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1 ^Franklin NEWS RECORD Thursday, July 22, 1982 Vol. 30. No cents Water rate hike being prepared * *i fnum Home ftufip ftcktarm «M afimi a «HMKV «a«e ntic e*fcctnl» be i Thr MKamw» mmdni w offset & pet the nwr M» ctfwct. 25 &» * sweaters JON* Gkaftdtar., Jdto fl>«k. Jumcpfc Mjrtww, ftulkff Mett&» *** AflaftOK ScantMct lun* ThuntS*? *r rate toft*, wfelc vt*?««* Mar (Be "f«nmmtoe» Ctsuat*! ttmtwil I««I racvina not HHCICMMM tmm «v P-irom iter fcw»*»ft*et -Bad caqpk of lean jcar* in mtfc bccuic of dtc water dwuwghi cmcffcncy." Mr. Bticvfio \**i. aod Ihc tmtittnip i> eonfraatcd «*i the need to.butm J *atcf the nctt (c» vcar* Stcctaom. c4 HanMm viill arc laced»uh low matter premwr problem "The «tf»icxi«rv cmk fvnof h» pel o n e until»c KnU j tower." Coonciinvin Mettlcr vwj ""N«)t»T«^. 0,o to nnc water r»tc>."' he «Md. "Bof Che looker»c dcliy. ihc prtma the ctuacc thr% tacmsc *<m i be ««i{rkicat.*" 1 he wwd. Bcachem quruwacu whether»cfr aclnr»«>^ k> rane fumh for tec* A $25 " *(K> bnti'i ucd into ihc io«n- *a(cf han bccitnc ihc> have a prrvjtr «rii «ho n hnnjr cvkhtdcred Thoc rcwdottii IKM henefd b) kmer On hmncvwikts rmvrancc they kr*r acoevi «o a fur Jotei Ltncil us Ntuiiou pauaed out that»cil cntam fu^e uihet related ihji those t»oi into the un»n «HC«*>>tcni «S» (Ktf hate Girl raped near Hamilton St. (»?<rj«>.7wi wtkkt w** «oi Sooct Dime 15. potec nwdl. me Ssr- *r f«f M«B m mti «i pram. ttramnwil n» aad ihcn ra Kd her dt-vrtbed the urvfject a% he IK J«KI ISI >carv old, ak»jj 5 feel. 11 mchc* tail. c4 medwm mmctitar huiu»«* diri Uta atkj ^tuort hair He»av wcarwf a «tu«e una top and Nue cut-c.d i tali off 9m eo«f d Port PfcMsani last Friday on admp M* taring trip apontond by tw Parks and Racraaion Oapfimant Tht m*» natord jewd turn, Mora photos and story ttjr Sand, lam** on paga* 2 and %BK Frisbee flinqer Harrison Edwards, competing in the 12-year-old category at the World Jr. Frisbee Contest at Quarry Park last Thursday, adds a little body language to his Final throw, which sailed right through the hoop. Winners of the Franklin contest will compete in the state finals in Red Bank this Saturday, July 24. More photos by Rich Pipeling inside. Bormer goes back to drawing board by Cathy Bagman Special Writer Bonncr Associates" proposed 157-unit garden apartment site plan drew question* from the Franklin Township Planning Board last week which sent the developer, back to the draw ing board to make changes. "We have problems and we're looking at a plan that reflects those problems." board Chairman Bruce Hamilton said, referring to the revised site plan. Bonncr Associates had submitted site plan version* in May and June, which were turned down by the board with recommendations for improvements. The IS7 garden apartment units would be built between New Brunswick Road and Easton Avenue. The board wondered whether Bonncr was proposing to build garden apartment* that would be too similar in construction to lownhouscs, Township engineer James Pcttit said "ihc architectural plans indicate that the individual units have the capability of providing various options, i.e. fircptacctk. etc." Such options arc "unusual" for garden apartments, the engineer noted. If Bonncr plans to construct Ittwnhouses. which are larger than garden apartments, then he would have to appiv to the Zoning Board of Adjustment for a variance since the property he plans lo build on is in a business zone. Bonnet's plans include "sunken living rooms." a feature not commonly found in garden apartments for rent. This <Y*HHI was termed a* "questionable" by Nurd Sccrctarv Frank Colpini. "The quality of design we're looking for i* net the kind you're giving us." Dr. Hamilton said. He recommended reducing the units' square footage to comply with the township'* garden apartment unit measurement v "The proposed site plan, considering the size and number of the units, is too dense. A less dense development may result in a better design and more Auto by Lois Cody Special Writer The owner of a small auto body repair business on Churchill Avenue was told to close his shop by the Franklin Township Board of Adjustment when it voted down his application for a use variance last Thursday. Chill Sung Cha worked out of a one-bay garage alongside the house he owns at 84 Churchill Ave. that is occupied by residential tenants. His son. Bu Ja Cha. who addressed the Zoning Board on his father's behalf, described the shop as "a small business for friends and neighbors." The board estimated that Mr. Cha has been working out of his garage for about two years. An anonymous complaint sent township engineer/land use inspec- James Pcttit out to sec the property. He advised Mr. Cha to apply for a use variance. The board rejected the application 5-2. Board member Thomas Barrows said his negative vote was based on the fact that body shops are not a permitted use in the zone and it would be hard to keep the operation down to one car at a time. He pointd out that when Mr. Pettit visited the site, nine cars were counted in the driveway, blocking any access if an emergency vehicle had to reach the' shop. Another negative vote came from board member Michael Nazar who said he was concerned with the possibility of noise from banging fenders and the odor of paint having a detrimental effect on the neighborhood. The Churchill Avenue area is a mixture of industrial and residential building. Although a public garage would be allowed in the M-2 zone, an auto body repair shop would not. Bonncr representatives said they would consider the board's recommend- ations and draw a revised plan lor the public hearing on Aug. 18 at 7:30 p.m. marketable product." Mr. Colpini said. "They sound nice, but they don"t look like any garden apartment I've ever lived in." Dr. Hamilton said. tlt ly shop must close Board member Albert Bcsscnyei. who voted for the application, said he was' aware of many self-employed Franklin residents in the M-2 zone. "There are a lot of people on Churchill Avenue making a little extra money by things like auto painting." he said. Zoning Board President George Wade said he voted for the applicant "just for the record." "I have a couple of concerns but I would vote for it with some conditions." he stated. The conditions included a fan for ventilation to guard against carbon monoxide fumes and parking restrictions. Mr. Wade advised the Chas to visit the building code department in the township to discuss a site plan, or to search for an existing body shop or commercial garage to rent. In the meantime, the Chas must abandon work at the Churchill site. When asked his plans. Bu Cha' said he did not know what his father will do with the business. Franklin murder suspect arraigned Herman Jackie White of New Brunswick, accused of murdering another New Brunswick man outside an Edgemere apartment on May 31. was arraigned July 19 in Somerset County. Mr. White. 38. of 204 Handy St.. was held in the Somerset County Jail in lieu of S25O.OOO bail.. Mr. White was indicted on June 17 by the Somerset County Grand Jury on Charges of murder, possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes and possession of a weapon without a permit. Mr. White was arrested June 1 in Philadelphia after a complaint had been signed against him by Detcctive/Sgt. Eugene Scaletti of the Franklin Township Police Department. He was charged with killing 23-year-old Kevin Booker during an argument, shooting him with a.25 caliber automatic handgun outside of 14 Phillips Court. Mr. Booker, of 176 Memorial Parkway, died about 12 hours later at St. Peter's Medical Center in New Brunswick. Mr. White was extradited from Pennsylvania. The maximum sentence for murder in New Jersey is life imprisonment. The possession of a weapon charge is a second degree offense and the possession of a weapon without a permit charge is a third degree offense. The state's case is being handled by Deputy' First Assistant Prosecutor Michael L. Rosenberg. Heading the investigation are Detective/Lt. Nicholas Nicolette of the Franklin Township Police Department and Capt. Jack Gardner of the Somerset County Prosecutor's Office. ran uw 12A 12A 17A 19A I6A 17A more A PLAQUE In memory of two Franklin police officers slain in the line of doty hat been donated by the local Policeman's Benevolent Association. See page 3A. Off In this week's issue: For those readers weary of summer sun and beat. Time Off devotes several pages to summertime get-aways, which do NOT feature fun in the sun. See page 3 of Time Off THE NEWS-RECORD reminds readers that our news and editorial office is located at 600 Franklin Blvd.. Somerset. Press releases, wedding and engagement announcements and photographs can be mailed or dropped off at the office.the deadline for press releases is Monday at 5 p.m.

2 I he franklin NEWS RECORD Thursday, July 22, 1982 *i FIOM THE HAMILTON COLLECTION OF VEDOING AND ANNIVERSARY RINGS LAWWENC V1LLE Rout* 1 «t T«E» Avanu* mm m THBNCTOW **> PALM BCACH. FLCWOA wramumi OMIW OKU Summer Sidewalk Sale Friday & Saturday July 23 & 24 The Biggest Dollar-Stretcher Sale of the Year DENTAL HINTS CARE OF PARTIAL DENTURES The commonest of til tooth replacements is the rcmovcablc panial bridge or demure, most often called simply the "partial". When some teeth arc present and some missing, the partial may be used to replace the missing Knit. Good onl hygiene habits are particularly important for wearers of partial dentures. If food residue and film arc allowed to accumulate on clasps (which are food traps) the very important abutment teeth may decay. Be especially careful in cleaning these clasp teeth and the inside of the clasps. Use the special denture brush to clean within the clasps so that the clasps, as well as the tooth itself, is preventive clean. This must be done at least once a day. Have water in the bottom of the sink whenever you clean your partial. If it should happen to drop, the water will break the fall. If a partial denture becomes damaged in any way. it should be taken at ooce to the dentist for repair. Amateur attempts to repair a denture arc fraught with danger. Do-it-yourself dentistry is high folly. This is a public service to promote better dental health from the offices of Stewart A. Levine. D.M.D Joseph Caruso; D.O.S (SECRETARIAL SCIENCE I ** I j Somerset County Collegej DAVID BARCZYK (left) caught the first two fluke on the deep sea fishing outing Friday sponsored by the Franklin Parks and Recreation Department. At left, Marie Cruz fishes for a catch. State slates major 'driver crackdown' "Driver Crackdown Legislation" will cost state drivers at least S50 for any moving violation as of Sept. I. v Specifically designed to severely punish all drivers who violate the rules of the road, the legislation was passed in New Jersey June 30. The legislation, according to officials, is an attempt to crackdown on those guilty of reckless driving in disregard of the rights or safety of others. A sudden rash of accidents involving chronic offenders last year resulted in u decision for a dramatic policy change in dealing with poor drivers. The new legislation places a greater emphasis on punishment rather than rehabilitation. Judges, under the new law. will be forced to impose a minimum fine of S50 for any moving violation: running a stop sign, failure to keep right, making an illegal right turn on a red. failure to yeild. speeding, etc. The maximum fine under the Sept. I change will be S200. Repeat offenders will be punished with mandatory jail sentences, according to the new law. Motorists convicted of a motor vehicle violation while on the revoke list will be fined S5(X) for the first offense. S750 for the second and a five-day jail term, and SI.(XK) for the third offense and a 10-day jail term. The ricw legislation also jmandates a 45-day jail term if a suspended motorist is involved in ah accident in which someone is injured..' '. Motorists found guilty of reckless driving will face a fine ranging from S50 to S200 and a jail term of 6() days for the.first offense. Any subsequent offense would have a fine of SKX) to S5(X) with a three-month maximum jail term. The Ultimate in Princeton Living Share in the history of the Morgan estate, 47 acres of woods and open field in the midst of Princeton, N.J. Less than an hour from New York City, Constitution Hill is the complete environment for country living in cosmopolitan Princeton. The individual condominium houses, designed to echo the brick craftsmanship of the restored mansion, offer contemporary convenience and energy efficiency. Architecturally open interiors are skylit and await vour personal touch. Gourmet kitchen, lavish solarium hath with Jacuzzi, master bedroom suite witrfseparate dressing room these and other options can complement vour sophisticated country life. Enjov the unburdened life: meticulous attention j to exterior painting, window washing, lawn mowini!. security and more, hv our staff - not'vou... Constitution Hill.. Rosedale Road Princeton. New Jersey (609) Priced trom SIftH.OOO ro S Sales-office open ewrv day For an appointment-contact Claudette Adams. Broker Cooperation BORO WINES & LIQUORS DM.V BUS TOPS TO ATLANTIC CITY n\tmi«m» mm vum For Secretaries Who Da More Than Type! ru4 BELLE MEAD FARMER'S COOP 148 Une Rd_, Bate Mead, NJ pm Mon.-Fil 8-12 Noon Sat COURSE OFFEMNOS Call Mar? at e WwiProc«MliigAppllc«UoA FOUR ROSES AMBASSADOR ULD GRAND-DAD

3 ******* I be Iranklin NEWS RECORD 3-A Mayor got 1-95 tour yesterday Tfce Ms*y«*- d HtiltfaaRxtgtt took to dtar «yctfcnftqi «mcb other l md <uaec oflkiaj* to tour the laaenfinc 95 corridor m Central fem> fee puth e* the I t tert hcrny p l Cm i Mijiut Thorttrv Rttcv Smuts. Hill- itxotmifb To»«iaf» ptancr Richard &mm& mcmtxt An. ftabm (V«out of AnrpKirt to HtiHtKxouyb to ttue I-Ssi- cunwlm»h«:h if Nnli ntn (tnan 1-2X1 m frxekhtt to A M*y«3T Bjart <*«J, '"The time lor Planned Parenthood slates infertility help The Planned Parenthood League of Middlesex County has announced the availability of an Infertility Program at its office on Livingston Avenue in New Brunswick, for couples experiencing difficulty in having children. Infertility is a common problem and is usually an indication of a disorder in either the man or woman's reproductive system. Various illnesses, injuries and conditions can prevent a couple from having a baby and can often be corrected with proper medical care, according to the organization. The initial services provided include a complete individual and family medical.history, a medical examination and evaluation of both individuals, a basal body temperature instructions and coun- * seling. a semen analysis and blood and urine tests. After the initial visit, an individual treatment program is planned for each couple. The infertility program is made possible by a government.grant. Couples are charged according to services rendered, family income and! size. Additional information is available by callinc between 9:15 a.m. and 3:45 p.m. All information is kept confidential: «{I rcltfcil to the prv-»4«tsctwuoeirt WH ttsr bm 20 jar* ttnk m Use mtrofcite In memory On jyy 10. i960 two Frankfan Township police officers. Pit. George Dunham and Ptl. John Lebed, were shot and idled in me Sne of duty. Det. Andrew Racz, president of PBA Local 154 and Sgt. Daniel Livak are stwwn atspiaywig a memorial plaque honoring the slain officers. The plaque was donated by PBA Local 154 and wi be permanenuy displayed in the lobby of the Franklin Police Dept. headquarters. The plaque was made possible through me efforts of Sgt. Livak and Blue Ribbon Awards, Rutgers Plaza Shopping Center. Somerset. * jrv m a*, fete ««aaafciic he the U* mjkt the tic v*»l ebc I ' y y it iat<i3«ty brasf &> FrteAhn tic Gwv Kcjn* j4mirittrjit«t>(«. e«> the p&io m licet fttc cif»w«n*nicn(ul wnputt tiut be wtwoptewj Svd*r the liot fact* "? he ttic* "i-95 would certain!) boom the area"* mtrtuxum of good, clean m- duttrv. Mayor Bcachcm vitd He jdmittod. however, thai Hillsborooph h*i a km more 10 lone than Frank iln if the intcrviaic i\ not cumtructeti Frank-!tn alnrjdhi h*\ an intervale. Route 2s7. and Rxt an indmtrial infrastructure in the «t*tcrn end of the il-mftttv mile lowrtvhip "There t% Mill a trough road ahead." Mate* Bothem van!, "and we'll have to ov> the bc-vt *c cart " He did not rule ma p»»vvibjc Iqea! action In» related imubjeci. the Hill- TtT»nvhip Industrial Comn his made arran^cmcntn to tpwmor a meetin : concerning 1-95 The meeting»ill taic place Julv 2K at» n m M the Jollj O\ Rcuaurant on ftewse 20b opptmte Packard'* Market. The tofmct of the meeting will inc*»de the current Mituv of the inter- njtc. plannuif of immediate action. pbmam$ oi <xrttr(r? for future action and the delegation of follow-up TTie Fast Food Family Restaurant Welsh Farms Hard Ice Cream in our Self-Service Freezer Watch for Coupon in Paper i)\nn i XKMS HI R(.l KS SI I \KS SI XI OOI) TRY AN ICE CREAM SHORTCAKE STRAWBERRY-PEACH-BLUEBERRY Burgers - Steaks - Hot Dogs - Seafood Extended hours thru Labor Day. Sunday: Noon till 10 P.M. Mon -Sat. 11-9:15 Rt. 206 B*IUM*od.NJ i DIAMONDS... FOR TASTES NOT TO BE TRIFLED WITH 54 Nassau Street, Princeton, New Jersey (609) Diamond Merchants Since 1877 NOTICE WE ARE RELOCATING! SATURDAY 8:30am-5pm FACTORY UJflREHOUSE Jr.&Misses Sportswear^ "STORE SUNDAY ftamspm TO 70 ^ Summer Continues! ON EVERYTHING in STOCK Bedding. Hide-A-Beds, Chairs, Sofas, Wall Units, Lamps HURRY IN AND SAVE ONLY 2 WEEKS LEFT CASH & CARRY ALL SALES FINAL Bring Your Cars & Trucks To NASSAU INTERIORS 206 MONTGOMERY CENTER Rte. 206 & 518 Rocky Hill, N.J. Hours: MON.-THURS FRI. til 8 SAT. 10-5, SUN CASH 4 CHEXKSONLY EXTRA markdowns! EXTRA savings! save 40-85% Further Reductions have been taken! SHORTS as low as as low as 10 Jules Lane New Brunswick. NJ Take Route 1 to Jersey Are North, to 10 Jules Lane. T-SHIRTS as low as299 SWIMSUITS as low as.the. FflCTORY WAREHOUSE Junior & Misses Q >»Xi\ Sportswear!\.

4 4-A Fhc Franklin NEWS RECORD Thursday, July 22, Sigma Data CN inducts Fftnore of Olio mi Mr*. BIH filtawrc. 24 Cbocrty Road, SooKnct. Toomey trained Pn. Rkfcwd B. Toomey. Imtar Of Dr. Kafttoea C. Toorocy of 11 JOT! CMHCm AVC,«BB flbcnut CTMMMf flc CBC MJffiflC Rccnm Depot* Pwra blaad. $,C WAREHOUSE SALE! July 22 - July 25 Up to 60% OFF regular prices on patio outdoor furniture. Take advantage of incredible savings on floor samples, one of a kind pieces, overstocked fid discontinued items. Come join the event!!! DeVries Ow M_r F*s«* O P»i - Mo_-«t-5und»r 10-6 Coiierly Road School bus transportation offered Pstnts interested in paid bus transportation for their children to Cbneriy Road School for the school year should scad a check for S80 payable to J.H. Van Cleef and Co. and mail to Irene Siewan. 8 Simpson Rd.. Somerset The service is offered for those children who don't live far enough away from school to be eligible for public school bus transportation. Parents sending checks should include the following information: child's name, parent's name, address, telephone number and what grade the child will enter in September Children will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. Checks should be received by Aug. 6. They will be cashed in September. Brown on duty Pvt. Andrew W. Brown, son of Albert and Natalie Brown Sr. of 167 Irvington Ave.. has arrived for duty. Brown, an infantryman with the 2nd Infantry Division, was previously assigned at Fort Benning. Ga. He is a 1981 graduate of Franklin High School. Somerset. MacClemmy promoted Cheryl A. MacClemmy. daughter of Dr. Joseph C. and Dolores B. Zullo of 39 Hijehwood Road, has been promoted in the U.S. Air Force to the rank of staff sergeant. Air National Guard Airman Jlobert B. McGee. son of Robert and Retha M. McGee of 208 Irvington Ave.. has been assigned to Sheppard Air Force Base. Texas, after completing Air Force bask TOWCANI McGee assigned MacClemmy is an air traffic control specialist with the 1998th Communications Group at McGuire Air Force Base. She is a 197S graduate at Cherry Hill High School East. training. The airman will now receive specialized instruction in the civil engineering field. McGee is a 1979 graduate of New Brunswick High School. OOOO QUALITY USED RECORDS & TAPES AT AFFORDABLE PRICES! Cowtptsls gwantory of Rock. Jazz, country, show tunas, buttons, posters, sic SpscM ordars on nw rsiaaasa and imports. TWO GREAT LOCATIONS 901 W. CampWn Road Packard's Farmars Auction nm > h_fi F^ i U f A ~~ Mon. thru Fit 1 pjn. 9:30 p.m. RL SomarvOa Saturday 1-6 p.m. W^jaafcr 12 PJ^» pjn. _ ^^.^ ^»^«. BWo«^«HaarthaPiwns^wsrth Phona Outati k» CrMm 9Und LARGE SELECTION OF NEW/USED RELEASES! $2.00 OFF ANY PURCHASE OVER $10.00 tnaad. -Unit: One per customer Find the best Restaurants with TABLE TALK in TlfiE Off Bob McDermott attends Boys State Robert McDermott, son of Marie and Richard McDermott of Pattern Drive. Somerset, attended this year's session of the American Legion Jersey Boys' State at Rider College in Lawrenceville from June 20 to 26. Bob was sponsored by the Warren American Legion Post 40. headed by Commander Robert Wagner and selected as an alternate by the faculty at Immaculata High School in Somerville. Bob serves on the Student Council at Immaculata where he will be a senior next year and is active in the St. Manias C.Y.O. This summer he is working in New York as a Wall Street messenger. According to a brochure, put out by the American Legion, the purpose of the Marine Pvt. Frank A.,Cambria, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cambria of 1236 Easton Ave.. has completed remit training at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot. Parris Island. S.C. During the 11-week training cycle, he learned the basics of battlefield survival. He was introduced to the typical daily routine that he will experience during his enlistment and studied the personal and professional standards traditionally exhibited by Marines. He participated in an active physical conditioning program and gained proficiency in a variety of militay skills, including first aid. rifle marksmanship Cambria trained weeklong program is to learn about state and local government and to encourage, responsible citizenship. For this end. each delegate holds an office such as senator, mayor, freeholder, judge, councilman, or police chief in a model state. To avoid partisan politics yet provide realism, two parties are devised and the boys are assigned by lot. Then they participate in primaries, conventions, elections, and the general process of government, thus learning how our government functions. Each student, a junior in high school, is sponsored by an American Lcgionpost and selected by the school faculty, according to certain criteria: leadership,.character, scholarship, patriotism, and service. and close order drill. Teamwork and self-discipline were emphasized throughout the training cycle. Thomas on duty Pvt. Andrew Thomas, son of Levy J. Thomas of 367 Franklin Blvd.. and Viola Thomas of 44 Phillips Road, both of Somerset, has arrived for duty at Fort Riley. Kan:. Thomas, a rifleman with the 1st Battalion. 18th Infantry, was previously assigned at Fort Benning. Ga. He is a 1981 graduate of Franklin High School. Somerset. Help for abused women available f3- The Princeton Goui'met Prinrrtnn Women Aware. Inc./Abused Women's Services is the only agency in Middlesex County that provides comprehensive services for abused women and their children. It offers emergency protective shelter as well as a full range of auxiliary counseling, support and advocacy services. Since its inception three years ago it has provided emergency shelter to over 500 women and children., Through the operation of its 24-hour hotline, we have provided another individuals with crisis counseling, information, advocacy and referral. FBI estimates state that, in the United States a woman is beaten every minute and that only one out of every. 10 cases of abuse are ever reported, the group states. Need Room? Have a garage Sale... and let the Packet Classifieds sell for you. L4N &PGRL dttorn YS 3i2 Route 206 Hillsborough Township Somerville. NJ (201) 874^8800 Steven R. Lane Ronald L. Perl HGINTERESTRATES WITHOUT LOCKINGUPMYMONEY?" Benefit of New Jersey Press Association Scholarship Fund Giants -Steelers Saturday, August 21 With a Repurchase Agreement from Security Unhhe money market rates that fluctuate daily Security ipves you a guaranteed rate for the entire period of your Repurchase Agreement Whats more you pay no tees or commissions So the interest goes «rs your pocket m^sc»rneonee!sesharki omhf requtrement its that you open a SiOO intefest-bearing checking account to fcaofcttte payment of your mures.» Vau can open voor Repurchase Agreement b 7 igflhtoysforas y Ntfe ai And theres no penafiyfewearly withdrawal So >tsu can get to every penny of your original smestment if you need your money before maturity Slop by your nearess Secunty office s JormenS' Wnceion Savings & Loan*fexmore information Because its time small sa\%rs locked up big interest Wfthom kxfcing up thesr money "Whc«will they think of next? SOME POINTS TO REMEMBER This obligation is not a savings account or deposit and is thus not insured by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation. Your Repurchase Agreement cannot be automatically renewed and no notice of maturity will be given There will be no penalty imposed for early withdrawal however no interest will be paid on withdrawals prior to maturity 1444% 13.30% per wjr t\tamitony»' i i -> J;; MICHTSTOUN MUN \i«ns i Order your tickets today for this exciting preseason game between the Giants and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Game proceeds for the benefit of the N.J Press Association Scholarship Fund. Mil to: FOOTBALL GIANTS Giants Stadium N J NAME. I ADDRESS PRE-SEASON APPLICATION I TWOHOMEGAMES AT GIANTS STADIUM 1 GAMES 1 Aug. 21 A Pittsburgh Steelers Sat. Nite I Aug. 28 ' j BN.Y.Jets j. Sat. Nite NO. SEATS SEAT PRICE (a Ca POSTAGE & HANDLING,! TOTAL 1 DUE < MAKE CHECK PAYABLE TO N.Y. FOOTBALL GIANTS, INC. EXTENSION.50

5 business world ROYAL OOULTON of Somant*. tw nwwtadunr of na» arwouncad *m mtx**"*** of Robert Bourdon lo mngv sno jonn t- upwo w mwwesiom Bofi managers «report dndty to Paul C. PWttc* Royal Douion t cjractty of honiware. As weattm regionai safes tmrngm. MB Mr.Barton «be b responsttfetor f d< iiopi i g salesl tm&txk Oregon. ksaho. -Montana. Wyoming. Utah. Nevada,, CaMonm. Amoral and New Mexico Previously, he was «tf> Syracuse OWna Corporation from i960 to 1962 where his most mom* poemum was fftei of nwmeet sres maneojer. Mr. Upko wh be f«oonarf»e lor oa^ioprig sales in Mortfi and SouBi Dakota. rmcvashsv Ransa*. vmanome. ICHSS. wennesoia. lowa. KMssoun, MHWHSNHO iajivmmw» isajnauovy. uno, KMMIS. non, vrnconsn and liehtflan.. Its prevtous e»pe«i>nob mdudes J. I. Case Tractor Company. Rose riaitauranf Suppiy and Syracuse China Corpor- In mafcmg Via am nam. Mr, Phflps takad about the Hotetaara Owaton's growai met its emablishment in the United States m 1979 in tiree years. Royal OouSon Sleeite Hofeiware has bean placed in prestigious tocatons across tfte country inducing Tha Fawmont Hotels. i» Mandalay Four Seasons in Dates. L*Hotel Soft* in Hbuston, tie Madoon. Hay Adams and Watergate Hotels m Wastwngton. DC. the Northeast Motel Corporation's Hoiday Inns and SmMfi CoKege- * JOHM F SUUJVAH of Franfctn TownsNp. manager of eastern chanical tarminafis lor Union Carbide's solvents and intermediates eoeo cnawntan oi me win s new jersey lute Suttvanhu been a manager tor Union Carbde tor nme years Our perms appeal to your sense of style. Manv people in your area are paying too much tor homeowners insurance. Call or see an Allstate Agent now: IN HILLS BOROUGH f OOOtOWfl Stopping Center Riwtc 206 South Phone: I he franklin NEWS RECORD 5-A MAtlBOIT CORP., with a hotel in Franklin Township, has reported a net income of $22.4 mwton for its second quarter ended June 18. an increase of 3 percent over a year ago. Earnings per share were 82 cents in the 1982 quarter, compared to 81 cents in the 1981 second quarter. Sales totaled $600.8 million, a 30 percent increase over the $463.6 mlwon in the same period a year ago. ROYAL DOULTON also announced an exclusive one-year warranty against chipped edges on its Steelite Hotelware. The unique warranty applies to all new Royal Doutton Steelite I irtstaflations after May 30. It does not apply to Steelite II or Steelite 80. Royal Dotton will replace any Steelite platter, saucer or plate which chips during one year of normal food service use. It does not apply to breakage. Normal food service use is defined as including refrigeration, serving, washing and storage. "The warranty is the first of its kind in the industry and is a totally unique and innovative program." said Paul C. Phillips. Royal Doulton's director of hotelware. Mr. Phillips continued, "The savings that Royal Doulton's one-year warranty program against chipped edges represents to the food service operator is staggering. The replacement cost for dirmerware over the period of a year's extensive usage can be very costty." In order to be replaced, the produce must be returned, freight prepaid, to Royal Doutton Hotelware Division's Warranty Inspector. The chip-resistant body of Royal Doulton's Steelite Hotelware is due to the high-aluminum content body and especially designed extended rolled edges. Other special features include the double-well saucer which fits teacups, coffee mugs, soup cups and creamers; and items that are stackabte to conserve space. Lovely Household Good China & Glass PUBLIC AUCTION HOfla RhsnaVB 9k Betty HU0nO9 (SOU 22TOOfllnOfTM) 90 Weatcott Rd., Princeton, N.J. (on Bayvd Lane (Rt*. 206) THURS., JULY 29-9 A.M. (Rain Data - Next Day) Low* XIV style Bbrary table; Lovely French converttte sola; Marquetry coffee & other nice tables: Pair wing chain; Mediterranean bedroom set; Hutch; Viet Chwerobe: Patio furniture: Lovely console bar. etc! Beautiful 1? x 20* & 13' x 15' Kirmans, semi-antique & other oriental rugs (aom 12 noon). Lenox & other good china: after. Lovely lamps; good glass; Decor pictures; 7 hp riding mower office refrigerator: mahogany secretary desk, etc! Good AddWons! LESTER & ROBERT SLATOFF - AUCTIONEERS Trenton, HJ. (609) I OMTWsomowuianai Summer Sidewalk Sale Friday & Saturday July 23 & 24 The Biggest Dollar-Stretcher Sale of the Year OPENING IN HILLSBORO!! Eleonora Stein Ballet & Arts Academy - 18 YR HamBton St., Somerset Il-Edgeboro Rd. & Rt. 18, East Brunswick Home of Somerset Regional Barter r I)ircctor Complete Training in, Mm. Hranara Stein Classical Russian Ballet Trained at I he Troyunult (Legal), Pointe, Character. Hallcl Academy. HuJapcM: Jazz. Acrobatics. Ballroom. 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And unequalled Dining Chairs... $130ea $ 89 permanence ''.^ Brown Jordan is masterfully crafted of an 48" Table... $265 $ 179 exclusively finished aluminum that refuses to Not Shown: mar. chip, fade or react to salt air Specially Chaise Lounge $349 $ 239. processed vinyl strappings excel in comfort and _, A. '... I,.. color retention for lasting beauty Occasional Chair J. 170 $ 114 Ottoman.. $ 89 $ 59 NOW'S the perfect time to buy Occasional Table $ 80 $ 49 sensational Brown Jordan at specially reduced prices? ^nta^mar xafeaa ttbkw mm Cinemax Ourdifiereoce is our movies. Movie choke, oot duplication. Mo»m that are dwen because they're toe land of awnes other darmeb usudy ooat itxm -» you frt more mow dun and k» mane oupiration U i The ultimate CALL TOOAYI CINEMAX IS AVAILABLE IN: BELLE MEAD, NJ Hillsborough Cablevision Inc imm#<mmo&m**zmtvm»t»t me i tsbhan«a««o*ca.mc ccxruol furnlrhing/for indoor/ and out North PUinfidd: Route 22. West Mon.-Frl 9 am.-9.pm.*. SaL 9 a.m.-6 pun. LawrenceviUe: 2970 Route Mon.-Fri. 10 a.m.-9 pm.. Sat. 10 a.rh.-6

6 Contestants sought I IN* Franklin NEWS RECORD Thursday, July 22, 1982 Local model plans beauty pageants h»t*>p**m fall fifntcd J«S fumoc «* Seeaortei nwfcibf p&m* M pntiem a <*wr»drj beaut? (MfeaM cunwtfaiiza n Atlantic M* Rcacc. 27. a naive of No* Jeney hm taccessfally modeled for Wool Lovers! Flow a JWf» lo Pmnctton. KJ to lh» store with the uiaewtforge**co&ectton of kcktndte Wookns the mcm*nt, &$ht*it, matt luxurious and durable woakem m the world LANDAU'S 1/2 PRICE SALE on Discontinued Icelandic Woolens Jackets, Sweaters, Coats. Ponchos. Blankets. Hats. Scarves and Mittens too. For Men & Women CMrt 10,000 Sena wib be 1/2 Pnc«* STARTING THURSDAY. JULY 22nd 9:30 A.M. «O»m» Thamdby. Friday Hi (ml Jtwtl,. 114 NottMu S****t I AC*OM< hwa fih# Europe"! top designers, is launching a massive search for contestants for four categories of pageants: Miss Pctitcs. Miss Black and Beautiful. Miss Full-Figured and Mr. Handsome. The age requirement for contestants in all four categories is between yean. The height and weight requirements are as follows: Miss Petites: height: 4*11*"-5'5'*. weight: not to exceed 135 pounds. Weight must be proportionate with height. Measurements must be in proportion. Mm Black and Beautiful: height: 5*6'* and over. Weight proportionate with height. Must have perfectly proportioned measurements. Mm Full-Figured: height. 5'6*' and over. There is no restriction on weight. However, contestants nust be extremely well proportioned: the bust and hips approximately the same measurement and the waist about 10 inches*smaller. Mr. Handsome: height: 5IO"-6*3". Weight must be proportionate with height. Ideal jacket size is All contestants must be attractive and carry themselves well, according to the rules. They must be -poised and dignified. "We arc presenting these contests for the opportunity they will present the contestants."ms. Rcnec said. "These arc not regional, state, nor local contests that lead to better titles and contests. Rather they are an outstanding opportunity for men and women who arc not eligible for the "average** beauty pageants to compete, make contacts, gain experience and win some beautiful prucv "The bciuiv/fashion modeling industry ts rapidly changing. Suddenly, full-figured and petite women are being recognized. For the first time in years, male models arc in demand. And black vkomen who have been successful in the fashion industry for years arc getting more and more opportunities. "It is well known (hat beauty pageants frequently open doors for these hopefuls, him ever there arc lew < if any) pageants for petite and full-figured women. And for black women, who incidently are welcomed to enter any pageant they are qualified for. will also have the opportunity to compete against other black women and they then gain an added advantage. And for men. there are few (if any) contests for men who are not muscle-bound body-builders. But now there is Mr. Handsome!*' In coordinating this event. Ms. Renee is planning a combination of beauty, glamour, intrigue and fashion which will include a nightly fashion show introducing the fashions of Mr. Henderson who will select 10 contestants in each category to model his fashions. Ms. Rcnec models in the Somerset area and is currently working with a group of "hopefuls." teaching them the "ins and outs*' of the modeling/fashion world..ms. Renee also is involved in animal rights and frequently speaks on their behalf. In recent months Ms. Renee has appeared in several fashion shows around the country and on cable TV talk show's., Mr. Henderson resides in Bristol. Pennsylvania with his wife Ethel. He is about to introduce his fashions and aside from his association with Ms. Renee and the pageants, he plans several fashion shows in future months. "My special advice to all those considering becoming a contestant is the same philosophy I follow in my own life and which I stress to my students." Ms. Rcnec said. "A winner never quits and a quitter never wins, and you haven't failed unless you have failed to try. I'm a strong believer in following one's dreams and that always means grasping opportunities and taking chances." For additional information on locations for registration, call Ms. Renee ut between 6 to 10 p.m. weekday's or from noon to 8 p.m. weekends. Ms. Rcnec and Mr. Henderson also arc accepting applications from those individuals who arc experienced in the world of beauty and fashion who desire to be a judge. Ideal candidates would be photographers, fashion designers, modcling agency directors, former and present models, and buyers. MODEL JILL RENEE of Somerset is launching a search for beauty pageant contestants. Get ahead of the Crowd with Education & Careers ONIY ^^ig* Maintenance King will 1 -*T clean your sofa one side cnair and one average size room of carpeting all for this, one low twice. Off er expires July so call today COMMERCIAL IMDUSTBIAl RESIDENTIAL CLEANING j For your local dealer call: or toll Free 1 BOO-7«-2929 tj MAINTENANCE KING Lewis M. Zemsky, M.D., P.A. takes pleasure in announcing the association of Andrew Piskun, M.D. in the practice of Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine at 1132 South Washington Ave. i Piscataway, N. J beginning July 12, 1982 Office Hours by Appointment (201) (201) AUGUST 18 *c everyone Proof Deadline July 30 Ad Deadline August 6 Advertisers call your sales representatives or Patricia Landmann 609/ HAVE MORE J FUN THIS *! SUMMER WITH J EXTRA CASH from The Gold & Silver Refinery WE'RE BUYING & SELLING JUST ABOUT ANY COLLECTIBLE! 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Scientists have created special antibodies to fight cancer cells by cloning hybrid cells "designed" chiefly to combat a particular illness without harming other cells. la clinical trial in Belgium, the dnif fhraarizine proved highly effective in pi evenling migraines. U.S. tests will follow. When arthritic patients also have ulcers, cunetidine and an antacid enable them to take the necessary aspirin without flareups, says a report in American Family Physician. Mult-onset diabetes may be linked to a deficiency of chromium, which impairs the metabolism of glucose. Supplements may help, according to a study by the US. Department of Agriculture Human Research Center. When your doctor reconwmids vitamins and food sipplemerts. you'll find a HILLSBORO PHARMACY Oe Canto Center ' Rt 206 at Amwell Rd DEKTM. HEALTH CARE I heard teething is rough. What can I do to ''make it easier on my child? A. in general the child's tooth enption, depends on heredity. Once teething.»«fj(w,therewaibe,ak)tof "and'f everything Kavina up in fc The child is hcraaky and restless. twituit and child, athechikrifim with pain.. Extta.: attention and fi ave unportaot as' cold, - * - - * TlOtt' CMI < OSy '-p thew, consaft 4hthl for hdpfiu : Call Packets Classifieds 8 newspapers -1 low price J (609) ; with display advertising in the call

7 Franklin residents star in 'Grease' production fwf VR.CKO Ci* SQme*s«ff has be«n cass as Danny Zuko in the Center Pt«i«S producocn o* G-ease Here he us snown with a gum cftewtng. paarfcoghng "Pin* La *.." Lass Owut ot E«za >eth Raymond Vefcko and Ramon Cuevas of Somcnet have roles in the Center Players' September production of "Crease," The Center Players is the resident theater company of the New Jeney Center for the Performing Arts. The rock and roil musical by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey transports the audience back to the fifties. Mr. Vekko will play Danny Zuko. every girts* fantasy. The girl of his dreams. "Sandy." will be played by Dune Zora of New Brunswick. Other cast members include Mr. Cuevas. The production team is comprised of 1 he Franklin NEWS RECORD 7-A director Midge Guerrera. choreographer TJ.Moskahki. music director Denise Giorelto. instrumental music director Glen Kohn. stage manager Brenda Girlipp, and assistants to the producer Michelle Cafro and Marie Kubeck. "Grease" will kick off the Center's Beaux Arts Festival. Performances of "Grease" will be held on Sept and 18 at the Somerset County Vocational and Technical High School on Vogt Drive in Bridgewater. For ticket information, call or stop by the New Jersey Center for the Performing Arts. 17 Division St.. Somcrvilk Performance will benefit For Retarded The Franklin Villagers will present a Mitt adaptation of "The Three Musketeers" on Thursday. Aug. 12 as a benefit for the Somerset County Unit of the Association for Retarded Citizens. Curtain time is at 8:30 p.m. at the Franklin Villagers Barn Theatre in Franklin. The ticket cost is a tax-deductible $10 donation. All proceeds will benefit the ARC. Only 200 tickets will be sold, so the ARC urges that theatregoers reserve their tickets by calling the ARC office at No tickets will be sold at the door. The S10 tickel price entitles guests to a free outdoor wine-and-cheese cocktail party and intermission refreshments. After the show the audience will have a chance to meet the cast of "The Three Musketeers". Three-year-old Gregory Wilson of Franklin has the honor of serving as poster boy for the event. Gregory is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wilson and is enrolled in the ARC's preschool program. 'Week of the People' slated The Week of the People, sponsored by the Somerset Community Action Program, and Franklin Township citizens is ict to run from Aug. 14 to 22. The celebration is in honor of poor and working people and their contribution to vocictv Scheduled events during the week include a parade and awards, community festival day/block party, senior citizens luncheon, gospel variety show, jazz salute, cultural arts day. political forum, youth day and many more community functions. fc THE LOBSTER DOCK Specials ** LIVE MAINE LOBSTER 3 for $12.00 Live Maryland Crab from Maine Steamers r i ii i i i $3.99 doz. $1.49 Ib. $1.00 per pound off Medium Shrimp with this coupon Good through July 24 HILLSBOROUGH RT FLEMINGTON RT ROBERT M. PALLAY, M.D., F.A.A.F.P. TAKES PLEASURE IN ANNOUNCING THAT RONALD A. REISS, M.D. WILL BE ASSOCIATED WITH HIM IN THE PRACTICE OF FAMILY MEDICINE HOMESTEAD PLAZA BELLE MEAD, NEW JERSEY TELEPHONE: \ EAR PIERCING SPECIAL I Fast. 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9 Pete Doblosky, left, tightens one of the many bolts in the matrix of the aircraft frame while Frank Curley, shown above, puts the finishing touches on a piece of steel. ^ Build it yourself This baby is going to fly!' WtUrt ««nr Avnwc»*» MwnlJc, there i> nuthtitj; >l Amcnc.au. Rat. 4,1 I «n 41 dun BMUJCU. \clkm. vnmnllfafnc home!' nuni h»iw<hi»ki* In f*ci. en* ihftawtrji- in, t t*i&f n&flcrcni irwra st&w cnfjtpai «o tn m»**i mtwuk Beer., M> aa M«Tum!. tn»i>~t;*e fjesxpc «*ii Kiel, m««men J/C hutily i» JI bfeui «rl to* ttwcfttnvcttftf ihctt mil jsrpljnc IVnrr tjte>6&*»&».. Vs. in *ftt«<- ptnpe the»«>*1 i>»»tnj: ««n. JIXJ hi* rv fraafc. Cwlf)., -**.. erf HOUj Boxc**-! Ate. fwmmj: an jirpianc unc bu* to be "tfee utttirute {toil in O\my Rut* hud ttu* (»f«ti<m;w- NJC ^rrjs jut KTI nation vho*> m their when «fer» dmcwm Ehc prwtfwvi *rf <i*nnf ptst that *v ejfly a> nc*t oncne Is 'Mte* OS l»if» ami ISctsctfc cia*»f*iac«t*ut an atony time. 1hc\ fell tn t»i bane, been m pummteft >»i «* t&c eeitpnt mvef wtnem be it 12 has been nvotved the Sonera II protect smce as eaxty planning stages, IW tciohi cd «w»iufl^ \vm 0*n (*n«*>-m-»iic ainmft can beat sou to Pew v*aj Fnaa cwdtlnl jyjccmcni and addmi. "VViih a fcuwatftutll.,"a» they jrr cjtlial. > fd am jznrraft thjt i* c«w>mlcrxm>' tt»«fwnar and matmkwn,. Thr>'rr ocn vtfer. Mrvc ihe jirpijne IN ifhct tort.* lc\ek '' amkncmnnj **<«> ** like number cine pn<xti> Hut the> uill pet Swine* p» mlafr anl we permmed lo «k«then»"»n maintenance «ith a I jrr anpurum fxtan. Na ** Frxni ctpiiincd. "When >ou I it aw*dc and ««t. jnd >im*rc pwn to krxru it iv At CKMnpfetkm. Use cnlt *U1 tot a **»c %aluc ol S9.000 to S1O.O0OO. e» afewal mt-famtb HK jnctafr poor f«v J facwry -Knit \pon aircraft Back wfat* Ffaolt pwctuhod Use nuaenak for ihetr ataxih. the cmtnutcd cent to ba the craft mm S3.000 w SJ JWO photos by Andrea Kane Thc\ art building a Soncrai 11 sport aircraft, a class designed by Monnett Experimental Aircraft. Inc.. of Oshkosh. Wise., one of the leaders in the homcbuilt industry The Sonerai II is a two-place craft with full dual control* and can be flown solo from the rear seat. Some 150 of this type nave been built since the design was introduced in the mid-70s. It is 18 feet. 10 inches long and has a wingspan two inches shorter. When empty, it weighs 500 pounds. It can cany 425 pounds. According to the designers. pilots of average size and weight which they define as 6 feet. ISO pounds have no problem fitting into the Sonerai"s cockpit. At 5 feet. 10 inches. 195 pounds, and 6 feet. 200 pounds, respectively. Frank and Pete expect to be comfortable. The wing of the Soncrai is all aluminum and is composed of two panels that can be folded alongside the fuselage. This enables the airplane to be towed tail-first on its own landing gear, a feature that will first come in handv when Frank and Pete arc ready to pull the craft out of the driveway and head for the airport. The fuselage and tail surfaces are of chrome-moly tubing construction with fabric and fiberglass covering. Up front, lightweight preformed fibtrglavt cowlings cover the engine, gas tank, instruments, and controls. Thoc cowlings can be removed easily, providing complete access to these components. Ine Sonerai II has a cruising speed of 140 mph. a range of approximately 250 miles, and burns a little more than three gallons of gasoline per hour. A modified four-cylinder Volkswagen engine provides the gel up and go. To qualify as a homcbuilt. at least 51 percent of the craft must be contructcd by hand. Frank and Pete's product will more than qualify. Construction requires a great deal of cutting, bending, and shaping of tubes and other metal pieces, and then there is the welding, piece-to-piece, one at a lime. In addition, they must cover the airplane and install control, lighting. and communication equipment. Frank conceived of this project when, in he attended an annual meeting of the Experimental Aircraft Awviation (of which he and Pete arc members) at Wittman Field in OshlkOvh. There he saw an earlier version of the Sonerai and was intrigued. Some three years later, after teaching himself to weld and bringing with htm various other needed skills from hiv background in the Air Force and in electronics at RCA in Somervillc. he acquired the materials and began to build the airplane. He estimates he spent approximately 450 manhours over the next two years and constructed most of what has been completed to date. When higher priority matters crept into his available time, as Frank puts it. "the project died." From 1978 to just recently, the airplane collected dust in an attic above his garage. After toying with the idea of selling the project, he learned that Pete, with whom he had worked at RCA. was interested. They talked, the partnership resulted, and on June I. the project was given new life.since then. working togethet 'be two have added another 50 or so manhours to the project. Most ol the work-between six and 12 hours-is done on Wednesdays, but other spue time also is used, sometime independently. lor spot work. "What I needed was someone to jog me." Frank said. " a guy to get involved with me, a guy interested in the airplane, who likes flying, and who is willing to work. And it's been great; Pete's got the energy of three or four good people." Ironically. Pete also brings to the partnership a background ol electronics, a skill that was nurtured during a tour ol" duty in the Army and at RCA. He also owns and operates an electrical contracting firm. Raritan Valley Electric. Experience he gained in the re-do of the Piper Cub also adds substantially to the resources of this duo. Support for the project abounds among the Curley and Doblosky families. Of his wife. Marilyn. Frank said. "She just feels that if 1 say I'm going to build something or fix something, it'll get done sooner or later." In turn. Pete said his wife.joann. was convinced the day he"finished building his garage that he probably would use it for building "something." "Garages aren't for cars, are they?" Pete said laughingly. "I always thought they were for building airplanes!" He admits that over the years. he has only once had his truck parked in the garage. The children in both families also track progress, but no one could be more supportive and enthusiastic than Pete's brother. Jim. 43. a machinist, who drives from Milltown to join the team as often as he can to help in. whatever way he can. His incentive? " "They got me excited about the whole deal because they promised me that when we get finished with the airplane, they're going to help me get my pilot's license." he said. Frank is a certified flight instructor, suggesting the prospect of Jim's earning his pilot's license seems pretty good. Someone else is interested in their project. The government throuuh the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulates the construction and certification of this type of aircraft. A blizzard of paperwork already started is required. Before Frank and Pete "close up" the fuselage, an FAA inspector has to check out its construction. Later, the inspector will return to make a similar inspection before the wing is covered. If all goes well, the next inspection would take place at the airport ami result in certification that the craft is airworthy. In short, this means. "OK. take it up." But who will do that? Pete and Frank carefully secure the gas tank to the frame of their aircraft. FAA regulations require that the airplane be flown solo for the first 75 hours and then only within a 25 mile radius of the home airport. "I'll probably be first," Frank said, "I'll convince Pete of that." "Hey, 1 could sit there and watch it take off, and I'd be just as thrilled as if 1 were in it," Pete said. Will it ever take off? Frank sums it up this way: "I feelso strongly about it now. I know this airplane is going to fly next year, because I know how Pete is."

10 IO-A Thursday, July 22, 1982 Durkin, Brandariz to marry Me. ma MR *** Fnwm OwtM erf Cootcwile. Tcaa.. *tae sac a major- 8««M^^ «wfcwikr t^ ca^rj«cj««ol «f m haiiwiii and compute* lecntitan* «tttjrftat*~ BcnsMtew Manew,» aatagy. -ft»a«*ito-'«imf aarfmn Mr BIMMZ» a Hribtoroags High BRHHi«w «x IkOc Mcwi. Scftooi fndomc He Meads Teaansce H«f* T«h Uarvcrur) and «mafonaf ia r-hfttuoc ami» pvneatihi A June. 19*4 veddmf it planned. OS moves hdqts to Manvffle site C-* CiMnpuKf Imt.. butt prc-proccmon. opcnting ijv Kxn cnhwkct'htmi* ml dcbftfftnf aids. Stwtt at Jtfew York, Ck> K» ;. MtuM&ag *».MM Cieribes. g the company't proprietiry dciopncm p A* ofl Isaac I, fftc OJiayuay't actmtm have been primarily.**&«**fc*» twro 3W>?&«**& Mm Viwt m tyttcntt. C-S comutunp and custom MBflwaf *cjmt»ev have covered a erf cocnmcictal application*. Cost ''-% Cempuar* pfcfnmm analysts. inter* m>cmor> mart up and other p K*»c been developed for a C-S tanrty ol numlrxmct inctudinf* IBM. Item 4.«> «*«* to COBOL I «M**C. Bwrroufln. RCA and Honey- cu GOP slates golf outing August 9 Fltic %tu$ free" OPTOMETRIST WWom J Prinsit«f. O.D. u* Kitchen The Coll and Tenon Clxvuc mil be 41 Fkfcftrn Efiw» Country Oub in Bcdnumict «8 am and ticfceti are $125 A amtnacfltal breakfast, luncheon cociujh and dinner *ill be to phsrnctpamv frtxxhssmct 'Thomax M n churns*, of the ORIENTAL GROCERY (609) Mercer Mad. LawnenceviMe Opposite Ouakerbndge Man Food VaMtr Kotwtn. Japanese. Thai. «c Kuno-lu tton KanmyickM*, Happy cot*. lofioros. Coo^nvafv. Cook Books. Tan S«tt. and mora Mr. & Mn William Docherty ^CAMP MASON KY W CAMP OF THE 80'S HEARBY YET "FAR OUT" CAMKSS CHOOSE KS3ONAL SCHEDULES TO COMBINE / THE KST OF CENEKAL AND SPECIALTY CAMPING AND MAMTMAWr MORE UNourRion* W>. lls«l. Wumtuwii. HJ.\ DELAWARE WATEK GAP AREA OF N. J. Got a gripe or a compliment? Write your editor. 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The 3 p.m. ceremony took place at St. Ladislaus Church in New Brunswick with Father Julian officiating. The bride, given away in marriage by both parents, wore a lace chiffon gown with a high Queen Victorian neck. She wore a picture hat with a laceribbonand carried a bouquet of white and lavender silk flowers. Noelle Clark, sister of the bride, was the maid of honor. Bridesmaids included.michelle Docherty. sister of the groom. Debbie Toth. Angela Biondo. Linda Perez. Jean Hessel and flower girl Kristen Sweeny. The maid of honor and bridesmaids wore lavender pleaded chiffon gowns with lace capes, carried bouquets of pink carnations and white daisies and wore baby's breath in their hair. The flower girl wore a long white dress with lavender flowers and carried a basket of white and lavender silk flowers. * Bob Ricca served as best man. The ushers were Rich Clark, brother of the bride; Don Docherty. brother of the groom; Tim Kaplan. Darren Doran and Victor Richards. Following the ceremony, a reception was Tield at Chicks Inn m New Brunswick. The couple will reside in Phoenix. Ariz. It's a boy for Franklin manager Franklin Township Manager John Lovell's wife. Denise. gave birth to an 8- pound.'8-ounce boy on July 15 at about 5:30 p.m. The baby was born in Somcrs Point at Shore Memorial Hospital. The couple's first child has been named John Crayton Lovell 111. Mother and son reportedly arc "doing fine." The manager and his wife plan to relocate to East Millstone in September. Mary Ann Puza will wed Telly Ousouljoglou in fall Mr. and Mrs. Joseph N. Puza Jr. of Wolfe Drive. Somervillc. announce the engagement of their daughter. Mary Ann. to Telly Ousouljoglou. son of Mr. and Mrs. Antonios Ousouljoglou of Leghorn Avenue, Bridgcwater. The bride-elect is a graduate of Hillsborough High School, the Middlesex County College Program of Radiologic Technology held at Saint Barnabas Medical Center School of Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound. Miss Puza is employed by Saint Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston. Mr. Ousouljoglou is a graduate of Bridgewater-Raritan High School West., He is employed as manager of Dave's Liquor Mart in Millburn.. ~. An October wedding date is planned. NJ Transit plans more budget cuts A round of public hearings will be held by NJ Transit Corp. in September on proposed service cuts to further reduce the transit agency's budget deficit by SI0 million to S12 million. Included in the plan is a proposal to eliminate the West Trenton Line rail service's one-a-day return.trip between West Trenton and Newark, according to NJ Transit spokesman Anthony Graziosb. The transit agency also is proposing to cut low-patronage bus routes throughout the state, including some Mercer Metro service, according to the plan approved by NJ Board of Directors July 13. Mr. Grazioso said the agency has not yet determined which routes will be affected. On Aug. 10 the board of directors is expected to take action on a proposed 25 percent, across-the-board fare increase on NJ Transit bus and rail service: The plan, which would raise S22.5 million, would cut the transit agency's S42.5 million budget deficit to S20 million. The new rates, if approved, are scheduled to go.into effect Sept. I. said Mr. j Grazioso. He said the proposed service cuts up for public he afing would further reduce the deficit to S8 milljon to S10-million. Several board members, on the advice of commuter group leaders, have said they would consider refusing to approve raising the'farcs by 25 percent, choosing instead to let the services continue at the existing rates until the agency's budget is exhausted. Such a move would close the system down, putting some 3(X).(KX) commuters onto the state roads and forcing action by the state Legislature, according to commuter-group-leaders. 6. Consumer board will advise Commission for the Blind A board of consumers has been formed to advise the Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired on program and policy matters, according to Human Services Commission George Albanesc. The 14-member Consumer Advisory Board also will work with the commission on a plan being implemented to resolve fiscal and management problems. "We have to have a true picture of the needs of our clients to properly manage the commission, especially in view of impending funding cuts." Mr. Albanesc said. "This group will give us that picture, and they will help us decide how to spend the limited resources that arc available." II EHAVIORAL The board members are blind or visually handicapped or they represent a visually handicapped person. The members also were selected to ensure the board would have an equal balance based on geography, race, age-and sex. he said. The board members are: Florence Blumc. Hillside: Annie Rose Johnston. Newark; Susan Hoffman Kagan. Vincentown: Joseph E. Kane. Mays Landing: Cecile P. Marisky. Bloomficld: Jamal Ali Mazrui. Princeton: Marion McKcnna. Lakewood: Margaret Rcis. Hillsdalc: Jeanne Sanders. Bordcntown. Ex-officio members are: Robert Anderson. Toms River, chairman of the commission's vocational rehabilitation advisory board: James Sofka.lrvington. chairman of the state Committee of Blind Vendors. George E. BUrck. Leonardo, and Ann E. Burns. Absccon. both members of the. commission's board of trustees. EDICINE ENTER pa. announces the opening of an office at 242 E. Main Street Somerville, N.J. < for the treatment of pain, phobias, habit and stress-related medical disorders with Hypnosis, Biofeedback Training, Stress Management and Counseling Consultations available by appointment Robert Lowenstein, MD, PA, Medical Director Augusto Vidal MO, Psychiatric Consultant CfcHcal Associates I Princeton Shopping Center I North Harrison Street I Princeton, N.J Mon.-Fri. 7-5 Saturday 8-11 Nfchotes F. Battagla, MA, CRC Bten Buchweitz, PhD Richard RapMn, MA Marion A. Rerter, MA, EdD Alan Sknberg MA, EdS

11 11-A Kitchen gardens Ratatouille is elegant summer dish made with eggplants Wf MHEMMRt THINCS TO OO THtS WTEEK: T W «i tftc lacica pmftm drnc SoW at a lira cnonc as* ttwawmhwy ;it*pftc H* wrni of tfhr swear** ef (Mr flaunt»crwt*&c ** *» MV» * Sttf&cn ftmttr,»%% jw jff<{nifphm< wrfktifcir tide tfc*. i& m. pcrtkv«arm at tuaj h'% jf mioutlt' tempormmr. C* Art«r ortteif aac* tm * ftrtwr tttit <Qmktm the a tmvnte H t itr icf> ok awe Nutrition for Today tjtmnmnr M. Han*. M-O. fmhry Cmmm* mtfen He, *»*. * * *». j> mutii itruum s&e jpct otf tie* ap» hr j ;»uc Kn«rrs> mjatfrt Jhiop tin twrt. a OBM IN Ihtt DUk mail MR«HWIC *> (^rwcmi fewer >» and jtt w«*^at Thut fcetawte h e* f mevi tern b*hmv& mmn- LiAx-ten. Kcwfr ccawactpint tft«imitt^ntmu wh (Unit &x fie* mat pmikm, 4 w» Our» pramtm w m p fiber we fane*,. B5r»fe *«fktafc*»., mtale innwufi* ami wtesar pom tamttk.. fku> * at IniM tarn to * s^.a* Holly Farms Chicken Legs lew seconds to finish off the top. Unmoki on serving plate. Cut into wedfc*. Nice with mango chutney. BASIC RATATOUILLE U.S.D.A.Owk*t«*t Semi-Boneless Chuck Roast Lb.r*. Chicken Thighs 7 9««Chicken Breasts!* Chicken Breasts fs9 Chicken Legs win* a coioffiil There arc many recipes for ratatouille domt Large lsit» beat, fou? g ^ like all country <tishcs. recipes vary foff wawpftwf., tmf #»*l (fame ttc Stir M I cap ramawtle and V: from rcgioa to region and from family to S hate*, f&t m ««! MI yam (*«enar aib fnaed Pametaa or Cbnldir chervc family. Use the recipe below as a bask iwr«r>, ami y«kw tat * wmfacr of fto MBO gfcaacd. S-«* ilullet Cook guide, adding to the vegetable medley or J KM tbfll fact, ttp» fia (Mac. wntanii inmaf. 10 Mibtractffig from it as your personal taste Iteik* MW few toe* pwrfk*. Ma»v few! me wpitn^wt ^ ^ Ac SUNK BfwwnsftweticMM*>»mtni 1am*. Dea'iott tomk jhpwagw* fnxncr> yn Do on hucfc fa»p*«tf> WK» M ahry fen***off.. «uc bwit rihc at** wwytmny or MMd acatiy «ci Ptacr oadcr suggests and your garden's harvest dictates. ^Eggplants are essential to ratatouille. The recipe below makes four to 6 servings. Considering the many things you can do with ratatouille. make lots. For a more pungent dish, add finely chopped anchovy fillets and capers. Black olives add a fragrant Mediterranean touch. I medium eggplant 3 medium zucchini, cut into '/* inch rounds 2 teaspoons salt y* cup olive oil 2 medium onions, peeled and sliced 2 medium green peppers, sliced 2 cloves garlic, crushed 4 medium tomatoes, chopped '/, teaspoon pepper 3 tablespoons snipped parsley Peel the eggplant if you like I don't, but many people do. Slice it into 'A-inch strips and stir-fry, about V* at a time for 3 to 4 minutes in oil over moderate heat. Only at Drain. Brown the zucchini in 2 table-' spoons oil; drain. Cook onions, peppers and garlic in remaining oil until tender, about 6 minutes! Combine all ingredients in pan; cook additional S minutes. Let cool; season to taste. A little fresh basil would be nice. At this point the ratatouille can be refrigerated up to three days for later use. Fora moist, mushy ratatouille. cook an additional 20. to,30 minutes before serving. For a crisp-tender ratatouille. serve as is. UNION Tender Grand Union Meats Are A Cut Above. Beef on Sale...We've trimmed prices to the bone on our USDA Ghoiee.,.and plucked prices on all our Grade 'A' Chicken...The best, for the least. BUTCHER BLOCK DrumsUcks 99 «Turkey Cutlets 2«9 Chuck Cubed 2*19 < MANMI<M><M.<MJ.U l«-.«ri.»..>wi. BTTIH U U.».0>.Cwoka-l.nal«Mla«IS«aar ib. PorkLotnforBBQ17»# Smoked Butto 199 P'^WJBOBWJ ^^^^ p^" F^ n#^^^t^^^ai ^^^a* a^^^" 1 ^-^ ^ ^^^ ^^^^^» aw^a^ajv ^^a> awajbbwbia^ ^p^p* R ^ B ^ ^^^ - U.S.D.A. Choice - Boneless Beef Shoulder Roast Al*o: Bon»UtsB*«< Chudt Roast Lb. 179 London Broil Chuck Fillet U.S.D.A. Choice -»on«tot» B t St»ok lb. Shoulder for S t e w 2 ^# Chuck Steak U.S.& A. Otoie* lonilm «! Cube* lb. U.VD.A. Chok* S«m>-Son«l*j>M t f Lb. Flank Steak USDA Chotc* - lwll» Jones Bacon agulw or TMck Stead lb. 229 l4.b.pkg. BUTCHER BLOCK I SUPER COUPONS Shoulder Steak! 19 # U.S.D.A. Cholc* «oo«l«.i t lb. TopChuckSteak2««S O C h l t t o» l lb lb. CORNER DELI rgr"md UNIONi ->up«r GRTMD UNION ( rai Breakfast Beef 179 Chicken Roll 139 # Sliced Salami 119. ^_._-_.. HoMLb. B«tKosh.r-lowFatorBologno 6-o«. Pkg. Cod Fillets 299 Itajian Sausagel»9 # Chicken Franks S»rlSFiet I9# F?esh Bluefish 2«9 Codfish Steaks 2 ^ 9 Red Cheek Apple Juice Wilson Franks 119 kn Beef Franks Wilson Bacon p9# Macaroni Salad 59 C CamecoHam,_^_.. '-U* W»9 ModoWHhrMlnMnn'sMoyonnais. Lb. Impcinid, Cook»d Mb. Pkg. =- r - o-*= - - M^,^ Hard Salami 179 # Bratwurst y U 10AChok* Icn.lin «!iannd ^SoV^, Provolone Flank Steak 387 BOttOm & Eye # Armour Holllb. lkrauss-orborb«u.sousog. U.t.OA. Owics len^m*boti loin 7 le*lb*. lb. 2^9 Bologna Lb. Oscor Moycr- Sllcad R»g. or I 12-QI. Pkg. lib. Pkg. Mediterranean 179 # GalloSalame Solod In-Slora Praparod lb. Slkod or Papporoni 3-«. Pkg. GROCERIES GROCERIES GROCERIES Heinz Ketchup 3-lb. an. 149 DdMonle Peaches»«Macaroni 2,.99 «Muffin Mix S9 'Ut C Tomatoes ^99*2 ^BghettiTwists 3 9 ^ Cm Saltines Noodles 4.,1OO+ Cider Vinegar 9 9 ^«lirosyrap &? Rrosting Mix ffiw -* bouka*! m B rcn»h*» ' - A«1.»q»'HHilan U>ot.r%«u Printt Vanity Fair Paper Towels 119 Hershey Frosting 139 AW.«BV-»o-Spr»od Vorlilt I-U>.. * *. Con Pizza Quick.1199 I4oi.Jor Wish-Bone Lite 79«% (t«t«*< Mf)»a«.W. Lite Blue Cheese 89*9 Facial Tissues 49* Snowy Bleach 1*9 - Salad Drawing»a».M- BtooBowiCleaner 19* 9) Si«Pock. Kcgulor. D i«or Pepsi light Pepsi-Cola or Mountain Dew 12-oz. Cam Montclair Water Sporklmg 1-ft.. Corn Oil 2 Orond Union Poryunsoturofd l Q t. 1-Pl. Bll. Town House K»«bl«r.C»yolSnockCTOck»r. 79 e 12-or. Pl.g. Snack Crackers89 c K«abt»r Assorfd Vori«ti«s 8-or. Pkg, Sunshine Wafers 129 Sugor. Choc. Fudgoor Poonut ButMr 12-os. Pkg. Apple Juice Drinkll9 Bosks. HollGol.BH. Spaghetti 49 C Basics-or Elbows ' Mb.. Pkg. Sayarin Coffee 3»9«Basics Iced Tea 189 I»HM 1fH«.Jor MI«Mak«10Quorts 2-lb.Canisw Lolly Pops Crystal Pura-lorg* B-ol. Pkg. Callard & Bowser 149 Tott**. Lkork* or lutmncotch 7-ot. Pkg. DeepWradsOff 2^9 I R l l «. Cont. Tetley Iced Tea 189 Instant Mix Pkg.of 10 NesteaJcedTea 549 Mok«sXOuorts-Mi«3-Lb. 5-oi. Coniit.r Kibbles n' Bits 4 l.t-o..can«. Kan-moWon Dry Dog Food 10-Lb. Bog Spray N* Wash Mainstay Dish Detergent U I41.COM POTT* Ooa Food a<mj>. Bog Sun light- liquid I-ft Cont. HEALTH & BEAUTY I DATE-LINE DAIRY I THE BIG FREEZER FRUITS & VEGETABLES White Plates 1»9 >opor-9lnch Pkg.oHW ttuc fof* tun l igr»f.i trowt «hc i f c t*tt»n»ri ct aim fairty < O AHi.farKMeof CM kc qpair a oak... j* m mem Abo, keep am i ttm't ftw* w be a tic ItifckMf Impotumc* of IMMNML LaUWMt. JOT 4WI IWBC» kr Gwtk fliiamvlhr 10 few* ei fvtm lir dhr owe of - MissBreck Hair Spray COM I* 9 Breakstone Sour Cream Com 99«otuiwarCrMilaCM Heinz Deep Fries wo, MC CultivaMd Fresh Sweet Blueberries t B»kl. 79 e FrashCrisp Chicory or Escarole Ban Roil-On 179# Hotel Bar BlendH9«Cream Pies 898 9*9 Watermelon Green Squash or Yollow Squash g.coco..choc.orlaw»onl4-et.pkb, ToothbrusfT 79* BreyersYogiirt79*9 Frosted Cakes 1»9 Romaine Lettuce 39 e «Fresh Eggplant49*# rim to* W. \* Cm*. >».!<% r».«-awofwdvarlahas HW-O..HH, G~*~*f~* "^ AlkaSeltaer Cream Oieese 119 Quiche Lorraine 29* %*J d L EteiiSoNareer 59 "«Swiss Cheese tt9 MKawIinSras 1*9# Green Cabbage 21 * r»,! I -i tmh 0 11 in 'ii 1*rrf **.»*, *W.S»M» AmrtirtVorittos ivt-oi.pkg. froih " / U>- Coaptn 60 c Off Upton Iced Tea Mix Coapon 50* Off Yuban Colombian Coffee I Coapon AMortod flows JelK) Instant Pudding loch Coapon lo'off «Mh IMs Coupon And Purchaw Of Ona «> t Cant. - Swaat or Sohod Breakstone Whipped Butter Coupon Good My IB thru July 34 UnH Ona Coupon Par CuMomar Florida ; "» - Clean, Fresh and Good. My It»Ww StMwAnr otomcc tlnnm «Jwy, Roddand o and Orano* Countiaf. untaf. In n ordar to ouvrt a sufficient qy quantity of f «al«h»mtforollooreu»t6m«rsw»r«s«fve the d. tlul m iiji>i>il» >l <nr < ty l l Birnn f nr Ttnrt t 'n*rr -fn * f " *"** '- ~*~~'~ (**") ' uncnr * i.flodty ML m Opi Mo 8 am.- S«L 10 pjn. Sun. 8 a.m. -10 p.m.. North Bwmwtek, 510 MMo«m Fid., Open continuously Sun. 8 a.m. - Sat midnight '. Route 202. SonwMl Shopping Centar. Open continuously Mon. 8 a.m.-sat midnight; Sun. 8 a.m. - 7 p.m.

12 Thursday, July 22, 1982 obituaries Aleiaader H Baste. *5. «f Baad AM= at Snawtwi Mcdkat G Bern M MawtSt..tarhmci dhcnc *fl of»mc Mr ** w like utf Apr HKI Mtoam M Ifc* wav. Cefa*. dcd w StOTtftWf mt * dbugtact. Cfero R* x«: «f S*«*»»r. * anxter. Edwmt. ISntm. WNHV Marpm,Marr*y and itmfet TtoaapiMu fen* of Hd%««Md, FIU Jute WWfeca of MmtiOc. «K* cti S*>BBcr»Ik. tfetee *ad two g AjiaNgrNNffltt am by fmttk* W,trRii* funeral Honac «n fcfcwntllr Morris Benner MMIM Bcmwif etf I Kin* ft** GMBOM IMK Mr SaHmcnct ftjlft % * tfatmftvvmcfc fewm -,n Cjcl-tKua Itar bwni ettaenr mm* tug- it* VJITWIVWI tvftn ton jg>» USSAl CMItSTUJf SOKKK MOW OM0UJMG FOR IMC tfl«7«] SOOOL VCAA i Semee* «* Bent <»TI*»P cin«<»» contact m«crhdoki w flor«& * HX0K4O Ht»e* * itfifoi idf-es»ployed Mr Bcaan wotted at tcrao R M S Valley HcnfMUi at fa* Graes Sarmtag ate an wife. Beflj R. Mn. SBJBCJ Graoccr of a «nacr. Came FiVtmi of *«tc a» be ndd at aooa Taev dry M *e Speef-Van Andafc Funeral Home. 10 Weil E*J A«e. SooKmBc Berul»«v no T«np*c Sfctkra Cemetery. Margaret Kolesar FRANKLIN Servkr* were Won- «t»? (or Mjrgxns Bofmxr Kolctar. 73. formctt) o! Rodney Avenoe in the Sowwnet lestjwa.»ho died ThiavJay *t $i Pt*et\ Medical Cctucr. Ne» Brum- The *cr%kt% were held at 8 30 a ra Iran the Cowea Funeral Home. 233 Smxrtct Si.. New Brunswick. fomowtd by a 9 a. m MJM of Chrnitan Bunai at Si Peter* R C Church. New Bruns- Burui *j» m St Peter"* Cemetery. Brummiei. Mr* Koicuf»** Nom m New Bruitv- SCS FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 114 COKWWBS! wick and resided in Somerset for the past 28 yean. Her husband. John P. Kolesar. died in Surviving are a Km. John R.. and a daughter. Margaret Garback. both of Somerset: three sisters. Mildred Lorincz of Highland Park, and Elizabeth Cardooe and Rose Vita, both of Somenet; and three grandchildren. James Newby FRANKLIN James Scott Newby. 33. of Eaton Avenue in the Somerset section died Sunday at St. Peter's Medical Center. New Brunswick, after a long illness. Bora in Griffin. Ga.. he was an area resident for the past several years. From he served as national sales manager for the Wcldotron Inc. A graduate of North Georgia College, he was formerly an Army lieutenant, serving on Okinawa. Japan. Surviving arc his wife. Mary Nacerino Neby; his mother. Jacquelin Newby of Williamson. Ga: his maternal grandparcms. Howard and Myrtle Connell of Williamson: and a sister. Lynda Newby of Tuscaloosa. Ala. Local arrangements arc by the Glcason Funeral Home Hamilton St.. Somenet. Services and burial were held Thursday m Griffin. Ga. Manuel Varela FRANKUN Manuel Varela. 85. of the Franklin Convalescent Center died Monday. July 12 in St. Peter's Medical Center. New Brunswick, after a long illness. Bom in Spain. Mr. Varela was a resident of Brooklyn. N.Y. for most of his life, moving to this area several years ago. Mr. Varela was a retired civil engineer and a 50-year member of the La Fratemidad Lodge No. 387 F & AM of New York City. He is survived by a godchild. Mario Garcia of North Brunswick, and several nieces and nephew's. Private services were under the direction of the Selover Funeral Home. 5SS Georges Road. North Brunswick. Marie Dyer 0'Neil PRINCETON Marie Dyer O'Neil. 89. of 27 Marion Road, died Tuesday. July at Foothill Acres Nursing Home in Neshanic. Born in South Portland. Maine, she lived in the Windsor and Hartford. Conn., areas for 27 years before moving to Princeton in She was employed as a reporter for the Daily Argus in South Portland and also taught elementary school there. She was a member of the Abigail Walcott Ellsworth Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution and was a former president of the Hartford Poetry Club. Her husband. Joseph C. O'Ncil. died in Surviving are two daughters. Mary Alice Lcssing, with whom she lived, and Edith Myers of Venice. Ra.: two sons. Joseph C. Jr. of South Portland and Nathan D. of Winsted. Conn., nine grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. Arrangements were by Hillsborough Funeral Home. Stephen Kulina HILLSBOROUGH Stephen Kulina. 63. of Sunnymead Road, died July at Morristown Memorial Hospital. Born in Manville. he moved to Hillsborough 46 years ago. He was a self-employed builder most of his life, having owned All-Star Builders in Somerville. For the last year he had been an expediter for C.F. Braun Co. in Murray Hill. He had been in the Seabees before joining the Navy during World War II. He was a member of VFW Post 2290 in Manville and American Legion Post 304 in Manville. He was a former member of the Somerville Rotary Club. Mr. Kulina was a communicant of Sts. Peter and Paul Orthodox Church in Manville. Surviving arc his wife. Helen Zeban Kulina: two daughters. Carol Jcgou of Hillsborough and Nancy Bauer of Brooklyn Heights. N.Y.; six brothers. Paul of Toms Rivers. John of Manville. Phillip and Alex, both of Hillsborough. Charles of Fullerton. Calif., and Joseph of Florida; three sisters. Julia Pribish. Helen Hnatuk and Stephanie Kachek. all of Hillsborough; and a granddaughter. Arrangements were by Fucillo and Warren Funeral Home in Manville. Gladys Lynes BELLE MEAD Gladys Lynes of Ludlow Avenue, died Tuesday,. (July 20). after an illness of more than a year. She was 91. Born March in Grand Rapids. Mich., she was the youngest of the six children of Melvin Church and Lizzie Haire. Both in childhood and adult life she traveled a great deal. She attended schools in Colorado and California as well as Michigan and after graduation from Miss Eastman's School in Grand Rapids she lived and worked in Washington. D.C.. Geneva. Paris and London before her marriage in 1922 to Francis M. Lynes at Whitstable. Kent, England. Mr. Lynes. a Certified Public Accountant, died in The Lynes" home was r in Livingston, while they were raising their family. Thereafter they lived in Middlebush where their Coventry Kennels produced champion bulldogs. The Lynes had relocated in Ringoes not long before he died, but she did not remain there, preferring instead to. travel which she did almost constantly until very advanced age obliged her to end her days with her daughter in Belle Mead. Mrs. Lynes J was a member of the Princeton YWCA and Friday Club, at' tended the Montgomery Senior Citizens Exercise Class and worshipped faithfully at Montgomery Evangelical Free Church. She is survived by two daughters. Dr. Patricia Adamson of Los Angeles. Calif.. and Mrs. Jessie Havens of Belle Mead: a sister. Mrs. Naida Cummiford of j Rockford. Mich.; three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. ';. Funeral servi :es will be held Saturday at 10 a.m. at the Montgomery Free Church. Arrangements are by Spcer-Van Arsdale of Somerville. Three psychiatrists join Carrier Foundation staff MONTGOMERY George F. Wilson, M.D., president of the Carrier Foundation, has announced the appointments of three Psychiatrists to the Carrier staff. They are: Jeffrey A. Mattes. ; M.D.. Michael J. Orlosky, M.D... and Kenneth W. Willis, M.D. Dr. Mattes most recently was director of Psychiatric Ambulatory Care at the Bronx V.A. Medical Center, and an assistant professor of pyschiatry at. Mount Sinai School of Medicine. New York, N.Y. He has a long-standing interest in psychopharmacology and psychiatric research and has published the results of his investigations in leading psychiatric journals. Dr. Mattes studied medicine at the University of Michigan Medical School and Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia. He completed his psychiatricresidency at Hillside Hospital. Glen Oaks. N.Y. Dr. Mattes is a diplomate in psychiatry (Certified in Psychiatry by te American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology) Dr. Orlosky recently completed his residency in psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital. Boston. He was also chief resident at the Freedom Trail Clinic. Erich liidemann Mental Health Center, and was a Clinical Fellow in psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. He completed his medical internship at The Waltham Hospital. Waltham. Mass. and receive hisj M.D. from the College of Medicine. The University of South Florida. Tampa, Fla. - Dr. Willis crimes to the Carrier Foundation from Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Ce'ntei, Hanover. N.H.. where he was a resident in psychiatry." and where he also completed his medical and psychiatric internships. He received his M.D. from Dartmouth Medical School, also in Hanover. Dr. Willis has special interest in psyenosomatic medicine, consultation/liaison psychiatry, and family and group psychotherapy. Fudilo & Warren Funeral Home 1rt»CIWOT M. ntsi cam tt CMST scmnn. PIBKCTM. 16 Uimt law. Smon SML 10J0 am. I 430 p.m.. Sun S c M a-au Mat E«t Hartai 815 pj*. Rtadinf t». I» festal SI MM2I-MI9 aw-sat 9J0-S EMMAHUa BAPTIST CHURCH (Evangelical Baotist) Washington & S. 3rd Ave.. Manville. Sunday School 945. Morning Worship 1 LOO A.M.. Evening Bible Hr. 7:00 P.M. James Westervelt. Pastor. Phone For FREE TRANSPORTATION to Sunday School call To be listed in this Directory of Religious Services and Events contact Pat Undmann 609/ HARVEST HOME FESTIVAL Saturday, AugJ 7, 1982 Ham and Hot Chicken Dinner Served Family Style 4-7:30 P.M. Reservations] only Call (201) Adults $7 I Children 4 to 10 $3 Children 3 and under Free SOUTH BRANCH REFORMED CHURCH S M T W T 9» 12 3 i s i r i in ft IS It 17 j utt»n»»m»» 27 2S 2* I August S M T W T F SI PfANKUN ItCYCIf OffMSAIlBDAVS QJU BUILDERS INC HORSE KSD b rn SUWUES. fooos. m o emo 3RD, *****. «K> WC ALSO OUMIV WATCH SO* TENCH SALTS LAW** 6 GAMXM sumjes. SHOES. BOOTS JACKETS H OOVfS BELLE MEAD FARMERS' COOP UMCflOAO UUEMCAD BORO WINES tuquofts t» fan 5*N"ta Martc Ci> OPOIS»IWTS WWE, KEK. UQWR ft, JR. SHOT** CM* rntm Thursday. My 22 OVWMMTS Anonymous 1230 to 2 p.m. Hartran Ral Church, cor Dutcttown FW. Info or FranMn Twp. Council - 8 p.m. Outdoor Concart Me* Novicfcy & The VorsJyies 7 pm Uanmt Pubic Ubrvy Frw> Refreshments Ran or Stan*. Sioryvn* «BtdtR* Program - HHsboro Library p m Owrwy F«m "TrwHoundThat Thought He Was A Raccoon' - 2 pm Hitsboro High School CaMant Saturday. July 24 Som -HuKar. Parents Without Partners. Inc. - 9 pm i am Dane* at Ovii Defense Bidg.. Huff Awe. Uarrv«e Muse by Yesterday Sunday. Juty 25 Som.-Hunter. Chapter of WOWS Dance Social - 7 p rrt-11 pm. - Hoaday Inn. Rout* 22. SomervtHe. Adm $500 Monday, July 26 Manville Council - 8 p.m. Tuesday, July 27 So. Co. Photo Club - 7:30 p.m. - So. Co. Library Bridgewater. Sernor Citizens are welcomed to use Community Room - 10 a.m. -3 p.m. Manville Public Library. Hiltsboro Rescue Sod. Exec. - 8 p.m. - Sqd. Btdg. Amwell Rd.. HiHsboro. Hillsboro Committee - 8 p.m. Frog and Toad Club Hillsboro Library -11 a.m. Wednesday, July 28 Blood Pressure Screening Amer. Heart Assn.. Bridgewater 5-8 p.m. Also Ph. 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Info Thursday, July 29 Franklin Twp. Council - 8 p.m. Dave's Men's & Boys' Shop 41S. Main SI Manville formal Wear For Hire Policemen Mailmen THE ONE STOP HARDWARE HOME CENTER J.S. AMERMAN CO. Neshanie Station, N.J. "Everything for Building" Residential-Farm -Commercial Phone (201) or 4202 TUFrkBOy Senriu Unt" JET OFFSET Printing & Typesetting 200 S. Main St., Mangle RITE-AWAY INSTANT PRINTING CENTER Copies 50 ea. Lowest Price in County "We Print Everything" Open Saturdays 422 Rt. 206 South Hillsborough. N.J. (Professional Center) ' A. MSSBifB tson Oath To Rent This Spate Coll ATLANTIC CITY Daily Bus $14.00 receive $10. in < quarters in Atlantic City T-J-K Travel Agency

13 Ihe Franklin NEWS RECORD Crawford House Help is provided for female by Vary Tararakyj Staff Writer MONTGOMERY Betty Koehlcr openly admits she's an alcoholic. But it's been 14 yean since her last dnnk "I'm a very strong person. I just can't drink alcohol." explained the executive director of the Crawford Home, a halfway home for female alcoholics located here. According to Mrs. Koehlcr. alcohol abuse can be conquered, but "total abstinence" is required. "It's the only treatment that's ever worked." she said. For the past three years. Mrs. KochJcr and a staff of six counselors have been working at putting this belief to work, helping female alcoholic* onto the road to recovery. "No one is ever cured (from akohohsm)." said Mrs. Koclcr. explaining why she still considers herself a "recovering alcoholic." "Once die first drink is ingested, the trigger is set. An alcoholic just cannot safely drink alcohol." "The first thing you have to do is put the plug in the jug." said Mrs. Koehler. "Seventy-five percent of your problems disappear with abstinence." Individual, group and family counseling are also part of the program, geared at preparing female alcoholics for successful re-entry into the mainstream of society. According to Mrs. Koehlcr. about 125 of 180 women who have completed the halfway home program have found a "decent" place to live, attained "economic self-sufficiency" and joined Alcoholics Anonymous in their new communities. "Sometimes marriages and family relationships are repaired. Sometimes the damage is so profound they have See CRAWFORD, page 14A The Sale You Have Been Waiting For! RUMMAGE conveniently displayed on SALE RACKS All Sale Shoes 1/2 Price & More! cash & carty-all sales final-no layaways 27 Palmer Square West Princeton, N.J. Store Hours: 9:30-5, Monday-Saturday «R IH YOUMG, mum&m as mrvwon mm < House, conducts a one-to-one (Andrea Kane photo) Summer days and summer study Hvor kan jeofa det?* 255 Nassau St., Princeton, N.J. go hand-in-hand at RIDER COLLEGE SUMMER SESSION II July 27-August 27 Where can I get one? VOLVO OFPRNCETON Opw* C*aw* Sure* «**«*«BEEF TENDERLOINS Regular once LB purchase of 3 or more tenderloins $5.99 LB. wrth purchase of 1 or 2 tenderiotns SALE STARTS WED. JULY 2a 1982 Uncfwinmed - average Weight 7-9 fcs We w«cut each loin into steaks or roasts as you request. TOTO'S MARKET Registration Monday, July 26 10:00 am - 4:00 pm COURSE OFFERINGS TITLE PERIOD ACCOUHTIHG Introductory Accounting II 2 Cost Accounting II 1 Auditing I 1 Pederal Taxes I 2 ART Ceramics 3 BIOLOGY Introduction to Plant 2 i Environmental Biology (4) ( Lab) BUSINESS POLICY i ENVIROHMENT Business Law II 2 CHEMISTRY Introduction to Chemical Systems 2 Quantitative Methods Lab (1 cr.) TBA Organic Chemistry II 2 Organic Chemistry II Lab (1 cr.) TBA DECISION SCIEHCES A COMPUTERS Introduction to Decision Sciences 1 Decision Science I 2 Statistical Methods II 2 Introduction to Computers and Information Systems 1 ECONOMICS Price Systems 1 Managerial Economics 2 EDUCATION Bilingual Development: Sounds 4 Structures Bilingual Development: Reading 4 Writing ENGLISH English English COMPOSITION Workshop Workshop Elements of Composition Advanced Composition 142 TBA For information concerning Summer Session II, call (609) TITLE NON-CREDIT STUDIES Reading Improvement PERIOD FINANCE Introduction to Finance 2 Managerial Finance II. 3 GEOSCIENCE Physical Geology.2 Earth Materials Lab (.1 ) The Earth 3 1 HISTORY The Hero In History 20th Century Europe 3 2 JOURNALISM News Reporting & Writing I i LITERATURE Literature 4.Society. 2 MANAGEMENT Fundamentals of Management.1 MARKETING Social Issues in Marketing 1 Creative Advertising 2 MUSIC ; Beginning Piano I 2 PHILOSOPHY ; Plato & Aristotle 1 Ethics 2 PHYSICS Energy, Environment & Man 2 POLITICAL SCIENCE Government & Economic Policy 2 PSYCHOLOGY \.. Industrial Psychology 2 Social Psychology 3 SOCIOLOGY Sociology of Aging 1 SPEECH ' Speech Communications 1 Speech Communications 2 THEATRE Survey of Theatre History I 2 All courses carry three semester hours credit unless indicated by a ( ) after the course title. Classes meet Monday-Thursday Period 1: 8:00-9:45 am Period 2: 10:00-11:45 am Period 3: 12:30-2:15 pm TBA - To Be Arranged School for Continuing Studies Bulletin for the Fall semester is available. Call (609)

14 I hr IrdnkDn NEWS RECORD 4 Thursday, July, 22, O% OFF ENTIRE STOCK **c*t* K/ov leitaset & Custom Framing COMBO Europa Tabto rag. $ Dyana Chair rag. $ Jr. Lamp rag. $27.95 rag. Combo prico $ SPECIAL COMBO PRICE NOW ONLY $259.00! Ms* TRIANGLE ART CENTER Comer d Oanm Urn & AH R» i {North of Trarton). NJ Erse* Njm Dvtaft Lara» **» ROM-MIOOft RAnOOOftAMt TSCMMICAL PCM $CT tmm PWc 9 pm, * Ihlb thmtk afi IMMMMI CtaW, S«American Ezprw* IAMM VSA POCONOS Call Packets Classifieds 8 newspapers - 1 low price (609) EAGLE LAKE POCONO MOUNTAINS $21, For just $21, you can own a 35' Park Model RV Vacation home complete with furniture, major appliances, central heat, water & sewerage. All this, plus your own property situated in Vacation Resort Community complete with a beautiful, private lake & club house. See it to believe it!! COME ON UP any day from 9 AM to 4 PM. For drive up directions call TOLL FREE % financing to qualified buyers. Obtain the property report required by Federal law and READ it before signing anything. No Federal agency has judged the merits or value, if any. of this property. An offering statement filed with New Jersey Real Estate Commission neither approves the offering nor in any way passes upon the merits and the value of the property. Obtain the New Jersey public report and broker's release from the registered New Jersey Broker and read it before signing anything. A 187-O682PA. Crawford (Continued from pige 13A) to live on their own two feet." she said. When first referred to the home, after completing a detoxification period, most women are without family, friends, jobs and money. "In Jayman's terms, they have run out of everything." she said. The program, which lasts three to six months, focuses on recapturing the women's self-esteem and harnessing the "determination and energy." previously used to sustain the "self-destructive" habit, to "get well." said Mrs. Koehler. A daily routine, which includes cooking and housekeeping duties, is scheduled around counseling sessions and nightly Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. "They have drank themselves out of any structure." said Mrs. Koehler. and regular habits and responsibilities are re-introduced into their lives. At a later stage in the program the women are encouraged to find jobs, while still living at the home, before going out on their own. No use of alchohol. pills or drugs is tolerated. "You're gone in an hour." she said. -i The residents are not given any medication and women with "severe emotional problems" are referred for "outside help." added Mrs. Koehler. A careful screening process is conducted before accepting residents to the Crawford House, which accommodates 14 women. "Someone who doesn't care will disrupt the whole house." she said. "Here are women who are desperately trying to make it" and arc "highly motivated to pet well." The home gives preference to women from Somerset. Mercer and Middlesex counties, but any New Jersey resident can apply and be accepted for free treatment. The home, which is named after the late Edward Crawford, an alcoholism counselor and co-founder of the facility with Mrs. Koehler. has taken in women ages 15 to 64 since it The Wine Column runs every other week in TIHE Off began operating full-time in July It took two years for the home to win a legal battle for a variance required to turn the Sunset Road farmhouse into a group home. It ended when a Superior Court judge in Somerset County ruled in favor of the Crawford House, recalled Mrs. Koehler. Government support for the first federally funded halfway home for women in the state has remained at $131,000. although the budget has gone up by SI0.000 to $155,000 this year, she said. I Mrs. Koehler said she hopes that, private grants, donations and fund-raising efforts will make up the difference..- A rummage sale on Aug. 29. co-sponsored by the Princeton Elks, Club. Lodge on the club's grounds will "kick off a major fund-raising drive." Persons interested in donating items for the sale should contact Jeanne Arminger at NJIary Elise Cook at or Barbara Rozand at According, to Mrs. Koehler. the house fill's an "overwhelming need" by providing a temporary shelter and treatment center during a "critical" point in the life of a female alcoholic. It:can mean the difference between recovery and going back to the bottle, she said. She added thafthe waiting list for the home is yet another indication the need exists! A personal tragedy in Mrs. Kochlcr's life convinced her of the need for halfwayhomcs. After her 20-year-old son's alcohol-rclatcd death in 197,6. she was told by his counselor. Edward Crawford, that by receiving treatment at at halfway house he "would have made it." She set out to explore establishing such a home, and discovering in the process that there was no such facility for women, founded the Crawford House. "Without realizing it I did something creative with his death." she said. Saii ! Old Fashioned sidewalk sale.. in a "discount-outlet mall." WOW. THURSDAY AND FRIDAY JULY 22 and JULY a.m.-9:30 p.m. Factory Outlets and Better Discount Stores In Two Attractive Locations. POM* Vz PRICE! SM RACKS 50% OFF! cwss couvrar muineit I CLOTHING ! ! , I 119JD0! % OFF Track. AM», K2. Stocfc LsraMt Svtoctfoii In N.J ! COMOtTlONS OF SALE MARXCTPLACC PMHCITON: MARKETPLACEMATAWAN: OTNCR N J. LOCATKHtt IN CHERRY HILL AND CHEWS LANDING.

