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1 y k UP^.>I AID* rranklin NEWS RECORD The Franklin-News Record USPS Second class postage paid at Manvllle, N.J. Thursday, October 23,1980 Vol. 28, No cents JOYCE SHIELDS, a resident of the Edgemere apartment complex, has every window in her home boarded up because they've been broken and, she says, she lives in constant terror of vandalism. Maintenance workers will not replace the damaged windows, she claimed. (Paul Savage photos) Pre-school classes begin on Monday by Sandra Lowich Managing Editor Does your three-to-five year-old child appear to be potentially learning disabled? Then he or she is eligible for consideration by Project Search for placement in a Franklin Township Board of Education program for preschool handicapped children. Children are currently being screened for the program which will serve students who are physically or mentally handicapped, or emotionally or socially disturbed. The program is «M*U> 3 iojvionday. Oct. 27 and will hdve an enrollment 1 of 16 when fully operational., Tlie'TIoard of Education officially accepted a $48,000 federal grant on Thursday to develop the program. The amount is almost half the $98,000 budget submitted to the state last February. A teacher, Jayne Howard, has already been hired for the program. Ms. Howard has worked with special education students in the district for several years. Claire Albrecht, who formerly was working with the Title One program, has been hired as a the teacher's aide. A third staff member, a part-time speech therapist, will also be hired. The pre-school program will be held in Somerset Presbyterian Church on JFK Boulevard. Last Thursday the board approved an agreement to lease one room at the church for one year, at a fee of $170 per month for a three-hour-a-day, fourday-a-week program. The program will be geared to!ry to eliminate the handicaps before the children get older, explained Ted Kozlik, township supervisor of pupil personnel services. There have been a half dozen applicants for the program so far, Mr. Kozlik said. For screening information, call , ext Drive-in Cleaner's grievance is solved by Sandra Lowich Managing Editor Franklin Council avoided another possible township lawsuit by voting last Thursday to leave intact the curb cuts in front of the Drive-in Cleaners on Hamilton Street. Currently, customers drive their vehicles up to the store front through a curb cut, park on the 27-foot-wide sidewalk, and exit via another curb cut located on adjacent property, on which a Krauszer's' is located. Hamilton Street revitilization plans called for eliminating the curb cut used for entry. Robert Bodo, owner of the Drive-In Cleaners, approached council last week, requesting the plans be changed. Council agreed to retain the two depressed curbs. The motion was a correction of an error, rather than a change in the project's plans, Mayor Richard Jensen said. However, the Bodos and the owners of Krauszer's through their attorney, Len Frederick, also requested last Thursday that the cement in front of both the stores not be torn up and that grass not be planted in between the curb and sidewalk. The merchants also opposed the proposed planting of two trees in front of the stores. "People will abuse the trees," said Mr. Frederick, mentioning the 24-hbur of Krauszer's. After Township Council refused the request, Mr. Frederick said he would file an injunction. But on Monday morning, Mr. Frederick met with Township Attorney Thomas Cafferty and Superior Court Judge Wilfred Diana, who denied a temporary stay on the concrete-laying work. Mr. Frederick then called Township Engineer James Pettit's office to work out a compromise. As a result, the two trees will be planted as planned, but most of the concrete will be left intact and there will be no grass planted. "It looks like we got it settled now," Mr. Frederick said. Council members also decided last Thursday not to grant individual requests for changes in the plans. "If we change plans now," Township Manager Herry Gerken warned, "every merchant can expect the same right." We should stay with the plan until the job is done, then take an overall look and then make modifications," Councilman Andrew Schnatter added. Councilwoman Nancy Henry sought, but failed, to get council approval for a walkway leading from the curb to the sidewalk in front of Vincent's Cleaners. According to street revitilization plans, a strip of sod will be placed between the curb and the sidewalk in front of the store. With a large volume of traffic, paths will be formed through the grass, Ms. Henry maintained. "They're putting grass down where there is the largest volume of business," she said. TlflE Off Did you know people have been fascinated by putting wheels on their shoes for more than a century? Hannah Berkowitz traces the history of the latest roller skating craze and tells you everything you need to know about this activity. Seepage EDGEMERE: a tenant's view by Sandra Lowich Managing Editor "Like living in hell," is how Pat Coleman described her home at Edgemere at Somerset. The heating is poor, vandalism is high, rats and roaches inhabit the -buildings, repair service is not up to par, there is no place for children to play, and, worst of all, the owners don't care, Ms. Coleman said. Ms. Coleman who is one of several Edgemere tenants living under "section 8" housing, has lived at the complex since The woman, her son and daughter, both high school students, share a three-bedroom apartment which rents for $344. Ms. Coleman works as a school bus driver for A-Z Transportation of North Brunswick. Living at Edgemere is convenient for her and her children, besides there are not too many places to rent in Franklin, she pointed out. IN WINTER, the apartment is either too hot or too cold, she said. Sometimes she resorts to using a space heater or the over for extra heat, but realizes the danger involved. Plastic is taped over the windows, but her own conservation measures fail if the windows to the vacant apartment directly above hers are left open, as they once were, she said, "It's like a chimney, with the heat escaping drawn up through the ceiling," It took them a week-and-a-half to close them, once she reported it, she said. - Repair service is poor at the apartment complex, she claims. It's difficult enough trying to get repairs during the week, but on weekends it's almost impossible, she said. And if maintenance personnel do show, "The mess they make is the mess they leave," she said. VANDALISM is another problem at the apartments. The windows in her apartment have no storm windows, and someone could easily break the window, and lift the lever-type lock. To prevent burglaries, Ms. Coleman leaves her house lights on or a radio playing when she leaves the apartment or even when she is asleep. "If. ' you have noise coming out of the apartment, they won't mess with you," she said. There are no lights by the back doors, and the lights above the front doors are often malfunctioning. The visitor also discovered the doorbell didn't work, and there was no screen or glass in the front screen door. Only a curtain veiled the apartment from view. Children were outside playing Softball on the grass, while the remains of a former playground could be seen not far away. According to Ms. Coleman, the playground equipment was removed rather than fixed up HUD official says Edgemere repairs cannot be ordered by Sandra Lowich Managing Editor A representative from the federal Development of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) told township officials it cannot order repairs at the Edgemere at Somerset apartment complex on Franklin Boulevard. At the township's request, Township Council met with Ronald Santo last Thursday to discuss maintenance problems at the 20-acre, 57-building site. See EDGEMERE, page 16A The best course of action is to get the.owner, Tex Weiner of Weiner Development Corporation, to improve, he said. HUD does not have the authority to See HUD, page 16A THESE CELLAR windows at Edgemere stay open all the time because if and when they're fixed, they're broken again by vandals.. Planners continue hearing on Banner Properties by Joni Scanlon Staff Writer. A Bonner Properties' spokesman denied, last Wednesday, Planning Board allegations that the developer is seeking to unlawfully sectionalize 134 lots into 80 and 54 lots for a housing development known as Hickory Knolls. The confusion was due to an "error all the way down the line, starting with the Planning Board and down to the country," he said. When subdivision approval was given in July, plans were submitted on two sheets and termed "Section I" and "II." Subsequently, the applicant split the posting of performance bonds, which were signed by Township Attorney Thomas Cafferty. "There was no way that 134 losts could be represented on one sheet," th spokesman said, noting that only the first plat for 84 lots was recorded in the county clerk's office. The applicant was granted a 90-day extension to draw up an unsectionalized plat; and the board plans to notify the county that the plat was recorded in error and will be rectified. In another matter, the board granted Bonner Properties a threemonth extension to submit plans for low-and-moderate-income housing in their Planned Unit Development take your pick (PUD). The applicant sought a sixmonth extension to form plans and pursue state funding. "Our PUD ordinance has a 15 percent low and moderate income housing requirement," said board member Joseph Martino. "We have it in our ordinance and in our Master Plan," Bonner Properties has several applicaitons before the board for their Planned Unit Development of 300 acres, stretching from JFK Boulevard to Cedar Grove. The applicant met on Oct 15 with the State Division of REgional Housing and Department of Community Affairs and will be working closely with state housing authorities to meet their lwo and moderate housing requirement," according to Township Planner Andrew Paszkowski. State housing specifications, reaching an 80 percent moderate and 20 low income housing provision, conflict with township requirements, Mr. Paszkowski said. "our requirements can be framed in a resolution of need to be passed to Township Council," he said. The resolution "would suffice to qualify us to realize low and moderate requirements needed to qualify for State and Federal Housing subsidy programs." "At this time, there are no subsidies we can nail down for seven years hence," the Bonner spokesman said, noting that "we need additional time to give a plan that might be put into use in 1987," when construction is slated to begin. "I hope you don't get the impression that we're trying to do away with lowand moderate-housing," he told the board. "At this time, there is no subsidy program that we know of. We will continue to confer with the housing authorities to come up with subsidy," he said. Dr. Martino said the applicant is not entitled to relief on low-and-moderateincome "on the basis of whether th applicant can find subsidy. There's nothing in the PUD ordinance that says you must find subsidy for it before building the responsibility becomes your when you ask for PUD," he said. Dr. Martino suggested that the board grant Bonner a three-month extension with an option for another three months if an effort is made by the applicant. "We must make it clear that in no way are we relieving low and moderate housing requirements in the PUD ordinance," he said. IN OTHER business, the board approved payment of legal fees to board attorney Francil Linnus. The Pumpkins of all personalities are waiting to be brought home from Fama's farmer's market on Route 27 in Franklin "ark. (Rich Pipeling photo).y"t"» <»Kr-...*."».*.*-,,'*«.,.» - ^"«i^..i*» *- * *'»...*...*...-A '. bills reflect legal representation against developer Jack Field, J.Z.R. Associates, the preparation of reports and legal representation at special board meetings. The board also authorized Mr. Linnus to represent the Planning Board in a suit entered by Rolo Realty against the board and Development Planning, Inc., stemming from the board's June site plan approval for the Holiday Inn on Davidson Avenue and Route 287. Bob Glass, the owner of Rolo Realty, said there was a six-foot drop on the border of the site and his adjoining property, and said he was concerned about pedestrians falling off onto his property. The board did not comply with his request for a stipulation that would require the applicant to construct a fence or wall on the border. "That area is simply a driveway. There is no pedestrian traffic there," stated Holiday Inn engineer Mike Lanzafamo during the June 25 hearing. In another matter, the board reversed their denial for partial approval on an amended site plan for an incomplete application by Microwave Semiconductor. The Schoolhouse Road applicant plans to change the location of a utility building, add an eight-foot corridor on a building under construction, and bring in five trailers for temporary office facilities while construction is under way. Also, the board approved a request by the develpers of the Route 27 Carriage Run Apartment complex to postpone lanscaping until the spring. The Franklin Park applicant, who wishes to delay the work to "maximize water conservation," objected "to the pressure being put upon us," by Franklin Park resident Robert Jensen. Mr. Jensen noted that apartments are rented out immediately after construction," and said landscaping shou;d also be completed immediately. Also, Franklin Park resident Leonard Jones, whose property abuts the apartment complex, asked that a fence be installed on the bordering properties. The applicant said they would consider adding the fencing to Mr. Jones' buffer, but said they were not responsible for Mr. Jensen's property. Mr. Jensen claims that his property was "dug up" to put in a water line, and asked that his property be restored to its natural state. it i

2 2-A! ho Franklin NEWS RECORD Thursday, October 23,1980 H A M I L T O N J E W E L E R S Police department offers tips on how to winterize vehicles A ruby and diamond and gold necklace. Divinely understated, making a very positive statement. 18K yellow gold. From the Hamilton European collection Diamond Importers Silversmiths Since 1912 Jewelry Designers LAWRENCEVILLE: Route 1 at Texas Avenue, TRENTON: N. Broad and Hanover Streets, PALM BEACH, FLORIDA: 204 Worth Avenue Franklin Township's Police Chief, James W. Brown, today referred to today's high cost of owning and operating an automobile and observed the engine tune-ups have become of. major concern to American motorists both in terms of conservation and safety. "At this time of year," the Chief added, "The best way to winterize your car is to take ti to your dealer or a reputable service station with instructions to take care of everything that has anything to do with keeping your car running and moving in the months ahead.". Instead of the usual grease job and oil change, a complete engine checkup and an inspection from fan belt to tailpipe, may be in order, according to Chief Brown. "Yet the sweetest running, most fuel efficient engine in town," he continued, "can't move you far if your wheels are spinning on snow or ice because the tread has disappeared from old tires, or you haven't had the foresight to install snow tires or studded tires (where permitted). And there's no time like now to put a set of chains and other emergency equip-i ment in your car trunk. Other items that should be safety serviced by a mechanic for dependable starts and sure going should include radiator anti-freeze and windshield washer solutions, the 1 electrical system including the batter, brakes and exhaust system. All worn or defective parts in all systems should be replaced. Chief Brown offered other checks a motorist can make for himself, including safety and emergency equipment checks recommended by the National Safety Council's Committee on Winter Driving Hazards and endorsed by the International Association of Chiefs of Police-: 1. Windshield wiper blades should wipe clear meaning live rubber in the blades and adequate arm pressure. 2. The heater-defroster should put out enough warm air to keep the Name the monster The grisly scar reminds him. The bald skull provokes him. And, the axe blade glistens... as he hunts a name! To help the monster solve his problems, the Franklin Township Jaycees are sponsoring a name the monster contest in conjunction with the sixth annual Haunted House. Contest entries must be presented at the Haunted House, located at the Hageman Farm on South Middlebush Road, one mile south of Amwell Road. Haunted House spooks will Datrol from 7-10:30 p.m. on Oct. 24, 25, 26, 30, 31, and Nov. 1. Admission is $1.50 per person. Costumed visitors are welcomed, however Halloween garb is not required for a scary-good time. The Franklin Township Jaycee-ettes will present a Children's Friendly Haunted House on Oct. 25 and 26 from 2-4 p.m. at the Hageman Farm.. Admission is $1 per child plus one free adult; 50 cents each additional adult. Proceeds from the Jaycee-ettes Haunted House will be donated to Juvenile Diabetes Association and to other local charities. for further information and for group reservations, call Jaycee project chairman Bob Niechkarz at windshield and side and rear windows free of frost and ice. 3. All lights should be checked for proper operation. Cracked or broken lenses should be replaced and kept clear of caked snow or slush from the roadway. 4. Emergency equipment should be stowed in your trunk and ready when the time comes. This should-included booster cables, a shovel, tow chain, warning flares or lanterns, traction mats, sand or rock salt and the type of tire chains recommended for your car (some late model cars require the new "limited clearance" chains check with your owner's manaul.). Franklin Township's winter safety record is on the line every winter, and that's another reason why Chief Brown urges that a car's winterconditioning program be complete in every respect. "We know the safety and economic advantages of checks such as these for all our department and emergency vehicles," the Chief emphasized. "I hope all of the drivers in our area will use them too as their best defense against winter's stalling tactics!" Got a gripe or a compliment? Write your editor. Classifieds run in 8 papers for 1 low price. Would YOU deny this monster a name? Contac 2O's $239 Vidal Sassoon Shampoo Finishing Rinse 8oz. Gepacol Mouthwash 12 oz. Binaca Spray Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion 7 10 oz. 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3 Thursday, October 23,1980 I he Franklin NEWS RECORD 3-A police blotter An armed robbery occurred at Fashions International at 825 Hamilton Street on Oct. 13, A black male, approximately six feet tall, weighing 130 pounds, years-old, with a scar on the left side of his nose, entered the store, forced the owner into the office, threatening with his hand in his pocket as if he had a weapon, and demanded money, police said. Money and some jewelry were stolen. A burglary occurred at the Division of Youth and Family Services at 900 Hamilton Street sometime between Oct Windows were smashed, desks were ransacked, and office equipment was stolen. arrested and released after a court appearance on Oct. 24. A.1975 Plymouth which was stolen from Country Chevrolet was spotted by Ptl. Petro andptl. Cirullo.on Oct. 13 on Route 27. The officers gave chase Up Van Dyke Avenue, the car stopped and a male jumped out and ran away. The car, with stolen license plates, was recovered. An armed robbery occurred at the Krauszer's store on Hamilton Street On Oct. 16. Two black males entered the store with a gun, said "open the register," took an undetermined amount of money, and fled, police said. home on Oct. 15 by forcing a rear door open and stole a stereo worth $250. Amila Bukowczyk reported that on Oct. 14 her 1977 Ford was struck by stones while travelling on Route 27 near Country Plaza. This is one of several incidents reported along this area, police said. Sometime between Oc'.. 14 and 15, burglars entered the Speed Wash Launderette at 1760 Easton Ave. through the roof, damaged washing and change machines, and stole an undertermined amount of money. A 1977 AMC Hornet, locense plate 514NNX, valued at $3,000, was stolen from the parking lot near Franklin Greens apartments on Oct. 16. A fire, which police said started in a fireplace, occurred at the Sholley home at 33 Lake Drive on Oct. 16. Upon arrival, a police officer saw flames coming out of the chimney. The Middlebush, Somerset, and Elizabeth Avenue fire companies responded and extinguished the, blaze. The South Bound Brook First Aid Squad took Mrs. Sholley to Somerset Medical Center because she suffered smoke inhalation. The house was completely filled with smoke. ** Burglars entered a Matilda Avenue home sometime between Oct. 17 and 18 by prying open a front storm door and front door, police said, Approximately $800 in money and jewelry were stolen. r lllllll»ihi»»»hiihhiii A thief entered a Frank Street home through a window, breaking a lock. Cash and jewelry, totaling approximately $900, were taken. A Bennetts Lane home was burglarized on Oct. 14. The thief entered through a dining room window after unsuccessfully trying to enter through the rear of the home and stole a TV, tape recorder, turntable and amplifier. A 1980 DatsUn, valued at $6,000, stolen from where it was parked at the Edison Diner, was recovered on Oct. 14 at McAteers Restaurant. Linda M. Demers, 32, from Yardville, N.J., was Police were dispatched to a fight at the Sportsman Bar on Route 27 on Oct. 16. Both New Brunswick and Franklin Township police arrived, found a large gathering in the parking lot, but did not observe any fight. One man who was injured after being hit in the face with a bottle was taken by first aid squad to a hospital. A thief entered a Hillcrest Avenue I *., Satisfaction Guaranteed 'If for any reason you are not satisfied with an item purchased at Foodtown we will cheerfully refund your money. Stoneware From The Woodhaven Collection On Sale This Week Photo Center Discount Film Developing 12 Exposure Color Prints $197 n»i; 20 Exposure Color Prints 24 Exposure Color Prints Thurs., Fri., Sat. Only Rutgers Plaza «;, SHETLAND SWEATER OR WOOL PLAID SKIRTS Your Choice Classifieds run in 8 papers for 1 low price. A. V or Crew Necks Cable Solids Sizes S-M-L B. 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4 town forum 4-A Thursday, October 23,1980, editorial October's harvest Kids need adult help for a safe Halloween by adam levin onsumer corner r The New Jersey State Safety Council has issued a few warnings on Halloween dangers. The council says it well and their warnings bear reading by all: The dangers of Halloween can be reduced this year if little ghosts and goblins are treated to safety tricks. When selecting costumes, beards, masks or wigs, the state Safety Council suggests looking for flame-retardant labels. Whether purchased or homemade, avoid flimsy materials and outfits with baggy sleeves or billowing skirts, since these can easily catch on fire. Keep hemlines or sagging trousers short enough to avoid tripping. Look for costumes which are light or bright enough to be seen clearly by motorists. Even witches can wear reflective tape sewn onto their gowns, walk facing oncoming traffic and carry flashlights. Masks or other facial disguises should not restrict vision or breathing. A natural mask of cosmetics or burnt cork is usually safest. Candlelit jack-o-lanterns should not be carried by children and should be kept away from doorsteps where trick or treaters' costumes might brush against the flame. If used indoors, be certain they are not near curtains, decorations, or other furnishings that could ignite. Light your property so youngsters don't trip over stairs or other obstables. It also pays to put away lawn furniture and remove garbage cans, and lock the garage. Finally, if you are driving on Halloween, take special care. Keep in mind that children will be roaming the streets. Many will be dressed in dark costumes or will otherwise be hard to see. Children also tend to dart out into the street from between parked cars it is up to the adults to watch out forthem. letter policy All readers are encouraged to write letters to the editor Letters must be signed and include the writer's address. II is our policy to print (he name and address of the signer, but names may be withheld from print in certain circumstances upon request of the writer and approval by the editor. We reserve the right to edit letters for length; 250 words is the preferred maximum. Every letter in good taste concerning a locally pertinent matter will be published he state we're in Voters in this state we're in Nov. 4 will find two important statewide bond issue questions on their ballots. The $145 million Natural Resources Bond Issue has come in for a lot of publicity and is probably familiar to practically everyone. It embodies major expenditures for sewage treatment, harbor cleanups and resource recovery, plus smaller sums for repairing potentially dangerous dams and for improving the interconnections between major water supply systems. Because of the ongoing drought, with its water rationing and use bans in northeastern New Jersey, that last item is gaining the most attention these days although it only accounts for $8 million of the total. There's no lack of proof today that bigger bucks than that will have to be spent to get water where it's needed, as with Round Valley-Spruce Run Energy bond a real bargain "Franklin NEWS RECORD Publication No. USPS Serving Franklin Township Published every Thursday at 300WitherspoonSt. Princeton, N.J by The Princeton Packet, Inc. Local office: 843 Hamilton St., Somerset, N.J Telephone: Sandra Lowich Managing Editor Lee Schmittberger..... Advertising Manager Erica Kaufman... Office Manager Subcription rates: One year $8 ($21 out of Mercer, Middlesex and Somerset counties); two years $12. Newsstand price 25' per copy. reservoirs to Bergen County, for example. Still, the $8 million will permit the needed first step of finding out the potential capacities and usefulness of the existing interconnections here and there. THE SECOND bond issue has received scant attention but in my estimation deserves serious consideration. It would provide $50 million, of which $47 million would go for improvements in publicly owned buildings throughout the state so as to cut down on their respective energy appetites. The remaining $3 million would pay for "energy audits" upon which improvements would be based. This plan obviously will save valuable sources of energy and will reduce dependence on foreign sources of oil. Over and above that, it should save dollars shelled out by us taxpayers. The renovation projects involved will certainly provide jobs for Second class postage paid at.<. Manville, N.J nn\ THE PRINCETON PACKET. INC. " r <,,»>' Publisher Telephone: Central office, production plant and corporate headquarters. 300 Witherspoon St., Princeton, N.J , Mary L. Kilgore Beilman... Board Chairman Edward P. Burke. Editor it President James B. Kilgore......General Manager Christopher A. Chianese. Business Manager Robert P. Kelly, Executive Editor Robert Hutchinson Production Manager Roslyn Denard Advertising Manager William Bennett.,.... Circulation Manager carpenters, electricians, plumbers and the like. Energy Commissioner Joel R. Jacobson tells us that back in 1973, state government's energy bill came to $15 million, while it's expected to touch $60 million by the end of this year. By 1990, estimates are that the state energy bill will be an astonishing $170 million per year. It is estimated that the energy conservation bond issue can reduce by at least 15 percent the energy consumption of state buildings, including state-owned institutions and educational centers. Energy renovations being sought include upgrading or replacing water heaters, boilers and refrigeration equipment; replacing or insulating ducts and pipes; building automatic controls into lighting and electrical systems, and replacing lights and fixtures. The most basic way to improve energy efficiency of buildings, of course, is improving insulation, including beefing up stormdoor and storm-window protection. Those occupy high priorities. If the bond issue is approved, it is anticipated that all the money would be expended in about five years. Since the buildings involved are located throughout the state, the shot in the arm for employment and local business would be universal. By balancing the potential energy bills if improvements are not made possible by the bond issue, against the spending of $50 million, it would appear that the potential taxpayer saving would come to about $153 million in 10 years. That would appear to be an unusual bargain. RETURNING TO THE business of interconnections among water companies, this current emergency has brought a lot of sniping from those who want to know why things got so bad so suddenly. It's apparent that two of the water companies hardest hit, Hackensack Water Co. and Commonwealth Water Co., were caught with obsolete storage facilities by the sudden rush to suburbia over the past two decades. We in the environmental field have decried this syndrome for many reasons, such as creating new towns and all their expenses, while not reducing the need to support the existing cities. We've also bitterly by davld moore commented on. the often unnecessary loss of open space. e> Now we suddenly find another argument against uncontrolled development, a condition which has, as I said, caught the water purveyors napping. It's caught the state napping, too. David F. Moore is the executive director of the New Jersey Conservation Foundation based in Morristown. «New 'game' on Route 27 rapped To the editor: I would like to make this an open letter to a group of young gentlemen who have discovered a new game which they play at the dead of night along Route 27. It is a game involving a bold attack and a rapid retreat. The quarry are the lumbering buses that roll up and down Route 27, and the weapons are nothing more harmful than ordinary eggs. The strategy can vary, sometimes fearlessly tossing the eggs head on at the windshield of the bus from a speeding car, other times a. flank attack by a group from the side of the road. Witnesses say they have never yet seen a, bus turn and fight back. It is here that I congratulate the young gentlemen on their choice of an exciting, suspenseful and yet completely safe game that can be enjoyed by all. On the off chance an egg should fly through an open driver's window, thereby causing the bus to wreck, should be of little concern. On the contrary, if it caused the bus to ram a car head on coming from the other way, the ensuing excitement as police cars and ambulances arrived would be enough to gratify anyone. Of course, it might detract from the fun if the young gentlemen knew the person who was maimed for life, or was killed in the crash. It would be even less thrilling if the person was a relative, a brother, or a mother, perhaps. But that is remote, and of no concern. The game is the thing. The happiest part of the game is the safety to the participants. How could they ever be caught? There is no possibility the police could catch them, that is, unless the police were tipped off by a more cowardly member of the group, one who couldn't stand the thought of broken bodies or sobbing relatives at a funeral for amoved one. The bus driver, even if he didn't have his eye put out, would have no way of catching them; all he probably wants to do is earn a living in safety. That is, unless the hundred or so bus drivers decided to form a vigilante group and cover the buses from a distance, in cars, perhaps. It is doubtful anyone would care enough about this new game to make an effort to stop it. Unless they thought about it a little, perhaps. Malcolm Plent Farmingdale watch those cor charges New car dealers who failed to itemize documentary service fees and illegally charged for pre-delivery preparation of autos have been assessed penalties and costs totaling $48,500 by the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs. The last of a series of cases against 20 new car dealers who violated Consumer Affairs regulations was ' concluded recently. In eight of the cases dealers must make refunds directly to consumers, in addition to paying penalties and costs to the state. Consumer Affairs regulations require new car dealers in New Jersey to itemize any fee charged for a "documentary service," such as preparing or obtaining title, registration or financing documents. The rules also bar any new car dealer from charging a consumer for dealer preparation or pre-delivery services if' the dealer is reimbursed by a manufacturer or other party for performing such services. THE REGULATIONS require the following statement be printed in' a conspicuous place in 10-point bold face type on the front of any sales document: "You have a right to a written itemized price for each specific predelivery service which is to be performed. The automotive dealer may not charge for pre-delivery services for which the automotive dealer receives payment, credit, or other value from any person or entity other than the retail purchaser of a motor vehicle." Sales documents also are required by the regulation to have the following statement: "You have a right to a written itemized price for each specific documentary service which is to be performed." Fees for documentary services are negotiable items in the new car purchase. There is nothing to stop people from obtaining license plates and registration and title documents themselves for their new cars, thus saving the dealer's service fee. A person is at a vulnerable point after agreeing to purchase an $8,000 car: Since there is already a commitment to a large purchase, the addition of a documentary fee of, say, $25 may not appear significant. The documentary service fee rule.(jjjj&ers fees which are charged for the reparation of any document in connection with the sale of the automobile, including financing documents. Dealers gel handsome commissions for every automobile financing deal they arrange. Consumers should pose this question to dealers who charge fees for preparing financing documents: "Why should a consumer pay a dealer for the 'service' of preparing the forms for the financing contract from which the dealer will directly profit?" The division's regulations on documentary service fees and dealer preparation fees help protect you when you buy a new car and help you get a fair deal. There's a lot you can do for yourself to get a good deal when buying a new car: DID YOU KNOW: The wholesale costs of the same model car are the same to most dealers. Shop for the best deal-and compare the reputation and convenience of service facilities. The sticker price is almost never the dealer's selling price. Most models are sold below manufacturer's suggested price and high-demand small fuel-efficient models may actually be sold at above the manufacturer's list price. You should always get the dealer or the dealer's authorized representative not just a salesman to sign your sales contract. You can learn more about how to buy a new car. Just call Tel-Consumer at for taped "minilessons" on this and other consumer affairs topics. - ' Adam K. Levin is the director of the state Division of Consumer Affairs.

5 Thursday, October 23,1980 I he Franklin NEWS RECORD 5-A Farmland Preservation Ask advocates of farmland preservation in Franklin Township "Why?" and the chances are that the answer will be, "we are running out of land for growing food". Can anyone show that preserving farmland in Franklin is more important than developing a high quality of living for a cross section of people including young people, senior citizens and low and moderate income groups? Marion *Clawson, a senior fellow of Resources for the Future, writes in Urban land: "Are we so. sure that today we can visualize the needs of people for all outputs of land at some distant future date, that we can forever preserve what we now call prime agricultural land"?. The popular belief that the world's. agricultural land is decreasing and the United States' food supply is endangered by the conversion of farm land to other uses is not correct. A demographer, Joginder Kumar, found in a study at the University of California at Berkely that there was 9 percent more arable land in 1960 than letters to the editor Burger: don't be taken for a ride To the editor: Your editorial on protectionist treatment for car manufacturers makes no attempt to even address the problem. The sloppy logic of our state legislature can lead to continued failure of our manufacturers and labor leaders to make it in the American market place. There is no secret as to why the Japanese have been so successful. They have out-managed and out-produced us. When you legislate to subsidize inefficiency you ultimately hurt the American people. The practice is MILLSTONE CAR WASH Washes Waxes Dries Monday - Saturday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sunday 9 a.m. -1 p.m. CALL: Main St. Millstone SALE Poly/Wool _w~' in 1950 in 87 countries constituting 73 percent of the world's total land area. The United Nations shows a 6 percent increase in the world's arable cropland from 1963 to In the United States, the amount of cultivated land is going down but total agricultural output and yield per acre have been going up so sharply that "overproduction" is a problem. Yet many people in the world go hungry and it may get worse. But the lack of food production in the United States, now or in the foreseeable future, is not the problem. At a recent meeting on farmland preservation a D. E. P. official told the audience he suspected they were more interested in preserving open space than farmland. A good example of this happened in Franklin: Dr. Mindell was obliged to go to court to get the right to farm his land. None of those people asking for farm preservation raised their voices on his behalf. There was more interest in higher taxes than farm.production. The Middlesex, Somerset Mercer Regional Study Council and others studies agree that: inflationary and distracts the initial victim from an analysis of the problem. I feel particularly sorry for those with fixed incomes: those on relief, the handicapped and retirees, to name a few. Someone has to pay for the generosity of our law makers. It is time we realize that those leaders who promise a free ride are a danger to the American economy not because they are led by some nefarious motives. Their failings are ignorance and political expediency. 60" wide machine wash &dry $2.98 yd. Sale ends Nov. 15 Reg. $4.25 THE YARDSTICK INC. 390 Rt. 206., Hillsb.rough Plaza Please Note the Following CORRECTION For Your Hillsborough Montgomery Yellow Pages FAMILY DENTISTRY HOWARD P. KRINICK, D.D.S. Hillsborough Professional Center 422 Route 206 South Hillsborough, New Jersey Hours by Appointment halloween parade\ Oct. 25 " 2-4P.M. Meet at Boro Hall Manville Rain or Shine Sponsored by the Manville Recreation Commission See LETTERS, page 7A Raymond Burger Griggstown a guest opinion by jack Field 1. Agriculture remain an economically and humanly attractive business. 2. Programs should be consistant with basic safe-guards accorded to private property. 3. Fairness to the landowner dictates that the landowner is entitled to a reasonable return. 4. Large lot zoning is devastating to agriculture and facilitates the disruptive subdivision of land in random, buckshot pattern. Clawson also writes: " "It must also be recognized that farming near residential development presents problems to the farmer as well as to the non-farmer neighbor. The farmer suffers vandalism, malicious damage, theft, and other interferences with his crops and livestock. The suburban resident suffers from animal manure odors, flies, dust, insecticides, noise, and. other interferences to his way of life arising from the farming/' Farmers also have problems earning a reasonable return on their large investments and long hours of hard work. The average wage for farm supervisors is $5.75 an hour and $3.40 for field workers. In a democratic system farmers should not be forced by zoning ordinances to farm their land for the benefit of a group of non-farmers who want to see open land around their homes. There are places for farmland preservation and it can be done without violating constitutional rights. The time has long run out, nor is there any legitimate need, to mandate farmland preservation in Franklin. Even the State Development Guide excludes land in Franklin from that category. The land is too expensive Classifieds SELL { J24-325O Jumping Stone Nursery School \ LOOK TERRIFIC! \ * LOSE INCHES AND GET FIT! COME TO A FREE DEMONSTRATION. HILLSBOROUGH Volunteer Fire Dept. 03 Woods Rd. Free Demo Oct. 23 at 6:30 p.m. Classes start Oct. 28-Nov. 26 Winter classes start Dec. I. Call to be put on tbe mailing list.?(201) I.K k. >us njmnl ihi4 b AIM S.'ss.o" DUE AMS Aerob/c Dancing tm DeMott Lane, Somerset has openings in all groups 2's, 3's & 4's A.M.'sorP.M.'s Call the director for appointment to observe Dr. Donald Fedoryk CHIROPRACTOR I 2035 Brooks Blvd. k Hillsborough, NJ. Office Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 9:30-11:30,2:00-4:30,6:00-7:: 30 Wednesday, Friday, Saturday By Appointment Only, Please Call Phone: HY IACKI SORENSEN MM mm NURSERY SCHOOL SIX MILE RUN REFORMED CHURCH ROUTE 27, FRANKLIN PARK, NJ Classes Available for 2-5 Year Olds A full day program for the busy parent. Flexible arrangements. and the conditions in this area make it difficult and economically impossible to farm any land purchased in s Franklin in the last five to 10 years. Furthermore, why should taxpayers» receive this handsome ovenware pie plate, while they last who' live in the more urbanized parts» upon opening a $3, $5, $10 or $20 Christmas Club! of Franklin Township subsidize open space for the benefit of the few who I are lucky enough to be surrounded by it, especially since it is.not true that the land is critical for the supply of food. There are 13,370 acres in Franklin under farmland assessment. The mean tax for them is $7.77 which comes to a total of $103, for all those acres. Some non-farmers with large landholdings pay as little as $1.86 an acre. Yet it is precisely those people who oppose using a small portion of that land for any development within miles of their property, even when it would provide a good living quality for those who desperately need it, and could provide jj a high tax benefit to the Township. jjj Clawson further writes: "By all means conserve prime agricultural land when it is practical to do so. But conserve other land too. Weigh all the values and all tbe costs of using any land for any purposes. And use all land thoughtfully". wisely and Julian L. Simon, professor of economics and business administration at the University of Illinois writes in the New York Times: "I am not suggesting that we cease worrying about the supply of land. There is no ground for the panic into which anecdotal accounts can throw us. There is no basis in the data examined to justify opposition to economic or population growth". 1. WYOUR BEST BUYS ARE AT I K I Don't Delay Start Today iiiiiniiiiiiiiiiinniiiniiiuiiiuhiiiiuiiiiitrm CHRISTMAS CLUB 81 Next year...october 1981 receive your completed club check and have cash to spend for Christmas. Deposit $ from 50C per week to $20 per week and receive from $25. to $1000. I Interest paid on all completed clubs. 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6 6-A Thursday, October 23,1980 FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 48 West High St. Somerville Henry J. McKinnon Minister Winter Schedule 11:00 A.M.-Worship Service Church School to 2nd Grade 9:30 A.M. Church School Linda Mae Glezman Linda Mae Glezman, 28, of South Fifth Avenue died unexpectedly yesterday at Middlesex General Hospital in New Brunswick. Born in Hazleton, Pa., she was a lifelong resident of Manville. Miss Glezman was the manager of Servomation at Roche Pharmaceuticals in Raritan. She was a communicant of Christ the King R.C. Church and was a 1970 graduate of Manville High School. Surviving are her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Glezman of Manville; a brother, Gary of Manville; a sister, Nancy Frey of Manville, and her maternal grandfather, Louis Tamburini of West Halzeton, Pa. ; Services were held at 8:30 a.m. Monday at the Fucillo and Warren Funeral Home, 205 S. Main St., Manville, followed by a 9 a.m. Mass of Christian Burial at Christ the King R.C. Church. Burial was in Sacred Cemetery, Hillsborough. Elizabeth Patrick Heart Mrs. Elizabeth Sinicska Patrick, 75, of 2215 West Camplain Road, died on Oct. 15. at home. Born in Austria-Hungary she had lived in Hillsborough for 27 years, formerly of Manville. Mrs. Patriek was a retired dressmaker tor Smelzer Corp. of Manvil- Hillsborough Alliance Church "A Community Church" Amwell Rd. (East of Rt. 20b) P.O. Box 215. Hillsborough, NJ Rev. Ronald Galardi Phone: :00 A.M. - Sunday School 11:00 A.M.-Worship Service 7:00 P.M. Evening Service ALL ARE WELCOME Hillsborough Baptist Church New Amwell & Auten Roads Somerville. New Jersey Rev. Robert L. Haslam, Pastor Phone SERVICES: Sunday 9:45 A.M. H:00A.M. 7:00 P.M. Thursday 7:45 P.M. "Warren Funeral Home SO I'TII MAIN' STRKKT MAXVII.LK..NEW JKRSKY FOUNDER.ADAM FUCILLO DIRECTOR VINCENT M. MARAZO. MANAGER - JOHN R. ZALEWSKI obituaries lc. She was also a Communicant of St. Mary's Byzantine Church in Manville, Mrs. Patrick was the wife of the late Joseph K. Patrick who died in Surviving three sons Joseph C. Patrick and John J. Patrick, both of Manville, and Robert Patrick of St. Petersburg Fla., a sister Mrs. Mary Fleece of Deerborne, Mich., 7 grandchildren and 4 greatgrandchildren. Funeral services were held on Saturday, Oct. 18, at 8:30 a.m. from the Funillo & Warren Funeral Home, 205 So. ' Main Street, Manville, followed bv a Devine Liturgy at St. Mary's Byzantine Church in Manville. Interment was in Resurrection Cemetery in Piscataway, H.i. Bertha Seidler Bertha L. Seidler, 92, of Somerset Street in the Somerset section died Saturday in Franklin Convalescent Center after a long illness. Born in Newark, she lived most of her life in Somerset. She was formerly employed as a private secretary in New York city. Surviving is a niece, Helen Demilio of Piscataway. Services were Tuesday at the Quackenboss Funeral Home, 156 Livingston Ave., New Brunswick. Entombment was in Franklin Memorial Park, North Brunswick. Anna G. Way Anna G. Way, 71, of Mark Street died Saturday, Oct. 11, at home. She was born in Brooklyn and lived most of her life in Old Lyme, Conn., before moving to this area eight years ago. Mrs. Way was employed by the Rutgers University Dining Services until retiring two years ago. Her husband, Charles L., died in WE FOR TABLE TALK Mrs. Way is survived by a son, Charles L. Jr. of North Plainfield; two brothers, Peter Giacolone of West Palm Beach, Fla., and Giacorno (Jake) Giacolone of North Brunswick, and two grandchildren. A Mass of Christian Burial was held Oct. 12 in St. Mary of Mount Virgin R.C. Church in New Brunswick. Burial followed at the Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Va. Arrangements were by the Selover Funeral Home, 555 Georges Road, North Brunswick. Mae Quick Mae B. Quick, 92, of 261 Beekman Lane, South Somerville, died Oct. 18, at Somerset Medical Center in Somerville. Born in Flagtown, she resided in Hillsborough most of her life. Her husband, J. Preston Quick Sr., died in She was a member of South Branch Reformed Church, a life member of the Raritan Valley Range in South Branch and a former member of the New Centre Mission Society. She is survived by a son, J. Preston Jr. of New Centre; three daughters, Mary J. Scott and Elizabeth O. Pace, both of New Centre, and Helen A. Hannington of Piscataway; a sister, Anna B. Studdiford of Bridgewater;11 grandchildren and 17 greatgrandchildren. Services were held Monday, Oct. 20 at the Speer-VanArsdale Funeral Home in Somerville. Internment was in South Branch Cemetery. Gertrude Field Gertrude Brown Field, 61, of 1405 St. James Court, South Somerville died Oct. 14, at home. Born in Albany, N.Y., she lived at Double locking security LOCKS installed, rekeyed sold and repaired Prompt service for home & auto lockout Foreign Auto and Motorcycle Keys Made. the St. James Court address for two years after living in Hillsborough Gardens for five years. Surviving are her husband, Ernest L. Field, her mother, Marian Brown of Albany; two sons, William L. of Tahlequah, Okla., and Peter B. of Cheshire, Conn.; a sister, Mildred Miller of Albany; and six grandchildren. Funeral services were held Oct. 23 the Bongiovi Funeral Home, Raritan. The Rev. Garry Burgess of Calvary Baptist Church, East Millstone officiated. Interment was private. Leroy Swain Leroy "Sport" Swain Sr., 67, of Churchill Avenue in the Somerset section was pronounced dead ori arrival at Middlesex General Hospital, New Brunswick, where he had been taken Thursday, Oct. 16, after becoming ill at home. Born in Quitman, Ga., he had lived in New Brunswick before moving to Somerset 25 years ago. He retired in 1970 after 20 years with the Franklin Township Road Department. He was formerly employed at Mack Motors and Sheldon Pontiac, both in New Brunswick. He was also employed after his retirement by SOS Security Systems in Irvington. Mr. Swain was a member of the North Stelton A.M.E. Church, Piscataway. Surviving are his wife, Ada Hush Swain; two daughters, Mary "Skipper" Dargan and Jacqueline Williams, both of New Brunswick; a son, Leroy Jr. at home; two sisters, Etta Mae Jones of Clearwater, P^la., and Elsie Trotter of Egg Harbor; 11 grandchildren, and six greatgrandchildren. Services were Tuesday at the North Steltpn A.M.E. Church, Ethel Road, Piscataway. The Rev. Edward Adams, pastor, officiated. Burial was Wednesday morning at the Franklin Memorial Park, North Brunswick, Arrangements were by the Anderson Funeral Service, 201 Sandford Street, New Brunswick. Peter Lemantovich Peter Lemantovich, 82, of Amwell Road died Monday at St.^ Peter's Medical Center in New Brunswick. A native of Poland, he lived in South River before moving to the Middlebush section of Franklin. Prior to his retirement 13 years ago, he was employed for 15 years by E.R. Squibb & Sons Inc. in North Brunswick as a boiler operator. Mr. Lemantovich was an Army veteran of World War I and a communicant of SS. Peter and Paul Russian Orthodox Church in South River. He is survived by his wife, Anna Surgent Lemantovich; a daughter, Anne Anderson of Franklin; three grandchildren and three greatgrandchildren. Services were Wednesday at the Maliszewski Funeral Home, 218 Whitehead Ave., South River, with a 9 a.m. Divine Liturgy and Requiem Service at SS. Peter and Pual Russian Orthodox Church. The Very Rev. Sergius Kuharsky, pastor, officiated. Burial followed in the parish cemetery in South River. Panahida services, with choir, were conducted at the funeral home at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Free Christmas Club Gifts plus Interest! Our 1981 Christmas Club is a great offer, no matter how you slice it! Open a Club for $2, $3 or $5 weekly and receive a set of Frontier Forge, stainless steel cutlery, ideal for cheese, snack or sandwich serving, absolutely FREE, plus 5V'2% per annum interest on your completed Club! r\^i NEW BRUNSWICK EDISON! I y 350 Gcome Street Rt V t, Piospwt Hvenur. \. / \-> J EARN 5V 2 % PER ANNUM INTEREST AND GET A FREE HOLIDAY GIFT! Simply open a Club for $10 or $20 weekly and receive this handsomely decorated Cake Plate, absolutely FREE, plus 5 1 /2% per annum interest on your completed Club! NORTH BRUNSWICK SOMERSET TieB)uns*'Ck laston&bevi Snoppmn Centc Avenues?49 (1101 ' ' 8?B 5000 Take Stock In the Big One. HIGHLAND PARK In The Foodiown 57?51O4 Make your shop known to all! Go display 8 ways m and Loan Association CHERRY HILL Pla/,i Village Shopping Center Rnule BJ20.. Member FSLIC DELCAMPE & CO., LOCKSMITHS Princeton Shopping Center (609) Looking for a Career? Do you sometimes feel that your ambitions are undirected? Professional assistance can be helpful. This office provides a. counseling service that includes: Testing of interests and aptitudes Clarification of values Realistic information on 600 careers Personal Counseling Resume preparation For more information, call Anna Willingham, M.A., Wl.S.W. 20 Nassau Street Princeton NATIONAL CREDIT HAS MONEY AVAILABLE FOR LOANS FOR Debt consolidation, Home Improvement, Automobiles, Tuition, Swimming Pools, Boats, Vacations, Investments, or any other purpose. HOMEOWNERS ONLY 2nd Mortgages $3,000 to $50,000 Up to 10 year repayment plan. Phone your application to NATIONAL CREDIT CORP S. Broad St. Trenton, N.J. Open Daily Saturday 9 to 12 (609) or (201) LaVake requesls the pleasure of assisting you in the selection of your Wedding Invitations and Social Stationery featuring fine papers by Crane 54 Nassau Street Princeton. New Jersey (609) TWO-YEAR-OLD Andrew Truesdell did some horseback riding in Colonial Park during last weekend's Indian Summer days. (Rich Pipeling photo) I The smartest place tqstart a diet FREE MEETING wittjjijs ad Pay only S5JO. For classes in your town Call collect: HILLSBOroDcCanla'i. 311 Rl 206 Ihur at 9:15 am I 7 15 pm SOMERVILLE Howard Johnjon'y Plantation Rm. Onler Island. Rl??. Tut al 9 15 am SOMERVILLE Templt Btlh El. 67 Rl 206 South. Wed. al 9 15 am pm MAJER FUEL OIL Town government not responding? Write the editor. DALE CARNEGIE COURSE WAYS THE DALE CARNEGIE COURSE. HILL HELP YOU New Self-Conlidenci ind Poise Speak Effectively Sell Yourself and Your Itfaas Be Your Best With Any Qroup Remember Names Think and Speak on Your Feet Control Fear and Worry Be A Better Conversationalist Preientod by WtS WESTROM 1 ASSOC, INC. Telephone: ATTEND A FREE PREVIEW MEETING 7 PM Wednesday, Oct. 29 Princeton-Holiday Inn (U.S. Route #1 Southbound) Accredited by the Council for Noncollegiate Continuing Education

7 ' * * * ' I I.» 4 Thursday, October 23,1980 I he hranklin NEWS RECORD 7-A letters - (Continued from page 5A) Porrovecchio:for Reagan and Bush To the editor: One thing I believe we all agree on; we all want to see our nation prosper. The future of'our country goes into the hands of those we elect. We should be proud of the people that represent us. We can have this feeling by electing those who deserve it. I, for one, would be proud and ever grateful to see the ticket of Ronald Reagan and. George Bush elected this November. Our nation is in troubled times and the only way I see that we can rise above these problems is through strong and capable leadership. We would have this in a Reagan presidency. I urge all of my friends and neighbors to look at the issues, to look at the candidates' positions. I am confident that you will make the right choice. Reagan and Bush in Santo Porrovecchio Somerset Levine: should use restraint with toll increases To the editor: What has the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and the New Jersey Turnpike Authority have in common? The ability to keep raising tolls at the expense of passive motorists. Recently in a suit brought about by State Senator John M. Skevin of Oradell against the Port Authority, it was dismissed by Judge Sherwin D. Lester. This suit was'brought about by Senator Skevin because he was trying to stop the Port Authority from raising the tolls for using the George Washington Bridge, the Lincoln and Holland Tunnels. The New Jersey Turnpike Authority is currently proposing to raise the pay of 75 managerial employees from revenue from higher tolls. And for good measure they would be getting added perks such as expanded health benefits, life insurance, vision care, travel and meal allowances and longer vacations. : To run the State of New Jersey Governor Brendan Byrne gets a salary of $65,000 a year. If William J. Flanagan gets the proposed increase his salary, will be $90,000. This is for being the Executive Director of the Authority. Add these increasing tolls proposal to the blackmail Arab oil prices and now the latest sock-it-to-me,. the 50 percent increase of insurance premiums to motorists, the high price of buying a new car; driving and owning a car. has gone from a necessity to a luxury. Isn't it about time that increases were tempered with restraint and mercy? Morris Levine Somerset Brockmamwe need Reagan To the editor: I have been fortunate enough to live in this great land of ours'all my life. Through the years I have seen many people make a run for the White House. Four years ago we saw a man from Georgia elected President of the United States. At that time many people said, "Jimmy who?" Some still do and others wish they never knew. Along with Jimmy Carter there is another man who is making a run for the highest office in the land: Ronald Reagan. His name is not unfamiliar to us. Many of us know him from when he was an actor. Many of us know him from when he was Governor of California. However we were, introduced to him is irrelevant. What matters is we have known him and what his vision is. He has been outspoken on many issues. Some of his positions haven't been what is popular, but he has the "guts" to say what he feels. We need strong leadership. We need capable leadership. We need Ronald Reagan. Charles F. Brockman Somerset Sports come alive on our bright pages! Whiskers A three-month-old female Mixed terrier is available for adoption from the Franklin Animal Shelter. (Rich Pipeling photo) DESIGNED WITH SECRETARIAL SERVICE TYPING. Resumes Travel Inc., The Redwood Square Th* manag«m»nt ar«local r»»ld«nt» "W* arm your neighbors." Rl. 206 & Am well Road Belle Mead. N J (201) TYPING. Manuscripts TYPING Mailing Lists TYPING Repetitive Letters TYPING FAST. EFFICIENT AND ECONOMICAL 112 Amwell Road Belle Mead. New Jersey IN MIND MANVILLE HEALTH FAIR SUN., OCTOBER 26 "** kill 1 I* [in I.IS sill %\ it 11 I \S' VISION SCREENING PULMONARY FUNCTION SCREENING HEARING SCREENING STREP THROAT CULTURES ORAL CANCER SCREENING r CHEST X-RAYS A TOASTY WARM BEDTIME STORY...SNUGGLE INTO OUR COZY, LONG FLANNEL GOWN *» Hi- * i mmm ^ mm i%s»«' A \\ HEMOCCULT TEST OTHER:. BLOOD TEST ISM A ^ I DIABETES BLOOD PRESSURE READINGS TESTING FLU SHOTS FOR I-AGED THE L- CHRONICALLY ILL FOOT EXAMINATIONS FOR CHILDREN IMMUNIZATION SHOTS FOR-i DIPHTHERIA -GERMAN MEASLES -MEASLES -TETANUS POLIO MUMPS APPOINTMENTS SCREENING DISPLAYS LECTURES MOVIES ALEXANDER BATCHO INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL \ CHIROPRACTIC 'EVALUATIONS WILL BE MADE FOR PAP PHONO CARDIO SCANNING FOR CHILDREN SPONSORED _ BY LOCAL a COUNTY ORGANIZATIONS 1 TO 5:00 P.M. A charming, cuddle-soft brushed flannel gown that's warm enough to take the chill out of the coldest winter nights! A real delight - especially if you're*always cold. See the collection of flannel and knit gowns by ANNIE for TOMMIES. P-S-M-L Shown: Blue/rust plaid gown with ruffle yoke & sleeve trim puts the emphasis on the traditional. 100% cotton flannel INTIMATE APPAREL CHOOSE YOUR CHARGE: EPSTEIN'S, VISA OR MASTER CHARGE " Ill ill III This advertisement sponsored byruzycki's Drug Store MORRISTOWN I SOMERSET SHOPPING CENTER PRINCETON SHOPPING CENTER 10:00-6:00, THURS. & FRI. 10:00*9:00

8 8-A I ho Franklin NEWS RECORD Thursday, October 23, 1980 Reece attends White House inauguration of National Consumer Education Week Mary Manger. Reece, Assistant Director of Consumer and Homemaking Inservice Project, Department of Vocational-Technical Education, Graduate School of Education, Rutgers University, attended a White House reception on Monday, Oct. 6, which inaugurated the federally proclaimed National Consumer Education Week. Program presenters included Rosalyn Carter, Shirely Hufstedler, Secretary of Education, and Esther Peterson, Special Assistant the' President for Consumer Affairs. Ms. Reece is President-elect of the New Jersey Home Economics Association. DAHWAH CHINESE RESTAURANT Cantonese Food Everyday Specials 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Sun.-Thurs. 11 a.m.-11 p.m. Fri.-Sat. 46 Rustic Mall Manville Golden Warrior Band brings home honors The Franklin High School Golden Warrior Band competed at the sixth Annual Westfield Invitational Field Competition on Sunday, Oct. 19. Both the ' band and front section home honors when each placed first in its class. The band's next competition will take place at the Edison Halloween Parade on Sunday, Oct. 26 at 1:15. the Weldon J. Rougeau parade route will be along King George Road ending in the Clara Barton section of Edison. The reviewing stand will be in front of the Mid-Atlantic Bank. On Saturday, Oct. 25 at 1:30 the band will demonstrate its marching ability to the local fans at the home football game against Watchung. Rougeau to speak NEW BRUNSWICK - Weldon J. Rougeau, director of the Office of Federal Contract Compliance, Department of Labor, Washington, D.C., will be the featured speaker at the Ninth Equal Opportunity Day Luncheon of the Urban League of Greater New Brunswick, on Thursday, Nov. 13. The luncheon will be held at noon at the Ramada Inn, Route 18, East Brunswick. Tickets are $20 per person and can be obtained at the Urban League offices, Throop Avenue or by telephoning "Mr. Rougeau has a long involvement with the civil rights movement that began in the early 1960s when he was a student at Southern Universtiy," said C. Roy Epps, president of the local Urban League. this Recycle newspaper Majorettes Renee Parker and Debbie Arnold from Franklin High School proudly display the trophies which were recently won at Piscataway and Lincoln Federal Christmas Club. Lincoln Federal lights the way to happier holidays with a bright savings plan; it's our 1981 Christmas Club, and opening one now will assure that your savings account won't be lightened next year. Start one for as little as 50 c or as much as $10 a week for 50 weeks and, by saving a little each week, you'll have more money for holiday shopping next season. And to add warmth to your holiday entertaining this year, Lincoln has a special gift for you: a pair of crystal-glass candleholders complete with candles! They're free* for opening your 1981 Christmas Club. So come to Lincoln; we'll illuminate this season's festivities and add sparkle to next year's holidays, too! You Have the Power Let Us Help You Use It Stop Smoking Willpower Systems Inc. Self-improvement Through Hypnosis Call Sandbox Tech Nursery School 33 River Road, Princeton 2 Nursery School Programs Daily 9:15-11:45 a.m. 12:30-4 p.m. Arts & Crafts Music & Rhythm Band (Princeton Chinch ol Christ Bldg I lum oil Rt 27 near Kingston Burlier Children Ages 2'A-4 Telephone or Director Diane M. Cronin / I Show & Tell Story Time Do you have a Mercedes Benz in your safe deposit box? Those old dust collecting gems and jewelry could just add up to one! Bring them to Hamilton Jewelers for an evaluation. We will pay you our highest prices for them. And we pay in immediate cash. 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CALL NOW! Remm Heating Drake's Plumbing & Heating New Brunswick Belle Mead Mann's Heating A. Rossi Plumbing & Heating Perth Amboy Somerset % I is in the 1 Energy-efficient WEEL-McLAIN Boilers Rich Manser North Brunswick D.J. Ryan & Son, Inc. Woodbridge Redding's Plumbing & Heating Schrum Plumbing & Heating Jack Dolan Plumbing & Heating Princeton New Brunswick Somerset Florek Plumbing & Heating A.L Kronemeyer & Sons South River North Brunswick ' 4- r J

9 Thursday, October 23, A C Urbanowicz married to T. Gluch Cynthia F. Urbanowicz, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley C. Urbanowicz of Boesel Ave., Manville, was married Sept. 27 to Thaddeus S. Gluch Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus S. Gluch of West Camplain Road, Manville. Father Joseph Punderson officiated the ceremony. at Christ the King Church in Manville. The bride, given in marriage by her father, wore! a polyester satin gown featuring a Queen Anne neckline, bodice and scalloped train. '. She wore a Juliet, crown, covered with pearl beaded Alencon lace. A fingertip illusion veil was attached to her crown. She carried white rosebuds, carnations, gypsophilia and baby's breath. The matron of honor, Pegi Levy, was accompanied by bridesmaids Linda Pienta and Margaret Gluch. the flower girl was Collen Irish. The best man was John Gluch, who marched down the isle with ushers Larry Gluch and Stanley Urbanowicz. The couple enjoyed a reception at the Manville VFW Memorial Home before leaving on a cruise to Bermuda. The bride is a graduate of Manville High School and is employed as a certified dental assistant for Dan C. Pullen and John B. Peterson in Belle Mead. The groom is also a graduate of Manville High School and is employed as a highway marker for D.O.T. Mrs. Cynthia Gluch Miss Goydish wed to Connecticut man Our Lady of Czestochowa Church, South Plainfield was the setting, Oct. 4 of the wedding of Christine Ann Goydish and Edward. Andrew Wolinski: The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Goydish of Triangle Rd., Somerville. The groom's parents are Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wolinski of Norwich, Conn. The Rev. John Skwara officiated at the ceremony. Honor attendants were Bernadette Goydish of Manville, the bride's sister, and Lenny Maynard of Moosup, Conn. Mrs. Wolinski*s white chiffon gown was trimmed with Venice lace on the sculptured neckline, bishop sleeves and court train. Her mantilla veil was held by.a cap of matching lace. After a reception at the Roosevelt Cafe, Bound Brook, the couple left on a wedding trip to Disney World and Nassau. Mrs. Wolinski is a graduate of Hillsborough High School and is employed by the Norwich Savings Society. The groom is a graduate of St. Bernard's High School, Norwich and is self employed. HALLOWEEN MASK PARTY FOR SINGLES Singles over 30 to the 60's plus are invited to attend a Halloween Mask Party, Saturday night, Oct. 25, 8:30 p.m. until 1 a.m., sponsored by the Meet & Mix Singles, at the Carolier Lanes, in Gazebo Lounge, Route 1 North, North Brunswick. Prizes will be awarded for the funniest, prettiest, wildest, most daring, or most original MASK. Mrs. Edward A. Wolinski rr r Mr. and Mr. Peter Cvecich Cynthia Kistulentz wed to P. Cvecich Cynthia Ann Kistulentz. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kistulentz of Lincoln Avenue. Manville. was married October 18 to Peter Eric Cvecich, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Cvecich of Ringocs. Rev. Nicholas Puhak officiated the ceremony at St. Mary's Byzantine Catholic Church in Manville. The bride, given in marriage by her father, wore a white bridal gown of chiffonett and chantilly lace, featuring a high neck of illusion, full split sleeve and empire waist. The outfit included a very full skirt, cathedral length train of chantilly lace and matching fingertip length veil. Matron of honor Margaret Kassick was accompanied by bridesmaids RoseAnn Stavinski and Barbara Z. Kulasinski. The best man was Michael Strober and ushers were William Cvecich and Paul Massaro. After a reception at the Elks Club, Manville. the couple left for a honeymoon in Virginia. The bride is a graduate of Manville High School and is employed by Olivetti in Bridgewater. The groom, a graduate of Hunterdon Central High School is employed by Herman Panacek Jr. Inc. Landscaping in Ringoes. Epstein's Presents p ^ c ^ and offers you a gift with any ^ purchase Come in and see the entire Estee Lauder Beauty Collection - all the most wonderful things in the world to make you look your best. Skincare technology that's ahead of its time The best ingredients from around the world Fashion's most beautifully right and wearable colors Fragrances you'll want to fill your life with All in our Cosmetics Department now - arranged at fingertip's reach - ready and waiting for you to try. So you can dip into pots. Dabble in jars. With no costly guessing at what's right for you. And, if you like, talk with our special Estee Lauder Beauty Advisor. In just minutes, she can find the fine points that make you special. Show you hqw to show them off. Point the way to better looking skin. New makeup secrets. Fresh fragrance ideas. And the at-home ways to do them. Discover this fabulous new world of beauty. And pick up your free gift. It's yours with any Estee Lauder purchase. Come in soon, offer good only while supply lasts. COSMETICS DRY DRY SKIN ASTRINGENT Kim Nowak and Joseph Fedor Kim Nowak to marry Joseph Fedor Kimberly Nowak, daughter of Alfred and Margaret Nowak of Weiss Street, Manville has announced her engagement to Joseph Fedor Jr., son of Joseph and Helen Fedor of Piscataway and Manville. The couple plan to marry in April ( ESTEE LAUDER Dry Dry Skin Astringent* Maximum Care Hand Creme Swiss Performing Extract - Fresh Air Makeup Base Tender Blusher* RE-NUTRIV Rich Rich Lipstick Estee Super Cologne Spray Youth-Dew Eau de Parfum Spray Lustrous Roll-On Mascara European Performing Creme» Aliage Sport Fragrance Private Collection Perfume Morristown 10:00-5:30, Wed. & Fri. 10:00-9:00, Somerset Shopping Center 10:00-9:00, Sat. 10:00-6:00, Princeton Shopping Center 10:00-6:00, Thurs. &Fri; 10:00-9:00.1 IS3

10 \ t v. v L t 10-A I he Franklin NEWS RECORD Thursday, October 23,1980 Hllililill connnuing EDUOflTIOD Program in Continuing Education 1 Princeton University* Princeton's Program in Cof*iio'ng Education odmitf o limited number of qualified area residents to Unlvsriiry graduate and undergraduate court**. Studentt participate fully In clones and receive grades and Princeton tranicripts for all courses taken. We are presently accepting applications for the Spring Semester. The deadline is Nov. 15. For application forms and further information contact: Center (or Continuing Education 321 West Collage Princeton University Princeton, New Jersey / The Program In Continuing Education Is not a degree program. Catch up with Recent Developments in a Field Gain a New Skill or Explore an Old Interest. Prepare for Application to Professional or Graduate School Explore a Mid-Career Change Do Research and Writing in a Stimulating Environment Equal Opportunity Program Some Student Commend: "...the mosf satisfying effort I have ever made for myself." "...course presentation and > material are of such high caliber, thoroughly enjoyable...i've found myself stretching to absorb everything." " way fo bridge the generation gap I've found." " mind Is bent out of shape and I'm exhausted, but f've loved every minute of the course and "...filled me in on new developments in my field that twenty years ago I would have never thought possible. Faculty and student* have Incredible energy and Imagination.". "...fear drives you. And pride. These kids are JO bright, I thought of first, how can I ever hope to compete, but you know, even though (or maybe because) I'm the 'older generation,' I found I could add experience and perspective to discussions. My mind was, rusty, but It still worked." f Library-moving time SCOTT MILLER, above, an employee of Compass Moving and Storage's library-moving division, empties the library shelves of the former township library. The new township library is set to open Monday. The 19,000 square-foot facility has a capacity for 90,000 books. Township officials have yet to decide whether a branch library will remain on Hamilton Street, and what the municipal building will be used for. DAVID Sims and Bob Culp, right, push a cart load of books out of the old library on Hamilton Street to a truck for the ride to the new one on DeMott Lane. (Rich Pipeling photos) Three Shops in Palmer Square, Princeton, N.J. DOLLHOUSE AND MINIATURE SHOW AND SALE Sponsored by Hightstown Women's Club at St. Anthony's Church Hall Maxwell Avenue, Hightstown, N.J. October 25th Saturday 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m... Snacks Lunch Dessert Bar Donation $2.00 With this ad SI.50 Taffette - Lite anti-cling nylon slips Especially effective under soft, clingy clothes, the perfect liner for sheers. Full slip $ av. or long Half slip $8.50 av. or long Honey beige or white with back slit Matching bras and panties The lowest tar. ever. V1 %\V5 l "*«fe.,.^*ssv..-. **%4 VANITY FAIR Box: Less than 0.1 mg tar. SPECIAL THIS WEEK! Through November 1 20% Off Anglo wool fabrics by the yard. Through November1 save up to 20% on all stockings and pantyhose in stock Cambridge Philip Morris Inc Warning: The Surgeon General Has Determined That CigaretteSnjoking Is Dangerous to Your Health. Less than 0.1 mg "tar!'0.01 mg nicotine av. per cigarette by FTC Method. Open Thursdays and Fridays until8:30p.m. 4

11 Thursday, October 23,1980 IhefranklinNFWSRfCORO 11-A Kolesar awarded scholarship BRIDGEWATER Laurel Kolesar of 755 Hamilton Street, Somerset, a Health Technology student at Somerset County Technical Institute, has been awarded a full tuition scholarship from the Women's Auxiliary of Somerset Medical Center, Somerville. The scholarship award is given annually to a Health Technology student at Somerset County Technical Institute. A life long resident of Somerset County, Ms. Kolesar hopes to become a Central Services Technician upon graduation from SCTI. ; Ms. Kolesar is the mother of two children aged five years and 19 months. Teatzner refurns from deployment m IN REHEARSAL are the Franklin Community Players for "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown." Performances are Nov. 7, 8,14,15,; 21, 22 at 8 p.m. in the Sampson G. Smith School auditorium. Matinees are at 2:30 p.m. on Nov. 8 and 15. There will be Snoopy door prizes at every performance. The Franklin Community Players are sponsored by the Franklin Township Adult School. Blocker joins, Air Force DANIEL BLOCKER son of Mr. & Mrs. Willie Blocker,Sr. of 22 Chester Ave, Somerset has joined the United States Air Force. He was recently sworn into the Air Force's Delayed Enlistment Program (DEP). Although he is in the Air Force now, the Airman will not have to report to Lackland AFB* Tex., for basic training until Feb. 24, After basic training, he will be given addition training at one of 148 Air Force installations in the U.S. or overseas. Airman Blocker is a graduate of Franklin Twp. High School. He was enlisted in the Air Force by TSgt Bob Barclay, local Air Force Recruiter for American Office Mall, 275 St. Hwy No 18, E. Brunswick. Curran decorated with U.S. medal Army/Air Force hometown News Center -- Captain Eugene M. Curran, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Curran of Somerset, has been decorated with the U.S. Air Force Commendation Medal at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. The Air Force Commendation Medal is awarded to those individuals who demonstrate outstanding achievement or meritorious service in the performance of their duties on behalf of the Air Force. Navy Ship's Serviceman Seaman several naval.exercises with units from Great Britain, Art K. Teatzner, son of Arthur M. and Lorraine Teatzner of 98 Culver St., Singapore, Japan, Australia and NEW Somerset, has returned from a Zealand. Port calls were made in deployment in the Western Pacific and Singapore, the Philippines and Pusan, Indian Ocean. South Korea. He is a crewmember aboard the The long trip home was made extra aircraft carrier USS Constellation, special when 350 fathers, sons and homeported in San Diego. friends of the crew embarked in Pearl During the seven-month cruise, the Harbor, Hawaii for the final leg of the Constellation set a new Pacific Fleet homeward journey. record of 110 continuous days at sea The Constellation is 1,072 feet long, while operating in the Indian Ocean. carries a crew of 2,800 and can accommodate 2,150 personnel and 85 jet The embarked air wing flew more than 28,000 sorties and logged more aircraft assigned to an attack aircraft than 10,500 arrested landings. wing. In addition to conducting sustained A 1979 graduate of Franklin High air operations in the Indian Ocean School, Teatzner joined the Navy in during the monsoon season, the ship June (FHTNC) MarinePvt. Michael J. Gallicchio, son of Peter S. and Ramona Gallicchio of 127 Highway 27, Somerset, has completed recruit training at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, S.C. During the 11-week training cycle, he learned the basics of battlefield survival. He was introduced to the typical daily routine that he will experience during his enlistment and studied the personal and professional Recycle this newspaper Gallicchio trains slandaixls traditionally exhibited by Marines. He participated in an active physical conditioning program and gained proficiency in a ariety <>i military skills, including first aid, rifle marksmanship and close order drill. Teamwork and self-discipline were emphasized throughout the training cycle. He joined the Marine Corps in Juno CWWC visits King James The community service department of Cedar Wood Woman's Club recently visited with several residents of ttje. King James Nursing Home, Easton Avenue, Somerset. Members of CWWC helped serve juice, sat and chatted and watched TV with the residents. The Club visits the home several times a year. Members are shown with a couple friends: (Standing) Carol Oakley and Anne Welby, CWWC members, along with John Nick and Ethel Moore, residents, and Pat Dolphin, CWWC member. Proctor named scholarship semifinalist The National" Merit Scholarship Corporation has recognized Franklin High School senior Samual Proctor, a National Achievement Scholarship Program semifinalist. for his exceptional academic promise as evidenced by his scores on the PSAT/NMSQT. Chinese Auction The annual CWWC Arts & Crafts Chinese Auction will be held on Wednesday Oct. 29 at 7:30 pm at the Consolata Mission Center, Route 27, Somerset. Tickets are available through any CWWC member and at the door for S2. There will be coffee and cake, as well as door prizes. Many handicraft items donated by CWWC members and friends will be on display, as well as plants and art pieces donated by local artists. Any way you slice it... A GIFT FROM LONDON FOG. 1 GET A FOLDING UMBRELLA FREE WITH EVERY MEN'S LONDON FOG RAINCOAT! join our 1981 Christmas Club MEN'S FAMOUS RAIN FASHIONS Buy any coat from the London Fog collection of classic men's rainwear (famous for its superb styling & meticulous construction)...and receive as a gift a handy, folding umbrella that fits in briefcase or drawer. Coats Shown: Douglas Classic Trench of Fortrel'" polyester & cotton. Reg., short, long. British tan MEN'S SHOP ; and receive FREE your choice of an attractively designed PIZZA CGTTERI or PASTRY SERVER % interest from day of deposit on completed clubs It's as easy as pie to get ahead for the holidays... just put $ 1 to $20 a week in your Somerset Savings Christmas Club and earn the highest club account rate anywhere -5\h% interest for next year's shopping, and take your choice of one of our beautiful free gifts to enjoy now. These elegantly styled serving pieces are made of gleaming stainlesssteel. The Pizza & Dough Cutter with its clear lucite handle is free and easy wheeling. The Pastry Server & Cutter features a fine serrated edge for easy cutting and a genuine rosewood handle. They're dishwasher safe. And come gift boxed. one gift to a customer, while supplv lasts MORRISTOWN 10:00-5:30, WED. & FRI. 10:00-9:00 SOMERSET SHOPPING CENTER 10:00-9:00, SAT. 10:00-6:00 PRINCETON SHOPPING CENTER 10:00-6:00, THURS. & FRI. 10:00-9:00 1 ^ \ \ M M i^t^? lj i r I BOUND BROOK 421 West Union Ave I J j V l ^ j l X ^ ^ r j 1 FLEMINGTON 141 Broad Street ^ - * ^ T - -- «- -m.k_-t-«' -^ 44 Rustic Mali SWINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION MIDDLESEX RARITAN SOMERVILLE WHITEHOUSE Savings insured up lo $100,000 -by Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporate 1305 Bound Brook Rd Somerset Street West End Ave US Highway /

12 12-A I he Franklin NtWS RECORD Thursday, October 23,1980 Waif ing for fhe Great Pumpkin? Maybe 'Pacer' of Fama's Nursery has already seen him. Funny-faced pumpkins are in abundance at the market on Route 27. (Rich Pipeling photos) at LANDAU's...naturally Your new granny gowns hove arrived (take the shortcut through the strawberry patch, the strawberry shortcut) 100% cotton flannel Sizes X5-S-M-L 1,4 No LANDAU PRINCETON.HJ. Celebrating Our 25th Year in Princeton DINING OUT? FIND THE BEST IN RESTAURANTS WITH TABLE TALK IN WE OFF EVERY WEEK I I Get your family cooking on this burner! Do you know removing the skin from chicken before cooking lowers the calories and cholesterol? Do you know using plain yogurt instead of sour cream in making beef stroganoff reduces calories from 454 per cup to 122 per cup? Do you know how to make lasagna that is low fat, low cholesterol, low calorie... and still delicious?.new Jersey high school students and senior citizens now have the opportunity to know this and more. This information is part of the nutrition program made available to secondary schools and county senior citizens lunch programs by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Jersey. We believe an awareness of sensible eating habits is important. To help reach that objective, our youngsters should know n Registefod Mark Bluo Cross Association o' Registered Mark Blue Shield Association Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Jersey how to prepare meals that are both enjoyable and nutritious. We believe that adults should know, too. Proper diet can lead to better health... and remember, we want you to be healthier We have developed a special Nutrition Recipe booklet. This booklet includes all the recipes that are used in our Nutrition Program,'and each recipe contains a nutrient breakdown so you know exactly what you're serving. To obtain your free copy of this recipe booklet, just complete and mail the coupon. Blue Cross and Blue Shield ol New Jersey Box 18, Newark, N.J Please send me a copy ol the "Nutrition Booklet". (PLEASE PRINT) NAME STREET I II I I I FRIDAY OCTOBER 24th 3:00 TO MIDNIGHT ONLY VISA AND MASTERCHARGE ACCEPTED SJtffl SfQKd OFF STORE HOURS: Mon.,Tues.,Thurs.,Fri 10-9 Wed. & Sat tM N. OLMN AVt, TtEMON, NJ WHERE EXPERTISE IS A SKIER'S BEST FRIEND! WE OPEN AT 3:00 FRIDAY AND STAY OPEN UNTIL MIDNIGHT ALL MERCHANDISE IN STOCK OTHER SPECIALS SELECTED CLOTHING by HEAD, ROFFE, No. 1 SUN AND DEMETRE 35 to 60% OFF BOOTS Reg. SALE Nordica Gemini $ $79.00 Nordica Hurricane Hanson Citation R (Flame only) BS& SALE Nordica Nova $ $99.00 Nordica Aries Raichle Lotus ' / T r '**'

13 I I Thursday, October 23,1980 I he rrnnklin NEWS RECORD 13-A Chimney Sweeping, Toy Shopping seminars offered by Adult Education Chimneysweeps wear top hats and tails, and may even sing a song or two from "Mary Poppins." It may be a colorful outfit, but it's a serious br«iness," asserts Rob Stasyshen of Homestead Chimney Sweep. On Wednesday, Nov. 12, Mr. Stasyshen will be discussing the maintenance of wood, gas, oil and coal chimneys, including their cleaning, installation, efficiency and safety. Participants in the one-night seminar, sponsored by the Franklin Township Adult/Community Education Program, will learn to do a smoke test, how to clean and inspect a chimney and how to hire a chimney maintenance company. A slide presentation and a Saturday field trip to a chimney sweeping are included, with the date to be decided at the seminar. IF FIREPLACE weather is here, the holidays can't be far away. Consumers will want to take advantage of. another one-night seminar, "Great Toys." On Wednesday, Nov. 19, author and toy consultant Ruth Roufberg will be demonstrating educationally sound toys for parents to investigate and play with and will focus on selecting the best toys for children from birth to age seven. Toys most likely never seen before dominoes with raised shapes, for example will be discussed, along with toys to foster creativity. JFK Club to sponsor Annual Action Auction The John F. Kennedy Democratic Club is sponsoring its 5th Annual Action Auction on Saturday evening, Oct. 25 at the Community Volunteer Firehouse on Hamilton Street. Robert Heller, a professional Pancake Breakfast A pancake breakfast will be held at the Six Mile Run Reformed Church, Hwy 27, Franklin Park, on Saturday, Oct 25, 7:30 a.m. till Noon. The breakfast is sponsored by: Kiwanis Club of Franklin Township. Admission is: Adults $2, Child: $1.50. All the pancakes you can eat! Tickets will be available at the door or contact Bernhard Schmidt at or Participants will learn about a puzzle tray with 40 square spaces of a picture, with 126 blocks to choose from, including parts of a sky, windows, doors, and the same scenes in different colors, all excellent tools for making comparisons and noting contrasts. Ms. Roufberg promises to show her favorite, a toy which won an 'award from the Public Action Coalition on Toys: a thingamobobbin, which can be used to make a robot or a space station or whatever the child's imagination permits. Another Wednesday seminar, "What's Yer Beef?" is a discussion with meat manager of the Rutgers Plaza Foodtown. He will show consumers how to utilize bulk meat, to shop for the best cuts and how to cut up a whole chicken for extra savings. A demonstration of butchering techniques plus a tour of the store's meat facilities are included in this seminar, scheduled for Nov. 12. FOR A CHANGE of pace, vegetarian cooking, taught by the Integral Yoga Institute, will be offered in a three-hour course Wednesday, Dec. 3. Participants will learn to prepare luscious meatless meals which are inexpensive and healthy; For those who want a break from the holiday rush, WCTC-WMGQ will be the site of a radio studio tour on Thursday, Dec. 4. News director Walt auctioneer, will be on hand to auction off various goods and services donated by club members and members of the community. A sampling of items already assembled includes an airplane sightseeing ride, dinner at the home of Assemblyman David Schwartz, tickets to Knicks or Nets game, dried floral arrangments, homemade jam, and much, much more. Beer, wine and soda will be available at the auction and a souvenir program book will be given to each person attending. The Action Auction begins at 7:30 p.m. RECYCLE THIS NEWSPAPER Sodie will demonstrate types of equipment for taping phone interviews and will show tape recorders for outside use, along with the workings of the news room. The tour will be followed by a question and answer period. '...< to register for any W these seminars, or for further information about course offerings, call the Franklin Township Adult/Community Education Program at or , extension 221. The Franklin Township Adult Community Education Program is Sponsored by the Franklin Township Poard of education. Great toys Open House set for St. Plus X St. Pius X High School, 146 Metlars Lane, Piscataway, will hold Open House on Sunday, Nov. 2 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. The Open House is open to the public, especially for public and parochial students considering enrollment for the school year, their parents and friends. There will be guided tours of the campus and visits with St. Pius students, staff and administration. Refreshments will be served in the Students' Dining Room. The school does not discriminate on the basis of race, color or ethnic origin in administration of its admissions or educational policies. Ruth Roufberg, left, prize-winning author and toy consultant, shows Jill Gerken of Atlantic Road, Somerset, a stacking coordinator, which will be discussed in a one-night workshop, "Great Toys." Sponsored by the Franklin Township Adult/Community Education Program, the seminar is scheduled for Nov. 19 and is one of several one-night opportunities for exploring interesting topics. Sims training Private Deon A. Sims, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Sims of Somerset, is attending basic training at Fort Leonard Woodk, MO. recipe of the week Editor's Note: the following is another in our series of reputedly "tried and true" favorite recipes prepared for the News-Record by Mary Bartha of the Cedar Wood Woman's Club. We will print them in a size convenient for clipping and saving. Regretfully, however, we cannot take responsibility for their success. MUSHROOM APPETIZERS 1 10% oz. can (1V4 cups) condensed cream of mushroom soup 2 tbsp. chopped onion 1 tsp. Worcestershire sauce 1 1 lb. loaf thin-sliced bread Melted butter or margarine Combine soup, onion and Worcestershire sauce. Remove crusts from bread. Roll slices to flatten. Cut in half. Spread each half with approx. 1 tsp. of soup mixture; roll as for jelly roll. Chill, covered, several hours or overnight. Brush with melted butter or margarine, place on rack in shallow pan. Bake at 400 degrees F. for mins. or until brown and crisp. Yield: 40 appetizers. Bonding seminar scheduled Parents, expectant parents, and all those concerned with getting babies off to a good start are invited to attend a seminar on "Bonding" Tuesday, Oct. 28 at 8:15 p.m. in the St. Peter's Medical Center ID conference room. Sponsored by St. Peter's and the College of Medicine and Dentistry - Rutgers Medical School, this program will explore the importance of establishing contact between parents and their newborn during the first week of life. Research has shown this early contact helps parents form closer relationships with their infant and makes them more alert to the infant's needs. Lack of bonding, it has been discovered, places a family at risk for child abuse. Introduction to the seminar will be made by John T. Harrigan, M.D., perinatologist and a film entitled, "The Ties That Bind" will be shown. Clinical psychologist Barbara Ostfield, Ph.D., will speak on "Mothers and Babies in Synchrony," "A Mother's Perspective" will be the topic of speaker Joan Vitale, and Mary C. Dunn, RN, CNM, will describe "How the Hospital Can Set the Climate." LUNG ASSOCIATION BENEFIT DINNER DANCE The Lamplighters will play at the Lung Association Dinner Dance, Friday, Oct. 24 at Angeloni's. The evening will include hot hors d'oeuvres, Prime Rib Dinner, open bar and dancing to the Lamplighters. For further information and tickets contact Patricia A. Mueller, at the Delaware-Raritan Lung Association, BUY 2 PAIRS OF EVAN PICONE Control Top or Support Pantyhose and get 1 pair FREE Now through November 4th Evan Picorie has chosen 2 of their best styles and given you great savings! # 184 SILKEE SHEER SUPPORT PANTYHOUSE Sandalfoot. Reg Buy 2 Get One Free #207 CAREER SHEER PANTY- HOSE with control top, sandalfoot. Reg Buy 2 Get One Free Both in Camel, Picone Beige, Taupe. Sizes S-M-L No special orders please PAIR Of SLACKS HOSIERY NOtyTHAT'S A BARGAIN OU6 FLANNEL SLACKS... traditional, tasteful and classic. Truly the backbone of a welhplanned wardrobe. Fine all-wool flannel. Straight legs. Available in medium and dark grey, brown, and camel. Compares easily at $50 to $65 in other fine stores. Another example of JUST MEN'S super values. M SEE OUR LARGE SELECTION OF BIG AND TALL SUITS AND JACKETS. PRINCETON ATTHEMARKETPLACEMALL.INTERSECTIONOFRT 37 t S1B. KENDALL PARK N j 12011: OTHER JUST MEN STORES IN MATAWAN. MIUBURN AND CHERRV HILL Morristown 10:00-5:30, Wed. & Fri. 10:00-9:00 Somerset Shopping Center 10:00-9:00, Sat. 10:00-6:00 Princeton Shopping Center 10:00-6:00 - Thurs. & Fri. 10:00-9:00

14 14-A I hrhdnklin NEWS RECORD Thursday, October 23,1980 "Let's stop hunger" was the reason these youngsters and many others (about 100) walked to raise money for hungry people around the world Sunday. (Paul Savage photo) CROP Hunger Walk Paul Brown, a freshman at Franklin high School, lets anyone behind him know he means business to raise money for hungry people throughout the world on Sunday as he walks from the Somerset Presbyterian Church to St. Matthias Church during the CROP Hunger Walk. (Paul Savage photo) Women business owners sought for statewide Expo. : An effort is underway to reach all New Jersey women business owners, and those who have ever considered owning their own business, to tell them of the forthcoming "Business Ownership for New Jersey Women Exposition" to be held Saturday, Nov. 1 at the Paul Robeson Campus Center of Rutgers University, Newark. Expo '80, which is the third annaul statewide business ownership conference, seeks to encourage women in entrepreneurial ventures by providing business and managment skills workshops, establishing a forum for women to meet other women in business and offering an opportunity to confer with representatives of government agencies and private associations which support women's business ventures. In addition, there will be exhibits by women business owners, sales by women retailers and displays by organizations which assist women in starting their own business. Bette Benedict of the Division of Economic Development, N.J. Department of Labor and Industry and Adele Kaplan of the Special Group Eton Shop 48th Anniversary BUST A BALLOON Emphasis Division, Rutgers Small Business Development Center, are the co-chairs of Expo '80. "There are about 10,000 womenowned businesses in the state," noted Ms. Benedict, "Yet there is no comprehensive listing anywhere in New Jersey. We are anxious to reach as many women as we can with information on Expo '80 so that they may plan to attend. Therefore we hope women who are in their own businesses, and those who are considering business enterprises, will contact us for more information." "Every chamber of Commerce in New Jersey has been contacted in order to obtain the names of women business owners," stated Ms. Kaplan. Or sponsoring agencies, businessess, associations and the media have joined the campaign to make women aware of Expo '80. A brochure on Expo '80 which includes information on workshops and registration is available by calling the Division of Economic Development, N.J. Department of Labor and Industry, or the Special Group Emphasis Division, Rutgers Small Business Development Center, Additional sponsors of Expo '80 are: Division on Women, N.J. Department of Community Affairs; Greater Newark Chamber of Commerce; International Trade Administration and Minority Business Development Agency, U.S. Department of Commerce; N.J. Association of Women Business Owners, Inc.; N.J. Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs, Inc.; U.S. Small Business Administration and the Women's Bureau, Region 2, U.S. Department of Labor. SALE! It's a classic! Our annual balloon sale saves you 10% to 50% on everything you buy! Men's and Boy's clothing, furnishings, and accessories... everything in our huge selection is included. Make your choice, then pick one of the hundreds of balloons floating overhead. Each one contains a discount tag for 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, even 50% off your entire purchase! It's easy! It's fun! The savings are great! Get the point? don Shop for Men & Boys ETON CHARGE, VISA, MC, AE Hours: Daily till 9 Sat. till 5:30 Sun Lawrence Center, Route 1 and Texas Ave Trenton, N.J CHRISTMAS SHOP... THE CHARM OF THE OLD WORLD AND THE VARIETY OF THE NEW... IF YOU ARE INTRIGUED BY TOMPTES. TROLLS. DWARFS. ZWERGLEINS AND NUSSKNACKERS VISIT US SOON OUR ZWERGLEINS ARE CONSTANTLY BUSY CREATING NEW GOODIES FOR YOUR FUN AND ENJOYMENT SORRY. THEY ARE VERY SHY EVEN IF YOU ASK. THEY WILL NOT COME OUT TO GREET YOU OUR SINCEREST APOLOGIES Daily 9 5 Sunday 12-5 ROUTE 179 NEW HOPE. PA. IN.., < o».* Mm HOP* MO<HI (215) FavoRiTes Festive Soup? Christmas Cookies? Tempting Latkes? A punch guaranteed to tickle Santa's whiskers? WIN $25 Our distinguished panel of experts will select the best recipes for publication in the Christmas issue of The Packet Magazine, a supplement that will appear November Mail entries to the Princeton Packet Christmas Magazine, P.O. Box 350, Princeton, N.J or deliver them to the office of this newspaper. All entries must be received in the. Princeton office no later than Monday, November 3,1980. Princeton Packet, Inc. employees and their families are not eligible. Hurry! Sale ends Sat., Nov. l«t *-?l; r» J - * # - e * «

15 Thursday, October 23,1980 IhehHnkliriNFWSRFCORD 15-A Applying to college: time for important decisions by Andrew Schofer Staff Writer Choosing a college, or deciding whether to.go to college, is probably the most important decision that high school seniors have to make. Ix often determines the direction one' will take. The first step in this process is selecting a brief list of colleges which the student would like to attend. This is usually done in cooperation with parents and advisors. After that, the hard work of filing applications begins. Application forms come in many shapes,, and sizes. In the simplest, students just provide their name, personal information, -and secondary school record. However, a majority of.( universities and colleges require a standardized test score, such as the Scholastic Aptitude Test (S.A.T.) or the American College Testing Service (A.C.T.). These tests measure ability in basic English and Mathematics. Many colleges also specify that applicants send scores in specific achievement tests such as foreign languages, History, Mathematics, or English. All of these test scores are heavily weighed in the admissions offices of the highly selective colleges and considered with other admissions criteria. The most important record of achievement considered bycollege admissions officers is the high school transcript. This record, together with class rank, reflects the student's ability to perform college level work. Although the standardized tests show a student's level of achievement in a given area, they cannot give any indication of a student's perseverance, willingness to do work, or ability to function in a classroom situation as the school record can. "THE STUDENT'S high school record is really the most important aspect of a student's application," explains Heidi Greiss of the Franklirl High School Guidanqe Department. "It often determines whether or not admissions officers will look further atthe applicant's other characteristics, The S.A.T's and other tests are certainly important, but by and large come second." At highly selective schools, potentil students often have identical records and equally good test scores. In these cases, the personal information takes on greater importance. Leadership in school and community activities, special interests and talents, and teacher recommendations then become critical factors in the deciion of who is admitted and who rejected. At the state universities which handle huge numbers of applications, the admissions' process is usually more mechanical. Often the application forms, even to highly selective-state universities such as the University of California at Berkeley or the University of Michigan, request only one brief essay and no > formal teacher recommendations. "In these cases," Ms. Greiss notes, "the process is much more objective only the top grades and scores are considered; personal qualities are not as critical." Last June, 62 percent of Franklin's 1980 graduating class was planning to continue their education at a higher academic level. Of these, 42 percent of the class was hoping to attend a fouryear college a figure roughly Comparable to other schools in the area. In recent years there has been an increase in the numbers of students selecting a four year rather than a two year college. DURING the application season, r from mid October to the January deadlines, the Franklin High School Guidance Department is especially busy. In addition to counselling students individually on their college choices and applications, the Guidance Department also provides frequent "Senior Bulletins" detailing new scholarships available, college nights in the area, the dates of college visits, and other information pertinent to graduating students. Franklin High School also holds a "college night" at which representative of colleges can discuss the merits of their institutions with interested students. The Guidance Department sponsors a financial aid workshop for parents each year to present the in's and out's of applying for and receiving financial aid to help defray the increasing costs of tuition. At the career center, with the assistance of Guidance Counselor Greg Vaniscak, students may use the computer terminal to investigate different colleges around the country or, by inserting information on interests, personality, and goals, students can receive.lists of institutions and careers which best match their individual requirements. Although the Guidance Department and recommending teachers do play an important role in the applications process, the final responsibility always lies with thestudenho meet all the deadlines for sending in forms, including the application fee which normally ranges from $15 to $30. Deadlines also affect the distribution andcolectionof rcommenda,tion forms and the writing of application essays. Procrastination can be fatal, as any college student who stayed up until four in the morning on the day of the application deadline writing a poorjy constructed, last minute essay can tell you., PERSONAL recommendations from one or more high school teachers is required for the more selective universities. Teachers, selected by the students, are encouraged to write a short essay on the individual merits of the applicant, including such traits as. personality balance, a sense of humor, and responsibility'. This job is every bit as time consuming and arduous for the teacher as-filling out the rest of the application form is to the student. Whereas few students apply to more than six colleges, teachers have been known to be asked to write between 30 and 40 recommendations in a year. "It drives me nuts," admits Frankling High School English teacher and Senior Class Advisor Gregory Job. "It's a lot of hard work, but I feel that it is one of the responsibilities that go with the job." The difficult decision of where to apply can sometimes be made on the basis of hard facts such as the distance from home, availability of housing, tuition fees, scholarship requirements op special programs offered. In other cases, however, the decision if made because of something much less tangible the school's reputation, for example, or the opinion HEIDI GREISS, Franklin High School guidance counselor, sits amid reference materials. Ms. Greiss is available for help in preparing college applications. (Rich Pipeling photo) of a good friend and alumnus of the Another Franklin High School college. Colleges hope that the senior, Amy Ritter, chose each of the barrage of persuasive mail they send five schools to which she is applying out to students with test scores will for a specific reason. "I think the also influence the selection of places to curriculum is the most important apply. aspect of a college," she says. "I Although much of the literature really don't think that the location is received by students is immediately 'that important I would be/willing to discarded, the effort occasionally pays go as far as possible to find r the right off when the student adds them to their, program." list. "I think that all the mail has When all the forms have been helped me," confesses Senior Class completed all of the envelopes President Carolyn Holmes, who is sealed and mailed there is still no considering nir\e colleges. "I had, rest for the harried applicant. Far never heard of a lot of the places from being over, the long months of before, but after investigating I found anxious waitng (until the lists of acceptances are released in April) are that some of the schools were what I was looking for." just beginning. THENEW1-2 The FIRST new idea in luggage since the original flight bag! The old 1-2 is one piece of luggage in one hand and the second piece of luggage in the other hand and no hands free! The NEW 1-2 is two bags in one that, carries over the shoulder to leave both hands free It's a garment bag and a flight bag that pack up. link up, rollup and close up to form the neatest most compact, most complete piece of luggage ever to fit under an airline seat. Available in: Cordura Nylon or Polyurethane. Priced from: S * Luggage Factory VfSA- Rt Ringoes, N.J. Next to Peacheys Restaurant Mon.-Sat. 10-5:30, Sun. 12-5:30 Outlet Klickety Klack Depot Central Ave., Remington Opposite PfaltzgraH Store Mon.-Sat. 10-5, Sun CTOBER A.M-TO s NEW CARS, TRUCKS and CYCLES WIN exciting door prizes and enjoy on-the-spot sales discounts. LEARN all about cycling from the area's top cycle dealers. MEET your local dealers and find out ^ about the new 1981 gas-saying models. National, i; h B % M V ROUTES 206 and 518 ROCKY HILL MEMBER FDIC i* It X

16 16-A in NEWS RECORD Thursday, October 23,1980 HOW TO SET SHARP CLEAR TYPE ON TAPE FOR LESS THAN A NICKEL A WORD. Now anyone in your office can set high quality type instantly with the KroyType 80 automatic lettering machine ' KroyType'" lettering costs about a nickel a word And the KroyType 80'" lettering machine costs about the same as a good used typewriter. ' Find out more about it. Mail the coupon Mail to: Triangle Art Center Box 5515 Trenton, NJ Name Company Address., City.... Phone DSENDMEniy Iree brochure anrl sample of KroyType lettering D SHOW ME the KroyType. 80'' Lettering Machine at nu obligation in my own otlice State Title Zip TRIANGLE ART CENTER Triangle Square Corner ol Dartnh i ane and All Rl 1 Lawrence NJ (N of Trenloni HOURS Mon - Fn 9 to 9 Sat 10-5 Make your shop known to all! Go display 8 ways!! KROY HUD (Continued from page one) fine the owners and neither does the township. Only the state has the authority to fine them, Township Manager Harry Gerken said. HUD could foreclose on the complex, Mr. Santo said, because the mortgage is in default. Regular monthly payments have not been made and $300,000 is owed the federal department. But foreclosure would not be in the best interest of the town, Mr. Santo maintained. It takes nine to 18 months before the proceedings are complete. "If Weiner thinks it's going to lose the property, they won't make any improvements at all," Mr. Santo said. But if it was foreclosed, the complex would be run by the government or be repaired and resold. "We don't think we could do a better job than Weiner in maintenance", Mr. Santo said. THE WEINERS are currently seeking rental increases at the complex. The township Rent Leveling Board in September unanimously rejected their hardship rental increase application. According to board chairman Fred Flagg, the board felt an increase was not justified. The owners appealed the decision to HUD, which subsidizes the project. HUD has the power to supercede the township's ruling in the case. In th past, HUD has granted rent hikes at Edgemere on appeal. In the last 18 months, HUD has granted the landlord two rent hikes totaling 19 percent. "The (last rent) increse was granted in consideration that the appartments would be maintained in good condition," Mr. Santo said. "We're not satisfied it's being done." The rising cost of fuel is the major reason for the current increase request, Mr. Santo indicated. Last year $318,717 was spent on fuel at Edgemere, while HUD had allowed $240,000 to be spent on heating costs, Mr. Santo said. HUD is currently reviewing information on Edgemere and waiting for additional data, Mr. Santo said. "We don't just give these increases willy-nilly," he said. Every year HUD does a management review at Edgemere and the total operation is looked at, he said. A decision on the rent hike will be reached by next month, Mr. Santo said. With the increase, rents would be raised from $305 to $346 for a twobedroom apartment and from $344 to $385 for a three-bedroom apartment. Edgemere (Continued from page one) because the owners felt there was too much loitering. Now they say the kids are wearing out the grass, but there's no place else for them to go, she said.. "It's unhealthy for children to live in this type of environment." Youths often break into vacant apartments, she said, pointing out, there were about 20 vacant apartments in her section of the complex alone. The management hangs curtains up in vacant apartments to make it appear they are occupied, she said. A few days before HUD officials visited the site a few.weeks ago, curtains were hung up in the vacant apartment across the way from hers, she claimed. And the only time litter is cleaned, up is when HUD inspect, she added. AND with all this, the rent might be raised at the complex. Ms. Coleman's rent jumped from $254 to $244, the current rental rate, in June after her rental assistance program cancelled payments because repairs were not completed in her apartment. The repairs included painting the living room, bathroom, and hallway, a job that was never done in the four years she lived there, Ms. Coleman said. She ended up doing the job herself, and she even had to pay for the paint out.of her own money. Afterwards she went back on the rental assistance program, but because of the one-month gap, the current rental rates went into effect, she explained. Under section 8 housing, Ms. Coleman pays no more than 25 percent of her income. But she pointed out, there is a late charge of $10 if rent is received after the fifth of the month. The management claims she owes them $140 in rent charges, but she showed me rent receipts which prove otherwise. "If you live here, you better keep your rent receipts," she warned. The management is not supposed to accept cash payments for rent, but she showed the visitor a receipt for cash payment and indicated others have paid in cash. MM ', 1. ~J?.~ < *- < -"~ * "W,^^-^ h^' i i m 5*8$. M 1 1 CLOTHESLINE standards stay in a constant state of disrepair a monument to the conditions at Edgemere. (Paul Savage photo) Wright to lead mask workshop "Masks" is the title of the clay workshop offered by the Princeton Art Association on Saturday, October 25, from 1 to 4 p.m. at the studios on Rosedale Road. For further information and registration, call (609) The unusual workshop will explore many ways of making masks using day and papier mache. Martha Otis Wright of Princeton will teach both novices and those more experienced the life that these materials have in their utilization as face masks. She is widely recognized for the excellence of both her pottery and her teaching. And the first and eighth stems are yours FREE! This exquisite Bavarian Lead Crystal can be yours Free and at a special low price every time you bank with us! Now you can own exquisite 24% lead imported Crystal, blown and cut in Germany, by the Schott-Zwiesel Company... just for depositing your money at Franklin State. And the first Beverage stem and the eighth glass of your choice can be yours absolutely free! Simply deposit $100 or more in a new or'existing savings account or in a new checking account or new certificate of deposit and you'll receive your first Beverage stem free! You'll find these elegant Crystal collectables at all 23 Franklin State Bank offices right now. It's a truly outstanding value and a stunning way to acquire genuine imported Crystal while your savings collect top commercial bank interest! Program expires April 4, 1981 and is limited to two free glasses per family I hrst Beverage stem and eighth glass ol your choice) Initial tree Beverage stem otter expires December Crystal will be available lor purchase, and pick up during normal Bank Lobby Hours only Merchandise is not lor resale Franklin This bookcase sale is really one for the books! These genuine walnut veneer, beauties measure 36" wide x 12" deepwit h completely adjustable shelves. There's none finer! Prices-unassembled Assembly & Delivery Additions Then, with each subsequent deposit of $50 or more you can purchase the pieces of your choice for only $6.95 each (plus tax), well below the normal retail price. Buy six and you'll also get the eighth glass free with our compliments. Collect as many pieces as you like, including Beverage, Water, Wine^ Parfait, Brandy, Cordial, Champagne/ Sherbet and Old Fashioned. One is more beautiful than the other. Offices Serving Somerset, Union Middlesex and Monmouth Counties Franklin Stale Bank Member FDIC Il addau 162 Nassau St., Princeton, NJ. (609) »* ^'T > "< -*r*'.

