burwell. Haskell alumni seek classmate The 1995 graduates of Haskell Institute, Lawrence, Kan., are trying to locate classmates. The group is trying to locate Carol Vanderslice. Any assistance readers can give us in locating Carol will be greatly appreciated. Please respond to Avis Sorrels Glodek, 2317 Nicklaus Dr., Oceanside, CA

7 January 2005 Chickasaw Times 7 Moccasin Trail recognizes first 1,000-mile walker Moccasin Trail participant Lorne Rastus Love and Chickasaw Nation Moccasin Trail program director Anona McCullar. Governor s Family Initiative Children raised in strong families are much more likely to be happy, healthy and academically successful, while children from broken homes are more likely to live in poverty, be expelled from school or even wind up behind bars. Because a strong, nurturing family environment has such a profound impact on the long-term health, happiness and success of young people, Chickasaw Nation Governor Bill Anoatubby has introduced The Governor s Family Initiative. This program provides several methods to help families grow stronger and function more effectively. Native Americans in the Chickasaw Nation as well as Chickasaw Nation employees will have access to a number of opportunities to build relationship skills and educational opportunities to help make better life decisions. Participants in the program will have the opportunity to attend Prevention Relationship and Enhancement Program (PREP) classes to help strengthen communication, and problem solving skills. These classes also help couples maintain their commitment by avoiding negative behaviors and understanding mutual expectations. Fatherhood/accountability groups will focus on teaching men the skills necessary to be effective husbands and fathers. The groups will address issues such as anger management, communication, parenting skills, responsibility, leadership and drug and alcohol resistance. Single parent support groups will address the numerous difficulties faced by individuals raising children without the assistance of a spouse. Time management skills, maintaining discipline, and learning to access necessary support systems are among the topics covered. Other services available include abstinence education and training as well as parenting classes for two-parent families. Residential services will be expanded to offer a strong home to children and young people separated from their biological families. These will include Chickasaw Children s Village, foster care and adoption programs, as well as a transitional living center for youth on the Carter Seminary campus. Another facet of the Initiative is the Chickasaw Nation Youth Task Force. This group will include approximately 50 citizens from all walks of life who will prepare an annual condition on the condition of youth and opportunities provided for them through the Chickasaw Nation. Contributed by Tony Choate, tribal media relations. Lorne Rastus Love recently received recognition for achieving the 1,000-mile level in the Chickasaw Nation Moccasin Trail program from program director Anona McCullar. I have a few cattle I feed every day and I just write the time down every day, said Mr. Love when asked how he managed to log 1,000 miles in just six months time. One day I had a cow down and I walked half a day tracking her down. Logging time for such every day activities is one way participants in the program can earn T-shirts, shorts, gym bags, sports games, cookbooks, even walking shoes. Participants in the Moccasin The Chickasaw Nation Vocational Rehabilitation Department was recently awarded two grant transferrals from the U.S. Department of Education to provide services statewide to Native Americans with disabilities. The first grant is a Projects with Industries grant that will provide job development services to help Native Americans with disabilities in Oklahoma. The department will hire job developers in Ada, Tulsa and Oklahoma City with the funds received from the grant. This grant will provide services to Native Americans in the state of Oklahoma to help them attain or maintain employment, said Michelle Wilson, tribal vocational rehabilitation director. The second grant is a Native American Vocational Services grant that will provide vocational rehabilitation services to Native Americans with disabilities statewide. This grant will focus on the use of videophones to provide tele-therapy to consumers who need these services due to transportation or mobility issues. The grant will allow the department to provide physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, mental health counseling, vocational rehabilitation counseling and a multitude of other services. To Trail program earn miles by keeping a record of the number of minutes they exercise. A wide variety of activities, including walking, running, weight training, playing basketball, bicycling, bowling, gardening and more count toward total miles. Participants receive a log book to record their progress as well as an abundance of material on proper diet and exercise. More than 250 people are currently participating in the program, many of them seniors. Sometimes seniors will tell me they are too old to exercise, said McCullar. I tell them there is always something they can do. All ages can benefit from the program, and with the sharp aid consumers, video phones will be placed in their homes and a video phone will be placed in the service provider s office. We hope to partner with various Chickasaw Nation departments to better provide these services, Wilson said. In addition, vocational rehabilitation counselors will be hired in Ada, Oklahoma City rise in the incidence of type 2 diabetes among young people, one of McCullar s goals is to enroll more families.. Mr. Love, who prefers to be called Rastus, said he breathes a little better since he joined the program. Making healthier choices can make a real difference in one s health, according to Ms. Mc- Cullar I tell people life is a matter of choices, so why not make healthier choices, said Mc- Cullar, who has lost more than 50 pounds since she made the move toward a healthier lifestyle several years ago. Contributed by Tony Choate, tribal media relations. Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation awarded grants to assist disabled Indian workers Special Angel Trees and Tulsa to provide the services statewide. Through these grants the tribe s vocational rehabilitation program hopes to partner with eight other tribal vocational rehabilitation programs and the State of Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services. Contributed by Becky Chandler, tribal media relations. Hundreds of Christmas packages line three separate rooms at Carl Albert Hospital in Ada. This year over 200 Native American children were represented on the Carl Albert Behavioral Health Angel Tree. The generosity and love of Chickasaw people and Chickasaw Nation employees provided gifts to children who might not have otherwise received them. In addition to the gifts, parents of the children received a packet of information about parenting and holiday stress management. This tree was one of several angel trees across the Chickasaw Nation.

8 8 Encore, Encore! Chickasaw Times Chickasaw Children s Choir performs at Southeastern DURANT, Okla. - The Chickasaw Children s Choir recently opened for the Miss Indian SOSU Pageant during Southeastern Oklahoma State University s Native American Awareness Week. The crowd couldn t get enough of the choir, said Laura Morrison, tribal Arts in Education manager. Following the choir s rehearsed routine, the crowd cheered the group on for an encore performance. The choir came back out on stage and sang additional songs. A unique aspect of the Chickasaw Children s Choir is most songs include both Chickasaw and English. Many of the choir s songs are original songs written FINANCIAL REPORT The tribal government caption includes the tribe s general fund and the tribe s BIA trust funds. The Chickasaw Businesses include all of the businesses and operations of the Chickasaw Enterprises. Not included in the financial statements are federally or state funded programs and/or grants and the financial statements of Bank 2 and Chickasaw Industries, Inc. The growing needs of the businesses are taken into account when determining the transfers from the businesses to the general fund. It is vital to the long range mission of the Chickasaw Nation that the businesses continue to grow and diversify. Revenues of the tribal operation, other than the transfer from businesses, include sales taxes from the businesses, motor fuel settlement funds and investment income. Chickasaw Businesses revenues include gaming revenues net of prizes, sales revenue at convenience, travel plazas and tobacco stores, rent and investment income. Tribal expenditures are classified by function. General government includes the election commission, maintenance and operations of tribal property, Chickasaw Times and governor s and lt. governor s offices. Expenditure for by David Ballard, a Chickasaw songwirter and employee of the tribe s multimedia department. Joann Ellis, with the tribe s cultural resources department, assists the choir by translating song lyrics into Chickasaw. Some songs preformed by the choir include: Heroes, Legends and Dreams, I am the Future, Good Medicine, Native and American and the Star Spangled Banner. The choir conductor is Reta Lansdale. Ms. Lansdale also serves as the elementary music teacher at Cottonwood school. The Chickasaw Children s Choir consists of 50 kids from across the Chickasaw Nation. Over the past year, the choir has performed at the Chickasaw Fiscal year continues upward trend education includes education scholarship as well as the tribe s division of education. Health expenditures include senior citizens sites, eye glasses, hearing aids, prescription drugs, wellness center, community health clinics, catastrophic medical assistance and other similar programs not covered by federal programs or grants. The businesses expenditures are classified as to expenses associated with gaming operation of the tribe and the other businesses of the tribe. Depreciation has not been computed on the Fixed Assets of the governmental funds for the current year. This will be computed after year end in connection with the audit. Difference between beginning balance at November 30, 2004 and the ending balance last month are year end audit adjustments. Several year-end adjustments also have not been made. Executive Summary of the Financial Statements of the period ending November 30, 2004 Tribal Government Revenues and transfers from the businesses totaled $5.9 million for the month. Expenditures for the month were $2.4 million including a $1 million transfer to the Housing Construction and Loan Program as authorized by GR A total of $2 million was authorized and has been transferred as of November 30. Annual Meeting, Artrain USA reception, the Jacobson House and at the Purcell Chautauqua. I am very proud of the kids, Morrison said. The choir helps improve self esteem, character, social skills, helps with leadership development and preserves Chickasaw culture. The Chickasaw Children s Choir has already been asked to perform at events next year. The choir will be the opening act at the Johnson-O Malley State Banquet in Tulsa and perform at the Schools That Achieve to Raise Scholars (STARS) event in Ada. Contributed by Becky Chandler, tribal media relations. Two million was expensed for capital expenditures and was capitalized and was in fixed assets in the balance sheet. Year to date, a total of $9 million of the transfer from businesses has been for fixed assets. Chickasaw Businesses Revenue net of gaming prizes total $63.2 million. Net income before the transfers to the Tribal Government was $8.8 million for the month and $18.6 million for the year. Statement of Net Assets At November 30, 2004, the tribal government funds had $35.1 million in cash and investments. Of this amount, $6.7 million is in the BIA Trust fund. The businesses had $35.7 million in cash and investments of which $13.0 million is reserved for accounts payable and $14.7 January 2005 The Chickasaw Children s Choir performs at Southeastern Oklahoma State University during the Miss Indian SOSU Pageant. million is reserved for reinvestment in present and new businesses. As of November 30, 2004, tribe operations had assets totaling $271.2 million with $18.3 million in payables resulting in net assets of $252.9 million compared to $238.4 million at the beginning of the year or an increase of $14.5 million.

9 January 2005 News of our People 9 Original enrollee celebrates 100 th Gov. Bill Anoatubby and Edna Hayward Goodin at Mrs. Goodin s 100 th birthday party in Durant, Okla. Mrs. Goodin is an original Chickasaw enrollee. Edna Mae Hayward Goodin, along with many guests, celebrated her 100 th birthday, Dec. During the recent annual meeting of the Indian Law Section (ILS) of the Oklahoma Bar Association, Chickasaw citizen and Secretary of the ILS, Lisa Impson, was joined by fellow Chickasaw citizen Matthew Morgan, as an officer for the ILS. Mr. Morgan was elected as Treasurer for the term. Both Impson and Morgan work as staff attorneys for the Chickasaw Nation Legal Division. Impson will serve as Secretary for the ILS for the term and previously served as Treasurer for the term. In addition to her duties with the ILS, Impson serves as the Secretary of the Chickasaw Nation Bar Association. She is a 2001 graduate of the University of Tulsa, College of Law, where she received a Juris Doctorate Degree and the Native American Law Certificate. She is also a 1998 graduate of East Central University with a Bachelor s Degree in Political Science. She resides in Ada, Oklahoma with her husband, John, and her daughter, Danya. In addition to his duties with the ILS, Morgan also serves as Vice-Chairman of the Chickasaw Bar Association; President- Elect of the University of Oklahoma s American Indian Alumni Society and is on the board of directors for the Chickasaw Historical Society. Morgan, who received a Bachelor s of Business Administration Degree from the University of Oklahoma, Price School of Business in 1998 and a Juris Doctorate Degree from 2, Mrs. Goodin s birthday was celebrated at her residence, Alterra Sterling House in Durant, Okla. She has lived at the Sterling House for nearly six years. Mrs. Goodin is an original Chickasaw enrollee, from her mother s side of the family. She was born Dec. 2, 1904 in Indian Territory (now Oklahoma). Later the area became Pittsburg County. Her great-grandmother Mourning Star Gooding, traveled the Trail of Tears in the 1830s. Mrs. Goodin and her late husband, C.A. (Buddy) Goodin, have one son, Norman. He and his wife, Cheryl, live in Lebanon, Okla. Mrs. Goodin enjoys spending time with her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Contributed by Becky Chandler, tribal media relations. Chickasaws selected for Indian Law posts the University of Oklahoma, College of Law in 2001, resides in Ada with his wife, Candessa, and his two daughters, Jolie and Kelsey. Mandy Bunyard Mandy Bunyard Mandy Bunyard of Midwest City, Okla., will celebrate her 40th birthday, Jan. 1, She was the 1965 Carter County New Year s Baby. Happy Birthday wishes are sent to Mandy from her mother, LaDeana Jack, her brother, Jeffrey Jack, her husband, Wayne Bunyard, her children, Donya and Joshua Henderson, her Aunt Dee and Walt Egge and all her aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews and friends. Mandy is the fifth generation descendant of original enrollee Mary Sugars Johnson Jack. Happy Birthday Mandy! Christopher Garrett Morgan Employees graduate Dale Carnegie Course Angel Tree Chickasaw Nation Dale Carnegie Course DI65 graduated Tuesday, Nov. 23, This was a class of 32 with the following class members graduating with perfect 100% attendance: Beth Allison, Jeanna Eaves, Amanda Frederickson, Kathy Hays and Jerry Walker The following received awards based on votes by their classmates: Mike Clay, Justin Harris and Kelly Javernick awarded Vision Award (setting a specific professional vision for 3-6 months); Ric Greenwood awarded Outstanding Performance; Kelly Javernick awarded the Breakthrough Award; and Beth Allison awarded Highest Award for Achievement. Supervisors Brad Deramus, Carol McCurdy and Sharon Postoak were in attendance to support their team members and to present their certificates of completion. Brian Campbell, Chickasaw Enterprises Chief Executive Officer, attended and presented all other certificates of completion. Instructor Bob Ferrill s class assistants were Brad Deramus, Carol McCurdy, Tony Pippen, George Matthews and Don Russell. Class participants were: Ira Adams, Beth Allison, Travis Barnes, Brandy Braudaway, Denise Bynum, Mike Clay, Rhonda Coplen, Melinda Cornish, Jeanna Eaves, Amanda Frederickson, Ric Greenwood, Justin Harris, Kathy Hays, Allen James, Kelly Javernick, Mickey Jenkins, Rogie Lackey, Michael Lewis, Stephani McLellan, Johnny Miller, Jonathan Moffat, Angie Perry, Roger Pinson, Christina Rico, Kristi Ruddle, Jeremy Russell, Matt Smith, Scott Sparks, Marcus Tilley, Jerry Walker, Rebecca Wilson, and Steven Wright. Births Christopher Garrett Morgan was born 9:50 a.m., Dec. 12, 2004 at the OU Medical Center, Oklahoma City. He weighed 5 lbs., 15 ozs., and measured 18 inches. Garrett is the son of Melissa and Scott Morgan, Roff, Okla. He is the grandson of Vicky and Bill Gold, Ada, Okla., Gayle and Shelby Morgan, Fitzhugh, Okla., and Buddy Tartsah, Ada. He is the nephew of Rachael Tartsah, Marcus Tartsah and Stacy Morgan. The Ada Area Office Angel Tree was once again a success. This year over 100 angels, ranging from infants to 12-year-olds, were on the tree.

10 10 News of our People The Council of Elders met November 18 at the Marie Bailey Community Center in Ada. Toni Castleberry, Chickasaw Princess coordinator, was the guest speaker. Castleberry, a Chickasaw citizen, began her coordination role in August and discussed the process to select the Chickasaw Princesses. Princess candidates must be between ages 7 to 23, at least º Chickasaw and predominantly Chickasaw. There are about 500 Chickasaw girls that meet these criteria within the Chickasaw Nation service area. The princesses represent the Chickasaw Nation at many events, so the image they present are very important to how the entire tribe is seen by the general public. The Council wanted to know if there are contest rules that define acceptable Indian regalia as Chickasaw design. Two restrictions were cited: (a) Chickasaw colors of red, blue and yellow are to be used (these colors were also recommended by COE) and (b) the Chickasaw Nation seal must be displayed on the princess shawl and sash. The princess crowns are permanent, used by the girls during their year reign as princess. The permanent crown is passed on to the successor and each girl receives a memento crown of their own. New princesses have been selected to reign in This year s Chickasaw royalty include Chickasaw Princess Shelly Wall, 21, Junior Miss Chickasaw Tesia Worcester, 14, and Little Miss Chickasaw Sesiley Robertson, 11. The Chickasaw Princesses follow a monthly calendar of events prepared by the coordinator, who limits the number of events. For example, the girls can t be out of school more than three days of any week. The girls are given two weeks notice to advise their schools when they will be absent. They have to be in class for four hours a day to avoid being counted absent, so many events are held in the evening. To be certain the girls arrive on time to each event, the coordinator offers rides. In addition, a dress code has been established for the princesses to perform duties as a tribal representative. If they are wearing the traditional dress with the sash emblazed with the tribal seal, the dress at all times must be respectful. Castleberry addressed a question that the expense of making a princess dress might be a burden to some families. This year the Connerville Senior Citizen Site offered, as a site project, to sponsor the princesses and they made the fine regalia. Hopefully there will be additional interest in helping the Chickasaw Princesses in the future. The elders pointed out it may be normal for young girls to be shy and have difficulty talking before a strange group of people. Castleberry observed this doesn t seem to be the norm for this year s princesses. They are all good speakers, she said. In addition to taking the girls to observe the Miss Indian Oklahoma Pageant and Gathering of Nations Festival to choose Miss Indian World, she takes the girls to Chickasaw language classes offered by the cultural resources department. Marie Beck told a story about her church group. There was a dying man who asked for someone to sing old songs as a last rite. With a week s notice, the Chickasaw Princesses came in their traditional dresses to Saddle Creek Presbyterian Church and preformed the Lord s Prayer in sign language. In addition, other Chickasaw ladies sang Choctaw hymns. The Council of Elders recently went on a bus trip to the opening of the National Museum of American Indian (NMAI) in Washington D.C. The bus, painted with the Chickasaw warrior, makes a powerful statement when it arrives. Furthermore, people stepping out of the bus Jess Gr een General Practice Serious Litigation Civil & Criminal Indian Law Divorce Child Custody Injuries 301 E. Main, Ada, Okla January 2005 Chickasaw Princess coordinator talks with Council of Elders Submitted by Robert Perry for the Council of Elders 1st Annual Kachina Dolls Basketball Tournament 5th and 6th grade girls January 15 & 16 Allen (OK) Public School Gym $65 entry fee Entry deadline is January 10, 2005 Call Bobby or Jean Billey, (580) or (580) wearing their red jackets also make a strong statement. On this idea, COE agreed to determine the costs and provide four jackets for the three princesses and princess coordinator to wear on trips when representing the Chickasaw Nation. For more information about the Chickasaw Princesses, contact Toni Castleberry at (580) In other news, Kirk Perry discussed the opening of the new Midwest and Southeastern art Imagine having the chance to draw on the wisdom, experience and unique perspective of a diverse group of educated, thoughtful and imaginative Native American women from all walks of life. That is exactly what is presented in Every day is a good day, Reflections by Contemporary Indian Women. Author, activist and former chief of the Cherokee Nation Wilma Mankiller weaves the voices of 20 interesting, intelligent women into discussions of topics from tribal government to ceremony, love and acceptance and womanhood, among others. While the essays are drawn from separate interviews, the reader gets a sense of interaction between the women similar to what one might experience at an actual physical gathering. An appropriate alteration of the war cry it s a good day to die, Every day is a good day expands the notion that certain values and ideals are worth dying for to include the idea that those same values and ideals should be a guide for everyday life. Writers, musicians, professors, ranchers, political activists and many others offer a wide variety of views on the topics covered. Because such a wide variety of viewpoints are included, no reader will agree with every thought conveyed. Every reader, however, will undoubtedly find new insights on life s difficulties, joys and relationships, as well as confirmation of wisdom gained through one s own experiences. In the chapter titled Context is Everything, Ms. Mankiller writes The knowledge and culture of the world s indigenous people hold many potential gifts for the world. One of the most important challenges of our time is to figure out the best way to capture and maintain traditional exhibit Hero, Hawk and Open Hand at the Art Institute of Chicago. Later, the exhibit will go to St. Louis and NMAI in Washington D.C. The meeting was topped off with door prizes awarded to Catherine Wood, Bob Perry, Shirley Duncan and Lorene Greenwood. Choctaw hymns were harmoniously sung by Pauline Brown, Marie Beck and Winnie McNeely. This was followed by a grand Thanksgiving feast. Every Day is a Good Day reviewed Georgie Frazier relaxes outside with a copy of Every Day is a Good Day. knowledge systems. This work, which allows these women to speak directly to the reader, does just that as it opens a window not only to their thoughts, but perhaps more importantly, to their way of thinking about the world. Contributed by Tony Choate, tribal media relations. Licensed before tribal, state and federal courts including United Staes Supreme court

11 January 2005 Chickasaw language revitalization plan starting up The Chickasaw language is currently spoken by a relatively small number of older persons. The language is in danger of being lost unless steps are taken to revitalize it, wrote Dr. William J. Pulte in a recent proposed plan to help revitalize the Chickasaw language. Dr. Pulte is one of two highlyqualified linguists who will offer instruction on teaching theory and language curriculum development at Murray State College, Tishomingo, Okla., beginning February 19 in the initial stages of a long-term plan to revitalize the Chickasaw language. Dr. Durbin Feeling and Dr. Pulte will teach the course designed to give language facilitators the knowledge of teaching theory and curriculum development needed to help design community-based Chickasaw language classes. Language facilitators and fluent Chickasaw speakers are being sought for a plan to revitalize and preserve the Chickasaw language. A class in language teaching methods will be offered through Murray State College six Saturdays beginning February 19. This class is designed to provide language facilitators with the knowledge and skills needed to work with fluent speakers in offering community based language classes beginning in summer Several paid positions are being created for fluent speakers of Chickasaw and language Language facilitators will team with fluent Chickasaw speakers as paid employees who will design and teach classes for two different groups. Classes will be designed to help those who understand and speak some Chickasaw to become to become fluent speakers. As the number of proficient speakers increases, the scope and number of classes can be increased. Classes will structured to teach Chickasaw to those with no knowledge of the language, and will be tailored to age ranges from pre-kindergarten, grade school, high school and adults. These classes should complement each other as parents learn to talk to their Head Start through college age children. Current plans are to continue offering language classes for Language facilitators needed facilitators who will pair up as teaching teams in various communities across the Chickasaw Nation. These community-based classes will be open to the public at no charge. Ideal candidates for language facilitators will have some knowledge of Chickasaw and some teaching experience. A teaching certificate is not required and teaching experience can be as informal as teaching a Sunday school class or as formal as classroom teaching. For information, contact Terri Haney at (580) Chickashsha Anompa anompa lila chi I m going to speak Chickasaw language Below are some verbs in the Chickasaw language. run - malili walk - nowa jump - mali go - aiya sit binili hear haklo see - pisa sing - talowa Chickasaw names for colors red homma yellow lakna black losa whitte tohbi Chikahsha Anumpa Hushi Holhchifo Moon Names language facilitators who will team with fluent speakers to teach community-based classes on an ongoing basis. Classes will also be expanded to offerings from kindergarten through college with consideration being given to someday beginning a language immersion program similar to the one that has helped the Cherokee Nation develop dozens of pre-kindergarten-age fluent speakers. Dr. Feeling has more than 25 years experience planning and teaching Cherokee courses in northeastern Oklahoma and is a leader among Native American language specialists. Dr. Pulte is the author of a pioneering study of Chickasaws that pointed out for the first time significant differences between the Chickasaw and Choctaw 11 Contributed by Tony Choate, tribal media relations. Names of the months are descriptive and picturesque. The names are rather self-explanatory. Understanding geological events and formations in the light of the Chickasaws, star knowledge and constellations, are what determine the time fo year, of what we know of the Chickasaw observation of the natural world. Oh ohktohshah Hushi January, The Snow Moon. Ah hohpohbah Hushi February, is aptly named The Hunger Moon. Ah ohkchaleh Hushi March, as the Awakening Moon. Hushohk okhchamahle Hushi April, is The Green Grass Moon. Ah hohkche Hushi May, is the Planting Moon. Ah pahkohnle Hushi June, is The rose Moon. Ah Pulle Hushi July, as The Heat Moon. Ah helehah Hushi August, is The Thunder Moon, when summer thunderstorms usually come. Ah ohwahtah Hushi September is The Hunting Moon, when the game animals such as deer, elk and buffalo are fat and plentiful. Ite heshe ahtolah Hushi October, The Falling Leaves Moon. Ah onchalohle Hushi November, is the The Mad Moon, the breeding season for game animals. Ohklhle fahlah Hushi Decemeber, The Long Nights Moon. Submitted by Geraldine Greenwood The Pauls Valley Chickasaw Council meets monthly on the first Tuesday at the Chamber of Commerce Community Room at 112 E. Paul, Pauls Valley, Okla. All American Indians and interested persons are invited to attend for information, programs, refreshments, and to meet and visit with other local American Indians. The January 4 meeting will be about higher education for all American Indian students. There will be speakers from the Chickasaw and Choctaw Education departments. There will also be information from other tribes about scholarships and applications. Especially invited are students, parents, and grandparents. At these meetings, you can also pick up information on how to apply for a CDIB card and application forms with family tree charts and how to follow your family tree. First, people have to know what kind of American Indian they are and have as many names of ancestors as possible for the family tree, especially the names of those who were living in Oklahoma from 1897 languages. He is a nationally known linguist who specializes in the study of Native American languages and has worked with bilingual programs serving Cherokee, Choctaw and Spanish speaking students. Pauls Valley Chickasaw Council news to The February 1 meeting will have a guest singer, Seminole John Holt, who has sung with several symphony orchestras, in the Navy Choir, and with other professional groups. All American Indians and their families are invited to this meeting also. No CDIB card is needed. Watch you local papers for the location. For more information, call Donel Somers, , or Pauline Rodke,

12 12 Chickasaw Times January 2005 Carl Albert employees gain specialist status Head Start songs ADA, Okla. - Seven health care professionals from Africa visited Carl Albert Indian Hospital (CAIH) December 10 to discuss combating infectious diseases. Carl Albert was the one tribal health system visited while the guests were in the United States. The international visitors are among those responsible for helping formulate and implement public health policies that will stem the spread of infectious disease. While at CAIH, the visitors had a lengthy conversation, via translators, with several hospital employees about the low rate of HIV and AIDS patients in south central Oklahoma. The group also discussed diabetes and hepatitis C. We re thrilled Carl Albert has Carl Albert Indian Hospital employees Rhonda Harjo and Cathy Hendershot recently passed the Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) test. Certified Coding Specialists are professionals skilled in classifying medical data from patient records. I am very proud of Rhonda and Cathy for this great achievement, said Jerri Martin, tribal health information manager. All health care facilities strive to hire CCS certified coders. ºThese ladies are experts in their field. According to the American Health Information Management Association, coding practitioners review patients records and assign numeric codes for each diagnosis and procedure. In order to perform this task, the practitioners must possess expertise in the ICD-9-CM coding system and surgery section within the CPT coding system. In addition, the Certified Coding Specialist is knowledgeable of medical terminology, disease processes and pharmacology. The CCS credential demonstrates quality and integrity skills in a coding practitioner. The CCS certification exam assesses mastery and proficiency in coding. Hospitals of medical providers report coded data to insurance companies or the government in the case of Medicare and Medicaid recipients, for reimbursement of their expenses.ºresearch and public health officials also use coded medical data to monitor patterns and explore new interventions. Coding accuracy is highly important to health care organizations because of its impact on revenues and describing health outcomes. By being employees of the Chickasaw Nation Health Sys- New special projects coordinator joins the Chickasaw Foundation Justin Villines has joined the Chickasaw Foundation as the Special Projects Coordinator. Villines comes to the Chickasaw Foundation from the University of Oklahoma Athletics Department, where he was the Assistant Director of Marketing since Villines held the same position at the University of Central Oklahoma prior to joining Oklahoma. Villines earned his bachelor s degree in journalism-public relations from the University of Central Oklahoma and a Professional Certification in Sports Marketing from the University of Kentucky. Contributed by Tony Choate, tribal media relations. been chosen the last few years to host the international health care leaders, Chickasaw Nation Governor Bill Anoatubby said. This speaks volumes for our health system. Our health system is undoubtedly one of, if not the best, health care provider available in Indian Country, Gov. Anoatubby said. This, in many ways, is the result of the quality of physicians and employees that we have, as well as the broad range of programs and services that we offer. Carl Albert was chosen because of the wonderful reception the physicians and staff have offered to other international health care workers who have visited there in the past, said Kay Bickham, Executive Director of the International Visitors tem, they bring this expertise to our health care setting which contributes to providing good patient care, said Martin. We are very fortunate to have these ladies on our team. Hendershot also holds a bachelor s degree in health information management and has earned the credentials of Registered Records Administrator. Contributed by Becky Chandler, tribal media relations. Justin Villines Carl Albert Hospital hosts international health care workers Council of Greater Oklahoma City. It is one of the highlights of their visit to the United States. Each visitor was presented with a Chickasaw Nation seal lapel pin and two postcards, one about Oklahoma and the other about the Chickasaw Nation. It s an honor to have you here, Sandi Sanders, tribal health systems chief operating officer, told the visitors. Following the discussion, the visitors were taken on a tour of the Carl Albert facility by Debbie Jackson, tribal customer relations, and Heather Summers, tribal patient services director. The International Visitor Program is sponsored by the United States Department of State. Contributed by Becky Chandler, tribal media relations. Chickasaw Nation Head Start Classroom No. 1 sang to residents at the Jan Frances Care Center in Ada Dec. 15. The three- and four-year-olds sang Jingle Bells and We Wish You a Merry Christmas. After singing several songs, Baylee Hargis gives a Christmas card to a resident at Jan Francis Care Center in Ada. Contributed by Becky Chandler, tribal media relations. Carl Albert Indian Hospital hosted an international visitor leadership program that focused on fighting infectious diseases. The group met with several CAIH employees discussing various public health concerns.

13 January 2005 Chickasaw Foundation STARS The Chickasaw Foundation STARS (Schools That Achieve to Raise Scholars) will be held on Tuesday, March 29, 2005 at 6 PM at the Pontotoc County Agriplex in Ada. This event will be a benefit fundraiser for Pontotoc County schools. Celebrity waiters will serve the meal, and silent auction items will be available. KFOR-TV s Kevin Ogle will be the emcee for the event, while Oklahoma s First Lady, Mrs. Kim Henry, will be the keynote speaker. Chickasaw Times 13 For additional information about the Chickasaw Foundation STARS event, please contact Mr. Justin Villines, special projects coordinator, at (580) rd Annual Southwest Association of Student Assistance Programs (SWASAP) Conference Attending the conference were, from left, Elaine Benson, Stephen Ballard, and Susan Webb. Back row, Tracey Vasquez and Rebecca Durington. Members of the Chickasaw Foundation Upward Bound and Educational Talent Search staff attended the Southwest Association of Student Assistance Programs (SWASAP) 33 rd annual conference in Grapevine, Texas on November at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center. The conference theme was, Vision in Action: Leadership & Program Development. Plenary session speakers included Judge Mary Ellen Hicks, a senior judge for the state of Texas; Charles Dyson, chair-elect of the Council for Opportunities in Education (COE); Dr. Arnold Mitchem, president of COE; and Larry Oxendine, director of the Federal TRIO programs. The southwest region of student assistance programs includes the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico. Chickasaw Foundation Donations The Chickasaw Foundation donated 50 copies of The Hunter Who Was Not So Great books to the tiny tots participating in the pow wow sponsored by the Oklahoma Federation of Indian Women. The Chickasaw Foundation donated 24 coats for the Operation Iushpa Coat Drive to the Office of Self Governance. We are blessed to have been able to assist with this worthy project. Johnna Walker, left, Chickasaw Foundation Executive Director and Couita Wilson. Chickasaw Foundation Upward Bound news The Chickasaw Foundation Upward Bound program conducted its November meeting at the Lazer Zone Family Fun Center in Ada. Students enjoyed skating, bowling, playing arcade games and of course the Lazer Tag Arena. Assisting the students and staff was former Upward Bound student Chris Boston, an employee at Lazer Zone. Upward Bound students enjoyed the activity, while also reconnecting with friends they made during the summer instructional session. The Upward Bound program serves over 150 students in 23 school districts within the Chickasaw Nation. For additional information, please contact the Upward Bound office by calling (580) From left, Chickasaw Foundation trustee Kirk Perry, Lori Hamilton and Adria Gurry. Upward Bound students at Lazer Zone Family Fun Center. From left, Lori Hamilton, Adria Gurry and Chickasaw Foundation trustee Kirk Perry.

14 14 Chickasaw Times January 2005 Its About Money Chickasaw Seventh Generation will soon be leaders of our tribe J.D. Colbert By J.D. Colbert To go or not to go? To sign the Treaty or not sign the Treaty? These and many other tough decisions faced the Chickasaw people and our leaders during the turbulent and trying times of the 1830s. The settlers of a young U.S. had cast their covetous eyes upon the lands of the indigenous peoples of the south and southeastern portion of the country. In response, the federal government and the various states adopted a policy of forced removal of tribes of the southeastern region. So it was that the Chickasaw people were confronted with the momentous decision as to whether to move west. In their deliberations, the Chickasaws of the 1830s gave a great deal of thought to the impact that their decision would have on the Seventh Generation. Such is the way of the Chickasaws and of many Indian people. The Seventh Generation of Chickasaws who were so thoughtfully considered by our leaders of the 1830s are now in their infancy. Others of the Seventh Generation will soon be born in the next few years. Those of us Chickasaws of the 5 th and 6 th generations have the enormous responsibility to love, to care for and to nurture the members of the Seventh Generation. One way to provide and care for this generation is to prepare for their future educational needs. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and others may do so by setting up an Educational IRA. You may contribute up to $500 a year for each child. Contributions are not deductible but amounts contributed grow tax free until withdrawn. Funds may be withdrawn to pay higher education expenses of the child. As we are blessed with the members of the Seventh Generation, so too are they blessed to be born into the tribe at a time of unprecedented prosperity of the Chickasaw tribe and its members. As part of our responsibility toward this generation, let s set aside a portion of our current wealth for their future educational needs. Let s make the Seventh Generation the greatest generation in the long and distinguished history of the Chickasaw people. J.D. Colbert is a citizen of the Chickasaw Nation with more than 20 years of banking and financial services experience. He currently serves as Executive Vice President for Native American Services at Bank. Bank2 is a growing $70 million full service financial institution with headquarters in Oklahoma City, OK. Bank2 is owned and operated by the Chickasaw Nation. It s About Money is published monthly by Bank2, as a financial service to members of the Chickasaw Nation. Chickasaw Foundation Winter Welcome Top left, employees of the Chickasaw Foundation Tracie Carter, Justin Villines and Johnna Walker pose in front of the Christmas tree as David Ballard plays Christmas carols during the Chickasaw Foundation Winter Welcome. Upward Bound students enjoy Lazer Zone Family Fun Center

15 January 2005 Chickasaw Times 15 Lazer Zone offers solution to common dilemma Mom, there s nothing to do! How often have mothers throughout small-town America heard that refrain from their children? Chickasaw Enterprises set out to solve this universal dilemma with the October opening of the Lazer Zone Family Fun Center in Ada, Okla. We envisioned a place where kids and families could go, have a terrific, enjoyable evening, and go away satisfied, Chickasaw Enterprises CEO Brian Campbell said. The way things are starting out at Lazer Zone, I think we have hit the mark and made a real and positive difference in our community. Lazer Zone, located adjacent to the Ada Travel Stop in west Ada, is the newest Chickasaw Enterprises facility. Featuring bowling, skating, laser tag, video arcade and more, Lazer Zone is the dynamic new place for young people in and around Ada. With no initial advertising or marketing efforts, Lazer Zone opened October 9 and hosted more than 3,100 customers from 10 a.m. until midnight. Kids entered the building wide-eyed and soon were caught up in the exciting atmosphere. We have lots of kids coming in to meet their friends and enjoy the facility, Lazer Zone general manager Jeff Warmuth said. Lazer Zone is such a welcome option for kids who have previously spent time driving around or meeting in parking lots. It offers clean, wholesome, enjoyable activities for the entire family. The 60,000-square-foot facility is packed full of sights, sounds and smells to please the senses. Music flows from the bowling lanes as neon frames the lanes and black lights illuminate the star-theme carpet and bowling balls. Bowlers can choose from many offerings on the bank of Video games are a major attraction at Lazer Zone! wide screen televisions near the seating area. Skaters can enjoy a huge screen television as they skate to the sounds of the latest pop hits, and arcade fans are innundated with the classic pinball and new machine sounds. A casual observer soon notices the many surrounding communities represented by the high school mascots emblazoned on customers t-shirts. It is evident Lazer Zone is drawing from markets on the edge of its 60- mile radius target area. We re pleased with the rollout, Campbell said. We all look forward to many years of serving kids and their families in the Ada area. Multiple layers of technology make sure America s newest generation is comfortable and tuned in at Lazer Zone. The first layer is the customer facing layer, which includes music, lighting, equipment and the outside lighted portico and signage. Next, and key to keeping kids enjoying the games, is the Lazer Zone card swiping system. Customers who enter Lazer Zone may apply cash to a Lazer Zone card. The card may be swiped at all the entertainment locations for quick access to play. Three well-placed kiosks allow customers to recharge You can win great prizes at Lazer Zone! Convenience, speed of technology enhances Lazer Zone experience their cards by inserting currency and their card. The customer is back in action in seconds. We have learned that today s kids want convenience and they want things to happen in rapid succession, Lazer Zone general manager Jeff Warmuth said. The next layer of technology is the business facing layer, which is based on the on-site computer server. Lazer Zone employees utilize touch-screen menus to quickly and efficiently complete transactions with customers and set customers up for their next experience. Speed and accuracy are prized by both customer and worker. A wireless communication system is also in effect for some Lazer Zone games and the bowling lanes. With the wireless system, customers can play games, swipe their cards and enjoy the fun without any computer server cables or power plugs Lazer Zone maintains a 750- kva, diesel-powered generator for use in the event of a power failure. For Lazer Zone customers, the action can be just about as fast as they like. And for most kids today, the faster, the better! LAZER ZONE FAMILY FUN CENTER CR 3544 (580) Open 11 a.m p.m. weeknights 11 a.m. - 1 a.m. Friday and Saturday 11 a.m. - 9 p.m. Sun- 24 lanes of bowling Rollerskating and rollerblading Laser tag Video arcade Prize redemption area Pool tables Party rooms Concession area Bowling pro shop Tag! You re it!

16 16 Chickasaw Times January 2005 Wow! describes initial visit to Ada s Lazer Zone Wow! That single acclimation describes the reactions by management, workers, customers and parents - all about Chickasaw Enterprises newest facility, the Lazer Zone Family Fun Center in Ada, Okla. Lazer Zone is the 60,000- square-foot family entertainment facility that features bowling, skating, laser tag, arcade games, party rooms - and a bushel basket of sensory experiences that keep customers coming back for more. We are extremely pleased to provide a wholesome, safe and entertaining center for families in the Ada area, Gov. Bill Anoatubby said. And judging from the initial turnout for Lazer Zone, Adaarea kids and their families find the facility a great place for all kinds of activities. Young people come through our doors and it s like Christmas morning, Lazer Zone general manager Jeff Warmuth said. You can tell from the number of kids and their reactions that Lazer Zone is providing a great service to the community. With 24 lanes of bowling, a rollerskating and rollerblading rink, a laser tag area, video arcade, party rooms, and concessions - all intertwined with appealing neon, black light, pop music and banks of tv screens - Lazer Zone is an entertainment and sensory delight designed for the younger set. Parents love it, too, Warmuth is quick to point out. They appreciate that we have created a safe and clean environment for their children. And clean it is! Lazer Zone employees, 130 strong, are diligent about keeping the facility spotless, safe and welcoming. A customer will not see a dirty plate, cup or other refuse on a tabletop, floor or counter for more than a few seconds. Lazer Zone employees are trained to take care of the facility quickly and efficiently. Lazer Zone not only fulfills a real community need, but also is projected to be a long-term, profitable business for Chickasaw Enteprises. The facility projects first-year revenue at approximately $3 million, and that figure is before targeted marketing efforts really take hold. Almost 75 percent of Lazer Zone employees are Native American, and most of those workers are Chickasaw. Management works hard to seek out and employ Chickasaws who are interested in working at Lazer Zone. Mary Lowden is a Chickasaw from Mill Creek, Okla., who now lives in Ada. Mary works in the housekeeping department at Lazer Zone. Everybody really likes it here, Mary said. It is a good place to work, and everyone gets along. Mary said Lazer Zone is also a unique place to work. The managers want this to be a fun place to work, Mary said. When customers come in, they can tell it is a friendly place. Mary said she believe laser tag was the most popular game Mary Lowden Mary Lowden is a Chickasaw from Mill Creek, Okla., who now lives in Ada. Mary works in the housekeeping department at Lazer Zone. Everybody really likes it here, Mary said. It is a good place to work, and everyone gets along. Mary said Lazer Zone is also a unique place to work. The managers want this to be a fun place to work, Mary said. When customers come in, they can tell it is a friendly place. Mary said she believe laser tag was the most popular game at Lazer Zone. John Futischa is a Chickasaw from Ada, Okla. John is a mechanic who works on the bowling lanes machinery. It s a really fun place to work, John said. We all work hard, but we have a good at Lazer Zone. John Futischa is a Chickasaw from Ada, Okla. John is a mechanic who works on the bowling lanes machinery. It s a really fun place to work, John said. We all work hard, but we have a good time. John started out in general maintenance and is now doing on-the-job training on the bowling machinery. I enjoy it, he said. I m learning a lot. John said the training he received prior to Lazer Zone opening was helpful. Management has told us that everyone should have a good time and we should always be friendly, John said. I think it is a very good place, and I think it s a place where kids can go and stay out of trouble. time. John started out in general maintenance and is now doing on-the-job training on the bowling machinery. I enjoy it, he said. I m learning a lot. John said the training he received prior to Lazer Zone opening was helpful. Management has told us that everyone should have a good time and we should always be friendly, John said. I think it is a very good place, and I think it s a place where kids can go A wide variety of party packages are available at Lazer Zone! Chickasaw workers make Lazer Zone fun, inviting Lazer Zone Family Fun Center employees know the importance of courtesy, helpfulness and friendliness. Many Lazer Zone employees are Chickasaw. John Futischa

17 January 2005 Chickasaw Times 17 The Colberts and Chickasaw Leadership, Part III: Land Cessions of 1816 and 1818 By RICHARD GREEN Contributing Writer Author s Note: The Colbert brothers grew up observing and learning from their father, the dynamic trader and military officer James Colbert. But they also learned from their Chickasaw mothers and families as well as two generations of full-blood leaders including Piomingo and Ugulaycabe. This first generation of Colbert sons, William, George, Levi and James, had become tribal leaders at the beginning of the 19th century as the U.S. prepared to appropriate the Indian land in the southeast. In the first decade of the 19th century, George Colbert continued to lead tribal affairs as principal chief as he developed his farming operation and his ferry service and inn near the junction of the Natchez Trace and the Tennessee River. Colbert was reputedly the wealthiest Chickasaw of the time. He cultivated about 350 acres, and owned at least 40 slaves. He collected ferry-service fees at the Tennessee River from all non-indians traveling the Trace en route north toward Nashville or south toward Natchez. Near his ferry crossing, he built, with American aid in 1806, a twostory frame house with glass windows that lasted until 1929 when it was destroyed by fire. From Americans who knew him, we get a few, brief descriptions of the man, but they are so culturally biased that they probably say more about the descriptors than the described. A Methodist preacher found Colbert to be very shrewd and talented, but also very wicked because he had two wives (as did many Chickasaw men.) Those wives were daughters of Cherokee Chief Doublehead. The marriages probably were arranged for political or diplomatic reasons, as was common then among chiefs building alliances. American physician Rush Nutt said of Colbert in 1805 that he displayed genius, but was an artful designing man. A U.S. official described him as extremely mercenary, and one who takes on great airs. These descriptions suggest that George Colbert couldn t be controlled as well as the Americans would have liked. American agent to the Chickasaw, James Robertson said it would be unwise and ineffective to try to shake his popularity. George s appearance and thinking reflected his mixedblood heritage, according to these American sources. He had Indian features but lighter skin. He wore American clothes but his hair was long. In an 1841 interview, former tribal translator Malcolm McGee recalled that Colbert persuaded the council to end the traditional tribal law of exacting blood revenge for the murder of a clan member. If true, this would be a watershed in tribal history because it would have revoked the custom that had perpetuated tribal warfare throughout the ages. (This would have been possible only during an extended time of peace, as was the case after the Chickasaw-Creek war ended in 1798.) On the other hand, Colbert told a Methodist minister in 1807 that white men are worse than Indians everywhere. The Indians never knew how to steal, get drunk or swear until the white man learned them. We want no preaching in our country. We are free, and intend to keep so. Undoubtedly, he meant what he said in 1807, but a flow of white intruders was settling on the southeastern Chickasaw lands along the Tombigbee River. At first, the tribe refrained from evicting them, seeking to avoid war with the U.S. But by 1809, George Colbert announced that if the U.S. didn t remove intruders from their land, the Chickasaw would attack and burn down their homes. U.S. officials acted to pacify the angry Chickasaw, but the American s actions were ineffective. Those settlers who were removed found no impediment to returning. More often, the U.S. either disallowed or ignored the tribe s complaints and requests about intruders. Tecumseh At about this time, the Shawnee leader Tecumseh visited the Chickasaw to request that the tribe join a tribal confederation to resist further loss of tribal lands and the encroachment of Americans. The Colbert brothers were not impressed. Though Tecumseh s words might have appealed to a warrior like William Colbert, he, as a long-time friend of the U.S., was not persuaded. His brother, George, rejected Tecumseh s proposal for two reasons, according to the Ph.D. dissertation of Ronald Craig. As a member of the confederacy, the Chickasaw would be fighting a war it did not want (and could not win) with the U.S. And most of the tribes in Tecumseh s confederation were long-time enemies of the Chickasaw. The Chickasaw council renewed its demand in 1816 that white settlers (at least 300 families) be removed from the southeastern part of their land. Many of them had been stealing and killing livestock. Though George Colbert sometimes participated in talks with the federal government or other tribes, he no longer spoke for the Chickasaw, having relinquished his position as principal chief in So, the tribe s designated speaker, Tishomingo, threatened to go to war against the American settlers. If blood is spilled it will not be our fault, he said. Also in 1816, the Colbert brothers, Tishomingo and other leaders asked the U.S. agent to the Chickasaw to remove all traders from Chickasaw country. When agent Cocke replied that only Congress could do that, Tishomingo said that the Chickasaws would relieve them of their goods if they remained. At this unsettled point, the U.S. called for a meeting to discuss another land cession. If the Chickasaw could not and the U.S. would not protect Chickasaw land from intruders, clearly a meeting was in order to avoid bloodshed. Not only were white intruders a growing problem, but the problem was further complicated by a long-time dispute between the Chickasaw and Cherokee over the boundary between the nations on and near the Tennessee River in northwest Alabama. The U.S. was advancing the self-serving presumption that if the Chickasaw would not sell land in the area to the U.S., the Cherokee might. Thus, U.S. officials offered the absurd proposition that buying Indian land would prevent Indian wars. The president appointed a commission led by General Andrew Jackson, whose forces defeated the British at the 1815 Battle of New Orleans and the Creek Red Stick faction in Jackson asked the Chickasaw, Choctaw and Cherokee to meet the commissioners in Nashville to negotiate separate treaties. Speaking for the Chickasaw, James Colbert replied that the tribe would only meet the U.S. commissioners in Chickasaw country because land cessions needed the people s approval. When the U.S. agreed, everyone met at the Chickasaw Council House near Pontototoc, MS. Former archaeologist James Atkinson wrote that apparently the council house and George Colbert s new house were one and the same Land Cession Since the Colbert brothers and many other Chickasaw had fought with Gen. Jackson against the Red Sticks, tribal leaders might have expected fair treatment. Instead, Jackson brushed aside Tishomingo who showed him the charter signed by Pres. Washington in 1794, guaranteeing them their land. Jackson told them bluntly that they had to become farmers, the hunt is over, the game is gone. The leadership informed Jackson that a general council of all tribal members must be held to discuss treaty terms and that no treaty could be signed without a consensus. Several days went by with the Chickasaws and Americans meeting separately. Then, the Americans made an offer, which the tribe rejected. Jackson fumed, and wrote in his secret journal that the leadership would have to be bribed. (Though he didn t use that word, bribery was his intent.) He wrote that $4,500 in presents were to be paid to the influential chiefs (four Colberts and Tishomingo) upon the success of the negotiations. When and if that money was paid is not known. Another $4,500 was earmarked as reimbursement for improvements made to certain tracts of the land ceded in But it was not paid until 1818, and the receipt was made out to Levi Colbert. No other related documentation has come to light, so whether Levi kept the money or distributed it to the appropriate tribal members is not known. Furthermore, certain tracts of land from the 1816 cession were reserved for the use of Levi and George, John McClish and a full-blood chief, Apassantubby. After twelve days of negotiation in September, the U.S. and Chickasaw signed a treaty in which the U.S. agreed to pay the tribe $12,000 annually for 10 years for about 400,000 acres of land in south central Tennessee and most of northwest Alabama. Levi Colbert, who had replaced his brother as chief tribal representative, was a negotiator as adept as George, whose counsel was still available. That is why the commissioners reserved land grants to the Colbert brothers. Two years later, Andrew Jackson and a partner secretly paid $20,000 to buy the tracts of land as a bargaining tool with the Chickasaw in While this may seem to be a bribe, historian Ronald Craig notes that while the tracts could be used by the Colberts, all land (including these reserves) was owned by the tribe. So, money received for land belonged to the tribe. The 1816 cession was only a portion of the land that the commissioners were sent to obtain. But it was a necessary first step toward getting the rest two years later when Jackson pressed for some seven million acres in western Tennessee and Kentucky. The Chickasaw leadership told him the tribe had no land to sell. Jackson replied that if they did not meet with the commissioners, the Congress was empowered under the 1786 Treaty of Hopewell to take the land. While this was untrue, the Chickasaw apparently had no copy of the treaty and couldn t be sure. Then, Jackson unscrupulously dangled as bait the as yet unpaid proceeds from the first annuities of The Chickasaw reluctantly agreed to meet; the meeting was held at Old Town, which had been occupied by the Chickasaw throughout the 18th century. While the Chickasaw were arriving, the U.S. conducted a census, counting some 5,300 Chickasaw people Land Cession The annuity payments and gifts totaling $31,000 finally arrived, almost two years late, and the money was given to the tribe s four district chiefs for See Colberts, page 44

18 18 Chickasaw Times January 2005 USDA conservation funds available for some Chickasaw Nation trust lands Financial assistance for installing conservation practices on trust and restricted lands is now available through the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). The Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP) is the primary cost share program in the 2002 Farm Bill to help owners and operators of Americas working lands implement practices to improve the condition of their natural resources. Funding has been designated Local National Night Out celebration recognized as one of nation s best for trust and restricted land within the Chickasaw Nation. The primary natural resource issues to be addressed are brush encroachment on grazinglands, controlling the invasion of noxious weeds such as sericea lespedeza and musk thistle, installing practices to facilitate grazing management, and to reduce soil loss by correcting actively eroding gullies. Other concerns that may be addressed are improving wildlife habitat and practices to help balance forage and livestock numbers. Targeted lands are any tribal owned land and individual lands that fall within the Chickasaw Nation. Land adjoining these lands, up to one half mile, may also be eligible if management of these lands would contribute to the betterment of natural resources on the targeted land. Lands must be in some type of agricultural production and there are person eligibility requirements. Owners or lessees are eligible to apply. All management plans must be approved by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. To apply, contact the NRCS Tribal Resource Conservationist in Ada. The office is located at 1629 N. Broadway in the Chickasaw Nation Housing Annex, across from the Pontotoc County Agriplex. The telephone number is (580) Information you will need will be proof of ownership or lease and a legal description or location of the property. You may also apply at your USDA County Service Center. Applications will be forwarded to the Tribal Resource Conservationist. Applications will be taken on a continuous basis, but only applications received by March 1, 2005 will be evaluated for this program year. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) prohibits discrimination in all its programs and activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, and marital or family status. (Not all prohibited bases apply to all programs.) Persons with disabilities who require alternative means for communication of program information (Braille, large print, audiotape, etc) should contact USDA s TARGET Center at (voice and TDD). To file a complaint of discrimination, write USDA, Director, Office of Civil Rights, Room 326W, Whitten Building, 14th and Independence Avenue, SW, Washington D.C or call (voice or TDD). USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer. Tribal Youth and Family Services employees Deanna Kendall, Shawna Jackson and Danny Wall display this year s NNO plaque. The National Association of Town Watch recently announced Ada had been selected as a National Award Winner for its outstanding participation in the 21 st Annual National Night Out (NNO) crime, drug and violence prevention program. The Ada event was sponsored by the Chickasaw Nation, along with East Central University. There were hundreds of entries in Ada s category, which includes towns with population 15,000 to 49,999. Ada s population is about 16,000. Nationwide, this year s NNO event was the largest ever, involving 34.2 million people. Locally, over 500 area residents participated in the event. Contributed by Becky Chandler, tribal media relations. Rinehart Realty 816 Arlington (580) Wayne Gray (580) (580) For all your realestate needs. Donald Brooks (580) (580)

19 January 2005 Chickasaw Times SBA program to train Indian companies in forest restoration WASHINGTON, D.C. The U.S. Small Business Administration will assist in the economic development of Native American small businesses by supporting the creation of 20 firms that will reduce wild land fire risks to people, communities and the environment. The establishment of these Native American firms is part of SBA s implementation of the President Bush s Healthy Forests Initiative, designed to reduce the threat of destructive wildfires to the nation s forests, communities and endangered species. The President s initiative has prompted forest restoration projects that include clearing forests of underbrush and trees to improve forest health and to benefit surrounding communities. The President has made forest health a high priority, and will continue to promote forest conservation and restoration, Santas for seniors Hector V. Barreto, SBA Administrator said. Under the Healthy Forests Initiative, this Administration has acted to remove the causes of severe wildfires by thinning forest undergrowth before disaster strikes, and the development of Native-American small business ownership will help to ensure a healthy environment and continued economic growth and job creation. The Healthy Forests Initiative allows federal agencies to enter into long-term contracts with small businesses, communities and nonprofit organizations to reduce wildfire risk and improve forest health. This effort establishes a framework for protecting communities and the environment through thinning, planned burns and restoration projects. The SBA recently contracted with the Intertribal Information Technology Co. (IITC), to develop and train 20 Native American forest restoration companies that will participate in forest restoration and preservation. The IITC is a multi-tribal 8(a) firm teamed together to build information technology business on Native American lands, and is an advocate for reservation economic development. The IITC will help to establish the forest restoration companies, as well as help the firms to bid on Healthy Forests Initiative contracts with the federal government. The creation of these Native-American owned reservation-based companies is vital to the advancement of forest restoration projects, and will help to reduce fire danger and return the nation s forests and rangelands to a healthier state. Nearly 50 percent of all forest fire fighters in the nation are Native Americans. Participation in forest restoration contracts would provide Native American fire fighters with year-round employment and spur entrepreneurialism in American Indian tribal areas. In the past two years alone, more than 147,000 fires burned nearly 11 million acres in the country. 19 Nichols Accounting Service Ardmore, Oklahoma Customized services for individuals and businesses! Tax Preparation Bookkeeping Electronic filing Refund Anticipation Loan Free consultation for new clients! Phone: (580) milissanichols@sbcglobal.net Chickasaw Citizen For more information on Native American business development through the Healthy Forests Initiative project, contact project director Malcolm Bowekaty with the IITC at From left, Ruthie Ellis, Sophie Perry, Lou Carlton, Pauline Alexander and Carol Stout stand among Santa decorations they have made for homebound seniors served by the Ada Senior Site. Santa heads were delivered to 55 households on December 23. These ladies had assistance making the decorations from other seniors. The Santa heads were made by several ladies at the Ada Senior Site to be given to homebound seniors for Christmas. The decorations are made out of bleach bottles and lots of yarn. Contributed by Becky Chandler, tribal media relations.