15 I he f Mnklin NEWS RECORD 15-A recipe of the week The following is another in our series of reputedly '*tried and true" favorite recipes prepared for the News-Record by Diane French of the Cedar Wood Woman's Club. We will print them in a size convenient for clipping and saving. Regretfully, however, we cannot take responsibility for their success. STRAWBERRY CAKE 1 pkg. (I8I/2 oz.) yellow or white cake mix 1 pkg. (3 oz.) strawberry gelatin VA cup vegetable oil _...' 1 cup chopped nuts 4 eggs 2 T. flour 1 pkg. (10 oz.) frozen sliced strawberries, thawed, or pint fresh strawberries, with '/: cup sugar Vi pint heavy cream, whipped 1 T. sugar Preheat oven to 350 degrees and grease a 10-inch angel food pan or 10-inch Bundt pan. Combine cake mix, strawberry gelatin, vegetable oil, nuts, eggs, flour and strawberries in a large bowl. Beat with electric mixer at medium speed for 3 minutes or until well blended. Pour batter into pan and bake 55 to 65 minutes or until cake tester inserted in center comes out clean. Cool for 10 minutes on rack. Turn out of pan to cool completely. Serve plain with sweetened whipped cream. P1N GROVE Pa^ OM-eclo* Mtdrwwa Trjvg giw» Kart Unara a tew Ipoutitw as anoflftw oortwifwif tafces a bfoaffw during fnsboe cornpeattcn m FfanfcBn las* week Ai right. 6-year-ott Nayoote Honare stared he* target down before letting her throw tty. (Rch Rp«ing photos) TO IMPROVE SALES. MOVE Nobody knows your home town better than we do! A MtMcncaxwtfcmngs *A you* home wmt% newt, moemk, school news and more plus Bh«tartCMtc frway O««*fie<J wetter* Mind watt job*, tarwon. things to buy and»««. great Real fmat Itaangi - m defeated mtth your mat, A/*, ttes includes TIME %jffw tftat wmnnyty cffvnhncbifittnwnf Qui<JaT w i t h ewtsctas ewxl f W W w s o n tno arti. Nmt d*wna «Mi«k TV. mowe*. anttques and a calendar of al W1LLSBOROUGH BEACOt\ The Manville News The FrankDn NEWS RECORD fcitfmmww rmmton* «*.STAT1.. Ml«NO i «M f 5 J * NV SHeyr P 0 Sot 3BOL MncMon. N J CBVtt AREAS. Improving sales is as easy as reaching new markets. Markets you can tap with the nation's number one buying guide. The Bell System i Yellow Pages. By advertising; under more than one classification in your local directory. Or by advertising in neigh- \ boring directories. Eitherway you're t sure to broaden your _ business horizon for less than you might imagine. To sell customers all you have to do is reach them when they're ready to buy. And that's when they pick up the \ellow Pages. Running your ad in more than one directory simply lets you do more business without drastically increasing the cost of doing business. And if you nave more than one product or service to sell, you should be advertising under more than one classification. \bu see, attracting more customers is easy when you know how to use the "fellow Pages. Bell System Yellow Pages

16 Run idea up flagpole and seeif it flies Let's explore the saggesfion to convert the MkkUebush School gjtn to a cotmrnmty/senior citizens center. For thai matter, severe! Mtggcstioos to convert existing vacant facthfie* to a center nave been made by various FraafcliniK* and they all deserve investigation, Comuvctkm of a new center, at an estimated SI.5 million. icons wo cosily in a time when fiscal restraint should be etercxicd. Franklin Township soon must begin paying off debts lew several project* already completed or started. ftenovanons to an existing building makes more sense. H e M«Vikbu\b School gym now can hold about 200 people Alter removal of the permanently affixed bleachers, it could hotd an estimated 350 people, which would be large enough to accomodaie meetings of the Franklin Township Senior Citizens Club Inc. Estimated cost, after the repairs, is less than half a million MtddJebuth School may or may not be the answer, but let's run the idea up the flagpole and sec if it flics pam's world bypamhersh Mother 'bugged 9 by antenna "towns!* ttnm titc hcrny»nwnt *otl New Wamm %tmct **«fat WOMB. t*m$ another Bt T Ml CH u» m> hewror. I vi«kvt tkx Use jatcflfu ^iwi»crc jtuclssrf Ct*M>»-a^k»4.ia r people. I»» in Nc-«Yori C*rt> jnd vi» j fimticrrun The «*ac-»' j Jh«r pwxe. Nuc. pta-mnppcd wn, JI pwr of B*l> IJMO and antennae Iwwc & *" pmtmheth *«tc bfcmtrf in &in«n fteatft* ctttegats jml dtoamtna 6% tar The jntunnuu fc* gtatc uijlumt-faff y ft*»t? &sti feu@» at torn «* tm num. we c««n Par-Mm* <«R R#&* Titar Maraa few c*crj 4*4 MY SOW. duuy&k* m4 hn SrwrmJ (tanny» NCWCIM»«ut ^ Av Attar) Part, ft*>uftn«t»flt,, went fe»w» tn sfc* Mont HHt ft tttut pchfar jenufly 1 any ttmm % I m* 1> to mr * Mar SI* Wait* Jitte ftoeitrjmm* topt mat tftc rise uafta K» act 4Mi *r ««9KU km- Not* IWC<MNC twit «C«t«ta Klein num head to loo who jf»»cjnf jfttoiftjc hi mjrtch her h»' cute»hcn the satennaed nun jwd ontin tned i«> ln\t cadi mhrr. TWH jmcimue culcd lopcthcr jjfcv- The o«*r problem they had»*> when a»r» f««mmo a tati The antennae were ecwf?' RMSflcd to death»hcn the pmtkmm tned w cknc the cab door. wcwktor if the kninf couple hj\c hcv-a j*4c to nmmnc their jnteamc My l«it Mil me thai ihctr jnictmac arc pamuaraf!) tfiici cm ihctr heath itwntifh NtjJLljtti. hmch. dinner, haths. *KtB tvttowi^ jnd boiltmc The e m w n ate rtcefxiobauy rru*- UM in ilwntcrt Thc> came the * Klim to icrrjm, tttmp M*S kick at the Miffnfion DSu< dk dmcwsae he removed for ihc r»s«rpn*c o< w««lu» > the v»ctim\ fuir fvrffeifk ific horde* o( illifjijirv and men»ah F«+> vcl» will \c*rc the»j> fnni Prtaorton. but from 11 hanv «<*t<rt<ctj. the antennae term *» he * tunj} strain, cjfubic of standing Isc ^ujnit'jfi PrcpfH creatures who imuwt. the «nv*uoo of the til mjv 10 vhiic and bounce ssn dmg ut> tor Ifec NtrriCT Hcr%b ** jtftttf en/iftv <»/ rime Off. Hcrtfi. Uattfww Hecsh model their The Franklin NEWS RECORD,V «W*» JM»t Ofc " Tiitri" town forum ' NEW Co mm fniddlebu5h 5CHOOIacross the copy desk There was a kid in my fifth grade class I'll call him Whitney who had the an of copying test answers from the rest of us down to an an. It has been yean since I thought about him. but after the recent to-do about plagiarism at Princeton University. I found myself wondering about whatever happened to Whitney. It wasn't that he was a lazy child. The energy and cunning thai went into duplicating our answers on his paper phenomenal. HE HAD TRAINED himself to stretch his neck an extra 10 inches in any direction without moving the rest of his body He could fake a perfect sneeze and when he lurched forward, his photographic memory needed only five seconds to glean any written information in front of him. Fnmldin Newi-Record Thursday, July 22,1982 Whitney, where are you? editor's notebook It wasn't that he was dumb, cither. There were plenty of scholars in that class of denser composition than Whitney. Whitney just could not come up with solutions on his own and he knew it. So. if someone carelessly left a usable idea unattended, he saw nothing wrong with claiming ownership. Finders keepers, losers weepers. THE LAD SIMPLY had difficulty initiating ideas to deal with his needs. In fact, only when someone else raised a hand for permission to go to the bathroom would Whitney realize that he had to go. too. It was charges of the same lack of originality that got three academians in trouble recently. First, there was the Princeton University student denied graduation because of some neglected footnotes. There was the candidate for state by birgitta nyholm education commissioner who claimed he did not have to credit sources used in his doctoral thesis because he was in an experimental program at Fairleigh Dickinson University. There was also the professor at the same university who said he has reprinted uncopyrighted government documents and published much of them as his own book. Whitney could really relate to this group. It's a shame I don't know where to find him. I figure, by now. he is a convicted,embezzler or cat burglar deep in the bowels of some penitentiary. Either that, or he has found his way to the hallowed halls of academia. Birgitta Nyholm is copy editor tor The Princeton Packet. by sandra lowich The News-Record goes fishing The weather was hot. the sky was sunny, the water was calm and the news was slow. So the News-Record Friday hung up a "Gone Fishing" sign and joined Franklin residents on an outing sponsored by the township Parks and Recreation Department. The deep sea fishing trip was a first for die recreation department. We set out for Ken's Landing in Point Pleasant via a school bus driven by "Nancy K." a veteran Franklin school bus driver who regaled us with tales her busing experiences. Once in Point Pleasant, we boarded the "Norma K" for a half-day fishing trip. For those of us who never have gone fishing, it was an adventure. OK. so all I caught was other people's rahing lines and a glob of seaweed, but I didn't catch sunburn or seasickness. And by the end of the day I could poke a fish hook through my fish bait without feeling queasy and with one eye open. I fed a lot of hungry fish that day as somehow they repeatedly managed to steal my bait without me noticing a tug on die line. Smart fish these were! It seemed even the seagulls mocked me as I weaved from side to side of the boat trying to take photographs while twice I almost lost my camera lens cap to the waves. But it was an enjoyable experience I won't soon forget. Their were a lot of dads with their soos. a mother with sons, but no parents brought along their daughter. A shame I thought, as I remembered my own childhood when my mother once told my father when he went fishing alone. "If we had a ton. you could take him fishing." All the while 1 wanted to go fishing wan him and am sorry he never asked me akang and I never asked him to take me. Well, finally. I got my chance. David Barczyk was the first of the Franklin crew to catch fluke on the trip. John Baab. township fire inspector, caught the most fish (six) and his son caught the only crab, which was quickly thrown back into the water. Those on the sea adventure were Jeff. John and John Baab: Donna. David and John Barczyk: Pete and Brian Caffaro. Greg Franfort. Scott Leamon. Richard and Donald Nadlcr. Jim Pettit. Jimmy and Marie Walsh. Jayccn Whistler, and supervisors Madeline Bruno and Nancy Souza. The Parks and Recreation Department is sponsoring many trips and special activities for teen-agers, senior citizens and the entire family this summer and year-round. The News-Record recommends taking advantacc of them. NANCY SOUZA of the Franklin Township Parks and Recreation Department grimaces ather newly caught fish. (Sandi Lowich photos) letters to the editor County planners: reaffirm position l-95's essential To the editor: The following letter.,sent to United States Secretary of Transportation Drew Lewis, reaffirms the Somerset County Planning Board's position relative to completion of 1-95 through New Jersey: Dear Secretary Lewis: The Somerset County Planning Board would like to reaffirm its position that 1-95 is indispensable, both to the interstate and defense highway system and to the transportation infrastructure of Somerset County. Someset County's comprehensive land use planning over the past decades has been predicated upon the construction of Without this highway improvement, there will be intolerable congestion in this corridor of Somerset County and the Department of Transportation will have failed to fulfill a commitment to the citizens who will have to live with this congestion on a daily basis. We understand thatvthere is a desire to utilize these funds from an 1-95 transfer for other areas of the state and. an effort is being made to change federal laws to allow dedesignation to proceed. In the first place, we question whether Congress will approve sufficient transfer funds because of the tremendous backlog of transfer projects. Secondly, we endorse the actions of Administrator Barnhart and Administrator Teele, not only in rejecting "funding for the dedesignation of Interstate D5, but also in adhering to the interstate and defense highway's regulations which embodies a continuity for 1-95 without essential gaps. The substitution of a toll road (New Jersey Turnpike) for 1-95 eliminates the eligibility of New Jersey for 1-95 transfer funds. An attempt to skirt the law is not a logical substitute for a state's negligence in completing the interstate and defense highway system. Please be assured that we stand ready to be of assistance to you and Administrator Barnhart in the completion of John J. Senesy Chairman. Somerset County Planning Board Levine: rent security interest may be hiked To the editor:. I reside in an attractive garden apartment complex in Franklin Township, rented on a yearly lease for which I had to make the customary deposit of Wi month's rent to the owners. This deposit bears 4% interet each year which is sent to me. until such time that I vacate the premises. The N.J.S.A. 46:8-19 Security De- posit Law requires landlords to deposit the tenants deposit into a banking institution or savings and loan association. On Oct I wrote to Assemblyman David C. Schwartz informing him that I felt the current rate of interest I receive should be changed. We are all aware that higher interest rates prevail. ; He in turn sent my letter to Assemblyman Byron Baer. Assemblyman Baer was planning to introduce some tenant legislation and it'was possible it also might contain provisions to eliminate this inequity of low interet rates. On Dec. 18, 1981 in a letter Assemblyman Baer wrote to me he informed me that he planned legislation of this matter early in the new term. A follow-up letter by me on March 29, brought no response from him. Contacting Assemblyman Joseph Patera by phone a couple of months later; he promised to look into the matter. On July 15,^1 spoke to Assemblyman Patero and he informed me that in September he would be cosponsoring a bill with Assemblyman Byron Baer to * make a change in the interest law as it now stands.,. Morris Levine Somerset

17 u; uid xtaaas am wm& puv saivs nv B SB XlSBl OS Anunoo t *»t apeui«siyojnivu S>I:)VIS s:isfiom SlIlSlMVd SISSIHd SIMMS S.N3IM s±vo:miods SJJ1S aivs 3NI0VWI» sauvo lia3do dorvw ld300v 3M 9-U Aepuns g-01. Aepjnjes S-88Z.-102 'spieuoao^ Qjjsoddo 3NIOVWI 'OEl. "Id uo JOspujM JSB3 Uj 3NIOVWI 8.A31UVK3 3wix-aooo JMitit(f Jo I /»!/' ( ii I I'lili «li^ii/"/1 66OI 31VSMO *8 surnoa;iiu:n\s ^(609) uuad JIN H1V0 ONV Nononaodd BdAlOlOdd Sd3WdOdSNVdl do ONiaNi/wivaioaoi ipeq oi MOItuonl BM {mat ipeq «u>9 amixna HflO i J J O %OS MVHX SHOW r (609) (S.MJOJ 01 PCMJ) Md SNVJ 9NI1I33 9 SV3013 NTBNIIOQ NVA! 'S8Z$otS8'6llSUiO4 SJOltWM 0NV-I13HS CH3dS^ i SNVjaanaaooM SSVU8 TIV ^^ % 0 K I SN4 uixw e dn mm «mos m*m 91 %T *«* * * 'p31bdl)s3aui Suioq SI JU3p -IDUl 3Dl 0d OJ SuipJODDE '3UIAE3 OIOJJ uiiq jusaaid o) pauj jnq 'jajua oj jspiuiui aqi pajjiuusd ssop aqi Xpuared -dy 'P? BS 33iiod *joop B uado SuiXjd Xq psuics SBM /Ojug -33i]od oj SuipjOD -3B 'sasiuiaid aqj uo punoj SBM poo g pies 3Di[od ' ( X nf uo aouspisai peoy s \\\Vi s 3M^3e g S.JSUMO jiaqj pajajus ie 3-nq E painfui Xjsnouas pim d ssop ssse\ OM_L pies 33i od >j K nf uo oipej aqj B3js OJ psjduiaue auoatuos uaqm pasbuibp SBM jajojaau^ XijunoQ JB j3 0iA3q3 9/.6I e jo piboqqsep auj. liodai 33i od >[ X nf uo jeq nbqasbq B qjim paqseuis SBM jaans J3SJWUOS uo SJOJOJ\ 3 iinooq JB payed jno uxn MOM ospt 3M MopuiM JB3J sqj oj psj oq si^fnds pub -pies»i od 'oipej sqj oj ja3 oi jno UJOJ SBM pjboq qssp auj, pws aoi od f I Xinf uo ja OM3iD XJJUIKO H a8poa IL6\ B UIOJJ U3 OJS SBM OlpU JO V pxuntaj o«p aqj j«au saqsnq at)] ui a^ftq p3^x> un sti) piq jau«vo DJO j»ax j-l *P * t Mi pws i>h d tl Xfnf uo nuauo rrry sia3jn) JO XJIUIMA aqi uxuj oafot* vtm OOCS 1* pan «A apxaiq p*xk-oi y piw xxjod > uo p pj 0Z.6I j n panpu jsfuoaai adn * put pue v-ir

18 A HEW WORLD AO. INDUSTRIAL AND IAWM Your Full Service Dealer nom FOW nucrot 28X Brant** Wke MS Rle I) car Cantg* R4, Trenton. N I WHAXS BUGGIN' YOUR LAWN? Chinch Bugs? Crab Grass? Fungus? Japanese Beetles? Grubs? For Professional Help Call: DOERLER LANDSCAPES»\«ou'n» unpicesdw < ««* your «ana iamcacade, sfj time k> cad O wonocoewi W* now a Mi ssaff of graauc** Oncucape your town's p«ct> xerajt ano cufltenmae a no**** caw oogram mar* JUH ngw fc*you 1 At Oc«flw larwrcape* *ou aw* win pofeuonos OMOTV step of unoiw ftoncf wm tewr* MWWCW *.ro meet vex* town»<m o fc iivm t»3miw muff «o«m w«*u«v evoiuo»8 vcur lawn, ere-e KBloeo wscrflc cor#«o«pog^orn orxj peoorio(y appv ** Ana vou>teuton*-» owicrbecj pogrom i«el even oocxarrfee a uratoim nati gwer* gra * Cat; jaw* OMT iftaff ro*o<«uw»»om Comes Urwvenrty at ana emgt OMW O raff '"Cow-ir txx* *o» me *ticte Uoerler Landscapes, isv, HJ 066*8 Mamrite Men's Softball League Caswell's Roofing rallies to top Hendry Construction, 7-6 MANVILLE Caswell's Roofing (4-5) moved into third place in the American Division of the Manville Men's Slo-Pitch Softball League, ooe-half game ahead of Walt's Inn (4-6) with a 1-6 win over Hendry Construction (6r4) on Wednesday. July 14. The game see-sawed back and forth. The fifth and final lead change occurred in the top of the seventh inning. Trailing 6-5. CasweU's scored two rum to earn the victory. Dom Cam drove home Rich Danovich with the tying run and Dave Kmtopovkh had the game-winningrbi. driving in Ken Specian. Mike Coordinao enjoyed a perfect 3-for-3 evening at the plate for Caswell's. Fred Giovannucci and Mike Myers had two hits apiece for Hendry. Rooster's Coop 22, Egan's 1 Rooster's Coop (II-1) rebounded from its only loss of the season to Action Key Punch with this one-sided victory. Rooster's Coop now leads Ray's TV (9-2) by I'/i games in the American Division. Frank Fiduk led the Coop with four hits in Five at-bats. Bob and Tom Piorkowski added two home runs and two triples respectively. SUMMER MEN'S SHOE SALE Starts Thursday July 22 Save 25% to 50% on Selected Styles by Rorshelm, Dexter, Bass, Claries and other Famous Brands! Save 25% to 50% on Discontinued Sneaker Styles by Nike, Adidas, Pro-Keds and other Famous Brands! Closed Jury 21 at 3 p.m. to prepare for this Sale. 40 Nassau Stnnrt Princeton, N. J Monday-Friday 9-5 Saturday 9-12 Major Credit Cards Accepted A rare triple play in the top of the sixth was the lone highlight for Egan's. which dropped its I Oth straight game without a win. Singles by George Wells and John Demotroski put runners on first and second. Then. John Alcade hit a line drive at third baseman Bob Costello. Costello made the catch and threw to second baseman Mike Romano in time to double up Wells. Ramano threw on to first baseman Dave Quinlen to complete SPORTS ON TV Thursday. July 22. the triple play. Thursday, July 22, 1982 Rooster's Coop plays American Division rival Caswell's Roofing this Monday on Field One. Also on Monday. Action Key Punch (11-1). the first-place team in the National Division, plays its second grudge game of the season against Tony's Auto on Field: Two. Game time for both is 6:30 p.m. \ Baseball Texas Rangers at New York Yankees (11). 8 p.m..' -._ Soccer New York Cosmos at Toronto Blizzard (9). 8 p.m. Racing from Yonkers (9). 11:30 p.m. Harness Racine Tennis Vic Braden's Tennis for the Future (13). 2:30 p.m. Friday. July 23. ' ' '. Baseball California Angels at New York Yankees (II). 8 pm New Y6rk Mets at San Diego Padres (9). 10 p.m. : Phillies Today (17). 10 p.m. '. Philadelphia Phillies al Los Angeles Dodgers ( :30 pm _. The 10th Inning (17). 1:15 a.m. Harness Racing Racing from Yonkers (9). 9:30 p.m.,.. Miscnisncous. Jim Bamiak's Sports Scrapbook (Prism). 2:30 p.m.. Outdoor Life (17). 9 p.m. Saturday. July 24.. Baseball Baseball Bunch (4). 1:30 p.m. NBC Came of the Week: regional coverage of Oakland Athletics at Baltimore Orioles: Houston Astros at St. Louis Cardinals (3.4). 2 p.m. California Angels at New York Yankees (11). 8 p.m.' Phillies Today (17). 9:30 p.m. Philadelphia Phillies at Los Angeles Dodgers (17). 10 p.m., New York Mets at San Diego Padres (9). 10 p.m. The 10th Inning (17). 12:45 a.m. Soccer.' ' ] Soccer Made in Germany (13). II a.m. and (12). 5 p.m. - I NASL Soccer Kicks (17). 11:30 a.m. and (9). 12 noon Tennis Vic Braden's Tennis for the Future (13). 12 noon coir Putt Putt Golf (48). 10 a.m. ; J ' Ahheuser Busch Golf Classic: live coverage of third ruund play from the Kingsmill Golf Club in Williamsburg. Va. (3.4). 5 p.m. i United Slates Women's Open: live coverage of third round play from Sacrameniij. Oil. (h.7). 6 p.m. Boxing Ray Leonard's Golden Gloves: Highlights (7). 3:30 p.m. " Wrestling Championship Wrestling (9). 11 a.m. and S p.m.: (29). 11 a.m.: (17). 12 noon ' Pennswood Village. Is f>lra*«l lo.immimni r a nr\v service lo our neighbors 65 years iind older of any nice, religion or ualioiul origin: respite* care - a temporary slay of one to six weeks In our community offering private room and bath, all meals, dally housekeeping, and personal support services as needed, with ihe'addilinnal option of participation in I'cnnswood art M tie* For particular*, call Patsy Augenbllrk al(2l5l 'mpllt an interval oj temporary relief or rest Pennswood Village Is the new retirement community located on Route 413 about one mile south of Newlown. Pennsylvania Good Antiques - Quality Households PUBLIC AUCTION Lamb's (Sold Home) Princeton Tue July 27-9 AM (Rain Date Next Day) Rare 1790 Va. Huntboard; Louis 15 Style Steinway grand piano (sold 12:30) Nice sofas plank & Viet, chairs: good Wm & Mary 8 leg & drop leaf dining tables; nice old bench table; unusual Q.A. Kidney and Secretary desks; painted Louis 16 & Modular bedroom sets; fine Viet, marble bureaus; nice coffee, end. console & old tea tables; Provincial cherry dining set: Viet, arm chairs; 1800 Hepplewhite bureaus; nice old shaving & wall mirrors: comer what-not: antique blanket chests; 1810 child's rush chairs: 2 rare 1810 wagon seats; Etc! Carroll Watson Ship Painting & Folk art child: Imari; 8 Hummels; 6 Copenhagen Xmas plates; 6 Doulton figures: 100 World dolls; Wedgewood: Majolica; Irish Beleek; Lenox; Boehm; Madonna; Limoges; nice linens, Sterling: lots lovely old china & glass; Loetz Vases: Etc.! Good Variety! Estate additions. Lester & Robert Siatoff Aucts (609) Trenton, N.J. Whetliarthe thousand doqsnt orroot"*,h HkeDoratawtowwkhardfbrabetter coofidentla} tenrfce. And manageable repi At Household Finance. are one, tvvo", up to five Finance is backing people.with&st, ent plans, "dliketo back you. IMPORTED QUALITY VODDA VODKA Best Buy Litre Family Size 80 Proof. Produced and bottled by Reitman Industries, Lawrencevllle N J. SCHUSTERS AUCTION - JULY 24th Exceptional collection of fine antique furniture, oriental carpets, paintings and prints! Phillip Connell's moving - to be held on premises 31 CASTLE HOWARD COURT, PRINCETON (off Prospect Ave) EXHIBIT: and "garage sale" of smab items - books, records, clothing apptances etc. FRIDAY JULY 23 FROM 3 TO 9 PM.ANDSAT. 10 AM TO SALETIME. English and American i i furniture: 5 legged Q.A. card table, set of 4 Regency chairs. Drum table, 2 tripod tables (one with fine carving) Federal Sideboard, small side sideboard. Chip, mirror, Q.A. Maple highboy, drop leaf table. Mhg. chest of drawers, Bird's Eye maple chest of drawers. IMPORTANT SIGNED, BUTLERS DESK. N.Y. circa Ladder r back chair. I carpets: 12' x 18' Palace rug. 10' x 13' Tabriz carpet. Hunting-carpet, Caucasian prayer rug. Tabriz picture rug. 10' x 13' Kirman. ALL FINE CONDITION:. _ ungj_repro, cap and ball flint lock. 3 pistols etc. Assorted custom furnishings including upholstered cnairs. silver plate, wedgewood jasperware, set of ice cream chairs. Paintings: Dr. of small portraits of Hans Berger. Swiss. Large Floral by Maxwell Simpson, American. Contemporary Mexican painting, Escartin. Indian Prints by Sddleete. Waterford Chandelier and pr. matching scounces. AUCTION SALE SATURDAY JULY 24 AT 1:00 PM Come and bring your own chair. Cash, travelers checks, local bank checks. More information calf AUCTIONEER: COL. ALEX SCHUSTER SCHUSTER

19 sports nmaiiy.my22.itt2 19A The Mean Machine is more than tough S«Mt» Writer The H4OM Macfenc m match mmc Aon one of Ac too «MMK»"% «lb>pacti «*»6i*S team n (be J JKr* Bntwwwl frjb*iu» Towaf Mtftrac ami <*t1u*mtk cwt&cmx mmpnmmy «*PK**C*. O* ttar ftrfci. she Man MmOme ia* >Nn«wm, fernf camgfc *o* fini ptmt m Ac kntyfe Ccaml Jmr? Woaam** Leqpc Off Ac **4JL Ac Mtm Madfeac» an» tefj* Post 12 is 1 A> game out of first ffer CK«fear 8»if refajta teaswstt whansptoanlktp nfi the Set-met**! Co»a Amman Ltfjrwa* EUtcCufi Lcqpic «at Itu* at Mir wradter Titan, pwt ««*&.. HuattmJtw»*-2h punt B**J *"«3ftK tl-5l nw«firw pbmx BnJfc*j*ct tfcuycwl fawrr <o# «* torn pmae% Mil fett *fi Ac Net to tftaat T*4> «# &c IOHSCY «cnr etna aa I ** deswwa *» Am ftau 12 amjrd ctgfef tw tidkm Bt%fyr*j0ci 2-1, M Stmcnci CeOrfc f «s< tnwsi Gerrv Sawtmiftr «t-.jl k» woa tost BKHfRt M*i (Kttfct HuMcnfcm b* ''.- gstme. T^cBfte, Hu*»r«fc»i trjractt tu SocaC" net Cottffr fix «Am! ami fttttt of tfte B»fep at * kmy *j» ftammti dkvwfcay whielt Man worn. dw itwnfmmmk^p jmf mpntaem* Mr loywr «*c «ute towrwuatiu. wfeacft SOMERSET PteM I2pmpa&tm «* *ft»re f The f»mc ** ptrttis m ttvm. Jwr. to He nmnjni ncl«rf help Sonrnitilc rafcos * 12 f«wr«n **<nttfe ««Hif He «tift 5 RBI and wmlmf munfacn to into lo lecture oa the importance of aaqpmag hnuc educatwoaj Uulb HK uracmrc of the orpmaauoo» tt oontaks profcutobsh f*-. tocul «alm, college *Jcic I»«h hifh tchooi «ufrom ma ay communities in aad Sonenci coomies, "We Uc in be known as a d*v* " %tid bmiacu manaprr f Fatter, wtw afao help* coaca the «afrt»n team "People roped i» for mtm we do en aad off the field" TW Mean Mactane Women* Orgamtmom «m aiabtnned in 1974 by Ac Spaman'i tan of New Brum«tck Aad ne orfanuatioa was known ortpnttiy as Ac "Sportwien." A vjpponcr. hemocr. dubbed a the ' VWaoa Machuc" and the name tfuck The otpmamaa has a tacamroiier as us hops, MJI ftnter. became it symbotucs tavafa and "fit* UMO the Mean Mattaac tm*fc " "1 beinr««ouf name comes from the tmnx. "The Longest Yard* stamng Bun ftrjiffofak."* vud Foster "Tne foorbail ram erf prnoaen ««s called the "Mean Machine*. ' This past Saturday, the Mean Machmc't softbail team finished fourth out of eight teams in the Sweet Jersey Com Women's SkvPitch Tournament at Community Park in Princeton. Entering the double-loss elimination tournament, the Mean Machine had a record of 10-2 record in tournament play overall. The Machine won its first two games. defeating Ferraro*s and Grove Plumbing in extra innings. Against Ferraro's. Cecelia Aerstin and RK Lindsey each had a two-run double as the Machine iced the game by scoring four rum in the third inning. The offensive explosion backed the nine-hit pitching of Sue Jones, who went the distance. Against Grove. Monique Stevenson had the game-winning RBI. She singled home Carla Brantlcy from second with one out in the bottom of the ninth. Yvonne Thomas picked up the mound win despite giving up 16 hits. The next opponent was Mike's Tavern of Warren Township, the defending tournament champs. MIKE CHERRY of Hurtterdon is thrown out stealing at second base by SomervtBe Post 12 catcher Gary DiGiovanni in a recent game won by Hunterdon. 4-1 Currently. Somervtlle trails Hunteroon by'/? A victory over Mike's would have earned the Mean Machine a berth in the winners' bracket final on Sunday and allowed them to escape the 95-degree beat and stifling humidity. Instead. Mike's took advantage of five Mean Machine errors to post a 7-4 win. The loss required the Machine to stay and play two more games. With the game tied Mike's used four hits and one error to score four runs and take a commanding 5-1 lead in the second inning. Brantlcy (single, stngle) and Lindsey (single, double) had two hits apiece for the Mean Machine. The Machine then defeated the Roadrunners, 7-2. in Game 4 to stave off elimination. In Game S. however. Grove handed the Machine a 12-5 defeat.. "We just didn't execute in the two games we lost." said Foster. "The teams that beat us executed when they had to. "I'm disappointed we didn't win. but anytime you win three out of five, it's OK." Foster says the Machine used the Sweet Jersey Com Tournament as a tune-up for the Amatuer Softball Association's (ASA) State Open Tour- 'nament. which will be played this Saturday and Sunday at the sprawling Mercer County Park complex in West Windsor Township. "When a team plays in a tournament, it can really see how good it is." he continued, "because you play the same competition you would in the state tournament." ; The Mean Machine is well-known because the team travels to a lot of tournaments in Central New Jersey. "The team has a good reputation in the state." said Foster. "People associate me, the team and the organization and that gives us fan support." Recently, not only the team's success, but the team's tragedy has been in the news. Earlier this month, first baseman/outfielder Pokey Stevenson. 32, no relation to Monique. was murdered. The team attended her funeral. instead of competing as scheduled in the Dunellen Tournament. game and first place is on the line when the two teams meet tonight at Somerset County College. Game time is 6 p.m. (Rich Pipeling photo) He 5 AAABA squad BRANCH ~~ JdM Bora. lto Inf off Uhr tnmnxm «< ttr offca ««9i W* PtoM 12 Iifcr imk»*» P*«7«d at Some- Am mmnm$ padker Hrary Mfcn* l 6nanr Kadk f Stwniflr a 1-0 lad M *C (MM of **f«<* He be«wj» mple m* wemd win Ac <«**? *m» tew left fielder tango au om tic hod of COMC? Lrgwa Lcajar. i bi Ac of a bancvloadnl. NORTH BRANCH When die rcgaiar *ca*aa begaa back on June 15. orrvaoc concerned was «ondcnng whether Ac fledgting m-team Somenet Coaniy American Legion Baseball Leafnc *ooid tsnrirwc. After all. eouary cwnmtvmoocr Gerry Fcaacnco wet braguif American Legion tmcfcab back» Ac cooaty after a ~ jtmcncc Today. Fedenco'i baby u fine weeks 0*1 aad dowg pt%t fmc thank >tw There a a red-hot peasant race under-»-jr>. Oory z faaae tepames Hantcrdon it-2l aad Fcdcnco't team. Somerville fom 12 ti-3» Th» ^ only one part of the if f M*ft say faagenag doubt about the vtamity of Ac teagne has been pot io mat.. The oact occancd Att past Saturday aitcfaooa whea Ac Scwnct^et Legion Leajae afl-*tan played a aiac-iaawg cahihitioa game sgaiast the AB-AoKncaa Anaanar Baseball As-, (AAABA) team sponsored by Ne* BrwNnricx Boys* Baseball The ItgJQB nan WBC selected by Ac coaches. The AAABA team, coached by George V M Ordeau» compntrd of 19-year-old players. ao ex-middtaex Cowt) LcfiMi LeafBC ao-tfan Thr Sonenci «ars fcu behind early. INR ralhcd to wttut Ne* Brunswick sweat before faomg la bet. whuaf fwcher Mark Granmar had a perfect game going after five innings. Grammar, a righty who played his scholastic baseball at Bridgewater-Rjuitan West, tired in the eighth inning and needed relief help from Bob Yeager. "1 feel very good about our kids and our league." said Hunterdon coach Jerry Sabatino. who was awarded the all-star job became bis team was in first place at the cutoff date, last Thursday. "It's a credit that we came back and played the type of baseball we did after being no-hit for five innings. "So far. die league has been a total success." he continued. "We're on the verge of something great here. Gerry (Fedehco) hasn't gotten enough credit for ail the things he's done." Fedenco. the driving force behind the formation of the league, has kept the administrative machinery running smoothly as the league takes its baby steps. Sabatino gave Steve Halasnik. the crafty lefty from Warren Post 293. the monad ctan. And he responded, pitching Aree scoreless innings. Halasaik. who faced two batters over Ae aaaiaiaib. struck out two and walked oae. He kept the AAABA batters off bataace by effectively mixing his pitches. New Brunswick pushed across hs first ran in dk top of the fourth off righty Bob SchooKs of Franklin, who ended np as the losing pitcher. Yeager led off the inning with a single and advanced to third on a pair of ground outs to the right side of the infield. Then, while Schoutcn was working to Bill Scharnikow. catcher Gary DiGiovanni attempted to pick off Yeager. But his snap throw sailed over th$ head of third baseman Mike Cherry in o left field. Mew Brunswick roughed up Schouten fo' four more runs in the sixth. Glenn Zhlinski. the lead-off batter, reached base on an infield error. He stole second an i scored on a single by Yeager. Sc houten then walked Jeff Press, a dangerous hitter, and yielded an RBI double to Tom Mulligan. Press took thjrd on the hit an scored on a sacrifice fl j to center by Bob Marotto. Shamikow sent Schouten to the sidelines with an RBI double to make it 5-0. John Dudgey. a righty who pitches for Sabatino's Hunterdon squad, replaced Schouten. He walked Kevin Bobrowski before getting Dave Stanistawczyk on a fly ball to center. Grammar lost his perfect game and no-hitter with two out in the sixth when Rich Newman of Somerville Post 12 beat out an infield single. Next went the shutout. ' Scon Shaw of Hunterdon drove Grammar's first mistake, a high fastball that split the plate, for a home run over Press' head. New Brunswick came back with three runs in the top of the seventh off Dudgey. Bill Johnstone and Press each contributed an RBI single. In the bottom of the inning, the Somerset stars used two hits, a sacrifice fly, a walk and two New Brunswick errors to score four runs and cut the deficit to 8-6. Billy Venizelos of Somerville drove in one run with the sacrifice fly and Shaw singled in another. Dudgey retired New Brunswick in order in the top of the eighth. Then, in the bottom of the inning, the Somerset stars finally knocked Grammar out of the game, but couldn't push across the tying run. Somerset loaded the bases with one out. Kevin Parrella of Warren drove home pinch-runner Chris Stark of Bridgewater from third with a sacrifice fly. But reliever Yeager got out of the jam by inducing Rob Newman toflyout to left. New Brunswick added a pair of insurance runs in the ninth off Ken Yonker of Ridge, the fourth Somerset pitcher. "The game was a great experience for our kids." said Sabatino. "Talent-wise. New Brunswick is' loaded with quality players." f i Playing against better competition is one way to improve. In addition, scouts representing many major league teams attended the game and had to like what they'saw from players on both sides. "The team made a decision to dedi^ <lte the season to her memory.'' said team statistician Alberta Foster. Fragcr's wife. '... "The team was upset and sorry." she added. "She was older than most of the girls, but played just as hard. She kept everybody on the team up." A year ago. the Mean Machine did not finish among the top four teams in the state tournament, but Fragcr Foster says he expects the team to do better this year...this past Sunday, the Machine won the championship of the ASA Regional Tournament at Perth Amboy. Hillsboro 13sforce third game The championship game of the District 17 Senior League 13-year-old Baseball Tournament was played last night at Bridgewater West High! Hillsborough and Bridgewater. the only teams.entered, split the first two games of their best-of-three series. The. winner advances to the interdistrict tournament, which begins, this Saturday afternoon in Lake wood. Saturday, July 17 Bridgewater 6, Hillsboro 3 Bridgewater struck early, sco/ing five runs in the top of the first. And then held on to win Game 1 at Bridgewater East High. Two singles, five walks and two Hillsborougherrors added up to the five runs. Bridgewater scored its final- run in the second before Hillsborough reliever Paul Anderson shut the door. Anderson, who replaced starter and loser Ron Chess, held Bridgewater scoreless on one -hft over the final five innings. He struck: out five and didn't walk a batter. Meanwhile; Hillsborough. which stranded eight runners, had its chances against winning pitcher Bill Coscia. but was always one hit away from doing any real damage. Hillsborough pushed across a run in the bottom of the first to cut the deficit to 5-1. Dennis Urbaniak. the lead off ba.tter. singled and scored on a clutch two-out double by Chess. Then. Coscia pitched shut out ball until the seventh when Hillsborough scored its final two runs. Anderson drove in one with an RBI single and Urbaniak the other with an infield ground out. Urbaniak (single, single) and Chess (double, single) led the Hillsborough offense. Monday, July 19 Hillsboro 8, Bridgewater 0 Hillsborough evened the series on the strength of an outstanding pitching performance by righty Steve Ughetta. who fired a two-hitter. Ughetta. who struck out ftfur batters and walked three, did not allow a Bridgewater runner to advance to third base. This game was also played at Bridgewater East High. Hillsborough gave Ughetta all the support he needed, scoring four runs in. the top of the first inning. Anderson drove in two runs with a one-out, bases-loaded single. Jeff Madretzke also contributed an RBI single. Hillsborough added two runs apiece in the third and fourth to complete its scoring. In the third, Larry Bronhard doubled home one run. The other scored on Urbaniak's infield ground out. Then in the fourth. Chess walked and scored on a triple by Frank Dutka; Jr. Dutka scored on a sacrifice fly by Ken Schmidt, Jr. Bridgewater starter and loser Gary Howell lasted three innings. For Hillsborough, Madretzke finished 2-for-3, drove in one run and scored another.

20 Thursday, July 22, 1982 Manville, Bound Brook are tied for first in Missy League 9mm *> tmi «* "* game*, MaamBc l I tunf for fint Cmmy Mm? ( ««K t-2 *Mf fcrtj» two-game kmi Ew. A tfite m. two gamn &» putt *«rt, «ot BomS 8«oot. 6-1 id-] g iwc* «KMNMI ft* Bnij%r«a«t EJM <KStot- $0MKir«i& ffcwt 12. Jal; 14 WMkMMfe?, Jl I«J 14 n If frim5 HMRdni Sunamittr *. R«tfic 0 StawOTnilftr HkmttmSkM TlwjrMtaj.Jal 14.. FrjnAto? «t. R«%ir 4 * ft? $ 4 0 r? 15 LGB * ^ New»ni«J»*«;i AAABA 10. Vmacrwci All Sttrv IJr«c y j II t. Bt*3$c*-Mtet 9 IBMC Tmmktf. Jafjr at 2, Bm%irwjici t seiffe*.1..»i. frtakhn M Statfvn Prrp. ppd ««f StMMr 2J> Hiiti A * * *** - i Mwmite lad chance to vtrtoalry ctadi the rcgnhr tntoa dumpwmhtp A m wowfa&*c given cwdi Tom Zanbo'i tqwd * rwo-faroc lead with low to pfarjr tamd. Manvillc fell back MHO a be for fail. The fame»» played * So Bndfc Si Kefh/ CUrfc 7-2).»ho scattered M» uaflct. packed up the mound win. hmtag Stem Lywa i > 2» Brook broke a 1-1 tie b> Wfiirttcr the decrme ttvee-nm (be lap of (he iccood inning Bcafco and Lu Gwncrfcxk each RBI tatflc (MnJacd actmt rt\ onl> run in Haantcnioo * * Franklin A Rut pen Prep T«oda). Jot; 27 BmiftrmMci %% Huntcrdoo si Clinton Park Franklin»v Ridge M Ridge High %v SocnctMllc at Somcnet College Team All Bound Brook Bndgrwttc* B f Hilhtoorough Rjftun i Somcr%ilie Mtaw the bottom of the Tint. It was unearned. With two out. Janet Totnaszfski scored from second when Bound Brook right fielder Cheryl Tanntino misplaycd a fly ball hit by Sandy Baranowski. Bridfrwstcr East 8, HiBsboro 1 E»i (6-4) backed winning pitcher Donna Vietro (5-3) with an I l-hil attack. Debbie Mauaux took the loss (4-4). The game wss played at No. Bridge St. East led 1-0 after two innings. But broke the game open by scoring four rum in the top of the third and adding three more tn the fourth. begin at 6 p.m. Results W LGB Wednesday. July 14 Bound Brook 6. Manvilk I R«ntia 6. Brancbburg 4 Br*ipr»j«cr East 8. Hilliborough I Somcmilk 12. Bndgcwatcr WCM 6 i No. Bridge St Friday. July 16 Brancfaburg 7. Hilhborough 0 (forfeit) Bond Brooi 10. Somerville I BndfOiim Etu I. Bndgrwatcr Wru 0 \UmUlc 10. Rjnun 3 at No. Bnach Pvk Schedule 6 6 Friday. July 23 Mjcmtic *-i Bndgcwairr E*M. 6 p.m. HiQsboroufh v*. Bridpcwatcr Wen. 6:15 p.m. Ranua v» Somenilk. 7:15 p m SEUECTIVE SELF-MGHTEOUSNESS la * rccotf radio Mfcmicw. Co««rcs*- lint chew R«uJdo caoed Cor a «peod- Onuief. lam very aawncd h» wfeaf I cti " Joyce Flower (double) -and Erica Womak (single) each drove in a run in the third. Angela Fresco and Wendy Johnson each had an RBI single in the fourth. Cindy Christy, who tripled home Mary Ann Price with Hillsborough's run in the bottom of the third, finished 2-for-3. Friday, July 16 Manville 10, Raritan 3 This win kept Manville (9-2) in a first-place tie with Bound Brook, which SCOREBOARD Branchburg vs. Bound Brook. 8:30 p.m. at No. Branch Park Wednesday. July 28 Hillsborough vs. Raritan. 6 p.m. Somerville vs. Bridgcwatcr East. 6:15 p.m. BridgcwaKr West vs. Bound Brook. 7:15 p.m. Branchburg vs. Manville. 8:30 p.m. at No. Bridge St. p l Cl CJrtivhin M T«n*n>ai Ib IVUa *l Wrtwt H Vh'cMcl» Vjrmc) al) I* at V>- Knack Park tr ph i 3 ph Clifford tl fmnck ph Tatpmti dh Dnmli * U vf i p MMtoctt Ib AUn Ib Drnctrr u Tcuh Rarun U Mw<ilk RariUBtJl AB > \ \ Mamttk Illi AB 4\ I J R 0 I II I 0 I) 0 0 o 10 o i 10 0 J I I I o o o u 0 I 0 3 IX Bl 0 0 o (1 I Bl II 0 (I J 0 0 o o o o o u > 0 10 OM 000 \ i X 10 E R Pnucuki. Sumhme. Otnxhio. Weber. M: Feichko 2. W«nuci. ToowuMi. Demclcr SB ~ R: PossessLi HR M: Urn. Tutpuwii. Dnmki LOB R II: M: d.»t FrtcNio. LP OvielUni Team Rooster's Coop Rays TV Caswell's Roofing Walts Inn Manvflk Mca'i SortbaU Standincf American Dlvbioa W LGB II I 9 2 1'/; 4 5 5'/; New Jersey Bell Egan's Team Action Key Punch Hendry Construction Tony's Auto Perhach's Tavern National Starch Unknown had little trouble defeating Somerville With the win. Manville, sweeps the season series Raritan (4-7) scored first, taking a 2-0 lead in the top of the second. One run scored on an infield error, and Cheryl Sunshine drove in the other with an RBI single.. Manville. which pounded out 18 hits off losing pitcher Carolyn Castellani. stormed back with five runs in the bottom of the third. With one out and Linda Kosensky on first. Sherri Lynn hit a line-drive down'the right field line that went for a home run. Then-after singles by Janet Tomaszfski and Betty Clifford. Donna Tulpinski hit a line-drive home run to National Division Results w II Tuesday, July 13 New Jersey Bell 10. Unknown LGB /; IVi 9 9 Wednesday, July 14 Caswell's Roofing 7. Hendry Construction 6 Monday, July 19 Rooster's Coop 22. Egan's I Schedule Monday, July 26 Field One: Rooster's Coop vs. Caswell's Roofing Field Two: Tony's Auto vs. Action Key Punch Tuesday, July 27 Field One: Ray's TV vs. New Jersey Bell Field Two: Perhach's Tavern vs. National Starch Wednesday, July 28 Field One: Egan's vs. Walt's Inn Field Two: Unknown vs. Hendry Construction All games begin at 6:30 p.m. Saturday. July 17 at Sommet College. Zielinski dh-3b Johmlone 2b-&s Yeager 3b-p Press cf Mulligan rf Manxto If Schamikow ss Sporer 2b Bobrow*ki c Stanislawczvk Ib Grammar p Totals: New Brunswick AAABA (101 AB H I I 1 I (I II Shaw ss ; Veni«lm 2b-rl Adum> 2b DiCiovunni c Allcgn» c Stark, pr Cherry 3b Mueller 3b ' Mulvihill Ib. McCimpsey Ib Malinowski cf Yonker rf-p Parrclla dh-c Rob Newman cf Rich Newman If Halasnik p Schomen p Dudgey p Tmals:" center. The ball rolled all the way to the fence and Tulpinski beat the relay throw by shortstop Lori Orecchio. Manville added five more runs in the fifth. Kathy Demski (three-run home run) and Donna Hughes (two-run single) had the big hits. Rene Fetchko was the winning.pitcher. Clifford and Kim Warnick both finished 3-for-3. The game was played at North Branch Park. Branchburg 7, Hillsboro 0 Hillsborough (4-7) forfeited for the third time this season. Branchburg is now 3-8. New Brunswick AAABA Legion All-Siars Somerset I-cgion All-Stars (7) AB > I (I H > 1 0 I) ()" ' 1) II II (I II 5 Bl.1 1 «(I (1 (1 (1 II (1 (I (1 (1 1 II (i (I II (1 "> (KM I 1( IKXI E N: Johnslime. Zielinski. Spoitr: S: DiCiovanni. Adams. Stark. Allegro. Mueller. 2B N: Mulligan. Scharnikim. 3B - N: Johnstone. Marotto. HR S: Shaw. SF S: Veni/clns. Parrclla: N: Marotlo. SB N: Zielinski. WP Grammar; LP Schoulen. Bl 0 South Somerset Church Softball Standings Team Blawenburg Reformed Bunker Hill Lutheran Griggstown Reformed Hillsborough Presbyterian Montgomery Free Princeton Wcstley Road Zaraphath Liberty Tabernacle W II LGB '/ '/: 14 II Somerset Legion All-Stars Adams. Todd (Bridgcwatcr). 2b Allegro. John (Franklin), c DiGiovanni. Gary (Somerville I c Dudgey, John (Hunterdon)p Halasnik. Sieve (Warren) p-lb Kuhn. Ted (Warren) p-of Parrclla. Kevin (Warren) c Malinowski. John (Somcrvillc) p-of McGimpsey. Al (Hunlcrdon) Ib Mueller, Gary (Warren) ss Mulvihill. Rob (Bridgcwaier) Ib Newman. Rich (Somcrvillc) of Newman. Rob (Somerville) of Schoulen. Bob (Franklin) p-of Shaw. Scott (Hunlcrdon) ss Slark. Chris (Bridgewaler) ss Vcnizelos. Billy (Somcrvillc) 2b Yonker. Ken (Ridge) p-of et worfli htt ««SJ75.00O aad SSOO.OOO is * cwayeiiiiortil race. And Coafra*- mm UmaHo ak fuq adnaatagie of hb KKMBbcac^r logei Im ncsiaax art to voien.. He hw» mm trmk Bkubn if tmpaycf%" c*pc«e into the new dmnct. to fact, before be decided whefku lo run in dac new Cili Ontrkt or libe oew Tth Dtvtrief, he MM trmk nsuiima> both, and ta»{wy«rs piduxf ^p Iftc tab, I tern: lo pay bo M»dl dartct madi IO "fbeeoct firoat Waatmfum." rum in tttfntgfeoui the d»- met. t Iwt lo pary f«r when cunt *f«ee in frtwb Wmlnngion"» «*ed lo rnpomt to «> eruacmon of Rmalo Cwc ai point. When RnaUo c*%» hn «««e to «do HK profkmcd FTC wwd car rule. CoNgmuaea km Fkmo and Toby Uoffcti mi I aiiaekcd tan for hn "dw- CM HafiHcnBSMMBcr' *o*t." (Xiuafcd cn»' mi wn*e Icttcn to the cdsior cnttcunnt «««.. I then bought adventus* p a» cobwaa to fwcscm «w tide of the ttory. RaaaAdo* recent "Report from WactBMgMMi" mponds to any att w. ks and Ma»BE»wdeot*the«iory. But became he M- a» mcaaafccm. hn omcisage win run for free. RasaJdo scads numerou* p%>bfcc rdat pacbtm to papcr% an the scnoot chddrea who to No one would ma a pouag with a sxodent at my office He caa ewe the C^otifrcssioaaJ LEVW Radio Room to send out broadcast actualities. I have to pay to have radio spots produced. I am also amused that RinakJo is calling for a spending limit this year when he has outspent his opponents in previous years by enormous amounts. Last election he outspent his opponent by 191 to I. I'm sure she would have loved a spending Itmti'! 1 have found that candidates call for spending limits when they are in a tight race and are having trouble raising money, t am sorry if Rinaldo is in that position, but I am not going to limit my opportunities to discuss issues with the voters in this district just because he's having a problem. 1 am also amused that I had to hear from a reporter about Rinaldo's call for a spending limit. I would expect that courtesy would dictate that he would contact me before involving the media. But since the Congressman seems to come from the P.T. Baroum School of Public Policy. I am not surprised that he would approach the media instead of taking the honorable route and coming to me first. ADAM LEVIN DEMOCRAT FOR CONGRESS FOR ADVERTISING RESULTS CALL DISPLAY Princeton Packet (609) Nice Household - Antiques PUBLIC AUCTION Estate Fred Cammerzell plus 2 other Estates 700 Winchester Dr.. Lawrence (Trenton). NJ (OH 2300 Brunswick Pike (US 1 Alt. to Lake Or.) SAT., JULY 24-9 A.M. (Rain Date - Mon. July 26) 18th C. blanket ehftst: Ftgural carved Viet love seat: Viet chairs; Mahogany breakfront, secretary desk; Phyfe table & ryre chairs & bedroom set: Empire bureau: maple bedroom: Nice pair love seats: Lenox: Bokeek: cut glass: 7 old rtummels; Sterling: antique coverlets: etc! Cokx TV: washer & dryer; refrigerator; hutch, etc) Good Additions! LESTER & ROBERT SLATOFF - AUCTIONEERS Trenton. NJ. (609) TliE butdier, hetake*,jhe CANdUsrick MAIIER... the painter, the plumber, the repairman, the babysitter... Find them all in the Packet 8-way Classifieds T.H.E. BIOFEEDBACK & COUNSELING ASSOCIATES BIOFEEOBACK, STRESS CONTROL & COUNSELING FOR * children and adolescents with hyperactivity syndrome and learning disorders. * adults with stress related disorders: * headaches * anxiety * phobias * asthma * muscle spasms * pain * sleep disorders * hyperventilation syndrome * hypertension * gastrointestinal distress * bruxism * tics Richard L Bruner, Psy. D., Co-Director Michael A. Tansey, Ph. D., Co-Director (LICENSED PSYCHOLOGISTS 100 Mercer St. - Box Hightstown. NJ Daytime. Evening and Saturday appointments available Classified ads reach 30,000 families weekly. A SECULAR JEWISH EDUCATION For Your Children HISTORY* LITERATURE CULTURE HEBREW YIDDISH Professional Teaching Staff Sunday Mornings 9.30 to 12:30 Afternoon. Full Year Tuition $ ' Special Rates for Two or More Children Scholarships Available for Qualified Students No Membership Fees No Fund Raising ^ No Additional Costs CAR POOLING CAN BE ARRANGED REGISTRATION SUNDAYS. SEPT. 29-9:30 to 12:30 CLASS BEGINS SUNDAY, SEPT. 12-9:30 to 12:30 I.L. PERETZ A.R. SCHOOL LOREE BUILDING. GEORGE ST., DOUGLASS CAMPUS NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ. For Information & Brochure, call after 6:00 P.M. (201) Sponsor* by Workman: Ode Br 208 (609) '

21 22, 1*2 21-A Frankllnite named state representative of golf association Barbara Thompson of Somerset has been appointed the state representative for the Women's Trans National Golf Association, announced WTNGA president Elizabeth Locker of Midland. Texas.*Ms. Thompson is a Peddie Golf Club member. Each of the SO states has a representative responsible for acquainting women golfers and clubs within her state with Trans National activities. She also informs the association of eligible playeres within her state to receive annual championship invitations. Golf clubs play a major role in assisting the WTNGA to promote amateur women's golf* through their $15 club membership dues and in offering their club facilities as a host championship site. Each member club has a Trans National Champion who is awarded annually a gold pin by the WTNGA. Clubs schedule these net events with all club members eligible to compete. The 1982 championship will be hosted by the Fairway Oaks Golf and Racquet Club in Abilene. Texas. Jujy The championship playing field is limited to the lowest 144 handicap applicants each year, with sites rotating across the U.S. Former champions also are invited to compete. Among the long list of golfing greats who have captured the Trans National Championship since its inception in 1926 are: Patty Berg. Betty Jameson, the late Babe Zaharias. Betsy Rawls. Joanne Carter and Nancy Lopez. Governors do battle Thomas Kaon and Brendan Byrne ««a n tas* week not over poitocad mmm% bulonbw tennis court and lor a good cause, Gov. K*w» ma ttm ppunrm Peat Camt took on termer Gov.. Byrne and o/«att Mmmrn Gfaaon w an eahoifen match at Morven as pan ttm Governor's. ifk4aional Tennis Tournament on Thursday The wtwen pfted members ot New Jersey corporations mptm* cttdn car** at tie Prancelon University courts, raised $130,000 tarr tfte Htem Jersey Arts Counol. with me money earmarked fa*»*e New Jersey Symphony, the New Jersey Opera and Km New Jewry Baflet Gov,.. Keen and Mr.. Cami prevailed in the Buy Direct from Factory OVERHEAD DOORS li EASY TO INSTALL Painted/Unpainted Aluminum* Fiberglass Wood-Solid No Fingef Joints Raised & Curved Panels Plywood Panels Radio Controls SEE THEM MADE GET HIGHER QUALITY AT BARGAIN PRICES CALL TOLL FREE S00-S CALL* WRITE* VISIT ridge elects N*w Road. Monmouth Junction New JtrMv Open 9 til 5 - Sat. til 12 JAGUAR SALES & SERVICE $ is a $ rollback off manufacturer's suggested list price Jaguar XJ6L Sedan used 324 miles, stock # Plus wheeling discounts 1982 new Jaguar XJ6L Sedans, many in stock. REEDMAN AUTOMOBILES INC. 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Uat Prtea 1 Chary 1 Ton *t M.T MUUI 4 Or Wjr 4 Stop Van C»r rt PS ma) oran» WHEEUN6 DISCOUNTS 1992 Suburban Canyals 1992 Bknr 2Whl4 4WMDri*a 1992 Charyfri 0 Ptejtupa Long I 4 Crl a V4 Cyl AS SMPMBnt AMWf M FACTIMY 0*00 IT f>a»emng totantorv TRENTON 15 MINUTES AWAY TRUCK HEADQUARTERS Phis Whaallng Discounts 1982 Japanasa Imports ARROW PICKUPS Plymouth Imports-Arrow BuUt by Mitsubishi Moton Ol Japan TRUCKS TRUCKS 74 CHCV CUSTOM OLX t Dan va *T PS P8 AM AC U, S3299 T7FOROF100CUSIO«T,PCIIWO V8 3 Spa Man Tram PS Man BAS Sleo 59552M-Slk 57B2 >H4 Slj Borrw AU EK No An Cond 77 FORD MUSTANd OHIA 2 O 4S.232 u. Coe 4 C>< AT PS PB li^g Oac. S3999 v^.yinocx AC Etc c a c SCOTTSOA1.E to Spt Mi Sn 4513 > OO Pickup «Tf*m. PS Locking Hubs Spl Toppe* AC Etc 753^ M St> &0 EV 20 S $4999 S* ^723 "71 FORO IRAMCHERO Spt VB AT PS PB FM AC Etc SS499 7» CHEV CHEYENNE '0 VB AT PS PB Two-Ton* ** AC i SSS99 *»1 FOfW CUSTOM F1! Cyt 4 Sod U«n TrV>S PS PB Uif«o»* Stereo tie f*o A- CO»XJ US- SlSg"* S6299 'ffl? $4899 ti CHEV CUSTOM DLX 10 F>ee TIL. LINC CONT 3 Or Town Cc* V8 P<tuO V8 3 Spa U»* Trans PS P6 AT PS PB PW 4 S S*'«l V»i» Step Ek'npe' AU Body Topoe* Etc Bool AC Etc No A* Cone used S66QQ $7499 It LtNC MARK V? L> KT V8 AT 'IttCHEV JO CAmio VAN 6 Cy< AT PS PB E«C No A.» Co«a Utea PS PB PW & S Sac Co^for q«.»< Oe*og S»ceo M*I v^»t Hoot AC Et r S7999 AT PS ManBns Swrc EK No»< Cona 2 43«M.Si» 216' Cusic- P JAGUAR SALES & SERVICE I* A $ Rollback Oft Mfg. Suggested Ust Price 1M2 JMUM XJSL SEDAN Used 324 MOSS. Stock Plus Wheeling Discounts 1912 NEW A6UMUSL SEDANS Many In Stock Cond. Used 479t M> Tt TMUMPH TR7 2 D> Cot i c / S SM Man Trant. Uan Sir PB SWio GW> Van noo> (tear Oalog. AC. EK It FORO FAIRMONT FUTUrU 4» San 4 Cyt AT PS PB Rear O«og S5499 CORVETTES IMPORTS* OTHERS 'ROW AC EK Irtrt 20SHM- TtlUDUUtYltCAItrUrcHfACK FORD MOTOR CARS USED FOHD MEKCUWT. LINCOLN 75 FORD PINTO 2 Ot Cm. 4 Cyi AT. 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NEWS FLASH Wa Ara Now Calabrating Roadman Joining The Ford Family 01 Prestigious Motor Cars Wheeling Discounts 250 CONTINENTALS LINCOLNS MERCURYS AUTHORIZED FACTORY DEALER. mum: Is A $ Reedman Celebration Discount OH Cyi 4 Sod Man Trans Man 01 Mlg. List Price Plus ElC No A* Cond A S Factory Rebate 7t FORD MUSTANG 2 O Hat 1982 Continental 4 Dr. C>*OaCk «Cy< 4 SOO Man Trans Ma" Str & Bms S'er»o Etc No A«Cona Givenchy Model M Cyi AT PS PB Skno Etc No A* S«' UNC MARK VI SU.L SLAS* 2 r> Cp«VS AT PS PB W I S H W. S0M Stal. Sod Control. Slcfto Tao*. Camaga Root. Two-Tone Pan I AC. Etc Una tiebad M.S* 2195 >IO. ggj Wheeling Discounts 1982 Mark VI Cpes 1982 Mark VI Sdns 1982 Lincoln Town Cars 4 Dr. Sdns., ' mimm: Is A $ Reedman Celebration Discount Oil 01 Mfg. List Price 1982 Grand Marquis 2 Drs.. 4! Drs.. Colony Park Wgn*., REVOLVING INVENTORY Cr AT T PS PB B«ar n OD«fl Is A $ Raadman AC Etc 33J7OM. Stir 2633 Celebration Discount Off OO LTD 4 Or SO" V8 AT PS Of Mfg. List Prica Plus PB Rear D**og FM V*^yiftoo* AC A $ Factory Rebate EI^? 7M $ Cougar XR-7 COUGAR XR7 2 t> Cpe p V8 AT PS PB Htft VMyt Root L.S. Models REVOLVING INVENTORY Is A $ Raadman Celebration Discount Off Of Mfg. List Price Plus A $ Factory Rebate 1982 Capri-Sporty Cpes, OS Modal. la A $ Rebate Off Of Mfg. Uat Prica' OH Mlg. Suggested Plus Raadman Whaallng Retail Base Prica. Discounts Phis Raadman Whaallng 1982 Cougar Discounts LYNX 2 Drs, OS * LS Modala 4 Drs^Wanev DW.».,,2 Drs, 4 Drs-4 Wgns REVOLV1NO INVENTORY REVOLVING INVENTORY

22 JT *-' ' *' - - "T " ^. =~ r~ w- *=- -r- If \bute Ctoing Tb Mate It FmandallyTbday Need Bankers WhoTWnkBiggerlhan Tfeddy Bears AndTbaster Ovens. Dont get us wrong We think premiums are fine, in fact at Security, weve been known to offer some nifty gifts ourselves Ḃut today it takes more than premiums to help you cut it financially It takes big ideas. Ideas that do more than just help you survive, you need ideas that help you prosper One Big Idea After Another. At Security, were doing all we can to give you the products and services you need. Thais why we introduced the Security Repurchase Agreement that lets you earn big interest without tying up your money. And our 91-Day Certificates The short-term high interest certificates for people who cant wait six months or more to earn big interest We also created three IRA plans that let you tell the tax man whos boss And home improvement loans that let you decide how to spend the money And recently we began offering mortgages that were substantially lower than current interest rates to give firsttime home buyers a shot at the American Dream. We even came up with a program for home buyers and sellers, called the Home Seller Incentive Plan. It made selling a home easier by offering low mortgage rates to buyers. Even the little things we do we consider big ideas if they make banking a little easier for you. Like Saturday hours, Drive-Through Windows, and new offices in retirement communities. DRIVE THRU-WHYDOW Security T&kes The Lead. It's only natural that when you're a leaden people notice. Security was listed as a High Performance Savings & Loan last year, as wejl as the most profitable savings & loan in our assets category. In the first six months of this year we once again posted a profit an impressive accomplishment for any financial organization these days. "Whatwill And just recently, we acquired IPrinceton Savings & Loan to extend our services and philosophy to more people in New Jersey Our Best Idea. At Security we're justifiably proud of the ideas and services we provide for our clients. And yet we're still not satisfied. Because as far as we're concerned, the key to financial succe'ss for you and us is to keep the big ideas coming. Day after day, year after year And that we believe, is our best idea yet incoftpoftfvring mghtstown nno pfiincetofi snvings &LOflns n Member F.S.LI.C Princeton: 132 Nassau St. Box 590/Lawrenceville: 2431 Main SUSomerville 200 E. Main St. Box 580/Bedminster. Lamirigton Rd.Box 424 PUinsboro: Wainsboio RdVKIn^ton: 77 Main St. Box 12/Hightstown: 104 N Main St. Box 768/East Windsor. Route 130. Box 768

