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2 rirr op THE AMUSEMENT NDUSTRY'S LEADNG NEWSWEEKLY 4BC> JUNE 'dreams May Come True for Film Web Latest Efforts May 6 Years of Trying, By GENE PLOTNi[ \%- YORK-w dream of a film i rework in TV has inspired ournetous efforts la the put sis years, lait so far without alreeen. One recent development is con. tirlercd bs sonne in T\' to have the making' of film network. That was die sale of co- aponstyship of Ow new " Blondie, show to Wesson (hl sshieh will carry it on about trno stations cleared by the Vita - pi a corporation, an organization i:'! en, tied by stations. The \'itapir operation resembles netsonk operation to the estent it handles the sale of time on nation -wide basis in a single transaction. t is so similar to a 'let "-ink that Colgate Palmolive, in rra marring purchase of the other hull of "Blo ndk was said to have lire. in a quandary as to whether the armes should morne ont of its ipphpr ais urhsork budget. tapis usas organized over three tears ago. t originally operated solely as filin distributor. differ- ing from oilier distributors in tlsat its member stations got first refusal of its progranss. Twn years ago it gaempted to make the same type Br al it has made with "Blondie" but with a property titled "Parole (lief." it never got a sale. A main reason was said to base becte disagreement among the members about clearing for the show. The latest attempt to forma TV film network conne to the trade's attention last week when Ely landau, president of National Telefilm Associates, told the Senate interstate and Foreign Commerce Conunime that he had formed the NT.t Film Network. that it had sign. l.,ftdi.rtimi contracts with a numl.-r ' st.ttions and that he expected et r. be in operation in extobei Station Lack Binds Action YORK-What has con - all the serious!l'ogie a TV film network fi odd d to be the allocations hind es at the root of the Lontrenietides belog aired in Wash - u ae( hsle r r mn t r e cveedrey d o enough gat., in enough important mar- kets Pis"' were avails*-f_ For affiliation with smother chain. Ticks spews to eqlain why Ely l.and*i.-n cckbas be= trying to forts twett for flee years, sm lsplrl ABC, NBC (: ue not that to blarttót the Federal Commune. rations Commission is. Turn Trick After Blondje' o Sign? i auuulj, is one of the original filin -network theorists. lits 95 plan was called the Fine Federal -il' Film Network. Essentially it was a coopenttive programming scheme, thso one of t ultimate goal was the oie -transaction sale of time. The First Federal plan was stymied because of the so- called freeze when 08 TV stations were operating in 83 markets. Landau needed 30 affiliates. He was only able to get eight. Some of the programs that had been earmarked for the network became the nucleus for NTA. n 952 Landau took bis First Federal presentation to General Teleradio, owner of the Mutual ridio network. Tom O'Neil. president of GT and Mutual, had a recurring dream of a TV network made of film programs. GT made three substantial efforts to put various plans into operation, first in 952, then in 953 and last in 954, shortly before it consumated the purchase of RKO Radio from Howard Hughes. Es-en these were not the earliest efforts to make a film network. The nn 2e 4, NEWS OF Quiz Shows Get Hotter Than Ever With More Planned... The resurgence of quiz shows as a major form of. network TV programming has been one of the highlight developments of this past season. Furthermore, the trend is carrying over into next seas. " ti es<n gt atrr to rage ^- M -C-M Makes 3 -Way Entry nto Television Field... St-G -\ makes triple -entry into television with releases of 770 features and 900 shorts, u production schedule for network shows and plans for buying stations Page 8 Stepped -Up Package Record Promotion Pays Off in Sales... Stepped -up promotion on package goods by record labels this season is already paying off sales -wise, according to The Billboard's bestselling classical album chart this week. The list fedturres eight LP's which are on the chart For the first time. while three of the best sellers arc LP promotion 5 Latest New Coin Came Links Merits of Pool, Bowling.. Now the fum- seeker can shoot pool and go bowling at the same time. Making this possible is the latest coin -operated game to hit the market, which combines the play features of two long- popular amusement games -miniature pool and shuffle bowler. The new creation of United Manufacturing Company, Chicago, will soon make its appearance at neighborhood taverns and other locations across the country.!'ace l't TO STEEL PER WTH MKES AND CAMERA ATLANTC CTY-Steel Pier here will be vers much in the network TV and radio swim this summer, with NBC slated to present a 90 -minute spectacular from the vacation site in August, and three radio networks -CBS. ABC and Mutual-set to originale remote broadcasts from the Pier a total of five times a week. - Present plans call for NBC. TV to present its spectacular (probably in color) fmm George A.'lamid's Steel Pier August 2 from 7:30 to 9 p.m. Most of the action is expected to center around the rides and midway attractions, altho s portion of it will feature music from the ballroom. CBS radio will start broad. casting three times a week from the Steel Pier Ballroom, beginning Sunday (8) from 9:30 to 0 p.m. CBS will also carry remotes on Saturdays, 5-5:30 p.m. and on Friday nights. Mutual and ABC are air weekly half hour musical shows from the Pier on Wednesday and Saturday nights, respectively. Meanwhile, NBC -TV's "To. day" show had arranged two morning remotes. from Steel (Coruisnesi os /vtgc '0) Outdoor Showmen Prospect for Golden Lode This Season Many Areas to See Good Summer; Some Look for Even Better Fall - By HERB DOTTFN c CACO All segments of the outdoor industry face prospects of a good summer. Some, fair and carnivals principally, look for an even better fall. Generally. conditions affecting outdoor amusements at this point are more than a trifle better than at the corresponding point last year. Excepting in some areas, Mkhigan chiefly. employment is at or near all -time highs. n the rural sections, the farmers' spirits are rising.and are expected to continue to rise in the weeks ahead as they feel the effects of higher -tiara -'33 prices. for svlsat they sell. Few Areas Hit There are, to be sure. some drought -hit areas. Such water -short sections, however, are smaller in number and scope than those of last year. On the whole, the public's mind is conditioned to put out money for amusements. The average Joe and THE WEEK Modern Display Techniques Spell Profits for Record Dealers.., Competition at the retail level of the disk and phono business never slackens. Merchandising. conscious dealers with an eye for self -service and modern display techniques will get all the gravy in months and years to come. This week The Billboard shows dealers hose to modernize and streamline for maximum profit, a.ire l.,roi i ctaurinc nn Kill, 22 7 \r \inert. Caine Deck Arcades, l'.,rka. Tasems. An array of.,t..l game models hire moved into locations dintout the comitrs during the first six months of the sear. Output of new models is already running ahead of 955, when a record variety was produced. Coin pool games have been..i..., the most popular items over the past year. Others include pinball'. shuffle bowlers, base. ball games and f.:tune- telling machines. Page 24 Dirsalsn Ns su FEATURES Amusement Game. -, Merchandise Sr caralral - Music 7 Cirrus N.n,: Chan. 7 Caaaat Enns _.,...,,: n.naa Ni CLraied Ads l'.., e 'onus ' macaw U srtet...5 P,p n N Fan Liu 6 Radin 7 Felts a Erpssitioos... 2 Ris. sr nuls Senors r7 Gauls.. Lena LW... le: veadlna Machiner i General Outdoor 54 Tricolor's l Honor Roll of Has Sa ry Film s his missus haute that. this seiuu a presidential year, the powenthat-he will keep business rolling at a high level. So, he is in a mood to spend freely. To Joe and the missus, the tighter credit of the last few' months tended to get thorn to put off purchases of large- ticket items on time payments, to catch up on commitments previously made, and to put them. selves in a position to spend more for amusements. fn recent weeks, touring shows and amusement parks, which have had the weather with them, report per -capita spynding up. This mirrors the situation and spending mood of Joe and the missus. Polio Worries Ended There was a time only a few years ago when outdoor amusement operators had more to fret about than business conditions and the weather. They had to worn' about polio, which had dealt some of them some rugged blows. At long last, ops are finally convinced they on longer have to Worry about polio. The. Sulk vaccine has seen to that. The number of polio cases the country over is at an all -time low. Aim for Kiddies Outdoor showmen in many instances have turned their attention to upping patronage of youngsters whose numbers have mounted in lse with the nations population bulge. A few sears ago the soaring (Continued on page 54) Drop -Outs at All -Time Low CHCAGO - Cancellations of lairs in the U. S. and Canada has hit an all -time low. Not one of the.nore than scheduled for this year has been called off to date. This contrasts with an annual average of about 20 cancellations during the past 0 sears, principally because of polio epidemics but also be apse of drought or flux's. - Yuba cit. Calif., last December was hitsy a flood that put part of the fairgrounds under 2 feet of water but enrol recently decided to go ahuead-wi.h a token run. Bethany, Mo.. is hand -bit by drought, but directors of the Northwest Missouri State Fair there hate voted to stage an abbreviated version, three days Unread of the usual six. ÔN TAMEStFiow wcky You ARE m.g.m 2293 K22ß8

3 2 THE BLLBOARD SENATE PROBERS DUE TO GRLL FCC Expected to Query o On Allocations Now - WASHNGTON The Senate Commerce Committee TV probers are expected to call back the Federal Communications Commission for further grilling over its delay in getting out a remedial allocations puling, now that network hearings have been concluded. Last week. the Committee heard the testimony of the CBS, NBC and ABC affiliates. Net option time came in for heaviest questioning, as it had during the testimony by presidents of CBS, NBC and ABC, the previous week (The Billboard. June 23). Acting Chairman Pastore asked CBS affiliate's John Haves, pnsiden of \\TOP -TV in Washington, "f we cut off one hour in prime time -what happens? This will be our main problem." He added that the Committee could accept the must -buy concept for advertising support, but the testimony of Dick Moore (KTTV, Los Angeles) and other independent programmers raised a question of possible need for curtailment of net option time. When Hairs claimed net optioi time was the basis for the present development of American television, Committee Counsel Cox pointed out a contradiction: Affiliates claim they can refuse clearance for net programs at any time, without pressure or reprisal by nets, yet they also claim the nets can't function without the option -time contracts. Haves answered that the contract structure was needed for net's assurance in going ahead with large -scale national and public service programming. Medium and small market affiliates of all three nets claimed that net programming actually enabled them to afford more film and independent program productions. Su. periority of nets and affiliates in the field of public service and educational programming was so heavily documented by ABC affiliate spokesman Sarkes Tarzian (WTTV, Bloomington, nd.); that even Senator Bricker, instigator of net regulation by government, smilingly admitted, c'ou've proved your point." The only exception to the parade of praise for the nets was the protest of Westinghouse Broadcasting Gen. Electric Buys 'Arrow' HOLLYWOOD- Cenerai Electric this week reportedly bought "Broken Arrow," an adult Western produced by TCF -TV, to fill its 9-9:30 p.m. Tuesday night period on ABC -TV. The show, which presents ndians in a favorable light, was aired on the 20th Century-Fox hour earlier this spring. G. E. is also sponsor of the Fox hour. r n Del of New Rules That Web Study's Over Company President Donald. McCannan. He had high praise for net program "creativity but felt they were progranming "in excess of option periods" and "bringing about a corresponding reduction" in local programmin g hours. McCannon also proposed five -year contracts for net affiliates and voiced strong objection to government regulation and to any "head -in -the- tent" trials for toll television He recommended keeping VHF at full power in metropolitan nations to prevent "shocking" reduction in service to large arras of the population. At future hearings the Commit - tee is expected to ask the FCC about this particular cases of station grants held up on "legal technicalities" of rival station owners or construction permit holders. No date has been set for resumption of hearings. Menkin Busy With Projects NEW YORK -\William Mortis has lined up several writing assignmenta for writer Larry Menkin, who last week left for the Coast. fenkin is also packaging a new TV film series, "Main Street, U.S.A.," which features stories to be shot on location in 39 different cities. t will be submitted to Holly - wood vidfilm makers for 957 release. Menkin is the creator of "Rocky King, Detective" and "Monodrama Theater." 'QUESTON'S MPETUS TELEVSON Communications to 564 Broadway, New Yak 36. N. Y. JUNE 30, 956 BOLGER GVES - NEW YORK NBC and Ray Bolger gave General Foods the full treatment last week. A closed- circuit of a Bolger show was staged to give the prospective dient an idea of his next season's presentation which goes 20 weeks, 8-9 Tuesdays. General Foods was most entranced with Bolger's singing of "Once in Love With Jello," the TV version of "Once in Love CLENT A LOOK Gen. Motors in 'W, WW' Buy HOLD ONTO TME - Tuesday 8:30-9 p.m. slot. Sheaffer has already closed a deal with CBS to air "The NEW YORK The Brothers" in that resistance time period on alternate weeks. of the automotive companies, except for Ford, to network TV may Maytag reportedly will be the be softening. General other sponsor. Motors this week bought an hour of the hour The new show, a CBS -Desilu - and -a -half, "Wide, \Vide World. Sunday afternoon, bi - monthly spectacular on NBC -TV, renewing two- thirds of its last season's spon- Burns -Allen sorship. The purchase was for its United Motors subsidiary which includes Delco batteries, Guide Lamp and Reruns for - Fall other products. NBC is hopeful that General Motors will buy the NEW YORK The idea of last third of the program shortly. using network reruns during the regular season is gaining increasing acceptance at CBS -TV. The NBC nks Wesson, latest indication is the web's decision to program the reruns of the Polk to Contract - Burns and Allen show as a Saturday early evening entry- next sea- NEW YORK NBC -TV last son if a bankroller can be found. week signed Gene Wesson and This past season, CBS -TV has Gordon Polk to a talent contract. been airing the reruns of " Love The comedy team has been excel- Lucy" Saturdays 6:30-7 p.m. unlently received in night clubs in der the sponsorship of Lehn & this area. Fink and is now trying to find They will be used on variety another bankroller for them in the shows. A property will also be same time slot. Burns and Allen blueprinted to take advantage of is targeted for the 7-7:30 time their talents. slot, Saturdays. Sheaffer Maytag Force Shriner Cut NEW YORK- CBS -TV, faced with an adament refusal of two irate sponsors -Sheaffer Pen and Maytag -to go along with the web's plan to put an hour Herb Shriner show into their Tuesday night time period, has bowed to the bank - rollers' wishes and has effected a compromise solution. The web has cat the Shriner show to a half hour, thus paving the way for Sheaffer and probably Maytag to retain ownership of their Quiz Shows Get Shot in Arm With New Ones Coming Up By LEON MORSE NEW YORK -The most significant development in TV today is the tremendous success of the recharged audience participation show as exemplified by "The $64,000 Question." This summer and next season three more such shows -"High Finance," "Treasure Hunt" and "Twenty- One "-will take off in search of viewers. They will be in addition to "The Big Sur- prise" and "The $64,000 Challenge" -two post -"$64,000 Question programs -which have scored heavily on TV. Another nosy on, "Do You Trust Your Wife?" has not done as well. MONEY- SAVNG SUBSCRPTON ORDER Enter my subscription to The Billboard for a full year (52 issues) at the rate of $2 (o considerable saving over single copy rotes). Foreign rote $24. Name Occupation or Title Company Address Payment enclosed Sill,ere City Zone Slate Send o: The Billboord, 260 Patterson St., Cincinnati 22, O. g69 And a not unlikely possibility is that Revlon's "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World," hybrid presentation distantly related to these programs, will lock horns with " Love Lucy" next season. NBC -TV is trying to move the show into Mondays, 9-9:30 p.m. Blocking the deal is the fact that it has sold "mpact" to Pond's two out of three weeks each month. The third week, however, remains to be sold, and unless this is accomplished, Revlon may have the time period. "Producer's Showcase" occupies the fourth week. mpression Felt The resurgence of the quiz show evidently has made itself felt with advertisers, audiences and network program officials. "mpact" is a NBC package in which it has an investment exceeding $200,000. NBC's willingness to oust "mpact" is obviously based on the belief it can hurt "Lucy." With the resurgence of the supercharged audience participation show has come the death of old quiz presentations. ABC has dropped such vehicles as "Down You Co," "Dollar a Second," "Penny to a Million," "Stop the Music" and "Break the Bank." "Beat the Clock; tho dropped by Sylvania, may return Saturdays, 7-7:30. if CBS.can find a client. Two other old audience particlpation shows, "Masquerade Party" and "Name That Tune," however, did well last season and will return. The revitalization of the quiz show on the netaorks has occurred without the help of CBS and NBC program execs. They are quick to state their dislike for such shows. Only ABC has been partial to quiz shows because it suited its program needs. Even with limited clearances. ABC can be used by advertisers sponsoritg quiz shows for satisfactory cost -per-thousand ratings. Lesser Times The interesting thing about the success. of the revived quiz show is that most of them are being programmed in less important prime time periods. Only "Treasure Hunt" on ABC, which goes 9-9:30 p.m. Fridays, is being programmed between 8 and 0 p.m. "Question" and "Challenge" are on Tuesdays at 0 and Sundays at 0, respectively. "High Finance" will be on Sat. urdays at 0:30 and "Twenty-One," Wednesdays at 0:30. But the injection of suspense, human interest and big money prizes has combined to prevail upon the public. And as the public goes, so go the advertisers and the networks, property co-starring Bob Sweeney and Gale Gordon, is about van brothers who operate a photo studio in San Francisco. Ed Feldman is the producer; Hy Merhe is the director of the show. "The Brothers" will replace "Navy Log." a CBS Film Sales property, which will probably be turned over to CLS Film Sales for rerun syndication. Barring any further changes,r`:.. Shriner show, which will be sponsored by Pharmaceuticals, nc., will air 9-9:30 p.m. There's a possibility, however, that CBS may chango its mind about putting Shriner on the air in a half -hour form. The web, it's known, has felt strongly that the Shriner show required an hour's air time if it was to realize its fullest potential. Kovacs Sub's 'Tic Tac Toe' NEW YORK -NBC -TV is putting a new audience participation show titled Tic Tac Toe" into the 0:30 - a.m. strip, replacing the Ernie Kovacs show. Jack Barry will emcee the new gainer. Meanwhile. NBC's plans to move "Ding Dong School" up to the 9:30-0 a.m. strip are being bold in abeyance. Billboard The loused lmelrei WO* mme4 Founded 894 by W. H. Data Publishers Roger S. Littleford Jr. Wiliiam D. litttefotd E. W. Evan Pres. & Tram. M. L Reuter Vic. -Prs. k aatence W. C,itMO Slay. Editors Paso Ackerman...Muk -Radio Edna N. Y, Herb Dotter Outdoes Edit, Chic Rebt. Cketmeier.Coin Math Edrtor. Chigi We,. J. Sacew.Exec. News Editor. Cirier Leon Moru...Tetevision News Edita, N. Managers and Divisions E. W. Evans Main Office. Cincirrm* R. S. Littietad Jr Murrt -Radio Ow.. N. Y. Sem Chase...TNevban Divakon, New Yell Lee 2Nto... west Coast TV Division. L. P. M. L Reuter ' Outdoor Division, Odata Hilmer Stark..Coin Mach. Division, Offices Ctrxtneau El. sew Patterson M. e W. Evans Phone: OVabar 4430 New York M, 044 Rruadwq W. D. utuetord Phone: Maas Chkaao. M W. Randolph t maraud L. Reuter Phone: CEntra HM Hollywood sa, 0000 Sunset ate` sua. Abbott Phone: trml0wood swat St. touts. 3 0 Arcade atdldins Prank B. Joerlua Thaw Cnesknut ON] waihbytan S SL, N.W. Neste Bureau rhear. NAtionat H74 Advertising Managers Outdoor -Mdse... C. J. Lesck, CincWVYtt. Music -Rada _ Dan Collins, New Ye* Rickard Ford, adopt retev,r,on......andrew Csida. New Yak, Coin MarNne Circulation Department B. A. Bruns, Director Clndritli k Main Advertising and Circulation 0f0/6 260 Patterson St., Cincinnati 22. R+M akkmv4 nus losable!a ads crac, 0 M V.s:A. and canada. Mt eeaesm, pl lwharrtbere. when should glee old no WM changes/.d&c LMN weakly. Entered u waled droa matter Atm. 4. M7, at Pool North a. t07í Cartsbl rr SM tes ainbaare rubes:ant Ca.mnw. Mood Mae PsbaaSu" Vend. tnaltaam of automatic men Maw:Rib. one 'var. H. veto. Ne ib -

4 UNE THE BLLBOARD TELEVSON 3 NARTB OKAYS PLAN FOR NATONAL VDEO WEEK Blacklist Findings Reported; Solution Up to ndustries \',tl.~rt.i..t. 4í. i -' hr a glair-riot too. -;n ate flottótd faith the slogan: "rational Tek- 'Arks Week- featuring the finest ea htainineenttarbpaaaiejst." to. esal showing a TV let and =OM o! of National Tekvi spot. Wreraye Radia Electronics erg Television Manufacturers As. it a Television Bureau of g and the National Appliance. Radio and TV Dealen Association. Teamed with NARTB, then will join forces n putting out ipetial kits for all stations - to include opaques, slider, announce meats. frattme material, promotion aril program ideas, suggested pow. amatmms and *monied gimmicks for telling John Q. Public that television is here to stay in a tery bit way. 'lw big feature of the TV week promotion will he a startler. lltth slsnlrsnen say - possibly comsat araus. ti.r nat..n. All M big TV Man slatting Welt fan daces= will promote the des on their own shown and on special shows programmed by the net works for the big week. Chic and nternal organizations oil be part of the TV mere. -go- mimeo' celebration. The TV in. dustry will participate nulls special displays. and dealen will tw pro. vided with streamers and other gala stuff during the week. n other cities. the TV board amended the television code to allow producen and distributors of recorded programs to become aliti. late subscribers, with a special seal and announcement designating the product's adherence to the NARTB code. The Code Reviews Board who tightened its ndes on commercials that run overtime into programs. TV board chairman elected for the coming sear s Campbell Arnow. 'TAR -T', Norfolk. with Kenneth.. Carter, '.A\t lv'. Baltimore, sice.ttsairnsan. Houwink: f Sponsors Choose, Stations Lose N'-SNCTO \ --A grim pi. titre of what would happen if TV stations depended for revenue on national and regional spot advertis- ;na, "n here advertisers have cam. e reaiunn of selection of sta. and market." as against the network frame of option time and must-buy politics, was given the Senate Commerce Committee at T' hearings lint week. :rderick S, itonwink (WMAL-. \t ;rshinglmr), chairman of the Television Affiliates Acsociatiuln. nid that amont; the 3,800 national and regional accounts asúig spot TV Ln the first quarter, this geai. rws Ì.n 2 per rent used mer 3e. l per cent used _o..r r.. 'then site, choice oar loft to them. liouwink's ligures were taken from a survey trade especially for the ABC affili. ate group n Television Pu. react o Advertising and the N. C. Rorabaugh Company. fie. Rorabaugh Data Ewen anorag the 00 largest national sod regional spot buyers. who accounted for nearly twothirds w total spot revenue of $ made by 2,702 ad. sertkeu during the 956 first quarter. ouly 3 per cent used 73 AS note stations. according to Roritsatgh data. O these large spot investors. only " r rent used between 50 and..)tionis, and the remaining 43 t.r teat used less than 50 stations. The stirrer gave %samples of wide differences among top adret. tilers in their decisions on number and distrfoution of stations to be Procter fir Gamble, spend. t lose to $ in spot T\ ro the first quarter. used St 5ationt for ('test toothpaste anti nrtit tr i... T,tlr tl,tr,.r,,t. Brin r. A %N..0, utnl Lit \ abri n,s for Aunts and only 94 tut' it. Raleigh cigarettes. This, Hou. wink pointed out to the Senators, n spite of the fact that both these lnns ptttdncts na e national diy- T:,- trit;tt,, r.r, grr, l..,, :,:! sont, find rti afoot. t,.tt,,,r,.ti, tit.tttl.rt our...s ' M.., mar.(t. :\inox;; tl.r ',sorts lar; et titir. t'. drat loner of tire Yrala,oat ait- ettistn dollar than the stnalirr. ur these u.non. he asked the Senate committee and the Federal Communications Corn. mission to reject "any suggestion that networks he required to fore. go" any of their option time. Snell regulation. he believes, would " completeh disrupt the system of hnstmntaueous net programming. The "real" limiting factor in odas's restricted competition in TV. is in the "table of channel allocations" toussink concluded. No change in network option time will alter it." ABC Returns 0:30 to Alf ils AT-V YORK - ABC -T' has given up any plans it might have hacl for expanding its progrun miug into the 0:30. p.m. perm next season and Juts informed its affiliates they can have the 0:30. period every day except Wednesday and Sahlnlan. The %Vednesdav night period is occupied by the Palest- Mennen fights. ABC is now truing to gel Ralston -Purina to sponsor "Grand Ok Oprs" Satunlays 0:30. p.m., but if Ralston turns the deal down, the Saturday period will probably be turned back to the stations loo, coming next wed' N THE JULY 7 SSUE lunitttfi ui l:',r unsl tut tia t, public. study on bladtnmíng io radio. TV and the movies nu a issued this week ln two separate rotunses. The reports. drawn. up by John Costley, formerly executive editar of the Canmonssta l. are. it the words of Fund Board Chaumas Paul C. Hoffman, "a dorm fob in very difficult field" Ans one seeking pat solution for an admittedly Hamy problem will not find it in these volumes. sthic-ik provide considerable background material and interpretation of historical events leading to the present situation. Best, as Hoffman states. Cogley `has brought in no indictments and has offered no FCC Asks Stations' Evaluation of Rules ASil(NCON - lrleswuon stations were called on 'ednes day (20) to help the Federal Corn. manications Commission appraise the "adequacy and wisdom" of cur rent chain broadcasting rules bv supplying information on their operations to the Network Study committee. A letter sent to television stations by FCC Network Study Director Roscoe L. Barrow, was accompanied by a seven-page questionnaire requesting information on the opportunities of affiliated and independent stations to secure national, regional and local advertising. The group also wants to know if stations have the opportunity to take advantage of net and non -net program sources, and initiate local programs to supply the needs of people sen -ed by the pa-... "ar station Specific nfo Stations were asked to prositi specific infonnation on these a. conflicts. The formal blacklist came n.:. being. wading to Cogley. w itb lift' widely publicized cases of involving Jean Muir. Bill Sweets. rene Wicker and Elmer Rice. altlm "political discrimination" liad existed before that time with certain shows under the n. fluent* of Communists and their sympathizers and anti- Communists honer out. Become. jelled The Muir case. loneyer, had the effect of institutionalizing the blacklist behind closed doors. "The strategic her was secrecy" says Cogies.. if there were a discreet tirhnie net ptograins. boll) corn. menial and sustaining. in the non -net categon, both sponsored and participating types are included. whether local live or local film, syndicated film or feature film. The third ggrrooup. not -riet sus - taining. still include local live or local film. syndicated fihrt, feature film and others. Barron's letter called the need for the study "obvious" because the rules have not been substantially clanged since their adoption for radio more than 3 scars ago. hutcrim expansion of radio, plus rapid development of television and network broadcasting, makes it "essential that fe Commission re- appraise the efficacy of these rules in achieving their objectives, ABC-TV Near prcts of their operations: Rates for C r all n chasses of tien. both national and local; whether the station is interconnected by AT&T or private facility if net affiliated, program types -educational. religious. enter tainsnent, etc, -and amount of each type: approximate length of announcements for spot and participating announcements. net revente from non -network time sales and type of advertisers. The network Study group also rerpested a summary of program source and sponsorship status for 5- minute program units during a composite week made up of Mon - dew, December 2; Tuesday. Jannary 24; Wednesday. Fehruars 5; Thursday. March l: Friday. March 30; Saturday, April 2. and Sunday. Mar- B. The breakdown asked for will mnibu NEW YORK -ABC appears to be well on its way to a sell -out of "Omnibus." which will air Sunday nights 9.0:30 p.m. next season. The web this week closed a deal ss id, Union Carbide to bankroll one.giutarter nl lse show. which puts "Omnibus" on the half -sold list. Aluminum, Ltd.. previously renessed its co urtcr stake in the show. Additionally. its considered very likely that J P. Stevens. one of the current bankrollcn, will renew its one -forth interest. and American Can Company reportedly has taken an option on one -fourth also - f both their deals are closed, the show will be completely sold out. Results of the Al- ndustry Balloting in The Billboard's 4th Annual TV Program and Talent Awards c,..t.:t.!! tt..-.!: i: as.! ti'-:,diy:uttq not hired ur site liberal groups n... orated.' The situation as it finally emerged. according to ( ogler, was that "ea-cry major network had executives appointed to implement its screening policies. The most important agencies assigner) top. level executives to we tbu no cots takes were made. There *sere pnsiessional cvnsaultsnts olio for a lee supplied dossiers on pruspcslwe performers and writen. And all this machinery w a s working smoothly and largely behind chard doom. Arrangements were verbal; very little was written down. Crest care was taken to avoid the charge of conspiracy. The industry. ne. boding the word 'blacklist." re. treated to high semantic grouucls whenever the questkm came up. But no one denied that certain persons "tould not scoria until thee 'cleared"-and that was syhat most people meant when they spoke of blacklisting." i.etting Up Alttto there were hnlicatiuus last winter that "things were letting up" and some talent found wink for the first time in a considerable period. "sns anticipations t h a t blacklisting was coming to an end were premature," the volume states. Now pressures weir, applied. Cogley feels that the TV industry as, in effect. agreed lo right to hire, Mile this polies is accepted and the pressure continues. there is little chance that blacklisting can be brought to au end," Artists con clear themselves only hnr n process of convincing sec. eral key "clearance men" in the industry that they have n good case. While this process is "possible," and dozens have gone flint it. Cogles points out that it is at best complex and poorly defined. Coglw concludes that: "if the American businesses. which together comprise the radio -T' industry. are to assume the burdens of government, they muss also assume the responsibility for dispense ing justice. They cannot have R both ways. They cannot argue on the one hand that economic considerations come before all else, and. on the otter, speak glowingly of the contribution 'business states- manship' is making to a busbies.. oriented democratic socici, " Reynolds Adds To 'Service' Buy for Fall NEW YORK -R. J. Retttojds has aught an additional alternate half horn of ABC-TV's news "'ite Service show for nest reason, thereby increasing its ownership of the show to a half hour evert week. The other half of the tour show, which is scheduled to air Thursdats 9.0 p.m.,' is still snail - able for sale. Reynolds' purchase rra the additional piece of "Wire Service" eliminates the possibility of its busing BCT's riday, 0-0:30 p.un., r hint t haul optioned. PROGRAMMNG - rsr set r wnrursl tr rhmtoy THE BLLBOARD - rr ta wow.: ',WM...

5 4 TELEVSON THE BLLBOARD /UNE 30, 956 Dreams of Film Webs May Come True Yet,imferitrrrl f,v.rv!r )vvvc:t' very first such attempt was made by Norman Chandler, president of The Los Angeles Times. which owns KFíV. n 950, Chandler conceived the idea of organizing a co- operative programming chain among all the newspaper -owned stations, including The Daily News' \VPX in New York and The Chicago 'l'ribunr c WGN -TV. Chandler made a production deal with Terry Fairbanks, who started to turn out half a dozen shows. But the scheme was not able to get sufficient station support. Chandler then formed Consolidated TV Sales to syndicate the prngr:uns. u those early years, 050 -'52, two other networking efforts were made, one by Bruce Eells, now Western division vice- president of Television Programs of America, the other by Paramount Pictures. Eels, then pinning a radio h.unscription business of his own, had a network type of operation going with a couple of hundred sta- tions. le wanted to apple the some concept to operation of TV. Para Attempt Paramount tried to line up a chain of stations to carry Lines of progr-ams produced by KTLA, its station in Los Angeles. This rem suited in a syndication operation under the banner of Paramount TV Productions, which finally was dried up altogether three icars ago. n the past three sears four different such plans have been presented to stations. A vear ago larry Trenner, now sales vicepresident of Mutual, was trying to line up stations for his Station Film Library. He proposed to supply Clients Weigh Dunninger Nix NEW YORK -- American Tobacco and Pearson Pharmacal have all but decided to drop their Don - ninger show at the end of Use sommer to replace it with a new property at the beginning of the season. The basakrollers have already been looking at new shows to put into their choice ABC Wednesday 8:30-9 p.m. time slot directly. following "Disneyland." NBC Talks SG Westerns NEW YORK - NBC -TV is negotiating with Screen Cents for the purchase of 30 or 52 Charlie Starrett Western feature films for airing Saturday mornings starting next season. The network is trying to latch onto Pillsbury as the sponsor of the \\'.sterns. ZT'B FUN \/PQ guaranleet fou REDUCE iraffc RATNGS SALES Five quorter hours per week. lacked by merchandising tie -ins that make it o soles- winning natural! GULD FLMS 460 PARK AVE NEW YORK MU The Billboard... television's WEEKLY PROGRAMMNG and TME -BUYNG GUDE -rom spot to spectacular the stations with perpetual rights to soap operas in return the fir..: ems, which he planned to sell to national sponsors. Two yesic ago Judie Kaufm &n, manager of XETV, San Diego, Calif., tried to get about 50 small stations together to sell shows nation -wide at 50 per cent of card rate. in the fall of 953, Matty Fox, just before lie put \lotion Pictures for Television into the syndication business, tried to get stations to clear one night a week for protoanuning to be supplied by APTV. Lee Plan About three years ago is gentleman in Milcvankee told stations he was going to produce film for simultancous airing on what he would call the Lee nternational TV Network. Another recent venture with filar network possibilities was National Affiliated Stations, set up by N'fA and Central Electric over a year ago to aid ailing UM: stations. A couple of major market stations showed interest in NATS with the expectation that it would become a co-operative program operation. NATS died last fall when the Federal Communications Commission took an anti- deiuitennixture police. Alexander Gets. 'Town' Reruns OLLi' \VOOD-M & A Alexander has taken over distribution of "Big Town" reruns for next season. For the orgainization, which previously handled only feature pic packages, it marks the entry into telefilm syndication. The 39 half hoirs seen on the net during the season are involved. Reruns of the Lever Bros. sponsored series. starring and produced by Mark Stevens, have been sy nclicated each year following the web exposure. Still not completely settled is whether the program will continue or NBC -TV next season, tbo indications are to the negative. More Supply Of 'Our Gang NEW YORK- Stations may get a chance to refurbish their success- ful "Our Gang programs now that M -C -M lias come to a decision about TV distribution. Metro has a group of 50 "Our Cang" films, which it will probably put into the 'ív market in clue lime, nterstate group of 93 "Our Gang" comedies, which it calls "The Little Rascals," first hit in the fall of 954. Shortly thereafter a smaller group of silent "Our Cangs" was put into TV by Onyx Pictures. Stations have been seeking a worthy continuation since then. Metro also has close to 750 Cartoons, all in color. Plans 2 Weekly Packages - NEW YORK United Press Movietone News is planning to produce weekly news and sports packages for TV. The programs will be available for fall, starting with the election campaign and progressing tiro the Australian Olympics. Titles of the shoes will be "The News Report" and "The Sports Report." Distribution will be thou the national and world UP system. just as is being done on its daily. services. ADVSORY BOARD SURVEY Minute Men Attack Jones' Stand on Ads if the majority of ad agencies and sponsors in This TV Editorial Advisory Board survey supported Ernest Jones, president of Mcìianus, john & Adams, by voting TV as a supplementary ail medium, they also denounced his opinion on the limitations of 60- second blurbs. The question in point, as put to the board, asked: "(ones said 60 seconds is 0,)- fleeting n sell expensive products. Do von agree?" n a hind voice down the line, the industry said, "No." Among the stations 80 per cent rejected the idea; agencies, 55 per cent; web sponsors, 77 per cent; local and regional sponsors, 63 per cent; distributors, 54 per cent, and producers, 7 per cent. Said a number of station men, " \Ve can show testimonialsjones could be buried by them that cars have been sold successfully by 60- second blurbs or even less." it was further pointed out that in any given program. 60 seconds is not the limit of time and that any advertiser can juggle sis total time, taking more here and css there according to his needs. What of Other Media? Another point the board stated emphatically was the one regarding TV in relation to liter media. "Why penalize TV for things Alual other media do not perform?" was a succinct question asked by a station man. This, in reference to the stand taken by the majority of the board that magazine and newspaper ads rarely get as much as 60 seconds of attention from their readers. Ahho a few called attention to the fact that there are many sales points to cover and 00 seconds gives little time to do so, a substantial reply disagreed. 'while admitting that the goods could not actually be sold in a minute. The job of die TV conmmercial, they said, like any print ail. is to whet the appetite, stimulate the interest and leave the actual selling to the salesman. t could be expected that some respondents world mention the irritation quotient in longer blurbs. But here the matter of length got some cogent thoughts. Consensus: t's not the length that matters so much as the way it's handled. Even a 20- second colnnrrrial can be irritating and seem long. Prestige Shows? Point No. 3 in this survey posed the folios, iug question: "Do you believe durable goods manufacturers should sponsor prestige programs, such as Ad Agencies Say... ENRi' i.. MLLER, TV director. \CllE \ER & O'CONNOR, Harrisburg, Pa.: "TV's job is to 'sell the sizzle, not the steak.' Advertisers should concentrate on creating the desire to boy to get the buyer into the showroom where he can see the product itself, touch it, ride in it, cook on it." \AXFELD GBBONS, nceonnt eseeutivr, KETCH- UM, McLEOD & GROVE. New York: "While something can be done to lend prestige. selling of durable goods, like lower- ticket items, still depends in most rases on reaching the big audience. A tremendous percentage of population can now afford... white goods, TV sets, automobiles. t's really a mass market." Stations Say... RCHARD MOORE, president, KTTV, Hollywood: "The proof (of a minute spot's power) is that its bring done to the time of more than $.5)00, a year in 'rv advertising expenditures How many seconds does the reader spend on a static three -color page in Life magazine?" JAMES D. RUSSELL, president KKTV, Colorado Springs, Colo.:."nt handles this jolt (of selling espensive products) by permitting an advertiser to combine two or three announcements into one longer one in his program." iiarmon L. DUNCAN, president, \VT \'D. Durham, N. C.: "Advertising never replaces the salesman this is as true of beans as autos. A minute is a very substantial time to discuss any product. More would likely hurt, considering the intensity of the' TV pitch." V. V. CLARK, general manager, KOOK -TV, Billings, Mont.: "Consider bow long the average reader spends with the average print ad, which carries only one appeal.,. p Wi,F.ARD WAF.BRiDGE, general manager, KTRK- TV, touston: "These pioneer broadcasts (Oldsmobile's first over WW-TV) cd to a long series of smart Coe.iatioa of one key ex-.:tithe from each leading sponsor advenisine aeon+,. 7V broadcaster, and film company. fire spectaculars, or should they buy shows for the best cost per thousand?" sere the voting was not nearly so clear Sot..4th the over -all tally favored cost- per -thousand, as the main criterion, there were many "don't know" votes and many ahslainees, as well as voting nc both. \Vhs? The board felt that a emod selling sob could not be dole by prestige alone, that the specs must be thought of as an addition to other programming. Among stations 7 per cent leaned tossanl cost per llmnsanl: agencies. 6 per cent, e i t, sponsors, 37 per cent: regional and local sponsor,*.5 per crud; distributors, 60 per cent, and prndurers, 35 ncr cent. Those favoring spee nrngu,anmring preseet, ae sue of,le!fpusp "\Vtu't is exoensive hrse days?" they asked. The highs- nriced gaols are n, ei nine more and more within reach of 5.. tnnllitndes. Likes ise. these prestige shows sue reaching the spry audits-ice cchirb c.ul afford buy. HOW THEY VOTED believe Montle r'u'di mamrfnetere.hnutd sponsor 'vests, proenm., uri re +peduct.., or should the, hue.hoot fur lse be. cost per huo.and: Cost lino rreetire Per!bootee. biro.. station t la. Agencies e \etonu Sponsors... J 3 5 Reeling!. Loral and Spol 4d.rrtlsers 3 - nl,rrlhnlnn 2 a Producen... 7 Joliet.aid n second. s uric Do,00 agree' 37 Al!7 ns netting tu pell esptn.n" nrud- Poet l'n!yo knew Stations sd lgenrir 2 it.etwnrk Sponsor. 7 Reennal. Loral and Spot Advertisers,ni,,db.unr Producers ad,crlising buys in ''V including everything hoe to spectaculars. Most of all they developed vibrant and çomlxlling csmimercial treatmentpleasant, entertaining but with good sell. Look at lbe resells. They now outsell Pontiac by 20 per cent..and Jones, who prefers to nl Pontiacs by the printed word, has tried TV 'only ante and didn't like it. The significant thing is that at one time Pontiac outsold Olds." Sponsors Say. in the next TV Editorial Advisory Board study: TV LOOKS AT THE FCC DAVD JOHNSON, vice- president, NTERSTA LFE & ACCDENT NSURANCE, Ctrattanoo Hie use public expects durable goods manufacturer,' present the spectaculars going one better alw titan other advertisers." s 34 Producers Say... ALBERT iect, partner, BLL STUR \ STUDOS nc., New York: "Who has suggested to hones t 60 seconds is the limit of his time? Does not Ford lice minute- and -a -half commercials on its spectaculars? The Federal Communications Commission allows' judgment and taste in how long to nun your commercial within the framework of a show. Tose enough, J there is a limit as to the amount of time you can free out of a show, but good institutional and good sell'. commercials can hold. entertain, and sell your viewotai regardless of time measured by seconds. f Jormo feels. that 60 seconds isn't enough to sell Pontiacs, then let his curiosity, dictate his movements let Trim find'; not from his associates that you can nun a commercial more than a minute. f Jones refines to use minnier and -n -half commercials within his show's, t will Arrange for many film producers to screen one -minuse films that have successfully sold durable goods." NORMAN C. LNDQUST, Wilding Pictures. Chi - vagn: "The 00 -second commercial becomes too fleeting oily when an attempt is made to cover too many selling points. One -minute commerci,ils are von. sistently proving effective csierc the story is Lett simple and only one or two major points are coyer '5 7 F 77

6 UNE THE BLLBOARD TELEVSON 5 The Fund for the Republic is pleased to announce the Winners of the 956 ROBERT E. SHERWOOD AWARDS for television programs dealing with freedom and justice THE BEST NETWORK DRAMA $20,000 THE BEST NETWORK DOCUMENTARY $20,000 THE BEST PRODUCTON BY AN NDEPENDENT STATON $5,000 to the National Broadcasting Company's production of ALCOA's TRAGEDY N A TEMPORARY TOWN PRODUCER DRECTOR WRTER Herbert Brodkin Sidney Lurnet Reginald Rose to the National Broadcasting Company's production, of Armstrong Circle Theatre's WAS ACCUSED PRODUCER DRECTOR WRTER David Susskind William Corrigan Jerome Coopersmilla t0waam -TV, Baltimore, Maryland for its production DESEGREGATON: BALTMORE REPORT PRODUCER DRECTOR WRTER Herbert B. Caltta,, Kennard Calfee Mrs. Gray Johnson Poole Honorable Mention OMNBUS: Cosstitatioa Columbia Broadcasting System KRAFT THEATRE; Oat National Broadcasting Company PHLCO PLAYHOUSE: A Mo. s Tea Feet Toll National Broadcasting Company PAGEANT: x Freedom KOMO, Seattle. Washington N THE MNDS OF MEN KPtX. San Francisco, California THS S OUR FATH -starch 28, 958 WATV. Newark, N. J. TWN CTY HEART BEAT: The nriaibte Fina KEYD, Minneapolis, Alino. CAMERA THREE SERES Columbia Broadcasting S)atetn FRONTERS OF FATH SERES National Broadcasting Company FRONTER SERES National Broadcasting Company Kermit Bloomgarden Buell G. Gallagher Robert M. Purcell Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt Jurors: Gilbert Seldes Robert Taft, Jr. Harrison Tweed Philip H. Wrillkie The Awards for television programs dealing with freedom and jilsticc oreuented on commercial television between October, 955 and May 3, 956 are in memory of Robert E. Sherwood, until his death a Director of the Fund for the Republic and a valiant champion of American liberties. The Awards will be made again next year, for programs presented between October, 956 and May The Fund for the Republic is a non -profit corporation devoted to increasing public understanding of tfie principles set down in the Constitution and its Bill of Rights. THE FUND FOR THE REPUBLC, NC. 60 East 42nd Street, New York 7, N.Y. PAUL G. HOFFMAN, Chairman of thr Board ROBERT M. HUTCHNS, Preside+a

7 .hòno >ENG FOR STNGUSHED SPONSORS n an impressive list of markets! 'ou' find "X" selling for lending adversers like BUDWESER in Chicago, BLATZ iroughout Wisconsin, MARNE BANK in uffolo, CHASE FEDERAL in Miami, GEN- RA- CGAR in Schenectady, ALKA -SELT- :ER in San Francisco, OHO OL in Ohio, idiana, Michigan and Kentucky, KROGER i Cincinnati, SAFEWAY in Oklahoma :ity and Kansas City, GENERAL ELECTRC UPPLY in Portland and Seattle, BROWN 'ELVET DARY in New Orleans and La- oyette. Utilities like EDSON ELECTRC in os Angeles, DUQUESNE in Pittsburgh nd a lengthy list of other satisfied spanors in single and multiple market areas across the country. (ratings- revised) BARRY SULLVAN X DANGER mmpon. er - Based on material from the files of one of AMERCA'S FOREMOST NTELLGENCE EXPERTS! X X SECRECY h;s.dt d an THE in his fit Operntons( in 2-station CHARLOTTE e..:,4 rrevr s, Mq. S Yr::.. YEq'f Yf.+r, 47, nllrd.,efn ff ;.f -e in 3stat) PORTLAN DoGr. /.ri (:,nfa. nsr

8 Ratings! * ADVENTURE! * NTRGUE! * SUSPENSE! Phenomenal is putting it mildly. Never has a new series zoomed off to such a sensational start. RATNGS LKE THESE ARE BREAKNG THE HEARTS OF n 2- station BRMNGHAM n 2- station BOSE SPONSORS OF MANY LONG- ESTABLSHED SHOWS! ' beating This. Your Lilo, Four Star Playhouse, Clime, U. of 32.0 Riley, Flresid. Thatr lene Wyman, and When. in 3- station BUFFALO 24.3 n 2- station PROVDENCE bearing Disneyland, God'rsy'e Talent Scouts, George Gob.. Sid Caesar, Red Skelton and others in 3- station BALTMORE 22.9 n 3- station MLWAUKEE beating Crvsodr, Sob Cummings, Ma. Room for Daddy 'Donny Thomosl, Wyatt Eorp, Mg Town and others. healing Ford Theatre, Dragnet, Warner Brothers Prowls, Lonna Young, Osde L Harriet and thon. beating ante, Four Star, ghoul, Mol. Room for Daddy (Donny Thomas', Studio On., Jimmy Duront and *Mon. beating What's My Line, December, Lawtonca Wk, Loretta 34.8 Young, Jotki Oleos. and thr.. in 2- station TUCSON tov Lucy, Disneyland, lattis 3.5 Gleason, n 2- station EL PASO booting Porry, Lowrance Welk, and others in 2- station DAYTON beating Climax, This s Your tile, ar gnet. Dews*. b.r Br,de, Worn., Brothers Presents and others n 2- station ALBANY-Schenectady-Trop boating Finsid Theatre, Producer's Showcase, Four Slat Playhouse, Slvdi One, Rrolt TV Theatre, Roberl Montgomery Proton. and ether. beating $6,000 Ou,tion, Otsneylond, Phil Silvers, Studio On., Jock, Gleosen, Cllma and others. ARB -Feb., Mar., May '$6 7ELEPULSE -Mar., Apr., May '36 Ask us to show you the complete list of notional favorites beaten by "X". Phone or wire collect, today! starring RCHARD CARLSON le in 7- station BOSTON L.. Nr.y Y n W,. T.r 5:..t. Sr-. _e 0,e..... r rt., J starring BRODERKK CRAWFORD 32.9 in 4 (tatlon SEATTLE- TACOMA r tabf tre ln.. avs, R,ry owr Lrue CNCNNAT NEW YORK HOLLYWOOD CHCAGO

9 8 TV FLM THE BLLBOARD JUNE 30, 956 M -G -M MAKES TRPLE MOVE NTO TV FELD To Distrib 770 Pix, 900 Shorts, Produce Net Shows, Buy Stations NEW YORK -The entrance of M -C-M into TV, firstly with the distribution of its 770 features and 900 shorts, secondly with network properties for the 957-'58 season and thirdly as a buyer of TV stations is the most ambitious attempt by a major motion picture studio to cut itself a piece of the TV pie. This new effort is expected to be a whole- hearted one differing from M -G -M's sole experience with TV up to the present, the packaging of " \f -C-M Parade," which was canceled on ABC -TV this spring. Primary M -C -M action will, however, be forthcoming on the feature film distribution front. M -C -M quality features are expected to rate high with stations that can afford to pay premium prices. nitial bidding is expected to take place on the network Jere), with CBS -TV and NBC-TV reportedly having made offers for selected features such as "The Wizard of Oz." Price Tags The plentitude of RKO and Warner Brothers' product now on the market would seem to provide tough competition for M -G-M features. nformed sources maintain that M -C -M may be asking substantially higher prices for its features. Compar'ng Lot Chester's $50.000,000 rejected offer for the M-G-M catalog with what he paid for a similar -sized Warner Brothers cat a o g -$2.000,000 -it would seem conceivable that M -C -M will be asking $20,000 or more for each of its top -grade features in markets like New York. \VCBS -TV, here. 'Story,' 'Brooks' Bought by Best - HOLLYWOOD Best Foods this week bought "Favorite Story" and "Our Miss Brooks" in an eight- market regional deal horn CBS Film Division. "Favorite Story" will go on for 3 weeks this summer, with "Brooks" taking over the time slots in the fall. Markets are San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Sacramento and Spokane. CBS Film is still holding back "Brooks" in the East while mulling the advisability of stripping the program in daytime (The Billboard, June 9). The strip would not be seen on the Pacific Coast. To get command of a bigger TV audience, get in touch with. recently paid an estimated $0,000 per picture for 50 top Warner features. M -C-M is expected to have its features available for library sale and small packages, depending on the market. The network will also have individual groups of pictures for sale such as the "Andy Hardy," the "Dr. Kildare" and "Maisie" series. These packages were previously offered to distributors. Production Play: M -C-M's new production is expected to consist, at least in the beginning, of half -hour remakes of some of its very successful pictures. Consideration is being given to producing the "New Adventures of Dr. Kildare," "Maisie" and "Andy Hardy, or possibly the development of "San Francisco" into a series. M -C M's entrance into feature STFFER COMPETTON TV distribution would wem to leave an estimated 4,300 features, produced from 929 thnt 955, available for video. Paramount is the sole studio which has not released any of its product to TV, tho it is currently studying offers. Some Universal- nternational, 20th Century-Fox and Columbia product has already found ts way into the market, tho these studios remain with the bulk of their product untapped by TV. Heading the M-G -M TV operation will be Bud Barry, a veteran broadcasting executive who has had extensive n et work experience. M -G -M had other offers in addition to Chesler's, but rejected them all, because it believes it can do better by itself. Among the M -G-M features available are "Mutiny on the Bounty," "The Great Ziegfeld" and "Mrs. Miniver." WRCA Buys Hygo Pkg.; WATV, Fox NE\V PORK -Tl,e competition for first -nm feature films in this seven -station market broke wide open last week when WATV and \\MCA-TV both bought new packages. WRCA -TV bought 5 pictures in flrgo's latest package ( "Pardon My Past," "Diamond Jim Brady," "House of Seven Cables "), its first such first -run deal since it took the original Motion Pictures for Television library in 952. The NBC flagship bought the pictures for its new Evening Theater," 5:30-8:45 p.m., daily. The three -year cortract is for 0 runs per picture. Steve Kranz, program director. said he is on the lookout for still further feature product. WATV, the Channel 3 independent, bought the "20th Century- Fox" package from National Telefilm Associates. rving Rosenhaus, president of the station, will start a multiple -run theater in the fall, but further programming and sales decisions have not been made. AAP Talks \VATV also had been negotiating with Associated Artists Productions for Warner pictures. t was reported that the station might still 2 be interested in a group of ARa around 20 top grade \Varner features. For the past two years only two stations here have been buying first -nm pictures: WCBS -TV and WOR -TV. This week's developments puts four of the seven stations into top movie programming. t was also reported this week that WABC -TV, which has been playing reruns of General Teleradio s pictures on its "Afternoon Show" and "Night Show," will et some first -run RKO product that WOR -TV cannot use. 'O. HENRY' CUE? Syndication May Reclaim G &K Combo HOLLYWOOD -- Re -entry of Jack Cross and Phil Krasne into the syndication field looms as a strong possibility. The Cross - Krasne combine goes into production Monday (25) on the first program of its own since the sale of UTP to MCA. Show will the be the long -delayed "O. Henry Playhouse" series. Production on the dramas begins almost to the day on the date permitted by tite UTP sale. n their contract with MCA, finalized December 20, 954, Cross- Krasne, agreed to remain out of the syndication field for 8 months. This expired June 20. The company already has two half -hours of the drama completed, will film four more during the next month, and continue on to 39. Donald Hyde is producing, with Thomas Mitchell as the host -star. MCA -TV had been representing the package for national sale, the option expiring recently.- C -K is still aiming for a national sponsor, or for a syndicator to take over under certain circumstances, but failing this, have decided to plunge ahead on their own. NBC Affiliate Buys CBS Films' 'Amos' NEW YORK -NBC's new o.áo. WRCV - TV. Philadelphia. has bought CBS -TV Film Sales' "Antos 'ri Andy" as a morning daytime show. Film Producers Rep Firm Opened in N. Y. NEW TORK --J. Marcel Wolff, assisted by Mitchell Sacks, has formed nternational Film Producers Representatives, here. The firm will represent TV film producers abroad who want representation in the U. S. and Canada. NBC Daytime Plans Focus on Reruns NEW YORK- Vidfilm reuns last week assumed an important position in NBC -TV's daytime programming plans. The network purchased rights to five different rerun series, in addition to " Married Joan," which it is already program - ming in its 5-5:30 strip. They will be used in conjunction with "Joan" to provide a rear's programming for the strip, which CNCNNAT, Aserct, 955 With a mighty 29. ZV -TV'S CSCO KD (Duncan Renaldo) gives the bum's rush to a long list of big -time operations on the Cincinnati scene, including TV Play. house, Climax, Jack Benny, Comedy Hour, Love Lucy, etc. "-Use,...e....Y.wM is to be titled "Comedy Theater." The new rerun properties are "So This s Hollywood," "t's Always Jan," "ts a Great Life," "Dear Phoebe" and "Topper." The first three shows will be going into second runs. Many of the "Phoebe's" will be going third -run, and some "Toppers," fourth -run. NBC's decision to go with reruns for a full year was based on the excellent ratings of "Joan," which indicated that there was a large audience for such shows. t also indicated that the network had a salable property on its hands, tho no buys by national advertisers have been made. With a year's supply of shows assured, however, advertiser interest should become stronger. CBS -TV also has acquired vidfilm reruns of "Our Miss Brooks" for daytime stripping purposes. Should they 'be programmed during the day, CBS, too, would undoubtedly have to acquire more product. And so many more rerun shows which have not been sold for syndication may begin to command sales attention. The reruns of "So This s Hollywood" have been kicking around for about a season with no takers bemuse of its heavy rerun pay- ments to talent. The webs are said to be paying an estimated $7,500 a program for second runs. Subsequent runs are less costly. M -G-M Entry Negates Long Distrib Deals - NEW YORK Has!ti-G -M's entrance into feature film distribution locked the door against deals with other TV distributors for its feature product? Trade sources feel it does not. What the announcement definitely does do is to shut out the various offers for long -term leases and negative buy -outs, which were contrary to M -G-M's original plans for TV. n its earlier discussions with outside distributors, Metro offered two to three -year leases on limited packages, such as the "Andy Hardys," " Mairies" and "Dr. Kildares " t's easy -and perfectly legal. Because were talking about t h a t big jury of Americans who render judgements on product brands. Let PUBLC DEFENDER swing this jury ta your product label. For the many millions who make REED HADLEY n PUBLC DEFEN- DER a "must see" habit on TV also make the brands he promotes a "must buy" habit. REED HADLEY starring its "PUBLC DEFENDER" 69 HALF HOURS First run n many markets! Powerful re -run value n ALL markets! thî:c8 TELEVSON CORPORATON NEW Hs Yó ORKCHKAGO'HOLLYWOOD 250 S. rwc r wixs M WAMO 2493 am.* r.tu

10 fune THE BLLBOARD TV RATNGS 9 TV Program and Time -Buying Guide THE TELEVSON NDUSTRY S GUDE 0 THE PURCHASE OF NATONAL AND LOCAL TV PROGRAMS AND SPOT CAMPAGNS The Billboard Scoreboard NETWORK TV PROGRAMS ARB Audience Composition Studies Web Situation Comedy Shows MAY RATNGS MV R..l SM., spaow N.h an..a.. lart (4. 'Posh. AG S. M J. Uwwrboar ReM c).a'..sds CJ) J7. PM MN. Arose.. R. /. nacrrds (L ukt KOS) M7. tar9e Knows.w r..nt NRC 7.6. Re... Alew er,..prl[h. t.en, N... Cowóa ( 3... :0 e.. ai RM) s t,n (MRC, 7 ow SKr n.w. 4.0 Food. ic RS).9 9. Naples Choke Rwdra. N RC. ' 9. Odr Harrtel Qbra\rh. Hlutw.r N,.rl,h (AMC, 0 AMONG MEN S.a aa. aa.., p...r Nef ref Sal.. He.grerrnn. hkt CS L Ws Ce.N t a. e Tryare tm(.-r.... Phi Sams Asww K. / Re.n.dJs CS... t lle at Ka., Gulf (N DC ala. Mama r Dodds Anrr. TuMccn. U,W(e ASC 4N! t-dl Foad. :S, y Lave Laer') Fa.. PA(: ((,. r Maw W 4e. L P. Graphs.. t:. L arwtsan l OS, Rpldan's r scolt rear Kr... r.. N...9_,9 9 sf 7S AMONG WOMEN N wa,ea Kash Mao. trwa.r Nr rr 3.4. haw Alin Ga.wkh. (No WO..ral.a a (CRS) ) 3. L..a la. Gee, Food.. PaO t t) 3. D.e+mar OW G.., P.wsd. C,. l 40,7044 h ick (CRS. t a l NAM. Ra.. Bind ácors N:C) w 4. RON Albe. Wlnoo-Pu,M tsit 0 a Ma.. Gen') Food. K5 L Ow Mho Borlo. G.a F.aor. CR5 D t M 9. 4aalt's awl. RorJrn'. MOO n'.. Gnat Y. ttr.jer NKl r 9..R. of RRrr oo:l,.b, n: p! AMONG CHLDREN l hljrrn Raab AM.w...moor A N,h Per S.. Married Joan sun. (NRC !: i 0,2e l.m.l Qu.kcr. Nona., 2 J. LRa of Rao Gull MOC', Make Rama for nam, Amer. Tobacco. lkrdee (ARC)....S. t'. Gnat fs Chrysler (NBC,.r5 6. Mara Gai, Paon MS) H..._..,,. H oick (CBS,.3. Felber Kwws a( Stoll (NBC,.. na S... Amans. R.. ke,nulj. C FPO.7. Lasa Lanf.6 Godent Food., PAG lc BS.75 The Billboard Scoreboard Web Winners DECEMBER BRDE-CBS-TV Tho R's not received turn degree of hoopla that CBS' Phil Silvers slaw has basked n this season, December Bride has done quite well for itself-and. in fact, topped Silvers in the rating race, *mottling to the May American Research Bureau ratings. 'De- cember Bride" pulled a 35.2 rat. Mg to rank No. 2 among network situation comedies. while Silvers pulled a 30.9 to rank No. 3. "De- /ember Britle" also tied with " Love Lucy" for the No. 2 spot O its popularity among women, at. tmctitlg.0 women viewers per set. Among men, the show ranked No. 6 n the field of sit - nation comedies, boasting.75 viewers per set. Films to Watch \SPECt'OR MARK SABER - Tllompson -Koch One of the pioneer TV filin shows. Mark Saber has been svn clicated for the past three gars by Thompson -Koch for Sterling Drug, which plows back all the revenue for spots on the stations that. take the show. t's an at tractive deal for stations. and the show displays surprising strength in some situations where it gets prime time. n St. Louis. whose May Pulse ratings are listed in this issue, it was thotop svndi eated show. pulling a 27.0 rating Tuesday, 9:30-0 p.m. The next highest rated syndicated show in the market was "Badge 74." ARS Top Shows Among Women How Network Shows Rated Among Women in May wo.n y awsnce (mml.w.un analy..a.hoar Me htl.l..r r, lardy al wood NON rnardka. or nter., type. M number Of.kwrra aroort-d Kean.. lo ref pe ara. Oa (ng.kal, erta, h.. chin shoos pnl.parne lama( are. omra and children For.lormalwv r.n awn.. 4, er.o..nle, Mraa. (ansa. ARS. Pero (Wadi.. Naahs.rlo... Nrula lb.k 6.., lop.r.o. tch Pot Us Ratio.... Lawrence 'elk, Dodge (ABC) Amaleur flour, Pharmaceuticals (ABC) of Fame, Hallmark (NBC) Ed Sullivan, LincolnMercury (CBS) $ Challenge. Kent, Revlon (CBS) Chance of a Lifetime, Lentherie, Emerson (ABC).) 2t Name That Tun', Whitehall (CBS) S...'hat's My Line? Remington Rand, Montenier (CBS) Godfrey & His Friends. CBS Columbia, Kellogg, Toni, Pillsbury (CBS) This s Your Life, Hale) Bishop, P&G (NBC)...t v...ydo You Trust Your Wife? Frigidaire (CBS) Two for the Money, P. Lorillard, Schaeffer, Bulova (CBS) S Masquerade Party. Serutan, Knomark (ABC) $64,000 Question, Revlon (CBS) Perry Como, nternational Celucotton, Gold Seal, Nosema, Armour, Drtrmeyer (NBC) 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Bristol -Myers (CBS) :Guy Lombardo, Pharmaceuticals (CBS) Red Skelton, S. C. Johnson, Pet Milk (CBS) George Cobs(, Armour, Pet Milk (NBC) _0 'Jack Benny, Amer. Tobacco (CBS) 'G. E. Theater. Ceni Eleclrl_ (CBS) Chevy Show, Chevrolet (NBC) 'The Millionaire, Colgate (CBS) Midwestern Hayride, Whitehall, Arco (NBC) Climax. Chrysler (CPS) Big Surprise, Pures, Spcidel (NBC) SYNDCATED FLM PROGRAMS So. Na. The Pulse Audience Composition Studies Syndicated Film Comedies APRL RATNGS A.9. Ape. AMONG MEN Mea Pet N Hasa4 Rabe Law DMsi. Rt.. Omsk 0k. MNOM. Twat.. Life of Riley (NBC) 7. 2 Laurel tì Harde (Coyemor) Amos 'o Andy (CBS) Crut Gildersleeve (NBC) Life With Father (CBS) 0.8 Eddie Cantor (7w) n,: S,. Little Slmar (Ofikial)..0.3 i (MCA) r Gs.-ro itxn, &8 So,,: rire 5.5 VEWERS /00 HOMES kwen Par M Home WM... Merli. Two".. My Linde \tarale (Official) Life of Riley (NBC) 2 3. Amos 'n' Andy (CBS) %.8 3. Ray Millanti Show (MCA) Laurel á Hrrdy (Govrisoi) 204 n. Corot Gildersleeve (NBC) E&o Canta (7Jv) My limo (Ofrsdd) LU..With Father (CBS) 9 0. Stu Erwin (Official) 89. Sly Little Slargic (Ofh(ial) Life of Riley (NBC) Sly item (Official) Ray?dittoed Show (\CÁ) Eddie Cantor (liti Great Cildenleevo 7. Amos'n Andy (Official) Soo Erwin (Official) uf. With Father (CBS) Beulah (Flamingo, AMONG WOMEN Noel.. Pe M Haws Rork Mow Dhtr*. Taa.d n. My Little Margie (Ofheial) Ray Mllhad Shoo (MCA) Beulah (Flamingo) Croat Cddcnleevo (NBC) Susie (TPA) 83 e. My Hem (Offki.l) Amos 'n Andy (CBS) Life With Father (CBS) Life of Riley (NEC) 8 9. Stu Erwin (Official) 8 AMONG TEENS ern. Per lee He «. Rabe Oh.. Dilute. Tu.o".. Sty Little Margie (Offivial) Ray Milland Show (\tca) Great Gildersleeve )NBC) Abbott 6t Costello (SCA) Life of Riley (NBC) 6. Eddie Cantor (Ziv) 2 7. laurel A Hardy (Cosemor) My hero (Official) 8 9. The Boggles (Corrndinef 8 AMONG CHLDREN KW. Pa tee Horaa Rank Sip. D.tra. T...d k. Abbott & Castenln (SCA)...0. Laurel & Randy (Governor) The Ruggles (Corradlne) Amos 'n' Andy (CBS) Life of Riley (NBC) Cat Gildersleeve (NBC) Lfle With Father (CBS) 23 & Eddie Cantor (2v) My Little Margie (Official) 2 9. Ray Milked Show (MCA).., 2 Ross Pulse Top Pix Among Women How Non -Net Film Rated Among Women in April TÌbir Cell, audience composlllen analysis shows the nlall.a Wu, cd ll., serfs. by bombe. of rkw. attracted Ktmr.., to ses of ace. On coo.c(una. tata, this chan shows popolardy amour men, women tete ate. sop children. Fa additional nformation on audience We or coacura. Pilaw cumuli The Pulne. nc., 5 Sired N. Y. C. Neal th Neye. Pet M Order TM. ok.a.h. al Storks Harn Kaitee... Datigerous Assignment (NBC) Liberace (Guild) Celebrity Playhouse (Screen Gems) Crosscurent (Official) Douglas Fairbanks Presents (ABC) Foreign ntrigue (Official) Man taed X (Ziv) The Whistler (CBS) Confidential File (Guild) 89.2 O...Ellery ()gees ttpa) (... Follow Tlug Man (MCA) Guy Lombardo (MCA), Mobile Theatet Soconhfubil)...V Mr le Mrs. North (Schubert) Little Margie (Official) &...C n unters (Gen. Teleradio) Mr. Attorney, (Zio') l &...City Detective (MCA) ,... Led Three Lives (Liv) &... Ray Milland Show (MCA) S. Francisco Beat (CBS) Beulah (Flamingo) Boston Black*, (Ziv) Famous Playhouse (MCA) ,.Croat Gildersleeve (NBC) Lone Wolf (MCA) A,.. AM. Note: All material published in The Billboard's TV Program and TimeBuying Guide is protected by material for copyright. Reproduction advertising, of any portion of this promotion or other purposes is possible only upon written consent from The Billboard, 564 any rating Broadway, New service whose York, and also from research provides the basis for such material.


12 FORMDABLE! the word for nspector Fabian of Scotland Yard, the world's most famous detective, who has faced and foiled many a heavily -armed desperado. And his exploits make spine -tingling television fare. With English star Bruce Seton in the title role, Fabian of See land Yard dramatizes the nspector's most celebrated cases...takes viewers behind the scenes of the remarkable Yard, legendary for its crime -fighting prowess. n all markets... in any situation, Fabian will track down large audiences, get formidable results. Just two quick examples. n 3- station St. Louis, Fabian commands 57% of the audience -close to 70. more than the nearest competition.' And in Ontario, where nspector Fabian himself made a 30 -day speaking tour for his regional sponsor, Molson's Brewery enthused: "He greatly a stimulated our sales. His appearance was nothing less than a personal triumph, from which we have derived full benefit!" Fabian of Scotland Yard -which Radio- Television Daily reviewed as "far superior" -can help you unravel your knottiest sales problems. To get down to cases, call us for details and a private eyeful. CBS TELEVSON FLM SALES, NC. h'rtn ïork, Chw.'eo, Lo. Angelo, San E'rnnci,,. Dallas, Boetow, Detroit, St. D,or.a. t4 Conadu: S. W. Caldwell, LtaL C4i.ek Tdrvur

13 2 TV RATNGS THE BLLBOARD )UNE 30, 956 The Billboard Scoreboard PULSE LOCAL RATNGS -MAY THE NDUSTRY'S MOST COMPLETE RATNG NDEX PONTNG UP OUTSTANDNG TV SHOWS AND SPOT ADJACENCES N EVERY LOCAL MARKET ATLANTA (3 Stations) THE TOP ONCF.N'EF.Kt.Y. 544,40e Question, WAG?. T W... lote Luc7. N ACA. M S.Wva., NA(:A. S Fireside Tbeake, NEB. T Emir Star Plqholla, WAGA. n, 29.9 S. Shal's Sly ne7 WAGA. Su.....,,9.9 snows ( ndicates Sea- NHworkl 7, GeurOe (:ubrl, NS6, M. 78,00 TV Homes R. Per4on in Persnn, WAGA, P. 9. Yunr Pende, WR,... AUted Hllcheoh, WAGA, SR. le. 564,000 CAHtae, WAGA, S. TF TOP 0 HVLT- N'EEKLY SHOWS t ndicare. \unnelwoekl 6, A.M. Godfrey. N St, 5, sl: ta. 7. *Newsroom D p.m r. s.n, s Howdy Doody. 55.0, S -,. Strike Rich. NAt:S, st.- 0. Newt (:arman, NSR, 577 E FOP L005.. OR(:N5F) Y5 APR. mock., stnuu Club, 5.5.6, 5: F.. L Sarta for Tnm,Rruw. N s. S, sl.. 2.6,V 'rata Past, SR, 5.. N , Goldin. WM, NAGS, 5.F'. 2. S,...e of Litt. HAGA, Real Tine nlhribulne) Steno., ay4me Ran.. Science wt.. Theater (Zlvl, M'A(iA, T.A: Led Three Llres (Z(9) WSB, 3. Rachel Squad (ABC), WSB. Su..t0: (:real Oiderde '6 (NBC), WSB, 3. Waterfront (MCAL WAGA, Tó.4: Ccendenti Fla (Guild), Wall, S.-0: Superman (FLmingo). NSR, F. -7 : L Man Behind the Barka (MCA), W'SB, 5u- -2: Mae Called X (lb). WAGA, Su.- 0: Siam of the Grand Ws Opry Olamingo2, WAGA, S..0: {ghway Patrol (ZN). WAGA. F ;0: Dr. Hudson's Sorel Journal (MCAL Su -20: L studio 77 /MCA), WSB. F.0: City (MCA,. WSB. S.4.00, , Spy (0624), WAGA, W:0: Celebrity Playhouse (Screen Gems/. WSB, Su 2:00 9 BUFFALO (3 Stations) 2W cor e Q4e,2".. N0 S. T M! L Lose wo. NRL\, S Perry Camo, N(:R, S44,45 (lalkwle, N Rl N, S e B. SaW..s, NF\,!a....., ; res 03 0.t 0.0 0,0 Ronk 42. DastrWul,R) Mann.. naltlme Rstina 6. Mr Anprars (Zit), N'AGA. W.40:0 9 2 ClwO Kid CMM.) WAGA, 54: Crunch and Des NRCL WAGA, T,.7: Janet Dean. R.N. NTA), WOO,.7: The Falcon (NBC), WAGA. F. -0: Overseas Advents. (Official), WAGA, S LO ::. Count at Monte Cristo (TPA). WAGA. Th: 0: f Pslti Page (Otdmuobile), WSB. M., W..7: Little Rascals NerMatel, 27 Souk (TPA), WSB, S Jangle Jim (Screen Gem.), WLWA, M.4 : Franked lain. Show Molli). WYO. N.7: A.A.a Oakley CBM, WLWA, M Ramer 4 the Jungle (TPA). WLW -A, 3.4:00 0\C-N2. 6 SHONS Rdi<Na. So \ ,S00 TV Homes 6. aalre, WRVS, N,......M.4 7. l'.e Gs 5eeM. NRE\, N,.7. (;ra5e6e Sian. NGR. 6., a. N6.'. 5y t... R\- \R. 4 e. Oar Mis. Rrook., Mil S. F....,... MA 2E TOP 0 MULT-NFF.KLY!ROWS.W.<. Sow-\er.aA,. 5k<y Sluaw (ls6 NGR. 5F *Sees pa., S. 5-F *News, 5rHber oa.l, MGR. M.Y. 3 4, Golding.6, 96R5. M. P..., -3.3 S. '< Rdn, NLN. M., W. F. 3 Also Called X 7,, WEN, M.4: Wal.frwt 'MCA). MGR, A Coaw of M,.te Orso (TPA/. WEN, P7:0. N3 4. Coco kid Z/v), WREN, Th.. 7:00.., ANde Oae7 CBM). WREN. T..7:0 23 Doug. Fairbanks Prcscnt. 4AC/. WREN. Tb. -0:3e Suneroyg Flamapll. WREN. W.- tá02 LS g, Mr. Dona Aaormry 73'. WGR, S,.7 :00 2:l 9. Lk. l.ó,4'. 5eerat Journal /MCAL VGA. S:eM to (Death Valley Days tract/se B..rast, NA. Tb : 4. NOR. Su.. :o :. Mayor of the Town MCA). WW, Th W 4d BW l,chok F76misl0l. WGR, F ed Three Linea rite), WGR, M -n S y ( WOK. M.- 0, flit TOP LOCALLY ORGNATED FLM St it.9 A. Omen lot T.maer... N\. 52.F La. Rauch. N al. \, 5t., W Ards Genf,. WRES. M.O. 4.6 s- cas News, NR\, 5,F, \r... sports 46 p.m., NB\, Petro/ (nn), MGR, T PuOlk emamltr MMw), WOK, M.4: NCA). WEN, S San T.scisv Beat (CRS). WOOL 4.400,60 :0.'3) 6/. (Nab.n.l. WGR. T.i:00 5,9 :0 Ru(fala OW Jr. CRC). WGR, W,4, Raser R,tles MM, W'BEN, M., W,. FA:0 3 2). Little nascent nthmmel. WREN, M., W P.400 Jn 4.; : MoymkmR Cassidy NBC, WOO, Th.4:0, A :3. r'4atbd C.m<ta Amac. Amt.), WREN, Th.4'S rani Pap /Oldkeobil'el, WREN. T., Th.6: :7 Ham C. Andersen Hlnersae. WEER. M.4:00 '.2 :e GRU,4<w Fd. GwM). WGR, Sud030,3.9 Talo of ToeaarOw SaOR;). WOO, ' T.0: u Canon (MCA). N, 5, COLUMBUS, O. (3 Stations) THE TOP 0 ONCE -w / 6.V SHOWS ndlcalee Nos-Nelwor 53,800 TV 'tomes. Ed Millisan, WNS. Su...,7 6, lmember 44., WNS. M. 33. Z. Lute Luc, WRNS, M Godfrey Tagal Seoats, WNS, M ,000 Qaesaan, WRNS., '.e GM Secret, WNS, W ,000 Chullenee. W NS, G. E. Theater, WNS. Sa. 5. Jack Benn), NRNS, Su... Moe 0. AtOMndm, WRNS, W. THE TOP 0 sil. 0 44, L *Little Rase., JONS, 52:- 3. Midget Mouse Club. W \S, sl. l 4. ARa Fran, WRNS. 5: F' 3. 55e.tern Roundup, 5,6, s CRS New., NRNS. slat. Mk M'.O( 5. -' Rank Title Dstrlbulur) Sala., Day -Time Rating. 55'49 l'ot,m (Zlr). WNS, :9:0., Passport to Danger (ABC), WNS. Su.4: Mao Called X (Zit). WRNS, F.4: Public Defender (loters.), WNS. M: Wild Bill llrkolt (Flanumta), WRNS, T.4: Studio 37 (MCAL WLW'{, :0 i $ Kin; (Nabisco), WTVN, Su:3: O. 20. Rascals (ntetsta(e), WRNS, M. P..4: lopalon4 Cassidy (NBC). W VN, M.ó: Superman (Flamhneo). WNS, W,ó: Buffalo RO Jr. (CBS). WNO, S. -0:0 a.m Annie Oakley CR5, WNS, Th.4:O Jude Roy van Screencran), WTVN, So.-3: Eddy Arnold rime (Sehwbnmdr), WTVN, P.4: S. tang John Miser (CBS), WLWC, n:7: Uw, FairWas Presents (ABC). WNS, Th: 0:3 0 MLWAUKEE (3 Stations) S0WS r ed(ala NrmNHRnr.7 7. AA LYkletler, WRNS. M: P. 7.3 R. Plnlucupe. Misc. 6:43 p...:., nos, Adios Godfrey. WNS, sl. -n.., 4.9. Tbfee ets Elul p. m... ssl s -C,.44 M.V. ORGNATED FLA SERES `0 t a.7 Rang Title (Dboibator) Mallon,».7.56me Rsttaa 7. Jungle Jim (Sonia Gems), WNS, 6.6:0(7.' 7. Cisco KM COs(, WLWC, F:7: Championship 0owilns Schwlmmer). SVBNS, 5.:30, 20. Range Rider (COS), WTVN. W.. a 2. Count of Monte Cristo (7'PÁ), W H -5, Su.-3: Storks of the Century (lullywoodr, W 0 \5, F.ó: Victory al Sea (NBC). WTVN, T " Ka Canoe NCA), WLW.C. M:7: Science Fiction 7tw02 (75'2 WLWC, 7.Á:J0 V 26. Scone. Queen of Ma leap. ABCL WNN Th.-6:00 5 e 27. My Little Margie ((Nrklal), WNs F.-:00 a.m. 23. Amos 'a' Andy /CRS). WTVN, Captured (NCE TTYN, Th.A:O 30..herace (Guild,, WTVN, Su.- ):l0... THE TOP. ONCE-WEEKLY SHOWS t sdlnle. Perm Camn, 0TJ, B Qu.atl., T Grwcbn Mrs. WTMJ. 4. Ford Murer. WT5, Th. 9.2 S. Gm,' Cuba, W TM/. S g.7 267,300 TV Homes 6. SSTMJ, n. a3. F 5.0.., 5XX, S Loretta Soong. 934), 9. Dr. Rudw,s's Seere, lsarw, N25, N l. leer lly, WPM, N. g. HE TOP n Stn. ) t6. SNOWS ( tadlralrs \ne\hworll. 5key 'anew Club, 66g.. M Ne. (:.ral.n, NTM), V: F 'Pala Pare. N T.M, N',. Y S.w.,...other,6:3 p.m.r, N T52. S.F.. 3. \e«., Sitar. 0:3 N 57 s.. 3. CBS \ew,, 5'5,.-F A Sptn. Pichar. 6 p,m.l, NT6. S,.. 23 R. Foreman Tom, wtm, S.F..... S. C'arrlms Carshal, WTM, M: F L le. Platy.4.. NTMJ, - Dr. Hudson's Secret lounul (MCA), WM Th.4: tsy king (NabiscoL WTMJ. 5.4: Led Three Lists UJr, WThJ. Su Mobil Thaur S000ay :Mobil). WTMJ. W.4: Amme (Mkley CBS, WN), Th.4:30 M7 6 'Daub VaUcy V.) (Pacific norm), WXX, P:0:00 7. Man Belud We Badge (MCA), WTMJ. E TOP LOCS..X ORGNATED FLM 5E0E5 ul2 73 R. Mr. Disrl.l Atblroo7 Zn), N'TM, Sp: TT. Whistler CBM, W'XX, T u7.0 la Doug. FMrb4Ms Yls:.esu (ARC). WXX, 5.-0:00.u3.7 t. CTnppwh.hlP Bowling SchwlmmR). WXX, S40:00 is. Dangerous Assignment NCJ, WXX, F.0:0-0S.7. Playhouse 3 MCA), WTMJ. Th.0: Sly Hero (Official), WXX, W.4 0 u4.3 S. lk of Riley!NBC), WXX. Th:7:59..., City rgica). WXX. W: L00.u4. 7. 'Want Page (Oldsmobile) , W. P..0:00 t7.2 R. Fatnou. ela>huu,e MCA), W'YN, T.s Boston540Ge Zirl +WSN,M..0.0 :.3 7. Count of Monte Cristo (TPA), WXX. M. -0:30 u Science Fktiob The lee. ), WTM), F..0:0,.t) 73. Studio 37 (MCAL WNS. F4:30 ii 7.. Highway Patrol (55'). N7Á4, T tl.á' 23. Your All Star Theater (Screen Gesu. WXX. 2.4: Superman (Fla nlago), W6. T -b: Your Slat Showcase (TPA), WSN, F.4: Follow That Man (MCA), WXX, W.-034) OLS 25 Gre4$ Gildersleeve (NBC), W'TM. W;0:30.iO3 30. Wild ill Hickok (Fliun go), WS74. S.á : TOP SHOW PLUGGERS A Weekly Digest of on Outstanding Audience P.omotion Campaign Entered in The Billboard's 8th Annual Promotion Competition WVCBS -TV, New York: ",lye Late News" WHEN WCBS found itself able to put on the air, on an across- the -board basis, an p.m. news show, it faced quite a problem. ts arch -competitor, WRCA -T'. was established n the New York market with an p.m. news show, W'hic'h was pulling 46.0 per cent share of audience. This figure compared to the 23. per cent that WCBS was attracting in the p,os. time slat. How to pull the p.m. news viewers away horn the well - established WRCA ohms. and over to the fledgeling WCBS show was tilt. task that faced WCBS' prrgram promotion crew. The campaign they drew up, which they consider a guide on "How to Change a Half Million Habits." utilized an advertising budget of $20,000 for newspaper advertising in five New fork papers and TV Cuide. Perhaps the most important feature of the campaign, how'ev'er, was the steady bombardment of on -air mate- rial which WCBS -TV aired in its local shows and in station breaks to tequaint its viewers with its new p.m. news show, which could now be wen every weekday night. WCBSTV's blinking light spectaculars in Times Square and in Radio City were also mod to bring to the people of New York the news of WCBS' new daily p.m. news show. That the campaign succeeded is attested to by the fact that widen ' months after the caòlpail n started, WCBS' share of artdienco for its p.m. news was 4.2 per cent, exactly equal to that of VRCA's p.m. news. (itiest Week: VBK3, Chicago.) SAG Explains Nix oí, Merger OLLYN'OOD- is.uauce of a "white paler" by the Screen Actors' Guild on Tuesday. (26) is, in effect, drawing the battle line between SAG and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists in the TV tape controversy. Detailing the position why SAC has refectcd ts AURA proposal on merger talks, the Guild asserts "that AFTRA policy is to promote live television at the expense of television motion pictures, and that, had the Guild "succumbed to AFTRA's arguments and pressures years ago, in all probability there would be little employment for actors in TV film today. Further, according to SAG. AFTRA is unrealistic in its ap- proach to residuals because of its high rem.. pay demands. SAC, on the other hand, has graduated residual payments to fit economic conditions. As a result, according to the Guild, payment to actors for rents will total more than $ million for 956. Additionally, SAC thinks that a merger would lead to friction within the union because it would BRT. TV CUTS U. S. FLM USE LONDON - Associated - Rediffusion, the company whirls transmits commercial television in the London area from Monday to Friday, is reducing the number M Amerkan vidfilln series they have been buying. "Topper" is being dropped and replaced with an English comedy series. Out, too, is "nner Sanctum." According to Norman Marshall, head of drama for the company,- the cuts are being made to allow expansion in the drama field. The audience for drama is growing hand over fist, he claims, To satisfy the demand, the company is now transmitting 26 hours of live drama weekly compared with 3 when the station opened. mean "sharing 520ntrol with persons net sympathetic with the problems of actors Ll the motion picture field." Summing up, tise Guild asserts, "Motion pictures are motion pic' hires wheliler un lape or film" d Regional 'Christian' Buy NEW YORK --.A sennld regional advertiser has bought Zio- TVs new "Dr. Christian series. Hekman Biscuits will sponsor the show thruout the Midwest beginning ll the fall. it has already cleared time in Detroit, Cleve/find. Toledo, Grand Rapids, Mich., and Youngstown, O. llekman, beginning last fall, sponsored NBC Film's "The Great Gildersleeve' in 0 markets. ts agency is George Hartman. Chicago. "Dr. Christian" has also been sold to six stations: fi-inv. low Angeles; 'COB-TV. Albuquerque, N. M.; K.PHO, Phoenix, Ariz. KBO, Boise, daho: KSLi'V, Salt Lake City, and KOPO, Tucson. Ariz. The sho5v was earlier sold to Coors Beer for the Rocky Mountain. area and Texas. Ziv is holding sales meetings this. week here and in Cincinnati: "Christian," rhkh was on radio, 6 Years for Ghcsrbrough, stars. MacDonald Care)'. Some episodes'. have the late Jean Hersholt, this original Dr. Christian. real

14 . t JUNE THE BLLBOARD TV RATNGS 3 Tlr A.rt e+f9aw S rma.e. lee paee,4eear/....t toe Ytep 0 wd-. lteat7 Y...9 la Psi...,rss,e.r a.r ad eves. aes. 4,resrw....eeo..a R NA.. fll. e. l;is t.lw UMW..aMraq w S'/P eat..r. Stdr ewews nr.yp ha a. y N e.a aara. rs. we eel Whip Y ee4 r nu*..dr war.r, M a,r, a rsta.p C4twP0.0 SOW in POM w Aa Mr Re..d ara use a)..ceaed by O.aPO Sr* b6.ete :, d.. war id M Wheats Mtrd ke hled.s Y amid Y ilea. LMF. ne WwOd "a".br.9.m pasrna Per or.. lal,.w.ets s..deeae.w, c.o.. 99asalaA arm.. Y geóser e. bet Ore.arM rates.d 6 r rea P.m. eajee.s (es,tiw.n...d atlee Y..d. sot.rtdy6n Y Oa chart, Ma aa...n TL Ph.. lel., U wr Hak Ytrt, She Y.A CRF. DAYTON, O. (2 Stations) 25,000 TV llames DX TON i. o.ct.wms SHOWS r sedar.. s.«taa..wr. t..e l eg. Or00. M... SU L TaleO l..t.w. NNW. M. 4 ra...r. 00e4 sum. L N OtM,00 O..A.R TfO 6. (lr.r, *MO. Ta. 6u Q SM.. WH/O. S4 (Lt 7, G.49re/.d. AeeOr, wino. L 8..r..d A(.R WHO, M. 9. ti Y..,., NNN. T. 4e3 lk e. Sv My Tb. Se3 L Les..w Tem., wtw.d. T 703 TZ TOP M Wt.TLOT s404 S. rr.r hr6.r, WDO. M L2.J 7. R.h.r..r, Seem D.. U Pat. WDO. l. Deer hoe Nees M P.WJ. WD0, MA. L Wee Mee (Dr. wlw,q M.P,. Mar P.O., *HM T. Tl. 3. TD..Nr.are, wmo. M. a. L lre. a.e.>... NN0, LA 3.6 )A ill 4a 8Y Made. Da/,Tlw. Rat. l/ Lr), NHO, T.00 >) L The W.. CSa. w0. S0 M 27. As. Y A04 (C5), *0, T -0 )0 3.. M.a Called X ph), Wto. P.-f.0 N - 7 Parn Peet (OtS.r.00.). WHo. T. 7, J U.S L Senret t.e, wno. Mr... G.a4bg l We, 00. M.. t L Lw. M Wee NHW, M.P. U.S TNt TOP LOK.U..Y ORiGNATTD F SRT Rrl TM. edmrf..w Seeden. 30Tlr. Sa L Br,O. 74.ryBC). WHG, S-0: w Ra.oh (etarstw). 747t0. M. Th.4:o6 2 L P.O. to Deeper (ASC, WLW-D,..-! Pone. The was MCA& WO. W: RS Ad..rer of /llnky 0.Nr0, W70. 2to. Ger Ailey (C/S), WH0. W.4e.00 fj 2. ades F.tllor TDeaaW (72h). WLWD, $4-&)0 M 7 t 7lepeby Cassidy (NBCt, N70, Su DETROT (4 Stations) ). Caadse Camera a.m. Artl.oA WHM, T.-7: HWM. MCA). WMO. TL020 4 th t Am the Da. (7wSry& W30, T-: Wild BW w0o0 (FTeaRM& WLWD, -3:00 4. LAO. She.. tloye), WH0, S.4:45 ). Co.rerl.oW (lettmu.e% %'HO, N'.: illy Detect. (MCA). WHM, MA t t5ik7 (4 Nabisco). WLW-D, Sa.4.OO t2a 2 a.perrrer ffhmlynl, N'LW.D. M C7Mr2 Playhouse (Scnss G.eM), %.W-D, -:7 ) 34. Doug. Fairbanks Presents (ASO. %'LW-D, 4-7: Famous Playhowc. (MCAt, 00. M.- F.: Stew Qaeo (TPA), WLW-D. Su.-:7 73 V. Buffalo BB Jr. (COSY. WLW-D a.m. THE TOP 9 ONCE- WEEKLY SHOSS )!444ín Non-Netee Mi t. t..r x7. WaK. M Qaeeeo.. WHM. T. MA 3. > W,r. W)/K Deem. Bride. WORK. M S. Gr.. Man. 55N7, TL 3 942,00 TV Homes 6. Les Slde. TDerer, 55'wl, Th G. F. Theme, 55JBK, S. 347 S. George (:ob.l, 4'W. S NuYs 5f.he7 5K. S Alfred Hllthtetk, THE TOP M MLT.TwEEKLY' SHOWS. odlt.ln Non,SetetM), Stcey 4u.V C7., WXT7., S.-P AM. Godfrey. WNK. M.-Th KuLY. Fr.e asid nslt, WXT7e M:P, t.7 4 7w New.. WSS, M: P 3 B. G.My Jaat. WRK, M: P..6. Maher* Patrol ZY. WJBK, R.ctel S.u.d (ABC,. Will. F. -0: Ames (Oakley (CBS). WXYZ. Su.-7.0 to 4. P.p. to Danny (ASC), WSK. M,0Á0 `0 7 S. Wat.efro.t (MCA). WW, M.4: Sedge 74 (NBC), %'W. S4.0: Led D. L. (Lek WBK, L t. Ht.R Sotta Journal (MCA) M.40:60 9. Amce 9 Ae4y (CBS), WW. W MoMO 57 MCA% WW. W. -9: t. Mae Called X DAY). %'SK Mobil Deem (Socv.ry- Mobil). WSE, W.0-00 K TOP LOCALLY ORGNATED FLM SERES ) 7.2 ). LB00 Ramle lreuarel, X P.d.r,t Men 4CA). WW. T ) 5. G..bí!í Pe)botom ke. Gem.). WW. TA &00 6. Ruff. SW k. (CU). WXY News p 54V t.,9 6. Sesreh for loworre., S6, M.P. 6.9, 55K, 4.-F. 5.0, Sallaat Lady. 035, M.P. OJ t. Lare ol.fe, 47K, S F Mr. District Attorney (Zie), WHR, W CoaWemlal FM (ßd, WW. W: L Eddie Cantor (L.), WSE, Th Cowpox Galen (Flamingo), WXYZ. 5.4: Sects Fde, U.S.A. (00tto), WXYZ Doug. Fairbanks Pelee (ABC). WXY4 Th.A: Fotelgo ntrigue (O(rklal), NNW. $u.- 2: My Little Merck ((Heels». WXYZ Su / Moslems Cassidy (NBC.. CKLW. T7.4: Sae Fran. Beat (CBS), N'3C. M Lautel and Hardy (Goya.), SS'XYZ, 54.5: Wild Bdl Hickok (Flamingo), WXYZ, 4: Your All Stu Theater (Scree. Gem*, 03K. F: Sky King (Nabeco), WXYZ, M.4.30 ).7 L PROVDENCE (_ Stations) t..t., wpro. 0- L Gee.A. Man, N4L Tt. G. F. Tb.aer. NMlO. tr. 4. L.d6. Tee. w/ SL T. 9.4AN Qe+ti N PaO, T. lot TOP 6 ONCWTZLT SHOWS M Sears. 34O t) 20,E TV Homes.f 4. Sy *wry. wjar, r Parr/ C.. WJAL.. / 43.3 Robert M.0re0.q. NJAR. ALB 5. Af.. RWaa. OPRO. M J n3 M. ln SMO. Tarw, WHR, TL.... TM TOP Sll'LT-WULT SNOWS P Md..Y. N.r\et.e.t 34..L Wee Mea 47a, / s. Lees Car... W SL MA. OJ 4Ree.eMt, WwM.e t P..a.), W Ma. S -..e L Di Ne... NJ SL ,7 7. Cif. Nees. NPRO. M.P. la PO. Pr 0.. M G.lirw teem. NPRo. M.-r. t ell. NPRO, M.P. 47 L 5 averts Part. Ml.r. t7 3 gs, el aft L DtrO Mr. * 4. T. Tl....7 S Reek Tö (.e..w 6rOMr. D.)-Tr RM. Mr THE TOP LOCALLY 0RG'.SSTED FLM MALS Called X W.% VAL FA.00 4J 3. Men. (GMP. W3AL Th Mr. Detect Ammer (Zl. WAL M.&70 2J 44W.ey /WM (DO. w)al T.0.J6 LJ 3. Cour d Mow Cr. (TPA). N7RO. T.7: L Ataet AOd7 CEk, WPO. T-7:00 2J 7 Ar0 Oakley (C5). WAL M.í70., N.9 7. (Sb 0.6 (Na)d.00). W/AR, F.4:0 9 Pafapor. to Denier (ASO. N'PRO, W S B.d. 74 (NBC. WJAL T.4:0 L. Sct..a Flc'on fleeter (Zh), WPRO, N:7: Wateefroat (MCA). *PRO. 5.7:)0.3 WM B0 tick9k (LmJnprl, NJkL W.4: Superman (Flamle{ol, %lal 4.4: P.N Pap (Oldttr.ob0,), WPRO. M.. F L Lad Th. Ume (7J.& N')AL SL00 73 ST. LOUS (3 Stations) Re. Nle (Dldrlt.t.e) See. Red. 7. epaoe4 C4wtd (NBC., WPRO. fia. -: )0 Bill h. (CU). %LAS. -30 a Looney Tots (Geld. WAR. M.-P )9 20. Sherlock Hoe. (NTA), WPRO Loose/ Turar 0u4. WAR. 54-3(4) Cul. Malle of acalr6 Tea 0Melm», *JAR. M.l:ss The F eoe (NBC), %PRO. Su..: Sae Feted oo Seat (CS). %700, T..: Terry ale Y Pile (Of(kW). WAR, 0. -7:70 St Renfrew of ne Mtwured (SegnaO), WMAL S.4: Oeenel0 Ad.rtue. (0400al). WAL.3: Racket Sound (ABC), WPRO. M.4(2,3 29. Rocky loom, Siege Awn (MCA), WPRO, 5.-cm ) 70. Dangtmn Aolmament (NBC), WPRO, W..:7 o. THE TOP 0 ONCE.WLEKLY SHOWS t odlrsh m. WS* Ounrhw. KWC. K. T Ed KWC S. 7t 3. lore Lary. KK, at recabe 2Dtalrr, KSO. T. 37.!. 're Gol Secret, KW, W TV Homes 3. WDat, My.lee: KWx, S Mllloutr., KNt. W S. Georrho Man, KSD, Tl L. deo lbealee. OSO. Tb G. L. Thtatt, K E TOP le SULTN'EEKLY ndicates Non \.tworkl. Sllcktl Mot. Club. K55K, 4.. F _ News ('anran, KSO, M.-F *Lome,' than, KSD, 6: F News. Weather 4 0-aJ, i. al: P. 3.2 S. Hued? Doody, KSD, MP. 3. nspector Mart Saber (Thompson), KWK. T: 9:30 THE TOP LOCALLY ORGNATED í.s SERES Bedte 74 0NSC), OSO. 2.5: Confidential Pil. (Guild), TWO. Su.- 0: Cn.o Cur*. (Official), KWK, 5. Waterfront (MCA). KWK D. ludsoe'e Sam* Journal OSCA), KSD Celebrity Playhouse (Soma Gets), KSD, F.4: The Uovexered Me), KSD, T.4(30 20) 9. Man Called X Mel KSD, W Highway Patrol (ZY), OWK. Th. -9: led Three Lís ZY), LSD. W L Mtn Behind the Bads. MCA), KSD, S. -t0: ). Dateline (Omeiat), KWK., 544: Jungle l.m Screen Gems), KW/C. 5.3: enk and..ara, Mlu., K55K, 4.P ',Mob Shnrr, LSO, T., h. ZO 7. Fred Mom., KwK, M:F. 7. GudM lieht, KWK, 5.P LJ S. Qs. fur Day, KS), Fabian of Scotland liard (CBS), KWK. 54: Patel Pate (Oldsmnblck KS), P The Pendulum (Thompson). KWK, 544.0: Ellery Queen (TPA), KWK, 0.4: Studio 27 (MCA), K5D, 0:0: Annie Oakley (CBS), KWK Judge Roy Bean (Screeeuafn, KWK, 4.4( ) lopalons Cassia) (NBC). OVO. 54: Science Fiction molts V.), LSD. T.40:00 Á 24. Superman (Flamingo), KSD, M :5: Buffalo Bill lt. CES), KSD, 5-3: Looney Tunes (Guild), KSD, 27. Racket Squad (ABC,. KSD. T:0: Range Rider (CBS), KSD, S.:30 a.m )A 29. latter. AMlnrttent (NBC). KWK, : Follow That Man (MCA). OWE. Su.- 5:30., Ml Úe Margie (0(7dal), KSD, 5:J0 02 -f Langendorf Eye!JEA Holds on 'Movie Parade' ' COMMERCAL CUES On 'Mohicans' VW Ett Hits 25 Buys linger Associates well continue - des - fol.yvold -TPA reported- v this week o(tile(cenhltv"in the te \Vfs m \E YORK We near to closing Screen Cems a deal La States. Sterling Television last "Hollywood Movie Parade" pack - with bread fora Vestcm regional on 'Hawkeve, week took over Eastern from sales rights age of 04 feature films has been Last of the Mohicans," series with Craftsman Films in a deal sold to Q. a" additional with stations over an early West setting, '.tannic Baum Enterprises. the put few weeks, hiking the total nvolved would be 4 top Pities ttlinger last week also sold number of markets in the Cheryl which Ter the west of the Rockies. in which features package ill 20 markets: Catlin South Bend, package has been sold to 63. langletdorf is presently sponsoring "Western Marshal' nd.; Los Angeles, Spokane, Bis- The 25 stations which recently muck, N. t's understood that whether D.; Minot. N. D.; Buf- bought the features are: or DAYfalo, Dot TPA places Champaign. ll.; "Mohkans' is Chicago. TV, Fargo, N. D.; KSW'O -TV, dication Cincinnati, depends on whether Sweetwater, TeX.; New Lawton, Okla.; WJAC-TV. Johns York, Rochester. N. - Y4 Grand hey can swing the Langendorf or Jometton, C.olo.; Carlsbad, N. M.; town P. KNG TV, Seattle;,me similar regional sale. Portland, Orr.; KTLV Portland, Ore.; NTOP Sacramento, and -TV, TACOMA, Wash. Washington; WBUF -TV, Buffalo; WSC -TV. Madison, Wis.; WEAU- TV, Eau Clair, Wis.; KD' -TV, Briskin to Produce Tucson, Ariz.; WSB.TV, Atlanta; G. Michael Shoots TZ-TV. Zanesville. O.; +TAP- 'Captain Charlie' Africa Films in Color TV' Parkersburg, W. Va.; % í.7z- \ ii N' l' ( i'. : - - "Captain' NEW YORK - African me hunter Ceorge Michael has TV, Sfacon, Ca.; 'CBSTV, Miami; WTMJ -TV, Milwmdxe; h..rl:..', Y,..,,,...t,.,. be the TVH -TV. Peoria, ll; %VHYNswapped t plut r,:u, t. l.. p:..i,..a by h (O TV, Holyoke, Mass.: WSPA -TV, g Briskin Productions for bis r of 26 color - films based SpartenbS. en C.; lvlp ding, -T', Red- Ms adventures la the African Calif.; WFLA -TV, Tampa; would bsl. bis series, titled lib. WCHSTV, Charleston, W. 'a.; )q ntl Mkfnaeb fil Africa. LtTailable KFBB -TV, Cleat Falls, Mont.; felon of f k. River locales this ntcm.7timml Film Producers CHNf, Anchorage Alaska, an(d h:: i:,, th... reid.9!h C.:.!rn'. -- l...- [FAR -TV. Fairbanks, Alaska. BUSY DAYS OF LTA'S UPA Pictures, nc., is hitting an all -time high in TV sports production. The scoreboard reads: 23 commercials in production on the %Vest Coast. 3 in New York and `_f2 assignments now under discussion. The blurps vary from 0- second spots to a minute and from Nabsicos to Oldsmobile. n London UPA is completing commercials for The London Daily Mail and is negotiating six more for a running stmt over there. A WNNER EVERY TME The industry is not so different from the general public when it comes to picking the kinds of commercials they like. The Am Titan Research Bureau asked viewers, "... Which one did you like best?" The first four in order Came out Piers Beer. Beer, Hamm's Lucky Strike and Ford. The results of The Billboard's industry poll (The Billboard, April 4) for the top five Fuel, included Hanm s Beer. Bank of America, Heinz Vorcestershíre and Piers. Bank of America also ranked 2.3 in the top 25 of the ARB survey. are TV Cartoon Productions, San Francisco, has obtained exclusive rights to the "Bobby Sos" newspaper cartoon strip for use in animated TV commercials... Playhouse Pictures is producing 20 and 30- second educational animated TV spots for the Fund for the Republic on the rights of U. S. citizens.... Emil J. De Donato has hired Jack and Chuck Luchsinger to head a new TV- ndustrial Film Production department... 'All right, write the tingle yourself,' sass Cummings Productions, in effect. The firms new promotional,piece, a "Do t Yourself Jingle Kit.' con- tains all the necessan ingredients-a scale and a bag of notes... Christas Diatsintos is developing the Bill Sturm Stud& new puppet and stop motion operation, with President YVilliam A. Stone supersisillg the new division.

15 4 TV -TV FLM REVEWS THE BLLBOARD JUNE 30, 956 The Billboard Scoreboard NETWORK REVEW CBS' Cartoons Grim; Hard Slugging Ahead By CHARLOTTE SMMERS CBS Cartoon Theses (NN) nvitee. Dick V. Dyke, Producer. Michel M. Grillkh.. Dirt:tor, ruward T. S.a.e... wirrer, Bin GROOMS. (CBS -TV. 7:04i p.m., EDT, J. 20.) "CBS Cartoon Theater," which spotlights Paul Terry's cartoons, may appeal to some children, but it's questionable whether parents will consider it good fare fur their Loung'uns. Featuring Heckle and eekle (magpies), Candy Goose, inky Duck and Little Roquefort (a mouse), all who sound delightful enough, writer Bill Gammie involved them in situations which, in addition to being unimaginative, called for padded cells, gory doctors, Charlie Addams sets and Frankenstein characters. Violence of one sort or another seemed to be the keynote of 'Cartoon Theater's" second show. Since CBS is obviously going after its opposition's audience (Disneyland), it might be wiser to take a closer look at the audience composition figures when selecting the cartoons and come up with a basic formula for r better balanced show. Another problem is Dick Van Dyke, a personable enough young man perhaps for other emsee chores, but certainly not for Ed Sullivan Show (Net) CsS -TV. Sunday (7), 9 p.m.. EDT (Ceuebt.sain). Ed Sullivan cooed at the Arms. last week, and the Army cooed back at him. n presenting a program of winners in the all -Army talent contest, he emphasized couple of times that the talent demonstrated what really nice people there are in the ranks. At the program's end the Secretary of the Army came on to tell Sullivan how grateful the Army was. The show bad acts in sapid succession. Four of them made a special mpression. Pfc. Pete Palmer, a burly, baby -faced fellow who used to play football for llinois University, sang "Granada" in a strong, lusty tenor. Lanky Pfc. Don saacson gave comic impressions in a broad. zany style, panting and mugging as Jerre Lewis might. Two lads called the Jyro Jets did a fearless acro act on two tiny trampolines. And a duct called the Hip Cat Hillbillies did a cute satire on the bumpkin school of music. Gene Plotlík. Kraft Theater (Net) NeC.TV, Wednesday (20). 9.0 p m., EDT (Caught gam). What with unidentified flying objects buzzing around at miles an hour, it seems shame that Kraft's offering of "Flying Ob- Jtxt at Three o'clock }sigh" couldn't have moved swifter. Kraft assembled an excellent cast headed by Everett Sloane and Biff Mc- Guire, but those who like drama and suspense probably found the program yawn -provuking To those interested in the subject of U.F.O's, however the documentary dissertation of the military's struggle to get the facts about a plane swallowed up by an unknown source in mid -air was compelling. Action did reach a high point when the pilot of the plane was found dying after being deposited back on earth by the U.F.O. But why is t that an audience is often gypped of the ilnportant words of a dying man? Dennis McDonald. this one. Van Dyke is ill at ease, strained and appeared to be thorolo uncomfortable. A personality like Fran Allison's is needed here with more play between the animated stars and the emsee to establish identification. n short, the show needs lots of work to make the grade. Patti Page Show (Net) PATT PAGE 6e0W Cast: Patti Cu'. Eddy Arnold, )an August. Richard Hayman. Jane canon sod Cart Bauaatine. Script, Bob Corcoran sad Jame* Shelton. Director, Grey Lockwood. Accote producer, Henry Howard. Producer, Nona.. Truth. Sponsored by Armour tara Tuham.iced. Klunea that Foote, Cree a Belding and Gold Sul thou s'pbell toton...nh( -V, 7.9 p.m.. EDT, lune 6.) 3%e hour-long Patti Page show, filling in the Bent four weeks of Perry Como 's summer vacation, started off with an assortment of bright musical stars, an interesting central idea and a disappointingly dull over -all production. The credits alone promised a much better summer replacement than viewers have had the past couple of years. But it will need more change of pace and MOM production than the premiere. The dea of the do-it -yourself erase was used as an excuse rather than a compelling reason to get each act On. The acts were given no visual enhancement. And the creepy pace, which might have been relaxing for 5 minutes, was boring for a full hour. Gene Plotnik. March of Medicine (Net) NNS NeC -TV. Sunda) (7), 9:0-4 p m.. EDT ( Cawht awn). "Progress Report- 956" performed a great public service. Most of the show was devoted to a cataract operation. ts purpose was to show viewers bow relatively painless and safe the operation is, and in this it succeeded completely. F. specially impressive in making the point was testimony in a cataract ward where cases told how they were up and about 3 minutes after the operation. The rest of the program was Adventure Theater (Net) Cast for '7hny Day. to Die ": Hutrrr Or.aa, Lawrence Monolith, lenny taud and others. Director, Paul Dion. Script, lames Eastwood. Simmered by Amerlcan Tobacco and Warne,.Huileut Mau Batt.. Barton. Puni.. A Osborn and Kenyon a Eckhardt, respectively. T BC -TV, 0:0- p.m., EDT, June 6.) 'Thirty Days to Die," the first program in the series replacing "lit Parade" for the summer. was an interesting half -how suspense story, well- produced and creditably acted. A theater critic is given 30 days to guess the manner of his impending murder by a revengeful playwright who has been injured by his criticism. Under the tension. he goes to pieces. n the denouement, however, he strangles his would- be -nemesis and is sent to the gallows. The basic dea was acceptably suspenseful. but the writer dirt not continue to develop it strongly enough. Two fine portrayals were turned in by Lawrence Marsmith as the critic and Hubert Gregg as the playwright. This series. which should do well for its sponsors, has an unusual history. t was originally produced in England by the Danziger Brothers for the TV subsidiary of Paramount Pictures. \Veen no sale was forthcoming, t was then released to theaters. Leon Morse. Tònight (Net) N(O (le) :`.3- a a, EDT mama For the weeks while Steve Allen working on his new Sunday above, NBC is running in a different comedian each week for two nights. Who's to be the permanent replacement for Allen if Allen stays with his Sunday show, will probably be decided after all the con- testants have had a chance, which in this instance is a wise move. George de itt s brashness lends certain exuberance to the show, but it's far cry from the relaxed spoofing that has made the program successful. His zany clowning lacks the warmth and heart so identified with "Tonight." Of course. it's a tough spot for any comedian to be put in. seemed to feel the strain. Dennis McDonald. De Witt devoted to highlights from the American Medical Association meeting in Chicago. A new cancer detection device was displayed. Dr. Burton Croen, the ileitis diagnostician, also talked about the obstruction. Leon Morse. TV PROGRAM REVEWS NETWORK REVEW Hope's Spec Fine, But t's Not a Spectacular By JACK SNGER Sends, apmaedar Neet Cut: Bob Hope, Dorothy Lemony, Betsy Grub.. Jane Russell, Stale Allen. Director, Jack George Sanders, others. Shea. Producer, lack Hope. Music, Les Brown and his orchestra. Wehces) Joao Rapp, Leerer While. Mon Lach. man. Jerry Man, Bill Larkin. Sponsors, various. (NBC-TV, 7:304 p.m., EDT, June 7.) Last week's edition of NBC's "Sunday Spectacular" raises some serious questions about the status of "spectacular programming." The show, for the most part, was highly entertaining and deserves to be classified as an excellent commercial TV entra'. However. except for the fact that it was 90 minutes long instead of the usual 60 minutes. the shnw no more de- seeves to be called spectacular than would the Ed Sullivan show. The concept of spectacular programming. when originally pre- sented, cnvisoned monthly shhow of a super-duper nature on the order of i'ctcr Pan," the Noel Coward and Mary Martin show, etc. Last week's "Sunday Spectacular," excellent rbo it was, could just as easily have appeared as a regular Down You Go (Net) NBC -TV. Saturday )6), 7:304 p.m.. 'Caught auks). EDT Dr. Bergen Evans and his truckloads of Encyclopedia Brittanina have moved over to NBC -TV with very little change in format. Fortunately the only change is in the panel itself and not in the format or its monetary value to the write - inn contestants. And it continues to be a charming half hour which is well -paced, amusing and always in good taste. The high spot is undoubtedly the clue period which precedes the guessing of each phrase. Written by Dr. Evans, the clues provide the most amusing moments of the show. New panelists are Arthur Treacher, Hildy Parks and jimmy Nelson along with his dummy." The guest was 4 -yearold Robin Morggaan, whoa "precociousness" was showing just a little more than it should. A strong. serious- minded player as the fourth member should give the balance needed for Ulis panel. Charlotte Summers. DALY -e NEWS and Billaard NM mati rwrve "swvarra Tke Ammnenenl nde,lry, Leading Newswtehly FEATURE FLM FLES Capsule cictques of motion t'cierrs edit-ling TV, bawd upon reskes aigiaally published n The Daley N, -s MYSTERY SP * *'t DALY N,S Cast Pd Kalb, tarty Parks. Scra.r Plan b Meld Slhenalebt sod Hntutu Mart by AM Cornish. Snub hem Dlnetur, Law Leaden. Released by Colusbla Pkeves. T\ dl,tnbuter, H)fo TV. How..alto, Jl u0-. package. Rouble tin.: a 'Wool.. D. re.lewedi August la, 94. The game s fur high stakes in this pretty exciting melodrama 'about desperate men culled from prisons and tagged for deportation. Action revolves around the hijacking of the ship's captain and crew. Landers does a flue Job in laying the groundwork, keeping suspense and interest at a maximum while the hijacking develops. Larry Parks s a newcomer with looks and ability to make a career. Paul Kelly is playing the starring role with considerable conviction. Lola Lane plays a female reporter aboard the ship. WHAT A WOMAN * *{ DA'. Y NEWS Cast. stetenia Russell, Brien Aberne. Srrete.pts, by Them. Lewis and Barry states from story by Ertk Chan)!. Director. talos Cumming.. ltelea»d by Columbia Picture. TV d),a,thulor, Sarre. Gran. How sellney 04.ía. Hollywood Moe.. Perak. Running timer 93 minutes Doe rt.n, cd, Uo- eember 3, 943 This glittering bit of fluff gives Miss Russell a chance to get her pretty teeth into another career - woman rule, this time a Hollywood actors agent operating in New York. Her task is to deliver the right actor. a new face, to play in the screen version of a best selling novel. She discovers the author is a big, blond and handsome English professor and persuades him to play the role. Colnpllcations set in when he loves her and she loves a maga- zine reporter. This is escapist entertainment in its most frivolous aspect directed with light touch. GALLANT LEGON * *N DALY NEWS Cut, Brun Cabot. Joseph SchadbnimE 6...nplay by John Betio, and Gerald Cereabty. Director, lout. gas.. R.- kneed by Republic nnlinn. TV dhtrlbntec, Hollywood TV lent.. How Sinn Group. Romaine time" all minute Dale rte sard: bentrne- Me 4, 940. As far as Westerns go, this is one of the better screen melodramas. t is based on a historical disturbance which almost split the State of Texas in hvo, after it had been wrenched away from Mexico. A Texas Senator falls into the hands of a corrupt political boss, who is working for the abolition of the Texas Rangers and the division of Texas, The Senator's niece arrives on the scene to write about the situation. The Senator, hying to break from the boss, is killed and the niece with her stories saves the day with the aid of the Rangers. Tuesday night Bob Hope entry. NBC's billing of this show As a spectacular merely lessens the value of the term "spectacular" when t's used for future productions that really deserve the name. More basically, it poses the question, "What's happening to the spectaculars? The Sunday show, despite the fact that t was a 90- minute trailer for Hopes new theatrical film, That Certain Feeling," provided a lot of laughs. The stand -out comedy sequence was a sketch in which Hope and George Sanders mistake each other for the psychiatrist to s.hom each is paying his first visit. Best production number in the show was "Four Leading Ladles," sung by Betty Crable, Jane Russell, Dorothy Lamour and Marilyn is''xwell. An entertaining and effective "behind- the -cameras" sequence was the showing of some film takesfrom "That Certain Feeling" which were discarded because of fluffs. Steve Allen, in his usual informal and relaxed emsee manner, neatly tied the pieces of the show together and bridged the gaps. Fire Destroys Coast Wills Point Terpery SACRAMENTO, Calif. -Wills Point Ballroom, for more than 25 years the la gest dance spot in Northern California, burned to the ground here last week (5) in a fire suspected to have been touched off by arson. Owned and operated by veteran country singer Bob Wills. the ballroom was the site of weekly dances, the majority by c.fiw. entertainers. Damage to the building was estimated at $' DeCastros to RCA Victor HOLLYWOOD -n what probably constitutes the last of the Fabor- Abbott talent roster to shift to RCA Victor, the DeCastro Ss ten this week were added to the latter firms artist rolls. Deal involved the purchase of all masters from Fabor Robison president of the ndie firm, for $2.500 royalties totaling an additional $tuts 3,750, latter to be paid by the singers. Robison holds no unreleased sides of the trio. Previous Fabor- Abbott artists to go to RCA Victor were Jim Reeves and the Jim Edward- Maxine Brown team. Prutting to New RCA - Job NEW YORK George H. Prutting fast week was named manager of Sales -nternational Market for RCA Victor. The position is newly created. n this role, Prutting will be responsible for the sale of the products of 'etors Record Division to the RCA nternational Division for resale to distributors, affiliated companies and subsidiaries in fur - eien countries. Pruning formerly was Record field representative, Eastern Region, for Victor. He has been in the record industry for 25 years.

16 JUNE 30, 956 'Lune' at Last To Get Pop Face- Lifting ii,. íi i '. -.U,, s milting any sad all effort. to 84a a pop tuna out of "Clair de Lome the publhher and the ritale.' ii cowman Claude Uobusay ries limabs given in to Tin Pan '.les. The classic melody 'has ris adapted by Domenico Se. n a and lyrics added by Mitchell trill of Stardust" and 'Blue tleá fane. Ness title is "Ninon-.,tht love." reenvimion for This was obtained lkan -Vogel Company. l'. S. t for the music, from the estate sud publisher of Paria, AUbe Debuury command is 800 u a piano solo, protection has been ed via the orchestral e t n later. nt matte be the composer some Now, with that also preaching the public domain, the State, at lead. this new ïc version will give for original s' s right mener* e protected mop- for the neat 56 yon. During the past 20 years, many kerien have cou arrangements ear patine adaptation of "Claire de.une" under the impression thin it vial PD, The publishers has. in each case, (or eed the company to ursr. ít 00% Exchange Plan by GT HOLLYWOOD - n a move overtly aimed at thwarting record discounters and solklltting ts post. tit. with disk dealers. indie Good Time Jan end Contemporary Rea rds this vadek offered dealers a ital per cent exchange policy on its complete line of LP's. Company will henceforth f' tors -oral all 2 -inch LP's m pol)ethelene sheaves. with the 0( per tent exchange policy effective telly when records are returned with the seal unbroken. To further aid dealers, the (ism s offering a complete line of demonstration LP, at 75 cents each. Latter move is made to enable dealers to carry at mutdi of e full stock as is possible without rsrrbunlming a dealers inventors The move, according to C:TJ es», Dave Stuart, will give the dealt, en added bulge against the mad rider badness by allowing him to demonstrate a particular record. nrmonstratfon records are being shipped directly to dealers with the approval of the label's distribleni thus far, said Snort, has been especially sails. factory. with dealers ordering 20 or more demonstration LP's el-,, t i n i..'i tent,t,,rn. ' MUSC -RADO t.mrtmwe to 64 a...+,. Nt- '0, a*. N. Y. THE BLLBOARD 5 'MEANW'LE,BACK Summer LP Package Pus h N THE JUNGLE' Pays Off on Classical Chart rta...ÿd., t n.c paselsusced ranter on the novelty platter. which also features the Gadabouts and fee Dnsolar. to honor of his first disk. Putnam bung up a new sign at his Universal Rerered ne Studios here reading: 8 Putnam. Recording Adht and Record Sessions.- Prowse -Mellin Pubber Tie -Up LONDON Keith Drowse Musk Company, an affiliate al Astwisted teslilluuiun, has purchased a 50 per cent interest in American publisher Robert Mellù, s British publishing firms, Robert Slellin Music, Ltd, and Sherwin %lade. Ltd. it is uudersture! that all terme of the deal are set and that final (Continued on page 48) Webb Pierce For Palace N':' YORK-Webb Pierce. one of the nation's top C.&w. artists, hrs been set for a week stand at the Palace Thrace here in August, with the date slated to be set this week. Palate booking came as the result of the phenomenal business chalked by Pierce and Red Sovine at the Terrace Ballroom Newark, N. J., May 27. when the pair set e new bonne mark in playing to.o.u. and some in two performances. Major Diskcrics' Dealer Aids Spot New Best Seller Entrants \.%, tistkal es'., labels' sternll push on package piton, this sweater is already paling off n pro. sided hh week by 'lse Bill - baatd s best wiling clatncal album chart. The current list spotlights an unusual amount of new (to the chart) releases, %chile several LP's which have been off the than fut some turne are back on this neck. Significantly- three LP's on the charts are $2.98 promotion spe- cials - Columbia's Slav and June "Buy- of- thesfotith" packages and Victor's "Save ou tecurds" May L' special. Slercur; Records in obviously reaping plenty of classical sales lienelits from its summer one.cent ooccent. 7 he label's "la' true" by the Minna-sp..' plum. moved into She \ ris aan, ay hilt the t) pion,n; fkolet, two gars, bit the chant.n tlc first nine. n line with this, Memel 's see pee artist sud repertoire chief. Art Talmadge, reports that ncrcwct Radio Disk Sales Obie's New Gimmick LP Platters Carry Station Labels, Sell Thru Drugstore Chains WASHNGTON - Elf Ober - stein, colorful disk operator, la now setting up lie -ins with radio stations whereby his disks - carrying the stations call letters on the label - are being sold thru chain steam. n Ow Washington area, 'M'DC, im. portant music outlet, last week issued a release stating that the sta don was "invading the record business and would distribute "its own WWDC Record label." The disks, which are 0 -inch LP', and carry sir or eight versions of hit NBC Skeds Name Band Renaissance Big Daytimer Band Show in Making; Other Nets Climb Summer Bandwagon ts t \: Bt NDY NESS' YOttk --hc band basiucss mat' be on the threshold of a strong comeback if present network programming plans at NBC Radio fell this summer. The web is ready in new music format -with special emplautn on live music t name bands -as a replacement for Weekday." which is currently aired from 0 a.m. to noon and S to 3:45 Js.m. across the heard. "Weekday, reportedls. well be dropped shortly. ' AA ELECTS OFFCERS, WALKER NEW PREXY \.% Yt n l ls -- f.r n l it. slror t i "< : y,,, Talker, MGeM Records topper, the newly-elected president el he Record lndt w Association of make. affective Wedn eday 'aine exceeds James it. Conks ta anti piestdeotof AA. what be as proi t 'of bbgobfaa tása, stiied'tlptt Jae. matins will J prising C.-onk- Unto accomplishments and expressing the appreciation of the di. rectors for his mens coowtutioes to the welfare of the entire industry and particularly for the guidance he gave the RM during his term as ils chief executive officer. At the- Wednesday meeting, all present offireertr of the RM wens elected. REAA presidents customarily (Caaifaoed on page sib) Meanwhile, CBS, ABC and Slu tuai have also instigaied a flock of new musical shows -both live and recorded -for the summer season. Binds were once a prime ingredient of network radio programming. and the stebc present thinking might very well be instnimental in finally "bringing hack the bands," since extensive broadcast time un doubtedly helped spark the salad package sales -as a rani of der NEW YORK- ABC-Paramount une -cent bonus plan, plus strong Rrtcurtls this month set up its ossi, relines en sh»tics salts limit month disuibutfnn branch n Scattle,, -have resulted in Mercuury % over - marking the firm's first company - all gross sales for lure, l9í0, top v%m.l dísttibotion office. hlcrtlu. ping rinse chalked up by due fúur nn, tiro lone has been hatdltd by sl tile aatlle time last sear b% 50 Nurthnest Tempo. Game Reeler, t formerly t rauchi managet for (:api. tut in Seattle and more recently associated) with Columbia Recsmnf, here, will operate the branch, tones, sell for 79 tents at all Peuples Drug Stores. n Baltimore, a similar operation is under war, with the dish labeled "WBAL Records" and selling thns the Reed drug chain. W'DC stated that the records are bring which may also handle other Lt belt in addition to the Ani -Par line. At time same time, ABC- Paramoout has switched distributors in Pitt, - hurgi- dn,pping Forbes and pick - íug tip Record Distributers. While on the West Coast, Am- Par chief Sam Clark made arrangements with waif Disney for Ain_ Pat to release six more Mickey \louse Club dicks and one LP in the fall during the 050-'57 season of the ABGTV kiddie show. Ana Par's aunciate artist and repertoire director, Don Costar, returns from Europe on the Liberte next wee):, bringing with hem a batch of moral music tapes which he acquired abroad for distribution here on the produced for the station by Record Corporation of America, athd a AB(..Paratnmtnt label company spokesman added this was, indeed, Oberstein', fieni. Obie, nteanwhie, was nowhere to be found. A secretary at his New Jer. ses office slated he was in Europe. Other title sources clahncol Chic Obie recently acquired en Aniericen Federation of Music License, and much speculation has banspired as to what would be his neat meow in the disk busiutss. 'The Musk' Performance 'joust Fund's office admitted last week that Obie Thad. indeed, acquired a license -but for Vents Records, not the Record Curporation of America. it was stated that %then Olie rrquested a licene, he claimed he was divorcing himself from the Record Corporation of America. that this corporation was run by the Todd Shipyard family. A WWVDC spokesman stated that the People's chain had over 60 out. lets in the Washington area alune. (Continued on page 20) Grady Asst. To Greenspon days of dance band, during th. thirties and rash ik'w n lice with this, it os heartening to note that NBC recently brought Billy Coodheart out of retirement. NESS' YORK-S drum l.tajs Thé new NBC teepee í a Lev figure has been appointed pl>o assistait to the in the band bus -mesa vice 20 years ago -president kt charge of operwhen lie was executive te'pee of ations at Columbia Records. sc- Music Corporation of America) o as antling toe statement last week responsible for mach of the by success Herbert Greenspan. Columbia of Tommy Dorsey, Benny Good- operations veepee. Grady has been man, Sammy Kaye, etc. t was assigned to phonograph manufao Roodkeart aie dcvclnptct two of hiring activities. lie will assist the ingest b,; radio tints of Creensiswn n the co-ordination of that era -Kay Kyser a "College of over -all manufucturing function, in Musical Knowledge" and Horace the sedotu factorit'u Heidi s "Pot o Cold." Alan Keenan. general traffic Coodheart, manager, surd Robert reportnry, is in on McColgin, the planning of process engineer, will NBC's new day- report to'' time music shots, which Grady. is said to Crucis wat funnerly director of (Continued on page 20) cost accounting. Am -Par Opens Own Branch eccs Plugs g pe Po p.. ing let - NEW' YORK Deem Recoils has kicked off a heavy promotinu aimed at cashing in on its strong pop singles catalog. The camridge is (teased on :0 of the top all-time favorites" Devca standards. A merchandising kit has been se' for dealen, which contains e 45 r.p.m. copy of each of the 0 disks. consumer leaflets listing the records. browser cards on the varier and a 20 by 30 -Loch poster listing the hits. Dealers can buy ails number of the kits and can reorder the disks at Any quantity loth on 78 and 45 r.p.m. Selections listed include stand act siftings by Bing Crosby. Guy Lombardo, Jimmy Dorsey. Louis :lruntrnn, Al Jolson, Fred \faring \Vavcur. King. Judy Garland, t)re Shills Brothers. the ink Spnt., tim' Arid reins Sisters. Ella '' and Woody tier nan. menus *Others. Angel Debs New Southwest Depot i s(u. Tr% -- :htt;rl liennd +. flint an agreement with 'ORD Reco rds. nc., on this city, will establish its new Sonithwecte, n depot here July 2. This still,e listed as E.Si.. Sales (U.S.) Ltd.. P.O. k,t :tí5, Waco. Tex. Jarrell SlcCracken will be in charge rf depot operation. Saks and prouurton for the Southwest retiun as ílt be under the supervision of Tom Noriket.