20 20 Chickasaw Times January 2005 Disaster drill helps Carl Albert Hospital prepare for real thing ADA, Okla. - More than a dozen survivors of a recent chemical explosion at the Pontotoc County Technology Center were transported to Carl Albert Indian Hospital, while one fatality was picked up at the site by a local funeral home. Emergency workers arriving on the scene established a triage area to ensure those most seriously injured were the first to receive care. Those injured too seriously to walk were carried on stretchers to a decontamination area established by Ada firefighters while Chickasaw Nation Lighthorse Police officers controlled crowd members anxious to check on relatives injured in the blast. Victims still able to walk were directed to the decontamination area where they were flushed with water to remove any traces of dangerous chemicals. All victims were transported by Chickasaw Nation and Valley View Regional Hospital emergency medical services teams to Carl Albert, where hospital staff treated their injuries. Rolling Hills Hospital staff members were on hand throughout to help deal with victims who became belligerent or exhibited other behavioral problems due Command center employees coordinate the activities of various area agencies to cope with the emergency. to chemical exposure. A command center established at Carl Albert worked to coordinate the efforts of the various agencies involved in dealing with the emergency situation. Volunteers with the Ada chapter of the American Red Cross were also on hand to offer assistance as needed. This was the scene of a recent disaster preparedness drill conducted by Carl Albert, which included cooperation with the Chickasaw Lighthorse Police, Ada Fire Department, Valley View Regional Hospital Emergency Medical Services, the American Red Cross, Pontotoc County Technology Center and Rolling Hills Hospital. Mike Coplin, safety officer at Carl Albert, directed the drill as part of the hospital s Joint Commission certification. I think the drill went really well, said Coplin. It s very important for us to work together as a community in situations such as this. While the possibility of a terrorist attack in Ada is small, a drill like this can be very helpful in preparing for a tornado or other emergency. Contributed by Tony Choate, tribal media relations. An Ada fireman instructs victims still able to walk on proper procedure for decontamination. An Ada fireman evaluates the condition of a victim during the disaster preparedness drill. Carl Albert employees tend to the needs of a disaster victim. NOTICE TO VIRGINIA L. RICE and HEIRS OF DANLEY CUNNEUTUBBY Notice is hereby given that David Carter dba Cimaron Oil Company has filed a pooling order for the SE/4 SE/4 of Section 33-1N-2E, Murray County, Oklahoma involving VIRGINIA L. RICE and the unknown heirs and assigns of DANLEY CUNNEUTUBBY, Deceased. Danley Cunneutubby, a full blood Chickasaw, is deceased and David Carter is trying to locate any known heirs. Danley Cunneutubby was the son of Ida Gilbert Cunneutubby, deceased, full blood Chickasaw, Roll No It is believed that Danley Cunneutubby had an adopted daughter, Virginia L. Rice, a Native American, perhaps from the Kiowa tribe, also known as Virginia Hanson. The address of Virginia L. Rice is unknown and it is not known if she is alive or deceased. If anyone has any information concerning the heirs of Danley Cunneutubby or the whereabouts of Virginia L. Rice or her heirs, please contact Richard K. Goodwin, attorney for David Carter, at (405) or write to 3030 N. W. Expressway, Suite 600, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma It s TAX Refund Time Lisa S. Huling, C.P.A. (580) N. Broadway, Suite 12, In the Ada Mini Mall Convenient parking on west side. Open Mon. - Fri., 9-5:30, Saturdays 9:00-Noon and by appointment. Free Electronic Filing Rapid Return (RAL 1-4 days) Refund Check (8-15 days) Tax preparation fees can be deducted from your refund File your own taxes online at Walk-ins Welcome!!! Affordable! 10% off for New Clients

21 January 2005 Chickasaw Times 21 Governor s Christmas Celebrations for the Children Justus O Neal was the lucky winner chosen to assist Governor Anoatubby with lighting of the Ada Christmas Tree. Nathan Webb held the winning ticket to assist Governor Anoatubby in flipping the switch to light the Tishomingo Christmas tree. Autumn Rain Jefferson helps Governor Anoatubby flip the switch on the Christmas tree lights during the Ardmore Christmas Celebration as Winston Jefferson and Pat Woods look on.

22 22 Chickasaw Times January 2005 Minutes, continued from page 2 ernor is authorized to request the Bureau of Indian Affairs to place the property U.S.A. in Trust for the Chickasaw Nation after acquisition, if such action is advantageous. Dr. Goforth Parker explained the committee received additional information regarding GR22-003, and was not in support of it. GR failed for lack of a motion. General Resolution Number , Authorization for Acquisition of Real Property in Murray County This resolution approves the Chickasaw Nation s request to acquire real property, in Sulphur, Murray County, Oklahoma. The Governor is authorized to request the Bureau of Indian Affairs to place the property U.S.A. in Trust for the Chickasaw Nation after acquisition, if such action is advantageous. A motion was made by Dr. Goforth Parker to approve GR The motion was seconded by Mrs. Green. Mr. Seawright noted he would not support this resolution because no asking or appraisal price was submitted. Chairperson Briggs noted that in the future the asking price may be given. Mrs. Alexander reiterated Mr. Seawright s comments and noted she would not support the resolution. A roll call vote was taken on GR Members voting yes: Melvin Burris, Scott Colbert, Tim Colbert, Holly Easterling, Mary Jo Green, Dean McManus, Judy Goforth Parker, Wanda Blackwood Scott, Steve Woods, Linda Briggs 10 yes votes Members voting no: Beth Alexander, Donna Hartman, Wilson Seawright 3 no votes The motion to approve GR carried. General Resolution Number , Utility Right-of-Way in Garvin County (Electric Services to Pauls Valley Senior Site) This resolution approves a ten foot (10 ) Right-of-Way utility easement to Oklahoma Gas & Electric (OG&E) to construct and maintain an underground electric line across property owned by the Chickasaw Nation, described as a strip of land located in Garvin County, Oklahoma. Compensation for this Rightof-Way is waived for providing electric services to the Pauls Valley Senior Site. Dr. Goforth Parker noted an amendment to add the word feet after A motion was made by Dr. Goforth Parker to approve GR as amended. The motion was seconded by Mrs. Alexander. Members voting yes: Beth Alexander, Melvin Burris, Scott Colbert,Tim Colbert, Holly Easterling, Mary Jo Green, Donna Hartman, Dean McManus, Judy Goforth Parker, Wanda Blackwood Scott, Wilson Seawright,Steve Woods, Linda Briggs 13 yes votes The motion to approve GR22-005, as amended, carried unanimously. Mr. Tim Colbert requested a listing of properties purchased along with the market value and appraisal price. Dr. Goforth Parker concluded her report. (E) EDUCATION COM- MITTEE REPORT by Chairman Wanda Blackwood Scott No report. (F) HEALTH CARE COM- MITTEE REPORT by Chairman Mary Jo Green No report. (G) HISTORICAL AND CULTURAL COMMITTEE REPORT by Chairman Scott Colbert No report. (H) HISTORICAL CAPI- TOL AD HOC COMMITTEE REPORT by Chairman Wanda Blackwood Scott Ms. Wanda Blackwood Scott invited everyone to view the capitol building and concluded her report. (I) COURT DEVELOP- MENT AD HOC COMMITTEE REPORT by Chairman Tim Colbert General Resolution Number , Resolution in Support of Interagency Cooperative Agreements for the Lighthorse Police Department to Promote Goals of Law Enforcement It is anticipated that these Interagency Cooperative Agreements will be negotiated and entered into with potentially all tribal, federal, state and local law enforcement agencies within our thirteen county area and the BIA. This would include county, city and highway patrol along with the BIA. These cooperative agreements will enable the law enforcement officers of each entity to establish guidelines to work together cooperatively, establish procedures to cross deputize or cross commission the officers of each to the other, and also provide guidelines for purposes of mutual aid. A motion was made by Mr. Tim Colbert to approve GR The motion was seconded by Mr. Seawright Members voting yes: Beth Alexander, Melvin Burris, Scott Colbert,Tim Colbert, Holly Easterling, Mary Jo Green, Donna Hartman, Dean McManus, Judy Goforth Parker, Wanda Blackwood Scott, Wilson Seawright,Steve Woods, Linda Briggs 13 yes votes The motion to approve GR carried unanimously. Permanent Resolution Number , Amendments to Title 5, Chapter 2, Article L, Section of the Chickasaw Nation Code (Fees and Mileage for Jurors) Section of the Chickasaw Nation Code establishes the amount of fees and mileage paid to jurors in civil cases in the Chickasaw Nation courts. This resolution amends the section to include jurors in criminal cases to be paid a like amount. A motion was made by Mr. Tim Colbert to approve PR The motion was seconded by Dr. Goforth Parker Members voting yes: Beth Alexander, Melvin Burris, Scott Colbert,Tim Colbert, Holly Easterling, Mary Jo Green, Donna Hartman, Dean McManus, Judy Goforth Parker, Wanda Blackwood Scott, Wilson Seawright,Steve Woods, Linda Briggs 13 yes votes The motion to approve PR carried unanimously. Permanent Resolution Number , Amendment to Title 5, Chapter 1, Article A, Section of the Chickasaw Nation Code (Court Administrative Provisions) The Chickasaw Tribal Legislature has previously enacted an oath of allegiance for members of the Chickasaw Bar Association in conjunction with the Supreme Court. This resolution changes the format of the section of the Chickasaw Nation Code that provides such oath but does not make any amendments to the language. A motion was made by Mr. Tim Colbert to approve PR The motion was seconded by Mrs. Green. Members voting yes: Beth Alexander, Melvin Burris, Scott Colbert,Tim Colbert, Holly Easterling, Mary Jo Green, Donna Hartman, Dean McManus, Judy Goforth Parker, Wanda Blackwood Scott, Wilson Seawright,Steve Woods, Linda Briggs 13 yes votes The motion to approve PR carried unanimously. Permanent Resolution Number , Amendments to Title 2, Chapter 5 Article G of the Chickasaw Nation Code (Right to Work Act) Employees of the Chickasaw Nation should be guaranteed the right to work without the requirement that they pay dues or have membership in any society, union or other entity. This Act makes any contract requiring membership or payment of dues to be null and void and creates a civil fine mechanism and judicial application available to address violations of the Act. A motion was made by Mr. Seawright to approve PR The motion was seconded by Mrs. Alexander. Members voting yes: Beth Alexander, Melvin Burris, Scott Colbert,Tim Colbert, Holly Easterling, Mary Jo Green, Donna Hartman, Dean McManus, Judy Goforth Parker, Wanda Blackwood Scott, Wilson Seawright,Steve Woods, Linda Briggs 13 yes votes The motion to approve PR carried unanimously. Permanent Resolution Number , Amendments to Title5, Chapter 2, Article N of the Chickasaw Nation Code (Contempts of Court) This resolution amends Title 5 of the Chickasaw Nation Code so that the courts of the Chickasaw Nation may hold persons in contempt of court in certain situations. A motion was made by Mr. Tim Colbert to approve PR The motion was seconded by Mrs. Alexander. Members voting yes: Beth Alexander, Melvin Burris, Scott Colbert,Tim Colbert, Holly Easterling, Mary Jo Green, Donna Hartman, Dean McManus, Judy Goforth Parker, Wanda Blackwood Scott, Wilson Seawright,Steve Woods, Linda Briggs 13 yes votes The motion to approve PR carried unanimously. Mr. Tim Colbert concluded his report. AGENDA ITEM #7 NEW BUSINESS (Comments from Citizens) Comments were made by Mr. James Humes, Ms. Kathleen Stoner, Mr. Mike Watson, Ms. Juanita Tate, and Mrs. Hartman. AGENDA ITEM #8 ADJOURNMENT The Legislative Session adjourned at 10:10 a.m. Respectfully Submitted,Judy Goforth Parker, Secretary Chickasaw Tribal Legislature Prepared by: Doretta Sellers, Recording Secretary Chickasaw Tribal Legislature

23 January 2005 Chickasaw Times 23 Undeliverable addresses of Oklahoma tribal citizens The following is a list of voters for whom we do not have current addresses. By completing the citizenship application on page 43, we can reactivate your voting status and you will begin receiving your tribal election ballots, Chickasaw Times, and all material from the Chickasaw Nation. Also attached is a Notice of Death which is used to record the death of voters/non-voters. You may send your applications to: Chickasaw Election Commission, P.O. Box 695, Ada, OK For more information or to inquire about your voting status, please call Election Secretary/Tribal Registrar Rita Loder at (580) or toll free Cathy S. Durant (Smith) PO BOX 152 Alderson, OK Jesse Raymond Chamberlin 2nd ROUTE 4 BOX 235 Stillwater, OK Yusef M. Abd Allah 2608 NW 16th Oklahoma City, OK Jerry D. Abshier 9625 Beth Drive Midwest City, OK Joe D. Abshier 7901 S Council Road #277 Oklahoma City, OK Laura L. Achhireddy 7508 South Bushnell Broken Arrow, OK Lori Acosta 6217 South 43 West Avenue Tulsa, OK Mark Casimiro Acosta 1214 Sandra Drive Terra DeAnn Acox RR1 Box 193 Misty Acuna 916 S. Johnston Beverly M Adams 1133 NW 95th Oklahoma City, OK Dustin Adams SW 3rd Yukon, OK Kenneth H. Adams 425 West 6th Street Mark Adams SW 2nd Street Yukon, OK Mary Adams 1239 Holiday Park Melanie Adams ROUTE 7 BOX 221A Misty Adams ROUTE 1 BOX 221 Robert Adams North West 50th El Reno, OK Terry G. Adams 425 West 6th Street Lisa W. Aday 400 W 17th ST James A. Adcock Route 1 Box 156 Custer City, OK Rebekah Sue Adcock 115 W 6TH ST Okmulgee, OK Shawn Timothy Adkins 418 Newport Street Perkins, OK Lavoy M. Agers th NE Dorsa Ahlefeld 8024 NW 20th Oklahoma City, OK Kelsea Ahlefeld 8024 NW 20th Oklahoma City, OK Kriston Ahlefeld 8024 NW 20th Oklahoma City, OK Stacey Akins 1511 South Harvey Road Brian K. Alberson 308 N Neshoba Bryan Alberson PO Box Oklahoma City, OK Floyd Alberson ROUTE 1 BOX 211 Stonewall, OK Hagen Alberson 916 South Johnston Jeanine Alberson 1225 N Oak Miranda K. Alberson ROUTE 6 BOX 223 Steve E. Alberson PO BOX 161 Milburn, OK Lyn Aldridge 2319 NE 35th St. Lawton, OK Vicki Jane Aldridge 417 North 20th Brian Alexander 912 N Francis Ella Pearl Alexander Rural Route 1 Box 26 Meeker, OK Elton Wade Alexander 506 W Seminole Street Marlow, OK Harvey Alexander 2200 Surrey Lane James Alexander PO BOX Oklahoma City, OK Laura Alexander 419 South Grand Apt C Okmulgee, OK Marty Daniel Alexander PO Box West E Street Elmore City, OK Michael E. Alexander Caton Place Midwest City, OK Narcisse Alexander 3138 Southwest 59TH Apt. 40 Oklahoma City, OK Oleta Alexander 1336 South 13th Street McAlester, OK Oran S. Alexander 6801 NW 67th Court Oklahoma City, OK Roy F. Alexander 1122 N Stockton Stanley Alexander 1401 Northwest 17th #D Oklahoma City, OK Stephen Alexander PO Box 842 Noble, OK Tennille Alexander PO BOX 94 Amber, OK William G. Alexander, Jr. 820 South Kennedy Altus, OK Windella Alfred 519 East 9th Street Cherise Mae Allen 906 South 9th Debi A. Allen 5711 NW 48th Oklahoma City, OK Gary Paul Allen P.O. Box 99 Colbert, OK Hershell Allen ROUTE 9 BOX 654 Lisa K. Allen 7989 N US 177 Marsha Elyshia Allen 1020 North Hickory Stephen C. Allen PO BOX 4825 Tulsa, OK Tasha Allen 925 West 12th Timothy Allen 2921 SW 24th Oklahoma City, OK Tina Allen 1604 Herron Idabel, OK Tracy Lee Allen ROUTE 5 BOX 323A William Henry Allen ROUTE 6 BOX 354 James Edward Allen Jr W Easton Place Tulsa, OK Dianna Alpha 1505 West Wheeler Margaret Ann Alpha 1505 West Wheeler Rachel L. Pulliam Ames ROUTE 3 BOX D28 Comanche, OK Dorothy Ammones 804 North Maytubby #11 Amber Marie Ammons 500 North Fisher #14 Tommy D. Amos ROUTE 5 BOX 274E Ashley Anderson Rt. 4 Box 233 Linda Scoggin Anderson RR2 BOX 74 Olustee, OK Melissa A. Anderson 521 C SW Robert O. Anderson 2501 S. 9th Street #402 Ronnie Anderson Route 4 Box 485 Coalgate, OK Sonja J. Anderson 1128 Iowa Steven C. Anderson 110 Callahan St Milo, OK Tara Anderson BOX 862 Claremore, OK John Edwin Anderson, Jr. Rr 1 Box 18A Apache, OK Tawana Anglin 805 Williams Street Allen, OK Michael Apala 301 North 6th Ave. Noah James Apala 703 South 8th Avenue APT 6E Justin Appelman ROUTE 1 BOX 546 Catoosa, OK Michael Dale Arbuckle th Street Brian D. Archer 1610 North Cedar Loop Michael Archer 2112 El Camino Street Ponca City, OK Paul Thomas Archer ROUTE 4 BOX 87 Coalgate, OK Gail L. Arlotta 3105 Northeast Kings Briar Circle Lawton, OK Randall Arnold PO Box 183 Cynthia L. Arpealer 2832 Lancaster Lane Oklahoma City, OK Ted Arterberry 504 South Broadway Tina Arterberry 607 South 2nd Twyla Dawn Artherholt 1215 Willow Avenue Micheal Asbery PO BOX 894 Healdton, OK Dolores Ann Ashford ROUTE 1 BOX 88F Ringling, OK Carolyn Ashley ROUTE 1 BOX 117D Calera, OK Steven D. Ashley ROUTE 1 BOX 117-D Calera, OK Kathryn E. Ashton 1618 Northwest 34th Lawton, OK Teresa Michelle Atnip 815 3rd Northwest Holly Attaway 907 City Ave. Apt. 152 Johnny Atwood PO Box 2572 Ada, OK Julie Austin 2827 East Raintree Stillwater, OK Liethie Avila 207 N Oak Pauls Valley, OK Julia Mae Aycock 3905 Thomas Avenue Del City, OK Carroll Gene Babitzke 606 S 30th Circle Drive #5 Clinton, OK Marta Bacon 901 South Broadway APT 2 Brooke Bagwell Route 3 Box 149 AA Altus, OK Donald L. Bailey 302 F Northeast James A. Bailey 201 Yorkshire BLVD APT 504 Wagoner, OK Jesse Baken 504 East 7th Street Melinda Baker 1026 N Byrd Kenneth R. Baldwin PO BOX 1372 Muskogee, OK Tonya Bales 105 Whitney Lane Tahlequah, OK Jeremiah Justin Ball 1014 North 2nd Marlow, OK Matthew Michael Ballard 1425 Hollywood Avenue Edward Bell -Ballot 4618 Northeast Bell Avenue Lawton, OK Irene Banks 809 E. 10th A-W 6435 Joanna Gail Baptiste Cantley 1170 North Vancouver Tulsa, OK Mabell C. Barbee PO BOX 43 Achille, OK Albert Gene Barber 111 Pinewood Drive Tuttle, OK Brooke Allason Barker PO BOX 1216 Guymon, OK Jeri Barker 4815 South Plainview Road Seth Barker 7106 NW 42nd Bethany, OK Shelia Barker ROUTE 1 BOX 88A Calumet, OK Pauline E. Barlow 142 E 57th Tulsa, OK Jacqueline Barnard 1020 E 66th Place South Tulsa, OK Kirk L. Barnard 3505 North Ann Arbor Place Oklahoma City, OK Charlene R. Barnes 426 South 12th W. R. Barnes 1400 Andover Court Bradley Barnett PO BOX 118 Achille, OK Vanessa Barr E 19TH ST Tulsa, OK Samaiel Barrett 601 North Cherry Roland Barrick 416 South Wheeler Mahoti Ann Barriger 604 SW 13th Cynthia K. Barry 812 West 10th Street Ethel Barton 504 E Charles St Woody Bass 1102 C Street NE William G. Bassett PO BOX 216 Ada, OK Bobbie O. Bates ROUTE 1 BOX 1092 Cartwright, OK Tracy Lenora Bates PO BOX 400 Roff, OK Jera Batson 1531 East Lindsey Mandy Gayle Battice 2101 Lakeview Drive APT 4 Kyla L. Battles 131 South Broadway Checotah, OK Brian Bauernschmitt 4395 S. Flood Avenue Joyce Belle Baumann PO BOX South 8th Tuttle, OK Andrea Baxter PO BOX 384 Elmore City, OK Michael L. Baxter PO BOX 15 Russetta Maples Baxter BOX 125 Ravia, OK Wendy Delane Baxter PO BOX 121 Larry Beam PO Box 426 Haworth, OK Jeff Bear ROUTE 3 BOX 102 Wilburton, OK Steven Beard 820 South Highland Mustang, OK Vernon Lee Bearden HC 69 BOX 186 Thomas S. Beaty Southridge Terrace Charlotte L. Beaver 602 West 11th Michael Beavers th Avenue SE Apt. #183 Claude Edwin Beavers, Jr. 500 South B Street #10 Heathor Beck RR1 Box 23 Seminole, OK Ethel Bedell 2249 Dublin Road Brenda Beene 529 North Crownpoint Drive Martin Bekinnie 304 E 1st Street Lisa Belcher 503 E Kentucky Darrin Bell Rural Route 6 Box 1160 Doug Bell 226 1/2 W 14th Linda MarieTurpin Bell Route 6 Box Muldrow, OK Robert Brian Bell Route 2 Box AA Weatherford, OK Tadd Bell 120 West Platt Yukon, OK Kari Bell-Gwin 3523 East McElroy Stillwater, OK Jason Bemo 2144 W Eubanks Okahoma City, OK Adam Benefield Rural Route 1 BOX Heavener, OK Linda Benefield Rural Route 1 BOX Heavener, OK Elizabeth Bennett P.O. Box 1512 James Darrell Bennett ROUTE 2 BOX 196 Comanche, OK Randy L. Benton 620 West Acres Ricky L. Benton PO Box Oklahoma City, OK Ted Benton PO BOX Oklahoma City, OK Patricia A. (Chadwick) Berg 4216 South Piva Drive Del City, OK Cecil Berry 2611 Commerce Street Northeast Heather Berry th Southeast Kimberly E. K. Berry 614 North Kst Linda K. Berry 1129 E 8th Christopher Glynn Beshirs 2829 Dewey Ave # 102 Debra Marie Beshirs 571 Southwind Acres Hugo, OK Terri Kay Beshirs 702 West Oklahoma Street Hugo, OK Tommy Beshirs 9700 Northeast 19th Lot 63 Midwest City, OK Joshua Bess PO Box 215 Roff, OK Larry D. Bess Rural Route 1 BOX 193A Stratford, OK Max Keith Bess ROUTE 2 BOX 108A Quanah Kathryn Bethune 712 East 15th Russell Bevelhymer 826 Orchard Street Johnelle Biggs 1305 Magnolia Stratford, OK Todd A. Biggs PO BOX 70 Cement, OK Tiffany Billy 905 South 5th Terri A. Bingham N Pennsylvania #290 Oklahoma City, OK Stephanie L. Birdsong 2228 SW 30th Oklahoma City, OK Nora Birdwell 1102 C Street Snyder, OK Tori Birk 7100 SW 139th Oklahoma City, OK Frankie M. Bittner BOX 393 Milburn, OK Wesley Bivens 1110 West Tyler #9 Stillwater, OK Michael L. Bivins, Jr Northwest 81st Street Oklahoma City, OK Isaiah Daniel Bizzell 104 North Scott Road Poteau, OK Donald R. Black 402 W Iowa Enid, OK Patricia G. Black 2613 W. Cherokee Enid, OK Shawna K. Black PO BOX 418 Luther, OK Summer Blackburn 315 North Hickory Jerri M. Blackwood Russelville rd. Apt.110 Guthrie, OK Roni N. Blair Route 3 Box 50 A1 Trecia Blair 2438 N Oswego Tulsa, OK Dustin Blalock 1119 South 6th Street Karen Blalock 1119 South 6th Street Larry Richard Bledsoe 5320 NBU Prague, OK JacQuetta Jean Blevins E 61st PL Broken Arrow, OK Rhonda Blevins 1181 N Boston Avenue Tulsa, OK Terry J. Blevins 210 North B Street Chris Blue ROUTE 5 BOX 308H Sherra Blue ROUTE 5 BOX 308H Lawyer Bob 1926 Knox Road Apt. #705 Kirk Bogart 6131 East 82nd Place Tulsa, OK Vivian Elaine Bogle PO BOX 368 Ninnekah, OK Vincent E. Bolen 1200 Jack John Circle Box 85 Beverly A. Boles PO BOX 1355 Norman, OK Kimberly Ann Boles Stonebrook Apartments needs bc 9309 North McArthur #C Oklahoma City, OK Anita Bond PO BOX 1036 Tahlequah, OK D Arcy Bond Rural Route 3 Box 299C Jimmy L. Bond S. 292nd Coweta, OK Rusty L. Bond

24 24 Chickasaw Times January 2005 Oklahoma Undeliverables continued Route 6 Box 1720 Steven Bond PO BOX 1352 Elk City, OK Suzanne Bond 6209 Northwest 37th Street Apt. 219 Bethany, OK Jeanie Kay Bonner 721 Northwest Pecan Valley Road Tajuana L. Booher 100 Butts ST Holdenville, OK Andrea Booker Heritage Park Road Apt.#175B Carlotta Booker 721 A. Street Northwest Delita Renee Booker 919 4th Southeast Charles Booth 326 F Southwest Chase Booth 119 East 15th Steve Booth 5700 South Agnew Avenue # 52 Oklahoma City, OK Jeremy Bordwine c/o James A. Bordwine 3025 SW 124th ST. Oklahoma City, OK Beatrice T. Boren 153 South Circle Drive Fairfax, OK Byrdeen Bedford Boswell 801 North Main Sallisaw, OK Robert Lee Boucher ROUTE 1 BOX 195G Idella L. Bourbonnais 3517 South Brock Oklahoma City, OK Helen Bowens 827 South 2nd St. Ian A. Bowers 7805 N.E. 71ST Oklahoma City, OK Vicki Bowers ROUTE 1 BOX 1035 Kinta, OK Mark Bowlby 3101 N Warren Oklahoma City, OK Mendy Ann Bowman c/o Bruce South Bowman 1011 North 2nd Marlow, OK Angela Boyce 5636 Woodbrier Drive Apt. B Warr Acres, OK Angela K. Richardson Boyd 6472 Northwest Columbia Lawton, OK Dianna S. Boyd 420 North Old Broom Road Atoka, OK Sherrill Lynn Boyer 7407 S Reformatory Rd El Reno, OK Lori L. Gipson Branch 1501 E Bradley #101 Ponca City, OK Gregory Brand Rural Route 1 BOX 75A Bradley, OK Karen S. Branham 302 South Porter Okmulgee, OK Latisha Brantley 2619 Oakhurst #D Davey Brecheen PO Box 301 Carolyn June Breeding PO BOX 432 Rita Breedlove PO BOX 97 Maysville, OK Christopher L. Brewer 724 South Choctaw Bartlesville, OK Michelle Brister 419 South Lowe Patrick Alan Britt Ashford Drive Yukon, OK Tim Britt 2720 NW 18TH ST Oklahoma City, OK Jesse Brogdon 306 West 1st Konawa, OK Leonard Leon Brokeshoulder ROUTE 4 Donald Wayne Brooks 748 Brookwood Drive #202 Oklahoma City, OK Ronald T. Brooks # 13 Marlow Drive Marlow, OK Sarah Christien Brooks PO BOX 756 Stanton Craig Brooks 514 West 11th Street Okmulgee, OK Trenton Gene Brooks 514 West 11th Street Okmulgee, OK Gail A. Broomfield 1215 East 33rd Street Edmond, OK Sandra K. Brossman 6297 Hedges Road Tami Broughton Rural Route 4 Box 4185 Atoka, OK Aaron Brown 1007 Sandy Creek #2 Bill P. Brown PO BOX 936 Frederick, OK Brandon Brown HC 62 Box 262 Britnie B. Brown 1408 N.W. 182nd Street Edmond, OK Carole Sharon Ryan Brown County Road 1500 Carolyn J. Brown PO BOX 936 Frederick, OK Christopher Michael Brown 2306 West Kavanaugh Apt. G Debra K. Brown 8301 Northwest 10th #26 Oklahoma City, OK Donna J. Brown ROUTE 1 BOX 28 Tipton, OK Doug Brown 1010 SE Adams Street Idabel, OK Elton Maurice Brown 505 West 7th Evelyn Brown 300 Mistletoe Gayla F. Brown PO BOX 33 Stratford, OK Harold Brown th Northwest Henry W. Brown Route 3 Box 132C J. Michael Brown E 138th Street South Coweta, OK Jeffrey Brown 211 S. Chisholm Jennifer Skaggs Brown RR8 BOX 2130 McAlester, OK Jim G Brown ROUTE 1 BOX 308 Jimmie Ray Brown 836 Roff Northeast Joanne M. Brown 2409 #3C Ashton Place El Reno, OK Justin Herbert Brown Rural Route 1 Box 460 Coalgate, OK Kary Brown 9101 Rambling Rd Oklahoma City, OK Kathi F. (Marlow) Brown 3145 Northwest Drexel Court Oklahoma City, OK Lela Brown 1828 Westminster Place Lester C. Brown 106 3rd SW Apt B Lonnie Shane Brown 818 West 5th Street Lyle Q Brown ROUTE 1 BOX 49 Coalgate, OK Michael E. Brown 3225 Southeast 20th Street Del City, OK Mitchell Brown P.O. Box 192 Coleman, OK Paul Brown 229 Northeast 7th Quaindolyn LaRae Brown Heritage Park Road Apt 137 Raymond Nathaniel Brown 1318 W. Tishomingo Reginald R. Brown 2301 South Division Street Apt. A-1 Guthrie, OK Rodney E. Brown ROUTE 5 BOX 552 McAlester, OK Ronald R. Brown 1930 West 32nd Roy A.E. Brown 1704 Circle Drive #A Sandra Kay Brown 304 Rock Circle Drive Edmond, OK Sarah L. Brown 922 South Johnston Sharon S. Brown ROUTE 3 BOX 222 Tecumseh, OK Velvet Brown 3225 Southeast 20TH Del City, OK Earnie Gene Brown Jr South Drexal #2114 Sanford Brown Jr. 314 Northwest 4th Avenue Lester C. Brown, II 106 3rd Ave SW Apt. B Travis L. Brown, Jr South Winston Tulsa, OK Larry L. Brownfield Route 5 Box 339B Keith W. Browning 2525 Southwest 101st Misty Dwan Browning PO BOX 345 Achille, OK Rachael D. Bruce ROUTE 3 BOX 208A Wagoner, OK Forbus Terrell Brumley P.O. Box 126 Sand Springs, OK Jami G. Brumley 1013 North Street Shawn D. Bruton 2402 Woodleaf Court C. Nanette Bryant ROUTE 1 BOX 113 Lexington, OK Kevin Bryant 801 East Fairchild Twyla Bryant 720 North Commerce #202 Jackie Buchanan 2781 W I- 240 Service Road Apt C -372 Jessica Buchanan 2309 North Thompkins Avenue Apt.#T4 Bethany, OK Linda K. Buchanan North Lincoln Oklahoma City, OK Robert S. Buchanan, Jr. P.O. Box 127 c/o Martha Hill Dibble, OK Daniel Bulla Southeast 110th Oklahoma City, OK Shannon Bumpass /2 C Street SE Crystal Dawn Griffin Bunch South Hwy 66 Claremore, OK Mellissa Bunnell 119 E. 15th Phillip Burchett 1609 West Tahlequah Mary L. Burden 5204 Southeast 85th Street Oklahoma City, OK James A. Burger 8410 South Brookline Place William Burger 2645 Southwest 62nd Jason T. Burk 231 W 15th Anthony Burkhalter 1901 W Mississippi #67F Checona Burkhalter 1825 West Main Anthony V. Burkhart 7105 North Shoreline Oklahoma City, OK Susan Burkhart 8732 South College Avenue Tulsa, OK Alfreda Ellen Brooks Burleson 302 South Porter Okmulgee, OK Sherry L. Burleson Route 2 Box 1580 Atoka, OK Brian Burney 1535 Winding Creek Road Craig Burney 563 S.W. 93rd St. Apt. 101 Oklahoma City, OK Dawn Burney 1702 Stout Road Douglas M. Burney 1702 Stout Road Patrick D. Burney 1702 Stout Road Richard Johnson Burney 413 Railhead Loop Betty Jo Burns 101 G NW Apt 210 Brenda Burns 115 Monroe NE #67 K. D. Burns 1036 Ridgeview Drive Mickey Lee Burns 115 Monroe N.E. Apt. 19 Stacy Burns 1723 W Elm 3425 Candice Rena Burris 210 South 12th Street Apt.#4 Colin Drew Burris 1018 Stonegate Weatherford, OK Cortney James Burris S Burck Guthrie, OK Monroe Burris ROUTE 3 BOX 345 Nellie Burris 1110 W Burney Richard K. Burris PO Box 1597 Richmond W. Burris PO BOX 1693 Claremore, OK Russell Burris Southwest 3rd Terrace Yukon, OK Shanella Burris 1128 South Cherry Stephanie R. Burris ROUTE 1 BOX 188A Konawa, OK Stoney Burris P.O. Box 112 Terry Burris 9008 South Shartel Apt. 102 Oklahoma City, OK Robin Lynn Burrow 3600 West Highway 20 # 97 Claremore, OK Rhonda L. Burrows 6100 SE 9th Judy R. Burson 322 Grisson Drive Elk City, OK Jason Burton PO Box 5134 Kathryn V. Burton PO BOX 5134 Margaret G. Bush 4121 Westbrook Drive Stillwater, OK Rhonda Noble Bussell Route 1 Box 34 Cashion, OK Charles Robert Byars th Avenue Northeast Newalla, OK Charles Ray Byars th Avenue NE Newalla, OK Corey Byars R.R. 1 BOX 486 Beggs, OK Jep Byars ROUTE 1 BOX 486 Beggs, OK Joseph R. Byars 5210 Northeast 180 Newalla, OK Larry D. Byars ROUTE 1 BOX 486 Beggs, OK Ricky Byars 2221 W Park Place Oklahoma City, OK Deborah A. Byington 204 Quailcreek B #32 Cushing, OK Joe M. Bynum 6811 Northwest 36th Bethany, OK Kelli Bynum 6811 NW 36th Bethany, OK Willis A. Bynum th Avenue NW Dax Byrd County Road 1499 CT Henry Byrd HC61 BOX N 2nd Apt 8 Shirley J. Byrd PO Box 585 Dinah Cain 107 SE 34TH ST Oklahoma City, OK Melissa Cain 107 Southeast 34th Street Oklahoma City, OK Dibbie Caldwell RR 8 Box Unit 11 Edward Caldwell 726 1/2 East 14th Gary Caldwell 702 H Northwest Mikhael S. Caldwell 10 Jefferson Seminole, OK Robert Caldwell Rural Route Unit 11 Cheryl Campbell 304 West 7th Gnobia Campbell 827 South 2nd James R. Campbell 3216 Oakbrook Drive Del City, OK Jim C. Campbell 2480 North Glade Avenue # 619 Bethany, OK Maudie M. Campbell PO BOX 1593 Durant, OK Pamela S. Canada 420 Rose Tree Llane Enid, OK Danny Ray Capes PO BOX 513 Oklahoma City, OK Athena M. Capes-Brown 309 W Comanche ST Marlow, OK Marisa Caraway th NW Lara Cardinalle 207 North. Harris Patrick Carhart 3812 Putnam Heights Boulevard Oklahoma City, OK Lawana F. Carl 3621 S 118th East Avenue Tulsa, OK Bennie Carlile, Jr. ROUTE 2 BOX 293 Wilburton, OK Robert N. Carlton P.O. Box 454 Milburn, OK Candice Odecia Carmichael PO BOX 261 Cepheus Carney HC 63 BOX 256 Eufaula, OK Roy Gene Carney 129 A Northwest Sallie Carney 618 East Oakland Charles Carpenter 1021 N.F. Street Muskogee, OK Christal Kay Carpenter 2918 Oklahoma Street Muskogee, OK Crystal Carpenter 2121 Bent Tree Road John Carpenter 826 West 10th Julie Carpenter 1407 S Troost # 2 Tulsa, OK Kenneth J. Carpenter 2918 Oklahoma Street Muskogee, OK Leona Carpenter 1228 NE 16th Street Oklahoma City, OK Matthew Kelly Carpenter ROUTE 4 BOX 649 Michael Carpenter 931 North Cherry Michael A. Carpenter 2800 N Coutry Club Road # Thurman Carpenter 2121 Bent Tree Road Alma Bertha Carr 217 A St. Sw Kristen A. Carr 3000 Chautaugua Avenue Apt 101 Ruth Ann Carr ROUTE 2 BOX 12 Maysville, OK Ty Carr 400 S. Squires Apt. F 43 Stillwater, OK Damon Carreiro 105 Veterans Drive #B Jenks, OK Billy F. Carroll PO BOX 357 Valliant, OK Julie Nicole Carroll 1410 Broad Acres Dr. Leeann Carroll 944 Deonne Circle Thelma E. Carroll 1036 Ridgeview Drive Apt 23C Betty Michelle Carter PO Box 150 Achille, OK David Russel Carter Route 1 Box 322 Holdenville, OK Debra Carter 2109 B Felix Gwendolyn Carter ROUTE 1 BOX 29 Calera, OK Jackie Earline Carter ROUTE 1 Box 203 Hendrick, OK Jerry D Carter 613 North Johnston Monica L. Carter P.O. Box 361 Pamela Jo Carter 25 North 14th Street Stephen W. Carter 1320 NW 9th Oklahoma City, OK Steven L. Carter 8301 North Council Apt. #507 Oklahoma City, OK Karen Caruso 2312 Nashville Kimberly Carver 1303 North Tucker Sherry Cashion 701 East E Avenue Jenks, OK Doris Cass 425 Beals Place Seminole, OK Wanda E. Cass East 13th Street Grove, OK A. Michelle Cassady 1513 W Wallace Street Charles Cassel Rural Route2 BOX 109 Stonewall, OK Shelly Castleberry ROUTE 1 BOX 126G Tuttle, OK Linda L. Catlege 1400 Southwest 16th Newcastle, OK Chris Lee Caudle 711 E 14th Eddie L. Caudle 711 East 14TH Street Melva Jo Caudle PO BOX 908 Startford, OK Michael Caudle 1820 East 6th Helen M. Cease 206 A East A Street Atoka, OK James Chaffin ROUTE 2 BOX 108 Seminole, OK Ronlad Wesley Chambers 1321 Shelley Lane Edmond, OK Petina Chambler 922 W 17TH ST Brett Ryan Chambless 3240 NW 21st Oklahoma City, OK Allan Chase 728 1/2 E 6th Street #B

25 January 2005 Allegra Chase 3141 North Portland 101 Oklahoma City, OK James Cheairs P.O. Box 366 Jennifer Ann Cheatwood Route 1 Washington, OK Vickie Kidd Chenoweth 1012 West Pecan Avenue #A Shonda Dawn Chesher ROUTE 3 BOX 85C Marlow, OK Glenda Sue Chesler Rustler Lane Yukon, OK Tina Chestnut Route 1 Box 112 Agra, OK Phillip Gene Chitwood, Jr. RR2 Box 159 Charkie G. Christian ROUTE 5 BOX 314 Vinita, OK Louvenia Pauline Christian ROUTE 5 BOX 315 Vinita, OK Amy R. Christie 1106 NW Gaye Joey Christie ROUTE 3 BOX 382 Larry Christie ROUTE 1 BOX 223 Rik Christie P.O. Box 212 Deborah L. Christman PO BOX 699 Colbert, OK Kathryn L. Chronister 6221 South Drexel Kimberly D. Church RR4 BOX 223 Lindsay, OK Linda Dean Circle 5371/2 Circle Tahlequah, OK Samantha Cirkles ROUTE 2 BOX 263A Bokchito, OK Shelli Clack Country Mobile Home Park Box 012 Shelli Clanton Lot 12 Clearview Noble, OK Jessie Clark 1223 Baltimore Street Kellie Clark 1105 Bixby Avenue Almeter Clay 410 Southwest 13th Street Lawton, OK Antonio Clay 2819 NW Mobley Lawton, OK Brandon Clay South 337th East Avenue Coweta, OK Juanita Clay 2823 Northwest Mobley Avenue Lawton, OK Marcello DeVon Clay 2819 NW Mobley Lawton, OK Dwayne Claytor Route 1 Box 141 A Earlsboro, OK Nicole Clement 8126 James CT #E Tinker AFB, OK Randy Clemons 2604 NW 26th Oklahoma City, OK Michael Scott Cliatt ROUTE 3 BOX 198A Peggy S. Cliatt ROUTE 3 BOX 9 Carrie L. Click PO BOX 683 Clarence G. Cline,Jr. ROUTE 2 Unit 3 Stonewall, OK Troy Steven Cloud 2758 North Edmond Muskogee, OK Flying Clouds ROUTE 1 BOX 1053A Tuskahoma, OK Angelique Estelle Clow PO BOX 156 Dibble, OK Francis W. Cobley PO BOX 445 Coalgate, OK Danine Ruth Coburn ROUTE 3 Unit 8 Marqueta Cockrell 517 West Arbuckle Melanie Suzanne Cockrell 1400 South Dewey Bartlesville, OK Kelley J. Coffey 2132 SW 34th Oklahoma City, OK Norma F. Coffman - Landers 1823 West Harrison Avenue Guthrie, OK Paulina R. Coffman-Dodd 4216 Jones Boulevard Oklahoma City, OK Debra Cohee 703 H NW Shemika Cohee 703 H NW Brooke Colbert 1316 Stanley Gary Colbert 2828 Woodland Drive Jamie Colbert 222 East Park Tecumseh, OK Jamie Michelle Colbert c/o Rt. 1 Box 5-1A Earlsboro, OK Jarod Martin Colbert 1913 Melody Lane Joshuah Shadrak Colbert ROUTE 2 BOX 63 Allen, OK Larry Wayne Colbert 626 West 15th Timmie D. Colbert 222 East Park Tecumseh, OK Traci L. Colbert ECU BOX 766 Richard Dan Colbert Jr NW 115th Street Zeb C. Colbert, Jr /2 West 10th Street April M. Cole 812 Waterview Road Oklahoma City, OK Lisa Cole 9 Apache Mark L. Cole 812 Waterview Oklahoma City, OK Rhiannon Cole 125 N.W. 29th Oklahoma City, OK Timmy Ray Cole PO BOX 591 Gus Colley ROUTE 2 BOX 55 B Stonewall, OK Bradley P. Collins #23 Q Street Northwest Jackie Collins PO BOX 773 Jason Collins 500 S. B Apt Oleta L. Collins ROUTE 2 BOX 347 Rebecca Collins PO BOX 773 Shirley L. Collins th Northwest Teddy Joe Collins 6810 Northwest 10th Oklahoma City, OK Tommy L. Collins 6810 Northwest 10th Street Oklahoma City, OK Trina M. Collins st Northeast Apt. #7 Triton Jackson Collins BOX 236 Burneyville, OK William Norman Colquitt 113 West Washington Purcell, OK Noel D. Colvin,Jr. ROUTE B BOX 270 Garland D Compala 400 E 3rdStreet Apt. 418-A Newkirk, OK Leon Doyle Compala 412 North Walnut Newkirk, OK Jeri Compton 5012 S Sage Avenue Oklahoma City, OK Kasi Lynn Compton 5012 S Sage Avenue Oklahoma City, OK Kody Jack Compton 5012 S Sage Avenue Oklahoma City, OK Vincent Randall Compton 2612 NW 56th Oklahoma City, OK Christopher Cone 1137 Biloxi Drive APT A Lorra Kay Conley PO BOX 235 Lamar, OK Wilda Jolene Connel 1210 N Hahn Street Anita Joy Cook PO BOX 741 Courtney Cook County Road 1562 Judy L. Cook ROUTE 1 BOX 110 Margaret Louise Cook 1200 Jack John BOX 47 Tisa Cook 303 Holcomb Avenue Chickasaw Times Oklahoma Undeliverables continued Chris P. Cook, Jr. Route 1 Box 511 Lexington, OK Brian Coombs 130 East 45th Apt. 10G Shawnee, OK Christopher Lee Cooper PO BOX 2036 Connie Lynn Cooper Northeast Diana Circle #11 Claremore, OK Dennis Cooper Bellview Dr Midwest City, OK Spencer D. Cooper P.O. Box 140 Francis, OK Jennifer Ann Corbin 427 South 13th Olga K. Corbin Rural Route 6 BOX Micheal Wayne Cornwell 32 B South Fishmarket Road McLoud, OK Rocky L. Cotton 21 Bourland Melissa Cottrell 217 Southeast 34th Street Oklahoma City, OK Chris C. Couch 17 Jon Healdton, OK Todd Couch 326 South Gage Avenue Susan Counts 304 East Redbud Coweta, OK Donald P. Couts 3001 Southwest 20th Oklahoma City, OK Allen D. Covington ROUTE 5 BOX 243 Joshua M. Covington 529 North Crownpoint Drive Cheryl Cowhick Rural Route 8 Box 19 Edward W. Cox #20 6th Northeast Jeri Cox Rt. 8 Box 434 Julie Cox th Street Paula Sue Cox NBU 8612 Prague, OK Ronnie Cox 3300 W Hwy 62 Paden, OK Sandra Cox PO Box 365 Cecil Gordon Coyle 207 North Oak Deborah K. Coyle 516 A SE Creek Bartlesville, OK Dovelya Coyle 207 North Oak Jerry Van Coyle 841 Logans Run Chandler, OK Marla J. Craddock 1114 Surrey Drive Carol Ann Craite 2130 East Seminole Street Tulsa, OK Michael H. Cramer 333 W Blueridge Danae Michelle Cravatt 4501 Prairie Dog Muskogee, OK Jerry Lynn Cravatt PO BOX 246 Pontotoc, OK Phillip Cravatt ROUTE 3 BOX 587 Stillwater, OK Sood Cravatt Rural Route 2 BOX 45 Roff, OK Starla Cravatt 8213 N. Rockwell Ave. Apt#706 Oklahoma City, OK Kent Cravens E 41st Street #1210 Tulsa, OK Alissa Ball Crawford 8404 Cinnamon Teal Drive Oklahoma City, OK Charles E. Crawford PO BOX 556 Oologah, OK Christina R. Crawford 2627 NW 13th Street Oklahoma City, OK David M. Crawford ROUTE 1 BOX 129 Wagoner, OK Gerald E. Crawford 3725 S 124 E Avenue Tulsa, OK Gerald McLish Crawford 3762 S 90th E Avenue Tulsa, OK Ernest Creek P.O. Box 105 Elgin, OK Steven Creek HC 69 BOX 131 Finley, OK Debra Crewse 506 East 15th Crystalynn Jean Crider Route 1 Box 999 Sperry, OK Danny J. Crockett 307 West Nabor Street Marlow, OK Jerry Wynn Crockett 1716 McClaren St Kevin H. Croft Rural Route 2 BOX 154-6KC Altus, OK K R. Crowdis RR 1 BOX 68D Kristy G. Crumbley P.O. Box 941 Lexington, OK Shelly Crumm 3217 SW 74th APT E Jason Crump 911 North 5th Connie Cruz 105 Rock Place Darlene Wolf Cryer PO Box 273 Lebanon, OK Loyd Cryer ROUTE 3 BOX 768 Mark Cryer 104 E Randolph Mickey D. Cryer PO BOX 1237 Nora E. Cryer PO BOX Clarice Culberson 500 East 20th #7 Chris Culwell Rural Route 3 BOX 129A James Walter Culwell RR3 Box 129A Clyde Cunneutubby PO BOX 633 C/O Luther Lampkin Wilson, OK Celina Cunningham 3802 Quail Run Circle Traci A. Cunningham 3802 Quail Run Circle Sam Cunningtubby 1111 Bailey Southeast Christopher Curt HC 67 Box 170 Marietta, OK Mary Ann Curtis 621 7th Avenue NE Robin Curtiss 901 Maguire Road #6 Noble, OK Tracy Cushman 522 Iowa Bobby Daggs 918 E Main ST Holdenville, OK Kit LeJune Willmann Daggs 6801 Applewood Drive Edmond, OK Peyton Ryan Daggs 6801 Applewod Drive Edmond, OK Mika L. Dailey 1527 Melrose Drive Lindsay Dane 600 Montgomery ST APT 202 Hal Jean Daniel 7228 S Atlanta Place Tulsa, OK Ronald Louis Daniel 3125 Silver Oak Drive Troy Lynn Daniel 600 North Grady Altus, OK Cathy V. Hutchins Dauber 1016 Southwest 14th Street Jennifer Daugherty 428 B East 10th ST Michael Daugherty 1100 Hurst Road Justin Reid Davenport PO BOX 815 Toni L. Davenport P.O. Box 103 Washington, OK Carla D. Davies 1544 East 35th Tulsa, OK Bob Davis Route 1 Box 64 Pawnee, OK Brandon S. Davis 12th and Oak Candi Davis 1719 Surrey Place Celeste Davis ECU BOX 286 Dana Gay Davis PO BOX N Madison Danny Davis PO Box 1613 DeLisa Kay Davis 111 Connolly Drive Mcloud, OK Diane Davis ROUTE 1 BOX 234 Jennifer Lynn Davis ROUTE 2 BOX 1545 Mannford, Ok Keela Davis 306 B West 8th Laurel S. Davis 601 Vista Lane Trailer #145 Edmond, OK Lewis Gifford Davis 417 Whittmore Drive Tahlequah, OK Lisa Davis BOX 221B Milburn, OK Lori L. Davis 1601 West Missouri Matthew Phillip Davis 1531 East Omaha St. Apt B5 Broken Arrow, OK Phyliss Ilene Davis 306 B West 8th Street Steven Edward Davis BOX 139 Francis, OK Terri R. Davis 1115 S Springdale Loop Chris Dawson 211 Bumgarner Stephen Dawson Route 8 Unit 22 Gerry Day 1419 W 2nd Jo Anne Day 2902 N Glenhaven Drive Apt. B11 Royce Day 1307 B Street Southeast Mysti C. DeBord #10 Tenth Avenue Northwest Vicky Lynn Deck 1225 Bolton Iva Dolline Decker ROUTE 3 BOX 102 Wilburton, OK Richard Decker ROUTE 3 BOX 102 Wilburton, OK Ronald L. Decker 1132 Southwest 57 Street Oklahoma City, OK Vincent C. Decker Route 2 Box 1940 Talihina, OK Harvey James Decker, Jr. ROUTE 3 BOX 102 Wilburton, OK Gary Dejear 6600 Northwest 10th Street #D Oklahoma City, OK Kareem DeJear 6600 Northwest 10th Street #D Oklahoma City, OK Audrea Denham 103 Laurel Ln. Charles Jesse Denney PO BOX 382 Stanley R. Denney PO BOX 568 Sterling, OK Stanley R. Denney PO BOX 382 Darla Kay. Dennis 1413 East 4th 25 Derek W. Dennis Plaza Terrace #271 Julia Annette Dennis 140 Crestmont Patrick Kent Dennis ROUTE 4 BOX 256A Phillip K. Dennis 809 W Blair Coalgate, OK Christopher Daniel Detar, II 500 South B Unit 4 Jeanne C. Dewberry Skyview Mobile Home Estate Lot 8 El Reno, OK Jamie Dewey 326 West 4th Ada, OK Mary Dewitt PO Box 101 Bokoshe, OK Rebecca L. Dewitt Route 7 Box 20 Lucas Dickens 104 Northeast 5th Street G-Ann Laticia Dilbeck 2131 Southwest 36 Oklahoma City, OK Paul Dilbeck 2131 SW 36th Oklahoma City, OK Melissa Suzanne Dill 7538 Lyrewood Lane #384 Oklahoma City, OK Brad Dillahunty 917 Woodbrook Dr Purcell, OK Shelly R. Dillahunty ROUTE 1 BOX 60 Granite, OK Jennifer Dillard 625 Jefferson Muskogee, OK Harold W. Dillard,Jr. ROUTE 2 BOX 200 Talala, OK Dylan Dillingham PO BOX 6748 Tulsa, OK Leonard Matthew Dillingham 2719 Northwest 36th Oklahoma City, OK Heather Dawn Dobbins Route 3 Box 226 Jay B. Dobbins PO BOX 140 Achille, OK Sarah Genene Schultz Dobrinski E 97TH ST N Owasso, OK Valerie Dodge Rural Route 8 Box 434 Lot 16 Roy Dodgion PO BOX 2588 Amy Dodson ROUTE 1 BOX 77B Earl Dodson 1129 West McAlester Linda S. Dolph 3723 East 29th Street Tulsa, OK Lindsay Dolph