23 Packet 8-Way Classifieds IPRINCETON PACKET LAWRENCE LEDGER CENTRAL POST WINDSOR-HIGHTS HERALD I H1LLSBOROUGH BEACON* MANVILLE NEWS FRANKLIN NEWS-RECORD CRANBURY PRESS 1-B ftacmexw* S atraa*s IF /*** *(4 U«* fa* Warn «* - TOO iati TO autsarr CG-»«MCUV»«#i»#i"aa«NO H«fr Wanted too Htftp Waited > CATS CM and a*e- ^ SPECIALTY Sales Ba h-nase need kwmg care Sapt your own boas. Unfenkad Feb. In your home. MM pa, potaftfal Bos Trenton, NJ. 2 POSITIONS ' * ADULT PROGRAM CTREO TOH *~~ Prtnwlon Youno l^be * oa I.**!"* Bd ' V*wnan«Cr-naaan Aaaodaip«n«nc«hai^bul not flakammmfy. PhMM C*J eoambi-7030 tor an appoint groups and " w* ACOOUNTMQ COST nant Cat 8» 10 Hdp Waited a*. Knowledge ot community old. East Windsor area, re- person To S22X necessary. Sand resumes toiable Joyce Fitch. Princeton naada2-4 YWCA. Pfcul Robeson. «*» ADVERTISMG SALES * EnMIng part ima opportunity w tor n-awjndmdual with PO 8o«3166 o, nm-metobox #04637 c/o Pmcaton. HJ S21K AUDIT liesaarcnlot b)q aa 1Q0 Help Wanted SALE C* to S43K r«*r Opportunity. Parson mmt ha^ oulqolnj parson* Engineer Technicians to $24K BE YOUR OWN BOSS No airy t good aofeida. Raquira limit to $$ you can earn. Call ana pm Ima ona U ama. Scientific Programmers/ CHILD aft. 5pm. WMt Cranbury Houta ^-5- Analysts to $38K MMaing. Box 442. Cranbury. BICYCLE WALLET Cadillac SELECTIVE HJ 0B512- Rapty oontdanoal. Taste - In a rut tired of Cal Larry PO 8o*3iM present job. We win train you Executive Secretary $13K + ALARM SALES lul bid PtWCMBK HJ 06S«0 evenings. Start at $7 per. Dental Assistant NJ part tma rapt naadad by axpandng local company. Exdl- months...cah Virginia at 201- earn up to $12 per after 3 ACTOnS-STUOENTS Tha X-ray license S10.4K + Uc&nm Thaava Company Administrative Assistant/ P( nttattramng tor Dental to $220 wk CHILD prwtdad. BOg _ ID Travel Agent Commercial ARE YOU Batwaan Jobs BIG BROTHER wanted for tf's aicttnq 1982* Accounts $200 wk laid off or looking tor **-Chris, aged 14. Interests: Executive Secretary/ 9 conal Income? Our bualnass Spanish/English S15.5K + «n»ion Contact Martin may ohar you part-ama axtra HUaorv i-ftpm Ca* «0»- mcoma.. was IOT Cal Ruth appt ««3-*tU A0MKSTRATIVE Book pnjduong fcnt naads an o^ganktad parson to natp Mb taquwat. and m«int«m Muaibawiangto aqupmam Sand nnuma to Boa AOMIfclSTRATIVE ASS.S TJ-UNfT Pc #H0CUVv9 ft nurwy p W noa, Hurt nte- ASSISTANT TEACHER Nursery School Background in ECE dastrawe. Sand resume to PO-Bo* 211, Prlnceton. N J ASSISTANT Suparmiandent needed tor a large development in Trenton, NJ. Stack seal & plumbing experience mandatory. Salary - ram tree apt w*h tul company banehs- Apply In parson at 280 No. Wato* St. Trenton. NJ Hr» 9am*Spm daly_ ASSSTANT COACHES (Onacaaon Raquirad) Ooye track (dmanoa) afoottafl (JV a VarsKy) QMs Soccer (gr.7-«) (0/7-12) AJN» you loomrg lor chaaangmg poataon / laic Owector. Wast Wind- CONTACT: Rax Wafcar. Attv oaaao ^c. annsor-piattsboro Regtonal sao-etanai, organqjaonal * oonwimncaaona abtty to wa«k «t nw «M» rtandkng a heavy work tosd Samoa assur g calon, Irae partwng. sand rasume to.: Ootonw A. RMar CUK2A a0o Aiaxandar Rd CNS24O Pwrcaton. HJ 09S40 YPISTS EOE. ATTENTION PROFESSION- ALS Sand your reeume to»«k«ngernploymant agen- NY. NJ. & PA. who offar ptaoamants In al fields & isiarlm ranging from S S UM provwed tree of charge. Cat Resumes Unarnasd AUTO Mechanic 3-1 ipm GM a«parlence. Ful SECRETARIES PROCESSORS CLERKS RECEPTIONISTS BABYSITTER ty 13 month old girt In E. Windsor area. Must be experienced & dependable. M-f Cal bet. 7*9pm wealidays. BABY SITTER tor11 mo ok) In my East Windsor apt Part time ftodble hours BABY SITTER 3 months BARTENDER Luncheon. Mon-Fri, experienced only. Peacock Inn, Princeton BELLE MEAD. Harlingen area Need ratable person to help ma cam tormy home. Hours flexible. FwnHy small. Cal after 6pm or before 9am, swimming & basketball. On our wetting Set for 2 yrs. Corv tact S hrs. BIOLOGIST PhD S30-37K. No fee. R&D. Recombinant DNA or modem biotachnological techniques. Fermentation knowledge a plus. C«B Carol Wilson. Royal Personnel Services. 690 Whitehead Road. Lawrencevtte BOOKKEEPER experienced. Take charge. Permanent part time. Flexible hours. Accounts payable & receivable. An taxes. Payroll. Invoicing statements & collection Maintaining alt files. Bank statement reconciliation. Budget/sales projections. Cash flow projections. CaJ Sue or Dawn Spm only. BURGER KING of HHsboro is now taking apnucwttona torfall employment. Part time day positions available. Ftexfcie hours. Days off for school hofcteys If needed. Apply In person HUsboro Burger King. Route 206. HiOsboro. SCHOOL BUS DRIVERS Kindergarten. Established route. Single runs. Approximately 11:30am- 1230pm. Bus driver's license preferred. East Amwell Twp. School for appbcation. Closing date Jury 3O SCHOOL BUS DRIVER Established route. AM-PM runs. Bus driver's license preferred. East Amwell Twp. School for application. Closing date July 30. GETTY PERSONNEL Bookkeeper/Full Charge/ Part Tune $ open Medical Secretary $20p/wk. Photo/Receptionist/ Sales S hourly & commission CafMarcy ENGMEERS Microwave to S38K Weapons Systems to S45K Digital Design GETTY PERSONNEL RTE. 130, HrGHTSTOWN 60* BUS DRIVER p/t. mostly day trips, some over night. Salary open. Write to the Peddle School. Attn: Bus. Manager. Hightstown. NJ CAREER will train selective person for exceptional career opportunity in sales. This opportunity will be available Sept year salary plan + incentive increases as earned. Send resume to: Career, P.O. Box 10 Help Wanted mo Help Wanted CHILD CARE Person to care for infant in our home, 9 to 5. Mon-Fri. Central Princeton Boro location. Experience with" children and references required CHILD CARE mature loving person to care for 2 children, after school Trans. & ret, nee aft. 5. CHILD CARE loving Manville mother to care for 2 mo. old infant in your home. 3 days a week. 8:15am to Bilingual tutor S open 4:30pm, beginning late Octo- Typesetter $ negotiable Legal Secretary to S14K ber thru June. Write Box #3 co Manville News, 240 So. Main St., Manville. CHILD CARE Live in Nanny. Mon thru Fri, in our Belle Mead home. Care for 1V-2 yr old girl + house- Keeping. Paid vacation and holidays. References. $125 week CARE,& Housekeeping Ideal situation. Professional couple seeks dependable woman M-F mornings in W. Princeton area. Care for 5 yr old daughter, manage lovely home. Begin Sept CARE & Housekeeping person wanted to provide loving care to infant in our Kingston home. Must be non-smoker with own transportation. Hours 8:30-5:30 Mon-Fri. Generous salary + vacations CHILDREN 2 to 10 yrs of age wanted to participate in a research study funded by the National Institutes of Mental Health. Children will be given paper & pencil tests measuring language, perception, & memory skills, as well as motor skill development. All results will be kept confidential. For more information call Denise Snyder at Trenton State College CLEANING LADY to clean 3 bdrm. house, 2Vz baths aft. 7pm Trenton, NJ CLEANING 1 day/wk. Reliable. Ref. & trans, required. EOE. M/F. Lawrenceville area CAREER JOB Search & 8039 after 5:30. Educational Counseling Testing & Resume included, clerical Dr. Michael L. Rosen thai CASHIER Part time, permanent, nights, Mon & Wed, 5 to 9: Fri 5 to 10; & Sat. Call for interview. CHILD CARE responsible mature woman to care for infant in our home evenings. Begin early August. Call collect TYPISTS 55 WPM PLUS JOIN SELECTIVE* * TEMPS * Nancy or Beth Princeton Pike Lawrencevfle, N.J. CLERICAL ASSISTANT needed in Library. Typing required, 50wpm. 35 hr week includes 1 evening per week & every 3rd Sat. Some work with public, adults & children Ask for Mrs Rock or Miss Thomas. CLERK TYPIST interesting position with diversified duties. Requires typing skills of 50wpm and 2 years experience. Full time, 8:45am to 5pm, located on James Forrestal campus, Princeton. Excellent salary and benefits. Call Karen at EOE 10 Help Wanted COOK Mature person CLERK/TYPIST Im-preferredmediate opening in extremely rority lunches & dinners. Rider College So- busy advertising office. Must Mon-Fri, 9: be able to handle multiple 5382 ask for Mary Ann Kollar assignments & perform well or ask for under pressure. Previous Elise.. small office experience required. Hours 9am-5:15pm. COOK Split shift, lunch & Starting salary $8-9,000 + dinner w/small hotel experience. Peacock Inn, benefits. Call Princeton CLERK TYPIST ~ Busy insurance office is seeking bright individual with good typing skills for challenging full-time position. Excellent benefits, salary commensurate with experience. Will train CLERK TYPIST Busy insurance office is seeking bright individual with good typing skills for challenging full-time position. Excellent benefits, salary commensurate with experience. Will train COACHES NEEDED For school year. N.J. Teacher's Certification re-, quired. Part time positions. Freshman football, basketball, swimming & wrestling. Call Lawrence Twp Public Schools, ext 215 or ext 364. EOE/AA COMMERCIAL ARTIST Freelance, needs help. If you're good & fast call Kevin Possible business venture. Portfolio required. CAREER in sales & management with major company Earn Top $$$ Bonus & COMPANION to sr. citizen. due to expansion. Sales experience helpful but not esough, 1-4 daily. Call 201- Vacation $ Too Light housekeeping. Hillsborsential. Substantial starting Call Maureen Today between 5-6pm. salary with incentive increases as earned. After a ROTATOR TEMPS COMPUTER TERMINAL Operator/Typist - Full time permanent position. Tasks in- training period in sales, an opportunity for career in management is available. For CLERICAL NO FEE clude entering data at com- particulars call Mr. Adkins at EOE. puter terminal, performing related clerical tasks, filing, some keypunching & secretarial assistance! Requirements: good typing skills (45-50wpm), language skills, interest in the computer. Salary $10,000 to $11,000. Call Donna Baker at Response Analysis EOE COMPUTER OPERATOR/ Prog. - To $14K. Dynamic, fast growing communications corp requires some exper. in Sys. 34 operations. Lite RPG II exper. or acad. training des. Duties incl. computer operations, admin, & programming. Unlimited growth.. Oppty to learn Telecommunications. Local. F/pd , Place Mart EDP, 3530 Hwy 27. Kendall Park CONSTRUCTION Handyman/Laborer Experience necessary in construction Meld. Salary commensurate with experience " COPY EDITOR experienced medical copy editor & proofreader, freelance, office near Princeton. Send resume to Box # c/o Princeton Packet. ' COUNSELOR For Math & Science Teachers Small non-profit Princeton placement service seeks caring, highly organized, energetic & dedicated person to interview, counsel & place Math & Science teachers in independent schools throughout the U.S. Special opportunity to play significant role in improving the quality of Science/Math instruction in independent schools & to encourage & assist new & experienced teachers in finding productive & rewarding teaching positions. College degree/ teaching or counseling experience highly desirable. Heavy N work load but job satisfaction.. Typing,& steel-trap memory required. Prefer background or knowledge of data systems & use of computer. Year round postion beginning : in September. Good salary & benefits. Send resume to Box #04626 c/o Princeton PackeL DAIRY MANAGER & Dairy Milker needed full time to care for cattle. Call ext. 233 or 235 bet. 9 & 5. DATA ENTRY TRAINEES/ Typists Here is a good opportunity to join a growing service bureau company that services major publishing firms. The position requires' the ability to key data at 60wpm. Our company will teach you to proofread & to perform other computer- related duties. Good company paid benefits. To arrange for an interview, call Way Classified Money Saver Coupon idsii T r 17 00»IIOO HK2HEST RATES BONUSES NO FEES PURCELL TQMtMKS Make yoir shop kaowb to all! Go display B ways! CALL DWECTOfVCUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE CMrf *» l poiiion» cuatornar earvtoe. This parson wm H I fmaponcfcmi lev iwiartbwoqj OMrn # cotfipotuti Mi draeang 12 tnm of cats trommw SJOOO ami A obiar souroas toapj law mmmm a bao-ug MBffSStVatBPMi^i 4W10 Wi cat«lypkig work. HI HajBt ba a Moti school gnduatt oraiw»i-3yeanomcea*>erienoe.1-luemcy KOHEAIIj^HJME«FOW SPANISH few HO* 44»dd0 aaaniotab* AJiand 1«PH Daadfeta tor is TiMNdaY. JWy 27, fftvl Or wn> r Publications/Graphics Specialist The Technical Publications Department of Applied Data Research is seeking a Publications/Graphics Specialist with the necessary basic skills. Requirements Ability to type 70+ wpm Experience in mechanical art/paste up Meticulous attention to detail Ability to work under deadline pressures Job Duties Participate in typing assignments and technical document preparation using an IBM composer, word processor or phototypesetter, and other Department equipment. Provide some layout/paste up (including some pen work) for training visuals, selected marketing materials, and technical documents. The position offers growth potential and advancement. ADR offers an excellent benefits package and work environment. To apply, call: Personnel Department APPLIED DATA RESEARCH, INC. Route 206 and Orchard Road, CN-8 Princeton, New Jersey (201) An equal Opportunity Employer m/f/h/v PROFEssionnis Personal Products... An Environment For Personal Growth & Achievement! For over 53 years we have effectively responded to the changing needs of the personal products marketplace. Our keen sensitivity to consumer needs has catapulted us to a dominant position of leadership in the industry and been responsible for our continuing growth. We currently have career opportunities available for the following Data Processing Professionals. OPERATIONS SUPERVISOR 1st SHIFT This position requires an individual with a minimum of 3 to 5 years "hands-on" Computer Operations experience, preferably in a supervisory capacity. The selected candidate will be working in a state-of-the-art IBM 4341 environment interfacing with on-line terminals and telecommunicating with various mini computers.and word processors. The ability to analyze operations problems and reach workable solutions is essential. Excellent interpersonal and communications skills are required for effective interfacing with all levels of management and setting/adjusting priorities. At least two years of college is required. A Bachelor's degree is preferred. PROGRAMMER/ANALYST IBM 4341 This position requires an individual with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Mathematics or a related discipline, plus 1 to 3 years programming experience using COBOL The selected candidate will participate in the development and maintenance of systems supporting various functional areas such as sales, materials management, finance, manufacturing, etc. Will also be involved with all phases of project life cycle from analysis through implementation and on-going support. As a prestigious member of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies you will have the opportunity to grow and develop within a professionally stimulating and rewarding environment in addition to a competi- ^ tlve starting salary and excellent benefits program. // qualitfd wotf d*mlt4 ntunrn with ttltry hittory *n0 nquinmtnts to: SR. PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATOR Personal Products Company, oaia*j MILLTOWN. NEW JERSEY j Eq»M Oveonm*t Cmpoym M/F/H/V

24 MPAi POST WiNOSOR-HlGHTS HERALD* Classifieds 2B Week of July 21-23, 1982 TOEAW COM WHEY AS A* Am KPRBIJITATWE CALL i» H**CkSlf«2tUlt-1S» HOUSEKEEPING AACS ffujl»«* 4NWV imp iw purs-wow am. MOUSCKtfPINC SKJMMVUOft 430 *» mm.»m«r <MM» 3* «ss»f«*, Wit ir»m? * a* nm Ofle*; ~ ON He cm tmam% to?>< «30*t m O StiHvy and M CAREER GROWTH ** ;.>*** CU3VC TYPIST (King WH» mqweets E*emAmrt )»* * **wy c«tr»c "cmt rea? Looimg to* a «nweft ' *«<<:* «<i>«broojcber.-»a^ OM«oe*- ing to* a he*** and ec*»- secretary/ data input clerk * oaueem a, mmemiiy t "CuUUi 0» A- a *!a»» n»#r»e»., mne older an ««otd«mt. adare iwecwun, caor f «C Bo ft. P»nncior»,. NLt m FMC MANAGER ants tot c* our <rt a mmmm numm mmim am mm memmmmm., *-.ut RESEARCH SOENTISTS BS, MS in nun/tt to <ywry>c<ftvwiiorto<*r>aaor^oornpeny cfi«it«oc;m*g problems tn high speed gas i«eaanedsend undo. SCIENCE APPUCATIOHS, INC. PIINCUON ISURAMCE RATERS 9COTTBH A YORK. commarcial prop- GBtfiQUtif liawlquflrlawtf m PyoMon. NJ. hat «encumor ISO rate manuals necessary Property. package auo or genera* CRT am ootcy poeumaofcs We omar a tatary and benett packcontact Gai Von L(6O9) TSHl YORKM- TERNATIONAL IN SURANCE GROUP. PO Bo» 61i. Pmeeion. DATA CONTROL CLERK mrmtaeim tor a 0*U Corwol 9 o» Inioiex 3300 a w«ry a St8'00 per Wert 35 hours. 9 OS WeofttriMrai«*nbene«cs inctudng t insurance and applicants. call lor a conve- Ptnaeaci KtattsaatMiii EH 2111 Wai Strati tan* We need an mcorwng Uaaenal trtspecstx w<ri aotoy to read ueifcze g devwes sucn as w w caapers. njes ao<s micrometers: and some Ors«fcng. courses and etect-o-mechancaj co^pof-ent* assembly ctpenerxe fries g p excellent salary and wor^xng conditions plus oeneai parfcage To arrange tot tmnwm cootact Don Kramer or BartNVa Scaeano. (609) n PARC NEED HELP AT HOME? RN SupefvwKl Cartaiod Homamaher-Home Health Aides 1-24 Hours 7 days a week Personal Cars Meats Base Houtefcsepng Needs Temporary Assstance SCTMDB 3) mis racfcus NJ Home Care Counoi Pnrctwn Unrted Way CUHVT1AJBC1UK1 Mereeting poamon in Adlapnone, typing, phone and Mng aupport to Administrative Assistant dukee. Provide badt-up typing siajyort and phone coverage lor 4 Administrators. Good salary. working conditions and fringe ASSSTMT WITH EXCELLENT SECRETARIAL SWLLS TO WORK CLOSELY WITH THE VICE PRESI- DENT OF A PWNCET0N-8ASE RE* INSURANCE MANAGE* MENT COMPANY. SELF-STARTER. RE- INSURANCE BACK- GROUND PREFERRED BUT NOT REOUtRED: WILLING TO TRAIN. SALARY COM- MENSURATE WITH ABILITY AND EX- PERIENCE. SEND RE* SUMES IN BOOKKEEPER CON* FBENCETO: RXWQCt It FMTH ' WTfMNATIONM. OEMeMT^lTD m vmua rrmrr " NCFTOM. tt j o»«o NO MKMCCS PIEASE TEMp O«ARY NO FEE JOBS! JOBS! IN PRINCETON WE NEED: SECRETARIES WORD PROCESSORS -GOOO TYPISTS One we* to our ofsce is aa «takes tor Top Salaries Long & Short term Conv Cal an PDQ TEMPS 242 E Main St Somervile. N J. (201) KJ 1959 PWNCETON HOMEMAKER- HONE HEALTH ADCSEfiVKE 6OB-4S2-01SO Agrw one elactiortc wsmane tanuv «leefcrq a sea-tn mov es as Boc*S*epa» O ntpaynol trai xouni analysis We oitr corrpewwa staring satanes and an ateaew trmoe oenat paefcage and salary history to M * DIRECTOR OF COMMUNITY RELATIONS The Camer Foundaton. a private psyeniatne hosoim 9 manung a crea^na IndMdual to direct our Cojwnuraiy neteaons Oepartmeni The successful candmaia should neve a Bachelor's Degree and lomehospcalcipenence. Oevetopng made contacts Man** External ptirtaaeorg We oiler a compeaove salary, generous fringe benefit program, and a lovely MtiiMuraj cmnm4ka settna located midway between tffc ant f^tatedetpne. SWITOiWURD OPQUTOR MCEPTIOilST Position requires experienced switchboard operaiot/iecepuonm wnui ptaetant phone personality. Additional expenence *i cwncat accounting/omoe functions including accurate typing a must Send resume and salary history to: nc Stats U. Priacttaa. U 8tS40 SOCIAL WORKER MSW Ft* time position lor experienced hospital Social Worker to work primarily in Renal Dialysis Unit of community hospital. Related renal dialysis experience preferred. Excellent salary and benefits package. Apply: PERSONNEL DEPT. IE 75ffc«stefcL*»n Trentoo. iu (SOS) Equ* OpponuiHy Employw LOR AGENCY Secretary Eatweer. trainee RTC PROGRAMMER COBOL PROGRAMMER COBOL PROGRAMMER Mttillurfist SALES 1101 State Itai rriacilm,iu.0b40 609/921-65S0 PART TIME CLERK TYPIST SIM $211 $3M $m UK FOUR HOURS DAILY. MON.-FRI. S3.50/HR. APPLY AT: HILL- SBOROUGH TWP. POLICE HEAD- QUARTERS. AMWELL ROAD. NESHANtC. NJ. SWITCHBOARD OPERATOR PART TIME/ON CALL Experience preferred. Involving weekends, hoaoays and some relief, and mailroom duties. Fringe benefits available tor pert time. t-11lik. Hee-Tkan. ONLY ar Cat («1> I74-4M0 Foundation 0*302 Equal Opportu-iy Employar SOCIAL WORKER ONCOLOGY Chaienging position recently created for dynamic individual to serve as ful time Oncology Social Worker. Responsibilities include development and implementation of cancer care program in acute care. 375-bed medical center. Master's level individual with medical social work experience required. Send resume and salary requirements to: POBttKL KIT. RELEREEULD MEDICALCENTER Tnatat, M MS3I FULL CHARGE Immediate permanent F/T position in rural Princeton architectural firm for experienced bookkeeper with computer aptitude. We need a flexible sen-starter to help our growing 20-peroounflnQ functions and converttoword procees* Ing. Varied duties include bookkeeping through OIL, good typing, Job cost anafysls, insurance claims, telephone back-up. Excellent eatery, send resume wttt eatery reaulrtfrnenta l to Box # ofb Help Wanted DATA PROCESSMG COMPUTER SCENCE Faculty - Part time Needed at MCCC to teach courses in COBOL. Assembler, operating systems, DECORATOR (Sales) sell interior decor accessories. FuB time, part time DENTAL RECEPTIONIST/ Office Manager Orthodontic office in East Windsor seeks a responsible organized person to handle all reception, secretarial and financial duties in a new fast growing practice. Experience is preferred but we will train the person who shows initiative and interest. Duties include light typing, book- 10 Help Wanted EXPERIENCED Insurance Agent - professional daytime leads. $48,000 base and commissions. Call Mrs. Carp FOLIAGE PLANT Maintenance Technician needed to service commercial accounts in Princeton area. Part time. Car required. Experience helpful. Call Help Wanted Homemakars Teachers Students Etc Part time early morning suming the Star Ledger newsdaily in areas: Hillsborough Belle Mead Somerville FOLK MUSICIANS Must be over 18 and have a Wanted to form group for light good running dependable car. performance sched. Call No collections. Call: Frank, or 800* to! free FULL & PART Time Positions Available evenings & Homemakers weekends. Mid to late Aug. Teachers start; will train; ideal for students & housewives. Pick up Etc Students an application at The Cran- n bury Market. 57 N. Main St. Part time ear V morning sum- Cranbury, NJ or call 609- mer wo*as available deliverkeeping, scheduling of ap- > for further infor- ln 9 tne Star Led 9 er news - pointments. and insurance mation. paper daily in the following forms. 4 Vi days per week. Mon. Tue, Wed 9-5; Thurs 1:30-8, Fri-off, every other Sat Call DENTAL ASSISTANT experienced preferred. Busy Orthodontic office. Somerville/Belle Mead area. Salary commensurate with experience. Call DENTA1, ASSISTANT experience preferred, but will train sincere person. Dependable and responsible person to assist dentist. All calls confidential. Call after 6 p.m DENTAL ASSISTANT experienced chairside with x-ray license. Preventive mind-set, energetic, growing person for active multi-doctor family practice, in Lawrenceville. Excellent hours and benefits. Call Sandy, DESIGNER Discount Boutique seeking reliable, flexible part time sales help. Experience preferred. Call Folio at The Market Place, DIETITIAN Computer Systems wanted immediately. Responsible for technical work in the implementation of computerized food management information systems. Knowledge of clinical nutrition a must. Send your resume and salary information to V. P. of Operations, ComCater International Inc. 65 S. Main St, Pennington NJ No agencies, please, DRIVER wholesale route. Excellent paid company Mnefits. Apply Cream-O- -and Dairy. 680 Somerset St.. New Brunswick. EARN A GOOD Income rvhile you train for a pro- 'essional career in Sales. Call Mr. Cohen, E.O.E.m/f. ELECTRONIC TEST TECH- NICIAN Fast growing electronics company seeks experienced Electronic Technician to perform testing and troubleshooting on analog and digital assemblies. Familiarity with computer test 'troubleshooting preferred. Should be technical school trained. Company offers growth opportunities and complete benefits package, including dental. Apply at Physical Acoustics, 743 Alexander Rd. (University Park Plaza), Princeton, NJ Telephone ENGINEER. JR 1-2yrs experience in subdivision development & review. Submit resume w salary requirement to Sellows. Read & Associates. Inc., 746 Alexander Rd., Princeton, NJ EOE ENVIRONMENTAL/CONSU- MER Activists Citizen Outreach Canvass. Mon-Fri, 2-10pm. Start $150/wk. NJ Public Interest Research Group EXECUTIVE SECRETARY Beautiful firm. Enjoy administration, international flair. Professional growth, benefit pack. $14,800. No fee. Ms. Cohen , P. Robert Dann, 134 Franklin Cnr. Rd. EXECUTIVE SECRETARY A highly motivated organized person needed for this position. Capable of handling responsibilities with minimum supervision for international company. Good benefits & salary. Please call EXECUTIVE SALES Earn up to $ st yr. salary + commission. Career oppty. Prudential provides professional training in all product lines ind. Life, Health, Group. Pension, Equities, Auto & Homeowners. Attractive benefits package. Management potential. Call Ed Ede or Jerry YarosXLU Dev.Mgr,at or FULL TIME Secretary - Ex- ar6as: Hillsborough cellent typing skills, shorthand required, word processing ex- Somerville perience preferable Other Must be over 18 and nave a diversified duties. Starting good ^^g dependable car. salary $12,000. Please reply No ejections. Call: with resume to Box # or c/o Princeton Packet *0850 too free FULL TIME Part time. Unusual opportunity to earn pm-9:30pm. FULL TIME Kindergarten, First grade teacher wanted, combined class of 12 children. Please reply WHH 1005, P.O. Box 146, Hightstown stating qualifications, exp. & salary required. HOUSEKEEPER Live in until Nov. Responsible person needed to take charge of home and school aged children for working mother in Ewing Twp. Own transportation. References HOUSEPARENTS for The American Boychoir School, 19 Lambert Drive, a unique Princeton boarding and day 10 Help Wanted LEASING AGENT NEEDED Full time for luxury garden arpartment complex. Must be neat in appearance with a good telephone manner. Good benefits. Call LEGAL SECRETARY part time afternoons, experience preferred. Franklin Twp" area, LEGAL Secretary Modem suburban law office, steno, typing required, experience preferred. Fringe benefits ' FULL TIME Help Wanted MAID for small hotel. 2-4 hrs. daily starting 11AM. experience necessary, gourmet food & deli section. school. Residential position, Need quick strong selfstarter. Peacock Inn, Prince- Knowledge of chesses. Good full time for one spouse, the tpn pay & excellent benefits. Call other may be working or stufor interview dying days. Small family con- MAINTENANCE SUPERVIS- _, sidered. For details, call OR Cable TV Plant Maintenance GENERAL OFFICE WORK or write to Supervisor with mini- part time. Good op- Stephen N. Howard, Headportunity mum 3 yrs experience, knowledge for person returning master. to business world. Hillsboro INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS/ of Head End electronics and TVR0 necessary. Send -Belle Mead area Sa(ety Director - Major resume to: ComVideo Systems, P.O. Box 577, Belle 6131 manufacturer needs your ex- GOOD TYPING skills es- pertise. Degree required, Mead N.J sential. Opportunity for ad- Outstanding promotional opvancement, benefits portunity. To 330,000. No fee Call Pat Carrol, Royal Per- sonnel Services, 690 White- GRAPHIC ARTS Trenton nead Road_ Lawrenceville. area. 3 yrs. darkroom ex penence for print firm. Send resume to Box #04631 c/o Princeton Packet. ER UNDERWRITsuburban Lawr. lo- rpaphip APTI9T noohoh ^ ^ ex P andit1 9 P rof - liabilit y tahakmlo AH I ibt needed carrier. Property, casualty in Art Dept. of magazine pub- background acceptable, exlishing co. Duties include ad cellent communication skills design, paste-up, type spec- required. Responsible posing, proofreading, photo siz- ition with excellent potential, ing. Will train recent graduate send resume with salary rewho is a bright, quick learner, quirements to: P.O. Box Fine artists and photo- 6470, Lawrenceville, NJ graphers not needed. Must be willing to perform other duties IMCIIRAIJCP which are not related to'!>uhaml '. Jo_ m _ graphic arts. Must have OUTS. DE MOTIJCFRS portfolio or samples of work. _... O PRODUCERS _ All applicants should send a " exlble hours ' Experience & B e resume or brief letter to: P.O. P"j?- n n «' - "ever a fee. Call Box 794. Hightstown. NJ Attn: Lori. ^ECTTVE PERSONNEL GRAPHIC ARTIST staff 3131 Princeton Pike artist for busy publishing art Office Park Bldg. 4 department. Varied duties in LawrencevBe.N.J. layout & production, requires INSURANCE Experienced strong design portfolio, knowl- SMP Rater for expanding posedge of type specing & copy ition in a busy commercial fitting. Mechanical skill & ex- insurance office. Salary Comperience a must. Good opp- mensurate with experience, portunity for a hard worker. Excellent benefits. For ap- Send resume & salary re- pointment call quirements to Box #04657 or c/o Princeton Packet. I INTELLIGENT TYPIST(S) GROUNDSPERSON to do Willing to learn word processodds & ends for garden apt. ing or scholarly journal; small complex. Temporary F/T. informal office, downtown Princeton; hours per GROUP HOME ASSIS- TANTS Individuals wanted for full time positions in group home for Autistic Adoles- week. Call between 10 & 4. INTERVIEWERS NEEDED p't for central telephone ends & overnight hours. Del as hrs. available. Flexible scheduling. Pleasant atmosphere. Will train HS grad. Call Total ment team. Salary: $12,000. Research, Send resume to John Pio- INVESTMENT BROKERAGE quinto. East Amwell Group NY/NJ N.A.S.D.! Firm Home, RD 2, Mountain Rd, seeks men and women for Ringoes, NJ full/part time positions as ac- - HAAGEN-DAZS Full time count executives. No experience necessary. Stocks, store manager sought. Previous administrative/ managerial and or food service bonds, funds, tax shelters. Send resume and/or letter to experience desirable. Work P.O. Box 1304, Princeton, NJ closely with owner in administering 15 person part JANITORIAL and Lawncuttime staff and running Prince- ting Part time days. Mon. - ton store. Call Bill Anderson Fri. Monmouth Junction area, at to inquire or Call apply- LAB ASSISTANT Fulltime, exp. assistance needed to op- HARD WORKING Executive erate dishwasher, drying satjle individual. Call Herb LAWRENCEVILLE Gopstein, tan,. Secretary No glamour but oven, autoclave, steam genno boredom. Top industrial erator & water still. Re psychological testing firm sponsible for pick up & reneeds individual with top stock of glassware and pipesecretarial/administrative ttes. Contact Mertene Tucker, skills. Intelligence, strong Cytogen Corp., 201 College shorthand & typing. Good op-rd., East, Princeton poruntity for capable, ver EOE. Elemen- HEBREW SUNDAY School 2 children, ages 5 and 6. after Teachers Conservative, school in the fall. Please call Trenton days after 6pm. or eves. LEARNING DISABILITIES Specialist (teaching consultant) needed for full time EXECUTIVE Fmancial Services Sales A growth-oriented financial planning firm HOUSEKEEPER Responsible individual to assist w/housecteaning, some Training School for Boys. Ex- 12 month position at Skillman is seeking a self-motivated, enthusiastic, experienced child care & to prepare meals. cellent salary & benefits. NJ marketing professional to es- 5 days a week, hours flexible. permanent certificate required. Knowledge of Child tacesn KS corporate manual bve out Princeton area. planning dhriston. Partnership Study Team Procedure prepotential within 12 months for HOUSEKEEPER Live in or ferred. Call Anthony Mercanright person. Send resume to daytime. Mon-Fri. References «no. Principal , P.O. - - Box Rocky Hffl, NJ required even- Ext 35. Affirmative Action/ ings. Equal Opportunity Employer. LIGHT BOOKKEEPING 35 yr. old established retail firm. 30 hr. week. Pleasant sur- -oundings. Vacation, etc. Hal's Stereo, U.S. Route 1 & Texas Ave., Lawrenceville. Resume required. LIKE PLANTS? Need Money? Sales people needed for new plant company. No experience. Car necessary. Call , or LOOKING FOR AN Opportunity? We have a career opportunity in our management trainee program. Willingness to work hard, imagination and initiative are the main requirements. Start $15,0O0-$20,000. An equal opportunity employer. Call Mr. Thomas, LUNCHTIME Supervisors 1 V2 hrs per day; $3.75 per hr. Call Cranbury School MAINTENANCE DEPT. HELPER Position requires clerical skills, handyman skills & the ability to assemble & deliver supplies to various schools. Call Lawrence Twp. Public Schools , ext EOE/aa MANAGER WANTED The Cook/Douglas Tavern Assn. seeks full time manager for collegiate pub. Experience in small business management preferred. Contact Dan Rossi at or write to Dept.of Agric.Econ., Cook College, New Brunswick, NJ EOE...' MANAGERS NEEDED willing to train. Fast food business expanding. Must be 18 or older. Call-AUon's, , between 10am- 5pm, Mon.-Fri. MANAGER/Salesperson for small cheese & gourmet shop in Bucks County, area. Call after 7pm MANAGER ASSISTANT MANAGER HUSH PUPPIES SHOES is opening soon in the Quakerbridge Mall and we're looking for career minded people. Good salary, medical benefits and paid vacations for the right people. HUSH PUPPIES SHOES QUAKERBRIDGE MALL MANAGEMENT TRAINING Excellent income supplement. Up! to $20,000 part' time, $50,000 full time. Work out of home or office. Call noon. MANAGEMENT OPPORTU- NITY Fast expanding sport shop. True career spot with training, excellent advancement. Start $11,700 plus, Ms. Miljer, ,>fRobert. Dann Personnel, 134 Franklin Cnr. Rd. * MANICURISTS WANTED for new nail and skin salon in Princeton. Will train. Call MANICURIST needed in Princeton Jet. New progressive salon. Call except on Weds. Manufacturing To 30K MAINTENTANCE, SUPERVISION ELECTRO-MECHANICAL Oversee preventative maintenance and installation of process, instrumentation and electricl conrols for Hi-volume manufacturing operation. Contact Paul Orvos at or write: SELECTIVE P.O. Box 3166 Princeton, N.J MATURE WOMAN Wanted experienced cooking, serving lunch, light housework, own transportation, 6 hrs., 5 days weekly. Reliable with local references. Excellent employment. Please call MATURE WOMAN to keep infant in Somerset, home. 40 hrs./week. References needed MATURE Individual Needed to assist'in child care center. Please call

25 SWJCEION PAOCf lawpace l DG8?«CSNTRAt POST«VYiN0Sa? HGHTS HERALD* I ^WSP COPD«>CPArvBURY PRESS Classifieds 3-B H»fr Wanted miiim MATURE - *" *!?* M M k CawCamar 3B ans fei_n«tt ItMnpal Em. *» > 3B0"«S«B»%Q PwavTXQ OamoMB A <«Ha pwantad rwsu * warn *"* tmimnmm.smam' B Bv *O«Mi. co RESTAURANT MANAGER Apptyal m DATA * " «LM^ aik^^ «^ ^ - tin* mtfm, ** «F»- *>» 'V ^l M M_ft ^ ' Jai^^bft Aa^Hft a* A ban*** Cat Deft Stow* at Pwweaam. NJl, {M&ap PftOOAAMMCR ANALYST n assay * lor E. Vttndeor araa. Pn- aa Oay hours Fi* c«pan ima 0OM4» mw ca* Joan Qrandar. Pwicaayt owca inanaqar at MXMO. I you r» good, you could ba 10 H«frWit»d *» Help Wanted 10 Help Wanted 100 Help Wanted r*jwtvpbt SECRETARY/RECEPTJON- Mual hava phuinl Must have Wai St ex- SSCBSTARV/Racaptlonlst SECRETARY PART TME i Are you toottngtst tar a part *na jpb aa amamar & Hca cuatomar perience tarnew brokerage Part time days. Monday- Friday, typing & general office secretary in jfta awaouava of- aarvtoa, accurate typing & firm moving into Princeton CP fl mso'ievy Known shorthand tor Ms dwaraa, area. Resume to P.O. Box skills required. ERA Real Estate. Princeton. N J. aarch inn? It aamaaang r*nnoavn araa 196. Red Bank. NJ SO, WMi tw9 CMS WlNnQ for luat tw ryi parson. Htadad REAL ESTATE Am you tndtoio t«nga item wtwm you arahmhy not conwmr a mowa toour Succaaa Taam «Watohart Co, Ra- 90 maturity and poiaa No raquhrad. Cat lor an appoxniak. OALLUP A R0aM9ON MC _EOE SECRETARY to hand* administrative secretarial cat Dorothy Landry. MoMed, 1101 Stale Rd. Big J. Prmcaton. NJ k Mmcaaw HOwilw^ wriq* & copontin*r «or pro- *«<*m «a DCMtC** «Hwamit9o«tt> 2TMTB0P2 hard^wrung aecratary. Ex- deaang wtti custom- aoowtflt Cam»«adi«a««r /«qu»«d,. RSX-ifM a ** SALES MANAGER kn-partanca OMI «O»«H-H»oa FonMMS NHU«W *W tattry ars and vm9i min^omputars a in «O«K» P»u» Salary: S13-S14M. Cal m emtemm its* *04*» am P CtWEC Pao»et a* tea*' 2OU mrnntm spurcn. S$m I»UAC»«AS1MQ PERSONNEL P»JWO**SJNG ACCNT madhaia (slacamara. Salary pint commission. MatropoKan L4e Inauranca Co.. 1S&8 BrunaMCk Aye. Tnmtorv NJ Cat Mr Abet i-0i4t bar»«n loam EOE SALES MANAGEMENT Trmnea To S3SK 1st yr Sand raauma to P O Bos 3001 Hawport. BE SALES PERSON WANTED Ooan nawr accourts or horticultural co. A.^ _k_u^b_. ^tf^h^ m3* fnncaion araa Muat ba dependable and aggreiw.e Starang $200 par ft. FuBura tjaaad on net ortv 609-5«5-O222 SAL SP «SON Liwa and Ewopa- SVOTIQ 0- rimkftad ior inaroal conauttoq m Etropa and local OaQraa w\ accounsjnq ««man tsa proper Eigecled Irst yw*r teaxm S3&.000 pus Comaa PM«l2Ot-«M-506O SALESPERSON For ^ t s&mm., vmm mmm A ga«* yuw nm Bu # 0*478 co ane* en *C»v*. rrry. ««t> en* mcpi«a Typw^. Wnc., Pnnceat PacMt cm 4 mtoneim^ Pwcna> YtMC SaeMUniM Pen, m 9 *9*n*acm p*alart««sales P*RT TIME Sal nor watapi»«i!u. pw' Carl * 3 PMk * «-»«aowsrhwna spaot 2 days a aw* eatt REAL ESTATE SALES "* (f "* i 9«r «r Sawwe rimtiati^r to accoui 1 A idol new bua>- MOPMI Ca^ ^aaa Must hv^ 3*S y^s acv, 9*m TIME ftfm S»«««i. l«c 8O9- «> «*»»*P»enca SaMry - oorwnaann A ex- ESTATE,^ NJ * luwp MacK «w» ww»l»wwg *» «w^aneat»toamftji«ai 3*arttnj mum ifrt-sc* feiaw awhaycact *» upwr tar «u<»ao«3s9»<««(3r»a-»j ann«from. «w m<w>ir Ca«P«e Muter* cnmtn. aoo»* KM T0S8SX SOFTWARE _ raps to* toc*iand US locations Technical bactapfound and B3M soft* > of «e» UarMQer. itr a «anwar<8ai * «** E»ca«art ban-....», -~ ^bm l\aaah^m> m ft^^ ^^ai» arf»»*fa *i»- imt a laatinw»po 80* ";---,- HMW SELECln/E rcnsomcl ear««ar» *«r» no-stow so «**»{» MEAL ESTATE earn eatt Jo ASaOTAMT Part immo* Is* pm SALES REP Mapr corporaaon. Supar vanng ft ccnv fl0»- Oegraa stex- Ms Neuman, 1183 P Robart Omrn Panonnet 134 FrmkJn Cm Rd SALES-TEMPORARIES SALARY. MCEKTTVES Tec^icai tfb&q «.._ rf _.--. -^ npirwxi f*cm C*l or S * g.y irt * * wa% "***" ' *^" Mnd tmmm» Mrs UMan **^*_* n _l^ M l - "*"?*" AaroOwi Rasaarcn *«t*aoe ctsca. accounang. PO {fc-. 1j _ pninij^y. McatanaL «ousi»»ai lampa. y- p( obs* * IO7O. ^r*)f Bioaa man lamp larvce ** RECEPTIONIST SECRETARY Small ROTATOR " mi«-0 coaoerad Cal orlm SALES Search RECEPTIONIST JT75 txa S«KKt. I toi E RECEPTIONIST SECRE- _. ** > La^Typmg M., Pwwassam. Mtj. TARv paw for SE^* * SJenoNo Bruns sanjr Send Met»sainme A SECY PRESCIENT '.. -,. ^,. IN*... atjranos 1 Aamaa to 0CM ^?i^v^*"o S310 S37O men A earw-anrmal mem re-»em, mmtar La*. COMPANY PA FEES <«.?? 0B * BiBB ASK FOR LORRAWE DAVIS 1 A CUKZA goo llaiiawdair Rd ctt sam NJ OFFICE POWER RL laoaiajadthormla S J Foot HN Acres is an equal opportunity emti a waaaksi fcoqtereo mwic tsl SM00 EtealaaiaaawftlMMaft. SECRETARY Vary 1 sliftm position will) pro- SECRETARY Smal. rap. icty-growtng pubaahing firm Iryiart on a 14-acre farm In Princeton Junction needs an ezcepttonaty are* organtead. Leah at 809-4S2-1S05. SECRETARY Good typing and office state indudng Sght bookkeaong Knowtedge of medical terminology a Susy Prmcaton based sarvtca oroark offanno axcaaant ampioyoa banants and a modarn offica anviornmant. Interested applicants should cat Personnel at (609) Ext EOE. MIRSES AIDES Full or part time. 7AM-3 30PM Call Mon Fri 9AM-4PM Foot H* Acres Nursing Home. Arrwea Rtf. Neinanc. N J Foot HM Acres is an equal opportunity employe* ETHAN ALLEN a career as an Ethan Alien d*sign-sai«*parson requires an equal measure of interior design abi*y and mterskfls Opponurattes eusi now m our UwreoceWe Gallery Full lime, draw commission Cat «MSJ-mi SECRETARY To assist Marketing and Planning Executives. Experienced. Excellent typist. Shorthand preferred. Excesent communication and interpersonal stair Pleasant vortong conditions; excellent company benefits. The Hillier Group. Call Lois Etz (609) 452-B888 An Equal Opportunity Aftrmurve Action Em- Ptoyer BOOKKEEPER General Office Duties Fuibme Shev Sport Intamaflonal a. NJ Day: ^ S90 MCTARY ASSISTAIfTS Ful or pan dme. 630 AM-3PM or 3PM-9PM. Cat Mon -Fn 9AJUMPM ^711 Foot HM Acres Nursing Home. ULtfARJMB. AfHTAt- U. arm. VM train on lght bookkaapdng. Tht» it an intaraiting apot tor lha iraantiva-minad applicant. Paid banefits. Salary commanaurate upon antty. F M paid. CaB Princeton Employment Agency betw. 10-2PM. OFFICE CLEANERS PART TIME Princeton Palmer Square area bttwam 5:30-6:30 PM ACCOUNTING CLERK Minimum one year Acc o u n t s Payable/Receivable experience required: related degree helpful; familiarity with computer generated reports, typing required for checks. Invoices, S Reports. Ability to work independently. Excellent benefits. Please call. OPMION RESEARCH CORP. H Harrison St PriacttM.« ( t i t 339 EOE DATA ENTRY We need an operator with keypunch or data entry experience and knowfadge of IBM Requires some selection, coding and interpreting of data. Excellent working conditions, salary plus benefits package. To arrange interview call Barbara Scarano (609) PARC nmum mua mum M a SECRETARY/ OFFICE MANAGER Mental health department seeks dynamic person torun busy office. Must be very well organized and have sound skins in: public relations, typmo (55WPM), AKng and basic mathematics (tor statistics and bihng). Experience in human services organizations preferred. KfOTKIT HELENEFULD MEDICAL CENTER 7St tramrlck An. Trsstaa. U KOI (MS) Equal TEST TECHS (3) If you've had technical school or equivalent with some 3 yrs of experience in production testing and troubleshooting of solid state circuitry, we have an opportunity for you. This challenging position offers excellent salary and working conditions plus benefits package. For appt. call Don Kramer (609) n PARC imsa KSAKS CLERK TYPIST Bright wel organized indmdual with good typing sties, and a pleasant telephone manner needed to w^ithi with ^h^^^^u *^m. responstowhiei in active medicaj center Foundations Office. Cxceaant salary and benatt packaga. including an attractive working en- THE BOICAL COTTER ATPtHCETN 2 m^ PnacdM. ftj. 0tS*3 O r fcvf CARETAKER/ U HORSE FARM Beautifully situated horse farm/estate near Princeton needs full-time experienced caretaker. Duties include all aspects of garden and farm care. Familiarity with farm and garden equipment necessary. Some light carpentry knowledge helpful. Should be able to do minor mechanical repairs. Good references a must Excellent pay and benefits. Fee paid. Call Princeton Employment Agency MS-S for Mormatioa BANKING MORTGAGE PAYMENT PROCESSOR Join Us! Great opportunity available in our Loan Accounting Department Qualified candidate should have good figure aptitude with at least 1 year accounts payable and accounts receivable experience. We are conveniently located off Route 287 in Somerset For further information please can Ms. P. Saccone: ert. 336 CITY MORTGAGE SERVICES qua! opportunity amployf nvi BILLING ELECTRO-MECHANICAL CLERK (DOMESTIC) High School business graduate, with 2-3 years office experience to be involved in documenting shipments, preparing shipping manifests, typing invoices as well as other related duties. This interesting, busy-busy job has a fine salary, working conditions and benefit To arrange forappt. Cal Barbara Scarik) (609) PARC Equal Opportunity Empioyw M/F CLERK Immediate opportunity for intelligent, personable individual in our busy medical center Personnel Dept. Diversified position will include filing, record keeping and general office duties. Good typing skills required. We offer an excellent compensation package including a pleasant working environment. For interview appt. Contact Personnel Dept. (609) THE MEDICAL CENTER AT PRINCETON 253 Witherspoon St. Princeton. N. J Equal Opportunity Employer MF ASSEMBLER For assembly and test of vacuum cryogenic parts and electronic components. Must be familiar with electronic test equipment (oscilloscopes, meters, etc.). tech School Graduates or 2 years equivalent experience required. Send letter resume to: Claude Legal) PRINCETON GAMMA-TECH, INC State Road Princeton, N. J Company paid benefits E.O.E. ATTENTION EMPLOYERS You Need Not Look Any Further For Either Permanent or Consulting PROGRAMMERS IBM, DEC, H.P., UNIVAC, CDC, etc. SYSTEMS, ANALYST MINIS, MICROS. MAINFRAMES PROGRAMMER ANALYST SCIENTIFIC, COMMERCIAL, HIGHER LEVEL LANGUAGE SOFTWARE DESIGN ENGR. COMPILERS. MEMORY, INTER- PRETORS, MINIS, MICROS, etc. If your group has a need for any EDP professionals, just give us a call. We will be nappy to discuss their experience and your requirements. Interviews can be arranged at your convenience. General Industrial Technologies P.O. Box 2068, Secaucus. N.J SALES SUPPORT The PA International Group is one of the world's largest management and technological consulting organizations, with over 60 permanent offices in 23 countries. The North American headquarters of our.general Management Consulting practice is located in Princeton. An integral part of an agressive marketing strategy is the adcstion of an individual who has had specific experience in initiating executive level contacts in large (Fortune 1000) firms. The position requires an excellent telephone manner and the ability to communicate the high quality and relevance of the services offered by the division. The successful applicant for this important position will probably have a cottage degree in business and the potential to expand theinitial brief into a broader based marketing role. The position is located in Princeton and reports directly to the Divisional Chief Executive. Compensation and the potential to advance are both unusually good. Please read in confidence indicating your experience to: Director of Personnel PA International Management Consultants, Inc. 719 Alexander Road Princeton. N. J An E«at Opportunty Emptoyar «M= "General help to travel with Great American Circus. Licensed drivers preferred but not necessary. Salary, room, board furnished. See Supt. at circus grounds at 8:00 AM on Thursdays, July 22nd Princeton Shopping Center ACCOUNTANT ENTRY LEVEL This is a ground floor opportunity with plenty of room for growth! We have an excellent, entry level opportunity available in our Information and Control Division for an individual with 0-3 years related business experience and a Bachelor's degree in accounting. As part of our management development program, this position will afford the selected candidate the opportunity to rotate within all areas o< financial services and thereby gain broad exposure to various accounting functions. We are a prestigious member of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies and offer the potential to grow and develop within a professionally stimulating and rewarding environment in addition to a competitive starting salary and excellent benefits program. If qualified, forward resume with salary history and requirements in confidence to: SR. PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATOR Personal Products A Johnson & Johnson Company MILLTOWN, NEW JERSEY Equal Opportunity Employer read nine off for.timely tips on where to dine. Technical Writer (3)to30K (2) Experienced in writing functional specs and documentation. Supervisor potential. Programming b/g a +. 1(1) Write manual to in- I struct on installation of I microprocessors based 1 product. Electronics I and writing skills or en- I gineering technical writ- Personnel. Inc. kliom State Rd I Princeton ft.), f (609) EDP Opportunities Technical Support (3) 35K. If you have IMS-DB, OS/MVS, IBM and are articulate, assertive-our client's expanding Intern'tl Co. has 40 new projects-400 users-business-financial exp. needed. Heavy interface resp. Programmer/COBOL to 25K. F500 seeks very bright, sharp candidate with min. 1 yr. exp. to become part of order processing, sales/mkt. development team. Unusual DP setup and growth opportunity. Project Leader 35,500. Processing/invoice module. Suprv. 3 on Jine/batch. Project Leader.35,500. Sys. design and install mini computers-datapoint, on-line a + MRP Sys. Systems Programmer (2) 35K. Protocals eohnecting 3780, TTY, Wang, RJE, Datapoint, IBM. Dev. Prog.v processing; tech. writing. Assembler, MVS/JES2, VSAM, ISAM. BDAM. QSAM. TSO, CICS. Adabas all + 's. Programmers/Analyst (5) 28-31K. IBM or datapoint-databus. suprv. 1. Structured method. SPECTRUM. - SDLC. Own CRT and work station. CAD/CAM to 31K (2). Sr. Programmer Analyst. COBOL, MVS, CICS. DB +. R.T. Sys. Sys Analyst to 31K (3). COBOL, or Assembler. MRP. Sales forecasting; purchasing. F500 major expansion. High visibility positions offer rapid growth situations. Partial listing. Call to discuss back- New! Digest of Computer Opportunities Dgestof. Computer Opportunities For your FREE copy, call this week between 9 am & 5 pm or mail today. source (609) Carnegie Center Suite 201 Princeton, N. J (201) Metro Plaza Suite 201 Edison. N. J (201) Madison Ave. Suite 306 Momstown, N. J (212) Broadway Room 717 New York, NY D Name. Title Home Phone- Work Phone- Home Address RESUME ENCLOSED City. State, Zip_ <3* 79 Offices Nationwide Client Organizations assume our charges (215) Market Street Suite 3610 Philadelphia, PA (201) Essex Road "- Suite 401 Paramus. NJ (212) Penn Plaza ' Room 1030 New York, NY Somerville (201) Freehold (201) Newark (201)

26 PACKET*LAWPSNCE LEDG P» CENTRAL POST WNDSOP HGHTS HERALD N r«ws-r CORO«Cr?Af\i3URv P Classifieds 4-B Week of July 21-23,1982 Hs»W»m«d w Hi»W«ted '"Be*) Wanted WH»Wwted jam 9 ^ SELECTIVE* «-**B**a*. m m* m ameacy * *a» m daw* Good we* ay. *m C80C East and QSJMBS mtsm *m-wkk. a* 2Q0 22? CQBO4 w um» IMC** EOE. S«C3«WEl«Wif IW wittrt law office? A w Rewme^ 11 Jobs Wanted us Announcements 12 Personate 12 Personals TOCHER TYPIST needed U tone RESUMES AND/OR Career HIGHLY EXPERIENUtu KYLE KING "Conception ALL SINGLES! HIGHLY EXPERIENCED tor lagftetowii offtca. Ska in Guidance from an inter- Mother will give loving care Shock Workshop" Sat, July Meet Someone Special At Mother will give loving care g nationally known executive to your infant or child in her 31.10am-5pm. $100. $25 de- WTROLENS to your infant or child in her OM ID inpnumi. NJ car- plus. Cal 609- recruiter whose front line expertise ww give you that extra rates. Call for information. Stony Hill Rd, New Hope. PA Thousands of video tapes to ^ates. Call for, information. home at very reasonable posit. The Mansion. 109 VIDEO DATING STUDIO home at very reasonable VnaVI flncw K > schedule Mar-?vyn»- something needed to stand , or Just off Rt mi choose from, or out in today's diminishing job HOUSECLEANING Cranbury/Hightstown area. Call Purpose of workshop is to sensitive, energetic, youthful west of New Hope Village. I AM A VERY WARM, market H you don't need 5a?» grade poaajonnj, teach- poattona avaaabte in US academic theory or social between 2 ft relieve unwanted self images recently single 48 yr. old *T* *""***? "***** " Virgin Wanda. Cat 609- philosoprry about the world of VIDEO DATING A Sign* Advantaae and to discover a desirable female wasp who is looking T??! tordetails work, but you do need pro- one. Reservations,'directions, forward to making new female Sersd user of fesstonal help from a bus- HOUSECLEANING Comness professional, call Keith piete home and office clean- and information call Claudia and male friends for sharing UNK3UE OPPORTUNITY t) an) tranlo: Mr. Henry G Racik or Judy mutual interests and developing long term caring rela- tor person eaipariancad in Jonas at or ing. Daily-weekly-monthty. Solt ANTICIPATION DATING sales lo tie retail industry Evening & Reliable service. Call 609- SERVICE Call for free Fn«at, Superintendent East Badcground in advertising or weekend appointments avail LAWRENCE ROAD Presbyterian Church Nursery My:. interests are brochure toll free ap School, desirable. ibl Motivated, success-oriented ftngoaa. NJ 0BS61. HOUSECLEANING de- School. Openings for 4 year music, dining, traveling, and THE PLAIN TRUTH About pendabte service. Call Pat. TEACHER NEEDS SMar paopia only need apply. Con- olds in our fall afternoon ARE YOU AFRAID to speak p physical activities. Let's get Resumes by Princeton Writing Associates Is there a m Bate Mead home tor 1st tact Mr Bamatri class. Some openings for 1 up? Do you have trouble tell- together and find out what we grader and 4 yr om Own 9393 day per week 3 year olds. ' n 9 people how you - really have in common so we can feel? A course in assertive- better enjoy life's challenges Itanaportaaon. kgtt houeetor LOOK. LOOK LOOK There ness trainin 9 may help you and opportunities. Princeton State-ol-the-Art" in re- HOUSE CLEANING - Twin sumes? You better believe it. "*«* area. Reliable, ref. The old fashioned stodgy dull anytime. shopping list of names, dates HUSBAND ft WIFE desire ft places is long gone. A work at night. Office & other, genuine resume is a sophisti- References SERVICE STATION Aaandant Warned Mon-Fn. m*m -»w has school aga VENDWG ATTENDANT - overcome these problem. Packet Box # is parking g at Princeton Stai R d KAY'S Introduction Service 3o«-7pn r Sal 20,. SWanan-RockyKMarea-Hrs Evening classes are now betion. Rates 50 cents per day, Mon-Fri. WH train. y $50 $1 50 f for ovemiaht ih bv the in 9 formed for Julv thru all ages. Meet partner for a Wat Cal f Gngg» Coma* TEACHER AJOE HS week $4oS byme monts ^2".? ' detai ' S> Ca " friendship or marriage ' 201 " 9am-12pm Ask tor Amoca $ The only overnight eves am to 6 pm. m WMtwnpoow SL SoactM Educason Oaw ElaxSMSapianttar i iacat' *» EOE. parking g in Princeton. AREYOU AFRAID to speak p LEGAL FORMS & KITS, Inc. SOCWt S «VX Supa>- H$. OcajTHa feouvad For "P? Do yo-i have trouble tell- _ Available. Divorce, Wills, VETERWARY HOSPfTAL ing appteaaon. cat Man*N l»uptc SctocM at 2Oi-23i-«S3e interviewing) & custom de- lady Desires housework Can make you feel like a new MASSAGE THERAPY ^ ^ how you reas * Separation. Bankruptcy & Innaar Prmcaton needs energefcc racaptiontst Sat. AM pro- oram. WSW. mm 3 rear* '«*'; f??" in a h S f ^ cor P n - Ca!l S August sign. It requires a specialist * # cleaning Twin Rivers person, reduce muscle tension & the effects of stress. & torbusy office. Permanor* poaaon Reply P O!fj^nin9 may hel P y0u pm fi Reliable, ref. 609 mtmmtxm m ehwet pracaot.. with professional skffls in writ- area Acton Boa 120. Kingston. NJ ing, lay-out, interviewing, speed recovery from injury or ing formed for early July thru LOVELY ATTRACTIVE Dimid-Aug. For details call vorcee would like to meet S*?O0O to TEAOrflNG STAFF counseling, data research, & ODD f ttqoo awuaty Sand i*> _ other areas. A "rear resume JOB pp i UNLTD II - Two programs WATTE R WAITRESS Wanted ift can take a specialist up to students will information, call Linda Koski, eves. tali gentleman (55-66) who Over i&mature. Days. 2o- 22 2s hour* io»wnnib>«^th» clean houses, mow lawns, enjoys the good life and velopmentaiiy disabled T-W-Th. Apply in person, no complete. The,,._,.,. ; _ Ommta St. Tiraraon. resun in our case isa stand- Barden. help at parties, mainout Stateof-the-Art market- J" J? *U O?^SS 1, e over 40 or 50 or 60 years old ventor, 5'9", thin body, broad fullest. Reply Box # MEET PEOPLE If you're A SWM 37, designer/ in- wants to enjoy life to the and aduts. Ful summer help. Apply on or and part ama raav)anaal and after Jury 27*1 Cafe Au Lart. ' ing mtrument that draws be , and you don't care for the sense of humor, seeks per- c/o Princeton Packet. SPANISH TEACHER NJnorwctare<ai uafl nssdad liquor scene but you'd like to sonal growth, vibrant well-be- MAI F 9S «-_..«. fpmalo Comoaaava salary and lu* tween 15-30% response with PERSONABLE Mother oi WKranw Rag Sctxx* osnafis.. fenmedtfte andeany WAiTRESSES/WAITERS numerous instances of 40%. school aged children seeks go out dancing and meet ing & the friendship of a betweenlo"to4^ho,ehsovttfa * Stocfton St. Fa* oparinga Sand resume Apply Golden people on sober terms - try slender (115 Ib max) woman 50%. & 60%. So don't be part time work to be perlooted by firms that are little formed at home WT Ptease send rfhone # the Hightstown Country Club (28-38) of extreme intel- ^l exchanafdhofo Reat oos. NJ OBUCL 6OS-» I*. Spencer Kantor. ASSMV Ballroom. We feature the ligence. honesty. & aesthetic J # Swf &^ Princlton m* Orecior. Eden Acres. 26 more than glorified typing finest in big bands with music sensitivity, who nurtures both p~k e T Pnnceton TAUT 200 a* K*. CMMOUATB {gnaws & t&wrmaw&rt and nouncaflont and omrataaiwe smha. Omtowmm yaart o» w t w t ID Pmtarw DATA Oaoarv 8ASC 2 M Emcaonai ce ft Cat O«* Simon at aoa «w»i70 m Bo»31«6 M J 0*540 *** TEACHERS tor Sept Nursery ft fender- Pwnataacnooi TEACHER Reading Oy July 30 lo SCHOOL 23 N Mam NJ0H1* SI*. PtmCMMO^ nj services who promise to have p RE. SCHOOLPLA Y-Tues WANTEO Sewing machine the resume done the same. rt, M Q 1O -,, TECHMCAL WrWTER ~ i nne«s*or. 32 hours per weak. day or next day. or more * T J\ ur!-, ,» *>"> 3 Wao lst Ai«rt absurd, offer to do the resume H?,"^;^1' not ' Jamesbur 9 over the phone or through the 201 ' 5Z1 ' ft ce?*tr occurnsma- ttwtn ftqftt pofson marts Let us help you with VEGETARIAN MOTHER your job search by providing on farm will give loving attenyou with one of the best re- tion. fresh air & nutrition to 1: 609-« sumes you can obtain any- child besides our own 16 mo. where i:. the Nation. More we old boy. In r."ercervi!le 3re^ «w* ftacxsy 9»o-«ig com- WE ARE Curreray seeking wib advise you on how to use «n Pnnoaton area often * h *T>- anihustasbc momd rt. Call us to find out more, we»firiabract- uai w«h accurate shorthand win answer all your questions WELL KNOWN and reft show samples of our work liable mother wishes tc and typng sidas and pleasant P*sume» phene r j*. Front desk withdut * e or obligation, babysit da>. r wetkl 1, Ben 322. Pnnceton Juncson. NJ Salary commensurate with ana dwet><ft0d office duties Located across the street EOE ml wee Sand resume to 110 from the Ethel McKnighi Jobs Wanted School tc Onkay. Collins Devetop- TEENAGERS ^ ^ ^ mant Corp. 44 Nassau St 16 YEAR OLD - looking for W I L L C U T L A W N S ~ wed au Byouare pnng^o,, NJ or can odd jobs. Lawn mowing, wash Mon-Thurs, Manville area 16 yean old or older am large $25. small" $ MO Part tme\ days ft hours. No e>penence necawary W* trawi Cal be pm McGraw HMI. Hgh- EOE TERRIFIC OPPORTUNITY Se«Drmi satas and or have a snow «n your home High no Great cat 609- TH»«CNG ABOUT Starting Your Own BusneM? Wei Cat or wraa Cnns Qwanaat. C A. ONanaaa ft Anociaiiai. 145 WWmanpoon Si, Pmceton, NJ TICKET AGENT Evening part km*. 5 days a Cat tmtmmn 9anv 1 pm TRAVEL CONSULTANTS oommaraal and <iactaon, Eipananot nee- asivy No eoarwugi or <mmkends Reply Box #04632 co meeting people. Car needed. training provided Can or write: 29 Ann St. Berna/dsville. NJ Opanngs in S. Brunswick, Pianscoro, Monroe. Lawrence, HamMon, Ewing and Washington Twpshs. EOE. WORD PROCESSORS Our ClanU Are Dacnandtog LanJsr. Xann ft Wang Oparstora. PREMPJM RATES PAD cars, wax cars, wash windows, etc. in Hightstown, E. Z 31 " WELCOME WAGON Your Windsor area only A/OMAM w -- n - i anrt, iraaattva oatarmir«s what you Ask for Art. 2 DOSSOT a7 KS' earn in. finable hours career BABYSITTING - woman ^ r tetter^r compaw/own transp. will babysit in nion call your home this summer Announcements BABYSITTING TLC for AIRPLANE RIDES C pei your 2 yr. ft older child in my pound. Sundays 12pm-4prr, West Windsor home during June & July. Raritan after 3pm. Valley Flying School. Kupper BABYSITTING in myairport, Manville home. Reliable mother. Infants ft toddlers. Hot lunch. Lawrencevtne AIRPORT TAXI SERVICE assignments start nv BABYSITTER in my home. long and short d *y s - $100 wk term. Earn vacation $ and 771^bounus $ too. Cafl laauraan Now ROTATOR TEMPS XEROX 860 WANG Bom Cat Mr Nancy or Bath TYPESETTER LAYOUT AfmsT dract marf agency t31 Princeton Pica N.J. a fflnun of I yaar kaytnard and oasts* up Starkng data SeptOct Salary Or Mortaal L.. Sand raauma and , safiary naaary wi confidence to Satund. Astro Pubii Charaon St. NJ NO FEE HIGH RATES VACATION G*T BONUS LONG ft SHORT TERM ASSIGNMENTS CALL SANOC ft JCMN THE TOWN TEAM _. utown Temps 101 Coftaga Road Eaat function. MJ from the Era ot the ""Golden of the her body & spirit. Send phone Big Band" sound. Come # to Box # c/o Prince MALE 38, enjoys life, alone or come with someone. ton Packet. would like to meet a gal who There's plenty of free parking. enjoys honesty, sincerity, And. remember.there's no ATTORNEY HOUSE CALLS.i P o'ntaneity7'the "simple liquor served. Were We're open _ wills (from $40), Una things in life count. Wednesdays (FREE dance Self-Divorces & Name lessons from 8:30-9:00 P.M. Changes ($125). House Cos- " EED RESPONSIBLE *» included with admission) and ing ($120-Seller. $265-Buy-?on ~ t 0 dnve ' sh, are U " haul Saturdays from 9:00 P.M. to er), Una Self-Bankruptcy l t0 Anzona ^ailf - about midnight. Dress is casual to ($175), I fancy (jackets for men) and Add costs where applicable. NEWLY SEPARATED MAN admission is $4.00. We're James E. DeMartino. Hill- 50's. interests-classical con-"»niently located off Exit sborough, NJ music, jazz, conversation. 8. i «* Jersey Turnpike be- (answerphone). : Would like to hear from hind Mom's Peppermill Res- ruai, Phinp THE W(ND _ interesting women. Reply Hilltaurant. So. come out dancing, " ",?. ' "i i RD 2. Box 29, New,,h» ui-m ^«.._._. Learn to sail. Teal Sailing a. the Hightstown Country ^ "»» ^ " f» ' "'* Hope. PA J 1 Club Ballroom. See you this * * 1 1 Head ' " Wednesday or Saturday. P.S NOT JUST ANYBODY - is We have the best dance floor CLASSICAL MUSIC LOV- allowed to advertise in the in the East. ERS' EXCHANGE The link Consumer Bureau Registered between unattached music yellow pages of your handy MONTESSORI Family Shl f C. wri Person-To-Person Phone School of Mercer County, D_n, am Wnte ' M v CMLE < nom Lawrenceville. Openings for Pelham - NY ' Book - screened by Consumer Bureau's the fall volunteer COPIES resumes, invita- panel of concerned conf NASSAU AIRPORT TAXI tions, business cards, rubber sumers. (For free assistance Courteous, stamps, complete typesetting, with any local consumer probcomposition & printing Jem, call Consumer Bureau at Dependable. Economical. Service to all Airports. service. 7 days a week at ) PHOTO WORKSHOP School Sears Quick Copy Center, Courses in photography. Quaker Bridge Mall. PREGNANT? Beginners, 'vanced & professional. DATE-MATES A pro- Day, evening & fessional, registered dating weekend classes. For information service. FREE: limited time call registration. Write or phone: WANT HELP? CALL BIRTHRIGHT Free confidential, service and Transportation to all airports. RESPONSIBLE ASSERTION Date-Mates, Woodbrook free pregnancy test. Call - We BABYSITTING housekeeping by reliable woman. Training - 6 week workshop House #B ' Lower Ferr y Care - Tel Daily, overnight or weekly. AMERICA'S LOVELIEST beg. 8/5, eves. Call 609- ^ 8 8 ^ NJ " Ref NUDIST RESORT PRETTY FEMALE 30, On 35 wooded acres. Large 5'9'7 Caucasian hoping to heated pool, hot tub. sports. RIDE WANTED from DATE SINGLE meet male Seeking Cottages & rooms available. Amwell Rd. near Hillsboro PROFESSIONAL someone intelligent, attract- Families, _ couples, _ some. High School to Princeton PEOPLE ive ' warm, who enjoys quiet BABYSITTER Cristy. 13. singles. Sky Farm. Box 17-P, Med. Center daily between 2 We're a Selective Datinq Or- dinners - S 00^ conversation & $2 per hr.skil- Basking Ridge. NJ &* " 3. """"" Willing to share "" ex- ganization - - that understands ««the outdoors. Please reply ^ ^ T ^ ' ^ j r f 5 penses. Call ' BASEBALL CARD Show - Evelyn the special needs of Single only if you are sincere and mom. ft aft, (some nights). 7!25 HoWay, nn Rt 206 & Professional People. would be interested in a CHILD CARE Service NJ Turnpike exit 7, Bordentown, 9am-5pm. Admission nisfree Inn, the place you ROMANTIC GET-AWAY! In- Compatibffity Plus,Inc. possible close friendship, include photo and address. Re- provided for your preschool ft school aged youngsters in our $1. Hourly door prizes. hoped to find ply Box #04636 c/o Princeton BeUe Mead Home. This professional Packet. mother/daughter NO FEE team offers responsible daily child care service to the chil- Transportation residence. Please call Mrs. Tram at CHILD CARE Need a Mary *oppins lor your tittle one? Ex-teacher, experienced mother fenced yard, screened porch, pool, riding toys, sand boxes, lots of T.L.C. Openings now < for fall CHILD CARE My I _ any age. Lunch snack. Ind. Part fun time BLUEBERRIES Emery's U-ptck Farm. New Egypt. Off Rt 539, open daily. 7 to 5. SHIATSU (Japanese) Mas- DO YOU FEEL LOST ROMANTIC MAN 40 sage Very relaxing & thera- wandering in a circle and no seeks female equal. Will you peutic. Great for stress sym- one cares for you? Loaded dare take a chance? Box 488, CHILD CARE ^L?"! 6 : prenatal, labor ft delivery care enrollment. Please call 609- outgoing, fun, all speak Eng- SINGLES Looking for spirigiven by certified nurse-mid lish. Select a boy or girl tual nourishment and the Twin Rivers across from Ethel McKnight School. M-F wives, in a family-centered CAREER ANO Educational 44g ' 9146 T HP LAKESIDE Montessori wnose interest s match yours company of other singles? birth center. Routine gyn care -.. Princeton _ Tfac and enricn V our Emily's life Come to our non-denominaccito appsots for sis- together. Learn about another,i O nal worship services any Counaaang Resumes *** CHILD CARE in my home career plan- Fu* or part time. Experienced. tember Half or full day pro- culture wnile sh anng the best Sunday at 2:00 p.m. Coffee References grams available plus day of your life in A" 18 " 08 " a hour and program follow. The Anna Willingham. MA. CHILD CARE in my home. MS W 20 Nassau St. ages 1-5, large yd, no traffic. Pnncaaan ^ ^ CHILD CARE in my home. COPfcS resumes, invita- One on one care for infant or liona. buaneas cards, rubber young cuad ptoms - headaches, back- with problems and no one to Rocky Hill, NJ aches, anxiety & for a general turn to? Someone cares for _ - o. BrOFEEDBACK fli feeling of f well-being. Lynn for you and was crucified for you! SINGLES MEb i & MIX The Center For Stress Control offers programs for the EUROPEAN PROFES- invltes appointment. Women only!! Call 609^ anytime. a " single, widowed, separated and divorced persons, ages 30-65, to their treatment of headaches, high blood oressure. insomnia, SUN SONG A unique SIONAL desires to meet da nce & SOcial every Sat digestive disorders and more. jr chil- attractive woman to 35.iRepiy nignt 8. 3 opm-1am Carolier Free consultation. Call 609- years. In a secure Box #04639, c/o Princeton LaneSi jn Gazebo Lounge, home environment, children Packet Route 1 North, North Brunswick. Live music, adm. $3.75, will leam about themselves ^ DEPRESSED? If so, con- and their world in a mean- EUROPEAN EXCHANGE public invited, no club to join. tact Dr. EllenFink for ingful, unpressured way. Mu- STUDENTS arriving in Send for free copy of Singles short-term psychotherapy, sic. dance, art. drarfiatic play, August, would like to live with Activities to P O Box nature awareness, noncom- families and attend high Cranbury NJ or call Petitive games, natural foods, school next year. Students Helen FAMILYBORN Offers total Experienced teacher, limited are carefully screened, bright, - '. - pelvic & breast exam, pap smear & family planning provided mi. north of Princeton. FIRST ENCOUNTER Day Care Nursery, So. Bruns. Full & Vi day programs. Children's ages 1-5. Babysitting service, aft. school & summer programs. Call care For information call wonderful exchange! Educa- First Presbyterian Church, tional Foundation For Foreign 320 North Main Street. High- -..,., _-.,,. m o. _ Study, a non-profit organiza- tstown. Call for JWIN COUNTY couri ry Day ton. Call Susan additional information. Also, School. Kend. Pk. full & Y* 1083, or Anna , social activities the second day creative nursery. Hrs. collect and fourth Fridays of the 7:30-5:30. Children's ages yearns for month at 8:00 p.m.. 2Vi-5. After school program vica. 7 days a week at Sears exreasonable rates. avail. Call or executor 38-55, a meeting of r^imnr^t Oufc* Copy Cantar. Quaker P""*** after 6. minds, bodys & souls. Reply SINGLES DIRECTORY of NJ Bndge Mat INCREASE YOUR EFFEC- Box c/o Princ. Packet. $6.50. P.O. Box 264, Day- y TIVENESS in work & personal relationships. Leam to Service. Resumes, term FEMALE 42,119, divorced info, for central NJ. TYPING WPR, Secretarial ' ton, NJ All singles il CHILD/INFANT CARE FuH RESUMES UNUMITED ft summer time. M/F in Twin use the positive aspects of papers, repetitive letters using Xerox system for personal fessional nonperfect,. great. theatre, museums, seeks tall Latin American. Seeks pro- SWF 51, tall, interested n ComplaW one atop service Rivers. Raas. rates. Ref. your personality more productively. Weekly interaction or business needs Huy- Reply Box B #04625 c/o professional caring male 45- laaajrinq faaurtiaa profaaaionaay prapaiad tohighaght _. ^. your DOMESTIC CLEANING meeting in a pleasant con- Amwell Rd., Belle Mead, N J. Princeton Packet. 55. P.O. Box 1251: avail _***2'5! O8d also laundryftanen work. Cafl structive group atmosphere C3AYSwHchboardinformation '' ' " *?'?*' *~T-*!~lJr Certified group leader, leader. Offices omces <W^"i2r P 120 D. A««I- center. Call SWIM Late 20's, 1 child,!s«?*2l? EXPERIENCED TYPIST - in Princeton ft Kendall Park. 1M Personals fjest hours 7-10 p.m. Mon. seeks single mother for i S L S T ^ n Z" Corractabla Satoctric for free Contact B. Blank AFFORDABLE THERAPY thru Thurs. friendship and light rela lane* assignmanu. Have JobCounseling-SecondCa- IHAVING TROUBLE meeting tion *!.P- ^ ^ s*"*phone in medical INTELLECTUAL/SOCIAL reer - Work-Life Style or staying with the right per- # **!' exchange pictures. RESUMES BY GENE RYAN publihhg ft togal IWds-Ca* Mixers For men & women Analysis by professional w/20 son? Loneliness counseling. PV Box '0 464 ". Pnnceton Yourperaonefeed&eflec- after 6pm with advanced degrees. For yrs. experience ipould help you find what PacKet - «* job mark ng toot Eva-FRENCrang auuu*«i»*» avaaable. Native bom. wm give private fessionajs of Princeton, P.O. ALCOHOLICS Anonvmous fl "? 8 - Michael L. has counseling. Non-profit INSTRUCTOR information write Single Pro eves. you're seeking. Individuals, TROUBLED? Family Service smal1 Dayton, NJ lessons. French teaching ex- Box 1565, Princeton, NJ. Help and informatton.cali *S 2*J** M " EdD ' United Way supported ^210. par. Gfeard *na.aiaj7kaa '...'