17 Thursday, October 23,1980 I he Franklin NEWS RECORD 17-A Packer's goal lifts Warriors over Manville Bring on Ridge! by Pete Mann Sports Writer Basking Ridge the team that is on the minds of Franklin's girls field hockey team this week. The warriors will host Ridge this Saturday at 1:30 in the semi-finals of the Somerset County Tournament., : Franklin earned the right to meet top-seeded Ridge last Saturday when the locals defeated Manville 1-0. The fifth-seeded Warriors got a goal from senior Kim Packer with only 10 seconds remaining in Saturday's contest to advance in the tournament. Packer scored her 13th goal of the season with an. assist from Susie Harder off a corner. Amy Cox registered her sixth shutout of the season in blanking the fourth-seeded Mustangs. Debbie Bruzzio was chosen the outstanding player of the game for her play in Franklin's midfield, while LuAnne Zook played a big role in the Warrior win with a goal line stop of a shot after goalie Cox had come out of the net. "Most teams don't score often off of corners, " said Franklin coach Patricia Weinert. "We have really praticed hard on them and it really paid off. We've scored four goals off corners already this season and the one against Manville was certainly an important one." Basking Ridge presents a tough challenge for the Warriors, but Weinert feels her squad will be ready. "It should be a real good game," said Weinert. "Three years ago we had a bad experience playing at their place and ever since then our kids have wanted to beat them. Our kids have been excited since they beat Manville." The Warriors will have to be in top form to defeat top-seeded Ridge. The visitors will bring an undefeated record into the contest, including a single tie. Ridge is ranked 10th in the state and is the current favorite to take the Somerset tournament championship. The winner of the Franklin-Basking Ridge match will meet the winner of the Hillsborough- Watchung semi-final contest to be held following the Warrior's contest at 3:30. Previous to the win against Manville the Warriors earned their fifth and sixth victories of the campaign. Packer scored both goals Oct. 14 as Franklin blanked South Brunswick 2-0. Freda Janeski and Connie Cimarro both turned in good games for the locals in a game that saw Franklin have four goals called back. The Warriors gained win number six Oct. 16 with a 3-1 triumph at Bridgewater West. Packer tallied twice more in addition to assisting on a Delia Roche goal. Cox lost her shutout bid with about two minutes left in the contest as West scored a meaningless goal. But that is all behind the Warriors now, because Saturday comes Ridge. SOCCER: John Allegro scored two goals and Cliff Grossman, Rick Dixon, and and Bob Marotto each scored once to lead Franklin's soccer team to a 5-0 win over North Plairifield in the first round of the Somerset County Soccer Tournament last Saturday. "If a team can't play a perfect game, then we came as close to doing so as is possible," said Franklin coach Garland Harris. "Everyone played a super game. We played excellently on both offense and defense." Yet the road ahead in the Somerset tournament will not be an easy one for the Warriors. Franklin next meets Basking Ridge, ranked 19th in the state in the Star-Ledger poll as well as the tournament's number one seed. Ridge advanced with a 7-0 shutout of Hillsborough. The win against North Plainfield evened the Warriors record at The 1 locals absorbed their fifth loss of the campaign Oct. 16 in a 3-1 defeat by Bridgewater West. Cliff Grossman scored to give Franklin a 1-0 lead, but the Warriors had trouble clearing their defensive zone and soon fell behind. GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY: Franklin's sports teams have pulled off a number of upsets this season, but the girls cross country squad can now take a bow as owners of as big an upset as any team in the school. The Warrior harriers upended North Hunterdon 25-30, defeating the state's second-ranked squad Oct! 16 on their 1 own track. Debbie Russell Brown led the Franklin effort in finishing first, coming in ahead of two Hunterdon runners who had finished ahead of her just five days earlier in the Bernardsville Invitational. "Brown did a great job to win the race," said interim Franklin coach Tom Volz. "The whole team just did a fantastic job. Hunterdon rested some of their kids thinking they could beat us easily and we surprised them. "I told our kids to just take the race as a workout," continued Volz. "I wanted them to run hard as if they were training on a new course. But once they go going they realized they could win it. I doubt if Hunterdon will son take Franklin lightly again." The win improved the Warriors record to 4-1. The locals will compete in the Mid-State Conference Championships tomorrow at Bridgewater West. Franklin looks to be the favorite for the conference title. GIRLS GYMNASTICS: It took six meets, but win number one finally came for Franklin's girls gymnastics team Oct. 14 when the locals defeated Hopewell Valley Franklin's Bonita Cooper finished first in the meet in both the vault and floor events. The Warrior sophomore won the vault with a 7.55 and took the floor with a 7.50 score. Joyce Friedberg tied Cooper for first in the floor event, while sophomore Lisa Bullek took first on the bars with a "We've definitely been improving as the season has worn on," said Franklin coach Henry Terrell. "Our scores haven't fluctuated too much, but the girls have been learning new skills between meets." Though the Warriors lost to Cedar Ridge Oct. 17 the locals totaled their highest point total of the season. Franklin made it to the 77-point mark as a team, taking the floor event against a tough Ridge squad. Cooper won the floor with an 8.2, while Friedberg turned in, an impressive 8.1 in the event. Bullock won the bars for the second straight meet with a Though the locals are but 1-6 coach Terrell feels some wins are in the cards for his young team. "I should hope we can take at least three of our last five meets," said the Franklin coach. After an 0-5 start a finish of 4-8 would be quite respectable. 6CT ATAX DRCAK IN'61 AND A GIFT NOW WITH OUR 6-MONTH CCRTIFICATC! With our fox-deferred interest option on our 6-month certificate, your interest isn't taxed until 1981, when you get a $200. or $400. tax deduction from the IRS. 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18 :J-!\/ * -. :. *. -f,. 18-A The Franklin NEWS RECORD Thursday, October 23,1980 Franklin notches second win against B-E by Pete Mann Sports Writer It was not outstanding effort, mistakes were made, but the fact remains Franklin came from behind to gain its second consecutive victory Saturday against Bridgewater East. Winning by a 6-5 score which would seem more appropriate for the World Series game being played at the same time, the Warriors upped their season record to 2-1 in registering their second straight upset. Senior Phil Brown's six-yard run in the final period gave Franklin a win in its initial Mid-State Conference contest. Brown enjoyed his second seccessive 100-yard rushing game, carrying 27 times for 12Q yards. Brown's touchdown brought Franklin back from a 3-0 deficit, capping a long Warrior drive. Junior quarterback Andrew Bradshaw played a large role in the winning Warrior march. The junior ran 14 and 12 yards to pick up two big first downs for Franklin, carrying the locals to East's 36-yard line. On second-and-eight from the East 34 Brown went 13 yards with a pitchout to give Franklin yet another first down. Two plays later on a third-andten play Bradshaw rolled out and completed a 15-yard pass to split end Larry Howell at the East 6. Franklin wasted little time in scoring once in the first-and-goal situation. Brown took a pitch on the left side and got into the corner of the endzone for the score. The Warriors then went for a two-point conversion, but a pass fell incomplete and left the locals clinging to a three-point lead, Head Coach Len Rivers argues his case on what he thought was a bad call during Saturday's close victory over Bridgewater East, 6-5. Bridgewater had taken a 3-0 lead earlier in the fourth quarter on the strength of a Scott Bauer 35-yard field goal. Bauer's kick completed a 14- play, 63-yard drive by the homestanding Minutemen. But the Brown & Bradshaw-led Franklin drive nullified that. "Bradshaw came up with some key plays at important times for us," said Franklin coach Len Rivers. "He didn't play all that well on the day, but was very good on our scoring drive." The Warrior defense kept the locals in the game in the first half, halting an East drive at the goal line when defender Claude Griffin intercepted quarterback's Fred Poulson's pass. Poulson had moved East to a first-andgoal at the Warrior eight, looking to put his team on top before the end of the first half, but Griffin's catch quickly ended those plans. After Brown put Franklin up 6-3 the Minutemen mounted another lopg drive, as quarterback Dave Janovsky (filling in for an injured Poulson) completed a pass to Keith Vanderbeek to give East a first down at Franklin's 28. But once again thewarrior defense interposed and frustrated East's scoring drive. One the next play Janovsky hit running back Chris Lott at the 15, but the Bridgewater back was hit hard and fumbled Franklin recovering to end the threat. With the clock running down, Franklin's main objective was to merely hold on to the ball for as long as possible. Three plays later, still deep in their own territory, the Warriors set up to punt. Yet instead of punting Warrior kicker Steve Cohen took the snap and ran out of the endzone giving East a two-point safety. Franklin coach Rivers decided it was better for his team to give up two points and take a free kick from its own 20 then to take a chance on a bad snap or blocked punt in its own endzone. The strategy worked brilliantly. On the free kick Cohen blasted a roller to East's five-yard line. By the time the Minutemen picked it up Franklin's special team had the ball carrier surrounded and East was PHIL BROWN is shown picking up a few yards against Bridgewater East in a driving rain last Saturday. stranded on its own 10. "We had been practicing that play for the past two weeks," said Rivers. "Cohen did a great job of punting for us, he really hit the ball well all day." It all sounds wonderful. The locals, in just three games, have eclipsed last year's one-victory season. Still, Rivers feels the Warriors must play better to continue winning. "A win is always pleasing," commentedjrivers. "But even though we won I don't feel we played that well. The week layoff hurt us, we just were not mentally prepared. We made a lost of mistakes both offensively and defensively. "Still, winning is the bottom line," the Franklin coach continued. "One positive thing I've noticed is that our kids are getting closer together. They are beginning to get a positive attitude and think they can come back and win. They have begun to realize they have the talent to reach down and get going (Rich Pipeling photo) when they have to." This Saturday Franklin entertains Watchung, as the Warriors look to gain their third victory overall and second MSC triumph. The visitors will bring a 3-1 record into the contest, including last Saturday's upset of Matawan. Quarterback Ted Sharkey threw two touchdown passes to lead Watchung, a team Franklin's Rivers thinks will be tough to beat. "Watchung beat a great ballclub in defeating Matawan," said Rivers. "We will have to work hard in practice and get rid of some of the mistakes we made. We didn't execute properly on either side of the ball against East and we can't continue to do that and win." Saturday's contest will be a meeting of the "Warriors," as both Franklin and Watchung subscribe to the same nickname. After two straight exciting victories Franklin's Warriors should get a warm reception when they take the field for their second home contest Free Delivery HILLSBOROUGH PHARMACY 438 Route 206 South Somerville, N.J. DAVE'S GERARD J. 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19 Thursday, October 23,1980 I hr Franklin NEWS RECORD 19-A Midgets end season as Central Division champion Franklin Township Midgets finished their regular season as Central Division Champions trouncing Highland Park 35-0 last,weekend. Defensively in the first quarter Franklin had a quarterback sack by Leslie Hardley and a fumble recovery by Ronald Varlow. This led to the start of Franklin's scoring drive in the second quarter. Michael Bailey began the scoring with a 42-yard sweep around the right end, extra point scored by Derrick Brown. David Anderson made a good play by blocking Highland Park's punt to tset up a passing drive. Darrin Garrison threw to Learnon Scott for a 5-yard touchdown in the end zone. After half time resumed Franklin quickly displayed their great offensive talents again. This led to Tony Bolton's 6-yard run over tackle, extra point kicked by Derrick Brown. In fourth quarter action well played defense led to a blocked punt by Derrick Brown on Highland Park 16- yard line that set up Tony Bolton's run around the left end for the score, extra point kicked by Derrick Brown. With Franklin's kick off team on the field, Highland Park muffed the ball that allowed Tim Parker to recover. Final scoring was accomplished on a 1-yard dive over center from Derek Harris. Highlighting todays game was a quarterback sack by Robert Lee and an interception by Anthony Gorrell. The Midgets finished their regular season 6-1. FRANKLIN Pee Wees defeated Highland Park In first quarter action the Pee Wee's scoring drive began on a 20-yard run over tackle by Gary Carroll, extra point carried by Sean Varlow. Not to be outdone Franklon's defense answered with a 35-yard interception from Gary Carroll for the second touchdown. As if Gary Carroll wasn't safisfied witht he days statistics he again scored this time on a screen pass from Dion Key for a 20-yard touchdown, point after carried by Sean Varlow. The Pee Wees, with a commanding lead scored agin in the second quarter with a 17-yard run of tackle by Edward Daniels to add to the score, extra point carried by Calvin Barnes. Franklin went into half time leading After a defensive third quarter Franklin capped off the day scoring on a 25-yard run by Braggi Cobb. With a strong defensive showing Franklin held Highland Park to one first down for the day complemented by great plays such as Arron Speller's interception with a 25-yard run back, fumble recoveries by Gregory Solomon and Michael Messner, these were indicative of the defensive play of the entire team. The Pee Wees finished their regular season with a record capping a third place division slot. THE JR. Pee Wees rolled over No. Edison During the second play in the first quarter Franklin ran off tackle for a quick 50-yard touchdown by Nathan Davis with the extra point carried by Darnell Garrison. In the later parto f the first quarter Davis again scored this time with a 1-yard dive over the middle, extra point carried by Kelvin Linsey. Franklin ran a well played offensive first quarter and not to be outdone in the second quarter Edward Tellis executed a 45-yard quarterback draw. This put Franklin ahead 20-0 at the end of the first half.. After a disappointing third quarter the Jr. Pee Wee's again took control with Davis scoring on a 9-yard sweep, point after ran by Darnell Garrison. At the two minute warning Franklin was again on the move. Edward Tellis completed a well thrown pass to Marcel Hatley who scrambled 35 yards to put the Jr. Pee Wee's on the 2- yard line to end the game. Offensively, Jeff White, Jamie Ayala, Rhasson Small, Tyrone Buckner, David Clarke, Robert Carroll and David DeFeo, Franklin's front line four played the North Edison defense to give Franklin the edge. Defense action was capped with a quarterback sack by Alterek Youn and Patrick Cottrell. The Jr. Pee Wee's finished their regular season play with a 6-1 record securing the number two slot in the Central Jersey Division. Defensive coordinator Tony Rossi coaches a couple of Warrior defense players during Saturday's 6-5 win over Bridgewa;er East. (Rich Pipeling photo) IN OTHER Pop Warner Action the Jr. Pee Wee "B" team lost to Monroe 27-0 Next week Franklin starts its first round of Division Play Offs. The Jr. Pee Wees face New Brunswick at New Brunswick, the Pee Wees face Woodbridge at home and the Midgeys face South River at home. Bretty-Poo and Drewy Delores Drewy, a truly dedicated FHS fan, stands with Bretty-Poo in the rain at last Saturday's football game in Bridgewater. 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20 20-A I ho Franklin NEWS RECORD Thursday, October 23,1980 Santa's still asleep... but we 're busy working < by Arnold.Mann racquetball tips Racquetball racquets come in a variety of sizes, shapes, materials a'nd construction types. Since a beginner can learn the game quickly, a good raquet should be purchased initially. Aluminim ' frames with aluminum throat peices will last longest. Most weigh grams and are rectangular in shape for the largest hitting area. A normal length is ap-. proximately 18'-", whereas racquets made specifically for women are ' /' to 1" shorter and weigh about 240 grams. String tensions vary from 22 on our Christmas issue! THE PACKET/ Advertisers please call your sales representative or Fredrika Schwerin to reserve space Advertising Deadline: October 31 Publication Date: November 26 8-way newspaper supplement Christmas'80 I MAGAZINE The choice of racquets pounds to 30 pounds depending on whether the racquet is intended for control or power. Most players should request 'T'beam construction which is more flexible and will offer maximum control. For the experienced player "channel" construction will result in more power being delivered. Some racquets, not necessarily the least expensive, are made of fiberglass. These are less durable and do not have the protective "bumper" strip at the tip. For the person not playing a vigorous, competitive game this type of racquet can be a worthwhile investment. The last group of racquets, consisting of graphites, composites (combinations of aluminum and fiberglass or graphite and fiberglass) are the exotic blend for the aficianado. The player who wants to add a touch of class or an aura of prestige to his or her game will try these higher priced luxuries. In rare instances they -will enhance your game, but for the most part they will just make playing and socializing more fun. Professional tips furnished by Arnold Mann of the Kacquet Mann Sporting Goods store. Recreation Department Roller Skating Schedule There has been an overwhelming turnout for roller, skating at Conerly Road and MacAfee Road Schools since the fall season opened on Oct. 3. A total of 275 third through sixth grade students have registered for this activity sponsored by the Franklin Township Department of Parks and Recreation. In order to accommodate all i interested skaters and io administer the program so that it will provide a safe and enjoyable environment the'recreation Department will enact an alternating weekly schedule to reduce the ^numberof Conerly Oct Sixth Grade Oct Halloween Nov. 7 - Fifth Grade Nov Sixth Grade Nov. 21-Fifth Grade Nov Thanksgiving Holiday Dec. 5 - Sixth Grade Dec. 12-Fifth Grade Dec. 19-Sixth Grade SCHEDULE Foster returns to Springfield SPRINGFIELD, MASS. - Stephen Foster of Somerset, a graduate of Franklin High, is a member of the Springfield College varsity football team this fall. This year's team is coached by Howard Vandersea. A year ago the team had a record of 8-2, losing only to national champion Ithaca College and rival AIC, and barely missed an invitation to the NCAA Division II playoffs. A veteran squad returns this season, including all of last year's backfield and 28 lettermen in all. The team's nine-game schedule includes a Sept. 13 opener at Davidson (N.C.) and a Sept. 27 home opener against Southern Conn. A 6-3, 2421b. offensive tackle, Foster is one of 28 returning lettermen and! Valuable Coupon $5 OFF WITH THIS AD MRS. ANN TAROTCARD READER AND ADVISOR RM 30 South Burlington, N. J FAMILY PROBLEMS. FINANCIAL PPOBLEMS LUCKY DAYS AND NUMBERS ADVISES ON ALL AFFAIRS OF LIFE ONE VISIT WILL BE OF IMMENSE VALUE TO YOU. READINGS PRIVATE & STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. children attending at each facility on Friday evenings. Below is the schedule for October, November and December. A flier will also be circulated through each elementary school with this schedule. Please be sure to keep the sphedule on hand so there is no confusion as to which day your child may attend. ROLLER SKATING WILL NOT BE -..HELD ON FRIDAY OCTOBER 31 HALLOWEEN!!! If you have any questions please contact the Recreation Department at MacAfee Fourth«Grade Skating Cancelled (both schools) Third Grade Fourth Grade Third Grade Skating Cancelled (both schools) Fourth Grade Third Grade Fourth Grade football the only returning starter on the offensive-line. Last year he was named to the ECAC Div II weekly all-star team. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Foster of 51 Girard Ave. in Somerset. Swim Registration The YWCA of Centra! Jersey,51 Livingston Ave., New Brunswick, will hold fall swim registration, on Oct. 24 through29. Classes will begin the week of Nov. 3 with sessions running for six or seven weeks. The Saturday classes will begin on Nov. 1. For further information call Sellers meet Buyers in the Classifieds (609) a Got an idea for a photo? Call us now. 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Uooil, MEN'S WEAR 4 UNIFORMS Dave's Men's It Boys Shop 41 S Mom Si Munvillo Formal Wear For Hire Policemen Mailmen To Rent This Space Call BUSINESS GUIDE Calendar Of Week's Events THURSDAY. OCT. 23 Millstone Board of Education meeting - 8 p.m. Franklin Council Meeting - 8 p.m. Graduation - Jointure for Community Adult Education 8 p.m. Hillsborough School, Route 206 b Amwell Rd. Hillsborough Senior Citizens trip to Atlantic City - Leaves Hillsborough Foodtown at 8:30 a.m. return 5:30 p.m. Neshanic Garden Club Covered Dish Supper - 6:30 p.m. "Using Evergreens in Landscaping" by George Osterman. "Phantom of the Opera" 7:30 p.m. Mary Jacobs Library, Rocky Hill. Halloween Party 4-H Center Milltown Road. Counted Country Cross Stitch At Hillsborough Public Library 10 a.m. to noon. Registration necessary H Exchange 7:30 p.m. Halloween Party 7 p.m. 4-H Center. Milltown Rd. Drugs Among Youth Clinic - 8 p.m. Somerset County College, for Parents, Educators and Youth. Headache Clinic Dr. Paul Weber at Hillsborough Public Library 7:30 p.m. Public Meeting on Bus Route on 206 from Somerville to Montgomery Shopping Center 8 p.m. Somerset County Administration Bldg Lower Level. Rm. L104 FRIDAY, OCTOBER 24 Ja» Pianist Adam Makowivz in concert at Somerset County College. 8 p.m. Adults $5, senior citizens b students $2.50 P'eschool s (orv T ime. 10 a.m. Mary Jacobs Libnry, Rocky Hill. Antique Dealers Association of Central N J. Show 11 a.m. to 10 Piliv St M a g d a j n e n e' s parish Center, Flemmgton Alsos a,.oct 25. Demonstration Nlgh, m Triang( e School, H,HsboroughAIIP utposeroom Annual Fall Rummage s ai e. Trinity Episcopal Church, Crescent Ave Rocky Mm n, 0 8 D m Rummage Sale a, lhe Hll sborough Rescue Squad Building, Amwell Rd 9 a m, o5 p m 9 A s0 Sat g am. t0 SATURDAY, OCTOB trj5 Raritan Valley Mothers of Twins t» Halloween Party of twins and Triplets Club Episcopal Church W High St. '9s St. John's EsseJc Fox Hounds benefit of Som Center 11:30 a.m. Info: set Medical Masquerade-Dinner Dance. Hillsborouqh c No. 1,7:30 p.m, Info: e House Mix and Match Singles Halloween Mask Party 8:30 p.m. -1 a.m. Carolier Lanes, Route 1 North Brunswick. Wood Heat b Conservation Seminar Free 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Somerset County Park Commission En vironmental Ed. Center. Also Monday Oct.26. Halloween Films for Children 10:30 a.m. Somerville Public Library, 35 West End Ave., Somerville. Hike to the Pinnacle in Pa. (8 miles) Somerset County Park Comm. Hiking group. Info: Leader Bob Danzinger SUNDAY, OCTOBER 26 Buffet supper & Dance social - Somerset-Hunterdon Chapter of Widows and Widowers. 7 to 11 p.m. at Holiday Inn, Rt. 22, Somerville. Admission $4. Missionary Conference, Hillsborough Alliance Church 7 p.m. Continues each evening until Oct 29. Info: MONDAY, OCTOBER 27 Pre school Story Hour Manville Public Library. Age 3 9:15 & 10:15 a.m. Age 4-11:30 a.m. b p.m. Manville Council Meeting 8 p.m Tn County Radio Association meeting 8:30 p.m 356 Park Ave. Scotch Plains. Meets each Monday. Raritan Valley Mothers of Twins 6 Triplets St. John's Episcopal. Church, W. High St. Somerville. Panel Discussion of Twin Relationships. "Shaping the Will without Breaking the Spirit" second in series of free Christian films. 8 p.m. Hillsborough Reformed Church, East Millstone. Haunted House Neshanic Fire Company. Maple St Neshanic. Every night until Friday Oct 31, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 28 Hillsborough Township Committee meeting 8pm Municipal Bldg. Senior Citizens social Manville Public Library, 10 a.m. 3 p.m. Craft Night at the Manville Library 6 30 p.m. Can dlewick or knot stitch. Trip to the N.Y. Botanical Gardens, Bronx, NY sponsored by Somerset Co Park Comm Leave Colonial Park 9.30 am Info, and reservations: Penny Sale Ladies Auxiliary Finderne Fire Co. 672 E Main St. Bridgewater. Adults only MOVING ft STORAGE SOPKO Agents loi Wheaton Van Lines Inc.. MOVING b STORAGE. INC. Permit OS Local & Long Distance 35 No. 17th Ave. Manville TRAVEL T-J-K TRAVEL AGENCY So. Main St. Manville Air-Sea-Land A Complete Travel Service fo- r Personal Commercial, Industry Needs. LEATHER GIFTS icratlirrs HANDBAGS WALLETS BELTS ACCESSORIES J (MIL' Urn < Simm Mr. VV l.llillshmnl Bob& Carol Zavackl FUEL OIL A. BESSENYEI &Son Oil Burners Installed 586 Hamilton St New Brunswick ' KI BICYCLES FRANKLIN BICYCLE CENTER RALEIGH SCHWINN PEUGEOT ROSS Repairs * Parts Accessories 853 HAMILTON STREET 10 am 6 p.m. OPEN SATURDAYS Cloted Wed! t Sunday! 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21 Thursday, October 23, A Nlind your health Biofeedback alleviates stress by Edgar S. Wilson, M.D. When a person seems on edge, irritable or impatient we might think "it's his nerves." The common expression "nerves" seems to encompass what mental health professionals refer to as "anxiety." When an individual's "nerves are shot," it may be that accumulated tension is taking its toll on that person's health and well-being. Hans Selye in his book, "The Stress of Life," lists 31 danger signs indicating when ordinary stress is becoming a source of distress. Among these warning signs are irritability, depression, inability to concentrate, pounding of the heart, insomnia, increased smoking, increased use of drugs, diarrhea, headaches, fatigue, trembling, feelings of weakness and dizziness, impulsive behavior, increased or decreased appetite, etc. For some people, anxiety takes the form of phobias or unrealistic fear of certain situations or objects. For others, certain recurring thoughts become an obsession or certain behaviors become a compelling force in their lives. Still other individuals experience a vague or free-floating sense of unease. While these symptoms may indicate medical or psychological problems, they are often sigas that the individual is using an effortful approach to life and daily tasks, and that he is not using available opportunities for relaxation. Usually by the time the stress has built up to the point of creating symptoms, the person is no longer able to relax easily but is, rather, "stuck" in an effortful attitude towards life in general, with little awareness of the environmental causes or physiological correlates,of his stressful symptoms. With the use of biofeedback information, such persons can learn how to relax the psysiological systems whose overactivity has been maintaining the stress symptoms. For example, during biofeedback training, one can actually learn to relax muscles which may previously have been in chronic spasm. As one develops control over the physiological systems reflecting stress, attitudes conducive to relaxation can be integrated into one's daily life habits. As the ability to relax is developed and integrated into daily patterns, the symptoms of stress. Biofeedback training teaches a person to change "how" one responds to life, rather than changing "what" one does. Adopting a more relaxed attitude or attentional style is very functional in athletic endeavors, artistic accomplishments, business enterprises, educational relationships, and, of course, in the maintenanceof physical and mental health and wellbeing. One can learn to engage in activities which previously created anxiety by using the techniques developed during biofeedback training. With such learning the same activities can be accomplished as effectively and with less anxiety or stress. Readers are invited to submit questions in writing to: "Mind Your Health!", P.O. Box 572, Princeton, N.J Some of the more pertinent inquiries will be considered for inclusion in future columns. For those desiring a written reply by mail, please enclose a self-addressed and stamped envelop. Farmland preservation urged by Conservation Foundation imorristown - If you think farmland is important only because it produces food, think again. The New Jersey Conservation Foundation (NJCF) here has just published a background paper.providing 17 reasons why land should be kept in agricultural usein the state. Among the reasons are energy conservation, lower food costs, higher employment, cleaner air, control of urban sprawl and protection of a rural way of life. Detailed documentation will be published at a future date. The private, nonprofit organization produced the document, as part of its farmland preservation program, to offer support for municipalities which propose zoning or districting methods of protecting their agricultural lands. "We're providing a means of buttressing existing and proposed local farmland preservation policies as they emerge in the state," says NJCF executive director David F. Moore. NJCF's farmland program, coordinated by Thomas C. Southerland Jr., is aimed at halting the exodus of farming from New Jersey, which now results in a loss of 7,000 acres of farmland a year. Southerland, who compiled the paper, "Preserving Farmland in New Jersey: Basis and Background," notes that there is no need to develop,prime* agricultural lands, since about 24 percent of the state's land area is still available for future growth excluding land suitable for farming. "That's far more than is needed to accommodate the growth expected in the next 30 years," he says. NJCF is a 20-year-old membersupported organization primarily involved in acquiring threatened lands and holding them in trust for public agencies for open space use. It has been active during the past five years in promoting protection of New Jersey's Pine Barrens. Cancer specialist to lead workshop for professionals Dr. Bernard Siegel, cancer specialist and surgeon of New Haven, Conn., who spoke in Princeton a year ago on the role of mind and spirit in conquering cancer, will return for two events on Nov. H at the Unitarian Church of Princeton under the auspices of the Holistic Health Association of the Princeton Area. Dr. Siegel observes that only about 20 percent of those struck by cancer marhsall their own mental powers to supplement the treatment offered by tht' medical profession. The remainder either passively accept what the doctor orders or refuse to do anything on their own behalf. The 20 percent'who enlist the mind in the battle show far higher cure and survival, rates, he says. As a result of Dr. Siegel's visit here last year, two groups using a holistic approach and utilizing the works of Dr. Carl Simonton and Dr. Siegel have been established in the Princeton area by a new organization, Cancer Counseling Associates. From 1 to 5 p.m., Dr. Siegel will conduct a workshop designed primarily for professional health care people, those who have cancer, and those working with cancer patients. The content will include a lecture covering all aspects of Dr. Siegel's approach to cancer. OnthatsameSaturdayat8p.m., Dr. Siegel will give a lecture for the general public. For further information, call the HHAPA office, ,,, t. :,!...mwr AK :i ro«lllt nf I> SiPPPlV soooooooooc jjbodyshopl BY TONY Foreign and Domestic Cars 10 years experience 95 Somerset St. Hopewell, N.J. 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22 i- 1 *- ;- u i. ^ 22-A Thursday, October 23,1980 FULL HOUSE November 1, Kingston TTTTIIIIIIIXIIIIIIIIIII AAMCO TRANSMISSIONS WORLD'S LARGEST TRANSMISSION SPECIALISTS Ov»r 900 dealers ready to serve you coosmo-cooif AAMCO TRAKSWSSIOKS FREEMULy : ;;»i, < : Ntn ROAD TEST I f Point T«lt ONE DAY SERVICE *lnmott(oui (CHECKS FLUIL DRIVING AND STANDARD 1 OPERATING FRONT WHEEL CONDITIONS) DRIVE TRANSMISSIONS DOMESTIC 4 FOREIGN CARS SERVICED, Somerset - New Brunswick RT.27 (821 Somerset St.) 24 HOUR ANSWERING SERVICE FINANCING ARRANGED ON APPROVED CREDIT OVER 16 YEARS OF OF SERVICE AT THIS LOCATION We're Closer Than You Think! 11 VISA Your mental health Dealing with schizophrenia This column is from The Carrier Foundation, a psychiatric facility. Inquiries should be addressed to The Carrier Foundation, Belle Mead, N.J Not too many families have to deal with the problem of schizophrenia but those who do should be aware of some of the difficulties and how to handle them. This information is also useful for others who may be involved with the sick person friends, neighbors, employers. Schizophrenia has its onset, in most cases, in the late teens or early twenties. It may be manifested by bizarre behavior, delusions (for example, "secret agents are after me"), hallucinations (hearing voices) or obsessive preoccupation with religious ideas. The delusions and hallucinations may be so frightening to the patient that he may become hostile, even violent in an effort to protect himself. All this is sick behavior and attempts to reason the person out of it will be futile. Family members should strive to be (or at least present the appearance of being) calm, confident and in control, and they should obtain psychiatric help for the sick person right away. The family physician or a menial health association-will know what steps need to be taken. In all likelihood a period of hospitalization will be necessary, lasting from several weeks to several months. When sufficiently recos'ered, the patient will be discharged. For some, the first schizophrenic episode will be the last, and except for occasional periods of agitation, depression or anxiety there may never be another occurrence. In many cases, there are occasional recurrences. When they come, they can be managed in the same manner as the first. Coming out of the hospital, some recovered patients are able to pick up where they left off at home, in school, on the job, needing no further after-care at all, or perhaps, some follow-up visits to a mental health center for medication and/or psychotherapy. But, because some expatients are able to dd this does not mean that all can. Much depends on the nature and severity of the illness, which varies greatly in its manifestations from one patient to another. Some patients may come out of their schizophrenic episode with various social, emotional and intellectual deficits. People prone to schizophrenia are characteristically dependent in need of close emotional attachment to one or both parents. They find it difficult to move out of the family "cocoon" and to form independent social and heterosexual relationships. Efforts by the family to push them into outside relationships will make them angry and upset them greatly. This dependency is something parents have to learn to accept. Also, parents may be very disappointed to find that a son or.daughter, formerly a good student or competent worker will, after coming out of the hospital, be unwilling to return to school or to the former position. The apparent "unwillingness" should be seen not as negativism but rather as inability. The person susceptible to schizophrenia is very vulnerable to stress. It is this vulnerability which probably precipitated the schizophrenic breakdown in the first instance, and it may even be greater after recovery. This, together with possible impairment in intellectual capacity and other skills may prevent that person from being able to go back to what he was doing before. He (or KOTIII5EKO CERTIFIED Dr. Harvey Rothberg, a member of the medical staff at Princeton Medical Center, has been certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine as a specialist in hematology, or blood disease. Dr. Rothberg, a charter member of the American Society of Hematology, previously was certified she) may, consequently, lapse into a situation requiring much less pressure and responsibility. However disappointing it is; relatives and others will need to accept this change, lower their expectations and be careful not to make demands the person will be unable to meet. Pressuring the expatient to resume his former level of functioning may be frustrating and damaging to his ego. It may even contribute to a relapse. This does not mean he should be encouraged to slump into isolation and inactivity. Rather, he should be helped and encouraged to move toward'the best level of functioning of which he is capable. both in internal medicine and in medical oncology. A graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Medical School, Dr. Rothberg has practiced in Princeton since He is also Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at Rutgers Medical School. Women's Center offers variety of programs NEW BRUNSWICK - Women's career and personal concerns will be the focus of several programs in November at the Rutgers University Women's Center at 132 George St. The activities are conducted by the Douglass Advisory Services for Women, a non-profit program. outreach "Focus on Me As I Grow Bolder," a series of free rap sessions, is designed to offer women a place to meet and support one another through periods of transition and personal development. The sessions will meet on four consecutive Tuesdays from 1-2 p.m., starting Nov. 4. "The Career Woman Health, Nutrition and Sex" is a one-day conference dealing with health concerns of mature career women, including nutrition, weight control, smoking, sex problems and living with stress. The conference will be held on Thursday, Nov. (S, from!) a.m. to 3 p.m. The fee is $7. "Job Search," a workshop, will cover self-assessment, resumes, cover letters, inventory skills and interviews. Starting Nov. 7, the workshop will run for three consecutive Fridays. The group will meet from 10 a.m. to noon or from noon to 2 p.m., as participants prefer. The fee is $25. Douglass Advisory Services is also offering a free monthly program related to employment. Sessions meet from noon to 1 p.m. on selected Wednesdays at the women's center. Participants are invited to bring their lunch. "Starting Your Own Business" will be the topic Nov. 5, and "Job Seeking" will be the subject Dec. 10. Douglass Advisory' Services also provides free individual counseling. For further information, telephone '201) 9:$2-%<>:i or M between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. Monday through Friday. Child care can be arranged by calling the center. DONNKENNY AND OTHER FAMOUS LABEL VELOURS Misses Donnkenny Velour Tops Reg. Retail $22 Rich fall colors of velvety smooth velour in a multitude of styles. Select from v-necks, crew necks, mandarin collars, cables, button front with satin piping, embroidery and prints all in easy care acrylic/polyester blends. Junior Velour Tops Reg. Retail $22 IBM Foremost in the Purchase of Diamonds Precious Jevveln ()/// expert \tafj will assist individuals, hanks and attorney'' with this senice... one piece or an entire collection 54 Nassau Street Princeton. New Jersey 085^0 (609) Is the Direction of Your Career or Personal Life causing YOU concern? M t)fiv people tint! their chosen careers much different frinn rthat they e«pected In addition personal relationships because o! their importance to the course of ont\!s life. may. also be of concern Professional career, hfe-planning counseling and pcc-onal relationship.connseliiu', can be helplul Find on! hov\ you may resolve your concerns by taking realistic positive and effective action Appropriate 't'stmt 1, used as needed For information, free brochure or an appointment, call (609) Michael L. Rosenthal, M.S.W., Ed.D. Personal Problem, Career and Life Planning Counseling Pennington Professional Center A South Main Street, Pennington, New Jersey Sierra The Toiyabe Parka signs h Assorted colors in cowl neck, v-neck, crew neck styles and more MONEY BACK GUARANTEE At The Great Factory Store your guarantee of satisfaction is reflected in our money back policy. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase your money will be refunded in full. 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23 Thursday, October 23, A The lure of the Millstone A fisherman prepares his line while his companion tests the waters on a fine Millstone River in Rocky Hill. It's a small, small world at Hightstown show HIGHTSTOWN The Lilliputian world is again invading St. Anthony's Church Hall on Saturday, Oct. 25. The Hightstown Woman's Club is sponsoring its second annual Doll House and Miniature Show and Sale, from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Sixteen dealers will be displaying 25 tables of their tiny wares and several will demonstrate their skills in the making of these diminutive delights. A new feature of the show this year will be the exhibition of furnished houses by their owners. The club would like to encourage doll house hobbyists to share this fascinating hobbv with the public. Anyone interested may get further details from Mrs. Bruce Allen, or Mrs. Raymond Miller, Prizes will be awarded for the top three houses. Some of the dealers exhibiting are Susan Davis, "Needle-Point-n-Stuff,"- from Tinton Falls, who specializes in tiny accessories. Lillian Miles of New Brunswick, will demonstrate the art of making bread dough fruits and flowers; her outdoor fruit market in miniature was a real hit at last year's show.» * Don't Just Pick The Winner Be One! Stop Smoking Willpower Systems Inc. Self-Improvement Through Hypnosis Call VALUE DAYS at AUTOBAHN MOTORS CO. on purchase of '80 DASHER... GAS or DIESEL model & we will deduct $1000 from the mfr's regular list price on purchase of a 80 SCIROCCO model & we will deduct $1100 from the mfr's list price ' Outer PrtceraHon M S PTK^«vary mill mode) eqwprmki ALSO AVAILABLE... BRAND NEW Tt VW, STATION WAOON, 4 speed. 0 Paswnoer Red/White, headrest, tinted glass, rust proofing. AM/FM radio, custom striping. Freight«Preparation Included USTpWC6$889«.5O SAVE $2000 '80 VW VANAOON. 4 speed. 7 Passenger Tinted glass, rust proofing, AM/FM stereo Freight 1 Preparation Included UST PRICE $10, SAVE $1800 On in the above Safes Tax; Tag I MoWr Vthiele Fee» Exfra Autobahn Motors Co. rout* US 1 (6 ml south of Princeton, NJ) (609) j From Westbury, N.Y., Ruth Marcus will display doll houses and mini dolls. Elizabeth Calontone of East Brunswick will have houses with complete families fully dressed or doit-yourself kits. Margarie Adams of Adams County Doll House, Milltown, will have on display handcrafted doll houses, furniture (some imported), accessories and building supplies such as wall paper and lighting fixtures. From the shop, "It's Fantastic^' Margaret Wacher will be exhibiting mini floral arrangements, hats, parasols, doll clothes and porcelain dolls. Barbara Connelly from Eatontown will have miniature needlework, furniture and dolls. Potter Edward Grodowitz from Leola, Pa., will demonstrate mini pot making and present an array of porcelain and pottery products for sale. Jean Thorp of Trenton will display electrified doll houses with all the miniature accessories. An array of food will be available throughout the day, such as snacks and a variety of sandwiches and a tempting dessert bar along with hot and cold drinks. Indian summer day along the (Mark Czajkowski photo) HOT! HOT! REEDMAN 12 cvi.. e cvi.. e cvi.. 4 cvi.. vehicles, SPOT CASH OR TRADE Fu " Sl " c ' f>l '""""""""i c m - pacts. Or Whatever * FIVE STAR * * * Chevrolet Car & Truck Service Depts. Operate On A Full Scale 2 Shltt Basls-SA.M.-Mldnlte. G.M. MOTOR CARS USED Biaa CHEVROLET. CADILLAC otnsynailf.auinic PONTIAH 72 BUICK LE SABRE 4 Di ve AT PS. PB Vinyl Pool. AC Elc M, 72 CHCV IMPALA CUSTOM HT 8?i, V S.fI.. PS PB "'n,iroo. AC $1099 7} PONT CATALINA 4. Di Wgn V8 AT PS PB Root Back AC Elc Elc M, Stk 7578 $999 7] CHEV IMPALA 4 Or HI. V8 AT PS. PB Vinyl Rool Elc No An Cond *!?""' $ IUICK CENTURY REOAL 2 Of Cpe. VB AT. PS. PB Vinyl Root Sieieo.AC.Eic tf + nnn M.Slh 0107 S BUICK APOLLO 2 Di VS AT PS.ManB'Ks AC.Elc +4 Am Ml Slk 2650 J I I 9! FLASH 65 OTHER CARS PRICED FROM S999 TO S1999. PLUS OTHERS IN PROCESS 74 CHEV CHEVELLE MALIIU CLASSIC r Di Coe. 6 Cyl. 3 Sod Man Tians PS Man Biks Vinyl Pool AM. Elc NoAnCond. ( j e n «46.40? Mi sit?6t; > l a a a 74 CHEV MONTE CARLO LANDAU 2 Oi Cpe. ve AT PS PB Reai Deloo. Sieieo. Hail Vmyt Root AC Elc Mi - _«S11. 3?39 S CHEV VEQA KAMU6ACK Won 4 Cyl. 4 SM Man Tians Man Sir 4 Bills AM Etc NoAnCond Mi I 78 CHEV MONZA 2 2 Halchoack Cpe. V8 4 Sod Man Tians PS PB AC. Elc a> *#»#!#» MiSlk 2777 $ CHEV IMPALA 4 Di v8''at""ps PB. Vinyl Hool. FM AC. Elc Mi Slk 203 $ CAD CTE DEVILLE 2 Di V8 AT PS. PS. PW.» S. Sleieo Hall Vinyl Bool. Elc 6SBO7 Ml SIM 9650 FLASH 45 OTHER CARS PRICED FROM SI999 TO S3491. PIUS OTHERS IN PROCESS AUTHORIZED FACTORY DEALER * STARRING* 1400 Cars/Trucks 1987* 1980 Leftovers Models DISCOUNTS OR OVERALLOWANCES BUY OH LEASE LEFTOVERS CITATIONS- CPES.SDNS, HATCHBACKS tspt MODELS Front Wheel Drive Vehicles 4 CYL..V6. MODELS 1980MONZASPTCPES MONZA CPES. 4 Cyl., VS Models Automatic 14 Spd. With/Without Air Cond. I 1981 CHEVETTES 2 DR. 8, 4 DR. HATCHBACKS 4 CYL, 4 SPD. t AUTO 1981 S 1980 LEFTOVERS CAPRICE SDNS. CPES LANDAU CPES A 1980 LEFTOVERS IMPALA CPES. SDNS. VS Cyl.. V8 Cyl. Models 1981 MONTE CARLOS Landau Cpes. Cpes., V6 a V8 Models SHOP REEDMAN CHEVY 1981 MALIBUS Cpes., Landau Cpes., Sdns. V6 Cvi. Models STATION WAGON HEADQUARTERS WHEELING 1991 CAPRICE WGN 1991 IMPALA WGN 1991 MALIBU CLASSIC AND ESTATE WGNS 1991 MALIBU WGNS. VS. V8, Models 2 And 3 Sett Wagons Trailer Loads Arriving $3199?& fi&sr $5199 Conference to explore ethics NEW BRUNSWICK The relation between theoretical and applied ethics will be explored at a conference at Rutgers University's Douglass College on Oct. 24 and 25. The conference is sponsored by the Douglass College philosophy department as part of its program in philosophy and contemporary issues Funding came from the National Endowment for the Humanities. All sessions are free, open to the public and will be held in auditorium 024 at Loree Hall. The program will consider whether ethical theories are useful in resolving issues in applied ethics, and whetherthe philosopher is qualified to deal Clowning around feature of family fun nig hi A demonstration of clown techniques and routines will be highlighted at Family Fun Night, sponsored by the Princeton Young Women's Christian Association, on Group sets free emphysema tests Printing Newspapers is our business! Free lung tests for signs of emphysema will be made available to the public on Wednesday, Oct. 22, between 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. at the offices of the Delaware-Raritan Lung Association in Princeton. No appointment is necessary. The office is at 29 Emmons Drive. The Lung Association is en-' couraging people to take the test if they have any of the following: shortness of breath, chronic cough, excessive mucous production,multiple respiratory infections or a history in the family of diagnosed lung disease. Individuals who smoke and who work in environments of dusts or fumes are also urged to have a test done. Counselling and a thorough explanation of test results will accompany each test. The project is paid for by Christmas Seal donations, donations. For more information, call the Lung Association at ( The Princeton Packet Inc. has a limited amount of press time available for top quality reproduction on newsprint or oo lb white offset stock. Press capacity is up to,]'2 standard pact's or 64 tabloid pages. Negatives or camera ready mechanicals arc required. For prices and additional information please call Rub Hutchinsnii or Sherrie I.aiifr at 60<>-<)24-.'{244. u M A L L Cadillacs-Oldsmoblles. Bulcks- Pontlacs. Chevrolets. Fords- Mercurvs. llncolnslmperlals. Chryslers Plymouth;. Dodges. American Motors. Products Plus Jaguars-Rolls Roycas. Friday, Oct. 24, from 7-9 p.m., at the YM-YWCA building on Paul Robeson Place, Children, six years and older and their parents are invited to attend. The clown routines will be performed by 3rd - 5th graders enrolled in a YW class, under the supervision of Ken Menken. Although only in 10th grade, Mr. Menken is a semiprofessional clown who has a troupe of his own. Games, folk dancing and singing will also be included in the evening entertainment. Those who wish to attend are asked to bring a dessert to share. No reservations are necessary. with issues in applied ethics. The opening sessron will run from" 2:45 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 24. The principal speaker will be Milton Fisk: of Indiana University, whose todic will be "The Philosophical Compw..?nt,in, Moral Argument Dealing with Sexism." The discussant will be- Michael Walzer of the Institute for Advanced Study. That evening Annette Baier of the; University of Pittsburgh will speak' on - "theory and Reflective Practices" in; a session running from 8-10:15 p.m. Thomas- Scarilon of Princeton'. University will be the discussant. The closing session will run from 9:45 a.m. to noon on Saturday, Oct. 25. T)»e featured speaker will be Ruth Macklin of the department of community health at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Her topic will be "Theoretical and Applied Ethics: A Reply to the Sceptics.'' Sir Stuart Hampshireof Oxford University's Wadham College and of Princeton University will be the discussant. 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Spl M.nou FM Tml Glass WW 1981 TOWN I COUNTRY I DODOC OART CUSTOM 2 Oi $999 Cond.50724' C4OOO Delog Smeo AC. Etc Uteo I3.22S ii.8o»mi8i>.24«s2b99 Elc Mi WHEELING DISCOUNTS I0T6. VS. AT. PS. PB. PW. t S. Smto 78 CHEV CAMAM OS Spl Cpa. tow Reed'Tun CTCfiQ Rool. Elc 3».97? 10 OAT»UH ItO 2 Di 4 Cyl. Sot Vinyl Hoot. AC. Elc 54 Ml M VS. S 4 Sod Man Tiant. PS. PB. Sieieo. S6249 OR OVERALLOWANCES $24991M'Stk 2371 $4199 Mm 1'ani. Man Sir PB. Real Otlog AC.EIC U«e()S62> CC4OQ IF ANY NEW MODEL, COLOR, EQUIP IS NOT IN STOCK WE WILL THY TO FILL YOUR ORDER AS SHIPMENTS ARRIVE. MtStk 3322 N S91IIU \ S3899 $4399 $4399 7B PLY VOLARE OUSTER $ CHRYS CORDOBA. D- ^r- >,«A* rt; rti UP,,- (vj; K«M ^%'J: ^ S5099 SO CHRYS LEflARON MEOALLION i.'(1«. Vr* A' PS PB S'l-C S AC fct," USPC $6299 FORD MOTOR CARS FORD. MERCURY. LINCOLN 75 FORD QRANADA, I 1 * Cv T PS M-1-Orfcv I V AC E'C 'P :f $ FORD LTD J D" Wj- VS AI Root Rack AC lie C O O Q C 78 FORD FAIRMONT 4 D. 4 Cy T OS Wai B-i StpifO- Or* Jeep Type Vehicles. 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24 24-A Step into Bally and step into Autumn in style. Bally has built a fine reputation for the finest quality'andi softest leathers. Style coupled with comfort to Please feet the world over. Here, the Fairmont, a morbi calf tassel-moc in _ chocolate or black. The Harold, a morbi calf shp<>n goldtone crossbar. Chocolate or black calf or grey suede. $115 each. Iwallachsl Not available in Jamaica. For your convenience there are 28 line Wallachs stores in New York (212) New Jersey Marathon honors Connell A scholarship fund honoring a former Rutgers Army ROTC cadet a'nd Army officer will be established this year with the running of the second annual Rutgers Military Marathon on Sun. Nov.'2, in New Brunswick and in Piscataway. The fund, to be established from proceeds raised in the marathon, will honor the memory of Capt. Douglas A. Connell, a former resident of Toms River, who died in an accident in 1977 while on military patrol in West Germany, near the East German border The Nov. 2 marathon, according to Lt. Col. Richard J. Morgan, Jr. will, in fact, be two separate forms of competition. There will be a 10 kilometer race (about 6.2 miles), and a "triathalon," consisting of a shorter run (about 3 miles) and an obstacle course and upper torso strength test from the Army standard physical fitness evaluation system. Both runs will start in front of the Army ROTC office at 157 College Ave in New Brunswick and head over the Landing Lane Bridge to Johnson Park. The longer run will continue up through the Busch campus in Piscataway and return to New Brunswick via the new bridge crossing the Raritan River. The shorter run will go through Johnson Park and back across the new span. The events are open to both the university community and the general public, with a registration fee of $5 a person Registration forms may be obtained at the ROTC office on College Avenue or on request by calling (201) or Distinctive souvenir T-shirts will be given to the first 200 entrants. The last day for mailed-in registration is Oct. 27. "Funds raised in future marathons and other events sponsored by the State University's Army ROTC unit will go to the ROTC Scholarship Fund to help worthy cadets at Rutgers," Lt. Col. Richard J. Morgan Jr., commander of the university detachment, said. Capt. Connell, whose widow, June Connell, and mother, Mrs. Howard Connell, reside in Toms River, was a member of the university's Army ROTC detachment in the mid-1960s and graduated in the Class of There's one in every crowd At the Country Gentleman on Route 518, staff photographer Mark Czajkowski learns once is a camera to bring out the ham in any pile of country pumpkins. 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25 Thursday, October 23, A Slow but sure Slugs slide to synaptic secrets by David Schiff The Packet Group The slug is not generally regarded as the most intelligent inhabitant of the animal kingdom. To most of us he seems awfully slow, icky. and, well let's face it, downright stupid. But the slug is not as stupid as one might think, according to Alan Gelperin, associate professor of biology and chairman of the neuroscience program at Princeton University. While the slug is most certainly slow, this squishy little member of the mollusk family is also very sure. In fact, Dr. Gelperin and other researchers at Princeton have been able to show that slugs have memory and, when it truly matters, they seldom make the same mistake twice. THE PRINCETON researchers are trying to determine exactly what causes memory and what chemical changes take place when an organism learns. But why study the lowly slug? Actually, the simplicity of the slug is precisely what makes the creature so attractive to researchers. In fact, the slug is one of the simplest forms of life that has been shown to have a memory. This minimizes the number of factors that might cause memory in the animal. Researchers are further enamored with slugs because they have unusually large brain cells and these cells are close to the surface of the brain. In addition, slug brains can live when removed from the body. If scientists can determine what makes slugs remember, perhaps they will have found the key to memory in all forms of life. Dr. Gelperin's research team is attempting to answer two questions. How do the synaptic connections in the brain change when we learn something? (Synapses are the regions of contact between nerves.) And what are the properties of serotonin, a chemical compound found in many animals including slugs and humans? Serotonin is believed to play a role in Constitution Hill The Ease of Unburdened Living Settle here on the celebrated Morgan estate, 47 acres of natural heautv in the midst of Princeton, the world famous University town with its stimulating cultural life. Artfullv clustered individual houses and luxurv mansion apartments offer the ease of condominium living- Designed to echo the graceful architecture of the Morgan mansion, the individual houses, constructed of brick and illuminated with skylights, are contemporary and energy efficient. Your personal touch will individuali:e the offered house plans 1,2, or-3 bedrooms, some with studies. the transmission of neural information across synapses and according to Dr. Gelperin, "may modulate the activity of whole neural networks." To find out what and how much an animal remembers, you have to ask it the right questions, aqcording to Dr. Gelperin. The slug pursues a very basic lifestyle. Essentially, it naps in its hole during the day and ventures out in search of food during the night. Thus, the most important questions to which a slug must address itself are what is good to eat and what is not good to eat. SLUGS LIVE ABOUT three to five, years, and Dr. Gelperin believes they may owe this longevity to their ability to remember what they learn about what they eat. Slugs have very definite food preferences, Dr. Gelperin said. The variety he is working with, giant garden slugs, has a passion for potatoes and other common garden vegetables. In Dr. Gelperin's early experiments, slugs were exposed to potato extract which attracts them. They then were exposed to carbon dioxide gas which repells them. Dr. Gelperin has shown that after one such exposure, many slugs associated potatoes with carbon dioxide and from then on were repelled by potato extract alone. Slugs can remember this association for up to three weeks with only one exposure to the carbon dioxide, Dr. Gelperin said. This discovery was made in About two years later, Dr. Christie Sahley, one of Dr. Gelperin's colleagues, discovered that slugs are even more clever than that. She made two major changes in the test design food extracts were replaced by food odors and carbon dioxide was replaced by quinine. Dr. Sahley discovered that quinine was a much stronger repellant than carbon dioxide. Almost all the slugs she tested were repelled by potato odor after it was associated with quinine one time. Next, Dr. Sahley took the ex- Model Now Open Priced from $243,000 to $322,000. Salts office open everyday Illl Rosnblr RojJ Princclo-v N«w Jencv 08S40 Constitution Hill («9) Colllm Devtlopm«nt Corporation Doerler Makes Your Landscape Come Alive... 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If a landscape plan is required, a nominal fee will be charged and later rebated to you upon implementation of our plan. rler Landsa /oerler *andscapes, INC. 9 Gordon Avenue, Lawenceville, NJ. (609) periment one step further. She mixed potato odor with tomato odor (a second favorite food among slugs), exposed slugs to the mixture and then to quinine. Upon further testing Dr. Sahley discovered that the slugs were not only repelled by the mixture but from then on they always preferred other foods to either potato or tomato. In fact, the conditioned slugs learned this after only one exposure to quinine while control slugs that had not been exposed to quinine happily munched on potatoes and tomatoes. BUT WHAT ALLOWS slugs to make these second-level associations? What chemical changes take place that make a slug reject two of his favorite foods? To try to answer these questions, Dr. Gelperin has removed the slug's brain and kept it alive in an artificial blood solution. He didn't take just the brain, but also the lips and the nerves that connect the lips to the brain. The isolated brain can live in this solution for several weeks, according to Dr. Gelperin. To experiment with isolated slug brains, Dr. Gelperin uses specially designed laboratory dishes that have one compartment for the brain and another for the lips with an opening between the compartments for the connecting nerves to pass through. This allows the researchers to expose the lips to extracts without getting these substances on the brains. "We can use the lips as input channels," Dr. Gelperin said. Because the brain is exposed, Dr. Gelperin and his colleagues can connect electrodes to various brain cells. These electrodes detect patterns of electrical activity in the brain when the lips are exposed to various substances. These patterns appear as peaks on an electronic display and are recorded by a computer. So far, Dr. Gelperin has discovered that even isolated slug brains can make associations such as the ones revealed by the experiments with intact slugs, although only about half of these experiments are successful. Dr. Gelperin hopes that by recording enough electrical responses of enough brain cells to enough different substances during the learning process and analyzing all this data with the aid of the computer, he can gain some clue about the composition of synapses and what makes us learn. Of course this takes a lot of slugs. Fortunately, most people who have giant garden slugs sharing the fruits of their vegetable plots are quite willing to put the creatures up for adoption. Dr. Gelperin is very anxious to take in any giant garden slugs that are in need of a home and has even advertised a reward for their capture. He can be reached at (609) TERHUNE ORCHARDS Come visit our farm at Harvest Time! CIDER APPLES PUMPKINS Just 5 minutes drive from Princeton. 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27 THE PRJNCETON Thd^wrence, I ledger THE CENTRAL POST WINDSOR-HIGHTS PACKET HERALD WILLSBOROUGH The Mdnville News The Franklin NEWS RECORD Sljc Crnnbnrn JJrcGG Business Opportunities PERFUME - COLOGNE - available for dealers, organizations, company and individuals in volume purchase % discount. C.O.D. terms. Sunni Cosmetic Distributor after 6pm. EARN 15% on your money if you nave $100,000 to invest. No interest fluctuations. Absolute safety of principal. Trust corpus consisting of US Government bonds & Treasury Bills assigned to you as collateral aft 5:30pm. ENGINEERS Technicians, Circuit designers, others sought by new division of NYC firm to creat electronic kits for hobbyists on freelance basis. Send brief resume and tell us the kinds of projects on which you might most enjoy working - audio, automotive, games, etc. Reply Box #03396, c/o Princeton Packet. SHAKE DESIRABLE RETAIL SELLING SPACE Wo are the people to contact if (a) - you've always wanted to be in your own business & express your creativity... (b) if you haven't been able to find an affordable location in the immediate area... (c) - you would like the moral support of other noncompetitive, enterprising individuals. If you fall into any or all of the above categories, we may be exactly what you need. We have some spaces for rent in a dignified but imaginative building nearby, for class retail shops. We will share our space with several enterprising people who need a small amount of room. Congenial owners seek to share this potentially dynamic situation with those having a high style approach chandising. ified Advertising ii r"«_l_x r ^ x I i...» Eight For Central Jersey Week Of October 22-24, B to mer" CALL 609, ANYTIME Consumer Electronics Wholesale Distributor Video HiFi Stereo Extraordinary opportunity for capital appreciation. Highly successful & competitive organization interested in serious creditworthy investor able to provide line of credit to take advantage of timely growth opportunities. $lm. minimum, 50% plus annual return Mr. Green. BEAUTY SALON - fully equipped. Hamilton Twp. Call or ACCOUNTING / CONSULTING Practice in Central Jersey area. Give up commuting. Have your own local professional business. Reply WHH #0968, Box 146, Hightstown. A FORMER AMWAY Diamond Direct has started a more profitable business. Loolcing for former Amway Distributors who would really like to double their income. Cherri, PRIME PRINCETON OFFICE OR RETAIL SPACE 2500 square feet on first floor of Palmer Square Office Building at corner of Nassau Street and Palmer Square. Available December 1, Walte B. Howe, Inc. Realtors One Palmer Square Princeton, N.J Business Opportunities $1,500 MONTHLY - possible mailing commission circulars at home! Details, send 25 c and stamped, selfaddressed envelope. Mundy, dept. 62, 7131 Owensmouth, Suite 33C, Canoga Park, Calif COMMERCIAL COIN OPERATED GAMES - for sale in Somerset Cty. area. Excellent income producer, great for individual interested in full or part time all cash business. For details call person to person collect. Mr. Hall Help Wanted FREELANCE - creative writers wanted. Send resume and sample of work to Box //03430 c/o Princeton Packet. ACCOUNTING CLERK/ TYPIST $ NORTH BRUNSWICK TOWN Stop, read and take those first few steps toward your new position with this North Brunswick firm. Your typing of 45 wpm, plus your accounting/bookkeeping experience (at least 1 yr.), will get you a running start. Be prepared for a busy, diversified Accounting / Purchasing Department. Company offers excellent benefits. Always fee paid. mi Town Personnel Agency 111 Co<m* RaK Ea<t Princeton. N.J <Ot-45M121 RECEPT. - Enjoy typing-. Here's an all around job just waiting for you. Co. moving to new "offices. F/P to $175 Call Sharon , Snelling & Snelling, 20 Nassau St., Princeton. TYPIST - Minimum 65wpm, some Dictaphone, other diversified duties in excellent Princeton firm'. Benefits. Salary to $200 week. Fee paid. Call Princeton Employment Agency, between 10-3 pm. PERSONNEL - sales oriented individual for New Jersey's most progressive agency. Will specialize in placements of professional candidates. Unlimited earning potential. Contact Lynne Lanning GETTY PERSONNEL CLERK - In our input dept. to work with a variety of input documents that we receive from our clients. Hours are 8-4:30 p.m. We offer excellent benefits including dental ins. & tuition assistance. Interested candidates please call EOE. Programmers- COBOL (several positions) To 30K Controller To 28K Personnel-Recruiting To 21K Accountant To 20K Claims Representative to 15K Call Susan Secretaries - Several openings, w/wosteno To 14K Call Paula GETTY PERSONNEL RTE. 130 Hightstown, NJ Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted CONSCIENTIOUS person - with natural foods cooking knowledge wanted to help operate vegetarian Deli in Princeton. Approx. 25 hrs. per week , Marilyn. MOTHER'S HELPER - 2 to 3 days a week part time. Must be experienced in infant care. Own trans. References necessary. Call RECPT/TYPIST Salary open, hrs flexible, small company. Must be reliable. Call am to Noon. Customer Service $12K BUSY SPOT Expediting/ shipping/ receiving. Lite typing & CRT a plus. All bens./ dental. No fee. Call 609- K * SELECTIVE PERSONNEL * 3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Park Lawrenceville, N.J. DIETARY ASSISTANT full time 6:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Must supply own transportation. Foothills Acres Nursing Home, Neshanic Call Monday through Friday 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. OFFICE Legal Secy $10.4K REAL ESTATE Excellent typing & steno. Busy spot. Benefits. Nofee. Call * SELECTIVE PERSONNEL* 3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Park lawrencevllle, N.J. LIKE PLANTS, like people? Earn $100-$300 perwk. part time, selling soil-free plants. No invest. Call Arlene, , LUNCHEONETTE in Kingston needs part time help 10am-2pm, duties incld sandwich preparation etc days, or eves. ACCOUNTING - Clerk. Handle all aspects of accounts payable. Small pleasant office $165. Ms. Miller P. Robert Dann Personnel 134 Franklin Cnr Rd. JAPANESE We are looking for someone to assist in the preparation of a Japanese Language teaching program. Native fluency and teaching experience required. Send resume to: BERLITZ 1101 State Rd. 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Own...for accuracy in typing, spelling and good phone personality. Relaxed & friendly atmosphere. No fee. Sales/Inside to $11,000 RELAXED the perfect place to use your CRT background and lite typing to process orders for active publishing firm. No fee. correspondence. Heavy people contact. Expansion leaves this vacancy. 3 month review. Corp., benefits. No fee. Administrative to $ Legal Secy, to $ SECRETARY EXPERIENCE PREFERRED...needed to assist with...for general law practice. supervision ability. Corp. Heavy typing. Must have headquarters will train in initiative and be an independent word processing. Outstanding worker. Good benefits. No fee. benefits. No fee. Never a feel (201) Rt. 130 at BlackHorse La. No. Brunswick, N. J POWER MECHANIC - Pays $5.80 per hr to start. Under supervision of Chief Mechanic, responsible tor maintenance of automobiles, including tuning and repairs. Must be experienced in engine manual transmission, drive train and electrical systems. Must have steady work history. Will also involve truck and heavy equipment maintenance. 4 years experience preferred. Contact East Windsor Public Works Dept. Ward St, East Windsor for applications and full job description. Application deadline Nov. 7, Mag Card II $ LOVE TO TYPE? Diverse work. Excellent growing company. Good benefits. No fee. Call * SELECTIVE PERSONNEL * 3131 Princeton Pike Princoton Pike Office Park Lawrenceville, N.J. SECRETARY Growth opportunity in a recession-proof company. Excellent benefits & starting salary for the right person. Interested applicants call: Princeton, N.J. (609) Equal Opportunity Emptoyer Project Engineer 16-liOK DIGITAL DESIGN Any level experience. Memory systems for mini computers. Growth & benefits. Send resume. Nn fee * SELECTIVE PERSONNEL* 3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Park Lawrenceville, N.J. TESTER TROUBLESHOOTER Growing business needs versatile person to run blower performance tests and troubleshoot air conditioners in our engineering environment. Liberal benefits. Send resume to Dept. S 4, P.O. Box 17, Princeton, N.J , or call Mrs. Bruey SHEET METAL LAYOUT MECHANIC MODEL MAKER Mechanic needed with thorough knowledge of layout and fabrication of electronic cabinetry. Familiar with all sheet metal equipment. Good salary and fringe benefits. For appt., call John Reilly betwn 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. RESEARCH TECHNICIAN Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer The position of Research Technician is open for applicants with a B.S. in mechanical engineering. Drafting and machining experience is highly desirable. Duties would include the design, construction and assembly of apparatus for research in turbulent flow and convective heat transfer. Salary commensurate with experience. Comprehensive benefits provided. Secy/Editorial to $ GOOD important along with good grammar, typing, dictaphone and research for publishing environment. Co. benefits. No fee. DYNALSIS of Princeton 20 Nassau Street Princeton, New Jersey Secy/Marketing to $13,000 BUSY OFFICE 3 yrs. experience, typing, good organizer and a 35 hr. week. Corp benefits. No fee. Secy. to $ PRINCETON AREA Do you have good typing, steno and like people? Would you likd good co. benefits and good promotion elegibility? No fee. Never a feel TEACHER SUB- STITUTES needed for day care center in Hightstown, $3.10pr hr Call Pat Smith, daily between 10 & 3 EOE CAREER, JOB search & educational counseling- Testing & Resume Included. Dr. Michael L. Rosenthal, SALES - Here is your chance tostart a lucrative sales career. Printing or comp. experience a plus. Fee paid. 9K. Excellent benefits. Call Ray, , Snelling & Snelling, 20 Nassau St., Princeton. OPERATIONS Are you a recent college graduate with a degree in accounting, finance or business administration? BAMBERGER'S, a division of R.H. Macy with 20 full line stores in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware, is seeking a motivated, growth oriented individual for our growing operations division. The ideal candidate for this entry level position will have 1-2 years retail experience, or background in a distribution environment, possess excellent communication skills and the capacity for detail. We offer a prehensive benefits package and excellent opportunity for career growth. Please send resume to our Personnel Office at: / QUAKERBRIDGE MALL Lawrenceville, N.J equal opportunity employer m/f PART TIME Legal Secretary Mon-Fri, COAT CHECK - E. Windsor Restaurant, every Sat. 6:30 pm'-11:30 pm. S3.50/hr. steady work. Call , wkdays 9 am - 4 pm. MAINTENANCE - some exp. in carpentry, electrical, plumbing or air conditioning. Diversified duties, competitive salary & benefits. A p"p 1 y Dunham's, State & Broad St. Trenton. Engineering SI(!K JUNIOR SPOT Lite manufacturing experience. Moving & in process machinery. Good bens. No fee. Call * SELECTIVE PERSONNEL * 3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike OHice Pork Lawrenceville, N.J. ENGINEER Growth opportunity for field service engineer with service or college level electronics. Learn energy related field. Will have additional training. National travel after six month. Phone or resume to LOR, 1101 State Road, Princeton, N. J , 609/ Management Trn. $250+ ASSEMBLY FOREMANAV Trainee or lite" experience.. Metal products. Excellent company & bens. No fee. Call * SELECTIVE PERSONNEL * 3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Park Lawrenceville, N.J. HOUSEKEEPER - working parents need live-in who likes to interact with our little girl as a family member. Must be loving, honest, energetic and would like a long term carrier in our home. Excellent pay. Call LI V E - I N Companion for elderly lady, light duties in exchange lor room & board. $50/wk, wkends off. Nice Ewing neighborhood. Call The Biggest Store is Classifieds 8 papers - 1 price - (609; Real Estate Salespersons Opportunities! Learn how to recognize them, and create them. Continuous training programs for both new and "experienced" salespeople. Full or part time, with license or without, call for details about this exciting and rewarding career. Join our creative, successful staff...take i good look st the opportunities. Call Philip Dezan, Sterling Thompson Group, Sterling Thompson & Associates PERSON NEEDED - to supervise playroom facility. Flexible' hours PART TIME CLERICAL experienced only. Duties include, filing, phone orders, invoice pricing. Call , 9 to 5. SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS- K H. N.J. Certification required. Call for application. CLEANING PERSON,] day/wk., reliable ref. "required C2 ail. Secretary %Tl't LOVELY SPOT Run small office. Good typing, steno & phone. Good benefits/ pension. No fee. Call * SELECTIVE PERSONNEL * 3131 Princeton Pi»e Princeton Pike Office Park Lawrenceville. N.J. BOOKKEEPER Experienced in One write (Safe Guard Systems). Full time position with area's finest furniture showroom. Mon-Fri. 9:30 to 5:00 P.M. Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Major Medical, and Dental coverage paid by company. All lunches paid by company. Liberal vacation policy and employee discount. For appointment call Mr. John Eros. (609) VICE PRESIDENT PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Electronic Instruments We are seeking an individual with strong current electronic instrument design experience as well as several years of proven managment background in developing commercial electronic instruments from conception to production. In this position, the individual will define and coordinate the activities of a product development group with other departments of Bactomatic, Inc. in the development of automated microbiological testing instruments for research and quality control applications in the food processing industry. M.S. or Ph.D. level with past experience in analytical or clinical instrument design is very desirable. Bactomatic, Inc. is a well financed U. S. subsidiary of a large European pharmaceutical company offering a pleasant working enironment and a competititve salary and benefit package. Send your resume with a cover letter stating salary history to: BACTOMATIC, INC. Dept. P, P.O. Box3103 Princeton, N.J The Princeton Packet Newspapers 300 Wltherspoon St., P.O. Box 350 Princeton, N.J (609) Equal Opportunity Employer M/F South Somerset Newspapers P.O. Box M6 Somerville. N.J. (201) W A Y C L A S S I F I E D A D V E R T I S I N G F O R J 1 1 j (one square for each letter, number, space or punctuation) 4 LINES 1 INSERTION $ INSERTIONS, no changes, paid before billing $9.00 If billed add 50 c billing charge NAME. ADDRESS CITY STATE -ZIP_ CLASSIFICATION _.INSERTIONS All Classified ads appear automatically in all 8 Packet newspapers' The Princeton Packet, The Lawrence Ledger. The Central Post. Windsor-Hights Herald, The Cranbury Press, The Manville News, The Franklin News-Record and the Hillsborough Beacon. Ads may be mailed or phoned in. The deadline for new ads is 5 p.m. Monday if they are to be properly classified. Cancellations cannot be accepted after noon on Monday. "Too Late to Classify" ads will be accepted until noon Tuesday. RATES: A Classified Ad costs $6.00 for up to 4 lines for one insertion, or, if originally ordered, (no changes), $3.00 additional'for 2 consecutive weeks or issues, the 3rd consecutive insertion is FREE. 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28 -V/v -.-- "- ' 2-B Classified Advertising Week Of October 22-24,1980 Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted KITCHEN Assistant - Experienced in institutional setting. Please send qualifications to Box #03405, c/o Princeton Packet. WOMAN WANTED- tc care for 2 girls before & after school, 7-9 am & 3-6:30 pm at our house. Mon-Fri on regular basis. Must drive. Exc. pay. Longer hours avail. Call eves. HANDY PERSON - part time, outdoor maintenance for condo complex in Hillsborough. Diversified duties. Ideal for retiree between 10-3 p.m. ENTHUSIASTIC SEC- RETARY - to work 20 productive hours a week. Typing, interest in working with people, and some bookkeeping helpful but not required^ Hours flexible. Call Electronic Technician 12-15K DIGITAL ELECTRONICS AC/DC circuits. Able to operate test equipment. Send resume. Fantastic benefits. No fee. Call * SELECTIVE PERSONNEL * Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Pork Lowrenceville, N.J. RECEPTIONIST 8:30AM-6:00PM Princeton publishing company has an immediate front desk opening for a poised, cordial person with a pleasant business like phone manner. Position requires monitoring of PBX, performance of routine clerical duties, excellent verbal skills, and the desire and ability to deal with people on the phone and in person. Previous office experience desirable. " Call Linda Go/dman ARETE PUBLISHING CO. Princeton, N.J. equal opportunity employer m/f RESTAURANT HtLP GINO'S HOMEMAKERS STUDENTS ATTENTION! We now have full and part-time openings on our day and night shifts. You get free uniforms, meals, competitive wages, and the opportunity to learn a business where you can move ahead. We are seeking mature adults able to work days, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., or night shift, 5 p.m. until after midnight. If you like good food and nice people stop in between 2-4 p.m. or 7-9 p.m., any day and ask to see the manager. GINO'S Route 130 & Dutch Neck Road East Windsor, N.J. Equal Opportunity Employer M/F Calibration Lab Spvr. I5-20K ENTRY LEVEL Digital Engineer or technician. Optics exp. a plus. Fantastic benefits/ tuition. Send resume. No fee. * SELECTIVE PERSONNEL * 3131 Princeton Pike, Princeton Pike Office Pork Lawronceville, N.J. CONSULTING FIRM,- seeks system analyst 7 programmer with some experience in development of computer systems. Good versal & written communications a must. Capable of marketing & supporting program applications. $20,000 range. Send resume to Henning Assoc, 1101 State Ra\ Princeton, NJ SECURITY GUARDS - full time midnight to 8am shift. No exp. nee, paid Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Life Insurance. $3.50/hr. the 1st 2 wks, then $3.75/hr. Must have a clean record, car & phone. Must be willing to work overtime if needed. Retirees welcome. Call Industrial Security Service, , anytime for an appt. SALES - Min 3 yrs exp. Good mech apt. & some power train trans, know BSME a-f- Exc. benefits F/P to $21k + car Call Ray , Snelling & Snelling, 20 Nassau St., Princeton. FIRST AID INSTRUCTOR PART TIME Needed at MCCC for Spring semester beginning in mid-january to teach First Aid on and off campus. Requires American Red Cross Instructor Certification for Standard First Aid and Personal Safety and CPR- Modular or Basic Life Support. Respond in writing by Nov. 24 to: Mercer County Community College, Personnel Services, Dept. D, P.O. Box B, Trenton, N.J Equal Opportunity/ Affirmative Action Employer FOODSERVICE SUPERVISOR A local progressive industrial facility is presently seeking an individual to oversee its in-house food service which serves approximately 200 employees a diversified menu. Individual will be totally responsible for menu preparation, food and supply ordering, and supervision of staff. This position will give you the creativity and flexibility to establish and maintain a quality in-house food operation. Our salary and benefits package are excellent. Should you have the ability and experience needed to meet this challenge, please send us your resume and salary history. Box #03426 c/o Princeton Packet Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/H CLERK/ BOOK- KEEPER - Exp. in general office work & inventory keeping. Self starter. To work for small company in Monmouth Jet. For interview call THE PRINCETON - Univ. Store has openings for full time employment. Sales, stock, receiving. 37 '/a hour week. Many employee benefits. Also cashiers for Sats. only. Please apply Mr. Hopkins SECRETARY - The Gallup Organization is seeking a person with good typing & organizational skills. Full time position. Interesting, Market Research related work , ext 278. E.O.E. STORE CLERKS - be of legal age to part time in Somerset Farms. Stores located in ceton-trenton area bet 8:30-4:30, M-F, PROGRAMMERS /ANALYSTS Must work our Food Prin- Typist $open GAL/GUY FRIDAY Excellent opportunity. Top typing. Legal field. Will train. Top bens. No fee. Call * SELECTIVE PERSONNEL * 3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Park Lawrenceville, N.J. INVENTORY CONTROL CLERK FOR ELECTRONICS STOCK ROOM Maintain inventory records and perform cycle counting. Receive, stock, and issue materials. Minimum 1 year experience. Contact Rich Cathers. Liberal Company Paid Benefit* PRINCETON GAMMA TECH Rt. 518, Rocky Hill, N.J Equal Opportunity Employer HPR, a well established and fast growing management consulting* 5 company serving the health industry, is expanding its programming staff. We are leaders in the application of microcomputers and the Pascal programming language, as well as in the development of proprietary software on time-shared and batch computers, for business and scientific problems. We are currently seeking one (1) Senior Programmer/Analyst and one (1) entry level Programmer. Each should have a familiarity with Pascal, PL/1 and/or FORTRAN and the ability to interact with clients and colleagues. SENIOR PROGRAMMER/ANALYST: Possesses degree in quantitative area, preferably graduate, or undergraduate with experience; determines mix of existing and new software and of microcomputer, time-sharing and batch environments; leads implementation, documentation and maintenance efforts; has considerable fluency in programming languages and trouble shooting ability. ENTRY LEVEL PROGRAMMER: Possesses undergraduate degree, preferably in quantitative area, or associate degree with experience; builds, documents and maintains software conforming to generally stated specifications. Competitive salary, bonus, profit-sharing, medical plans, flexible working hours in an informal, highly professional, environment. Contact Mr. Montgomery or Dr. Brown at (201) or send resume and salary requirements to: Health Products Research, Inc U.S. Highway 22 W Somervillo, New Jersey CASHIER Technical Coordinator 15-I6K PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Technical electronics background. Administrative inclinations. Growth and fantastic benefits. No fee. Call * SELECTIVE PERSONNEL * 3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Pdrk Lawrenceville, N.J. PART TIME - Sales, flexible including Saturdays, experience^ only. Apply in person, Antartex, 4-6 Hulfish St., Princeton. Call 201- ASSEMBLERS, Solderers, Packers & Junior Machine Shop Personnel needed for company specializing in the manufacture of closed circuit television. Will train. GBC Electronics Manufacturing Corp, 552 Ridge Rd, Monmouth Jet, NJ ACCOUNTS PAYABLE CLERK - 2 yrs. exp. preferred. Salary equivalent to experience , ext 364. SEC. - Exceptional benefits! Prestigious local co. has need for your typing & steno skills. F/P to $11.5k Call Sharon , Snelling & Snelling, 20 Nassau St., Princeton. MENS' SUIT SALES M. Epstein, Princeton, i: looking for an ex perienced person for its mens' clothing depart ment. Applicant should have at least 2 years' clothing experience. Apply in person, Mon.- Fri., M. Epstein, Princeton Shopping Center. Cashier wanted for days, part-time, for one of the area's finest jewelry stores. Apply in person Hamilton Jewelers Route 1 & Texas Avenue Lawrenceville, N.J. SPORTSWRITER The Central Post of South Brunswick needs a sportswriter to report on local scholastic athletics. You need a working knowledge of sports, some typing ability and an interest. Call Joseph Sapia at DEADLINE FOR NEW ADS IS 5 PM MONDAY FULL TIME, work available at The Cranbury Market for a dependable, energetic person who well with others. Phone PART TIME - Security officer. Temporary help. Position available 8pm : 2am, 3 or 4 nights a week. Uniforms provided, neat appearance, ability to work alone, pleasant personality desired. $3.50/hr. Westminster Choir College, Princeton. AAEOE. Contact Miss Scopelliti, PART TIME SECRETARY Perform, general secretarial duties w/steno & technical typing experience preferred. Approx. 10 nrs/wk - mornings. APPLY PERSONNEL SERVICE, CLIO HALL- A, OR CALL FOR AP- PLICATION, PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, PRIN- CETON, NJ. An Equal Opportunity/ Affirmative Action Employer. Accounting $isk GENERALIST Degreed. 1-2 yrs. manufacturing or public EDP Systems helpful. Excellent bens. No fee Call * SELECTIVE PERSONNEL * 3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Pork Lawrenceville, N.J. BUSINESS COORDINATOR For good company in Newark area take a Permanent, secure position. Will train. Inside, nondesk job requiring decision skills and ability to handle diverse job with pressure, which ends at days end. College advantageous. Ability with figures and good on telephone. Handle large sumes of money, negotiate price, direct others, be polite but tough manager of one person department dealing with the public. Excellent salary with little growth potential, except financial. Excellent salary. Fee paid. Resume or telephone LOR, 1101 f State Road, Princeton, N. J / Nurses RN'S Are you looking lor challenge with recognition? Then join our canng staff! Openings available on our rehab and SNF units involving amputees, spinal cord injuries, cardiac rehab, strokes, ostomies. palliative care, etc. A world of rehabilitation and challenges. Your caring could make the difference. SALARY: $6.4O-$7.15/HR + SHIFT DIFFERENTIALS OF 12% and 10 o Excellent benefits package as well. Call for an interview; join a caring staff! Contact Mrs. Marjone Westerman. RN, ET, Director of Nursing Services (609) MORRIS HALL HEALTH & REHAB CENTER 2381 Lawrenceville Rd. Lawrenceville. N.J Equal Opportunity Employe rn/f/ti Health Careers Sponsored by N.J. Association of Hospital Recruiters...get the bus, ride the car, but get ye to thisfair! One hundred health care facilities come together-- SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25th 10 AM to 5 PM -for you to compare and select your professional home. Come to the Fair: SHERATON REGAL INN Piscataway, NJ (Exit 10 fromtpk. to Interstate 287 North) Look for Us. THE MEDICAL CENTER AT PRINCETON. Equal Opportunity Employer, M/F f Production Planner 12K + FIELD/CLIENT SERVICE REP Printing or, direct mail experience a plus. Typing and phone skills. Good Dens. No fee. Call G * SELECTIVE PERSONNEL* 3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Park Lawrenceville, N.J. LIBRARY CATALOGUER Perform variety of descriptive cataloging duties. Reading ability ol Arabic & Hebrew req. APPLY FIRESTONE LIBRARY PER- SONNEL-A, OR CALL FOR APPLICATION, 1) PRIN- CETON UNIVERSITY, PRINCETON NJ. An Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action Employer. NURSE - RN experienced, for Director of Nursing. Small Nursing Home. Contact Administrator for interview. Sunnyfielcl Nursing Home, 61 M a p 1 e w o o d A v e., Cranbury, NJ, SEC. - Here's a super spot just waiting for your typing & steno. Challenging growth spot. Degree a +. F/P to $12k Call Sharon , Snelling & Snelling, 20 Nassau St., Princeton. PUBLISHING Editorial Assistant College Graduate with excellent English abilities needed for position with small Veterinary Publishing Firm. Responsibilities include proofreading, editing and general assisting. Proofreading and/or editing experience preferred. Salary approx. 10K. Send resume to: Veterinary Learning Systems 50 Hightstown Rd. Princeton Jet., N.J Art. SHN SECURITY GUARDS We are seeking responsible individuals with good stable work background to work Saturdays & Sundays at our new operations center in Ewing Township. The above positions offer competitive salaries and excellent working conditions in a beautiful new building equipped with the latest security equipment. Prevous security experience is a plus. If you are interested and qualified you may apply Monday thru Friday from 9 A.M.-3:00 P.M. or you may call for an appointment. NEW JERSEY NATIONAL BANK 684 Whitehead Road Lawrenceville, NJ (609) CU MED R.N.s [Travel] CCU SURG Having trouble finding your niche? Come meet with the Janna nurse recruiters who will be in Cherry Hill on October 29 & 30 and learn how you :'an travel, be provided.nth FREE lodging and make $9.50/11.00 per lour. NO NEED to relocate. This network hospital program may be just what you are looking for. To arrange for your appointment, call ; or drop by the Sheraton Post Inn in Cherry Hill and meet with the recruiters. JANNA MEDICAL' SYSTEMS SOCIAL SERVICE - supervisor for Trenton based protective service family orient e d program. MSW plus 3 yrs. experience in district practice. Supervisory experience preferable. Salary is $17,000-18,000 annually. Respond to Box #03406 c/o Princeton Packet. Engineer S2IK BSEE/BSME Manufacturing background. Process & equipment. Fortune 500 Corp. Good bens. No fee. Calf * SELECTIVE PERSONNEL * 3131 Prlncoton Piko Princeton Pike Offico Park Lawrenceville N.J. GERMAN We are looking for someone to assist in the preparation of a German Language teaching program. Native fluency and teaching experience required. Send resume to: BERLITZ 1101 State Rd. Resejrch Park, Building 0 Princeton, N I. 0!J40 (609) ext. 256 ' e/o/e/m/f Safety/Utility Supervisor to 27K Create, implement safety systems for science labs. Write manual, maintain and instruct, CPR, fire fighting, first aid equipment. Monitor pollution, maintain HVAC; electrical and mechanical facilities. Bette Kantor Personnel, Inc J State Rd. Princeton ^ MAINTENANCE MECHANIC Part Time Or Full Time Required for light industrial plant. Must have knowledge of all trades and Black Seal license. This is a steady job good benefits. Call Mr. Durcanin, between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m CLERICAL $$$ NO TRICKS ONLY TREATS AT TOWN TEMPS Are you HAUNTED by those unpaid bills? TOWN TEAAPS has a HARVEST of assignments that will solve your money problems. Our SECRETARIES TYPISTS WORD PROCESSORS CLERKS BOOKKEEPERS KEYPUNCH OPERATORS are working for the highest rates and utilizing their special skills. Don't let the GOBLINS get you! Register with TOWN TEMPS today. You'll like the company (s) we Iceep! Town Temps DIVISION OF TOWN PERSONNEL AGENCY I PRINCETON NORTH BRUNSWICK 101 College Rd. East '880 Georges Rd,, Rt. 1 at PISCATAWAY 255 Old New Brunswick Road DIRECTOR OF MEN- TAL Health Center Branch - MSW, ACSW. Minimum 5 yrs. experience. Direct service responsibilities, supervision and administrative. Must be able to work as administrative team member with Executive Director, Board & Staff. Must have leadership abilities. Send resume & salary history to: Dorothy Rounds, Executive Director, Community Guidance Center of Mercer County,,520 W, Stalest., Trenton, N..I Affirmative Action EOE. PROGRAMMER / SYSTEM MANAGER for PDP 11/(10 with UNIX operating system. Applications programs -in Fortran, C, FORTH; implementation of software, low level systems programming, routine system maintenance, scheduling users. Requires degree in computer science or 2 years programming e x p e r i e n c e, UNIX knowledge useful but not required. Resume to K.L. Turner, Princeton University Observatory, Peyton Hall, Princeton, N..I EOE SEC. - Bilingual. Intern'l firm! Exc. benefits. 1 yr ex p. Your fluent German, typing & steno could land this great spot. F/P to $15k Call Sharon , Snelling & Snelling, 20 Nassau St., Princeton. JR. SECRETARY Sill") Sisr,- NOKTH BRl'SNWK'K TOWN Are you looking for a v e r y diversified position'.' Do you type 50- (io wpm and have steno skills of HO wpm? If so, don't overlook this opportunity! Take your 2 years secretarial experience and put it to use with this super firm. You'll be arranging hotel and travel reservations, preparing attendance and vacation schedules, along with routine secretarial duties. Excellent benefits! Always fee paid. Personnel Agency 1*1 Colltlt Rood Edit prlncilon, N.J. 0IM0 ljj DISHWASHER - Full lime, 7ain-:jpm. Mon-Fri. Good starting salary. Excellent benefits. Call for appointment. Ask for Dietarv Dept. Franklin Convalescent Center, Rt. 27, Franklin Park, ACCOUNTING CLERK WANTED PART-TIME. 10 to 20 hours a week, weekdays between 9 & 5. Good job for a student, those with accounting courses particularly welcome. Duties include filing, preliminary bank reconciliation, light typing & writing up cash receipts & disbursements. Experience is not necessary, but a good handwriting is essential. Applicant mus't have a car as running errands is a large part of the position. Call between 9am & 5pm. ADMINISTRATIVE AS- SISTANT - Suburban Princeton organizational development firm is looking for a secretary to work for the staff in the strategy department. Applicant must have strong secretarial skills including shorthand, and the ability to set priorities. Good company benefits. If interested, call Debbie Bart, ext. 210 for interview. Exec Secretary 1HK PROFESSIONAL WANTED VP of Marketing. Prestigious company. Excellent typing and steno. Unbelievable benefits. No fee. Call * SELECTIVE PERSONNEL * 3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Park Lawrenceville, N.J. GETTY PERSONNEL CHEMISTS PhD Microbiologist/ Lab director open PhD Thermal to$23k PhDAdhesives to$23k Quality Control Chem. open ENGINEERS - Jr/Sr Civil $17-35k Electrical $17-35k Environmental $17-35k Industrial $17-35k Mechanical $17-35k PROGRAMMERS Systems Analyst $20k + TECHNICAL TV Repair $10k + HVAC Tech $llk + Quality Control Insp. Open Asst. Prod. Supv. Production Asst. Open Open DRAFTSPKRSONS Design/Mechanical to $19k Structural Steel to$19k Structural Concrete to $19k Piping Design to$19k ( I.ERICAL Clerk Tvpist $ Clerical $ Account Clerk $ Mag II Operator $ Systems 6 Operator $10k + I'innegan's Lane nr.kt.27 I Hank Bldg. 1 North Brunswick, NJ 2<ll-821-<>750 - LIBRARY ASSISTANT We. have several Dositions currently available. Will consider candidates w / b a c k g r o u n d in Biologv, Biochemistry, Microbiology, and/or Molecular Biology. Please detail lab & specific equipment experience when applying. APPLY PER- SONNEL SERVICES, CLIO HALL-A OR CALL FOR APPLICATION, ( PRIN- CETON UNIVERSITY, PRINCETON, NJ. An Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action Employer. TRANSLATION SUPER- VISOR - to edit, review and certily translations from French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Afrikaans, Polish, Swedish, Danish, Hungarian, Norwegian. Must be able to deal with.foreign clients. 48-hour week. Salary $200/week. Requirements: BA, minimum 5 years experience as translator, accurate typing inat least 4 foreign languages, ability to transmit messages in foreign languages via teletype. Send applications to: International Hospitality Marketing Ltd., 4*6 5 h a f t s b u r y A v e., Hopewell, NJ LIGHT FACTORY J & J has temporary assignments for mature, reliable, dependable applicants who have the use of a car. Assignments are located in the Lawrenceville and Cranbury areas. Come in to register immediately. J&J. TEMPORARIES 2936 Rt. 1 Lawrenceville, NJ (i()!) MANICURIST experienced, knowledge of waxing, salary plus comrn. The Nail Suite, E. Brunswick SECRETARY - Art world. Diversity, your own office. Steno & experience. To $13K. Call Ms. Neuman P. Robert Dann Personnel 134 Franklin Cnr Rd. SALES PERSON - Work while the children are in school, calling on professional businesses in Princeton area , 8-10am. DEADLINE FOR NEW ADS IS 5 PM MONDAY is..*- -. * - <ift -> -,*>