17 6 MUSC -RADO THE BLLBOARD JUNE Mail -Order Houses Mapping Entry nto Record Business Morton to Make Plunge in Early '57; Plain Upping Catalog Listings - By JOEL FREDMAN HOLLYWOOD Established moil-order catalog houses, veterans of the business who for sears have merchandised vacuum clean- en, washing machines, furniture and other household supplies, are presently casting a watchful eve un the record ndustry and arc expected to enter the field shortly. The catalog husinecs isn't es. pecially new to the major diskeries who for years have been doing business with such giants as Sears, Roebuck and Montgomery \Yard. One such firm, the John Plain Company, in Chicago. is reported to do a total volume of better than $30, annually, with their sales in records alone soppposcdly running in the neighborhood of $00,000 a year. On the Coast this week. wets lives of the Robert Morton Co. pang, veteran mail -order mcrvhan dicers, acknowledged that they plan on entering the disk husiness in early 957 and will lint a selected number of LP's in their catalog next year. The Morton Cornpony deals with appmxirnateh retailers in a variety of Mills Frowns At Combo Song iolly \'OOD - The lase..f the song. "Picnic," from the Co. lumbia picture of the same name. in conjunction with the standard "Moongluw" is neither a medley nor does it constitute a new song, according to Mills Music President hying Mills. Mills this w. :k averred than use places in jeopardy any such a recognized standarl, to which writers could pen counter -melodies or arrangements and thus claim joint ownership of the copyright. "Do you suppose rving Berlin would permit the use of additional music to "White Christmas" and then split the copyright?" be queried. Hassle grows out of the combined "Moore low."picnic usage in both the Columbia picture and the recorded instrumental versions by Morris Stoloff on Deena and George Cates on Coral. Accord - ingly, Mills is presently seeking full copyright ownership of the song from Coumbla Pictures Music Corporation, latter a partnership with Shapiro-Bernstein. According to Mills. the MPPA d ASCAP acknowledged his' claim in requesting the Hit Parade teleshow to withdraw use of the combined tune on its shows sev- eral weeks ago. Oddly enough, the law firm of Srhwertz fr Ernelicit represents both Columbia Pictures and ASCAP. Du Mont Adds Mid -Priced Hi -Fi Phono NEW YORK -Du Moist. which introduced ts first hire of high fidelity phonos last year, makes its entry into the medium-price hi-fi phono bracket this month with the ftalladlcr, a mahogany radio -phono console unit, retailing at $ The model was part of a trio of hi -fi phonos displayed earlier this month at Du Mont national 'sake (Continued on page 20) categories, tho the majority or its business is restricted to areas of less than 5,000 in population. \\'hat is unique about the expected Morton operation, s that the company has indicated it will bypass existing distributors and deal di. rectlÿ with the major companies themselves. According to Morton Company toppers, negotiations with two major diskeries have already started. with the firm reportedly receiving an affirmative answer to its request that it be sold direct, n match the same manner as they now sell to Sani Goody." Listings n the various catalogs, whether consumer or retail. have traditionally been vied for tenaciously by the major record con. it.mies. The latest ssue of the Sears, Roebuck catalog, for instance, lists two full pages of LP's available them the Sears mail -order operation, A Sears executive here acknowledged that their volume in records -by -mail is substantial, tho t was three times the size during and immediately after the war. The Plait Company in Chicago moves a substantial amount of radio -phono equipment, n addition to phonograph records, and will henceforth devote more space in its catalogs to the listings of available albums and cut down on the descriptive copy in connection with same. Company's catalog is cireulated to dealers in the Midwest in cities of leu than 7,000 persons. Camden Fall LP's Spot Top Names NEW PORK - There will be $* "this will be the performsome high- lossered name- attlet Ate Paris Opera Comique. par -ha5a on the market at $.98.., piano pack:age, Cam - come this fall. RCA Victor's sub- :!eì saieate Herald Baaer's bis. sidiary Camden operation is holda es of Beethoven's Mg a group of 2-inch LPt by _ a and "App.csionata" longhair names for Srpterrtb f lease, but meanwhile has chang `h ter pops will include the covers on 59 of its previatily by Henri Rene, ssues! packages. substituting the. Martin, Tex Beneke, A tore names of its artists and orks fell Glitelmtjr and the Delta Rhythm the pseudonyms it had been using. Boys, plus a new cutting by the &tssecn now and September, French orkster, Cuy Leper. the diskeri intends to concentrate in July, Camden sill bring out on pups, and releases will include new disks by Waldorf orkster Nat fresh recordngs along with a flock Brandwsnue and thrush Polly Berof reissues from the Victor back gen. Beixnsses will nclude material catalog. Hcading the September release w ill be a coupling of Cenhsìri s "lthapscody in Blues" and Concerto in F play u by the Boston Pops by Johnny Desmond, list Mcn- (Continued on page 20) Vox C l ass i Ca Urelocstra under Arthur Fiedler, with Jesus Maria Sans-orna. purist. Another package will feature Tus canna M and the Nev York Ptrilhar monnc doing "Sorcerer's Appren Sel 9 tier," " Semiramide" overture. the Prelude to "Traviate" and "Sieg- PARS -- Vox Records, inde. fried dyll." The late pianist, Paden- pendent classical disk company ewski, will get This initial LP repro launched in the States nearly 0 sentation with a collection of years ago, has expanded gradually Chopin, Debussy, Schumann, until it now has achieved, via a Schubert, Liszt, etc. Then there complicated series of arrange - will be a complete "Carmen" on masts, virtually world -wide distrithree disks, with a total price of bution. Voss expansion, as blue- DJ LP Spins 'Auditions' for Singles Aid NEW YORK -Mercury lieconl, ii cashing in on the fact that man and more decjays are playing Ll' as tho they were singles. The label credits ockey pla' with sparking dealer demand that the Platters' new disk. "My Prayer. (orignally ntroduced as part el their first album) tea released as si single. Now Mercury's subsidiary label, Wing. is pulling out "Bring t home to Me" horn Buddy Holm - soti s new LP, "Rock and Roil Wilt Buddy Hohnsou" and releasing it as a single. n both cases jockeys across the country apparently aired other stk leptons from each LP until lis requests pinpointed the most coo, merciad tune. thereby pointing up what could devclop into a valuable. deelay "audition" service for artist etad fie larepertoire coot in the sin printed by president George htendelssohn, is considered significant in view of the rapid expansion of the world disk market. Mendelssohn retuned here re. recently after a visit in New York. He was joined by Paul Fejer, man- (Great Britain), i Ìf Ltd.. of No Decision Yet On Kilgore Bill WASNC :TON-As Congress indues to wind up its business for hhe.sumnier, music operators across country are wondering what tlt. may be taken in the final tuekrtof the session on the Kilgore ßf' fo )dill the juke box royalty en for the O'Afahoney,) subcommittee on patcopyrights. will only say i business before the corn- ' a a iieluding consideration of Bill, will got "official (Continued on page 30) 25TH LECUONA LP RELEASED NEW YORK -To date 25 albums have been devoted exclusively to the music of the great Cuban composer, Ensesto Lecuona. Most recent one is Stanley Black's package, The Music of Lecuona." issued by London. First of the i ecuone packages was recorded by Harry Hulick for Decca. Others are Morton Could's on Columbia, the First Piano Quartet on Victor, Leonard Pennario on Capitol. Jose Eschariz on Westmhiuter, etc. The composer, for year contracted to Edward B. Marks Music Corporation, has cut three albums of his own works for Victor. Two of these hava already been released. 'Love' Suit. Settled Out Of Court A - NEW YORK pnl,iishers' hassle regarding the 954 hit song, "Pledging My Love," was settled out of court last week- Fifty per cent of all earnings were paid to George Weiner's Wemar Music firm by Don Rohcv's Lion Publishing Company, affiliate of Duke Records. Weiner had instituted a suit against Robes one sear ago. charging that the latter had ignored his obligation to assign publishing rights to Weiner after the latter had obtained at least seven record - ings of the song, which had been cut originally by the late Johnny Ace on Duke. nstead of assigning the song to \\'enur. it was claimed that Robcy handed the selling rights to Edsio H. Morris Music. Under the settlement. Morris has agreed to release the lan, which now goes into \Verner, with Robe retaining a 50 per cent interest. Performance earnings of the tune had been held up by Broadcast Music, nc., pending the settlement. LP's World -Wide n England, Vox produces des- deal LP's exclusively to supply the domestic market, and also to export to all stealing block countries. According to Mendelssohn, the mmpu,v plans to start recording in England in the near future. Peter is negotiating with several major British artists, n France. vox has its own sell (Continued on purge 200 Prestige nks Melle, Moondog And Garland - NEW YORK Prestige Records, the jazz indie, signed three new artists during the past s- n weeks, Cil Melle, Moondog and Red Carland. Melle, sax man and an-anger. formerly was on Blue Note. irlooudog, the itinerant New York street mtelician who created a splash on several labels about three seas ago, but who had always refused to sign an exclusive pact, has a three -year paper with Prestige. le will record all of his original con, - positiom, which are written for a variety of jazz and longhair groups. Garland. who is pianist with the Miles Davis Quartet. will record with his own trio. which includes drummer Philly Joe Jones and Paul Clambers, also of the Davis unit. Add 6 LP's to Kidisk Line NEW YORK -n response to an unforeseen demand, Simon!e Schuster. purveyor of Little Cold - cn and Golden children's record. is nuking six 2 -inch LP's into its fall line. The diskery. which had only one "experimental" LP it the line previously, claims that this keyed the demand for the single -unit, higher -priced product. The new LP's, like the previously issued "Child's ntroduction to the Orchestra," include the saute mate - (C(ntinued our page 20) ABC -TV Sets Bow of Live Jazz Stanza "Stars - HOLLYWOOD of JAZZ," a new live music tek-show to feature top jazz musicians and singers, is set to bow here uent week via ABC -TV. Show will be helmed by writer- singer Bobby Tróup, with Kid Ory and His Creole Jazz Band and the Stan Getz group participating on the first stanza. Future lire -up inclines Dave Brubeck, Chet Baker. lied Nichols, Stan Kenton, Perez Prado, Errol Camer, Howard Rumsev, Cnnnt Basic, Anita O'Day, Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan. 5 6 CONCERT SERES FOR DELL AND STADUM PHLADELPHA -- This city's 27th season of Robin Hood Dell concerts opened Monday (8) in completely remodeled quarters in Fairmount Park. A capacity audience of 20,000 tam.' out for the all - Beethoven concert prepared by conductor Eugene Ormandy-and to appraise the new stage and amphitheater just completed at a cost of $350,000. The stage is an attractive, modern concrete and steel construction with an overhead five stories high. The sound amplification system proved to be one of the nebst successful reproducers of natural orchestral sound of any usa in use on the East Coast. This year the season will be six seeks long and again will be offered without charge, due to a $ appropriation by the City Council and the contributions of a group private citizens knosn as Fri,n!, of the Dell. - NEW YORK The outdoor symphonic season sono inaugurated here in Lewisohn Stadium on the same evening (8). Pierre Monteux conducted members of the New York Philharmonic-Symphony in works by Wagner, Fre nck and Stravinsky and had Marion Ander- son as soloist n a few spirituals and operatic arias. A rennet nppredated novelty here w.. ala.lsence for the first time "t.rirldan. flying overhead, thaul h. < ass anent made by the National Aar rons. port Co- Ordinaü,ag 0 'ans :u r,.' n redirect air is alllc los, ht of the 5,Ouu nona l os. r, in attendance. Gar) Kt.unrr.


19 8 MUSC -RADO Brit. Develop New '3D' Disk LONDON -- Records with a stctrophottic or "3D" effect may soon be on the market here as the result of a new method of rernnl lug developed by a Yorkshire first. Similar recordings, giving depth to the music, are in fact available for home use on "Sterromnic" tape records isued by H.M.V. and Columbia. The snag with these, how ever, is that a 'special type of reproducer is needed to play them, The new system enables the twin sound tracks need on tape to be put onto a disk evonromieallv. One channel is cut on the walls of the track (the method normally employed for ordinary records). The other channel' is cut on the bottom of the track, using the hillaoddale method. A new pick -up has been designed that is sensitive to both di -s. lot which feeds 'both separately to their own amplifiers. Major record and gramophone companies are now curare niuq the apppauratus. whieb has lust been ralribiteel in l oaten. Simon Joins Pubber Firm \E \ )()K- -Jeers Sinon bas' been named professional manager of the Doris Day-Marie hlekber music publishing firms. Artist Music and Darwin Music. A well- Lunen local disk promotion man before he entered the U. S. Army two Years ago, Simon was dis. charge! from the sen ice tins month le starts bis new post July 2, reporting to general ran aerie Al Aavelin. Sinon will also haladle exploitation on Doris Day's records, bis first assignment being a drive an her current platter, "Que era. Sera." which is published by :stet steer RCA Re -Signs Betty Hutton To Term Pact - HOLLYWOOD Singer Betty Mutton returned to the RCA Victor fold again this week. inking a term contract that calls for both singles and albums. Miss Hutton most recently waxed for Capitol, and before that RCA Victor. Negotiations are currently under ssav for the singer to stir in an NBC TV film series to be produced by Jess Oppenheimer, with Miss Hutton also et for a starring role in a theatrical release, 'Spring Reunion." She rejoins the offirai fam ly of her husband, Alan Livingston, who ten months ago resigned his goal at Capitol Records to become president bf the Kagran Company. an NBC snbsirlian. Debussy Suit Settled Here NEW YORK -A suit filed by ï..lh Bardue Tinan, daughter of. to French composer, Claude m.- bns,y, against Urania Records, lee., has been settled doming pre -, trl hearings before Federal Court soy, John C. Knox here. la- suit charged liar the disk. ery bad waled three Debussy worts, "Pantomime," "Pierrot" and - Apparition" without consent. li. tense or payment of royalties The times were written prior to 928 but Mrs, Tian obtained the renewel rights to all three compositions fn 952- THE BLLBOARD DUNE 30, 956 MUSC AS WRTTEN POTTER F.NTES PACKAGNG FELD Los Angeles disk jockey Peter Potter has entered the television packaging field under the Peter Potter Enterprises banner, repro seated by ttal Jovien, president of Premiere Artists. Potters first pack. age. "Juvenile Record Jors," is eurrently in the hands of NBC, with singer Harry Babbitt el.- stilled to handle mmsee chores of the show. Format will follow the lines of "Juke Box Jury" and will feature sis to 0-sear-old yuurifpten evaluating kidisks and prep lunes. ALTSULF.R TO ADDRESS -F DSTRB CROUP Ed Altshuler, marketing manager for the consumer products division, American Electronics. nc., will ad dress the first annual meeting of the Southwest High Fidelity Diorite, tors' Association at thé High Fidelity Show sponsored by the group in Houston Jonc 7. Altshaler s topic will be "Organimhig li Fi Sales" and will be directed at examining methods' for improving current oprrationel activities at the distributor level. ERROL EARNER BACK U. HARNESS... Pianist Erroll (:amer. hospital. izcri for a month folios, ire an auto accident in New York. is back n the saddle and has arctr -t! a new tsso -sear booking pact n ith Joe Claraers A.asociatcd Booking Cor. poration. Gamer opens a fomr-week engagement at Zardi's, tnllswnod, Friday (22). DSK Bl'SNFSS TO BE.AMPOONED... The record business is lie soh. eel of a musical to be prrrsned July 8 at iluntington. L. be the Township Theater Creep. Book and songs are by %oun Virland and Billy Reid Baker Oilier dates besides the opening it, lote July 7, 3 and 4. SUKiN SETS t P OWN FiR!U... Mike Sukúm, prefrssin. ai manager Frank ew'ro Frank alter - firm for the past three sears, exited the post last week to wt up his own pen/rural management. isulsfishing and reeottiwy; husir,ess.tor the lime being. he e. heatbluarter at Frank Antic. Drank!)istrrbot ing Corpoatior. e ill est as his sole wiling agent. New York Harry Carlson, prcxv of Frater- nity Records. was host to 30 trade people at a cocktail party and dinner for Cathy Can. who's Fraternity disk of "vory Tower" has made the charts, last week al Coney sland. Cincinnati. Miss Cari appeared on the park's band. stand in alma., Cardera with the Clyde Trask orchestra Friday and Saturday (5.6). Lillian Briggs observes her flat annisersare in show business with a foureseek stand at the Sands Lounge, tas Vegas. starting June American Music Conference will hold e clinic fat execs of music industry limo in New York. during the Music ndustry Trade Show next month... Ndindy Carson opens at the Fontainbleau, Miami Beach, July Guy Mitchell guests with Perry Como Saturday (2).... Joan Weber does a twoweektw at.he Shamrock Hilton, ron +ton starting Jule 5... Frank Walker, nestle -elected aeepee of ',crew's. nc and general, manager of \G \ Records, has returned from a ) -day stay in Bermuda. John Grififn, Record ndustry Association of America exec, en route to Spain for several weeks. Jack Cold, who heads up Jack Cold and Great Music companies and manages the Four Esqui es, leas joined Pilgrim Records. Label has operated from Bus - ton but nmv rian an expansion. Richard Adler, songwriter ("Pa- tuna Game," "Damn Yankees." etc.), will turn producer on Broadway this fall s eh a straight play, `rte Sign of Pat Muldoon: Thrush Betty Wells, wife of music exec Mike Sukin, has been signed as a vocalist by ABC -Paramount disks... On the basis of their first LP for CA Victor, the " %Vay leverets," folk singing act, have been booked Mtn the Blue Angel starting Vethresilay (27) for two weeks with options,... Jan tenor merman Bobby Jasper, the Na. poll winner from France. still nuke his Stateside debut Friday T(29) at the'cafe Bohemia. Stand for two averlo. Atlantic Records has signed the jazz pianist Phineas Newborn Jr. lite diskery also has inked a new warbler- songwriter, Jar Rudy.,.. Another Jazz immigrant who ar rived here last week is Rulf Kuehn, No. poll- winning clarinetist in Germany. lia work has been beard here on a Decca LP.... Vox Records teepee Larry Creen has named a new distributor for the line in the Carolinas. t will he F b: F Enterprises in Charlotte. N. C... San Francisco Recoils has signed nrksler Anson Weeks and the Andrini Brothers to disk contracts.. ) -G-M recording' orkster Art Waner is at C'Est La i Vie, in the Shelton Hotel or an indefinite engagement. Promotion man Dick Genk was married last week to Arlene saacs. The couple is honeymooning its Nassau... Harry Wuest, manager of the Buddy Morrow and Richard Maltby bands. has signed alto saxophonist Dick Johnson. Jolurson, who is featured with Mnrmw, cut his First 'lira LP he \Virg Records. %Vernier Frank Parker. former Arthur Godfrey "friend," has been Collins 'Agin' Overplugging - NEW YORK.rt.. are in grave danger of commercialisation according Ted Collins, who has managed Kate Smith's career the last 2; years. Linder Collins' guidance Miss Smith has never owned her own music publishing company, endorsed a line of Kate Smith merchandise, nor okavcd blatant plugs on radio or TV for her awn records. Collins, solio was a top Colon - bia Records exec during the '20'a, believes that when an artist owns his or her own publishing eompane there's too great a dasiger of t affecting the judgment on his osen repertoire. For instance, he cites the case of a fellow artist who also owns a publishing firm and a you sing my tune on your TV show and 7 do yours on mine situation develops, often at the expense of one or both performei ratings. Altpo Collins doesn't approve of record plugs on TV and radio completely (e.g., "And now my latest record ") is a permissible hero. he frowns on lengthy wax camurereiels, wherein the camera pans to to. close -up of the album cover and the eraser advises the audiences to pick up a copy at the local record store. Miss Smith cmrreotly follows this policy on guest shots, asid has always weeded to it on her own radio and TV shows in the past. t''"in of Bremen Needles and the Sohocraft Corporation here, has nern employed by 'Hill & Range Songs for the summer. Borchardt is a student at Syracuse University. Thrash Lee Kane, formerly on Capitol. has signed Johnny Brown as personal manager on a five -year deal., Bob Eberly, Grand Assard Recouds crooner, is on the Arthur Godfrey CBS show all this week.. The Jumping Jaguars group has been signed by Decca. happ Records las set Phonodisc.i, escluaive Canadian Distributor fur the line. Hollywood Fick Knight, president of Key Records. has returned from Meadco City, where arrangements were completed for Key to be repre- sented in Mexico by Los Ponchos Disco's as distributors. Key has also sel up distribution in Canada thrn Phmrndise, Ltd... Guy Mitchell will sing "Song of the Young Guns" behind the main titles of the Allied Artist filin of the same name. Tune was primed by mogene Carpenter and Lenny Adelson... The Sabres, recently inked by RCA Victor, opened a one -month stand at flarrab's Club, Lake Tahoe last week. The Jeybaws, via their recording ni 'Stranded in the Jungle" go into the Apollo Theater, New York, June 29 for one week, Billy Shaw Agency handles the group... The Four Freshmen are currently playing to tine second highest grosses Carr recorded at the Crescendo here, topped only by Louis Armstrong... The Junior Teen Dance Club of Burbank. Calif.. recently honored representatives rons seven Los Angeles disk distributors, among them Norm Goodwin, Ray Thomas Company: Sid Talmadge, Recoud Merchandisi Abe Dia - mood, Diamond Distributing Cor - pans; Lee Palmer, Mercury Rea orris; Jack Andrews. Central Saks; Al Sherman Record Sales Com- signed by Coral. The deal was negotiated for Parker by Paul pany. and Art Grobart, Decca Rec- Kapp... RCA's Ben Selves and ords \odera Records has, his misses are vacetinning in Nas. named Lohmaun- Burrell 6c Assosau tisis steel... tints Borchardt, crates to handle record promotion son of Herbert Borchardt, one-time for the firm.. Bert Canvey European disk magnate, and now named to handle singing chores for Oscar Levant's "Welds About Mu- ' teleehow... San Francisco ".gt dealers will pass out,500, of Lawrence Welk's 'Cradle Day" as a promotion stunt. V of A fo Air Jazz Fiesta - \:\' YORK The Annual American Jan Festival, to be held at Newport, R.., July 5, 6 and 7. will be broadcast to the entire morfil by the Voice of America. Willis Connoter, conductor of the Voice's regular jazz program. with an estimated 30 million listeners, each week, will cunsee the opening night activities, which will feature such artists as Sarah Vaughan, Toshiko Akivoshi of Japan, Jutta Hipp from Germany. the Count Basic band. Modern Jazz Quartet, Charlie Mingus Quintet, acid many more. -. Friday night (8) will be the night that Columbia Records motes in its recording crew to tape most of the happenings. Artists on that bill will include Louis Armstrong. Ella Fitzgerald, Dose Rmbeck, Kai and Jae, the Jan Messengers, Buck Clayton arid the Eddie Condon all-stars. Saturday's hill will feature Duke Ellington, Art Tatum, Anita O'Day. Johnuv Hodges, Teddy Wiler and Chico Hamilton. A special alltraclion nil! be S. Hurocks own entry, the Viennese pianist Friedrich Guida, ahn plays cool faca as well as warm Beethoven. Local 47 Picks L. Butterman, Max Herman OLLY\VOOD --\lez legman, previously campaign manager for the now et -AF at leader, Cecil Reid, was elected to an iinterirn vice -presidency of AFM Local 47 here last week. nsurgents -nd board of directors also named nn Butterman a director of the board, succeeding John Chinon. Upcoming election of live board members at the Shrine Auditorium here (25) is expected tu he uncontested by the pro - Petrillo forces, tho.the latter poets lei by Local 47 President Job ;c Croen, Secretary Matey Paul and Financial Secretary C. R. 'lemon, are expected to present an oppose lion slate at the July elections of a vice- president and a hoard ri men - ber. Herman and Battennau are expected to retain their seats in this election, Local President te Crorri-. scie!. sled to report to the membership meeting on the teems at the con. eeritintt in Ailanitie Cite, is expected to run iota a soase of opposition at the meeting. Conclave will al o take up three major pro - posals,that are of an increase ut taxes and dales, and the appointment of bruines agents by membership rather than by the brand. Tiomkin Tune Cut By Arnold for Pic iolli-n'ood -Eddy Arnold was in town last week to record a tune which will be featured m the sound track of the RKO movie, Tension at Table Rock." Dmitri Tiomkin and Neu) Washington penned the sang. Amok, is also scheduled to tilt it for RCA Victor. The cedes, warbler t trot appear in the film. which f tures Richard Egan and Came Milctcll, Young Finds Out njuns Play Rough KANAR. Utah --Al Cannawaÿ director of "Six Guns and a Gavel* stoning Faroe Young, Marty Roil. bins. Arlene \Vhalen amid J,ra More woo forced to suspend shooting the filin here re l)eluy was occasioned by Fa Youngs- insistence that he do ins -n fight scenes with Coma ndians. Young suffered a had over his eye and was rushed off location in an ambulance. VCTOR WNS LONDON TRP l'oek- \ +k,- \-., -- tor. ossneu of the \iytii Company, Aladison. \\ the winner of London C., orris' "May s Mantova..i Month" dealer window eue test. The contest oyat based on dealers' use of display material provided by the (lido-se in connection with a speswl promotion un \)antovaui LP'se Victor, who gets a on*. week all -expense ttip for ta to tria choice of Acapu Mexico. Miami, Las Vegas OA Nero fork. sold 2,000 per reimt over his sales quota of 7 rani albums for the 'mont: Viasiug London salesman en the drive ayes tari) loldm.: of Janes H. Martin distrib, tors, Chicago. Holdnan -sett 200 per cent over quota. L e e lartstone, Londe ii sales chief, said that another Mantnvani titer of the U. " ai..l will kick off October sill continue thin the middle of Decemh -r. d t

20 NE THE SLLSOARD SALSCAADO 9 FOR SZZLERS SUMMER! The Three Suns HAUNTED GUTAR THEME FROM "THE PROUD ONES" ( from the 20th Century Fox Picture, "The Proud Ones") 20( Teddi King MPOSSBLE CAN HONESTLY SAY T'S A LE j- Diahann Carroll REBEL N TOWN (from the Prospect Film, -Rebel n Town") DDN'T KNOW WHAT TME T WAS with Joe Reisman's Orchestra 20/ "New Orthophonie" High Fidelity recordings the dealer's choice RCAVCTOR

21 20 MUSC -RADO HOT AND COLD RUNNNG TEARS Recorded by Sarah Vaughan Published by Mercury MAGGE MUSC COMPANY 4r ' WANT YOU NEED YOU, LOVE YOU" Recorded by ELVS PRESLEY RCA VCTOR MUSC, NC, sole Selling Agent: ELVS PRESLEY Mill & Range Songs, nc. NNANNNN NNN. VA NNNNNVN,NNN, " ALMOST LOST MY MND" Recorded t by: í i S i PAT BOONE $ DOT ST. LOUS MUSC CORP. 0 Sole Selling Agent: Hill & Ronge Songs, nc. wanannn "RATTLE MY $ BONES" JODMARS p Capitol 3436 / YERS MUSC. NC. $ 22 N. 2th 5v. Philadelphia 7. Pa. S either THE BLLBOARD )UNE NBC Name Band Renaissance Robey Settles Continued (rom page.5 Disk Suit be budgeted considerably higher than the present "Weekday" series. Live broadcasts (either remote or studio) by top dance bands, are penciled in for the morning period, nd the web is understood to have lined up a powerful merchandising and promotional program to go with it, as an extra incentive for ils affiliate stations, some of which have registered displeasure with "Weekday." NBC's decision to program more music during the week may have been inspired by the fact that the web's weekend show, "Monitor," stepped up sharply in sponsor - interest when its music content was increased last January. At that time, the show was virtually spon- sorless, whereas this month the program is practically sold out. Latest advertiser acquisition is Amco, which signed last week to.pousor "Monitor's" new seg, (cre- r unlirncr:d Vox Classicals from page 0 ing organization for its Pantheon line, with 0 -inch disks selling for 54 in American coin, which is a low price there. The regular ($7) Pathe -Vox line is distributed there by Electric and Musical ndustries. t : also sells Vox's new 2 -inch $6 series and de luxe at $9 per disk. n taly, the company has its own -office as in England. t impor's Pantheon From France and Vox From England, France or the United States, as necessary and advantageous. n taly, Vox does ils own recording. including popular and children's disks. These, and.5 fete big -selling LP's are pressed taly. n Spain, Vox masters,ue pressed by EM and released on Odeon label. n Canada, Vox is pressed by Sparton, and employs George Erlick as distributing agent. n srael, the company currently has an agent, and will begin pressing there on August. n South Africa and in Australia, and most recently in Colombia in South America, Vox has opened its own offices. The Pantheon label, pressed in France, is now imported by all countries outside of the Western hemisphere, Ness arrangements to.have disks pressed abroad have been made with Surco in Argentina, and with Sinter in Brazil. These will all carry the Vox label. Older pressing arrangements exist for the company in the States, Canada, England, France, taly, Switzerland, Spain, South Africa, Nor- way, Australia and Austria. The company is represented in 25 countries by selling agents. These include Lebanon, Belgian Congo, Egypt, etc. n Cermanv, Vox is committed exclusively to supplying three mail order record clubs, and maintains no retail store distribution. All club labels carry credit lines for Pantheon or VOX. DU BST SCHÖN MUSK LEO DAMOND RCA V,clor 20; MANTOVAN and VCO TORRAN London nternational P W 25th Sr. BURLNGTON MUSC CORPORATON age tant aced by executive producer A Capstaff) featuring the top 0 disks played by NBC affiliate stations each week. CBS' new summer schedule spotlights a variety of musical shows - including the following band shows: "Upbeat Saturday Night," "Treasury of Music," "New Orleans Jazz Band Ball," "Saturday at the Chase," Alan Freed's "Rock 'i Roll Dance Party," "Basin Street Jazz," and three weekly half -hour remotes from Atlantic City's Steel Pier ballroom. Other musical shows on the web include Mitch Miller's Sunday shots, Percy Faith's "Woolworth!lour," Peter Potter's "Juke Box Jury,' the Howard Miller Show, and "Summer in St. Louis," with the St. Louis Municipal Opera Company. ABC's musical line -up for the summer includes a series of name band remotes originating from various niteries across the country and croseed by Paul Whiteman, a two - and-a- half -hour country and west- ern deejay show, and a four -hour nightly mood music jockey show, emseed by Milton Cross, starting July 2, from 0 p.m. to 2 a.m. Camden Fall LP's t',,olinn,cd from page 0 lure, Jesse Crawford and the Deep River Boss. Waxings of hues from "South Pacific" and "Kiss Me, Kate," cut by Al Goodman, will compose another 2- inciser. n August - Camden will bring out two newly cut hi -fi sets. One is a mood music set by Tony Mot - Cola and lias all- stars, and another with hits from "The Most Happpy Fella." played instrumentally by the Jack Say ork. Reissues will include sets by Claude Thornhill, Xavier Cugat and the Golden Cate Quartet. So far, of the important name artists available to Camden, only the Philadelphia Orchestra has unconditional use of its name. however, that organization has given permission for correct labelling on three titles to "test" whether ormot Camden $.98 sales cut into the orchestra's current full -price Columbia disk sales. Add Six LP's 0..:'d /rour pare 6 rial issued in Golden's eight -record Treasure Cutest box sets. One set, "Rodgers and Hammerstein's Saturday Matinee," will list at $9.95, due to royalty costs. The others will be $3.95. These include "Walt Disney Song Parade," "Roy Rogers Song Wagon," and "Child's ntroduction to the Great Composers." Shipment will begin August. - NEW YORK A suit, filed sometime ago by George Wiener, well -known Brill -Building figure, against pubber and diskery exec Don Robes, has been settled out of court, The suit involved the tune "Pledging My Love." According to the record, Robey originally made an offer tu Wiener of 50 per cent of the copyright, in exchange for Wiener's plugging of the tune to various artist and repertoire men. Wiener had claimed that when Johnny Ace's disk of the tune on Robey's Duke label began to click, Robey attempted to pull out of the deal. ln the suit, Wiener liad asked for all performance royalties on the Ace record due him on the deal. Under the settlement. Wiener said Robes had agreed to pay the back royalties on the disk. Nets to Focus On Steel Pier Cnrdinurd n;rn pur Pier the beginning or this sleek. At the same time, the Pier's all night disk jockey show, which aired from here last year and pulled mail from as far assay as California, the Bahamas and Canada, teed off another season last week across the board from a.m. to 6 p.m. over WCAU, Philadelphia. Bands booked at Steel Pier this summer, according to George Hamid Jr., and in the order named, are as follows: Tony Pastor, \Voody Herman, Billy May, Richard Malt - l'y, Buddy \{arrow, Stan Kenton, Ralph \larterie, Sammy Kaye, Gene Krupa, Stan Rubin, Charlie Spivak and closing the season -the Dorsey Brothers. Number of Releases This Week ARC- PARA5OLN ALADDN APOLLO -, BLUE HEN CAPTOL COLUMBA CORAL 4..., -.,.. CRY.STALETTE DECCA DG... - EMERALD -....,., EPC ERA ESQURE FEDERAL FEDERAL GEE GROOVE... 3 NTRAS ATE -... t. - SB KNG -.. MERCURY.. METEOR.....,. M -G -M s,., MODERN v RAMA REGS! According to Golden sales man- RPM ager, Bob Bernstein, the line nose SAGE AND SAND - - g speclal_v has virtually complete national STARDRY -... t coverage via 'record distributors. UNTED Tell new distribs were inked by.an5t Bernstein in the last six months, usith five in the last three weeks. oral Radio Disks Obie's Gimmick r,..;; :, :,, d ;win poke 5 and that the disks were also being sold in Peoples' stores in Pittsburgh, Virginia, etc. He stated the station in this deal was acting as a distributor. le added the disks were being plugged'on the station, but That the station was not overloading its programs with them. Office of harry Fox, publishers' agent and trustee, stated that the assumption is that the royalties ss'ill be paid not by the stations whose call letters are on the labels, but by the Record Corporation of America. The 0.inch LP's. WWDC stated, will contain no "dogs" and will cover "proven hits "-including dance music, country and western, and other categories. For example, WWDC Records' current "Dance Patty" includes "Lisbon Antigua," "No, Not Much," " Moritat," "See You Later, Alligator, "Rock sland Line," "Eddie. My Love," "Hot Diggity" and "A Tear Fell." Some disks bearing the station label will feature PeeWee Hunt, Cordon Macliae, etc. Record buyers for the Peoples Drug Chain says - the albums are selling "very swell." Nine have been on sale the past week, DuMont Hi-Fi Continu,/ distributors' meeting in Atlantic City. The other two units, a lea-, ture of last year's line, are the; Minstrel, the firm's price -leader, hi -fi phono console, retailing $59.95, and the Tanglewnud a hi-fi radio -phono console, re.. tailing at $350. The Balladier, also available its limed oak ($229.95) features two extended range speakers, the exclusive Dynacoustic sound chant, ber, and a four -speed record changer. Altho,Du Mont was ark of the first firms to introdu >" radio -TV-phono cómbinations, id present line doesn't include an suds units. nstead Du Mont b pushing step -table arrangements, combining radio, TV and phnno units into an integrated music. group, a trend the company opin which is replacing the old three - way units. nspired by The M -G -M Film Production "GARY" P' 0 FEST, NC. lore of Genevieve Five While the (Hy Sleeps Watching the World Go By Ticky.Tkky -lie Bourne, nc. America's New 94'40/44 r Standard tglendora' PERRY COMO RCA Victor JACK LEWS Crest AMERCAN MUSC, NC. 909 SUNSET vivo HOLLYWOOD Col, e es'' iealurnd Sa^+ alwnally MOON G LO m he Co..prn;c ',a P. "THE SEARCHERS" / e- B G RECORDS M. WTMARK t SONS, NEW YORK :0

22 funt THE BLLBOARD MUSCRADO 2 g'wge.'2 %EQ! lagged tot slatdom `' RUBY MURRAY Singing PLEASE HOLD ME TGHTLY A VOCE N CHOR Capitol 3465 An exciting tune - 2 great versions MARMBA CHARLESTON DAVD CARROLL MARMBA CHAPAS Mercury Cop4ol great versions of a great instrumental COOL TANGO RED DAVD ; NCHOLS ROSE Shaking loose for a Big VCK YOUNG Hit (4) ALL SHOOK UP ARDMORE MUSC CORP. BEECHWOOD MUSC CORP. N. Y. Ofice MKE COULD. V.P. Hollywood Office 730 B'woy KELLY CAMARATA BOB CARTER 750 Vine St.

23 22 STORE MODERNZATON THE BLLBOARD JUNE a special section.. e,eece9v6 STO,Q,96E Modernizing You 76 Sr N643 srv6tas s ` r i u?. k, y. * l EDTORAL Self-service selling has becumc, in the last decade, standard practice in countless fields of retail marketing. Customers have become accustomed to stores which make shopping easy, speedy and pleasant. n many areas, for example, old -line independent retailers have been seriously hurt by big, colorful, merchandising- conscious super markets. So it is, we believe, with the selling of records and allied equipment and accessories. Store modernization and self- service selling have already proved themselves, in practice, as tremendously successful sales boosters for dealers who are willing to plan intelligently and invest wisely. n this issue, as a special service to record and equipment dealers, The Billboard examines the subject of store modernization. The plans outlined on these pages have been submitted in answer to a hypothetical store mod- ernization problem posed by the editors, by firma which are specialists in the field of streamlining retail operations. W. L. Stensgaard and Associates have worked closely with RCA Victor in pushing modernization to dealers. The firm has designed -and manufactured the "Face the Music" line of record display units for stores for RCA Victor. Freedman Artcratt Engineering Corporation, in the same fashion, has worked closely with Capitol Records in developing dealer interest in modernized, self- service merchandising techniques. The firm has its own line of display fixtures. Holley Associates has also worked with RCA. Victor on similar projects and in the four years since producing its first record fixture has become a recognized force in the field. These firms all are equipped to produce complete store layouts as part of their service of supplying modern self -service racks and browsers. Their suggested glans for up- dating stores, which are offered on these pages, could, in most cases he financed thru local banks for periods ranging from five to 0 years. We believe their suggestions, layouts and photos offer solid food for thought for dealers who want to modernize their stores and their profit:. : % o [... a l T ` S t i Bigger Sales & Service at Less Service Cost s 'New Look' Aim Supermk't Selling Pattern Points Up Change in American Buying Habits By W. L. STF.NSCAARD, President, W. L. Stensgaard and Associates, nc., Chicago and New York This store is planned and de-.itmed with RCA Victur "Face time music' fixtures that are proven.und tested as to their ability to show mote and sell more wit)) greater service to the customer with less store service and more practical. satisfactory manner for ease of customer selection. t is no longer possible or necessary to match each customer with a full -time salesperson. Such selling methods are old- fuhioned and en- tirely too costly. Most customers can service themselves to the extent of 60 up to 95 per cent of completing the transaction. Theo do need service in getting answers to some questions, in locating certain mere andisc and in wrapping the goods, snaking the sales ticket and change, etc. American shopping habits have been changed by supermarkets and departmentalized selling. Most Americans today are much more satisfied when goods are shown in organized departmental arrange - ments by categories or titles, sizes and classifications. They buy more when they are allowed to look and shop for themselves and, reasonable help from the salespersons, they buy in less time. The average store will do from 60 to 80 per cent of its volume in 2 to 3 hours of the business week. This alone indicates the great important of being able to serve more people during the time that more people come to look and buy. A store that cannot do this only discourages customers from coming back because they dislike poor service above anything else. Modern Store Floor Plan This plan is designed so that over 90 per cent of the inventory is always in the forward section. The "Face the Music" equipment and browsers allow for adequate stock on most all numbers so that little reserve stock is needed. Too much stock room usually leads to an accumulating of old stock and (Continued on page 24) ` i i h RFcau 3 "a<. cevrl/f4+7 rtln3 á ( i z.,, l.0/s#v4y fy..voo w Ssensgsard floor plan 'above, chows heavy emphasis on equipment and packaged records. Children's records ll* rct solid plugging via up -front eaposre en store. Single records are relegated to mat ateas. Small storage area in rear reflects the fact that better than 90 per cent of stock ìs on display in Me store at all times. Three pairs of broken lines in drawing indicate recessed sjrng,ghting, itensgaard store layout, front left portion (see diagram /. Cashier area s located for easy vision of entire store. ra the left is a 45 r.p.m. player for kiddie records. Hare children are in full view of cashier. At rear of cashier s the only closed listening booth in the store. designed for use of customers of classical material. To the right, ietwoen EP and LP album racks, is a listening post. placed for easy operation from any part of the store. The ompletety open, this post is insulated. insuring satisfactory listening. n the foreground. near cashier's "adios ind near playing units are LP and EP browsers.,

24 JUNE THE BLLBOARD STORE MODERNZATON i i 23.. llh iii Record -Phono Store li j illiii4 a _sig. i= li-lilt! Dimensions of the store to be modernized are: 8 feet wide by 60 feet deep by feet high. Presently records, phonographs and small radios are being handled. Annual volume is now $ in recorde and $ in equipment. Among phonos, a $50 table top hi -fi model i the high end item with most volume coming in the $20 to $00 bracket. Radios being featured are all of small size and at the low end of the price scale. Record sales are evenly split between singles and packaged goods. Of the singles. 60 per cent are 45 r.p.m. and 40 per cent are 78 r.p.m. with a continuing swing toward the 45 speed. n the packaged field, 75 per cent are 2 -inch LP's. 5 per cent are EP's and 0 per cent are 0 -inch LP's. Two booth phonos are provided for listening. The object is to increase gross volume by 30 per cent during the first year following streamlining and modernization of the layout. THE DEALER PROBLEM Fixtures Play Only a Part in Successful Disk Store Project Front, Lighting, Color, Layout Likewise mportant Sales Factors B+ CORDON FREEDMAN, Color srhr rues sliuultl be kept President Freedman Arteraft Engineering Corp.. Charlevoix, Mich. Mane things go into the plan- ning of a auccessful record store in addition to the selection of proper dfspla. fixtures. tint of all, there is the store ront. which has the jib of getting people into the store. Serious consideration shouij be given to remodeling if the prescrit front does not present an inviting appearance, show off the interior. and shelter the window shopper. The layout shown here shows the doorway at one site, with the window at an aigle, which achieves a wider appearance, and the desired shelter. Garnet lighting is of the utmost importance. An abundance of materials and assistance can be obtajned (riim li cal suppliers and the manufacturers of lighting equipment_ simple, allotting record jackets to do the "decorating." Store miners can confer with their local suppliers and get much fine material prepared by the leading paint, wall paper and floor covering maoutac. turcrs. Air conditioning can be a tremendous advantage in attracting people to a store, and keeping them then- to browse. t is practically a "rust" in today's modernization plans. and will eventually pay for itself in increased business. and ease in keeping the store and stock dust and dirt free during summer and winter. Even tbo air conditioning may not be financially possible immediately, while extensive remodeling is going on, provision should be made for its easy installation at a later date. Adequate provision should be made for record keeping, and a The Record Shop. Cary, nd.. modernized ria the Freedman Artetaft "Plan t Yourself System." Store features dual check -out counters. attractive lighting and complete cross -store vision. combination anokkeeping machine and cash register is an essential piece of equipment in a smoothly nun store. The representatives of the cash register companies are trained to help dealers select the equipment best suited to their needs. f there are any s'oubts about the financial aspects of remodeling, and the store does not ahead) have the services of a certified public accountant. one should be railed in to analyze the financial status of the store and determine if cash can be spared for the remodeling of it it is feasible to borrow. Then. i( outside financing is required, the C.P.A. can properly prepare the information ne, ded by the local banker who is to do the financing. Bankers are in business to sere the people in their communities. They arc trained to do so and can be of immeasurable help in working out the problems of their clients. There are many sources of assist ance for the dealer planning to modernize. Some of the finest maaria' available anywhere on retail store operation can be obtained from the National Cash Register Company, of Dayton, O. This is general information covering all as ports of retail store operation. As lu specific information on store improvements. an abundance of material may be obtained from such lams as Pittsburgh Plate Class Company (glass, color harmony lighting), Sherwin Williams (paint). C:neral Electric Company. Syl rani. Electric Company. etc. (light mg and lighting fixtures). and Armstrong Cork Company (floor coverings). All of the leaders in the various fields have invaluable material for those considering remodeling- available either direct or dent their local suppliers. The successful planning of a ree. std shop requires simpl) the appli cation of common sense. There are stores all over the United States (Continued on page 30) i "0 rdlimil i ifil ittlit ill li lip! llin -, it! um : n Holm ii- Pal : lk hi' '..-, i an it E - ii li mils!' la 0 lei in ill Ì,g,.. ilimirs :Cli CC Erfill lip us ffin ALM i ill lit Bill!li ll li ' ME i HMAELE'l i Lill ill E 2 lii..': iiii ll iil 3: El iiiiiiiiiiiill li : ion v0 lifirtromiliii maim Min mime. headman Artcraf floor pan right, highlights recessed window in front for shelter of window shopper'. Also in the window, specifications call let display of phono and radio units as well as records. Counter te the Steamier/ Rion 'opposite page, Freedman brings 45 r.p."'. records up ront with chit - dren's records to the rear. n the center of the store is an island display area for radios and phonon. Hi -fi equipment is found in an enclosed room et the ear of the with all instrument, controlled from the adjacent attics.

25 24 STORE MODERNZATON THE BLLBOARD Preliminary Study the Keynote to TPS TO NEW DEALERS JUNE Successful Self -Help Planning Breakdown of Total Sales Categories Essential First Step in Store Layout By DONALD C. RECKEN'EC Store Pla g Director Volley Associates, nc. Mcrchantville, N. J. Planning stores for self- seleelion requires certain preliminaries: First, a stuck- of how disk sales arc nun sling. Proportion of total sales taken up by EP, 45, LP, children's, etc., roust be detcmtinid. With this information as a guide, the job of dc. signing a suitabkr plan caul proceed with the assurance that the new layont will accomplish its purpose in building a higher volume. Take this set -up for example: We were asked to floor plan a store 8 wide by 80' deep. This particular store srild radios and phonographs along with records. Their total annual sales in phonos and radios A- nnul equaled that of records. 'lite store w,o at o good location but the interior was uninviting. The nil- fashioned library system of sell. Mg records was still nuaintaincd, colorful albums were hidden on high dusty shelves. and practically every restant had to be asked for. n the rear were two large listening booths that kork np v :duablc flour spars.. Only, after pointing this con. dition out as his main trouble, did the owner take a closer look at his selling area and become aware of his nerd for a More attractive selling approach. Fixtnrizing for self -service merchandising is a highly specialized undertaking. and knowing this we started by discussing the needs and potential of 'the store. We then drew a csmsplete floor plan to give the owner a realistic preview of his new i:wont. lit the end, the owner had a it roomier selling floor area. Scctioniacd omits covering a wall area of 4' by 8' lined both sides of the store. ts these units were adjustable limwscrs. singles rada for 7" and 0" records. peg board display panels. agit holden, storage space and fluorescent lighting. The center floor units were lust as adaptable and they allowed browsing fnrrn two skies. fltese center store units were not as high and offend an nnolsstructrd view of ft..- ruttier store area. Accessories. Bigger Sales & Service for Less Confirmed from pago 22 we recommend an absolute morn for nceìvitug and storage space. Tine numbers shown in the floor plan correspond to the numbers of RCA Victor equipment, designed and produced by Stens- Faan, and fully described in the AMdemize for Profit" brochure. Space is provided for the man - ager with a counter, Basin register and wrapping desk. This is up front to the right- Here it is easy for evenone to cone by the cash register to complete the transaction. t's also easy for the manager or salesperson to see the entire store, and to see people who cone and go. Placed immediately to the right on the cashier's counter is a 45 plater. Here, children's records which are placed in the right front corner of the store can be demon - strated. The children are kept in this area to that they can be ob- versed both front the street flint the glass and by the cashier, who will he in and out of that area snore than in any other spot. Also, Ws remind grown-ups who buy most of the children's records, that we have therm by placing them in this front comer area which otherwise is usually a rather dead At the rear of the cashier's desk is the listening booth. again placed for case of operation. This is a closed booth and intended for the Woe of customer who is interested in hearing the fine qualities of classical or operatic music. m- mediately following this laout are two listening!!vests. Theso are placed for ease of operation from any part of the area in which recfords are sold. They are iusnlated, are easy to use, and make it possible for the customer to listen to the record and make his derision in less time. Tito dottrel lites on which had long been hidden, were displayed in glass -top counters at the new check -out points. Radios and phonos were displayed on con - venient shelves for easy inspection by the customers. n the process, the two old -lash. lotted listening booths were removed and replaced with smaller units resembling a phone booth. lrre the customer may listen to the record of his choice vet still be wisiltic to the selling clerk. in the older booths, this soars impossible and as a result, there 'tat pilferage and broken records. A% ids the new singles units and the old -type booths removed the pop singles began doing a thriving lousiness. The 2" LP sales increased pmportjonately also, and at the end of the year the owner realized a 35% increase in sales which almost paid for the new fixtures. Suggestive selling and implose bitting can bring increased sales. Self -selection selling requires less clerks. %Nits but one clerk ut the cash register customers sell themselves from the convenient, wellplanned arrangement of (lotto s. the flour plan indicate three roses of luurescenl ceiling lighting which con be a choice of any type of equipment which owner for architect may decide is best and most reasonable in cost. The floor coscring can be either vinyl, rubber or koralseal materials which will give best service with least maintenance. if lower cent materials are absolutely teecswtr' they too are available in any choice of good colors. Front Section of Store As shown fn the Minimum, the wrapping desk and cashier section is set off with a background of vacuum -formed white plastic grill to make it more attractive. The pegboard panel display feature records and albums so that they can be readily seen by the rnslortsrr ushers his nackate is beis, wrapped. to the left it the kiddie section (Continued on pogo JO' Self- Service Today's 'Must' for Retailers By FRED RCE Display Manager Merchandising Dept. Capitol Records, nc. The retord business is moving forward and moving fast, and anyone consiclering entering it at a retail level should be made to realize immediately that it is a highly compctinse hol Mess. and one in svhich ann. a knowledge of merchandising,nad aggressive selling is rerptiud. Self- a-rvice of records is a "mast" dur today tempo. and only by accepting this s pie truth can the record dealer, large or small, hope to come out with a healthy profit sheer. There is money, gond money. to be made in records. Lu -l's set dotter the rcrfuirrments for today's successful self -service record store. if you are contemplating opening a record shop use these requirements as a guide to avoid the ohvimns mistakes that a dealer makes. Awl. if you already have a retail record store. you can compare your operation with these suggested recommendations. L LOCATON. As in the past, the prime regnisite-for the success of env type of record store is its location. Self-service does best where there is heavy foot traffic- ord dealer tou.r num., And it st ill furnish every possible sales aid, which brings us to requirement three. 3. STORE LAYOUT. A logical.size for a sell- nervier, record store k between,00( and,500 sqquare feet. n a larger store the lob of controlling traffic and pilferage almost doubles. A compact unit fully utilizing the,available space, yet permitting full vision thruout the store, is most desirable. When plauuting store sic t should be remembered that Nl l0 9 per cent of total business will be done during peak periods. Capitol has a store planning service that furnishes photo layouts of any desired floor plan which aids the dealer in setting op a selfservice record store complete with tested fixtures at the best possible cost. 4. NVENTORY CONTROL. A tight rpntrol over record shacks is most important. Unless you know shat sou have to sell, you can't possibly sell il. and surprisingly enough, tool] find yourself at.the end of the year with taw many copies of too many records. hiere again. Capitol has an inventory system that can seine the dealers dilemma by the simple S "rig tell -service anglet. Capitol Records merchandising department prepared this store model in reply te The Billboard's modernisation problem. Note the "up- ront" placement of phonograph and radie eauipm err. for accessetici displayed under glati cat* at counter store is set up 00 per cent lee self service., w fi e w U _.- i, i r l / #' -4 _. L t " et..4 i 7N!a R "a-r i '4.., r One complete tide wall el the Stensgaad store layout is occupied by radio and phono cetuipmcnr. Pi.nuted above is,on et Me area showing a good selection el units in terms of models. styles, colors and prices. A wide assort - -colt of merchandise it,tested bp Stensgaard as viral tutor in fut etu.pment ales. itr shopping craters. new business developments, and downtown shopping districts. Adequate parking facilities should be provided for all customers -because self -service beguts outside the store, and it should be easy for the public to patronize a self- service location. f von honestly feel that you have 40% to 0 0% location for your record store, then, mid only then, should yon even consider going ahead to requirement two, which is inventory size. 2. NVENTORY. To open a record store with an adequate basic single and album stock nowadays; it takes at least $ This does tint mean necessarily that you are "heavy" on any one type of music. t's also best not to start out with too large an inventory. See what espe of music the public is buying, then build your stuck in That dives lion. Building a business with too few funds presents many problems, so don't try to begin on a shoestring. Each record company will gatide won in selecting a potent basic stock, as most companies, thm their sales urgatti,,ttintt, know the neighborhood in.which you are opening your store. Most important, Cap. Trot Records scants to lulp the rec. stock control sticker system. slicker is applied to the'single or album with the price and record number. When a record is sold, the sticker is removed and placed nn a sticker sheet and at the ritti of the sales day the stickers are recapped and orders are given to salesmen for restocking, The Capitol sales men also has an album demand control shish immediately gives the dealer art exact sales history of every Capitol record and album itt his store. 5. PERSONNEL. Nahuatl,. not as many employees are needed in n coil self- service store, yet qualified personnel who know music are still vitally needed to gite that personal sales touch to the customer. 6. ADVERTSNC AND PRO- MOTON, Sound merchandising programs allot build extra profits are those which take every advantage of the advertising and pro - motional possibilities- making use of all big campaigns that push new album or record, using window displays. in -store decorations, radio, TV and all other means of promotion. Remember-self-service which is visual display is its own best advertisement. il 7. RECORD ACCESSORES. (Continued on yoga 30) A

26 UN/ THE Llt0AR0 MUSC-RADO 25 Starting out with only a few Freedman Artcraft fixtures several years ago, THE RECORD RENDEZVOUS, Cleveland, Ohio (left), has since become one of the most successful retail record stores in the United States. t is now completely equipped with Freedman Artcraft display fixtures. 'Mr. A. R. Williams, owner of HE MUSC HOUSE, Toronto, Canada (right), says, "Our self- service layout, which employs Freedman Artcraft Browser Boxes, Wall Displays and Floor Stands exclusively, increases the volume of the average sale per customer as much as 50 over the conventional layout." These are among the hundreds of stores that prove that store modernization can be accomplished economically and easily. Modernizing an old store or planning a new one is basically a matter of selecting fixtures that best employ valuable store space. Freedman Artcraft will assist dealers -without charge - in determining the most efficient store layout. Many of these successful stores have been planned and completed by the dealers through the use of Freedman Artcraft's comprehensive portfolio of display fixtures and "PLAN- T- YOURSELF" layout forms. t's actually a simple matter for you -the record dealer -to make your own layout. But, if you have any doubts, merely note dimensions of your store on the layout sheet provided in our portfolio and mail it to Charlevoix, and within a few days we will mail a suggested layout back to you. t's as simple a; that -and your total expense for this service is a 3c stamp! For complete information on Freedman Ancrait Serrée, contact your re-cord dtatributor or- Local suppliers of paint, wall paper. floor coverings and lighting fixtures can furnish invaluable advice on decorative and lighting schemes. Take advantage of the fortunes spent in research by the manufacturers of these items. Excellent advice on check -out problems and prevention of pilferage is available through your National Cash Register representative. nvaluable assistance can be obtained by conferring with your local banker. You will be amazed by the free but valuable advice available all around you. FREED? RTCRAFT ENGNEERNG CORP. Dept. 425 Charlevoix, Michigan

27 26 STORE MODERNZATON THE BLLBOARD RNE 30, 956 The Billboard's Monthly Recap of BEST SELLNG CLASSCAL AND New Equipment JAZZ PACKAGED RECORDS Classical Albums (Over -all).mnms ere ranked n order of shelf nananvl n Nrenarh al the wail lead as determined by.,,r.css of top dorm n ill key marker. this mend.. TCAKO\ \kv: 52 ti,erture; Capriccio talien- Mitnieapolh lphmy (Dorati) \lemon' MG \ENDELSSON: Violin Concerto; MOZART: Violin Concerto No. 4- Oistrakh, Philadelphia Oicltestnt (Ormand)') Colombia \[ At( \.t \NOFF: Piano Concerto No. 2- sl"uun, Philadelphie Orchestra (Ormond)) 4. TCAKO\'SKY: Piano Concerto So. - Gilds, Chicago Symphony (Reiner) 5. OFFENBACH: Calte Parisienne; MEYF.RBEER: Les Patineur - Boston Pops Orchestra (Fiedler) 6. CROF: Grand Caslyou Suite: COPLAND: El Salon Mexico- Boston Pops Orchestra (Fiedler) 7. BOSTON POPS PCNC - Boston Pops Orchestra (Fiedler\ Columbia \. 503 RCA Victor,\ 969 RCA Victor,\ 87 RCA Victor.\ 928 (A Victor.\ RAVEL: Bolero; R \SKY- KlRSAKOFF: Capriccio Espagnol- Detroit Symphony 'Paris) Mercury MG RMSKY- KORSAKOFF: Scheheraaade- Pittsburgh Symphony (Steinberg) Capitol P TCHAKOVSKT: Nutcracker Suite; \V.ALDTEUFEL: Les Patineur; ROSSN: \Gilliam Tell Overture -NBC S, nyshnny ( Toscanini) RCA \ is tor LM 986 l t. )BERT: Escales; RAVF-.: Bolero; La Valse; Pavane; CHARRER: Espana; DEBUSSYt Clair De Lune -Philadelphia Orchestra (Ormandy) Columbia MC BEETHOVEN: Symphonies Non. and 9- NBC Symphony Orchestra (Toscanini) RCA Victor LM VV.ALD: Concerto in A Minor for Two Violins; BAC: Violin Concertos Nos. and 2- Oistrakh, Stern, Philadelphia Orchestra torm.iid)) Columbia ML GGL N CARNEGE AL. RCA Victor. \ 972 The Califon. Corporation has unveiled the "Celebrity" Model 7V -7 phono. The unit f tented center - drive continuously variable speed turntable which eliminates cones. idlers end belts. The pickup an is counterbalanced upward to p ils felling on records. This phono is ono of several brought out this year by the firm, espcially for use in the classroom. in dancing schools and by folk and square dancing groups. Mohawk Butine,, Machines have introduced the "Midgetape," b o d pocket -sised tape der. which makes it possible to "hare a secretary in your pocket." according to the manulacture,. The unit weighs Po pounds and employ. dual track rave contained in cartridges the sise of cigarette packs. Unit sella for complete with batteries. sing le earphone. crystal mike and e 60- minute reel of tape. 5. R \SK7- KORSAKOFF: Schelleraaade- Philadelphia Orchesna (Ormond, )...ColumLìa \L 4SS8 6. DELeCS: Sea Drift; Paris- [t.,..d Philharmonic Orchestra Beecham \ Columbia ML OPERATC RECTAL. No. 4 -Mario del Monaco 8. BMSE -KORSAKOFF: Scheherarade- Morton Could'Orchet,a 9. \VORLD- \\DE FAVORTS -Jux Rotbi damdun LL 455 RCA Victor [. \ 956 RCA Victor L \ 'MOZART: Tite Magic Flute- Streich, Stade-, RAS Symphony (Fiissas) Decca DX 34 Eloclrovoe Company, manufacturer of Wale* phono needles. is making this new microscope needle merchandiser display available to all its dealer.. The 00 -power instrument enabler the customer te see the worn condition' of needles. The unit has.(ready proven effective in floro tests. The "Anniversary" four- speed, hi -f automatic portable phono it ono of the units to be shown by the Dynavos Corporation at eh. Music ndustry Trade Show in luly. The unit features two six -inch Alnico V.+vended leng...ken and a acb for a third. Availablo in blue mist. suntan and rawhide, the unit sells for S9.50. \n' Concertos \) [.Stittlt\. V ( onccrto; MOi.AR' : \ lobo ('oncerto No. 4- Outt.A r. Philadelphia Omhettra.... Columbia \. :yob 2. RACHMANNOFF: Piano Concerto No. 2 - storniir Plldadeiphia Orchestra Columbia \l, 5 3. TCHAKOVSKY: Piano Concerto No. - Cilrls. Chicago S)mpbony (Reiner)... RCA Victor LN 4,'. 4. VVALD: Concerto in A \i nor for Two Violins: BAC: Violin Concertos Nos. and 2- Oistrakh. Stem. Philadel plsia Orchestra (Omtandyl. Columbia ML BEETHOVEN: Violin Concerto - Milstein. Pittsburgh Symphony (Steinberg) Capitol P BRAH\S: Double Concerto ht A Minor -Stem, Rose, Nr York Philharmonic (Walter). Columbia ML SHOSTAKOVTC: Violin Concerto -O i s t r a k h, Ne, York Philharmonic (Mitro;wyn los) Columbia M.077 B. RACMANLNOFF: Pia n o Concerto No. 2-- Rubinstein, NBC Symphony (Cols,! mann).rca Victor.M 00; 9. BRAHMS: Violin Concerto - hhbtein, Pittsburgh phony (Steinberg) Capitol P 8.27 lleifetz, Chicago Symphony 0. ñahks: Virgin Concerto - (Reiner) RCA Victor LN 905 Jazz t..t \s, nes, tit\ L nl-fl c:apitul \\' 7_4 2. E BENNY GOODMAN S'l'OR. Vol,. and 2 -Sound Track. Decca DL 8252, JAZZ: RED HOT AND COOL -Dave Bnibeck Columbia CL KRUPA AND RCA -Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich Sorgran MC CL 6Si 5..UBASSADOR SA TC -.06 Armstrong..Columbia Cl COAST CONCERT - Bobby L,ckett Capitol T THE GREAT BENNY GOODMAN Columbia CL 820 S. FONTESSA-Modem Jazz c,tn.ulct Atlantic CARS CONSOR Atlantic 228 U. CHCO A\LTON QUN - TET N H -F Pacific Jazz PJ 26 Show &Movie. \) h AR (t)t-original CL CAROUSEL -Sound Track.. Capitol W 694 :. PCNC ',mud Tracl. Decca D. 4. OKLA0 A! -Sound Tract. Capitol SAO THE MAN WTH TE GOLDEN.ARC - Sound Track Decca DL SERENADE -Snood Track.. RCA Victor LS THE EDDY DUCS STORY- Soured Track Decca DL THE STUDENT PRNCE - Sotmel Track RCA Victor THE BENNY GOODMAN STORY. Vols. and Sound Track De., D, 8222, THE KNG AND -Sound Track Capitol \V The "Balledicr" is -?a.i the newest hi -fi phonograph introduced by Allen B. Du Mont Laboratories. nc. The AM radio -phono combination carries two extended range speakers and camel in mahogany or limed orb finish. t oins the de luxe "Tenglewood " and the price leader "Minstrel" model in the firm's silver anni y line. Dictograph Products has introduced the new model 06 hi -fi phono with amplifier changer unit and seps- Boesch Brothers. manufacturers of rarely enclosed speaker. Corer and Birch phonos. will feature this new table for amplifier are optional extras - four -opted automatic portable unit et A Williamson circuit and Collate the Music ndustry Trade Shaw. three -speed intermix changer are lea- Known as model M5 the unit intures of the unit which retails for eludes VM changer cad sosie -46 S $54 95.

28 JUNE THE BLLBOARD MUSC-RADO 27 New FLOOR MERCHANDSER helps customers sell themselves New floor merchandiser (Form 6R32.47) with selling drapes and plaqua, optional. extra. Step up sales with attractive displays that put RCA Victor radios and "Victrola" phonographs where customers can see and buy them. Hera are silent salesman that really do a selling job! Set up anywhere in your store, they make attractive displays that stop customers -and pull them right to the RCA Victor radios and "Victrola" phonographs you want to sell. Customers can leisurely examine the sets -sell themsclres on RCA Victor merchandise. Handsome additions to any store. Floor merchandisers come in two sizes: 0 feet wide and 6 feet wide. Can be easily adapted to wall, corner or island use. Colors: black wrought -iron uprights; coral and gray shelves. You'll be surprised how little it costs to add this silent salesman to your staff. Call your RCA Victor dis- tributor now for full details on these merchandisers (0 feet wide, Form 6R3247; 6 feet wide, Form 6R3248). Remember, RCA Victor is the set that sells on sight! RCA CAesN &w asse 'OR ae eagso *DOM 0 AMERCA gee.utro. sate, Mortae toys enwnardy ea MCTV, t ses el e.ay 3 Tuesday.. Aril dont was NC.W. "hodxvri Showccue n CA Cowpstöb Color of PacS'.VWAde. Mo doy. Mardi Yh. t t - Hang up new sales! Smart í' by 6' display panel. For use on wall; or with legs against wall: or as double -faced island unit on legs. Light nak finish frame. modem ch it Wit, face With i,ory shrives.

29 28 The Billboard', Music Poreslarit Chart,... PACKAGED RECORDS- ESUPMENT )UNE 30, 956 Review Spotlight on... ALBUMS classico' AN OPERATC RECTAL, NO. 4 (-2") - Mario del Monaco, Tenor. London LL 455 Following hard on the heels of Recital No, 3, this new anthology of dramatic tenor operatic arias ranges farther afield for its material. Many of the songs are choice tenor vehicles from operas no longer well known here: Giordano": "Fedora." Massenet s "Le Cid," Calalani s "La \VeUy," Mcyerbeer's " L'Africaine" and so on. Also included are standard attractions like the `Flower Song" from "Carmen," " Addio, fiorito asir from "Madame Butterfly," etc. The fine sales history of other LP's in this series, makes an enthusiastic dealer recommendation a foregone conclusion. ARAS FROM BF.LLN OPERAS & COLOR- ATURA FAVORTES (-2-Mado Robin, Soprano; London Philharmonic Orchestra Cond. By Anatole Fistoulari, London LL 403 This is the first 2 -inch LP by Miss Robin, who probably ranges higher than any other soprano around today. This is demonstrated in stunning sound on such chestnuts as Bacio," "Rossignol," Proches "Theme and Variations," etc. One side offers excerpts from Bellini's "La Sonnambula" and " Puritani." The thnish sings them routinely until she hits the high passages. which she negotiates with purity. agility and apparent ease. The high notes should make this package a very big seller. SBELUS: SYMPHONY NO. 2 N D MAJOR.,OP: 54 (.2")- Philharmonia Orchestra, Paul Kletaki, Cond. Angel 3534 None of the recent recordings of this most popular Sibelius symphony has enjoyed the complete acceptance that readings by Kolissevitsky or Beecham did in the shellac era. This is the best version its years-and reproduced in a truly outstanding hi -fi job. Sibelius' second is brilliantly scored and requires virtuoso orchestra of the Philharmotlia s caliber to bring it off in all ts color and drama. Kletzki keeps excitement high and unflagging. This be set can ordered in depth by all classical dealers. Popular THE KNG AND (.2 ") - Sound Track Capitol W 740 n view of the best -selling abilities displayed by sound track versions of the previous Rodgers - Hammerstein filou- "Oklahomal" and "Carousel" -dealers should be happy indeed with the sales - draw of this LP. Handsomely packaged album spotlights the familiar score in all its exotic effectiveness. A sweet British soprano is dubbed in for Miss Kerr, while Brynner repeats his former Broadway triumph. Decca has the original Gertrude Lawrence- Brynner package, but this one will grab off loose of the play this time around. PASSPORT TO ROMANCE ( -2 ") - Percy Faith Ork. Columbia CL 880 Columbia's July pop Buy -of- the -Month is standout programming for romantic mood music se s on hockey shows. Faith provides rich, lushly melodic instrumental interpretations of 2 European themes, includitr.g several already well known in this country- Moritat," "Heart of Paris," "The Little Lost Dog," etc. The cover is eye -catching and keyed to the LP's travel theme, thereby affording opportunities for display- tic -ups with local travel agencies. SAY T WT MUSC (l -2") - Lawrence Welk and his Champagne Music Coral. CRL 5704 Welk has staxed 36 all -time favorite standards in this new package. The fare is broken dolt n into a dozen medleys, which tics the disk in directly with the "Medley time" Begs on the mahtro.s ABC -TV show. The material is all daniv-at,lc and the tunes themselves have an apr,,,, to all ages. which just about assures the entry of this LP hito the charmed circle of Champagne Music hits Best Selling Popular Albums Albums are ranked n order of their national aale euene. at the retail level according to The Billboard'. weekly air,- of lop dealen n all key markrar.. ELVS PRESLEY RCA Victor LPM 254 2, BELAFONTE -Harry Belafonte RCA Victor LPM 50 3, SONGS FOR SWNGN' LOVERS -Frank Sinatra..Capitol W MY FAR LADY -Original Cast Columbia OL CAROUSEL -Sound Track Capitol W CALYPSO -Harry Belafonte RCA Victor LPM PCNC -Sound Track Decca DL BUBBLES N THE WNE -Lawrence Welk...Coral CR FOUR FRESHMEN AND FVE TROMBONES...Capitol T NCHT WNDS -Jackie Gleason Capitol W 77. OKLAHOMA -Sound Track Capitol SAO WALTZES OF RVNG BERLN- Mantovanl Orchestra London LL THE MAN WTH THE GOLDEN ARM -Sound Track Decca DL GENTLEMEN, BE SEATED (Minstrel Show)..,.Epic LN CASTLES N SPAN -Michel LeCrand Columbia CL 888 present a pariage of songs from many lands -Alois., France..lond, etc. Their to ie unique, then sp. proach scholarl, mir par solar package was recorded Juno. a core sert at Fullonon hall, ehicago, in February of 9)3. Th. coude is considered uandard n the tolk land, and the package S tasty to prose profitable to dealer.. Jazz DRE ELLNGTON, LHERAN SUTE: A TONE PARALLEL TO HARLEM Duke Ellington Ork.2' Columbia CL asa MASTERPECES BY ELL,NGTON.. Duke EBianon (ha it -2' Columbia CL $23 W C ELLNGTON sme CTts 73 ( -2 " Epic LN 3237 These.P, tine elimpsn of Ulinit,m at different point in his They mho show different sides of his ironical work. At W most serious rand most recent). "Liberian Suite' and "A Tone Parallel to Harlem" anew him stretching lea material srmuwhat beyond their ordenan potential nto Me area of kn. -hair music. Ellington did not make the tapaluccettlully here, but he pointed the say, hid neatens in works hie these has ranted meet nfluence on the younger )age nun. These rata oa r.tnmdy imponent hems in the Ellington discography, and should enjoy ready sales acceptance. "Matter - (Continued on page 32J Reviews and Ratings of New Popular Albums MORP GEORGE wr:hr N.2'" Fn Fl R -07 GEORGE WRGHT'S SHORTTME ") W et a vna Tard album by Dream. `drab..age Likely be aedalmed by his loapsla& oanain 0 mata of Me Bea mrsy aetbotad. Wrists aso weft ballad effects asa vasty d staadard a alai,sears of ryama A,Uad eb apeton of Pea laddbas Sell ohoneedles the cartridges accessories More consumers want and ask for RECOTON More dealers disploy and sell RECOTON RECOTON CORPORATON Tis is bp W i vrnrnt content pipe argen "'Productive. "SÒoWne," Ms monk and Wes LP nice... dos sat Seep Ore pats of ts predresaor, altbo solid combo of odd standard Moe tttaei alp aide h the better, devoted eadrety to "sùo.boat" ty rerpts.wads an essay pecaaa.d. SLUE HAWA 76 Bled Crosby (.'7 Deers DL 5269 A pleadld Dombo of re.mwd Haaa- W C,sbylass with W their praise. romamle ole.. Naturally, "Blue Hawaii,. "Abbe".d "Sweet Leilani" are ncluded ie the doten hrno. Gaited to put det Blmad'a admiren lass a n0 i65c tail-spin. Dot,ais with Crosby.taws will welcome these library staples n new pactase. AL PRRY'S PAVORTTE HAWAAN CHANTS AND HULAS. 76-2' Decca DL C)0 STARLGHT N HAWA Alfred Apaka, Francis (Freckles) limn. Homy trauma.") Ducal DL 273 ECtOL! or HAWA 73 Benny Extant,,..2 " Dwi. DL 620 A good recap of previous model by set entrepreneur, Al Petry, and lits SroOma Surfdden s the best of thew three Hawaii flavored entrant.. Pack. me coven a dozen of his uandard chuta and hula.. Good fare for his old radio Maw "Starlight" Witte h stouping at au -oeet aasinp of sland sap, cult Aptka and Lyons cottribotioa chiefly in vocal depnt. meet, The Hawaiian Serensden, Bead, Boys and the Royal ttawaliaa Serenader supply instrumental baking and further chanting. nteresting collectloe on romantic mood ride. -Echoes" set t dedicated to Balmiet, or perhaps doming, ounce t s corvplettly tot- teseal Also s a lins rscoedini of its material ln Nh form. ialama directs Hawaiian killsóe Serenaders tot pkaaut. f somewhat nanotonout, hessian in variety of hula tempos. OH ROCKS 75 Lionel Hampton Out 0-t2' M.G -M E )366 This s the 2 -inch extended version of the former toinchsr of the wine tille. t's a collection of tagged, but spirited big band number, with enituah beat to satisfy many rock and rod dancers. Hampton's laya following, except for Ne fanatical followers. won't fled much interesting leas n ha grew. et. Still, the nome and Me beat sill tnov. wens copie.. G \\ well l/ R /plc V : Here's tine package for dssottd inlectnn of Millet -ana. The P sltwid also grab oft Locke play en ' n sembee benp' ptw,ieln rg set. Selectlm Maude lour r c.uded hr Miller n 034 ("Moonlight an the [:anges." "Solo Hop," etc r. hour to.77 std foot is t9)í. tumpnar Bunny BMau b featured on the toit sides. while the Modernsien garb,[ on Marge" and 'Lamp - ght.. The recording qualm se blight and danceane. althn the selection h sot pnpularrspe Stiller. Most of the..,typons were n an earlier li inih LP. MEMORES OP.ATLN AMERCA...,73 Pablo Flan. Pdo ( -2) lit-gm E 33 MEMORES OF SORRENTO 72 Pablo Flores. Piano ( -2') M-G -M E )0 These concert ttanwrlptlom by pianist Flores hews both a warmth and simplkily of approach whkh adds utnrficant sir appeal. With Boren folk melodies and pop songs from South.or- the.boder, Flores u n his elements with chide tango end rumba beats. The "Semen, cornb,natioo u in quieter romasuc TOW. Rrcordinet are meticulous in tome. Could be decided Union n radio slots, where a Laws appeal u to order. SUN \Y SDE LP 0 Robes Fannon and On London EL tali There's wealth of great song mate- rial here -a donee tunes of DeSylsa. Henderson and Brown, the team which stole flock of Broadway "Scandal," shown and films. F'arn,n's able. lush, but to our mind does not quite capture the flavor of thew tetchy tunes. ncluded are "Bush of Me Blum" "You're the áeam n My Coffee,' "Button Up Your Overcoat," etc. SOUVENR OP TALY Ugo Caliae, Guitar (.2 ") Ansel AND Uto Callao, who sings at his oet night dub on-.the talian Mediterranean shore, s one of the better romantic Continental warblers curfully being sold on disks n the American market. Accompanying himself on the guitar, Liao slop doyen songs esokmg Naples, balmy Meer. and the enchantments of Mare Nos. tram. American school teachers 'ferrule) sill (nd this particularly detestation. Folk MARAS AND MRANDA N PERSON.2" Decca DL 9026 lime aims Marsh and Wanda t 7,f PN CENTER 2-6" SFEAKERS NEEDLE BRUSH 3 -SPEED TURNTABLE / / THEM AT H.A.M.M. TRADE SHOW BLDG. BOOTH z2 huly 23rd -26th SEE * t 4473/4.4.: 300'" 45 RPM CHANGER 2 SPEAKERS SPEED DEMONSTRATOR TURNTABLE NEEDLE BRUSH


31 30 STORE MODERNZATON THE BLLBOARD JUNE 30, 956 profit picks ofthe month! Ì- (.nly' $.98 for each 2" Long Play RCD e anln) Vot THE BGG ST HTS OF '56 COULD HAVE DANCED ALL NGHT WHY DO FOOLS FALL N LOVE MORTAT.Them. ron, "The rhnewr.rrr Own-. LSBON ANTGUA SXTEEN TONS MEMORES OF YOU LULLABY OF BRDLAND VORY TOWER MOONGLOW THE NEXT TME T HAPPENS ROCK SLAND LNE ON THE STREET WHERE YOU UVE Smash follow -up to our bri elltne RiFger hits of 'S5!" Performed by The Nonr)dreaalers, Tea Henke Orch., Bob Carrell: Guy Leper Orch.: Domenico Serino Orch. Long Play (CAL-38 ss.e 79c TODAY'S HTS THE WAYWARD WND TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT only 794 for each 45EP. (CAMDEN) HOW WLE WE KNOW TS ALL YOURS Latest in our consistent, volume -selling "Today's Hits" series- Polly Bergen is accompanied by Morny Stevens and his orchestra in these four top hits of the hour. 45 EP (CAE -332 yse A sales natural! Desmond is backed by Rune Cace i Oreh. and Page Cavanaugh Trio. nclude Guilty; n Love in Vain; Close My Eyes; 9 more! "Plus Fidelity" Sword. Long Play (CAL -299) ea.**. (. Rodgers & Hammerstein SOUTH PACFC KSS ME KATE Cole Porter AL GOODMAN ORCH.Elrre nr one,., "n,.cf'r :'k bargain..r' n. eludes instrumentals of Some Enchanted Evening; Bali Hai; Wonderful Cuy; So in Love; Bianca; Wunderbar; S (then! 45 EP (CAE-339) TM big name recordings at /2 the big name price! [) tncìng at the Waldorf i:;.ul.:nre 2- et.elroa La P., harm es Lama Ply CA : o Mier f (C PUSESfihG H( ) PPE ORGAN DEEP RVER BOYS MAGC JESSE -"CRAWFORD ti H PRSn st T LoW Flay (CAL Tara n rah bier met &mind /CALS0l at.. 4aekatres 30Z stun. 4...ntMe 45 EP 3a)NAa 4Nallun 45 EP le, pipe re.ot,linasl e it (C E $40) sae CAE.3: sea (CAE4) rim lose Pty CAL- 300).ea Order Through Your RCA Victor Record Distributor NOW! Natlmaly ad..rno d {wk.+- optima Sales & Service for Less Continued from lyre 24 where children can easily be observed. A 45 player is at the right of the cashier's desk so that demonstration can easily be made. Since grown -ups buy most all children's records it also serves as a reminder for gifts for the children. To the right of the cashier's desk is the listening booth, again bleated for ease of observation. Additional units are placed against the wall and an insulated listening is used for fast demonstration, xrst n the foreground are two titbits on sshich are placed browsers. These hold a large volume of Ls and popular musk for ease of selection... again in the area of the manager or cashier and in close proximity to the listening booth. The rear half of the selling area of the store contains additional tables wish browsers in which large grunities of numbers can be placed. The section also has double plavirrg units. To the right and left on the rear nail are self selection writs for 78 single records and for records that may he in the slower selling clu-.dicatem. People who want these selections can bring them to the listening post in the rear section of the store for easy demonstration. One wall, as illustrated, has been devoted to radios and p ph% s( that a good selection of best sellers in terms of models stales. Fixtures Play Continued froh page 23 and some in Canada and other countries that have been planned by the Freedman Artmafl Plan -t- Yotuseì " system, supplemented in nine instaocrs by assistance from Freedman 'lrteraf t, by mail. The store illustrated in the pho- t graph, the Recionl Shop of (:an, nd. it w,u planned in this,(.enter and has many of the ka- - rsa-tllial ill gouj c sped mer - rll,usdising -"show window" estcrl,, complete self -senior. check -,00t mote the double dark -cwt,( nuten which were found to be l'-'e(sary shortly after the store opened with only one check -out). attractive lighting, complete CTntl-,tore vision, open booths. The store plan above inch des many of the tame features that have made the Revved Shop a tremendous suttees right from the start. Points to be stressed about the Freedman store lasnut are:. nviting. sheltered exterior. 2. Large window presenting view of store interior. 3. Complete self -service. 4. Departmentalization. S. Checkout achieved unobtrusively by arrangement of counter and display. b Open booths to cut down pilfer- age. 7. Children.* department at rear to pull traffic thou the store, and "down -to-the -floor display for children's self - service. 8. Use of convertible equipment (VB-800 bases) for 78's -to be used later for 45 singles or Ers, 0" and 2" Ers. 9, Versatility- fixtures can be hanged about tf desired, to redepartm-mtaltze or for special promotions, or just fo add freshness t the store. colors and price lines are available. People mill not buy this type of merchandise from inadequate assortments. A store can build an excellent gift business in this kind of merchandise if it becomes known for having good assortments and late models to choose from. For the store front se recommend good identification and clean arrangement and use of materials that are easy to keep clean and maintain. \Vmdow displays can be changed each seek to capitalize on traffic flow. Each window should present ideas so that people become accustomed to looking at Your windows for interesting news in music, entertainment and merchandise. Cord, attractive, yet simpre windows are important to telling the people the kind of store you maintain. Dirty. iinkept ssindows quickly tell passersby that the store is obsolete and they reflect only the type of management and the interest in the business. The total cost of all fixtures in the selling areas of this store amounts to only This does notjnclwk the cashiers desk, the cash register. built -in listening bfioth, lighting fixtures, floor covering or necessary painting. For a store arrangement of this hie and for substantial well built and quality finished equipment that can be amortized over a period of five vean or afore, this is. we believe, a good investment that will pay read dividends in customer service and satisfiction and assist greatly to build volume on which addition- al profits will be possible. Ulan sou make a change in sour store plan it carefully because sour investment can easily be amortized over 5 or 0 years. Make the change also with the full knowledge that there will aiwave be new improver nts and that sou must le prepared to attrpt these from time to tune as adds tions to vour present store when they are proven a helpful instrument in serving custnmlen and selling more goods, at lower cost. Self- Service Cori: i u h 'J irons )y:ge 24 Here are extra profit items. Phonographs. needles, brushes, etc., are neoeswry stock items to ans self - scrvice store. Carry the full line of any reputable phonograph manufacturer, but hold it down to one line of each company. t's much easier to sell one lire, and you're not too deep veto inventors. A look into the costal ball at tomorrow's record business seems to give the nod to more packaged album merchandise and less singles. The two packages that stand out are the single 43 EP and the i2" LP albums. The albums sill be probably factory- sealed with demonstration records for record store use. Today sie have excellent high fidelity records and equipment, and pre -recorded tape capsules will probably be the records of tomorrow. C RCA AMDEN t HC7 fl tart (mums a (... ea Hie*..r:,ry F,.m, c.ample of cif-service merehasdisisa of dots is store in London operand b Gramophone Company. Ltd.. a subsidiary of Electric and Muskat/ ndour res, Led. Sa,d ro be ehe.oeld's largest retail record owlet ;R tyma of Oleo, space, she store tealures a balrry el tianaima units tpiclurert ilu:a.

32 (t/ne THE BLLBOARD MUSC -RADO 3 (And They'll Double Your Profits, Too!) paratel)-: Superb! Together: Binaural! Here's the stunning V -M combination that means plus -profits for YOU! Double your sales with the NEW V- M'Celestè binaural - playback tape recorder and its perfect companion- piece, the V -M 'Fidelis' a 4 -speed high- fidelity phonograph. Two matched units sing a duet of profits! Recreate the life -like "three -dimensional" sound that has thrilled your customers in theaters... true stereophonic sound. V -M proved -in- performance demonstration tape builds store traffic. AND NOBODY ELSE HAS GOT T! Space -saving in -store display available, too. Sell recorder and phonograph together or sell one now, the other later. Either way, you're money ahead! NEW 'Celeste' tape recorder, styled like the fabulous 'Fidelis' in blonde or mahogany. is a three- speaker, dual -track, dual -speed monaural recording and playback unit which also teams with any amplifier -speaker system to play binaural recorded tapes. The NEW 'Celeste' sets a whole new trend in tape recorder design. Be among the first to cash in on its powerful appeal. The Fabulous 'Fidelis' table -model phonograph teams with the 'Celeste' for thrilling stereophonic reproduction, also plays all record sizes, all four record speeds. And now V -M has added the NEW 'Super -Fidelis' automatic changer with Siesta -Matic for even more sales- appeal! Both the 'Celeste' and the 'Fidelis' are available with optional black- or brass -finish legs which make them modern consolettes. Here again, V -M gives you added profit potential. See Your V -M Distributor Ask him about V -M proved -inperformance merchandising help. V -te 'CtlePe Tope Recorder, Model 750. Monde o.,nahgony, $ WO. theoice v -M CORrORATON BENTON HARBOR, MCHGAN WORLD'S LARGEST MANUFACTURER OF PHONOGRAPHS AND RECORD CHANGERS VM rtidelb' HLñ honoproph, Model 560. Moede er woho9ony, $49.50 W ob. end ebpny Y.9hMy bi96e.

33 3 The Ril/bonrrl'n,Sfueie Po alnrit Chart,... PACKAGED RECORDS JUNE 30, 956 Reviews and Ratings of New Popular Albnms Continued fron page 28 BRUMMER MAN Album MG V GENE KRUPA in his HGHEST-Fl album with ANTA O'DAY AND ROY ELDRDGE Hear the wingin', swingin' Big New Krupa Band - all of Krupa's Feel... and Flash...and Drive - -- haummn'man DAUM 000( 000 CVO MO US LEAP play his 2 Greatest Songs! l( M( Of) UPTOWN SLOW DOWN locus'lna$ OPUS VSO 07 WAL U5N STOMP ittarl *NM YOU TNNN AFTE$ YOU'VE GONE 45 NORTH CANON DRVE, BEVERLY HLLS, CALF. with piece; rho cut n 950. oses the same nucleus of player., but puts them na more familiar, commercial groove. The selections n The sel are "Moon ndigo...sophisticated Lady;'.Solitude" and "The Totooed Bride" These ere presented for the lint Ume n their.uncut concert arrangements and should be nventory stade los long time N tome. 'Sidekicks" ente hack to the period. e hrehwater mart n the Ellington hand'. career. and features the into work of four shaman: Res Stewart, Barnet/ Board. Cootie William. and Johnny Hodges. The polished solos and floe ensemble feel ere still cy (elan l the thin pre -war mood s not. SDNEV BECHPTt THE GRAND MAST-FR OF TAW SOPRANO. SAXOPHONE AND CLARNET.,,, N.2 " Columbia CL alb Columbia adds a...dui Manderd lone name to ts 2-ìnch line with this flood rollecmn of re-gaunt from the shelter ate. Several of the U. ar. from 9JA, end the balance from 947, ncluding three with Bob Wit- her'. Wildcats. n the latter. pupil Wilbur is barely daratng S Sable from Hecht/. it'. 0 rihranr, eternally slothful Reahe, and virtually.ere thine for the traditional lax nude. The oldie. n.lude Recha'..o. "Jotslot D. urn, end "Buddy Bolden Storms.- HR STAN GETZ GltNTTT AT $TORYVLLS. SOL..2'T Roots LP 220$ THE BOUND.. Slav (Sett.2 ") Roo.. LP 2207 glpottans re -wnd material.taken from.amies Pindl LP's, {'rom the "S0Ow6." LP's Moon 407, all, Atm. On (Mowl. se(etdoas ere," -Tb Song. You" Moequito Knee.. "Pranks!tom Heaves." -Move,- and "Pukes Geta' %smith sere JlmmT Rang. N Hats. 7eddy Kotkk and lb. lot. Tiny Arlon lire swung and aulkty of This assemble are as ad. mirabk as e.rr. M Sound" deny. matuatl iron Puoi i_r 0x2 and 404. the lance is the rmrous set road* with the Swedish AN4 rhea Gela us. mena. several )ras an. P 227 Fes ht., non by see t Kammao r.pmolly soared s the desk k +ter intrr..ur,l in doua some tua, and are eslremtly helpful. Both of these.p'e won be lnpoet.m inseolury tem, tot ons rma w irate. l ri a NO NTERPRETATONS BPD POWWLL :.2') Nasra. MO N 077 W l O this LP m., not rank among. lop Powell ans, from a.tilled point a srto. U b one of St mon...mat offerings by the planted to dus. Coniston of Puwdl'e LP's air o for blot of moonrise on This one. Tb lonsinty and unrelieved rant W to much of his, nt work gulp way to a'entice. almost mellow mood. The or,mnal harnuonk cool 00:0.. and.4 rhythm patterns that "(tninrmml" his...le am Une. bol Posit seems n.nally related and undemn.traa.e. The material consists of pap and tara standards like Sheen.. 'Yorh'erruos." Pute'. "ladyard," P.we'a awn W'Ulo. Glove,', "Eau of the Ssm.' "lean and Soot." Mc. FM wild. in a g sekalon, demonstrate -Crary RM50," Powell i3 backed M litorne Du.isier and All 0)Or. H FLNG HERD Woody Herman Or lls ") M-OM E S3a5 Redw. M material.prevloudy available oft 7.5 m. uncles, from lse '.New Golden Weddmg" E P. and the "ihlyd Herd".inch LP (M-t; -M E 92). ntercom. program ncludes standards (e.o..'pool of the Sue. n.6 Spanish Town:' -Loot s 4oe to Slug"). W. 0 Me longtime 000l. n the Herman hoot ("New Golden Wedding." "Ulu* Elam." and "Cuban Holiday') old few forward loolioj tare emb00 ( "Hollis.. Blues," "By Oooral'l. A sill swinging de hand Kt ilk 0 be somnerclot staple while 000 n)'one who. to dance -of linen -lo {legman'. music.. tole doesn't he-5. SOuod n blli. THE AST PARSES QL N. (.2") Prong LP 707 A concert of mostly Gist Gryce 0ompeall(00s that again quintals. Farmer Ory. tiresome as one of Use more ntrt0uln$ modern groups. Goy. apenmcnts boldly with rtnorlllodda musical patterns and harmmlen, give ns his material ndividual, highly ornel shape. The Quintet bat a consistently bard- bilun$, ogrtmm. 005 ace whose (enemas grlhetamn becomes molter wunoe. Farmer's trumpet soda, with their rarefu U 00out color and dynamic ff feel., however, ate unfailingly es, u- lna. Hipsters should be easy talcs untels. DETROT -NEW TORE JUNCTON..77 Thad /noes, TruPel; Billy Mitchell, Tenor Say; Kenny Burrell, Ouiar, Tommy Flanagan, Pian.; Oscar Pent- ford, Baas; Shadow WHwn, Drums.2 ") ue Noe 3 This LP will increase n vaine during the next couple M yeas. Jones s an ascending afar, w far best known for Me chorus n Badly "Apra in Paris;' but an avant-..4s who has full technical command of A horn and can blow lone, S phrase. For a fine eurhtple of modern balled Mile, try "Little Girl Blue." Go.d contribution. from such relative unknowns as Billy Mitchell tenor oat. and Tommy Flanagan, piano, plus the usual brilliant Oscar Penilord bass. A tad entry for modernist buyer.. COLLABORATON: WEST 74 Teddy Chartes, Vibe* and Piano; Shorty Roger., Trumpet l.2") Prestige LP 702 A re-ssue of the material on the dinch LP (Prestige 64 called "New Direction.. Volume S" -and adding two lakes of "Bobalob tong of which. n Premise LP 69) "Muta,' nd prctinusly unissued. latter features (Tartes oq The pian. and Jimmy o.ollre on tenor. The record - n0 weft made in 93 and wen, idely studied for Weir harmonie nd contrapuntal The sound..till are fresh -and e me sla pudic,lllres, 00 rwrnd to fond an increa inaly lare. cadis SONNY STTT i -2") Preen -e l P 7024 A re o.ue of four seioniooe Stitt made with lay toy Jodneon in lore 949: Afternoon n Paris,' "Elora' "Blue Mole;' and "Teapot " -plus all the material on the Ploch LP caned.'bud Powell and Sonny Stitt" Pmttee LP 0, recorded s few mouths later. These were Stt's first record - inv on tenor, and show an ima$ioame application to mil instrument of what Palter sal thew doing on alto. His work - and that of Johnson. Pmuoll John Lewis, Mae Roast and otters nvolved O these sermons -i utmuletins enough mill to arouse bite. Use of ml.0 modern collectors. THE JAZZ MESSAGE 7$ kmald Bard 00intet -2") Sassy MO 204 Attention s s called in recent renew lof Preuie* P 70.3 tu M beamtfully crafted wort 00$ purveyed thew' deys by trumpeter ltd. lls associates on these dales pro. to bo more earhbound, Weimer, than Jackie McLean in the " ghu Out" set. 7w.. different.aerwnrh are nvolved: M one aide, Lank Mobley, Ronnie Ball and Oou, Wttktn+; on the other, Jahn LuPon, lmace Saver and Wendell Slanliall. with Kenny Clarke na drums n hmh. Mode., in particular. opera ralhtt 00 cnnventtonal support. Never- theless. Bird's work tanks lan LP to a ses. commercial rating. SWNG LOW -SWEET HOYW OOD 74 Eddie Hryurd, Plato.2" Deal DL 0270 Eddie llcywood, piano style s Onus and tasteful. With has snail orrwp, Sers ay+ a dorer. numbers. MOM 0/ them areal standards. plus u. Heywood originals. ncluded an "The Mon. Love,' "The Mown Not 'Senor," You Mode Me Lore Ydl," "lastninq" 4. drds second for Decca. The pack. b Hrr- l should prove profitable album lava s carried. JUTTA HPP AT THE HCKORY HOUSE 7 H -2' Bloc No. SS The recently imported German girl pianist continues to p yleny of Publicity, which will anruct aticnli<n to Thls latest dot, dol Jed on to a- il. al the Hickory Hui... Stu Hipp ploy, accomplished modem piano after her dols, Bud Powell and Horace Silver. without any Harts ling one nsilly at this point. Cover s very smart. Hickory llouue patrons aid G's who heard the Pian.0 n Germany.houW for some ale, but a hl. mar et nu, lake SOON rims to develop. A HAVES NAMED MARTHA...0$ Martha Hakes -2 ") Jubilee 025 Martha Hayes la gifted ;th e soi:li of uninual uuality. mid n.suclunly acne. She due, nine standards lure, most of them derived from great Show scores. ncluded see "Get OW of Town;' "By Myself;' "How Lon. Has nit Be. Going On." ere. 5hoscasing Mira Hayes very. are St. Foser, piano; Ray Ale.aoder. 454; Don Russo, bau, and Lou Fraltwa alto. Moderate poelial. 7

34 JUNE 30, 936 Stood WOO tteleo p EW' mmd.w..r oet H-$2, snow Lew ills wawa oua rtteerr rlaw gars W w seraqaahel. R. euttto won on,.td. WOOL eeb ono., r,td wraar d b7.r. W asndlm Tho ono W doe A lsen oleos M. bnerd ase no nap W 0L The sdol5e Om web eepfmelee Y We wort W idle WAWA M.rer ed W ewww Ad fd. WA M cwrtsy W heppy 'NalYyea' =mi. SWAT Owe Y re Mtyaall der Ar rr. he good. sread, socs pd realdual senor. The Billboard'. ;Nair Rhythm 8 Blues }{,ANO RED LN CDNCTtRr t.: Good LO { flr b se ehr Pry ewl prkg* ewe Mewl W Anew W n.t oid4, ttla mew WA eaw w ide r M wend arwt-ee Me Awe MarenRe larmer Y At. kw Thsm Ws WOW 'VW. Yr.Ye.' Reviews and Ratings of New Classical Releases ROZARTe A MUSCAL JORR R- M; arara RLrt`eR NACNTMV K R. Rl, HAYD S; TOY SYMPHONY ' -7n Moab. Chewed MM. ór.. afeleandt Rae WAWA, Caes Y.r /L e7m 7 A. lambed enigma of -7vuab w haul- reek Wm W demand period. Three two, efe Web popular, are performed hoe le Me dumber muaic aide as ntimated by The.uordlw woad s these componen. dran7 sealed.w. The Stattean m5ó Mans cese to haca ea affuuv for Ode type of muck. For &Antedating ewers, lbs net dal well away from the competí. WM. CHOPN RECTAL.r -!slow Mal. ruw& Premiss. Add the third in a warn by Mdauyn.kl mowing the Chopin keyboard npwtulte. t seclude.: TM Scherzo No. 2 d R net memos, ballade Nu. 2 i. F melon, Proem.. No. n C.harp minor end 7 r F miser, Valve Nos. 7 n t) let meyar and in ( tit malo5: Manatee Nus. 3 d C.Harp minor. 23 s U s A mind and the mpromptu No. to A net mahw. Melc.Oskl N Chorea.podalk and be has coterie of (olloren oho like his fiery, dramal5, twt sometime+ crude styla of plarin.. A hamac!..-planned proman, n soy cue for M.kugsr miniken. YYADt LA CETRA. OP. (2.- WAWA Rerckt, kwh. ern.jn Wing omheatr., 5..arrt Rolf ReYhWl. Coda kid DL {3 72 latest sm ON Arwood Welk Aim WA.' 'R.etag wr Rei' Os W nr M waw d tors telr. Lae. ssn6eorp TsYeeed,taj5. Ws Ore. //esrer, rrreww eel,s WA -De So Lew Ma.' `owl Good TAW- W -PMw Td M. Wm- TA Peatasv Weld we wed Woos d fuq W AA mt..erl dub pd.. from Vos la reefer miketor'. asst. Thaw ar. the same taw fond W meted eddies dooms se Wb tubes nvlk.-tlus d V,naldr concern N Opee S. wed uw7 haw bile! to.urns abed. The sowed M wood. the readiest faithful to W VOW) ode. The ails -booed elbtw. phis the cahoot., K7N.r boots. to /meet, Wadeable. We lbw «55( d.auarde to lbnd Wilder, for dap doh coned.. trade. GRWRCt LYRC SNTS, OP 74: OLD NORWEGAN ROMANCE S T H Y ARA TONS. OP. 5 l. ul -Pn. her.. Orda+. a Nees ho yet After Wlaopmd, Coed. 54.c-5 E 334 s A flnely+haded recording of (.sees Lyric Sou. Op. 4.rid hia e.ser Lease Old Nome..{ Romance Wth Variations, Op. S. Wooing s eowldded, s.s.s.- ful n developing Stu seaman M mood Mourn. and the merest. comlb.n5 to helr pleasant dellneetkrt. Componiiions are la5onun5 lot plssse, 55 lhtcelny RAMSN S (OLN SONATAS, NO. N G M05 AND NO. N A MAJOR -")-Ladd Yoaw. Maul. Andres mk. Paso. Ansel Y Kog.n, a young Russe roller, has had none of the build-up hem That 0Mrah dirtied. Wt this set ndicates NA he s uric of the top tiddlers today. Hit rkh, but not o.erly tweet wund, s well woof to thole rowed, meh.dexn 'roar. On loh.,s.e.' he mhtal. comps... from Stern. faces tar. rhea rill be some shin lo real fiddle fender,.... Popularity Citarte ':C.K.ACED RECORDS 4w w J '_'. tala._.t l... sttn07i.r.0,4. r. A H Na 05 C005\,..t ON A /N R.seaset w.sw, r MCA! R 55.T Thor getandecss. pt.awmn he RaOrwrwreol O,irl bid.." w w Mori On M4M. ew det... as ins r. errltaaaodr.u. WeMe/i rmm4 NW br. M NM. arhe. W al rm. u. nla 4s..n c-m SO M n rl.s at,. Semi - Classical G-ADSS 5AR0 UNA%.5'x- CRae CAL M...a Reba Wombs of M. nes W.sedará bade rt 7 nt so rpm hect. There ata..d WAN, ford W Vhbee Cowed Oldham. oil suck rwesttrdlea old lams se yyedw.' -September Sons.' 'Owed to De r)seh,- etc Good Wee of dotarla roe /.s of W wound bloopers.eme art. Haley Sr. Dies After Long llness - WLMNGTON, Del. Wilham A. Haley, 68, father of Bin Haley, band leader of -The Comets,' died Sunday (7) at rest home in awm, Pa., after an illness of three and a lull years. New Acts for RCA and V( NEW YGR: -ACA Victor and its V& subsidiary label nked se, eras new talents last week. ictot s recording. Seale Sóoies avi How- ved tom a country warbler from Shreveport, La. Hannan Diaz, Va.'s artists and =man, returned from New with signed papers from the jam thrush. Laverne Smith. and Ceorse Girard. the Dideland nonvoter featured at the Famous Door. Miss Smith has been a fixture at the Absinthe House. Jack Dunn. former deejav pro - motion roan for Coral Records in New York, jointed Victor last week. n addition to his son who lives on Faulk Road at Boothwyn, Pa., near Wilmington he is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Margaret Cray, of Chester, Pa.. and six grandchildren. Husband of the late Maude Haley. he was born in Kentucky and moved 2.9 lean ago to Dedewara County, Pa. le was a retired employee of the American Viscose Company in Marcus Hook, Pa. GUY GVE 33 ELECTON! RECORD CO. {ante Ai. CMN.w A rcw 7tt.7oata ocs THE MODERN ART OF JAZZ is on big DAWN Vol. TOOT SMS DO 02 Vol. 2 MAT MATHEWS Dli 0 DttNN RECORDS 0 W. 60 sr. N. Y. C. NNSN6ANNNNNAMe. TO DAMON RUNYON CANCER FUND ARDO (( His Royal Canadians BSTRO and YOU DANCE l WTH ME record no ,grog 'F Fidelilone PHONOGRAPH NEEDLES DAMOND, JEWEL OR PRECOUS METAL TPS PERMO, NC. Chicago 26.. pj- 27 YEARS OF LEADERSHP N SOUND REPRODUCTON Great New Tunes n That Danceable, Listenable LOMBARDO Style!

35 34 The Billboard's Music Po ularity Charts... POP SONGS JUNE 30, 956 NOflORiioLi of HATS THE NATON'S TOP TUNES VADE MARK REG. For survey week ending June 20 lkle Week. oonglow- and Theme From Picnic By Hudson, Delange Mdi, (2unn -Published bi Milla Columbia Pictures Musk Corp. (ASCAP) B EST SELLNG RECORDS. M. Stoieff, Dee 2986; O. Cates, Coral 66ió, 2. Wayward Wind By Sian L.bowky -Herb Newman- Published by Warman (BMO BEST SELLL.G RECORD: O. Grant. En 03. RECORD AVALABLE. T. Ritter, Co vory Tower ' By lack Fulton and Lote Stale- Published bo E. H. Mortis (ASCAP) EST SELLLNO RECORDS. C. Care. Fraternity 734; 0. Storm. Dot RECORDS AVALABLE. Faut Huey, Coral 667; L Guerrero, Real 30; O. VVWiams, Deluxe sN 7s eek weela ae Chan Standing On the Corner 4 9 By Frank Losses, -Published by Frank (ASCAP) BEST SELLNG RECORD. Four Lads. C RECORDS AVALABLE: N. Htltl, Epic 958; D. Manin, Cap 344; Mule Brothers, Dee On the Street Where You Live By Lerner P. Lowe- Published by Chappell (ASCAP) B EST SELLNG RECORD: V. Damon.. Col RECORDS AVALABLE: E. Fisher. VW 20ó29; L Welk, Coral 6644; F. Wayne, Epte nl. week 6. Almost Lost My Mind By Hunter-Published by Hill A Ranee (Bin BEST SELLNG RECORD: P. Boone, Dot RECORDS AVALABLE,. J. Hunter, M -0:N Heartbreak Hotel Presley- Pub::bed by Tr. (HM) fly A.tton. Durdeo B EST SELLNG RECORD, E. Presley. Vie RECORD AVALABLE. Cadets, fodere 'm in Love Again By Domino Bartholomew- Pubished by Rees. (BM) B EST SELLNG RECORD: F. Domino, mper(al 76. RECORD AVALABLE. Fonuae Sisters. Dot Walk Hand in Hand B,. Cowell- Published by Republic (HM) 0. Picnic B EST SELLNG RECORD. T. Martin, Vic RECORDS AVALABLE: D. Vaughn, Kapp 4); A. %Miami, Cadence 266, By George Mean. A 3. A( lea -Published by BT.aplro- Berotteln (ASCAP) B EST SELLNG RECORD. McGuire Shen, Coral RECORD, AVALABLE. K Allre, Coral 6620; B. Bagman, VW 20-64; 0. Mos. Dec 29586; R. Mart.* Mercury Du. aa P «k o P pat Caart 8 4 i Graduation Day By lost Sirrran Nee S "_erne,-published by Sheldon Mode (BMA BEST SELLNG RECORD. Rorer Boya, ABC- Panmotasl RECORDS AVALABLE, Four Frerbme9. Cap 340. Lemmes SLUn, CON Want You, Need You, Love You By kfauric. 3fyw). ra [oroff- Puttied by Erie Presley )dusk (OM) B EST SELLNG RECORD: E. Presley, VW Hot Diggity Second Ten Happy Whistler By Don Rober.: a- Pub.,.`wed by Bach.nod Musk (ASCAP) B EST SELLLNG RECORD: D. Robertson, Cap 3)9. 7. Allegheny Moon By Hoftman-Mannine- Published by Oxford (ASCAP) REST SELLNG RECORD: P. Poe. Mercury Transfusion By Luny Drake -Published by Pad Barrett (MT) By Al Hoflmaa a D,ck 5fanel.rT-Pubinbed by Rcncom (ASCAP) B EST SELLNG RECORD. S. Nor..a, Dot REST SELLNG RECORD: P. Ccrr.o, Vic Born To Be With You By D. Rohrrtsan -Pub Ahed by E. H. Morrie (ASCAP) MST SELLNG RECORD: Chordertn, Cades More t Only Hurts for a Little While By stag. a Fred Spielman -Published by Adranced Mask (ASCAP) BE-ST 9$ LUNG RECORD: Amen Brotton, Vk Magic Touch i i By Tom Glade: Air: Aiuon.- PubLLhed by Shapiro- Betntem +.ASCAr) LEST SELLLNG RECORD: P. Como, Vie By Back Ram -Published by Panther (ASCAP) B EST SELLNG RECORD: Plattere, Mercury Sweet Old -Fashioned Girl By Bob Sterrai- Published by Valor (ASCAP) RECORD AVALABLE: T. Brewer, Coral 6(634. Third Ten Blue Suede Shoes 9 7 By Carl PerUa.-- Published by R.,o Mote, let a Range Sena, lea (BT) RECORDS AVALABLE. B. Roubfaa, Cap 5373; B. Bennett, Kln6 4905; R. 0.. De< 990 P. W King. Vie ; B. King and the Fir. Strings. Col 2503; J. Lowe, Dot 5456; 3. Mercer, Mercury 70605; C. Perkaaa, Sun 234; E. Presley, Vic EPA 747. EPB -234; 3. Tulor. MO-M 297; L Welk, Coral. 23. Be- Bop -a -Lola By Sheriff T. Daia -Gene Vincent- Poblilled by Loam &surprises t5m) RECORD AVALABLE: 0. Vincent, Cap Glendora By Ray Sunny -?45K:ó by American (HM) RECORD AVALABLE. P. Como, VW My Blue Heaven By 0. Whfnn. W. Don,ld.on- Publabed by L. Feist (ASCAP) RECORD AVALABLE. P. Dombo, mperial 3Jó Could Have Danced All Night 20 8 By Frederick Loewe Allen lay Lerner-Published by Chappell (ASCAP) RECORDS AVALABLE. C. Apple.bite, M-0-/A 2220; P. Carte, VW ; R. C.o.. Col 40676; A. Lon-L. Welk, Coral 6644; D. Shore, Vie ; L Syms, Dee Church Bells May Ring 27 8 By wagon a Craft- Published by Ray Maxwell -Hm Ranee (OSS) RECORDS AVALABLE. Cadets, Modern 965; Diamonds, Mercury 70833; WÄ*.,. Melba Long, Tall Sally B7 E. iahnroa- Published by V,ale. CHD RECORDS AVALABLE: P. Boone. Dot 5457; Little Richard, Specialty 372; M. Robbins, Col Poor People of Paris (Jean's Song) 2 20 By La Gaulant* de Pauvre -Jean Marguerite Mainot -Jack Lawrence -Published by Rea Connelly Moue (ASCAP) RECORDS AVALABLE: W. Area, Loodon 62; L Anthony, Topa 276; C, Atkins,.c ; L Buter, Cap 3336; P. Bela.. V* S6498; P. Clay, CoL: L Clinton, Bell 22; 0. Morgan, Dee 29835; R. Roger, M&-M 2*; C. Powell. Choose 044;. Hansen. Remington ; P. Terrace, Ti. 35; L Welk, Coral Want You To Be My Girl By Goldner Berea- Published by Kohl (SM) RECORD AVALABLE: Teen -Age., Ge* WARNNG-The title "HONOR ROLL OF HTS" le a registered tr ade -mark and the listings of the Lu et, br49 copyrighted by The Billboard. L'st t etcher may not be made without The Billboard's consent. Requests for su.á consent should be submitted le writing to the publiuten of Tbc Billboard ee The Balbo.. 54 Broadway, New York 36, N. Y. The Honor Roll of Hits comprises the nation's top tunes according to record and sheet sales, disk jockey and juke box performonces as determined by The Billboard's weekly nationwide surveys.

36 JUN[ TN[ BLLBOARD MUSC-RADO 33 Another.winner for LEaler-qk4.,, = AXTER Concerto and Theme from FOREGN MELODA NTRGUE LOCA (The Drive.YouCrazy Sono) record no rhad;tojhappen! STAN FREBERG 2 madcap versions of rockin' hits HEARTBREAK M HOTEL TY av^..i..,...:,.'.i - (Echo By Mommoth Cove) ROCK SLAND LNE `(and His Sniffle Group) record no r -+:.:.--.'4a. -r-+ijl

37 36 Tlr Billboard's Music Pol)ularily Charts... POP RECORDS & SHEET MUSC )UNE Best Sellers in Stores RECORDS en nuked n for survey week ending June 20 order of their aurrrnl natioal ulling mportance at the retail ere. as determined by Th. Blboard'a weekly verve) N the top voler. dealt... every mportant moan area. 'When alenlficanl.alun t reported ob both aida of record, pole. ere combined to determine position on the.han. n such care, Weeks Tbl b lh aides are limed n bold tope, the at Nerf Trading aide on top. Week Chan. WAYWARD WND (B\í7) -C. Grant.. 9 No Mon than Forever (ASCAP) -Eta MOONGLOW AND THEME FROM "PCNC" (ASCAP)-M. Stololf 2 Theme From "Plenlc" (ASCAP)-Dec ALMOST LOST MY MND (B \ P. Boone 'm n Lose Web l'ou (OM)-Dot s. P STANDLNG ON THE CORNER (ASCAP)-Four Lads 3 0 MY LTTLE ANGEL (BM) -(7ol LN LOVE AGAN 0M)- F. Domino... `+ MY BLUE EAit\ mperial WANT YOU, NEED YOU, LOVE YOU (BM)-E. Presley 7 S MY BABY LEFT ME BS)- V'ic MORE (ASCAP)-P. Como 3 3 GLENDORA (BM)-Vic S. HEARTBREAK HOTEL (OSD- E. Presley (' 7 N'as the Una (83) -Sn VORY TOWER (ASC.AP -3'. ('cur... + Passe, Pease Belkse Me Fraternity 734 ASC NO ON THE STREET WHERE YOU LVE (ASCAP) -V. Damtync 2 4 Ws All Need Loss (ASCAP --Cal TRANSFUSON (BS) - Nervous Nones 5 4 Du (BM) -Dot MOONGLOW AND TlESE FROM "PCNC" (ASCAP)-C. Cates 0 Roo Ralracada (ASCAP)--Coral HAPPY WHSTLER (.ASCA P)- D. Robertson ' You're Free to Go (ASCAP)-(op BORN TO BE WTH YOU (ASCAP)- Chordettes 5 2 Love Nu et Changes (ASCAP)- CaJene BE- BOP- A -LMA (BM) -C. Vincent.. 24 Woman Love 833-Cap TREASURE OF LOVE (BMO- C. McPhatter When You're Sincere 85- At4nhc 602 % 2 7. SWEET OLD -FASHONED GRL (ASCAP)-T. Brewer 25 2 Goodby., John (053-- Coral HOT DGGTY (ASCAP)-P. Corno 4 7 Juke 8os Baby (ASCAP) -Vae T ONLY HURTS FOR A LTTLE WiLE (ASCAP) -Anus Brothers ll You Wanl to Sec 5lamle Tonight tascap)- vk PCNC (ASCAP)- MleCuire Sisters... 7 Delilah lone (ASCAP) -Coral WALK HAND N HAND (BM)- T. Martin Flamenco Lov. (ASCAP)-Vic WANT YOU TO BE MY GRL (BM)Teen -Agers 'm Na a Know6AU (ASCAP) -Qt GRADUATON DAY (BM) - Rover Boys 9 Heu Music (ASCAP)- ABCP4ramoun VORY TOWER (ASCAP) -C. Storm... 2 Ain't Gonna Worry (B74)--Did GRADUATON DAY (BM) - Four R Freshmen Laxly Night n Paru (ASCAP)-Cap 340 to Most Played in Luke Boxes for survey week ending June 20 RECORDS are ranked n ardu of the greatest number of pia). n luka boxes Throw. the country. as determined by The Bn6urd'a weekly sons) ot O. atl:k e Joke boa operator. When 00Olc60 way la reported on both tides of record, Points are combined o determine p00 Reeks TAh ell the chart. n such eau both sides on Week listed n bold type, the leading side on top. 9Yeek Chan. WAYWARD WND (BM) -C. Grant.. No More Than Forever (ASCAP) -&a 0 2. HEARTBREAK HOTEL (BM) - E. Presley N'as the One (BM) -Vil STANDNG ON THE CORNER (ASCAP) -Four Lads MY LTTLE ANGEL (BM) - Col MOONGLOW AND THEME FROM "PCNC" (ASCAP) -M. Stoloff Theme From -Picnic'. (ASCAP) -Doc ( 5 ( VORY TOWER (ASCAP)-C. Carr 3 Please. Please Behest Me &inarnity 734 S. PM N LOVE AGAN (BM)- F. Domino 6 7 MY BLUE HEAVEN (ASCAP)- mperial , MOONCLOW AND THEME FROM "PCNC" (ASCAP)-G. Cates 9 8 Rio Batucada (ASCAP)-Coral ALMOST LOST MY MND (BMf)- P. Boone 4 'm n Loss Wuh You (834) -Dot WANT YOU, NEED YOU, LOVE. YOU (BM)-E. Presley MY BABY LEFT ME (BM)- Vic VORY TOWER (ASCAP) -C. Storm Ain't Gonna Worry M4)-Dot BLUE SUEDE SHOES (B5U)- C. Perkins 7 Homy. Don't BM) -Soo 234 L MAGC TOUCH (ASCAP) -Platters.. 2 mane, Take An (ASCAP)- Mercury HAPPY W STLER (ASCAP) - D. Robertson 2 S You're Fre. to Go (ASCAP} -Cap HOT DCCTY (05) -P. Como lulr Box Bab) (BM) -Vic CHURCH BELLS MAY RNG (BM) - Diamonds - te Girl al AL. BM) -Merury WALK HAND N HAND (BM)- T. Martin lamrnco Joss (ASCAP) -Vk ) 7. TEAR FELL (85) -T. Brewer... Bo Weevil (BMt- Coral LONG, TALL SALLY (BM) - Little Richard and Sldue BM)- Specuhy T ONLY HURTS FOR A LTTLE WHLE (ASCAP) -Ames Brothers 7. t Vest Want to See Mamie Tonight Sic 2Oó BORN TO BE WTH YOU (ASCAP) - Chordettes Lose Never Changes (ASCAP)- CaJrece 9 This Nero Best Selling Sheet Music Tunes are ranked le order of then current national selling Msporanet e the sheet music Jobber evcl. sury lower E R. Morris) L Stoongluw ( \- Columbia Pictures). Wayward Wnd (Warma3( 4. Oa the Street Nker Yoe Live (Chappell) Plank (Sllapuu-Btrnstcln) 6. Walk Hand n Hand (Repubk) 7. Standing On ke Corner (Fran:). (:raduatlnn Day (Sheldon) 9. flet Digsltr 00060m). Allegheny Moon (Oxford). 9ora ShaplmBrrnett(n) 2. Only Huns for a Link NM. (Advanced) L Poor People or Pana (COnotllY) 4. Heartbreak Hotel (Tree) 3. Almost Lost 33 Mead (HS O Range) Weeks ask no Were Chan Most Played by Jockeys For survey week ending June are ranted n 7,3 of the greatest numb+ or p4ys oe Aisle faker r,.din shows thluout the country. Results are baud on The Billboard's weekly MN terse, Neal, & molle the anma's disk toeteya. Ln N..k the rescrse.4. of each record is also listed. week Chan. WAYWARD WND (BM) -G. Crawlt.. 8 No Moro Than Forever (ASCAP} -Eia MOONGLOW AND THEME FROM "PCNC" (ASCAP) -M. Stoloff... 2 Theme From "Picnic.. (ASCAP) -Doc STANDNG ON THE CORNER (ASCAP) -Four Lads My Little Angel BS/) -Col ALMOST LOST MY MND (BM)- P. Boone 'm n Loot With You MAD-Dot ON THE STREET WHERE YOU LVE (ASCAP)-V. Damone We AO Need Lose (ASCAP) -Co MOONCLOW AND THEME FROM "PCNC" (ASCAP)-G. Cates 4 8,0 Batwo0a (ASCAP)-Coral BORN TO BE WTH YOU (ASCAP) - Chordettes 4 4 Lost Neaer Chang. (ASCAJ')- Cadence 29 S. WANT YOU, NEED YOU, LOVE YOU (BM) -E. Presley 5 My Baby Left Me (BM) -Vic FM N LOVE AGAN (BM)- F. Domino My Wee lie.ven (ASCAP)- lmperfal e 0. GLENDORA (BM) -P. Como 9 More (ASCAP} -Vic VORY TOWER (ASCAP) -C. Storm.. Ain't Goa. N'sKry MAD-Dot HEARTBREAK HOTEL (BM)- E. Presley Wes the One 834 -Vis VORY TOWER (ASCAP) -C. Cart... 0 Mease, Plc. Bdkh Me (ASCAP)- Fr+lernily TRANSFUSON (3S)- Nersons Norvois 2 3 Dig (834) -Dot HAPPY WHSTLER (ASC.AP)- D. Robertson 0 Yoú n Fret to Go (ASCAP) -Cap GRADUATON DAY (BM)- Rover Boys tur Musk (BM)- ABC -Paramount MORE (ASCAP)-P. Como - Glendon (85) -Vic S. ALLEGHENY MOON (ASC.AP)- P. Page Strangest Romanci (ASCAP)-Mercury WALK HAND N HAND (BM)- T. Martin Fl.mcnco LO. (ASCAP)-VN 20ó PCNC ( ASCAAP)- McGuire Sisters Dcli4h Jones (ASCAP) -Cott) T ONLY HURTS FOR A LTTLE WHLE (ASCAP) -Aines Brothers.. 22 f You Want to See 6.e Tonight (ASCAP) - Vic W LTTLE VVE KNOW (ASC.AP)- F. Sinatra 8 Five Hundred Guys (ASCAP) -Cap GRADUATON DAY (BM)- Four Freshmen Loony Night n Puis (ASCAP) -Cap S BE- BOP -A -LULA (85) -C. Vincent.. Woman Lose (BM) -Cap HOT DCGTY (ASCAP) -P. Como Juke Boa BaO' (55-Vic e 5 S 3

38 RUNE THE LWARD MUSCtADO 37 FABULOUS s The Word For l;- SARAH VAUGHAN AND HER NEW RECORDNG OF FABULOUS CHARACTER" COUPLED WTH "THE OTHER WOMAN" MERCURY MPORTANT NOTCE TO DEALERS For January in June traffic, take part in Mercury's c Premium Sole For all details contact your Mercury distributor NOW

39 38 MUSC -RADO THE BLLBOARD UNE 30, 956 COMNG UP- STRONG CHERRY A listing of newer pop records which hove shown solid trode response during the past week. Compiled thru o survey of all major markets, these records figure strongly as potential entries on the Nationol Best Seller Chart. TEEOFF PNOThEQ BG ONE. Allegheny Moon Patti Page ( ASCAP) Mercury Portuguese Washerwoman Joe (Fingers) Carr (ASCAP) Capitol Whatever Will Be, Will Be Doris Day (ASCAP) Columbia My Prayer The Platters 't... `rrt, c v... ASCAP) Mercury 70S93 5. Tell Me Why The Crete Cuts tbm) Mercury Tell Me Whv Cale Storm (BM!) Dot Hot Dog, Buddy Buddy Bill Haley (ASCAP) Dec.!9948 S. Stranded in the Jungle The Jayhattks B\J) flash That's An There s to That -tat (King) Cole tbm) Capitol Rip t Up Little Richard (BM) Specitlty 379 THS WEEK'S BEST BUYS A.: :ord, to sate, (Vrrr in Lt mentent, the., releases an «eommceded for erra promu: COLUMBA N. RECORDS MY PRAYER (ShapiroBentstein, ASCAP) -The Platters -Mercury äs group is lining up strong pop and. r.&h. support tor another big money maker. New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Buffalo. Pittsburgh, Minneapolis. Chicago. Milwaukee, Cleveland, St. Louis and Nashville and Durham all reported it a strong seller in both categories. Like other records of theirs. this will very likely be ensconced in the pop and r.&b. charts before much more tine has elapsed. Flip is "Heaven on Earth" (New World, ASCAP). A previous Billboard "Spotlight" pick. TELL ME WHY tdanbun, BM) -The Crew Cuts -Mercury Cale Storm -Dot These two covers of the Marie Knight record are battling it out, with different results in different territories. The scales swing in favor of the songstress here, and in f,tcor of the Crete Cuts there. Both are doing extremely well and both have excellent potential for hitting the charts. The flip of the Mercury record is "Rebel in Town (Saunders, ASCAP); that of the Dot risk is "Don't Be That Way" (Reeves, B \). Both were previons Billboard "Spotlight" picks. TLT'S ALL TERE S TO THAT (Meridian, BM) -Nat (King) Cole - Capitol Most of Cole's recent records have not been fast starters. This is an exception, the impact of this disk has been unusually strong from the outset. Reports from Atlanta. Durham, Nashville. St. Louis, Detroit, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Baltimore and Philadelphia have been outstanding miess' ise. Several tenitories indicated good action on the flip. "My Dream Sonata" (United, ASCAP). A previous Billboard "Spot - light" pick. ST'RANDF,D N THE JUNCLE (Peer. 83) -The Jayhawks -Flash 09 -See this week's Rhythm and Blues "Best Buy' selections.


41 40 The Billhuurd'$ lluxit' l'upttlarity Charts... POP RE(:(RS UNE 30, 956 payx PCKED BY BLLBOARD SAM (THE MAN) TAYLOR THE BEAT and REAL GONE MOM 227E K227 BREAKNG EAST THE FOUR JOES THESE ARE THE THNGS ( Remember) and SOMETMES MGM NEW COUNTRY STAR BUCK GRFFN STUTTERN PAPA end WATCHN' THE 7:0 ROLL BY MOM KAY ARMEN TENDERLY HE WATCHES and LOVE S YOU MOM JACQUES BELASCO and His Orch. and Chorus PCAROON end WSHNG WELL MOM 2257 K22S s! WDE_ opels/ M;tef/G THEME FROM "THE PROUD ONES" WOULDN'T T BE LOVERLY 64M 225 K225 vied l(fmauìo PCKED BY BLLBOARD WHEN YOU'RE SMLNG nd ROCKN' THE BOGGE CRYNG 'CAUSE LOVE YOU MOM E M, CASH :rl ; PO SOMEBoov 37t9LE My Muc(AC/W MGM 777 Ci77' -T'S GOT THAT WHSTLE" A PERFECT DAVD ROSE a h Ht COOL TANGO and "THE CATERED AFFAR" (THEME) MOM 220 K2270 CONNE FRANCS FORGETTNG ond SEND FOR MY M6M 225 BLL ST. BABY K25 CLARE YOURS AND MNE UNDERSTANDNG ':; and HGM 223 E2273 'Q aig íiiiqa THE TENNESSEE ROCK 'N' ROLL N THE HEART OF TOWN Ske6 thotey DO REMEMBER and YOU (AN DO T MOM elftfidt6 JUNE NGHT and WHEN THE RED, RED, ROBN COMES BOB, BOB, BOBBN' 6N 224 ALONG K224 WATCHA GONNA DO MOM ROGER THE ROGER LEFT BANK and LSETTE MGM JACK VALENTNE WAYWARD WND dud THESE 0' BONES HAM Territorial Best Sellers Li.unc. are based..n Tale np.uo /ecured ro Atlanta. Mom.elow sad Theme From "Pknit" M. Stololt. Dec. 2. Wayward Wind, G. Grant, Era. By BopA.uh, G. Vincent, Cep, 4. Almost na M7 Mlod. P. Bannt, Dot S. More. P. Como. Vic. L. Worn Von. Need You. Lost óu E- Presley. Vic. y Baltimore Almost ó.l lt, Mnd, P Boone, Mu Wool Vow. Feed Vuu, t Lase Lan E. Presley, Vie. Mort, P. Como, Vic_ Moonelow and Theme rom Pkak" M. Staloff. Dec. l'an n Lose A.M. F. Domino, mp. Nayward,Wmd, G. Grant Era 'm n Loy, With V... P. Boone, Dot Nbetesre 7 Dari. Day. Col. Be NB Be Oa the Street A.. loo A. Damon,, Col. Monsglow nad Theme From "Plenk" G. Calm Cor. Boston. Aure, P. Como. V'rr. L Thew From "Plcsk",,. Stololr. Dec. y. Hayward W.d. G. Grant, Eta J. On the Street Where Vos Et,. Vic Damons, Col. Ron n Be With V.o, Chordate., C(lc. t.eadomtdw Day. Roser Bou, Pmt.. Hy Blue Heatew, F. Domino. mp. is N'gat Too, Need You, tale ho, F Presley. Vie, 9. vory Tower, C. Carr, Fly 0. Nhals,er V. Be Will Be Dorn Day, Col. Buffalo t. ABedre.s Moos, P. Page, ht,,. 2. Lrea.un of Lote, C. Mena., All., Wayward N W. G. Grant, Eta +. More, P. Como, Ve. _ Noeaelaw sad Them. From '/k.k^ S. soot.. Dec. a Sleek Tomb, Platte., Mr, '. Heartbreak Hotel. F. a. Almost Presley. Ve. som Sly Msd. P Boone, Dot Chicago....low d Theme Form 'rk.k" G Cat., Cor. 2. MAM.g Oa the Conner. Four Lads. Col.. Almo. Lm M 'HMS. P. Bonne, Dot a. Hmnbrtah Hotel, E. Presley, Vic. T. Wayward Wide. G. Gram, En O. Oa the Street Where V. Lk. V Ramon.. Col. 7. hors Tower, t" Carr, Fir. a. CmdualM. Day, Roser Boya. Pmt. ter. tarry moldier. D. Robertson. Cap. Cincinnati,...ward Nlnd, G. Gentil, Era i Standing Om the Comer. Four l.ada, Cot. 'm la lone Agala, F. Domino, mp.,. ran.ostw. Norse. Noma, Doi. Church Beth May R.. Diamonds, Mee a. leery Tower, (:. Carr, Frs. 7. Wort V. to t My Girl,cnAeo., Gee L Glendon. P. Como, Vic. 9. Pknk. McGuire Sien. Car. Neat Vow. Need Vow. Lote ton E. Pr edgy, Vic. t L Cleveland On the Street Where w.. V. lamone, Col,. Sloondow trod Theme From "Pkak" t: sate.. Cor. ), rmwrt of l.o... C. S: Ph. tier. All. Pk.le, McGuire Sisters. Cor. e,, Almost.oel M7 Mtod. P. Bone, Dot e. Sweet, Old- Pa,hh td Gb. Brewer, Col. 7., ta,,. Lote. Closers. At. a. Heartbreak Hold, E. Presles, Vic. 9, Only H.N. toe Little Nblle Ames Brothers, Vk. n. n.yward Mind, O. Grant, Era Dallas -Fort Worth. Stoonglow and Theme From ",knit^ AT Slot.. Dec. 2. Saywsrd NTid, G. Grant, Era ),!N n lase SOW. F. Domino, mp e. t Only Hurts for Little While Ames Brothers, Vic. '. Sty Baby Leff Me, E. Presley, Vtc.,. or.e, Tall Sally. Little Rkhord, Sp. Denver. Born to Be Nub lw, Chortlrltt. rd.: 2. Pinsk, McGuire Stow, Car.. ayward W.d. G. Grant, Era,. Tna.mlos, Nerve. Norms. Doc O. Want VOW. Need V.., t C...., E. Prtcicy, Vie. a. ton Tower, O. William., Del 7. t Almnil Loa My SW, P. Bone. Doi a. l Only Hante for Otte Nblle A,,c, Brothers, Vic. Y. Want Yw to Be My Girl Teen -Alen, Gee M. Um n Love Again, F. Domino. mp. Detroit. Na)ward.lad, G. Grant, Era 2. Atm. L. My Mind, P. Boone, Dot.. Moonelow and Theme From "Pknk" G. Cate., Cor. T. 'm n Love Again, F. Domino, mp. O. Tenure of Lose, C. McPbatter, All. 6. Gradnouoa Day. Roser Boy, Pmt. 7. Sweet. Ctrl T. Brewer, Cor. a. 7raifasion, Nervous Noryue, Dot 9. Soft Summer Brette, L. Heywood, Mgr 0, On the Sired Where V-oo Lire V. Do/0C. COL For survey week ending June 2O-> m MP dealers,n each of the markets Cd. Kansas City Stooge... aid Theme From Pknk" M. Stolofl. Dec. 2. Almost L. Sty Mind, P. Boone, Dot. Wayward Wind, G. Grans, Era 4. Only Hurts for Llltl, Whe Ames Brother., Vic. S. Stand.. On the Corner. Four t.ed,, Cot, 6. 'm n Lose Again. F. Domino. MP. 7. Happy Whistler, D. Robot... Cap. S. Tran.N.oo, Nersou. Norrue, Dot 9, ln Shanty n Old Shanty Tow S. Smith. Ego., On the Street Where Von lse V. Damone, Col, Los Angeles. Wayward Nlnd, G. Grant, Era 2. Stnndlae On the Corner, Four ade, CO,. %Monelon and Theme From "Picnic. M. SO,. Dec. t. Stoondow red Theme From Pknk^ G. Cates, Cor. S. vory lone G. Storm. Dot 6. leanhreak Motel, E. Presley, Vic. 7. Wan Hand n Hand, T. Marin. Vit, t. Happy Whirtkr, D. Roberson, Cap, 9, Hot D,,., P. Comn, Vic. le. My Bine Heaven. F. Domino, mp. Milwaukee. Be Bop- ALah. G. Vincent, Cop. L Almmt Lott My M.d. P. kons, Dot' 3. t Only Han. for Little While Aim. Brothers, Vic. 4. Wayward Who G. C ant. Era!. Born to Be With Vol, Chordate, Cdo. 6. Mort, P. Como. Vic. 7. On the Street Where You ii.e V. Domnne, Col. S. Mowllow and Theme Frnm Pknk^ G. Cates, Cor. 9. Padag.ett Washerwoman J. Fin,eta) Carr. Cap. t0. Staadloa Oa the Comer. Four ads. Minneapolis -St. Paul Col.,. Alas. Lost Sty M.0. P. Boone, Dot 2. Bon o Be With Y. Chortle.,, C.f.:. 3. Standing 0. the Comm Four ads, Col. t. Wayward Wlmf, G. Grant, Era S. {Sant Von. Ne. Yon, Lost Vole E. Presley, Vic. 6. Fete. T. Leonetti, Cop. 7. H.. Llltte We Meow, F. Sinatra, Cep. JL Sweet, OdFmhloaed (clot T. Brewer, Cor, S. Heartbreak Hord, E Peek). Vie. New Orleans L Soonelow sad Nt. Stolon. Dec. L Wayward Wind. G. Grant. Era 3. Sandise O. h. Comer, Four Lad., Col. 4. Treasure of Lose. C. McPhalter, AtL t, Almost Lott 57 SSW. P. Boom, Dot Theme From.'Ploie 6, 0 bo Street Wham lo. La. - S Damon, CoL 7. Heartbreak, Hold. E. Presley, Vic. a. Re BopA, G. V'inctm, Cap. 9. Washerwoma. J.,haters/ Carr, Cap, New York. Sloanelow mad Theme Front "Pkak^ M. Slol,. )cc, L Naywvd Wheel, G. Gram, Fra 3. Standing O. the Conn. Four Lad., Col. t, Heartbreak HOW. E. Prcttq, Sic. o. vory Toner, C. Carr, Fly. 6. Oa the Street Where You i.e V. Damone, Col. 7. Glendon. P. Como, Vic. i. Hol Dey, P. Como, Vic. 9. Poor People or Part, t. Bastes, Cap. Philadelphia L M.oeglow and Theme Front 'Pknk^ M. Stolon, Dr.. 2, Wayward Wad., G. Gran, Eta ro Four lade. Col. 3. Stmadlag O. the Co.., 4. Heartbreak Hotel. E. Presley. Vic. 3. ton' Toner. C. Co, Fly. 6. Om the Street Where fou The V. Damone. Col. 7. Hof Dl.D, P. Como. Vic. S. Glendon, P. Como, Vc, S. Grotonlloa Day, Roser Boys. Pmt. Pittsburgh. Marc P. Como, Vic. 2. Be Son -A -Lola. G. V'incenl Cep. 3. Almon Letsl My Sllnd, P. BOOM, DM 4. Want Von. Need l'nu, Lost h'.. E. Presley, Vic. S. o. ke Street Nho,. Von The V. Damone, Col.. Gleodon. P. Conn. V',c 7 Mwnglow and Theme Front 'Pknk" G. Cats'. Cor.- Treasure of la,,, C. %L./Mauer, Ail. t. Allegheny Mono, P. Page, Mer. St. Louis. \Sas ward,ss led, G. Giant, Era 2. ranlan,.u. Ncrsoue Nonv,, Dot. Standing On lóg CO., Four Lads, Col J. le bo Street When You The V. Damon, Col. O. Almost Lo,l My Mlod, P. Boone, Dot e- Moo/W. and Theme Erma "Pkak" ti. CAW, CO,. Graduation Day, Roses Boys, h0 a.k Hand n Hand. T. Martin. Vo. 9. Too Close far Comfort, E. Goure, PmL San Francisco L Monglow and Theme Front "Took" M. Stolon, Dec. 2. Marilee. Hotel. E. Presley, Vic, 3, Wayward Mad, G. Grant, Ela L vory Tower, C. Carr. Fly. S. Sandlo. On the Corner. Fout L.dt, Cot. 6. Credos.on D.T. Four Freshmen, Cap. 7. Hot Dlsglty, P. Como. Vie. S. Want Vow, Need You, L... Y. -E. Presley, Vic.