27 HUSB&'OUGH 3 w» aaj At POSI i NEWS»H?ANKliN b ;, WtNDSOI?-HK3HTS HERALD* CPANBURY Pf?ESS 4 Classifieds tttz 5-B BROWSE THROUGH 45 d 413 No, 2 m. to Stone House 139 Bargain Mart 135 Bargain Mart 135 Bargain Mart UXOR TV wsl untt. Ngh FREEZER FOR SALE 16 KENMORE WASHER cnsfr. toy cfty various atze cu. ft 5 ft Ngh. Never used. J.C.Penny dryer. Whirlpool tor- bos springs, cheat of drawers. Vary efficient $ refrigerator. AH 3V4yrs old. sewing tsbte Good condition, reasonable COMPLETE DMng Room prices KINCAID CEDAR Wardrobe ft 4 Home grown naturayy led 36wx21dx66h. $ mt0ctwnq wtm docfc. moctofnstasrs. Cut to your own sped- 700/1791 fication. wrapped, and ' W W Z 1 frozen. Kaufman Farm.609- KITCHEN OVAL TABLE Master Chg. avail, swivel chairs, gas clothes 135 Bargain Mart 135 Bargain Mart burnt orange, asking FUR COAT fi* length, fte phone. 30 Day unequrvicating.uncondrbonal. 100% re- 201 SHELD Brand new and tables, walnut new. Maple cocktail table a 2 tor Iron! ot VWastang $75. Everything fte and tables: free standing KITCHEN EQUIPMENT funds given on request. Four «9Kf WMffES -- Caw* Bug Easy to tnatat $50 new aft 6pm. comer fireplace. AH in exc Complete set cabinets, teen yeons in Business and SOFA & LOVESEAT 01 ig eve*. COMPOUND BOW Adj. cond counter, ss dbl sink & single no one, anywhere, can say $1200, jsto or best offer, sink, dbl oven, 4 burner elec '., TR ft GCB da- etoefcs ft t». brand new. never FURNITURE anything against us. The Patk) ton's e * * director's drectors _ cook top. All working & in pneas. AMOER8CN Windows ft used. Xodac/ $ let Foam Firm Gladstone chairs $150. Carras deck W.-EDDING GOWN - cap & a* Doom 50% Discount chair $ ''»" & 'ace. Size evenings. w mmmymm % TV Mmryos&tpomm m PLYWOOD Shaati *& eat COMPUTER TRS-BO Model HI. 1 dak dnve-rs-232c- FURNITURE Sofa $200. fast set $ MUST SELL - formica SOFA/MATCHING 'Jhair -» imm. but 18 $ $768 KITCHEN CABINETS original oak from Nassau II, dinette set w/4 chairs; 2 green $, b WHEEL RIMS Subaru,'78. you* back is. SB $to28 34 $ * 2 dak OP Systems + 12 rectner $100, swag lamp $25, leather couches, brown; wal- SPEAKERS Criterion 80. $20 each. Loveseat. $69. mm.tm. to* Cowt M tar yaw ** gh «w> RAILROAD Ties, new, books. $1800 or best offer. offer Rediner $39. Rya rug $39, ereosoied-6i6x8. $5.70. also dishes $25. Other items. Z nut wall system w/desk & bar wood vabinet, 3-way, exc. 6X , eves. Astronomy Magazines: Aug eves. units; formica bed/sitting rm. cond, $ 150 pair. Call MHOUR i (» gflb tarcountry 1973-Jufy Missing May *wng and gmng.. Sat* on a* RR USED FURNITURE LARGE SELECTION of reconditioned Simplicity and desk Make of- unit (2 couches) + bureau & aft 5pm. WINDOW TREATMENT ft Nov Bast oner over UUTB - f*sm man S* gai»««$200 (not conagnffwntml «MMi -My 31* CKMMKJ Assortment of an kinds of lawn mowers and tractors, 5 $8-90 FOR SALE STAINED GLASS $200. Cal Joe International Harvester riding fers! Distributors & Supplier Finest Quatty Discou - Lowest Prices HAAOWOOO BOOK- ters. Custom design.- Vertical Binds g Opart Tuas. - fn 10-5 and Bruoe. Syhas, etc. Dwcounu CONVERTBLE SOFA furniture for the home. to 20hp KEEPING/Accounting Ma- & restoration. Lam.os. michine class 32, $600. Call rors, planters, etc. FrincetoT Levotor Riviera Binds Sat 10-! untt Sept 27 BMCM Plywood. naw.4x8- Castro w queen size bed. SUhnan Furniture LAWN & GARDEN TRAC- Woven Woods You* maswig a toi * you 14-S18 1^$32 34-S38 black ft white houndstooth, 212 Alexander SL TOR Bolens, 12 horsepower with 48 in. mower, rear NETTLECREEK BED before 4 p.m Stained Glass, 38 Spring SL FORMICA. Ntvimir. sac cond Princeton, N.J it bean to Aunty 0s, prof, COPIER AB Ok* 675. Exc snow/dirt blade. 32 inch, measurement and in- SPREADS 2 twin size. RUBBER STAMPS S» AS190 DOORS, steel ft wood. cond. W«h supples. W» de- Hours: M-F, 9-5 rototilling, high pressure stall. Almost new. Beautiful. $100/ School or Jollege address, ROBERT SITNER, Taata lamp tor $BA A Surwj. AWMrtMWc Oacount Sat 9-1 pump. Selling separately or pair Home, business, zip code. ' DECORATORS mt«r AVCK> HEATMQ BULS WTCHEN Cabs, new Bto dacomplete set $ FURNmjRE-MAT NEW BEDDING 2 standard twin & 1 standard and sizes made to your order Rubber stamps of all kinds> The Fumfture Discounter at: AM Iff fnanwi m " * * * * - VHMpr O jkpk Moo Oea»r* bnv van S3ft sit y atktmc0 OCTUmtATIVES tor a «OJ teieetton of wood'coai SKMW. ftvnsoh ft bate**. Summm wowrs Twndsy-Saiurcmt IOHS«m CtaMd Sun- «say ft laondar 33 WSraad 1135 BATHROOM VAMfTY <r vcamwonsvas Painless Bp $300 BATHTUBS M» ft tfwaar ft W*. S2& fc TyO UrewCo vanuarotlt! Benomt Saa 7-14 C** Saw Your Tub. *e baflrv ALSO: DOWNSTAIRS (temm *mm**k WcMRt 8 by T t?-9» mat mo> Omm- area $2800 O**gnaut «v tamm- Bw Ohm* OiVatwar*. Mwift &m0tmq ewe BCD - '30* 9"<ire. CM?tS-t9O NiacS., tiooi cnardi Mg, dam 9*m mnm m& puurt itmmm Ooormm ooso OwcNa, Gotgt UtMtt trm * BfSXS SMHM! are 8ut» tiia,omm 9mm woo*, em. Pans mamar J3Qi ahammer St% Mm *^" m wznit»^*mtm 23* 0O KYUGKTS- 89 <*aoounts~ WOOD Sheathing, new. VEMCMMfc&, SS 411 M900UMT PLYWOOD CENTERS WWOOWQARO Bristol Wwrmiiier BUNK BEDS w«h 3 drawer*. BUTCHER BLOCK Tables Custom mads. MosOy kitchen tine auca. iweao nenoncxs CAGES (2) targe steal moots tor large dog. $100 eacti CALORIC GAS Stove cooperione. continuous good cond $150 CAMERA ZEISS fcan Icarex 35CS «ZM» , tens $ «frO045 CAMERA MAMfYA R8 67 TV StSSO Cat S»r»* BIO ROOM SUITE CAMPMG EOU*>MENT Coftaman lent 1O»1O. Cot- Cdaman Hrv propane is*n<j Relocating 609- Mr**, tots, tots more Bast 452-2SMQ ma 311 or J70 o«e*" Evenings ft cane 2 Seatey *>* m etc SQ8M&7-198O. ba&. tirs Sat*., j^ S pmt S«S v««y good com i»««-i45* 8C0.T1MM - Um "*"' VKk flo!wii9<kl156 * CARPET to wa«. AS o> s»r*k ft oo*or» Arcrons^Anso ft EnMton Yams Low overtmmti means BXJ SAVMGS NO tno» room NO istss NO tag ads Girl my m home servica C«s CARPETS af major mas ft w* sitnplat at your home gaasry Low o«arnead lames, ankwa Rtfcnw ft wt BtOClLlS Se*w*nn Ban- momhk Softs ftwdl AakFbrM OHMJR ft OTTOMAN Oacfc 3 so S30 nauganydt; 31 po>e lamp. 3 fed ** cnandsfcst: OysMr PWNI <$f QnlCW VR^W2Qi!97*Ua art, 5P«BL BtCYCtE RACMO, na««r arm cnar cfwad cusncns. good uffipackad. Swpar Reco«d f*r* *ug 6V«4v; 2 Chinese irtmtana-amtltwasilwa Cvnpy. 59am Ren* $1800, red tanged rug* round SV writ 0m swaasca m mm t0m. 2Ot-38SM333 Asm. SV*4. udy ScMck pi*:*n*!m., wraiil " * y* T. 2 CME ipahrsrs: etummvk, BCVtXE Mans 22V Kodak Carousel800 proiactor insect 82 Tnsk Modal 715 carousels Al aiosaani quaand Many awiaisonan. $500 or «y 60* ganwnon j w. aomgt- pssi c*a>. 20t-3S»«ft4 He. =5 BMC -. r r woe* CHAWS onenai mm oaagneo cane back. rug. flood condaor* $ wood coflaa table. ramganaor ts3 BTU $125, ft desk or S29k. Grts 0*a $25. you pot CHARS oak OOO bamwood cap chan. $45 as. CaS aft BLUCBCRRtS U-POC Boyca's Bawy Faun. TwamRoad Dnssr 14CB BO. ZT *m wr mm CLASS? 22S. 537 ft 1 «95 or pat o* Rouse «* not** of Great How* 8-4. BLUCBC3RMES m 9m km. Ffteft or staan r W, Bush ft Sows. Bftuabanry BOOKCASE flressc n&aav bencne brass anstand: am unpai pr 4-branch. ndeiabnv: Ig 4 panel dec screen, pipe Oc*»es rack: Kanmore nasiry duly aasner. sac cond CWVEMOALE SOFA QOid Cherry legs $ saar 8pm liver. $595. Evas : work COUCH Otrve green & matohing chair $100: Weber gm $ DAYLILY SALE Very tine one of a kind hemerocatts. You buy what you see in bloom. Sale begins July pm.. or by appointment C P. Blackmore, 358 Bunker SM buying retail? Will sen all brands at just above whole- mfg. & all numbers accurate code ting, 5 place settings, Tuscany pattern LENOX China "Musette", 6 pi. 'settings plus extras. We'll talk $ FURNITURE FROM the LEVOLOR BLINDS and 50s. lamps, cribs, paintings, verticals. 30% off Mfg List. HM Rd.. Griggstown in am or after Free professional measure pm. merits. Free installation. Win- DEHUfcOOIFIER 30 pints par 24 hours. Used less than 1 yr. $95: fan. 20" for window: adjustable frame size. Very affective to cool whole house, $ FURNITURE CLEARANCE ^SLS^iSur' 8 ^ ^ *""*' Center The Montgomery ^ ^ Center. Rocky Hill, spedaiiz- LIGHTING FIXTURES for ing in sofa beds, box springs, sale at real discount prices!! mattresses and contempor- Call now to find out all the MATTRESS FACTORY SOFA EED 80", $175; oak VIDEO VHS Panasonic Port- We personally manufacture, bookcase/music bench able Recorder PV 4100 & guarantee and assume full 71 "Lx36'H, $150; wht for- camera PK ' responsiblility for all our mat- mica table top, 70"x24"x1" tresses and foundations for hick. $40; forest gm. carpet, WATUNGTONIT ten full years. No brushing-off like new. 12'x16\ $1OO7D the "unsatisfied'' to some xrator plants: tall (8-10") draconglomerate in Armpit Ohio natic corn plants, $100: with their worthless war- jorgeous 8' ffcus tree, $125 ranties. Exact prices with no sucker "come-ons" given on double. Ultra firm. Seafy mattresses, box springs & premium frames, $ "NEW" GE WASHER & dryer; top of the line models. Moving, must sell aft. 5pm. NY TO HAWAII round trip American Airlines, fry 1st dass for the price of coach. $650 per ticket WA7UNGTONS For caulking and puttying your complete house, windows and doors, gutter cleaning or WEDDING GOWN & veil, pattern. $ , PATIO SLATE used AIR CONDITIONER Used, but- SUBWOOFER M & K. " good condition. $1 good condition, reasonable each.t The Bottom End", with Dahlqutst variable low pass filter. trailer pm. ary life style furniture. details. We also install & re- - Pine. 42 in. FURNITURE 6 ft. Pine wire fixtures at rd. table. 2 ext leaves. 4 trestle table $300; swivel prices. Please reasonable price for 17' Empire travel call 609- POOL TABLES antique & Excellent Condition. Cost chaw. $ rocker S50; dub chair $65; weekday beroom" 36" table w/ "Your Local used. Large selection. Expert $700. Sell $ ALL ANTIQES & Furniture service. Call Princeton Pool from the 1940's and back. DINING RM. painted colonial table. 6 chairs, hutch, At The Stove Barn, Rt. 206, Tables, Rt. 518, Hopewell. Dining & bedroom sets. SUPER SUMMER Savings Desks of all kinds. Glassware, $35: radio console $35. LIQUOR & DRINKING Bar Pro Shop". clocks and lamps, etc. cnna ctoset $ Station Square, Belle Head wood-grain and cushioned Estates purchased with clean FURNITURE 3 drawer vinyl; two shelves; formica POOL TABLE Brunswick out service. Cash ; DISCOUNT Lighting The green wooden study desk, top: foot rest: on casters. Excellent condition Bristol, 8 ft. slate. 1 yr. old, SWEET CORN Picked anytime. Rooster's Coup. Lighting fixtures, lamps, shades, pans after 5pm. cues, balls included. $445. times a day. Untouched by $40; white shag rug. 8 x ANYTHING MARKED sterling silver, silver & gold, any sprayer of any kind: 12 cents $ after 5. and repairs. Clocks, grit items ft fireplace equipment Huge GETTING BACK on Your LIVING ROOM New $260: PRINTING EQUIPMENT each. Also other vegetables. condition; silver ingots/wedding bands & sets. Antiques new bedroom $360; new din- Kelsey 3x5 letter press, never John's Farm Market, Route assortment of brand names Feet? Adjustable walker.,' ing table & chairs $225. Can used, cost $375, best offer. 518, Skillman, NJ (3/4 mile any kind. Private investor. at dacount prices. THE west of 206 on Route 518) ROOSTERS COUP on Rt ' 29. Larnbartvfte. NJ. OPEN GE WASHER gas dryer; LIVING ROOM Furniture, PROVINCIAL SOFA blue/green floral, excellent, SWIMMING POOL 6 DAYS frost tree refrig. Like new. Call like new condition. $300; two SUPPLIES DRIED NUT SALE almonds 5 to $9.99. pis- GIRLS BEDROOM SET All prices cellent condition, $50 each. wholesale supplier. fixtures. Excellent condition. light green barrel chairs, ex- Deal direct with distributor for Discount tacraos safted $4.99 per t>. cashew nuts (raw) $4.99 per to We also carry Indian Jewelry. Indian cotton garments (up to 40% off), indujn sweats. Saris & tor foreign travel (110220V) We also rent trvftan video movie tapes ft tape recorders. For more «k» cal or van fcxfta Discount Store Rt 27 ft Fwmegans Ln. Frankkn Park. NJ DRYER Gas $60: metal office desk $10 Must go EDISON FURNITURE is stf open at the same locator For USED FURNI- TURE of every description coma see us Rt. 611 south of Doylestown. Pa. 9-4:30. closed Sunday. ELECTRIC STOVE GE. Unusual buy model. bulmn type. Harvest Gold. Has bean in storage 4 yrs. Uke new condition. $250 or best oiler pm EXCLUSIVELY OURS And new tothe area, carefully hand crafted silk lamp shades, in florals, poka-dots. pis an. scaaops. al cotorfuffy taiored plus traditional white ft aggsnec Baauotui. reasonabry pneed. bring your lamp base tor a perfect fit Shady Lamp Shop FOAM CUT Any size any San Ok) Town Canoe. IgN-shape. While-U-Waii _ voodi wf own, EJecn Pa) kobng Top quatty Locust posts & Mountain hardwood raits. Also. Cedar ft Locust posts tor wire lancing. Please cal ask tor Eric. =THewOCO sptl your own ft save. Buy your round wood wood tor tas FLUORESCENT LIGHT Bubs Used, 50* each. Cal > LIVING ROOM Room Furniture for sale. HAWAII 1st Class Roundtrip Living room: Scandinavian. pkts companion upgrade Family room: pillow type. tickets, $ "- " i i ' " -' i ' i in f HAWAII 1st dass ticket LIVING ROOM coucrvwcompanion upgrade. Valid green velvet, 2 chairs blue/ until Dec.15th. $1500. CaH green wood trim, table, sofa" bed & 1 chair Wk/wht. brown, HAY FOR SALE Direct 2 wht. end tables, chamfrom larmer. No rain, fresh pagne. cordial, wine & shot and tender, wen crushed. $2 glasses, beer mugs. Good per bale. Can 60^ condition HESCO LjQntln0 Mid One Stop Shopping For Al Your Lighting AnQ SHOWROOM Mon-Sat i0arrt-6pm Fri Till 9pm ELECTRICAL COUNTER 8-5 Mon-Fri.Sat Till 12pm 809 State Rd Princeton, HJ Showrm Counter LIVING ROOM 5 piece set modem. Ex. quality. 1 year Old. $ LIVING ROOM 2 velvet chairs, coffee table, 2 etageres. 2 end tables LOG SPLITTING Reasonabte rates LOVESEATS Matching pair, contemp, brown & beige print. Very good cond. $150 or best offer LOVESEATS 2 floral HOLIDAY SPA Uvebme Schumacher couches. Good membership. Private sale. J^'VJ 5 Oa ' EveS " Lois from 9 to pm or LOVE SEAT Lovely Vic- HOMEMADE BREAD-Why l0rian barrel-shaped, maroon slave in a hot kitchen or make velvet. Exc. cond $350 a trip to a special store? I can bake and defiver White, Rye. Whole Wheat, Sourdough ^ and Pita Bread fresh h to your ^ J J200 door! Call ooor; v^aii oga-pb^fleea. 633., 720 or 41 Spring St. Apt Pa HOT TUBS & Jacuzzi Whirl- 16, Princeton, NJ pools EXECUTIVE L Shaped Desk sizes. Expert Many installation. styles and Au- MAPLE CHEST on chest, mrra: T^^ ~ Ong*»al cost $1200. Askthorized Jacuzzi whirlpool night table, dbl. bed frame; Spa dealer. Princeton Pool antique chair & radio cabinet: Table ft Spa Co. Rt. 518, cocktail table: maple table, 2 FENCMG FOR SALE Hopewell chairs: Call used Artm Favwsy tor Cat attar apm or 2O1-360-SU4. g 10 yrs. oki graas Mmmar attor CnBsman gaa mm, 1981 Foam Rrm, Gladstone, 201* FOR SALE 2 bfcas $25 each. M capacity washer. 2 yrs. old $200. Bast oner. e09-*s pm FREE PCCES OF Constnjcson Lumbar Waste ideal tor wspikmmi. n HMbtyDUQfi Twp or HOUSE JACK 15 ton* ^1* "* Jul Y 30. call 201- Duff-Norton. 27" down. 46" up. $ MASSAGE TABLE Por- HUNTER CBLJNG FANS table - "QM weight, durable, 40% off 20% on GuH alurninurn * fiberglass, cus- Coast, 20% on Shetland. $99 tam O"" 1 - *285- Call Betty al brass wood blade,«. David versible fan available again. ui T rnm/3 COCA I».. HMKSON'S 82 Nassau St. STEREO Lk yds Combination stereo eceiver witn built-in cassette 8-track, turntable, equ&lizei tnd digiuj alarm. Separate speakers. Over $400 new. Sacrifice $175. Call STERLING Silver service for 6. Lunt, William & Mary aft. 6pm orprices on chemicals, filters, anytime wknds. RADIO Receiver FM tunable & 152 mhz - like new - $ RANGE Gas. A bargain. In excellent 201-! real con- RANGES Frigidaire & Caloric, both electric; new Smith electric 40 gal. water heater; refrigerator '"" RECORDS New & usedaffordable prices. Rock-country-jazz. Store hrs: Mon-Fri 1:00-9:30pm; Sats 1 p.m- 6pm , Second Hand Tunes, 901 W Champlain Rd. Manville. REDWOOD TABLE 4 benches, $ aft. 5pm. REFRIGERATOR Amana, 18 cu.fl, frost-free, top freezer. $ REGISTERED OR NOT I will buy your guns legally. I diving boards, etc..call for free price quote We DeHver. SWIMMING POOL above ground, 16x32, new filter,with accessories, best offer TELESCOPE Questar Standard 3 1 /?", perfect condition. $ after 6p.m. TEN SPEED Quality Bikes Wholesale, five left. 23 & 25" frames TENT FOR RENT for your next occasion, 20x30', also available are 6, 6' tables & chairs. $250 for entire package, including delivery, set-up & pick-up eves. _.TENTS FOR RENT Party tents for all events. Neshanic Vol. Fire Co , , TIRES for camper or lawn tractor, 20.5x Excellent, brand new knives, daggers, swords & bayonnets or accesories Buying registered or not. Private collector. Call 609- am licensed and will pay a TIRES, RUG for sale. 2 Firestone C78-14, $25; gold good price. Call Bert days. short shag, 12'x14' with pad, $50; assorted plastic dishes, MATERNITY & CHILDREN'S RUG 18x20. fits Prin. $5;-electric can opener, $5; 2 Clothes wanted for second Arms, bl/green, excellent, stereo receiver, fair, $15 ea. hand exchange service $110. Comm. coffee machine , keep trying (3) $ TRIO TAG Sales, Inc. "We ORIENTAL RUGS we pay SAUNA Display sauna for do all the work," Profitable cash for antique & semiantique oriental rugs. One or sale. 4x4, w/heater, retails at sale of entire or partial contents of your home. Profes- many. $1,195. Display only $ Princeton Pool Table & Spasionally conducted at your Co., Route 518, Hopewell, NJ convenience , or BICYCLE - SCHWINN TURNTABLE - Philips 312 Sting-Ray 20", 5 speed, belt-drive w/ortofon cartridge. Asking $ Exc. cond. $125. Call Scot SCREEN HOUSE Sears ' diameter, like new. $ TV Sylvania 21". Early American cabinet w/dual speakers. $ SEARS AIR Conditioner 8000btu, 1 year old, orig. price $450, asking TWIN MATTRESS $25. Van Oommeten CeMng Fans i ^ S - a a t ^-a S S Highriser w/2 twin mattresses, $100. Exc cond. Call 164 WWrmspoon Street ^HtoefftS K K SEARS LITTLE Girl's French Next to Forars Pharmacy bed. baby crib, girls' clothing size 6. Best offers IBM EXECUTIVE Model D aft. 6om Call aft 5om. Very He use. excel, cond. $ MATERNITY CLOTHES SLR CAMERA MTEUJVtSION UNIT ft 179 od quaky. almost new. size tapes. StM under warranty wkends. Bast offer aft. radios, recorders, phone answerers. Center Business Machines, 104 Nassau St. Sekor with all B.I.C. 20Z turntable. Radial tires, 165R13 on Toyota rims.,.^_ MATTRESSES World with wheel covers Lawn- TYPEWRITER - Smith Corfamous bedding at discount 22". Call wan 609- oust ona ' manual - 2 **» <** $16Q Orprices. Factory direct toyou, or leave a message futy guaranteed by manufac- Can al aR afbrown. $15: red plaid. $30: SOFA - 81" Queen Anne, TYPEWRITER IBM - Ex- 7pm. $150; 2 ros-away $500; matching quitted chairs, ecubve. excellent cond. $325. $75; ak- condwoner. MOVING SALE - Stereo $250 each; rsn^nnn taw*: after BTU. $25; A* cooler, ^* -m i_? 6 L- 5!! iinb._i na " * 50: chest fr? 82 *- * 15 : &» Great Buy! $15; wood stove. $90. chine. $ or cydopeota Brrttania, $120. IBM Setectric, excellent condition: Call 'til midnight ^ after 6pm Keep trying. WOOD CHIPS $45 per. dumptruck load. Topsoil, $55.per dumptruck load. Also available manure & rich dark brown bark mulch. Call Tree Care Inc , WORLDS FAIR Tickets (12). Can-be used anytime or Merchandise Wanted Call BASEBALL CARDS Comic books, highest prices paid for collections BUYING DIAMONDS no size too small or too large. Set or unset. Plus other valuable gem stones. Set or unset. Private investor. Call CASH FOR YOUR Antique Furniture we are a large dealer specializing in Oak. Willing to buy 1 piece to entire contents FOREIGN COIN Collection T- any denomination; silver, gold or copper. Any country.: Any size collection. Private collector GUNS & SWORDS Military items. Federal & State licensed as required for New Jersey transactions. Will make house calls, pay highest cash. Bert, : 3800 days, or leave tape message. HO TRAINS Wanted Buy or trade. Call LICENSED GUN Dealer buying any kind of handguns, rifles, shotguns, unusual ORIENTAL RUGS Wanted Fair prices paid POCKET WATCHES wanted, silver, gold or any base metal, in any condition, running or broken no problem. The older the better. Private collector. Call POOL TABLES WANTED used, slate & antique tables. Also antique cue & ball racks wanted. Call Princeton Pool Tables SHOTGUNS, RIFLES handguns wanted for cash, especially old Winchesters. Licensed dealer pays more. New guns for sale discounted. We will buy, sell or trade. Murphy's Sportsmen's Den, USED WOOD BURNING Stove Wanted medium/ large size. Phone after 6 p.m. U.S. POSTAGE Stamps individual to large collections. Highest prices paid. Private collector. Call

28 p L M M J 6 N C E IEDGB?* CENTRAL POST»Wt^DSOR-H)GHTS HERALD* HUSBOPQUGH BEACON MANVUE NEWS FRAKK3JN N WS-R CORO CRANBURY PRESS w Classifieds 6-B Week of July 21-23, 1982 mumo TO tut scop S WWM Co.,. me,. **St Campuwi Wtt. MU a t?t CM mmstwo «e«*e*.. MR* at «* * em- mm. tow * QflNI y Ra., Fo* *»** art «Q»< WMWfEO Sony 7" caer TV#«V-.aaoo.*t!aHw»pae* & «sam corns WiMTfO 0m mm tew Can stttrrw. Palm*, ««3rtc Bimm ft1 " SAXOPHONE A*> wsfi Good con STEIWWAV PROFES SOfAt Upngpt - lor rant CjcaHam wwat Damn VtOUH Ulscca AppnHad ai$«oo Uuet M* lor frtoo 6pm «SO * CSOOsw ttflmks 4aV lupfflp* T#^> m* 5r~ ' qua tamtam Owe pmm to ' atom OZ boohm, aamas. «OOOWO«KI3«*a EQUIP- MCMT mx* m*. M5 GMSOW OHM S3S& 60S-38?-» UNCOLN Corwartbts *t> needs some moth moo KMQSTON ANTIQUES 43 M_n SL. Mnplon. Hi ry.vkaorimt*dmterthn. Art. Glass. Silver. Brats. F Glass. Opan 7 days.i0-5pm OASS ANTIQUES I Wast Badge S ^ New Hope buys and sals Ortsniai njpjt. bronz, *qry. oiaojw dots, jpweky, rtwnlal. *mug«cfcrthtng. daoft. nemnaau Weekends or by appk or re* ORNATE BRONZE «BRASS S UgN Cnardilsr 26" tao^orca S7SO. Rock- CM «RPM jukebox. paita%jatnahad. SiSOO: 9 drawer tbtmy Me cabinat n twauau igar oak. $150; ok) me gurabal machne. $30: tm; afqua Eng- CENTURY O M M coal scueje. ISO: okj BNa«x.*erygoodoorv seas*. S S36O 6OS-234MKB7 UMQUC AMTOUES ANMUAi. ANTIQUE tearoom. Co*»<*i»t Stot* ad»v3o JHXMMliMM AimOUE 24 carac go» nnt pw g worn tamo*- art daw aguw tamps* wauwt *as*,. 2 psunttings dona on ** gwiidi ftijfwsic Oak nags,, i oosnsn swmg us oaans nomsfk, startvig «*arify «nn«w A bnjsrms. % angna & * smoft bate Sat omy, Jk*» 24 i&s, 39 lilisdombrook Or. Puma art No aarly Ore* Cut A tut tw ad tor and can 133S-S ANTIQUE RADIOS Good condtaan, Mutt tafia* Some 9O*4»X2t ANTIQUE OAK Fumkn Ha» Tie*, JSOO. Parlor daafc. Stao, Paitor MUla. S120. CMtarwr GaratomarVs <* * *«, dnaaar.,»7s Seaboard. t«7& Aiao Ouas Du* Gun SET' Tanw Sat Csonst $ Ptne ttaa-. 2 ms. teat sen. SZTSc IV* Dry $**. yam. 8»r^»waitootpadat raomsets^mtanlunjin "" 2Oi-3SflK>m OEAiJERS 'The tsrgaat mdoor F«sa Mar- 2>r*fm.t»ceem *m &* 9m mat eem M8C 500 tandors no* has em 'ERtOER TWIIN H00 WAIT Eac oamt KtH people patting Gttaar* Vtott our doors vwn/ Open F*i SaL Sun. NMUOCR «0B QnHisBMMk Bftiaf latf (ago US 1 ML t. ANT»ue BED - So*d brass QUKTARS. fasscs Amps ft ft wort «r*de vans- Ores t m» ft asetf mamsmi i860 E*c oond. 201 y ft da I'losirt Dan Sty 3630, waanu spoof «cpa bed. «at of tm CM mm~*&3m? OLDER UP(«QHT 1300 mmarn * ORGANS NJ One* tw of araquas to Courcy kmsr-tapa> 41 E. Afton AM. Pa. 21S-4O4U4 Open da*y Man. fftru Sat 1#4, 8a», FKSTAWARE EAHE Lvga ateatawtoi Factory Aa»oj»«C««t*r MX»OD 07 ESTATE ft TAG SALE SERVICE EUtaiorii, NJ YBXOW DOOR ANTOJES Coma In and 8ra«sa At Tha Yatow Door RENDERS OR OK Rk* 206. IWstjioro, Juty 24 horn 9 to 1 Htm asms, amal gama, > 2 FAMK.Y YARD SALE Sat July 2«(i 10aJn.-3p.fli. Coma See Us* New Hams, ott asms ft avan/nng In beteean Oargama gators. 19 cut. traaxar. 8 Tamers Dr. Rooswsa FAMK.Y SALE July Lynwood Aw, FUn. Pk. OB BenrWioion Washing ma- &ww+ toys. CaV* Qavnw» ( - APPLIANCES bcofcs."n> conls, tapes end totsof young ch*»an"s ddhas ft toys. Also atm aams. 724 ft 725. i(m. 17 llaihaood f>. E. Wlndaor. on Omen Neck Rd. COUECTOLES 101 Oak Lane. Hkjhtstown pm, Jury 24 DO YOU Mas tw Fata? Are you ctsanmg house or mowing? Oonl tf*ow out thoae unuaad isms. Donats i w n x> annual nospm AuatiiRiflQA Sflit- PIMEM. no For pick up O S672. FRI*SAT Juty 23*24.10 flt. GdinbuvQw. 2 doors trom store Tools, lumaura. lots 7/30 t 31. GARAGE ft YARD SALE 3 tam»r. JUf 2XH2S. <M. Houaahold aerna. dutnng. lumaura. toys and rniac Rain or shtna. 174 Graan Ave. GARAGE SALE July 10 ft 24«v io Paul Ava. (Brunt AerasK Kandal Park. Bargains galore* GARAGE SALE July 24. At sons ol stufri 40 Pern Lyte Rd. GARAGE SALE Forcadto apt Ensnt cantsnti tor ate, SaL July Buook Or East. Wngataw- GARAGE SALE Baby aams. lum. stas. mac 12 Bunion Otto*. East Windsor. 9-2pm July 24. GIANT YARD SALE Saturday July Rtver Road Turn rlghl on Hwsr Rd. 1 mi no of Rooky HH aght on Route 208: prooead 3 ml dust past Grtggstown Bridge) snaojuee. lumaure. July 31. SALE Bunk beds. TV and mam. July 17-24, at. 8pm AtoZtar 1*0 165 JULY 24 *2 S 12-Spm. 713 Taen Rfeers Or, North, E. Windsor. RaindaM 7/31 a 8/1. HeeHold Awns* pictures, lots of KENDALL PARK SaL. Jury pm. 8 Dundee Rd. (Rt 1 or 27 to SarxWat Rd. off SaBwef). Bargains galore! MOVMQ TO CALIF. RidinC2 RlOW0s^ pus^ihurttm OOORft* wmsr ddhe* ft sports equip., etc Sat. 7/24. io-«pm. 124 Brookatone Or.. Princeton. MOVMQ SALE Stanley dwng set, 6 chairs, seats to 12. double hutch, wtti ightmg. AaMng $1500. Russian alverwere 24 pieces. Asking SSOO. Sears sewing machine wan table, fee new. Asking Si75. Assorted imported crystal S30-H7S. Stangl dbhas MedMarranaan and Town ft Country paoem. Many extra piece* MOVMO SALE hsehokl asms, tumture. Juty 17/16 and Cranbury-Hghst Rd., just soum Cran. drd*. MOVMO SALE everything must go. Cash ft carry. July 2S0i 10-4 Jury 26th - July 30th. 6 to 9pjm. 116 S. Main St Psrrtngton or phone MULTVFAMLY Yard Sate. Sat ft Sun.. Juty 24 ft 25, i0am-5pm. t-ii Kenneth Kandal Pk. (off Fin- s La). MULT! FAMM.Y Sat. July , 408 Mornson Ava.. il Kit. ukmsas & appl.. nsarnkt asms, booics. knades A much mora. MULTI OARAGE Sala SaTurday Xtf 24. 9am. Canopy loym. tmck & car ttrv*, Mwing ft csbiwc mow osoy aams & svan a car. 214 Graan Ave.. NEIGHBORHOOD LAWN SALE Famflas. Timbartans Or and Pannington-Harbourton Rd. 30 yr daan out Many W O asms: camping ) i g «k) squipmant 5005 *q n vinyl asoaatos BM. msuwnon. anoquaa. tras. housahotd Kams. domng. books, racords. brica-brvc and much, mucri mora. Don! nata Ms ona! Look tor signs on R«31. Sat July 24.9 sm to 4 pm. Rain data. Sun. Jury am to 4 pm. PIANO. Smal Fumttura Odds & ands. Sat. Jury pm. 141 Spruce St.. PORCH SALE Sat July rain or shine. iioutsnow items, uommg. books and toys. 202 Morrison Ays- Htahmown. SAT. JULY Park Ave.. Highmowii. FurnHura, toys, household Hams, SAT, JULY 24 10am-4pm. 133 Jefferson Rd. Rain date July 25. SomeWng lor everyone. SPECTACULAR LAWN SALE "66 Chevy Belair 4dr; Lawn Scout riding lawn mower; Craftsmen Eager lawnmower; Snow Boys snowbldwar. 44x54 naw picture window, 2 new laboratory sinks: 1 used laboratory sink ft toast 3 naw oak single bads. Dstoo am car radio: Ford stereo anvim car radto; Rsaftsac tape deck tor car; Jsnaan Co. Axial speakers; Schteteinger orchehra snare drum wi*i LudwJg stand: 1 U are; 1-45 SR 13 GIANT LAWN SALE Isms from 100 homes. Sat, July 24. toam-spr* 1796 West Ode 0*. Martnails <opportabto typewriter. Ann bfmfcfronl. too many Rama to act 538 Dutch Neck Rd.. East Windsor. July 24 ft unm? TREMENDOUS MULTI FAMLY 1 day only Sat July pm. Rain dakt. Jury 31. Anttques. cottecmbles, dosses, lumlture (some oak) housewares. much more. Stale Hwy 27. near HkJden Lake Acts in norwi urunswex. oppoarie Conaotstt Famers. Fbaow YARD SALE Sat July 24 9*4. gils bedroom lummura, dd pocket wssch. toys, faftaa. wagon, many otter ftams. 4 Loueaen St Hopawai. Rain data. Juty 31. YARD SALE Sat. 7/24. ^2. End tbbam, QtwnN* turn pictures, stod. fsh. YARD SALE ratter large. tflcwowlji CQH9CI1O90V* OO*1 houm ffmttun%, toys, m dotttng. day maker's eualng table ft ether goodies. 44 Moora St.. Princeton. July (ratal YARD SALE Moving - sal- InQ toygii swnfeuwa hounhdd ft yasd auppftas. ft Mttmore. Gvaal bargains. JuV 24 ft 25. YARD SALE JUry pm. 54 Ha* Acre Road. Jaaxabtirg. Baby Items. Rea Market & ITS p ets 4 Animals "5 Pets & Animals 17S Pets & Animals 24 Instructions Runvnago Sates NEW Bargains Every Weak - at the Consoiata VMage Rummage Sale, Rt 27, Somerset Open every Sat Clotting, Nnens, housewares. oys, cosecooies, lumnjre, B^^^^^^^a^b n^^k^^^^^^rift^k ^^a^^^^^h^^hjh C^A A BOOKS, F800COS, SUVTipS. OU* l y Q clothinq S2. Consoiata Mtostonarias Auctions ELWOOO G. HELLER ft Son, Auctioneers. Inc. Autdtonear, Appraiser, Estate Liquidations, Consignments Accepted. 152 Main St, Lebanon. NJ Office: or Auctions every Monday from 9am to 4pm. Sales Include antique and used furniture, glassware and household asms. Robert E. Heller. Auctioneer. PUBLIC AUCTION AnHquaa ItouaahoM Glass China Dooks Auction of the personal proparty of Mrs. Grace Fowler. 5 Parkway. Ptainsboro, NJ. From Prtnceton. NJ. take Rte. 571-Washington Rd. to circle and go north on US Rte. 1. Turn right at Ptainsboro exit and go out Ptainsboro Rd. for 2 mles to traffic Ight by church. Turn right and third house on right. Auction arrows posted. Sat Juty 24, AM. Rah or shine Round oak pedestal table w/daw feet ft 3 leaves, set of 6 oak T-back chairs. 3 oak cane seat chairs, 4-shetl oak stacked bookcase lovely shape, 5-shelf oak bookcase, 6-drawer oak chest (painted), heavy oak rocking chair, oak 4-sheH stand. 7 pc. fancy dining room suite table & 4 chairs. sond door china cabinet w/2 drawers & buffet, 4-shelf bowed glass end ft door china doset slant front 3-drawer desk, 3 pc. maple drying room suite w/butterfry dropieaf arms, maple end table, coffee-end & parlor tables, wing back chair & rocker, fernery, slat back rocker, bow back ft other chairs, oak frame bevel mirror, foot stool, new pine double bed. * post maple bed. single bed. Windsor chair, flat top bunk, 1920's vanity-dresser ft chest of drawers, modem chest of drawers & dresser, card & metal folding tables, brasswood ft table lamps, high chair, folding screen. New Home cabinet sewing machine, 2-9'X12' rugs, 7 braided rugs, pictures-prints & frames. Appliances: G.E. cotor TV, Quiet Kool 5,000 BTU sir cond., sm. appliances-clocks-radios-fans, etc. Glass-China-Misc: 51 pc. white Wedgewood dinnerware service for 7 w/extras. fancy 4 Wedgewood 8" candlesticks, china cake plates-cups ft saucers, some dap. glass. Nippon vases, Hal bowls ft teapot ban mixing bowts. creamers & sugars, blown cruet 5 pc. Reed & Barton plated tea set scrimshaw, 2 gal. jug. iron cat doorstop, doltes-linens-tabledoths. history & civil war books, books by H.G. Weds, Rudyard Kipling. Elizabeth Barrett Browning, etc. Seth Thomas sheff dock, bedding, utility cabinet & cart 16' & 28' alum, ext ladders, setlpropetted rotary mower, tools, plus much more unlisted. Not responsible for accidents. Everything dean and spotless. Terms: Cash or a Good Check. Lunch. Arthur Hama Btoomabury. NJ Pets&Antmas A.B.R. Animal Behavioral Research. Private pet training lessons at your residence designed espadaty around the needs of you and your family - Special focus on your children's rapport with their pet Loving and gentle handling for Consistent and Accurate On MMMn control, rvqarowss of detractions refinements and corrections foaowing obedkmce dass Trauma, Excesarve Dominance and Submisarveness. Don't wait! Your animal is never too young nor too old to leem. No problem is too difficult to remedy. A.B.R has the solution: Success through Knowledge. For the enormance. rtsciston am Perfection of a Seeing Eye dog. cat Jeffrey J. Loy. Animal Behavtoratst Naturallit, RM68fCt)Sff Mid FonTMtf Instructor at the Seeing Eye. Inc. at Serving al of Central Jersey. AKC GERMAN Shepherd rupa cnampkjn saw uerman import alt 6 wfcdys; af. day wfcnds. AKC GOLDEN Retriever Pups * B vrtcs old. chsmp blood ma, oarmad wroj^a AKC REG. LABS champion OSA good sire. 8 wks Old APPALOOSA Gelding. 7yrs old. 14 J hands. $ APPLEGARTH ACRES Horsft Farm, Bostxting & Training BELGR1ANTERVUREN PUPPES Whelped 4/18/82 Champion sire ft dam. Home bred - show quality. Intelligent & loyal companions. Great with children BOXER Handsome, lovable & dean 3yr. old in-house male. Obedience trained. Excellent watchdog, not good w/chhdren. Must part w/him because of new baby. Free to caring person who understands dogs BOXWOOD ARABIAN Farm Arabian breeding & show stock for sale. P. Weidel CHESAPEAKE BAY RE- TRIEVERS AKC Champ lines, bom 5/28/82, excellent dispositions, shots, hunting background CHESAPEAKE BAY Retrievers AKC. Champion stock, whelped 5/19/82. eyes dear, all shots, excellent temperament & hearth COCKER SPANIEL PUP very happy disp. Rare color. Male. Call DALMATIAN PUPS AKC Champion sired, home raised. Lovely disposition. Show or pet DASHCHUND MINIATURE AKC. 10 wk. fern. Shots, home raised. $ ENGLISH Cocker Spaniel Beautiful male 20 mos. Affectionate, bright. Needs a loving owner ENG. SPRINGER SPANIEL Pups AKC. Excellent US & UK bloodline. Lv. & Wh. $ Feeds and Grains For all animals at ROSEDALE MILLS 274 Alexander St. Princeton FENCMG For Home or Horses SpH RaJ - 3 hole $14.95 per 10' section, 100 sections at $13.95 ea. 2 hole. $11.15 per 10' section. Board Fence - 1x6x16 Oak Boards. $4.50 ea. bundles of 98 at $3.50 ea. Sawn Locust Posts. Keystone 2x4 woven wire fence. Also 12" round Cedar show jump rails, $10.50 ea. 20 or more $8.50 each. Cash ft Carry Prices Top Qualty Any Quantity For inter. & Del. Chgs., B.L King FOR ADOPTION Large 2 yr old white Labrador/type dog. Trained neutered male, all shots FREE FLUFFY Kittens From Himalayan mother eves. FREE KITTENS various sizes, ages, and colors. Must go GOATS FOR SALE pure bred Nubian. 2 milkers, buck ft doe kids GOLDEN RETRIEVER Pups AKC, champ bloodlines. M/F. Beautiful, lovable. $ HANDSOME CHESTNUT Gelding I6h. QH 11 yrs. old. Has evented, shown, done dressage, foxhunted, hunterpaces. Nice all around horse. Very quiet. Great first horse. Owner to college. $2S HIDEAWAY FARM offers the finest indoor-outdoor facilities for boarding your horse or pony. Instruction & training in riding ft driving. Specialized rates. Open nights. Inquiries invited. fino-4f» HORSE BOARD Huntland Farm boarding gives you and your horse the individual attention you deserve. We have large box stalls, lighted riding ring, outside course, and miles of trails and rural roads for your driving and riding pleasure. Grooming included. $170 per HORSE FOR SALE OutstsndafiQ Arabten Btoodm&rs, 9 yr old chestnut; Raffles & Fadl twodkiq. Exceptional producer foal avalable for review. Exceflent investment at $4500. Cal HORSE for lease. Experienced English rider 9VS A OBfliv On ptmnmtum. (woman) for 16.1 grey. $80 Cal after 5pm. mo HORSES BOARDED Lush pasture; stalls available, pool privileges in season after 4pm or weekends. HORSES BOARDED Professional riding instruction. New facility in W. Amwell Twp. Large box stalls, turn out paddocks, large riding arena INTELLIGENT RIDING Instruction Equitation, Hunters, + Jumpers. Coaching at shows. Facilities Available or I will come to you. Andrew H. Philbrick, days ; eves KITTENS! Blk., blk. & wte., Wk. & wte. & gray. Utter trained. Avail, immed aft. 6pm. KITTENS Beautiful, long haired, part Himalayan looking for good home. $10 each. Call LABRADOR Retriever Pups wanted: best of homes for AKC reg blacks & yellows. $ Ready July anytime. LAB TYPE Puppies 5 black, 4 blonde. Male & female. Get yours now MINIATURE SCHNAUZERS AKC. 6 wks. old. Males & female OAT STRAW for sale. Baled & to be taken off wagon. Approx ton. Eve, aft. 8pm, PEKINGESE AKC, shots. Fun filled feisty pups. Raised with love , Princeton Smal Animal Rescue League SMALL DOG GROOMING in your home. Experienced groomer. Lawrencsville area. For appt SMALL STABLE in So. Brunswick, has box stalls avail. Ring & exercise track. Best of care SNAKES. BOA 4.ft. $125; yellow rat snake, 5 ft., $40; Asian red tailed rat snake, 5 ft., $75; Malayan earth snake, 3 ft., $100. All tame SPRINGER SPANIEL PUPS Rare, attractive AKC Welsh Springers. Med. size dogs, devoted to children. Ch. sire and Ch. Dam. For show, field, or just loving TASHAMA FARMS Bele Mead, N. f Indoor/Outdoor Rings Boarding Instruction & Training ; TERRIER PUPPY available for reasonable donation to animal charity. Mother Wired Haired. Housebroken, gentle, intelligent, vet checked, in excellent health after 6 pm. THE ONLY Real Love Money Can Buy AKC Shetland sheepdogs(shelties)! Pups for- show or pet &.housebroken adults. All! shots, wormed, health guarantee. Stud service available. By appointment only. Le King Shelties, Ewing, TRAILER 2 horse deluxe model with dressing room. Huntland Farrhr Lost & Found BRACLET 14K gold, very fine chain. Reward FREE KITTENS in need of loving home. Born 7/ GERMAN Shepherd male, dark tan & black, very friendly. (SAVE) Vicinity Applegarth Rd. in Cranbury Weekdays to daim or adopt a LOST At Kreps School pet call Mrs. Graves for an playground on 6/18: baseball appointment at g ove with name initial B.N Hours: Mon-Fri 8am to pm. Sat. 8am-11am. Nights & weekends report lost, found or injured pets to the police. LOST CAT in Windsor Regency area. Large altered male. Blk. & bm, long hair Young male Beagle type dog, w/white markings wearing nice temperment.' flea collar. Owner heart- Altered male Shepherd- broken. Reward Sheltie type, 15 mos. old, gd w/children. REWARD Lost miniature Female spayed Airdale-Lab Shepherd in Hightstown area, type dog, looks like an Air- Has very sentimental value, dale. A great pet or Female purebred Collie, Vh REWARD German Short- Female'young Collie Shep- hair Pointer fern. Lost 7/18 herd. Starview Dr. area. Dark Male 1 yr. old black Irish brown head & tail. Answers to Setter type. Sabrina.' Female spayed, black Lab, 1 eves. yr. old. ' Female spayed Husky type, Instructions yr. old, shorthaired, good ' w/children BASS & GUITAR Lessons Male 1 yr. old Collie Shep- b V Dan Skv Pro leacner - & herd, good w/children. recording artist. All styles, Male Labrador type pup beginners to advanced. Low Female black Lab type pup. rates - wi " travel. Princeton Male black Cockapoo. 5 yrs. area or 609- Ol_ Male 4 yr. old Siberian Husky, BEGINNING PIANO ingood w/children, an outside struction for children. Corndog. ; prehensive program, West- Female Beagle type pup. minster Choir College train- Female Terrier type dog, nice ing. Your home or mine. temperament. Becky QUARTER HORSES Bought and sold. Cedar Brook Farm RIVERVIEW STABLES BELLE MEAD, N. J. Indoor Factties Boardng & Training Instruction ROAD CART horse size. Restored show condition. $975. Huntland Farm LEARN TO FLY Call Mr. Plante at Princeton Airways Solo rate: $28/ hr; dual rate: $33/hr. MATH TUTORING Available for long or short term instruction: Programs designed to suit individual needs. MA, Columbia Univ MATH TUTORING By Ph.D., High School & College level, SAT & all college board exams, remedial enrichment programs, custom, individual instruction MUSIC LESSONS Guitar, Drums, Bass, Piano. Taught by professionals. Lane Music, 312 Rt 130. East Windsor. 609^ MUSIC LESSONS Professional guitarist w/music degree & 10 yrs. teaching exp. seeks serious-minded students. Prefer students w/ interest in jazz, fusion or rock. Jack PIANO INSTRUCTION And Song Writing Recording artist will teach rock & foil technique to intermediate students & will also teach beginners. Very patient w/children. Call PIANO LESSONS Rock, jazz & classical. Taught by Rutgers Music grad. =Beg. Adv PIANO LESSONS top notch Julliard teacher. Call aft. 5pm. Call us about our large selec- BIOFEEDBACK SWIMMING & DIVING tton of kittens, altered male & The Center For Stress Confemale cats. 1 altered male all trol offers programs for the private pool in Lawrence Lessons at Leatherman's grey long hair & dedawed cat treatment of headaches, high Township. 18 years ex-, and an altered male, all white blood pressure, insomnia. perience with all ages, includino adults. Certified Phys. Ed. dedawed long hair cat. digestive disorders and more. Free consultation.call teacher ENGLISH AS A Second Language with exp'd teacher for children & adults. All levels: conversation, reading & writing. Individuals, families, small groups. Princeton. Free consultation. Call EXPERIENCED certified Reading Specialist will tutor students 1-12 in reading and language arts, your home or mine after 5pm. male, 9 mo. old, AKC, house- GU TA R broken, reasonably priced at eve S _ $225. Call ^ ^ ^ _ Lessons all taugn, by of 9 Music SEALYHAM TERRIOR graduate. Call Ed Cedar male. 9 mo. old, AKC, house broken, reasonably priced at coenkie i~t SJW $225. Call Tall S OQ-'3g'vO463 GUITAR LESSONS Jazz, C assjca, Fo k p op: Ex. SHELTIES - (resemble small collies) Sparkling dean. adorable AKC puppies with GUITAR LESSONS: All SADDLEBRED BAY Gelding 16.3 H. 12 yrs old, rides & GERMAN can be fun! drives. Good manners, very Viennese teacher gives insharp. $ struction. AI, leve S SEALYHAM TERRIOR Ston for a few days. To arrange appt can If no GUITAR LESSONS - Exanswer call perienced teacher has open- ""S 3 - «n»o*««ory lesson free. N0 * * Needs enclosed backyard. INDIVIDUAL TUTORING Excellent temperament Free Reading, Math, Perceptual to good home Training. Experienced Spec Leave message. Ed teacher A UNIQUE Approach to language learning & languages. Native teachers and translators. Instruction for children and adults. All levels. Brush-up, conversational and. literary classes Intensive courses for travelers and business people. Tutoring. PRIVATE FRENCH Lessons Efective methods. Call Clement Mon-Fri from 3-11pm PROFESSIONAL Instruction Available in Pottery, Sculpture,. Watercolor, Oils. Allentown Feed Co, Allentown, NJ. Call for class information day or' eveninqs..'. READING SPECIALIST Learning Disabilities/Teacher Consultant, Masters +, Experienced working with students reading below grade level - all ages, offers tutoring. For Appointment ' - ' REMEDIAL READING Writing & Arthimetic. Warm, caring & experienced teacher. Work tailored for students specific needs. Children & adults. Princeton. Call SUZUKI CELLO Lessons Age 3 up. Exp. & cert, teacher. Call now for fall term SWIMMING INSTRUCTION Experience, WSI. You provide the pool; I'll come to you. Trish TENNIS LESSONS with Steven Kraft. Private court. Private, semi-private, and small group lessons. All ages and ability levels wkdys 9-5; eves, and wknds., THE FOURTH WAY a method of work on oneself, is a synthesis of Eastern and Western methods based on the work of G.I.Gurdjieff. It's aim is to help us recognize, study, and eventually eliminate false personality while developing essence and true personality. Akhaidan II is a school in the Fourth Way led by an experienced teacher. Weekly, meetings, private consultation, modest fee I898. TRUMPET LESSONS r- All levels. Studies w/nyp. Hil. Tpt. Reason, rates aft. 6pm. TUTOR College Senior majoring in Physics available, to assist high school students in math, physics and computer programming. Call TUTOR certif. exper. teacher. Sessions planned for enrichment or remed. work. Reas. rates TUTORING learning disabilities of all types. References available. Call aft. 7pm

29 *(» - CENTAL POSTe>V/-rO$QP HIGHTS HERALD Classifieds w«*«r JN*} 7-B tons wwqft.lt* Expat. wart*eiwer*. Jflns-W* OR - MMm. Ee VNife ioa Cats W*3Wt antti aw» taf- ffam. NWa SWUS fare*»h% mmam 3aa» titmam fef}'9sn-4ia** A OK 3MS cnmcnnribi sawcm BALIOOM your Sat COUNTY B*»l»«!<!#f Reasonable 0MOM. Ce* Umnom Party m muaie Us* al sc 398 BUCK A tm :o Photography «O»-3W-2S8i STUWO tin ame V-** UHM. Ptano Tuning ROBOT HALUEZ PJIJO. 800*60*0 MOW to* I-724J M D#CMI» ef 20: o,o«w»s *&*. Mine - ^ Oare*». Him* SHM SOUTH for ew am. arv die*- mume ' we :» cr A «Kta( mmmg/kf tar «% ace jnter a»- IWf WfUCfO wwj «m# or call! *i em y» mm -- tune. «u»c ar crtm m* ofiw «):t n*!»«-- ftsr «l : "oraettr otsmmtm (301 1 f Sesnt Wiwwaf «w» 0l» * SMffltiM; & MXHtf *. t«r him itfiwrfai oi*nv thm mmme tc- BWIK Scent MltWf VCRUff UN*! 'a*. Tern Ciirmi*yrimm> mvs imuttc <»w *iy TUNNNC Furniture cw*eo A wusweo 0' to** PC* OOaffefL Our (Vfcrarc* TOU» OHPN STMP. «St. Knewoa. Hi >tito«<tisa u«4 (Mhawy SPCOALMOTCC th» wwoc Sfms ouwrsg at car. s»m» a^»w tn&t oow a* Se>KMM> cite** e*> ** and JAO SSCBETARW. pom, lagat i en, typed A printed. tsattonaf work at rataa Ai typing done on equwterc Cat day or rmg 7 XC ASSOCIATES TheUMmhtln Serwoas Oddra nq 4 Itefeng Tr al Attmymmra Conantmno* A Semmar Ota Sew 7W4103 LITERARY TYWNG Semes Pvaparaaon and edang of any Jeng*» pubksned WORD PRO- CESSING SERVICES SopfBtfttcaiad and tf^g*r*oui tandalon*. dttpiay systam ua«d tor ai and sundry rypng jom «racm*d by an «xp*n*nc*d op»tof Your copy may b* taorad on rmgrwac dttftstw tor rotant ma» at h*m r*wnon and ut) Tum. around feme is 8 wn*s Cssaar **an standard Cornpfav docu* apabaiy. ad- and toss soflftd acccrflrxj to Zip Cod*, and fcttt d any sort <*say & $&i$cth0whf ptctoad ovi* to me your convjubcra d ninc.no- V you h*v* any qjanaori about ou wot) t**w. ortfyou to cotnpay > otx oaf* ot your pna*nt m- hous* or ouisid* sacncanal s*rwc», cs«( : * no anawar. cat (609) STATUNERY For *m anaat in qustty staaonery and a large eswcaon of typetacas and designs corv auft wan Mastararapnx Sfinw MASTERGRAPHX Wage Shopper RM206 Rocky NEED LOGO ataacnsry NATIONAL CREDIT ad******, matfers. sec? AND MORTGAGE CO. MC. Cad *w O«N«rt People. Sue- OUR ONLY BUSMESS ts 6O3M48- MAKMG LOANS TO HOME- OWfacfia. MONEY SUPERMARKET PacMt.. me Sad CradK? Lovng your home? 1st. 2nd. & 3rd mortgages Construction loans. W«O O9s*l Pr«s S5.000 to S S-7S03 l«w» pnrt nw wnpapar PERSONAL FINANCE ot mrtxium organ, Camera t tax counsemng.torcworced mady ffleonancaw or nega- A saparaiad people. Cal Spat mm required DeOwona at pagvs 9 taotorts can S* pnraad on i*gutar 30# MCMf V St 'ARM Qm. JOOMV - Unae tar M\ eaaimesm. 8*w ««' aermbiw tcu-e TYPmC *tanal s*rmn$ gimm* pamm Ssw* gr«wc» iso ar wit*. AI mt/m & mme, mm at «RMeHM«4CI 9 60S- PU SOU WO 5 CRCATWE WORD Our awaoty <s 32 pg tiartdard and 6«p*g*s UNLMTTEO apy prvpanvd to h^m^m your 4 pnmad Cowf lasars 4 app*catx>ns typed. Typetor SUAU. COMPUTER Conau>p g t to am your TYPMQ WPR S*Cf*tarW Service. Resumes, term papers. t*paii> s laaars us- «tg Xerox systtrntorpersonal or business n ds Am«*Jl Rd. 8*4* Mead. N J. 201-< TYP#«JTECHNICAL Drawings ~ Pro ojuaaty at nmsorv abi* cost. Cat after 5pm, TYPMQ at home. Quick, accurate, neat, reasonable. Satoonc Correcting or asfc tor Madrt TYPM0 at home. Quick, accurate, neat, reasonable. Stactnc Corracting or ask tor Madrt TYPMO. ALL KINDS tape uansoyoon also, by protossnnal aft. 6pm TYPIST toeftgent versame. professional, with IBM correc&ng Seiectnc. tor freelance >it j y m n r 'iit Located near Piinceton Campus. CaB after 6 pm SS3. WORD PROCESSING Professional wttri MJL in Engfcsh produces superior reports, documents, dwsertatiops. etc SpeciaMes Indude wectcal 4 computer termirv otogy. repesttve letters, transenpttons- Research 4 edtting avaiabte P A R ASSOCIATES Spsciateng in accounting, tax service (tales, peyrol & income tax) PROVKXNG YEAR ROUND cftarg* SERVICES - Tax» F«v ancm Pianrang - Preparation al tax reftjms Accounting & Auttng For ndrviduai*. bus»- and service organiza- James Hamraft Jr.. Ca» 1* 8rw* at f«09) CPA. Warrant Plaza West lor RL 130. Hfcgntsiown. NJ PROFESSIONAL TYPING SERVICE Wort pnx*s*- 280 mg on X**H 000 W* can UHM. r*twn A updat* your Commercial Services manu- SOUTH BRUNSWICK Manr a# arfo* lananoa convnafciai, iiv P*O» an jutfnal & resoenaal office ongwwmm CM memory type- dearang. banks, prof. bu*lmsurt crw»tx«py<ng. ngsfthomes. We provide dry & maang. onset oam carpet cteening. uppnmng. sprat b«nd*v Car- toistary cleaning, floor waxdurws Snoopng Center, mg, strippng. wndow dean- RM t» * Pnnea«>rv**gws- mg A wat washing Kw*i Rd. HgftUloin ? wora Ptcta«A de**er 0em. 285 Financial Services t APPLY BY PHONE FOR HOMEOWNER LOANS for * oc My olhw pur* poa*. RATES AS LOW AS 16% %. Phone your apptcstton 9 so 9 waakdaya, 9 to 12 Saturday*. Trenton Ottica6O9~39e~7500 or Special Services AW CONOmONMG & Re- (noxaaon res a com. repair. Also washers a dryers. Prompt ST ALTERATIONS Ladfes. Reasonable. high quality, quk* service Cal Elsie ALTERATIONS - ctotiea, dona quckfy ALTERATIONS expertfy dona, naaaonabla. fast aarwce ALTERATIONS a CUSTOM DRAPERIES Quality work-reasonable, same day service Cal CLOCK REPARS Antique ft Modem, Grandfathers. Wat. Mantsi Ships. Baotts a Boxes. Pick up a del. Prof. Rs* COLLEGE SELECTION a APPLICATION COUNSEL- MG indmduats a amaf group*. Dr. Michael L SpecW Services COPIES mums*, invitattons, bualn*«s cards, rubber ELECTRC SHAVER Service 25 yrs. exp. Fast service. Al makes - parts a ace Drop cfl at participating stores. Call lor Wo ; 215- ners. Clean, efficient system A dirty chimney is a fire hazard! Call Robert Ackers EXPERT TAILORING al-homteration a remodeling of ' confidant man's a woman's suits. Updating of man's styles. Reas. CLEANING done by husband and wife. Home, office quick a efficent service. Romade or apt Call anytime. EXPERT CLOCK REPAIR and restoration. 30 yrs ex-creativperience. Jordan M. Knight. PAINTING & Parrtngton HOME a OFFICE CLEANING Floor waxing, window cleaning, contract cleaning, carpet care. Rick-Mar Inc., INTERIOR DESIGNER Color coordinations, space planning, window treatments, etc I work with your budget. Cal KMF Interiors LAWN MOWER REPAIRS Hand Mowers or tractors, also complete sharpening service. Saws, knives, scissors, grass or hedge clippers, reel mowers or rotary mowers. R-A. Grooms a Son. 385 Ward St., Hightstown. NJ MAID-TO-ORDER Quality home a office cleaning. Call or MARIA IDA NACCARATO Designer of ladies clothing. Bridal specialist. Alterations, monograms. Teaching dressmaking a tailoring. 161 Franklin Comer renceviue. next to RL 1. Howard Johnson NALSBYBJUNE At Your Leisure Marfeura/Paclcure MKKI HARRIS NTERIOR DESIGNER I Know How To Stretch The Dotors You Have White Creating A Beautiful Room That Reflects Your Own SpecW Style. My Clients Receive Discounts Up To 40%. Our Services Include: Cleanneys (wood, oil, coal. gas). nememoer The Most Expensive Thing You Can BuyReUning. We also install ing, Inspecting, Repairing, Is A MMakal A Sfcnpl* Consutatton With Nikki Harris tors, dampers, stoves, etc. chimney caps, spark arres- WW Prevent A Costly Mistake Fully insured. Certified Member of National Chimney a Provide Beautiful Samplea! Let's Discuss It ^791 NON-PROFIT ORGAS Churches, dubs. If you have the volunteers to do mailings let us do the hard part: labels (or envelopes or Chesire sheets) in zip order and corrected. Cal for details. PRIN- CETON PRINTOUTS PET-OWNER and Teenage Son Offer home care in Ptainsboro for smal dogs while you travel QUICK QUALITY TYPING S.75 per page. Charts a graphs $1. Editing TREE SPRAY for all your tal trees. Professional feeding and spray programs. No matter what size the property or the trees. 15 yrs. experience in the field. Call Tree Care Inc SWEDISH MASSAGE by certified massage therapist. Healthful, relaxing. $20 hriy. Appt-fttto THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE in Cranbury. Holistic massage techniques employed by Kripalu Institute trained therapist to relieve muscular aches, a tension. For appt. can Lynn at TONY'S CLEANING SER- VICE Spring Cleaning-Attics, Basements, Garages including general cleaning of houses, apts. offices. Call anytime, TREE PRUNING removal, stump removal, feeding a spray. Cal Tree Care Inc Home Services CARPETS STEAM CLEANED Average size room deordorizing included. Also upholstery cleaning, carpet repair, restretching composition a printing service. 7 days a weak at and relaying. Serving all Seers Oufcfc Copy Canter. Counties. Rick-Mar Inc. Quaker Bridge Mel DRESSMAKING And AHeraaons Janice WoHe - Can Any size room steam CARPET Cleaning Special c- «> Home Services cleaned by experts. $ New Dawn / CHIMNEY SWEEP Rreplaces, wood stoves, oil bur- Cleaning of your Home Call the Odd Couple evenings. CUSTOM MADE SUPCOVERS BRIGHTEN YOUR HOME YEAR ROUND. Your fabric - Labor only. Call for yardage needed. References on request. BOB'S SLIPCOV- ERS DO YOU Need A Carpenter? I do renovations, repairs, cabinets, formica, sheet rock - anything. Prompt professional service, no job to small. Special rates for landlords. Call Chris EXPERT EUROPEAN carpenter custom made woodwork, cabinet maker, formica, repairs after 6pm. GENERAL MAINTENANCE Painting and other odd jobs. Call Jim at or HANDY MAN Teacher needs summer work: Painting, yard work, general cleaning & repair, etc. Reliable Garden. Law- quality work at reasonable A CUSTOM MADE Cleaning Service now available in the Princeton area. Excalent references. Reasonable rates. For further information contact BflOWNMGFERttS MDUSTRES Industrial Refuse Coaaction Cranbury Station Rd. Cranbury. NJ CABMET MAKER Fine craftsmanship In custom woodworking and quality DOUGLAS a RAYNOR 6O8-2S prices. Summer special! Window washing: $2 per window. Call Pom at HANDYMAN No job too big. No job too small. Free estimates. Call HANDYMAN available. Big and small jobs. Free estimates. Phone HOMESTEAD CHIMNEY SWEEP Clean, Efficient, Reliable Service for all chim- Sweep Guild Emergencies Call HOUSECLEANING Complete home and office cleaning. Daily-weekly-monthly. Reliable service. Call HOUSEKEEPING daily, wkty, monthly or KMF Interiors floor plans & decorating services. Customized designs for all budgets LAMP SHADES lamp mounting and repairs. Nassau Interiors, 162 Nassau St, Princeton. PAUL SCHOENFELD custom cabinetry. Fine woodwork teoo')a24-*m REGENCY UPHOLSTERY Quality Guaranteed Work. Free Estimates or ROGERS WTERIORS Fine Upholstery, Custom Draperies. Bedspreads, Vertical.a Horizontal Blinds, Woven Woods. Additional Accessories & Decorating Advice. Call Becky Rogers, SPECIALIZING Home window cleaning, storns in & out. $3.50. Free estimate, fully insured. All work guaranteed UPHOLSTERY SERVICE Upholstering, furniture repairs. Free shop at home, your fabric or ours. Stephen Weingart, WMDOW WASHMG Your Home Reasonable Rates Insured after 6 pm. 295 Busking Services ALUMINUM siding, gutters, roofing, Stephen J. Denarski Home Improvements Butting Services AMERICAN COLONIAL Lit) New construction, alteration, additions & restorations. Custom woodwork, panelling 4 cabinetry, painting 2 finishing. Design build program. Colonial tradition preserved ANNA P.U. NEW CARNEVALE LOGO ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN & PLANNING We offer complete commercial and residential design and construction. Also landscaping design, installation including all masonry and excavation. Cal CARPENTRY ADDITIONS REMODELING. KITCHENS RESTORATIONS CUSTOM BARNS Peter Wikoff CARPENTRY & ROOFING Since Call Sesztak Builder CARPENTER custom woodworking specializing in finish work. Call R. Yura ;, C.B. BUILDERS Custom Homes, Renovations, Additions, Kitchens, Siding. Fully insured. Work guaranteed. Charles Beaston K. CONNOLLY CONTRACTING Interior & Exterior Painting & Carpentry Commercial, Residential Building Services MASON CONTRACTOR Patios, driveways, sidewalks, garages, cellars, fireplaces, chimneys, brick & block work plus footings. Free estimates. Call after 6pm. MASONRY CONTRACTOR Joseph G Tuccillo. Specializing in brick, block, concrete, stucco, custom fireplaces & wood burning stoves. Fully insured. Free estimates. Call PINEAPPLE DECK BUILDERS designers & builders CUSTOM DESIGNED OUTSIDE DECKS deck and porch renovations dock resurfacing boardwalks wheelchair ramps pressure treated lumber all work 100% guaranteed free estimates PINEAPPLE DECK BUILDERS (609) the deck bubcfing specialists CARPENTER From quality home improvements to finished cabinet work. References. DOUGLAS G. RAYNOR Robert A Kite Mason Contractor. Sidewalks, driveways, porches, patios, brick and block work COURTEOUS Contractors complete commercial and residential bldg. All phases of remodeling, roofing, siding, jarpentry, mason work & waterproofing. No job too small. Free ests. All work ATES Custom Carpentry guaranteed. Over 20 yrs. exp. Work: addition, renovations, Financing ' avail. Call Keith repairs. "We specialize in Matches, custom carpentry, cabinet work, kitchen planning and CUSTOM PATIOS Walks, design to suit your individual decks. 25 yrs. experience. needs," Serving Somerset & Mercer County CUSTOM HOMES remodeling, custom fireplaces & stove installations. Free ests. Glorstan Builders, Inc DONALD GIERSCH Carpenter Contractor. Fully experienced and insured to take care of your remodeling needs or even your small jobs. Storm windows & doors. Local reference supplied upon request. Call FURNITURE REF1NISHING All Carpentry Repairs & Alterations; Custom Bookcases; Closets; Built-lns; Porch; Deck & Patio Repairs. Free Estimates GENERAL Contracting all types, carpentry, masonry. Specializing in additions, renovations, finished basements, quarry tile, brick & stone terraces, fireplaces. Guaranteed workmanship. 22 yrs. experience, references GENERAL CONTRACTORS New homes, additions, garrages, driveways, roofing, custom masonry, fireplaces, swimming pools and patios. Full line of aluminum products. WM. FISHER BUILDERS. INC. Serving Princeton area for 30 years. Financing arranged KLEVANS & ASSOC. - If you are interested in a quickly produced, inexpensive, poor quality job, please don't call us. If you are interested in hiring a contractor who will stand by his work and his customers, who charges fair rates for quality custom work, please do call S.KIevans 4 Associates Make your move to repair Aadd a porch, patio, chimney Sidewalks, etc. in concrete Or brick, block or stone No job too big or small Reasrates, Qttal.Const. You need only to call Al Evereen MASON AND BRICK work specialists. Additions, repairs, retaining walls, steps, driveways, patios, brick work, fireplaces. Free estimates. Fully insured. T 4 A CON- STRUCTION CO SAWMILL Services Custom sawing, rough sawn' siding, fencing & grade lumber including: Cherry, Walnut, Oak, Poplar & other hardwoods. Custom planing & other phases of architectural millwork also available. Sawdust & shavings. All work performed reasonably & professionally , S. KLEVANS & ASSOCI- SMALL JOBS UNLIMITED Types-Free Estimates. Brick, Painting, installation of red-blockwood decks, masonry, re- patios, repairs concrete, sidewalks, novations, etc, etc! after 7pm. MR. FIX IT specializing in S & T EXCAVATING CONT. doing all inside & outside INC. Commercial - Residential. 50 yrs. exp. Fully insured. Save! Start with the best. Expert Excavating & Grading, Septic Systems, Stone Driveways, Farm ponds &fielddrainage. No job too big or small. Call anytime, or TALAR BUILDERS Custom Homes-Additions. Com- info Ridge Door, W. New Rd., Mon. Jet. plete home remodeling. PROFESSIONAL PAINTING Quality work. Call & Decorating All house repairing inside & out. Truck WOODSHOP Offers these available for hauling. Reasonable rates. Free estimates. services: custom millwork, custom cabinetry, formica Immediately available work, carpentry floor sanding REPAIRS Every conceivable home repair under W.P. CONSTRUCTION Complete Building Contractor, Alum. Siding, Roofing, the sun. Call Bemie any time at Additions, Alterations, Backhoe Work and Grading Work aft. 6 p.m. 305 Painting & Paperhanging 300 Home Repairs APPLEGARTH Renovators Serving the Twin Rivers Comm. All types of home repairs, additions, remodeling, restoration, etc. Call Larry Rissin BATHTUBS tile & shower stalls professionally cleaned. Bathtub & tile, $25, shower stall $25. Tub recaulked $25. Serving Mercer Co., Kendall Park & Belle Mead areas. Call Save Your Tub, the bathroom experts CARPENTER CRAFTSMAN since Qualified for any size custom job. Call CERAMIC TILE Repairs, tile installated permanently with new cement board. Bathroom remodeling, plumbing, lowest prices. DELAWARE VALLEY TILE, 32 years of experience "COMPLETE" BATH REMODELING Cal FREE ESTIMATES K. CONNOLLY CONTRACTING Interior & Exterior Painting & Carpentry Commercial, Residential Custom RarnodeSng Additions, Kitchens, Baths Excellent Carpentry and Tile Work Quality Workmanship Cal John Home Repairs BUtLDING REPAIRS Roofs (metal-shingle-tarslate), chimneys, gutterrs, spouts, flashing, walls, walks, patios, garages, porches, steps',-driveways, fences, hauling, demolition, carpentry, painting, caulking, glazing, stucco-masonary, pointing-patching, inspections, violations. Guaranteed ' insured DOVE'S HOME Improvement & Repairs Free estimate. Call DO YOU Need A Carpenter? I do renovations, repairs, cabinets, formica, sheet rock - anything. Prompt professional service, no job to small. Special rates for landlords. Call Chris EDWARD SCHLINSKI, Builder Box 188, Roosevelt, NJ; Renovations. alterations & additions. GARAGE DOOR Repairs part time evenings & Sat. Automatic door openers. Bill &L Home repairs, painting, carpentry, masonry, and roofs. Insured HAVE HAMMER will travel! Quality workmanship by skilled craftsman. Siding, roofing, alterations & additions. No job too large or small. Fully insured. Free est. Call. Doug Renk, or HIRE CREATIVE Woodcraft, Inc. to do the 1,001 odd jobs no one else wants (carpentry, bookcases, window care, outside & inside work, : etc.). Call anytime ' HOME IMPROVEMENTS Fine finish carpentry, remodeling, alterations, decks, general repair's. Quality craftsmanship at reasonable rates. Fully insured. Ed Tezlaf, Hillsborough INSULATING basements & attics, finished, panelling, sheetrock & roofing. Siding, closets, tile, shelving, additions & alterations. Free estimates, job or hourly. Local references. Call after 5pm MASON Fireplace, chimneys, steps, walks, bricks & blocks. Free estimates MASONRY WORK All house repairs. Large or small. Experienced. Reasonable. Free Estimates. Please call OVERHEAD GARAGE DOORS. Elec. operators. Factory to you. Over the counter or full service parts & repairs. Call free, for free > A-1 QUALITY Painting Interior & exterior. Free estimate. Call Ralph AAA CONSCIENTIOUS House Painting Services Int/Ext. Excel, ref. Free estimate betw. 7-9pm, Robert. A & K HOME REPAIRS Specializing in dropped ceilings, interior painting, paneling, and all home repairs Anderson Painting Co. Painting &. Paperhanging CAPITOL Painting interior & exterior, reasonable rates, fully insured CHEAP WORK is not good, good work is not cheap, I'm reasonable COLLEGE PAINTING- and light carpentry by two reliable college students with professionalism guaranteed. Reasonable rates. Kirk or Don CONSCIENTIOUS Painting Free estimate. Graduate student Call Robert before 8pm in

30 *..., Classifieds 8-B Week of July 21-23, *C*«II - ««_«. Roofing A *» Moving* Hauing REROOFIMG-REPAIR ARE YOU MOVING? Cal cnmwy. Raxhwtg. vtnts etc tnmn&gmmrmm B21-U3& NEW SHMGLE ROOFS CHMNEYft OMHKf WtOS pi rwwjartu* wawrot m AIL TYPES Cf ataonat 9S flow 0WflUfl^ php^m^mfhqpv^ 20 ft ****** PftOUPT FREE ESTIMATES Coma) g wurt frw» Mil Catt mm OOMHUtOC PMIlWlH! tit. ^ Itatf Jr. mwemmi F*av MAwnMML Cait til #* <wp»wwem, (NM swan** ff*nitll ft 0MCMl4W<j)f9 T.A KwiRy ft Ca, 3OT-52S--'?t$7 EXPCft COUf ficsiue*«a -- «Meaeflevw' wo* dor* at WNK. raam VW( Own t ffviqatf pro* srwaw ft «u«li%' worn. fm», mm CMI 2CTV«; ^3*17 nntmia% IK E XPCIVfMCfO 0M PtftM MMTMO ft s I» GNttV* K9WW mmm to*. ElECTRICM. CONTRAC- TOR - s«r«teat F«*a cm je/m cmm. tost- HALASZ El CTf«CAt Co* vaoort Me -C Dayton fta. 20I-297-O91S or m&aanat. com- IB w Of wtfwq ft UGHTMG FIXTURES o» tor CM n» u M «i M f«itemnwucafftr«- i? on and 10 am or Sat It W. MAUL * SON 130 ft Smmm Gm»cm Ptmw ft ROOFMG Frw or ft indn. ft Cat Jorn Duma ROOFMG AND REROOF- MG Ouatty wcrkmanshp 10% IO Sf Conns. Ori & 201-2S or urm t» roo» laafcs? lor your fooftng NEW ROOTS REPAIRS COOPGRftSCMAFGR Moving & Hating AU HOME REPAWS HmO/mmt ARCS, oatan. garaojas c*aiariid UgN mo*- mg ft hauing CM Dan 9 ft homat. Futy inaurad A licantvd # ATTICS. CELLARS garagas daanad, W«taka the junk away Ugnt haufeng. 60»68»-3S13 GOT A Problam Gatting Rid ot Brush. Junk, etc Catlars. allies, garages cleaned out Ho job toosma» or loo targe. Container service avaaable HAULING & DELIVERIES handang kx fine (aanoa. arts ft supplies. Local and long, al size jobs wetcome Low rates. CaH Berme 609^ or HAVE PICKUPym Haul Fvmnur* moving, brush removal, trees cut & removed. Experienced, reasonable rate* ptease leave messaoe. LIGHT HAULING dean out cetars & attics. Exp. (urn. mow. Rets after 5 om and weekends. STLCENT HALn^RS Expenenceo w«n ai Kinos Of urmture No job too smal. Local or long otstance. Very reesonabt* Kjrk S846, Don Paving DMVEWAYS CONSTRUCTED AspriaK or Stone EXPBTT LANDSCAPMG Comrrwrdal/Rasiderrtial FT Estimates F«taV. PIrorw R.J. HKXSWC ASPHALT PAVMG AH types ot paving, installed and repaired. Driveways, parking lots, business and industrial areas. Top workmanship from Ihe smallest to largest job. We specialize in Cosmicote Sealer. Spring Special 10% oft. Senior Citizens 15% or! Free EsiknatM or S & F PIRONE CO Complete Driveway Construction; Asphalt stone, concrete and sealer coating. Backhoe service. Septic systems installed and repaired. Top soil lor sale. Free Estimates. Call Sam or Frank. UMBERTO PIRONE Inc Driveways, constructing, paving & maintenance. Call Fencing Fence Maintenance ft InstalaMon Experienced fence installers win install any type ol fencing. Pastures our specialty. No job too smal. Excellent references & as work guaranteed. CaH Eric Gardening & Landscaping TRIPLE A-1 LANDSCAPE & LAWN complete lawn maintenance. Seeding, sodding, shrubbery, tree work, rock gardens, sand, stone, top soil, railroad ties, thatching, fall cleanup BLUEBERRIES Emery's U-Pick Farm. New Egypt, off Rt 539 Open daily. 7-5pm Call SUN & SHADE GARDENSCAPES For personal care for your gardens. Specializing in planning & planting your low maintenance gardens. Call Diane Leonard LANDSCAPING BY PAUL CENTO Rutgers Univ. Graduate A.A.S. and B.S. Degrees In Landscaping and Horticulture r*mii rfw csthnaxes (609) COMMERCIAL & Residential Mowing Weed control. grass seed & sod, pruning & dean up COMPLETE LAWN ground maintenance, gardening, landscaping & planting Gardening & Landscaping COMPLETE LAWN Service gardening, landscaping, fertilizing, lawn cutting. Free estimates. Call after 6, ask for Dennis at S& F PIRONE Co COM- PLETE LANDSCAPING Sidewalks, patios, fencing, top soil for sale, etc. Free Estimates Sam or Frank. DAYLILY SALE Very fine one of a kind hemerocallis. You buy what you see in 350 Gardening & Landscaping bloom. Sale begins July 5, LAWN MAINTENANCE 5-7pm, or by appointment. C. Mowing, fertilizing, weed P. Blackmore, 358 Bunker Hill killers. LeRoy Diefenbach Rd., Griggstown FIELDS & WOODS mowed brush cleared FINE LAWN Care Service by Sean. Free estimates. Call MULCH HAY & Straw D.C after 5 pm. Hamilton, Robbinsville FLAMMER TREE SERVICE 39 years of continuous service, Robert L. Flammer, Certified Tree Expert. Full tree service company. Landscaping and firewood. Free estimates. Contact Bob or Don GARDENING & Landscaping for residential & commercial. Now is a good time to get an estimate. Lawn cutting, fertilizing, liming, etc. etc. Just call Vittorio Pirone at SPRING CLEANING CAN LAWN MAINTENANCE Commercial & - Residential. Seeding, sodding, rototilling, & fertilizing. Shrubbery & landscape designing MERCER LAWN Service lawn cutting & complete property maintenance. Dependable service REVERIE LANDSCAPING trees & shrubs planted, trimmed, removed. Lawns established, renovated. Fencing ROBERTS LAWN Service Full service lawn care. Reas. rates, dependable. Call eves I SPRING CLEAN-UP - Lawn maintenance, weed & insect control. Call Tree Care Inc Gardening & Landscaping THOMAS B. GOODNOW grass-cutting contracts, experienced LANDSCAPING let us help design & plant your property with your needs in mind. Small sections, single flowerbeds, renovations, or com- TREESCAPES Tree expert - pruning & removal. plete properties, call Estate at. 1 Landscape design, install. & maint :0251. VERY FULL white pine and Colorado : blue spruce trees: Delivered b & b with 1 yr. guarantee. Dug by machine. 6-8 ft. white pine $28 9a. or $35 planted ft. white pine $42 ea. or $50 planted. 6-8 ft. blue spruce $38 ea. or $45 planted. Must take 10 or more. For your order, call TREE WORK ALL TYPES Tree and stump removal, spraying, pruning, storm damage. Insect and disease control. Firewood and wood chips. N.J. Certified Tree Expert. Consumer Bureau registered. Fully insured. Free estimates. Call Packet Classifieds sellin 8 newspapers 1609) iwii.wcm ft EJMW Pairwflij"~ flpe# ismbwawwii.. WMMOW* aomr r«mml «MNb» WQKft. C«t T JCC5 #tt<«t*t* Air Condatening ucsaoo MEAN MONEY IN YOURi J1 POCKET! ' Pmrmq ft ) maw - irt *»t WASTING PRECIOUS e*»m*t#*»«-3»- FUCL? Cat* new ft haw» ttbwm A BCIBHR 0**wr.«Haas** s«* CUSTOM rirftlumtiawi **** " oots *">** **» ft ~ ~ us ** mm V» Illllllll ' Illllllll- Qumus, <tmmt < I m CM mm PAW ACRES P1UMBMG ft HEATING HmUMlon ft t*omt at alt yam pkmtting IX. 016*6 2Ot-397- Qmm mom, Catll Bmmm. ft HcBmmtm. tt» mmm - aft»»o o* eimaornj OM AUJED ROOFINQ N* Jl lr -- mm wwwramo HMC tot at** nmc mm da rmn (MtWBWQ MB tm &7Q7 BtlUJE MCAO ROOFMG 30 pn WORDS OUT!! ABOUT YOUR GARAGE SALE. IF YOU PLACE AN AD IN OUR CLASSIFIEDS an a* ARMS O«IQOftnB^ ibbsm ft Owuur* «> Saner CKaam. 201 Nw ft ftapa*: Hoc ft Gaiter Work First: Pick your date. Second: Call one of our helpful Ad Advisors. She knows how to word your message in the best possible way. The over 35,000 readers who see it will pay attention to it. And that's good business - for you! WKHUNQTOMS fnwiimo 'ft 1IW TO PLACE A PACKET 8-WAY CLASSIFIED CALL:(609)

31 amebe l E D G E P* C B ^ R A t POST WINDSOR HK5HTS HERALD «BEACON M A I ^/U E NEVIrS*FRAN<QJN ^W^{?ECORD»CPAN6URY PRESSl Classifieds9-B " : am JtutoTlwtf 4 MM20W iciflw mm J»t< % r* ft*?, cm SW 3HCiflwTmes - «r$ WQ wo»i*soe» **icft Xfc» Of OWaWew * a 1 tfmtrmmde <8W MffMmean Mac wwncarw «*, ' eoo tern* mamm Tims - o> SJ» * Jar; m-m*»«* m, Swrvfocs P«a» *<QAfMM CM* **B«Rak " * «*» srteam, qma% MO 4 TMNUMPMI «iaea» nmmmi * memm womtadx MGAt 4 TOW* m «* SAVE A STRUT Catt warn**.. ««A u l M W M» d *» Auto* For Srit *» A I*M For Srie 200 Auto* For Sate 200 Autos For Sale MaM.00 z votvos vm «a MUSTAMQ SSOO V 71 PLYMOUTH SCAMP Good tunning com. $ PLYMOUTH Fury in, W VW SOUAREBACK 4dr eon. eac cond. 80JX» mi. 60aV396-Z756 between O and 3. y AUFA WOMBOI 71 PORSCHE»14 5 apd MK. H.hM«L. ni lamtfwr imut iud inpnlorx aitiauat. much more, $ T PORSCHE Blue stooo. day ao»«4-sza. and garaged. Air. atoya, S-group. am/tm Blaupaunt COUOAR XR7 Con- 71 SUPER BEETLE Excstereo tape, miles. S1790 or beat of- cond. $1295 Cal body $7 - -era.' StOO or beat offer *^»»> toambi-1347 or ' 400 Con- <st Hsoaaaajl «C ftwad St NU VW Karmam OMa Wl» aucx cucnu co*v «a*y oped eov «ONR44M1I Ewm * 775? can aewhcmmns '* < 5*!! **'«z?s tf J!S' Sarnie* C«FORD MaJSTAMO «wkt«. «M»tk.. noo tm- ML JWSttft CM*5 *W* BMOI* mrmm JUNK CARS TWO 1. 8«VA1MMT Rune Gnf ^ A gei*i y «x*nea Good mm tioo ao»«m-o»»» VW BUG Msw «MC cans 3W Cat. aural goad on gas. saoo eosm»«- 0(52 WIHUMK OF JUMt 6 eyt need» $150 vw* m *«s# m KARMAM GHM am*n iteao aw»w or» 70 CAMARO BS Spat twnoer. 360 VB. fled-hart. top A ctaaec Cat Uark. ao»79» CHEVY MPALA good running condition.. Need* body repaw S4S «B0-7g» 70 MO MOOET 30- VMife a^ieaaa. great runrang. WOO MUSTANG ret* 6cy< cond, BO $ MUSTANG Mac* 1 >mia>«a/*_ 302 VS. ami II mac. red artci bat. e^ertor. flew duel DralKeas, anocms & Rw«A looka great $2300 WH corahjer K*a* tradei 6O OS7. 70 OLDS DELTA 86 after 2Ot-35948m Best OLDS AC. auto tevied- mafvy tntee. 8ft ftajrmmn* OHM 4 runrung condruon we HUTMI. radaiai 32«npg. Run* «e*; Am9 $is0o Si «t AUOt WAGON 4 apd. 4 c^. rum good. $400 or best offer. 2013S9-3M2 atier aom. 71 TFBUMPH OT8 Mark IB 8&000 mim. tuns wet. $1250 flofcvozi-otm after- 71 VW BUG mias. Good oondhon. $ VW SUPER BEETLE rebutt engine, good condition, best oiler. 201-S74-6S :~_AC. rnaga. away bars* tiaader. ousttm carpets A more. 1 owner. $ VW CAMPER Bue 73 VOLVO AC. leather Running oonowon. lots of ex- seats, auto., foe stereo, new Iras. Asking S Urea, new battery. Exc. cond. 443* VW SOUAREBACK 73 VOLVO 142 2dr. 4spd. Auto.. 25 mpg. MW condition, stick, ax., body excel., good Engine needs work. S850 or overall cond.. $2000. Call beat ofler eve, aft. 10pm. 73 VW SPORT BUG Bm- Med edttort. Super beetle with Recaro interior, handling package, and air conditioning. Good body, good interior, raxsals, and strong engine. A fine running car with strong $8900 or beet ofler AMC HORNET V8. investment value. $ p/s, p4>, am. 8 track, tires, dean. $ AUDI 100 LS 4spd. nvini, looks (^6At, runs wolt. $1100 or bo S4. 73 BMW 2002 red. 4 spd. log sghts. Asking $ Ask torjeff. 73. BMW green automate, $ CHEVY MAUBU Good 73 DODGE CHARGER funmnq cond SOITW rust, p/s. t*t>. a/c. stiver. $900 or $ best offer aft 72 CHEVY K1NGSWOOO 5pm. Wagon Air. p*. pt>. 873 DOOGE CHALLENGER track, arivim. leather int ao Blue-white top, ps/pb, $ OATSUN 240Z runs great mags. $ eves. & wknds. or S3. 72 Oatsun 240 Z Classic car, needs some work, asking $2000. Cal after 6pm RAT 850 Spider Convertible Mechanically sound, envtm cassette. Mfcior body work needed. $895. Alter 6pm FORD MAVERICK runs super, body & Manor nice, pampered by young lemete. $ OPEL GT Classic Good condwon. Also torsale 71 BMW 2002 Red. student sized refrigerator. aytvtnv Mcftsans. 4 ape^d or manual Best ofler. ap»9? after 5-72 PEUGOT WAGON 71 CAMARO VS. 3 spd. QMsV 4 ^pd. 9ood tiros, run* acandard. no wet. Si.500 ning. ratable & rusty. Asking 1074 $ LEMAMS SPORT PLYMOUTH SATELLITE VS. auto.»«. 8 track, new AC. p*. pt>. runs wet. needs work. Best ofler A $ K» PONT1AC LEMANS 71 MERCEDES 280SE some rust, runs great. Moving, must sal. $400 or best European model. $4500 irm CZ34 after 6pm auto., mi., ex. cond. $ HONDA 750 $470 firm. Cal DR TOYOTA mmos. Good working cond. Rusted body. $400 or best offer ALFA ROMEO GTV rvht/bhc int, am/fm, mag wheels. Exc. cond. $ MERCURY MARQUES 74 CAMERO Mechanic V8. ac. ps, pb. 80K ml., testimony, excellent condition, $2800. Call stereo, runs excel. $ OLDSMOBILE DELTA CAMERO Mechanic runs great but needs body testimony, excellent condition. $2,800. Call work. $ after PONTIAC LE MANS 74 CAPRI 30 mpg, new mi, exc. in & out a/c. brakes, new shocks & front pit), p/s. tape, am-fm. New end, perfect mech. cond. Just tires. $ PORCHE 914/1.7 5 spd mi., am/tin, 72 MERCEDES 2 dr hardtop 250c New car condition. $ Ziebart w/new paint 30mpg. Garaged. $8500 firm SUPER BEETLE Re built engine, new paint Good condition. $ VEGA Hunk-A-Junk! Always runs) Stick shift $175. CaM Dave VOLKSWAGON Van Custom paint custom Interior, customized engine. Excellent condition. Absolutely like ALPHA ROMEO GTV 2000 Red w/tan interior, Blaupunkt am/fm cassette radio, exc cond, must see. Best offer. Call after 6pm. 74 AUDI FOX 2 dr., automatic AC. am/fm. Passed inspection 7/6. $ BMW 2002tii 1 owner, dark grey, saddle interior, am/fm stereo, a/c, 4 spd, mi. $ days. Eves.& wkends passed inspections Clean. $1500 Firm CAPRI 2 At, A sod, new battery, Michelin radials. nice cond. 34mpg. $ DATSUN B-210 runs well, some body rust best offer. Also window air conditioner for sale. Ask for Jerry between Sam & 4pm DATSUN B210 Excellent condition. 36mpg, 4 dr., manual transmission. $ DATSUN 710 auto., am/fm. a/c, 24 mis. per gallon, 73 VOLKSWAGON VAN new tires. Good cond. 87,000 tebuht engine, custom paint miles. $ modified interior, showroom 74 DODGE DART Good condition. $5000 invested. cond., blue, 6 cyl.. 2 dr., Sacrifice at $ mi.. $1000. Must sell CtnturyCmlomCaJt* "The" kick PlKt Siacc 1946 BUY-LEASE-RENT Shviarit Centu r v * Reg** LeSaore E?iectr«Riviera IMO SPRUCE ST. TRENTON (609) 69S-5425 M r» Farm** Mart* WMT Hm*o fmrmit 733s 633s 5X8 s 320 s SAVE NOW ON 1981 EXECUTIVE CARS. The East Coast's Fastest Z Growing BMW Dealer Offers: «FREE Service Loaner Car Immediate Delivery Pre-Owned Exotic Cars 1982 MODEL CLEARANCE NOW IN PROGRESS! 12.8% A.P.R. ON ALL CARS LEASED IN JULY The Wine Column runs every other week in ' off r N.J.'s #f BMW DEALER. M O IM D A. BEFORE YOU BUY OR ^EA^CALL COLLEC^FOR» High Trade-in Allowance < 2 Q 1 ) H J. s>l AUTOMOTIVE CENTER OPEN ROfiD HONDA/BMW -:» Route 1. Edison. N.J. Our Recipes are the Berries... Watch Our Food Pages and Specials every week! Chevrolet Over 50 Yeors of Selling ChevroletS U70Rt. 33, Hamilton Square, N.J. 1,000 MINIMUM trti $4785. $8395 $4795 $6395. il.0m asaa. Ual Moa SS) tee $4395 tteoo $6695. $6495. TRADE-IN ALLOWANCE REGARDLESS OF CONDITION ON ANY CAR LISTED BELOW! 3S.000 aaaa. Ual Price tiooo $ M0 CHEVT Nona Towne-Cotpe 4<. Autoautic. Powar Steering, Manual inn, Mr CondMonkia Rsdb atjaatlm Pnca S4a»S.Wwm siooo _..$4895. isao CHEvnoiCT M BraW-AUTW, 34.0 $6195. ttao CHEW R fln Hefc-Op 6 CyL. N M H R ^BH^r w w r a ^tev^a» Waa^WjhC«p.aa.OOO Mfca. Uat Pitea S1000-""**" _ $5495. S1000- s: SSSft*-^ 1M0 CHEW Clii.mi 44>oor. 4-CyL, AMaMBt; Maraial ataaitng a Bntet, Mr AMfFM Badta 2a.000Maa. (1000. $ T» HONDA CVCC 4<M. Automate, Manual Omrtna.. Manual Brakes. Radto Mtea. Uat Pnea S49»OkMnMa S1000. $ B79 CHEVBOLET knpata 4-Ooor-Smal e^*mt^osk%so* fs3s Mka. Uat Prtca SS995. AKmanca ti000..._ $ CHEW Maaau Station Wagon V-8, Automaae, Powar Stoarlng & BraVaa. Air CondJaortng. AM/FM Rado, Man. Uat Prica W19S. Mkmanca $ $ CHEW MaSw 2-OoorV-a. Automate Power Staartra Brakaa. Mr CaZ, Man. Uat PricaSStSS. - M. -' -,,ooo. $ BUCK RMERA V-8. Automate, Powar Staartng Brakam, Power Wtodowa 4 Sails, Starao Radio. Fully Maa. IMLpadad Man. UM Prtea SB39S $ $ CHEVROLET lyiamni Oaaalc 4-Door ^ T^i MUav. IIW<* rvkw gmin etmj jrahaa. Mr Cond. M,000 Maas. UatPrica ^ot,*^.^l_._._ $ CHEVROLET Mafeu Classic 2-Ooor Smal V-8, Automallc, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Air CondaJon, Power Windows, AKTM Radto Mass. Ust Price S5995. Alowance tiooo... $ PONTIAC LeMans 4-Door, V-6, Automatic Power Steering & Brakes, Air Conditioning, AM/FM Ratio, 34,000 Mies. Ust Price SM95. Alowance S $ FORD LTD Land. 2-Door, V-8, Automatic, Power Steering & Brakes. Air CondUonlng, Stereo, Mass. Ust Price S6e95.Mowance tiooo : $ Mercury Bob Cat Station Wagon 6-CyL. 4-Speed. Power Stearing, Manual Brakes. Radto, 51,000 Man. Ust Price $4595. Alowance $ $ CHEVROLET hnpak) 4-Door V-8, Auto. Trans, Powar Steering and Brakaa. A^gid^^to Man. Uat Prica JSL $ FORD Pinto Wagon 4 CyL. 4 Speed, Powar Steering, Manual Brakes, AM Badto, 45,000 Mtea. Ust Price $3595. siooo_~ $ BUICK Regal - V-6, Automatic Power Steering, Power Brakes, Air CondMon, Radto. ^8,000 Man. Ust Price $8795. Alowance $1000 : $ CHEVROLET Impata 2-Or. V-8, Auto. Trans, Power Steering and Brakes, Air Cond., AM Radto, Mies. Ust Price $5295. Alowance ^ ' $ $4295. TRUCKS 12 Month/12,000 Mile Warranty Available On Most Used Cars & Tracks 1982 CHEVY Van G-10 6-Cyt., Automate. Power Steering & Brakes, Mr ConoWon- InaRado, 31,000 Man. Ust Price $8495. $ $ CHEVROLET Blazer V-8, Automate Steering & Brakes, 40,000 Mfas. Ust Price $6795. Alowance $ $ CHEW Bazar 4x4 V-8, Automate, Power Steering & Brakes Radto, 40,000 Man. Ust Price $6795. Alowance $ $ CHEVROLET Ptckup-V-8,3-Speed Trans, Manual Steering and Brakes. 70,000 Man. Uat Price $3995. Alowance oo... $2995. TAX * TAOS EXTRA YES! YOU CAN BUY A GOOD USED CAR TODAY! SHOP WITH CONFIDENCE AT PATTERSON! Classified ads reach 30,000 families weekly.»»»