26 26 Chickasaw Times January 2005 Oklahoma Undeliverables continued 3723 East 29th Street Tulsa, OK Monte C. Doty PO BOX 231 Aline, OK Willie Dougan 112 Parker Road Barbara J. Douglas SE 15th Street Choctaw, OK Billy Joe Douglas 42 1/2 E. St. S.E. William Douglas 919 West Brady Street Tulsa, OK Connie Lee Downing Route 1 Box 233A Bokoshe, OK Phyllis Downs PO Box 1221 Jonathan Dragus Twin Ridge Guthrie, OK Tammy Dry 2421 West Newton Court Tulsa, OK LaWanda Lee Duckworth 1221 East 4th Street Cushing, OK Charlotte S. Dudgeon ROUTE 2 BOX 125 Lindsay, OK John W. Duerson HHC 3/325 Air Ft. Bragg, OK Brian Scott Duffy 5121 Ladbrook Denise Duke ROUTE 2 BOX 66A Ninnekah, OK Homa Lee Duke 304 South 7th John C. Duke RR 1 BOX 1045 Coalgate, OK Shandy Duke Route 8 Box 82 Robert D. Dunagan Jr Selby McLoud, OK Floyd J. Duncan 101 West 10th st Apt328 Kami Duncan 1400 Asp Avenue BOX 1032E 7133 Michal Duncan Star ROUTE Sharon Duncan HC 62 Box 129M Tommy Dean Duncan ROUTE 1 BOX 90C Debra Dianne Dunman Route 2 Box 266 Durant, OK Michael Wayne Dunman 429 West Main Street Purcell, OK Misty Dunn 4503 Sunnyview Drive Oklahoma City, OK Vonda R. Dunn Osage Drive Edmond, OK Casey Richelle Dupree 206 South Ward David L. Durant ROUTE 1 BOX 75A Tupelo, OK Greg Durant Route 2 Box 359X McAlester, OK Jerry Dwayne Durant 506 E. Miami McAlester, OK Jimmy L. Durant HC 75 Haywood, OK William A. Durant 5900 Hereford Lane East McAlester, OK Ashlie Dyer Route 2 Box 325-M Jennifer Dyer 2605 Old 52 Road Paden, OK Estelline Easley ROUTE B BOX 291 Kathryn Sue Easley Rick Road Oklahoma City, OK Mary C. Ebisch 2911 North 17th Street Lawton, OK Suzanne M. Ebisch 743 Southwest 42 Street Lawton, OK Roxann Eddings Star ROUTE C BOX 237A Roy S. Eddings Star ROUTE C BOX 237A Jimmy T. Eddlemon PO BOX 88 Quinton, OK Amanda Eddy 107 E Kaw Avenue Apt. 28 Cleveland, OK Dewayne H. Eddy 504 West Davis Jerome Leon Eddy 543 Southeast 33 Oklahoma City, OK Robin Eddy 107 E Kaw Avenue Apt 28 Cleveland, OK Waylon Eddy 543 SE 33 Oklahoma City, OK Kori B. Edelen 700 Northeast 122nd #3503 Oklahoma City, OK Cynthia Denise Edwards 218 East Van Buren Street Mangum, OK Kenny J. Edwards BOX 71 Avant, OK Lekita Kiara Edwards 4237 Athens Ave. Apt. 15D Oklahoma City, OK Mindy Edwards RR 2 BOX 132C Wynnewood, OK Norma Jean Edwards Highway 102 Pennie Edwards 4808 S Elwood AVE Lot 631 Tulsa, OK Lysa Beck Elder South Harvard Bixby, OK Richard E. Elder ROUTE 3 BOX 2135 Wilburton, OK Jana Eldred 1017 Southwest 103 Street Oklahoma City, OK Tressa Eldridge PO Box 131 Angelina M. Elkins 701 East Tulsa James S. Elkins 1704 Circle DR APT F James L. Elko 1641 N 9th Avenue Bethani Lee Elliott PO BOX 192 Idabel, OK C. Lasater Elliott RR 1 BOX Timothy M. Elliott 800 Miller Jonathan Ellis 716 East 14th Kendall K. Ellis PO BOX 2243 Tulsa, OK Richard James Kevin Ellis 925 West 12th Serena Ellis 530 W 2nd ST Tanya Ellis Route 1 Box 141 Tupelo, OK Amy Elmore 610 1/2 N Cherry Street Jewell Dean Elmore 926 9th Southeast Robin Elmore P.O. Box 214 Cartwright, OK Sidney S. Elmore HCR 70 BOX 191C Winfred Larry Elmore PO BOX 141 Wilson, OK Mark Elrod RR2 Box 34-1 Big Cabin, OK Amy Dawn Elzey 3745 W Liberty Oklahoma City, OK Chris Arron Emberson, Jr. Rr1 Box 192 Wynnewood, OK Joe Emerson HC 68 Box 104E Alberta Creek, OK Mark Emerson 2801 Manchester Chris Aaron Emmerson 1605 Lloyd Drive Inez England 1400 W Blue Starr Drive Apt 3H Claremore, OK Billy M. Engle 582 Mohawk Drive Christopher Aaron Engle HC71 BOX A1 Emily Catherine Engle 900 East 6th Melissa Dawn Engle 214 N. Adams Sapulpa, OK J. D. Ennis PO BOX 56 Duncan, OK Kevin McKinney Ennis 6720 Cherry Place Oklahoma City, OK Mark Ennis 503 East Young Marlow, OK Nadine Ennis ROUTE 5 BOX 41 Atoka, OK Lori Enyart P. O. BOX 558 McLoud, OK Pam Epps 611 S. 8th Avenue 2F Rafael Escalante,III PO BOX 920 Warner, OK Teresa Eslinger PO Box 1723 Autumn Dawn Estes 3510 E Street Ponca City, OK Kyle Estes Rural Route 3 BOX 186 Stillwater, OK Renay Lynn Estes 905 East 9th Richard Estes 3433 Southeast 47th Oklahoma City, OK Russell Estes 1202 Superior Carolyn J. Evans 2633 North Sterling Avenue Oklahoma City, OK Daniel Ray Evans Penn Avenue #938 Oklahoma City, OK Steve Evans PO Box 1841 Seminole, OK Mary F.Delozier Route 6 BOX 354 Aaron C. Factor 504 East 17th Street Billy Ray Factor 5812 South Villa APT 114 Oklahoma City, OK Regina Factor 1702 Circle Drive Steven Factor Box HC61 Coleman, OK Terry Factor 814 S Highland Apt A Lawrence Loy Factor, Jr. PO BOX 617 Krebs, OK Kay Marie Fairbanks 2609 Virginia Street Helen Dale Fall 706 East 21 Street Kasin Fancher 611 East Kentucky Max Scott Farar ROUTE 1 BOX 1040 Cartwright, OK Eddie Brent Farmer South Arcadia Heights Guthrie, OK Teri Fassold ROUTE 1 BOX 2400 Warner, OK Wade Fathree 5200 Airpark Road Claremore, OK Betty Jean Mclaughlin Fehr HC 69 BOX 44A Debbie Felton 625 N Findlay Joe Brandon Ferris 1632 Chamblee Michelle Fery 7116 Sleepy Hollow Avenue Christy Ficklin PO Box 913 Healdton, OK Shannon Lea Field 424 North G Street Muskogee, OK Jimmy Don Fincher,Jr Knox Vera M. Findley Route 1 Box 322 Christopher M. Fingerlin 142 West Chestnut Place Skiatook, OK Karen Fish 715 N 6th St. Sayre, OK Chris Fisher RR 1 Box 190 Gary E. Fisher 1709 West Easton Place Tulsa, OK Lillian B. Fisher 3108 NE 14th Oklahoma City, OK Shelley Fisher PO Box 884 Broken Arrow, OK Terry Lynn Fisher 1709 West Easton Place Tulsa, OK William Carrol Fite PO BOX 947 Cache, OK Joyce H. Fixico 1000 South Stockton William Fleetwood 1108 West Mulberry Avenue Lila D. Fleming BOX 265 Ravia, OK Rhonda J. Fleming 6 Ranch Acres Angelina Fletcher Route 7 Box 453 Serita Gray Fletcher 5200 Northwest 111th Street Oklahoma City, OK Jana Flinchum Rt. 1 Box 401 Jason Earl Flowers P.O.BOX 372 Alex, OK Karen Flowers 1210 S Husband ST Stillwater, OK Christal Foley 510 South Stockton Kevin L. Followell 206 N Broadway Charles E. Folsom 2213 Surrey Lane Ryan Folsom 3300 Winchester Circle C. H. Foraker BOX 366 Terral, OK Jeremiah Hawk Foraker Route 1 Box 28 Macomb, OK Julie Foraker 1320 South Commerce #94 Tasha M. Forbis 6841 South Lewis Avenue Apt 78 Tulsa, OK Robert Thomas Ford P.O. Box 1613 Mary K. Forehand 7471 Duffy Road Lexington, OK Lori Forguson PO BOX 692 Micheal Forguson PO BOX 692 Davis Forsythe PO BOX 126 Wilson, OK Shelli J. Fortenberry HC80 Box 615 Atoka, OK H.C. Foster 4501 Sherburne Road James Anthony Leon Foster P. O. BOX 1237 Tammie Lyn Foster PO BOX 156 Wapanucka, OK Jonathan Fouse ROUTE 2 BOX 275 C Aubree Fowler 1912 Christie Drive Oklahoma City, OK Emily Fowler 7609 Sacramento Oklahoma City, OK Jimmie L. Fowler HC 75 BOX 270 Wilson, OK Kevin L. Fowler 711 Chickasaw Lindsay, OK Lindil C. Fowler, Jr. 608 Southwest 112th Street Oklahoma City, OK Carolyn Fox County Road 148 Gary Fox Rt. 2 Box 288 Stratford, OK Jeff Fox ROUTE 1 BOX 58 Wapanucka, OK Sabrina C. Fox ROUTE 2 BOX Cleveland, OK Terry Fox 1201 W Kingsberry Lane Meikle France HC 70 BOX 1191 Christina Marie Francis 9777 N. Council Rd. Apt. 512 Oklahoma City, OK Louamma E. Franklin 2614 NW 62nd Oklahoma City, OK Richard L. Franklin ROUTE 5 BOX 308H William Franklin ROUTE 5 BOX 308H Samuel W. Franklin,Jr. PO BOX 134 Mead, OK Lisa Franks th NW #4 C Richard Lawrence Franks th NW #4-C Sherry Franks Rt. 2 Box 218 C David Frazier Rural Route 2 Box 126D Earlsboro, OK George Frazier Route 8 Unit 28 Johnny Frazier PO BOX Tulsa, OK Loita Lou Frazier County Road 1526 Michael Ray Frazier 600 South Johnston Street Nathan James Frazier Rt 1 BOX 345F Tobiah Frazier ROUTE 1 BOX 345F Kimberly D. Fredrickson ROUTE 1 BOX 75 Washington, OK Charity Freeman 700 N Johnston ST Crystal French 403 East Rickenbacker Drive Denice Hooper French 602 Highland Lawton, OK Stanley Brian French th Northwest Christie Frick 327 West Main Street Edmond, OK Michael Frisbie Granite Place Edmond, OK Jackie L. Fryrear 618 W 18th Debra Fujimoto 5104 Southeast 51st Oklahoma City, OK Emma F. Fuller Southeast 104 Newalla, OK Sammi Fuller 2712 Southwest 82 Bruce Fulton County Road 3585 Bonnie J. Gaddis 1901 West McArthur # 1004 Jimmy Joe Gage 8701 South East 26th Street Oklahoma City, OK Kimberly Gaines PO Box 549 Allen, OK Brad Gaither 605 East Main Wilson, OK Heather J. Gallagher 511 Lansbrook Ponca City, OK Philip Samuel Galpin 8523 Candlewood Drive APT 214 Oklahoma City, OK Eugene Gannon Route 3 Box 106 K Jerry Ray Gannon ROUTE 1 BOX 3102 Noble, OK Perry Gannon 502 Illinois Eric J.N. Garcia 18 West Wynnewood Joann Garcia 348 W. First Box 1006 Waylana Michelle Garcia 1531 Sandcreek Drive #18 Stanford W. Garner 1812 Willard Drive Altus, OK Kylie S. Garr 9201 SW 24th Oklahoma City, OK Amber Garrett 5157 W Hefner #310 Oklahoma City, OK Ronnie J. Garside Route 3 Box 3243 Atoka, OK Lisa Garvin 1124 Southwest 18th Oklahoma City, OK Allen Gastineau 304 W 5th Amanda Shirene Gaston 358 1/2 East Jackson McAlester, OK Diana Gaston 503 East Tyler Avenue McAlester, OK Patricia J. Gembacz PO BOX 934 Cache, OK La Dell Gentry 714 West Beech Therese Gentry 2124 Whiteoak CIR 1033 Casey Gibbons 6325 E Reno Avenue APT B Leslie Gibbons 6325 E Reno #B Scott Gibbs RR 1 Box 229 Holdenville, OK Joana Gibby PO Box 304 Kemp, OK Bobby Ray Giboney 231 West 15th Jimmie M. Gibson Vail Drive Oklahoma City, OK Tracy L. Gibson Vail Drive Oklahoma City, OK Phillip Gifford 1908 Filmore Ave. Apt.D Pallie Gilbert PO Box 118 Ravia, OK Trent Landon Gilbert 104 E 13th Patricia Gillean Route 2 Box 423 Mary K. Gillham 312 East Florida Sandra Sue Gilliam 701 Ash Street Northwest Kelly Gilliland 1010 West Maple Cushing, OK Brooke Gillum Route 2 Box 317 AB Owen B. Gilmore 525 W. Downing Tahlequah, OK William M. Gilmore, Jr. PO BOX 237 Allen, OK Terrie L. Gilstrap 644 City View Drive Oklahoma City, OK Jon L. Gipson 414 East 7th Serena G. Girod 2927 SW 52ND ST Oklahoma City, OK Karen Renee Glanzman

27 January Davinbrook Kathy Glass 1428 S. 73rd East Avenue Tulsa, OK Sonya J. Glover 221 Snowmass Yukon, OK Ron Godfrey 2004 Carlisle Road Dana Godwin 1531 Sandy Creek Drive Lot #1 Roslyn R. Godwin 1300 N.W. 95th Oklahoma City, OK Alice Elizabeth Morris Goff PO BOX 184 Garber, OK Derek Paul Goff 143 West Kent Broken Arrow, OK Ira Goff BOX 623 Arli Jo Goforth 704 E. 12th Justin Gold 508 1/2 W 8th Tony G. Gold 600 W 20th Tanya A Golden 702 6th NE Miami, OK Allison Goldsby ROUTE 1 Washington, OK Chris Goldsby ROUTE 1 BOX 72 Washington, OK Dennis M. Goldsby ROUTE 1 BOX 73A Washington, OK Don W. Goldsby ROUTE 1 Washington, OK Pat Goldsby ROUTE 1 BOX 73A Washington, OK Pam Johnston Gomes 1310 Southwest 8th Apt 17 Healdton, OK Beatrice Flora Gooch rd Northeast Billy Gooch rd Northeast Stanley Paul Good 1902 East Locust Enid, OK Marshall Lane Gooding 1820 Knight Drive Nikki Gooding 1820 Knight Drive Oscar D. Goodman ROUTE 1 BOX 418 Leah Gordon 211 Holiday Drive Burneyville, OK Daniel Gore 918 1/2 East 9th Apt. E Darryl Gore 741 1/2 North Kentucky Oklahoma City, OK Glen Gore PO BOX 514 Granite, OK Jayme Gore 425 West 16th Street Larry Gore 424 Stadium Drive Apt L-15 Margaret Gore 613 North Johnston Ray Gore 725 S. Turner Sandra G. Gore 1606 Northwest 31st. Apt#136 Oklahoma City, OK Tara L. Gorrell PO Box 155 Ravia, OK Jessica Goseyun HC 62 Box 350 Bobbie Allen Gosnell PO BOX 96 Alex, OK Cynthia R. Graham PO Box 1113 Rush Springs, OK Sally Ann Graham 23 2nd Northeast E. W. Graham, Jr North 4th Gilbert E. Graim 737 W 25th Street 18F Tulsa, OK Mary Graim 140 South Shepard El Reno, OK Thelma A. Graim 737 West 25th 18F Tulsa, OK Nina Scharmayne Grantham BOX 39 Roff, OK Cari Gray S Western AVE APT 1706 Oklahoma City, OK Keli M. Gray North Finley Village, OK Lesa A. Gray 718 West 5th Randy Gray PO BOX Oklahoma City, OK Reggy Gray South Western Avenue Oklahoma City, OK Rodney Gray 5200 Northwest 111st Street Oklahoma City, OK Tracy Renee Gray PO BOX 2324 Chris Grayham RR 1 Box 202B Stratford, OK Alisha Grayson 9001 Tilman Oklahoma City, OK Linda Kaye Green PO BOX 525 William B. Green Rural Route 1 Box 40 Washington, OK Billy E. Green, Jr. PO BOX 1714 Noble, OK Terrence Greene 712 Ash Northwest Jackie A. Greenway PO Box 58 Achille, OK Carolyn Greenwood ROUTE 2 BOX 1990 Talihina, OK Charles Greenwood PO BOX 34 Dewayne Greenwood 1834 Burnt Oak Street Kevin Greenwood ROUTE 8 Unit 42 Norman Greenwood 1404 Nadine William F. Gregory 2924 South Henney Road Choctaw, OK George Gregory, Jr. Route 9 Box 6 William F. Gregory, Jr S. Henney Rd. Choctaw, OK Paula Sue Grellner ROUTE 2 BOX 77 Okarche, OK Brenda S Griffin ROUTE 2 BOX 116H Purcell, OK Gary Griffin 221 East Missouri Walters, OK John W. Griffin Route 2 Box 139A Lawton, OK Max Danny Griffin HC69 BOX 216 Robin Griffin 1824 Andover Court Ruben Lee Griffin PO BOX 2265 Claremore, OK Stacey L. Griffin 902 Arlington Center #117 Donella Griffith 602 North Oak # 214 Tahlequah, OK James M. Griffith 910 E Street SE James S. Griffith 303 G Street Southeast Jean Griffith ROUTE 1 BOX 301 Newcastle, OK Kris Griffith 2005 W Memphis Broken Arrow, OK Levi Craig Griffith PO BOX Oklahoma City, OK Patricia K. Griffith PO BOX Oklahoma City, OK Sara Griffith 910 E Street Southeast Stephanie Rose Griffith 910 E Street Southeast William R. Griffiths ROUTE 2 BOX 347 Willie Q. Grim Shults 314 East 8th Bristow, OK Kris Grimes 1119 Oak Ridge Drive Martha Marlene Grimes 607 West Broadway Anadarko, OK John M. Grinslade 344 Stauffer Road Fairland, OK Tristan Lee Grinstead ROUTE 6 BOX 170 D Freda Grissom 2220 Bent Tree Road Patricia L. Grissom Chickasaw Times Oklahoma Undeliverables continued ROUTE 2 BOX 339B1 Wewoka, OK Crystal Grizzle 507 North K Murray Gale Gross PO BOX 1404 Tahlequah, OK Pamela Rae Gross P. O. BOX 32 Tahlequah, OK Priscilla Jean Grundy 505 East Neill Armstrong Tim Grundy 505 East Neil Armstrong Kimberly Denise Guess 211 W. Fox Street Purcell, OK Virgil Blake Guess DCCC Flash V-203 P.O. Box 220 Hominy, OK Richard L. Guiou PO BOX 1365 Durant, OK Russell A. Guiou Route 1 Box Calera, OK Carmel S. Guy 214 E 16th Street Nikki Nicole Guyman Rt 1 Box 2060 Cartwright, OK Ovis M. Guzman 6617 South Zunis Avenue Unit 2703 Tulsa, OK Jerome M. Hacker 9247 North MacArthur Apt. A Oklahoma City, OK Chase Hackler 4702 South Agnew Avenue #A Oklahoma City, OK Billy D. Haile PO BOX 333 Cartwright, OK Crissi Marie Hair PO Box 114 Disney, OK Patrick Haislip P.O. Box 323 Achille, OK Marion Hake 1217 E. Owen K Garriott Rd. #301 Enid, OK Johnny Lee Hale PO BOX 175 Keota, OK Jon Haley 3918 NW 32nd Place Oklahoma City, OK Christina Renee Hall 700 Northeast 122nd Street Apt 709 Oklahoma City, OK Vernon Hall ROUTE 2 BOX 1932 Colbert, OK Virgil Lee Hall Route 2 BOX 1932 Colbert, OK Shiela Hallford 1004 North 5th Alene Hallmark General Delivery Connerville, OK Jared Hallmark 149 Pennsylvania Avenue #1717 Oklahoma City, OK Deanna K. Hambrick 305 Southwest 72nd Street Lawton, OK Kevin Louis Hamil ROUTE 5 BOX 268 Muskogee, OK Angela Lee Hamilton 1203 B Northeast Antonio Hamilton 409 North Oak Billy Hamilton CR 1550 David Hamilton General Delivery Mill Creek, OK Dee Anna Hamilton 123 South Hope Apt. B Jon Hamilton Route 2 BOX 178 Stuart, OK Ricky Hamilton BOX 45 Mill Creek, OK Thomas Jefferson Hamilton, Jr West Mississippi #D-44 Cathryn L. Hammer 16 15th Avenue Northwest Toby Hammer 16 15th Avenue Northwest Sandra J. Hammock Route 1 Box 294 Roger Hampton PO BOX 612 Wilson, OK Tammy Sue Hampton 315 SW Park Lawton, OK Robert M. Hancock PO BOX 2203 Claremore, OK William Lee Hancock, Jr W Tulsa Ave. Deanna Hankins 1118 S West Stillwater, OK Debra Hankins Route 4 Box 272 Stillwater, OK Dennis Paul Hansen 5612 NW 23RD ST #232E Oklahoma City, OK Cashena M. Hardcastle-Uptergrove 411 West 13th Tracy R. Harden Route 3 Box 730 Mannford, OK Katherine Ryan Hardin 6221 South Trenton Court Tulsa, OK Kelly D. Hardwicke 5664 Steeper Drive Bartlesville, OK Bertha Ned Hardy 611 N Douglas Ave Oklahoma City, OK Julia Harjo 321 W. 2nd St. Konawa, OK Marvina D. Harjo County Road 3538 #40 Robin Harjo P.O. Box 2411 Stuart Harlin 1021 West Liveoak April Ann Harmon 124 E. Parkland Yukon, OK Patricia A. Harmon 1924 Fillmore Apt. D Margarette Harp ROUTE 2 BOX 89Y Matthew Randall Harp ROUTE 2 BOX 89Y Alpha Linda Harris 1017 NE 24th April Lyn Harris 220 Ridgecrest Rd. L-153 Elk City, OK Benjamin Dreadnaught Harris P.O. Box 157 Mill Creek, OK Billy J. Harris 824 East 7th Holdenville, OK Bryan Harris HC 30 Box 2675 Lawton, OK Catina Harris 4101 Northwest Expressway Cb16031 Oklahoma City, OK Christopher Don Harris 1600 Cherry Lane Del City, OK Cindy M. Harris 2301 NW 122nd #501 Cy Harris 3405 Northwest 39th #207 Oklahoma City, OK Helen Harris BOX 143 Fittstown, OK Howard E. Harris 4157 East 47th Street Tulsa, OK James Monroe Harris 406 Wood James D. Harris 3508 Parkwood Lane Kara Lynn Harris 3032 Southwest 92nd Kristen G. Harris 617 Northwest 19th Oklahoma City, OK Michael Bruce Harris RR4 Box 800 T-61 Sand Springs, OK Micheal Lynn Harris 3508 Parkwoods Lane Misty Harris 2309 North Thompkins Apt. T6 Bethany, OK Mydea Harris 1410 North Benjamin Street Stillwater, OK Rhonda S. Jennings Harris 1600 Cherry Lane Del City, OK Tanisha Faye Harris RR4 Box 800 T-61 Sand Springs, OK W. L. Harris 1423 North 8th Dr. R.E. Harrison 5200 Hales Drive Apt. 107 Oklahoma City, OK Greg Harrison ROUTE B BOX 274 Need birth certificate Hoy Allen Harrison ROUTE B BOX 274 Need birth certificate Tod Harrison 523 N 5th AVE 4009 William Doyle Harrison 804 Coolidge Seminole, OK Andrea Jo Hart PO BOX 231 Michael Ray Hart 5915 South Lee #101 Oklahoma City, OK Joe Hartman 911 1/2 South 9th Street Comanche, OK Tabitha Nicole Hartman PO BOX 902 Ringling, OK Eloise D. Hasan-Mohsin 18 West Wynnewood David Loren Haskins 3215 South Douglas Avenue Oklahoma City, OK Donald Haskins 3901 North Kickapoo Apt #3 Shawnee, OK Rhonda Hasmann 330 E 17th Patrisha Kay Nutter Hasty RR2 Box 1518 Altus, OK Amanda Dianne Hatcher 1911 Chisholm Drive Guymon, OK Chris Hatcher PO Box Oklahoma City, OK Floyd J. Hatcher 5617 NW 50th A Oklahoma City, OK Matt Hatcher 4701 Heritage Place Drive #1304 Patricia J Hatcher PO BOX 785 Norman, OK Roland B. Hatley 503 South William Ronald W. Hatley PO BOX 552 Stratford, OK Bobby S. Hatton 1006 South Highland Carlous Hatton Rt. 1 Box 379 Allen, OK Kevin R. Hatton 9612 North 107 E Place Owasso, OK George B. Hauser 1814 Lark Weatherford, OK George Hauser 1814 Lark Street Weatherford, OK Dedra R. Hawk 2801 North Union Apt. 72 Shawnee, OK Michael Hawk th Avenue Northwest Apt 2504 Dudley R. Hawkins PO BOX 296 Nicoma Park, OK Lon Hawkins 1707 Bois D Arc Lane Randall Hawkins 511 Mayfair Way Rhonda M. Hawkins PO BOX 193 Healdton, OK Ronnie A. Hawkins PO BOX 193 Healdton, OK Ronnie P. Hawkins P.O. Box 83 Stratford, OK Matt Haydel RR1 BOX Charles Dillon Hayes 1305 North Louisa Robert W. Hayes 1236 South College Avenue Donaldson, OK Taunya Haynes 2734 East 21st Street Tulsa, OK Karen J. Haynie RR 6 Box 666 Derek D. Hayton 805 South Hall Stillwater, OK Jacob D. Hazen 315 8th Avenue Northwest Bob Heald PO BOX 845 Harrah, OK Donald J. Heald ROUTE 1 BOX 108 Rush Springs, OK Kenneth D. Heald ROUTE 8 BOX 8 Ronald J. Heald 501 McNelse Marlow, OK Charles Hearrell PO BOX 2 Wanette, OK Joel D. Hearrell P.O. Box 451 Allen, OK Kimberly Dianne Hearrell ROUTE 2 BOX 65A Roff, OK Robert L. Hearrell 2017 East Foster Drive Tandy J. Heath BOX 3 Milburn, OK Brent Heck 1124 S Spinnaker Oologah, OK Bobby Joe Hector, Jr. APT 2B Greer Drive Cameron Heffington 631 SW 1st Kenneth M. Heffington P.O. Box 893 Ringling, OK Larry Jay Heffington PO BOX 812 Ringling, OK Ronald G. Heffington PO BOX 812 Ringling, OK Enna Jean N. Heisler PO BOX 345 Ardmore, OK David L. Helmick 1520 W. 59th Street South Tulsa, OK Brandon Shawn Henderson 704 Cottonwood Deanna K. Henderson 1312 North West 14th Oklahoma City, OK Larry Henderson 2801 N Union #46 Rebecca Jo Henderson 2825 North Portland Newcastle, OK Terry L. Henderson ROUTE 2 BOX CW407 Tuttle, OK Ryan Anthony Hennigan C/O Henry Hennigan 1117 S. Dewey Ave. Bartlesville, OK Paul P. Henry 6504 South 81st East Place Tulsa, OK Phainee Henry P.O. Box 2274 Billy L. Hensley 124 Christine

28 28 Chickasaw Times January 2005 Oklahoma Undeliverables continued Angela Henson 523 SW 1st B. C. Herndon 500 E 20th #3 Jennifer Herndon Route 3 Box 604 Rae Ann Herndon 736 Waterview Road Oklahoma City, OK Tina L. Hervey 714 Hackberry Andrea R. Hess 5036 S. Toledo Ave. Apt 20 J Tulsa, OK Dondrea Hess 1144 S. 73rd E Avenue #3 Tulsa, OK Ralph Ivan Hess PO BOX 1363 Edmond, OK Lavora B. Hessel ROUTE 3 BOX 64C Seminole, OK Paula Jo Hessel PO BOX 476 Nicoma Park, OK Billy D. Hester 3011 Dogwood Lane Sapulpa, OK Kyla J. Hester ROUTE 8 BOX 159 Muskogee, OK Louis J. Hester General Delivery Ravia, OK Rodney Hester Sunny Hollow Edmond, OK Mary L. Hicklin 1528 SE 4th Place Oklahoma City, OK Kendall E. Hickman 9404 Malher Place The Village, OK Michelle Hickman 402 Park SE #44 Shirlynn Hickman PO Box 183 William K. Hickman Route 2 Box 186C Stratford, OK Ben Roy Hicks State Road 78 Hendrix, OK Deborah S. Hicks 501 Sunny Meadow Drive Gary Don Hicks PO BOX 64 Mill Creek, OK James Higdon PO BOX 536 Geronimo, OK Michelle Higgins 603 West Frances Nocona Lee High PO BOX 124 Paoli, OK Bradley Scott Hill Route 2 Box 117B Eric Hill 226 West 18th Richard Hill 1412 Frisco Avenue Apt H Richard M. Hill # Joseph Harp Correctional Center Box 548 Lexington, OK Wylie Hill, Jr. PO Box 69 Wylie G. Hill, Sr. PO Box 69 Sonya L. Hills 617 W Broadway Virginia Cunningtubby Hinson 8141 East 16th Street Apt 204 Tulsa, OK Gary Lynn Hodge ROUTE 1 BOX 124 Calera, OK Valerie D. Hodge ROUTE 2 BOX 290 Colbert, OK Ivan Hodges 1725 Southwest Boulevard #210 Tulsa, OK Jennifer Hoedebeck 803 B. Street Southeast Kyle Houston Hogland ROUTE 2 BOX 118B Tuttle, OK Danny Lee Hogue 181 Southeast 7th Street Newcastle, OK Marvin Holden PO BOX 525 Charmin Clark Holland 1507 Shadybrook Lane 1423 Michelle Holland 201 SE 89th Apt 410 Oklahoma City, OK Robert B. Holland 1811 S. Cheyenne Ave., #3 Tulsa, OK Shannon Holland P. O. BOX 42 Allen, OK Joe Hollenbeck, Jr. Rt 4 Box 24A Lindsay, OK Amy A. Hollingsworth 1660 N Stubbeman William C. Hollingsworth,Jr. 700 N Berry RD APT A209 Bedraux N. Hollister 1905 NW 11th ST Oklahoma City, OK Gerald D. Holman 201 Russell Lexington, OK Jackie D. Holman 6 Whipporwill Drive Purcell, OK Rose Marie Holman 715 Friendly Rd. 405/ Midwest City, OK Justine Holmes nd Avenue NE Pete L. Holmes PO Box 474 Carney, OK Virgil A. Holmes 27 Gilpin Shawnee, OK Aaron Holt PO BOX 1293 Berenice Patricia Holt (Sapp) ROUTE 3 BOX 325 Okmulgee, OK Alan Hooper 1402 Southwest 59 Apt Daniel Ned Hooper 2105 West Eubanks Street Oklahoma City, OK Steven Hooper North Penn #38 Christopher Don Hopkins 3330 South 136th East Avenue Tulsa, OK Brian K. Horn 2601 NW Grand BLVD Oklahoma Ctiy, OK Lori Horn HC 62 Box 232-C Jimmy J. Horton North County Line Road Luther, OK Johnny Horton ROUTE 5 BOX 221 Larry Horton ROUTE 7 # 9 Box 960 Robert Horton Rural Route 1 BOX 1891 Talala, OK Vicky R. Horton 2220 Bent Tree Road Michael Hotema Sr. 111 NW 8th Tina M. Housewright 602 Park ST SE TRLR 14A Jay Hovarter 1205 Frederick Drive Oklahoma City, OK Donnie Howard 506 South Railroad Street Marlow, OK Jennifer Howard 506 South Railroad Marlow, OK Joe Howard PO BOX 13 Maud, OK Justin Kyle Howard 1523 Vine Street Steve Howard North Penn #H Chas F. Howe PO BOX 2383 Muskogee, OK Denise R. Gibson Hubbard 605 N Tompkins Oklahoma City, OK Linda G. Hubbard ROUTE 3 BOX 519 Collinsville, OK Dwight R. Huckby PO BOX 5261 Leveda M. Hudler 3600 N. Redmond Bethany, OK Elisa Hudson 1707 Circle Drive Apt. A Krista Hudson 808 West 4th Larry G. Hudson Twin Ridge Dive Edmond, OK Tasha Hudson 817 E. 16th Teresa Huerta-Carrizal 419 East 9th Street Charles M. Hughes 8501 E Reno #3 Jeffrey Wayne Hughes PO BOX 247 Calera, OK Karen Hughes PO BOX 247 Calera, OK Ovella Hughes th Avenue Southeast Kenneth Brandon Hulsey ROUTE 7 Lot B35 Neeahtha Humphers PO Box 532 Allen, OK Keri Humphrey 602 Hwy 70 W Misti M. Underwood Humphrey 2806 Hayes Ave Apt #2 Clinton, OK Jimi Humphreys 4121 Northwest 45th Street Oklahoma City, OK Stacie Lynn Humphries 115 Cornell Drive 2001 Wenona Faye Hunkapillar PO BOX 231 Milburn, OK James D. Hunnicutt,II PO BOX 235 Stratford, OK Jamie Carl Hunt c/o Shirley Complain Box 870 Ringling, OK Randy J. Hunt 1320 South Commerce Lot #104 Roberta J. Hurd 204 S Osage Doug Hurd III 1620 North Center Emily R. Hurley 3937 W Liberty ST Oklahoma City, OK Gerald D. Hurley 800 West 10th Nathan Hurley 207 North Stonewall Cydne Marie Hurst ROUTE 1 BOX 97 Fay, OK Pamela A. Hurt 5117 W. 11th St. Tulsa, OK Retha Hurt Route 3 Box 257A Carla J. Husband 606 S 18th Blackwell, OK Erlene Hussainy 18 West Wynnewood Jerry Husted 300 South Connell Picher, OK Tina Darlene Hutson NE 10th Choctaw, OK Florence Hutto 2400 Oakhurst Apt F Virginia F. Iantria 819 W 4th St Brad Imotichey 215 W 14TH ST Jonathan Roy Imotichey 801 W. 16th R. Shawn Imotichey 1305 N. Meridian Ave. Apt. 322 Oklahoma City, OK Tory Lee Imotichey 904 South Canadian Purcell, OK Dena Ingram 2901 S Western Ave Oklahoma City, OK Floyd R. Ingram 1130 East 8th #3 Lawana Michelle Ingram ROUTE 2 BOX 173C Tecumseh, OK Veronica Ingram 201 West Mimulus Avenue Frederick, OK Thomas Keith Ingram,Jr. PO BOX 826 Frederick, OK Millie Leona Williford Isaac 1333 Williams Drive Oklahoma City, OK Richard. L. Isaac ROUTE 1 BOX 137E Stratford, OK Daniel Scott Isaacs 424 Stadium Drive Apt. L-2 Julius Jefferson Chambless IV 3240 NW 21st Oklahoma City, OK Barry Ivie PO BOX 394 Tuttle, OK Jimmy W. Ivie PO Box 434 Wynnewood, OK Timothy S. Ivy 1400 W Elm #107 El Reno, OK Troy Jack 114 North Crownpoint Tyler Jack 3403 South 148 East Avenue Tulsa, OK Amy Jackson 104 Roadrunner Darell Heath Jackson P.O. Box 1145 Broken Bow, OK Imogene K. Jackson 1330 Knox Road Apt. 10 Lizzie M. (James) Jackson ROUTE 3 BOX 315 Muskogee, OK Nancy K. Jackson 219 West Curtis Drive Phillip Jackson 500 E. 20th Signe Nicole Jackson 1244 NW 43rd Oklahoma City, OK Thomas D. Jackson PO BOX 11 Stratford, OK Valerie Jackson Route 8 Box 36 Alvin T. James RR 1 BOX 102 Mannford, OK Barry James 2007 Lake Shore Drive Bobby James 1113 B Sequoyah Street Edmond, OK Dennis W. James Hoxbar ROUTE Sarah James 3409 Bob Busch Drive Steven Lee James Route 3 Box 60 James Jay Jenkins 2336 B Street Northeast Miami, OK Lisa Jenkins 516 North Francis Laura Jennings 807 Woodlawn Andrea L. Jensen 314 W. Quanah St. Broken Arrow, OK Tammy Jensen PO BOX 74 Rattan, OK Melanie G. Jervis P.O. Box 1361 Chickasha, OK Theresa Jester 8300 NW 10th #136 Oklahoma City, OK Thomas Jim Sr Highway 351 Earlsboro, OK Brandon John Route 1 BOX 108 Holly John Route 1 Box 326 Jimmy Dale Johns 900 Maxwell Shelly Johns PO BOX 249 Welch, OK Antonia A. Johnson 1213 N. Norman St. Brenda Carol(Cole) Johnson Route 5 Box 139 Dana A. Johnson 400 South May Oklahoma City, OK Daniel Johnson 4707 Black Jack Drive Dorothy J. Johnson 3321 NE 14th Place Oklahoma City, OK Edward D. Johnson PO BOX 617 Elmore City, OK Elmer Morris Johnson Route 1 Box 424 Allen, OK Jason Johnson 519 E. 9th Jason Johnson PO Box 1465 Joel S. Johnson 1000 Northwest 88th Apt. F-12 Oklahoma City, OK Kendra Darlene Johnson 708 South Powell Wynnewood, OK Laura Johnson HC 62 BOX 262 Logan Lee Johnson 1335 E Carl Albert Pkwy. McAlester, OK Marilyn Dianne Johnson 400 South Ranchwood Boulevard Lot #183 Yukon, OK Matt Johnson 2629 SouthWest 85th Melissa Johnson 1107 Bluffview Wewoka, OK Michael D. Johnson 809 Stansell Drive Michelle Johnson Westech # 9 Q Olive L. Johnson 100 S Pioneer Circle #23 Rebecca Johnson PO Box Robert D. Johnson 111 6th Avenue NW Rudy Johnson 830 North Bluff Street Rusty Johnson PO BOX 576 Tara Nicole Johnson 119 Northwest G Street Antlers, OK Tommy Johnson th St N.E. Tracy K. Johnson PO BOX 2085 Tulsa, OK Tracy Johnson 704 C St. NW #2 Ray Dean Johnson,Jr Southwest 10th Oklahoma City, OK Cassidy Johnston 1311 Peck Street David C. Johnston HCR 60 Box 60 Springer, OK Justin Johnston P.O. Box 351 Springer, OK Michael L. Johnston 1407 East Walnut Theda Hettick Nee Johnston PO BOX 634 Mary Jo Jone ROUTE 2 BOX 348 Bokchito, OK Aaron R. Jones 12901South Western Avenue Apt 1205 Oklahoma City, OK Anthony Jones 2501 Coachlight Dr. Apt #D Cleta Jones BOX 182 Thackerville, OK Darla Jones 1405 Eastern Stillwater, OK Elizabeth Jones 1222 Salsbury Evan Jones PO BOX 5758 Ardmore, OK Jared A. Jones PO BOX 1666 Choctaw, OK Jerry Don Jones #6 Southwest Milford Jimmy Jr. Jones Route North Philadelphia Road Bokchito, OK Julia C. Jones 3724 Northwest 24th Street Oklahoma City, OK Kaelie Maleesa Jones 10 SE 34th Oklahoma City, OK Keith Shawn Jones 1138 Northwest 44th Street Oklahoma City, OK Michael D. Jones 5530 West Lakeview Drive Harrah, OK Odessa Mae Jones P. O. BOX 2296 Okla State Tech Okmulgee, OK Paula Kay Jones PO BOX 418 Luther, OK Rodney Jones 508 Pecan Street Ruth Jones PO BOX 687 Carol E. Jordan ROUTE 1 BOX 163 Cartwright, OK Clinton D. Jordan ROUTE 4 BOX 363 Colcord, OK Jack Jordan 2401 Terrace Drive Bartlesville, OK Joe Jordan 5522 West Willow Road Enid, OK Josephine Jordan 105 Southeast 2nd Pryor, OK Mark L. Jordan 755 Ole Highway 15 Lot 10 Mary Nettie Jordan 805 West Oak Enid, OK Ephram L. Jordon 2033 North Osage Ponca City, OK Elizabeth Nichole Joslin 1000 North 8th Apt 205 Purcell, OK Wilson D. Kale ROUTE 2 BOX 123 Denise L. Karr Dover Drive Yukon, OK Machelle D. Kearns 2128 NW Pollard Ave Lawton, OK Brian Keel PO BOX 3293 Miami, OK Christopher Keel Route 1 Box 57 A Tecumseh, OK Douglas Keel BOX 650 ROUTE 1 Rush Springs, OK Joseph Sunrise Keel PO BOX 2758 Woodrow T. Keel PO BOX 1073 McLoud, OK Audrea Keller Route 6 Box 1145 Keenan Shane Kelley Rotue 4 BOX 1114 E Dovelya Kelly 207 North Oak Pauls Valley, OK Elayna Kelly 1707 North Briarwood Street Stillwater, OK Tawana Kelly HC 72 BOX 784 Cookson, OK Gina R. Kelsey-Bell P.O. Box 956 Colbert, OK Carol Kemp PO BOX 387 Hartshorne, OK Anna L. Kendall 511 3rd Southeast Stephen Kendall th Northwest Daniel Coffey Kennedy PO BOX 592 Sperry, OK Patricia R. Kennedy 2205 Linsey Lane Steve W. Kennedy ROUTE 1 BOX 83 Toni Denise Kennedy 2240 Downing Dave E. Keno 1212 NW Irwin Avenue ST Lawton, OK Donna Ketcherside 1640 Southwest 39th Street Oklahoma City, OK Kelley Ketcherside 1402 SW 59th APT 5236 Oklahoma City, OK Shelley Renee Ketcherside 1640 SW 39th ST Oklahoma City, OK Corby Key 2601 Classen Bld. Carl Keys 9 South 29th Rodney Keys ROUTE 3 BOX 720 Mounds, OK Melissa Kidd 809 Walnut Comanche, OK Michael Lynn Kifer ROUTE 4 BOX 152 Seminole, OK Melissa Kilcrease 620 W. 4th Regina L. Kilton PO Box 135 Noble, OK Lacy Ann Kimbrough 6014 W Britton Road Apt A Oklahoma City, OK Christopher Ralph King RR1 Box 256 Debbie King 338 Lake Drive Durant, OK E. Jean King 3512 East Independence Tulsa, OK Jerry H. King 913 West Muskogee Kathleen Sue Hacker King ROUTE 1 BOX 600 Ochelata, OK Shelly Renee King 208 S Broadway ST #2 Marlow, OK Stephine King 900 E 9th Apt B Tiffani L. King N Stratford #329 Huerlyne Kinnard 2307 Ahloso Road #5 Amy E. Kinnebrew 2808 Wanetta Avenue Edmond, OK Earl Kinnebrew II 2808 Wanetta Drive Edmond, OK Kerry A. Kinnebrew 2808 Wanetta Avenue Edmond, OK 73013