42 --tm ,m Ì t t imi t i A_ ils3v39 mo momm Aááll MAYO 0e a3nnano) vetsnao ßäd noi OM MOH i i V.:o al ga lal i, % ii A)d A3öVA ii 340 X08 NfY) in J imimumniiiiiiirim MEPP-"RMEM minor usin W S3V. L. NOP.4._ 4 Sb.-i-iv A8 43WVlDWD it olavy-aisnw atvoflll 'H 956.Of inni

43 alt 42 MUSC -RADO THE BLLBOARD JUNE 30, 956 THE TOP 00 avompftv... çgørl. HO NE KNOW by EDWN H. MORRS & CO., NC. SOLE SELLNG AGENT MELROSE MUSC CORP. 35 West 5st St. New York, N. Y. For survey week er ding June 20 A list of the TOP 00 RECORD SDES in the nation according to a COMBNED TABULATON of Dealer Disk Jockey and Juke Box Operator replies to The Billboard's weekly popular record Best Seller and Most Played surveys. ts purpose is to provide Disk Jockeys with additional programming material and to give trade exposure to NEWER records just beginning to show action in the field. Post. Song ArtA. WAYWARD WND G Groot 2. MOONGLOW AND THEME FROM "PCNC".. M. Staloff 3. STANDNG ON THE CONER R Four Lade 4. ALMOST LOST MY MND P Boone 5. HEARTBREAK HOTEL E. Presley 6. 'M N LOVE AGAN P Domino 7. WANT YOU. NEED YOU. WVE YOU...E_ Presley 8. VORY TOWER C. Cur 9. MOONGLOW AND THEME FROM PCNC'..G. Cates. WALK HAND W HAND - T Martin. HAPPY WHSTLER D. Robertson..,. L BORN TO BE WTH YOU Chordrtlea 2. ON THE STREET WHERE YOU LVE V Damooe.. 4. VORY TOWER G. Storm 5. TRANSFUSON N Norms 6. HOT DGGTY P Coton e, 7. T ONLY HURTS FOR A LTTLE WHLE Amu Brothers.. 7. MORE P Como PCNC McGuire Sisters. 20. GLENDORA P Como M. GRADUATON DAY Rover Boys 22. MY BLUE HEAVEN F Domino 23. BEBOP-A -LULA G Vincent 24. WANT YOU TO BE MY GRL TeenAgen TREASURE OF LOVE C McPhateer SWEET, OLD- FASHONED GRL T Brewer 27. ALLEGHENY MOON P Pagc M. MAGC TOUCH PinOCn 29. ROLL OVER. BEETHOVEN C Dory 30. CHURCH BELLS MAY RNG Diamonds 3. CAN YOU FND T N YOUR HEART? T Benson 32. VORY TOWER O WNtarns M. SLPPEN' AND SLD.N. Little Richard HOW LTTLE WE KNOtS F. Blunts 35. A TEAR FELL T Brewer 36. MY LTTLE ANGEL... Four Lads 37. BLUE SUEDE SHOES C Perkin 38. POOR PEOPLE OF PARS L Suter 39. LONG. TALL SALLY.. Little Richud SECOND FDDLE K Starr M. STANDNG ON THE CORNER D. Marvin M. ON THE STREET WHERE YOU LVE E Fisher 43. CORRNE. CORRNA J. Tomes 44. COULD HAVE DANCED ALL NGHT S. Syotu 45. TELL ME WHY Crew Cues 46. KSS ME ANOTHER G. Gibbs 47. WAYWARD WND T Ritter M. GRADUATON DAY Four Freshmen MY BABY LEFT ME E Presley S0. TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT E Gormc 5. SOFT SUMMER BREEZE E Heywood... 5 TELL ME WHY G. Storm 52. LONG, TALL SALLY P. Boone 54. CANADAN SUNSET H. Wintcrhalter. S5. SWEET HEARTACHES E. Fisber 55. PORTUGUESE WASHERWOMAN!, tfingersl Can. 57. LAZY RVER R. Shetnood..-, 57. COULD HAVE DANCED ALL NGHT R. Clooncy M. N A SHANTY N OLD SHANTY TOWN S. Smith N THE JUNGLE Jay Hawks M. ROCKN' GHOST A. Bleyer 62. NO. NOT MUCH Four Lads 62. OOBY DOOBY R. Orbison 64. LOVE LOVE, LOVE Ctorers 64. PCNC R. Mortene 66. WHATEVER WLL BE, WLL BE Doris Day 67. WE ALL NEED LOVE P. Faith 67. WHY DO FOOLS FALL N LOVE? G. Storm 69. WHY DO FOOLS FALL N LOVE' Diamonds WAS THE ONE E. Presley 7. JUKE BOX BABY P. Como..i l'm N LOVE AGALN Fomanc Sisters. 73. STANDNG ON THE CORNER Mills Brothers.:. 74. CRAZY LTTLE PALACE R. Williams 74. LOST N THE SHUFFLE J. P. Morgan FOREVER DARLNG Ames Brothers HOT DOG BUDDY BUDDY B Haley 76. JOEY, JOEY. JOEY P. Lee 76. NEVER TURN BACK A. nibbler 80. TUTT FRUTT P. Boone 8. FREE T Leonetti 82. SNNER MAN L. Baxter 82. ELEVENTH HOUR MELODY A Hihbler M. H LL H LO D. Hyman 82. NEVER LET ME GO N. (King, Colt PLAY NOR KEEPS J. P. Morgan BLUE SUEDE SHOES B. Bennett U. TANGO OF THE DRUMS L Baxter 89. F YOU MANNA SEE MAME TONGHT Ames Brothus LOOK HOMEWARD, ANGEL Four F_syuira WNNER TAKE ALL Platters 92. TO LOVE AGAN Four Ace, 93. WATCHNG THE WORLD GO BY D. Mani, 93. EDDE, MY LOVE Fooune Sisters FVE HUNDRED GUYS F. Sinatra 93. HOT AND COW RUNNNG TEARS E Vaughan 93. UVE COT LOVE La Rosa 93. N A LTTLE. SPANSH TOWN t,,,bice Crosby 99. LTTLE GRL OP MNE Ctettonen 99. MR. WONDERFUL P Lee Label CAUTON TO DEALERS AND JUKE BOX OPERA TORS Era Last Week Decca 2 Columbia 3.Dot 7 Victor 4.mperial 6.Victor..Fraternty 7 Coral S.Victor Capitol 0 :Cadence 4 i.columbia 6 Dot 2.Dot 3.Victor 9.Victor 5.Victor 24.Coral 8.Victor 30. ARC -Paramount 2.mperial 2.Capitol a3 t.gee 22 Atlantic -38 Cotai 2R.Mercury 33.Mercury? Chas Mercury 25 Columbia 27.De Lute 26 Specialty 56 Capitol 53 Coral 28.Columbia 52.Sun 22 Capitol 3 Speetait3 40.Victor 47 -Capitol 34.Victor 43 Atlantis 52.Decca 37.Mercury.Mnecury 45.Capitol...Capitol 35.Victor 37 ABC -Paramount 20 Mercury -.Dot.Dot 36.Vidor 9 Victor 42 Capltol 39 Deco 76 Columbia a9 Epic 4.Flash -.Cadence..Columbia 65 Sun 70 Atlantic 74 Mercury 00 Coiumbia 7 Cotumb4 Dol 7$ Mercury 99 Victor...Victor 93 Dot 46 Decca 57 Cool - Victor Victor Decca 95 Deco Decca 6 Dot 96 Capitol Capitol Deem - 4 : Capitol Victor.. King 7 Capitol 67 Victor London - Mercury Decca 73 Capitol Dot 9 Capitol Mercury Victor - Duca Gee 63 Decca e5 The Billboard's Top 00 is NOT designed to provid e tested nformation for buying purposes. This function s most reliably served by other regular weekly feature s: Best Sellers in Stores, Most Played in Juke Boxes, Coin mg Up Strong and Best Búys.

44 /UN! O. 956 THE!.[lOAFO MUSCRA0O 4! 7444«4 5m444 qie `STRANDED N THE JUNGLE' mod. 994 RECOROS 937 W. Washington Blvd. Culver City, California FASTEST SELLNG RECORD OF THE YEAR

45 44 MUSC -RADO THE BLLBOARD JUNE 30, 956 (HESS -CHECKER HAS TWO BG HTS! BOBBY CHARLES of "Se. You lots(, AlSoot.* hams, does it wgoin wish.., CHESS f628 "TME WLL TELL' CHECKER p843 SE 0 SQO, BBOO" by DALE HAWKNS CHESS -CHECKER RECORD CO S. COTTAGE GROVE AVE. CHCAGO 5. LL. Pkae: KEawaed E CANDLELGHT RECORDS presents: the EXOTC.. SENSUOUS. /-404,t music 'TM ra b/w VERY SPECAL BLUES arranged and conducted by ERNE SUSSER still going strong: of ON BENDED KNEE Box 23 Manhasset, L.., N. Y. SNGER ONE -STOP 82 WEST CHCAGO AYE.. CHCAGO 22. LLNOS (All PHONES, Humboldt ) MDREST'S LARGEST ONE -STOP 54 AEOVE COST EEE TTEE STRPS TO OPERATORS( Tunes With Greatest Radio - TV A udience Tunes, listed alphabetically, have the greatest audiences on network station programs n New York, Chicago and LM Angeles. Lists are based op John G. Pcatman s copyrighted Audience Coverage ndex. Radio Allegheny Moon (R)- Oxford -ASCAP Believe in Love (R)- Robbins -ASCAP Born to Be With You (R) - Mgtatr- ASCAP Can You Find t n lout Heart? (R)- W'itmark -ASCAP Cool Tango (R)- Ardmore -ASCAP Don't Cry (R) (M)- Frank -ASCAP Gel Me to the Church on Time (R) (74)-- Chappell -ASCAP Glendora tr)- American -BM Graduation Day (R)- Sheldon -BMl Happy Whistler (R)- Rrchwood -ASCAP He Loves Me. Ho Loves Me Not (RS-- Broadcast-BM Hot Dlggity R)- Roncom -ASCAP How Little We Know ()-E H. Morris - ASCAP Could Have Danced All Night (R) (M)- Chapptll -ASCAP t Only Hurts for a Little While (R)- Adyanced -ASCAP 've Grown Accustomed to Your Face (R) M)- ChapPtll -ASCAP vory Tower (R)-E. H. Morrie -ASCAP Kist Me Another (0)-E. B. Marks --BM Love of Genevieve (R- Bourne -ASCAP Lullaby of Bird4nd (R)- Patricia -BML M000glow (R) F)- Mills -ASCAP Moonglow- Pltnie Theme (R) (M) - Milk - Columbia Pic -ASCAP Mr. Wonderful (R) M)- Lautel -ASCAP On the Street Where YOU Live tr) M)- Chappeil -ASCAP Picnic tr) (F)- Columbia Pk -ASCAP Ponututse Washerwoman R) - Remick - Standing On the Corot( (R) (M)- Fattk- ASCAP Swett Heartaches (R- Pincus -ASCAP Ti Amo R)- Southern -ASCAP To Love You (R if)- Paramount -ASCAP Too Curse for Comfort (R) (S)- Laurel- ASCAP Wayward Wind tr(- Warmtn -BStl Television Allegheny Moon tr)- Oxford -ASCAP Believe m Love (R)- Robbins-ASCAP Born to Be With You (R) - MayJalr- ASCAP Forgetung (R)- Songsmiths -ASCAP Glendora (R)- American -BM Graduation Day (R)- Sheldon -BM Happy Whistler (R)- Birchwood -ASCAP Hot Diggity (R)- Roncom -ASCAP How Little We Know )R}-E. H. Morris - ASCAP Could Have Danced All Night (R) M)- Chappe0 -ASCAP Wanna, Wanna, Wanna 0) -Acuff -Rose -BM! vory Tower (R)-E. H. Monts -ASCAP Kiss and Run (R)- Reis -BM Long, Tall Sally (R(- Venice -BM. M000glow (R) (F)- Milts -ASCAP Moonglow- Picnic Theme (R) (F) - Millis Columbia Pk -ASCAP Moments to Remember (R) - Beaver - ASCAP On bi Streit Where You Live (R) (M)- Chappt0 -ASCAP Poor People of Paris (R) - Connelly- ASCAP Rock and Roll Ruby (R)-Hi -Lo -BM' Second Greatest Sel (R) (F)- Northttn- ASCAP Shenandoah 0-Sam Fos-ASCAP Strangest Romance RS-Lear-ASCAP Theme From 'Tie Swan.' (R) (F)- Mdltt- ASCAP Theme From "The Three Penny Opera" (Norman (R)- /jeans -ASCAP To Lone Again (R) (F)- Columbia Pic - ASCAP Walk Hand is hand (R)- Repub)ic -BM West Point Dress Parade R) - Hta A Range -BM Whin You're Smiling irl- Rourne -ASCAP You Don't Know M. tr) -i0 Range- BM Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain A cabled London LW music dealers. My Scpembet Love-Bron No ether Lote -Chappell lll'illiame) Ho( Dlllgity -Parr Maurice (Raocom) Out of Town -Kasen( Kassncr) You Coot Be Truc to Two -Dash Hoy) t's Almost Tomorrow- Macmelodits Nonhern) A Teat Fell-Robbins (Progressive) ' Be Horne-Boa A Co, (Arc) (rte Poor People of Paris -Berry (Connelly) Rock and Roll Waltz- Maddos (Sheldon) the Nappy Whistler -Bron (Birchwood) loo Young to Go Steady- Robbins Robbins) mo Neeb (For Week Ending Jens 9 repot from the Music Publishers' Association,. d.. le baud upon then weekly soni of England's lading American publishers to parenthesis. Only You-Sherwin Wdd000d) Muuer Cuckoo- Macrnelodin (Peter Maurice, Ltd.) Who Arc l'on- Bourne )Thunderbitd) Theme From "The Three Peony Opera" - Arcadia (Ha rots) Memont. Are Ate). of This- Monnlar (Mootclarc) The Dambtnten' March -Chappell (Chappell) Wdlie Can-Frank (.Acuff-Repel lse Ballad of Da.), Ctockett- Disney batty Best Selling Pop Records in Britain For Week Ending Jene 9 Priottd thru the courtesy of the. 'New Monica) Express," Ot its w'e Foremen Musical Putt ice now. Loa Week. '.. BE 00E -Pat Boone (London( 2. HEAR BREAK HUM-Elvis Presley (HMV( T?, HOE MGM-Perry Como 6AV) 6. OSO JOHN -Lonnie Donegan (Pus -Nita) 2 s. NO OTHER LOVE -Ronnie Hilton (HMV) 4 6. SANTS ROCK AND ROLL -Bill Haley Comets (BtUnswkk) 7 7. A TEAR FELL -Teresa Brewer (Vogue /Coal) S t. MOONGLOW AND THEME FROM "PCNC" -Monts Staloff (Brunswick) T 9. MY SEPTEMBER LOVE -David Whitfield (Dec.) 0. TOO YOUNG TO GO STEADY -Nat Ming) Colc (Capitol). BLUE SUEDE SHOES -Elvis Presley (HMV) 2. BLUE SUEDE SHOES -Carl reckons (London) 3. THE HAPPY WHSTLER -Don Robertson (Copilot) 4. ONLY YOU- Hilltoppen (London) S. GA. WTH THE YALLER SHOES -Michael Holliday (Colutnbiel 6. THEME FROM THE THREE PENNY OPERA -Louis Armstrong (Philips) 7. 0 DGGTY- Michael holiday (Columbia) lg. ROCK AND ROLL WALTZ -Kay Starr H(MV) 0. MAN TTLE -Billy May Orchestra (Capitol) 20. POOR PEOPLE OF PARS -Winifred Atwell ( Dec ) Summer LP Package Push Continued frort page.5 May "Buy"- Oistrakh's Waxing of Mendelssohns "Violin Concerto" - in the No. 2 slot, and its June "Buy" - Rachmaninoff s "Piano Concerto No. 2" by stomin -on the charts for the first time in the No. 3 spot. Victor's "Save on Records" special for May - Morton Could's "Sc'heherazade" -also hit the best selling list for the first time this week. Two other tvaxings of "Scheherazade - the Eugene Or- mandy Philadelphia Orchestra version and Steinberg -Pittsburgh on Capitol -are also on the list this Week, with the Ormaudv LP making a come -back after some months off the chart. n contrast to the usual turnover ratio of tun or three new LP's on the list, the charts this week feature eight,p newcomers, including the aforementioned lsto S 9 2 g' 6 min and Could packages, plus the "Boston Pops Picnic" on Victor, Toscanini's "Nutcracker Suite" on Victor, Victor's "Cigle in Carnegie Ball." Beecham and the Royal Philharmonic With Delius' "Sea Drift" on Columbia, Mario del Monaco's "Operatic Recital, No. 4" on London, and Jose )hlrbïs "World-Wide Favorites" on Victor. The chart in general reflects the over -all classical taste trend in surrler towards lighter material. For instance, only one complete opera package - Decra's The Magic Flute -appears on the list this week, While the Boston Popp version of "Caite Parisienne moved up into the No. 5 slot, and Columbia s "Ports of Call" by Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra came back as No after some time off the list. LTTLE WLLE LOHN FEVER b/w LETTER FROM MY DARLNG King 4935 OTS WLLAMS "Ho CHARMS VORY TOWER DeLuxe 6093 ONE NGHT ONLY b/w T'S ALL OVER De Luxe 6095 JAMES BROWN THE FAMOUS FLAMES PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Federal 2258 DON'T KNOW b/te FEEL THAT OLD FEELNG COMNG ON Federal 2264 EARL BOSTC and BLL DOGGETT MEAN TO ME bíw THE BO -DO ROCK King 4930 THE MDNGHTERS TORE UP OVER YOU b w EARLY ONE MORNNG Federal 2270 EARL DOGGETT STELLA BY STARLGHT b w WHAT A DFF'RENCE A DAY MADE King 4936 MOON MULLCAN HEY SHAH s w MAYBE T'S ALL FOR THE BEST King 4937 BLLY CAYLES F HAD NEVER KNOWN YOU e: w 'M TORE UP Federal 2265 KNG RECORDS

46 JUNE 30, 956 THE BLLBOARD MUSC -RADO 45 TURN UP THE VOLUME Of YOUR RECORD AND EQUPMENT SALES...with The Billboard's NAMMJULY 28! This tremendous BLLBOARD is an annual event. t wraps up the significant news and developments in the whole field of music merchant business... that will affect your sales in the months ahead' And BLLBOARD'S NAMM ssue puts the finger on new ways to help you develop more business... and will be kept on tap for ready reference for many a month because of the wealth of interest -stimulating editorial features it will contain. (Billboard's new, stitched and trimmed format makes it easier to read, easier to file, easier to use!) q Check this partial list of contents... already in the works for the giant NAMM Convention issue: c i MAHlliAC06 AM! at home BLLBOARD sells and the NAMM Convention! Merchandising Plus monthly merchandising Exat Eo tra Bra BG PLAY s famous for the Convention me harde* design BLLBOARD' work kit will be specially advertising to moka your NAMM i in the dealers stores! er ssu A the NAMM soles rig n advertisers you Ant tie in for of `2t each.. BG tfarorite tan photo included of the BG copies of your marled to. have requested and pa. hundreds PLAY Kit.. be the huttdr the postage Stores RD pays photos! your kit! roductione as Here's the tow, low photo ncluded tg deat- n t artists' ers At ; BLLBOARD our window a For ac lay osso sock for use o` w ans your owls. ssa or displays BG PLAY or rack ncluded to will country rem ttlruout the to merchandising. big spi B,LBOl king forward. ost. Star D'S they re buy and use material; s; s e BG package. reset Y ur tebis Gat all the sure to r details. sing te tor the AE today. July 9. Rush copy ROW CONVENTON SPECAL! Annual Music Merchant Survey _ BLLBOARD'S yearly study among dealers across the nation... to find out the current state of the record and equipment business -at the dealer level! Phonographs... the mushrooming growth of hi -fi.. how dealers can boost sales. Single Records... still the industry's backbone. How big hit singles help the entire business. Record Clubs... and how dealers can compete at the local level. Tape and Tape Equipment. way of new sales... what it can mean in the le Plus many more vitally important subjects, including sheet music. full -line merchandising in the phono -record field. kiddisks. BE SURE TO VST THE BLLBOARD'S BOOTH AT THE CONVENTON There'll be an exciting contest to enter! Cincinnati 22, Ohio 260 Patterson St. DUnbor St. Louis, Mo. 390 Arcade Bldg. CHestnut New York 36, N. Y. 564 Broadway Kozo Chicago.. 88 W. Randolph Hollywood 28, Calif Sunset Blvd. H0ywood CEntral St..

47 46 MUSC -RADO THE BLLBOARD JUNE 30, 956 Review Spotlight on... RECORDS JON JANES...M -G -M 2288 GVE US THS DAY ( Velando, ASCAP) The canary is in fine voice on this moving theme with an inspirational -type lyric. t could take off big. Flip is a sincere reading of a ASCAPm ballad,2low Lucky You Are." (Kassner & Maurice, LES BAXTER ORE... Capitol 347S CONCERTO THEME FROM "FOREGN NTRGUE" " Barter is riding high on the charts right now, and his new platter. should grab off plenty of jockey play and counter action. t's a moving instrumental arrangement of an impressive theme (from Robert Mitchum's forthcoming movie) with haunting choral backing. Flip is another colorful instrumental, "Melodia Loca." FONTANE SSTERS...Dot 5480 VOCES (Porgie, BM) LONESOME LOVER BLUES (Randy- Smith, ASCAP) The girls have a great two-sided disk here, which should chalk up an impressive spin- record with jocks and jukes. "Voices" is a plaintive ballad with effective lyrics and a sure -fire jockey conversation piece in a recitation gimmick at the beginning of the disk as Pat Boone reads a couple of lover -like lines. "Lonesome Lover Blues" is a lyrical waltz -tempo tune, sung by the sisters with espressive phrasing and sock emotion. DSK JOCKEY PROGRAMMNG JMMY YOUNC...London 676 LONELY NGHTNGALE (Pickwick, ASCAP) RCH MAN, POOR MAN (Kassner, ASCAP) Jimmy Young sings with warmth and tenderness on a lovely ballad, "Lonely Nightingale," with poignant lyrics and unusually Tasteful backing. ' Flip spotlights a sincere vocal treatment of another pleasant ballad. Both sides should prove valuable deejay programming additions for romantic show segs. TRO RASNER_... Decca 2993 LE RFF (BEM, ASCAP) THE TOUCH (Duchess, BM) Here's a standout instrumental waxing, featuring excellent harmonica work on two haunting instrumental themes. "Le Rififi" (tune featured in a French movie of the same title which is currently showing in U. S. art theaters) should be of particular interest to jockeys in search of off -beat programming. "Go 8ae WA#e )6c s with LOUS BELLSON and his orchestra V V-2.0 3X45 Special treat... special treatment of Pearl's best known special material - with great backing by Louis Bellson!! ALAN DALE No One Home Reviews of New Pop Records RATNGS-COMMERCAL POTENTAL r>;a retool rnlaao atta.w fo aaado. er His =vie, of Tf. Mowd mode wax. la daurmaau < tae cul nlaoe. tàa :ollous latvors a. aocrrdnedl lolnprmutrea-, lutist abate Tahoe. 002/60a pa.m a,p:onaa:nn r,otattul. Tae MOO 0/6i0 rd:ted lo l.!..aaatrr ra)rltoe aad alate. adds- CORAL Dale's gentle, subtle reading of this cha- cha -cha tune follows the successful "Sweet and Gentle" formula. The singer pleads convincingly and with attention on this tune. This could be the big side. (Southern, ASCAP) Me 'n' You 'n' the Moon...80 Here's a happy, gently swinging job and Dale's persuasive crooning tones do it full justice. At least two other versions are out, but this will get its share of spins. DAHANN CARROLL Didn't Know What Time t Was 79 VCTOR The talented young thrush sells the standard in sock fashion against stirring double -time- orking and assorted ad lib passages. A virtuoso effort that can become a deejay favorite. (Chappell, ASCAP) Rebel in Town...70 Altho the thrush infuies everything with dramatic quality, this flick title -tune, with Western flavor, s not the happiest vehicle. (Saunders, ASCAP) BERNADNE READ My Guy 78 ABC - PARAMOUNT 972- A most appealing warble of a warm, intimate quality song with lasting flavor. Jocks should like this one. (Coliseum, 8Ml) Would You 77 Another top -notch Job, this time on light, rocking, rhythm novelty. Thrush shows rare versatility. (Roosevelt, BM) SS 9400, Top. so- U. [aoe.tleel Ti. 7. Goal 4 L ttartad.esdrt ae- at trut.l lf.!.e GADABOUTS Stranded in the Jungle 78 MERCURY A cover of a funny novelty now stirring excitement. Pop customers will find the words here easy to understand. The Mercury disk is sure to cut an important swath if the material continues to catch on. (Flash, BM) Blues Train...68 A weak take -off on some traditional blues. Routine as the performance is, it would seem to be little more than "throw-away" side. (Pure, BM') MLLS BROTHERS Ninety -Eight Cents 77 DECCA Cute, different novelty based on the net worth of man's chemical content, which is all that's left without ones love. The brothers turn in their usual breezy rhythmic job. Fair possibilities. (Summit, ASCAP) 'm lse Guy...7 Ballad side has less to offer.'(stephens, ASCAP) CHUCK NELSON Can't Be There 76 ERA 05 -Expressive, warm vocal by Nelson on a poignant weeper. Thin could be a sleeper. (Thunderbird, ASCAP) Not While 'm Young...73 A spirited rendition of a humorous novelty with enthusiastic choral work and a catchy beat. (Warman, EM) (Coritiswd art rrsw 48)

48 JUN( TH...00 MUtC-A ROME S WHERE HANG )) 3 oithe tati Anti EMT DECCA Z /#4,. j--"'decca records

49 48 MUSC -RADO THE BLLBOARD JUNE 30, 956 THE CHORDETTES Born To Be With You.29 * BL HAYES Know An Old lady Das st Musik.794 * ANDY WLLAMS Walk Hand in Hond '7 ARCHE BLEYER The í Sleep Rockin' : Sleep Ghost : Daughter '793 THE BARRY SSTERS ntrigue í Till - You Coma Bock to Me í79s MARON MARLOWE The Hands of Time Ring Phone, Ring 292 CADENCE LP's DONALD SHRLEY Tonal Expressions --(UP 00 Piano Perspeclives -(LP 004 Orpheus n the Underworld- (LP 009 JULUS A ROSA (LP 00 THE (ORDETTES One Harmony -(LP 002 THE MARNERS Sine Spirituals -(UP 008 BLLY MAXTED Ni fi Relbwrd --CP 005 )alt al Nicho -(P 0 Dixieland Manhattan Slle -(LP 03 VOX J OX By JUNE BUNDY CMMX: Bob Johnson, KCK, Springfield, Mo., last week made a bid for continuous broadcasting - deejay honors by stating his Lrtent to broadcast continuously for 20 hours, thereby establishing "a new world's record." His marathon airing was conducted in the window of a local clothing store, altho final results were not in at the writing. Previous continuous broadcasting records, according to KCK's Jim Hilton, were held by three North- western jocks. who jointly net record of 02 hours, two minutes and 20 seconds. Another interesting promotional gimmick was utilized by KNG, Statue, which recently conducted an all -night remote (O p.m.. Friday to 8 a.m, Saturday) from local supermarket. The stunt pro. virled the store with the hest weekend sales in its four - month operation. KNG jock, Bill Chase, broadcast his regular "Night Owl Club" show from a special stand in the store, and free breakfasts were served to customers during the night. More thnn,800 customers visited the store that night, and the station has since received requests to conduct similar all-night remotes for other local markets and drug stores. Hugh Cherry, recent enure on NBCs -Midwestern llavride" show, has signed an exclusive dccjay contract with ATAR, Phoenix, Ariz, marking the first time the station has scheduled a disk jockey program. Chem. one of the top 0 clew. jocks in the country according to a recent Billboard stir- Yes, will do both a pop and country show... Don Sherman, formerly with W A F B, Baton Rouge, La., has joined WBOS. Boston. He has a two -and -a -half -hour morning show and an hour- and -ahall late afternoon wirer. Ron Tuner, WKN, Kalamazoo, Mich., it now doing special closed -circuit Monday mo g show ll a.m. to noon) for patients at the Southwestern Michigan Sanilorium. The show is piped into the ward. and Turner chats to and about the patients. while the disks are placed on equipment in the hospital. lloweser, Turner, reports that the ward can use more records, which may he sent either to hies or the hospital. Ken Collin s, KXYZ. Moulton, has star tcc' a new hour show, '"The Balinese Presents." from the Bali- nese Room, a niter). in Galveston. Tep.. on Saturdays... Don Rhea has been named program director of KOX. Bay Cih, Tex.. while Chuck Arthur was named commercial manager, and John Nash. ex- W'TVJ, Mianti. has joined the station as an announcer -jockey... Ken Scott, WAP -WAFM, Birn,ingham, Ala.. has started a new show from 0:30 midnight, in adjition to his daily "Star Time" program. CHANCE OF THEME: Lad Carleton, formerly with WFGM, Fitchburg, Mass., has joined WKOX, Framingham, Mass., with a 5-8 p.m., T program... Champion boner Archie Moore also pilots two -hour Saturday night deeuy show over KFMB, San Diego, Calif... Bob Crane, has resigned after five years 76 V.PM D /NO NOO RA MNw(CO D{ D ee for tee assenta elese0 leso asserted Thant.real ara nel who bee usi Mrs. :very tenor la Onnd nato. Mlor Wla. :".7. 73, tute+ oar. Moll tmc. e AVTOMNf3 oná lttmpamn san Ntrn es CallNrnle a as program director and morn - ing deejay at WCC, Bridgeport, Conn., to join KNX, Hollywood, effective August. Crane replaces Ralph Story at KNX. YESTERYEAR'S TOPS - The nation's top tunes on records as reported n The Billboard JUNE 29, 946. The Gypsy 2. They Say t's Wonderful 3. Laughing on the Outside (Crying on the nside) 4. Prisoner of Love 5. Doiti What Comes Nahlr'ly 6. Don't Know Enough About You 7. Sioux City Sine 8. All Through the Day 9. Do You Love Me? 0. n Love in Vain. Come Rain or Come Shine 2. One More Tomorrow 3. Full Moon and Empty Anus 4. Don't Know Why ( Just Do) 5. Cement Mixer JUNE 30, 95. Too Young 2. How High the Moon 3. On Top of Old Smoky 4. Jezebel 5. My Truly, Truly Fair 8. Mister and Mississippi 7, Makin' Bird í B. Rose. Rose Love You 9. Loveliest Night of the Year 0. Sound Off Prowse -Millen Continued from page 5 wrap up hanging fire pending an okay from the Bank of England. Bank's approval was required because of the necessity of exchange of British currency into American dollars. At the same time, it was indicated that none of Mellio s American operations were involved in the deal. Associated Rediffusion. a giant, vertically - operated communications combine, with newspaper. radin And TV holdings all over the world, made its initial move into the music field with the acquisi tion of Keith Prows Music last year. Current deal was seen as having strong two-way benefits. t brings into the Associated Re!diffusion empire a strong existing catalog. On the other hand, Mellin's corporate tie with the combine brings heavy financial backing within close reach for possible further expansion of operations here. RAA Elects Continued rom page 5 gene for two years. Walker has indicated he will serve a, president for the remainder of 958, but does not wish to continue beyond this year. He has been treasurer of the RAA since its inception and will continue this function during his tenure as president. Walker, general manager of 5-G-SU Records since that fieni was organized, was recently elected a vice- president of Lnew's, nc. One of the pioneers of the record industry, he has served with both RCA Victor and Columbia prior to becoming general manager at 5 -C-5. Coodard Lieberson, Columbia Records president, has been elected director of RAA as successor to Conklin]. Other board members are Sam Clark, ning Green, Howard Letts, Leonard Schneider, John Stevenson and Glenn Wallichs. Officers who will serve during 958, in addition to Griffin. are Marry Kruse, Dario Soria and Randy Wood, vice- president. Reviews of New Pop Records Continued from page 43 rennt KNG leipoulble 76 VCTOR Lovely, mart Sieve Allea sent le Gins with her usual rich warmth by Miss King. Rig tommttclai n orma A not "Mums-Wale," but improbable. trose.radow, ASCAP C.a HM..sly SU ', a Lia...70 The thrush has much Lora to work with hen. (Krick, ASCAP) SHORTY LONG Rork 76 victor: L.S. the one -lto country warbler. voices the sentiment of today's teener. n Ne weeks, know that school' out. Could draw mote ntnesi. nowne. ASCAP Mum row,.d Mark Coffe...6B Torch tune with rolling blues beat, clotted by nog. Competent stuff. (Tote., BM KAY BROWN wham De Yee lblel t Dees to S,?..,76 DECCA Slow ballad, dune adequately by Kay Brows. (Wells a Caret. BM Me a' Yee N. the Moon From the Paramount Fdm. "Paid- Nets;' tomes tits tune. FAR material, edequalely done. (Parmsoual, ASCAP MTCH MLLER ORK The rreadea es the Dollar COLUMBA he sms lien concern the cherry tree Leann ul Geste Wuhlrrnton. Musically, thin material, with ts =Mary band.nand end all, males to "Yellow Pore of Tense." Fait prognmmine material. SbMtesBreWeka, ASCAP An artful atrae has skillfully Mended sound. to conjure up ririd prulure of Core. life. lee pamormas, la cinematic way, and is aided by ks emoriatroa with the Bun Lancaster plc of the sate same. CrewwtO. ASCAP GUY LOMBADO Bl.ww CAPTOL )470-A wails with Continental flavor. Nice peogrsmmns. end ntl be relished by the Mue alter bottle sir Plenty gemuedichelt here. ',odise. sen Y. Dame WN Sie ombetdo bas stupidly wrinco lue here. He dots it in his usual. dame- Re sole. tits ten. ASCAP EDDY MASON RAN s Taw. 75 EPC 973- Esarllat hartronca sob by Muro a an ppehy fotey film theme with a pleasently neisalely Pace tied effective choral backing. Good jockey wax. Sanedeer, ASCAP The Reea..y Orr 7 A brtaktr paced lnurumenal vent e of tor theme, with Slamon's har- MPAKa anlowcrk eiandoul. Re- paw., Mli OAN 55E. Goodbye L.Blpape. Reso Upsdrh...75 ('0 L:MBA A bright pece cd material that paints cute picture Of ter. -ae sul helms Ne first met - eletic OrCttons of the OppOSne sex. Mia Weber's vocal styltna is la Teresa Brewer. Otgthai or nut. she sells ohe material forcefully. lex. ASCAP Wk. Should Tam Herat Da 7 lite ton {siren explores a teenater'a romantic mpasse N s>mpany here. t's Caslnly emotiuual, but has mews. foe the blue oasi set undouaedly. troy. ASCAP VCTOR YOUNG ORK T. Lese Y. ONO Else to Lase Yell UFCCA Young's unvaryingly lush wings ruin thru hit own ann. rumanuc theme musk from!ills Proud and Profani:' Okay rte hour fwenot. )Pwr.aworl, ASCAP Never-Cnaa sudsy Similar an. with little color added by Ray Turner's piano. DON.. ASCAP MAHALA. JACKSON AO teeneu Prayer COLUMBA Tau n one of iba mou pepul of al nspirational tuna and an nventor/ :tape. Mahall. Jackson's venloe s so deeply felt and to sensitively rocalired that hers la likely to be Ne preferred Cromwel, resins fur many yearn ASCSP Rowed the Ref _69 This material la well served by Slahalu Jeason e wide -ranee voice and w5tmly projected personality. /lowestr, the anucialily of hr mu- sic canna be concealed, and her fans well be disappointed 0 find her sing. ns ometbint ke thin (Came. ASCAP PAT PATTON ORK D4 Kit. 73 KNO m Curtin V Ns voca- ls( n this latest ode to e teen -as. "Jul box babe." Th. Patton band glees solid. groovy backlna that will get the desired feeprea from the youeettere..+, BMD BM lean Bee...7 Patton and his bon (with Cani, gigot piping lk vocal choruses( aloi pp plenty of excitement a ra Bül Maley on this aide. Bah ate lops for teen-age lute locations. Les, MO PRANK DES'OL ORK Toy Tiger 73 CAPTOL Both side* ere mainly aimed at the kiddie market altho this tune should +rah oft tome new pop attention, sines t le featured in the new manes...toy Tlstt' sequel to "The Pnval War of Major Benson,' which originally ntroduced the corchy novelly. Devoe sings it with bright simplicity. Worthen, ASCAP The Three Plsbttwea..,70 A triple- threat on by Veto! on folk song with smell -try appeal. Back - na. vocal and lune.adaprarion all M De,ol. Planer should note in the kiddie marker, f...lased. P.eede, MO BCrTE ANNE STEELE?NN 7 ABC- PARAMOLNr Miss Sleele'e wild, unusual sound le put to intense use on On tore. ballad. Could sel some putt. bal heavy retail action. lea likely. (Tee Pee. ASCAP Hat. Me Mer More stmmk y, uninhibited soling on hip bit of froth. leerldlaa, Belt E.erts RODGERS Mnek of Love 73 COLUMBA rhls hoe to do with the hieda and ban, end the thrush sings M pretty rune with pleasingly awry( loge.. Very appropriate for the lime of >ear and jocks may see t gnu way. Unwanted Henn....N Muss Roder. its wracked with heat - aches on this tearful sentiment. l's country type material and Mete may be plait in the rural markers. ma LANCERS The phal Tn -eaa Sole 73 CORAL A huwncy, well written pine of material. ton the RKO film of the same line, tris bright reading by the total tramp..0, ASCAP Free...7 The ballad, already daine Mlae e' the Tommy Leonetti sermon on Cae,- o. le chanted well. ls aòwda, ASCAP TEDDY PHLLPS ORK Laskin' Teddy 73 REGS 39-Novelty with aslxime natur and laughing horns and honks. took piano. For deeiaya. (Johastowe- Moatel, Bap Where M This ode is a local. wirb the chanties br Dirk Beavers. Dona'( come ore. WsNdy city. ASCAP ROLAND TRO Dos st M.% 7 DECCA 2990-This u the omioal German renon d the happy PO, CRT cot n Nn county by Bill Hases. Jocks may God prognmmine u'a here. and it's s conch for German neomnliuda. Mee., ASC.SP CRAZY ono Alabaa. Bond...7a That man s back! Cil by Culte. on the mangled pant, Mit no mon eurrnses. rshplro- Benattl.. ASCAP) THE NATURALS Gel M/ to the church ow Tleu 7 M-GM 22ía -Tuno, from 'My Fair Lady" CU brieh. happy lading by M mined group. Band's manal sound with the 000 of church bells pukes the side an atteationamcr. loompea: ASCAP Me W Yoe N. the Sloo...7 From the film. "" comes this light romantic opus. The nosed troop gives it some pleasant liar - moniatnt. but competiltnn looms from Alan Dale and Kay Brown illcieos. Weapons, ASCAP CLARE HOGAN Johnny's On Jaraer 7 hi-g -S t220 -The sal ones pyrulb of thou great letters she gets from Johnny. The Job hss wartime fat, but dated or not. ( eels solidly belted rendition. Leroy dolma clew adds. lucks may file it. taw/mk. ASCAP Soaday n Sarueh...40 Miss Hogan links prell5 poling as she sings to light, smiling tone of church doings dawn rash. Appeatina vucaluìne is pleasantly hurled Willi plunking banjo tones, tremor, MSG DANNY LAMECO AND HS stirrer JACKS pkkenfeed 7 ANDREA 0 -A am. racler with enough duster and pie-driving rhythm To cover up any ether shot - comings- The high school bids have seemingly nsatiable taste for theta Bill Haley- (aspired noix teat; so. f exposed, falrin-good tales coo be esp.eled. u Star. $.50 Mao. Dlckor7 RoeL...70 Souped-up one-nmo ruck end ton which will puncture a Leo d parental ear drums, but la gnu. great tu la of teen..errs, Nescrthet,,,. LAB Star, 5 (Continued on page 49)

50 JUNE 30, 956 LME AL'S PR(FS ARE THE LOWEST He debt To ii. w de.te re rrr Me.. We M es. b.ele.. Se fry 0,-7.ore ewe w,.p.e. OUT OF TOWN OPERATORS `` 3` r.r w. sre, rh. 'a vrrd soma rtwery r Mmes. SaVC WLL PULSE YOU Little.l' areas-six 20 W A... CA.wO t, M ian P4w.; RNep 6S. N 4,N4 St MEER SMTROC[ETH% TO THE TOP DOUBLE TALK (HA -CHA CUBAN RANGERS CHA'CHA -CHA HERB ZANE ORCHESTRA T60S (%Rí).9 RECORDS aorta r4. assns.. N.. Se,w....Ss Tn. satiable fee d.vtnbulon 6M.7r4.eANAN.A4,N *itx's GREUT TELL ME WHY DON'T BE THAT WAY GALE STORM Der 54 DOT RECORDS C.O.rin. Tann Phon.: 600 SO. CALFORNA'S NEWEST AND MOST COMPLETE ONE STOP 45's 60c 78's 65c E.P.'s $.05 L.P.'s 2.98 NORTY'S MUSC CENTER 778 W Po. tua., L A.. Calli. PMnc Lytle, fy7l, 779 OPEN / DAYS Will. OO r EECODS JAMES DEAN (THE GREATEST OF ALL MAN. ORDER RECORD CO. 06 CROMWELL DRVE SAN ANTONO. TELAS RECORD PRESSNGS S tpa--k-l /7 Tint hula Fr p.iar or Lena u.rn LsbM.--s r et.uim-ih ra SOlGCRAFT.' NC. i4t r...v,n.. r«a r, N. RECORD PRESSNG PANT FOREMAN rtap and Lte,..0 k,el. Eae.K.. opparttrnlm. N V. rea AOX al 7 n. EEM.d 064 ra.4.,, New TM u. N. T. THE BLLBOARD Reviews of New Pop Records.mtlnurti Now pdp d7 NaeV Al.GBL tr. awe tlly rti ó4r6e A 5t. ad wis'.sa0 AMERCAN.6-- Y b Smog MNE.w re'ee w sisedrg Mews Amino AND. mea. ABE.N T. wg Tad Wass Yw...s A welder head Aawed web lap MM. AlCAN SM. SOT THRl WW R. Swwd AUY DLCCA 2r)y-Me Bo.a.t h.. di r w w d b whin d tew al- W We mob Me Me raw Rmw, 5b4 5b4) a De...6ó twee h. praaara «m. Urn p.44- St an We.: garm mt. d Tot RMseb Deed 'mkt H4 04 FRANS VERNA Sam le Lem S DFCC.A 2466-harr. yams: ole..nb P. Preel. Me6 Tyne. k warbled Modely b maw err mut6) moldiest of David WM. Mkt Mahler. ASGAN SM R... M Verna 6.0, to.64 thee.a)-.ralyb ballad very effectively. skim LAM Mitt. laients some life Nb Me alite ll'eld/, ACAP) SOB HOPE Thal f.rba Pall_ 7. VCTOR 657 -Thu old. b se tit. tune in Hopes emir 456k. and mklm this available for devin/ plat ma, help promote lb* pk 5w 4464, 7.0 arc not ltelr. Marna, ASCAR Ewe West De 5h5.. d My Hoot... Another uaadard sad n the film. Bloc lus oothia o rear from Hope n the,.cal department. nane, ASCAP JACQUELNE FRNCOL6 Tbe Portman* A L.nadere. De P.etapll.... COLUMBA 467) - Tb. Frtab 44 thrush chlrm vn,crouay n French o h. duty Lurrently moving sale. -ald A) nantmeatal by Jo. F angers/ Carr. Should get won spins. Sasli, A.ACAr) One Now Knows 0 N. Sall Jman)...0 Anne, French- astsase side. with the can, sin5lng personably ea n appealing theme.. bounce :off styled baditnt. )f,.m., SM) C RL STAPLETON ORS Mere. Mure me More MG.G dins and accordions la the spotlight N :279 -h. Britt. maestro huh nstrumental Ath strip happy choite for lao night )oc sheds, ASCAN lllsh You Los 00. Reel -T - De Noe Amen,... W Heni slo., sultry rhythm mised SAG an attractive melody welch mutes for deal...ins fan. (Leeds. ASCAP SHANNON SSTER! WORM, M Ja 00 -A aman,, produced record..tb the Ma bebim mow rhythm ditty with chum and sion (ASCAP Yba- T.k...N Tbm shirrs.el) ae A leap preci- bouncy dry.. tune.web good beat. ).D.BA, ASCAN CATHY CRAWFORD Te Ar CRYSTALETTb 702 thrush, on tune 'Vs... BSt) M - Suet. dear lilting LatuAmcriu OL Fumy Lo.e...67 Points. pip, by Man Cranford or a solemel)paced ballad with bolero backlog. Weems. BMU ANNA t ALENTMO - Mewl Peelle' N VTA 2 -Apn flus the dnr'a anmeth delivery, chub an.tereslted dapt.m,m of typically t!0. material to Latin beat. Oa both stau. t Te an attentive- sentr. t5pa5, LMT, He. Toe Lied Vibes CA...-. The bluer quality. Hoe Vale. Dó s voice Stau makes 5.yes. los. Um the none.yes RSt be mid tot her material. A takmr to watch. Llp.. SEo JACB KELSO ORS Rene 67 VTA t)) -Tbb moderate Now rem makes 5556 dame loatr.meae4) mar ma M recoamsdrd to Fake bet operators l) bait s ard*dy...losad diet Bute NM tti O..a....M Mother pae7 Tamp MenumeMal b ins lar Ma. Dells flaws en ese mash BM CAL CALS 5M awn L PN Th.a Al is Yew 6 VANTY S4 - Latlbeaea Wad pets fool n Cala. tl s4. OMT Dom. Br L S Susatu to Me flip. OMT, Sil!, UWfND LriCM... _... 7-A stay werww M w lse a w s.barmw aw sa..a a WAN BnBsS 66 ESQrBB WNW 6Y.. her par OP NA..s D.L MD DON LASS Tb 42643m LA. w P'ORL4tR 56-Ap.t 6.m W S er.. dr cha eb er)m. s M Maas, the.wrm Wee` Lae bea Mehl KP d style thee dew s. died g M w.t e Wand tr.rt.g. 7kbmw...D OM PST Twd Lem...a J. BatSd 606 W me CM tba ttlw Nib NONN. 4)dr. am** eaed end ten mane. bed BW. leaorbla awls (Thw. ORLO DORYCR ROWN SY. W RWr, S.. Stese offen maim beyo pis d moanik we assi, Comm. appeal an_ ARCArl k loab- A N.. Teawne.. U A Mt d phua,,.+pt :.poandsd Alee,. mcnymetoe mutes la. Tete., ASGAN Reviews of New Polka Records %LEln, 5. ARD AND NLats O.asi Pelim U DANA AmiPro' side. with *lmmea)a, Ter the clumsy Oat. Alb painful panctuatln by hn dacina victlrro. Excellent country lw.nt7, and.err's a sand polka so, Wuout led the dancers. B lew Po The accordion group toms. as unusually.trtaul,. hybrid Mal could register AG &elan n pop and counts dlomr. Tempo s flee for w, ual drsce sl.ln. GT..P WLSN'FNSK ORB Nb. HP Hutrak Polka DANA 230- Addlcls of N. snappy fuu,oraed Polish brand of polka will flip for his melodious original played by one of the lop bands n the bold. Cad Discovery Pot...,.H A very deny tune for me pnikale)m, rnh anal n she direction of th.. Ar. Cham,.' Erie.e nip, UY an nstrumental. GEORGE COOK ORE Moor Dusters' Polka M DECCA ia nstrumental is true "good tune" polka. AM ban)o. accordion and organ. Happy, moderate.mp0 and fresh, crisp.oued mals for good dance Der_ Ceb. B MG Remy 564 Pola. _78.78 Another rotates muumental Ath a 44 more march na,ar. Cod, 00 FRANZ SCHER,S.ANN AND THE ALPMERS H eath* Polka 7S B OWERY App.,llns Sens German ayle polka has s predomin ant vor of accordion and tubs. Danceable isstrumestal Would do TM n German and Scaadimens senors FM Ames 54) 74 Newels& nom -pb wale. loaded with ad World flavor. Can do boa Minas la almost any spot 5645 hyphenated American trade. Reviews of New Spiritual Records M[ NAPPLAND SNGERS U sas for 7 Jus SPECALTY This ouuundle4 group. eue mown as tir "OnSW Fm BM Boys of Aubaeu" pramm oe. 0 thew happy. MouDw ds bu.. t Wads to ab Miollis silmu, ent5.ob& pounds. rhythm.b as ay. (Yanks. BA6 Sma' an the GMT Ga p Tho Mule u áy slightly more restrataed, Dot A. tao.. happy sad dyea.k s ara * Teo Goa emonserdal aloe.. Moe. SM) US SOULS STRRERS Jeeaa, Wrb Any Mr Tumbles SPECALTY TS-7m town splrllar s od db end effect..? buamaùed by there superbly Weeded times The.e patór.lartf s- Pima.n5 Mt *RUM.ay be no- 5s... t. wk.,. Should be a very mod *Me me wrimal metes lystet. maw Tends Se Hr et SA Gem.- M H. tb. Teed mimes fasblu New T.taag. ably d mam Ste hll, W mw ns B modem m tuinv Om yea umetally h.a.4, Aatab. ease`_ dd.. CV mks, 543 MACRO 000! UNCUM r.. of We ).,Saws YES -JAY Thou sound ditcu U U r. Ta i ed tac. nine... M rs.a w.dc...rll /.e 46a0 Mentre. 54 Re Tk. a Lowe MM. a.e.leea b. Pm ear w gaat. atwasim. awr.eal. S. era name s.esnsw M'. T. imam of a. A. n. M dr veteeet, We De asnbal arsin e. b mew A..SL a ab U r wew mot, erdrn.e Me by Teed *WM. ew...raey yrk Ai.. ppsetry (HMs M.eb 546D RROTB! OR Milt G... a.. 77 SPECALTY rei-ne Yy. Nar NS meows an dei.m M la ca..e Re b geed woke sed.r! M aa pprea4ed M.b me, rana tslmmseabars l a..w n N..t.. T! Sam May b.,er7 am. Dew 0 ttm..t and 5a lk.. R WOO arlatwl twya..a. M.oke syw fnny ovo. moral.tsntl.d 5 tom e4w.k.w Web..a TOM treat loe ee..ela..n d t)v No:rttu tballi Reviews of New Childrens Records MS, /RCr! Oar BM, Pew. and 87 VCTOR WRY 40-Th Ding Dona Sc6lasl mana has mud. this 0 order s the eupermarin sm. 7u pries. end M ample um, et. made far )be toua* ras.mb vn. pr.- chwllel al home and nso batty sr roua. FN hie tend (or mama, and rho for dealer. O. feel She anon... of MM..unen-an CAMRSTA Ra4eM.' Mw 65 DSNEYLAND F 37 -From ni.ney'a -The Great Locomotive Chan' pk cmh lhla *app, e.'**.' shoo -shoo rhythm tun.. Male group handles the vocal in bnsht Dyle with bid full ate aclund in the back,. Rid - du marl. should.n. U An,.up Pon- lib).,), ASCAP ona at ad Am. DM...65 Another n7cna tune from the ume plc feature. odd and wooly label yells as the Southerners tell how they hard the Yanks. Thu of blood *04 Thunder antics here make t oplunul bob. (Dlwe7, ASCAP BEST EQUPPED MUSC -RADO 49 FOR SALE $850 DEAGAN VBRAHARP..4.0.r N) SO tom all..5 úr$75 /Sup. No... 37) Squad,. Scar At. -T E BLUE ROOM" 4y BUDDY GRECO KAN 46 RECORD ONE STOP Serving Luke Box Operators Everywhere 45 RPM...Cá $.60 Free Title Strips 78 RPM Single EP's..@.00 MAL ORDERS SHPPED SAME DAY LARGEST COLLECTON OF POPS-R&B-C&W UNDER ONE ROOF ALL LABELS DEALERS! Let us carry your inventory -Send for our listing ALL BRANDS DSTRBUTNG CO. ATlantic Fifth Ave. Pittsburgh 9, Pa. SAVE MONEY ORDER YOUR BLLBOARD SUBSCRPTON TODAY _Bill4erd `' irr.,,,,,tn.:-, b. +i `wr!..$`j At!' Th Billboard, 260 Patterson St., Cincinnati 22, Ohio Pt.. ants t., subscription to The billboard for one full year ist luaus). enclose Si) pcytlnl tease. en single copy new/. porment endow' bill m. 57O Nam. 0teuporton s. tilt. Company Add... CHy T Amt.

51 50 The Billboard's lfusir Popularity Charts COUNTRY & WESTERN RECORDS JUNE 30, 956 This Week's (& W Best Buys WE'LL FND A WAY (Cedarwood, BM) ANT OLD TME (Peer, BM) -Webb Pierce -Decca After all of Pierce's many hits, it is still impressive to watch how a new release of his takes off. Almost all Southern markets received the record during the past Week and indicated immediate sales in depth. Chicago, Cincinnati, Buffalo, St. Louis and New England also reported another solid seller in the making. Side preference was not yet clearly marked, altho "Well Find a \Vay" seemed to have an early lead. A previous Billboard "Spotlight" pick. Review Spotlight on... C & W RECORDS THE PRETENDERS 've Got to Have You, Baby (Rama, BM) -Rama 98 -The new group scores a solid impression on this initial outing. The tune has a contagious folkish melody in the "Honey Love" groove and the male lead goes all out on those high soprano tones. Side has the qualities for hitdom in current markets. Flip is "Possessive Love," a moving ballad. (Planetary, ASCAP) THE CADETS Stranded in the Jungle (Peer, HMV- Modern The Jayhawks are already moving fast on this red hot novelty item, but the Cadets have an equally impressive waxin. The material shapes up as a winner and this disking should show well when the 'loot is counted. Flip is " Want You," bright rhythm job. (Modern, B \) C & W Territorial Best Sellers Cru bycity Ostiac. re baud oe tan western dut.,. and lak. hua operalen Birmingham. Heartbreak Hotel. E PralrT, VC. L Rari Yoo, L Ned Vow, Love Ye. E. Pled., VC.. Little Roo. R. 5,:' inn -W. Pierce, Du. 4. My tins are Sealed. J. Reeves, Vic. 5. Ail Mama's Children, C. Perkins, Sun O. smnalm. K. Wells, Dec Charlotte. Wad V.. Ned Soo, Lo. Yo. E. P,,).. VC. 3. twee. Dreams, F. Yount. Cap. 4, t Take W Chance. E. a M. Brown. Vic. L Hopteg That Yo.'re Hoplad. ouvre Brwthen. Cap. L l'o and -d.. R. Foley & K. Wells, Dec. 7. SO Dos... Losaciene. J. Coals Sun. Crary Arma, R. Price, CoL WEB RECORDS -55c NOT RNYTHM '7 REU6' DANCE M RKT E iat RSi PLAYS n FAST atatt All U RPM.s- TlTees lift 7:00 l0 7 J0 Eut chopnee 8. bow b/we Wild," so *lr 'Twelfth y. Rao. Ron" hm Llm.Mrrr Eor g57.9r oors,.m ram Do" ern 'Win Pstlu /e ` gtj "Deed VOCALS - ALSO PAST LAYERS SELL Et: ae Rlw' 4:7a M; lo. Wilk e lfl ro elfe My," t "Jeta' rh 4 Fyrtl tl LouMr -too S.^ err "L Trot Lough' Levi,. ssa. 7. Fer 'cord 'n' f U Hr record order. Or Mk nee rt S assort.. ordo rad Aemit vmh O NEAREST OFFCE. t4 Oeta. Far carton of 3S 44 fe for a Pl ii : Ur for om 7 for TOM 4. if 00 **d 4 nnm Or! Fer 04 canon, add 44 for tone% a ri r74 for tone ar 94. gon. 4..9sde return,unuse.l ere.0 % TM. ErrN. WEB DSTRBUTNG CO. MAM OFFCE: 49 W 400, M.. M. Y. S4. T4 4.0on ERANCN OFFC warloo, ris. Trl. Aw al Oul..O' Co., 904 Leeland, Houston, Tes SEM -FLEX 0" or 45 RECORDS PRESSED5c- NCLUDNG labels. carton sleeves. etc. Write for tall particulars BEST PRESSNG DEAL ANYWHERE ROYAL PLASTCS CORP. 540 Brewster Ave., Cincinnati 7. Ohio SCENERY Dye Drops, flat Solt, Cyclorama Draw Curtains. Oproting Equipment. Seb4. Setnie Studio Sal S High Columbus. O. WANT JAll TAPES Cask or Aarner. liable. n.ependent RKOrd COT.ny. ox A,. un a.lbo.ra, aseo sonsa ele. NMYw ee. 7g. Celi. for survey week ending June 20 r.pons secured from lop country and s rash of the martes Listed. 9. M/ Bob, Left Me. E Pr'ky, Vlc. L tearrmor. K. Well, Dec. Dallas -Fort Worth t. Walk ne se, J Cas. Sun L.e soed. abort. C. Perkins, Sun 3. My Bab, 4.t M., E. Presley, Vie. 4. Tweet, Fco of Muddy Naler S. Jame,. Cap S. Heanbre.b Hart. E. Presley, VC. L Hooky Took Mu.. J. Horton, Col. 7. 'm (Lased. C. Smith, Col. L t DAY Believe Yoe'. Men My Bay LOU,. Brother, Cap. L You and Me, R. Foley O K. Wells, Dec. Houston L Wad Yoe, Need Y.., Lon. Yon E. Predry, Vlc. r. Yoe Am ele O... C. Smith. Col, 3. co.., Anna, R Pike, Col. 4. Hooky Tomb Ma., J. Horton. Col. c. 7. L O. t.. L 3. 5, 7. L Be BopALals, O. Vincent, Cap. Foe Reot, S Jaspes, Cap. Heartbreak Hotel, E Presley. V. Wall the Line. J. Cash, Sun My Baby t eft Mr. E Presley, Vic Twenty Fen W Muddy Nato S. James, Cap. Memphis t Walk the lid, J C.O. Sun B agmen' the Rteav, C. Perkins, Sun O la. Suede Shoes, C. Perkins. Sun Hotel, L Presley. Vk. l'es, know %by. W. Pluce, Dec. Core Rork to Me. J. Newman, Da Rork 'n' ReO Ruby. W. Smith, Sue Vol, and Me, R F«'ey A K. Well, Dec. Nashville. Crary Arrau. R. Pike, Cu. l 2. Nall the Lt.., J. C.C. Sun 3. Take the Chance. E A M. Brown. Vic. 4, My Lino Are Sated, J. Reeser, V.. 5. Sweet Dreams, F. Young. Cap. 6. Heartbreak Hotel, E Prealry, Vk. 7. Nano l'on. t Need Yo., Lo. Yo. E. Prtaky, Vic.. Bnpptn the Blue, r. Perkins. Sun O. Tweny Fee of Mwddy Wider S James, '.p. New Orleans. Heartbreak Hotel, E. Presley, Vic. Walk Mc Llae,. CASK, Sun L 3. Ooby Dooby, R. Orbi. n. Sun 4. l'ou end Ste, R. Foley a K. Wenss Dec t. Blackboard of MF Han H. Thompson, Cp. Richmond, Va.. Heartbreak Hot,., E. Preatey, Vic. 2. Want Vim, Ned Vo., Lone Vo. E. Presley. Vic. 3. Walk ke Llat,. Cash, Sun 4. Crary Arm., R. Price, Cut. 5. Blue Suede Shoes, C. Perkins, Sun 6. For Rent S. James, Cap. 7.E. the Chance J. E. a M. Rm.n, VC. t. Be Bnp.A.ala, G. Vincent. Cap. St. Louis 7. Heartbreak Hotel, E. Purley, V.. L Boonhl' lb. Blots, C. P.0.,. Sun 3. le Bop -A uit. G. Vincent. Cop. 4. Come Berk to Me, J. Newman, Dot S. You end 0f., R. Foley A K. Well. Dec. FOLK TALENT AND TUNES By BLL SACHS- Around the Horn Despite the complaint of "not enough action" from some of the attendees, the Country Music Disk Jockeys' Association's first annual country music carnival, held in Springfield, Mo., June 4-6, proved thoroly enjoyable from a social angle, as such gatherings usually do. Attendance suffered somewhat due to the close proximity n dates to the recent Jimmie Rodgers celebration in Meridian, Miss, The limited time employed in promoting the event also didn't help. There were a few mistakes in planning. which first - time events always bring, but the CNtDJA board should eliminate those errors before the association's new music carnival rolls around in 957. There's no reason why the CMDJA country music carnival shouldn't gross- in importance to the trade as the years progress. The association's board is nurturing an idea for next year's event which prom - ises to bowl over the industry with its impact and originality when announced. Too much credit cannot be extended to the executives of Crossroads TV Productions and Top Talent, nc., Springfield, for their role as hosts at the three-day event just ended. They not only picked up the tab on operating costa at the big Friday night show, thus permitting the deejay association to replenish its treasury to the tune of some $,200, but they went all out in making things pleasant and enter - taming for all those who attended the conclave. t is rumored that the "Ozark Jamboree" people are anxious to make the country music carnival an annual event for Springfield. f t fails to interest the CMDJA members in the idea, Crossroads TV Productions may decide to sponsor a similar event on its own. Bud Brixev, assistant producer of "Ozark Jubilee," and Mary Lou Sanchez. writer with KYTV, Springfield, Mo., will be married in that city July 8. Chuck Fortune and the Chuck Wagon Ramblers hold forth each Saturday and Sunday night at Huttonville Park, tuttonville, Ont.... Terry Parker begins to two -week engagement at the Brass Rail, London, Ont., July 2, with Dave Folks and His Melody Men... Larry Harvey, Toronto singer, cut his first four sides for Decca in Nashville last week. Roy Acuff and his unit, with Johnny and Jack, and Kitty Wells, arc set for a July 2 stand at Lincoln Park, New Bedford, Mass. On the same bill will lie Eddie Zack and His Dude Ranchers, with Tex and Bill, of \VHM, Providence. Same show will repeat July 3 at Lake Mishnock, West Greenwich, R.. Dub Allbritton, c.&w. a.wr. man for ABC -Paramount Records, with headquarters in (Continued on page 5) COMMS.wigs -toupees -falls 'chignons 'braids 7= 54c4 j ufu ttaw CHCAGO HAR GOODS COMPANY au' AM4 AVn. CHCAGO S. M. C& W Best Sellers in Stores For survey week ending June 20 RECORDS are tanked T order of their unrest national gelling mportance at the,.tail level, s determined by The Billboard's weekly survey of dealers Oruoot the nation with high volume of un n country and scat.,. records, When significant action le reported on both elder of record, points are combined to determine poottion on the chart to such a Week, TOM use, bah Ca. are dled n bold type, Ma leading Last on W!k aids on lop. Week Chan. HEARTBREAK HOTEL (BM) -E. Presley 8 WAS THE ONE (BM) -Vic WANT YOU, NEED YOU, LOVE YOU (BM) - E. Presley 3 5 MY BABY LEFT ME (BM) -Vic BLUE SUEDE SHOES (BM) -C. Perkins 2 20 Honey, Don't (BM -Sun CRAZY ARMS_ (BM) -R. Price 6 ' 4 You tone Me Wrong BM -Cot WALK THE LLNE (BM) -J. Cash 4.4 Gel Rhythm (BM) -Sun TAKE THE CHANCE (BM) -M. & J. E. Brown 7 4 Goo Goo Dada tdmf -Vic 'VE GOT FVE DOLLARS (BN) -F. Young 2 3 YOU'RE STLL MNE (BM) -Cap YOU AND ME (BM) -R. Foley & K. Wells 5 23 No One But You BMt) -Dec BLACKBOARD OF MY HEART (BMl)- H. Thompson 9 3 lm Nut Mad, luu Hurt BM) -Cap SWEET DREAMS (BM) -F. Young 5 2 Until t Mel You BMS -Cap HOPNG THAT YOU'RE HOPNG (BM) - Louvin Brothers 8 4 Childish Love BM) -Cap SO DOGGONE LONESOME (BM) -J. Cash l L 20 Folsom Prison Blues BMD -Sun DON'T BELEVE YOU'VE MET MY BABY (BM) - Louvin Brothers 3 23 n Or Middle of Nowhere fbm)-cap YOU ARE THE ONE (BM) -C. Smith - Doorstep to Heaven fdm) -Col LTTLE ROSA (BAL) -R. Susine & W. Pierce 3 9 Hold Everything (M-Dec Sut76 5. YES, KNOW WHY (BM) -W. Pierce 0 7 'Cause VLora You (BM) -Dee Most Played C& W in Juke Boxes for survey week ending June 20 RECORDS ore ranked n order of the graded number of plan in lake hoses throart Ms country, as determined by lse Billboard's weekly survey of operators using. Wei propontnn of country and este,, records. When lignincant anion is reported on Dish sides of record. Wtela TOY points are combined to determne position on the chart La., a Week Week Chart. HEARTBREAK HOTEL (BM) -E. Presley 6 WAS THE ONE (ASCAP) -Vic WANT YOU, NEED YOU, LOVE YOU (BM) - E. Presley 3 5 MY.BABY LEFT ME (BN) -Vie BLUE SUEDE SHOES (BM) -C. Perkins 2 7 Finney. Don't.4) -5un WALK THE LNE (BM) -J. Cash - CET RHYTHM (BM) -Sun YES, KNOW WHY (BM) -W. Pierce 4 5 'Cause t Lore You 434HDec CRAZY ARMS (BM) -R. Price - You Done Mt Wrung (3M-Col BOPPN' THE BLUES (BM) -C. Perkins - All Mama. Children (85) -S'o 243, 8. YOU AND ME (BM) -R. Foley & K. Wells r 7 4 No Ono But Von (BM -Dec l'vf COT FVE DOLLARS (BN) -F. Young 5 9 You 're Still Mine 8Mtt -Cap LTTLE ROSA (BM) -R. Sovine h W. Pierce 6 7 HOLD EVERYTHNG (BN) -)ec BLACKBOARD OF NT HEART (BN)- H. Thompson 9 0 n Not Mad, lust Hon tbmll -Gap 3347 Most Played C &Why Jockeys For survey week ending June 20 SDES ere ranked n ordet or the /realest number of plan on disk Jockey radio TVs Week shot. thruoul the country ecasting to The Billboard's weekly survey of lop fat locket' %haws n an key markets. CRAZY ARMS (BM) -R. Price Cul 250 -Ball 2. TAKE THE CHANCE -J. E. á M. Brown Vic 2064t0-777,3. WALK THE LNE -J. Cash Sun YES, KNOW WHY-W. Pierce Dec BM 5. YOU AND NE -R. Foley & K. Wells Dec BM 6. HEARTBREAK HOTEL -E. Presley Vic Ball 7. SWEET DREAMS -F. Young Cop BM 8. YOU DONE ME WRONG -R. Price Col 250 -Ball 9. WANT YOU, NEED YOU, LOVE YOU (BM) - E. Presley V, BM 0. HOPNG THAT YOUR HOPNG-Louvin Brothers Cap 543 -BM. HONEY TONE MAN -J. Horton Col M 2. BLACKBOARD OF MY l- EART -H. Thompson Cap BM 3. BLUE SUEDE SOES -C. Perkins Su M 4. LTTLE ROSA -R. Sovine & W. Pierce Dec Bat 5. TWENTY FEET OF MUDDY WATER -S. James Cap 344 -Ball Led Werk Wests as Chan S

52 / Reviews or rs New waece, i &.n e.l e5 b own ao _ ea.i RMD Y so pan. er RH A ww+fa e ns mods HAM Oa sun pa. Ohm Park w M rm/tmit rlfly basely. SOW M w..s e..00 W.. w70 maa4,arne be leoea 45seoe. JUNE The Rillb,.ard'a Shamir Pu uloritr (harts... C,M'\-TEt' Sl ß"F-'4Tf:R RFC.O()!t esn t.w..rn e 5 n. ataalr 5 :..ny a gh OWE lmt wrw w M elt 0M Los awe Ot...aa A 7Y/emb weeper UM she nab M 0 Suomi era eenp w Dorm M dam Ni mnetm.e R'. DUO'. ae.e. le oft. d lada boe d made.. Weer rr, RMD (4nl D Fm eeel0 r Vol,raWd Douce w-tir tot, is O. n,r.m. e an an t0 Dal npdrt. Aartal. le/ twlsps u W. ".n A Yepreal.t a4le du Y Nu Hw) rroyesl awnwotl. rents S eeeto U. Wear. B MS Damper Mt lo rmo.anl Ocoee, M mcuress We tell e hm u7 a fee M Mr Yu, tm' wry that not dl o. Anraall.t mats., Nl.a t0 ge am. Cuaww.d MD SLM crinr S4A' r. 70 Rd By M474 o94 - (iotas ufacote ndhkef.r alkaline mom ehhw Mow Mb Ti.. rlt,thwla lout. resad mica pone. t njt.wr iddg in MtMM 4p...76 *MUM rhythm opus pith pole( sale foe s Doc. New on the label. 4. pmormer N mmwne and the -wry band pacing..n s. li.. bil) 'SV 4H(N Nan Ahem losuern.: C w or the sjkr Neel /Olaf and bass beano h eard s melon spell, M... Aoln..r a..í out a a..unl7 blue what s Wised embuuam. lea lam.ill find this treat. ann. SAD Welcome r le í]w...,7 Tao gob MS Asu w. relay. to D to cab d broken Man, The tack k llleroam enough. bd t, set 0 rh.lhm and htue...sins (hen bpd nrisersud.n Ouol y rot 0. 5",. M $,000leA 6' se n,000.. C Nap..0 panlras ell per,00 meal_ don man).. $ N per i00 70'50' í7.s amou sou, r.. erte, el N. rs/cre, pr. 3 c 2 MOUE SERVCE AVALABLE N... J pouf; / R,tGlm4NN PLa7.077 tu woo DAb. lomroph.rr ism + t r r. W 0VR WHAT W ADVRS CLOWN COSTUMES ACCESSORES Circulars Free DANCE & CLOWN Fr mn COSTUMES other eccafieas Gel. 'mock with THE t'ostume :lt :et Scat S Slhe M<red.. h 7 PHOTOS fo. PUBLCTY QUALTY PHOTOS N QUANTTY loo 80 S 7.99,000 Postcards 9.00 u a BLOWUPS MOSS PHOTO SERVCE 3.t w la,. rrt t' W. N KMU etl-buce HU M P+whdrewsltw oar.. Wows M. Mn w; serous sete aeeal For!`.r PM d L. mrtata 0.4g. 5MU Ywti. Qom V W a.4.7r?w.merres Mlw. Rí O lt V AD MARS Ra/D Lea b...s Tom Buse w Fro.. tr sa bill parrona- h, aal w Mrs ROO oa o _. rr..ed ra.m, oha human h...n. h,. Me/odr M..mlawea Wrt..r o WOO em..a..a-. n..0 Ntet RMe 3 Neu*. rem SRC BON 0.l /\ Me. asap.. M. oft 7t l _ Obi.Set ewae.. ts. lrymrwla sws ten'.,..n r...l,,5.j h now.... hand,..a ire nacerlo 44. of <rr t0ew«, 05e., Hay. Dí.5 Rai 7 g.."s up Plus.r 5e 5 J the.niet nato in rae w ord»teem, NM, M arm M ala to "play. a lul" w (VR... anaq to h. hall ants- My Hen%He ' (.'S _ :try --Uinta ca... ell. lnm u,l.e l same ferler. sr, nd b) Worth Ran. of key hep building elan/ lo a nice ahma.. '0. der.pone Arsn -Row 8 Laeepl...73 North bandies bn nad.busal haled 0 with fiai. local path... - Good aominerc..e for the 'ern - tortes but.he nun ma hase mloneer antral. R'STS COF. AcrlrR.w. alt) Rte.w Dluo.d.,,noon, T! _ (M.RAL» 20N -D ith where feel sag (:de iambics use need."... wk the effect t ahevdone..e -wrong DO,. Should pall pies( Lola, 50 Jfedwa O.. la. Heel fw.mns CA. Veal...77 A pleasant twin, on an ppeallrp ballad , Hs.w, ASAPt CARSON MORSON Head Me SO.. Mr Hall.' Cis.,..n hl (. -S 2:66 - Rub.,..n'a errante. men. of li, Oldie is SWalltrely.,5aí. and uvea peppy h.ront bl lin Pltaaanr Valley Ru. e, eeiaos. play the merry tle.,n,o t,., long lima n come. 04 loreelead ASCOP, RorU.. w4 Rol. 00V Gradwaw lo. Saforhey Mahn... 7 The sitst a' m,4r homormn here - p505 nul nearly sol humolnnn as thee were meant to M - and oho Robison. raval s only fall ages.0. thanes flak.. )00 bag.. that rewards listening. OW Homs Kad. ASCAP 0V COWARDS.Bald Geodbi le My Heart.ny Kissed Her HOW 7 5NAS ATF 77 -soma.,onset: hots on owl., ballad with enrae u.e,, \allele. o ASC OP. l'w Sorry f asi, rise asar Son Feel, T F.ard., tabete elmplklry on petty weeper. Hemeele.d, awl al D 0550 Lad lium foaled ML =M.:7 -Hobbs MPROW bis 3000m, Joies seal 4N luta ensued the dame.. Voice has pleasing and lusts quality that could ell planer. Ceebal. SS) Mer, Mer, Hess... S Mood +nches M'.!Agee come is for 55 fane, privets and lubb*..,na. knee might do.t:l,th rho une T'wd, 0 D EN, FR nl KC AND D RO f StL Mean tad Ort el Row FK -. - the d.o Rat- Maur, on nom natant bids bit heel u Ps pvilt.ophv ad poetic mages, off as.u.. lot op,,eel hard 0 rrn 0. Rara NMs m. Sr. Cue t ogd Called 5s Mae Tax laue aa,a&re - rgri loon/ of tan side. to M Lea (.!f- and r the Uwe.. rye - (.rwrahy, en. hr rattle 0Mpid nnenaa Radio p4) M /'M B05í li l Y. L 7.5: Deal Awe Ueue dl NASA- A\0 SA\ :-: -the habt armsful r n sehroh :e NieS AN WHEN N BOSTON elf, 0 to nro and ca.. w)en i le.k.s foe vbw eh'or i,.heat malrr.n wahr,u Mr ud t's the : ninehy eben dew". now LOq. fowl. 5. %l HOTEL AVERY ' k---...::=.--. t A loaned bow, re on.. - t.. tonbi i. berean`- A..r ll.: u+.,, her. r<. noon Avery a Wshingeon Sts. S wym slur., bucks. Live al- grew r í.e., U. is fair. l's uuume. nd rr nrnr The Horns of S :low Folk 5 shnm e etas. a S FOLK TALENT & TUNES Continued tress pape 50 \..M lle. chauffeelnv: J m Deem., N Sid talent hirl and head at.darwood Minn, to ffe recent defies country mu. tk canna) in S}.inafiekl. \n U. ith!irony potting on the Snarl re ae in the big seal to and mo.. kp_erienlin5 rno.talia lasrilk, Shrese pert. at the trnmin decjtw hula n "pringfiej oat marl rail.,, w ho put in boss hs e 36 (reeling hit man, rieefd miser Sage Sud. ids. N',tens dance and she.. crimp featuring (lfarky Phil lips, guitar and voice; Mel \lilh, ha.s and shoes, and Hal ( lmpitt. console steel guitar. are current!. on Mldnser eng.e;;runenl in (:.,per. With the Jockeys Bol) Poilant has switched 50 NAM, CBS affiliate in (:apse, %%'y'o. to a new muni, new. Milk, Stalks, LATM, in the Sam. city. "We program 9 hours of musk daily," type - wfites Bob. "three and a half hours of which is try. Alreads il looks as oho wí may hase to extend /he cous try'. Al a result of the change. Am not receiving the indic lapels in "d t receive. We ore in need of lots of records; the more the better. All Lobel. remise equal treatment at KAT. N'e are huvinn sers, ice from the majore. Georgie Riddle, of N'LC, Jacksonville, Fla., had as re- cent guests Big Jim Hess (\ -G >) and Johnny blasters, of the Johnny Niasters Famil7 (Columbia). Big Jim, who has Knoxville, was in town to plug Vt rep' LOFTON S eesee. Baby. Bums 54 TR-PUR 705 -obo wings tghrl hro bn bright dill) goer fats boogie :(,re. The 'lee. a liven. able vehicle for Lofton, and dr,er.e, an Mae. Peet. 80 My Radians.. W The finger laee this ballad ales a'b. and brings out n sen..ment effectively. Mut memorable sheltie. however. (Pew. 55 RR TRALER al..mis Gold ABC- PARA((U ere. the saga of the doappoinlyd old prolpec- rr.hell 00 be panning w gold "up.bee" tltenbl dying lob but comp!. lack of (erahnen u lse song will hurt. Madan rob 7 Oondo... W tl Dorado'* M place wtefe coat. breams cone true sad uses malere 0 loon s loping 0 a Paint. Tuu hat an apnealmg Nester Noe bd rain pewnihihl)n neun ':mlee4. (Co meo. 50 lia 5 \ -'.rrs AND 7HE KNOTT% FOLK ('4lw ss KNOTTY 56: - A rock and roll vine lune. Sade ie foot... UMU AMl Gds' Nowhere lèse u S, change of pace -. Sow lune -bol lacet imam, (SM, AND% MORRS Drome d My Bean se 0.; S( -A eahw pw to ew- ail ai...(lan 0 MNUta. Moen. sod plfosnant are ode lay. Uet bled commtrul (.0kí. ) V0. 5 Bee la.e...4 Hoe Moms p.' up the nnis* d Dam b.ecru' resdly d lour tone that is eso On eue kalt-.a,rd lode. C rb. 7 (:RZ (:REEr3 ARtZON ANt B e HM LBERTY BELL 000T-The Arleneens do toro e vne e a3.,. lublanl Cd mals graat MAr ac J r b0.. creep'. N)e, hol,rr. Waw eca.rnercisl BppeL (Rae4. lath Baa 5 Lo w soy Rudy.. N eon aay ss s 5 wing b., nest er type eomlas hmy crud. Hoed d tneiaem o- la pm. ^ed. we-. *WM. OM, wall, bwtirc,ma 7ee pne es ns d the week's kas',.ry sw:raes Resa. K0W íí U hit new walling, as wen tl sel the ttailet Bmllfery, s!, : other tunes for Valley Pub. "Unti ml live butane" and i ví..!ashen, Knosrilie. to!e aisrj' Lare been rnvrdat G5 hilly ls Oil and Johnny and Shea lortun, \S'): \C. arin Jack, t n.,.,.-.pry rl.k rx lee) at Sixnlit Pa.. (sites. "a4 an unusual ).XV, K h pper mg recently. opened my,.sa aile. lie, the air. daily for two and hall hours and program as usual at 5:3) a.m. and is also featured with the Bailee at 5.45 made an.lspeal for funds' Family half tour day ayer ns an 9-you old igh school lad'. oho had linen afflicted with le needs gospel and a rare' ":," sa_ rec.dings, boit old and Rim of disease that the local media ' nn5 sa,entcn were unable to tope slid and who was expected to die.. Gospel deejay Bob Manl'w o how' later had $895 ning., K'M(', Bakerfield, pledged. and by Mnncldy morning Calif.. it doing an hour show l a í,j had grown to $2.bO, with each Saturday afternoon and molt Stall clflntug in We sent the' three hours of gospel and l., to Jefferson Hospital, Phila- sacred recordings on Sunday. delphia. and report) say he may Manning infest that bled But - - 5e dint okay. We aft now get- ter and Don. also of KP\C,.ing airwaves hold forth with the "Kern l ll,000 watts t about Slay 30, County Country Time" from doubling our present 500 watts. 0.2, six nights a week. We went use the a r last June." Cousin Ebb is the early mom As the result of a revamping ing man at KMPC, with an of its Saturday schedule by limo and a half of hillbilly and KTCB. Malden, Mo., Cousin country music programming. Mack Howerton will soon kick off new five -flour seg of country music. &lowerton, who helms the "left) Jamboree" ocs KTCB three hours each day, repots that service from the record companies has been good except from King, Mercury and \í -G -M "We need records!" are the from the following cries jockeys: W i l l i a m Baker, %'\K, Middlesboro, Ku.; Dan Knouse, N'KB. St. Man's, Pa.; Dick tleddick, WHG, Altoona. Pa.; Glenn Reeves, WQK, Jacksonville, Fla.; Don Masten, WHZ, Medford, Mass.; Chuck Harkins, KTF., Thermopolis, W yo.. and Pie -Plant Pete, W, Warren, O. Bill Collie, who spins out "Col. lie's Comer" daily, 4:30-5:30 p.m., over KPRC. Houston, says his listeners are going for Wade Rays recording of "Any Old Time." Collie is also heard daily from Á:30-2_ p.m.. larmie Smith, has left KENT. Shreveport, La.. due to that station's switch to popular recordings and is now broadcasting over KDET, Center, Tex. Smith relays word that Country Dale, Kl\'RD. Henderson, Tel.. is in need of wax. Jack Boone, WCJU, Columbia, Miss., recently picked up an additional 30 minutes of broadcasting time and is now twirling two and a half hours of c.&w. and sacred music daily. Boone says he has been receiving good record sen'ke from the indies and some artists.... Bill Johnson, WQK, Jaksonville, Fla.. recently did guest shot on "Mr. Deejay. U. S. A." show oseekwsm. Nashville, when he interviewed Red Sos ire and Benny Martin. Tea Ferguson, with WNES -TV. Bay City Mich., the past two years. recently kicked off a two -hour deejay show over WBCM, Bau City'. Ferguson mid use releases from all of the abelt. Walter Balles, Ace Ball, recently with KDAV, Lubbock, Tea., is now spinning 'ern over K -JB, Kermit. Tex. Ball ++-riles that his c.8cw. library is rather bare and that lie would p precite records from the Wiles and majors as well as the artists. Ball handles 3 hours of countcs stuff a week. besides doing a live show five days is week with his wife. Dorothy.. O-Rark (Bed) Murrell (Cavalier) now turntabliug the disks over KVSM. San Mateo, Calif. les abo feature on "California Hayride" ', snow. San Francisco. Red Butler. heard over K\PC, Bakersfield, Calif., 0-2 p.m., sis nights a week, needs Bill Monroe, Flaut and Scruggs, Johnny and Jack, Ernest 'fuhb and Red Foley recordings to keep pace with his listener,' rerllics5. Floyd Crdmers TENNESSEE CENTRAL Nag MGM 2242 Ìan `G SONNY JAMES TWENTY FEET OF MUDDY WATER All MXED UP C.,. 3. f30íol' prod,nonra.wi7 Cl..' watch for it... it's cool!!,r8 coal - daddy ; coono l n y soon m.. the latest release of the -Queen of the singing Cowgirls'' T'S A FLAME RECORD

53 52 The Billboard's Music Popularity (:harts... Riil"E'flM & BLUES RECORDS UNE This Week's R &B Best Buys CANDY (Feist, ASCAP) -Big Maybelle -Savoy 95 -The songstress is making an impressive comeback on her first Savoy waxing. Within he past week it has achieved the rating of the nation s No. 5 best seller, and now is well established in almost all major markets. Pop sales also are good and coming up. Flip is "That's a Pretty Good Love' (Crossroads, BM). A previous Billboard "Spotlight" pick. STRANDED N THE JUNGLE (Peer, BM) -The Jayhawlis -Flash 09 -This s a novelty that has caught on quickly. Currently it is as hot as a pistol in both pop and r. &b. markets, and is bringing on At this point, the jayhawks still are leading the a rash of covers. competition by a comfortable margin and stand to make the na tional listings first. Flip is "My Only Darling" (BM). MY PRAYER (Shapiro -Bernstein, ASCAP) -The Platters- Mercury See this week's pop "Best Buy" selections. Review Spotlight on... SPRTUAL HGHWAY Q C'S le Lifted My Burdens (Conrad, RM) Dreamed of (leaven (Conrad, BM)- Veejay 95 - Chalk up two commercially potent sides for this topnotch crew. On top is a touchingly expressed song of gratitude to the Lord. Lead singer s tops on this as well as the flip, where the tempo is picked up to a surging climax. R & B Territorial Best are bawd on late tale reporta {rented.4 We +tern Unleu 'reenact serrée from top rhythm and blurs dcalcn and luks bos operators in the markets listed. Atlanta. Treason of Los, C. M.Phane, An. 2. Fryer, t. W John. Kng. 3. Roll , C. Berry. Che 3. re n Love Aiuto, F. Domino. mp t. Lowe. Lose, Lose, Closers, Atl. 6. l.oar. Tan sally. Lotte Richard. Spa. 7. t's Too Law. C. Willis, All. L Rip t Up. Little Richard, Spe. 9- Ruhy Baby, Driften, Atl.. Freer. Charlotte L Roll Oser. Rennes., C. Berry, Cht 3- Treasure of lose, C. M:Phanrr, Ail. 4. Please, Please, Please. J. Brows. Atl. s. Reedy Teddy. tinit Richard, See. 4. Rork ': Ro0 Roby, W. ïmuh, Sun V. John. Kral. For survey week ending June 0 7. Rip t p. lls Richard. Spe. L Nam Si. o le My Girl Teen -Alts, Gee 9. Pm la Lose Agate. F. Domino. mp 9. Love, Lose. Lu.e. Closer, AU. Chicago. 'm n t.o,. Alan, F. Dominn, mp 2. Erse. l.. W. lohn. Knit. 3. Heartbreak Hotel, E Presley, Vic. 4. Candy. Rig t»mlle. Si'. S. Roll Owe, Beerhora. C. Berry, Ctrs. L Why Do Fools Fan is Lose? Teen -ASO, Gee Cincinnati. Candy, R Cc'te, Sae. T'S GREAT t..., YEE-JAY :83 "UP ON THE MOUNTAN" with THE MAGNFCENTS This Week's Best Buys LP ON THE MOUNTAN (colla, 874-The MsgaRkals- V-J 3- Quietly thn record his been mo,mg up in sarious territories, sod how s s chan Crest. t has teen on Use Cincinnati ttertlartal chan, and s n eery good seller n New York, New Ensl.nJ, Pro,- delpb., Chlust, St. Louis, Durham and Pittsburgh_ Flip 4 "Why Did She Go7" (Tonie, 3M- VEE -JAY RECORDS, NC. 22 9h Michigan..04 go HTS A "CANDY" "PRETTY GOOD 03"' BG MAYBELLE Savoy 95 "LOVE, BABY" "AM " NAPPY BROWN Savor tt4e POPPN' SAVOY RECORD BREAKNG BG N NEW YORK, BOSTON AND PHLADELPHA THE PRETENDERS JMMY JONES 'VE GOT TO HAVE YOU BABY b/w POSSESSVE LOVE Rana +9g nim RECORDS no W. 42 Sr. N. Y. C. WYE TO DAMON RUNYON CANCER FUND "T'ANT WHATCHA SAY" "YOU CAN BET YOUR LFE" LTTLE ESTHER Savor t93 "MOVN' ä GROOVN "' "CROSSROADS" HAL SNGER Savoy 94 CO. nc. NEWARK, N J HEADED FOR TiE TOi' The Cadillacs WOE S ME b/w BETTY MY LOVE lolla rev. - jimmy Ricks and his Rick SHE'S MNE - SHE'S FNE b/w THE UNBELEVER Jwta +re4 Josle RECORD 650 B,00d.or, Nc.. York Cos Rhythm & Blues Notes By BLL SMON One veteran tradester, who knows front experience, warns his fellow magnates in the r. &b. world that an epidemic of hassles is imminent. These would revolve around the dozens of vocal groups the field has spawned. Every label has several under contract, but he questions just how much these contracts are worth. Practically every group includes at least one minor (under 2), and some cow sist entirely of teen-agers. n many cases, the'minors themselves have signed the contracts. n others, their parents have signed for them, but, says the tradester, he has learned the hard way that a parent is not a "legal" guardian unless appointed so by a court. Another problem with the teen groups is the raiding of personnel. This happens easily because so many group singers are related. Some times four brothers may be found singing with four different groups. To the agencies, these under -age warblers offer a special head - (Continued on page 53) 3. Hafelglah, Lose Her So R. Tonle, All. 3.. the seul of ne Miki, Satins, Her. 4. lip On the Mountain, Mapllkents, W S_ 'Tale's Whale. Say, Little Esther, Sae. Detroit. Feen.. W. John Kng. 2. l're la lost Apin, F. Domino, lmp. 3. Heartbreak Hail. E. Presley, VU. 4. Pleadl: for L.ont. L Birdsong, Esc.. Ruby Baby, Drifters, AL S. iii, lhlp now Rev. C. L Franklin, CM. 7. Nasl Yoe to Be My Baby Teen-Aarn, Gee Los Angeles. Carol look. Six Teens, Ftp. 2. 'm le love Apin, F. Domino. MP. 3. Feire,. W. lohn, Kng. 4. Blw Suede aoes. C. Perkins, Sua 5. Hartbreak Hotel, E. Presley, Vic. L My Blas Heaves. F. Domino, mp. 7. Shirley lean, Bot Walter, Pea. L CA to My Drams. Cliques. Mod. 9. Hallelsah, Lowe Her So R. Chartre, AU. New Orleans. Treason of Lose. C. McPhatter, All. 2. Fen, L. W. John. Kng. 3. Halleluiah, Love Her So R. Charles, Atl. 4. 'm la Love Amite, F. Domino. mp. L PssA.' far Lose. L Birdomg, Esc. 6. Cants., Corrla,. Tumor, Alt. 7. Whet 9ouM Do W'rbsl Yoe? R. Chaule, Ail. L Shirley lean, Bg Walter, Pea. P. Lems. Tell Sally, Little Richard. SP, New York t. Treasure ej low. C. McPhatter, AU. JL Mi Elm Hann, P. Domino, mp. 3. 'm s (.owe Again, F. Domino, mp. 4. went l'os, Need Yoe, Love Von E. Prc,ity, Vic, L Rim Senile Shoes, C. Philadelphia Perkins. Sun L Halleluiah. Lose Her So R. t hark,, AL. Pm is Love Agate, F. Domino, mp. 3. Nat You to Be My CA Tun -Agira, Gee 4. Tressere of lase, C. McPhatter, Ali S. Hradlee Home, S. Gunter. Mod, 6. Casuel Look, Sis Teens, Flp. 7. Rull Over, Beethoven. C. Berry, Chs. St. Louis L Fryer,.. W. John, Knit. T. Forty Days and Forty Night. hl. water, Chv, 3. Ron Owe+, Beethoven, C. Berry, COs. 4. 'm n Love Again, F. Domino, mp. F. Want Too to Be Sly Girl Tecn-Agers, Gee 6. Ready Teddy. Little Richard. Ste. Washington, D. C.. rem la Lose Again, F. Domino, mp 2. Long, na sally, Tsui Richard, Spi 3. Fever, L. W. John, Kng, 4. Halleluiah, lave Her So R. Charles, Ali,. Love, Love, Love, Cloven, Ail. 6. Treasure of Lose, C. McPhailer, AU 7. Want Yoe to B. My Girl Tern- Agen, Gee L My Bt. Heaves. F. Domino, 0'P s. Cache, Cortina. J. Turner, Atl. 0. Please, Please, Please, J. Brown. Fed R &B Best Sellers in Stores For survey week ending June 20 RECORDS ere oinked in order of their current national selling mporlanca at the ratel lerci, a determined by The Billboard's weekly survey of dealers 'Mama the naiioo with Mph volume of tales n rhythm and blue. records. When significant action la reported on both,des of a record, polnla are combined to determine position on the chart n such Week* lls case. bolo aides are listed lo bold type, the leading side Laer se Nwk an top. Week Chaff. 'M N LOVE AGAN (BM) -F. Domino MY BLUE HEAVEN (ASCAP) -mperial FEVER (85)- Little Willie John 2 7 later From My Darling (BM) -Klug TREASURE OF LOVE (BM) -C. McPhatter 4 6 When You're Sincere BM- Atlantic LONG, TALL SALLY (BM)- Little Rich. rd 3 3 SLiPPN' AND SLDN' (BMi)- Specialty HALLELUJAH, LOVE HER SO (BMi) -R. Charles. 6 3 WHAT WOULD DO WTHOUT YOU? (BM) - Atlante 098 O. WANT YOU TO BE MY GRL (BM)- Teen -Agers. 5 9 'm Not a Know -,Ail fascap)--g,, ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN (BM) -C. Berry 9 2 Driftint Heart BM-Chen HEARTBREAK HOTEL (BM) -E. Presley 7 2 Was the One 8Mí) -Vie CORRNE, CORRNA (BM) -J. Turner 8 9 Ronde Wong. Country Girl (BM)- AUantio PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE (BM) -J. Brown 3 Why Do You Do Me? (5M)- Federal LOVE. LOVE, LOVE (BM)- Clovers 5 2 Your Tender Lips (M)- Atlantic RP T UP (BM) -Little Richard - READ TEDDY (BM)-Specialty WANT.YOU, NEED YOU, LOVE YOU (BM) - E. Presley a 4 3 My Baby (.eft Me r8 3. -Vie BLUE SUEDE SHOES (BM) -C. `Perkins 0 8 Donn. Don't (BM) -Sue CANDY -Big Maybelle - bat's a Pretty Good Lose (BM) -Savoy 97 Most Played R &B in Luke Boxes For survey week ending June 20 RECORDS are t.nkrd :n r, Jet. of the Greatest number of plays la Juke boxes hmout the country, as determined by The Billboard's weekly surrey of operators using high proportion of rhythm and blues records When slgnliksm action e reported TN on both side of a record, points me combined to detrrmla position on Ce chart. n each a use. both elles w cite, are listed n bold Ope, Ne leading aide Cm top. Last ea week Chart. 'M N LOVE AGAN (BM)-F. Domino 9 MY BLUE HEAVEN (ASCAP) -mperial FEVER (BM) -Lisle Willie John S 4 Leger From My Darling BM) -King TREASURE OF LOVE (BM) -C. McPhatter 6 4 When You're Moran (BM)- Atiamlc ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN (BM) -C. Berry 2 3 Drifting Heart (BM-Chess LONG, TALL SALLY (BM)- Little Richard 7 2 SLPPN' AND SLDN' (BM)- Specialty CORRNE, CORRLNA (BM) -J. Turner 4 Boosie Wavle Country Girl (DW-Atlantic 088 T. WANT YO'J, NEED YOU, LOVE YOU (BM)- E. Presley 3 3 My Baby Left Me EM -.Vie LTTLE GRL OF MNE (BM) -Cleftones 9 2 You're Dosing Me Mad (BM) -Coo 0 9. FORTY DAYS AND FORTY NGHTS (BM)- M. Waters - AU Aboard (Bl)- -Chess HALLELUJAH. i LOVE HER SO (BM) -R. Charles. - What Would Do Without YoU7 (BM)- AUantk 096 Most Played R &B by Jockeys For survey week ending June 20 SDES are ranked n circlet of the tweeter! number of plays on disk iockey radio shows thruoul the country according to The Billboard's weekly un'ep of top disk Jockey shows in all key markets. Woes Tlls,5s rte Vi tek Work Chan. 'M N LOVE AGAN -F. Domino mperial 536 -BM 2. FEVER -Little Willie John 2 7 King TREASURE OF LOVE -C. McPhatter 3 4 AUaotk WANT YOU TO BE MY GRL- Teen -Agers 5 7 Gee LONG, TALL SALLY -Little Richard 4 3 Specter), 379MJ 5. MY BLUE HEAVEN -F. Domino 7 9 mperial ASCAP 7. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE -J. Brown 6 Federal M 8. VORY TOWER -O. Willi:lnls De Luse ASCAP 9. WANT YOU, NEED YOU, LOVE YOU (M)- E. Presley - Vie \ 0. LOVE, LOVE. LOVE -Clovers 9 Atlantic ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN-C. Berry 8 Chess 626 -BM! 2. PLEASE LSTEN TO ME -S. Lewis mperial BM 3. MAGC TOUCH -Platters Mercury ASCAP 4. SLPPN' AND SLDN- Little Richard Specialty 572 -BM 5. CAN'T STAND TO SEE YOU GO -J. Reed ye. Jay 6 -BM

54 JUNE Reviews of New R & B Records SACS x rms. [20 4H'.ions d Paca Do. peel edowne M Oa t P. d the weir H tot OD OM* iron Soo, Rat*ed sad Of tellllte R aera sow ota. Woo L SfRülyYo. Rim OH m L-P.77 Tb. W..Pawl r Wan be pt HEADNG FOR THE TOPE CHERRY BLOSSOM VARETTA DLLARD G 4GOS2 NE% ON GitOON E: THE DEVL HATES YOU WLLE REBECCA LEE G /ac -077 YOU MAY NOT KNOW a BAMBOO ROCK 'N' ROLL THE LATE CAPS G 4G0S8 HOtD THAT TRAN, CONDUCTOR b w SRNG( FEELNG BLUES DR. CLAYTON G /4G C7ROOvE rejoucr V sapo6 rmk..,aa at arnw A THE SMASH! SPDERS SHE'S A - MY HEART ts393 N 'imperial Rcóo24f REDE:D FOR TF. TOP Della Reese HEADN' HOME b/w DAYBREAK SERENADE lumlee =7247 The Feur Tune DANCNG WTH TEARS N MY EYES b/ FAR AWAY PLACES lebpl.a '5:45 JCBLEE RECORDS 670 aro.dw.p Pia. YEA City Breaking Big: T'S TOO LATE KANSAS CTY WOMAN CHUCK WLLS Arenr.c 00 RE KNG BG! PLEASE LOVE A FOOL t. 00P 00PV OOP DON JULAN'S MEADOWLARKS 39 CRY SOME BABY Rol MLTON r 39E DOOTONE RECORDS The braarj'a.tfuaüe Pu trhvity Charts... R'THM!k BLUES RECARDS drug r gilt, e4 W * bro.. O m. Each Mono Or tgr b Me ari Om RO. m L tan THE ALENT L NM lam stai ore. BMW Tortb MMa. Wok. He 8.m... RAMA 30 -Loop mew n+worrssn d posits*. ad moo Owe airy. Wit W Y OWN, umbra N sm' or old Woe. Mae W pop pamad CUM woo r. Now Rol Yo G...P Hwe' suet color moo asi rip *bot, of ercltoent Ryrha Y of Oa pore. aid.ices read ore M.O. Min. MAL EMD EMMA MOM Added of Mr LN 7 RPM 446-!uboea.uap e catchy _ sob ww.rfr so... Bern W mar a a, M b dui codd p out WOW. raid. Ud um BUD Tom Tom Pleb Maas..- 7 Aaoree obiled Ode by Berry on boercr soeh7 slob Y wrong brag Madam RMO El ERE PON M, l.. Haar' AMC. aua -A tender balla., sad Buhen J.wmrnt are.oth Har dinlon. renunlweo.l Code. A e bop g iv lancrachmat.c7 W. hair M»t-...rase ppal fur pop customers, too. Oa) it C. BM Rar LOU. Fula o Mo...74 Another of *hinder type - Poe as som, and very ewumen.. Arm har last) vocal. Oa Cu. BAT YOCALTONES Darlbb Y.. Keno Los. Yee) APOLLO Good turn beat sparks this *pomp reading of au..e.!n urdinan material. aew. sum Thin Weds of Pselgl...73 A thinker. duet and trod in Luse. are the three hoer. Fancy with phduwpskal dde rd s sung bitching dlkeriy by the group. C. do okay f gee ore.. push taeu, EM, MEMPHS SUM GM to YN M Baby 76 UNTED 20- Mempbla Slim chars this blues with real feeiing. and he's hacked by so nut with good funky..und inns*, 5 US.. sad.04.0ar... 7 A suer. Nun. done onely by.ddo- with touch of church woad. hr lee. SM) TNY GRMES liar's Bearer 77 UNTED 70-An instrumental with a boogie beat. A Jr that make lot good deelay prupvm- ming. Papolo.. B, L u. Reo,LUp...7) While essentially w lotrumeata), chorus thaw an occasional phrase to good OM hen. The boys churn up cond4erahle e.clteme ) working over the well -kmswo blues phrases. `atn, BMn EDDE SO Plmr Foal. Me 74 APOLLO 496 -Alternating Latin and rock beats give thou aide n only dbsoctl touches, altho no sings ppealmttf. akas, BM M Nub This dower Nuer-t,pe Plato) hu doe to say. Pltho Bo urs it well enough. Maw. RM THE NTECAPS S eabee Rote rad Rel 74 GROOVE 05* -Tb. Nitecap.ppe b Eat tuiu,, mood to this (5ro. W4la.ored root and roller. 'r a comme.. dea and then'& tor46 hippo.. re pi )oclay asp uiu bur prim. S..., BM) Yee Mitt Nd Kan. 65 "LFE PROBLEM" Guitar Gable L TO., Musical King, e "CONGO MOMBO". t: "WONDER(' AND GON"' Lightnin' Slim :AO "RUN, UNCLE JOHN! RUN" Jerry McCain bed /b Upstort ccenle :06 WRTE WRE PHONE Nashboro Record Company, nc Are., NoriUe, Teno. (Phwo: Chapel _75) trio re Ma AM Mae. Pros P5ASK PRODUCTS e Mtn row. aeon. Rhythm 8 Blues Notes Cowttned from page S mks.. They ca.') work. clubs, se my Mbar Ohm 'beta äquor i sold. Eves it dry ceold, moot al Blair haikswias b moons teeoa/. iwbe dowl speed Fartun.Wy, tie padtas...owed bosheo hu continued to keep the bash al tbs leg puny. mss. There's strong Humor around to the effect that the Cadets, who are bidding to grab the action on - Stranded in the Jungle,' are at tally the lacks. M the Latter. the) cut for RPM Zabel. while the Ca dots are on Modem. Both 'abets belong to the Bihari boys, so everything is kosher. Lloyd Mc Craw, who used to manage the Jacks. has new group on Modem -the Rockets. McCraw picked up the boys n New York when the cut for several small labels as the Rhythm Aces, he restyled them. took 'em to C.lih,mla and signed his disk aril there. The (Original Five Blind Boss, the great spiritual group who once cane as the Jackson llarnwnerr.. hear left Peacock and are now record- The group thews plead. harpail, sound un Zhu side n traditional style, aka. ro the Md nk Side. No firesrorks ping off. tut the ikewloi is rap to lake. La.p, SM, THE ROCKERS Down. ee Rouew 73 FED,: RA 2:7 -The Rnetro do routine Neve. competently. (Arts.. S AM Wiry DrUY Yee U.Ú.., She treats him rto)4. The Rockers wall tail This Nun degwlet,. Araw, E M, DR. CLAYTON Held Ted Tole, Ca.4.nn..73 GROOVE MPS - A slow blue* chanted.rut great bean M the Doc)o. Lovers of Mdtlme. navatome Nun will get boot out M this.tsar tw.mpo. ASCUP Haug Stealt. Mars...72 Another authentic old attic blues Piano and trombone accompaniment is Pert attractive- (Metre. ASCAP BRAD SUGCS Bop. Bay. Bop.. 77 METEOR 704 -Tali. baby* boppin' od rock and rotho'. Sump soil. h hand- ciatmtog mad n happy..0- we style. Teepen could keep coin chutes active ere this. MO., BM. Cbar.od!la's got black Cadillac and charcoarwit. which add up to botl, Suggs salags era this upbeat opus fist another potential lake earn. talekor, BM. REBECCA LEA Tba De. Hun Ye. GROOVE 057 -Rebecca Lea chants this Nun with as intrre)ing vocal gustily. Chick vo high -pitched n teem style, *bleb canina etcitrment. lead EM Will....7 A change M pace on dot oda She ooluglrn for putting him duos.'!merman. maternal fa deers BS)D S LLS FORD Old Ais UNTED Make vue.aile you're fame' he tells the gum We Nie., dime adequately. Paeke, S M" c.deaae... N loprumceral-an onglnat by Ford. Of paw. ldlerog THE TEARS VMS Me Cho l DM 70 DG 2 -Thar ow ho oros brat ad do gal lead.*ubre. n am alb that cate for must Han on spoke. ward..4 el.-cap coa PROP lop Some hock. mal aim. (DM. ROD Helm Set La..,7 Gal lead.yin that malt rroup hanmcs phi. tribute to ho airy aura..el. A rhythmic open Pith ovnagh peo urred.nn to to.e prs le both market. (DM. Sun L. Angel /a DO t -M.nts moils ou tea re mow Milod is Pew mad Ream B LLY MANN toeea. Hewer, veep b: this o.. hov appeal b acme choke tpo. RMO rod Year., Aal.Or Co)....V wars. npreaaw b *oars Here. rd -n's a s ma now onto TT. barism an. tat lee ron peps moroorea. (DM. SAW 7 Ì hag io e'grjay. The deal was art by their Rsaeagee, (lucky layia. Lost wwk the Boys *lied am eool,aiva booking pad with Shaw Artists.... Savor Records hounded barb in the charts last week with Big Marbel. Smith's tremo S3 dou disking of 'Candy: For the diskerr and for the thrush, u'. the first smash in wow months. nu week Savoy b uupm with rehearsals. with Mlaabelle. Little Wow *tad Wilbur Harrison ail readying dates. THE BG HTS ARE ON (HESS -CHECKER BOBBY CHARLES d -S.. Yee t.,.., Allieder Far... doer t spe. wire.. CHESS 0628 `TME WLL TELL' CHESS :627 "KNOCK ON WOOD" b/w "GOT TO LET YOU GO" By Willie Mobo. CHECKER 084 "TOWN' BELLS" b'w "T'S YOUR FAULT, By BABY" Lowell False. CHESS -CHECKER CHECKER 843 "See You Soon, Baboon" By Dole Hawkins CHESS :626 "Roll Over, Beethoven" By Chuck Berry RECORDS COTTAGE GROVE AVE. CHCAGO S. LL Phono: KEnwood DUKE RECORDS 2)09 rrastut r. Noutton :G Tc.+, The "SCREAMNG" Bobby Blue BLAND With Another SURE HT (Both Sides) "YOU'VE GOT BAD NTENTONS" b/w " CAN'T PUT YOU DOWN, BABY" Duke.53 Sung with feeling "WAY UP ON HGH" b/w "TROUBLES WLL BE OVER" featuring THE GREAT DXE HUMMNGBRDS on Peacock =763 THE PEACOCK ROCK 'N' ROLLER "ROCK AND ROLL LOUS JONES..663 BELLS" Hitting in Chicago and Northern Territories PEACOCK RECORDS, nc. 280 Eros.. St. Hoes) Tes

55 54 THE BLLBOARD OUTDOOR Communications to 88 W. Randolph St., Chicago. N BUSNESS PROSPECTS Summer, Fall Months To Match or Top 955 Continued from page population was merely so much statistics to the outdoor operators. but by now the soaring number of youngsters has aged into customers and opened up a bigger potential for operators. The sale of kiddie rides has been brisk. Kiddielands continue to go up. Fairs give added attention to kids' day, tacking on promotions designed to build that feature. Some fairs are adding more kids' days. Carnivals are going stronger for giveaways, hyping their kiddie matinees with an increasing number of bike, pony and miniature auto giveaways. Amusement parks have upped the number of their kiddie rides. Circuses. particularly the indoor, sponsored shows, have felt the impact of the soaring number of small fry. The touring circuses also have noted the larger number of youngsters who turn out to see them under canvas. Public Eye The touring circus has been going thnr trying times with the nation's public prints speculating over the ultimate fate of the big tops. Circuses. however, come rugged and die hard. Their success now more than ever before hinges largely upon the capability of management. There are as many touring circoses as there were last year. Their prospects for the months ahead are about as good as they were at the same point last year. f anything. there will be mote money -winners at the season's rend than there were in 955. Carnivals, now: treading water awaiting the opening of the fairs and celebration season. face glowing prospects. Fairs look into an equally bright future. Expectations are that carnival rides will turn in higher grosses than last year, carnival shows will hold to about the same levels, and concessionaires will do slightly -better than 955. nasmuch as 95.5 was an extremely good year for rides, satisfactory for shows and fairly good for concessionaires it is understandable why carnival owners are pleased over what they see ahead. NTO 7 STATES Amusement park operators already have had an average of four weeks of operation. When they were given weather, they coperfcnced business least as good as last year. n the eyes of amusement park ops, the weeks ahead will be even better than the corresponding weeks last year. Echoing observations by ownersoperators and executives ht other branches of the business, park operators cite high employment, mounting population, and the confidence of Joe and the missus that the economy will continue high and that Joe and bit wife therefore will spend more freely than last year (sr matdnor amusements. 30 -Date Schedule Set for Kochman Unit NEW YORK - About 30 dates, one -third of which will involve day- and- ri :ght shows, have been set for Jack Korhman's Hell Drivers. The season opens Wednesday (28) at the Lancaster, O., Fair. The dates, all fairs with only a couple of exceptions. will take the automobile 'brill unit into llinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, ndiana, Missouri,.dew York, Connecticut, Preliminary Action Taken On Los Angeles Auditorium LOS A NGELES - immediate steps nere taken to get the S50, civic auditorium and music center wider way here when the Board of Supervisors here unanimously approved the project Tuesday (9). The following day the projected non -profit corporation that will have charge of the financing and constructing of the center was formed. t is the Civic Auditorium and Music Center Association of Los Angeles County and will be referred to at CAMCALAC. Announcement of the name was made by Mrs. Norman Chandler. general chairman, and Charles S. ones, chairman of the executive committee of the Citizens Civic Auditorium and Music Center Ad- 5,or' t'nmmittre. originally named Talent Show To Open New Texas Arena A - LUBBOCK. Tex. large variety show, with Jane Powell heading the cast, will open Lubbock's new Coliseum here un July 3. Th: \Wiere Brothers, Cil Lamb. Paul Nabors and his orchestra and the Sportsmen quartet will also be on the bill. The Coliseum will seat 7,508 persons out regular occasions, wills facilities to expand to 8,700. t is a companion to the new Lubbock Auditorium. managed by David Blackburn. Ticket prices for the opening pprerf.20. orrrumce range from $4.40 to by the supervisors last August. The committee will continue in existence. At the meeting when the Board of Supervisors approved the project, attention was given by the officials on the speeding up of moves fur acquiring the property and (Continued on page 74) Vermont, Massachusetts, New Jers. y, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, North and South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama, a total of 7 States. The season will extend to the end of October. Kot human and his general manager, Bob Conto, left their Pater. son. N. J., headquarters this week for ndianapolis. where the all -new show equipment had been stored.end lettered with the show title and slogans. Three -Tone Autos The equipment. furnished b. the Dodge Division of the Chryslsra Corp.n. fion, is three -toned wilia yellow bodies, white tops and a chocolate band which includes the hood. The Dodge ad agency de. signed the lettering layout and colors. An expanded publicity kit, developed last year, has been revised and sent to all contracted dates. Show advance personnel will follow up initial fair selling efforts (Continued on page 74) t(e6,taa) JUNE 30, 956 Holiday Toy Sale New Gotham Arena Occupant NEW YORK -A retail toy sale will be offered in the Madison Square Carden basement this winter for the first time. Promoters are World -Wide Expositions Corporation, a two -year -old outfit of local businessmen. World -Wide has used the Garden's below -ground exposition floor on three previous occasions, for successful furniture sales. For the toy event they have charted 27 0 willlbeahalf- 0 feetdeep. gther dozen aisles running from 0 to 2 feet width. Dates of the event, expected to be the its first of an annual series of Toy '.and Gilt Sales, are December Special set -ups for toy and grft'st sales have (seen!eking hold in re- M. cent years during the winter holiday season. Considerable success was enjoyed in 955 at beachside resort areas in Connecticut and nclemency Slows Hagen at Madison MADSON. Wis.-This circus - hep city failed to produce full houses for Hagen Bros.' Circus Tuesday (9). Taking the blame was the broadcast of heavy storm warnings and hot. humid weather. The show did, however, win two three -quarter houses with Sertoma auspices. At Janesville, the day before, Hagen had a tear -full afternoon and a full house at night. Roman Catholic Church was the auspices. Elephants bathed downtown at noon. Massachusetts, where arcade and park people used their pransises for discount toy outlets. With a multi- million -dollar business in toys being experienced in New York, the promoters feel Madison Square Carden can be built up synonymously with toys and gifts. as has been the case with New York department stores. a Kiddie Rid To Operate at Louis Jub ST. LOUS -The World's Fair Ktddieland of this city has closed to operate 2 kiddie rides at the month -lop Mid- America Jubilee to be h-rl on the St. Louis river front in Septen-ber. Harry Blue, manager of World's Fair JCiddieland, disclosed after signing with Alfred Stern, Jubilee managing director. that his ride line -up will include a Merry-Co- Round, one large and one small Ferris Wheel, two miniature railroads, an Octopus, Scooter. Boat Ride, Hot Rod, Comet and Air- plane Ride. All of the units, Blue said, will be repainted to conform to the Jubilee's color and decorative plans. Combination ride tickets will be sold prior to the Jubilee's opening thru promotional tie -ups with St. Louis area food. soft drink, and dairy companies, Blue said. PLAN FRONTER VLLAGE, GHOST TOWN N B. C. KELO \WNA, B. C. -William Raddley, veteran Canadian showman, has turned promoter and is heading a group that is seeking incorporation of "Ghost Town and Frontier Village, nc.." an amusement center similar to Knotts Berry Farm in California. The planned center will be located on a 250 -acre site overlooking the city of Kelowna, which is built or highway 97 w hich leads rons the U. S. border and 'pins the Alaska Highway. Many of the buildingc wall be moved bodily from the ancient ghost towns which still stand in B. C., relics of the gold rush days., s Raddlev has been preparing for this venture for many years and has 40 trunks filled with articles collected from towns along the Cariboo trail to the Yukon. Three lakes on the property are stocked with trout, each lake having different sized fish so the fishing enthusiasts can have their choice. At the present time roads are being eat her the property and Mexico's Biggest Show Enters U. S. EL. PASO, Ter. -Tire Atatde Circus, biggest in Mexico, crossed into the United States recently in order to by -pass impassable territors- in Mexico and reach Juarez. Albert Spitler. seal trainer, who is with the show, assisted in the border work and in leading the convoy along the 280 -mile jump. Show moved 40 trucks and trailers, three buses, eight house trailers and a Creyimund bus. The show is owned by Andre and Aurilio Alarde. blacktopped. 7 he opening is scheduled for 958. the year of British Columbia's Centennial. Baddley has operated shows in British Columbia and the prairie provinces for 47 years. all carnivals, with the exception of BaddleyBros.. three-ring circus in 9.39, on which venture he says ' lost my shirt," recalling "it rained from ate opening day till the circus seas forced to close in the middle of the season. Rain Hits St. vital; R e d River D WNNPEG, \an. - - The weatherman put a crimp in Create? Winnipeg Exhibition which closed a six -day nun Saturday 23) in suburban Si. Vital. lleavy rain Tuesday washed out the night rodeo, produced by Cliff Claggett, and the weather was show -cry and er threatening all day Saturday. The Claggett. show. in every night, did fairly good basine.m during the remainder of the week. Business was reported light fur Jimmie Sul - Us-an's W'orld's Fine-st Shoves on the midway. Saturday (23) at p.m.. the Red River Exhibition kicked off its eight -day run in Winnipeg proper with the Royal American Shows on the midway. The Harry Janes orchestra is the major attraction in the Winnipeg Arena. The Sullivan and Royal American swapped dates this year. last year RAS player) the St. Vital date and Sullivan the Winnipeg fair. N

56 JUNE 30, 956 THE LLROARD GENERAL OUTDOOR 55 The Yuma (Aria.; County Fairs ranks among rho.. fairs which have shown the f end soundest growth in recent years. Within tour years. under rho lull -time management of Frank M. O the 20 -acr plant. shown above as a now looks. has undorgon vast improvements and the fair's attendance has grown and the lairs mete have seared. RAPD, SOLD RSE N ARZONA Yuma Annual, Under Frank Deason, Comes Long Way Within Four Years one s..ttuljnv night tl. the grounds Dthrr dl.ul the re,t rl, iirt. second annual Yuma County The grain house was, of course, Fair. at Yuma, Ariz., in April, temporar, as cas the fair staff. 954, a portion of the expositions The house had holes in the sides so Half sat up and look notice when that rods could be inserted to long, black snake slithered thru the door and behind some packing boxes against the Wall of an old grain house that Was being used as, all office. That this incident, which came to a quick end when snake short operator came and took the snake away. would be repeated today is bights' problematical. For the Yuma Gmcty Fair has come a long way in foot* Years. This Tear, also n April, the fair Was operated by its first fnlltime manager, Fran;; M. Deacon. Erects Buildings Under the direction of Denon, tall, quiet spoken Texan, the fair now has its own exhibit and poultry buildings, concrete block rest rooms, and plan for horse racing schedule in November following the Arizona State Fair. The year that the snake crawled thru the door of the grain house, this was the only structure on the FRANK M. DEASON GROSS OVER $00 00 PEE NOUE WTH "THE HEBELER",H PNfT COTTON CANDY MACHN. ON SAW., weit tor cnneion ltarat. r THE HEBELER SHOPS P. O. am N aaraaell, ila. PNrws: n9,na a.rmt n keep the walls from spreading under the load. And the tin roof extended only three -quarters of the way. Fortunately, there was so rain, for the earthen floor would have mired up. Assets Climb mprovements during the four??ears of. organization, the office has been moved into part of the 70x240 -foot steel -trussed aluminum exhibit structure. Money -wise, the fair lists $ in assets with an estimated 820,000 to have been added from the 956 run earlier this year. The fair, located on Highway 80 just east of llama and across from the llama Air Force awe, comprises 20 acres with nine acres fenced. The unused space is being held for the time when the racing program is started. The attendance at the fair has moved up along with its building. Altpo there are an estimated people in the trade area. the 956 event pulled total attend - anceby actual count of 45,000., Perot lu this )cat. the a.tcnd.(ii(e had been estimated. The fair has featured the Pan American Amusement Corporation rides with its representatives Ken (Continued on page 6!) SATSFED OWNERS RECOMMEND BG EL WHEELS ala.u.a land A en ut.mnt Co, reealne. dah.recclved that ale Eu W NL n APM, Mander The "The RG R Wheel arrlv.d manth, Nor et el moct.d il M Mun. Evorylhing wont onlhar in lino shape and tb Whe. Nally mks w ooded. ;. Tank you let 'Prompt. fin smoke' R L S Amusement Co., Sirmingham, Alabama, install. 95. M. f S C EL WHEEL n lais Part Rd. Sept. Sim Claim wrote. "W han HN had M toast W. trouble with our n w No. 9 Who and Hew e Y lle huiles/ mpromm.nt that could have been mode in mat Pork. have heard many NPN roman, momv -,0. your too, c S C EL WHRL n loin h.ndr.da.l WM..d trims rtl.l,m. RC L'a. Ask for in /..-.Hors l.n.nwg PRCe LST A -70 TODAY. EL /RDGE COMP ANY..N.n Rld.s.N.n W0 00 Core A /ck.00van. N "'m glad we bought a Twister" That's whet Carl J. Sedlmoyr, owner of Royal American Shows, says about his new Twister. Writing to Allan Herschell regarding his Twister's performance of the 956 Florida State Fair at Tempo, Mr- Sedlmayr odds: i " feel confident that it will wind up the season os one of our top money rides. The repeat rides were big which proves the customers enjoyed the thrill... Whoever purchases one will be more than pleased with its operation and corning power." Mr. Sedlmayr said the Twister was one of his top rides of Tampa, beating every major single ride except one. Throughout the 955 season, the story was the some. Th Twister did well everywhere. Order one now for the 956 season, This yeor's model will have fluorescent cresting around outside of ride. moury -GO ROUNDS BOAT RDE KDDE AUTO RDE PORTABL ROLLER COASTER LOLLY CATERPLLAR SKY FGHTER ROADWAY RDE ROOEO TWSTER TANK RDE BUGGY RDE GASOLNE SPORT CARS it CAR CAT RECORD PLAYERS MERCY.CO ROUND RECORDS TAPES RDE TMERS CANVAS ALLAN HERSCHELL C O M P A N Y, NC. "World's largest manufacturer of amusement rides" 0a OLVER S PHONE LUDLOW 000 NORTH TONWANO, NOW TORN TUBS -O -FUN RDE k.ddi..duh rid. Tour bigg,i valu. n rid. tdoy. W orry rkso rid., in stock end crated lot imm.diar thipmwt Con day.rd, it ec..d. Only $2, STAGE COACHES tot mechanical or liv. pony drawn pratian Cell aluminum birdie, with ell lh. details of N.. Borst,legs t h Old West. Mshonicel oeny drown, HAMPTON AMUSEMENT CO. PORTAGE DES SOUX. M.O. Phnii. Skyline 5.22.) sy.enaaeleobrenlr. ddf7 anywr,!rwantro w,,3-.d46., 52 N uutld.e.nm:r,ol.oll0i)t..l,-e.,nanacowr STOCKTM. WELDON, WLLAMS i LCK a efl.. 9.7S /ORT [ata aana aa! i,er SNAR, AMNMS Sta..fa t...«,"n. t.. a..t...,,...,,,«. aws,...,,..,... t..w wu-c»,w.,w+...,...e...,...,... S POPULAR..PROFTABLE- PREFERRED MNATURE TRANS For Parks and Kiddilands - Capacities 4 Children to 240 Adults! MNATURE TRAN Co. Rensselaer, ndiana

57 56 GENERAL OUTDOOR me ROUNDUP THE BLLBOARD TRALERS ON FLAT CARS JUNE Piggyback Combination Seen For Railways, Show Business Ride Men, Take Note... Floyd Gooding says of his Round -Up: "We are very much pleased with the ride. t is flashy and enjoys good patronage. FOR FULL NFORMATON CALL FRANK HRUBETZ & (O.280 se's' 2re Stree, Salem, Oregon Phone TCKETS SPECAL PRNTED ROLL TCKETS... 0,000 $.95 OR FOLDED MACHNE TCKETS 00,000 $39.50 Subject to Change Without Notice RESERVED SEAT COUPON TCKETS GFT AND THRFT BOOKS, SEASON BOOKS AND PASSES STOCK TCKETS FOR MMEDATE SHPMENT WRTE FOR SAMPLES AND PRCES New York Office -564 BreedwaT. Plaza Palace Theatre Bldg. (Shamokin- Phone: ) NATONAL TCKET CO. SHAMOKN PA WORLD'S FASTEST THRLL RDE MeaVal SP NTAROO Sensation, peu, rnoe w dull :42. ride aught ton requiring bars tot HE =:44!.z, r outs.. rr nn. mn cale tale suitable for rltar dari ar carnival onrnaon. om nlel to ar'rt4 /urmnnn toner fer KNG AMUSEMENT CO. ";;, b; The TLTA ve(rl Ride Standard Equipment Features for 956 * FLUORESCENT LGHTNG * Fiberglas Car Tops * Enclosed Reduction Gears P. O. ao. 306 Phone: SELLNER MFG. (O. * Steel Fence Rails Minnesoto ' By TOM PARKNSON r SNT likely t.. be long before some show gets together with a railroad to create a new way transporting of circuses, carnivals, shows and ice nearly any other kind of entertainment outfit The will method use piggyback railroad and cars show -ow ted semi- trailers. That this sort of combination should come off is a natural progressionthe txt step after railroad wagon, and motorized shows. logical t's for the shows and it's other anpotent opportunity in the railroads' efforts to recapture ness busithat was lost to highways. More than 5,000 show trailers could become involved. 34 Use Trailer Flats Piggyback is the system which by standard semi -trailers are rolled up on special railroad cars. flat They are hauled quickly and surely to distant destinatloiu at special rates that make the set -up attractive to net only the but railroad also to tickers and shippers. More tha, 34 major railroads now are active with piggyback freight moves. The idea has caught their fancy like Diesels and streamliners. While the railroads are experimenting and expanding this r_vice, shows have their best opportunity to enter the picture, observers believe. Nö Equipment Changes There are several points to be noted at the outset. One is that piggyback doesn't mean shows would go out and buy railroad cars. The rail lines would supply the cars as needed. Another point is that the shows still would be motorized. The dea doesn't invob a any expenditure or switch -over in preparation. Any truck show could be piggybacked tomorrow so far as equipment is concerned. Cost is -the third point. are There several ways the rails use r to culate piggyback rates. But the ones that count are those based on the theory that it is cheaper t. haul a trailer great distances by rail than to tow t overland. Every Piggyback Operations. LGGYBACK operations by 34 railroads are detailed here. The table shows what types of equipment are used. where it is offered, what railroads each co- operates with and what rate plan is in use. n some cases the cities named as terminals are the only ones on the line equipped for piggyback, but in many instances numerous additional cities also could be added to the list. Certain ones are named here to illustrate what area the railroad serves with piggyback. The same is true of interchange agree- ments with other railroads. Locations of interchanges and other details are changing and expanding daily. nformation is adapted from that prepared by the Associa- tion of American Railroads. BALTMORE & OHO Service RR's trailer -loads at truck- Cars -85 competitive 53 -foot flats, rates. including some on order. TerminalsBaltimore, burgh Philadelphia, Vashington, Cincinnati, Pitts- ndianapolis, Wheeling. Chicago, St Toledo, Louis; Louisville, ing Youngstown, 88 Cleveland and city- to-city others compris- services. nterchange At Chicago with the North Western. BURLNGTON Service Per -trailer fee for trailers line; of also its hauling of subsidiar' truck common -carrier truck rates. lines at Truck per -competitive -trailer rates on points. rail-billed trailers at certain Cars foot flats; foot flats. Terminals Truck -competitive rates Omaha, between Chicago Denver, and St. Paul or Kansas St. City and Louis. Kansas City - Service to almost all major cities on nterchange the road. Being planned with Northern Great Pacific for Northern and Minnesota and Dakotas, with sylvania, B&O, Penn- Lackawanna and Nickel Plate at roads at Kansas Chicago, and City with for the Southwest. CANADAN NATONAL Service lilt's trailer -loads at truck Cars-22 -competitive prices. 52!4 -foot flats. Terminals Montreal. London, Toronto. Hamilton. CANADAN PACFC Rates Less- than -carload freight at n rail rates in Eastern RR's Canada; trailers common carrier freight of company in Western subsidiary truck Canada. Cars foot flats in the East; 55 flats of 4 lengths n the and 48 West. -foot Terminals Montreal, Toronto, Hamilton numerous and points between London; Winnipeg and Vancouver. CHCAGO & EASTERN LLNOS Rates RR's trailer -loads at truck- competitive rates. Cars foot flat cars. Terminals Chicago, St. Louis. Evansville. nterchange At St. Louis with MKT; at Chicago with North Western. CHCAGO GREAT WESTERN Service Trailers of common -carrier truckers at per- trailer fee. Truck -competitive rates. Cars foot flats. Terminals Chicago, St. Paul, Kansas City, Des Moines, others. ((Ulf oì if G) age.ûl motor showman knows, too, the twin that problems of driver ages shortand damage or in loss of trucks accidents makes track ing of troupa sometimes questionable economy. Reaches Show Towns Piggyback service is thru spreading the nation now just 'as service rail itself did a century More ago. equipment is being built More cities and towns are being added to the hundreds already on piggyback - notes. More are railroads entering the field. Today the set -up that was originally available only between major such cities as New York, land Cleveand Chicago, is a daily tion operain the Roanokes, Eau Evansvilles, Claires, Council Bluffs and Fresnos. t has reached a point where enough cities are to served make it interesting to showmen. More Stops Added Policies vary fron railroad to railroad. n some cases, expansion takes in more big cities or allows for : slerchanging loaded back piggycars with connecting railroads. n other cases, more ant snore medium -sized towns are being equipped and scheduled for pig- gyback freight. That means they are with supplied tariffs and other necessary paper- work, hut also that they are equipped with ramps for and loading u%loading. Ramps usually are permanent; portable 'runs" are rare. Piggyback cats are loaded one at a time. Trailers simply are -.sicked onto the flat cars and guyed down. There is no equivalent of pull -up and pull -over units. Nis can one trailer be rolled over a string of flats until the tnick on the previous trailer is disconnected and driven off. Flat cars in piggyback service vary from 40 to 75 fe.t in length. Some haul one, some carry two trailers. Each has a device to which the trailer's fifth wheel is att..ched. This holds the trailer level and helps to hold it firmly on the flat. Most railroads now have additional tie -doer equipment which does not require special fixtures on the trailers. Rails Furnish Trailers Most of the railroads offering piggyback service to routine cus- 'on,ers are supplying the trailers as well as the railroad cars. Thus the Burlington Railroad pick. up freight in a Burlington trailer and this is loaded on a Burlington flat car. The freight rates in most cases are intended to compete with cf those over- the -road truckers. Vhether they charge a flat fee pox trailer or figure some other special way, the result is almost certain to be less than the standard freight rate for the same commodity. Some railroa s accept trailers from regular truck lines. and charge at so much per trailer. This is described as ommon carrier traffic at truck- competitive rates. A third type of service is that by which privately owned trailers are carried by the railroad. This arrangement is the least used -but the one most likely to be applied to shows. n one of the current examples of this type, the Armour packing company ships meats in its own trailers on flat cars of the Texas & Pacific Railroad. There are other variations, particularly one in which trailers are used to carry less -than- carload lots, but they are not likely to be adapted to show use. Piggyback show moves are en- (Continued on page 77)

58 ONE THE BLLBOARD GENERAL OUTDOOR 57 A new concept in comfort, convenience and livability) TWO -STORY MOBLE HOMES King Arthur's Castle is gaudily colored and sports gay pennants and costumed attendant complete with spear. Kids climb up ladder inside the (riel.. and sait is down sliding pond over the moat. n the background s Wonderland's large food installation which can feed up to people daily. SURE -FRE WNNER! Yonkers Kid Village Has What t Takes Just one glance at this practical, modern mobile home and you'll be convinced its the finest mobile home for your money anywhere. Three spacious bedrooms. complete bath downstairs, half -bath upstairs in the 40' and 45' models, gleaming and efficient kitchen with full -sire Kelyinator refrigerator, and a living room arca to accommodate the largest family are waiting for you in these great new Stewart,. Asure se' business, is \Wonderland, the new kiddie village Le Yonkers, N. Y. n addition to interesting structures of exaggerated style designed to appeal to youngsters. th- spot has the advantage of one of the na- t, based on opening tion's richest locations. t is the closest location to New York City for a type of park which has become increasingly popular in recent years. Jack in the Beanstalk, Noah's Ark. King Arthur's Castle. and other children s lore elements are masterfully executed at the park, situated at Cross -Country Center, the $30.000,000 shopping area which has been open now for two seasons. \Wonderland takes up sis acre, some four of whirl. are for paved parking and part of the remainder is occupier, by a de luxe refreshment -atrry. t f ea t o t e s glaurd walls, patio for some 50 umbrellaed tables, another 50 tables indoors. and a cuisine which serves a full range of soda fountain and delicatessen items..hale Fish Tanks in Wonderland's attractions contain several which are bound to stimu- late similar offerings in the East. A standout is the 30 foot whale. This piece, one of those built for the park by Tracy Parade and Display Company, is a caricature with gaping mouth. upraised tail, n,, aside walls lined with aquari tanks. Set in pool of water, access is by wooden walkway o,. which patrons go in order to er,+. the mouth. Atop the body i node sending a continuous sp., of water cascading onto the alai, hack. From aehirld gills two n. chines send streanu of bubl floating skyward. Each bulbo plastic eye contains a balloon e ball which bounces around will the eye as it crosses an air i Overall color is blue, with orar polka dots. Admission price of 25 cents f all ages has worked out satisf, torily. On Decoration Day, se h. weather was overcast with sc :,ttered showers, the park did better than 7,000 attendance. Lobi. has been self -generating. sb there is no comparable amuserr.i place in the city or arrest here r' M New York or lvestehe,ter County. and the sprawling center's patrons have been watching Wonderland's construction progress over the months. For some time, until Decoration Day, there was no admission prix charged, as the operators felt they had not advanced far enough to exact a fee from in- terested spectators. Likewise fascinating from the animation angle is the rendition of Jack's Giant, towering some 5 feet and smilingly holding a harp. Alongside the statue is a conception of a beanstalk flower. When a coin is deposited (pennies. fur now) a hydraulic arrangement shoots the beanstalk some 35 feet into the air and back to its nesting pia ti. t telescopes like an automobile antenna. Defend the Alamo Revenue also comes from the Alamo. Kids can ascend to the ramparts and fire authentic -looking annons from the walls. Also a penny device, this produces a loud report by the puncture of adding machine tape. nside the Alamo the walls are lined with novelty concession stands. The building itself has ndian and tepee figure. (Continued on page 55) Complete with Car -Track -Power Supply READY TO GO E,-orr r-e.,rw.40. eete.eee4m33'.a0,waa3lew. Ch.. abe tean.ne96 n Fonel-edW...34', sr. an, 2', 43'. STEWART COACH NDUSTRES, NC. DEPT. BB BRSTOL, NDANA Your American Red Cross s Always There After Disaster Strikes a A TNKERTOWN'S GAY 90's TROLLEY RDE SAYS: JOHN VCTOR of Westwood California: The sensational response, by young and old alike, to the Tinkertown Trolley Rido has been phenomenal. ts been a terrific money maker for me." See Why This Ride s the Best Buy n the Outdoor Amusement Field Today! RUSH TODAY COMPLETE NFORMATON TNKERTOWN COMPANY 4039 W. 6,k Strew Los Angelo' 43, Calif. NAME ADDRESS CTY ZONE STATE

59 58 GENERAL OUTDOOR THE BLLBOARD JUNE 30, 956 ARROWFLTE FREEWAY AUTO RDE COMPARE WTH OTHER RDES. All wheels run on own roadway -no train type track. 2. Safe low voltage -24 volts. 3. Qualify fibre glass bodies. 4. Heavy chrome trim throughout. 5. Operating lights and horns. 6. Heavy duty chassis with chrome spring steel bumpers. 7. Ball bearing wheels with 'x3" rubber tires. AUTO RDES BOAT RDES ARROW PLANE RDES DARK CARS and TRACK MODERN DRVE UNTS for OLD CARROUSELS STERN WHEEL RVER BOATS Arrow equipment can be used for permanent w portable am usemenit. Cuite. design and maaufatture- Sond today for cur complete catalogue. ARROW DEVELOPMENT f 0 The Associated. /ldiag Specl.l Ridez for "NATONAL" RDES ACCLAMED FOR REPEAT BUSNESS a.[.. bud/ by Nat.enl..., 40 lern a/ arc n.0.n s..arew n te..,,e.ed n< rpla <e. National s Famous for.. A G-pNts KlM..-.e. Cwtrry tse tmmutta t. 'freckle* Troia tno Kola t.eece. Ceram Je, Rolle/ Cower!' K:M4 agp ald 0-Haur D. The Pla.y T Pe-,es! Write lee Dscripflr Clrcl.n KiN Penn Wheel FU '+eety Yd pc. Nn..aOaed Ceashr. Ca...CatomBun to. /enhersw,ces,grtpo for a.g F -. 'mine. Maew A., Oo /avo, Largking Micron Rqu.res a:c, OM WY e MN Chut«NATONAL AMUSEMENT DEVCE CO. 0x Oae YAF Phone Wires. Skca DAYTON. OHO PRETZEL -THE ORGNAL DARK RDE Pretzel Rides -Park or Portable New Dark Ride Rotating Cars Whirlo Ride Cirrus Ride Toonerville Trolley Jeep Ride PRETZEL AMUSEMENT RDE CO. Bridgeton, N. 5, ROLL TCKETS PRNTED TO YOUR ORDER $37.50 Keystone Ticket (o. Áyi" '" 0, ö: $ii:ió s.. Cash wu Ord.. Wick TNS...-s7aoo per '50,C Original All -Steel STREAMLNER TRANS Adult Capacity MERRY -GO -ROUND Adult L Kiddie Size 3 WW SW. Meslrtaia View. California TURN TO THESE RDES FOR 956 ADULT FERRS WHEEL ADULT CHARPLANE KDDE SPACE PLANE TRALER-MOUNTED AUTO RDE ATOMC JET FGHTER SPEED ROAT RDE KDDE CHARPLANE SMTH ANO SMTH, NC. 7PNOVUr. auf Co, Nfw roes CurtY Mn C..t AluminuT HORSES an.rn. rer l.. u rn ne 55 snau M aualin. pl.n., 677 MMr ayn, Cne.w.MS, 00! enetrlc /0 aua aew U.n, M. N...lee rra.. pew KN N. Ol.e/O. alll, aea OO herl. lllmla NAA' Ark has Quaint renditions of animals protruding from the boat windows. Patrons walk up a ramp ore, the mini pool, and view monkey inside cases the boat. Park's final landscaping and once -over will result lawns in g d and schools of goldfish n the ponds. Kangaroo n foreground has pouch used es waste basket. A flock of ducks squats nest to the pool. SURE -FRE WNNER! Yonkers Kid Village Has What t Takes Cuntinucd truie page 57 outside, and has r e a l i s t i c bombed -out appearallee. Certain to find favor in outdoor r r.deasor. are the unique west, basket and lighting fixtures. The stets are worked into comic uodden figures which dot the walkuass. One basket is the open drum of a drum major, another is the porch of a kangaroo, and a third is the open tom -tom of an ndian. flanging from light poles are renditions of fireflies some two feet in length and gaily colored. A Herres e t tube protrudes from the rear of each, to light the park. Other structures include a novel post office which sells souvenir cards shaped like the various park attractions, Noah's Ark. set in a pool and containing monkey eagep, and King Arthur's Castle. The last has iccess oser a moat, and kiddies lease by riding a sliding pond ever the water. There is also a modest zoo on the grounds. and a fully - equipped playground featuring green Fiberglas roofing. This is being offered as a nursery where shoppers can drop kids off for an hourly fee. and take a trackless train to the main store buildings. A feature which President -Manager rwin Rothenberg particularly likes is the *mikemeal attendants of Wonderland, hired on a daily basis. On busy days the place will likely need from seven to 0 workers. The carious structures have attendants costumed in such a way as to harmonize with the attractions. For instance, there is a lad in a French sailor -type suit at the whale, a Davy Crockett at the Alamo, knight with full cape, head covering and long stockings at the castle...aid so on. \Wonderland's balloon concession emit makes a startling appearance. t is a life -sized cutout of a cartoon clown, mobile on large tired wheels. Mooted behind the figure are the air or gas tanks, with the nozzle coming out thru the clown's mouth. Attendant places the balloon to the mouth and appearance is that of the clown nflating the balloon. Mobility allows the unit to be wheeled quickly to ány spot around the park o- restaurant. Licensing being what it is in Westchester. there are no s present which can be classed as mechanical rides, and the beanstalk and Alamo cannons are on styled that it would take a severe stretch of the imagination to term them Arcade pieces. There neuer were two more lavish or expensive coin gadgets. the operators maintain. n fact, cost sticks out all over Wonderland. ts restaurant has broad, flagstone patio. The park is metal storm -fenced, and metal fencing borders the paved pathways. Wonderland. as befits its appear- ance and!oration, was bid for prior to its complete construction. More than one offer has been made for the place. cost of which runs well into six figures. There is no intention of selling shat looks like a good thing, however. Rothen- berg points out. The kiddie sillage, in combination with its Large eatery. will produce a gross business that will grow in cunilmction with the shopping center's revenue. Still more money will accrue from the birthday party plan to be instituted shortly. Mile parties can be easily catered to at present, the intention is to put up a suitable structure for the purpose. Associated with Rothenberg is George Piantaclosi, vice-president - R. S. Krinsky Associates of Yonkers designed the installation. There is a percentage worked into \Wonderland's arrangement said. Cross - County Center. Navel wastebasket s one of the many at Wonderland. Yonkers, N. Y, This one has as its receptacle the open tom - Eno of an ndian brave. Other eon Miners arc the pouch of a kangaroo and A drum of a drum major. All arc it.xals d design calculated to appeal to kiddie..