32 E PACKET LAWRGNCE lhjgb?» CCNTRAL POST WINDSOR HGHTS HERALD I HUSBOROUGM BCACO^*»MANVSUL ^<VtfS FRA^#QJ^i NEWS-RECORD CRANaiRY PRESS! Classifieds IO-B Week of July 21-23,1982 "?< OOOOE COCT' Maa.. *ear fat ajat $400 Mk. *e. For Safe Autos For S^«*» Aufcw For Safe»> Auk» For Safe man S7S0 TM ford» Tamefrouf MjfcS-N tnao 74 UMiMS - 2 ar.. I ey,., ««. «**. oa» tamo *. trace 7«MAVCMCK SKOW Mi sew* -. i* OjPQdl cam*. 1 mm MK. S?QO 75 FORD MUSTMNO U StJSWtaMM t CMI SSSJ* svsrtinfis A in MX For Ma arn*e«*no nuomteoo- 7% VW RMBBfT 2 * wet.. aw 7«CHEVY VEGA Staaon Wagpa mooo mtm Surv It4QO or Mat oflar. tki tack 20t- 77 BUCK L SABRE Good tin** cond. Si 196 C CHEVY CAMARO wary 9000* oond» auax sflvs*i 8 vac*, p*» pfo. SSoOOO ml S37W.I -77 OATSUN 280Z tour pd. to* bfcm. Me. mt n*. UJ9SO MERCURY MONARCH 5 Vary good oond. air.». S2900 0OO-«B6^34O akar 77 TOYOTA Caaea GT 1 ownar car. 5 p p / Q com S3800 or oflar. For man Wo art 60^ » CMEVY S Ca* 78 BUCK REGAL auto! cftaan»c p>w>»r. av. *nyl root, rww saoa "M «OLK3WfAC30Ml VAN M MC coral, 44jOOOwi» mem *#m m tm*m *» pt fac corns S770O «WJWHHm ffr K1TUE. - Gene tm. CicaAwK concmcn l» STATION fjouooo Ml * t% Cat i 2O14S0-O730 '78 HONM CMC HMO*- 39 ^^^P^^^^^^b^Bv t 303 CAOKXAC Couo* O» 7«MA2D* 80S I a>... fac COM S2MiKS> OM«"7% COWWETTI ~ QOB* map* n oooot o*ws 201-7* PtYMOUTM VOLMi ac naw tnw t oftar. CM D»> 7* PONTMC ASTHE «, 4 «p«t 4 OJQOd ^ T7«lu OOOaC«e«aao- ' Doe* Cmm **** **** *». «cyn 6&000 DOCTOR 78 CHEVY NOVA auto sn-ten 78 OATSUN B210 Orty 37JOOO ml 40 rnpg. rag gm. 78 OATSUN 510 tor by oanar, SL wgn. door is. air cowd, roof cack* rado. TSJOOO ft, «adnt co«j. aatong SX300 or bo flo»9ga83g 78 KWO RESTA 4 e»«. 4 apd. Gtw ptkatfa, Cat FOfV FAJRMOUNT aor* wi'iytii' ~~ axe cono. o good rqpg 48J0OO «ni a2 78 HQNOA ACCORD IX t»oy -or*. S1860 2Oi- 788-t MONARCH GMA V8. 4dr. M par pkg. anyjrrvb raar dates., le. mm brakar * shock*. abrsrs* mi $ we* dwjfli flhv 7pfn. 78 PLYMOUTH ARROW haltlfeadk apcaty. on* ownar. *O» $ RABBTT 4 dr. sunroof. aulo. ragular gas rnaaa. MM cond. $ VW DASHER WAGON a/c. 4 apd, Bacfcar ctarvo. root rack, tog ights ml &c cond. Asking $4, ^ VW RABBIT 2 dr. a/c anvtm radto mi. Exc cond. $ AUDI dr. 5 sod t w n M o n, V*<y Qood coodmon. $ alt 6pm. 79 BUC. CORVETTE ap. I2400mi, loadad SS-O275 alt 6pm. '79 CADILLAC SEDAN DsVBs MM condtton. $B2S M CHEVROLET MAUBU Oaaaic Sport Coups V6, asking $4400 to asm* astais. Cal 60% CLASSIC CAPRICE Staaon Wagon. 8 pass. 305 VS. p*t)b. sir. root rack ml CORVETTE T-top. air. control sm%rvcssnsrso. sic $11,200 60S aft. 5pm. 79 OATSUN 210 Sid. 2-dr. 4 apd.. srtvimlaos. nsw aras.'snows. 74K. $2300. Dsy HONDA 4Or Accord S«3. ac. anvtm. run prf. rag gas. 57,000 mi. Exc cond. $ sw MAZDA RX7 Broras, cnjlss comrot. Oanon arrv^m casssas, smo. air. sunroof, $6800. Aflar 7pm MG MOTOR CARS Maintenance & Restoration (609) Mercedes-Benz appointed Ray Catena Motor Car Corporation of Edison, New Jersey to sell and service its automobiles. A visit to our showroom is a unique experience. We will show you a selection of new and previously owned Mercedes. Here are some of our supremely conditioned pre-owned and new vehicles: 1962 MERCEDES 380 SEL Silver, blue int., pwr. steering, brakes & windows, air cond.. Gran Prix electric radio, electric sliding rocrf. automatic. Stock #228X. $47, MERCEDES 300 SO Silver, blue int., auto., pwr. steering & brakes, ac. pwr. windows, elect, sbd. roof. AMFM stereo cassette. Stock #258. $37, MERCEDES 380 SEL Black, palomino int., pwr. steering, brakes & windows, air cond.. Gran Prix electric radio, electric sliding roof, automatic. Stock #271. $47, MERCEDES 380 SL Silver, black int., pwr. steering & brakes, pwr. windows, air cond.. Becker Gran Prix radio, automatic. Stock #K miles. $39, Tax & Tags Extra MERCEDES 300 SD Orient red, beige leather int., pwr. steering, brakes & windows, air cond.. Gran Prix elect, radio, elect, sliding roof, automatic. Stock #242. $38, MERCEDES 300 SD China blue, blue int., auto., pwr. steering & brakes, a/c, pwr. windows, elect, sliding roof, AM/FM stereo. Stock #177A miles. $23,500. We Offer a Complete Leasing Program Ray Catena Motor Car Corporation 910 US. Highway, Route 1 Edison,New Jersey We are a full service facility, offering personalized service to our Princeton area customers. Limousine service available by appointment. SALES: (201) PARTS: (201) SERVICE: (201) SUMMER CLEARANCE RJPML AUTO PARTS PARTS OF SWEDEN PRE-OWNED H WHY BE A WRECK WHEN YOU mm A CAR R0ITANEW1982 FORD MERCURY OR TRUCK WITH 75 FREE MILES EACH DAY flocal PCX Uf» MO OEUVERY) NASSAU-CONOVEB MOTOR CO. Hi OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK TEST DRIVE TODAY AND COMPARE! 5000 S TURBO DIESEL g «ntm Audi 5000 Turbo Diesel. Ottiinctiv*. dramatic. Diesel fueled and ftfbodhefged lor maidmum power and performance. The incomparable prestige of ajagenca. tuaay. and the aoprisscation of quiet pmala glamour. Yours, in this new 1963 Audi. Owni. Itti $21.4tS. HTfll SeTIA S71K. ifllj *«> Mn!»««I.l«$?m immmsms am* u Bat to»». M «M «L. Bat B m mmm 1171 QUAI«RBRIDGE PORSCHE-AUDI U.S.ltaeJt»OiM>f S1SJK. MMdtesQX ForeignCars ANNUAL SUMMER SALE 99GL DR. Red,!4 cyl., 3 sp. Auto. Trans., Power Steering, Power Brakes, AM/FM Radio miles $ GL , 5 DR., Blue 4 cyl., 3 sp. Automatic Trans., Power Steering, Power Brakes,. A/C. AM/FM mites $ EMS Silver. 4 cyl., 4 speed Manual. Manual Steering, Power Brakes mites $ GL , 2 DR.. White. 4 cyl.. 4, speed Manual Trans. Manual steering. Power Brakes mites $ GLE , Anthratice gray, 4 cyl., 4 sp. Manual Trans., Man. Steering, P/B Sunroof, A7C, Alloy wheels, AM/FM Stereo., 38,607 miles $ GL , 3 DR., Green, 4 cyl. Automatic Trans., Power Steering, Power Brakes, A/C, AM/FM Stereo Radio. 37,459 miles. $ TURBO , 3 DR., Black, 4 cyl., 4 sp. Manual Trans., Man. Steering, Power Brakes. 43,005 miles. $7, TURBO , 5 Dr. Green, A/C, AM/FM Stereo Cassette, Sunroof, 4 cyl. 4 sp. Manual Trans., Power Steering, Power Brakes. 63,000 miles. $7, WE ARE OVERSTOCKED WITH FINE PRE-OWNED THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO PURCHASE A PRE-OWNED ^hflft THE FRONT WHEEL DRIVE LEADER, AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE. WE HAVE SERVED MERCER COUNTY AND VICINITY WITH NEW AND USED S A A D S FOR 18 YEARS. Middlesex Foreign Cars 1233 Hwy. 27. Next to Franklin Plaza

33 MOKEt»lAWRENCE i OG!?«CENTRAL POST WINDSOR MIGHTS HERALD* 9EAC0N»MANVU K6WS«>Fi5AKi<LlN r V^S-!^CORO«CRATslBURY PRESS "T^iBjT^ Classifieds \m 1«MfctM«fr21-2Ji.i*B 11-B ForSd* "» Auto* For Sato»o Auto* For Sate "> Auto* For Sde «o Autot For Sate 205 Motorcycles T» MAZD* RIT- 0 TRRJMPH TR7 Con- ML700 (MM. S MBCATANTI PORD *^P TPWS^WW S*u*s KMMK 2-?«SII an. "3ft <*» SQMQDGO 4 em* acs» BUCK eastern w* WS»».,. * e. #«s. tan. «taift lac oa«s Atwrng «.«0O Call mm & 20»- *O«t aw**!* 79O* ait. * K&. earn 2&sm 20r &m. efe,on*, att «nat «r«hs ti BMMT 33» C274T «apto MM tt»«2i-qm0 or 2«2 W?- 'it euot i* stmm no EJC «Wl KMMl S&400 t CMMflO 2» - «NL OW MO BUCK COMVERTBLE pan \ASQO tv*m. tut pom* Tt* 5 «U 301- m ftua- fcoury amomobte tn car oondaow StZ.OCO 6O» SI 0 10«EA»* MM* spcra ear., out wing l ummt,, My sojpoad Onq *m S3A009. I t S2300 QATSUK* 5r0 -» O-. t«honda CrVC GC. 5 SOU. 4Omp0. aattang Bast 8? HONDA ACCORO h, SM**O J«300 Gt Mxw SK): HQmO* ACCORD Ut - AC. im sterna lut padug*. i u «amr 3063 IO PlirMOUTM 8O Ckaiwf w. Sill S39OO EJC ac. am. dm cet p>w. pw R«.. win taarao 8M»«ca«wvwmeK cona STSOOorbaaioMar CM w**fc4t*ys ooty '- 4«r or jgi-oaas *» PLYMOUTH TC3»2.000 m 4 cyl t*j* auto. p>%. jp'tsl aic^ ibste* cas9so# (MM COMX. twl 0^»» S * DAYTON FOflD County"* Fowl Owiv Hwy 130, Dayton, 7 at t aoi EMjBAOg-A-CAR»n new car cm 1 Drtw* tw wancto o» your ctac*. Any «no ittoovt N U nants... Read al about«. Send AuMontad indapandant EN- OACE-A-CAR Broker. Want Caff' 771-0W4 BX. STEWART P.O. BOX 7861 ttesttwektohnj O8C2B VW 2201 RL33 HJ. 800-S t LAMOA m, 3 0%. 0b. *c. J6EPS. CARS, TRUCKS ixtdsf S100 Miabte ffm govi sates m your aree Ca* (f«lundabte) * * OtOS CUTLASS ext 2596 lor d»eaory on how C*ft» OMHHil 2 * MUD. to purchase 24 hrv 8t VOLVO TURBO 17- catfetfit cnwdmorv S*»er»- ««r grey merwr. Mtoopro- AC.»v pb. JEEPS. CARS. PICKUPS from $36 Avalebie «local gowl auchons. For dredory. cat ^000. an CK ratoidabte. KEATS MOTORS FORD -RAT RENAULT 1751 H. Olden Ave. Trenson, N J. (809) MALEK CHEVROLET 65 E. Broad SL Saw«money and dml drecoy w«i tw ownart Pnoa us 87 MA2DA RX7 Modal S Mora you buy Ow 27 0 SUBANU 8MAT «7> rn. «BV*««narao cast. *c y«ars paraonal Mmca - eornflam UbW sat SMOO 60»«*-2»49 e*ter» eclb 16608/B Tgmmmm npm MALEK CHEVROLET a. O fumju COffOUA Sf«- Seat COMS» 2 oocr 5 ALMOST MEW - Oanc SiL^Tt?" (MB Ponaac CatateM.? *. Mopawal. MJ. sfwwoom cm«m *wy«sa rnortty yd<i<a» (*rwaiy ncwfc. *c»*, oft. sap*. * " * o<m-r» P" 6 * "* tm*or* you buy- Ov«r 27 2O»-2»7-«ir CHALLENGER 4 cyt. & somkt w*c*jr saoes, road ***.. pfcg. carpet er&meta**,. Pt9&7Ofli< m«radtate. Mop*. SALE (9223. * O»-«66-OS7a NmrA UMdCarSalM Sarvica Rou»2O6and 130 MERCEDES Be. cond- inw)* ft out. Amo- $10, Mt. M0MM0UIH HONDA " AMC RENAULT 108SRL88 Lakmood.NJ NATIONAi CREDft CORP. mates loans tohome ownsn to purtfcas* auiomobiss. Phon* or *83. Nrrn SUBAUR 1883 Routs 33 Squara.NJI Duckaiew Aye. Jameeburg, NJ PONTIAC PHOENIX 5 dr. hatch V6. jvs, pvb. auto, trans., ac amim stereo, rear delroster. cycle wipers mieage. SS CHEV. MAU8U COUPE V6. ps. pb. auto, trans., ac. am fm stereo, rear defroster mileage. $ PONTAIC GRAND Le Mans V8. ps. p/ti. auto, trans., ac pwr. windows, cycle fftpers, am-fm radio mileage. $ DATSUN 280Z Coupe 6 cyd.. 5spd. man. trans., ac amtm stereo, rear defroster, ttatcn roo< panels, alum, sport wheels mileage AUDI FOX 4 dr., 4 cycl.. auto, trans., rear defroster, ac. amftn radio, mieage. $ PONTIAC Grand Prix U Ps, pb. auto, trans., ac, V8. pwr. windows & door locks, amtm stereo mieage $ DODGE ASPEN Coupe 6 cyt.. prt>. P*. ac auio. trans., cruise control, rear delroster, anvfm stereo. 8 track tape mdeage. $ OLDS CUTLASS Supreme 4 dr. Sedan. V8, ps. pb. auto, trans.. am/!m stereo, rear defroster mieaoe $3750. SAAB 1641 N. Okton Av«. VOLVO W P1800 Mint condition , auto. air. starao stick, air. sunroof, od. stareo stick. OP. air, sunrool. AH wfth racant Micnalin X bras. '67 Cnavy pickup. Coma see. Maka offar. Ridge Nassau Corp. W New Rd. Monmouth Jet Motorcycles 70 BSA 650 Classic British twin in superb condition. Completely rebuilt engine. Redwing front forks. S&W shocks, Duniop K-81's. new Bamett clutch aft. 5pm. 72 HONDA CB 350 Red. very good condition, many accessories, asking $ Trucks 73 HONDA 175 Excellent cond. $400 firm. Can aft. 6pm SURPLUS JEEPS Cars - believe. $2450. Call M-F, Boats. Many sell for under 74 HONDA 360 G Lowwork ext 519. $ For info, call 312- mileage, like new, with accessories. $600. Can after "82 HONDA Odyssey Home ext pm or weekends $1000. Call before Aft HONDA Super Sport 400 four. $1,100. Call aft. 4pm, HONDA XL175 good condition. Can after 5p.m. COOPER'S CYCLE RANCH 76 HONDA 750 Perfect cond. wind jammer plus many extras. Must sell. $1500 negotiable "77 HONDA CB400F 4 cyl mi., exc. cond., garage kept. $ before 80m. 77 KAWASAKI Z1-900 $1650 or best offer. Excellent condition HONDA HAWK 400CC, red. low mileage. Sissy bar, motor guard, new chain, recent tune-up and oil change. Very good cond. Must sell. $1250 or best offer anytime. 79 HARLEY DAVIDSON Sportster. Excellent condition, black & gold. Asking $3600. Myron. 60^ KAWASAKI KD 175 S575. Excellent condition: Helmet w/shiekl. Purchased in "80 as leftover. Steve, SUZUKI GS425E Excellent shape, new tires, sissy bar. $ YAMAHA YZ80 Excellent condition. $ YZ 250 Exc cond. best Offer '80 HONDA ATC 70 Good cond, $325. Call & 79 Honda CR250R - Exc. cond. Must sell. Also. 75 Kawasaki C1-900 Exc. cond. $ KAWASAKI KD80 Dirt bike. Excellent condition. $450. Great (or beginners KAWASAKI 1300cc, 120HP. Windjammer fullfairing. am/fm/tape stereo, cruise-control. Asking $3600. Peter Work '81 SUZUKI 750 Top rated 750 by Cycle Magazine. Elegant, precise, red, very fast, very serious. Black mirrors, low bars. Less than 5000 miles. Exc cond. Must feel to '82 HONDA ATC 250 In good condition. Call after 5pm '82 SUZUKI 650-E Mint condition, 4 cyl, mi. Asking $ RL33, Hamilton Sq. ' MSURANCE & FINANCING Mon-Fri Sat KAWASAKI 650 Asking aft. 6pm. $1000. Can after 6pm 609-MOPED Puch. Good condition. Runs well. $ YAMAHA RD400 excellent condition, low miles. YAMAHA DT 250 t aft. 5pm. j Asking $ $325. Call REBATES END JULY 31ST! CONVERTIBLE 4 cyt. auto. pwr. steering & brakes. Dr. mats, trunk dress up. side rnidg.. pwr. beck release. HO suspension, wsw, pwr roof, bucket seats. Mopar SALE $13,767. $ 11,999- HONDA GO-CART 8hp Tecumseuh eng. Champion sproket, new tires, seat, peddles. Best offer over $150. Also Dirt Bike. 80 cc, Yamaha. Best offer over $ after 6pm. HONDA 750F 79. silver. Exc. cond. Fairing & sissy bar. 13,000 mi. Asking $ CHEVY flat head 6 pick up. Excellent running condition. $600 or best offer. Working end 1972 Wreckmaster utility body, 10 ton swing boom, very good cond. $2000 or best offer. Call after Ask for Don. '55 F 500 dump running cond. Good lift & tires. $ CHEVY DUMP TRUCK w/angle snow plow. Call '77 DODGE CARGO VAN mi., am/fm stereo, auto., body & engine in exc. cond., good for business or conversion. $2700. Herb, or leave message at FORD 150 4x4, auto, 76 HOLIDAY RAMBLER p/s, p'b, stereo, 8-track, reg. Trailer, 25', sleeps 6, excellent condition. Call 201- gas, exc. cond, $ after 4:30pm. 79 FORD F-100 Supercab, pickup, w/cap. 6 cyl, ps & pb, auto, am/fm stereo. Original owner miles. $ fm cassette, custom wheels. '80 CHEVY C-10 6 cyl. Sacrifice $8, pick-up. 40,000 mi. Super gas mileage. Super condition. Call MOTOR HOMES For Rent '81 DUMP TRUCK Chevy C-30. Excellent condition. Asking $10, after 6pm. TRUCKS 25th Anniversary Sale Over 50 new trucks for this special clearance. Most models; Pick-Ups to Diesels. Sale ends July 30th. Colonial Motors US. Rt. 22 West North Branch (Somervffle) Machinery & Equipment '39 INTERNATIONAL FARM- ALL Tractor w/double bottom plow. Asking $ DODGE COLT 2 DOOR 4 cyl., 4 speed, white sidewalls, Mopar. SALE $ PRICE $6216. Area's Largest Retailer" Machinery & Equipment BOLENS 16 HP Lawn Tractor With 48"mower deck. $1600. Call I.H.CUB Farmal With disc, plow cultivator & I.H.140 w/cultivator. Phone MACHINERY repaired or made to order. Parts made for anything; welding, forging, fine machining'. Leyzorek, Skillman Mobile Homes MONMOUTH JUNCTION Custom 24x60, 2Va yrs. old, 3 bdrms., 2 baths, a/c, fm. rm. w/fireplace GARDEN TRACTOR 5hp, 230 Boats with, plower, harrow & cultivator. Good cond. Call eves. 16 FT. COMET Cedar w/mahogany deck. New sails/ bottom. $3000. trailer Recreational Vehicles '80 VW VANAGON Camper 25,000 miles. Excellent condition. Sleeps 4, ice box, sinks, outside hookups. Am/ 76 O'DAY 25 K/CB sloop, 10hp outboard, loaded, exc cond. $14, CANOE 19' Grumman oars, seats, preserver, the works. Will take sail-outboard. -, = SAILBOAT 16 foot gaffrigged cat boat. Trailer, $395 per week plus 10c per mile plus $5 per day in-cockpisurance. Package rates avail: board bracket. Very good cover, cushions, out- 1 week $600; 10 days $850. condition. $ $250 security deposit required. Call NIMROD Pop-Up Camper good condition. Stove, sink, elec. hookup. $650 or best offer Mobile Homes.COASTAL Navigation/ Piloting New Brunswick class starts Aug 10. Contact Mereld Keys, 15 Gedney Rd, Lawrenceville or Toll Free LEARN TO SAIL Basic, advanced, cruising auxilary. Teal Sailing School, Bay Head, NJ SAILBOAT & TRAILER 15ft Dolphin, good condition, asking $ or SAILBOAT 11 ft Seasnark w/life jackets. Ideal for youngsters. Easily tied to car top. Call eves SEARS 12' Alum. Boat 6hp Evinrade & trailer. Ex. cond. $ x70 2 yrs. old, ex. cond., USCG Capt License Course firepl., c/a! Fenced lot, enc. -r- Evenings, 40 hrs/4 wks, patio. $20, Sept or Toll days nights. Free x70 2 bdrm, Irg. Iiv rm, WINDSURFER - Enduro ' din rm, kit, 1 bath, with c/a, hardly used, tie down, roof porch, skirting, shed. Adult rack, sail bags. Everything park. Asking $20,000. Call included. $ betw. 8-4 only SUMMER SAVINGS SALE 1981 Buick Riviera T-type, V8 engine, Automatic transmission, Power steering, Power brakes. Too many extras to list... Cream puff 26,332 miles. Sale price 511, Fairmont 2 door, pwr. steering & brakes, auto, air cond., AM radio, 6 cyl., only 5,105 miles. Sale price $ Oldsmobile Delta 88 4-dr., diesel engine, Power steering, Power brakes, AM/FM monaural radio. Cruise control, Rear window defroster, Tilt steering wheel. Air conditioning. 48,587 miles. Sale price $5, Pinto Runabout, 4 speed, 4 cyl., AM radio, deluxe int., rear defroster, 55,615 miles. Sale price $ Fairmont 4 door, pwr. steering & brakes, auto., AM/FM stereo, air cond., 6. cyl., rear defroster, 51,965 miles. Sale price $ Pinto Runabout, 4-cylinder, 4-speed transmission, rear window defroster, AM/FM monaural radio. Power steering 11,200 miles...like new. Sale price $3, Dodge Aspen 2-dr. 6-cylinder engine Automatic transmission, Power steering, Power brakes, AM radio, Air conditioning only 17,282 miles. SPECIAL! Sale price $3,995. r J M55U1982 DODGi RAMPAGE # D-50 PICKUP # D-150 MISER PICKUP 4 cyt., 4 mama dual stripes. SALE $7686. * cyt.. 4 speed. Mopar. SALE PRICE $6968. *5999. AM prices reflect any Chrysler Rebates. 6 cyl.. 4 speed, carpet, stripes, deluxe seat, bright grille, hood om., whl. covers. SALE $7065. *6175. Plus Tax & Tags The Best D&al In Town" ROUTE I LAWRENCEVILLE PHONE: 1977 MGB CONVERTIBLE 4 speed, 4 cyl., AM/FM stereo 8 track,, 75,277 miles. Sale price $3995.' 1982 Fairmont Squire wagon, 6-cylinder engine, automatic transmission, Power brakes, Power steering, Tilt steering wheel, speed control, Luggage rack,-air conditioning, AM/FM stereo radio, Rear window wiper/washer. 20,920 miles. Sale price $7, Colony Park wagon, V8 engine, Power steering, Power brakes, Power seat, Power windows, Power door locks, Speed control, Tilt steering wheel, AM/FM 8-track tape. 44,587 miles. Sale price $4495. Wei Buy Your Extra Clean Used Car! NASSAU-CONOVER MOTOR CO. ROUTE 206 PRINCETON, NJ Tax & Tags Extra

34 Home Hunter's Guide 12-B Wleekof July 21-23, 1982 GETTING mmm car? i**m m ««cam kv *ow MM TV-tjos attar 3e*» IS MOuscanrnwQ Of «0» 1ST YR GfUO STUOCNT toowng lor pto» 10 *aar» Ml Of by c «>a MO tinmsio UMi *' " '" (PtMLVMLI WCaWPH ftm * MR» GO P FtoMft me** * E3FOWrtasono BEilAStt COUPLE - CM0OB«r«t 3Ol-30»-S2tt or 4339 * BR HOUSE APT - Or PHOfff S3BONWW. COU*>LE - «* eaw»» your NCMW MSO 60»«ftX)a»t i CROSSROADS N 3B0 Wanted to Rent *» Wanted to Rent»> Wanted to Rent»> Wanted to Rent 360 Wanted to Rent **> Wanted to Rent FAOCH Stnor Oiracaor Irorn and JUy to Augutt cat C fi HOMEOWNERS Makf* man. 55. mgt*. too local ralaranoatv. «nl r»oot«*il your Princeton- car* of property A pay modest rert Sept v HOUSE FARMHOUSE WWntUO vf twmmm axj*>«20t*7«>1^i693 0PO4 HOUSE - Sunday. Ju»y to 2.00 EJeganl condonmurn «n 3 19th century mansxxi next to ManjuatfKt Parfc The nc«y ornamented formal rooms cornered wnfln modem kittnen and skylights won Guemoey Halt 2 awards from the American institute of Arcfwtects Th«speoatf condo has French docs ieadtng to the garden. 3 BO s. 3"^ bams and 3 t^epiaces (one m the tmam bath) PRICED TO SELL - S lit. ZCm ID Lon Una; Or****f mn lo Marq, Paric l*rincelon Cr<is«r«iacls Halty. Inc. ^fiiimini Slff«1 (C^tcacr BamMonl Princrton Park in our lot. CAli ANYT1M 409-W OPEN 7 DAYS EXCHANGE FOR caratatdng or renovation I am looking lor a home, or Ig apt in Prtncaten Area preferably rural. Oiiei reapnnitile busineas man. neterencai avalable or OFF STREET PARKING or garage near Spring St and Wfchenpuoii after 6pm PhD PROFESSIONAL Woman 39. responefcie. nonsmoker. no pets, seeks aoradrve. wawfchtad apt in Princeton; lo $400. Write Box #04630 co Procaton Packet. PRINCETON ALUMNUS Former Bore resident desires 3, possmy 4 room apartment adjacent to downtown in modem buldng. August occupancy, year lease. Ground floor preferred. Phone collect PROF. COUPLE seekln WW/Plainsboro or Princeton Area school dttrict (1 child) 2 or 3 bdrm dupiex/townhouse w/iaundry (acflrbes & 2 baths. Or. McKenzie. days Evenings PROFESSIONAL PRINCE- TON Woman seeks apt or spacious sharing situation in Princeton vicinity. For under S350/mon. by Sept 1. Have car, furniture. Will do some? chores. Call eves & wknds. RENT OR HOUSESIT Mature responsible European couple (PhD & artist) in quiet apt or home, vicinity Princeton for academic & artistic freelance work. Excellent references from previous housesitting positions in USA & Europe. Reply to Box # Co Princeton Packet. RESPONSIBLE Young Lady seeks 1 bedroom/studio by Aug. 1. Day : eve Barb. RETIRED COUPLE seeks 5 rm. unfurnished house or share 2 family house in vicinity Millstone. Belle Mead, Hillsboro area. Nonsmokers, no pets. Will do yard work. References & security. By Aug. 15 or Sept There is nofinerplace to live on the Jersey Shore. Whatever your reasons for choosing 500 Bay its incomparable waterfront location, its roomy, luxurious residences, its electronic security and enclosed parking, its private boardwalk and pool, its spectacular view of the Great Egg Harbor Bay you won't find a superior investment value. Anywhere. We invite you to see for yourself. 2 Bedroom residences: from $122,000 Discounts on selected units offer expires 8/15/82 Limited: 12 7/8% financing. 500 Boy Avenue, Ocean City, New Jersey (609) Samples open daily 11 am to 5 pm. TAKE A PAID Vacation nice famiry who loves Princeton needs furnished house for August Call Betsy or Ted at Rendan-Cook, Realtors TWO PROFESSIONAL Females and 1 gentle well-behaved canine looking for apt or house in rural area ASAP. Convenient to Prince* ton & Trenton. Jeanne ; after 5pm Sue UNFURNISHED APT. Single prof, woman wishes 1 or 2 bdrm. Vicinity Belle Mead , WANTED DESPERATELY! In Princeton. 3,4 or 5 bdrm house or apt For sale or rental. Immediately. Exc references. Michael Landau ext 159. After 6pm WORKING Person. needs country apt. located betw, Pctn. Jet. & Htsn. Reasonable rent after 5. YOUNG Attorney seeks affordable 1 bdrm apt in Princeton by Sept Apt/House to Share 4 WOMEN SEEK 1 more to share Ig. house. No srrikg., pets ADULT Professional Shars nice Cranbury home. $245/ mo. incl. all util., house privileges ARCHITECT.. seeks other design profs, for sharing house in Princeton. Jeff, days , eves EWING 3 bdrm. house to share. NearTSE. $180/mo + Vb ut>i. Days After 8pm Avail, immediately. Apt/House to Share GREAT APT To Share own living rm & bdrm, share large kitchen & bath. Parking, washer/dryer, small yard & garden. $290 +.'Prefer professional HOUSEMATE for pleasant quiet house in woods in Princeton. $220/mon. Available Aug M/F ROMMATE Wanted to share 2 bdrm. apt. Princeton Meadows. $200 + % util. Avail. Aug. 1. Call aft. 7/14, NATURE LOVING Woman wanted to share farmhouse on 145 acre, with mother & daughter. Nonsmoker. $275 mo. includes utilities PARTNERS WANTED to find living space in Mercer County and share with outdoorsman-edilor-horticulure ' student. Call FEMALE WANTED to share Princeton Meadows apt. Nonsmoker preferred.'after 6pm & wkends. $225/mo. + util., avail: 8/1. PRINCETON Privacy in Call days; eves. FEMALE ROOMMATE Wanted Quiet, considerate, nonsmoker to share w/female, age 31 at Fox Run. $242.50/mo + security. Avail. 8/1. Call Keep trying. Various working hours. newly remodeled apt, 2 firs, walk to univ/bus. For mature open-minded professional M/F. $300. Avail 9-1, PRINCETON Need 4th young Christian, woman to share apt. $200 incls. utils. Box 27, Princeton, NJ FEMALE Apartmentmate PRINCETON Housemates needed immed. Must. have wanted for house nr. univ. ref. Prefer EST graduate, Call. Weekly cooking rotation. Call Cher eve. only! Randy riaw Mercerville- This stately colonial features a huge living room with fireplace, formal dining room, eat-in kitchen..< bedrooms. IV : baths.-and a 2 car garage, sitting on a beautiful park I ike lot. Just reduced to S69. l XM). JSchreiber REALTORS CALL CROSSROADS N C E T TIRED OF THE HEAT??? I I \ O N REALTOR bnda Camevafe Anutt Blanc LCMSFc* HralSix MraUrMd Carolyn HM tenor* Bartsn NEWLY CREATED LUXURY TOWNHOUSES, DOWNTOWN PfONCETON BOROUGH Desirable "tree-street" area. Individual ownership > with no monthly charges - yet maintenance-free Irving $177,500. Dramatic Atnum Ceramtc & hardwood floors Cathedral Cetfcng Custom designed kitchen HeaHato* fireplace Skylights Anderson windows Steeping tub Central air One car garage with Pre-wtred lor burglar alarm electric door opener PflMCETON 2 BR condo apartment, splendid owner tananctng. $82,500. KMGSTON 4 BR Dutch cotoniai. woodburrang stoves. $89,! PMNCETpMJjf BR ranch with fireplace & wood deck $92,000. JUST USTED Charmng Boro 2-story 3 BR s. move-in condition. $94, BR. 1'2 bath duplex with garage. Near park $99, Bfl ranch wtfh Ikeptace. brecieway & garage. $100,000. PfCCTOII 3 BR 2 t&th home wtotshed basement inground pool. $104,000. EAST WMDSOR 4 BR home on cuf-de-sac 16 x 32 inground pool. $107,000. LAWREMCEVULE 4 BR home with 13% 6nanong 3-zone heat new rod. S110,000. rittctoii XT. 4 BR wafc lo train. Pool and financing too. $125, large BRs, traplace * many extras. Asking $128,500. J PRINCETON BOROUGH Queen Anne Victorian restored to retain its character and charm, but renovated to offer all modern conveniences. There are three condominium units from S119,900. Each offers: - One floor living - All new kitchen - Private parking - Central air conditioning Private gardens - Hardwood floors - Open deck or balcony - One block from - Fireplace or Wood Palmer Square burning stove - Plus many extras PRINCETON BORO 2 BR condo. 1st floor gracious old col. Financing. $129,000. PRMCETON Unique ranch with deck hot tub & view of brook. Financing. $155,000. HOPEWELL 3 BR, 2 Bth. brick ranch w/basement. 2.7 acres. View. $164,000. PRWCETON BORO duplex, 3 BR's each side. Quiet st. near park. $165,900. FORRESTAL VILLAGE 3 BR contemporary townhouse. Atrium. $169,000. PRMCETON 19th century mansion condo. 3 BR, 3V 2 bths. 3 fireplaces. PRMCETON AVENUE stately 5 BR colonial. Fireplace, sunroom. $229,000. PRMCETON contemporary, 2 wooded acres, Stuart Rd., to be built MONTGOMERY custom colonial. Florida rm., indoor pool, 10 acres. $315,000. PRMCETON BORO 9 apts. + extra lot. Perfect for condo conversion. $335,000. Princeton Crossroads Realty, Inc. 342 Nassau Street (Corner Harrison) Princeton Park in our lot. CAU ANYTIME «rf OPEN 7 DAYS COOL OFF IN YOUR 40x20 POOL!!! 3 Bedroom Ranch with I'/;. Baths. Eat-in Kitchen. Dining Room. Family Room. Living Room. Screened-in Porch. Patio. One Car Garage and 40'x20' Swimming Pool. Kendall Park. $74,000. CO-LISTED WITH ', STOCKTON REAL ESTATE MAIN STREET, CRANBURY This 3 bedroom colonial has just been completely renovated/restored and features a brand new spacious kitchen (with new refrigerator, stove and dishwasher). Laundry room (with washer and dryer). Huge dining room, living room. 2 full baths and workmanship that must be seen to be appreciated! $115,000. TWIN RIVERS - 3 BDRM. Vh BATHS $67,900. GRIGGSTOWN - 3 BDRM. Vh BATHS..".:... $79,900. (available for rent - $650/mo.). - EAST WINDSOR - A BDRM. 2'/: BATHS ;...:... $110,000. KINGSTON - BRAND NEW 4 BDRM.. 2 BATHS ;...y... $115, North Main Street Cranbury, New Jersey (609) licensed real estate broker

35 «;*» Home Hunter's Guide Wnfc «f Jeff 21-23, till 13-B to Shan Ong#. warn**. *tj>s - c«s tpi an Apt/House to Share SHARE HOUSE w*t nxm in 2 owner. $200 per mom*. UMBM indurje* RCSPONSBLE FEMALE g m *mw a fmmm new ttsooo per" HWI* VOWO BUSINESS EMC *>* ej Heart b* C*l to «" «P*CKM» 3 bdrm»ftocmoo.«08- no"*- Grtoonown S35Omo 2K«t«altar S »1-3»-t»M atts tar mrnfte neuwe e» f» aw ROOMMATE WANTED 2 rtootttt for Rent ir Bue** Caww* UMW or tmam%m baft.. Uttftea, *» COMFORTABLE. PLEA- SANT Room m large. «rtf«* Oe* «r»rs EM«ore n or 3pn A*fc* idfnai* uto of 30 *no needs to 5 days ROOMMATE Wanted» 4 occasional weekend's #mm**&mmpii*kman Cat Ormn need not apply Ap>»-«" i-t»«. eve*. 93*- pew. lormmfeompfmcmon 6O»M7 M63 ail 4pm SMAAE A 2O«"«3W-3»t*» «* BW* « * ****««C*«- W6- TWM RIVERSin 20"s to 2 tsdrnx. 2 betfi apl wntfi FURNISHED ROOM pnv. 370 Rooms For Rent 370 Rooms For Rent 375 Apts For Rent^ 375 Apts For Rent FURNISHED BEDROOM ROOM FOR RENT in includes utts. quiet, private home near RCA occupancy. Security Laboratories. Gentleman onand references ry. Swimming pool, parking on premises MTERVCWMG tot room ROOM FOR RENT Farmin pnvata home. Avaiable house, Princeton Jet. $140 Princeton. Easily accessable Aug days: p us utilities. Call eves KENOALL PARK room lor rent, $50 per week, near bus between 8am- 2pm. MERCERVLLE Holy Noll in new home, pnvate $220 per monfti S62. PRINCETON ROOMS Mceiy turraehed. cosy single room* tor respectable, prolincnal gentlemen. References required. No cootung aft. Spm ROOM & SEMI EFFICIEN- CIES al weekly rate. Princeton Manor Motel, Morv mouth Jet US Hwy # Apartments lor Rent 1, 2. a 3 BEDROOM LUXURY Apts for rent - Furnished or not, short or long lease, extra features. Call Locators, $80. PRIVATE HOME off street 1 BDRM APT Available parking 13 mies from Pm Aug 1. Rocky HiR. off street Jet Sta. NYC bus at door, parking, carpeted, heat inc. Share bath no pets. $ ADULTS ONLY Resort living year round. Enjoy saunas, recreation room, swimmimg pool & tennis courts right at home. Our select apartments are only 20 minutes from from Route 1 & I 95. Spacious, fully carpeted 1 & 2 bedroom apts from only $335 per month including heat & hot water. Castle Club Apartments. Yardley Area. Pa ALLENTOWN AREA Applications being taken for nice 1 bedrm furnished apt. Available Aug. 1. $340/mo includes all utilities. References & Security required. Call evening AVAILABLE SEPT. 1 2 bdrm.. study, din. rm., liv. rm. All util. ind. Security. Garage ind. $5507mo BEAUTIFUL LUXURIOUS townhouse in a country setting. 1,2, & 3 bedrooms available. Rentals start from $395. Call Apts For Rent 375 Apts For Rent BOUND BROOK Best bet. Spacious 4 room, kids/pets EAST WINDSOR ok. $345 pays all bills! AdsHampton Arms. Large rooms. subject to availability, $80. Lovely garden apts, w/w , Locators. CENTER OF Princeton 1 bdrm apt air, off street parking, private entrance. $525 inc all utils. Pets ok. Avail immed CENTRAL NASSAU Street low rent, available immediately DARIEN At NEW HOPE Ltd.. Village II, 1 bdrm.apts. $330 & $350 mo + electric; 2 bdrm townhouses $550 mo + electric EAST WINDSOR Village East Apts, Twin Rivers. Lovely, spacious, bright eft., 1 & 2 bdrm apts. W/W carpet, modem conveniences, individual a c & heat. Pool, tennis courts & Twin Rivers facilities. Apt J-23 or call carpet, air conditioned, heat & hot water included. 609-! EAST WINDSOR condo, 2 bdrms, 2 baths, central air. $475 + Utils after 5pm. EAST WINDSOR One bedroom condo Lovely condition, biege carpet, all appliances, $475 including Maintenance. Available Aug. 15. No pets. Richardson Realtors EWING near T.S.C. carpeted 3 bedroom, kids/pets ok, many extra. features just $350; also, deluxe 7 room, air & more!. Ads subject to availability. $ , Locators. Ewing Twp. DELAWARE HEIGHTS Luxury Garden Apts. On 29 North Showplace of New Jersey overlooking Delaware River. Many with finished basements.. 1 & 2 BR Apt. From S390/MO.. Includes heat, hot water, dishwasher, tennis court. Swimming pool at nominal cost DIRECTIONS: 1-95 south to Exit 1, take Rt. 29 No. to second exit on right.. EWING TWP 4 bdrm, 1 Vibath, liv rm, din rm, kitchen, music rm, air, 1st floor. $ EWING TOWNSHIP 1 Bedroom $435 Rent includes electricity, air conditioning, heat, pool privileges. Settle into bur superbly maintained building set in. beautiful wooded surroundings. Woodbrook House 865 Lower'Ferry Rd LAWRENCEVILLE TOWN HOUSES A drslanclrwe ComrnunrtY es being burfi m a ptctuf esque setting of Umtencevtfte fmm $74jam. MORTGAGES EQUITYADVANCE AVAILABLE PROGRAM QUAUFIED BUYERSWeichertASKABOUTOUR * When the people of New Jersey think Real Estate..they think Weicherf' I» Qui&faxJ Buyers THE VILLAGE IOMWR MQWMS features 3 twdroom, 2 baths, large Irving room and dining room, kitchen with p p wa* <cn«afl carpeting, g lui basement, professaonatty landscaped lots plus EMUGY SAV1WG PACKAGE Including neat pump, central a» Ih* VKLAGE ««SeaOy tocatad in the hub ot the cultural and educational areas of the Garden Sot* CC*IWIWCI^ i» made»imp% by eaav access to Rtes and 206. I OPEN HOUSE OPEN SAT., 1-4 RM. MANVILLE Excellent value - low price best describes thts4 bedroom older Colonial withall large rooms. 1' i baths. 2 year old roof, and convenience to stores Plenty o( room for the growing family. S55.OOO HB Dlractiont: Main Si to Dukes Pkwy to 242 North 2nd Avenue. HUlsborough Office BELOW RATE FINANCING MONTGOMERYTWP...on approx. S mortgage, 2 points, straight 30 years, is available to the qualified buyer of this newly listed 4 bedroom, 2'.i bath Colonial nestled on a 2-acre cul de sac. Warm up with family room fireplace or cool down in the inground pool. S125,000. PR Princeton Office OPEN HOUSE OPEN SUN., 1-4 P.M. HILLSBOROUGH 13% financing is available to the qualified buyer of this 4 bedroom home located in aquiet friendly neighborhood. Enjoy the mature trees and roofed and screened in patio. $84,000. HB Directions: Rt 206 S., left to 9 Lindslrom Drive. HiUsborough Office '» «THC VtlLAGE and *«f«r o new imng envfronmanf. 1'Tlfor-- Soles Office Open Dolly: n - 5:30 Weekends: ti - 5:30 Rich lieu fount Ho CONSTRUCTION COMPANY MtfCnOMS: fntm It*. I *.. SM WM< 3 mi. on rtfh*. tmm tto. 1M *!*.»4* imt 1 mi. OM rifkt. N«t-M w \-7H *m *. m xortk totf.su w««f 1 th ma backed by HOW. lttuthokewttt ATTRACTIVE DUTCH COLONIAL KINGSTON Comfort and prestige surround this newly listed Colonial nestled near Princeton. Spacious 5 bedrooms, 2'J baths, stepdown living room, family room with stone fireplace,.central air and total comfort are yours. S142.5OO. PR Princeton Office Mi HOAGLAND FARMS Special Financing MONTGOMERYTWP. A BUYDOWN is available on 2 homes to qualified buyer. Prestige community on high rolling land near Princeton offers new, 4 bedroom Colonial homes of outstanding design and quality. $135,500. Princeton Office Weichert Weekly* NOBODY Advertises like Weichert! Each wa«k. mor* than 9,000,000 people sea Weichert lilted properties in more than 40 newspapers and periodicals. Advertising helps us sell your home by generating maximum buyer flow. INCOME PROPERTY HILLSBOROUGH This large expanded Ranch on over7 acres in Hiflsborough offersan additional 2 bedroom Ranch, ideal for rental income. Property, with barn and paddocks, is suitable for horses. $139,900. HB HUlsborough Office OFFICE CONDOMINIUMS CENTER HALL COLONIAL HILLSBOROUGH Set on approximately 1 Hritsborough acre, this spacious. 4 bedroom home offers 2-zone central air. center island kitchen, and 24" deck. Many custom extras. $124,900 HB HUlsborough Office Talk to Weichert! EASY LIVING EAST WINDSOR Total convenience will be yours in this 1 bedroom Condo in the highly desirable Twin Rivers area. Freshly paintedand wallpapered, it is close to N.Y. transportation. $39,000. SBO001. South Brunswick Office MOTHER/DAUGHTER MONROE Owner will hold a first mortgage lor the qualified buyer omns4 bedroom mother/ daughter home complete with outside entrance. Just reduced home includes 2 baths, family room and large deck for summer entertaining. S S&O016. South Brunswick Office JUST REDUCED! NORTH BRUNSWICK Desirable Hidden Lake is the setting for this 5 bedroom, 2V: bath custom Colonial on a private, professionally landscaped lot that backs to woods. S184,500. SB South Brunswick Office REMODELED RANCH SOUTH BRUNSWICK-Enjoy the cozy fireplace in winter and the private yard and patio in summer of this 4 bedroom, 2 bath Ranch._On beautifully landscaped grounds, this homefeatures a new kitchen plus many custom extras. $78,900. SB South Brunswick Office H^1 The Benefits of Ownership -S24-7O9O CNil TheStrate^c Location frwm Hew lftwft aad Pkfla* Lmduwimikfraa K N v The Professional Environment A maximum of 4$ offices ArcklwcwraJ de*%a by the a««rd>wteai^( HBUcr Group. ladmdsal officesfiftmi15»i to MM M. fk. A «fkty offloorpuss pita. WmmKWw^m Bd^i IwflRB* AaeocUdon wkfc other profes- \ V R V UIU'S r&f -ft,; PRIVATE CAPE SOUTH BRUNSWICK On a secluded 1 acre wooded tot this charming 3 bedroom Cape omersaremodeted kitchen, fireplace plus wood stove and circular drive. $79,500. SB South Brunswick Office VERY PRIVATE PRINCETON Move right in tothis handsome 3/4 bedroom Ranchonaquiet, private road in a greet neighborhood. Enjoy the living room fireplace in winter and the central air and enclosed patio In summer. $142,500. PR Princeton Office HILLSIDE CONTEMPORARY 12% Financing DELAWARE TWP.... is available to the qualified buyer of thisdramatic Contemporary set on 3 ptcturesqueacres just V» hourfrom Princeton Distinctive and private yet near area of custom homes. $ PR Princeton Office BELOW RATE MORTGAGE MONTGOMERY TWP....Of up to 90% is available to the qualified buyer of this contemporary Ranch. Get away from it all with 1.39 country secluded acres and relax on your privately screened porch off the living room or snuggle by the fire. Many fabulous extras. $104,500. PR Princeton Office SPECIAL FINANCING SOUTH BRUNSWICK All terms are available to the qualified buyer of this immaculate 3 bedroom, 1V2 bath Ranch. Many newfeatures make this home better than new. Won't last! $68,900. SB South Brunswick Office BEDROOM CONDO TWIN RIVERS Enjoy a carefree lifestyle in this highly attractive, tastefully decorated condo with 2 baths, community pools, tennis, clubhouse and easy commuting to N.Y.C. Fantastic value at $47,500. PR Princeton Office Offices Open 9a.rn.-9 p.m. Weichert Realtors Al offerings are a i to errors and omissions

36 Home Hunter's Guide 14-B Week of July 21-23, Apts For Rent 375 Apts For Rent 375 Apts For Rent 375 Apts For Rent 375 Apts For Rent Six choice condps. One choice location. The Cfcaocir-Jnrtnt cwiwrmmftbit in Yjwdky. Pa, G d k k l altxc*k* k new concept* «g With twii&r wcwaanonal Ucitxs Her lenras i courts»^mtcfeccmsr^e{*i module. beaudul new pod awd ctytitxiaw *u*ne rnrxteh) Each fimrrit 'm Ti%rrrtrry rtimfnrrl Trrt TpnirTy cmftrtkted. Comtowmt to atnpping. fine KftodBvl-95*ndDrwsh>Kr«r r PW«fcl prin and ' package Frotn$ 58,990 apartment > Coodoa Choose a first Boor with patio or second floor with cathedral ceding, loft and balcony. One or two bedrooms with many standard amenities indudmg wood-burning fireplace. From SS&990 to Townbocne Coodos Mow Under Construction haa IScoodoa, Choose a 2 bedroom. I'/i bath or 3 bedroom. 2*4 bath. Spacious and innovative, with a wealth ol standard features. S6&990 and $74,990. ag rthigciatar. washer and ; and Ire**, rear and «o> yard Reduced Rale Mortgage Financing Available to suit your needs! Open dairy noon to 5 PM.(215) or Call cooed. Tafe US UmAto ****** Eat Bear r«m awl Uke 332 W%sttoSkMf Ml la («aatr-lm traffic Kfirt) Go left U (traflkfifjw)toc«r«ul Dm» Tara r*bt to saapte* cjittyers and Sellers meet weekly in tike CLASStFiED PAGES FLORENCE Tolgate Condo lovely 1 bdrm. $345 inctud- EWING TOWNSHIP ing heat, vwhr/dryr. central Charming, tunny 1 bdrm. apt. air. carpeted deck, walk-in on residential st Pvt entr. doeets, port, tennis. Country Pets ok. S26S/mo + etoc. atmuaptieu Convenient to heat 6pm. pd aft. PA/RI Tpk Call evenings APPLICATIONS BEING TAKEN NOW FOR FUTURE OCCUPANCY NORTHGATE APARTMENTS On* Mil* Road and Princeton-Hightttown Road (Rt. 571) (opposite McGraw Hill) East Windsor. N.J. 1 and 2 Bedrooms from $380 per month Features: SWIMMING POOL AIR CONDITIONERS ALL APARTMENTS HAVE CROSS VENTILATION e GAS HEAT (included in rental) WASHER & DRYER FACILITIES RESIDENT SUPERINTENDENTS MASTER T.V. ANTENNAS CABLE T.V. AVAILABLE KITCHENS WITH WINDOW AND DINING AREA MODEL APARTMENT OPEN MONDAY-FRIDAY 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Weekends by Appointment FLORENCE CONDO 1 bdrm., Irg. rms. and closets, track lighting, washer/dryer, garbage disposal, carpets, shutters, pool, tennis, close to parking. $ aft 6pm. FURNISHED THREE Room/4 room apt/cottage/ house with wall to wall carpeting, paneling, a/c, equip, mere Apts. Hughes Drive,_1 & level adaptable to many uses. Fireplace. Walk out lower kitchen, colored TV radio, at2 Bedrooms, some/den Rear yard extends to swan motel in Windsor Hkjhtstown creek. Perfect for the rising area no lease from $160 perhk3htstown plush 4 professional couple. $600/ week room, open lease, low de-moposit, $275 pays all bills! Also i + utils ; FURNISHED Princeton 2 bdrm apt. Avail. July 15 thru 1st floor washer/dryer, $300. Aug 30 only. $140/week includes utils. Larry $ Locators. on quiet tree lined street rear Ads subject to availability, LAMBERTVILLE.1 bdrm 6124 between 10am-6pm apt. w/private fenced in HIGHTSTOWN 3 rooms. Mon-Fri. backyard, exposed liv rm 3UEST HOUSE charming 3Vb acres of privacy, 5 mins. Princeton Jet. Station, perfect for professional. S375/mo. + utils. Call 60* PERFECT LIFESTYLE Summit Trace is the perfect place in Bucks County for young professionals or mature couples. It's maintenance-free living with all the latest comforts and luxury amenities, including a private patio or balcony, swim club, tennis courts, and a Newtown location that's convenient to shopping and restaurants. And you're still only 45 minutes from Princeton, 5 minutes from I-95 and the commuter train. PERFECT PLACE - One-bedroom apartments from $380 Two-bedrooms from $430 Phone:(215) Hours: Mon.-Fn. 9 to 6PM; Sat. &Sun 11 W 6PM Directions: From 1-95 exit on Rt 332. Yardley/Newtown. west on 332 into Newtown. then left on State St to OouWewoods M at Newtown Bypass. Lett to Summit. FURNISHED 1 room apt. for professional male available Sept 1. Pleasant bedsitting room, kitchenette, bathroom. Private entrance. Utilities. $265 monthly. Lease, security & references. Reply Box #04654 c/o Princeton Packet. HAMILTON TWP Wood- Excellent condition with applicances. $300/mon + utils evenings. HILLSBOROUGH Claremorit Hills Condo. 2 bdrm, Vh baths, pool, $550/mo + util HOPEWELL BORO 6 rm apt, no pets, $460 + utils after 9pm. HOPEWELL 2 bdrm sublet. $425 incl. heat Keep trying. HOPEWELL - 2 bdrm townhouse, 1V4 baths for rent in Boro. $495/mo. Ref. req LAFAYETTE HOUSE Berkeley Sq. historic district. Convenient location overlooking balcony, 24 hr. doorman, ideal for professional, 1 & 2 bdrm. apts. from $355. Call for appointment. LAMBERTVILLE 2 bdrms. clean, carpeted. No pets. LUXURY CpNDO In Yardley, Pa. 2 bdrms, liv rm, $475/mo. inclg. all utils aft 7pm. dinette, kitchen & bath. Fully LAMBERTVILLE 2 bdrm equipped, air conditioned with cottage, clean, carpeted. Now/w carpeting. Club house & pets. Avail Sept 1. $375 + allswimming pool. $550 per mo utils aft 9pm. + utils. Write P.O. Box 344, Freehold, N.J. or call after LAMBERTVILLE in brick 8pm Victorian. Sunny 1 bdrm apt with foyer, liv rm, eat inmanville Efficiency Apt. kitchen & bath. Hardwood $225/mo. Includes heat & floors, quiet street. $395/mon water. Call includes heat & hot water.. Tenant pays electric. Single MERCERVILLE Sept professional or professional BR, LR, DR, kit, bath, den in couple preferred. Adults. No pets , LAMBERTVILLE with a balcony view of historic Lambertville, a 3 bdrm 2 'A bath spacious contemporary townhouse. Modem conveniences include refrigerator, washer/ dryer, dishwasher. Skylighted cathedral ceiling,.parquet floors, w/w carpeting, central air conditioning & heat pump. brick wall, off street parking. $275/mo + util. Call LANDLORD SERVICES We have 100's of pre- Screened tenants at no cost or obligation. Call , Locators: LAWRENCEVILLE 1 & 2 Bedrm Apts & Townhouses subject to availability. White Pine Apts LAWRENCEVILLE 1 Bdrm Apts & 2 Bdrm Townhouses when available. Sturwood Hamlet LAWRENCEVILLE near Rider, 6 room duplex, kids/ pets ok, $345 pays all bills! Ads subject to availability, $ , Locators. LAWRENCE 2 bdrms.. mod. kit., din., livrm., garage, bsmt., $495 + utils. Avail Sept family house near Community College. J. T. Boyer Realty Pennsylvania Toll Brothers offers 73 home designs in 10 superb locations New Jersey 1. 4 bedra-m, *H brtkk from f 127, **% U-riud t-n I-fft to E_t Bta 106 N. u» IS*. SM floe* m-lttt or O1S MM! from $109,900. I2W* Limtttri 1VI *% 30 1-fi to Htmtemrn- 1U. (ft*. SX2) «DX- Go «Mt ** ad* i On* ifefct Lib* IdL Fdfa* Wrier Li** Id. to 4 banraosaa. 2V%!JH%LkBitad titm ptdil mortfice program to Newm«u-Y*nUey Rd. OU. 332) exit. Go east on Rt. 332 a H nak tocrwmmty Rd. Torn kit to Quarry Rd. U M O right to models. Open Sat San Phone or bedroomt. 2H ; tram S8SS90.12Vt% Umitad Urn* VA mortfmg* program. 19-7*% 10 ymr fixad rata martmm-1«to NtwtowB-Yardbr Rd. (Rt. 332) mxk. Latt on Rt- 332 to frstlgbt Left, on Stony HiB Rd. to nasct IgflL Sigta> on Yexdlty Rd, IV* aflaa to aamplaa. Opan daily aad 9am.!%. Sat Phone or S and 4 badiooina. 12H* Bated tfana FHA/VA BMrtgaga program. Wtm% m yaar fixad rata mart* nag*. 9aparUAl to Rt. 413 north. M «Sun Sat Mon. & Wed Phone or , The BkkDe Estate 4 bedrooms. 1Yx baths; from $179, Vt% Limited t*"" 1 special mortgage program. North on Huntingdon Pike (Rt 232) to Moreland Rd. (just above the Meadowbrook Apts.) Turn right on Moreland Rd. & continue V, mile to the BkkUe Estate. Open daily and Sun Sat Phone or Bcne Befl Chan 4 bedrooms. 2M baths; from S M% Limited time spedal mortgage program. From Rt 809 and the PA Turnpike, proceed wast on Pennsylvania Ava. W mha, Make a left on Bethlehem Pike, Proceed V* mile. Make a right onto Morris Rd. Proceed 6 mfles. Make right onto North Wales Rd. Go Vi mile to samples. Open dafty and Sun Sat Closed Thurs. & Fit Phone (215) or (215) > Gwynedd Chase 4 bedrooms, 2'A baths; from S126; '/i% TJmit«^ time special mortgage program. From Rt 309 and the PA Turnpike, proceed west on Pennsylvania Ave. Vt mile. Make a left on Bethlehem Pike. Proceed '/«mile. Make a right onto Morris Rd. Proceed 6 miles. Make right onto North Wales Rd. Go V* mile to wamplew. Open daily and Sun Sat Closed Thurs. & Fri. Phone (215) or (215) Radnor Chaee 4 bedrooms. 2Vi baths; from $177, % Limited time spedal mortgage program. From Schuyllrill Expressway. Route 76 take Gulph Mills exit to Route 320 south. Follow 320 south to second traffic light past Overbrook Golf Club and turn left onto Bryn Mawr Avenue. Continue ' 6 blocks on Bryn Mawr Avenue to MiD Road and torn right to model area. Open daily and Sun Sat Phone or U> Bradford Glen 3 and 4 bedrooms; : from $ /8% 30 year fixed j rate mortgage. From Exton take i Rt 30 bypass west for 7 miles to Rt (Marshalton-Thorndale! Rd.) then left for 3 miles to samples. Open daily and Sun Sat Closed Thurs. and Fri. 'Phone or or Toll Brothers... builders of superior homes of outstanding value for 3 generations

37 Home Hunter's Guide 15-B Af*a For Rant»» Apts For Real Apis For Rant *m aufipo to NCWv INQP*«- &*** immm HBMMNfth SWWaW H^WWC * HaaM> UaftMK bit W^ CHS B^W aw ^*abfeat «*ojms na<. J3S» * mut*e mm * «MK (Na» ma.% «40R n Vsl HOOT. MBpwa^ yaa» laaamt CaK Mas *»rj*~ tsts'iaonth - onl «p«n> HM*. *??5 locator*. M» WftpO» %. Pot*. *«60«o. tv, me MC «a> if* country PWWCCTOH»H aw,, fcjajw I - Off IRCMMl t, act Brim. o«*v **«* t.«i flow, manga* Aa*, tin poai S3M no aw Bat # OMSB co Pnnea- OO»-«4S-7B0O tnusvuje 3 rm apt tor Oachaior available im> Ho pae* S380 par MO wtoaat Cal 0O»-737- tan tcmnn CBfTER and aa tfwrt aa 3 morahik. EfM9y ffa> rthnacy inrj JK>pare Eatt a H commultr bus NYC* COffipiMMt m four on ft 33 Tpfc LUXURY APTS. Mfltt, tacnw pnmcitqnj f r* CMEMOCS SOUTH 0RUMS - * dan, CaMm w, pato & ttakmaa., ism waiar A ^^ - caw atr m R> 4 NMIW STUOCMt APARTMENT - «Cad O9ea ooan Man t n ta*n-«ao pm. Sat '2-4 AITS.. MJ eoq ««a 6853 The Fonda Western Colonial 4 Br 2'/2Bth 2080 ft 2 $96,990 Village The Executive Class Homes of Hillsborough 1 3%% fixed rate mortgages are now available to qualified buyers. Come and see the pride of Somerset County. These three and four bedroom homes are handcrafted from natural materials for the timeless look of practical elegance. Our seven models include colonials and contemporaries, each one a home you can be proud to make your own. $89,990 to 111,990 OPEN 7 DAYS CALL: Direction*: Routes 22 or 287 to Somerville. Then south on 206 for 6 mses to New Amwefl Road. Turn right, then 1 Mr mites to models. Classified ads reach 30,000 families weekly. RICHARD A.I CHECK YARDLEY COMMONS NOW YOU CAN AFFORD AN EXCLUSIVE YARDLEY HOME. From the mid 40's. Active lifestyle featuring swimming pool and clubhouse. Beautiful country living amid trees and rolling hills. 9%%* Interest with 5% down. OPEN HOUSE TODAY YARDLEY COMMONS CONDOMINIUMS 300 South Main Street Yardley, Pennsylvania (215) Mon.-Fri. 10-6, Sat./Sun From 1-95 (Newtown Exit), take 3^2 East to Yardley. Turn rit;ht on Main Street and watch tor our si^n*.. '5% down: $2, mo. prin. & int. payments ot'$ ea. prin. hal. ot $42, Uue. alter 3 yrs. subj. to purchaser's right to renew at then current market rate. MARC EQUITY. AN INVESTMENT IN A LIFESTYLE. SPECIALIST IN CORPORATE RELOCATION CORP. FOR SERVICE BACKED BY EXPERIENCE CALLWEIDEL II«: (iwmlitt wttimi mm tincmoi a t t n i tvm nimt aaffli <mmm 9»<s»t $magt Nmr «lmn> Ut n a t»»smrftif HCftMt to wmm WHEN THE QUESTION IS REAL ESTATE... THE ANSWER IS WEIDEL tan «*»* Di SrisaM KJWJ ttm likie«lr«k>«o2t*»i Soften CtrtrX M. CM CMJICnM" - Ptainstoro situated on a picicmd W This almost new home affords the buyer a V.A mort t{t at 15Vj\ no points it you're quahhed. freshly P«rtk and neutral carpetmi ttirouihout. fireplace in Uraiff room 3 Dedroons. 2V, baths, eat-in kitchen with doame sett-dean oven, combine to make this home a must to be seen at ( WEIDEL INTENSIVE TRAINING PROGRAMS When you're an associate with Weidel. you begin by learning the business through a carefully planned 4 week course of basic training. A course taught by experienced professionals a course developed from over 65 years of experience. When you're finished, you'll be well on your way to offering your customers and client! the care and professional guidance Weidel has built its reputation on. But we don't stop here, we offer our experienced associates advanced training throughout their career. Important training which keeps them abreast of a constantly changing industry. Weidel invites you to discuss a sales career in real estate. Call any of our office managers today tor a confidential interview. It could mean an exciting, rewarding career I Come Join The Professionals... Join Weidel Our training makes the difference! Call today for confidential interview jmum»r t Wtgitf miuhm tattan* KSna Wnm WOMS m Hillside Terrace. W»jhin jton T«p. Oks home olten dose accessibility to (oh course, five ' bedreoai three bathrooms and redwood deck overlooking nataral treed area Perfect for the large famify or for m-law utuition with spaaous two lead Irmng listed at Utttd at HJ.SOO. A TIME HONORED CLASSIC Circa stone and frame colonial set back onto 3.18 acres in Hopewell Township. 20 minutes into Princeton. 8 rooms. 2 baths, 4 bedrooms, charming dining room 16' x 14' with large open fireplace. 25' living room with large picture window. The grounds are private with towering shade trees, induding a magnificent ash tree 5' in diameter. 27' x 27' garage with loft ideal for studio. A wonderful property to display your antiques. $175,000. MIGHTY IMPRESSIVE ON ACRES In the rolling hills of Bucks County. 10 rooms. 2V? baths. 4 bedrooms.3-car garage, a grand entrance with spiral staircase. 5 fireplaces, custom landscaping. A showplace for $279,000. with 13'//% - 30 year mortgage, if qualified. PRINCETON FARMS - HOPEWELL TOWNSHIP A very impressive 7 room. 2 bath home in mint condition, custom built and loaded with expensive extras that are included for $122,900. NEW LISTING - PENNINGTON BORO Remarkable 7 room colonial with beautiful natural chestnut woodwork, large formal dining room with built-in corner cupboard and plate rail, living room with fireplace, twin side porches overlook the country size grounds 120' x 260'. A very special place at $119,500. mmmm Mm» MHMMKI ant umocmiii WAtwata iaf taai%caa4vt wrik \ a g*kum m^szmmmm««m "' "".. S14UM ntiki m ^(ttstowa bd p i abounds in this super Dutch Colonial Uhti this hone is kitchen with s, large dmng room with built-in dnets. tamrf room with fireplace, simoom. screened port*. S bednms, 2 M phis 2 half baths and h«j twined basement Tremendous vatue offered at - mm BEHIND THIS GREENERY! "Charleston Riding", a prestigious community in Pennington Boro of fine executive, contemporary homes. At this time, we just happen to have 2 beauties - the one shown above has just been painted throughout the 8 rooms. 2'/i baths. 4 bedrooms. Come inspect it. $171,300. CHERRY HILL ROAD - i'a ACRES Montgomery Township. Princeton address, subdivision possibilities, lake site and perfect for those interested in horses or nature. Colonial. Cape Cod with stone front. 4 bedrooms, living room with fireplace, screened porch. First time offered - $ , 14% mortgage, if qualified. OFFICE CaU92I-2700 wn USIM^ast Mafew. Tlw wmacoute rfctairy tees i tatam laite U M M Room. Dming Room. Eat-In M d w. ftmtf Room. 3 Badraoou. IV, baths and an S 4 M W ea a hsttjr lamtaaoed 1/2 acre and comes packed a t t m a) etfra M a n. Be oat «f the fwsl It personally «saed Hat keaaty ai_. $MJM NEW LISTING - ELM RIDGE PARK One of Hopewell Township's finest areas, minutes into Princeton Boro. Come see this outstanding 10 room. IV 2 bath WiBiamsburg colonial cape with-attractive brick front. 5 generous size bedrooms, deluxe kitchen with cheny wood cabinets, on 1.39 acres for privacy. Immediate possession S21MN. - possible owner financing, if qualified. TWELVE OFRCES NEW JERSEY PENNSYLVANIA T LA WRENCEVILLE OFFICE EAST WINDSOR OFFICE PENNINGTON OFFICE atost.. LawraKxvilk. NJ. Rte Princeton Road No. 2 Highway 31, Pennington, N.J. Call Call * (TOWN AND COUNTRY SPECIALISTS SINCE 1915 HOPEWEU TOWNSHIP 12% MORTGAGE Stone and brick ranch on. 2 acres with beautiful shade trees. 8 rooms: 3 bedrooms: 19' x 23' family room with fireplace, wet bar. random pegged floors: 15' x 24' living room with stone fireplace and large picture windows; 3-car attached garage. $ % financing, if qualified.