29 January 2005 Oklahoma Undeliverables continued Chickasaw Times 29 W.R. Kinney 1121 Hillcrest Avenue Stillwater, OK Billie J. Kinsey 3001 Southwest 20th Oklahoma City, OK Chris Kirby Route 1 Box 109 Mill Creek, OK Dorothy Knapp #19 Marlow Drive Marlow, OK Bryan Knight 400 South 7th Paul Wayne Knight General Delivery Milo, OK Charles A. Knighten Route 2 Box 277-A Paula Knighten 706 North Taylor Wynnewood, OK Jessica L. Knights 1524 South Perkins Road Stillwater, OK Jo Kolar P.O. Box 365 Apache, OK Goldie Lena Hancock Kouba PO BOX 224 Davenport, OK Jason Kramer 756 Norman Avenue James Krebbs 7 West Alpine Terrace Oklahoma City, OK Ralph Krebbs PO Box 92 Allen, OK Stephen M. Krebbs 2914 Vickie Drive Apt C Del City, OK Tammy Kreger Route 2 Box 609 Alan V. Krone PO BOX 223 Cache, OK Debra Kuykendall PO BOX Oklahoma City, OK Kimberly D. Kyker 1829 Lullaby Lane Midwest City, OK Timothy B. Kyle 4817 Kristie Drive #21 Del City, OK Abigail Lacher 509 N G ST Eufaula, OK Leona Lacher 2206 Lindsey Lane Gary E. Lack 304 N Fourth Street Linda J. Lack 3232 Southwest 99 Oklahoma City, OK Sonya Lacy P.O. Box 761 Carl L. Laffoon 3152 Southwest 72ND Street Oklahoma City, OK Emma E. Laing ROUTE 2 BOX 11 Rush Springs, OK Rachel Lakin 1712 North Linn Oklahoma City, OK Thurman Lamb P.O. Box 294 Marti Lambert 38 Jack Ray Road Karen M. Lampe 1929 A Northeast Miami, OK Michelle Marie Lampe th SW Miami, OK Dana Brett Lampkin C/O Leona Lampkin Route 1 Box 26 Coalgate, OK Danny Lampkin Route 1 Box 220 Gary Lampkin 102 East Parker Timothy Lampkin 501 South 1st Edward Lynn Lancaster P.O Box 1384 Elk City, OK Sherry Lancaster 101 Petty Lane Clinton, OK Mike Land 2704 Eagle Drive Del City, OK Felicia Landeros 1926 Knox Road #704 Erma M. Landers 1823 West Harrison Guthrie, OK Daniel Paul Landreth ROUTE 1, Box 28 Drummond, OK Danny Landreth P.O Box 153 Okarche, OK Hanna Landreth 2034 Allen Hurst Dalina Lane 607 West Broadway Henryetta, OK Tina L. Lane 509 East Benton Lea Ann Laney 1728 Tower DR 2343 Erin Nichole Langley 801 Kens Road #B3 Kingfisher, OK Stephen D. Lanier 117 SW 10th April Large PO BOX 947 Cache, OK Jo Dee Larssen 611 North Maple Avenue Newkirk, OK Marla Dell Compala Larssen PO BOX N. J Newkirk, OK Brooke Rachele Lasiter Rural Route 1 BOX 378 Mead, OK Justin Lasiter 1109 June Dr. Mindy M. Latta PO Box 185 Garber, OK David Lavers 4200 South Carter #2-57 Hardy S. Lavers 4200 South Carter #57 Tim Lavers 4200 South Carter 257 Lonnie Lawler c/o Carolyn Herman 409 N. White Oak Midwest City, OK Randall K. Lawler ROUTE 3 BOX 785 Gary Lawrence 1910 Mosher Dr #A Enid, OK Matt Lawry 110 Oak Creek Acres B A Lawson PO Box 105 Marietta, OK Casey Lawson 5725 County Line Road Danny B. Lawson BIRKHEAD COURT Yukon, OK Freddy D. Lawson 428 K. Southwest Kelli Lawson 321 Cherokee Drive Yukon, OK Owen Canelious Lawson PO Box 596 Maysville, OK Tina Lawson ROUTE 2 BOX 294 Wilburton, OK Johnny Wayne Laxton 527 North Crownpoint Crystal Layton 100 Town Oaks #1B Linda R. Layton 100 Town Oak #1B Erin Leach PO Box 717 J. Leach PO Box 1292 Ada, OK Dovie Leader 1405 Eastern Ave Stillwater, OK Tammy K. Leader 611 S 8th Ave Apt 3A Valerie Leader 501 N High Street Antlers, OK Stephanie Anne Semrad Leaf PO Box 35 Corn, OK Jean Ann Lebarre 2730 S Chautauqua #402 Donnell Rene Leckie BOX 1291 LaJuana S. Ledbetter Route 6 Box 755 Cher M. Ledford 728 1/2 East 6th Street Almeda M. Ledgerwood 2609 N 5th Street Enid, OK Gordon Lee 314 S6th Street Muskogee, OK Jaycen Lee 1709 W Main John Lee th Northwest Apt. 5C Kimberly A. Lee ROUTE 4 BOX 252B Lucretia Lee 629 Kankakee Muskogee, OK Michael Anthony Lee PO BOX 2123 Nikea Lee 1107 D Street Southeast Pamela U. Lee 1206 Ray Branum Reginald Lee 4741 Meench Drive Oklahoma City, OK Tina Lee 103 South Van Buren Tommy Lee th Northwest Herman H. Lefors Jr. Star Route Calvin, OK Jane Legg 306 E Street Alithea LeMaster 118 Morrow ST Dennis H. Lemon Route 1097 Colbert, OK Billy Pat Lemons 219 3RD AVE NW Billy J. Lemons 1112 B.St. SE Larry Joe Lemons 1104 A Southeast Leslie Lenker 1213 North 15th Enid, OK Norman M. Lenker III 709 E Garvin David Leonard /2 South 8th Healdton, OK Tommy Leonard PO Box 332 Ravia, OK Brandy Leonhardt 1315 NW Ferris Lawton, OK Jo Ann Lepien 2427 Northwest 28th Lawton, OK Barry Lynn Leslie 631 South Hope Allen, OK Carolyn Leslie PO BOX 2302 Daniel Leslie PO BOX 2302 Kristin Betty Leslie 2801 Ahloso Road Krystal Marie Leslie 2801 Ahloso Road Chanell Lewis North Pennsylvania Ave. Apt. #29 Elizabeth Lewis 2407 Oakhurst H. Wayne Lewis 5255 Nowata Road K-205 Bartlesville, OK Melissa Lewis 8411 South 54th West Avenue Tulsa, OK Mitchell K. Lewis 1419 West Wheeler Mona Lynn Lewis c/o Sherri Lewis P.O. Box 399 Stratford, OK Rebecca K. Lewis NE Expressway B-46 Oklahoma City, OK Robert Lewis 801 North Leo #48 Russell Lewis 511 Colbert Southeast Ruth Ann Lewis 210 East Severn Shawnee, OK Sherrie Lewis PO BOX 399 Stratford, OK B. J. Liddell HC 62 Box 1020 Mark Pruiett Liddell 124 Fourth Northwest Sarah Lightfoot 1418 Willow Brook W.B. Lillard ROUTE 1 BOX 272 Allen, OK Christina J. Lilley 418 S Cleveland Cushing, OK Carrie Lindsey 1111 Oak Tree Avenue #224 Derrick Lindsey Route 6 Box 741 Henry J. Lindsey ROUTE 7 BOX 203L Jesse Lindsey /2 East 14th Gail Lines PO BOX 397 Gage, OK Lynette Lister Route 2 Box 154X Tecumseh, OK Marvin Liston ROUTE 11 BOX 521 Oklahoma City, OK Denise Little 826 East 13th James Little Route 1 Box 176B Stephen Ray Lockwood HCR 70 BOX 227H Kimi D. Loera Route 1 Box 162 Lawton, OK Kresta Lofton 614 West 14th Vaden Lollis ROUTE 1 BOX 51Ac Vanyce Lollis Star ROUTE BOX 56C James Warren Long 4505 Hunters Hill Circle Phoenix Long 4505 Hunters Hill Circle Teresa Long 800 West Shepherd Drive Mustang, OK Terry L. Long Route 1 Box 137B Graford, OK Vaneus Lee Long 313 Southeast 67 Oklahoma City, OK Jay Longacre RR5 BOX 395 Steve Longmire 113 Beehive Drive Grove, OK Audrey J. Looney PO BOX 1578 Johnnie Looney 620 W. 12th Rita Mae Looney Route 1 Box 13 Wildwood Ellen Loper 504 East 7th Michael Loper 504 East 7th Tracey E. Lott P.O. Box 44 Marietta, OK Jeff Love 232 Redbird Apache, OK Allison J. Loving 3225 Southeast 20th Del City, OK Brian Low P.O. Box 676 Kevin Low P.O. Box 676 Tina Low HC 68 Box 20 Oklahoma City, OK Karon Lowe 3805 WindsWest Court Oklahoma City, OK Laura Lowe ROUTE 5 BOX 129 C Casey Lowrance 1201 West 2nd Apt.#1 Alex Lowther 1361 Creekside Drive #2003 Leah Loyd 712 North 5th Marlow, OK Kimberly A. Lucas 12 East 12th Street Tulsa, OK Kara Gray Ludlum 4712 Two Lakes Kenneth D. Ludwig, Jr. Route 8 Box 557 Rocio Luna th Northeast Shelly Luna PO BOX 646 Cyril, OK Frances L. Lunsford 5617 I.T.I.O Boulevard Oklahoma City, OK Brandon Luttrell PO BOX 123 Lexington, OK Juliea M. Luttrell PO BOX 123 Lexington, OK Winfred LeAnne Luttrell 417 West Ash Lexington, OK Carla Lyda Route 8 Unit #86 Heather Dawn Lyda 510 E 13th Jackie Lyda 1704 Circle Drive Apt. H Kenny Lyda PO Box 2215 Laura Lyda PO BOX 711 Merlin Lyda 11S Finney Coalgate, OK Lora Louise Magan Johnston Lyden P.O. Box 42 Byars, OK Abbie Lynch 112 West Gulfport Broken Arrow, OK Daniel L. Lynch 514 Airport Road Poteau, OK Leland Lynch 612 N Walnut Broken Arrow, OK Mea E. Lynch 1006 E 66th Place Apt 324 Tulsa, OK Minnie Jean Lynch PO Box 157 Mustang, OK Diana Lynn 1001 North Francis Gaylene Macon HC 69 BOX 249 Randy Kirk Macon HC69 BOX 248B William D. Macon HC 69 BOX 248B Mindy Maib 2925 Bussell Road Jennifer Lynn Main 431 North Francis Charles A. Main, III ROUTE 3 BOX 20 Lisa Mallouf 4015 South 16th Claudine Malone 500 East 20th #14 Kevin Roy Malone 504 1/2 East 14th Sherry L. Malone 516 East 14th Allen R. Mandrell BOX 161 Rhonda Kay Mangham ROUTE 3 BOX 681 Suzanne Manry 709 Denison Faye Earlene Manus PO BOX 1215 Hiwania M. Manus PO BOX 555 Terri Dawn (Faulkenberry) Mark 4650 East 24th Place Tulsa, OK Larry Markcum 1139 East Watchorn Sapulpa, OK Richard Markcum 916 South Oak Billy Marr III 816 Knight Drive Jo Ann Marris 240 P Street Kristie Marris 304 1/2 W Broadway Marietta, OK Sarah Marsh 503 E 1st Street Konawa, OK Jerisa L. Marshall 3334 S 142nd E Avenue Tulsa, OK Brad N. Martin PO Box 56 Mannsville, OK Brian Martin 704 Elm ST 1208 Charles W Martin PO BOX 113 Maysville, OK David Allen Martin 1601 South Mckinley Oklahoma City, OK Donna L. Martin RR 8 Box 523 Eddie L. Martin PO Box 903 Stratford, OK Holly Martin PO BOX 81 Wayne, OK Keith Martin PO Box 15 Maysville, OK Kevin Trent Martin PO BOX 191 Krebs, OK Lawana Martin 547 North Council Oklahoma City, OK Lonna Martin 910 Hailey Southwest Lori Martin Route 8 Box 523 Mark J. Martin Rt.1 Box 268-D-2 Kelimpi A.E. Martinez Route 5 box 620 C Kim Martinez 221 East Magnolia Healdton, OK Roxanne Martinez 1308 North Midwest Boulevard Claude R. Martinez Jr Candlewood Drive Apt. 162 Juquita Marx PO BOX 1613 Amy Mason P.O. Box 876 Mustang, OK Gary Mason SE 28th #5 Midwest City, OK Tana Mason 1056 SW2nd W. R. Mason ROUTE 1 BOX 209 Chouteau, OK Frank Massey 7324 Northeast 164th Street Edmond, OK Taloa Rose Mater 3714 Bloomfield Loop C. B. Mathews 5764 East 30th Place Tulsa, OK Cecil E. Mathews ROUTE 1 BOX 115 Ramona, OK Robert E. Mathews 4975 S 76th E Avenue #E Tulsa, OK Wanda C. Mathias 2805 Northwest 14th Oklahoma City, OK Brandi R. Mathis 1120 Alma Lottie Pearl Mathis RR2 Thompson Dr. Apt 1 Stratford, OK Tony G. Mathis Route 2 Box 68 S Kay Matson 813 West Steele Street Marlow, OK Alma Matthews 2345 Southwest 35th Oklahoma City, OK Helen J. Mattison 2609 Virginia Street Leigh Ann Mattison PO Box 149 Tupelo, OK Lesha Maxberry 1915 N Westminister Oklahoma City, OK Sherri Diane Maxon 2633 N Sterling Oklahoma City, OK Landa Mayberry 439 Elmcrest Drive Harmon A. Mayes,Jr. PO BOX 611 Stonewall, OK Douglas G. Mayo 1020 NW 14th Place James Mayo Th ST Lexington, OK Steve Mayo 105 Choctaw Street Geary, OK Steven P. Mays 505 West Harris A. H. Maytubby 1014 East 11th Cushing, OK Edwin Francis Maytubby S. 85th E. Place Bixby, OK James R. Maytubby 2405 Yosemite Park Yukon, OK Amy Catherine McAlester 14 E Smith McAlester, OK Charity McAlister 421 N. Francis Alma Joann McAllister 3721 South Mable Oklahoma City, OK Arnold B. McBee P.O. Box 6294 Tulsa, OK Barbara McCammon 408 E Apache Marlow, OK Tammi L. McCarter Rt 1 Box 58R Waurika, OK William Pinkney McCarter,III PO BOX 193 Bromide, OK Damon McCarty PO Box 273 Anadarko, OK Linda Gail Taylor McCarty HC 72 Box 656 Cookson, OK Shawn McCarty P.O. Box 193 Gracemont, OK Susan McCarty HC 63 Box 3070 Healdton, OK 73438

30 30 Chickasaw Times January 2005 Oklahoma Undeliverables continued Duane B. McClure Golden West Mobile Home Park 3203 S Hwy 183 Lot 94 Clinton, OK Ferlin McClure ROUTE 1 BOX 131 Coalgate, OK Jo Francine McClure 415 E Columbia Sayre, OK Reuben McClure 307 Clift Drive Holdenville, OK Kathy G. McCollum PO BOX 772 Cache, OK Anthony J. McComas 1106 Yuhoma Drive Yukon, OK Cynthia A. McCosar 231 East 14th Street Leslee McCosar 7512 Monterey Oklahoma City, OK Stephanie McCosar Box 4 Stonewall, OK Judy McCoy 6602 Eden Borough Drive Apt. 107 Oklahoma City, OK Patrick B. McCoy Rt. 1 Box 398 B McAlester, OK Teletha McCoy 1332 Southwest 7th #139 Scott D. McCreary Brandon Place Oklahoma City, OK Lela D. McCullen 4501 E Young Street Tulsa, OK Johnnie L. McCurtain 512 East Tahlequah Matthew Allen McCurtain 1728 Tower Drive Jacob Matthew McCutchen RR2 Box 41 Pryor, OK Jamie McCutchen RR2 Box 41 Pryor, OK Jason Michael McCutchen ROUTE 2 BOX 41 Pryor, OK Gary L. McDonald 701 East 23rd Paul McDonald SE 12th Choctaw, OK Shawn McDonald 701 East 23rd Steven Wayne McDonald 645 Northwest 18th Street Robert McElreath P.O. Box 182 Thackerville, OK Hoyt McElroy 615 1/2 North Parkinson Wagoner, OK William Van McElwee 7425 NW 103 Street Oklahoma City, OK Angela M. McGee 605 K ST NW Ashley Nicole McGee 1902 Knox Road Barbara J. McGee 615 C Street NE Dawna M. McGee 809 S Commerce Apt 50 Erika McGee PO Box 1347 Josh McGee 34 East SE Lee Ann McGee 1018 G NW Roneisha McGee 219 3rd Avenue Northwest Thomas Cornelious McGee, III 221 5th NW Elaine Holly McGehee PO BOX 118 Ravia, OK Gregory Scott McGehee RR 2 BOX 28 Marietta, OK Jeff W. McGuire RR3 Box 86 D Chandler, OK Ronnie D. McHuen 3218 SW 93rd Vanessa McIver 3246 S Hudson Apt.#50 Tulsa, OK Kristie McKee 2201 Shadowridge CT Tracey A. McKee Route 2 L.A. Adams Elbert V. McKeehen Box 5 Atoka, OK Charles Ned McKenzie RR 7 Box 562-M Robyn McKenzie SNU Box 2255 Bethany, OK Delena S. Mckerley ROUTE 2 BOX 312 Allen, OK Brandon Jay McKinney 1525 E Oak Cushing, OK Christina E. McKinney P.O. Box 368 Ninnekah, OK Faron McKinney 400 North A Street Apt 105 Morris, OK Sara McLain 936 West 22nd Shirley A. McMillan 220 South Pecan Terri McMillian 402 Park #6A Diann McMillian 6432 N Missouri Avenue Oklahoma City, OK Wanda L.D. McNair ROUTE 1 BOX 515 Bartlesville, OK William C. McNeely HC 62 BOX 520 Frankie McQueary P.O. Box 556 Marietta, OK Keith McQueary P.O. Box 352 Ronald Howard McReynolds P. O. BOX 5455 Ardmore, OK Clay Nelson McSwain Rr 1 BOX 185 Fitzhugh, OK George C. Mcvey PO BOX 178 Verden, OK John D. McVey PO BOX 475 Verden, OK Matthew B. McVey PO BOX 475 Verden, OK Addie Irene Mear PO BOX 654 Healdton, OK Lawan J. Meeks 1410 Frisco #E Darrin Meeley 1305 Northwest 1st. Street Oklahoma City, OK Frances Kay Meely ROUTE 1 Box 205 Mill Creek, OK Tommy J. Meely 1015 G Street Southwest Dana A. Melton 1812 W. Noble Guthrie, OK Pam Melton HCR B Robert L. Melton 923 East Gardena Connie Gale Mercer Route 1 Box 62 Wynnewood, OK Darrell Keith Mercer PO Box 17 Savana, OK Diana D. Merrill ROUTE 2 BOX 205A Anna Merriman 3036 N Roff Oklahoma City, OK Michelle Metcalf 600 South Webster #203 Donovan Michie PO BOX 79 Norman, OK Ginger Middleton 2501 North Union Ladora Michele Middleton 511 North Blaine Chandler, OK Thomas Mihecoby Route 1 BOX 274 Geronimo, OK Allicia Miller Rural Route 2 Box 19 Pawnee, OK Becky R. Miller 1208 Summit Road Norman, OK Bobby D. Miller PO BOX 342 Cache, OK Byron D. Miller 9412 S. Barnes Ave Daiquiri Miller 1030 East 8th Apt. 8 David Mark Miller P.O. Box 2313 Dusty Miller PO Box 2063 Ardmore, OK Henry Miller 765 Pernell Pl. Elmore, OK Joy L. Miller 501 S Santa Fe Ave Apt 4 Justin Ray Miller 3123 Silver Oaks King D. Miller 8133 NW 78th Terrace Oklahoma City, OK Kirk A. Miller 812 Ash Court Latasha Rae Miller 500 North Fisher APT 11 Lloyd L. Miller Route 3 Unit 17 Marion Z. Miller PO BOX Tommy Miller RR7 BOX Robert L. Miller Jr NW 8th Oklahoma City, OK Geoff Mills 416 West 18th Kelli Mills 2020 Lakeview Mar Kae Mills Route 3 Box 452C Martha P. Mills 521 Southwest 33 Oklahoma City, OK Letia Mims PO Box 1422 Regena Mims PO BOX 1422 Justin Ray Mirkes 1317 Brookdale Drive Del City, OK Betty L. Mitchell 8520 Placker Place Clayton E. Mitchell BOX 694 Ringling, OK Francis R. Mitchell PO BOX 1708 James Douglas Mitchell 2107 NW 33RD ST Oklahoma City, OK Kimberly D. Mitchell ECU BOX 135 Samantha Mitchell 203 W C ST Ringling, OK Yvonne Mohow 7006 East Reno Avenue#130 Michelle Molina 815 2nd Northeast Bernice Coffey Montgomery th Ave. NW 2326 Mikel Jarrod Jordan Montgomery 204 Lawrence Ponca City, OK Heather K. Moody 2707 Woodlake Drive Tonya Moody PO BOX 30 Meeker, OK Julie D. Moon 3601 Northwest 12th Street Oklahoma City, OK Charles A. Moore P.O. Box 1613 Elaine Moore 1115 N Redbud Drive Oklahoma City, OK Jimmy L. Moore 1800 East US Highway 66 El Reno, OK Jo Moore P.O. Box 155 Fittstown, OK Johanna L. Moore 6221 NW Cedarwood Drive Lawton, OK John T. Moore 120 Southwest 5th Oklahoma City, OK Joseph Lynn Moore 7 South Donaho 1127 Kenneth L. Moore PO Box Oklahoma City, OK Paul Moore 202 Clay Streeet Broken Bow, OK Randy W. Moore BOX 120 Calera, OK Richard A. Moore 511 South 4th Avenue Rick Moore 10 South Vickery Street Healdton, OK Steven Jay Moore HC 69 Box 235A Steven Jay Moore HC 69 Box 235A Treva Perry Moore PO Box 1613 Virginia A. Moore HC 69 Box 235A W. T. Moore 5133 E Haskell Street Tulsa, OK Eddie L. Moore Jr Royal Creek Road Oklahoma City, OK Candice Moradi 7420 N.W. 22nd Apt. #283 Bethany, OK Erin Moreland 907 East Gardina Amie Morgan PO BOX 1873 Ardmore, OK Keri D. Morgan 2112 NE 9th La Annette Morgan 203 3rd Avenue NW Mark A. Morgan W Ozark Trail Sapulpa, OK Marty J. Morgan West Ozark Trail Sapulpa, OK Mary Lynn Morgan 217 N 2nd ST Hartshorne, OK Randy W. Morgan 1725 Essex Dana L. Morgheim 2308 NW Hoover Apt. D Lawton, OK Shaun M. Morrell 1151 N Young Blvd Oklahoma City, OK Constance Diann Morris ROUTE 2 BOX 84 Marlow, OK Deborah K. C. Morris RR2 BOX 1788 Elizabeth A. Morris 4020 North 5th Street Karen Jo Morris 1442 North Utica Tulsa, OK LaDonna Lynn (Jones) Morris 1402 S 59th Apt 1132 Oklahoma City, OK Lance Morris 1220 South Blackwelder Oklahoma City, OK Mitch Morris 3730 North Nicklas Oklahoma City, OK Neal Morris 323 West 6th Sean Morris S. Western Apt Oklahoma City, OK Zane Morris PO BOX Tulsa, OK Don Mose 1475 Evergreen Leslie Mose 502 Kenwood Road Deborah J. Moss 1239 Holiday Park Drive Paul F. Motes, Jr. 909 East 14th #A Stephanie E. Mudge Route 3 Box 157 Stephen A. Mullican Rt. 3 Tecumseh, OK Cheska Munde 908 NW 12 William Murray 1307 Rebecca Lane Jeff W. Myers 729 Miller Drive Yukon, OK Lisa M. Myers 322 E. 13th # H-3 Polly Ann Myers RR2 Box Muldrow, OK Richard W. Myers 310 East Wallen Roff, OK Betty Lou Nabors 214 South Pear Brent William Nabors 612 W Iowa Avenue Clint Nabors 1420 B Jennings Wynnewood, OK Saeed Naderi, Jr S Indiana Oklahoma City, OK Jimmy D. Nail Rural Route 1 BOX 125 Ninnekah, OK Jonathan Nail 509 N. Francis Dudley Nall Highway 77 Lexington, OK Erik Nance 410 S 2nd Ave Rex G. Nance 1925 Magnolia Lane Bridgeport, OK Eren Kendell Nance # Mineral Springs Road Hodgen, OK Nicarao Julio Narvaez 415 Elm Street NW Christopher William Nash 7519 Knight Lake Drive #291 Warr Acres, OK Demario C. Nash 215 NE 28th #3301 Oklahoma City, OK Jawana Nash 24 2nd NE Christina Navarro 4503 Sunny View Drive C/O Cynthia Waters Oklahoma City, OK Angela Nave 631 1/2 N C ST McAlester, OK Jessie Neasbitt ROUTE 2 BOX 251 Bennington, OK Lyndon Neasbitt ROUTE C BOX 182 Russell Neasbitt HC 68 BOX 424B Doris Inez Ned 1436 S Indiana Oklahoma City, OK Edwin Ned ROUTE 2 BOX 85 Bennington, OK Elwin Ned ROUTE 2 BOX 85 Bennington, OK Thomas Ned ROUTE 2 Bokchito, OK Susan Maynette Needham 323 E 1st North Quapaw, OK Roger E. Neeley 631 South Turner Shade A. Neely Banff Way Yukon, OK Ramona J. Neil 601 Vista Lane Trailer #15 Edmond, OK Angela G. Nelson PO BOX 322 Christine Leigh Nelson 7438 South 95th E Avenue Tulsa, OK DeMarcus Dewayne Nelson Route 3 Unit 20 Eddie Mae Nelson 321 West 13th Lacresha R. Nelson 410 South Constant Mark R. Nelson 6108 N Meridian #802 Oklahoma City, OK Melissa Nelson 500 West Eubanks Oklahoma City, OK Mike Nelson BOX 322 Pamela D. Nelson 300 S 12th Avenue Roxie Ann Nelson PO Box 91 Springer, OK Shanda Nelson 2028 Hasley Drive Shanna G. Nelson 2309 East Walnut Enid, OK Toni Deminca Nelson 1025 South Cherry Tony D. Nelson 720 Tower Road Apt 3 Uealene Nelson 801 East Pershing William Nelson 14 Turner NE Norman E. Nesbit Route 2 Box Comanche, OK Jaime Nester 315 Mohawk P.O. Box 217 Burns Flat, OK Cathy Netherton 9913 Larkspur Lane Wesley R. Newman 4809 East 34th Street #17 Tulsa, OK John P. Newton 601 Vista Lane Trailer 107 Edmond, OK Christina Nichols Box 447 Preston Nichols 1209 N Janeway Sherri Nichols 1211 West Dakota Ave Sidney Nichols PO BOX 146 Cache, OK Virginia L. Nichols PO BOX 146 Cache, OK Houston L. Nix 910 Chickasha West Avenue James V. Nix 619 West 12th G. W. Noble 2838 E. 90th ST #1402 Tulsa, OK Cody Norman HC 65 BOX 16 Ringling, OK Don Landon Norman 34 9 SE 44th Del City, OK Edward Leo Norman RR1 BOX 696 Julie Norman RR1 BOX 696 Scott C. Norman 3020 Quail Ridge Circle Chad Norris 704 Golden Eagle Cindy Norris 8852 South Pine Guthrie, OK Kenneth Norris ROUTE 5 BOX 7 Atoka, OK Michael Norris 2427 Southwest 24th Oklahoma City, OK Terry Northcutt 815 West 13th Amy Leeanna Norton 516 E 6th Lindsay Norton 1333 Southwest 82nd Richard Aaron Norton PO BOX 633 Wanda Notgrass HC 71 Box 102C Wayne Edward Null 1316 North Louise APT A Oklahoma City, OK Darrin M. Nuner 1801 NW 36th Oklahoma City, OK Dena Gail Nuner 400 South Ranchwood #34 Yukon, OK Dorothy Oberkirsch 9313 Rhythm Road Debbie Kay O Bryan 1709 West Easton Place Tulsa, OK Oleta F. Ogle PO BOX 444 Newcastle, OK Betty Johnese Oliphant Rural Route 1 BOX 151K Cyril, OK Albert Oliver 939 East 6th James Oliver 35 Gibson Drive Sandra Oliver P.O. Box 1015 Pamela K. Olson 1308 Euclid #3 Lawton, OK Rhonda Omstead Sandy Creek Trailer 31 Amy Michelle O Neal P.O. Box 184 Erick, OK Austin Orphan 305 West 15th Dominic Ortiz PO Box 213 Bromide, OK Ladonna Sue Osborn 1622 South 130th East Avenue Tulsa, OK Tammie Ouzts 1701 Timber Road Oklahoma City, OK Roger D. Overton 1402 North 21 Street Jennifer R. Owen 1204 Southwest 60th Lawton, OK Amber Michelle Owens 1909 Twisted Oak Newcastle, OK Anne E. Owens BOX 188 Stratford, OK Bill Owens 3820 South Oak Avenue Broken Arrow, OK Cheryl L. Owens 815 N Market ST Jackie Owens 5520 N Shawnee Avenue Oklahoma City, OK Joseph L. Owens 1036 NW 8th Michael Owens 3820 South Oak Avenue Broken Arrow, OK Otis Jacob Owens Route 2, Box 140 Crescent, OK Sam Owens 318 W 10th Ollie Ozeretny ROUTE 4 BOX 296 John H. Pace PO Box 1013 Lexington, OK Phillip Ray Pace,II

31 January S 94th E Avenue Tulsa, OK Benita J. Packard Route 4 Box 205 Tuttle, OK Bradley Page 608 D Stinson Street Chris Pahsetopah Route 4 Box 246 Annie Rose Palmer 615 NW 18th Street Oklahoma City, OK Glenda Palmer 510 W. Park Ave #114 McAlester, OK Jeremiah Jacob Palmer 2004 Myall Street Sw S. J. Palmer 1935 NW 20th Oklahoma City, OK Casey Parham 210 E 6th Apt 1 Dewey, OK Layne Edwin Parham 309 E 13th Bartlesville, OK Franklin Park Southeast 95 Newalla, OK Michelle Park 125 Northwest 3rd Geary, OK Billy Parker ROUTE 3 BOX 181 Comanche, OK Bobby Parker 715 Moore St. S.W. Destiny Lynn Parker ROUTE 3 BOX 181 Comanche, OK Gina Parker 200 NW 24th PL Newcastle, OK Kenneth Alan Parker 4365 El Rancho Drive Michael Parker 102 E Ash Floyd Dean Parks PO BOX E. 7Th Street Cement, OK Nancy Amanda Parks BOX 635 Cement, OK Randell G. Parnacher Star Route 104 Cody Ln. Brandon Parry Route 8 Unit 5 Jess Allen Parsons HC64 BOX 4720 Oleta, OK Tammy Parsons 2530 W Broadway Enid, OK Chad Pate 5707 Pecan Acres Dr. Beeler Lucille Patterson 1006 W Choctaw Lindsay, OK Lottie K. Patterson 1220 NE 45th Street Oklahoma City, OK Tina M. Patterson 26 West Huebsch Loop David Patton PO Box 143 Milburn, OK Angela Lee Patty 43 Akin Drive Oklahoma City, OK Jackie Paul RR1 BOX 39G Wayne, OK Jamie H. Paul 3108 Lamp Post Lane Jennifer J. Paul 3108 Lamp Post Lane Tracy D. Paul 2311 N. Thompkins Ave. Apt. R6 Bethany, OK Ty Anthony Paul 3424 Myrtle Avenue Edmond, OK Donna Payne 258 Northeast Harmony Star Road Claremore, OK Johnna Payne 414 Florida Sharon Payne 54 Iris St. Sharita Peachlyn North Florida Avenue Theodore Peachlyn 5618 NW 23 Apt 237 East Oklahoma City, OK Tonya Peachlyn 4233 Northwest 36 #302 Oklahoma City, OK Michael David Pearson 5604 Northwest 60th Oklahoma City, OK Tommy Peay P.O. Box 454 Allen, OK Kathy Peery ROUTE 2 BOX 23A Elmore City, OK Charles Peevy 617 8th N.W. Holly A. Pelletier E 83rd Street N Owasso, OK Marilyn R. Pence 317 E 3rd Street Cushing, OK Patricia Ann Peneseau PO Box 2276 Cherie Pennington 404 East Ross Street Tahlequah, OK Tanya Jean Pennington 1150 N Toledo Tulsa, OK Charlotte K. Penrod 1602 Southeast Clover Lane Lawton, OK Carole Marie Perguson RR4 Box 232 Stillwater, OK Bradley A. Perkins 309 Meadowlark Lane 4813 Becky Jo Perrin 709 South 4th Anthony Perry 1700 North Aster Avenue Broken Arrow, OK Brian L. Perry PO BOX 875 Lee R Perry 701 Culbertson Apt 21 Oklahoma City, OK Mark Perry 826 South Rockford Tulsa, OK Sandra Perry 9135 South Shartel #204 Oklahoma City, OK Troy Eugene Perry 4411 North Terry Oklahoma City, OK Frank C. Pershica PO BOX 595 Marietta, OK Leo D. Pershica 1200 North 4th Purcell, OK Ronney Dale Pershica ROUTE C BOX 21 Roy Don Pershica Route B Box 297 Timothy Dale Pershica 161 N Triple Xxx Choctaw, OK Tonya Pershica 7435 S I-35 #280 Oklahoma City, OK B. Michael Pershica Vinson M.D. PO Box 331 Carol Peterson Route 4 Box 154A Jerrie Dean Collins Peterson 2246 East 12th Place Tulsa, OK Johnnie Sherill Pettenridge N Stratford Drive APT 276 Kimberly Faye Pettenridge 1009 N Patterson 6921 Thomas Edward Pettenridge 217 N Mustang RD Tuttle, OK Judy Petties 517 A Street Northwest #7 Merle Dean Petties Jr. 406 Elm Lisa D. Pettigrew Route 3 BOX 215 Meeker, OK Marcus Kevin Pettigrew 550 North Kickapoo Rita Pettyjohn 1615 Village Drive Barbara Pezdirc PO BOX Oklahoma City, OK Gary A. Phelps Star ROUTE Ricky Phelps PO BOX 84 Hendrix, OK Shawna D. Phelps 3034 Ne Stratford Circle Lawton, OK Thomas Scott Phelps West Pine Box 45 Ringling, OK Brenda K. Phillips 1820 North Louisville Avenue Tulsa, OK Connie K. Phillips 617 B Street 2nd Northwest David C. Phillips 6312 Northwest 62nd Circle Oklahoma City, OK DeAnna Phillips 1304 NW 7th Oklahoma City, OK Jason Ray Phillips ROUTE 2 BOX 1575 Stillwater, OK Jenifer Phillips Route 2 BOX 239C Lisa Phillips 2323 North Lincoln Euton Picken 312 North Off Front Street Poteau, OK Chris Pickens rd Avenue Northeast Christopher Michael Pickens PO BOX 195 Mill Creek, OK Corey Pickens 114 E ST SE Dexter Eugene Pickens 501 North Drive Eastman Pickens 510 Northeast 2nd Street Eddie Pickens th St Noble, OK Edmond Madison Pickens Route 41 Box 106K Johnnie L. Pickens 913 Martin Luther King DR NE Latoya Elaine Pickens 11 I Street Southeast Tandra Pickens SE 15th Harrah, OK Tiffany Pickens 21 W Huebsch Loop Dexter Pickens, Jr. 301 B Street NW M. Pickering 330 W Brooks Apt 503 Toni Pickering HC 71 BOX 293 Michael Dale Pierce 503 SW I Ave. Lawton, OK Pam Pierce th Northwest Paula J. Pierce 512 Southwest 49th Street Oklahoma City, OK Stacy L. Pierce 503 SW I Ave. Lawton, OK Gary Kevin Pinley BOX 172 Turpin, OK Jerri Michelle Pinley 203 W 20th Joey Pinley 1131 A Ray Court Kristen L. Pirkle 15 Churchill BLVD Purcell, OK Bryan Pittenridge Route 14 BOX 153 Moore, OK Sherry R. Pollard 1702 Circle Drive Apt. G Roberta Jean Love Pope 3515 Willow Park Cr. Stillwater, OK Ashley Leeann Porter PO BOX 202 Oakhurst Creek, OK Catherine Porter 208 West Kentucky Louann Porter Chickasaw Times Oklahoma Undeliverables continued East 17th Court Tulsa, OK Richard C. Porter 6888 E. 133 RD Holdenville, OK Jennifer Porterfield 216 E Iowa Ave Waurika, OK Jessica Rae Posey 805 NW 142nd St. Edmond, OK Craig Pospech 726 Del Rey Circle Juanita Louise Post 405 Mid America Kelly Marie Postoak 1013 East 8th Mary Jane Postoak PO BOX 1162 Pamela K. Postoak 1310 East 8th Jowahn Poteat th Ave Earline Potter ROUTE 2 BOX 118L Raina Diane Potts 141 E Juniper Mustang, OK Virginia Potts 1107 H Northwest Allen R. Powell 600 East Main Tipton, OK Joseph O. Powell th Street Snyder, OK Kimberly M. Powell ROUTE 1 BOX 112 Tipton, OK Leah Janine Powell 704 4th NE Linda Jo Powell 816 Willow BOX 368 Ross Powell 8800 S Drexal #2406 Christian Powers Route 5 BOX 41 Shelia M. Prather 213 Jefferson Purcell, OK Carl Elliot Pratt P.O. Box 2771 Oklahoma City, OK Jackie A. Presley PO Box 734 Zachary Dean Presley 1828 E 7th Tina Price 1014 F Southwest James Pridemore HC15 BOX 1275 Watson, OK K. Priest Rural Route 7 Box 591 Brandon Wade Prince 505 Chula Stephen Kyle Prince PO BOX 558 Stratford, OK Calvin Dean Prock 10 W Dewey James Prock 214 Versailles Garber, OK Joann Lea Prock 203 West Burch Wilburton, OK Leila Marie Prock 10 W. Dewey Geraldine Pruett ROUTE 6 BOX 116 Christie Pruitt Route 3 Box 109 Delores I. Pruitt 4616 South 90th East Avenue Tulsa, OK Melinda Pruitt Hox Bar ROUTE BOX 249A Samantha L. Pryor PO BOX 868 Noble, OK Deandra Pulis 4541 South Woodward Oklahoma City, OK Carmen Alcocer Pulliam 1005 S. 11th Franklin D. Pursiville 1012 West 7th Wali Abdul Qadir 1440 Northwest 92nd #3 Oklahoma City, OK Geraldine R. Qualls 207 North I Russell T. Quesenberry # Charles Page Boulevard Tulsa, OK Brett Radford 600 West 10th Street Lori Ragland 415 West 5th Street William L. Ragland 407 Southwest 33 Road Oklahoma City, OK Baela Ragsdale 2800 North Country Club #39 Czarina C. Raines 4707 S 94th East Ave Tulsa, OK William H. Rains 420 North 4th Purcell, OK Neoma J. Rainwater 718 Davis Summer D. Ralls 422 N. Washington Marylin Mimi C. Ramer 331 N Kickapoo Rena J. Ramirez Route 8, Unit 89 Tricia Ramirez 409 1/2 N. Washington Gloria Ramos ROUTE 3 BOX 358 Jolynn N. Ramsdell 217 A ST SW Chuck Ramsey 3219 Braden School 8 Road Ponca City, OK Lorene G. Randall Highway 77 Lexington, OK Michelle Randolph Route 1 Box 64 Lahoma, OK Carrie Ransom Route 1 Box 29A-1 Maud, OK Tracy A. Rask Route 1 Box 242 Sand Springs, OK Brooks Rawls ROUTE 2 BOX 118L Karl Rawls RR2 BOX 118L Tony Rawls 302 West Minnie Terri Rawson Route 3 Box 157-F Ida Mae Ray 1100 East 18th # 443 Quincy D. Raymond 7702 Monterey Drive Oklahoma City, OK Jessica G. Read 2206 Lindsey Lane Teresa L. Reams 6913 Bear Canyon Drive Oklahoma City, OK Keith Isaiah Redding 1608 Ferris Avenue c/o Shirley Mitchell Lawton, OK James Duane Redman BOX 7411 Coweta, OK Alice Taylor Reed ROUTE 1 BOX 4 Chattanooga, OK Bobby Scott Reed West 31st Street Mannford, OK Christina Reed B SE 59th Oklahoma City, OK Donnie L. Reed PO BOX 123 Wann, OK Jim Hardy Reed 1821 NW 82nd APT 605 Lawton, OK Keith E. Reed 5802 Northwest 29th Apt A Oklahoma City, OK Virgie M. Reed 313 E 8th Street Wewoka, OK Jackie Reese Route 1 Box 221-C Milburn, OK Tony Reese Box 221-C Milburn, OK Valry Regalado RR1 Box 552 Wagoner, OK Garland M. Reid East 34th Street Tulsa, OK Mariann J. Reid 505 S H Street Melissa Reneau 1628 South Walnut Avenue Broken Arrow, OK Tina Resto 504 Southwest Monroe Lawton, OK Gwen Reyes 805 E. Gardena Copeland I. Reynolds PO BOX 34 Macomb, OK Michael Robert Reynolds 7B Marlow Drive Marlow, OK Rickey Reynolds PO Box Oklahoma City, OK Robert C. Reynolds 115 East 10th Apt. 11 Ronald Lee Reynolds 2520 East 7th #52 Stillwater, OK Christina L. Rhodd 408 North 13th Ponca City, OK Julie Rhone 511 South 4th Marlow, OK Cathy Lynette Rice 2924 South East 32nd Street Ian Lee Rice 1200 Jet Drive Isaac C. Rice 1200 Jet Drive Kimberly D. Rice 5000 Agnes Lane Lot 6 Choctaw, OK Michael N. Rice 700 1/2 Western Timothy W. Richard PO Box 473 Ada, OK Cheryl S. Barriger Richardson 604 SW 13th Lisa A. Richardson 2605 Eagle Lane Oklahoma City, OK Michele T. Richardson 204 W. Tishomigo Vernita Kaye Richardson 208 South Hope Johney D. Richardson, Jr SE 89th, Lot 255 Connie S. Richbourg Rural Route 2 BOX 532 Broken Bow, OK John Paul Richmond 410 E Tulsa Scott J. Riddle 215 North Elm Ponca City, OK Fred A. Ridley,Jr. PO BOX 219 Morris, OK Bobbie J. Rietow Street Northwest APT 1 Michael A. Rigney 7901 E Lansing ST Broken Arrow, OK Shana Riley 203 N Bell APT 8 Marietta, OK Billy Don Ring 1628 SW 33 Oklahoma City, OK Christie Leigh Ring 14 Valley View Cynthia Rose Ring PO BOX 89 Newcastle, OK Glenn W. Ring 4212 NW 19TH ST Oklahoma City, OK Scotty Ray Ring PO Box 456 Stratford, OK Elaina Ritter 107 Pine Avenue Yukon, OK Elizabeth Clayton Ritter Pine Avenue Yukon, OK Wesley Clay Ritter 107 Pine Avenue Yukon, OK Ashley Rhae Robbins PO BOX 90 Alderson, OK Justin Robbins 7401 Souligny Ponca City, OK Clarence Roberts 603 C Street Northeast Deanna Roberts ROUTE 1 BOX 324 Allen, OK Joetta S. Roberts ROUTE1 515 Wesson Avenue Claremore, OK Margaret Gail Roberts 3548 S Knoxville Tulsa, OK Sharita Nichelle Roberts Osage Drive Edmond, OK Arthur J. Roberts, Jr. 322 North Ash Daniel Ray Robertson PO BOX 711 Linsey Robertson PO BOX 412 Roff, OK Sean Robertson PO Box 195 Fox, OK Sheila Robertson HC 69 BOX 163R Michael Lee Robichaud 321 East Monroe McAlester, OK David Robinson 309 S 45th West Avenue Tulsa, OK Keith Robinson E 29th Place Tulsa, OK Wesley Ian Robinson 204 E 17th Tim Robison ROUTE 5 BOX 315 Muskogee, OK Joni R. (Jordan) Roblyer 306 North Quincy1990 Enid, OK Amy Rocha 627 Gst NW Melody Rochelle 422 West 11th Merle Rodgers Sunny Hollow Road Edmond, OK Allen Rogers 2236 SW 31St Oklahoma City, OK Elton L. Rogers Route 3 Box 149A Anadarko, OK Kathy S. Rogers 2101 N Aydelotte St 2707 Stefanie Roller ROUTE 1 BOX 101 Elmore City, OK Casey Rollins Stratford Drive #19 Doran Romano PO Box 238 Calvin, OK Rhonda Jean Rooffener 9429 Southeast 29th Street #155 Oklahoma City, OK 73130

32 32 Chickasaw Times January 2005 Oklahoma Undeliverables continued Tarina Rooks P. O. BOX 558 McLoud, OK Tammy Roper Route 1 Box 1195 Calera, OK Alana D. Rose 8108 S Youngs BLVD Carisa Annette Rose 3330 SW 27th Oklahoma City, OK Matt Rose HC 61 BOX 82 Coleman, OK Melissa Rose 1407 Spruce Sheldon Rose Route 1 Box 61 Milburn, OK Beverly J. Ross 1017 E 16th Street Carl Ross ROUTE 2 Stonewall, OK Darrell M. Ross 3800 S Villa Avenue Oklahoma City, OK David W. Ross ROUTE 2 BOX 73 Fittstown, OK H.M. Ross PO Box 278 Johnny Ross 800 West 14th Kimberly Ross 114 East Madison Mangum, OK Timothy Jake Ross 731 East 7th St. Tracy Ross ROUTE 2 BOX 53B Tuttle, OK John Roubideaux ROUTE 1 BOX 164B Milburn, OK Stacy Rowland PO BOX 933 Colbert, OK Tammy Royka 2541 W Main Oklahoma City, OK Monica Rozzell PO BOX 924 Ardmore, OK Susan Rubio 112 Wilson ST APT 106 Crystal Rudd 210 Willow Street Kim Rudd th NW #13 Rhonda Rudd 152 Barrett PL Edmond, OK Brandon Rudolf PO BOX 242 Calera, OK Shanna Rue RR 1 Box 479G Donald G. Runnels 70 City View Blvd Ponca City, OK James L. Runnels 509 South Townsend Apt. 11 Connie Sue Russell 3548 S Knoxville Tulsa, OK Issac Russell Rural Route 4 Box 560 Stilwell, OK Jeannie M. Russell 311 E Oklahoma Walters, OK Melissa Russell ROUTE 4 CPA #1 Lindsay, OK Michael Russell 200 South Edith Shirley A. Russell 1602 Southeast Clover Lane Lawton, OK Carla Rutherford PO BOX 38 Connerville, OK Justin Rutledge 1531 Sandy Creek Drive #43 Kathey Rutledge 225 West 21st Robert Rutledge 510 West 14th Ray Gene Ryle ROUTE 1 BOX 111 Broken Bow, OK Beth Ann Sadler Blue Sage Road Catherine Joyce Sampson 1214 Burch Street James Sampson 6888 E 133 Road Holdenville, OK Lesley Sampson 705 E. Hwy 70 Sandra Sampson Rt 1 Box 391 Terlton, OK Rick Sanborn 509 1/2 East 15th Street Anthony Sanchez 1626 Cara Jo Teddy Joe Sandefur P.O. Box 85 Pamela Sanderford 219 East 13th Helping Hands Ada, OK Alison Sanders 107 1/2 North Rennie Diane M. Sanders 327 Ada Sipuel Ave Stephanie Sanders 1012 Shalimar Drive Del City, OK Willie Sanders 827 South 2nd Street Tina M. Sanford (Sapp) RR 1 BOX Henryetta, OK Breezy Snow Savage 217 Forest Hills Drive Duncan, OK Greg Savage 2125 West Oak Hollie Dale Savage 217 Forest Hills Drive Duncan, OK Paul Ray Savage 217 Forest Hills Drive Rayna Skye Savage 217 Forest Hills Drive Calista Saxe 118 Morrow ST William Lee Ring Saylor 1801 E Remington APT K2 Shellie Scheerger 522 E. 17th Charles H Scott 1903 Pinehurst Drive Perry, OK Cheri Scott 17 Scott ST Chessa Scott ROUTE 4 BOX 278H Tuttle, OK Willie Bernice Scott 6864 Northwest 16th Street Apt 171 Oklahoma City, OK Amanda L. Scroggins PO Box 98 Ringling, OK Megan Raylene Scroggins ROUTE 7 Lot A47 Jessica Seabourn 14 Huebsch Loop Vernon L. Sears, Jr. PO BOX 335 Kemp, OK Robert J Seawright 1200 North Broadway #47 Shane Seay 32 North Victor Tulsa, OK Anita Kathleen Sechrist 1935 NW 20th Oklahoma City, OK Tamia A. Sechrist 1405 NW 24th Oklahoma City, OK Jason Seeley 24 Imogene Tecumseh, OK Shawn Seeley 202 Southwest 13th Apt. 2 Lawton, OK Candace Sellers 808 West 2nd Amanda Nichole Sells 3716 East Knight Road Ponca City, OK Jeannie Ann Sells-Nixon 3716 East Knight Road Ponca City, OK Trisha Mischell Sexton South Brent Drive Oklahoma City, OK Lenna Shaffer ROUTE 3 BOX 738 Henryetta, OK Pamela G. Sharp ROUTE 2 BOX 355 McLoud, OK Paul Sharp 1001 Harvey Road #3 Seminole, OK Forest Dansby Sharpe 1627 Cinderella Avenue Katheryn Christine Sharpe 4216 SE 49 Terrace Oklahoma City, OK Cullen Shaw Route 1 Box 498 Antlers, OK Jeff Shaw 625 W 17TH Street Whitney Sheff 1314 Northcrest Drive Eudine Sheldon 1141 E Main Work Force c/o Randy Buettner Douglas Ray Shepard RR 1 BOX 267 Stratford, OK Pearl Shepard ROUTE 2 BOX 129 Mary L. Shephard 1812 N.E. 18th Oklahoma City, OK Elizabeth Shepherd 3001 Oak Tree Avenue Apt. C7 Leanne Sheridan Route 1 Box 148A Stonewall, OK Marilyn R Sherrell PO BOX 246 Springer, OK Donna Sherwood Route 1 Box 645 Cement, OK Brandon Kirk Shields ROUTE 6 BOX 673 Don Shields ROUTE 6 BOX 673 Fannae Shields ROUTE 6 BOX 673 Mary Evelyn Shields 2412 Cimmarron Drive Mary Shields 505 Southeast 17th Oklahoma City, OK Michael J. Shields 1230 North Bolton Lesley Danielle Shillington 209 South 4th Mary Beth Shimko 1428 E 16th Place Cushing, OK Lucinda K. Shipley PO BOX 802 Atoka, OK James K. Shipman /2 NW 13th Oklahoma City, OK Joshua Shipp 411 Sharvey Courtney Shivers PO Box 470 Colbert, OK Mark C. Shivers PO BOX 116 Achille, OK Cindy R. Short 1815 Suzanne DR #4 Weatherford, OK Sheryl Short 1648 S Maple Avenue Bartlesville, OK Mercy D. Shrader 320 North Cedar Avenue Stroud, OK Carolyn Shurley ROUTE 1 BOX 382 J. T. Shurley Route 1 Box 382 Carol Sue Sides PO BOX 393 Milburn, OK David Wm. Sides PO BOX 408 Mannsville, OK Kristie Sides PO BOX 393 Milburn, OK Kadee Danielle Silas BOX 478 Maud, OK Tammy K. Silas PO BOX 478 Maud, OK Amanda Silva 824 1/2 E. 7th Billie K. Simmons Route 9 Box 150 Kerrie Simmons 4063 East 22nd Place Tulsa, OK Kristy Simmons 711 East 14th Street Miranda Simmons 6701 SW 57th Oklahoma City, OK Taina JaNell Simmons P.O. Box 234 Wayne, OK Patricia A. Simms Route 3 Box 309 Lindsay, OK Michael L. Simon Route 2 Box 294 A Danny L. Simon, Jr. 993 Southfork Road Purcell, OK Christal Simpson General Delivery Latosha D. Sims P.O. Box 54 Tatums, OK Thomas R. E. Sinulingga 626 W 15th LaTricia Sisk BOX 812E Brian Keith Sisson 909 Briarwood Norma J. Sisson 909 Briarwood Rhonda L. Sisson PO BOX 211 Shidler, OK Cynthia L. Skinner 608 Southeast 3rd Lindsay, OK Ramona B. Slater 2242 Southwest 102nd Street Oklahoma City, OK Tracy Slawson 201 Southeast 89th Apt 1205 Oklahoma City, OK Lawanna Smallwood PO BOX 513 Lexington, OK Angie Smith 911 E Gardena Bill F. Smith 9632 E 28th Tulsa, OK Cathrine McKinley Smith 5521 S. Sunnylane Apt.#6 see pending Clair Clair Oklahoma City, OK Charlotte Smith Route 8 Box 434 Lot #13 Crystal Smith Route 3 Box Danny Smith ROUTE 1 BOX 87 Caddo, OK Diana Lynn Smith PO BOX 687 Dolly Leann Smith 3452 Northwest 33 Newcastle, OK Doris K. Smith PO BOX 118 McAlester, OK Floyd E. Smith 808 West 4th Floyd Smith HC 30 BOX 101 Floyd W. Smith HC 30 BOX 101 Durant, OK Heather P. Smith 312 NW Skyline Circle Lawton, OK Jack Elwin Smith th Avenue Northwest Jack H. Smith 3719 Club Estates DR #101 Muskogee, OK Jerry C. Smith PO BOX 123 Harden City, OK Ken Smith S Western Apt. 33 Oklahoma City, OK Laura J. Smith 661 Northwest 17th Michelle Smith 1027 Southeast Alta Lane Lawton, OK Misty Lee Smith 2003 West Arkansas Monica A. Smith 605 E. 12th Nova Hays Smith 630.Kerr Street ROUTE 1 Purcell, OK Patty L. Smith ROUTE 4 BOX 187A Claremore, OK Robert Smith Route 2 Box 121A Stonewall, OK Robert Smith 5372 East 81st. #1415 Tulsa, OK Ronda Smith Route 8 Box 20 Ben Harris Ruby Smith /2 West Willow Avenue Russell E. Smith PO BOX 121 Ruth I. Smith 3336 Eastman Drive Oklahoma City, OK Scott Smith 3537 S Knoxville Ave Tulsa, OK Shannon D. Smith PO Box 422 Mannsville, OK Stacy Smith 1300 South Walker Drive #8 Atoka, OK Susan Smith 1304 Southwest 83rd Street Tammy L. Smith P.O. Box 803 Glenpool, OK Thomas L. Smith 2413 Campbell Ct. Tiffany Caye Smith 8308 NW 109th Oklahoma City, OK Tim Smith 825 Cambell Trina Smith 1324 SW Lawton Cameron College, OK Lisa Ann Smith- Longman 1204 N. Eunice Newcastle, OK John Snider 806 Bennett Chandler, OK Lacrisha Lyn Sohl ROUTE 3 BOX 3 Mounds, OK David W. Somers 101 North Pecan Doyle E. Somers 548 Geranium Altus, OK John David Somers Route 2, Box 88 Tryon, OK Rayna Lee Somers 830 North Ash Lisa Denise Son 26 Bourland Ralph A. Sonday, Jr Haskell BLVD Muskogee, OK Linda Sorrels 201 East Agnew Cheryl R. Sosa th NW Harold Souders, Jr 4826 Northwest Pollard Avenue Lawton, OK Carrie Souter 4413 South 111th East Avenue #2514 Tulsa, OK Karen Spalding BOX 203 Antlers, OK P. Darlene Sparkman 808 NW 5th Guymon, OK Skye Sparkman 808 NW 5th Street Guymon, OK Amy E.Paul Sparks PO Box 314 Alex, OK Fred F. Sparks 132 NW G ST Antlers, OK Jerri Sue Sparks ROUTE 2 BOX 218A Paul Kenneth Sparks ROUTE 3 BOX Glenda Spaulding 3001 Pheasant Run Road #120 Casey Spears 1100 Kerr Lab Road Apt 6A Devinn Spears 709 South 8th Noble, OK Mary E. Spears 946 South 32nd. # 115 Muskogee, OK Glenda Sperry 1209 N Collins Okmulgee, OK James Allen Sperry 2701 S.E. 48th St. Oklahoma City, OK James R. Sperry 2701 Southeast 48th Street Oklahoma City, OK Keith Ryan Spriggs PO BOX 384 Sterling, OK Steve Springer 6603 Northwest 28th Street Bethany, OK Ernest E.Williams Sr 2806 NW 21st Street Oklahoma City, OK Shawna St.Clair HC 62 Box 175-E Cody D. Stacy HC 64 BOX 3162 Heavener, OK Teresa K. Staebler 2201 Cottonwood Eric Thomas Stafford PO BOX 5260 Durant, OK Ozella M. Stafford Star ROUTE C BOX 237A Donita M. Stalling 5604 Ventura Drive Oklahoma City, OK Mindy Dawn Stallings BOX 151 Brandon D. Standifer 2212 Kristi Lane Gary L. Standifer 514 East 6th Kara Stanford 4909 Deerhurst Drive Laura Ann Stanford 306 E Bixby Bixby, OK Terry E. Stanford PO BOX 1281 Dusty Stanglin Route 1 Box 30 Hendrix, OK Barney W. Stapp PO BOX Oklahoma City, OK James G. Stapp 1422 Chestnut Drive Oklahoma City, OK Debbie L. Starkey SW 3rd Yukon, OK Dottie Steakley HC 62 Box Maud Elizabeth Feland Steckler 824 NW 17th Street Oklahoma City, OK Sally J. Steele 3826 S Cincinnati Tulsa, OK Douglas M. Stephens 107 East C BOX 372 Cache, OK Joyce Stephens 6331 South Robinson Avenue Oklahoma City, OK Lisa D. Stephens 323 N. 6th Purcell, OK Mandy Stephens 921 West Alabama Thomas Stephenson 227 H Street Andy Stevens ROUTE 3 Donald Ray Stevenson 21 Fne Eric N. Stevenson 501 North Butler Gary Stevenson 1821 Falcon Road #80 Altus, OK Lindsey W. Stevenson 5004 S. Eastern Lot # 413 Oklahoma City, OK Willie Stevenson 4744 NW 25th Oklahoma City, OK Linda Pauline Steward 1303 S Boundary Perry, OK Anthony C. Stewart 9724 E 73rd Street S #303 Tulsa, OK Barbara Stewart RR 62 Box 3006 Bonnie Lynn Stewart P. O. BOX 34 C/O Marvin Wayne Wal Allen, OK Leslie F. Stewart PO Box 403 Stroud, OK Marla Stewart 2303 Southeast 8th Healdton, OK Patricia Jean Barriger Stewart 2500 Crystal Drive Oklahoma City, OK Ashley Stick 117 Comanche Purcell, OK Jeremy Stick PO Box 706 Calera, OK Kevin Stick 416 S Stockton Tina Stick PO BOX 2452 Ada, OK Merle C. Stick, Sr. 501 West 5th Stephanie Still PO BOX 872 Cache, OK Douglas G. Stofel 204 Broadway Cody Stokes 239 W 9th Ave Bristow, OK Sherri Stone 530 E 8th Natalie A. Stoops PO BOX 455 Roff, OK Connie K. Story PO BOX 645 Gary Stout 1720 SW 16 Street Oklahoma City, OK Peggy D. Stowe 309 S Hickory Randal J. Stowers ROUTE 2 BOX 416 Ron H. Strickland 5009 NW 10th Oklahoma City, OK Roy H. Strickland 101 SW 35 Oklahoma City, OK Patricia Stroll 4611 West 18th Avenue Stillwater, OK Gary D. Strong 1504 Somerset Place Shannon M. Stroud 2529 NW 51st St. Oklahoma City, OK Regina Stuart 4020 N 5th Laura Jean Stutte 212 Cherrywood Drive John W. Suggs 309 W Kerr Drive Kristin Sumner Route 1 Box 417