60 . RDES (UNE 30, 956 THE LLOARD GENERAL OUTDOOR 59 #$. 00' * Mrry(aewwde * Cb.e Chao RA. * s.. Rd. * Kdd. Awes Ask * LW. R.M * pone Cete R.f[ * Arrwy Teak Ride * M..iNV., Teems * Shake Coasters SHOOTNG GALLERES KNG AMUSEMENT CO. MAKE $48.00 DALY b..olm. outs eels. A GR..M rwer t nun Of.non Nana) -four 007 We. woe Lw or N.0 Poor},. Oprt0 raters Parte, Carntrat C.i.bretlona Yee O.. emote sla anr- pbre. e. rl- propelled. An A.l Roretle.. r.vleft red and yellow, lly et lartor. N n. tam nfonan. The n. Very f.e l. war 7. All band `n fits for t for e pa.sneer N... rode or 430 rode. The at...or doublas the nive. We.A Posit balance owe rnubt. a"alo- show news, refundable up. adv... R. F. BURNS COMPANY t tvr.n e. rm.,.,. ew GThe ARBNRCK WHEEL Allateel ronetruclad,.toad. an mprewrt 4 feel kwh el. la reta Galls, Om bourn' c.o. et me All Pa rl mtsrrheot rho. orar rl rml whel Mell. do. alk ano Neer 'ado. rata Peed *a by turd rduttrtal tlol0r, mounted N esos uf.. Atta Nan.. Truca Of lal. moon. Maker. tee Trutt ke nd other Maker anea lawnna,rae M lrrn[tk for rellon Props. uw6ç E6MEßR6 acs Centro Nall, H... P.a. MO,* eln TRUCK. TRALER KDDE PARK RDES Ferris Wheel Merry -Go-Round Whisp, Swing CON RDES Boat, Whisp 7 Engine Locomotive WELD BULT BODY CO., NC ít0,,,,, M toyy MOO[4 rm le. PLY. xna4..'v3xauya h earrmtsuta-sow efid WW aat MOO 40.4-NOVO í MKS run AVOPAN 0e4ARE iauaunpntugrurt(erme : MtitTra(f sltae All tte. wimpm,. WWS/ r.wtt. olattn epm. radr mews.. rr..e. rn..d Y <tr STANDARD KDDE RDES Menu, acup.c. CC i,t,t.:n. t. Pb.e.t GEaeai Herb Dotten They'll Go Out to Sell EHl$ Y die year when bin sod carnivals am be counted upon to do a more ntoner* co hek attrsctioas dun ever before. n of fairs. fainq the night concentration of effort will be pat into randstand dhows, Sorb shift is dictated by the de-! for such News in recent years. Bill Masterson, mane of the Wlscon[m State Fair. Mdwass&ee, viii it year it ttr.. in, intfro,:f,f -he grandstand, _ OLSON by That wasn't enough.. to Bill this year is aiming has advertising and pubbetty fur upon the night show. Bert Powell, press chief for the Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto. Lest year tried something new. He introduced endorsements by Toronto's top newsmen and radio commentators to fire interest in the big show. Bert used the utterances of newsmen on radio, using transcriptions. And. in newspapers. he iced the endorsements of radio men. He figured that thus he would capitalize on the strength of the top men in both mediums and do stronger selling job. Moreover, he calculated, the endorsements would prove more effective than the usual exhibition copy because of the standing of the radio and newsmen. To obtain the endorsements, Bert offered nominal payments to the radio and news men but he made it clear that they could say or write anything they choose. nasmuch as We CNE shaw was outstanding. the result was laudatory ex. pressions. And they sold! So much so that Bert s repeating the endorse meat advertisements this year. Top Book in Carnival Field George A. Hamid Sr., the veteran New York booker, had tried to sell fair men on the dea that the job of selling the night revues properly seas the function of the fain. Some of the fairs GAGHamid, nc., serves didn't agree. And, partly as a result of this -and the fact that some of the CAC.Hamid shows play grandstands on percentage -Use booking office recently closed with a New York public -relations agency to head up the job. n the carnival field Paul Olson. manager and co -owner of the Olson Shows, has recognized that fairs are entitled to gond publicity material. The press book. prepared by agent, Virgil Pierson. has just been released -and it stands as the best book of its kind put out by carnival. Always alert for new ways to build business. the Royal American Shows, thru its able press agent. Frank Morrissey. misses few bet?. The Royal American Shows has taken a cue from the smashing success. Clyde Byrd. manager of the Arkansas Livestock Show at Little Rock, scored the past two years with "Dancing Waters." The Royal is supplying Byrd with the necessary material to repeat his success titis year with \V.tercade," the featured revue on the Royal American. Byrd. it will be recalled. achieved phenomenal results with "Dancing Waters." The first year the show. then with the Royal, played Little Rock. Byrd was credited with whipping up interest in the uater unit to such an extent that it registered a whopping gross of more lion $,000. Last year lie did even better. building a 33,687 take for the water show's six class on the midway... a remarkably large gross for Little Rock. Thought for Ride- Makers Rend turned the trick 'h mailing out many thousands of multicolored envelope stuffers to-customers of Arkansas banks, gas. electric and seater companies. and other outlets with large mailing lists, inserting the malting pieces in the regular mailings of those companies and institutions. This year, the Royal is providing Byrd with eve -catching mailing pieces that pack powerful selling force. These pieces carry excerpts from rave notices by New York City newspapers to Lottie Mayers Disappearing Water Ballet-the feature of Catercade. And. Byrd should build a thumping gross for that show. too. Oddly, most carnivals fail to put much selling effort behind their rides. To be sure, many have photos of such devices. but few shows fall to capitalize on the appeal of their rides. Yet, rides. like shows, can well be the subject of interesting news stories or the basis for equally interesting treatment by radio and TV commentators. Perhaps the American Recreation Equipment Association -the trade group for ride manufacturers -might see fit to undertake the worthwde project of having research done on the colorful background of some of the major standard rides and on the mounting number of kiddie rides. Too, Use AREA' might consider the preparation of interesting news releases which could help not only carnivals, but amuscrocat parks and tviddielands as well. AMERCA'S QUALTY FREWORKS FREWORKS FOR ALL OCCASONS Best prices, best quality of Fireworks and Service. for your C.lebrotion Pork, Fair or Drive-n Theater. Established in 922. Write for free catalog. VTALE FREWORKS MFG. CO., NC. P. O. Box 3 Phone Oliver New Castle, Po. "You, o, n sell from Sky... Only KYTOON n -the -Sky DSPLAYS, bring prospects in from miles around right to your door. tie -in with your Notional Advertising. pre -sell the buyer on his way to your showrooms. reach buyers concentrated right in your trade area. can be flown at low cost, when and where you need to focus sales action. FLY -T- YOURSELF KYTOON -KT 0000 KYTOON, HELUM inflald <aptiva blimp, soon vp a 200 fret above location nflation and mooing.aalpe t+r coat with KT. Sore inflated, l0' /t feat long; 3 inch diamerarr o able feet HB.UM capacity. Complete ends your Trod. Nan., hand lettered an wo a Net long d.sed,able vide gasmen; with now Sala. Slogan, an on. aid of ON 7' a 6' a 9' ditploy banner, an imtrvrtion fold. ay.,. 9 easy to folio. ManS,tpt, la ottmb, pet operation For Fe. Kyfoo. arochiv. Writ., Wiv w pion. T.t.: TRowbeidg CD DEWEY AND ALMY CHEMCAL COMPANY O.Y,O 0. W O.aC CO Cmbrldg 40. M.aaehua.tte

61 60 GENERAL OUTDOOR DESGNED FOR THE WHOLE EAMLY P.wwr M ON, ae...r waer..a WAN 0.,.ee-, re :.a~ng,ww+aa:'rwi»nwe al.. er..ww. ap.; TM ww. Nee: Underwood Corporation One Pork A New York 6. N. Y. THE BLLBOARD ARENAS & AUDTORUMS El Paso County Creating New Fair Around Coliesum By TOM PARKNSON N MANY cases, State and county (airs have expanded their opera- tions to include an auditorium or arena. 'At El Paso. Tex., C. W. Swan. general manager of the El Paso County Coliseum, is starting with the building to create a fair. More than 30 years ago there wan a farmers' fair in El Paso, but nothing like it has been tried kids' rince. For the rodeo past 9 tuts been years. produced n is being the Coliseum; discontinued however. because of that the organization. withdrawal of sponsoring To fill the resulting blank in drew booking on for his earlier Labor Day, Swan He experience and came up with believes that the idea for a the same fair. sort of event other could be buildings, adapted to many particularly those in localities without fairs. EXHBTS WLL BE in the Coliseum superintendent itself. has built The 50 general keep for portable booths, future which events, they too. plan to The booths will be used by Red groups. Cross, Scouts and Working tutu many the other county economics extension agents, agents Swan and has home set up Clubs strong and Future participation by the 4 -H Farmers. Vocational schools also teachers are taking in the part county in setting up a youth While department. El Paso will place displays ponies, of antique poultry, autos rabbits, and pigeons, a hobby Swan show in points an out that adjacent if sick building, a could be building were located not n the available these Coliseum, used too. for an Box seat additional space 40 booth would be spaces. Qinge ) CE RNKS JUNE "BG" MONEY MAKERS ita Mr rra pi, PUBLC NTEREST S Hung+ TREMENDOUS to Rink. now to by rood. prolt. oper.t,nr have proved We producing have fads Du.,ne.wn. and agu Nt;nn, tenon eon of,m-ipu ron,m.w ch.rking. admission., wont Mc. iorr, Let in HD you how sound vow w wo, nn makes a d ncome proilurinr nvmmmt in Hurre ry Rink - Write f4 H. BURGE CE MACHNE CO. 634 W Wash,ml,en N+d Chico90 AFRCAN DP `w n:6' TWA l W. sealer uandlo- u mid. by Cooley CTle,ra. THERE S NO LVESTOCK exhibit in this because it would r tthe Successors to H. C. EVANS & CO. 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"Knew, Everywhere" C..lal.gue m.iled upon rceue.r wtil... G So Danennc.. Mine 76 67,000 ACTVE BUYERS r.. The Billboard Classified columns each week conflict with the Southwestern ruary Livestock Show esent. and Proximity of Rodeo, a Febfor Mexico gives including El Paso a section the of opportunity international displays. There sill be entertainment at that the there El Paso will he Fair. a 25 -cent Swan tells gate. n the a talent contest, a Coliseum stage nightly will be show, air dancing and force's the WAF Band. appearance of the Of course, the Coliseum parking outdoor lot sí space be incorporated included in into the the have fair a plans. midway with There Swan will dozen rides. four stands. He shows and points out 20 thetas concessionany arenas adjacent have space which parking lots could and be other could utilized this be way. used for Even the city event in streets many tosns. SWAN HAS PRODUCED classes of premium book competition listing that the the various crops. fair will horticulture provide. and ncluded are fruits, art. field as well photography as and a other events baby contest, menhoned trophies earlier. will n each cane, be awarded. ribbons and Swans idea, the reversal of the beput fair -to to the test -arena August procedure, 29- will if September 3. advance But he interest points and out work by that organizations and early entries in many of the classes are a test, success is in the bag. Jay Gould Show Opens in owa; Uses 45 Units PERRY. h.-jay Could Circus jumped from Minnesota quarters to Perry to start its 33d season with a two -day stand. Show drew about persons in that time and then moved to Gamer, la.. to draw 2,000 in three days. Show is moving on 45 units, including six semi -trailers. Circus set -up includes 450 chairs, for which no charge is made, and a portable stage plus one circus ring. Acts include single elephant. Flying Willars, Cuy Bitting, Chuckles Facer, Sonny Conroy, Tex Allen, Max McCall, Dot Burdette, Eagens Palominos. Renee Raiber, Robin Raiber's Appaloosa, and musicians. Rides are Ferris Wheel, Merry- Co-Round, Train, Autos, Barrel of Fun, Flying Saucer, Helicopter, and live ponies. There are five side shows, including Albert Nelson, one -man band. Fun House, Mouse Circus and Last Supper. Staff includes Jay Could, ownermanager; Douglas Reed, secretary; Ernest Stibal. lot superintendent and musical director; Ormand Raiber; Patricia Raiber, vocalist; Emil Schultz, transportation; Cleo Rowley, electrician; Tex Allen, parade marshal, and Gloria Could and Bob Creen, calliope players. ARENA RECAP Seaway Boom Helps Ogdensburg Expo. OGDENSBURC, N. Y.- nternational Seaway Farm and Home Show operates at the New York State Armory here June 77 -July 2. Show is directed by the National Home Shows, nc., of Dallas. with John W. Daly in charge. City is booming because of the St. Lawrence Seaway project. n addition to the armory. the show will require two large tents for heavy exhibits of machinery. William Schilling is booking acts. Dawson Creek Plans New 3,200- Seater DAWSON CREEK, B. C.,- The Dawson Creek Athletic Association has started a drive to raise at least $00,000 for a proposed 3,200 -seat arena. Bonds are being sold. Target of the drive is $50,- 000 but if $00,000 can be raised a limited program will be undertaken this year. 38 Years Since Wreck CHCAGO -Friday (22) was the 38th anniversary of the Hagen - beck- Wallace train wreck at vanhoe, nd. Vin Carey, Baltimore magician, caught Benson, Ring. Ringlillg and Cristiani... Dick Lewis, who is recovering nicely from a fractured leg received in his table rock number some time ago, expects to be working again, starting at Disneyland July.! s PANS -PARKS- CANVALS MO Nr hour or Afore eepenr w ptwrble- Swett ap.reu: sets ran. dews. than Dar 765.e. orte la ad halve of.feel unk. unk.a tome. WTHOUT TANK. 650 print hai,ace ro.n..os. ewpint PmnL A. N. COOLEM 2T S.W. FA Ar., Mml, PN. NSURE A CROWD ßa.R.d.a. ttam A: t BUM Parka, Kiddie WTH BRLLANT PER STRPS laaas., dear, fatl.i.r s..n dee. Noe. room, awe ad.erthlwe aiehra- AN aber. rd,.tbloa brawl. /o+ patìsl Bnr aw.rira away aad(òeaa Dia4aw dad maw as jas celer-eea(eanaae.a-ydl-ret&- mail BAER wilt. s 7REE mad. t". rye SCREEN PROCTSS PRNTNG CO. P.O. a Sal - wlchlte, K NSURE A CROWD vc.,.reden., WTH BRLLANT Am`fl BUMPER STRPS NAYS diart noa. ls...n. Maw. wee raw edebrs- Ai gimp elan' W.nldn '. Mwp. rtp rv.lvei, asa. a,ja w s r eadidau. wr di.plwyt.adaw and Too eeas lag-0rvr, aa7:,r-low wlo--asarvices.-enfnfek pp - a, f.:rai.b art t/-`: Or,!, l'rf.,..m;.!. r.vr,7. SCREEN PROCESS PRNTNG CO.. O. et Sil - Mlchlt, K SHOWMAN'S SPECALS 25'. '54 Ve,b.nd, Tain Bath ' SPartw.H., dan. New 7' NMtr et shat D..., all Rodents, yw ansi,. $94, 5900 down and yw hotel WM win NY N D. Ne Norton. Men, ethers M Mickir+n and rlu{de er can deliver CNN h.. Kteries. SEHORN'S FOR MOSLE HOMES T. W. 03Y os FRANK CUMMNS P. D. ana 790 P. O. Box 550 Tampa.,. Sara.«.. Pu. Phan Ph.n. 33 Pitchin' Pele... $250 BASEBALL PTCHNG MACHNES FOR PARKS, MDWAYS 6 BATTNG RANGES CARL KEST' NORTHUMBERLAND, PA.

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(-LtPPNQ PRE54 B:REAO Sl amain Wed Noe Tort 7, L. /ands, haul ()t, 75 larnua 5trw Tawas. lawn 40e Rot 366 tusd Attractive Fluorescent BUMPER SGNS AT GOW FtiT PRt('t.: S PER-4D SER% 7CE 24 N. 355 St. C N- J. Arizona Rise Continued from pate SS akm the first two seer, and Boy Label the third year- mrvtag se CO- oedmatsta. With Down amui in, the maaagsnhfp. Pais America was used but did not supply dui co-ordinators this year. This sear tart record attendance was attained primarily. according to Minh Simpkins, publisher of The Yuma County Farmer and s board member, because of the strong promotion and the featuring tuf Dancing Waten." Ai water it most. pfedo s element to the Yuma av y. the attraction claimed top attention. 'Dancing %Voter was supplied by Pan American under its 3O -week contract to play the attn elks n. Supplies Big Top Pan American siso supplied the 480x40 -foot big top that was used te display more thee N oa.erar dal S L Dame declared that sloes S pet mat of the booth epees idu donated to schools and ea..wtsty reuse agamlxa[im.. Foe the deal, Pan American charged no rental on the big top end the fan waked its percentage On the rides. Demon estimate. that the canvas would have cost the board upward of The fair this tear offered season tickets gaol for the five days at $25. Dads, Rdmtsuot5 was SO Cenlx with children under 2 ad. miffed free. Those buying tickets to the goer, contest weir allowed 25 cents oll 0 the gate charge upon ptruutrtinn of the coupon to the contest ducat. Push rear.tound Use Deas.m moved nto the fait plc tore after working for the Bureau of Reclamation in the land man - agetnrnt division. 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63 62 GENERAL OUTDOOR THE BLLBOARD JUNE 30, 956 Never less than $75 and better than $2000 for 0 Michigan State Fair Days. base been n.bow busmen. for Ott peal nine P.m running concession. on various park location. end will say hen shat 'Battler lip le the finest. cleanest dam that have ever men and hm la ellhoul auelon one of lit Beal money -makers" Men Perun. 74e?,fie CAN EARN $20,000 BATTER -UP A YEAR FOR YOU! EVERYBODY ploys it! EVERYBODY 8! NOW N PRODUCTON: idy dolls or at anywhere -PATL r bas all ho. tor. of ny Mamba. Drlrle aa.a and man, more' W earn 630 0a an hour` l omplelel7 monmalle purhlne and morn of balls' Orm.tamon opsrawnt Sturdy, all metal construction, aunt to last lifetime! Pilelt Mll marls. V eomprt, Uehl newest, foolproof. accurate and foil, guar... ',ire.. nil Mellen baseball.! T.felo on td mble from 24. Kiddielandr in the New York metropolitan area are spotted. Four charted here. of the junior with parks 37 of are in more large parks, than 50 the such remainder installation. being built purely for moppet amusement. Additional parks e.isr in the New Jersey and lions. Long sland areas Kiddielands are outside M elements in map Outdoor boundaries. n many Amusement of Recreation the lacecourses, golf driving ranges, Centers baseball batting which also units, archery. feature miniature and golf business has paralleled growth other of rh amusements. nation's economy Growth of the and Kiddieland leisure time fun. the tendency of Americans to "go some place" for NUMBER LEVELS OFF EASY 0 OWN: $.230 down d.livers unit eampl with bolls. bets... verylhing. &alone. M profits. payments out of trailer teal puns behind soy r.. afeulre poly sae6r. (soar, Only f balls wed m ply Tremndu rmta...erbradt Can b. romplot.0 remaled ready far halm.. n r hour: mos. Nllber as. rmbly or operation require* any me. hnit bnowlednl E. B. 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Wabash Ave. Chicago. llinois GVE TO DAMON RUNYON CANCER FUND 55 Kiddielands in New York Area; Gross, nvestment Top Million Mark By RWN KRBY THE kiddie park industry is New York'f sprawling metropolit ea area is better than a mil - lion- dollar business by virtually any yardstick. t tops a million in dollar value of the rides alone. The units themselves gross in the neighborhood of $ annually. And when consideration is gi "cn to property costs, installations, and investments in companion pieces such as fond equip - n nt and coin -operated devices, the moppet amusement parks rep - reserit an Lnyressive figure in operator expenditures and income. Encompassing neighboring counties in New York and on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River, the district contains spots which are purely Kiddielands, others which are Kiddielands incorporated in major parks, and still others which are darts of children's zoos. There are abolit 55 Kiddielands in the area. Average number of.'es in each is eight, with the number varying from five to more than 5. Averaging the price of individual rides at a low $3,000 exc'usive of ins'a'lation, this brings the total of dollars invested in ride purchases to $,320,000 for the metropolitan :ilea. Two Dozen in Gotham Within the New York City limits there are two dozen kiddie parks. Oste is in Rockaways' Playland, and others are in New Wonderland Park,(formerly Feltman's) and Steeplechase Park, both at Coney -stand. Elsewhere on Coney sland and neighboring Brighton are an additional three or four Kiddie - lands. Besides the one in Playland, the Rockaways contain two other kiddie parks. Giants in the business are Fairy- land on Queens Boulevard, and Kiddie City ou Northern Boule - yard. Most unusual are Nunley's Fiappyland in the suburb of Beth- page. and Fun Fair. soon to open on Whitestone Parkway. Most surprising is Joyland on upper Broadway. Fairyl'and's 8 kiddie rides are supplemented by four adult units. Kiddie City has 4 kiddie rides and also eight of the intermediate or adult variety. Both parks contain miniature golf courses, have golf driving ranges nearby. and offer patrons restaurant food in a building also containing Arcade units. ndoor Spot Unique Nunley's uniqueness is that without venturing outdoors, the customer and children can eat a meal, play at coin devices, and ride a Carrousel, Boat ride, Pony Cart ride, Sky Fighter. and Fire Engines. On the relatively small lot of loyland, operated by Mort Speicher, Fri cis Wheel riders can almost shake hands with passengers on the elevated transit line passing next to the park. The nine -ride Kiddieland is so compact that train riders scarcely see it from the windows before it is obscured by apartment buildings. Fun Fair will be practically the only kiddie park of its kind when it opens, probably before the summer ends. The operating corporation, headed by John Ursini, functions solely in a landlord's capacity, and al; rides are operated by independent owners who pay percentage rentals to the landloard. He, in turn, is obligated to provide promotional work and advertising. Covers 50 Years The history of the Kiddieland business goes back several generations, altho the general public views it as relatively new type of operation. n the many beach resort areas, for instance, children's riding devices we e in existence at the turn of the century. The metropolitan area knows it host of kiddie ride pioneers who remember the old days, ashen a family group had to journey to the beach to locate outdoor amusement units. Today the city and its en-, irons are doted with miniature fusspots. Several retain their old flavor, particularly those operated by the Melly interests headed by Mrs. Miriam Nunley. A few years ago there were five Nunley locations -at Rockaway Beach, Broad Channel, Yonkers, Baldwin, and Bethpage -but there have been changes. State thruway work took the Yonkers location and those ride_ were shifted to a Long sland zoo. The Broad Channel installa- tion was sold. Still, the firm has more than 30 kiddie rides in operation, making it the largest operator in this sense. in these environs. The Old Flavor The old flavor is the dated Carrousel building and hand -carved wooden horses. Over the years, modern methods have made it more practical to cast the horses in a variety of materials, and the changing labor picture has seen the departure of the patient craftsmen who carved figures for Carrousels. Ti.. old ones which remain are meticulously cared for since they present a ;ace of the outdoor musement world a hich has the fascinating lppeal of old times. Of the 20 -ocld major -sized Merry- Co-Rounds in use both in and around New York City. only handful are of the wooden horse varie.y, and :hose horses are becoming as extinct as the wooden cigar store ndian. The kiddie park business has broom by leaps and bounds since Would War, with New York's populous sections reaping the benefits of neighborhood parks. Full - scale amusement parks have intensified their advertising in the belief that i portion of their traditional patronage has been nibbled away by small enterprises

64 JUNE /alb walking dtstan.e of apottwet houses. Field Levels Off For the lust sears following,tr iupmgs of kiddie riles *pet at he r -te of four or five year, until a plateau was reached two season, ago. At thus ume mammoth Clate City appeared end observers held that good locatioru had become virtually esdoct. n fact, development of this industry stopped short then. akdd by set of restrictions imposed by the New York City Planning Coro- vides Canent ties esilobeat acrid they woe conoened with do growth of bládla rids. aid Rolf rinses les 000mrrrial actions n the city's outs frtngea three bad Lose Ott, action on the LHdlriend scene until Undid started work os bis Fun Fair in Queens. t was the result of conskfeable persistence that necessary permits were obtained, red the Whiteston. Parkway location may be the lut available one for good -sired Cid dlrland. t is toss.ep whether Brooklyn,Stock LTHOGRAPHS for- 50 W. CONGRESS ST.,Chicago WASHNGTON AV.,St.louis;3-Mo. MNMUM RENTAL PEROD- S MONTHS TH! BLLBOARD or Queen. hoe the ono Kiddie-!reds Owe both h. ws chasms el the it their becta Of the orne such operation. known la the dominent number u at the Coney island area. Steeple l chase has a kiddie park. s. B.s New Wonderland. w here the Canto brothers Luid on-h. the McCullough' hase a pair of parks. and Mu Sade operates at nearby Brighton. Elsewhere in the borough are Dominic khovinós Stuart Park on Flatlands A%-ertae, Kiddie Wonderland on kings Highway, Peter Pan Kiddieland at Sheeptbrad Ray. the Nettle Bk at the fart of Bay Parkway. art; l,eu Davis and rving MD is park, Fairyland, on Utica Avenue. The Rockaway arma had four of which one has beer. sold rpilliam Aser and moved to ew Jersey. A kiddie park operates es part of Rockaway* Plír lard, and there fi a Pius re% acmes the street. Mort Speicher and Harry Lubin have moppet rides n Anime on.he beach in addition to their Joyland in Manhattan. Mammoth Kiddie City operates on Northern Boulevard in the Doug - last n section, and Fairyland also huge. fronts in heavily trafficked Queens Boulevard. On Cross-Bay Boulevard leading to Rncksway is Playland Center. o vned by rving Greenfield and Gabriel DiTillio. On homme Harding Boulevard is Dream.unde operated by Albert Scs man and Frank Sadowski. Near Bronx Zoo Elsewhere in New York City is Pal -Land, the Palmieri brothers' park on Southern Boulevard near Bronx Park's zoo entrance. Two Kiddielands operate at the Bruckner Boulevard recreation center which also offers golf driving, batting. miniature golf. archery. concession games, Arcades and other amusement elements. Rounding out the New York picture is Bunny's Kiddteland, Bunny and Mack Kassow s place on Eastchester Road, the Bronx. and a half -dozen groupings of rides on Staten sland. Long bland, which has boomed population -wise since World War l, has its amusement needs catered to by et least 0 Kiddielands. The Slinky interests are active with parks at Baldwin, Bethpage and Middle sland. The Grimaldi NOW you can prove to yourself that ice skating rinks earn high profits We will install on your property a skating rink on a rentot basis. complete ce f you hove questioned the advisability of installing an ice rink, now you may install a perfectly engineered, full size ce rink on your premises on o rental basis. All rentals will be applied toward purchase price should you decide to buy after the rink has proven successful. Without any risk, you con prove to yourself that ice skating rinks will gross thousands a week. For full and complete nformation, Wire- Write -Phone PETER CARVER CO. 75 Christopher Strs t Naw York 4, N. Y. WAtklas.52 brothers have rides at their M... pap- Zoo. Two farmers meek., is surd Copiague *ern, by Geor Spoinar bane adfdm'.: Esddielands ao a concession tea, i. Other such parks on the sland are run by Ma: Gruber* in Long (each. the Finkle brothers et; Oceanside, the Goldstein brother M Sryvilk, Nate Feldman n Garden City, and Bernard Stemhack in Commack. Jersey ncluded Not the least of New Jersey's Kiddictnils in the Gotham area are those in Palisades Amusement Park and Olympic Park. n conjunction with Route 48 Drive -n in Rutherford, ocvnni by Phil Smith. there is a 3 ride park and an 8 -hole miniature golf. Up_ in Fair LawMt. a concession Kiddleland fronts die highway outside Bob Deitch's Zoo. When you have seen one Kiddiekind, some observers say. you have teen them all. % 'l -- the belief is inaccurate sines there are wide differences in equipment. Ayout, and other eltmter.ts, there is same truth :. the statement in this regard:, Khddielands in general are here to stay as a vital segment of the atnusement industry anti a similar - ity resists in that they offer safe, wholesome entertainment for the nation's yolc.trn_ N THE BAG Nifty Grosses Continue for Hunt Bros. %% ALDEN. N. Y. -Let Use weather hold for the next couple of weeks with business matching the earnings for the same period a year ago and Hunt Bros. Circus will have bagged and stashed season's earnings. The achievement will come e little later than a year ago but, and especially in view of the unhappy business experiences of some of the tented fraternity, the Hunt family is well pleased with. the prospect. More than half a season will remain to add to the earnings or, at worst, preserve the gains. The show will head into Connecticut for a couple of dates and circle back thro this territory before beginning its annul trek lieu Long sland the second week in Julv. While some dates naturally have been better than others the good business has' been consistent, The.5'ccrt, featuring strongman Jack Walsh, has drawn big crowds erysshere, Ham' hunt. show manager, said. Polack Western Goes Outdoors; New Act Starts FRESNO, Calif. -Andre Patin and Francesco Rinetti made their first appearance here as the Aerial Andres, acrobatic act on a cradle. They were in the Rose Cold Trio and framed the new act to fill ill while Rose Cold recovers from injuries sustained in a recent fall. n another change. Polack Western has replaced the Sciplini chimp act. Fresco was the show's first out - door date, and it played the County Fairgrounds grandstand. Attend- ance built from 700 on the first afternoon to 2,700 on the third GENERAL OUTDOOR 63 a MEAN MORE MONEY FOR EVERY RACETRACK OR FAR? Scott Stodlum Seats will being added profits to fairs, Expositions, Rodeos and spectator th 'ow initial invest. men?. They convert bond board seat. nto comfortable upholstered soot. with backrests. quickly, economically. May be used as o permanent nstallation or on o performoncarentel basis. Fold compoctly when not in use, present no storage problem. Hen s what one tote manooer writes: "The purchase of Scott Pori- ofold Seats proved to be o very fine ment. Each seat provided $6.00 add?. lona' revenue during s nights of rodeo." -Leon H. Norms, Secy.M5r. New Mexico Stan Poi, SX ALL METAL MODELS Write. wire or phone for literature and quotation. today. 73 Middle Street Archbold, Ohio JOHN BUNDY President G General Manager s06 St YOUNG -BUNDY MOTORS, NC. CHRYSLERPLYMOUH AGENCY Lou. Ane., lui St. Loris. ttl Phoney aridre Sits ED MURPHY Sbowmeee Represent attn. Several Mesas end Mode. el NEW AND USED TRUCKS AND TRALERS 'Special F,nence Plan lot Showmen' See Us ter Good Deal on NEW OR USED CAR afternoon, and from GVE TO the final DAMON RUNYON night to 3,000 the third night. CANCER FUND

65 64 GENERAL OUTDOOR "TOPS" AGAN Floss Machines - ce Shavers THE BLLBOARD JUNE Buy the Whirlwind Floss machine and get the machine that s vibrotionfree, trouble - free and so easy to run that a youngster can handle it. Designed to give years of service with practically no maintenance. ts better to buy a Whirlwind than wish you hod -it costs you less to buy and less to run. t's guaranteed to give you complete satisfaction or you get your money back. The SnoKonette is the ice shaver that made the Sno- Kone business. Aaluminum construction, c o n n u t rust, modern, attractive lines that bring in the customers. Lighted cose, three -color silk - screened sign, handy cup dispenser. Can be furnished with folding aluminum door that acts as a shelf when opened. Be sure that the shover you buy is a SnoKonette and get those EXTRA profits. PRCE. complete with pan, $ Self- service lunch counters such as the LeSourdnille one above Lake have Amusement upped food Perk. and drink operates concession Brosses three Middletown. O. Help costs meanwhile by 40% self -service have been at the popcorn, lunch counters, cafeteria and cut by a 20 waffles. dining room in %. addition The snow to park cones and frosen custard are e sold. number of hands at which THEY REALLY EAT AT THS SPOT! 35c Out of Every Patrons' Dollar A Price. complete with dears $42,50 hie without doors You can either buy direct from us or from dealers any of from our coast selected to coast. Our 956 items Catalog in listing addition these to many other money be -saving sent products on request. will Write for your copy and circulars ask for on the special SnoKonette or the Whirlwind. GOLD ll E. Third St. MEDAL PRODUCTS CO. Cincinnati 2. Oe -%nitiple.c Faucet Co. Cervina the Trade Orer.50 egra SELF -CONTANED DSPENSER Draws two different mixed drinks- - COKE or PEPS and ROOT BEER Draft arm draws PLAN CARBONATED WATER (includes electric corbonator and mechanical refrigeration). WRTE FOR COMPLETE, READY TO NFORMATON USE! MULTPLEX FAUCET CO. 400 Ferguson Ave., Dept. BB, St. Loris 4, Mo. HEY! MR. CONCESSONARE smaller nio,r of Me T'S "SNOW MAGC" THE REVOLUTONARY NEW SNOW CONE MACHNE EttN al.matic. 0.:7 tabinot,b,.. door rant tar! bunt in aluminum h. P. C Produce.! over. paws, von. SOO lbs. for of snow per snow hour cones h ANEE(A'S FASTEST- -F(OS (00M(.- EfFClER ONLY $ e o e Dallas AND "SNOW MAGC JR." "Snor Meit. ncorporating all the leaf,,.. of ts b) broths'. ONLY $50.00 P.o.e. Dn., Roth Machine.. ULLY AUTOMATC - PATENTED - GUARANTEED sas 7603 CONCESSON TRALERS OF ALL TYPES STATE YOUR NEEDS CALUMET COACH t 575 S. W.buh chic CO. 28, nl. Phone WArt.222 Cafaleg. voliebte ea request SAMUEL BERT MANUFACTURNG CO. /AR PARK STATON DALLAS, TEXAS Go for Food, Drinks at Ohio Park ALTRO LtSourdsville Lake primarily caters to amusement appetites, close to a million patrons that annually visit the amusement park spend 35 cents of each dollar on food and refreshments. To satisfy this huge hunger and thirst the Middletown, O.. fun - spot has built up an eat and drink system that's rated among be best in the outdoor amusement field. t's built on a foundation of quality, cleanliness and good service and includes a variety of refreshments designed to please any palate or pocketbook amusement zone after dinner. Dazey reports. Equally important to the system is the 25 -seat cafeteeta. Originally a coffee shop that did just fair business, Dazey converted it to cafeteria several years ago and business immediately doubled. Two gleaming, stainless steel counters are operated. From one is served bot dinners, salads, etc., while the other dispenses toasted sandwiches. milk shakes. Bolt drinks, sundaes and other fountain refrehments. Self- Service Clicks The self -service lunch counters have proved to be one of the most successful innovations at the busy park and serve as the model for similar set -ups in other parts of the country. They proved their worth the first year. Dazev found that then the accelerated service, they out -grossed the counter -style food sands by 40 per cent and cut help costs a hefty 20 per cent. The counters not only speed up service but also provide a tighter money and food control, he points out. The customer enters thru a turnstile and helps himself to cannel beer, half pints of milk in carte, or ice cream novelties all display, in open, mechanically- refrigerat,. cases. Also in the open are sit, items as candy bars. cigars, pot.i chips, pretzels, packages of ca' and cookies. Near the end of tl line is a counter where attendal,' serve sandwiches and soft drink. The customer then passes t cashier where his bill is total, and paid. n front of the count,, are long tables where he can stair' Complete meals are served n the dieing room, a cafeteria is available for meals or snacks and three self- service lunch counters operate for the casual eater. n addition, there is a fourth selfservice counter in the ballroom, and eat his catering food if service in the he picnic desires. grove Three and of these a number lines ed are stands operate.: that sell in the park peorn, waffles, proper and a snow nurth cones and located in frozen the custard. ballroom, is used. Don Dazey, progressive manager of LeSourdsville, admits that the food operation, shim vast, isn't the most profitable part of his ing service in the business. He lias picnic grove. fount!, however, that its invaluable in promoting the annually hold park outings and there also builds grosses f on the fun request that zone. picnic lunches or normally not interested in amusements, to the park. And many of these patrons are converted to fun zone visitors, Dazey saes. srs i DRECT DRAW eiv DARt FREEZER VORB W.. roa roll 40MA,ON GENERA EQUPMENT SALES, NC. t lag STADUM Dtel NDANaPOS, ND. SNOW BALL dispense A canned beer, Style and Size pretzel for Every l Need potato chips and soft drinks. Wrifo vor ful! porticuton Another facet of the food opera - CLAWSON MACHNE tion at the CO., NC. Dazey park is the cater- P. O. Box t Flagtown. N. J. Many of the industrial firms that A eqm_"_` 2 POPCORN e chicken dinners be 0 served in the Top eating 0 S spot on the grounds shelter N houses. O As many as,'700 -CONES 4 is the 275 -seat limn room, which people can be fed in this fashion. 0 COTTON CANDY OA not only caters to park patrons Fast service is stressed because CANDY APPLES / but does a whopping banquet, nothing aggravates these people 0 and oat, luncheon and party business. The more than waiting Dazey point. / Fgvfpmnr A Supplm majority of the service clubs in the out 0 g area eat in the park during the LeSourdsvílle Lake has built its summer and 0 in tons of food fried reputation, particularly. its chicken, 0 the specialty of the dining room. to a point soliere it 0 SEND FOR FREE CATALOG house, was served most of t VCTOR to the now competes directly with many 0 POPCORN SUPPLY CO,,,, w. n. v. 0 special party trade. And many of top -grade eating places in the these groups pay a visit to the area. This has brought people, Pnene as-asa

66 DUNE THE BLLBOARD GENERAL OUTDOOR 65 REFRESHMENT CONCESSONS MNT NEW PROFTS -for play park operators :LP S 2 Ausemed-Atkr) o a JM A E k 4.4 d alfa' gi dremcas g Vide» -on afry otdcloordpow palit 4om taesbnein4 can egad or exc6sci pa/k9e,taik),7,/c44-a Wherever people look for recreation, they ook for refreshment. too. For refreshment and amusements go hand in hand. Movie theatre operators learned it long ago. And across the country, refreshment profits are topping their box office net. Make refreshment available, and your patrons will welcome it. Give them what they wantpopcorn, candy, ice cream, Pepsi-Cola-they'll buy and enjoy them all, on your location. Remember, too, that Pepsi-Cola is an old friend. National Sales, Pepsi-Colo Company. 3 West 57 St., New York 9. N. Y. More people. in more places. are asking for Pepsi. than ever before in'history. lt is the fastest growing beverage in the world. Tie in with this money-making trend. Let re freshment concessions work for you. Pepsi's small concession bottle or bulk syrup will mint new profits for you. Your local Pepsi-Cola bottler will be glad to give you valuable information and assistance. Call or write him today. Let your refreshment concessions grow with Pepsi-Cola, the fastest growing beverage in the world. _LigkE regeslthemb

67 66 GENERAL OUTDOOR THE BLLBOARD - FOOD CONCESSONARES SELL PRONTO PUPS (d 540. rontnup3 con" ro con" /aae rar S RTE TO 20,000 Pronto Pups sold per day at Minnesota State Fair! ,000 Pups in week at Oregon Fair! -955 Big Profits -Big Votum S years of dpendabl sric Scientifically blended mi. hr. mills to reeve yea America's ORGNAL "Net Deg n o Stick" '"PRONTO PUPS'' end ' PUPS' ore reg' d trademarks PRONTO PUP COMPANY 204 N E. SANDY PORTLAND 3, OREGON PORTABLE CONCESSON STANDS! Mo. n heave lumber wettans - 4 t eet., Owe& eurem, r eh...wmm4. Dearer sr ahne c.e4 sl.n4 tw. rneee, wenn r hnh r T a4. r. t Poi. l Na. M Nber CMcewn ts*na. *.anom nm /tev00 tv _rn.m. Weil. fer FREE Li toraler En.i an can b. added t WRGHT COMPANY ECONOMY PRE- FARCATED BULDNGS FOR All USES, Cenale Cn, Are. 'Achill. a -02, Cbkap S..n... Concession Supplies for All Events POPCORN PEANUTS SYRUP SNO KONE COTTON CANDY SCOTSMAN CE MACHNES SUPPLES and EQUPMENT WRTE FOR 956 SPRNG CATALOG LOGAN CONCESSON SUPPLY PHONE: CHERRY EAST st. TULSA 20. OKLA. COTTON CANDY SNO f KONES POPCORN Our 555 eafolequ Aas bee. moiled vryuno on our mlinq t5t. f you hove oaf recvd yes. copy, please.h for t. The rw colologw effe's for the firs time many new tems that you horn world, all at money -seing prises. You always got top quality, lowest sakes and th. lo.',t..r,iu n the busin.s when you stool with Gold Medal. GOLD MEDAL PRODUCTS CO. 5S E. Third Sheet CRci,ROH 2. Ohio KERNEL PRUNTY SAYS: '-when you buy Popcorn. be poniculor. Pour. n4ä re thee. rani -Pop King Nun..., Golden 0..,,, surer Meths end 'Rush Now' Mammoth Y.fkw. POPCORN Send for my price an of tombs. Panut* in the.hll, Echols Snow Con Mo-. chines, Star Popcorn Martin.., Roasters end Fee4 Serving tquipment. Abe hogs. con. machines, Prunty Seed & Grain Co. 420 North 2.d St.. S. Loa(. 2, Me, Popcorn Procer.or8-0 Our 82d Year - SAVE MORE MONEY MAKE MORE MONEY miaow. The Staul 00T l WAREHOUSES-C HOT DOG on a STCK lann.m Notl,w ved. Ca. D0 lbs....$25.00 col. 300 lbs crt..000 lbs cut. RevWar.r new Coo., /.-, /e r. lene lar 04,4 information. PARTY BATTER CO. OM Arlan* T*rrr 4, Hollywoo4 W.C4 Make DORE Your MDWEST HEADOUARTERS for all your CONCESSON SUPPLES d EOUPMENT POPCORN SNO ONES COTTON CAND' CUSTARD TM 47u07 a rom stem*nra DORE POPCORN CO. SPT W. North Av.. Chic. W,. DOOLAN'S FNDNGS: Eats, Drinks Gross Sixth of Total Take WHEN a Kiddieland's eat and drink business accounts for one -sixth of a six -figure gross that's big business. M. J. (Mickey) Doolan's food stands at bis highly successful Creen Oaks Kiddyland in Chicago's suburban Oaklawn consistently grosses that much thru satisfying the appetites and thirsts of ils patrons -both young and old. Doolan attributes this success to a simple formula-serve a limited number of high profit food and drink items of top quality. As he puts it. " don't serve anything that h "Drs ld ' ` eat my- Sell... ed. n addition to a dally general clean -up and waste cans spotted in prominent places, the help is pick -up conscious. As a result, even on the busiest days -and the sprit has drawn as many as 5,000 on some of them -it is rare to see any waste paper or discarded cups cluttering up the scene. On the quality kick, the veteran ride and Kidrlielaud operator says he can't take chances on serving an inferior product. f you don't satisfy the customer's appetite, you'll lose his ride business, is the w ay he figures. Altho limited, the Creen Oaks' Boston Arena menu is designed to provide pop - ular refreshments under cuy Skeds Rodeo \CK: l`:x).av.'.icher conditions. %%hen the n serature rises, ice cream Awiches and three flavors of :c drinks go fast. On cooler s and evenings. when appe- sharpen, hot dogs. popcorn floss are the big sellen. Accommodates Customers The only other items handfed cigarettes. gum, peanuts and iv beans, are sold thru coin - rated sending machines as an.,jmmnodation to customers. Quality wise, Doolan believes buys the bat frankfurters as..ilable in the Chicago area. He also pays a premium for his buns. A name -brand soft drink, served from nine electrically cooled pumps and limited to orange, lemonade and grape flavors, are served at a dime a cup. He bas found that serving popcorn in a box rather than in a bag enables him to get 5 cents for the product. Candy floss. the highest profit itern in the line, sells well almost all year at 5 cents. After experimenting with chocolate-covered ice cream bars and factory prepared cones, Donlan this year shifted to ice cream sand - wiches. The ice cream s delivered pre-cut in bricks and the sandwiches are made up as they are sold with twe fresh wafers. le also handles dime cups of ice cream but the sandwiches, which Lring a nickel more, are featured. Drops ce Cream Bars Doolan believes that chocolate - covered ice cream bans are too messy for youngsters and pre - prepared ice creiun cones become tough and unpalatable if held over fcr even one night. Aldus a limited menu keys his operations, Doolan dispenses the refreshments from two separate buildings, both located in the center of the rides. One building is devoted solely to popcorn and floss. The other one the hot dogs, soft drinks, ice cream and vend- ing machines for the cigarettes, peanuts and gum. Cleanliness is continually stress- For Holiday.'s'. lltk -TTe Lighting J. Ranch Rodeo. owned by Harry Jockgrs and managed by Joe Dale, is set for the Boston Arena July.8. A benefit performance, with the reported backing of the lieu. tenant governor. is set for July 2. Cool press, television and radio coverage is anticipated as a result of the tie in. Daly said roegh stock numbered 48. with competitive stock likely to double the number of animals. Features will be Joe Phillips. Smokey the tinsse and Shep the The show headquarters at Then, N. Y. 20,000 View Beach Fiesta NF,\V S \YRNA BEACH, Fla. -The annual Seaside Fiesta climaxed with the selection of Frances Layton. of Callahan, Fla.. is Miss Seaside Fiesta of 956. Miss Layton, oho performs as an Aquamaid is the Cypress Gardens show-. topped a field of 2-i entrants before a good crowd at the Boardwalk arena. Chamber of Commerce manager W. J.- Cozens Jr. estimated attendance at close to 20,000, more than roe third from out of town. Pre- ceding the Saturday (6) events, Margarethe Sawyer, local 3-y'earold, had won the Miss Smyrna Beach title. Other attractions during the four -day celebration ind-sdrd parades. a water ski show. a kiddie beauty competition, fire - orks and the annual coronation ball. 'Waters' Set At Dog Races DA%TONA BEACH. Fla. -A "Dancing %Yater" unit is booked at the Volusia County Kennel Club for a ton -week period for two nightly showings in the dog track infield. First performance is a pre-race attraction; second is designed in hold the crowds for the late runnings. Publicity director Bill Powers states tint while attendance figures compare favorably with last sea- 505'5, the pari- mutuel handle is slightly off. This confirms the opinion of other Florida outdoor amusement operators that per capita spending is dosen from 955, and that increased volume is necessary to maintain an equal net. )UNE 30, 956 Bordens Takes Elsie Exhibit Off Fair Trek NEW YORK -Elsie will not be going to the fair this year, despite being housed in a striking trailer display which has drawn wide comment since its unveiling in 955. The Borden dairy symbol in past years has been a popular element at many fairgrounds. 'The only outdoor event it will he shown at in 959, however, will be the July Fourth Barnum '?estival in Bridge - port, Conn., the company says. ts last fair date was at the Florida State Fair in Tampa. Elsie will be used noss almost exclusively in local market focal points such as dairy plants. The truck -mounted exhibit, being more mobile than previous displayer hauled by train, makes short dates down to one -day stands easily feasible. The exhibit is hooked thru October, with no fairs on the list. a Chet and Dot Morris. who had tent show, are at Kerne, \'a.. where Chet is recosering from a broken back. He once sis a trick and fancy rider with Buffalo Bill and 0 Ranch shows... Gordon and Nielle Spangler are at St. George, S. C., after playing schools recently with a \%'esters act. Spang- ler 'seas in vaude"at the Great St. Billm.n, and his father sas a oellknown med shossman. SNOWBALL Flavors and Supplies STLL DRNK COMPOUND ROOT BEER COMPOUNDS POWDER COLORS ACD SOLUTONS CTRC CRYSTALS AMCO TN SPOONS WOODEN SPOONS PAPER GOODS STRAWS SNOW YEE CUPS COLD DRNK CUPS HOT COFFEE CUPS NAPKNS PLATES RAGS EQUPMENT ECHOLS SNOW MACHNES SYRUP DSPENSERS DRNK DSPENSERS SNOW BALL CARRERS ELECTRC CANDY FLOSS MACHNES SEND FOR PRCE LST DERR BROS. 7 S. STH ST.. OONYLLE. ND. Phone: 2 MAKE MONEY with a "SNO-MASTER".K n. mhln K mnc, f m*talloh.alfh n lows. 4 n7 Nnllary uo. Only $65.00 Dean 2 year guaranis. FASTER Sno- Master Mfg. Co. M R. Nokina r.,, M.

68 TUNE fair Dates L L 6Mar ( )pvrighted 936, The Billboard Pub/Siting Co. A 55 s /48. :.-.a Pate n. Ara Oct. ran Aeaa am deg. 004 Ar a -Sewn O. Nr Aril Oet 4 Aar OM i hn rtta Ltra[t6tJLLWao Lbte r'alr, fol Talla.da Co. Pair As. pl arrea t7a Pair Was soot H man CO Pill Ara. Sept 55- rw. Meug. OR Pur. tar_ Dew Ba.ter. Peas. h«ru Oct 4. 7Ca Pale P.. Ott Men mamma Mate Pale Beget a Jo4bea _ d. Pale Art Ost O Ranima d htr Aeon Mr 7WM. CWOML SOL 4.0 On Pair Tennessr Marts Dickson sal Alarma Pals. dept N- OBMtla W Suaeece. alagrn Pal, Arn. Sent JoaMa Newan. Hater Colt Male htr. Oct 22.. Rahtlly Pe hlabama htr. Oct l -ü. stun, Ce, Aga Pule OK. J. P. a5ereon. d. Pail A.A. Sept 4- JasM Thomas. Alabama Pate. Oct M W- OWwy. Os. Apt Pale Ault. Oct. t -g. Raker n d. Pale AM* Oct D. Sollars KteOa Co. Pale Assn. Oct Rea kw Co. Pair Au*. Oct. 540 Riley <WON.- Tutralooc. Co.. 4 -M. Slu Dula.. htr Ana. Arizona boo Co rait kw. Sept. Rub Skinner. Steal* Co. Pale Commlulon 0 -ft J. R. Mlle,. Mohave Co. htr Assn. Sept awry Aa list. Pale. Noe C. Quilt - Tmnpal d. rue A«n. Sept. it- Ana Towltand, T.., Co. Pale, tee. Aptll 4 Arkansas la- -Clfrt Co. Pale, Sept_ 70.. e De.. Woodruff Ca Pate Assn. $apt Qrin McMahen. ndependence Co. Pair Aura. -4. lees dartel Oral. aline Ce. ran Assn. dol W tou llre.nwn Co. M. Buegtr. Pals. dept. -il le- Carroll Co. htr. Sept. 44. R. Tabor. Orale- NOrtheasl Ark. Dut. hit Seps Raleigh leaner, 5JM Co- Mt Livestock Sep, - M. C. Reynolds. it-johnson Co. Pale Au*. Sept P. J laattne5 Co, C, hit. Sept SPN. Jones. pa -Vage sum Ca. Pal, 8ep, 2. ß O Tomlin.,. DRiuM -Yes Os. M. htr. Sept. 24 -g. J. Z. Chamber.. DOOS*an- -.alfa Ci Pair Urntoet í60p SM ra, try Dorado-Dralon Co- Lives. * di Poultry Olt Ouy O. D.. n K A. O. RaoocJler. YMtatWd-- Washtagtoo Co. ',tr. Sept 0.lR hit Wn Mpt.,7LL L o Graham. Ulllr barer Co. htr. Seps. T- OauM [ raise. rllf.all City -8t. RaerM Co Pate Lim- 00rí Wow. Sept.2. W. W Draper Jr. owl Sett* -Art -OM. Ltentack [too Ofwood C nt, Paul Co Pair %asan- neat. n- ee Whist Caasady. 7W hemp-- Otrlsnd Co. htr Seps. T- 4. Mews. Mana.4.-Aahley Co. Pale. Sept. t7ü 'fis aetatoa ar t-rainsett Co. Mi A. mn Mdba lee Moore. An Sept trtlor t Art. Dut Pale 50K l dem s *lot tyrmp-- CUturw 0. Rit. tipi - YrfN a4 Msd 757K. --W lan Co_ Pale Ltn.toet Ow Sept. se.n. lin. George down. wren. Ca Pur. arpt. 7-8 wtap Co Pair Ara Dept M. htr. Sept 4 Plrauaton- Ala0uds d Pur. Joad 2- JOG Wray L Berlatlos. hu. Aut 4x MWre-- Ceurbea0 Co. Rost -Art. Urrstoet Mum. Oct t i Clyde t dyed- Sr 0 ate Co. Pall AM,. dept 2- S Mrs. W J Tricky la_cmbla Co. Para SW. N- W t Wlnt.mwn. been -itnr 9prfnt C7 Trask. T. Arnold_ NS Assn. Sept Fad,. Co. Pate. dept. -M Rte?U- Van Mater. waste -tard Co Pale Aue Dept M- a. M. doss 5.a,.t -0.5 Ca Rot htr Lured. [Sea. drat -. R W it bila Wrrot.-OaM Oa Pall Asa. OWL. Cana. Darla Maaumide -Deese C. P. Ws Br. S 8 Jae* Meehan Mwntal.. Bra- aetoe a Pur Ama Mea. L a Ova?. Msau inn- Mmrrr7 Co. Pak..65 Pros Mel LMatefa, M.atw.0 VMMT-Otwo C. Poet Pay Aar. YU J. L Oast MdaSrr- erwilerd 0 Pate asa Sy* RMStW- 0yBRuaswtOMKD.. rate. 8st. e/l Reeóra7a/r Oa Pau Ucrtti Yee. SeRl 4 Made Rafla haal![ 00. Pale. Bel ]R. flay Johnson Farts -- NeNts Loma d. Pale Asa Wei 7 -n Van P.s*t*OMa terres... -Pony Ca our Aar. AWL, R 0 tr Wu. ft Ca ra lcu, u r Au. MM. fí Petaienua- la.d«ph d. Pate AML Sept. C. td,chr4 Lat 4t. POrrts -Mnads Os Pale. Dept. U Osa Wylie P* -Oromo Co Pale Sept. J. T. Sim Rs.Wl0Ule -Pop C. VW Ans. Sept - bert Rifts. Mare, -WhM co htr. Sept soot L /std.., runt Srmpe- Latayem Co Pale Jrrtaat Show. Oct -4 brio. Thomas Mar Clt,- Unaoln Ca Pale C L nah. Wattco- dr.dn, Co Pair it Rod.. Omit g -g John Nei. * Croc. Co. Pas. SW.. Bote RaMru TehUle -Mara* Co. Pale Assn dept. S- L Mn. Burl Kt. California Anderson-8asta O.trlet htr. Aug 0-2 Jorph J Speer. Angels Came- Co.50, Co. Pan. May 7- ]0 Call T MU. Antioch- Contra Cots Co. Pair. Au0..0 Norman D. 5054boeg. Auburn -20th ont, Pair. Sept. 42 R W. Towers_ Ratenneid -Rer* Cb. hit Au* Sept. M- M. Wam A. Mreub. Whop- 0.tosn Writ Ttl -C.. Pale. Aug -6ept.. O. P. Darla. Boonville- Mendoeteo Co. Pate App Shoo Sept R. J. June Cuuaga -Naga Co. Pur. limo 7-July _ Roy P CedUe -MOdoe Co Pale. Aug. )4-. Roleod J. Christiansen. Chico -Silver Dollar Pair. May 4-2. tic Warren.. Cbotehtlle -ChaTehUla Jnlnot Pttr. 74, 0-0 Edward R Cirnden.a. Cotta. -Co:ues Co Pelr. Jaw 4-7. Robert Rd. Costa Me.a- Orngee Co. Plitt Aug 0. R M. C hllen.lder. Crewel sty -Del Norte Co Fitt 4-!l C. W Clover. Del Mtr- douihern Calif Lipeslloo. TOM -July L Paul T Mann.. Duos -Dteoa May Pair. Ma,.4 Sob McClure meta- Rederood Ann lur June 7Jnl,. Ralph H. dunes. 7.,050- Humboldt Co Pals. Au, 0 - Dr. Jonpb M. D. Htndly hewn* --Rbno Dut Palr. Oct 44.7 ti Dodge. lil Ch.A. Al. Orasa VWy -70 Dut. WO Pair Aue 27.2e. rdtth d Scott Gridley -Butte Co Ooldp Minder Pale Aug. -Sept 3 Joeph Z. Whitaker. Hanford -Hinge Co. Pur. Sept. -8. ils [3*g. Hayfork-Trinity Co Pale, Aug, 740 J D. Hom. Nemec --Otb DK Á00L Assn. Aut Dad Nelson. LMg City -embu Valez lair. May. L. L Barat Lakeport -late Co. Dirt Palo. Aug.. dept. L Pb? Lewis. met. Lancaster- Antelope Valley htr astlral Sept. (J A. 0 Mar7uerdt Lodi -aá Grape?WSW Moll W., dhow. Sept. tt -l. C. B. Jackson. t... Angeles-Gntt Wefur0 U/WOe dhow. Nor. 45. A. M. Mathews Latino Ave. Los Han.. -Mated Co Oortty Pur L W- etock My f -ü. dom OpO. McArthur- atermonnitln Fair of 0ha.0 Co. Sept. -. (Sorge doram. Me4ers- Madero Dí Pair. Sept 704 t W Dixon blatte 0- Mtrtlwst Co. Pair. Sept.0 Dal. Cl wybell Merced -Merced Co Pair. Aug W O Monterey- MOntem Co. nu. Ana n -M Crotte T. Wire Napa -Napa Out 7alr, Aug 5- Lowell La niton. Nordrldge Fernando Valley Pas Aug 0-dept Mao P. Scboated Otlt04 -Olen Co ran Mol li -t. R [ Walter Paso Robles -8ms Lou Obpo Co. W Aug- 3, a0en0 W. Lewin. Petelumt- P«lrtb Dut Pale. Aug 2-7 Dom Poltro PlscenWe -[ Dota.. d. Pate. Ao.. 7. l5. Gay Davenport nysoutb -Ama400 Co Goals L Watt Pom00 -Lr Angeles Co Pair. Dept M C R Aftl.Naett DUtaey -Plumas Cs Pali Aug Tales Scott Red Blatt -- Terser Co. P.U. Ang. 24 Jowls A Warm. Borellive-aide Co Pur Aug. t]. L W McCls, Buruanto 400ramrOa Co Pole. Ju, Robert M. BLo, P 0 dos 77. Oak P. ea Sacramento-Ca: Mate Tali expou- RETAN THS LST Cur 7.00íu and additions tu this list will appear in elfe Fair Department of each issue of The Billboard. The nett complete list of Fair Dates will be published in the June 30 issue of The Billboard. THE $LLUOARD Sts O O f Mewl Dotar T P P. da Peana+- -Oral WW JwM.s Sea Oo Ow. Sm. SW Sp. S Cams d. ra. SM. t Yr L har W lrr vane. d Par Ara and. Walaa M. WM Soo. Oa.Ws S rimes non Oar oleo raft. My t-i Moore O TM Saga MM arur. d Pl V érdp 4. WM. MM P. O M Ml. UMW llaid-saa. Bra Vale. Jtr 4 Maldhods M L Waa. lbw. AW. M.M. A WM P. At/ H C O Mea404 - doodad d Pat Ws -.4wRrlar d Pan Jeers U0aala e \040 Oa r5. Sept ta-! J. 'MK Tuàats -B.w Taaq rau MM. 4t WON= a w.sta*m. ulawk- la0myy Dui Pah. Wg tx a. MOMS U2s OML rah Ate S -t P. Fete TaNJr -55*. Cc rate hi, S-S Peed >< Sn4rlls..5.,- TOSitrs A rate. Oct.. L Toe RSns. TLUnDO -Ma BrsvM. Oa rate OM -. Ors RAOrL.a. W.Mats-aeta 0550 Ow Pilo. Sept N47 L P Jaws. Waa0MM -Tote C.. Pur. a Saari Walte Trots -Buoy. d VW Ay 7 -l Rd- ward Wtsegra Tabs Ctty- T.M.mtter htr. JTl7 -. Rey L Welch tums-7om C. Pair Wen 02 Rant M, Down Colorado Akron -W.hnseten Co, Pate Mea lag ü -l. Alfred R Ga.U., Brava Accoda-Anada Hewitt Papptal Sept 7. Areada Jeffenon d Pale Ara Aue ü Wale, - H dtelu. BrlOhdre- Adotas Co Pas Roden. Aug. Bas 40.4 O rter -ardn Cie ores 5[0. Jl Y-0O h. PM, ar ru Owes Mt TlYlr Pate a. NS N.t& tells O..Mrelt6 agra- mi Pur Aeea.. ass T -u FM 0 wigwam. Peas Oa Oars Cuir-rmsimu Os MN Wte 4. WSW L OW* Leta H OWS awytla.csop d, std. Wawa SM 4. R. P 0.o.. Oagdo Orra -2W Oa Pate. 0 llwfe -r W. 5.íy Pan /MN M h rate. 005 a -0. Ala W awa Doe'er Oa 4 Pale DSenye -4 Mod d rah Ws. Legt -. B..q/ rlarwr[ ON. -ODatt D. M Pate GENERAL OUTDOOR 67 Sept T T. WO.. Orly 4alta.- lataemna0talt hl artet A. Patr. At0 H t 0 We dtla got Oewta7 -WA0 d. Jr Me. Ay 4 Well OWL Rat was Oa hu Rod. A4 4 OM A illarrelor R «:,((.: t7assulty ern Sett 7, W;..- Pattie. R«eotd- 0íM d Patt. mag 04 R [ [.melde. [e its Pf. d. M.A L M. Jerrie t0nast R e ro hu A. un Ate J udebes M Co G r4kt0co Pate Aua. We. Oste J Wawa. [Mao-Mn Co Pair Mfr $bat Rase. l Jaws. LW. Ant 04 tsar-- 7'ttor. Co Prt. Pair. ut M- OM.. Altan R hit Las Animas -Rent Co. Pair Rode. Al y ta -A4hoe ro Co Pale Asta Aty 0.. Pore. Rams. lan.mant- Realen Co. Pah Aug.. Reed Wattre. LoWsn.- Lammet Co Pate Rodeo Aug.7. L R Palmer. Malort - Coned. Co late Asan Au7 le- T Meatus 0eí.04. Mater-Rio Co. Pate. Ang -Sept. W0am Murray. Mntu- Costtl:l Co. Pale Mu Aa4 7.4 t4ru 40.0 r Wm LAta ML 444 A. J Choy AfMr/a d Pur a -t -a L O Ar We Mad hic. a0l.4. W. L SSW tsit.osr57 d. Pate Aar. Lat L YiiOSlaw{M 0OL 0a. hat Y4oa. Ay ll. S. Pl 0 --Aft VW. Pale Wete. ro/l DlP MLL MO Co Pair Ara ay.. LL L 5MMa Ted R. R/u Md tost-t a d. rear Trail ROOwLOF. Rata!- Ana 04,4. J0 OO llaalta Jr. WOarM0rWN llwaaau TWy rue A «a. Aft. ll. Jasa R Doge. Tear -Tw d role Rod. Ay LL ATTENTON! al Dtl Johnsnit SertM -Berlin Co Pair an.okk Serua-- Sertz Orange Pan- Rot 4 -i. M7a Berber O Lamb O oeda- RNhten.m Pall Mel Ai Asa S mite S Bttdge.a00 Ceo Milt Awn, Aisg. -5. Wlu /t..4 R 'Mart Mit lys- RRatl70 Pair A.A. Au Mra M0* A A0e ? hie Wauaa O Mark OWWia- Col0mbt Pair Ave -M Wa0 Rmmbotll. n, Dcpt Dr00ey- Danbury State Pale Mol - Oel. T Jnn0 W Loth, Mama Grater- Durbem Pale Ann Boot M -M ln0m Ott. D5rtAa- Mlddlerf Co an Clos Tate Lawton Ann Aug 7 - Carol Leo DW Bampan- Raddom Noel Pale Mm. S ept Leonard J. 0.4., Orhan- -Oosne* Apt Lae dept. Lester 502äu50 oa0ford- Otlllord Pstt Assn Sept. Marte [ Crimple lembur4 -Leap Orange Pelt Atol Aug L.rold Myeard bnelnan- 0reetnton Pate Oct Wale R Plaskett Led,.rd- deleard htr Msn. Sept L Oenrge MANAGERS OF FARS & For a CELEBRATONS Sure Fire Attendance "Shoot the Works" Pull the crowds out and hold them with Fireworks Kids from 9 to 90 love Animated Fireworks Pt Our.notate now animated Ground and Aerial Fireworks Progra.. No. 6-O contains the follow- ing features. *A 'Turn Key" 5.werka contract including labor, lumber. tools, liabilmy insurance postim bumper stick.. od-...sing, rain-out clou. and background music. PARAMOUNT tt The world, most beautiful selection of A.,0 Shs, including our now "Paramount Splendor.04. 9eatui'in9 A COMPLETELY ANMATED 3 RNG CRCUS N FREWORKS! RNG NO. "ELEPHANTS BATHNG" RNG NO. 2 "THE MAN ON THE FLYNG TRAPEZE "' RNG NO. 3 "'TRANED SEALS" c)-,tact A Anirwot.d ground scenes including "Stogelo0ch Robbery;' your favorite comic, "Earth Satellites.' "Robin Hood" and many ethers. Ficewecks programs to lit your budget. Tell u. what you can spr.d. W. have program rhos fits your needs. FREWORKS CO. P. O. BOX 272 PHONE: Riverside TULSA, OKLAHOMA

69 68 GENERAL OUTDOOR Lyme -Hem.. Pe. &ern. Nu. Mrs. Hanel Start. Mtdleon- Allure firmer. Fair, Sept.. Richard SeRnetdtr. Marlborough- Yariboroues Orante Fatr. Aug. XL Mre. Gladys S. anent., RFD 7, E. Hampton. Meriden- Meriden Orante, nc. Sept 7- a Mrs. Bertha B. Ttnkham. Mentie- Hrmony Orange Palr Au A Mre. Balle Lucia. North Haven -New Haven Co. 4-8 Fafr Asap. Aug, 0 -. Susan Trost. Nar. Haven -North Haven, Etpe Pair k "22. Mi ai NeN. le ndan Co t -R Vale Assn. Aug. 3- r9cpt.. Pool O. Hold - rn[e. NnSeh /arl'aod- Portland 44. Pur Aun. Sept Karl Newsom. Riverton- Rleerton Pale. Oct. S -l Ora. D. Seymour. glutton- Riverton Pa. Oct Grace D. Seymour. Rocky H -Rocky Hill Grange Pak Aun. Sept. t Mrs. Dorothy B. Herrick. S omers -Unto, Agri. Sot. Sept -. D. Buret Neetane, Haeardyille. Somma -Union Aerl. Soc. Falr. Sept 30-. D Everett Neela South Glastonbury - Gl astonbury Oraofe lair Ana Oct- 3. Hairy W. Hai. Booth Woodstock -Woodstock Paar. Sept 4. Donald B. Wnmt S tafford Sprinte -Stafford lair. Oct. 4-7 Louise L. Benton. Terryville- Terrysi. Country Pair. Sept. 3 - Veroon- Tolland Ce. 4 -H Pair Assn. Aue 7-7. Adele Gehring, Wapping -W.9m. Pali Assn. Sept. t. Mra Leonard Barter. Warren Defd Co. 4 -R Pair Mon Ang Donna Bedford. Wallingford- Wallingford Orante. Sept t Plan. E Botteh. Waterford -Waterford Palr Aran. Aug Robert H. Fargo. Wethenneld- Wethersfield Orange Art. Pair Aug Merrill Canfield. Witten- Pairfield Co. 4 -H Pan Assn. Aug 7 - llen Blusalek Wlneheeter- Wiocbnter Orange Palr. Asg_ 40. Mr Muriel RUN.. W'rdor torts- Hartford Co. 4 -M Par As: Aug Pa:r :-.a _.nett, Woodrtak- Windham Co. Aue..2, Judith Stowellr, Putnam. Delaware Harrtngten -Sent k Huasse: 4 -K Pair Aun. Pur. July 3-3S. T. a. Holloway. Florida Creelrlew- e[ton Honest t. Pur, H. A. reertl Hlo[. nc. Ott. De Pntsk Sprinta -Walton Co. Pair AP/D. Nor..0. H. O. Harrison. Homestead -Plough Fla. Htate Pair. Pep. -7. Joseph Behoft, Chamber of Commerce Bldg. Jacksonville-Crean ]utsenyllk Atr. & nds. hlr. Oct 35 -Noe. 2. Ted Chapeau. Live Oat- euanee Co. Pair a Livestock Show. Oct. 3.., Paul OreN. Mianna-- Jac4ea Co. Apra. tapa Ott. -0. Seule W. Heap. Orlando-Central Florida Pair. Feb... Crawford T. Bickford. Palpit- Putnm Co. Alt, Pao-. H. t. Ytby. Nov. S.. Pensacola- Pensacola nterstate Pal, 3-7 J t Pennel, P. O. Oct. Hoe 3. Tdlaharee -North Maids Palr Awn. Ott. a-27 Lloyd Rhoden, P. O. Soi 47! Tamps- AOrlda Stair Pair k O4pal. Auo. Jan J. C. Hukluon. Georgia Albany -Each.. Club Palr of tauthseal Orr,la Oct 5.20 James L. Pierce. Americus -Americus Chit Falr Aue. Oct ( -S. Hubert C....Ran Attune-Athens Atr. Fair Nan Oct H Williams. Atlanta-- Boulbeutern Palr Astb Sept 37- Ott. 0. B Lee Carteron. Annuals -Exchange Club Parr. Oct 20 -Not.. W T. Ashmore Jr Barn.vtue -Lamo Co Kieran!' Tale Ann Sept Wyatt W Childs. Blakely -Early Co. Parr k Ott. Peanut a -2 cheater Festiva. Clardy. Brunswick- Exchange Club Pair Agen Ott W A. Harrington. Amerleae lair. Sept. Legion Victor H Waldrop. Carteret. -Bartow Co. Columbus- Chat/abooebre Valley Sape Ott. 0. Pe. L. Jnana Conyers- ROrkda. Legion Pair. Oct.0 S Jut Turner. Cordelo- rentra Ororst Fur Oct 72.7 Emory Herrin, A fool -proof way to make sirup for snow cones and cold drinks! 9t4 Çmí /e FLAVORETTES Ne gave {.work -N wut- flever is mo.,d cut n ry Make your own sirup you need it amply odd One r le f quol.ry sirup For et. bonne Smile Fieperen re Meer and were. gollon simple sirup -makes o full soli,. hide vet S per sell.. A wide selection haver, t choose from,nr lading the ell -time Leven.., Orange, Cherry and Reed Seer. Puled 2 -er. bottles le co.,.snad Raver. if desired Price. S7 per case. Terms: Cosh with larder tar COD. N... On COD seders dp..d r n.i.quired.) NTRODUCTORY ORDER ONLY - der. F. with 7 dozen ender. AS noon guaranteed Sample...or THE BLLBOARD Dalton -North Pair. Sept Burl Hcoe:X. Dublin - Fafr Aun Oct. t -No.. O. N, Lewis. nbrr p- retton lair As.. Sept V. Aulne. Ont.-Spalding.2. ]4 -N. O. H. Wester. 00. wnle Fair. awe HaR4Ne -Oa Mountain Falr Aetn. AU(. S -l. Mn, d N, Nlcbolrn. Hahirp- 8ahlra Community O. P. B<runee. ur, Oct tf. Hartsell- Amerlua Legion Rut Co. A(rt. laie. Sept. T -22. C. W. Campbell. 7aekaop-- Jaekaoa Macaan(e CLO Cur Nen t JeOet lr. r emr Coro. P u r Mart Od4. Brannen. Macon- Goree lair, Ott. i -30. Robert M. Weds. MHarry UsTel CO. Pair Assn. Sept. ]4 -M Harr) W McRae-Canute. Palr Min Oct.!. C. W. Doprn. Vetter- Candler Co. Pur APA. Oct. L. C. Anderson. YH. Walton Co A. L. Pair. Oct... H. Shores. Montezuma-Macon Co. hlr Nan. Oct. - ],.ke-b Salt. Weill Co. Pair Aun. Oct 27- N. D. E. -Waat... 8 McMtm Co. Oct. hlr Men.0..9er. Savanes. -Oounl làpl. Pau 24pir! N. 3. Meredith Ott Pair BDnntfie. B.Joineham Co. C Fair Assn Aseo. Oct B. Johnson. S Emanuel Co. 0.. Pair As+o. O Earl tt Varner. Thomaston-Wet Central Oct.. Oeortte Palr. James Waycross Cokes Falso Men. Oct 2. Nov.. Ham ca raker. Winder- Winder Wow Community lair Sept James Laya. daho Hlaekfept- salts.. dho Plate Pall. Sept..3 Mrs. Ru. C. Hrtkopf. Bekr -- Wstern ldbe Slate Palr. Ant. 30- Sept.. Ambras W Johnsen. Burka -Gaula Co. Pair k Rodes Aug Truman Brad., Qmbrldee- C.mbridee Palr k Rodeo. Aue 7. Buck Howland. Cottonwood -daho Co Sept Sleek Show Mss 3-4. George Alto Cook. -Turin Pails Ongnllle. Co. Pair k Rodeo. Sept- 5-. Thomas Parts. lbymett -Gem Co Palr k Rodee Aue. Cr.. J.!- Jerome-Jerome Jehannesen Co. Pal, k Red.. Aug Yra Meaner O. Whoall. LewttW -.Lpwitton Paat k Roundup Sept 7.0 Joe ä. Skot Malad City -Oneida Co. Pair k Rode* A.g. 0- Wtlllam O. Evans. Nerperce -4.4 CO Patr M.en Bept Gorden Dailey. Orofmo-- Cltu.ater Da. Co Palr k Sept C4lebra- -23 Mn ResOart- D. Rebam, Madlsa Co. Pell.. Frank Sept 7.4 H. Jacoba. Rr.- Jefferson Co hl eep,- Arts Aug. Sl-. Carl M. Salmon -Lemhl ahaner. Co Palr Aun Sept 7 -P. &enc. A Hanks. llinois Parr Dow Aloion- Edsarda Co Far. Aun Aug Pad 0-t0 O. Walte- Aledo -Merar Co Pair C Aun July 2a4 O. Ford. Co. Fair 5.0. Aun Aug Royce. Majore Anna -Anna Pair Aug Robert W. Brown. Arthur-Afoul..- Douglas Co. Pair Wm Jul) 24.2 R. E Hood. Augusta -Hncock Co. Tale Amin. July 24- ORANGE 37. SMLE SRUP CO. L Wayne Robison. BelleeB-Sa S gris SL Clare Co Fa. Arn. St louis 4, Me. -Ait July 4. O. L Gerken. Phen.. leaped 4044 Heivrnere -Boone Co. Par Aun Aue W- 2. Makes Yra. of Quality Flavors for 43 Y..r, hm Spencer. Benton-Feanklln Co. Pais Arn July R. Earl Doty. w\ \\\\\\\ \\ \\\ \\ \\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\ \ \ w \ww w a art - Larenr Ce. Fair Lents Asen a(. Bloom. leomniton- Yr4aa Co. Pair g-0, Arm. Roy Aog. Burls,. Bro.natown- Payetl. Co. Pur 3.7. Mc. Washburn, Aun. Jdy Vandal.. Genbridge -Henry Co. lair 0. Alen. Aug. Mn. 7- Darlene Bober,. CYrHbvHe- Maenuplo Co. Fair AN , 0 3d Joe Tssebat. Car,e CltPton Co. Pur Aran. a. Jul) 7- Eldon E. Hulot Catml -White Co Put Nan. Aug. 3 Ben Bernern. -7 Corrollten- OreeOe CO. Pair Ault. 0. Nell' J7 0- Witt. Cerro Gordo -Platt Co. Pair 2-4. Aki Men. Jul) Kepler...dessen -COr Co. Pair As. Jul) 24- Auf. l Nebr. R. Blackford. Chicago -ntl. Dairy f44 Show k w:ulam Rodeo. Oct. 0. Ogilvie. muds. Caton Stock- Chicago -yell. Llceatak Eipo. Mow. Nov. k Horn 73 -Doc.. William Union 0- OlrM, Stockyards....a-Cullom Jr. Pair Attn. Aug. 0-. hostels Sand's., Danetlle- Danv Paar Assn. Jul) 24- Aye. 4. Robert Banks. Decatur -Macon Co. Pair Man July 2- Aug. 7. Doneld O. Baird. DuQuon- D000ln State Pa.. AOL Sept, 24- J. D. SL Ryee. E ast Moline -Rock sland Co. Pair Aases Aug Wayne Pouter, HWrdala Bliaabeth- Ellubuh Community Pair a 44 Show: Aug. -0. Hayman Parbdry- J. Si.,,.. Tauhora Pair AN 7-23 Robert J. Maurer. TalP4P Wa7O. Co. Pau Aua July t Murrell J. Loy - Farmer City- DeWitt Ce. Paar Asa...7. July B.. W4W,n. Tlsher- Platter Palr. July i7 -P Mtn Mdelnn.. Pop.. Poouand. Leto -Ciay Co. Pair Assn. July 23 -n. Phillip R- lrueee. Franklin Grove-Let Ce. Pair Asta Aug Laterne S. Baker. Tretport- Stephenson Co. Pair Mau. Aug Roy Hefty, Oranger die OeAye -SH s r pecro. Aun Aog -. Oeorgeto al- Pal,. Aug. 0-l. Richard Net.. Oreys Lake -Lake Co. Pair Attn. Jdl 244, L A. Nordbauen. Box t7. O Yeenu p -Cumberland Co W. C Pr... Paar Aua Aug O li;e -Hood Co Palr Aun. Aug ,T. T. Deut,. Orlggsclll- riguriu Fur June L -Jay Herrlrburg- Salina Ce Fair Aun. July 2. Aug. 3. Mrs. George Joharo. Hvaoa -Yarn Relellh. Co. Fafr Aeon Aue. -3 DUNE Y4on- Otund) Ce. Pair Nan. Aug. SM Sept 3, Wayne P. Cuter. M,rin -Ford Ce. lair Aun. A. 7reebill, Sept 4. L Hendon -Adam.. Co. Fair Mae, L Y. Aug. Ml Bromback. Mendota- TrlCounty Pur Pun. Sept -. i A Laramie. Meiropolle -Yana, Co. Fair Aus. Jd) 3-7. Pad Powell, Vienna MlUord- lroquou Co. Pao- Aug. Aas. 2. Duane Crust. Jot).. MledgevW. _Carroll Ce. Fair.2. Assn. One Aug. Linville, Memnon- Whitealde Co Pair Arson. Aue. V. Y Dearing.. Yount Carmel -Wabash Co. July lair Ann E. Ouy Yount Ptaey, Stating Allndae. -Brom Co Pur 3-Aug. 3. T. Aran. July O. Mount Vernon Jackson. -Mount Vernon Bute Pair Assn. July.3. N4hrlll- Mn. N4nclli Caryl. lau Plena 'Warren Asta Aug..3-7, MorrLon. New Bettis- Bassamos Co Pair Chat M. Ava July Reimer, Newton- Jasper Springfield. Co. lau Assns. C. L Geol. Batman. 4. Oblong -Oblong Co. Pair O. Assn. Aug. B. Price. 27.7E Odell -Odell Palr Aran Aug.!airfield Prank Oks.rli.- Otasysie ll. Palr Assn. Arthur Sept 73- Essatin, Jr. OAt7- Ricblaod Co. lair Aue. Ann. July 30-4 Aral Presto. Oregon -Oda Co. MU Aun. Sept. -3. L. D. Landen. OA... -Ottawa Palr Aua. Aug Law- rence Whalen, Street.. Palmyra -Terry Park ndunrial Pale July, 34. Oral H. Cooper. PAna -Tot- County Falr Arn. Aar 2 -Sept. 2. Wayne Hunter, Owe.. Puls -EUkar Co. Pals Aun. July Ora E. Raney. Pacaatonla- Winnebago Co. /Or Mao. LA. L-. Wallace Sehhass. Pekin- Tazewell Co. Pals Aran Aug Jamey Hoyt Peotoao -Will Ca, lair Aun. Aug. Prederlck lt -l. R. Pryer. Peoria -Pretia Ca. Pak Aun July.2. R. T. Bartholomew. Petersburg -Menud Co. Fair Mra Aug N. Carl.- Lens. Pnekne)vllle -Perry Co. Atr Sot Jr Yra. Pay Stumpp, Plenum 3U-Pike Co. Yale Area Aug J. L. laugher. Pontiac -Livingston Co. Agri. July -Aug. 2. Guy L Ott. Tortret Petneeto0- Bureau Ce Fair Ass. Aug Wayne Sluts. ROreiii. -Wurm Co. Pair Aua Aug. 7 -lt John Pelt. Rushville -Schuller Co. lair Assn. July - Harr. Settles. Bt Charles -Kane Co. Par Assn Aue. -L Ric.. Barney, Onus& Salem -Marion Co. Fair Aua Jul) 44. i B. Tera0ter. Henry- Mar..- Putnam Co r Aug. Aug. 24.P. R. R. Mosier, Spartatb. Highland -Mad.n Cs lao- Awl. Aug.3 J. H Wilson. Reba MDUn JLeksneille- Morgn Co Far Aeon. APE -3 Rou Bandateb- Crowuoft B)ramor Farmer.. Pair Clu Jr. Aug Jersemille- Jersey Co. Pal. 74. Ropers Mua Homey. Jul) - sandmlch Jame* L. C.a.., Sandwich Pa.-. Sept 4 C. R Brady. Eaekakes- KankNee Co. Far Aua Aug. 6huen...0 Roy H. Co. reiz Asn. Robinson. Sept Kouvlle -Enti 3-7. C.. Co. OldAiW. Fair Aua July 30- Sparta Aug. -Randolph Co 4. Ra) Swans. Fair An. Jay *- Oale.ur. LL W. John Brow. Lewutowo -PUibn Co. Par Raune Aran Jul) Sorloglleid- Chester tunt.. Stak Fair. Aug. H-.e. pp. Lincoln -Wgm Stre:her O Ce. -lone.. dalli. Aunt Aug Wilbur Strosthnnt- Henderam E. Co. layman. Pair Las. July Manmb- MCDonough W Brokaw. Co. Pair Mtn. JPly 30 -Aug. SulOtant. Hdnan Par ADM, Loreto Aug. 3 Smith. -4. MtEmenabere- Pad M. HamUtao!rows. Co. Paar Jul) NM. 3.A.- Hymens,- 3. Sycamore Farmers H. Mead Club Jr. An. lair. Mattgas- Wl4mabp C 74. Robert Fate Hooey. Ms. Aug -. TallprnBr- CbruUao Co. ARYL Sam Dunaway. Par Aua Jul) R. Harthall- A. Mattbali Clawson Felt Ma. Aug (-. O.aoaa- U,ba0Oa Pair Assn. July Dora.. Clark. \\\\\\\\\\ \ Kenneth \ Marton. is -3 H. T. Pennell \\Y\\\\w \\\ E M Gorden. \\w \\. w 0 OrU4rllle- HartimvlU Pal A,,. Jab Vienna- Johnson Co. P.O Apr. July.4. BGGER PROFTS FOR YOU WTH OUR EQUPMENT AND SUPPLES 0 o CARAMEL APPLES AND SU PLES Ready to oe lust hear and dip apples. un 0,alien dos. apples. Will not run Supplies oft app.. Needed: Klle for heating and wag. our Ca.0t, Apples. p Skewers., Grnular or Shredded Coconut ter coaling. Caramel -t -Cal Can 3 bs.l Care r 6 Cam t40 Ube./ 5.00 Skwers--4i rat íl Case et ,.'.,, Case of Topping- Shredded Coconut, 25 lb Can Granular 0.00 P<J.ula. 30 -b. Carton...00 Glas.lne Bap -Fer Apples. Far M 4.2 Complue Sloe. -Kent Wirt. Coleman Cas Plant Or Witt. ortled Cas Burner Caner App. lam, ta..75 ECHOLS MPROVED, WTH SNOW CONE MACHNES ECOS 464 SPEED WTN SNOW CASE $37.50 ECHOLS MNOYED WSH SNOW CASE $3.0 ECHOLS MN SPEED WTH 60(0 EN6NE AND SNOW USE $77.00 SPECAL LARGE (ASE $ Whidwlnd Floss Machine, $ F.O.B. St. Louts, Me. STAR STEAMRO, JR. STAR POPCORN % Electric combination Not Dog Steamer and tun Warme,. 50 NOT DOGS and warms 40 bunt. Only $65.00 FLOSS MACHNES AND SUPPLES Whirlwind Floss Machine-But Made Ready. Rolled Floss Cone.. Co b, 2 Flo. Paps.. C. 5, FLAVORS for fleas, Anise. Sock Walnut. MACHNES, ill: ass and sor ed Cand.ed Apple. --- C All Pt... S Callon F.O.B St. Louis. One -Third Deposit Wrth Order, talan. R.d 6.50 C.O.D. No Shipments Without Deposit,DrYt Celor Psi lb. SM4elck, 45 C. R. FRANK lb. \.00 Send ler. reeipe. i \ \\\\ \ \\ \\ Umbrella'. 7 Fr. spesad w w w w w w.\ ww\ w \\ \ 2020 Olive St. \ \ NATONAL \+\\\ DSTRBUTOR \\\\\\ \ \\ St. Louis 3, Mo. w w w w ww\ w\\w\\ Phone: CEntral -780 w w w w \w w w w w w w 0, Vonillin. Each COLORS For flor: Red, Oran(.. Ylow. Can, N25: Va Can.. CREEN, 4. Can :!sat Can... _... tie W. cart, PARTS ter Whirlwind and Nashville Floc Machines.!le<tic TM mete m...8 rar Oral Slue, The Dollop Alleys, polyeins, Super mutts e, Anna/o- nto. Part., She. ins Rink., Scheel., nolluthanc, Port, R Stallone, Bu. Rio Cons, Cen.clion- u on.. tomes t to NEW STAR =55 STAR =50P ELECTRC FLOOR MODEL LST PRCE ELECTRC FLOOR MODEL. LST PRCE: S ij -44i j MSCELLANEOUS SUPPLES POPCORN BAGS OLS a POSES SNOW CONE SUPPLES a CUPS SYRUPS CONCENTRATES o Glass.o. CONES FLOSS CONES READY ROLLED FLOSS LAVORS FLOSS COLORS Floss SUCAR A.A. CON.. h BEST for Floe CARAMEL DP for APPLES GLUCOSE SLAT NAPKNS a NOT and COLO DRNK CUPS PEANUTS- ROASTED or RAW a FLOSS RBBONS and BANDS o Syrup DSPENSERS o BEACH UMBRELLAS ; Many Other tems -Tell us your requirement. -we wt. be pleaud re rend devil. and LOWEST PRCES. WRTE for LTERATURE en our COM- PLETE LNE 0 EQUPMENT and SUPPLES. Get n cur PERMANNT MALNG. LST for SPECAL TEMS.4 BARGANS ron lene time. 0 0 %

70 JUNE Oa Mis Asa an. Sm P UT Am. MB 46 uá WWWwwwC: Oren RUM L reo Ars Lad R. rats Are Juay Wig W. P r Ama JW rt-. Ca. h tmste Aq -iaow. r ea VW Ars Aty [r0 /hoe Rnaler, Wt40.4.ef A at Pas q Mass Denta ndies i-alt.. Apt Palr M Woes d C Nenea res Few ati Ceb Aus Pelt Ars JR J. RM. 4 Fart Ja Nee. Ass... list. Llclr- ROM Y..R d Ca ntr Arn Aet L OHS R Oalr SWD... d Pisa Pan Pale Aus -7.0 Rory L reelles.- Aerate num. Feu MD, 00 W trees suer -A w.s e Ce tr Club MUR 5/5.. 4 P. An.trae. R O q -liesart.7 awn O ores. $ses.hun -Dorr 0. rah Aun /leg. -s Olga -8kí. Pow Steen PAL s Cs Farm Mr Ara. A. Alit Ara OW et Deets. 4e0 -Rents Ce Per A... As[. 7L LR40 Bari Part 05.-BStes Pale Ara Aug. -f s J. DUltnsham. WWJ -C.? O. Atri been Aug- -t0 R 0 Mettitt.- nsms C 44 A[rl. Mus hay -Ass Me Ray.?. - f ssmss. -Jute. Co PU. Pair Aus Ate- 4. d*u Rutman elaeawr. DABMbs -Peru Co. 4 hit. Aug b L Malas Raab?, Clte- Vrrmllllm 0o. Pair Ann. Jun 7 Alles H Hen. N..trrt ORkars/Ba -Wa7N N. -R nor July Avt.. Owe stiermal. gsesls Cite -WS Un Co 44 her. Aug -7 Re. C. Resch T-- Wtbelsmes Ce rah Aim Jab U -JO- Propels Ontstmeet pe $WU- Pa?eele N. Mr Fall Aue Ali. 7.7 J. W rent O.nne -ML. Co Atrl Asan Aug 7. O. L Ds.L ptfl -Horrlrn Cb. Ain goy Au J. Wied W.tln. 05l40ss- '550 Co. R Club her. less. e- Mrs. Dan. tungsten, Hello Cue..m-nto Co Central States Pair Aug. - Meal. Paul. OBDCWS- 8endrtett Co. 0 -H as Aerl Fan AM Aug, 34 New Refloat Diele. -Osncr dwmyslt? Aua. Asg H- atyl L Mn Waller C. Ramer. 6t7tate -Manna Cs Mall Festival Aus 5/s. ls. Mn. Bernice Srd.,.part- Dselt. Co. Pall, nc. July JO- R. al,. Aug nflvdn- V.dettsrsb Co. gb. A. Bclsahrb. PW-C,.0 Co. d -R Lhiblt Al.,, J.3 ao -Ast a. 'Harald R. Bury. Delphi, Pon W4r ---Yen Wayne Tree Palr, July 4l Cbatlr MOESn PMM WAyn. -Alles Q l -H OW. Au[ -0.T Weber Sabpa P.0 n- Clntoe Co. Pelt, nu. Alt Aarco OaUar. POSLHS- Jabers Ce. 4-8 A Agri, Pair AM. July 44. L. B. NA.. Wage --Rhin Ca. 4 -H AinL Ems ALS 4. R C. ltantbnd. O?Oeneastie -hrnate Ce. raft le 4 4 Qub Aus. Aug 4- Them.. t 50- lcls. OTMatield- Rane«k Ce 4 A5. Aua Aft. 45. MOL Meel.s Heller. tinesalur0- Derawr Co. 4 -H Alta Pale Ars, Arg Ben Letln.. l toesess -Noeud Co. t -H Palo July l- S ALB. 4. Meg Plant. f WehStatt. Ca. 44 Club Patt, hoc. Pul -. Tor oll, les_ r0n Cl7- R.tto.d Co. 4. T OD, Cl, Amo. :bey -Aus. 4. Olean lahwersspt. Meatleller. Rluboli -Dublis Co Pair Aus. July Atli f. L RutLu lllnet.d- Vel.nM t Parikn Ware /meesmb at ehre Pate July 0 -AU.. L. RATS phan. Marlon Ce Falr Mm AOg is. Oallabas. R. Soa Nl, Naw smwel.- nelaaa Cale Pair. Mag. - 4Pt- ra seal Blutwall. sws?el. -Tel Co Pall Aase. July.4 Pall J. Hubbel. ODBah- -s?n Ldlane yrl Assn T-L Cimss Rommal. eeba N her Aara. Au[ T -. Jab M. Cssell Ttureal4. Oe. 4 nhibit All. 47. Mn Baraa Jule Verrat. ats Oust *.lies OrmK Cull nhoal opt Laote us. Co. 0 - Club Aus Al. ib. DoN fache L- Mle> -A Pars Co. rah Aso. Aug bar Rabsit Morse, R.wk yl -inarbe e Oe Palr. July 444 D. O. BLtmise. tgaspn --CM Ch. rah Lan. July u-jo Wm Thou. A,i OOMS Madsms- M[hra. Co Fah Mass Aug -7. Ohne 0 -H CieL rah Jay a-fs Ray "Wert Mollis -LL Mlii.. nee rah. July -0 Dim gsr.w. Maras -Great Co 04 Cub her Aun All 4 Ou; T. Rama to hr w Alt Age. Bras Orwes. ib4 0 04h Mu NON, Swim Cealron. WW tetou PR WO fary7 ale) taw Jr, ll 4j, ONa )won Co Pa ll Ja AsBAt rani O B y maw a cars Asen W. O BesS`rp ab 4- Ara L. S WO ns.-noses. Ce rah Mee Jay 44L Crs. We?. Y0e4 ERN, Coe- Paler. All? 4 -T Nm B enable* 04se Ctip -plym Ces 4-5 C mes Ca Apt. Ars. Alte R. PO -HeM Oa 44 OW [0., P. JW 3-Lus. lestp Rtaw MeweatB -.Per Nut Oa Pier 44 NO UAOR 4 L P. Oaaa Pl.Lem-.L7p0 ClaaFanre. halt Rws0a O ta7 Oaswwm Path.). -Jay Co eau Ara AO. Mn.!wen 40 u0l Pria. m-ooma a Han A0, Br 7-0. Pose 0.0 aalen -Qstsy Male Art. 0. Mn Jean Daeas, Mere. 7sAl.- o ptla RrarrlsT -Jause Co fair Ar. Arg -lt CRcli My) Rlidee Bu -0bla Oo Pam.e. Pale Are Jay 4. Wntere W Ran Beano -RMDO BOwkr Club Pair Beni 7..r. Mesta t... Ra0a54 -PWleD C,. 44 Pelt AD7 O. t. Lars Cbanblll RMbwt- epebmf Co. Polt AY. MO 77.7 J R 55. ReetTltto -Parta Co Pah Aus AWL 7-7 Howard L Roma. RrlMnl. -Reeb Co. Apt, AYS Juts 0. A. 7 Prisen. BaNm- Farmer.-Mrrehent Pen Au Aug. Zarn0 Huetson Seotlabero--Beetl Ce A0 Noe July M- A.. 7. J. T Wut M.7eele- Bheels7 Ce Pair Aug 4- Olean V Nan South Band -St. Joseph'. t -R Pale Aa. 4. H H Senn. Spenser -Ofen Co. Pair Aun. Aug 0.3$ Rbard Wood. SuT/D-- Uvan Co t -R PM Aun Aug 40 Mn. Merle Terrell. Slams/- man American Legion Pal? July 7.7 Harold Zimmerman Tan laste- -WAbseh Valley Pair Assn AL B J Aar?., Ttpten. TPen Ce Attl Aun Lug 7 -t Mel Dora Leg.. WenaraU.'s -Porter Agri. Barmy Aug 4 Teen Womack& Wabash-Webart, Ca 44 Peer As. Aug S -lt DN. Miller. Warsaw- Roaeluto Co Pair Aran All 4 Henry 85. Wlllaminen --W Ce 4 - Club Pair Aug. 5.. Mr. Robert Ranilord. Co 4 -R be Community Pat? Aug. 7.. Mn Ann Often Webebeasr- Raedolnh Co 4 Clnh Dbo Ant 7-0. Mn. Rohort J Curs WertblCRten -Oren, Co.. A. rule 742 Robert Prye, OWA Adel -Dau Co. Pete Aun Aug.$ J Dwight Brown - Atton -Union Co Pelt Arn Aug. $ - Don Seeley. Albre- Monroe Ce P B She As. Au. - Leiter Poo!,. Altoea- Louutb Co. Pair Am Auk.7 L W. Hitebala Allmon- Bolter Co. Pell Astn Aug..0 Chu/ea J. leaner. Alta -Rums 70u Co Pals Aug 4 O A. Soderquist Atlantic -Ms* Co. l -B and PPA Pair 'Aug ,. Audubon- Co Pair Aun Dept 0-4. D. C. Pule, Ayoce- PattemettaW? Co Pair Ann July 7 -Ask. 7. H N. True Bedford- Taylor Co her Ann July Mary H Miner. Bloomfield -Dear. Co her Aus Aue let/ Clayton Morlend. Boone -Boone Co / -H Pur Assn. Aug 7; tt. T. N 54. -Ha /coot Co. Pate Min Auk 4. Mitchell Boak, Rmm.. Burli.tan- BUningts Hawks. Pur Aue Aug 4- Jam. H Bright Cedar Rapide- All -yawn Pah Aus Auk - Andrew C. Henson. Centerville- Appaloer Co. Fair Aun jl.y 2-0 John M. Elliott Central City -Lam Co. Pair Aun A T. W Lew. Ch.M. -Lucas Co -H Achluemenl Show Met. 44 Mn Lee Collln.bam. Charnel Ctl -P77d Co. Pale Assn Aug 7 -$ Herold L Prieaetct. Clarinda -Page Cb. Pau Man Au Webholm Calf. -leper Ce 4 PPA Pair Avg Mrs. Fred Jense,, Manor.. Coluenbua JUAn -- Leinaa CO Fair Aus Aug 047 H W Pederson Cu, Rapide- Poor -Co Pair Asrs Aug M. D Petersen. COtalog- -Adae Co Pair Aalte. Aug. 74 R5Oert Crydls -Way CO Pair Assn Aug 7477 Mo O. A. Ward. Cuell Shifts -Wert Poteseelll CO Pale Ase. Aug 4L ltd PUCber, Nola Crewe- 8owstd CO Pall Man- AuL 7-7 Ralph Ml:Oerald_ Dee?nm et- Mwlulppl Vall) Milt Are aug. 7 - hank Hereto 70 W. Logan Decorah- Wlnmablek Co Pair Aun- 0.0 Leon R See..- Create. 05 Malaar -Polt co. -R her A.A. Jb 30-Aug. t Ren naiuea 00 t Cen Des MetyL -yawn Stak his. Aug f4 Sept L L. B. Cunningham Dentlon -- Crawford Ce Pair Men Aug Vi- le Brim Weblrl, na Dewett-- 0nlon Co i -N CM Show Aat t -it. Jsmer, v "'r WARNNG WARNNG WARNNG This copyrighted list of fair dotes was compiled of great expense as a service for the readers of The Billboard. This list was especially edited so that reproduction by publishers of periodicals, magazines, newspapers and mailing list companies and others con be readily detected. Anyone reproducing this list without permission will be prosecuted to the full extent of the low. THE BLLBOARD PUBLSHNG CO. TH BLLBOARD Ywsw -!w Co NB... Q L nones. is. Oins anre R. Mt Ara M. s b P. era Ay t LLA awe Res h. ": J. Pa lea -.MrO/ p, tall Ara Aa[ M. e' L W. sf Rarr -OMM o. Poe Asta, All - Wa.e Hatap. ft.oe-gilsoare luw L Blu*S $5- l WOWS Je. l B?a7gt. Aals w a M PM* ar. Oa Polt Are O.r Os Apt.'. ó04. WS&4S R h. A[rf ans P ort Osilso-W0OW Ca OA nu U. Age 4 P.. HLmA to MN NW Co. 48 -PPA Patt MA Yew.,Óa. ewetwe Wag ruas Ae 7.7. /eep dsmrw M O. atr eel 4 O. hlea >7g Rsma0 BAteu,ar Aaaa Ram ea O he Ans. Ass Ruts) -slat Oa tau Ora Bag. n 70 Asti. O Bull C lnmbleehleesslel ti PM Ana AvS mom tn. Y Rim. MD o rwe-.-ls Co nit Men Art,f -$ RelOrd / Braseo, g a meen..rp la De Pelt Asen ceetaaete- Wortes Oa Mr Aua A.. Otto Mill. - oe 04- Jalara Os -R P.. Ara A.. Ban H M.tgnuen. Jethnsn -Omer Cs Pair Aue Au0 7 -b Paul Mears. Rule,,, -V Nurse Ce Pair Ail Au[.. A. J. near. [.,elite-harlan Co Psis As. 55 t - M A Trabar, imu- Plymouth CO Pas Asen Aua l 2 Arts A Planes. Ws -Duets? CO 4 end PA hl?. Jal? Ap t- Hate Msakan P.M All MÌOL is- Jlsns. Co Malars -MN Co Pair Aral. Aug 4 Dennis 00.5 Pacific Jun, M.eAMler- Co- Pah Men Aas 0.0 Truman Thole Malbn- Clboan Co Pelt Aa.. nit $7-, BD Paruaw Manege -lose N Pal? Loan. A.. l - Robert W Rlulee Mason Clty -Nottb lows Pslr, Aug 0.7 Robert B. Miller. Mltrurl Valley -harrten Co her Aun Aug ye Mrs!Cathryn Rum. Padsnh- McCrects Ce West ay Pale Ag. 7.-7, Richmond-Rat/bon Co Pall A. lull t -. Russell petnge- Ru.ull Co Pals Run Aus. -4. Leonard Wilson. James... Ru.Uelll- -Logan Co Pal? Men Aug 7. Jack Dtentell Sc0artlle -Alten Co Pair Assn July 0. lwlblrlll- Shelby CO Pair Aun July 70 Alit. L Mrahelllowl- Cenlrat taw. Pair Atmn Aug. -3 Leonard L Orlin., 6 O Maio in 3, Cfty-l/orth tees. Pair. Aug 47 Rohn e Miller 700 st Nett Bsns Bldg MantOn0 -Gm lours Co. Pall Asrn Aug. -2 Claud Appleby. Movillo- Woodbury Co Pair AYn Sept 0 Wayne W Lr ML Ayr- Ringgold Co. Pair As. Aug : S Stuart W Hoover. Me Plaa. /l -Henry Co P? Asts. lull Harold OUtler. Neehs -By a Patr. Au.. / -TO Norton e ieom NAllowl- Qlytoa Co Pair Aun Aug 5 7 Omer Dtickfort, OOrna,Ulo ye/ld$ -elot7 Co. 4 Pale Aeon Aug 3 U. 0. Randau. R. D. 7, Amu Aug 7- NOrthwuod -Worth Co. Pair O S A T. Ororland Draws- Monana Co. Pall Assn. Aug t- 77 Chas Ross. Osage-Michell Cn Pair Au.. A. U Fred 5 Ranson. Otrels- Clare, Co -R Pair Asn Aug 40 Richard Ford, dkaloon- Southern fovea Pah Aug 44 Jane Clough, Box 37- Perahonese- recehuntae Co. 4 Club Pur Aue Aug 4 Carolyn SS, Ralle Manville -ny 4 Pair AST Aas. -Dept s Cteu /loth Prlmihar- Olrl.n Ce. Pall. AuO 0.0 John N Lar,$atrerl Roelaeil 04- Calhaun CO Cepolinon Au[ 447. Wayne D Reck Replds --0mter Lyon Co Pale Aun Sept. 47 P Jodi Sohl?? Sec City-se CO Pall Assn As Dnd last. Bldney- Prerment Co Pair Alt AS - S. Corby Pechter Jr_ Ratiolpb B een tar-clay Co. rah Aun Sept 0 - Was Wood. Spirit tale- BDlrti Lake Pair As. 0$ 7. L. Hendricks. momwal- Wnnebako Jr. Show Alan Aug -[. Dean Nude, Tpe- -Cedar Co Pelt Wee Aug 7U Muse R. Neon.?,W -Tama Co. Parr LU. Aug t -l. CUM Ra/en, Toledo. th[ob- Denton A Pair nee Alt 4 s L p..dr. Washington- WAShlrsl0e N. her Mae Aug. i-t Tom Robb. Wotertee -Diary Cattle Clg,n Sept 4 00 t- R e. Ltd. Waverly-new? Ce Pair Aua. Ater -. d Slut Watekon- AlluDstee CA Pan Ann A. 04. M Moos Webster Cln- Haarries Co. Pal, Ate All A R S. Douglas Waft Uetn -West Liberty!Port Are Aug as-at. Raeet Bete.; tss t Caton- Payette Co Mit ALO AH,74 T Aeon Neu Cbwr- Reetok Co Pair Ars A Rertley. Wmlmel- Madlrs N PS.s' Aus Aal 70. J Ott Onset. Kansas Atilleso-Cleetat Essen Prie Pail Aty 7B-t DM C Satu Ales.- Watroso t Co. Pair Man Ant. M- L Rues. Male. A.ALnny- Atlas; rat AOe. Joy tl77 J. L. EWWrA. A.e)aad Clark Cl Pair Ara. Aug WW Dan Cwt. AWSn- 4545? Co. AOSUS OOeg Oct. -t Nn. Leis Enlai S Lev5- RPCAte Cs. -N. C Eue. TR Mr Avg 7. est a Soya llote -MNM Co Pas Ass Aug W. Sea Doss O. laadeet Big suriag -DOylu Co se Aus AN -7 U. Nlamgla, CNERAL OUTDOOR 69 OUR NEW PERFECTON CANDY FLOSS MACHNE We cannot make them all to we just make the BEST. More thon 50 years' experience. OUR PERFECTON s precision built, direct drive, built -in rheostat, voll meter. Fuse block and fuses -all aluminum housing no vibration, rubber mountings, all parts easily accessible. Each machine sugar tested before packing to be sure of 00% perfection. and guaranteed to be absolutely mechanically perfect. To save yourself lime, worry and money -GET THE BEST TO BEGN WTH -we have it -write for free literoture. Price of either machine $ with $22.00 worth free parts OUR SUPER DELUXE Bell driven, strong, durable. 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Dlantsr tut. tbd mi.. ANA maclume.. N.A... VW, N Cyc4 A.C. ewers- Teems: p.rll, S. Wee. C.O.D. PJy. raela.t Nine S..N Nw wtrr - N5N - 77.Ny rrlc O L.0 Neielm C.o. S223 N. O. M...KW. C.O..wTem WM. Lane Nan.M My $n.n. Arm:nv.w glawe. 5 A.mwYm 0.. S and. MAO. BSMARCK, MO.