29 Classified Advertising Week Of October 22-24,1980. J ^^T 3-B Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted I i i i REAL.- ESTATE ASSOCIATES - COME JOIN ' US ''.WEIDEL REAL ESTATE,.INC " - A LEADER SINCE 1915! Experience desired but not necessary, full inhouse training program at no cost to you. A carefully planned course of basic training plus continued advanced training throughout your career, extensive advertising and an excellent corporate relocation department. For a confidential interview, call ask for Richard Weidel or Earl Sneddon. HEAL ESTATE SALES- PERSONS needed for Princeton Office. Excellent training program in & out of office. Opportunity for an exciting career. Call Adlerman Click, Red Carpet Realtors Accounting To High nil's AUDITING I\I(iK. Fortune mfg. client needs :i-5 yrs. public ( Big 20) and private background to supervise medium-sized staff. Will consider public experience without private Light travel. No fee. Call Nancy Lieberman 609-1( * SELECTIVE PERSONNEL * 3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Pork Lawrencevillo, N.J. AIR CONDITIONING & Keating Service technician - experienced onlv. Must be lamiliar with installations. Phone TRAVEL AGENT - new computerized Travel Agency, well located in Prn. "needs full, time ATC/IATA qualified Travel Agent. Minimum 2 yrs. experience H24-01H) for appt. COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST - exp. network design, planning. No CICS systems. Start in S30's. Generous benefits. No fees. Call Marilyn Ward Swift Personnel. ASSISTANT TKOU.KR CON- S25K CONTKOl.I.KR TOWN Philadelphia bused company now seeks an assistant controller to handle three sub companies in all areas of accounting functions. Understanding of automated accounting systems, coupled with excellent writing abilities and supervisory skills will be the key criterias needed for this position. Company offers i n t er national a nd domestic involvement. Excellent benefits. Always fee paid. pwtown Personnel Agency HI Coll» Rodd Eo<t Prlnctten. N.J M52-IUI DISHWASHER / Kitchen Utility person - full and part time. South B r u n s \v i c k a r e a restaurant. Excellent working conditions. Only hard workers need apply DEMONSTRATOR fine line of cosmetics, excellent opportunity, work your own hours, E. Brunswick IF YOU ARE - willing to sell advertising space for a magazine on a commission basis only call COOK - HOUSE- KEEPER wanted - for household of 2 adults, 5 days a week. References preferred. Call after 5pm, CLEAN-UP person needed - part time in natural foods bakery. Approx. 10 hrs. per week. /> GARAGE SALES RATE SPECIAL LISTING IN CLASSIFIED PAGES WAREHOUSE Manager, Major corp. Pick/Pack, forecasting, supervisory experience. Top benefits. Start $21K No Fee. Call Mr. Grant P. Robert Dann Personnel. 134 Franklin Cnr Rd. THE CASTLE BROWN Band is seeking a keyboard player w/vocals, Full time Club work. Originals & recordings. Call afternoons, SUBSTITUTE Teachers & Aides - are needed for Montessori Family School, Lawrenceville. Interested persons are encouraged to call for information and application. KEY CUTTING & postage sales. 2' a days/wk. Princeton Shopping Ctr PSYCHOLOGIST PhD Clinical/Counseling - Must be capable of supervising APA approved internship program and other psychology staff members, also direct service responsibilities. Must be licensed or eligible for license in New Jersey. Send resume & salary history to: Dorothy Rounds, Executive Director, Community Guidance Center of Mercer County,.".20 W. State St., Trenton, N.J Affirmative Action EOE. COMPUTER Input work - Intelligent person with aptitude for- figures wanted for preparing input lor computer and doing general work in small office. Call Eva Giordano. Princeton Financial Systems, lor an appointment. LEARNING DISABIL- ITIES - Teacher/ Consultant. Part time or full time. Must be certified. Call ATTRACTIVE - experienced NJ licensed skincaro expert. For Christine V'almy Salon EUROPEAN CLEAN- ING - ladv wanted, Princeton home, expe r i e nc e, recent references required ( RECEPTIONIST-full or part time. Charles Louis Hair Design, Pennvtown Shopping Village, Pennington PRINTING-small offset printing center. Exp. on AH Dick CHOIR DIRECTOR & Organist - The Dayton Presbyterian Church is seeking a part time Choir Director & Organist. An adult & 2 Junior Choirs, odell Pipe Organ, salary negotiable. Call morns, INSTALLER WANTED - lor burglar systems. Experience not necessary. Flemington area SALES HELP-full time. Working knowledge of books required. Call PERSON WITH greenhouse who would like to grow tomatoes to supply food business in Princeton Programmer/Prog Analyst 18-26K COBOL 30 POSITIONS 2+ yrs. COBOL, OS is all you" need to join an expanding company in need of your talents. Heavy new development, light "maintenance, your future is up to you. Excellent benefits. 100% tuition refund. No fee. Call Dick Simon * SELECTIVE PERSONNEL * 3131 Princeton Pike Princeton PikeOffice Pork lowrencevllle, N.J. PART TIME exp. sales, flexible hrs & Sat, The Hope Chest, Montgomery Gtr ASST RESTAURANT Manager - male/female to assist manager of very fine restaurant. Evening hours. Restaurant & banquet experience a must. Call Restaurant Manager, , ext WANTED - ASST Basketball Coaches for Winter Term at Princeton Day School. Contact Tom Malsbury, , ext. 31. WOMAN TO SLEEP - in same apt. with elderly lady, Cranbury, Jan, Feb; no care required. Transportation nee Scientific Prog. To!(5K HIGHLY TECHNICAL FORTRAN, numerical analysis, IBM 360, TOPS- 10, RSX11-M. Provide system support for physicists, BS in math, physics or engineering. No fee. Call Dick Simon * SELECTIVE PERSONNEL * 3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Park Lawrenceville, N.J. LABORATORY TECHNICIAN We are a facility of a Swiss Company involved in the creation of fragrance materials for the cosmetic industry & flavor compounds forthe food industry. Personable, well organized individual, capable of handling a variety of job responsibilities is needed in our fragrance cosmetic laboratory. Duties include working with the preparation and evaluation of consumer products, conduct standardized tests and assist in developing new or improved products / concepts. We require an Associates Degree in Chemistry or one or two years similar experience in a laboratory. Competitive starting salary + comprehensive company paid benefits including a dental plan. For further information call FIRMENICH, INC. PLAINSBORO ROAD PLAINSBORO, NJ SERVICE STATION Attendant full &' part lime. Reliable with references. Experience not necessary. Will train. Salary + incentive plan. Apply in person only. Gales Windsor Exxon. Rt. 33 & Milford Rd. (nr. Twin Rivers). SItt'KETARIKS TYPISTS MAG CARD OPERATORS CLERKS CRTOPERATORS Are you thinking of returning to the business world in the Fall? NOW is the time! Spend an hour with us to discuss your opportunities in the "temporary job market. J & J has long & short term assignments in Pennington, Lawrenceville, Princeton, Hightstown and Dayton. Our pay rates are high and no fee is charged. Come in immediately. J&J TEMPORARIES 2!)36 Rt. 1 Lawrenceville, NJ 08M AUTHOR - seeking experienced typists to type manuscript at home. Project includes copy in paragraph form with headings and subheadings and mainly lists (name, address, phone number). High accuracy required. Typist must have IBM Selectric typewriter in home. If interested write to Box #03423, c/o Princeton Packet. LEGAL SECRETARY - Exp. preferred. Steno, typing required. Princeton Jet. area, Call SALES Re-entering the job market? Here's your chance. Mercer Co. territory. F/P $15k to start + expenses. Call Ray , Snelling & Snelling, 20 Nassau St., Princeton. PROGRAMMER - Degree, 2-3 yrs. exp. COBOL. Extensive first class travel. Prime company, benefits, opportunity. No fees. Call Marilyn Ward, Swift Personnel. DELI PERSON - ideal middle age who would like to work on wkends & as a fill-in. Minimum wage. Call wkdays & ask for Betty SECRETARY - statistical tvping experience desired for progressive medium size C.P.A. firm. Shorthand helpful. Able to assume responsibility. Modern suburban office with good access. Replies confidential. EOE. Call Mrs. Moore, at or write Klatzkin & Co, 2681 Quakerbridge Rd, Trenton. NJ SHORT ORDER COOK - flexible hours. Call Sherry bet. 2pm & 5pm. BUS DRIVER For Dayton Adult Activities Center. Bus II license needed. $5.33 per hour. Please call: Irene Burke at (201) TO EARN GOOD MONEY AS AN AVON REPRESENTATIVE Call or CLERK TYPIST Call Personnel Office 2-4 PM CARTER-WALLACE, Inc. Half Acre Rd.Cranbury, N J. Equal Opportunity Employer As a result of our expanding work force, we have created a clerical position to assist in the additional administrative duties. Qualified candidates will possess good overall clerical skills, be detail-oriented and enjoy working with people. Excellent opportunity for a motivated person having some industrial office experience. Male/Femat(j- Veteran'Handicapped Minorities encouraged to apply CARPENTER : needed for small growing business. Call EXPERIENCED SALES - professional or selfemployed individual needed to market pension & sophisticated financial planning package to professional accounts. Commission plus bonus & fringes, very liberal package. Call Ms. Pasko SALES HELP - full time. Princeton area. Working knowledge of music SALES HELP - Leading gourmet store. Full time permanent job. 5 day wk. Closed Sunday Monday. Retail sales exp. desirable, but will train Typists $ INTERESTING Growth potential. Good language skills. Benefits. No fee. Call * SELECTIVE PERSONNEL * 3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Pork Lawrenceville, N.J. MACHINIST Familiar with tool room equipment and procedures. Able to work from blueprints. Steady work with good pay and benefits. Please call Personnel Department, , between 9 am &3p.m. SALES MGR. - FP/ to $50k BSME deg. and exp. in roller bearing sales & power train trans. Co. car & exc. benefits. Call Rav , Snelling & Snelling. 20 Nassau St., Princeton. PRESSMAN/W - experience on AB Dick 350 & 3M platemaker. Call bet. 9-2pm. DATA PROCESSOR. 59, ,611. Apply by letter & resume to East Windsor Reg. School District, 384 Stockton St.. Hightstown, NJ , ext Equal Opportunity Employer F/M. GAL/GUY FRI. Diversified spot. Gd typist with some bkpng bkgd needed for local firm. This won't last. F/P to $185 Call Sharon, fio , Snelling & Snelling, 20 Nassau St., Princeton. NEW RESTAURANT - with emphasis on nat. foods, opening in Princeton in November needs personnel: cooks, prep cooks, waiters, waitresses, dishwashers between 6 & 8 pm. COMPUTER OPERATOR 370 on-line computer installation requires an experienced DOS/VS Computer Operator for second shift, 4:30 pm to midnight, 5 day week, full company paid benefits. Contact J. T. Crankshaw, Daily Racing Form Inc, 10 Lake Dr, Hightstown Equal Opportunity Employer SET UP POWER PRESS M/F Experienced in setting ijp dies in power presses. Progressive dies with automatic feeds. Blanking and piercing dies, wales set ups. Good starting salary and benefits. Call Tony Kluepfel between 9 am 3 pm. RN's GERONTOLOGICAL NURSING Need a change? Tired of Rotation? Feeling unap preciated? Unsure of your contribution? Join our Gerontological nursing staff and see your ideas put into action. We are looking for RNs with 1-2 years Med. Surg. Experience who are ready to specialize. Leadership abilities and an innovative problem solving attitude desired. We offer: 1. Beautiful, modern facility 2. Some of the most loveable patients in the world 3. Top salaries 4. Complete vacation, holiday, and sick pay benefits 5. Full free family health care plan 6. Permanent shifts - no rotation and 3-11 positions available Tree of Life COME SEE! ROGERS & KING PERSONNEL, INC. ELECTRONIC ENGINEERS ALL FEES PAID BY EMPLOYER Electronic Engineering Techs to $17,000. Support engineers. Design prototypes. Digital. NO FEE. Electronic Techs to $15,000. Entry level to 3 yrs. exp. Digital/analog. Avionics. In-house. Tech school or military ed. NO FEE. Electronic Tech to $18,500. Field Service. Regional. No overnights. Car + expense + top benefits. Digital. Tech school, military ed or field exp. NO FEE. Draftsperson to $28,000. Diverse responsibilities. Mechanical designer. Interface with customers. Support sales. Communication skills. Tremendous career growth expanding rapidly. NO FEE. ROGERS & KING PERSONNEL, INC Route 1, Lawrenceville, N.J. (609) Greenwood jhouse 53 Walter St. Trenton, N.J (609) or Call E.J. Thompson, RN, D.O.N. RECEPTIONIST/SECRETARY RECEPTIONIST/ SECRETARY We are seeking an individual to not only function as a receptionist, telephone/telex operator but also possessing good professional secretarial skills to undertake overflow secretarial duties from other departments. Pleasant outgoing personality,positive attitude and a high degree of flexibility to readily adapt to a wide variety of work assignments would be highl/desirable. Salary to 12K. Bactomatic, Inc. is a well financied US subsidiary of a large European Pharmaceutical Company offering a pleasant working environment, Send your resume with a cover letter stating salary history to: BACTOMATIC Inc. P.O. Box 3103 Princeton, N.J an equal opportunity employer. FREE - LANCE TR A N S L A TORS - needed from/into all ma-, jorlanguages/european, Middle-Eastern, Asian/ in all major fields including science, technology, commerce, law. Quality is a must. Also needed excellent typists and typesetters proficient in" foreign languages. If interested in- working with a growing translation service, send compelling background description and work sample to: InternationaTTTospitality Marketing, Ltd., 46 S h a 1t s b u r y. A v e., llopewell. NJ TEACHERS-Art and/or Music part time small private school, grade K- 8, Send resume to Trenton 11 e b r e w Academy, 1201 West Slate St.. Trenton, NJ Management Trn. To. 12.5K GROWTH! 1 -r yrs. mgml. exp. infood/retail. Career spot in Mercer County. No fee. Call * SELECTIVE PERSONNEL* 3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Park Lawrenceville. N.J. PRODUCTION CLERK To work in short run custom sheet metal shop. Template and sheet metal experience a plus. Steady position with good wage and benefits package. Call John Reilly betwn. 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. forappt SALES - Your 2 yrs exp. in Data Processing Equip can land you this plum. Exc. benefits. F/P $15k+ Call Ray, , Snelling & Snelling, 20 Nassau. St., Princeton. PAINTERS wtd, 5 yrs. experience & work refs BABYSITTER - overnight for occasional 2 to 3 day business trips. 2 children 9 & 12. College student preferred. Own transportation & references required. E. Windsor eves. CLERK TYPIST-9-4, 3-5 days/wk, call Airs. Patterson bet. 9am-llam daily, DYNAMIC, mature sales persons wanted for expanding computer service lirm. Sell our client mailing list service to local concerns. Enthusiastic, self-starter a must. Commission + bonuses to start. Prefer own car. Retired person considered. Call for interview or send resume in confidence to Business Data Systems Inc.. P. O. ' Box 246, Plainsboro. NJ FRENCH We are looking for someone to assist in the preparation of a French teaching program. Native fluency and teaching experience required. Send resume to: BERLITZ 1101 State Rd. Research Park, Building O (609) ext. 256 e''o : e MF DATA ENTRY OPERATORS Full time data entry operators needed for a small Princeton based Statistical consulting organization. Know/edge of CRT or IBM Series/1 terminals helpful. Interested individuals must type 45 wpm and be familiar with routine office procedures. Excellent starting salary and benefits package. If interested please send resume to: Ms. M. J. Carlon, Mrg. Administrative Services Princeton Analytical Services Corp. 126 Alexander St., Princeton, N. J NURSES Full & Part Time Permanent shift assignments (No Rotation) for full and part time professionals. Exceptional working environment and conditions. Excellent fringe benefits. Alternate weekends off. Apply Personnel Dept. (201) /Carrier Foundation Belle Mead, New Jersey Equal Opportunity Employer M/F PATSCENTER INTERNATIONAL OPEN POSITIONS - in Hopewell Valley Regional school District* 2 Academy St., Pennington. Substitute teachers needed, grades Teacher Aide needed to assist Social Studies, English, and foreign language teachers, Substitute cafeteria workers, high school and junior school, ("all Personnel Office, AAEOE. CONSTRUCTION laborer needed in Princeton, experience helpful afternoons. HOUSEKEEPER - Mon. thru Fri. afternoons. Childcare, housekeeping & cooking. Ref. & own trans Kntfineer 20-22K KLKCTKICAL T K ST I) K S I G N Pulse amplifiers, single or multi-channel analyzers preferred. Excellent benefits. Growth. No fee. Send resume * SELECTIVE PERSONNEL * 3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike OHice Park Lawrenceville. N.J. BRAZERS Experienced or trainees. Full time positions available. Steady jobs, good benefits. Call J. Durcanin, between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m ELECTRONIC TECHNICIANS Growing computer memory produc manufacturer in Princeton is seeking individuate with knowledge of digital circuitry. Some exp. helpful or will train 2 or 4 year EET graduates. CLERK MARKETING Responsibilities are to aid in routine flow of information & services performed by marketing dept. Requirements are for self starter with clerical experience and some typing. PROJECT DESIGN ENGINEER Project responsibility to design advanced semiconductor and micro processor based controllers for mass storage peripherals. Will handle projects from concept through preparation for manufacturing. BSEE and 3+ years design experience is required. Call or send resume to: Jim Ackers DATARAM CORP. Princeton-Hightstown Rd. Cranbury, N.J Technology and Science Center Up to $18,000. ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN Electronic Development PA International, a world renowned professional organization, is expanding its technical facility in Princeton where we conceive and develop innovative, market oriented products with a high technology content lor ma or manufacturing com panies such as Black & Decker. Corning. Eaton. GE ITT. Philips. Sylvania. Xerox. We are currently increasing our development team. An experienced and practical technician can take up an exciting challenge within this stimulating environment where an achiever can make a significant contribution to the center's growth and success. Specifically you will be responsible for building and testing prototype hardware in both labatory and preproduction stages. This requires 2-4 years of experience in an electronics environment working at the forefront of technology. Hands on experience in microprocessor based products is a definite plus. Although primarily concerned with electronics, the position requires the ability to make and assemble small mechanical components. Broad career horizons will undoubtedly result. An excellent benefits package is offered. For information call (609) or send your resume in complete conlidence to Dr. Tony Warren. PATSCENTER INTERNATIONAL, INC. Princeton Division 707 Alexander Road Princeton, N. J An equal opportunity employer

30 4-B Classified Advertising Week Of October 22-24, 1980 Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted ij- GETTY PERSONNEL BORED? We have Temp assignments for all ages - College students to retirees! If you've felt the pinch of inflation, if. you re bored not working, come in and register with GETTY TEMPS! We have long or short term assignments at local companies paying top hourly wages!! No fee! Bonuses! Rte.130 Hightstovvn, NJ And don't forget our No. Brunswick Office! 1527 Finnegan's Lane No. Brunswick, NJ MAINTENANCE HELP- PER - no exp. nee, will train. Call or TELEPHONE SOLICI- TORS - Work From Home Calling Renewal Subscriptions for McCall I & others. Commission Basis. Unlimited phone essential. Write giving your phone number to Box #03427 c/o Princeton Packet. CLERK TYPISTS - Temporary assignments available in the Princeton/ Hightstown area. Good typing skills required. Come in or call Pat Carrol, Royal Temps, 690 Whitehead Rd., Lawrenceville SECURITY GUARDS FULLTIME We are seeking responsible individuals with good stable work background to work 2nd & 3rd shifts at our new operations center in Ewing Township. The above positions offer competitive salaries and excellent working conditions in a beautiful new building equipped with the latest security equipment. Previous security experience is a plus. If you are interested and qualified you may apply Monday thru Friday from 9 A.M. - 3:00 P.M. or you may call for an appointment. NEW JERSEY NATIONAL BANK 684 Whitehead Road Lawrenceville, NJ (609) Equal Oppty Employer M/F ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARY - for small non-profit organization. Position requires a well organized person who enjoys working independently. The individual must possess good typing ana communications skills as well as a working knowledge o f bookkeeping & gen. office duties. Steno not required. Call or send resume to Christa Meola, Cosac, 71 University Place, Princeton, NJ, CHEMIST/CHEM ENG - Prosperous environmental firm seeks applications chemist to head its tech services area. Diversified position involves lite marketing and sales. Min 2 yr exp. Start to $27,000. Fee Paid. Call Tina Bradley, Royal Personnel Services, 690 Whitehead Rd., Lawrenceville, OFFICE ASSISTANT - a full time entry level position. Perfect for individual returning to the job market. Varied office responsibilities. Requires an accurate ana conscientious worker. Firm located on Rt. 206, Research Park, Princeton. Call EXECUTIVE SEC- RETARY - for growing.technically - oriented South Brunswick company. Requires a minimum of 2 years experience with engineering, industrial marketing, or publicity organization. Salary commensurate with experience. Please send resume to Box 495, Dayton, NJ SECRETARY 2-3 years prior experience including shorthand, good business appearance and phone manner. HEAD TELLER 3-5 years teller experience in an active office, proficient with figures, good supervisory and administrative ability. PART TIME TELLER 5 days per week 11 a.m. - 3 p.m., service oriented person with good figure aptitude. CLERKS Mortgage: good mathematical and clerical skills, light typing, prefer knowledge of processing mortgages and tax escrow. Car necessary. Operations: good figure aptitude and typing skills, pleasant phone manner. Car necessary. Credit: above average typing ability, requires maturity, confidence and a good phone manner. Statement: attention to details and pleasant phone personality. Car necessary. Apply at Personnel Office on 3rd floor 9-11 a.m. or 2-4 p.m. PRINCETON BANK 76 Nassau Street Princetdn, NJ CLERK TYPIST Knowledge of general office procedures, good typing skills. Call Mrs. Bruey for appt. bwtn.9a.m.-4p.m STYMIED? - If you are in a position where your efforts are not being rewarded in proportion to your talent and efforts, we want to talk to you. You should be either sales or technically oriented, tangible or intangible. Your record should be one of accomplishments and success. You have at least 3 years of solid business experience. Possibly you are a "number" in a large organization where corporate salary and promotion structures don't allow rapid individual advancement. Our work is challenging, financially rewarding and offers a personal satisfaction of association with prestige clients. We are the leader in a truly unique industry. Those who meet our requirements will earn an average of $28,559 the first year and the top 10% will earn an average of $56,316. If you are ready ana willing to cut the cord of mediocrity, call: Management Recruiters of Princeton 621 Alexander Road Princeton, N.J OFFICE MANAGER'S Asst - for office furniture dealer. Busy office needs self-starter w/gd telephone manner. Will train. Call Linda at bet 9-5. PROGRAMMER $22,000. Fee Paid. Expanding firm. Several openings. COBOL and/or ASSEMBLER background. All benefits. Call "Pat Carrol, Royal Personnel Services, 690 Whitehead Rd., Lawrenceville, MAINTENANCE Growing, profitable company wants you to Supervise staff involved in structural and welding repairs on large wheeled vehicles and process equipment. Fee paid. Resume or phone to LOR, 1101 State Rd, Princeton, N.J. 609/ Princeton Savings & Loan Teller - Full Time Experienced preferred Paid benefits Ext. 30 Equal Opportun ty Employer SECRETARIES EXCEPTIONAL SECRETARIES DESERVE EXCEPTIONAL POSITIONS If you excell as a secretary... If your stenographic and typing skills are superior, don't you deserve a position to match? Dow Jones - publishers of the Wall Street Journal - think so. As one of the Nation's leading publishing firms, we make sure exceptional secretaries gain excellent salaries. We offer attractive offices, of course, and stimulating people to work with. Positions are available in our legal and personnel depts. Benefits are excellent and include free medical, hospital and dental insurance, education reimbursement - plus a highly attractive vacation/holiday policy. The work week is 35 hours. You'll be eligible for profit sharing after tenure. Why be taken for granted? Look into a position with prestige. Interested applicants please call: Associate Personnel Manager WALL STREET JOURNAL Rte. 1-South Brunswick, N.J. an equal opportunity employer I MANAGER - Glamour retail spot. Sell & supervise. Retail experience. Start $ No Fee. Ms. Cohen P. Robert Dann Prsonnel 134 Franklin Cnr Rd. SALES/PERSONNEL ARE YOU AN EAGLE? Eagles fly alone - not in flocks. The American Eagle stands for all that is good about individualism in America - Proud, ' unafraid, courageous and. for-, thright. Our "Eagles" are articulate achievers, professionals with strong ideals, high business ethics and successful business experience who had at one time decided to free themselves of the restrictions of the corporate environment. We are in the "People" business... Interviewing Evaluation, Recruitment and Markeitng executive caliber individuals. The type of person we hire has a successful sales, manufacturing, or management track record, and is seeking a greater challenge. He/She is competitive, self-motivated, and can interface with Key Corporate executives. As a rrfember of our well established growth corporation, you will receive comprehensive training, full benefits and the opportunity to join one of the best in the industry! Compensation is 20-30K the first year with subsequent years open ended. Call Florence Wright at iuitown Personnel A ency g y 111 Celtoft HoffWf Prlnctton, NJ. MS40 Mt-452-tilJ REGISTERED NURSES 3 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. shift - part lime or full time -. Foothill Acres Nursing Home, Amwell Rd., Neshanlc. NJ. Call a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday for appointment. DETAIL DRAFTSMAN CLERK Excellent opportunity for experienced Clerk with CRT terminal or other video display experience. Typing with 2 to 3 years clerical experience required. Knowledge of sales function helpful. We offer an excellent starting salary and a good benefits package. For further information contact Peggy Daily. E.R. Squibb Sons, Inc. Princeton, N.J An Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/H DENTAL ASST - high quality central Prn office. 4'ii day week, no eves. Top salary - experienced only MODELS & MAKEUP ARTISTS - Promotional work in local department store, part time Monday Saturday; exc. salary, will train. Call between 10-12, RECEPTIONIST - Secretary, take charge position. Growing corp. Varied duties. To $10K No Fee. Ms. Cohen P. Robert Dann Personnel 134 Franklin Cnr Rd. RECEPTIONIST - Prestigious firm. Busy,/ exciting, front-desk spot! Lite typing. Growth potential. Benefits. $180. wk. Fee Paid. Call Kris Martin, Royal Personnel Services, 690 Whitehead Rd., Lawrenceville New Restaurant Opening in November Now interviewing for the following positions: Bartender Hostesses Kitchen Help Dishwashers Waiters 8 Waitresses Experience not necessary.wlll train. Apply in person: Let's Talk Turkey Rt. 130, Princeton Hightstown Rd. (Rt. 571) Mon. Thru Fri P.M. (609) IFormerly Oldo Yorke Innl ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A CHALLENGE? Part Time Secretarial Assistant Challenging position in busy executive office for individual with exceptional secretarial skills to work 25 hours per week. Shorthand desirable but not required. Excellent typing a must. Salary commensurate with ability. Part Time Data Entry Operator We are looking for an individual to work 25 hours per week on data entry equipment. Experienced not required provided individual has good typing skills. Competitive salary. Pleasant academic surroundings. Please call the Business Office, , ext. 204 for an appointment. PRINCETON THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY Equal Opportunity Employer SPANISH We are looking for someone to assist in the preparation of a Spanish teaching program. Native fluency and teaching experience required. Send resume to: BERLITZ 1101 State Rd. Research Park, Building O (609) ext. 256 e/o/e/m/f Leading Manufacturer of cooling devices for the electronics industry desires entry level or experienced draftsman to prepare drawings and make drawing changes, sketches and layouts. Full time position, liberal benefits. Send resume to: Dept. AF9, Box 17, Princeton, N.J. or call Mr. Durcanin betwn. 9 and 3 p.m. CLERK TYPIST - Delightful adult school setting, full benefit pak. Start $600. plus. Call Mr. Grant P. Robert Dann Personnel 134 Franklin Cnr Rd. TOWNSHIP OF PRINCETON Mercer County New Jersey MUNICIPAL ENGINEER Challenging position in small community. Degree in civil engineering and licensing as a professional engineer and land surveyor in New Jersey required. Minimum five years' experience. Excellent fringe benefit program. Please send resume to Township Administrator, Township Hall, Princeton, New Jersey (Phone ) AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER M/F CASUALTY - Technician, prestige firm. Commercial lines underwriting, rating experience. Growth spot, full benefits. To $15K. No Fee. Call Ms. Neuman P. Robert Dann Personnel 134 Franklin Cnr. Rd. RECEPTIONIST FOR Doctors' Office, pleasant personality, gd grooming, light typing & filing w/willingness to learn. Reply to Box #03416, c/o Princeton Packet. D AND N Cleaning Service, need extra cash or part time work? Evenings or days, gd pay, experience helpful aft 4pm. JOB SEEKING? CHANGING CA- REERS? Career Services specializes in career and job-search counseling, vocational interest testing and resume development. Lila Grob, M.A eves, for appointment. ACCOUNTANT / Publishing N.J. based Publisher / Packager needs an ambitious, hard working accountant to estimate the costs of new book projects, study feasibility of new publishing ventures, handle all accounts, etc. Accounting degree required. Publishing experience preferred. Salary commensurate with experience. Excellent benefits, pleasant working conditions. Send resume & cover letter to Box #03398 c/o Princeton Packet. CLERK TYPIST - Responsible person must like detail. 3 person professional office. Center of Hightstown. Hours 9-4:30. Call for appointment. TYPIST - Receptionist. Small office Cranbury, N.J. Must type 60wpm accurately. Hours 8:30-5. Blue Cross & Shield, Maj. Med, paid vacation. Apply P.O. Box T, Cranbury, N.J MATURE, RESPON- SIBLE - Woman needed for care of elderly lady & light housework Saturdays Teacher/Counselor to $12,000 Teacher's Aide to $9,000 Two full time positions available in new adolescent partial hospitalization program. The teacher/counselor's duties will be educational & therapeutic. Candidates must have a N.J. Special Education certificate. Teacher's aide duties include aspects of education & therapy. Candidates must nave some college with previous experience as a teacher's aide. Both are 12 month positions. For immediate consideration send resume to Personnel Dept., South Amboy Memorial Hospital, 540 Bordentown Ave., South Amboy, N.J An equal opportunity employer. HOSTESS PART TIME Family Type restaurant desires a well groomed indiv. who enjoys dealing withthe public. Modeling experience helpful. Call from 9-11 & 3-5. COOK - full time position for a person with experience in institutional cooking. Excellent starting salary with paid benefits* (To apply call, Bill Epright, at Accounting To30K SENIOR ANALYST Fortune chemical giant needs a degreed cost professional to run its corp. cost dept. MBA/CPA a plus. Lite travel to plant sites. No fee. Call Nancy Lieberman * SELECTIVE PERSONNEL * 3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Park Lawrenceville, N.J. CODER / PROFILER - Experienced advertising research coder / profiler needed full time by local market research company. Call Mrs. Ringler at NATIONAL COMPANY - Career opportunity with all fringe benefits. Train sales management if qualified. To $300/week with training allowance. By appointment call Mr. Joffe, Equal opportunity employer. R N ' S, LP N 'S, Homemakers, Home Health Aides & Live-ins - needed to work on cases in Prn. area immediately. Full or part time. Must have exp. in this field REAL ESTATE RECEPTIONIST - light typing, pleasant office atmosphere, hours 10 am to 4 pm. Call bet. 9 am-5 pm. Ask for Terri. Accounting To2!)K TAX SUPERVISOR "Big 12" client needs 3-6 yrs. public and/or private background. Certification a plus. No fee. Call Nancy Lieberman * SELECTIVE PERSONNEL * 3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Park Lawrenceville, N.J. FINANCIAL ANALYST Opportunity for College Graduate with strong background in accounting and corporation finance to advance with established Princeton consulting firm. Please send complete resume to box #03376 c/o Princeton Packet. DELIVERY PERSON - must be responsible & have gd driving record familiar w/hightstown & surrounding area. Call ask for John. CRAFTS - all kinds, handmade for Christmas boutique. Call PARTTIME - work at fu!l time pay. Sell Sarah Coventry jewelry CLERK / DRIVER - Fulltime. Must be 20 yrs. old. Call for appt. Ask for Al LANDSCAPE Laborers - Experience preferred. Call Secretaries With or without shorthand. Assignments are diversified and interesting. Call Nancy : * SELECTIVE TEMPORARIES* 3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Park Lawrenceville, N.J. MASON LABORERS - experienced STUDENTS / HOME- MAKERS - Market Research interviewers 9-3/ REAL ESTATE.ASSOCIATE - We have reorganized and are in need of serious-minded sales associate. If you are unhappy in your present position, or if you are not using your New Jersey Real Estate License, call us today. Our office provides ideal learning & working conditions, Lowell Real Estate, Ask for Mrs. Weiss. RETAIL STORE sales - F.W. Donnelly & Son seeks those interested in seasonal and year round, part time, schedules to serve customers. Men's sportswe-ar, shoes, clothing and furnishings. IMMEDIATE OPENING - Math teacher - Intermediate level, part time. Learning disability background and state certification preferred. Experience in small structured classrooms. Send resume to: Box # 03393, c/o Princeton Packlet. LOCAL VOCALISTS - especially men, sought by church. Challenging music, friendly setting, solo opportunities. Call eves, for info. HOUSEKEEPING - Full & part time, 7-3:30pm, no experience necessary. Will train for nursing home in Hightstown. Call Mon- Fn, 9am-2pm, PART TIME - office help needed, afternoons. Good typing and pleasant telephone personality a must. Apply Danis Realty, ask for Judy. TEACHER - Special education certificate, math interest. Small, friendly school. Resume, references to Box #03407, c/o Princeton Packet. ^DRIVER - part time, "retired person preferred, with flexible hours. Please call Lowell at SECRETARY - Excellent typing, shorthand and a variety of skills required. Must have statistical ability. Salary negotiable. Call Bea at to arrange interview. BABYSITTER - wanted L.P.N. Part time, 1 for 14 mo. old boy 1 evening and Sat. mor-day/w!ning in H'boro evenings my home. Must & occasional physician's office. Call have own transportation. Tues. or Wed. bet. 9 and HOTEL DESK - clerk. P/T & F/T positions avail. Benefits, starting wages $3.50/hr. Apply Holiday Inn, Rt. 1 Princeton, NJ BABYSITTER - wanted for 2 children ages 4 & 7 from 2:30pm to 12:15am. Call G before 2:30pm. VETERINARY Hospital - near Princeton seeks part time receptionist for mornings. Reply to Box # 03409, c/o Princeton Packet. PART TIME - year round work for individual 3 days per week. Varied duties include daily store maintenance, shipping and receiving, errand driving. Call Mr. Clark, F.W. Donnelly & Son, DISHWASHER - Lunch only, 5 days, ll-3pm. Must be over 19 with good experience. Peacock Inn, Princeton, Manager tomid2()'s DIE DESIGN Design small compound progressive dies for large volume intricate stamping production. Excellent benefits. No fee. Call * SELECTIVE PERSONNEL * 3131 Princetoi Pike Princeton Pike Office Park lawrenceville, N.J. STORE CLERKS - Must be of legal age to work part time in our Somerset Farms food stores locateci. in Trenton & Hopewell. Call bet. 8:30-4:30, ROUTE SALES - Service person. No experience necessary. For interview call CLERICAL / BOOK- KEEPER - figure aptitude & bookkeeping background a plus. Typing essential. Person to assist accountant and train for mini-computer. Call ( EOE.. DENTAL Receptionist Asst. - Are you looking for pleasant working conditions, good salary and benefits? If you are and have experience in the dental profession can assume responsibility, are dependable ana enjoy working with people call All calls confidential. SECURITY SPECI- ALISTS-Weare currently accepting applications from persons with police, military or industrial security related backgrounds. We offer a ground-floor opportunity with a newly established corporation" which has dedicated itself to making private and industrial security a profession - rather than a source of low income employment. Write, call or stop at our office between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Continental Independent Security, Inc., 387 Mercer St., Hightstown, N.J., ART SUPERVISOR, experienced in all aspects of graphic production for Print & Audiovisual Media. Applicants must have studio management exp., heavy AV background, & exc. supervisory skills. This full time position w/a fast growing Prn based Design & Production firm offers gd salary, fringe benefits & exc growth potential. Write Box #03414, c/o Princeton Packet. DANCE TEACHER'S - Assistant, needed immediately. Prefer someone with a ballet or modern back ground wishing to learn jazz & tap. Teaching experience not necessary, will train. Call MODELS WANTED - For magazine, catalogue, TV, and film. Male/female, adult, teen, children. Call WORKING PARENTS WITH PREVIOUS BUSINESS EXPEKIENCE Part time position in busy office with pleasant working conditions. Interesting job with variety in daily routine. Pleasant personality ability to speak well, and light typing are required. Five to sixliours per day, hours flexible. PLEASE CALL RONDORTCH [609] EXECUTIVE BUYING CORPORATION 1000 Executive Office Center Cranbury, New Jersey EDUCATIONAL BOOK Distributor needs person to pick and pack orders. Apply BMI Educational- Services, Hay Press Road, Dayton. MASON SUBCONTRAC- TORS -Experienced V V

31 Week Of October 22-24,1980 Classified Advertising 5-B Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Keypunch/CRT To$l75 DATA ENTRY/ KEYPUNCH , any CRT a plus. All benefits. No fee. Call * SELECTIVE PERSONNEL* 3131 Prirtceton Pike Princeton Pike Office Pork Lawrenceville, N.J. FULL TIME SALES - workable knowledge of general music SECRETARY Guidance Services. Apply by letter & resume East Windsor Reg. School District, 394 Stockton St., Hightstown, NJ , ext HOUSE PAINTERS - wanted. Part time. Call Mike, st CLASS MECHANIC - $8 an hour, mechanic's helper, $5 an hour, must be Peck Motors, 255 Nassau St., Princeton. SECRETARIAL. - Full time position for responsible person with Princeton CPA Firm. Diversified duties include reception, telephone, typing. Light bookkeeping helpful. Salary based on exp. Exc. benefits. Call Mr. H SEWING MACHINE OPERATOR - experienced, non-factory, all straight sewing, Wed. - Sat, 11 to 7, salary plus commission or WAITER/WAITRESS - part time, for Mon-Fri. funch. Must be over 19 with good experience. Peacock Inn, Princeton, SALES - Men-Women, name your hours. Selladvertising space. Full, part time. Highest commissions paid Fashion Sales Person Part Time Can you pull it all together for discerning women customers? Interviewing now for part time opening, 3 day per week scnedjule. Alternate Saturdays a must. Above average starting salary & unusual employee discount plan. Call Mrs. Carroll, for appointment. BELLOW'S 210 Nassau St. Princeton HOUSECLEANING - & Laundry for older woman. Center of Princeton. Hours flexible after 6pm. WEEKEND STOCK Delivery Person, must be over 21 w/exc driving record & knowledge of Prn streets. Hours Fri 6-10pm, Sat, l-10pm. Call aft 4:30. GIRL/GUY FRIDAY - Like variety, fast pace, light travel? Princeton based A/E firm seeks hard working individual to assist in a variety of office duties. Must be responsible, congenial & able to work on own. Must have own transportation. Pleasant office surroundings, full insurance coverage, paid vacation, free parking. If you are interested in this diversified position, Please call CUH2A,~45 State Rd, Princeton, NJ 08540, PERMANENT - part time office position for mature personable individual. Hours flexible. Typing essential. Call WAITRESS / WAITER - experjenced. Apply at Carmine's Pizza Bake, 2580 Pennington Rd, Pennington, NJ. MATURE WOMAN - wanted to baby sit for 14 mo old. Part time. Call evenings. TEACHER - needed for Nursery school in East Windsor. Call SECRETARIES - well organized individuals for fast paced positions in Princeton. Positions involve statistical typing, filing, some dictaphone, attention to details. Min. 50wpm, ext 237! MANAGEMENT TRAINEE - Due to expansion & added product line, large financial co. has Management Trainee program career opportunity,county area. Initiative, imagination & willingness to work har& are.the main requirements. Starting income dependent on qualifications. Call Mr. Oleyar at between 9 & 7. Equal Opportunity employer. SUPERINTENDENT - PUBLIC WORKS. Due to retirement, the Borough is seeking an experienced supervisor responsible for planning and scheduling work and personnel assignments for construction, repair and maintenance of streets, parks, buildings, storm drains, general carpentry, painting and other municipal public works improvements. Prepares reports, supervises and directs work crews, makes progress inspections. Supervisory management experience required. Liberal fringe benefits. Salary commensurate with experience. Apply Engineers office, Borough of Princeton, P.O. Box #390, Princeton, N.J , Equal Opportunity Employer. SECRETARY Bookkeeper - We need an intelligent, enterprising person, not necessarily experienced, but who can demonstrate excellent typing and grammar skills, who is interested in diversity, who is comfortable with figures and willing to learn our bookkeeping. We are willing to have you name your own hours, though ours are 9-5. Congenial Princeton office. Call and talk with Linda Humes. IF YOU ENJOY fine work such as needlepoint or crocheting we need you to assemble small electronic components. Full time employment & pleasant atmosphere Princeton Advanced Components, Rl. 206 Research Park, Princeton. Accounting ToSOK ASST TAX MGR Local medium sized client seeks a CPA with public and/or private background. Will be groomed for the top spot. Financial expertise a plus because of tax area's diversified functions. No fee. Call Nancy Lieberman * SELECTIVE PERSONNEL * 3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Park Lawrenceville, N.J. POLICE OFFICERS - Opportunity for career in Law Enforcement with growing Police Dept. Starting salary: $11,500. Requirements: Citizen of United States between ages of 18 & 35 inclusive, a resident of the State of New Jersey, good reputation and sound moral character and shall not have been convicted of any crime involving moral turpitude, a graduate of nigh school or an equivalent institution of learning, possess a valid New Jersey Driver's license, excellent physical condition, normal hearing in both ears, ability to distinguish colors, be able to satisfactorily complete the basic police course approved by Police Training Commission of the State of New Jersey. Examination will be held on Nov. 3, 1980 at 4:00 pm in the Monroe Township High School, Perrineville Rd, Jamesburg N.J. Applications need not be filed prior to test. There will be an application fee of $10 to those who wish to take the examination. Requests for waiver of fee Dased upon hardship will be received at the examination site. NURSE - LPN or RN needed by 25 yr. old female quadraplegic for morning care, Mon-Fri from approx. 6:30am- 8:30am. Routine includes bathing, dressing & some range of motion exercises. Rocky Hill- Griggstown area. Call Laura at CLERK-TYPIST - Outstanding opportunity for responsible person with editorial publisher. Must have car CLEANING PERSON, exp., part time for office & plant, A.M. hrs. Call WOODWORKER for furniture mfg in Hightstown, full time. Good opportunity for hard worker. Will train the right person CARHOPS, COUNTER HELP & Asst Manager. Apply in person only. Stewarts Root Beer, Rt E. Windsor, N.T. TEACHER AIDE - for nursery school. Wed. Th. Fri. afternoon session. Pie-school child may accompany you. Call SCHOOL BUS DRIVER - wanted. Will train for special license. Call Data Processing Mgr. 30'sK TAKE CHARGE Marketing savvy FORTRAN, CRT Systems oriented. No fee. Call Dick Simon * SELECTIVE PERSONNEL * 3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Pqrk Lawrenceville, N.J. REAL ESTATE SALES. JOIN OUR WORLD! REALTY WORLD- AUDREY SHORT has career opportunities for several experienced full-time real estate salespersons. Newly licensed salespersons also will be considered Top-flite REALTY WORLD training available. For appointment call Warren Wagner or Marjory White REALTY WORLD- AUDREY SHORT, INC. ELECTRONIC TECHS (4) - Start $15-$20,000. Fee Paid. Senior level. Leading firms. Testing &, troubleshooting of analog/digital circuitry. Microprocessor or software background, a Dlus. Call. Tina Bradley, Royal Personnel Services, 690 Whitehead Rd., Lawrenceville, HAND KNITTERS - Apply in person Antartex, 4-6 Hulfish St., Princeton. CAREER WORKSHOP - Based on "What Color is Your Parachute?" begins soon. For information call HEAL ESTATE SALES Manager for new office to be opening soon in Princeton area. All replies confidential. Write Box #03241 c/o Princeton Packet. Accounting To20K SENIOR Prestigious local- client needs degreed generalist with heavy exp. to head small acctg. dept. Should be strong in financials & analytical skills. Ex. bens. No fee. Call Nancy Lieberman * SELECTIVE PERSONNEL * 3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Pork Lawrenceville, N.J. COMPUTER PRO- GRAMMING Instructor - days only. Part or full time. Senior citizens welcomed. Call Trenton Technical Institute, SECRETARY - In between jobs? Work temporary assignements in the Princeton/ Hightstown area until that right job comes along! Various firms and positions to choose from. Call Pat Carrol, Royal Temps, 690 Whitehead Rd,, Lawrenceville, SPEECH THERAPIST - Part time, CCC or CFY wanted, flexible hours, after 6pm. CRAFT CAREER - Full or part time selling and teaching stitchery, working independently. Call Susan SECRETARY / Administrative Assistant - Princeton - based publisher / packager needs bright, hardworking person for fulltime growth position. Good typing, steno, and phone manner required. College degree preferred. Excellent salary and benefits, pleasant working conditions. Call or write Managing Editor, Norback & Co., Inc., 352 Nassau St., Princeton, N.J PART-TIME - $9.00 to $10.00 per hour. The Hightstown-East Windsor area is most fortunate in that there are many residents with a wealth of specialized knowledge learned from their working, training, hobbies or special skills and interests. The Community Education Center invites anyone with such a background to share their knowledge with area residents through the Evening Adult Program. Teaching certification or college background is not required. Interested potential adult school instructors are urged to call for application. SECRETARY JR. PART TIME Excellent opportunity available for experienced secretary to learn fast growing field of word processing. Position available evenings Monday thru Thursday, 5 P.M. to 9:30 P.M. at our convenient Hillsborough location. Qualified candidates will have excellent typing skills plus dictaphone experience. For additional information contact: MRS. FENNIMORE (201) X282 CITY FEDERAL SAVINGS Equal opportunity employer m,'l FACULTY-ADJUNCT Part time, day/evening positions available in Computer Science, Data Procesing, especially Cobol, Fortran, DP & Accounting Systems, Assembly Language. Master's Degree in appropriate discipline preferred, business and/or teaching experience desirable. Respond in writing to: Mercer County Community College, Personnel Services, Dept. SH, P.O. Box B, Trenton, NJ Equal Opportunity/ Affirmative Action Employer Marjorie M. Halliday PRINCETON EMPLOYMENT AGENCY Specializing in Temporary Help Permanent Placements in Secretarial, Clerical Executive, EDP and Technical 352 Nassau St., Princeton (609) ESL WRITER (English as a second language) We are looking for someone to assist in the preparation of materials for the teaching of English as a second language. Curriculum development experience strongly preferred. Send resume and salary requirements to: BERLITZ 1101 State Rd. Research Park, BJdg. O Princeton. N.J (609) ext /0/1M/F SALES - Chemicals, local territory. Experience selling to industry. "Car & top benefits. To $28K. No fee. Call Ms. Miller v 3 P. Robert Darin Personnel 134 Franklin Cnr. Rd. Gal Friday, Use your general office skills. We have several long and short term assignments available immediately. Call Renee * SELECTIVE TEMPORARIES -313) Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Park Lawrenceville, N.J. PART TIME weekend work only for Public Opinion Telephone Interviewers needed for Prn and/or Hamilton Twp. Will train. Must work 3 weekends a month Saturday & Sunday. Hours are 10-4pm, or 4-10pm. Call Opinion Research Corp ext 2339:30-4pm. SECRETARY - opening for a reliable individual Must have typing and shorthand skills, also overall office knowledge plus phone personality. Send resume to PO Box 386, Manville, N.J SALES - marketing of professional consulting services in construction industry for Jamesburg firm in business 16 years. Dodge Report leads provided with salary, expenses and commission. Telephone for information. DIRECTOR OF VOLUNTEERS Large private psychiatric hospital in central N.J. seeks Director of Volunteers to manage an ongoing program. Mental health experience necessary either in volunteer program or in clinical treatment area. Must be people oriented, have energy and initiative, and be able to represent the institute with public speaking and community involvement. Salary negotiable depending on qualifications. Excellent fringe benefits. Send resume and salary requirements to Box No , c/o Princeton Packet. LPN FOR - Female home care. Daily 2-7pm, occasional evenings & Sat. if possible. Belle Mead after 6pm. WHAT DO YOU Want to do with the rest of your life? Decide at a weekly career workshop beginning soon in Princeton "30 cents paid -per envelope stuffed. For information send stamped envelope to Circle Sales, 304 E. Charleston Blvd., Las Vegas, Nv Dept. NDD. SCHOOL BUS & VAN MECHANIC - Must be experienced on school busses & vans. Many benefits incl. state retirement plan, vacation, paid health insurance, 12 month position. Salary commensurate with experience & ability. Apply to Office of Secretary, School Business Administrator, Hillsborough Township Board of Education, Rt. 206, Belle Mead. TELEPHONE IN- TERVIEWERS - part time, 18 yrs. plus. Market research for The Gallup Organization. Eves & weekends from our office. We will train. Phone am to 4 pm. ext EXECUTIVE SEC- RETARY - M/F, assistant to president of dynamic, fast paced international company in Princeton. NJ. Salary + excellent fringe package. Call Mr. Greenberg LEGAL - secretary, imm. opening. Small law office, Princeton area. Prefer applicants with exp. Send resume in confidence to Box #03394, c/o Princeton Packet. T Y P 1 ST RECEP- TIONIST - Princeton YMCA, part time, permanent. Call Mrs. Roer, KEY PROCESSING OPERATOR Interesting Opening for a full time operator 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., 35 hour week. Equipment Inforex Key-to- Disc-3300 and Tab Card Machine. Minimum 2 years experience required. Liberal company benefits including hospitalization and life insurance and dental coverage. Interested applicants please call: Associate Personnel Manager WALL STREET JOURNAL Rte. 1 South Brunswick, N.J. an equal opportunity employer REAL ESTATE SALES \ UNLIMITED EARNINGS POTENTIAL Our very attractive, busy PRINCETON office is in need of three licensed Real Estate Associates. Experience preferred but not necessary. II you're willing to spend the time and effort it takes to become a million dollar producer, Weidel will supply the tools and training to help you achieve this goal. We are one ol the largest most progressive real estate firms in this area with memberships in 6 multiple listing services, international relocation service. 12 offices and enjoy an outstanding reputation. Everything you need to know about selling, listing, financing, qualifying, effectively showing properties and much moie will be taught. Join a company that is interested in your success. WEIDEL REAL ESTATE, ING. 164 NASSAU STREET. PRINCETON, NJ. For confidential interview Call Norma Greaves EXCLUSIVE JOB OPENINGS WITH AN UP AND COMING LOCAL INDUSTRY!! MICROBIOLOGIST To 40K Responsible for directing the Lab, co-ordinating Lab tests, and run to insure sterile environment and superior quality of finished product. Q. C. LINE INSPECTOR 12-18K Proven experience will secure this desirable position. Liason to production department, overseeing day to day production, operating within manufacturing guidelines and meeting quality control specs. PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR /ASSISTANT 15K Several openings to assist in batch checking, repair and maintenance, and record keeping. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CALL OR SEND RESUMES TO: GETTY PERSONNEL Rte. 130, Hightstown, N. J Finnegan's Lane No. Brunswick, N. J SECRETARY - Do you SCHOOL enjoy a challenge? Dynamite firm offers rapid advancement, congenial office, and super benefits! Come see me today! $10,400. Fee Paid. Call Kris Martin, Royal Personnel Services, 690 Whitehead Rd., Lawrenceville, Accounting To25K COST MGR. Mfg. Fortune client has retained us on an exclusive basis to search lor a dynamic cost pro to manage medium-sized staff. Must have solid EDP communication skills & be degreed. No fee. Call Nancy Lieberman * SELECTIVE PERSONNEL * 3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Parl Lawrenceville, N.J. AUTO BODY Person, experienced, own tools, top pay k benefits B bet 8-4:30. SCHOOL CAFETERIA HELP - Montgomery - Skillman area, full & part time day positions. Will train. No weekends, no nights. Apply in person bet. 8 am-2pm Montgomery High School cafeteria, Burnt Hill Rd. Skillman ASSEMBLERS ELECTRO-MECHANICAL Mature responsible mechanically inclined persons needed. Steady work.^nd good benefits. Call personnel dept between 9 AM - 3PM. MAINTENANCE MECHANIC The rapid growth of our Diagnostics Division has necessitated moving to a new manufacturing facility and we are increasing the size of our Maintenance Department to facilitate tfiis move. The individual we seek will primarily be assigned to packaging lines for the set-up, maintenance and repair of. vial fillers, labelers and freeze-driers. Sound mechanical background in related areas is a must. Experience with shop equipment helpful. Please send resume to: Employment Manager CARTER-WALLACE, Inc. Half Acre Rd. Cranbury, N.J. Equal Opportunity Employer Male/Female Veteran/Handicapped Minorities encouraged to apply SPRAY PAINTING Experience preferred but will train beginner with aptitude. Excellent company benefits. Steady work and overtime. Call Personnel Dept., between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., Accounts Receivable/ General Ledger (Ref. G/L) Exposure through General Ledger Trial balance is a necessity and involvement in varied responsibilities within the financial area is an advantage. This post is a key one. CROSS- ING - Guards wanted. South Brunswick Police Dept. is looking for capable persons to work as school crossing guards for the coming school year. Interested persons should contact Set. Barry Spilatore at Police Dept or write c/o South Brunswick Police Dept., Ridge Rd, Monmouth Jet, NJ. FULL OR - Part time clerk. A varied and interesting position requiring some experience in the business field. All benefits. Apply in person. Verbeyst Cleaners, Tulane St., Princeton. REAL ESTATE Sales Help - Licensed sales people needed for busy So. Bruns. office. Call for confidential interview. Ask for Judy. Danis Realty, 1 New Rd., Kend. Pk TELEPHONE IN- TERVIEWERS. - part time. 18 years plus. Market research for the Gallup Organization to work from your home. We will train. Call ext am- 3pm. Classifieds Work for YOU ( SECRETARY (Part time hours per week). Excellent typing, light steno, also flexible hours and benefits. Call Personnel Dept.. (609) from 1-4 p.m. Equil Opportunitj Emplorcr M/Ff H. PERSONNEL ASSISTANT Opening exists for an individual to assist in administrative detail and employee fringe benefits. Good typing skills, and associate degree in human relations helpful. Must be personable, detail oriented with the ability to follow through, pleasant working environment, hours 9 to 5, excellent salary and fringe benefits. Apply Personnel Dept. iifc.(201) Carrier Foundation Belle Mead, New Jersey Equal Opportunity Employer M'f AIDES: lunch room. Responsible for baking pre-packed meals, inventory & child supervision. 2 positions available, lfrom 10:30-1 &1 from 11:30-1. Record keeping experience helpful. Send resume to Mrs. Chasan, Roosevelt Public School, School Lane, Roosevelt, NJ EOE/AAE. SECRETARY - legal, part time, hourly rate; flexible schedule, Somerset area. Will consider person with good skills to train for legal (good steno, some bookkeeping). Reply to P. O. Box 111, Middlebush, N.J Clerk Typists Long term assignments. Our clients are busier than ever and are looking for accurate typists. Call Renee * SELECTIVE TEMPORARIES* 3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Park Lawrenceville, N.J. WAXER - needed in Cranbury. MWF $3.50 an hour SECURITY GUARDS Newly created full time position. Experience required. Good starting salary. Excellent fringe benefits. Pleasant working conditions. Apply Personnel Dept. (201) Carrier Foundation Belle Mead, New Jersey Equal Opportunity Employer M/F FACULTY-PART TIME Needed at MCCC to teach courses in: Electronics, Computer Science, Technical writing, Women's Studies, Public Administration,. Ethnic Studies, Interpersonal Relations, Management Training, Accounting, Finance, Investments, Labor Studies and Economics. Requires Master's Degree in appropriate area and 3 years professional experience. Teaching or training experience desirable. Respond in writing to: Mercer County Community College, Personnel Services, Dept. RN, PO Box B, Trenton, N.J Equal Opportunity/ Affirmative Action Employer WANTED MORTGAGE PROCESSOR Princeton Savings and Loan has an opening for a mortgage processor in its Princeton Office. Experience in processing of mortgage loans is essential, typing required, paid benefits. Contact the personnel office at: , Ext. 30 PRINCETON SAVINGS AND LOAN An Equal Opportunity Employer m/f PA International Accounts Payable (Ref. A/PJ An experienced Accounts Payable bookkeeper required. Exposure through Accounts Payable Trial Balance is essential. The position offers potential for future career development. PA International, a world-renowned professional organization, is relocating its North American accounting and support functions at its Princeton base. This creates openings for high quality and experienced bookkeepers. To attract the best applicants, we offer an excellent working environment and a commensurate package, together with excellent opportunities in a rapidly-growing organization. Please send your resume in strict confidence or telephone Roger Bruestle (609) PA International Management Consultants Inc. 707 Alexander Road, Princeton, N.J An Equal Opportunity Employer

32 6-B Classified Advertising.Week Of October 22-24,1980 Help Wanted Help Wanted Jobs Wanted Jobs Wanted Jobs Wanted Announcements Personals Personals Personals SECRETARY - Entry level position in large law firm for person interested in learning to be a legal secretary. Steno, typing wpm, dictaphone exp. required. Reply to P.O. Box 1154, Princeton, N.J SALESPERSON WAN- TED - full & part time for handbag store in Mercer Mall FULL TIME - hostess, 7-3, Dayton area. Call for an appointment CODER - Princeton based Public Opinion Research Firm seeks responsible mature individual experienced in coding responses from questionnaires. Pelase call ext 237. WORKING MOTHER - needs help after school & some full days to care for children, light housekeeping; own transp., references required, CLERK - gen. ofc. work, typing required, Co. pd. ben. Call for appt. TYPIST - Expediter - with car responsible for production and filing. Able and willing to drive. Call SWITCHBOARD OPER- ATOR - for an swering service. Must be flexible. Will train. Apply the rear 353 Nassau St., Princeton PURCHASING SEC- RETARY - Killsboro Twp Board of Education - Office of the Board Secretary / School Business Administrator - 12 mo. position. Many benefits including State Retirement Plan, vacation, & paid Health Insurance. Typing & filing skills req. Exp. preferred. Apply & Forward resume to: John R. Pacifico, Hillsboro Twp. Board of Education, P.O. Box 427, Rt. 206 & Amwell Rd, Belle Mead, NJ , or phone, An Affirmative Action Employer. TEACH SKIN Care part time earn full time pay. Interviewing. Call for appt LOOKING FQR AN Opportunity? - We have a career opportunity in our management trainee program. Willingness to. work hard, imagination and initiative are the iyain requirements. Star! $10,000 - $15,000. An equal opportunity employer. Call Mr. Thomas, *. " WAITRESSES/ WAIT- ER, experienced Sun & holidays off SECURITY Guards, permanent & part time. Middlesex County, Hightstown & Lawrenceville Areas. Uniforms furn. All ages. For appt., call betw. 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Equal Opportunity Employer. CAREER In Sales ana" Management with major company due» to expansion. Sales experience helpful but not essential. Substantial, starting salary, with? incentive increases as earned. After a training period in sales a.n opportunity for a career in management is available. For jariiculars call " Mr! Penecale EOE. HOUSEKEEPING Personnel - immediate openings for experienced] persons only. Full time positions. Apply in person to Executive Housekeeper Hilton Inn, East Windsor, Mon-Fr, 9-5. No phone calls. FOOD & BEVERAGE - Dining room, Lounge & Banquet. Evenings Si weekends, Full time & on call. Apply in person. Eond & Beverage Office. Hilton Inn East Windsor. No phone calls.. INTERIOR Designer talented person with training in interior design-w/ability to sell; Residential interiors & or office furniture. Submit resume with salary history to: Leonard LaPlaca, Nassau Interiors, 162 Nassau St., Princeton, N.J DISHWASHER UTILITY - Lunches & dinners. Steady EARN A GOOD inoom'e - While you train for a- professional career in Sales. Call Mr. Cohen, E.O.E. m/f. SALES PERSON - Billion dollar company seeks 2 sales persons for expanding marketing office. Opportunity for management available after training period. Send resume in confidence to P.O. Box 5012, Trenton, N.J Equal opportunity employer m/f. Classifieds Work for YOU (609) Resumes THE PLAIN TRUTH ABOUT RESUMES by PRINCETON WRITING ASSOCIATES. As low as it may sound, 7 interviews out of every 100 resumes mailed out is considered a good response. When, however, you are dealing with New York Times blind box ads, the 7% goes down to 1%, if even that high. Blind box ads are the single toughest challenge to any job hunter, and the single most severe test of any resume. You can send hundreds and never hear a word. Recently a client of ours mailed 11 resumes, all to New York Times blind box ads within the course of one week., She received interviews with 6 (and was hired on the first one). That is a 55% response rate which is so extraordinary that some may not believe us. Let us help your job search by providing you with one of the best resumes you can obtain anywhere in the Nation. More, we will advise you on how to use it. Call us to find out more, we will answer all your questions & show samples of our work without fee or obligation EFFECTIVE. V/E-.SUMES - over if experience as a personnel manager & placement counselor. I can present your background in a professional ''mariner which will enable you to stand out from the rest. Call me & get your career in gear. By appt. only. After 5 p.m RESUMES UNLIMITED -Your complete one-stop resume service featuring resumes professionally written to highlight your qualifications, expertly typed & duplicated. For personal, confidential service call rtesurvi,s BY Gene Ryan - Your personalized & effective job marketing tool. Evening, appointments available.' Dayton, N.J , CAREER, JOB search & educational counseling - Testing & Resume in-, eluded. Dr. Michael L. Rosenthal, Jobs Wanted HONEST - reliable & dependable desires work as nurses aide, housekeeping, by day or week, taking care of elderly. Can work nights. Exc. references rreliable HONEST - irson seeks day work undays, also, housekeeper or care for elderly 5 days week. References i after 5pm. DEADLINE FOR NEW ADS IS 5 PM MONDAY EXPERIENCED MOTH- ER - desires to start daycare in home. Very loving care for newborn to 12mo. old infants. Twin Rivers EXPERIENCED housecleaner - seeks part time work. Call , ask for Becky. COMPLETE child care - in my W.W. home. Established care group. I offer loving care for your infant or toddler. Hot lunches, snacks, milk, juice and diapers are provided by myself. 2/10 mile from train station. For more information please call after 6 pm weeknights or CLEANING LADY available on Saturdays. Has own transportation & references. Please call Monday - Friday, 8-5. MATURE WOMAN - seeks job as companion for elderly at nignts or days work. Please call after 5pm. EXPER. TEACHER - will give loving care to your baby, my home, While you work. Mon. Jet. area BABYSITTING in my home, any age child, reasonable rates. H'boro area GENERAL REST- AURANT Management seeking a position in general management experienced in all phases of restaurant operations. Have experience in building construction. For resume, call COOK - Housekeeper, Jive in. Excellent references, 5 days HOUSEKEEPER looking for live-in job five days a week. Excellent cook, honest & responsible. Please call WILL BABYSIT - for your child, age 3 and up. home with spacious yard, located on Forrestal Campus. Excellent references. Call anytime. Flexible professional person with experience in accounting and mfg. supervision wants similar part time work. Available evenings or early mornings. 111 be happy to discuss any situation. Please send address or phone number for prompt response. Mr. Barry, P.O. Box 672, Princeton Jet., N.J LOOKING FOR housework (days). Call after 4:30. CHILD CARE: Experience 25 years, full or part time. Children, lunch, naps, beautiful playgorund. Licensed anytime. IRONING / SEWING - mending, heming by professional housekeeper. Princeton area MOTHER WITH - 1 yr. old would like to provide full time, attentive daycare for another child in my Chinese speaking Princeton home days, eves. HOUSEKEEPER entire household duties, hours available, rofessional. Own ins. & Eenefits carried. Ref RELIABLE MOTHER - wishes to babysit in own home day or weekly for children. 2 years and up. Located across the street from Perry Drew School. Call CHILD CARE - Mother with child care esp. forming small play and learning group. Private home, lunches provided. Infants & toddlers welcomed. Walter C. Black School area CHILD CARE - Infant or Toddler, wholesome home environment in West Trenton near Airport. Expert care. 30 yrs experience. Call WOMAN - honest & reliable desires live-in position taking care of sick or elderly person. Excellent references, own transportation. Call SPEECH / LANGUAGE Therapist - Recent graduate with M.S. degree desires CFY position. Available immediately, I)AY CARE / BABY- SITTING - by exp. teacher. Bruns. Acres, PROFESSIONAL TY- PING - for your manuscript, thesis, business correspondence & reports. Electric carbon ribbon machine. Pick-up & delivery HIGHLY EXPER- IENCED mother will give loving care to your infant or child in her home at very reasonable rates. Call for information, , or EXPERIENCED RI- DER will exercise ^our horses. Love horses. Love to ride. Flexible hours, Call Kathy KOUSECLEANING for working couples. Exp., own trans. Kightstown, E. & W. Windsors. References ask for Elsa. HOUSE CLEANING - Window cleaning, floor washing & waxing, general cleaning on weekly & monthly Dasis. Call after 5 p.m. PART-TIME Employment opportunitiies needed. If you or your company has a need for a youngperson to work part time, please contact the Guidance Office at Lawrence High School. Part-time jobs are needed for young people. Babysitting, cashier work, counter help, housecleaning, secretarial positions, clerical positions, manual labor jobs are needed. Kelp a young person to learn responsibility and develop his or her independence. Call and ask for Guidance, 8 am to 3 pm. EXPERIENCED MO- THER - would like to babysit for your child in my home full or part time. Call LANDSCAPE Architecture student at Rutgers seeking room or apt. in exchange for work. Exp. gardener, male, 30 yrs. References avail , leave message. JOB WANTED - looking for interesting job with future. I am 24, intelligent, clean cut, and have 2':i yrs of college. Call Al CHILD CARE - full/part time, experienced mother, preschool, play, lunch, naps. So. Bruns. area. Call betw. 4:30-6:30 p.m ATTENTION! Salesmen, Writers, Semi- Retired Businessmen! Do you need occasional office help? Typing: Invoices, letters, reports, label making, envelope stuffing. Reasonable hourly rates. Call Adrienne Moore : HOUSECLEANING - 2 experienced cleaners have a few openings in schedule. Current excellent references. $35- $40 per home. Our products or yours EXPERIENCED WOMAN - desires to care for elderly or disabled. Call evenings WILL BE - your private secretary. Write your letters, pay your bills. Work from my home. Call after 3pm. EXCELLENT TYPIST - with legal & language (French) experience; theses, manuscripts, dissertations. IBM Selectric II. Pick up & delivery. After 5pm WOMAN - dependable, honest, wishes work as housekeeper by day or week; refs, own trans, BABYSITTING in my home on Woods Rd. School busline NEW YORK - Advertising agency generalist seeks administrative position Central NJ area. Ms. Dickens (201) HARD WORKING - women seeking housework, live-in or days work. 5 days per week. Love children very much WANTED - typing to do at home. Call after 3pm. WELL KNOWN - and reliable mother wishes to babysit day or weekly. Located across the street from the Ethel McKnight School MOTHER"' 0FTER Childcare - for preschoolers (2-5 yrs). Playroom crafts, snacks, crib, TLC. Twin Rivers, CHILD CARE - in my home. Full or part time. Experienced. References "CHILD CARE - in my home. Lunch/snack, PT/FT, any "age BABYSITTING - in my home. Reliable mother. Infants & Toddlers. Hot lunch. Lawrenceville HANDYMAN - Available for windows, painting, yard work, home repair - you name it. Please call new no. Announcements A HAM DINNER will be given by the First Reformed Church of Rocky Hill on Saturday, November 8th from 4:30-8:00 pm. Adults - $6.00, Senior Citizen's $500, and children $3.50. The menu will be Tomatoe Juice, Mam, Baked potatoe with sour cream, Cole Slaw, Succotash, Apple Crisp a la mode, rolls, butter, coffee, tea or milk. HOLIDAY ARTS & Crafts Show & sale, Sun. Nov. 30th. Tables for rent. Monmouth Jet First Aid Squad , HAUNTINGLY DEL- ICIOUS - meatless quiches for your Halloween get together. 1 taste of this home made will bring your dead taste buds back to life. $8 with free delivery in area. 1 day's notice necessary. Call JUMPING STONE Nursery School - DeMott Lane, Somerset has openings in all groups. Call the Director for an appt. to observe RELATIONSHIP - Final Week. The definitive, transformational workshop on love, sexuality & relationships. Starts 7:30 p.m., Friday, Oct. 24 thru Sun, 26th. Two PhD leaders. For the bold & serious only CHILD & FAMILY HOME COUNSELING At their own home, child & family learn how to. cope with problemsarising from emotional, physical or developmental handicaps. (Priscilla Mal^n; OVEREATERS Anonym_ o u s meets Thursday eves, Hightstown. Call for' information: or ED'S AIRPORT TAXI - Transportation to all Airports. Or, if you prefer, Ed will drive you in your car to the airport or elsewhere. Call LOOK, LOOK, LOOK. There is parking at Princeton Station. Rates 50 cents per day. $1.00 for overnight, by the week.$3.00, by the month $8. The only overnight parking in Prjnceton TWIN COUNTY Country Day School, opening in Sept. Nursery & day care center in Kend. Pk., hrs. 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m., ages 2'.2-5, nutritious lunches, creative nursery & after school program. Call or INCREASE YOUR EFFECTIVENESS in work & personal relationships. Learn to use the positive aspects of your personality more productively. Weekly interaction meeting in a pleasant constructive group atmosphere. Certified group leader. Offices in Princeton & Kendall Park. Contact B. Blank, WICKER - Have a party, 20 o credit plus free gift SAVE THE DATES - Sat and Sun, Oct. 25 & 26, 10 to 6. Holiday Boutique Craft Sale - benefit of National Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Foundation at Martini Craft Center, 260 Glenn Avenue, Lawrenceville. INFORMAL CLASSES - in good-quality, low-cost meal preparation for friends & family. Beginning 2nd year. Sats. from Fundamental cooking techniques stressed. Lunch included. All welcome, including beginners. Class limited to 6. Sign up now WOMEN IN - transition. Human dev. program encouraging growth & awareness. Professionally trained leader. For info call Sheila Morgan or SINGLES: Swinging mixed up mixed doubles enjoy tennis & relax in lounge afterwards. Friday eves TRAIN NOW - for a career in the exciting and rewarding business of travel. Nassau Travel School is offering its beginners travel agent course starting Oct. 27. Call for information and brochure. WOMEN'S GROUPS - and Individual Counseling for Women. Dori (Berkowitz) Seider, T.A. Counselor, Member I.T.A;A ATTENTION - Bargain tabled'h'ote dinners served in congenial informal setting Mon thru Thurs. evenings at 6:30 in downtown Princeton. Good, real food prepared according to traditional, mostly French methods COOKING CLASSES - Saturdays from ll-2pm, downtown Princeton. Money-saving approach to good quality traditional cooking for friends and family. Fundamental techniques stressed. Informal but serious atmosphere. Beginning and ongoing students alike welcome. Includes lunch DO YOU OWN Christmas Cards. You.& an area cartoonist can design your own greeting cards to your specifications. Call SLIM - attractive widow, 52, shy & old fashioned, seeks kind gentleman who enjoys good home cooking & likes simple pleasures & can afford them. Reply Box #03424 c/o Princeton Packet. MODELS - Artist seeks attractive female figure models. Must be 18. Call mornings. SINGLE? 45 or over? TOP - OF - The - LINE SINGLES, positive emphasis organization for men & women, has begun its fall programs. Don't miss any more of them. Write today: "Singles," c/o 61 Nassau Street, Princeton, N.J Specify "Top-ofthe-Line Singles" in request. SUCCESSFUL, SELF- SUFFICIENT businesswoman, a 11- 'round quality lady looking to share the good times (and to be a Friend through the rough ones) with male counterpart who is 35-45, intelligent, sensitive, emotionally & physically healthy, who has a joy of life outlook and varied interests. Prefer one who has mature attitude towards his state of "singlehood" and has progressed to state of desiring some depth to his relationships. Box #03438 c/o Princeton Packet. ATTENTION SINGLES- Touehe '80 is a day-today calendar of social activities for singles in NJ - for info, call or SINGLE? 30's-40's? NEW DIMENSION Singles is for you! Programs focused to your needs/ interests. Don't miss any more of them! Write "Singles," c/o 61 Nassau St., Princeton, N.J Specify "New Dimension Singles" in request. WARM, good looking, giving, honest, loving 38 yr old male with sense of humor seeks good looking female w/same qualities. I live in a nice farmhouse near Princeton, speak fluent Spanish & Portugese, play all racquet sports, horseback ride and love to travel. Would like to meet you and have a Pina Colada, Write Box #03425 c/o Princeton Packet. HIGHLY INTELLI- GENT woman in mid- 50's with wonderful sense of humor would enjoy friendship of an extraordinary man who shares my love of integrity, spiritual growth, est, opera, mountain climbing, fine wines, and reading before an open fire. Reply Box #03419, c/o Princeton Packet. TENNIS PARTNER wanted. Competitive, interim-advanced for indoor playing. Call SINGLE? 20's-30's? YES! SINGLES is for you! Don't miss out on active plans for remainder of fall. Write "Singles," c/o 61 Nassau St., Princeton, N.J Specify "Yes! Singles" in request. WORSHIP FOR SINGLES this Sunday at 2 p.m. A sacred dance group will perform. Sermon: "The Rhythm of God." Singles' Christian Fellowship, First Presbyterian Church, 320 North Main, Hightstown. DATE SINGLE PROFESSIONAL PEOPLE We are a selective dating organization that understands the special needs of single, professional people. Call or write for Free Social Profile. Compatibility Plus, Inc., Box 3337P, Wayne, N.J. (201) SINCERE WHITE - male, 37, handsome, 5'8", seeks woman late 20's-40 for meaningful relationship. Varied interest. Must like children - have 2 daughters. Photo & phone appreciated. Box #03429, c/o' Princeton Packet. '"'.. SINGLE' ADULTS - Discuss your personal concens using "The Ungame" as a starter (it's a California favorite) this Friday at 8:45 p.m. Singles' Christian Fellowship, First Presbyterian Church, 320 North Main, Highstown for info. ATTR. ACADEMIC - male, 34, 5'10, thin, seeks serious relationship with bright woman. Reply Box #03418, c/o Princeton Packet. PERSONABLE, widely traveled woman, who enjoys theatre, opera, the arts, seeks companionship of unattached inale with similar tastes, aged Reply Box #03417, c/o Princeton Packet. ENGINEER 50 wants to meet woman 40-45, slim marriage minded. Reply Box #03422, c/o Princeton Packet. WHY DESCRIBE ME? Find out yourself. If sincere, unattached male, Reply Box #03420, c/o Princeton Packet. MUSICIANS, entertainers - Auditions being held for new innovative coffee house. Please call for appointment. NEED RIDE - to State House district, Trenion, for work. Have parking place & willing to pay gas. Live off Rt. 206, Lawrence Twp, after 5 pm. WORK WITH other women against nuclear weapons. Call or TALL, SINGLE white gentleman washes to meet attractive white single lady in 50's for afternoon dates, some weekends. Would expect a warm, close relationship with a stable, caring woman. Reply Box #03413, c/o Princeton Packet. IF YOU LIKE - Kalhua, walking on the beach in the winter, and singing songs off-key, this single Jewish engineer, male, 27, non-smoker, would like to meet you. Say "Hi" to Box #03403 c/o Princeton Packet. -ANTED: yr old Gentleman who is into horses, dancing, theatre, movies, dinners by 5'11" Gemini woman who is tired of the bar scene. Reply Box #03401, c/o Princeton Packet. TALL - attractive, funloving, active, nonsmoking, male seeks female same. Interests - theatre, dancing, travelling, sports. If interested in meeting write Box # c/o Princeton Packet. WOULD YOU LIKE to meet a 6'1", 36 yr old businessman who's trim, handsome, personable and romantic with varied interests? Are you slim and considered very att Will reciprocate photo! Reply Box #03400, c/o Princeton Packet. ELECTROLYSIS CLINIC - removal of Unwanted Hair using the Insulated Bulbous Probe. Men and WorneTi. Somerville f lies, Wed, Fri, 10 to 8. Dunellen Mon. and Thur 10 to 8. SINGLES DANCES at the Treadway Inn - Princeton - Three dances each month. The first and third Sundays at 8:00 p.m. The last Friday each month at 9:30 p.m. (609) , (609) I AM A PHILOSOPHER seeking financial help. Not my normal approach to life, but for my life, now, this step is next in my development. I have developed a philosophy of life - a philosophy that is 100% positively oriented to living and being. happy. My expressing this "magnificent" philosophy does have its problems. Without showing my grounding ideas, consider the following statements from my ethical position. Evil will end when each hunan heing takes responsibility for their own self. Evil will end when each person accepts absolutely, their own goodness and capacity to attain love and happiness. Evil defined, in part, as harming another, hurting other and self, doing injustice, being merciless, cruel, inequal and obstructing the development- of character (instilling habits that prevent feelings of esteem, respect, & love). A consequence of being responsible: We shall take care of our own pain. Pain/suffering dumped (blame, ridicule, insult) on other people creates more suffering, thus increasing the pain in the world. To only own your own pain will be to take pain out of the world! Why not write this philosophy, get an agent and send it to a publisher? You might ask, I have achieved an understanding of life that is fundamentally opposed to 20th century sensibility. And I have done it alone. Reaching out in this way is frightening (and safe) because rejection is simply non-response. I need to be heard. The reward for my writing will not be money (although I will earn money) but communion with the life spirit that is in all of us. If you hear me, if you are interested, write "Box #03322, c/o Princeton Packet. WRITER - small boat sailor, 35, seeks one unencumbered bright beauty, 25-35, nonsmoker. Princeton area. Reply Box #03404, c/o Princeton Packet. MATURE, AT- TRACTIVE professional female 23, who's tired of single bars. Interested in meeting a single professional man between Must be mentally and emotionally secure. Reply Box 03383,- c/o Princeton Packet. "HOW TO PREVENT Your Son or Daughter from Becoming a Homosexual." Ask for this booklet free of,charge. Also now available free, the booklet "Healing for the Homosexual." New Song, Box #03146 c/o Princeton Packet. ADVENTUROUS, attractive slender blond, 5'8", educated, intelligent, sensitive, playful, who loves wind, water, athletics, dance, travel, seeks liberated, affectionate, professional man, 30-45, to share joys of life & build vibrant, fulfilling relationship. Somerville Box 274. JAZZ DRUMMER searching to form/join.existing band. Call nites. MRS. TAYLOR - reader, by handwriting analysis. Also card readings. Call for an appointment or further information am-9pm. PRETTY - independent seeks tall unattached man intelligent. Box #03399 c/o Princeton Packet. YOUNG CHILDREN months, are needed for a study of how early development affects learning to read. We are particularly interested in children whose parents have ever experienced any reading problems, but all families are invited to participate. For more information, please call , at Rutgers University. V-... -i,.-. rr.-':-+*. r.