33 January 2005 Chickasaw Times Oklahoma Undeliverables continued Tahlequah, OK Sonja Suneagle 1100 Southeast 12th Street Joshua Sussman Route 1 Box 37A Wapanucka, OK Davey J. Sutton 303 South Pennsylvania Atoka, OK James A. Sutton P.O. Box 268 Stringtown, OK Laquita J. Sutton RR2 Box 254 Wynnewood, OK Tyronn Swan HCR 60 Box 41 Springer, OK Albert Swan, III HCR 60 Box 41 Springer, OK Valrene Swanson PO BOX W. 7th Stanley Sweeney 5616 W 25th Place Tulsa, OK Freddy Sweet 400 West 7th Lisa Sweet 224 C Street Southwest Jeremy Swindell RR2 Box Mead, OK Kimmy F. Swindell ROUTE 2 BOX 1969 Colbert, OK Clarence Glen Swinney 200 S Oak Jacky Swinney Rr 1 BOX 268 Aia Elizabeth Swopes 422 South 17th Clinton, OK Rita Lynette Sykes 837 Douglas BLVD Ariel Rae Tabor 3105 East 78th Place Tulsa, OK Jim Tabor 5201 S Vandalia Avenue Apt 6-F Tulsa, OK Daven Tackett 1132 South Gray Place Tulsa, OK Michael L. Taliaferro 1705 Hickory Lane Newcastle, OK Amy Tankersley 300 Sunset Dr. SW Apt. 380 Deborah Tannehill 709 Southeast 27th Street Oklahoma City, OK Haley Catherine Tannehill 215 SW 43 #3 Oklahoma City, OK Terry Dewayne Tannehill 700 SE 26th Oklahoma City, OK Winfred G. Tannehill 700 SE 26th Oklahoma City, OK Erika A. Tartsah 401 North Ash Chaz Lee Tarwater 625 North F Street Muskogee, OK Angela Tatum 8312 S Brookline Place Paula Tatum 8312 S Brookline Place Craig M. Taylor HC 72 BOX 656 Cookson, OK Donald Joe Taylor ROUTE 1 BOX 293 Donna R. Taylor 25 13th Street Northeast Francesca Taylor PO Box 744 Tupelo, OK Heather D. Taylor 1204 Hailey Southwest Jewel Taylor 3909 Oak Valley RD Oklahoma City, OK Lisa Taylor ROUTE 1 BOX 131 Coalgate, OK Luella Taylor th NW, APT 8C Mandy A. Taylor 3017 N Rockwell #232 Bethany, OK Tawny Taylor 814 Drummond Hall Stillwater, OK YonWanda L. Taylor Avenue Northeast #7 Vickie L. Taylor-Williams ROUTE 1 BOX 139 Clifford E. Teel Jr. Route 5 Box 295 AC Kenneth Tekaat 7124 S. Midwest Blvd. Guthrie, OK Kratina Tekaat 7124 S Midwest Blvd Guthrie, OK Mary Tekaat PO BOX 403 Wayne, OK Sandy G. Terry 704 Golden Eagle Drive T L Thatcher 6413 Southeast 55th Oklahoma City, OK Mike Thayer PO BOX 333 Ravia, OK Anthony E. Thomas 913 NW 19th Bill D. Thomas 922 East 61st #P Tulsa, OK Direk Thomas County Road 3538 Lot #29 Jimmy Thomas PO BOX 502 Keota, OK Kati Thomas 922 E 61st #P Tulsa, OK Lawanna A. Thomas PO Box 513 Lexington, OK Marguerite J. Thomas HC 71 BOX 552 Marilyn K. Thomas th #2 Woodward, OK Michael Jay Thomas ROUTE 1 BOX 71 Poteau, OK Robert E. Thomas PO BOX 688 Robert E. Thomas 401 SW 42nd Oklahoma City, OK Rodger Thomas 323 E 40 th street Shawnee, OK Rosa L. Thomas 612 West 20th Shawn Thomas PO BOX 643 Wister, OK Stacy Thomas 600 Gyrfalcon Dr 8187 Tamara Jean Thomas 8800 South Drexel #2503 Trea L. Thomas P.O. Box 5146 Josh Thomason 1601 West Missouri Alicia Thompson 1408 West Vinita Avenue Carroll D. Thompson 202 N Supernaw Skiatook, OK Charles Clayton Thompson ROUTE3 BOX 502 Broken Bow, OK Hazel Thompson 507 Colbert Southeast Jason Ray Thompson PO BOX 146 Cache, OK Kelly Deann Thompson ROUTE 2 BOX 785 Broken Bow, OK Tara Thompson 507 Colbert Southeast Virginia W. Thompson ROUTE 3 BOX 502 Broken Bow, OK Virginia Lee Meador Thompson th St. Lexington, OK Yvonne Thompson ROUTE 2 BOX 241 Thomas Dean Thompson, II 6109 Riviera Drive Oklahoma City, OK Daniel Zane Thornbrugh 3305 SE Kentucky Bartlesville, OK Jana Lea Gerfers Thornbrugh PO BOX 3915 Bartlesville, OK Cynthia Thornburg 1318 Thornburg Rd. Wilburton, OK Ricky Wayne Thorson 221 East Missouri Walters, OK Patricia Threlkeld PO BOX 284 Elmore City, OK Peggy R. (Bartlett) Thresher P. O. BOX 558 McLoud, OK Donald Thurman #302 West Archer Tulsa, OK Pamela June Thurman 8304 Arlington Drive Oklahoma City, OK Brandi Ragland Tice 103 Tanglewood Rhonda Tiger 228 North Cherry Kelly Tikhonoff 1328 Davinbrook Sherri L. Tilley 2913 Outpost Drive Oklahoma City, OK Michelle Timmons PO Box 1471 Atoka, OK Greg Tims ROUTE 2 BOX 718 Charles R. Tinker PO BOX 553 Heavener, OK Shannon Gayle Tinsley 2300 Crestmont Street Clayton Tisdell P.O. Box 181 Tupelo, OK Lorri Tisdell 510 W. 7th Keith Titsworth 812 East 7th Laura Leann Titsworth 812 East 7th LaQuita Tomahsah 505 Jeff Street Apache, OK Shirley A. Tomlinson 2819 South Olie Oklahoma City, OK Shawn Townsend 3022 E Tecumseh St. APT I Tulsa, OK Linda L. Townsley 106 South Brown Avenue Hominy, OK Elizabeth Trammell 211 Fox Street Purcell, OK Jerry R. Trammell East 11th Tulsa, OK Cheryl Tribble BOX 2225 Robert G. Trimmer, Jr Hilltop Drive Enid, OK Aimee L. Trompeter Southridge Terrace Faye M. Trostle 101 West Spruce Avenue 5956 Kevin L. Truett 800 East 15th Sandy Truett PO BOX 185 Bromide, OK Terry L. Truett Jr N 7th ST #2 Trula Lee Truitt Route 3 Box 211 Mounds, OK Rebekah Tucker th Northeast Rebecca Rose Wallace Tull 3704 Frostwood Terrace Del City, OK William Roy Tullous 1004 Stephens Cynthia L. Turner 2526 H Avenue Lawton, OK Mary E. Turner 9613 Hefner Village Oklahoma City, OK Melba Turner 511 West 15th Pamela Kay Turner PO BOX 1263 Windy D. Turner SW 104th Mustang, OK Lee Allen Turpin, Jr. PO Box 728 Muldrow, OK Debra Two-Babies ROUTE 2 BOX 57 B Maysville, OK Jason Tyner 710 Oakdale Apt. B Tyson L. Tyner PO Box 54 Tatums, OK Alesa Y. Tyner-Young 9704 South Shartel Oklahoma City, OK Donna Jo Tynes PO BOX 672 Brenda June Tyson Rt 1 BOX 184 Wayne, OK Marcella J. Tyson HCR 64 BOX 1 Ricky Tyson 2110 Williams Drive Choctaw, OK Robbie Don Tyson HC 64 Box 163 Marlow, OK Shannon Inez Tyson Route 2 Box 126 #F Tuesday L. Umphries 9704 South Shartel Oklahoma City, OK Victor Underhill Route 8 Box 9 Billie Lewis Underwood 111 Southeast 41st Oklahoma City, OK Cali Underwood RR 6 BOX 61 Courtney A Underwood 424 Stadium Drive 022 Donald K. Underwood 1506 E 3Rd Okmulgee, OK Judy M. Underwood 731 East Orchard Kimblerly Arden Underwood 500 South B Street #4 Lewis R. Underwood HCR 60 BOX 52E Springer, OK Micah Underwood PO Box 264 Quannah Underwood 1632 Chamblee Drive Rhonda Sue Underwood 1040 Southwest 25th Oklahoma City, OK Tamara Underwood 2521 Latta Road Tammy Underwood 501 E. 13th Tanya Jo Underwood P.O. Box Oklahoma City, OK Tim Underwood 2207 Kristi Lane Rosella Ussrey 419 Pine Barbara V.Woodard 216 SSpruceBOX 304 Crescent, OK Shannon M. Vails 46 Crown Point Jonas Valdez 220 West Main Jennifer Van Dyck 1524 Asp Avenue Box 213W Roger Vance 611 N 9th St. Trlr. 11 Sayre, OK Bobby Vandenburg RR2 Box 255 Bokchito, OK Lucille Vandenburg ROUTE 2 BOX 118 Bennington, OK Ronnie Vandenburg 38 W Poplar ST Phillip J. Vanderburg 117 Budweiser Lot #12 Rick Vanderslice Route 3 Box 149A Marlow, OK Allice C. Vannoy 9108 Sleepy Hollow Road Newalla, OK George W. Varner 1722 McLaren Oklahoma City, OK Bailey Vaughn ROUTE 6 Chad Allen Vaughn 925 West Broadway Katherine Ann Vaughn c/o Carter Co. Child Welfare 925 West Broadway Larry Wayne Vaughn PO BOX 1194 Shauna Vaughn Rt 3 Box 189-A Seminole, OK Billy C. Vernon PO BOX 105 Coleman, OK Heather Vick 6602 Northwest 10th # D Oklahoma City, OK Shelly Victor 916 B NW Miami, OK Jacqueline Villarreal 9 N Arno ST Coalgate, OK Heidi Danae Villines 1502 Pine Weatherford, OK Stephen Andre Villines 916 Stonegate Drive Weatherford, OK Kristi Vineyard 1510 W Tulsa Ave. Micheal T. Vineyard 1704 Circle Dr Apt H Pamala S. Vineyard 933 West 13th Lynn Vitosh 1025 E Walker Tower Charles W.C.Smith 508 Jean Marie Debra J. Wade PO BOX 1045 Noble, OK Diane McLain Wade 718 East 15th Micheal Lynn Wade 9194 N MacArthur Oklahoma City, OK Mike Wade PO BOX 371 Tuttle, OK Murice S. Wade 1207 South 9th Stanford W. Wade PO BOX 371 Tuttle, OK Stanley Wade PO BOX 371 Tuttle, OK Vesta J. Wade BOX 250 Room 22 Alicia S. Wagner East Kingsridge Road Claremore, OK Charles Wagon Route 3 Box 200 B Natalie Wakefield 608 1/2 West Cedar Street Kortny Layne Walk 3314 Ridgecrest Ct Amber Dawn Walker P.O. Box 1661 Carmela Walker PO BOX 45 Allen, OK Debra L. Walker 1610 South Broadway Marlow, OK Doreen G. Walker 3735 NW 11th Oklahoma City, OK Dorothy S. Walker 3221 Duvall Drive Dusty D. Walker 425 Wildwind Road Edmond, OK Forrest A. Walker 713 R Street NW Holly K. Walker 917 Rhonda Circle Burneyville, OK Julie K. Walker 1610 South Broadway Marlow, OK Kenny Walker 516 West 9th Mary Lea Walker 3136 Southwest 26th Oklahoma City, OK Myrtle Walker ROUTE 4 BOX 2610 Atoka, OK Pamela D. Walker 359 East Monroe McAlester, OK Paul Lee Walker 2102 W. 25TH North Muskogee, OK Stephanie Walker ROUTE 3 BOX Es7 Tuttle, OK Angela D. Wall E 33RD ST Tulsa, OK Stephen G. Wall 1116 N NW Joey Wallace 305 E Houston Broken Arrow, OK Kevin James Wallace ROUTE 3 BOX 152 Mounds, OK Ladena Wallace ROUTE 3 BOX 152 Mounds, OK Melissa C. Wallace 3510 Bob Busch Drive Ronold F. Wallace 806 Southwest 5th Wagoner, OK Gina Camille Waller 520 Piney Oak Drive Kemberley Waller PO BOX 173 Weleetka, OK Chandra Waller Reynolds Route 1 Box 279 S Larry K. Walls 8011 N. 117th East Avenue Owasso, OK Wendall Walls Rural Route 1 Box 132 Mannsville, OK Shermel Walters 2105 NW 37th Penn Oklahoma City, OK Kenneth Walton ROUTE 4 BOX 310 Benita Ward PO BOX 284 Paoli, OK Brian Ward Route 6 Box 735 Christopher Wade Ward 2664 Southwest 85 Danton Wayne Ward BOX 184 David Wayne Ward 4 Thompson Road Healdton, OK Gary Ward PO BOX 1433 Jeremy Ward ROUTE 7 BOX 218 Kim Ward Route 3 Box 89B Mark A. Ward HCR 70 Martins Landing Michael D. Ward 2664 SW85th Quannah Ann Ward Box 181 Ronald Bruce Ward BOX 63 Terrie Lee (Hopkins) Ward ROUTE 1 BOX 225 Spiro, OK Vonda Ward 614 W 23rd Tim Warden 3417 South Bunson Oklahoma City, OK Priscilla Washburn 705 7th Northeast Jason Watkins PO Box 1026 Broken Bow, OK Michael J. Watkins PO Box 446 Allen, OK Kimberly Watson 2520 East 7th #40 Stillwater, OK Mary Belle Watson 1309 Southwest 20th Street Oklahoma City, OK Phillip L. Watson 612 Southwest 150th 33 Street Oklahoma City, OK Cory Watts 413 Lake Murray Drive Dennis Watts 9500 Maybrook Drive Uwannah Watts 38 Sandy Lane Mindy Jean Weaver 921 Northwest 22nd Street Oklahoma City, OK Nicole Weaver Route 1 Box 214 Tahlequah, OK Pat (Galyean) Weaver BOX 1174 Charles M. Webb PO BOX 622 Jamie Wright Webb COCF Bldg C2-A Kickapoo Road McLoud, OK Michael D. Webb 621 Southwest 33 Oklahoma City, OK Rashad Montique Webb P.O. Box 992 Shannon Webb 1320 S Commerce Apt 33 Sherry Webb P.O Box 127 Stacy Dawn Roberts Webb 3815 Lynnbrook Circle 4629 Virginia Webb 216 North Ash Ponca City, OK Joe Edward Webb Jr. 621 SW 33 Oklahoma City, OK Michael Scott Webster PO BOX 42 Prague, OK T. Nicole Wedgeworth 813 Cedarbrook Drive Franklin Weems ROUTE 4 BOX 247 Jane J. Wegener 4414 Harvey Parkway Oklahoma City, OK Dennis Welborn 320 1/2 West 13th Street Ada, OK Shawn Welch ROUTE 1 BOX 139A Seminole, OK Barbara Ann McKenzie Welge 1051 W. I-240 Service Road Apt. 1 Oklahoma City, OK Michael Joseph Welge 3144 NW 27th Oklahoma City, OK Sari Wells County Road 1600 Latrina Wesley ROUTE 3 BOX 44C Adam West 902 E. 10th St. Cathy Dean West 6123 S Plainview RD Connie Lou West 6123 S Plainview RD Kandi West Dexter Trailer Park #9

34 34 Chickasaw Times January 2005 Oklahoma Undeliverables continued Micheal West 804 East 8th Bennie J. Whatley 808 Nail Parkway Dolly F. Whatley PO Box 105 Maysville, OK G. Whisenhunt 2014 East 19th Tulsa, OK Alfreda White PO BOX 2005 Carla Marie Smith White 832 Southeast 13th Street Charles C. White 5455 South Shartel Oklahoma City, OK Darren Gene White C/O Ora Carter Box Rush Springs, OK Jason White RR1 Box 406 Westville, OK Laura White 902 W Hayes El Reno, OK Lorri Madison White 2821 N Woodlawn William White Eagle 504 East 17th Street Isaacc Lucille Fillmore Whitehurst 921 Ash Northwest Christopher B. Whitfield Route 1 Box 50 Chris Whitham 6325 E Reno Apt. B Mindy R. Whitsett 605 N Tompkins Oklahoma City, OK Gary L. Whitt 402 East Tulsa Krista Whittenmore (Colbert) 210 East Severn Matt Whitthorne 809 South Commerce Apt 56 Richard A. Whitthorne 110 Denison Street Martin Carlisle Whitthorne,Jr. Star ROUTE A BOX 139 Joshua R. Whittington 1905 Timbercrest Ct Vonceil Wieland 3818 N Williams Street Oklahoma City, OK Kate Louise Wilde 1217 N Bryan Okmulgee, OK Lahoma M. Wildman 2401 NW 122ND ST APT 77 Ann Wilkerson PO BOX 52 Brandi Bashon Wilkerson 222 S University BLVD APT Katherine E. Seawright Wilkerson East 280 Road Grove, OK Rickey Kyle Wilkerson 118 North Cherry Buddy K. Wilkins BOX 65 Krebs, OK Gayler K. Wilkins ROUTE 1 Jumbo, OK Lindsay Wilkins 918 North 2nd Street McAlester, OK Christopher Lee Willard P. O. BOX 635 Cement, OK Leslie Willard 610 S. 17th Amanda Gail Williams 701 South Maple Sapulpa, OK Benjamin C. Williams ROUTE 5 BOX 170 Atoka, OK Bobby Williams 714 E 6th Christia Ann Williams 1111 Harris Christy A. Williams 705 Firelane Road Edmond, OK D. S. Williams Rtoute 2 Box 58 A Maysville, OK Darrell Cornell Williams PO Box 133 Gene Autry, OK Darrell Wayne Williams 615 SW 31 Oklahoma City, OK David L. Williams 2200 E 21st Street Dennis R. Williams 803 N Stockton Dorothy M. Williams 4759 Northwest Motif Manor Apt A6 Lawton, OK Genevieve Williams Street Helens Road Yukon, OK Justin Levi Williams RR1 BOX 166A Roff, OK Justin J. Williams 7418 S Victor #1405 Tulsa, OK Karen E. Williams ROUTE 3 BOX 81 Sallisaw, OK Kenneth Williams PO BOX 711 Elmore City, OK Kim Williams 100 Crystal Circle Lacy Williams 1211 NW 30th APT H Oklahoma City, OK Leonard M. Williams 324 W 15th Lyndall Joe Williams 615 SW 31 Oklahoma City, OK Matthew Williams Route 6 Box 755 Quintin Williams Route 6 Sandy Creek Drive Randal A. Williams Route 1 Box 119A Mill Creek, OK Randy Williams P.O. Box 833 Randy Williams 720 1/2 E. 6th Samuel Walton Williams 403 S. Elm Pauls Valley, OK Shannon Renee Williams 1702 Circle Dr. Apt. F Sherri Williams Route 3 Box 233 Mccloud, OK Christopher M. Williamson 918 NW 6th Deryl H. Williamson 1016 Mable Fry Boulevard Yukon, OK Jennifer Williamson 429 East 3rd St Edmond, OK Kevin Slone Williamson South Western Avenue Edmond, OK Leland Williamson 217 E. 15th #4 Robin Williamson 2513 Northwest 119th Street Ronnie E. Williamson 512 Benton Rd. Edmond, OK Ruth E. Williamson 918 6th NW James B. Williford 314 S.E. 18st. Oklahoma City, OK Larry Williford Star ROUTE C BOX 288B Lyndi A. Williford 809 South Commerce Russell D. Williford Star ROUTE B BOX 117 Lebanon, OK Kimberly L. Willis 2612 Cherokee Strip Altus, OK Mellissa Willis 1100 South Belmont Morris E. Willis 503 N 13th Nita Gay Willis 401 1/2 Chickasaw William M. Willis PO BOX 37 Tupelo, OK Christopher Duane Wilson 206 SE I Street Antlers, OK James E. Wilson, III 1015 Biloxi Drive APT C Harold J. Wilson, Jr. 501 Hallmark, Lot 7 Purcell, OK Bettye J. Winburn 4501 Denison Muskogee, OK Laela Renee Winchester ROUTE 5 BOX 13B Mark C. Winchester, Jr East Corona Street Christine Winkler Box 175 Charles Winn 2504 Elwood Drive Edmond, OK Emily Winn 2504 Elwood Drive Edmond, OK Lindsey Laree Winn 2504 Elwood Drive Edmond, OK Tracy Winnett ROUTE 2 BOX 1980 Colbert, OK Tina M. Wireman 306 Falcon Court Johnson Wisdom General Delivery Pontotoc, OK Kim Wise PO BOX 384 Canadian, OK Tamara L. Wishon ROUTE 6 BOX 353A Darren L. Wolf BOX 1298 Silas C. Wolf 6609 E Lindsey Andrea Dawn Wolfe PO BOX 517 Betty L. Wolfe PO BOX 815 Eddie Wolfe ROUTE 1 BOX 88H Ringling, OK Latisha Wolfe PO BOX 852 Ada, OK Michael Wolfe 505 W Broadway Marietta, OK Micheal L. Wolfe BOX 364 Tipton, OK Nora L. Wolfe 300 East Street Snyder, OK William L. Wolfe PO BOX 3001 Muskogee, OK Diane K. Womack 1144 Southwest 78 Terrace Kelly Barker Womack 4725 South Plainview Road Paul Rice Womack,Jr E 136th St. N Collinsville, OK Clint H. Wood Route 1 Box 282 Comanche, OK Jim Wood Route 2 Box 39A Caddo, OK Elmer Glenn Woods Jr. PO BOX 1846 Graham Thomas Woolley ROUTE 1 BOX 107 Jennifer Leigh Ann Woolsey PO BOX 537 Calera, OK Brent A. Worcester 1233 SW 133rd Street Oklahoma City, OK Cassandra Worcester HC 73 Box 232 K Burneyville, OK Oscar L. Worcester 333 East 17th Street Rosa M. Worcester 2427 Southwest 24th Oklahoma City, OK Sean Worcester 226 West 14th Steven Worcester Box 235 Tony Worcester 424 South 24th Clinton, OK Scott Worchester 1005 West Burney James Thomas Worden 1207 Rainbow Drive Perry, OK L. F. Wray, Jr Barkley Ave Barbara A. Wright 410 West 15th Burt Wright 118 Morris Charles Lester Wright 825 Lake Murray Drive Chuck Wright 5 Cason Clarence Wright 8800 South Drexel #116 Danny Wright 5908 S Ross Apt 2 Oklahoma City, OK Fronia Mae Wright ROUTE 3 BOX 116 Gwendlyon Wright 9320 Stardust Lane Midwest City, OK Heath Justin Wright 4116 South 31 West Avenue Tulsa, OK Irabell Wright 2117 NE 18th Oklahoma City, OK Jerry Wright Route 8 Box 434 Lot 26 Larry D. Wright ROUTE 3 BOX 128C Lesie L. Wright HC 60 BOX 89 Springer, OK Marian E. Wright RR1 BOX 511 Lexington, OK Roylee Wright HCR 60 BOX 89 Springer, OK Stella Wright 111 3rd NW Tesa Wright 5 Cason Loree Wykoff PO Box 33 Martha Ann Yakesch ROUTE 3 BOX 82 Scott E. Yandell 1113 SW 39th Oklahoma City, OK Miranda Lynn Yarbrough PO BOX 982 Weatherford, OK Tommie Racheal Yates 1304 East Ada Jerri G. Yoakum 1809 Hillcrest Drive Brandon Yocham 7 Day Green Acres Joyce Yocham 7 Days Green Acres Tammy Lynn Yocham 7 Days Green Acres Janice Yocum Name of the deceased: Address: City Date of Birth: Date of Death: Signature/Source of Information Mailing Address: City 1710 W Plateau Road #607 Yalonda Yost 213 Southeast 27th Berniece Young Sunset Way Choctaw, OK Dianna N. Young ROUTE 1 BOX 70 Calumet, OK Evon D. Young 9704 S Shartel Oklahoma City, OK Kelli Leann Young 200 SW148th St. Oklahoma City, OK Nicholas Young c/o Alesa Smith 5503 South Sunny Lane Oklahoma City, OK Rickey E. Young 501 1/2 Benton Sherry L. Fox Young PO Box 542 Ravia, OK Steve Young 812 North 8th Terry L. Young 728 E Grant Patsy Zachary PO Box 1603 Robert Q. Zachary PO BOX 343 Noble, OK Steven Zahler 6808 E 17th ST Tulsa, OK Mary Kathryn Zakosek Porter 103 West 13th State Betty Sue Hotema Zephier Box 1524 West Ave. Stillwater, OK Cynthia Laura (Wylie) Zischang 501 N Hitchcock Hobart, OK Judy Zucksworth 4401 SE 44Th ST #142 Oklahoma City, OK State Date If you know of the death of a registered voter of the Chickasaw Nation, please complete the above information and return it to: Chickasaw Nation Election Commission, P.O. Box 695, Ada, OK , (580) , Fax: (580) Notice of Death CDIB# DEGREE DISTRICT (This section to be completed by Election Commission department.)

35 January 2005 Chickasaw Times 35 Undeliverable addresses of tribal citizens The following is a list of voters for whom we do not have current addresses. By completing the citizenship application on page 43, we can reactivate your voting status and you will begin receiving your tribal election ballots, Chickasaw Times, and all material from the Chickasaw Nation. Also attached is a Notice of Death which is used to record the death of voters/non-voters. You may send your applications to: Chickasaw Election Commission, P.O. Box 695, Ada, OK For more information or to inquire about your voting status, please call Election Secretary/Tribal Registrar Rita Loder at (580) or toll free Beverly Gaye Abney 1210 Stewart ST APT A2 Carrollton, GA Tracy J. Abney 641 Powder Springs Street #8 Smyrna, GA Anne Ackerman 86-2 Cosey Beach Ave East Haven, CT Kyle Ackerman 3229 Sayre Drive Princeton, NJ Daina Adams Otsego Street North Hollywood, CA David Adams 367 East 18th Street #2 Costa Mesa, CA James R. Adams Marsh Lane #617 Dallas, TX Michael Roy Adams 2300 West Taylor Street Apt 209 Sherman, TX Billie Joyce Adcock 2130 Snowbird Drive Harvey, LA Buddy Adcock PO Box 127 Holliday, TX William Phill Adcock Sr. HC 51 Box 154 Holliday, TX John Agnew 112 Oak Drive Durango, CO Kristi Ahl PO BOX 535 Perryville, MD Barbara Akins 719 N 28th Avenue Yakima, WA Jason Akins 4605 Sylar Lane Kelseyville, CA Ronald L. Akins 505 Pioneer Drive APT 13 Lodi, CA John David Alberson 215 East Washington Avenue SP5 Escondido, CA Shawn Alberson 215 East Washing Avenue Sp. 5 Escondido, CA Edward James Alberson, III 1005 North Center Avenue APT 2204 Ontario, CA Melissa A. Aldrich 627 Rickey Canyon Desoto, TX September Aldridge 399 Highpoint Drive Cocoa, FL Chance Wesley Alexander 917 South Tennessee McKinney, TX Darren W. Alexander 1270 Haven Lane #1 McKinleyville, CA Doris Bush Alexander 6895 South Broadway #239 Haysville, KS Kimberlyn Alexander 8301 Sparrow Lane La Palma, CA Mike Alexander Grove Oaks Dallas, TX Teri Alexander 1600 West Houston #3 Sherman, TX David M. Alkire 4917 Belle Grove Court Midland, TX Elizabeth M. Allen 750 Old Airport Road Bandon, OR Jeremy Allen PO BOX 976 Fraser, CO Kary R. Allen PO Box 232 Tyrone, NM Larry L. Allen 3701 West 6th Street Fort Worth, TX Retha A. Allen 2510 Community Drive #207 Dallas, TX Steven M. Allen 1145 Trailwood N Minnetonka, MN Leslie V. Allison 905 Norrie Drive Carson City, NV Sarah E. Allison 2710 Keystone Odessa, TX Hershell E. Allison Jr Travis ST Apt 134 Dallas, TX Ladonna Altman 3731 Fraser Island Road West Sacramento, CA John Paul Ambler 1825 Lewis Avenue #246 Las Vegas, NV Michelle Janiece D Ambrose PO BOX 2178 Payson, AZ Kristy Anderson PO BOX 1532 Redding, CA Monica M. Anderson 3005 Huron Peak Place Superior, CO Ryan Anderson 655 East Highway 105 Monument, CO Scott P. Anderson 3160 Oak Rd. # 210 Walnut Creek, CA Tommy G. Anderson PO BOX 1532 Redding, CA Toy Lucille Angeloff 1705 Mitchell Ave. Granite City, IL Betty Sue Anglin PO BOX 1503 Prescott, AZ Charles Anglin 34 North Madison Avenue Pasadena, CA Simon Richard Anzaldua 3361 E Acacia Fresno, CA Chris Anzalone 1018 Hilldale Avenue West Hollywood, CA Clelia Davis Apple 4902 Toyoffway San Diego, CA Barbara S. Arboleda PO BOX Redding, CA Adam Archer 7 Fiddleleaf Court The Woodlands, TX Bradley Dean Archer 2737 Franklin Drive Apt 1615 Mesquite, TX Chelle Lynne Archer 7 Fiddleleaf The Woodlands, TX Russell W. Archer 7 Fiddleleaf Court The Woodlands, TX Denise Lynn Armanino 1900 South Main Sp. 10 Lakeport, CA Carol Jennon Armstrong P.O.BOX 2142 Ayer, WA Danita Kay Armstrong #12 Oak Hill Joshua, TX Darren Armstrong 630 West Chestnut #A Denison, TX Cynthia C. Aschinger 503 B Gomez Court Coleville, CA Debra A. Ashby PO BOX 83 Addison, TX Jeremy Justice Ashby 5224 Cole Drive The Colony, TX Renee Asher 809 President Street APT H3 Brooklyn, NY David Ashmore North Florida Avenue APT E66 Tampa, FL Shanun M. Atkins 220 Nizhoni Blvd. Apt. 47 Gallup, NM Melissa Dawn Avalos 1664 S Dayton Street Tulare, CA Donna J. Awtrey 8270 Los Osos Road Atascadero, CA Hazel Virginia Parkey Ayers 1320 Airline Drive Grapevine, TX Melissa Valerie Baeza 616 NW 9th Street Minerals Wells, TX Jason Bagley 2600 Surrey Woods Road Flower Mound, TX Amy D. Dennis Bahora 547 E. Prairie Olathe, KS Alisha Bailey 27 Glennbrook Avenue Bentonville, AR Brandon O. Bailey 27 Glennbrook Avenue Bentonville, AR Glenda Bailey 27 Glenbrook Avenue Bentonville, AR John Alexander Bailey 27 Glennbrook Avenue Bentonville, AR Robert Bailey PO Box 703 San Saba, TX Blake Baker 418 North College Waxahachie, TX Craig Baker 2117 US Highway 80 East #304 Mesquite, TX John D. Baker 3700 South Plaza Drive #2 Santa Ana, CA Joshua Baker 8938 W Fairmount Avenue Phoenix, AZ Leah Michelle Baker 3007 Presidio Circle Carrollton, TX Melissa Baker 418 N College Waxahachie, TX Midge Dowd Baker 40 Trail Road Northwest Marietta, GA Steven W. Baker Donna Ree Village 6701 Dorchester Road, Apt. 708 North Charleston, SC Tracy Lorene Baker 8938 W Fairmont Phoenix, AZ Beverly Balch ROUTE 1 BOX 499 China Spring, TX Stephani D. Balch ROUTE 1 BOX 499 China Spring, TX Donald Ray Bales 5106 Lance Loop Killeen, TX Kristie Hinson Bales 1319 S Octillo Drive Cottonwood, AZ Cheryl Lee Pierce Balester 321 Fifth Street Huntington Beach, CA Regina A. Jack- Ballot 256 E Corporate Drive #1112 Lewisville, TX Jacqueline M. Banbury 212 May Ave Barstow, CA David Troy Bankhead PO BOX Mountain View, CA Hannah Barber th Ave South Des Moines, WA Joan Barber 4614 West Alpine Drive Spokane, WA Peggy L. Barbour Route 4 Box 120 Grand Saline, TX Tammy Gabehart Barfield PO BOX Humble, TX Angie Barker rd Avenue NE Lake Stevens, WA Jeff J. Barker Hinman BOX 153 Hanover, NH Lisa C. Barker PO BOX Del Rio, TX Ronnie Stephen Barker 1744 Montiseto Road Ramona, CA Wesley G. Barker 5531 Arctic Blvd. #3 Anchorage, AK Dony Barnard 1701 N Wilmot #240 Tucson, AZ Jeffery B. Barnard 931 Western Hills Katy, TX Amy Barnes 1268 Monaco Lewisville, TX Angela Barnes 1268 Monaco Lewisville, TX Gary C. Barnes 1268 Monaco Lewisville, TX Kim D. Barnes 6600 East 6th Avenue #4 Anchorage, AK John L. Barnett 706 South 53 Road Temple, TX Michael L. Barnett 2422A Pecan Ridge College Station, TX Shannon Nicole Barnett, Stephen Barnett 313 Wisconsin Street Fairfield, CA Stephanie L. Pinter Barney 2320 Cherrybrook #182 Pasadena, TX David L. Barney Jr. 110 NE 12th Terrace #4 Ocala, FL Holly Bass 409 Robin RD #B Pine Bluff, AR Jessica Sue Bass PO BOX 732 Castroville, TX Joseph H. Bass 409 Robin Road #B Pine Bluff, AR David Lee Bates Bel Aire Drive Dallas, TX Jenny Marie Bates 5916 Northeast 98th Street Vancouver, WA Mrs. Ivy Bates 5916 Northeast 98TH Street Vancouver, WA Sarah R. Bates 4011 North Belt Line Road Apt. 917 Irving, TX Genedell Baughman 1081 Orchardvale Road Zillah, WA Beverly Baxter PO BOX 585 Henderson, TX David E. Baxter 5478 Chatham Ave Pensacola, FL Tamara L. Baxter 1206 Northeast 10th Avenue McMinnville, OR Catherine Louise Beal 1101B North Jamestown Road Decatur, GA Bois D Arc Beames 809 Saint Andrew Street Rapid City, SD Jody Bean 9015 University Avenue Apt. 12 Cedar Falls, IA Michael Phillip Beane Rutledge Drive Coldwell, ID Venessa M. Beard 1130 Punta Gorda #6 Santa Barbara, CA Danny R. Beaver PO BOX 988 McCloud, CA Suetta Becker 2934 Valwood Pkwy Farmers Branch, TX Everett Stanley Bedford 8502 Charnwood Court Manassas, VA Joseph Pat Bedford 4725 Routt Street Wheat Ridge, CO Mary Lynne Powledge Beery 1416 Huntington Chase Dunwoody, GA Ami Scottina Behan Route 7 Box 24 Brownwood, TX Mary Anna Behan Route 7 Box 24 Brownwood, TX Amber Nazanein Behdarvand 5315 Oak Park Lane #127 Oak Park, CA Ashley Shirine Behdarvand 5315 Oak Park Lane # 127 Oak Park, CA Linda Behdarvand 5315 Oak Park Lane #127 Oak Park, CA Michael R. Bekinnie 6512 Barton Avenue Hollywood, CA Delisa Belew 111 East State Street Terrell, TX Brett Bell 943 Condor Drive Coppell, TX John D. Bell 2881 West Esplanade Avenue Hemet, CA La-Fern Bell PO BOX 1131 Onalaska, TX Travis Bell 1710 HWY 720 E. P.O. Box 821 Little Elm, TX Dana Kathryn Beltz 1515 Newcastle Grand Island, NE Trudy Benedict 6374 Sweet Briar Lane Washington Township, OH Joe Charline Benefield Apt #D Merced, CA Mary Jean Bennett 262 Kike Acres Road Searcy, AR William D. Bennett 3332 Stanford Dallas, TX Bobby Benson 1705 Kent Street Arlington, TX Twanda Beo 3981 South Harvard Blvd Los Angeles, CA George W. Berry 185 East Jere Whitson Cookeville, TN James Wyatt Berry PO Box 1134 Benton, AR James W. Berry, Jr. PO BOX 103 Siloam Springs, AR Florita Julia Berry-Young West Massingale Road Tucson, AZ Eric Beshires 2405 S 13th #721 Temple, TX David A. Beshirs ROUTE 4 BOX 662 Gilmer, TX Jason Beshirs Mccree Dallas, TX Robert Beshirs ROUTE 4 BOX 662 Gilmer, TX Stephen W. Beshirs ROUTE 4 BOX 662 Gilmer, TX Samuel D. Beshirs, Jr Crescent Drive Paris, TX Deanna F. Betz 2529 W Cactus Road #1394 Phoenix, AZ Daniel A. Bevill PSC BOX 1998 Edwards AFB, CA Susan A. Bianchi th Street #9 San Diego, CA Kristopher Bickerstaff 2413 Avenue A Carlsbad, NM Carolyn Bilderbach Valencia Bl. #7201 Valencia, CA Christine L. Billing 6 Connors Street Londonderry, NH James M. Billings 619 Hardemna St. Sealy, TX Gregory T. Billingsley 2770 Raintree Drive Fayetteville, AR Dolores A. Billington Idaleona Road Riverside, CA Katrina Renee Billington th SW B104 Edmonds, WA Linda Denise Billington Edmonds Way Edmonds, WA Wanda S Bird 5907 Southeast 18th Portland, OR Jamia S. Birney 155 W 3rd #220 Tempe, AZ Susan Birney 1822 Pebrican Avenue Cheyenne, WY Jeffrey Alan Bishop 1361 Star Court Grants Pass, OR Roberta Bishop 3314 Edmonton Pasadena, TX Peggy Biswell 4318 Brookfield Houston, TX Debbie J. Black 1612 F Oak Creek Lane Bedford, TX Larry W. Black 4007 S Jackson Amarillo, TX Melinda J. Black 3435 Beverly Place Shreveport, LA Myrtle Rose Blackburn PO Box 246 Lefors, TX Rick Blackburn PO BOX 1420 Arlington, TX Stacy Blackburn 3865 Westwood Drive Riverside, CA Corby R Blair 292 Country Lane Newport, WA Brenda K. Blake PSC 1 BOX 1038 APO, Brynn M. Blake 3102 Hinckley Hall Provo, UT Jonathan Edward Blaker Chadwell Houston, TX Deborah L. Blankenship 8424 Redstone View Drive Charlotte, NC James Todd Blevins 318 Ames Apt #2 Baldwin city, KS Loman Blevins PO BOX 171 Mount Vernon, MO Hans F. Blocklinger P.O. Box 1424 Alvarado, TX Shari Beth Blomeyer 1425 South 12th Apt F Waco, TX Nicolette J. Blount 290 Abelia Pl. #4 Honolulu, HI J Bohree TH ST SE Bothell, WA Karl Rudolf Boland PO BOX 303 Alvin, TX Brenda S. Bolm 1314 S 34th Ave Yakima, WA Jimmy C. Bolt 2388 College Drive Costa Mesa, CA James D. Bolton 135 Bellevue Avenue Oregon City, OR Leah M. Bolton 9014 Kathleen Avenue St. Louis, MO Frederick L. Bond th Street St Petersburg, FL Jayne Ann Bond 1467 Franklin RD Langhorne, PA Jeremy Bond 114 L&L Court Ogallala, NE Rebecca Bond 5632 Princess Place #E Columbus, OH Cheryl Lynn Booher 321 Trestle Glen Court Walnut Creek, CA Nancy Ann Booher 321 Trestle Glen Court Walnut Creek, CA Robert Franklin Booher 321 Trestle Glen Court Walnut Creek, CA Debra A. Boone 614 B. Chenowith Umatilla, OR Pamela Kay Mills Borden PO BOX 483 Winters, CA Karen D. Borgston 531 E Main Denison, TX Shawn Aaron Bostick 7975 Stephani Court Milwaukie, OR W. Frank Bourland 266 A Country Club Road Argyle, TX Bobbie Jean Boutelle 6548 Gumwood Road Las Vegas, NV Joyce Faye Pich Bova 3444 Brannon Avenue Saint Louis, MO Jimmy W. Bowers 1201 East Madison El Cajon, CA Lisa Bowman PO BOX 384 Williams, CA Johnny Lee Bowman, Jr. PO Box 276 Wellington, UT Mark W. Bradley 1620 Elm Avenue Atwater, CA Janie L. Brady 620 B Bellaire Drive Hurst, TX Joel L. Brame 1548 Highland Valley Circle Chesterfield, MO Opal Brandon PO BOX Phoenix, AZ Rex Brandt 210 North Fifth Marquoketa, IA Billy R. Branscum 1013 Young Street Gainesville, TX Trisa Branscum 1013 Young Street Gainesville, TX 76240

36 36 Chickasaw Times January 2005 Undeliverables continued Terrie Branum Crescent Drive Madera, CA Jerry T. Brewer 3915 Turkey Ridge Road Hackett, AR Melissa Brewster 105 Wilmar Avenue Grants Pass, OR Benjamin Bridegroom 2801 Braden Apt. 304 Modesto, CA Josh Bridegroom PO Box 738 Mount Herman, CA Kenny Joe Bridges 8985 W. Quarter Place Littleton, CO Robert B. Bridges 2525 Main Apt. 106 Kansas City, MO Sandra Bridges 322 Lake Park Road #114 Lewisville, TX Pamela S.M. Briones 5451 Woodhill Rd Victoria, TX Nicole Britt 7700 NE 72nd Ave Vancouver, WA Paul Britt 201 North Shadyshores #6 Lake Dallas, TX Edith V. Brittain ROUTE 2 BOX 479B Silsbee, TX Marcus Joe Brittain th Avenue Southeast #B Monroe, WA Helayne Wessel Brittle 4 Sharonwood Dr Nashville, TN Francis Brokeshoulder 2713 Wilton Dallas, TX Andrew E. Bron 843 Langley Drive WAFB, MO Connie Brooks N 43RD Avenue Apt 1058 Phoenix, AZ Jennifer D. Brooks CR 463 Tyler, TX Joseph C. Brooks 19 Commerce Street APT 13 New York, NY Mary F. Brooks 136 Flat Creek School Road Shelbyville, TN Janet Brosius 4638 North 39th Avenue #322 Phoenix, AZ Jon-Erik Creighton Brouwer P.O. Box 3233 Arnold, CA Alison K. Brown 4608 Oak Street The Colony, TX Denise M. Brown 9534 Dixie Lane Dallas, TX Galynn Dewayne Brown 6467 McNichols Ct. Colorado Springs, CO Gary Ray Brown 303 Larch Drive Olney, IL Gayle L. Brown 1516 West Monterey Denison, TX James D. Brown 1925 Shoaf, Drive #126 Irving, TX James G. Brown 800 North Main #4 Bonham, TX Jason Brown 705 E Criner Grandview, TX Jessica Brown 3101 West Normandale Apt 2033 Ft. Worth, TX Jessica E. Brown 1601 Stepping Stone Trail Green Bay, WI Joel Stephen Brown ROUTE 4 BOX 72A1 Grandview, TX Joey R. Brown 705 East Criner Grandview, TX Josh Brown 6471 Etruscan Way West Jordan, UT Linda N. Brown 1403 South 2nd Avenue Yakima, WA Matthew M. Brown 110 Northwest 9th Amarillo, TX R. Brown 176 Del Mar Costa Mesa, CA Randall R. Brown P.O. Box 2014 Jena, LA Shantel Kristine Brown c/o Katrinka Skinner Bakersfield, CA Terra V. Brown 1572 Tejon Drive Pueblo West, CO James Edward Brown, Jr Michael Hughes Ne Albuquerque, NM Michael P. Brown, Jr. PO BOX 1479 Fernley, NV Alan Murray Browning th Avenue South Grandforks, ND Brian D. Browning 5039 North Hall Street Dallas, TX Christi Browning 3945 Oak Street Eugene, OR Stephanie Miya Browning 3838 Vinton Avenue #302 Culver City, CA Teri Lynn Browning 714 Baca Santa Fe, NM Badie (Harlin) Bruce 1300 Eldorado Parkway Apt. 808 McKinney, TX Elwood H. Bruce, Jr Suncrest Moreno Valley, CA David K. Brummett th Avenue Safford, AZ Amy L. Bruton 2744 Chimney Rock Lane San Angelo, TX Lance Bruton 2744 Chimney Rock Lane San Angelo, TX Sharon A. Bryan 610 N 39th ST Yakima, WA Bill F. Bryant 2775 East Fremont Las Vegas, NV Kay Ann Bryant 4406 San Mateo McKinney, TX Stephanie J. Bua 925 Cedar Pines Lane Colfax, CA Dawn Buckley 1786 Lazelle Court Redding, CA Neiche Gay Buecker Tamara Road Cathedral City, CA Brandon Dale Bulla BOX 149 Sam Rayburn, TX Elena C. McDonald Buller Morado Circle #2533 Austin, TX Bonnie J. Bunch 307 Windship Cove Virginia Beach, VA D. W. Bundy 3925 Baybrook Court Midland, TX Jason Ray Bunker 2520 Southwest 23rd Street Gresham, OR Carol Burazin 2500 S Burrell ST Milwaukee, WI Michael Burch 4510 North Parkhaven Drive Apt #126 Ft. Worth, TX C. A. Burelsmith 201 East Acacia St #C Brea, CA Edward Douglas Burk PO BOX Calle Valencia Oracle, AZ Kenneth D. Burk 514 Federal AVE E Seattle, WA Sherri L. Burk 8215 N Oracle RD # 64 Tucson, AZ Betty J Burkett 5545 Arcadia Avenue Loomis, CA Christy Ann Burkhart P.O. Box 1805 Leander, TX Frances E. T. Burkhead 713 Rocky River Houston, TX Donna J Taun Burks 5116 S Bowie Amarillo, TX Lois F. Burleson 502 South Bridge Henrietta, TX Tod Burleson 4663 Woodlawn Drive Wichita Falls, TX Patricia Lee Burney 4600 Connecticut Avenue Northwest #309 Washington, DC A. Lamanda Burris Bentree Forest APT Dallas, TX Dorothy B. Burris Route 3 Box Scottsdale, AZ Karen Burris 6407 E HWY 82 Gainesville, TX William M. Burris, Jr. PO BOX 308 Chireno, TX Valerie G. Burton 450 East Twain #15 Las Vegas, NV Vicki L. Burton 2425 Village Lane Salina, KS Jeremy Bush 8209 Meadow Road Apt Dallas, TX Ronald A. Butcher 927 Prospect Street #601 Honolulu, HI Betty Jane Butler 5009 Rio Grande #2G Midland, TX Chester P. Byars 8020 West Avenue E-12 Lancaster, CA Anthony Justin Byers 701 N Nursery Road #103 Irving, TX Brian K. Byers 4705 Grant Park Avenue Fort Worth, TX Joseph Patrick Byers 711 North Oracle Mesa, AZ Melody Michelle Byers 3207 Woodwind Dallas, TX Arnold Ray Byles 5505 Gale Fort Worth, TX Emily Ward Bynum 3820 Fairfield Avenue #26 Shreveport, LA Lisa Kay Bynum 1913 Henderson Drive Tyler, TX Weldon L. Bynum 615 S Grand Amarillo, TX James C. Byrd 3861 Dewey Avenue Omaha, NE Jeffrey L. Byrd 3501 Loyola Lane Apt. 101 Austin, TX John M. Byrd 1218 W 6th Grand Island, NE Dennis H. Byrne 417 Choteau Street Shelby, MT Norma Sue (Foster) Cage ROUTE 2 BOX 193 Springtown, TX Betty Joyce Cain 2351 Rushbrook Missouri City, TX Ireno Caldwell 310 Wesline Drive #8306 Clovis, CA Randel Caldwell 141 Neese DR APT FF568 Nashville, TN Dianna L. Cantrell PO BOX 72 Etna, CA Leah Cantrell 3890 Bucknall Road Campbell, CA Tonya Sue Cardinal 768 W Santa Paula Street Santa Paula, CA Tamelah L. Carew Westmore Circle San Diego, CA Christopher P. Carhart 705 Brooklyn Boulevard Sea Girt, NJ Georgeana Carmack 4010 F ST Eureka, CA Debra Lynn Carney 68 South Maple Russell, KS Dennis B. Carney Bora Drive La Mirada, CA Robert Marshall Carpenter BOX 533 Burkburnett, TX Sharon Carriero 82 Windbeam Avenue Ringwood, NJ Kathryn C. Carroll 2300 Stimpson Hacienda Heights, CA Deborah Lee Carson 150 Riverview Drive Auburn, CA Callie A. Carter Hermosura Norwalk, CA Crystal Carter 1201 Gregory Street San Angelo, TX Dannie D. Carter RR1 Box 241A Ravenna, TX David J. Casal 235 Freedom Lane Arlington, TX Kimberly Leanne Casal 235 Freedom Lane Arlington, TX Rhonda Ned Case 804 Griffin Street Mckinney, TX Kathleen Beth Casel 235 Freedom Lane Arlington, TX Benjamin M. Cass 853 Eagle Claw Court Lake Mary, FL Amber Castro (Badger) 20 Oakbrook Place Pleasant Hill, CA Tammy Castro-Leduc CMR 425 Box 313 APO, AE, Joseph W. Cathcart USP Lompac 3901 Klein Blvd Lompoc, CA Karen L. Cato 111 East Mills Apt. A Tucson, AZ Rusty Catoe 403 East Main Hamilton, TX Anthony C. Catt 2397 Garrett Lane #B Jackson, MO Donna L. Catt 436 Chestnut Lane Jackson, MO Matt Catt 2397 Garrett Lane #B Jackson, MO Barbara Cavasos 912 Avenida Del Vista #7 Corona, CA Shirley Cavasos 7623 Philbin Avenue Riverside, CA Henry McDonald Cease 112 Cherry Hill Avenue Goose Creek, SC Jason Celum 4636 North Josey Lane #2921 Carrollton, TX Kenneth Celum 4829 Ash Glen Lane The Colony, TX Karen Chadwick 5705 Sugar Maple Keller, TX Christopher Chambers Sunny Vista Baldy Mesa, CA Donald B. Chambers, II Sunny Vista Lane Baldy Mesa, CA Candice S. Chase 2011 Moser #241 Dallas, TX Sandra Ann (Brown) Chase 247 Nash Street Lawrenceville, GA Deborah J. Chavez th Street Northwest Albuquerque, NM John Martin Cheadle 129 Autumn Breeze Way Winterpark, FL Christian E. Childres th Street Hereford, TX Lannie E. Childres 5029 E Holbrook Street Anaheim, CA Leland K. Childres th Lane Pinellas Park, FL Matthew C. Childres th Lane Pinellas Park, FL William K. Childres 931 West 41st Houston, TX Patricia Rae Childress PO BOX 243 Strawn, TX Craig Christian Wetherburn Lane Katy, TX Pattie P. Christina Bangs Road Junction City, OR Brenda Kay Christmas 526 Mariana Villa Retirement Center Callway Way, FL Misty Chute 628 East Kearney Springfield, MO Diana L. Clampitt 890 W 15th Street #84 Newport, CA Wanda F. Clapham 208 Stonewall Jackson Conroe, TX Joshua Adam Clapp 1005 N Oriole Ave Rogers, AR Amanda Leigh Clark 1507 Houston Plainview, TX David B. Clark 231 Winslow Street Redwood City, CA Dorris Jo Tucker Clark 925 Redwood Avenue Santa Maria, CA Glenn L. Clark 1507 Houston Plainview, TX Milton M. Clark 135 Pro Ter Duluth, GA Renee Clark 600 #284 E Weddell Drive Sunnyvale, CA Robert D. Clark 3125 Escoba Drive #281 Palm Springs, CA Susan Clark 6908 Cheswick Drive North Richland Hills, TX Susan E. Clark 3849 Klahanie Drive Southeast Apt Issaquah, WA Kevin Cleaver th Street Los Osos, CA Heather A. Clift # S 46th Fort Smith, AR Pamela Denice Cloud 716 Grant Shafter, CA Dwan E. Clow, III 350 South Lakeview Vidor, TX Dwan E. Clow, Jr. 350 S Lakeview Vidor, TX Heather M. Clubb E 21st Avenue Spokane, WA Johnathan Clubb PO BOX 1032 Woodbridge, CA Herma Jean Gannon Clugstone 200 North Salisbury Spencer, NC Barbara Clum 633 South Market Street Galion, OH Bryan Clymer 1354 South Walnut Street Lot 11 Mc Pherson, KS Amber Coalter 820 Woodlawn Avenue Blue Ridge, VA Kelly M. Coalter 820 Woodlawn Avenue Blue Ridge, VA Randall Wayne Cobler 836 W Lawson Fayetteville, AR Tammye Walker Cockburn RR1 Box 20 Gunter, TX Mark Coggin 3314 Ellis Drive Grand Prairie, TX Barry R Colbert 1804A Oak Creek Lane Bedford, TX Charles H. Colbert Jeffreys Bay Frisco, TX Columbus L. Colbert th St. #105 Tacoma, WA Nichole T. Colbert 5052 Paces Station Drive Atlanta, GA Bert Cole PO Box 697 Prairie Grove, AR Steven Craig Cole 521 Manison Drive Brentwood, TN Doris Ann Cole Kennedy Riverdale Lane Huntington Beach, CA Bobby W. Colley 813 West Madison Street Phoenix, AZ Chadwick Joe Collier P.O. Box 6960 Yuma, AZ Jason Collier 1510 West Brookbury Way #203 Taylorsville, UT Rev. W. J Collingwood rd Avenue South Des Moines, WA Adele Collins 1537 Margarita DR Redlands, CA George E. Collins,Jr W 13TH AVE Lakewood, CO Sidney Colwell 3841 Montgomery Northeast Albuquerque, NM Kelli Conlan 8824 Saddlehorn Drive 161 Irving, TX Jack David Connelly 2723 Palmetto Wichita Fall, TX Shane R. Conner 2316 W Cortez #3 Chicago, IL Cindy Contreras 7701 Misty Ridge Drive Ft. Worth, TX Jacolyn L. Cook Woodmeadow PKY Apt 721 Dallas, TX Jeraldine Ray Cook 3799 NE Country Club Gresham, OR Lula Marie Cook ROUTE 4 BOX 120 Grand Saline, TX Benjamin F. Cook, III Ventura Boulevard Suite 316 Tarzana, CA Linda K. Cookson 300 Ferry Road Apt. 510 Galveston, TX Art K. Coony 7281 Corsican Drive APT D Huntington Beach, CA Angela D. Cooper 404 Hooke Liberty, MO Curtis Doyle Cooper 1102 Holleman Drive College Station, TX Doyle Wayne Cooper 1102 Holleman Drive College Station, TX Tommy Edd Cooper 106 W Broadway Butte, MT Kay Corbett 2012 Keyes Lane Deltona, FL Carl Cordell 808 West Cleveland Street Memphis, TX Nelda Jean Cordell 8602 East Old Spanish Trail #4 Tucson, AZ Sheri L. Cormier General Delivery #1000 Minot AFB, ND Katherine Corr 5415 College Oak Drive #608 Sacramento, CA Susan Correll 310 Esplanade Apt 69 Pacifica, CA Blayne L. Cortez 7921 Golden Star Avenue Riverside, CA Sharon L. Cortez 7921 Golden Star Avenue Riverside, CA Michael S. Cortez, Jr Golden Star Avenue Riverside, CA Diane Cothran Rural Route 9 BOX 227B Wichita Falls, TX Melinda M. Coulter 1930 Palomas NE Albuquerque, NM Bernard N. Courtney PO Box 7319 Kailua, HI John Courtney 1106 Church Street Pangburn, AR M. Courtney 302A Fenwick Road Ft. Monroe, VA Mark E. Courtney 115 Spruce Ct. Depoe Bay, OR Donavin D. Couts 2900 South Mirick Denison, TX Jackie Covey 4100 Tanglewood Apt. 232 Odessa, TX Mellissa Nell Kirby Covey 1 Courtney Place #103 Big Spring, TX Deborah S. Cowart 513 1/2 West Gandy Denison, TX Laura K. Cowart 513 1/2 West Gandy Denison, TX Andrea Cox 1402 Foxhall Road NW Washington, DC Sarah J. Cox 4802 N 19th Avenue #A137 Phoenix, AZ Stacy Cox 3190 Skinner Mill APT Augusta, GA Jerry E. Coxsey 1702 Pilot Way Garland, TX Adanighia Coyle West Jefferson Avondale, AZ Gemma Coyle 2150 West 15th Street A104 Loveland, CO James A. Coyle 3120 North 67th Lane #59 Phoenix, AZ James Gordon Coyle 3120 North 67th Lane #59 Phoenix, AZ Leslie Tams Coyle McBee Road Dallas, TX Lewis D. Coyle 3801 East 14th Street #201 Plano, TX Raymond DeWayne Coyle Rt 4 Box 120 Grand Saline, TX David L. Crabtree ROUTE 1 BOX 275 Sanger, TX Margaret Craddock 945 North Center Street Mesa, AZ Gerri S. Crain 416 Zapata Willis, TX Fredrick Lee Cravatt 201 North Kainalu Kailua, HI Karen Ann Cravatt 102 Greenwood Avenue Canon City, CO M. Cravatt 3122 F. Hawthorne Drive Dover, DE S. Jay Cravatt 540 North 2nd Street Apt A Clarksville, TN Daniel J. Cravens 1859 Olmo Way Walnut Creek, CA John E. Cravens th Street Northeast Arlington, WA Mary Almeta Cravens 428 East Cowan Houston, TX Drue Anthony Crawford PO Box Wichita, KS Russell Crawford st Joshua, TX Carolyn J. Creek 115 Dove Lane Falling Water, WV Davaden A. Crittenden 205 Concord Borger, TX Julie A. Crockett ROUTE 3 BOX 250C Harlingen, TX Lucinda J. Croissant West 7th Place Golden, CO Sherry Cronshey Kanis Road Little Rock, AR Jill M. Cross 326 Windyoak Drive Ballwin, MO David L. Crow 213 Thomas Park Drive Hutto, TX Deanne Crow 8217 O Brian Way North Richland Hills, TX Billie Jean Melton Crowell 280 Clemmons Beaumont, TX Tim Cruse 742 Fischer #B Anchorage, AK Eric Cryer 625 East South Street Whitesboro, TX 76273