71 70 GENERAL OUTDOOR THE BLLBOARD JUNE 30, 956 Hlw RaWda- MUMal co. Pau Assn. Aug. e -7. Mn. R D. Mee- Burdeo- [stan Cowley Co. Mir Amin Aug 3.7. flan Alexander. Burlington -Coffel Co. Pree Pair Alan. Aue Park J. Sheop- Coldwe,8umner Co. Pair Asrn. SeDt Chester C. Heuer Canton- McPherson Co. Fall Assn. Aug... L C. Hamilton. Cheney- Sedpetck Co. Fair Assn. Aug. l6- í6. Frank Ryniker. Clay Center -Clay Co. Par Assn Bebt..4. [enest Totin. Coffeyville- inter -State Pair Neu. Aue. M -Sept. 7. Lawrence M. 8m.. Colby- Thoms Co- Fair Assn. Aug. í-7. J- H. Kaska Columbus -Cherokee Co Amer Legion Fair. Aue M -72. Joe W. Cook. Cottonwood Pal's -Chu. Co. Pair A Apt Soc Aue Elmore O. Stout. Dighton -Lane Co_ Free F.r. Aug. -7. [ A Bryant [fnneham- Atchison Co R D. Morgen.?sir Aun. Atg. >n Dorado -Butler Co. Fa ir Assn Au[ D 4. Retch Puller. Ellis -Ell. Co Jr. Peet Fair Assn. Aue Gerhard Spleen. Elthart- Morton Co. Fair Assn Sept Poyd Cohen. Emporia -Lyon Co. Far Ass. Aug. -74 te c Orlmwood. Este- Neosho Co. Pair Assn_ Aug. 23-7S ran Green Eureka -Greenwood Co. Pair A.. Ape 29. R. E Sean. Port Scott -Bourbon Co. Pair Asa. Aug -24. James P. Hatten. Orden City -Plan, CO F. Pair. Any Hoy B. Etlint. Gardner -Johnson Co. Pres. Fair Man Aug 70-Sept.. Marlon Bacon. Garnett- Anderson Co Pale Assn Aug L O. Knouse. Girard- Crawford Co Pair Aar. Ant 6 -. Manta Oren OLuo -Cloud Co. Pair Ases Aug- 7.6 Mrs Cure Cramer. Ooodland- Sherman Co. N W Kauau P.A. Au H R. 8atmeall. Hardtrtu- Herber Co Pair Assn Aug El- 4 Kenneth Welgamott Agri. hit Ann Axt. Harper -Huttor Co ]-25. R. H Zimmerman Herin(ton- T* -CO 4 -H Pair Au. Aug- 4 - Chad W7mer. Hill City- llraasm Co. Fair Assn Aug!M ll Ralph Betbett Holton -Jackson Co. Pair Asen Aug. 2-," Orris Hioasem Rotpo -Tri Co. Pat. Aug Jolts A. Bourg.. New Home of TRANGLE POSTER CO. Addrssa 748 Susquehanna St. Pittsburgh 8. Pa. Telephone FRemont Me only liquid popping oil wish burrerlike Rauort fl o fact OP4 erotors /V.fYve Howard -3k Co. -Howard Pah Asan Aug Noel Mullwdore. Houle- Bherldea Co. Pen Aua. Aug..4. C. E. Osede. Hutchinson -Rana State Folt. Sept Mg..8Mr. nman -nman Community Pair. Sept. -T. C. L Schmidt. ola -Allen Co. Agri B, Aug Ralph S. Besah. Kincaid- Anderson Co -Ktneald Pne Patt Sept L L efoc0are. Kingman -shim, Co. Pair Assn. Ace 0in Y. Stansbury Leibesel -Seward re State Falk Aug 30-8ept. 2. Carl Slmmonds. Llndaborg- MCPbenon Co.- Ltndl$- Dist Fats Oct S C Dah.te. Logton -Elk Co. Pah Awl Sept Bert Speer. Manhattan -Riley Co. Pau Aun. Aug 20. M. John Meissner, Mankato- Jewell Co. 4-8 Pah. Aug Truman Btu). Mmneapoll, -Otwa Co. Fate Aua. Axe 7-3_ Loyd Farrington. Mound City --Linn Co. Pao Au. A, L L John R. Morse. Ness City -Neu G. hu Au. Aug. 6 - Clyde Strobel Newton -Hney Co. Peu Aua. Aue Jack R. Turnaa.. Norloa -Nonna Co. Agri an. Aug. 7.7 Jena W. SauL Oberlin- Decatur Co. air Asen. July 3- Aag... R. Woodward Osage City-Osage Co. Pair Man Aug Floyd T. Reese.. Osborne-Osborne Co. Parr Asen Aug. l-, Z. T. Sanden. Oswego -Labelle Co. Fair Aar Aug. 2.4 J D McClure. Ostass- Pra0kim Co_ Agri Sac. Aug. - t. Donald A. grown. Overbro0k- Orerb.ook -Otan Co. Pair Assn Ant Rank O Paola -Miami Co. Pau Mss Aug Alfred E Rocken. Pratt -Pratt Co. Pale A.A. Aug..4 Wayne Ayr.. Rlchmand- Franklin Co.- Richmond hex Fair. All 2-24 Jo, H. Romken. Rush Center-Rush Co. Agri Fair Assn Aue. 3-3 Harold Rite. Russell- RUtseU Co. 4 -H Pair. Aug Earl M Rog. Halina-Sallna Co_ Fah Aaaa. Aug Albert Press. Scott City -Scott Co hu Aua. Aug 3-3. Ra.Nl Magill 82dan-- ChadauOra Co Free Pair A Re. mloa. Seta i] -le Gerald Cauld04U. Benda- Nemaha Co. 4 -H Pau. Aue R. P. Woppet. Soots H.een-- Sumner G- -Routh Hasen PAW. An 30-8eet. t Q nelg.o. St P Cheyenne Co. Par Asp. Ade. 7-3L Harold D ßh4. Bielford- Sieffotd Co Patt Mut Aug a- ll Arthur Et Hansoms_ Stockton -Rooks Co, Pre* Pair Assn. Aug George P. Ostmeier. 3.rracwe- Hamiltots Co_ yaw Aua Aug. 0 -Sept Emory Pot.:. 3r,an Gi0Te-- B2ieaa Orore.thscoln C. Free Pair. Aug. 6 - A. L NM.. Mayer-Thayer $08044minl. P.M P.O Msp. 8e8í M. Minnick Toomoxle- Leavenworth Co. Fa. Ass. Aug M -). Wall Nelearger. Topeka-4,as Pn. Pau. Sept. -. Mopic. Pager. Ukasse -Grat Co. Free Feb. Sept- -4 Marshal Wiper. wakeetey -Trego Co. Pre* Far Asa. aim 2-4. Lew 8 O4osa7. Wakefield- W Pr., Pals. Sept 34- áe Dal* Newel. Washington- Washington 00. Fair Assn. Sept. Brit Chao. 0V.fnlfe -Pro klb CO-- WellevU!Malt Pah. Sept S.T. J. H. Cramer. ;tot Mineral -- Cherokee se. Plea Pah Aug. 3-. Harold Wetmore- Nemsha Co- Pros Pau Asst Ant.. Edwin lterme.ek W leld- Cowley Co. Agri. Pau Mua Ape 2.7. Roble Bradbury. Yat. Center -Woodson Co Fels Assn Aug- 4-7, Mn. Mary Reid. ora here Y More people slop and bay popcorn when it bullorlike hua h. Flavor Thot and color Comex POPSi only PLUS. som 'FEWER Mad. by C. F. Simonin's Sons, nc. Ph,odelphlo 34, Po. POPPNG OL SPECALSTS TO THE NATON C*n..n.ent warehouse sloths and d butor.,0m coos, to coot * DUDS" COSTS LESS PER SAG * POURS READLY N ALL WEATHER * MEASURES ACCURATELY WTH NO WASTAGE * STORES EASLY. NO FRE HAZARD Kentucky 420adr2.- Alezandrla Pau Me. ag J. -beet.. 8ubourrUl -Snot Oo. Pale assn. Aug Beetlyrllle -Lee 00, Fair Assn. Sept. 20-M.. Ln Tyler. Benton- Manhail Cs. Pau Man Aug Paul Darnall. BooneuW -0wa4y 00. Fah Assn. Sept 0-2. Pled W. 0.85ard. Bowling Onen- Southern E7. Fais Aun. Aug Tommy Redford Brodhea d- Brodhd ea Pal, ue ] -li Assn. A. Brooksville -Brack. Co. Feu Assn. Juiz 4-7. Leo Lewia. Burkeevale -Cumberland Can Pair Awn. Aug..4, Andrew L Kilbourne. Burlington -Boon Co..H A Utopia Pzlr Assn. Aug.25. elm Vernon Pope. Cadiz -Trigg Co. Pau Aran July C.o.-McLean Co. PLO AMU. Sept. 20. Cempbeyrllle- Taylor Co. Fair Assn. Aug.. Boyer Job.. Campton-Wolfe Co. Fat As. Sept 2 -. Hay Marna. Carrollton -Carroll Co. Pau Man- Avg... Paul W..*. Columbia -Adair Co. Fair A Horse *bow. July 6.. Jam. C. Sexton Palmoutn- Palmouth Pau. Aug Mrs Nelson Breese. Franklin- 8inioson Co. Pets Assn. apt Woodrow Coot. Oarmantown -Old Reliable Clermont.. Par. Aug Roy Asbury. Route. Augusta. Olaseow -Barren Co. American Legion Pair. July x2. William H. Jones Jr. Georgetown -Scott Ca Pau Assn A Oreenrburg -Green Co Fair Man Sept Oreenup- Oreenup Co Falr Assn 8eK 2-5. Mrs Minn Mdim Hardmabure- Hrecklnrldge C. Pair Alan Sept Harrordsourg- Mercer Co. Pau Assn July 2-2. Hanford -Oblo Co. Fair Ass. Sept - J. R Russell Rkkaaa -Fulton Fair Assn Sept HodgenOB. -La,u Co. Co-09 Peu Man. Aug_ t -t. Jack gargle. HopkbuviJe-Pem7rorel Par A.. Ang. -4 nes- -Martin Co Fels Alan Sept S Uil Co. Agri 'alt Asa. Sept 3-4. Mary Jo Horst Jeffer.ntown- telfenon Oa Pals Asa Aug. R -. Bastrop- MOorMOUae Per. Pair Mot 2.2. John M Soo._ Clinton -East RUetana Parish Pty A R Coln. Lbtahala -lied River Par. Fai, Sep/ 0.7 C O. Webb. Hamra Corngtoa-Lit- Tammany Par. Pall Sept. 2-0cí. Maurice. Columbia- Ceiderell Pariah Pat Met M- 3 George 430Otagnt Deicambre- Shelia Portal Bhnmp halle. Pau Aug..6 Terry P LeBlanc. DeRlddar- BeOa,gard Pariah Fair Col -6. Merle Hupet. Donaldsonville -8 Louisiana State Pal, Oct. 4-7 Adolphe Nrtter. Ereth- Vermillba Pariah Pair. Oct.7 Clem 8aargwia. Cunrre- 8outhrreet La. Fair Get. 0-4 Wilma Bedell. Permernitle-Bnbo Parish Par. Oct D. Resch hrrlday- Concerdla Parish hu. Oct ) Verne Ruhet'. hanktingtoa - Washngton Pariah her Oct Freak Heyward Jr Ormbllnt -H La. Broiler an.. s rau Aprl 6-2. Parma C *ndenort. - H*7Oeacl e Clalrborne Pariah Pair. Oct -S. W. J. Sherman. Houma- Terrebenne Pariah Par. Sept. 7F 30. Bogor Sabin Hammond- Tanglpanoa Paria, Fat. Mai 4.5. Canon Trash. Jena -Lis. Parten Pa.. Beet.2 B R 0x34 Jennin ;l- Jefferson 090 Penal Pale Oet 73.n. rood Trammel. P 0. Box 394. Jenaborn -Jackson Pariah Palr. Sept W W MoDoaald J0. Jonesville- G.0a Parish Pale A Pea -.a Oct 0-2. Elmer 0beol. Kentwood- Plorlda Par. Palr. Oct t Alton MOM.. Lafayette - South Leintann Mld- Wl5l, Pau. Jan T. J. Arcenesue Leal WP -West La Pantry puttee, pet. -6. Pinto S 8a07. Livingston- Llvtageton Parish Pao. Oct 9-7. Marvin Curti, Bonns Lidtier -ts. Jens. Part, Poet Pair. April O. P Meade. Many --Sabine Paris, Pair Asen. Oct. 7 George R Cook. Msrkaville Lirestock A Putern Polhai Oct 5-7 Hermit J. Duran SUnden- Huster- Webster Pair A guest Petiva4 Oet. Fli Brodle Pugh. P. O- Box 0. Morten 0q -8SZ Feet.N And rau N.G. -7- Harold Beene. Neo 0. Aamptlen w Pant, h r As8. sn. Mot 7-4. Lane D. Duges. Natc Passim Pau. Beet. N -9. Luis Ryder, Obuterrtl:e New Lbane -L. bwar Cane Yl w A Pair An. Oepl. N -0. M,.. re. h ant Oub re. New Oricvra- 44- Water Pau as Poultry Awn. Oct Yn Made O. Sath. New Roads -Pohms Coupe* Pariah OH. Pur &onto( Deli,. New Varda -Orant Parlati lair. Events* Awn. Oat. Helm, Oat Monttoo... Grove -Wet Carr, Pariah Pal,. Get 6-0. J. Wayland Smith. Oberlin -Allen Par. Pau. Oft O. 0. Olio-North Canot La. Pau. Oct 0.. EL Vlneyrd. Plaquemine- ibervflle tree Pau. sept 7. J. W. Bryant, M- Pratllevllle- A.o0nelen Aan. Part, Sept. Negro Fair M.30. Cleveland RFD LeBlanc., Oonuks. Port Allen -W. Baton Rouge Sept Perlsb 3-7. L. Pau. C. Mero,au. Ruston- Lln4oln Putab Pair. Oct. -. M. Mathew.. O. Rngold- BleavfU* Per. Palr. Oct J. T Paler 3-4. Ohnrctwrt- -Caddo Part, Pair. Oct g -e. BM Baker. Room S. Court Howe. Shreveport- Lu.lane Seata Palk Oct- NS- 28. J. T. Mom., Sulphur -Ca:eu.0 -Cameros Pau. Oct 6-7. Mra Harold Own.. Tallulah -Le Della Fair. Oct J. M. OSSA. Tlubeduz- Lefourehe Parish Palt, Sept Sabin Blanchard. Vivian -North Caddo Pariah Pair. Oct S-. TORY H. Horns_ Weal Monote Ouachlla Per. Palr. Ott e-. John Btr4fonl, Monroe. Winnfl,ld -Wino Pariah Pair. Oct 5-4. W. C. Monolog. Wlaolleld -L. Punt Festival 7.6. L Aso* L. Brennen Se. Ott Winneboro-- Wlnnaboro Pair. Oct George Sherman_ Aston -York Co. Maine Agri. Axa. Aug. $0 -Hegt. Leon E Creditor& 8baplella. Sensor- laagor lair, at. July 4 fete W. -Ant. Mann. 4. 8ne Ul- Ha8COá Co. Agri Sac rho O'Brien. Sept - Cherryfield -West Waahlgton Api. Soc Sept. 3-5 Palmer Hart. Dover- PuUroft - Ptacataqul4 Valley Min Ani 75 Pau Clarence Parmingtoo- O Cushman. Franklin Co. Apt Soc Frank Sept R. Knowlton. rytoure- Api Soc Bent SO- Darld ß Hutt.. Maryland Annapolis -Amr Arundel Co. Palo Ases Sept P. M. RdOt. Hel Alr- HUEOrd Co- Palr Asa. Ait- 4-5L Clrkw Sunk.. CenhevlAe- -QOeen Anne, Co. 6-2 Pur Asset July 2. B. Wayne 00 ; Cumberland- Cumberland Pair Mi. Lug Harry J Barton 500 CNr- Howard Co. Pal: Auer. Ang. 4-5 WllHam H. HW. Woodbine. Par Hill-CeU Co. Palo Assn. July h - GOK. C PaWr C o Sn. Pau MDL WmRam ton, L Elkloo Redenek- Prederl0k Co Agri Soc. Oct.4 Wade P Rur.ey. Gettherlba:t-- Mnntlomery Co Pair R N Whiny. Box 79. Rockville Hagerstown -Ore8t Hagenrosa Par. Sept 7.7 M H Beard. HorloOk- Talbor A Dorchester Co. 4 - Shot, July 2. Herr) Beggs. Cambrdge. Le Plata- Charlra Co. Pals. Sept -20 rdward Turner Leopardtani --80 Meru Co- Partners HOmemakenr Ases Sept 5.20 Kin Alice Marshall More,. Manhere Us - Manh.sUk tall Pestle-al Aug W Rottman Parkten- Hereford Jr. Parro lair. Aut 33 Leib McDonald. Priam Rederkk- Calvert CO. Pair Man Oct. 3-5 Robert Y. RAL HAWkary- Wlcomlco Palm A Rom. Silo. Sept. 3-t Wallace Walker. T7tehmen- Cheeapeake Bay Assn Puhlog Pate Aug 7-9 Mae Chambers Tlmertlul ern Nan. Liver, k Show Nor..6 D. John E Poster 7moniueo- Maryland State Pli:. Ap. Hoc. Aug. 2-Sept 2 Jo. M Heil tipper Marlboro -Marlro Falr apt 2-0 JO repb ine M O'Hara. Westenturer- -Cerroll Co 4 -H Pa. Axa July 6.9. L C. Burnt. SELSSBCLCCttS BanlnttOn- Barriatloa Palo. Sept. 0. BiuutoOe -but BlaeLtoor au All 7-9 Jesse E Deacon. HLOd00d -Union Agr. Hort soc Sept 7.3. Lee Wyman Brockton- HlOCktAo Agri. Hoc sun F36 C. J. Lana. C untels*tan- Agra tae Aug Mrs R. Howes O.cafleld -Prenaltn Co. Apt Soe Sept 0-U. Richard R. Campbell. Great Horr:nsnoa- Berrlagtoa Pa. Aut Moe. t -t. Edward J. Carron. Ltiludle-- LliterlUe Comm..? lair Mao. Beet Leon J. Ealao. Chaster. MArahllld- iaaraalleld Apt. A Eon. Bot Aug. 6.. Granville M. Thayer, N. Pembroke. Maratone ule- BUnzt.4 Co. Pau. July Ohara J. Meyer. Middleboro- di,leboro Pate. Aug Mddletleld- Hlghiad Api Soc Aag, - 8ept.. ara_ lente EL Prase, Custer. Northhamptoo - H. Prank) es Hampden Api Soc. c Sept. SeD 2-2 Sont L. Banner. South Weymouth -Weymouth Agri A ncl So, Aug. -4. Wlllam Reynolds, Tie Weabtngtot. Canton. Spencer -Spencer Agri As. Sept. - Philip A. Guinn. Taanlo0- Rehoboth Fair, iaa Aug -76. Ronald Mandell. TooAf'eld -Elisa Apt Soc. Sept. 2-l. Paul Corton. Wet Sept Jack Reynolds. Weymouth -Weymouth Pair. Aug..l. Michigan Adrian- Lenawee Co. BPrtnRfietd- [utero Btu. Expo. Fair Mun. Sept. T- 22. H. H. Hongerford Alleges -AUega Co. Agri. Soc. Se, R -4. J. H. Snow. AUearllle- Mactlnac Co. Pau Aua. Sept.0- Carl R. Lune... Alma- -0nt:ot Co. Pell for Touch. At Dean Allen, Courthouse, thaca Alpena -Alp., Co. Agri Soc. Ant Viet, r Werth. Armada -Armada Agri Soc. Ang Roy Cotner. Atlanta- SWntmoreney Co-.H Pair Aaan- Age. 70.9ept.. Helen O. Da. Bad Me -Huron Co. Agri Pair Assn. Aug - 7 -l. Bert Waiter-worth. Bay City -Bay Co Fair Alan. Aag. ] -l. Byron Rabstorter, Route - Kastawn. Beiterllle -Wayne Co. 4 -H Pau Aar.. Aug P. R Blebeshelmer. 760 New- berry Sc. Wayne. antes Springs- Berolen Co. Tooth Pair Men Actg. -5. Mrs. Leek ß44040o. Big Raplds- MccOata Co Apt Palo Asao. Sept. 6-2 Lloyd Heisler. Brown lty -S:own City Agri- SOC. 44f R-. 7CC. Leman CadHlile-Northern Dist Pair Assn. Sept. 3 -T. Paul Kul. Caro -Tne00L Co. Pal, Anet Aug Carl P. aste. Canon Clly- Dauylsad Agrl. Soc. Ant.. Walter L Green. Grsoarle - Carsonr.e Agri Pate Ant Sot 3-Sept.. Clifton Posen Casa City -Ca. City Fair, Ang. 2. D. A. steereehta. Caaop.No -Cau Co. Agri. Ch.. Ang Ott 6. Onl:ford- 0400rá Losange -04- Co Pelf and Hoe Palr Assn Sept L Roy H4wlloo, Le- Show Aug 2_ Mrs A H Dexter. Carl W. Leach. Melteckate. i.eeda -Leeds Orage Mr. Sept. Lawrenceburg-- Lewrenceburt Pale Man 5. MHdred Centreville --Se. Joseph CO. Oreage PMr- Parker. ALM_ Sept 7 -. Vern C. Ally T -2l Chat L Marta Schaeffer. Jr Lwutps -e L.eltehfeld- State Pair Arun Co. Fair Man Aug Sept. k- CaeboyEso- Nonhers 00có. Pair Aaa. L'J J. Bou lot Aug Oro--gt D. Judd. 30-Sept. 3 Lltahtkíd- Litchfield Farmers. London -Laurel Club Pau. Charlotte -Eaton Co. 4-3 Pair. Mtg. 2l. Co. Pair Asst Act. 3.2 R3$_ í tonies R Allen Sept. Sidney Philips. HUM Asher. tae - Washington Co Lamsnlle- Apt Kentucky State Pau Sept / Palr ENO- Caolua- Cheireo Pelt Man. Aug Herald J Beckett, 804rí. Lloyd On. 5. J Dan Baldwin. MOSSO0D-- Cochuwatan Agri_ Assn Sept. Coldwater- Seench Ma4isonvllie- Hopklne Co. Pau Ann Aut 3.72 Clare[, Co Apt. A ndy Son H Maxim Aug. 3-2l. Luella 3am Sept. North Wagnord- World Palr ltunlordwle Alan -Hart apt. Coruna -8N musse Co. APL Soc. Aug. Co. Pair Man A0[. 3Fí Wilbur L Button 3-O. Blair Woodman 20-Sept, Andrew Bird Nonni -3. hr.-- Oxford Ce. Apt Soc. Croswell-- Crosse. Agri loo. Juiz 2$ -L New Castre -Fleury Ca Pair Asa. Awg Bap Goadon P. hat. Parry Baer..6 Mmlroke- Pemroke Trotting Ala.. Pals. Denon - Dolton -KoZO6 VHA -PPA Apt O.n.oa -Owen Co Patr Man Jay e. Harold L. Gardner. Seho0 Pair. Oct Barpee. William A Payne. Pttares- Plttaton Palr Aran Actg. T-0 Day0t- Mlen4g. BLae Palo. Au. C.A.C.BUe -Oth Co. Agri Mu4n Fair Aug Moody. 72- Route 2. Gardiner. Sept. 9 Donald L. Preset. Swann. Joe R. Thompson ße-- Northers Pau Pelt Asa. lffie -Ea6e Townthlo Pals. Aug Provldeoce- Webster 0p. Fat Alit. Robert D. Andrews. Assn Aug. Chu. Blgbee 4 -lg acad.:el- J L. Bradley. Reedited Orange Pair Ana Edr.Ab0. -Upper Peomsul. Bate Palk. Sept R. Stanford- Ltneoln Co. 4-3 A.a Ruth P. ght- Aug 74 AOy 7ße Ray Mn. Add Bit 6t*ehegen-- L Psrte- RSOwheJT State Pair. Aug l -R Roy E Cvart- Ox.cla 4-8 -PPA Pe.. Ang. 3-l. Co. Pale Asst Etymon.. Water July St aí44 -NOnh Mrt Bdm8Od A. L Penobscot Ttedl Seam Thoasteerry Api A... Set><. Pas! Tmpklasvlfe- S Hart- -Oceo. CO. YtReanrS. Fair. Sept 6-6. Newell Monroe Co. Pau Ma Thin -Tlota Gale - Mg.l. Valley Pale Asan AOg. 2-3S Arlene Whriney PosknHle- POr!etvr Agrl Soc. July 29- Whitley Cily - MoCrtar7 G. Pale M. Áu6. 4. W Toph.m-SgadAhoc Api Sept A Saee Campbell Hon Penn? Mortar Oct Oral. 9.. Emery oaylord-- Otsece W. Co. Booker. Pair Men. A, WS000tosn -Oyat Co Pau Awn And- POlco -Kno. Agri 30809* L ttkel. Soc Aug. Johannesburg ran Sherman Oeadoln- OisdRO Co Jr. Palo Aun Sept. Louisiana Windsor. Kennebec 4-e. Agri. Mn. Nell Nickles. Sot:. Ong. 3. Sept.. Earle R. Hayes OooR Clsu Co Api_ See. Attg. Abbeville -La Dairy Putty. Feh Oet- Wyat Cumberland- Cumberland. Richard B- Farmer, Matin. -2 Roy Them, Club Pane Sept Grand Blanc Harald -Genesee Co. 4-3 Agri. Sae. Amite -L P. Small Any 5-6 Donald Hillman. TeorPalmet Pukh Falz Oct. Oree H E Hutchtnwn Co Pair Assn_ Axt. Jr Mrs Mn Helen Word. Hartford -Van Soren Co. Youth Pau. Any 2-3ept.. James P. Thar. Agri 800. Alit. 4 -l. Bunton -Clare CO. Albert Haley Hale-Mace Co. Apt. Soo. July Thurman litogeld Hancock- Houghloa Co. Agri. Soc- OR. 20. L L Be.. Hart -Ogino Co. AErt. Sot Sept. -l. Newell Gale. HsrinRO -Sart7 Co. Agel. Soo. July 3-Ang. 4. rossent Johnson Huuags -Bury Co. WL H. & Expo Oct- 25 -M. T. N. Knopt- Heaperia- 8esper. FAir Malt Ang. 30- Sept. L lemer L Arndt_ 3...e -HBlsdale Co. Apt. es_ Sept t B ff.,. 3tdtoarlO. RAaaßr Community Palr. Apt Robert Va Noord. mlay Clly- ASPerr Co Apt. Soc July Aug. 4 Kenneth D. Roby. onia -Dna Pregi 800*.. Pair. A...l- Rose ron 00 -L-Oa Co Agot Boo Aug S -29. V C Vaughan. ronwood- GOyehle Co. Pau Ass. Msg. -2. Jackson -Jacks d- Fah. Aug 0J. Hone Storms, 3 Carter Bldg. Salamaruo- atalemare0 Api ANt R O Dlllüçhent Sinn. - Cnlppeca- Mackinac.B Clab Pair Sept 7. Anita Hopkins. Cats Clt í8004h Agil Show. Aug Willard 004 Cbn. Lake Odessa -Lake Odeau C0vic Apt mprotement Asses. July 3-4. Duane Orgy. Lowell -Kent Co. 4-3 Api Aug WHam Ru0. LAdlnpn -Westea 00eh Pau Ana Aug. 5-0L Peter Christertua. ltaacheter- Maechestee Community Pau. Ang 7-5 Herbert O. Jacob. Manton -Maton Harvest Pest,. Sept L Robert Meg.. Marion -Yanon Farm WM, kiln Kepi Pool S. Ttmkorle. Marne -Berlin Pau Ass. July 2 -AOC. l R M Ossessorde. tanhall -Calbono Co. Pa.. Ang Don Sweeney. Muon -ngham Co Per Any - Harry A Spem7. Mlddleville- Thoaapple Community Pair. Nov 6 Elton W. Lawrence. Mldlad- Midland Co. W. Bort Sox - Aug. 4-6 H. D. Puisa

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74 JUNE E RDE OPERATORS $ r 0 PARKS- SHOWMEN CONCESSONARES NSURANCE i FOR TOUR EOUREMET 6 or 2 MONTHS FAR RATES- NATON- $ WCE CLAM SERVCE AUTO -TRUCKS l r TRALERS -RDES p 0 M 0 / WRTE OR PHONE r M. J. "MKE" LAW i / 3.3.íe ft. dlr.. iu / LN6M Pk., nn.nclel.20 p CONC7ON HNTS, Soling ag ocie n the creation Of lance ncivilinq the world'. et wltlsobr.d Nylon 69 Top w le Nyle. Teedel SEND OAT for Hoosier Fra. 6- Todt Colaloq. HOOSER TARPAULN 50 CANVAS GOODS CO.. WST WASNNGHON {WM NOtA NAPOl.. NDANA ANCHOR \ t 0 00 TENTS - K Sue6.6.a Strewn,. Snow Canvas err M An. tue.r tarla meda.. Otter Mee ant na ee en hone de SA.rwrn. cuoca Seta Delores,- TetT -Len rk.e ANCHOR SUPPLY CO. 3.0SVLE NDANA SHOW TENTS CBTtCA,L 6-S EAST l/tk St. City G. M.nt.A be..s NurMaO 026 HARRY SOMMERVLL NSURANCE SAM SOLOMON The 240W0. ere Ms." i.0:, Arty. W. CAO,S 40. ks,els hone write fee rw Sow, e Carnival Routes Send n 00 Patience St. Cimiewatl 22, O. a..., e o raa Or.y cim..ea& SANAST LMN. De W0. Coln. Jalr a..era Mete- earn. tom. N}et, OM. 49; am Ra.TA SW, 4. leap/ 4. mam J.y asks UNSS: ape, t s m it.. A: OM_ M a,l a w Cast. $-. "rte, L. lpoylar DNml CMOs- mil. O. r.w.3aed adt 3 -. Oa MNrMr. RAttq Er. orange..:.* CU Remee. WY: Nettle.0» -Jury 4, p..wlre.4 ',no.. le.n. Qom. CTY. Q.. J Orut.V Put t Waekten. p O. ememvtuy.hey T. CRT. Clodo, Stlra Peer Am: testa. WM, 3 -July ; Uoeaemeeee S-4. s Te Am co : Tanana.. bug0.. C. Orsktoaa. Ran leashed= WA. T. RadeeMed: Susie, N. M Dena Jury $-7a hitk. O. C.: pe.5na 7$ N. T. E.t.a USAlo: Jetlernartlle. O. 0n4 Pa, J.T 3-7.,rp. Harry: oa.aale. Le. USArd: Wars. D.; last O.n. nd. July 34.. n Bra: Olm.00d. L ; Rae OU July 4. -pie Cloy: WUDameb4q, Hy.: Sterns July 3.7. Am.: Warren. O; Conneaut July -y. Clrpnt.r Bra: Ann, Q Canoe' Onarr: Met'ltle. N. D. 347: Carrington SJO: Mayville July.4; LrTmore 6-7. Central Slater: Belr.., Nib : Naas July.4. Crlln Wileao: Dr.roabNU, P. Chan.. Jtmmt.: Red Xs, nd. Chenkn Am Ot0Ta tan. July. Colemü Sr.: NMdleto.n, N. T. Coll., Wm. T.: P.tie, N. D. Cmlln.ntal: Claremont, N. H. Coet07 Ptr: Scotia, Nett, 35-77; Ord JWy.. Cr.. Nap.: Monterey. Calif. Crafts $0 BM: ma loothls! Oakland. CUUf -July 4. Cram Road Am: unt.ld. Mich, 27.30; While Cloud July 4; din Lae 5-7. Cumberland valley: South Pittsburgh. PitUburg Tenn.; Cr..vU. July 2.7. Cunningham Expo,: Parkersburg, W. Va, TS -July. Dare Am. Co. : Oak Ridge. Ore.: Albany July 3.. Dal Fiore Am.: Young.00d, Pa.; /rain July 3.7. Desoto: Wlamas., N. Manor July 3.. Dtrksoo Onitad; menomlase. Oki.: W!n4. ü July.. boaron's touted- trsuord, WL 39 -July : ate... Rai.. 4. Donor. Greater: ToOpntah, Wuh, Down River Am.: Riser Rouge. Mleh., 24 -July t; Ecorse )4. Drag. Am., N. : Knox. nd.! Danville, ll. July.7. Drago Am., No. 3. Chellert.ld, nd.; Walkerton July 3-7. Dn., Jos. N.: OUn Hill Sy.; Paintsmile July 3 - Dudley, D. 8.: McCook. Neb., 3$-30: Kty.h, Colo.. July 2.7, DuosOot: Columbia. Tenn.; Huntington Jute 3.7. Dyer, Matta BON, Lad. E 30 4u:y ; Amboy -7. gaataru Am. CO.: Old Tosn. Me ; ROUto. July 3.7 Eddies Rpo.: Petrolia, Pa tut Butler July 3.4. Edwards Allen: Oreet77. Co:o. Swans Galled! PUTLOSUrt, Na fame. =Adult.: Cont. AL. adieu Aaborn, LL; hlnemlle July 3.7. Paley h Sark: Pteu.Aton. Cali. 33-July 5 Frame's Oynter: Smethpbrt, P.: Sltinglohouse July 3.. 7a060, Doh: $s3.. D.: C.., A.. Jul Prontles: Fr MU., 3-July 4. Pun P,r: Sylvan., O., June 3Jody : Mt. PUosot. MUST. -0: Clifford. 44. O di B. Thom. W. TA Terre Alta. July 3.7. Gem City. TuOOL, n.: PTrnch UrL nd. JEW 3.7. Oentseh J. A.: Jackson, Tenn. Ong. Am. Co.: Toccoa. Oal Prantlln. N. C., July 3-7. Glades Am Co.: Eaton. V.: Lively Jul; 3-7. Gd0UOne Expo.: Daorfe, R7: Hartford July 3L OOU City: Wayne. O. Oa. Bond: PLmea., St50, 37JoT : Nawmoha PAL WU., 34. Gold Medal: Wochster. Ts. Cold. Oslo: Corr Medrr. C.Uf_ neadlas Am Cs. Na : (Powell SuU- 'coati Calombu, O. Omani La Co. No. 3: Toledo. 0 - Ooadnta Am. Co., Na 3: John/torn. PA Goodin. 5. Co. Na 4: LotilluL Harbor. Ohio O:oitp5 A. Co. Ne. 5: Narih W.ler. nd boodle' Asa. Ca. NA a: WeO,etl., O. Oo.dtng Am Co. No. 7: Norte Hamplob Ohto. Ot. Aing Am. 0.., No. a: Cleveland, O. Good.. Ai C., Na S: South /rod. MO OoOdtng A. OA. N. 0: TWO. O coodlhg 6*. Co. 00. Oolpmbos. O. Grand American: Callan., T$-tt: Qa lo:d 20.30: Laporte City July 3-4: TO:M. 7-r [ce. Northern: L tetace, $000. Greet Western Am. Ce.; NOUrldg.. S-» -Jur 4 Great. DMieMs4: Cr... L. July - Orlin. Vile St. awn. Ont. Griggs Rah.: Aber... Qt 5a50Te Ja:! /l D THE ELLSOARD GENERAL OUTDOOR 73 NM. Rae...! ],Y, e Ems: amass. d. hge 5, U. -T. a. Da Noy, Tea a000 L Or. Mora. Tun. wen? OOW' AnwrSU. Rd TNü. Po. smlmmmm JW 6-7 u0. )eetm: Menem. Po. Jrdf e: OO CmmlMasaa Na he MMUAt SOW 07. 0: Mantua t. liarrsll : RrWar. W NON J Rime. Cwt,,.. L. it RleelWehq M : demer - are are.. Cm., R- D. V.e0F Ar.: /arrl.leela e taw.... Mu l AT3aa OA N ettle Raft No 3 West Art: (Paul YOtrep lia, 3. SM 3-T. e3..w lne. Pteeeer Harle. O. 6- JuT a N eri. Mm Maw deselsu.. PA. paf Neret7 strew: Wm.ary U.. deal Rudes,7.0 FraAkfan An ie.lsedie y. 3e-0:.42*04. D. J.0 4 -a taprt.l Sterna. L ; Air a -. 0oe 55M.- Sri.rea. Ts. JArxe Cause. 74 ited. nd ; July 3 -T..Pul ra.lutoas Joann, Usu.: Beaa:MM, 04 Rw.P.oa!leant Pleasant. tif h. psi:..esta. an: July 3 -A dory. Et. Stunt Terms Sas, Py4 O.: Rama, Ra: LHklg, Joas 3-7. W. E lsa Am Cs.: 07445, M.A. J.T 34: Ne. Prem. $4..ague. Am. Ce. Ne. : =004. MAT. Lama. Am. C., Na T. Wan, Maaa. Leas. Ad Oa. Na 3: Gloucester, Mua 3.42 Amnumrolo: Olean, pled Les Uottad: Baraase, Mich Maddtrx Br.. Chanute. Rea. July 34 Orwrua.t 6-7 alaaaiy. Ross. tant Nareretra. N. T : Tahiti. July 3., Marks. Jean B : Camden. N. J. Marvel: Wt., ll Mairaond 3rar: Maryland OJn.. Meats.:.:e05 M.L. Kalispell July -T. Werriam, 5.7: Mo.ol. Lsle. Minn, 36-6-: P.n : Cameos rain Al? 3-4; Blooming Pr.U% -S. Mlaml Vef oy Am. : Ch.Otot Cn.L00tlt, Ohio. Mtd.y of Mrih: earn», Dl MA Wn, Burd, 0.e. Jul) 3.4. Mighty Hoosier State: otord, nd. Mighty ntenter: BrUlol V. 05ST July 3.7. Mier. Paul: Gory. nd.; Boopeern El. July 3 -T. Mier, Ralph R.: Baton Roue., La. Mo-rk; OeoesTltle, Mo -:.ker.tteld July 3.4. Monarch gap.: Pekin, DL; 00.í. City July 3.7 Moon's Modern: Clarinda. ía: Greenfield July 3-4- Motor 004: Pentue, Mira. Mountain Stale: McClure, Va MOUn. Royal Pine: Dorer. Poserott. Me. M0er, Sonny: Mal -and. Mo., 37.30; Stan - berry July.4: Catadala $.7. Nelson. O0U. W. Pomeroy,.., 35.37: Loanllle 3-30: Schuyler, Nets, July.4: Leeds, la, 5 -. Nolan Am Co.: Whitehall. O.: =.ville July 34. Forth Star:...Mlle, Minn., 3.35; Nor- wood 3-July : St. Cloud 3.. Northern 770.: Williston. N. D.: MAhdaa July 34. Norton's Ride.: Colbert.., Mont. Orals: Toledo. O.: Andaman. nd., July 3 -T, Page Br. : Roderoollle. E7.; Z.lnene July 3-7. Page Combined: All N. T. Pan American: Centralia. t Parody Conty. K. : PlnrrWO July 3-7 Perin Premier: Marton, O. Playtime: Bursarda Bay, Maas : Glance.. ter July.7. Port City Rides Ana5.6 a : Tipton Jury 3-4. Po.ruon Batw.: Boereto.a O.: Crotte burg July 3.7. (Continurd on page 74). Circus Routes Carson. Tea: Nee Le:pelg, N. D 37; Re- gret SO. Setae. 3. Olen 70: Cantor Ju+7 : Dolden Vo'ley 3: Halliday. Clyde Br.: Bhern5Onk.. Que.. 3$-$: Trios- liver : , 30 4o:7. Lea.00. Ont, July S -7. NSURANE _ - DA E. COHEN 75 W. JACKSON ELTD. CHCAGO. LLNOS FLAG DECORATORS OR S..E: Coen.,r tak. l etder>` Trvnk, WA sumacs p. T. Bt@DESTER Pnrsa.wnA 3a. ea NSURANCE Mohawk nsurance Agency S W. 50,05 $4. Chesags. mre Cola Or. W: 004. ales T t.r.. Demme M. Meme. M. Sa.eera JP. L..e!eft. mes.aa 5: 06. f; Ola./.. Labe 6, OeyYlg el lenes Mein. Celmeal na AaAM.. R R. ; Pklw an., N. Ciar3releleea P. t L. "el 3H. M. ft... M7. Amtrsmll. OasA Joy. Albert Ott, sa. 34; AMa..ri. g,mjwe.r, raa. Jub e4. Rams W: R LaY Pell. 30ea. S.. PYOP M t R peal s,: AaOen a. SAW pew M WAY Rms.: CM..laa T. N. Lee.. M.. Pyl TanW4to. Cr.m, t; ME. Mam >. O.Tl.lfr, N. f Se. Panm. NG 2: Waeempr ME. 3. Mutes 4. Wee Rbrrnusa O-. k4aew e. Armonk 9: Sfsswu 0; lfa.saert 5: Dar Polk : Moat* 3: NtafrWl L; Aea64a0- mu : Orenmwt. OrU-3Dtrf FJ SWUM. la re Ya- MM.. R. 3, MM. M, M.. '.!, 3..a MM 3g Mae na: Warr. N T. 3 Z; Waell.n M. Ralees 4: July 3: w:< Wey, N J.. Peter*. readm S. Wind. 7. PAOLA Toa Loners. NMTtM. ll, 7; St La.U. Mr, 33-Jody 4, Terra Raise. dd. 4; Toledo. O.. Wartes : PlttablrtA Po. -C. WhrNtsO, W. Te, 5-a Puka Tom Wutre WFO, 34-77: Cum.r 30-33: rtlaod, Ore, Jody $-A PelACO Rrer gulern 0.0, Utah. 3. SAU Late City. O.h Phla.t r. Wry. Lune Kruk, Cold., Pwdan, Jolly 4: Ukiah 4-0: LVnü -4. MagLg r. and Sarnum ae.y StAaAw/aA7. Pt T. H. Cum : Syra. ; ewe H: Auburn Reshuler 30: Osnas..mat Jody. Rlmin. Olean 3: Dunkl:k 4; Niagara Pal. 5, Batavia 0 R.:!'.. Miscellaneous Brook's Comedian.: Glenwood Springe. Colo.. $0.30. HUsr. Personal Amoral Car, Jock W. Burke. Mgr.- Buffalo, N. Y Hitler, Armored Jmou.l., Jm airs. Mir.: Colbert, Colvin 3m. O'Day. Marie. Palace Car: Richmond, ley, M: 00foe Cloy 7; MOT000Ue 35: Liberty M. Mans, O., July -3: Ripley. W. V... 34; Nlddlsport 04 E.naenrll:. Schaffner?Myers: dwalla. D : Quincy July 4. DON'T BE LKE THE OSTRCH! *AAA. MNN*. Mule.f. heed in e St. sand Rr7 few Owen Wilk (onlidcnft Secwe lewd Preaches 0005 W7N CHAS. A. LENZ -TA.'e Alan' , N., N >. Pent deers, 5.. tna 7494 ervermyrm rs ACE for TENTS Concessions Cookhouse Morry-Go -Round Caterpillar Tops Big Tops and Product. All colon All silts Flashy trimmings Quick Service Cy 4 Workesaoshlp A L A A J J ACE CANVAS CORP. 03 Grease S. kr7 (NT 7, N NSURANCE io. SERVCE for enefreed occounn AL C. BECK NC Dos 36, Buono Viola 30,00 MAM 37, FlODA Phony. Nam.. Pl.. S-0662 Off;r "CHAMPON DEMOUNTABLE TUBULAR STEEL TENT FRAMES SEND US a TOUR SZES New mproved Streamlined Design 5 70 Slylo.r Elam Outdo. Shows, Carnivals, Fairs, (onlesslons, Refreshment Booths, EL Na lumber. no constrtoclon cosh- Strong. nee framework of net -pool steel tubing [OesT,iotlorl makes it aafy to.reef Wí. sl.rehng on the ground - no step.ioddel needed VD and down n 0,n.AM Wr,ra today. TURNER EQUPMENT COMPANY 432 St Aubin Ave. Der,' 7. Wien. POWERS TENTS Tenn well reinforced os. 4 _ army deck. VlvaNO treated. Se.rd _,X will heavy all thread. Largest menetoct.rer of slow tents n the East. Write for price. p owes b Coe S9',; "bwu ~'Y.,." UNTED STATES TENT AND AWNNG CO. Established 870. Over 85 Years of Specialized Experience. Circus -Any Size- Concession Carnival -Any Type- Exposition Phone Brunswick W. Huron St. Chicago 2.. AMERCA'S FNEST SNOW TNTS 43 COVER YOURSELF NOW Dose Welt. Order TENTS-CANNERS-RDE COVERS for Your Pelr Dote. Novel BERNE tif :NDF:Lso 62 N. CLAN SS Rama AAmire - 3O0 CHCAGO 40, LL CONCESSON -SHOW TENTS D. M. KERR MANUFACTURNG CO. t.elalned 903 / 954 W. CraM A.aaw Mene: Sle4v P-7946 Ckoasge, Uinoa " " g

75 74 GENERAL OUTDOOR THE BLLBOARD Court Okays Lease For New King Show MACON, Ca.- Another King Bros' Circus will be on the road starting Monday (25) under plans approved in U. S. bankruptcy court here Tuesday (9), About one -fourth of the equipment of the Floyd King -Arnold Maley partnership has been leased to three former King show staffers who plan to open Monday t Naz- areth. Pa. The new show operators are R. E. (Bobby) Miller, legal adjuster; Red Larkin, superintend - e t of concessions, and Eddie Keck, auditor. All were with the King Eastern unit earlier this season. Under provisions of a lease agreement recommended be both Floyd King and Arnold Maley the three Will pay $,000 weekly rental Death Claims Wally Clingman, Former Wire Performer \\, U'SAU, Wis. - Walter (Mills) Clmginan, 54, veteran of 35 years in the business as a performer and concessionaire, Jtme 7 in St. Marss Hospital here following a heart attack suffered the preceding days 'ile clowning a supermarket date at Eagle Riser, \Vis. Known professionally as \Nally? ills. Clingman retired h a performer with the Mills Troupe of high wire performers 2 years ago. n all he spent 35 years in the business. the last 0 as a conces- sionaire with the Bodart and Herman McKenna shows. During the winter he worked with Red Dot as Ta -To the clown. He was a veteran of World Var. Surviving are hs widow, Clan, know-n in the aerial field as Betty Mills; two sots, Robert, Columbus, O.. and Louis Johnson. Milwaukee; two sisters, Mrs. L. C. fluting. Chillicothe, O.. and Mrs. Nannie Miller, ndianapolis; a brother, Fred. San Francisco, and two grandchildren, Eugene and Cassandra Clingman, Columbus. Burial June 20 in Rest - lawn Memorial Park, Wausau. MESSMORE for nine trucks, light plant, seats, three elephants, Liberty horse act and pony drill. An "earnest money" payment of $,500 was made by the three to Maley at Middletown, Conn., last Saturday (6), the court was told. The same ti'le will be used mainly as an economy measure because of the ample supply of billing paper, ad mats, press materials and lettering of equipment. n order to avoid confusion with the closed Eastern and N'estem units, the new show will be called the "independent unit," the show official said. (Other sources said the new shoo' Was to be called Barney Bros. instead of King Bros. and that the owners had purchased a 00 with one 40 from a tent theater.) Neither King nor Maley will be Preliminary Action Continued from page 54 starting the construction. The next step will be for the committee to prepare incorporation papers, name the incorporators, and select a board of directors. Construction of the auditorium - center was recommended by Arthur D. Little. nc., a research firm ithc Billboard, June 23), following a line -month study. The firm urged that private capital he used and the county lease the 35,000 -square-foot building. The studies by the little concern ndicate that the maximum deficiency would be around $55,000 a year, but this could be offset by more parking area than that included in the current plan. Parking for cars was originally contemplated, Location of the project in an area bounded by Olympic Boulevard, Eighth, Flower and Hill streets, it was painted out. would bring additional tax revenues thru increased valuations. This would go further to compensate the county for any possible revenue deficiencies from the project. DAMON 46 Park Ameni TRalslgar Nev. York 29 AT LAST OUTDOOR NURSERY RHYME FBERGLASS K DD ELAN D ATTRACTONS PLUS: Our standard MECHANCAL FGURES, LAUGHNG CLOWNS and CARNVAL HEADS 750% PROFT MANLEY POPPERS 500 % ; PROFT MANLEY CE -O-BAR DELCOUS SOL N. Y DSPa Mdse , A. N Y. C. DOC FAGE L ASSOC. World's center for POPCORN AND CONCESSON SUPPLES Gold Medal Products -Star & [retors,; hit reste Service --t oonn, Wlre, Writ.' L. D. HARRS POPCORN CORP. 4 W, rh f Maw Yrk. M, Y. Judson.77 fit interested financially n the new show, but testimony at a U. S. referee's hearing showed that Floyd Kiang had been offered a job handling the advance. King told the court lie was undecided as he bad "what appears to be a better offer" front another show. n giving approval the court instructed the trustee to collect the $,500 deposit and to collect the weekly rentals so that these hinds could go to the creditors. Unless the funds are paid into court, officials warned, the deal is of. Carnival Routes ('f,ffnrred /ron page 7-.3 Powel,on Orestes, Ksack. O.; Newton Palls July 7-7. Prep's Broadway: Westbury, N. Y.: Riverhead. L.., July 3-7. Priddy, American: Bishop, Tem7 Aromas Pau July 3.7. Raines Amur,: Bixby, Okla.; Pre.., July 7-7. uuner: kdro Wdlet, Wuh., 20 -July 4. Reier Drnt.: Craweu, N. c.0 Belb.,m July 2.7, Reid, King: Rumford, Me. Reid, Golden Star: Dungannon, Va. Relthotfer Blue: To.or City, Pa. Reithurter, Uley ManOurg, Po,, White Haven July 2.7, Robinson, Creator: Dove, la, 2í-20: Mules oily July 3-4; Omaha, Neb.. 6 -is. Nock City: Bha0003m, DL Rock St Roll: Leaeanerorth. Kan Rocky Mountain Enpne- Montpelier. da.: Logan, Utah. July 3.7. Rogers Bros-: Hillsboro, N. D., 74B: 0.045, Minn, 30 -July 4. Rohr'. Modern Midway: Kankakee, UL. 3s -2a: Manhattan 7 -July, Rantoul 2.7. Bote City Rides: Ormnetlt., Mn. 25.7: St. Marys 3-July ; cap. Girardeau 4. Royal United: Paya.YBM, Minn B; Windom *9.20: Oewrte, la, July 2-*. Denim, 54. Royat's Amuse. Jack' Charleston Height*. B C A.m., Oa., July 2-7. Rumble Oreater Am.: Laogoolm, West Baden July sf,r's Just for Pun: V.rl Ortgaayais, U_ 2-July 4. Shamrock. Wilber, Neb. 3S-. Shep-O -Ram.. Lindaborg, Kan ; awwor;h 320: Hays July 34, Shorter' nrmwaleau, Wise July ; Strum 2-4. S lebrana: daho Smitt, George Ora.: rrmtaura. Md ; Oakland July 2-7. Smith's lunland: PenuOoro, W. Ya., Jab 3.7, Snapp Greater: B Dam, WU. Southwest Amuse.: Asiauerquo, N. M Standard: Oreea Yr, Win. 23.7*: LAO - der as -Jay 4; Leramle 7.4. Stanley. Wm. D.: Co ;erahne, Minn.. Jury 3-4. Crcolaka a-a Star Am. Co,: Osceola, Ark; Pottle July 4. S tephens. C. A. Martha. Ky. S tephens, Otto: La Platt, Mo Macon July.4 Sttyns: 'crest Lake, Minh.. ljuty 4: Spooner. Was, ak - Stntea, James a : Schenectady, N. T.; Plutaburg July 2.7. Sunny. A. J. No. l: (Todd ell Waren, O 24.July i; K.enate 34 Sunny. A. J., No 3: 7Btal. & Snow Rd.) Patina. O., July -4; Aeon a-a. S unset Am. Co.: Montevideo, Mion, 2- July : Mesta. 2-4; a. St. Paul a -k 27,00. Er.: cap. Chadds. Va. Tatham Brad.: Monticello. m ; Sullivan July 2.7. Teaaalm. van., Am.: Red Bautag Sprnp. Tenn.. July 3.7. Tens:wee Valley. Ruaelinlae. Ky. Tblae United: Oswego, DL Thomas, Art B.. No. t: Clot a. D : Ponce, Neb., 77.20: Oratory, S D. July 3.4: Laurel N.O, a-7. Thou., Art B. No. 2: Sheldon. fa ; Jackson. Milan., BJWy 7 Delano 2.4; Mound 6 -g. Thomas. Cuff. Acton, nd. steams. Joyland: Wheeling. W. V.. Tidwell. T. J.: P.whu*ka, Okla. Tip Top: Milwaukee 35-July ; Wla., Moro. 3.3: Princetob 7 -e. Tinsley. Johnny T.: Black Mountele. N C: Wntesbore July 3-7. Tiroli: Lovintton.. Tri-State: Ramona, 0 D ; Montrose 27-78; roquois 2a-20: Hartford July -3; Scotland 3.4; Mlnneota, Minn., Tropical a -a. Midway: Roaeboro, N. C. 70th Century: Ad., Mtno., 76 -JUlr United L Staley Mullins, W. Va. United Saps No. : Maywood. Bl. ; Porter nd.. July 7.7. United Enpa., No. 2: Three Oaks. Mich.. July 7.7. Vale Expo : Olbrn. Oa, Virotnla Greater: Salem N..5 u Milford. Del, July 34. Wade Greater: Coleman, Mich.; Lake Odessa eb% July 3.4, Wade. W. O.: Stambaugh (ron Meer:, Mich. Wallace Eros.: Apptlm. w:..; Meduon July 3-a. West Coast. Oriole Pau, Or., Klamath Palls 76 -July 4, West coast, No. 3: Stockton, cent., 35- July 4; Sacramento 5-3, Western: Drrtngton, Wuh. Wilcox. Diet: Prep. Lea. Me. Wilson hmeue: Galva, ll.; Henry July.4: Wuhlnttton a -a, Wolfe Am- Co.: Suffolk, Va WO., Tnmt: Winnimm, Mn.: Werburn. But., July 34; tevao 5, World of 50th: auaabeth, N. J. World of Pleasure: Sault Ste. Merle, Mich. Young, Monty: MVO, Utah, 2 -July 4 JUNE 30, 956 THE FNAL CURTAN CLARK -Mike,, 84, veteran carnival general agent, at ndianapolis June 7. n retirement since 932, he had been general agent for the S. W. Brundage Shows and the Brundage and Fisher Shows for 27 years. le also had been general agent for the New York Bloomer Girls, orle: of the early girl baseball teams that barnstormed the country; the booker of donkey baseball games, and the agent for ndian baseball teams. the Boston Opera Company, and various minstrel shows. For a brief period, he also was part owner of a carnival. He is credited with having discovered Merle Evans and with giving Evans, who later served many years as the Ringliug- Barnum band leader, his first job in outdoor show business. He was a veteran of the Spanish - American War and had participated in the Battle of San Juan Hill. le was a long -time member of the Knights of Columbus, Madison, nd. Survivors include two sisters, Anne E. Clark and Mrs. Catherine G. Noon, both of ndianapolis. nterment June 20 in St. Patrick's Cemetery, Madison, nd., following services in Criristelner Funeral Home, ndianapolis, and a solemn requiem mass in Si. John Church. ludiailapolis. CLNG :MAN- Walter (Mills), 54, former member of the Mills Troupe of high -wir: performers and in recent years a concessionaire and clown, June 7 in Wausau. Wis., following a heart Outdoor section.) DE BALNARD- William, 89. at Yorkton, Sask., June 2: Canadian -born, he went to Arkansas as a youth and joined the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show. For six years he taught trick riding and drove the bandwagon. Survived by his widow and three children. N LOVNG MEMORY OF CHESTER GREGORY SYLVA GREGORY HANSEN -Call B., 54. former secretary of the South Dakota State Fair board, June 3 in Park Rapids, Minn. Becoming a member of the Fair board in 937, he served as president in 937 and 938. n 939 he was named secret ;tes Which position he held until 943. At the time of his death, he osas operating a resort at Park Rapids. Burial in Huron, S. D. ftawks -Mrs. Martha, mother of Mrs. Betty Carroll, wife of Charles H. Carroll, owner of Carroll's Greater Shows, June 2 at her home in Minneapolis. n addition to Mrs. Carroll, she is survived by another daughter, Mrs. Christel Matte, and a granddaughter, Mrs. Betty Higginbottom.' N LOVNG MEMORY Of Or Da WLLAM LATELL At" known as soue cable, clod JuM 4, fns w mer Yeu, dues ELEANOR & JEANNE KAWEL -Hans E., founder and secretary- manager of the Eaton County 4-H Fair, Charlotte, Mich., for 22 years, June 2 at U. S. Naval Hospital, Bethesda, Md. (Further details in Fairs department, this issue.) MARSHALL -Mike, 82, veteran musician, recently in Avoca, Wis. For many years, he played in bands with Ringling Bros.' Circus and hlarshalls Comedy Concert Company. n later years, he devoted his time to teaching music. Burial in Avoca, \Vi+. RHODES -Mrs. Emma Cooper, widow of the late Jack B. Rhodes, formerly connected with many of the larger carnivals and circuses as a shots. builder. June 2 in Shreveport, La. Burial in Shreveport. N MEMORY' Of on of th L. -Crow Showmen - and. wonaeaul father. Frank M. Sullon Sr. Who died aun w ml., you nor omen, YOUR WFE, EDNA; PETE, LUCLLE du. JUNE, AND &RANDCHDREM SHANNON- Robert, 8. a member of the Saukatoon, Sask., Exhibition board for 33 years, at Saskatoon June 3. He was president of the board in Survived by his widow, a daughter, a brother and sister. MARRAGES BERMAN -TRAU BE- Alvan Berman, non -pro, and Madeleine Traube, daughter of Leonard Traube, former editorin-chief of The Billboard and now with Variety, June 24 at the Waldorf- Astoria Hotel, New York. She was graduated June 8 from Endicott Junior College. Beverly, Mass., the bridegroom's hometown, where the couple will reside. ROSS-.VLLS- %'ally Ross. circus performer, now appearing on KTLA -TV, Hollywood, st ith Susie the baby elephant, and Betty \Villis, owner of the dog act, Betty and Her Playmates, June in Thousand Oaks, Calif. HAZEN- BRTHS A daughter, June 4 to Mr. and Mrs. Benny Hazen in Becker County General Hospital, Litchfield, Minn. Parents are concessionaires with Carroll's Greater Shows. nto 7 States '('irnfirtn.ti frurn pr._' 5 almut 0 days in advance of each date. The use of billing and other selling aids will be expanded, Conto said. Kochman and Conto said that an excellent season is anticipated The constant popularity of thrill shows with :air audiences, an expanded selling campaign and the generally good economic outlook all should contribute to good business, they said. Kochman 's second grandstand unit, greyhound racing dogs, will get under way, also in the Mid - west, a few days after the opening of the thrill show.

76 JUNE SEASON'S OUTLOOK CRCUSES Cu,..s.nw.. r as W s..ataa Sr, la. THE LLSOARD 75 Few Hit; 90% Making Out Well in Constant Field lih tt.. asdemo neigh guwg this season for a few circus es Ma WanYbeen half so ddficult for the whole bun- ilehonal publkettons and news agencies would believe. time business now is shaping up pretty stgo't allows, =guinea, columnists and editorial writers got mutation to the effect that three were 26 ail - (n 940. compared with one today. Pact N lev two to 940, just as there were at the lint of seat. This points up the situation pretty well, because the wait of circuses of all types has remalnrd fairly con - h ant Gut a aeond many years. The total -rail, truck. indoor sr,,j other kinds- seldom has ranged far from the 30-to-40 fold. Each collapse is a blow to to iudwi.uais and to the entire business, including counpetitars. out fail new shows come along to fill the gaps. e has been going along for yeah. Rail shows to sin in 945. but the field settled to two. le tale truck show field got overcrowded. n 954. the member of closings was abnormally low. came 956. Changes and shuffling came off as al the yoar opened with four more shows than the previous season, With the closing.of the d King shhows, the total still is ahead. mmediate reason for the Beatty show's closing uas prior business. But close followers of circuses know that several internal factors were important in that picture and,4gy have affected business. King Bros. also has had poor business, but that's nut the whole story. Again, internal troubles were a factor. But more. King Bea.' firs can be traced readily to met - e:iuensiou these yams ago. That t nsrvited this lung is commentary on the lngtsuity of its operators. Any othes business lo its plight would have collapsed year ago. Ringling Bros. and Barnum dr Bailer's ddtieulties have been warmed over along with those of Bratty end King. But Ringling s probierrrs start with personalities and policies, and the volume of btniness h more of mutt than eatin. Utonrver, its business recently has been good. The King. Beatty and Ringling cases are spectacular but special. None of them llhutratrs any inherent weal - ness n emus burinss. Apart from Special situations on some shoos. almost ever) instance of light business can be attributed to the late spring. Given weather, the slows are doing sde- gtutrly. There has oven some step -down front the lush post-oat years. but business is still good, and getting better with weather. ndoor circuses are having a good year. Polack Western wan off it a kw spots, notably San Francisco. but other plates have held up well. Orrin Davenport had a strong year. showing great improvement in some Eastern cities and fine results in \Vestern Canada. Clyde Bros. is scoring in Ontario. lamid- Morton told ut increases in business all along its route. Tom Packs Circus, playing ball parks, opened a new unit and it has played to heavy grosses at most spots. The Packs Eastern wait opened more recently and has healthy advance sales in early stands. Under canvas, Kelly Miller a big user of advertising. has been enjoying big business in most areas and is ahead sea the season. ts allied outfits are doing okay. Hunt Bros. to winning strung baublest. t combines goat ashen, and promotion, mmmeromu flat.scele dates and its cu..t reputation to be a constant winner. aldb Bros has bad spotty results, with some sery big data included. lingea Bros. was spotty in early ssrather and now is doing better. with no complaint on the year. Leonard Bros. has been winning sonne money despite oerasional route troubles. and by July 4 it should be out of the woods. Cristiani Bros.' Circus got by in the cold spring. registered considerably improved business in subsequent weeks that took it dull the East. and looked ahead to big Cana- dian advance sales. Take most of the others and the story is the saine. Business is okay in circus weather. n general. shows that adra rtise heavily and pitch ns wagon sales. are doing better than thaw which rely on promotion. Kelly Miller. Hunt and sometimes Cristiani are in the former set. Marking the trend, Hagen Bros. is upping use of paper to draw more wagon busbies!. Behind this is the fact that effectiveness of telephones continues to decline. This has been anticipated and predicted by showmen for several vean. 'liar search is on for a new promotion idea. and some are experimenting again with merchants tickets and other systems that pre - crested phones. For the longer tenn outlook. circus business is here to stay -just as it was when they predicted it would liner survive the Civil War. For the season. most showmen are saying all is going well. The year will be a winner for most of those which come up with proper advertising and promotion. For the conning few weeks, the outlook is for another new circus to hit the road. FLOYD KNG JONS RNGLNG ADVANCE Named Special Agent by Burke; Will Work Under George Smith - CHCAGO Floyd King has foaled the advance deartment of Adding Bros. and -Barnum & Bailleey Circus. n a statement made here it was announced that Michael Burke,.executive director of the show. has retained King u special agent to weeks under the direction of General Agent George W. Smith. Duffy Party On Mills Show n N. Y. Town FORT PLSN, \ ', -- George Duffs's annual Party here helped boost business for Mills Bros' Circus to the fall -house level in the afternoon. Monday. (8). Night house was better than half. Duffy and his wife took.500 children to the show and pro- % dert them with refreshments and taselties as well as sects. Show uses a lot owned by Duffs.. who has been staging similar circus parties for 0 rears. Circus manna et Jack Sills introduced him at die performance. The Jade Mills Tent of CFA here, named for the show owner.!housed members of the Mills families at a party. Earlier the Mills show was sliouwres>l by the Kiwanis dub at Fulton. N. i., and got two half - houses Wednesday (3). Watertown. N. Y., followed on Thursday (4) and scored with two strong turnouts for the Grotto in but %%cattier. Benson Doing Well RiDGW'AY. Pa. -Benson Bros. Circus had near -full and ttri r quarter houses here Monday OS). The show had good business in Sunbury. Pa. (ill. and half and near -full houses in llenero, Pa. (5). Smith currently is headquartered here and King arrived Thursday (2). Earher, ling bed conferred with show executives in New Jersey. Other advance staffers now include Al Butler, Doc Hall and Leon Pickett as contracting agents. Smith and King declined any comment apart from the official statement. t was known that the Ringling show had made overtures to King some months ago but he then was active with his own show. King formerly was general agent for Cole Bros.' Circus as well as owner and agent for his own organizations. Smith. for many years manager of Ringling- Bamum, returned thi' season and succeeded Paul Eagles as general agent. Eagles resigned and returned to California last week. Ring Playing n Michigan JACKSON. Mich. -Ring Bros.' Circus has entered Michigan and was playing spots in the southern section of the State last week. Business was reported good. Show had poor business and other complications in Northern Ohio earlier. C. C. Smith is booking the show nosy. Dallas Zoo Buys 7 Major Animals DALLAS- Dallas Zoological Society has bought its first animals for Manias Parc Zoo. Order included two hippos, two rhinos, two eeraan elephant. All were g a from the North Atlantic Ferule rr and Chemical Company's animal importing subsidiary. Ted Dealev, pibli, her of the Dallas Noss, u president of the zoo xnicty. BLL MOORE LEONARD BROS.' GENERAL AGENT BE \TON HARBOR. Mich. -Bill Moore, agent for the Clvdr Beatty Circus until its recent closing, came on here this week as agent for Leonard Bros.' Circus. The show canceled Wisconsin stands and turned to Michigan when Leonard. Hagen and Miller congregated at the Wisconsin border. Leonard Bros. played two days (9-20) here for the House of David. Also joining the show re- cently were Ullaine Malloy. aerialist; Shorty and Peggy Sylvester, midget clowns. and Curley and Cail Miller, concert. RNGLNG DRAWS NGHT BUSNESS New England Termed Good; Show Moves Slow; Bulls Give Trouble PROVDENCE, R. i.- Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus played to half and three- quarter houses at several New England stands. Show officials declared business has been very good in the area. Trouble with Late arrivals and with the young elephants continued. At Waterbury, Corm., Friday (5) the show had a half house at the late afternoon performance and three -quarters at night. Local sources noted that there had been layoffs in the city. that thé Cris - tiani show's auspices placed wait ads and that the Ringling show Court Orders Sale Of King Equipment MACON, Ca. -All property of sold "to satisfy as far as,pus ible the Floyd King -Arnold Maley part the great amount of claims against nership, operating King Bros.' Cir- King and Maley. cus, was ordered sold to pair credi- His testimony contrasted sharply tors at an adjourned session in with the optimistic outlook given U. S. bankruptcy court here Tues- by Arnold Maley when the latter day (9). testified a week earlier. Judge E. P. Johnston. referee. King said the show is 'stranded" acted after bearing lengthy testi- in Middletown, with on route conmony of Floyd King, who came to tracted, no advance. and that all Macon from Middletown, Conn., the personnel had left except 'four to testify. or if ve workingiwen and one per- Several hours after the bearing' former." Maley telephoned objections to the lt would take considerable capcourt sale. He had remained in ital and at least two or three weeks' Middktowzr. Conn and said be time to set a route and resume enhad effected a reorganization and gagements with any sort of a chance had planned to resume showing of success." the circus owner told dates on Thursday (2). King Sees No Hupe King said that based on his 40 years' experience in the circus business, with.s7 years as a circus owner, he had -regretfully reached the eonctusion' the King circus could not be operated profitably under "present conditions." King recommended that all propel ties he the court. 'Without this capital there isn't a chance." Recommends Sale King recommended that all of the show's animals be sold at once and that the trucks and other equipment be returned to Macon for an auction of the lot or piecemeal sales this fall. He believed in this manner (Coniim,rd on page 76) was day and date with a Crollo fireworks show which drew The fireworks were ordered delayed until Ringling's baby elephants had left the lot. Police arranged the timing of the adjacent shows. Later the gyro show was halted while more elephants went by. Earlier. two young elephants got into a fight and one man w -,v hurt in breaking it up. Waterbury lot still showed signs of a 955 flood. Weather was tint and humid. Picketing was carries! on. New Haven on Saturday (6) had half and three- quarter houses. Very hot weather sent many residents to beaches. A delay cane when the city required burial of cable. A rider was hurt by a horse during show. At about 9 p.m. a siren at a draw bridge near the lot sounded and startled the young elephants. The bulls milled around the lot, and two bull handler were hurt. Elephants were left out of the show. At Providence, the show played Tuesday (9) to a half house in the afternoon and strong house at night. Afternoon show was too hours late. Delay was brought on by a later arrival. One of the show's wagons had come loose on the flat and rolled over the end sill. soquiring the stopping of the train. HOWARD Y. BARY JONS RNGLNG ALBANY, N. Y.- hussard Y. Bary has mined Ringling Bros. and Barnum Er Bailey Circus as a press agent. He was once foreign agent for the show and later leased the lagenbeck- Wallace Circus from R. -B. n recent years he has wild animal show operated a aras! handled Hamlet -Morton promotions in Kansas.

77 76 CRCUSES WANTED / Several good Promotion / Managers who work clean / and / get money without heat. We pay top commis / - 'ions daily, no hold backs / or off seasons- This one / goes year -round. Book, / / JACK KELLY / G eromorton Meneter 0 Tickets and Contributions. / TOMMY SCOTT SHOWS Phono Ann Arbor, Mich., Al / Normandy or Jack- / 0 son. State ARE YOU A - - TELEPHONE SALESMAN OR SALESWOMAN üont CALL PWaetnl UN-rS.6 o.ylna GUALiraD. eo.mlllnnl Alr Madl. bme fnree nnw n he a r nded f anelürm. Need....wen or aala nemen tn ell taa n loeel amb wt"w ncalla. n,.l llne efrrred n \l. laul r.ou Paanlure. yon e.aut nnk Si]S.6o. sjv:t0 u Apply:...' í DOFsvii S..am_ CN.nV 4e36, 0-PHONEMEN-0 can uae en...start N n wran.e rhaner.e nffirea Mal St.r..W yna..r. keep evn twine Yeu MM T month: Zak t're, ene Vh"ne,wa JM VOF,LKL N7 CMun. 7t. Ol.lo nena NV 3 )Qif M eellen+ Comed, -Juggling" act! CLOW Looks N3-MAGCANS-LLC.'3 LLe nal l..dt6d. Wt Y cow Ma mowed) ruulm NV ylrl7 rnnavetm NM..vuar.e ana rllntekfed de lre. Ns a 3 ' Aiwa. m.o.. arr aea, Eon.. TtN T.a fintah Can laat fron "\'ark^ 7 le 7 nlnute. 4waä a Há mä arated retain.,330 TM6 "RO/-SNO/" i!m rnw o 6e. na óoeylahl s. /". 73. NEED THE BEST! P HON EM EN NOW TttRFC 06AL t.ln. Mnta. Ptaee No tollrrla. JOHN WALTERS SW. Colorea, 6.rwds. Cole. M -. PHONEMEN vtt fulconc runo DUD. L.e ulie-par daat Ca-selc Silary, tieharswd. Va.. 336St. er Nark,. Don eat HAGEN BROS.' CRCUS WANTS Cle..n. G.ond Act. Tren.pohn. sen, Sheer teener Men, Double D.en... Woe sr par root. PHONEMEN Rad.e -TV ro6..w.. M. KAPLAN- "KAPPY" A. H. FSH Ge.. NNN howeete, R.. Loa Hoerr, EA Mwl.r. ail Stove, cell E Lenard PHONEMAN V..,n how Yolk slate nu l. Darnall. eon, kloao Ut "rra Take...cers Nan... ear. Ewa -lone Chao aeon- t our reruns. W., N. Y. MeM M at FRED STE,l'ART 2-PHONEMEN-2 a C4.. Labor Men. Slal..o cde Deal. C.O.E., AFL toll, Neaer. Polk lad,. n. Trn.ponenon...ended bal alts $500. Cell BOB M.L.OR' Parkrar Netel Emma., Tenn. PHONEMEN Nd. Mata Tnlne Mal- NA. Molo Con....a ere. The c.o. director.. Nana wua Tea.,. BOB FEENEY esa o..a Ave., Savor Senn.. Md..,. 6.37M -4e- A707 ea. use THE BLLBOARD Clyde Bros.' Ontario Business Ahead of '55 OTTAWA -Clyde Bros.' Circus is running' ahead of last years business on its extended tour of Ontario. From here, it swings into Quebec for four stands. Then Lon. don, Out., will complete its stay in Canada. St. Thomas, Ont.. where show the played a new building aged by Harry man- McLeod, gave business for the fair four t performances. suas the show's first year city, and in the the date made money. Kitchener followed and was big on the very Saturday (2) but on the two weak previous the days. t was show's third year in Bob ht's Memorial Cros- Center and year the the first date showed.a profit. Welland, a one -da stand, was nothing. Niagara Falls, Ont., the where spew did well twice had light before, business this time. tendance Atseas 3,000, althu 8,500 tickets were ira the hands public. of the Hamilton Prpduces Hamilton, Ont., was the big, with show getting its hest there. year Sic shows were given all. and reserves were sold in for advance four of them. Three were Arms given on the Saturday all and were near the fstli 3,800 Box office mark. sale was up a per hefty 40 cent. the show reported. was up 25 or Net 30 per cent for Shrine the auspices and 50 per the cent for show. Date has been on built up promotional plans and this time il was secure enough to sell nn a pure entertainment basis, it was reported. Toronto, where the show played the CNE Coliseum. was a disappointment- Show opened on the same day as a new race track and in 95- degree weather. Second day, Thursday (4) was poor, and Friday was little better. Saturday afternoon the circus got the crowd, while Saturday night people went to the Cavalcade of Thrills. Show lost money on the date and may try an earlier schedule nest time. Press comments have been quite favorable to the show all along the Ontario route. n Toronto. the show prepared foreign language press releases for foreign language uesyspapers, including Jnpaneve, and the latter especially won great atteetiuu in print, for the show. Big Kingston Crowds At Kingston the circus drew a big in four performances at the 3,000 -seat Community Canter. All departments were up, some by as much as 50 per cent. Concessions, operated by the building, sold out several times, as the big crowds kept coming. Ottawa opened Wednesday (20) to better attendance thou before. Here and in several other spots the circulation of free tickets has been virtually eliminated. Show had good television cover- age to match its press. Tom Par- ker, business manager for the tinware. Suesz show. handled two Canadian network T' shows in which several seta were used. and TV appearances and films of the show are being user!. Orders King Equipment Sold Continua from 7H :.i the property -which has a t oat t ages of animals, a tent and an n- s-slue in recess of bring the best prices. W. J. Bailey, who was receiver of the King circus units for a told month, the court he had received offers for four elephants and for much of the other property. Bailey declined to serve any longer. and the creditors nominated Dstncard Mercer. Macon attorney. who had acted as Bailey's lawyer, to serve as trustee. Mercer was authorized to make arrangements for sale of the p ro pert y. Okays Lease Plan King recommended court approval of lease made by his partner, Maley. with three former King employers for equipment and animals. Before the court at the time seas a letter from Maley outlining the lease arrangement under which R E (Bobby) Miller, Red Larkin and Eddie Keck plan to operate circus. (See other story). The trustee was given approval to ratify the lease and to undertake additional leases if possible before advertising the court sale. King hated many places in which the circus property had been stored since opening the season here April 7. Parade equipment, including two floats, two chariots and four miniature rages were stored in Winder, Ca. The "fighting lion" truck with lion is at the zoo n Atlanta. along with an elephant, a semi-trailer. llama, water buffalo, sacred cow and other animals. Equipment Spotted Stored at Miller Bros.' animal farm, Pigeon Forge, Tenn., are two elephants, a camel, and one Ford truck. One semi with six horses are near Asheville, N. C. Left at Erwin, Tenn., were a pole truck, with '20 espensive aluminum poles, and a semi used for hauling seats. The air calliope mounted on a panel truck was left at Princeton, W. Va. One tractor is in a shop at Radford. s'a.. and another truck is at Pulaski, Va. King revealed that his personally - owned Wild Lile exhibit, with 4 left in Radford also. A Chevrolet truck was left at Clnristiansbsrrg, Va. A Ford tractor was left in Bluefield, W. Va.. and a sleeper was left on the slnrwgrounds at Niles. O. Another sleeper was left on the showgrounds at Salem, O.. acid the steam caller with a Chevrolet trac tor is under attachment at Steubenville. O. Another truck w u felt at Downington, Pa. The referee ordered the trustee to locate the widely scattered properties and to determine if any funds could be realized out of All them. of the other properties that left Macon with the Eastern and Western units in April are at Mid - dletown, Conn.; Stroudsburg, Pa.. and Nazareth, Pa., King told the court. King said here he hinges to begin work soon in an advance for capacity another show, Maley Plain njunction Maley informed the trustee, his and attorneys, Paul M. Conaway and Jack J. Cautier, that he would seek to enjoin any sale and said wished he to proceed with operations under broad temporary powers given at a rior hearing when he testified on June 2. Maley said he had made several changes in staff and had contracted a number of new acts which were to go to work at the first stand. Thursday. Maley insisted that if given the :chance 'lie would bring the show back to Macon a big winner this fall. mmediately after King's hearing Referee Johnston went to Albany, Ca., for several days of bankruptcy hearings and the effect of Maley' strong protests could not be determined. nformed authorities said they believed the matter could be re- opened if a meritorious showing was made by Maley. Macon creditors have been sympathetic and cooperative, it was explained, and had asked for the court sale in view of the unfavorable experiences and outlook reported by King. JUNE Piggyback Operations Continued from page 58 CHCAGO & NORTH WESTERN Rata -RR's trailer -loads at truck -competitive rates. Cars -75 flat ears. Terminals -More than 40 cities are equipped as piggyback terminals. nterchange -At Chicago with BdtO, Lackawana, Lehigh Valley. Nickel Plate. Pennsylvania, Reading, Wabash. Western Maryland and Mutton, with St. the Louis and Litchfield dc beyond. Madison for ERE Service -BR's trailer -loads at truck -competitive rates. Cars.50 7S-foot cars; foot flats. Terminals -63 points on its line, including general areas of New York. Cleveland and Chicago. Expansion plots include Akron and elsewhere. GREAT NORTHERN Service -ßß's trailer -loads at truck- competitive rates. Cars foot flats; 3 52-foot flats. Terminals -l8 major cities on its line. nterchange-with Burlington, North \Vectern, Soo; with Snnthem Pacific, Vestern Pacific and Western Pacific-Santa Fe. LLNOS CENTRAL Se- Soler -Rß's trailer -loads at truck -competitive rates. Cars-l8 53 -foot flats, Terminals -Chicago and Memphis. KANSAS CTY SOUTHERN Service -RR's trailer -loads at truck-competitive prices; com- mon-carrier billet freight. Cars foot flat ears. Terminals -New Orleans, Dallas, Shreveport, Kansas City, Fort Smith, Beaumont, others. lint - abroge -With truck lines but not railroads. LACKAWANNA St -n'icr -RR's trailer -loads at truck- competitive rates. (vars foot flats. Terminals- Hoboken, Syracuse, Elmira, Buffalo and else- where on the lire. nterchange -At Buffalo with B&O. Nickel Plate. Wabash; at b lanken with New York, Susquehanna & Western; also with other lines serving Southwest and Northwest. More planned. in. :hiding that with New Haven for New England points. LEHGH VALLEY Sen ice -RR's trailer -loads at true;- competitive prias. Car foot flat cars. Terminals -New fork, Chicago, Cleveland, St. Louis, De- troit. Buffalo, others. interchange- With Nickel Plate, Wabash, North Western, Sloan. LOUSVLLE & NASHVLLE Service -RR's trailer -loads at truck -competitive rates. Cars foot flat cars. Terminals- Louisville, Birmingham, New Orleans. Nash- ville. St. Louis. MNNEAPOLS & ST. LOUS Service -RRS trailer -loads at truck Cars competitive rada. -foot flat c-ars. Terminals -Minneapolis-St. Paul. Peoria. MSSOUR- KANSAS -TEXAS Service -Trailers from truck lines at a per -toiler charge. Cars foot flat cars. Terminals -St. Louis, Kansas City. Tulsa, Dallas. Oklahoma others. City, nterchange- \Pith Santa Fe. MONON service-rrs trailer -loads at truck -competitive rates. sidering Concommon carrier and private trucker arrangements. Cars foot flats. Terminals -Chicago and Louisville or ndianapolis. nterchange -At Chicago with ville North \'estern, at and Linton. Louis- nd.. with Nickel Plate. NCKEL PLATE Service -RR's trailer -loads at truck -competitive rates. Cars-45 cars of 53 and 43 -font lengths. Terminals -Chicago, Toledo. Cleveland, Buffalo. St. others. Louis, nterchange -With 4 railroads, including Wabash, wanna, Lacka- Northwestern. Cotton Belt, Texas & New Haven, Orleans, New others. NEW HAVEN - Service- Trailers from subsidiary truck company; trailers from common -carrier truck lines at a per- trailer charge; trailers of private tanker. Cars foot flat cars; foot flats on order. Terminals -New York. New Haven, Hartford. others. nterchange -With the Erie. Nickel Plate, Wabash. NORFOLK & WESTERN Service - Trailers of common -carrier truck lises at per- trailer rates. Terminals -New York, Philadelphia; Bristol, Va.; Roanoke. others. nterchange -With the Pennsylvania at Hagerstown. Mt. (Continued on page Fe

78 FRANK (MN, CLOWN Atleblo Arrer A. 4fa for Fain. Celebrations. Centennials.. APRS and Ave Thrill Shows. C ssestand come-. comedy stase i lan Act. Twenty -live grotesque dews ligeren er paradez. Vitae FRt \6 CN pr Tes Pack Eastern Circus Roule st 0 West Ave., Burlington, la. WANT ehe.i.h, t loo. rhwir with nm while.n reu. ke NOtM. Any.g and reo obi. Write er phen 6. Mr, Clara Lambrrtl 430 Main Sr Sochest.r, ndiana CONTRACTNG AGENT who n,l. phi, Ptemttnn + rl. uas tep hoar ea aril escarp st. plu i., M dp ; Contact VCTOR LEWS saa.j. W.l.nla Neln. Rana al«, tyl.anl. is h.00 aylranl -400 or -43, nr... LAMM. FOR SALE OM DOr Art, to tman, tour ean.4 ielndlk pese wltö rrarlm r4m-lr woortgu d«a AL. hay. puty- N AN, meng Ne l.m outfit. Hedsu.nen tn e.h, N ew rant. a/ere t. aemn,, pamahalba' tlydle, grtaeal r<. urn sl.. Phu.elphl. to, rw sa r-nn * PHONEMEN * BANNERS. U.P.C. TCKETS PGGYBACK Semis Flats Combine For Show Possibility Continued fron page 5t visioned in tun forms. n the kind that will come first standard motorized show makes a tingle Jump by piggyback rail. n the other, something to mine later, a show is framed ron the start for piggyback and it makes all its moves in that fachkrn. lse single -lump plan could it into the plans of cantltal with widely separated fair dates to play. A jump that is too long for trssc4s could be made on time via piggyback. A circle that found itself in unptpfitable or overcrowded territory could make a quick and major switch by piggyback. The flat air would eliminate the present need for extra-long drives and the play. mg of forty or unwise stands simply to break a lump. What of Tractors? n each of these cases. the shows semi- trailers would be placed on flat cars and hauled to tho destinati.n by train. How the shoat/- waned tractcr would be hauled is a detail to be worked out. if the ktll is made with one -if the many forward- thinking railroaders in the piggyback field, they should be no problem. Perhaps the!rucks can he carried along with the semi. hailers. Perhaps they would have to be shipped al a diferent rate or even driven overland. The aye m still would retain advantages and probable economics over either pure rail moves or pure hock moves. Carrying the piggyback idea to its ultimate form will have shows built for making all moves that way n this set -up a show would eliminate the need for most if not all of its tractor units. This would ails-e initial cost. upkeep and such rising expenditures as those for in surance, license fees, toll roads and special permits. A show would own its own semi-trailers. ts own limited number of tractors or rent ed trucks could relay the traders from the railroad to the show town and grounds. in the cases of in ruses and carnivals in particular Eases, Speeds Mover went,:,.n lobar and.ggrewr Pr.a -ie Baraster. want capable, as. For ice shows, indoor circuses, man em ran S and gel in... No legitimate shows, grandstand re- Or.. or loabatere Top apemen N.wny want- par vorn night. Phone r n, no rollton. A WALTON, curt. onlw 09 am g0m M. Rnrn. Wla PMM: OLemC ajvm WANT PHONEMEN Swans norwore---..+sari. work, UPC- Thirsts.nd racers. Call or A.., New York,N collect.,, pl.., vue units, even vaudeville pack. ages. radio-tv shows on tour. basketball show outfits, or the sports show package unit that plas circuits, piggyhack holds out the possibility of a new and efficient economical way to travel. Some of these shows now move by rail baggage car, some by truck, and each has advantages and disadvantages- O. point in favor of piggyback would be that such an arena show could be loaded on SPECALTY ACT TEX MAGEE wh,, SPARKY SPARKY, a white stallion. One of the world's youngest trick horses. No lines, bridle or halter. nterested n booking with Fairs, Rodeos, Tent Shows or Circus. Preferred la tie East. TEX MAGEE Pegasus Slablt, RFD. l. Westwood, N.. Closter 586 BARNEY BROTHERS CRCUS OPENNG JUNE 25, NAZARETH, PA- PROGRAM COMPLETE BUT ENLARGNG SHOW. rle wanted to in dasartaenta Would 4. r b. bona Coalreettng Age.. unmet. clew.. Touoetne prop+ retort -Robbs MtWw curler KW..4 non. -d +ant HedeN and C.a.., Sid. Show Arta of all tied,mickey OTlr/. and Daeld cheeses- ail to touch wish roe lam MLtet)'L Lddnl: EDDE not ARNEY UMW (R(US n r.relt. P... Jut. : Rene., We L.nlehlaa. no T.rar.Y.. it o.n.nrr Cu,, le. THE BLLBOARD CRCUSES 77. trailers at the place piaytri and then motored &ors to a} c flat. The need for theatrical transfer compani*. would be eliminated or kasened, since the show equip ment, once loaded m the trailer at the hulidla.g,...mild not hare to tar unloaded and reloaded into the ' baggage car. No Special Mores fn the mast likely epee d pigry back moves, the loaded semis on flats would not be moved in special trains. Piggyback's existing uses are usually Moral on not only ease and economy but also on speed - often overnight delivery between di tent points. Piggyback flats now are moved in fast. regular) scheduled freight trains and much effort has been made to eliminate time losses in yards. Some rail - roads move full trains of nothing but piggyback can, and show loads could be aboard. But special show trains usually would not be required. Not Road. Not Rail An important factor is that a piggyback show s limited to otitis. er road nor rails and enjoys the advantages of each As they devel op. Some shows now steer clear of railroad moves because rail service s inadequate to towns they wane to play. But piggyback ion t tied to the rails; at any piggyback terminal, such a show could hitch (Continued on page 4 (AN USE PROMOTERS 4 Pararme res, new deal All Girl Pro (orlon. Roden. croa apha.ora ahrrltl: deal. Contact DR. PERR' Nt a. 0 Neu Nan aloe., Manis n CNo Htal. an An onia, aras nay. PHONEMEN Hook and Tickets. 25'., pa, doll). Via Hallen. Shell) R. Seeder and elhar who know mac._ EDDE Na Main. Aurora,. Men... - Na cell PiONEMENPROMOTES National Annual Reunion. lan.l DL U.?". sae e ebtoe' Aun., U:.A. roues and nls.ncew roer oro n adel,bi. a. mllw Philadelphia. work M our otnt Ten town ready r rara Two!,Hots. work. cannel 6. WNTERS er. ROSE 7Yr 34 r Lnna elce. Tel.. Ohio METAL SPANGLES - All Clan Rhinestones All Caen Rhn..-All Punch. Elastic Net Plom and Tights. Send rar rre folder. C. GUYETTE 346 West 4Stk S.. New York 36. N. Y. 3-PHONEMEN-3 Orphan.. Reads. road. Too sealant. ro hall.. Jae wnpn and J. any, eau 5-4 J.mnwn, N. Y. HUNT BROS.' CRCUS WANTS Map woo dnrw to work tw Lu,- Sta ALO Q.wr ss AA,. a,:. an.rre Oat wort t. 0!know ost.oe n tea aril, nod io r v s+w. Oe answer N per t M., LONS FOR SALE 4 rear. trained Le ride rems, :4 renal. Trade r mal. Waal s.. rue a it amie. old. EARL PC'RT.E torr a wawa Wrw Pa eawa AASrrdee.. P.. twat. UNDER THE MARQUEE Kitty Kelly Ranstrom writes from Polack Eastern dad O`dso. Utah. fans named tare toot for Case Randow,.. Andre, ldanaa and Gilbert Fos visited Darold and Millie Want and daughter at Sun Valley.. Cali. Robert Baud! visited Ditnel'laad, Thousand Oaks and Chott Town. *lao Caliente dog track o Mexico, where e bought some greyhounds... The Mathias and fluky Corona lam - dies visited Diunrvland and the Lillian tallael C.oaìona memorial. Ralph Oyseti, of the flying act, a,almpanled then.. The Res Bondman,visite Joe Thomas, a -aude performer. at Santa Monica. Pinky and June Mdison and Audrey Ching visited Pink's sister,. Harold and Edema Volse visited George and Bernice Emerson and Joe Cook, all of M -C-M.,., The Rhodin.s visited the professional photography institute at Santa Barbara..... The George Hannefords and Kay visited Elizabeth Clarke and Margaret Hammond. Al Alterman visited ex- member of the old Sis Tip Tops act in Cali, forma towns.. Larry Benner visited the Crest Lester, Charley Bernier, and Stanley and Maude Lesche... Struppi Hsnneford pained her husbanxl, Tommy, at San Diego.. Thelma and Danny Kelly, Parley and Ernestine Baer, the Al Landons, Bob Lorraine, Don La Vols, the Ceorge Emerson' and Janice Holman visited. More fmm Polack Eastern, almost all of the performer caught Danny Thomas, Joe F.. Lewis and Ray Bolger show at Las \'egns and visited the Seven Ashton at the Sahara Hotel there... Henry Kyes sister, Adah Anderson. and her his. band. Lee, visited.... At the Tommy Hanneford's housewarming for their new trailer, movies included views of the Voises and Flying Thrillers in 936. the Harr nefs of 937, the Coronas of 953 and the Ceorge and Vickey Hanneford wedding in Mexico... Rapid City, S. D.. Shrine clowns honored Cene Randow... Among those at a swimming pool party in Rapid City were: Arden Kreisch, (Continued on page 4) Í S NEW CRCUS BOOK Si 36 pate* melodies[ -<kr Seti Corer Or. 00 Phelgraph. Large Pag. St.r- 9Ja3a s appcal m ru r,,n err. VER WONDER HOW A CRCUS SG TOP S ST UP SO QUCKLY? rho took h PraM< N. Templer. show lees rglama.up h arp to heloerlphw.l.yamr ne /art. lead only SL tai feel. PPO. to FRANCS H. TEMPLETON Musa.,.)dlnt W.iwglwn 4, D. C. Meer back geannrr r nt <.nantalr uf:al.d. CRCUSANA MART hlor. Peace for COLUCTORS Rare book). ithegtspht. Tlas i~ atea. pagers. roule cords. std oies amme ewru and e4teipnsam. MK i tw e p.97t aawmw 0.. he{ernnyrmmw r t.ea.lasre rr ra, wearus rw.y.r A. c.lar- Cirv.l.sata M.. lata awa O. Or. word7 ONLY MOCfT0.T C7aCtn laa+ len ra.m, -G al W Ceul9+ w ar/.aae bosh W.. v..wnwrt Mtr. t-ane7 a7tab PAr-M Trl'r.Br Oa- rin AeerW -Ope- hatr, fao aew Aw Netrew Mre 4rNta0.4 rare. Narr4. Mat wyy4 d Yr4 ttr porrl ln awd ewraw Yt(inleNt. /fwt:ln. a.qtvaww rmanre4-faacua A!m CRVVAL t.rty'a arrn77üiwwon.. J.ra, r. TbLlt. rbrl M. eannns. Ala Crart'e--alYg.CRr tea tllri K.a rnar era. to W.. 0 v ou. c raw w.q.fesal Nr. -.aia 3 ai ssa crwcus ncrvaa s / 4e JC'orwaq...n aet. evaacuaa To Toc orris - asvnaw, The orbited elms. r =W:. Crase CT CHStAA serte., Loa Bir, COA.aRO. - Pals aaao'afro " isoler M. Mertes Mum Oslo:: ses.. `" CLOWN SHOES Mede of FFaesf Qality VP SHOES Long-Wearing Marpriala MMM Saud for FREE Ì Circulars e Ì LESTER, LTD. 29 S. tibah Arnue Chicago S. llinois fond -Tort sema PAN.- A)aCA'S LARE hu M.enraaetrree uanroa yonr Mug.. ape w Ad ". a M Ala N.4ker.76F...a em4.. a. Md. atstitpis rime ROLA.Np Ac7LL7 Or en w rer0.. Mllsg elevd cul. neer twat. acte >nur w lo P, McCltnttgqeet -.ratel a. Ctrarsr CWlaatun. bat M. /raektln. Pa. now CHRSTMAS CA. Cn0.PTLAs Clown." Your friend. l Boy n. Saar xis Nelms.d A.., dourrh. a. CAC +S ta PHO70a A,L (moo, mama. pepaet n. n 9. dnld M Ow rnwa l n r 7Tgue lao. Morton.. RATES Regular Classified ads... set ie alai! want -ad.lyle. One paragraph. no display. 20c a word -Minimum $4.00 Cash with copy Display Classified ads.. larger type permitted and displayed to best advantage. No ill ions or cuts permitted. nch 4 agate linos) $4.00 Cash with copy Send Your Ad for... the next publication of CRCUSANA MAR in the JULY 8 ssue Direct to CRCUSANA MART The Billboard 00 Patton. f Cincinnati 33. Okl ROBERT WALKER, JR. CALE, 3465 Rutherfordten, N. C., immediately. mportant JESTERS-GO TO LESTER'S

79 PARKS -K DD ELANDS -RNKS 73 THE BLLBOARD Communications to 88 W. Randolph St Chicago. ra. JUNE 30, 955 SEASON'S OUTLOOK Grosses Climb in Sunshine; Forecast Bright WN -SZED park grosses have been moving arrois YY the country west to cast with the weather. Sure as the sun shines, business for the nation's fun zones has been goof. The public tuns out in droves for the hip -hoorah of rides, concessions and shows when the weather is right. The urge and the money for outdoor play are there waiting. But the sun has been slow coming. Weather bureau people confirm with statistics what park people already know that spring was late this year. nstead there was rain, wind and low temperateres in almost all parts of the country. Some localities lad added weather violence in the forms of flood, hail or snow. The good weather and resulting good business began onthe West Coast. While sunshine still was the a :caption n many other sections, including the Eastern States that are most populous with parks. n many areas. spring weather %as four weeks or more overdue. Park owners harked back to old records and memories to recall sock slow-starting season. And theblooked uncertainly at the sparsely inhabited midwas s. All that changed open the sunshine did, come. Crosses perked up immediately, and dispos:tinns with them. Nest Coast fusspots point now to healthy spring What's New? All's New at Palisades Scrambler, Round -Up, Trout Fishing, Closed -Circuit TV, and More in Store - By RWN K;6Y P\LSADE, N. J lning Rosentlal. never short - winded on expanding the virtues and attractions of his Palisades Amusement Park, will have a mono - umental task cut out for himself this season. Altpo the Hudson River funspot bulges with innovations from year to sear, annual visitors will be inclined to agree that a peak of sorts has been arrived at with the 956 edition. Maybe so, Rosenthal sass, but %sit until next year. and soul' GOOD OLD DAYS Coney Scenes And Uno Star On Video Web \t :lt' YuA -- Nostalgia, the lure of the good old days. was skillfully esxpploited on the Arlene Francis NBc.T' show, "Morning," on ridiy. with the nationwide view - lug audience being treated to views usd narrations of old -time parks and siding devices. The a.m. -to-noon show devoted its opening 5 minutes to still photos and a reel taken from Paul Kifiam's collection. Answering Miss F:ancii questions and narrating for the film was Charley ( Feldheim) Uso, 80 -year oldster who was Coney sland and Bur - quetque contributor to The Billboard for 2 years. i en ers on one of the season's mate humid days wese heated to t,,rnof.tle- century scenes of board - aalk and beach. and such sights as sateeplechase, Dreamland and Luna picks. Units shown were the old Slide for Life, 'loop -La. Stearn Enease, Moving Stairs, Ciant Slide, Harrel of Lone, Dew Drop Slide, andcrn Bike, Swing for Life, t 34,c Rick. Panama Slide, Ssvirsg-, ; Boats, Steeplechase Horse Fate. Sea Lion Park and others. see something. n the meantime, his operation mistimes to keep abreast of new lest to attract patron e. Lever the drawing s may hold for the future. there is no shortage of interesting and worthy facets at Palisades at present. The futcapot has the only Scrambler ride in this vicinity; the only Round-Up, one of tie few Roto -Jets seen hereabouts. and the only permanent commercial trout fishing operation. The fviddleland features interesting Ces units, the park is laciccents. y painted and illuminated with Jack Ray's color scheme. and Use show units include several novelties 'vented br Carlo (aatetli. Closed Circuit The last- mentionted are a trailermounted Swiss Music Box Revue, and a stationery (a portable unit is in the works for fairs) See ''ourself -On-TV show. This is in the metal Lmtron house adjacent to the park office, where contribution -type shows were previously offered. Cianetti s operation has a 3-cent gate, with an additional revenue-producing element within. (Continued on page 8) Offers Help Opening of Mountain Park HOLYOKE, Mass. A big opening splash via advertising was the target of Mountain Park here. with a display ad featuring clown Dead and special nducements. Spot is on Route 5. ncluded were a dollars worth of ride tickets (on presentation of the ad), free acts in the pavilion. $,000 worth of merchandise prizes. Schedule ncluded daacing to Joe Rock's polka band and Chris Powers' orchestra in the Bel -Air Ballroom. business. Los Angeles. San Francisco and Northwest treat have done well, Spring and the good grosses have come. too, to the Rocky Mountain area. with the Denver locations telling of successes after late starts. With the dismal weather swept away in the Middle West now, that district is sending people in necessary numbers to build profitable funzone grosse. owa. lli- nois, Wisconsin and ndiana have seen the title tun. Chicago and St. Louis are among those telling of adequate attendance and spending when the weather is right. The exception here as in other fields is Detroit. That area has had not only softness in auto employment but also has absorbed heavy rains on nearly every weekend. Even so. some good business is reported in the area. Moving farther east. the park business and the weather are still a little cloudy. As good weather breaks thin. these spots get immediate response at the ticket boxes. As that pattern continues to develop, the assurance of another profitable season for amusement parks takes shape. Apart from all-important weather. the parksters have had it good. The tend of the school Seim brings heavy picnic business. There are new rides on many a midway. mud operators tell that they generate interest among parkgoers. Fleet Event To Mass Craft Off Coney sle Aerial Display Charted; Pyro Showings Begin NEW YORK-Three substantial promotional events drew wide attention to Coney sland last week- end and promised to do the same this meek. Highlight of the progam was the Blessing of the Fleet Dav Sunday ("_4). The days activities included the massing of several hundred craft offshore of the Boardwalk, and their blessing by religious figures of the various faits, who passed among the boats on a yacht. The nter Yacht Club Council fostered the proceedings, and the Coast Cuard Auxiliary and U. S. Power Squadrons participated. Tie -in deals with national advertisers. local stores and others are being operated in great number this season. Helping, too. is the continued expansion in usé of strip ticket deals in multiplicity of forms. Fourth of July holds high business prospects. The holiday. which is of critical importance to park business, comes in mid -week this year, and most park operasen find that is good. n contrast, long holiday weekends which apparently benefit some other bnsiaessen, mean nothing extra fo amusement parks. Mid -week holidays bring out bonus business. t all adds up to great promise for the season. Apprehension over the late spring didn't overshadow the greater. long -term expectation of another big year. nitial full weeks of business gave assurance that the expectatioarwasn't misplaced. Now an the season moves toward the Fourth of Judy, traditional mid -point and check -point, parks in many parts of the country are already in good shape and operators are predicting successful second half. Among the others. the stretch of good weather each has had to this point whether a week or month has produced the anticipated good results. And when the lights go out on Labor Day amusement parks will have registered e Bother profitable year. 'VARETY OF EVENTS' Old Orchard Hypo Takes Many Forms a OLD ORC7LRD BEAC, Me. -A full schedule of promotions and attraction offerings has been lined up for Palace Placland here owned and operated by Barnard Other. ncluded are free acts, discount plans, fireworks, and contests, all calculated to stimulate attendance. llandlmg the promotional phase is William Earle, a former school supervisor n Massachusetts, who has approached 55 public school principals in Maine and more than 60 personnel directors in the interests of park outing days. One of the better events to date was an American Legion convention, where more than,800 discount tickets were handed out with satisfactory returns. The spot has also handed out a reported "courtesy cards" Proriclingg an aerial umbrella for to Factory \Parlers' Union agents (Continued en page 8) in Maire, New Hampshire and -- - Northern Massachusetts. The season tickets are returnable on Sat- Willow Grove Clicking With Attractions PHLADELPF s -Free attractions continue to be a big lure at e illow Croce Park, in combination with group rates for outings. One of the latest was the annual affair of the Naval Aviation Supply Depot, attended by about 5,000 employees and their families. Publicity photos shooed Rear Adm. Fred!fetter, commanding the depot, and Capt. Don Lacey. one of ris staff, navigating a water scooter boat. Al Raymond and an -piece orchestra play 'or dancing every Sat- urday night in the Casino overlooking the lake, and a Bandstand Dance is held on Wednesday nights r Bob Hom of WF. -'. Acts having played to date include the Cole elephants and the Sky Kin g+ sway pole. Booked in are aerialists Benny and Betty Fox, Wands cannon act und Pat Anthony and his lions. urdays, when holders get nickel discounts on all ride prices. Palace Plavlands newly formed Palace Associates. made up of park concessionaires, are sponsoring Jul, Fourth fireworks. and plans call for adding additional pyrotechnic shows on a Wednesday night basis. Promotions Listed Other promotions slated include the followings Kiddie days on "'ednesdays. with all rides a nickel. Ride ticket numbers are good for prize draw- tags grand prize weekly being Columbia bicycle. Hotel Chain Buys National Train; Plans Publicity DAFON O.- Sheraton Park Hotel, Washington, is buying a hnckless train from N a t i o n a l Amusemetft Device Company here and will use it to carry guests from various points on the spacious hotel grounds, ncluding the pool. Train will go overland from Dayton to Washington, starting Jima 28, and is scheduled to be the subject to wide publicity by the Sheraton chain and others. Also on kiddie days there will + be bubble gum, pie-eating. balloon - blowing, talent, and other contests for youngsters. Family days on Mondays, oa which adults buying 20-cent rid# tickets will be enabled to have one! child ride free with the ticket holder. Also. ride stubs will be good for weekly drawings for General Electric portable TV. Drum and bugle corps compstitions, pet show sponsored by deal dog food concern. and kiddie events sponsored by a soft drink outfit, and Monday free acts, also are on the schedule. Acts booked so far include Sol Solomon, high diving, August 3; Flying LeStars, trapeze, August 20, Lacidos, aerial, August 27. and Skyllt 64 -Foot Tower Ride Okayed For Battersea - LONDON A 64 -foot,gó tower, lighted and equipped watt a revoking lift for sightseers, is to be built here in the Festival Plena.,, ure Cardens amusement park at Battersea Park at a cost of $0, The Minister of Housing and Local Government, Duncan Sandy*, has given permission for the tower to be built following public gtriry into objections raised by local residents. Sandys has imposed some restrictions. however. le rejected suggestion that the tower should have a searchlight on the top. And he has fixed time limit, saving it can remain on the banks of the River Thames only until October 3, 967. The tosser will not be built is time for this year's season at the park. Work is expected to start at the end of this year and Lest about four months. Chief objectors to the wheals claimed that t means the end of one of the last remaining upspoiled stretches of the river n London. as

80 (UNE PLAY FOR FOOD Barnyard Acts Offered for Kiddie lure YORK - sew attrai' *Rio Ci :. Land of t lay, N. Y. Spot Nee five mila,;:,yh-` THE BLLBOARD PARKS- KDDELANDS -RNKS 79 BG PROFTS! Seal Photos and Cards in Lifetime Plastic y'a train...! are in a rnini.. behind a SD-sr i, 25 amts for kids. Tho it. his baseball -playing cflii Unto the kissing bunny. the, d,dc, and the eight -ball While ostensibly perform Of for viewers, they are merely to perform simple for food rewards. Te baseball chicken has been t ed many events, show me ns releasing miniature tint balls rolling down an inch., s - bt tinny gag has Romeo poppmc Ma of his house and kissing a bunny, which blushes and up. after which Romeo ducks the house again. The eight - gag has chicken pecking at swinging ball. maneuvering it atpieat certain target in order 0 Rit food. N'onderbird Dougherty also has on display Jib %Vímnie the 'ouderbird, which =men questions, a picltue- takiti 'bunny. and lrnda the hen. which pulls levers tu light up fortunes at the drop of a coin. The various aimals have previously been seen oil TV shows and at trade shows pod conventions. but not as a Aponte attraction. They are booked out of John Dougherty Associates. New fork. Land of Make- Believe is owned by Arto Monaco and Kay Aldrich, ad comprises several tourist lures lof interest to youngsters. ncluded t a waled-down Cactus Flats *stern town. There is also a fairyland with nursery-rhym e struc- r- tures. Home -nude rides in operation ate a sistres heel steamboat on the *usable hiver, coal-bunting train, and pony express featuring minis. tyre stegeroach drawn by ponies. The location is in its third Year. Monaco lus design and building experience with Disney and Warner Brothers, in 0.a0.0. Names Booked At Salisbury - SALSBURY BEACH, Mass. ju is Northern By State funspot again bring a group of top Miels recording artists to the Piobcs [.cording to Francis (Den- vie) Mulcahy, operator of the night tub and other interests. Teresa hewer. Julius l.a Rosa and the Mc- :,ire Sisters have been signed for the second successive year. Patti )'age will appear for the third i.e. and Johunia Ray will be makig his fourth appearance. Miss Brewer opens the Frolics' 'wean June 4940, followed by hume Ray the week of Judy, Saone theweek of Judy 8, L- Roth, Patti Pagr, the Four rest, La Rosa and the McGe.ires on$ ve weeks. final Labor Day week Lw the Vagabonds. Btxkei the night club is Jacry Collier.. Mulcahy is ale- owlet of Arcade, with over 200 pace., Roller Coaster, Dodgem, the le Hotel and other units. 4 One of the atett itt in the continuous up- dating p se'. at Kennywood Pari. Pittsburgh. N hit colorful modern rtetethment stand. Called the Star Stand. the unie wag laid out by lack Ray, midway dinguai. and replaced three d Test, that no longer lit roto the overall Kennyerood Pattern. HAPPY BRTHDAY! Cincy Coney Observes ts 70th Anniversary CNCNNAT- -Staff members of Coney sland here observed the park's 70th anniversary Thursday (2) at a party and dinner in the resort's dining room. n charge of arrangements for the affair was Fred E. Wesselmann, the operating company's vice -president and chairman of the board. Alen play. ing an important role in the festivities were Coney's president and general m a n a ge r, Edward L. Schott, and Ralph Wachs. park manager. To publicly mark time event, the management gave strip tickets for rides to the first 70 children entering the park Thursday. Ground occupied by the park OM once the site of su apple orchard owned by James Parker. who began renting the area for picnics. As rentals increased number Parker abandoned the or chard as such. Picnic facilities were added and it become known as Parker's Grove. n 888 Parker sold the grove for to Capt. William F. \clntyre, who formed the CM. cinnati Steamboat Excursion Corn. pany as the operative firm and renamed the park Ohio Grove, Conte sland of tite \l'est. This company operated tite park bru the year 888. During that time the steamer Guiding Star made fouir trips a day to the park. 0 miles up the Ohio River. On bic days the steamer Thomas Shcrlosk was also use!. n the spring of 899 the park WAS sold to a new firm, the Cones FOR SALE T whl. an..tate-..lea+ Mtne. Tender and Tw wwl T.NMr, Attantr tye. 2 eu.-s KDDE P \RK at 2. ai rlt tt/e. A Pit5Gt AND P.0!TS NOtMES MNATURE 60Uí (OURSE AMtt groans to low Wettest and Saar wm sono. rw sers er normo. toron tant ca.o ra gnaw u. ive row w ear. MONES (000 MRAM SW CS. eat wen Ave... Moor wk. N., sland Company. This firm operated the spot until 922 and then sold it to a Pittsburg company. Two years later it was resold to the present Coney sland, nc., originally headed by George Schott and now tinder the presidency of his son. Edward L Schott. Transportation to and from the park has always been a major' problem until recent )tars. Origi. sally it was solved by steamboat and horse and buggy. Then came two traction lines, both now defunct. Steamboats returned in 805' with the launching of the first sland Queen into the Coney sland service. This burned at the Cincinnati landing November 4, 922, along with its sister ship, the Princess. also owned by Coney. The second island Queen was dedicated April 8, 925, and was destroyed by explosion and fire at Pittsburgh in September, 947. Automobiles, buses and private boats now carry people to the park. WTH NEW HERMES SecK O, Finest laminating machine built no installation SEND FOR simple to onerous pays for itself - lost Complete $325. LLUSTRATED FOLDER new hsrmrx LAMNATNG MACHNE CO. -9 University Place, N. Y., N. Y KDDE PARK s Clean Rodes. 3 Raudings Emire Prb Pod. Cycln tonne, Arcd. Connolly located, N. J. Drwìne potntiot Pop motion. Coll Rahway wwbdsy.) on 4-22 Stu.dy, Sunday. Evening.. FOR 957 CHOOSE THE ROTO -SET, THE TOP RANKNG PARK RDE FOR THE LAST TWO SEASONS Fait loading and unloading of riden! 24 riders in 30 seconds! fascinating compressed air mechanism! ndividual airplane control M each let gondola! Gives riders actual flying umatianl (golly hritlint or everyone ra 6 to 00 So popular, re rides run from 28 to 3Sas! Absolute!! safe! RESERVE TWO MLLON RDERS! NO GANS. NO ACCDENT)! SPACE FOR THE ROTO -JET N YOUR PARK FOR 956- CRCLE 60 FEET DAMETER ERC WEDEMEYER, nc. NEW HYDE PARK. LONG SLAND. NEW YORK PHONE: FELDSTONE

81 i 80 PARKS- KDDELANDS -RNKS THE BLLBOARD JUNE Parks Do a Burn Over Esquire Tale NEW YORK -Park men this week were literally burning over a rip -snorting indictment of outdoor show business written by septuagenarian armchair critic George Jean Nathan, printed in the July issue of Esquire magazine. Violent objections have been voiced by many park owners and at least one has threatened a lawsuit. The storm will naturally spread as nsore operators read the article. Nathan is an old hand at sarcasm and lampooning, and the writer of more than 30 books, mostly devoted to the theater. This time he has seen fit to generalize on amusement parks to the extent that with the gracious exception of Disneyland, the public is informed that the park business: Offers the same old attractions. Presents crooked concession gaines. Uses Ferris \\'heels that get stuck several times daily. Uses girl shills for pay, on rides. Uses age -old merchandise for prizes. Sell under- roasted candy. The list goes on and on as Nathan's double -edged literary sword attacks an amusement industry which has, as operator rving Rosenthal expresses it, "spent more money for refurbishing yearly than Broadway theaters ever, will." Na- KDDE PARK FOR SALE 7 RDES (Dipper, MerrGo- Round, Boat, Car Ride, Miniature Train, loco- A motives, Rocket Ships) and REFRESHMENT STAND. HAS GROSSED OVER $0,000 THS YEAR (to June 6th ON RDES ALONE. Not;onWide Publicity Received Du to Good Will -A Major Asset. fabulous location in Levittown, Pa. A fabulous buy ts. bonus for fast cash sale. FUNLAND Rout 2. Bristol, Pa., or P.O. Bow 404. Bristol, Pa Phu.: Stawu A i.ntlon, Bill Baldwin. KDDELAND FOR SALE Only exclusive Kiddieland in metropolitan area of one milsell -other year around business requires my full time. This park must be seen in operation to be appreciated. Rides -everyone like new -perfect condition. 3 Concession Stands -2 Parking lots-2 Acres of Ground -Refused S60,000 offer - for ground alone last year. PRCE $25,000 COMPLETE Si rite: 0X 630 Care The Billboard. 390 :treadle Bldg.. Se. Louis, Mo. PARK RDES FOR SALE Moon Rocket, Caterpillar, Octopus Roll -O- Plane,.-.2 Ferris Wheel, 40 -ft. M -G,R. Write for detailed information. CAN BE SEEN N OPERATON P. O. Box 282, Baltimore, Maryland High Quality KDDE RDES ROTO WHP- KDDE WHP -SPEED BOATS -PONY CARTS - GALLOPNG HORSE CARROUSEL lllustrofed Circulars Fro* W. F. MANGELS CO., Coney sland, Brooklyn 24, N. Y. ESTABLSHED 88í., :;:ssz;:..,:`. An mportant port at The Billboard's complete coverage of the OUTDOOR AMUSEMENT FELD You'll know in advance just what's developing in your business - and where - with subscription to The Bill bo a rdl Ad Now - Pill n Coupon Today for Mony -sowing Sub..cription Rats. Tho Billboard 60 Patterson St., Cincinnati 22, Ohl* F Yea 0 Please send m Tho Billboard for ono year at OL. C (Foreign rata, one sur, Hares Addro.. City 0ccip.lien Zone... State m.i.rrrm. PARKS TAKE BG BOARDS ON TMES SQUARE NEW YORK -Parks have become a prominent part of the vast outdoor advertising harangue in the Times Square area. A square four -part grouping of 24 -sheet boards high over 46th Street is 50 per cent occupied by permanent funspots. One board proclaims Palisades Amusement Park's many attractions, the second features Steeple- chase Park's hosting of the prestige Police Anchor Club outing for kids. than holds that parks are the same old things they were in his grandfather's time. 'Parks Are a Bore' "At one time the delight of the masses," he writes, "they have become a bore and to be avoided." Operators who have read the piece expressed astonishment that it had passed thru editorial bands onto the pages of Esquire, and, since the magazine has a substantial proportion of its circulation in the East, Rosenthal, of Palisades (N. J.) Amusement Park, has had his attorneys demand the magazine correct the story or face legal ac- tion. Other strong criticism of the article, which also laid the axe on the carnival business, came from Paul Huedepohl, A. B. McSwigan, George A. Hamid, Richard Geist and others. Hamid's calculated comment on the piece, which he termed unfair, extremely damaging and 90 per cent distorted, was that amusement parks "have shown tremendqus progress and advancement in creating clean, wholesome entertainment. f we did nothing else than introduce Kiddielands in their present form, it was a great step forward in aid of all parents, and surely a most important contribution to the elimination of juvenile delinquency." Nothing New? Consensus of outdoor show people on some of the claims of the story, is as follows: "Parks turnout the nation haven't developed anything new in many years now, have been giving their dwindling customers little else than the old, stale and no longer inviting Roller Coasters, Chute -the- Chutes, weight guessers and Side Shows, and have fallen on uninventis'e and forbiddingly drab days, to the woe of the once -agog young fry and- adults with a remaining touch of youthful wonder in their hearts." (As for newness, note the Scrambler, Rotor, Roto -Jet, Roundup, Kiddielands, Dancing Waters and more. The cfuutcs are virtually extinct. The Coaster is a leading grosser wherever it exists. One appeal of the weight-guesser is its actual old- fashionedness. Side Shows in parks are a rarity.) One park man, recalling the wide popuharity of Chutes around the turn of the century, opined that most likely that was when Nathan last visited an amusement park. To continue: "The many Luna Parks, Dream - lands, Steeplechase Parks, Venices, or whatever their shillaber names may be. are still as brightly illuminated as traveling salesmen with a lot of liquor under their belts, but all that the lights shine upon are the same old so- called thrill rides with their teen -age female stooges, hired at a half dollar a day to emit... shrieks of terror as a come -on." Shills on Rides? (Who has to pay teen -agers to go on rides, when, if there were any attempt to use them as shills, they would gladly ride for free? Any of the 'so- called thrill rides" already mentioned would knock 74- year -old Nathan for a loop. Many parks abhor any connection CEREMONES KCK OFF ROCKS' TRANST LNK - NEW YORK Beach amuse -' ments are geared for the arrival of public transit to the Rockaways on Thursday (28), and intensive publicity thru all media assures a big hike in attendance on the peninsula from that date on. Ceremonies will be held at 4:30 p.m. on opening day at the Howard Beach station, following which the ceremonial train will travel to the Rockaway Park station for a recep- tion. Civic, political and amusement figures will participate. Overland subway trains will stop along the peninsula at 6- minute intervals around the dock. n addition, the resort area will be a port for Circle Sightseeing Line vessels making the trip from Canar - sie Pier and Rockaways' Playland. Regularly scheduled service to Rockaway Park is offered by the Fordhans Transit Company from the Bronx, and Triborough Coach Corp. from Woodside in Queens. The bus, train and water transit facilities this season should increase attendance at the beach by vast numbers. Broad Program Carded n addition to the wide promotion being given the new transpor- with liquor; those that sell it police this activity rigidly. The illumination in parks now' is widely fluorescent in many colors, in color ranges never thought possible when Nathan was a young man.) "Antiquated Ferris Wheels that get stuck in the air several times a day to the indignation of the loafers in them who have no place to go anyway." Who loafs on a Ferris Wheel when there are benches in shade? the intelligent operator can get decades of trouble -free dependability from a Ferris Wheel, and wheels as eratic as the one mentioned, are the rare exception rather than the rule.) Old Lamp Prizes? " you try to win the grand prize of the standard fringed plastic lamp." (Advances in merchandise offer - ings at game concessions have been remarkable. Not only are prizes nearly as varied and as well displayed as in large retail stores, but game appearances are increasingly fresh, shiny and clean, with Formica counters, bright paint and sturdy chrome. Some locations buy stock literally by the carload.) The carnival business is also treated, but with no more apparent knowledge than a reference to a concession whereby the patron throws knives at a female target, and to traveling opium dens fronted by Orientals beating dinner gongs. Rosenthal based his objections on the claim that whatever Nathan says is, isn't, and whatever the writer says, isn't, is. He cited daily hosings and lye -ing of the midways, daily painting of gallery targets, 00 per cent efficiency of light bulbs in the park, three weekly changes of pool water, installation of new rides and attractions yearly, and other aspects which are standard in the Palisades operation and not uncommon in other parks. Dick Geist, in the middle of a Rockaways' Playland project calling for much new foundation and safety construction work, and replacing of Boardwalk midway with tinted concrete, said Nathan "apparently didn't have any toys to play with as a child." George Jean Nathan was born in Fort Wayne, nd., and attended Cornell and the University of Bologna, taly. He has criticized drama for more than 30 publications, and by 925 had become the most widely read and highest paid such writer in the world. He is a bachelor who has lived for more than 30 years in a three -room apartment in The Royalton. tation facilities -subway serice has been eagerly awaited for years -the peninsula's Chamber of Commerce and Playland have been con stantly promoting events to stimnlate summer attendance. Weekly fireworks are offered in conjunction with the Schaefer Beer Comp ny, there is an annual firemen's pararle of sonie magnitude, and the park has a continuing program of contests and tie -ins. A month -long camera contest was held at Playland by the Long sland Camera Club Association, comprising eight clubs, and another successful event was a diapering contest for expectant fathers, using rubber dolls as the subject*. Attendance Record Set at Glen Echo - \VASHNGTON Glen Echo Park in nearby Maryland is using radio and television talent to chalk up new attendance records and receipts. \VMAL -TV, local ABC affiliate, said last week (20) that a record weekday attendance for Glen Echo was set by the annual Jim Gibbons' School's Out Party. Youngsters and their parents also scored a total park receipts record for a non - holiday weekday. Gibbons, morning man and sportscaster for the station, made a personal appearance. Sandy Wirth, baton -twirling star of ABC - TV's "Super Circus," was also on hand. Reduced rate rides and games that offered prizes acted as drawing power. \VMAL-Glen Echo promotional tie -in also paid off on Decoration Day, when probably the largest crowd ever to swamp the park's gate keepers lined ups to meet Clint Walker. "Cheyenne in the ABC- TV series, "Warner Brothers Presents." ATTENTON: Operators of Ball- rooms, Parks, Faits, Resorts d Drive -n Theaters 0H0 A FEW CHOCE DATES AVALABLE N 956 FOR AMERCA'S HOTTEST ATTRACTON BLL HALEY and His Comets * Decca d Columbia Picture Stars * 'W August 27 to September 4 * * September 6 to September 24 December 0 to December S * ONE -NTERS ONLY * * New England, Eastern and Mid- * Atlantic Slates Preferred. * WRTE WRE PHONE Exclusive Booking Direction JOLLY JOYCE THEATRCAL AGENCY Phlladelphla: 00 Ghastnut St, Phons: WAtnut -ee77 New ver4: reit tlroadwav lern. rlal Pnona: PLaae.. Use The Billboard classified pages for,,'res.

82 JUNE THE BLLBOARD ARKSKODELANDS-RNKS 8 ;.4e t a verything New at Palisades Arrow Building Ski, abase urea. V a,...,t' tntrr.e ptoiect+4g thr.. sido die amen.., tit. way gadgets within V 6-o automatic Hear - bob fora á bra The Sommber did below. threatening and,eerier Wednesday night the Bound-0 flub atwad esow l as well. emits are necessary to proper tem per.res lu in by Baronwted d Carousel, ogel's Pride, till Turning The Carousel at Park will have been bi 48 years on July 8 and POCANE - have carried an estimated 000 persons. But Lloyd Vogel, pill ownernigcr, isn't thinking of parting with t. its still sound; only the outside hones show wear. He virttajly grew up with it, having pushed rings into the feeder for some 4 Years. And it was made by his grandfather. - Lloyd's father, the late Louis Vogel, obtained the Carousel from 4 father -n -law, Charles. D. Looff, who won fame for his finely carved wooden hones. Looff made it in his Riverside Park, R.., factory. He carved the 54 horses in sections from Chinese elm and balsam and glued them together. 7áe animals are lifelike even to flexed leg muscles and real horse hair tails. Loot s skilled knife and chisel turned out elaborate saddles decorated with Bowers parrots, fruit clusters, game birds, cupids end animal heads. Madness of two of the white stallions are fitted with six -guns and holsters. The inner reels bear delicate Dutch putty strolls and gold leaf. The Ruth organ was built in Berlin, Cerny, in 907. SKATNG RNK TENTS 42i 0 52rí22 N STOCK LL TMES NEW SHOW TENTS MADE TO ORDER UMPBEU TENT á AWNNG CO. 00 r..i,.l Ave Alton, ll ORTES ARE THE /WW 5,., Pcrtoellt TEN COVERED SViNi NS aw ell. P.n.. «re,e ra..n rla>, wrwtta. On (URVECRES RNK -COTE Tho ssat,,y sameo far wood and nsess,,re thon. The shone.. h cisan Want.4 rkt.m PERRY a. GUS. Pesa Ciersean..... MrMer. Ssn tg,ct. te baht row skates to C,.nx:nt rd a. for yssn.l FOR SALE tn s ns r trap /n r pkeae, L Nre a/ tar wr., hll vaseena almea/ aara. R Nes r:er. wpany aaw. ht ANN CARTETE- CMr/e, Booltr. /s ntma ta need.., owe' No remains a pi industry. As untel, there is daily rno motion scbwdute to stnnul.te mid. week ttrnd,txe, and patrons ere additionally drawn by free dancing to two orchestras, and hbenl ap- ptaanna o of same musical stars plus daily ("EMRS act,. Name argues appear on Monday. and Fri - days disk jockey shows are aired from the park. What promises to be one of Rosenthal s top pmnustiona n some time is the he-in with Col. gate- Palmolive -Pert. The firm has Life cards in all metropolitan groceries. each bearinc pad of imprinted admis.inll.,... offer. for each ti, l presented at the p.e i e.,, l; cc..i minion for one and file free rides. Patrons must bring two box tops of Fab, Vet. Ad, Flouient, Palmolive. Cashmere Bouquet or Vel Pink Liquid. The offer is good every day except Sundays and hallclays. Palmolive redeems the box tooppss from the park. and the money derived therefrom will reportedly be donated to the Olympic Fund. Thousands of sbowcards and pads. bearing millions of the tickets. are on display in the area. Kid Village Planned For next year Rosenthal says the chances are good for a project of long standing to finally take shape. This is the erection of a kiddie village on a substantial part of Palisades acreage, featuring novel structures and attractions not unlike some of those at Disneyland. but with many innovations and embellishments which would separate it from other kiddie attractions in the East. Business to date has been Nandi. capped by clockwork -like rainfall which has hurt weekend business at amusement spots thruout the East. Rosenthal's reflections, however, bear out what many other outdoor operators have noted, namely, that an excellent potential exists this year based on business experienced on the few Favorable days no far. Publicity has been rolling along well with the Bert Nevins Agency cashing in on numerous opportunities. One of the continuing breaks. the series of Wednesday elimin-.00. in the New York State phase.f the Miss Universe contest. Tisi,;.ographical d i s c r e p a n c y has earned several tongue -in -cheek icomments in the press. Fleet Event Continued from page 73 the festivities, focused off the' steeplechase Pier reviewing stand, were 00 Naval aircraft, as the fleet blessing was combined for services for the dead of the U. S. Dorchester. On Tuesday (28) the season's Fireworks program will begin, umber co- sponsorship of the Cllambfr of Cammuce and the Schaefer brewery. On Wednesday (27) Steeplechase Park will host the annual Police Anchor Club outing, after an abmelee of several years. John Flan - erys children's bus wnice will transport the underprivileged youngster both ways, and the park will preside free entertainment and food. Bill Shea has the concestirni stand at Heekin Park, Muncie. ncl. Assistants are Kenney Raiser, Larry Simmons, Panl Horton. Royal Eartel and sabel Kowalski. Dark Ride Cars Merry -Go -Round NOUNTAN Ownership of Arrow Development Company. nc.. here has been al. teal. but Edgar A. hti tpti temaires as president and Lad W. Bacon stave as vice -president. New secretary- treasurer is Walter 8. Se.htdne- Tbe firm now is getting set up for wider marketing of its Arrow. flits auto ride, which so far has been sold only on the West Coast, t has been building Merry-Co- Rounds and other rides this spring and has shipped one M.G. R to Anchorage. Alaska, and Train. Plane and Boat rides h Fl Sak.. _ Tight Routing for Hypnotist NEW YORK -Tight tang by airplai.e will be necessary for a coming combination of park dates by hypnotist Joan Brandon, according to her brother and manager, jack Brandon. Miss Brandon is booked into Riverview Park, Des Moines, from June 28 -July. On the following day (2). she opens a week's return date at Eldridge Park, Elmira, N. Y. Miss Brandon's book. Tice Art of Hypnosis," has just been releaçeli Huedepohl Returns From Disneyland Planning Session - CHCAGO Paul Huedepohl has returned here after a trip to the West Coast during which he conferred with officials at Disneyland about the summer session of the National Association of Amusement Parks, Pools and Beaches. The session will he at Disneyland in September. Huedepohl said 250 people are expected to attend. Details of the program are to be announced soon. He said it was hoped many of the park men could make plans to leave Chicago September 8 by air so as to ar- rive in Los Angeles in a group. Also in the works is a supplementary trip to San Francisco. COL SKATES SAME DAY SERVCE (ROLLER RUMBLNGS 77 Compete in ARSA Ohio-Pennsy Contests MME 77 took part in Ntay ObbPearuvlaanla competition, of the United States Amateur Roble Skating Association it Mt. aß William bletti Greater Pittsburgh Rink. the largest and most closely contested meet ever held by the SARSA in this area. Skaters participated in 2 artistic events, while n speed every diet- don except junior ladies drew con- testants. Highlights of the speed competitions were the performances of two -year -old Charlie Yoder and three- searold Peter Coltret, both of Reading Roller Racing Club, who finished second and third, respectively. in the juvenile boss' 220 and 440 -yard events. They are believed tp be the antociation's youngest speed skaters in competition. Another hig)tlight in the speed events was the sweep y 23-year- old Cents Line *of all five senior mens events, from the 440 -yard race to the fist -mile event, to easily win the senior crown. Line received the senior men's speed skating challenge trophy plus an individual trophy and gold medal. The Greater Pittsburgh Skating Club won three events in the dance division, hiking the senior. intermediate and novice titles. Neville sland won the junior and sub -novice crowns, while the Reading Dance and Figure Club won the new inttra- dance title, and the Akron Club sson the juvenile dance title. The Readies Dance and Figure Club and the Reading Roller Racing Clùb, with a total of 83 points, combined to form the top team in the competitions. The Akron Club, with Third place was taken by the host Greater Pittsburgh Club, while Men's and Ladies' Styles Hyde 325 and 304 Shoes AT FACTORY PRCES! America's Most Complete Skate Supply House! Sie Caws Jaweiry Wants Lights rcmroma WTsb Pan cf All y.: -CL NOW OCCUPYNG SQ. FT. TO CVE YOU FASTEST SERVCE! Nes dle d.lud, w ash _'-. resell out the Marna whose members garnered.ti.. r Unettachr-sl skaters won the remaining 5 points in the meet. Combo Party Propped For Detroit'. Arena... DETROT -The Roller Skating Arena. operated by Edwin E. Locke, is holding a way combination dance patty. skating party and auction of mementos on July 2, with Bud Davies. popular local figure on CKLW -TV, as official host. Admission to the event is free, with tickets being distributed by Davies, who is giving it special promotion. One objective of the evening is for local skating fan clubs te recruit new membership, with booths to be set up in the rink for this purpose. A number of guest artists will be present, giving the youngstrrt the unusual thrill of skating or danc- ing with them. Selection will he made of the winning youngsters by drawings of the admission tickets collected at tige door. Skating Benefit for Police Baseball League... -A CROTON, Corm. roller skating party for benefit of the Groton Patrolmen's Benevolent Association's ntermediate Baseball League was held at the Melody Skating Rink June 3. Proceeds are being used for league operations. FOR SALE Permanent Roller Postable, 503,:0: Portable Rn0, 40.00, on.pod l0(8.m. BRODE:,.O( 24 W. South ti. Celetbars.. Maple and Fibre Wheels Rock Hard Maple 875 Standard 87F Figure - No. 87DDL No. 87SL lenlneted Maple fro -p Mt Sinking. Keep ell Maple Wheels n dry plesc No. 78 Narrow -No. 78S Wide NA/ Lna W... Fibre Wheel, No. 78R Regular - No. 89 Pre - tision Bearing "DURYTE" PLASTC long Wearing -Ne Oast. Rink Repairs -Order Now! No.75 Hold fast and Whit. Shea Seep. CHCAGO ROLLER SKATE CO. Known ter Quality Products 4427 W. LAKE STREET ta/etwo.y CHCAGO 24, LL Operators! Samples and style literate,* ea racialist. NEW! PRNCESS SKRTS BY BONNY! Smelting new BONW'S HUG -ME- TGHTS and SKATNG SKRTS TCHTS- natwrally advert... CA,an,tn acetate, with wide. stretchable crotch. durable thigh and waist elastic. 2 yowls/ et, cobra Adult and chlldrart's saws Posh, Wrahabt. Spring attars Styles! Ronny solves your wrm swelter djrl problems With cot- Write end styling ton pilota-m pesmanatt pgt, foetus.' tones. scrod and all -ney can Gan Mrrn :ñ n/ wens, eats, /.r.. d well Wirt*.. M M 6-k for our.652 and 7SPU- nmr. Now Only Oox Medal', Ruh Sum 6 to 2 ts ivvtrtlles wm am sru' Siaes 22 to 20 rot Teen MMr rwderw nvtm /rlca A NRW D/A N COa7VM WLRY The aanwalb famous 'Sonny GOV. n neawm rostlsme iawenn' ry' elab tu rnneeua affect tarwway rara0. Retells sl sl M n aen. /se. aaat..n Mad ree mmediate lallvgn. Only HAa Der- Jack Adams & Son. Dt.driSaanro C tlcagp- ROLLER SKATE CO. 72 MOitS 'ARK AVENUE RON% 67. NEW TOOK /Manes Sysome,. 2.0,

83 82 THE BLLBOARD SEASON'S OUTLOOK FARS -EXPOSTONS Communications to 88 W. Randolph St., Chicago,. JUNE One of Best Years Eyed; Confidence Runs High COUNTY, regional and State fairs as a whole face one of the best seasons in history. high employment is one reason. Another is the spirit of the farmers, up from last year and still climbing. Still another is the belief that business in this, a presidential election year, will be sustained at high levels... a belief that is expected to put the public in a mood for fair- going. As always. there are some dark spots. Michigan, slowed down by the automobile industry, is one of them. But, even in Michigan there are indications that conditions will improve before fair time. There are, as always, some drought-hit areas. But, these numerically and in the degree of severity add up to considerably less than in any recent year. For fair execs. who toil roughly 5 weeks to bring forth an event of about a week's duration, one major worry -polio and its blighting if not devastating effect - now appears relegated to limbo. Thanks to Salk vaccine, cases of polio have dropped to virtually zerq. And, there it no longer the probability of epidemics or epidemic scares as in the past, forcing the cancellation of a number of fairs and doing vast damage to others which chose to go ahead in the face of polio. This year for the first time in memory no fairs have been caanceled because of the number of polio cases n their areas. And, this year there are no indications that any will be canceled or have their attendance cut by polio. Like other segments of the outdoor amusement business, fairs will feel the force of the mounting population. Ranks of 4.H clobbers and of Future Farmers of America have mounted in the last few years and now are at an all -time high. due to the bulging population. The growth of 4 -H'ers is due partly to the mounting population and also to a broader 4 - program, a program that now embraces the sons and daughters of "sunset farmers" as well as of full -time farmers. FFA ranks have been swelled by a constantly rising number of FFA chapters, a result of the construction of many new high schools, also an aftermath of the post -war population bulge. On a lower age level, the number of youngsters who have attained the age when' they can go to the fair for the first time also has jumped. And, this will be reflected in a bigger play given kiddie rides on fairs' midways. Kids' days generally should be bigger. Some fairs are adding a second kids' day. And, not a few are planning special promotions or attractions for the special days for youngsters. Au are that oldsters as well as the young are increas- ing in number, some fairs have nr are installing iwrwtrrs or adding benches to make the stay of the old folk longer and more pleasant. Some fairs have taken steps to provide for the ever - rising number of patrons who make the trip by automa. bile.- Some have purchased additional land and converted it into parking sections. Others are transforming hereto fore unused or partially unused fand into space for parking. And, some are adding or improving entrances to facilitate car- handling. From a commercial exhibit standpoint, the coming season, should be the best ever for fairs. Many already report most of their available space committed, this althn not a few added to their exhibit areas by converting old buildings or building new ones. The rise in commercial exhibits is due to the fairs' own increased selling efforts and to the mounting desire of retailers, distributors, etc.. to rash in on the crowds lured by fairs- - Generally, fair men can be expected to do a more intensive selling job on their grandstand attractions, particularl_y their night shows. Crowds for these have declined in recent years, and to offset such dips a large number of fairs will greatly step up the publicity and advertising of them. Don P. Wyatt Named Salt Lake Manager SALT LAKE CTY -Don P. Wyatt, formerly with the U. S. Engineers, has been named mana. ger of the Utah State Fair. He succeeds Harold P. Cilh who had been acting manager since A. J. DON WYATT Theobald left more than a year ago. mmediately after taking office, Wyatt began plans for a survey of the needs for extensive remodeling and improvements of the. fairgrounds. The new manager has had construction and engineering experience all over the world, and was superintendent of the construction of several military bases in Utah. Last year he completed a survey Hans E. Kordel, Fair Vet, Dies CHARLOTTE, Mich. -flans E. Kardel, founder and secretary-manager of the Eaton County 4-H Fair for 22 years, died at U. S. Naval Hospital, Bethesda, Md., June 2. Kardel was president of the Michigan Association of Fairs in 947 and was on leave of absence from the Co- Operative Extension Service four years as chief advisor to the Minister of Agriculture in ndia. nterment was made in Maple Hill Cemetery, Charlotte, Sidney Phillips is the present secretary of the Eaton County 4.f Fair. of the fairgrounds for the State Board of Examiners. His survey reported that all buildings in tin - fairgrounds needed rewiring, man, needed re- roofing and a new water distributing system was necessary. Recently, the board of examiners, which had allotted 920,000 for the renovation work, opened bids and found the cost would total less than half that sum. Seeks Added 50G Wyatt has asked for an addition- al 535,000 for building repair, maintenance and replacement of several old barns on the property with modern concrete and steel structures. The request has not yet been approved. Wyatt is taking over manage. ment in the fair's centennial year. He said the fair this year, besides its usual attractions, will have a centennial theme with displays showing the fair's progress from ox -cart days to the present. The fair will run from Friday, September 4, thru Sunday. September 23. At present midget and stock ear (Continued on page 84, Stockton, Calif., Preps for 00 Horse Stalls STOCKTON, Calif. -All of the horses that are being stabled on the grounds of the Second Agricultural District Fair lsere have been removed, with the :tails to undergo improvements to serve until 700 new stalls are constructed before the proposed track and grandstand, Richard Walker, secretary- manager, said. According to \Valker, the stall walls, floors, doors. rest moms and other facilities will be renovated to attract more stables to use these barns. The State Public Works Board has requested that the new stalls be constructed prior to the building of a new track and grandstand, with priority being given the project. Track facilities are expected to be completed two years from now. ENDS FREE GATE WFA's Audited Gate 25c Admission Snagged Over Kids Charge s Sel By Sacramento SACRAMENTO - The Sacramento County Fair, to be held on part of the California State Fair and Exposition grounds here July 5-8, is discontinuing its free gate with an admission of 25 cents to be charged, with children under 2 admitted,ree, according to Robert Baker, secretary- manager. Baker added that the free gate for one year was valuable in that it acquainted people with the event. The fair was formerly held in Galt. Outdoor gardens for florists and C'nnfinnrrl nr p,, c 84) Colusa, Calif., Sets New High; Draws 5,970 COLUSA, Calif. -A new attendance record of 5,970 people was set during the Colusa County Fair, which closed here Sunday (7), Robert King, secretary -manager, announced. The total for the run was,022 (Continued on page 84) Q; l'ncy, \CY. Calif. -Members N of the \Vestem Fairs Association Dates Committee met here recently and discussed at length the Audit Bureau of Attendance policy which is being snagged by the problem of reporting children admitted free by virtue of their age. Carl T. Mills. secretary- manager of the C:alaveras County Fair and Jumping Frog Jubilee and also Date Committee Chairman, explained ABA as a move to give concessionaires, exhibitors as well as all space buyers a true and certified report on fair attendances. For the first time in history, the WFA date book is carrying the notation after attendance figures, "Attendance Audited and Certified Correct and Confirmed by Western Fairs Association." Participation in the ABA group is on a volunteer basis. Admissions charged by ABA fairs is also reported. The group meeting here at the llamas County Fair grounds unanimously offered three suggestions for clarifying the ABA policy. The points were: () That all fairs desiring to report attendance under ABA shall send Western Fairs Association a carbon cope of their report to Fairs and Expositions Divisions. which is required under Section 95 of the Agricultural Code. Complete attendance figures shown will be printed in the association's Date List; (2) Attendance figures for fairs which do not submit a carbon copy of the report and for fairs having a free gate be listed GEORGE W. SHLLY, business manager of the New York State Fair, was the recipient recently of an engraved portfolio marking 40 years of service at the Syracuse event. Paul Smith, former fair director and now assistant Commissioner of Agriculture and Markets made the presentation. William F. Baker, fair director, right, presided at a luncheon attended by the administrative staff, as "Estimated," and (tl () Altho listing. of attendance figures in the Date List under ABA is voluntary. all fairs with a pay gate are urged to do so. Mills added that by October, a tentative date list will be published by WFA. He surged that all fairs submit their 957 dates to the committee representatives in their respective areas not later than September to allow time for processing. Members of the association generally believe that the new system of reporting attendances will lead to larger purchases of both exhibit and concession spaces. Frankie Carle Heads Program At Del Mar _ DEL MAR, Cal i f. With Frankie Carle and his orchestra added tó the list of headliners for the stageshows, the 0 -day annual Southern California Exposition and County Fair opened here Friday (29), only a few hours after workmen had put the finishing touches on two new poultry and livestock barns. Paul T. Man.ten, Exposition manager, set a goal of 250,000 for the 0 days. This will exceed by 32,000 the number who attended the last rtìn of that length in 953. Last year the attendance hit 244,- 587 but the Exposition ran days, Heading the list of free attractions are the Flying ndians, making their first appearance in the United States. Three Totonaca ndians perform in a dance atop a 00 -foot -high pole on a small platform and then descend to the ground on long unwinding ropes. They are featured in front of the grandstand at 9:45 nightly. Jerry Fielding and orchestra closed Saturday (30) after headlining the grandstand show for two days. Doye O'Dell's Western Varieties from KTLA, Hollywood, play a one -day stand of two shows Sunday (). Lawrence Welk and (Continued on page 84)