33 Week Of October Classified Advertising 7-B Personals Personals Bargain Mart Bargain Mart Bargain Mart Bargain Mart Bargain Mart Bargain Mart Bargain Mart "4 XT, 3 4 I SINGLE - 45 & over? "TOP OF THE LINE SINGLES", a positive emphasis singles group for men and women 45 yrs & up is organizing now for the Fall season. Interested? Write "Singles", 61 Nassau St, Princeton, NJ Indicate "TOP OF THE LINE" in your request or call , 9-5 wkdays. ESTABLISHED BUSINESSMAN Wishes to meet slim, attractive, athletic woman between 20 & 30 for sincere & lasting relationship. Very interested in sailing & sports. If you feel the same thrist for" adventure & travel please respond & include recent photo. Reply to Box #03386 c/o Princeton Packet. You, out there, are you looking for the same things I am? An attractive, alive, successful, intelligent friend with a sense of humor to share theatre, walks, talks, tennis, etc? If you're a white single man between 55 and 70 and interested in finding out more about me, let me know and we'll meet for lunch. Reply Box #03380, c/o Princeton Packet. PROFESSIONAL MALE - 34, good features, 5'11", varied interests. Seeks slim, attractive woman, 25-36, 5'2" - 5'6", College grad, or semiprofessional, no dependents under 13. Enclose photo. Reply Box H c/o Princeton Packet. SINGLE? - 20's & 30's? YES SINGLES is for you! Organizing for fun filled schedule of active Fall programs. Just write c/o "Singles" 61 Nassau St, Princeton, NJ Indicate "YES SINGLES" in your request, or call , 9-5 wkdavs. - D 0 SOMETHING ORIGINAL!! - You & an area cartoonist can design your own greeting cards to your specifications. Call' ATTORNEY MAKES house call'; on wills (from $35), house closings ($250-buyer, $110-seller), unc. selfdivorces ($100), Incorporations ($100). All plus costs where applicable. James E. De Martino. Hillsborough, NJ (leave message). "PLEASE HELP" - was involved in auto accident Thur. 9/25/80, 11:10 am at Province Line Rd & Princeton Pike. Received summons for "disregard stop sign". Need the one witness who saw me stop, to prove mv innocence. Please call Susan ATTRACTIVE 5'5" 110 lbs, 24 yr old, selfemployed business woman) & mother of a 3 yr old daughter. Is seeking a meaningful relationship with attractive, single, wellgroomed established businessman, 30 to 40 years old, 5'11" to 6'4" well built. No emotional hang ups. "Must like children!" Reply Box #03415, c/o Princeton Packet. PLAY BRIDGE LADIES? - Princeton Jet., area. Call SINGLE - sensitive, successful businessman, with variety of interests, is tired of singles scene. He seeks a Christian woman 30-45, for meaningful close relationship. Photo and phone appreciated, but not necessary. Reply Box #03302, c/o Princeton Packet. TALL, SENSITIVE MAN, - 29, seeks tall woman for dating and compan-' ionship. Have variety ot interests, and find snyness attractive. Box H c/ o Princeton Packet. DEADLINE FOR NEW ADS IS 5 PM MONDAY SINGLE HANDSOME - self-employed, 35 yr. old man. Brown hair & eyes, 165 lbs., 5'8". Not involved in drugs, alcohol & singles scenes. I enjoy quiet romantic music, quiet dinner, social drink, dancing, 1 movies, sports, outdoors ana drives. The woman I seek for a close intimate, loving relationship with a one ofa kind guy must be single (no children), slender, unattached, honest & sincere, yrs. old. Reply Box #03333 c/o Princeton Packet. I'KKGNANT? WANTHKLP? (\*I.l. HIKTIIIUGHT <i(>!> Free confidential service and tree pregnancy - we do care." LEGAL KITS -Printex, Do-It-Yourself. Divorce, Wills, Bankruptcy, Name change, Power of Attorney, Incorporation, Separation and Property Settlement. Call anytime. TROUBLED? Family Service has counseling. Non-profit United Way Supported HAVING TROUBLE meeting or staying with the right person? Loneliness counseling could help you find what you're seeking. Individuals/ small groups. Michael L. Rosenthal, M.S.W., Ed.D COS.T OF LIVING - got you down? If you have a spare room in 5*our home, you can improve, youi income by selecting''' a housemate safely through the Roommate Finding Service. For info, call > HIGHTSTOWN Planned Parenthood Clinic - Monday evenings. Call GAY Switchboard information center. Call Best hours 7-10 p.m. Mon. thru Thurs. ALCOHOLICS Anonymous Help and Information. Call 6'09-~ ,*KAY'S Introduction Service - all ages. Meet a partner for a friendship or marriage "! FEELING STRESS - tension, conflict? Contact'SI. David's '.Counseling Se'rv , LONELY? Anticipations' Dating Service. P.O. Box 384, Island Heights, N.J Bargain Mart NEW CHIMNEY - kit, 8' of pipe for 10" pipe. $80. Shallow well pump $30. Gas saw reciprocating $30. 4 Granada wheel covers $25. Chevy truck wheels and Granada wheels $5 ea KONICA CAMERA - Perfect cond, auto reflex shutter speed, best offer. Must sell. With carrying case before 9am or after 6pm. EXQUISITE COUNTRY : French decorator 8' couch, mushroom crushed velvet, feather & down pillows, looks new. Square glass & chrome cocktai) table LIONEL - AF, HO, MARKLIN, 35 yrs. repair service. Used- New. We'll buy your trains. Oct. hrs. Thurs, Fri 9-12 & 1-4:30; Sat ' OF-quality kitchen counter top w/sink FREE STANDING fireplace, corner unit - New. $295. Thomasville sofa $150 with matching recliner $ after 5pm. PUMPING IRON b set, w/bench & extras. Call Bill, CUSTOM CUT Firewood for wood stoves. Cut 17" & under & a variety of sizes for easy handling & better burning. Also regular firewood available. Sold by dump truck loads am - 10 pm or pm - 10pm. LIVING RM- Furniture. Beige rug, 12x12. Sectional sofa, turquoise. Other misc items. Reasonable. Call after 5 pm SOLID LIGHT - cherry dining room table (with leaf) 72 inches, with 4 captain chairs, $300; step end table, maple, $40. Call DESK - Steel office desk, $75. Call GOOD USED - Furniture. Chests, dressers, tables, desks, sets of chairs, much more. Surick Antiques, 44 Spring Street, Princeton Open Mon- Sat, ll-5pm. NINE-DOOR walk-in refrigerator unit for store or deli. Everything included;compressor 8 months old. Best offer buys. Must sell in 2 weeks. Call DROP-LEAF round pipe dining table, seats 8, $150; 48" round walnut table, $35, BEDROOM SET - like new; 2 swivel kit chairs; 6' wood ladder; Lady's black wool coat w/mink collar, size DINING NOOK - wood grain Formica, 4' x 2', ideal for playrm. or breakfast rm., $30, metal office desk & swivel chair, $75, CRIB - white wood/- mattress $65; child's white wood table w/2 chairs, $20; Prov. rm. table w/4 upholstered chairs, $125; Col. hutch, $ ANTIQUE WHITE Crib, dresser & dressing table, good condition $ CHAIN SAW - Echo 602- VL, 20" bar, near new condition BOXES OF BOOKS - Popular Science magazines, motorcycle magazines, glassware for collections, toys, furniture. Very reasonable LV. ROOM SET, lamps, tables. Will sell separate. Wrt. iron baker's rack OAK CHINA CABINET - buffet & deck, brand new by Thomasville, $ BAR STOOLS - for 36" high bar, swivel, wrought iron base & foot rest, noney gold, padded seat & high Dack. Top of line quality, $200 for FREEZER, FRIGI- DAIRE - 21 cu. ft., upright, $ LVG. RM. COUCH - 2 Velvet chairs, assort, baby things BABY ITEMS : Perego carriage, crib, GM loveseat, swing, feeding seat, toys & clothes, very gd. cond FRANKLIN STOVE - for sale. 3 yrs. old, very good cond.,.all cast iron, grate & 'Screen included, $200. Call OAK SIDEBOARD - with bevel mirror, turn-ofcentury, very good condition, $275, ONE FREEZER - 10 refrigerators, 4 Maytag washers, 3 electric dryers 3 gas dryers, 1 port, black & white TV, 1 lawn mower, guaranteed & can- deliver ANTIQUE - pot belly stove coal-wood, call Mark, DINING ROOM CHAIRS - oval coffee table, typewriter, extension table, misc INFANT - Age 4 clothes & baby equipment :30-7:45 a.m. or eves 6-9 p.m. TOYS - glassware, collectible items, smoke damaged furniture, numerous odds 'n ends. Call Thurs. & Fri., 10am - 4om. MUST SELL - assorted furniture from house, at assorted prices. Call after 6pm SEE WHAT Mary Kay Cosmetics can do for you. Call or for an appointment. OIL FURNACE - International, 6 yrs old, BTU, Reasonable DESK - Large 6x3 feet, walnut exec, style, good cond. Call after 6pm. BABY GRAND PIANO - Ebony Sacrifice $ ,SOFA-78", like new, gold color Herculon fabric, quick sale, $ POOL TABLE - 8', 3/4" slate, like new, save $500 on quick sale SOFA - 3 cushion contemporary, 80" champagne color, $ SOFA & CHAIR - Colonial floral print, very good condition, $250. Simmons sleep sofa, $75. Call after 4:30 p.m HIDE-A-BED - Queen size, Sterns & Foster, used 1 mo., must sell due to transfer. $ INDUSTRIAL Sewing machines - mirrors, dress racks, dress form , 9-5:30. WHEAT STRAW - $60/ton or $l/bale. Call after 5pm, FIREWOOD - split & seasoned. $40 half cord, $80 full cord. Delivered after 5pm. CONTEMPORARY solid wood furn. dining tble 60"x36", coffee tble 40" sq, 2 Parsons end tbles, rocker, white upholstered desk chair, 2 wool Rya rugs, 8'2"xH'6", fur jacket, sheep coat, wedding gown size 5 other items , CORNER SECTIONAL sofa, chairs, lamps, pictures, 2 600X12 snow tires like new, must sell SLEEP SOFA - yellow & rust; rust recliner; 6'x9' area rug. Exc. cond SOFA, LOVESEAT & CHAIR - $ TAG SALE Entire household to be sold - Everything from furnishings to the pots & pans. Sat & Sun, Oct 25 & 26, 9am-5pm, 321 Ewing St, Princeton. SPRINGSTEEN TIC- KETS - (4) Dec. 9th, Spectrum after 5 pm. TWO FULLY Equipped offices!!!!! Executive desk and executive chair with two side chairs. Secretarial desk and chair with two side chairs. Included: Dictaphone, four drawer filing cabinet and copier. Excellent condition, practically new. Price $2500. Call CLOTHES DRYER - swap or sell, Sears '76 elec. dryer for gas dryer. $ , 6-8pm. WANTED - TRIO Tag Sale buyer who purchased Cherry Sideboard at Princeton Tag Sale approximately one year ago. Please contact me at SOFA BED - $100. Upholstered rocker, $75. Call CREATIVE WALL & Floor stencilling , NIKKO 815 am/fm receiver w/a pair of Pioneer 3-way speakers, still under factory warantee WOOD GRAIN Formica oval tble w/extension & 4 chairs, $100; black & white bar unit & stereo unit, $75; wooden Provincial style desk, $ LAWN MOWER CLEARANCE - All remaining inventory of Goodyear lawn mowers reduced to cost prices. Final liquidation. Easy terms. Goodyear POOL COVER - 16'x24', heavy duty, 1 yr. old, $35. Call after 5pm, DINETTE SET - Walnut formica finish w/2 leafs & 6 chairs. Call eves CHILDS ROCKING Horse exc. cond, $25; kitchen tble w/4 highback chairs, beige vinyl, exc. cond, $75; stereo console, am/fm tape deck, record player, $150, like new PAN AM COUPON - Two round trip tickets for price of one. Good for Australia, New Zealand, India, Singapore, and others. Best offer over $ ANTIQUE OAK - pedestal table, 42" round, 4 spindle chairs, $250. After 5pm ' HOT WATER HEATER - & stove, both electric, 4 G78xl5 new tires, tv console, wrought iron foyer light, Hammond organ, vanity, port, tv, games & toys LEAF BLOWER - 5hp, Yard-man Jet Sweep. $150; Lawn sweeper, 30 Parker, hitch & sweep, $75. Call eves & wkends. CONFERENCE ROOM tble, 95"x42" $75; gold loose cusnion tuxedo sofa, 82" long, $50; square 30"x30 fruitwood coffee tble w/glass top, $ LINED - brown velvet drapes, 84x96" and 54x96". Like new. $700 value asking $ SWIVELING GLOBE - lamps, chrome, $25 each, 3 for $60. Call IN. MAGIC CHEF - gas stove, new, used only 6 mos, $175. Call bet. 5 & 6 pm RUG - 9x12, orange tones, $125; rug, 8x10, oriental type, geometric design, rea background, $165; quilted bedspread, kingsize, with 2 pr. 90" drapes, cream background,. beige, brown, black, green & gold design, $40; quilted bedspread, full size, white embroidery, $15; pr. old lovely Dresden type figurine lamps on ornate metal base, 24" high with white silk shades, $100; very old lithograph printed in New York by Jacoby & Zeller, "Lake at Wintermare" 31x26" w/frame, $35; very good JB Corqt copy on canvas of bridge, framed, 34"x30", $45; contemporary oil painting of Paris scene, 44"x33 framed, $45; painting of a girl with hat, very nice frame, 18"x22", $25; all items are in excellent condition. Please call mornings till 10 am or evenings after 7pm MOVING, MUST SELL - 1 double bed, walnut, matress, springs w/2 matching dressers, excell. cond. $900 or best offer. Single cherry, w/dresser, mirror, $175. Deacons bench $45. Colonial rocker, $55. 9 in. Sears Radial saw w/stand, $ FRENCH PROV. - breakfront, 53"wx78"h, 3 doors. Coffee table, Wyman, lazy Susan with marble center, light fruitwood, exc. cond, best offer DINING TABLE - Henkel Harris Queen Anne reproduction, 3 leaves, best offer over $550. Rug, 8x10, India, $ BEDROOM SET - OaK, dble bed, 2 night tbles w/lamps, chest on chest, triple dresser w/mirror, gold carpet, 54 sq yd. Odds & ends. Reasonable, SOFA - 94" light green uphol. w/matching chair, $200; 4 kitchen chairs, $40; Van seat, $50; Jalousie windows (5) w/screens & storms (2) 57x65; (2) 62x65, (1) 78x65, $40 set after 6pm. CAMERA - Rolleflex SL35. with fl.8 50mm Planar lens, exc. cond, $ SOFA - 7 ft, exc. cond, life time spring guarantee, l'a yrs. old, Herculon earth tones, $300 or best offer PIN BALL MACHINE - Duotron, 2-player, exc. cond CARVED HALL - bench, Jacobean period, 5'3"x3'8". To see call KENMORE ELECTRIC - range,, 2 yrs, old, $175; Motorola console stereo, $90; refinished walnut buffet, $75; girls' 3 speed Schwinn, $ YELLOW - nylon carpeting, white nylon short shag carpet w/flecks of green & yellow. Custom bedspread w/3 yards 56" wide extra material. 6' artificial plant in pot. 10 white window snades w/various trims. 3 beige textured shades & 3 gold textured shades w/olive trim BEAUTIFUL WHITK wedding gown, long sleeves, lace top, size 8, sacrifice at $ FIREWOOD split & seasoned. $110 cord delivered or CONFUSED about alternate energy? At 'IThe Stove Barn" we'll give you the facts - the only hot air is in our stoves. We have wood & coal units; water heaters to fit your present stove, safety equipment, accessories & installations. "The Stove Barn" - Station Sq, Belle Mead. I Give us a call at i BOUTIQUE CLOTHING - size 8 & 10, designer shoes, Charles Jourdan boots (6' 2 ), unusual items, all excellent condition mornings till noon. SOFA BED, chair, 2 ftstools, polelamp. $150 takes all LIVING RM Furn. Fr. Prov. 2 pc sect couch ft each. ($250) RCA Console Color TV needs repair $50. Dining Rm table Formica top $50. Call after 5pm BOYS CHEST - 5 drawer. Early Am. w/formica top, exc cond $75; GE console stereo, $50; Philco 25" color console TV$100; both need minor repair SIMMONS SOFA BED - Good condition. Call after 6pm, WOODSPLITTING-have your firewood split for the Winter. Reasonable rates SEARS COLDSPOT - Portable refrigerator. Bronzetone. A-l condition. After 5pm TRADITIONAL LIV Rm furniture, ' upholstered sofa 88", 2 tall caned back chairs, easy chair & matching ottoman, 2 end tbles by Baker 26" round, 22x26 rectangular, best reasonable offer SELLING CONTENTS of lv. & dn. rooms. Pieces inc. wing chair (grn. pattern) gold sofa, 9'xl5' grn. rug, 8' x 10' braided rug, birch tables, Stifel lamp, birch dn. table & chairs & hutch APPLES - CIDER - PUMPKINS. This is the peak of the Harvest season at Terhune Orchards. Our apples are wonderfully crisp & juicy, our cider is a taste delight w/no preservatives, our pumpkins are of every size & shape. Come out to the farm just off Carter Rd. Open daily 9-6, Sat & Sun ELECTRIC RANGE - 4 burner, 20" wide, excellent condition, $ FOR SALE - 2 Olivetti TES-501's integrated word processing / information retrieval systems. Call HAND CRAFTED old wood Pine Dining Rm set,54"roundtble,hutch,5 captains chairs, Ipswich finish. Best offer COMICS FOR SALE-DC - Marvel, 50 c - $5 each. Call Eric , 7:30-10pm.. DOUBLED HEAD- BOARD, white provincial plus mattress rack, 2 twin mattress racks, 2 yellow levelors (93'.i" wide 58'. 2 " high) and (69V wide 58'i;" high.) Gold frame mirror 24x28", 2 wool throwrugs, lg blue vase Hi." tall. Call after 5. UNIQUE CHRISTMAS gift, original watercolor of your home, done on location or photo, examples avail, reasonable prices. Call J. Schwilk, SIMMONS HIDE-A-BED - black vinyl contemporary, very good condition, $200. Call OFFICE CHAIRS, desks, air conditioners, 1 Ige sofa, offset press, Diazo printer, etc. "Must sell, can see at Triangle Repro Center, 12 Chambers St., Prn. M-F, 9-5. MOVING to Europe - '78 Magnavox color TV, 21" console, Ital. style '78 Hoover vacuum cleaner, power drive, w/tools, '79 Westinghouse automatic humidifier, 4-gal. Also steam iron, toaster eves & wknds. FIREWOOD - Seasoned & Split. 16" to 18" face cord. Pick-up or delivered. $75 & up. Call WHEELCHAIR - Cost $215, sell $65. Also refrigerator in good cond. Reasonable DISHWASHER - Hotpoint, 2 mo. old, portable, cutting board top. yellow. Orig. $275 asking $ after 5 FIREPLACE WOOD - Reasonable price. SlOO/cord undelivered after 5pm. TAPE PLAYER booster amp for car. Sanyo PB5050, 25 watts per channel. New. S eves. BRAND NEW - From Closing Children's Boutique. Very Special Infant And Toddler- Items At Up to 50,', Discounts. Handsmocked dresses by "The Smockerv". Charleston, $17 to $25.50 Velour tops and coveralls by bebe jou, Switzerland. $9.75 to $13.50 (originally S19.50 to $27). Handwoven blankets by Churchill Weavers", Berea, Kentucky. $11.50 to $20. And much more. Outgrown Shop, 234..Nassau Street. Princeton. Tues - Fri Sat CAST IRON - woodburning cookstove. Home Comfort, Needs repair. Cash & carry evenings. FREESTANDING Crown gas dble oven w/range & rotisserie, copper color., eves. GARRARD - turntable, 25 watt stereo w/table top speakers, beginners sewing machine, color tv. 30 gal. all glass fish tank, official size Ping- Pong table FRIGID AI RE - portable dishwasher. butcher block, in exc. cond. $ GE gas drver $ REDECORATING for the Holidays? - Are you seeking expert advice and courteous service? Do you want a decorating service and complete installations on everything for your home? The Saums Interiors is your answer! Act now 'for Holiday decorating, call for further information. CUSTOM DESIGNED Hand Painted children's Sweat Shirts. Ideal for that special gift PLUSH CHOCOLATE - velour sofa & loveseat, trimmed with wood & chrome, $400. Days ext 272, eves FIREWOOD - Seasoned hardwood, delivered & stacked. Face cord $90, full cord $130. Call after 3pm. IRRESISTIBLE - jiant floor pillows. Masterfully crafted from designer weaves. Low prices because we sell direct to you. Must be seen! The Sultan's Pillow, or SKI EQUIPMENT - Rentals-Lease-Purchase for Season. All types Equipment & Tuning. All top name clothing on sale. Ski Chalet, Rt. 206, Belle Mead ;30O0. PACHYSANDRA for Fall planting - $7.50 & $6.50 per flat. Daytime, KING SIZE - mattress & box springs, top of the line Stearns & Foster, 4 yrs old eyes POTTERY BY CHERIE - Every item one of a kind. $2 to $20. Also custom-made to your order FRANKLIN STOVE - complete with screen, pipes, grate, $ CIDER & APPLES - S c h i e 1 k e' s F arm. Princeton Jet. - Cranbury Road or HUMMEL PLATES 1971 to 1978 avail plus some figurines, also 1970 to 1973 Boehm plates plus some inexpensive Boehm sculptures, days. 5B eves & wkends. WANTED - Captain's / cabin bed. Call REFRIGERATOR - Kenmore 12.7 cubic ft, single dr., like new, with service contract. Best offer. ( ext SIMPLICITY BROAD- MOOR - lawn tractor. 7 li.p., electric start. 36" mower deck, $575; Sears shredder / mulcher $90; 2 oak and cane chairs $30: enamel top kitchen table. 4 chairs $40; early RCA tv $ FIREWOOD, SlOO/cord ask for Steve. DECORATOR FIREPLACE - Exc. cond. Can hold gas logs SUPER SALE Freezers, floor models, exc cond, cash & carry, some older models avail also. United Public Service Refrigeration, ANTIQUE FURNITURE - Used law mowers, parts & decks SPRING MEADOW Farm freezer beef. naturally raised, no steroids; pork products, no nitrates; quantities to convenience. Firewood for sale, aft 6 & wkends BROYKILL DINING Room - Barzilia Design. 6 chairs, 72" table, server. 0 it glass hutch. Excellent condition. $ STEREO RECEIVER - 35 watt Scott. 20 watt stereo amp,, turntable. Pioneer cassette deck, Dolbv STEREO COM- PONENTS - 2 speakers, am-fm radio, amplifier, turntable QUEEN SIZE Mattress & boxspring, headboard, dresser / mirror. Reasonable REFRIGERATOR, gas stove, apt. washer, 2 rugs, tub washer, carpenter's chest after 6 pm. JUKE BOX - Needs tubes, needle & elbow grease, asking $200. Eves & wknds, POOL TABLE SALE - 8' - 7' tables - all slate. Starting from $499. Call Princeton Pool Tables,, i

34 8-B Classified Advertising Week Bargain Mart Bargain Mart Bargain Mart Bargain Mart Bargain Mart Bargain Mart UPS FROM CRAN- BURY - Do you realize that if your package ne'eds insurance, UPS is probably cheaper? CCC, 60 N. Main 11:15-4:00 Tues.-Fri. PERSIAN LAMB cape & matching hat - dyed red w/black leather trim. $2500 orig. Will sell for $500. Worn 3 times P.OOL TABLES - New Tables. Will purchase your old table in trade. Installation - Supplies - Repairs. Pool & Ski Chalet Rt. 206, Belle Mead COUCH - Contemporary, Aztec print, 93 long, exc. cond, $700 new. asking $250; Colonial trestle desk, pine, 3 drawers, compartments. Asking $175. After 7pm FIREWOOD Seasoned 1 yr under cover. Best quality hardwood. Split & delivered, $125/cord ENGLISH SADDLE - Stueben "Siegfried" 16Va in, exc. condition, used only 1 season, 46 in. all leather girth inc. $350 firm eves. OVAL QUEEN ANNE- Dining table, 64x42 in, with 3 12 in. leaves (extends to 90 in), with 4 matching chairs with upholstered seats, $300 or best offer. Maple double bed with head & foot boards, box spring & mattress, $80. Cherry Queen Anne oval coffee table, 56x26 in, $50. Maple single bed, headboard, footboard & side rails, $50. Call after 6pm. SHRUBS - Dig your own and save at River Hill Farm. Pine. Juniper, Spruce, Holly, Taxus, Azalea, etc. $2. & up. Sat. & Sun. 8am to 5pm. From Somerville Circle, 202 So. 5 miles, make left at South Branch, go 1000 feet, make right, go 1V 2 miles. Farm is on left at sign FIREWOOD - split - dump truck load, approx. 1 cord/$90. Delivered & dumped FIREWOOD FOR SALE - Delivered. All hard woods, oak, cherry & ash. Eves call BICYCLE - girl's blue Raleigh, 3 spa., 26 in., 2 new tires, exc. cond., $ after 6 pm. RANCH MINK COAT - full length, size 8-10, dk. brown Blackgama, finest quality, $800 firm SAMPLE SALE - "Polly Flinders" smocked Holiday dresses, 40% - 50 o savings. Selected sizes 0-7 yrs. Sat., Oct. 25, l-3pm, 18 Krabs Rd. (Princeton Collection) Plainsboro, NJ. BEDROOM SET - 5 pcs, like new, solid pecanwalnut, $ eves, or days. 2 SECT. 54" EA. - 2 REFRIGERATOR Danish arm chairs, Westinghouse, gold, 14 bench 72x18, tble 32x48, cu. ft, frostfree, 3 yrs, Wht. formica rd. tble. $250. Suede coat, size 12, 40". Table lamp. Floor $80. New Singer dress lamp. Call form, $ eves. COLOR TV - 19" portable, exc. cond, $125, TV stand $ SLEEPER SOFA - love seat, matching drapes, $ walnut Park Lane tbles, $600. Call , 5:30-7:30 p.m. POOL TABLE - for sale. 7ft. bar table, exc. condition. $ after 5:30. 7' DOUBLE sleeper couch - Black & white plaid, yellow slip cover, $ modern walnut bureaus, scratch resistant top, $ WATER BED - Queen size, looks like conventional bed, $ KIT. RANGE - burns wood/coal. Cream & Green $ PHASE LINEAR - amp. 400 series 2updated, $350. Eureka upright carpet vacuum, $15. Rice pattern china, 12 5-pc. place settings, $ INFANTS' & TOD- DLERS' outfits, $l-$5. Men's overcoats, $6-$30; suits, $6-$40; sweaters, $4-$12; shirts $2-$6. Women's coats, $7-$35; dresses, $4-$25; skirts & slacks, $3-$15. Girls' dresses, $1.50-$7. Boys' winter jackets, $4-$15. OUTGROWN SHOP, 234 NASSAU STREET, PRINCETON. Tues - Fri Sat POTS & PANS-Cast iron set, 9 pcs, $ PING PONG table, $25; under counter freezer.20x 35, $65; Magnavox color tv, 25", am/fm phono, $ BEDROOM SET - Five piece, cordovan ' mahogany, vintage '50's. $ FIREWOOD - mixed hardwoods, seasoned, split, delivered. Stuart Long, SPEAKERS - pair of JBL77, needs some wprk, $150. Also, Advent 400 speaker, $25. Turntable 1 Garrard, $ SONY - 17" remote control, 1 yr. old, $325. King size near new mattress $250. Two Tiffany type lamps $ pc. modular couch $120. Nursery; natural wood chest drawers & rocker $100. Chain saw $ stool bar set, exc. cond. $250. Charcoal barbeque $ OIL BURNER - Thatcher Low Boy, oil tank with 150 gal. oil, $275. Bathroom sink $ PINBALL MACHINES - exc. cond. fully guaranteed, from $300 to $400. Also slate top Pool Table, exc. cond, $ EFFEL WOODSTOVE - Glass front, air tight. $350. Call after 4 pm, STEREO CABINET - Custom made Oak, incl, Bogen receiver, Garrard TT, Jensen 6 way speakers. Mint cond. Orig $1250. Asking $400. Marmet navy carriage w/accessories, like new, $ BARRELS - 52 gal. oak for wine, cider or rain barrels, $18/ea '.-' SQ Wool Carpet - sofabed w/bolsters, $175"? DINING ROOM TABLE, 6 chairs, 2 leaves, & pads, $150; evenings. WINDOW SHADES & BLINDS - Woven Woods. 1" Mini Blinds, Vertical. Slats, Custom Shades. All Famous Brands. Riviera, Levelor, Kirsch, Delmar, Bali, etc. 'Expert Installations, "At Home" estimates. Discount pricing. The Paint Barn, 4030 Quaker Bridge Rd, Trenton, DIAMOND SOLITAIRE Earrings, 80 pts. total weight, 6 prong Tiffany setting, appraised value $1650. Best offer REFRIGERATOR / Freezer - green, GE, 19 cu. ft. side/side, $250. GE 15 cu. ft. upright freezer, $175. Simmons crib w/mattress & matching 5-drawer chest, $200. Walnut 4-drawer chest, $75. Walnut night stand, $25. 2 twin beds - frame, mattress & box spring, $75 per set. Solid maple 7- drawer desk, $ wash bowls with faucets, $15/ea day, eve. STEEL (NEW) - all. products small orders O.K. Mon-Sat, Sampson Metal Service, New Brunswick, NEW HOOVER - upright vacuum cieaner, $100. Call from 7-9pm. INTERIOR DESIGNER - 30% Off on Furniture, Window Fashions, Lighting, etc. P r.o fessional Consultation available. Call Nikki Harris TYPEWRITER - Royal Office with ball, like new, carbon ribbon. Orig. cost $895. Sacrifice $ STEREO, Magnavox Console,.5'4"x2'2" am/fm radio, attractive solid maple cabinet in excellent condition, components need minor repair. Best offer evenings. BIKE - Schwinn 24" wheel Varsity Sport, 10- spd, $100. Dynafit ski boots, size 5, $25. both excellent condition. Call evenings FIREWOOD - Seasoned oak & seasoned hardwoods. Split & del POOL SERVICES - Get guaranteed service, reasonable prices. Open & close agreed before work is done. Renovate your pool now. Liners - Filters. All Work Co FIREPLACE WOOD - Guaranteed, seasoned hardwoods. Del. & stacked. Our 26th year. Charlie Vincent, FOR SALE - large collection HO trains. Call PIECE - solid wood dining rm set, 50 yrs old, exc. cond., $2000. Call after 5:30 pm. HAY FOR SALE - Timothy mulch & good quality mixed grass hay. Also wanted Cream Separator FRAMED FLOWER - prints 11x16 $20 each, Oak wash stand gd. cond. $150, Oster electric foot bath $ after 5 pm. COUCH - Conlemp style, 71", loose cushion, rusty brown nylon velvet, very good cond. $150. Dining table (36"x48" oval) dark pine Formica top, new $ after lpm. BRAND NEW Thomasville Mediterranean pedestal dining rm. table, asking $700. Call bet. 7 & 9pm, VISIT OUR STOVE SHOP and see America's Award Winning Temp- Wood Stoves also Apache, Atlanta and Bennet-Ireland stoves and fireplace Inserts. Chimney materials, grates, Coal and fireplace accessories. We're a lot more than a lumber yard. ' / Stop in today. J.S. AMERMAN CO. "Your Pro-Mart Home Center" Neshanic Station, N.J. Phones or 4202 CHANGED DECOR! - 3 pcs Sectional Sofa, blue, exc cond. Orig $1500 will sacrifice for $250, FIREWOOD - by the truckload, $50, split & delivered FIREWOOD - for sale. Call PLYWOOD Sheathing- Ext. 4x8 3/8", $7.18; Vi>" $8.38; 5/8" $11.38; 3/4" $ Andersen wdws to 37% discount. Lumber: discount prices. T 1-11 plywood siding, $ Roofing shingles, $7.98 Bdl., R.R. Ties, 6x6x8, $5.90. Toll free, WALLPAPER 's of rolls in stock, Save Up To 75%. Wholesale Discounts on Huge Selection of Books To Order from... Special 30% Sale Every Month. Fast, Courteous service. Expert Sales Staff. The Paint Barn, 4030 Quaker Bridge Rd, Trenton, ! HIGH FUEL BILLS? - Choose OilTurnatiyes. Specializing in air tight wood/coal stoves, multifuel furnaces, pipe, accessories, expert installation and advice. Visit our new location, 33 W. Broad St., Hopewell, N.J. Open Tues-Fn, lpm- 8pm, Sat & Sun, 11am- 5pm WOOD BOILER. Heat your whole house not just one room. Connects to your existing heating system. See The Furnace Works SFB-3 in operation. Sales - Service - Installation. Joseph M. Pinelli. Hopewell, NO WAX FLOORS - Bib Savings on In Stock Closeouts. Lowest Prices on all Major Brands. Congoleum, Armstrong, G.A.F., Mannington. Top Rated Installation & Estimates Service. The Paint Barn, 4030 Quaker Bridge Rd, Trenton, LARGE SELECTION ofreconditioned Simplicity and International Harvester riding lawn mowers and tractors, 5 to 20hp EDISON FURNITURE is still open at the same location. For USED FURNITURE of every description come see us. Rt. 611 south of Doylestown, Pa. 9-4:30, closed Sunday. TOM'S TREE SERVICE - Tree cutting. Nashua wood stove dealer. For more information call or write P.O. Box 133, Pennington, N.J WINDOW TREATMENTS i/:w>ff VERTICAL BUNDS i" Lcvolor Blinds woven woods custom Window Shades (all for price quotation li MUM & Wall Decor DISCOUNT GUNS &AMIY1O Shotguns & rifles $10 over wholesale Ammo discounted 10% off most hand, guns Reloading supnlics DISCOUNTED Buy, Sell & Trade Murphy's Sportsmen's Den 3152 Rt 27, Kendall Park Off Season His.; Tues.-Wed. I2pm-6pm Thurs.-Fri. 12pm-9pm Sat. 10-6pm Sun. &Mon. -closed SWIMMING POOL SUPPLIES - Deal direct with wholesale distributor - Chemicals, filters, liners, vac equipment & more. Call WALLPAPER sold at $2 per roll over cost. Pick jjul your paper anywhere. Give us the number of the paper, the book & distributor. We will get it for you at $2 per roll over dealer cost. Call G for price quotations at R & R Floor & Wall Dernr DISCOUNT Lighting - The Roosters Coup Lighting fixtures, lamps, shades, parts anc repairs. Clocks, gift items & fireplace equipment. Huge assortment of brand names at discount prices. THE ROOS- TER'S' COUP, on Rt. 29, Lambertville, N.J. OPEN 7 DAYS, M)27.. WINDOW TREATMENT^ 30% OFF LIST Vertical Blinds 1 InchLevolorRiveria Blinds Woven Wood Shades Custom Shades Finest quality at lowest prices. Let me bring my full line of samples to your home for a free consultation. Call ROBERT SITNER DECORATORS REGISTERED OR NOT' - I will buy your guns legally. ^ am licensed and will pay a good price. Call Bert days. FURNITURE CLE- ARANCE Center - The Montgomery Center, Rocky Hill, specializing in sofa beds, box springs, mattresses ana contemporary life style furniture. MATTRESS FAC- TORY - See them made on the premises. Custom sizes. TEN YEAR GUARANTEE, 30 day unconditional refund. Prices gladly given on phone. The FOAM FIRM, Gladstone USED FURNITURE FOR SALE Assortment of all kinds of furniture for the home. Skillman Furniture 212 Alexander St. Princeton, N.J Hours: M-F,9-5 Sat. 9-1 HEALTH PRO- DUCTS - wholesale - retail, VitaMix, Water Distillers, Acme Juicers, Salad Master waterless cookware. The Better Health Center, P.O. Box 284 Belle Mead 08502, TRIO TAG' Sales, Inc. - "We do all the work."' Profitable sale of entire or partial contents of your home. Professionally conducted at your convenience , or BJ'S KW AERODYNE Model is coming! Free pix with order. Call Mr. f 'P" LAWN MOWER -& small engine repairs. Lawn mowers sharpened. Pickup & delivery can be arranged FREEZER BEEF Home grown naturally fed steers. Cut to your own specification, wrapped and frozen. Kaufman Farm , Master Chg. avail. ANTIQUE RESTORATION SERVICE Furniture restored - refinished - hand stripping. Metal plating &. polishing. Lamps, sconces & chandeliers restored & rewired. Mirror resilvering All work done on premises call or if no answer TYPEWRITERS - Elpctric, manual, portable, office models. New - reconditioned. AD- DERS, CALCULATORS. Name Brands. Rentals. Repairs, Trade-ins, CENTER BUSINESS MACHINES, 104-Nassau St FUEL Efficient Heating - Burn wood or coal in a high efficiency, air tight wood stove or multi-fuel furnace. European & American.brands. Pipe & venting supplies. Harr Bros Wood Heat 1605 North Olden Ave., Trenton, NJ ARMSTRONG - 'Solarian, Congolium or Mannington floor coverings, all sold at $2 per yd. above cost. F*>r price quotations call R & R Floor &' Wall Decortat First quality only please..stained GLASS Supplies - Distributors & Discounters. Custom designs. Repair & restoration! Lamps, mirrors, planters, etc. Princeton Stained Glass, 38 Spring St., MATTRESSES - World I famous bedding _ ar, discount prices. Facfory direct to you, fully guaranteed by manufacturer. Call after 7 pm. 'REFINISHING kitchen cabinets. Refacing with wood veneer & new doors. Also new individually styled & crafted caoinets & doors. Park Lane Cabinets, SAUNAS & I^ call us for fast service & knowledgeable advice. We are one of New Jersey's best RUBBER STAMPS School or College address, Home, business, zip code. Rubber stamps of all kinds and sizes made to your order at: HINKSON'S 82 Nassau St. FOR SALE - large selection reconditioned refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers. Guaranteed. Can.deliver and do electrical or gas hook-up WOODSTOVES-beat the Fall price increase on custom-made VlW. stoves. Fireplace inserts & furnace hookups avail, too. Davison's Stoves, WINDOW FASHIONS :«) % OFF LIST Custom Draperies Designer Fabrics Verticals Woven Woods bvdelmar 1" Lcvolor Blinds All work Professionally Sewn, Measured, Installed. For price quote or appointment call: NIKKI HARRIS Registered Interior Designer Professional Designer Consultation For Your "Window Room" FREE With Purchase. Professional Designer Consultation For Your Entire Home, $40. (>0!M GOOD USED FURN., &' antiques, open daily,. Jimmy Hall's, Hamilton Sq., Merchandise Wanted CASH FOR YOUR Antique Furniture - we are a large dealer' specializing in Oak. willing to buy 1 piece to entire contents POOL TABLES WANT- ED - any size, shape or condition. Call Princeton Pool Tables,, WANTED TO BUY: Scrap copper, brass, lead, aluminum, stainless, steel, sterling silver, etc., solids & turnings, Industrial, business or private. Correct market price, cash paid. S. Klein Metals. Co. Inc., 2156 Camplain Rd., Somer- *ville, N.J Phone STAMP Collections - wanted. Immediate payment for U.S. & foreign. CaU RECORDS WANTED - Any type, any quantity. Collections & accumulations especially desired. Competitive prices paid. All Ears' Records. 150 French St. (Rt. 27) New Brunswick Merchandise Wanted BUYING LIONEL TRAINS - Before you sell to someone else at least check my prices. Call Le Roy Diefenbach WANTED TO BUY Scrap metal, light iron, ste«i, batteries, radiators, copper, brass, aluminum and used machinery. Currently paying the highest prices in the area. Payment at time of. delivery.: Receiving hours 12-5 p.m. Mon. thru Fri. 8 to s on Saturday. No quantity too large or too small. Gale Industrial Scrap, Iron and Metal Co., North Valley Road. Roosevelt. For info, call WE BUY - good used & antique furniture. One piece to entire estates. Call ORIENTAL RUGS - we pay cash for antique & semi-antique oriental -ugs. One or many CASH FOR GUNS, SWORDS, military items, decovs. Licensed, Collector/Dealer will pay more. Bert, davs. WANTED - die cast and steel toys. Call I BUY CONTENTS of businesses, estates, homes, offices and stores or will take consignments for sale by auction. Col. K.R. Edwards, USED BOOKS NEEDED for Brandeis University. We recycle your old books. Look for our Spring Book Sale at Quaker Bridge Mall. Tax deductible. Receipts available. Will pick up used books. For further information call , , PURCHASING - handmade furniture and other handcrafted decorative items made bet & Also barn items grain bins, stools, boxes, cupboards, etc. Will consider items in need of repair. Please call bet. 6&10pm WANTED - Captain's I cabin bed. Call HAVE ANY USED Children's books? Princeton YWCA needs books for our pre-school children's programs. Please bring them to the YWCA office. Thank You. ORIENTAL RUGS WANTED BEFORE YOU SELL ANY CHINESE OR PERSIAN RUGS LET US MAKE YOU A CASH OFFER. Sell direct tc the European buyers, Appraisals free. We go anywhere, anytime, anyplace PIANOS WANTED CALL WANTED - Marklin trains or what have you in trains in any condition MUSIC STAND wanted - Must be old and wooden. Call after 6pm. STAMP COLLECTIONS - Aircraft cards wanted immediate payment IN YOUR BASEMENT - or attic you may have an old painting I would buy. Try me! Evneings Call Classifieds 8 papers 1 price (609) Musical Instruments CHILD'S 1/2 SIZE - violin, $150. Call PREMIER - 6 pc. drum set with Lok-Fast stands and hardware. Exc. conri. $650. Call Jim HAMMOND ORGAN - double keyboard, 1 octive foot pedal w/bench. $ PIANO - Sohmer, baby grand 5'3", mahogany, & bench exc. cond] $2500 incl. del SELMER A Clarinet - 3 aux. mechanisms. $350. Call after 6pm, REBUILT - Grand Pianos: T Baldwin model F & 4'8 Everett 3/4 size string bass, German made. 3/4 size cello PIANO TUNING & Repair guaranteed, reasonable, free estimates. M. Schmahl, HAMMOND ORGAN - A100, walnut, exc. cond., BUFFET CLARINETS - Exc. cond, set A&B flat, w/thin double case. $1150. Also, chamber music at I-, list. Other clarinets avail. Eves. & wknds PIANO - Baldwin, Acrosonic, console, exc. cond, $1200 negotiable Pianos-Organs W;i rehouse prices on most major brands. Y a m aha, K i m ball. Thomas, Baldwin. Gulbrairsen, etc. Unlimited rentals from $7.50 per month. Freehold Music Center Ht.O, PondHd. Shop. Ctr. KUO-:'.92-<>927. Chopin Piano & Organ Co. Choose from Steinway, Sohmer, Knabe, etc. Rent or buy N. Olden Ave., Trenton STEINWAY - Model S baby grand. Original action. $ WURLITZER organ - Funmaker,. exc. cond. $1500 or best offer or PIANOS Of October 22-24,1980 ORGANS Rental - Purchase Plan Available Many brands to choose from such as Baldwin, Hammond, Mason & Hamlin, Knabe, Kimball, & Kwai & more. Pianos or Organs from $895, all fully guaranteed. BALDWIN & HAMMOND MUSIC CENTER 1911 Brunswick Ave. Lawrenceville, NJ Hours: M-F,9:30-9 Sat. 9:30-5 KING 3-B - trombone w/extras. $ PIANO - Kawai conservatory model, BL-51, 2 yrs old, list price $3000, moving sacrifice $ CELLO WANTED - urgently. Full size, good condition. Call evenings. Flea Markets & Rummage Sales RUMMAGE SALE - Trinity Church, Crescent Ave.. Rocky Hill, Friday October 24, 12 noon to 8pm. Flea Markets & Rummage Sales BARGAIN.BINGE - If you want it, we have it. Come join the fun at Cherry Hill Nursery Schools Annual Rummage Sale. Sat. Nov. 8, 10-2pm, Princeton Unitarian Church, Rt. 206 & Cherry Hill Rd. 'RUMMAGE SALE - Princeton United Meth. Church, Nassau & Vandeventer Sts. Thurs. Oct. 23,9-5pm & Fri. Oct. 24, 9-3pm. Fri. aft. clothing is $1 per bag. Other items half price. OSCAR THE GROUCH - says, "Hey Man that St. Paul's PTA Rummage Sale is real neat!! Mark the dates - October 23 & October 24. "9-3." St. Paul's Church Hall. Nassau St, Princeton. RUMMAGE SALE - Temple Beth-El, Oct.' 28, 7-9pm, Wed, Oct. 29, 9-1, Thurs., Oct. 30, Rt. 206 South, Somerville. HOPEWELL METH- ODIST - Church Rummage Sale. Wed, Oct 22,9-5pm. Thurs. Oct 23, 9-4pm. Grab bag 12-4pm. 20 Blackwell Ave, Hopewell. Garage Sales YARD SALE - Oct. 17 & 18. Ridge Road Monmouth Jet. 9AM. Yellow farm house, 1/4 mile from Stouts Lane. Tools, household items, dining room set w/6 chairs and lots more. MULTI-FAMILY - Sat. Oct , 90 Rocky Brook Rd. Cranbury Manor, clothing, toys, books, furniture, household items something for eveyrone. rain date 10/25. No early birds. YARD SALE - Oct 25, 10am to 5pm. Christmas decorations, automotive supplies, clothing, toys, lighting fixtures, etc. Everything in good condition. 477 Livingston Dr. Twin Rivers Quad II. THREE FAMILY SALE - Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 25 & 26, 9:30 to 5. Canal Road between Rocky Hill and Griggstown off Routes FAMILY Yard Sale - Oct. 25, 9-2pm, 212- Wilson Ave., Hightstown. No rain date. GARAGE SALE-Oct a.m. Rain date Nov. 1. Household items, baby items & toys, 30" elec. range. 33 Maplewood Ave., Cranbury. 8 FAMILY YARD Sale, Sun Oct. 26, 10-4, Lafayette St., Hopewell. GARAGE SALE - 4th hse. on Bittner Rd, Perrineville, Oct. 25 & 26, 9-3. MOVING SALE - Sat. Oct. 25, 10-3pm. Home furnishings & misc. items. 7 Ivy Lane East, East Windsor, Hickory Acres Development. SUPER BUYS - Oct. 25&26, 9-4pm. Rain date Nov.8&9. Custom window shades, 1976 Buick Century, 1970 Volvo, furn, boys clothing, H/H items. 8 Helen Drive, opposite IBM in Dayton. GARAGE SALE, 99 Jamestown Rd, Belle Mead, Sat. Oct. 25, 9am- 3pm. Rain or shine. White shutters, fertilizer spreader, gerbil tank, skis, games & other goodies. HUGE SALE - furniture, mattress, toys, games, 70 framed wa-tercolors for home or office. Sat. Oct. 25 only, 9-4. Corner Half Acres-Applegarth Rd. Monroe. Across Clearbrook. YARD & PORCH Sale - Oct. 25 & 26, 10-3, Collectibles, bric-a-brac, some antiques, etc. 'Hall Acre Rd., off Rt. 130, 3 rd. house on left. r - ' X

35 Week Of October 22-24, 1980 Classified Advertising l-c Garage Sales Garage Sales Antiques Auctions Auctions Pets & Animals Pets & Animals Pets & Animals Pets & Animals w. I I 1 I I YARD SALE, Sat. Oct. 25, 9am - 4pm. Rain or shine. 62 Craven Lane, Lawrenceville. GARAGE SALE, St. Barnabas Church, Sand Hill Rd., Kend. Pk., Sat Oct. 25, 9-2, SAT & SUN 10/25 & 26. Baby items, bikes, incredible toy bargains. 178 Bennington Dr., Quad I, Twin Rivers, E.W 2 FAMILY - Adver. trays, antiques, Avons and other bottles, baseball cards, toys, china, glass, collectibles, furniture, 10am- 4pm, Sat. & Sun, Oct. 25 & 26, rain or shine. 24 Robbinsville - Allentown Rd, Robbinsville. (opposite Post Office). GARAGE SALE - Baby equip, toys. china, household goods, free standing fireplace. Sat, (let 25, (Mpm. 14 Stage Coach W'av, Millsboro. YARD SALE-Sat & Sun, Oct 25 & 20, baby paraphenalia, household items, odds & ends. 17 & 19 Mode! Ave, Hopewell, 10am-5pm. GARAGE SALE - Oct. 25&2G. 9am - 6pm. Bike, toys, many books, linen, good household items. 9 Whitemarsh Drive, Lawrenceville. 5 FAMILIES, fiirn. & No early birds. Oct Walnut Lane, I'rn. MOVING SALE - lamps, arm chairs, wht. night (able, mirror, etc. Priced to sell. Sat. Oct. 25 only, 9:30am - 3pm. MULTI FAMILY - loaded w/new & used items. Oct. 25, 9-6, 30 Hwy. 130, Dayton (near Dayton Ford) FAMILY YARD SALE - antiques, old records, 5 pc. Rosewood Settee set, old china closet, chairs, tables, sofa, newer, elec. stove, children's books, clothing, small elec. appliances, lots of books, some collector bottles, Wild Turkey No. 1; 10-4, Sat., Oct. 25, Ridge Rd., Mon..Jet. (just before RR Bridge on 522.) OCT 24 & 25-9 am- 4pm. 10 Stagecoach Way, Belle Mead. Games, toys, books, boys & men's ice skates, skateboard, gocart, kit and asstd. housewares. MOVING SALE - Owners leaving country! Must sell furniture, appliances & other household items. Great value at great prices - antique jelly cupboard, beds & armoire. Sat., Oct. 25th Oct. from 9 am at 61 Johnson Dr., Belle Mead. Call BIKES, COLOR TV, sewing machine, kids toys, lots of assorted household items. Oct. 24: 11 to 5. Oct. 25: 10 to Northwoods Rd., H'boro. SAT, OCT 25 from 10 to Roycebrook Rd. (off Amwell) H'boro. Household items, kitchenware, toys. GARAGE SALE - 10" radial arm saw, propane room heater, '72 Vega, tricycle, small bicycle, toys & household items. Sat, Oct. 25, 10 am. 466 Mt. Lucas Rd., Prn. NOT JUST A GARAGE SALE - This weekend Oct. 25/26 selling young child's clothes & toys, like new. Carters, Izpd, etc. Collectors copies Playboy, box spring mattress, many other treasurers. 9 Norton Rd., Monmouth Jet., Fr. Impressions. GOOD GARAGE Sale Harrison St., Prn. 10-5, Sat., Oct. 25. YARD SALE- Oct. 25 & 26, 9-4, D-l Swannie Lane, Mobile City off Rt Hightstown. MULTIFAMILY Yard Sale - clothes, fireplace equipment, furniture, jewelry, games, items too numerous to mention. Sat, Oct. 25, 9-5. Rt. 571 (Hightstown/Princeton Rd.) 1>2 mi. west of McGraw Hill. BARN SALE - Schultz property, Coppermine Rd., Griggstown. Sat., Oct. 25, Antiques &. collectibles, arts & crafts, books, magazines, toys, household items, fencing, dog crates, lots of jewelry & clothing. Free, gas stove, chest freezer. TAG SALE Entire household to be sold - Everything from furnishings to the pots & pans. Sat & Sun, Oct 25 & 26, 9am-5pm, 321 Ewing St, Princeton. YARD SALE - Multifamily. Baby items, sm. household appl., knickknacks, garage.& basement items, Sat & Sun, loam-4'pm, 4 Spruce Lane, Kingston. APT. SALE-Oct. 25 & 26. Antique furniture, glass, clothes, fridge like new, Princeton Arms North to Apt. 265, opposite dead end at corner Wilshire & Dorchester Rd., East Windsor. s 15-FAMILIES' HORDE- Sat. Oct. 25, 10am-4pm. Crib, mattress, elec. stove, tires, dressers, bathroom sink, acquariums, clothing, toys, much more. 9 Sandburg Dr., Allenlown, N.J. No dealers. MOVING SALE - Church relocating! For Sale, 50 wooden frame chairs, elect, organ,' quality office furnishings and other occasional pieces. Sat., Oct. 25, 9 a.m. at 61 Johnson Dr., Belle Mead. Call YARD SALE - Sat. Oct. 25, 9am-3pm, 212 Mercer St. Hightstown. Collectibles HUMMEL PLATES , 1972, 1973 mint condition in original boxes. Best offer. Evenings Antiques COUNTRY ANTIQUE SIKH' STATION MASTERS desk, slant top desks, 9' wal. table, rd, sq, dropleaf & other tables, many sets of chairs, cr. cupbds, lge. cupbds, wash stands, chests, great selection of wine decantors, early iron, Hoosier cupbd, dry sinks, armoires, newly uphol. chaise & chairs, childs uphol. rocker & Morris chair, lge. stock lamps & fixtures, trunks, bookcases, kitchen items, early crocks & jugs. ONE OF NJ's LARGEST AND BEST STOCKS OF REFINISHINGS, MOD- ESTLY PRICED. RTS PLUCKEMIN. NJ (7. miles No. SOM. Circle) Wed. Thru Fri. 10-5, Sat & Sun 10-6, Visa & Master Charge, ANTIQUE ROLLTOP..desk, S roll 55x50, 8 bowed drawers th CENTURY CHAIR, old books, etc aft. 7pm. OLD TOBACCO PIPE - collections wtd, traded, & repaired. Fine cigars & new pipes too. Pipecarver & Son, 4 Spring St., Princeton ANTIQUE TOOLS - Weapons & Eqpt. Faithfully restored to working condition. Parts made for anything. Leyzorek, Hollow Road,- Skillman 08558, FOR SALE - (2) Oak stack bookcases, two ($95) & three stacks i $250); small oak country store display case, beveled glass (S125); 2 framed old mezzotints, $65 each; Edison phono, model C with over 70 cylinders i S600); inlaid music cabinet ($75);,oak washstand ($85). All in exc. cond. After 7 P.M, SHERITAN COUNTRY - Secretary, heavily carved Lincoln rocker, medallion back sofa, oak filing cabinet, walnut Victorian hall piece and much more. Surick Antiques, 44 Spring Street, Princeton Open Mon-Sat, ll-5pm. ROMANTIC VIEWS - of Princeton Campus - a dozen scarce & beautiful wedgwood Etruria blue plates with Staffordshire floral border - dated Now at LaVake Jewelers of Princeton. BRASS BED, round oak tble & chairs, country hutches, corner cupboards, clocks, fireplace equip, nautical antiques, signed Tiffany items - lamps, etc, etc, 1,000's of items. Miller-Topia Designers, 41 E. Aston Ave, Yardley, Pa Bring cash save additional 5%. Complete lamp repairs, metal polishing & plating shop. EARLY EMPIRE - double sleigh bed, figured m a h o g a n y serpentine sides. $900. H ANTIQUE ROW" - fn historic Burlington, Pike's Alley, 307-3(19 High Street. Burlington. N.J. Antiques, collectibles offered throughout the areas in an indoor yearround Colonial setting. Shop & browse. Hours: Wed. thru Saturday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Five minutes away from 295 & turnpike & Burlington- Bristol Bridge cc silver dollars, $60 ea. Jacquard tapestry, S125; hand harrow, $25; Chase carriage blanket, $50; wash stand/record player, $49. Double Harness horse trees $35. Hand iron/3 leg stand $ ANTIQUE ORIENTAL - Tea set, 24 pes, mint cond, must see to appreciate MATCHING PRESSED Back chairs w/caned seats, $ ANTIQUE TABLES, claw glass ball feet and others ALLENTOWN Antique Center - 7 Church St.. Rte dealers. Open 7 days. ANTIQUE BOMBAY - Chest. Solid mahogany with brass drawer pulls, $ ANTIQUE CLOCKS - Choice antiques Steamer trunks. Hirschmann Antiques, formerly Gunsser, River Dr., Titusville, N.J HANK1NS Antiques, 169 Mercer St., Hightstown, N.J. we buy & sell furniture, china, glass, jewelry, lovely things. Come in and browse. Open 11 to 4:30 Tues. to Sat or FARM HOUSE ANTIQUES Yardville-AUcntown Rd Allentown, NJ B Tues. thru Sat., 9-5, other times by appt. Antiques Antique Furniture Restoration & Refinishing Custom made 18th Century Reproductions. LINCOLN ROCKER - Black walnut, refinished. Hand caned seat & back. $250. Call after 5pm, ANTIQUE AUCTION Sat. Oct. 25 9:30a.m. Mr. & Mrs. P. Cona 367 Mill Lane Neshanic, N.J. 3/10 mi. west of Hillsborough Twp. Police. DeDt. onrt Turn on Mill Lane. Signs posted. Signs posted FURNITURE - 4' German drop leaf cabinet record player w/lg. carved figures, oak chest of drawers w/oval mirror, early carved 3 drawer oak dresser w/ lg. mirror, folding 3 seat oak bench, empire glass door bookcase, 5* wide oak bookcase, carved lion head chair w/claw feet, mission oak, oak table, 3 mirrored vanity, walnut table, platform rocker, oak caned seat wheetchair, carpet chair, deco waterfall dresser, old brass bed, oak tea cart, andirons, counter top display case & more. ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES - 5' lg. merry-go-round cast iron pony cart, old grain grinder, antique barrel top grocery scale, wine press w/cr'usher, Goebel figurines, beautiful assort, of hand painted plates, 100 pcs. of crystal incl. pressed, cut, Fostoria; pincushion doll tops, Bavarian Fig., 24 'xl8" marble base horse drawn chariot silver on brass w/cupids, Titian madonna signed & no. by Antonio Borsatto. assort. of pewter, silverplate & brass, original art, oils etc.; clocks, hugh stained glass windows, collection of extraordinary decorative eggs (lg. & sm.) sterling & porcelain thimbles, Bennington & -Majolica pitchers, 7 walking sticks inc. gold & sterling handles, crystal chandelier, boudoir leaded glass lamp, Gothic Victorian oil floor lamp & others, oriental rug plus others, Roseville, pottery, crocks, tea sets, oriental pcs., quilts, beaded bags, jly. safe, andirons, wood decovs, 34'star rjag, 100 of other collectables. All Day Sale. Bring chairs. Lunch counter. Not responsible for accidents. Auctioneer - Ronald Berubr, Whitehouse, N.J., 20I-33I-20K0. AUCTION SUNDAY OCT. 21! 12:00 P.M. &.Mrs. L. Siplcr ' Rt. 171I&202 Ringocs, N..I. Including: Cottage washstand. Oak pressed back armchair & other pieces oak furniture, Deco furniture, modern furniture, collectibles, inc. kerosene lamps, old Coke tray, Carnival bowl, reverse painting on glass, appliances, household items. Come out for a peiasant country auction in the afternoon. Owner & auctioneer not responsible in case of accident or injury. JOHNHEDGEPETH, Aiictioni'er 2I)1-7X2-S:!!)2 THE PRINCETON- PEOPLE'S Auction is accepting consignments for our Fall ancl Winter Auctions. Call or write R.D. tt\. Box 140, Princeton, NJ AUCTION BUILDING SUPPLIES TOOLS ANTIQUES for Mr. R. DeCanto :M HI. 20«S. Somervillc, N.J. SAT. OCT :00 A.M. Including: GRAVELY CUSTOM GARDEN TRAFTOR with snow plow, 1700 ft. 3" & 4" PCV pipe, plywood & masonite, 100's sheets paneling. Rockwell milling machine-bores up to 10" hole, Delta M Surface Grinding machine, Walker Turner hack Saw, Porter Cable Belt Sander, Table saw, Deep well pump, pipe vise, pipe wrenches, doors moldings, 2X4's, 4 TRACTOR - TRAILER TIRES, & other tools &, building supplies. PLUS: 3 TIFFANY TYPE HANGING STAINED GLASS LAMPS, Antique brass Boy Scout Bell, Model T tires & other collectibles. JOIIMIEDGEPETII, Auctioneer STERLING AUCTION GALLERY (>2 No. Second Ave. Karitan, N.J. I Nr. Somerville Cir] ESTATE AUCTION PART I, SUNDAY Oct. 26, 12:00 NOON Inspection SAT, OCT to 5 PM, and SUNDAY AM! 10:30 to 11:25 NO BUYERS PREMIUM CHARGED NAUTICAL ITEMS: Old copper & brass ship's lights, 16" dia. heavy brass port holes, (lites), Binnacle, Early 19th C. liquor chest, prints & books; ORIENTALIA & CLOISONNE: Large antique Imari fishbowl, Pair facing Satsuma vases; Antique large bronze koro, Antique Imari dishes & vases, Antique Cloisonne vases, charger, planter and others; CARVED IVORIES: Fine collection figures, ewers, koros, snuff bottles, inro, Exquisite & unusual netsukes. some erotic: BRILLIANT PERIOD CUT GLASS: Signed Hawkes- pieces; banana bowls, Carafe, cheese dish and more; PAINT- INGS, WATER- COLORS & PRINTS: Signed Examples include, two fine oils by T.B. Griffin, Herbert F o e r s t e r. G u s t a v e Cimiotti, Watercolor, sgnd. Chas. LaSalle Ripley; 2 Audubon first folio elephant size and small fofio Audubons. 3 Currier & Ives Darklown prints; 9 Framed Prang Chromolithos, civil war scenes; 2 Adolph Dehn lithos and more: ESTATE JEWELRY: 14 Kt gold heavy, ladies, bracelet wristwatch, 14 Kt. gold serpentine chain w/diamonds; other gold rings, chains, cameos, etc.; CLOCKS: Beautiful 19th C. French Bronze & C h a m p1e v e clock, w'matching pair of candelabrum; School clock; others; RANDOM LISTING: 19th C. maps, Wizard of Oz books; Pair I9'H. antique German bisque figurines, Heisey glass: Autograph, U S. Grant: Royal Doulton tea service and figures; Sterling Silver; Limoges... GERALD STERLING, Auctioneer, Appraiser TERMS; Cash. Visa, Mastercharge, Traveler's chocks. Cat a Io g Available at inspection and sale NOTICE: No lurntiure, rugs or chandeliers will be sold at this sale. These will be sold in two weeks, watch for date: Pets & Animals 1) S FROSTY BOSS F - ApllC « , maybe 16 hands Mare. Nice Sorrel, Roan over loin & hips. By Bright Boss (ApHC) '- out of De Sally (AQHA). Very good Breeding animal,"or nice hunter lor exper. rider. $800 or Best Offer: (609) CUTE Cuddly non- Siamese kittens - from Siamese mother. Litter trained. Free GOLDEN RETRIEVERS- Sired by Gold-Rush's '79 Nat'l Best of Breed! Bench and Field. Parvo & Distemper shots POODLE - AKC reg. dark apricot, small min. male 5 mos. pet stock. All shots incl. Parvo Virus, beautiful disposition, reasonable COLLIE PUPPIES - sable & white, eves, checked, after 5pm. QH. WEANLING-4 mo., chesnut, lots of white, yood disposition. Reasonable. After 5pm, BICHON FRISE puppies, M and F, AKC registered, show quality. G LIVE DUCKS - for sale, delicious for roasting, $6 ea Princeton Small Animal Rescue League SAVE Weekdays to claim or adopt a pet call for an appoint in e n I.Mrs. Graves (io!»-'j , 8am-lpm, Sat Nights and weekends report lost, found and injured animals to the police. Female (i mo. old German Shepherd-Black Labrador dog. Female voung Collie- Belgian sheep type dog. Female 6 mo. German Shepherd dog, black & tan. Male Basenji type dog, good with children. Male 8 mo. old Black Labrador type dog. Female spayed 1 yr. old black & white Spaniel type dog, semi-long hair. Altered male 7 rrto. old Cocker type dog. Female small Beagle dog- Male adult beige colored miniature Poodle..Male 4 yr. old Irish Setter. Male 14 mo. old Golden Retriever-Shepherd type dog. Adult female spaved Poodle-Cocker type dog. Female 4 mo. old mixed breed tan colored pup..male, adorable shaggy type dog. looks like Benji. F e m ale spayed Labrador type dog. 18 mo. old, an outside dog. Male 16 mo. old Springer Spaniel, black labrador type dog, very affectionate. Call us about our wide assortment of different colored kittens and our female spayed and altered male cats. COLLIES - AKC, 2 males. 1 female, tri color, 8 wks old DOBERMAN PUPS - Ch. sired. Direct Von Ahrtal & Westerholz-line. Docked, cropped, shots. & wormed. Large bone males BRITTANY SPANIEL Male pups - 3 mo. old, AKC reg, Championship lines, exc. for family and hunting or QUARTER HORSE - Registered, 15.2, 11 yr. old bay gelding exc. disposition, honest & sound, good jumper, English or western. Asking $ after D. BICHON FRISE - AKC, sturdy little white balls of fluff, home bred, all shots. Eves CATS - to be given away. 1 vr. old black & white and 6 mo. old tiger color FOLLY REG. MORGAN yearling - filly is fully sound, halter broken. Asking $600. Before 10am call MALE CANARIES - guaranteed to sing, yellow, red factor, copper, varigated. Wicker cages, all supplies HIDEAWAY FARM is pleased to announce that Nancy Miller is now associated with them in the capacity of Riding Instructor & Trainer. She is a personable knowledgeable horsewoman. Nancy will be glad to discuss your riding & horse needs with you. Come & visit our convenient facilities with large indoor ring & lounge or BOX STALL AVAIL. - in small stable. Mont. Twp. Garden mulch by bag or truck, for sale AIREDALES - wormed & inoculated, whelped 7/2J/80. Call anytime MALE BEAGLE, I 1 - yr old, nicely started, ready to hunt.$ VON MADCHEN Kennel. Doberman Pinscher puppies whelped Aug after 4pm GOATS FOR SALE - Milkers & kids, Alpine & grades. Call after 6pm, DACHSHUNDS - - AKC, small std. 1 black male, 3 tan males. 6 wks. old. $ KITTENS - 6 mo. old, 4 male, l female, grade A line, of ratters & mousers or , aft. 6pm. SOMEBODY PLEASE adopt Happy, a gentle, nousebroken male beagle-pointer '.' mix. Sweet temperament. Good with kids. Good watchdog. Can't keep; already nave 2 dogs. 2()i ALL BREED dog grooming. Pick up & delivery service available". Call The Pooch Parlour for an appointment at DOG TOO MANY - Siberian Husky, rust & white female, "all shots after 4:30. FREE to a good home. Female 2 yr. old Germ. Shep. mixture. Call after 6 pm 'Weekdays, all dav Sat & Sun. FREE KITTEN - 4 mos. old, buff & white female. Free spaying., WHEATON TERRIERS Libra announces a super litter of soft-coated Wheaton Terriers. Bred for personality, temperament. Proper coats & color. AKC Champ, parent HIMALAYAN Kittens - adorable, fluffy, full of love. Grand " Champ, blood line Kiverview Stables Belle Mead, N.J. Boarding Large box stalls Indoor facilities Instruction Beginners Dressage 201-N74-51N4 advanced Working student positions available. Apply in person only. Mon-Sat, FENCING For Home or Horses Split Rail -3 hole $13.35 per 10'section. 100 sections at $12.35 ea. 2 hole. $9.95 per 10' section. Board Fence - 1x6x16' Oak boards. $4.50 ea. bundles of 98 at $3.50 ea. Sawn Locust Posts. Also 12' round Cedar jump rails, $10.50 ea. 20 or more. $8.50 ea. Cash & Carry Prices Top Quality Any Quantity For Infor. & Del Chgs. B.L. King PROMISING 152 Gelding grey arab/ quarter, exc. shower in '80 Sound. Calm, Sadly outgrown ". FLASHY TB gelding, 6 yrs, NJ 4H State Champ, elegant mover, quiet BEAGLES OR IRISH - Setters for hunting or pets, $50-$100. Toy Poodles, beautiful toy, pocket & small miniatures from $150- $250; a few older, $75. Toy Fox Terrier, darling male, $ GOLDEN RETRIEV- ERS - ch. sired Gold- Rush pups. 4 male & 4 female. All shots inc. Parvo GREAT DANE PUPS - AKC reg. Champ. Bloodlines. Fawn males. Lovable BEAGLE PUPPIES AKC reft. Champ- Bloodlines. Real beauties FEMALE PUPPY - 4' 2 mo. Free to good home before 3pm or weekends. SADLY OUTGROWN - Children's hunter & equitation. Handsome bay T.B., Q.H. geld, 10 yrs. Ribbons, local & A- "rated days, eves. BASSETT PUPPIES AKC reg. Lovable long eared Snoopies ENGLISH PUG stud - AKC, chump, blood line, lawn, proven after 6pm. AKC COCKER Spaniel puppies. bred for disposition. reasonable ALL BREED Dog Grooming - Call Country Creek REGISTERED half Arabian chestnut mare. 15h. Chestnut Pony Mare. 11.3h call late FOR ADOPTION - Free husky, male, 1 yr, gentle, good"watch dog, MALE & FEMALE Black Labrador Retrievers, 14 mo old. free to gd home, exc. disposition APPALOOSA THOROUGHBRED gelding, reg , 10 yrs., 4-H shown, jumps. English AKC HUNGARIAN YIZSLA puppies Looking foi a good home in one week. Call between 9 & 5. After hours DOG GROOMING & Bathing i all breeds) - Birds - small pets - reptiles - tropical fish. Complete line of pet supplies. Park Pet Center. Kendall Park Shopping Center, GROOMING - Lovingly & Professionally done by graduate of Am. School of Dog Grooming. All Breeds (incl mixed). Never any tranquihzers. Prompt individualized attention. 7 day service. Evenings also. Pick up & delivery. No job too big or small WE BUY AND SELL LIVESTOCK - Kaufman Farms, Skillman,' N.J TASHAMA FARMS Belle Mead, N.J. Indoor/Outdoor Rings Boarding Instruction & Training HIDE-A-WAY FARM - offers the finest quality indoor facilities and care for boarding your horse. Large horses $175, med. $,150, ponies $100/mo. Instruction for boarders. Quiet roads for carriage driving HORSE BOARD boaniii'b at Huntland Farm includes daily turn-out, grooming & TLC. 24 hour supervision. $155 per month. Driving horses welcome. Hopewell, DOG FOOD - Frozen me_a.t.l beef, chicken. Jtnjpe & TSaney J2~3F!OL packages. Also handlers of WAYNE Jim Dandy" Science diet dog food. Call Kauffman Kennels Rt. 130, So. of Hightstown. A. B. R Animal Behavioral Research. Private ' pet-training lessons at your residence designed" especially around the needs of you and your family - Special focus on your children's rapport with their pet. Loving and gentle handling for Consistent and Accurate off-leash control, regardless of distractions. - cefinements. and corrections following obedience class Trauma, Excessive. Dominance and Submissiveness. Don't wait! Your animal is never too voung nor too old to learn. No problem is too difficult., to -remedy. A.B.R. has the solution: Success through Knowledge. For the Performance, Precision and Perfection of a Seeing Eye dog, call Jeffrev J. Loy,.Animal Behavioralist, Naturalist, Researcher and Former Instructor at the Seeing Eye. Inc. at Serving all of Central Jersey. HORSE BOARDING HORSES FOR SALE - Harbourton area - 24 hour supervision - box stalls - indoor exercise track - outdoor ring - daily turnouts nr 737-2(174 Feeds and Grains For all animals a' ROSEDALE MILLS 274 Alexanders! Princeton SMALL STABLE - in So. Brunswick has box stalls avail. Ring & exercise track. Best of care Lost& Found FEMALE CALICO cat. all white, black & brown on top of head, body & tail, wearing white flea collar. Lost in vicinity of Monmouth Mobile Home Park. Reward anytime. FOUND - Small kitten on The Great Rd, 10/14. Call WHERE ARE YOU'.' Lost female cat w/white feet & paws, w/colors of black, orange & gray. Wearing white collar. Reward. Call FOUND - Black cat w white belly stripe. Owner must" identify distinguishing feature". ( LOST - Oct. 12, ladies watch at A & P. Rt. 206, Hillshoro. sentimental value LOST - male Siamese, fat. white flea collar. Missing Sun. Oct. 19 from home in Sturwood Hamlet. Lawrenceville. Call owner or CAT STRUCK - by car, Whitehorse-Ham. Sq. & Klockner Rds. Male, gray & white, 5 yrs, now at Vet's. Possibleownerin Seniors' complex or FOUND - Young, brown, male, short haired dog (mixed breed). Call after 6pm. Auto Tires/Supplies 2 BARELY USED - Michelin snow tires, 165R15 on '74 VW Beetle rims. $100. Also 2 little used Firestone snow tires, H78-14 on '70 Pontiac rims, $ after 8pm, anytime wknds. MG MIDGET/A,H. SPRIT - parts: 4 spd, $125; head & carbs lor 1275cc, $85; complete rear, $75; rt. dr, $35; hood, $40; tonneau cover, $20; many other Midget Spritparts. 4 snows, 13", 2 radials, 2 bias on Vega rims; Vega 4 spa, $30; other Vega parts. 2 15x10 Am. wheels/m & H slicks fit Ford, $100; '79 Ford 400 short block, $ eves.

36 Auto Tires/Supplies Class if led Advertising 2-C Week Of October 22-24, 1980 Autos Wanted Autos For Sale Autos For Sale Autos For Sale Autos For Sale Autos For Sale Autos For Sale Autos For Sale CAR Sf EREO/ TIRES - for sale. Craig car stereo, speakers, Sanyo 8 track player & 7a tapes. Exc. cond. Best offer R-13 radials mounted on Toyota rims. Good cond. $65. 4 T General tires with 8000 miles on them. $60 each. Please call Steve at or PICK-UP CAP - fits mini Pick-Up,. 6' bed, sliding front window $ ENG. - with 2 auto trans; l-2spd, l- 3spd. Good cona. Call after 7pm SNOW TIRES Goodyear radials, F78-15, $40. E78-14 $ after 6pm. STEEL BELTED radials - 3 Bridgestone white letter, 185/ Like new NEW DATSUN truck rims - $12/ea. or two for $ FIRESTONE SNOW TIRES , used 1 season. $20 each eves. NEEDED: Chevy small block engine or' 6 cyl, good shape. Call Russ Miller at Auto Repairs/Services TRANSMISSION Services.- foreign & domestic, all work fully guaranteed Call Walter, ; FOREIGN CAR Repairs - reasonable* prices, quality.worknjcinsfiip. Call Joe, (.' M. DINKS, DENTS, RUST OUTSrepaired & painted. Custom spray painting, cars & motorcycles. Quality work at reasonable rates. Call Neil SO. BRUNS. Auto Reconditioning. Complete motor installation. Trans, work, valve jobs, foreign & domestic Autos Wanted JUNK CARS & Trucks wtd, INK CARS I T.i:K TOWING UKl'AYTIIKMOST. Call Toll Free CARS WANTED AMERICAN AND FOREIGN Top Dollar Paid Nebbia Chevrolet Rte 130Hightstown, N.J G WANTED-Triumph TR3 - any condition. Call MERCEDES BENZ - Late 60's thru 70's, sedan with good interior, fair body. Need not run. Call after 6 pm AUTO CASH - We need many cars for export. Top prices paid. Call or Toll Free BOB'S USED AUTO Parts Bought & Sold. Junk cars & trucks wanted ALL JUNK CARS and trucks wanted. Free towing $15 and up. Scarpati Auto Wrecking, WANTED - VW's in need of repair. Any year. Top dollar offered after 6, MICHELIN snowtires - JUNK CARS and trucks mounted on Toyota rims, wanted. $20-$150 paid. 165Rxl3, used one Call season, exc. cond. $100 firm. Call after 5pm, Autos For Sale 78 MERCURY MAR- QUIS - Colony Park SW, 33,000 miles, all luxury options, list price over $10, Clean, one owner car, dealer maintained. $4,500. Call RAMBLER American - for parts or repair, $300. Call after 6pm. 76 PONTIAC Catalina - 37,000 mi, superb cond. Asking $ '76 THUNDERBIRD - Exc. cond. Loaded. Only 42,000 mi. $3800: '73 DODGE CHARGER - 78,000 mi., 318 eng., p/s studded snow tires, $700. Call after 6, MOVING to Europe - '78 FORD Fairmont, 2-dr Futura coupe, 46,000 mi, auto, p/s, p/b, a/c. Also '78 Honda, 2-dr, CVCC Hatchback, 25,000 mi, manual eves.& wknds. '77 MALIBU CLASSIC, $3400, 22,000mi, good condition, am/fm/8 track, air. Call for appt, aft 7pm DATSUN - 2 dr, station wagon, am/fm, a/c, front wheel drive, 56,000 miles, exc. cond, 30+mpg, best offer. Call after 6pm. OWNER MOVING - to NYC must sell his 1979 Mustang II with only 8,000 miles. Dark green, four cylinder, automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, custom am/fm stereo, sunroof, Michelin white wall radials body side moulding, digital clock, much more. Like new, $5250. C after 7pm. WANTED: VW BUG, 73 PONTIAC Grand Prixps/pb, elec window & Sqbk or Ghia. Prefer running cond. Will locks, am/fm/8 track consider anything stereo, 53,000 orig mi, brown/biege vinyl top, exc cond. $ after 3 pm. JUNK CARS Wanted - $20 - $ VW'S WANTED ANY CONDITION TOP DOLLAR PAID PLEASE CALL BET. 8:30am-5: IJOpin , ask for Ed '75 SPORT FURY, am/fm 8 track, 20mpg, very clean inside & out. Must be seen. Asking $ aft. 6pm. MERCEDES BENZ Rare 250C coupe. Console, automatic trans., a/c, p/w, p/s, p/b, Becker am/fm, radial tires. Completely rebuilt engine, new transmission, (have all receipts). Body & interior in mint showroom condition. A fast appreciating classic. Buying house, must sell. $5795 or reasonable offer. Please call FORD GALAXY dr. hardtop, 289 recently rebuilt, new tires & paint, exc. cond. inside & out. Asking $ WACKEV'S Towing RELIABLE 71 PLYM - Service-wants your junk Wagon. 8x4 Cargo or 8 car. Any condition. CaJJ passenger. $ , : '74 BUICK WAGON-a/c; p/s, p/b, a/t, am/fm stereo, new tires, exc. cond, very clean, $ CITROEN - DS-21 Pallas, burgundy vv/blk, well maintained cond evenings. '72 CAPRI - very gd. mech. cond., just inspected, includes identical car w/rebuilt eng. for spare parts. Call Dan, MUSTANG MACH I , spd, Shelby posi rear, 90% restored, priced to sell quick PLYMOUTH DUSTER - p/s, p/b, a/c, rear defroster, exc. cond., $1300 or best offer "68 BUICK LESABRE - V8, exc. cond., $ after 6pm. FIAT X19 - Hardtop conv. Black Beauty, stick, 4 cyl. economy, 32 mpg, extra clean, must sell, $1700 or best offer. Also '70 VW wagon, A-l mech, very sharp, stick, sacrifice $ DE SOTO - clean body, all trim, very restorable, runs, best offer over $ after 7pm ask for Pat. '76 DATSUN Hatchback, am/fm, 4 spd, reasonable ext 2456 ask for C. Glassman CADILLAC - Coupe deville, runs, good for parts. $ eves. '80 BRONCO - 302V8, 4 wheel drive, loaded, must sell DIESEL DASHER - 4 dr, 24,000 miles, a/c, cruise, diesel water filter, mpg, $6950. Call after 3pm PONTIAC - Grand Prix, p/s, p/b, a/c, Landau roof, exc. cond. Must sell after 5. PLYMOUTH ARROW - '76, 2 dr, 4 spd. hatchback, mint cond., am/fm stereo cassette, 58,000 mi., $ '72.TOYOTA COROLLA - bruised body but great transportation. $ '78 MAZDA GLC - hatchback, am/fm, radials, rear window wiper/- defogger, 53,000 mi., 32 city 42 hwy, after 5. '80 CHEV. CITATION - 4 dr. hatchback V6, AT, PS, PB, Tilt Whl, air, stereo, rear window defogger, 2,000 miles, original cost $8300. Sell for $ CONVERTIBLE Buick LeSabre Luxus. All factory options. Beautiful! Original owner. $ , '80 VOLVO DL Station Wagon, man. trans, overdrive, am/fm radio, only 3,200 mi, like new, $ aft. 5pm. '74 PLYMOUTH Fury III-exc cond 60,000. mi, a/c, ps/pb, radio, vinyl roof, $ '67 DODGE POLARAStn Wgn, clean, wellmaintained, single owner, 86,000 mi., $ aft 5pm. VW '71 Super Beetle, recently rebuilt motor & refinislied $ ^ RENAULT - Le Car GTL, 40 mpg, 45K, a/c, 4 spd, $2900: after 6pm MAVERICK - small V-8 automatic, 4 dr., low mileage, excellent condition, many new parts, a/c, radials asking $ call '78 CHEVY CAMARO - p/s, p/b, auto, a/c, low mileage, exc. cond , OMNI -4 spd., 4 dr., 27-32mpg, mint cond., 24,000 mi., $4500. Call after 4: '70 CHEVY Kingwood Wgn, p/s, m/b, am radio, $700 or best offer OPEL Station Wagon - 75,500 mi, stick shift, exc. mileage. $ , eves. '72 MAVERICK - p/s, a/c, V8, needs battery. High mileage. $300 or best offer CAPRICE auto, PS, air, new: shocks, trans, exhaust, etc. 65,000 mi, clean. Needs minor work. Asking $ '75 PLY VALIANT - 4 dr, sdn, 6 cyl, auto, good mileage, very good condition, AUDI 100LS, '74 a/c, stand, shift, 80,000 mi, $ '49 PLYMOUTH deluxe, 37,000 orig. miles. Very good cond. $ '75 MUSTANG II GHIA - 4 cyl., auto., P/S, P/B, A/C, AM/FM, 8 tr. stereo '66 CLASSIC VW CAMPER - ripe for restoration, $ '75 FORD PINTO - Runabout, good cond., 60,000 mi., brown, 4 cyl, 4 sp FORD - Chateau club wagon van, air cond. am/fm, 8 track, customizied, air cond. in rear, dual exhaust, regular gas, exc. cond. asking $4,300 or best reasonable offer BMW , $2800. Call '71 BUICK ESTATE Wagon - 68,000 mi, gd tires, best offer BUICK Electra - 4- dr, exc. cond. New tires, brakes & wiring, full power & air. Forced to sell because of moving. Call or see only on weekends. $ CHEVROLET ANTIQUE - 4-dr. sedan, very good cond. Orig. mileage 79,559 mi. Call or see only on weekend, Make an offer GRAND PRIX - fully loaded and clean. $5995. Call LANDAU Classic - white/black leather int., full power, very good shape after 6pm $ JAVELIN - Recent major tune-up, new mufflers & tires, runs well, needs body work, $600 or best offer days, eves. Ask for Diane..MAZDA RX7GS, 21,000 miles, sunroof, alloys, Blaupunkt, $ or '71 FORD TORINO - good running cond. Auto, p/s, a/c, radials. $ after 5:30pm. '66 T-BIRD - Landau, $800. or best offer Toyota Corolla - Body beat, but always starts. Good brakes, good tires, runs well. $175. Call CHRYSLER NEWPORT - Looks beautiful, runs great, $ '72 DODGE DART SWINGER miles, AC, snow tires, V> yr old brakes, spotless interior, rides like a gem. $ day. Mr. Masanoff, '77 MUSTANG, 4cyl, auto, p/s, p/b, am/fm radio, metallic grn. ext, white bucket seats, sharp car. $3100. Please call VW RABBIT'79 Custom, exc. cond, low mileage, manual trans, 33 + mpg, best offer over $ '78 HONDA CIVIC 1200 Sedan - 4spd, custom striping, am/fm stereo cassette. $3500. Call Phil aft 5, DATSUN 1200 '71, 30mpg, gd runner, gd tires, needs some work, $ OLDS DELTA 88 - low mi, good running cond, after HORNET Wagon 6 cyl, stand shift, 26,000 mi, exc running cond, $ '71 COMET - nu bk, up b jt, muff, 2 recaps, fair bdy, as is $ aft 5 pm. VOLVO - '76, 264GL, auto, p/s, p/b, am/fm, has every factory option avail, exc. cond. Asking $5500. Call after 5:30, VOLVO - '75, superb cond., new radial tires, air, radio, road miles '76 MERCURY MAR- QUIS - Brougham, new tires, brakes, trans, $2300. Call HONDA ACCORD - LX, silver w/wine int, exc. cond, a/c, am/fm stereo cass, p/s, p/b, $5495. Ask for Brian, days, , eves '80 VW SCIROCCO "S" a/c, stereo cassette, cruise control, 5spd, Recaro seats, $ '76 CADILLAC Sedan DeVille, very gd. cond, many extras, $ '80 T-BIRD, 10,000mi, tape deck, beautiful inside & out BUICK LASABRE - Limited, loaded, low mileage, like new, $7450. Call aft. 6pm, '67 VW BUG - new tires, body and engine good, 30mpg. $ after 6pm. HONDA - Accord, 1979, auto, Hatchback, 33,000 miles. Exc. cond. $5800. Call days, eves. '70 FORD MAVERICK - 2 dr, 6 cyl, "mpg, runs well, $750 or best offer ' MG MIDGET '74 - exc. cond. All service records available. Engine in top shape. Many new parts including battery. AM/fm cassette stero, $ '71 CHEVY IMPAL-A - V8, a/c, am radio, p/s, p/b, gd. cond, $1800, aft 7pm. '79 AMC CONCORD DL - silver, a/c, p/s, p/b, am/fm cassette, v/roof, $ after 5pm. VINTAGE AUTO Mercury \Monarch in mint condition. Only driven to church and back in Montana by little old lady in tennis sneakers. $ TOYOTA CELICA - GT 1976, Good cond, great gas, miles, $3500. Call after 5pm "72 JAGUAR XJ6 - New paint, exc. cond. Asking $6900. Low mileage '73 TOYOTA CORONA - Mack II, p/s, p/b, am/fm radio w/tapes, a/c, rear window defroster, 6cyl, very gd cond, new trans. $ CHEVELLE wagon, a/c, fm, p/s, trailer hitch. Good cond. Call $600 or best offer VOLVO Exc. Cond. 4 speed, electric overdirve, Michelin radials, dark blue, many new parts. $ eves. CHEVY NOVA , very good engine, tires, battery, etc. Some body rust. $395. Call '78 BUICK LASABRE - exc. cond. Priced to sell last. Low mil. Must see CLASSIC Mercury Cougar - 85,000 mi, 1 owner, exc. running cond. Best offer VW BEETLE - low mileage, economical, reliable, very good condition. New factory interior. $ after 6pm. VW '72 Beetle, rebuilt eng, $1900, must sell, leaving country '70 SUBARU' - 4 door, 60,000 miles, 40mpg. Best offer over $ '69 RAMBLER - good station car. Auto, 4 dr, low mi. Asking $ after 5 pm RIVIERA - loaded, 6000 miles. 17mpg city, 23 mpg hwy. $11,500 negotiable after 4:30pm. '78 chevette - 4 cyl, auto, 4 dr, am/fm, air, radials, 42,000 mi, custom interior, extended vvarranty, rear defogger, tinted glass. $ AMC GREMLIN , 6cyl, 3spd, 25 mpg. Engine & body in exc. cond. $ '76 HONDA ACCORD - Silver. Best offer '79 CAMARO, air/p/s, am/fm stereo, radials, silver w/red int, exc. cond '74 FORD PINTO - $700. For more information call after 5 pm. '76 DATSUN B210 - r/h, auto, rear defogger, only 27,900 mi. gold, new snow tires.included. Excellent condition. Only $ '72 CADDY - 4/dr, fully loaded, Lt. Blue met. & white, runs real good, Must sac. $ FOR SALE '78 Jeep Wagoneer LTD Load Tow pkg xlow range 7600 mi, $ aft. 6pm. '76 PLYMOUTH VOLARE Premier - 4dr, vyn roof, 316 eng, radio, p/s, p/b, cr.c 52000mi, $ ESS SPORT - Pinto, 26,000 mi., a/c, PS, mint condition, $4200! Call '77 VW CAMPER - exc. condition but very reluctantly must give up. V. clean & lovingly cared for. Equipped w/aux. gas heater for winter driving. Also inc. am/fm radio w/front & rear speaker, custom made awning that attaches to side, trailer hitch for It. towing, locking gas cap. 36,000 mi. $6500 firm eves MERCEDES- BENZ 300SE - 4-dr. sedan - classic amenities: black leather, full wood trim, sunroof, air suspension - 6-cyl, p/s, p/b, auto, fuel injection - new putty paint and Michelin radials - elegant, responsive thoroughbred at Chevy price - $ (Griggstown) or VW SEDAN, radio, depend, transportation. $ aft COUGAR - 4 dr, a/c, power, -am/im tape, 33,000 miles, like new '78 MALIBU CLASSIC - 2dr, light blue, exc cond, 24,000 mi, a/c, $4200. Snows incld , '79 MUSTANG Cobra - 4 spd, 4 cyl, sun roof, Jensen stereo system console. Mint cond. excel, gas mileage. Eves '79BMW-320i, 16,000 mi, elx cond sitck sun roof, alloy wheels. $10, evenings VEGA - Power, air, low mileage. Good condition after 6pm. '72 BUICK Le Sabre, exc cond, 4dr, air, extras, 54,800mi, $ OLDS CUTLASS Salon - loaded< exc cond, asking $ TV-lust sell. '71 CHEVELLE SS - auto, p/s, good transportation, Call after 6pm. '77 BUICK ELECTRA - exc cond, 65,000 1 owner miles, loaded, $ '74 VEGA - Hatchback, red, auto, running safely but needs work, $275. F.ves VW SQUAREBACK , gd. shape. $ '73 PINTO - Hatchback. Runs well. $ DODGE CUSTOM - van, 318 auto, p/s, p/b, am/fm stereo, carpet/panel, must be seen, 23,000 miles. $ '75 MONTE CARLO - fully loaded, good condition, new tires, 47,000 miles, $2500. Call after 5. COUGAR XR7-1979, 21,000 mi, like new inside & out, fully equipped, bucket seats, stereo, full instrumentation. Good gas mileage, extra lg. gas tank. $ '76 GMC VAN - low mileage, new paint, new 60 radials, CB, stereo, captain's chairs & all the extras. Must sell or after 5. MERCEDES BENZ , 280 SEL, exc. cond., new engine, $6000, after 5. '77 T-BIRD - a/c, ps/pb, sm econo V8, 1 owner, 22,000 mi, like new. $ '77 VW BEETLE - 4 spd, am/fm, 16,000 miles, exc. cond., $3950. Call after 5 pm HONDA - Civic 1200, Body, etc. good. Engine needs major work. $2000. Call after 5pm or '78 DATSUN 280Z - 25,000 mi, exc. condition, $7, '71 VW KOMBI BUS - Good cond. Can be used as camper. 24,000 miles. $ days, eves. '77 MGB - am/fm, 33,000 mi, exc. cond. $3800 or best offer , or CAPRI - V-6, 4 speed, am/fm. a/c, sunroof show-room condition, radials, asking $ call GO FORD LTD wagon '77 - V8, exc. cond., a/c, all power, air shocks, alarm, new battery 60,000 mi. $2800 or best offer. Call after 5 pm. '70 PONTIAC CATALINA, 4 dr, very gd. running cond., auto, p/s, p/b, a/c, $250 or best offer aft. 7 pm FORD window van, 6 cyl. standard shift. $ '77 CAMARO - V8, silver/red int, $450 sound system, a/c, auto, p/s, p/b, radials, $3750. No Bruns DATSUN 280ZX-like new, 5 spd, a/c, p/s, am/fm, 23/city, 27/hwy MGC '69, exc cond, convertible light yellow, black int, new carpet, leather seats, 5 chrome spoke wheels, 5 spd trans, 6 cyl, orig paint, radio, new car cover incld days, eves MERCURY MONTEGO MX 9 Pass. Wagon, 351 engine, gd on gas, full power, A/C, door locks, rack, orig. 55,000 mi, always garage, gd radials, very clean, runs new, must sell, private. $ '73 AMC HORNET - 89,000, auto, needs work. $700 or bo. Call after 6 pm. FIAT Special, 4 dr, auto, a/c, best offer above $1250. Call '72 NOVA, new tires, and mags. $ after BMW - asking $ Ask for Vince. SAAB 99E - '72 4 spd., new clutch, new muffler & exhaust system, reblt. trans, new Michelin snow tires, all 4 wheels, 87,000 mi., am/fm, $ MUSTANG - in very good condition, $1250. Call from 7-9 pm CHEVY BELAIR - red/white, sport coupe, loaded, like new, $ OLDS 88 - HT, immaculate, orig. owner, $750 or trade for pickup PONTIAC Bonneville convertible, original owner, new top & paint, $ BUICK LESABRE - '77, 39,000 mi., exc. cond., silver gray, It. blue int. Fully equipped, 2 dr. hard top custom, brand new tires, CB $ days, after 8pm. PORSCHE - '69, 912, solid body, reblt. eng., new webers, Surplus Jeeps, Cars, and Trucks. Available thru Gov't Agencies. Many sell under $200. Call , Ext for information on how to purchase. '78 CHEVY VAN C20-V8, 26,000 mi. auto, ps/pb. radials, radio, sliding windows, 5 pass., mint cond. $4300 Firm '76 TRIUMPH - Spitfire, 30 mpg, am/fm, radial tires. $2400. Call after 6pm '72 PONTIAC - 2-dr. in good working condition. Needs body work. $ '71 VW SUPERBEETLE $675 or best offer '69 MUSTANG FAST- BACK C, 3spd, ps, am/fm/cassette, mags, asking $ WINTER PROJECT - For restoration, 1965 Sunbeam Tiger, 260 V8, 1967 Sunbeam Alpine, make 1 out of 2. Both $1500 firm. Call bet. 6-10pm, VOLVO 264GL , sunroof, cassette, air, leather seats, power windows, metalic beige. Garage kept in top shape. Worth $ but make me an offer. Call office or home MECHANICS SPECIAL Mustang 289. auto runs, $300. Call bet. 6-10pm BUICK SKYLARK - p/s, p/b, a/c, am/fm stereo, factory warranty, $ '78 TOYOTA Celica GT Liftback - a/c, am/fm stereo, tape, cassette, radials. Going overseas, must sell. $ OLDS DIESEL Delta 88, Royalle, 4 dr, a/c, am/fm stereo, cruise, other options. 6,000 mi. $ Classifieds Work for YOU