37 January 2005 Undeliverables continued Chickasaw Times 37 Jeanette Culwell 1709 Gentlewind Arlington, TX Robert Glenn Cummings P.O. BOX 813 Mountain Ranch, CA Bridget Cunningham 562 North Aword Burns, OR Callie Cunningham 2230 Howard Street Apt 4 Anderson, CA Austin Curry Hwy 191 Box 688 Pearce, AZ Charlie M. Curry 436 Parkview Court Burleson, TX Mary Cuthbertson 9035 J.M. keynes Dr. unit 34 Charlotte, NC Cliff A. Dailey Apt. B Shoreridge Court Maryland Heights, MO Olana L. Dailey 1400 Quail Ridge #51 Roseville, CA Spencer Damon 1310 Rivera Drive Sacramento, CA Randy Keith Dane PO BOX 654 Waskom, TX William Forrest Dane 1201 Roselawn Avenue Monroe, LA Eugene H. Danforth 1906 Four Oaks Street Canyon Country, CA Terry Danley 213 Pine Ridge Avenue Mt. Shasta, CA Renata Darden 5401 Chimney Rock Road Houston, TX A.C. Darter PO BOX 1507 Quinlan, TX Tamala K. Davies 67 Rambling Lane Laguna Hills, CA Brad Lee Davis 602 N 21st ST Copperas Cove, TX Cecil J. Davis 8740 Westheimer #52 Houston, TX James Tyler Davis 500 West 7th Hays, KS Jenifer S. Davis 4704 River Rd Bethesda, MD Jennifer Ann Davis 6895 S Broadway #239 Haysville, KS Jon Paul Davis PO Box 1361 Lakeside, CA Katrina Davis 2004 VZ CR 2146 Wills Point, TX Linda R. Davis 2686 Gilbert ST S Salem, OR Roman Gabriel Davis 1004 Fox Hollow Northwest Albuquerque, NM Russell Thomas Davis 1004 Fox Hollow Northwest Albuquerque, NM Sean Davis Corte Ebano Temecula, CA Tresena Kay Davis 7101 Waljim #1509 Tyler, TX Karen Lynn Davis (Jones) 201 East 6th St. APT 8 Carson City, NV Kelly Davison P.O. Box 6656 Stateline, NV Crystal S. Townsen Davis- Sparks 1004 Fox Hollow Northwest Albuquerque, NM Deena DeArmond 1001 W Stevens 291 Santa Ana, CA J. J. Debenning 4235 Kingfisher Road Calabasas, CA Burris De Benning, Jr. 600 Spring Road #82 Moorpark, CA Nick Dealy 1222 E 14th ST Apt #16 Meridian, ID Kyleen Deanda 5001 Lexington Farms DR Alpharetta, GA Melissa Dearing 1415 East Rialto Avenue #102 Fresno, CA Jill Dearmore-Demoss PO BOX 1114 Gravette, AR Burris F. Debenning PO BOX 66 Miramonte, CA Deborah J. Dedman 6905 Bernadine Street Watauga, TX M. Shaun DeGraff 1450 East Harmon Avenue #105 D Las Vegas, NV Tamela Delong 435 Dale Busby Road Leesville, LA Jeffie Capes Dennis 1803 Greentree Boulevard Clarksville, IN Donald Daniel Dennis, Jr. Rural Route 2 BOX 348 Tell City, IN Gayle Ann Bankston Denny 660 Grant Drive Chowchilla, CA Mable Denton 701 Southwest 23rd Street Redmond, OR Billy Ray Derry 149 Nickel Street Shafter, CA Harold E. Derry 1511 Mydland #143C Sheridan, WY Willie Derry PO BOX 1123 Shafter, CA Tredea Detrick 2652 Monte Verde Sparks, NV Chad Dewbre 7004 Bernadine Drive Watauga, TX Dakara D. Di Prizio 3443 Tourmaline Carson City, NV Charles E. Dick 211 N Dallas Ave Tulia, TX Gayna Dickerson 2520 Turner Road Northwest Lot 4A Marietta, GA Rob R. Dickerson RR2 Box 127 Smithville, TX Gary W. Dillard 2750 Garden Oak Place Grand Prairie, TX Glenda Dillingham PO BOX Sacramento, CA Andrea K. Dillon 1236 Indianola Avenue Apt #6 Columbus, OH Elizabeth Elaine Dillon 231 Glenridge Drive Winchester, VA Rebecca C. DiVito 2252 N 44th ST Apt 1141 Phoenix, AZ David Dixon ROUTE 1 BOX 125 Yantis, TX Jessica J. Dixon 4904 Durfee #20 Pico Rivera, CA Stephanie Melissa Dixon ROUTE 20 BOX 1215 Fayetteville, NC Shonna R. Doan 200 Manor Avenue Langhorne, PA Deborah J. Dobbins 2314 Wickersham LN APT 306 Austin, TX Laura Maryse Dodd 5155 Havering Way Woodbridge, VA Anna Dell Moore Dodson 700 Capri Lane Space 5 Desert Shores, CA Michael Donofrio Bridgeview Drive Anchorage, AK Anthony Santino D Onofrio 1003 Hazelwood Bryant, AR Deborah Lane D Onofrio 1003 Hazelwood Bryant, AR Stasia Marie D Onofrio 1003 Hazelwood Bryant, AR Gregory Jackson Donoghue th Ave W #F203 Lynnwood, WA Peter Donth P.O. Box Los Angeles, CA Donald Shane Dorrity 605 N Elm Street Cresco, IA Joy Dean Colbert Dorrity 614 8th Avenue East Cresco, IA Bonny Karol Cragg Dotson PO BOX 407 Carrizo Springs, TX Tabitha Ann Dougherty 425 Tait #101 Sanger, CA Travis Dougherty East Heritage Parkway Aurora, CO Kleta Dove PO BOX 122 Rosser, TX James D. Dowdy 1750 Eagles Nest Way #311 Oceanside, CA Tamara J. Drake 2502 Yale Avenue San Angelo, TX Marianne Duckworth 1936 Kentwood Lane Carrollton, TX Sharon K. Upshaw Duckworth 103 Chevy Chase Waxahachie, TX Steven R. Duffy 1050 W 8th Avenue #158 Mesa, AZ Margaret Rae Stone Duke 1708 Jenkins Pasadena, TX Geoff Dulaney 4215 N Civic Center Blvd Apt 367 Scottsdale, AZ Joy Serena Duncan ROUTE 3 BOX 112A1 Whitesboro, TX Donny Dunger 1333 S Belardo #702 Palm Springs, CA Adam Douglas Dunn 5409 Pressler Drive Corpus Christi, TX Lisa Dunn 8315 W Boulevard Inglewood, CA Sharon Dunn 3515 W Magill Fresno, CA David DuPre 811 E Santa Paula ST #4 Santa Paula, CA Julie S. Little Duran Whittington Drive #908 Houston, TX Vanessa A. Duran ROUTE 1 BOX 58A Dime BOX Lee, TX James Durant 7927 Pin Oak RD Alvin, TX Monette Guy Durbin 768 Saint Thomas Parkway Redding, CA Ronald W. Duree 818 A West Texas St. Denison, TX Jeffrey Sean Durham Oakhurst DR Spring, TX Sherryl Ann Durrett 105 Hawthorn ST Apt #2 San Diego, CA Sharlyn Janell Dyer Countyline Road Sp.#35 Yucaipa, CA Dean Michael Dyslin,Jr Woodwind Dallas, TX Jessica Easterling 671 Decca Drive Richardson, TX David J Ebisch 2622 South Vicksburg Street Fort Smith, AR James G. Ebisch /2 Adelaide Avenue San Diego, CA Stephen Eck 9243 Nieman Road Overland Park, KS Carla D. Edmonds 1100 Trimnal Avenue Camden, SC Robert W. Edwards 2008 Old McGarrah Road McKinney, TX Tobi Edwards 632 Mass Ave NE Apt 1 Washington, DC Desiree L. Edwards Gonzalez McCree Road Apt 2318 Dallas, TX Susan Eldhardt 226 W 21st Avenue #E Kennewick, WA Lisa Eleazer P.O. Box 5452 Oroville, CA Dustin Michel Elko Pompton Houston, TX Barbara K. Elliott 8639 Coromar Road Atascadero, CA Corana Elliott 2032 W Rumble RD Modesto, CA Tami Gayle Bronaugh Elliott 3017 Cheyenne Boulevard Sioux City, IA Betty Jean Ward Ellis 3565 Belle Vista Court S Salem, OR Jerald Scott Ellis 361 Broadway Apt 5 Rochester, NY Sherry Ellis 2012 N East Oaks Drive Apt. 9 Fayetville, AR Cynthia Ducote Elmore 3428 Casalino Court San Jose, CA Carolyn Jean Emerson PO BOX Fort Worth, TX Linda K. Emley 5513 Willowbrook Drive Rowlett, TX Kenneth Paul Engle, Jr. 342 West Castle Harbour Friendswood, TX Mattie Louise English Grosse Point Drive Sun City, CA Jeremy Entrop 108 S Kentucky Roswell, NM Meredith Rebecca Entrop 108 South Kentucky Roswell, NM Aaron Erdwurm 4400 North Holiday Hill Road Apt. 301 Midland, TX Elisabeth Erickson 8500 Jackson Square Boulevard-A Shreveport, LA Michael J. Ervin PO BOX Albuquerque, NM Stacy Esclovon th Street Beaumont, TX Eula Estes c/o Ozark Residential Care 4449 North State Highway NN Ozark, MO Jason Estes PO Box Naples, FL Elizabeth A. Evans 2701 South Lake Drive Texarkana, TX Paula B. Evans 356 South 1st Street Kimell, ID Gregory D. Factor 6318 Preston Road Denison, TX Carol A. Falkner 7652 Arroyo Circle La Palma, CA Clifford Fallin PO BOX 96 Odell, OR Lanora Duckworth Farar 3405 N 25th Street Waco, TX Brenda Kay Farmer 71 Myers Chapel Road Belton, KY Donald Wayne Farmer PO Box 252 Aberdeen, KY Janis A. Miller Farmer 3509 Misty Meadows Dr Alvarado, TX Stanley R. Farmer,Jr South University Drive Ft. Worth, TX Freda Farrell Tara Way Susanville, CA Domiqua L. Farris 2135 South Rifle Way R105 Aurora, CO Will Fathree 2850 Greystone Ln. #19 Mt. Pleasant, MI Gayla Cole Feachen 3722 West Rochelle Irving, TX Steve T. Federlein PO Box 2039 Big River, CA Donna P. Pollock Felch 322 Melody Lane Duncanville, TX Mark Felch 322 Melody Duncanville, TX Linda Sue Feltus P.O. Box 64 Clifton, CO Joyce Ferguson 1217 Bonnie Brae Fort Worth, TX Dorothy Fernandez # Garymede Drive Kamloops BC Canada, V1S 1P5 Tyler J. Ferreira 409 S Aronian Tulare, CA Bob Bartley Fields 4 Highland Creek Huntsville, TX Shannon Alberson Figueroa 812 Cooper Road Poughkeepsie, NY Adam Fillmore, Jr Girard Northeast # H Albuquerque, NM Sherry Finley 4280 Losson Road Northeast Palmyra, IN Corri Danielle Finney 553 West 114th Way Northglenn, CO Ryan Forrest Finney 553 West 114th Way Northglenn, CO Kari D. Fisher 900 Edgefield Trail Flower Mound, TX Chris Fissel 9466 Southeast Harney Court Portland, OR Ricky Fissel 3210 Southeast 147th Portland, OR Kristi L. Fitzgerald PO BOX 1052 Mancos, CO Dale W. Fletcher 252 Dalton Dr. Jackson, TN Shana Nichole Fletcher 1622 Timberline Rosehill, KS Mapopei Flores ACU Station #6605 Abilene, TX Wally Flores 1021 Westerly Place Wichita Falls, TX William Paul Flores 1021 Westerly Place Wichita Falls, TX Teresa J. Floyd Kirkwall Azusa, CA Sara Lynn Foley 3220 Eagle Street Millington, TN Blanche Polk Ford 9840 Kingsman Dallas, TX Curtis Anthony Ford ROUTE 1 BOX 92 Pecan Gap, TX Richard V. Ford 5902 North Ridge Road Wichita, KS Wanema Renee Ford 8565 Melinda Drive Alvarado, TX Steven Lee Forguson 526 North Austin Street #59 Ranger, TX Gary Forguson Jr Harlane Lane Wichita Falls, TX Gary Wayne Forguson, Sr Nautilus CIR Apt Ft. Worth, TX Sheila Fortner 1600 Heritage Drive Apt 1016 McKinney, TX David Foster 114 Outboard Avenue Manahawkin, NJ Jeremy Foster 342 Galice Road Merlin, OR Leanne Foster 724-B Simonetti Austin, TX Leonard Foster 340 N. 5th Avenue #206 Phoenix, AZ Staci Lea Fournier 15 Ardmore Park Road #03-03, Alice M. Fowler 1927 W. 4th Avenue Apt. 108 Holdrege, NE James A. Fowlkes University Apts #154 Charleston, IL Brenda K. Fox 1620 Halifax Way El Dorado Hills, CA Nelda Jean Foxworth 1990 Morley Simi Valley, CA Glenda Jean France 758 Christiana Road #305 Newark, DE Philip F. Franklin 3303 Lee Pkwy.Suite #111 Dallas, TX Charles B. Fraser Route 1 Box 128 May, TX Joe Frazier PO BOX 1880 Sells, AZ Richard Scott Freed PO BOX 412 Oxford, KS Nina Marie Freeman 1117 Le Brun Lane Redding, CA Apryl Freeman-Rice 6231 North 67 Avenue #142 Glendale, AZ Margaret L. Fry 2489 Hulon Lakes Willis, TX Jan E. Fryrear 625 North Van Buren #306 Tucson, AZ Dawn Marie Fulmer 1844 South Haster # 138 Anaheim, CA Ed Fuson 6000 Foothill Drive Farmington, NM Jeffrey E. Fuss 1923 S. Cedar Avenue Colorado Springs, CO Bennie G.Courtney,Jr 1638 E Bowman South Bend, IN James R. Gabehart 715 County Road 4402 Hondo, TX Mitzi Renee Gabehart Raven South Cypress, TX Teri A. Gabica 566 Ralston Avenue #15 Belmont, CA Tammy Gafke E Brooks Farm Rd Higley, AZ Mike Gahagan 156 Green Branch Road Weatherford, TX Lynn K. Gaisbauer 1403 Lamonte Houston, TX Maxine Yvonne Kemp Galliers 622 Jackson Street Waxhaw, NC Brandon Gamblin 7200 Chippenham Place Gwynn Oak Road, MD Trenton Gamblin 3815 Parkdale #321 San Antonio, TX Wayne Gamblin 3766 Tupelo Lane Apt San Antonio, TX Lori Gammon 221 Faircrest Drive Garland, TX Vickie Gammon 221 Faircrest Drive Garland, TX Eva G. Garcia 4247 North 44th Street Phoenix, AZ Terry Gardner 6452 Nine Mile Bridge Road #3 Ft. Worth, TX Shawn Ryan Leroy Gariss 206B East Aragon Road Belen, NM Amber Dawn Garman 211 Delma Way Sacremento, CA Colicia Garman 2111 Delma Way Sacramento, CA J. Garman 2111 Delma Way Sacremento, CA J. L. Garner 209 Azalea Drive Smithfield, VA David D. Garrett 807 Mayweather Richmond, TX Janene Garrett West Palomino Odessa, TX Larry J. Garrett, Jr North 15th Street Abilene, TX Chris Gartner 6949 Best Road Mariposa, CA Robyn Gartner 6949 Best Road Mariposa, CA Rhonda Gaskins 1520 Trout St. #Bldg9-1A Wichita Falls, TX Dorothy Gauna Telegraph Square Lane Katy, TX Jennifer Gause 1001 Sycamore #2108 Fort Worth, TX Charlie Gay 471 California ST Ripon, CA Sarah Ann Gay 471 California Street Ripon, CA Charles E. Gay II 471 California Street Ripon, CA Julie D. Gerhart 1200 S Torrey Pines #97 Las Vegas, NV Kathi Ghilieri PO Box Reno, NV Nicholas Angelo Giancola 23 B Robin Drive St. Charles, MO K. F. Gibbs 1018-C Rue De La Banque East Creve Coevr, MO Johnny Ray Giboney Preston Apt. 331 Dallas, TX Beth L. Gibson 105 South Kentucky Perryton, TX Gregory M. Gibson 105 South Kentucky Perryton, TX Robert Lee Gibson, Jr. RR 1 BOX 2096 Clinton, ME Charles E. Gill PO BOX 149 Ashford, WA Emmet William Gill PO BOX 149 Ashford, WA Matthew C. Gill PO BOX 149 Ashford, WA Michael J. Gill 6576 La Habra Avenue Yucca Valley, CA Michael J. Gill PO BOX 149 Ashford, WA Keith Gilliland 1032 Tennessee ST APT 3 Lawrence, KS Bruce Tyree Giroux PO Box 6451 FDC Station Apt. 16-A New York, NY Clyde V. Giroux, Jr Morris Ne Apt 3 Albuquerque, NM Tianna Glass 2313 Keller St. Modesto, CA Ruthie Lynn Gleason Nehalsey Fairview, OR Jon C. Glenn 412 Baldwin Street Grand Prairie, TX Ronald C. Glenn 931 Brookwood El Dorado, AR Shirley C. Glenn 9220 South Nogales Hwy Space 12 Tucson, AZ Terry Ann Glossen 7303 Cedarwood Drive Boise, ID Misty Charmin Godbey Route 7 Box 24 Brownwood, TX Deborah Lee Hickman Goebel Route 2 Box 242B Grand Saline, TX Sherrie Goff 842 East Aultman Street Ely, NV Alicia Golbus PO Box 3249 Chula Vista, CA Merry M. Goldstein 6701 Blanco RD #202 San Antonio, TX Melanie Little Gomez 704 8th Avenue (Basement Front) Brooklyn, NY Frank Gonzales Norwalk

38 38 Chickasaw Times January 2005 Undeliverables continued Hawaiian Gardens, CA Carmon Gonzalez 760 Plymouth Dr. N.E. #19 Keizer, OR Barbara Goodman 3608 McVay Apt C Huntsville, AL Cheryl Gormley 1002 North Amidon Wichita, KS Christopher Lee Graham 509 W Orchard Avenue Selah, WA Johnnie M. Graim 120 K Street Apt B Bakersfield, CA Shaneetha Graim 120 K Street Apt B Bakersfield, CA Susie A. Graim 120 K Street Apt B Bakersfield, CA Korine Grandfield 1730 Sutter Road Apt. A McKinleyville, CA Richard L. Grandfield, Jr Antoinette Court Arcata, CA Clovis Clydean Grant 16 Alger Place Grosse Pointe, MI Thomas D. Grant 2328 West Marshall Avenue Phoenix, AZ Georgia L. Graves PO BOX 164 Leeton, MO Barbara Hodges Gray General Delivery Canehill, AR Edgar Max Gray III 410 Elles Mere Drive Dixon, CA Jeremy Gray 2985 Bobby Drive Reno, NV Lucretia M. Gray 984 Wilkinson Avenue Reno, NV Oleta Tressa Gray ROUTE 6 BOX 160 Gilmer, TX Robin Gray 314 Skyview Wylie, TX Michael Grayson 1350 Huntington Ave. #413 San Bruno, CA Jon Dean Green 4304 East Campbell Avenue #2058 Phoenix, AZ Landon Green 101 Forest Creek Drive Whitehouse, TX Lynne M. Green 1424 Albany Avenue Modesto, CA Delilah Greene Route 1 Box 231 A10 Cooper, TX K. Greenlee 204 Sorrel Trail Keller, TX Derrick J. Greenwood 2603 Hicks Road Marietta, GA John S. Greenwood 931 North Summit Arkansas City, KS Kim Greenwood 4040 Crow Road #704 Beaumont, TX Tasha Greenwood 906 N 10th Arkansas, KS Michelle Marie Greenwood- Lavigne 9115 Bell Road # 364 Lenexa, KS Beverly S. Greer 5475 Canyon Crest Drive #26 Riverside, CA Rodney Greer 320 2nd Street Suite 1C Eureka, CA Aron LeAnn Gregg 3411 Speedway #D-5 Austin, TX Juanita L. Grider 3 Greenview Court Springfield, IL Erin Griffin 3002 Nancy Jane Drive Killeen, TX Jennifer Nichole Griffin 342 Tobacco Road Trout, LA Matthew Griffin PO BOX 1235 Anthony, NM Meridith Faith Griffin 201 Sycamore Harrisonville, MO Imogene H. Griffith BOX 760 Holliday, TX Crystal Grimes 3129 UNCG Station Greensboro, NC Michael Grimes Alameda Trace Circle #335 Austin, TX Robert A. Grinslade 4851 Grandy BLVD 712 Tampa, FL Terry M. Grinslade 124 Loy Drive Denison, TX Debra J. Grizzle PO BOX 551 Phoenix, OR Kenneth Dale Grizzle 335 North Royale Avenue Eagle Point, OR Bryn E. Grogan 1619 B Oak Drive Topanga, CA Dolores J. Grogan 5603 Blue Parkway Kansas City, KS Max V Grogan 832 S 75th Street Kansas City, KS Steven D. Gross 407 Eagle Drive Denton, TX Carole L. Groves ROUTE 2 BOX 2950 Fair Play, MO Brian Guenther 821 N Main # 212 Belton, TX Leon Guess 7124 Del Haven Way North Highlands, CA Maritte Rose Sutherland Guess 203 E Garrett Run Austin, TX Richard N. Guiles 33 Wichers Lane Oak Harbor, WA Debra R. Guindi 780 Darrell Road Hillsborough, CA Brent Sterling Guiou 8421 Liberty Lane Rowlett, TX Johnathan Gurley 1404 E 15th Georgetown, TX Ferrell L. Guthrie PO BOX 20 Rockport, TX Jerry Nail Guthrie 1100 Shady Lane Apt #511 Belton, TX Norman Clay Guthrie 1100 Shady Lane Apt # 511 Belton, TX Opal Lucille Gutierrez PO Box 83 Ventura, CA Beverly Guttridge 601 S Weaver Gainesville, TX Douglas L. Guy 768 Street Thomas Parkway Redding, CA Betty Lynn Guzman 206 W Lisa Chaparral, NM E. Diane Gwin 1844 East Cardinal Springfield, MO Gregory A. Gwin 4512 Queenswood Drive Grand Prairie, TX Anita Haddock 1414 Richmond Avenue #1008 Houston, TX Heather Rene Hagan 305 Live Oak Lane Flower Mound, TX Angela D. Hagen 2811 Fort Apt. B Hays, KS Eddie Lee Haile 5001 Vaughn Road North Little Rock, AR Carolyn R Hair ROUTE 1 BOX 75 Honeygrove, TX Gayle Roberta Haley 407A Dock Ratcliff Waynesville, NC Jimmie E. Haley 407A Dock Ratcliffe Waynesville, NC Daryl W. Hallman 900 West 12th Plainview, TX John A. Hallman 2009 Thompson Avenue Dodge City, KS Ricky Hallman 900 West 12th Plainview, TX Sharla R. Hallman 2205 Jomar San Angelo, TX Nancy S. Hamblin 3315 Teawick CT Houston, TX Kenneth Hamil 1274 Buckeye Road Ormond Beach, FL Phillip A. Hamon 3711 Monroe Apt. #7 Riverside, CA Tina Hampton PO BOX 1451 Springerville, AZ Boni Rebecca Hamric 3614 Montrose # 400 Houston, TX Fred Hanna 1070 Raymond Avenue Glendale, CA Thomas Payne Hanna 1835 Burton Drive #216 Austin, TX Elisabeth Louise Hansard 8813 Naches Heights Road Ore City, TX Robert G. Hansard PO BOX 1782 Mountain Home AFB, ID Eric Hanson 350 Gold Farm Road Fair Banks, AK Helen Pauline Owens Harbert 3109 Candelight Drive 94 Ne Apt.C Albuquerque, NM Suellen Harbin NE 187 ST Bothell, WA Jennifer Ann Hardin 17 8th Street NW Arab, AL Sandra Kay Hardin 201 Benton Lane Lot 6 Arab, AL Emily Hargues 305 S Birch Perryton, TX Shelly Jo Hargues 305 South Birch Perryton, TX Robert Evan Harlan Grand Oak Dr. Austin, TX Steven M. Harmon 511 Branch ST. San Luis Obispo, CA Danny Harp 8632 West Dakota Avenue Lakewood, CO Chris Harper 641 7th Street Boulder City, NV Jeffrey Scott Harper 944 Arizona Avenue Yuma, AZ Shanna Harper 2522 Pettit Nacogdoches, TX Kathleen Harrell 109 Sturbridge Lane Columbia, SC Krissa Harrell 1443 Ingelwood Stephenville, TX Amberle D. Harris 1620 Morgan Lane McMinnville, OR Aronda J. Harris PO BOX 4 Dixie, WA Charles C. Harris 3940 Stanford Dallas, TX Donald K. Harris 2118 West Glenrosa Phoenix, AZ Harley S. Harris PO BOX 1542 Hobbs, NM Janice Pollock Harris 106 Mecca Drive San Antonio, TX Kendall J. Harris 928 Shenandoah Plano, TX Melinda Ann Harris 56 Farley Avenue Ipswich, MA Michelle Marie Harris PO BOX 3853 Van Nuys, CA Monica Renae Harris 9024 Butternut Avenue Bakersfield, CA Nancy Jane Harris 350 Morgan Mill Road Trlr. 21 Stephensville, TX Patty Sue Harris 350 Morgan Mill Road Trlr. 21 Stephenville, TX Paula K. Harris PO BOX 8325 Ft Mojave, AZ Leighton Scott Harris Vincent Clarksdale, MS Jeremy Douglas Harrison 1318 S. Van Buren San Angelo, TX Joyce Lanelle Harrison PO BOX Austin, TX Robert E. Harrison 3831 Hemingway Irvine, CA Shay Lynn M. Harrison 3831 Hemingway Avenue Irvine, CA Leroy Harrison, Jr West Impala Mesa, AZ Angela Harryman 1423 Sicard St. Maryville, CA James B. Harshman 9318 Camino Venado Helotes, TX Patricia Ann Harshman 7302 University Row #801 San Antonio, TX Cynthia Ann Harvey 2011 North Canyon Road Arcadia, CA Jeff Harvey 1311 Rivercrest Allen, TX Pamela K. Haskin 328 Sawmill Court Waterford, CA Michelle K. Hassell 1720 Ohio Apt. D Lawrence, KS Boyd Stephen Hatchel 1404 Ridgecrest Plano, TX Ginger Carole Glover Hatchel 1404 Ridgecrest Plano, TX Anita Louise Hatcher PO Box 2453 Payson, AZ Shara Hatcher 400 W Baseline RD LOT 255 Tempe, AZ Brent James Haugen 2707 Alderbrook Court North Puyallup, WA Dennis Warren Haught 4390 Lynden Birch Bay Road Blaine, WA Richard E. Hawkins 4310 Highland Way Klamath Falls, OR Stanley G. Hawkins 6808 Brandywine Loop Northeast Albuquerque, NM D. C. Hawley Yellowstone Road Northeast Albuquerque, NM Phillip Hawley Via Fontaneue 10 GaludteLombardo, Ronald W. Hawley 105 Oak Street #2 Salida, CO Meta M. Hayes 845 Kings Row Palatine, IL Milam B. Headley 1317 Britton Avenue Ft. Worth, TX Lorena E. Headrick 3636 Jackson Street Riverside, CA Charles L. Hearrell 256 East Corporate Drive, Apt 2004 Lewisville, TX Randy V. Heath P.O. Box 208 SDCC Indian Springs, NV Vonette Kaye Heath Garcia 2555 Tallman Road Sparks, NV Kari Raye Heatherly Route 7 Box 24 Brownwood, TX James R. Heck 2641 O Hare Avenue San Pablo, CA Dawn L. Heffington 4700 Humber Drive #D2 Nashville, TN Deborah J. Hefner 3773 Timberglen Road #1201 Dallas, TX Leslie Shane Hefner 6547 Warmmoon Lane Dallas, TX Richard M. Heisler, Jr Gary Rex Circle Haughton, LA Jeremy Helm 3202 West Bell Road Apt 2198 Phoenix, AZ Slone Helsley P.O. Box FM 2451 Rosses, TX Tessie Helsley 1128 Highland Acres Kaufman, TX Gina Hememway PO Box 158 Fruitland, ID Al S. Hendricks 5600 South Gateway Road Las Vegas, NV John R. Hendricks 1760 Spruce Napa, CA Louise Hendrix Cedar Avenue Yucaipa, CA Ronald Loren Hendrix 1843 West Walnut B18 Visalia, CA Kristina Henry NM Cirnell Road Apt #3 Beaverton, OR Susan E. Henry 5611 W 134th Ter Apt 1721 Overland Park, KS Terry Henry, II 1589 Old Railroad Bed RD Harvest, AL Brenda Janine Hernandez 1664 South Dayton Street Tulare, CA Melissa Dawn Hernandez 4835 East Pch #608 Long Beach, CA Beverly A. Herring 732 Franklin Road West Palm Beach, FL Michael Hickey 120 Wagon Wheel Drive Rex, GA Robert Paul Hickey 3070 S Nellis Apt 1131 Las Vegas, NV Dale F. Hicks 115 Bayou Vista Drive Bayou, TX Melissa Hicks nd Santa Fe, TX Michael W. Hicks 3200 Aster Drive Prescott, AZ Robert W. Hicks P.O. Box 292 Aurora, OR Ronald L. Hicks 904 Horse Shoe La Marque, TX Laine M. Hickson 2040 N Sheldon RD Canton, MI Carrie L. Hildali 3767 Quail Street Wheat Ridge, CO Andy O. Hill 5033 Montego Drive Columbus, GA Herbert Hill Route 4 BOX 120 Grand Saline, TX Toby Jon Hill 5353 East 22nd Street Apt. #702 Tucson, AZ Barbara Hillyer 8605 East County Road 300 S Plainfield, IN Dinah Hinckley 320 E Washington #4B Iowa City, IA Harry William Hinckley c/o Dinah Hinkley 320 East Washington #4B Iowa City, IA Stephanie Hinojosa 812 Cooper Road Poughkeepsie, NY Kevin Roy Hirschi 3227 East Medlock Drive Phoenix, AZ Vicky L. Hirschi 3525 East Highland Phoenix, AZ Robin J. Mace Hiscott 5421 South Center Street Casper, WY Phyllis L. Hiser 1352 East Calle Antonia Tucson, AZ Kitty Hite 3460 Falcon Street ON HOLD PER GINA Pomona, CA Donnalea Hodges PO BOX 97 Sahuarita, AZ Sean Robert Hodges 4585 West Ivanhoe Street Chandler, AZ Gary D. Hodges, II 663 Street Route 2835 Morganfield, KY Carin A. Hoffman 2540 FM 1529 North Cooper, TX Debhora A. Hoffman 3141 Lightning Drive Tucson, AZ Gary Hogland ROUTE 3 BOX 80A Rienzi, MS Mark Hogland Rural Route1 BOX 452T Van Alstyne, TX Jon Holcomb Tubbs Road Buckley, WA Joseph A. Holcomb Tubbs Road Buckley, WA R. H. Holcomb Mount Mcclellan Street Reno, NV Rudy A. Holcomb ROUTE 1 BOX 75D Flora, MS Satanta Beaver Holcomb 1434 East Mardina Street West Covina, CA Santana B. Holcomb III 765 Westshore Drive Worthington, MN James F. Holcomb, Jr N Bicentennial Blvd Apt 44 McAllen, TX Santana Beaver Holcomb, Jr Linfield Street Glendora, CA Ruby Kathryn Mcgee Holder PO BOX 1296 Snyder, TX Dovie L. Holland ROUTE 3 BOX 15 Quinlan, TX Kevin Holland 4630 Travis ST APT 411 Dallas, TX Barry Holmes PO Box 897 Windsor, CA Cynthia Holmes 1514 California Trail Plano, TX Shante Y. Holmes 1500 E Broadway #2065B Tempe, AZ Erinn Mhari Holt ROUTE 1 BOX 465 Anderson, MO Wallace Holt RR1 BOX 465 Anderson, MO Betty J. Holton TH Street Northeast East Wenatchee, WA Bertha M. Holzwarth PO BOX 448 Little River, CA Renell R. Homan 1305 J Street #A National City, CA Edgar Johnson Homer 1642 C.S Idalia Circle Aurora, CO Myles Diaz Homer, III 1028 Jessica Avenue Las Vegas, NV Ollie L. Hook 8600 Starboard Drive Apt Las Vegas, NV Brian Hooper 3025 Kingswood Garland, TX Sherissa Beshirs Hoops 606 West Acheson Street needs bc Denison, TX Charles D. Hopkins 6509 Rock Garden Road Kansas City, MO Stephani Housley 711 Hope St. Providence, RI Stephen L. Houston PO BOX Eugene, OR Glenna Howard 4611 Samuell Boulevard Apt 153 Dallas, TX Sherrie Howard P.O. Box 105 Merlin, OR Heather L. Howe PO Box 971 Pt. Lookout, MO Lynn Howell PO Box 1406 Howe, TX Billy F. Hromas 6219 Haskin Ct. Burke, VA April Hudson 4835D West Eha Way Ewa Beach, HI Quent Hudson 245 Colonial Circle Athens, TX Howard B. Hughes 2790 Monsees Drive Sedalia, MO Sammie Ruth Hughes 9722 Charmont La Porte, TX Gwendolyn J. Hunt BOX 141 Moapa, NV Emily Texanna Hunter 700 Angelina Street Whitney, TX Jimmy D. Hurley P.O. Box 883 Asotin, WA Holly Hurst 5000 Sanger Avenue Apt 422 Waco, TX Phillip R. Hurst 8650 Wednesbury Lane #219 Houston, TX Elizabeth Elaine Huskey 306 N. Shilo Road #1113 Garland, TX Jennifer L. Huskey 110 Tator Brown Red Oak, TX Della Noel Husted Wisteria Street Castro Valley, CA Janette Gayle Hutchens 5885 El Cajon BLVD APT 208 San Diego, CA Lydia C. Hutson 4270 Casa Buena Way Apt 159 Oceanside, CA Margaret A. Hutson 3216 Earnest Court Bakersfield, CA Thomas C. Hyden 3314 Foster Lane Austin, TX Christina L. Iantria 2801 Grandville Court Apt. 126 Waukegan, IL Michael J. Iantria 512 Lincolnway Apt. B Laporte, IN Lorraine Iker PO BOX 385 Snowflake, AZ Belinda Imotichey 5409 Fursman Fort Worth, TX Rhonda J. Ingle 601 Douglas Street #124-D Bakersfield, CA Nikki Inman PO BOX 134 Holliday, TX Peggy Ivie 1610 Meadowlark #704 Lancaster, TX Veronica Lynn Jack 402 Main Aubrey, TX Anita Carol Jackson 615 Birkdale Circle West Niceville, FL Audrey Jackson 120 K Street Apt B Bakersfield, CA Carolyn Jackson 3513 Edgebrook Mesquite, TX J. Jackson 742 W Joel Lincoln, NE James A. Jackson 5423 Quari Denver, CO Kay Jackson 1913 University Drive Richardson, TX Pam Jackson 2851 Bedford Lane Apt 24 Chino Hills, CA Thelma T. Jackson 1744 Jenkins Road # 709 Pasadena, TX Paul Jackson, Jr S 15 St Edinburg, TX Brian W James 1933 Patterson RD Modesto, CA Christine James PO Box 97 Aransas Pass, TX Christopher James 901 E Saint Louis St STE 1700 Springfield, MO

39 January 2005 Undeliverables continued Chickasaw Times 39 Donald Gean James Highway 178 Bakersfield, CA Michael James 1285 Friendship Road Weatherford, TX Leah Jameson 3330 Southwest 153rd Drive Beaverton, OR Marla Danielle Jenkins 4554 Glenwick Ln #1101 Dallas, TX Rebecca Jenkins PO BOX Albuquerque, NM Margaret Lucia Colbert Jennings Bryn Mawr College Box C N Menion Ave Bryn Mawr, PA Melissa Renee Jepsen PO Box Sarasota, FL Jeremy Jessup 707 N Prairieview Road Apt Mahomet, IL Joshua R. Jessup PO BOX 246 Mahomet, IL Ginger Jester 418 West Prairie Denton, TX Alex N. Johnson 1313 S M. Arkansas City, KS Bettye Johnson 317 Van Zandt San Angelo, TX Bob Johnson 3250 San Jose Way Sacramento, CA Bobby Johnson 1401 Cape Cod Circle Fort Collins, CO Bonita Arlene Milligan Johnson 1303 Southeast Florida Roseburg, OR Brett G. Johnson 191 Bogue Road Yuba City, CA Colleen M. Johnson 1091 S Livermore Avenue Livermore, CA Creeda Johnson HINU 155 Indian Avenue #350 Lawrence, KS Cynthia B. Johnson Highsprings Houston, TX Donald G. Johnson 3139 Moriah Trails #106 Memphis, TN Emmaleen Johnson 1215 Katy Apt. # 104 Irving, TX Erwin Wayne Johnson 402 SW 17th Seminole, TX Gabriel Thomas Johnson 700 Vernon Dalton, GA Jayson Chad Johnson 7562 Ellis Avenue #A5 Huntington Beach, CA John Johnson 1517 North Eastman Road Longview, TX Justin J. Johnson 208 Cecil Place Costa Mesa, CA Marceline Johnson Rural Route 3 Box 184 Arkansas City, KS Marilyn Jane Johnson 301 West Tropical Way Plantation, FL Randy Lee Johnson PO BOX 794 Grandview, TX Robert C. Johnson 1115 Eagle Lane Burkburnett, TX Shelly R. Johnson Rural Route 8 Box 361-D Gainesville, TX Tonya L. Johnson 182 South 51 Street Springfield, OR Ty Clayton Johnson 7562 Ellis Avenue #A5 Huntington Beach, CA Valeri D. Johnson 2524 S Oneida Denver, CO Bobby Joe Johnston RR2 Box 251K Denison, TX Charles S. Johnston Benbury Drive Katy, TX Jason David Johnston 366 N. Franklin St. Hemet, CA Jonathan Johnston 4722 East Bell Road #3063 Phoenix, AZ Robert Johnston 1112 Hollybrook Lane Glenwood Springs, CO Robert Clinton Joiner, III th Street Lubbock, TX Alisha J. Jones Woodlore PL Las Vegas, NV Brenda Ray Turnbull Jones 2700 Northeast Jst. Bentonville, AR Brett Jones 3954 Village Drive Carson City, NV Challena M. Jones 3733 Woodside Drive Carson City, NV Levia Jones 1239 Sherwood ST Missoula, MT Richie Jones 1513 South Drake Perryton, TX Scot Jones 3109 Maple Ridge Court Bellingham, WA Shawna Marie Jones 3733 Woodside Drive Carson City, NV Steve Jones 214 W Heron Denison, TX Susanne A. Jones 3109 Mapleridge Court Bellingham, WA Jerry Joplin 4822 Rolanda Boulevard San Diego, CA Carol Lyn Jordan S 14th Avenue Somerton, AZ Gary Don Jordan ROUTE 5 BOX 259 Lubbock, TX Karla Kay Kemp Jordan 3125 Long Prairie Flower Mound, TX Kevin Jordan 2452 Highway 121 #2902 Bedford, TX Mandy Dawn Jordan 2060 N Chestnut Avenue Apt. 15 Fayetville, AR Paul John Joyce 5744 Ballard Avenue Lincoln, NE Wesley P. Ray, Jr East Ogden, UT Susan Judd North 44th Lane Glendale, AZ Brenda J. Jurgensen 3707 W 78th Anchorage, AK Erik Kaelin Laguna Place Fremont, CA Deborah A. Kandle (Mayer) 2963 Schnebly Road Ellensburg, WA Carl Kapocias 4023 NE Riverside Ave Pendleton, OR Angel Beth Karr ROUTE 3 BOX 374B Azle, TX Tammy Karr 214 Briar Oaks Drive needs bc Azle, TX Doris Diana Polk Keany 660 Ridge Cliff Drive New Braunfels, TX Christopher F. Keel 672 East 950 South #1 Clearfield, UT Richard Anthony Keele Sco2 Div Uss George Phillip Fpo San.Fran, CA William R. Keele 2414 Malon Avenue Pearland, TX A. W. Kelly 311 W Little Creek Cedar Hill, TX Joetta Kay Kelly 601 Bream Circle Killeen, TX Landry Ce Ann Kelly Saathoff Cypress, TX Krisanne Kemp 6128 West Park Blvd. Plano, TX Randall Charles Kemp Binnacle Way Galveston, TX Sherry Kemp Binnacle Way Galveston, TX Gary Lee Kendall, Jr. P.O. Box 271 Lolo, MT Craig L. Keno 425 Pardee Avenue Susanville, CA Kenneth L. Keno 219 Eureka ST San Francisco, CA Sally Tuttle Keon 130 S June Street Los Angeles, CA Jocelyn A. Kerns 103 Wesley Chapel Lane Cross Junction, VA Christi Anne Ketelsen Doering Lane Austin, TX Julie Kathleen Ketelsen 1040 Doering Lane Austin, TX Shelia C. Kilgore 919 East Lansing Way Fresno, CA Robert Louis Kincaid, Jr South 100th Street Ft. Smith, AR Dustin King PO Box 1406 Howe, TX James Randolph King PO BOX 167 Morehouse, MO James M. King 192 Chatsworth Baton Rouge, LA Jason King 1033 Barr Road Lexington, SC Sharon L King 1100 Farmington DR #36 Vacaville, CA Kay M. Kingsberry 6202 Reims APT 202D Houston, TX Owen T. Kinney 4502 Spanish Oak Austin, TX Brannen F.A. Kirby Route 2 Box 248 Nocona, TX Shannon W. Kirby PO Box 222 Foreman, AR Aaron Kirchner 2137 S Lopez New Orleans, LA Ronald T. Kirchner 428 Bryan Court Newport News, VA Shawn Kirk 714 Fox Street Wills Point, TX Silas Knaust 2201 West Biscayne Drive Irving, TX Danielle Knight 97 Ramsgate Court Santa Rosa, CA Kenneth Knight 5551 Davis Boulevard #53 Fort Worth, TX Sasha Knipe 4650 Sierra Madre Drive #741 Reno, NV Juanita K. Knotts 1635 Tierra Del Rio NW Albuquerque, NM Toni L. Knotts Phoenix Northeast #6D Albuquerque, NM Amy Knutson c/o Harry H. Capes Westleigh Houston, TX Wayne M. Koehler ROUTE 2 BOX 96C Seneca, MO Gerald R. Kolb Westport Ct. Wichita, KS Roger Koscielniak 709 North Kaufman Ennis, TX Steven Kress 1759 Welshire Dr. Davenport, IA Mark Krips PO BOX Nashville, TN Kara Kuder 4112 Loop 306 Apt 1809 San Angelo, TX John L. Kump 406 Monticello Ontario, CA K. Kyle 165 Nunnewell North Newton, MA Bonnie L.Giboney-Holler 5300 Gaston Avenue #117 Dallas, TX Glenn D. La Fevers 5372 Santa Rosa Lane Carpinteria, CA Tonya Suzette LaBarr 2220 Russell Road Independence, KS Jo Dean Lacher 601 Bradley Pampa, TX Monda Lackey ROUTE 3 BOX 168A3 Quinlan, TX Robert Stephen Lacy ROUTE 3 Celina, TN Tammy Lacy 7402 Chadwick Drive Murfreesboro, TN Laura Klein Ladner 53K Ji. Choong Lye Hock Tanjong Tokong, Penang Malaysia, Dana Lain 5300 Conley Odessa, TX Diana L. Lake th Avenue E Stanaway, WA Joseph David Lake th Avenue Ct. E. Spanaway, WA Patricia A. LaMark PO Box Mt. Shasta, CA Cayley Lamb 306 North Pecan Hamilton, TX Frances Lamb 955 S K Space 5 Tulare, CA Billy D. Lampkin PO Box 170 Lake Dallas, TX Otis Lampkin 1501 San Andres Hobbs, NM Mary Rose Lam-Walner 260 Dobie Drive Wimberly, TX Hubert L. Landreth 1122 S Highland Avenue Apt. C-204 Tacoma, WA Jason A. Landreth RR 10 Box 89P Lubbock, TX Sue F. Landtroop 9130 Hillside Dr Frisco, TX Carey E. Landwehr 1303 N Richmond ST Wichita, KS Charles M. Lane 827 Willington Lane Lake Mary, FL Lacey Lane 827 Willington Lane Lake Mary, FL Zora Lane 2150 Benita Drive #1 Rancho Cordova, CA Kristen Laney 3413 Mayfair Cibolo, TX Michael Lang 93 Little Creek Road Soquel, CA Serena Langston 3717 South Pinal Drive Flagstaff, AZ Jamie C. Lannom - Montgomery nd Street Decatur, AR Patricia Elizabeth Lara General Delivery Houston, TX Albert Lara,Jr Wirt #175 Houston, TX Fenja F. Larson 1225 South 75th Avenue Apt C Yakima, WA E. Laskie 5852 U.S. Highway 64 #1 Farmington, NM Jeff Laskie 607 Highway 544 Aztec, NM Danielle A.L. Lau 5805 CR 92 Rodgerville, AL Manly H. Lavers BOX 2160 Pomona, CA Ashley Marie Lawson 1004 East 27th McMinnville, OR Carla V. Lawson 2112 Dawn Way Sacramento, CA Melanie Brook Lawson 1004 East 27th McMinnville, OR Wanda Wilson Lewis Lawson 1462 Bart LN Lewisville, TX Darla Jolene Laxson 1909 Wendall Avenue Bullhead, AZ Edna Lorraine Laxson PO BOX 9814 Fort Mojave, AZ Michael L Laxson PO BOX 2563 Bullhead, AZ Jerrie Kay Bennett Le Compte Sagecreek Houston, TX Craig E. Leach 2516 P 1/2 Galveston, TX Douglas Leach 2516 P 1/2 (Rear) Galveston, TX Jason Leader 4416 South 30th Street Fort Smith, AR Tracy L. Leavitt 5147 De Medici Drive Sierra Vista, AZ Deena Lee 932 Mountain View Drive Aztec, NM Donna Jean Lee 406 Oakview Drive Greenville, KY Isaiah Wayne Lee 264 East Elmwood Shreveport, LA Regina Ellen Lee 1440 Cahoon Odgen, UT Robbie W. Lee 100 Ewing APT #102 Ferris, TX Steven Lee 100 Ewing APT #102 Ferris, TX Thomas Brounelle Lee 406 Oakview Drive Greenville, KY Randy D. Lee,Jr SE Sand CIR Troutdale, OR Erin Lemons ROUTE 4 BOX 171 Whitesboro, TX Patrick Lenihan 4737 Mill Run Dallas, TX Bradley Leslie ROUTE 1 BOX 451B Yakima, WA Cheryle K. Leslie P.O.BOX 356 Moxee, WA Mike Leslie nd Court SW Federal Way, WA Ted J. Leslie PO BOX 342 Moxee, WA Kimberly Levitt 2021 Westview Lane Round Lake, IL Lesley Levy 1219 Grinnell Street Key West, FL Thor Lewers PO BOX Maple Street Yamhill, OR Brenda G. Lewis PO BOX 503 Toledo, OR Cynthia A. Lewis Northeast 135th Lane Kirkland, WA Gary H. Lewis P.O. Box The Colony, TX Kaylyn Lewis 2619 Wade Drive Minden, NV Susan C. Lewis PO BOX 1194 Hoodsport, WA Destinie Liddell 2100 Spencer Apt. #3320 Denton, TX M. Clyde Liddell 5100 Verde Valley Lane #181 Dallas, TX Dale Lillie Route 3 Box 120 Ludowici, GA John Lilly 1812 Hoover Court Concord, CA Sandra L. Lilly 110 NE 12th Terrace #4 Ocala, FL Crystal Lindsey 3340 Minna St. Oxnard, CA Kevin Lindvay 932 Panhandle Boulevard Amarillo, TX Michelle Dawn Lindvay 4711 South Virginia #708 Amarillo, TX Lalanya Lines 2317 West Twin Spr. Street Siloam Springs, AR Kathy Jo Lippert 8630 Kiwi Circle Elk Grove, CA Zachariah James Lisson 3015 San Luis St. Richmond, CA Jimmy R. Little,Jr Westheimer #2424 Houston, TX Jonnie Mae Nelson Livingston 5331 Brookmeade St Houston, TX Edith M. Lloyd 4150 Rocky Point Court Tracy, CA Michael Lochmiller 260 Victoria (A) San Clemente, CA K. P. Lomont 101 North 46th #203 Seattle, WA Gary C. London 1975 W 36th ST Apt 172 Tucson, AZ Joe London Chinotto Lane Riverside, CA Murphy Lee London 2350 West Placita De Ramo Tucson, AZ Cheryl A. Long 1642 Sheridan Denver, CO Harry Edmond Long 179 Park Way Montgomery, TX Huey P. Long 9037 Riverside Drive Parker, AZ Paul Russell Long th Lubbock, TX Sheila Salisbury Longacre Linda Lane Flagstaff, AZ B. Carter Looney Westring 13 Schaafheim, GA Christopher Nedd Looney K44 Nez Perce Village Pullman, WA Mike Lopez 641 Old County Road Belmont, CA Tianna Lopez 525 Wykes ST Chula Vista, CA Kathryn A. Louis 8817 Celestial El Paso, TX David W. Love 702 Missouri South Houston, TX David R. Love 504 Hildred Conroe, TX David Lee Love PO Box Lawrence, KS James Love 3909 Sherwood Lane #17 Houston, TX Janine Ruth Love W Atlantic Blvd #301 Coral Springs, FL Mike Love 132 Risdon Street APT 1 Mount Holly, NJ Christy Ann Lovelady PO Box 12 Sunrise Beach, MO Matthew K. Loving 226 Gaston Hall TTU Lubbock, TX G. Randy Lowery PO BOX 722 Meade, KS Joe Brown Lowery Jr. T.D.C. # FM 3522 Abilene, TX Brenda J. Lowrance 5485 Banks Road Ft. Worth, TX Jane Lubbers PO Box 222 Foreman, AR Betty J. Lucas 6184 South Prescott Street Littleton, CO Jason Lucas 1706 Rutland Drive #99 Austin, TX Lu Ann Lucas 6180 South Prescott Littleton, CO Amanda Ludlow 520 Gallant Fox Drive Dallas, TX Michael D. Ludlow 1950 Fort Worth Ave Dallas, TX Timmy J Ludlow 829 Cedar Hill Avenue Dallas, TX Alan J. Lynch 1975 Clearacre Lane Reno, NV Ginger K. Lynch 330 Burchwood Bay Road #34 Hot Springs, AR James M. Lyon 815 W Bellwood DR APT 4 Spokane, WA Teressa E. Maas 5020 S 310th Place Auburn, WA Corrie Machesky PO BOX Flagstaff, AZ Patricia S. Maidt 1104 S 22 Street Rogers, AR Albert Donald Maidt,III 1104 South 22nd Street Rogers, AR Pamela S. Maloney PO BOX 521 Castle Hayne, NC Martha Mann Wennington Houston, TX Michael J. Mann Wennington Houston, TX Heather Manry PO Box 802 Tom Bean, TX Christian Manton E Mustang Drive Fountain Hills, AZ Donna Lee Manzella 3000 Florida BLVD Apt 103D Delray Beach, FL Vicki L. March West Patterson Place Littleton, CO Irene Marcum 9391 California Avenue #72 Riverside, CA Elizabeth A. Marical 1106 Oceanaire #30 San Luis, CA Angela Kay Babitzke Marquez HCR1 BOX 34M Dumas, TX Ramona J. Marquez 6315 Aldama Street #2 Los Angeles, CA Sherri B. Marseglia 1809 Sul Ross Street Houston, TX Kelly Kaleen Marshall 5959 Bonham #153 Houston, TX Madeleine Pearl King Marshall 1401 San Andres Drive Apt 84 Odessa, TX Beverly Yevette Martel Badger Circle Drive Coarsegold, CA Cadence L. Martin 4151 Florida Drive #A Silverdale, WA Christi Carter Martin 6813 Rowan Lane Houston, TX Debbie C. Martin 3124 Rustic Woods Drive Bedford, TX Lara R. Martin 7569 Cook Avenue Citrus Hgts, CA Michael Keith Martin 706 North Commerce Gainesville, TX Sherrill J. Martin 498 Willie Duncan Road Siler City, NC Adam Martinez 932 Mountain View Aztec, NM Francy Martinez 3113 Candlelight Drive NE Apt B Albuquerque, NM Ken Martinez HC 85 Box 82 Myrtle Point, OR Kerry L. Martinez 8421 W Melinda Peoria, AZ Douglas W. Mask ROUTE 2 BOX 1936 Sanger, TX Marshal Mason 300 E Dennis St. APT DC Tumwater, WA Priscilla Faye Mason PO BOX 207 Littlerock, WA Rosalie Cravens Mason PO BOX 231