84 JUN Move to Classify California Annuals THE LOARD FARS -EXPOSTONS 53 Note 40 -Year Schilly Tenure radas inca tlr tl! the Sute -.'+ faits were am,, tr t....- we,4 meetitr* o. the Paus' e.ifiration (,;!. :t.;..,,,+ Ta t!ui, tirt rn t.s u,,,. Wmtrrß t,, til At Syracuse R sr! sf.---lhe artmti!ra ybuuun!,r 40;0 fs+titse mg tira il-toàlttftee were f the APO Roy Valley Bakersfield Job To Clendennen BAJ.ERSFELD, Calif. -- Ed- ward H. Clendennen, who for the fait five years has been secretary tmnager of the Chowchílla Junior air in Chowchilla, last week was by the Kern County Fair to succeed William A. j)tttaub, who recently resigned as get 4 the local fair to accept lu euar position at the Santa Clara tv Fair, San Jose. Cleindennen, who is 4 sears old, take over his new duties here, Albert S. Goode, president the 5th District Agricultural Board, which operates the Kern Bounty Fair. said. The new secretary - manager will immediately efitive his wife and three children hat to make their home. Goode said that a number of ap- él{oatìtts were considered for the )ÒW post. He added that Glenhad made a thoro study district fairs and was successful $'the management of the Chow - bula event. The new manager was also highly recommended by State officials in the Fairs and Exposition Division of the Depart - spent of Finance. Cletsdennen said that no succes- sor to hips at Cliowchilla had yet Wen named. Several applications Geis boils local and nut -of-town in,gdt have been filed. As the!.,ir was held in April. it is pp',i,lr that no replacement will he...rd until nter, possibly in _.,t., t, many ÍaCtatf air in, sett, ti Seven major factor weighed include premium paid, number of entries, o.:..., of eehlbitors, smasher o paid ad. missions at outside gate, y'e'ar -round operating revenue, operating ratio to population of county or district, and ratto of paid attendance at outside gate to population of county or district in which fair is held. No formal decision actually classifying fairs is expected to be made until the next meeting of the entire committee or %anti! all possible blormation requested is available. The committee, however. will permit any fair to present reasons in writing regarding its classification before any final decision is m -de. Feature Class A fair may be classified as local district. sectional, or regional. An, fair can conceivably receive the additional classification of "special feature fair if it pass 50 per cent or more of its premiums in one department of the master premium list. ' Serving on the committee. elected by the agricultural districts, with Chairman Woxht'rg, manager of the Merced County Fair and who was upped from vice- chairman to a permanent status replacing ex-officio chairman. Assemblyman. W. (Pat) Kelly, of Shafter. are: A. A. Jensen, Lassen County Fair manager, Susanville, representing the Cascade area; Welch, manager of the Yuba -Sutter Fair. Tuba City: L J. Hamilton, Lakeport, North - em area; C. B. Matthews. Mother!code Fair manager. Sonora, Mother Lode area; Russell E. Pettit,. formerly manager Santa Clara County Fair. San Jose, Central and South Coastal areas; Max P. Schonfeld, San Fernando Valley.pair manager. Northridge, Southern California area; John \. Pierce and Fred W. Links. Department of Finance, Sacramento; Kelly. and Senator John F. Thompson, San lose. State Participation Held " Vital to Trenton Event Rt.\ O \. \. Direct State Non in staging of the New State Fair here is being by fair officials. t is necesthey contend. to insure the of the showcase event. is meeting here fair officials, by George A. Hamid bote of the continuing offers developers for the large and sr doable tract of land. The implies fion was Usas a continuing lack of pupped would lead to the sale of ßßee proper*. and the end of the swot which daims an attendance in mess of and is said to ha the outgrowth of the first far in America. At the meeting were Philip Alampi, who w6 take office on July l as secretary of agriculture; Joe McLean, bend of commotion For leer F'aie...rari... /'rlrbrarioe Hook THE MAM TROUPE!r,, er.nt. A NKE MA Kp stud industry: Stars Roebling. William C. Lynn. George A. liamid Jr. and Norman Marshall. fair manager. A second meeting is scheduled (ot Juts 7. Grandstand Changes Changes in the grandstand no, grim were announced by llamicl. Stock car racing will replace the automobile thrill show on Sunday. Midget racing will be presented on Friday and big cars on closing Sunday. All races will be under the direction of Sam Nunis. Jack Kochman and his Hell Drivers will be the Monday feature with the Joie Chitwood hell Drivers in on Saturday. Hamac raring will be presented on Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday. the Names will be featured in night shows. included are Bill i.%cy and His Comets, Pat Boone. rad Dorothy Collins. Package shows include T' Discnwrries and Midwestern liavridr. Joe Basile and his band will be bark after a' three-year absence. The World of Mirth fv.ti, tifs ninl.t.!.. ti.,s,.!... h...,itais buv:,r.t m.,tag.-r ai ti.' i_,!, tit. staff Paid Smith, *ow. sinner of Agriculture arid \!arid, presented Schilly with an engraved portfolio. A native of Syracuse, Schilly began his career with the fair in Slav, 96. Beginning as a cerk in the entry department. Schilly was named assistant treasurer in 928, auditor in 9.27, administrative assistant in 939, senior ad. ministrator in 945 and hinnies, manager in 954. Year -Round Operation at Mich. Plant DETROT -Full control of the Sliclsigan State Fairgrounds passes to the newly created Michigan State Fair Commission on July, the effective date of a recent act of the State Legislature, ending a 35 -year period of split control that has plagued fair management thruout that time. Maintenance and rental of fair - grounds structures had been under the Michigan Department of Agriculture, except For the few weeks lust prior to and during the fair, when the fair's board of managers took over. "Only those close to the opera - tiva of the fairgrounds fully realized the deterioration of grounds and buildings that inevitably took place under the disastrous dual - control program, "said Donald L. Swanson, general mat!ager of the fair. "Previously the Legislature, understandably. was loathe to appropriate improvement funds to an entity with two heads.' neither of which' was exactly sure where it was going. Also there was the uncertainty about keeping the fair at Detroit. bet that is settled now, and the State Fair will remain where it ix." The 07th State Fair, mid to be the oldest in the country, will be the i first under the furisdiction of the new State Fair C'rsnmis non. Mean - ben of the old fair board, under President Harry Carling of Pon - tiac, continue on the new Commissiun. Other changes in the fair opera- tions under the legislation which becomrn.effective July. include:.) Authorization of contratts for services. such as for talent and entertainment. for periods up to five years, instead of for one year only. This is expectou to improve the fair's bargaining position. 2.) Buildings on the grounds may he leased to public or private organizations for tap to five yens. providing a continuity of exhibit and more elaborate ex- Ctanning ilríts. 3.) Permanent exhibit buildings, which eventually become State ert. may be erected and Cprtv sesd to exhibitors for up to 20 year, with renewable leases. with special approval of the State Ad -' m!nistrative Beard. This is expected n!.,ke p.t<.,htr vtns m.,j,tr i!r TOP FAR EVENT : T'S A FAT: The Sky Kings use 2 separate riggings sit- uated 30 feet apart, The Sky Kings actual- ly trade poles during a split second, mid - sky. The Sky Kings have 2 great units; one serv- ing the east, the other the west. The Sky Kings will combine 2 units to form a 4 -pole revue with 4 -way changing of poles. The Sky Kings have never been televised! The Sky Kings are America's highest paid aerial act. RAJ SOME OPEN TME, CONTACT: DARRELL HORNBECK, Mgr. BLL ATTERBURY, Producer P. O. Bor 83 Spriagfieid. hi i Ph., With eyes completely sealed she. drive a car down your Midway to the astojrltmeal of the fair's patrons. A MUST FOR GATE ATTRACTON! Aa.r. ass PA. Ne tss.,v. n.. ERNE YOUNG AGENCY 203 North Wabash An.. Chicago. liois Houdini Milk -Can Escape. Burning Boy Alive, roos,. v' stick Suspension. elc., With Master Michael a aby Lois. occurs when answering ods... A MUST FOR EVERY FAR! /N!lAaataNlA N, PA Mao Say You Saw t in The Billboard

85 84 FARS- EXPOSTONS THE BLLBOARD CTY COLSEUM STE Greensboro Sale Set But Fair Will Continue GREENSBORO, N. C. -The sale of the Greensboro Fair plant to the city as a site for a new War Memorial Coliseum and a separate auditorium is reported set, with only minor details to be worked out. Arrangements for the sale were reported worked out Monday (8) in Atlantic City between William H. Sullivan Sr., chairman of the War Memorial Fund Committee and George A. Hamid Sr., operator of the fair. Also in attendance were Clyde Kendall, fair manager, Thomas Turner, attorney, and Judge York, fund committee member. The reported agreement to sell calls for a 5 -year lease to the present operators for the continuance of the fair. n any event the physical aspect of the fair would remain unchanged for this year since plans call for the completion of the Coliseum in 957 and the auditorium about a year later, in 958. Consummation of the pact is expected to follow a meeting of the full committee. Ta Benefit Fair Hamid envisioned the development of a major fair if the plan is fulfilled. The operating pact would include the use of the new building by the fair for exhibition and show purposes and the remaining grounds, including parking space. Space would not be a problem since the existing exhibit buildings would be torn down with the completion of the coliseum. The new structure would provide ample and better exhibit space. The Coliseum would be similar to the one opened last year at the Winston-Salem Fair. Estimated costs for the over -all project run to more than $500,000. Colusa Record Continued from page 82 more than last year's 4,948 total. Attendance for each of 'the four days was ahead of last year, with the largest margin on the closing day, when 3,864 people, 540 more than the same day in 955, were admitted to the grounds. Largest attendance for a single day was on Friday, when the mark was 4,344. There were only three paid admission entertainment events on the fair program. Of these were the two performances of the rodeo Saturday night and Sunday afternoon, which pulled 900 spectators, the California Hayride show, with Cottonseed Clark, attended by over 500. A free dance Saturday night, at which the Capital City Jazz Band was featured, was reported to have packed the Cardcnwav stage. The Midway was played by the Foley & Burk Combined Shows, headed by L. G. Chapman. EVERYTHNG in ENTERTANMENT For FARS * EXPOSTONS * PARKS CARNVALS * PROMOTONS SPECAL EVENTS THRLL SHOWS - GRANDSTAND REVUES OUTDOOR CELEBRATONS -HOME SHOWS SPORT SHOWS - NDUSTRAL PARTES MUSC and ART AL DVOR "The Nation's Show Headquarter." N 54 W. Randolph St., Chicago,. AGENCY Phone: FRanf.n Box 228 Now Booking Grandstand Attractions The 5st WEST TEXAS FAR Abilene, Texas September 0-5 D. H. efferies, President Miss BeBe Says. FAR CONCESSONERS AND ANYONE NTERESTED N THE FAR BUSNESS- Abilene, Texas ffs NEEDS THE BLLBOARD EVERY WEEK! Melia Money -Sa a Money. Subscribe NOW -This Easy Way. rho Billboard 260 Patterson St.. Cincinnati 22. Ohle Yes O Please send me The Billboard for ono year at 52 Foreign rate. ono year, $ Name Addrere City Occupation Zone... Stab a Beauty Contest Planned by N. C. Group RALEGH, N. C.- Sponsoring of a beauty contest, with candidates for the finals to be held at the State Fair here to be chosen at member fairs, is planned by the North Carolina Association of Agricultural Fairs. The contest is similar to that inaugurated several years ago by the Virginia State Association of Fairs in conjunction with the Virginia State Fair, Richmond. Participation by at least 20 member fairs is needed to give promotion sufficient stature for association backing, spokesmen said. The winner will be crowned "Miss North Carolina Fair." Fairs Canvassed Because of the time element one of the rules, the recording of participation by June each year, will be eliminated this year. Member fairs are now being canvassed and the extent of participation is expected to be kamen within a week. The committee in charge of the contest is Curtis A. Leonard, Corbin Green, R. W. Shoffner, William Chaffin Jr. and E. C. Burks. The plan calls for sponsoring fairs to award their winners with suitable prizes and to transport them, and their escorts, to the Stat'e Fair for the finals. The win nor of the finals will be awarded additional prizes by the State Fair management, Dr. J. S. Dorton said. The next annual meeting, in January, will again be held at the Sir Walter Hotel, Raleigh. Association officials said the hotel had agreed to provide adequate facilities to replace the cramped quarters used for the past several years. The Short Course at State College here in April drew only 29 representatives from 5 member fairs. This was well under the attendance of the first course held last year. However, it is planned!t continue the course next year. Ends Free Gate Continued from page 82 landscape designers in competition are being added and the flower show expanded so that it will be the largest ever sponsored by the fair. A 4-H horse shosf will be featured, with only trophies and ribbons being awarded by local merchants. A kiddie parade is also scheduled on opening day. The parade is sponsored by the local Junior Chamber of Commerce. Don P. Wyatt Continued froh page 82 races are being held weekly on the oval in front of the grandstand and are attracting crowds ranging from 4,000 to 6,000. The next major attraction before the fair will be the Days of '47 Championship Rodeo, July Contracts Awarded At the fair, Western Service concessionaires, in on a percentage contract, will have all food and drink stands outside of the midway area. Nina Rogers and Moe Levine, owners of Monte Young Shows, have the carnival contract and under that contract will have food and drinks on the midway. Special attractions will include John H. Billsbury, master of ceremonies for all events; Aliens and Company high -wire act in the center of the fairgrounds; PoPo the clown; wrestling; Holiday on ce in the Coliseum; the Flying ndian Act, afternoon and evening; a touring band: Arabian Horse shows by local clubs; a Quarter Horse show by local clubs; horse races (no pari -mutuel betting in Utah); motorcycle races, and the Parade of Champions. Wyatt was raised in owa and spent 2 years in the U. S. Army Engineers. He and his wife, Elmerime, have made their home in Salt Like City. Carle Heads Continued from pa.ce 82 orchestra, perennial favorites here, are set for Monday and Tuesday (2-3). This portion of the show is booked by Jo and Newton (Carolina) Brunson of the Hollywood Theatrical Agene, Hollyss'ood. They have booked sere for five years and are producing the Don Diego Super Circus which runs the full course of the exposition. Carle and orchestra are booked by the CAC -Hamid office, which is booking this portion of the show for the first time. Sharing top billing with the pianist- leader are Russell Arms and Eydie Corme. They open Wednesday (4) and run for five days until closing Sun day (8)., Mules "trained" to pull sulkies will be driven by the finalists in the "Fairest of the Fair" are a twice daily attraction, with performances both afternoon and night. Kids are admitted free opening; day. The regular one -pay -gate policy, however, of 85 cents and 25 cents is in effect. The admission also covers the grandstand, national horse show, the circus and exhibit areas. The Frank W. Babcock Shows is featured on the midway. N. Y. Agency to Publicize GAC -Hamid Name Packages NEW YORK- -The CAC -Hamid grandstand attractions packages this year will be publicized by the John O'Malley office, New York public relations agency, which has set up a special department for the endeavor. Altho the arrangement with the O'Malley office also includes the New Jersey State Fair and Steel Pier, intensive effort will go into the talent booking products which resulted from last winter's merger of General Artists Corporation and George A. Hamid & Son. O'Malley's show business accounts have included the Versailles night club, Edith Piaf, Horace Heidt, Man' Small, plus numerous other accounts, including the Rheingold Brewery. O'Malley over the years earned widespread recognition for the last -named 'firm thru development of the bliss Rheingold contest. Schuler Press Rep Essential element in the signing with the talent agency was that O'Malley assign to it a man experienced in traveling amusements and fairs. Thus, he signed Charley Schuler, veteran of tt.e Ringling, Beatty and Cole Bros. circuses, United Artists' Pictures and Columbia Pictures Corporation. Many of O'Malley's accounts have been handled by Schuler for more than 0 years. nvolved in the publicity are the three major packages evolving from the CAC -Hamid marriage, "T.V. Discoveries", "Midwestern Hay - ride", and "Rock 'n' Roll." They will appear primarily at fair dates, with a number of hillbilly parks and theaters included. UNE 30, 956 FAR SECRETARES TROPHES, PLAQUES and AWARDS for HORSE SHOWS DOG SHOWS LVESTOCK SHOWS STOCK CAR RACES AND ALL SPORTNG EVENTS Write for Complete 956 "Special Eventi" Catalog T'S FREE THE TROPHY 8 MEDAL SHOP Deft Wabash Are. Chicago 3,. Phone: CEntral CRAWFORD COUNTY FAR Meadville, Pa. Augusl 20 thru 25, 956 Concession apace available on our new wide NDEPENDENT midway. For reservoriona contort Mrs. E. C. BALDWN, Secy., Crawford County Fair, P. O. Boa 47 Meadville, Po. Ride, furnished by KENPENN AMUSEMENT CO. FREWORKS Pyrotechnic Displays Fain - Celebrations- Spaelal Events. Distinctive displays of -your ideas reproduced hra the exciting and beautiful peeks. We render srrrvie. free on Marge display, wrth ruff -insurance coverage. Also Fire - t - Yourself "_ Programs. 550,00 and up. Assembled. complete, en. in rtructions to fire. Send for Free Cato- WSDOM FREWORKS (0. P. 0. Roe 795. Route e. Mehlrille. Me..hone: vanhoe FREE ACTS WANTED For v... County Flr, Sept. -444, eonta<: T TS& Penton Hale. secretary. P. O. Boo 5 Sparta. T see BLEACHERS FOR SALE Seating for 2,200 people. Walkways, Back & Side Railings. Cremated Timbers for Bau. n good condition, painted W year. Callaway County Fair Board. W. C. WHTLOW Fatten. Missouri DSPLAY FREWORKS OF DSTNCTON Whether Your FAT CelebraUOe or Event calla far a a5a dlap4y or a 4f.00o.9a equallyln You will rind equally nserred b ablest You the meal and best far Your mend)' We taree adequate nsurance. Send for our free tal.,c NOW tt'rite, wire or phone Continental Fireworks Co. R. R..a Jecksonye,. Mone R-aela ar f3 AMERCAN CANCER SOCETY

86 JUN i THE LL0ARD FARSEX POSTONS 85 OFF- SEASON CALF. PLANT USE RSES nterim Sacramento Events to Pull 800,000; Food Fair Tops 30,000 SACRAMENTO-The second NNW California Food Fail ended Rs fat day run in the Home Show Way on the California State Far Led Exposition gmsmds he S may (LE). w attendance best lam yogis 30,000 and added neatly to the total nemnbcr of people wm use the fairgrounds under the expanded "off-fair- program naugurated by Dudley T. Fortin. who assumed the exposition's management early in 955. Fortin has urged cisir groups, aslociatiots and others to make use ef the State Fair facilities during library to 00 -mile rave,. (he faith fnuw,,urds where they are bd. healer drew a total of per Wed during the Boys' State Model sons when he held meetings at Leglsbture Trade and merchant the fairgrounds last October. An- other atten.'e the ndian. a lh. wee as the Food Fair. is, type ring u Can mart of 00 dustrial Home Show or Foods and Hobby b Several evenings a week Cov- But by far one of the major erors Hall is the scone of dinner activities of the fairgrounds during partir; or meetings with up to its dle" months concerts livestock..300 persons in attendance. Teen - Len than two weeks after the 9,55 age clubs, employers, unions a' fair was closed, 34 quarter hones other groups boll dances here.' were auct at the grounds. Early each summer, boys from, Within leu than a week following all over California converge on the this, the Ninth Annual California - :'.'- i lier:.: and saki sat held. A total of 82 rient is ems sold for l),y.lb5. Other ions tea ram were bald by the Callfenla Oath= Br ed- «s Aaaodation. Gillian& He ford Aeodatica. Peale Coast Acs. «dean Amps Aaodatlon. California Cahlernla Jenney Cattle Club and cabers. n ar, some 3,000 bead of pp,rr-tttebred bivestacl lave been auctioned on the fairgrounds for $ since the 963 fair. Conventions fled adequate fact rks as do trade club memben on the fairgrounds. Aod the Junior Museum is in operation there the rear are-md. Under the Fortin plan, the State receives rentals end Sacramento has the use of adequate facilities for almost any event that can be conceived- FAR C..bflew, lei celw.ff..t JMME DOWNEY 777 ARTHUR Ait. ST. LOUS t MSSOUt, Rb.a.: Mlsal.a t550 ACTS - VARTV Snows TWL SHOWS--NGH ACTS - Plut COUPLT NTRTAN MNT SON NOOOR.OUTDO*. ynt. CVE TO DAMON RUNYON CANCER FUND /0/ii the party e.,come to the 956, f LLNOS STATE FAR DUDLEY FORTN the 353 days that the exposition is not being held on the 207 -acre site in an accessible residential section. \Then the fair opens next August 29 for 2 days (it formerly ran days), Fortin predicts 800,- 000 or more people will has e attended interim events. Features Talent The Food Fuir, sponsored by the Northern California Food Dealers' Association, ssith 'ulter Kassis as chairman, and Roy Taylor, president. went ali out to attract attendance. Twice daily, afternoon and night, a show featuring Frankie Laine assisted by Claud Cordon's orchestra. vocalist %ricki Kay: Mount Gleason. hula dancer who appears on the weekly Harry Owens TV show, and other acts, was presented. Another feature was that of individual exhibitors making f o o d preparations continuously when the stageshow was not ap- heen the fair is on, some.600 people are employed. But, at other time, the year-round fair business is transacted by a staff of some 70 people. The force is gradually enlarged. starting about April, and reaches its peak in late hum. One of the State Fair's interim events gives it the distinction of staging the nations only "fair - within -a- fair." Opening Thursday (5) fir four days will be the Sacramento Counts, Fair, formerly bad in Calf. for its third annual run on a section of the Exposition's grounds. Last year, when it had a free gate. the estiirated attendance was 5,06. This year an admission of 2.5 cents will be with children under 2 admitted free. The county fair is expanding its flower show and featuring 4-H horse slow. Robert Baker, the secretary -manager, has set a goal of 55,000 people. n Use 353 Days Activities during the 3.53 days when dune is no State Fair range from revival meetings to political dinners. from cat shows to teen- 'gets' dances or from a pct rental AUG. O thru 9 SPRNGFELD GOVERNOR STRATTON... Welcomed?Sou acrd *tun 9ctsgily This year, the llinois State Fair has planned an outstand ing program for you and your family. The tremendous progress our State has made will be vividly portrayed in miles of attractive displays and colorful exhibits. n addition. there will be entertainment, pageantry and STAGE.. SCREEN.. TV & RADO for your thrilling entertainment EXCTNG ACTS TRAPEZE ARTSTS BG WLS BARN DANCE SHOW STATE FAR ALL -STAR REVUE 00 MLE USAC AUTO RACES A NATONAL CHAMPONSHP MOTOR CYCLE RACES SOCETY ANO WESTERN HORSE SHOWS a GRAND CRCUT HARNESS RACES and many other added attractions thrills. which sill make the 956 llinois State Tair one to be long remembered. Bring the entire family. S ( `Ji GOVT Suit n GREATEST AGRCULTURAL SHOW ON EARTH... 0THRLL- PACKED DAYS $.try day,.try hour, every mrnule s nun up with something trcitrnt to do and Let... for ovary member of the firmly. Rrdts and tames Wove,s Hippy Nodos C,rnoal d Thous nll npaially dtlithi the e' Lait Write for llustrated Folder : LLNOS STATE FAR. SPRNGFELD. LLNOS STLLMAN J. STANARD, DratCoo. Or Aóalcuifu.E STROTHER G. JONES, GENE/AL MANAGE.,

87 86 THE BLLBOARD CARNVALS Communications to 88 W. Randolph St.. Chicago. SEASON'S OUTLOOK t. JUNE 30, 956 Grosses Expected at Least to Match Good 955 THE up- coming fair and celebration season the money - getting stretch for carnivals abounds with indications that grosses will be even' bit as good and probably better than last year one of the best for touring midway aggregations in recent sears. Not since the -years immediately following World \%'ar f have prospects for the fair season the determinant of the degree of success for carnivals been as bright as they are now. Rides are expected to do a whopping business even bigger than last year, a b:& one for diem. The rising ride grosses followed the trend which set in several years ago as show grosses either held close to previous levels and as concession receipt dipped; then leveled off. The introduction of several new rides. among them the Scrambler and the Round-Up, among adult devices. and the use of more and better kiddie rides. did much to spark the rise. So, too, did the post -war population rise. which took effect as the fiat -war babies becanre of ride age. There trill be more rides out with carnivals this year than irsany recent year. Many of them are new. And, the increased number of rides and the appeal and stimulus of the new ones should serte to continue the upward trend in ride patronage. So, too, should the ever-mounting number of youngsters who rh u m ride ace. NEW BLOOD NEEDED Acute Labor Shortage Noted as Fairs Near of needed help, both in tenus of numbers and ability, Tie need for knowledgeable per - sonnet seems to extend to all areas and reflects the nation's record high employ ment roles. Especially needed are skilled foremen who know how to fit the complicated Osso' together and maintain them for: nuasiìnum operating efficiency and: safety. Also needed, and in quantity- are: the muscle men to wrestle the! hcavv equipment up and down.' Setup's have been slow, and accept -, able, during the comparatively re -, l.rxed approach to still dates. But the time before fain is being whit - J. B. Davis Sets Summer Park Season PANAMA CTY, Fla. -John B.. Davis. a veteran of 52 years in show, business, ras his Southern States Shows spotted bere for a park -type operation. This will be his second season at Use Wayside Park loca. Gott. on the Gulf of Mexico, just off U. S. Highway 98. Davis has owned and operated his show for the past 20 wars and presently has 9 rides and a variett of merchandise concessions. Fol.!swing the park season, the show 'till play eight or 0 fair dates in Georgia and North Florida. Winter grurterx is in Tampa where Davis ras sis home. \Vel known in show business, Davis was an actor, billposter, press agent and general agent before acquiring his own show. le is a member of the Board of Governors of the Greater Tampa Shutrmen, Association and is active in statut fraternal and civic organifations. ii,,l,te.ythlr and die NEW YORK -The esrlwg.,unival labor situation is described by' shortage is increasing Fast rennrate major operator as "the worst et fairs can mean the ranting or since the wwar. The period reíered, loss of many additional dollars. The to covers the years when operators ratty completion of all units can were faced with a record scarcity also have the same.. significace. Reasons Vbv The scarcity of good help has been blamed in part on the abortcuing of the season that late openings by some shows attempting to avoid the weather perils of early spring. This theory doesn't hold water on examination. Shows which were among the earliest to open are in the same short-handed predicament. Help hasn't shown up in its old - time abundance probably for the reason that the carnival. business can't compete with industry. either in tens of wages or (rings benefits. Good men on the operating level often have been given a share in the earnings of the costly rides they manage ill addition to their salaries to provide sufficient incentive. The Sunday -Monday lot inquiry from persons anxious to earn extra dollars in return for helping to up or down the shows has virtually disappeared. Such a force is worth little without proper direction. Old- timers are armmd, of course, but their dwindling ranks are but thinly filled by new rem -nits. Nomadic living, day and night actit'- itv. and seven -day weeks today at- ' tract only the most advcnturuus. Show grosses figure to be about as good as last year. How they fare will depend largely upon the merits of the individual shows, the ability of the operators, and the routes of the carnivals. The number of shows on carnivals has declined slightly in each of the last few years. There have been relatively few newcomers among show operators too few to offset those lost to death or retirement. Contrasting with the ride field, Few new units have been introduced in the show field since World War H. Princi- pal exceptions have Deco water shows, such as "Dancing Waters' and "Miracle Fountains." Carnival owners in the last few years have tried to whittle down their losses on their teen. which most consider as loss-leaders for the total midway operations. Some have refrained from carrying sash shows at still dates and, instead, plan to put more into them in the way of talent just before or at the opt- g of fair season when the potential to make money with themor, at least, twee close to the break -even point is greater. Games concessions are expected to fare better in the coming months than they did in the corresponding period of recent lean. This prospect is based on reports of better business (rom concessionaires thus far this season. Again, as in recent years, those concessionaires who liberally dole nut nreecltantlise are expected to enjoy the best business. 'Majestic Joins Miller Unit For Weeks Kt. -Sant Gold- NE \YPU't, steins Majestic Greater Shows, which set up on a lot adjoining neighboring Bellevue. Ky., Friday (5), pulled stakes after last Tuesday night's (9) showing after two feuding teen -age gangs had used the shows' midway several nights in a rots' to settle their differences. Newport police chief suggested that the show change location to avoid further disorder and even arranged for a lot at Fifth and faitbel, in downtown Newport. The rides were two -thirds up %Vednesday (20), when a complaint came from die management of nearby!housing project, charging that the traveling ahww was interfering with a civic carnival then in progress. Rather than fight the matter, Manager Goldstein tore down his rides and shipped them to ndianapolis to augment the Paul Miller unit there over last weekend, The Majestic rides will continue with the Miller org in Can, nd., this week and at Hoopeston. ll., nest week, Majestic Greater reopens on its own with its initial fair date of the season at Rising Sun, ind.. July 9. and following tsith fairs in Sunman. nd.. and Orleans, nd., before moving into Kentucky, Tennessee. Alabama and Georgia. "Shoot the Chute?" r: ;,, a rr, S nr, Or.ianor,.a Crv,, w..rar, run; 5,., e CaC,,r, a Car.,,,, n their over -all operation, carnivals are expected to intensify their pitch to the youngsters. The Royal American Shows the biggest of the carnivals points up the trend. At many of its fairs this year the RAS will go all - out in efforts to build up small -fry patronage. Where space permits, it will have a huge Kiddieland, with a medial entrance arch, lights, and decorations, pins benches for foot -weary parents, and a magnificent old band organ as an added attraction. Smaller carnivals in many cases have added new kiddie rides to their line -ups. reflecting confidence that such investments will pay off. A large number of carnivals of all sizes plan to introduce new promotional approaches or beef -up their customary promotional efforts to bring out the kiddies. Pony, bicycle and miniature automobile giveaways are expected to hit all -time highs in numbets as carnivals and fairs, wiib them add strength to their kid days or tack on an added kids' day. Generally. carnival owners will find their costs slightly higher than last year. Skilled ride and showy help continues difficult to get. And, no end to this tight help situation is in sight. "But, don't mind the tight help situation," notes one veteran carnival owner. "When show help is hard to came by, always know we're in for a good fair season, for it nie,tns that general empl,s menu aim, is high." 'Bright Spots Seen On Prell Horizon CKSVLLE, N. l'. -This has proven far from the best season Prell's Broadway Shows has esperiencetl on Long sland. but two corning dates are expected to haul business up to its usually good level. Next week the show plays Westbury, thickly populated area, and then it heads out to Riverhead. where summertime population usually swells with vacationers. Miserable weather in extremes cold, rain. torrid Seat has its expected unhappy result to date, but enough has been seen to hare the management confidently predicting good things to come once the fair season rolls around. Huntington, L.., where downpours washed out the tail end of Decoration Day week, was encouraglaig. Joe Prell noted, since patrons flocked onto the midway during the first days when weather was mild. Earlier in the sprung, a good week had been scored in Staunton, Va.. giving the shown hopes that fairs in that area will pan out well this year. Following Riverhead, the Prells head to Newark, N. J., where they play again for their traditional Elks sponsor, \l here they showed New Rides Set For Dominican Fair Midway NEW PORK- Bernard (Becky' Allen will leave here Tuesday (26' for Ciudad Trujillo, Dominican Republic to supervise the installation of additional ride equipment for that government. A Skooter was shipped from Philadelphia Thursday (el). Three new kiddie rides are stated to leave the Allan lerscnell fneton, North Tonawanda, N. Y.. Thursday (26). Ou Juin 6 a new Round -Up and a new Tilt -a -Whirl will be en route to Cnidad Trujillo, Allen said. Alleu will return to the United States and his concession operation on the 'urld of Math Slice's when the work of setting up the moils is under way. within a stadium in 955, they will be in frill view this year, at a different lut. From there they bead into their fair route, opening with the July fair in Harrington, Del. Hyattsville, Md., follows, as do the Pennstivania fairs of Bedford and Carlisle. Generally speaking. the hells views the outlook as file, despite (Continued on rage 9f) Wade Greater Nears Opening Of Fair Route CEYBOYCAN, Mich. -The Wade Greater Shows have been playing Fun -O -Rama promotions under Linn? Clubs' sponsorship. will Launch their fair season July 2-4 at Lake Odessa. Mich., the first fair scheduled in Michigan. n preparation. shows' equipment ras been refurbished under the npervision of Ma,utger Cameron D. Murray. A substantial number of personae] changes has been made since 'he show opened in March. Felton l'erra replaced Harold Masten in the office. Bozo Ringl Dow is in charge of the Dodgem, Randall \levers is foreman of the Merry- Co -Round and Ray Mitchell is foreman of the Ferris Vhed, with his wile handling kid ride tickets. Ecl Evcrshure and Robert Petrie pained with jewelry and Ellis Mor- ;;tut joined with a hi- striker. Teddy Burd took over the block pitch, Russ Tosse is on with the rabbit racer. Sammy Burd and Jimmy Knapp arc on the atzzle. Earl Kelly is stock man, Jim Stinko has the cover -of- the -spot store. a n cl Frenchy Ellis is working Earl Kelly's six cals. Joe Howard joined the advance. (toward Patterson has charge of the kid rides. Thompson's freak animal show joined recently. Juanita llanralran purchased Moores' candy floss and also took delivery of a 36-ft. Starlite trailer. Clark 'Swain took delivery of a 956 Mercury hardtop.

88 NNE THE BLLBOARD CARNVALS 87 MDWAY CONFAB Baddley Bros. GO FOR FGURES, 00 C_ Ter Luidsenser. Q. Y ru featured feah cream and cake ras sand to m, Sot wsi en WATS. Newark. N. J. than 75 guests. Ng,. *Pat a five-year member, w,lped nith 6e cantor to two num.! Mr. and Mrn Bob Con, foie hou el Templa Emanuel ' of the show rece present and k e ben. glat. s Fddir Eahfns- ',tiro :,+ 0. t :rssa!.., \. ì tail. for fine, n operation twu nevi, expects to be 000fk,ed more rag. el of the Faulk W. United Shows feted three 7oeMben at a taint birthday it Bellflower. Calif June Honored wire Mrs. EÌs Mao ingp whose husband. Harold, layer of the midway kitchen; who owns stenos on and John Lerman, of the Cccchinl h a Concessions. All members v \\\\\ GAME CONCESSONARES Gralwg aeal Soer -: Mr /,n Caw.,. ar RAY OAKES We bare n track leams); dotta. as an G..- / 2 thus ( inches it 3 bolt d per ', Nov One -fall ON Game, uses plush and 2 nch soll ball. N Hereby Buck alum % et Keg'., r Cela Pitch, Penny or Nickel; Hoopla g Bon and Sit (eh. t rese did not set your catalog et G Drl,t.ry le arre tua te.. y. aree / catalog tent to / T To cat.g. Dhre.y pie»e mod 2 nane. R %% OAKES & SOLAS P...x M F R a \ '. # T4phen. \ 4 Tamps 72 NEW GAMES NOW READY Scissor /Kew., Frames, works toms.,.citnr batted$. Poke á63 00 each. Four foot, h re -why snrker, works sewn as hand bineu. P.. <. á7s 00 sock. Alas..a -way Cok and Fork g ame, each. Mail orders rely, noshing shipped open STAN BAKER Urw.orty.t,, Ca. Shop, OSt 44, Deh 27. Meth % ANTED fea 25'. lanual Pannke Festival, Gt au... l un. `szilo; "'.""i aro ino. or wr. JACK LND.E lowest A,wutaw,onh, Olean, %onto..arao CARNVAL SECRETARY AVALABLE«, wdr.r v+a,ta4 ro- MM. el araying A. need d p4 ren, tans. inv. An ern. to aee alewar nrk.or ewemn.. Mr. WASTED dwoa,pers. AU a. g a4m Ms+ wetl awo Alretalr aae_ 7.p N.... r enate. M wen. nand ta.., a. s are. l'a toptth t sgana [aw pta...s.un r aw ly,ra. n.,.' r e ;, a 4N a. :rys- a a / Cont.,n p. VAN SLLAR(D ems nee t4 Lo.«. oor. =re l'r i, t, nl,.. is LY to manager of Dyer t Cr*,.' t, ss- Ellsworth McAts has taken over as the show's podwill ambassador, and J. Hollingsworth has replaced Lout H. Merry as supervisor of trarssportation. Oscar Kabage is now the Tilt -a. Whirl foreman. Hank and Betty Dial, concessionaires. recently joined the show n Josephine Streber was feted recently at a party given by ladies of the C. A. Stephens Shows before she entered University Hospital, Charlottesville, Va., to undergo surgery. Her daughter, Frances left the show to be near her (luring her hospitalization. llssitie Streber and their son, Billy, remained on the show to continue the Strutters' concession operations. Forrest Flint bu novelties on the Sonny hivers Amusements... Mn. John Portemont jr. recently gave a birthday party for 0-yearold Butchie Hail, son of Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Hall, on Johnny's United Shows. Those present were Lou Ann Carroll, David and Virginia Jones,' Ronnie, Sharon and Karen LeMay, Tommy Kelley, Connie Lee \tocan. Carolyn Brown and Rosie Hall. Butchie received many gifts and the youngsters enjoyed games, favors and prizes. James N. Walker, semi driver on the James H. Drew Shows. escaped injury when the unit carry. unit,dart of a Tilt -a -Whirl went out of control at Fenwick, W. Va-, early Sunday morning, June 0.. The Drew show continues to get satisfactory business when given weathee. Recent visitors were Mr. and Mrs. Harry Boyles, former carnival operators, now motel operators in blorida- Jean Rita Novak pens from the Hamilton Nursing Home, New Bnsnswich, N. J., that she and her husband, Gabriel Novak, are grateful to the many show people who have sent her flowers and cards during her ill. eons. The corporate name of Hari. olds A{ut.semcnt, nc., has been changed to Hawaiian Amusement. Ltd.. effective Jule 4. Richard F. lvehari is president, Mile M. Yauagida, secretary, of Hawaiian Amusement, Ltd... Third birthday of Denise Coleman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. Coleman, was celebrated recently with a party in Bonnie Bell's Girl Show top on the Pan American Shows. Those attending were Mrs. John Ward, Foots Reeves, hies. H. L. Hardin, Mrs. Don Donovan, Mrs. %Palter Carr. Mrs. Bob Tuttle e pe sd, sons, Bobby, Donnie and mutts; Sandra Lee, Bonnie Bell, Mrs. Rov Smith, Mrs. Al Summen,. %ts. Roy McCurity, Mrs. Schneend daughter. Judo; Mn. Whitey Cilbertett, Mrs. Crandel and tool, Tommy, and Mrs. Jimmy ide. Tani and Tommy Broome jr. resentis stopped off for a visit with friends on the O. C. Buck Shows while en route from Miami to their haine in Derby, Vt. The Broome: "ere with the Buck organization Ow past four years, Mrs. Broome,r the organist chores in dte total Revue, and Broome acting as,tt assistant to Danny Dono on liutgo. They were unable to relui,' the show this season becaase lof Broome's health. Gets Good Biz l At First Stand as m.., cessions. The show opened late this season, May, at New Westminster, to good business. Besides a number of still dates, the Xlowna Repels is booked in August along with fain thru Northern British Columbia to Prince Rupert. BA Baddley tr manager, Lev Baddley, ground superintendent and assistant manager. Dick Vatkis handles the advance and bill posting. Vermont Date Disappoints Continental BARRE, Vt. -deal weather graced the run of Continental Shows in St. Albans, Vt., last week, but even so, business was below par. Altho most units were off the nut without too much trouble, no serious money was in the offing. Show personnel attributed the disappointment to unstable work- ing conditions in town and the business of rural folks with their crops, what with the season's first good break in the weather rolling around at that time. Continental is spotted here on the Bane -Montpelier Rond, in the town of Berlin. "No la.ay.e.s uúlls -- SX he il' r Styled to Stand Out Price Right Compact Convenience Especially on Checks, Money Orders or Cash. Maki" today your NED E. TORT DAY Sufi weaey erdsrn, Owls or tent-omit tae Flewors WSCONSN DELUXE CO.) t Third StneN Milwal Wisconsin BRD CAGES all moral :ee4hrew.ei onto Hosea Tinned N, with p.í/4 hesa sw cap. for PARAKEETS or CANARES Slsi s'." one. e" dare. 6' h,sm Pnhod 6 dosso to «Mn. tall S Shipped.x.D.t 4. pdd O 500 UCH rr4o c..%o La«Express os freight &home*. only.0.. N. V. $% deposi/ emtto order. hat C.O D. HERSHEY COMPANY n we.hlnrton fl.. New Vera 7, N Y. Tat. WOrth prir Gr,MJ4A, REATER SNOW The Show With The Proud Reputation Sales, ke Jersey, this week; Milford, Delaware, th of July week. want Cunard, Photo-aerie., American Wit Camp. us ons end +hors Hans Gallery, l.btrear, Trench r., ClearN4 alt.. Gallery, Pitch 77 WM..A nr Dues Pond, nooa.a, holy Alley. Want Man ad WO. Aaen4 ter Hanky Ca.t. want lutas Manner. Alb and rood Annex Worker, Snake, Wlldllle, Non. ay and.nborn aeowa ay Pony aid Girl Show Maresca wonted wn t. o or mnr. G4la ww buy sud SW Wipe and Sn.k. Hannan. M. and aire. to wed. C. (BLL) MURRAY "DESBRO SHOWS" This 4 bo Sig One. Tae Annual 6h et July L,v yten Manor. N. T.. CelaMaltoa. e 2 Coeloeve.a Wanted- Will pool all Sloth Concaulon. Ride oelp Foreman for 56 Tilt and Second Mon. Wheel Foremen and Second Moo on U R,dn. A. R. DESDERO lara,he H.n. Buffalo. N. Y. fade tot TROUPERS who know YOUR PROBLEMS! MOBLE HOMES Gleaming Streamlined Beauty Features You'll Appreciate Ws really luxurious living iri the MARATHON... o Mobile Home with a multitude of quality features... features you'd expect n o much higher priced unit. There's streamlined beauty, too, in the 33 ft. model with single bedroom or two bedroom arrangement and 37 ft. model with two bedrooms (seven sleeper) -a choice of aqua, turquoise or coral two - toned with shell beige or charcoal-7 foot ceilings thruout. The MARA- THON is quality and looks quality -every inch of it, to make it o standout among all others... you hove the best -in everything for luxurious living. The surprise comes when you learn the price, for ndeed you expect to pay more. See your MARATHON Mobile Home dealer today or ask for his nome and address. Let es rond you our latest MARATHON Mobile Hone booklet... k'. FREE. Write for it today. Tharmac NC Stratford, Wisconsin

89 i N 88 CARNVALS THE BLLBOARD o o o..nv,.tA J'N Vi, i!4 aub Als JK.w.ti. J,y.e4.s,, see HLL'S GREATER SHOWS o o o o o O o o o o o o o o o o o hr 4'.'ts, ' r 'TD` T^ Yp. "T` 4, 'c - h 7 l Pair. Forman. N. Ubor Day Fall; Minn.. Pair; Porte N. FARS-STARTNG AT CANDO, N. D., THS WEEK -8 FARS ncluulna North Dakota Paln at follown, AoL. Boltme w. Centennial n0 Crosby, Flatlon, and downtowns; Blrnaeck, Canon and Pornfan; rollowed fe N. Hutchinson. Minn.. r tri then C Para o, Stile h 'bapp> "Malt New MHte. Fair.- Faalern New Mellco State Pak. Aoewell, N. M. M.. Pak: Aeera. Count' Fair, Perse, Tex.. thon FARS NOW TO THE LAST OF OCTOBER. F YOB WANT MONEY. GET WTH THS SHOW na b Pank c al Be r Filth Glag P Çst BNao ldea. w CONCESSONS DaaTUja.eS! óö'sñóñ` :ár'l:ói RDES Rane Gallerie. Wan. MT' fila X-. sash a BuckN.. alt Cale. Solna.. asce Will boob aound.t Scrambler. sb omise. Boat Aé., L,rl. tir sm.a Dipper and Aab> Fert ATeH. DAVE KELLY needs Concession Agents. KTTY ALLEN wants Geh for GJ Show. Eolusrnced Of itecp.nenc.d. wardrobe and ran,portation furnished. Top salaries and Percentage SHOWS i RDE HELP `LSA. rl.q i.l, r,ak ktow, %ludon, seek Slow iil.if t,ow o o o twwe Monter avow. stn!nr Rorko-Plane. Second xllam, Twin Nheela, Jenny Orlo < P >na d w,.lpp r,.ner.l help on as and Wht hwra. DEE WYRCK went, Bingo HNp, Relief Caller and 3 Counter Alen. DON DEL MAR wan. for Lde Show: Freaks to feature and useful Working Act, DOWS would ke to book "Dancing Waters' ear Duluth, Fargo and RO,wwll Rire and Calls:. P.... Mgr.. C :%VM. NO. D%K.. this ureic: then err come BROADWAY SHOWS NC. 50 CAR RALROAD SHOW MOTORZED BROADWAY AT YOUR DOOR WANT FOR RVERHEAD, L l., JULY Z TO 7 AND NEWARK ELKS CRCUS d FROLCS TO FOLLOW FOR 0 DAYS, JULY 9 CONCESSONS RDES SHOWS HELP TO 8; THEN HARRNGiON FAR Phone, Nor.h,es, Ag and Stoles, Honky Ponts of oil kind.. Those joining now' giron prof... et Foies. Book or lease serin WM Scaotc, Scrambler, RourtdUp, Dort R;de, Wal book or t Kiddie Rid., t.. Pony Ride. Girl Show Rue, Jot Slime, Peep Show or any good Show with merit. TRZA, get in touch. HONEY LEE WALKER, get in tooth, Show Pointer fer balane. el season, Ride Help in oil dpertwawh, s...i drivers preferred. Prot Vidal. ranis Minklea and Psit.,mes te enlarge Skew. Meekfae. -SES 00 ro week; Chores Girls Gutter.wd Pian Players. Rait Slleeley, answer sr once. SAM PRELL ALL ANSWER: PRELL'S BRO.DA' SHOWS GLADSTONE S ów$ HARTFORD. KY.. 4TH CELEBRATON -3 BC DAYS Followed by kollsrille, Ky., Fair, July 9.4; Barren (o. Fair, Glasgow, Ky., 6.; Muhlenberg Co. Fair, Central City, Ky., July 23.8, and more in Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi. Also C.o.du. Mat work for 5oek. A. i teals. R7. GYM.. ran Pond. Pltek l..r,r., Cake Bottle. Balloon Dart. Coward, Jewelry. lee Cream. American e.lmlrn la. GytaMset. Hate, Beer w Bird Pitch, Pu W Ron, bwuee Haab Panks Aaey. Blower, erne un.p w W aie... mon a able and n2 to rmla. dn.a F. O. POOLE. Owner c/o SHOW C.S.PECK presents Ringo for Balance of Season GM.' Dansille, Ky.... bllon. with own equlymenl, 55, Grind SO,. of ell kind. estop' Girt. useetl Pkanpe wann Counter Men ww Roller States M Rathta. Sutter Cheek Alexander want, Aeenu fer Rue.. and P.C. Te 4a elaew StMelde wann As.. for Count Mon - JA('K OLVER. Bus. Mgr. GLCHER HOTEL u eel CTY SHOWS WANT FOR MOUNT VERNON, LL, JULY 4 CELEBRATON, JULY 2 THRU 8, OUR SECOND YEAR HERE. PLAYED TO 0,000 PEOPLE LAST YEAR. AND FARS TO FOLLOW ESPECALLY WANT -FOR MOUNT VERNON ONLY -GRL SHOW. MUST HAVE OWN EQUPMENT AND AT LEAST 3 GRLS CONCESSONS -Cook House, Bottle, Cork, Age & of merit. No gypsies or flots. Weight, Dart, Shakes, any Hanky Panic RDE HELP that have license and drive semi. f you do not qualify stay away. Kankakee,., WANTED ('untarl C. S. PECK Phone 2-825, Watseka, ll., this week Ma ei Mo. CMbrNNn n Whit.. Park, wolfing. na. a.n.s W etw M W kinds. TAW k lr Also ran um good elsan Grab Snnda. Th. la 4 Dart. JO. la's., We WM. Celebration with.. radius of 50 mllea. Con.. i.wrence MATURA.yn e. Mnld. 0...n., a 3f WANT Pont. ens olh.r KO Rides to Jaia Albert sera. Minn.. Jule 3J. fur.ea.on. Nunlevldeo. Minn., Flews Wk week. SUNSET AMUSEMENT CO. JUNE READY TOP SHOWS FOR OLSON FARS - CHCAGO Cene Vaughan has been signed to assist in staging the featured revue on the Olson Shows, Paul Olson, manager and co- owner, announced during the shows' stand here. Maurice (Lefty) Ohren will be in charge of producing the unit. The show is to have all -new wardrobe, lighting and a new steer. Charles Teichner'. hock 'n' Revue, now being readied in Chicago, is to join at the show's first fair, Anderson, nd., the week of July 4. t will offer an all -Negro cast. Make -ready for the show's long fair season was pushed here. The show will play one more still date - Toledo, 0.-before its first fair. Virgil Pierson, press agent, was hospitalized here for several days old then resumed his duties. He plums to make an early trip to Birmingham for a check -up by his dock,.r. then rejoin the show at Ander- \ torrential rain greeted the mw here opening night, Monday 5), hut the weather then took a,.rided turn for the better. indicarns were that the show, if given / cattier, would have a strong finish here. Besides Olson and Pierson, the staff of the Olson Shows consists of Lou Barber, assistant manager; J. L. M,achamer, secretary- treasurer; Dan Macharner, assistant to the sec - retary- treasurer, Chester Mays, concession secretary; L J. Berger, general agent; Louis Rice. legal repre- ' tentative; Jack Morgan, trainmaster; George Powell, purchasing agent; Sensational Ortons Join Lynch Shows HALFAX, N. S. -The Sensational Ortons, now the free act with the Halifax -based Bill Lynch Shows, have piled up considerable mileage thus far this year. They played the prairie provincess ' of Western Canada with the Orrin Davenport Circus until June 2, when the show closed its toot at Edmonton. From Edmonton,. the Orton jumped to Medina, 0.-a distance of a mere miles -to pick up equipment. And then they dashed,500 miles more to join the Lynch Shotvs here. They will continue with that show until it closes.d,lnit the third week in September. Frank Flanagan, chief electrician; James Blankenship, assistant electrician; Louis Burdick. towers and searchlights; Tex Robbins, soenic artist, and Charles Fink, mail and The Billboard. Ride personnel includes Charlie Coss, Velares' Rotor; Harry Wagner, Merry.Co-Round; Frank Arnot, Octopus; Merle Wilcott, Skooter; Frank Coodale, Ferris Wheels; Joe Garland, Rocket; James locket, Roll -O- Plane; Fay Ayers, Pony.._,..) Ride; Jack Stutes, Tilt -A -Whirl and P Caterpillar; Round -Up. Sip Baker; Carl Miller, Roller Coaster, and Alton Pearson, Scrambler. Kiddieland, smith Do r o thy Crouch as superintendent. has a Boat Ride. Ferris Wheel, Airplaner,. Sky Fighter. Merry -Co- Round, Jeep, Cart Ride and Auto Ride. Powelson Buy Four Trailers Jersey Dates Fizzle STRASBURC. 0.-Four trailers have been delivered to Powelson Amusements and will be converted into show fronts for the fall fah. season, Happy Powelson, general manager. disclosed here. Unit which played Eaton, O., Sesquicentennial garnered top business on the streets. Three Oh July 4 celebrations are coining u Centerburg, under the auspices the firemen; Marietta, sponsor by the American Legion, and Newton Falls celebrations each have parades. fireworks and free acts scheduled. Speedy Sayres joined with his Motordrome at Eaton. Ela Williams with his monkey show also joined there. Powelson and Frank D. Bland, the general representative for the Powelson operation, were guests of Lloyd Serfass and Buster Westbrook of the Penn Premier Shows during the hatters recent Columbus, O., stand. Frank Gorman and Johnny Bass have been frequent visitors at the Poweison headquarters in Coschochton. During the engagement at Xenia, O.. Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Curl. for - mer owners of the W. S. Ktul Shows. and Mrs. Billy Sells, former, carnival- and circus concessionaire, were nightly visitors. WOM Pushes Building - SOUTH PLANFELD, N J Only meager business has resulted here for the World of, Mirth Shows in its first try at this location. Business last week at East Brunswick, N. J, was also reported poor. There -has been little fault to find with the weather. Altoo cool. th8 skies have been clear. Still the interest of the public was not captured. The dates have fulfilled a previously stated purpose. Owner Frank Bergen routed the_ show primarily to provide the most possible working time to replace units and decorations sold to the Dominican Republic. Work has been progressing satisfactorily, Bergen said. Back to Rails The show returns to the rails for the move to Elizabeth, the last and most promising, of the Neme Jersey dates. Success at Elizabeth, which has not been played by a similar 'attraction for about sin years, will give the show three winners out of time five played in the Stute. The back end will be expanded as the show heads up country. The lterrnine Mid gets, Thelma Show and Sindell's Unborn swill all be added in New Britain, Conn., two weeks hence. A Wild Life, featuring separate cage wagons, is being readied. Dixie Gordon's Club 8, prig pal hack -end attraction, is sr!: uled for opening at Portland. N.. its opening was delayed rather than to settle for an abbreviated performance that would have been required by the light business at these dates. The towers are expected to be completed by the time the show arrives in Maine. Neon has been added to the recently acquired Spitfire. Show officials have been in formed that its plug on the Dave Carrossas' show has been set for Wednesday (27). TEX ROBERTS Wan. Alcoa for Peek und Count loko.. Assn UP and Dann Man, Buckel Agent.. Kommt. Ky.. June 230: Green,. Ky., July 2.7. Getan fain to follow. BEE'S OLD RELABLE SHOWS wx

90 JUN THE S L LSOARD CARNVALS 89 Walt Nealand Back to Marks Publicity Post BALTMORE-Walter D. \. i- # hod km Monied the John Shawl n handle ptihln-lt} 43ejalg with C:/iduui Bros.' # votiere he Fur.cioed En eiappciity thnl the month of # it. TcAlaal ha. been assnl:iatrtil YY. oil JN tltl, (of tlwlll.,rr itl the Piolht.s Acra hem # wed by loot lrlt7rns' urgrnb pmvillg gnn.l llen (n: 6 right. n this rp'spret t # previous statists. mrn a okaa, arrid depending werrlh-r e\jetlcille. # lb ghow, nbidi has confine,' # i 0000 to its native Virginia, creeps North next week ate at Camden, N. J. * "AMERCA'S MOST SPECTACULAR MDWAY" %lk% FAHS STARTNG JULY 2, MADSON, WS., 30TH EAST SDE FESTVAL; FOLLOWED BY DELAVAN, WS., CELEBRATON, THEN THE FOLLOWNG OUTSTANDNG ROUTE OF FARS: FURS FURS - (-í:,8 (TONS -. RSK () \S\ %DS SRk t t, RS WAUSAU JEFFERSON EAVLR DAM, EL DORADO ELKHORN MANTOWOC ANSVLL MONTCELO DARLNGTON CNTNNAL! PNE SLUFF ARK. Ì( \S SHOWS ear PTCH NOT 'ANC. PHOTOS, SCAMS N. "TRW. PTCNlt.YOU WN DARTS. ALL 0 N, MECHANCAL WLD. ATHL T C. MEN ON ALL ROTS /SPCAttY RRS WHll GAMLS. UNDER DVS l0, SNU/ ALLTL SHOOT -TLLTOU.WN. CORK CALLUM HATS, HOTODROM- MONKEY, VAT. U000, LLY -, smint E, TLT, LTTLE DR- KD ROTS. WeeT- JWUY, FENCH MS. SNOW, FLOSS, COKE 0N. MONKEY SPKOWAT, CLASS HOV. MCKY COROUND. ALL ES. ROMAN TARGETS. HANKY PANTS OF ALL KND3 GENE (A N N %N V" HANKY PAN AGENTS APPLETON, WS.. THS WEEK * * * * * * * * * * * * * * MOUSE OR ANY GRND SNOWS. ALL REPLES E. E. 'RRO, Mgr.,/. mw.,. un». ALSO MAN FOS 9SSS'.. F M% KOSCUSKO CLEVELAND BYRUM HDE HE.P LGHT TOWERS. JACKSON CREENVLLE (AN PACE POPCORN (:no Eli ROSTWCk n \ \TS CATERNG HELP MADSON, WS., JULY 2-8 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * al * * * * att Grand American Want tor 4th of July Celebration, LA PORTE CTY. on the streets, sponsored by Chamber of Commerce. Three day program, July 2. 3 and 4. This s a BG DATE. TOLEDO (olebrallon on Court House Sgeare, July 5 7; NEW HAMPTON (ele- Mallon on streets. July 9.0; WLTON Celebration on streets. July JRCTON 2.4. Want for WATERLOO, first in. Lafayette S,. Evan,dalo lot, Highway 297, Pro. grams, Bands- This event known as ETansdale Booster Days. sponsored by Kiwanis Club. July 6-2. MD Sauerkraut Days. on the sheets. July 2324: ([ANON Celebration. spa* wed by Junior Chamber el (ommerce. July 26.28: JESUP Fanners' Day. on M /treeh. July AN these Celebrations are n OWA. Want for the first 2 big Fairs in OWA: Butter Co.. Centennial Fair, ALLSON, Lac. 2.6: Jackson (o. Fair, MACHO- BETA. Aug. 82: also Central owa Fair. MARSHALLTOWN: (ass (o. Fair. ATLANTC; (Layton (e. Fair. ELKADEN: Shows Audubon (o. Fair, AUDUBON. and OTHER FARS TO FOLLOW. Want for Waterloo, Allison, Hague. beta, Marshal'lown, Audubon: WANT SHOWS -Sid Shy, Girl Show. Bally Show., Anode, Motordrome. Grind Show., any Fehibin. Thom art t en BG DATES and Shows wdl Rot money. Will beak Shows, 20`s. fie., including insurenc WANT RDES for above Fait 3 Motor and 2 Kiddie Rides Thot do not con. it;,,. W ore carrying e Murry -Ga Round, Kiddie Auto born, Kiddie Swing, 2 Ferris WM,, T/A. Whirl. Octopus and Ruck.e- Prone. WANT CONCESSONS- Will hook et ene ce C,em or Cunard, Phto..rad Jewelry. all kind. of Shill Games, Basketball. High Striker. galloon Don, Hanky ranks of all kinds. WANT RDE Eí' Ferai. Whim! Foremen for.n. Whool, Fonmon for Allan Roller Coon.. end Fling Seem.. All Ride Hp mutt drive trucks. Moving is port of eh,, butine.. All address L. O. WEAVER, Mgr. Celiac, owa. lune 2526; Oxford, June ; then la Porte City. WANT bide.. Mw. and Cnteul.n. ear Me 4 e July Reachdae. M, Maya Now..4.. nd-,..a. Club, July./ Nlers.ur 4N Felt July eltl 0.a. City. Mrty :7:4 R..tytlN. Aw. 4 Greencastle. nd.. 4N Fr, A.. OAw, M., ON UMW, Aue. ou until OCT Am., Sian- Nde foreman,.ante Flnt Slam gar Ortaouc ed Roll -aplatie: Second Nan Cor kternc*..0 Two Wheels. TU4.VkW d Doul. LeopePlane. Acte,, nd., ar MN week: m.. ntl, W U*, JO. T, Ride leso, lap melt, Drunks. di.n.ntcera and trouble makers. May away.,ate ment of bene CLFF THOMAS. 202 West 32nd Sc. ndianapoll, Nd. Fie Need Ringo Caner end Counter Slrn. GOLDEN GATE SHOWS WANTED \ANTED.% TED d. ren ehe erns, few Pefrmrn and Seca. Nan on ell nc.: o :rooky rar llha.f. ki fd Tup ell lrx! cud!itln, rftminl. A F!w Cunll lvn gtnla itre tul Ceoi +.m. Yen and.!rr fo. Grab TreU.r- J. P. D %TS ET. NU, n FOR JULY 3 & 4 AT PARK RVER, N. D..-4N a Carla.d. Mine., la.. 0 mid infy, M 2 CelMwna est 0 Fein CONCESSOraS: Caca rets, N tsoar T l.v,g RrW Bear Pitch, Add im VP. D.. Short Range. C..a lonle. Ciels Tp,r We.e.t a any eh. wyttng la Stock Ward Smoke Show. STAN- NELLe3 SHOWS PTS WOLF, N. N.fh -eed. N. D. NCLUDE THS NEW SENSATON M YOUR AR! "tv Cobra N the EA.Lat -the late,/ ade mal navel dea N Mow bu..nes, Writ.. now la d.4. LESTER. LTD. :e l WABASH AWL CHCAGO. LL FOR SALE 8 -(AR CATERPLLAR n e.le..l...,diti... wow No.& wed arm tat.. BO% THE &LLBOARD, CNCNNAT 22, 040 we do not hava.. t ANTED WANTED \TED stating July Oh Ckrellpn a rk,.cell, M watt pnnt, Wu. Car Give war,.em Cea.rt, CMM., Prep Acts Per 0 ncluding,nw.rk. at nleht. rhw. by OMVn. M, Street r round N.n. Cr Acts n Courtney. Wow. aly -wry, Mane Con. r. f..w.d, by /hit tar.wded mum of cenlrnwu, beets fide County alt: Seance. Co. PHr, ckar. nd4 Dubois Co. fair, Nyntlnebary, na, J.Nn C PH,c, awnel.wn, bd, Whsle C. Parr, Cart,l, ul.i C. Par, Mild eat, 4 Carrell Co. fat- Nuntneden, Tenn.l Orar Co. ar. Dyrs., Tnn.i llm./o.e 4 C-. At.. Ar - A.ra, Co, Far, OKetur, Cullman C. Far, Cullman, A. lacks. CA Fr. SeetWre, Ala.. Choan CA far- Anniston. Ala4 Naien enyt 40.. Dhan, Ala, All reptile, *UNTED SHOWS JOHN PORTEMONT LOOMFD, NDANA Ne ph.,. Cell., pl... N\TED t ANTED %\'E0 WANT SUNG R,ONS: Noveltle, Photo. Cud.ld, Cl... tch. on. Mart Ronde. Ratkelhall. African DP. Auction. amnnurlue Pitta t a any Hanky rank net conflicting SHOWS WANTED. Snail., Monte, Cnel er, r, N.. tordram,filmer, let me know omethlnal, Ride Rho t.o.w., contact. Want h...r with at lst Tour OlOt hlldoen Shan far AD Cid now berna bwll. Ws te Wtoa typa Pro. to Join Rockport, nd. R3K HELP: Hem LoRound Portman for Allan Horse.,.4 beats, toad. n SO ft dreg. ft... can, /lel on non kar Dodgem. Kiddie Ride Help: all mu.l Milo.. WANTED FOR 956 EDTON OF DXE GORDON'S CLUB 8 THE BG SHOW ON THE WORLD OF MRTH MDWAY Opening Portland, Maine, Monday, July 6 WANT PERFORMERS Chorus Girls * * * * * * * * * ** Also Want: Female Singet Ach Talker Mile Sinter Features C Help Dance Team Master of Ceremonies Ticket Stile., ALL REPLES TO: DXE GORDON En route with WORLD OF MRTH SHOWS New Britain, Conn., July 2-7; Worcester. Mass., July 9-4; then Portland. CONCESSONS &NGO, lew prtnlg Of Ph... Jaw.4y, Wei w Meet tang., Digger*, Glen. Pitch, Her P itch, Cod Pds, Dans. C. O.D. y Will b.ek Pe. Pool w My P.C. Pe. Gems, Si. Cats, a.cketa, Swing.. Al prlae-ev.y-h.. Ceecewie Wall eel Pp..r.. Apple. W.. Md S... M.. h... d ep..% Fairs M Bombay. THlesseer Arkansas and Louisiane * Nev. 5. SHOWS- Will beak any Grind Show with own ogaiprnent. Girls for Gi. Skew, Np salary. All poy -Pn lewnl and work cary week. S.4 dims' posy dey f,.,,..k rra August and lint of Soplenb., Misa Aideen Noll and 0. went SDES: Win book T., and Ocropul, 237'. Will book, May w Mete M.,,y.G..laund HELP- Foreman F. Chai.plon., salary if you knew yew hucin..,. A. /amino, for new Allen H.r. <h.n little tipp.. SAO 00 rad boou.. Big Du Pont payroll this week. (an use couple el good kw Shre Aguh. Aberdeen. OW lia weal. U wire lo Western Union, Mayskllk, Ky. Pl -: CHARLES GRGGS, Owner & Gen. Mgr. Rai.F MW,Mne Wald rat. te Mew Hie..ry of Kenny Garen. er. Sa ltv.n, Henry Gibson and William Wale,

91 90 CARNVALS CEVTR.% MDWEST'S LA68T 4 (ElffitATON -4GHT i DAYS A Mi(iRS ;M Anrwat geode last seat -Flee get day and n -A bongs hd. C.lebra-.on_ Tse Kldd. dors -Two mammoth fireworks d w '. -Wa?r Show on 'w.+.swn,a car p,e-.say-ptenh of inducement to tas poodle. DOH NTO%iti ('TV PARK SHOWS: Manager d?roof* foe Minstrel for southern route. Red Marcus. ansser. Wairit Dar7.7 Ce.rfas for eoh lcree emarennekd e Show. 9ldao e Stave op.n o l t. d e n Srpl &n. owned Anal.' Show. Will ook Mp.rdnt Show.. CONCESSONS: Wdl MerchaM.w Ctxrtenbn non -conrhehrg. Have 6 bon fide inn, ncluding four late fall Flan. tan- Ow southern Nara start Aug.. RDES: Will book or bar fou balance of season Sup.. Rollodan., Spahr. fly-o-plane a ant non-conflicting Ride- Erpcdlh nterested m ll.e Ferma and Tram. Want a Wheel Foremen who un care for toed e Wornent. Must dr.. Need few mon ndians -gor oemr of chiefs Must drive. Al Summers need. Weirrs and Candil e Men -ro caw or downs_ These a White Canar om. J. BLL CARNEER < Contra.. Ne. Co. Centralia. ut CARAVELLA AMUSEMENTS CONNEAUT. OHO or lake Erie'. SEVEN BG DAYS. July 2 8. including Sondai LAST CALL FOR THE SEASON'S 8ES 4TH OF JULY DATE, CAN PLACE FOR BES! PENNSYLVANA AND OHO BONA FDE DATES CON<>,,, t taro. Warns., ti lao Piten. A, orne k a /T>ee. P.! R dan a.aet Wlt. Volt a Lane Rasge. aarrng Gamr Raw or sh o K/ddlr RMA hs o.m nor rb. Madt ana rtrrmen'. eon. «:sloe. Non.l. Meer PsöH or roan alaanr Rbs not tenn baba Amant, ana tree. W meat : a,..,ng anjws....nfs. Nonb.s. ateebto tal to nasal. ana. a0: Canncnr e Octopus. Whe Y -ao and è tra', r dn's a. rrrrra Qe nesal ethe r Me. CAN PLACE EXPERENCED LOT BM ADVANCE MD praperúeo tan GlOts. coot., m as pow.h. on Can else. n e Ym end Ratted Cal.!Undo. gond 4 wire`f. B. Carayella. me.bora, Ohio. bis vs trek THE BLLBOARD LUNE 30, 956 ANNUAL kb Al MY CELEBRATON. PANTSVLLE. KY., July 2 to Woke. ANNUAL HOVE COMNG CELEBRATON, CAMDEN, OHO. July 9 to Waive. With all lain solid o follow until November. WLL PLACE AH Merchandise Hanky Plinks and Outright Salo Concessions Coed opening fou Short Range. African Bobo. Hi- Striker. EXCLUSVE OPEN on Novelties and Custard at all lain North and South. WANT -Mechanical Show and Monkey or Motordrome. Palmer. answer. NOTE -We are now booking ndependent Rides. Shows and Merchandise Contenions fou the Poster County free F. Valparaiso and rh Great Wabash Valley Fair at Ter,. Haute. nd and ether lame fain ow our route. All address this week Wire'Western Union JAMES H. DREW SHOWS Olive Hill. Ky. No Phone Calls SONNY MYERS AMUSEMENTS (a place lot Maifarld. Mo.. Bas. Gran feshral. dada, mo 2. aid NMbesl Missouri's biggest 4T el Sfaaberry, tad balms of muon CottcEs QNS Uah t)rr,r rt- -a - nias Pesade C.srerd or ce Cream Ha.. open,ng nor well fn -.coo Photo. W- Staler aask.tbn. Cents Lang Rate Corti, H p-l. or ens roes- contacting Contec...or. No ft.?, or gr... WA dace Fus hour or mull Grind Sewws, tom Das.whtaga. W. ha.. a Woven route of nn end cehrafuns Platine owa. Karen. Nei asks sr s Oklahoma. Cr os 't sr:,^, O: sober at Dear Hears Slwe F'n- toge -., al s. (onlul BlL DtARD. Maaatsr, Siiq Myrl Autotsnfs Ma,rlatd Missouri, tart wank; skew n per Mele AL BARKER'S SHOW MELT CLUTATON. CUTER PONT. OWA. JUN 20: SC 4 CASCADE. OWA WANT CONCESSONS -pnu. w- St.,or CW Pod. ',eh Till U Win. Sou P.n Gan PROs, Basson Dart. Lang ana Sheet WANT Lea 00E HELP Craw. Snow Raba Age red Wm,' Second Man en Whorel. Mow,Coa -Rand. a4a to able to trf.ìt B roam;. Ca,' cale a.-, tt-r. Committees an owa. he.. Jute l t Aural 4 epos Coenand Naos ope. have open WW in Ssotember and Oclob. WW. ER. Cesser Point, iow a HOLDAY AMUSEMENT CO. Co, oo Slum Mae. Pwcen Outfit Oa and as oaw-s our gunnies e. Aho Fars.. for ors Wheel Crud 9ow and Athletic Strew. orbs Kd Rd. Ptetraa Us". who tan work too el Whol P..b.d D..,r ^g Ca C-.. 3a, a>-, Owns H r Cr -t% Kama.. felt 4. ts...miwg bet Om best n Fen and Cel.bnheast seta OcteMr. FELDNG GR AR %i He resonate M. Ma week. HOWARD BROS.' SHOWS FARPORT HAR3OR. OHO Wont Foreman and Se<oed Mee for Alton Marathon Merry -Ge- lased. bed, in 34 fox.on. Need Uwe Second Men ear R;d.s N a.,. semi MAMMOTH ANNUAL CELEBRATON Weft es ;T[ nu OLNEY. LUNOS, 4Th JULY tetea amen. ne es.- bal win sot merle. Will boat acramblar. fee place Grind.bou so. corn trtwawannt Who. Tomas. to Wass:ae ohw.a. Tad. /au.ta sow pote serte<vm. et nor 'Moots Tarry a r4ra na lwaua.tat JACK'S t. UNTED SHOWS JACK sern. MatMytd. Uns. nee; orna.., ta Was.. UNTED EXPOSTON SHOWS HELP HELP HELP HANES PANC AGENTS.n know haw SLUT; Rassle and rl.tbe. t Agents Coek. air c t:y\ snore NMP Tes cmn+a.r l'óntdis n and Gored pal. t list fur aast nd s. -owd Fyrrta nears kose Won N.o A. ans. alas YO sues. aalrar C A. VVM s.u..ataa M.r.,..vt Ty.,dar. p+aah,e wrweb Ht -nass rh Mo. CerebottasC at YwaF. Peeler. ai Uwa, TiMe ORa, aafea.. JMt 7. Farrh.Hy and beautifully restored an old Carman band organ is preying a delight to patron. and is the seers much publicity and good will lot this Royal American Shows. on which if stands out strikingly in the Jaws' land. Top photo d a Close -up of a portion er the organ and shows the artistry of the figurines. murals and sdersmenrs Pttom phare shoot th organ m.nted in a apecsfl, built. all-steel show wagon. GEM WTH TOURNG KDDELAND Beautifully Restored Old Band Organ Delights on Royal American German MAGNFCENT frs band organ, believed to be anywhere from 60 to 75 Years old is proving a gem on the f iddieland With the Royal American Shuns. Art lovers. music enthusiasts. these who delight in antiques, and the youngsters are finding the organ J source of great pleasure. Carl Sedhnavr Sr., Royal American owner, is seeing his gamble, the expenditure of a considerable sum to restore the organ, pay off in added publicity and good with Mounted in a specially built. all - steel. pneumatic -tired, 26foot show wagon. the organ is beautiful to behold either when silent or plaeitll. ) This was not the case when Sed- may,. acquired the instrument late last year in Kansas City. Mo., alter considerable negotiation. Spends Months On ft Then. it was mounted in a dilapidated old wagon. Many of its parts had rotted away or had been dam- organ restored to Operating eon - ; thrown. aged. Figurines were nicked or otherwise marred. The painting had flaked, faded, and in some cases Wicks Restores Murals +d chipped to reveal several layers of varied color paints. Meanwhile, Bobby Wicks, the The organ Was taken to the Royal's accomplished artist, bad Roval's Winter quarters at Tampa. spent many wet Ls, first Wanking off Antonio Crescio. 66-year-old organs much of the old paint. a time con - repairman. was brought to quarters (suming task; then carefully repailtto take over the fob of restoring ing the organ after considerable the instrument. study. Piece by piece, he carefully dis- The seven wooden figurines weft mantled the thousands of parts. dis- treated with soft paint to give the carding those no longer good. Then, effect of sculptured plaster. Foc Kist as painstakenly, he began the one mural. Wicks decided to copy long tedious fob of acquiring or the AD elf Music-anti (Musical making replacements. This proved Angels) by Picini from the San monumental Gregorio Church in Rome. For the There are no standard parts to other mural. %kirks brought to fie the organ. The} had to made to Bacchus. Cod of Wine. and Pas, specifications or fashioned by Patron of Shepherds. Cod of the Crescìo from hard -to-get material. Flocks, pastures. Forests and Wild The nark went on for several Fie. months in Tampa. and When the \i'ttds did an outstanding jib show hit the read in May. Crescio of restoration and of mural went. osas still at it. Only when the show n the procem, besides play ed Dasenport in June was the selected paints, be used about

92 JUNE 30, 956 5,000 BRDS All kinds - 60c up Ln. Nlid g.srwl.ed. W.r pbwa N y.wr r.g.iroaewts r tk F..etk. MAUGH-FfRGUSON AYiARiES 5 E. Sisals St, Jepl,n, Mo PS.Na: 4aNakr -92a EDE'S EXPO. SHOWS WON Cm. P., lety t w.'st $._nal.. sleek. P4.h?dT. -w.. Met Bees., Coke en4s, enrols Peewee Lows Ronne O.l..y, Nie. Prof. Del. sonn Pcpl. ter EDDE DET7. ill week. Petrone. P.. :,: -: N AJ Y..Tt c.f far F'wwa4n The final effect Y b Vie- lalcut; Ole, Latta. of the cessa wu changed Elias deans power to electric motor. The drums. cym- stnmenti, *) lo bals. bell. beat/, clarinets and pia colas, were earetully rebuilt. A/Monitbe is provided largely by t scums move inch.kjyy to direct the band. Gentlemen masted at either side alo provide some as- t` organ tap eu operates the e thru holes punched n cardborrtl. The cardboard contrasting with music rat, is basai and folds aornrdion ( *shwa, and feeds (rom one bin ta another. Theta sre manu Etc?, shout the pasted on the organ when t w, acquired by Sedhna)-r indicate l' was repaired in 890. Another dal, less legible. appears to indicate n -as first repaired in the 870.s. ATTENTON, CONCESSONARES THE WORLD'S GREATEST MAS RETAL TOY MD GFT SALE EVER!!,most ) wr... M.aline the la LvlOVr MADSON SQUARE CARDEN December 5th to 22d.nH wrwriun..a,n.e.en.m all the anwn,ne u.-- O... n. ficha TeleeNlen SPAU WLL LEASED TO Stil THE FOLLOWNG MERCHANDSE: - M :' 3. ss..... na u m r.d m.zasar t.,maleats.. *< den. awt r re ) t Ovw p., ny o', m a oat. h em / -A te.l ma w nw tel m Wr+,[ bmt role. tlt t... NADE80N- WL'ARt OANptV..lyav M7'. a PROrtTS a tnfarmatlnn 4.Lo md w. aa r WRTE WRE PHONE WORLD -WDE EXPOSTONS CORP.. Weal MM llro New V..., N. Y. P.n. BEAM'S ATTRACTONS 4TH JULY CELEBRATON AND OLD HOME WEEK, SLGO, PA. This met nest week is one of the biggest n Western P..nsyteanio. Fireworks -throe parades -a real old -fashioned clobrotion. MECHANC -Wont first class man with tools. Must be sober and able to get show over the rood. RDE HELP -Need Men who can drive and hove license. SHOWS -Monkey Show or any other type or Animal Show. CONTACT STEVE DECKER, SHOW GROUNDS, CHERRY TREE, PA. Tel. Pioneer rr SEARCHLGHT CARBONS, (SSE Clean- Dry -Perfect, COMPLETE 60" SPERRY MAECRHALANkSMP Nnw -While They Last] Ss " SEARCHLGHTS $35.00 each GENERATORS $ each (All Spare Ports in Steck) PUBLCTY SEARCHLGHT CO. Mi Legg Distsf Cull. Perm-fa-Pers. to Mr. W..dlk. S W., SJ Sneer Plate S.4950 New Yerk 5, N. Y. HLLSBORO, OHO. JULY 2 thru SUNDAY, JULY 8 ANNUAL 4th OF JULY CELEBRATON NORTH FORK LAKE ON NOTN MAGO. OVER PEOPLE WLL ATTEND TN/ [VENT N PHS DAYS ONO NCHTS. OAT RACES. FREWORKS, tnter- YANMNT SAT AMO NCHT. Want CwWno..a k/.4. Lot W. event. N...deli... Man k Mp.[H- le WAWA N.N Nsnk/..Y Agents and Ririe Ostia.o s. On. GRGGS BROS.' SHOWS Ofd: M wine./ W. UM... Wtsedi., KT. Pi. WN t.05 w...c. yoke KM Ride Mr SUNSET AMUSEMENTS PPERONS. NY, MT.3.4 OUBRATNN one at she few 3-Dey 4. Ckebratiors Grandaunt Shows and A. Can plc. P.,ntys, Parade. Giap. Lamp ed Penny. she Hanky bras and N Carus W.,, plat. Cackles, or Eat 5te ds even. PM.oe end Long Rene.. Warn AMNN.c Show, Arrau, Reef nkn. Sida Show. Lung or Cei.d Shen. Second ken who dray /0..,.a tit at mac.f caceh'e. St. P.A., Mims-, VOW /.'fled in, R- 7. E w, w A h a y Pronto. t MOO oast. la Sege.. MnwN.., Miww., lets, MAMMOTH CELEBRATON, Cochran, Ga., July 2-7 SPONSORED r JUNOR CHAMBER OF COMMERCE PEPPERS ALL STATE SHOW S ANat estamaews.. fela: an P 7. Ms +rln\ L Ate t ieda Mart Saat Aed-aXlianparte, N. An Mr weak, NamlunsoWw K so wart t' [lam. wem b l;. p. THE RLLROARD CARNVALS 9 SESQUCENTENNAL WEEK JULY 9-4 MAN STREET -HEART OF TOWN WLLAMSPORT, PA. WANT LEGTMATE CONCESSONS AND PTCHMEN. NOVELTES SOLD, WANT MERRY -GO -ROUND AND FERRS WHEEL. All replies to MCKEY PERCELL, South Williamsport, Pa. Phone 3400 CARNVAL WANTED FOR ANNUAL WARREN COUNTY FAR ROSEVLLE, LLNOS AUGUST 7-0 t anger,: J. C. 6.F. Boa 366. Ros.yill., llinois Phone: 23. Days -or 328. Nights WANTED Wheel Foreman, lep Pot far rap -roasts n. Mus, drive. t you <an Rond ber r o 'ken.044 lreellnnl and oppr.cial good equipment, this is the plot. Wont Conseo3.ns ohm work for bock. Best fair ow.. Big ash of Lely around Courthouse Square, Pineville.. C. SWSHE R Mo. PARADA SHOWS Coney, Kon,o. until JYne 27; ih.,n.ville, Me. American Beauty Shows WANT First and Second Men on all Rides, must drive and have chauffeurs licenses. Can use High Striker 8 Basket Ball, also Long and Short Range Galleries. RE /LES TO H. W. BARTHOLOMEW, MGR. Comanche, owa DYER'S LOTTA HOOEY LADD, LL, THS WEM AMBOT. LL, NEXT WEH Rant ecund Lea on Ride., Rateo Nero. Hanky Pant Astor, ',roman loe KW.round. Lena Ranee. Basketball sed other Coor..eo open. Nnhouw se any titan Show apeo. Khmer. He Ate ere Ge. CV Eno,. Sant Week. W. to Versa.,. Soar. Chaser and Tractors Contact P. no SMTH AMUSEMENT PARE Law.. Okla- Waat -Gral mow at. two or moro new.mir oe w7lheat *era..a,7 took NaJw Sid., alts. A0 Mod d Tanks. Padre a --arso Coast Store cad Peek atara few Lette.. te the Rr. sew far Tutee ArtLl bo ear Tlort croa wats.eq.orn. themeasles Reek wren 4.4 reek ROLAND SMTH ll. tiers alud.. Lwn, chit, pt. Yt. WANTED Agents tee Six Cats. Buckets and Hanky Pinks on Bill Hams Skews. *p.n.s Brady, Tes.. lone Celebrations and Fairs. J CN.T- EFiELD c. 'o. Haynes Shows Brady. Texas.RERT MAC'S COOKHOUSE.-n'..r /f.' \a''c<.c+ lnwr N. ai.lee.n Nd W /s, w,ncawtsl, Va. WANT WANT WANT le. a...a. Cone.wlen at eft Mod, pisnoa the bed roe.. Lena sland least a :..n Dean. rusk.. Pt., talo.. Petra, GM. ends, rest Ganes, Cop awe.. Ur. Gam, loopla. ta570s Ail.,. No..t.. or.kal n. rou- KM. Nay WuN-- sreaa W aee.od V.0. Stan.. pro.., dm.. FOR SALE FOR SALE FOR SALE...,,.., Tta0.nt.4. R n. re i. H. Rude to u, prtr.d et e7d: en. net rivet ram.. trw eerefd. Theo went an request. They.. be drawn.7. ear as O. arie knot eon.. All M. to PRUDENT'S AMUSEMENT SHOWS 7 Cedar Av.. natcno,,e, L., N V. Pnan Oray.r ) 0)/ DEL FLORE AMUSEMENTS Want for rwin, Da, Mammoth Fourth of July Celebration, July 2-: Carbon, Pa.. July 9 4: Chippewa Township Fair, Beaver Falls, Pa., July 6; then (omits rille. Pa.. Sespuicenlennial and Western Pennsylvania Firemen's Fair, Aug. 0-8 Concessions of all kinds. STAR No mitt camps. This week Youngwood, Pa. AMUSEMENT COMPANY Wants for lse largest Juts 4h al 30,000 attendance, and lot balance of season with Celebrations and Fairs lo follow Stock Can euions of N kinds. RO Rack. Ride Help n all departments who can dew setts, Pay Day every week with Ati,N2 to Sn.k. Show. say Nice S -n - or O -in.l, or any Show not conhitting Write. wire or phone B. E. MLLER, )gr. OSCEOLA. ARKANSAS, THS WEEK. ASHVLLE, OHO, JULY ANNUAL FOURTH OF JULY CELEBRATON Po,nd.[, F...wo,k,, Er. Air,, Dan.. and Entrto;nmenl Every Doy MDLAND, PA., GOLDEN JUBLEE, JULY 2-7 WANT CONCESSONS, SHOWS AND RDE HELP NOLAN AMUSEMENT CO. Wkitebati Ohio, thi reek. Ph.,. D0.07a. OAKLAND, MD., BG FREMEN'S CELEBRATON ULY 2TO7 went 6.0 Gam, Pitch -Till -vow -Wig Fan Pond, H Spiker, Swingy,, Hoop, La, Basket Sall. Slaw Coot, Frond, Ria, Photos, Balloon Derr Perey Mead.. Want Snake Show. Menton, Show, White Girl 9ow, Sida Show, Wildlll., Ctwrplan. Foreman. SOH N. Femme. General Rad. Help, Truck and Tractor Driven, Agents tar r,na Hanky Parks, Truck Mechanic. 'wry Ashley wants Grind Stone Agents and Si. Cats Agen, Beaman Yancey wsnh t Sta Agent, All replia to GEORGE CLYDE SMTH SHOWS mf6.f. M.ryland, ably week; Oakland, Maryland neat week. WANT -FDLER SHOWS -WANT HANKY PANC CONCESSON OP ALL KNDS RDE ens. Pao. W.,.0.r RN. Ndp. 0.5 drhn [amid, A4r.p As.m. R., ni.. week: 4th C.lWH.w, COT art, Princeville, in t.k.w.d y A- au. LL, A.woal NMK. -ing. Ned P$oo..,., C.N.N.. in 4..n... Osy ark. SHORTER'S GREATER SHOWS WANT O. WECON.W toosst S. 7 a. OF JULY C TON. ON TNS RT, STRUM, WS. Postara, Carmel Cara. fa.c..w. Jametrs Nseola.a lyd Pries. Llama Padre at all Mao.say..n.. er. At.n AWO, tar. lana Girl d iì. ev hap. Colonel Paar. Z Teonam.Nn.. Weometn. June it, 7.M July 7 R, 7 awe Call Manager, Shorter Greaser Shows.Ym, Wlnwrsln, Jolt WANTED Reliable sob.. Ferris Wheel Foins.n, mmediately. Excellent salary. Contact MRS. W. A. SCH:AFER 30 We., 9 Str. e, Dallas. Texas, or Phone WH Can plan. you i ined.stely for fain starting Yly 4th.

93 92 CARNVALS THE BLLBOARD AMUSEMENT CORPORATON OF AMERCA,..ores th THE WORLD'S GREATEST MDWAY" C.N PLACE STARTNG ANDERSON, ND., FREE FAR, JULY 2 legitima. Concessions, ncluding Bolloon Oort., Duck Pond, Basketball, Coke Bottles. Photo Goiters and any ofh, Honky Panics of merit. Fort Wayne, nd., Fair; South Bend. nd.; Milwaukee (Wis.) Lakefront; Nenhern Wisconsin Distrid Fair, Chippewa Falls, Wis., and th Big llinois, owa, Kentucky and Alabama Stn? Fairs; Chattanooga, Tenn., Montgomery, Ato., and Beaumont, Tae. Prfrn: to all who join oily. Conlad PAUL OLSON, General Manager, Toledo, Ohio, his week (Jack ;Roy) Frost, gat in touch with limmi Chaconne of otter 0 BG DAYS ncluding Saturdays, 2 Sundays and 4th of July. Gigantic Fireworks Display. Washington Park School Grounds, Peru, llinois. Dales, June 30 July 8. Auspices of American legion. Wont Concessions Photo, jewelry, Glose Pitch. Hoop -la. Boll Gam, Bumper, Fish Pond and any Hanky Parks. Ne Flat or Mitt Comps. Du to illness Popcorn, Comm Candy. ce Cones open. Concession privilege, 550. Con usa Fun Howe air clean Sid Show. Con use Ride Help. First and Second Men on otl Rides Dwight eotino contact me. FRED.. POTENZ.% 74 N Waken Am, Chicoge 22, lit Phan awnings only- Hoymerket.2. T. J. TDWELL SHOW Wants for LYNDON, KAN.. 4H OF JULY CELEBRATON and 2 Kanus, Oklahoma and ssas Fain. plus best cotton territory n Tam J--r a' al kinds -Phan, Lea). F.0 no-.j. BU T,, Will book i..go. Derby. DP.. NEW Monkey Show. Have too and banners or use sass. Stm.T of all kmda.vnd} hare you? will book et buy Fenton if remonab, Eddie Lyn-h w..- Agents All answer T. J. TDR:L.- TDW'E.. SRO% Pawhuka, Oklahoma. June 2S -30. WANT -BG TEN AMUSEMENTS -WANT FOR J. C. 0TH ANNUAL JULY H CELEBRATON, LA PORTE, ND. Big Parade. a0 Moors. 20 Bands. Fireworks and F... Acts wry n.ym Fr ode m,ruon to ground) and grand stand T. be held an fair grounds on downtown La en RDES: Should be Mg spot For Rider. CONCESSONS- W,0 beak Cook House, Eat Wal book M.rryCe -Round and male Rides el all type. for Mn Pet. Hanky ranks. What have you» and Dried, Stands end all tyro. et SHOWS. Want Fen House. Class House, Monkey Mow. Motordrome. Snake Stun Soda Show and Luka... She.. Contact JM DAVS COOPER MOTEL, TUSCOLA. LL.,terms: 69 or 50, SPRNG MLL FAR CONSHOHOCKEN, PA. 8 BG NGHTS -JULY 6-4 -FREE GATE Adronc ticker toles assure trou of people. Went Family Typa Shows. Skill Gaines too mrchondisa and straight sols All.plies All replies MORRS H %AN(M 934 Mu,dock Rood (Phone. Philadelphia- Chsrnul Hill 7476) Philadelphia. Po OLSON MAPLE WLLAMS NEEDS AGONS AND HELP ON FOLLOWNG CONCESSONS HOWS Rocket*. Rata-Ball, Rollo.PM, aalloon.'coke Tlp -Orar, Slum Blower end Hurkly -gurk. Aeen who bar. beets with me before, get n tomb at once- M' haro Ma beat route n the eowdly coming ao-a few more dill pot end then Milwaukee en lh nks rons. followed be a lid rouir Of large ferre sad fire SAM Palre. f you can eland le mate money miel ran cut Andersen, nd., air Fourth of July Cerebral Nn. July 74. contact mea once her at Tole., Ohio, Mis weeks COLORED SKY BEAMS? WELL, MAYBE N '57 NEW YORK -The strong possibility of dependable colored. beam searchlights being used for batty purposes by traveling shows next year was brought out this week by George Wendelken, whose Publicity Searchlight Company s a leading provider of lights, car - bcns and parts. Difficulty to date in developing colored beams to stab the dark skies has been the terrific heat generated by the burning carbons. which has been enough to crack and discolor 'lenses. Wendelken said a specialist has developed a lens with promising Qualities, which will probably be good enough to offer for sale next year. Colors will be amber and' pale blue, since deep colors like greens and reds hold back so much light that the - beam drops to nothingness before going very high. "Follow the gold beam" or simi. lar slogans would likely prove a stimulating force at front gates, he added. For the last several weeks Wen. delken has been trying legally to force the city to rescind its ban against his lights. The ban is not a written one, but there has been no permit issued for nearly two years. There was no trouble when Police Commissioner George Monaghan was in office, but present Commissioner Kennedy apparently has a different attitude than his predecessor. Wendelken sought to bring the commissioner into court recently Shop Center For Show Lot NEW BRTAN, Conn. -A hopping center is. planned for' 0 -acre lot off Stanley Street, rd for n uncrous circa,s al sites in the past. fille area As known as the old Vibberts SíJt Hincklrs Texas Rangers ilea will be at Louisville June and July and at Cayuga, nd., ' ily.`ele writes that the show headed for Michigan. From Hunt Broc' Circus, Ray Bickford reports that Capt. David Hoover was scratched les a lion ben he slipped on rocky ground... Eddie Arvida is using devil 's.lydrobe in lti& single trapeze act. George Foster is assisting Capt. Roy Bush with the Hunt hulls.. Bob Stanley's wire act the finale on hunt. STARLGHT SHOWS `.yard sober. nien. Wheel end Jenny (',omen who drive. Good salary to Men who can produce. No dninks. Can mo 'econd Men. ContesuOr for July M. Logan. owa poodle lint yea. TWO Wilber. Neb.. June 2S -30. SKY W,. L':,SE MAJOR RDES AND A FGHTER KDDY RDE TO PARK, BEACH OR KDDELAND Box ST..40. eillbrd. 90 Arcade St. Lout, Ms. for one date, but the city obtained enough adjournments to pass by the contracted date, with no decision being handed down. Now the lights have been csked for the opening next week of the film, "Tile Kin and L" A derision was promised for Tuesday (28) and an okay, t is hoped, will offer precedent for additional use of the lights within city limits. JUNE AGENTS WANTED Two Pm Store Agent, and two Count Stare Agent. Floyd Odum, "Cracker Bo,' Stewart, n- MRacket" Benny, contact me. OSSE DXON NOLAN AMUSEMENT CO. Whitehan, Ohio, this week: Ashville. Ohio, near work, 4th of July. Val's Exposition Shows GBSON, GA., JUNE Went Hanky Panks- trasonanle whilese. candy Apple and Popcorn OP.- Want Ride Help. W book may Riddle Rde Plat or Mais, Ride not con- flicting. Riant P. C. Aient for PO Store and Reek. VAL RELAND Phase: 3-9 ^:, Ga. MGHTY NTERSTATE SHOWS LAST CALL LAST CALL For Mammoth Fourth of July Celebration, Galax, Virginia. Firemen's 23d Annual Celebration, Bands, Floats, Parades, (loans, free Acts daily, rish How's Hell Driven. mt' Tommy Ste :74ant Shows u0 alná sown Mo=7"'.. sea Tr3e" aaó RDES -Wlkll MY. book or lean Octopus, o UM. lrolloplane. Roam.. or any Flat ñdénroteelp ni n" flay ewoce e4 -Gzid 000dethalr- orgr'etln and Men on an Rides. Licensed octal w Deeen er preferred. went moat. rellabte Snow Ctl:oaonr a n s rmenywrc ted Moa d ry e FJutrlclan that ottaén tonogra...fling sor PCllM hmdea [ i= swanbbloain wrek mot BJly Replies to: D. R. ROSEN Core western union 'stol. V,ron. RANER SHOWS pe :p;rfituitt 9 annd baln of WANT FOR FOLLOWNG ROUTE Of CELEBRATONS AND FARS RDES -SHOWS -CONCESSONS -NOT CONFLCTNG fnr WKllry, Wfh., lu. u time July 4. Auburn Da, Lake City Pioneer Days; Se0 e Fat ren OresVAll Wsh., Por, Waahureenr; SE Helene, Ougon fiai Ono., F.r, Pari Salem, Oree./ Vancouver. Want Coke Bott, Lane County Fr, PltrhT.Yoo Emu.. Ore/on- -Win. Pond. String Add Pam. Game, Derby. Add H4StrWer. Dart. or Parakeet. F. any Hanky Patin not eonnlel'ed. Cal Amnia Can oleo mace na Tb r Joining now will be (lean preference at State ralr, Salem. Oregon. %rile or wire: K. R. "ANDY.' ANDERSON Same Wm.., Mom. Juno Ta Mye Jutya WANTED Rides other Attractions for Richmond Sesquicentennial, week of August 5. ROBERT C. KNG, P. 0. Bot 35, Richmond, ndiana FUN FAR SHOWS Sylvania, Ohio, Firemen's Celebration, Opening Thursday. Puna 28 -luty. Want Swinger. Soot.lhe der. -Soot, Glas T6Uri.Uo -Coke. Pitch, Mú work Rear Pilch. far Stock and Pet Pitch. follow' or- No Rid Help Sall r esrlatlre on re. RWe M'ont Soncrlon Scale needed. Laar, Ge snow and l: rind Shows. \'nj'f- All replies o CHARLES 6. or M, ROBERT STAPLETON f slants. Ohlel M. Pleesanl, Msh, July M,rhnsn t,mmu:er., ear tiare wme wen t,n n Auer. n n...r CHEROKEE AMUSEMENT COMPANY wants for July, PdHOure, Kansas, and all cbratiom 00 fain to reuses: CONCESSONS: Cookhouse. Novelise., Scam. Cork caeca. la. Cr... string cams, Honp,La. lls and Miao, and Ba.ketball Game, WirbLa, 'lean Pilch. Pilone or wire G. W. MAHAFFEY, Ottawa, Kansas ANTED LOCATON FOR HOT ROD AUTO RDE 0' RODS, NC. 220 West 42nd Street, Now York 36, N. Y. Oxford S FLOYD O. KLE $HOWS WANT AT ONCE A and e:7alllar. r4tár o and Serond Men. Man for 7 Rld Rldee, utr7 as "RV f You an flot clay. Na den \en or tnnrila Lear. James Part), tap oar )ey. Bea Rida Mea rame on. Mn/ te Seconde, Truck Doren, elm. Want t Coothouse for seaspn. Stook Conceaslona of all kind. Jewelry, Cok. \yet seer Pflehea. Cala. and Bucket for rork only HY:j of all kind. We pay two ask' Mo.. `é Get oeil aü mlhe walonr tarn veware ndylto roll rá Teeple.' Uti '4=r ose, Mer-, Rwvllla, U., fll SON. Cen llckin, Me., till July 7. --, _ JACK ROYAL'S AMUSEMENTS W.M for 0 Fourth of Juts Celebration- eeftlea Academy, Crn.asor. Augusta, of. Ceorgla. kirsch eclpl Pocvom Jewelry. and Ample,- Eels. Photos. Hanky P.rriikWa end Witt wall -learned Colored Cal Show with This Mr.e or snore Girls Or N Try 044,0 Minstrel, Fourth of July Celebration n ;wows M South. Need Chocolaty Pide Help that drive. Canty., e e& Mead l.ble p.rly to take (4.0; oner one compl.t charge of on m.o.., AN maim le Charlottes Haighfs, S. C Mh lambs Augusta, G.,, seat reek. HELP - HELP h ELP Want Tir.. SUM, Tit., DCK PALMER Gm...» for Staale.0 Girl Show, Raw and Gee,/ Shows. FRANK SPENA Wesel Adent fear h.k Sloss. Count Stores. oleo Martel Slane re. call.0`r a TVOL ex Po?HOW, Lwlnefen.., MU week/ R,Mdt. ll,, HHaf week. M A \TED Henke Pankw Mel ils real [Ong llcl for al0 'f OU STN Of JULY CELE ATOn LO VELAND, ONTO end all celebrations le ollew. Meal D aleclly enmae. No tlreel. et. DYrw,i o, r <k w a L!! lcht AMUEMNT/ Parler dellea ils. CM<nnerl, O. Pr rmenenl dd.'iv P. O. EO% e] M. H.ellhY. Ohio WANT salie AGENTS week. eeirb..rr. Onin. JuY 4, Pinev,llr. Mo S{a l'as Ruckel a, Rppintl M. lne li.. Plteh. Coke ottta, CM Reek. 4 Milk olljee. Work flu dock n Yl++ouH. Forrest C. Swisher PARAOA fnows CeMy. Kane.. unlit Jun 27, then /nwats, hy. LNTON, ND., 4TH OF JULY CELEBRATON Can place a few clean ledtlmate Comm... Spar le.r.. Will rn X on Coward. Want Ade 0 Sealea, Striker, Me ce Cream, Bottle Up. sis Cal, etc. Want R. Men la all departments. Meat have leense and deer rem, Wilt pia, Girl Rhnw for Linton only, mud be laely. W place Drome. Fun House. Snake. Fer or Muslim hñow, Will book one maim Ride not unme lne All replies lo ERNE ALLEN 6.n<er, nd.- Ms week STOCK TCKETS Roll t.0 Ror < f0 0 Rally t 7 Rolls 0. SO Reus ).00 log Rolle ROLLS EArN amble Coupons Coevals Prot" No C.O.O. Orden Sin. Sum,. Tkt., x2 TCKETS Of every description wheel lockets carrieod ln.lock for rmmdlal ship mnl. THE TOLEDO TCKET CO. Toledo 7. Ohl 0 d SPECAL PRNTED Cash W.M Order Price F,000 am 4,000 ÿ 4, i ea Hi R 50, = ]) 00 r x0.0 0,.x M t7n ÿ 2

94 JUNE THE SLL$OARD CARNVALS 93 GEM CTY SHOWS NC ; ;, Wan far Fran* Uck. nd.. AMU 4N el JESf CMAaRM. Jnf ceb6 NN arreydu Portale*, k.ds. FYeaerbt NO Fen kb. A lep nowt spot RDES W law.. ayaaly /~ SHOWS Rah addwenn M bona Now.. Mme. wm try kwl CONCESSONS w.f.. wrb c.a...l... n at. ceaf.cp: NOW 0. MOD N SAN 6RKS W., tateren.,e t.n ten.. w,.,.,. /AM, huh. n- M eon wanrw u,....wr WLLAM. COLLNS SHOWS,.t%T FOREMEN For Round - p, Dodgem and Holl -o- Plane, Mutt be able to take complete rhnrge of there Rides. Salary. $60.00 meek and t% of grows. Also want Second rn on all Ride., mu.t be icen,ed semi driven, $50.00 meek. t plate Grind Show of to book Motor Winne. Contact: WLLAM T. COLLNS. Mgr. Fargo. N. D.. Own Jun. 30; then all fair. until Nov, M$ 4T OF MY (BEBRATON. FRWORKS, NEE Á(S. SPKA. EVERTS. UMA, OHO concessions: Cor sac. Jewelry. Novelten. French Foes, Derby Racers. Fish Pont Poet P.tdr a any onset Jerkent. Concessions. SHOWS: Can plat. good W.d;e, real Went., hoer. ONHOn, can met. W.. Show. Monkey Circus wan Ath. We halo comer. outfit,.r. L Leonard. contxt me at MCoketel Jeffries can place TKLat Sellers end Acts ta Side Sh. ow. TS Ch,; Allen wells Sin Cat Agents and Carla, elm Punk Rick Agents. once, Foreman tor Octopus and good Wheel Man, Atm clac.p: Can Oats as 'ward ben on tel Rodes who Alva serous. AN Om. calla All men d S. Drunks and.gust' rat wanted. KART (pmit) WESTBROOK, h.4pr, UOYD D. SLMS, Gen. ML Mab.,y M.,. Penn Prem.. SA... Marla.. 0. Merton. Ohm JOE SCORTNO N ANTS TALKER FOR COLORED REVUE This Shaw.. ploy tom. el.h nl;on'r biggn dorer, inalyd.n MìckiS.n SW. Fai, F YOU DRNK. DON'T ANSWER CANDY PSCHMEN, Nero eapríenee. TCKET SETERS, per.tneed n.ken.. GRLS ter Girl Show end Posing Show. W.,drbo end Sreinlp.rlwlia, fernished. Tee sal..w. paid. All answer JOE SCORTNO Gen.rel Deliv.y r wir Welrn U..., Gary. nd. thi. week; Neop.le., neat weak. BG CTY SHOWS N t\- FOR UK MCH., JUNE 5.30; THEN THE BG ONA FDE TH OF JULY CELEBRATON, LAD CTY, MCH.. with a good roule lo follow. 4 Pank or Linda Nul ala CyruU,. nn reposen, a. Lande eines M..,ore We. ara P.. \o alala or ölll t i rla,r. Attrar. lanky ZP ora -no.w Nt. ron l`ala l'ade Bate. 4es N wa ;ZP ra aleta ele dre erl.,a tat Reimer JTH\ %CGLE% Harinea. Mgr. r Ytrr/Jiea par olor M'he.l ard NMp san MM. NMea N kway n f % V.LEY AMUSEMENTS Nnr coo. b. hanky Pane. tel kind.. Seale. Huf Outfit. Snort Monat. Popons.,aura Gm., nur Pan.. Mr tea. Glase PWh. Ball Ganes, anal. Moro, uit.,... r,nd n..rr.!n awn arini to tmnmitles mann only. NO GN Sao. htevnd Men rah honour she nn Misr. Nan Game Asewlc.C. ark a. nary. oho* tarot.! Rede Mould Low CmPMll. vow al octet. +afore.. at Boman'. Gntr. Davies, anon, Jena.7, on et July non da entyl, Porn. OMe: whrlw. tan. CnHnnlaa. Jule t, t M r tau taw.ntenner Then eahlrr, ehre, eleeh Fair. Wal Mnw WANT FOR HOOPESTON, LL. ONE OF THE LARGEST 4TH OF JULYS N THE MDWEST RDES, SHOWS and CONCESSONS Na. mt Gay nd. All..ho. a P Mn Mabav ne,nomin. nd or wore felt Cc.,. Weyln U.nn per,. n. unld Nw.. TVOL EXPOSTON SHOWS t Whet tot la C4rehene and co NC tl/0n g' can Jet Pirla Palla TV:"G, Da.r, Pnrll-T.Fret t". kap end.mfr flwm Gnr.a.won AArt, B D,nses g.. aae.a, CM Batto*, N non ava t WAN. T TO BOOK ONE MAJOR RD SUCH AS ROCKOPUMt. SPTFRE OR ANY RD NOT CONFLCTNG. H. V. PETERSEN Jobe. Ctr.erN.ct kuneltn,, Lavi..rah en.... Par. JWr n.. KLEN AMUSEMENT CO. a. t 4.!., 6 l Ear w. M. /woe is -... RDE HELP WANTED COMO w N. *AM Feeae.. Octave...d Wb.el. Snood M. w an Rides. N..a.rld-N y ebm* w C..t..sí..* er tale 4-8 M, L Wv.s..le. DE AL RDES 370 Ftaabled Aee., Sr. WANT Fewsene for why 5D000 p.e.ell Al.. Pam.. ear Nr. -P.w. and Ct.- pa., 7S 00 Per.ab nad leamenle. Mew *We ewer Mrks. Alm went Set - mad Mw sad Wd.ente.M tea wev. Reef. C.a plea...lso.. Op.fot AN... (0 C, FRC.AN %HMS CENR5, ALABAMA AGENTS WANTED n. Puckett. Se. live, Coke Roth, Or.-Sell Satre. and other UnY,t. M reis unn mdnowenbo *tweet' s.f lto. ell, Fah, fur. 28 July 4; r. -..r ia,, Jviy 5.0, n OM JOE STEVENS d CHARLE EDER.o Seams/he!wt ter Pon She.s WANT (*.sermons anti Vs* Help for now and Wane el season. Albuquerque, 2504 Arwave.sary Celebration, MY 4,4. Loealon }. G-h.R on two rnen streets. SOUTHWEST AMUSEMENTS Wehem T. T, 243 Fr Re. AlbWwr.u, New Meal PAUL H. MLLER WANTS AGENTS For Pin Story Rua. t. Parakeet Pttth, Push -Up Coke. and Hanks Packs of all Linda Clayton CLndrud sad Forest Donovan. touted. DON'T BE MSLED - we piny U tale,.tatting at Wane, owa. July S. Address: Care AMERUAN BEAUTY SNOWS Ca, boa felt weeks Oust.u, b., ley -7. STANDARD SHOWS Want for 2 Big Celebrations -Lander, Wyoming, June 29July ; Laramie, Wyoming. July 6.. Both on streel No nase Bingo, Bird Pneh. G4r Pilch, Balloon Dart*. Jewelry, Seale. Mile. and.0 e more- All others Open. Como on, Dual news ne Ride Men WhN Olson want one count ana one Pee 00 Agent Only Ore* stuns on Show Menke,/ and snake snot. /aye u'. so.,n,,. w. Manager, STANDARD SHOWS.r rdula WANT CARNVAL OR NDEPENDENT RDES d CONCESSONS For June 30 and July Near Detroit. Conjunction with Rodeo already booked. (all N m. P. Dail Woodward.0309 or Prescott 5-554, Detroit. TENNESSEE VALLEY AMUSEMENTS m, 49TH ANNUAL JULY H (ELEBRAON hew. tad aut % Kar' Haute Pan.. f all Us., rta- dyt. Canso, gee Help, e rlor r, sad AA bye THEO. MEADOWS or KRK DOB WANTED F O\ B.- Poe.:. A.tY...arNlt, raaland JMME CHANOS SHOWS want Tor /tabors. OEill. Faar it Jaif (embradtarr My 3 7; Wbclmltr, AgNllcal lagln (eldnaraa aid SpacertEM. OW, Firae's (embrallea, N no smoh, M Mew. we..grre»w M Jbooth aea.ea Owen. ihb.tio-t.a-w.w, Feb ead. Ndy 6o... Nwtr-le, Papa.ta, Crwbsr «L. Comity AM.s Zend Comfy New we Hel. F.t Peaty Samoa. em..d Mao M Wheel ea any ar. tabor ewd Help *Awe ifw ter.i Waa/ RNA.. h. PrNend. Md. ead R.nd.atiM, /,,s..w/ AN np{w. t. JNME: fli %N//S Rad My, M tk. WANT! DOBSON'S UNTED SHOWS WANT! lot l Established Fain. Celebrations and (entenalab CONCESSONS Cati G.ry. Adak. E..-Up Oarr, H.-,.., Sana -C Cal e..b,, Noon Peck,.5...l,..Lea, Td. or Con. OR F.C. WANTED: Pa.y rondo, Awkwol or Monkey Show. RM HELP and dw. Ney away. t 5 NO MTT CAMPS. FLATS Ow ell Mdse. mew bas.,keuff.s,'....t end d,i. se. N yon dw LUMBER JACK DAYS -Stratford, Wis., June 29.30tÁ ; Then WSCONSN RAPDS BG H, July Cosh Hawn e.lp, sent., Corks nose stratetflows AMERCA S BEST MDWAY R ANT NAT WANT SCRAABLER, Cornet, 2nd Cool for catelmm telle CoCUwwt,!ully or S... Two Sc...., Colored Pert..., Ln. C,rh, for Ebony Rrvw. Can porc. Wdl.. and other,.04 Sew.e fa our Fer July 30 then Na. 3. Can tjse2 Sou Canvavnen, R.d. Help. Rid. Foreman, Tracta and Moto D.we.. Creates. Fer Poole n East. An web.. JAMES. STRATES. General Mgr., L HARVEY' CANN, Mar. Nth.a. June Sch.nested,, N. T.; followed by Mammoth Condoned Dominion Der end!curl. 0 holy July 2.7, lttteburg, N, Y. Hantes\ WANT WANT WANT Can place capable Ride Help on all Rides. Top salary. Will book a few more Legitimate Concessions not conflicting. Will book Side Show and Grind Shows of all kinds. Snippy Kolb wants Waiters for Cookhouse, also Grab Stand Help. Want to Buy -Fun House and Allan Herschel) Sky Fighter. ADDRESS: Pori Worth. Tesas, Until June 28 (Phone: Wayside 3 89 or Terminal 6649); then Brady. lens, June 29?btu July /. Want for Stearns, Ky., Big 4h of July Celebration BNGO AND HGH ACT FOR BALANCE OF SEASON Can also use Stock Concessions Any Grind Shows with own equipment except Cire. All wire J.. KEEP, CAPTAL CTY SHOWS Williamsburg, Ky. FRAM &S GREATER SHOWS Shingl.hous.. a., Ca.nntal, forty FNs.d by Otl City, Pa ; 7.7;,Lar.oda wary dey, Cen ei.n..y., P..; Than.R Faire. "Dol Hanky Pont. of oll nds, Cookhouse ca Cream, Nwelt.n, Wou in Pc Pitch, Long Ronge, Hi Striter, t. Dock. Pon Gansa, Wont Rida Hole who d.., uniforms furnl,hd; Mchonk.0nhd. RR' FRAME Th,s.tek Smahpert. Po. FUNLAND SHOWS Marshfield, Me.. Anneal July 4 Celebration-30,000 peopls ales/. Slim Sloul nol conaecisd Aare. k yae F.lp, alfa rle'p lr. or. J dow. Concession. W. book....,s; S.d. Shaw People ta 20.0,.0.30 and top. Rd Help. a, ).Tort, Mluup. two Kid Rides: semi Alen pretested. Agana s, Svo,et, San C.'... Fishpond or env typo of Carcewen Vale J ea. or. Poop,. who tl.,. been 5.55 n. cony on e. 55 Show a. Or ML. ;. Pain.:.7720 Socs w- OAS. St. SeelegNeld, Mhsewl WANT FOR 6 FARS y title.. Pk,.. o K/d Sides All Mow.,erns Old a.. Pearl F. t. BOGLE SHOWS Y n... \ \.. n. 0 ioe,.,q... eatr O.waemto. Naeaew, Tomb, JrM lit M.aMea. Nanaea, Arm e-jwr 7. *am.ry NYdw. e-lllana Jylta. Getrw Jonnane. wmoy. lhoof DrMw', Cl>M wnn, anln, tn nr rn.mle eam...