38 Home Hunter's Guide Ifc-B Week of July 21-23, 1982 Corporate Relocation Specialists frwwj taryour guww and B Adi « car t» jjoun te» moatm ttsxooa, mm mobpngt fmitpt i«ttmwafnms«m<ovnft'i-* WURI* m* me P*c*e *! ** HOMLTCM * 4 SEW Co* «wtt * 2? * iwt «Mfti c gms sliding tmest AMW6LL ** f WE SOtffMEWNi mw o r THE ICfaWt Ptantvcrf CtfltardaM*. MGHTSTOWM N«tll«d in ditty Mighlstown Em4MQpW40l * 3-4 bedrooms. I«'Q» Family room Ai flulooo.w» ff«nkyou» agrt* «a buy 1 EASTWMDSOR ULTRA «Moai Cotoratf n East Windsor t«h <t_«otyofra-tendi arytwf»» Oyrtwd 1*1 nmodscn country hmctw nulift*?* Are- 0«K». crotetvontfty landtcapxl w«h «WH» pnwacy #»r*ar femunng mound pool and cowm by iptttd 16x27 mm dec* 1 voun at.., S12S.000. TRENTON BftNG OUT THE BARON M YOUR SECRET S LF * «BR saon* manor ««i f«ntal bonus»««ins tar flw II fam*y at only Whar* can you find four bedrooms, three acf»s, grml location in HOPEWELL TOWNSHP for undar $100,000.? WEST WWDSOfl PRMCETON MAIJNG ADDRESS is jutt on* extra with this lovety 4 BR. 2V4 bam Colonial. Private professionaby landscaped property and a beautifully wen maintained home featuring indoor-outdoor intercom and warmth galore Todays special $134,900. WEST WMDSOR Spacious, perfect tor the professional with a large farrary 1 Featuring 3 full baths. 3 wooa burning fireplaces. 5 to 7 Bedrooms, Could be easiry used as an in-law suite w«h private entry. A very gracious home Biat is also comfortablelt West Windsor $119,000. MUSTONE TOWNSHIP COUNTRY SETTMC - but a very modem 4 bedroom 2 bath ranch. One year ok) 4 cut house bam. Conveniently located to acres of nd*ig trails. Priced to sell last cafl for details!" HAMLTON GET READY FOR COMPLMENTS! Graooujhvjng in desirable VILLAGE ON THE GREEN, COLONIAL w. 4 bedrooms. 2v, baths, and oversized garage. Immacutate UOVE-M CONOfTJOfT OF- FERED AT $98,900. C?ox C&FLazo CARNEGIE UAlTOtS P«mc«ion Oefcr m Ri., # WEN HOUSE t«c2-1-4pm #» l» tat Ta*i M REALTORS AND INSURORS q Opportunity S-nc»!886 T 609 B'<O 33OC SCS AGENCY tcmtors South Main & Mercer St. Hightstown )113 RANCHER - A 3 bedroom. 1V» bath masonry construction in <rt Eat-in KMcnen. plus Hxmat dming room. Central air. oil heat tam a mng **cve n basement. Price $74,000. MQMTSTOWN COtOMUU. bu* in late 1800 s and has been well mmr*m0wd 4 BR on 2nd floor * 2 more on 3rd 2 LR. formal OR. Modem KHcnen A gr«m vatue $66, FOR RENT - FIVE ROOM COTTAGE 5 minutes from Princeton North of Route 518 on top of a mountain ridge overlooking the valley and Bedens Brook Country Club. Part of a 115 acre estate. Unobstructed exquisite view of valley farmlands and Princeton area. cupancy - Sept CoB (201) weekdays HOMES OF QUALITY REALTORS CREAM RIDGE $149,000. "GONE WITH THE WIND" has returned especially for you with this 10 room, 4 bedroom "Georgian" classic in a parklike setting. Enjoy the glamour of old with the comfort of today. Call us for a tour of this splendid home. ' UPPER FREEHOLD $100,000. BRING "NATIONAL VELVET alive for you and your family with this custom 4 br. rancher in the heart of horse country. EAST WINDSOR $87,500. NEW LISTING IN WARREN PARK ESTATES a lovely 4 br. split level with family room, formal dining room and lots more. Call today! TWIN RIVERS $76,900. ASSUME THE MORTGAGE* on this immaculate 4 br. split level. This home has hardwood floor in the dining room, loads of storage and work area and many more extras. Call today for details. EAST WINDSOR 572,900. TAKE YOUR TIME and restore this old farmhouse and make it a dream come true. It also has outbuildings for horses or livestock if you desire to be a gentleman farmer. TWIN RIVERS S ENJOY LIFE in this 3 br. townhouse with new wall to wall carpeting, all appliances and loads more. If you are qualified, you can assume the $37,300. 9Vi% mortgage and have m jntrily payment of $498 including taxes and insurance. TWIN RIVERS $69,900. JUST REDUCED this lovely 3 br. split level nas a spectacular view of the lake and also offers special financing. Ask us for details today! RENTAL HAMILTON TOWNSHIP This home is a 3 br. semi -with a finished basement and modem kitchen. Rents for $550 a month plus utilities. ' *to the qualified buyer. 219 Franklin St. Hightstown. NJ Lake Dr. E. Windsor Apts For Rent TWM RIVERS APTS. Off Rt. 33. East Windsor 1 mi. E. of NJ Tmpk Ex.8 1 & 2 Bdrm. Apts. From $385 Central air, heat & hw, patios balconies, dishwashers, carpeting. Large apts. Excellent location next to bank & shopping mall, NY buses. Twin Rivers recreation pools & tennis courts included. Resident Manager at Apt. B-1 Abbington Drive M-F 10-4:30; Sat UNFURNISHED APARTMENT 1 bdrm, liv rm, kit & bath, w/parking. 2nd floor, located near Packet & Community Park School. Avail. Sept. 1st. $425'mo. incl. heat, water & gas; no pets please. Walter B. Howe Inc. Realtors WESTGATE APTS currently has 1 & 2 bedroom apts. available. Heat, hot water, cooking gas, and pool. No Pets or WINDSOR MILL APTS 2 bdrm 2 bath, Iv/dn rms, pool, tennis, clubhouse. $575/mo from 6 to 9pm. 380 Houses For Rent CROSSWICKS Charming 140 yr. old 2 bdrm. countryhome. Indds. modem kitchen, private yard, pool privileges. $450 + util. Avail. Aug. 1. Call DAYTON deluxe 7 room, 3 bath, washer/dryer, kids/pets find, check it! Ads subject to availability, $ , Locators. DUPLEX Princeton Borough, central, near park. 6 rooms, 1 Vi baths. No pets. $600/month + utilities + 1 month Security Available after Aug. 2nd. For appointment call EAST WINDSOR 3 bdrm 2 bath house all appliances, $600 + util. Available Aug bdrm 2Vi bath twnhse all appliances, $600 + Trust + util. Available Aug 1. 3 bdrm Vk bath twnhse all appliances, $560 + Trust + util. Available Sept 1. RICHARDSON REALTORS EAST WINDSOR 4 bdrm. colonial, 2 bath, 2 car garage, a/c, utilities, no pets. $650/ mo days: eves. : YARDLEY - 2 bdrm.. 1V4 EMPLOYEE TRANSFER - baths, patio, garage, all ap- Corporation has the following pliances nome for rent Twin Rlvers 2 - bdrm, 2 bath condo. All ap- 380 Houses for Rent P'iances. Aug. 1 occupancy. $475/mo. Call Steele, Rosloff Available September 1 & Smith Agency. Inc Pristine 4 '5 bedroom colonial with 2 1 /^ b iths and fireplace ENGLISH TUDOR STYLE Ewing. V00 per month for^ ^""s. 2Vi baths, luxurone -.. John T. Henderson. J? ^ <&»>&* for rent Inc r- T J $800/mo. In.Ewing Twp. next!2 L C. i- Jtu a4u0 - to Washington Crossing. Call AVA:L. Se.Jt Oct or Ranch style 3 bdrm. house Air-con" private lane & ' bus lar,.my. Mature cou- E=WINDSOR TWNHS 3 pie preferied bdrms. 2'/2baths. full baseaft. 7pm. ^ ment, appliances incl. $625 CLINTON -i,la We're P er mc Cal1 Country Heritage leaving our lovely home after Real Esta" Realtors yrs. & would like to rent it to , someone who would ap- EWING Lower Ferry Rd preciate it the way we do. 3 area. 3 bedroom Cape Cod bdrm Ranch on 2.5 acres with on large treed lot, full baseview. 4 car garage, V 2 mile ment, eat in kitchen, bath and from 178. Avail, around Oct 1, a half, living room with fire- $1000/mo. Call place, dining room, rear betw. 6:30-10;30pm. enclosed -porch, all appli- CONDO E. Windsor Twp. ances. ample closets. Im- 2 bdrms, 2 baths, fpl in Ir, first mediate occupancy. $695/ floor. $620 mo. Call Country mon + utils. Call evenings for Heritage Real Estate, Re- appointment altors EWING near T.S.C., CRANBURY. Charming 3 spacious 6 room, open lease, bdrm ranch. Liv rm w/fp, din fireplace,garage, $550. Ads rm. e-i kitchen. Avail Aug 1.. subject to availability. $80. $700 mo , Locators. LOVELY VICTORIAN - 3 BR, t-m K. Formal DR. Comer Lot ovi 2storybam StoneBar-I * $74,900. CRANBURY MANOR - 4 BR SpM. formal Dining Room, inviting Farmry Room. Desirable residential area with mature landscaping. E Windsor. $77^000. QUEEN ANNE VICTORIAN on desirable S Main St. 5 large bedroom*, formal dnng room, lovefy stone fireplace. Former pro- Owner financing avail to Oual. Buyer. High- « EXECUTIVE FARMETTE - situated huh on a knoll overlooking natqhbortng hone farms Impressive an txtck. 4 BR ranch home w*ep. apt. Jacuzzi in MBR. 40x60 metal bam. 6 acres, wooded. Cream Radge Ana. S225.C t«f» # ts!»»«rt*ct e vo mwen wnix ASSIST FINANCING FOR OUMUHED BUYER SS3.5O0. MUUMSSOflO - Oel.flhlful TnHUrMi. Faiwhr R m* tak Dan, la«g» Deck BO to «woo* t12&9o0i «1 fttmm T. be OMoae. etc, StMLOOO. B HEREfl enjoy the Kiground pool or fuel relax n the breaiaway of tw 3 BR Ranch SpactoueLRwahl I BrtckFP. Knotty Pin* Mohan, af on 1 acnj in MonoeTwp. SaS.000. ALL BRICK CAPE w/shed dormer; 3 BR A bath up; Br, FP in spacjmng rm; den or 4th BR. Fufl basemerk w/ rec room; 4 car heated garage. Prof, landscaping: atmost an acre with more avail. Monroe Township. $149,000. CSTORS - Here we have a large apartment house 44 room apartments Alto, Also, a 4 car garage. gaa cmy it water t andd oamar ct HqhtHown. Good Potential. $83,000. TWO FAMLY in Hpftmwwi. 3 Bedroom* and bath on each aide. 2dMrwg room* AMnftum aioing. convment location. Muds TLC. tsftooo. TWM RrVER&. WMDSOR 2 BR 1H END UNIT. 13% aseum to quaf. buyer. M2.S00. 4BR1W-FP-Aeaump. to quat buyer. (7^000. ibrcondo- 5 appa. upgraded carpet $ BR END Ur«L PraTL»3Kaped Privacy. isssoo. 3 BR Oslactied - owwiooung woods S BR8dKTM*7\t%Aast«np.toquaLbuyer. jajooo. 3 BRTM- END UJ#T- Loads of Extras S79;900. 1BR.1 Baft Canto $36,900. CM ior demas about our condos A 4 BR townhouee. a O Two. S12S ac BUo. Lot - MMatone Two. S27,soa STORBOWRCE SPACE approztnatoty 1100 sq. ft DOWNTOWN HOHTSTOWN BR CONDO - E WMDSOR S42S. ELEGANT LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP OFFICE BUILDING 100 Franklin Corner Road Lawrenceville, New Jersey one story sprinklered building around comer from I-95 two blocks from US Rte. 1 approximately 10 minutes from downtown Princeton off street parking Leased to: Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner & Smith Inc. (20,713 square feet) Available: 6,900 Square Feet ± with 2 private entrances, separate central gas heating, central air conditioning, carpeted floors, private toilet facilities. R.C. REINHOLD CO., Realtors Exclusive 134 Franklin Corner Road Agent Lawrenceville, N.J (609)

39 Home Hunter's Guide Wwfc mtuh 21-2X HB 17-B FCR RfNT W O0HniO Sur FOWESTAL V&LAGE - * KMK- 1 2 bdrna. Mudy, <*n. dl*v rav fca, Mi bafflt, Pool A tanrw count aval Canm Atntn&Otno «K»rttu*tnol net W 1 O*«uft* Cat Tarry 60fr45?^i»4 S TOWNHOUSE FURMTUnCO THREE fcjfcd^wk, OOiOflWJI TV rftoo. i f Wnao> Mtgwaaown area no from $1SO par CUSTOM UeSKSH A HOME LME TWS on a wooded West mnt&a* k& UsoMed to? mmbmam oomenienoe. iusi (mutes I o n supeiw sdnooss. fewshopping c e r«^ and commutation tuf Wm» New Yorfc and PMade^pma Omy a very imted mxmtm of 9mm exqua^ety Ivwstied nomes ** be bmfl to b sc«n, Pnces sian ai $175,000. DlENER REALTORS <t4 Ptmcmton/MugMstcmn Rd We«t Windsor Prtncefon Junction * *00 For Rent ORKJOSTOWN Modem 3 bdmi wrtaffl rm. basement A garage in quiet midanttal Q or smal family w TX> pots. cumy WSOno Cat RoeUng Hora* riat*y, icanaa raal as- I>M tmkar or O At LOCATIOH 3 bdnttt, tpflooua grounds. Reply Box #04647 co JAMES8UA6 adurs onfy. No patt $385 * utts S atl. LAWRENCEVCLE Furnthad 3-Mrm townhous*. HIGHTSTOWN S900mo pw u«*w Cat now** att«parting *«yard, tor Ar«iurJ «fl 6pm. 380 Houses For Rent LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP *- Of Prine*ton Pike. Family only. $585. Sapt 1. CaB 80^ LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP doaa to Notra Oama and Uwranoa Shopping Cantef. 3 badroom rancher. Hv. rm.. rjn- WQ tux*, Wicnan. 1 car 081*800, 1 bath, w/w carpeting, gas heat central air. S575/mo. -*- SS7S tacurtty deposit anytime. LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP ofi Carter Rd. S ma. 2 baths, attracttva rural neighborhood. No children or dogs please. $570 Leas*, ancurity deposit A ref. Can FIRST HOME? There Are Reasons Why ll Should Be A Ryan Houses For Rent LAWRENCE Contemporary 7 room, kids/pets fine, central air, garage, just $600. Ads subject to availability. $ Locators. LEASE, PURCHASE 3 BR ranch in Hopewell avail, immediately. $10,000 down. $950/mo. for 3 years. J. T. Boyer Realty LEAST-PURCHASED 8 rm spht level offering 4 bdrms, tiled bath. 2 powder rms, lovely paneoed (am rm, attached garage, gas heat. $700/mo. avail. Aug. 1. Mann Realty A Land Sales, Recycle newspapers. THE PATRIOT" featuring 3 or 4 brdrooat. I't bath*, dinrlte arra, 4uunf 4mm tm mm* «* cartrs lutrrptmmml pmtkmgr. mm **.*«> Kin «tln at U» HrpMmliam. Starr arv'n- mmd IAJ.JMI anr 100,000 drrmma comr t fn» arrtdktkat * fuuiiruif. BV hmrr FHA-tA an«r» I* clumr /r«aa. rwmlwu/ nartfafn W «-»// brlow m-mt m Hmmohmt Twp. MrkM rmtrt. (Hih Minulr* fnmi I'rinrrton WE ALSO WILD O* %'OUR LOT T. ««r SuM.% «in RalwlMn S^uarr. > CcawW ll " ' Sun thru 11>ur» Sal I In d > m Ckncil Fnday SS7-48lb-587-S73 BIO OPPORTUNITY-SPECIAL FINANCING TO CAIAL. BUYER PRINCETON SHOPPING CENTER-22,000 sq. ft. 90% leased- Parking for 60 Cars NOW $850,000. LAND-OWNERS RETIRING TO FLA. - Your chance to acquire farm property at attractive terms! 60 + /- acres with 5 B/R owners' home, cottage & outbuildings. Wooded & open, excellent frontage. Good income. Suitable for horses, farm, subdivision, investment -10% mortgage if qualified!! East Windsor & Millstone. $199,000. JUST LISTED - Commercial Building approx. 3,000 sq. ft. - Parking for cars - Highway frontage - New Egypt. $135,000. RESTAURANT W/LIQUOR LICENSE!! Seating for approx Ample parking. New addition. Modern, stainless steel Kitchen. Excellent business, good bldg. RT. 130 area. $499,900. A MOST INTERESTING iand LISTING -on Washington Road in Penns Neck with Princeton address. Approx. 4 acres. All utilities. Call for details. $250,000. MUST CLOSE ESTATE! 23 industrial acres with truckers garage, all utilities. R.R. Siding - Hightstown area - Big Reduction! EXCELLENT INVESTMENT Acres in East Windsor Twp. 530 foot frontage on Rt. 571! Zoned Industrial/Office. $85,000. CLARKSVILLE ROAD 20 Acres Zoned ROM-4, suitable for offices or industrial park. Also acres across road from above, zoned R-1. Avail, at $15,000/ac. & $10,000/ac. RENTALS PRIME OFFICE space in center of Hightstown. Close to N.J. Tnpk. and Rtes. 430 & 33. Warehouse space, shop area and dock available. Very reasonable rent. STORE AND FIRST FLOOR office space available in Hightstown. Excellent terms! 10,000 SCL FT. of newly refurbished office space on Rte. 130 in Washington Township - will subdivide. ADLERM AN CLICK! REDCARPET "Coast to Coast" 15 Spring St., Princeton Realtor* A Iruurors Sine* 1927 For All Ar*a Listing* us Cat CXO t t * % REAL ESTATE R/CHARDSON REALTORS PLAJNSBORO WEST WINDSOR ASIC ABOUT OUR TRAQE IN/ GUARANTEED SALES PLAN. LAWRENCE V ffimnr nor Hraw «Cafts»# «JJ» * fibs warn jfitf «&*< Hat e**» tot ta btta tatsttfaiy $12Mlt. l IV HUH. SCHOOL ( awhile and live on West Wfaxhor Tup ml-ije-uc in a 4 bedroom, bath tone. 0«mer mil Iwy-ikwn mort aee for W«<3 born S118JM. PRMCETON COLLECTION $123,900. Stunning 4-twdroom colonial with lovely landscaping and super deck. Wood-stove and many energy saving features. Transferred owner win help witn financing. BENFORD ESTATES $114,900. Stunning 4-bedroom colonial on partially wooded lot. New carpeting, newly painted. Fireplace and central air. Great for commuters. LAWRENCE CONTEMPORARY $229,000. Situated on 2.5 wooded acres with deck on 2 sides to enjoy the scenery. Interior features stone fireplace in den. Modern kitchen, 4 bedrooms. 2"? baths. Lots of glass. 2-zoned heat and much more. HMN a w l fttdmnra Msuai m WtflXiftew t*mm. lawrlhrnw IM wait ftmqfiaat m itt.il mm of B» SilUNt, East S71 fan! J «ta cjc»tw«mi nmt uum swaait fc^f «K*ttn» pal at tt* jottac^as toabtm»«tta S * fte^om Ha&t ftamt tacitht is 8>» Nun al Hoi WmiiiM., Lat]t emrtrrfi «Mpf «v matt catgacmf ami tammw»>la«dseaoml tw aet mat «m» «i m dam ifl EAB.T 1M COTTWT KSTBtQ West Matfsor T*p Cokmat mtt compatible additions on 1 4 acn otfenftf cvnpiete pmacy jet located dose to xsaots aad tram There are 2 larje Imng rooms with a doobte finptaoe. spaaous dimng room with french doon optwaf osto a ftafstme patio. 4 bedrooms and 2 Mi satin S12SJM. UMBKt TIP. - 3 bedfoora Cape on 1 14 acre part-lie setbrf Sorae ol tte features mdode 2 fvtetace and a tarage with norksliop. Offered at.twin ma totetn miaa Coiontai ita% locatfd» IMA Rncn. East Wmdsor Tup. Seat»r«f oak hartwod ftoor m JamiJy mm and a tewed «bat* y*nj SIMM. QEOmVC 4 KMtMai HIOI mjmtt. home toad * Cmbon is tte ftrst of rts land to be ufluuf te» mail. Featnn»f crown dentil mokhng. fceaatrm kantaoed floors, spaoous rooms, fireplace. CHlrai m aad «sc* nore Cafl today for details on»«tanui hone S1MJM. HAMILTON Yardvfte, $57,900. Wei maintained split. All good-size rooms, freshly painted exterior, fenced yard. Irving room, eat-in kitchen, family room. 4 bedrooms and 1 v 3 baths. Custom Ranch $71,900. AS brick ranch with spacious living room, formal dining room and modem eat-in kitchen. 3 bedrooms, very quiet street. This home built with many custom features. Golden Crest $86,500. Special 3 bedroom spit in mint condition with formal Irving and dining rooms, spacious ultra kitchen with separate laundry room, famtty room with custom brick fireplace and V/i baths. Loaded with extras' UPPER FREEHOLD- PARK-LIKE SETTING S115,000. Perfect for the commuter who demands excellent schools for his family. Remodeled kitchen, delightful screened porch, lovely family room with fireplace, full basement, 4 bedrooms, 2'/? baths. Office with separate entrance. JEFFERSON COLONIAL $129,900. Immaculate 4-bedroom home in Princeton Ivy. Tastefully decorated. 14% owner financing with 1/3 down, 10 year balloon. HIGHTSTOWN STURWOOD HAMLET «79 00: Single-floor condo in desirable Lawrence area. Two bedrooms, 2 baths, full finished basement. NOW REDUCED TO $76,900., $3000 CREDIT TOWARD CLOSING COSTS TWIN RIVERS IN EAST WINDSOR TWP. FIRST FLOOR CONDO $42,900. Avon Village condominium with 2 bedrooms, 2 baths on the ground floor for easy access. OWNER FINANCING. NEW CARPETING $61,000. And freshly painted interior will sell this lovely 2-bedroom townhouse. Desirable Quad IV location. END UNIT $67,900. Great family location for this 3-bedroom unit. Playground and open areas close by. Partly finished basement with office. $14,000 NEEDED $71,900. To assume the 11'/?% FHA mortgage on this 4-bedroom townhouse. with PTTI of $744. Save nearly $200 per month over a new mortgage at current rate. 1 Set Per Udiats on Cabte TV ^ Pnncgton-.fcghtaicmn Road, Pnncekxi Junction. NJ OLD CHARM $99,900. And tovely rural location are pluses for thta reetored colonial In deeghtful Cream RUge. Enctoeed screened patio, all appliances, 26x20 living room with raplaoa, 3 bedrooms. AFFORDABLE $47,000. This older Hightstown home may be within your means (even in today's market. Three bedrooms, large kitchen, enclosed porch, aluminum siding, new heating system. SWGLE FAMILY $81,000. Very clean'3-bedroom, 2% bath home close to school and store. Professionally finished basement. Ol>ai EVERY DAY i MrOMIaai Estate Office. R/CHARDSON REALTORS EAST WINDSOR PRINCETON JCT HAMILTON SQUARE OPEN WEEKDAY EVENINGS Homes FOR UVIIICa

40 Home Hunter's Guide 18-B Week or July Zl - 5, For For Rwit For Rout For mitt mx i IB tmtm. Cam* m MOO "* OP* PJOtflt > «"% hcwausk the* tfwrar cm» proafcr cmhtwuic US-hwJe jpwttf cwtarwc. 7 rcung pmcd*. 16 t<rfuh\ itmi attic* of fkmort and grtcn f wiling; cwttnirytmlc Not to mcntwet wmc at the ntccti * ev«seen,. c tme J hl hjtv W^^^ lff*v luxury models Some apartments a*e c%cn available ujih ftrtpiaco. wishers and dryers And ihc location ts *»nc at No* Jersey's nunt desirahkr minutes frtim Princeton and less itun <m rmur's train nde from So* York tv Philadelphia. Get in on all (he fun << living ai fvirxctim Meadims. Furnished model jpartments arc upon daily FtY more information call I61W) 7W Rrtioa&n meadouus LUXURY APAHTMBVT3 PP IUI ON-2 Hoy Cotp $650, Ada tubj*d10 in!*»*)'. S » PLAINSBORO ROAD 7 room, in MTMQ#«r. Calf Adt sub *ci lo avalabtty. S80 6W Locator* pranc TOMTWP Charming S bdffn. ac pod. cto«lo town & NY but Prof, coup* or lamly. r»f required. $1200 n» * mas Aval. Oct. i *-7667 PflMCETON TWP QiMN noghoorhood 2 Bfl & dan. LR OR. Uctwn w«h dr»- rmctfw & disposal, central AC, 2 car garage. M basement Available immedialety. '0-12 month lease. $790 per mown 2Oi-782-«7O. PRMCETON JUNCTION on 2 acres. 3 bedroom, den. fereptac*. lodi'pets line $800! Ads subject lo avaiabfliy. $ Locators. PRINCETON houftt, 3 bdrms. study, huge fcvwg dnng room, aat-in U- chan. 2 baths, waiher/dryer. BaautfJ yard Oosa lo shopoanttr. August orty <t rn & car Hudson Mews 50% SOLD Specials APTU-OUPLEX S9I.32S. 2 BO. LR 21x14. kitctv 8x8. BR 12x15 12x9. H«C RM 21x18. 2 Whs Working fireplace mamt $ APT 3E-Stod«> S6S.125. BR area 10x10. LR 24x14. kitch. 7x5.b!h. working lireplace mamt. $ APT 26 $75,900. i BR. 9x11. Lvgrm 25x12. studo 8x7 krtch 8x8. work fplce. rruwnt. $ j*t mtu llll M MM ta str i vm i71 w*. yi Hn I* ter ZU-SM-im On*mg ttf PrtxpactiM ortf 380 Houses For Rent PRMCETON PECK PLACE 2 bedroom townhousa; living/dining room. Mlchen, parking. Avail, tanmad. S70(ymonth + mil. MVERSDE DRIVE 4 badroorrts, 3 baflts* liv.rm, dinrm. fpl. kitchen. 2 t»rraca«. Avail, soon. $1000 EWMQ Four bedroom Color**!. Family room. S72S + Utto. RENOALL-COOK ft COMPANY 380 Houses For Rent PRINCETON BORO Duplex newly renovated, quiet street, 3 bdrms.. IVi baths, central air, garage. $700.mo. neater PRINCETON AREA bdrm. house avail. Aug )4 or PROPERTY MANAGE- MENT LEAVE YOUR HOME OR INVESTMENT PROPERTY IN CAPABLE HANDS. 20 YRS. EXPERI- ENCE. J.T. Boyer Realty THREE CHER in borough of Hightstown residential area near schools. Avail. 8/15 thru 9/1. $395 per month plus utilities. 1 yr. lease, security deposit TOWN HOUSE for rent. Brookside Sq.. Hillsborough. Lrg. tiv rm, din rm, 2 bdrm, modem kit. 1Vi baths, full bsmt, central air, fenced pvt yard, pool & tennis. Snow & trash removal. $550 mo. + util. Ref. req. Avail. Aug. 1. Call TWIN RIVERS mint cond. PRINCETON CONDO 4/5 '2 bdrm. twnhse, on lake, up- bdrm. Ige. Hv.rm. w/fpl. din.rm. eat-in kitchen. 3!6 baths, cent.atr. tannis/swirnming included. Avail. Sept.1, $1250 mo graded throughout, professionally finished basement with wetbar, patio, all appl. a c, NY bus on comer, 1 block from school, pool & tennis, many extras, no pets. Sept. occupancy. $575 per month. TWIN RIVERS Detached 3 bdrm, 2Vi bath, 1 car garage. Occupancy 10/1. $750. Call TWIN RIVERS 4 bdrm 2V* bath twnhse. pool privileges, $600 mo. Call Mr Morrow, TWIN RIVERS 3 bdrm., 2Vi bath, basement. All appliances. $55O/mo Houses For Rent 380 Houses For Rent 385 Resort Properties BEDROOM RAN-TWIN RIVERS 3 bdrm. WEST WINDSOR newly BEACH HAVEN Cleanest twnhse. Cent/A, w/w cpt. built 4 bdrm 2 V 2 bath colonial apartments on Island. 1! & 2 Avail Oct. Call Sue near high school. Gas heat/ bedrms, excellent location or central air. Avail 8-1. No Pets. Weekly rentals TWIN RIVERS 3 bdrm Call Mrs. Bleacher, N.T patio ranch, immediate occupancy, $ Callaway Realty, CAPE COD Orleans Mass., Rent or sale.-- New WEST WINDSOR 3 bdrm, Contemporary, sleeps 6, 3 XARO A WETDEL REALTORS TWIN RIVERS 3 bdrm, 2 bath Townhouse. $540 per month plus utils. Avail. Oct. 1st. Call after 6 pm. TWIN RIVERS 2 bdrm. split, finished basement, best location, new carpet. $595 plus util TWO BEDROOM study, 1 bath, sparkling country house on quiet private 2 acres of land. Screened porch, 2 car attached garage. Perfect for professional working couple or first house for newly marrieds. 3 minutes from N.Y. & Phila. trains (Princeton Jet). $600/mon + utils. Except for large refrigerator/freezer in kitchen, house is unfurnished. References, lease & deposit required TWIN RIVERS - Beautiful new 3 bedroom townhouse with basement in the Woodside Section available immediately. Private fenced-in back yard. Central air, washer and dryer, dishwasher, well-to-wall carpet. Pool and tennis available. Convenient to shopping and schools. Financing available - priced at $70,990. RICHARD A. WEIDEL CORP. REALTORS NEW HOMES DIVISION rrjwnmcexxnt^va 2 bath duplex on Varsity Ave. Avail. Aug 15. $650/mon + utils. Close to trains. Call Mrs. Bleacher, N.T. Callaway Real Estate YARDLEY Luxury duplex, 2 bdrms., 1V» baths, cent, air, iv/w carpeting, all appliances, garage, tennis courts. No pets. $440/mo. + util. Avail. Aug Resort Properties BARNEGAT LIGHT 2 bdrm, duplex, close to beach. Avail 7/24-7/31. 8/28-9/4. $350 per week. Also Sept $275 per week. Call _UNIV. HGTS, Ham. Twp BARNEGAT LIGHT new 'lovely 3 bdrm Col, liv. rm, din. condo., bay view, 1 bdrm., rm, fam. rm, 2-car gar, a/c, sleeps 4. Weekly rental. Day ; eves $600/mo ; wknd WANTED TO RENT with option to buy. 4 bdrm., 2 car BEACH HAVEN Ocean- garage. Approx. $700/mo. front Condo, happy hour deck Within 4 mi. radius of For-orestal campus. Fall occu- swimming pool, Aug.15-22, dunes. 3 bedrms, 2 baths, pancy. Write: House, 49 Park Aug.29-Sept Place, Princeton. NJ bdrms, 2 baths, all elec kitchen, TV hookup, near pond, beach, shoping. No. pets. S400/wk. Hossfeld , CAPE COD is beautiful, uncrowded and still warm in September. Rent our fullyequipped, year-round, 2 bedroom home on the Outer Cape in Eastham. Short walk to safe Bay beach. Convenient to National Seashore ocean beaches, 'fresh-water ponds, Audubon Society, nature walks, bike trails, etc. House has fireplace, solarium, color TV, hi-fi, library, washer, dryer, dishwasher, etc.. etc. Available 9-4 to Off-season rates. Also available in October and November at still lower rates CLASSIC BEACH Cottage Circa LB Island 1 blk to beach. 3 bdrms, 1 '/a bath, modem kitchen/dining area, DR..LR, sunporch, outdoor H/C "shower, 2 car garage.. $105,000. Owner financing.avail princcton school of real estate, inc no. 2 route 31. pennington, n.j (We*)e< Administration Buti(1<nqi Will Offer a State Approved Pre-Heemlng Count In: REAL ESTATE Brokers License Course Broker's Course Begins Aug. 2, 1982 Mon. & Wed. 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm TO REGISTER - CALL Approved by 'he N.J. Real Estate Commission PRINCETON NJ. LOVES FRANCE NJ. We *<? wastei» cur ftnt home k 1m tfer itm lac * pmat ttmct, firr- & fiamces <md icqgljtojfltft, pmcts, mi tftr wtofcr *ff A C<xup*ete with a pn tace nm *al tenet* ttafc, a fneai cfafcfeoww ami lemfk ani^b«ws to skure al Hie fan (n» S and t> tmmamt. t% m wwder tim've wmam m toamu Wwtom m m mthu Come see what the excitements all about... *tu!e vou can stilt live this well for this hllk Jus!'lake Route I North or South toward Princeton to Route 571. East on Route 571 toward Hightstown to Route 535 (Old Trenton RdJ Turn left on Route 535 to Windsor Mtli. Via Route 130: North or south on Route 130 toward Princeton, west on Route 571 t Princeton Hishtstown Road) to One Mile Road. Turn n$ht on One Mile Road at McGraw :o Windsor Mill Modeb open 115 daik and Closed Thursday. (609) Windsor M NEW LUXURY HOMES FROM $53^90 MTGS. and 13'^ 5-YEAR MTGS.' Brittany Townhome at Princeton Meadows. Its a little bit of France lovingly recreated in New Jersey's desirable Princeton area. Brittany's atmosphere of quiet, tree-lined streets, graceful architecture and lush landscaping conjures up images of the Chateau Region. The distinctive Country French designs of its luxury townhomes makes them the most engaging new residences New jersey has seen in years. Each of these two and three-bedroom models reflects a sense of quality and attention to detail unmatched anywhere at such modest prices. The construction you'll find here is of the highest order, with R-19 sidewall and R-30 ceiling insulation, and 340-pound roof shingles. And every home has a list of standard features that reads like a list of options: fireplaces, authentic country kitchens, thirdlevel lofts, private fenced patios, storage rooms, and operable skylights. Of course, in keeping with its continental savoir faire, Brittany provides sophisticated recreational facilities as well. Its delightful swim and tennis club encourages fitness, fun and pleasant social diversions. All things considered, it's no surprise that Princeton, N.J. loves Brittany's France, N.J." And, judging by our sales so far, that love is growing stronger all the time. So hum'.. while you can still own a little piece of France, right here at Princeton Meadows, at our low introductory prices Our beautifully furnished models are easy to reach. Just take the N.J. Turnpike to Exit 8A, turn right and follow signs to Route 130 South. South on Route 130 and follow signs to.plainsboro. After turning right on pey Road, proceed approximately 4 miles to Scotts Corner Road. Turn left on Scotts Comer Road and proceed to Plainsboro Road. Turn right on Plainsboro Road and make first left on George Davison Road, then next right turn to Brittany. Via Route 1: Take Route 1 north or south towards Princeton to Plainsboro Road. East on Plainsboro Road for approximately 4 miles to George Davison Road. Tum right on George Davison Road, then next i ^' to Brittany. Open every day Phone (609) Very favorable mortgage financing. from $86,900 BRTTTMY Tbwnhomes AT PRINCETON MEADOWS

41 Home Hunter's Guide 19-B SC FB% HLTON HEAD. S.C 3 f 4PMMKI 0 bwdmoqm W^a». off WMRt Qr MO,< (Ma*, Jp) S*M PtolbMrV. 09Q7 is Jn LONG BEACH ISLAND Octanlront, attractivaly jpttx. 3 bdrma. 6; Aug $400; Sapt 11. S300 ft S400: Sapt ft S3S0: Sapt 25. S200 ft t300. Oct. wfcnds W-223S or tn* pwatgkmk Hattour Town Oo» Coma. Bod are 2 HWtvCY CEOMtS LBt B0hw2 baa* and m* by t* Una* tatbadhfeom **<*% orjeooaatjvtha LONG BEACH 3 MM*, 1^ ba««. *<»»(t)bontia 16ti OoaanstiaBan, TaMHiaMt 609-<a>7-i^6 an 7 pm.,. lai*»ay of > Dobat Tiart f»bb» 13BO par MARWFV rrnia«jonaa Golf Cours* In I IQF WO IPf d^hmwht 9 tt>^ > aj«aj^,.!» MViPaV Wflam aw yok. a** 1 - Cat 2O1-44V56S6 ISLAND agat UgW- 3 p waaharjdryar. Aug 28 - Sapt 4. S4«5/wk 2nd «L S4S5** 1st IL. Aft Sapt 3 S260A* 2nd «. S23&*fc 1 st fl JFK Cat tamomreo «*» ««* e»«7» b * lh " Hn p«r»<" JW daw et am-»a»«06a SSa '»'- Waai%i««$srs Rwjoe LONG BEACH s L ftr^.4ia'l4!m«mm H'LTOM HEAD. S C 2 aqtvtmkiiibi"" "***' Fh n Harvay Cedar*. Steeps 6-8. " 0-L aiailaelajtfy.auguatftsapt U?f LOMO BEACH ts Ooaan i btock to ooaan ft bay. Wrap ^ JL oaauaip j oorfn, <>T around deck. Eac view. Exc PAftntt mwam - A^ t>«lh Spectacular viaw. raiaa. Cat or mmma-ntm. Imde that mm ******* Oa saowk. [g^f^g 4 %!**.~ ^ vvf. <J UJHIVA.. Day viaw, saa tmrt Jbna 2A%My 3. Aug Sapt M «Raaa AUCTION Resort Properties 385 Resort Properties LOMG BEACH ISLAND 8umnafJMUI Matataa OCEAN CITY Lux. «...«imw anaiaijii ^^^^ jy^ 3 j^^ 2 % Resort Properties POCONO VACATION home Clean, new 3 bdrm, 2 2nd hom Ooaan 3 badroom bath, sundk.. full kitch. W/O. bath, dishwasher, washer/ apartmama w/deck. $675 par TV cole., etc. 2 bch. blks. at dryer, lake, tennis court, indoor/outdoor waak pool & health 7th St. Avail, wkry. Aug. & 4 badroom lagoon front home Sapt or 752- w/2 decks. VIEWS! $700 par 9684 aft. 6pm. M-F. spa no extra charge. Call after 6 pm badroom house with w/3 decks, washer, - dryer, dtehwashar. ooaan side. $1200 par waak Cal now for information PERK'S REALTY REALTOR MADERIA BEACH. Ra. GuB. front Condo. 2 bdrm, 2 bath. Ml quipped. Pool, tacuzzi. security ant Balcony overtook* gulf & beach. $1350'tno aft 7pm. 385 Resort Properties POCONO RESORT Community golf, tennis, fishing, water sports, beach, pools, stables, skiing, teen lounge, clubhouse & many other activities. House on lake, 2 fireplaces, sleeps 4, 8 or 12. Reasonable Resort Properties SEASIDE.HEIGHTS Ocean block, apt sleeps 6, parking Leonard Van Hise Agency c»i NEW USTMG on well shaded East Windsor street. Offers pretty brick fireplace. 4 bedrooms. 2'/i baths, carpeting, central air. 2 car garage, and aluminum siding. $94,500. A II TOP SAIL REEF N.C. ' Condo on ocean. Fishing, tennis, pool, golf. See historic Wilmington ACRE LOT in Cranbury: Dutch Gambrel style featuring stained molding and doors, 2 fireplaces, 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, triple glazed windows, vinyl siding & central air. Owner will hold $100,000. mortgage (a 13% for 20 yrs. for a qualified buyer. $159,000. Mf M ON TMi MOUND HOOK in vakabtm. area MtSmm bno tocacon near o & maomn Mai & intersection «* busy OwMweWdge Road & Routs 1! Handsome, level 1-** acres *> West W«ao» T*p p ** restored estoed farmhouse, aouse, etc. Statable fcw ««$tattfant» p«of f offices, f other business uses. Only $1*0,000. ADLERM AN CLICK 15) 1099 m? Fa* Al Am Uattof«U C I 0 N BuMer to dose out inventory at East Windsor. N J 20 Yorkshire Drive. Speculation house will be sold at auction betow market value. 1 day preview at 9 am to 2 pm Sat. Jury Auction time 2 p.m. Sat.. Jury 24. HUGE RANCH 3 bedrooms. 2 baths, large lot. central m, fufl basement, combination kitchen & famrfy room, plus many more features. Mortgage money available but not contingent to This is an all-cash, as-is sale. $2,000 certaed check required tor bidding. Balance of 10% wtthin 5 days Cash at dosing 60 days. DIRECTIONS: From Route 130 South, turn right on Dutch Neck Rd Continue to Brooktree Swim Quo. turn right onto Oak Creek Road, continue to end. turn left on Yorkshire Dr. to number 20. Town & Country Realtors - Tom Ucciardi SARTOR AUCTION SALES Rt. 53, DenvBe, New Jersey For information cal or TWM RIVERS TOWNHOUSES: A. (pictured) 3 B.R. w many cosmetic changes making it unique and charming. Approx. $34,500. VA assumption at 8V?7o, $425. PITI to qualified buyer. $69,900. B. 2 B.R. near green areas, tennis courts & pool. Nice buy at $55,000. HtGHTSTOWN RANCH on quiet, dead end street. 7 rooms, 2V? baths, central air. Large screened porch and deck, lovely yard. $87,500. REALTOR* 160 Stockton St. Hkjrrtstown, N.J. NEW LISTING Office: MEMBER MERCER COUNTY MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE IMMACULATE bi-level: beautifully kept and ready to move into. 8 spacious rooms, 2 V 2 baths in a desirable Hightstown location. Wood stove. 2 car garage. $ff3,5ck). OLD YORK ESTATES: 3 B.R, ranch w/family room, sunporch, brick fireplace, many custom features. Nicely landscaped corner lot. Super buy at $79,900. After Hours Cal of HOME! ^WT". I! 'J. ' W^? ft... " IMMACULATE 4/5 BEDROOM, 2'/ 2 bath home on a lovely property in East Windsor. Large family room, raised living room, spacious dining room and eat-in kitchen. Extras include a brand new c/a system, new dishwasher, newly decorated interior and a 2 car garage - 13'/4% adjustable rate to qualified buyers. $99,500. EAST AMWELL MINI FARM 2 barns, fenced pasture, large garden and nearly 4 acres of land. The home is a lovely 8 year old ranch with living room, dining room, eat-in kitchen, cozy family room with brick fireplace, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and a 60'deck. $115,000. "I ' <k\ If ISi.'.. '.' i h ~"" ^ Our homes look very costly... until you see what they cost. You'd opect to find *JT**>7 poet-ug cw ceteaal home* m b»g> as dketnomf. as b»- Ine miles vending 1 Wou*d capkl to para p*rm«um for a twpect to pay cwn mow for o«ih* G*miy's location.»n tomtn ctvwkle*. and at tfie»e< wt thank you*b be b<r the l f and the PP<W Item Si ort9i9e fiwmong *n out r vw-ttiout (oyourwif toswhowwil The tt( you«cipktabcnk. And how wt«4end Take Route t ncwh or loudh coward Piincwan. lumenmon Ptomibom «o*d and fotow iht siomwlhe Gcnem front ** Nrw Jersey Tumpke. EMU 8A^ turn nght» Rout* 130 South and fojtow the «a m» The G«t»y Open everyday from W«oS PlwnrtfiO9) W3196 ITS RIGHT, BECAUSE! It's only 6 years old featuring 4 bedrooms, 1'/? baths, a/c, w/w carpeting, dramatic living room overlooking dining room, large modern eat-in kitchen, large family room with sliding glass doors leading to a custom designed patio. It's also tastefully decorated and boasts a lovely manicured lawn. A must see charmer in East Windsor. $85, % FINANCING - YOU'LL NEVER REGRET the day you finally decided to look at this 4 bedroom home in East Windsor. Taxes are low, the property is large, the neighborhood is excellent and the financing is just what every buyer is looking for. A VERY GOOD HOUSE at a VERY LOW PRICE! $67,900. GOOD LOCATION, GOOD PRICE and owner financing. Lovely 4 bedroom, 2V2 bath immaculate home in Princeton Junction. Move right in and enjoy the large family room, fireplace and o'a. 13%% 3/30 year mortgage with 30% down to a qualified buyer. $127,900. NEAR EVERYTHING IN WEST WINDSOR - Why spend half your life going and coming? Here is an adorable home within walking distance of shopping, schools and the train. Located on a lovely street, this charming cape cod has 4 bedrooms, a fireplace, extra long garage, back yard with a park-like setting and full basement. ALL APPLIANCES are included. IM- MEDIATE OCCUPANCY! $84,900. COULD IT BE BETTER THAN NEW! This Ewing home is newty painted throughout, has a new stove, new kitchen floor, new heating system, new hot water heater, new aluminum and asbestos siding, the list goes on. Call us for more details on this lovely 3 bedroom house. $69,900. LOOK AT THIS VALUE - A completely updated home in West Windsor in an established community is being offered for your inspection. It features 3 large bedrooms, 2V 2 baths, large newly remodeled kitchen, large living and dining rooms with cathedral ceiling. and one of the largest family rooms in the area with a custom built fireplace, plushy w/w carpeting and oversized sliding doors leading to a private back yard. All appliances are included and a convenient occupancy date dan be arranged. $110,000. NEXT WEEK MAY BE TOO LATE - Only rarely do we find a house so RIGHT in every respect...right location, right for family life, rightin price. This beautiful home has aluminum siding, 1% acres, a fabulous brick patio, full basement, 2 car garage, professional landscaping fireplace and central air. An absolutely gorgeous home in West Windsor. $152,500. WANT A HOME WITH A PARK LIKE SETTING, close to the station and many area companies, with a huge oversized garage, in a location perfect for a professional with a parking area? The West Windsor ranch has all this plus 3 bedrooms, large kitchen, living and dining rooms, family room with fireplace that can be used as an office with a separate entrance and a full panelled basement. Priced to sell at $99,900. IMMACULATE AND TASTEFULLY DE- CORATED IS OUR popular University Heights home offering 3 bedrooms, V/2 baths, formal living and dining rooms, modern eat-in kitchen, 2 car garage, central air. MUST BE SEEN. $83,900. WEST WINDSOR RANCH perfect for a small family. This home is solidly built and immaculate. It's located on over 1/2 acre of treed property so there's room for future expansion. Three bedrooms, living room, kitchen with separate eating area and 1 bath to start. Asking $77,900. THE GENTRY AT PHINCETO* MEADOVS PM) An International Network o* Independent Brokers DJENER ASSOCIATES, INC. REALTORS 44 Princeton/Hightstown Rd. West Windsor Princeton Junction Flemington Outside of the 609 area or to receive information on homes anywhere in the U.S. ^ ^ Cal Ext. C-40

42 Home Hunter's Guide Week of July 21-23,1982 Comforts you can live with... only 20 minutes from Princeton Wc*VC got the features. From custom country kitchens, energy-saving best pumps and efficient insulation lo tile baths, wall-to-wall carpeting and tamtmty fireplaces the Style, Select from four charming Colonials and two contemporary ranchers the Setting, A I (S-acre private suburban enclave bounded by peaceful streams and verdant woodlands the Location, On Oxford Valley Rd.. just off 1-95 and the Price, from $84,900 W>*L fixed rate, 25 year mortgage. ^v Samples open daily 10-5 Country Homes Real Estate presents im A YBJJOW RBBON -ROUND ONE OF TIC jy OLD o to OAK y p TREES. mncutoufy hmrt of Sotjfaury on Into vary prtvm2 acres, touf graormd graormd property popet in in the th romna M courttry*)* of BUCKS County wmh wooded buffer of many is Ms cornptfty rsnovstsd stone lemmsosnt of an Engfah manor house with 1 gardens, larraces and patios. The interior one-of-a-kind - 3^ bedroctta. 2>h baths, room, 3 Wreplacei and an must be seen to be believed. M Ms and more. Just Mad at $200,000. M A CLASS BY ITSELF _We have ust Mad Ms historic Colonial (circa 1750) Ml on wooded hmwia with 13 acres in prestigious Upper OafcafWd (Jericho ML area), comptetety renovated, A second dwabng on the property makes for an sicalani. charming guest house. The main house consists ot 5 bedrooms, nduding a spectacular master sute.4vr baths, large Mng room with originalpanell- InQ, femtfy room, trophy room, deep window silts, random widtti ROOTS, stone wads, screened porch, besumul views. 2 bams and ridng trams near wikfflower preiervei Features too numerous to mention. 500,000. V no Country Homes Heal LLstate Dee Jorcyk. Broker Route 202 & Aquetong Road New Hope. Pennsylvania ATM (215) FLORIDA'S #1 CONDOMINIUM turn* i.in jntkri io make a tod*** economy., Vista Properties thr vtfvfy and.murance of Ihe t jtue»r» ctxndomtrnum Irving in!**«> m the mat* *oog i -Aileir locjliom m I fowl* Vrrta Ro>air Gardens, * 27'baikp prfs cotrn* community in Veto BeiacK. Mtvd V'nU Si. tacit, m Port $4. looe neat Stuart, oitef beautiful one- MH rwo-brrfroom garden re**d>n<et amtd uokmcal fu'den-like wrthngs Both Mkth tommuni!if> center around their *fjoc«*ufv tmrtingclubtkxfte*. with tennrv. tlbutfldboard.. Urge, heated pooh. whirlpool, and *tt* and crarn and card jwtd otj^ini/ed j<i«*«t»ev And bench JMV turtt minutes trom shopping, um etmdtti beaches and excellent ««h»ng waten, VHta P>opc»tie» and make your ot a Ihxtda home a reality. The HM created the fine*t real value* kt* 40 yejtn. So put %ouor money «n the **«e place. Buy Fi-kxrtcii 8u> Vista. VALUE Q Viaji SoraJr Canlem From $33,900 Vista St. Lucie 'BOOSomhUS I Ptort Si lucw. flood* ijw52 Call collect: (305) From $43,900 Vista Royale Gardens S Vista Gardens Trail #107 V«o Beach. Florida Call collect: (305) "Where New Friends Meet, and Old Friends Follow." For a free brochure, call collect or use the coupon. ATLANTIC OCEAN VtlOMUH n. meet ronuiuck RO MI P% I a midence at Vista Si. lucie or VHaa Royale Gardens before September 1. lwr, we wl rembune at closing the cost ofrounomnpcoach air Care (or two. 390 Business Properties $25,000 CASH DOWN and you can own business plus, home and 2 income apartments. For qualified buyer owner wm help finance remaining balance of $50,000 at 14%. Call after 7pm SQUARE FEET pius office space. Clear span, heavy concrete floor, heat. HD electric service, water. 1S*x14* overhead door entry. Warehousing, distribution. Ight manufacturing, research. In Cranbury, New Jersey. 7 mttes from Princeton, 2.5 miles from Exit 8A, NJ Turnpice. Call Mr. Smith CRANBURY ROUTE ,00080 FT New heavy duty building. 60 ft wall to wall dear span. 400 amps electricity. Plus a 2500 sqft older building. All on approximately 2 acres facing Route Dave Mack 390 Business Properties HAVE BUILDING - Need Business Location available at 32 Witherspoon Street Princeton. Landlord seeking venture with merchant Alfred Kahn. P.O. Box Princeton or HIGHTSTOWN 6,800 sq ft building & office, used for tire sales, auto mech, auto parts. Has 4 lifts, 6 large overhead doors, for trucks & cars. For into call HIGHTSTOWN 3900 sq. ft. of new prime office space on Main St. with ample parking. Suitable for professional or medical use. J.T. Beyer Realty, Realtor HILLSBOROUGH TWP. Route sq ft of prime office space with a 600 sq ft lab & 700 sq ft of storage area. Available September 1st KINGSTON Retail Space sq ft. $700 per ma Call Jim Firestone, Realtor Business Properties, Business Properties KINGSTON Office spaces. 'OFFICE SUITES Harrison 2300 sq ft. $1200 per mo. St.. Princeton. 2 suites of 4' Entire 2nd floor. Call Jim Rrestone. Realtor ' LAWRENCEVILLE off Rt 1, convenient location. Mod-J.Tem, private offices. Lease, Boyer Realty, Realtor, rent negotiable: Parking, OFFICES PRINCETON Vicinity Alexander Road Indus- semi-furnished, cleaning, utilities and more included! trial Park. LocatedV& ml east Call now for best selection! of Route 1. From single rooms up to 2400 sq ft avail- LIGHT INDUSTRIAL to 40,000 Square Feet Located 1 mile from center of Princeton on Route. 1 at Washington & Alexander Roads. Long or short term lease. Princeton Business Park or 452- Not out of the way. Just out of the ordinary. A limited number of 14V2% fixed rate 25 year mortgages now available. Most models $85,400 Realty Engineering Company Daily 11 am-6 pm (215) Roite 1 Sooth to Route 413 North, Left at Route 213 South, 1 mile to entrance. Section II Introducing our new section of 2 and 3-bedroom town homes... the most interesting, elegant, rustic-style homes in the entire Princeton area. Here, in this lush wooded setting, are a picturesque pond, a stream, and some of the best values in Central New Jersey. Even though it's just 8 miles from Princeton and 12 miles from New Brunswick, Huntington Park is really a world apart. With its own clubhouse, two swimming pools and platform tennis courts (now being enjoyed by our residents) plus two tennis courts soon to be completed. Prices, astonishingly, range from $83,900 to $90,900 including full basements and all major appliances. Choice lot locations are available..the purpose of thi* advcni*cmen! it to solicit non-bindiag mervationv A non-binding memuon is not i conlnct ind nuy bt cancelled by the prospective purcluscr» «ny time without cause Any money paid lo the developer shall be refunded in hill lo the prospective purchaser upon request and cancellation ot the non-binding reservation Very favorable financing. $ 47 total monthly maintenance. Section I All the luxury, standard features, conveniences and fun of living at Huntington Park can be yours for $2,000 less than the prices above! You see, only a few homes remain in Section I. And since we're giving you less homes to choose from, we're also giving you 2,000 more reasons to choose one of these. Come visit today. Because values like these won't be around tomorrow. To reach us in Hillsborough Townshipi take Route 287 to Route 206 South past the light at Amwell Road. Huntington Park is 1/2 mile ahead on the right. From the South, take Route 206 to Hillsborough Township. Huntington Park is approximately 2 miles north of Belle Mead Road, on the left. Open daily, 10 to 5. Phone (201) TOWN HOMES: Sudon Construction Company Improving me QuaMy of \bur Life. Very convenient location on Route, 130 near Princeton Hightstown Road. Reasonably priced at only $5.95 per METICULOUS. Beautifully sq ft. Modem space of Appointed Offices in sq ft available. Individually controlled heating & suburban Princeton local availadle under cost-saving air conditioning. Abundant sublet agreement. Reception parking. Excellent lease area. Private bath. Wall to terms. Immediate occupancy. wall carpeting. Central air. Call Jay Ricigliano at: Furnished/unfurnished. Generous free parking. Call RICHARDSON REALTORS. Hamilton Square or il rooms each, avail. Aug. 1 at $700 and $900 per month. Highly visible professional location with ample parking. '. able immediately for short or long term lease. J.T.Boyer Realty TOP OFFICE SPACE EAST WINDSOR OFFICE SPACE sublease of 1 office with windows, about 500 sq ft and 2 interior offices, 400 sq ft each at 1 Palmer Square, Princeton, NJ. Available Sept OFFICE SPACE GROUND LEVEL 1000 sq ft at $7 sq ft 4000 sq ft at $5 sq ft SECOND FLOOR Include all utils & tax. i- room $200 mo. ; 2 rooms $300 mo. WARREN PLAZA CENTER Route 130, East Windsor OFFICE SPACE light manufacturing, storage, retail..across W. New; Rd. from proposed town center. Brokers protected.- Nassau Realty OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT ' central Nassau St. Small or large avail, now, low rent. Telephone secretarial services available , OFFICE SPACE For Rent Hillsboro, Rte Approx. 400 sq ft. $300/month r1924. OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT Hillsboro office campus. Separate entrance. Plenty of parking. Attractive paneled interior with separate receptionist's area. $450/mo. util. incl OFFICE SPACE Blawenburg. Utils included. Air conditioned. Ample parking. $125/ mbn

43 Home Hunter's Guide 21-B OtNt t» 3400 act * woipvktng on toav Htwuoii SL. wim*- gw> ** UKattS m Sou* WMBt-TtOft I! *S* MX*» POM LCAK tot * CM mtm JKtt «HBR» 3100» * mooo 3*5 «r *33-»23* *» ^ mmnington «OA0 - * * Cat Windsor Bfncy Apor tromiu...a race place to ive! HotWMWr 12-4 Windsof Rt&nof Apartments GmWT V<TIM POMMQTON HJ Zaw) gang* doom. t*anry of par»- m^ Oood lor fnarvy ctadng tsooaq lontm tar. SSO0patmo.WMdMdauCal A WHM Sf Evtntngi (06 PQ MGTQN Appro. on Mm } and DONT MISS The Packet TV Home Hunter's Guide SmMl S«10 par Oor» PRINCETON FUlsil K M Smaiofl mat 500 to 600 tq «L S2S0 parrno-ca«934-zz22 PfOFESSONAL BUUMNQ lor M M by oww Ms Rctota buhsng tar PROFESSIONAL OFFICE Spao* t3o0 tq. * Pimo»- lan Juncaon Short tartn. Al mm H I ma (S Monday at 12 noon and 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at 12 noon and 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at 12 noon 380 RENT SHARE MngPUm rsquare. 2 WAREHOUSE 4,000 to Approx. 40,000 square taal Loaoing aach. 60X Dodia. Locaaad 1 rnla from osnlar of Prinoaton on Roula RETAI. SPACES tor rant g ft Alaxandar Ja Prtnoaton. Montoomary & Lony or cantar locaeona fcom 1700 to 2SJ0OO aq. ft. J.T. Boyar Raaty. e0b-92i-ib0s. STORE FOR RENT Locawd at 40 Utah Avanua door to Maxfcan Waga n sttmt fcom taw oflteaa. Landlord wtih ranowla. AJIrad Kafin. 60»-4S or SUBLET OFFICE SPACE Ava«Aug 1. Princalon. $ »« TWM IWGRS CBfTBI ROUTE 33 baal modarn oaoa and stem. 700 to 2000 aq. h. Pro* trom boft commurky Igtiway trada. Rama start at $7_2Saq ft pha axcull w wrrna- Tatea atoofcand ohona PnnoMon Businots Park or WEVE GOT Your Spaoe 1300 square teat anoompasaing tha saoond floor of a baaumuty reatored mansion zonad tor profaiitonal or oftoa spaoa. Six mias from ine cww ov 1 nncmon whn & direct bus Ink to NYC and town. Ampla parking on attradtvary landscaped proparty. Conv^niantly dawtonad fi with Q p «um»lor Doctors, Uwy trat to ba discussed. $ par month + etectrtc Indudaa had* hot walar, paridnq and more. Contact Haknalay-Spaar of Prinorton. a* tor Mr. Bartsh Recycle this newspaper to North end of Oxford Valley MaB. turn right on Oxford A Complete Weekly Cable & TV Listing Covering Over 40 Channels Plus Storer Cable Channel 8 each week with your CENTRAL. POST WINDSOR-HIGHTS HERALD or CR ANBURY PRESS Featuring the Fdowing Realtors ReafcyJWortd Audrey Short, Inc. Keratin MOST PRIVATE RANCH ESTATE with HAMILTON SQ. MAIUNG ADDRESS featuring SEVERAL HREPLACES & 5 + ACRES Long private lane to circular drive. Trees, woods and pasture land plus stone walls and green plush lawns. Even a small fish pond. Ranch home with 3 bedrooms, central air conditioning, super large livingroom, diningroom, den and 3 stone fireplaces. Owner financing for qualified buyers. Ridolfi Realty Inc Nottingham Way Hamilton Square, New Jersey 08690, (609) The Wine Column runs every other week in WE Off HENDERSON, OF COURSE! KINGSTON...MINUTES TO NASSAU STREET A VERY NICE AND QUAINT Story and - a half home right in the heart of Kingston. Completely remodeled living-dining room, kitchen, excellent floors, brick fireplace, spacious porch, 2/3 bedrooms, patio overlooks private fenced-in yard. WHERE CAN YOU FIND THIS FOR $73,500. Call Henderson at for an appointment to inspect. HOME & INVESTMENT ON ROUTE 206 Four Bedroom Cape in Montgomery Twp. on 1 7 /S beautiful acres. Screen Porch 20'x20\ Floor to Ceiling Fireplace in LR, Finished Knotty Pine Basement, Workshop 18'x27" with woodburning stove. Storage shed, Oversize 2-car garage with attached 18'x8' Workshop, Heated 8'xl2' Green House. Fruit bearing trees. Two large gardens. IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY $89,500. NEW THIS WEEK IN MONTGOMERY In the popular Pike Brook area of Montgomery Township, this center hall colnial awaits the family looking for schooltime occupancy. Exceptionally well-constructed, this spacious home is offering 4 bedrooms. 2'A baths, a relaxing eat-in kitchen and family room that open onto a screened porch and deck overlooking rural countryside. City sewers and Gas! heat. FINANCING: Agprox. $96,000. at I3'/4%, Call our Henderson office in Belle Mead for details. $129,900. REALTORS Routs 206, Bel* MMKJ, New Jeraay fri You can depend WE Off display ads to SELL r Choose your. next Apartment carefully... you'll live there for many years, consider the finest... Robbinsville Rural setting with acres of breathing space around lovely apartments. Extra large rooms with wall-toi wall carpetings. Free parking - for 2 cars. I Convenient to all high-, ways. SHARON ARMS! Sharon Rd. across from the ] Country Club: Just east on Rte. ' 130 at Rte. 33 North of 1-95 at j Exit 7A, N.J. Tpke. Mr. Sheehan East Windsor! In the Princeton- Hightstown area. Luxury garden apartments in quiet, suburban settings. All have private balconies, spacious, well kept grounds. Wall-to-wall carpeting. Free off-street parking. Swim Club. WYNBROOK WEST = Dutch Neck Rd. Mr. & Mrs. White BROOKWOOD GARDENS, Hickory Cornet Rd. Mr. Ptashinski CHESTNUT WILLOW ' Dorchester Or. Mr.4 Mrs. Ellis Ewing Township Luxury apartments with private pools. Efficiencies! to oversized 2 bedrooms. Large rooms. Beautiful landscaping. Conveniently located. Free off-street parking. For future occupancy, call our [Resident Managers. WOODBROOK HOUSE 865 Lower Ferry Rd.. 4 story elevator bwg. Mr Lauari HIGHGATE Olden Aw. at Parkway Awe. 5 story elevator bldg. Mr. 4 Mrs. Van OeWeghe EASTGATE 1505 Parkside A«e. 2 story garden apts. Some with private balconies and completely carpeted. IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY PARKSIDE MANOR Parkside Ave.. 2 story Garden Apts VERSAILLES 220Sullnai)Way Opposite Trenton Country Club 2 story garden apts. Mr. Pergola KRIEGMJWt SMITH Inc Proper^ Management

44 Home Hunter's Guide SB Week of July 21-23, 1982 I*- JUST LISTED PflflC nap mm 0 IWWG BUSINESS IPAflK SQ It OktfMtaQ SMKMM0 on 1M aerw. haw few Cfl*PQ*att «* <»&* *»l«cna«2800 ft *» BaoMWBfit AIR. tj i» RESf A4IRAWT Q twflte»> e*(>ofli *«EWiNG & *rxj!uncr>i auam tt*! so mam& m ton, SS29 fmff tit*. stoaooo.* Sfcpft t.-,, aoit 9565 «*»** * ASKING Stuff, on Htm too* cewdggron iwe9»ca 3.. inp mm 2 m Spfct»" < MAUCXMCRETEWoHk-ESTAauaWDNURSERYA THGNfONNU Buy OMKX APARTMENTS «!»«* S3S.000 Profit*. tt?,o» mm. To Bupr SSO.000 OoodTas mm Bat co Pr«nce»on A BUSMCSS BROKER AMTIOUE DEALERS #308. tollimr 1S12 m *. ** raady for imrnad. u»e R«*rtors S75: FWANCML PAMTNEK5 Or ^ Waraad lor boat iwmcm. A 20 mm to PWa> da«na. i hr 10 Mev York m loopboal dock. Cat flot-ath-ka in a buay PwtcaiOA. AttracS- * pno» tor an K M turnmdludm fcdura* A anor * buiavig Som* tar»a*ng ownar of «w buanaa* A. How*. Inc. HAflPWAfiC Paw mew >a*. CatFor tha. locaaad n a busy Looting ID 0MONN* t» mat Mutt saf tor owar and «"«P»r mar* IBWKI to paopto. QUowt Ntoow A* tor P«*W W Owway OMEfMJERCEft COUNTY «<OOJBOO,»**m saaoooo. wooo RaWRRSk aaon w? My*, Cour«r Major naoco stoaooo N* pnoa taran o> m% butdhno.. Soma HAVE 8UKJXNG Locaaon 32 wtai rancmon.. Laraoro taanny Kjttn. PO Bo* Pnneaon, 6tXMS2.i234 or V LAOaSS CLOTWNG Swra Oanattn ouaai A Ingana in p«ima bu«in«*t location. Somanrina Call i0am-5«m UOJUOR STORE Adfcaoanl touaokuni A* BumJnUm Hflnoww Tiif*\ EkXafAvrtt ID*.COM to conduct wnar reenr^} Ash- <ngst90.000i 400 OppotturttHMt PARTNER oa BuainaM High yiatd. rfem parson. MX>. Lyons. eo«-8ei-«680. SMALL PROFITABLE ELEf> TROMCS CO. w«h p»- tented electronic niety aqutoment tar aal y p gajnt Bapry Box #04445 ao Pnnoaton PmckM. STXVON&VY BUSINESS" lor «ata «) or w«wul bu*jmg Qraat V w«hstorage SPACE FOR pour«al lor * in oaoioping aubi*tan RENT HIOHTSTOWN AREA tocamoa J.T. Boyar. Raatty. Rtaitor Land for Sale VMYLR PA«8u«n«tstor sate Graai ivna Incofna part art $1,000 Cal WANT FINANCIAL INDE PENOENCE? Anyone irv ri Mming Mnou* wno is noc airaio oi work & hat rtagnry: Palroton Inc. it tooting tor Mhous paopia on «part ama or Ml ttna baa*. For hxifw Wormaoon cat or WJCKER FURNITURE - w- tabfatwd buanns tor sal* at coat oi Invanlory. rantai S57Oino. Pnnoaton suburban Good proof and tor QTOW0V J.T. Boyar Raaty. RaaHor Real Estate Wanted CONTEMPORARY HOUSE Wamad aq ft. on 4 or mora acras in Princalon araa. S ^0972 SPRINOOALE Houta to buy or rant im WANTED DESPERATELY! 410 Garage/Storage for Rent MERCERVRXE Hoty Nol ama. 2 car whh electricity. Storage onty. $70 monthly MONMOUTH JCT Three bay garage with electric power 4- storage space for rant LOTS OF LOTS WEST WMDSOR acres tor the land developer. Outstanoing location fornew York commuters just 5 miles from downtown Princeton. $ per acre. PR HOPEWELL 3 acres in a scenic country setting. PartiaBy wooded with approved percolation and soil togtests. $38,000. PR HOPEWELL Ready to buw on Ms 1.87 totperfect lor the executive family. Semi-rural yet dose toshops, schools, tennis. $39,000. PR HOPEWELL Possible owner financingis available to the qualified buyer o» this 1.62 acre homesite close to Princeton and Pennington. $57,900. PR TERMS AVAILABLE to qualified buyer. Call Realtor. Princeton Office. WBCHERT MILLSTONE TWP (Mon. Co) 9.16 beautiful acres, treed. 450 ft road frontage. $35,000. Low owner financing. Sentry Realty Inc.. Broker BUILDING LOT Hopewell- Princeton area. 3.1 acres, se- «-* m% KnnOaiQn. O.4 Of 9 DOrTTI cluded mature forest well or apt For sale or already drilled, perked & bnmadtelaiy. Exc referencet togged. Ready to go. $55, Michael Landau 000. Principals only axt 159 After 6pm hrs after 6. WANTEO Bukfcng space tot prnfaw acnooi \<J eiernen* tary grades) in Cranbury Hmi area. September occuoancv DOGWOOD HILL LOTS Princeton Twp. cluster. 1 acre with sewer, water and underground utilities *» Land For Sate «*» Land For Sale H. Pearson HOPEWEU. TOWNSWP Zoned Neighborhood Retail Commercial; 22 acres. Frontage on 2 roads. Excellent location. Call tordetails. JUST LISTED Hopewell Twp. approved building site near Pennington. 3.3 acres. Wooded. $45,000. DORtSPESSEL REAL ESTATE HOPEWEU 1 Vi acre tot. Priced for immediate sale WOODED ACRES Lawrence Twp. Princeton mailing address. Rural area evergreens ready for harvest $400,000. Owner financing available to qualified buyer. Write Sherwood Acres. 50 VanKirk Rd., Princeton. NJ BEDENS BROOK Montgomery Twp. 2 + acre building lot overlooking Bedens Brook Country Club. Sewer, water, gas, electric. Homes in area priced from $350,000- $500, BULDMG7 We have more than 60 residential tots to choose from and owner financing is available on all of them. Call for specifics. THOMPSON LAND CO. Realtor BOUVONT DRIVE 2 more tots sold! Beautiful 2 acres of wood, all utilities, off Stuart Road. From $87,500. PRINCETON'S LITTLE- BROOK 1.3 acres. $89,000. PRINCETON'S WESTERN SECTION 3+ wooded acres. $85,000. MONTGOMERY 1 acre. approved perc^ $36,000.^ Princeton Crossroads Realty, Realtor E. AMWELL 1.6 wooded PRINCETON-Hopewell Area FOR RENT On We. 1. acres with view, Flemington 9 secluded wilderness 1200 sq.ft. budoing torshop araa. approved. $35,000. acres with brook. $50,000. CLEARB ROOK/ROSS- CONDO AT WINDSOR MILL or storage. Cal ^_ Convenient terms. Owner MOOR Adult Communities. Resales. Most models II with 2 bedrooms, ELM RIDGE PARK 1Vfe eves baths, fireplace, cathedral available, 2&3 bdrms. Extras acre tots. $52,500 & up. Can PRINCETON 1.6 acre, OARAGE Cranbury. 6 car. include appliances, carpet, heavhy wooded lot on Au- avaiabla ImmaoiaJafr end. patios, fireplace & more tumn Hill Rd. Perc approved. $56,500. J.T. Boyer Realty TEWKSBURY. HUNTER- DON CO have 25 acres of wooded isolation on unimproved road just north of Oldwick. Portion with southern exposure and mile view. Will sell acres Cemetery 4 PLOTS Rosedale cemetary. Linden, $200 per. LOT FOR SALE 1 '/meres after 5. Exc. on Hwy 27, Franklin Park. location. Call for information after 5pm. 430 Real Estate for Sale 12% FINANCING if you love our home! Four bdrm, large kitchen, 2'/i baths, central air condition, 6 appliances, garage. Excellent condition. All on V* acres, corner lot; only 2 blocks from Twin Rivers pool & tennis courts. Call today & don't miss out on summer fun (days), ask for Rose (evenings). ARE YOU TIRED of a big house? Looking for more fun and less work? Country Heritage RE, Realtors can ) help: We have listings for : smaller families, couples and singles in choice communities. Call today. BIRCHWOOD ESTATES, West Windsor. 4 bdrm Col-1 onial with 20 x 44 ingroundi pool. Lovely setting treed neighborhood. $172, or ASSUMABLE 9% FHA Mortgage + many extras. Make this 2-bdrm. split-level Twin Rivers townhouse w/ lovely lake view a must-see. New gas hot water & York central air, intercom in all rms., much more. Close to tennis, pool & bus. Call aft. 8pm. & wkends. Principals only. m HOMES CORPORATION 430 Real Estate For Sale All beautifully located. Starting 60s. Levinson Associates. Lie. Real Estate Broker Eves. & wknds or BEAUTIFUL LAKEVIEW 3 bdrm, 2'/z bath, split level, townhouse in Twin Rivers with finished bsmt. Cathedral ceiling, upgraded carpeting throughout, ail app.,no wax kitchen floor, storms, screens, gas grill, pool, tennis courts, 1 block to NY bus. 7'/i% assum.and/or financing avail. $74,900. Principals only call 609^ CRANBURY RANCH By owner. 42 Evans Dr. 3 bdrm, 2 baths, liv. rm., din. area, den, fireplace, eat in kitchen, 2 car garage. Call for apointment Real Estate For Sale ceiling, eat-in kitchen, formal, dining, central air, gas heat, all energy saving appliances includes. Low $70's. Century 21 Krol, Realtors ; eves CUSTOM CAPE 6 rms.. bath, 1 acre, sewer well, trees, garden, more. 65M. Owner MANVILLE 6 Room Cape Cod, 2 bedrooms, full basement. Gas heat. Aluminum siding. 50 x 100 lot. $68,500. JOSEPH BIELANSKI AGENCY Rmaltor 212 South Main St... Manvlll*. N. J Ev*i. 3S MEMBER MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE Manville's Finest Gallery of Homes NEW BI-LEVEL IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY - maintenance free, 9 rms., 2 1 /2 baths, 1V2 car garage. Northside. $89,900. NEW RANCHER - 5 bsmt. rms. 2 full baths, full $79,900. COLONIAL CAPE COD - Older 4 bdrm, kit. liv. rm. din. rrru full bsmt. 1 bath, owner will finance & will accept offers. $65,000. CAPE COD - 4 bdrms., liv. rm. kit. 1 1/2 baths, partially fin. full bsmt. 1 car gar. 75 x 100 parcel. $66, Building lots.avail, in different locations in Manville. Build to suit only. Bring your plans, call for details., FRANK J. BONGIORNO & ASSOC. Realtor, Insurance and Appraiser 37 So. Main St., Manville (201) Evening Hours on Tues., Thurs. and Fri. J Lat«BVBS mm. 9Ktf«. Com*- to sanest* and S74J0a f» Good A O»ot* W At*»«g Koaooa e l*««o«slot* G«ot«taoaooa **mg Simon ssoaom Ooodf KATOiAL CREDIT CORP ttwtmm toarwk> hom* cum- Plion* 6O OO or 201- ADLERMAN CUCK IS Sfwfa* ftu f $ Brings the magic of Georgetown,D.G and Beacon Hill, Boston to the PrincetQn~Brunswick area. 3-BEDROOM, 2/2-BATH TOWNHOMES FROM s 76,900. Own row any mm* 1O CtOtt ntaii VMwtai w«i 6 aplft. ft offica space on 3 4 msnm m ihjiakjmi Excmpton* Financing avail, to ouamm barm, SUtmrnHU. Ptkm Radticfon NOW fm.900. WmiHMJTOtUn Onanxm 1 «cnt ot«riooiong Padcte Ufm Your pttns or ourm Your Lot or ours. Cal for detais. CUSTOtf 2 Mory ws Bff* B«u«*jty F mm., lo nuawh 1 bujrw Mno. from $74,800. to 3 B«r«. naw Teflum M autttor. K*che»vttnaO8 beti fconl and t«ar poroha* and attacheduraoe. momtm yk mom woodad lot OutatandkiQ oond. Introducing Weybridge Place, luxury fee-simple townhomes in the finest American tradition. At Central Jersey's Finest location... halfway between Princeton and the Brunswicks. And now you can finally have your own luxury home on your own lot for an affordable price. Inspired by the stately townhouses of the 19th century, these remarkable new homes capture the look and style of classic Federalist architecture. And while they look like landmarks. Weybridge's homes offer more modern comforts, conveniences and standard luxury features than other new townhomes costing thousands more: Authentic Federalist sunburst mouldings and trim Copper-roofed bay windows Hand-tamed oak stair rails. Six-panel colonial doors Private patios and storage sheds Exterior brass fixtures And modi, much more Werbridje Place also boasts its own clubhouse, a private swim club, two ai-weatber surface illuminated tennis courts, plus acres of open space, automatic spnakkn and fcish landscaping. Aad even three bedroom townbome is backed by the outstanding 31-year remtatioa of Weiner Homes Corporation. And a really solid sense of ' tfcatyoal have lo travel pretty far to match. K- Artist's rendering So before you consider buying anywhere else, come see the modern day landmarks at Weybridge Place. Because seeing our townhomes is believing... believing you can own your own luxury home for less than you ever thought possible. To reach Weybridge Place, take Route 206 South to New Amwell Road (7.9 miles from the Route 22 - Route 206 traffic circle). Turn right on New Amwell Road (Carteret Savings & Loan), proceed V* mile to Triangle Road, turn right again. Proceed VA mile toweybiidge Place on your left. From the Princeton area: Take Route 206 north, turn left on New Amwell Road (Carteret Savings & Loan), proceed 'A mile to Triangle Road, turn right and proceed 'A mile toweybridge Place on your left. Sales office Phonte: (201) Open 10-5 every day. EYBRIDGE TLACE Fee-Simple Townhomes in Hilbborough Township. From $76, year mortgages available.