40 40 Chickasaw Times January 2005 Undeliverables continued Littlerock, WA Joseph A. Massey 7230 Crapemyrtle Drive Corpus Christi, TX Scott Charles Massey B. CD. TF I-32 Unit APO, AE, Farrel Eugene Massey, Jr Autumn Vista San Antonio, TX Michael D. Matheny nd Place #222 Lubbock, TX D.B. Mathes 503 H Street Barling, AR Dana Dee (Brown) Mathias 33-3 Chase Court Ossining, NY Monique S. Mattox Fishtrap Road Coquille, OR Michael Shawn Maudlin 4255 N Nellis BLVD APT 1046 Las Vegas, NV John J. Mauer II 673 Loughborough Drive Merced, CA Mary Helen Newberry Maul 1204 West Scott Fresno, CA Carla Malani May PO BOX 8726 Kansas City, MO Charles Blaine May 1042 E Dover Circle Olathe, KS John Michael May 1200 Vine APT 707 Denver, CO Laura Mayden 111 Stratton Court Columbia, SC Robbie Mayden 637 N W Pleasant Grove, UT Douglas C. Mayes, Jr East Fork Circle Anna, TX Lisa Mayfield 116 Sewanee Greenville, SC Ron Mayfield 370 Cecilia Midlothian, TX Steve Mayfield 77 Paradise EST Mansfield, TX Faith J. Mayner PO BOX 6037 Van Buren, AR Robert H. Mayo 1205 Calico Lane #2220 Arlington, TX Wallace E. Mayo 1311 Arlington Fremont, CA David P. Maytubby 101 1ST ST #203 Los Altos, CA Gregory McAnaw 2904 O Neall Snyder, TX Patricia McAtee 311 Highland Cross Drive APT 1001 Houston, TX Teresa J. McCallum PO BOX 1505 Ruidoso, NM Stuart H. McCalman 114 5th ST NE Washington, DC Lewis J. McCane, III 2416 N Bolton Avenue Indianapolis, IN Lewis J. Mccane,Jr. PO BOX 85 Brighton, TN Laura Ann McCartney Mews Court Laurel, MD Joel N. McComas 2601 Scofield Ridge Place #911 Austin, TX Robert C. McComas PO BOX 1792 Glenwood Springs, CO Christopher Alan McCorkle N 36th Drive Glendale, AZ Kenneth Don McCormick 4020 Royal Avenue Eugene, OR Jerry R. McCoy 2000 Choctaw # 5 Mt. Pleasant, TX Traci L. McCullah 9225 Westwood Village Drive Houston, TX Candace Jean Paschall McCumber 224 Flagstaff Drive Antioch, CA Billy R. McDanel 423 S Dixon St Gainesville, TX Cindy R. McDanel 423 S Dixon St Gainesville, TX Jennifer R. McDanel 423 S Dixon St Gainesville, TX L. Waunita McDaniel 619 Barrett Boulevard Apt 422 Henderson, KY Chad McDonald Mantana Drive Spring, TX Douglas L. McDonald 62 Allston Way San Francisco, CA Lindsay K. McDonald 1416 Huntingdon Chase Atlanta, GA Michael McDonald Mantana Drive Spring, TX Michael W. McDonald Mantana Drive Spring, TX Michelle McDonald 105 Wood Creek Dr Apt C3 Siloam Springs, AR Anessa McDougall 213 Cottonwood Road Oceanside, CA Sherri McElroy 2504 Huntwick Drive #1115 Austin, TX Shirley D. McFadden HCR 66 BOX 302 Van Buren, AR David Wayne McGee 3755 East Broadway Mesa, AZ Keith McGee PO BOX 967 Ash Fork, AZ Lela Amelia McGee (Rains) Star ROUTE 1 BOX 924 Buckeye, AZ Melody McGowan 101 Bentwood Boerne, TX Jerry Dean McGuire RR 2 BOX 166AB Fouke, AR Elizabeth Marie Good McKee BOX 193 Coyville, KS Dawn McKendry 997 Blanding BLVD Orange Park, FL Frankie Belle McKim 804 Kinsley Avenue Winslow, AZ Larry McKinney 7009 Overton North Richland Hills Fort Worth, TX Kellie L. McKinzie Oran Court Palm Dessert, CA Doyle Vernon McLaughlin BOX 863 Fallon, NV Mark A. McLaughlin 6404 Anthony Lane Sachse, TX Paula McLaughlin 6404 Anthony Lane Wylie, TX Craig McLean PO BOX Panama City Beach, FL DeEdda McLean 2537 B 36th Los Alamos, NM Richard McMahon 401 Lincoln Drive APT 46 College Station, TX Harvi McPeek ROUTE 2 BOX 279 Diana, TX Joe Alan McPherson 614 Woodcrest Ardmore, PA Mahonna McStotts 313 South Snyder Avenue Tehachapi, CA Melody D. McVey 1100 South 25TH Place Rogers, AR Kody Z. Meacham 5552 Professional #279 Wichita Falls, TX Margaret F. Merchant Chaney Downey, CA Rockney Mercier PO Box 76 Bloomfield, NE Daniel Merriman 648 S Grade Road Alpine, CA Frank Mestel 2319 #C Green Tree Street Indianapolis, IN John Garry Mestel 315 W Gordon Pike #20 Bloomington, IN Wanda Lee Apala, Meyers Tustin Village Way Tustin, CA Lynda F. Middle Calf 509 North Van Street Olney, IL Michele L. Mijanovic 6349 West 83rd Street Westchester, CA Julie A. Mikesell Taft Street Los Molinos, CA Keith A. Milks 2201 Mossy Oaks Road Apt E6 Beaufort, GA Jacquelyn Miller 1050 Third Street #706E Santa Rosa, CA Jeffrey A. Miller #6 Lake Lane Wichita Falls, TX Jessica Miller 1231 Walnut Emporia, KS Joe Miller 3638 River Road Wichita Falls, TX Priscilla L. Miller 411 N Sherman Sedan, KS Robecca L. Miller PO Box 1198 Chiloquin, OR Robert Harry Miller 23 Parade Road Meredith, NH Lewin G. Minter 411 Kelton #122 Los Angeles, CA Candice Mitchell 2144 Valorie ST Fremont, CA Danielle Mitchell Stone Falls LN Frisco, TX Gerald Nelson Mitchell 19 Santa Anita San Leandro, CA Martin D. Mitchell 19 Santa Anita San Leandro, CA Aurelia Guy Mobley 4139 Prescott Dallas, TX Ben Mobley 122 Flint Hill Church Road Shelby, NC Gordon Mobley 122 Flint Hill Church Road Shelby, NC Warner P. Mobley 901 Villa Drive Apt. #50 Euless, TX Randal K. Montgomery 2672 Ridgecreek Circle Ft. Worth, TX Debbie A. Moon BOX 773 Big Sandy, TX Brianna K. Moore 338 Moonstone Bay Drive Oceanside, CA Christi Ann Moore HC 01 Box 418 St. Maries, ID Eddy A. Moore 2201 Short Pine Drive Las Vegas, NV Erin Charisse Moore 360 Chaffin Ridge Court Roswell, GA Harold Moore 211 East 13th Street Marysville, CA Jacqueline Marie Moore 1817 Drexler Lane Northeast Keizer, OR James C. Moore 4421 Knickerbocker #246 San Angelo, TX Jeffrey Daniel Moore P.O. Box 662 Lake City, AR Matthew Justin Moore 101 Yorktown Franklin, TN Robert E. Moore RR2 BOX 249 Hope, AR Tommy Lee Moore 209 E 12th Avenue Broomfield, CO William M. Moore 1800 Calgary Trail Little Rock, AR Louis A. Moore,Jr. 101 Yorktown Franklin, TN Kim Mootz 4304 North Locust Street Kansas City, MO Andrea Morales 6613 Patsy Lane Watauga, TX Znette Leanne Morales PO BOX 2213 Orangevale, CA James Scott Moreau 7521 John Ralston Road Houston, TX Kimberley Ann Moreau 7521 John Ralston Road Houston, TX Joseph L. Morgan 6364 Hulen Bend Ct# 1016 Ft. Worth, TX Tamara Morgan 378 CR 251 Snyder, TX Willma D. Morgan Route 8 Box 550-K Livingston, TX Woodrow A. Morgan 1832 NE 15th APT 12 Portland, OR Kathryn M. Morrill 409 Sumach Walla Walla, WA Bob Morris 9763 Lane Street Denver, CO David Ray Morris 1497 Beall Lane Central Point, OR Kelly Scott Morris 2600 Meining Road Berthoud, CO M. Camille Morris 2701 North Boulevard Apt #56 Houston, TX Mauriah Morris 2655 Fountain View Street New Caney, TX Michael Joe Morris PO BOX 142 Inyokern, CA Steven E. Morris c/o Susan Cebulak 1530 East 32nd Street Yuma, AZ Traci L. Morris E Achi St. Tucson, AZ Vicky E. Swinney Morris 3602 Hyde Park Midland, TX Wanda D. Morris 1497 Beall Lane Central Point, OR David Lee Morse 5 Marion Bragg Vicksburg, MS Barbara B. Moser San Pablo AVE APT 409 El Cerrito, CA Jeffrey W. Moser PO Box 148 Byers, TX Linda J. Moss 3332 Avenue N Plano, TX Richard Earl Moss 5718 Watson Circle Dallas, TX Tia Lynn Redman Mount 100 Herring Road Grayson, GA Lance Mowdy Banner Avenue Garden Grove, CA Laura Jane Mozier 9503 Nottingham Drive Upper Marlboro, MD E. Douglas Muery 3230 S Gessner # 1712 Houston, TX Cheryl Mullins 3925 Tully Road Apt. J Modesto, CA Christopher Mullins 1017 Key Colony Garland, TX Jeffery G. Murch 4 White Oak Drive Newport News, VA Michael Ray Murdock 730 James Road Bakersfield, CA Elizabeth A. Murphy 5640 Calgary El Paso, TX Juanita Murray 2206 Wakefield Houston, TX Katherine M. Myers PO BOX 294 Los Lunas, NM Gene Taylor Myers,Jr. PO BOX 578 Belen, NM C. Ladell Nabors 4714 Bromley Lane Richmond, VA Katharin Love Nabors 1111 Mogford Midland, TX Aaron E. Nail 208 Carlton Nocona, TX Sunshine Michelle Nail 221 N Poplar Street Eureka, KS Helen M. Nale 1658 Sumatra Avenue Deltona, FL Ryan Nance 4727 Jarboe St Apt 92 Kansas City, MO Jonathan Daniel Nave 875 West Gate Drive Lot 14 Bossier City, LA James M. Neal Crosscreek Terrace San Diego, CA David A. Ned 2201 E Harrison Street Melissa, TX David E. Ned 2201 Harrison ST Melissa, TX J. Dennis Ned PO BOX 642 Ocean Shores, WA James Neill Blanco Rd. #903 San Antonio, TX Flint A. Nelson 760 Clipper Street San Francisco, CA H. Nelson #25112 PO Box 650 see pending Indian Springs, NV Harry Nelson, Jr. 412 Roadrunner Lane Imperial, CA Wilson Newberry 9133 Baird Road Apt 136 Shreveport, LA Lewis D. Newberry,Jr. 23 Spencer Road Wiggins, MS Krystle Lee Newlin 5322 Bryant Circle Westminster, CA Ann Nita W. Newman 207 Riviera Booneville, AR Dwayne H. Nicholas Route 3 Box 3916 Anderson, MO Andrew Tyler Nichols 505 Campus View Bloomington, IN James K. Nichols 300 North College Street Northfield, MN James N. Nichols 8073 Summer Sun Drive Fort Worth, TX Mark Wade Nichols 1010 West Star Denison, TX Aleah Nicholson PO BOX 1049 Baldwin, MI Vernon Nicholson PO BOX 1049 Idlewild, MI Robert K. Nickels nd Street #66 Bellingham, WA Douglas S. Nickle 1906 NE 83rd Street Kansas City, MO Jo Nielsen PO BOX 2543 Frisco, CO Michael Nimmo 1259 Mount Comfort Road #10 Fayetteville, AR Alton R. Nix 7205 North Tami Lane Shreveport, LA Rosemary Nixon 2517 Sycamore Wasco, CA Belinda Gayle Mahaney Noble 1023 Irene Circle Pearce, AZ Steven Leslie Noeth ROUTE 1 BOX 174 F Gladwater, TX Hunter Nolen East Lake Highlands #2026 Dallas, TX Carolyn Faye (Keel) Norman 508 N 10th Paragould, AR Jennifer C. Norman ROUTE 2 BOX 68A Hawkins, TX Naomi Juanita Norman 1716 West Walker Street Denison, TX Robert Stanton Norman 115 Evesham Drive Summerville, SC Ann Marie Norris 1030 Dallas Drive #321 Denton, TX Lacey Northcutt Route 1 Box 88-3 Dodd City, TX Thomas L. Northcutt 1313 North Maize Road Apt. 805 Wichita, KS William M. Northcutt BOX 73 Cheney, KS Tommie C. Norton 8601 Redfield Lane Austin, TX Wanda L. Norton Route 7 Box 24 Brownwood, TX Blake Notgrass 1500 Rustlers Road Round Rock, TX Troy Edward Notgrass,Jr Rustlers RD Round Rock, TX Donald T. Oatley 6128 Morgan Road Greenwell Springs, LA Donald H. Oatley 6128 Morgan Road Greenwell Springs, LA Marcelus L. Oatley 6128 Morgan Road Greenwell Springs, LA Emily Rosamond Johnson Obert 128A Broadmeadows Boulevard Columbus, OH Grace Harris O Bryan PO BOX 437 Project City, CA Clairetta M. L. Ochoa PO BOX 1547 Wichita Falls, TX Clayton D. Oliphant 2517 E 13th ST Columbus, IN Donald W Oliver BOX 22 Lordsburg, NM James Olson 5732 Harborside Drive Tampa, FL Lucretia A. O Malley 309 North Gabaldon Road Belen, NM Melissa Maria Harris Onuscheck 56 Farley Ave Ipswich, MA Nancy A. O Quinn 120 Wagon Wheel Drive Rex, GA Maurice C. Orr 4065 W Vanhook Milan, TN Terry A. Ortega 6157 Fanwood Lakewood, CA Shirley J. Osborne Fred Carter Drive El Paso, TX Chris O Shields 5713 Walraven CIR Fort Worth, TX Marjorie L. Ostrom 1885 Saint Helena St. Seaside, CA Brian Ott 2728 Foxcroft Denton, TX Manuel Ott 2728 Foxcroft Denton, TX Michael Lawrence Ott 2728 Foxcroft Circle Denton, TX Todd Southern th Street Two Rivers, WI Hayes N. Overton 4330 SEan Eugene, OR Mickie Chouteau Overton PO Box 243 Bon Aqua, TN James E. Owens 5356 S Carriage Hills Drive Tucson, AZ Robert Owens Fran Coise Houston, TX Deanna L. Wells Oxley 8023 North McArthur Boulevard Irving, TX Kristin Oxley 8023 North McArthur Boulevard #2096 Irving, TX Kevin C. Ozment PO BOX 145 Hemet, CA B. A. Pa 5100 E. Tropicana Ave. Apt #18b Las Vegas, NV Bobbie Pack 95 Tunnel Road Greenville, TN Ginger L. Page 5845 Friars Road San Diego, CA Mildred Gertrude Page 739 West William Cannon Drive Austin, TX Bentley H. Page,Jr. 222 E Wilshire #G Fullerton, CA Johnnie Palacio 126 Thunderbird PT Pittsburg, TX Adam Todd Pallan 340 South Steckel Drive #E Santa Paula, CA Teresa K. Palmero PO BOX 6293 South Bend, IN Jami K. Palmgren 4688 K Road Bark River, MI Jeremy M. Parker th Place SE Kent, WA Ron Ray Parker 6600 Arabian Circle Granite Bay, CA Sherry Kay Summers Parker 1316 W Mt. Sky Phoenix, AZ Stacy L. Parker 3902 Rica Drive Virginia Beach, VA Bryan Parkey 1331 Luther Lane Poplar Bluff, MO Jennifer Parkey 7280 North Cherokee Pony Trail Tucson, AZ Eleanor Parks 169 Turquoise Drive Perris, CA Joyce X. Parks 9306 Dougherty El Paso, TX K.C. Clarence Parks 169 Turquoise Drive Perris, CA Laquita Parks 169 Turquoise Drive Perris, CA Larry Parks 1416 E. 13th St. #B Galena, KS Steven Parks Mayall North Hills, CA David Andrew Parr 3542 Elk Cliff Pass San Antonio, TX Wanda Jean McCurtain Paschall 3008 Garrow Drive Antioch, CA Carl Patrick 5161 Cox Drive Valley Springs, CA Gail C. Patten 7657 Harvest Lane Vacaville, CA Brenda J. Patton 146 Norwood Lumberton, TX Regina L. Patton 1013 Young St Gainesville, TX Kristin Paul 306 Erin Ave. Monroe, LA Josh Payne 229 Graham Bonham, TX S. Scott Payne 2805 Hollywood Pueblo, CO Tracy L. Payne 819 North Columbus Street Pacific, MO Jimmie Pearce 4841 Columbus Apt #3A Bakersfield, CA Barbara N. Pearl 1158 Allen Street Oakdale, CA Melissa R. Peavy 524 Cresthill Mesquite, TX Michael P. Peavy 524 Cresthill Mesquite, TX Cecil Glenn Peebles 1013 S Scullin Denison, TX Bobby G. Peirce 105 Cortez Circle Carlin, NV Sheryl A. Pemelton ROUTE 2 BOX 3034 Mcallen, TX 78504

41 January 2005 Undeliverables continued Chickasaw Times 41 Jimmy J. Pendleton 506 Van Zandt San Angelo, TX Laura C. Pennell 6411 B Street Biloxi, MS Eunice Gail Pennock (Canady) PO BOX 222 Foreman, AR James J. Peoples 891 N Petaluma Tulare, CA Susan J. Perdue Turkey Branch Pkwy Rockville, MD Ceran Margaret Perkins Route 2 Box 154B Kilgore, TX Charles Perkins ROUTE 2 BOX 154B APT 11 Kilgore, TX P. Duane Permenter 4315 Boulder Drive Midland, TX Philip Permenter 4315 Boulder Drive Midland, TX Donna Ann Perry 717 North Avenue N N. Portales, NM Euel L. Perry ROUTE 5 BOX 72A Hereford, TX Joshua Littletree Perry 505 Oak Street Apt. O Poplar Bluff, MO Robert C. Perry BOX 1076 Bridgeport, TX Robert Redon Perry 134 G Street Chula Vista, CA Sue Perry 19 Santa Anita San Leandro, CA Yolanda J.K. Peters 6939 Hopkins Drive Apt A-1 Las Vegas, NV Monica M. Peterson 355 West Herndon Avenue Pinedale, CA Renee Peterson 317 North Sycamore Street Harrison, OH Asa Pettigrew 2509 Weatherby Drive #216 Arlington, TX Jason Pettigrew 1913 Balla Way Grand Prairie, TX Sandra Pettigrew BOX 1639 Pine Ridge, SD Jeannine Pettinato 881 Roosevelt Trail Windham, ME K. C. Pettit 1768 Gordon Hwy. Augusta, GA Kenneth R. Petty 2461 Tradewind Drive Anchorage, AK Larry Peugh /2 S M ST #B Fort Smith, AR Miss Linda Kayie Peugh PO BOX 172 Ben Lomond, AR Roger D Peugh ROUTE 2 BOX 368 A Dequeen, AR Evon J. Peysen 3788 NW County Road 3112 Purdon, TX Jimmy Dale Peysen 100 Ewing APT 102 Ferris, TX Johnny Dale Peysen,Jr. 100 Ewing APT 102 Ferris, TX Kirk Alan Phillips 4118 B Bedford Circle HAFB, UT Betty Hawkins Picard PO BOX 705 White Oak, TX Tonica M. Pich 224 Ballwin Avenue Ballwin, MO J. Scott Pickens 110 Mabee Avenue East Peoria, IL Mark Stephen Pickens 2800B Westbury Lake Drive Charlotte, NC Melanie Pickens 317 West Hill Street Spur, TX Nicole Pickens 3864 Harrison St. Gary, IN Steven Pickens 7204 Swedetown Rd. Theodore, AL Boss Dee Pickett 2860 Peavy RD APT 1006 Dallas, TX Josephine M. Pickett 2860 Peavy Road # 1006 Dallas, TX Amanda Rachelle Pickrell 4472 E Bonnyview Road Redding, CA Jeffrey Scott Pierce 125 S Gadsden Drive Milpitas, CA John L. Pierce 125 S Gadsden Milpitas, CA Laura D. Pierce 2501 Spruce ST Bakersfield, CA Lucille Pierce 3950 Goldfinch Drive Reno, NV Wanda L. Pierce 2519 Sunset Avenue Bakersfield, CA Ann Pierron 8909 Northeast 73rd Ct Kansas City, MO Mabel K. Pike 104 Lincoln ST Apt 5 Sitka, AK Donna Pilch 5251 La Crisha Court Sun Valley, NV Robert Pinkston 855 Hillshore Dallas, TX Valerie Jean Pinter 3530 Croton Road Naples, FL Dennis Pipins PO BOX G Parker, AZ Robert A. Pittenridge 933 Lindencliff Street Torrance, CA Amy Lynn Pitzer 7372 Parkridge BlVD APT 301 Irving, TX Vernon Leroy Planck 4740 Oak Grove Road Rickreall, OR Margaret W. Pleasanton 1450 Humphrey Drive #1458B Suison City, CA Carolyn Barker Poley 689 Hwy. 71 W. Box 22 Bastrop, TX Catherine Pollock 909 Clower Ct. Lone Oak, TX Tracy Pollock 2004 Park Place #502 Bedford, TX Anthony L. Ponder 713 W Spruce Deming, NM J. B. Ponder 2210 N Breckon Hobbs, NM Roy Garner Pool, Jr. RD 2 BOX 7423 Annville, PA Judy Poolaw 3344 N27th Avenue #E28 Phoenix, AZ John Poorbaugh 2425 NE Indian River Drive Jensen Beach, FL Wahilia S. Pope 2253 Edgewood Place Oceanside, CA Dallis Post 6323 Elmgrove Road Spring, TX Patrick Postoak 501 South Circle Baytown, TX Crystal Patricia Potts 1602 North Hocker Independence, MO Edward A. Potts PO BOX 52 Carmi, IL Richard R. Potts 711 E. Kingsley Apt 10 Ann Arbor, MI Darren W. Powell ROUTE 1 BOX 259 Posey, CA John Frank Pratt IV 4108 Esters Road Apt 180N Irving, TX Al Prentice 717 B Lakeshore Road Bull Shoals, AR Brian D. Presgrove 1411 Cedar Lane Medford, NJ Judith Ann Presgrove 553 Country Place Lane Evans, GA Zachary Presgrove 954 Milford Lane Louisville, KY Michael J. Presley 1043 Oak View Drive Pensacola, FL Alice Price PO Box 1075 Manchaca, TX Allen Price 925 Paget Santa Cruz, CA Gina Price 4836 Abbott Avenue Arlington, TX Mary N. Prier 1130 H Street APT 703 Lincoln, NE Christina Priest PO BOX 1194 Usaf Academy, CO Clifton L. Proctor 10 Palmas ST Santa Rita, Lucretia Proctor 102 South Alexander Duncanville, TX Patty Rogers Proctor 6135 Tremont Street Dallas, TX M. Kristeen Tallent Pruit HC 1 Box 91 Sulphur Springs, TX Lila Pryor 2817 Oak Forest Grapevine, TX Jennifer Puckett 516 Lonesome Tr. Haslet, TX Lois Raye Puckett 14642A Lakeshore Drive, Suite 106 Clearlake, CA Danny C. Pulliam, Jr S Woodland St. Visalia, CA Virginia Pursley 6395 Prescott Baton Rouge, LA Toni Lee Putman 8050 N 9th Avenue #133 Pensacola, FL Jessalyn Mikael Qualls ROUTE 2 BOX 233A Dry Prong, LA John B. Qualls 350 E 10TH ST Fremont, NE Sonja F. Qualls 606 Mira Mar Court Grover City, CA Melisa Ann Quas ROUTE 1 BOX 756 Glendale, AZ Lorie L. Quillin 1308D Riverhills Road Austin, TX Dena Quinn Country Road 54 West Midland, TX Amy Clarissa Quinonez 4727 West Myrtle Visalia, CA Chett Daron Radford Norfolk, VA Sherry Ramirez 651 6th Street Gilroy, CA Ricky L. Ramming 4544 Grilli Pierre Fonds Quebec Canada, H9J2B2 Douglas Ramos 3765 Castro Valley BLVD #5 Castro Valley, CA Tammy A. Ramos 1329 Hibiscus Way Livermore, CA Christi G. Raney PO BOX 565 Denton, TX Hugh Rankin 341 North Sanders Lane Brooks, KY Amy Rankins PO Box 341 Princeton, TX Loretta Lynn Rankins PO BOX 1323 Estero, FL Cinda E. Rasmussen N 59th Avenue #130 Glendale, AZ Jennifer Rasmussen 321 Modoc Avenue Oakland, CA T P Ratto 132B Crane Street Menlo Park, CA Robin Raun 8286 SE Christen Court Gladstone, OR Roger Raun 3606 Southwest Nugnomah Portland, OR Paul E. Ray 4521 N Delphia Ave Chicago, IL Christopher Ray# Powledge Unit Route 2 P.O. Box 2250 Palestine, TX Judy Susan Read 2253 Edgewood Place Oceanside, CA Samuel Reagan 4401 S Coulter #512 Amarillo, TX Betty Jo Reece P.O. Box 1282 Pinedale, AZ Alicia Reed 3386 Cowell RD #B Concord, CA Daniel G. Reed 2249 West Vista Phoenix, AZ Deana S. Reed 5701A Westgate Austin, TX Teresa P. Reed 3950 Bay Ocean Road NW PO BOX 728 Tillamook, OR Jason Reese 1123 W Gandy Denison, TX Kenneth L. Reese 1123 W Gandy Denison, TX Bret Reynolds 1192 Sutter Seaside, CA Carolyn Jean Reynolds Hemlock Avenue Moreno Valley, CA Christopher Hardwick Reynolds 10 Mary Circle Midland, TX Landa Reynolds 1185 Windhaven Drive Alpharetta, GA Marvin A. Reynolds 1726 S Brown Flower Mound, TX Matthew O. Reynolds 489 Ashton Green Boulevard Newport News, VA Phillip Reynolds 1700 E Texas Denison, TX Shannon Reynolds 743 West River Tucson, AZ Tammie J. Reynolds 296 Redbud Estates Manhattan, KS Eunice Lucille Rhodes ROUTE 2 BOX 283 Godley, TX Gilman Abraham Rhodes 2722 St. George Place Arlington, TX Debora Ribble 333 Rainbows End Wimberley, TX Cecil Wayne Rice 1717 Crescent Drive Odessa, TX Laquita J. Rich 6028 McDaniel Lane Lot 52-B Charlotte, NC Melinda D. Richardson 3900 N Armour Ave Ft. Smith, AR Paul Richardson 824 Royce Street #81 Pensacola, FL Rita Mae Alexander Richardson Ustick Road Bosie, ID Sunshine Richey 1110 Pacific Drive Richardson, TX Anthony E. Richison 1437 Stetson Modesto, CA Jennifer Richison 3043 NE Douglas Avenue Roseburg, OR Cynthia R. Richmond 628 Muirfield Road Keller, TX Gary E. Ricks 4350 Trinity Mills Road Dallas, TX George D. Riddle 9114 Northeast 71st Street Vancouver, WA Jason Rider 420 N. Cherry ST. Gardner, KS Larry D. Rider 107 Rainbow Drive PMB 751 Livingston, TX Dennis Boyd Rider Jr. 420 N Cherry ST Gardner, KS John C. Ridgway 2917 Avenue J Ft. Worth, TX Charles A Riggs PO BOX 251 Oak View, CA Christopher T. Riggs 412 S Danville Newbury Park, CA Jerry Allen Riggs 1983 Peninsula Drive Arcata, CA Pauline N. Riggs 596 Danville Avenue Newbury Park, CA Kathrine Rincon San Paldo Ave. #2116 San Pablo, CA Vicki Marie Rine PO BOX 153 Hugoton, KS Cimberlee L. Ring th Place Yuma, AZ Ronald D. Risdon 1626 South Gabriel River Circle Sugar Land, TX Cora Nadine Howard Roach 1413 Glasier Carlsbad, NM Ethel C. Roach C/O Mildred Hughey 1004 Richards Street Kilgore, TX Dale S. Roark 4471 E Olive Avenue Gilbert, AZ Kathryn Robbins th Avenue North Texas City, TX Berman F. Roberson, Jr. FM # McKinney, TX Rodney R. Roberts Old Highway 61 N #214 Robinsville, MS Roger R. Roberts Old Hwy 61 N #24 Robinsonville, MS Tonya L. Roberts 525 North 38th Street Ft. Smith, AR Charles Robertson 790 Calle Fresno Thousand Oaks, CA Gloria L. Robertson 85 Nicewood Drive Newport News, VA Sean Robertson 326 SE 76th Avenue Portland, OR Rebecca Robinson c/o Peggy L. Robinson 1401 Wendfield Drive Apt 103 Virginia Beach, VA John Robison Rural Route 7 Box 104D Denton, TX Patricia Robles 2770 Marin Avenue Berkeley, CA Beverly Rodgers PO Box 525 Englewood, CO Steven Colbert Rodke 631 E Church ST Lock Haven, PA Lila C. Rodrequez 1111 W. Main St. League City, TX Derek Ryan Roed 1707 La Brea Street APT 10C Ramona, CA Tara Nicole Roed 1707 Labrea #10 C Ramona, CA Carol Lasater Roes 988 Kealaolu Avenue Honolulu, HI Geneva R. Rogers ROUTE 4 BOX 120 Grand Saline, TX Kathy L. Rogers 318 Wedgewood Drive # G22 Fairbanks, AK Lisa P. Rogers 2543 Foothill Drive Vista, CA Roger M. Rogers 4538 Ledge Avenue Toluca Lake, CA James Rohrman Route 7 Box 320 Canton, TX Gloria Jean Landers Rolen PO BOX 1084 Denison, TX Andee May Rose 126 E Carson Circle Garfield, CO Zachary Rose Road Fruita, CO Sharon M. Ross 170 Pacific Avenue Mall #53 San Francisco, CA Loyd Allen Ross Jr. ROUTE 3 BOX 396 H Denison, TX Monu Royer 6222 Rollingbrook Houston, TX Lawrence S. Ruddell PO BOX Grand Junction, CO Wade A Ruddell 2516 Clearwater Court Iowa City, IA Rick E. Rule 3739 Westheimer RD Houston, TX Lisa Runnels 1826 Kilgore Road Baytown, TX Latresa A. Rush 3127 Greenfield Road Pearl, MS J. K. Russell 4193 Travis County Circle Austin, TX Jeanine Russell 407 Shady Pine CT. Clermont, FL Julie Ann Russell PO Box 313 Yamhill, OR Laurie A. Russell 8600 Highway 47 Carlton, OR Jason R. Russom 777 S Temescal St. Sp 122 Corona, CA Terry Ruyle 3705 Hillsdale Lane Garland, TX Becky M. Ryan 1970 Valley View Drive Woodland Park, CO D. Ryan 168 Crown Bay Suite 310 St. Thomas, U.S., Debora Kay Sable 1891 N Litchfield Road #202 Goodyear, AZ J.R. Sacra,Jr Westpark Houston, TX Jesse Sadler 8810 Wintergardens Blvd. San Diego, CA Scott A. Sadler 3543 Greystone #1036 Austin, TX Amanda Denyse Safford Pompano Ln. #112 Huntington Beach, CA Michael Safford 2806 NE 163rd CT Vancouver, WA Julian Vaughn Safford, Jr W Coast HWY Newport Beach, CA Dianna L. Sakkinen 110 NE 12th Terrace #4 Ocala, FL Marrandy Antoineta Salay PO BOX 627 Commerce, TX Donna Janell Salda, Gary R. Sallee E Golden Eagle BLVD Fountain Hills, AZ Richard Owen Sallee 337 E 7th Avenue Denver, CO Greta Lou Sampson BOX 3154 Lakewood, CA Tanya A. Parks Sanchez 602 S Florida # B20 Alamogordo, NM Darryl L. Sanders 6344 Saint Josephs AVE NW Albuquerque, NM John Sanders Upper Bay Road Dallas, TX Cody Sandlin 6801 West 19th Lubbock, TX William Carroll Sandlin Route 2 Box 41-B6 Mathis, TX Bryan Sands th Dodge City, KS Rhianna Sanford 910 E 55th Austin, TX Christine M. Saunders 8074 Perry Creek Road Unit 38 Somerset, CA John B. Saunders 209 W. Main St Lead, SD Maurice E. Sawvel PO BOX 822 Black Canyon City, AZ J. A. Sawyer 4300 Nail Road #56 Reno, NV Harry Duane Saxton 934 Martin Place Brawley, CA Odessa D. Sayre 335 Lafayette Drive Oxnard, CA Shirley Jean Scalise 20 Oak Brook Place Pleasant Hill, CA Mark Schabacker 94 Seascape Laguna Niguel, CA Phoebe Schmalfuss 460 Oyster Drive La Salva Beach, CA Stacie Schmidt 5625 North Colony The Colony, TX Joseph C. Schnur Seven Devills Road Bandon, OR Mary Lois Scholle 2504 Amy Drive La Place, LA Dean T. Schulte 2308 Joy Avenue Ceres, CA Shannon Schuster 6171 E Northwest Hwy Dallas, TX Roberta Elizabeth Adams Schwensen 1852 Old Hardin Road Space #5 Billings, MT Kala Scoggin 2304 Cotswold CIR Del Rio, TX Anthony Scott ROUTE 4 BOX 120 Grand Saline, TX Denise Ann Scott 420 McClure Road Modesto, CA Frank Andrew Scott /2 Balboa Ave. Encino, CA Paula M. Scott ROUTE 3 BOX 187 Farmersville, TX Robert D. Scott Sr. 795 FM 1255 Grand Saline, TX Ronny Earl Scott, Jr. ROUTE 4 BOX 120 Grand Saline, TX Beneta J. Scribner Garett Green Cir Houston, TX Jeffrey K. Scribner 520 Veterans Memorial Boulevard Harker Heights, TX Frank Scrivner ROUTE1 BOX 165 Alamo, TX Kevin Scrivner 6536 ST. Moritz Dallas, TX Sherry Michele Scroggins PO BOX 287 Custer, WA Chris Seaberg 204 East 21st Austin, TX McNyta Seely Highway 99 Madera, CA Twyla Joy Seib 2731 Hawthorne Cape Girardeau, MO Jeremy J. Seidemann 5700 Via Real Unit 69 Carpinteria, CA William A. Seidemann 7927 N. Glen Drive #1045 Irving, TX Coral (Durham) Selman ROUTE 2 BOX 728 Terrell, TX George E. Serbanich 5326 Sycamore Pasadena, TX S. Serbanich PO BOX 275 Carpinteria, CA Treva Shablo 5405 S Federal Circle Apt L-302 Littleton, CO Teresa Shackleton RR3 Box 522 Pottsboro, TX 75076

42 42 Chickasaw Times January 2005 Undeliverables continued Amy Shafer 1205 Zuber Galena Park, TX Don P. Shaffer PO BOX 398 Marble Hill, MO Donna L. Shaffer 130 Club Pkwy Nashville, TN Scott Shaffer PO BOX 171 Strathmore, CA Shawn P. Shaffer 1207 W 7th #1 Spokane, WA Mickey Shannon PO BOX 67 Lompoc, CA Season Suzanne Sharkey Route 3 Box 404 Amite, LA Robert Shaver 3394 Loma Dr. Beale Afb, CA Carina Shaw 5464 Mission BLVD #D Riverside, CA Jack Shaw 8709 Lemon Avenue La Mesa, CA Leslie B. Shaw 3637 Ganado Way Modesto, CA Joe Ray Sheffield 24 Timber Creek Sherman, TX Jennifer Shehan 2407 Whitehaven North Colleyville, TX Mariea L. Shelton 113 Lime ST Apt 7 Inglewood, CA Craig Shepherd 5102 West Cholla Street Glendale, AZ Michael Dean Shepherd PO BOX 6327 Farmington, NM Shawn M. Shepherd North 55th Drive Glendale, AZ Terri L. Shepherd 911 East Medlock Drive Phoenix, AZ Christina M. Shipkey Park Street Torrance, CA Charles Shoemaker, II 24 West Blevins Road Artesia, NM Berenice Love Siders 2203 Via Del Norte Carrollton, TX Howard Sides PO BOX 136 Fate, TX Loretta J. Lawson Simmons PO Box 1499 Alma, AR Barry M. Simms 9601 Forest #1216 Dallas, TX Juanita Ruth Simpson Latigo Lane Prineville, OR Mary Kathleen Sira 19 Santa Anita San Leandro, CA Albert Lee Sira Jr. 19 Santa Anita San Leandro, CA Terry Skaggs 552 County Road 138 Gainesville, TX John L. Skaggs, Jr. 898 Sun Gold Circle Livermore, CA Karen Skalski 1970 Warmlands Ave. Vista, CA Cathy L. Worthington Skiles 5483 Rockydale Road Cave Junction, OR James R. Skinner 541 Methow Wenatchee, WA Larry Skinner 4332 Boren Wichita Falls, TX Paul Skinner 1802 Campbell Road Apt 90 Houston, TX A.J. Smith 2542 Parkhaven Plano, TX Brad Smith 727 Chapin Road Placerville, CA Brandie Smith 5102 Ola Drive Houston, TX Isaiah Smith 3334 W Caldwell Ave Visalia, CA Jamison Eric Smith c/o Minnie thompson P.O. Box 1674 Kirtland, NM Jana Fae Smith 132 1/2 West Market Lot 1 Dodge City, KS Jana K. Smith PO Box 1474 Shady Cove, OR Jay B. Smith One Towers Park Lane #707 San Antonio, TX Kristen Greer Smith 3699 Brownsboro Hwy. Eagle Point, OR Matthew James Smith 5700 Lisa Court Bakersfield, CA Michael Wayne Smith 264 E Elmwood Shreveport, LA Michael Gene Smith 248 Southwest 28th Drive Apt F 2 Pendleton, OR Mike Smith 1901 SE 14th ST Mineral Wells, TX Rachel L. Smith 4257 Barger Drive #225 Eugene, OR Richard L. Smith 3800 Pughsville Road Lot 163 Suffolk, VA Roberta M. Smith 5026 Pirotte Drive San Diego, CA Tarina Jewel Smith 110 Snowden Road Pangburn, AR Teresa D. Smith 3561 Portland ST APT 2030 Irving, TX William C. Smith 1497 Beall Lane Central Point, OR Ladena Kay Smith - Dubler 1900 East Randol Mill Road #1505 Arlington, TX Dennis K. Smith, Jr Apple Street APT 103 Boise, ID Daniel Burleson Smitherman North Oaks Drive Austin, TX Kathleen Renee Smitherman Turtlewood Court #616 Houston, TX Nellie Ruth Smith-Simpson West Hills Road Prineville, OR Brian Karl Snyder PO BOX 1863 Parker, AZ Monet V Long Snyder White Oak Bend DR Houston, TX Peter Snyder 2657 West Fairmont Avenue #102 Fresno, CA Pamela D. Soelberg 6820 Quarter Circle Rd Colorado Springs, CO Shelley J. Southern 1908 South Globe Portales, NM Waverly Ann (Sluder) Spangler 4025 Burke #506 Pasadena, TX Carina E Spanier Via Regina Saratoga, CA Signa Jo Sparks 2455 George Washington Way #M-271 Richland, WA Vivian L. Sparks 1220 Valeriewood Wy. Modesto, CA David A. Speaks nd Street Port Arthur, TX Scott Ryan Speaks 6141 Hazel Port Arthur, TX Shawn Speaks 8122 N 32nd Drive Phoenix, AZ Bennie F. Speaks,Jr. Route 3 BOX 376 Ford City, PA Stan Speaks,Jr N 32nd Drive Phoenix, AZ Cherrie L. Spears W. 77th St. Apt. 101 Shawnee, KS Jurdine Spears Holly Springs Drive Houston, TX Ivan Scott Spencer 1350 Suzanne Way Longwood, FL Chanda DeVon Spiczak 1404 West Michelle Phoenix, AZ Mariah Spivey 4178 West Pioneer Apt.#2068 Irving, TX Mark Springman 2101 Park Avenue Hemet, CA David Richard Squires Psc BOX 7607 U S A F Academy, CO Minnie O. Squires 2580 South Lowell Boulevard Denver, CO Charlette G. Black Squyres TH Street Lubbock, TX Brandy L. Stacy 6335 Fallengate Drive Spring, TX Jonathan Cole Stafford 22 Hereford Hwy. #43 Canyon, TX Terry M. Stafford BOX 814 Burkburnett, TX William J. Stalcup,II 3116 Rockwall Lane El Paso, TX William Standifer 618 Fox ST Flint, MI Herman D. Standridge 4144 W 6th Street Topeka, KS Steven Standridge 820 SW2nd St.#4 Hallandale, FL Todd Standridge 1015 E Gum St. Russellville, AR Melanie L. Johnson Stanfield 2460 Mary Lane Dickinson, TX Stephen P. Starnes 3509 Deer Creek Grapevine, TX Mary Barbara Staunton 124 West Main Street Rockwell, NC Cassie N. Stearns 980 County Road 4975 Blue Ridge, TX Jennifer Lynn Stefani 126 A Autumn Sage Chaparral, NM Rodger Alan Stefani Jr. 206 W Lisa Chaparral, NM Juliette Steffe 2822 N Southport Avenue Chicago, IL Mary Kate Stephens 615 S Aspen Roswell, NM Amy G. Stevens 842 Gary Lane Hopkinsville, KY Beverly L. Stevens PO BOX E Elm Allerton, IL Shauna Stevens 2253 Chasefield Drive Plano, TX Darrell Baxter Stewart 1127 Delmar Wichita, KS Davi Stewart 1834 Sheppard Rees RD #F Kerrville, TX Doris Kay Stewart PO BOX 29 Sabula, IA Garvin C. Stewart 407 Arcadia Place San Antonio, TX Jerome Stewart 1249 Lake Willasara Circle Orlando, FL Julie Stewart 108 W. Elm Alvarado, TX Sandra D. Stewart 3562 Chosin Circle Tarawa Terrace, NC Stephen A. Stewart Caraway Lane Riverside, CA Sharla R. Stice SE 10Th Street Vancouver, WA Janas Randur Stick 2040 North Sheldon R Canton, MI Ray L. Stick 4113 Honey Creek Road Modesto, CA Frank Stogner Sudermann 3374 Piso Col. Polanco, Mexico, D.F. Col. Polanco, Mexico, Tina M. Stone PO BOX 665 Dubois, WY Donald R. Stovall rd Apt C Lubbock, TX Lisa Strate 908 Hickory ST Morgan City, LA Casey W. Streets 100 Herring Road Grayson, GA Darrell Strickland 2750 South Durango Drive Apartment 1090 Las Vegas, NV Joe Del Strickland 7964 Yeager Way Sacramento, CA Sarah Strompolos 3500 N. Hayden #1009 Scottsdale, AZ Gregory Strong 743 Polk Street #215 San Francisco, CA John Strong 221 North Clifton Avenue #4 Louisville, KY Thomas J. Strong 3750 East Bronco Trail Phoenix, AZ Claudia J. Nichols Stroud 112 Line Drive Gainesville, TX Roywanna Struempf 6667 Country Club Drive La Verne, CA Gregory Stuart North 91st Lane Peoria, AZ Linda C. Stuart North 91st Lane Peoria, AZ Mary Stubblefield 1213 Briarwood Arlington, TX Donna Stubbs 4701 Cornell Drive Garland, TX Michael W. Sturrock 870 San Pablo Way Duarte, CA James M. Stuteville ROUTE 3 BOX 337C Leavenworth, KS Ryan Stynes 331 Bellevue Ave East #209 Seattle, WA Chad Suggs 4424 Bowser Dallas, TX John M. Sullivan 817 Country Club Dr. #4 Simi Valley, CA Richard Kelvin Sullivan 1031 A Baywood Drive Sparks, NV Harry D. Surber 259 South K Street Tulare, CA William J. Surber th Street Apt.C-7 Puyallup, WA Nicole L. Sutherland st SE Apt. B-101 Everett, WA Kristy L. Sutton 2700 ROUTE 66 Tucumcari, NM John Fred Swader 206 Farmer Street Felton, CA Shara Swader 8667 Louis Lane Santee, CA David Swaffar 1205 Hallen Drive Apt. B Arcata, CA Tracy Swaffar 4606 McKinnon Court Arcata, CA Sandra Swan 829 East 18TH Street San Angelo, TX Betty Lee Wagner Swarm 2860 Richmond Ct. Apt. 1 Wichita, KS Carrie Sweet 1000 South Fannin Amarillo, TX Bryant R. Sweetman 1750 Kingston ST Aurora, CO John Swift PSC 94 BOX 123 APO, Terry L. Swindell 2149 Pueblo Drive Garland, TX Natalie J. Sykes 1916 J F Kennedy ST #B Pittsburg, KS Carolyn J. Syska 511 S Evergreen Roswell, NM Mark Tague Margo ST Omaha, NE Joseph E. Tally 1702 West Shields Drive Sherman, TX Carl Edward Tannehill 3000 N Stemmon s #50 Lewisville, TX Karl Lee Tannehill 7232 Dieppe Way Sacramento, CA Joseph A. Tanner 8700 Broadway #1235 Houston, TX Bradly W. Tate 4208 Oliver Ct. Pacific Beach, CA Brenda Bea Taylor 9716 Monteria Ct. N.W. Albuquerque, NM Charla C. Taylor 3101 Howard Road Waxahachie, TX Collette A. Taylor 409 South Aronian Tulare, CA Dale C. Taylor ROUTE 2 BOX 313 A Boyd, TX Deirdra D. Taylor Route 2 Box 323 Boyd, TX Dewayne G. Taylor Psc #1 BOX Apo San Francisco, CA Guy Taylor 532 Beatrice Tulare, CA Holly Taylor 658 Glades Circle Apt 220 Altamonte Springs, FL Julie Ann Taylor ROUTE 1 Box 420 S Allen Boyd, TX Larry G. Taylor P.O. Box 694 Whitewright, TX Lottie Murray Taylor PO BOX 531 Boyd, TX Ronald Gene Taylor 320 North Blackstone Tulare, CA Scott Taylor /2 Addison ST SW Tacoma, WA Denise Tennison 263 Park Valley Coppell, TX Lance Wade Tennison 263 Park Valley Coppell, TX Michael Aaron Tennison 263 Park Valley Coppell, TX Michael A. Terrill 1120 NW Heatherwood Dr. Blue Springs, MO Bryan Louis Teskey PO BOX 991 Dewey, AZ Danny Thomas 8829 SE 72nd Street Baxter Springs, KS J. Todd Thomas PO BOX St Louis, MO Keith E. Thomas Rolling Creek Houston, TX Mikell Thomas PO BOX Colorado City, CO Betty Jo Thompson 4122 Lakeview Drive Mabank, TX Billy R. Thompson 505 Highland Circle Florence, AL Charla Thompson Garden Sq Palm Desert, CA Clifford D. Thompson 251B Star ROUTE Blanchester, OH Frankie R. Thompson 1930 West 32nd #24 Phoenix, AZ John Craig Thompson 209 Hillcrest Court Burnsville, MN Robert J. Thompson 3001 South Emily Drive Beeville, TX Sara E. Thompson 6565 S. Syracuse Wy #1011 Englewood, CO Richard Paul Thomsen Rural Route 1 BOX 166 Sparta, WI Andrew F. Thornton 6281 Rosewood Shawnee Mission, KS Debbie L. Thornton PO BOX 1031 Duvall, WA Robert Thornton /2 Kelton Avenue Los Angeles, CA Letrecia Faye Tiffin P.O. Box 3305 Ripon, CA Milt Tiffin Ellis Road Escalon, CA John Thomas Todd Jr. 251 Harry S Truman Drive Apt 14 Largo, MD Jered Keith Tolbert Lockridge Lp Ft. Hood, TX Terrall L. Tolbert 1321 Meadowcreek #120 Irving, TX Eddie G. Tomlinson PO BOX 97 Pacific Beach, WA Victoria Grace Torres 3610 Banbury Drive APT #6E Riverside, CA K.R. Torrey 3647 Pacini Bakersfield, CA Kristy K. Toth 2232 Amber Lane Escondido, CA Richard D. Towell Jordon Avenue SW Rochester, WA Paula J. Towery 867 Carolina Street Imperial Beach, CA Micki Townley PO BOX1164 Capitan, NM Sam Townley, Jr BOX 93 Capitan, NM Dana J. Trapp Arline Avenue Lakewood, CA Tosha Tremblay 717 Cowboys Parkway Apartment 2047 Irving, TX Angele W. Trotter 82 Ute Place Aspen, CO Lonna M. Tuck 4740 Oakgrove Road Rickreall, OR James Thomas Tucker 1520 Richardson Drive #1322 Richardson, TX Jerre Kris Tucker 3306 S Jackson Amarillo, TX Leif E. Tucker 805 Ivywood Drive Oxnard, CA Steven M. Tucker 2809 Broadmoor Drive APT 140 Fort Worth, TX J. Tupper 3025 W Sunset Drive Joplin, MO Lori Tupper 6198 Ware Road Williams, CA Sheena L. Tupper 1714 Cecil Avenue Fortuna, CA Gerald G. Turnage 512 Grandview Chillicothe, MO Carl Turner 1680 O Neal Baton Rouge, LA Cindy Norris Turner 1301 Slate Road Wellington, NV David Turner HC 2 BOX 3389 Benson, AZ Forrest M. Turner Howard Drive Hemet, CA Tammy Turner 4012 Bonita Plano, TX Cheyenne Tyk 3201 W Loop 289 #156 Lubbock, TX Cody Tyler West April Odessa, TX David Perry Tyler Sherman Way Van Nuys, CA Linda Tyler West April Odessa, TX Gina Tyner ROUTE 6 BOX 160 Gilmer, TX Donnie G. Tyson Rural Route 1 Box 1600 Marshfield, MO Duane Tyson Route 2 Box 110A Conway, MO Sharon Roark Tyson 208 Bayou View Drive Ft. Walton Beach, FL Erin Amanda Underwood 6735 Highway 3059 Lake Charles, LA Preston K. Underwood 100 S Martin Luther King BLVD # Las Vegas, NV Michael Wayne Upshaw 103 Chevy Chase Waxahachie, TX Carolyn Jean Utterback 2309 North Kansas El Paso, TX Pattie Stanfield Du Vall 6875 E Iliff #321 Denver, CO Karen Elizabeth Van Dam 2632 Beacon Hill Drive Apt 202 Auburn Hills, MI Paul Van Dam 1068 Hidden Lane Rochester Hills, MI Shelly D. Van Horn 5335 SE 113th Avenue Portland, OR Sara Van Houten N 36th Drive Glendale, AZ Robert L. Vanderpool PO BOX 1028 Penn Valley Nevada, CA Reford Wilson Vaughan 604 N Angelina Street Whitney, TX Susan C. Velarde PO BOX 6527 Santa Maria, CA Jason J. Victor 67 San Miguel Way San Mateo, CA Linda Vidrine PO BOX 74 Volcano, CA John Michael Vinson PO BOX Nashville, TN Patricia Y. Vogler ROUTE 5 BOX 72A Hereford, TX Eric C. Voyles 888 Banister Lane Austin, TX Brad Allen Wade PO BOX 154 Perryton, TX Ashley Nicole Wagner PO Box 905 Pottsboro, TX Dina N. Wagner PO Box 905 Pottsboro, TX James Wagoner BOX 1140 Window Rock, AZ Janet S. Wagoner 1083 Corwin Place Hemet, CA Loretta Merle Wakefield Route 1 Box 503 Wills Point, TX Jennifer K. Walden 1632 Bear Creek Lancaster, TX Andrea Waldon 3401 W 64th #4 Anchorage, AK Holly Waldon 712 S Jones St Port Angeles, WA Tony Waldon 5210 Cameron Creek Circle 429 Fort Worth, TX A. L. Walker 1817 Shorter Court Indianapolis, IN Adriann L. Walker 4704 E McKinnon Drive #C Anaheim Hills, CA Edith E. Walker PO Box 9683 Naples, FL Jason Cravatt Walker C Company 204 FS13 Fort Hood, TX Jay Cameron Walker 1709 Glenwood Ave Grand Junction, CO LaVelle L. Walker 4915 Paseo Del Rey, NW Albuquerque, NM Michele Walker 528 West Amerige Fullerton, CA 92832