95 94 CARNVALS THE BLLBOARD HELP ON ALL RDES Contact TOM TRORNER c'o O'Neil Amusement Co., Maple Lake, Minn., June 26- July ; Powderhorn Pk., Min- neapolis, Minn., July 2-4; Onalaska, Wis., July 5-8. HELP ON ALL RDES Contact CARL COOPER Dobson United Shows, Stratford, Wis., June 29 -July ; Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., July -4; Prairie Form, Wis., July 6-8. P. S.: Need Cook House Help. íe Rac'-h PARAKEETS BREEDERS -BABES Priced for Concessions, wr;te, wire, phone BLUE RBBON PARAKEET FARM 24 Adams St. Hollywood, Flo. Charm 242 HELEN GOLDEN WANTS l or,to,}..,,,. f.. our,. Men.. Art. Tattoo AN. Swore hwnlower Fire Art, Cpol. Sold Show Brun. Care Rinl/ Shaw, Sear Woolley. thlneion, June t t July. then. rev.. BORDER LAND SHOW ANTS Dart Balloon, String Game, dumper, brim dense or am Coneruton col eon Pi No fúla Ned AsakU fw ties Poch, Stand end Cake Rotties. Boole call me. Toe townt.r wnla Han to take Kid aldea; moil drive BOWARD PEARSON untie, Ner Mexico. Juno 330 EXHBT DRECTOR F- cper4nced Sole. red Set.'p e Trade nduetrlal. Hum Show, etc, Araa.el. Jaw n. Wnl. BON D -27 }lap P.rwn fl., Cinclnnaii, Moat be Ohl MANAGER OF CONCESSONS t..h.henentr, Programs, etc. 6 balance Bummer end fall. Keilahle... ue irr rar on Urge operstlune N'r,t BOX D ,f:'..!, Rlna,nrnd rl }}, p AGENTS WANTED r., Count Sture, Pin Store 3r Hanky Punks We play wo spots week. Only wo Out Me on Show. JACK ODELa Saranac. LEE UNTED SHOWS Mich.. lune 26-30; Mechta, Mich., July 2-4. July 3 & 4 & Fairs warst Cencmelon Bingo and Crab. Hnlp on Wheel and Mixup. Want Kid p.,, any Show of Pod ium se. Bait Dickson United Shows This week Tishomingo. Okla. F Olt SALE rem n clue tln k g edxry. w tyre, saw flash. troll tothr 'w`preu. One Sxa top cad frame. 0 ft.. ntnae MautUW Nnlglst RPon, clam JewNry. C. Suddst deala. olt.hl. Mre, Rath F rederlkera 3N Amt. O, enlan Laxe. JNkwn, Mkhlg n hsn Piggyback Operations Confirmed from page 75 NORTHERN PACFC Service -RR's trailer -loads at truck -competitive rates. Cars foot flat cars, Terminals -From Minneapolis -St. Paul to Duluth- Superior, Fargo; Seattle, Portland. Tacoma, others. nterchange -Southern Pacific. PENNSYLVANA Service -RR's trailer -loads at truck- competitive rates; trailers of common -carrier truck lines at per -trailer rate. Cars foot flat cars; foot flats. Terminals -North Western, Santa Fe, Norfolk Ec Western. READNG Service -RR's trailer -loads at truck -competitive rates. Cars foot flat cars. Terminals -Philadelphia, Reading, others. nterchange -With Western Maryland; with North Western, ST. LOUS & SAN FRANCSCO Service -Cummou- carrier truck freight from subsidiary company. Cars foot flats. Terminals -St. Louis, Dallas, Fort Worth, Kansas City, Tulsa. Oklahoma City. nterchange- Nickel Plate, Wabash. ST. LOUS SOUTHWESTERN Services-RR's trailer -loads at truck -competitive rates. Cars foot flats. Terminals -St. Louis to Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas points, nterchange- Southern Pacific, Nickel Plate. SANTE FE Service -RR's trailer -loads at tarok -competitive rates. Cars-48 53ÚJ -foot flats and foot flats. Terminals -Chicago to Kansas City, Denver. Hutchinson. Dodge City, Oklahoma City, other points in Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas; San Francisco to Los Angeles, San Diego, El Paso, points in Arizona and New Mexico. nterchange -At Stockton, Calif., with Western Pacific and Croat Northern; at Kansas City with Wabash, at Chic-ago with several Eastern roads. SOO LNE Service -RR's trailer -loads at truck -competitive rates. Cars-4 3 -foot flat cars. Tern. 'iv \linneapolis-st. Paul to NeenahMenasha.Appleton, \l SOUTHERN PACFC Service -RR's trailer -loads at truck- competitive rates. Cars foot flat cars; foot flats; 250 on order. Terminals -Portland, West Coast, Southwest, Texas. nterchange -With Northern Pacific, Union Pacific, Frisco, Great Northern. Cotton Belt. TEXAS & NEW ORLEANS Service -RR's trailer -loads at truck- competitive rates; common- carrier freight of subsidiary truck line. Cars foot flats; 40 -foot flats. Terminals -n Texas and Louisiana. nterchange -With Southern Pacific, others. TEXAS & PACFC Service- Trailers of private trucker. tars -3 flat cars. Terminals -Fort \Worth, Odessa, Texas. UNON PACFC Service -RR's trailer -loads at truck -competitive rates; trailers of private trucker. Cars -42 and 52 -foot flats. Terminals- California cities, Utah, daho, Oregon, Wyoming, also Omaha -Kearney, Neb. nterchange -With Southern Pacific, North Western, Wabash. WABASH Service-RR's trailer -loads at truck -competitive rates. Cars foot flats; foot flats. Terminals-Eight cities, ncluding Chicago, Kansas City, St. Louis, others. nterchange -With nine roads, ncluding Union Pacif Fe, Lackawanna. Lehigh, Frisco, MKT, Cotton Belt, T&NO. WESTERN MARYLAND Service -RR's trailer -loads at truck -competitive rates. Cars foot flats. Terminals -Baltimore and other points n Maryland and Pennsylvania. nterchange -With Reading, Nickel Plate, North Western. Union Pacific, Santa Fe, WESTERN PACFC Service -RR's trailer -loads at truck -competitive rates. Cars foot flats. Terminals -San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Stockton, Sacramento, others. nterchange -With Great Northern, Santa Fe, Bright Spots Continued from Pagis 85 setbacks of weather and mishaps, the latter including an opening week blowdown in Columbia, S. C., a Cirl Show fire in Bristol, Pa., and severe damage to the Caterpillar in a highway accident. A coupel of thousand dollars had been spent refurbishing the unit and it reportedly is beyond salvation, On Long sland the show looks impressively clean and smartly organized. For fain it is expected the ride line -up will grow to over two dozen, including a Scrambler, and additions will also include three Girl Shows and six new light towers now under construction. One Girl Show was left n Staunton, Also due for heavy action will be the Jones bingo managed by Joe Cenname, which has been sitting out the Nassau County dates on Long sland. Equipment up here included the Merry -Co- Round, Chairplane, Octopus, Rolloplane, Rock -o-plane, Ferris Wheel, Whip, Tilt -a- Whirl, Little Dipper, donkey ride, and a half -dozen kiddie units. Back end had the Minstrel Show, managed by Professor Vidalia; Motordrome, Johnnie Burro;Side Show, Frank Allen; Baron's Wild Life, managed by Johnson; and monkey speedway. Allen's Snake Show and Russo s Girl Show will join shortly, Joe Prell reported. Maxie Sharp, functioning as legal adjuster. has had fortune paralleling that of the show, and concurs with most other operators that spending should be very good from here ht, barring the age -old bugaboos of bad weather and economic conditions. Concessionaires include Sharp, 7, Lou Burello, 3; Silverberg, 2; Stevens, 2; Bill Kolbaugh, ; Charles Wolpert, ; Lil Prell, 2; Zudie, ; Mary Stephens, 2; the Baron, ; Paul Prell, 3; Charles Gross, ; Jack Russell, 2; Paul Williams, cookhouse; Harry Stephens, custard, candy apples and floss. Joe Prell is president; Abe Prell, vice -president; Ben Prell, secretarytreasurer, Johnny Hoffman, lot superintendent; Jimmie Zabriskie, electrician, t n Strangest WANTED Allrat lions on Earth De.U'e Child, Wulf Boy, Ap Boy, Pleb GU, Shrunk - n ees r ntl TATE'S CUROSTY SHOP 3a34. van e.,ren Pnon,., Ar,,on Complete carnival le pixy t Perkwp nn Amurmenl Park, 4 mile gad of P4444 Blulf, Mrouri, from one +o two week. Population 3,000. Contact TOM CANTRELL relater Sluff, Miewurl TATTOO ARTST NES.0 MMEDATELY cl JERR' HAVENS rho...00, 5..d, Mich., June 7340.,Mrkey Loecdon, hr good deal,/ A&T SHOWS Want Wheel lan end NAAD, Plink.. Would like to book Jenny for July l week. PETE TURNER, Mgr. Phone L SM Portsmouth, Ohle WANTED CaNbÚ Arent for only aso htgar Tlw-U p N Co: Caee5soT. YtrS falca Contact DAVD DECORTE CSTLN D WLSON a SNOW na l n uon f JUNE 30, 956 TLT FOREMAN WANTED Also help on other rides, Dows, owa, June 29-30; Charles City, owa, July 2-4; Omaha, Neb., July 6-5. Contact ROR:T GOLDEN coo Robinson Shows JOE (KAMHE) SAVANO $00.00 REWARD for location of Savano. About 33 years old. wl supposedly mimed Janet. Can work any Concession. onn, For reward Cell GEORGE TURNER Victor 3.9 Oklahoma City, Okla. WANTED lan building.he, A - location, seat to Mrrry.nound d Kid Ride.. Pre Gr Colton Cand7. AyyDÚ red ar any duecl rle or Husky. Nor Sn* P.meit - uon, ea per want Furemn ntl second ibn for wheel. 77 Pty.-Plane, l and Kld tond P.Y. var. free rooms, f you driny, don't me Ain. LEO LANE CAfHO ARK vlalnla.each,,,.. Want Side Show Help rl re Eater, Sword Swallower, Girl to fl Y, Ticket Sella, good. sober Half v n f who ea. get money. Emmett, Joe Kure, Eddie, People who work. for en before, n Open mire. Join nt Ale TNNtotlo an Npod rrrril rua. Wnc. do t EARL METER O. C. uck Show cleuehke.:, N. Y. RDE HELP WANTED MerrseoRound, RarkoiPlane, Tilt end Scramble. Top salary and bonne. DELGARAN AMUSEMENT rit N. Newland Ave. Chicago 77,. Merrimac Ala BROWN'S TR -STATE SHOWS Stork Conc... Can cara few m D r Eddie Kelly can use ti 7 G!Ú for G! Shuow, C relto wra l n eme Al g eenne o rp d ['blond DaN Agents PeuW of mone come on ADDRESS AS PER ROUTE WANTED Merns.Co.Round, Perris wheel, TO,. whirl Operator. Fln+ and Second Man for TniiW'hlri Good Wheel Man who can put wheel up std down and operate. DAVD SWARTHOUT N Northwest Hishway, Chi 7, - Newc.l.3ÚS FOR SALE 4 n. Amminpm 7Yaner may equldpad with Carmel Corn. Urge Slar l'upper entl Neshvllle Cotton CendY- MRS. JOHN FRANCS Monarch Shows, Pekin,., thle week;...nits C4,.. July 4 waek- Peotone Centennial Celebration Dater Augual 3 s. 4 and 3. nterealed contact Coneealont HAROLD PATTENGALE between a and e P.. Peo+on 7epf Protone, U.. fpdrox. t0 alle. wuw of Chlearo. L. 6, tool 54. REWARD 23/0 Reward win by paid for!aortae dorr leading to the whereabouts of HOWARD B. TRAVER formerly or Rock Wand, sal., end Badger Stete Shows. Contact Mr- Stye. at STS Urrieon Street, Davenport, on a. Allred Wall Amusement Vi ANTS Cancesione for g Clebrallon n suole, llinois, July 74, and for July Sir et Oneri., lllrrola Ne N. r reveler All napee WaNke,,

96 JUNE 30, 956 r RtkFETS 70c R:BiFç--90e ea. CHROME CAGES 50e ea. t.ppeq DotJj F OA ta. AaweEw Jai.imaema Y /bd. -CM e Wlra-- 24-Ne«Senti. larltea'a Bird Farm 4e47 E O..H. Rd_ Pias C.Lhr.0 h.r t Walt.rr. ono ta PCono al M raed rrr alt. maae otta nsrwe. or eel.l Remat eounlr BG MONEY FOR YOU ti,. lury.!rj folders nd a.w `. femae Owe YeY W NV vest. we a i. ll Hnd mtar ta. Williama Nntelt Co. ror nepnsrarañ~t Hr r /+n Cn,res WANT N.. Pon., Short long., Grob, cri, rish, Gloss Pock. /o.lerboll, Den lallen, Wasch -t... ü d Help. Jenny Foreman, TM H.ip, Second Mon on Eli Na. S Wheal ROBNSON'S GREATER SHOWS D ews, owa, Juno Ghana City, owa, July 2-3-4, Ontohe, Nebr., 24th owd Vinton Sts July 4.5. ROD LNK WANTS For ego el Ohio's Ei94est July <th Celebration. WOODYL, OHO June 30 Alru JUF Bud.,, Swinger and honky Ponk Apnh. hark, Erwin, Ted, Domo L Lori., who m. Saul. SO. Morie, Mithigon, till Friday, J. 29. Core World of P at,,. Shows POR SALE AT SACRFCE "TL W. Ulne rwt tasmol nati!, G.H. Tee ali H our Two Onta ono «n maolef used n a Mts. atee l Von YAW petal 70-K.W. beard. Von sto with bent end Wad. 4 sperate i- OMw. He.O salons..appal le bath. and led Wean on tbc.. Yea /aa at sei spool., wt. Colon.! )-6Sí7. Aar sl al STwl.5th or.emana tune Any roams.. offer tontned. Att. S bon. arr 7 thaw Motor send r hour. Too >o' Van r.wenuts w rakes sells tarot cat! O í N. HARMS EASY ST ANMAOtlf. MO. WANT N NO Opening for Athletic. Cad and Ten- n -One Shows. Foremen toy SpitfÌre, Whin.. Merry-Co-Round and Tt -A- Whirl who cm [hive well, No collect win. er wa Geed rote Fain awd Cal.bearbna.w.0 Sept me M Newtown, N. D -, week N hay 4. Be, Kahn- shin:! `a- Reed. DRERS NORTON NORTON'S RDES MERRAM'S MDWAY SHOWS WANT 0th Show, Athlsuc Snow, O to or Mbar Wm.. 5th M..e tprer T f e Cennem Vnln Talr, Caneo. Palle. Minn., )ele 5-: Lates Water Carat L cur St4i WW, 44. TO, Part RaPlde. Wna -, Jah 547. Coa.lieu! lo man Ce.ceraw sbuwreu l Kr. Yian., June 74tar pbuwrin, Jon.» -Ji- SCOOTER FOR SALE (N.w 'lotest e. will rod. en Merry -Go -Round or kiddie d. BADGER STATE SKOR S No. fat,h, MU., July re 4; rh es per rovto- WANTED r uqme saber, WW. Mm b.e.a on nee fímwmt0 e.ea.tpasy. every d dm&..,yy.. adtoe" MM. CrstaOt b.naeoatatt by 20. LLOYD BURGE M ~e~as.r.... aewwej.y 956 Fair Dates CorWnued fror pdglg ww Cken.r---ooROn Oa Pan J. r,naat A aawn J w3ssrr.+.4-w.wney trl wp. M a-n. w Rt M. Rttp-JOrtMwa Psi Aq Lit TWow Wri Ow r\y Lima Oet 4-a Wra Blaae C.ew3ma Twit-Tart twr-rau ran Elect t. ll-l Clrnr:tna o HrganL oee/enw_7aweot:le AmarpnWy Prf sops g. Mrs Sam DarSa Rhode Wand Raa Onesto.--aa.lT ala RA. aar 3-M warren P a.r.aeu wtwam-at haie Ca.rNr Tillage P\r July 242. RsaJa N MaODw4.0 South Carolina Masser- Aad.r..a Pah Oft -26 Y Mature Dnsetafy- 3.rí.. C Pan Aals Rcpt hn J Mons, Jut*sa Caat4.e- KrrMaa O Pals M 7-n H Ostens. C7uryWe-- Cb.rirseo A6r. ha Oat Wit. 7 w M Prueba LLnLt* -oath Cara.' Wob Pur. 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Atwood Church HU [stmt Mantles Co. Pals Assn Au, 7343 Mir Dennis Chinn. ClSrbtiae- MOnlaonfry Oa. Rr.. Psis Man. Aug. S -il. Pope O. Osrretl ei Ohrenaloe- MOalgomer7 Co Pah Asia Wept 4 sera Lour Beolb- Cllntae- Andetten Co. mprormeat Pah. Lag.» -a H r Rutherford Morgan Ca. hu Ann Sr0 4- S. lie.a H. Wrn. Ooluslbta -Maat, Co Pah Swat asst 4 B M Kochstab Jr. COOkenllt -Fussur Co. Pals Aua Lot. n- n Demo Boyd OoottrlUe -Wteam Co. Negro Pair Man Wept it T B Mantas Cs.attte- Tlpto, Co. Pau Assn Dept 7. 3 S.M. SheSi Consent- Csetborteod Co. Pah Man Ay 4apt Mrs. Ruth Hodge. D Pet.r -Malta Co Pre Pur Ann SOPS 4. Mit 0 Dlaknm- Dhtao, Ce Pu r Ara. Auf. W. t W Deute. asr:.lo Co. Pah Ar, L. s..rcerd- W+Pt u O grgest -DJ. Co Aun Met - K awtrvrv O0w O W& DMOMy Rarrint. Co Pt.. Pals tun Wept ml. Csrtar Co 4-B Mr Mom. Sept SL Celen rrklaa. 6- Llouln Ca. Pah Ara- Seeft losil Thornton Taylor. Oalhtta-4..7 Ca feit Aga u. 22- n.lqsaetjr. 0BaL- BODner O.. Kegs Pols Asse. Aq r V. AAnotp W. Ot.etoOle -Orale O. Amt. sur Aug. 34r0L t na BimaJwi Barkley Marslau! -Roos. Cb. P.0 Ase. Wept. 4-S. W 4.. Steht 0etltnw*id -LrL Ot P. Asa Anf- W- WeeL. T.. Bbl... HuettaSdos -- Carra: Ot- Paá Lets. Auf WSW* J. r Wan.. at.4 -WN Tona DUL Pill. Met :4 t A. 0 Tayy7iOr. J urahora- wootnet.s Co. Pair Aad As;. ia-we/l, Mn. Piel L. Dí3.. THE LLOARD CARNVALS 95. r A.yrtn-., - u Meg h W.e rgut COW...-. Tot. u a fps Prase amm e A. tau Lava tes.,,.- Tou Val./ Agri imrtrtai Pals Pepe AM PM Laer. Lr.tlrYa.0 Cn Poi Lae h0 M.rMr Leta_ ap Tea- lxµ ear a.e4 PO. Ttrsa si tasse Wow -Wa3 Co Pur Ara a* la- WN t. A W 0. leer. Pon Ara Mesa 7 L. Macy.. L Pareil C. lean Ass_ Owl.2 Mre Chu Ater R ':Mier. O.erMp Co Pair Awe ate+ 4a D L Lstor a,jrg autre C. Para Mue Aag 7 it Oar L Oeta Mar <n«tr- á+the Oa Pail A4a MPC rra Warrrt:leiimant 04 Pnlr um Ana w Mal- ar$ro.- Cntae h4 Ague AW 7 -pt Wrest Jeare NrYlnarCl -Wanre Co raer Asa* Mbr LS - Mr. Wnard P. alta 23 Vs. A. Wins 7leatpnla- (Massed 77-li. Pan. 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W Pan Assn WM St T Stanton Hai. seen. -Witt Co Negro Pair Mua Soma L 7nr. Spinner -Vn Duren CO en. Par Sep! 0.4 Roy Phfer Spring city-rhea Rural Pals Man. Ant 2-Sept 7. Mrs Loy Alley. Sprinithld- Robertson Co. Pau Aaaa. Sept 2.3 Colter Burnett. S.rrteatrr- Monroe Co. Pals Anse. B Ralph Duncan. 4.3 C- Oruady Co. Pats Assn A::s Wartburg- corton Co Pau Mua. Sept t Rosa U. Wine,, L. J. Conninghee. W55ri7- Humptlrcya Co. Parr Assn Oar 4a. J S Shrprd Woedbere- Cannon Ca Pair Assn Set:.7- Deity T. Paschal. Texas AbUro. --WNt Toa. Pilo Men Sept le- S, J. Co007. Amarillo -TH -04 Pals Ault. Dept Rea 55x045. Aapetoa- Bisas!. Co. Pals Mun. Oot - l7 N Leall, Kelley. Baytown-Baytown Pur Ases Osa Mceroy Beaumont- -South Too. Sta. Pals Aur. Oct i- -27 Karl D. Det.arta Blanco- élance Valley Pur Ann Jais 2-2. Be.l.- M00utue Co Pall Aun. east 0-7g. Mrs Earl S.nwm. Brenham- Waabingtan Co. sur Awe Oct.7 Melvin Kotler. D oerr!+ -Kendal Co. Pau Aun. Mot..7 A MOD OUat Duress- ahlsby Co. Pau Axon Oct 74 Mat. Pstoa D.- elinter4lam Pilo AYR. Aug N 7 Net P Craig Danes-State Pur N Tuas. Oct 4-7 James H Strout. Denbo- Dent.. W AM, Pah WSp it 27. J- P Hnts. alai.- Jtcknn Oct Pair Aun. 7 W. Mae Startholobn O Pana -a Per Ce. Pals Arp. Au5. 2s- Pon Warin- Soatbsrn Mao. a Pat Suse Shea Jie. 33-sen. 3. W. R. Watt. Sept 3. C. W soap. ROeerlsuSMrf -0yP. Os. Pats Ara OoUW- Oollad Co. Pals Asia. Oct-.7 Morn. R. Dye - Ant., We, /- PWCtcty. yaws Part- Tou-0tlaDee* Pah Lan Sept. 34-2i- T Lao Here. JoS son C2y- 8lease Co Pau Alm Mrs ills $U5ORt Root Meet Aag 4 Rlp Marlin Jo...a-June.* Pou All WANT POR BURDCK'S GREATER SHOWS SSD0 /PORT, T.44, N te era Cook... Kan. Panks. Mamas f«toots. Want WW. Wan b ota n ow. top mala.. Ka. a. roed Celebrations our.. 7ur ata Coo RA BURDCK Wuwur 4riw.4 T.lae CAN USE rye all Ctielratteas and roan. en PoaL Coke. H w.j -t. of oar nauv Puna Cam use bw. tar /a. can MA of Jeh to to take fut. there* at Wooer two. Wan Need -d Wm awed Mr. Wset Has sd Wag. on M..7 GaR.mad BU'RKHART SHOOS w.rrenvata, nn,. M. on., err carp N., we.. Sensational! New, 360 REVOLVNG LGHT TRPPE PPe..rod ooantion 00. N posobolc rnaroa eobh3 around N.. powerful light bulb of 60 TMES A MNUTE ntense Host con b. wen 0 O..ol distances stattet doom. aodobl. Red. Amber, lse, Green or Clans 5.30 Volt, A.C. 9W diamehr. Hoerr dwomo.,. H beauty end operatìonand RO price is LOW wta... W.. fee 5eae4.44 C.00.0 r Cal Yew!ebbe TRPPE MFG. COMPANY web. R 37 N. J.Horsea Proof Chicago A. sos "RRfC - OUTSTANDhy for CONCESSON and 4 -WAY TENTS lot SNOWMAN S CHOCE lest Dekriry -Wille TWy -tow Piks. Oet.ned el RRA.Naist, roster. she minum 3"52". Hngod Lou. Sao Jolnh. No strew, bets sr Son TNTS N ALL COLORS. regel.r N Haure so.!.tont. All abet. 4W NYLON.555 ü.4- ee- Y.lot Whit. ANCHOR SUPPLY CO., NC. tre.+mu.r.esea rvow..r.r M SS. OF CANVAS 5NMS FOR All PUOSS WANT FOR 4 MCHGAN FARS LAKE ODESSA, ULY 2-6 TECUMSEH FREE FAR, JULY 9-4 ROMULUS ROTARY FAR, ULY 7-22 MLAN FREE FAR, ULY Logitmals Conce405 of all kinds. Pitch Mon, direct cale.. etc. SHOWS: Snake Show, Pit Show, Platform Shows, Fun House. RDES: Octopus, Rock -o- Plane. Roloplano. HELP: Experienced Ride Help all departments, must drive semi. WADE GREATER SHOWS CAMERON D. MURRAY, Mgr. WRE COLEMAN, MCH., THS WEEK: THEN ROUTE SHOP -O -RAMA SHOWS REVELATON A CA/ìNiVALDOn/" resk-faturno NMle FRt CRCUf f.l[e esty M h MOraY. Rph VF Te.n, On lse tmh. /ttry fy tike Falr Oene. Snerrne.0 Nee W /M bhetf Julr e n Kames, NeYe. K.n+.. JuY 7-7. tiewnrswn n Cllr Parl. n M Mrt N M WMN a. rllh Otmpal tref4 and er anante e NeNrr. r.n place C,neerlone of W Sandi, no ETC- han. Want capable Legal AO.. with smerat Comer/one Can place Cookhouse 4p, 6m Canlretl wan. Agents 'Ow a. ow bow for W Came, Spindles, Han. Pa.. one P.C. L.. Shannon, contact J st'snt manor esteem hbow that can eat p on umta Cliff Travla e anl T alant. Can place caps. remora N :n (Buck Renr. Je Sullivan, thb. 7"r. nt Ride Help on Jenny, Wheel, Kid Ride: op mas., come on to Address: "DOC" CAPEL, Mgr. Pt.h, Nant., lune then Nay.. Kane - RrmtmMr. Wr. CallereAanaUa -You [O 7 vola.west hure fer th* elle. W one -wren oint. of assois ear,nd oleos -lout W nets LEE UNTED SHOWS SCHOOL SELTON LAKE, MECOSTA, MCH -, JULY 2.3.4; AU. STREET CELEBRATONS AHD FARS TO FOLLOW wit, SN Men who drive- Saary and percenlafe, come n Will flu. Shot. styes ran set up o Hare ee.'s. ter Hanky Poet Cences,lons only CHARLES H. LEE. MGR. Saranac. Mich., lone FARS PAGE BROS.' SHOWS 4 FARS Wont for lei sanno, Ky.. Anne.! 4. of 5r Celebration and Forten Fans to Pall.. ilia/o, laad Collr Jewelry, Mont. Culrard, tu Crown, Slum Coro.Yioro of 4 O. rd HMO fn.5 torr. o+. Cas/ Stow o. a Sto Cats. n, Grind Short Mut dos. not conmt. Win book Ride nut does not costtlict -Pony, Octopus, ChairpNrr, Raloptan.- N.Jpewvüy, Ky., Mel tehrek, mus week. GLASS CTY SHOWS Can plots ta0:eim«concession. lot Way., Olio, Juno 2S-30, Donde, Mitk., hip 4; Wave*, Ohle, July 6-7. Con oteo plc. Rida Mao who dries and stay sober. C.emai.ree, hove two open dotes in Spt.mber W. T. HOPKNS, Mgr.. ns per route thon C.6 With Oren ROLL co 0000 :0.00 :0,000 LSO TCK (mow weet, 9e.Sis l. Malt PrintaS 50 Ord. Nod t4 ft/ silo ,. $32.00 Price "A -00 Cola Clop, 0.00 DALY TCKET (O. CDlorvnh, 0. timon tern* s.. á, l, SO Rol 27.00

97 i Pd CARNVALS PARAKEETS CARNVAL BRDS Wire Your Order 24 Hour Service l or Quality.fro (O'RCK BRD FARM 8900 SO. WESTERN AVE. LOS ANGELES 47, CALF. PHONE: PLEASANT WANTED DANCERS SNGERS BAR MADS WATRESSES Apply TOMMY THOMAS Club %Mull Gras. 92 Dural St Rey Wes, fia. free t Pr. Plum CUSTARD TRALER FOR SALE Stainless steel body, Electro Freeze and accessories. Con be seen New York City. BOX 29 Tb.,lboord b,ondway JACK COOK WANTS SHOW HELP AND AGENTS -. -Nall, Wwkn; Ot4.t,n, Second Hail Mon., nie Gr,nd.r. Gal and Talker for Siesee -0. Can blue Hanky Pick Agents. JOHN AND RETHA, GLDA LEE, UNCLE EZRA. ROGERS AND GEORGE MOORE, CONTACT AT ONCE. Address CRATES DXELAND SHOWS N Creston, owa July.7 t en let Sunday. lull. N %\TED AT ONCE AreCAN MTT READERS rood tame. territory for Mitt Dg Jule th et Mandan. N. Der Medea: with "B" Circuit,loe to of Monts., fallow. Contact t' NeroMm annllan Mrs. Marguerite "`"'" Stone ' w. N DlY. H. D on week; e Phone or swim. WANTED TO BUT TRALER GRAB oe GRAD STAND Huet M first c. s. w'llh or without rwek. E. L. JENKNS 3.2 redil Ave Yr5n ose <h, Va. Mn 7t]/ WANT Al ' WHEEL FOREMAN Tap wog*. neuf bonus, long season kl,nt drive semi. Answer as per mole BERNARD THOMAS Art l Thom. Shoal EDWARDSBURG, MCH. RDES WANTED roe SE Michigan Homecoming Week, pin /aed by Lion,.ray week of Aug. Write or call H. T. SMTH, dwardsbur4.. Mich. PRODUCNG AMERCA'S REST CARNVAL d CRCUS SOE SHOW BANNERS Suap W, nil Studios a+. o. eau 4, Tm, F tn.n.. -vlil Kutman- 6utotan Oc. LJ,Ntack Agri. inhibit..hew Aug. L Peral. fr Orange-Pal.tto Oa. Pair Asea. Ocl. Amu Fullt. tome.- Dawson Co. Pair Aa.n Sept. LevellRnd- 3- HOCkle7 Co Doll B 0 Jamboree. Pair Sept. tilo. Robert M. Ony Walker. Week... Liberty -Trinity V0ay Rope. Oct. 7 Wyatt -70. Bell. reeney- Floyd Co. Palr Assn. Sept. 5.. Longview -Orel. Cu. Fa, Arrn Lubbock- Panondle South Plaine Assn. Sept. 74g'. Fair A.. Dol., Mrllnop- COlln Co. FO, Aran. Sept. 2. Pal Sib... 7, Mr. -- Central Zael Tex. Mesquite- Pair. Dallas but_ Co. Pair Assn, 25 Aug. - Rol C. Ootburn. 34 Joe L. Hook. Nacogdoehes- Nau.dochee Co. Pair A Live- stock Show. Oct Net Son Ritter Braunfeto... -Comsl Oo Pair Au Ae. Ben Marcus J. Adams. Palrllne- Anderen Co. Palr'Arn. Dot. - C. O.r Jr parie -Red RHer Valley Topo. Aug. 70- M. J. W McCoy. Pasadena- Ps.dena Llreloek BMW k Pair Rodeo. Oct A. Jerk son Parr /Lon -Nnrlh Plains Fair Aun- Aug John Mayfield. Plalnlew -Hal Co. Pair Assn. Oct Warne B. Smith. Rlcherdaon- Rlchrdson Community Pair Asan. A Carl Rowland. Rosenberg -Part Bend Co. Fair Aun. Oct 3.. M. L Bendel. San AOlonlo- li0willon Amerl..a Oct - t Roh W. levaas. Sotelo- uadalu Agri. h erelock FY? Assn. Sept P. W Stewart. Tenrtaoa -Pour States Pair Aun. Sept 72 Ben 4So. Tyler -east Tasas Pair Arn. Brut. S- U. Soh Murdoch. Waoo -H0n é Texas Fair Assn top) 7t- Oct. t Othon M. Neely. Wailer -Waller Co Palo Aun Sept Mn Wan. Warren Wharton Wharton Co Pair Arn Spt 5.7 H Cb Kuhl Jr Utah Duch...-D.4.w. Co Palr Assn Aug 74 -Sens Milton Pout. 55.5«Cllt-- Wasatch Co. Palo Men Aug L Paul Dante. Logan -- Cade CU. Pal, Rodeo Aug t S. Kenneth Cardon Ordervllle -Rats. Co PM, Assn Aug. S'A M. Madge Heuer. Oleodsto Sa air City 'f -Olga Mat. hit Sops Herold S- Onl 'ernsoot Barton-- Oriea0 Cw. P., Asst.. Aug S- S. Rosa BlodtNt. Bradford- Constetteul Valley Sop. Ans. 0.7 VlSant R P5 sows Joaelbs-Chssp.ln Valley top. ASS. H. K Drury. Egedonvlllo--0fedosla Co Pate Mf Ar A.E. R Raw. Ra'Art -Rail. std Co. Agri. aie Opt. f- B O0 7bnDrldR- Unto. Ar. Des World Sept Pair. 3. P A. Tatsham Virginia Bleed -Rlsnd Co. Pete Awn Sept 5.5 T. R Mallet;. Ohs. City- Neeklenbo,E Co Palr Ont. Ars. -3. O l Mob Chatting' Hill -Rich Valley Tab Assn 70.íL Aut. J. T. Gardner. gfimerfl. -Chrurt.fd Co PO. Men D.. 9$. Mn. W O Pal:llps. Oel. S. M. Derr. Dsa,UR -D.. lit P, Assn. Dublin- Prlaakl Co. Pelt Me Sept -72. Howard mbed... Para,Ule --P.. Co. Pale Assn 55$ flag. Mn May Predertek.Dort- Pride,Nksbcr Abt P.O. S-3 0. C. Rawlings Jr. O000hlosd- Po.b.laeLmai. Pair Ara. Rapt ,0 ann. Rarrlonburg- Ragland. ROCtloghsg' CO. ASE 2.0$ C. W. ',mew Jr Parr Ara Laray -Page Co Palo As... Aug SOS. Le...on- Russell Co. Pall Me. Sept. S- 5_ A. L Rr Jr Ma5a5r. -PM. W.m Veterans. Pan Club. nc. Aug. 74. Joeapo S. Jeha. ML Yarllnarlilt- Marttnnint Aar!. Pair Are. Sept - O. Kenney. N. Castle- -Crans Co. Pall Corp 7 Rapt. -5. Mrs J. R 555k. Pen50glon Otp-L. Co. FRT. Dept. Vyfll Q Wark. Prnenor5-- Doulbalde Virginia Pair Ara Ott. -S Ralph O. Lockett RckmSSd -State Polo of Voglnla. Son 7-2 J. A te5a. Roanoke- Roanek. Pair. nc. An;. 7Sap4. A. O. Walks. Rock, Mount -Rock. Houat Palr, nc. Aug H Pralin South Boston -Hall.. Cb. Polo Ara S -7L 4.ar4 R. Wilkins. OYHoll --Tlds sat. Fall n. Asen o, Ott. O. Nolma. Tarty- Tacle; Fair. Aug..6. J. Sdge Thomas. Tare.e- epeilcsn legion Pett. Avg. 4- S. Herb. Ward, Oldey Oo4ng Pool 70, Waraw- Northers N.ct Aarl. Pal. Am, 5p. -. Yrs,, L- 50.5, 7appsha Doak. War- FotOt- Tidewer Palr Assn. Sept. 0.3 J. L Paarher. Woodstock - Shenandoah Co. Pl. Awn. Aug. 37epl.. Marvin W. Reolde. Washington Arolln -As0n Co Palr. April 7-5. Mack. Trivia Rouge -Adme Co. Pate. Sept. 54. Kenneth 5gawotth. Rrsmerton- Klts.p Co. Polo Asen. Aug. 0- St Yre. Ruth B. $rrfeld. Cashmere - Chelan Co. ralo, Saps. 7.. Oror[S P. Boner. c.55- ß Washington Folr. Aug Mrs Paart Miller. Cllnlon- lalnd Co. Pao. Aug. 346pl 7. J. T. Malone. Colfax -Palo.. Ewan* Pair Sept. - Troy Lindley. OolvlS- NOnbweet Wuhinglon Pall. Sept l -S. Rod Wilson. Davenport-Lincoln 00. Pair Sept S -S R. W Chase. DRyton- Columbl Co. P.N. Sept. 7-M Roy MO.., SS S. Piflh. Deer Park -Deer Park Pair Aun Sept Dolle fs.. S -S. Deer Park -Broken. Co, Pair. Sept. S Vern Kynst. Elleneurg- Klllllas Co Poll Alle n elpt S W. W. Rpws, St., Sos 77. THE BLLBOARD nc.' Oran Harbor Drt. Pair. SeM, - 9. Chrom Collins. Prlday Yarbcr -ban Juan Sept. Co.. Gehl L. Carter. Fair b.. OoldeodaM- Knokllt Co. Pale, ornater. bps, Wllaoa. Or ndelen Vail Jr. Paul Pair. Aug. Creighton. Kennewick- Beulon- Trankltn Co. Palr. Aug J. C. Pratt. Boa 094 Longslew- Cotumbla mplre Pal, Aug. 70 Sept.. W Ash.. Lyndon- Northwest Waahloston Pelt Aug Bradford Knapp, Oa Drover St. Manson -Late Chelan Valley Pair, nc. NoT. ]0. Menlo -Pacific Co. Pair Assn. Aue. 4-. Mn. John Hullo. Moorirr-- vergreen State Fair. Aug. 30- Sept. 7. J. Paul Hllbm.n. Mar Lake -(trenn Oo. Pair, Sept. S.S. 0eo0g Dougherty, Boa 446. Mount Vernon -Skagit Co. Pole. Aug t -t. Mn. Julia Tana., Rt 4. Odr.s- Trl -Co. Pair Aran. Aug. 7-3pt. L A. f. Lobe. Okalogs0- Oknogan Cb. Marie A Conner. Pair. Sept. TS. O7mpl- Thurston Co Pour 7 -. AM.n. Ure. Jack Aut. Carr. Pomeroy- oarlleld Brown. Co. rolr.'s <pl 74 Dick Port Angeles- Co P., Rd Assn R. Hatert Aug T. Port Townsend- -County Fair Asen rerun of Co. Au.. Jef Mrs. Ward B Williams. 000 Clay Puyallup St -- Pierce Co. Fair. Frank Aug. H -7 Silica, Rt. 7, Box 706 Rí540 e -Adams Co. Pair Asen: Hlldced Welisandl Sept Puosllup- Wear Washington Pall. J R Bepl Meheurro. Rpublle -Ferry Co. Pair. T, Aug. 7 R -Se0. 7 McKean. Rockford - South... Asas Spoken Co Sept. Tale 4 -S. Jolt L, B.tlle -ROnb Oon. City Annual Pale. July ll. Russ Wacker, th. N r Spokane -Spokane 5torstl Pair Aug, btu Choll. H50aeh, OS Rltton. ll. Park - kanwood - Btllllsvam.h Om.. Fab Sept 4.5 Mrs. Marto 0lrn50. B og 0. Sumner -Pirce Co Jr. Pair Aron. ADE.5 Mrs. P AadoSsn. Bunden- NOrin.ert W.hlntton Dlal. Palr AMU Aug. S - Jacken nnoll Teeoma- Brooklate Commueuo Fair. Soll 7t. 8. C Rtan, Rt 7. Sot 977. Vancouver-Clark Cs. Patt Aug William R Dawson. Rt. 5. So. 44 Walla WMo- Soulheultrn Washington Pang. 7. Loolle Stewart, Sos SS. W 0 -Neotb Ceotrai Weihlohen Palo Brot 5 -$ 0. Merton Dlet, Zoo 730. Yakima-Central War..l.5 Polo. Sept J Ruib Slag, Bon 75 Y.klme -Wash. Stale 4 -R Palo Sept Gers. A Pool WOW. Service Pullman West Virginia Dorkaloy Sprints- Morgen Co. Aug. Palr SS Awn Mn. Ziel Chattetawn-- W5.h. Jefteeo t Co. P, Mao Sept. Mrs. Robert McGarry Jro ndaah lb. Jraetlas. Circleville -North Pork Community Sept. Patr Roll L Law. Clay -Clay Co. Palr Assn. Aug Opal Summer.. Daebrook -Clay Dist. Palo Also. Aug 53- $. Nerl. Tennant Dunb hrru W Vs. loft, ins. Aug $. S.,5.4 S Shear klna-- Mounlalo Slat. 4.4 Porn( P.M. James Oat. A. Hartman. Pollenabul-- OOOdsU Orange Palo, Ang W. A WWl..a Part Ashby -Mineral Co.. Pilo Ase. Ant Os.uast- Oasaswa/ Lloae Club R. Pall Aug. S. David N. McMaln Onto Sulphur Speln59 -preen 5olphor Dist Palo. Ar;. 6.. Ma litt. Urall. ROleellu- Htivella Community Palo. Sept Yrs. Arnold Roller. Lewlaberp- Ronaave,ta -erbe lall Of Virginia. Weot Aug C. T. MM OSricU0 Yanplsgtes-lasolsgton Olst. Palo Aus. Aug. 2.3 Doff. R. Sturm Msllmton- PoeahenlL Co. Pale Soo Aug.$. lrgp C SriU Ysrlla5sSg- Serkakl Co Youth Palo. Aug S. J. Karner. Malross- Yogsolsl Palr Amu_ Aug S. Jom. l- ADM... YeunderWe- Mkrshall Polo, nc Aug Sept. M-. Blame Allen Oak 84- Payette Co Palo limn Aug 6 -ll. B. J Crouse. New Hope -8 Pond Diat. Palo Aug. 2eSpt. C. P Hylton. anon -Teerar Cs Pall Mas Ant M- M. Ruth Mary Williams Pennabor- Rltehle Co. Palo Assn. Arg Ray Rlddlr_ Petersburg -Tit -00. Palr Asen. Sept..5. S R Spencer. Phillips- Barbour CO. Street Palr Man. Sept- D -. Rank Maley. Prunlvt0wn -Tllot Co. Palo AMU. Aug.76. Yn. Prances D. Waters Rr.00 -Pa. Paw Dist. Pair Assn Aut. O-. Rank Arnett Jr. Summerastll.-- Alchelas Co. Pot, Arm. -Log. 4. July JOW. Hume. Allan- lrsston CO. Pall Loss. Sept. 6.. Roll. Woodson. Terra Alta-Preston Co. Pair Awn. Aug.. Co05, WH. ]0-Sept Hotta. Co. P.r Aseo. Blpl - li. Howard Wisconsin Aotlgo- Lanalde Co a -H Club Madan' Aura Aug Murin C Ranson Athena -Athens A.kA. Ault Aug. 744 Graydon roteren. uaboo --Sauk Co. Agri. Su. Aug.-. A. H. Thayer. Bear., Dam --0od. Co. Pier Aro 5.9, Sept Forrest Knauf. Slack River Pall. -Joey Os. Agri. Soo Aug Dougiu Curran. Cedarburg- Grautee Co. Agri Sol Aug 9.. Arnold Oroth. Chinon- Cumel Co. Agri. be Aast. 7- Sep4. S. lerbe Harder Chippewa Palls -N4 orthern WM. Dist Pay Ana. July SlAUg.. A L. Putnam. Crandon -Forest Co. Agri Bor, Sept Loner , Argonne Darllogtol- Laf.lelll Clo Joe 8auer, Agri. Sic. Jun Do Pere -Brows Co. Agri, A Palo We Aug R. 0. Planort Durand -Pepin Co. Jr. Fair Ara Aug T. A- Parker, Eagle River -Vu 00. AR. Soo Aug 7-. H Smith Rau Olalre -rre Clef* Co. Jr. fair. Au W. A. ARUM. nkhorn- lworth Co. 54p. Agri.. R. a. Aug. R. O Harrio -Phew 0o. Pair 7 -U. H. Coma... O. Surerl Aug. Dlroy-moor Palo Men. ren.. Aug. 7 Amberg. -. Lau- Plorenoa- e7orenee i, Do. Pale Petra Assn. Sept. - Jahnun. rood du re -fond du Lao -3. Harold Agrl. Su. Aug. J. Willa. lrlendahlp -Adams Co, Agrl. i. Robt. W. Sm. Sept. 3- Rueberry. Oalevllle-- TremMMMU July Co AOrL Trank Soo. M. Smith. Days Villa- Crawford Co. Pair At Agri aoc. Sept all Chien. Paul L. Paulson, Prairie 0lotl- Oconta Co. í. Youth P.M. Otto Aug. 7- Neuman. Glenwood City-St. Croix Oe. Aug. lilt Assn 0-3. Oso, Steffen. Orantaburg- Burma Co. Soo. CO.O Aug. Agrl. Palo 77.38, C. H. Sundquist Orgien Lat-Oreen lke Co. Jr Prone. J lall. Aug. Placek. Baywrd- Sawyer Co. Agri. F.r Aan lug Sherman ron W. Welse..v.r- Bayfleld Co Pair Harry Lowe, Awn. Aug. Washburn. Janesville -Rock Cb. 4 Jr, Fair.. Jam. Amt. Myer., T Jettereo0- Jefferen Co. Palo. Aug. 7.5 Adam Pancake, La Palmyra. CrOme -lm Crew. Aun. Aug. infer -Stata Palr 3-7 Joseph W. Frisch Wd,tmlln --Rust Co. Pall Committee Slrek- Aug Laoeuter -Orant Co. Agrl T A. R. Roo. Daluhr. Sept, S- Lodi -l.odl Union Agrl. Robert Rot. L Sept. 70 Hooker. Luxemburg- tsw..5e Co. 3 -SOpl. Agri. Soo. July. Elroy C. Madleon Hoppe. -Dane Co. Jr. Ray Pair. July 5 Oumtow, Wally Are. L0,05A5- Ma5llowoc Co. Palr Assn. Aug Dr. A. P. Runk. Meren00 -Mhlyd Co. Palr Assn Aug David Holt Marshfleld-Central Wie 30Sept, Slate. W. Pair. Aug A. Maoaton-Juneen Utnomser. Co. Agri. Sae. 2. bane. Pfaff Aug. 3- Medford -Taylor Co. Au.. 0o Youth -5, Jo* Palr. J. M. Tuts Yapomonte -Dunn Co, Poll 4ß5, Surd. Howard July Kuhn. MerTR- Llncoln Co. 4 - Aug Leaders' Asan Wllllam Steetlln0. Mlleauku-- Milwakee Jr. lair. July L C. Parmbler, 033A Waterton. Pl. R0d. Y.ukee- Wtre.nsln State nit, Aug bite. M. Masterson Mineral Polnl-- Saulhwertern W. Pair See Aug- 3-oep 3. M. S. vey. Co Aug. 5.3, T. W. SOhulta, Olimantoo. Mistort- Buffalo C Agri. lair bast Manrw U0. A5"L Wllllam hoc. Aug. ". A. Drown. R.n.rul -C.rk Co. Agrl. floe. Aug. 0-7!. lorold Haekalead. Oohkrh- CO. Palr Assn. Aug Ter.or O. Brown. PbAllps -hoe Co. Agil Sot. Aug P Sownr, Pltoouth- Sbebo370 Co. A.G. Soc. Aug Ph0 Anderson. Pottage- Calurata Co. lall Are. July Harold Lochner. Rhinelander -Tb. Rodg Palo. Aug Haney Dockar. ROS Lake -Barron Co Co-Op AorL Soo. Aug Dtnce H. Dalrymple. Center -Richland Ca. Poll Sept. Ase. 7 -S. Alan SHmDunner, County e/5 Agent's Otfloe. Reaholt- Ratholt Re. Palr Arn. Sept, - Russell W 005. Dt. Cr. Palle -Polk Ca. Parr Awn. 54. Aug. Louts Bonrad. Bum-ron Co Pall Loso. Aug Yea. Hardie, Hurley. M7moor- Ouls5om. Co. rate Aal. Aug JW Burns. Shawano- Shawano CO. Rot. Roe. Aug Sept.. 7. Robert O. Marotr m0 /er- Warnlniton Co. 4 Club July 7t P.M. Harland- Wett end S pooner -Washburn Co. Jr. Palo, Aug 3- S. Wm H. 0050her?. St. CM. Pall. -Polk Co. Palo floe. Aua.O. L A. Dew.od, Stur5000 Say -Poor 05. Pair Awn. Aug. 23.3g. O.. Hu 0054or.. Suporler- oouglu Co, Palo Avn, Aug 4.9, begat Swsosos. Tomah -MOnru Co. Palo Aran. Aa. 7 -S R L Plogel Onto. rove -Rector Co. Agri. floe. Aug Mu. O. Leer, Rache Viroqua- Vernon Co. W. Soc. Sept. l- U. Janos* R., Co. A.G. See. Aug. A- 5. O. J MAlealy. W 5- Manet. Co. Loti. Sae. Aug Victor Quick. Boo W.atom-., Oerioelta. Wusbara Co. Pale Atli. Aug. 45. Surma 30005, W0a0.r -- Centel Burnett Co. AR. Pal, ban 5. Luria Clark. Marquette Co. Youth AoO. Aug Kenyon Z. C.o. Woyatmega- Waup5. Co. Agrl. Soc. Sept l -5. A. A. Sero.ebeln. Wilmot -Wet Kemal. Co. lair Aun Aug -7. Henry Prank_ Wyoming Afton -Lincoln Co. Pair Mm. Aug D oyle r. Child, D unn -Dig Korn ray Ar.. Aug Aryl! Mhmeol. C.rpar-C.nlral Wyoming Pair. 0. R M. lolls. Aug, - Cllaresoo- WOet.rn PlalOS Palo Board Aug. 6. Mar0AU L 0ylsr. CourtaO- Wyoming Slate Pal, Sept. DOE.. Darden L. Roush. Y Olillll. -- Campbell Co. Palr Arsa. Aug MU Parks, Weston. Lurk- Nlobran Co. Fair Aun Aug. 3. D r. Waller A. Stickling. Powell-Pack Co. Salo Mtn- Aug Paul YeCalmOrt Ravenna -Oar.. Co. Pair D.mpede Aug... Brut Nixon, c/o Dean Roh nfo. Bea, Rlrerion- R.pont Co, lair Asen. Aug. -4. W. L Duncan. T7lo. -Hdt BDrin3a Co. Fall Am. Aug Don H. Tippele, Torrington -O.hen Co. Pair Jo Rodeo Aug Kenneth Klarherr. flundane-crook Co. Pair Board Aug Dorothy Twllord. CANADA Alberta Athabasca- Albabasea Dlat. Agri. Soc. Aug. 6.7 R. K. Wolfer, Perry.s.. Saallied- Drrhead Zahn. Aug. -7. Dull.!Urar -Rattle River Exhn. Aug 5.0. R ío AgrL Soc. July R. Stettin.. Calgary- -0al.ary Rahlbltten k Ramat July -4, Yaw. Z Bonnett, JUNE 30, 956 Damrom- Damenaa Zahn Aug 0- Cardtoa-- Cardaron [Golan. Aue le Drwell-- Darwell Zahn. Aug 76. Donnelly Polher - Olrouavlil - Donnell f - Eahn. Aug. 7.. Zdmonton- Odmonlon 50hbltlon. July DS. 7. Barbera Z Bannerman. Cream Creek -Gooss Cr., Zahn Aug W. Ornd Centr- -Grand Cenlr Zahn Aug 3. Or3{ ando Prahl-Oroadt P.r. Zahnt Aug. High Prahle -High Prall 5. l Kahn. Aug. 4- Hlth River- -High River Juli 7- {. Fair.uu k Rodel. Bradley. t.aont- Lmonl Wmont- 50há Aug Lamont t Agrt. Ferguson. floc. Aug.. L. W. Lethbrida- Lelhbrldse k Dlat C.. Parry. Sohn. Juno 54oydmineler-!. Lloymneter Haho. July OS- Loueana- LOUna Mech.. litho. Aug. 5 Hat- Mayerthorpe- Medicine Hat Zahn Mayorthorpe Ehn. Aug. k BLammle. July da -0d Ed Pair. Ziford. Aut. 0- Pincher Z Creek -Pincher tl. Miller Creek gnu. Aug. Prlddl Mllarvhe - Pdd. - Nlllinlllr Huhn. Aug. to Red Deer -Red Deer Alf!. Roe. Aug D. W. Robertson. St Paul -el. Paul Agri. Soc. Aug... C. P. Oaurreau. Velreve- Y0revl. Rohn. July 70AUg. 7. Vermillon-Vermlllon xòn July Welaklwlo- Wetleklwln lsha. July St- Aug.. W00eL- Weadock Zehn Aug Widwood- Wldwood r00.o. Aug. N. British Columbia Abbolrford -005,?moor Volley Pair Aura. Sept { -t. AEus- Ataolr Agri. Al Hoot. Loss Sept. 4. Alberni -Alberni D.t. Pall Palr. Sept. 35. Alders.- Aid...rove Agri. Man. Sept. Sl. Armstrong -nterior P000 Zahn. Sept.3 Sella Cools -Bella Cool' /air Man. Sept. S. Dur*. Lake-Lat Dist. Pair but Aug. M. bpi.. Mrs, J. t Porter. Gardegar- Cast.gar 0o Dist Poll Palr Ara. Sept 7. Costa -South SiaBkameea Pall Pilo. Cbllllwack- Chilltwok Agrl. Abes- Aua. { , owry P Valley Apt Assn. Beet il -S blear s. Alderaley. Cobble Hill- ShasolenCoSD. 7U 4. Assn. Sept 5. Cot'- -COm Coombe- Aarl Assn Aug Sept.. oa Valley lall Fat, Aug. Crawford Say- {'rrerd Say Pan Pale. Sept.. Duncan- OOwlchso Agri nd!, Man. Sept... rast L Owaa -Saat Kelowna Sept. 7. Fall Pale, Zdtewood- rirpere nsttlute Agri. Pilo, Sept 3 Mn. R. Z. Bateman Petri!hose: -Port Proses Pell Pall. Aug. U. PrulbOOle- PYYltn. Palr Asap. Dept 3. Gant*. - Ll0nda Paroles' O.tlluto. Aua.!. Olbeos -Saw. Asti- Round Palmen' 0 -t nautu /e. ßauev -Pasple Oldg Agri. ií Assn. Aug Bupe - Hon as Diet. Sept. Pall Pair L Awn. Tdsermers -Ester Kootenay nn. Rahn. Air, Arn. ar Aug, Ladysmith-Ladysmith Agrl. So.. B.p,.30 Lt a.lry- La0[ler yri. Mao Rpt 7. Wequetl- Laaqu.0 Wand Agri. Ara. Regt {ooel- Llllooet Fall Palr Asro. Sept. Louis Creek --N. Thompson PaU Palr Aua. Sept 5. Laeba YetWSNO Parm.n' natltute. Aug. 23 YlZrlde- McStld DM. A.G. Pale Are. Aug Mayne rrsod -Myo.04 Pall Polt. Ana, M Meerut- Nicola Vl.y Zahn. Assn Sept. Mlslon- Mluloo k Diu. Alrl. Auo. Sept Nnalrn0- Eganoimo 7-7. A Dill. Raba Regt. Ntal -Naget Dlat. Agri Aso, Aug. North Surossy -North Burnaby Sept. Sort,. So.. North Della- North Dells Pall Pelo. Sept Noma Pm -North Peace Riser Pail Palo. Aug- Port ti t7. nned. m- teer4an Heights Pan/W! htstilute. Sept.. ).well Rl 30-w River DN. Agri. Auo, bpi. 70 -M. lmllhen- Bulkley Valley ndi. As Pari Alan. Aug, 75. Mrs. rma Quemel- arlboo Banitler. Agri. as T -S. Rost. Mao, Rapt. Hovland- Dolden City Pall Fair Ars Sept. 4. Zaankhtoa -N. S. Baanleh A.G. Mae. Bust..3 S almon Arm- nalmoo Arm Pall reir Aua Sapt Roote- -Senk Pell Palr. Sept. S South Burnaby -South Burnaby Hort Asa Rcpt..2. Sunset Pram -[.kennen Pall Per, Aug. D. Yan 7.7.Ta0fr Nation 504blllo Aast, 73 -Seit. 7. V. Ran Wllllam aaoourrr- Paelfls Nat'l Zahn, Aug, U- napt. 3. Vancouver- Vancourer Hort. Rot. Sept. U-50. V.torll- Vlrtorls loll. A Agri May 7 N Mnk- Wnlaot rile Hoard. Sept T. Manitoba Allo0a- Altopa Rohn, SePt. is Rahn. Aug. rinscarth- Blnworlb áb5. Aug. Rol uaral5- Olserstes Rahn. July t. BrandOO- Hrandon Zahn, July 3-5, Oarberry- -Drehern Kebo. July 7 -. Comte- Carman Zahn- July 3.4. Crystal Cy-- Cryst City S.M. July le Gryst City-- Crytal City- Clearwater ASrL Boo, July., L. N. Mo.. Cypress River- Cy9reu Myer Co hn. July 0. Dauphin -Dauphin Zahn. July Delorne- Detortn bh. June 204. Dominion City - D00oa 0, Sahn. July T. Dufald- DUglld Hahn. Jul, 5. Bitborn- Klthorn Raw. July 74 Olanboro- Olenbore áh0. July Oreenway -Oreenway áh0. June to Hadashs Ulo- Hadashrib Rahn. Sept L Hamlota- Marmite Zahn. Jule Y. Harding -nor dl. Zan.. holy M.

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99 98 THE BLLBOARD MERCHANDSE Communications to 260 Patterson St., Cincinnati 22, 0. / WHALE j OF A BUY / et ONE PECE PLASTC HANDLE Clue Roe Shan Approx. 5 it MNticolor space aura Au.ontla fish guides R[Nelien Hp Nk. 50 N maefar cart. No loin sold. TELESCOPC BAMBOO POLE 2fí. length 3.0. Rudy MNpp.' S.Yldw HP d leswr.'.":..."..; RNN clamp MN. Nr fool n dlddual doer y ewes elu Ribbon Lrand. P. D.. $.00. SPNNNG LNE Soft M.H..n 00 Nrds N spool a b. lest DN Tyn 2 poo packed to be. P. Dos. Spots N N. old. TROUT FLES oo 0 H. 2 / pa ru erk HHpe n P.utownl. we.' et 0 d. numbs. mount.' es on fin eox n -ment fer Ran'a cif.4 end wdr' Mew fetal 44 flies packed s rentalmr De. P N law e4. i. A ALL ABOVE TEMS AN PROVEN WN N[RS AND OPCALLY LOW PalcrD 73. /e mener eider or erses. with order_ NOTHNG CHANGED BUT THE NAME 0 SHERMAN Master Painter. Prodcff Formula with Nnlum. nside, da, redy out. mit. s n net 0, whit, reclaimed nouct. one non re.. a, meesure,.wry aunt d. Peden eyh.- 4 Ball. <. tole lo earl., n aeon Leh only. S M. RCHARD'S CHROMEFNSH, -Yin aluminum.i M. [Nrhr, ntones, hon nn n,um wne: n, rn, pai. neas and NMr da ur, on. 4.. Si..mura awe' C Ch erlaell rant N t.on. M/ in (.M only ule el N llw rvr. 3PECE PANT BRUSH SET tore, vult.nran les 7.e-Nh pa=rentes roo. Mt, ra tl eons N - 7 Mot aw- Otaa A bruns 0 wry nto. sur t nd,rl /uy boxed mte N rn.shr cn. r --$. se ADJUSTABLE ANGLE WRENCH }pa r.. { r.ces LZ. Haul r.h. eed..' wo w re h.nes PrlN m t M. S dot. h owl alt 7. per ON Arty SO -PECE DRLL SETS. rr.m r {' *AN Neat tr Cn r ern Hae wl{t enfla M n Am. rit - tllay Mx A..hwn 0 new du b Midi. dear vlw rene Per Na mis. $7 M STLLSON PATTERN WRENCH Lman t t m..rldunly Nw ter des {f t N eat,. / O O.. F O. CMso / 0A COOK BROS., 96 S Halsted SL, Chicago,. TERRFC VALUE! -and What a ProlilMaker! M..'. 7 -Pic rwry.95 s/, iw kh 6 et mere- Only NCLVDes Sarni Mt -M.M Ea. Mens Halsesel yens, Wen..M. 4 v, n nun...tansies ban NNYrY. imitation t Tretars C Rt. cote- PNN Curs LNtm 4.. TA w Mena. COW Kot Chain n MVAU mr nromawn cam. aunt Tni N TPA M. pain Nan rhim wly,.4 N. Win. tales t..m w ON.M. NMe, NnN rn. hl aunts Mw whn YnN.' awmnias Yrt Term.: ri. win aunt r. bn.nt c.o o. BURTON SALES CO. as) w' a/nn are chic., laines WSCONSN DE LUXE CO. Of, R GOO PNS AND DE:N7S twenty lour (24) inch heart or round necks, polished n i c k e l or gold plated, al Nest/- seem dollars (527.00) W Pori DEXECO, NC. Mentrloct f.grorin0 welry 9 SOUTH STREET, PROVDENCE 3, R.. Also available in 7 -) $9.95 each PARAKEET CAGES sit:, Carton (60 cages) $.50 Bi n quantity lots S cartons (300 cage').4$ sa. W ant' ample. lin.t C..wfie t Premium chandes.. Writ. far- Cotel. Stet. Besiass. First LMer. Mar- MwaD`ÑN.23 wim~la EON EN(:H %S N(; Expiation 'dents. Dee. Phots Expansions. S 440 Dot Pearl Anklets. Gr CATALOG WTH NEW NUMBERS READY FOR ENGRAVERS & DEMONSTRATORS Stat your businsl MERCHANDSE TOPCS C & G Sales, Chicago, moved into new nod larger quarters at MC Milwaukee Avenue on June 25. Formerly located at 80 Milwaukee Avenue, the firm Will have the same phone number, Everglade The more than 5,000 square feet of space in the new location are necessary to meet growth requirements of this general merchandise wholesaler whose versatil- ity has resulted in it becoming a one - stop pick - up for the trade. C 4e G. a relative newcomer in the field, is constantly adding new lines, according to owner Corinne Goldstein, who also announced that mail orders are processed the same day received. The finn has made available a new mervlian,dise list for July. National Distributing Company, formerly at 222 Calumet Building, Miami.' has moved to 75 West Flaglrr, National Distributing is well known for its seven piece men's jewelry set called the famous Geneva. The set consists of jeweled wrist watch with fancy dial, matching expansion borers, spring clip tie bar, matching cuff links. retractable ball-point pen propel -repel lead pencil, satin. lined box with - Advertised in Life tag and 7.50 price tag, plus one -near written guarantee. A Sam - ple is $8.95. The price drops to 5.95 if you order six or more. A graphite container and gun that dispenses graphite with a squeeze of the fingers, has been placed on the market by Servwell Products C o m p a n y Cleveland, under the direction of Steve Hare - 4k, manager. The gun promises to do for graphite u hat the aearosol bomb did for insecticides. the firm states. t is small enough to hold in the hand and sprays any lubricant while held in any position. Enough graphite is contained in the unit to / SPECAL, $42.00 Doi. -BRAND NEW S.o. Cold F.. Spere W.ta. Jaunted A man.' ml.r al this new Awli MsEn.Ht Sweep ) 0CENE REBUTS L NNE &cons NEDS M M to m-77 won bnd-.e. Alm N. tme L dals. sk.lhrs--lryer--.steck,.n-.raub henr. c amr nae. S.mpl t..-S. dpetn. B. & B. Jewelry Sales * r.nn.n PAN CA NoY,lon. Taxas pennd several thousand shots of lubrication. The Waco graphite gun is low in cost and handy to have in llorneo, offices, stores, garages, etc. t penetrates the smallest openings for lasting lubrication. Large areas up to 00 square nches are easily covered by full finger -tip pressure on the rubber bulb. Write or prices. The Wilkro razor planer tool, invented by Wilhelm Kromer, Cleveland Heights, O., and patented in 942 under U. S. Patent 2,289,504, has been licensed exclusively to Laco Die Casting Company, Euclid, O. n merchandising the razor plane the firm gives assurance that it is offering the public not only the genuine original, but the finest tool of its kind. Premium users. auctioneers, wag. on Jobbers, agents, salesmen and distributors who as yet have not seen the 958 general catalog of Gellman Bros., 9 North Fourth Street, Minneapolis, should write for one. This firm is- proud of its 35 -year record of 'dependable service and saes its illustrated catalog contains the greatest line of mported and domestic novelties as well as nationally advertised name brand merchandise, i n c l u d i n g housewares, electric appliances, jewelry. watches, clocks, stuffed toys, blankets, carnival goods and dozen of other fast -moving lines, Milwaukee Novelty Company, specialists in low -priced costume jewelry, offers the trade two new circulars listing a wide variety of merchandise. n addition to a number of styles of bracelets for men and women, the company is pushing its lines of scatter pins, earrings. cuff links, watch bands, charms bracelets, children's items, lockets and crosses, wedding rings, Fasted selling all purpose sharpener and glass culler S3.50 Each hits N. Feus E.r. lud Rerm.d MA. ls aaman MN. L,ata m nlm.nvrson Corp., eoe eo. pler Newrk f New Dunl. JrNr C..lw }fm Order tram mr Ndre.s. Din< H intuir Lae ea malo N{c, N.. Cil. JUNE ASSORTMENT OF 0 for s.mol w/cn u.s. MEN'S WOMEN'S New Styles w e a..r Special Close -Oat! Men's Elgin. Waltham WATCHES 56,45 it WHLE THEY LAST COm /ely rcend /,On. /. Cmlat ith s n Dnda aylr.hee.r0. WATERPROOF ELGN. BULOVA, BENAUS WATCHES WTH EXPANSON BANDS ne re OVAANTEED öd. rye iy N.w.d... male end b. jwnel...l. ooh. ] J C.O D Send a4a w M.4 as wnh ardor 0 Yid ehy n shipment.hlrnl,ry /f r. Ctlllse MOONSTONE SNAP -T BEADS LOWEST PRCES 5 in Snap Earrings, S colors Earrings, $.00 dot. up Special prices in quantity DELMAR- SPOJAS NOVELTY CO. 9 W 4,5, Shaul N. York CA Wisconsin Rm. 4 PUT DRECT FROM MANUFACTURER Aho. ATTENTON. WHOLESALERS. OBBERS and PREMUM HOUSES Trouble lights anem wnn n tnr Nf mdn 00M t.bles wlth naepr. lackn. AN 4uro fl..m, n ah-merinf autfhmr' m. SNclN Pricea Nr eun/fy buyen, W.nlp C.O.D.. ]f-ur aln C.O.D. Sheldon Cord Prodoels a W nn Aw. Ch<ese hom: N[vad lliv ::;;.;- T»pM SNPS FAM`,s Gen ev EWER PG.hENS te. _ kl C rrr Tr. W... Gt..s..w Mri...r,.aa Abg HAM h cas S s,,e.«.r.,. r+i. s.,wr....e. M... 6 N 6 4r... 6 V. th Y...y,.. Yr.. n.r/4r..w Wad w... ti ww..rpr,..... NATONAL DSTRBUTNG (0. ' s,dw l;ú,r 7, MAM NEW -NEW- NEW -GET THEM WHLE THEY'RE HOT ALL JEWELED OTQUE NEW GFT TEMS SPECAL NTRODUCTORY OFFER JEWELED DOORKNOCKERS JEWELED SLENT BUTLERS JEWELED CAN OPENERS JEWELED BEER CAN OPENERS JEWELED ADDRESS KEY CHANS JEWELED ASH TRAY CLAM SHAPE) JEWELED PGGE RANKS JEWELED JOHNNY SEATS (Toil, sent -blocs 6.75 doe 6.75 dol 6.75 dos 6.7S dol do doh 6.75 doh or whit.).75 de. lane {.f ter 7 0 v. rr m iwe.m wv ] h Ral. lnaiyd M7 eellen.l lennny seer w.n 4. rov ORORR TODAr TO BARGAN JEWELRY CO. 34 Harvard Sf w Moss. ENGRAVER Nickel Silver Necklaces - Rings Bracelets - Anklets Salpro Co. Send }ef Samples a Price tilt 67 S. ((Oh Aee- Citera 50.. GROOM'S DELGHT Direct from m.nufaeturr. NTOwN. fmten pocket vh' n Nr>: dk wren M out of 00 ww partt fete Gaud {.OD for Ymw. CRER DSTRBUTNG CO. lohn 403, Callna

100 JUNE THE BLLBOARD MERCHANDSE 99 OW SOUAWER HORSE bw'+ S RUBBER SOUAWER ELEPHANT 5.80 des. TOP VAL ladies' Joyo CAPS $3.5 pt. $42.00 gr. ADMNA HATS 4..M S6 00 dot. UES WRB tw /44 he Dop 7. S35.0 k. t % F Soils Wublers 60c W. H HAT FEATHER DOLLS Da.r.., w M M y am r.. v. 9 M OO. e w CWr. 0N Ny. 3 / 66 CELL HEAD CLOWNS G. 3 St.SB 5.00 RUBBER NAL OPERA $20.00 Gr. SOUAWKER MONKEY " $.80 dot gr. s" $3.00 dot. $33.00 gr. GLASSES ;4:X: 4Z..3'5 5.. Del. Or. ím.00,..66 MNlum ).N 72_5. Larve 7.) St.w.r L.rN De Luxe Western Straw HATS LARGE BLACK FELD GLASSES BLACK $3.25 dot. $36.00 gross VT. $.20 dot. METAL SABER. SrbDrr. $.80 dot. $2.00 gr. KDDE STRAW ETON $2.75 du. $3.50 gr. ' KDDE ETON CAPS STRAW JOCKEY (APS dot..m $36.00 gr. FELT CAPS dot gr. FELT JOCKEY CAPS $2.50 dot. $28.80 gr. RUBBER HORSE, NFLATES himno L.r.. me... w /fiddle s" '. TEDDY BEAR. C,.oN Oar $4.20 5," HONEY BEAR j BLACK $6.50 $.60 'i'% O. Cr 7 6 Sl 0 N s.6 7. O M STUFFED TOYS 7" Scolly Dog dot. 6" Sel.up Scotty $2.50 do:. Bird Nest Straw Hais $2.00 $25.00 rr bat T66 A WHTE PANDAS.x. 5'2 $.50 dot. gr. FAST SELLNG TEMS» 9b C fm. f.' W.. CK. RMN My r+t. WW. T bt.' MO. / D6. ONS {7/ M..,.. f/s l.m M GYyM 600r.nN6.N /, 7M f N T bnr T fab 4w LM morn 47;..7,.-.N.w. C.5. Ctbr m«^ M N' U nnt.. lo. 700 U. 95.,66 fe w.^ YT r' Nlb Rwe /t...w... A.' Oo.o. CrKb/». JO. w ,....7f 57.w VW. N. NN. Nt.. N 7 w /.rmn MN..-. N -N n4e0 WNr,5N4.N O.N..nbN ioe CaMt.00 S OD.r S.W. Can N.M tl,ow wnn. 3" C 44N N 0l w ÌNin K 5N.N Tq moo 0N.r Union 09wrY N " Cmk OWN N AM /n fun.nw w: N.rk f Nwbul P06. GNS wnk. rot rbn N NN.. 7..*'CwN MN, N ^ CN. ON. 0.p N...90 f W.Mt w Cowl. Ls. WY Malal Coro 5...., N t CN6 NNr DN 25 7' DwtN farr Crb fml. Dw C.W.O. Fur 40 N ) N 6.6 NM 7,M.S..66 7,66.y 5 00 ).00 BADGEPORT TEMS.r Ow. G...n.. s., LN Cub Kn. w Snrrn N 0.0 " DNY. ert NneN Cub Knila w Sheen /umn fb. Fr. «SO Pur 44 w MrM D N.w..Kb. Kers.m,-0 " ar O.a.. 7 5' 64K la Con... J Com. w SS...H L// h.l Handle 7 /N. Kn. w. Kw CMn...66 m.e/..rl ONrs Ohm.N MOO c ScT ON TNN w Cm./S.40 ^ 70ec9e w. CmN.N 4 00L.\e M.50 NL mr< r flag bulln.. r.0. M 0/l0 04.N 7 70 Wnr.lYnKnN w!k.t [MM.f..S0 Mn3yr NarnNnk ChN.... A / = Reuw COmNN. M SLUM TEMS... Slum.rNrMS Wh.r. D. Rnn. MNn. $5.50 fl..wfa. /n. el<. 00:< C.... NS 5.0x. 544n Nuwbr\.....,,Mit. ur7e /Wm... MrnMkls K.N..Mt racn.t.75 r. 766gr. Oa.NNw. D 7.7 Or. Oe.l.. YNNM W. N.w.M Llt..r ^ Ma. Straw N. w 600N lot 3 N LM. NNMS.w f. MNn 7 N.r. 7!,^ All-NNn ON Foollior 40 Nlown.r. Amid 44 ChM., Ornament*. 3.2r. NK WY.uN M, reed. NN N. 556 J Or. T,^ K7.y.r. Ns NoM w.n,...,., /.NN flin Twl w c.o..., sr. Ls. osnn.s V. '.OM./44 NV.wton. 0. N. Cw.0 M0. w405 6 N. S3^ neuw TomM.tbt METAL SPCE SPARK GUYS $2.00 dol. $22.50 gr. MOTOR CYCLE CAPS Clon dot gr. PARASOLS ' Tri Motor Bombers CO Gr. Five Moto, Bomben 70.!0 Cr. BEE BOP (APS dot Sr. FRENCH BERET "..''m dot. METAL (AP REPEATER PSTOLS.75 dot gr.. C.. 75 «RN. (HROME dot Gr. Chrome Trombones KEY TRUMPETS $2.25 dot Gr. BREAK ACTON CORK RFLE CHRPNG N (AGE O.. BRD Gra. Loge Small 75 t 40 $3.00 dot. B A 00 r ro 4. Ls t0" he Tr3. TS f S0 S CORDUROY JO(KO MONKEYS 7 $.50 eer. SLS/. "sl.rsam. S.S0 Y, D' S7.Sat Br. SPECAL. MF Nenie, /2r rin Hr. BALLOONS NM.YwN.../r... NN 7 MNY. MouN Club w b7aµ Nn Or. 70 Mk.. WKkn. fa.....,.....n. T. M OM, w Mu..le.n for nn0o. Gr. :7 Two nom t.7.w +2Maur O.SS n5a. Or. ). M0N er Cl.r WrY.r. ea..'.7 + T,r.allNn Or. ) /. 0 SK «n. Or. 0rn.mb /a00.. Gr 7 20 WorYn 0, At..r7Nn e 0 Circus Animal rn.. Gr. 7 Hr.onfMO.4en\ srrarrhr.. Co SO 0n {tkb. Gr Nane O 0NOn sum.. [. ]A! KDDE WESTERN STRAW V. rlre a\. n,.. Wn.d brim w chin ce.. $2.40 dot Gr. 5'7" NDAN DOLE O.NO.n colorful nman Cum.. Tarr rr,c numb/, GANT MEXCAN STRAW SOMBREROS. rhn c.. r b.44n6r dot Gr. MOUSE BEANE = HATS /Yr he tnn dot. S28.00 Gr. METAL BREAK dot. rlt WA AND OLE BEANES ran r.) dot Gr. ACTON SPARK CORK PSTOU TOPO CLOTH CAPS r «<. NL. a.. r. r... S.0 r... $3.00 dot. $33.0( i,. SCHATTUR NOVELTY CO. TERMS: '. DEPOST WTH ORDER, BALANCE C.O.D., P.0.. NEW 0000 Telephone: (Orlland Park Row, New York 7. N. Y. SEND FOR CATALOG

101 00 MERCHANDSE THE BLLBOARD JUNE A Real, Rose (lot HT THE STREET FOR BG DOUGH WTH THS OUTSTANDNG OAK EXC US/PE! PRE -SOLD TO MLLONS THROUGH TV. ONLY OFFCAL MCKEY MOUSE CLUB BALLOONS. 2 BG BALLOONS! No. 4 HMS with BLACK EARS and STRETCHED FOR BGGER VALUE AT THE HANDOUT. No. 4 HM- ASSORTED COLORS FOR SALE NFLATED WTHOUT BLACK EARS OUR 40TH YEAR "Hutch" Hutchinson presents his new Polish. Meurs ifs Jose! ON OAK'S BRAND NEW SEE YOUR JOBBER TODAY! BRAZLLRN AUTO POLSH POLSH WORKERS PTEHMEN POLSH WORKERS PTCHMEN Neri. li Pool mon, winner. big trot. llgvid WipOn Wipe -0 Polish with root FLASH APPEAL label. Samples 5.00 each An Easy tem -3 Cross $50.40 per Cross FOB Chicago 4-6 Cross $43.20 per Cross FOR Chicago 0 Cross and Up.... $36.00 per Cross FOB Chicago, AS A PTCHMAN 0 A PTCHMAN YOU GET FAST SERVCE Terms: 2s e ruh ord.,, balm. C 0 O. HUTCHNSON CHEMCAL CORPORATON OEPr Be. 9S W. ARMTACE AVE CHCAGO s LLNOS OvER 3000 TERRFC VALUESt!- CLASS LAMPS, OLD FASHON CHMNEY TYPE, ASST. COLORS, tr. TAP Fla 0 her acon DCE LAMPS. TALL a00.r ae.en HURRCANE LAMPS. ASST. COLORS S.Od r, den CHNA LAMPS. LARGE 24 TAL NEE Um" New CMls New cet Y., swim.... PALMER SALES CO., a. SECOND AVE, DALLAS, TEXAS i PPES FOR P TCHMEN By BLL. BAKER SOME TME ACO.. ill discussing the inconsistencies of noun of our fellowmen, some wise old character suggested that it was rather imprudent for people who live in glass houses to be heaving boulders. We make note of that counsel here because this comer is aroused occasionally by some of the Scribed bellyaches it gets from some of the oldtimers in the trade who scream their cars off because the space is olttimes filled with the jottings of pitcheroos of a more recent vintage. The aforementimed amusement is- evoked by the fact that in 9 out of 0 times the piper doing the bellyaching is himself guilty of a much -too -long an absence. We are always glad to hear from built the old notl new members of the pitch brigade. so,now" let's keep the gab coming and keep everybody happy. Moral: Either move into a more substantial abode or quit heaving the boulders. N LNE WTH %S'FAT... we mentioned above the glass hangouts. we welcome the follow. ing piece from Eddie Diebold (De- Bold), who is surely a REAL old - tfnter in the pitch fraternity and one who, incidentally, has been ab- sent from this confer for a REAL long lime. From San Diego, Calif. Eddie pens,yll s been a long time since 've piped in, but,evers week buy a copy of The Billboard and scan the Pipes column. notice that most of the items that 've read recently are from J. C. Ls. Where arr some of the old timers such as Eddie ( :illcspie (the re- MPROVED- PRECSON MADE 4 N' RAZOR BLADE TOOL USE *NV UBaO oouola -locg RA20R eslaoe THE WORLO'B smar Pa st TOOL / R <6wT Many Uses! as 000 Oa COra4all0B Menlo \\ 00 wy.r dooh MMHSNTas r.oe w eny40.en eolrwr W /NOOW ANO TLE SCRAPER A Fine Mated. howdy t t her on the bench, on yew wn5 chop to NH. dong en e job or use up of yyr t a cep e, 008. it CURVEO PANE outemnitolly iasteble from 44th inch to 2,nchs. Made Nom.tur d, Tight weight motel, it it ewe tool that yev would not wont to b mahout, Per beards up to 2x2 holding Neon term windows end doers, or planks. ACME CLAMP VSE NCREASE YOUR SALES BY 40% DEMONSTRATE THE CLAMP VSE WTH THE RAZOR BLADE 4 -N - TOOL DRECT ALL NQURES TO: SELECT PRODUCTS 808 SOUTH DELFORD AVE. DUARTE. CALF. Ho t ttst tertl Hit the Market LA^RG Nth'i n Tara! O _ needs it- B.y. SAFETY in`i LOCK $4.50 WRENCH with Retail Price SAMPLE 5.95ín 0.. 6d-of-Finger Rel ease" nnn A srry nce. ry,,. mkr NaP. VMUT wrncn, rtes.lacer, ler, nani raw. reel neldr, tc. $.TO Each in Donn Aued le W sly. Suant nnurm Nsmw.Lon. ire's Lot F.O.B. en car TDw. Perfect sure was vtp minor Nan. sen n.mhl OF FNDER 74':7 LRET Profits DALORE.NHtscnen ndirldually Bosd uent. e. ue a.r.alr e7 e.o.o. even. H & S SALES, 664 N. Hamilton. Chicago 45.. PUNCH NEEDLE WORKERS and DEMONSTRATORS Gel our Nie.. en the bast 3 Needle Sot on the market- - _ice finer- ReEtrlar- Large. Samples at all 3 needle eel. Prias n e«et.eom on moues /. HOME ART & NOVELTY CO. Router Sr S $.00 6 urlington, Wisconsin Ì SELL ll's New! Guaranteed Decoraling 2 / A rital erormslonhl ra lace, then site, V7 mcms / som. N mama te Hk or 'hr, Ne hreufn the bag, lilts M stanching lose., Flapie mead en / both sides. Easy t sae -sash la wean. Gur.nlel r- THE SET with Ow GUMMED /AG Com PN Nt. w:ln le book t. law o. $36.00 datlpast Feed Celer. rot Your /Plrtn M -- coco. u Send fer ter famdnl \\\\\ \\\\ \\\\\ (HEFMASTER PRODUCTS CO. 07 W. LAKE ST.- CHCAGO 7, LL / PTCHMAN'S PARADSE DRECT FACTORY PRCES ob,m WE BOOE S0ES- FARS--- Y.OWS ach, rktf MOULT JULENNE'., < a MOUse LT faad MAKER, N f Elh. Rue RK0es AW elian. LYld or Panor, Fre 3enfas FoN omefio. -Fro Corn netter (Jim 0-Fre nnelen Vlla=lir HNn tlns Shorn.* Ptot., Lmielln lhlrnlsm aal V.. Plastic Towels N's'. Cloth F om N.. om T.. BEST PRCES -FAST SERVCE ART NELSON CRESTLNE COMPANY est St. Chic 7. ELECTRC PENCL Prefemlo....luden No. f.l:taal money mater /ore, u el aear. pp Will help Yet. wll mere of almost an 3Wfn L Orig. hut. 3. Avoid m Favorite pllebm P0, l de Miracles. Ne, Esterase. tine. sine, m big tn t. now, inow yoca uroas a alter or color with hut coa o Mr wn. en leather. íl l. wood. card, book, ate, NR o money arded fío Catr rolls ol e Mtd el Tool for xdn metal lmnrlm. ltg, with senenl ilyrpï pini p é tlu mal ai, eñlri pm. for N. o. R. E. STAFFORD, Electric Pena 37í0 N. Meridian St.. nd. Lisa,M- MEDCNE MEN! The -. House Thal Qualify and Strike Baies l'or elmatrr.,t meet patio T w Puny fat quotations Y of Ton{ta, nrbl th=enls, \elves. Cern d Fool CYe and Vitamn, bl Pow - and T.rV and Liquid Tabled, t- Comptes dered Vitamins and Feeder. Vitamins. We peelal)te and Formola Wort. ad. bb ed kmnufaelwrig Pharmacist. Products eatla on ell our ono brands as well. roan. N ynn W ppntlnuotu eenitv. ey e arar: THE HOUSE OF SERVCE! (ELTONSA MEDCNE COMPANY POS Cnl rt Ave. h,ne inein n obi f. Oho (DENT BR.ACE.ETS! Aluminum, told plated styler of Es Dondon,deal rfiv :. at Sa' Dint \art lines, her Meterren xtrla all u kln.l of nletelaara órsnet aine. for Mom.. RM. ear Ì2abr bri E ark lice. forosamples Milwaukee Novelty Ce. la. N 3rd fl, hlilwulr. WH PAPER MEN Contact Don Knight -or mead deer an Xntuekr and Tonne -.e Sre farm P.m. Writs STATE FARM PAPER UNT O,. tif Midi..., Rancoeur

102 JUNE SPECAL DEAL... DEMONSTRATORS -JOBBERS- DSTRBUTORS WRTE FOR PRCES Sensationally New!. Tri- Wonder BUG and ODOR- KLLER BULBS a," fits any lamp n year how. Kiss reaches, ants, (list, mo.quiroos Droys aapmaswt eden. Noncoms, contains no DDT or linden Complete with nsec-,..l.mess. Pin tables or.d 6 Oren. Blossom tablet. Sol tace method to kip Mom, and deve. for S tablets 9 -Torr beni. Send $.00 for Sample (RESTLNE COMPANY 959 W. GRACE STREET CHCAGO 3, LLNOS :4rM ATTENTON, ALL (OL WORKERS MMM Mr New 2.Color foil s Ready Fa Shipping Now Compare rho dllterenc n tolls and u with this all new coil which will ncrease roar velum of sales immediately, Use M best looking coil. Sample FRE to all man nor working coil. Orden hlppad came day m re <oired. All toll have rim sn top. Las./ to dmon Have lots of stock en hand al M flees You don't have to wale. You will not be let down. Thls toll la not plastic ber porclaln but made f genuine bake. NEW LOW PRCE nd will not Main then. L ford to Ml $,40.00 deep distributor. Have carbon.slab. n en tons. Your cast of.kipping is chmpar. CROSS HAROLD NEWMAN PHONE -WR TE -W RE UNVERSAL GNTON CO. 754 N. CLARK STRCT CHCAGO 40, LLNOS Yep Ph : LOngka.h.3499 Noma Ph.: LOngbeach 4903 M4N9N4%4 % %HEWN %4%%4N%% M M66MM4464NMMr 4's PTCHMEN os KRAFT Formula 9 Car Polish. The Hottest Fair & Store tem. Metal top and bottom can. An attractive Package at an Attractive Price. Write for Prices. Sample $.00 Retails $.00 for One. Three for $2.00 Store Demonstrators Wanted -Will Train. KRAFT PRODUCTS CO W. Buena Vista Detroit 38, Mich. NEW! NEW! NEW! GREATEST DEMONSTRATON KTCHEN DEVCE N 20 YEARS CANT TELL YOU WHAT THS KTCHEN MACHNE S YET. T WLL RETAL FOR ONLY $3.94. SHOULD SE READY JULY S. SALES SHOULD TOP ANY KTCHEN TEM EVER DEMONSTRATED. A FREE SAMPLE AND A DEMONSTRATON PTCH $ YOURS FOR THE ASKNC -SEND THS COUPON AND S 00 TO COVER HANDLNG CHARGES. POPE BROTHERS. NC., 20 N. Sangamon Sheet Chicago. llinois Phone: Seeley 8-24 Name Addreat City The Best Deal on HAWAAN T LOGS G teed Fresh No Spellalo Fastest Dalvory SPKl 0W, 0 P(ES M me:. e etw nni New Perk. Le/w.. Napang letta W an.e fresh da sletk «rea W e. sia epa flesh re you..ras tens a«mahe mama ants from /h. wort roasrt Po, are$ A leas coo edr M N 7:40M ORCHDS OF HAWAHAWA, M(. «.., w far Tdda.!4 w MM EeaN Nw nari P,Kr. THE BLLBOARD MERCHANDSE 0 :.ulr.y.r f that tine, to. and 'slide their, u..: mouse in Sean at (:leas am bated now Us S and am voter and a tax here. You know, it's ahem, flu belief that f sou beat fellowman out of what is fulls his stns wdl al'a9 w: n the cod with flock of Weals and bad luck. Tale fur : stance in my case- got brat o of bunch of dough by some ul the ruractrn used to work fur and most of them are now on the rocks or are about ready to go cell the rocks -'ve found that it Ken cralh pays to give guy a Full Julie. am now advertising n. rircraft agar for the San Diego A ndustrial Year Book and Employ. re's Business Cuide. ha:d env rnsn apartment in suburban North Park and have just now put a roast 'ill the oven (if Sou know what ocean). This sure is big relief from living out of a suitcase and eating in greasy hash pints. f you happen to be coining out this way and want to Cut up a few Jackpots (which am always anxious and happy to do), drop me a cant to 408 Arizona Ave., San Diego, Calif. sure would be glad to see my old friends of pitchdom. Now think 'll make up some "red" over the kitchen stove and put out some workers. All the workers out here seem to be sing- ing the blues. Well, now that 've piped in, hope that many of the oldtimers will do likewise. Let's keep in touch will. one another. i consider myself a friend of the pitchman.' JM POOLE... of ndianapolis. tells us that he'd like to sec a few ipes from M Gardner, Chuck Nestor, Honest John McCrail and a flock of the other boys. (t goes without saying that ne think this is a good idea. too). THE AMAZNG DOC JESTER... the gent with the fluoroscopic optics, reports from Oakland, Calif., that he s still busy with his mental and hep act. Ho also has some concessions on the l'est Coast and has Just finished working the Chico (Calif.) Fair. BEN (HOBO) BENSON... that venerable old Knight of the Road, slips us the info that he's just about ready to pull up stakes in the East and take off for the West Coast some time early in July. Not only will he be pitching his Hobo News, but he also intend. working fairs and celebrations with his sketching outfit. Ben says hell! have to throw himself into high gear and do sprite real hustling because now he's a PAYLNG traveler on the country's railroads and no longer avails himself of the FREE, but somewhat cramped, accommodations afforded by the rods on a box car. %%'HAT ARE... sou specialty woter3 doing about the numerous July 4 celebrations that will be he d this year? There will be plenty of lucre flying around loose if you are ready for it Write for Now law flake Semple Sag C. P. FTZPATRe7î lee M tme Sere. W,9m,n9.n, AT LAST TS READY THE TEN N ONE MULT- PURPOSE WONDA -SCOPE Scores of uses: n the home. hunting, boating. fishing, nature study. forestry. celestial observation, etc. ATTENTON. DEMONSTRATORS: This sat... nth going le be to.s best money getter,n.ran- Oldt.wn wn rename.. he. powedes N was roan ego. s took were then a perfmt it. and bt we are read. Alp the.easing TEN N ONS MULTURPOSO WONDRSCOPt. and H -. made right here in the U.S A. ant doing basal. is new Ming W elled en tokeh4n Fer the fain, $Nrte.nt stem.. chain Moms end M Chrltlm Naen, nn t....t bay Stets, Clrl Stets,.portshlks end Me hem maker, and. ensnenal pneh men. For Nether.nfrw.Nen. nfludin5 amcial patch.nd sempaes, rusk Sg0. be r USES: SEEDNG (ERS (00C TRNSHETE COMPOUND M(CSC0E ADLStE TFES(OPE FOCUSNG NO(UUS DEtOtlt COMPASS FLT 00 SOL' TMf (0( W PNT50E0(OPE (MP Fitt.6 Oar price fo dmonstrefon is right for volume salas. W. uf,o manu facture and carry complete lea of Kitchen Gadget, and Fashion tem. for domo,sfraters. N. K. MORRS MFG. COMPANY AVON, NEW ERSEY N4N,4'4.N4/.4444NMMNN COL WORKERS: PRospect 5-06 ( $46.00 per gross for THUNDERBOLT GNTON UNTS Our peodechon s gated te mdse lute cou val n ver run short of merchandise. Deal wash an established firm 0.. not.t yen do.. FLM AVALABLE FOR TV. F.0. Chicago. llinois. o, Monrovia C.iforni, at $46.00 per g.ett Address.lh.,: United gnition Research, c/o d Latham Warehouse, 545 South Slate Street, Chlcag., llinois. Phone: Wabash 3984 oit United gnition Research. 20 South Myrtle Ave., Monrovia, California. P hone: [Viocs [matte/icy: Elliott t ALL ORDERS SHPPED SAME DAY R. A. (Bud) Chalue United gnition Research 20 Se. Myrtle A Monrovia, Cliforni Contact the.!revenu elhcm for samples. Forts and compo, shipping nformation blore Marine sou. 0 cider with Chicago rani... hmm N MMWWMWMNMg A 4r9MMMMNMNh9MM. GENUNE PLASTC TOWELS EXTRA TARGE PACCAGE OF S TAKE N BG MONEY REGULAR 5.00 FRG. 250 N 00 LOTS OR MOR 0 FREE WORKERS WTH EACH 00 OVERNGHT SERVCE ANYWHERE l' CO EAST WARREN WA 3.93 DETROT. MCHGAN - Noe D:ONSTR %TORS!- R (MLKERS! LGHTS -CAM ERA -ACTON Cuna:n Co., Up. Reads to Shoot. With Ne. NW le ?.? Chang....Y.b Naar -Waffle Cr P.,,, Shell Markle Nnes-P..iic S..Nn for wak. Mg Ray.ea, T a r r t, i Hen D'wan., Nera -rony Cloth San lc many other 'lama Wide 2acb Lary fer maces roe Me mn.. BONLEY PRODUCTS CO. s u ark with s. Tep storm. Too P.C. Sa..paa $.00 each, credited 28 So. Clinton St. d pu mew.. Chka tne. Phone- RAndolph

103 ll 02 MERCHANDSE THE BLLBOARD JUNE ALLANCE OFFERS YOU THE COOLEST DEAL N THE COUNTRY EMPRE MULT -USE REVERSBLE WNDOW FAN EXCLUSVE EXTRA FREE Portable steel Fon Stand included -noshing to assemble. Simply set fan in cradle, Also available n ADJUSTABLE -Fits any win dos. - Double-Hung -Casenl -Ste el EXHAUSTS stale air FRESH AR drawn in from outdoors NO DRAFTS directs air updown- straight QUET lour B" blade. for maximum yolums 0.20 V. A.C. only Packed to carton Carnet print rat of $39.95 Only five 0" Blades -Same as above. $.00 ea, n lots of 3. Sample $2 ea. 3 PECE PEARL SEE- 3lrand Necklace, 3 Strand Bracelet and $9.00 each in lots of 3 or more Sample $0,00 each Drop Earrings. (ores in While, Pink, Blue. Each Sel individually boxed $ 9.00 per doz. ladies' all leather French Purse. Oulside (ein Purse, gold embossed $2.00 per doz. :0 Genuine Western Wallet, Top grain cowhide, Tipper all around small saddle wallet. n black and brown S 8.50 per doz. lighters with floral design $.20 per dos. Sunglasses $.20 per doz. Men's Caps, Assorted S 3.00 per doz. 25% Deposit With Order, Balance C,O,D., F.O.B. Chicago Wanted: Agents, Distributors, Wagon Jobbers. Contact ALLANCE SALES CO W. Roosevelt Rd. Chicago 24. llinois Phone: e -02 T'S AMAZNG! 32's BEAR Rayon Plush.,eels. $ Despite Higher Costs for Leber end colon de[en, Materials. These Low, Low Prices! n.rose fete 25" MOUSE * * DOLL e As lluclnera RYen Leto e 4Nnctiv AA W Haleo AO ser- $ at n cross tole 9x0" COLLE A plu >h, aulhenlif e,ke Vinyl sac. 5U J de ten n aross leer es. MMEDATE DELYERY 2 "xd "Rayon Plush Poodle ,00 dos n won 28" Rayon Plush Bear $ der. n gross ole... ea. 36" Clown, full sire body $.40 2,00 dos. n arose tete " Clown $9.00 M. cor- n ere. lots ea b9,nnnnnnnaw4n ONLY too 8 dz. 42'" Dancing (2:).h,..7,^ $ 50 tie n at 24" *Taffeta Clown $6.00 Dz. 5" Silting Doll 6.00 Dr. 0" Plush Scotty Dog, 6.00 Do. 6" Rayon (loth Doll 4.50 Dz. FLEE Phrlilm Bap lot All Toys' All tems Cotton Stuffed Order Samples and Compare) P(s. $.40 al -36 Po, ', dor. el u., Dosen,2. Davy Crock: wenn er r sposo wit: FREE Y fam,le = 0n0. Send for PRE* Curd. C.O.D. if not rates cle.eut end sep.,.tiro" 5 ACE TOY MFG. COMPANY C S]6 Broadway, N. Y WA "Shoot the Chute?".v. 45 Street, Oklahoma City, O,a,... 6 issue GAGSTER Cartoon Contest. 373 GVE TO DAMON RUNYON CANCER FUND Letter List Lotter, and packets. addressed to persona la ears of Th 8board atri b. advertised n this lat two 'mes only, 2 you are having mall addressed to you r our care, look for your name EACH WEEK. Nall le fisted according to the office of The Billboard where t s held, Cincinnati, New York, Chicago or 8[. Lou. To br listed n loliuwlne week's ssue, mall must reach New York, Chletga or Bt. Louts by Wednesday.corning or Clncltmatl office by Thursday morning. MAL ON HAND AT CNCNNAT OFFCE 260 Patterson St. Cincinnati 22, 0. Parcel Post Adams. :enn '"' Hall, lin. Marls Adam., elle. ali, R'ard i 7h Adam., Pe*ry Alcolt. 8 Clown) nannsn, C. F. ""rda Aldrleh. Marton PUy:right Allen, James Hansen, Jnhn i Alton, W, }. Bertha Anderson, Prank flan was. ]aine lnerry GONOUnd artu, Bob 0 Andes Mrs. Juno Dell.., 'Cxall Andresno. Frank Ha Y. Henry Anthony. Ptl Hayden. Donald T. Anlonetle, LiKelit Heady Mra. B Alehley', ]amts Hendr{x. Tomme Baf Oy, Joha B, i HCU. Clyde \'altar Mn. B. David BaHe,s. ]aine. llnekley. Lee Baker, Jot B,lwCe. Pilet Mr;rrs Hole,!lark the Banta Mra Mont" Barham. J. C. Bue.lae. Barney rßeminan'"' Beatty. Jonas E. Bru. C. E. Hinson. Elwood W. B""", Harry BUddyi Holmes. Robert Horan Lam Moran. rn lnshert, Mrs Marcia /oxford, ßlehard orek) Bubbert Theodore ilturr rlee, JmmY Jack 7T Bonknt Maso jatobr, Duc elaok, Holly Jackson. B. C. Blair, suede i Mlidred Jerkin. Raymond Od ßaJ'mOna JOhnwn. Wainrl[hl Jobnaoq, Frank Bolsewk<, Mra. Mary Fjlhu lohnaon, N "rie Borden, Easel Johngn. Stase R. P[te7 W. Janet, Geo, i Jewell Bomar, W, L. Jones Mn. Helen Bose, Mn, Helen K,rlowakL Alm Bou "er, Mra Hobe Karr, stn. Kay eoura.a. Chas Karr. Michael i Mn. Borer, Ho=v for K 9agtly Leel Ketly, p Bndler. Beery e. KNT. e ßnagg. DorONy iehl, Florenrt Bray, Earn nc. ftcltlyl Bran, W. M. KTltgl Kleban. - -_ - -, Brennen. Wwud Knoa. B rcnnan J has Kohler. Dick BrodnauiÁ Geo. & Kermam C-arrotl Mn. ralaxo i 0 Geo Kowakl, ßáy mood M Brooks, Mra ANhur Brown, Hues Krause. Frddlerletn Bryant, Jame Krtdelto, Edward Krldetle, rá Sid Buckley Mrs Maa),a Dleu A E. Bundy, Donald Lamb..cell Burrldee, Jan, ersely, an A. Calt(ornit skippn.area, Frank Larrons Metr/n i.. calk. Tomm >- Cur. Jesnnle Layton. Carlu, Bert Lee, Mrs. Claire Clua C. Carve, N'aE Lee, Lonud, Ham (W. Co... Charles D. & ui w n. Castello, Bessie ethyl rd'rodert tl Caudell, Mary Sae Lerndrr, Jack Chambers, Mrs Palsy Leber, Don Chvanne. James Leto, James V. Chemin,nL Lee Lewis, Sammyv Cicero-Will. leek Llneuln. Happy cira Kea Locktod, Mra Clancy. Carlt Amanda Legedon. Mirky [UmmN. tart e Cctit#. a or G. Cutler, Harsea Dabba Haney Davis, De Corte, Bono. M aid. Drano. Corinne Delota, J"n Drmelro. Archly i Betty Derriere, Fronk Denby, Buck Denton, W... i Mn Tyne Docrn,,,Clarence uchtne, LeweY Dumnnd. \laurtce i W e. nt Mark. Robert L. Mukey Roy i Mrr. Madden, Mrs Ruby Mann. Rohe. Mannins Ennis Manama, Tommy ldatoi Market Pet Mutin Nul Maton. Tex Mannes.. SlameY Mertr, Levu Nayar. Wm. Branton Mellor. Cart G.!letter, Frank Metcalf Jr.. Wm. Moyen. Cul D. NeYer. Nn. ' Lelda MT. onaid S., Frank r, Mre. Mar[an[ Pete Walirr Ballte roer Mu Munroe, Geo, Ronnie lurrar. GrorQr Wllllam Th rill Show' Negus h7'. Lark Negus, Johto T. rwcomr, L. NCholas, Jnhn \oils Spelled Liberty norie lmtr.l Norle. Art Liver, Jack D. O'NeL Jas. y. Jimmie Ann Denvers litrlea Owen, Pre Parker. loan,.: lonr'ao= toy Molhe T. W. hrle, N. CLeona lame, RobL Poteel, Randy Pow[ro, Nn. Neill R, Prustrk. Chesur leer, Barharn J. Raney, Mra. % Bannet flappe, Ba,u Frenchlel Retes. Tmmy N,Y. Jlmmle Ray, Jney Ray, Mr. Lynn Ne[a :. Louo G. Rennlee, alivin R. Revlon Ph Át, Petty -aeon, Rolle l J. J. (! Rwra Rinehart. Jack R. Nitro. Nr. -AUfu Nobble., Vic Nobhon, Aft. ß. Robinson, M. A. lira SW Robinson, Rochmaq, A llodrero. John Bnry Rosen, Jack Ror Mrs Eddie Rome, Mn. Clare Rote, Blaeky Rosenfetl. M. Jlmmle Lou Rothman. sol Rowers, Bob i Mrs. Roselle, Sable, Jack :r"3 Cooklns. sabot. Chas. i M. Slevrnrn, \largle Swank, Tailo Sandy Taylor Chas ( Mons Revuen Taylor, Earl ß. Taylor, WMmn, Tertian, Tnby i Mra. Terwliltrer, Sow, lenk, Eu[ene. Teil y, Fletcher Toid. :4e tont ToKruenaCarol 4 Naeml GladYa F. 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Stevens will lam P MAL ON HAND AT NEW YORK OFFCE 564 Broadway New York 36. N. Y. NEW.ORC LST rntb Paul Adam. Amell, Wentworth Borden, Lau Leroy, A Borten, Lee W.t&. Lester Clayton Duke Cou, Mn. Drip lta[lool Merle Lanf. Laon Bnnnitan. James J. Yack. Eddie Happe Conklin..el (Mr.s Lay.. c Horns, Lam R. Malnea Willard Conn, Floyd i Mre. Lowrey, Sammy M, i ClerarleRl, Jack Mark, Jlrtlmy Cook. Madinoq Gras Clair, DOT., Marvel, David Corte, Steve Md, J T. Cook. 5. i G. R. Meaner'', Charles D. Costello, James J. MacDonald. MrDOnalA. Chandeg Corey. Joe Moore, Alfred tcookhow!' McC,io, O. c. Cuero, ranis Jese Nirkrn, Mr. Counter. Mra lecmn. Robe. 8aaw Dvo, Virsiglg llegee, James Patten for Palet. Jenn Dumont. Mrin" Cousina. Mra John J McCte. Leeler Pacteau. Harold Schnell. Carlyle e. Cnbn. Sam i Merle McGinley. Btrhra [leuamlth W8hn Shafer. Craydoo, Sam L lckewrn. Crac Gddo, Robert Frank Narle Mere.. onala Stanley. M G. Cronin, A'Mbr Mack,.e Roy Earl *tilde. Murray Sto, Hank Hoover. Billy Gene Teoo Booby.aun Cuero. Belt> Jesn es. Georre P, Jest, Mrs Loul. Wall. er, W, S\'. R. Lester. Eater N7rlu. W. MAL ON HAND AT CHCAGO OFFCE ras W. Randolph St. Chicago.. Ca.., Herman S. Cerß hie+ Michael B. Chleholm, John L Carter, June Cuero, Betts Jess Davis ROY ntlemon. R H. Johnson, William Jeffries, Elmer C. Kobaeker, Robert Karmi t.umdkln, Ron Leonard i Sdal Starr, Andy S.M. W. Telrona, P, Tuttle: Allen Tulpe, MAL ON HAND AT ST. LOUS OFFCE 390 Arcade Bldg. St. Louis. Mo. Pared Post McCabe, Mra Ruth in. Gordon Delaney. Bernlee Zrlit Aldorf. Pipe eiolle Alllwp. Tex J. Dale Amex, lack Sr. Mr.. P. id R. Arapahoe. m's c. Du n n A. San. Floyd Docrn éióç,h Blekely, Pteell L. Palu Lruuch, Lee. Crowe, Bcr Jeaa Daniell, Darnell, Rckey B. Fester. Charles G. Faller, Roc Firm Ulta. y. Narri. A.. HaHlaid. bale R'. E, John Arthur Hollenhe Bonnie Nollrnneek, Herold C. HVesbeek, HvR ou Hors, Mr, Howells, Detrlm Kenney, Mlr Art w Kuly, John MlJorua KnlPprnberg. Jarkl MK.loud. Delbtrt McDonald. B. C Mcalatlera Wllllam H. Sial hen, Edward Martin, Fart.SialJewaki, Medlin, scale - NlAdlrbn. Cot. Odell M Aller. Oona0 4. Stofletd, Jane Moore, Harvey 2. Nroore, J. D. Meere. Raymond C. Noun. Mr.i Mra Dabble Moreno, Tito N. Morro. llr. Dorothy Morriaer. Uavld Allyn. Morton. J. M. Nnrtensen. Alt anrr. N. E, lach. Jobe Nell, James Nets' r. ß0 O'Haver, 7trk D. O'NeY Jerry Penton, William ra..e Re El e P. Reins Let W. Robert Dale Rambo. R'salry Yeul Rector, dr. i Nre. áej Reed. Arookey Rlcbarda, J. T. RohlnMn. D. W. Rosen. f:w 5andwkv. A. D. 5chanv, John!. Jr. tiehn<ll. Carlyle schroa Hr. M +a F o0 Sharp, air. i rj Jo Sheppard. usher Simons Charles Slalon, Mr, i Nn W'hlt<y 5mfl, lame A. 5pknluakBether Sias, :ledydslrard hlearn <, LR Steven", Mn. Mat so* Slumbo, Fred Slumbo. Mrs. Sue se 'Cm kle HAWAAN' T' LOG LOW AS 4'h' EACFÍ GRN OR COLOe0 LOWEST PRCE. BEST OUAJt. eta, NAW4a rá000( TROPCAL HAWAAN CO. Drat. t,4 5,,. tß - SAN fan NfSCO C4/ LLS SA O Ct Rote WHOLESALERS Sirce 90 Wes 23rd S ew York 0 Y. HOT TEM -3 WAY - T8coto* PtaSHLGHT Push Buetonaiva u 7 dos Weit. Takes regular sire two sell spotlight belles ea. Tore 750 feoì baamul Terms: Net C.O. Utlm r, Posde w2 oso order. Prompt del ve ry. (oxford Mercaallle, nc, mporten,rod Wh.04 lest,r. New York, MV N {M N- Y, Sell AUTO WAX at County Fairs and Farmers' Markets Make Over $ to $.50 Per Can A pasta wax selling for in &COMO,' Stores. Cleans, w.7,..+, weather seals in one easy operation. Order them while they last. Here's chance hundred dol dollars tweekearn selling the best cleaner polish on the market. Sammie can $.00 or Bade, gross and get slatted for only Robert Frederick 6 Riven Drive. Greet Neck. New York CLOSNG OUT 5,000 LAMPS Tabla Lem Pa $J Soo ís.00 teste Vanity Lorne $,00, $.23 earn Hurricane Lampe,..23 each Wall Lemp $.60, 60 Bull F,em<r T.V. Lame taco all lamps com,l wleh Meoas, Plastic Lam, shttlf.60 P.r dr, S Rountl P <luroavra,$p Per er. Smell round Mirrors..f7.60 fer with, haunt. C.O.D. Smith a Jobbing noose lea Mllwauke Ave., Chi.. 2,,

104 JUNE 30, 956 THE BLLBOARD MERCHANDSE 03 KPP BROTHERS' CARNVAL NOVELTES AND SUPPLES Just out! Our biggest and best Novelty and Premium Catalog in 76 years of expanding business! Write todoy for your copy of this 00 -page booklet featuring Flags, Novelty Toys, Housewares, Balloons, Blankets, Slum, Joke tems, Plush -Dolls, Hats, Glosswore, Advertising Premiums, etc. Please stotc your business, give your permanent address and mention Billboord Magazine. SPECALS SPECALS SPECALS SPEC /ALS SPECALS We've lowered our prices -so low in fact we can only promise to maintain them until July 0th this year. So H- U- R -R -Y.., When writing for your catalog take advantage of the buys you see on this page, and at the same time receive a FREE GFT from us. f your first order totals $25.00 or more, PLUSH & DOLLS -\.T4w nvaw t4rtn r i. aaer... Wwrle. ew, \NS, wtn ww.l M.. Special Dozen r40-6n 0,MO4 Cwel Nam. nyn_ R b../.w... sal ribbon. HtM, oe avt. <el<i Special. Dozen $ ! -\esse. Dolt. Pult *row. Men Nu, lall wr. et.ltt rece. COY. nwd, enh n poly..niel Special Dozen $3.95 ve a,4e Doll. 75- tell N. Dnesed tw a em Nt,n., each n eon.. e4e4s MO, 0 etn M nhlne tarton, Cen.w «. rer e..w $4.95 Lees than Ctn. lec.. felon $5.25 Ts-OHM...sole DN. le K. DrKNO n Mee. Jul wtrh rm enen Methlne hot- Asserted mien_ each n Ma Special Dozen NOVELTY HATS Prow C.o., Met -0mm.7 Casten o4 00 S CO Straw Penner Pfl. ba Her -Dosen 7.0 Tussle ON MK -Dover 05 Giant OMSrerw -aspe» Rine ' N.J Neta --Owen :rol aron tern N.wetlen MKheemM Mee -Opon..00 Pan. Pow CeerNy 4. -0Ovew w Coe. Men. 0en.0 6'} -b0een.7 MOP. M.. Me..0.- DONw...0 M4a Ww eec Ne-Onr. CNM e OerMF-Oew Or.N CARNVAL SUPPLES penn.,nh Cow._ teste Maela elrn An, 44-0eren...,.. Grose 04 Cone ecb.44-,p lee J!e f N ere AN -N-W. Don W.lentN DMr -OeNw» Onto 3e aloe. on. -\.. ter,.» e" Dan Slwllww -- Orev 9.s. 00eNh \.wls.-cln, M <t.....,.» Tb4 TMnn 04 -Ore. -/e WOW 044 \eml. -SlMn _7{ LsN.d WON.9 Kn. Alumlwum MN Slot /l.e-ekh....9 mrona Cwre ans. -Det.n., ]. WMn C arnlr. \ell -DeNn.H BNGO SUPPLES nes DNanNr Rolle. W,tts esse art ekh..,.98 Watts \af. RT -/Kn...,. {. "anal h.k.-..r 0 at P.r,4M \lose P,s AL Wf -even 70 lane sell.4 K -Per alt YO DuDl COYen Tle KF -ter rot,.7 GAME WHEELS»' Aluminum Whet -ekh 0.0 Md.N.-eKh. 27. le Alum/nun. Wheel -ekh.00 painted suf.-a.,. 7 S0 4 WON Lenin/al Wheel Raen»00 le Wed Cenlval Wheels -.t M.00 W WON Crnlval WD.-Kn y Wes. Cnlval Whet. -RKn 4.00 KPPBROTHERS Established 680 you'll receive one of our best C chango apron]. and F your order totals more than S50.00 we will include an EXTRA SPECAL gift. State if gift is for man or woman, BEACON BLANKETS 7.44 alawy4 thew Meta 6 em0 CMM t4. ee 0-4ec0 W. Lose Men Ctn. L./-b.L... e ] /6 Slew. KW.,M4w ennks. Ce.ew ter M 30-0th.04 lose thaw CM ML -seilt.6 Nun/ M.. MA Blanks. Carron OM M /9.-Socer lese rhos CH,.-. -\íl 6 New , HAM. ll... Carton Mt, M nach.75 Leos rhos tlw. lot. e -tech ].» Nemml Tote Pa4 al Ceents nka.r oeech -04 lese then Cm. rote -Slosh 7.7 Cows let. L-gKh.6 LN om Cents Nte -SlKh. Aster Pock Allen.. n AKN 6eMe NM {pror ty. CanM s.. s. P-sK.V le. than <nm Ws- ekh 7.7 GLASSWARE SPECALS W. bet.hl. M Me f.<ery hn M. N. r.n.vellabn when hl. 0/ N rone. Hrryl R67H,y POecN Sew/ tin p.r CorMn dw.l r trw. Slor -CanTumbr Nne e< 0,.w P4 /.,.N Por C mw t.w Ptr CMM... ]N \ah. TrrtwWr..e. BLOOPER'S BALLOON BEANE Olrlelll aver Clnu. SlelM s. with ell, rn, enne netecab4 NNlene.,see wow N rl ew KNrtN tno.., Window Displays and Cosstentg s Free Sox of 2 dann S 4.00 Gross STREET BALLOONS n" {nnhee Ser 4xn. Or 4.00 Werfen. New Mlakov X Mause 'se N.a D.ioe. O.. 7 N werten. Reco. SLUM BONUS ard { PLUM ßA WTH RVeRY le OR0 URCMA{g D. OROf.0 ONLY 90.ía YOUR.0Ce F lnwnlaet tomb. \um.tily na. RleweVl.. \.. Who +. pelher T{cYlen, Mecle, Rlne. Jumllne Ala., C<tN, rang, Mom., RuDer 6Nen, RYDD.r Llser., WnM pk /N AeM., T YO e Vlnvl Charm. ant Te7L 25% deposit nqulrd en e0 C.O.D. erde... W de not pay postage. ssued.uffk.,t amount e A SOc Chopp will be mode on all orders totaling loss than $ South Meridian St., ndianapolis Telephone MElrose , ndiana Nationally Advertised EVERSHARP RET. BALL PENS 24 Boll Pens to Bwuliful Display Cabinet. Contains ll Pen. al $.00 retail price and Pons at 5.9$ retail price. $29.70 total volt. far pose and display cabinet. Special Si 30 ric Only complete Terms: 2s'. dap. bsl. c. 0. D.. r ova. cm<.ge writs for Our Sommer and Foil Specials OPEN SUNDAYS 5,.6 W. L. Dia, Co., ADLER SALES CO. 09 W. Roosevelt Read, Dever. -30 Chlcaso, nn 32 PC. WHTE CHNA SETS $.50 Service for six -individually packed EA. Set includes: 54. an mronkr Pur 9s.. Also: riowters- Yeses- Figsrtse{. etc. $2.25 dz. Headquarters for Whoa in',msburgh. stop CHNA -GLASS-PLASTCS- vend wee OW.orge di.. NOVELTES- PREMUMS. etc. ploys. FREE PASSNO. BRNN'S CHNA & GLASSWARE CO.»7 OAST CA 00 ST, HTTt \URON, PA, Oren m to f m,.wry 4. nelud,nl ]umav,.sect Seer... * NEW WHOLESALE HOUSE N TOWN * Complete Lise o All Notl000lly Advertised Merchandise Speck! strodvctory OHer: M. -Ur Reenlble Window Sm. Canin $39.95 Peke w Ceo' S aa. M Mn.t we wry s2.v Sommar Jewelry Sel. Pets et terne. and NeoklK. $0.00 Per dee. swtpt a.. Carded Sunglasses swifts Carrying Cese. $4.00 per deg. Baw.Ple 500.mplme unk at Appll tree -- Wecken- Nese/lles- Cwtume Jewelry _Tel+- Ha.rr.e. - Or Specialty -CARNVAL ed PEDDLER SUPPLES PREMUM USERS -WAGON JONERS 25% AP., AN C.O.D...0 B. C4ag. AL'S SALES CO. 50 W, Q4an aen?:67.. /on NUmMth s -69/2 nc7 n04 ape,. *NO... DOER rlltlf A3 NW. urn] Dra+Cps A sew.` aad N Su 04AaACN4 AP/90vD Pd Malot4rlAnON D Al C,suM 370a9 e the NEW action toy! CAtA0O tad O/. SM ATLANTA JAYSTK CO. 73 PAb [7, W. r,a,,ta- OA 2" FEATHER DOLLS. Doz O PARASOLS. Doz x8" FLAGS. Dot..50 g O 42" FLAGS. Dos, " FLAGS. Gross.25 O LAP FLYNG BRDS. Gross 7.20 MANY OTHER TEMS OPEN SUNDAYS 5, 0.0., De. C \, Chit. BELL SALES CO HOSTED ST WARROR BOYS' RNGS M. DOUBLE HEAD CAMEO Artat4w Metal, tm&w.poset, 9wsdedd DMA wise geld Ader, dsublero MM. Cum. Specl /diltsemwte ee r Noise.. ALSO SKULL SNALS,, BRTN- STONE AND SLT SUCKL RNDS AVALABLE. $5.00 AU CROSS. Sterllag Jeweler., vr r eis i. Mlle st. Colombo, OB. SND FOR NEW CATALOG O rube tbio model, walnut Only '04-5 tubo, two ton solo RADOS Portables, Clock Table Models PRM/ RCHT STYL RCHT QUALTY RGHT 4-5 tub., ultra modern.040 -s tube. lluminated dial. Ont. colon '0 R 00 -Deluxe Personal Portable '36-5 tub* clock radie, walnut rube clock radio. east. colon TEA (ARTS =. =ï á 'PHONOGRAPHS shelves S5.95. Brase plated S7,SO. 5% discount for orders of dos. or roots of any.nes. Mom. TERMS: 25% deposit, balance C.O.D. MATTHEW STUART b COMPANY, NC. 25 East SM Street New York 20, N. Y. LMO Direct From Manufacturer Loving MWe 0.aoo Unlf M< S ' Manual and AbfomaNs ront $.97 New Design and Style up SALT AND PEPPER SETS lads Sel ndividually Packed With Cellophane Display Window * per dozen use. $40.00 per gross. Terms. Wo pay postage if 7u plymen' accompanies order or 25 ". deposit. balance C.O.D. Please specify whether Gold or Sliver Design WONDERCREATONS LOS ANGE ESNil. CALFORNA

105 04 MERCHANDSE THE BLLBOARD DEMONSTRATORS! GADGET WORKERS! N!Ag f H/5, YOU JUST CANT BEAT THESE StSTEFLS FOR TOP MO'NEy The MOUL GRATER The MOUL JULENNE With 4 steel discs for top, money at shows, fairs and Stores. ANOTHER tep Sfynnln Tla eel Only Sample $2.50 Sel Pr $3.50 ( o. o/ THE WOR' LD WTH :7044L Perlormon<a. THREE JO WHLE AND NEXT YEAR... A dependable money maker even al Pumpkin Fairs. AND NOW... N EW TEM FOR YOU! Honest merchandise, well constructed, means no beefs, big pass out and repeat sales. Pleased customers help you sell. WRTE FOR PRCES and PROVEN PTCH FOR YOUR OWN SPOTS, or we will arrange bookings on good PC for good demonstrators. Contact Mouli Manufacturing Corp. 9 -s BROADWAY JERSEY CTY 6. NEW JERSEY n Luxurious b Pc. Set Priced for ACTON nclads: Now an tem so A tilers elee. tien populal n spmal in s0 - Pen row n Pri ce We sound All mo.l mow r make ea. hlsle rra mmic pentu n a choice of elamin chrome or rich old tone, SmanlY elyl0 CV llnkl t's pratilwaked "natural." Handy Pocket Knife 25% with order, besant C.O.O. nldl m.l.i Rft R. S FRST GYRO THREE BG CRCUS ACTS Colorful CUT -OUTS on ep rtul Display BOX Attach to GYRO to Give Amoring Circus CUT -OUTS -JO, THE JOLLY CLOWN JEEP, THE MERRY MONKEY JUDY, THE DARNG TGHT -ROPE ARTST SPECAL STAND MAKES GYRO RUN N CRCLES ROTATNG. NOTHNG LKE T ON THE MARKED. SAMPLE ON REQUEST. 75s each pollpold. Price: per dozen CHECK N FULL MUST ACCOMPANY ORDER. DE ROY MFG. CO ATLANTC AVE., SOUTH GATE, CALF NEW DELUXE STYLE JEWELED LGHTERS For Men and Women Term, Nrl esh $2.00 doe. is,...if with der Minimum order dos prompt de. livery. Assorted colors, ter. small. CONCORD MERCANTLE, NC. it. Broadway, Na York a N. Y. PTCHMEN -CARNVAL MEN -MDWAY MEN When in ATLANTA, GA., visit our large showroom and warehouse. Complete stock et Fdrel, el Ruer., Anchor Hock., No..Arres, ale., n Rd. Forest all Gr. colon n. O,., ew oleo. C m 0 mmtdler stipmnl ron cnew'rom. our A+lanla Wrhou.. PnY of parking taco -free..e'tle FAWN rortf :RY COMPANY s COV ATLAND LT... ATLANTA, GA. PHONE: CAMAR 23 COMNG EVENTS Arizona Alo- Celebration, July 4. olabee- Celebration, July e. Ow Grande-Celebration, July. Blot'- Celebration, July a. nagaate- Celebrallon, July 4. Floantaff-floutherest ndiana PowWOw, July 4. P laralaff- Sherlft'a Posse Parade A Rodeo, July M. rlagetaft -N. Aria. BRUa. Dance Festival, Asti MOaa- Mormon Pioneer Celebration, July 2, Payson -7n Annual Rodeo, Aug Prescott -Premier Days, JW7 Preaeoth -8 mok Ceremols, ola Aug., Safford -Pioneer Celebration, July 7e. et. Juhua-- Cemporema.b Plonref Day Cele- Oration by Mormon, July M. Snow Flake -Pioneer Day Celebration A Rodeo, July Arkansas Bele-- Centennial, Aug Sam W TPfsan, Chamber of Commerce. Roiere-Dianin. Jubilee, Aug C. 8. Porter. 27-8,P,.8,PL 3. California Eureka- Eureka Rodeo, June 70 -July. Ralph Baratta. Lamont- Lamont Rodeo. June 39 -Ju4. O.Rnslde- Celebration. July 4. Son Ranolaco- Chn., Class and Olft Show, Aug. 4.. Kay Leber, 355 Markel St. Ban RanrKo- Plower Show. Aug abort D. Oromm, h Ave. Wravervllle-OOd Rush Days, June 30 -July. Earl N. Ford. Colorado Aspen-Elam 8tampedp Rodeo, Juli 4.5. Arthur A. Pater. S.M.-Pow Wow A Rodeo, July t -30. Omle Love. o544 -rush Amateur Rodeo A Race Meet. July 3.4. Esretl E Hulls, Jaya.. Colorado SPringa -Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo, Aug, 7 -. Colorado Springs -Pikes Peak Auto Race. July 4, Eat. Part -Legion Fireworks Show. July 4. Part -Mountain A PlOu Retonal Chamber Estes Appaloosa Horan Show. July S. of Commerce. Eaten Perk- Rooftop Rodeo. Aug 3.4. Chamber of Commerce. Eslea Park- R.0u. Arabian Horse Show, Aug... Chamber of Commerce. Eagan-KM Field Doy and Rodeo, July. Rank Come.. Fort MnrEan -Ninth Annual Howdy Day, Aug.. Otte L. Webb. Greeley -July t Celebration, June 30 -Juts 4. C. L Mayer. Ls Junta -Side' Rodeo, June 204. Ward Watkins. Pogosa Springs -Red Ryder RuundDp. July 3-4. Olen Edmonds WalsenSurit- Sp.nleh Peaks restls4, Aug. 44. Woodland Part -Cie Troll Stampede. July Edith M. Atwell. Connecticut Brlditeport- Daruum Postls., Juno 7R- July 7. Florida Daytona Reach -Dxe Frolics, June 30 July 4 Warren Cole, Jaycee. Georgia Brunswick- Brunaotck -Olyna Co. Centen- 00. Aug W. O. Bo5OD, Raom 2 Oglethorpe Hotel. daho Plummer- Plummer Rodeo, June 30 -July. J. R. lneteorr. llinois Carthage --4 -H Show. July 357 Chicago BOder Pltldl - CelrbraUon, July 4. D avis- Celebration, July William Brauft. On Kalb- Caatennlal, July.4 Pormersvllle -ron Day Menlo. July.3. O,Rn,00- Celebrallon, July 4-7. VFW Post 50, State R. OrlgRarllle- Celbratlon, Jus. 33 -July 4. lroquols -- Celebrallon. July 4. Mount Vernon -Celebration. July 4. Mount Vernon -Celebration, July 24. Maywood- tallzn FaUVal of Chicagol.nd. July 35 -Aug. 3. Joseph De Sato, lls N. th Ace.. Moiroar Park. Momenta -Oled rntivel Aug. 0lá, Olney -Celebration, July 4. Palmyra -Terry Park ndustrial Pair, July 0.3. Oral H. Cooper, Proton, cal., CNtlennlsl, Protons,., Autual 34. Salem- Reuulon, June arrloynllle- CNebretlon, July 4.. Viola -Centennial, July 7.4. ndiana Ball-Rotary Club Celebrallon, July 4. Charlestown Lions Celebration, July.4 oheeterl,ld-- Sesgalrrntennl.. June Columbia City -Old Settlers Day and Lagoon PestlaL Aug Dyroo Beebe, Conaealille- legion Celebration, July -7. Huntington -VFW Street Pala July 30- Aug. 4. Warren C. Heeler. Rymer. -Homecoming, July.4. Lnton-Celebration, July 3-7. Loogoota -Clone Club Celebration, June Marlon -e, Marlon Sire. Pala July 9.4. Don W.b,Ol. North Webster -Mermaid nni al, June 740. Walkerton -Celrbratlon, July 34. OWA Ackley -Sauerkraut Days, July Charlton -Lucas Co. 4 - AoMovement Show, Aug..3. Mrs. Lee Cotklogham, RuneU. Cherokee -Pilot Rock Plowing blotch, Aug Albert R. Griffith. Clarion- Celebntton, July Clntoa- Clinton Blrtbdgy Party, July 7. Clinton- Celebmllon, July 2-7. D ewitt- Clinton Co, Club Show, Aug Jimmy Miller, Foltneld- Jefferson Co. Jr. Aid. Show, Aug Henry McCleary, Packwood. Oreenileld-Calebrallon, July 4. Jesspy- Pnrinenr Day. JSy 70.7, Le Porte City -Celebration, July 2-4. Logan -Celebrallon, July 4, New Hampton -Celebration, July 9-0. Red Oak-Celebration. July 4 8lbley- Oereo.A Co. Livestock show. Aug Alexander, Sioux Center -Bloux Co. Youth Pair, Aug Maury. E. Eldridge. Orenge 07. Tolodo- CPlebtxtlo4 July 0-7. Thompson -Winnebago CO. Jr. Show, Aug Dean Nerdlg. rarest 0y, Waterloo- Evanadale Coos. Days, July (7. Wilton Junction -Celebration, July 7.. Kansas Anthony -Anthony Roca Meet, July,2. J. L. Robins.. Peabody -Celebration, July 4. Kentucky Louisa- Homecoming. July J. Dobyna 00 Hill- Bummer Festival, June Paducah -Centennial. July 2-Aug. 4. Keller, ColuM Jack a Amusement Co., Area. Theater Bltlg, Palntevllle-Celebrelloo, July 2.7,. Maryland Lowell -Lowell Commons Cel.ratloa July 2.4. New Circus, July 04, Dedford -Fire Ma. R. Cathy ' Massachusetts Olouealer -8 Pet., Fiesta, June - July. Falmouth- POrluge. Fiesta, July 3./. Jack Cooper, 7 Worcester 8. Boston. Lowell-Celebration, July 34 New Bedford -Peril of the rimed Sacra meat, Aug. t -S. Michigan Alma - Centennial. July.7. Paul T. Mogen. e -Barage Co. Daley Show, Aug, 3 Donald Lento. Bay Clly -Brown Swiss Cattle Show, Aug Berrien Bprings - Southwestern Mich. Onernasy Breeders' Show, Aug. 0. r. W. Bruce. Charlatle -Brown Sola Castle Ohow Aug Coldwater -Brown Bois Cattle Show, Aug. 9. Curunna - Mich State Holstein-Friesian Show. Aug. 3. Detroll-- Pouorama of Progreso, June 30- July 4. Glenn -Otenn Pancake Pena., Jane 29- July. Oros A.PU. -OrOnd RM. Guernsey Show. Aug.. Donald Kminps. Omni -Loney Cattle Snow. Aug. 3. tmisy City- Jersey Cottle Show. Aug. mlay City- Tltumb Dlst. Oueraaey Show, Aug.. Harold L. Kingsbury. font -Brown Owls. Cattle 8how, Aug. 0 Jackson - Southeastern Mich Guernsey Show, Aug. Lauren Jackson- Jersey Cattle Show, Aug. 3g. M3047e- Natlunal Forest Festival. June 23 -July 4. Menominee- McRomino Dairy Show. July 2. Oal E Bowers. Midland -Ooglnew Valley Ouerneey Show, Alrft 3. 0boru ThanlOs. Mldlihd- Jnrary Cattle Bhow, Aug. M. N.YVO -Brown Solos Cattle Show, Aug. New B illmore-celebrallow. June 30 -July 4. Ted Brousseau, Civic Club, Pontlae- Central Slates Threahermen's Reunion, Port Huron-Slue Water Festival, July 3-0. Floyd 8. Walter, Harker St. Rudyard- Ea.tero U.P. Jr. Pat Stock Show, Aug Wm Dickinson. Wayland- Jersey Cattle Show, July M. Minnesota Bemldll- Water Carnival June 30 -July 4. Brahmin- Progress Dims. July 30 -Aug.. Edgerton -Dutch Pe.U0Sl, July -. Clifford H. Peters.. Detroit Lakes -Water CarnlvaL July 3.5. Duluth -Centennial Celebration, Aug. 7.. James W. Kling. 79 W. First 8t. Pomos Aslls- Klddtei Day. July 3-4. Oeylord -75, Anniversary and July 4 Cele. brm ion, July 2.4. New Pogue -70th Anniversary Celebration. July 4. Plainview -Centennial, June 7 -July. Savage -Dan 3505 Days. July 2.20, Mississippi Sebastopol -Leaks Co. Dairy Show, Sept L. R. Anthony. Missouri Aurora -Legion Celebrallon, July 4. W. A. Oilnb, Canton -Lewo Co. 44 0tow. July Gallatin -Davin Co. Jr. U.lock Show. Aug. 3, Coo, H. Schmitt. Hillsboro- Hillsboro Horse Show A Festival. July Sam Marlin. Hopkins- Hopkins Plcnle, Aug Oeo. L. 4. Unneus -Old Settlers' Reunion. Aug Roy T. Young. loulaburt -Old Settler.' Reunion. July Harry W. Atchley. Lucerne- Lucerne Stock Show, Aug. 30- tnpt.. K. L Blanchard. Maitland -Blue Ones Feltivel, June Dale A. Matson Moryrllle- Northwest Mo. Horse Show, July -3, Mn Lester Swaney, Pollock -4-H Club AclUevemeat Day Aug. 4. J. H. Streeter. St. Louie- Mld- Amerlcen John, SOD -40. Montana S idle -Hutto Rodeo June Owls A. Ou.y. Nebraska Omaha -8t Alno h +., June 3 -July. Wilber -sola. Days, June Nevada E lko -Ello Rodeo, June 0 -July. Oren Probest. Ely- NeTad Pair Of ndustry. Aug. 7.. P. P. Hoover, P. O. Box 5. Brno -Reno Rodeo, July -4. R. A. Peleceon, New Jersey Hammonton -- Celebration, Scaly 0.e. tlammoulon -Feat of Our Ledy of Aesump- (lon, Aug Ralph French BL New Mexico Cimarron Rodeo. July 4. W. M. Hupe. Oallup- inter -Tribal ndian Caremontal, Aug. t -lt. Edward S. Merry. New York Cooperlown -Jr. Livestock Show. Aug. 7 Cot, Heilem dhow, Aug. 4. Corinth - Fttemeq's Celebration, June 240, Sept :=74.=48()7,a N'.k. Aua Fire Dept. Fredonlo-Antlnne Show, July 0.3. WckawaoaR -Legon Field Days, July /- 32. Edward Aldrich, 84 R. Road. COWNNP on page 06) JUNE NEWLY DESGNED! Solt -Starting WROUGHT RON ELECTRC CLOCKS )ti" 0amr Colors; lck, While, Pink $3.60 ä:ä Sample. oo tech. Solt-Storting TRVET ELECTRC CLOCKS file: Sys "REV ", n black or pink. $3.30 i :i î llampla 3.75 each. Full Site lry'r W ". SEFSTARTNG ELECTRC HORSE CLOCKS All metal or sturdy lastic bail in two.tone Pron. or Fold lnhn. $6.00 tae ar a Smyl u 7 sec h. COMBNATON ELECTRC CLOCK AND T. V. LAMP HORSE Complete With Bulb All metal or sturdy plastic hese, ach n $7.00 lese e/ 4 Smpl $0.00 <h. #825 T. V. HORSE LAMP, "x2" Completo with bulb on d wee bese in brear or cold linhh, $2.85 lots or 4 Sampl ch. We caw nhlonollr known, uarnr.d.marme ík rt tlo<k molers wtlh tw.p.tend hand n ell our elctrlt clocks. lend for e.e catalog. 25% deporli, rooklrn, account to.led <en only not Tor resale pad FeW. Tat. DOUSE OF BRONZE.7 Myra Ar., Broeklrn 27, N. Y. Glenmurs HAWAAN T LOG LOW AS 4 %. EACH GREEN OR COLOREO LOWEST PRCE' BEST OUAT..rA,. "awanan PRODUCTS 0/,e TROPCAL HAWAAN CO. o,p.c STREET SAN FRANCSCO, CAL', OT TE T'S FABULOUS MOONSTONE S'N'A'P -T BEADS n s05d col- on: Wh.,Plnk, $2.25 der. T r a u o s, t olur. Omn. S c Terme Net WiCm With Order Mirllmem order one Orou atlò n. f vrv. C0N(0RD MERCANTLE, NC. mpeder end Wholsalrs 33 aroadw. Nw Vork, N.V. MV 4NH TWO OF,000's. NE. O. SET $ NO PAYMENT F.O.E., NEW YORK SLES CeCO. MLLS Rote WHOLESALERS 26 West 23rd t., New York 0, N Y

106 TUNE ATTENTON * AKTONEES *MT *06 TO MOM SALF3H Ttw60 /OURS Tb. NEW No. 200 Series - Full Si:* 0" Fan Manufactured by Buckeye Manufacturing Company ei CveW. r, rrr,., N woo. wont. tt.m. WeyW. tirown. <.NMa nrrth.n e M nwwvn wewmt, w.rwn eav. N whlrlwn NN. P.WNvs VltraNarw.Nr W. 4tNw" DOW. w.4 et pelm b t.. N.W AdW.N emw bdew n own nwim Woods.t Mr ono. *Own. NntN, MNN. S030 Nth n Ns N { la ethylelet e.» Hmpl 3S.N sb pwtw, r. ol.wth.hpajo rm Newr rtay.r. vren..t. Crt. {H.N r.ta..t. 64. roua cost OHLr EN. \tab all typo om w bond M mw. O,. 00.r.Mh N..e. Prow r noes. -STORE HOURS -- t. Dn.,. { S.lwdon & Spndn N. en 0.0. ChltoN. h Hr...04:4:b or P Oft. money s. E M EC O -muer Nw w. L.a n W.,....,. h arson ' l war.,,, MTCHMEN. SOLD OVER B00 W. Ra.del/h S. (FAN DVSON) Chlcaqe. llineis TAylor , % V., LAST YEAR! Ow for lo.. for ttr le Off.0..N OW am.nt.l:en, h Mr. N/ loot or M one W. * c me. Men ton piece er linty wt.. MM for nrtoln 4 T" st row - by MmNV - Trott W.W. n. pl... Wash, L-dr.M rant, Nr WO. Ono -hall nde bale. C.O.D...a silos a/, N. W.. nlay oeftl lest n... U.S.. C..s. All Mr tep 9. Owno. Wrl. r lull mnlmnlon,.4... MONEY MAKERS! U.. of a,. 4NO..delay. Addr. DM.rM.n,. N U. S. CM.l,r" ' - 4d LAVENDER "SACHET,, BASKETS rsrenvr.t/dr 0..: W. A 2 :="V n.'...7.7% t {om. W. inn.0. f.n yr. celenvl w/if rk: 4.64 per TACO. )2.64 per steel, cork en Lod Nr /roll f,0. Han.. 4w, Lateen C.O.D. W hoe \h W. Homo,' n.. On N Lwow./ fur tar flash HmN an annr Kt o.le. WW* nformera M. far tv The. 2- oulhnnt r.ductlan en.m. HN chmont Mb war 20 wort 6-. fn- t.b ce mer., Foy lust., och { r W nu Nr-. for WW do4suq b- on. C.O.O. {nd {LAO Wu. el.moly. PLAN: y2 Anwrlcan Flew. and Wont ).f Dorlwalwn r..d rsrcnmanti, {n... We,. far.v n Oorml,en, S H E R F Y' S, LTD. 22A ROYER. SEATTLE. WASH. DERBES-HGH TOPPERS "SOLD WHEREVER NOVELTES ARE ESSENTAL" CENTENNALS. CELEBRATONS, FUN SHOPS, FARS. MADE Of SELECTED FUR FELT ERe.ihl, COLOR BLACK, DURABLE, LGHT- WEGHT L VENTLATED. CLOSE HAND CURLED BRMS FOR THE BEST STYLE LNES. REGULAR HEAD SZES. Top Hats Per Dozen Sun Bonnets Per Dosen Ngb Crown Derbies Per Dosen Kentucky Col. Bow Ties -56,00 Per Doz. bet (rewn Derbles Per Dozen, WT '90 Vess Per Doren AH S»eo of Ke era.. slu.aehe. A Cacees- Atort CoNO PSN R[b /. iut NY Shs YN. a most.. u.n. er New lao. WoN ern -su w ier no. n colar., an,. a.. N,.rseo or l'ol.i Color,. Aced Yovr CTSOk N Conlru/ RWboaa. Ws ns. Csonwribon. f.m. NU., Torurs: Moo Co.. sann C D -MANUFACTURED AND DSTRBUTED Y- RERGER SCHWARTZ HAT CO..v.sf. bn Weir Since So. Los Angeles Street. Los Angeles 5, California HOTTEST SLUM AND PLUSH TOY VALUES!!! Write fer cur now C.toloa NVrinS Alua.inumware, Clam Jewelry, Nv.Hy Lapp.. u55.á. Poskl Knives,. Pains Pons, Lath.. WM.. Fidd 04,64., Chin. mpmn NovebiN, Baileenl Hunt Gyressepe Taps, 5..5.\ 5,4.. H... Plush Mars, Plush 0E Hann lonlols end the b:ó5 Loo of Slum. M. GERBER, NC. Sereieg the Trade for fa past 57 Years 47 ARCH ST. PHLADELPHA 6, PA. Attention, All Plaster Users Anr OM. WtlnN N 436 N. Clylaurn Av. AMERCAN DOL. TOT CO,PA\T ho s Mw NSW,. N.. W. Division N. Chk.N )2.. Mn: Aamlloe. 62. CnN. W r love wrowr dullnw h tomm WO.. AR Mr tot hot. Nta.d. w. V, 0,444.n l.t/rr None. Me W.. MEN PREMUM BUYERS WAGON JOBBERS CARNVAL MEN d.. AN '.w.... M.. woo...awe L'" Lan. r 3eEftE SRLLET wink wesrlgbrsn TMne. s730 4 Y E_N. L.NN{ Y FMDF MUTL./eiK REVEtSWE WNDOW FA. - Dell... _ N\....N....a.l. a.nw7f Weft w / 4.. Y from son Wow NO Pitons Mr..Mw otoevn OVeT Mvr e^ NoM /N mow. n.vo..serwr N.V.AC soft C o of NNo.t.w wf lto t) ;9,00 etw Y Nf Oo ll TEN {2e WOW.44 eontet ean. PECE URY6 SET Moy V b/.h, /wftrnd CetNo et l f.r.led d.. SrNt Kw.r.. Condos RwN Caroline ob t:al.eoa Sl...fw.. All.. vory la Leo. Maio L/w.d Mb epsr Jiw óew. N. 2,.. Knlve., f C... W. Sd995list T. Hmn- S50 per Sot Let, f e- $ AU ONn C.O.D. - AN Md..,N an/ { d by CN How ebetllnf DANAL SUPPLY. VY. 3. Cnclnnall, O.4 Mw MAw 44 KNVES DRECT FROM MPORTER BC LARGEST SELECTON from MEXCO GERMANY sal in Ben ENGLAND Shcfñeldl FNLAND JAPAN TALY. ele. N. WM". inns RNMN Dnn. Well N,aloe. n yey.vnm\ L rhn GUTMAN CUTLERY (O., BC.. l 0 wmnrtl.m wrl v. N. T. 3 Levin's Catalog Ready 32 -PAGE FLYER OF CARNVAL AND BNGO PRZES MN. SQURT SUNS - 2 DOT FRCTON AUTOS -3 DOL GROSS 600D NEW SLUM P O Tr THE BLLBOARD MERCHANDSE 05 F HOUSE TO HOUSE CHCAGO'S LARGEST WHOLESALE DSTRBUTORS LSO NtV-...4 Hln. (NO JARROS) FOR Nne S. D.r. Wdh C.O.D. Ordro LEVN BROTHERS tslabltherd.6 t.. HutS. NDANA Quick Photo nvention! PDQ CAMERA moto T. tl.e ametn to 3 als area.m )a Y 64.waNaW wne. Y.wuRdaa Writ eoam uw " snytay P a.ys Yfw -S: :. Owp Pb.fs flal.bed. m.amour N N Calr la 2 MaaM{ am raw to N aw paltw. ray dost "...04T. /opt. Wrn aukl Nfall.rN 60 W WOW h0tumatcr Owners PDA CAMERA CO. W W. CbN.N.. Son.. HOTTEST TEMS wesn6n0use HR AUTOMATC Sa n fo.. N $7.25 G E.!GORED FRYER HOLDS /v :w.t..: 8.0ST! COSTS THE l nr M u Nw :oanmf " N -h, &PECE WATCH SET Real Flath- Appel...Loaded With /rental sol...wnn week, twe.p O d ha. enan. bond: Gulf Llnbl atch.. To Mors CM.r Nn: mane, can end Kea C... n b.ndom plvab boa. Amn.., nnate, pr.. WN $4.90 n Sono. t.m lash ir.*.w h,,..m Roehre be. er,.t yrr,.url.oll) Nyrllwd N UT }T. M. ants u fmte N' Nth $6.50 ANOTHER OUTSTANDNG VALUE! Sheffield Sleek knives and Carving Sel PECiS-malrbd Pr,- Coss Oa wawa.. Sbolne t r. -4 s... Fps, band.far)n ase A t. 44. Lola oen drawer rho.. $ n on T H mrla {3.00 osh BRAND NEW Comp,. n RONSON ELECTRC SHAVER hnaw.m, prof., em6 U- tc. woo. 6w7. * EXTRA HOT TEMS * Automatic Pop Up Toaster with G. E. Cord Ladies' Electric Shaver, year guaranlee {mal..60 6th $ NS : $2.25 ; :/ Jeweled Watch with Expansion Band, year guaranlee $3.75,." $7.50 Ladies' Jeweled Watch Sel with Necklace and malching Earrings, beautifully boxed, year guaranies $6.50 Ronson lype lighter, $6.00 per doz. Sample $.00 25% d.porif, bolo.. C.O.D., F.O.. Chicago STAR SALES CO. 39 Milwaukee Ave. Chicago 22, llinois TS PACKED WTH POWERFUL PROFTS V tqr."; M M SNOWS THOUSANDS OF NATONALLY ADVERTSED MERCHANDSE TEMS AT LOWEST WHOLESALE PRCES rem olla r.hlp lati rr Mm,.nd.. erwrlrt. N'.lcb Cloha L.r Condo. en, Tay folurware Prete lume N he a.yntena leweel.n,vhr, WO. for,a.. SALS CO tre.,.or rasar eran.row eurineu. '' lm GEM SALES one SEND TODAY FOR YOUR FREE COPY OUR 956 GENERAL CATALOG d s NOW AS %..RLF.,.. trot arrlrn L M Dm.t.t witats N.onlly Adrn..e v Nm rant.,n. ntrvdln Nv...n.. el. <r.r AN, w ry, WNrh. tn, {.Yrf. T.Yr... Cr n,r Grade om D.yne N ewer Pr. {llw. llmr A GENUNE MONEY SAVNG GUDE FOR Premfa Were. Aaetl. Wage Jobber.. Ageah, Saloum, Olfrlb.fere, etc. Ovr -yor refer. N How. on/ D.Nnb N Hnls a y r fuoronl.. Yny wrtwndln N ie« r.u...