37 Week Of October 22-24,1980 Classified Autos For Sale 71 FORD PINTO - totally rebuilt no rust, $800. Call after FIAT SPYDER convertible - snows, am/fm, 15,000 miles, $6800 or best offer. Gorgeous! Call after 6pm. '69 MGC - G.T., auto., true classic, 58,000 mi., new tires, $ BMW 2500 BAVARIA , fully rebuilt eng., well maintained, runs fine, 20+ mpg, new batt, snow tires. $2500 or best offer '72 MAVERICK - auto, ps/95,000 mi., $ after 5 pm. '79 MUSTANG - rust, auto, 17,000 mi, ps/pb,a/c, am/fm/stereo, cloth bucket seats, clean. Best offer over $4250. Must sell , '75 CHEVY MONZA - 3 spd, 60,000 mi afler 4. ALFA ROMEO - '78 Spider, brown/tan, best offer VW BUS , excellent transportation, 4 speed, $695 or best offer DIESEL 77 PEUGEOT - automatic wagon '76 FORD LTD, 2 dr., ps/pb, ac. Exc. cond. $2200 or best offer , '74 MERCURY MARQUIS auto, a/c, fully pwred, good cond OPEL - 35 mpg, 55,000 miles, best offer over $ BUICK SKYLARK '75, 53,900 mi, exc cond. new trans, radio. $ Motorcycles HARR BROTHER'S YAMAHA, fuel efficient in i) t ore voles and niopeds. Financing and jnsurance, 1605 North Olden Ave., Trenton, N.J ACT NOW! We need your cycle, any make-modelcbndition. Will pay cash, sell it in consignment, or give high trade allowance now with delivery in the Spring. Cooper Cycle Ranch, Rt 33, Hamilton Sq Hrs 10-8 Mon-Fri, 9-3 Sat HONDA 750K, good cond., 4800 mi., w/many extras aft. 5:30. HONDA cvl. Runs, needs minor work, $ '79 PUCH MAGNUM MK2 - exc. cond., $ HONDA CM400T, 900 mi.,' clean aft. 5: KAWASAKI 175CC mi, exc. cond, extras. $450 or best offer after 6. '76 KAWASAKI - 400cc, new parts & paint after 4. '75 YAMAHA Enduro, 1000 orig mi exc cond. $ '75 HONDA XL100 - Street & trail, 1,669 orig. miles, exc. cond, extra tire, manual, perfect running cond, $450. Good beginners bike after 6pm: Motorcycles 1972 HONDA Exc. cond, 10,000 miles. $450. After 6pm, KAWASAKI Enduro, 1975, 6700 miles, in exc. cond, $ KAWASAKI street & dirt, good condition, $ SUZUKI RM80- like new, $375 includes helmet. Days , eves YAMAHA YZ100 '77, exc cond, $ TRIUMPH Trident, 3 cyl, 75Occ, extras, $2000/best offer. Call bet. 6-10pm, HONDA 50cc Mini Trail, exc cond, $ PUCH MAXI II - almost new, with extras; $550. Call Regina ext 465, SUZUKI RM125 - exc. cond, $1000. Must sell. Call after 5pm ask for Mike. HONDA XL175 cycle for sale. In very gd cond, 1974, w/2,000 mi, $ '78 RM 250C Suzuki. Many trick parts. Rebuilt engine. $ Trucks 1978 FORD Econ 150 Van - auto, stereo. cadtains chairs. Only 29,000 mi. Mint cond. Call anytime PICK-UP 1977 CHEVY C with Winnebago cap. p/s, p/b, std. trans. 40,000 hwy miles. $3100: GMC '69-3/4 ton stake body. Rebuilt engine. New tires. Gd. cond. Asking $ CAP - for 8' pickup. Panelled w/lights. Exc. cond. $ after 6pm INTERNATIONAL - Suburban, p/s, p/b, a/c, trailer pkg, good cond. 1st $ DUMP TRUCK - GMC, 10 ton, V6, 5 speed, - 2- speed rear, 10 ft. plow, 5 ton winch. Low mileage, good cond., $ pm. MECHANICS SPECIAL Ford 4 ton pickup, 390, standard, runs, $450. Call bet. 6-10pm, '69 CHEVY Heavy Duty Pick-Up, needs valve job, best offer '56 CHEVY - dump truck, runs good. $ after 3: MACK CAB-OVER with sleeper 79 GMC Brigadier. Make offer before 3 pm or wknds. VAN FOR SALE- '68 Dodge, $ bet INTERNATIONAL Pick- Up '71, Crew Cab, 4wd, exc family vehicle. $ '64 CHEVY - 1 ton pickup, with a little work will be solid work truck. Must sell. $ '78 TOYOTA pick-up - long bed, 5-spd, am/fm, Tohneau top, 27,000 mi. $ DEADLINE FOR NEW ADS IS 5 PM MONDAY Advertising 3-C Machinery & Equipment MACHINERY PARTS Made,for anything, improvements as necessary. Special repairs, welding, forging, etc. LeyzoreK, Hollow Rd., Skillman 08558, FORK LIFT TRUCK - Raymond model 11- R30TT. Top notch condition. $6, , METAL' LATHE - $300; Addressograph, $200; 3 ton trailer, $500 or BO GOING OUT OF Business Sale, Lathes 12-36", milling machines, grill pressers, shapers, grinders, & construction equip , Monmouth Jet. area. Recreational Vehicles 17 FT PROWLER - Excellent condition, selfcontained POP-UP - 72 Wheel Camper, sleeps 6/8, sink/stove/ice box, spare tire, table. Sacrifice. Aft. 5: ALWAYS LOW KATES MOTOR HOMES for KENT am! SALE 292 Highway 35 Kntontown, N.J (11-51I-D20II HOUSE TRAILER, 28 ft., suitable for hunters or storage Mobile Homes MOBILE HOME - in adult park double wide Magnolia, 3 bdrm, \\> bath, den, lg. Ivrm, kit. & dining area, fenced yrd, partially furnished *. 2 BR. MOBILE HOME. - Mon. Mobile Home Pk. S. Bruns. Reas , MOBILE HOME - 10'x50', very good condition, new elec stove & oil burner. Buyer must be over 45 yrs old. Call CUSTOM BUILT - 24x(i0 Mobile home. 3 BR. LV. DR. Fr. oat in kit. spacious yd. w/block patio Boats CATALINA 27 - fully equipped, wheel steering, documented, price negotiable SAILBOAT - Penguin 12 ft. rebuilt, exc. cond. $575. with trailer ' THOMPSON Sea Lancer - 50 hp Evinrude engine with 2 tanks & spare prop equipped with extras. Hull completely redone. $ after 3pm. SAILBOAT - 25' Cape Dory Fully equipped, cradle included, handles beautifully. $11,500. Call Meredith, SAILBOAT - Sunflower, 11 ft. corlite hull, 315 lb. capacity, good condition, $ after 6pm. 15' FLAT BOTTOM cruising catboat, leeboards. trailer, complete. Cheap SAIL BOAT -Slope Rig, Old Town w/trailer complete, family boat, 16x5 6 beam. Needs work, asking $350. Eves Instruction Instruction Entertainment FLUTE & MUSIC theory lessons - professional concert flutist, M.M. Degree, exp. and certified ELECTRIC GUITAR - Les Paul copy, exc. buy for beginner, double pick-up, great action. $75 w/case aft. 6pm. EXP. PROFESSIONAL piano teacher. Beginner thru advanced , keep trying. PIANO INSTRUCTION - and voice by certified music teacher. Call "DISCOVER FLYING LESSON" - $20. Raritan Valley Flying School, Kupper Airport, Manville. Appointment: CA R E E R A N D "EDUCATIONAL COUN- SELING - individual testing, career planning, college advisement. For brochure call Anna Willinghani. M.A.. M.S.W. 20 Nassau St.. Princeton, FRENCH LESSONS. Conversation practice. Grammar. Reading. Beginners, lntermediate, Advanced- Native teacher. Register for Fall term PIANO - as a means of personal expression. Instruction offered in jazz, cont. or improy. music. Exp. music teacher specializing in beginners EVENING TUTORING - in all subjects 3-8 grades. N.J. certification & Masters in Elementary Education. $12.50 per hour. Call , after 4pm. SHARPEN YOUR SKILLS - and improve your grades! Experienced teacher with M. Ed. will help you discover your potential CONSERVATORY GR- AD - Now accepting voice & piano students for the fall PRATIQUEZ Votre Francais en joignant notre groupe pour renseignements, appelez S.V.P. EXPERIENCED PIANO - teacher, all ages, now accepting students. Will teach in the comfort of your own home CREATIVE PIANO LESSONS - with Handy "Sweazey, MA, Ed.M, Columbia Univ. Group and private lessons, children and adults. Princeton studio. For brochure: CLASSICAL - Guitar & Lute Lessons. Technique - interpretation GUITAR LESSONS: All Levels. Vocal coaching, tape facilities avail. Bob Korman (609) OIL PAINTING LESSONS - Private. Call Eli evenings, CHANGE YOUR TUNE - study piano, theory and/or ear training with Juilliard graduate, W.C.C. faculty GUITAR LESSONS Jazz, Classical? Folk, Pop. Experienced teacher ol beginning &. advanced students AKHALEfAN. II is a school in the FOURTH WAY, a method of workon-oneself, utilizing' the teachings of G.I. Gurdjieff, P.D. Ouspensky, Wilhelm Reich, and "others, & led by an experienced teacher EXPERIENCED -" Tutor. Licensed teacher. Help your child to develop" ability & con fidence in reading and language skills GUITAR - Lessons all levels, all styles, taught by Berklee College of Music graduate. Call Ed' Cedar PIANO INSTRUCTION - recording artist will teach rock & roll technique to intermediary students and will also teach begininrs. Very patient with children: For afternoon and evening lessons MATH TUTORING - by Ph.D., High School & College level, SAT & all college board exams, remedial & enrichment programs; custom, individual instruction IQ74 A UNIQUE Approach to language learning 25 languages. Native teachers and translators.' Instruction for children and adults. All levels. Brush-up, conversational and literary classes. Intensive courses for travelers and business people. Tutoring. Call Entertainment RENT SD. Minolta JL»j r, films, car-,oons, comedies, horrors, for childrens parties. Lou's Home Movies, 1350 Chambers St., Hamilton Twp, NJ Hours 9-6 except Sunday. HAVING A PARTY? Add that special touch with quality accordion / cordovox music. Complete repetoire. Reasonable rates. Satisfaction guaranteed. Call LARK STRING QUARTET - a touch of classics for weddings, parties, receptions, w/optional recorder , , , MICKEY STARR Disc Jockey. Music for all occasions. The best in portable sound. Go with the Pro JONJIETHE MAGIC CLOWN Magic comedy & balloon animals. Available for school shows, birthday parties, grand openings and fund raisings. For further inform? fl.on call TUTORING - Grades 1 DISCO Extravaganza - through"127 h all subjects. bjt Weddings, Parties Any experienced teacher, call Occasion. D. J. Ralph Matarese, BASS. & GUITAR lessons EXPERIENCED string with an experience* musicians for hire. Add a professional musician. pleasant touch to your Creative & affordable. party or. special occasion Also very good with From classical to popular beginners. Call Dan at music at your request or Call or ED KLEIN offers Disc Jockey Service for any occasion. From Disco W Oldies , RENT A WITCH - Bewitch your guests! Tarot cards, palmistry, crystal gazing astrology. Parties, all social functions & private consultation. Days, , eves P.M. SOUNDS IN MOTION - D.J's. All occasions. Great sound and price. Call Matt, MAGIC SHOWS - performed for children's birthday parties, banquets, dinner parties or any such festive occasions. Have performed in Princeton & surrounding areas. Call for further information IT'S MAGIC Catering PIANO LESSONS dedicated, qualified teacher, vv/master's degree in piano. 10 yrs exp. w/all levels. Accepting beginners through advanced. Reasonable rates (will travel) THE GINGHAM- GOURMETS - creative lood^tvlists. uniuue uid-'. up dinner service. oiiereii Tues-Fri. Caiering loreocktails. dinners and small receptions, etc. Menus avail nr (i(i Photography WEDDINGS & BAR M I T Z V A H S Professional work, Reas. Ian Mitchell, BLACK & WHITE PHOTOGRAPHY - Competently executed; reasonably priced: Phaedrus: in P.M. NATURAL Color - Portraits, Bar Mitzvahs. Weddings, social events from $125. Remarque Studio Piano Tuning PIANO TUNING Regulating Repairing KOIJKRTHALLIE7 P.T.G. Registered Crafts in a u SINCE K Furniture Restoration OUR 17th YEAR, devoted to the restoration of antique & fine furniture. Hirschmann Antique Restoration, formerly Gunsser, River Dr, Titusville, B.M. RIDER Furniture - repaired.& refinished. Antique restoration. Caning & Rushing. Hand stripping. Pick up & delivery service. Our only location rear of 75 Main St., Kingston. Oien Mon.-Sat. 9-5, 6O9.-» CANED & Rushed Makean-old chair better Give it a new seat. Expertly done Furniture Restoration BIX FURNITURE Stripping-"There is none better" Route."51?^, 'Kosemont, NJ. "At (he Cane Farm", Furniture repairs & refinishing. Safe for antiques & veneers. DIP ' N Strip - free pick" up & delivery. Hand stripping, re"finishirig, : repairing, caning &' rushing. Our reference; your neighbors. DIP 'N> STRIP, 49 Main St., 1 Kingston, NJ Open Mon-Sat 9-5 Dm. WEDDINGS are our specialty. Good dan-.. ceable music for all ages' at reasonable prices. We coordinate everything FURNITURE Refinishing & Repair - DISC JOCKEY FOR custom build to HIRE - Weddings, specifications. THE Parties. Dances, Live YARDLEY CABINET Band Sound. For low MAKER, cost, any type music - Disco, 5()'s," Pop, Elvis etc. Barry Davison, 009 CHAIRS - CANED , RUSHED - reglued, tightened, Furniture refinished. Years of experience. Free pick-up and delivery From spectacular stags shows to intimate close up magic. Children's birthday p a r i i c s banquets", any e\tiv. Each show personalty planned to your needs by a profess.oiial magician. Reasonable rates. Call after (i pm %70. full-time Ask for Ed. Sr'rot. DUET - Husband & wife team, 2 guitars & vocals, varied program. Call Ed or Sue Cedar Business Services JOHN'S VACATION Service - Plant and pet care. Home and.apartment care. Paper and mail pick-up and snow removal TYPING EXPERT! 15 vrs. diversified exp.-my home. Manuscripts', briefs, letters, theses, proposals. Neatness & accuracy - my motto. Reasonable FINANCIAL SERVICES - Suitable for small organization not needing controller. Reasonable rates. Write E.E., P.O. Box Princeton. N.J TYPING at home. Quick, accurate. neat, reasonable. Seleetric Correcting or , ask for Madri. SMALL COMPUTER Consulting - Programs written to suit your personal or business needs. Week nights call after (ipm. SUPER TYPIST - varied abilities. including technical. Accurate & reasonable eves & wkends. COLLATING - Addressing, Stapling, Folding, Inserting. Zipping, etc. all at the right price. Direct Mail Services, 60 N. Main St.. Cranbury Princeton Packet Inc. nas some Press Tune Available Web I >11 set Press Let us print your newspaper or in-house organ. Camera ready in e c h a n i c a I s < i r negatives required. We print regular standard pages or tabloids. Your paper can he printed on regular :!() newsprint or.">() white offset stock. There is a nominal extra charge for a second spot color, it \ou so desire. Our capacity for your needs is 32 pages standard and 04 pages lor your tabloids. Call Mr.. Hutehinson or Ms. Lang at 1609) 924- :i244 tor particulars on jour printing needs. Business Services fruck & WINDOW Lettering - show cards, paper signs. Herbert C. Rodgers, RESUMES UNLIMITED - Your complete one stop resume service featuring resumes professionally written to highlight your qualifications, expertly typed & duplicated: For personal, confidential service call TYPING-STATISTICAL. Legal, Technical, Thesis, Letters. Proposals, Manuscripts, KCASSOCIATKS Secretarial Scr\ ices P.'i). Hox:;?i I'linieton Junction, N. Financial Services LOANS TO NJ - Homeowners. $3000 to 850,000 for debt consolidation, home improvements, autos or any other purpose. Phone your application to National Credit Corp.. Trenton. NJ am- 9pm 7 days'wk. Fast courteous service. INDIVIDUAL INCOME- Tax returns prepared, lioth federal & state. Licensed CPA. ('all fidii (ifi alter 6 pm. Special Services DO YOU NEED - Assistance in filling out your Medicare / Aledicaid, Blue Cross / Blue Shield Medical Insurance claim forms? We wi send vou information. Call A. Johnson IH065 or.! Aberger. ( Insurance Assistance. SILK FLOWERS - Top quality silk used in our < u s t o m design arrangements. By appointment. Mary! or Phvflis CUSTOM MADE Drapes, cornices, bedspreads. & accessories. 2(i "n disc on our decorator fabrics. Call Custom Concepts. (>09- -UK LOOKING FOR STORAGE SPACE for everything from household items to an antique car? LACKLAND MINI- STORAGE. Quakeroridge ; Hillsborough Other locations: Piscataway, Pleasantville. Old Bridge. HOUSE APT. CLEANING SERVICE - Experienced. reliable, references. Penning ton- Princeton area (1. HYE SIGNS - Engraved name & door plates, deskplates, 'badges, luggage tags, plaques. Mr. Tom Hye, RUG SHAMPOOING - residential or office or HEALTH PRODUCTS - wholesale - retail, V i t a M i x. Water ARTISTS PAINT- Distillers, Acme Juicers, IN G S/Dr a wings Salad Master waterless Photographed slides, cookware. The Better prints/ Sats. Health Center, P.O. Box 284 Belle Mead 08502, TYPING PROJECTS wanted Professional PROFESSIONAL TYP- Secretary seeks typing: ING SERVICE - Carduner's Shopping Center, book manuscripts; term papers, reports, Rte. 130 & Princeton / correspondence, dictation, transcription. Hightstown Rd., Hightstown, NJ Experienced. 104wpm Your complete typing. Carbon Ribbon secretarial service typewriter. Call eves, featuring Error Free Automatic Typing week-ends every page an original. Also letters, resumes, theses,- dissertations, COLLEGE SELECTION addressing & mailing, & APPLICATION Xerox copies. Equipment: IBM Correcting dividuals & small COUNSELING - in- Seiechic n and an IBM groups. Dr. Michael L. Memory typewriter. Rosenthal, Special Services DRESSMAKING And Alterations Janice Wolfe.-Call PERSONAL FINAN- ClA'., - & tax counselling lor divorced & separated people. Call Split Decisions, at J REDECORATING for the Holidays? - Are you seeking expert advice and courteous service? Do you want a decorating service and complete installations on everything for your home? The Saums Interiors is your answer! Act now for Holiday decorating, call " lor further information. O F F I C E B L D G.. maintenance, janitorial services , L A W N M" O W E R REPAIRS - Hand mowers or tractors, also complete sharpening service. Saws, knives, scissors, grass or hedge clippers*,' reel mowers fir rotary mowers. R.7\. Grooms & Son. 385Ward' St., Hightstown, N J FENCING - Specializing in chain link. Free estimates. J-M & Sons COMPLETE SERVICE - on garden tractors, tillers. I'idinsi mowers, snow throwers, portable generators & pumps. Call Art Frank Wi MAILING LISTS maintained - Specializing' in non-prof orgs, churches, schools. Add, correct, delete. Selected print on labels, envelopes, date sheets Eliminate time consuming, cumbersome file cards and selection work. Call PRINCETON PRINTOUTS, EUROPE BOUND? - Insure your travel en- joyment by planning ahead. We help you map out your routes and find those srnajl. cozv hotels along the way. Plan to enjoy! Call Byways of Travel, "l899". RUG CLEANING & SHAMPOOING Janitorial Service & Cleaning Service - Snow Plowing. James Streeter, Trenton, NJ WATLINGTON'S ~PA-. INTING - Interior & exterior. Pressure washing. Aluminum <\- wood homes. Driveway' sealing & window washing no answer STORAGE TRAIL- ERS - for rent by week or month ft. "pick up & delivery or eves. SOUTH BROOK PAVING Driveways. Parking lots. Patching, Sealer's. Excavating Eouipment « B-:?075 Jeff Woisznies FIELDS & WOODS mowed. - brush cleared or TONY'S CLEANING Service - Apts., offices & houses. For the lowest, rates around call Mon-Fri before 9 AM. after 6PM, Sat. & Sun. anytime. "A Professional Company" specializing in windows and rugs. SECRETARIAL / TYPING done my home, also theses, reports, manuscripts, correspondence in general & tapes. IBM Selectric II. Correctible. Will pickup/deliver. Will occasionally go out on call COMPLETE LAMP restorations, metal polishing & plating shop. Miller-Topia Designers, 41 E. Aston Ave, Yardley, Pa DESIGNER JEANS - and other alterations. Twin Rivers, L

38 4-C Classified e ic.. ^. Building Special Services Home Services Services COLLEGE STUDENT with truck: Experienced in: Moving of furniture, landscaping, painting, roof repairs, etc, etc, etc. Reasonable and Reliable. Kirk, ff>e Painting the outside of your nouse by an amateur painter can look very nice, but gets very costly to redo if that new paint is flaking off in a short time, due to poor preparation, moisture problem or the use of the wrong type of paint. Before you start, consult Julius K. Gross, Princeton, with 25 years professional painting experience to analyze the surface, moisture testing, recommending proper surface preparation and type of primers and finish paint to be used. Consultation fee $25 in most cases. Call Julius K. Gross at : for an appointment on your job. DRESSMAKING Alterations. Clothes updated. Designs for all occasions. Helpful ideas Home ServTces THOMAS B. G00DN0W - taking grasscutting contracts for Experienced Eves. CARPET Cleaning Special - Any size room steam cleaned by experts. $ New Dawn / TREE" WORK - ALL Types Pruning, Topping, Feedind, Removal, Storm Damage, Land Clearing & Chipper Service. Firewood & wood chips available. Competent work at a fair price. Fully insured. MAKE YOUR HOME beautiful economically by yourself. All you need is some professional advice & shopping tips. Call NOW IS THE TIME - to have your heating system cleaned. Call now for special summer rates. Davison's Heating Service, yrs. experience. Free estimates. Consumer bureau registered UPHOLSTERY SER- VICE - Upholstering, furniture repairs. Free shop at home, your fabric or ours. Stephen Weingart, I'M OFFERING MORE - services than before to complement our fine upholstery. We now offer custom draperies, bedspreads, vertical & horizontal blinds, woven woods, additional accessories & decorating advice for your home. Call Becky Rogers, HOUSE CLEANING Window cleaning, flooi washing & waxing, general cleaning or weekly &. monthly basis.,call after E p.m. CESSPOOLS AND SEPTIC TANKS CLEANED 7 Trucks-No Waiting RUSSELL REID CO. 20 Years Experience C "PRACTIQO- assoc. expert hous^cleaning. Call CHIMNEY" SWEEP.,* Fireplaces, wood stoves, oil burners. Clean, efficient system. A dirty chimney is a fire hazard! Call Robert Ackers home confidant*.; : LAMP SHADES'Lamp mounting -and repairsi "Nassau interiors, 162 ^ St u Princeton. HOUSE CLEANING - efficient, reliable with references. Openings in Kingston, Belle Mead & Blawenburg area. Call , after BACK IN DECORATING BUISNESS - Custommade draperies, miniblinds and carpeting. Quality workmanship at substantial savings. Joseph H. Petrozzini, evenings. MASON CONTRACTOR - Chimneys, Hearths, Backings for Wood stoves. Fireplaces, Patios, or ANY type Brick, Block, Stone or Concrete Work. Free estimates. No job too small. Call Aft. 6 pm BROWNING FERRIS INDUSTRIES Residential & Industria Refuse Collection Cranbury Station Rd Cranbury, NJ HOMESTEAD' CHIM- NEY SWEEP - "Clean, "Efficient, Reliable Service for all chimneys iwood, oil, coal. gas). Our Services Include: Cleaning. Inspecting, Repairing..Rejining. We also install chimney caps, spark arrestors, dampers, stoves, etc. Fully Insured. Certified Member of National- Chimney Sweep Guild Emergencies. Call: WOOD STOVES IN- STALLED - Hearths & chimney systems. Please call Scott Demme, HOME CLEANING - Houses, apartments, windows; no job too big or small, prompt service, or G & A GUTTERS (>09-4(i6-238r> SEAMLESS ALUMINUM GUTTERS **FALL SPECIAL** Rain gutters cleaned & screened; you'll never have to clean again. gutters HIGH FUEL BILLS? - Choose Oil Turnatives: airtight wood/coal stoves, multi-fuel furnaces, pipe accessories, expert installation and. advice. Visit us at 33 W. Broad St. Hopewell, NJ. Open M-F 10am-8pm, Sat 9-5, Sun CUSTOM MAUL SLIPCOVERS BRIGHTEN YOUI HOME YEAR ROUND, Your fabric - Labor only. Call for yardage needed. References on request. BOBS SLIPCOVERS AVAMIAN Appliance Repair & Service Air Conditioning Washers Refrigeration Dryers Keating Dishwashers Ranges, etc.' Reasonable All work Guaranteed : or CARPENTRY ADDITIONS REMODELING KITCHENS RESTORATIONS CUSTOM BARNS ' PeterWikoff SKILLED HANDS - Will Travel: carpentry, painting, remodeling, linoleum, furniture repair, lawn work, fix-it - Good references. Steve Muse PROFESSIONAL Home Cleaners we do: dusting, vacuuming, windows, floors, bathrooms & more so vou don't have to. We clean to please PJU0QR SANDING - Hardwood floors sanded arid finished. Phone Advertising Week ENERGY CONSCIOUS Construction Company - Energy efficient additions & heating systems; remodeling; restorations; solar heating systems; skylights; insulation; wood & coal stoves; chimneys & hearths; multi-fuel furnaces. 10 yrs. experience in the construction business. No job too small. Local references. Please call Scott Demme, MASON/CARPENTER' Patios, walks, drives foundations, roofing carports, small ad dilions. John: MASON CONTRACTOR: Patios, wood decks, driveways, sidewalks, garages & cellars. New construction as well as repairs. Free estimates. Call after 5:30 p.m. DONALD GIERSCH- Carpenter Contractor. Fully experienced and insured to take care of your remodeling needs <>r even your small jobs. Local reference supplied upon request. Call 609-, G & J Construction Co. Roofing, Gutters, Masonry, General Contracting, Repairs. Free Estimates HILLSIDE BUILDERS, INC. General Contractors All types masonry & ceramic tile work. New construction as well a. work GENERAL CONTRACTORS ftew homes, additions, garages 1, driveways, roof, ng, custom masonry, fireplaces, swimming pools and patios. Full line of aluminum products. WM. FISHER BVILDER'S, INC. Serving Princeton area for 30 years. Financing arranged CONTRACTOR DESIGNER for remodeling, additions, solar homes. Richard E. Helgesen, AMERICAN COLO- NIAL REPRODUC- TIONS' LTD. - Let us design & create for you a (heart of the home) room, Colonial Kitchen or Keeping room in rustic or traditional styling with handcrafted aged pine wood John W. Huff and Assoc Building Services S. KLEVANS & ASSOCIATES -, Custom Carpentry (Work: Additions, renovations, repairs. "We specialize in custom carpentry, cabinet work, kitchen planning and design to suit your individual needs or Home Repairs HOME REPAIRS & Renovations. Meigs &' Sehiinski. Box,188, Roosevelt, NJ. 609-'44S f)180, MASTER CRAFTS Quality home im; provements & repairs" done with old fashioned pride. Reasonable.rates. Twin Rivers CERAMIC TILE Repairs -.tile installed permanently with new cement board. Bathroomremodeling, lowest prices. Tile for du-it yours-elfers. DELA- WARE VALLEY TILE, 29 years of experience HOME "IMPROVE-' MENTS & repairs,- carpentry, painting & etc CARPENTER" - All forms of carpentry, some masonry. Additions, garages, remodeling decks,, repairs ' " ADDITIONS, ROOFING, aluminum siding, guters, replacement windows, Stephen J. Denarski Home Improvements, Work done in every room of your house. Repairs, alterations, carpentry, porch, patio & window repairs, weather stripping & more. Free estimates cabinetry, ceiling beams, wainscoting, BUILDING REPflooring & period AIRS - Roofs (metal, lighting, incorporating shingle, slate, lar), modern appliances chimneys, gutters, designed to afford functional efficiency & water proofing, dry downspouts, flashing, originality. Heirloom wells, sheds, garages, quality handcrafted porches, steps, furnishings blended into basements, driveways, room designs to produce fences, hauling, pruning, an original Colonial landscaping, brush period room clearing, demolition, reproductioniof the finest rough carpentry, quality. Refs. Call 609- painting, caulking, glazing, masonry pointing-patching, inspections, guaranteedinsured HOME IMPROVE- MENTS, ' additions, alterations & general repairs. G. Di- EXPERIENCED - for house repairs, property Benedetto Contractors maintenance, inside & out painting, etc. Responsible & reasonable. Call Bill 609- Your Trench is after 6pm. our Work Bench Drainage problems solved. Septic and sewer repairs and new installations. Underground CRAFTSMAN - since CARPENTER / installation of bulk fuel Qualified for any tanks. Drives and size custom job. Call 609- parking areas, cut graded, stoned or paved General Backhoe and hauling. Stone by the ton CARPENTER & MASON and more. - no job too small, insured, call aft. 6, S & T EXCAVATING CONT. INC. - Commercial - Residential. 50 yrs. exp. Fully insured. Save! Start with the best. Expert Excavating & Grading, Septic Systems. Stone Driveways, Farm ponds & field drainage. No job too big or small. Calf anytime, or CUSTOM HOMES, remodeling, custom fireplace & stove installations. Free ests DON'T MOVE IM- PROVE - Renovate your home or business. Contractor of the Year by National Remodelers Assoc. All Work Co BUILDER - Robert Novobilsky. Interior & Exterior Work. Addition, Alteration, Siding & Roofing TILE REPAIR & Grouting - Expertly done. Early attention will prevent major & costly repairs. Call for free estimate LEAKS - tub & shower specialist in repair & waterproofing. Ceramic' tile expertly installed. Mr. Tile, Home Repairs HAVE HAMMER will travel! Quality workmanship by skilled craftsman. Siding, roofing, alterations & additions. No job too large or too small. Fully insured. Free est. Call Doug Renk, or MASON REPAIR - Sidewalks, steps and patios. Phone HOME REPAIRS Superior Craftsmanship.. Reasonable rates/ "Hutch The Handyman" " HOME REPAIR WORK - Ml Construction. All lypes of home improvements, additions, repairs. Winter prices now in effect. Free estimates Joseph Small. MASONRY & Carpentry Work - Fireplaces, additions; remodeling, kitchens & home improvements. Free estimates. W.A. Wortelman OVERHEAD GARAGb DOORS. Elec. operators. Factory to you. Over the counter or full service parts & repairs. Call lree. for free info Ridge Door, W New Rd., Mon. Jet. CARPENTER - repairs remodeling Pointing & Paperhanging IS YOUR - house depressed? Let M&J spruce it up for the holidays. Free estimates WATLINGTON'S PA- JNTIN.G. :....Interior & ^Exterior, and gutter cleaning no answer CAPITOL Painting interior & exterior, reasonable rates, fully insured SKILLED HANGING, int.-ext. painting, renovations. References. Call Margaret or Bruce, INTERIOR & Exterior Painting-free estimates, reasonable rates, clean work. Call T. Laski CHRISTOPHER WORAM Painting & Wallpapering Local call from Princeton JOES PAINTING Interior - exterior. Residential-commercial Free estimates. Insured INTERIOR & EX- TERIOR Painting and paperhanging. Fine quality work done by professional craftsmen only. In Princeton since Julius H. Gross, Inc PAPERHANGING Donald, JESS E. SAVADGE Interior & exterior painting. Textured & sand finished ceilings, graphics & sandblasting. Satisfaction guaranteed CHARLIE THE PAINTER.. Interior exterior. Free estimate MIKE'S PRO. PAIN TING of Dayton. Reas. Free ests PROFESSIONAL PA INTING. Ed Noebels after 6 pm PAINTING - Quality interior, exterior. Free estimates. Reasonable prices. 2(^ Painting & Paperhanging PART TIME - Interior painting & wallpapering, professional work guaranteed. Lowest prices, free estimates. Call after 5 pm weekdays, anytime weekends. PROFESSIONAL Paperhanging & Painting. Call Santos, PAINTING - Interior interior, wallpapering, light carpentry, Quality work. Call John: 6Q9-655«..598/ PAINTING. & Paperhanging - Frank Janda. 292 Dutch Neck' Rd. Call (609) DOMINICKPintinalli Jr. "- Painting Contractor - Interior & exterior, Residential & commercial. Free estimates. Call any time, J631. DAKBEE BROS. Interior & exterio: painting & home repairs Fully insured. Frei ujslimaies CHEAP WORK is not good, good work is not cheap, I'm reasonable HUSIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL PETER FIUMENERO JR. PAINTING & PAPERHANGING SPRAY PAINTING eves. Electricians KLIXTRK'AL Residential Commercial Industrial Wiri..^ Free estimates (ioil-1 i:(-52(is ALL TYPES of electrical work Marshall Electric, Inc. Ilightstown, N.J. Lie. & Per. #6296 (io!)-44:t-:<166 Hightstown / E. Windsor area. Residential electrical service is our speciality. HALASZ ELECTRICAL Contractors Inc. 42 Dayton Rd., Jamesburg or Industrial, commercial & residential. All types of wiring & repair. No job too large or small. N.W. MAUL & SON U.S. Hwy. 130 & Griggs Drive Repair Service Electrical Power & Lighting Installations Industrial Maintenance Heating & Air Conditioning 'AIR CON. CO. - Heating, air conditioning, refrigeration. Sales & Service. Also all types <> control service Plumbing PLUMBING : Li tf Need a plumber, free estimates - all types of plumbing. Call Mike" anytime day or V A KK ACRES PLUMBING & HEATING Installatior & repair of all your plumbing needs. Lie # Roofing & Siding Beat Ole Mail Winter! Winterize now and save! FREE insulation with all siding jobs, expert work at a fair price - roofing - gutters - carpentry - trim.. All work guaranteed!! J+J Contractors - after 6, (Ref.) Roofing & Siding ROOFING - Free estimates. Repair 'or install, all types '. of roofing. & leaders, gutters & chimney flashing. Call John Duma ALLIED ROOFrNG - New and old roofs of all types repaired. Fill and driveway stone delivered. All work guaranteed. No job too small Fret estimates. \ielle MEAD Roofing '28 yrs. in business. Free estimates on all type roofing and leaders and gutters and chimney flashing. Call anytime, or (local call from Princeton) ROOFING ASPHALT & I-'IBKR - GLASS SHINGLING & r.el'aiks. Prompt, free estimates and ins p e c I i o n' s. Long guarantees and outstanding reputation. Fair prices, local references. 1SI t'niu'ird.. Princeton ROOFING All Kinds Free Estimates WILLIAMSON CONSTRUCTION CO. G ALUMINUM siding gutters, roofing, Stephen J. Denarski Home Improvements, E-Z ROOFING - & general contractor. AH. work guaranteed. At lov». ost. For free estimate call HOMEOWNERS Save $ on all remodeling Alum & Vinyl Siding Roofing Gutters Storm windows/doors & repairs Low estimates. Call Joe Fully insured - 20 yre. exp Why wait until the roof leaks? Plan anead for your roofing needs NEW ROOFS REPAIRS COOPER & SCHAFER 63 Moran Princetor REROOFING - REPAIR - Asphalt, shingle, slate, roll, tar, coatings, metal roofs a specialty, gutters, spouts, chimneys, flashing, etc. Insured 1 - 'guaranteed Moving & Hauling MOVING & HAULING & LTL service, small or large. Reasonable Dave. MOVING? Reasonable 18 ft. van. Rent by day with driver, helpers available. Also tractor with driver DEPENDABLE COL- LEGE students-for hauling / delivery / moving. Reasonable rates, experienced. Call Phil MOVING & HAULING, quality service, at reasonable rates , HAULING, professional equipment and handling for line - furniture and goods, low rates, no job ioo big OK small, local or long distance. Call Bernie , or STUDENT HAULERS - Experienced with all kinds of furniture. No job too small, Local or long distance. Very reasonable. Kirk, , Don, Moving & Hauling IMMED. AVAIL.-for all types of light hauling. For a reasonable price FURNITURE, bedding appliances, household,oods. Moving and deliveries. Our price may be less than doing it yourself or , Paving S & F PIRONE CO. - Driveway constructed - with asphalt, paving, crushed stone or concrete. Septic systems installed & repaired. Backhoe service. Call anytime or Free estimates. Driveway Construction Stones of Any type Asphalt Paving Seal Coating [609] ,. Snow Plowing SNOW PLOWING Contract Work. All types equipment. All Work Co SNOW REMOVAL. Large lots, access roads, and loading docks our specialty. Prompt, professional services tailored to the needs of the business. John W. Hoff and Assoc. fio!m6fi-16!)!» Gardening & Landscaping COMPLETE LAWN Maintenance gardening, landscaping, & sodding TOP SOIL, STONE & Fill, Bulldozer work, trenching and land clearing or MURAWSKI'S LAND- SCAPING - plant your shrubs while there's still time. Reasonable rates. Call Driveways Constructed Asphalt or Slone Hack Hoc Work Septic systems. Etc. Kxpert Landscaping Sod. seeding & shrubs. (' (i in ni e r c i a 1 & residential. Free Kstimates TOP SOIL Fill dirt, mulch Various size loads delivered to all locations. FINDERNE LANDSCAPING GARDENING & Landscaping - If you need gardening and landscaping, lawn mowing for RESIDENTIAL & commercial just call Vittorio Pirone, LAWN CARE Service, call Sean aft. 4pm. LANDSCAPING, Gardening work Residential or com inercial. sidewalks p a I i o s, fencing driveways constructed, top soil, etc. Call anytime or TOM'S TREE SERVICE' - Tree cutting. Nashua wood stove dealer. For more information call or write PO Box 133, Pennington, NJ FOR RENT front end loader w/york rake/post hole digger w/operator. $225 per day WILL HAUL IT - Cellar, THOMAS B. GOODNOW attics and garages - taking grasscutting , contracts. for Ex Consumer Bureai perienced iregistered. Eves. Of.Qctober 22-24,1980 Gardening & Landscaping.MULCH HAY for sale, will deliver "lialf ton minimum (23 bales),' reasonable energy - split a load 'with your neighbors..eves TREE WORK. - Exp. in tree pruning & tree removal for free estimate. LAWNS CUT - Weeds pulled, leaves gathered. Phone DOERLER LANDSCAPES Landscape Designing and Contracting LAWN MOWER-& small engine repairs. Lawn mowers sharpened. Pick up & delivery can be arranged JIRAFFE TREE SERVICE - Tree removal, toppings, trimmings, hedges & shrubs, lanscaping. Reliable & inexpensive. Free estimates FIELDS & WOODS mowed - brush cleared or LAWN MAINTENANCE Commercial + Residential. Diefenbach's Lawn Service. Call Le Roy Diefenbach ! TREE WORK - ALL Types. Pruning. Topping, Feeding, Removal, Storm Damage, Land Clearing & Chipper Service, Firewood & wood chips available. Competent work at a failprice. Fully insured. Free estimates. Cons u in e r bureau registered GAKnKN & LAWN FERTILIZER Slighty lumpy $:i. 75 )a g. Cut up RR ics or GREEN THUMB LANDSCAPING. Complete landscape design & service CHAMPION LANDSCAPING Landscaping design & installation, sodding, seeding, railroad ties, retaining walls, & tree removal. Insured. Call SCENIC CREATIONS* INC. Designing and planting, lawn maintenance, sodding. Commercial & residential. Free estimates. Call or NEW LAWNS professionally installed complete line of landscaping also avail. Green thumb ,7306. PLANT TREES! White Pine, 10 ft, some 6' to 8'. $25+ delivery, balled, or you pickup Wanted To Rent PROFESSIONAL - wishes to find office to share on a part time basis with any other professional. Hours."lexible. Early am and later pm call MARRIED PRO- FESSIONAL - Couple seek reasonable cottage - guest house for New Year occupancy. Hightstown area. Clean and quiet with pets , YOUNG ARCHITECT/ musician searching for ro om, minimum idimensions: 14'-0x20' - 0x9-6 high, to alter as he idesires for his studio. 'Room must be structurally sound to support sleeping loft, dratting tables, Book cases, etc.,call Len Townsend days nites. Classified Ads run in 8 papers (609)

39 HOME HUNTER'S GUIDE Week Of October 22-24, C Fall in love with Princeton Meadows Fall. The perfect time to discover a most perfect place. Princeton Meadows, a distinctive community of easy to maintain, great-to-entertain-in studio, one & two bedroom luxury apartments designed for active, professional people on the move. It's your time in life. Enjoy it in a Princeton Meadows apartment. Make golfing your sport this fall on a championship golf course. Or get out for a jog or bike ride on a crisp, sunny afternoon and take in the beauty of the rolling farmland that surrounds Princeton Meadows. When the sun goes down the good life doesn't stop. At DUPLEX APARTMENTS Looking for luxury in Yardley? Come see us! Princeton Meadows your neighbors are your friends. Get together, relax and unwind in the private clubhouse. Whether it's a party of two or twenty-two, the ambience is always just right. There is a restaurant and lounge with entertainment warmed by a cozy fireplace. Settled near the prestigeous and historical town oj Princeton, New Jersey; Princeton Meadows combines the classicelegance of the past with the convenience of contemporary living. 4 Apts./2 Duplexes Only four private, spacious apartments in eacn residence. All with garage parking, wall-to-wall carpeting, separate washer and dryer, decorator designed kitchen and baths, energy saving heat pump, air conditioning, and complete appliance package, commuter trains and 1-95 minutes away. 1-Bedroomwith Denor2-Bedroom/ 2-Bath Apartments. From $400/month. Call Noon to 5 PM daily. in New Jersey, call collect. Dir: Take I-95 south to Newtown Exit. Take 332 west to Stony Hill Rd. Co 1V2 miles, right on Heacock Rd. to samples on right. GPGRANOR PRKC Home/. Wanted To Rent Wanted To Rent TRUSTWORTHY Professional woman looking for place to call home in general vicinity of Hopewell days; eves. RESPONSIBLE - professional adults looking for 2 bedroom house. Preferably in secluded area. Have dog. Call FILMMAKER NEEDS - time in elegant older house. Will rent space needed or entire house for duration. Furn. or unfurn. Sam SENIOR CITIZEN - 4 room apt. in P'ton, L'ville, Trenton area by mid Nov It's all right here at Princeton Meadows. Just minutes away from Princeton University it's convenient by train to both Philadelphia and New York. This fall-fall in love with Princeton Meadows. Some units available with washers, dryers and fireplaces. Decorated models open daily. For more information call(609) (Tennis & swimming available in season). Created by the people of New Brunswick t\ *- * J T / // % I* in Treman mci ilidrlphu ^ '- If ^ i - / HJ / \ / i "' r '""y / H 1 ^> -' NOW RENTING NASSAU ARMS APARTMENTS $325. per month & up Harrison St., Princeton Boro Features: Wall-to-wall carpeting in 2nd floor apts. All utilities except electric Individually control heat Air conditioner Private Entrances Large Closets Laundry Rooms Garage Available On Bus Route Hilton Realty Company Wanted To Rent Wanted To Rent SMALL GARAGE - or ^, sq. ft. on ground WANTED - Enclosed floor in Princeton, storage area in garage or Electricity preferred, barn for 20 ft. boat, Dec eves. 1 to Apr. 1, PROFESSIONAL MAN - single, enjoys caretaking and minor repairs, desires rental or purchase. Excellent local references. Days X434, eves MAN - single, needs quiet one bedroom apt. on Dec. 1st. Princeton area RESPONSIBLE YOUNG man, fiance of Princeton Seminary student seeking housing in exchange for work. Nonsmoker. References available. Willing to negotiate details. Please call VISITING GRAND- PARENTS - wish to dote in Princeton this winter. Any 2-6 months. Furnished apt. or house. Rent flexible. Call RUN CLASSIFIED ADS AT OUR SPECIAL 3 TIMES RATE (WITHOUT CHANGES) NOW RENTING Princeton Arms Luxury Apartments 1 and 2 Bedrooms Starting at $290. per month Features: Wall-to-Wall carpeting-over concrete in 2nd floor apts. All utilities except Electric Individually controlled heat 2 air conditioners Private entrances Walk-in closets Individual balconies Storage room within apt. Laundry Rooms Superintendent on site. Open Mon.-Fri. 12:00-5:00 p.m Directions: From Princeton: Princeton-Hightstown Rd., turn right on Old Trenton Rd., % mile turn left and follow signs. just moments from the heart of historical Princeton The ultimate in gracious living, this prestigious, new complex offers spacious I and 2 BR apts and rental townhouses of up to I 300 ^ feel Exclusive luxurv features include Optional den w. custom we! bar Private entrance Colnr-ioordinated kitchen Private balconv Immediate Occupancy MODELS From $43li OPEN DAILY Inc. Heat ipn^n.-i Rl ID* Soulh f;-m Pn.H,h-n 1 rrnl... lo 1 st l^tt &f1 iirpod i*i Sunocu SutKwi) Avr (*t Su Brai Ml on Prmrrion Avr rtftht and c PHONE: Princeton Ave,Montgomery Twp Housesitting Apts./Houses " To Share SEMINARY COUPLE - in need of housesitting position from Dec. through June or July, current 5 mo. position ends Dec. 4. Able to pay small rent or will exchange rent for house chores. Call Apts./Houses To Share SEEKING Male/ Female to share our warm country home w/3 adults & 2 children. No smokers. $175 month includes utilities. Avail. Nov. 1 or earlier PRINCETON MEAD- OWS - 2 bdrms with m. prof., 30s. Country view, pool, tennis, clubhouse. $ mo + Util or COUNTRY HOUSE to share outside Allentown, N.J. on farm. Share house & duties. Avail, immed. $100 + share utilities or any time. WANTED - Student or professional person to share Princeton area house. Own bedroom/bath. /Convenient to bus. Call pm. GENTLEMAN - wants house to share in Trenton area wk. days. ROOMMATE WANTED - share 2 bedrm apt in Princeton Meadows. Call , x 266 or CUT YOUR RENT COSTS IN HALF! Select a compatible roommate safely. References thoroughly checked. Call for information, Roommate Finding Service PROFESSIONAL WO- MAN - seeks same to share 2 bedroom/2 bath apt. in Princeton Meadows. $182 plus '- utilities. Avail Nov 1st. Call after 6pm. CO-OPERATIVE - vegetarian household seeking female housemate. Backyard with fruit trees, garden. Near Princeton Shopping Center. $115 plus utilities. Call FEMALE HOUSE- MATES - to share 6 bdrm estate on 5 acres near Skillman, in Sourland Mts., 10 min. from Princeton. New washer, drver. dishwasher, fridge, stove. Seclusion, privacy. Room to roam for you'& your animals. $200- $250/mo. Call Jim , ext :30-4. Students or voung professionals preferred. BDRM $75 - mo. +. Seek M/F w/int. in creative arts HOUSEMATES - to share small but comfortable 3 bedroom, 2 bath ranch between Hopewell & Princeton. Spacious grounds suitable for gardening, 2 car garage, fireplace, eat-in kitchen, formal dining room, finished basement, low utilities. $225/mo each BEDROOM HOUSE - in Lawrence Township. $150 + low utilities. Spacious convenient. Female, non-smoker BEAUTIFUL House - to share, cathedral windows, spacious kitchen, fireplace, centrally located in Princeton. $230 a month. Call Bob, leave message days. NOW RENTING! NORTHGATE APARTMENTS On* Mil* Road and Princeton-Hightitown Rd. (opposite McGraw Hilll Eo*t Windsor, N. J. 1 and 2 Bedrooms from $300. per month Features: SWIMMING POOL PLAYGROUND FACILITIES OFF STREET PARKING AIR CONDITIONERS KITCHEN WITH DINING AREA THERMOSTAT CONTROLLED HEAT (included in rental) WASHER & DRYER FACILITIES RESIDENT SUPERINTENDENT MASTER TV ANTENNA MODEL APARTMENT OPEN DAILY (609) HILLSBORO TWP BEEKMAN GARDENS LUXURY GARDEN APTS. On Rt 206 on New Amw Rd first left aftei chinch 1' & 2 BR. APT. From $370/Mo. Includes Heat. Hot Water Dishwasher.Tennis Courts Extraordinary Playground Largest swimming poo. in (he area at nominal cost. Apts./Houses To Share CO-OPERATIVE HOUSEHOLD (0 share. Furnished / fireplace / laundry ' storage. Located on Delaware River in Trenton. $125 mo. * 1/73 utilities. Call FEMALE WTD to share lge Chambers burg Trenton house with same. Must be financially dependable. Nonsmoker prefd. $ utils. Call: Susan ROOMMATE WANTED, share Farmhouse. H acres, barn, horses. Available Ilightslown area : HOUSEMATE WANTED - to share the fun and responsibilities of a nice house in Hopewell with three others. Walking distance to town. SISO/mo. plus utilities. Call CRANBl'RY HOME -All p r i v i 1 e g e s. Prof, preferred. $ Rooms For Rent ROOM & BOARD - lor retired. Private & Semiprivate. Starting at $450/mo. Hotel on lake. Year round. Call ROOM & SEM1- Efficiencies - at weekly rate. Princeton Manor Motel, Monmouth Jet US Hwyrffl. VERY NICELY - furnished rooms avail. Prof, men preferred aft. 4 pm. FEATHERBED LANE REST Home has openings ask for Mr. Joseph D'Agostino. EWING TWP. DELAWARE HEIGHTS LUXURY GARDEN APTS. North Snowplace of NS ks-h overlookin Delaware River Many with 1 & 2 BR. Apts. From $35O./Mo. Tennis courts Swimming pool at nominal cost DIRECTIONS: i-95 south to Exit 1, fake fti 29 No. Xo second exit on right. EDITOR'S FAMILY of four desires occasional weekend use of a Princeton house or condo near campus. Reply Box #03309 c/o Princeton Packet Rooms For Rent I.AWRENCEYILLE - tarnished room for rent. Nice neighborhood; walking distance to buses; non-smoker; professional woman or student. References, ROOM - in farmhouse, 3 min. from Princeton & trains. S195/mo. includes heat & util 'FURNISHED ROOM - available, October 31st, $ per month rent. Kitchen, laundry, piano and parking privileges. Bus every '- hour to University'. Call 6( evenings and weekends." ROOM FOR RENT - in Lawrenceville. Complete house privileges & parking ROOM AVAILABLE immediately - Amvvell Rd.. Hillsborough B9B1 after 4 pm. PRIVATE ROOM - bath with private entrance near Princeton. Phone FURNISHED Motel Rooms with TV, a/c, panelling, w/w carpeting. Hightstown / Windsor area. From $7( per week Choose your next apartment carefully... you'll live there for many years. Consider the finest... Robbinsville Rural setting witti acres of breathing spac around lovely apartments Extra large rooms *\ith wall to «val! carpptings Fret 1 parking for? cars Con vement to all highways SHARON ARMS Sharon Rd across from the Count;) Ciub Just East on Rte 130 at Rte 33 North of I- 95 at txit^a. N J Tpke ' Mr fheehan East Windsor > In the P'lnceton-Hightstown' area Ui»ury garden apartmerits in quiet.ubiiiban set 'in,; 1 A!! havf- private halrrjnii", '.parious well kf'p! f'lnjno-. to ml\ car petirif!: ',1! :\:M-1 [larking uaim Chit; 1 BR from $275 2 BR from $315 WYNBROOK WEST Dutch Neck Rd Mr & Mrs White BROOKWOOD GARDENS Hickory Corner Rd Mr Ptashinski CHESTNUT WILLLOW Ewing Township W00DBR00K HOUSE 865 Lower Ferry Rd 4 story elevator bldg. Mr. Lallan 8iij-jj35 HIGHGATE Olden Ave. at PaikwayAve. 5 story elevato' bldg Mr A Mrs Van DeWeghe EASTGATE 1501 Parkside Ave 2 story garden apts Some with private balconies and completely carpeted PARKSIDE MANOR 1465 Parkside Ave 2 story Garden Apts VERSAILLES 220 Sullivan Way Opposite Trenton Country Club 2 story garden apts Mr Pergola KR1EGMAN & SMITH inc. Property management Rooms For Rent SUBURBAN MERCER CO - A wide selection, starting at $25 wkly, some w/ private baths & entrance; all areas - Lawrence, E. Windsor, Princeton, Ewing, Hamilton, more! Call the pros. - Ads subject to availability. HOME SEEKER BKR $40 [609] ROOM - with full private hath in newly decorated townhouse.'includes desk & study area in basement. $200/mo mornings & evenings. MANVILLE Northside, room for rent for gentlemen. Quiet location. Call , eves ONE ROOM - furnished cottage, parking, private entrance & bath, util. included, 1 person only, no kitchen. Weekly or monthly rental «. Buyers and Sellers Meet in the Classifieds (609)

40 HOME HUNTER'S GUIDE 6-C Week Of October 22-24, 1980 pfunazton QAG&&fioad& pfuna&ton CROSSROADS 8- T3 1 OPPORTUNITY KNOCKING Here's a largo 7 room, 2 full bath colonial in an excellent neighborhtxxl with a large country size lot plus an inlaw arrangement, 'hat needs some painting but priced at $(>5,()()0. It's an excellent buy - don't miss it. *v*l ^ atffi JUST ARRIVED ON MARKET IN MON- TGOMERY TWP. FOUR BEDROOM RANCH... ll!/ 2 % MORTGAGE, 30% DOWN, 30 YEARS AVAILABLE TO QUALIFIED BUYER...AVAILABLE TODAY!! $114,900. o s; o o Linda Carnevale Aniuta Blanc Lois Fee Hazel Stix Pat Funda Toni Baskin Carolyn Hills Lenore Barish Jeanette Stager Anne Hoffmann Roslynn Greenberg MOVING? For information on homes anywhere in the U.S. CALL TOLL FREE Ext. F-784 PARK IN OUR LOT A PRINCETON PRIZE. Imagine! A house in town with a country feeling. 3 bedrooms + a large lot for expansion. Adjoining a park with nature trails & a stocked pond. $66,000. PRINCETON BACHELOR PAD - Owner occupied with income producing unit. Unique architect designed home. LR with sweeping staircase leading to a roomy BR with private bath & skylight. THERE'S MORE! Rental unit includes brand new kitchen, 2 BR's, LR/DR combination -all on a professionally landscaped lot. $129,000. LAWRENCEVILLE 3 BEDROOM HOME. Bright clean, nicely decorated. Open to offers. REDUCED TO $72,900. PENNINGTON VICTORIAN! 4 BR, 2!/ 2 Bath renovated victorian. Lovely built-ins! Ideal location. $119,500. PRINCETON - Quaint, 2-story, 3-bedroom home. Living room, separate dining room, pretty garden. Near Park & playground. $69,900. MINI ESTATE IN HOPE WELL 10 acres-pondstream-gorgeous new custom home with very fine details awaiting your inspection. Asking $189,000. ATTENTION ARCHITECTS! Princeton ranch on wooded lbt. Living room w/fireplace, dining room overlooking garden. Paneled family room & 4 BR's at a newly reduced price of $139,500. CONTEMPORARY TOWNHOUSE IN HILLSIDE AREA OF LAMBERTVILLE. Living room with corner fireplace, full basement with sliding glass doors to outside area. $73,500. RIVERSIDE Master BR Suite w/studio & deck allows perfect privacy for the artist or scholar who works at home. 3 children's BR's & large family room add up to comfortable family living. $187,500. SMASHING 2 STORY IN HOPEWELL! 6 BR's, 4 Baths, breath-taking curved stair, 2 brick fireplaces, charming brick patio on a 2 acre grassy knoll.. $235,000. FANTASTIC INVESTMENT IN CRANBURY! One whole block, center of town, 4 buildings including both residential & business tenants. Call our office for details. $300,000. New 4 bedroom townhouse $750 month New 3 bedroom townhouse $725/month 4 bedroom colonial close to Princeton $700/month Princeton 3 bedroom contemporary $725/month Lambertville 3 bedroom townhouse $395/month Princeton Crossroads Realty, Inc. 342 Nassau Street (Corner Harrison} Princeton CALL ANYTIME OPEN 7 DAYS REALTOR ptuncvton caou/ioads pnintvton oaomioada piincrton cao&moada SufpfiintPinos Exceptional Townhousas by the Washburn Corporation A Sutphin Pines Townhouse is a quality, luxury experience for the discriminating, demanding buyer who knows what he ts and expects to find it. Everything about Sutphin Pines Townhouse; says quality:...its Yardley location, in the gently rolling countryside of Bucks County, combining the best in urban and rural amenities and convenience, 25 minutes from Philadelphia or Princeton and 10 minutes from the Pennsylvania Railroad or the Mercer Airport in Trenton....Its style and grace, because Sutphin Pines is that rare, truly planned community, designed to bring you gracious living and a sound investment at the same time. A Sutphin Pines Townhouse is a perfect example of creative custom building, with total privacy and security. A place for gracious living with complete freedom from the responsibility of outside maintenance. We'd like to meet you. Our hours are 1:00 to 5:00 on Saturdays and Sundays. Take 1-95 to the Yardley Exit. Go South 3.3 miles on Yardley Road to Sutphin Road and the Sutphin Pines Townhouses in Yardley Pennsylvania. You'll like what you see._, $peakman fledl $«tat«(tompani) SUITE 6B, RIVERVIEW PLAZA RIVER ROAD, YARDLEY, PA Q IS Q Q PENNINGTON BOKOUGH -2 ACRES Perfect for a family that desires a private country setting with convenience to all in-town activities, it's found here in this 8 room. 2'/i> bath colonial with 4 bedrooms, full basement and 2 car ganige for $11"')()() Immuliiti possession. LOOK WHAT WE FOUND On Morningside Drive in Hopewell Twp. within walking distance of Pennington Borough, spotless inside and out, living room with fireplace, formal dining room, modern eat in kitchen, finished basement, screened porch, 2 car garage and mint condition. $tio,.">()(). A SPECIAL PLACE TO OWN On 2+ acres in Hopewell Twp. just on the edge of the beautiful "Ilarbourton Hills" with the original part of the house dating back to 1812, 7 rooms including 4 bedrooms, living room with plush wall to wall carpeting and custom dra H"ries and a picture window with gorgeous views of your own private world. Don't miss seeing this property at.. $112,000. AS DIKFEUKNT FROM OTHER HOMES AS AN OIL PAINTING FROM A PHIJMT Approximately 20 minutes from Princeton on 1.61 acres with a million dollar view, contemporary ranch with ') rooms, 2 baths, 4 or 5 bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen, family room with beamed cathedral ceiling and stone fireplace, Anderson windows and skylights make this a bright cheerful home for.."..$124,900. WEIDEL REAL ESTATE INC. Route 31 Pennington Rooms For Rent Rooms For Rent Apts. For Rent Apts. For Rent LARGE SUNNY room w/kitchen priv for ecologically & energy conservation aware person or couple. 5 mins from Univ. & Westminster Choir college. Reply P.O. Box 62, Princeton. ON EXCHANGE BASIS - extra large furnished room & bath in Western Prn. Windows on 3 sides. Avail, to personable matured couple (or preferably single person) in exchange for part time help on mutually agreed basis to cover shopping & dinner responsibility & misc. Driver license essential. Please write fully about yourselves or yourself with address and telephone number to P.O. Box #03421, c/o Princeton Packet. LOVELY ROOM - private home, prof, man, non-smoker. References. Near Squibb LARGE ROOM - nonsmoker, near University campus ENORMOUS, CHAR- MING unfurnished room in Princeton home in secluded, parklike setting; private bath, laundry facilities; walking distance to Seminary, Univ, parks, downtown. No smoking, no pets, quiet single person only. $250/mo. Utilities incld Apts. For Rent YARDLEY - New luxury duplex. 17 min. from Quaker Bridge Mall, 2 bdrms, 2 baths, central air, garage, appliances, washer/dryer, tennis, no pets. $469/mo. -f elec FOUR ROOM Apartments, adults preferred. Rent plus utilities, plus security, 1145 Green St., Manville. LAWRENCE - Suburban 5 room duplex, den, country kitchen, $350, heat pa, kids/pets, - ads subject to availability. HOME SEEKER BKR $60 [609] ALLENTOVVN - Country 4 room, large eat-inkitchen, $195, neat paid, carpets/more! - Ads subject to availability. HOME SEEKER BKR $60 [(id!)] :S!M-5!)0l). HILLSBORO LUX. TWNH. - Brand new 2 bdrms, baths, A/C, w/w carpets, appls., full bsmt., patio, rec. facilities incl. pool PRINCETON JUNCT- ION & Perrineville - apartments for rent. Call ( after 7pm. PRESTIGE BUILDINGin New Hope (Ney Alley), zoned commercial & residential. Studio, large 2 story room & skylight. Sleeping loft, kitchen & bath. $450. Combine business & living. Available immediately. Call Includes heat, No nukes. LXJXURY APT - 1 bdrm, terrace, a/c, w./d, elevator, security bldg. One block from Palmer Square. $625 month. Garage available. Tel: VERY LARGE - 2 bdrm apt. Hopewell. $425/mo. including heat & water after 6pm. HAMILTON TWP. - Woodmere Apts. Hughes Drive, 1 & 2 bedrooms, some/den, KENDALL PARK - furnished 3 room apt. Ideal for single or couple LAMBERTVILLE Spacious 1 bedroom apt. with large living room, eat-in kitchen, enclosed balcony, storage area. $350 includes neat, hot water, or , Realtor. VERY SPACIOUS - quiet new 1 bdrm., din. rm,w/w carpet, a/c, tennis, pool. $375/mo NEW HOPE - Quaint 5 room, den, 1st floor, heat paid, pets ok, iust $175, won't last! - Ads subject to availability. HOME SEEKER BKR $60 [609] I II MONTGOMERY TOWNSHIP ll!/ 2 % FINANCING FOR 30 YEARS, 30% DOWN, TO QUALIFIED BUYER!!! NESTLED ON A LOVELY TREE-BORDERED ACRE LOT, is this better than new 3 bedroom Ranch in Mint Condition offering an eat-in kitchen, spacious Living and Dining room, Family room w/fireplace, 2 car garage and full basement. Excellent floor plan for family living and entertaining. The family can even walk to Country Club and Swim Club. AVAILABLE NOW!!! Asking $108,500. 4Z *, A SUBURBAN ATMOSPHERE just minutes from Princeton. This 5 bedroom home is available in beautiful Montgomery Township. Large living room, formal dining room, eat-in kitchen, family room with sliding glass doors to patio and lovely yard, 2Vi baths, 2 car garage, central air $108,000. "4 *? * ' * Cherry Brook Drive - Princeton CONVENIENT TO EVERYTHING: 5 minutes to Princeton, private and public schools, shopping. Four Bedroom Garrison Colonial with eat-in kitchen. Family room with fireplace, 2Vi baths, living room, dining room, rear deck. Gas heat with very, very low heating costs. Bargain of the year at $119,900. MONTGOMERY TOWNSHIP Land, Beautiful LAND...FOUR ACRES PLUS of mature trees & shrubs with a three bedroom ranch in mint condition. This home is on one and a half acres with an adjoining, subdivided building lot of two and a half acres. Spacious entrance foyer, living room, formal dining room, eat-in kitchen, and family room offer an ideal traffic pattern for family living. Minutes from 'Princeton Asking$129,900. CHENDE^SON RKALTORS^ Route 206, Belle Mead, New Jersey (201) GrandOpeningtheBENNINGTON model Makefield,^ Chase 10 3/0 limited time // special mortgage rebate program Bucks County's most prestigious address PRICE INCREASE NOV. 4 from $147, styles available Standard features include: < All estates over 1 acre. 2 story grand entrance hall JennAire grill Curved staircase Andersen insulated windows Three car garage %\ I-95 south over Scudders Falls bridge to first exit (Taylorsville Rd.l. Go towards Yardley for Vi mile. Turn right on Dollington Rd., go V> mile to Makefield Chase. Open 7 days a week Phone or

41 HOME HUNTER'S GUIDE Week Of October C OUTSTANDING WEIDEL LISTINGS One of the areas oldest, largest and most active Real Kstate Companies. Specialists Since 1915 LAKK1SIDE Three bedroom end unit Townhouse in newest Quad IV in Twin Rivers. Enjoy easy living with minimum upkeep, swimming pools, tennis courts, tot lots and easy acecssability to shopping and grade school. Home offers modern kitchen, 2'/> baths, wall to wall carpeting, five appliances, extra insulation and much more. Investigate this new concept of life and you'll see the value at $68,900. A BEAUTIFUL NEW ARRIVAL Just listed on 2 acres with maintenance free exterior, just 3 years young, 7 rooms, 2Vz baths, large eat-in kitchen with beautiful hand-crafted cabinets, custom colonial trim, and wide pine floors, plus a gorgeous view from every window. Don't miss it at $110,500. TOP OF THE LINE IN WEST WINDSOR Recently listed! The perfect combination-si quality built 4 bedroom 2'/j bath colonial, a prestigious Birchwood. Estates location, a magnificent wooded lot at the end of a cul-de-sac, and a tastefully decorated, immaculately' maintained condition as if that's not enough, there are many extra features such as a finished basement, protected screened porch overlooking private ya.'d, floorto-ceiling brick fireplace in an inviting family room, economical gas heat, extra sized 2 car side entry garage with automatic door openers and much more. $157,500. INVESTORS OR SMART HOME SHOPPERS! Don't miss this opportunity to own a 4 apartment home. Each apartment offers 2 bedrooms and 1 bath. Garages for 4 cars plus off street parking are available for this Lawrence Township property. Owner will consider FHA/VA financing '. $84.90(1. PRIVACY galore with this 3/4 acre lot situated in Cranbury Mannor featuring a most sought after four bedroom Colonial. This is the perfect home to raise a growing family with carpeted living room, dining room and family room, sliding glass doors to slate patio, full basement and eat-in kitchen. Just listed at... $79,WO. A TOUCH OF WILLIAMSBURG Right here on 8.6 acres, convenient to everything and perfect for commuting via custom built 1 year old as the builder's own dream home, living room with fireplace, formal dining room with custom moldings, natural woodwork, central air and pegged oak floors. Plan your visit now $124,900. ATTENTION: INVESTORS Brand new to the market - the smart business person will want to call us about these right away. A 3 family apartment bldg. with maintenance free aluminum sidirm and a 7 family bldg. with recently painted exterior, off street parking for all units, new roof and more. Bldgs. located next to each other in a \ery L'o.xl location - always stays rented. Call.92!-27l)O fur details. $62,000 ft $160,000 THE S< )FT S( H'.ND OF A NATURE will soothe \ou in the private backyard of our new Cranbury Manor listing in hast Windsor. An outstanding 4 bedroom Colonial offering central air, extra insulation, wood framed windows, hardwood floors. 1 Vi baths. Please call 44J5-62<Klor8%-10(H> $79,900. A BEAUTIFUL HOME! Multi-level with Tudor facade in University Heights area. Dramatic living room, balcony dining room, family size kitchen, three bedrooms, panelled den with fireplace, attached 2-car garage, safely fenced yard, convenient location. Offered at a reduced price of. $91,000. HOPEWELI TWP - NEW LISTING We think this is one of the best bm^ on tcxl.!)' 1 - market, near the historic Washington Crossing park with 4 large bedrooms, 2'/; baths, formal dining room, ultra modern kitchen, on approximately 1 acre with excellent landscaping, at $110,000. It's the best. A MOST ADAPTABLE PROPERTY Just listed in neighboring Montgomery, this is a home that must be seen - the use variations are too numerous to describe. For example, a small family whose parents live in will appreciate the complete separate apt.; cr those overnight guests will love the privacy; ot just use the addition for warm and friendly entertaining. The brick oatio, dog run, separate workshop building with c-lnctricity and parklike grounds bordered by woods add up to the perfect property for the right people... $89,900. FOR SALE OR FOR RENT Wedding bells have called away the owner and he s leaving behind a lovely -plit l<'\fl in Lawrcnreviir- I. ni\crsit\ Park. Located on the end of a quiet -trcet. 4 bedrooms. 2'/; baths, fireplace $109,500. or$750/mo. NEARLY NEW This Princeton Collection home under builder's cost features a spacious Colonial done in great taste and style with large reception area, formal dining room, country kitchen with oak cabinets, 22 ft. master bedroom, 2 car garage, 2'/2 baths and separate mud room. The extras are too numerous to mention but call us for your own personal showing. Today s buy - tomorrow's security $111,500. JROUTE 130, EAST WINDSOR 60O DON'T LET THIS OPPORTUNITY SLIP BY This superb custom built ranch on Fiddlers Creek Road is now being offered on 6 gorgeous acres for $147, ( )OO. with ( l rooms. 2Vz baths, filled with fine detailed appointments such as a lii x 26 family room with massive stone fireplace, it can also be purchased with an additional 6 acre lot $17"."00. ROUTE 31, PENN.INGTON, N. J SPECIAL 10% INTEREST available to qualified buyer. An interest rate of the past. to go along with a home of the past. For charming old home lovers, there's a wonderful restored 4-bedroom Colonial waiting for you in a semi-rural wooded location just a few minutes from Princeton. Although the necessities for today's living ha\c been brought up to date, tint antique features Mich as random pine floor-, beamed ceilings, built-in corner cabinets, working fireplaces, and gracious entry fen IT have bnn retained ; ml improved upon. Asking $129, NASSAU ST.. PRINCETON' 60 ( )-<) ACRES across from WASHINGTON CROSSING STATE PARK With an K room house on it. CALL T() SEE our newest listing in its most desirable location. $95, MAIN ST. (RT LAWRENCE VILLE WEIDEL REAL ESTATE * //;/,,rti Exterior Color Photos 1 1 Offices and 6 Multipir listing Services R E A L T O R S I N S L R O R S I. I*-/./-/. $138, It is an unusual price for a home, but so is the value I Your first visit to the property will impress you tremendously; the magnificent views and exclusive setting are unexcelled. You will find a parcel of nearly five acres with an attractive all-brick home just a minute's drive from Flemington. The house features three bedrooms, with room for a fourth. Special amenities include random-width pegged oak floors in the entrance foyer and the 28' living room; a glass-enclosed 25' sun room with individual heat control; three beautiful fireplaces; a wood paneled study/den; rec room; a formal dining room with chair railing; and more storage than you could ever imagine! Add to all of this a two-car attached garage and a fourstall horse barn. The only thing missing is you. Special considerations require immediate sale CONTACT DENNIS SHUMAN at for a private showing. Evenings call Don Shuman Assoc, Realtors 130 Main St., Flemington, N. J TEN YEAR PROTECTION Now Building Section II BROOKMEAD in Montgomery Township Mortgage Money Available to Qualified Buyers Win. Bucci Builder, Inc. For information call: Apts. For Rent Apts. For Rent Apts. For Rent Apts. For Rent BEAUTIFUL LUX- URIOUS - Townhouses in a country setting. 2&3 BR's avail. Rentals start from $375. Call ONE & TWO BEDROOM APTS - for immediate occupancy at Windsor Castle, E. Windsor Twp. From Princeton take 571 to Old Trenton Rd., make a right then proceed to the first left beyond a couple hundred feet from Old Trenton Road LAFAYETTE HOUSE - Berkeley Sq. historic district. Convenient location overlooking balcony, 24 hr. doorman, ideal for professional, 1 & 2 bdrm. apts. from $355. Call for appointment. TWIN RIVERS - modern garden apts. furnished or unfurnished. Excel, lease UNFURNISHED - new luxury apartments, l & 2 bedrooms. $360 and up. Meadow Lane Apts. 5 minutes to Princeton Jet. Call KENDALL PARK - 1st floor, 4 room, heat paid, large treed lot, $350, all extras! - Ads subject to availability. HOME SEEKER BKR $60 [ HOPEWELL TWP S Rustic 2 bedroom, fireplace, treed lot, just $350, heat paid, more! - Ads subject to availability. HOME SKEKEK BKK $<><) [B09] LAM BERT VILLE - New 1 bdrm apt. with a view of the Delaware. $335/mo. plus util. No pets, eves. LAWRENCEVILLE -1 & 2 bdrm. apts. & lownhouses. Wnite Pine Apts NEWLY RENOVATED - 2-bdrm apt. avail, for rent in Princeton Boro, separate entrance, util. not inc after 6pm. 'DARIEN AT NEW HOPE Ltd bedroom Village 2. 1 apartments $300 per month; 2 bedroom / den town houses $525 permonth. Plusfelcctric , 2 BRAND NEW -1 bdrm. apts. in Lambertville. Avail. Nov. 1st. No children, no animals. $325 + elec toRM.APT.-inRockv Hill. Newly renovated. $375/mo. + utils. No pets. 1 yr. lease. Call after 6pm. LAWRENCEVILLE - 1 & BUCKS TO - 5 room 2 bdrm. apts. & carriage house. $285. lownhouses. Sturwood pannelled, dishwasher, Hamlet Apts utilities paid! 8 Ads subject to availability. HOME SEEKER BKR Sfio [CiOiil :i<u-5!)oo. HOPE WELL - 2 bdrm apt for rent inboro. References req. $425/mo eves. WEST WINDSOR - 1 bedroom apt. in ranch duplex. Prefer quiet single. $340/plus util After 3pm. NEW 2 BR luxury condo w/2 baths, liv rm, din rm, kit, cent air, sundeck. rights to tennis, swimming, clubhouse. Oct. 15 occupancy. Close to NY bus & train. No pets. $495 per mo + utils. Call eves ROOM APT. - Walking distance to University. Utilities included FOUR ROOM - apartment Northside, Manville, LAMBERTVILLE - Lovelv 2 bedroom, wall to wall, loft, open lease, rustic, yet modern, $295. Ads subject to availability. HOME SEEKER BKR $60 [609] FURN. APT. - to rent 3-4 wkends, mo. NYC; upper East Sick'. Doorman. 1 br., cable TV. Call evenings. HILLSBOROl'GH 2 bdrm lux. lownhse. Avail Nov. 1. Air. washer, dryer. S545/mo ". FURNISHED 3 room/4 room Cottage / apt / house with equipped kitchen, a/c, TV. carpeting at Motel in Hightstown / Windsor area. No lease required. From $135 per week incl all util J.NE &TWO BEDROOM APTS FOR RENT Central air, patio & balconies. Heat, hot water & cooking gas supplied. 'J bedroom from $310, 2 bedroom; from $360. Office open Mon-Wed- Thurs-Fri, 10am 4:30pm, Sat WINDSOR REGENCY APTS. East Windsor, N'J DRE-OPENIHG I [NEW HOPE CONDOMINIUMS 1 U./* **«& Un-Real Estate (Already 60% sold out) Until there was York Shire Meadow, finding a suberb home at an affordable price in New Hope seemed unheard of. That's why our response has been so unbelievable. 60% of our private community of 72 impressive townhomes and apartments sold out in just a few short months. Homebuyers and investors agree that York Shire Meadow is beyond compare* energy efficient fourunit buildings just two stories high; heat pump for central air conditioning and heat. Apartments with standard fireplace and cathedral ceiling in the living room, patio or balcony. Townhomes with standard fireplace in the living room and master bedroom, cathedral ceiling, enclosed patio. So come out and see how unreal we really are...and hurry! OCCUPANCY DECEMBER 1980 Mortgages with as little as 10% down. Special rates available. From $61,990 yorhshire 2-Bedroom/2-Bath Apartments; 2-Bedroom/1 Vi-Bath Townhomes Irom $81,990. On site sales office open dally 1-6 PM. (215) or y^ Dlr: Rt. 202, one mile South ol New Hope In Solebury Township, u GflANOflPAKCHOmC/J L

42 HOME HUNTER'S GUIDE 8-C Week Of October 22-24,1980 HOWE FOR HOMES REALTORS LWfKEKS' SIR Vl.\<. PEOPLE SLYCE 1885 REALESTATK CRANBURY TOWNSHIP NEW LISTING Older Two Story home and barn on 1 % acres. Interior consists of large formal living room with fireplace; formal dining room; eat-in kitchen plus laundry-mud room and heated front sun-porch. Four bedrooms and full bath on second floor. Quiet and private setting. Purchase money mortgage available. Call $85,000. MONTGOMERY TWP. SHOP AND COMPARE - There's no better value in Montgomery Twp! Four bedrooms, 2V4 baths, deck, exterior just painted, gas heat. Call $99,500. *<!«.«SPECTACULAR 4 bedroom colonial in WEST WINDSOR offering panelled family room with brick fireplace, large eat-in kitchen, finished basement with carpeting, bar and cedar closet. Professionally decorated, wall to wall carpeting, central air and a 20x50 blue stone patio are just some of the exceptional! features. Close to station and schools. $144,900. Was BEAUTIFULLY DECORATED 4 bedroom, 2% bath colonial home features formal living room, sunken family room with full wall brick fireplace, lovely bedrooms and many custom extras. Situated on a % acre lot within easy commute to train station. $109,900. TASTEFULLY DECORATED 3 bedroom, 2J4 bath home which is fully carpeted, central air, 5 quality appliances, underground sprinkler & electric garage door. ASSUMABLE MORTGAGE, 854% (for qualified buyer). Close to community pool, schools, tennis and bus to New York. Warranted for one year* $79,900. WEST WINDSOR COLONIAL - quality construction and tasteful decor make this 4 bedroom, 214 bath home perfect for the discriminating buyer. Extras include fireplace in family room, central air and beautifully landscaped yard. Walking distance to train. $133,900. CLASSIC COLONIAL nestled in a wooded setting in Devonshire Estates, East Windsor. This charming 4 bedroom, 2V4 bath home offers a brick fireplace with TH1S CONVENIENTLY LOCATED AND IMMACULATE raised hearth, central air, wall-to-wall carpeting HOME IN WEST WINDSOR has been recently renovated. throughout and full basement. $108,900. You will see 2 spacious bedrooms plus a den or 3rd bedroom, living room, dining room, large family room and eat-in kitchen on an acre with a fenced yard and warranted for one year* $89,900. B HOPEWELLTWP. SPACIOUS AND GRACIOUS in nearby Hopewell. Six bedrooms, 3 baths expanded Cape is designed for family privacy and elegant entertaining. Beautifully designed indoors and out with sliding doors to deck and patio. Call OFFERED AT $159,000. BACHELOR'S PARADISE in Montgomery Twp. Living room with fireplace and beamed ceiling, dining room, handy eat-in kitchen, den; laundry and 2 bedrooms. Workshop space in the house plus oversized 2-bay garage with plenty of storage. Must be seen to be appreciated. Call today! EAST WINDSOR Sit back and relax in the warmth from your fireplace during the cold winter evenings, This 5 bedroom, 2Vi bath Colonial with central air, inground pool and treed lot is a home that can be enjoyed by the whole family throughout the year. Priced at $118,900. Call BEST BUY in SO. BRUNSWICK near IBM. Three bedrooms, 2 baths, living room with fireplace, dining room and large family room. Call ASKING $85,000. SUPER STARTER HOME! 3-4 bedrooms, 1 bath Cape with fenced backyard. On corner lot in Hamilton Twp. Call today! $49,900. IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY - This 4 bedroom, Vh bath Colonial in West Windsor is conveniently located to trains, schools, and shopping. It offers a formal living room with fireplace, formal dining room, paneled family room with built-in bookcases, large eat-in kitchen, a separate laundry room and a full basement. It is offered now with special financing. The price is $133,500. Call FALL HARVEST TIME strikes up the mood for the lovely setting of a custom built Ranch in Hopewell Twp. with a fantastic view. Call today! JUST REDUCED! $125,000. GREAT HOUSE at a GREAT PRICE in Lawrence Twp. Convenient to schools and shopping in a terrific neighborhood for children. Call $84,000. PRINCETON One Palmer Square (609) OPEN SUNDAY: 11-4 p.m. WAITIRB. HOWE serving people since 1885 realtors insurers FLEMINGTON PLAINSBORO TOWNSHIP FOR SALE OR RENT Charming custom built 3 bedroom, 1 V? bath Rancher features formal dining and living rooms; modern eat-in kitchen; family room with fireplace; 3 bedrooms; full, extra high basement; attached garage, all on a lovely treed lot and ready to move in. Call ' $80,000. or $600. per month WEST WINDSOR Schools and low maintenance, are just two of the many advantages of this immaculate custom home in the village of Dutch Neck, featuring living room, dining room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, bath, full basement, 2 car garage, large private lot with mature trees and outstanding construction details. Call $83,900. SENSATIONAL FIRST'HOME in convenient Lawrence location. Compact arrangement includes screened front porch, living room with cathedral ceiling, kitchen with great cabinet space, one bedroom, bath and laundry room. Pretty 1/3 acre lot. Call $42,500. HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS - Picture your family settled in this roomy sunny 3-4 bedroom, 2Vi bath home in East Windsor. Central air, 2-car garage, lovely yard and many extras. Call $89,900. RENTALS WEST WINDSOR - Two bedroom, 1 bath Ranch. $565. month. CRANBURY Brand new 1 bedroom, 1 bath Condominium. Many extras. Call $395. month CRANBURY Brand new 2 bedroom, 2 bath Condominium. Many extras. Call $495. month WEST WINDSOR - Large Colonial with 4/5 bedrooms, 2Vi baths. Call $800. month PRINCETON JCT. 2 bedroom house, walking distance to train. Call $525. month WEST WINDSOR Princeton-Hightstown Rd. Princeton Junction (609) OPEN SUNDAY: 10-4 p.m. MIS PRINCETON TWP. CAPE COD is priced to sell. This immaculate 3 bedroom home features living room with fireplace, dining room, full basement with kitchen, MAINTENANCE FREE EXTERIOR, detached 2 car garage and a lovely lot. Warranted for one year* JUST REDUCED TO $92,500. ui EXCEPTIONAL 4 bedroom home in EAST WINDSOR. Some of the many attractive features include eat-in kitchen, living room, dining room with sliding glass door to deck with steps leading to a full raised fenced yard, panelled family room, central air throughout. Warranted for one year* ONE OF OUR NEWEST LISTINGS IS LOCATED ON A PRIVATE CUL-DE-SAC in a desirable section of East Windsor. This home features 4 bedrooms with many benefits such as central air, freshly painted inside and out and a redwood /deck off of the dining room. Also our ERA one year warranty * awaits the buyer. $82,500. DELIGHTFUL RANCH ON WOODED LOT, excellent location, spacious rooms in great condition. Three '^ $ a 82 P 900 d WarTamrdforoneyeaT- 2V5 baths and much more. $96,000. -HEAL ESTATE SALES'- Attention licensed N.J. pros: Here's a sensational opportunity to join a nationally famous home building company, currently marketing 10 new communities throughout the state. Attractive draw/commissions. Please send resume and brief salary history in confidence to: Kaufman & Broad 100 Craig Road, Freehold, N.J l Attn: Micjiael Gordon, V.P. i Apts. For Rent Apts. For Rent Apts. For Rent MANVILLE New 2 family duplex, 4 rooms, 1 1/2 baths, full basement, 1,200 sq. ft. living space, immed. occup. $470 3 room apartment, full bath, use of basement, owner pays heat, immed. occup. $325 a month. 6 room apartment, 3 bedrooms, use of large attic. North side of town, owner pays heat, immed. occup. $450 a month. HAMILTON TOWNSHIP, TERRACE GREEN - Spacious and beautifully-kept 4 bedroom, 2Vi bath Colonial with central air, full basement, treed back yard and ready for immediate occupancy. Warranted for one year* * BA enn 'Telephone for details Sheila Bramande Joy Copwell Connie Darrow Howore Eldrldge Lois Fox REALTOR Patricia S. Bell OPEN HOUSE Sunday, Oct. 26,1-4 p.m. Paf Gray Emily Hunter Marta Klssh Sharon Knight Jerry Lancaster : From Old Trenton Road, east on Hughes Drive, first right Flock Road, second left Abbott to number 10. Ruth W. Bly Members of Mercer County Multiple Listing Service and Princeton Real Estate Group Open 7 Days a Week rrinceton-hightstown Rd., Princeton Junction ArleneMulry Alice O'Donnell Fern Priestly Janice Reeber Trino Sargeant Kay Tighe Alice Hollander Apts. For Rent Apts. For Rent Apts. For Rent Apts. For Rent SCENKKY, Privacy & Convenience make these the best rooms to rent ever. 6 large windows & your own private stairs, kitchen privileges & share bath. 7 miles from Princeton. Phone evenings ALL AREAS & PRICES - 100's of rentals, 7 cobroking offices to serve you, call about your needs! HOME SEEKER BKR $60 [609] TWO BEDROOM - luxury apt. heat & hot water inc. All mpdern conveniences, 3 mi. from center of Princeton. $360/mo LA W R E N C E - Residential 4 room, open lease, just $275, heat paid, pet ok; others! - Ads subject to availability. HOME SEEKER BKR $60 [609] BDRM. APT - w/den, living / dining rm, Twin Rivers. $360 w/o carport, $375 w/carport ROOMS - and bath, central location, util. incl. $250/mo. After 6pm PRINCETON JCT - 2 bedroom apt. in secluded country setting. No children, pets OK. $425 includes heat. Dec after 5pm. MERCERVILLE Private 4 room cottage, sun porch, all extras, $250, a beauty! - Ads subject to availability.,home SEEKER BKR $60 [609] '. YARDLEY - New, luxury duplex, 2 bdrm, 1'. 2 baths, washer / dryer, cent, air, dishwasher, garage, patio. Near 1-95 & train, $400. Avail now AVAILABLE PRINCETON RENTALS 4 rm. unfurnished apartment - Nassau St. $495 Princeton Twp., 3 bedrms., 1 bath, unfurn. split-level $550 Brand new Q br. Townhouse - Forrestal Village $800 2 br furnished apt. in the Boro. - January occup. $800 R A L E S T A T f 32 Chambers St. Princeton, N.J SMALL STONE - cottage for rent on estate in New, Hope, Pa. 30 min. from Princeton. $285 per month plus utilities LAWRENCE TWP. - unfurnished apt. 1 bdrm, 2nd floor, no pets. $ APT. FOR RENT - Beautiful new cond, 2 bdrm, 2 baths, din. rm, carpeted, air cond, tennis, pool, pet o.k. $485/mo SMALL BEDROOM - apt, furnished kitchen, din. rm, liv. rm, walking dis. to hospital. $350/mo plus util CHARMING STUDIO - apt over detached garage, fully furnished, newly decorated, very quiet location, close to shopping & buses, parking available. $325 per month, electric included before 10am or after 6pm. RINGOES - Avail. 11/15. Spacious 1BR apt, paneled LR, kitchen, good closets-storage space. Tree shaded yard, near shopping, no pets. $295/mo + util + security. Days After 6pm FLAT IN PRCTN Twp. home: 2 small brms, small lr, 2 baths plus large all purpose room, kitchen and laundry in fully finished basement. Ideal location. Great for students or young couple. $400/mo. includes all utilities. Call aft. 5pm. FOR RENT - Immediate occupancy charming studio apt. fully furnished over detached garage. Newly decorated, fridge, hotplate, bath-shower, very quiet location, rural surroundings, close to shopping centers & buses. Parking avail. 1 yr. lease pref. $350/mo, elec. incld. Separate heating unit paid by tenant i-7967 bef. 10am or aft. 6pm. Charneski & Bongiorno Realtor, Insurance & Appraiser 42 So. Main St., Manville eves N.T.CALI.AVVAY REAL ESTATE Princeton Jet. - furnished 1 room. apt. w/bath, screehed-in breezeway, garage, fireplace, microavave oven & refrig. No formal kitchen. Avail, now, $345 includes all util. PENNS NECK Spacious 3 bedroom apt. duplex. 2 baths, eat-in kitchen. Avail. Oct. l. $550 plus util. Owner will repaint entire apt. Call Mrs. Bleacher a.m.-4 p.m. Eves after 9 p.m. TWO BEDROOM APARTMENT - for rent. Bath, kitchen, living room. Witherspoon area. Walking distance to Princeton University. $380 a month. Call PRINCETON - Save! 1st floor, 3 rm, furnished or not, $225, utilitied pd; also duplex on Carnegie Lake, lavish extras, $395; 4 rm. wall to wall, utilities pd, pool, $325; others, call! - Ads subject to availability. HOME SEEKR BKR $60 [609] LOCATION ond LAND 4 bedroom classic COLONIAL situated on a 150 x 240 lot with a spacious in ground pool and PATIO for family living. CENTRAL air, baths, family room with BRICK fireplace, FULL finished basement, wall-to-wall throughout, wet bar, 2-car garage. YOURS FOR. $154,9001 NEWLY LISTED 3 bedroom aluminum sided rancher on over V 2 acre in Titusville, Hopewell Township. Fjne kitchen, living room with thermo picture window and large brick fireplace and dining room. Two full baths and an outstanding finished heated basement. Large 2 car garage loaded with storage area. Superb grounds. YOURS FOR $89,9001 JUST LISTED - NEW! NEW! NEW! Cedar Shake raised ranch on wooded V2 acre lot located in ROOSEVELT, a unique community 25 minutes from Princeton. 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, ULTRA kitchen, A BUY... $73,9001 CONTEMPORARY CREATION - 3 bedrooms, 2V4 baths, den, ALL appliances, garage, CENTRAL air, Carpeting throughout, draperies, ULTRA kitchen. YOURS FOR $76,9001 CARE-FREE RANCHER - 4 bedrooms, 1% baths, MODERN kitchen, TALL TREES, on a!4 acre lot, utility room, woodburning stove in living room, CENTRAL AIR. YOURS FOR $54,9001 JUST LISTED - 5+ acres Millstone Township, approved percolation, high rolling wooded land. Has preliminary subdivision approval. Financing available $46,000! LAND, LOTS OF LAND! -135acres. Farmland assessed. Suitable for industrial or residential. ONLY 4 miles from Turnpike. Easily accessible to Princeton, New Brunswick, and Trenton. Partially cleared. YOURS FOR $4,100 per acre...v.!