45 ! ^ - - ^ Home Hunter's Guide 23-B II laciill a* fine* (tana 3 GUM* Custom- *4 tmtutm*. CattHw ** T-3 S Mm, 2-*, tsuft, ftp > «agr> o««. wf trails, WQWUDM cms «M-«C77 Our.« ** HAMttTOM SOOARE Oast aw I Cor*. cjst^f AffBaiMCaVI B f i i ^ Beaf For Sate _. BEACH SLAND on«s»ge Year around home, axe cond. pwme area.. 4 bdrm, Sv rm wnfenapiaoa* cfen awe* fcsjchen. ate. 4 shoppwg Muat be earn. Asking PRMCETONTWP Ranch Sbdrm. 2 apt S12S »« _ " " * * *** ** W" 1 **** Cei 609- CM * rwrawcrw BHAwet. 2 g KMffie., on qtmi dead end PfWCETOM "~ twe** mem. Fume- ^^ %fkl m Q^^BJ,,, 2aLOCXSTONAS8AUST SoMV conavueied. charming Lo. % be* home. L*» nwraanance. *» Real Estate For Sale ROSSMOOR CONOO 2 2 {Natal, av. ITU, daft. A retrlg, air. w/w carpet Mutual 443 "Main*-. Otocfc Irom cmbfioun QOat. 8 yr*. oh. $54,900. Taxee $1145. Vacant Chei Re ROSSMOOR homes. 16-hote go*. Olympic swnmng poo^ <c courts, shopping commuting, lots of recreation groups., no garden work! Resale homes by Country Heritage RE. Realtors ROSSMOOR 6 rm. 2 bath. qu«1 floors, minl-bllndt. tvoughouc avc. Q community; gotf. mm, «ic. 40 mlm Htm bus). 10 ftaam rapavs ony. $80,000. Ownar mi flnanoa p Cranbury. 6 bdnrn, 2 batw. firaplaca. custom built. buuars homa. 2 car garaga. Stift^OO. IQMS atw 2S BvinQ room of tfvs 3 bedroom Condk>* minium Try tfwcaratraa atostyta community Oaarfirook. $79,900 y on (JUBSI na^ndomooo ot rvgn- W0«n Wood burning ttova n imng room, naw roof. 9" ntulation. many axtras. w* parilsby tnanca tor buyar. $54AX>. STULTS REALTY CO. Bacartty leanae* 3 b*m SS3&500 MB OR OM* PfHNCETON RiVERSOe "» 0yOMaf 3badraom avaa and ingsvwg SPECIAL i 2 bdrm «cnt Reduced to $159J00O» tm. 8V eewrtl aw. gaa ImL uastoi PR'NCETON COMTEM sttmens as»- w»oi.. cte«mh»«.s«. ien«is??**5izil? l 5? < J2IZT SA7.000 Cli «w«s.4v ttfcftte * * CjiMmMaW *o iaa f cto^mte M ora ". ^ 1 ^ Umt,m~y «236jX» i.t. Oy emim. En# EASf WNOSQW - «3UI5» r<3«%,*«emmt to 3 PI C weft umcjue oanmponvy hot** to nn«. 2 wt QOOO PRMCETON ADDRESS Large beauam 3 year ok) 9 araa. 2% car garage Superbly landscaped 3J4 cm. ManyquaMy 20I-329O024 REPUCEP TO S8SJ00 Pttmngtof llcpml Twp. lovely 8 rm bum rac mi CAM luf oaitr» oeok oc*» 20 z 40 Inground pool S225J00O U n land REMARRMCE Forces Sale Uttst be seen, *T<M 3 37N.MakiSt Cranbuy. KJ FMANCMO 7 room ranch. 3 (OOP! way badrooms. famjy room wtth wwv * car garage on TO feraptaoa of Idlchan, Ivlng home in Warwick. NY, 55 mfw to NYC 4 bdrm. 2tiiba*a.ak*n*clng.sepgarsge w» 11x18 Syr old 18*32 tnyournl pool on V* W awajscspoo lol VIM tvavs?2% fflofiqhqa> W Cai after 9pm ROSSMOOR Unique Harn^ iaon 2 bdvin. i bas\ enct porch, very near medtesl ct* clubhouse. PrMtctpais V*f S59J , A bdrm. S49J00 bdrm. 151J00 Hmm Manp* bdrm. SS&900 UMMReCSTWP PHaeot Je»sun 2bdr $59^00 ki mmm» *m vt H>2bom SWJBOO* 7 M ran* En- Maa»-2-3 bdrm. $69,900 e apacmus * Conn-2 bdmv STiJOO Mmm Yam»2-3 8R. S7V000 m-2^3 bdrm. SfMJOO S48L000 Uom^CerVt S35J00 S2XS00 *»e* * # »ee*» * * ""*. *» *». *» nm.» «37 H M * gas M 2 Co. room w*h Braptaca. gas haat, 2 car ovarsizad garage, radwood dack. %M baaamant, sioalanl condwon. $79,900. Oi Oonoto fliiloi or vanjngs & 609-M THREE BEDROOM Patto Ranch, ass. mortgage. Days evenings more Mo cal or TWIN RIVERS Three bedroom townhouse. Living room. dmng room. ancee. 2% bi baeement. bar, fireplace,new carpsftng. wood floor, patio, gas grca. a/c in condtoon. 7V4% AskinQ low swsnoml rrtn* dpets only. Cal after 5pm TWM RIVERS lake oondo. 2 bdrm, 2 bath, al major appi. petto, central a*. Priced for quick sale under $50,000. facet cond TWM RIVERS Detached. 3 bdrm. 2 % bam. 1 car garage, tuty fenced yard. Asaurns our $57, *% moflqbqax plus financing TWM RIVERS 4 bckm Red Estate FbrSale 440 Too Late to Classify WHEAT SHEAF LAME 10 room 3 bath Colonial. 27 ft78 VW DASHER WAGON IMngiroom with fireplace and Brown/tan, 4 spd, a/c, Becker french doors opening onto Stereo, fog lights, roof rack, screened porch, terrace, pool low mi, as new. $4800. and tenosdto grounds. Famiy room wnn nreptace ano wet79 FORD THUNDERBIRD bar. Game Room, laundry room and workshop. Includes waaner, oryer. onn wasner, otsposal, freezer and attic fan. BeeuBfuty decorated-move in condwon. $159^00. 6O9-821-O3S6 UNIQUE HOUSING Opportunity in West Windsor area. Princeton address. Turn of the century Georgian farmhouse. Excelent location, 4 minutes from Jet. train, waking distance to RCA. Box hedge, mature trees & shrubs. First floor entry hal. v rm. formal oln rm. sun- BERNINA sewing machine porch, screened porch, kttctv wanted. No more than 5 yrs en Bk powder room. 2nd floor: old comer bdrms, sfttjng/sunroom & bath. FuB basement & attic. Energy efficient Detached 2 car garage. Not for everybody but we've loved it $125,000. Creative financing avaiable Pennsylvania Properties BUCKS COUNTY Rustic Contemporary. Master suite downstairs, 4 bdrms & sewing room upstairs. 4 stas horse bam. inground Sytvan pool. 6+ acres. $249,000. Can owners. Special Financing CARVER'S RIDGE A collection of 12 beautiful acre + homesttes located In historic Soiebury Twp., Bucks Co.. PA. Just 25 mfles from Princeton. Enjoy fine schools, lower real estate taxes, and beautiful country Bving in a quality built home. Priced from $119,000. For further Information eel John T. Hagan, Builder LEVTrTOWN. PA within 20 mi of Princeton. 4 bdrms. 2 baths, garage, garden. Nice house, neighbors. Neshamkiy schools. Unfurnished. $500 per mo. 1st, last Security, Ref. annual lease. CaB cooect thru 7/23: Can starting 7/25. NEWTOWN Townhouse (new). 3 bdrms. 2'4 baths. Uv, dk% den, garage, swim dub, tennis courts. Security & reference required. No pets. TENANTS HARBOR. Maine $595/mon. + utils rooms, bam A laundry, stfnmer room, tul ceflar, partial view of harbour. In Ihe aumabte mortgage TWM RIVERS 4 bdrm 2V4 Devi twnnee. ivi cemc. onox peso. Cent'A. 9V.% assumabie mortgage, svaiabte Aug. 1 Lease wmt option to buy ain Habit. $74,000. Mr Morrow TWM RIVERS 3 bdmu townhouse Youl be proud to own. Quad 4. trashed bemt. much more. Wei cared for & ctean, aseume mortgage. Aft. 6pm. 609^ TWM RIVERS 3 bdrm. drt oes\ sv, o*i- rma, exn Irg Idc new appfianose. new carpet, no wax tr. many extraa. 6O9-44»-697i betw wkdeys, 1f>2 Soiebury Twp 6^ WOODED ACRES This rnagnmcient 4 bdrm, 3 bath custom home is an unique combination of classic & modem. Featuring dark stained sold oak floors. 4 fireplaces, a fabulous 45 ft TWM RIVERS 3 bdrm end unt townhouee wen aesumebie morsjaoe. I you hurry you can M 70 TOYOTA CORONA needs liming chain A radtator. ho"a9 a) fwvwmsd. WOoJBOO. Best Offer Cm days: I780 eves * wknds. TWM RIVERS 2 bdrm. twnhee. Quad 4, tovaty laketo NY bus, aac i O** flra, oly In- scaptng. Owner financing majl AaMng S64JS0O. CM alt 7pm, 6O9-799-«a57. Prtnorty. Use of pool * WEST WMOSOR lovb 4 bdmw. spa. avfc pa^pb. poai cond, 3 sufcia to HR : fi 10*00, cm after 5pm floor to cehng stone fireplace & a spiral oak staircase leading to a balcony office. This unique home is attuned to today's casual or elegant entertaining, and also tocomfortable famfty IMng. Offered at $ ^ ' YARDLEY new 3 bdrm. 2 bttth, SaTIQaS RaVtCli In ths Qx~ ford Glen section of Yardkty, Bucks Co. Never occupied. Can be purchased for $78,900 or leased for $725/ month with option to buy and rental credt toward purchase. Outstanding opportunity. Call for details. Day : Eves TOO Late to Classify Iff CAMPER Retrig. stove. We bath, sips 6. Roof rack. Exc cond, reas. price after 8pm. 3 SPEED Raleigh woman's bicycle. Cal pm-11pm. "68 BMW automatic, rebuilt engine & transmission. $1400 or best offer PORSCHE 914 targa p J*L? p^ilf 9 rebum engine, new shocks & paint, em-lm stereo cess, aluminum wheels. $ O or after 6pm wkdys. any morna?10*9 Or Slaw BpfTt. 71 SUPER BEETLE Good engine, new Una. $500. Cal a BUCK APOLLO 4 dr. a*t, automaflc PS, gcodcondmoa $1800. Cal after CHEW Dump Jruck for tale Good oondwon. Cal 60* CHEVY 6 1C, $ COACHMAN Pop-Up $500 etove. AaMng $ AH power, sport wheels, 38,000 miles. $ aft. 5pm. AIR CONDITIONER Carrier 5850 BTUs. Exc. cond. 3 yr. guar. compressor. $150. Aft 5pm ANTIQUE MAHOGANY Secretary Empire, museum quabty. Phone BABYSITTER WANTED for 2 children. Mon-Wed, my home or yours CHILD CARE & light housekeeping teacher seeks a person to care for her 3 children (1'/», 5 & 7) in her home during the school year. From 7:30 am. to 4 p.m. School vacations off. Must have reference. Can CHILD CARE In Kingston, on bus line for 3 yr old & 3 mo old. Mon-Thurs. 7:30a-5:30p after 6p. CHILD CARE/Housekeeper Dependable person wanted to provide loving care for our 6 mo. daughter in our Hkjhtstown home , Mon Fri. paid holidays. Begin Sept , CHILD CARE Available for 3-6 yr olds. 8-4 daily or part time. Near ETS. Swimming, crafls.t games. Lunch/snacks provided. Reasonable COLLEGE STUDENTS MCCC or TSC. Federal City Rd., Ewtng. $30 wk weekdays, 5-9pm. COMPUTER TRS-80 Model III. 11 mo old. $ Too Late to Classify DISHWASHER Kenmore automatic with hygienic rinse, white w/butcher block top, good condition, $150. Call Ron, DRAFTING & General Office we are seeking a person with good drafting and clerical skills, previous knowledge of plat plans and drafting skills required. Figure apptitude desirable, light typing. Call The American Appraisal Co., EOE. EAST WINDSOR for rent with option to buy. 3 bdrm house, large yard, close to Tpk. ExA 8. Vh months security. Avail. mid-aug anytime. FEMALE PREFERRED for large comfortable room in private home. $150 + utils after 6:30pm. Too Late to Classify RETAIL SPACE Store FLOOR WAXER part time front. Princeton Boro, Palmer position, evenings. For per-squarson with floor waxing ex- area. Approximately 700 sqft. All utilities included. perience! Apply in person. Share space on sublease. Towne Labratories, 1 US Hwy $700 monthly. Call , Somerville. NJ Mr. Teti. 440 TOO Late to Classify Supt of Schools. Montgomery FOR SALE Kerosene RETAIL SALES If you are Twp School, Box 147-B, Skilheater; Sony color TV; antique long case clock; baby an energetic, self motivated Iman, NJ individual with retail sales experience, we need you EOE m/f. changing table; electric typewriter TEACHER Social Studies. Grade 6-8. Certification & ex- Above average starting GARAGE SALE July salary. Full and part time perience preferred. Mail re- before July 30 to 23.24,25 & & Aug 1. available Asksume 207 Taytorsville Rd. Yardley, for store manager. Charles Argento, Principal, Pa. 9am. Bdrm set, sofas, etc. RINGOES Near Flemington. Immaculate 2 bdrm. St., Cranbury, NJ Cranbury School. 23 N. Main I LOST 31 LBS in 7 weeks The safe healthy way. I will be happy to share information with you. Call Frank, 24 hrs INDUSTRIAL SEWING Machines 2 Singers, Oil SED; Columbia Blind Stitch ; Merrow Overtook, A-3DW3. Call KEYPUNCH EXPERIENCED We need you. now for DAY assignments. Short and long term available. Call or stop in TODAY. J & J TEMPORARIES 600 Alexander Road Princeton, NJ DINING THE LARGE 3 ROOM Apt in farmhouse, in sight of Princeton University. Consisting of living room, kitchen, bed room, bath, foyer, private entrance and grounds. Located on Rt 1, near Alexander Rd. $275 + utilities. Lease and references required. Apt may be seen Sat July 24 at 10 am. Call between 4 and 4:30 pm MOVING SALE July 24 & 25, everything for sale. 9 Columbia Ave, Hopewell, across from fire station. REPORTER - for Jamesburg, Monroe coverage. Freelance work, mostly Mondays, Tuesday, Wednesday nights. Hard news, features. Send resume and clips to: The Cranbury Press, P.O. Box 396, Cranbury. N.J Yard, garage, beautiful setting. $ SALES POSITION Princeton publisher seeks college graduates with excellent verbal and written skills for full-time marketing positions. Salary + commission + benefits. Call Recycle this newspaper GUIDE a directory of restaurants. for your convenience will appear weekly in the Packet Newspapers' arts and leisure section ADVERTISERS coll (609) or contact your sales representative. ISECRETARY/BOOK- KEEPER Wanted for a small architectural firm in downtown Princeton; Must be well organized and mature with excellent typing & bookkeeping skills. Must also be able to handle responsibility & to get along with many diverse personalities. Previous expert- ence in an architectural or law firm a plus though not required. No shorthand required. Salary competitive. Please send resume to P.O. Box 1567, Princeton, NJ SOUTH BOUND BROOK Near I-287, Office. 685 sq ft. Ample parking. All utilities incl a/c. $450/mo days; eves. TEACHER VACANCIES 'Kindergarten for 1 yr only, experience required. High school Science to teach Earth Science, experience required. Must have N.J. Certification in above areas. If interested call or write: Dr Macolm D Evans, WANTED Old crystal, a good piece at a good price WINDOWS 2, Colonial incl. storm; screen & storm door preferably evenings. YARD SALE Household items, curtains. Also BMX Ranpar bike, like new. Sal, 7/24. 9 to 5pm. 21 No Eleventh Ave, Manville. YARD SALE 7/24, 7/ pm. Twin Rivers, 5 Robertson Rd., Rte. 33 & Twin Rivers Dr. Harvest table, many items. '

46 Home Hunter's Guide Week of July 21 23, 19X2 you're on the right track lithe Packet 8-way CLASSIFIEDS The price is low... results are high! Classifieds Set your advertising message across faster than you can say, "Casey Jones"! There's something for everyone in the Packet 8-way CLASSIFIEDS Advertising in the Packet 8-way Classified is so easy - just give us a call TIMES 4 LINES H1 00 (use our handy Money Saver Coupon)

47 Arts/entertainment guide for the week of July 21,1982 Philadelphia potpourri -D* * a teesje tr **w *«X««ic?**e*xc \.oaget Wnosa *v«s <-eroia Ceq»oi ^o? Manviiie News. c ronk!in News-(?ecord. Hiiisoorough Beacon and Cranbury Press.

48 BELLOC RED LETTER DAYS Bazaar features nightly ethnic themes The annual Sacred Heart Bazaar, 149 S. Plainficld Ave., South Plainfield will feature six evenings of ethnic entertainment between July 26 and 31. July 26 has been designated as American night with a rock band to kick off the special entertainment for that evening. On July 27. the Willie Lynch Trio, recording stars from Dublin. Ireland, will perform as part of the Irish festivities. The trio is touring the U.S. and can be seen Thursdays at Jack O'Connor's in Bridgewater. Italian night will be observed on July 28 with music provided by John and Louie Eodice, John Colaiacovo and Ron Sivulick. The High Boot Polka Dancers, comprised of members from Somerset and Middlesex counties, will perform on Polish night, July 29. German night and South Plainfield night will be celebrated on July 30 and 31 respectively. Ethnic foods will be sold to complement the nightly themes. Hours for the bazaar will be from 6 to 11 p.m. For more information, call At mj *** punf num. you no longer see any point in getting all dressed up. INDEX ONTrfECOVSc Ihe hot sumrner sun has left many people with heat exhaustion and hot tompoa. Those who need a refreshing change of pace during these lazy, hazy days of summer should try some of the worth-o-ehort trip suggestions (pages 13-18) in mt» week* lime OIL The front cover is Phllodetonkrt Readtnq Terminai Market, which, according to witter softy Friedman, is a tempting trip, along wtfh another famous Philadelphia morketptoce. The Bourse. See pages FEATUSfS AND D&AffTMENTS AM the world may not love a clown, but everyone does love Buddy the Clown 3 In Town: Princeton resident. Georgine Hail, dtefhe pluses and minuses of her acting ^and her current role in the Broadway Noel Coward's Present Laughter..4 Heaiioy On Stage: The heat did not deter the theater critics from attending local productions of Hesto M r and A tomytarwelatoo^a nmeoffcfttlc gives her evaluation of Princeton's newest form of stage entertainment the nighttime cabaret On View Worth A Trip: A group of Trenton residents recent- 1 a sfnatbook,tret*on Makes, which i wny irenron is worm several rnps...io ToMe Tali: Restaurant critic, Dkmne WBBoms, takes a trip to the Chesapeake Bay and describes the scenic and cumnory pleasures of the...is...19 Tube Vlew~~.....,.....~~~...~...21 Dtning Guide On Screen: Movie critic, Tom Simonet, takes a trip to Star Trek terrttory in outer space, where he " rtrekh. 23 Playing ridge and Puzzles 28 Editor: Jane Bradley Advertuing Coordinator Patricia londmonn Acting Editor: Pom llersh Assistant Editor: Heiene Hovanec " TIME OFF Who's the fairest at the fair? Single women between the ages of 17 and 25 may enter the annual Miss New Jersey State Fair contest. Applicants must be residents of the state. Preliminary judging will take place on Sept. 9. with the winner to be announced on Sept.' 10. opening day of the fair at Six Rags Great Adventure in Jackson. A forerunner of the state fair was held in Trenton in 1745 under charter from King George II of England. Since 1888 it has been held in Hamilton Township and will be held at Great Adventure this year for the first time. Information and entry fqrms may be obtained by writing to Bemadette Kopacz. Miss N.J. State Fair Registration. Box 120, Jackson, N.J It's time to putter at Pottersville show The Pottersville New Jersey Volunteer Fire Company is sponsoring its 29th Annual Antique Show and Sale on July 29, 30 and 31 from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. for an admission fee of $2.25. More than 35 antique dealers will market their wares, including china, glass, jewelry, furniture and even herbs. The show also has a reputation for its quality meals. On a warm day, the visitor can rest under the food tent and partake in a dish of peach ice cream drizzled with fresh sliced peaches. Luncheons are served daily from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Supper is served on all three evenings from 5:30 to 8 p.m. YOU U O K RADIAL TONIGHT ANDREA. Week of July 21-28,1982

49 Buddy is every kid's best buddy hy PAM HFJttH «* * confined dsaraetcr He doe* axrjxhatg backward* loot* ta Or wvmf cad of a camera, opens ihc mnmf cad at m hot. waft* at the wrong dnactaoa. put* the wrung (cut in the thoc. patti the nw»p way. Tfce fcafe M the artfttxxhood correct M turn and iril tun he n "dwmy." "a dmm^." "a BtT Bt"DOY. marad of km untye. look* at thaefh he n a* f a* a dona '11ui"«boame k m down a ckmn oa dhc warm. kname. bwmtolinf f tradition df SCMBSC Seen"* Bif Bad la prafemkmal Itafo. Budd> n an "Mfsnl" dom* or» clo*n «iwnc nuke- «p ri matt mnscixk thm the ill»hrtc tmac clowiw md «tmc pcrknoliue* are tu«t "owr-wvwc" than ihc "forever vtd-fmxa hobo clcma " "Bat I preto to chml of m>iclf» a erwtwmiw for Ud» an emenauacr who IOWM to tmttrxt»tth a children'^ autlicace. My *l*p»!icl. lacompcicncc moke* hrfc Unf*» and makct> kids fed fnod atnot tfartmd«n My ckmtunj fives» hnk bd an opportunity to be * btf adnlt.** vwd ihc down. d m PrinoctoR. but pcrfom» New Jtrvcy» Budd> ihc ALL THE WORLD CLOWS*Kxtxiim$ to die if lo Bodd> 'That LOVES bui MK kx% ot LMK»ho hate aw «awcd of them The he fnftncotag. the cxagff can he ^tattlm^. 11^> cot at my «oy» pal ray *adtaxx% at M red. *fe*c and bloc outfit Buddy the Ctown is surprised to see that he has just taken a picture of himself. (tuxedo, a huge top hat. floppy clown shoes, fancy shirt designed by Buddy and his wife) is silly, not frightening; awkward, not strange: laughable, but not so weird that a child would feel uncomfortable.*' he said. Buddy outside ot his clown suit is 23-year-old Harry Hart, bom in Camden. raised in Trenton and East Windsor and currently living with his wife and two pre-school children on a farm in Princeton Township. Buddy, a nickname he picked up when he was a pre-schooler, "seemed more suitable for my clown personality than the name Harry." HARRY BUDDY HART has the same warm and friendly character of Buddy the Clown, but missing from Harry Hart's personality is the clown's awkwardness and silliness. Instead, there is a confidence and seriousness. He is comfortable with his profession and proud of his ability to be able to support his family on the income he makes from doing theater shows, restaurant shows and private parties everything from kids' birthday parties to bar mitzvahs to weddings to corporation picnics. The Ground Round Restaurant in Bordentown - has contracted with Buddy to be the restaurant's in-house clown. Occasionally Buddy will pick up a little extra money from part-time jobs currently. Buddy is starring as Harry Hart a few mornings a week behind the counter at Cox's in Princeton "but basically. I have been fortunate enough to get the work I need to bring in an adequate income. 1 never may be rich, but I don't think many people enjoy what they do as 4nuch as I do." And although clowning is a laughing matter. Buddy takes his profession "very See BUDDY, page 10 Buddy's cfttsran. Sltptwn and Andrew, giggle as kwd as ar the other kids whan twir Dad is doing his BuddyHhe-Ciown act "Music is an excellent way to loosen up a group of shy kids," Buddy the Clown said. TIME OFF

50 JN TOWN 4 Laughter' is her best medicine I* FAM HERSH Aetna* Georgia* Hall's mesufc to npraf actrcua and acton iv nay away ftcmb JM adsft CJWCJT' HcT WOfll* of wadon «ill he delivered within the next In* M«du 10 dozen* of tccn-afcr* m flic Princeton Summer "I mil Idl them anything to dmuadc ebon from acting in movm. theater or 8«the tame Georjmc Hall during the pom fie* day* aho ha* been tcllinf her Cncads abort the "monderfut* experience ifcc lun had land mill continue to have ami Sept Si in her Broadway acting mlc as Lady Satttxam ta Noel Co»ard"» Prt»- Thc director and «iat of the *ho» at the Carte HI the Square Theatre n George C Seen M* RUJ* role mart* the ape* of her actwg ami a career which "I vwtdn't trade for anything " AMhewgh Sh Hall (Mn Ralph Fretd m* of Ph*ce»aM» tcctm 10 be contradictmg hendf. "I mean what I «> m both cute* Tbcatt* H K X a hifh paying, or ftamonxn at cjefam pro(e«*on Actinp t\ Mood, vweat. tem. rejectton and umccunr> Aa actor tnoally loolu upon tin current )»*> M bn or her tni job. became it n mpnnii^me to u> what *t!l happen tomorrcnn I djwni. Cod all die time thai none of an f w ptran chiidncn are prafevuoruj ackcm or actrcmct. " *J«1 the 5S->trar-<-4d auei«c Prtncctoniaa HOWEVER. ALL THE D1S- RUfGERS 1RE4TER MBW COURAGING WORDS from other people "never kept me from acting, and I really don't expect that my discouraging words about the difficulty of the profesuoo will keep any of the tecn-gcrs I will be addressing away from acting. The an is intoxicating. I often have often said that I would quit, that the aggravation is not worth h. But I haven't been able to give it up. Acting is just too rewarding" emotionally and psychologically not financially. Her role in Present Laughter is a milestone, not only because it represents the first time she has been in a regular (she has been an understudy) in a Broadway show, but also because George C. Scott is "Mich an extraordinary man. He is enormously generous both on and off Uagc. He never takes his incredible talent for granted and works incessantly. I have worked with other wonderful stars ( such as Peter Sellers in the film. Being There, and Michael Moriarty in Shakespeare's Richard III But never have I worked with a person of the caliber of George C. Scon " Her first acting role starred no one like George C. Scott, but "was equally memorable " Six-year-old Gcorginc played the dairy man in A. A. Milne's King's Breakfast, a production by the first grade class at the Nassau Street School in Princeton. "I could tell from the teacher's reactions that I ua«. pretty successful. From that point on. I starred in every school production and never could get rid of m> obsession to act." See LAUGHTER, page 27 A Professional (Actor's Equity) Theater Company in Residence at Rutgers, The State University PROUDLY PRESENTS The Critically Acclaimed Comedy Hit: A COUPLA WHITE CHICKS SITTING AROUND TALKING By John Ford Noonan Georgine Hall. Hilton's Famous Oldies Nite Every Monday Nite Live Performances by your Favorite Oldies Groups. p w«i Top OUtM Group* you wont >*sn( to Miss S3 cover charge July 26 - Elegants ihcmhoalnn N.. Turnpike Exit 8. Monmouth Si. Extension. List Windsor. N.. OSS ) JULY 27-AUGUST 8 8:00 P.M. Levin Theater Douglass Campus New Brunswick CaU the Box Office at (201) eoumni bcltov* my «y«t.. Trenton Tim** This truly It th«#1 OldiM Club In N«w J«r*«y.. N«w York Dally News Mondays Hilton Has It All TtMEOFF Week of July 21 - Z8,1982

51 HEARSAY Ballet Society founder steps down J sod fewader of Taw IS tin* Baflct Society. «il itwr w tfireeior effective Sept I. I9SC JwMdi Lntl. currently associate ifteecst*. ba* been jyyomocd 10 tuccccd fctrv EiK). wto will COMIDUC to Ktvc» armbe jdvnor to lac otpmatkm. "t mm ddqpfrttd ID leswe the society ia J»*y"v cansf and capable bands. I fed as ttenadh I an tendtag my *d»kf off to <«ikfc to at* and dujkafbsf advenaan»."mrs. Bar? said. socjoy nuintitm n and Ac 19-year-old Pri Skin.- Levitts, a name of Trenton, in New York City. pufarmiaf career with Rattct Tkcatrr, UK Coolcwporary Chamber ffawibti. the New York City Opera and me Mirmpnlltaii Opera Ballet, she joined The Princeton Ballet faculty in Appointed ballet mistress of The Prtacetoti Regional Ballet in 1972, Mrs. Lxvhoa was named associate director of The Princeton Ballet Society in 1980 with the responsibility of administering the School of Ballet and the regional company. Prteceton Ballet II. Widely known for her contribution to the regional ballet movement and the education of dancers. Mrs. Estey was dubbed "New Jersey's first lady of dance" by the New York Times. She began her ballet training in Canada before moving moving to California where Audree Estey. she continued her studies and persucd a performing career with several West Coast ballet companies and under contract with Twentieth Century Fox. Following her marriage to L.Wendell Estey, an instructor of English at the Lawrenceville School. Mrs. Estey began teaching ballet in the Princeton area. After an initial expansion move to the garage of the late physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer. the school grew and was incorporated in In 1963 a performing company was founded. Today The School of Ballet, with both a professional and non-professional wing, enrolls students in studios in Princeton. Cranbury and New Brunswick. The Princeton Ballet Company has been designated as one of the seven major campanies in the nation by the National Association or Regional Ballet. Mrs. Estey was formerly a member of Gov. Richard Hughes' Committee on Theatre and Dance and currently serves on the Board of Trustees of the New Jersey State School for the Arts. Donald B. Edwards, president of the ballet society's board of directors, in anouncing Mrs. Estey's retirement, also noted that Jane Gifford has decided to step down as associate director of the society to devote more time to her undergraduate degree program and to other professional opportunities. He announced that Dermot Burke has been promoted to assistant director-ballet master. He will have primary responsibility for the artistic direction and training of the professional company. Judtft Levflort W«* Windsor Volunteer Rf* Commpany No. 1 Sponsoring Its ANNUAL FIREMEN'S CARNIVAL DISPLAY and Monday Evening, July 26 thru Saturday Evening July 31 looted en 9m comae ot ttwpnnceton HVWsajwn Road and th> Ctarksv«e Road ~... i \rv\ik}9orpiatftst)oro High School SPECIAL NIGHTS: IT - Optnatf ligm TICS- UOtS MfH (dunco on Ooot psm (nc te mert i*jj! IKE- M&n *k ft ihtt Truck noes t& m IKJS and faworta»t 9 PaTJ FIREWORKS REFRESHMENTS TWHS- Volunteers light {Ail members of the First Aid Squads and fire Companies wifl receive a discount on beverage) FUMY NigM Fireworks at 9 PM. SATWMT - Fireworks at 9 PM GOLDEN HOGGET Bonus *MV * (Elfeclive July 5) $5 in Quarters! $5 Food Coupon! $5 Special Winter Voucher!* $5 Evening Voucher! t Good Sunday 330 PM to Friday 3:30 PM. On weekends $5 in quarters, $5 winter voucher and *5 evening voucher only. (Redeemable Nov. 1,1982-March 31,1983 by patrons returning on a participating line bus. Monday-Friday only.) t(redeemable July 5-Oct. 31, 1982 for $5 in quarters. Good on your next trip on arrivals Sunday-Thursday after 4:00 P.M.) SUBURBAN TRANSIT CORP. (609) (201) $14 $14 Umtnm SaaMnNs, Orda. HcMeaffs tore iapon fcm 145 ua.... $14 Mat"* Saore. tartary On«s Ml a*- $12 $14 Hantx. TJXTrml fell ML $17 PRI A^HR0WN TRE ROUND TRIP FARE rtuwoor, Coartrf Citaoirti Ourtrosk, Appieprtk In Staa ifcos un. Tf/ttHH Tta Brers Bapl 1M5 u«. Last Stop - Then Express Via GS. f arwray M t*ws an subject to tntfic wtthet rodoperrtoml detays. Sony, no one under 18 permitted. TIME, OFT

52 ON STAGE 6 Dolly' is a hot time by the lake fey MCK WHXEVEX A im paced wa faacy lid*. My goes iaio ii* secosd weekend af Tfecstrc-By-TlK-Lake on the Pcddic M tfirtuw and h fcntiag far a Dig bicaic m the weather AM imde M atoxm Mbembtc to M n Ac Despite the name. Thcaae-By-Tbc-Lafce n MX outdoor*. Syafatfieft bad 10 fo oat 10 the pu>erv on teie the tenpenture tm 110 accommf I one the Her imsrecr. Ac slow could (oamtllni real 10 dke dedcatkm o*rtewcvolunteer peffonacn. woritng! under the flare of hot die *oght of Tint sanah ammmn of tepid tea»crc CCMf sold at 50 cents a shot lo an audience cfcweioacedbaf first aid for dehydration», I suppose. Bui did come back is after the The show they stayed» see» alive tth snag, and dance Scenery change* arc KMftcd into prodwtiiun mtanben so eftecthey seem ainost natural and hanly Monferc wdi the flow. The vnpu COOK an those such a* in Ac in- ed "Waiicr'% Galtop" awl m "Before (he Parade Pxuc* user swdonaf lavorwes wciuoe u Tafta a Woman." "Put on Your Sunday t" (a«cry snappy rendition) and. of "Heflo. OoOy." A STRONG CAST n headed by Julu Lrhchmw a» Dolly and Jerry W«rpo» Horace VmtupMu. Mt. Erlichman n s me profcsmonai bm>tod) foal n lo torn Horace into her. She cowld me a bit more power Diet Wittncr a Eserwrc Edtaor of The Ncwwrnm. in some of the songs, especially 'Hello. Dairy" itsdf. but she putt in a generally I INC pcnoftmocc. Mr. Warfo is outstanding with expressions and movement. He works hard and effectively to capture the character of Horace, a fairly rich businessman from Yonkcn who finds love while trying to wwch his wallet. His acting outweighs his vocal talents. Much of the charm of community theater i% that it gives young people a chance to show what they can do. In this case, they can do a great deal. Delvut Camden is a musical theater major at the Boston Conservatory of MUSK who brings lop acting talents lo the role of Cornelius Hackl. Horace's chief clerfc. The object of his affection is A lane Marco as Irene Malloy. She is fresh from a starring rote at Hopcwcll Valley High School. As a couple they are delightful. especially in "Dancing** and "Elegance." Liveliest performances come from the younger of the featured loving couples. William Bunting as Bamaby Tucker and Diane Wargo as Minnie Fay. They arc scene stcajers even when in the background. Ms. Wargo (real life daughter of Horace) is a Mercer County Community College student and Mr. Bunting is a recent Peddie graduate. They are always active: their bright faces are a joy and their boundless energy under such conditions Saturday was beyond belief. Her daffy giggle and his highly expressive eyes are real crowd pleasers. These arc youngsters to look for in the future in larger parts. HELLO. DOLLY is the story of Dolly the matchmaker from New York trying to match herself with Horace, the Yonkers businessman who thinks women arc only good for cleaning up the house. She cons him into and out of two other relationships while proving thai she is the woman for him. The action includes four courtships. A scene from 'Hello Dolly,' now playing at Theatre-By-The-Lake. exploding tomato cans, a New York City parade, dancing in a hat shop, dancing in a fancy restaurant and everyone in a court of law. By the end of the show three other couples have managed to gel together. Horace has discovered that that money isn't everything and Dolly has gotten her man. The story, with music and lyrics by Jerry Herman, comes from a book written by Michael Stewart based on the play The Matchmaker by Thornton Wilder. Producing directors of the Theatre-By-The-Lake performance are Thomas Cardca. Jeffrey Holcombe. Charles Lorimer and Francis A. Towne. Choreography is by Pamela Worley.. The show can be seen this weekend. July 23 and 24. Curtain time is 8:30 p.m. Wear as little as possible and hope for a cold wave. Babar celebrates birthday at Summerfun A special celebration for Jean de Brunhoffs magical character. Babar. will be held at Summerfun Theater at Montclair State College. Upper Montlcair at 1:15 p.m. on July 28. The little elephant will be brought to life through the animation of Goowin's Balloowin's. The show, is appropriate for children three years and older. For ticket information and reservations call / Sneaks to*- WEST SIDE STORY OPEN AIR THEATRE WASHINGTON CROSSING STATE PARK JULY f Bos Office open 4:00 PM performance dam only. (609) \ WESTITDT STORY My (Ram dates July 25. August 1) nan. $U0 FrL. Sat $3.00 tor 12 $1.50 Bmoffict open 4:00PM (000) Comlngl DAMN YANKEES ** * 5J.7.I2.I3.14 WE Off has ideas for your weekend Community Sat. 8C Sun. - 8 p.m. Park North July 24 & 25 Princeton Street Theatre, Inc. (609) Bucks County Playhouse (21 >) Back by Popular Demand T Smata Hit of tae Sammer Season SOUTH PACIFIC On«W««kOiily J«ly21thniJ«ly25 *rrmt/utnctlm-mixmrdofoz-t*nij*y f I Hut - UAME -*r/r ttttnr 4f. 15 TIME OFF Week of July 21-28,1982 vet v. "i:.tu.v ';.»s?w

53 ON STAGE South Pacific returns to Bucks County m itupu 10 Ftoytene for was vesy ts«ath Pa- Bocks Coonty My 21 to 23. received. World W«a. Ndtie Forwy none from Lictlc Rock. Mmmm, meets aad bib «love on the arc a poop of sailors who arc bored i need ot female coanpaftiottsliip. Souvenir couecting. their only active pastime, has devclocd into a fierce rivalry berwuji sailor Luther Billis and a native islander. Bloody Maty. Lieutenant Joseph Calbe. a handsome young Marine, arrives with an assignment to persuade Emile to accompany him on a dangerous mission. Coil fisher and Michelle Hannay will star in the production, diectcd by Ralph Miller, choreographed by Kristine Maloney and musically directed by Newton Gikfarist. For tickets and reservations, call 2I5-R62-2O4I. HIGHWAYS Michelle Hannay and Guil Fisher will return to the Bucks County Playhouse to star in South Pacific, July 21 to 25. For tickets, call Moln.-KINGSTON 2 mom No. of Prtnc«too It 4 Dane* Party wtm John * Jamto DJ.'t and Compan) IffdaMottar Rock-8oH 16Pt«c«Ma Band Sound The Sergeantsville Inn Sergeantsville, New Jersey Jury HYJYNX Rock-flol HELLO, DOLLY" Dear Friends & Neighbors: If you have already visited the Inn, we thank you. If you have not, we hope you will stop by soon. The Sergeantsville Inn has now been open for six months, and we are very appreciative of our customers for the success they have helped us to achieve. We are open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 12 midnight Sunday through Thursday and from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. Friday and Saturday for lunch and dinner, including ah exciting Sunday Brunch. For your convenience we also have a large selection of domestic and imported beers, wines and other spirits available for take out seven days a week as well as homemade breads, pies, cakes and quiches on a special order basis. Both Friday and Saturday evenings from 9 p.m. until closing we have piano music for your request and listening pleasure.' And on Wednesday evenings we have a special seafood dinner menu drawn from unusual colonial and contemporary recipes. The Inn has also been honored during these recent months to prepare small parties for special occasions on a personalized basis. We look forward to having you join us soon. Cordially, and an. A mi ay I Frt ft S*»U July 23 & 24 THEATRE Frank Ayres & John Touhey Proprietors fill M I* *'?* -*» il Mr 21 a. I*? iiv* J5V/T TIME OFF

54 ON STAGE New stars shine in night cabaret kj HANNAFOX N1GHTSTAGE ami Cafc An La* dcf y flat oft heard i r a i b about Pnacctoo'% udnvalu faldnf op after ux and cvoymra during the ttmrocr. acre, town and gown have u»- to do «. dnpcttiag another Cafc As Latt n one of several M the community sponsoring >rtcktstage, fee taaai mncaraabon of Ac bncmom of Murray-Dodge Hall. Bnaaga* 10 hfe Ota «unmo m coojancoon A Nn»SUft at lawne. it echoes die late cafe wthich opemes during tdaool year. A Mgjbt o»l't dream, its balls resound hue amfttwwneai from 10 p.m. to 2 *m. ThnndByi through Sondiyv Adme m dke bouse.. Aratftc Datcmr of NrwScagc. Ver- Brady observed. NlGMTSTAGE's n due 10 die mpport and gencrauty of 10 spummi from dac conmntjp.. Toty aid lasiiafion % Music. Kaaaat BoBbqne. La Cunax. Km Star. ^rwodon Bagrh 4t Pastry, Roboos Roraf. Teaaptaag Tiger Restaurant alone w* Cafe A«La*. Ta^^ f^v4#mmi ijiidlij- lirim. u mill J fan aad blade bdfeoafd badbdrop w«h "WEL- COME TO NKJHT5TAGE" offer a coocoiag for after dxatcr NXJHTSTAGE WM'I transport yoa to a icac cofffoclkmok of i icucn cabafct 1 id pa^es «ad rucd-op atikry room appeanace. Rather, it's like being :atajan AFTER NEWSTAGE performances, cast. crew, audience and coffeehouse goers gadjcr. The enteruinment is varied. Some tunes benind the scenes members of the production take center stage and display their talents as singers, pianists, fuitantti. comics. Opening week. Elsbeth Collins. Scapteo production manager and costume designer and Tim Cavanaugh. technician were perched on stools in the spotlight singing love ballads. Assistant Director. Michelle Mclntyrc was among the performers the following week, with Jeff Kanfidd. Happy End musical director accompanying her ballads and blues on the piano. Often the audience joins the performers in song. Ken Alcorn. on the staff of McCaner Theatre, did improvizational mime for his first appearance. His next engagement_wih be as a magician. NKJHISI AGE is an ideal in-town try out for those with a secret yearning to sing, dance, read poetry, mime to bring out das performer in you. Each act runs for two nights. Auditions are through NKJHTSTAGE managers. Tom COM. Laurie Mcndik and John Fay at While you're searching in the closet for that hidden talent, pull out your Christmans stocking. NIGHTSTAGE is having a Christmas in August party on Aug. IS. dosing night, complete with Sana Claus. Egg Nog and tree. "Lot's of us are away during Christmas." said manager. Tom Con. who Ohm accompanies acts on the piano and win be directing NewStage's next production. Happy Ead- "We'll finally be able to spend Christmas together." Next summer, too. since the managers arc already thinking about next year's season. FOR AN EARLIER start in the evening and the week. Cafe Au Lait has opened a summer cabaret on Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m. Princeton's second floor coffeehouse at 66 Withcrspoon Street is complete with shiny copper espresso machine and rich homemade fare. It is reminiscent of a Victorian parlor with its gilt framed mirrors and 19th century realistic paintings on peacock blue walls. Cafe owner Karla Jones's eyes lit up as she described her latest venture, sparked by the Princeton Writers* Center poetry reading held there in June. "I envision the cabaret as a showcase for performers to try out new material and to bring enjoyment to the people here." She is already thinking about having the cabaret on a year round basis and has a cabaret co-ordinator. Roz Freund. Roz Freund is also the resident singer and mistress of ceremony. On opening night she and her son. David, a disk, jockey at Princeton radio station WPRB and freelance writer on contemporary music, sang popular tunes together and separately accompanied by Wesley Derbuyshfnc on the guitar. Other acts have included vocalist Bemtcc Stem of Lawrenceville. who sang show tunes and Anne Marie Grumpelt. a folk guitarist, who made her debut with familitar songs and her won compositions. In future weeks, a comedian, cellist ind flutist will appear. Auditions are held on Wednesdays at 6 p.m. for the following Tuesday. Call for an appointment. Whether it's downstairs at NIGHT- STAGE or upstairs at Cafe Au Lait, the sound of music is in the air in -Princeton this summer. Hatuu Fox is a novelist and co-founder of Princeton Writers' Center. Her first play has had a staged reading this year. Fantasy Factory salutes entertainment Members of the Fantasy Factory "family" weigh less than five pounds and can be easily packed away for traveling. This "family" is made up of three dimensional figures, three to 30 feet tall, dressed in brilliant fluorescent colors who perform against a jet black background. The creations of puppeteer Errol Manoff will salute American entertainment at Six Flags Great Adventure. Mr. Manoffs puppetry is an adaptation of a classic Japanese technique called "bunraku." His puppets are bigger, though, and take three people to operate. The show will feature animated characterizations of some of the. best-loved American comedians, film and recording stars of the past and present. Fifteen live singer-dancers will join the puppets in performing high kicking dance numbers and classic comedy routines. The show will run through August 12. For further information, call 'Hay Fever 9 opens at Foothill Playhouse Mo «M appear at Six Rags Qraat Advantura in Jadoon through August 12. lira and Uberaoe are members of tw "Fantasy Factory" and GlamoreUa is Italy llcttili Gray. Cal 20i-92S^S00 tor acfcat Information. Noel Coward's comedy. Hay Fever, will begin an eight-night engagement July 28 at the Foothill Playhouse. It runs Wednesday through Saturday until Aug. 7. Curtain time for all performances is 8:30 p.m. Julie Wald of Hillsborough portrays Sore! Bliss. Ms. Wald is making her ninth appearance on the Foothill stage. A resident of Elizabeth, Jefferson Lake will play Simon Bliss. Mr. Lake and Laura-MacGregor of Warren, who plays Clara will both make their debut under the baton of director Don Sheasley from Piscataway. Jane Hall plays the Grande Dame of Bliss House. Judith Bliss. The Berkeley Heights also is making her debut. Gerald Cantor of Westfield plays David Bliss. He is on the board of Potters Field Theatre Company in New York City. Somerville resident Andros Thomson - will play Sandy Tyrcll. A member of the - Somerset Valley Players, he was head of the Drama Department at Blair Academy. - Arya Arundel will be played by Robbi Curtis of Chatham and Robert'Jeffrey Fletcher of New Brunswick portrays Richard Greatham. Rounding out the cast is Irene Weaver, from Bemardsvillc. Francine Fiore will do the costumes. Foothill Playhouse is located at 1011 Beechwood Ave.. Middlesex. For tickets and information call Tuesday through Saturday from 4 to 9 p.m.

55 ON STAGE 'Penny Earned' earns little praise fef LAURA HAYWOOD Tncre ri a ccruxa appeal about A Pmnj Earanl axamg largely from its total I K I of pretenmon and its aoraciivc cast tarn make* you want to overlook its dkimn flw*. but thai ruji quite pgkubjc A P*«n> Enmnl n an orrguul mttucal "natmed on character* from The Mkcr and ccb«imobcnr farcrt" tliai opened Saturday Mffat at the 7J Scat Theatre in die Setcbary Scaom. a (r» mtiri outside of review As ttv tome mpht*. the theatre n and * n *Ko not a*r condtftoncd tan* do a bener job of cooling the tiun one mould expect, but it defmnei> be «o order to keep thn fact n mad miem ptmam$ aa ociunf at fee TJ Seal Theatre DESPITE THAT SEVERAL of the people cameciett»«h A Ptwy Earned fcamc profeiimcnai crate*, du*» %ery stack M aautcuf Is n (fee mark of Aame Lcbctui (muue.»d awiucal director puimi) aad Kcitc? IhooA. adkfafjoaal lync*. jod darrxuoa) VU Lebcam»a& a pmnut and iwfcf at a No* York club for *omc <oa» yews, and waned a* rmcucai director of s iony'fwwwwji; review tn Ho wart as the accomptnttt for A fvaay Earaai n f«e. leu unprawvc arc bcr Rtttjc and t>nci None of (he mtmc to tim»bkw» arwfwl bat none of it» really very food, either. It is mildly melodic, rising to something slightly more only in one number. "The Most Magnif- cent Banquet." which is quite entertaining. The- lyncs are pedestrian, with obvious rhymes, and only an occasional turn of phrase that is amusing. I did like the concept of Samson "with a crew cut." MR. KELSEY'S BOOK is best de- *cnbed as weak. The plot line concerns the efforts of Harpagon (Tom Ungcr) to marry off his daughter (Michelle Henthorn) to the wealthy Ansclmc (Walter Mervucl without spending any money in the process. This puts a terrific strain on his combination stable hand and cook (Jane Sharif) who is charged with the problem of staging a banquet without buying food. In the meantime, the Miser's other servant (Jules Feiler) is in love with the daughter and they arc determined to get married, leading to all sorts of I-Lo*e-Locy types of plots and counter plots, including a faked illness and the impersonation by the servant of a doctor. Like The Fanlasticks, the story line of A Penny Earned is meant only to serve as an curuse for the songs. Mr. Ketsey's program biography includes the information that he "bombed as a standup comic at Catch a Rising Star. I'm afnud he is not much more successful as a director. It is so easy to discount the role of the director until one sees a show totally lacking in mat discipline, and A Penny Earned is such a production. The staging is devastatingly predictable, the performers arc artificial, and mannerisms replace characterization. The stage at the 73 Seat Theatre is very small, and the set consists entirely of a A Penny Earned' is playing at the 73 Seat Theatre in the Solebury School. painted backdrop (about eight feet square) representing the Miser's house and a lattice-work bench. There really isn't room for much else. The lighting is less designed than aimed: it illuminates only. The costumes by Marietta Sundstrom are adequate, though 1 suspect Anselme's knee-britches-without-hose was a concession to the heat rather than the period. THE AUDIENCE Saturday night was wildly enthusiastic about the show. If I read the comments around me correctly, it was also composed largely of relatives and friends of the people involved in the production. The entire row in front of me was filled by the wife and children of one of the actors. This is an amateur production and I have probably been too hard on it in that light. The difficulty is that when a company requests a review, they are asking for the judgment of an outsider who is writing for other outsiders. If you know someone connected with A Penny Earned, you will probably love the show. If you are coming from the outside, you will almost surely be less enthusiastic. Laura Haywood is a Ace-lance writer, editor and drama critic for Time Off. 'West Side Story' plays under the stars West Side Story will be performed at tne Open Air Theatre in Washington Crossing Park. Titusville at 8:30 p.m. on July 22 to 24 and July 29 to 31. The plot of this Leonard Bemstein/Jerome Robbins/Arthur Laurents show parallels the romance of Romeo and Juliet. Set on the streets of a tough New York neighborhood, told through dance and song, the play underlines the turmoil of street gang rivalry and its effect on the star-crossed lovers, Tony and Maria. Cast members include Tom Price as Tony; Monique Martinez as Maria: Robert Moya as Bernardo; Deny Light as Anita and Steven Barnes as Riff. The show is directed by Richard Niedt, choreographed by Nancy Thiel, musically directed by Richard Loatman and produced by Backstage Breaks Productions. Tickets may be purchased at the gate prior to each performance. Rain dates are scheduled for July 25 and/or August 1. MR CONDITIONEO! Wtot Shift Stay wfl be at the Open Air Theatre at Washington Crossing Park in TnusvOe on July and 31. Performances will be at 8 30 p m and befcets may be purchased at the gate prior to each show. Oomr Farm, tfew Egypt, NJ («0V)75«-ttM SATUYW-lTJOfM RSAONHSSMNANTUME FRI. July 23 at 7:30 PM SAT. July 24 at 11. 1:30. 7:30 SUN. July 25 at 1:30. 4PM $2. S3. S4 ARTISTS SHOWCASE THEATRE 1150 Indiana Ave atop Rtetorante (jut olt PrMcWon Ave.) TRENTON DIAL 3-9-B-L+S-S July 23 and 24 From NY's Comic Strip Bin MCCARTY plus other comedians Corain Next Wttk from New York DAVE "WALRUS MAT HAWTMIME

56 ON STAGE Sumrnertun. New Jersey's largest professional summer theater, will concfcxfe is cfturans series wtthbafaer md EMoons on July 28 at 1:15p.m. For rwrviftoni. cai Buddy fttm 3) tcnanty I to** worked and uwfacd y ID fet m a pom *bcrc I fed I cm gr«e the clm»«f prnfessioa a food aw I cownwilry watt hard at perfcwg my mmtend and my makeup"" fee tatet mow OtM one horn 10 apply hn «* an art. jtru like toca t*fce» a lot of ikili and f And children, because of thctf wav&bic saucily and vuincnbtlity. arc a mack toufhrr andwncc than adults Chil- «awa»»h lei >uw know immediately, if yom act t* oil tarjwi. Aho. 3 had ckmn.art can hr J *cr> uapirxvum experience for 4 fc*j J» rtpmcatc. «h»eh leave* a Ittctonr wnprevwan. Cltmttinf require* lite **.ilh of an acuw and N* aho die vviil* of a chim I am tl»n\ thinking of»*y % to pet ctuhlrca tn\v>jvcd in m> E*m il»c mum rrhjctwu child pantnfiitr In dhc aid rf the then*/* <lo»»m»f cjucjtioa catnc mx j CIKMIII wrhasl or COMTK. but from of wakiuaf and apprroucinr He K» Kxwtnc a clcmn at die apr of 15. whea he met Tncier the On»n during OMC of Tucker** performance* in East «acnajr edoor of Time Off. "From thai poini on. I saw as many ckn»n acu as I could and then apprenticed with different clovms. Before I knew it. I developed my own unique clown character and I wa» putting on my own pcrformnnccv" Evtn though no one else in Buddy's family currently n in the theater profeukm. his great grandfather had a theater company around the turn of the century. "Maybe some of my great grandfather'* genes did get passed down to me. All of my family has been very supportive of my career goals. They may have thought that clowning was not a suitable career for a young man. but no one said anything to me. I did enroll in a mass commumcaikms college program, but after a few vcmcmers. I decided to go into clowning full time." BUDDY'S CHILDREN. 3-ycar-old Stephen and 4-year-old Andrew, refer to their father as "Buddy the Clown" during a show, but as "Daddy" at the dinner table. "They have had no trouble understanding that I am not Santa Claus. that I am a real person, whose professional job is being a clown. When they sec my show, they get involved in the fun and hysteria and seem to forget the disciplinarian father behind the makeup." Andrew said he wants to follow in his father's oversized footsteps and grow up to be "Vanilla the Clown." Rick Spina plays Sam and Lee Benson plays Bill Cracker in 'Happy End' at NewStage, July 22-Aug.1. For information, call 'Happy End 9 begins at NewStage Happy End, a rarely performed musical originally written by Bertolt Brccht with music by Kurt Wcill. will open at NewStage at Intime on the Princeton University Campus on July 22 and run through Aug. I. Tickets are six dollars on Thursdays and Sundays and seven dollars on Fridays and Saturdays. Student rush is five dollars, a half hour before curtain. The play is set in Chicago in 1919 and involves small time gangsters and The Salvation Army. Originally written in the 1930's. Happy End did not receive the warm critical acclaim that Three Penny Opera, a piece by the same collaborators, enjoyed. Recently Happy End has been re-examined and reworked; in the early 19707s. Yale Repetory did a production of the musical with a new translation by Michael Feingold. The show then went to New York, and Meryl Strccp played the central character. For more information and reservations, please call NewStatc at Intime at Mysterious 'Victim' takes over stage Mario Fratti's psychological mystery thriller. Victim, will be performed at Summerfun Theater through July 24. Joseph Long will direct Barbara Campbell. Brian Cousins. Tom McGowan and Joseph Ross in the drama, All performances will be held at 8:30 p.m. in Memorial Auditorium located on the Montlcair State College campus in Upper Montclair. For tickets, call Shakespeare troupe performs in park William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream will be performed in Battlefield Park. Princeton on July 24 and 25 at 3 and 7:30 p.m. The play is a fanciful, light-hearted comedy consisting of four interwoven story lines. In an enchanted wood outside Athens, Greece, the lives of four young lovers and a group of crude laborers become entangled in the mischievous antics of warring fairies. The only characters who are not subject to the nymph's pranks are the staid Athenian nobility. The performances are the end product of a new experiment at McCarter Theatre. called "A Shakespeare Summer '82."AH the company members are young people between the ages of 10 and 18. This troupehas been responsible for all aspects of the performance including makeup, costume design, publicity, scenery and music. Veronica Brady, artistic director of NewStage at Intime. directed the play. Her assistant. Stephen Smith, is a member of the McCarter Theatre Company. The play's special director has been Nagle Jackson, artistic director of McCarter Theatre. Penelope Reed, a professional' actress with McCarter Theatre, has been the troupe's acting coach throughout the four-week program. All performances are free. Walt Disney's Great Ice Odyssey will be at the Brendan Byrne Arena at the Meadowlands through August 1. The show combines precision figure skating with the antics of the Disney characters. Tickets are available at the box office and at Ticketroh locations throughout the state. For more information, call

57 ON VIEW Th* photo by Barry WastQato is one of several scenery and nature photographs by Mr. W«sigate and his associates (Dotty Westgate and Uoyd Starts) on txht* at *m Montgomery National Bank now through Aug. 14. Photo exhibit says 'wish you were here' B Wc«fJ«c * will be a froup of tbett cwiflns "*»h >oot here" <n ihc NttKttk! Bank. Rm«c% , Rocfcv Hill, from now through A«f 14 Tike ptooto* of unking have captured on film danag ihew reran %eh through the Sun and acifftbonnf islands. fawn AIML* to Bermuda, mosntata wo* to ocean beaches. The photography corporation of B. Wcugate A Associates consists of photographers Barry Wcstgate. a math teacher at Montgomery High School: his wife Dotty Wesigate. a pianist: and Lloyd Suats III. a certified gunsmith. Although the three photographers have varying backgrounds and interests, they do share a love for photography, specializing in nature, scenery and close-ups. Ftinoaton arm Robin Gary Wood, currently has an exhibit of his oils and acryfes at the River Center GaBery in New Hope. Pa. The exhibit is continuing trough Jury 28. Mr. Wood, who studied and lived for several years in Paris, has his paintings in dtetinguised collections throughout the JHtmatures 48 W. Taylor Ave. <c*i A#W» DO Trenton. N. J THE NEWEST AND LARGEST SELECTION OF DOLLHOUSES Miniature Furniture and Accessories for the Discriminating Decorator! ax A Full Service Shop - (609) Artist Judy Bloor painted :Finders Keepers, 1 currently on exhibit at the Coryell Gallery in Lambertville. Coryell Gallery has annual show The Coryell Gallery at the Porkyard in Lambertville is presenting its second annual summer exhibition of paintings, graphics and crafts by more than 60 prominent artists of the Delaware Valley, which will continue through August. The oil painting titled "Finders Keepers" by Judy Bloor of Lawrcncevillc. who was one of the exhibitors iin the group show recently, is on exhibit. The gallery now represents the work of the distinguished artist Louis Bosa.N.A.. who died last fall. Among the many artists exhibiting arc Bye. Bissell. Ceglia. Crilley. Darrow.Gross. Nieman. Ruggles. Spedding. Steinlaud. Seitz. Monath. Marsh and others. The gallery is open Wednesday through Sunday. 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Park displays paintings of Great Swamp Paintings of the Great Swamp by Frederic Kirbcrger will be displayed at the Somerset County Park Commission's Environmental Education Center through Juiy The show represents three years of work by the Basking Ridge artist who used a wide variety of media and experimented Hours: 10-8 Friday IKS.. Wed- Than.. Sit. Sun. ALSO Horn by AfpaMtment with several artistic styles before turning to the realistic style used in the paintings. The display will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturdays and 1 to S p.m. Sundays at the center, located at 190 Lord Stirling Road. Basking Ridge. For more information, call AGAM CALDER CARCAN DAU OELACROIX EBGI MCKNIGHT NESBITT REMINGTON ROMLEY UZILEVSKY VASARELY FRAMERS GALLERY 24 BRIDGE ST. LAMBERTVILLE Hi (609) f frame factory ^~ "^ DO IT YOURSELF ) and SAVE 10-60% "Select your mats and moulding from our vast selection always in stock Relax with coflee or tea while we cut your material to size. Assemble your frame with our expert guidance right here in our fully equipped shop. Go home an hour later and proudly hang your picture on the wall. Needlewoik Posters Fine Punts Photos Paintings Anything That Can Be Framed! Open Mercer Mall M 1- L I 0 " 6 Route 1 ft QuJkerbridje Rd. Th. F (AcraufremOiiaterbrtSiiltal) Sun, thru the summer Lawrencevito J.'tr 11

58 "Cadu* Garden' by Arcadte Olenafca-Petryshun is one of the "environmenarpainingi on oitptayauhe New Jersey State Museum, now through Aug. 22. m RUSSIA PEOPLE HACTiC laatfofworking 14 HOURS A DAY FOC TIC 5UTE AMD THEN I THBR ALLOT-, Of BORSCHT, HROjjjRHW it _ CAM PEOPLE GO ID, [THEWOOOBIMCXH.. IftHWERMtTOLl (JOKES MHLE ENJ0VWG THE RNEST STEAKS. louhme/ttmosplcre \WITH FUNNY SIGNS TAKE ONE MORE, LOOK AT THE LCAPTTAUST SYSTEMi.Jhfrl f by Areadka Oenska-Petryshun TWO FRENCH REQUIEMS Gabriel Faurf Maurice Durufl6 ROBERT SHAW, conductor The Robert Shaw Workshop Choir Orchestra, Soloists, Organ Mooday, August 2-8 PM Princeton University Chapel Suggested Donation Front, reserved section: $6 Unreserved section: $3 Tickets will be available at the door or in advance at the Summer Session office. With mail orders, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope by July 27 to: Summer Session Westminster Choir College Hamilton Ave. & Walnut Lane Princeton, NJ (609) ON VIEW Paintings celebrate the environment Expressing the awesomencss of lush vegetation and the overwhelming presence of nature, an exhibition of 16 recent environmental paintings by North Brunswick artist Arcadia Olcnska-Pctryshyn opens at the New Jersey State Museum on July 16 and will continue through Aug. 22. The artist, who was born in The Ukraine, emigrated to the United States in 1949 and studied at The An Students League. Hunter College and the University of Chicago. According to Zoltun Buki. the curator of fine arts at the New Jersey State Museum, the paintings portray "the concept of nature and nature's relation to man and man's nature. The paintings are overwhelming in their presence: there is a successful coupling of subject matter and scale. However far the viewer may be from the paintings, their power to envelop, to touvii. to caress, to hurt is always an immediate concern." Museum features glassblower's work An exhibition of recent work by Stockton glassblower Don Gonzalez.now open at the State Museum, inaugurates a new museum series focusing on New Jersey's contemporary artists/craftsmen who use glass,clay, fibers and precious metals as their media. Emphasis of the pieces in the Gonzalez exhibition, which will continue through Aug.22, is on the translucent and reflective qualities of the glass itself. Transmissions and distortions of light and color blend and interact to articulate the potential of the medium for artistic creativity. Currently an instructor of glass arts in the Fine Arts Department of Bucks County Community College. Gonzalez received a Crafts Fellowship Award from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts in This will be his first one-man show. Indians are focus of museum show American Indians provide a centerpiece for many of the summer activities at the New Jersey State Museum. Setting the theme is an "American Indian Portraits" exhibition featuring more than SO prints from the McKenncy-Hall portfolios produced during the first half of the 19th century from detailed paintings by Washington artist Charles Bird King. Also included are reproductions of 16th century watercolors by adventurer John White, early 20th century photos of the same Indian groups recorded in the McKenncy-Hall portfolios, and numerous artifacts illustrating the Indians' uses of personal adornment. A guided gallery walk at 11 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays will discuss the' objects. A "Being Indian" videotape will be shown at noon on Mondays. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Also,relating directly to the exhibition will be! a "Body Ornamentation" workshop at 2 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays for youngsters in grades 2 through 6. Waterloo Festival is still on high note Elliott Carter's Pastorale, Ludwig Thuille's Sextet for Piano and Winds Op. 6 and Max Reger's Trio for Flute, Violin and Viola highlight the July 23 concert at Lenfall. Fairleigh Dickinson University, Madison. The 8:30 p.m. concert includes Mozart's Quartet for Oboe and Strings and Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 2. The series is under the musical direction of Gerard Schwarz. music director of the Waterloo Village Festival and Music School. Mr. Schwarz also will lead the Waterloo Festival Orchestra in a performance of Syzmanowski's Symphonic Concertante for Piano and Orchestra at Waterloo Village. Saturday July 24, at 8:30 p.m. Pianist Samuel Lipman is guest artist. Berlioz' The Royal Hunt and Storm from Les Troyens ' and Rimsky-Korsakov's Scheherazade, Op. 35 complete the program. The final concert in the festival is on July 30. It will comprise Syoko Aki. Bonnie Douglas, Paul Shure, violinists; Jeanne Baxtresser. Thomas Nyfenger. flutists; Elaine Douvas. Ronald Roseman, oboists; Jeanane Dowis. Shirley Greitzer. Samuej Lipman. John Ban Buskirk. pianists: Andre Emelianoff. cellist: Louis Gordon, theory; Sol Greitzer, viola: Mark Gould, trumpet; Leonard Midell. bassoon; Roland Kohloff, percussion; David Langlitz, trombone: Charles Russo. clarinet: Anthony Scelba. David Walter, bassists, and Martin Smith, hom. Tickets for the festival are $10 with special discounts for students and senior citizens. Send a self addressed stamped envelope to Waterloo Village. Stanhope. 0?874 or call Chargit or Fred Waring performs in Ocean Grove Fred Waring will appear with the Young Pennsylvanians at 8 p.m.. July 24 at the Ocean Grove Auditorium. 54 Pitman Avenue. Ocean Grove. The 82-year-old entertainer started his career with his brother's four-piece band in Tyrone. Pa. When Waring's Banjo Orchestra caught on with audiences, Mr. Waring put aside his pursuit of a degree in architectue at Penn State to take over the band. In the 20s the group adopted the name of Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians and played every major movie theater from coast to coast. The band performed in movies (Syncopation), on radio and on television. Mr. Waring was a pioneer in the recording industry. With Thomas Alva Edison, he made the first electronic recording and first vocal dance recording. The band leader broke new ground in other ways. He was the first band leader to use a female singer, to feature vocalists with an orchestra and to combine orchestra and glee club. He has been honored by several national organizations as one of the nation's leading music educators. Since 1947 he has been teaching in the Fred Waring choral music workshop held each summer at Pcnn State.._. Tickets may be obtained at the box office. For more information, call TIME OFF Week of July

59 WORTH A TRIP Mercer's junk is now a treasure by PHYLLIS RIECER The day* of tcttcnor come alive when yon vitii ibe Mercer Mutcum in Pa Los than an hour'* ndc dm mumtm t* not your The unpambf. wi-vtorv structure t\ Done to tuca acrm «v a Coocuopa ways*. while boat, a hcanc. a log cabin and oca a blacksmith** shop, among (Am Cher artifacts med by our awmon can be found among th» unique oaoectku amctnmcd by Hcary Chapman Mcwer. the founder of the museum *hkh bean fan name. Tic Mercer Mtncttm «unlike any other became Mr. Mercer was unlike any other cubwfloi. Is bo case, one can aptly apply Ac adaje: "One man'* junk» another «*» Beware." far Mercer saw beauty life in wttat our grandparents and discarded. CM THE SPRING of the dmfawf, dark-hatred man's fancy did not tam to love but to wfcaf some»txild call While vhjuag a buyer of peanykxs lies. Mr. Mercer saw that the of uliiftgt wfiftch surrounded him n fact, the hniory of a nation but from a different vtewpomt. With the foresight, of a true renaissance on RtrgtT it M ficclaacc writer ami 10 Time man. he realized these items would show future generations how their ancestors lived and worked. He began collecting tools and other implements used by Americans before the advent of steam power. Within ten years. Mercer had collected over objects. But imbued with a sense of purpose, he wanted to share his findings with others. Where to store his unusual collection did not daunt the spirits of this historian. Instead, it provided another challenge. In 1913 he began designing and building the concrete structure which still houses his collection today. Realizing that people sometimes tend to judge a museum's contents by its outer shell, hence the perception that an uninteresting building must house an uninteresting collection. Mr. Mercer decided his museum would look like no other. AND IT DOESN'T. Modeled after a medieval castle, the Mercer Museum is a towered structure with turrets and dovecotes, a vaulted ceiling, narrow walkways and a central court where you can see from the first floor to the floors above. There are large, wide windows designed so that the best and most light would illuminate his objects. Concerned that fire could destroy his precious collection. Mercer fashioned his building from reinforced concrete then virtually an unknown medium. He created Children particularly like to see the boat suspended in mid-air at the Mercer Museum. An oderior view of the Mercer Museum. At th0 SH* of the B*We of Monmouth COUNTRY CLUB eat if Mr *2 i i» r - ' T * * - :. * ' MNDH OH tun. TMS. THRU FM. OOaVUTI MMQUCT FAOUTKS Tuts.-Fit 4:30 P.M. ^5:30 P.M. over 70 small rooms and alcoves, each displaying a craft spect Jization. There are rooms devoted to printing, glassblowing. tinsmithing. hatmaking. baking, watchmaking and the healing arts, among others. In 1916 the museum opened and the public realized that these exhibits were only one small way in which the lives of their ancestors touched theirs. According to Jane Acton, a member of the Bucks County Historical Society which oversees the museum's operation, "The exhibits are not restricted chronologically or geographically. Mercer classified his collection based on the original function of an object. ' 'The stoneware crock and carved butter molds were tools of food preparation. The lamp and lantern helped extend productive hours. The power horn and flintlock musket were tools of hunting and war. While these are treasured today for rarity, craftsmanship and decorative qualities, in the museum they are arranged primarily according to their use." said Mrs. Acton. See MERCER, page 17 5% Total Dinner Check (Food Only) Mon.-Fri. Please present coupon when seated. The above amount will automatically be deducted upon purchase of two or more adult dinners. Not valid on Holidays or Early Dining Special and any Dinner Specials. Expires - July 30 ALL NEW DINNER MENU priced from $7.95 featuring the finest in fresh Seafood, Prime Ribs, Steak and Chops, Nature Veal Dishes our Specialty. Continental Cuisine Children's Menu $3.95 Open 7 Days OVER THE BRIDGE INN Ml Major Cmht CWi Acceptrd Off Rt 33 East Restaurant ft Lounge Apptogarth Rd. til iniilif- urn U I HtQm*iOWn s M.J A-SO90 20 Min. From Princeton Area TIME OFF 13

60 Philadelphia's feast of sights, soui by SALLY FRIEDMAN Mommy.»hat» THAT? the child asks. at fen Buxber's ami and pointing cxatuby to a display case. "That's m ed. hooey." she say* calmly. and goes oa caabssg widi die fish merchant at tbe Reading Terminal Market in downtown Ed is ao big deal at das fabled food VffMCsl Datt ftftffl SOTVSQft tot ware VaBey not jut ed. bat all manner of ami exotic for 83 kmg yean. If JOB aavca'i been to die Reading Tcri yean or if you've never wafted its aiisies that were txarfaionaily "carpeted" ta sawdnsi don't wait any loafer. Aad bnag the kids: «'s free cntcnainncst. Bat it wiffl be aodnag short of a miracle rf yoa leave the market empty-handed. BOW COULD YOU. when die Reading often not jaat das choice it and fimhtm fish. MKC aroaad? How will you : io rcsnt die temptation to wander its now icnonatul and bright, and to sniff spices yoa never knew existed, and study pastries that would make die most stalwart carter dvow die flag to da? wtno? A trip lo the tennmal nay not end up free. bat i will serve lo remind you thai supermarkets are only a decadevotd innovation. and that die good old days when one shopped M die baker, die butcher and die fruit store were ready special days after all. IN ltlf. remembered William Nod*, people would arrive at die Reading Market *«h their chauffeurs and the»r cooks. Local pobbcians would drop by for some culinary fcwaius for diesr constitute ntt. Mr. Notts is one of a loyal handful of merchants at the market who did not jump ship when the Reading was not doing swimmingly. He steadfastly remained through the sink-or-swim era of die late '60s and the '70s. The fabled market recently went through some nightmarish years when a combination of mismanagement, a changing neighborhood and a general lack of interest on the part of die public left the vast emporium nearly deserted. Those were dark times for the market and its merchants and many proprietors fled, or went out of business. By only 27 merchants remained. Two yean later and S later, the marketplace is again alive with a bevy of new merchants joining the old. and a stream of delighted customers who are agreeably impressed with die renovations in lighting and wiring that have brightened the formerly dingy aisles and made shopping the market a joyful foray into food. From shrimp to shark from coriander to kohlrabi it's all under die elderly roof of die Reading Terminal. Your kids may never have seen fresh green noodles or doobfc-yolk eggs. They may have missed persimmons, papayas and shallots. They may have been deprived of.the unique interplay between butcher and customer, produce man and peruser of polished pears, baker and buyer of Baklava. At the Reading Terminal, merchants are mavens who share not just their wares but their knowledge. "WE'RE THIRD GENERATION here." explained Hary Ochs III. whose family has had a meat stall at the market since "And if this redevelopment of the place is handled right, there will be nothing like it in the whole country." he said. While it's no longer possible to inspect personally the live cattle and poultry that used to be just upstairs in the Reading train station while no nod to the waiting butcher will now bring the animal's slaughter on the spot the Reading is still bathed in the radiance of history. There is a feeling of timclessncss in its corridors that promise delights like Amish famrers marketing their wares (Thursdays. Fridays and Saturdays only) or musicians playing whatever strikes their fancy at the noon hour. DONT MISS A MEAL at the Reading, where the choices arc limitless. If you go the traditional route, you'll get a little something from "Moveable Feast." a gourmet take-out restaurant. You might opt for falafcl sandwiches at the "Middle Eastern." stand, which offers spinach pies and tabooli salad too. Perhaps something from the "Wok Shop" would please your palate if it's seeking Oriental delights, and "Primarily Pasta" is just as it name promises complete with homemade sauces and homemade pasta too. A meal of rich cheeses and the polished fruit that spills out of bins and stalls' is also inviting. Take note: This is no supermarket. "BYOB" bring your own bags. Plan to spend several hours, or, if time permits, a hwole day at the Reading Terminal Market. Go hungry. Be assured that you won't leave that way. The Reading Terminal Market is located at 12th and Filbert Streets in Philadelphia. There are several parking lots in the area, none yet free to terminal customers. Hours are Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. The exterior of the Reading Te The interior of the Reading Terminal, circa Thebu M TIME OFF Week of Jut

61 The renovated Bourse. rtnaj. area The upper level dining gallery at the Bourse. ng Bourse on * Saturday afternoon. by SALLY FRIEDMAN Its roots reach back to the sixteenth century when the tradition developed of an exchange and meeting place for merchants: A Bourse." Three centuries after the Hit such edifice rose in London, sugar merchant George E. Bartol brought the concept to American shores. In the temple of commerce known to Philadelphians forever after as "The Bourse" opened its doors. And within the terra-cotta covered structure, importers, manufacturers, merchants and bankers gathered to ply their trades. It is nearly a century later again, and The Bourse is alive once more, this time with a new marketing concept that is offering localities and tourists a gathering place minus hone-drawn carriages and captains of industry. In the Bourse bustles with shops, restaurants, exhibits, and some faint echoes of its glorious past at Fifth and Market Streets. THE BUILDING, originally designed by the architectural firm of Hewitt. Stevens and Paisf, once bore the motto "Buy. Sell. Ship via Philadelphia." Today, that motto might read "Browse, be merry, and do eat and drink!" The Bourse practically explodes with stalls, shops, and food, glorious food, after a S20 million renovation job which represents ten times the original cost of the building. After three decades of hard times for the block-long structure (when the first floor no longer served as the expansive trading area to agents) the Bourse is back in business. These days, there are fourteen restaurants within the building with offerings from Cantonese to cosmopolitan, from comed-beef-on-rye to ultra-gourmet. There are mimes and musicians performing under the grand sweep of the elegant stairway, while tucked away on higher floors are square feet of office space, almost entirely leased. And there is the bonus of the Bourse's proximity to fabled tourist attractions like Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. The Bourse is just a stone's throw from either. For some, just the marble staircase alone is worth a trip. Others need the roster of stores that sell clothing, cameras, crafts, cookies and all manner of wares to make the expedition complete. While once it was clear that anything invoiced. insurectand shipped to any part of the world left from the Bourse, today it seems certain that anything capable of being ticketed and sold, or cooked and-eaten, resides within its walls. CLOWNS STROLL its Grand Hall and enchant visiting children. The soaring columns and lush greenery add a unique ambience to Philadelphia's latest tourist attraction in the grand tradition. Be forewarned: To really see all there is to see requires several hours and comfortable shoes! Just in case you're bewildered by it all, there's even a Visitor's Information Center to guide you through. Do pause long enough to survey the spectacular arched skylight. The horse-drawn carriages may be gone. The gas-lights may have yielded to more modem accoutrements. But the flavor of the Bourse Building is still all grandeur and elegance, and the new-old kid on the block seems to have staged a spectacular comeback. Bourse hours are Monday through Saturday. 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Sunday, noon to 5 p.m. For more information, please phone Sally Friedman is a free-lance writer, editor and frequent contributor to Time Off. i - n. tm TIME OFF 15

62 WORTH A TRIP Trenton makes good all by itself fry JEFF MERRON FROM HOMEMADE ITALIAN rasta TO JEWISH STYLE FASTRAMUnMt hue open to live citfaarct comedy, from hnionc gaobuaaems t» modern art jcwifcmo. from paria along toae memde lo dnco ntght spots. Trenton make* * great rccrcarjonal spot m Central Jenry. A new panicatioa. Trtatoa Makes, «nocs by Doom Aimck. free Uncc Jan Cirfacci Jr.. vidcographer. and Betty Holland, wife of Trenton** \Uyxx Arthur Holland, talk* about how Trenton make* aa ewitiag place lo vnit. fiwk to Trenton provides inforabort a wide range of people and places m TraNca. Tte 44-pagc book has uformation in 10 tihcj;ci*m't. ntrlnrtin^ restaurants (""Trcnloa 0wes"l aad aigatbfe CTreaton Enjoy**"!, and day hie museums, huaohc ugjtt*. parks or a Ink shopping in one of i&c town % many cthmc supcunarkcts. Aad M Oat the visitor doesn't forget (hat TfCMoa bn't ail fun aad games, the annon bane «ho written a chapter that is a gmdc to the State Gomaneat. with a bede fncadty advice oa how to comae t a penca or office. ("Be pwpaied for die EattSMQUft BMflnCaVJMCUEKT futtfla^qwks aafxs ^30A \ take «penaaagy.") Ms- Anack. Mr. Cartoon and Mrs. g^jl ^M M i^,^h^^ asaut^a-ima^ai <aaw^»^ r'^^ ia'wil at fwjde lo Tieatoa a lew yean ago and toned work on the book njunary of thh year. "We jost sat down one day and staned ftttiaf plaocs we knew of." exouncd Ms. Aimck "A lot of it was (eacnl knowledfe. piaoes we knew of ateady " She added that while tome of had been compiled and r places (hkc Che section on parks, aad Trcatoa"* hestory)»mach of the awwaoon n **rof the hook The places we hadn't been to. we visited." said Ms. Atnick. Treatoa Makes' chapter on restaurants has over 33 restaurants listed, along with the addmi. hours that the restaurant is open, phone number and a short comment on the restaurant's specialty or other unique features. Also included in the short commentary is if the restaurant is especially crowded at certain times, if it is a popular hangout for government workers, and if the eatery is for more formal dining. Another helpful section of the guide for those cowxrocd with gastronomical delights, is called "Trenton Shops" and contains listings of specialty food stores and bakeries. The shops listed include foods from Italy. Poland. Hungary, and the near and far east. "For the shops, we especially had help from friends about all die different kinds of shops." said Ms. Amick The authors must have figured that once Jeff Aterruu n a frec-umce writer and fntjutnt contributor to Tune Off 's Poncokcs the tourist gets through using the first few sections in the guide, that he or she had better do something to lose all the weight gained while eating in Trenton. Most of th: rest of Trenton Makes is devoted to lists and descriptions of museums, historic sights, parks, organizations, theaters, and churches. Most of the descriptions are good a paragraph or so telling the function of the organization, or th.? significance of the historic building. Always included are the hours that the place is open, phone number, and address. For those interested in making their own historic tour of the city of Trenton, the "Trenton Preserves" section seems to be all that is needed. Forty-five buildings or sights arc described in the section, which also included a map detailing the loications of many of the sights. Other sections in the guide include a history of Trenton ("Trenton Remembers") and a calendar of events for ONE EXTRA BONUS OF TREN- TON MAKES is the fine George Bradshaw etchings that are reproduced throughout the guide. According to Ms. Amick. most of the etchings reproduced in the guide were made by the now-deceased Bradshaw in the 1920's and 1930's. The authors are planning to put out annual editions of Trenton Makes. This first edition came out about a month ago. The authors report that the sales of the book so far have been- good and are optimistic about the prospects of Trenotn Makes for the future. "There does seem to be a need for the book," Ms. Amick said. "People write to us after they get the book, and say 'We're so glad that there's a guide to Trenton now.'" Trenton Makes is available by mail by sending S2.S0 plus SI for postage and handling to: Cottage Publications; P.O. Box 5263, Trenton, NJ We're right near the movie on Nassau Street Pop in for a meal or snack, and stib be at the theater in time for your show. Our defidous homemade specials are served quickly. Try the homemade soups, the green noodle and spinach sabd, the hot apple pie, our homemade chocolate du*p cookies and brownies. There's more variety on our menu than on the silver screen! PJ's Pancake House 154 Nasaa Smet Princeton. N) IS A George Bradshaw etching TIME OFF Week of July 21-28,1982

63 WORTH A TRIP Coopering tools used to make barrels are exhibited in one of the 70 small rooms in the Mercer Museum. tiont and brush mustaches exhtoit includes various combs, some used to id otfws used to how a tody's hatr in place. which were put gobs of molasses to ensnare the unsuspecting critters. Featured in this exhibit are tools used for preparing clay and glazes. These include a glaze mill which was hand-operated to grind glaze for the pottery, a potter's wheel and a pug mill used to mix clay. Ms. Arbor explained country rcdware pottery was produced by potters in the southeastern Pennsylvania region by die middle of die 18th century. Potters used die local red clay which was common on the east coast. They Tired the pots in home-made, wood-fired kilns. Pottery making was usually a part-time activity. The Mercer collection of redware was an early one. His interest in Bucks County pottery inspired his Moravian Pottery and Tile Works on Swamp Road, also in v Doylestown. THE MERCER MUSEUM, which is on Pine Street in Doylestown, is open Monday through Saturday from 10 p.m. to S p.m. and Sunday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is $2 for adults, $1 for students from six to 18, and $1.30 for senior citizens. Children under six are admitted free. The rsdware exnbit is an outstanrjng cooection of everyday household items and includes measuring cups, colanders and shaving mugs. (CM* SMMI opjjccti are cummtod tn moms ocymued by craft- Foe ciimpfc. ail kinds of uob wed 10 mfcc bands, would be in &C '4MM0 fuchb MBOMCMBW 10 MTPC* nttk* m$. Larger object*, such as the whale DOtf* imc MHpCIOCu OT Kft fh't W jndfftg WWMI nc flbmwo * CBaroocrs- Meicer WMMKdi CtJkUM K> KC flftwilt Ot>)CCtS frtxh «K* ntnpcctm. M> be owbrtwl his stawes w NHMJ *ayi. Many of die liiyi objjtctt bm( otcf the bilcomci of ffle faficnci OMdm afccauy oob mi mtk «fcoi «hcy look op and ice die boat TO HELF VKITCMtS. y thmi the *iptific*oce and of the ojtmctt. a specal l eihibn. b "Tfar Menxr W*v" opened m Thtt ctmtm. «Jacb it n die ewtrmet pevtboa <4 ike flmncwb **1 * B added MBCC Mr. dnok. ancmt %nncrt to Mr. f * pnerten cobecuoa Eiffel large etmm OMC» fcigliliffal hrv 4 f and robecm They pnntdc a ImA at the htnuknf jad itt dm )t» mtfan can *4uci> opened rn NUrch TKx r«hih*».»h»h mill bevvvne part of tftr mm mm"% pennanem coucvtuw. ctw»- an luwtk wd am(«ct» u*cd u» Mil tormne-taen objecu aad clat»» C*d c«h*bn w>net- dies, match boxes, buttons, mirrors and hair brushes. On display are various combs, some used to brush mustaches (Henry Mercer had one) and others used to hold a lady's hair in place. As interesting as these items are. what is even more fascinating are die tools used to make them. Curator James R. Blackaby explained die operation of a comb machine. He said it was about die size of a cash register with a small coal furnace underneath which fueled the machine. Two combs were made at once, with teeth meshing, men they were pulled apart. "Toob in die production of tortoise-shell and horn are similar." said Mr. Blackaby. "However, horn was more, available. Tortoise-shell was expensive and harder to work with and die tools used in its production are finer. According to assistant curator Marilyn Arbor, tartonc-thcll objects were made from ihell* of die Hawksbill sea turtle. TonoMC-shcll combs were considered to be among an 18th century family's most prued povvrvmom Sometimes they were even specifically willed from one generation to die nest. THE OTHER EXHIBIT of rcdware pottery it an outstanding collection of everyday items and includes sliaving mup>. measuring cupv stove leg supports, colanders, roof tiles and drain pipes. There t% even die forerunner of today's roach motel rcdware roach trap under The Pennsylvania Dutch country not only is picturesque during the summer months but also is the location of continual music and crafts shows. Call the Pennsylvania Dutch Visitors Bureau at for more information. * < Mr 2i - n. ix? TBME'OFF 17