107 cnrem Dp. 06 MERCHANDSE THE BLLBOARD ONE SAXONTE LUGGAGE / LST S499í $3.88 Set in 3 lot. Sample Set $ Pc Set mej-s of ew $avonifw vinyl /m si trial Plea won'. scuff, 0 scratch, stain, %peel, nark or fads. Set consists of Pullman case, 2- pekend case end extra large train case. Reinforced metal edging makes set completely dust -proof and water -proof. New tapered style. streamline design. Available ln ton, ginger. grey or blue colon FULLY SATN -LNED NTERORS. % 25 POP RECORDS N CARRYNG CASE Exclusively by Standard ALL NEW! Sensational Vn'tr. We Pare Dun hsfed assortments OE 0 RPM A RCA RPM recorda tram Decca, RCA V. Columbia, Mercury. etc. Packaged n nova dupueltng units'25 acores to a paekare. All rueront or recent ::=,r dites featuring farrow rocallst. bands. 50 DoDUtar.ones: 2tonr green record earn, na caw. retord ndexe. $25.00 retail value! Paces for either 78 RPM or 45 RPM n H.,M deal lof. $5.05 sample deal l r STANDARD NDUSTRES, nc. H- POWERED VALUE! LOWEST PRCES EVER OFFERED O 6x35 $ BNOCULARS 'r. e 0...",,S:.r v uned ocu lar. Lightlent and rnto- / pact N ertte tyd tal e mtnum lcns wl nenspe dd iumm d ge eproducuon for bird slentaetìng. study, ere. time mantiflcauot, JSmm. ield. Genuine lealmf arrying caw ao0 sboultler trap. {YL Dound f úr in each losse x35 BNOCULAR Same boy b 7x75 atre. $, each in lets or.. Sample SLOS ALL FAST SELLERS Prices quoted or Wholesale. F.O.B. / Chicago Worehousa. Send check with order to save C.O.O. fen, or 25% deposit, bol, C.O.D. SEND TODAY FOR FREE 96 PACE LLUSTRATED NAME BRAND CATALOG - SEPARATE CONFDENTAL PRCE LST -PRE- MUMS. CFTWARES. APPLANCES. WATCHES. JEWELRY AND 24 PACE SUMMER SUPPLEMENT WTH COM- PLETE SELECTON OF SUMMER MERCHANDSE. 2 So. Wabash Ave. Chicago 5, llinois Dept. 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Fits all standardsit.. r Doren.00 25% deposit C.O.O.l, F.O.B., N. Y. for w rien a ctsov. SUPER SALES CO. 23 E. 7th Sra alma York, N. Y. x32 Man'. heavy pltlw ea brasa Polish ENGRAVERS er Bold dnf...3n MO roes ear Alumuwm, oh ht0h le t4 Mr AYn i mllum, p h w r t laro stock o$n arina 3rvrnv nus omd Haluu n Wst rn Candsr Llrf on puef/. W slrya have Jobbre' Pric J. K. NOVELTY CO. 444 Main St., Penticton, B. C.. Cenada w. a COMNG EVENTS Confirmed froh pa e 04 Manchester -N. Central New York Fl e- mene Convention. JUDO 27-30, Mille P[onal. MyrJuly tlee. - Amerlcao Legion Convention, Mtddleport- Hire.: Palo, Sept. -. Montauk -Horse Show, Aug. ti. Mount Morris -Livingston Co. Firemen, Convention, July 7-2. P. J. Loper. New York -nternational Housewares Show, June New York -National Baby s and Children, Show, Aug New York -National Home Pur0l.ht0gs Show, Aug. 25-Sept. 9. North Tonawnda- WUUltrer Aenlrereary Celebration, Aug Oatfteld- Ptremeti s Contention. Sept. Ogdensburg- Natlonel Home Show, June 27-July. John Daly. Poeatenk -VFW Celebration. July -4. Saranac Lake -Antique Show. July 3- Aug, 3. Btormyvllle- Firemen, Celebration. July 7-Aut. t. Valette- Cevtennll- ]illy -7. Youngstown -Firemen's Convention. Sept X North Carolina North Wtlteaboro- Celebration, July 4. North Dakota Butte -60th Anniversary Cel0Dratlo0. July 7-0, Otto Hulsebus. Commercial Club. D0klnsoo- Dlvklosov Rodeo, June 30 -July. Howard Schnell. Ritlaboro- Diamond Jubilee, Jute Ohio Ashville -Celebration, July 2-4. BTeavUle- Centennial, July 3-7. Caldwell- Firemen, Pale, July Mlamisburg -VFW Free Pair, Aug Montpelier -National Thresher.' Assn. Reunion, June Pleasant City - Homecoming Premen'a Pair, July -2. South Webster -Clone Celebration, Tarlton- July -5. Street Celebration. July 9-4 Warren- LOglov Celebration. Jura Oklahoma Pewhusks- ntertsat40. Round -Up Clubs Cavalcade, July Oregon Albany - World'. Champlonablp Timber Ceralral. July 2.4. Albany- Wlulamette Valley Rsm Sale. Aug. 4. Beaverton- Beaverton Horse 00ow. July 20-2, Clymer -Volunteer Firemen's Convention. Aug. 0-. Con0el0e-Sesqueenlen0l.l, Aug. 9-0 Robert Welsh Connellsrtlle- Western Pe. Firemen's Assn. COnre.[On. Au ; Robert Welsh. Enterp00-Junior Rodeo. June 20 -July. EnleryrLSe- W0. Co. 4-3 Pat Stook Sale. Aug. 25. Grants Pass- Gladloloua Festival t Shew, July Medford -Celebrator. July 4. Nehakm Nebatem Bay Garden Club Power Show. July Portland- Weshingtoo Part Summa Festival. Asg. -35 Tait- Plreworka Shows. July 4. Pennsylvania Clark - Romecom Dg, July l -Asti L George Elder. ConnellsvllO-- Seaquleettenntal, Aug. B- Ray Booth. Forest City- Firemen's Celebration, July O- L Rudy HalcattO. Browndal. Hose Co. r rli -Celebration, July 2-7. Levittown-St. Michael's Church Patt, June 25 -July t. \ :dlan0-50en Jubilee. July 2-7. :,aeon- Firemen's Festival, June James Barker. 35 Superior St. Sa :nglehouse -- Centennial, July 2-7. W llemsport- 9nquteedennlal July -4. 5tey Percell, S. Williamsport Rhode sland 3r:stot- Celebration. June 27 -July 4. Mallet -Old- Timers Jamboree. July Newport- Natloval Home Show, Aug A. P.French. South Carolina Pagetand- Watermelon Pestl,al, July -4. South Dakota Belle.Fourche-Black Hilt. Round -DD. Jury 3 -S Corsloa -Dutch Pettiest Aug. -Sept. 2. Custer -Gold Dlstwverp Days. July Deadwood -Day. of '7e. Aug Elk Point -Elk Point Car,lral. Aug. 0 -S. Palth -Annual Stock Show. Aug P.ulkton- Celebtatlon. July 4. Port Plerro -Port Pierre Rodeo. July 4. Oregory- Gregory Celebration. July 2-4. Ototon- Harrel Festival Aug. 2. Lake Preston -Watermelon Pestles! and Labor Day Celebtatlon. Sept 2-3. M.rlm -Ol0us Stampede, July 2-4. Mldtand- Celebration, July 4. Mobrldge- Mobrldge RCA Rode, July 2-9. Mobrldge ADDtversery Celebration. Aug Murrio - Ooldea Jubilee Celebration. Jun 30. Presho -Water Carnival. July 4 Rapid City -Range Day. Aug., 0 -. Redfield- Celebtatlon, July 4. Vermillion -Old Settlers' 40. Aug. le. Vermillion -Days or 'S9. Aug Tennessee Adamsvllle- AS.mavllle Horse A Brock Show, Aug, 9. Coleman Smith. Crossville -Centennial, JA!, 2-7. Lewlaburg -ManhW Co. Jr. Dairy ex Colt Show Avg Emerson Burnett. Martin- Weakley Co. Dairy Show. Aug A. SE Walker. Memphis -Shelby Co. Jr. Livestock a Dairy Show, Amt. 9. Jemes T Red Bolling Springs- Celebration. July -7. Selmer- McNairy Livestock A Dairy Show. Aug. 0. Mrs. Mildred Petty. Shelbyville- Bedford Co. 4 -B Dairy A Beer Show. Aug. 0. Mrs. W. C. Fly. Torkrille-TOtkvllle Jersey Cattle Show, Aug. 24. Lloyd WoTttedalL Texas Ar.00.a Pass -VFW Cele0r.tlun, July 2.7. Awtln- AAata Rodeo.- July 3d -20. James t. Clay. Beaumont -Beaumont Rodeo. June Ow Becker. Belton -Belton Rodeo. June 30 -July L W. P. Hamner. Big aortae -Big Spring Rodeo, Any. -4. E. P. Duvet. Brady -testy Jubile. Jul: 3-t. Jadk Leakleas. Burkhu :cent- BUrkhuroett Rodeo, June P. A. Mattlax Ceixer -- Cent![ Rodeo, JYy 0 -. Leo Mockeiroy. Coleman -Coleman Rodeo, lily ll -S. Wet - don Osthart -Xit-Xr T Rodeo d: Reunion, Aug Nick P. Cralt. DubM- Dublin Rodeo, Aug. 29 -Sept. L C. E. Leatherwood. Fredericksburg -July Horse Races, July - 4. Wm. M. Petmetky. Oledewater -E. Tex. Quarter Horse Breed. erg Show it Races. Aug Hampshire-- Hampshire Rodeo, July 2-6. Fred Pears. Houston -Gift A Housewares Trade Show. Aug 'i! li rl sera,. ll P38200 UMBRELA HAT Adluftabl fil body Young r old 'like. Made of yon 'le in butirul Dri9he cook 5 li a.9 :. $5.25 ro: $60.00óä.r Î2l85 PAPER $.act á0r. Lre Sore ad PARASOLS $9.00 ososf 89 RAYON SLK PARASOLS Assorted Floral Designs. 2',Dread. $2.75 r.; $ ón BALLOON SPECALS r0p0b New Patriotic Balloons. Be itru Stan and Decoration sear gran -K9 Knob DY. Agate and Tr4 éolon starch. w' long. Per gnou ris Round Giant P.amr in..tant seats colon, state:. só.00 par vron And many mo c up te the minute s balloon rad rentes. All orders hipped promptly C.0 0. 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They 0 tee akk matten' Caw M ntl YywNrN 7Se dot., 0.75 gram Mtslmom Ore, Care K M. sus Remit segelt -.n ohrr. hat Co.!_ SOB Phis JoBeFOC. gcantta' CBR.sA - WBt7t ARLANE MFG. CO. mot -A Gmmanlcwu Ara. Philadelphia it. Pa. This s NOT a Fireworks tem! t's Legal and 's Mailable! This remartablo plastic nonnune machine ww earn ale an hour debt n your home: Big proms guaranteed amtnatns CARDS of au kind. Bust.. Card, Social Security Card, Credit Card. photos, passes, drivers Menses, newspaper Hipp... souvenirs. ers Tb Perfect way to Preserve all sorts of valuable. Demand for such services s Price (Moat Ohm POsimre. FRE sample and Mere - Yre. PLASTCAS CO. LM-7M Kthicfi.e Lrtll'e' CHARS 'TABLES BMVgl0 Ì.i_A4MmAr p rim 4dO 0 CMA 007 owe S 4 Eran aualvmr wmea -Asa roa. Adirondack Chair Co. `J 40 $fqadwat VSFJ N.Y. $

108 JUNE 30, 956 THE LL`OARD MERCHANDSE 07 CARNVALS PARKS CRCUSES FARS RESORTS HARRS TOPS THE FELD PEARL SET SPECAL $.00 DOZEN TOP BANANA HAT SPECALS SPECAL OFFER REMTAL BALL Sample Sel $.50 FELT CREW HATS Raper tw..d matne a»fo.w.. Gross $33.00 PONT PEN NOW! NEW LOW PRCE For All Hat Operators LATEST CREATON ens< \red end plaid eefsop Hat *irk Penmen for embroidery ennklnt fo put name. on Tklr t. REALLY TERRFC. Ar. tea. colon FULLY AUTOMATC CHROME RONSON TYPE POCKET LGHTER Cemmx *fah lische noc NMN- Nof.n. Chcem.,6, moro bola,* Ms,. N. w aß d TN",,/, ens.,.z.z.a- N..,ne ar cm ww. $5.50 per doz. $60.00 per gr. The. sir lull.her. $4.00 Doz. $45.00 Gross The New MRACLE CROSS AND (HAN Noah ma^n,l. [oral.gntr bras, e. < beautiful et. m\n mrk[. Th, :Tr"' ntl $ N Pop -t MOON GEM BEAD NECKLACES Lack bead can st sap d end M welds.w any dnirtd weeh. $2.75 per dozen wka< CM SNAP -A -PART EARRNGS 5 -in - Earring' with interckangtable colon to march accessories and Pop -s N <klacez-5 parrs al Earrings On a card $4.00 per dozen cards New Low Price LARGE SZE STRAW HAT FUZZY WUZZY N w. " n n r <er. Soul.f tram br,n to brim. $2.75 Doz. $27.00 Gr. Medium Size. $7.00 Cross CREW HAT OPERATORS has. fm Oho NV C N.n ls mar\. Mm.l,fr. All Mass n m n.m M M fiml/ e,m- TMf f,mt, Mvf,ful n+ On.n. mmediate Delivery $60.00 Gross WTH POMPONS Ft. hats oil Sara toped stow w KDDE FELT CAPS WTH POMPONS A. r end colon. Gross $ ,e,ee...e... S P E C A L S S,.75 O..n LARGE FELT JOCKEY CAPS W,rn pompon..,fd b.reful colon end oaf.. Gross $33.00 SENSATONAL LOW PRCE mported World Fano. Mou Candid TN. 6MM "HT" CAMERA Ta \t clear, she. pictures FN dal r mhl.e. ndoor or outdoor,...t$. Hait, feature. of penli,e modes Complet with pin\n eanylne east and.trap AMAZNG VALUE -$.00 per Doz. film for Moe-2 rene, S 00 Deín. Sample earner, red en pe.fpid. 44N4.N4, LARGE MEXCAN SOMBRERO HAT Dosen 542." Men's Full -Size BLACK FELT DERBYS W. bond,. TA hol me, sweep,. the ounlr.. $5.00 Doz. $52.00 Gr. CAPTAN'S (AP Best Quality Gberein Twrll CNN Wn,te. No end Shoo Dn,m Them Heil h mbroldrd nomma. $6.25 Doz. $72.00 Gr. Gross MOTOR CYCLE (AP WTH TWO RANDS Tonifie nvm0, mll,n. ndcff.x. MMe N e., gusto. ee /emirs rit.. non n. mo.aldr, n.rn,. $5.75 Doz. $66.00 Gr. TfN hf n ra0 m nr,el. n, vnlw, ïlw. nai. r $6.25 Doz. $72.00 Gr. vy league Hats. doz.. S 6.25 Gob Hah- Assorled Pastel Colon. doz Mickey Mouse Hah -Official. dot. 4,25 Davy Crockett Hals -fur Trimmed, doz Black Fell Top Hatt doz Painted Western Slraw Hats with Pictures, doz ; Grow Yankee and Confederate Hals, del Regulation Gob Hats, doz..00 Plastic Flying Birds -American Made, gross 8.50 Plastic Bufterfly Birds -American Made, gross inch Fur Monkeys. doz inch Fur Monkeys, Brou 8.50 Slum Necklace Beads, gross 2.50 Pennant Canes. per Comel Hal Bands, per 00. $30. Per,DOS 2.50 mported leis. gross.50 (onlederale and Pilafs 'lß" Hags. der (mou ligne Comic Buttons. per Plastic Ball Poins Pens. you 8.00 U. S. A. Flags -2 inches s 8 inches. dos. S 2.00 Gross 2.00 Men's 6 pc. Welch Set, such sel 6.50 Midge) Chrome igidera dei 2.50 Grau 2.00 Three Coins in the Feeelulu Perfume, dos Pen Pack- Rehaclable Rd Poins Pen Sels. la Plastic Pockel Saver, der., Gross Retraclable Ball Point Per 6 Pencil Sel. (omplekl with Ronson Type lighter. dot. sets nch High Hat Feather Dolls. dot Grau 4.40 nch High Hal Feather Deh. doz brou nch Spread Rayon Parasol. doz nch Spread Rayon Parasol, doz Poins Pinwheeh, gros 8.00 Swagger Slicks. gros 9.00 long 57 nch Silk lash Whips, plis 6.00 Lancaster Batons. grow TrlMolor Members - Piece, gross 2.00 LATEST CREATON FRENCH BERET NAT All, COOn. 'mess, em +,un a Lrn slue.. MM or o,b.,d,n Tw:ll SWEEPRe E MAE E00RR Fer Mt, Wdmen and cnh.le..n, $5.00 da gnu HOSERY HOSERY' CbW- Nylon*.., a' r ARMY AR FORCE SUN GLASSES $5.50 Doz. $63.50 Gr. Come. fn c TM es.m me Ma. to. Me Ma. MN, S. +. ' M e M re dea- A rf..fy a í No NOr, ter low hm Mast. wtlh Oed se C.0 D. SNiNKe,en es stems íor ,..., lm t Kí0 M des. Woe net cy,n' M mew'[ OL elnith.. Suns r.<. East Tenn. Hosiery Co., 23 E. Main St.. Chattanooga. Tenn. when answering ads... Say You Saw t in The Billboard 25% deposit replied -- -money «des et cash. We Ship Same Day We Receive Order We Ship All Over the World HARRS NOVELTY CO. 02 ARCH ST. THS S OUR ONLY STORE rhos'[: WA f misted /2e" MDGET BBLE r pptt+/ sr,rlf.,n :u,e.. Lerd'a reler /Tr M ripe MN d pk'efe 'asp clcyau PM s am t[tt/rmm aed mtdm_ es RM / P.N. <...e. weadmelll RM rortt wo tttcr. O W N rrka M/ dei, WHO emt ML lo.s Oerra:q,d+ NON, ceso. M cash. MN.. RmmMat4 Ñ á 7MrM.ÑN sow JOHNSON MOTH CO.. OarrM. MrCLL SALESMEN -WAGON MEN -HUSTLERS aim My weal. M from me de Stare, mw MN.. LFE $asa wtatom awawl+ Rama 3 sew NM* NM./ Wbsia kl amasasen S. aale3. Wf et "Ms. & Vas M wee knee. /03..Reas, ose t lora CM carded Mara wk Nash ' rfmw /- *MOE M.A.e. Oros Meres mat. em. FNN N.M. MN grande Ns.. os l. m, a ee cell R lte dal Alai t06ml het sea /MMa Man. /PL beano r«use nulmeít qr.." earns hura b l...of trans silo rum Mas rant tres art perk /+Y a /e emu. caed ases M pt.. law herb Mart VAC Po.. e. SM Po... WM. N. RLEY, SSS 8392, TAMPA 4, FLORDA PHLADELPHA 7. PA. Seed for l.fe.e Cofolog

109 f/00 08 MERCHANDSE THE BLLBOARD JUNE The hag for premiums,incentive or... l 3333 fltla f L. FEATURES:. F''4*. t _.r Tooled front 0 bash nstil. sipper 45' adl..hookier strap New tooled design Spring turn lock Saddle stil<htni Wet, e ndividually boiled SEND 25c FOR COMPLETE CATALOG SHEETS CONCESSONARES AND GFT SHOPS -_-.' l'j rl RVERA by EMBASSY in Extra Heavy 00% GENUNE LEATHER prizes' Each bag PREPRCE TCKETED and luxuriously GRMED (cello phaned window lop) S3000 Pu Donn 55 o3333 Terms: 25% deposit, b. C.O.D. 'ample bag-$4.00 isms... na.! Colors Netural, Wk. Sark, Ginger, Slack. Urewn, Red. MAKE BG MONEY With Guaranteed Solid Leather WESTERN BELTS S<uiptur. Toe Gr.n T..,< so. APPei r. Men, Women, No lee - Tea Klondike." good tile, rel,r C ah n en 4. wale. n h re wlnne nom in re 9t nur'. rile suckle, SY. P De Sena os urneu dten- suet: e u. we.dt.n.o e. P.ta -.n mon., unnre.. SEND FOR FREE CATALOG N w. Nr( sank RODEO LEATHER GOODS (O. er Dun s..err.e. 779 No. ern se Penn.... MM.L SLUM JEWELRY and RESALE JEWELRY GVEAWAYS FOR GAMES -HANKY PANKS. GRAB BAGS AND JEW- ELRY SPNDLE. EACH ONE ON A CARD. GOOD FLASH. GOOD VALUE, PRCED LOW. BG STOCK ON HAND. SAME DAY SHPMENTS. SEND FOR CRCULAR. WE HAVE ENGRAVNG MDSE.. SETS, RNGS. RE- LGOUS JEWELRY. SAMUEL B. POCKAR CO. 59 CHARLES ST. PROVDENCE 4 R.. To Order Your Market Place Ad USE THS HANDY FORM TODAY Type or print your copy n...pace 2 Ch.. th...ding under which yes Acts, Senp, Parodie Agents and Distributors Animals zeds, Pets Business Opponenitye Costumes Uniforms Wardrobe Food M Drink Concession Supplie Formulas F. fair- Scondhand Coo. Fer Sale -Secondhand Show..petty C Nelp Wanted went real ad placed. nstructions. Reeks. C.leens Mafleal Apparatus Mltcel Musical nstrsmonu, Aeetmr.t Part... Wanted.sons hold Supplies rind Oe Printing Salesmen wanted Scenery, Senn.. Tattooing Supplie. went ro au, 3 meute blow the type Of you soi hl Û RECULAS CLASSFED AD-20e word Minimum $4. 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No illustrations. reverse plate, lopes or other dcoro,i. material, -point rule border permitted on ads et 2 RATE: $ inch. r mer, per agate line -$4 per inch. Minimum $0. CASH WTH COPY (untees credit hat been established) FORMS CLOSE THURSDAY NOON FOR FOLLOWNG WEEK'S SSUE ACTS, SONGS Cr Send all Order. and Correspondence to 260 PATTERSON ST., CNCNNAT 22, OHO PARODES AN07.4gt SENSATON Al. C07ED" O- qq feet Three adnln womb Q q, W. 3(47. Faris MOL a CnmidLY Brosklan 2t. N. Y. BDCOYE AN ftnri7 COMDAil VL:N trllosalg Yentalla, H., YaN rrl. pporn routined seta: ór snow fn seta n7. Teed free Show Tattnl, Bo[ 67, 7mW 6. F. scene NGLY runny ROTOUSLY meal Over tou0 Orr bermt ark t blya Lo nans.let. U ra ec= Vicente Baide.. d ' This i DSPLAY CLASSFED AD Your Advertisement Displayed,n a space this size will cost only $4 per insertion AGENTS.& DSTRBUTORS A BEST BUY CLOSNG OU. BARGANS Sal doing mum orreened O aorrl. 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NTERCHANGEABLE EARRNGS -REMARKABLE rep gat S oat. to eh, Send H.30 fer dawn or Ca for a ñoren deal. complete. Slldarl.g abwtute. /unnteed, N JEWELRY CO. S,.MtlNe. Mae. M en tem[ returned Atrae N dile lu]n 4e Nana. S/ POR.OL'N SHOPS -r.f CREDT AL lohben em term of.r en mien L+[le Bpee.l. f a LNMENTS.?POSTS TO 445, OTHER Mill farda. aartad StaMh.? t.c.d..d (TMs S.. N7 PMA' Yrt el km... WOE HUE TOUR LONG PROFT ALTO - Product.. low prices and toar dirt ereesl sample'. prepaid. gala S. Yr Shriek DlMriba on YL sableo. D. WENS POCKET NOVELTES. A EARS red re rwhol l photos, rtmeallc plan.! bend t7 for rholeeale aeroriment /refund able and receive ll of noel.. H5- airls M action teem Eurn.u. Chit DWrla atom Solana Erato CaHa NEW GENESS' CF.f CONEDY TN. Blinn: cast Tr. roll dit hens senne S.mot heat pwj. Sfi Brodwq. heel tl0. New Yort 7 Ti20rh NEW FLASHY 77, Stuns, LGHT RG neleng Uruatnlee. cole; 400 %;"40 Wr. les, s. poalande li N. ala Koehler. rnef.!ample. W7 i. W Ga.. Sc Lande ti. Ye. ess OL PANTNGS. POPULAR PRCES. ASsorted andepr Nnee For Warier trade. hin, meeirn, ele. t"ii." Hip N. 78M M.. MLLwaukn. Wla SAMPLE AND WHOL75 ALE PRCES, S. Complete Nylon Parachutes, anal' tine, government eus. Make morel pnmrps. N. &nllh, 7.07 S. Geneve. Langlot 6, MM. SEAT CUSHONS TOR ALL OUTDOOR veote, p.m Of each to Sample, far S porto.l. H. S. NMOta. 654 Winton Terrace, N.C. Allan., Oa. SELL NEW-NATL. ADV. 7. WATCHES. Yop ea t. q.%: adv.. Af: f otee Weih 8N. S3f3: Brady n Ctalot Rends óaln D.. R., SSO Finn Aee., York. S- T- R- E -T -C -H MEN'S NYLON S- T- R- E -T -C -H HOSE.. ro rit r re t aen.ratrln- e.nernan- anvloea ARGYLES AND PLAN SHADES RRf OUL ARS Or /9r L.w NS a. /S FR DOEN PARS,.o.b. MOLL Samples: pairs for 5,00 P.P. No.time Oleast, Enclou Slone) order or ehret. CALFORNA HOSERY MLL 70f W Slh tire/ Lo. An/.ef L Calif. TALSMAN LFE LKE CORSAGES TRAalNS(t an opckoged: therrid yellers hreronc b a Pere. öennetl Ave!, Nw York 3 TOYS FANTASTC OPFER,.00 AS aorlod thskr, rvassle,. magic, elt.a, 7.50 post d. Clowaul t.. 7',7 eluded. Rosa. 4 Umfon 50.. N.Y.C. VERY UNVBUALMPORTED HAND MADE Gtit tems ro unuroat Rll[loru tem: M free sample.. Economy D gctg0'4 Co., 697. Wakefg.lm. Nottb Hollywood. CNU. WATCHES - LOWEST PO.. PRCES on nationally advertised 7owel wateltel S.:nd name.d wide. to Dlmount Sale Dos e6, Cinll. 0. Oslo. WHRLER -FUN. EXERCSE MAKE BALL. pn. Two sample. 25, S, S poetpausoat Sul... Sill Lost. wood e. ÑN[a 4 WO.LE ESA OX EC7'ORMAXS,: v Or M eloiñini d[c <utapplle.l ou0rh tlea. ld.ll úv~ele. Free ll<nture. CaH<r, rallöd, Chkace f0. Bos YOUR ADVERTSEMENT in a DSPLAYED Space This Size will attract more attention and secure greater results. Cost of this two -inch space $28 PER NSERTON Rule Border permitted on ads of 'OUR OWN two inches or more BUSNESS - SUTS, Áq Overenat\. ai<: klnw e, 2 5 S Cote, be6 Eormous gaulo free. fiathan Portnoy Aociates, 80SAF West 2ík Place. testate. ce-ne 275 DAL' EASYSELLNG REWNG NAL. beautifier oo poll. or plant., mile lk wild! Te 0 poetll rep eat. Write. Meths [more...ulacturinf Co., Spiro Oklahoma. than TUN RAGS, SES PER GROSS. FREE bag cover ppoostale. Samples. 255 for. ben seamed. Funs.. 4:2 Poplar, Terre Haute. nd. $48 NVESTMENT Starr,. -iii, c. wain 4 r m! unite. yarni nit'ronarl [ or 3 d fashionable Si regal tame. and chrome reroly ei display rack. Start earning money mmediately with this proven Operetion bi placing three nlu on eoadfr ' n Jrwelrr. Ora/. Rena. Parlor; Bow4iut Alley. Stott. RM.. etc. You round i ea bit. nepeen. r t e. nr wwemrn. eru4arnbue C.O.U. MANHATTAN TRADNG CO. a West 70th, Dept. S. N.Y.C. ANMALS. BRDS. PETS ANMAL SHOWS - SNAKES, LZARDS, Monkey.. Bird. Giant Reptile, Write, wire, phone Rep..,.. Boni Allay'., 2 N. ]. Are. Mlan. Fla. Franklin NM EASY ALLGATORS, S, A. CAMANS, APproaW,ately ]0 l0 neh.s. Sa.00 per order, F.O.B. Cina., Send money order to P k F Mu. l0u Watnul. Cineln- U, O. Phone CH 7-L7Ú5. Ale aecllm\ted halos R.t Tailed Monken EASY MYNAH BRDS MAKE $33: ful lalken, ltentlm [elten. 575; lì.br X ).. 0: Cinnamon Whlletan. Rine' taa 55: S '.net PP le, rleen. Hron lede. MR Forx[eorye. New York 40. N. Y.. tortolo _ b'7 BADGER DO ;ES AND BAB.. Once. O5: ro2nd SeA ree d, üh oror Tod. es i boxi S25: baby Turtles..k.L.. Alllgalor..5; Chameleon, se: Skunk. _oyp.oastnnlnceé Áeed ofu :drnaìlnúme yybhone 4Ì't SC. c. MCCÌUnlf or Snone'Fann. la Dlarc. La. BADGERS. pcoowred M :: l éh 8úL.%íteak WLLm Gl-Tlored earrinm.ualgr. SÌe50:J C JEWELRY CLOSEOUTS CBalon Animal / E2-Slone nninga, rol. fr... 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110 TUNE 30, 956 THE BLLBOARD MERCHANDSE 09 PROMOTONAL & NOVELTY LAMPS M kg BNGOS --. CARNVAL CONCESSONS --PARKS wne /Mart erer,n, a Om «.r.w..l «mhr Prem.. N S. Mr N.e.y emrrm ow,,.prs, ono SUCCESSFU Mitt Vega War' loon a +npy tm Ns+.M nmernw M, ^..r. re 4. N.hw eln. S Mre P... N N.e male a le cone /hw.r or ryh HH Shay Nrersti. Arrow.. M nn esem tee carton. nth. 2.2 froth «4. a h Wlme rn caw re.m sew.ntfr Mhrm.4. All T HTD U DP. PO AL4N. WLT/ /OR OTA... sm... Bru.. COO, tool,..c CUP LLD SAKER LAMP Too k..rne NN N.nSr««e cha. CA. sad taarsers M =T.:.,mwte...h. 477 ar HENRY LEWS LAMP SHADE CORP. e0 FORSYTH STREET NEW YORK 2. N. Y. :T M u.ce /] i: ea.4" motte e CAT /tno TO TN. TRAG/ ror T. PAST )/ TAL rt.w Here is a Fast Selling tem HURRCANE LANTERN Th. w tl perl.s/ GneMen - Fl.hrrnea - Noar.rwiws- kwh - Farwsn- tnealomt Lltht - NaA T/Y.-US. se. u Ash Tray, Terms: NO C.P. $635 doten Npe. tohh order Minimum rdor twe doz.-prompt dall.lrt. Welt er an Concord Mercantile, nc. 5E SroadwaT New York, N. Y. wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww9 REPUBLCAN RALLY LAPEL PNS. i t A moth clahh bock SURE MAE MONEY 6ETER Republican [lop/toot wit% O K. embossed 0 /cress N back. A.eorte/ colored rnpbante too A moha all touring apparel. 76 on ton role' beck card. $0.00 cord s dos 25% dap.if,!want* COD. FOS, N. Y. _w SRO JEWELS Ne.N::34: T. a Longocre S66 w.ww `w w w w w w ww w w w w w w 30" tori...«. WA GAD `.0A- r T.G. ALL PLUSH STANDNG D rofl usus SE3t M RORST DEAR TEE JAY TOYS, NC. re Kr., )aw f wrw T,S, N T KAK UP TO S75.00 OR MOTE A DAY!!! WHM OPATOtl. (O0033iORElE6. N06TU(OS. 0. ig RO RQSETO00SE MOEE>S--23(-s ME l02 FOl To0 uy08 ROMES, PE3FUN9 WOO ATTOA(TlYE NilDwRYE gn00 WE uutr MOOTED COL 0 S. (ONKETE N LOOM RATON Ott 0 TOM. SEW FROM e TO COST TO YOU S27.00 PER NUNDRD. r 0. ty CASN, SAL COD LOS ANGNAS. SAMPLES FOR S.00 PREPAD. L. M. SSS.ER 260 S. Menlo tesoe Dept. Rß-2 Lo.SnRele 7, Calif. t PTCHMEN!! DEMONSTRATORS! PAN -FREE DOLLAR -A- MNUTE MONEY- MAKER! fraternity dernollrated -.wily' pee rents food Yterrllsl rons, piddles, Cacuele, ate, ntro ns le cookmg for fryln par, waffle duce, N./NM MMARN And redo clean. ns messy Per. A mutt LO OW -fat d4. Notton like o' M malt. Nct CWAvtal. n lo 't, UANlvr r:,,, renloca prince. want" l0 bottles. ENN. wa" m SAMPLE WRTE TODAY RUSSELL WELLS 6 CO., DEPT. BB 6326 No, 0,0., O. Angele t Attn: Carnival and General Merchandise Jobbers Buy Better... Buy More Conveniently At the Big 2nd Annual ASSOCATED VARETY AND NOVELTY MFRS. SHOW to be held for 5 DAYS at the MORRSON HOTEL, Chicago,. July 29th to Aug. 2nd, Floors Lines. Thousands of tems P,.._._ Nora Sell L.prd.ten J.toolry M... 3frLy. Sneak'. rone. Duo, Sober,* Sarndrie. C..lvel Md.o. l.d..el, tapoatrn tond. PM end P.4Ú Sr. Taro lamps,:skin. tt.rdwer. SoÚola Vrery G.o4. O w HEADQUARTERS: 26 CUSTOM HOUSE ST.. PROVDENCE. R.. NNW, end w w. Tkrw.r Ow f S.w cn l EwlPw o Ad Pw oto dea's la ow A N,r Nenh,w r..ele len bm, e t..4mnr SM. N)) pe. Na_ HAO tr_ M.nY mh./. nta Nm N ii W.rin.,M. /S Oea- / rot, KMN. T..nAN /eal rotnh. arnp Men /,.c, u.2s d.i Lodie, ut N nk.n N..n / :4.4,.";..T..7. H/irliaM,nF 0 a.» N... «.M.. tr. >.SN". SEND FOR / an. M.t).a, y }R:. ( L;;*t CATALOG Ea Engravers Slore and Fah `''t\\mw.' Workers, Ring Demonstrators % )!. dom. +:ip C O... nrwne e..e wllh nnld...ft. MCBRDE JEWELRY CO. 26 BROADWAY Al SST ST, N. T., N Y, ww w»w w w wi wiw w ww w'_ w.... EARRNGS SCATTER PNS NOVELTES TO SELL FOR 49c BONA FDE AGENTS WANTED N 48 STATES,rpt Now York A llinois All wk....rust... open. Only rated jobbers mood writ. to: SR0 JEWELS 7SN. York'N. Y.NO lomgan S -[66 PANDA BEARS 5" $8.00 Gr. " 4.80 Doz. RUBBER - _` SOUAWKER ELEPHANT or 4 ASSORTED $.80 Doz Gr. RUBBER SQUAWKER HORSE $.80 Dot. $2.00 Gr. OR MONKEY JOCKO CLOWNS Slim Satin 7" $20.00 Gr. 2" Gr. WND UP FUR JUMPNG DOG._ :,!. `T BATONS $.00 Gr. WHPS $6.00 Gr. STRAW '00E HATS 6" $2.00 Gr. 2" $8.00 Gr. 8" $8.40 Gr. BLACK METAL SABER & SHEATH Small, Special Price $4.40 Gr. $,80 Dz. $2.00 Gr. Large FUR MONKEY W: PPE A 6LASSf5 4" $ 3.25 Gr. 7".50 Gr. 0" 4.40 Gr. 5" 4.50 Dr Gr. SPARK RFLE POP GUNS TOYO $3.25 Der. S36.00 G. CAPS LADES 000 HAT $4.25 Doz k. HULA DOLLS Alit. Color Skirts 7", St3.00 Gr. t Gr. 33,00 k. - 20" Boll AAoo, Doz... $3.75 2" Breaking. Doz " Dub. tort Rifle. Del 5.50 MOTORCYCLE Pink ' 630 D. $75.00 k. BREAK PSTOL SPARK 60N s3.25dez r. Without Spark, DOL..., S 7.00 Gross Wood Handle Pop Pistol $.25 Del. kou 4.00 OPERA - GLASSES- BNOCULARS les Y, w t r. L Dot. $36.00 Gt. PEARL OPERA GLASS toto a $i.óí Der. $22.50 Gr. UMBRELLA HATS lute, Nn a rocoue. $6.00 DOL CORDUROY JOCKO MONKEY ^r 8" $2,00 Gr. 0" Gr. ' " Gr. Super Binocular r.. x $7.50 Der. STRAW SUNBONNETS k. FELT DERBY DOL k. FEU H HAT D. NEW FEU MOUE NAT ;,a:m, Dot. 25% Deposit With Order, Balance C.O.D., F.A.B., N. Y. C. CHARLES SHEAR 50 Park Row: mew 2 95 N.Y. All Orders Shipped Some Day All Prices Subject to Change Write for Complete Price list WESTERN STRAW HATS Painted $4.50 Dos. NEW SATN TEM HOT f SALOR DOLL t=" $20.00 Gr. " Gr. 25" Spread Gr. 33" Spread Gr. BALLOONS dl Mickey Mouse Club. stretched $7.50 CT, Giant New Spiral r. Workers Soc each Nalral Straw Dot. FLAGS 0400 sr u.oe/,. nsy r.ra.a 2 HNNf `) l.rhr CPKkre l/.fa N. LSN. _ LL M.rNr CwclM MN mt. CAr.NNNN, Y MOO CMNNNh, r.0 XM tt.

111 0 MERCHANDSE THE BLLBOARD THE NEW SENSATONS OR 956 LFFETME CON PURSES MTE MDGET Now you can make more profit then before. The famous Mlle Midget tipper purse cels0 vans its.uarter.million +lea record with this reduction n price. These rtes were possible due to ts extra deep e mbossln9..xfre long tldpr, nl r hand sic, sunders HC welay. tlesl9n end ts nice counter tleller. This ls truly Americ fastest seller. Suggested Walt 3! nch sire reduced re 4V nch tia reduced to $ BABY SHOE $(5.50 a... $6.50 doy. Nn s a midge, Vrslon of baby +hoe. Nand (aced and comes in 6 assorted talon: bock, Drew n, Orsen, Sus, red red geld, Has,uroY hn0 ttetl cowsol ano + all edr ry an acres key chelo. Beautiful lurnls with ell units. unoh. display These will go 90 fast! Jobbers prices an request, fulrd 89c $5.25 tlol open account t0 w.aa con <ern3 othrwlse sens r. ny ororr Plu 33 cents or Posf90 on0 hnalinp fh orar, ATLAS NOVELTY CO. 28 6th Street Denver 2, Colorado HEART DSC CLOVER NECKLACES $6.50 Gross and up Miller Creations rr)r le V..O r OutGO,, L,NO,s Mont WAle, DAY AND NGHT SERVCE Make a FORTUNE Selling TOWELS We've bold MLLONS of Towel.: Out Arent, Salesmen and Saleswomen re Munt. LOW AS up, Now you can, tool Our E prlcef are lowest to the.tin. A try look!hem: 00 Towels Towels o00 Towel, rowels 63, Towels Sample pkg. Towels, only plus Oher Dfor charge t 00 FeV E lower. but oh. you buy unworn mown end rayon towrt from us you can sell TEN for f.00 d aka 300wa letlryl PROFT! Order Señd money wltb tent order. C.OD'e V 5 ^- a ttanre an panles order. Tr7tt STUD!' D '. oe06,!0 St. Charles. Sr Leu,s, MO. 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Write for list. Animal mporta, Box 4683, Penucola Fla. TRCK DOGS WALK TGHT ROPES. JUMP thru hoop, etc. Ala small Shetland Pon, Dr. Blberss, Route, Kincaid, Kan. TWO DOG ACT WTTH PROPS, Young THREE mantle dop, p.m. ear tricks. with Large eases for transports... tons Dop, Dash.. 43 Euclid St, Philadelphia P.ng9vania. il. WHOLESALE ANMALS-,BABY BOA CONrectors. U; baby Alligators, ans..50: Tou 35; ToueanKta : young guana's young 4'?tat bird,, redw<s d monter. Pal Clavin. The Monkey Roux, 2700 LaSalle St., New Orteane, L. phone TW 5. BUSNESS OPPORTUNTES A BUSLVESS OF YOUR OWN- DEMON- rele, Decö d sell Fvemte' "ffif: e ]fr R' smoke tweflltrs the smoke twice nmorfng all World's the teotlne. bigge r dorar yeller. Make up to 3. daily'sample. Ex pgent, Elite., ory *den Y coven. Ave.. N. Era Product, 692 lew Ar Gnen- Chicago. "ASA TRADE ENQURES" WLL LST lour home roe opportunity, mall from exporters. mporters n Hon[ Ja- Kmf, Ceylon, ian. trlde nd.". óhtle 6; rie m 3 ll N. A.30 Trade 930 3d A. Bog 739. Seattle /. Wash. 74 BEACON RAY REVOLVNG LGHT- You'll command more attention. Dae rip- MveewvnAure., oplrebull. 3. 4, Levs 38 BOARDWALK LOCATON FOR H Stryker. food opportmlt'. Vent. Amuse. mansit de C o GaE 6 wmalgk., DOmard, Seaside Pans 063, BUEDv43 PROPERTY FOR SALE BV BY owner 'ho 'asiles w rotin. Located oe Da, 4L hole, between Ga., And and Jxkeonstlle, Fla., t Adel, Ga. Tourt a" talon. fi Hsam of wdarco m and rket eabusiness. Both and grating business. s now and hu erahllg been u op filling tauon. C us.d Vi' auto parts Has cement sleek cors Dwlding that can be eonrerted oom. w meh grocery. D<lf Floride elua fma oovor aisy type of Ou,lner or manuf4a wry. 3 ft. (root by 400 n., room bu two and ne 7 room Douses. with room tau toi more o r m00o 4. Total price, :mopth. mst Dg B,x E rltape Oí. Aa, elov."" DOUBLE YOUR BUSNESS WTH LE7C- Penmave Newspaper but.. ClaWfieds! Clever stimulators! Tony ds, big Free payoff. N Y. Wal, Simon, Bog 07 -BB2, Pelham, cb OFRU N S NG rt n O bwn m r POSS Crtk ell ylanourbsecmn, Tamm.FoPWo. aa. 7 HOW TO AACE MONEY WTH CARNVAL Gamer. 44-page book, 35 illustration.. 3 poetpald. Theron Fox, 296 Yosemite, San Jose 28, Calif. sel NAME BRANDS AT WHOLESALE. BG 00 page catatoa. Send 50r receive 5 credit anut R p. ma a a N. OYN. erhoudt Distributor, OPERATE A WHRLER- GOROUND ON lmp4. olr. Darks,.dal motel,, ate. Earn Four adwta yountsted. lode H five tiro allnurr. 44r oe, Self propelled, all toot clams. r, toot circumference: all steel; red, yellow cs75 brand new. buys ono. Rush 75 deposit. depotobalance collect couecl pow freight. B "x0" oheto- rdh, U. ro F.'. on purohass. Burro 743 General' Johnstown. See dieelav ed n Geperal Outdoor Evertors. MORE BUYERS Will Stop and Read YOUR AD if you use DSPLAY CLASSFED RATE only $4 per nch YlOf<,, S'''s Semple Band. sot. Ass't Watches with yellow up. bends h" $69.50 only Re: 7: Ona end 9lror:7d line new. Lelell.fYlea Or Ten and women. QUANTTY USERS -COME N FOR SPECAL PRCES WATCH MAKERS' SPECAL Used Mene A LdlH' Wrist Watches, also Po<k WOO" All n runr.v condition-. s 5 for 90 Display Girt Loan. SOr 5 -DAY MONEYBACK GUARANTEE -WE WLL NOT EE UNDERSOLD N.w BO 3,56 C.ß0, re Wn0d n Your lint, 25c W7:,T'e only. i5' wllh emenq *roar, C.O.O, mmeáun delvery. <"" JOSEPH BROS5.wabeshAve Chirego 3,. HAWAAN T LOG LOW AS 4%) EACH GREEN OR COLOREO OWES PRCE, BEST ÓuAlli Y' i rar NAWA.P. P,ODUCfM,e TROPCAL HAWAAN CO. OEPr. c STREET SAN feanc5t0 CAT( MEXCAN Heavy Rings, dz, $ 3.00 Genuine Mother Pearl Earrings, dz Tule Decorated Baby (hairs, dz Feather Bird Post Cards, gr.50 Hand Tooled Billfolds, dz., 5.00 Tortilla Machines, dr The most entfnsi assortment of Mexican Jewelry and tems to mak H. Pottery, Hand Tooled gags, Embroidered Jackets, Skirts, ear. 233/4 with order, balance C.O.D. Request catalog. Francisco L de Arkos 904 Scott Sr. Laredo, Txos ALL -WEATHER Plastic Pennants Durable--Tough-Brilliant 4g assorted color - 0-0th Pla88 Pennant sowed on lough. heal tape 00 ft. long ONLY $4.00 ea. Doren lots $3.00 ea. Write for cluantity prices Money refunded f not satisfied. A & A NOVELTY CO. Cincinnati 36, Ohio M _w asp 0 ntroductory Offer! 0 DEAL ON THE LOT! 0 Assorted Novelties, eilt., C 7G :Cllc, 'KLONDKE Ñ:6 LOT0.BYOrk` vl [f/> ybre [STAB.Hltp 60 YEAgS. Nm band WtramMl.: N07hwNt OHO, [o0í ealr volume, owner deceased. Apply any. Brotara, OlevNand 5, Ohlo. PAOTO DAL /. DDiG - w Ricardo, widow will We, secret. Contact for T. Fora, quick 309 S. 60ü Cuero W, Court, U. POoP BU D56 sen PhwHSpcCo6hy,, ia, D Ubu!aa eol, 37t as M 7 stnn le0 PORTABLE ROLLER RNK. 523(3', VER' food ecliobal mrdle nvoa' rood lent, all tint tar equldmenl.!n opeetlon now. mal' b. morel; pm.d w rot. 'i C. St. JOtsn. R'nona. Mlm. Tel. W'llaka 256. ) -7 START A RUBBER STAMP na MANUFACTUR- Business. e up to H)draure Per hour. operated, premiss, electrically heated 3 3., vlan Portable outfit Bort+ aven {e TV law set. CuNOin Company, Maeölnery 60 N. Jefferson. SPSYnlleld, Mo. TERRF C VALUE-400 CO M B.. ASSORTED d9e9h; Mrsaif. r.cuyar o. 0BoAen, : 3760 BUYS ANMATED "LUMBERNG Jr Saw -mw," "Ait. n Wonderland" 3Drcellent for seen. window, floor or mountings. Haney trouer Ruelle, Hayward, Wu ,500 AtertoN AND lnw COnSL!NTY!n SALLE Sta tt.. 6l. tnwna and OU'a Simpson, [ves, Y.(M Ju/r, $L JoepA, No. COSTUMES, UNFORMS, WARDROBES ATTENTON -GRL SHOW OPERATORS. Clown, Performers. Panels, 0t rfld k n. U;.T Rs, Gow Wta. na Clown Stilt, fille Tuxedo Hate, Coat, Detble. R9 ones, 7op Plumes. my 4t lowema pre.; the lrt. For. Leroy 46th Park W.bawk., Carp.nter, N. J. Phone UNon ATTRACTVE CURTANS! BG E7.ASH, an af)), Bx]6l, a h, 40; CurLdta Swt, new, used, Clown neat: ten Capes. x9, Formal Gown, trio Cos Costa U: Bally Bally Capes. 00 : :T Coall Weed. Trunks..WM.u. ago. Trunlu N. Halted, Walleea, Chicago. cosrumrs - THOUSANDS TO from. ing!. SELECT or sets all on visible rack Get ready for. the se con. You Utter can't bargains or find a larger Nook of toad 67 E. Lake St., Chicago, ll. Open Tues.. Wed., Fri., Sat. 3 to S p.m, FOOD AND DRNK CONCESSON SUPPLES BEST SNO.CONE FLAVORS, et.. QUART Deót BS ' darret N r CL t: {a 2, Temesxe. Je. FOR SALE SECONDHAND GOODS AHmOeCt T L C oarla oo FPlO Md. "re- - placement Kettles /or all Pappen. Korn. 00 S. Halstee, Kr.PY Chicago, ll. au35 2S LARGE EZFfT. TATTOO WRTE Steven,, 530 Chaucer St., Berkeley, CaV. r7 POLAR PETE tr ECHOES USED SNOBALL ]laehlues. rol bar[alns; new Polar Pete bs pece. SnooalL 48 R'alt88. Arianta, Ga, yla FOR SALE -SECONDHAND SHOW PROPERTY AT SACRFCE - SX BOATS, $4 PAS- aenpr Ret Kid Ride, Steel Tanks, Rant Wheel Seau, Nell only and Horsy, MGR AH only. arst St pro. letter. Coot's Hodes, l.yedenhunt. New Jeroey. Jy7 ECHB TOw PRO VtEwD PRsyOrieEr cow aledm, o. J! x 4 Gro wbu. f" el. e, nben Protect Works, ' S Yea oanr FOR SALE Siru:e ladder HFt bar Rtgnt Awcit h R ggrlat pe n nd n < trhanl aromed. A Floor Show Rigging. Lovely Sequin end Rhlnertnn Costumes. For Detils Wrif THE GASKLLS 300 earl st. Burlington, Wash. FOR SALE- CROSLEY LT7T.E CHTEF FRE Engine Kiddie Ride. food condwon. 6acrillee price. 6,00. Tony Caaonla, 09 E. Park. Butte, Mont. FOR SALE -SHORT ARV OCTOPUS N running condition, complete with 950 Dods. Tractor end Seml. COO tact AaY Drescher with Stan Neils Show, Karlstad, Minn. June 29, 30, JuLr : Park River, N. D., July 2, 4; Neche, N. D., July S, 0, 7, 7, FOR SALE - -FOOT WARNER SEER4G0- Round and Kiddie Auto Ride. Helen Doreen, godas PoinL New York. GRL PANEL S OW.x40 FRS F. }05 N' D operate: complete. $.00 rash. Girl Show, 5 N. E. 7st St., 5... Fla. HURDY GURDYS. BRAND NEW. N ORG. fo i"4:!f crates,.44 msufe or kiddie meet. Close-out each. Kant Amusement Co.. Mt. Clemens, Clement. Mleh. 3 SHOOTNG GALLERY LOADNG TU BPS. 5 Jl $e.50 ver loo. No c.o.dus. Arty length made. Poalpald. H. B. böerbaba. R'aym. Neb. SHOOTNG GALLERY -LONG RANGS Six 6, rifles, built n troller, up n frteen minutes. Brixon E. 22 St.. Minneapolis. Minn. SHORT RANGE TA ROLRS- SAMPLES tree. Oneda7 semee. Save Nu advery Use Fine Art Press. 06 Donald, Peoria. rta. w. TENT STAKES "FORD S.'.500 clock, fl M. F.O.B. Dallas G. 8 WD lard, 3 2nd Ave.. Dallai. lei b'yb THREE FACTORY BUA.T KDDE RDES. Trolley. Auld. and Hand Cars. all n good r V"'on for 3L200 tank r ll sell Kerr, 373 E. Lmdsy. 5 octtony CatJofbert TSmNV, D Ynd LLEüY, RLlE s CNE TWO F CALFORNA Prd ß ltl ST E D LL tu 4 eanl. PÌOa+éle -B. C.. PDOéi A3 FO JUNE 30, Asst. Mens D Ladl.; WATCHES Wth'Eapamion Band GRUEN- WALTHAM RENRUS- BULOYA -ELGN Sam3. Watch Sample Band 502. R.condltionad, guarant.ed lk n, DSPLAY GFT BOXES, 50e 440,4c, MORE SPARKLE THAN DAMONDS Color tl 6rlll Laney. $9 per canye end ud. Men' Mountings, GDtl real and tdoes', upes0 up. W nolsuls nc only -75tá wile C.O.D. order, 0, S-Day Bck :.,,...bend" cn<k. money ororr or certified artilsed Write for FREE 956 Catalog "M" Vaaaaaaaaaaaa DRECT FROM MANUFACTURER EARRNGS- The Year's HOTTEST Earring Promotion H*" 7 'a Ervle Crest lour. 0 Dangles, ourson end lv hpa. tail0 Pearl Flower ahan e irone c bintlenl = Man f VA 6- d for Dr<0 R ae U4.00 troll tmdls delem Also eta Vf ilul sewn eon r.' grow 00ín, MME DA TE DELV- ERY Sold on OOten.sert+ lauonea, to pcw age " di rylrl SEND FOR LLUSTRATED G SP OTN[R JCWELRY TEM {, Ovarannetl low it g,r- aaaa PACKARD JEWELRY CO.. 46 West 5th rr New York C. CSy h 7t " NEW LOW PRCES POLSHED ALUMNUM!DENTS \, ^lam No. C.34- CHLD'S ASST. Gros C.3- ADULT -5PECAL Gr0s No. C-3-LADES. DOUBLE HEART Gross ppipl á :3. No. C-33 -MENS OENT. Gross Send for Free C56 Carnival Catalog 2 <4 Deposit With Order -Balance C.O.D. 76OPTKAN BROTHERS W. Ninth Sf., Kansas Mo. í'l /UUU NEW 8" PENNETTE 00 feel only pptd. 24 PENNETTES ' 6 Bright Colors Sofiafacflo. Garonafeed Dlscoent on 3 or more MYRLO COMPANY 68 W. 35íD, Ctre3Dd 3. O., Dept B 5 CHARMS (DENT BRACELET For Girls. Yount enomers te haseaeothe. loved Ones Full Une ]dent Cham Cash dam p' Eiwvrfrwi Na'l-rr' Ca. 37 CaMnr Sr. pulrbale 4. Mats. d Ai

112 FUNE MRACLE w.mamiss.e...., N REAL LOWS NAM 4 MOMErMAxER.tsN, w h»..nnm. hw e M Md GrM M Y.0,u.,l /n.y. NNrN, YYO $4.7..! $54.2'42.. or.-4, Some e du. in N.rvl e.. $66'00 AN te EYE (AT(HER!! $2.75 $303" Ont. Owe foci.. White rllhnt CM/, ee s... N Three n. ph.w..anos. PROVDENCE RNG,ent COMPANY N we.mlwu.. N You're Alweye le the Shad - With the Sensational -(OAtUMBRt4. ley Clue[\,.et)Gn.. dirt. Waled t.lw{r7t ran. tom. wat. M.. r: 't b with the entire rat.,..y. Cdr in hod il wetl..f u.. We ton W co.e ' * * *,able M following cote,...nit, r[ -GREEN end WHTE -PNK a., N.- ACK. s. S0 S lu. h. N, 84.5 Ddl 0d N St./5., al $,00 N... net we..noient..' RED and WHTE- BLUE and JOSRS. DSTe.OTOe.. r N ph.m tot ran /sty r'.<.. S m6. Cc p 8. 5oa.SOe De.dtvlth TNNffSll CONCESSONARES! CARNVAL OPERATORS! GET WTH A SURE WNNER! Leee. ales Mtnhandl,. CweeNl.m wife. - JAR DEALS - TCKETS fer ell yew, Sp d Event/ /leaic.. Celebrorioes GruMt Usti. e tooter Mao M. Cue..w.. Appeal * Mel Sain APW. 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BG-7"x0".. SPECAL PRCES DOZEN LOTS 0.90 ea. N * HAND-? TH[ VERY BEAUTFUL - i» PANTED,. LATEST `'. MEXCAN [.-t SKRTS :. p't,tf' ry «ß <`'`r:"..4 T Y. 4 {,h :` 7:t. L r r6;4 F ON SKRT ONLY 3.00 EXTRA numbs. h.! wí p.. d. 'tors t...0 whs. end b.,.ss poste mso. Mend pinrd y n/. -e. whoring M...ten S.MOry end r«.ey.,pitel Me:.M M.,. $4.50 each Special Prices on Quality lib MEXCAN FLOWER BAGS BEST SELLER No Dpo...,.ed on ell C O D. rde All Prices F.O.B. El Paso. 25eó Deposit -Balance C.O.D. TODAY Each "4" soss $6, "0" órli2r soss 8.90 fiend TNled-RNmy?mid. -Tw. 2ipp..e-{: td end CO. rrn - Adjustbl Shuldr Snp-0.. C.m. p.nmem-hand-leed tde- ngs. COOR Red, lueege or Ne.urol. PEARL SALES CO. Teat'. A. made a yes, slley ink Jewelry.r l h U. S. G meet wita. leelau home. Send ne your earn. end l'u show ye. bow did it. taret. horn. one esvnln. of )ornraron e r b bens.. rr we. two m. bewe te Th l. bo nn.,..m ) 7., N nyw M. who m) Plan ay. d all Seer belling Sr W W - GOO -M Ma." a«.frment. 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Patir«..e.> t0lys lo0(ys CO_ MM. Sew...s titcfff:u S.5 sad Dolle., t.. - n. - r. l. 0 rnr DON 7 es,.. C DO_i O D. 2 Owner MN. MAGC BALL PARACHUTE This Acme Parachute is o fascinating and o very attractive toy. t is known os The Magic Boll Parochule. t is possible to throw this parachute and hove it open, 00 feet in the air. This parachute is mode of.'e yard of silk with sewed edges. The plastic part, when closed, resembles a ball. 2 nches in diameter. The strings leading from the silk one about 8 inches long. ACME TOYS 2333 AMY AVENUE CLEVELAND 3. OHO For by Porochutes be sure and get Acme. the TimeTested Product. F ONE ONLY $.00 EXTRA P. 0. BOX 675 EL PASO, TEXAS tro0pór $5055 lttun REDLECs ARDNALs p0i4e CONSSTS OF 6 MAJOR LEAGUE TEAMS N ACTUAL TEAM COLORS SMALL PENNANTS S R,00 275')'. Sohl.wen., t, pes ere, Lmpl Sol et 7 p.n.s-s CO FOOTBALL PENNANTS Or 5. TN CM tw rlw N «AU REAM mown' MeN N Mee. Osa«Pel+rrnr M, AP,. goe prw, Tee. pen. rsm. 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113 R/ / 2 MERCHANDSE THE BLLBOARD "SLA(KY DUET SET" N SHMMERNG PEARL FOR FAST SUMMER SALES $7.80 por dos. SETS ZPPER CARRYALL MATCHNG WALLET PASS CASE O CON POCKET PNK. SLUE O WHTE ar. RED HOT SPECALS! Chrom CS. Eichlors, Dot.,. 5,40 Enam CO. Llehlrn. Oonpl Sled Pen Kolle. Aniter Pln n, coxed. Dr 7.00 Pone stored, Oros.00 7Pt. Pen Sots, Srn, Board. Dot.,.SO Nrdl cooks. Oars 3.00 Lan. wailer. Dose Necken L!eater. OoL., 7.70 no.ed Culf link Tlr Oar. Dot. l.t0 eo. W Kr Cr. Dr. e.00 f].t a kco NN<Mnwaro N. 7.00!rh 4Pt. Scnwdrlv,r Set Dos Comb N. Dos..f0 ]C!mimed./ Flashlight 7.75 TColor Flathllehl, Der. e,00 Wrn (or CNaloe. MPERAL MDSE. (O. 893 Broadway, Now York, N. Y. Big gift value! 5 stunning pieces! Men's fine matched jewelry! THORNrD,.. Wtt wtn GaN0 6N4eM4 NATONALLY ADVT SEO Semple 6..k lke a million' '. mvlele Woolly wardrobe! No less hren different mohhl Pltßero high.4 ruff f links. lir bar. full rneth key chain fir loan and pencil beautiful leweltvl watch lnr rsh,,mion hand Present:lion parked n bison. Truth (SMS. ES% with ordir, Won. C.O.D. SFCAL PRCE YO OUANTTY USEES HAWTHORNE WATCH CO. 593 MSSON ST. DEPT. 35 SAN FRANCSCO S, CALF. ( b G HAS MOVED TO 4 LARGER QUARTERS Keep Your Curt en Cool With This "Hot" Summer tem. A Lodi.' 2 -Pis ShoNi Baby Doll g Poloma,. S -Mal, oftorrd color{. g value -Now Only $5.60 Samplo 0 pow dog so, A 25 % dap., bat. C.O.O.. F.OB. Chicago /Wril for New July Merchondif listing C & G SALES 080 MLWAUKEE AVE. CHCAGO, LLNOS The Best Solos Boards and Jar Games write lot lntormal ion ana prior. Canadian R.prernl lve: Aulomlc Murk Co 0ont 9ón St. eamenlon, ADm GALENTNE COMPANY D.vr. n, sta e. JNnon Blvo souls e.nd 7, Hann A all E_NHN t..go DYuBE n 0 P cs uamdlvrt OZ.!yipe. W ún! 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Fro nlnog, Owen ht., L. Jengn, AnNlr 70 J, tv,t Calif. &Td JY7B NEW TYPE TATTOONG Money making deals.. MACHNESeoneanlrald outfits, colora, Pelican, tus Mut [Ha. d.,ry 7S WAte LestY, ßoektore, ll w7a NEWLY DNH:WE.D pieta MACLN08 - Roe of COM Tattooing Ot74 Supplies. upon Free roquent, d Court R..?Duldln S. BOBO,., Jrksoovllle.!V. C. lys TATTOO MACHNES. 3 Pie. TOR 80. NCK, 45 Trumbull St., Hartford, Connertirui. WANTED TO BUY KtD FER R4 W7EEFX.. WLT 80ÁT ND[, r Ars nbhten RÌtlr McekerPP rk,rein rill,, nd. HELP WANTED REGULAR CLASSFED ADS. See n usual want -.d Nyl, one parlerapk, no display. Fire line regular S pt. cape. RATE: 20c a word -Minimum $4. CASH WTH COPY Forms Close Thursdays For the Following Week's ssue DRUM]ER W'.\TED POR D TRAVT3.T:G RS Broad well. Contact Gayer,.a., Grand siand. Neb. FEMALE EMPERSONATORR, prltonme. NO DRAG rountl Slnl/fen.m comedy. AD loymonl. Year Dr., Cltcua Mlaml Oar, 0 Brach. Ocean Fla. GRL ACCORDON OR lo work PANO PLAYER n TAO. hots Star exparls o, and send Rraeley dlmendons. 74, ehllon Music, POrt Huron, Drld. Juch. Je30 ANO HAN, D T rlo. Conac ONR ntmel SSolAeR.T ly. calla. Leader. FaW roser Teller nark. 970, vumal SPLENDD thinking OPPORTUNTY POR musicians FORWARD to gn valuable road '.penance with and rronn chance lo study:. rmon, ^. Sha sped ran chair.. 00 wake a plea. Year eusse recd. All Hand need sir, s!or plane. mmediate John Diano. bar end Beecher, drama Little 6 Omaha. City Nat'l tvrb. Dank ntr.. WANTED ROCK A ROLL BAND Apply TOMMY THOMAS, Club Mmel One Key Wtl, F,., l.r p.m. Phone 4.e AT LBERTY ADVERTSEMENTS Sc a Word Minimum $ Remittance n full mue, accompany all ads for publication in this column. Na charge accounn. Forms Close Thursdays for the Following Week's ssue. AGENTS & MANAGERS WLL BOON.0R aponprin! 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Drrkr cement carnival, motel, kiddie. c. nk. wa Ros tre C9Ff, c. 666 Der 7, Ohio. Rlnllor0, Clnchin. MSCELLANEOUS HYPNOTST - FOR STAGE yvor=e and leeturo PRVATE dem,u latlloo. Pose u fe write Neige rire Box 007, Poet 'Cif! Seattle, Wean. N'aW. r7y NOTED MAGCAN lrsotln WLL JON CON. a bppoos, nitroermrol mcaoras. ", vole... rlders. Ru,747 Conn. i MUSCANS A - RNK OtGANlT, 0ANY i'ka RA' SX Derlence Drl rlbke. w'an4 Dodllan year R8 0 rdyc ÌéÌnoe4ddOD Ohlb, ALTO 30 SAX, CLARNET. NOME PNOFES. Bn et et te m mon. nlofl, for uor or prom, ant tobacco do Or se liquor. Fred DelivvrY. a.. Allpu, Genera! Y7 COMMERCAL for DRUMMER oreenned AVALABL E Dlxli band. Play amp, eoclaty, Nowa Latin. and read: no boyv. Sobs,. D,but MCÌ r ondd or r call all often. Jack Write, Phone Rexrlek, S77 W. Aberdeen, Mi r. DRUMMER, CUT ANY GROUP. READ Wows. Recently Eddie HOward and Anula Jac7k Kilner,!Box 792m Roce te MÑÓ "ly7 ti.n n SCHOOL GRADUATE. 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[700. )yyt BALLOON ASCENSONS, lumping PARACHUTE for park*, hare, 02. L Seater, 0 S. elebrei... Donnie., ndllni adoua S, nd. y7 CLOUD SWNG A, AVALABLE TOR your celebration. Work will.. sm.. time and D00. re, Box 53 RVllllam M, East Rosine Orwell, Ohl Telephone Orwell HERE S A PUBLC which APPLAUSE hr ban WNNER featured tone. by Pox The Death Movie- Plunge Some nto Suicide Pool. really par out on this one and Taro he mb om en tar ily Where re ed to ck f dynam true Wo tra lon t!har e and ever was one hound to talk make of your Calebroll n We We town, eadl. McDOneld, Hlgh later Lallonal Dtving Sen amdhlor rllrlall.t. Place, us'arren, Olslo. TL 5737 Sun VAUDEVLLE ARTSTS "LA FLM AR!TA "' GH TEST S RN woman, W NTO know odoro mlrrln We.serer Doa W tal. YoutA' mrtehler nlmll.ble orylnallly roast yyrluro. salar! Arallabte, the rnrllonet fea of H time, due. orchestra, pork, Rechi. clubs or 'La hotel Femarlto," /J9 rtlehmond, l'a. Capitol liolol, ZWTTY! PPY! FLAK -KARDS BG! JUMBO SZE, 5"x9" Vs a PLAK t's a POSTCARD! PA u mo A ri D toe d Te e V oase attractively olbrad. Everyone HUE'S Packeral, and kon more. l:"r0lumalety dg3 rva n our ens. Packed J erro arorlotl lo une!lox wltn FREE counlar aleaba. BALD VAR[TY, and B are iodos box Rush display. for rmdle box of 3 with A +DOS. RANDBERGENFS Ot N. J. AMN WE MANUFACTURE SHRNE CRCUS FEZ Navoltr Feces for N ocearlon. sen frrlly blocked -look. ller reet Fn. Al+o PiN, \NTB ter all ocn.lnit. THE C. B. FELD CO. "S6 P. ]!n st. Chllre e,. Phonr ESNV 346a sir : JUNE 30, 956 _..i0 9.yJC Sk, QN. S N,..';i::!. Slunnme B+auly n FVC t5 9marY matealnl allth'. Gernsnln rery Ward,aec lub Nedtomt wnld Webb! Sh00rr n ahornd atn. Beau tuy OoreO'. Min a+tlrr 0. NATONALLY ADVERTSED l'f terrific! High ftyld Cull lints Full length Kry Chain... Tie B ar,. Fine Eapantion Band and Handsome Jwoled Watch!... All ugriooly packed. S.nsetion ollf priced! A sample will convince your 2Syr with order, B..nce C.O.D. CEL -MAX, nc. 582 SO. MAN ST. MEMPHS, TENN. WATERPROOF $g.5 with stretch band Luminous OW nds V l NOW TOP le Dr;:7 S 7 JEWELS your reels of e U LOVA, O FNRUS, ilon. Gua entrad and rocondl /omd LKE NEW. Wall. for Pre C.t.08. SP.!AL Mena Wtc.s Bulo., Beer.. 0, Orb. Welch bands $0.50 W0ule only. 23 ir wllh arder, DH sac C.O. D, Bony monerbark eran leer bend money orear certified shack with order l0 void deny n shipment. AL ZEGER AND SON 706 SANSOM ST., PHLA. 6, PA. MOUSE Walnut EARRNGS Red Hof Sellers! beady-hp Selwlee ra mice. erow Cock or Pierced. Fun 'Morel $5.40 DZ. PR. uoro Lois, $54.00 PnHit 0r Boues for arrino. 60c D. EXTRA toross Lois. S4.00 /aman pair sent sr) yr., for $.00 postpaid Unconeitional MoneaCk Guranle BLL'S WHOLESALE CURO ox 7057 Sansa F, New Mexico,Tl..}T.,.,. FAST y yjpjt._,cì7 SALES LARGE PROF TS LADES' VANTY ELECTRC SHAVER MEN'S SNGLE HEAD SHAVER YEAR GUARANTEE per Dos. Sample MEN'S DOUBLE HEAD SHAVER $42.00 per Doc Sample BRDGES NDUSTRES Decatur, Ala.

114 JUNE 30, 956 THE BLLBOARD MERCHANDSE 3 L NEW NOVELTY EXPANSON BRACELET CAN ALSO BE USED AS A SCARF HOLDER OR PONY TAL ORNAMENT l Avollolle la tfee.all r.d ON( er eery char. O. 3L $4.00 PER DON. PER GROSS, WOOO sa ens. N sehr e 2t /A e )' or Tell. fish&.& ki.!v.nked FOTO EPANSON DENTS.N.tm4w4» r.the,.-.s. fwd HAND POUSHFD WHTE Ns. 04 (taies, Per Des. 0 TELLOW DSE PENDANTS Na 703 Mp's) $6.75 N 56A per.r. Per der. S S FREE 40 OTHER STYLES TO CHOOSE FROM WHOLESALE CATALOG CONTANNG nl. Prn Pearl, Cl.reevn. Nr PRSCO PETE 2 Ch Sag ; anr-.r.were ewr. Nan e O..r Chrn,..r. Premblni CHCAGO'S NEWEST and FASTEST GROWNG DSTRBUTOR of NATONALLY ADVERTSED MERCHANDSE 2 Special Get Acquainted Offers: e4' o-pjece Harvester $59.50 Watch Sel., w. Corry o Complete Lt. of: MaN \elln na..rn en..un.w... $5.75 N ml nlnr, ::: r». oa ln N r $ er, fm,n, frs.unt fmt. u.7s.. /..rrw...,... nmuno Dry O.N. No.r.. ciwwr Jwltry Teel. NeY.hd GMf O.K. L w,rio. rs N..., Peddler, enn.t Cerw.v Vor,,,í' balance C.O.D.,,0.. 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Wre.T+an. tq rted NEWEST STAR -LTE LAMP rol.+.., wllb 2 \tilt, uro )J' t ;`.3,!, $2.95 $.95 Feb n au nf rx\ u.., el w s reds- e. 6...N,4 b 7 OTHER POPULAR SELLERS $30 Gywy Dnnrr. e23 Bolins D«rn-- tell 234 Drihweed 442 Wipes Densest JONR end SALES/AN NOU&ES NVTED líao to..:ó 8-: OK, WRTE FOR FRE )4PAGE CATALOG MAGDSON BROTHERS Dept &a '440 N. Ware. Ata. Chit R. Mew : CA UC.0230 CARNVAL &BNGO SUPPLE ATALOGS BENG MALED OUT NOW dl SUJR( RNÓ MENTON YOUR LNE OF B45,N(55 MDWEST MERCHANDSE CO..t es CÌTM,s;. BRLLANT 7 -JEWEL LADES' WATCH Contains SO Hand Set Flashing Rhinestones S.b $UrH reh doen.rn /K M,rKt hl. S.Ny bnw y aaarmn. whlr rlsm.w lwon....nw rnr,.. Ad.NNd rw.0 Ta. r-wtd $40 SO were rae Uwe, SS SO uh N wit no 20 wish we.r. N... C D DSCOUNT SALES or 6 Clnt.n.N 0 Oleo HOUSE TO HOUSE MEN PREMUM BUYERS WAGON JOBBERS CARNVAL MEN Mae rh.l lass &ece' with lse.,munen.l doleee G.E Equipped (OOKEN FRYER Lan. 40 CwK.9 s6'..;: 'cr ; EMPRE MULT -USE REVERSBLE WNDOW FAN ADJUlt.f - t,to env wnlee -fwm. wens- rmw»wl,la...n,rrrulnn. lbmauftf NNe a. alfn A r.n.n Nn Y. deen NO D.APTf rc Nr edewn ssra.tnr OuN layr h" Ondlr foe m.r volume /7p V.. A only KlaN rm lrr. N( c N N N/.tf $.00 Kh,n u.n.. N 7 h/7.0/ M r uteri* WE ALSO C. A COMhr. LNO E a r ACLL w tltes OwNf DANAL SUPPLY 22$ V. S. Cn,Mn.i. OwN phn' MA..t4- A JEWELRY Hottest Jewelry te.s Tod.yf 'ammo ono,qtr t n PO $4.50 s lo t b.. nn wtykh. r NL rf NNOVATON MOONSTONE POP T NECELACES. D- S.75 FN6EENAL ENfd TO PAN POPTS. k EAt POP.TS. /L /00 0LD POdS. L 6 00 LO.D. SPECAL M THE MONTN AUa/ltd Val Awl Wen k.. ST DpKit. &N.w< C O D. C.O.D. NOVELTY CO.!"_`_`9 9 W. 34ch Sr.N. les TM, N T Wltc.n.;n LARGEST SELECTON 0 of EXPANSON DENTS d r.. r..., w,wen. 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MUeN 7N) S..line blmn N. «y: n Ne.lerL Termt: NN 0 /.Y. e rn.tcovnt ow?. JON THE FUN! BE A GAGSTER! Maybe you'll be o GAGSTER Winner, tool Every winner gets a handsome certificate ready for hanging on the wall, plus an official wollet -size GAGSTER membership card. T'S SMPLE! HERE'S ALL YOU DO:. w.; o tag line n 20 -'ado o. 2,.,. e fir doh correen below U,. doh coupon or your e.. &ronons,, All goer become lse e..e -'n of fh e;lrbeard Publishing Corn. pony. Ne entries will b.ruined. Sond m or men, el rau wirk 3 4 Nom, eecupotion and odds...tides muss accompany oll e r;l Gags r «;. d be Wednldoy noo0 ;n Chicago wdl be judged for M conln ending rho& cur 64 onk. That rcd.d sates shot time will be held woes the following wee&.... B Cn.s EdAr, Die.lke.d, W W, a.dlph St., Che.,, Nov. MT Caption her Add.,. City Carlow Occueot:on until

115 4 MERCHANDSE THE BLLBOARD JUNE SUMMER SPECALS for ENGRAVERS tti 20" NECKLACES NO SC M. 3/ KART NO. 3 2 CLOYfR 64. $9.00 CHLD'S NECKLACES N0. 3/20 WU W. S.S0 N0. 3 '2 NERT W N0. 3/22 CLOVE! GL " CHROME NECKLACES NO. 3 DSC a- S27.00 ha tw rwe Men'y wr.0. MO. 3 5 KART a. 27.M l.n A ryr a+.+s AU. NEW LARGE MOORS NO 3 6 QOYS a. 3 >w Chrenh tn..' plle. n.. apn.-w.s [ver ra. 3 T AaM a Na 3 33 Chew.* [..w Phgr a - Low man Otra Ewe Wen n.ea Per Dr. M.`S Owen-aN-rl aran CATALOG NOW READY-WRTE FOR COPY Ne. 3 im Cwt.* aevm.n..e ß') *ewe he 3. l ad.a, rs N. ) taj Ce.,:. seamy M.S rw '...,n,n.n. «r.. :ew f.:s Oriental Trading Co. 5 Farnam St. Omaha. Nebr. Telephone Jackson 65 SENSATONAL SELL -ON -SGHT 'NATURAL' PTCH TEM' COMBNATON sz$. TE GASP 2. PEN KNfü 3. MONEY (UP TME= ß,E3 Ere wee to anti.- NM pea... ea..w e sat yea an! yt.r witetaae «waft wawnhee fittete tastb WAN rn N et wow.- Woe.r emcee ees der wer lawn. elate r.erst ti warn. Spara for nomogram- S7O Sacs rwnd rsa..lili ll Ena.fe P, 9 pe Kt >r QÉRZ awl war +adpa.pte Velvet gift be. it s o. icy wa.c C o- $5 PRCE TAG! COHER & COMPANY. NC. ',rd., * MOST ORGNAL CUROSTY N THE WORLD, * MEXCAN JUMPNG BEANS WE ARE DRECT MPORTERS! 0000 NOW! AYAULE ONLY FROM JULY S -S&9T. 5 Wi NAVE CSEN.SSYREO OP SOW. ai,mef CROP T..3 R OR.ERS malt [E SteSON!i,LAata ROCRUSO,c'eSO,ATEty DET ARV. RAU. EML ---DO EYEHTONG Ui TLE FREE GAMES N.. -t SUPPLED! V, ra Can Co pa.w..,wary xara!n SULK er Mau awe Mar m Wieser pol 5730 v r M n Ws N 3 May... 3eJ3 ew.m oe: 3 wan.. [+se R.awe Per rn M a..rkkma Waaaaw. care tare Sort - soak a,' TM. OR SSt carpa $.30 TWEE S terms: MYtTE JOERS NQURES aced. lie UVerne craw ava hoc 3r, aro MC Coo. e S., u eran,. atti eee..enn an.. 9ERfO4M THE MOST AMAZNG TRCLS! a..kdr....i aiïli: of men MvftTKS PUTT WE naie TROS *MOH P22L3S 445 TOTS MaM0T00 atr aefmsaac "waives r.r le tla C.wre laef./ aras PuTT N.wn Co.. NW_ Tte M. Ten Commandment Bracelets and Necklaces? er..vend Tye tdw when answering ads... T. ea. n 0 mmai aummb 'oat," a_ \QNy.\T Nuw, hraae a.+a to be nie.uei!beet beety eledtam 'ewe, enit an Weereabla charm rad verve Varal. The Ton Cana.naMmeuta ara wee, readable on en eyes leak veto n l0.0,7 Wart..aW plated ewe! -Lain and lull paled haart aearled m ra. aarc c- a ulwvaae $3.75 u.ea 25, depwi=, beda.ce c.e_d., f_e.. N. Y. lsa wes TRO Urn DM St n.. rt yule N. Y. tc,.,.a.. sea. Say You Saw t in The Billboard UNDER THE MARQUEE Co, :rlsed irom pape -- Paul Fare, Bdlr Porter. Gecr,le.' Cate and Cay /Lawlord. Bub Maude!, Cbariotte vs ale# and tu to daughters. and Les and Sinew Parker and children. L Andre Atasde. of the fu. -gent crocs in Mexico, and his son, along aids the sons wife. Maxis Atayde, visited Polack Eastern reerntly. She is a sister of Minuet and Genie Del Moat Also in the group were Bdhire, the Auenb Atavdes and daughter, Don'ts. and Tata of the Totales. perch act. Mana Atarde guested in the Del Moral perch act on PoLick. The Cirta Atsa,de near Nogales and theca led the Morales in Tucson. Rngiing press agent Wally Beach infati be visited in circus fans Maj. Edward Ssitb Jr_ Mr. and Mn. Harold Barbour. and Stephen (Bozo. Brenner. From Benson Bws.. Everett Corien.writes that Mrs_ sal Maris flan tu New Sm, rra Belch- Fir., to attend graduation services tape their daughter.... jack Holt joined sa irh his bar and trampoline acts.... Linda Raped! e doing lids and web... Buddy Cers plans the Bataan organ,... G`arrae H. of Hunt Batt. visited... George Dorsey. former owner of Done. ot kttin); costly ing them r -pea or the i>eficieieney egeàpseet star Bras." Circus. ras a quest of Ever- idle foe arme time. Ptee back eat CorielL,.. Freddie joues has shows could be troth shows ar sad ti.r Ber.Ñ)ri concert... Benson shrlas as the preference &Batted and dated the National Circus' and as the ce.a and needs f uenti- l,teurn and the monies erse aced :eat of the management of that T l'se Cars Our railrea:d.,tti -i. believes From Potard Western. Dave 's maaaes ba prpgatitek scl» - \awrecki writes that people arum We. and rate; ',mkt rot be feasboth units esd usgged visas in Cali- ibje- But his en. kits not turnra.. The Daechesters and koyne3 Hr dtsints out that tee' the Sciptims attended a puts Çiaen' preserel< of al the pigrvlt _ ban the iiannefaaafs_... ja Braks equapatrnt d3 a stx,dt show ter a after :tea; :z; : r 3 :'::utach ment Norman (Luke Andaman, who bad his hippo with Ling Eastern. 0W plated Meriden Cona., with Coleman Bros." Sh.., s... Chi. calo area circus fans met on the lan" Bras. lot Earl Tente pre - seated Cur a es to Mary and Patty Cook. Other guests on the show Mdaarled the :Hires Lester. Earl Shipley. BB Woodcock, Homer Hodson avd Nat Creme. Paul Lefty sent elephant and YM% acts and a NSern -Co-Bound to nd:rnapubs foe a date by Pad 'bier and Dub Duggan... Ter- reil Jacobs' Nam tigers and elephant planed Ses en Sectiem Lake resort rear Peru_ lod., recently. Piggyback C dedisred from page 77 i tractors to he trailers and drive the usual D, Dorr to to0l4 say stance sciaa. f it acre *iv* to make several towns is a roa by over-the-read mores. the she. could pick p fart cos spin wale other poire uí4k out tidier the else of deadhead- uhicb rait' ds cs: rirt.otl C mans ìt world be east. to rail. ever an<heva and the Atomics dad a B."' trail shows bs special show for the jesters. Shrine i; 'ere nata -vin to citiamo tl,. ;rang ï3ebar Jitlìsat tir rates for special 'show [moles. L, and the cbayns anrked d sfa,.\.mea cant make the pp AtataaaCS a hwpì shaaw Barhora Lab bock. rates Mark fue them. aided Justus Edwards nth late. could attúre *Whack equitm" vieux Flamm Faaesil i of the The'c se eaaay wav3 b o Atomics filled in for Maria Palacios shade that piggvbact trot.e the aerial ballet slide MaräsisTwar 6r-iaesc But raitoaad mrwlured verst healed... Fan Tea dodue they are wii,k open b estas "peen holed.halts mma-ìrs rad obus with pfgsi3ack. The,.-e played circus tape recordings de`, 0t3nf ara, Mr, ix ; - cider. in aa.: i..- When the Allentown (PO Band tóa2ft mt(tbt a.erk.,pend its summer season Friday For showmen oho are Laced ab 2.2i R included the Sint publié gtest problems with truck or rail rendition of "The Boss Betide,- shows. necessity may be the mother rnarch can:posed by Elaroid F. of pigg_abadc And far raí'haatd sa Johnson. and dedicated to Jake -fired 4 with roar kens reek y far a Poses, the veteran hostler. Plsew. r. stern device and &veioped Eras Uuntingtoo Park. Calif., wdl cele- sr-oxford circle tram operatics is brate his 93d berthdas aoonressry the first C june reporte Robert DL R. M. Harvey caner the Jay Gould Circus at Pens. la... Jack Roach is re-o e>ioe from a heart attack and wdl bave his animal show an fairs this fat... Elizabeth Caeca, dw`bteráf Wil- liam E. Geiger. who has the arc farm at Faidee. Vt.. had depbant at the State COP ca tira Roland Tabor writes t,.:- Roland Tieboe Jr. has retinue,: from plying tht toll route of Oma Davenport dates and is m Tonawanda., N_ F_ to build a new seal cage which is to be used bv the act on a mute of Al JLTó3's lair dates. the avenue by w h the realize that st is as profitare ta caler ta sbeto brnzaesis with damsand, of trucks as is tt, seek the baaiehs of stand std shippers abat ' man. tie smolt 'i commqarist.t gat ME MUM SY MW Doe Chiseller is wotkiag magic "3Y 0 and punch on church dates amura` Baltimore.. Bob Partin.. Cambridge. EL, visited the - JLillre ads ante at Keokuk. La. are the Schaffner Pltçets at Carthage. Elt... Oscar Ses-aotrr writes tha_ George F. O'D.san of has beets re. leased from a Cleve-Lind wspiui tar oastaiewr ear We ewe twee an eke enema. prre Q : ENE 6--0A'ü Q Q M MUMS. p WWWWilfM RCM be YYd t.dr COMNG EVENTS Co!itinued Erra par, /O6 y_.. -_a+.n Oa. L.,ved a - aat. 3E5raC : sea D Pyre, [ Tea a'..erp De[ trie t R:er.e-a3ar Gar: atm. t S- Sa,t. t P. L ca.:-. r.awr_ Cra.e`--acpn[e roban, sws. SkPr. r, See, Mame Jr tea.^+-ta9 a Sezaa a.lne 9oe. t ese. A3[. --,_ t G w,ee[rrrrla he0e-bray: ac Ytcar Sawn. Yy Sr.aGaed-!CL Rtioaa Qaa 3u.tro. aa[- [-:+. _ Pl >rure--latta Ca AL, Praa:fer ELM, 4-Sa. PTwd Swam.-tai 3tm6 gau:awet_rr,z L+d.uçi 3- ayes. a:tr. SeYid. t:rtaea.-r am.e are a.3. L cement 3.-3,.Da:y l'irgió Ga:sT-Geiara'i,y t.aae, lai. i lrrr' L aca't.l"aa-re:eeragc nlrr West apayia aula-er:zora_:as!y: a f- a Peibar. c..: Depl Terry a.ts-o+_aorala.!>_. c R`ataasir taie-pex:-a: Ts, r3-:+ s w. sr-z., P. Q Des wae.maa. lm.aoa--d.irra t+ld4act Pa, 30rapc-e-ri adorn aeom a: fc_a rar_ Sas taaa Er.rat aaas'assea swa+t.e--cmaelasal a.ri 32 a. w smnrat.. P Q bay :.,t Sa Sae-aa.-e+effimnta.. `s st.-ydtw. P. a Wyoming Patr+te-2'LaR s e A L[pabm-2!omem Days. Pey 3- Luaata-Saris ltrys a Seem n-.r.2-: Ta_=wp--apC3 sas.-ec.: attr. rl-dr-ye- S - -!acraa tadia.t Da3 9u LS ffiaicapi--att.otpo: w.-- Ca.^-i. an.[. Y.& actrld - Saat.n.<y..-, enelr.r,.4 CANADA C Alberta -alama 234el. a4. s-:'r ae.: CAW. c..-eaaa-!sicc laatepd-a MAL*. a-a-rx: lade. Ass 3r.30 Pmbeka-Pmeira abbey awe 3l40?..7-..v33-3a-Ttaad }td..a Pzas :-M. SNAP 'EM EARRNGS +->.. er <h 3s ate,--maker TY n C ammt pr.ra.a a ter ì-r> Fuel aa.n c WNW r. se S.ta. ea,t «e O a. N. %LLS SALES CO Gy! lisrs lalralrs tas Se tate 2L West 23ed SR Mar Tant la, K. Fee wrestet psis se.lda> aeri \ N ALL aiydb-.... _ The 4fMae. :Sa Plrall 8. ÿndnnam ÿ, ams - ra = Pers sane ant Tas Meant a we war at ' Fem./ ansa ana "MUM S. 3R : le,. ad/ns car meretesr _-

116 VENDNG MACHNES )UNE t.mnne/,s.r. S Cv.p t, ta_ THE BLLBOARD 5 Cig Sales Show 4.7% Gain in Four Months jìt. t.,.. b bet ettmethe of this the Uwsa. States dur. Urta and Uuntwv 7 per ant as eso- Bical rcporled lo 053,..,., cigarette machines amounted for about 4 per cent of the total domedic sales ut 955. Five States reported gain of 0 t on cigarette pa cent or more while two showed Mvled n 42 States declines. New Mexico had the Dlstliel of Columbia. the largest inarne, 27 per cent; cocoa sales totaled Delaware, 2.5 per cent; Wygmpadages. n 953 nc,.3 per cent; Connecticut. did not levy a tan, 0. per cent, and West Virginia, packs were sold. 0 per oint..elsewhere in this sec- Georgia had a 4.4 per cent decline in sales whole the District OW. vending machines of Columbia reported 3. per suscemt to about cent drop..000 packages bawd on inneran Gets op Sales Post With Eastern BEDFORD. Mau. - K. Finneran has been named 4motor of merchandising for Eutada Electric, nc., here, Anthony Cleo, Eastern president, anegoe ed this week. Xrinneran's decade in the vend - igg. fatdustry has included a three - yyugg stint as president of Spacarb- Yeüi York and six yean as director FNNERAN cf the vending machine division of Olden News. n his new post, Finneran will bit in charge of all sales, advertis- (Continued on page 8) Mutoscope Bows Lord's Prayer Medal Machine - NEW YORK nternational Mutoscope is currently iv production on a Lord's Prayer medal vending machine. The unit dis-,, penses a.3- inch -long copper medal on which is inscribed The Lord's Prayer. The. achine -is 8 by 8 inches by 70 inches and weighs 75 pounds. Capacity is.000 medals. Top of the madame is an illuminated plastk material. One of the medals is viable for point -of- purchase disdaacemding to Herb Kicks. Mutoscope sales manager, the machine has been in development for three year. Ths medal k punched with a anall bole so that ft may s- used as a chum. He added that fie suit is designed as a location piece for chain stores, drugstores end transportslion depots, es well as for arcades. Alden James Quits P. Lorillard Berth - NEW YORK Alden James. vice -president. board member and director of advertising for the P. Lorillard Company. has severed his connection ssith the firm. James came to Lorillard u director of advertising in 947, was named to the board in 950, and was elected vice -president three years later. Before joining Lord - lard he had been an advertising executive ssith This Week Magazine. NAMA MEMBERS ALERTED FOR '56 FEATHER DRVE OCAco - Manhole of the National Automatic Meretaodbing Association ware urged this week to preparations to support 05e United Community Fund campaign that begins m September. Thh is the seventh rnusecufive year that N.A \.\ will sponsor a United hind rtrise, Aka lizard. The Vendo Company. Kansas City, Mo., chairman of the Auociatn n s public relation's committee, said. For its support in the 955 drive. the NAMA sari awarded a citation 'in recog- nition of outstanding volunteer senicr by J. P. Spans national chairman, United Community Campaigns, la. said stated. hazard announced that ail match and cup marufacturers will imprint their tending products with Red Feather slogans as part of NAMA's campaign. The firms are Dixie -Cup Company. Lily -Tulip Cup Corporation. Man-land Cup and Maryland Match companies. Lion Match Company and Universal Match Corporation. N -PLANT PARTNER SUCCESS Shake -a -Mat Shown Publicly in Gotham Monthly Production Run of Set; Distributor Organization Contemplated \F:N' PORK - the Florence cen completed and the full pro - Stwke- a -\lat. a null shake %endingductlon urn will begin in July. nrrchure, sirs rlr.plaied publicly nitld plans call for monthly profit' the first tine Tuesday thru'duction of 400 to 500 units; To Be Named The machine will he told tint franchised distributors. n addition 'lhnruiav t9.2í at the Park- Sheraton Hotel here. Hosts at the showing same Ski Levitt. president; Ken Ptogin, treasurer. and Bob Ferpuon, vice - president, of Lovitt Enterprises, the manufacturer. The machine is being rade for Levitt by the Florence Stove Company, Gardner, Mau. Lovitt is the Coffee -Mat distributor for Prosidenne; Progin op. crates Lincoln Vending in Fitchburg. Mass., and Ferguson operates Automatic Dispensers in Worcester, Mass. Coast Distributor Demonstrating the machiste at the showing was Louis Wait, who will be distributor for the quit in the Western States, with headquarters in Los Angeles. Also at the showing were factory representatives Hubert Higgins and Dick Pregio. Next show - ing will be at the Hotel Morrison, Chicago, July 0.2. Lovitt said the pilot nn has and Operator Combine Talents for Profit BUFFALO -- 'hcthcr vending operators or restauraud men should nun industrial automatic cafeterias has long been a point of industry debate. Two businessmen here may have a solution to that debate. One s a vending operator and the other an. Vendors' Assn. Aim Told Rockford Ops ROCKFORD, ll. - Objectives of the newly formed llinois Vendors' Association were to be dismissed at a meeting of automatic merchandising operator here Monday (25) at the Faust Hotel. Scheduled to address the meeting. the first of series of five to be held thruout the State, were Bernard J. Kiley Jr., Chicago, head of Airport Vending Service, nc., temporuy president. and Attorney Norval Hodges, Urbana, D., the Association's legal counsel. rise associations program,' secording to Kiley, is to combat unfair legislation and taxation, and to actively promote the expansion of automatic merchandising. Future plans. be said include a State convention to be held within the. next four to sit months at which time by -laws win be drawn, permanent officers elected and enetnhessbsp risks established. (The Billboard, June 23.) Hodges was to explain steps already taken by the organization oo an amendment to the States occupational sales tax law requesting that no taxes be paid on Saks enr er 3 cents. next meeting ild fitly me hams sliscohs be held Abra- pr gfiie D nutter of a large restaurant chain.' They are partners. The operator is Art Christensen. of Art's Vending. which has been operating industrial and transient locations in the Buffalo area for 5 year. Restaurantcur is Harry Coons, operator of the nine- restaurant Colonial House chain and three other dining places in and near Buffalo. Attended NAMA Christensen and Coons, friends of long standing attended the 955 National Automatic Merchandising Association convention in Chicago together. n addition to their personal relationship, Christensen op crates cigarette machistes and juke boxa in Colonial Flouse restaurants. Christensen had been thinking in ternis of hot sandwiches, but had been hesitant because of the problems invoked in selecting unmans and pit paring the sandwiches. Coons was impressed by the automatic merchandising of fonds, but the problems of getting locations, servicing equipment and managing a route were outside the scope of the restaurant business. So they formed a partnership for a pilot hot food operation. Four weeks ago. the partners in- stalled their first machine which vends hot and cold sandwiches at the plant of the U. S. Rubber Reclaiming Company at nearby Cheektowaga. The plant has 50 employees, but that number will be swelled to 500 by September when the rubber company.consolidates the Cheektowaga plant with another of its faetones in the Buffalo area. Before the installation, a counter (Continued on page 9) Three St. Louis Vending Joy to Lou Waits \lilvend, nc, for the \Vest. don-amt.., for the Washington- Baltimore and for the Chicago areas will be named wan. Capacity of the machine is 320 drinks and 500 rightotmce cups. The drink may be made by local darks from a Levitt formula decently.] by dowry s, nc., Chicago. Two tanks supply the liquid. with the second taking over when the first empties. Two indicator Continued on page 7) N. J. Town OK's Tax Schedule For Venders PSCATAWAY, N. J. -A tax schedule for vending machines in Piscataway Township was voted at a hearing Tuesday night (9). The schedule rails for annual taxes of $2 a machine for venders which dispense products for lea. than 5 cents, $5 a machine for those which vend for leas than 0 tents, $0 for those which vend for less than 25 cents, and $25 for machines vending for 25 trots Of more. The township mayor said the municipality is $3.000,000 in the red and is "digging for pennies.' Only exception to the license schedule are machines whose proceeds go to charity, mostly ball gum venders. Testifying against the tar schedule was Ed Murach, executive director of the New Jersey Automatic Merchandising Association; Nat Satin, Queen City Vending. Plainfield; Arnold Cohen, Robert Creen & Company, Plainfield; David Rosenthal!. M. Fskin á Son. South River, and Bill Jedny, Neighborhood Dairy, Plainfield. Also appearing at the bearing was Hillary Chicowski, Vin -Chick Vending, and M. S. Staff, representing the local Canteen outlet. A vending machine hearing, scheduled Tuesday (9) at East Paterson...mas been postponed until city 9. maki vending ordinance drawn "tc w g clue New Jersey Automatic rr- dising Association. Firms Face U. S. Charges Joyce Elected ST. LOUS -Pending in Federal Court here are two cases against three St. Louis suburban vendingfirus invoking the Gillette pofflstbboston, makers of Coipan Cillelte has filed a $500,000 nuit against two of the Clayton cam - pania- Automatic Sales Company and Paò -Vend Corporation- alleging the firms misrepresented them - selves as being affiliated with Cil - lette in selling venders for dispensing razor blades. No date has been set for the hearing. n the other case against the Modern Merchandising tiara, a federal grand juin ndicted six men on alleged charges of a scheme to use the mails to defraud purchasers of venders of Gillette safety razor blades. The indictment contained 24 counts. Hearings for the Modem Merchandising officials has been act for A 7. The four are Arthur E. Schaefer, Clayton; his father Arthur C., St. Louis; Eugene j Dresens, Sappington, and William Dardck. University City. Peoria Man Sought The indictment has been served on a fifth defendant, Murray Moss in Kansas Cftv. Earl W. Doolin, of Peoria, Hi, is still being sought, according to Assistant United States District Attorney Forrest Booker. The the defendants made representations thm the mail that their company was affiliated with Gillette: (Continued ora page 9) Head of Mich. Vendors' Assn. DETROT -Floyd Joyce Joyce Vendors, was elected president of the United Vendor? Association of Michigan for the coming year. He succeeds Robert Ryan, F and G Vending, acting president. Other newly elected officers include: Ted Polemiadis, National Cigarette Service, vice- president; Cul F. Hopkins, Hopkins Vending Company, secretary, and Stanley F. Collins, Collins Vending Company, treasurer. Director elected included: Ben- (Continued on page 8)

117 6 VENDNG MACHNES THE BLLBOARD 4 PROMOTONAL AND 0 FRANCHSE ORGANZATONS $ sought to sell our new CoinO -Molly Pack console room conditioners- V This Nool unit measures 35" high and 24" wide and rolls round on wheels. g $Runs on 3! amperes and needs / absolutely no installation or plumb pen in many( stoles. Writer fully l U. S. A, CANADAN NDUSTRES % 70 Broadway, New York City MANDELL GUARANTEED USED MACHNES nt: N.W MOeel.. le or 5f come.00 N.W. -29 r Porc, 7,93 N,W- -35 lc Porc, B.G {.SO Columbus st Bulk 6.50 Sve Kinne t B.G. Or MOM. 7,45 AilBT Gur ó 30,00 Acorn it r Sc L=.`Hf:NDSE a SUPPLES Pistachio Nuts, Jumbo Queen 5 israchio 70 Nuts. Levee Tu.7! P,slach;o Nun, vendors M. 65 c. o Nuls, Sheik...,.,.57 Chew Whole {2 cashew Buen :s+ Pnurs, Jumbo soanish M,ke Nuts Tinbow rs, sea cr. Rainbow Peanuts!! Boston Bked e+na.3 Jer Beans.Zt Licorice Gems.70, olmo.. ro M. a M. >, fire el.40 R;n e Bat Gum, Of O.e.3e Rain B. eau Gum. 40 ct i7e rt., 76..l0 Rain Pia Pall Gum, 00 H.,n 700 b. min mum rime, e u Rein tale ál Gum. n Adams Gum, ruvon, 00 r..45 Wrielrs Gum, ver, 00 cl, AS Bcn -NU. 00 cl..45 Hershey'. Chocolaty, 203 rt..40 Minimum Order, 25 Bakes Assorted. eamplfe tins a Pn,, sup /ís, stones. Glebes, Bracken, Charms. Ererylh ins fof la oneralo r, 7 Depot, Balance C -o.d. WANP FOLDERS. lowest Prices Wille THERE ARE BG PROFTS N GUM GET YOUR SHARE WTH P PACKAGE GUM VENDER This mating vender is a sure bet for big gum profits. A rotating merchen dise drum with fire columns vends o total of 95 standard nickel pocks. "Visidome" dis ploy top attracts sales. NORTHWESTERN SALES AND SERVCE CO. MOE MANJDEL a-'- va 3Mh S N. York 8, N Y. longacre Fette to Direct Candy ndustry P -R Fund Drive CHCAGO-William A. Fette, Schutter Candy Compara', has been named chairman of the steering committee to direct the $250,000 fund raising campaign for the proposed public relations program of the National Confections' Associa- tion, Ulu. (3e) The public relations -publicity k' '''"(`Y (30) program is designed to u"i.ia(5 cover all 8e) aspects of \t;linc the (Se) candy industry, i" eluding the :lsmchusetiç (50), vending industry. t was prepared Nliéhigan by Carl Byoìr (3e) & Associales, nc.. New Minnesota (4e) York, one of Mississippi the country's leading public (5e) ratations Missouri firms. in (20) co- operation with the Confectionery Montana ndustry (4e) Promolion Committee. Nebraska (The (3e) Billboard, Nevada February (30) 8.) Serving on the committee assisting Fette will be five representatives from NCA, two from the Asso elated Retail Confectioners of the U. S.. and two from the Association of Coca and Chocolate Manufacturers of the U. S. Sugar Deliveries Up Deliveries of sugar for U. S. consumption during the first quarter o 958 totaled _.663 thousand tons -200 thousand tons more than storing the same quarter in 955, according to Agriculture Department. As of May 9, this year's deliveries ssere 23 thousand tons ahead of last year, and 263 thou - sand tons greater than in 954. The recent price move is responble for part of the increased volume of deliveries. Average New York refined sugar quotation from January thru May this year was 8.67 cents per pound. VENDNG EQUPMENT BRNGS GREATER PROFTS -s Gel Your Share With -z--_ NORTHWESTERN 5c Package Gum m" Vender rh,. e ire n0r ami rture bet for big sum prplir. A ro/at e arum w,rn f,v arum: vends mrchaneisina tool of pia pif nickel pocks. "vnidem. OlsplaY rep rlrcls sens. Writ fer co Pt del a,ls el h,s Olhr NORTNWESTERN monv makr today. THE NORTHWESTERN CORPORATON Armstrong 5., Morris,. Cig Sales by States 4 -Month Comparison 955 -'56 Pock.ges Toted Janitors Tbru Apr 9'o Change From '55 Alabama (4e) 75,608,000 74,3229, Arizona (2e 36,85,000 34,72, ,2 Arkansas (6e) 38.67Q,000 35,374, Cótinecticut (4e) 00,8,000 90,970,000 ' + 0. Dist. of Columbia (20 34,442,00( 35,546, Delaware (3e) 6.996,000 5,, Florida (5e) 04,395,000 5,385, Georgia (5e) 98.64,000 03,3, daho (4e) 7,87,000 6,950, llinois (3e) 358,553,000' 335,322, ndiana (30) ,000 46,783, ": (3e) 77,629,000 75,726, New Hampshire (3e)e ,22,000 6,69, :538,000 86,759, ,335,000 79,22, ,624,000 34,6, ,934,0(4) 73,967, ,769, ,095,000 -f , ,088, ,0(4). 2,895, , ,00( ' 25,2, New fersey (3e) 2L4,28.00) 204,30, New Mexico (5e) 2-.28,000 22,553, New York (3e) , North Dakota (6e) , Oltio (3e) ,000 38,083, Oklahoma (se) ,90, Pennsylvania (50) ,573, Rhode sland (30) , South Garolina ( ,000 58, South Dakota (3350) ,002, Tennessee (5e) , Texas ( ,00( 284, Utah (4e) 5.864,006 4,823, Vermont (4e 3,67,00( 2, Washington (5ele : 84, ,0 West Virginia (4e) , , Wisconsin (4e') 3, , Wyoming (2e).948,000 0, TOTAL , Number experiencing increase from in Jantiar' volume thru April Number of States experiencing decrease in from volume January tint April, 936 Neset Above date compiled rrnm reporiv recelred from State tobacco /a, administrators. A ate- per- packaxe somewhat higher than the rate here shown s imposed on certain premium price cigarettes. A part of the State-collected cigarette tos ia returned of the directly State. to the The political figure shown subdivisions includes of the both the gross value Stele and of stamps sold the local shares wllbtn the period. excluded n determining...timm total percentage for hsissouri no ta, n change since 955. that State imposed 50 Ops Expected At Chicago Showing Of Cole -Spa Line CHCAGO - More than 50 operators were expected to attend the introductory showing of the newly designed Cole -Spa Special line of Cole Products Corporation's one, three and four -flavor selection venders here Monday and Tuesday (25 and 26). The display was originally scheduled for last week. At the first special showing for operators held in St. Louis Wednesday and Thursday (30 and 2) about 75 attended, Richard Cole, vice- president, stated. The line will be shown Wednesdts ntl Thursdn (37 and 28) at 2S0 West 57th Street, New York; Thursday' and Friday (28 and 29) at the Schroeder Hotel in Milwaukee. and at the Statler Hotel in Cleveland. Other showings scheduled include: July 0 and at the Allan - (a- Biltnttire Hotel, Atlanta; Jul) 6 and 7 at the Statler Hotel, Detroit, atol at th.:. Baker hotel, Dallas. No dates were announced for July showings to be held in slinneapolis; Kansas City, Mo.; Nashville, Cincinnati, Colorado Springs. Colo.; Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Washington. All showings are from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. 2 JUNE Cigarette Firm Uses Decals as Sales Aid NEW YORK--Liggett 6c Myers Tobacco Company, makers- of L & M and Chesterfield cigarettes, again is using decal signs as the spearhead of its point -of-sales advertising program. The firm dropped the use of the decals two years ago. Using a strong red background. the are signs designed to attract attention, and to stimulate the buying impulse of the consumer, the company said. VCTOR'S SUPER MART VENDORAMA!Trade Mar. "Symbol al Progress in the luck Vending Field" Ptnt Penra, Priced Very Low Per,000 F.O.B. Chicago... Minimum order lots of 0, Machine Slickers Free wills each order of 0,000. Terruic -.. steady tem... in Capsule and Bulk Vending. S -STAR.,, BABY GRAND v PCT TORE CARD YEN. DOR Vending CO,ONta. tolerestt't card, Simulrancousty ills Ball of Gum Luge Capacity- 200 cards 200 Baus of Cum VCTOR VENDNG CORP. slot -l3 W. GRAND AVENUE CHCAGO 22, LLNOS NEW NEW NEW WE WANT DSTRBUTORS! Operators are looking for something new! Average $40.00 to $00.00 per month net profit per location. Small investment-investment returned in 6 months. Machine placed in Drug and Super Markets on a consignment basis. Customers save money on service charge and lest their own tubes, BesTest Tube Torte, is built for years of troubleree service. TUBES, TESTED FREE P VEND -PUBLSHED BY THE BLLBOARD HUNDREDS OF MONEY- MAKNG VENDNG DEAS Cost you o fraction of o cent a piece -when you subscribe to Vend -the magazine of automatic merchandising! Fill n -tear out -mail today' s MONTHLY FEATURES Cards Gum Nuts Bo tarages Tobacco New Produrn Trends "aig l Newi Market Arfichm Place Edlrodah We hove oll the necessary forms and information for a mediate start- including sales and marketing plans, plus operating forms and inventory controls. BesTest machine is only 9" x 9 ". Operators-get in on the Bonanta? Thera will be S350,000,000 worth of Rodin and TV tubes sold this yew. Be first in your territory and yet the best locations. Distributors-we hove open exclusive territory! WRTE WRE '4E F: BesTest Tube Testing Company 9963 LVERNOS AVENUE DETROT 2. MCHGAN Diamond -236 lend Magazine. 260 Pall,,son S.. Cincinnati 22. Ohio Vas- Please sign me up for Vend for O year at $4. O 2 years al 56. O 3 years Al SS. tforatgn rate. one roar 55 8Go Nam Address City Rene State Occupation

118 JUNE THE BLLBOARD VENDNG MACHNES 7 MAMA, FEDERAL OFFCALS Spuds to Bow TO AR SANTATON CODE Flip -Top Pack.J. 4t.rt.a ': nasteassig is M` : NA MA a 0.4"4 í.u0.í al.l t.-.j t ti. of the sanitation trenwntllrr, whkh r. pew proposed Standard Sanitation Ordinance at. lea 3 and 4 n New Yost, is dl be presented for eht-.canpirada will he placed on e licensing of meant to toed health hoard tegnlatimn, Nolan,Sal RorÌ. ".,t (J7L, cl,kril as to local req menus uric estnrssed b. a *r ctea group of representatives of the vending intlnstnoperators, manufaettuess ami suppliers -stint strie tent copiti of the proposed ordinance. Nolan reported. (Local regulations. he explained, have been a cuutinnon' ti#p fn the ever -expanding vending inwlnlry. An all -mtí effort will-be made at the July meeting to anise at a model basis to well these individual requirements. The NAMA committee also has undertaken a study for a ptrfçlm for the establishment of equipment standards for send mg machines. t ri to include a system nl apprssal of sanitation features of various venders. Plans for the project are to be presenter) at a meeting of the committee slated to be held early this fall. Sratmlisle, Dr. w. L. Tllallrnair h to continue the research program being carried on at Michigan State University. OaSN4e,.4epN NEW! NEW! NEW! SPECTACLES GENE LAMP RUBBER FNGERS LARGE BABY SHOE OWL WTH JEWEL EYES SKULL WTH JEWEL EYES 2 Am, 4 Send 35c for Regular o..tanalne n.m. yo - 4*-?: lw tn n.n.u.lty ring ter Qer.K Coalm.e r E...N.e hr. Budd'. Larsen Se/et-rim. 0/ li innirr r 'E\N. KNG (:0('. \l' [ horn. S s 25) MSSON STREET PTTSBURGH 3, PA. t senn...n...enn fatnpk Kil el Charms GURR LOCK -n. ooreect.. FACTORY RECONDTONED and GUARANTEED by MLLS AUTMMAT( MERCHANDSE (O. ittt i be misled. But reboll, as oil. a Mlltt mtchaeii me rebuild (hem airy arlelsel K05 flails MLLS t. 07 TAB GUM VENDOR We sorry c.w.o. moms N W nsnnam.n. shams,. atm. AWA 9í. M.mtet. ana,rand. v ail Anrtnnw an N. astre nail. hwa. S..ata.. 9 renal. chi.,...nmtaae, W gum, awn tam, wru. Tot.kt A..rtM CnkN ammn-.. mm,.. 0, $5.00 F 0. E Enters.N fl. am in.- { smm. N to Order Today- Prompt Deliveries. J. SCHOENBACH 7 Beene ts-, remlye 2. linden , erciesne NAT'L SALES AGENT NEW FOR MPROVED PENNYN((EL ATLAS MASTER OM MAKE MORE MONEY N VENDNG! Read The Billboard Every Week..nd wn r.n4og a4.iipw.wt -e'. en. el u[n.e.wr nest Mi[... re nd,n[ e.nnnr -le: tram ím sle rm ew.w..wau..n- Este a And Filter Tip rae. send.. tu the OK. the na. nsra for ire % artham brand. he slew Spod will be dewed rt the \'est Caatt a..ail am! Alaska July 2, o tknwl adsertnittg to start eh. d Juh 3. Point-of-sale material, ntl.. decals foe strafing machines. hemg prepared, according to O. l' AlcCornas. PM president. The new crsith.proof box,,.riimital pine) designs of Ou gunite, red and white. with an eus. lltnarrl er silver foil which c, casses the :igrettes. Spud has been marketed as. menttotlatd cigarette. since 92' The brand ieiis wholesales for $9 a ' diamond. less 2 per cent. The BAL and VENDNG GUMS LOW Factory Prices BUBBLE CHLOROPHYLL ae..n aw. 0./ m CHCLE and TAB +s r.. a CnuN Ono, N.. ]t. e Ce'rV.M C aa em ee..a CN,-a Vew CtNt.. rn r N. a Cnm TN. en fnhte TM tm.. 77.,e T.. e.r. tly.i, N at am M. / era am N.M.. N F.O.R. F. SO Lb Leif. AMERCAN CHEWNG PRODUCTS en M a. N.w.. h, NU, w ill l,. uncil.uutled n x Slot S' t z St z S x c rra a 7(0. r4moktmc Shake -a -Mat u o,ttlnru'f Jrtnn pogo 5 f lights atop the cabinet light rap when emit of the 0-gallon cans is t culpts. Price Selection The National Rejector coin mechanism will vend at 0. 5, 20 or 2.5 cents in any comí Enation of nickels or dimes and give change. Refrigeration is provided by a Tucemseh hcnnrticalh'- sealed ', wills an automatic defrosting system for the walls. A patented feature is the auto matir door lock. The delivery door Still not open until the drink is ready. f the door is held open. a buzzer will sound after four seconds. f a drink has not been re.- moved from the delivery platform. bell rings. The drink in the tanks is und comulatlt agitation provided,. aluminum paddles wltteb are con - stantly revolving, Drinks are served at 28 degrees Farenheit. The machine itself is 70 inches high. 34 inches wide and 23 inches 4: -N-a deep. List prie is 3,095. MoneySating Sulwipliit Nei! till out this soap./. sod mall today. R.. yew seer. kea 20% en ne. +stand prit. TN 0 Pane's.. St.. Coecharuk 22, Ohre ye. _ New rend m. TM Malaga. le' woe tin M 52. F.r.:e. titi..we rim. 54 Rao. AddreN Cite Oa.pali w.. a.,. LOOK AT THS OFFER! COMPLETE PACKAGE DEAL! 564 Here's Whet Tou Get: 2 Vicfr Roby Grand Pict, Card Yeadoet 25 ls. Gum! d Packs el Cods Tonal con '64.! N.. T R. Si dep.. bal. 40.D PONEER VENDNG SERVCE f9g AwaO/Lev aaoa.yw 3 N r Pa.aAew 4.95 Use The Billboard classified pages for CGARETTE VENDORS 4 kaftan.. M.dal OA 9 C.H. 70 Ca / Modal Co. 270 Cap. L.kieh 0.00 P 0 Cola.. 00 Cop 0 Lehigh 25.00, S Cok Car 5.00.G. Meld W. O Calk Cap, /National Cola Cap Pelee CMS.. 40 Cap e ADNw 4 R... Creme.. 0 Cole. 425 Cop., 5e 6 30e t.e Praikkal. 0 Calk_ 425 Cap., 255 er 20e 5-00 i COMPLETELY A NOT TP... FNGERTPS EMPTY MACHNES ANOTHER FALSE TEETH ANOTHER LUMNOUS BULB per,000 ; F.0.. Jamaica, N. Y. O. A. e. D:mribrton. Every tmld w.nrí T. Fingertip. fee hit T. F.ny... That's salty it'. SO HOT SAMUEL EPPY d(o.. NC. D n uat p.t.. lemakajs.l.n r All Equipment Unconditionally Guaranteed. RECONDTONED AND WNSNED 0 Trade Prices, ' 3 deposit, balance C.O.D. tt x K h tt /Owe/A; 3 VENDERS SOUP V COFFEE J SNACKS BRNG 3 -WAY PROFTS( * C;,.p evatoneee drop loads of dine. atto Keeney Soup Vanden while coore drinkers pour anisa into Keeney Coffre Vendee' And. the Kerney Snag Vender N an absolute -mur, with any hot t cold drink machine' Keeney's HOT SOUP VENDER 300.Cp Capacity All -AUTOMATC..viele 3 Sotarti.o. of Her Soap USNG All Der NGREDENTS Red or Gila wew,w, «nto Keeney's sesti +eí5'.s í'o.s] K HOT COFFEE VENDER Keeney's SNACK VENDER slei No..M 0.M Cl«4tí'.y D..S]'N V- kw w.. TO' D. a 30' N. Attach to or set hessde any hot N er o. N.wl.nwlew 300-Cup Capacity. All dry ingredients. Priers can be set from Sc to Toc. Returns change automatically. or cold drink vender. Mae- roe Flit CJCOAS toa J. H. a CO. NC. ]00 W.',MTH ST. CHCAGO 37 ll GVE TO DAMON RUNYON CANCER FUND CGARETTE MACHNE CONVERSONS MMEDATE DELVERY t 2Sc oad 30c C Mecha,m C ons for ROWERESDENTSpCRUSADERS UNEEDA Alt.00.3 Alo ROWE PKE DFFERENTAL {Alts Aoonakl.: NEW (6ARETTE MADAMES ((cadainus) i. all D.Gany. and National M.mY.. Will rend KMe 6 Rq.w dl C.4 W. t.. an "a Me L. rn. Raw. od.n. TMMS ARRANCD -WaTl FOR 40MATON Urw..da VENDNG SERVCE, NC. NATONAL S NATONAL 9 Cols Cap C. 30e Panel V. Rine Str: sr.e. only $í0s00 OA

119 8 VENDNG MACHNES THE BLLBOARD Cigarette Vending Machines CLOSE OUTS Must have room for later models!owe 6 COLUMN S 5.00 SOWE 8 (000050, C SiDEE /OWE 0.(0LUMKS 5.00 SMOKEHOUSE -(OC., RECTK P 8- (0( NATONAL 970, 9- COLtMl, N(ON COUMß NATONAL KEENEY CLUNK, 94KUtb OnGENEO {4L NARENE.COL ENE COL one many ether in.., Nom o.. r ivory machine umplmty Mined, nllnlnno :ron n nosy hr Guarentos sono t es new. YO. Y,N wi /h onor, 0len4 C.O.O. er zx.caunr cor full nmihnc wm T. O. THOMAS CO Jettison, Pa dveeh. turlsa7 \ Phone GUGGENHEM'S "60- LANTERN" Really glows in the dark! Looking for a br,ghtr solos picture? Wont to see the kgh? Here's an item that's sure to bring you the worm, happy glow el mpty machines sad overflowing cosh ragnitrs. Assorted color pins. < Of vacuum plated lantern frames with actual luminous glow bulk. Plastic S.50 per thousand Vacuum Plated 5.00 per thousand of your distributor or., uqgenheirn 33 UNON SQUARE N. Y. C. 3, N.Y. AL CONMEN YOU KNOW Salt Lake City By STAN BOWMAN s ARTS ARCADE RUN. H. R. Rich, bulk vending operator, his annual run has starter as (case operator of the Arcade at Saltair, Lakeside Keeps bins resort busy -and his family busy -running his route, Arcade. plus... Otto tin Stevens, music operator from Afton, looking Wyo., in over town new machines and seeing how dime play is going... Roy Sparks Nephi, Utah, juke box operator, also spent a few days Fred here Newman, Royal Manufacturing Company (cigarette ma j()nes Little Rock - r chines), San Francisco, in Salt Lake City. This is his first time in the borne port for eight months.. Another San Franciscan. R. F. Jones, Seeburg distributor. was also visiting his old home town here. Lamar Fiilmore, music operator from Orem. Ptah, tit town buying records... Walt Royer, music operator in Salt Lake City. has had some requests for fast changeover to dime play, but is biding his time until other spots make the switch.. L. W. Peteet, Wurlitzer field service engineer. in town to help establish a new outlet with Herb Rutter... Cary Sinclair and Bob Baer, Wurlitzer factory men, in tots earlier this month. ARK. OPS ACTVE. Cecil Hill, Hill Amusement Company, Little Rock, in New York seeing the races... Harold Dunaway, of Twin City Amusement Comparse. Little Rock. is sporting a near red and white CadilLrc coupe.. Andrew Casinelli and son, Drew, in St. Louis seeing some ball games and shopping for pin games,... C. E. Craig and O. D. Allen, of Arcade Amusement Company. Little Rock. have been busy recently adding nest records to their mimic route.... Wilbur Creen, Spa Amtisetneut Company, Hot Springs. recently pur - chased the Green Mill Night Club. Hot Spring notes: W. E. Lewis, owner of Lewis Novelty Compas', recently recovered from a bad virus infection... Phil Marres, Marks Sfusic Company, is getting rends to convert his entire music route to 45 r.p.m play... Duane Fault. Fault Amusement Company. was in Memphis recently attending Cotton Carnival festivities... Earl CD, Gill Amusement Company, is planning to take his family on vacation to Houston. Tes... Rocky Jennings, Jennings Coin Machine Corn- pans, is adding some new equipment into his route, readying it for the summer tourist trade. Vernon Ward, owner of 9 Music Company at Pine bought BM'. the music recently route of Jack Oaks. Saks has moved to La.. and is planning Alexandria, a juke box business there,... of Bob Brase%, Braucll's owner at a billiard hall along with his sendine route. He billiard recently sold hall and the now is concentrating on vending building up his route. cigarette (r'.rr,.nrr,. d r,r, 9) J. SCHOENBACH Distributor for oak Manufacturing Co, nc 645 BEDFORD AYE., BROOKLYN 2S, N. Y PResident PHONE or WRTE FOR PRCES the new OAKS "PREMERE" wends RAT Cum And PlatUPA Card both for to Perfectly legal n every' city n sbe V.S.A., the "Premiere - hold, 800 muds and 000 hall Rum, Whirrs Sep. /Well locked cash boa to pennes loc.. owner to refill cards and ball gum in your sheeue', and the buns fool -proof coin nnechnnism proved best an the Acorn Vendors. contact your DSTRBUTOR o Alss famous ACORN All purp os. v.ndo The lltisis favorite of the vending business. Vends. f sod 30 bulk merchandise. Tamper -proof with a piek.p'u,d lock, 0s from top through wideitlnhe opening - dispenses from batons. Guromeed mechanically perfect -the one machine wills %ideally no deprecisiiun- soda,' MOM looks the same u the original! oak MANUFACTURNG CO.. NC. PanHt Coast D,sfrleulor 4 Knightsbridge Ave. Calvet City, Calif. 0 ERA'ORS cr00ng MACHNE succin, fails ;re, Finneran Gets Continued from page 5 iug and merchandising for the Eastern Electro cigarette machines and for Lunch -O-MaL A Marine veteran of five years' scrim in World War f, with the rank of lieutenant colonel, he is married and the lache, of six chit. dren. The Finneran family is in the process of moving from Loóg' sland to New Bedford. Meanwhile a company spokes. man said that the firm is setting tip separate sales organizations for the Electro and tin Lunch -O -Mat. Until recently. Eastern salesmen had been handling both machines. Theory behind the move is that cigarette machine and food machine vending are each specialized operations and that salesman still be more efficient if he concentrates in one unit. Joyce Elected Continued from page.5 ny Koss, Howes- Shoemaker Corn. pany; Nicholas T. Ponta, Ponta Vendors; Louis Fontana, Fontana Bros.; James Pappas, Plaza Cigarette Vending; Paul Cold, Michi gan Vending Company; Howard kirk. A and K Vending; ke Knight, Pontiac Cigarette Service; Warren Ayres, Vendo Cigarette Company, and John Jenuwine, J and J Vending Company. Charles J. Morgan will continue as conciliator of the association. Joyce announced that a membership drive will be undertaken in the Detroit area, and that the regular monthly meeting will be suspended until (September. At that time the meetings will he held the second Wednesday of each month instead of Tuesday. Supplies in Brief Candy Sales Up Manufacturing cnllfcctioncrs randy sales in 955 amounted to 2, ,000 pounds, with a record high dollar vabe for the industry of $,03,000,000 at the manufacturers' sales level, according to Commerce Department. The great - est increase was in packaged candy lines intended to sell at retail for less than 50 cents per pound, and in those retailing at prices between $ and $.49 per pound. Sales of all bar goods combined increased less than per cent over 954, but sales to vending machine operators increased 8 per cent. Sales of confectionery, and competitive chocolate products during the first quarter of this year increased 3 per cent in dollar value over the corresponding four months of 955. Sales of bar goods shower, a net gain of per cent in poundage and 4 per cent in value during; the first quarter of 936. Cocoa Beans An estimated 24.; million pounds of cocoa beans were pro( - essed during the first quarter of this year -an increase of 20 per cent over the same quarter last year -according to Commerce Department. Using 953 as a "bench mark" year, volume was still 6 per cent under the first quarter of that year. The effects of the 954 cocoa bean price rise continued to be felt in the chocolate industry. Milk Production High Farm production of milk in May totaled 2,974 million pounds. 5 per cent above the 943 -'54 average and the largest May production on record, according to Agriculture Department. Milk production in the first five months of the year totaled 54.7 billion pounds-approximately 4 per tent higher than the January-\fay, 954, record output of 52.8 billion pounds and last year's production of billion. Walnuts, Almonds Production of California walnuts is forecast at tons by Agriculture Department -about 4 per cent above last year's crop of 70,- 000 tans and 2 per cent above average. California's almond crop prospects are good. Filbert production in several Northwestern States is poor. J. SCHOENBACH Distributor For Harmon Machine Co., nc. WS BEDFORD AYE., BROOKLYN 25, N. Y. PResident PHONE or WRTE 00 FOR TOR PRCES CHARMS. VALUE $5.00. With purchm of e Victor Vndorr. 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120 9 /UNE p ant snort n -Plant Partner Success A. co 7x' su'. teplaced the cafe mas relieved RablddiratUon bor. is by the. men, r re' 4r tow a saint sight in..uhd Nickels oral leas four columns of kho0 vending fax 35 nso Columns of cold sending for 23 cents. sandwich As to be vended and mots. a sticker- redeetnalsk muds -is attached to the wrap the sandwich is vended for 'Season for the wrapper of the nickel is that the noir will conk the change. t now. the U. S. Robber is serving as a pilot loca 'est neck, another location. Calmly Bank. nith 200 will be net up. v, Christensen and Coons hotel stoning for Buffalo lists. The result is that more locations have been lined with inslallatlons expected to de this slimmer. Pre -Calked Burgers standard hot s.ualwich on the, S. thither installation is the beefburger. \\'bile the cooking i 5. HOROSCOPE SCALE TOP OP SCALE PAYS BC DVDENDS... NOW YOU CAN REALLY MAKE MORE MONEY epe rat,ni scales becarme yea ree Sc as well at lc. $25.00 DOWN BALANCE $0.00 PER MONTH WATLNG MFG. CO. eay w. PAW. at C..4r.A M,..». rsa T...L.n.: ca.e.h.,. tarn T.wN A/ne.: N s,mellar chk.m tub lire t_ukmul 4nlsc..N,uu:ysaay This is dime became...k rleen t dour after eoolu.g So,..dhow pre -cooking, the trrrflsnçn uuu, alperar a natural teal. s-sen lien it es y Cooked. lore barlsrgsne is amid.. item which appear to be selling well The partons plan n esproment With chicken and heel pies, peeled in plastic.a (Vautco containers. in the hot saundnich columns. Salads and punklings well he vended n the ow coil/mn, while pdmdeted wrap will be dispensed in the hot beset age section. Name's the Thing When new ncati sus are sui, utetl. the company is identified as Colonial house,'s Vending. The reason is that (c.kminl lluwse restaurants ate 24nwr -a-nv,lire ing spots well lrn.nsrr to Buffalo residents. Art', \ ending. e it may be well known in auto. matie merchandising circles. doesn't mean as much lu lse general public. When the U. S. Rubber phut gets ils additional 350 employees. Christensen plans to add another machine. le feels that the unit cannot handle more than 30 empplwvres with the sartte Holt if they has-c the sanie ltmclt period. Problem is congestion aroun ul the machine. n addition to the fisc hscalinns which the Finn plans to set lip in the next few months, retplests for another 2.5 installer luxe burn made. Christensen said, Also. current plans eall for installations near lse cash registers at Colonial lionse restaurants fur the take-out trade, 3 St. Louis Firms Gond' d from page S was authori7ld by Gillette to sel coin-operated dispensers for t :,l lette blades: would assist pur chasers in selecting profitable sift for machines. and supesise th operation of the venders. t further chafers that in sons instances money suas collected o machines that were not delivered Orders in the past eight months f fo machines not deliver amounted , postal inspectors re ports-d. Gillette Suit - n its saut against Alttolna Sales and Pen -Vend, Gillette ask the finis be enjoined from g the Gillette nave. slogans, or in signa is any way. t further charges the defenxlan fines, operating in a number o states and interstate commerce, o making false representations o having exdusise rights for distri b- union of Gillette blades thnr vend fog machines. Named as defendants are nine isldh idtlals: Arthur Matras, Sul Cut let, William Dardkli. joseph Voll mer, Ben Weissman. Oscar Scia e- ppeerr Jr., Mack Bandolta alla Mac Basnbolte Harold Finer andfihom as J. Consiglio. POPP/TS OWA t.0...a toom : N0. -t0mm /oppll S.iS/M 230/ : NO. 2-2mm psppil 2.0/M ì.s0/m : NO. 3-Combination : (bares. _ and Pa 2.70/M 3.00/M s. i WE GOT 'EM! 3 OF LET US TAKE CARE OF YOUR CHARM REQUREMENTS MMEDATE DELVERY on POPPTS sad SASST SAYNG PNS SPECAL: an scoro -seni s :mmisss s. nom 5..'. n.n.d -Sa 73 /m PLASTC PROCESSES, NC.., u.. '' -t..t. N. Y. e e thr k Chicago THE SiLL$OARD VENDNG MACHNES 9 CONMEN YOU KNOW rotor./ irons Erg J t S By At \ S.'.\' 4 OM AT CLA MEET. A good crowd o,,perarnrs turned nut foc thse Jure rally,' Aunt -Wks. Tuesday OR) in the Room ul the Congress Floret. When T. Ras t.a legal counsel and Sam Greenberg. (:. pseude.r, addressed the operators on progress made trnrard changing the cos licensing system..4r vfvratr.tory in Amusem,s.t Machins secs lion.) Aston Cesssbarg, (:eaxv Manulaclwing Er Saks ('empans, furnished rrlreshnlents for rile owe!. : L / 25 Wow Eig t Ysedars S5.9S ea. NNiRAN WNS MNM s. ww A. H. i,.,,mw..w.. ASH..\`_`\_ Bub W ley, new ruadman Mur World \lde 0 E 0, Drslrclnntors, will travel the llinois lent,' \\urld %Valera Fred Score and Joel Stem o THE thes're having A tough tittle using n heat snit "LVE RAS NOR / HOT DOG j Len Micon'on the gulf hurls... Herb Perkin, Company chief. rrnrntly sl filling She summer gals 4 r Punesor Distributing Co is oh suie fox and pinball sales. Pawl ain't ss hat t used to he. actordinu * 0 to limb. 0 anti " Bennet Levy, partner will. Dave Brody its national popcorn con A cessions. game and rule operation. was serenely presented with a Hess A 0 heir. Brody couldn't top Levy in this department, but del sav that his toting son lust celebrated birthday... Charley Tashima. 4atsmati.- \enrbng Machine Conprtrss, Honolulu, a visitor at l'nitrd MarinLlcW. News Briefs.. r.. ing Company last week. Currently topping the United collets in ll / light golf league play is Jim Madonna, n itb a low trame of 4 Oda, r.olly ploc. rho s dins.. roe 0 haters weld to Carl Keller, Henry Handler and Norman Blankenship. dao e..d toed.he,en is Special communique fmni \Alnitey Lehrter, right band man of Jade Nelson at Logan Dhtributing Company, informs the toys that it's cooling up around Angora, Min., where he is vactinning with July E. Further. the fish are biting. and inns getting the limit.... Dave Gottlieb. president of D. Gottlieb t Company, commemorating his 30th wedding anniversary. mnmbuted 3230,005 toward construction of a new hospital in Oak Park -River Forest. Dave's family and friends gathered at a reception last Wednesday night (20. They inchnkd his wife, Dorothy, and their three children. Alvin, Marjorie and Roberta. (Sec separate story lit.4nsusentrot Machines section.) Roy P. McGinnis, J. T. Keeney á Company president, heading and BAllinlme ssay this week to visit with Eastern coin machine men. Bernard Reichel, Ei Paso. Tex., in slitting wills Paul Duelist:i, Keeney general sales manager. Cheater Ri