43 HOME HUNTER'S GUIDE Week Of October 22-24, C IN TIMES LIKE THESE, WHAT DO YOU CALL INVESTORS WHO PURCHASED 70 LUXURY DUPLEXES? Two Duplexes Four Apartments WHEN IT COMES TO VALUE, many Section I investors have seen their duplexes appreciate a full $ 14,500 in less than a year! Others appreciate the valuable assistance Granor-Price Homes provided, with a trouble-free closing, excellent financing, and total apartment rental management. DUPLEXES FROM $105,990. Yardley, Bucks County Excellent financing with 20% down! Call (215) or noon to 5 PM daily. Pit*) YARDLEY LOCATION. The heart of Bucks County. 30 minutes from Center City on I-95. Trains to New York and Philadelphia are close by. Many investors like Yardley so much they plan to move in for living-with-income in future years. INVESTORS ARE MAKING MULTIPLE PURCHASES. Because they're smart enough to appreciate the tax shelter advantages and the hedge against inflation. A great place to live is a great place to invest. leacoekleadow* Dlr: Take I-95 South to Newtown Exit. Take 332 West to Stony Hill Rd. Go 1Vi miles, right on Heacock Rd. to samples on right. G? GARNORPRICC HOffl /. TOWN 4 COVNTR Y SPECIALISTS THIS GRAND OLD LADY JUST HAD A FACELIFT And she looks fantastic - sitting proudly on a large corner lot in IV-nnington Borough. This rare Victorian offers you a gracious center hall with 7 extra spacious rooms complete with fine custom moldings of the Victorian era, plus!i separate.) room office suite perfect for a work at home situation and then there's a separate 2 bedroom ranch home that features a 2.V living room with stone fireplace and modern kitchen (shown above). Call )0 for your appointment to visit "the Grand Old Lady with the Facelift" for $137,500. PRINCETON BORO - 3 bdrm, duplex w-ith liv. rm, study, kitchen & 2 baths, 1 block from Nassau St. $550/mo. includes heat. Avail. Nov. 1. Call alter 6pm. PRESTIGE BLDG. - in New Hope (Ney Alley), zoned comm. & res. Studfo Hi - large 2 story room & skylights, sleeping loft, kitchen & bath. $450. Studio #2-3 rooms, kitchen w/fireplace, bath, powder room & skylights, $500. Combine business & living. Avail, immediately. Call Incl. heat. No nukes. CLASSIFIED DEADLINE FOR CANCELLATIONS IS NOON MONDAY Weidel Real Estate, Inc. Route 31, Pennington Apts. For Rent Apts. For Rent Houses For Rent FURNISHED APT - PRINCETON TOWN Hopewell Twp, Ige 2 HOUSE - living room bdrms w/bsmt, fpl, yard, with fireplace, dining parking. Utils incld, no room, eat-in kitchen, 3 lease, $ , bedrooms, large insulated finished attic, full basement, small rear yard, and off street,,, parking. Located in nouses TOT Kent central Princeton borough. Available mids - November for short or long term occupancy. HOPEWELL - Quiet Asking rental of $595. rural setting on cul-de- Dwelling Managers, Inc. sac street with Princeton or address. On Cleveland Rd. West, off Carter Rd. near Western Electric. Lovely 3 bedroom, 2 bath ranch, formal dining room, eat-in kitchen, family room. Fireplace in living room. Full basement. Available immediately, $600 per month anytime, including weekends. TOWNHOUSE - in beautiful Lawrenceville, 5 min. from Princeton, 3 bdrm, llj. baths, full bsmt, w/w carpeting, 2 yr. old, avail. Nov. 1, $550/mo. Call days , after 5, PRINCETON Spruce Street. Twostory with aluminum siding. 2 closed fireplaces. 6 rooms, 3 bedrooms and bath. Driveway for off-street parking. In the Borough: walk to university, shopping, bus. THEY DON'T MAKE LAND ANYMORE... MORNINGSIDE CT., Pennington - Building lot 100'x200' located in excellent neighborhood. Perc & soil log done. Near shopping. and Jr. & Sr. high schools. $27,500. RIVER RD.-Titusville, overlooks the Delaware River, 100'x350', perc & soil log done. Nice area. $32,000. FEDERAL CITY RD.~ These 24 acres would make a great tree farm. Near Lawrenceville & Princeton. Raise them & sell for a profit. $75,000. BAYBERRY RD.- Near Princeton off Carter Rd., a beautiful treed hide-away, 5.7 acres, ready to build. Peres & soil log done. Call for details. DEVELOPERS ATTEN- TION 45 acres zoned R-150 adjoins Elm Ridge Park Estates, borders on Honey Brook Creek, now under farm assessment. Stone's throw from Princeton. CALL JACK WOOLUM REALTOR MEMBER MLS Houses For Rent SKILLMAN - sublet. 3 bdrm, 2 baths, corner lot, 2 car garage, approx. 1' 2 acres. Avail. Nov. 1 thru April. $600 mo MONTGOMERY TWP. - 3 bdrms, 2 bath, ranch 4th bdrm or study. Avail. Nov. 10, $650 & utils. Sec. & references req ONE HALF Estate for rent, exclusive Western section, Cathedral liv. rm. ceiling, 4-5 bdrms, 2 i; baths, + tennis court. $ utils. monthly EAST WINDSOR - 5 yr old 4 bdrm split level, 1' 2 baths, w/w cpt, cent air, big sun deck, refrig, $550/mo + util. Immediate Occupancy or LAWRENCEVILLE - Townhouse. 3 bdrms, 1' 2 baths, full bsmt, carpet, total appliances, avail. 11/15 at $575 + elec ALL AREAS & PRICES - 100's of rentals, 7 co^ broking offices to serve you, call about your needs! HOME SEEKER BKR $60 [609] M.R.S. members It makes a lot of sense! Markham Square is 12 unique, efficient homes conveniently located on Nassau Street in Princeton Borough. Each townhouse has up to 2,900. square feet of comfortable, exciting spaces and amenities, including 3 bedrooms, 2-1/2 baths, and a 2-car garage. Fully equipped kitchens, air conditioning, central vacuum cleaning, electric garage doors, security, TV and phone pre-wiring are just a few of the standard features. Purchase of a Markham Square townhouse is truly an investment. Conveyance will be fee simple (house and land). Prices range from $215,000 to $220, % financing is available. Come visit Markham Square at 375 Nassau Street. Models open every day from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. or contact Adlerman. Click and Company, Realtors ( ) or your own personal real estate broker. Developed by Design Interface, Incorporated, a Hillier Group company. Houses For Rent Houses For Rent Houses For Rent Houses For Rent Houses For Rent E. W 1NDS O R Townhouse - :i bdrms baths, finbsmt. all appl cent air, tennis, swimming. S BEDROOM house for rent in Princeton. Call collect YARDLEY - 8 rm stone house. 2 bath, 2 car garage, wall to wall, all secluded on 18 rolling acres, just $ Ads subject to availability. HOME SEEKER BKR $60 f GO!) EAST WINDSOR - 4 bdrm split cent, air, w/w carpet, kitchen w/dining area,' I 1 - baths, Ige playroom. $560/mo. Country Heritage Real Estate, REaltors CRANBURY Lake Front - 3 bdrms, 2 baths, fam rm, 2 car gar, beautiful yard, 1 yr lease, avail mid-nov. $700/mo. Call Allen & Stults Co., Realtors MONTGOMERY TWP - 4 bdrm Rancher, 2'j baths, convenient for commuters, avail immed: $700+ utils TWIN RIVERS 4 BDRM, 2'j bath twnhse. $550/mo + util PRINCETON JCT - 4 bdrms. 2'j baths, $050/ mo. Country Heritage Real Estate, Realtors PATIO RANCH - Twin Rivers, 3 bdrm, 2 bath. $525+ Util days/ evenings. 3 BDRM COLONIAL - in Kendall Park, 2 full baths, 2 car garage, 3 mins. to NY bus, $550/mo. Call after 5pm. MANVILLE-North side, 6 room ranch, 3 bedrooms, liv. room, din. rm., kit, full basement. 1 car gar. on nice size lot. Nov. 15 occup. $485. Call days, eves. SMALL BUNGALOW in Pennington. Single occupancy. Elec. range, refrig. wall/wall. Unfurnished with some furnishing avail. $325 per month plus gas heat & electric. No children or pets. References. Lease LAMBERTVILLE Contemporary 7 room, fireplace, wall to wall, washer/dryer, dishwasher, $395, kids/pets ok. - Ads subject to availability. HOME SEEKER BKR $60 [609] BR DUTCH Colonial on 1 acre in pleasant country area, 4 mi. from Prn. 'Univ., $650/mo. Many attractive features eves & wkends. ROBBINSVILLE - 8 rm colonial on acreage, foyer, worksaver kitchen w/dishwasher, a steal at $325! - Ads subject to availability. HOME SEEKER BKR $60 [609] TWIN RIVERS - Modern split level 4 bdrm, 3 bath, 5 appl, fenced yrd, new cpt, drapes, tennis, Avail Nov. 1, $550/mo + $1000 Security. Call for info COUNTRY HOMES - with buildings for rent in West Windsor Twp. Call BEDROOM COTTAGE - rural area. So. Brunswick Township $225. month and 1 bedroom cottage in the woods in Montgomery Twp. for $375. Both available immediately. Call Karen Hale. 3 bedroom ranch, Lawrence Township, family room, fireplace, 2 baths $ bedroom Colonial, Montgomery Twp. Lovely family house with nice grounds $725. Realty World- Audrey Short, Inc CRANBURY TWP. - 4 bedroom farmhouse^, pool, garage. References. $650/mo. White Realty Inc., BRUNSWICK ACRES - bdrms. den, fam. rm w/fpl, 3 baths, eat-in kit w/all applns, 2 cargarage, cent, air, w/w carpet, near NY bus, good schl. $650/mo aft. 7pm if \vkdavs. MONTGOMERY TWP, - Large 3 bdrm house, 2 l < baths, + studio with bath & kitchenette. Call for details SMALL - 2 bedroom house for rent near hospital in Princeton. $380 a month. Off-street parking. Call BRANCHBURG Spanish Colonial. Rent half of house. Living room, dining room, eat-in kitchen, 2 bedrooms, enclosed porch. 1 yr. lease; 1 month security. $525/mo. Call Eisenhower Gallery of Homes - Realtors. HAMILTON TWP - Just built! -7 rm. Cape Cod, spacious country kitchen, $425, call! - Ads subject to availability. HOME SEEKER BKR $60 [609] CRESTWOOD II - lovely 4 bdrm Colonial. 2' L > baths, family room, eatin kitchen. near Quakerbridge Mall, $ MERCER VILLE Panelled 7 rm, garage, fenced yard for kids/pets. $400; also 8 rm, lavish extras, $ Ads subject to availability. HOME SEEKER BKR SfiO IfiOfl] :!!) TWIN RIVERS - Split Level townhouse, 3 bdrms, 2' 2 baths, upgraded appliances, no wax floors, many extras, beautiful finished basement, $525 plus util. Avail Dec SO. BRUNSWICK TOWNHOUSE Exceptional 3 bdrm, 2',^ bath townhouse condo with beautiful finished basement, all appliances included, cent, air, pool & tennis facilities. Nov. 1 occupancy. $625 plus util. per month. Robert M. Goldberg Realtor Monmouth Jet, N.J LAW'VILLE - New Col. 4 BRs,2'i- bath, nr. Print. 12/15 occ. $640/mo

44 HOME HUNTER'S GUIDE 10-C Week Of October 22-24,1980 THAT INDIVIDUAL FULFILLMENT IS ACHIEVED THROUGH HARD WORK. ONE OF THE TWELVE PRINCIPLES IN WHICH WE BELIEVE AT FOX & LAZO PRINCETON WEST WINDSOR HOPEWELL ^xv^^x^x^v^-w^x-^^^ OFFICE SPACE RESEARCH PARK 1101 State Road, Princeton, N.J. $3.50 per square foot net, net areas up to 30,000 square feet. 427,000 square feet in Park Occupied by approx. 50 Tenants Splendor in the Woods. New Energy efficient contemporary Hard to believe this home with its excellent location for the Elegant Elm Ridge. Impressive executive Colonial, 9-4B/R, 2/ 2 baths, wrap around deck $237,000. commuter is still available. 4 B/R Colonial with 1154% spacious rooms. Excellent school system $187,000.. financing $109,900. WESTAMWELL Princeton Mailing Address and Phone Number CALL: Research Park Round houses are not for squares. Have a close encounter' with this space age home. Energy efficient double domes... $179,900. Dutch Colonial, located in a most convenient family neighborhood, 4 B/R, 2/2 baths, many extras.... $119,900. Custom Cape on 2+ acres, features a 16 x 42 UR with stone F.P. and wide plank floors. Inground pool, and more.. $132,900. MONTGOMERY Charming 3/4 Bedroom Cape, 2 full baths, upstairs has a A family home at affordable price. 3 B/R split, on a quiet cul- separate entrance, could be Mother/Daughter or income Spacious Colonial located on a quiet cul-de-sac. 1 + wooded de-sac, walking distance to everywhere $117,900. producing apt... $64,000. lot, deck, patio, ingrd. pool and so much more...$169,900. Princeton, (609) A PRINCETON, N. J. ADDRESS (Lawrence Twp.) PROVINCE CALL US FOR OUR RENTALS, COMMERCIAL AND LAND LISTINGS. REALTORS AND INSURORS 20 Offices Equal Housing Opportunity SINCE 1886 HILL a new concept in luxury housing If you're impressed by Constitution Hill... Give yourself a Thrill...See PROVINCE HILL! 4 houses sold in the last month I 25 houses sold altogether I Just down the road apiece...province HILL i9 a stunning complex of 34 magnificent contemporary homes in striking architectural designs. Situated on 50 acres of rolling countryside and wooded sites in a gate protected environment with a Princeton address. Five different model series available with opportunity for changes to suit individual tastes and needs. Featuring large gracious entertainment areas under soaring cathedral ceilings, foyer galleries, libraries with wet bars, 1st floor master bedroom suites with luxurious baths! Tennis courts provided. CITY WATER AND CITY SEWER! Prices start at $170,000. ^HENDERSONINC REALTORS 4 Chorlton Sfr«, Princeton, Now J«r»»y (609) Opening soon our NEW MONTGOMERY HILLSBOROUGH Office Princeton Junction (609) Houses For Rent RENTALS MOUNTAIN AVENUE - in Princeton - Half house with living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, bath, no garage, partial basement. UN- FURNISHED. Available soon. $650 per month plus $75.63 per month for share of oil cost paid directly to Landlord plus electric. DODOS LANE - in Princeton - Colonial with living room, dining room, kitchen, study, breezeway, four bedrooms, two and one half baths, two-car garage, basement. FURNISHED. Available January 1st until June 30th. $800 per month plus utilities. LOKKIE LANE - in West Windsor - Colonial with living room, dining room, kitchen, family room with fireplace, four bedrooms, two and one half baths, two-car garage, basement, covered Dorch. UN- FURNISHED. Available upon one month's notice to housesitters. $900 per month plus utilities. HONEYBROOK DRIVE - in Hopewell - Contemporary with living Houses For Rent Houses For Rent Houses For RentSg W 'L, HOPEWELL BOROUGH - 3 bdrm. Duplex house. $425 + utils. Call after 6pm. LAWRENCE TWP - 3 bdrm, l'v baths, Dutch Colonial w/fireplace & all new appliances, ' > acre on quiet street, 15 mins. to Princeton, '-a block to bus. $550/mo. plusutil. Call after 6pm. TWO 3 bedroom houses for rent in Princeton. $550 per month, does not include utilities. Good location, close to schools, shopping center and downtown. Call after 6pm. SOMERVILLE AREA - luxury 2 bdrm -townhouse with cent, air beautiful area w/exc. transportation. Eat-in kitchen, spacious master bdrm w/balcony, 2'u baths. Community poof , wknds. HOPEWELL Cottage for Ti tusvil le Washington TWP - rent in near Crossing 10/25, Park, avail $350/mo. plus util. Call after 6pm wkdays. LAWRENCE TWP - beautiful 4 bdrm, 1V 2 bath, spacious liv. rm, fam rm, dining area, & modern eat-in kit, carpeted throughout. Lge Fenced-in back yard. Located on a quiet residential street on bus line to Princeton & Trenton. Near schools & shopping. $575/mo PRINCETON JUN- CTION - Fully furnished 7 rm Ranch, 2 car garage, nr RR sta. $650/mo + util after 5pm. PRINCETON JCT. - Comfortable 3 room cottage, country setting. Immaculate cond. Immed. occupancy. $390/mo W. WINDSOR - 2 acre treed lot. 3 bdrm. Ranch, lge. liv. rm, eat-in kitchen, new appliances, I 1 - baths, full dry bsmt. 1 car garage. 1 mile to train station: Security deposit of 1 month. 1 yr.. lease. $700 + utils. Avail. Nov. 1st after 6pm. BUNGALOW - 3 rooms for rent. Adults preferred. No pets. Avail. Nov. 1st WEST WINDSOR - Ver,.y large 2 bedroom ranch in Deautiful rural setting. $525 plus util after 3pm. CRANBURY LAKE- FRONT - Comfortable hse for rent. 3-4'BR, $700/ mo. Avail. Nov CHARMING FUR- NISHED - Country home, 5 miles from Hanover & Dartmouth College. 2 brs, 2'.a baths plus guest room. Wood stoves + oil heat. Caretaker. Avail. Jan. 15, '81 for 6 mos. $45,0 + util. H.B. Russell Realty, Box 66, Windsor, Vermont WEST WINDSOR TWP. - Very nice ranch in quiet residential area. Trees, nice yard, walking distance to trains & shopping. Ideal for professional couple. 2 bedrms, living rm, fireplace, large kitchen & closets, bath, cellar. Refrigerator in kitchen, refrig/freezer. in cellar, air cond. Side and back porches. Baseboard hot water heat.' No children or pets. Ref's required. Avail. Oct. 15. $495 plus util. l mo. in advance, 1 nio. security to 5pm after 5pm. FURNISHED 3 room/4 room Cottage / apt / house with equipped kitchen, a/c, TV, carpeting at Motel in Hightstown / Windsor area. No lease required. From $135 per week incl all util SPACIOUS COUN- TRY - home on 6 acres with 3 fireplaces, barns, etc. Only 8 miles from downtown Princeton in Montgomery Twp. Family or couple preferred. Avail, immediately for 1 or 2 year lease, $850 per month plus utilities. Call Miller Agency, Realtor, ,3366 or CRANBURY - Main Street Victorian. 3 bedrooms, large yard, walk to shopping, schools, tennis, library and lake. $525 /mo. l-'/ 2 mo. security, or HOPEWELL BORO cozy 2 bdrm Duplex, $375 + utils. No children or pets florida room, family room with fireplace, second kitchen, four bedrooms, three baths, two-car carport. UN- FURNISHED. Available immediately. $900 pper montn pius utilities. IIONEYBKOOK DRIVE - in Hopewell - Colonial with living room, dining room, kitchen, study, guest room or office, four bedrooms, two ana one half baths, two-car SPKINGIIILL ROAD - in Montgomery - Cape Cod with living room with fireplace, dining room, kitcnen, four bedrooms, two baths, no garage, garage, basement. UNFURNISHED. Available immediately for a minimum of four to five months, up to one year, with a possible renewal. $950 per month plus utilities. basement. UN- FURNISHED. Available immediately. $650 per month plus utilities. CANAL ROAD - in Griggstown - Remodeled barn with living roomdining room combination, kitchen, two bedrooms, bath, caretaker. Available immediately. FUR- NISHED $600 per months plus utilities or UN- FURNISHED $450 per month plus utilities. OFFICE SPACE - 14 Nassau Street, 630 square feet, three rooms and bath, newly carpeted and draped. Available immediately. $13 per square foot, Stewardson-Doughcrty Real Estate 366 Nassau Street Princeton, N.J. G WAREHOUSE/OFFICE/ LIGHT INDUSTRIAL Immediately Available PRINCETON-WINDSOR INDUSTRIAL PARK Princeton Address FROM $2.35 per sq. f h net CALL FOR DETAILS LAN WIN REALTY COMPANY (609) New Jersey Licensed Real Estate Broker TWENTY NASSAU OFFICE SPACE Prime space, single and double beautiful offices on the second floor overlooking Nassau St. & campus. Sunny, elegant, newly decorated. 3,500 sq. ft. of large undivided space with private loading ramp on Bank St. Private rest rooms. Could be subdivided. 3,000 sq. ft. partitioned into offices. Bright large windows. Private rest rooms. Available January. CALL Modern Warehouse Office*Light Industrial Space Up to 14,000 sq.ft. Immediate Occupancy Route 1, convenient to Princeton and Forrestal Center BAKER MERIN ASSOCIATES, INC OFFICE SPACE AVAILABLE Nassau Street East Call Josephine Emann for information , ext. 657 Houses For Rent Houses For Rent EAST WINDSOR - 4 bdrm. Colonial, 1 car gar, full bsmt, a/c, carpeted, bus to schools, avail, immed. $600/nio, li... month sec. 1 year lease wkdays, 9am - 4pm. E. WINDSOR - 3 bedroom, 2 bath ranch, (7A, garage, full bsmt., fam. rm. with fireplace. Rent includes lawn care. $ U3. BORDENTOWN - Brick twnhse, $325/mo + util. 2 BR, 2 baths, LR DR, newly remodeled kit. Adults preferred, no pets, refs after 6pm. SPACIOUS - new townhouse. Historic New town. Pa. close to I bedrooms, all ap* pliances, fully carpeted, pool, tennis, heat pump & air, no maintenance. $550/mo

45 Week Of October 22-24, C LAWRENCEVILLE TOWN HOUSES A distinctive community is being built in a picturesque setting of Lawrenceville. From $67,900. Financing Available to Qualified Buyers THE VILLAGE CARNEGIE REALTORS 229 Nassau St., Princeton r6177 Princeton Circle, Rt Each office Is independently owned and operated SCS AGENCY REALTORS South Main & Mercer St. Hightstown REALTOR' MERCER COUNTY MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE Each office if independently owned and operated Your Town House features 3 bedrooms, 2 bpths, large living room and dining room, kitchen with Hotpoint appliances, wall-to-wall carpeting, full basement, professionally landscaped lots plus ENERGY SAVING PACKAGE including heat pump, centra! air. 'i i I The VILLAGE is ideally located in the hub of the cultural and educational areas of the Garden State. Commuting is made simple by easy access to Rtes. 1-95, 1-295, 1, and 206. Come and see THE VILLAGE and enjoy a totally new living environment. Sales Office Open Daily & Weekends 10 to 6 P.M. App DIRECTIONS: From Rto. 1 to Rte. 546 west 3 ml. on right. From Rte. 206 to Rte. 546 west 1 mi. on right. From 1-95 or to Rte. 206 north to Rte. 546 west 1 mi. on right. LAWRENCEVILLE - Gracious Colonial Split for the larger family - 5 Bedrooms, 3 Baths, Fireplace, Family Room, Den, plus a lovely yard and inground pool. This is an exceptional value. $103,000. CENTER HALL COLONIAL- 3 spacious bedrooms, Lovely fireplace in living room, formal dining room. Desirable location near golf course & Peddie School. $99,000. Each Town House is constructed of quality materials and backed by HOW Americas new 10-year homebuyers protection plan. ftichfieu Equal Housing Opportunity CONSTRUCTION COMPANY (609) HCM CV*B5 WWRWIV Leonard Van Hise Agency MEMBER MERCER COUNTY MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE 10-TIA1 HOME MTM PROTECTION PLAN MONTGOMERY exceptionally large Raisec Ranch, 4 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, Family Room w/fireplace, 3 Car Detached Garage and a Barn. $95,000. PICTURESQUE - a 4 bedroom split level situated, on a gorgeous wooded lot. Formal dining room, spacious family room, finished basement. $87, Stockton St. Office: ihightstown, N.J. PRINCETON - Beautifully maintained wellconstructed Stone and Frame 3 Bedroom Ranch on Hamilton Avenue. Fireplace, Family Room, two car garage, lovely yard. $113,000. AUENTOWN: This seven room split level home is located in a great residential neighborhood. There are very nice size rooms in this well kept three bedroom home. The dining room overlooks a living room with cathedral ceiling: eating area in a bright kitchen; insulated glass doors to a 19' patio; 2 car garage. Easy access to Rt. 195 and the N.J. Turnpike. $71,000. RAISED RANCH IN HIGHTSTOWN: A well maintained, economical 4 bedroom home is always in demand. Add to that a quiet location on a dead-end street, and you'll have this newly listed raised ranch. Other nice features include nice carpeting, color coordinated kitchen, spacious family room, 2 full baths, attic storage, and a well landscaped 1 /3 acre. $55,900. KENDALL PARK - Walk to New York/Princeton bus from the 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath Colonial - in excellent condition inside and out. $72,500. CIRCA a spacious Colonial ideal for professional person. This home has 9 rooms plus waiting room and office area. Beautifully landscaped lot with 2 story carriage house in rear yard. Property has been superbly maintained. $115',000. OPEN HOUSE 4 Graham Rd., Allentown Sunday, Oct to 3 P.M. STONE RANCHER ON 2 ACRES: Cooler weather is coming, but knowing that you have 2 fireplaes in your new home will be a comforting thought. This custombuilt ranch style home in Washington Township must be seen to be fully appreciated. It offers a living room w/fireplace, formal dining room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms and 2 baths PLUS a 23 foot family room. Part of the basement is finished off into a nice game ioom where the other fireplace is located $129,900. OFFICES PLUS APARTMENTS: This stately building, located in the commercial district of Hightstown, has been tastefully arranged so that it offers office space for four separate tenants and also has two apartments. High ceilings, natural woodwork, central air, off-street parking and a corner lot for good exposure are all important features that should not be overlooked. $175,000. HOME + OFFICE + INCOME: 16+ room house on well traveled Hightstown street. $120,000. PRIME CORNER LOCATION in South Brunswick Township. Presently used as a 2 family home w/approx. $700. monthly income. Excellent conversion possibilities. $163,000. CHERRY BROOK DRIVE Unique Custom 3 plus Bedroom, 2 Vi Bath home on Cul-de-Sac. Beautiful 1 1 /2 acres, mature plantings, Family Room, 2 Fireplaces, Enclosed Porch, Cathedral Ceilings, many fine amenities. $137,000. PRINCETON JUNCTION Convenient, Immaculate 4 Bedroom Cape Cod - Finished Basement, Fireplace, Garage, Small Greenhouse. Property faces RCA's Park-like setting. $89,900. CUSTOMIZED FAIRFIELD SPLIT our newest listing in Hickory Acres. Expanded family room with custom shelves, brick fireplace, bar & window treatments. Sharp! A Must See. $98,000. y I REALTOR* Richard Van Hise Jean Esch Maurice James, Jr. Barbara Schnedeker Warren Olsen Larry Murray Jane Cox Mel Kreps H0MTOWNDI3 KCU>CATX»< -'^xmtcx^ PREFERRED HOMES j WEST WINDSOR - JEFFERSON PARK a home in superb condition - all amenities - fireplace, air conditioning, inground pool, patio - plus 4 bedrooms and 2!4 baths. $115,000. AFFORDABLE OLDER HOME - 2 story, nicely decorated, with 3 large bedrooms, formal dining room. Plus large fenced in yard and convenient Hightstown Location. ^$59,900. Houses For Rent Houses For Rent BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY - Restaurant in Blawenburg on Rt. #518 - plus take-out counter. Near Johnson & Johnson complex - doing excellent business. Extensive parking available. $275,000. BUCKS COUNTY, PA. OPEN HOUSE Saturday & Sunday 1-4 P.M. THE ULTIMATE IN ELEGANCE, BRIDLE WOOD A magnificent center hall with butterfly staircase and balcony welcomes you to this elegant custom built home by Ferman Lex. Spacious living room and dining room for gracious entertainment, a decorator's dream kitchen, a master bedroom suite with a sitting area, fireplace and connecting both with a Jacuzzi, a separate 4th bedroom suite, n huge storage area plus a.'i car garage are some of the amenities offered in this home of over 4,(KH) sq. ft. of living space. Ready for Christmas. $260,000. From Princeton: Rt. 206 South to 95 South to first exit in Pa. (New Hope) Proceed 5 miles to Bridlewood Farms and our sign. ^HENDERSON REALTORS (215) S. Main St. Yardley, Pa LAMBERTVILLE - new split level house within walking distance of town, 3 bdrm, 2 car garage, rear deck overlooking town, energy efficient, gas heat. $550 + util or PENNINCTON Picturesque 6 rm, den, washer/dryer, air, country kitchen, $ Ads subject to availability. HOME SEEKER BKR $60 [609] SALE OR RENT - A 200 year old antique Colonial. Cozy country living, South Brunswick Twp. Ideal for live-in business (sales office or antique shop, etc.). Quarter acre. Reasonable rent for the right tenant or terms HILLSBOROUGH custom 3 bdrm., 2' 2 bath townhouse, central air, wall to wall, pool & tennis. Avail. Nov. 1, $600 per mo. + utilities WEST WINDSOR Superb location, 4 bdrms, 24 baths, fam. rm w/fireplace, modern kitchen, 2 car garage, nice yard. Avail Decor Jan. Call RENTAL -1 YEAR LEASE 3 bedroom rancher close to schools, all wall to wall carpeting, 2 full baths, fireplace, den, finished basement, and all weather porch, gas heat, central air conditioning. $ PER MONTH + UTILITIES. Weidi-I Real Estate Inc. Rt. Ill, Penniiigton K FOR LEASE - 2BR, Twin Rivers Townhse. For info, call or RANCH - 3 BR 2 bath fam room, lawn care, fireplace, garage. $600. COLONIAL - 5 Br, wooded lot, central air - $675. Richardson ' Realty Co. 6O O00 N.T.CALLAWAY Pennington - 3 bdrm contemporary Ranch on a quiet street. Avail. Nov. 1st. Call Mrs. Bleacher am -4pm Eves after 9pm KINGSTON - COMMERCIALLY ZONED - Main Street - Historic Colonial - 5 Bedrooms, 2 Kitchens, could make delightful restaurant, professional offices, grocery, drug store, music or dancing school, radio & TV sales and repairs, etc. $120,000. STOP SAVING RENT RECEIPTS AND PURCHASE This is your opportunity to own. We have one Bedroom Condominiums in Kendall Park for New Buyers or the Couple going into smaller quarters. Spacious Livingroom, Large Bedroom with walk-in closet/kitchen with many Cabinets, Parquet Floors, Utility Room, Patio, Central Air, Excellent Condition, on New York / Princeton Busline. Ranch style units in complex of only 36 condominiums. Financing available to qualified buyers. One Bedroom Units $36,000. Efficiency Units ' $33,000. RENTAL -r- FORRESTAL VILLAGE 3 BR & Study, 2Vz Baths, wooded w/sundeck. $700. RENTAL PRINCETON FARMS 4 BR, 2% Baths, Family Room w/fireplace, Patio. $650. FOR SMALL BEGINNINGS - for the family just starting, a snug 2 bedroom rancher close to center of everything in Hightstown. Asking $42,500. THE PRICE IS RIGHT - newly listed 3 bedroom ranch just minutes from everything. Lovely brick fireplace in the panelled family room. Aluminum siding, wall to wall carpet. Don't miss this one. $60,500. TWIN RIVERS 2 BR Townhouses $58, BR Townhouses $63,900 - $68, BR Townhouses From $69, BR Detached Seller Financing Available 2/3 BR Split Townhouse $500 par mo. CLEARBROOK Ranch-type Condo. Beautiful 4 rooms & bath. 24 Hr. security, clubhouse & recreation. $46,500 ROSSMOOR 2 BR Colonial, Den $65,000. INVESTMENT ft INCOME Twin Rivers Carvel offers an "excellent opportunity to, own your own family business. Approved Purchaser will be trained. Call for more details. Priced to sell. $89,500.

46 HOME HUNTER'S GUIDE 12-C Week Of October 22-24,1980 ADLERM AN CLICK RGD CARPET 15 Spring St., Princeton Realtors & Insurors Since For All Area Listings Joan Alpert Marilyn Magnes Dan Feccini Jane Lamberty Edyce Rosenthqie Joan LoPrinzi Natalie Katz Claire Sudol Phylis Levin Ed Kimble Jr. Sarah Larach Rosary O'Neill Suki Lewin Barbara Pinkham Esther Pograbin Dorothy Kramer Marlene Horovitz Erika Voltrauer Elaine Halberstodt Murray Hardiman Our competent staff can show you any and every home in the area! Members: Multiple Listing Service, Princeton Real Estate Group OPEN HOUSE Sun. Oct. 26th, 2 to 5 P.M. i 6 Wellington Drive, West Windsor ANY SIZE HOUSES GARDEN UNDER THE SUN Gloria Nilson REALTORS (609) P.O. Box 177, Highway 571 Princeton Junction, N.J ON 2 ACRES IN PRINCETON TOWNSHIP, this geodesic dome has privacy and very special styling. Perfect for a bachelor, artist or writer, this property features living room with freer standing fireplace, study, B/R, kitchen, bath and utility room, This unique home surrounded by "Greenacres" has just been reduced to $106,500. RANCH IN EXCELLENT COMMERCIAL LOCATION L/R, kitchen, 2 B/R's, 1 bath, full basement, and 2 car garage. Good location for an office. $69,500. CLEARBROOK ADULT CONDOMINIUM Country Club lifestyle for youngsters of 48 and up. 24 hour emergency nursing service - 24 hour security - golf - swimming - tennis - cards - bus trips, etc., etc. Friendiy neighbors. Available - 3 B/R 'Braeburn' in park-like setting. $82,500. WE HAVE A WAITING LIST. BUILDER'S MODELS. Available for immediate occupancy. 5 B/R's, 214 baths, family room, fireplace, air conditioned - in Marlboro Township. Starting at $121,500. NEW REDWOOD COLONIAL UNDER CON- STRUCTION Featuring large living room, dining room, eat-in kitchen, family room w/fireplace, study or den, 4 B/R's, 216 baths and 2 car garage. On a 1.6 acre lot with a beautiful view. $190,000. WITH A LITTLE 'TLC, this 3 B/R ranch could shine! Large living room, large kitchen-dining room combination, bath and garage situated on Vi acre in small, friendly town. $39,900. OUR BUILDER AFFILIATE HAS MANY BEAUTIFUL HOMES IN PRINCETON AND THE SURROUNDING AREA. WE ARE CURRENTLY BUILDING IN PRINCETON'S EXCLUSIVE WESTERN SECTION. CAN WE \BUILD FOR YOU ON YOUR LOT OR OURS?> lot, our 4 B/R colonial has foyer, eat-in kitchen, living room, dining room, family roc w/fireplace, 2V? baths, central air ana full basement. Maintenance-free alum, siding. Financing available at reduced rate to qualified buyer. $129,500. DIRECTIONS: Princeton-Hightstown Rd. to Clarksville Rd. to left on No. Post to left on Indian Run Rd. Wellington is 1st street on left. WOULD YOU LIKE A BRAND NEW HOME? Now under construction, our 5 B/R Colonial features living room, dining room, eat-in kitchen, family room with fireplace, 2 1 /2 baths, full basement, central air and 2 car garage. Situated on V2 acre in lovely West Windsor, this home has much to offer! City water and city sewer. $139,900. A VERY LARGE LIVING ROOM W/FIREPLACE enhances our 4 B/R ranch, which also features eat-in kitchen, dining room, 2 baths and one car garage. A brick barbecue in rear yard of the half acre property is perfect for summer entertaining. $54,900. DON'T MOAN - OWN! Imagine this 10 acre farm secluded but close to transportation & highways bringing income from 3 apartments and with a lovely home for owners. Sellers retiring and looking for offers. $159,000. (P.S.: 40 to 50 acres more available. Suitable for horse farm, mfg., warehousing, subdiv., etc.) ONLY MINUTES FROM SHOPPING & THE NEW YORK BUS Situated on over an acre, this lovely brick front 3 B/R ranch home features L/R w/fireplace, large dining" room, eat-in kitchen, paneled family room, 2 car garage, GAS heat and basement. $79,900. ALUMINUM SIDED RANCH on V2 acre lot. Living room, dining room, eat-in kitchen, center hallway, 3 B/R's, screened-in porch and garage. $52,900. TREAT YOURSELF TO TREES & TROUBLE FREE LIVING Beautiful raised ranch w/4 B/R's, 2Vi baths in move-in condition. Located on a wooded lot w/gorgeous flowering shrubs. Large family room and C/A make this home a must see! Rustic area yet just minutes away from shopping & convenient roads. $74,900. COMMERCIAL & LAND COMMERCIAL LAND PLUS APTS. 3.6 acres on Rt. 1. Income from 6 apartments on premises very close proximity to Quaker Bridge Mall. $280,000. COMMERCIAL BUILDING FOR SALE OR RENT 2,500 square feet. Liquor license included in sale price of $115,000 - or rent this building for $850 per mo. GAS STATION & ACREAGE - Can be subdivided. Gas station on 1.5 acre corner location in W.W. $200,000. Also available, 32.7 acres continguous to gas station $300,000. CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT ZONING Presently used as apartments - excellent buy! Separate two car garage building has a small apt. in loft. $145,000. RD PRINCETON - Highway commercial site in front of shopping center. $148,500. STAINED GLASS BUSINESS Princeton. APPROXIMATELY 1 ACRE Zoning - East Windsor Twp. BUILDERS - INVESTORS Windsor. 88+ Acres, wooded. in heart of $25,000. Town Center $35,000. Just listed in West Residential. Partially $5,500 per ac. OFFICE SPACE AVAILABLE 1,700 + sq. ft. Unlimited parking. Convenient to Route #1 and Jersey Turnpike. RENTAL in medical building -1,344 sq. ft. $8.50 per sq. ft. RENT 1 B/R apartment in center of Princeton. $300 per mo. NEW LISTING - Less than one year young, yet old enough to be rid of the builder's bugs. This mint 3 bedroom, 214 bath, 2 car garage, basement home features: 10 yeare H.O.W., solarian no wax floors, floor to ceiling manteled fireplace in family room, all aluminum maintenance free exterior, aluminum storms and screens, self cleaning double oven, added insulation and more. $110,900. PRIVATE MINI ESTATE "Custom Built" for the Discriminating. This 2 story Colonial is less than 1 year old situated on 4 acres of beautiful wooded tranquility. This masterpiece features: Oak cabinets with Island, Ceiling pot racks, Wine racks, Jenn-aire range, French doors to the patio, a magnificent Fieldstone fireplace and hearth, Wide plank oak peg board flooring in sun room, 4 bedrooms, living room, 2 car garage, formal dining room, Central Air Conditioning. This masterpiece is located in desirable Franklin Township. $189,500. ifiiiiiiiim JUST COMPLETED IN PRINCETON IVY EAST AND READY FOR OCCUPANCY BUILT BY AREA'S FINEST BUILDER: a magnificent 4 bedroom "Tudor Style" Colonial situated in one of the nicest neighborhoods in West Windsor. This model features: Full Basement, 2 car oversized garage, central air, fireplace, hardwood floors, redwood deck, large foyer, dishwasher, self-cleaning oven. All on a % acre treed lot. For your inspection at $140,000.. Each Red Carpet Office is independently owned and operated. Lot owners: Building now makes more sense than ever. The Brookwood Inflation is making everything cost more each day. Now is the time to buy if you want to take advantage of today's prices. If yours is a growing family, your decision to buy now may be the best way to plan for the future. Best Homes has designed the Brookwood to expand with your family. It can have 3 or 4 Best Homes priced from $36,990 to $84,990 Sample Locations: CENTER SQUARE, PA., Rt. 202,4 miles north of Norristown. Open every day Rt. 202, CenterSqudre, Po bedrooms, as your needs require. It features a large eat-in kitchen and 2V& baths. And to save energy, the Brookwood has extra full thick insulation and thermal break storm windows. Call us collect at(215) or mail the coupon below for a free full-color catalog. We also have a building consultant in yourarea-no obligation [BEST HOMES Rt. 202, C»nt»r Square, Pa NAME ADDR'ESS CITY STATE.21 P_ PHONE Do you own a lot? YES _NO_ "Call Us Today" Houses For Rent EAST WINDSOR - lovely 4 bdrm hse on ', > acre wooded lot. Liv. rm, din. rm, kit, 2' 2 baths, fam. rm. w/fpl, 2 car garage, gas heat, cent. air. Close to schools. $625/mo or bef. 5; aft. 6. EAST WINDSOR Comfortable 2 BR house on farm. Frplse in LR Room for animals & garden. $415/mo + util. #0969,, WHH, Box 146, Hightstown. Resort Properties POCONOS New lakefront passive solar chalet near Big Boulder & Jack Frost Ski Areas. $1200 per month with elec. & firewood incl. Sleeps MT. POCONO Winter rental - 3 bedroom ranch, l l 2 baths, stone fireplace, fully furnished. Seasonal $1000 plus util. Monthly $600, bi-weekly $ SKI - Bolton Valley, Vermont. Well furnished, fully equipped, 1 bedroom trail side condominium. Fireplace. Ski to and From lift. Sleeps POCONO CHALET - sleeps 6, near 4 ski resorts - after 5, Financing Now Available to Qualified Buyers. Resort Properties NEW SYMRNA BEACH, FLA - Ocean Front, Top Floor, Luxury Condo, 2 BR, 2 BA, TV, Stereo, Microwave, Tennis Ct, Heated Pool. 1 Hr Disney World, Sea World, Cape Canaveral. $850 mo, 3 mo min LG. BEACH ISLAND - Surf City. 2, 3 bdrm. duplex apts. avail. weekly /monthly June - Sept. Rates from $375 weekly incl. util. Can be seen Nov. 1. By owner in Kingston CENTURY VILLAGE - West Palm Beach & Boca Raton, Fla. Deluxe 2 bdrm, 1'-_ bath, completely furnished. $800 per month + util. Seasonal pools / clubhouse / golf. Available now. Please phone SKI RESORT - reserve remaining weeks. Your luxury Condo on hill-ski to lift. Alsoi pool, raquetball, x-country in Vermont finest. Or just escape. Only 5 hrs aft 6pm & wkends. Reasonable & beautiful. POCONO VACA- TION home - Clean, new, 3 bdrm, 2 bath, dishwasher, washer/dryer, lake, tennis court, in*' door/outdoor pool & health spa no extra charge. Call after 6 pm Resort Properties HILTON HEAD, S.C. Harbour Town or Palmetto Dunes. Rent 2 BR - 2>i Bath Condo in Harbour Town - Walk to Golf - Tennis - Harbour Town. Or Rent 2 BR - 3 Bath Condo on 18th Fairway at Palmetto Dunes. Walk to Rod Laver Tennis Center, Golf, Beach and Entertainment - Sleeps 6. Either Condo $375/week - Photos Available. Call OCEAN FRONT - Lon b Beach Island. Beautiful new 3 bdrm., l'.jj bath. Washer/dryer, dishwasher, w/w carpet Spectacular view LONG BEACH ISL. - attractive ocean front hse, 3 bdrm, Vk bath, sleeps 6-8, avail. Sept. & Oct., $45/day, also low weekly rates FLORIDA - Sarasota. Charming 2 bedroom garden apt. on Siesta Key. Beautiful beach, pool, tennis, etc. Avail, bi-weekly, or for the season. Call LAKE Wallenpaupack, Large lake front nouse, fully furnished, carpeted, fireplace, with private dock & boat. $250/week, $150/long weekend POCONOS - Big Bass Lake, Swim, tennis, etc. Special rates, wk/wknd rental ATTENTION DOCTORS AND PROFESSIONALS Ideal in-home practice, 4 Air Conditioned and paneled offices plus 8 room Tudor Style 2 story Colonial featuring: 4 bedrooms, 2Vz baths, sunken living room with fireplace, dining room, eat-in kitchen, family room, wall-to-wall carpet and much, much more. $94,900. CHARMING CUSTOM BUILT CAPE COD in desirable West Windsor. This house features: 3 Bedrooms, 1V4 baths, Living room with fireplace. Dining room, 2 Car detached garage, modern kitchen, sun porch, flagstone patio, and workshop easily converted to income producing apartment. All on a park like, setting. This magnificent home can be yours for $145,900. Business Properties OFFICE AND/OR - retail space for rent. Prime highway location in Princeton Township sq. ft. available early Ample parking. Call Business' Properties "OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT Princeton Jet. Area 1,000 to 4,000 sq. ft. Call (609) " STORE FOR RENT - Hightstown area, excellent location. 700 sq ft, $465/mo. 2yr lease Business Properties UNIQUE PROFES- SIONAL - space north of ' Princeton on NYC bus route. 1-2 room suites from $150/mo. Ideal for studio or consulting practice. Call Gail

47 HOME HUNTER'S GUIDE Week Of October 22-24, C NOW11% at Hamilton Township p ca066h.0a.d6 ptuncej:.on cao66hoadt> cao66h.oa.dt\ I REALTORS Q Conventional 30 Year Mortgages 20% Down NO RATE INCREASE FOR THE LIFE OF THE MORTGAGE OPEN FOR INSPECTION DAILY FROM 11 to 6 Closed Thursdays GRAND OPENING 4 MODELS FROM We have decorated models for inspection. SECOND SECTION $81,500. We have houses ready for occupancy. Model phone (609) Exclusive Agent Moguira-Burke Agency {609) Directions: From Turnpike Exit 7A West I-95 to Exit 3B (second interchange). Proceed towards Hamilton Square. First light (second intersection) make right turn. Models Vi mile on left. From US 1 take jughandle to Quakerbridae (Whitehorse- Mercerville). Road 5 miles South. Make left at first light past Rt. 33 (Klockner Road). Make left turn % mile beyond second light (High School). o o o -Q o s s; O -Q -QO N CE T O N Linda Carnevale Aniuta Blanc Lois Fee Hazel Stix Pat Funda Toni Baskin Carolyn Hills Lenore Barish Jeanette Stager Anne Hoffmann Roslynn Greenberg MOVING? For information on homes anywhere in the U.S. CALL TOLL FREE Ext. F-784 HAPPY ANNIVERSARY ONE YEAR IN OUR NEW HOME A YEAR WHICH HAS SEEN SUCCESSFUL LISTINGS AND SALES OF: $8,500,000 X5 Avon Dr., Twin Rivers 132 Balcort Dr., Princeton 60 Balsam Ln., Princeton 134 Bull Run Rd., Ewing 8 Charred Oak Ln., E. Windsor 30 Cherrybrook Rd.. E. Windsor Cherry Valley Rd., Hopewell 12 Covington Dr., Twin Rivers 15 Debbie Ln., E. Windsor 18 Debbie Ln., E.Windsor 114 Dempsey Ave., Princeton 85 Dodds Ln., Princeton 198 Ewing St., Princeton 27 - Ewing St.. Princeton 284 Ewing St., Princeton Lot 264 Greenbriar Dr., Princeton Lot 266 Greenbriar Dr.. Princeton Lot 296 Greenbriar Dr.. Princeton Lot 299 Greenbriar Dr., Princeton 492 No. Harrison St., Princeton 57 Hemlock Circle, Princeton 22 Hickorv Corner Rd., E. Windsor 261 Hickory Corner Rd., E. Windsor 7 Honeybrook Dr.. Hopewell Hopewell-Marshalls Corner Rd., Hopewell 12 Kensington Ave., Trenton 104 Kino Blvd.. Hamilton 62 Knoll Dr., Princeton 246, Lafayette Ave.. Titusville 42 Lake Shore Dr.. W. Windsor 12 Lawnside Dr., Lawrence 27 Leavitt Ln., Princeton 25 Lincoln Ave.. Franklin Tup. 58 Longview Dr., Princeton 160 Longview Dr.. Princeton 31 Lopatcong Dr., Ewing 70 Main St., Kingston 37 Maple St., Princeton 12 Maple Stream Rd., E. Windsor 24 Madison St.. Princeton Markham Sq., Nassau St.. Princeton Meadow Ln., W. Windsor 4<) Mercer St., Princeton 177 Montgomery Rd., Montgomery Twp. 45 Oakland Rd.. Princeton,23 Penn Lyle Rd.. W. Windsor 32 Pinehurst Dr.. E. Windsor R.D. #1 Rte. 27. Franklin Twp. 239 Riverside Dr.. Princeton 70 Roper Rd.. Princeton 19 Say re Dr., Forrestal Village 8 Sergeant St.. Princeton 10 Sergeant St., Princeton 11 Sheffield Rd.. E. Windsor 102 Snowden Ln., Princeton 196 So. Lane. W. Windsor 9 Stanford Court. E. Windsor 287 Sunset Rd.. Montgomery Twp. 22 Temple Terr.. Lawrence 27 Van Wyek Dr.. W.Windsor 28 Van Wyck Dr.. W\ Windsor 447 Walnut Ln.. Princeton 17 Walton Ave.. Ewing 37 Wiggins St.. Princeton 2 Willow St., Princeton 245 Witherspoon St.. Princeton () Woodfield Ln.. Lawrence 5 Q >- Q Q EL C- 1 i Pennington Borough Large contemporary ranch 12,500 sq. ft.) featuring gourmet center island kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 V 2 baths, family room with wet bar and sliding glass doors to inground pool (44 by 24 ft.i, living room with fireplace and dining room, 2-car garage, in immaculate, move-in condition. Principals only. $159, PUBLIC INVITED OPEN HOUSE Sunday, Oct P.M. 12 Wynnewood Dr. Cranbury Cranbury- Wynnewood - Top location. Grambrel Colonial, 4 bedrooms, 2'/ baths, living room, Formal dining room, family room with fireplace, screened porch, full basement, central air, traffic free circle street, fine old trees, privacy on a beautiful lot. $179, N. Main St. Days: Business Properties PRINCETON Ground Floor Office - Approx sq. ft. Can be subdivided. Plenty of parking. $1000/mo. Heated Warehouse Space - Approx sq. ft. $500/mo. Office Plus Warehouse - with loading dock, approx sq. ft. $800/mo. Princeton Crossroads Kealty, Realtors Call Anytime Realtor Co. Cranbury, N. J. Evenings: Business Properties OFFICES FOR RENT OFFICE SPACE - for counselors, therapists, etc. Livingston Ave., downtown New Brunswick. Reasonable hourly, l 2 day & whole day rates Mon-Fri. NEWLY RENOVATED: architecturally designed; Ideal for professional use; interesting building: lovely landscaping; Loads of parking; on Princeton - New Brunswick - New York busline; edge of Main St., Kingston location. All utilities inc. Several rentals at $250 mo. WEIDEL HEAL ESTATE, INC. KM NASSAU STREET PRINCETON, N.J OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT - prime Princeton Junction ' location. Call O O o PARK IN OUR LOT <rpvoy??ovo SALE OR RENT WEST AMWELL TWP. Unique property: 26+ acres of land (suited for contractor who wants a country estate). House is large log cabin type in excel, condition (new shake roof); 19' x 27' LR with random oak fl. & stone wall, heated sun porch with pecky cypress panel & indirect lighting; fam. rm. with random oak floors, stone fpl.; knotty pine walls; Library or 4th bd rm (paneled); Ground II. bd rm. with full tile bath; Cen Hall bath with vanity & shower; D. rm with full wall stone fpl. & barbecue, flagstone floors & beamed cathedral ceiling: beamed modern kitchen w/ cabinets, dsh wsh. counter range & hutch. 2nd fl has Ig. bdrm with full wall of closets & other wall of built in drawers & ad oimng bath; other master bdrm with beamed cathedral ceilings, wall of closets & h bath, other wall is built in drawers; 2 Ig. walk in closets off hall; skylight: full walk out bsmt. has drive under garage (3 car), health rm. powder rm, steam rm, ultra violet & sunlamps & shower, dry sauna, tiled. Out back: 34' x 147' outbuilding with 6 bays. 14' overhead doors & 18' door. Also heated workshop & 2 horse stalls. These buildings & large gravel parking area are screened by stone wall & plantings from house. 2 other bldgs with concrete floors. 2 gas pumps. (Part of garage is now rented to Hunterdon Co. Rd. Dept.) Owner will assist in financing a qualified buyer $199,000. Business Properties MANVILLE NEW OFFICE SPACE Ground floor in new building. 850 to 2600 sq. ft. Ideal location. Off street parking. Complete to suit. Avail for summer occupancy. Call Mustang Realty, a construction company. After 4 P.M PANELED OFFICE Suites sq. ft. offices. Ewing Twp. Modern air conditioned office building. All custodial services. Ample parking. Ideal location for professional practices. Modest rentals Business Properties OFFICE SPACE professional building, 2000 sq. ft, Kuser Road at Exit AT THE MAIN Intersection of New Hope office or gallery space avail., 750 sq. ft. including heat, private entrances bath. $450/mo OFFICE SPACE - avail Princeton central business district, 1400 sq. ft, air conditioning. Call bet. 9am- 4pm for further information. Princeton Crossroads Realty, Inc. 342 Nassau Street (Corner Harrison) Princeton CALL ANYTIME OPEN 7 DAYS STAR HOME OF THE WEEK CAN'T BE DUPLICATED There's still time to make your own selections in this brand new 4 bedroom, Vh bath Colonial on 1.8 acres. Cuddle up in front of the dual fireplace while enjoying a view of the panoramic countryside. $117, % MORTGAGE AVAILABLE for this Hopewell Township ranch on 3% acres with towering evergreens and mature fruit trees. Pegged wide board hardwood floors, mahogany cabinets in custom kitchen, enclosed L-shaped porch. Many quality construction extras. Must be seen.. $155,000. NESHANIC Acre plus. Mature plantings, custom finishing, gas heat and gas grill on secluded patio. Call today $87,500. GUARANTEED TO PLEASE Pennsylvania stone fireplace in living room and'wood burning stove in family room, 4 bedrooms, in Montgomery $107,500. BEAVER RUN ' 1 A STARTING AT $122,500 Three homes to view; eight lots available for custom design or builder's plans. 10 minutes from Princeton gas heat and city water color coordinated appliances In Montgomery Township, Route 206 to west onto Dutchtown-Harlingen Road (by church);' right dn Holly Drive; right on Heather Lane; right on Johnson Drive to homes. OPEN 1 4 P.M. SATURDAY AND SUNDAY REALTOR Miller Agency Village-Shopper Plaza Rt. 206 & 518, Rocky Hill, N.J. MEMBER SOMERSET & MERCER MLS UNUSUAL MONTGOMERY TOWNSHIP HOME For the discriminating homebuyer. Not your usual four bedroom Colonial, this home has two bedrooms on the first floor and two additional bedrooms on the second. Open spiral staircase is decorator's delight. $129,500. SPACIOUS AND GRACIOUS I 4 bedrooms, family room with fireplace, many extra s.$127,500. V!: s 1 itl«air LARGE AND LOVELY Spacious 4 or 5 bedroom Colonial in a quiet Montgomery neighborhood. Available immediately $155,900. WE HAVE THE HOME JUST RIGHT FOR YOU. COME VISIT US SOON. Q C» O- ^r O Pi

48 HOME HUNTER'S GUIDE i4-e Week Of October 22-24,1980 R/CHARDSON REALTORS MOMLS fok LIVING HOMtS FOR LIVING pmtmour Ol/ftTMDIIN/l tuaranthd SALES PLAN] HOMES FOR LIVING TIGHCJE REALTORS 8 chambers Street, Princeton Homes, JL -M. And Gardens^ Telephone (609) An Association of Independent Realtors EXPANDED CAPE With 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths. Brickand aluminum exterior, professionally designed permastone patio, located on mature 100 x 300 lot in Washington Twp., comfortable living and dining rooms, eat-in kitchen, den or 4th bedroom. Finished basement, garage, and closets galore. $81,900. CHARMING HICKORY ACRES Fairfield split on mature 138 x 160 corner lot in E. Windsor. Huge foyer, cathedralceilinged living room, with balconied dining room, eat-in kitchen, large family room, basement, and 2-car garage. Central air and carpeting $89,900. CLEARBROOK Adult Community near Cranbury. Ranch style condos with garages. One, two or three bedrooms. Many with enclosed patios, appliances and more. Security, maintenance, golf, swimming and 24 hour medical. Prices begin in the 60's. BROOKTREE COLONIAL Surrounded by lovely woods on a Vi acre in E. Windsor. Brick fireplace in living room, formal dining, eat-in kitchen with refrigerator. Panelled family room, 3 bedrooms, 2'/ 2 baths, garage and full basement. Central air and patio with grill. $85,000. SOLAR HOT WATER System is one of the many extras. Cranbury Manor split level on fenced % acre'lot in East Windsor. 4 bedrooms, 2V4 baths, bright living room and dining room, panelled family room, full basement, and attached 2-car garage $76,900. PLANNING A BANQUET? The largest table will fit in the dining room of j this newly decorated home. Along with thel living room and two bedrooms it is 5' larger! than others like it. Add to this a fully finished! basement, two-car garage, rear deck and I central air and this 4-bedroom, 2/2 bath home J in E: Windsor is something special. $97,900.1 TWIN RIVERS LAWRENCE TWP. $96,900. SPACIOUS TWO STORY BRICK FRONT COLONIAL backing up to a woods. This well-built home features a large living room, formal dining room, eat-in kitchen, paneled family room and powder room on the first floor and four bedrooms and two full baths on the 2nd floor. There are also central air, a full. basement, and a two-car garage. PRINCETON ADDRESS AND PHONE $34,500 and $35,900 TWO PRIME BUILDING LOTS - ready to build on in an exclusive area of Lawrence Township. Each lot is high and dry and on an acre and a half. The lots have already been perced and there's water in the street. LAWRENCE TWP. $75,900. PERFECT FAMILY NEIGHBORHOOD There are 4 bedrooms, 1 full and two half baths, a formal dining room, a modern eat-in-kitchen, and a family room. The roof is only 2 years old, and the lot is nicely landscaped with mature trees and shrubs. LAWRENCEVILLE $149,900. CUSTOM BUILT FRENCH COLONIAL surounded by WOODS. Welcoming center foyer. Spacious rooms, Family room (23.6 x 19.4) with Wet Bar. Four large bedrooms including Master Bedroom (29.8 x 13) with decorative vanity in dressing area. 2V? Attractive ceramic tile baths. lv/i'% MORTGAGE AVAILABLE TO QUALIFIED BUYER. MONTGOMERY TWP. $114,900. HIGH ON A HILL Custom Built Rancher with a Vermont Marble fireplace in the living room and a floor to ceiling brick fireplace in the family room. This special home also includes 3 bedrooms, 2 l A baths and a finished panelled basement. TWIN RIVERS $57,900. WOULD YOU LIKE TO ENJOY all'the benefits of home ownership without the drawbacks? Townhouse living is ideal! We have a nice 2 bedroom Vh baths "A" Model with a full finished basement and central air. There is an eat-in-kitchen, dining room and goodsized living room. Without leaving the area, you can enjoy the pool and tennis courts. FIVE BEDROOMS Fill this E. Windsor colonial. Gracious foyer, carpeted living room with picture window, formal dining, eat-in kitchen with, pantry and laundry, paneled family room with fireplace. Garage, basement, central air. This home is newly painted inside and ready for you! Owner offers closing cost assistance $94,900. East Windsor residential building lot. I Terms available. $14,900. Hopewell $42,000. building RENTALS lot, acres. 3 bedroom ranch, family room with fireplace $600 incl. yard care. 5 bedroom colonial on wooded lot $675. RICHARDSON REALTORS <BASSWOOD> WOODED WONDERLAND Surrounds this brick and cedar E. Windsor ranch. Bow windowed family room with fireplace, unusually large dining room, spacious living room. Eat-in kitchen with handy laundry, 2Vz baths, 3 large bedrooms and basement. Central air, patio, and 2-car garage $84,900. fcm IS!! COUNTRY COLONIAL Located on matured 2.39 acres in Pennington. j Cathedral ceiling entry foyer, picture windowed living room, formal dining, convenient j eat-in kitchen, family room with fireplace,! screened porch, full basement, 2 car garage and all wrapped in aluminum siding $124,900. Qualtiy Country Homes Near The HISTORIC DELAWARE RIVEEVIEWI Choose one of 4 beautifully styled colonials on half acre lots. All these quality built country homes feature wall-to-wall carpeting, two car garages, central air conditioning, first floor family rooms, fireplaces, formal dining rooms, first floor laundries, eat-in kitchens and 10 year Home Owners Warranty. Select from 4 or 5 bedrooms and 2Vz bath models with all Ihe conveniences you'd expect. Near golf, tennis and parks, close to fine shops, stores, schools and houses of worship. This prestigious Ewing address is an easy commute to other Nj, PA, and NY areas via I-95 and Route 29. Affordable mortgage financing available for qualified buyers. Models and sales center open every day from 10-4 and Saturday and Sunday 1-5. Call Anytime (609) Brokers Welcome From $98,000 20% Down 30 Years No Point* / No Prepayments Riverview I is easy to reach - take I-95 South to exit (Rt 29), South 1 mile to West Upper Ferry Rd, left V«mile to Riverview Drive. EAST WINDSOR] HAMILTON SQUARE i ECOMONICAL 1-bedroom plus den condominium in Avon Village. Living room with dining area, eatin kitchen. Upgraded beige carpeting, all appliances. Owner will assist with buyers' closing costs. Now reduced to..$34,900. TOTALLY UPGRADED ICarpeting throughout this 3 bedroom I Itownhouse in Quad II. Oakwood foyer, living,! Idining and beamed ceiling kitchen/family I room. Finished basement with bar and much f more $64,500. PRIVACY WITHOUT SECLUSION Enjoy the privacy-fenced back yard of this 3-bedroom contemporary home in Twin Rivers, only a short walk to pool, school, and shopping. Attractive mortgage assumption on this new listing... $74,500. OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY, OCTOBER P.M. 947 Jamestown Rd. Follow our signs to this lakeview 2- bedroom townhouse. Upgraded carpet, partially finished basement. Fantastic price reduction. Now only $52,900. See this home and others in this complete community with pools, tennis, on-site., schools and shopping From $35,500. Business Properties SPACE AVAILABLE - in "The Chocolate Factory" in'hopewell. Rear entrance, sq. ft; basement, 3000 sq. ft. Light manufacturing, office & most retail uses. Both need renovation day, eves. OFFICES FOR RENT - Somerset - modern. 7 offices, rent 1 or more. Air. Panel. Parking. Good location within 5 min. of 287, Rt 1, or turnpike MEMBER KO^EB ron, UVIM JWmark Business Properties 4,000SQ.FT. All brick warehouse for commercial building with loading dock. Solid neighborhood across from new mall. $1 per sq. ft. lease or $35,000 purchase. Owner will finance if qualified. Call owner or OFFICE SPACE for rent 2500 sq. ft located in Franklin Twp off of Hamilton BlvcT , ext 2283, COMMERCIAL BUIL- PRIME OFFICE Space - Nassau St, Prn. Approx DING - office 700 sq. ft. - avail now. / retail. 21,000 sq. ft. Prime highway location Contact Mr. Owen, in Princeton Township. Fully rented sq. ft. OFFICE SPACE - up to available for owner occupancy in early sq ft, newly Ample parking. Call 609- renovated, downtown Hightstown inquire at The Shoe Buckle, BUSINESS OFFICE SPACE E. Windsor. 2 rm. mod. off. suite. Warren Plaza West, 2nd fl, carpeted, panelling. $275/mo inclds a/c & heat. 1 mo. security & 6 mo lease. Off. furn a'lso avail for rent wkdays 9-4. PENNINGTON CIRCLE sq. ft. of store or office, asking $4.25/ft. Great location, good, loading, fluorescent lights, owner flexible. W. S. Borden Realtor OFFICE SUITE- 3 rms, bath, heat/ac/elec, 625 sqft suitable for arch/engr/prof. $295/mo N.T.CALLAWAY KEAL ESTATE Kingston to 700 sq. ft. available now. Heat & water included. Close to Princeton. $300 per month. Plenty Of parking. Call Mrs. Bleacher OFFICE SPACE - HIGHTSTOWN, 3 min. to Turnpike, Exit 8. Single offices available' minimum 150 sq. ft. or any multiple up to 1200: sq. ft. starting ^fit $175/mo. including utilities and orr-"site parking. Call anytime or pm. KINGSTON $84,500 WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE TO THE NEW YORK BUS. This neat and cozy home is ideal for the New York commuter or the Princeton or Rutgers professor. There are three bedrooms, two full baths, dining room, family room, and modern kitchen. If you enjoy outdoor living, you'll love the private fenced-in yard with two patios and many flowering trees and bushes.. 3 Bedroom Patio Ranch, 2 baths, all appliances. Good condition, assumable mortgage. Asking $59, Room Lake condo, all appliances, w/w carpeting, enclosed balcony, end unit, prime location overlooking lake. Asking $40,000. STEELE, ROSLOFF & SMITH MmtrCo. Bd. Business Properties PRINCETON JCT sq. ft., private entrance, private bath, parking, utilities, available immediately. $300/mo. Country Heritage Real Estate"Realtors, OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT - central Nassau St. Small or large, avail, now, low rent. Telephone secretarial services available FOR RENT - Montgomery Twp. Rt New office space. Paneling & carpeting. Heating included sq. feet. $290 - $ Investment MAINE 2A Lakeshore Lots 250 Foot Water Frontage each low taxes 8% mortgage $6500. Details write R. Burns, box 570, Germantown, NY TAX SHELTER - office building, income $15,000, expenses $5800, fully rented. $75,000. W.S. BORDEN REALTOR, Buyers and Sellers meet weekly in the CLASSIFIED PAGES PRINCETON ADDRESS $84,900. OVER 2 ACRES of secluded property plus an inground pool. There are 3 or 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, kitchen with breakfast room, living room, spacious dining room, and basement. Perfect for the New York Commuter or the Princeton or Rutgers professor. WOODED FINAL SECTION NOW OPEN I 1O'/2% MORTGAGES WITH 20% DOWN FOR QUALIFIED BUYERS '97,200 4 BEDROOM COLONIALS WITH 2Vz BATHS. 2 CAR GARAGES. FIREPLACES AND OTHER FEATURES INCLUDED The Location is near many shopping centers, excellent commuting (just minutes to RR station) and major highways. A FEW AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE & FALL OCCUPANCY OENOW RD.. LAWRENCEVILLE DIRECTIONS From Princeton - south on Rl 206 lo Franklin Corner Rd. Turn right, then bear left on Denow Rd (500leet pasl Deli) lo Stuiwood Hamlei The Cambridge 3102,200 The Devonshire $110,800 Sales Agency TUSCHAK REALTY Models Open Every Day Except Thursday 10 a.m. to 5p.m. (609) Garages/Storage For Rent PARKING LOTS - for rent. On John Street in Princeton. $15 per month. Call STORAGE SPACE KOR RENT - HIGHTSTOWN AREA GARAGE FOR RENT - Avail. Nov. 15th Wiggins & Jefferson Rd. area. $35/month. Call after 6pm STORAGE SPACE - for rent. Will divide to need. Near Hopewell LARGE GARAGE - or storage space for rent. Witherspoon Street. $35 per month. Call Real Estate Wanted APT. HOUSE - Investor looking for small apt, complex within 20 mi radius of Princeton. Call after 6pm with details. FOR SALE BY OWNER OR RENT WITH OPTION TO BUY ONE OF A KIND - ROCKY HILL Exceptionally spacious, bright, delightful rooms, and an open floor plan highlight this low maintenance, thoroughly modern ranch on a well landscaped picturesque acre in charming Rocky Hill Borough. Features 3 bedrooms with closets galore, 2 baths, living room with stone raised hearth fireplace, den, gourmet kitchen with adjoining laundry, pantry and greenhouse, dining room which opens onto a large covered patio overlooking a lovely pond. Artist's studio with fireplace on lower level, quarry tile in all work and traffic areas, huge basement and 2-car garage, central air and vacuum system, large thermopane windows throughout-all with lovely views. Municipal water and sewer. Newly carpeted and decorated, in immaculate move-in condition. Additional insulation plus excellent energy saving potential. Ten minutes from Nassau Street, convenient local shopping and commuter service to NYC. Owner must relocate - WILL CONSIDER FINANCING. Realistically priced at $160,000. OPEN HOUSE Sunday, Oct P.M. 1 Creicont Av«. Rocky Hill Phone J47 for appointment

49 Week Of October 22-24,1980 KM REA ESTATE LIGHT Karl Light, Broker Realtors Nassau St. Princeton Van Hise Realty REALTOR. Pennington, New Jersey Tel: or C It's So Easy with EISEN^OWER So easy tobuy So easy to sell PENNINGTON BOROUGH TOWN LIVING Attractive ranch style Cape Cod on a treed lot, situated on a dead-end street offering peace and quiet. Living room with fireplace, formal dining room, 5 bedrooms, 2 full modern baths, full basement, rear wooden deck, concrete patio, large sand box for the children. $85,900. OPEN HOUSE Sunday, October 26,1-4 P.M. 20 Harvest Drive, Belle Mead RELOCATING? So are the owners of this nearly new Colonial. Sunny, cheerful, spacious with a touch of elegance and a long list of extras. Priced to sell at $109,900. Directions: Route 206 to Amwell Rd; east to Royce Brook Rd; left to Harvest Dr; right to house. For additional information call STONE MANOR HOUSE in Lawrenceville. Solidly built, graciously laid out. Five-six bedroom, pool, formal plantings of box and yew. Almost an acre of privacy, $189,000. HOPEWELl TOWNSHIP ATTRACTIVE RANCHER Entrance foyer, modern kitchen with breakfast area, formal dining room, family room with fireplace, laundry room, 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 1 car garage, full basement, Anderson thermopane windows throughout. $93,900. ELEGANCE WITHIN REASON If you have expensive taste and are looking in the lower $100,000 range we have the perfect home for you. Wooded lot and professional landscaping frames this super Belle Mead Split. The look of professional decorating is dvident throughout the spacious living rm, formal dining rm, comfortable family rm, and 4 large bedrms. Central air and intercom are added pluses. Call LIKE AN EXCELLENT WINE this property has aged in such a way as to present itself with clarity and distinction. Renovation has been meticulous the rich details of yesterday with the modern conveniences of today. Cathedral and beamed ceilings, wide peg floors, 2 stone fireplaces highlight this elegant century-old mountain home. 8+ rms; 3+ acres with woods, out buildings, smoke house and stable. $149,500 in Neshanic. Call f. 9 SELL YOUR CARand buy our 3 bedroom, 1 Vz bath house in Princeton Knoll - a much desired, walk eveywhere location near shopping, schools, buses. Living room large enough for 2 sofas, separate dining, family room. Freshly decorated and ready to move in. A new offering, and a good buy at $114,000. HOPEWEIL TOWNSHIP RESTORED COLONIAL with 11 acres. Dwelling has fireplace in living room, four bedrooms, 3 full baths, large brick patio from dining room. On property is a two story barn containing a 4 car garage - workshop - storage room - studio with a full bath, other outbuildings on property, electrified fence, excellent for horses. $235,000. EWING TOWNSHIP WORTH SEEING Cape Cod on corner lot. Modern kitchen with eating area, formal dining rom, 2 bedrooms and full modern bath on first floor, one large bedroom and one unfinished room on second floor, partially finished basement as recreation room, rear screened-in porch, one car detached garage, mint condition. $64,500. EWING TOWNSHIP QUIET SETTING - Is where this well maintained Split Level is located. Modern kitchen with eating area plus breakfast room or garden room, formal dining room, Florida room with all thermopane windows and wood burninq stove, 5 bedrooms, one full bath and two half baths, brick patio with barbecue, one car attached garage, large lot with mature trees. $79,900. HARD TO FIND is this attractive Cape Cod. Modern kitchen with eating area, large living room, 2 bedrooms, modern bath, attic sub-floored for future expansion, large screened-in patio, corner lot. $43,900. YOU'VE ADMIRED IT - NOW YOU CAN OWN IT This regal looking pillared Colonial features fireplaced family room with built-in bookshelves and beamed ceiling, spacious eat-in kitchen with dishwasher and double self-cleaning oven and 4 large bedrms. Plus central air, inground pool, patio and deck. Belle Mead. Offered at $124,900. Call THE GRASS IS GREENER HERE As you approach this Belle Mead Expanded Cape you'll be impressed with the care given to the property. As you enter this 4-bedrm home, you'll see the same TIC reflected inside. Central air, insulated windows throughout, and maintenancefree siding. 1 Vi yrs. young. Asking $91,500. Don't miss this home, call HERE'S REAL VALUE Owners have been transferred. The home has been spotlessly cleanad and priced for a quick sale. 4 large bedrms, eat-in kitchen with new dishwasher, paneled family rm, central air, custom deck. 1 acre in Bejle Meod. $99,900. Call A NICE HOUSE TO CALL HOME Really nice 4 bedrm Bi-Level in excellent Belle Mead location. Nearly new and neat as a pin. Family rm, den, 2 Vi baths, centra/ air 7 professional landscaping. $95,950. Call LIBRARY PLACE and all that goes with it. Norman ceiling high fireplace in living room, separate dining, main floor master suite. Garage apartment - easily converted to 4th bedroom. Offers invited. $260,000. Constance Braoer John Cortwright Marcy Crimmins Cornelia Dielhenn Vonnie Hueston Lawrenceville Specialists Real Estate Wanted SALES ASSOCIATE Shirley Kinsley Derry Light Stuart Minton Laura Procaccino Nancy Scott Marge Dwyer Gladys Wright Land For Sale 2-t- ACHES - wooded SMALL ESTABLISHED on Long Hill Rd. in Consulting Firm Hillsborough Twp. requires sq.ft. Terms avail. $39,900. Prefer reception area & 2 private offices. Princeton only. Avail Dec. or commercial on south :(+, ACHES - zoned Jan. Will consider lane of Rt. 130 near sharing space with circle, $74,900. another firm, preferably Education, Legal or BUILDING LOT- last on Financial. Pelase call Brainard Lake, Cranbury. $50,000. ( , WANTED - Princeton Twp. Choice residential lot. 2 acres or more. Desire beautiful location. All utilities preferred. Call after 6pm. Land For Sale 50 ACRE TREE farm, north Lawrence Twp., Princeton address, terms available for qualified buyer. $9,000 per acre, principals only ACHKS - zoned research and light industrial. Washington Twp. $59,000. WOODED LOT acres. 150' frontage, rurar location,'monroe Twp. $18,500. Stults Realty Co. Realtor 609-:i95-U N. Main St. C'ranbury ELM RIDGE PARK -1M> acre lots. $47,500 & up. Wooded lots, $70,000 net. Call REALTOR Land For Sale HOPEWELL TWP - Near Mobil, building lot, 1.7 acres with perc, heavily wooded in prime residential area. $52,000. Attention builders, architects acres in Hopewell Twp on south slope in prime residential area. $400,000. Call Princeton Crossroads Realty, SURVIVAL KIT-just the place to wait out the calamity, 17 acres, trees, tillable land farmland assessed. Bring your own teepee. W. S. Borden Realtor PRINCETON VICINITY - 9+ acres of wilderness privacy, perc approved, $53,000 terms avail eves. LOla IOTS - rtinceton vicinity. $45,000 Prin each. Call CITY OF TRENTON GOOD INVESTMENT" corner property, excellent location, a few blocks before the Brunswick Circie. Two large stores and a five room and bath apartment. Call for Price & Details. MEMBER Multiple Listing Service Holidays Call: Jim Carlson, Cathy Nemeth, Theresa Jarvis, Beverly Glasson, Land For Sale LAND FOR SALE - approved building lot, Plainsboro, $30, EAST AM WELL - 2'- wooded acres. Perced. Approximately 3 miles north of Hopewell Borough. $27,000. HOPEWELL TUP - 25 acres with a stream. Approved perc. Superb location. $110,000. HOPEWELL TWP - 13 acres. Excellent frontage. Approved perc. $65,000. HOHISPESSEL HEAL ESTATE Real Estate For Sale LOWER BUCKS VARDLEY AREA 4 bdrmf 2<> bath Colonial. Builders home, seeing is believing. Custom Colonial, 4 car garage, full bsmt. Roman bath, upgrade everything. Call for details. $195,000. RED CARPET KRAMER REAL ESTATE STONE & REDWOOD - home on 12 3/4 acres, over 3000 sq. ft., 2 full wall stone fireplaces, thermal paned windows throughout & many other features too numerous to mention. Call eves KOSSMOOR CONDO - 9 Mrm 9, air, an appliancesi f JJr all Real Estate For Sale HAMILTON TWP - 54 Bolton Rd, 6 yr. old Bi- Level, maintenance free exterior, 4 bdrm, 2 full baths, large liv. rm, formal din. rm, eat-in kitchen, large fam. rm \v/patio, laundry rm, 1 car garage w/work area, cent, air, corner lot. many extras. $72, by owner, no realtors. LONG LANE FARM - rambling old farmhouse in marvelous condition. Stream, meadow, pond, acreage. Separate studio, stable, inground pool. W.S. BORDEN REALTOR FAST POSSESSION - Washington Crossing bungalow, 2 bedrooms, bath, large lot, asking $57,500. W. S. BORDEN REALTOR, T W I N R I V E R S ASSUMPTION - Only $20,000 for a qualified buyer to assume 9'-% mortgage on a 4 bedroom upgraded townhouse. Call for exciting details ,000. WEIDEL HEAL ESTATE. INC. 2B81 MAIN ST. LAWRENCEVILLE, NJ PLAINSBORO - Prnceton Collection Colonial. 4 bedrooms, 24 baths, 2- car garage, $16,000 worth of extras in the house, 1/3 acre. Rear faces open wooded area. Possession Dec Asking $117,000. Financing available. RED CARPET DDR Eves HOW'S THIS FOR VALUE? 4 bedrm home on 1 + acres near Princeton with deck, 400 sq. ft. brick patio, fireplace, family rm, large kitchen. Only $118,000. and available now. Montgomery. Call DECIDEDLY DIFFERENT. Custom built Colonial offers many appealing features - summer kitchen, solarium off master bedrm, sunny laundry/sewing rm, new above ground pool. Established residential area in Somerville. 4 bedrms; 2"; baths. $86,900. Call HASSLE FREE This entire home from kitchen to baths has been repainted and redecorated all you have to do is move in. New parquet floor in the foyer; new no-wax floor in the kitchen; new carpeting plus heatilator fireplace in the family rm, central air, and inground pool acres with beautiful yard and woods in rear. 4 bedroom Colonial $108,900 Millitone. Call MODERN COLONIAL IN OLD COLONIAL AMERICA. This elegant home is situated in an historic section of Montgomery Twp. - close to ice skating and fishing on the Mill Pond and close to the culture, and shopping of Princeton. Modern kitchen, 5 spacious bedrooms, 2": baths, fireplace, family room, central air. Call us today $124,900. ELEGANT EXPANDED BI-LEVEL in a country setting is reduced for quick sale - Priced thousands of $s below appraised value. Uwners have been transferred; the house is vacant and ready for immediate occupancy. Minutes from Rt. 206; easy access to NYC, Rutgers, Princeton. 2+ acres, pool, 4 bedrms, fireplace and MORE! Hillsborough. To see call $99,900. PROFESSIONAL SITE STEP INTO THE PAST - and bring the convenience of the present. Originally a wheelwright and wagon shop in the Revolutionary War, this property is currently an antique shop, workshop, and modernized apt. History comes alive in this beautifully preserved section "of Millstone. Let us show you the area and the house. Call $125, MONTGOMERY MASTERPIECE CENTER HALL COLONIAL in Mill Pond area. 4 bedrms, 2': baths, family rm with raised hearth fireplace, central air, custom deck. Beautiful executive area. $135,900. Call FAMILY APPEAL. Remodeled kitchen, large bedrms, comfortable family rm and deck. Central air, attractive landscaping, appealing area. Nice to come home here. Neshanic. $105,900. Call HONEYMOONERS WANTED for a darling 2 bedrm Ranch home in a great residential area. Jalousied front and rear porches, eat-in kitchen, detached 2-car garage. Hillsborough. $74,900. Call DON'T CRAMP YOUR STYLE Counting rooms and closets makes you realize how much space your family will have for comfortable living in this. Bi-Level. 4-5 bedrooms, family room, formal dining room, eat-in kitchen - 9 rooms in all. Stereo intercom, inground pool, storage shed and 2-car garage are included extras. $109,900 in Belle Mead. Call FOR THE TWO OF YOU. If you're looking for location, a nice house on a nice lot, and don't need more than 2 bedrms, consider this immaculate Ranch in the center of Hillsborough. Lovely modern kitchen, living rm, dining rm, enclosed patio, beautiful yard, cul-de-sac location. Priced in the 80's. Call PRESCRIPTION FOR PEASURE For relief of the cramped feeling of your present home, the congestion of the city, and the pain of a huge yard to mow and weed, examine this nearly new Bi-Level on a lovely family size '/4-acre lot in Belle Mead. 4 bedrooms, family room, fireplace, home owner's waranty. $92,500. Call COME HOME TO RELAX The art of living and the quality of life can only improve when you own instead of rent - when you come home to tennis and relaxation instead of lawn maintenance or snow removal. Discover the advantages of owning a condominium. Call us today. See a fine selection of condos, with 1 & 2 bedrooms, spacious modern kitchens, central air, some with finished basements, decks, patios and fireplaces in Hillsborough from $43,500 to $75,500. Call or EISENHOWERGAIIERV of HOMESINC.-REAITORS Route Route Route Route 206, Harlingen Branchburg Hillsborough Bridgewater Montgomery

50 HOME HUNTER'S GUIDE 16-C Week Of October 22-24,1980 HILTON REALTY CO. OF PRINCETON INC. REALTOR" Make your shop known to all! Go display 8 ways!! " READY FOR IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY" -- Charming 4 bedroom 2'/2 bath Colonial near golf course. In excellent condition and answers all the needs of a growing family. A total of eight spacious rooms with fireplace, central air and two car garage, are just a few of its many outstanding features. $144,000. OPEN HOUSE Sunday, October 26-1 to 4 P.M. Directions: Hickory- Corner Road to first left on Knollwood to first left on Cypress to number 102 on left. REDUCED WITH AN W/<. 30 YEAR, CONVENTIONAL MORTGAGE is available to a qualified buyer on this Homequity house located near trains, and excellent shopping with 4 bedrooms, 2Vi baths, central air, and ready for immediate occupancy. Don't delay - call now..' $87,5(X). 2 BEDROOM TOWNHOUSE in excellent condition with central air, wall to wall carpeting, and 1 Vi baths, conveniently located near the New Jersey Turnpike ' $5 n,500.. Open House: Sunday, October 2(ith 11-3 P.M. Refreshments will be served. Directions: Route 33 east to right onto Lake Drive, and left at Covington Drive. NEW CONSTRUCTION IN ELM RIDGE SOUTHWEST. A Thompson Colonial with fireplaced walk-out lower level. Entry foyer, large formal fireplaced living room, dining room with cove and chair moldings. Eat-in kitchen adjoins cathedral-ceilinged fireplaced family room. Four bedrooms and two and one-half baths, basement. 2 car attached garage. 1.5 acre lot. S20'UK)0. TWO STORY COLONIAL with 3,000. sq. ft. of living area, bay windows in living, dining room and kitchen. Paneled family room with stone wall fireplace, and french doors to rear deck. 2 zone heating and air conditioning, full basement and two-car garage. $128,500. \ BRICK AND FRAME RANCHER on just shy of one acre in Hopewell Township. Three double bedrooms, two full baths, combination contemporary living room with fireplace and adjoining step down dining room. Large eat-in kitchen, family room and entry foyer. Full basement with game room, bar. Double glazing and total electric only $185 monthly! Asking..$125,000. IN CHARMING CRANBURY, with 4 bedrooms, 2 / 2 baths, and located within walking distance to town, fireplace in family room, full, extra deep basement and fantastic storage and closet space throughout. Asking 8114, BEDROOM CUSTOM BUILT COLONIAL on a 1 acre lot. Slate and Hardwood foyer - 22 ft. living room with brick fireplace. Modern kitchen with one wall in brick, separate breakfast area. 20 ft. laundry and mud room. Patio off family room, inground Gunite swimming pool. Shade trees front and rear of house. $139,900. PENNVIEW HEIGHTS. Six years young and in apple pie order. Thompson Colonial on well landscaped lot. Formal entrance hall, living room with fireplace, den-sitting room, formal dining room, eatin kitchen, laundry and Yz bath on first. Enormous (33' x 21'I family room with bar on lower level. Four master size bedrooms plus teenage rumpus room or fifth bedroom. 2 full baths on second. Two car attached garage, central air, split rail fenced rear garden $157,0(K). "**WI 8 fej* U AN IDEAL RANCH styled house maintained in excellent condition and located only minutes to trains and express bus to New York. 3 bedrooms and two full baths with central air and eat-in size kitchen plus full basement. Walk to schools and recreation and library $7,900. RANCHER with 4 bedroom, 2Vi baths, and centrally air conditioned. Located 5 miles north of Princeton. Close to shopping and transportation. Excellent schools! Country-side is beautiful and neighbors friendly... $140,000. NEW 8 ROOM COLONIAL - on wooded lot. Aluminum exterior and Anderson windows for low maintenance. Central air, paneled family room with fireplace, slate foyer, 2 car garage and full basement. Excellent school district and commuting convenience. $166,000. BUILD TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS on a fine 1 acre wooded lot on Raymond Road, Kingston. City water, sewer and gas are the utilities. Bus transportation and 10 minutes to New York trains. Call for details. WOODED LAND IN PRINCETON TWP., zoned residential with tall trees and brook. 16 acres with 1750 ft. frontage. $165,000. FAST FOOD SERVICE opportunity in Princeton area. Well designed, with adequate seating capacity. A growth potential business. NASSAU ARMS APARTMENTS - EFFICIENCY AND 1 BEDROOM APARTMENTS AVAILABLE. ON BUS ROUTE t 2 BLOCKS FROM SHOPPING IN PRINCETON BORO. RENTALS: HOUSES AND APARTMENTS Nassau St. Hilton Bldg., 2nd Floor Princeton Real Estate Group Mercer & Somerset County MLS Affiliated Independent Brokers (Nationwide Referral Service) Real Estate For Sale EASTAMWELLTWP-3 yr. old Garrison Colonial, 4 bdrms, 2'/2 baths, fireplace in liv. rm & fam. rm, prof, landscaping, $129,900. Principals only Real Estate For Sale CRANBURY MANOR - Bi-Level, 8 rooms, I 1.-, baths, utility room, garage, patio, 115x218 landscaped lot, $69,900. Phone owner days , eyes ' , OPEN 7 DAYS TILL 5 P.M. EVENINGS AND WEEKENDS CALL: William Schuessler, Harvey Rude, Rita Margolis Allen D'Arcy, Russ Edmonds, Asa G. Mowery, Emma King, Real Estate For Sale SOUTH BRUNSWICK - Rocky Hill area; handyman special 5 + rooms, Colonial, heated garage workshop, barn on 1.43 rural acres. Make offers. ACA Realty, Broker LOVELY LAWRENCE with 4 bedrooms, wall to wall carpeting, central air, and the most attractive lot in the neighborhood, modernized kitchen and gas fired heating system $7') <)()() HENDERSON- REALTORS^ Prlnceton-Hightstown Road Cranbury, Now Jersey (609) Real Estate For Sale RANCHER - 7 yr old Brick front on '- acre lot in quiet neighborhood near It features 7 spacious rooms, bsmt, bath, 2 car garage, cent. air. 15 mins to Prn. $86, WASHINGTON TWP, - 2 story Colonial farmhouse completely restored and de'e orated in the Williamsburg tradition. Includes fireplace in living rm, dining rm, kitchen, 3 bdrms, I 1 2 baths plus a 2-4 car heated garage on 1-1/3 acres. $82,500. Owner, HILLSBORO - 3 bedroom townhouse on woods & stream 2'-2 baths, dinette, custom family rm. $73, PRINCETON-Riverside- 3 bdrm Ranch, pool, rental/purchase Real Estate For Sale TWIN RIVERS - 4 Bedroom Townhouse, baths, pnld fmr, Ig eat-in kit w/tile fir, ceramic tile pdrrm w/vanity, w/w upgrd cpt, prof decor, completely fin bsmt, patio w/gas bbq, Cent air, humid., attic fan, extra insulation, many extras. Exc. cond. Must see! ( MONTGOMERY Modernized Farmhouse Cinder Hlock Barn 1.18 Aero Lot $89,000 12% Mortgage Available KOUNTRY KOTTAGE REALTY RANCH in East Windsor - By owner. 3 bdrms, 2 baths in main house. Patio rm w/frplc, adjoins Mother-in-iaw apt complete with own bath. Alum/sided, inground pool, lot almost an acre, $79,900. Call Real Estate For Sale SECLUDED EAST SIDE ESTATE - pool, several acres, greenhouse, rambling ranch, casual charm, trees, rural setting. W. S. Borden Realtor ROSSMOOR CONDO walk to golf clubhouse, New Hampshire 2br BOUND BROOK - 3 bdrm. ranch close to Rts. 287 & 22, finished basement, in-ground pool, w/blocked patio. Reduced to $67, LAMBERTVILLE Handsome 3 story Victorian townhouse (Restoration 90% complete) 4 bdrms upstairs, 4 rm apt on 1st fl (reconvert or $350/mo rental can pay mortgage) Chance to assume 6te mtg! By owner! evenings. A lovely two story colonial on a large wooded lot with mature plantings. Living room with fireplace, formal dining room, large eat-in kitchen, study with Franklin Stove and built-in bookcases. On the second floor 4 bedrooms and 2 full baths. Basement completely finished. Add to this a lovely built-in pool. Owner will decorate to suit up to $1000.'. $153,500. TWO HOMES FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! Two well-maintained Cape Cod homes on one large, treed lot in Hopewell Township. Main house consists of living room, dining area, kitchen, bath, sunroom. Florida room and two bedrooms. Tenant cottage is a one bedroom cape with living room, eat-in kitchen and bath plus a partially finished entire second floor. Aluminum siding on both and a two car garage. All in tip-top shape! Priced to sell at $')8,500. ^HENDERSON INC REALTORS Hopewell House Square, Hopewell, New Jersey (609) Real Estate For Sale LOW mortgage - East Windsor - Available! 3 Bdrm Col, 2'j bath 5 yrs old, exc loc. pvt st. Owner will match any price for similar house! $50,000 mtg at 10',- %,. $457/mo available to the qualified buyer. Dec 1st occupancy Real Estate For Sale COUNTRY HOUSE - Sandy Run, beautiful landscaped corner lot, 5 bdrms, 2'j baths, beamed fam. rm w/stone fireplace, eat-in kitchen w/solid cherry cabinets, plenty of storage, movein cond. Call Real Estate For Sale SO. BRUNSWICK Landscapers - Nurserymen - Investors - Home Buyers - potential Mini-Farm: 6.79 acres in A-3 agricultural zone w/2 family house income of $6600 per year. $59,500 takes all. Call ACA Realty, Broker, ,

51 HOME HUNTER'S GUIDE 17-C Week Of October 22-24, ] 980 REALTY REALTORINSUROR WALK TO THE COUNTRY CLUB CUSTOM COLONIAL - minutes to PRIN- CETON, VACANT - and ready for turnkey living. Huge rooms featuring 5 bedrooms, dining room, 2Vi baths, FAMILY ROOM OFF KITCHEN WITH FIREPLACE. Beautiful wooded acre lot - JUST REDUCED TO $139,900. POSSIBLE TERMS FROM OWNER ALSO POSSIBLE RENT WITH OPTION TO BUY. Calle Genie's office now... CALL US AT Cor. Rt. 202 So. & Holland Brook Rd., Branchburg Somerset County Multiple Listing Hunterdonco. M.L.S. Real Estate For Sale FOR SALE OR RENT - Freshly painted two story Colonial Townhouse Condominium in Montgomery Township near Rocky Hill. Downstairs - living room with entry area, powder room with laundry, family room with wood burning fireplace & sliding doors opening onto deck overlooking wooded area & stream, electric kitchen with dining area. Upstairs - large Master bedroom with walk-in closet & private bath, 2 additional bedrooms and full bath. Living area fully carpeted, pull down stairs to floored attic with very large storage space. Electric heat pump & central air conditioning, attached utility shed. Sale - 593,000. Rent - $70O/per month, Call Lorraine Tarns. Brokers protected on sale CONSTITUTION HILL, PRN. Condominium living at its best. Beautifully designed individual' houses carefully restored apts in the historic mansion. Pool, tennis court, strolling paths, just a short walk from Palmer So. & the great cultural life of this lovely University town. Prices starting at $243,000. Collins Development Corp, Sales office open daily BROOKSIDE SQUARE townhouse - 2 bdrms, den, I 1 - baths, finished basement, custom interior, w/w carpet, 2 pools, tennis, playgrounds. Close to bus, train, shops, schools. $73, ROSSMOOR MUTUAL 4B Condo- Golfswimming ' - tennis. Fantastic" view from 3 exposures. Liv. rm, din. rm, fam. rm, enclosed porch, 2 bdrms, 2 baths, kitchen has self-cleaning oven, garbage disposal, GE appliances in laundry & kitchen. Freshly papered & tiled, drapes & carpets. Short term mtge avail to qualified buyer. Priced at $67,000 or avail, for rent. Minimum age: 48 yrs or CLEARBROOK ADULT COMMUNITY On premises re-sale EXPERT for these lovely ranch style homes near Exit 8-A of NJ Turnpike. One, two, and three bedroom homes with garages, appliances, carpeting, central air, golf, swimming, club house, security and medical facilities and much more. Convenient to shopping and NYC transportation. Prices beginning in the $60's. Call today for an ap-. pointment. Real Estate For Sale ONLY 5 MILES west of Princeton - in Elm Ridge Park, new.4 bedroom brick ranch. 22x13 family room w/fireplace, 15x13 dining room, 21x14 living room, slat floor entrance, full basement, central air conditioning, 2 car garage, 1' 2 acre lot, $179,000. Also 5 bedroom cape, $190,000. Best buys around. By owner * or* PLAINSBORO - 3 Bedroom Colonial, w/w carpeting2'^ baths, 2 car garage, basement, 10 year H.O.W., no wax solarian floors, floor to ceiling fireplace in family room, mainfree exterior. tenance $110,900. Gloria Nilson Realtors COLONIAL Split Level - 5BR, 2',. baths, LR, DR, family room w/brick fireplace, laundry room with clothes chute, attic, basement, and attached 2-car garage. Hardwood floors - throughout, central air conditioning, sundeck adjoining DR, fully stocked kitchen - side/side refrig.-freezer, dishwasher, double oven stove, disposal. Located in one of Princeton's most desirable areas on Poe Rd. Beautiful tree shaded, acre size lot with variety of shrubs, stream running along property boundary, within walking distance of Carnegie Lake. This home is available for immediate occupancy. 159,500. Owner will finance. Call eves for appointment. Affordable Country Living WITH INCOME! "MINI - FARM - Two houses, both in excellent condition on three plus acres with a pond and outbuildings! An extraordinary opportunity in beautiful Delaware Twp. just 1 mile from Route 202. Live in one house, rent the other and yes - raise steer, pigs, chickens or keep your horse. All for a super low price! Offered for the very first time. $99,500 INVESTMENT PRO- PERTY - Three spacious living units in two buildings plus a three car garage and a large treed lot! In East AmwellTwp., just north of Hopeweil with outstanding income history. Live in one house, rent two units in the other. Owner anxious to sell and could help finance for a qualified buyer. Call right now at just $88,900 IIOPEVVELL TOWN- SHIP TWO FAMILY - An excellent opportunity to be in Hopeweil Twp. and have a tenant help to pay the mortgage. Super convenient location, large treed lot and the Owner could help finance for a qualified buyer or a Lease - Purchase could be arranged. Let us explain how - it's not as expensive as you might think at $91,900 THE CHASE AGENCY REALTOR CLASSIC BUCKS COUNTY ESTATE In Upper Makefield Township and close to On 15.5 acres of lawn, shrubs, mature trees, stocked pond plus clay tennis court and in-ground pool. Pointed stone early American Home, Circa Eight fireplaces, formal living room and dining room, open beam ceilings in library, den and "Keeping Room/Kitchen". Entrance hall, 6 bedrooms, 3 baths and 2 powder rooms. Four room and bath apartment on 2nd floor of stone/frame Carriage House. Stone and frame, barn with horse stalls. A property of unsurpassed elegance. Offered for $395,000. Hugh B. Eastburn, Realtors 156 N. State St. Newtown, PA ) Member "Homes For Living" Network READY FOR YOUR PERSONAL FINISHING TOUCHES Under construction in Montgomery Township - 4 bedroom uniquely styled colonial. Family room has a cathedral wood ceiling with sky-lites. Call today for an appt. HOW 10-year protection plan. GRANDER Agency REALTORS Station Sq., Route 206, Belle Mead Real Estate For Sale rhome INSPECTIONS?- by licensed professional engineers with con-' struction experience. Princeton Home Inspection, 20 Nassau St., ' PLASTERED STONE FARMHOUSE Situated on 6 acres in Tinicum Twp. Bank barn in exc. cond, 3 horse stalls, feed stall, steer pen, paddock area, & 2 fenced pastures. Barn has beautiful apt. also inground concrete pool & cabana. Farmhouse has modern kit, lge. liv. rm. w/fpl, din. rm w/fpl, 4 bdrms, 1'^ baths. Asking $169,900. Peiin Valley Real Estate HILLSBORO CONDO - End unit, two bedrooms, finished basement w/pool table. Swimming & tennis. Convenient to train, schools & shopping. 18 min. to Princeton. Less than what you would have to pay through a realtor after 6pm. TWIN RIVERS - 3 bdrm twnhse Quad IV, prime location, humidifier, extras FARM 92 ACRES - North Hanover Twp. Well maintained older 4 bedrooni Colonial, pond, small barn, low taxes, all for $3000 per Acre. Gale Realtors, BY OWNER - In Lawrence, 2-family aluminum-sided Cape Cod, 2 bdrms down, 1 bdrm up; finished basement, nice yard, detached V> car garage. Good cond., must sell, $60,500, after 5 pm, or FRANKLIN TWP. 32 ACRE HOARSE FARM Rolling, grazing partly wooden farm, 9 room house, summer kitchen, sheds, chicken coop, horse barn & garages. $175,000. CENTURY 21 BARROOD REALTOR MLS Independently Owned Real Estate For Sale PRINCETON Township, just outside the Borough! Just listed to SELL at an exceptionally low price, this handsome colonial offers a lovely treed, private lot, four large bedrooms, a huge living room with fireplace, a very large - recently renovated kitchen plus breakfast area, a family room, a charming brick patio and more. Don't hesitate on this exceptional offering. All in excellent condition, help with financing available to qualified buyers, and all at just $110,000! THE CHASE AGENCY REALTOR SOUTH BRUNSWICK - 1 yr. old, 5 bdrm, central/air, carpeted, must' see to appreciate after 5 weekdays. SOUTH BRUNSWICK Rural Ranch on 3/4 am in mint condition with all utilities on cul de sac street. Excellent mother/ daughter facility, f rooms with 2 full & 2 ' L. baths, garage, basement, huge screened 'porch, Tennessee marble raised hearth fireplace, with trees, trees & more ACA REALTY, Broker EAST WINDSOR - 2 bedroom townhouse. Beautiful home, perfect location, upgraded carpeting throughout, central vac system, professional finished basement, redwood & brick patio: Must see this. $59,900. RED CARPET DDR JUSTREDUCED 2 Unit Investment property Duplex home in move-in condition. 1 bedroom unit downstairs, 2 bedroom unity upstairs. Provides tax shelter & monthly income. Close to Only $89,900. Weidel Real Estate, Inc. Rt. 532 Washington Crossing,Pa MANVILLE NEW TWO FAMILY DUPLEX Maintenance free aluminum siding. Huge 4 room apartments, 1 % bath, 2 car garage, full basement, separate utility, immediate occupancy.. $112,000. MANVILLE NORTH l(mi AVENUE Custom built 5 room ranch under construction featuring full basement, 3 BR, LR, modern kitchen, 1 full bath. Still time to select your colors. Call for details. $71,900. MANVILLE QUALITY IS MY NAME This custom built 8 rm., 2 story colonial has features like brick & aluminum exterior, fireplace in LR, finished basement with radiant heated floors, 4 BRs, DR, kitchen, rec room, laundry area, 1 V2 baths. A must on your list to see. $89,900. MANVILLE-NORTHSIDE Custom built 2 story colonial featuring aluminum siding, nice front porch, 3 bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, full bath, full basement, expansion attic with many other extras. 10% down to qualified buyer. $69,900. Charneski & Bongiorno Realtor, Insurance and Appraiser 42 So. Main St., Manville (201) Evening Hours on Tues., Thurs and Fri. Late eves MANVILLE-MEAT MARKET Business and equipment, call for details. HILLSBOROUGH TOWNSHIP Large 5 room L-shaped ranch. 3 bedrooms, full basement, 2 car garage, 2 baths, built-in brick firebox. Approximately 1 % acres. $73,900. MANVILLE NORTHSIDE Modern 6 room ranch, attached garage, full basement, gas hot water baseboard heat, built-in air conditioning, new roof asking $73,400. JOSEPH BIELANSK1 AGENCY 212SouthMainSt.,Manvill*,N.J Evas or MEMBER MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE PRINCETON APPRAISAL & INVESTMENT CO. Specializing in real estate appraisals and investments. Telephone Real Estate For Sale NEW EGYPT - lovelv older 4 bdrm Colonial, fpl, garage, low taxes, plus separate 1 bdrm apt lor extra income. $69,000. Gale Realtors, TWIN RIVERS - 3 bdrm twnhse, Quad I, good cond., cent air cpt., ready to move in. $55,000. Call wkdays, 9 to 4 p.m. only. PENNINGTON - Newly listed expanded Colonial Cape. 4 bdrms, 2 baths, liv. rm w/fireplace, music rm, study/den, gracious bay windowed Formal din. rm, much more! Call for details , Patti Constance Real Estate. TWIN RIVERS- 3 bdrm Patio Ranch $57,500. Assumable Mtg, days / evenings. PRINCETON TOWN- SHIP -4 B.R.or 3 B.R. / Den, 7 2 baths, on wooded, fenced 3/4 acre on quiet cul-de-sac, close to shopping center & high school.. L.R. has fireplace. Sky* lit oathe.dfal ceiling in family room, dining area & gourmet kitchen with butcher block counters & island. Two'car garage. No brokeys. $154,000. For appointment. Call (days) or (eves & wknds) 195 Nassau St. Princeton, NJ. Real Estate For Sale TWIN RIVERS Quad IV, 4 bdrm Twnhse, c/a, all appliances, recently redone inside & out. No brokers please HILLSBOROUGH - near Princeton, beautiful stone house, 9 rooms, 4 bdrms, 2 fireplaces, 2 baths, large horse barn, 133 acres, fantastic view, easy commute, 1 hr. N Y*C. Subdivision possible. Prestigious area. Easy Terms STEP BACK IN HISTORY - to this 19th century Victorian with 20th " century conveniences. Can you imagine a large foyer with open staircase, liv. rm, formal din. rm, eatin kitchen with built in dishwasher, 3 bdrms, 1> 2 baths & every room with a potential of an open fireplace. Stop imagining & call for an appt. to see this tastefully restored beauty in Bordentown's most historic area. Priced to sell at $69,000. Call Saxton & Bell Realtors, EAST WINDSOR Energy Efficient house, distinctive design, special features, wooded lot superior construction, 4 bdrms fmrm, lv & dinrom, kit, 2'- baths 2 car garage. For a cheerful & peaceful environment inside & out. call An Invitation From Gloria Nilson (ranked first in NJ residential sales for 4 consecutive years!) We are number one in Monmouth County, and need your help to become number one in Mercer County. If you are an experienced salesperson and are unhappy in your present position you owe it to yourself to call Gloria Nilson Realtors. We do extensive relocation work for major corporations in the area. We want quality not quantity. Call Stan Sackowitz for confidential interview, (609) GLORIA NILSON Realtors Rte 571 Princeton Junction. NJ $4,000 moves you into an $86,000 Colonial in Yardley Just 54,000! That's all you need to move into a magnificent Colonial at Stony Hill. You'll have an option to buy in 1 to 5 years. And, well rebate $2,400 aftertwo years, $4,200 after five years when you settle. its our incomparable try-it-before-you-buy-it plan. Offering immediate occupancy, the option to purchase at today's price, and the opportunity to live in a brand new Colonial in prestigious Yardlev. Call or come out for all the details, today! Hurry! Just a few left. (215) or , In NJ call collect Hours: 12-5 dally Dlr: Take I-95 South to Newtown exit; take 332 west to Stony Hill Rd. Left on Stony Hill Rd., 3 miles to samples.. G? GftRNOR PftlC HOfTTC/.. <BASSWOOD> MOVE TOMORROW we pay closing costs l.mvrencevilln Easy, fast, convenient and complete when you buy direct from one of Mercer County's largest builders of quality country homes. (609) Call anytime 2 0% DOWN MORTGAGES NO POINTS, \O PREPAYMENT 30 YEARS Bucks CoUNTyS MOST Special features include: Designer kitchen & baths Fireplace Energy saving York Heat pump Self cleaning oven Basement 2 Car garage 5 furnished models on display 10 styles available Priced from the mid S90's by TbU^rvthers (609) Brokers welcome SUCCESsful COMMUNiTy...EVER limited time, special mortgage rebate program. Guaranteed resale of your old home Some homes for immediate delivery Customizing available Located 32 minutes from Phila. Located 20 minutes from Princeton Take I-95 bridge to first Penna.exit. Turn left onto Rt. 32 (River Rd.). to light (Afton Ave.). Turn right to Yardley Hunt. Open 7 days a week Phone or The Biggest Store is Classifieds 8 papers - 1 price - (609)