43 January 2005 Undeliverables continued Shelby Walker P.O. BOX 610 Little Elm, TX T. Cy Walker 215 Century Place #1206 Alexandria, VA Wayne Wesley Walker 725 A Street #18 Ramona, CA Karen Sue Wall 1500 N St. # 309 Sacramento, CA Christopher Wallace PO BOX Fort Bragg, NC Clarence Wallace Hqusevcom Unit Box 167 Apo, Tanya Lynn Wallace ROUTE 4 BOX 153B Grand Saline, TX Towanda Wallen 1461 B Street APT 4 Eureka, CA John Walthall 718 North Meredith Avenue Dumas, TX Derek Wayne Ward 140 North Roop Street Susanville, CA Elizabeth M. Ward 2219 Libbey Drive Houston, TX Rebecca Roberts Ward P.O. Box 135 Nederland, TX Summer B. Ward 228 Wecks Road Myrtle Creek, OR Mim R. Warlick PO BOX 112 Greenfield, TN Roger A. Warner 706 N. Commerce Gainesville, TX Timothy P. Washington 5401 Independence Pky Apt 901 Plano, TX Clark R. Wasson II 5855 Topanga Canyon Blvd Suite 510 Woodland Hills, CA Billy F. Watkins 314 Pecan Valley Pilot Point, TX Danielle Watkins /2 SEntney Avenue Culver City, CA Anthony Watley 2200 Pinon Springs Circle Bakersfield, CA Bobby D. Watson 2514 Santa Cruz Lane Odessa, TX Jennifer L. Watson 2000 Cedar Bend Dr. Apt. 317 Austin, TX Stephanie K. Baldwin Weast 1511 Rustic Timbers Lane Flower Mound, TX Linda Vineyard Weatherford PO BOX 222 Blue Ridge, TX Charles Edward Weaver Jr Las Cruces Court Salinas, CA Edward M. Webb III 100 Belle Fontaine #262 Lafayette, LA Danny Earl Webb, Jr. 209 Berry DR Gray Summit, MO Jacquelyn Weikel 700 West 8TH Street #4F Lamar, MO Naomi Louise Wein Vista Del Sol LN Dallas, TX Helen I. Weinmann 3100 California Street Oakland, CA James H. Welch 1403 Woodbine Ct. Arlington, TX Chester William Wells 1127 Cabana Avenue La Puente, CA Laura Wells 59 Dunedin Street Cranston, RI Lora Wells 4016 McKinney Ave #211 Dallas, TX Barrie L. Welsh 1600 Clements St. Apt. 304 San Francisco, CA Theron R. Welty 6554 SE 65th Portland, OR Shane Werner 62 North Fir Street Ventura, CA Matthew C. Wessel 9967 NW 49th Lane Miami, FL W. Paul Wessel Balgowan Road #205 Miami Lakes, FL George Henry Wessel VI 1942 Northwest 19th Avenue Miami, FL George Henry Wessel VII 106 Village Ln Apt B Madison, AL Brandi Nicole West 305 South Birch Perryton, TX Brenda Mayfield West 338 Glenn Desoto, TX Crystal West 513 1/2 West Gandy Denison, TX Kristine J. Denton West th Avenue Brooks, OR Sarah Hilbert West 1-50 Montreal Street Victoria,Canada, V8V1Y5 Shannan West 305 S Birch Perryton, TX Stacy Wester 4324 Wabash Ft. Worth, TX Clayton Westmoreland McMurry Station Box 475 Abilene, TX Scott Westmoreland 1250 Yeomans Road #12102 Abilene, TX Kevin E. Wetterling 1049 Roundhill Circle Napa, CA Barbara L. Whaley General Delivery Odessa, TX Linda Bernice Underwood Wheeler 3200 Caribbean Drive Mesquite, TX Shannon White PO BOX 4324 Cleveland, MS Stacy L. White 771 Delray Road Beckville, TX Teresa L. White 5132 Questa Drive Abilene, TX Wyman M. White 3518 Genessee Street Kansas City, MO Jacob White Eagle 3871 Pleasant Creek Road Rogue River, OR Billy Whitfield 8300 Sandspoint #1704 Houston, TX Jason Whitley 9023 Highway 270 White Hall, AR Karen Nichols Whitley 718 Lindo Mesquite, TX Dustin Whitmore 8800 N I H 35, APT 2035 Austin, TX R. R. Whitmore Oro Dam Blvd. E. Apt. A2 Oroville, CA Timothy J. Whitmore 316 Alyse Road Roanoke, TX Martha Amanda Wickliffe 3308 Lake Shadows Drive Crosby, TX Linda Sue Wiggins 6036 E Belknap Lot 7 Haltom City, TX Imogene Louise Brown Wiggs 1914 Spruce Kansas City, MO Jimmy B. Wigington 137 Merced Drive Kelso, WA Johnathan David Wigington 5816 Northwest Simnasho Drive Portland, OR Jayson Wilhelm 3822 Parkwood Drive San Angelo, TX Jason Wilhoit 603 Doral Drive Danville, CA Thomas Wilkins P.O. Box 871 Noblesville, IN Amy C. Williams 414 8th Avenue Huntington, WV Brenda Williams 1416 Louis Drive Mulvane, KS Christine M. 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Willis PO BOX Annapolis, MD Adrienne Willson 4428 Cole # 110 Dallas, TX Alana Denise Wilson Code 32 BOX 38 Pearl Harbor, HI Brian Arthur Wilson 3560 North Tres Lomas Drive Tucson, AZ Charles Claude Wilson W Sweetwater Tucson, AZ Denice (Galyean) Wilson 3655 Burton Lane Riverton, WY Jackson Leon Wilson III 310 Springdale Dr. NE Atlanta, GA Jo Ann Wilson 3513 Edgebrook Mesquite, TX Marie M. Wilson PO BOX 975 Sisters, OR Mark Wilson North Ellis Hall #101 Warrensburg, MO Melinda P. Wilson 217 Deerfield Lane Lynchburg, VA Shari Ann Wilson 743 W River Road Tucson, AZ Thomas P. Wilson 1290 Balmoral Crt Brookfield, WI Vern Wilson 920 W Bond Denison, TX Matthew Charles Wilton 160 West 1st Drive Sun Valley, NV Shane Wimberly 7707 Western Oak Lane Houston, TX Jackie Wimmer Ft. Worth Dr. Denton, TX Amy Jo Heath 2555 Tallman Road Sparks, NV Phillip E. Wiseman 225 Broadway Apt. 12 South Portland, ME Nichole Elaine Witten 3 Beckfoot Lane Bella Vista, AR Lois Wolf ROUTE 2 BOX 136W Sherman, TX Philip D Wolf 905 Edney Ft. Worth, TX Richard L. Wolf ROUTE 4 BOX 257 Denison, TX William L. Wolf ROUTE 4 BOX 257 Denison, TX Sandra Wolf Nichols 505 Campus View Bloomington, IN A. Kay Wolfe 8201 Fair Oaks Crossing #1038 Dallas, TX Nolen Wolfe 1149 Alameda Glendale, CA Jan Wolfe, Jr. Chickasaw Times 5740 North 59th Avenue #1024 Glendale, AZ Wes Wood 121 Garmon Drive Early, TX Loren Dell James Woodruff 5310 NE 11th AVENUE Portland, OR Camron Woods 108 Flynn ST Summerville, SC Gerree Gayle Woods 1113 West 17th A Amarillo, TX Terry Lea Woods 1089 Hano Trail Flagstaff, AZ Donna Jean Wiggs Woodward 1926 Spruce Kansas City, MO Mika S. Wooldridge 911 East Buena Vista Avenue #C Gallup, NM Kayla Renee Woolley 4330 Martin Ave. Bakersfield, CA R. Woolley 6205 Cartagena Avenue Bakersfield, CA Rachel N. Woolley 601 Bordeaux Drive Southlake, TX Jan Delyn Worley 901 S. Bryan #E-505 North Platte, NE Heather Tiffany Wright 1616 Hunting Green Drive Ft. Worth, TX Stephanie Wright 314 Freetown Rd. Grand Prairie, TX William Jason Wright Com Phib Gru 1 Ctf76 Fpo San Francisco, CA La Donna M. Wyatt 109 Whitney Circle Oxnard, CA Jimmy J. Wynne 1205 Central DR # 2 Corpus Christi, TX Anthony S. Yarborough County Road 3320 #8 Aztec, NM Ezra Levi Yoder PO BOX 207 Littlerock, WA Ivan T.R. Yoder PO BOX 207 Littlerock, WA Anthony L. Yoder, Jr. PO BOX 207 Littlerock, WA Lavell Young 203 South Frontage Road Valley View, TX Marilyn M. Young 2305 West 7th Plainview, TX Lisa S. Zellers 436 Lancaster Drive Manteca, CA

44 44 January 2005 Colberts, continued from page 17 disbursement to tribal members. Now, the more than 300 Chickasaw who were on hand were ready to listen to the commissioners proposal. Jackson spoke bluntly. He told the Chickasaw that the land they claimed in what is now western Tennessee and Kentucky actually had been sold to white land speculators by North Carolina and Virginia 35 years before to pay their Revolutionary War debts. The American presidents, Jackson said, with apparently a straight face, had allowed the red men to hunt the land. Now that the Chickasaw had killed all the game, making the land worthless to them, Jackson said the land should be relinquished. Nevertheless, he continued, President James Monroe (presumably out of the goodness of his heart) would be willing to trade their land for land to the west or pay the tribe for their land. Jackson said if the Chickasaw refused, the land would be taken over by your white brethren. The Chickasaw retired to George Colbert s house to discuss their options. Despite Jackson s intimidation, there was substantial resistance for exchanging or selling the land. Hanging over the assembly Pontotoc District Seat # 1. Holly Easterling HCR 64 Box 241 (580) hollye@tds.net 2. Judy Parker Route 1, Box 406 (580) Melvin Burris CR 1620 Stonewall, OK (580) Dean McManus Route 2, Box 312 (580) Mary Jo Green 2000 E. 14th Place (580) was the explicit threat issued by some tribal members that leaders who sold or exchanged Chickasaw land would be assassinated. Bribes or Gifts? At this point, Jackson recorded in his secret journal that the leadership (including George, Levi and James Colbert and two others) had accepted $20,000 to move things along. The lion s share of $8,500 each supposedly went to Levi and George Colbert. The money allegedly represented payment for improvements made on the 1816 reserves of Levi and George Colbert. Did this amount to a bribe, especially since it was made secretly? Most American historians agree that it was. Some Chickasaws today see it another way. That the payments were made secretly was Jackson s idea. He believed if the tribal members discovered that their leaders had been bribed, they would be killed or removed from office. Perhaps they would have been had tribal members believed that the Colberts had taken money to do the bidding of the U.S. If the brothers received and pocketed the money, either the tribal members never found out (unlikely in an open society) or Tribal Legislature they felt that the Colberts by virtue of their position and work, had earned the money. If the Chickasaw believed that their leaders had sold them out, the Colberts most likely would have been executed or assassinated. Kerry Armstrong, a family historian and Colbert descendant who maintains a Chickasaw research site on the Internet (chickasawhistory.com), calls the land grants and money expected presents, rather than bribes. These presents, he says, were a way of political life that had been fostered on the Chickasaw by the English, French, Spanish and the U.S. The Indians had been taught to expect presents in one form or another in dealing with their great father. The Chickasaw had learned that the U.S. government was always willing to pay a little more to get a job done, as it still does today. Despite the internal tribal threats, the Chickasaw leaders did sell the remainder of their land north of the Tennessee River (mainly western Tennessee and Kentucky) for $20,000 annually for fifteen years. To get this large tract of land, Jackson s biographer, Robert Remini, wrote that Jackson had resorted to bribery, Following is a list of the Chickasaw Nation Tribal Legislators including their address and phone numbers. If you have any questions or need any information, please contact the legislator in your area. Pickens District Seat # 1. Wilson Seawright P.O. Box 83 (580) Donna Hartman 1725 Kings Road (580) Linda Briggs 400 NW 4th Marietta, OK (580) Wanda Blackwood Scott Route 1, Box 42 Elmore City, OK (580) scottdes@telepath.com Tishomingo District Seat # 1. D. Scott Colbert 608 W. Tulsa (580) Tim Colbert P.O. Box 773 (580) Steven Woods Route 1, Box 430A (580) Panola District Seat # 1. Beth Alexander Box 246 Achille, OK (580) the deliberate and unconscionable withholdings of annuities and false [and malicious] statements of fact. The Chickasaw were left with their homeland in northeastern Mississippi and northwestern Alabama and the vain hope that they could continue to live in their ancient homeland in peace. Cultural Changes A year later, traveler Adam Hodgson passed through the Chickasaw homeland and spent time with one family. The husband talked disconsolately, his speech, a harbinger of the tribe s dim future in the homeland. The man told Hodgson that great changes had taken place among Indians, even in his life time. When he was young, the children were made to plunge in the water, at daybreak and swim, in the coldest weather; and were Robert E. Kinnebrew Robert E. (Bob) Kinnebrew died December 4, He was born Jan. 13, 1924 at Pauls Valley, Okla., to Jackson Alvin and Dorella (Allender) Kinnebrew. He graduated from Old Classen High School in 1941 and the University of Oklahoma in 1964 where he was a Sigma Nu no He was a U.S. Navy Night Carrier pilot during World War II. Obituaries then collected on the bank of the river to learn the manners and customs of their ancestors, and hear the old men recite the traditions of their forefathers. They were assembled again at sunset for the same purpose and were taught to regard as a sacred duty the transmission to their posterity of the lessons thus acquired. The custom is all but abandoned nowéthe whites having undermined it. Only here and there, an old ancient fellow still upholds the way. Author s note: Articles on the Colberts leadership after 1820 will appear occasionally in future issues. Richard Green may be contacted at rgreen26@cox.net or (405) He and Betty Lou Bean were married November 15, 1944 in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. They just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. He was preceded in death by his special daughter, Robin Michelle; his parents; his twin brother, Earl; a sister Dorella; and a brother Jack. He is survived by his wife, Betty Lou; and numerous nieces, nephews and friends. He was a member of the Chickasaw Nation and proud of his 50-year memberships in the Gutherie Scottish Rite, Valley Lodge #6 in Pauls Valley, Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion and India Shriners as well as his 25-year membership with the Royal Order of Jesters. Services were Dec. 9, 2004 at Stufflebean Chapel with the Rev. Tom Buzbee officiating. Burial was in Mt. Olivet Cemetery. Notes of remembrance and/or condolences may be sent to the family at Rest in peace Bob. We will miss you.


COLUMBIA NORTH YMCA SUMMER. CAMP 2017 Planning Guide SIBLING DISCOUNT NOW AVAILABLE. philaymca.org COLUMBIA NORTH YMCA SUMMER NEW FOR 2017 SIBLING DISCOUNT NOW AVAILABLE See branch for details CAMP 2017 Planning Guide philaymca.org GENERAL OVERVIEW The Columbia North YMCA Summer Camp program provides

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and led Jimmy to the prison office. There Jimmy was given an important He had been sent to prison to stay for four years.

and led Jimmy to the prison office. There Jimmy was given an important He had been sent to prison to stay for four years. O. H e n r y p IN THE PRISON SHOE-SHOP, JIMMY VALENTINE was busily at work making shoes. A prison officer came into the shop, and led Jimmy to the prison office. There Jimmy was given an important paper.

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Camp Fire. GULF WIND, INC. October-November-December 2015 PENSACOLA, FL. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Camp Fire. GULF WIND, INC. October-November-December 2015 PENSACOLA, FL. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! FIRESIDE NEWS Camp Fire GULF WIND, INC. October-November-December 2015 PENSACOLA, FL Did you know that Camp Fire will be 106 years old in March 2016? Founded in 1910, Camp Fire for Girls has endured many

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PROMOTING EDUCATION, HEALTH AND OPPORTUNITY. The Oscar de la Hoya PROMOTING EDUCATION, HEALTH AND OPPORTUNITY The Oscar de la Hoya F O U N D A T I O N Growing up in East Los Angeles, I know how important it is to keep a positive attitude and to stay focused on your goals.

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Camp Fire. GULF WIND, INC. July-August-September 2015 PENSACOLA, FL. Back to School!! VPK & After-School

Camp Fire. GULF WIND, INC. July-August-September 2015 PENSACOLA, FL. Back to School!! VPK & After-School FIRESIDE NEWS Camp Fire GULF WIND, INC. July-August-September 2015 PENSACOLA, FL Back to School!! VPK & After-School Camp Fire is the place where kids can have fun while learning lots of cool things. The

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INSPIRING & TRANSFORMING YOUTH SINCE 1931 INSPIRING & TRANSFORMING YOUTH SINCE 1931 Dear Friends, I am honored to lead Camp Kanuga, a wellestablished, accredited camp offering your child fun activities and transformational growth in a beautiful,

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JOB ANNOUNCEMENT P/T CAMP COUNSELOR PARKS AND RECREATION JOB ANNOUNCEMENT P/T CAMP COUNSELOR PARKS AND RECREATION Posting Date: January 12, 2017 Job Code: 033PT-CC-6100.00 Closing Date: Open Until Filled Grade: 0001 Non-Exempt Pay Range : Hourly: $9.00 Work

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11th Annual. Saturday, November 18, SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES

11th Annual. Saturday, November 18, SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES 11th Annual Saturday, November 18, 2017 2017 SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES The 11th Annual Taste of Flight Gala will be our best ever. Traditionally, Taste of Flight is the host event for the presentation

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Here at the Center for Gifted Education,

Here at the Center for Gifted Education, A SUMMER TO REMEMBER Here at the Center for Gifted Education, we could not be more proud of the recent summer program we carried out in collaboration with the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation. From July 15 through

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Schedule, Canceled Appointments. Input Parameters

Schedule, Canceled Appointments. Input Parameters Schedule, Input Parameters Date Time Facility Donnell MD, Craig 07/25/2004 9:00 AM Main Office Bell, Beth 48 No Show 06/21/2004 9:00 AM Main Office Brown, Brenda 9 No Show 06/13/2004 9:00 AM Main Office

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SVSU Positions Funded Partially or Wholly Through General Fund 15-Nov-2018

SVSU Positions Funded Partially or Wholly Through General Fund 15-Nov-2018 Access Services Assistant 44,221 1 100 Access Services Assistant 44,221 1 100 Access Services Clerk 20,449 0.625 100 Accountant 58,480 1 25 Accountant 56,460 1 100 Accounting Supervisor 56,480 1 100 Acquisitions

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camp Respite weekends, residential and day camps register today

camp Respite weekends, residential and day camps register today spring respite and summer camp Respite weekends, residential and day camps register today 2016 Easter Seals Western and Central Pennsylvania eastersealswcpenna.org Easter Seals Western and Central Pennsylvania

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Strategic Plan. Manassas Battlefield Trust

Strategic Plan. Manassas Battlefield Trust Manassas Battlefield Trust m Strategic Plan 2018-2020 M a n a s s a s B a t t l e f i e l d T r u s t, 1 2 5 2 1 L e e H i g h w a y, M a n a s s a s, V A 2 0 1 0 9 Manassas Battlefield Trust Manassas,

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OCTOBER 27, th DAY OF THE OCTOBER ADJOURN TERM OCTOBER 27, 2008 12 th DAY OF THE OCTOBER ADJOURN TERM The County Commission met in the County Commission Hearing Room at 9:01 a.m. pursuant to adjourn with all members present and the following proceedings

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Chairman Grimsley called the special River Valley Metro Board of Directors Committee meeting to order at 4:00 pm.

Chairman Grimsley called the special River Valley Metro Board of Directors Committee meeting to order at 4:00 pm. River Valley Metro Mass Transit District December 18, 2012 Metro Centre 1137 E 5000 North Road Bourbonnais IL 60914 Special Board of Director Meeting Minutes Chairman Grimsley called the special River

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The Dude Ranchers Association

The Dude Ranchers Association The Dude Ranchers Association Greetings from The Dude Ranchers Association! Est. 1926 We feel in order to maintain our viability as an industry, it is important to continue to reach out to non-member ranches

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My Child Still Won t Eat. A guide for parents and health care professionals SAMPLE COPY

My Child Still Won t Eat. A guide for parents and health care professionals SAMPLE COPY My Child Still Won t Eat A guide for parents and health care professionals My child still won t eat Are you concerned about your young child s eating behaviour and slow or uneven weight gain? This booklet

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The dictionary says that happiness is the state of being happy! Some people seem to be really unfortunate but they are still happy.

The dictionary says that happiness is the state of being happy! Some people seem to be really unfortunate but they are still happy. Women's and Children's Health Network Being happy Kids' Health Topic What is happiness? The dictionary says that happiness is the state of being happy! It also says that good fortune, feeling content,

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PUBLIC ACCOUNTABILITY PRINCIPLES FOR CANADIAN AIRPORT AUTHORITIES PUBLIC ACCOUNTABILITY PRINCIPLES FOR CANADIAN AIRPORT AUTHORITIES The Canadian Airport Authority ( CAA ) shall be incorporated in a manner consistent with the following principles: 1. Not-for-profit Corporation

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Med-Camps of Louisiana, Inc. Parents Hand Book

Med-Camps of Louisiana, Inc. Parents Hand Book Med-Camps of Louisiana, Inc. Parents Hand Book Dear Parents or Guardians: Welcome to MedCamps of Louisiana!! This handbook is intended as a resource for the parents and guardians of MedCamps Campers and

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MAKE UP LOCATIONS: ROTARY INTERNATIONAL The Rotary Club of Naples Bay Chartered- March 10, 1973 P.O. Box 1852 - Naples, Florida- 34106 *Zone 34 *District 6960 *Club 4329 2017-2018 Dee Dee Fuller- President Rotary Club of Naples Bay Foundation

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July 11-14, Child: Given Name Family Name Name by Which Child will be called at Camp. Adult: S M L XL. Home Address: City, State, Zip Code:

July 11-14, Child: Given Name Family Name Name by Which Child will be called at Camp. Adult: S M L XL. Home Address: City, State, Zip Code: July 11-14, 2016 Registration Form for Summer 2016 (Once your camper is registered, you will receive additional information, required forms, and a comprehensive questionnaire that must be completed by

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Off-Site Ministry 24 April/May 2017

Off-Site Ministry 24   April/May 2017 Off-Site Ministry 24 www.ccca.org April/May 2017 by Deborah Christensen BRINGING CAMP TO THE CAMPERS HOW DAY CAMPS AND MOBILE CAMPS ARE IMPACTING LIVES A couple of summers ago, Cindy Rogness of Inspiration

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February Dear Friend:

February Dear Friend: February 2010 Dear Friend: The Women s Philanthropy Board has as its core mission to foster independence as financial decision makers and donors, serve as philanthropic role models and enhance leadership

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WEST PHILADELPHIA YMCA SUMMER. CAMP 2017 Planning Guide SIBLING DISCOUNT NOW AVAILABLE. philaymca.org WEST PHILADELPHIA YMCA SUMMER NEW FOR 2017 SIBLING DISCOUNT NOW AVAILABLE See branch for details CAMP 2017 Planning Guide philaymca.org GENERAL OVERVIEW The West Philadelphia YMCA Summer Camp program is

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CHRISTIAN STREET YMCA SUMMER. CAMP 2017 Planning Guide SIBLING DISCOUNT NOW AVAILABLE. philaymca.org CHRISTIAN STREET YMCA SUMMER NEW FOR 2017 SIBLING DISCOUNT NOW AVAILABLE See branch for details CAMP 2017 Planning Guide philaymca.org GENERAL OVERVIEW The Christian Street YMCA provides a safe, nurturing

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2011 Annual Report. tannadoonah.org

2011 Annual Report. tannadoonah.org 2011 Annual Report tannadoonah.org 2 3 Our Mission Build caring, confident youth and future leaders. I like the independence and confidence that she gains from her camp experience. - Parent Our Council

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LAKESIDE PROPERTY OWNERS ASSOCIATION GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING MAY 13, 2017 LAKESIDE PROPERTY OWNERS ASSOCIATION GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING MAY 13, 2017 Call to Order The General Membership Meeting was called to order by President Jim Meyer at 10 a.m. Approximately 140 people

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To advance the cause and pursue the objectives of the American Inns of Court as hereinafter set forth.

To advance the cause and pursue the objectives of the American Inns of Court as hereinafter set forth. Organizational Charter No. 100 Issue Date 3/09/1990 The Boston American Inn of Court in Boston, Massachusetts PROPER APPLICATION HAVING BEEN MADE to the Board of Trustees of the American Inns of Court

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PARENT S GUIDE 2016 Cub Scout Day Camp Robidoux District St. Joseph, MO

PARENT S GUIDE 2016 Cub Scout Day Camp Robidoux District St. Joseph, MO PARENT S GUIDE 2016 Cub Scout Day Camp Robidoux District St. Joseph, MO CAMP DIRECTOR: Brandi Lopez PROGRAM DIRECTOR: Christy Crouse Crafts Director: Krysta Parmenter Activities Director: Kevin McDermott

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Social Services Transportation Advisory Council (SSTAC)

Social Services Transportation Advisory Council (SSTAC) 210 N. Church Street, Suite B Visalia, California 93291 (559) 623-0450 FAX (559) 733-6720 www.tularecog.org Social Services Transportation Advisory Council (SSTAC) MEETING AGENDA Tuesday, November 18,

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Meeting of the Planning Commission June 6, 2017 Custer County Courthouse Westcliffe, Colorado

Meeting of the Planning Commission June 6, 2017 Custer County Courthouse Westcliffe, Colorado Meeting of the Planning Commission June 6, 2017 Custer County Courthouse Westcliffe, Colorado Present: Planning Commission: Vic Barnes, Patrick Lynch, Keith Hood, Pat Bailey, Bill Donley and Dale Mullen

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REVIEW OF THE STATE EXECUTIVE AIRCRAFT POOL STATE OF FLORIDA Report No. 95-05 James L. Carpenter Interim Director Office of Program Policy Analysis And Government Accountability September 14, 1995 REVIEW OF THE STATE EXECUTIVE AIRCRAFT POOL PURPOSE

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September 1, Sincerely,

September 1, Sincerely, College of Food, Agriculture & Environmental Sciences OSU Extension 320 E. Silver St., Lebanon, OH 45036 513.695.1311 Office / 513.695.1111 Fax Brady.111@osu.edu Warren.osu.edu September 1, 2017 Dear Potential

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Job Description for Camp Administrators and Staff

Job Description for Camp Administrators and Staff Job Description for Camp Administrators and Staff Position Title: Executive Camp Director The Executive Camp Director plans, coordinates, and oversees the overall camp program, approves all camp activities,

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CAMP INFORMATION BOOKLET CAMP INFORMATION BOOKLET ARRIVAL INFORMATION Any campers arriving by bus, plane, or train must phone and/or email the camp office by Wednesday, June 15 th to make arrangements to be picked up by camp staff.

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News of October-November-December Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! InterACTION Launches in Milton This Month!

News of October-November-December Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! InterACTION Launches in Milton This Month! Page1 FIRESIDE NEWS Camp Fire Gulf Wind, Inc. News of October-November-December 2016 PENSACOLA, FL Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Did you know that Camp Fire will be 107 years old in March 2017? Camp

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The Scoop. No Tax Increase for Residents; Rates and Fees to Remain the Same Budget 2019 at a Glance. December 20, 2018

The Scoop. No Tax Increase for Residents; Rates and Fees to Remain the Same Budget 2019 at a Glance. December 20, 2018 The Scoop The Town of Conception Bay South is pleased to present the Scoop, a publication dedicated to providing residents with important information and to highlight significant Town milestones and achievements.

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2008 Annual Report. riverbendcampfire.org

2008 Annual Report. riverbendcampfire.org 2008 Annual Report riverbendcampfire.org 2 Camp Fire River Bend Council Annual Report Camp Fire River Bend Council Annual Report 3 When kids get to learn how beautiful their world is, they can make it

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2017 Pottstown YMCA Day Camp Welcome Packet

2017 Pottstown YMCA Day Camp Welcome Packet 2017 Pottstown YMCA Day Camp Welcome Packet Pottstown YMCA- (610) 323-7300 Camp Director: Lisa Stauffer (ext. 2915) lstauffer@philaymca.org Business Specialist Kim Reidnauer (ext. 2948) kreidnauer@philaymca.org

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[Note: Minutes reflect the order of the published agenda.]


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SHERMAN LEE CRINER P.O. Box 7275 Wilmington, NC (910)

SHERMAN LEE CRINER P.O. Box 7275 Wilmington, NC (910) SHERMAN LEE CRINER P.O. Box 7275 Wilmington, NC 28406 (910) 251-0004 EDUCATION Campbell University, Norman A. Wiggins School of Law Buies Creek, North Carolina Juris Doctor, 1990-1993 Campbell University,

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The Official Newsletter of the Alaska 99s December 2013

The Official Newsletter of the Alaska 99s December 2013 The Flypaper The Official Newsletter of the Alaska 99s December 2013 There s snow on the ground and Christmas is coming to all the stores. That means that Thanksgiving is just around the corner. But, before

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keeneymca.org/summercamp Summer Camp 2019 Keene Family YMCA Registration opens March 1 keeneymca.org/summercamp Keene Family YMCA A Community Where Everyone is Welcome and Thriving WELCOME Welcome to summer at the Keene Family

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To apply for the Ottawa Hand in Hand, Recreation and Culture Fee Support Program:

To apply for the Ottawa Hand in Hand, Recreation and Culture Fee Support Program: Hand in Hand The City of Ottawa offers help with program fees so that all residents can take part in recreation and culture activities regardless of their ability to pay. If you are already a participant

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ALL STUDENTS MUST HAVE THEIR EQUIPMENT CHECKED AT ONE OF THESE TWO TIMES IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN THE TRIP. May, 2014 Dear Rising Sophomores and Parents, We are happy to share with you the details of the 2014 Sophomore Backpacking Trip, scheduled for Wednesday, September 3 through Saturday, September 6, 2014.

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GENERAL COUNCIL MINUTES OCTOBER 8, :00 PM 6:00 PM The 97 th General Council meeting of the 55th Elected Council of the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory was held on the above noted date held in the Council Chambers of the Administration

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ESP CAMP: Who we are and what we do

ESP CAMP: Who we are and what we do ESP CAMP: Who we are and what we do Extra Special People (usually referred to as ESP) empowers children and young adults with developmental disabilities to cultivate skills, self-confidence, and relationships

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Ps. If any of you are ever on campus I would love to take you out for coffee and thank you in person. My is

Ps. If any of you are ever on campus I would love to take you out for coffee and thank you in person. My  is Dear Class of 95, I would like to begin by saying thank you for your generosity, if it had not been for the support and funding of your class this summer would not have been possible. Nothing ever goes

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FIRST DAY ARRIVAL. KidsGames 2017 June 26-30, 2017 Adams Elementary School 2850 Clubhouse Road, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

FIRST DAY ARRIVAL. KidsGames 2017 June 26-30, 2017 Adams Elementary School 2850 Clubhouse Road, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 asdfzaf KidsGames 2017 June 26-30, 2017 Adams Elementary School 2850 Clubhouse Road, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 WEEK 2 July 6-10, 2015 Smith Elementary School 770 17th St, Huntington Beach, CA 92648 Our team

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The Wisconsin Association of Campground Owners. Benefits of belonging to WACO

The Wisconsin Association of Campground Owners. Benefits of belonging to WACO The Wisconsin Association of Campground Owners Benefits of belonging to WACO A Note from the WACO Executive Director Every business needs to evaluate why they spend money where they do. Your WACO membership

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SVSU Positions Funded Partially or Wholly Through General Fund 15-Nov-2017

SVSU Positions Funded Partially or Wholly Through General Fund 15-Nov-2017 Accountant $57,620 1 25 Accountant $46,000 1 100 Accountant $55,630 1 100 Accounting Supervisor $55,100 1 100 Acquisitions Assistant $47,008 1 100 Administrative Assistant $37,814 1 100 Administrative

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Fort Christanna Historical and Recreational Park

Fort Christanna Historical and Recreational Park Brunswick County, Virginia 2012 Virginia Association of Counties Achievement Award Submission Parks and Recreation Fort Christanna Historical and Recreational Park Brunswick County Fort Christanna Historical

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My dad encouraged me to find a job where I could get paid for doing something I love, Ethan said.

My dad encouraged me to find a job where I could get paid for doing something I love, Ethan said. Tim Mekeel/Staff Writer LNP April 16, 2018 How an impending pilot shortage is being addressed at Lancaster's Eastern Mennonite University If you had to pick somebody who s likely to become a commercial

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RIDGEWOOD YMCA DAY CAMPS 2018 WHERE KIDS BELONG! RIDGEWOOD YMCA DAY CAMPS 2018 Facebook.com/RidgewoodYMCA Twitter.com/RidgewoodYMCA Instagram.com/RidgewoodYMCA WHERE KIDS BELONG! Welcome to the Ridgewood YMCA Summer Day Camps! We believe

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The Friends of the Library, Inc. Newsletter

The Friends of the Library, Inc. Newsletter The Friends of the Library, Inc. Newsletter Volume 2, Issue 22 Pulaski County Library System www.pclibs.org September 2018 Friends to Host Annual Membership Dinner on October 16, 2018 The Friends of the

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GREENVILLE-SPARTANBURG AIRPORT COMMISSION MINUTES January 17, 2012 GREENVILLE-SPARTANBURG AIRPORT COMMISSION MINUTES January 17, 2012 The Greenville-Spartanburg Airport Commission met on January 17, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. in the Greenville-Spartanburg Airport District Office

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Camp Bishopswood. Summer Program. Kids Need Bishopswood More Than Ever!

Camp Bishopswood. Summer Program.  Kids Need Bishopswood More Than Ever! Kids Need Bishopswood More Than Ever! Children only have one chance at childhood! It is important for children to simply be kids. Bishopswood Summer camp made simple is a perfect opportunity for children

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2015 FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS AND MAJOR OPERATIONAL RESULTS 2015 FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS AND MAJOR OPERATIONAL RESULTS Jim Walker Chairman Peter Oliver Vice Chair Judy Peavey-Derr Secretary Steve Berch Director Hy Kloc Director Boise Centre Staff Patrick D. Rice Executive

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This rebate is only available as a pack, not individual registrations.

This rebate is only available as a pack, not individual registrations. Great Southwest Council Boy Scouts of America Day Camp is an outdoor experience where Cub Scouts partcipate in individual and team sports, games, crafts, explore nature and work on required adventures

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Maggie s Weekly Activity Pack!

Maggie s Weekly Activity Pack! Maggie s Weekly Activity Pack! Name Date Remembering A Great Adventure The Journey of Lewis and Clark It has been two hundred years since Lewis and Clark started their journey across America. In February

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BOARD OF EDUCATION REGULAR MEETING MINUTES OCTOBER 17, :30 P.M. BOARD OF EDUCATION REGULAR MEETING MINUTES OCTOBER 17, 2016 6:30 P.M. D.1. D.1. The Board of Education of the L Anse Creuse Public Schools district convened a Regular Meeting on Monday, October 17, 2016

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It s in our nature. kandalore.com

It s in our nature. kandalore.com It s in our nature kandalore.com We give campers the opportunity to develop an appreciation of nature while discovering their untapped potential. We ve created a warm and supportive environment where

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Program Development Board Camp Wahoo! Director/Key Leader Job Description SBC 4-H 10/2014

Program Development Board Camp Wahoo! Director/Key Leader Job Description SBC 4-H 10/2014 General Description Santa Barbara County 4-H Youth Development Program CAMP WAHOO! DIRECTOR/KEY LEADER JOB DESCRIPTION The is generally an experienced 4-H volunteer leader who serves as a middle manager

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S T U D E N T L E A D E R S H I P A C T I V I T Y C O M P L E X P R O P O S A L T H E N E W F A C I L I T Y T H E N E W F A C I L I T Y P R O P O S A L c h a i r @ c a r p o o l. t a m u. e d u w w w. c a r p o o l. t a m u. e d u / n e w - f a c i l i t y / S T U D E N T L E A D E R S H I P A C T I V I T Y

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REGULAR WORK SESSION OF THE FARMVILLE TOWN COUNCIL HELD ON MAY 2, 2018 REGULAR WORK SESSION OF THE FARMVILLE TOWN COUNCIL HELD ON MAY 2, 2018 Vice-Mayor Reid called to order the regular work session of the Farmville Town Council held on Wednesday, May 2, 2018, at 11:00 a.m.

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Airport Director

Airport Director CITY OF KENOSHA invites applications for the position of: Airport Director An Equal Opportunity Employer SALARY: $86,784.00 - $111,576.00 Annually OPENING DATE: 12/15/15 CLOSING DATE: 01/17/16 04:30 PM

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PARENT S GUIDE TO ADVENTURE DAY CAMP PARENT S GUIDE TO ADVENTURE DAY CAMP 2018 YMCA of the East Valley Redlands Family YMCA 500 E. Citrus Ave. Redlands, CA 92373 (909) 798-9622 Raheem Odomes Program Director (909) 798-9622 ext. 7106 E-mail:

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2016 Camp Card Leader s Guide

2016 Camp Card Leader s Guide 2016 Camp Card Leader s Guide COUNCIL TOP SELLER EARNS THEIR CHOICE OF... 12001 Sycamore Station Place, Louisville, Kentucky 40299 502.361.2624 1.877.334.2674 www.lhcbsa.org YOUR SCOUTS CAN EARN A FREE

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Monthly Board of Directors Meeting May 11, 2010

Monthly Board of Directors Meeting May 11, 2010 Monthly Board of Directors Meeting May 11, 2010 The Bay Tree Property Owner s Association, Inc Board of Directors monthly meeting was held at the Club House on Tuesday May 11, 2010. The following Board

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Paris-Henry County CHAMBER NEWS East Wood Street Paris, Tennessee w w w.paristnchamber.com DECEMBER CHAMBER COFFEE HOST

Paris-Henry County CHAMBER NEWS East Wood Street Paris, Tennessee w w w.paristnchamber.com DECEMBER CHAMBER COFFEE HOST Paris-Henry County DECEMBER 2013 CHAMBER NEWS 2508 East Wood Street Paris, Tennessee 38242 w w w.paristnchamber.com DECEMBER CHAMBER COFFEE HOST Paris - Henry County Heritage Center The Chamber Coffee

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The University of Houston. Volleyball CAMP INFORMATION. Stay up to date with the latest team news by following us on social media!

The University of Houston. Volleyball CAMP INFORMATION. Stay up to date with the latest team news by following us on social media! The University of Houston Volleyball CAMP INFORMATION Stay up to date with the latest team news by following us on social media! 4-DAY ALL-SKILLS CAMP (No Overnight) Camp I: July 9-12, 2018 Camp II: July

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2017 Camp Card Leader s Guide

2017 Camp Card Leader s Guide 2017 Camp Card Leader s Guide 60 Wellington Road, Milford, Connecticut 06461 203-876-6868 * www.ctyankee.org Page 1 of 7 Your Scouts can earn their week at a Connecticut Yankee Council Camp this summer.

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Case 4:14-cv WTM-GRS Document 30-4 Filed 07/30/15 Page 1 of 8

Case 4:14-cv WTM-GRS Document 30-4 Filed 07/30/15 Page 1 of 8 Case 4:14-cv-00247-WTM-GRS Document 30-4 Filed 07/30/15 Page 1 of 8 MICHELLE FREENOR, STEVEN FREENOR, DAN LEGER, JEAN SODERLIND, and GHOST TALK, GHOST WALK LLC, UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE SOUTHERN

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Leadership cannot really be taught. It can only be learned. Harold Geneen

Leadership cannot really be taught. It can only be learned. Harold Geneen Winter/ Spring 2017 Dear Valley Shore YMCA Summer Camp Applicant, Thank you for your interest in a summer position at the Valley Shore YMCA. Working for a YMCA day camp is truly a wonderful way to spend

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AT THE CARL E. SANDERS YMCA AT THE CARL E. SANDERS YMCA WELCOME TO SUMMER CAMP! AT THE CARL E. SANDERS YMCA! Thank you for registering for our 2018 summer camp session at the Carl E. Sanders Family YMCA at Buckhead! This summer campers

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State of the City. Mayor Bill Houston City Manager Chris Dick. 1 State of the City Midlothian Chamber of Commerce

State of the City. Mayor Bill Houston City Manager Chris Dick. 1 State of the City Midlothian Chamber of Commerce State of the City Mayor Bill Houston City Manager Chris Dick 1 State of the City Midlothian Chamber of Commerce 14 November 2018 Growth & Development Managing Our Finances Quality of Life Public Health

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CAMP IRONWOOD 2018 (rising 1 st -5 th ) HYPE CAMP 2018 (rising 6 th -8 th ) Specialty Camps (rising 1 st -8 th )

CAMP IRONWOOD 2018 (rising 1 st -5 th ) HYPE CAMP 2018 (rising 6 th -8 th ) Specialty Camps (rising 1 st -8 th ) CAMP IRONWOOD 2018 (rising 1 st -5 th ) The Wacky Adventures of Professor I.Can.Travel.Alot Get ready to travel through various eras in Y Day Camp. A fun, energetic, program for rising 1 st -5 th graders,

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Camp Shakespeare 2018

Camp Shakespeare 2018 Camp Shakespeare 2018 Camp Shakespeare is a two-week University of Texas residential summer camp for young people, ages 11-16,* dedicated to ensemble playing with the plays of Shakespeare, exploring Shakespeare

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2017 Faculty Report. Office of Diversity, Equity, and Access

2017 Faculty Report. Office of Diversity, Equity, and Access 2017 Faculty Report Office of Diversity, Equity, and Access January 2017 Faculty Report 2017 Table of Contents Nondiscrimination Statement 2 Introduction 3 A. Office of Diversity, Equity, and Access 3

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JEFFERSON DAVIS HIGHWAY MARKERS By Kathy Hillman At the 1913 UDC Convention in New Orleans, President General Mrs. Alexander B.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HIGHWAY MARKERS By Kathy Hillman At the 1913 UDC Convention in New Orleans, President General Mrs. Alexander B. JEFFERSON DAVIS HIGHWAY MARKERS By Kathy Hillman At the 1913 UDC Convention in New Orleans, President General Mrs. Alexander B. White recommended that the UDC secure for an ocean-to-ocean highway from

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Marland s Grand Home Centennial Articles June to 1970

Marland s Grand Home Centennial Articles June to 1970 Marland s Grand Home Centennial Articles June 2016 1960 to 1970 ************************************************************************************* Note: Sixth in a series of twelve monthly articles

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2018 Summer Camp Schedule

2018 Summer Camp Schedule 2018 Summer Camp Schedule Visit us on the web at www.campcarew.org for the latest updates and informatio n Celebrating 66 yrs. in Camping Ministry 303 Hidden Bay Ln. Makanda, IL 62958 Pastors Name: Church

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SCHEDULE/AGENDA. NATA Certified CSR Program & Workshop

SCHEDULE/AGENDA. NATA Certified CSR Program & Workshop SCHEDULE/AGENDA NATA Certified CSR Program & Workshop The National Air Transportation Association (NATA) Certified CSR Program is a professionally administered customer service training course, which results

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COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE PLANNING COMMISSION MEETING. City and Borough of Juneau Mike Satre, Chairman. 6:00 p.m. August 12, 2014

COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE PLANNING COMMISSION MEETING. City and Borough of Juneau Mike Satre, Chairman. 6:00 p.m. August 12, 2014 COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE PLANNING COMMISSION MEETING City and Borough of Juneau Mike Satre, Chairman 6:00 p.m. August 12, 2014 I. ROLL CALL Dennis Watson, Vice Chairman, called the Committee of the Whole

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The Amador County Recreation Agency News

The Amador County Recreation Agency News April 2011 The Amador County Recreation Agency News 10877 Conductor Blvd., Suite 100, Sutter Creek, CA 95685 (209) 223-6349 ACRA@co.amador.ca.us Duck Race Waddle 5k & The Duck Race Inside this issue: Free

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Sault Ste. Marie YMCA March Break Day Camps 2018

Sault Ste. Marie YMCA March Break Day Camps 2018 Sault Ste. Marie YMCA March Break Day Camps 2018 Potential is the mind s right to imagine, the body s right to move and the soul s right to believe in itself. At the YMCA we believe potential is every

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A SUMMER TO DISCOVER A SUMMER TO DISCOVER Prospect Park YMCA Summer Day Camp 2012 Is your child ready for a summer of adventure? The Branch YMCA is about to embark on yet another fun and exciting summer of day camp. Welcome

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Ann Arbor YMCA Camp Al-Gon-Quian New Staff Member Application 2018

Ann Arbor YMCA Camp Al-Gon-Quian New Staff Member Application 2018 Ann Arbor YMCA Camp Al-Gon-Quian New Staff Member Application 2018 Dear Potential Camp Al-Gon-Quian Staff Member: November 1, 2017 Thank you for your interest in a summer staff position at YMCA Camp Al-Gon-

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Let s Make Art Together! The Dairy Barn Arts Center 8000 Dairy Lane Athens, Ohio

Let s Make Art Together! The Dairy Barn Arts Center 8000 Dairy Lane Athens, Ohio Let s Make Art Together! The Dairy Barn Arts Center 8000 Dairy Lane Athens, Ohio 45701 740-592-4981 Welcome to Snow Camp 2016-2017. We are excited to have fun in the snow, make art, and play games this

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Texas Longhorns Softball Camp

Texas Longhorns Softball Camp Texas Longhorns Softball Camp INFORMATION PACKET Welcome to the 2017 Longhorns Softball camp, and welcome to the University of Texas. This packet contains important camp information. It should answer most

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2017 Adopt A Cabin. Partnership Package. Ronald McDonald Camp is a program of the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House.

2017 Adopt A Cabin. Partnership Package. Ronald McDonald Camp is a program of the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House. Partnership Package Ronald McDonald Camp is a program of the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House. About Ronald McDonald Camp Each August, over two hundred campers pack their bags and head to Ronald McDonald

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(*The younger applicants must have reached 11 by January 1, )

(*The younger applicants must have reached 11 by January 1, ) Camp Shakespeare 17 Camp Shakespeare is a two-week University of Texas residential summer camp for young people, ages 11-16,* dedicated to ensemble playing with the plays of Shakespeare, exploring Shakespeare

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The meeting was called to order by Chairman, Ronald Good, at 7:00 p.m. and everyone joined in the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman, Ronald Good, at 7:00 p.m. and everyone joined in the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. REGULAR MEETING OF LURAY PLANNING COMMISSION The Luray Planning Commission met on Wednesday, May 13, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. in regular session. The meeting was held in the Luray Town Council Chambers at 45

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