52 HOME HUNTER'S GUIDE Week Of October C Real Estate For Sale EAST WINDSOR - 4. BEDROOM Colonial, exc. condition, 5 yrs. old. Central air in Warren. Park Estates. Avail. 1 immed. $76,500. Call weekdays 9am- 4pm. No brokers please. IN ROSSMOOR, the classic community for active adults, 48 years and over, we offer these beautiful resale homes: "New Hampshire" bright, breezy, second floor, $47,900; r 'Virginia" immaculate, winterized den, near NYC bus, $66,500; "New York", winterized porch, 3 exposures, near club house, $69,000. All have 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, central air conditioning and zone heating. Country Heritage Real Estate, Realtors, (609) FOR SALE BY OWNER - Smithfield Avenue, Lawrence Township, 15 minutes from Princeton. Excellent schools, convenient shopping, 3 bedrooms, living, dining, kitchen, I 1 - bath, recreation room opening onto slate patio, bi-level all natural wood trim, gas heat, 5 years old with lovely old shade trees adjoining a brook. Owner will finance at IO'.J percent. $76, TWIN RIVERS - Best location in Quad 4, 2 bdrm Twnhse, mint cond. Upgraded carpet, no-wax floors, semifinished basement. Mirrored & suede walls. Custom drapes & shades, c/a, humidifier, gas grill & many more extras. Assum. 8',2% mort. Call Real Estate For Sale TOWNHOUSE - Sparkling 4 bdrm. residence in Twin Rivers featuring 2'.i> baths, inviting living rm, formal din. rm, sensational kitchen, den & cent. air. Lovely home w/convenient family recreational facilities &' FHA orva financing to qualified buyer. $66,900. Call: Lambert Realty, Realtor, E. WINDSOR - 4 bdrm. Colonial, 10 yrs. old, near, Kreps School. 2>/2 batjjs. full bsmt. cent, air, good condition. A great value at $77,500. Call weekdays only, 9am to 4pm. No brokers please. BY OWNER - desirable East Windsor location, 4 bedroom, 2'L> bath. Home features 21 foot kitchen, 14x21 foot rec room, 20x24 deck plus family room, living room, dining room, central air, carpet over hardwood, extremely clean and well maintained. Open house Saturday and Sunday between 2 and 6. 5 Exeter Rd. East Windsor, NJ ROSSMOOR - 2 barms, 1 bath, ideal location, extra storage. Call eves Reasonably priced. Too Late To Classify SINGER GOLDEN - Touch 'n Sew model 750 w/attachments, exc. cond, best offer. 25 volume set Encyclopedia Brittanica, like new, best offer. After 5pm R94 Too Late To Classify GARAGE SALE - Oct 25, 9am, household items, books, jewelry, toys, magazines, etc. 24 Ellis Dr, Belle Mead. ELEC. CHAIN SAW. New. Never used. List $80, $50. Heavy duty Ford Wagon trailer hitch. $ eves. BEAGLE PUP - Reg, 4 mo, fem.'ch. bloodlines eves. AUTO MECHANIC - 1st class, top pay avail for right person. Apply in person at Tiger Garage, 343 Witherspoon St., Prn. GO CART - $90/ paint shaker, $40; carved Morris chair, $500; windup record players, $90- $120: dehumidifier, $30; small wood stove, other old furniture ' 4 FAMILY SALE - Sat. Oct. 25th, 10am to 4pm. Rain or shine. 316 Route 29 Washington Crossing, NJ 1/2 mile south of State Park. Follow signs. DOLL HOUSE - new painted & wallpapered. Colonial & farmhouse. $ ROOM APT for rent, 1 bdrm vv/den, fpl, nice neighborhood in center of Prn, $449/mo, garage parking avail MALE SCHOLAR - looking for house to share and possibly 1 additional graduate student or professional within walking distance of Princeton Campus. G mornings 8 am to 9am, until Noon, or reply to Box #03431 c/o Princeton Packet. Too Late To Classify MULTI-FAMILY - Oct 25, 9-4, Oct. 26, Bedford Rd, Kendall Park. Many household items includes appliances, games, records, etc HONDA - 750, some custom work, asking $800. Call eves , ask for Bob Drift. DEN FURN - 3 pes, 2 sofas + table, great buy, $125. After 6:30pm WANTED - Full time day help, Mon-Fri, ll-6pm. Please inquire Thomas Sweet Ice Cream, 179 Nassau St, Princeton. FOR SALE - 2 Original Ice Cream chairs, 1 Bent Wood chair, also Fruitwood King Size Headboard aft 5pm. 10 PARTS BINS - with drawers, $75 apiece. Peck Motors, 255 Nassau St, Princeton, POOL HEATER - Tropic, gas, BTU, $75; '72 Cadillac DeVille, $ '70 FORD MAVERICK -?. dr, 6 cyl auto trans, new tires, 62,000 mi, good cond. $ " COLONIAL SOFA & chair, must see, $150 or best offer. Aft 5pm, WURLITZER SPINET for sale, w/matching bench, like new, Too Late To Classify SOUTH BRUNSWICK - office spaqe to suit newly renovated bldg, town center Monmouth Jet, ample parking $6.50/sq ft, including utils call NURSES-RN'S & LPN's. Have you thought about the holidays yet? Well now is the time to do so. Remember Christmas is just a few months away. Earn extra money by putting your unused skills to work. Private duty and staffing. Your choice; days, evenings and nights. Staff Builders Health Care Service, CHILD CARE Responsible person for 3 mos. old baby, our home, Mon-Fri, light housekeeping, long term position, sleep in or out LARGE BR w/separate study available in Victorian 1 block from Firestone. Share kit den, DR - $200 plus utilities. Attic apartment same house, 2 BR's, private bath, no kitchen. $300 plus utilities , keep trying. RIDE NEEDED - To Carol Building in Trenton from Princeton. Mornings , until 9am until Noon. 14 FT. HOTPOINT - refrigerator, good cond, $100, needs repair GARAGE SALE - Oct 25th, 9-5, Multi-Family sale, all types of articles.' Rugs, furn, toys, & baby clothes. 198 Linden Lane, Prn. Too Late To Classify REGULAR & SUBSTI- TUTE SCHOOL VAN & BUS DRIVERS - needed by the West Windsor- Plainsboro Regional School District, Princeton Jet., N.J. Hours: 7am to 9:30am & 2pm to 4pm. Applications will be accepted from experienced or inexperienced drivers. We will train. Call Mary Hurlburt, Transportation Coordinator, between 9am & 4pm. Monday thru Friday. EOE/Affirmative Action. CONVERT BUICK '74. All options. Beautiful, orig owner eves. HONDA '78 Accord LX, wrecked, $ SOFA - extra long, cranbury & olive cut velvet floral design ORGAN - deluxe Hammond Spinet with auto-vari-rhythm, auto chord, note-a-chord, reverberation, very gd. cond, $ CLERICAL POSITION - FULL TIME. Must be good with figures. Apply in person: Imagine, Rte. 130, E. Windsor. PRINCETON BORO- UGH - 1 bdrm., 2nd fir, quiet & light. Nov 1st OCCUp. $375/mo afternoons. CHILDREN'S Clothes - 0-6, baby furniture, Sat. 10/25, 10-3, 110 Orchard Ave. Hightstown. * Too Late To Classify Substitute Teachers Washington Township School District Grades K-8. $35 per day, $38 after 5 consecutive days in one classroom. Apply to: Dr. Voti A. Gagliardi, Superintendent of Schools, Washington Township Board of Education, Box #387, Windsor, N.J FOR SALE - GM Frigidaire, frost proof, 3 yrs old, $250 or best offer GARAGE SALE - Oct 25th 9am-4pm, Oct 26th. Books, appliances, excercycle, ping pong tble frame, sports equip, furnishings, & misc, 3/4 hp drill press, Honda CB360. Corner of Spring Hill Rd & Rt 518, Skillman. PAINTERS & CAR- PENTERS - wanted for full time work in the Princeton - Cranbury area. Call after 6pm. PART TIME - Band Director needed for Community Band. Experience required. 10 rehearsals plus concert, $500. Send resume by 11/14 to: South Brunswick Cultural Arts Commission, Municipal Bldg., Monmouth Jet., NJ 08852, ext SOLAR HOT. Water System for sale, complete. Use proven design, 2 collector panels, heat exchanger, storage tank, pumps, & controls. Ready to install, $ Too Late To Classify '71 CUTLASS, silver/ black, am/fm stereo, snows, gd trans, $ aft 5. SERVICE FOR 12-9 piece place settings, German silver, serving pieces, please call , 9-5. LOST - Oct. 10th. 1 mink colored Ferret. Vicinity Northside Manville. Needs daily medication. Owner heartbroken. Reward if found '77 CHEVY Monte Carlo, silver w/red int, 305 auto, bucket seats, very clean car, only 38,900 mi, new brakes, shocks, & front tires. $ FULL TIME POSITIONS - available in Sales & Receiving. Good starting salary, opportunity for advancement. Generous employee discount & benefits. Apply in person. Imagine, Rt. 130, E. Windsor. WANTED: Full time typist modern friendly Insurance Office in Research Park Prn. Insurance exp helpful , MANVILLE - 2br, w/w carpet, refrig, w/dryer. $400/mo + utils. No pets. 1 mo. sec YARD SALE Sat & Sun, Oct. 25 & 26, 10am- 5pm, games, toys, baby items, carriage, books, exercycle, household items, etc. 72 Garrison PI, Twin Rivers (near Quad II lake). Too Late To Classify TOWNHOUSE FOR RENT 2 bdrm, Vk bath, split level Townhouse in Twin Rivers. Near pool, tennis, & lake. Avail Dec. 1. $500/mo. WEDIEL REAL ESTATE INC. 164 Nassau.St. Princeton, NJ FREE WHITE Kittens , ext 252 days, ] eves. BEEF CATTLE - Angus Steers, 550 lbs. to 750 lbs. 2 Angus cows w/calves at the side. 5 Angus bred Heifers. 1 registered Angus bull. Lamington Beef, Far Hills, N.J CARPETS - We bring samples to you. All major brands. Low overhead - low prices. Free estimates , ask for Bill. Pa. Properties KENT LUXURIOUS NEW HOPE CON- DOMINIUMS 2 BR apt. with fireplace in living room, master bath. 2 br lownhome with firepli ceiling in master bedroom. Hurry. Only a limited number of' exceptional condominiums are available in our private community. From $495/mo. + utilities. Occupancy by December. Call collect or , 1-6pm daily. CLASSIFIED ADS RUN IN THE I FOOND A 0CG A SECRETARY \ AND BOUGHT I "5OLD V\Y BCAT AND BOUQHTA CHAIR WE SOLD OUR RANGE AND BOUGHT A MOWER There seems to be no end to the buying and selling power of Classified. Find out for yourself. Become a regular reader and user of the little ads in Classified. I SOLD MY J CLOC<- AND -ft BOUGHT A < RADIAL SAW J I RENTED *"^\ MY APARTMENT \ AND BOUGHT f A CLOCK i AND FOUND AN AFN7TMENT









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65 WEEK OF OCTOBER 22-28,1980 S Q. Will you please identify yourself for the record? A. My name is Abbie. I am an orphan of America. Q. Where do you reside? A. I live in Woodstock Nation. Q. Will you tell the Court and jury where it is? A. Yes. It is a nation of alienated young people. We carry it around with us as a state of mind in the same way the Sioux Indians carried the Sioux nation around with them. It is a nation dedicated to cooperation versus competition, to the idea that people should have better means of exchange than property or money, that there should be some other basis for human interaction. Q. Can you tell the Court and jury your present age A. My age is 33.1 am a child of the '60s. Q. When were you born? A. Psychologically, Testimony of Abbie Hoffman at the trial of the Chicago Seven in a class by themselves TIME OFF lia weekly feature of the Princeton Packet; Lawrence Ledger, Windsor-rights Herald, Central Post, Manville News, Franklin News-Record; Hllljborough Beacon and Cr.anbury Presi^

66 COMMON MISTAKES» BARBERS N?3 s HASTE INDEX On the Cover: While Abbie Hoffman's physical age pre-dates the baby boom of post-world War II, his performance in 1968 crystallized one phase of a special generation's development. A Princeton author thinks this generation has altered society and will continue to confound tradition. See Sue Allen's story on page 3. FEATURES AND DEPARTMENTS Worth A Trip: The autumn colors are here but won't be for long. Now is the time to take a leisurely drive through the state and Time Off offers some recommended routes 4 On Stage: Patrick Chmel reviews a local playwright's new play 5-6 In Concert 7,8 On View 9-11 Rollerskating is the latest craze, but it is far from a new idea. For its history, tips on taking the first step, and where to go, see the centerfold story by Hannah Berkowitz At Night: Local entertainers make their mark 14 Record Time Sew What's New 16 Table Talk: Dianne Williams completes her round-up of New York choice eateries 17 TubeView 18 On Screen: A review of "The Great Santini" Duck Soup 19 Crossword Puzzle, Word Games 20 Now Playing 21 Imminent and Eminent 21 Calendar Editor: Jane Bradley Advertising coordinator: Fredrika Schwerin TIME OFF IS RED LETTER DAYS. Annual Steeplechase to run in Far Hills More than 20,000 people will participate in the 60th annual Fox Hounds Hunt Race Meeting on Saturday, Oct. 25 from the safety of the hilly banks of Moorland Farms in Far Hills. This traditional event annually draws from the steeplechase and society scene individuals and families ready to enjoy a "day in the country" while watching an entertaining racing meet. The event will benefit the Somerset Medical Center. From an events view, the race meeting attractions will include the 58th running of the New Jersey Hunt Cup, one of the oldest and best-known steeplechase races in the country; the ninth annual Samul K. Martin Memorial Race with a purse of $10,000; and the appearance of two of the country's top female riders, Joy Slater and Karen Rogers. In order to encourage an early turnout for the day (and help avoid traffic jam problems), the race committee has scheduled both Karen Rogers and Joy Slater to appear at 11:30 a.m. for a "racing talkfest" and autograph session just prior to the start of the Junior Fox Hunters race. After a year of professional riding at the Meadowlands in which she earned above $500,000 (tops among females in the country), Ms. Rogers fell and broke her back in June. On the mend, she will continue to wear a back brace for at least two more months. Joy Slater, another local rider now living in Unionville, Pa., stayed in the hunt-race circuit and has received high ratings on the national level in the past two years. She teamed up with the English-bred Cancottage last spring to become the first distaff winner of the Maryland Hunt Cup in its 84th running. For further information about parking and tickets call Mrs. Gail Kinney, Somerset Medical Center, Arts workshops offer variety of programs A series of free workshops in dance, percussion, and martial arts will continue at the Paul Robeson Cultural Center of Rutgers University, 3 Bartlett Street, New Brunswick. As part of the center's health and exercise program, a workshop in martial arts will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Mondays. An African/Latin percussion workshop will meet at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesdays, conducted by Gregory Taylor, a former director of the Weusi Knumba African Dance Ensemble in Newark. On Wednesdays at 7:30, Deborah Buchanan, a former instructor at the Chicago Studio for the Performing Arts, will lead a dance workshop and ensemble. Activities in the percussion series will include cultural orientation, rhythmic training, instrument making and repair, introduction to instruments from different cultures, and guest lecturers and artists. The leader, Gregory Taylor, studied multiple percussion at the Academy of Improvization and the Institute of Jazz Studies in Newark, and African/Latin percussion at Jazz Mobile in New York City. The dance program will include techniques of African and modern dance, jazz, and ballet. Ms. Buchanan, who will conduct the workshop, has studied technique, choreography, and Hatha Yoga with the Dan Wagoner Dancers of New York City. She was also a member of Chicago's Muntu Dance Theatre, which specializes in African and Afro-American dance, music, and theater. For further information call Go south young artists The Maryland Institute, College of Art, in Baltimore will host Portfolio Day for secondary school students and other individuals considering an education in the visual arts on Sunday, Nov. 9, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. More than 30 leading art colleges from coast to coast will be represented, giving prospective art students a chance to have their portfolios reviewed and to learn specific information about the different study programs in art at the various colleges. According to Barbara Miller, Dean of Admissions at the Maryland Institute, "the- Portfolio Day program brings together many of the leading U.S. colleges offering programs in the fine and applied arts. In reviewing the portfolio of student work, the college representatives will counsel, encourage, and acknowledge the efforts of high school students who are interested in developing their abilities to express themselves visuallv." She feels there is a lack in support and guidance for students who excel in two- and three-dimensional expression, as opposed to verbal expression. "Also, the students will have the opportunity to experience the special atmosphere of community of artists," said Ms. Miller. The Maryland Institute is located at 1300 W. Mount Royal Avenue, Baltimore. Portfolio Day will include representatives'from Alfred University, Atlanta College of Art, Beaver College, California College of Arts and Crafts, Center for Creative Studies (Detroit), Cleveland Institute of Art, Columbus College of Art and Design, Corcoran School of Art, Howard University, Kansas City Art Institute, Maryland College of Art and Design, Memphis Academy of Art, Minneapolis College of Art and Design,Moore College of Art, Otis Art Institute, Parsons School of Design, Philadelphia College of Art, Portland School of Art, Pratt Institute, Rochester Institute of Technology, San Francisco Art Institute, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, School of the Museum of Fine Arts (Boston), Swain School of Design, Syracuse University, Tyler School of Art, University of Hartford, University of Michigan, Washington University, West Virginia University, and others. All participating colleges are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art. For further information call the Maryland Institute, College of Art Admissions Office at WEEK OF OCTOBER 22-28, 1980

67 IN PRINT Postwar babies rock cradle of history Name of book: Great Expectations Author: Landon Y. Jones Publisher: Coward, McCann and Geoghegan 380 pp. Price: $15.95 By SUE ALLEN Everywhere he went, Landon Y. Jones was seeing the same people. When he was growing up, they were all wearing Davy Crockett coonskin caps. When he was a Missouri high school boy at St. Louis Country Day, they were twirling hula hoops of gantron green and glow-orange. While he tried to study Samuel Johnson and Henry James at Princeton, they were cranking out rock and roll. Before he knew it they were waving flowers in Haight-Ashbury and singing in the meadow at Woodstock, and a few years later, dancing to disco in the condo and selling the life of the swinging single. Wh6 they were as individuals was not so important. Who they were as a group, the most powerful group in America's social evolution, was (important). They Landon Y.Jones They were the first generation of children to become an isolated target for Madison Avenue hype. They made their own music. They fought an unpatriotic war that traumatized and discombobulated their value systems. They broke up the home, pushed mom out and stopped eating apple pie. Now moving toward their 40th winter, they're preparing society for the restoration of power to the elderly. were the children of the "baby boom," the dewy-eyed, dimpled, indulged darlings produced by the procreation ethic of the mid-40s up through the early 60s an ethic, according to Mr. Jones, based on social laws that said it was preferable to marry than not to marry, preferable to be a parent than a nonparent, preferable not to have an only child. What marched out of post-war America was an army of babies, rearranging the psychic territory and altering the educational, economic and social landscape of the nation. "Suddenly, I saw it everywhere," said the effervescent Jones. "The fads. The mass movements. I started noticing the number of children whose parents were divorced and the competitive squeeze for jobs all around me. They involved the same generation. I realized that the important changes in this country's cutlure since I was a child were all related to the baby boom." BORN IN ROME, Georgia almost 37 years ago, he just missed being part of the big scene and its attendant power and glory. Instead he watched his younger brothers always with new books, new classes, new junior high schools. "I didn't even have a junior high," he lamented. The observations 'accumulated from growing up an outsider finally, in 1977, sent him racing to the Office of Population Research at Princeton University, to Firestone Library, to the files of Time and Life and Fortune magazines, to hundreds of sociological and demographic studies, to thousands of pages of technical journals. He transcribed everything. "What amazed me was that there was no definitive statement on the subject nothing entitled 'The Causes and Effects of the Post-war Fertility Rate,'" said the still-incredulous author. "I realized that I was going to be the first one to bring the material together from the point of view of social and future history." While the recognition of that kind of destiny sends some visionaries straight to the loony bin, it.sent Landon Y. (for Young) Jones to the typewriter. For two and a half years the senior editor at People Magazine scavenged additional material from Congressional Records, campus interviews and family memories. He assigned researchers to gather the technical data. And the more he learned a citation of nearly 200 texts along with supplemental notes and sources included in the back of the book attests to his dedication the more he became consumed by the importance of the theory. ALL THE FRAGMENTS would finally be brought together in an obsessive six months of seven-day, sixnights-a-week drudgery. In the mornings he ran to his borrowed office at the University Press, where he once worked,as editor of the Princeton Alumni Weekly. For lunch he ate vegetables grown in his own garden, and all day drank gallons of Sanka and tea. It was a spartan regimen whose discipline he thrived on. His wife, Sarah, home with newborn Cassie and two older children, I Rebecca and Landon, was a widow except at dinnertime, after which he went back to his office until midnight. "I was steadily depressed," he admitted, sitting calmly now in a peppermint-striped shirt and navy-figured tie, his gray-flannel legs crossed comfortably. "I didn't see an end. Two weeks were spent organizing a chapter outline alone. There was so much material, I didn't see how I would ever finish. I just had to keep flailing away." ALTHOUGH THE loquacious Jones does not think that lively writing and serious material are incompatible, he confessed to being consumed throughout by a dreadful worry: the fear of being dull. Attempting such a "work of popularization," as he calls it, could condemn the author to an endless cataloguing of case studies, statistical table's and expert testimony. In Great Expectations the tables and the testimony are there, but entertainingly interspersed with Beatles' lyrics, letters from home, advertising slogans, political humbuggery and national headlines. There are no case studies, because Landon Jones, demographer, did not trust his sampling. "A writer's perception is tilted by his friends," he said. "People don't really know the difference between myths and facts. Some would say they believed something 10 years ago, when they didn't really believe it then. I could have written this book like Passages, but I find case studies more facile and less interesting, and besides, there is a limitation: They are not conclusive." Being conclusive proving his theory was primary to Mr. Jones's feeling about himself and his project. He should feel nothing but confidence. Great Expectations is as.startling and diverting a piece of argumentation as is likely to reach the bookbuying public pushing middle-age in any current year, for the simple reason that it's about them. BUT BABY BOOMERS are not the only readers who will find it intriguing. "Don't let me sound pompous," begged the author, a scholar equally conversant with Homer and The Who, "but lots of people will see the story of their lives in this book. I'm not saying it explains everything, but it does add to our understanding. People who are baby boomers can't understand their lives or the future without understanding the baby boom." Great Expectations portrays that "cohort" of society as a generation from which greatness was expected. Its members really believed they could remake a world, one without struggle or pain. Now they feel betrayed. They are depressed. But they Will rise again. In the winter of their fortieth years, Mr. Jones predicted, they will begin to change U.S. society again for the reign of the elderly, which will bring about the re-designing of the social security system, new tax reforms and senior citizens in positions of rightful leadership. And while he's watching from his 29th floor office in Rockefeller Center, surrounded with paintings by his children and three favorite St. Louis Cardinal baseball cards from an earlier time push-pinned to his message board, Landon Jones will count on the baby boom generation to keep the faith. "They should find solace in this thought at least," he said quietly. "They will continue to be the special generation. They will always be what's happening." WEEK OF OCTOBER , TIME OFF" " * 3 ss

68 WORTH A TRIP Jersey's foliage has earned a peak As the nights grow cooler and the days grow shorter, something new takes place; it's leaf-turning time in New Jersey. It's time for hiking, taking long walks through nature and visiting exciting destinations surrounded by lovely nature settings dressed in bright autumn colors. A fine example of northern New Jersey's foliage awaits travelers in a drive or hike through High Point State Park and Stokes State Forest in the Kittatiny Mountains of Sussex County. The best way to start is by getting a map.of Stokes Forest in Normanock on U.S. Route 206 northwest of Branchville. The oak-dominant forest offers a visual sea of red, scarlet and orange leaves, interrupted by the yellow shades of the beech, birch and sassafras. Nearby, off Route 23, is High Point State Park, which provides sweeping views of the hardwood forests surrounding the Delaware River, the Poconos and the Catskills. With an elevation of 1,803 feet above sea level, this is the highest point in the state. T.o the northeast, there's Ringwood State Park, off 511. A drive or walk through the park takes the travelers through woodlands dominated by oak, maple and dogwood. The rambling Manor House, situated on a grassy knoll a half mile north of the Town Hall, is surrounded by beautiful landscape and huge trees. With its bay windows, gables, filigree, Ionic columns and porte cochere, the exterior suggests the Victorian era, wheni ornateness was the rule and simple lines the exception. Standing on the Manor Terrace built of Following is a listing of New Jersey's major attractions and resorts to be found in the area. Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, Warren County. Terminus of Route 80. Spreads across both sides of the river. Picnic area, hiking, swimming, canoeing, fishing. Historic Old Mine Road, Peter's Valley craft center High Point State Park, Sussex County. Route 23. Highest point in New Jersey with panoramic view of three states. Swimming, picnicking, boating, camping, hiking Space Farms, Sussex County. Route 519,.Beemerville. Large collection of Baltimore brick, the visitor sees the Ramapo Mountains stretching out across the valley until they disappear in the blue haze. Ringwood Manor in Ringwood State Park. Moving south, there is Waterloo Village, off Route 206 in Stanhope, the only remaining natural historic village in northern New Jersey. Its fine old stone buildings rest upon the original sites where they were raised by skilled hands in the 1700s. The durability and elegance of the spacious Victorian homes pay tribute to the workmen of a bygone era. A DRIVE through Central New Jersey takes the traveler through woodlands dominated by oak, maple and dogwood dressed in red, hickory splashed with yellow, and sassafras with tints of red, yellow and orange. Start the tour taking Route 546 east toward Pennington. In Lawrenceville take Route 206 north for a short distance and bear left onto Route 569 north. At Hopewell take Route 518 west to Route 31 north into Ringoes, where Routes 31 and 579 fork. Take 579 (left fork) at the first intersection out of Ringoes and make a left turn toward Rosemont. This passes through New Jersey's only covered bridge. In Rosemont turn onto Route 519 north at the Spur turn left onto Route 29. This is an excellent stop for a stroll along the towpath of the Delaware & Raritan Canal feeder. To return to the park, just follow the signs to Trenton. A TRULY UNIQUE region any time of the year, the New Jersey Pine Barrens A leaf collection from the state 9 s vacation spots wild animals and birds. Petting and feeding zoo. Classic automobiles, farm tools, carriages, Indian artifacts, dolls Franklin Mineral Museum, Evans Street, Franklin. Off Routes 23 and 517. Displays of minerals from the zinc mines of New Jersey and other parts of the world. Flourescent rock show, rock hunting Wild West City, Netcong. Route 1-80, exit 25 to Route 206 north recreation of Dodge City with live-action dramatizations. Cross-country skiing, dinner theater" Lake Ilopatcong, Landing. Off Route THAN JUST PANCAKES...! It's early breakfasts & late & suppers you 11 like. Its sandwiches that are meals. Super salads. Good food, served seven days a week, early to late, with something for everyone on. the FJ's menu. Come and join the fun! 10, 15, 46, 1-80 and 206. Family resort at largest New Jersey lake. State park, swimming, fishing, picnicking. Bertrand Island Amusement Park Hayford State Fish Hatchery, Grand Avenue, Hackettstown. Off Route 46, 57, and 517. Breeding of fish to stock State rivers and lakes. Tours by appointment Chester, Morris County. Route 24. Revolutionary period town, boutiques, antique shops, galleries Fosterfields, Kahdena Road, Morris Township. Off Route 24, just west of Morristown. Working farm estate depicting period before the internal combustion engine/farm equipment, displays, films Morristown National Historical Park, Morris Avenue, Morristown. Just off I- 287 and Route 24. Site of General George Washington's Headquarters during' winter encampments of at Jockey Hollow. Tempe Wick House The Speedwell Village, Speedwell Avenue, Morristown. Route Morristown exit to 202 North. National historic landmark where the first telegraph was developed. 19th Century exhibits here and at Acorn Hall, Victorian mansion, 68 Morris Avenue Great Swamp National Wildlife Hefugc, southeastern Morris and northeastern Somerset Counties. Off Routes and Thirteen square miles of marsh, grassland, oak and beech trees, cattails, muskrats, foxes, bog turtles. Interpretation available at Somerset Environmental Education offer a special visual pleasure in the fall as vast acres of green pines and cedars are peppered by the autumn show of New Jersey hardwoods the reds of the maple, oak and gum; scarlet of the sumac; and shades of yellow and orange from the sassafras and tulip poplars. The Pine Barrens encompass about 1.3 million acres of wilderness in the southern part of the state. Covering a natural reservoir of some 17 trillion gallons of extraordinarily pure water, the Barrens are characterized by white, sandy soil, pitch pine, scrub oak and white cedar swamps. There's a variety of plant life including varieties that have thrived there since prehistoric times. Among the many species of wildlife are the rare Pine Barrens' tree frog and the carpenter frog. And, of course, hidden somewhere in the foliage lurk several ghosts and the famous Jersey Devil. As a starting point for a. driving tour, travel south on Route 2p6 through Indian Mills and Atsion. About five miles south of Atsion there's a sign for the Historic Village of Batsto. Just past the sign, bear right onto Columbia Road and continue until reaching the first road on the left (Richard Avenue) which leads to Route 542. Make a left and continue on 542 to Green Bank, then take Route 563 north to Chatsworth. Turn right onto Route 532, then take Route 72 east, and make a left on Route 539 to Whiting. Return via Route 70 which intersects with Route 206 at the Red Lion Circle. For further information and free literature, write or call the New Jersey Division of Travel & Tourism, CN 384, Trenton, N.J ; Tel: Center U.S. Golf Association Golf House, Liberty Corner Road, Route 512, Far Hills. Mount Airy exit off Route south, exit 13B of north. Mansion housing historic displays about golf. Memorabilia, equipment, historic pictures, research library Duke Gardens, Route 206 south, Somerville. Eleven traditional gardens of many countries and times including Chinese, Japanese, tropical, French, Italian and the desert Wallace House and Old Dutch Parsonage, Washington Place, Somerville. Off Route 206. Washington's Headquarters during the Middlebrook encampment ( ) and the colonial home built by Rev. John Frelinghuysen Rockingham, Route 518 east, Rocky Hill. Off Route 206, Washington's residence (1783) while attending the Continental Congress at Princeton, site of farewell address to the Army Round Valley Recreation Area, Lebanon. Off Route 31. 2,350 acres of water surface, fishing, boat launches, campsites, beach, trails Liberty Village, Church Street, Flemington. Route 202. Recreated colonial village. Turntable Junction, antique shops, outlets for furs, glass, pottery, furniture nearby Lambcrtvillc, Hunterdon County. Off Route 29 and 179. Settled in Historic Lambertville House, Marshall House, antiques, colonial dining * WEEK OF OCTOBER ^ 28, 1980

69 ON STAGE ; ; 'Serpent's' dialogue stings, but show is flawed By PATRICK CIIMEL There's enough dirty linen thrown around in Princeton Community Players' premiere production of The Serpent Smiles to force a backlog in the most proficient laundry operation. Local playwright S. Michael Schnessel's new work is one of those mystery plays of retribution that brings together an array of characters who engage in verbal battle in an effort to get at some kind of truth. Although it doesn't work review here, for reasons I'll get to later, it does exhibit Mr. Schnessel's considerable writing potential. The initiator of the reunion is Lydia Daubert (played by Lila Howley), the tenth richest person in the world. Into one of her many homes here it's her mansion of Mirabella Vinyards in California's Napa Valley she has invited her attorney Harrison Billings (Steven Nelson), her secretary Emily Peterson (Rachelle Craig), her sister Elizabeth and brother-in-law Joe (Marty Salkin and Lew Gantwerk), her close friend Carlotta Wainwright and CorneSee Carlotta's fiance Alden Cunningham (Julia Poulos and Allan Salkin), her son Geoffrey (Todd Leeuwenburgh), and much later in the evening, the "mystery" guest Guy Swayse (Robert W. Watson). These characters, all with their own axes to grind, engage in a bitchy tete-atete that makes Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf seem like casual conversation. In The Serpent Smiles, one character is an alcoholic has-been actress, one is a homosexual, another is a religious freak, another a shyster in every oily sense of the word, and another a garbage collector with a penchant for beating women. The central character, of course, is the infamous Lydia Daubert, often the subject of National Inquirer headlines. Her plan is to select the most worthy recipient of her vast wealth. However, in order to become candidates, the characters must undergo a mind probe by Lydia and agree to sacrifice something important in their lives. TUP: DIALOGUE during all this is caustic, catty, often amusing, and sometimes hilarious. Following an unsettling exchange, attorney Billings states to the unrefined garbage man Joe, "I hope my little faux pas didn't cause you embarrassment." Joe responds, "I didn't even see it." Yet the cleverness is often offset by the cliche. Lydia, recalling her dead husband who loved auto racing, refers to him as "a man whose mistress was speed." This is the same man who once said to his wife, again referring to his obsession with speed, "I'll tame the wind, Lydia, watch me!" It's not really the quality or quantity of dirty linen strewn about the stage that is unsettling, though one suspects there's enough here for a couple of plays. Instead, it is the manner in which the linen is exposed to the audience. Certainly this is a problem with which any writer who drafts complex relationships, from Sophocles on up, has had to grapple. The question is, how does a writer provide the audience with all the necessary past information without jeopardizing present action? There is something markedly undramatic about a group of actors who spend the vast majority of Act I conversing accusatorily over yesteryear's headaches. It results in artificial spoon feeding rather than organic exposition. Artificiality is also carried somewhat into characterization. The boozy exactress who hasn't worked in a dozen years, the homosexual espousing human freedom at every opportunity, the religious zealot who happens to be the rister of the liberal Lydia, a coarse garbage man, a deaf mute gardener, and a Peter Lorre butler (played by Sidney Porcelain) whose eyes dart mysteriously about the room, are tough to take as an assemblage on one stage. Director Dominick N. Procaccino takes the flaws and all and masterfully manipulates a large number of characters within a small space, a space plushly designed in modern motif by John Schenck. Lila Howley plays everyone's nemesis Lydia with sophistication and precision, giving natural vent to her humanity as well as her insensitivities. The remainder of the company, especially Julia Poulos' sodden Carlotta and Rachelle Craig's cunning Emily, is tightly controlled and believable throughout. The stuff of a very fine play is within The Serpent Smiles, and Mr. Schnessel's amazing sense of humor and flair for high brow dialogue need only be channeled and more precisely focused. The Serpent Smiles is no mean attempt at an effective full length work. ' & WEEK OF OCTOBER , TIME OFF

70 ON STAGE. Crossroads sets 6 My Sweet Charlie 9 Crossroads Theater Company will continue its fall season with My Sweet Charlie by David Westheimer, an interacial drama set in the 1960s. The play will open Saturday evening, Oct. 25, at 8 and will run through Nov. 23. My Sweet Charlie depicts the conflict between a black liberal lawyer from New York and a poor white teen-age girl with whom he is forced to hide out in the Deep South. Director Dan Irvin stresses that, My Sweet Charlie is a very funny play, but it deals with a critically serious issue: cooperation between the black and white races." Lee Richardson and Valerie Charles will play the leading roles in the play. Mr. Richardson recently received a New Jersey Drama Critics Award for his performance in Slow Dance on the Killing Ground. Ms. Charles is an accomplished actress whose stage and screen credits include Othello, with Paul Winfield and Richard Dreyfuss. My Sweet Charlie will play Tuesday through Sundays at 8 p.m., and Sundays a 13 p. m. (except the opening weekend). The George Street Playhouse is located at 320 Memorial Parkway, New Brunswick. Call Tuesday through Saturday, for further information. 6 Carousel 9 whirls into Trenton theater The Artists Showcase Theatre will present the well-loved Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Carousel on Friday and Saturday evenings at 8:30 from Oct. 24 through Nov. 8. Alternating in the role of the carousel barker will be Robert Parrish and Mike Esposito. Mr. Snow will be played by Bill Ivins, while Mary Liz Fitzpatrick and Mary Anne Esposito will share the role of Carrie. Lydia Ricci and Marianna Cottrell will alternate as Julie with Julie Agoes and Joan Ducko as Nettie. The production of Carousel will be directed by Marielaine Mammon, who directed very capably last season's performance of Showboat. Sets and lighting will be designed by Gerald E. Guarnieri, with Tina Steele as musical director and Joan Gerberdinga as stage manager. The Artists Showcase Theatre is located at 1150 Indiana Avenue, Trenton, near the Brunswick Circle. For further information call Auditions to begin for holiday play Casting for the upcoming holiday production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat will be held on four dates: Sunday, Oct. 26 at 2 p.m.; Sunday, Nov. 2 at 1 p.m.; Friday, Nov. 7 at 7:30 p.m.; and Saturday, Nov. 8 at 2 p.m. All will take place at the Roosevelt Park Amphitheatre, Rt. 1, Edison, just south of the Menlo Park Mall Shopping Center. On Oct. 26, production director Ernest Albrecht and musical director Ernie Scott will hear children for the show's choir. Auditioners should be prepared to sing a short selection and be tested for musical ability. BROTHERLY UME9 YOU CAN1 AFFORD TO MISS ARTHUR MILLER'S AWARD CTHE PRICE,OCT. 10 Thru NOV. 9 FRI.-SAT.-SUN. FOR RESERVATIONS (The New Barn is heated (or your comfort.) THE FRANKLIN VILLAGERS THEATRE OFF-BROADWAY IN FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP Located on De Molt Lane-in Franklin Township Municipal Complex ' 'TIME OFF Auditions for the principal roles will be held on Nov. 2, 7 and 8. There are parts available for 16 men and four women. Rehearsals will be held each Friday evening and Saturday and Sunday afternoons beginning Nov. 16. The children's choir will begin rehearsing on Nov. 2. The play will be performed 14 times between Dec. 19 and Dec. 28 in the enclosed and heated Onstage Workshop Theatre of the Roosevelt Park facility. These free performances are made possible through the Middlesex County Department of Parks and Recreation. For further information call Princeton Community Players present the serpent smiles a new drama by S. Michael Schnessel directed by Dominick N. Procascino Oct. 24, 25,26, 31, Nov. 1 Fri. & Sat. at 8:30, Sun. at 7: for Reservations PCP Theatre 171 Broadmead, Princeton gay people. pnnceton,qj Men & Women of all ages welcome For information call N.i. Gay Switchboard Meetings held at Unitarian Church Thursday at 8:00 p.m. Oct. 23 Making It in the Business World Oct. 30 Two in the Family Valerie Charles.and Lee Richardson rehearse for Crossroad's new production of My Sweet Charlie, opening Saturday evening, Oct. 25, at 8. Tale of Quixote back at Bucks Man Of La Mancha, the musical based on Miguel de Cervantes tale of Don Quixote, is back at Bucks County Playhouse in New Hope, Pa., Oct. 16 to 31- '. Don Quixote, knight errant of LaMancha, will be played by Bob Bolsover. Geraldine is the fiery Aldonza, the slut who becomes a true lady in the light of Quixote's illusions about her. Ralph Miller, often seen as Jesus Christ in Jesus Christ, Superstar, plays Sancho Panza, the simple-minded squire and friend of Quixote. Karyl Leigh plays the young niece, Lori Martin the housekeeper; Newton Gilchrist the Padre, and Paula Mathews is the dancer, Fermina. Mitch Graff plays the Innkeeper and Arthur Hochman portrays the Barber. Playhouse favorite, David Whiteman plays the villainous, illusion-shattering Knight of the Mirrors. The show is directed by Mitchell Graff. Some of the more memorable songs from this production include "Dulcinea," "I Really Like Him," "The Golden Helmet of Mambrino," "Little Bird, Little Bird," and "The Impossible Dream." After Man Of LaMancha closes, The Fastasticks, will play from Nov. 6 to 16. Also, auditions for the forthcoming production of Jesus Christ Superstar will be held at the Playhouse on Wednesday, Oct. 22 at 7:30 p.m. All roles are open except for Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. The production dates are: Novr20, 21, 22, 23, 28,29,30, Dec. 4, 5,6 and 7. Performance times are Thursdays and Fridays, 8:30 p.m., Saturdays,!) and 9 p.m., and Sundays, 7:30 p.m. For information call the Playhouse at Inn Cabaret spooks Halloween watchers The Inn Cabaret, Princeton's musical and comedy revue, will provide 'tricks and treats' at their Halloween show in the Prince William Room of the Nassau Inn, 8:30 and 10:30 p.m., Friday, Oct". 31. Joining the Cabaret for the first time is Robert Culleton, who appeared in the PJ&B productions of Can-Can and My Fair Lady and several Princeton Community Players' shows. His last performance in the area was the leading role in Carnival at Washington Crossing State Park this summer. Among the Cabaret veterans to perform are Diana Crane, Reid White, Susie McCabe, and Jim Hopkins. Roo Brown, who was chosen to participate in the Broadcast Music International's Musical Theatre Workshop in New York, is both director and performer in the show. At the piano will be Peter Wright,, costumes will be provided by Marie Miller and lighting by Richard Backes. For reservations call , from 6 to 9 p.m Mondays through Thursdays. Somerset plans new playhpuse As of Sept. 29, the Somerset Valley Players are now the proud owners of their own Playhouse. However, it will take five months of hard work and determination to turn the two room school house, built in 1913 on Amwell Road in Neshanic, into a 110 seat proscenium theau.. Anyone willing to lend a body or a buck (which is tax deductible) should write the Players at Box 775, Somerville, N.J , or call Harriet Osinski at Rutgers presents 'Mound Builders 9 Rutgers University's Douglass College and the Mason Gross School of the Arts will present Lanford Wilson's Mound Builders at the Douglass College Little Theater, 8 p.m., Oct. 31 through Nov. 9. Playwright Lanford Wilson, winner of. the 1980 Pulitzer Prize in drama, set this 1975 play at an archeological dig in the Midwest, where university scientists unearth vestiges of a lost civilization. Indian William Esper, head of Mason Gross' acting program, will direct this production. There will be no performance on Monday, Nov. 3. For ticket information and reservations, call the Levin Theater Box Office at WEEK.OF OCTOBER 22 28, 1980

71 CONCERT Ax-Na-Kim trio to perform classics A joint recital by three virtuoso performers will open the Spectrum Series sponsored by the Monmouth County Arts Council on Thursday, Oct. 23, at 8 p.m. The concert of classical music, featuring Emanuel Ax, pianist, Yo-Yo Ma, cellist, and Young-Uck Dim, violinist, will take place at the Monmouth Arts Center, 99 Monmouth St., in Red Bank. Although only in his late twenties, Emanuel Ax has launched a concert career to great international critical acclaim. His sparkling technique and distinctly romantic approach to the piano literature distinguish his performances. Mr. Ax has won many prizes and awards, including the First Rubinstein International Piano Competition in 1974 and the Avery Fisher Prize in Since presenting his first cello recital in 1961 in Paris, Yo-Yo Ma has appeared in recital and as soloist with orchestras in most of the major cities in the United States and abroad, including three tours of Europe. He has performed for two seasons with Isaac Stern and His Friends, both at Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy Center. A gifted young violinist from Korea, Mr. Kim has appeared on four continents and has played with most of North America's major orchestras. He made his New York debut in 1966 with the National Symphony Orchestra at Philharmonic Hall to be immediately catapulted to national attention. The box office at the Monmouth Arts Center will be open Monday through Friday, noon to 6 p.m., and Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. For further information call WANTED!! Kathy Hazeltine of the Garden State Ballet will perform during the season. On Wednesday. Oct. 22, the Ballet will perform at John Harms Plaza, Englewood, at 8:30 p.m.; Sunday, Oct. 26, at the YMIYWHA of New Jersey, Wayne, at 2:30 p.m.; Wednesday, Oct. 29 at N.J. Institute of Technology, Newark, at 2:30 and Thursday, Oct. 30, at Resorts International, Atlantic City, at 8 p.m. For further information call THE GARDEN STATESMEN CHOflUS PRINCETON CHAPTER~OF SPEBSOSA INVITES MEN WHO LIKE TO SING l > t : : : : I : - : TO JOIN US IN AN EVENING OF BARBERSHOP HARMONY PRINCETON UNITED METHODIST CHURCH (NASSAU & VANDEVENTER IN PRINCETON - PARKING IN REAR) TUESDAY OCTOBER 28,1980 8:00 P.M TIRED OF PAYING FULL PRICE FOR RECORDS? PRINCETON RECORD EXCHANGE NEW & USED Bought Sold Traded EXTENSIVE SELECTION OF 0UALITY USED & DISCONTINUED RECORDS TWF 11:30-6, Th 11:30-9, Sat 10: NASSAU ST.. PRINCETON WEEK OF OCTOBER 22-28,1980 Come Sunday Brunch Buffet s You're Invited Every/ Sunday, from 11:30 a.m to 2:30 p.m. the tables are set and waiting at the Nassau Inn, with beautiful, bountiful food at the Sunday Brunch Buffet. Come and join us. Let us tempt you with our best efforts. We want to serve you, to please you. $7.95, with children under 10, half price. NASSAU INN Palmer Square, Princeton, NJ (609) TIME OFF

72 m CONCERT Jewish center sets fall concert series Three outstanding concerts will be given at the Jewish Community Center of Trenton during the season. On Saturday, Nov. 1, Ruth Laredo will open the concert series with a piano recital at 8:30 p.m. She is acknowledged as one of the great virtuoso pianists performing today. The New World String Quartet, with Lois Shaffer, will present an evening of chamber music on Saturday, Dec. 13. Closing the concert series on Sunday, April 26, will be a violin performance by the young and gifted Cho-Liang Lin. The Jewish Community Center is located at 999 Lower Ferry Road in Trenton and is a member agency of'the DVUW and Jewish Federation of Greater Trenton. There are only 200 seats available for the concert series, so those interested in attending should call for ticket information. The Jewish Community Center will also sponsor a /series of entertaining theater productions for children, ages four to eleven. The programs will include plays, magic show, mime, opera, and comedy, all carefully designed to appeal to young audiences. All performances will be held at the Katzenbach Auditorium, Marie Katzenbach School for the Deaf, 320 Sullivan Way, West Trenton. For further information about performance dates and tickets, call Halloweeners kick up their feet The Princeton Folkdance Group will hold its annual Halloween party on Tuesday, Oct. 28, from 7:30 to 11 p.m. at Riverside Elementary School, All- Purpose room, in Princeton. The festive frolic will feature a fortune teller, fun, fear, festoonery, foolishness, and fancy footwork. The party is open to all interested dancers, from beginners to old hands (or feet), as well as interested onlookers. Children accompanied by parents are welcome. Prizes for the best children's costumes will be awarded at 8:30 p.m., and for non-children's costumes later in the evening. All dancers should come with a costume, food to share, and a pair of feet. For further information call INTRODUCING: A D S SPEAKER SYSTEMS Hal's Stereo is proud to announce the addition of ADS to our fine line of speaker systems. The ADS speakers range from the incredible professional monitors to subwoofer/satellite speaker systems to 3-way and 2-way bookshelf size speakers. Something for everyone! ADSL Professional Monitors The L-1230 sound is characterized by a smooth, wide frequency response, detailed yet natural reproduction, pinpoint accurate stereo imaging, high efficiency and wide dynamic range. The speakers are built-in mirror symmetrical matched pairs, and must be heard to be believed. $599. each ADS L Although similar to its predecessor, the much acclaimed ADS L - 630, the L-730 merits a new model designation because of major component changes and performance improvement. The all-new L-730 is arguably, one of the most significant ; advances in bookshelf speaker design in recent history. $365. each NAKAMICHI CASSETTE DECKS EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE AT HAL'S STEREO The N-480 is Nakamichi's value leader. With 20-20,000 Hz frequency response and the famous Nakamichi tape transport, the N-480 can't be beat. Now available in silver & black. $495. Lake Lawrence Plaza Rt. 1 at Texas Ave., Trenton (Across from Lawrence Shopping Center) (609) TIME OFF.. The N-582 offers not only perfect Nakamichi performance (20-20,000 Hz frequency response), but the ability to optimize the bias and dolby circuits as well as head alignment for any brand of tape you use. Easily one of the best cassette decks of all time. $890. Visa, Master Charge, Am. Express Upto$l,OOOG.E.C. Open 10-9 M,W,F 10-6 T, T, S Clarence Teeters, presently dance captain and performer in Broadway's Evifa, will conduct two master jazz dance classes on Sunday, Oct. 26, at 1 and 2:45 p.m.-sponsored by the Fusion Dance Theatre, both classes are open without charge to any student or teacher at intermediate jazz dance levels who resides in New Jersey. The two sessions will be held at the Cranford Community Center, 114 Miln Street, Cranford. For further information call Tragic opera takes the stage in Newark Giuseppe Verdi's grand opera Aida will be the opening performance of the New Jersey State Opera's 15th season on Saturday, Nov. 1, at 7:30 p.m. The opera will be staged at the Newark Symphony Hall in Newark. Aida is set in ancient Egypt and is the story of an ill-fated love triangle of two women, Amneris and Aida, for the same man, Radames, the Captain of the Egyptian army. Maestro Alfredo Silipigni, General Director of the New Jersey State Opera company, has called Aida an "opera of great spectacle and passion:" Performing in the title role will be Guillermina Higareda, an internationally renowned soprano, while tenor Angelo Marenzi will play the part of Radames. The cast willalso include Mariana Raunova of the Metropolitan Opera, Ezio Flagello, of the Metropolitan Opera, Luigi DeCorato of Milan's La Scala, Norman Andersson, a young American with the Metropolitan Opera, and Leslie Goldman and Adolfo Almonte, two young New Jersey State Opera singers. The production will once again feature striking costumes designed by Susan Mess and executed by Malabar of Toronto, the team that dressed last season's cast in Don Carlo. For further information call Barbershop singers woo new members All men who like to sing in the shower, or in their favorite tavern, will be right in harmony with the Garden Statesmen Chorus of the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber. Shop Quartet Singing in America, Inc. The group, composed of barbership singers, will meet Tuesday evening, SWORDPLAY FENCING LESSONS DEMONSTRATIONS C. T. Jobson Master of Arms COURTWORKS 1 MERCER MALL or Oct. 28, at 8 at the United Methodist Church at the corner of Nassau and Vandeventer Streets in Princeton. There is plenty of parking available behind the church. Men interested in blending their voices in four-part harmony with the chorus should contact Morris A. Mayers of the Princeton Chapter, One Performance Only... ADAMMAKOWICZ, JAZZ PIANIST "Dazzling.., Astonishing" Bob Misklin, Newsday at SOMERSET COUNTY COLLEGE Friday, October 24 8 P.M. Cafe Theatre - Cabaret Seating CALL EXT. 312 WEEK OF OCTOBER 22-28,-1980 '- < V VYri' '

73 ON VIEW Phillips Mill shows juried art winners Phillips Mill in New Hope will be concluding its 51st annual Art Exhibition this weekend, Oct. 24 to 26. Long considered one of the finest exhibits in the Delaware Valley, it attracts hundreds of visitors to view the paintings, graphics, and sculpture on display by the 172 participating artists. This juried show has a wide variety of styles and subject matter in its many forms and moods, with something to appeal to all preferences. Awards for this year's entries went to Princeton resident Dorothy Wells Bissell's Gladiolas, for painting; to Jeannie by Charles A. Wells of Washington's Crossing, for sculpture; and Princeton resident Ada Bryant's painting The Classroom, awarded in memory of the late Theodore W. Sommer, an active Mill member and art patron. Phillips Mill is located on River Road just north of New Hope, Pa. The exhibit will be open from 1 to 5 p.m. daily, including Sunday. Tea is served every afternoon in the downstairs gallery. The Mill was originally built in 1756 arid operated as a grist mill for more than a century. It is now on the Register of Historic Places of the Bucks County Consevancy. For further information call Collage focus of Rider art gallery Transformations Assemblage and Collage by Carole Ann Randall will go on display in the Rider College Student Center Art Gallery, Lawrenceville. The show will run through Nov. 12 and features 30 small collages and eight large assemblages. Mrs. Randall received herm.a. Degree in creative arts in 1971 from New York University. Her master's thesis was an historical and experiemental study documenting the creative process of assemblage artists Bruce Conner, Ed Kienholz, Lucas Samaras, and John Latham. She earned a B.S. degree in 1964 from Pratt Univeristy. The Rider Art Gallery is open Monday to Friday, from 9:30 a.m. to noon, 1 to 5 p.m. and 7 to 11 p.m. Lawrenceville has Craft Potpourri More than 50 renowned east coast craftspeople will market thier handcrafted wares at the Craft Potpourri in the Lawrence Intermediate School, Eggerts Crossing Road. Lawrenceville, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 1. In addition to the crafts and giftware display, the Potpourri will feature a children's storyhour, and food will be provided. The event is sponsored by the Junior Contemporary Club of the greater Trenton area. Gladiolas, an acrylic by Dorothy Wells Bissell of Princeton, won the Special Patron's Award for Painting at the Phillips Mill Art Exhibition 1980, currently on view until Oct. 26 in New Hope, Pa. 25th NEWTOWN ANTIQUES SHOW AND SALE Nov. 6, 7, 8 Thurs. <S Frl. II a.m.-10p.m. Sal. II a.m.-6 p.m. Newtown Legion Home Linden Ave. off Richboro Rd. (between bypass 8 Rt. 532) Newtown, Bucks County Benefit Pickering Manor Home Snack Bar Door Prize Admission $1.50 With od, $1.25 p P The Special Patrons Award for sculpture went to the marble Jeannie by Charles Wells of Washington's Crossing. It will be part of the art exhibit presently at Phillips Mill in New Hope, Pa. 20TH ANNUAL Antiques Show & Sale Sponsored by Antiques Dealers Association of Central New Jersey NEW LOCATION St. Magdalene's Parish Center MINE STREET, FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY Friday, October 24, a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday, October 25, a.m. to 6 p.m. ADMISSION $ WITH THIS AD $1.25 Verbal Appraisals-Saturday 1 to 4 p.m. $1.00 per item REFRESHMENTS AVAILABLE AMPLE PARKING SINGLE DIVORCED WIDOWED SEPARATED MEET & MIX Every Sat. 8:30 p.m. -1 a.m. Carolier Lanes IN GAZEBO LOUNGE Rt. 1 North, North Brunswick Live Music, Ad. $3.50. In our 10th year. All ages, late 20's to 60's plus. Public invited, No Club to join. Additional Information call Helen/ WEEK OF OCTOBER 22-28,1980 YOU wi > be p eased with our quality framing & reasonable prices because everything is done on the premises by knowledgeable craftsmen aided by sophisticated equipment & a genuine desire to please. ALFlSART & FRAMING, LAWRENCE SHOPPING CENTER I US 1 «TEXAS AVE Sai-2401 ';?< Know >, ^i before you J/ ^ Jin exhibition of Listen to Jj f IM *^ CONCERT Drank Stella recent mixed media prints Dauj'c/JfocAney recent /ithographs in black 'Juesday - October 2S through Saturday - jcovemoer I 11 a.m. to 4p.m.. or bu appointment CPrinceton Salfery of 7ine l/iri 162 "Xassau 6/ 2nd'/fuel FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 14 at 8 p.m.: MEADOWLARK (Haydn) SCENES FOR THE THEATRE (Copeland) INTERMEZZO (Brahms) SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 15 at 8 p.m.: ANATOMIC BALM (Ragtime) CIRCA (Hindemith) A FOOTSTEP OF-AIR (Beethoven) COMPANY of 24 including Christine Sarry John Sowinski Jeff Satinoff Traci Owens and ELIOT FELD McCARTER THEATRE Tickets: $10.50, 9.50, 9.00 & At McCarter Box office, PHONE ORDERS WELCOME: Antique and Contemporary Japanese Art and Ceramics Exhibition & Sale Palmer Room Nassau Inn Princeton Oct. 25, 26, 27 Sat/Sun 10am-8pm Mon 10 am-5 pm Koto Concert & Kimono Lectures and free Appraisals of woodblock pfints and ceramics Potting & Silk Painting Demonstration Calligraphy..., Ajfc Admission $2 TIME OFF

74 ON. VIEW : NO TRICK! A Subscription is a real TREAT! THE PRINCETON PACKET The Lawrence Lodger LV/NDSOR-HIGHTS HERALD THE CENTRAL POST "HILLSBOROUGH The Manvilie News rhe Franklin NEWS RECORD (tl)c 80* $8 a year $8 a year $8 o year $8 a year $8 a year Out of Mercet Middlesex. Hunterdon. Monmouth and Someiset Counties, add $13 a year to subscription once A convenient subscription to your community weekly newspaper can save you time, money and effort. Rain or shine, snow or ice your favorite local paper will be delivered with your mail featuring the latest news of your neighbors, schools, local sports and more. It will show you places to go, things to see, and the best there is for sale. Please use this convenient orde/ form today. j l **.-» The Princeton Packet, 300 Witherspoon Street, Princeton, N.J 08540' And remember. Time Off is included, at no extra charge with each week's newspaper. Please send a subsa iption of To: NAME STREET CITY Please bill: NAME STATF ZIP Antiques show to return to Armory The Morristown Antiques Show will return to the National Guard Armory on Thursday, Oct. 23, with a four-day exhibit. Approximately 100 exhibitors will offer vintage furniture, paintings, rugs, glassware, clocks, quilts, miniatures, jewelry, weathervanes, dolls, porcelains, candlesticks, samplers, scrimshaw, and much more. The Morristown Antiques Show comes to the Armory each October and April. Because the show traditionally draws such- large crowds from the historic Morristown area, the management will add a third show to its calendar on Jan. 8. Wendy Management believes the drawing card is the variety of the merchandise displayed and the broad range of prices from five cents to five figures which cater to both the serious and casual antiques collectors. The show will be open from noon to 10 p.m. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and from noon to 6 p.m. on Sunday. The National Guard Armory is located on Western Avenue in Morristown and will provide ample free parking and food service. For further information call MCC to feature Afro-American art The first Afro-American art exhibit will continue at the College Center Gallery at Middlesex County College, Edison, through Sunday, Oct. 26 (except Oct. 25). The exhibit, which is free, will feature the works of five black artists with a presentation on Sunday at 3 p.m., during which all the artists will be present to discuss their work. Exhibiting artists are Don Miller, born- in the West Indies and a naturalistic painter; Lloyd Van- Pitterson, born in Jamaica and a landscape painter and non-objective collage artist; Vivian Reynolds McDuffie, a resident of Montclair, and a painter in oils, acrylics, and water colors; Anthony Battle, of Newark and a graphics illustrator at AT&T in Basking Ridge; and Ann Johnson, an East Orange resident and a multi-media artist. The purpose of the exhibit is to provide cultural enrichment to Middlesex County College students and the entire community. Sponsors of the show are the divisions of Social Sciences and Humanities, Educational Services and Special Programs, Community Education; The Third World Student Movement; and the offices of Student Activities, Educational Opportunity Fund, and CETA In College, all of Middlesex County College. For further information call , ext Trenton State hosts juried photo exhibit The fifth annual Mercer County Photography Exhibit will be accepting entries on Friday, Oct. 24, or Saturday, Oct. 25, at Holman Hall Gallery, Trenton State College, Trenton. Local photographers, 18 years and older who currently live, attend school, or are employed in Mercer County, are invited to submit their work. Entries chosen will be on.display at the gallery from Nov. 6 to Dec. 3. The show will be juried by Clem Fiori, a photographer for the Princeton University Museum. Seven cash prizes will be awarded, including a Best in - Come and Hear a Free Public Lecture " THE SCIENCE OF CHRISTIAN HEALING by Jack Edward Hubbell, C.S.B. Palo Alto, California Member of The Christian Science Board of Lectureship Sunday. November 2,1980 3:30 p.m. at John Witherspoon School (corner of Walnut Lane and Guyot Street) Princeton, N.J. Parking Available Child Care Provided Sponsored by First Church of Christ, Scientist. Princeton, N. J. Show Purchase Award, two Purchase Awards, and two Honorable Mention Awards. Photographers may submit up to four color or black and white photographs, each matted and/or dry mounted. No work with frames will be accepted and all entries must be delivered by hand to the gallery. The exhibition is sponsored by the Mercer County Cultural and Heritage Commission, TSC Art Department, Art Students Association, and Student Activities Fund. For further information contact Wendell Brooks or Mark Lehman at " Looking for something? You'll probably find it in the Packet 8-way Classifieds or Display Ads. ADDRESS BILL ME O 10 TIME OFF CHECK ENCLOSED D "DATING" Tired of looking in the wrong places for the right person? p Call or Write NOW! \ \ _ INTRODUCTION, Inc FRANKFORD AVE., PHILA., PA Please send me a plain envelope information with No Obligation. Name.. / Address City State Zip Occupation Sex Age Home Phone....T Work Phone PPTQ WEEK OF OCTOBER 22-28,1980

75 ON VIEW Douglass to host outdoor artwork Alice Aycock, noted for her architectural constructions, will have a solo exhibit at Rutgers University's Douglass College library from Friday, Oct. 24 through Nov. 24. During the course of the show Ms. Aycock will build a large mechanized outdoor work on the campus with the assistance of Rutgers students. The library will simultaneously exhibit diagrams and installation photographs of two Aycock pieces, The Game of Flyers and Flights of Fancy. The Game of Flyers was installed this year in Washington, D.C. at 12th and G Streets, as part of the Washington Project for Art. It is a large structure of wood and concrete with metal troughs, incorporating allegorical and architectural elements. Flights of Fancy, constructed of wood, metal, and sheet rock, was installed last year at the San Francisco Art Institute as part of a series called "States of Desire." Alice Aycock, a 1968 graduate of Douglass, holds a master's degree from Hunter College and presently lives in New York City. Her exhibit at Douglass is part of the "Women Artists Series," now in its 10th anniversary year. The program is one of the first in this country to focus exclusively on the work of women artists. The outdoor construction is being sponsored in part by the Mason Gross School of the Arts and the Douglass art department. For further information call Antiques to meet country craft cousins Three exhibits titled American Country Crafts will be displayed at the Hand and Wheel Gallery in Sergeantsville between Saturday, Oct. 25, and Tuesday, Dec. 25. The series will open with Kitchenware, Oct. 25 to Nov. 21. The Hand and Wheel Gallery is known for its contemporary crafts exhibits, but this time it will integrate both antiques and contemporary crafts into the three shows. According to Sherell Jacobson, owner of the gallery, "the interest of people in this area in both crafts and old objects reflects a nationwide interest." In the opening exhibit Oct. 25, authentic tinware, redware, stoneware, and wooden utensils will be shown with their contemporary counterparts. Says Ms. Jacobson, "the new pieces will be those which were either executed in the Free Babysitting Sauna This dragonfly weathervane made of wood, wire and sheet metal is an example of animals in art at Newark Museum's "A Newark Beatiary: Animals and Other Creatures in Painting and Sculpture." The show continues through the end of December. For information call SHAPE manner of the past, or those which related to the older pieces in shape, function, design, or material." The second exhibit of baskets and textiles will also blend traditional and contemporary crafts. Antique splint baskets, homespun rag rugs, and quilts will be mirrored by modern handdesigned crafts. Baskets, wall hangings, and wearable clothing done with traditional weaving techniques win De among the contemporary pieces shown. Gallery hours for the Hand and Wheel,are Tuesday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sunday 1 to 5 p.m. The Hand and Wheel is located in the village of Sergeantsville on Route 523 near Flemington. For further information call THINK OF SOMEONE YOU CARE ABOUT A BETTER WEIGH INVITES YOU TO CELEBRATE AN UPCOMING EVENT Baby Shower Birthday Christmas FOR SOMEONE YOU CARE ABOUT Chanukah Anniversary Graduation A BETTER WEIGH Warren Plaza West Route 33, E. Windsor, N.J MOS. for only $75.00 I'/' />rirt> offer) free Whirlpool Equipment SUNDAY 9:15-10:15 10:30-11:30 12:00-3:00 3: :00-10:00 at Hamilton's New Roller Skating Park Skating Classes Skating Classes Public Skating Public Skating Public Skating MONDAY Closed (For Private Parlies Only) TUESDAY 9:30-11:30 6:00-9:00 9:30-12:30 WEDNESDAY : THURSDAY 6:00-9: FRIDAY 6: I 00 SATURDAY :00 10: : : :00 10:00-.1:00 Early Bird Special (Incld. Skates) Public Skating Adults Only Family Night $5 00 Public Skating Public Skating Public Skating Individual Public Skating Adults Only (16 Years A Older) Skating Classes Skating Classes Skating Classes Public Skating Public Skating Adults Only (16 Years» Older) ( ifoo WOO (3 00 (3 00 (3 00 (3 00 (3 00 (3 00 (4 00 (2 00 (3 00 (4 00 Rink will be open on all legal school closings for the following sessions: Skate Rental 1:00-4:00 $2.00* Skate Rental Family of «Addrtton*! Memben»1.00 '* Ticket Salet NOW Begin 1 hour prior to session. NotOnlvFun, ButHealthyToo! RoIIerSkatingCan ProvideXhe Exercise\fouAnd Your Family Needs To STAY IN SHAPE! Pro Shop Snackbar Party & Game Room Lessons Available.ptus >./> *b Located on Youngs Road Just off Quafcerbridge Road (609) WEEK OF OCTOBER 22-28, 1980 TIME OFF..,...,... ;<.JJ«

76 After 120 years, skating comes By HANNAH BERKOWITZ If you remember fumbling with those metal tie-on skates and skate keys and then zooming down the sidewalk, or meeting the gang at the local rink or gym or town park, then you probably associate roller skating solely with childhood and think it's gone forever. But an ever-growing number of skating enthusiasts including executives, teenagers, stars, secretaries, and stockboys attests to the fact that those days never ended, let alone faded into the curtains of lost childhood days. To people in all walks of life and at all ages, roller skating is as current as today's breakfast and just as much a part of their daily routine. To these people skating is a fun, serious business, not a transient craze. ****** IN FACT, roller skating has a surprisingly long history, despite its popular label as a "passing fad." It seems to keep on passing by over and over again. On each pass, it comes in the wake of new technological improvements. In America there have been four waves of such popularity, beginning in the 1860s and rolling up to the present wave which began in the late 1970s. The first patented roller skate was fashioned more than 200 years ago in 1760, by a Belgian inventor, as a crudewheeled version of an ice skate. Over the next 90 years or so several variations of this original design were created, with wheels lined up in a single row. It took the production of an opera in Paris in 1849 to achieve the first departure from that model a skate with four wheels, parallel pairs in front and back. This set-up finally produced the stability necessary for rolling without wobbling or falling off the wheels. The next advance came in the 1860s when an American entered the field by inventing a roller skate with the addition of a metal plate (the truck! to which the wheels were attached and which, when pressed, turned the wheels. This increased the mobility of the skate, permitting circles and turns and ushered in the first wave of skating popularity. This wave only lasted a few years and was largely a novelty for the wealthy. Primarily an affair for socialites, rinks were private clubs geared toward socializing and matchmaking in a "proper" setting. The recreational value was virtually nonexistent because of the limitations of the skates of the time; they were hard work. ****** THE SECOND wave began about 20 years later but this time around the Victorian era was in full sway. It had become undignified for a proper gentleman or lady to expose themselves to the embarassment of a fall or an over-exerted, tousled appearance. Thus passed-up by society, roller skating lost its elite status and spread down through all classes of people just in time for the next technological advances. The advent of ball bearings and rubber shock absorbers in 1900, transformed the skate into a recreation at last. For the first time a smooth, relatively easy glide was possible. The response was tremendous, rinks rapidly sprouted all' across the country. Many of these sprouts soon wilted as the war years and the 20s frenzy caused a drop in interest the Charleston had become far more entertaining than gliding around in circles. Then the Depression arrived and with it the third wave. Those were the years when lavish spending ceased and the hard times made a relatively cheap pastime more attractive. Roller skating also fulfilled the same desire for romance and fantasy that the Hollywood movies of the time catered to. The key word here is escape. Skating advanced steadily into the 40s, despite the war. The government even encouraged roller skating as a part of the national war effort's drive toward physical fitness. While Hollywood's musicals and Broadway's burlesque wowed the masses, roller skating followed suit the day of the mass spectacle had arrived. This was the birth of the Roller Derby and the Skating Vanities, "a lavish variety show ' on wheels." The Vanities didn't last, the violent Derby did and does. Skating's image as a popular sport was superseded by the Derby's aggression in the 50s. Rinks served as hang-outs at night for young toughs trying to live up to the macho images of the Derby stars and by day became dumping grounds for kids with nothing else to do. The third wave faltered and waned. IN THE 60S, to clean up skating's rough image, rink owners instituted dress codes, attempted to exclude the undesirable element and control the skating (which was divided into periods of "All-skate, Couples, Trios, and Backward skating"). Roller skating became a family recreation again, but with the acceleration of activism of the time, was reserved for the 8-16 year old set. So it sank to the childhood level and slept until the mid-70s emphasis on recreation and fitness (from disco dancing, to jogging) created the skate board, which was a new version of the old wheeled ice skate crossed with the surfboard. Again, technology led a new wave of popularity when the new soft, polyurethane skateboard wheels were teamed up with the old roller skate. The new wheels expanded the entire field, giving a flexibility and mobility unimpeded by cracks, bumps and other irregularities in pavement and rink flooring. Skaters took to the streets, parks and highways, combining fun with physical fitness. At the same time, the disco craze improved sound and light systems for large rooms and promoted a musical form with a heavy, driving rhythm ideally suited to the speed and agility of skating. Rinks spent millions improving their sound systems, hiring disc jockeys and adding tapes and records to the old organ music. And business boomed. Roller skating began to take over where disco left off, even creating some new forms of music just for skating (what are called "rapping songs," disco percussion with a spoken-in-rhythm-and-rhyme lyric). Today, there are no signs of a retreat of the fourth wave new rinks are born every day and new improvements continue to be made in skating equipment. ****** What roller skating is, at bottom, is putting wheels on your feet and becoming a moving vehicle, actually conquering the wheels, manipulating them as you never could a car, a bicycle, or a motorcycle. Because there is no machine between you and the skates. Your relationship with the wheels is direct, immediate. You get to know them. You get their drift. They're like a fifth limb, (from Jammln', by Bill Butler) An informal survey of regular skaters revealed that the most common answer to the question, "Why do you like skating?," was "It feels like flying or floating." The next most common response was that it feels "free." But all had difficulty describing the feeling in more detail than that, as if it is an experience that can only be alluded and compared to other things (like the freedom and flight of skiing, the gliding of ice skating, the bouncing of dance). Modern skating is fast and slow, tricky or simple, potentially unlimited; literally anything goes. It can be" whatever you want it to be roller disco, acrobatics, speed skating, artistic (competitive), sport (roller hockey, daredevil skating), or just plain outdoor strolling. It can be indoor or outdoor, anywhere there's a smooth sur- It's an 6 art-sp< Lillian Baluch-Ronca, teaching pro at the Hamilton rink, shows her skating skills. By MARIANNE HAMOD As the Olympic Committee is discovering, roller skating is more than a tour around the rink on a Saturday afternoon. Perhaps the term "art-sport" gives a more accurate description of competitive roller skating at national and local levels. Established in the year-round "sport'' of roller skating are the specialized areas such as free-style, pairs, dance, free dance,. figures, fours and speed skating. As in ice 5 skating, each area is distinguished from the others by regulated maneuvers. The least restrictive and most physically u demanding areas are singles (free-style) and pairs, yet all events require the 5 development of considerable coordination. Also common to the "sport" of skating are local, regional and national organizations with corresponding competition available for each level. New to the sport of roller skating is the added dimension of "art," the expressive movement on skates. The impetus for this change may, in part, have arisen in the early 70s when two rival skating organizations merged. Each organization approached skating from opposite ends of the spectrum; one emphasized artistic expression, and the other, technique. Though the art-sport debate continues in competitive judging, both characteristics are here to stay. The addition of art to this disciplined, individual activity makes roller skating interesting to both the participant and the spectator. An increasing number of people, of diverse agp groups, has discovered the creative 12 TIME OFF WEEK OF OCTOBER;

77 s of age face. But it must be experienced to know the unique thrills of flight on wheels, and the intimate, sensual, magical moment -when those wheels become as much a natural part of the body as one's feet or hands. ****** TODAY, at a crest of popularity, roller skating is also considered an "in" thing anil requires special wardrobes, gadgets and accessories. A certain sense of status ha* returned, as in an earlier heyday, but now it is not confined to any one class or age of people. This is connected to one of skating's timeless values socializing while sharing a fun activity. Roller rinks serve as meeting places, yes still, for romance, just as in the good old days; but they're also a great place to meet the gang and have a fun evening. For other people, the physical exercise is the paramount attraction, and there is good reason for it. According to the President's Council on Physical Fitness, roller skating ranks third after jogging and bicycling (and tied with swimming and handball) on a scale measuring fitness aspects from cardio-respiratory stamina to general well-being. It has been f'ecom-. mended as a way to lose weight, maintain a healthy heart and circulatory system, improve muscular strength and endurance, and increase flexibility and balance. But the best aspect of this exercise is that it's fun. Whoever said good exercise had to be painful? Why not have energetic and bouncing music to both relax the body and stimulate the senses? ****** When you combine physical agility with music and a sense of exhibitionism, you get performance. And roller skating is a medium ideally suited to being a showcase for performing talent. With today's freedoms, as exemplified by disco, rock and new wave dancing, anything that can be done on one's feet can be done on wheels, and someone somewhere has tried it. That is the challenge, to explore the potential and define the limits of an art that combines sport, dance and music. This aspect of roller skating is like a folk art it has different skating styles from region to region, rink to rink, and individual to individual. California skating is different from the East Coast style, and Philadelphia skating differs from New Jersey's or New York City's. Private lessons are available from most rinks if you feel the need for some professional assistance, but most people >ort' on wheels lg satisfaction and beneficial effects of art skating. In fact, the U.S. Olympic Committee has recently been considering competitive roller skating as an Olympic sport. A major drawback to an Olympic berth is the lack of"12 countries with developed roller skating programs., New on a local level, is the approval of competitive skating as a part of Kendall x ' Park public school's CIPED Program. In this program, students learn a skill, or per- >s form a public service as part of their c. regular school week. >f Kendall Park Roller Rink has the most i> active area skating club. Instructors " Harold and Sha'Ron Schmidt have won l- several national competitive titles. The te Schmidts emphasize dance and technical e skating skills for their students. Both in- OBER 22"28^"l980 " just go out there, watch other skaters a lot and end up trying it themselves. As for equipment, rental skates are available at all rinks and skate shops too. Skates can also be bought at most skateboard shops, in some department stores, in malls and New York boutiquetype skate shops and some sporting goods stores. Prices range from $35 for readymade skates (they come complete with wheels, boots, etc. all-in-one) to upwards of $200 for custom skates bought as components (boots, trucks, wheels, ball bearings and toe stops bought separately). All sorts of paraphernalia are available too lights, reflectors, elbow, knee and wrist pads for outdoor skating, special battery-operated pocket-size radios with lightweight headphones, boot carriers and special straps to convert skates into shoes for going everywhere on skates. By now there are dozens of books on roller skating, but my favorites are the Complete Book of Roller Skating, by Ann-Victoria Phillips, in paper, Workman Publishing, N.Y., 1979, 288 pp., $6.95; and Jammin', by Bill Butler and Elin Schoen, Pocket Books, N.Y., $3.95, 1979, 116 pp. The Complete Book of Roller Skating contains practically everything anyone needs to know about skating, from history to basic and dance skating lessons to information on all the varieties of skating to skating equipment and lists of suppliers, as well as lots of pictures. Jammin' tries to teach Bill Butler's discordance/jammin' steps and give tips stmctors and competitive students are registered in the national skating association. Practice is available seven days a week, year-round, on all levels for all ages. Kendall Park club's young pairs teams skated recently in Quaker Bridge Mall's sports festival for Columbus Day, and the skating club gave a charity performance of Grease, adapted for roller skating. For more information about lessons or upcoming competition in the area, contact Harold or Sha'Ron Schmidt at or A second local skating club is forming at the new Hamilton Rink in Ewing Township. Individual and group lessons will be offered by Lilian Ronca, who has won several national titles. Lessons will be available at all levels. For more information, contact Lilian Ronca at to the serious skater-dancer. Bill Butler has been skating for more than 30 years. THE BEST WAY TO GET started skating is to go to a rink, rent a pair of skates and try it. Starting outdoors is more difficult; you must find an outdoor skate rental outfit, to my knowledge only available at the moment in New York City in and around Central Park and in roving vans in Manhattan. And you must be prepared for obstacles from sticks and stones to people, bicyclists, and cars, not to mention hills. Rinks make for an easy, smooth, level surface on which to practice, and vary from the utilitarian to the showy. Floorings range from polyurethane-coated wood to concrete, soft to hard, and facilities from elaborate snack bars to vending machines and pinball machines. In Central Jersey there are two rinks within minutes of Princeton, one north and the other south. One is old and and abilities, and is also available for private party rental. It has one of the largest wooden floors I've encountered and provides a comfortable, not slick, atmosphere for skating. ****** LOCATED SOME minutes from Princeton is Hamilton Roller Skating Park, just off Quaker Bridge Road on Youngs Road. It is the newest member of a complex of recreation facilities including the Mercer Racquet Ball Club and the Hamilton Tennis Club and is individually owned by area businessmen. First opened on Oct. 3, it is new enough to be bright, cheery and slick, but also to have some kinks to work out in the future. It is a brand new building, not a conversion, with a poured concrete floor' covered by polyurethane for smoothness, traction and speed. On opening night a variety of music from old jazz-dancing Policemen, mailmen, stockboys, secretaries, executives / even have a picture of an English nun doing it, not to mention the repeat "Tonight Show" I saw last night on which Buck Henry wore his roller skating jacket and rhapsodized about the joys of skating. What is this madness that seems to have given half the population St. Vitus' Dance? the other new, which makes for a good choice of experience. Both have their advantages and drawbacks, depending on your preferences. Seven miles north of Princeton on Route 27 in Kendall Park is "America on Wheels," a roller rink chain. Originally a bowling alley, it was converted to a rink in the early 60s and is one of the few that managed to outlast the ebbing of the third wave. It was prepared when the fourth wave reached Central Jersey owners renovated the rink, installed disco lights and sound, generally spruced-up the premises. And now, just in the past year, they've had to add two new skating sessions to accommodate the crowds. The rink offers a variety of session hours from afternoon and evening weekday sessions to afternoon, evening and late night wepkend hours. It provides a wide range of music from 50s rock to 80s new wave (Friday evening session) to disco (late night Friday and Saturday) and soul (Sunday night). It also has afternoon and Saturday morning sessions for children. The DJs vary from night to night, and guards watch for reckless skaters and fallers. Kendall Park tries to accommodate skaters of all ages tunes to old and new rock and disco was played by a DJ who made constant announcements, like an AM radio, right through the music (annoying to the experienced skater who just wants to get down). The place was well-lit (a bit too much for disco skating) and lacked the flashiness of the disco-lighting that creates an atmosphere all by itself. Hamilton also has safety guards and plenty of room to just sit and watch, as well as a gaming room for pinball machines. Sessions are varied (22 three-hour sessions), with afternoon and evening hours for young and old. Private lessons are also offered and a skating pro, Lillian Ronca, is in residence. Other rinks in the area are in New Brunswick, Edison, Doylestown, Pa., Burlington, Frenchtown, Freehold, Levittown, Pa., to name a few. And don't forget the great outdoor parks and parking lots. All in all, there are an abundance of places to go and ways to do it, but if you like something without strings, then just put on your skates and fly down the sidewalk in front of your home. If they can skate on New York City streets or from Highpoint to Cape May, N.J. (as one skating acquaintance did this summer), then skating goes anywhere. TIME OFF 13

78 .- If- AT NIGHT Gourmet music from Jersey's 'Groceries 9 By TOW CARROLL The band is sitting upstairs at John and Peter's Place in the cramped quarters that serve as the musicians' dressing room. The members are replacing broken guitar strings, discussing their performance during their recently completed first set and preparing (musically as well as mentally) for the second hallf of the show. John Larsen, the John of John and Peter's, enters the room. "How are things going? Any problems?" he asks. "Yeah, we're all too tall," quipped the bass player, who stands in excess of six feet and came close to grazing his head against the ceiling while performing on stage during the first set. "You gotta remember, this place was built in the 1600s," John explains in support of his low ceilings. "People were shorter then." "So how'd it sound?" the guitarist asks as the band looks to the owner for his assessment of their debut at the club. "I don't know, I just got here," he says. "I was home watching Shogun." THE GROUP did not commit collective hari kari after being missed by the guy who hired them. In fact, the musicians impressed Larsen so much with their next set that he added them to J&P's entertainment schedule on a regular basis. Such is the appeal of the "Groceries," a no-frills rock and roll band whose sound and musical approach are as freshly packaged as its name implies. Consisting of four Princeton grads and one Philadelphia College of Art alumnus, the Groceries include such delirious delicacies as Andy Boy Broccoli (piano); Mike A. Roni (six and 12-strrng guitar), Greg Frey (guitar); Richard L. Lather (bass) and the band's semiofficial British influence, since he's the only one to attend an art school; Max Crandall (drums, or "traps" as he prefers to refer to them by, and occasional saxophone). The singing chores are shared by all, with Mike distinguishing his efforts as "vocal anarchy." SINCE ITS inception rnore than a year and a half ago, the band has made a habit of turning apparent setbacks into lucky breaks, such as its John and Peter's debut. The Groceries were manufactured solely on the whim of getting a fast lucky break; a big break too WMMR (Philadelphia's once-progressive FM radio station) was holding a "breakout" contest for local unsigned bands, the top five winners of which would appear on a record album sponsored by the station. That was March of '79, Mike remembers. The guitarist had several songs he wanted to record and thought the contest was incentive enough to begin, so he got together with college buddies Andy (who played piano), Rich (who always wanted to play bass), another friend, vocalist Bruce Lincoln, who has since left the band, and childhood chum Max (who had played drums with Mike in a group called the Prep-tones). The group rehearsed, recorded their songs on tape, and delivered it to WMMR. Needless to say, nothing happened. But the guys got the rock 'n' roll bite; they weren't about to leave the Groceries on the shelf. THEY CARRIED ON. But not without 14 TIME OFF \f The Groceries Left to Right: Greg Frey, Max Crandall, Richard L. Lather (foreground), Mike A. Roni and Andy Broccoli. changes. Bruce left the group and, after auditioning scores of possible replacements, the guys decided not to have a lead vocalist at all. PU pal Greg was invited to join, for his guitar as well as his organizational skills, and 'accepted. The band that plays together lives together too. That summer, the five Groceries stocked themselves in a farmhouse together somewhere in the secluded wilds of Belle Mead, where they are still holed up today. They also worked together for a while. "We founded our own house painting company, callled 'Uncle Ed's,'" Rich said in an interview conducted recently in the afore-mentioned secluded farmhouse. "In some ways, the painting company was a much better performing group," Andy explained. "We were great on ladders. You should've seen us," Greg attested. By the fall of last year, the Groceries began performing (as a band) at clubs and parties in the area. The reception ranged to the extremes. Gigs at Emmett's Inn and the Ground Floor in the Jamesburg area were met with shock and downright hatred ("They said, 'You guys don't play rock, we like rock'," Max recalls). But appearances on the Princeton campus at eating club parties and such drew an over-enthusiastic response ("People actually clapped," says Mike; "They needed a band like us," Greg adds) and more on-campus jobs. BEFORE LONG. Princeton audiences were packing the dance floor as the Groceries played ("They went berzerko," Rich describes), and the guys took it as a revelation as much as an elevation: They were not going to stop there. They physically peddled more than a dozen demo tapes of their material lo the major music clubs in New York. At first, it seemed nothing would come of it. i "We called up s.n.a.f.u. a couple of days later and said, 'Hi, we're the Groceries. We left our tape with you last week...'," Rich said.."they said, 'We didn't like it,' click (dial tone sound.)" Success was once again looking like a mirage for the band when the 80's club gave the guys a call and asked them to play at its weekly audition night. The response was similar to that at Princeton and the Groceries hot only got asked back to the club (for money this time), but other NY clubs began to follow suit and hired the band. They have since played Studio 10, CBGB, Max's Kansas City, Kenny's Castaways and Hurrah ("Where we were asked back for our first legitimate encore," Mike says. "We've taken plenty of illegitimate ones," Andy points out). "THE WORD is out about us...," Mike said, "...but not the crowd," Rich added: It's only a matter of time before they find that elusive "big break." It almost came at one New York showcase where a representative from Sire Records who liked the Groceries asked for a tape. "We gave him thetape and he took it to Warner Brothers (Sire's parent company)," Andy explained. "They liked it but they said 'We already got the Talking Heads.'" That's not the only time the Groceries have been compared to the Talking Heads, an innovative New York band that became immensely popular as the punk movement was catching on in America in "A lot of people tell us that we play good music but we sound like the Heads," Mike explained. "When we were writing most of our songs we listened to them a lot. But we never admitted the similarity to ourselves." "I don't mind the comparison so much," Max rationalized. "I like the approach that the Talking Heads opened to music. Their songs all have a level of communication to them, they're not just gut level pelvis-pumping music." ONE LISTEN to the Groceries' music will confirm that the Talking Heads' approach (but not style) has been an influence on the band. Herky-jerky rhythms with funky underpinnings (thanks, no doubt, to bassman Rich's Motown tastes) prevail, adding the framework of lyrics that have something to say (even if abstractly) sung in a variety of styles that are each as expressive as the Heads' lead talker, David Byrne, in their own way. The band has no distinct musical style and prefers it that way. "A lot of bands have their image and style so sewn up that they use it up on their first record and have nowhere to go from there," Max says. Even the logos and advertisements Max creates for the band's promotion consist of different styles. From a reggae homage to Princeton's own "Nassau Street" ("they don't do no dancin' on Nassau St."), to the punchy pop-rock of "Perils of Wang," the Groceries demonstrate the versatility that helps them to defy categorization. Other diverse ditties are "Dr. Doom," a "nursery rhyme about fear and loathing in the modern world," according to Mike who gets a chance to try out his anarchic vocals on the tune; "High School Girls," which presents the band at its most Talking Heads-ish; the rock simile, "Love is a Beached Whale"; and "OriginalLovers," with its Roxy Music: feel, especially when Max, with his Bryan Ferry good looks, steps from behind his "traps" for a moving sax solo. THE BAND is a musical communistic democracy, with all of the members'* living together and sharing the writing and singing chores. Their difference in musical tastes accounts for their myriad styles of songs. "We try to listen to as much music as possible," Greg explained. Max picked two albums out of the group's extensive record collection to demonstrate the range of their individual tastes: one by German punk rock star Nina Hagen and one by crooner Harry Belafonte. See GROCERIES, page 15 WEEK OF OCTOBER

79 RECORD TIME B-52s bomb on the second try; wax to watch By TOM CARROLL While the long-term effects of the "new wave" movement in rock (an obsolete term now that the music has been homogenized into the mainstream) may not totally be felt for a while, one immediate response is definitely a return to DOR (dance-oriented-rock). Many bands are now known, and renown, for.their dance-able-ness. Wild Planet The B-52's Warner Bros. Records The most danciest band to come along in a long while, the B-52's became the darlings of that peculiar meeting of twains, the new wave disco, without even appearing live. The group's selftitled debut lp had to be the most-played record on rock dance club sound systems this year. There was hardly a person who could keep still through a side of it. But such legendary debuts are the most difficult to follow up, even if the band sticks to the same formula. That's the case with the bouffant bombers' long awaited second release, Wild Planet. The album covers aren't the only similarity. The infectiously bouncing rhythms and the bass-less tinny, 60's surfing sound that characterized the first record is back, and hardly different. Vocalist Fred Schneider III said that the material is all old and dates back to the band's repertoire during the recording of its first record. It shows. Wild Planet sounds like a collection of out-takes and also-rans from the first lp session. Although the music relies on the same jerky sounds and screwball lyrics, nothing on the new record really comes close to touching such classics as "Planet Claire," " " and the inimitable "Rock Lobster." There are highlights, however, I don't mean to mislead you. "Private Idaho," the single release, is the stand-out cut and danciest number. Curiously enough, it appears in the same place (last cut, side one) as "Rock Lobster" on the last album. "Give Me Back My Man," "Party Out Groceries 5 The B-52s: uniqueness gone out of bounds. of Bounds" and "Devil in My Car" have to grow on you fora while, but you'll find them almost as enjoyable and dancy. Like a party gone out of bounds, to borrow the metaphor, the B-52's are over-indulgent on Wild Planet. There can be too much of a good thing. But still, it's the stuff of which rock dancing is made. I Just Can't Stop It The English Beat Sire Records The ska revival has been catching on pretty well in America, thanks to the rocksteady rhythms of Britain's The Beat (known as The English Beat in this country to differentiate it from our California-based catastrophe of a band that uses the Beat as a name). The group's debut album contains some unstandstillable numbers that are certain to be looked upon as classics in this upbeat revival of the Jamaican popular music sound of the sixties, including "Twist and Crawl," "Mirror in the Bathroom" and "Hands Off...She's Mine." An added attraction, which the British version of the album can't claim, is the addition of both sides of the group's first English single from the days of its brief flirtation with fellow ska-revivalists The Specials' 2-Tone record label: "Tears of A Clown" and "Ranking Full Stop." Perhaps the band's strongest tune, as well as the most accessible number in its repertoire, the Smokey Robinson chestnut, "Tears of a Clown," is given a thorough skanking and comes through it all just as appealing a dance tune as it was a ballad. "I Can't Get Used to Losing You," the same tune that Andy Williams had a hit with, is given a similar treatment as the record's only other cover, but with less danceable results. Ska is a happy, party-oriented music, and with the jackhammer punchiness that it has adopted in its revival, courtesy of its new wave affinity, it's a music to be experienced live. The Beat demonstrated ska's intent to the fullest recently at an appearance at Cherry Hill's Emerald City. The band wasn't much to watch, but then few were watching; they were dancing uncontrollably. It was one of those rare instances when the audience was just as much a part of the show as the group on stage. The Beat built its set superbly, injecting its more well known pieces and slower songs in just the right places to facilitate the optimum audience response. And the crowd reacted appropriately: the dance floor was a veritable sea of skanking bodies, its flow and ebb corresponding to the waves of music. Two encores later, the second of which was a dub extension of "Twist and Crawl" from a recording of a longer version of the song, the crowd was as spent as the band, in some cases, more so. This is an experience that the record just can't come close to providing. Off The Coast Of Me King Creole And The Coconuts Antilles Records Disco, calypso, rock and reggae combine contagiously, with a touch of humor thrown in for good measure, in the lunacy known as King Creole and the Coconuts. Sort of an unlikely amalgamation of the Wailers, the Tubes and the Shangri-Las, KC&C have a great single out, "There But For the Grace of God Go I" b/w "He's Not Such a Bad Guy After All," but unfortunately it's not on the album. But "Darrio...," one of the most memorable songs of this year, about a guy whose girlfriends are always bugging him to get them into Studio 54, is, and it's a killer. The whole lp is easy skanking music, but, like the Beat, this gang's stage show has to be seen in order for one to get the full effect. Pop Art Elton Motello - Passport Records This British power popper had a big hit on the dance club circuit with "Jet Boy, Jet Girl," which was simply Plastic Bertrand's "Ce Plane Pour Moi" (on which Motello served as engineer) with a new set of English lyrics. Pop Art, his second album, is just as danceprovoking but not plagiaristic. Jumpy originals with a wide range of influences, plus an outrageous cover of Townshend's "I Can't Explain" (in which disparate rhythms begin the tune only to fall into a ska-like base that remains throughout), make this lp a must for dance oriented rockers. (Continued from page 14) Mike claims to come from the "Neil Young school" with a country influence in his musical preference. Greg had studied classical piano as a young lad, hated it, and switched to guitar and an interest in guitar music. Andy, on the other hand, took classical piano and loved it. He prefers classical music and "really doesn't like rock and roll." Max confesses to being "completely overwhelmed" by Roxy Music, and other "art-rock" bands that made a transition from visual art to music. Rich listened to just about everything and entered the band without a distinct musical preference. to describe so much homogenous rock music of late, "new wave" is a taboo term in the Groceries' household. Mike was recently reprimanded and ridiculed by the other band members when he let the word slip into his vocabulary during the interview. If you're shopping around for a good band (and not a band wagon-hopper) to check out, pick up some Groceries. They'll be appearing at the following places: GROCERY LIST John and Peter's Place, New Hope, Pa., Oct. 27 The Groceries deliver: Rich and Mike at J & P's. WEEK OF OCTOBER 22 28, 1980 (Tom Carroll photos) SO WHAT do you call their combined musical influences as represented by the sound of the band? Anything but "new wave," according to the Groceries. An over-used term that no longer holds any meaning since it's been used Campus Club, Princeton University, Nov. 22 Cartune Alley, New York City. Dec. 4..).'.HI. TIME OFF 15

80 - Sew What's New. Manufacturers offer new materials to stitch By ALIDA MACOR What's new? Just returned from the Aemrican Home Sewing Association's (ASHA) semi-annual East Coast show, held this fall by the sea in Atlantic City's Convention Hall. Presented were a copious collection of new sewing products plus a preview of next season's fabric and color trends.. According to Ian Moss of Burlington- Klopman (my proven forecaster), ice cream colors will be the spring favorites, with peach, pink, turquoise and strong new neutrals heading the list. I also. noticed many border prints, novelty knits, and some unusual jungle prints. New trends in trim include: a lacy edge (crochet look) bias tape from Talon; western-look suede fringe and pastel linen-look belting from the Bader Trimming Co.; and large, V-shaped, lace-on-net, inset yokes for dressier dressing from Land O'Lace. J&P Coats introduced a new, wide, double-fold bias tape called "Quilt Binding," that I especially liked because the wider seam allowance underneath prevents a ridge or "seam from showing through. Of fray Ribbons has added an oneeighth inch wide grosgrain ribbon and a three-eighth inch plaid and striped ribbon to its line, plus some new rayon fringe for home decoration. Fdlkwear's newest patterns include the feminine "Armistice Blouse" (#210), typicalof styles worn from , and "Two Middies" (#211), with a pleated skirt and two versions of the hipbuttoned sailor's shirt. Brand new from Stacy Fabrics are their "House Mates" decorating kits, which contain patterns, iron-on backing, and easy directions for making various home accessories such as a lamp shade, log carrier, wall organizer, director's chair covers, appliance covers, etc. Pellon introduced two new fabrics at the show "Sof-Suede," a double faced, realistic looking suede fabric at $12 a yard, and "Phun Phelt," a 72-inch wide, washable.polyester craft and decorator felt in 15 colors. They also added a new line of trimmer, one-quarter inch thick shoulder pads at $1.59 a set. By the way, I was thinking of you at the show as I picked up a free, handy, three by five-inch sample book containing swatches of all of Pellon's interfacings. So, I checked with the company and they will be happy to send one to you also, if you include a large, self-addressed, stamped envelope with your request to: The Pellon Corp., 119 W. 40th St., New York, N.Y Happy to answer your sewing questions at, "Sew What's New," Time Off",c/o The Princeton Packet, Box 350, Princeton, N.J NORTH CfflNA RESTAURANT MANDARIN SZECHUAN fk & Mon.Thurs. 11:30 a.m. 10 p.m. Friday 11:30 a.m.-11 p.m. Saturday 11:30 a.m. 11 p.m. Sunday 4 p.m.-10 p.m. B.Y.O.B. LUNCHEON SERVED DAILY S2.25-S3.95porp.rsor, CARRY OUT CONVENIENT PARKING 36 Witherspoon Street, Princeton READ TIME Off AND TAKE TIME OUT from cooking with TABLE TALK K ' wv.>v. 21 Phillips Ave. Lawrenceville, N.J. (609) Absolutely Homemade: Soups, Salads, Crepes, Sandwiches, Quiche, Desserts, Pastries Luncheon Mon.-Sat. 11:30-2:30 - We also cater small parties OPEN FOR DINNER FRIDAY & SATURDAY EVES. Reservations please! - BYOB OVER THE V "House Mates" by Stacy. Superb Steaks, Seafood & Italian Specialties Cocktails & Fine Dining Weekend Entertainment * Banquet Facilities (201) (local call from Princeton) Hours: Mon.-Fri. Lunch 11:30 a.m.-3 p.m.; Dinner 5 p.m.-11p.m. Sat. Dinner 5 p.m.-i 2 p.m.; Sun. Dinner 4 p.m.-9 p.m. U.S. Highway?M Sklllmon li nit limn ) Great Wall Chinese Restaurant Peking, Hunan & Szechuan Cuisine Party of 2 or more 10% OFF Dinner Only with this Ad. Mon., Tues., & Wed. until Nov. 6th OPEN DAILY, LUNCH 11:30-2:30 DINNERS 5-10 P.M. TAKE OUT SERVICE Princeton Shopping Center (609) North Harrison St Continental Cuisine Open For Luncheon & Dinner 7 Days Entrees from $7.95 Party Facilities For Up To 70 People Entertainment Fri. & Sat. Evenings After 9 P.M. ENJOY DINING EARLY 5-6 P.M. MONDAY TO FRIDAY AT A VERY SPECIAL PRICE FOR A COMPLETE DINNER-$ TIME OFF Applegarth Rd., Monroe Twnsp., Rt. 33 Turn at jug-handle at Applegarth Rd. (Prospect Pis. turn-off). Cross Rt. 33 & proceed V«mi. All YOU Can Eat Noon to 4 p.m. i Hit Sunday BRUNCH/DINNER BUFFET $6.95 Plus 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. HY FRANK and the AMBASSADORS OF DIXIELAND Sandwiches and Snacks 4 8 p.m. BRUCE FOSTER Gulfar/Plano/S/nger Evory Tuesday 9 p.m. 1 a.m. Join us for our '1(11 l i nil )"s. Anniversary on Oct " >>..!. In..i I', i..n.j. SS i-j crfiza d OnCy -J\oxean 236 cn. Union St., -CamOtxtvlXL, JVg off has ON STAGE Reviews every week - WEEK OF OCTOBER 22-28, 1980

81 ;,' a I I Table Talk More New York restaurants with ethnic accent By DIANNE WILLIAMS Nowhere in New York City is there more of an amalgam of ethnic restaurants than there is on the Upper West Side. Only a few steps separate Japanese, Chinese, Greek, Turkish, Cuban, Mexican and Hungarian restaurants. (There is even a kosher pizzeria on West 79th St.) Typical of the type of operation commonly found in this area is Kaiicho.Alegre, 360 Amsterdam Ave. on the corner of 77th St. ( ). It is a modest, well-established restaurant serving Dominican specialties. The food resembles Caribbean, especially Cuban, cuisine. Portions are ample, prices are low and the quality of ingredients, quite good. Among the appetizers sampled during a recent visit, there was a freshtasting avocado and onion salad dressed with viniagrette. Slices of mild, white cheese and peaches alternated to form another starter. The peaches were canned even though fresh ones were still in season, but in view of the interesting contrast in textures, I suspect this was deliberate rather than a convenient substitute. Rancho Alegre's chicken soup, thick with noodles, carrots, potatoes and chunks of chicken, was as good a chicken soup as ever mother made (at least this mother). Entrees are served with either salad and fried plantain or beans and rice. No problem, as long as two people are willing to share accompaniments. Ask for hot sauce and raw onions with dinner. The beans are red rather than black and the rice is white instead of yellow. Both can use a little jazzing up. Two hearty favorites on the menu are the picadillo de carne, a slightly sweet chopped beef concoction, and polio vegano. The latter is a half chicken crisply tried in garlic. Excellent. Beef stew is translated into carne guisada, a rich beef and vegetable mixture thai I thought tasted very good. Others at the table found it to be lacking a certain spicy flourish. Judging from,the"djshes sampled at Rancho Alegro, Dominican food is a lot more subtle than that of some of its fiery neighbors. A portion of roast fresh ham was almost' French in its simplicity. In the unlikely event that you find yourself on the Upper West Side on a Sunday morning, brunch is supposed to be one of the restaurant's best meals. Dinner for four adults, including all the above mentioned plus dessert, espresso, and two carafes of sangria ($7.50 each!) came to $39 without the tip. Even with the small, overpriced, easily eliminated sangria, Rancho Alegre is still in the super-bargain category. TO MY MINI) there are few more exciting, magical places to view Manhattan than from a penthouse facing Central Park. Nirvana is more than a state of mind or a penthouse restaurant, for that matter it is a wildly opulent Indian retreat atop 30 Central Park South ( ). At street level, a turbaned attendant fi)quislador FABULOUSVS7 BRUNCH V children under 12 We would like you to enjoy a variety of Cold Salads, Danish. Bagels, our fabulous Fish Board with White Fish, Cheese Board, Ham and Turkey Board, Scrambled Eggs, Sausage or Bacon, Blintzes, Vegetables Du Jour. A Variety of Pasta, Meats and Fish entrees. Our menu changes weekly so every Sunday is as exciting as the first one you enjoyed. Don't let the prices get you down, come to our Brunch this Sunday. Sundays 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. guides the way to an express elevator that, without exaggeration, transports one into another world. To describe the sights and sounds and smells of this place would be to diminish its initial affect. Suffice to say that if you like Indian food, a breath-taking view of Central Park (ask for a window table), and an incredible bargain in the package, Nirvana is the place to go. Complete dinners range in price from $8.95 to$l2.95. All include an assortment of appetizers, a main dish with various side dishes, several breads, rice, dessert and tea. A few of the highlights remembered over past visits have been a delectible onion fritter seasoned with paprika, a curried vegetable turnover, a paper-thin spiced poppadum, wonderful when used to scoop lentil dal and an inordinately good basmati rice side dish. I find the main dishes not nearly as memorable or interesting as some of their satellites. Breads are especially good at Nirvana. Poori and Paratha, both ordered a la carte, are a must. A whole hierarchy of dishes are divided according to spiciness and method of preparation. Some are quite mild and the menu is informative on this score. Dessert always tastes a little strange to me. Bring cash. Plastic is not acceptable currency at Nirvana. USUALLY I DON'T go in for places that depend on lighting fixtures or wall decorations to "set the mood" places that want you to feel that you are back in the gay '90's or on a dude ranch. Trader Vic's, downstairs in the Plaza Hotel (just a few doors down from Nirvana) is different for any number of reasons. First of all, it has style in spite of its hokiness. All of the artifacts are genuine. Secondly, the bar serves elaborate Polynesian rum drinks that are dynamite. They are not cheap, but they are large and well-made. My favorite, a Scorpion ($4.95) comes with a gresh gardenia floating in it. Sounds tacky? It isn't really. Rum-based drinks are not the only ones available by any means. The five or six page menu lists a huge selection of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Stay in the bar; I do not recommend the restaurant for dinner. IF YOU DON'T mind paying a premium for quality beef, perhaps the best steakhouse in the city is Christ Cella, 160 East 46th St. ( ). It See TABLETALK, page 19 THE JEFFERSON PANCAKE HOUSE Route 33, (at Twin Rivers) East Windsor INTRODUCING a New LOW PRICED Breakfast thru Dinner Menu SPECIALS every Meal Period (Mon. thru Fri.) Featuring Complete Dinners as LOW as $3.59 Big & Little Kids Menu Items Hours: Sun. thru Thurs. 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Fri. & Sat. 8 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. SUNDAY'S... THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HILTON.X HILTON INN N.J. Turnpike Exit 8. Monmouth St Ext \ East Windsor. N.J (609) Friday 5 Saturday.fine 'Jinina r\ \ ' r Reservation Only ii attf/ f/w(hf/ '/("i/wi Kmiio U[ Hindoos, N.J. WEEK OF OCTOBER 22-28, ! ' <! In a world full of change we 're still the same... PEACOCK INN 20 Bayard Lane, Princeton, N.J. (Houtr 206. just UJISHSSIIU Slrn-ll launch Dinner C.ncktnils Try nni' nfniir "hlurkhimril s/n'ria Ovrrnicht I.odf.'in "CASUAL DINING FOR THE FAMILY" I NJX0AW_CJ_0JLL_.PIIii. Your CHOICE of One FREE Short Stack of Pancakes or $1 OFF any regular Dinner Entree Please present to Cashier-Offer Expires October 31, 1980 Bring your favorite beverage Reservations Preferred Dinner 6:00-10:30 (closed Tues.l. New Hours Sat. & Sunday Brunch 12-2 HV> Coryell St. Lambert ville (>U0-3<)7-80.1'5 Lamhrrtville's iii'trcst ri'si.mninl at tin- I'urkxard TIME OFF J 7.

82 Tube View The season begins; old stars light screen By JEFF WEINGRAD The votes are still being counted in fact, not all have been cast yet but the networks are making plans anyway to start running, as early as this Monday, some of their new series and season premieresof old ones. It's obviously a foregone conclusion that the bargains struck by the negotiators in the contract battle between actors and producers will be approved by the union rank and file. Virtually every performer went racing back to the set as soon as the settlement was announced, and though it will be a while before the TV schedule looks like a full-fledged new season, this week marks the start of the trickle-back to normalcy. CBS starts up two series Monday night: Flo, spun out of Alice, and which already had a short run in the spring, returns for a second season, at 8. Following Flo, at 8:30, Ladies Man makes its debut on the tube. CBS describes this one as a comedy, starring Lawrence Pressman as the only male employee on the staff of a ladies magazine. According to the CBS sked makers, it'll be Dec. 11 before the last of its 18 season premieres are unreeled. M*A*S*II goes first-run Nov. 24, WKRP does so Nov. 1st and the much awaited ^MaheaDate GO... KIDS: WED., OCT. 29th - 4 to 6 P.M. Prizes for best costumes ADULTS: FRI., OCT. 31st - 7:30 to Midnite GAMES! FUN! PRIZES! KENDALL PARK ROLLER RINK 3550 Rf. 27, SO. BRUNSWICK, N. J ON YOUR HOME VIDEO RECORDER ONE OF THE LARGEST VIDEO MOVIES ON TAPE IN N.J. SALES A RENTALS VHS FORMAT 500 MOVIE TITLES 12.95"- CLASSICS SILENT CURRENT ALL RATINGS Dallas brings back the who-shot-jr mystery starting Nov. 7. (Sorry, the person who almost did in the dastardly Ewing heir won't be revealed until the third episode.) ABC plans to show new episodes of nine series beginning Saturday, Oct. 25. Three's Company. which I wouldn't miss if it never returned Hart to Hart, Eight's Enough, Barney Miller, Fantasy Island, Love Boat, Benson and two new ones, Too Close for Comfort and It's a Living. It will probably be Nov. 30 before ABC gets all its new productions onto the air. NBC the third place network in the ratings race has insisted all along that the new season was here whether there were new shows or not, and it's been unloading as many new things as it could all along. As for the shows that would have premiered in September if there had been no strike, NBC says it will be January before all are aired. In fact, some may never make it, including Boomer a dog's tale and Sanford. One, Speak Up America, definitely won't be on the schedule, having been officially cancelled last week. Now that's incredible, cancelled before the season begins. am 71 JOIN UP NOW! THIS AD WORTH A A 10 MEMBIHSHIP II Out 5 U U BU0CI1 rioeo Clu! Route 130 HIGHTSTOWN, N.J.. (609) CLEAR SKIES: The sun is always shining lor Ch. 2 weatherman Irv Gikofsky, who just two years ago was teaching science at a junior high school in The Bronx, He told me recently that he never thought about trying his hand at television until a few years back when he was interviewed by all three of the network-owned local stations because of the phenomenal success of a weather club he was running in school. Chs. 2, 4 and 7 obviously thought there was a story in a man who could get kids to come to school at 6 in the morning to check a barometer, kids who normally might have trouble making it into school by sixth period. The reporter for Ch. 2 told him he should consider a career in TV, that his style was perfect for it. "I put that away into the back of my mind for a year or so," Gikofsky recounted for me, "and then when I got restless for something else after 10 years of teaching I just sort of pulled it out." - He got himself a personal manager, and then, without one minute of on-air experience, she helped land him a job as the weekend weatherman at Ch. 2. He's now top forecaster for the city's mostwatched news team, telling us at both six and 11 o'clock each weekday just how dry things are. "I certainly knew I was moving into / the big leagues," he recalled. "But no, I wasn't scared. I honestly figured that if I could keep kids interested during a last period on a Friday afternoon, I could go get them in New York City." And he has. And so far, he says, success hasn't spoiled Mr. G (the classroom moniker which he's carried with him into the studio). "I have no. trouble remembering who I am," he tola 1 me. "I'm a city kid, born in Brooklyn," taught in The Bronx and live in Queens. That's where I am. I'm not a Hollywood star or model or former actor. And I'm not a flake or clown. I'm a city boy and that's what's bred in me." POKKR ANYONE? NBC is making plans to bring back a real old favorite of most everyone Maverick. And yes, starring James Garner in the same role that catapulted him to fame 23 years ago. Garner, who packed it in last year after six years as private eye Jim Rockford, has been saying for a long time that he wants his next series to be far less taxing on him physically than was The Rockford Files. What better way to take it easy than to portray the wisecracking but always amiable riverboat gambler Bret Maverick. Meta Rosenberg, who was exec producer of Rockford, will have same duties on Maverick, now pencilled in as a onehour weekly entry next fall. Garner starred in the original Maverick for WMutschler three of its five years on the air, walking out and never coming back after a contract dispute with his bosses at Warner Brothers. Things have obviously been patched up in the interim however, with WB ready to co-produce, with Gardner's own Cherokee Productions, the new Maverick as soon as everyone can saddle up. FINK TUNING: Funny guy Martin Mull substitutes for Johnny Carson Monday night. It certainly didn't hurt his career when Norman Lear cancelled his outrageous America 2-Nite series, in which he portrayed the boorishly bombastic Barth Gimble, but it sure did away with a great alterantive for viewers looking for something a little different from the usual on the telly. Tuesday night Mull guests on the Smothers Brothers special on NBC... Billy Thomas, who played Buckwheat in the Our Gang comedy movies series from 1934 to 1944, died last week at age 49. He joined with Spanky and Alfalfa and the others in some 90 films...charles Kuralt comes off the road after 13 years as CBS' roving correspondent to take the reins as anchorman of the network's Morning news show, 8-9 a.m., Monday through Friday. He'll continue as host of the Sunday Morning show, a task he's been performing in his usual fine way for the past year and a half. Bob Schieffer, who had been anchoring the Morning broadcasts, moves up to the position of CBS News National Correspondent, based in Washington D.C. COMINGjUP: Sylvester Stallone's post-rocky indulgence, Paradise Alley, takes over NBC at 9 on Thursday night, Oct On Friday, Ch. 9 replays, for the'umpteenth time, the 1944 classic, Laura. Gene Tierney and Dana Andrews star in this marvelous time piece, and if you've somehow never seen it, try to be home at 3 p.m., because that's when the show goes on. At 6 p.m. that same day, Ch. 13 brings on the first of five children's classics it will offer in the next couple of months. Ivanhoe will run each night at 6 p.m. until the final chapter concludes Oct. 31. Later Friday night ABC offers the recent remake of The Invasion of the Body Snatchers, starring Donald Sutherland...Sunday night, Sophia Loren plays herself and her mother in the NBC version of her autobiography. Earlier Sunday, Ch. 5 covers the New York Marathon, live at 10 a.m. THE ALL-SEEING EYE: Abscamper Ozzie Meyers sure provided the best TV of the season so far. JR Ewing would be proud of that very sad performance that the public was finally allowed to view last week. TIME OFF WEEK OF OCTOBER 22-28,1980

83 ONSCREEN 'The Great Santinf is a great film By MICHAEL CASSERLY The Great Santini sounds like the billing for a magic show, which in fact it is, but director Lewis John Carlino needs no sleight of hand or props to manipulate us into a state of awe at such a superbly crafted film. All he uses are inspired acting, his considerable review directing skills, and his own intelligent and dramatic screenplay. Colonel "Bull" Meecham (a.k.a. "the Great Santini") is at once a tough as nails, crack marine squadron leader, an over-grown adolescent who can't admit defeat, and a deeply loving and humorous man. In the air he is supreme, the Great Santini who soars over billowy clouds with dizzying freedom, but back on earth he is graceless, unable to control his compulsive and overwhelming personality. At his best he is an irrepressible prankster; at his worst he is a sadist and a dictator. This kind of complexity requires the emotional depth of a consummate actor. As Meecham, Robert Duval is nothing less than perfect, commanding the role with awesome visceral force and wit. He is larger than lite, consuming it with an intensity and pleasure that is completely enthralling. Always shooting from the hip, Meecham is a captivating throwback from an era long before the decline and recent death of spontaneity (sometime in the mid-70s). The time is "Bull" Meecham has just returned from duty in Spain where he has rallied his Marine squadron to a rousing victory over its navy competition. Still gloating, the conquering hero greets his adoring wife and three kids,whom he commands with the same gusto as he does his pilots. His son (played by Michael O'Keefe), meanwhile, has arrived at the threshold of manhood and the sparks fly when he tries to come out from his father's wings. This ageless conflict makes for suprprisingly powerful drama, as the tangled web of the family's relationships is drawn in and unraveled while the rampaging "Bull" is loose. His son is truly caught, working hard to act like his father's little marine, and wanting to be a normal 18 year old at the same time. Out of a confused, but deep love, the colonel exerts merciless pressure on his son, contstantly drilling his own perverted sense of excellence into his vulnerable psyche. In doing so, the colonel paradoxically molds an Public TV steps up programming Tin 1 Lively Arts, a collection of 26 European productions on art, literature, music, and dance, will debut on Friday evenings at 9 p.m. The series will include in-depth profiles of such contemporary artists and performers as Henry Miller, Tennessee Williams, Anthony Dowell, and Roy Lichtenstein. Behind-the scene viewing of some of the world's great orchestras will be offered as well as historical perspectives on the visual arts ranging from Gustave Courbet to Victor Vasarely, the "Father of Kinetic Art." Each program will be introduced by Theodore Bikel, who contends that Americans "have approached the arts as if they were a frill or a luxury, not as the bare necessity they are." On Friday, Oct. 24, a conversational portrait of the late Henry Miller will be shown, followed the next week with a visit to the 18th century English farmhouse of master guitarist Julian Bream. Other Lively Arts programs will include documentaries, such as technology's influence on art from Leonard to the present, and a survey of the restoration process in Florence, Italy, ten years after a devastating flood. German flick shows at Princeton Univ. "Movies-from-McCarter" will continue on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, Oct. 28 and 29, at Kresge Auditorium on the Princeton campus, with four showings of one of the latest examples of new German cinema Keinhard Hauff's acclaimed first feature Knife in the Head. Show times are 7 and 8:45 p.m., both nights. With this work, director Hauff joined such collegaues as Wim Wenders, Werner Herzog, and Rainer Werner Fassbinder as a major West German director. Knife in the Head stars Bruno Ganz as Hoffman, a quiet, mildmannered biogeneticist who is looking for his wife at a radical hangout when the police raid it. Hoffman is shot in the head, and the brain damage leaves his Table Talk (Continued from page 17) is an aggressively masculine restaurant, especially at lunchtime, with nary a woman in sight. The decor is plain to a fault. The waiters expect that you have memorized the unwritten menu from previous visits and if you haven't, they rattle off its selections at lightning speed. All this can be cheerfully borne if WEIFOF octdbei?' speech and memory impaired. Hauff's film centers upon Hoffman's subsequent rehabilitation, physically and emotionally, as he must learn all over again how to think, speak, walk, and to cope with a life he never gave much thought to before the incident. He becomes a "man between," as the political and the left in contemporary Germany vie with equal hypocrisy to manipulate him for their own selfish political purposes. But the secret of what really happened at the raid and the shooting lies buried in Hoffman's mind as he slowly and painfully rebuilds his consciousness. For further information call steak is your thing. The lamb chops, too, are extraordinary. Entrees are served with dark brown home fried potatoes and a vegetable, very simply prepared. Christ Cella's spinach salad is also excellent. A la carte, of course. I suggest the napolean for dessert. It is, like everything else in the restaurant, uncompromisingly good. At $3.75 a serving, it should be. Service is brisk and efficient. Luncheon with wine should run about $60 for two. individual hard enough to withstand him. The smoldering Oedipal conflict suddenly escalates into war on the basketball court, as Meecham bounces a basketball of his son's head, after losing his first game of one-on-one ever. O'Keefe handles these difficult scenes with admirable poise. Watching both men with compassion from the sidelines is Mrs. Meecham (Blythe Danner), whose role is a limited, though important one. She too is a prisoner, though she works hard to deny this to herself. As the center of stability in this divided family she is caught between her husband's rage and her children's rebellion. We don't get to see enough of her. The backdrop for this family drama is a small town in South Carolina, which directorcarlinosuffuses with a dreamy atmosphere that doesn't quite hide the festering racism. The theme of this twosided Southern gentility is played out through the serene life and violent death of the son's black friend, a natural philosopher and poet. The wide shifts in Duck Soup Created by JANE READ MARTIN mood are very well done. The one false note (and here I am nitpicking) is struck by Meecham's daughter, whose self-irony may delight the audience, but is hardly believable. It is not just that it is out of place in a high school student in the early 60s, or even more out of place in the daughter of a "Bull" Meecham; rather it is that Lisa Jane Persky is apparently playing her role completely tongue-in-cheek. This truly minor blemish aside, The Great Santini is practically flawless. Sure it recycles some cliches, but first Carlinodusts them off and breathes new life into them. Towards the end some hokey sentimentality slips in, but it seems to fit. The film is most impressive when it focuses, with painful clarity, on the difficult and awkward emotions that pass between father and son. The Great Santini is so filled with drama, humor and love, that you leave the theater feeling recharged, intensely and gratefully human. 1. Who produced the television series The Mothers In Law? 2. Mary Tyler Moore was recently seen on Broadway in? 3. Jackie Cooper and Robert Baretta Blake (then John Cooperman and Mickey Gubitosi respectively) appeared together in an early 1920s film series. Can you name it? What was the dog's name? (HINT: this series was later aired on television) 4. Can you name the actors who played Mr. and Mrs. Cleaver, Wally and Beaver on the popular television series Leave It To Beaver? 5. Thirty-eight years ago Gene Kelly debuted in his first major motion picture. Can you name it? (HINT: It costarred Judy Garland) 6. Did Judy Garland ever win an Academy Award? 7. Who was My Favorite Martian? 8. Who played Eddie on The Courtship of Eddie's Father? 9. The above two television shows both featured one common actor. Can you name him? (HINT: He is currently starring in The Incredible Hulk) 10. Pictured above is- -m- *O JO P-"2zi,\\ aqx sajnjns dflosmdna :>(33A\ 1X9U Suiuioo (SZ6I) jo mojuni,i ui /teueu.3 uoq 01 '^qx'8 me 6 znjq uopuejg o UO}S[BA\ ten L JO PJeziM oqx ui JB3A aqi J 3[iuaAnr isag JOJ JBOSO [epads SBM atjs 6 6I ui sa\ 9 B9 A'IM puy ai\i J<M s Last week's DUCK SOUP answers: 1. Six. Wallace Beery, Herbert K. Somborn, the Marquis de la Falaise de la Coudray, Michael Farmer, William Davey and William Dufty. 2. Charity Hope Valentine. 3. (Dan Rowan and Dick Martin's) Laugh-In Pigskin Parade, in which she j9aeag 3UJ, SB A*JJ3f pub 'MOO A^UOJ, 'X[S U![[!g BJBqjsg '^uouinbag qsnn 'fr SBM auieu s,dnd aqx pub UBSOOO apjder- ajaw (sauirj BIHO '3U<?O -ino UBIU B JOJ J31JB J9q JOJ 3[OJ B,<BA\AUV II si ajn ZBUJV isaa 'I SHSMSNV recorded "Balboa." 6. "No!" spoken by Marcel Marceau. 7. Andrea McCardle. 8. Bea Benadaret. 9. Henry Mancini. 10. L to R - Gene Hackman, Liza Minnelli and Burt Reynolds in Lucky Ladv. 19

84 Tlffi Crossword Edited by Margaret Farrar and James C. Boldt L 1980 Loi Angrks flrafi S>ndlcile By William Landis ACROSS Did the crawl Willowy "The Stranger" author Fed Erstwhile cap ital of Rumania 63 Two-handed, 66 in Toulouse 67 Use the podium 71 A Barrett 72 Quadrennial 74 events Make 75 (eke out) 76 Enjoy malicious satis faction Wish undone 79 Cotter and safety 80 Power transmitters Pod occupants 85 Emulated Small change Towel fabric 87 Santa 88 Centennial 89 event: Phrase 91 Bouquet 93 Author Bagnold 96 Unprincipled 97 Many millennia 101 Exercised 104 Call day Dissect grammatically 105 Exchange arms Bosh Calcutta wear Member of a religious community Decennial. event: Phrase Clergymen Parched Colloquial gnats sides cropper Cybele's beloved Unfinished Worries Cap- Actress Ekberg End of a French flick Connectives Biennial event Brown of music Requests Chest sound of a sort Has sway Use expletives Complaint Supporters Minerva's counterpart Restrain Operatic bits Quadrennial date: Phrase Pinball quietus Lake of Finland 10t3 TV's Ariedge16 10; ' Wise's 17 neighbor 108 Wreck 109 Attic population units 110 French ukase 1V1 Blackthorn fruit DOWN Percolate, in Perth Sound the tocsin Applied Squander Carrying cargo French notions Circus enclosure Rude dwelling Juncture Health symptom Environs Fountain staple Salt Lake City 61 athlete 62 Concealment Merry (lively persons) Wasteland Actress Bancroft 65 Tammany car-68 toonist 69 Chemical pre fix 70 Winged Ship wood Simpletons 72 Overfed Vessel of a 73 sort 74 Fencer's hit 78 Indonesian New Guinea 79 Selected Bonn beagle 81 City on the 82 Seyhan 83 all Alpine crest 85 Sides Body sculptures 88 Approached 89 Pick-me-up 90 Dire words Permeates 91 Necklace favorite 92 Blanca 93 Follows implacably 94 City way 95 3rd cent. Irish 96 hero Requiring fer 97 tilization 98 Lure 99 "Theirs reason 100 why..." Song 102 Ridiculous 103 Missouri diamond specialists Archangel Clergyman's residence Word with bank or cheese Horseshoe cleats Mimics Tilt Rhetorical repetition Conic sections Tried Hibernian Actress Garson "Charley's " Literary patchwork Art category Tariff specifics Actress Dunne Lama-land Aleutian island Carbon copy Retained Author O'Flaherty ALFA Shadow Florence's river Auld lang ENE minus 45 In favor of B Last week's answers are on page 21 ^H22 I On Bridge Play the odds: don't rely on guesswork By CHARLOTTE and PAUL DOBIN WEST «Q 9 5 <? Q K Q J Q 10 South IS 3C P West P P P NORTH * K J A SOUTH 4 A K J 5 93 A K 7 EAST «6 "7 8 2 $ A J North 2S 4S South Dealer North-South vulnerable Opening lead K of diamonds East P P There are many ways to play bridge, and most of the time there are alternate ways to make a contract. However to play by guess and by golly is usually not one of them. Thought is required as well as planning, leaving the guessing to the poker players and the gamblers. Therefore, if a finesse can be avoided (a finesse is a 50 percent guess) it -is prudent to do so. Today's hand was played in a team game and the North-South pair at both tables reached the spade game. But that is where the similarity ends, since one pair made their contract while t,he other South went down ignominiously. Here is how the South who went down played the cards. At both tables the opening lead was the diamond king and after the defenders had played two rounds of that suit, South ruffed the third diamond. He then led out the ace followed by the king of spades and with a shrug of his shoulder exclaimed, "Well partner, I didn't guess that one right!" Then he led a heart toward his hand, played the jack and West took his queen as well as the spade queen, setting the contract. "I just have no luck playing the cards, it seems all I do is guess wrong. Now, if I'd have guessed right we'd have made an overtrick,"wassouth'srepeated lament. Can you see where poor South went wrong? Here's how it was played at the other table with this South going about the business of making his contract, never once caring how good a 'guesser' he was. Again the king of diamonds was led, and again South ruffed the third diamond in his hand. He too played the ace followed by the king of spades, noting the location of the spade queen in the West hand. He then played a club to his king followed by the club ace. Now he played his last club if West ruffed he could discard a heart from dummy, if he did not then South would trump in dummy, ruff the last diamond in hand to make sure West had none left. Then he was finally ready to play a trump to West's queen knowing full well that West had only hearts left in his hand. Thus, a heart return by West eliminated the 'guess' for the location of the heart queen since, in essence, West had taken the heart finesse for the Declarer giving him the three heart tricks he needed, plus his contract. Club Happenings The Cosmopolitan Duplicate Bridge Club of Highland Park, will feature a Club Championship Oct. 22 at the JCC on South Adelaide Ave. starting at 8 p.m. Local Club Result! Princeton YWCA Bridge for Fun: 10/14 N-S 1 - Cia McDermott, Dianne McLaughlin; 2- Dick Mayer, Madelyn Plattus; 3 - Liz Bartholomew, Jane Ball; E-W 1 - Velva Hagen, Ruth Word Games By HELENE HOVANEC Results of Competition #24 Creative Geography It was hard to recognize some of these American locations after they were creatively rearranged and defined. Thus, Water loony (nutty swimmer), Pert Ham Boy (cute little actor) and Loga Nut (TV snack) look somewhat unusual when presented in this manner. Thanks for all the response over the past year. With this column WORD GAMES will be discontinued. FIRST PRIZE: Two tickets to the Mercer Mall Cinema: Buffalony delicatessen meat made Shoemaker; 2 - Joan Carlson, Elda McCoy; 3 - Lynne Long, Audrey Bennett. Princeton YM-YWCA: 10/14 N-S I -Art Benson, Al Green; 2 Bill Davis, Amy Lowenstein; 3 - Art Edwards, Lorrin Zissman; 4 - Cia Mc- Dermott, Dianne McLaughlin; 5 - Bernie Yurwit, Al Lowrie; 6 - Tess Papp, Everett Harris; E- W 1 - Perry Venkatesen, Zevah Pyne; 2 - Alax Medvin, Wayne Roney; 3 - Carl Garfing, Vivian Stern; 4 - Lou and Sylvia Stanley; 5/6 - Dot Eiger, Frances Hedberg tied with Gail Barcelo, Wendell McPhee. Mercer County Duplicate: 10/15 N-S 1 Lillian and Joe Coult; 2 - Hildred Gross, Lillian Koss; 3 - Connie Rhodes, Elaine Totten; 4 - Joan Roth, Bea Littman; E-W 1 Daisy Goecker, Ruth Leopold; 2 - Hannah and Jules Wagner; 3/4 - Dot Eiger, Frances Hedberg tied with Taylor Hughes, Iggy Littman. Cosmopolitan Duplicate: 10/15 N-S 1 -Anthony Cacoso, Ed Rothstein; 2 - Steve Schulman, Beverly Bluth; 3 - Bill Greenspan, Gail Fishner; 4 - Tom Curley, N. Puri; E-W 1 - Al Polara. Mina Katz; 2 Bruno. Voegele, Lois Adelman; 3 - Mike Tallman, Julie Rowe; 4 - lone llanan, Peggy Coe. from spiced bison Miles Klein, E. Brunswick.SECOND PRIZE: One year subscription or renewal to any newspaper in The Princeton Packet group: Waba Shriver A Kennedy in-law Ruth Roufberg, Kendall Park HONORABLE MENTION: Anderson In thoughts of a Presidential hopeful C. Szymanski, Cranbury Hi lo hi yo-yo's route J.Saykwa, Deans Mobile a la B.A., M.A. a ceiling hanging display consisting of two college degrees Judy Klein, E. Brunswick 20 TIME OFF WEEK OF OCTOBER 22 28,1980

85 Imminent and Eminent By TOM CARROLL Variety is the spice of popular music this week as a wide range of artists come into the area to perform. The funky r'n' b sounds of former Band member Levon Helm will till Philadelphia's Bijou Cafe (Broad and Lombard)tonight, Oct. 22, and Thursday. He moves on to the Fast Lane (4th Avenue, Asbury Park) on Friday, Oct. 24. The danceable din of Britain's Fingerprints can be heard on Oct. 23 at Hurrah (36 W. 62, NYC) and at the Emerald City (Rte. 70, Cherry Hill) on Oct. 25. Polyrock, the New York band recently produced by avant-garde composer Phillip Glass, is scheduled to open for the Emerald City date. Thursday, Oct. 23 will be an all-around good night for dancing with the forerunner of heavy metal, the legendary Steppenwolf, this time with its original singer, John Kay, at Heaven (Rte. 73, Pennsauken), the rasta repast of Jamica's Steel Pulse at Club 57 (Irving Plaza and E. 15, NYC), Snakefinger and his brand of twisted pop at Danceteria (252 W.37th, NYC) and new-wavers Nervous Eaters at Trax (100 W. 72nd, NYC) and the Psychedelic Furs at Aldo's Hideaway (Marin Ave. and Orient Way, Lyndhurst). An up and coming showcase on the club scene, Aldo's will also feature the Spectres a new band consisting of guitarist Danny Kustow, formerly of the Tom Robinson Band, and ex-sex Pistol, ex-rich Kid and ex-iggy Pop band member Glen Matlock, on Sunday, Oct. 26 and the proto-punk himself, Iggy Pop for three nights, Oct Oldtimers The Kinks are riding on the success of their current live double album right into the large venues this time as they come through the area. They'll be at the Spectrum in Philly (Broad and Pattison) for two shows on Friday, Oct. 24, with that city's own The A's opening, and at the Nassau Coliseum (Uniondale, NY) on Sunday, Oct. 26. MX-80 Sound, the new wave of heavy metal from San Francisco, will be at Max's Kansas City (Park Ave. at 17th, NYC) on Oct. 24, with Junior Walker and the All-Stars bringing their 14-karat soul stylings to the Ritz (11th bet. 3rd and 4th, NYC) on the 24th and 25th. The end of this musical week will bring Utopia, withtodd Rundgren, back into the area for the first of few appearances in the region to showcase the 60s pop and Beatles parodies of the group's new Deface The Music lp. Todd Be this Utopia? Yup, at the Ritz Tuesday and Wednesday. and the boys will premiere the new show at the Ritz on Tuesday and Wednesday, Oct SVT, San Francisco's highly acclaimed punky pop band which features bass player extraordinaire Jack Casady of Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna fame, will play the Bottom Line (4th and Mercer, NYC) on Oct. 28 and Long Island's Malibu Club the following evening. NOW PLAYING HILLSBOROUCH Hillsboro Cinema: Private Bvnjamin, Fri. - Thurs., 7:20,9:20; Sun., also 5:20. LAWRENCE Eric I tt II: Call for shows. Mercer Mall I: Somttwhore in Tlm«, 1:45, 3:45, 5:45,7:45,9:45. Mercer Mall II: Private Ben amln, 1, 3:10, 5:20, 7:40,10. Mercer Mall III: Oh God, Bk. II, 1:30, 3:30, 5:30, 7:30,9:30., Q.B. IV AMC Theatres: Call for times. Cinema I: Times Square Cinema 11: Mother's Day Cinema III: Terror Train Cinema IV: The Great Santinl MANVILLE RATING KEY Great Good Fair Boring Poor (Walked out) SOMEWHERE IN TIME Mini movie reviews are provided by Clneman Cineman Syndicate and do not necessarllv reflect.i. jhe.. vie' Pallas,TIMEOFF? sfili,lews of Michael film critic. A schmaltzy, sentimental love story with Christopher ("Superman") Reeve as a young playwright who crosses the time barrier to find his true love (Jane Seymour). This sort of mystical romance was done well in the '40s, Remember "Portrait of Jennie?" But Reeve is no Joseph Cotton, and this silly film misfires for lack of inspiration and imagination Seymour looks beautiful, but she's all surface and bogyed down with relentlessly trite dialogue (PC) WEEK OF OCTOBER ,1980. Manville Cinema ( ): Airplane, Wed., Thurs., 7:30,9,10:30. Smarts Fri., My Bodyguard. MONTGOMERY Montgomery Cinema: Wed., Thurs., Getting of Wisdom, 7:20,9:10. Bad Timing, Fri. - Thurs., 7:10, 9:20; Sun., also 5. PRINCETON Garden Theatre: Divine Madness, 7:30,9:30. SOMERSET Rutgers Plaza I & II: Call for shows. TRENTON Director's Chair I: Xanadu, 7:30,9:30. Director's Chair II: He Knows You're Alone, 7:20 9:30. PRIVATE BENJAMIN Coldie Hawn plays a pampered young woman who gets away. from it all by joining the Army where she wages comic warfare on the brass hats. The serviceable script is somewhat reminiscent of those "this is the Army" type comedies that were popular in the '40s and '50s. Goldie, as the Army's most unlikely soldier, updates this routine with her perky charm and comic style that keep the gags marching along at double time. After this, she deserves a promotion to corporal. (K) IN GOD WE TRUST Strained comedy with banjo-eyed Marty Feldman as a Trappist monk on the prowl for some fast cash to pay the debts of the monastery Out in the wicked world (Los Angeles to be exact), innocent Marty encounters a blustering television evangelist and a kind-hearted prostitute. He also meets Cod in the form of that big computer in the sky played by Richard Pryor. What we don't meet dre situations that make us laugh (PC) 1980 CINEMAN SYNDICATE 6 Hillsboro STARTS FRIDAY! Shows 7:20 & 9:20 ^Bargain Show Sunday 5: Goldie Hawn 0 PRIVATE \ BENJAMIN Montgomery Hit 10«till Ro.k, Hill Start! Friday Showi 7:10 * 9:20 Sun. 5:00, 7:10, 9:20 Winner best Him Toronto Film Festival " *" Newsday BAD TIMING/ A SENSUAL OBSESSION o WEST WINDSOR Prince Budco I: Stardust Memories Prince Budco II: La Cag» Aux FolUs Prince Budco III: Hopscotch Call for times. ~ Last Week's Answers - BBsa maaa anna ananas SHBB rasna nan nqraan aaamob nasaa aaasaaaaa EJHDSB nosna HOBBO SS sannag maa BOSS BBBB T H E l «lq Ni0 UMC El sans QOBH i inlsltfrtrma] i M A I'BH[FWT A1P LIE LIAIDIVIFI I IMIGIEIRMEIAIRILIWIAIR'IRIEIKII nnaa SBBOQ annas HHQH BBC3B E1SBII1 SQ@n QQUB NEW CINEMA from WEST GERMANY BRUNO GANZ in REINHARD HAUFF'S KNIFE IN THE HEAD ".. is another major, very original German movie!"--canby, N. Y. Times KRESGE AUDITORIUM on the Princeton University Campus 4 Showings Only: TUES.4 WED. OCTOBER 28 & 29 at 7:00 & 8:45 p.m. Admission $2.50/Available at door from 6:307SERIES SUBSCRIPTIONS to the complete Movies-from- McCarter Series also available at door at showtimes. INFORMATION: Call McCarter: 'TIME OFF. 21

86 AR TS CALENDAR DRAMA Neil Simon's Last of the Red Hot Lovers, Sandbox Dinner Theatre, Tullytown, Pa.; through November, Friday evening theater, Sing it to Me Mr. T., through October, Classically Yours, through November, Little Johnny Jones, Walnut Street Theatre, 9th and Walnut Sts., Philadelphia, PA; through Oct. 23, Fridays, Saturdays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 8 p.m.; Saturdays and Wednesdays, 2 pm.; and Sundays, 3 p.m.; Man of La Mancha, Bucks County Playhouse, New Hope, Pa.; through Oct. 31, Thursdays and Fridays, 8:30 p.m., Saturdays, 5 and 9 p.m., Sundays, 7:30 p.m., Waltz of the Toreadors by Jean Anouilh, through Nov. 16; Jules Feiffer's Knock Knock, Nov. 18 through Dec. 14; New Jersey Shakespeare Festival, Madispn, Tuesday through Friday, 8 p.m., Saturday, n and 9:30 p.m., Sunday, 7 p.m., On the Golden Pond, New Jersey Theatre Forum, 232 East Front St., Plainfield; through Nov. 2, Wednesdays through Saturdays, 8 p.m.; Sundays, 3 p.m., The Phantom of the Opera, N.J. Public Theatre, 118 South Avenue, Cranford; through Nov. 8, Fridays and Saturdays, 8:30 p.m., Sundays, 7:30 p.m., The Taming of the Shrew, through Nov. 9; Moby Dick Rehearsed, through Nov. 8; McCarter Theatre, 91 University Place, Princeton; The Price by Arthur Miller, Actor's Cafe Theatre, Franklin and Fremont Sts., Bloomfield; through Nov. 8, Thursdays, 7:30 p.m.; Fridays and Saturdays, 8 p.m.; Side By Side by Sondheim, musical, Centenary Performing Arts Guild, Centenary College, 400 Jefferson St., Hackettstown; Oct. 22 to 25, 8 p.m., Saturday,. 2 p.m., , ext Carousel, Artists Showcase Theater; Oct. 24, 25, 31, The New Bordentown Community Player's Second Time Around, Peter Muschal School, Ward Avenue; Oct. 24 and 25, 8 p.m., Oct. 26, 3 p.m. The Serpent Smiles by S. Michael Schnessel, Princeton Community Players, 171 Broadmead; Oct. 24, 25, 26, 31, Nov. 1, Fridays and Saturdays, 8:30 p.m. and Sundays, 7:30 p.m., My Sweet Charlie by David Westheimer, Crossroads Theater, New Brunswick; Oct. 25 through Nov. 23, Side Kicks by the Pushcart Players, Temple Sholom, North Bridge St., Bridgewater; Oct. 26, 2 p.m. A Musical Comedy for Children, Oct. 26; Middlesex County College Performing Arts Center, Edison, 1 p.m., , ext My Sister in this House by Wendy Kesselman, Oct. 27; Playwrights-At- McCarter, Princeton Inn College Theater, 99 Alexander Rd., , free. Hansel and Gretel and Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Paper Mill Playhouse for children, Brookside Drive, Millburn; Oct. 28 and 29, 10 a.m. and 1 p.m., Holy Ghosts, comic-drama, Walnut Street Theater, 9th and Walnut Sts., Philadelphia; Oct. 28, through Nov. 2, Tuesdays, 7 p.m., Wednesdays and Thursdays, 8 p.m., Fridays and Saturdays, 6 and 9:30 p.m., Sundays, 3 p.m., ART Around the World: Antiquities from Private Collections in Princeton; Photographs from the Museum's Collection; Selections from the Winston- Malbin Collection; Works on Paper by 20th Century Artists; and Video/Televisipn, through Nov. 9; Calligraphy and Dynasties, through Feb. 1; Princeton University Art Museum, Tues. - Sat., 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.; Sun. 1-5 p.m., Graphics Exhibit, Coryell Gallery at the Porkyard, 8'.jj Coryell St., Lambertville; through Nov. 9, Wed. - Sun., 11 a.m. - 5 p.m., opening reception, [Contemporary crafts exhibit, Cafe Gallery, 219 High St., Burlington; through Oct. 31, Culture and Society in Victorian America, by Dr. Harvey Green, Historian at the Strong Museum (Rochester), Elkins Auditorium, Mercer Museum, Pine Street, Doylestown; Tuesday, Oct. 28, 8 p.m., Exploring Art on View, Artspace Middlesex Gallery, 35 Cambridge Road, Kendall Park; Wednesday, Oct. 29, 7:30 p.m., Slide/Lecture on "The Dinner Party" by Judy Chicago, lecture presented by Diane Gelo, art historian, Artspace Middlesex, 35 Cambridge Road, Kendall Park; Tuesday, Oct. 28, 8 p.m., Women Artists Series: Alice Aycock, sculpture and drawings, Rutgers University's Douglass College, Mabel Smith Douglass Library, George St. and Chapel Drive, New Brunswick; Oct. 22 through Nov. 24, Monday to Thursdays, 8 to 1 p.m.; Fridays, 8 a.m. to 10p.m.; Saturdays and Sundays, noon to 5 p.m., Drawings and paintings by Carroll N. Jones, III, Whistler's Daughter Art Gallery, 88 South Finley Ave., Basking Ridge; Oct. 23 through Nov. 13, 5 to 8 p.m., Antique Show and Sale presented by the Hopewell Valley Historical Society, St. James Roman Catholic Church, Eglantine Ave., Pennington; Oct. 23 and 24; Thursday,, noon to 9 p.m.; Friday., noon to 10 p.m. Art Therapy: An Exhibition of Works Done in Therapy, Trenton State College's Holman Gallery through Oct. 26, weekdays, noon to 3 p.m., Thursdays, 7-9 p.m.; Sundays, 1-3 p.m., Portraits and Landscapes by Paul Matthews, Stover Mill Gallery, Route 32, Erwinna, Pa.; through Oct. 26, weekends, th Century French Photographers, Eugene Atget, Etienne Carjat, Edouard- Denis Baldus, and Beremice Abbott, The Nassau Gallery, 20 Nassau St., Princeton; through Nov. 6, Art Works by Dan and Pauline Eble Campanelli, oils and watercolors, Delaware Valley College, Krauskopf Memorial Library, Rt. 202, Doylestown, Pa.; through Nov. 3, weekdays 8:30 a.m. to 10 p.m., Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Sunday, noon to 11 p.m., Wildlife pictures and prints by Charles Krace and Rod Arbogast, 1812 Room of the Lambertville House, 32 Bridge St.; through October, open daily, 11 a.m. -10 p.m., Sunday, noon - 8 p.m. Silk Screens by Jane Cortelyou, Present Day Club, 71 Stockton St., Princeton, Month of October; Mon. - Fri. 9:30-11:30 a.m. The Working American, through Nov. 2; A Better Rest to Find, 19th century quilts and coverlets, through Nov. 16; Visual Art from New Jersey Teen Arts, through Oct. 26; Scientific Illustrations by Kenneth L. Gosner, through Oct. 26; Frank Greco: Posters and Lettering, through Nov. 30; N.J. State Museum, West Slate St., Trenton; , free. Paintings by James Havard, Tomasulo Gallery, Union College 1033 Springfield Ave., Cranford; through Oct. 27, , ext (raft Directions, juried exhibit, Cafe Gallery, 219 High St., Burlington; through Oct. 31, Sun., 11:30 a.m p.m.; Mon.-Thurs., 11:30 a.m. - midnight, Fri. and Sat., 11:30 a.m. - 2 a.m., Silk screens by Senor Amodo Pena, Jentra Fine Art Gallery, Rt. 33 and Millhurst Rd. in Freehold, through Oct. 31, open daily, 10 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. and Sat., 10 a.m. - 5 p.m., Works Progress Administration Prints, Newark Museum; through Nov. 4, Images-New Mexico, Renaissance Restaurant Gallery, 83 Princeton Ave. in Hopewell; through Nov. 15, , open daily except Monday, 1-5 p.m. Attorney Harrison Billings (Steve Nelson) presents one of Mirabella Vineyard's finer vintages to Joseph and Betty Smith (Lew Qantwerk and Marty Salkin) in this scene from "The Serpent Smiles." / A Princeton Community Players production. Antiques Show and Sale, St. Magdalene's Parish Center, Mine St., Flemington; Oct. 24, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Oct. 25, li a.m. to 6 p.m. Doll House and Miniature Show and Sale, Hightstown Women's Club, Oct. 25, Three Stories, Junior Museum Talk, Princeton University Chapel; Oct. 25, Uniques II, exhibit, Artspace Middlesex, 35 Cambridge Road, Kendall Park; Oct. 26 through Nov. 30, open Tuesday to Friday, 1 to 4:30 p.m.; Sunday, 1 to 4 p.m.; opening reception, Oct. 26, 1 to 4 p.m., , free. Futurism and the International Avant-Garde, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Benjamin Franklin Parkway; Oct. 26, First Annual Afro-American art exhibit, Middlesex County College Gallery, Edison; through Oct. 26 (except Oct. 25), , ext. 327, free. Moment in Time, mixed media exhibit by Cheryl K. D'Altrui, Rutgers University Mason School of the Arts, George St., New Brunswick; Oct. 28 through Nov. 7, weekdays, 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., An Artist Views the Black Experience, Stockton State College, Pomona; through Oct. 31, open Monday to Friday, noon to 4 p.m., Watercolors by Doris Hyland, Monmouth Museum, Lincroft; through Nov. 2, open Tuesday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Sunday, 1 to 5 p.m. Sculptures by Gar Waterman, Anne Reid Art Gallery, Princeton Day School, Great Rd.; through Nov. 5, open week- 22,TtME,OFF WEEK OF OCTOBER 22-28,1980

87 Week of Oct ,1980 days, 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Art by J. Marguerite Fournials, Flemington Gallery of the Arts, 150 Main St., Flemington; through Nov. 9, open Wednesday through Sunday, 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Paintings by Carol Bar any and Dorothy McNamara, Golden Door Gallery, Parry Barn, 52 South Main St., New Hope, Pa; through Nov. 11, 6"pen Tuesday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., Watercolors by Barbara Cook, D & B Frames, Pennington Shopping Center; through Oct. 31. Assembly installation paintings by William Koger Clark; photography by Richard Armington; Mercer County Community College, West Windsor; through Nov. 7, Paintings by Michael B. Karas, Gentle Winds Gallery, 156 West State St., Doylestown, Pa; through Nov. 8, open Tuesday to Thursday and Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Fridays, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., ' Robin Gary Wood, solo paintings exhibit, Richard Stuart Gallery, Pipersville, Pa.; through Nov. 9, open Wednesdays through Sundays, 1 to 6 p.m. Transformations-Assemblage and Collage, Rider College Student Center Art Gallery, through Nov. 12, open Monday to Friday, 9:30 a.m. to noon, 1 to 5 p.m., and 7 to 11 p.m., Dennis Lock, wall hangings / Sculptures, Barbara Glaberson Gallery, 46PatersonSt., Edison; throughnov ' ' College Faculty Show, prints exhibit, The Printmaking Council Building, North Branch Station; through Nov. 16, open Tuesday to Sunday, 1 to4p.m., The Show Offs, paintings and drawings exhibit, Newark Museum, 409 Wahington'St., Newark; through Nov. 26, open daily, noon to 5 p.m. Documentary exhibit of American graphic arts; Exhibition Gallery and the Graphic Arts Room of Princeton University's Firestone Library; through Jan. 27, open Monday to Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Sunday, 2 to 5 p.m., Spacial Works in Paintings and Sculpture, Western Electric's Corporate Education Center, Carter Rd., Hopewell; through Nov. 26, open weekdays, 9 a.m. to4 p.m. and weekends, 2 to 5 p.m., free. FILM 1 Phantom of the Opera, starring Lon Chaney, Mary Jacobs Library, 64 Washington St., Rocky Hill; Thursday, Oct. 23, 7:30 p.m., One Kitten For Kim and A Chairy Tale, children's films, Princeton Public Library, Witherspoon Street, Princeton; Thursday, Oct. 23, 3:30 p.m., WEEK OF OCTOBER , Wizards, Student Center Theater, Rider College, Rt. 206, Lawrenceville; Friday through Sunday, Oct , 8:30 p.m., Oily Oily Oxon Free, children's film, N.J. State Museum, West State Street, Trenton; Saturday, Oct. 25,1 and 3 p.m., Phantasm, Student Center, Trenton State College, Trenton; Saturday, Oct. 25, 8:30 p.m. and midnight, The Father, N.J. Public Television, Channels ; Saturday, Oct. 25, 9:30 p.m., Swept Away, by Lena Wertmuller, Little Theater, Centenary College, Hackettstown; Sunday, Oct. 26, 7 p.m., Jungle Book, nature film, Churchville Nature Center, Churchville Lane," Churchville, Pa.; Sunday j Oct. 26, 2 p.m., Knife In the Head, by Reinhard Hauff, Kresge Auditorium, Princeton University, Princeton; Tuesday and Wednesday, Oct. 28 and 29, 7 and 8:45 p.m., The Loneliness of the Long Distance Uunner, N.J. Public Television, Channels ; Tuesday, Oct. 28,8 p.m., MUSIC Verdi's Requiem presented by the Westminster Choir, Westminster Choir College, Princeton; Oct. 22, 8 p.m., Comedy Spotlight, Oct. 22; Pleasure, Oct. 23; The Rockbottom Band, Oct. 24 and 25; Nan Mancini and Johnny's Dance Band, Oct. 26; Groceries, Oct. 27; J. & G. at J. & P., Oct. 28; Comedy Spotlight, Oct. 29; John & Peter's Place, 96 South Main St., New Hope, Pa., Dent Williamson, flutist, and Shirley Katchelor, pianist, in a faculty recital, Oct. 2li; Alumni and Friends concert, Oct. 27; Trenton State College, Bray Hall, 8 p.m., , free. New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, Bridgewater-Raritan West High School, Bridgewater; Oct. 23, 8:30 p.m., Pianist Thomas Kichner, Rutgers University's Douglass College, Voorhees Chapel on Chapel Drive, New Brunswick; Oct. 23, 12:30 p.m., , free. Jazz by the Montgomery Brothers, Rutgers University's Livingston College, New Brunswick; Oct. 23,8 to 11 p.m., Pianist Kmanuel Ax, cellist Vo-Yo Ma, and violinist Young-Uck Kim, Monmouth Arts Center, 99 Monmouth St., Red Bank; Oct. 23, 8 p.m., Jazz pianist Adam Makowicz, Somerset County College Cabaret Theater, Oct. 24, 8 p.m., , ext. 312., Pianist Jeffrey Siegel, presented by the Greater Trenton Symphony Orchestra, War Memorial Auditorium; Willow St., Trenton; Oct. 26, 8 p.m., Jazz singer Maxine Sullivan, Summit Art Center, 68 Elm St., Summit; Oct. 26, 4 p.m., The Happenings, Hilton Inn, N.J. Turnpike Exit 8, Monmouth St. Extension, East Windsor; Oct. 27, Violinist Naoko Tanaka, Kean Chamber Orchestra, Wilkins Theater, Kean College, Morris Ave., Union; Oct. 27, 8:15 p.m., Garden Statesmen Chorus of the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America, United Methodist Church, Nassau and Vandeventer Sts., Princeton; Oct. 28, 8 p.m., Princeton Folkdance Group's Halloween party, Riverside School, allpurpose room, Oct. 28, 7:30 to 11 p.m., or All-Mozart Concert, Rutgers University Orchestra conducted by John Eric Floreen, N.J.I.T. Theatre, Bleecker and Summit Streets, Newark; Friday, Oct. 24, 8 p.m., , free. Music from Oberlin Chamber Ensemble, N.J. State Museum Auditorium, West Slate Street, Trenton; Oct. 23, 7:30 p.m., , free. LECTURES History of Jazz, two-part lecture, by Richard Lowenthal, professional musician, Metuchen Public Library, Metuchen; Thursday, Oct. 16 and 23, 7:30 p.m., , free. Counted Country Cross Stitch, craft workshop conducted by Terry Dominici, Hillsborough Public Library, R.R. 3, Am well Road, Belle Mead; Thursday, Oct. 23, 10 a.m., Introductory Astronomy, South Brunswick Public Library, Kingston Lane, Monmouth Junction; Fridays through Nov. 21, call for times, Around the Ancient World: Middle Eastern Antiquities, by Donald N. Wilber, Art Museum, Princeton University, Princeton; Friday and Sunday, Oct. 24 and 26,12:30 and 3 p.m, respectively, My Sister in This House, play reading and post-play discussion with Wendy Kesselman, Princeton Inn College Theater, 99 Alexander Rd., Princeton; Monday, Oct. 27, 7:30 p.m., DANCE International Folk Dancing, live music, teaching, and dance, Rutgers University, Bartlett Hall, Cook College, New Brunswick; every Wednesday, 7 p.m., Harden State Ballet, dance performance, John Harms Englewood Plaza, Englewood; Wednesday, Oct. 22, 8:30 p.m., Princeton Ballet, dance performance by The Kreps School, Hightstown High School, Hightstown; Friday, Oct. 24, 8 p.m., New Jersey Ballet Company, dance performance, Millville High School, Millville; Saturday, Oct. 25, Halloween Dance, benefit for Prallsville Mill Restoration, Prallsville Mill, Stockton; Saturday, Oct. 25, 8 p.m. to midnight, Singles* Dance of Greater Central Jersey, Gaslight Restaurant, Jersey Avenue, New Brunswick; Sunday, Oct. 26, 5 to 9 p.m., Folkdance Halloween Party, Riverside Elementary School, allpurpose room, Riverside Drive, Princeton; Tuesday, Oct. 28, 7:30 to 11 p.m., MISCELLANY Summit Art Center workshops, training volunteers to give talks, films, and creative projects in nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and hospitals, Summit Art Center, Summit; Mondays, Oct. 20 and 27, 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Planetarium Programs, New Jersey State Museum, West State street, Trenton; Saturdays and Sundays, 2, 3, and 4 p.m., The Sky at Night, tour of the galaxies, nebulae, and constellations of autumn skies, Newark Museum Planetarium, 49 Washington Sts., Newark; Saturdays and Sundays (except Oct. 19) 2 and 3 p.m., Comedy Spotlight, with comedian Grover Silcox and Judy Toll, John & Peter's Place, 96 S. Main St., New Hope, Pa.; Wednesday, Oct. 22,9 p.m., Antique Show and Sale, Hopewell Valley Historical Society, St. James Roman Catholic Church, Eglantine Avenue, Pennington; Thursday and Friday, Oct. 23 and 24, noon to 9 p.m. (10 p.m. on Friday), Antiques Show and Sale, St. Magdalene's Parish Center, Mine Street, Flemington; Friday and Saturday, Oct. 24 and 25, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. (6 p.m. on Saturday), Doll House and Miniature Show and Sale, St. Anthony's Hall, Hightstown; Saturday, Oct. 25,9:30 a.m. to4:30 p.m., Octoberfest, Trinity Cathedral, 801 West State St., Trenton; Saturday, Oct. 25, 5 and 7 p.m. sittings, call for reservations. Bus Trip to N.Y. Botanical Gardens, Hronx, leaving Colonial Park Parking Lot A, Mettlar's Road, East Millstone; Tuesday, Oct. 28, 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Stained Glass Pumpkins, Halloween crafts program for kids, Mary Jacobs Library, 64 Washington St., Rocky Hill; Wednesday, Oct. 29, 10 a.m., TIMEOFF 23

88 DINNER AT BOSTON'S A TRADITION CONTINUED APPETIZERS Hot Boston's Reputation Fried Mushrooms Clams Casino Whole fresh clam topped with ou chef's own casino sauce Asparagus en Croute Whole asparagus spears wrapped with blue cheese and butter nastrv Alaskan King Crabmeat Cocktail The King of Crabmeat, delicate in flavor, sautecd in garlic and butter ENTREES Chicken au Vin Boneless breast of chicken sauteed in herbs, mushrooms, white wine Chicken a la Cacciatore Chicken Marsala Sauteed with red peppers, mushrooms, garlic, Marsala wine and light cream Veal Saute Marsala Sauteed with red peppers, mushrooms and garlic Veal Saltimbocca Veal a la Parmigiana Veal Piccatta Veal sauleed in wine, lemons and thvme to produce a delicate flavor r ilet Mignon Juicy tenderloin cut, done to you hoice Sirloin Steak Prime cut exquisite Filet Mignon Pizzaiqla Sauteed to your desire in red sauce, mushrooms and topped off with mozzarella cheese Shrimp Cocktail Gulfstream shrimp cooked to perfection and delicately flavored Snow Crabfinger Cocktail Fresh large crabfingers with an exquisite Uiste Hot Spinach Salad Quiche du Jour Served hot or cold Boston's Onion Soup Soup du Jour Made fresh with herbs and natural ingredients Filet Mignon Marsala Done to your choice in mushrooms, garlic and Marsala wine Medallions of Beef Sauteed with green peppers, mushrooms and red wine Boeuf Champignon Sauteed with mushrooms and garlic brought together with a blend of three wines and light cream Rack of Lamb Coated with Pommery mustard and served with a broiled tomato Crabmeat au Gratin \laskan King crabmeat baked in a golden Cheddar sauci Coquilles St. Jacques Fresh bay scallops sauteed in a wine cheese sail Fish du Jour The chef's choice of fish uvailublt and enhanced with a fine sauce Bay Scallops Sauteed in lemon, wine and butter Shrimp Scampi Sauteed in garlic, butter and red peppers PASTAS Fettucine Alfredo Tortellini Linguini With shrimp or crabmeat Spinach Linguini Canneloni BOSTON'S HOUSE SPECIALS Chicken Valencia sauteed in butter and finished off with Triple Sec. orange jui Bay Scallops Casino render bay scallops sauteed with the chef s casino sauce - Helical Filet steaks sauteed with black peppercorns, brandy and cream Filet Roquefort Choice filet mignon stuffed with Roast Duckling Prepared with cinnamon, hone\ and cloves and baked to a golden brown, served with an apple and Dinners Served 5-11 p.m. Tues. thru Sat; Sun. 4:30-9 Luncheon Tues. thru Fri. 11:30-2: Fulton Street Trenton, New Jersey TIME OFF WEEK OF OCTOBER 22 28,1980



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University of Miami Medical Campus Crime Summary Report April 2013 **Tip of the Month**

University of Miami Medical Campus Crime Summary Report April 2013 **Tip of the Month** University of Miami Medical Campus Crime Summary Report April 2013 **Tip of the Month** What to do if lost The 4 Survival Skills Every Kid Should Know A lost child is a scared child, and usually their

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just call us at

just call us at just call us at. 788-8410 Table of Contents Page What is Reserve-A-Ride?... 2 When is Reserve-A-Ride available?... 2 Passenger Responsibilities 3-4 Americans with Disabilities Paratransit Priority Reservations..,,,,,

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BUDGET GROUP ACCOMMODATION ADELAIDE CENTRAL YHA BUDGET GROUP ACCOMMODATION - 2019 Located in the heart of the City, Adelaide Central YHA is the perfect place to stay with your group. With dedicated groups areas, as well as a great

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File No WORLD TRADE CENTER TASK FORCE INTERVIEW CAPTAIN JOHN KEVIN CULLEY. Interview Date: October 17, Transcribed by Nancy Francis

File No WORLD TRADE CENTER TASK FORCE INTERVIEW CAPTAIN JOHN KEVIN CULLEY. Interview Date: October 17, Transcribed by Nancy Francis File No. 9110107 WORLD TRADE CENTER TASK FORCE INTERVIEW CAPTAIN JOHN KEVIN CULLEY Interview Date: October 17, 2001 Transcribed by Nancy Francis 2 MR. CUNDARI: Today's date is October 17th, 2001. The time

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SIM GILL DISTRICT ATTORNEY Ralph Chamness Civil Division Lisa Ashman Administrative Operations SIM GILL DISTRICT ATTORNEY Jeffrey William Hall Blake Nakamura FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 30, 2014 Contact: Sim Gill: (801) 230-1209

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On Campus Security or dial extension 2.

On Campus Security or dial extension 2. UNDER 18 STUDENTS GUIDE TO HOUSE RULES Study tour guidelines Welcome to Australia! We hope you enjoy your stay. Below are guidelines, which will help to create a happy home for everyone. Write these details

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Municipal Yard & Bulky Waste Policies

Municipal Yard & Bulky Waste Policies Municipal Yard & Bulky Waste Policies Bedminster Wood and Brush- Fourth Monday in April Please go to for complete policy Leaves- Last week in October through November 30th on regular

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Montgomery Area Paratransit Guide

Montgomery Area Paratransit Guide Montgomery Area Paratransit Guide May 2016 Contents Welcome to the MAP Program... 3 Getting more information and assistance... 6 What to expect from MAP service.....7 MAP customer responsibilities...

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Connor Bayou Woodland Cabin

Connor Bayou Woodland Cabin Floor Plan The Woodland Cabin at Connor Bayou was originally a home. The main floor includes a fully functional residential kitchen (kitchen wares not provided) and two accessible restrooms. The walk-out

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INTERNATIONAL CHILD PASSENGER SAFETY AWARENESS CLASS. June 2018 INTERNATIONAL CHILD PASSENGER SAFETY AWARENESS CLASS June 2018 1 Welcome Thank you for coming. Introduce yourself and tell us why you are here. What you learn today will prepare you to: Explain how car

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Vacation Crime Prevention Tips

Vacation Crime Prevention Tips Vacation Crime Prevention Tips Vacation is a time for relaxation and enjoyment. It can also be the time for crime victimization if appropriate crime prevention measures are not followed. The following

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St. Pete Beach enews. The Official Electronic Newsletter of St. Pete Beach. June 26, 2015

St. Pete Beach enews. The Official Electronic Newsletter of St. Pete Beach. June 26, 2015 St. Pete Beach enews The Official Electronic Newsletter of St. Pete Beach June 26, 2015 POOL INFORMATION Water temp. always 82! Holiday Hours Fri-July 3rd -12-3p Sat July 4th -10a-3p Sun July 5th -12-3p

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and led Jimmy to the prison office. There Jimmy was given an important He had been sent to prison to stay for four years.

and led Jimmy to the prison office. There Jimmy was given an important He had been sent to prison to stay for four years. O. H e n r y p IN THE PRISON SHOE-SHOP, JIMMY VALENTINE was busily at work making shoes. A prison officer came into the shop, and led Jimmy to the prison office. There Jimmy was given an important paper.

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EnviroVentures Summer Camp 2018 Parent Handbook

EnviroVentures Summer Camp 2018 Parent Handbook Dear Parents, Thank you for considering camp with us! We are looking forward to an awesome summer and hope to have you join us. Our camps are full of a range of activities including swimming, Park exploration,

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Bloor Street West Rezoning Application for a Temporary Use By-law Final Report

Bloor Street West Rezoning Application for a Temporary Use By-law Final Report STAFF REPORT ACTION REQUIRED 3741 3751 Bloor Street West Rezoning Application for a Temporary Use By-law Final Report Date: June 12, 2007 To: From: Wards: Reference Number: Etobicoke York Community Council

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RV Parking Rights Hand Book

RV Parking Rights Hand Book RV Parking Rights Hand Book Residential RV parking rights are under attack in a growing number of communities across America. And more often than not, RV owners find the task

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Police Involved Shooting Date: Location of Shooting: 1900 block of Frederick Avenue Investigated by: Baltimore Police Department

Police Involved Shooting Date: Location of Shooting: 1900 block of Frederick Avenue Investigated by: Baltimore Police Department Police Involved Shooting Date: 2-7-2017 Location of Shooting: 1900 block of Frederick Avenue Investigated by: Baltimore Police Department Factual Scenario: On February 7, 2017, at approximately 3:11 p.m.,

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Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday. PRAISE your child EVERY day. Practice dressing skills with buttons, zippers, and snaps.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday. PRAISE your child EVERY day. Practice dressing skills with buttons, zippers, and snaps. APRIL 2017 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday PRAISE your child EVERY day. Read a Nursery Rhyme. Talk about why sharing toys is important. Share a toy with your child. Take a trip

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Measurements, Weight and Pictures Please read all of this, will take you 5 minutes. : )

Measurements, Weight and Pictures Please read all of this, will take you 5 minutes. : ) Measurements, Weight and Pictures Please read all of this, will take you 5 minutes. : ) Below is the information for how you submit your measurements to track your progress and your pictures for the 6-week

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Survival Guide. Pink Palace Camp-in

Survival Guide. Pink Palace Camp-in Pink Palace Camp-in Survival Guide Everything you want or need to know about navigating your group through a mission of discovery and exploration at the Pink Palace Museum! Please share the information

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Team Village Guide for Bike to the Bay

Team Village Guide for Bike to the Bay Team Village Guide for Bike to the Bay Let s team up again in 2013 to create a world free of MS! Celebrate your accomplishments and show your spirit by joining us in the Bike MS Team Village! Welcome to

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Code of Practice for filming in East Lothian

Code of Practice for filming in East Lothian Code of Practice for filming in East Lothian Film Edinburgh Part of Marketing Edinburgh Ltd Tel +44 (0)131 622 7337 Email: Web: In order to

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2017 AUBURN GYMNASTICS CAMP UPDATED DAILY SCHEDULE (subject to change) UPDATED DAILY SCHEDULE (subject to change) Sunday, June 11 Monday, June 12 11:30am-1pm Check-in 7:45am-8:30am Breakfast 1pm-5:35pm Afternoon Session 9am-12:20pm Morning Session 5:45pm-7pm Dinner 12:30pm-1:45pm

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Cedars RV Resort Owners Handbook. Phases 1,2,3

Cedars RV Resort Owners Handbook. Phases 1,2,3 Cedars RV Resort Owners Handbook Phases 1,2,3 NOTICE TO READER This document can and will evolve over time. Every effort has been made to provide simple clarity to common topics requiring definition. Should

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MOBILITY SERVICE GUIDE. For more information, call

MOBILITY SERVICE GUIDE. For more information, call MOBILITY SERVICE GUIDE For more information, call 919.560.1551 1 Notice Under the Americans with Disabilities Act The City of Durham will not discriminate against qualified individuals with disabilities

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Agritourism: How To Keep Visitors Safe on the Farm Marsha Salzwedel, M.S.

Agritourism: How To Keep Visitors Safe on the Farm Marsha Salzwedel, M.S. Agritourism: How To Keep Visitors Safe on the Farm Marsha Salzwedel, M.S. National Children s Center for Rural & Agricultural Health & Safety National Farm Medicine Center Modified and presented by: Livvy

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Before surgery. Step 1: Preregistraton. Step 2: Planning for surgery

Before surgery. Step 1: Preregistraton. Step 2: Planning for surgery Before surgery Step 1: Preregistraton Preregistering You must preregister your child for surgery. For your convenience, there are two ways to preregister: By calling our registration phone at 682-885-2965,

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CITY OF GRANBURY ZONING BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT MINUTES CITY OF GRANBURY ZONING BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT MINUTES 09-26-06 The Zoning Board of Adjustment of the City of Granbury convened in regular session on Tuesday, September 26, 2006, at 5:30 p.m. in the Council

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Sandusky Transit System ADA Paratransit Service Policy and Procedures Effective August 2017

Sandusky Transit System ADA Paratransit Service Policy and Procedures Effective August 2017 City of Sandusky Department of Planning 222 Meigs Street, Sandusky, OH 44870 (419) 627-5715 Sandusky Transit System ADA Paratransit Service Policy and Procedures Effective August 2017 It is the policy

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Making Camp. Little did Cynthia and Kirk Dupps know that their. Arkansas family creates a fun-filled getaway. Story by Tracy Maruschak

Making Camp. Little did Cynthia and Kirk Dupps know that their. Arkansas family creates a fun-filled getaway. Story by Tracy Maruschak Making Camp Arkansas family creates a fun-filled getaway Story by Tracy Maruschak Photography by Brad Simmons Little did Cynthia and Kirk Dupps know that their search for the perfect property would lead

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NCPRD COMMUNITY CONVERSATIONS Questions & Answers, January 2019

NCPRD COMMUNITY CONVERSATIONS Questions & Answers, January 2019 NCPRD COMMUNITY CONVERSATIONS Questions & Answers, January 2019 During December 2018 and January 2019, the North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District (NCPRD) held four community conversations two in

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INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS HOMESTAY HANDBOOK INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS HOMESTAY HANDBOOK HOMESTAY We want you to be happy in your homestay Keeping these simple rules of respect will help make your homestay experience a happy one. 1. Be part of the family

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Keep Warm Keep Well. Advice on Saving money on fuel Staying well and healthy. Easy read version

Keep Warm Keep Well. Advice on Saving money on fuel Staying well and healthy. Easy read version Keep Warm Keep Well Advice on Saving money on fuel Staying well and healthy Easy read version This booklet is about keeping warm in winter. It gives useful advice for older people, disabled people and

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Skills Session: Woods Tools Knife, Camp Saw, and Axe

Skills Session: Woods Tools Knife, Camp Saw, and Axe Skills Session: Woods Tools Knife, Camp Saw, and Axe Time Frame: 1 Hour Materials: Resources: Goals: There should be one each of the following items for every two participants: Knife Axe Camp Saw Sharpening

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JULIET AND THE FALL FESTIVAL Hal Ames JULIET AND THE FALL FESTIVAL Hal Ames On a small farm, on the side of a hill, in the southern part of the country, there lived a young girl named Juliet. She was a shy and quiet girl. She would run and

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Hurricane Preparedness for Community Associations

Hurricane Preparedness for Community Associations Hurricane Preparedness for Community Associations There are three primary choices of action when a hurricane threatens: 1. Stay in your unit (a mandatory evacuation may be ordered). 2. Move inland to stay

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MINUTES BOROUGH OF LAVALLETTE WORKSHOP MEETING OF THE PLANNING BOARD Wednesday, February 25, P.M. MINUTES BOROUGH OF LAVALLETTE WORKSHOP MEETING OF THE PLANNING BOARD Wednesday, February 25, 2009 7 P.M. Chairman Lionel Howard presiding. Roll Call: Vincent Marino, Designee of Mayor LaCicero -present

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Teddy Bear BBQ & Music Festival Arts & Crafts rental spaces August

Teddy Bear BBQ & Music Festival Arts & Crafts rental spaces August Arts & Crafts rental spaces August 12-13-14 2016 10 X 10 Rental space only $40.00 10 X 20 Rental space only $50.00 10 X 30 Rental space only $60.00 10 X 40 Rental space only $70.00 10 X 50 Rental space

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First Precinct - Sector 111

First Precinct - Sector 111 R I C H M O N D P O L I C E D E P A R T M E N T F I R S T P O L I C E P R E C I N C T 2 5 0 1 Q S T R E E T First Precinct - Sector 111 Greetings, So far this year we have had 70 violent crimes compared

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My grandmother experience making a family in the U.S. citizen during the times were so rough. condemn and there house was haunted.

My grandmother experience making a family in the U.S. citizen during the times were so rough. condemn and there house was haunted. Topic: My grandmother experience making a family in the U.S. Abstract: My grandmother was a hard worker that had 12 children raised them all to her full advantage. They traveled often to move to make money.

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Highlighted Activity for September 13-19, 2018

Highlighted Activity for September 13-19, 2018 Highlighted Activity for September 13-19, 2018 During the last seven-day period, the Police Department handled 402 service events, resulting in 85 investigations. To see a complete listing of crimes reported,

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BUDGET GROUP ACCOMMODATION FREMANTLE PRISON YHA BUDGET GROUP ACCOMMODATION - 2019 Based in the World Heritage Listed Fremantle Prison, this property offers a truly unique experience for your group. With a range of multi-share and

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Work Weekend #1 April 6,7,8, Leo Gathering April 13,14,15, 2018

Work Weekend #1 April 6,7,8, Leo Gathering April 13,14,15, 2018 Work Weekend #1 April 6,7,8, 2018 Leo Gathering April 13,14,15, 2018 Work Weekend #2 April 20,21,22, 2018 1 2018 Work Weekend Projects 1. Clean up walking Trail 2. Clean Low Ropes Area, Outside Amphitheater

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Methodist Church of Puerto Rico Hurricane María Recovery Volunteer Guidelines 2018

Methodist Church of Puerto Rico Hurricane María Recovery Volunteer Guidelines 2018 General: - Group size: 7 to 10 people - Group age: 18 yr. or older (18-21 yrs. will need a notarized power of attorney and Permission to travel with someone other than parents document) - No one under18

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Get Ready. Emergency. for an NEW JERSEY COUNCIL ON DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES WWW Get New Jersey Council on Developmental Disabilities PO Box 700, Trenton, NJ 08625 WWW 2008 2010 NEW JERSEY COUNCIL ON DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES MORE NOTES and REMINDERS for ME Review this

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Healthy Feet Keep You Going! Meeting 8. Welcome!

Healthy Feet Keep You Going! Meeting 8. Welcome! 8-1 Meeting 8 Welcome! Healthy Feet Keep You Going! Welcome to our 8th meeting together. I am so glad that you have joined me again. Today we are going to talk about why it is so important to take care

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SUMMER CAMP. Hand Book A GUIDE FOR PARENTS. PR SUMMER CAMPS City of Pico Rivera - Department of Parks & Recreation

SUMMER CAMP. Hand Book A GUIDE FOR PARENTS. PR SUMMER CAMPS City of Pico Rivera - Department of Parks & Recreation SUMMER CAMP Hand Book 2017 PR SUMMER CAMPS City of Pico Rivera - Department of Parks & Recreation P.O. BOX 1016 6767 Passons Blvd Pico Rivera, CA. 90660-1016 (562) 801-4430

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and backpack. Session registration closes at 12pm on the Thursday before the camp is scheduled to

and backpack. Session registration closes at 12pm on the Thursday before the camp is scheduled to 2018 Camp Handbook Camp is quickly approaching and we are happy your child will be joining us for a summer of fun! The St. Charles Park District offers a variety of camps to meet the needs of your family.

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BUDGET GROUP ACCOMMODATION RAILWAY SQUARE YHA BUDGET GROUP ACCOMMODATION - 2019 Railway Square YHA provides group accommodation in a one of a kind location, with the property located on Platform Zero of Central Railway Station.

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D EVLIN L AW F IRM P.C. P.O. B OX P HOENIX, A RIZONA D EVLIN L AW F IRM P.C. P.O. B OX 10477 P HOENIX, A RIZONA 85064-0477 L I S A S O M M E R D E V L I N Solving Room Block Management Issues: Requiring Attendees to Reserve Rooms in the Official Room Block.

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DPD WEEK IN REVIEW TO DPD WEEK IN REVIEW 2016-05-24 TO 2016-05-30 D1: Tsawwassen D2: Ladner/Tilbury D3: North Delta/Annacis D4: Scottsdale This last week saw a spike in activity in both Violent Crime and Property Crime. We

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Dear reader: LAW NEWS Knife Rights: The Unseen Side of the Second Amendment. Faith Vander Voort / July 25, 2016

Dear reader: LAW NEWS Knife Rights: The Unseen Side of the Second Amendment. Faith Vander Voort / July 25, 2016 LAW NEWS Knife Rights: The Unseen Side of the Second Amendment Faith Vander Voort / July 25, 2016 While congressional Democrats and Republicans go head-to-head over gun control, proponents of a smaller,

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Welcome to the Robbinsville Fieldhouse Sports & Expo Center!

Welcome to the Robbinsville Fieldhouse Sports & Expo Center! Welcome to the Robbinsville Fieldhouse Sports & Expo Center! Location. Access. Hospitality. We are Your Ultimate Destination The premier sports & expo complex is located in the heart of Mercer County.

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Highlighted Activity for August 30 September 5, 2018

Highlighted Activity for August 30 September 5, 2018 Highlighted Activity for August 30 September 5, 2018 During the last seven-day period, the Police Department handled 394 service events, resulting in 67 investigations. To see a complete listing of crimes

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City of Redding. Redding Police Facility. Enough study! Just do it!

City of Redding. Redding Police Facility. Enough study! Just do it! City of Redding Redding Police Facility City of Redding, 777 Cypress Ave. Redding, CA. 96001 (530) 339-7220 Enough study! Just do it! Background Since 1978 Redding Police Department (RPD) has occupied

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BUDGET GROUP ACCOMMODATION BLUE MOUNTAINS YHA BUDGET GROUP ACCOMMODATION - 2018 The Blue Mountains YHA in Katoomba is the perfect place to escape the city. With dedicated group dining, social and meeting areas, as well as a great

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Travels to Cuba Kim Westerman Broer

Travels to Cuba Kim Westerman Broer Travels to Cuba Kim Westerman Broer This last August my husband Jerry and I had the opportunity to travel to Cuba to meet the family of our son s girlfriend. Yuni left Cuba about 7 years ago and this was

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Visitors on Farms and Ranches Keeping Them Safe

Visitors on Farms and Ranches Keeping Them Safe Visitors on Farms and Ranches Keeping Them Safe Agritourism Safety and Emergency Management Workshop Marsha Salzwedel, M.S. National Children s Center for Rural & Agricultural Health & Safety National

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Charlotte found a wild horse whilst living near some moor lands. The horse would gallop away every time Charlotte would walk toward him.

Charlotte found a wild horse whilst living near some moor lands. The horse would gallop away every time Charlotte would walk toward him. MAKING FRIENDS WITH A HORSE or TAMING A WILD HORSE Charlotte found a wild horse whilst living near some moor lands. The horse would gallop away every time Charlotte would walk toward him. The horse slowly

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Health Newsletter -Generali China GBD. December 2018

Health Newsletter -Generali China GBD. December 2018 Health Newsletter -Generali China GBD December 2018 Generali China Life Wish You Have A Happy & Healthy Holiday Make sustainable holiday choices when you are eating, exercising, and traveling, When you

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BUDGET GROUP ACCOMMODATION CANBERRA CITY YHA BUDGET GROUP ACCOMMODATION - 2019 Located right in the heart of Australia s capital city and within walking distance to all the major attractions, Canberra City YHA provides great value

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HOUSE RULES FOR RESIDENTS FORM HOUSE RULES FOR RESIDENTS FORM In order to have love and harmony in the house, the following rules have been established so everyone s rights and privileges will be observed, and you are required to follow

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Wisconsin PTA Convention Exhibitor/Vendor Opportunities

Wisconsin PTA Convention Exhibitor/Vendor Opportunities 4797 Hayes Road, Suite 102, Madison, WI 53704 Phone: 608-244-1455 Fax: 608-244-4785 Email: Wisconsin PTA Convention Exhibitor/Vendor Opportunities The goal of the

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SOUTH TRAIL TIMES NOVEMBER EDITION: Volume 3 / Issue 11. Thanksgiving Travel Tips. By Jennifer Plum Auvil

SOUTH TRAIL TIMES NOVEMBER EDITION: Volume 3 / Issue 11. Thanksgiving Travel Tips. By Jennifer Plum Auvil SOUTH TRAIL TIMES Volume 3 / Issue 11 NOVEMBER EDITION: Thanksgiving Travel Tips By Jennifer Plum Auvil Thanksgiving holiday is undoubtedly the busiest travel time of the year with notorious transportation

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Bitesize Uni. Student Handbook. Tuesday 19 - Friday 22 July #nclbitesize

Bitesize Uni. Student Handbook. Tuesday 19 - Friday 22 July #nclbitesize Bitesize Uni Student Handbook Tuesday 19 - Friday 22 July 2016 @nclsummerschool #nclbitesize Bitesize Uni Student Handbook Contents Page 2 Welcome! Page 3 & 4 Travel Arrangements Page 5 Accommodation Page

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Children's nutrition: 10 tips for picky eaters

Children's nutrition: 10 tips for picky eaters Children's nutrition: 10 tips for picky eaters Children's nutrition doesn't have to be frustrating. Consider these strategies to avoid power struggles and help the picky eater in your family eat a balanced

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Parent/Guardian Handbook. Summer Recreation Day Camp Summer 2016

Parent/Guardian Handbook. Summer Recreation Day Camp Summer 2016 Parent/Guardian Handbook Summer Recreation Day Camp Summer 2016 Welcome The Summer Recreation Day Camp (Summer Rec.) directors and staff would like to welcome you and your child or children to Summer Rec.

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Expected versions. The Landlord and the Tenant

Expected versions. The Landlord and the Tenant Expected versions The Landlord and the Tenant The landlord and his tenant had been bargaining on the deal. The tenant had been looking through the papers trying to find one that he liked. The landlord

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Limerick Township Parks and Recreation Shamrock Adventures Parent Information Packet

Limerick Township Parks and Recreation Shamrock Adventures Parent Information Packet Limerick Township Parks and Recreation Shamrock Adventures Parent Information Packet Dear Parents/Guardians: Welcome to Shamrock Adventures Summer Camp! Thank you in advance for choosing Limerick Township

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Bright Futures Patient Handout 9 and 10 Year Visits

Bright Futures Patient Handout 9 and 10 Year Visits Bright Futures Patient Handout SCHOOL SAFETY Doing Well at School Try your best at school. It s important to how you feel about yourself. Ask for help when you need it. Join clubs and teams, church groups,

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Deerfield Beach CRIME REPORT February 4-10, 2019

Deerfield Beach CRIME REPORT February 4-10, 2019 Deerfield Beach CRIME REPORT February 4-10, 2019 Address: 1328 Se 2nd Av, Deerfield Beach, FL Description: Theft of city-owned garbage can. Crime: Municipal Ordinance Viol Address: 1041 E Hillsboro Blvd,

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COLTS Complementary ADA Paratransit Service. Special Efforts Accessibility Transportation Service (SEATS) SEATS Trip Tips (570)

COLTS Complementary ADA Paratransit Service. Special Efforts Accessibility Transportation Service (SEATS) SEATS Trip Tips (570) COLTS Complementary ADA Paratransit Service Special Efforts Accessibility Transportation Service (SEATS) SEATS Trip Tips (570) 963-6795 June, 2016 1 Welcome to SEATS!!! COLTS provides Complementary ADA

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JOFair Aircraft Buyer's Checklist. Step 1: Choose the Make/Model that is Right for You

JOFair Aircraft Buyer's Checklist. Step 1: Choose the Make/Model that is Right for You Page 1 of 7 JOFair Aircraft Buyer's Checklist Step 1: Choose the Make/Model that is Right for You This is one of the most important decisions you will face in this process. The aircraft should meet your

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Twin Basket Deep Fryer

Twin Basket Deep Fryer ITEM# 60 Twin Basket Deep Fryer USER S MANUAL Assembly and Operation Instructions MADE IN CHINA Page: of 5 For technical questions and replacement parts, please call -800-222-58. Thank you very much for

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2016 Cruise Schedule

2016 Cruise Schedule 2016 Cruise Schedule Feb 2016 Schedule Love on the Harriott II Valentine s Cruise, Fri Feb 12, Sat Feb 13 & Sun Feb 14. Boards at 6:30pm, Cruise 7pm-9pm, $155 per couple, 3 roses, surf and turf dinner,

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CITY OF BILLINGS MET PLUS. A Guide for Riders, Operators, Agencies.. Contact Numbers. Passenger Handbook

CITY OF BILLINGS MET PLUS. A Guide for Riders, Operators, Agencies.. Contact Numbers. Passenger Handbook Bil A Guide for Riders, Operators, Agencies.. Contact Numbers Schedule Rides 248-8805 Paratransit Coordinator 248-8805 Met (Fixed Route) Information 657-8218 CITY OF BILLINGS MET PLUS Passenger Handbook

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City of Duncanville. Mayor and City Council. Kevin Hugman, City Manager. DATE: June 15, 2018

City of Duncanville. Mayor and City Council. Kevin Hugman, City Manager. DATE: June 15, 2018 City of Duncanville TO: FROM: Mayor and City Council Kevin Hugman, City Manager DATE: June 15, 2018 SUBJECT: Weekly Update Police Department the May monthly report concerning use of force incidents, vehicle

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TOWN OF PLATTEKILL REGULAR TOWN BOARD MEETING. December 21, 2016 TOWN OF PLATTEKILL REGULAR TOWN BOARD MEETING Time: 7:00 PM December 21, 2016 SALUTE TO FLAG Supervisor Croce opened the meeting with a salute to the American Flag. ROLL CALL The following Town Board Members

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2018 ATLANTA DOGWOOD FESTIVAL Artist Market Exhibitor Information

2018 ATLANTA DOGWOOD FESTIVAL Artist Market Exhibitor Information FESTIVAL DATES/TIMES: 2018 ATLANTA DOGWOOD FESTIVAL Artist Market Exhibitor Information FRI, APRIL 13 Noon 10:00 pm (Judging begins promptly at noon) SAT, APRIL 14 10:00am 10:00 pm *Friday and Saturday,

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march 11, 2017 florence event Guide socialize

march 11, 2017 florence event Guide socialize florence event Guide march 11, 2017 socialize much? @vibe @vibe5k #VIBErant #ColorVibeFlorence check- in Day Make sure you give yourself plenty of time before Check-In! PLEASE NOTE: Anticipate

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State Auditor's Office Local Government Services 1. Worksheet Budget Monitoring File Tab

State Auditor's Office Local Government Services 1. Worksheet Budget Monitoring File Tab Municipality: HUNTINGTON WV State Auditor - Local Government Services Division Fiscal Year: 2016-2017 Original Revised Original Revised Revenues General General Coal Coal Fund Fund Fund Fund REVENUES 295

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A FOREST WITH NO TREES. written by. Scott Nelson

A FOREST WITH NO TREES. written by. Scott Nelson A FOREST WITH NO TREES written by Scott Nelson 1735 Woods Way Lake Geneva, WI 53147 262-290-6957 FADE IN: EXT. RURAL VILLAGE - DAY An American town, circa 1880, on a warm summer day.

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Q1 How many years have you lived in the Kilmer Pond Neighborhood?

Q1 How many years have you lived in the Kilmer Pond Neighborhood? Q1 How many years have you lived in the Kilmer Pond Neighborhood? Less than 5 years 5-10 years 11-20 years 21-30 years Over 30 years Less than 5 years 5-10 years 11-20 years 21-30 years Over 30 years 13.64%

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CATHOLIC SCHOOLS BAND CAMP CATHOLIC SCHOOLS BAND CAMP If you wish to Register for Band Camp, please follow the steps below. Download the Registration Packet and fill out the forms. Make sure that all forms are completed and signed.

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Limerick Township Parks and Recreation Camp Shamrock Parent Information Packet

Limerick Township Parks and Recreation Camp Shamrock Parent Information Packet Limerick Township Parks and Recreation Camp Shamrock Parent Information Packet Dear Parents/Guardians: Welcome to Camp Shamrock Summer Camp! Thank you in advance for choosing Limerick Township Parks and

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2014 VACo Achievement Awards

2014 VACo Achievement Awards Application Form All applications must include the following information. Separate applications must be submitted for each eligible program. Deadline: June 2, 2014. Program Information Locality Program

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Scotiabank Centre - Guest Policies Guest Policies

Scotiabank Centre - Guest Policies Guest Policies Scotiabank Centre - Guest Policies Guest Policies 1 The following conditions, policies and procedures are in place to assist you and ensure that you enjoy a safe and memorable experience during your visit

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Spotsylvania County Sheriff s Office Crime Solvers TEXT a Tip: Text SEE911 to Crimes (274637) (540)

Spotsylvania County Sheriff s Office Crime Solvers  TEXT a Tip: Text SEE911 to Crimes (274637) (540) October 3, 2012 thru October 9, 2012 SAFETY TIP OF THE WEEK Use special care with Social Security numbers Your employer and financial institution will need your Social Security Number for wage and tax

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Financial Planning Issues for New Parents

Financial Planning Issues for New Parents AKD Consultants Adam Dworkin CPA 188 Whiting Street Suite 10 Hingham, MA 02043 781-556-5554 Financial Planning Issues for New Parents Page 1 of 6, see disclaimer on final page Financial

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LAKE MANCHAUG CAMPING, LLC LAKE MANCHAUG CAMPING, LLC CAMPGROUND RULES AND REGULATIONS Campground Rules & Regulations are for the protection of all our campers. Your cooperation will result in a more enjoyable camping experience

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Georgia Aquarium Camp H2O Parent Guide

Georgia Aquarium Camp H2O Parent Guide Georgia Aquarium Camp H2O Parent Guide Dear Camp H2O Parent, Thank you for choosing to send your child to Camp H2O at Georgia Aquarium. While engaged in fun and exciting activities, campers will explore

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Public Incident Log Monthly Report

Public Incident Log Monthly Report Public Incident Log Monthly Report Report Period From 09/01/2012 Through 09/30/2012 Normandale Community Public Safety Department 9700 France Avenue South Bloomington, MN 55431 Phone: (952) 358-8280 Fax:(952)

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RV RENTAL AGREEMENT Initials 1. Definitions. "Agreement" means all terms and conditions found in this form, any addenda and any additional materials

RV RENTAL AGREEMENT Initials 1. Definitions. Agreement means all terms and conditions found in this form, any addenda and any additional materials RV RENTAL AGREEMENT Initials 1. Definitions. "Agreement" means all terms and conditions found in this form, any addenda and any additional materials we provide at the time of rental. "You" or "your" means

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