64 TABLE TALK Food and sights make tasty mix by OfANNE WILLIAMS (Fran tine 10 tane Table Talk has restored beyond its county limits. Central New Jersey is highly and wefl provided with good a substantial proponion of w irff it will get umo thetf can this summer lookiag for aa extended weekend getaway. The first part of this article appeared» last week's Tone Off.) CRUS&iG ON die Chesapeake Bay is a tailor's dream: deep water, a steady bcccrc. very few motor boats and bun* dreds of miles of Maryland and Vopna COJHI lac to explore. By car the tnp to die Eauera shore takes no more than three BOWS and there are scores of country tans. waierfroal restaurants and historic villages to m* JotU before coming iato St. Michaels. Maryland, raete is a uay village on Rt. SO daod Wye Mtlb ui *n»ch stands America's largest aad oldest while oak tree, a -tso-ycar-otd specimea of guraordmary beaaty. It lowers over a narrow one room ircboonomc and Wye Church.»tuch dales back 10 the carry ITOO's. There ts jjno aa lttb ccatary gmtouli down the road. Driving by, you could pass this spot in a Wink of an eye. so watch for it. While louring St. Michaels, do not overlook the Chesapeake Maritime Musuan. a testament to the days when the town was a ship building a capital. The 16 acre musaetn includes a light ship, a skip jack, a charming lighthouse and several restored period houses containing many Chesapeake Bay artifacts. Since 1683 a small ferry has been in service between St. Michaels and Oxford, which makes it the oldest continuous ferry service in die United States. The ferry carries three cars a trip over the Tied Avon River every 15 minutes and runs daily except on Christmas. Passengers are far more interested in the wildlife and the scenery than they are in getting from one side of the river to die other which is as it should be. Our trip was delayed while a whole family of ducks paddled to safety. Once in Oxford, on a small rise above the banks of the Tred Avon, the Robert Morris Inn stands in stalely tranquility. The oldest part of the inn was built prior to several additions followed; they have all been lovingly preserved. Accommodations for the inn and the lodge ( ) are difficult to come by during the busy summer season. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served daily and even if you are not in the market for a room or a meal, it is still worth a pause in The Chesapeake Bay area. your sightseeing to see this building. The center of the Chesapeake yachting activity is. of course. Annapolis. At the City Dock, sailboats outnumber motorboats by about 200 to one. (We had ample time to document this fact since we went aground in a shallow spot on our way into the harbor.) Anyone who gets Wednesday Taco Feast All The Tacos You Can Eat $5.95 MARGARITA FINE MEXICAN FOOD 61 North Main St. Lambortvllle, New Jersey For Reservations OPEN Tu«s.-Sun P.M. claustrophobic in crowds would do well to avoid this place on a weekend. Bay navigation is a snap compared to sidewalk navigation. The gathering place at the harbor is the old City Market, a group of shops and See TABLE TALK, page 20 The Baron fine food in an intimate atmosphere Continental Cuisine Lunch, Dinner Sunday Champagne Brunch Special-Filet Mignon-^8.95 Outdoor Patio Garden Dining HAPPY HOUR' 1 to 6 Everyday Piano Bar Smgalomgt Nightly and Sunday Afternoons R t mile south of New Hope NORTH CHINA RESTAURANT Delicious Mandarin Dishes Hot & Spicy Szechuan Cuisine Comhautum Platters # Weekly hmtehon Special OPEN Mon.-Thurs: 11:30-3:005-10; Fri. t S*t.: 11: ; Sun. 1:30 p.m.-10 p.m. 609/ vsz?i?fi& wmmuow Saowtwl Carry 0* 1 Cattrtaf 35 Witherspoon St Princeton. NJ. COCKTAILS M^«LUNCHEON DINNER 1 A C LATE NIGHT SNACKS mm msku f Y V 10 BMOQE STREET wlambertvtlle. NJ Townelilouse If you haven't tried it yet, ask someone who hazs. Cakes and pies for all occasions. laagen-dazs lee Cream Shoppe of Princeton OPEN UNTIL 11 WEEKNK3HTS FRIDAY & SATURDAY UNTIL 11 PM 33 WITMERSPOON STREET «PRINCETON W» W) J«PARK PLACE (ON THE GREEN} MORRISTOWN 201 2( LUNCH 12:00-2:30 DINNERS Since 1830, a tradition of culinary excellence, along the scenic Delaware River WED. -FRI. 5-9 SAT SUN. 3-8 SUNDAY BRUNCH 1-3 Closed Mon. & Tues. INNKEEPER BEVERLY THOMPSON MVEK ROAD, RT. 32 UPPER SLACK EDDY, PENNA. 1S972 1 Sifcetf«f My ft-'

65 WINE LINES U.S. Beaujolais lovers are heady if HOSEKT talzot Tic fan ««x«kani edict m hmory tutnto) Or Omurf grape from the aobk liopci «tf d*c Cote d'or w Barfuady. a* I W AD. became *» tafenor to the naiflyicmmf. DM ipicadid Ptoo* new. b wan (be tine of the fmt Creudcv RdMnHHR^ IUtt t& TCDBpUT DfOUfflf **ldl ilca «i*> *IBC*. new tpcciei to hunelind arooof : Gami> b dcfcgfakd like Cater- «te ftt**"* 1 * profiaciy for ME» iftmbliw yidd. it made many. gabow of WOK for the trade wiidl cwcfecii Acs was of ud an inferior the Bold forbade any of «xa the cherished areas of Cbambcriia. Clot de Voageoi. La (he icwcred Conon of t of te K» «ws wtere dkcy had! the AMEN. The edict named n and tics desloyaox nary had and ontoyai" thn Garaay. TWtST THE FRUGAL FRENCH. f is ewer km thai hu They mowed their Camay *o the rocky hills of Beaujofaw. aad oothcr whole and coatutuinj: sags of wiac m hegua.. Who does not kacm by reputabon. if MM tatte. the merry wiac called Beaufofcart" Ne» to Champagne, «i* the tnoit (cum mac of ftaace. *idi a countrywide fewmaf M ** hoaor o«y year «hca the firn ac«««k of the harvest» clear todnali! There arc races from Bcaujottn to Pin* m Lyoa. to tee»twch Bcsujoia» can reach the placet of memc- I ccicbrstkm Tmt- There have even been atria) races to London, to get the lint of this frivolous wine to the pubs. ANYTHING CAPABLE of causing Out much excitement abroad should surely have a good market in the U.S.A. Bcaujolais Nouvcau has been shipped in air cargoes, in special bottling*, to special markets. But it's never the same. In the bistros of Pans and Lyon. it's dispensed from bands, poured from pitchers, as an unfinished wine. For shipping in bottles, il must bc stamuizcd. or it would explode its corks en route. It becomes a different wine, and so is always disappointing those expecting the quaffing wine they've tasted in Prance. As Alexis Lkhine rightfully writes, in the necessary racking and re-racking required for stabilization and to prevent a majotactk fomentation in the book, "the very heart of die wine is poured away." But die search for that raspberry freshness of Beaujolais cannot be erased. In California, we have that upgraded variant of Pinot noir called Gamay Beaujolais and Napa Gamay. die latter being a preferred berry for the more luscious (and lasting) wines. With such a waiting and thirsty public, inch a history, and mystery, it was inevitable dm someone would come along to take up die challenge in the field and cellar in California. Just such a person is Charles F. Shaw, West Point graduate, international banker, and now Napa Valley winegrower. The sandy- haired, youthful Shaw got his first interest in winetnaking when be was a graduate widest the Stanford School of Business Administration, virtually next door to the Santa Cruz Mountain wineries of some former Stanford engineering dons at Ridge, of Dr. David Bruce, and the aura of th late Martin Ray. And like Rusty Ray. he divided his time between economics and wine. A banking job in Paris moved him closer to co 11- ing wine regions. He was caught up in the unique challenge of Beaujolais wines and the equally unique method of fermentation with whole grape clusters called "maceration carbonique." In Mr. Shaw bought 48 acres of land, planted to Napa Gamay in 1974 by Charles Crocker of the San Francisco banking family. He had special stainlesssteel bins made, to hold small basket-loads of hand-picked, ripe clusters of the precious grapes, which could be lifted up and dumped precisely.into fermentation tanks with a minimum of damage to the berries. " ru " process fmm Here r- is too techni- ^i for eas;..^ o-...e it to say. it represents Shaw's total dedication to an execution of the French system of carbonic maceratin from his own extensive library, shared hours with Beaujolais vintners in their own fields and cellers. plus his own adaptations. "The maceration carbonique. as it is done in Beaujolais. cannot be done here exactly beacuse of fruit-acid-sugar ratios, but the artist can make a fine stylish wine," Charles F. Shaw said. See WINE LINES, page 20 TTie TlvoU Gardens is a Sensational Sunday Brunch. Start with our sensational variety of seafood. Like herring, shrimp, and salmon. Or, if you're in the mood for an old fashioned breakfast, then how about some good old fashioned favorites, like homemade Danish pastries, breads and croissants still hot from the oven. Phis roast beef or lamb, quiches, and a fantastic array of salads. And that's just a small taste of our sensational Sunday Brunch. Want to find out more? See you Sunday. TIVNi GARDENS Looted it Scsnticon-frinccton Princeton Forrest* Centet Princeton. New Jersey Coiiege Road East ott Route 1 (609) and sine* wtow s a pleasant part of your meal now can of ftr you you* choice of m 300 f«e mm*, all at modest cost Natural** the food you eat thoum compfaiiein the wine you drink to at our many unr-iantntt food is superb." Come soon and see. LAhJERES ** * ftfeeeta* HJ. T AT ELLSWORTH Bottle case Charles Shaw Gamay Beaujolais Georges DuBoeuf Napa Gamay Also featuring 10 other Gamay Beaujolais 6,000 WINES LARGE SELECTION OF IMPORTED BEER KNOWLEDGEABLE CONSULTANTS \ CHEESES FROM AROUND THE WORLD \ GOURMET FOODS & SANDWICHES ELLSWORTH WINE & LIQUORS Princeton Hightstown Rd. left over the bridge from Princeton) Mon-Th 9-9 Fr & Sat 9-10 Plenty of Free Parking «* 19

66 Table Talk ttaadt under aac root offering a %anc*> of CJCIMCS. from the Mtnpfe to ihc exotic. mmly to be eaten oui-of-hand. while *a*dh»f all the activity A walk, durowfh the town'* Minding ttroctt til ic%caj three centum* of awrftaatttaral dewttupaatat. In die center of * ttxx-luted circle on the top of the hill toad* tl* Sent Home, the OJI»OO \ oldcu capntai Ntikfaaf II m uvr The main tttccl i«lined «ilh bouiiquct and rct *s«ato. dearly toarai oncmed. where?t*» have to uic the ftmd with the bud NLn>«* draft, m the luttanc Maryland tm ionrtit Cade «ad Mam Strectl. a taped hotel, huih during the Rcv- It* *«od puaetkrd room* and asms* fcrftico prmtde an intimate ataxmfitcit' W«ih a bole ca*<»dropfmft{: you w*r ted ewi more than >cw OCT want to l a m about «ifft«f and faring and pin- LAfAYETT RJESTAlKAVT 1186 Mw Si. 1OI-263-O996) n a tpot «rc «*MMcd by iocai reudentv a reliable cmngfe recommendation ut a town with all cil the rrtfiwrantt that AmapoiM hay There n ajbgji degree of profcuxmaltun m rhc cookhf The owner-chef comes OPENING JULY 22 MEXICAN VILLAGE n Superb Mexican Cuisine Luncheon & Dinner Tuesday thru Sunday Major Credit Cards Accepted from Avignon and studied food preparation in Paris. His lobster bisque was extraordinarily good. Ditto for the veal scallops in cognac cream sauce. The duck with green pepper com sauce was over-cooked, but tasty. Salads arc a la carte; at they are worth every penny. The house wine at 6.50 a bottle is every bit as young and rough and wonderful as any you will have in a Left Bank bistro. The chic French hostess handled the busy Saturday night crowd with admirable fineutc. (And that is an understatement, comjdering the obnoxious bunch of yachtsmen sitting at the table next to us.) Skip dessert here and walk a few doors away to Arnold's Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor (200 Main St.) and treat younett to one of their voluptuous ice cream treats. On the trip home to New Jersey, stop in Baltimore Spectacular things have been done to the harbor. Some of the vintage red brick superstructures have been kept. The piers have been converted to parking area. There is an aquarium that looks like a free-form piece of sculpture and Rouse has built a shopping center complex. called Harborplace that has to be one of the most exciting models of its kind. But there is not one shoe store. 42 Leigh Ave., Princeton (1 block from Withenpoon) BYOB - catering available - ACKWmnmJ UfZ NY Magazines Underground go jrmet Fronvner's Guide to New York Greenwich Wage Cookbook A quaint Chesapeake Bay town. There are dozens of specialty shops selling handmade items, silk screen fabrics, pottery. Laura Ashley dresses, and the like but the center of attention is on food. An entire pavillion is devoted to the cuisines of ail nations. Mexican. Caribbean. Italian. Greek. Indian, as well as American regional cooking with outdoor cafes, little fast food stands and a number of sizable restaurants. To anyone interested in food, this alone is worth a trip. WE TRIED THE AMERICAN CAFE, a branch of the celebrated Washington. O.C. eatery. In the center of a magnificant high tech setting, overlooking the harbor, a string quartet played classical music during Sunday brunch. The menu feturcd items like New Orleans Crab Pie. fresh crabmeat and shrimp combined with tomatoes, cream, eggs and cheese, topped with spinach and baked in a flaky crust: a Wine lines (Continued from page 19) TOGETHER (in the filtered shade of a lattice gazebo by the tennis courts, designed and constructed by Mctro-Goldwyn-Mayer for their 1981 film production of Yes, Giogio, starring Luciano Pavarotti) we tasted the Shaw wines of the Gamay grape and along with a French original Fleurie form the well-known domaine. If you guessed that the California wines were better, that's no surprise. You can believe us to be wholly free of prejudice, because we approached with genuine doubt, though ample hope. Chuckh Shaw and his lovely Lucy, who call their vineyard home Domaine Elucia after their three daughters. Elizabeth. Lucille and plate-sized croissant stuffed with tarragon chicken salad: and cold smoked leg of lamb, marinated in lemon and ginger, served with dilled mustard sauce, pesto noodles and tomato mozzarclla salad. For dessert, stop at the Baltimore Brownie Stand and sample one or two (or three) of their delightful confections. They are wildly rich and very, very good. You might even want to bring some home, although at.85 a clip, it could get pretty expensive. The whole culinary explosion has come of age when a shopping mall..which is undeniably geared to mass acceptance, can be so well received. Still there is nothing like discovering your very own restaurant, off the beaten track, suited to your taste. The likelihood of doing precisely that in the Chesapeake Bay area is excellent. Just get there. Directions: Take Rt. 295 to the Delaware Memorial Bridge. Follow Rt. 13 South to Rt Annapolis is parallel to Cape May. New Jersey on a road map. Lydia. are a wonderful addition to the California community' of wine growers.* To the experienced Beaujolais drinker, particularly California editions, there is revealing truth and something very remarkable in our tasting notes of the oldest wine in that vertical tasting. The the oldest, still had. an amazing freshness! Credit Charles F. Shaw and his personal vinification. The Charles F. Shaw Napa Valley Gamay-Maceratin Carboniquc 1981 is in current nationwide distribution and retails for about $6. His particular pride, named for the estate, is Domaine Elucia. similarly made, but with the addition of some Zinfandel grapes (SI0). It is naturally slightly more substantial, though equally delightful. Like the Napa Valley Gamay. some chilling is completely in order. Town House Pub ALL THE: YOU CAN EAT LONGEST HAPPY HOUR IN THE AREA 3-9 p.m. Thursday SEAFOOO COMBO uctwmt For Fine Dining Open *^ Friday & Saturday Rmte ft* Reservations Required Irdlir v (201) THE BLUE RAM RESTAURANT presents- BARBARA TRENT and other entertainment Call (215) Washington's Crossing, Pa. - Open 7 Days - In a world full of change we're still the same... PEACOCK INN 20 Bayard Lane. Princeton, N.J. (Route 206. just olt Nassau Street I Lupch Pinner CucklaiLs Try one of oar "blackboard specials" /tvn INTERNATIONAL CUISINE Happy Hour w/hors D'Oeuvres served Monday thru Friday 4-6 p.m. -Special dinners prepared to your taste- ENTERTAINMENT A Ewiaj Tradmoo for Ovtr«0 Yon Open Mon.-Fri. for lunch Moa.-Sat. for dinner 48 New Hillcrest Ave.. Trenton (609) gqy people pnnceton.ru MMtWomtn ofarattsmlcmm For information ttll HJ. Gay Switchboard Meetings held at Unitarian Church 8:00 P.M. CALL FOR PROGRAM

67 TubeView ABC's Letters enrage the FGC by JOT WONG RAD tike dial sots.. SEVEN IT: A cask, thai n. Cb. 7* uafcawimiiif. "Leticncanj"' cpnode of ltd year fabricating Icttm thai «uppmcdry were teal in by viewer* hi* hack.» hanat it. The Federal Cotnmtvuoo recently re- *a rraat rac scabon a renewal of it* bcone A three-yea* rene**i of the license i* moahy aoduof nun: than a formality, but act Ait tone around. According to a few icpem. Cb. 7 mtgat find itself with only a mt>ya* renewal, which in the industry n wea a* a tmffc itap in the face. Only fcwacanoa *oold be a more serious rebdke And if you consider thai the FCC came IP «np Ch 9 of in. liccase because of «rfcm the natna's parent company did (General Tats, made some overseas boiictl. dam M nt nut Cram thn scat that CV 7 oofht to coaaaaer atself lucky not to be deaied *% beewe loo. After all. its iiwnoi within its Mary and Mnohcd its own people. Yoa"H dm a handful of ujflen lost job* over the nutter, but of cnanc that was cnevdy winuow drafting a* aa acaonpf to loot, clean for the FCC. Appauatty. the FCC wasn't cornpfctery faoied A dccxuoa oa the maurr *aou)d be TWO DOWN: For a snort owe. anyway. Hat FCC afco decided not to renew Ch. 2"* liccnk at dkts tone. But ready, do* io*c teems nothing more than ante proaiptco by the FCXT s o*cr»hat Ch 2 is. or rather igfaab dnwm^^ri^^^ai await M^g^ _^gg^ ^BMT ^_^^^^^^^b^gm^^ a^. a^jp-^^^^^^ W I, OtVg M KIMI Of COVCftfly PKTW Jemy o» in newt sfaows. Qi. 2 wiu aevcr cne rvv ^f mini ft m and wib fet its Uccnsc wbeaocr tar FCC *pcfis that aw. TO CO: At teasl for another t ycarv fegjbt! One of New.York's btf actaafiy renewed by the FCC. WKBC-TV now has ptnmsuon 10 be on the aw at least iteoagfe 19*4 * * * * * ftse TVHSMi: The network exocatiwa aa«e some cinac for it I know. bnt according lo Nielsen, the dam-atf ml ratmg lewei for June was down frwe perceni from DC sanwr period Imt year. Opir'nftnai Prinar Tkaar. (OPT). whach did sscb a good job. and scored so writ, w«h a recent munches on the life of Golds Mas. n readymg a four-hour bao-psc for new year based on die ataobwyaphy of Anwar Sadat. OPT also has (i* WII to pat on the unall screen rldm 9t v CnVDnVlW^m JRMl JHlBBCICaPHHuMi 04- wofscdk^ ft^jksio 9 book «bo«hdcn Keller and Anaie Accordmf* to Arbitron. the n»wf.i outfit m die beeunru. cable has mam ptneualtd 25 4 percent of the 81.5 natton TV anwchohs a die US Charles CoUwagwuud has retired from me CBS Newt staff. He tamed 65 in June. He had a mou anuznf career widi die, network, itanakg dxre m 1941 when he QM> ^j M*S PwCVfS wcmd * OCSdOO Oy K jpiwiuw rcpofurg mini World Wv U. Besides Rrsnondent* Coihngwood *a* abo CBS* first UN correspondent, a White House corresoondeni. head of the network's London bureau and chief foreign correspondent. Wow! * * * * * CONTRAST: Warner Brothers has decided to go ahead and start production on The Dakcs of Hazard without its two young leads. WB and the Duke boys. Tom Wopat and John Schneider, are playing suc-mc-suc-you over ancillary payments for Dukes merchandise, and the show is already a month behind schedule. No doubt the plots if one can actually apply such a concept to the Dukes will be such that if and when this is settled they can just come riding back in... But in the meanitime. John Schneider has been scratched from his scheduled guest performance on The Miss Universe Pngntnt, airing July 26 on CBS. That's the same CBS that airs the Dukes. CBS has issued a strong statement to the effect that it had absolutely nothing to do with Schneider'* bump from the pagacnt. And. actually. I believe a. Sort of. Miss Universe b a sponsor (Procter &. Gamble) supplied show, and so it would'vc been their doing. Did anybody say liberation? According to the CBS research department, in 1970 the Miss Universe show was watched by 12.2 million viewers. In 1981 the number was 3S.2 million. Head out to your local "7-11" or "Crazy Eddie" and grab a pair of 3-D ftasses. Ch. 9 is coming at us with Gorilla at Large on Wednesday (21) night, at 8. The D monkey business actually sports a pretty good cast, including Anne Bancroft. Raymond Burr. Lee Marvin and Lee J. Cobb. Don't take that as an cndoracment ^ffovgrv (If you miss it Wednesday. Ch. 9 is repeating the film Saturday (24) at 3 p.m.) * * * * * CASTING CALL: Gorgeous Jaclyn Smith will soon go before the cameras for her first post-ckarfie'* Angels role, starring as the young attorney at the center of Sidney Sheldon's Rage of Angels, which NBC is turning into a miniscries. Kate Jackson, another ex-angel, is now in Chicago making A Change of Heart for CBS. The teleroovie. which co-stars Tim Matbcson. tells the tale of an office romance. One-tone Kojak co-star Kevin Dobson. whose last CBS cop show Shannon, didn't last long last season, is returning this fall as a regular on Knots landing. His love interest there'll be Michele Lee. who was widowed at the start of last year. Susan Saint James is now filming Sarprtar. Sarprbe for CBS. She plays a wife who grows tired of marriage and starts fantisuing about other men. John Rnbenstctn and (surprise, surprise) Adam Bahwaa West are also in the cast. * * * * * POW ZOOM: Audrey Meadows, who will live forever in this TV heart as Alice Kramden of Honjeymooners fame, is returning to the tube in regular role next season. Unfortunately, she is returning in the sniggering sex-corn. Too Close for Comfort, playing Ted Knight's mother-in-law. This show is about as far from The fioacymoooers as you can get. While die Gleason show epitomized the great om true comedies of the '50s. Too Gate is likewise a perfect example of totally vacuous ABC-style sit-coms of the laic -70s and '80s. Kate Jackson. ~ * * * * * COMING ATTRACTIONS: There is actually going to be a heavyweight title fight on regular ol' TV this weekend, though, as you might've guessed, it is for the weak sister half of the split title. World Boxing Association champ Mike Weaver (remember him?) takes on Randy Caobb, Sunday (25) afternoon at 4:30 on CBS. Much later same night a.m.. Ch. 2 unreels interesting Diary of a Mad Housewife. Carrie S nod grass, Richard Benjamin and Frank Langella star in the 1970 film, a thoughtful forerunner of sorts to the feminist movement that rolled through the 70s. Monday (26) night at 9 p.m.. you can choose between Miss Universe on CB5 and the original version of The Thing (1951) on Ch. 9. The repeat of Blind Ambition, the eight-hour miniseries chronicling John and Mo Dean's view of the Watergate scandal starts up Tuesday (27) night at 8 on CBS. (Parts two and three follow Wednesday and Thursday nights.) Martin Sheen is masterful as Dean, and everybody else in the cast is merely good to excellent. Rip Tom is a sight to behold as ex-president Nixon. Wednesday night (28). Ch. 13 starts up multi-part presentation of Last of the Mohicans, 6 p.m. Later that same night. 1:46 a.m., Ch. 2 jogs in with Silent Running, 1972 sci-fier with Bruce Dem that was one of first of big special effectsers that have filled the screen since. Great qld movie Thursday night at 830 on Ch. 13; The Big Clock (1948). Ray Milland stars as a crime-magazine editor who witnesses murder committed by his publisher. Saturday (31) night at eight. Ch. 5 rings bell on Body and Soul, fight-game classic from 1947 starring John Garfield. Monday (2) night, at 9, NBC repeats The Silent Lovers episode from the Moviola miniseries that ran a couple of years back. This one's the story of Greta Garbo and John Gilbert. Barry Bostwick and Swedish actress Kristina Wayborn star. a winner just for arriving at THECLARIDGE too VALUE 10 AA' cash m Quarters ay ^M voucher redeemable ilmj uoonarmai jbaiv wrwn arrnnng by Clandge 7 days (week ^ J bu»ncilooeember value All new FoMct and Macks Comedy Revue* With LydiaOConnoi E»cluwely atlheoaudaohihopmacu Daily Jhow times 1 om and 4 pm * * Thurs. to Tun. Attantto City's boat buffet-th* WMUnaton Buffet-ALL you CAN BAT ONLY TO.28 (Ua and gratuity not Included). Whirlwind ol Money. Daily Show Times: 2 30 pm and 5:30 pm in the Hi-Ho Palace.** RadMmabM Sunday thru Friday. December No Fisher and Marks Revue or Whirlwind ol Money. Wednesdays &Auoust23 Fahar and Marks shows are subiect to availability and cancellation, SUBURBAN TRANSIT CORP. (201) / (609) feacfttorrt MS a $12 r»nt IrawWu Satarita Tirana! «5aja. fc Clrcta. tore Uaoors t-joaja. $12 East taanrick. Park & Rttt TanaW M5tm i Saort. C«rt»rr >ntp Mfaja. $12 RMaaoor, Coattrr Caatoanfe itmaja.. TJX Tmal MO ua. $12 Ctoartraok. Aaptepitt Bn Stop IMS a*. $12 TwaVOaftaJii. T*a Riwrt Baffl 18:1$ aja. THE CLAWDCE HOTEL AND CASINO THECLARIDGE H O T E L - A N D C A S I N O Indiana at the Boardwalk. Atlantic City. NJ flw

68 I DINING GUIDE T ALCHEMIST* BARRISTER 28 WWher S)i«Princeton, Fresh seafood, choics steaks. Luncti MartSat : Dfmer Mon -Thurs Frt & Sat (609) Sum Brunch Dinner ANDY'S Tavern & Restaurant. 244 Alexander St. Princeton. N J, Open 7 days. Lunch. Dinner. Cocfctate Fn Shrimp in ihe Basket Special. 1609) ANNEX Restaurant. 128V* Nassau St., Pnreeton Mon-Sat a.m. Luncheon. Dinner. Cocfctaii Large selection of ttafan & American food & seafood at reasonable prices THE BARON RL mle south of New r PA. CoMnentaJ Cuisine. Outdoor patio ' nafable, Lunch. Dinner, Sunday Brunch. MHriy special FletJVBgnon dl JK. Happy Hour 1 daiy. Piano nttery (215) 62*43 BLUE RAM Rt 532 Washington* Crossing. Pa. Open 7 days, entertainment nightly. Sunday jazz "Jam at he Ram" 4-6 pjn. Cocktails. (215) CAFE AU LAJT 66 WBhenjpoon St. Princeton. Lunch. Light Supper. Sunday Brunch. Apres Theatre. Bach's Lurich Picnics. Cappucdno. Fancy Teas. Glorious Home Made Desserts. > daiy except Morn, from 1130 a.m. (609) CUM MY It THI MM 2t CHUCK'S SPRMG STREET CAFE 16 Spring St. Princeton. Princeton's newest idea tn a restaurant Specie* ring in great food and take-out Fu» menu 1130 *m -10 pm THE CLAY POT Restaurant. Rt 1 &MajorRoad. Souti Brunswick. Serving luncheon Cocktails, unimitbd salad bar. fresh seafood, and a specially in barbequed baby back ribs (201) COLOMAL RESTAURANT A OMER U.S. Rt 1 South (Across from 06 Mai) LawrencevtSe Open 24 Hrs. Salad Bar wsshrirnp {5-10 pm). FREE w^fmer. Children's Menu from 99C 48 entrees, seafood specialties. Under New Ownership. CONQUISTADOR Hrfton km. Monmouth St. East Windsor. N J Breakfast Lunch and Dinner Served Daiy- Elegant Continental Dining. Winner 1981 Menu of fee Year Award. Cocktails Avart- (609) CRANBURY MN 21 South Mam St. Cranbury. NJ Lunch Tue» -Fri 11: Dinner Tues-'Thurs. 5-9 Fti & Sat Sun. Dinner 12-8 pm Private parties. Cocktails Entertainment Fri A Sat ewenings wm 8nCc ram & Cdatna. 55 Main St. Kingston. Detectable hors daty.ala orpnx *. punches andaor (608) 01 HATTIAS Restaurant & Lounge. 1 N Main St. Atamown. N J Rafcan-America Cuisine. Dining room hrs Tues-Thurs.. 5 p.m.-9 p.m.. Frt-Sat Sun 3 8 Sunday Brunch 11-2 pm CocM**s (609) DRAGON MN Highway 31 & 202, '/t mile south of the Remington drcfe. Remington. N.J. Cantonese & Polynesian food is our specialty. Take-out service. Cocktail Lounge & bar. Open 7 days a week or The 11th FRAME ITALIAN RESTAURANT Serving homemade Italian dishes, fresh seafood, pizza, and hot and cold sandwiches. Open till 3 AJUL. 7 Nights a Week. Dinner Music 4 Nights A Week. Route next to the Hkjhtstown Bowling Lanes. THE FOOLISH FOX Rl '/ 2 mi. north of Princeton. Prime Ribs. Seafood. Lunch, dinner & after theatre. Mon -Sat. 11:30-1 a.m.. Sun. 5-1 a.m. Entertainment Fri. & Sat. eves. Cocktails. (609) FORSGATE COUNTRY CLUB Exit 8A of the NJ. TumpBce, Forsgate Drive, Jamesburg. N.J. Lunch and dinner served daily in country club setting where fine food is king, cocktails available. Weddings, banquets, catering: FOUNDERS INN just off Cranbury Road, Monroe Twp/Jamesburg Charming atmosphere, soup-n-salad bar, cozy lounge, steaks, fresh seafood, qourmet specials, happy hr. 4-7 wkdys; Lunch M-F; Dinner every night; moderate prices. GLENDALE INN 48 New Hillcrest Ave.. Trenton; NJ. International Cuisine, special menu daily. canapes served at cocktail hour 4:30-7:00. Entertainment Wednesdays & weekends. Closed Sundays. (609) Banquet facilities all wk. GENERAL CHANG'S Restaurant Exotic Chinese Food & Cocktail Lounge. When he was in N.Y.. CBS Radio said, "the food is unmistakable & terrific." Major Credit Cards. Closed Mon Georges Rd. (Rt. 130) North Brunswick GREENUNE 175 Nassau St., Princeton, N.J. (609) Featuring Iresh. whole foods, whole grain breads, vegetarian specials. Mon. thru Sat., Lunch 11:30-2 p.m. Tea 2-5:30 p.m. Dinner 5:30-8:30 p.m. (BYOB). KIM'S KITCHEN 18 South Main St.. Lambertville. NJ. Korean cuisine. Open Tuesday through Saturday for dinner KONDITOREI - Continental Cuisine, Reasonable. Cafe with homemade specialties Bee Spankapita. Tostada, Quiches & scrumptious desserts. Catering & box lunches. 48 W. Broad St (Hopeweit House Sq.) Tu-Fri p.m., Sat ~ 8-4.fi 609/466-17?\. THE KING'S WHARF at the Somerset Marriott 110 Davidson Ave.. at 1287 & 527, Easton Ave., Somerset.Breakfast. Lunch & Dinner daily: Light & Gourmet dining. Mon.-Sun. 7 a.m.-11 p.m.. Sun. Brunch 1030 a.m.-2:30 p.m LA BONNE AUBERGE Village 2. New Hope. PA. French Cuisine in a 200 year-old farmhouse. Dine on specialties such as Carre d'agneau, Sole Gourmet by the Fireside or in the Garden Room. Cstar Bar. Dinner only p.m. Closed Mon. & Tues. Reeerv. (215) LAHKERE'S French Cuisine. 5-7 Witherspoon St.. Princeton. N.J. Mon.-Sat. Closed on Sunday. Wine Cellar. Lunch. Dinner. Cocktails available CLOSED JULY 25 TILL AUGUST 16 AT DINNER. LA MARGARITA 61 N. Main- St. (Rt. 29) Lambertville. Tacos, Enchiladas, Burritos, and other authentic Mexican Specialties. Dinner 6-10 p.m. Tues-Sunday. BYOB. For reservations. (609) MCATEERS RESTAURANT 1714 Easton Avenue, Franklin Township. American Continental Cuisine. Lunch, Dinner, Cocktail. Live entertainment. Weddings. Business Luncheons: Tues.-Sat. (Tues. Night Belly Dance) Reservations MEXICAN VILLAGE II, Superb Mexican Cuisine acclaimed by N.Y. Magazine, Frommer's Guide & Greenwich Village Cookbook. 42 Leigh Ave, Princeton. Lipcheon & Dinner Tues thru Sun. Res BYOB. OPENING JULY 22. MICHELES New York Style Deli Restaurant, Princeton North Shopping Center, Rt Lunch & Dinner Mon. thru Sat. Also Catering, Hors D'Oeuvres, Chafing Dishes, Party Platters. (609) MUIRHEAD for fine dining. Open Friday and Saturday only, by reservaton. Special parties arranged. Rte Ringoes, NJ (201) NASSAU INN Palmer Sq., Princeton. NJ Three Restaurants: The Greenhouse, Yankee Doodle Tap Room & The Inn's Dining Room. Entertainment nightly. Dancing Fri. & Sat. Eves. Breakfast, Sun. Brunch, Lunch, Dinner & Late Nite. NORTH CHINA Mandarin & Szechuan Cuisine, 36 Witherspoon St., Princeton, N.J. Mon.-Thurs. 11:30-10, Pri. 11:30-11, Sat. 11:30-11, Sun. 1: BYOB, Carry out service, Daily Lunch Specials 11:30-3:00. OVER THE BRIDGE INN Continental Cuisine. Applegarth Road, Monroe Township, N.J.; Lunch, Dinner, Cocktails. Open 7 days P.J.'S PANCAKE HOUSE 154 Nassau St., Princeton. (609) Homemade specialties are features in a large menu. Breakfast is served all day long with food for the whole family at affordable prices. Open 7 days from early to late. PAGODA specializing in Szechuan & Hunan cooking Brunswick Ave., Trenton. N.J. (at U.S. 1 & Brunswick Circle). Mon.-Thurs p.m.; Fri. & Sat p.m.. Sun. 4:30-10 p.m. (609) PEACOCK INN 20 Bayard Lane (Route 206 near Nassau St.) Princeton. N.J. Lunch. Dinner, Cocktails Mon.-Sat. Closed Sun. Major Credit Cards Accepted. Lodgings available (609) PEKING EXPRESS Chinese Cuisine. 31 Station Dr.. Princeton Jcti. N.J. Tues.-Thurs. 11:30-2, 5-9:30; Fri.. Sat. 11: Sun BYOWine Carry out service PHEASANTS LANDING 2 restaurants: The Nest, a Rathskellar for lunch, casual dining & late night sandwiches. Entertainment Thurs,, Fri. & Sat. Eve; The Pheasant Inn for cocktails and fine continental Dining. Amwell Rd., Belle Mead. (201) <t\ TIME OFF Week of July 21-28,1982

69 ON SCREEN 'Star Trek' stars in space genre by THOMAS SLMOSET tf yoa hkc space memo, you me tore «o oy Star Tnli O: Ike Wratk of KkM. It a <MK of (tie bat of its kind, even otewiyt Ifac fljiiu of SfMcr IDOVICS retrains KeJky); red-faced chief engineer Scotty (James Doohan) and the others. For people of the 23rd century, they are awfully similar to us. That's the whole point, notes David Gerrold. a Star Trek TV scriptwriter faopic with fowl recofkeaom of the TV tenet mil he happy to fee their old fnmfc tact aad to tec ih*. tike ail of m. they h**e aged. Now 16 yean okkr die? toned en TV. rhc c*m rv The fhesne of thea aging M iblo the nc» movie's plot.. "The crew of the Enterprise is in no way meant to be representative of future humanity not at all. They are representative of the American Sphere of Influence today. Their attitudes, their manner of speaking, their ways of reacting, even their ways of nuking love are all contemporary. We have met the Enterprise and diey are us." review SoexJc a«$fc* to the plot often dr*- tmgtmfccd Slar Tr»k. Relative infamr the icnes aa smuiag «tyathcifwn follow tag jwt three»( } oa NBC EVER Y SOUFT of the tdevtuoo Star Trtfc restored the hero. Capctm (now Adnaral} JanrVT Kirk (WUharo Shuner) to AIM it. M moral enjoyed Ac loyal rapport of a bumc naff of qoarky ndmdoth the unfkxtwtwne ahea. Speck ileoaard Ntnwy): the tartaux:dap*donor. McCoy (DeForcw For example, in the movie Kirk's latest problem is his own midlife crisis. Following a promotion to admiral, the former ttanhtp captain has been deskbound. He fecb frustrated and unfulfilled McCoy cajoles him: "Other people have birthdays. Why are we treating yours like a funeral?" He advises Kirk to "get your command back before you really grow old." It so happens Kirk and his staff have to inspect their old ship, the Enterprise, while a young crew takes it on a training rrasskn. Luckily, they run into a nasty enough situation that the old-timers have to take over the bridge. SPACE MOVIES hold great potential for story development, though this is often overlooked when the producers concentrate on special effects. The exotic settings A scene from 'Star Trek II.' of space oler us new ways to see enduring human problems. Science fiction can prepare us for what lies ahead. It is uniquely suited to deal with one of the fundamental anxieties of our society today, technophobia. the fear of technology; science and change. Often in these movies the action involves a race to control some fantastic system that has an enormous capacity for good or ill. depending, on who uses it. In Star Trek II the system is called Genesis. It can speed up evolution on a lifeless planet, producing a complete ecosystem in something only slightly longer than the seven days the Bible says God needed to create Earth. The same machine also destroys any previous stuff in the neighborhood. - Adding in more contemporary, human touches, the script has Genesis being built by a woman Kirk once loved, assisted by their son, who is alienated from Kirk. For some reason, incidentally, this project is headquartered in a defenseless civilian outpost. The bad guy who covets Genesis is a. freaky outlaw named Khan, delightfully played by Ricardo Montalban. Years ago. See SPACE, page 27 DINING GUIDE nrorante. Parking on Fel St - Just off Princeton Ave. Trenton Luncheon 6 Dinner specials dairy. Finest rjouwata Raian Cuisine in the area. Facffties for panes & banquets to 200. dosed Mondays. Comedy Cabaret upstairs. Pizza & Caizone. SCAMTICON Conference Center & Hotel Princeton Forrest* Center. RL 1. NJ. 3 Exciting Restaurants: The Elegant Black Swan. The Graoous Courtyard & the Charming Th/ofi Gardens Continental & Danish cutsme Also 4 lounges THE SdtGEAMTSVIJLE WN Country Fare m an 18t) Cemury abimaufiaia. Sergeantsv«e. NJ. Open 7 days lor lunch and clnner and cocktaas. n ervancm helpful, cal 609/ UPE Oil JOUR BtactaMl Am & Rte llgpa»al. N J. Homemade Soup. Bread. Fresh Vegetables. Olp. Desserts. Salad Lunch. I t o S L it30-230; Candeite Dinner Fri. 6:30 (609) * SOUTHWMD Crwnese-Porynesian Restaurant. 479 Ridbe Rd (Rt 522) Monmouth Jet. So. Dnurngwick Two Different Special Luncheon Datfy $288 Gourmet Chinese Cuisine prepared by rnmvwd chefs BYOWne (201) Open 7 Days Maf ft* IK SZECHUAN GARDEN Mercer Mall. Rt. 1. Lawrenceville. N.J. Fine Chinese Cuisine. Luncheon, Dinner, Take Out. Bring your own wine TEMPTING TIGER 14 Witherspoon St.: A new dining experience in Princeton. Fresh salads, unique sandwiches, hearty soups, vegetarian casseroles. Relax with classical musjp in our new dining room. Fast take out. Open 7 days. 10 a.m.-10 p.m. Mon.-F Sun. 609/ THE TOWNE HOUSE 10 Bridge St., Lambertvilte. NJ American Continental Cuisine. Sweeney Todd's English Style Rathskettar. entertainment Wed.-Sat. Open 7 days for lunch, dinner and cocktails. 3 stars Trenton Times. TOWN HOUSE PUB 2 Carnegie Rd. (just off Rt. 1) Lawrencovilie. NJ. (609) Nightly Specials. Happy Hour daily 3-9 p.m. Senior citizens' discount Mon. & Tues. Open seven days tor clnner. weekdays for lunch. Major credit cards. TRIVENI Exotic Indian Cuisine. 908 Livingston Ave.. N. Brunswick. N.J. Dinner 5:30-10 P.M. BYCWme. Complete Indian menu from Pakors & Mubgatawny Soup to Lamb Vindatoo. Curries, Beef Nirgtst & Moglai Kofta. Take-out (201) UPPER BLACK EDDY INN Since a tradition of excellence along the scenic Delaware River. Lunch noon-2:30. Dinner 5-9 Wed. to Fit; 5-10 Sat.; 3-8; Sunday Brunch 1-3. Closed Mon. & Tues. River Rd. Rt. 32, Upper Black Eddy, PA. 215/ VAN'S FREEHOLD INN Open 7 Days a week, One mile from the Freehold Raceway, Serving Lunch, Dinner, Seasonal Menus, Early American Dinner, Sunday Brunch, and Offering Catering Facilities. Rt. 79, Freehold, N.J THE WOODEN NICKEL 644 Georges Rd., North Brunswick (Vz mi. off Rt. 1) Steaks, Seafood, Continental Specialties, Cocktails. Old fashioned atmosphere. Fireplaces, Stained Glass, Free Feature Films, Stock Ticker. 201/ To Advertise Your Restaurant in TIME OFPs Dining Guide Call (609) or contact your Sales Representative

70 NOW PLAYING Time Off deadlines All submissions to the Now Wiling calendarfcstmgsmust be received m> Mer than ThirscVry al noon prior to the following week's publcaoon Th«calendar latngi include only those events which wl take place between the Wednesday 11m* Off is published and the following Wednesday. However, notices may be sent in advance to be used in the Al subnwuioni must be typed and double-spaced and contain net rnormaaon on me event where < is taking place, when, who is sponsoring i. whether a fee or registration is required, and a telephone number readers may call for further fcreformafton. To mail submi ns, wnte Now Playing, c/o Time Off, P.O. Box 350. Princeton, N.J If you have other quc-ji.c..» call MUSIC fwe Watden. Prtnce- 2&A Wanerepoon 9L. Pftwaam every Taeadey. 7 pm MB. Cafe Ren* Wnes uttemwe. every Friday»om 830 to f 030 pm «9ev. t p-m. Hope. Pa.. at Jacob* Wet Cof- Tht Newark ha> ^ m^m. <a^r pm, > SO* HMon Inn. Morv V East Windsor. Mon- U)pm.80»~4« V862-99S1 ajeranj' iaaete. Eatery OOe EngMh Square Shoppng V* teoe, RMge Hoed. Monmoutn Junction. Ffidert and Senmen The 9MMl Bend MWCamwaL Oh Annual Monmoutft County Fair. East Freehold Park. Kodosto Roed. Freehold. July p.m Duo-Voice RecftaL Jury 22, 8 p.m.: rtecfcm. July 28.7 pm.hymn Sing. Jury 26, 8 pm; Chamber nscial July p.m.: Summer Sing. July p.m.; Herpetoord end Beeeoon nscw, Jury p.m.; all events eponeored by Westmirster O K* College. HarnMon Avenue and Walnut Lane. Princeton, eel tor specific tocetom.kee. M U K wen reck rvowpty e m me vemyiee Orchestra, lawn concert. MenvfBe Pubic library. 100 S. 10ch Ave.. ManvWe. July 22.7 pm i The Grateful Dead, Six Regs Greet Adventure. Jackson. July Rsdo OkXnsstTeV Bocdeuch Park. Easlon Avenue. New Brunswick, (rain ste: Stale Theater. 17 LMngston Ave.. New Brunswick). July 22, 8 p.m The Supremee featuring Mary Wleon, July 22-23: RkjMeoue Brothers, July 24. Oub Bene Dinner Theatre. Route 35. SatreviNe Chamber Mueic Concert, Lenten HaH. Fairleigh DJcMnaon university. Madison. July pm; Waterloo fetbval Orcheetra, Jury pm: Chamber Muelc Picnic, July pm; Waterloo Wage. Stanhope Schnur and The Okf Time. Country Fiddle Band, Mercer County Park, MtfOkWStrHoaTMUfQn nok, WftSl WlOOSOf, Jury 24.7 pm Iree. m sweet oympnonk Dana, Longwooo Gardens. Kenrwa Square. Pa. Jury pm Warren Vache Sr. and The Sh. Cftnton Historical Museum Wage. 56 Main St.. Clinton. July p.m Fred Waring Show, Ocean Grove Audaorium. Ocean Grove. Jury p.m conctft by Soott WaWd, N J. State Museum. 205 West State Street Treolon. Jutf p m French and Slavic abigtng. Twin Rivers Ubrary. East Windsor. Jury p.m The Boehm Quintet, outdoor concert. Princeton University Graduate College. Princeton, (rain site: Alexander Hall). July 27, 8:30 p.m., , free. Summer Sings Elijah by Felix Mendelssohn, Brookdale Community College. Newman Springs Road, Uncroft, July 27, 8 p.m. Summer Sing Vivaldl'a Gloria, Bach's Megnrlcat, Student Center. County College of Morris, Center Grove Road. Dover, July p.m The Lamptghters, lawn concert. N.J. State Museum. 205 West State Street. Trenton, July 28, noon to 1 p.m DRAMA Fantasy Factory, Six Rags Great Adventure, Jackson. Jury 10-Aug. 12. call for hours. Tknon of Athens, alternating with Twelfth Mght, New Jersey Shakespeare Festival. Madison, through Sept GemW, Actors Cafe Theatre. Bkxxnfield College. Franklin and Fremont Streets, through Aug. 14, Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m., Say Goodnight Grade, The New Jersey Public Theatre. 118 South Avenue East Cranford, through Jury 31, Fridays and Saturdays 830 p.m., Sundays at 730 p.m., Toys In the Attic, Foothill Playhouse, Middlesex Beechwood Ave.. through July 24, 830 pm Dress Rehearsals for Shakespeare's ptaya, N J. Shakespeare Festival, Drew University. Madison. Twelfth Mght, July 17, 1 pm.: Thnon of Athens, July p.m.; , free. Hallo Dolly, Theatre-by-the-Lake. Geiger-Reeves Hall. Peddle School, South Main and Ward Streets. Hkjhtstown, July 16, 17, 23, 24 at 830 p.m., Wat Disney's Great Ice Odyssey, Brendan Byrne Meadowlands Arena. July 20 to August 1. A Fumy Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Plays-in-the-Park, Roosevelt Park Amphitheatre. Route 1 South. Edison, July 21 to free. A Penny Earned, 73 Seat Theater. Solebury School. Phillips Mill Road. New Hope. July 17 to 19: July 24 to 26; 8 pm, Lunch Hour, through July 17; Victim, July 20 to 24; Summerfun Theatre, Montclair State College. Upper Montclair South Pacific Bucks County Playhouse. New Hope, Pa., July 21-25, fof times call or Patience or Bunthome's Bride, Monmouth College, Summer Theatre, West Long Branch, July :30 p.m., Ferffer's People, Maurice Hawk High School. West Windsor. July 23,8 p.m.; Amphitheatre, Community Park North, Route 206 and Mountain Avenue, J'-ly 24-25,8 p.m., or free. Evening of Entertainment, Hightstown High School. Leshin Lane, Hightstown, July 24, 8 p.m or A Midsummer Night's Dream, Battlefield Park. Princeton, July 24-25, 3 p.m. and 7:30 p.m., , free. j L Broadway Revue, Monmouth Battlefield State Park, Freehold. July 24. 8:30 p.m The Secret Thighs of New England Women, Rutgers Theater Company, Levin Theater, New Brunswick, July 27-Aug. 8, 8 p.m.; '. Tatey's Foty, Summerfun Theatre, Montclair State College. Upper Montclair, July 27-31, 8:30 pm, Mame, Bucks County Playhouse, New Hope, Pa., July 28 to Aug. 15, for times call Hay Fever, Foothill Playhouse, 1101 Beechwood Ave., Middlesex, July 28 to Aug. 7, 830 pm, FILM The Woman, Shanghaied, The Newark Museum. 49 Washington St. Newark. July :30 p.m., Fund, Death of a Prophet, Van Houten Library Theatre, N.J. Institute of Technology, 99 Summit St. Newark. July 28, 7:30 p.m FOP Sesame Place, Langhorne; Pa., open through Labor Day, 9:30 a.m. to 8 p.m., Storytime/Craft session, for pre-schoolers, films following, July 6 through Aug. 11, Tuesdays at 2 p.m., Wednesdays at 10:30 a.m., Lawrence Branch of Mercer County Library. Lawrence Shopping Center, Route 1 and Texas Ave., Trenton, , free. Storytime for pre-schoolers, alternating with films, Ewing Branch of Mercer County Library, 25 Scotch Road, Trenton. July 7 through Aug. 25, Wednesdays at 11' a.m., Thursdays at 10 am and 11 a.m., , free. tattltmmiltai THE CLAY POT 2t1-2t7-«S?l Happy End, NewStage at Intime, Murray Theatre. Princeton University,' Princeton, July 22 to Aug. 1, Thursdays 7:30 p.m., Fridays and Saturdays 8 p.m., Sundays 7:30 p.m., Wast Side Story, Washington Crossing State Park. Titusville. Jury :30 p.m.. for rain dates call The Three Musketeers, The Franklin villagers Barn Theatre. Franklin, through Aug. 29. Fridays and Saturdays at 8:30 p.m.. Sundays at 7:30 p.m., N.J.State Museum activities: all programs run through Aug. 27, Stars for Tote, Thursday. Friday at 10 a.m.; Eskimos at Play, weekdays. 10 a.m.; Dinosaur Tour, Thursday. 11 a.m.; IncSan Body Ornamentation, workshop for children in grades two to six, Tuesday and Thursday, 2 p.m.; N.J. State Museum, West State Street, Trenton, free. SandcasHe, Frank Fflm, Why Man Creates, Neighbors, films, Somerset County/Bridgewater Library. North Bridge Street and Vogt Drive. Bridgewater. July 22, noon to 1 p.m , free. (TIME-OFF Week.of July

71 Week of July 21-28,1982 ^of cards, art iimon. July 22 at 2 at 2 pm. Dys-Ty*. ssmc art workshop. July 2* at 2 pm. Etfna Branch. Mercer County Uftrsry. I Ha Was a Raccoon. - _-_. ubtc UBrsry. AnweS Road, Belle Head. July p.m.. am.. i Mak Soon Brunawck Pue*c Kngjagn Una. Monmoutt Juncson, 1 em *224 Jwy 24. ii mm K> JMy 27 and 29, 2» Comers, cowan; styled awi,, Uwerce BtancrV Mercer County Ubrary. Routt i and Texas Awanue. Trenton. Ju*y 26,. m, «9 Wasfwasion Si. Newark. 130 am.. 20? Katf. The t»e. Evan's Comer. Urns tor emwam, The Mswsr* PuWc UBrary. 5 Wasnw*pan St. Me rk JtHy 26 «230 pm. The S Jury 2» at 230 pm., tree IBf MSfCSa S fierce Bnrxt\ Mercer. ROOM I and Texas Avenue. Trenton. Jk#r27ai2»pm.Jurf 28at n am, end4 ra^bsaoen&cmdrenttwater. Sunv mer*** TMHIT. Uoadm Sam Coeege. Up- C»i> Uomclatr, July 26. MS p m. 2074<HH» and Airy TabM Cewiw Stage Theeane. 33 Wastungton Si. I* Ho% Juy First Bet and Ctrl on rmmm, Cerawy Theee*. Route X and Knot trt&mmt. AutkJbon. Ju*y 28. " am end 2» AUDITIONSJ tor Cat* au Ust Cabaret. Cete au Latt. 66 Withersooon Si. Princeton, at 6 pm. 6O»-fl2i-0i73 needed for Damn or The To aftip Communsy Career. Route 571. Qarfcaowrg. Jw»y 2* pm. 8O0>«4sV31t& mm, STUDY 7 to t pm. tv Mormason w, Bray *e^..... H ^ g insmon. Juty and Thm O O8 Cotontsi Graft daseee. Canton Historical Museum Wage. 56 Main St. Canton. Jury am to 3 pm In Outdoor Paining si made. School. Jury am. U 1 pm or Construction Workshop, Princeton Art Association. Rosedate Road. Princeton. Juty ART London Observed* gvspfvc arts exhfeition. tvealone Ubrary. Prtncelon University. April 25 to October 10. kx hours cat Schtey Psinttng k»ma-, Hunssrdon Art Center, Cdd Stone Ml. Centar Seeet. Ctmon. June 20 to Jury 31, _. wetercolori by Nataie Best Henry Chauncey Conference Center, ETS. Csrtsr and Rossdals Roads, Princeton, trough Aug. 1. daty. 9 ajn. to 5 p.m Signatures Gallery, Route 202. Far H«s. June to August. Tueedeys to Saturdays, i i a.m. to 5 p.m., A Century of Dots: , Cranbury HMonceJ Museum. Park Place. Cranbury. June through Jury. Saturdays and Sundays. 2 to 5 pm., tree. rfiswiob ffroni UW mcmo9ttff 9 nuniofoon Art Center. Ok) Stone Mia Center. Clinton. June 27 through August Art You Can Touch, Western Electric Corporate Education Center. Carter Road and Route 589. Hopewel. Jury 6 through Aug. 10. by Kathryn Thompeon-WIBtams, Lounge B. Conant Hal. Educational Testing Servfce, Carter and RosedeJe Roads. Prtncelon. trough JuV tram the Robert O. Dougan Cotaction of Historical Photographs, fibttfm^ea^wa, I fce^^a*^^su A*s> * L-»». ftwiomon UrWsWy An MUNU Urough Sept HJgfi School MsrMss PuMc Ubrary. 100 S. 10th Ave. Manvllle. through July t of FionK Flowars In Art The Art Museum. Princeton University. July 9-Aug. 21. TII ten "ae»i1ayi 10 ajn. to 4 pjn.. Sunday. 2 to 4 pm Trenton CHy Museum. Trenton. July 3 SVough Aug tor Wr. Battleground Arts Center. Freehold by Frank Gatsry of Fine Art. 8 Chamber* St. Princeton. July iswnid-august. tor hours cat S123. Works by Floyd James Torbet. Continental Bank. Main and Bndge Streets. New Hope. Pa. trough Juty Pater son. Creole of American Industry, Trenton State House rotunda. Trenton, through July Paint and Photography exhibit, Lambertville House, Route 179. Lambertville. through July. The Germans In Now Jersey, Monmouth Museum. Newman Springs Road. Urtcroft. through August 1. Tuesday-Saturday 10 a.m. to 430 pm DefMdon: Fantasy, multi-media exhibit Tweed GaMery. 112 E. Front St.. Plainfield. through Aug. 7, for hours can Student art work, Windsor Plaza Office, The First National Bank or Princeton, through August , ext Trenton and Its Environs: Etchings by George Bradshaw, through December; American Indan Portraits, through Aug. 29; N J. State Museum. West State Street Trenton Women's Caucus for Art. through Aug. 29: Junior Museum Annual Exhibit, through July 23: Science and Nature in Medals and Coins, through Sept. 27; The Schaefer Gtass Gsfery, through Sept. 27; Newark Airport Murals by Arshie Gorky, through Sept. 27; 100th Anniversary Exhtott of Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art, The Newark Museum. 49 Washington St.. Newark, daily, noon to 5 p.m., , free. Earth Auras by Pearl Hardaway Reese, NJ. National Bank of Princeton. 194 Nassau St.. Princeton, through July 30: Recent Works by Marie Sturken, Center for Health Affairs, 760 Alexander St., Princeton, through July 30: Mbted Mads Invitational, Ubrary Gallery, Mercer County Community College, West Windsor campus, through Aug. 19; all shows sponsored by Princeton Art Assodation, Rosedale Road. Princeton Wish You Were Here, photo exhibit by Barry & Dotty Westgate and Lloyd Staats. Montgomery National Bank, Rts. 518 & 206. Rocky Hill, through Aug Paintings of the Great Swamp, Environmental Education Center. 190 Lord Stirling Road. Basking Ridge, through July, for times call OPEN TO THE PUBLIC The Bog Lounge at AJbert Koon Memorial Exhibition, Barren Arts Center. 582 Rahway Ave., Woodbridge, through July 30, Years of Photography in Hobokeh, through Aug. 1; Glass by Don Gonzalez, and Paintings by Arcadia Ofenska-Petryshyn, through Aug. 22: American bxsan Portraits, through Aug. 29; N.J. State Museum, 205 West State St.. Trenton, for hours call , free. Summer exhibition, paintings, graphics, crafts, through August, The Coryell Gallery at the Porkyard, 8'/i Coryell St., Lambertville, for times call ' Wish You Were Here, Montgomery National Bank. Routes 518 and 206. Rocky. Hill, through Aug. 14. DANCE Scottish Country Dancing, Murray Dodge Hall, Princeton University campus, Tuesdays, 8 p.m Traditional American English Dancing, Wilcox Hall, Princeton University campus, Thursdays, 8 p.m., Princeton Folk Dance Group, Fine Hall. Washington Road, Princeton, Tuesdays, 7:30 p.m., SySotrthfieM Rout West Windsor / JfcJ Music Jamie & John W«d., Frl. & Sat. at 9:30 Restaurant Open 11:30 a.m. to ) * 9p.m. - _ 1/ For The Young and Young at Heart, Mid Atlantic Center for The Arts, Cape May. July 23, 8 p.m ^ Edward Villella and Dancers, NJ. Shakespeare Festival. Madison. July 26, 8 p.m., MISCELLANY PlaywrightJng competition, original one-act plays wanted, Princeton Community Players, Box Princeton, Sacred Heart Bazaar, 149 South Plainfield Ave., South Plainfield, July 26-31, 6 to 11 p.m., Pt*«iceton, July lor times can Art Show, Lawrence Branch of Mercer County Library, through July Vi TIME'OFF -25

72 » NOW PLAYING aohoal Fndays. 8 pm.: Ghaat Tear. MomMjr t 30 HOUM 32 Bridge Si, July pjm: July pm Waanmgion Craning KOpKZ. *» N J 120. Jecfcaon fm iqrcue. Princeton Sftoppng CM*. Ju*»- 530 to 8 pun? nmpm ravy unwr to tee THa BeyMand; Juy 22. bus S p.m ftom Broad Skwet Bank Bufct- Hamilton and Chestnut Avenues.. First Presbyterian Owtft of Spam. 32 Man St. Sparta. Juty 22-23at It am IO9pm. July24 at n am BS3)»ffi. 2 Park. Koxtoau Road. FfeeftotL July HJ. Country Fair, Stanley Dancer Farm, Nw* Egypt July at 4 JO p.m. July 24 at 1230 pm or or Parent* WMwut Partner*, dance. Oil Defense BuKSng. Huff Ave.. Manv*e. July pm. to 1 am I reetvat. Bucks County Vineyards and Rome 202. New Hope. Pa. July > Canal Canoe Trip, July am.; Gutted Famir Wak. Jury p.m.; Nafcve Center. Wasringlon Crossing Slate Park, TajevOe, CINEMA subject to change. EASTWMDSOR Onema I ( ): Dead Men Dont Wear PWd, Onema I: Bamti. Z 715.8:45. LuAy Three!!! irs $ 15! ITS TWO DREAM CMnroar Co* IS m cm* *«ym umt m Cjrun bj hm. ajoaf!*» «*MMMC In 15 rmh oa my rrtmn sip by tan emwkmm!» 30. I«U fin. «udn co> ni mkcnumc hrua*i»aqinn*vt; h» fcnm0mtml>ct I. I9S2 Mxk II. IW Safer Saccpnfcn Mil mn *n ja-expenx paid dmm C*c»*ri.TW««hrBr«t)»«Ta«is«aiMnCTtCrtmU> pat «cf <w tfw Ha or * our Cum RrbCnm Oofc on our fin! floor. FREEHOLD Cinema 33 ( ): Ffrefox, 7:30, 9:45. Starts Fri. July 23. The Thing, Midnight show Fri. and Sat. July 7/23-7/24. End of the Dragon. Pond Road Cinema ( ): Author.Author, 7:30. 9:30. rflllsaorough Hiltsboro Cinema ( ): Rocky III, :30. LAWRENCE Eric I ( ): Rocky III, Mon.-Thurs Wed. Mat.l. Eric II: The Thing, Mon.-Thurs. 7:20. 9:20. Wed. mat I. Mercer Mall I ( ): Star Trek IL Dairy 1.3:10.5:20. 7:40, 10. Mercer Man II: FJrefox, :15. 7:15, 10. Mercer Mall III: Young Doctors in Love, 1:45.3:45.5:45.7:45.9:45. Quaker Bridge Mall Theatres ( ): Cinema I: Annie, Mon.-Thurs. 1:30. 4: Cinema II: E. T. The Extra-TerrestriaL Mon.-Thurs :30. 5, 7:45, 10:15. Cinema III: Tron, Mon.-Thurs. 12:30. 2:45. 5:15. 7: Cinema IV: Annie, Mon.-Thurs. 12: , 8:45. MANVILLE Manville Cinema ( ): Tron, Mon.-Fri. 2. 7: Sat. and Sun. 12:15, 2, 3:45. 5:30. 7: MONTGOMERY Montgomery Cinema ( ); Diva, 7:10. 9:25. Sun. 4:45, 7: PRMCETON Garden I ( ): Poltergeist, Mon.-Thurs. 750, 9:30. Wed. mat. I. Garden II: Diner, Mon.-Thurs. 7:20. 9:30. Wed. mat. I. Coal Mhwr** Daughter, 7:30 p.m.; The Roee, 9:45 p.m.; The Last Waltz, July 23-24, 12 p.m.; Kresge Auditorium, Princeton University campus, July 21 to 25, WEST WINDSOR Prince Budco I ( ): Blade Runner. Mon.-Thurs. 7:15. 9:30. Prince Budco II: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Mon.-Thurs. 7:15. 9:20. Prince Budco III: A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy. Mon.-Thurs. 7:30. 9:30. SOMERSET Rutgers Plaza I ( ): Author, Author, Mon.-Thurs. 2, 4:45. 7:35. 9:50. Rutgers Plaza II: Blade Runner, Mon.-Thurs. 2,4:45.7:35.9:50. TRENTON Director's Chair I ( ): Bambi, Mon.-Thurs. 1, Director's Chair II: Author, Author, Mon.-Thurs. 1, 7, 9. "Nothing Lasts Forever," a romantic comedy, will be released by MOM. Newcomers Zachary Calligan, Lauren Tom and Apollonia Van Ravenstein will star. ' Universal Pictures will release Trances," a film biography based on the life of former film star Frances Lanoford. Jessica Lange stars as the rebellious actress. * # "Blue Thunder," a futuristic police adventure, stars Roy Scheider. The film will be released by Columbia Pictures. "Caged Women in Chains," a comedy, will be released by M-C-M. Filming will be at the Yuma State Prison in Arizona. ««Alan Bates, Faye Dunaway and John Cidgud have leading roles in "The Wicked Lady," a film based on the book by Magdalen King-Hall. The Cannon Group will release. Gerard Depardieu will have the title role in Andrzej Wajda's historical epic, "Danton." The story is about the last week in the life of the French revolutionary, who played a role in establishing the 1793 tribunal that rid France of its decadent aristocracy. * * Universal Pictures has assigned the Monty Python Group to write, direct and star in the forthcoming feature, "Monty Python's-The Meaning of Life." 1982 CINEHAN SYNDICATE daflm it wutmtf tobe «on by some A»> "V " *" TiktlMa ftrkni TYten Express «te GLS. Partcway r f CUM i ft n» Iwmt i iw»«. jmtff MVMMS wvn jmmnt Mify k U t n t H ^ d JII linaiir. CasMy Casiiirti (Ml» OMrtrna. lajlninl in Slaj IMS 12 TataVMMaftaa. TBMI tmn lath 11:1} aai t ajeaiml mm ndaat aand» dwii M toatttm d CUM FOR MORE MF0RMAT10N CALL SUBURBAN TRANSIT CORP. (201) / (609) BOW! "JIM W I a ATLAHTIC crrv, MJ ctmc ALL MALE REVUE THURS. KINDERHOOK (Hoinakan Night) HAPPY HOUR III 11 PM CASTLE BROWNE TIMS. Night FREE ADMISSION FRI. July 23 OFF WHITE SUNDAY, July 25 ZYE WED. RICOCHET (Kamakazie Night) SAT. July 24 IMPACT HMEOfF Week of July

73 Space- 23) hattamed oattobe a heflahexile Khaa has aot iorgotiea or forgjica. (The begtsaaajs of das plot aafoided1 w the TV *Y»nrrr "Space Seed ") Karl haanheri haa aad anfbilowen to EwawaDy. Khaa's bisac1 vcagcaace doe* aim» Sat m a wayhe «eentt to Jarneacaic ThcicrmaagfyaiHumane way rnqr. IT SCVWM HAS TOBE. The wanaapi of the FederatMa retmeat good. cwher wiaicc* reprocat evil«aad that % that. The nglwiew of Eaterprac't cause is pncuaacd aad aewer has lo be defended. It nvt the uat way whea die cowboys kitlcd afi dkmc ladtam Space aames belong to an immature ate. except for 2t$U A Space r. they have aot been ready to deal i aay heavy-dory ambtfukics. Thb is Laughter< (O fnm 4) CHILDREN AND THE THEATER afaqrt have played an important role in M\ HfeD't life For two yean, she was the producer and tear of a Public Broadcasting Syiana I PBS I children'* television show. enmled Oac* Upon a Day. Wbdc her children were growing up. i*v Hall kept her talents cloie to home by trformmg m irraal local children's Sbc *Ho coached drama M me YJUCA. and (or 10 years was m Ettfinh and drama teacher within the Pnocnco RcyxmiJ School syiaem. She icp«mt& her proleuioaal actiag by perkxmotf rti wmmcr thcmcr productiom and by ukmf wn»ll tctc%ii<on roles. Fr»c jan *$o. m an age when matt profile nan thiakiag about retmng. Ms KIH (aobfnf about returning to actiag full MAC and she dad. My henbaad la professor of comporjtrk btcmure at Prmccion Univcno>) SUM hoc*»omjcr(aljy wpportivc of my dotiukw cipcculty ta light of the crxnart* my actiag tmpmes upon our fat bet opuw. youdi n not the key to a 'uacrrvtiu! acting career Ms HaU never met *a cmmmtltfc the tell-tale signs of BCT jyc. «och *v «maklct or gray hair. I jmi me M Itfilc powder and rouge wica cw «cifc Cenamr). I am MM suited far the f lawwwr pti rote*, but there are pleat; of «rof*t wtoch require a more mure toofciat pcrwn ' CECmClYE HA1X Miend* to find the mk% watame for her looks and talents m Ar So. York C«y area "I ««Mdd prefer lo May smtatcd in Pnacctoa. my home and the home of my jwertaar% acme of whom were actresses car Mttm\ " Same people, however, aught say that ttt* gtom graadfatfacr. Josiah Worth m» ta nrofcssioa similar to understandable, considering the requircracnts of dramatic action. But it is unsatisfying and even a bit disturbing. The common space-movie plot of a ftgnt lo control technology is an obvious analogue of real-life efforts to control. la the same way. Kirk's middle-aged aniieties are resolved simplistically. He deals with advancing years by returning to youth. Commanding a stanhip seemingly would fulfill an adolescent fantasy more than it would satisfy the needs of a mature man. Perhaps for this reason, the script does throw in an extra scene of personal resolution a reconcilation between Kirk and his son. The fact that a space movie can even be discussed this way is to its credit. In attempting so much. Star Trek II hints at the promise of its genre. One day. its successors might take us very far indeed "where no man has gone before." The movie is rated PC. It has one squirmy scene with some creatures that crawl inside ears. \ performing on stage. Judge Wright was a politician, a Democratic Mayor of Princeton Borough during the middle of the 19th century. "I am proud of what my family has contributed to this town, and I hope I can continue to contribute to the town and simultaneously go on with my career. Honey, they don't need me in California, anyway."»s A scene from 'Star Trek II.' CaO Theatre for Showtimes Annie SUMMER SCHEDULE OPEN EVERY DAY FROM 1 TO 4 P.M. NITES 7:30-10:30 P.M. ( scant Monday mm) TuMday N*» it Adult m» Wadnaaday is LADIES Nit* Friday ititeennito Sunday it SOUL DISCO Music Nto SATURDAY NITE, LATE NITE ADULT ROCK SESSION ' 10:30 P.M. to 1 A.M., CaU foi Special Croup ' ' PRIVATE Skating Parties & For Your s*jj»rthd.y Part*.. NO GUMCHEWMG A.N0SMOKWQ KENDALL PARK ROLLER RINK C n : T SO 8HUNSV. ick N.< ( at Prinr'P»trin I NOW PLAYING: Wed. thru Sun. July SHAKE, RATTLE & ROLL THREE MUSICAL PORTRAITS PLUS CO-FEATURE: NIGHTLY: Coal Miner's 7:30/Rose 9:45 PLUS: THIRD FEATURE! FRI. & SAT. JULY ONLY at Midnite : THE I AS! W:\LR \HB llnitril Jiliv.f. t '^k. ' j with THE BAND & Special Guest Stars COMING NEXT WEEK: July 28-Aug.i Brooke Shields in Malle's PRETTY BABY Brando in Bertolucci's LAST TANGO IN PARIS /KRESGE AUDITORIUM [ 50 / AIR-CONDITIONED FREE PARKING / Informal,on: Call I The Wine Column runs every other week in -Tine off at Mr 21 -». 1IO TIME OFF 27

74 HlflE Off Crossword Puzzle Famri 34 WmaraHar- 74 Ctoo's barga- 36 Barbara or 38 Darya. AatanrNar 38 PofcarpoM 30 Uka an aspic 40 Start o<a 78 Goliath 77 3aaS0Down 78 Wlthrsgrat SOWaaRh WSurprisad l 88 Small blossom 87Zano'st*th I 14 IS 22 wtmmm IB IB 4» Young Bar toi HXrShaasprosr p tmf*cr Icon* 03 Band part 0«96 Spodad 07UMHOUI too Stan of tosomgar 107 UtnsftUMS 112 UngrammaH brag 12 Motrttrot paarf UOtynvcorv 14 Organ slop isinaantt 'HI Ovfts'conv 66 lavyontop ollavy ' 86-flts brachtmooni7ca«on 10 Guato 24Qatsraor 25Uanaardman 3i 33 Practical 41 ry danca 42GMInapool I 44 Nam tort* out. In song 46 RnMtoppar 49 Normandy MSaotof Buddhtern 95 Caps 98 da corps 07Ma»cMaf 98CalMbmlaHva oak 90Wltn77Down. axparknanta- Uon loovahldalor -Oirm- 90 on ftopping mad) 51 HW HuaW 52- Wind-. Shaft* S3 la Dole* VKa'dbactor 90 Moat Mia Susan? 81 Gfcasoff 105 BWng Kljaaaatroma 80 Notsd panotogm 70**- aii young man_~: Jonaon 71 Narrow furrow 73HOUMOI Young falcon 103 Capital of Togo 104 Jaffa 107 Hoc*Ron's flahlngnaad io8wava,ln Wassy looonaof Franca's omsatduaa 110 "-gantry. parfumadsaa": Poa 111 African vulags 113 Gan. Arnold, Informally 114 Yaarm dovls s iwqn iismanufaoturars'org. aana raan an? AtMww to last weeks puzzle On Bridge The worst bid is the sleepy one Tbcn n aae thtnf a bridfc player MUST nocr do and llui «* u» fall JI ihc table both literally and One may recover from a WKMKEDC HI OtBCT CJaTlJ C3ttQCS jad am.vaflcr any acgatiwe cowtqucnccv: tm m bndgc. Hat» JUM»W«povwbk. Oor food old reliable. Hard Luck Jotoay ihljl. f**y»$ today'* ithntmcd hand. Ad aoi «ikc tap m umc to sah^fc hn <oamci He nxciwed the 'fncadty* lead of tike kcan qheea. fetch he»oo muh by CHARLOTTE and PAUL DOBIN dummy's ace. He led back the club three, which was correct. When East followed low. Declarer put on the eight and West won with the nine. West returned a low heart and HLJ won with the king in dummy. A club return was won by HU with die ace. followed by a club ruff in dummy. He then led the diamond ace. followed by the queen, which East covered with the king and which HU ruffed in his hand. He puved his last club which Wot ruffed with the jack. At this point. West led the heart jack winning, and then played his last heart, which East ruffed, forcing Declarer to ovcr-niff with the ace. By this time, poor Johnny was down two. Where did he go wrong? He simply didn't pay attention to the spot cards. From the opening lead. West was known to hold the heart jack. Therefore, the second heart trick should have been won in hand with the heart ten: and since East played the nine (after playing the 8). the club ruff in dummy may no longer be necessary. (The diamond ace and the diamond queen plays arc repeated.) However, now it ws time to pull trump. The spade ace and the diamond queen plays are repeated.) However, now it was time to pull trump. The spade ace and a low space deplete East's trump: and no matter who wins the second spade. South has his contract, losing only two trumps and one club since the K. 7 of hearts arc a tcnacc over West's hearts. w ni A -KJ 6 1? -QJ df> 6 s as** p 1 4 A Mart* * 874 O-AK 73 0 AQJ8 73 SOSJOI 4k_ A O_ A AJ82 South dealer Both vulnerable Wot Nona P! 0 P 2a All P*M Opemnf kad - heart queen East A-0 10 O 98 0 K K East P P LOCAL DUPLICATE CLUB RESULTS PRINCETON YWCA Bridge for Fun: 7/6 N-S I Dale Zabel. V. Lager: 2 Ruth Shoemaker. Joan Lcchncr. 3 Nectar Sanders. Paul Kcffcr. 4 Edith Pciser. Helen Smith: E-W I Gloria Wilcox. Richard Mayer: 2 Elizabeth Bennett. Debbie Pierson: 3 Marge Blaxill. Julie White: 4 Madclyn Plattus. Jerry Bank. PRINCETON YM-YWCA: 7/6 N-S I Charlotte Page. Bill Cleveland; 2/3 Paul Kcffcr. B. Bcrgcscn tied with Cccc Howcll. Jane Stahl: 4 Hal Parker. Bill Ward: 5 Zevah Pync. Al Pollara: 6 Sandy Mulinos. Helen Rayncr. E-W 1 Mort and Jan Schultz: 2 Dan McDonough. Arlen Freeman: 3 Bill Bradley. Adger Williams: 4 Dot Eigcr. Clarence Johnson: 5 Ted Altman. Dave Harris; 6/7 Elizabeth Bartholomew. Bruno Voegelc tied with John Scranton. Pat Smith. PRINCETON YM-YWCA 7/7 N-S I Cece Howell. Dot Eigcr: 2 Michelle Morgan. Greg Foster: E-W 1 Lou Levine. Nancy Barton: 2 Bruno Voegelc. Dale Zabcl. COSMOPOLITAN DUPLICATE: 7/7 N-S 1 Yvonne Panitch. Jane Lawlcr: 2 Mary Nisinoff. Roger Davis: 3 Dave Hcrold. Mina Katz: E-W I Mike and Ellen Kanarek: 2 Arnold Kohn. Jerty Zahs: 3 Maury and Ruth Popik. MERCER COUNTY: 7/7 N-S 1 Lillian and Joe Coult: 2 Connie Rhodes. Monica Cavano: 3 Tess Papp. Hilda Weiss: E-W I Henrietta Miller. Betty Vandervort: 2 Taylor Hughes. Bert Belber; 3 Al Altavas. Bary Engleson. TIME OFF Week of July 21-28,1982

75 Packet Magazine Home Improvement i EXISTING 1 n APacfet to Tna Piwmon Pack* and Th» Uwanca ladgar ol Wadnaaday. T)i«r<w«M MaraM ol Thmday. Ju*r 22. 1*82 and Ttw Crantwry Pran on Fnday. July m Ttwimnnrninjrinnmnii

76 Consider Custom Draperies. to transform any window in your home. Select a fabric from Greeft, Schumacher, Stroheim and Romam, Lee-Jofa and many more. Order now and have a head start on the busy upcoming Hobday Season! rl addau eriors 162 Nassau St., Princeton, N.J On the cover... In the Riverside section in Princeton, there is a display of drama that involves a wooded property and pool. Tbe dramatics evolved through the need for a live-in kitchen and informal dining area. Also essential to this design challenge was the need for pool supervision from the interior while tying all of the functions to a contemporary life-style. The metamorphosis began by the translation of an exterior bearing wall tc a glass-wall and roof extension, giving the room three additional feet. Like magic, the space opened up with natural light pouring in. and admitted even more sunshine and brought the bold splash of cobalt blue to life. The clean lines of the cabinetry produce the sleekness of atmosphere, desired by the owners and designed and executed by Williams-Builder. SUN GARDEN WMDOWS - 20% OFF reg. price SAVE 20% OFF reg.pnce- PVC BEAUTIFUL PATK) AND DECK FURNITURE.Never needs painting. 40% TAX REBATE - Install a beautiful ENGLISH GREENHOUSE and bring the outdoors inside 12 months a year. Let Unde Sam pay up to $4,000 of the cost. WE AT FLOWER MLL NURSERY WILL PRO- FESSIONALLY UUOSCAPE YOUR FTOPERTY AND MCflEASE THE REAL ESTATE VALUE AT A VERY REASONABLE COST. MANY SUMMER Open 7 days 9 am. - 6 pjn. FREE ANDORRA JUNIPER - Attractive ground cover and low growmghedge. Buy 1. get 1 BLUE RUG JUMPER Reg. $5.95. NOW $3.25. ExoeBent ground cover. Let Nature do your weeding. Bui Run Road & Rower HH Lane nuuuwvi iwp.1 n. u«(609) Editor Advertising Photography Cecilia Bloom is a professional free lance writer who has become a regular contributor to The Packet Magazine. Free lance writer Sherby McGrath is a former newspaper reporter and staff writer for a corporation and the U. S. government. Index 3. Architects expand design horizons 4. Lumberyards hold surprises 5. Symposium to focus on solar energy 6. Fans are 'in' 8. Kitchen of tomorrow's here today 9. New bathrooms highlight luxury 11. These doctors make house calls 12. Anthropologist switches careers 14. Victorian lady has facelift 16. Staying put, adding on makes sense 20. How to finance remodeling projects 25. Decks multiply living space 27. Greenhouses top many 'buy' lists 28. Doing it yourself takes perserverance 30. Fight back at animal intruders Contributors Gloria Hal pern Patricia Landmann Mark Czajkowski Aggie Mercatanti is a staff writer for The Princeton Packet. Paula Boyer Rougny has a particular. interest in old buildings. Ruth Woodward is a researcher at Princeton University and regular contributor to The Princeton Packet

77 Sunspace is the Princeton Energy Group's term for passive solar addroona which have captured the puttie's fancy A sunspace adapts as well to a rambling colonial as to a California contemporary. tects ex zons by Stan? McCrata At aa American tradition, improving the hoax it anally not thought of in the tame breath at apple pic and baseball, but endeace indicates»t it jum as ingrained.. Yoa*«e pwaably even teen aa example: me prcrotttuuoaary farmhouse which tested as oac room and then grew up and out oa afi sides at a bedroom was added here, a Iiviag room there, a kitchen wnarwlut ehe. a porch in the front. the rewkt arc more profesuonal still readding oa aad renovator far tae tame reasoe* their forefathers did. The fjoahr has increased in size so more vptoc» needed. Or aew technology has whencd the desire for more amenities. Or it is a lot les» expeamve to remodel than buy awncr bouic to meet the faffiiry's far imatourty aad comfort. Al cwtr tienr. ajmmil 30CMT 60 Federal and Victorian homr* were f)hi<>irally mmttt from their**ifr* on \a»»ata Street when Princeton lni»er««itj the land tor ex- IN TtUSCETON. remodel»f and R3acnKataa hm%c icmm been i«e ROTTO* %&y% local ardmccb. TBere arc mate dhton f dfofksfcndi 01 aad the lack Federal aad Victoria* hornet were sacs oa For the homeowners, then, it made economic acme to move the houses and make necessary alterations or additions. WHILE NOT MANY HOUSES are relocated from one site to another today, a continued interest in preservation and the state of the economy cause many homeowners to renovate or build onto their properties. "In the value of remodeling was about SO percent of that of new construction. Now I expect it's 75 percent or even equal." says Robert M. Eitgelbrecht. Douglas Kelbaugh concurs: "The recession has tended to encourage renovation and additions as opposed to new construction. And a new sense of architectural heritage has encouraged this also. Americans have been living in a future-oriented society but recently seem to have rediscovered history, so there arc both economic and cultural reasons for renovations and reconstruction." Also in agreement. Mr. Short points to the tread, especially among younger people, to move back into older city homes. "Real estate is cheaper, and they have emotional ties to the character of old buildings, maybe because they grew up in characterless suburbia." WHEN OUR ANCESTORS thought about home improvements, more than likely they cut a door in a convenient wall and tacked on a new room. Expediency was more important than style. Unfortunately, tbf* kind of approach to rctnoddiaf is still seen today, as some homeowners try to save money by doing much of the designing and construction contracting themselves. Today's homeowner should be more particular, however. Home improvements can MCHiajc the value of a house, but bad borne Unprovmitno can be disastrous. WHILE NOT WANTING to disparate die taken of homeowners or ad largely agreeing that some Sat ARCHITECTS, paje 7 Interior view shows the roll-back sunshade which insulates at night, shades from the summer sun. Hbott lmrjrovenieiif3

78 EXPAND YOUR UVING SPACE WITH A FOUR SEASONS PASSIVE SOLAR wsrr HUNTE* 0O0E BELLE SHOWBOAT SCA BREEZE - WtSP AMEMCAM ART SEMES ENJOY OUTDOOR UVING - INDOORS! HDNMtft F»T> Koo«M«r Tern tnwtmmmi NY )Y EFFICIENT I OUT OUH WMMBR MM 1 STANDARD OR CUSTOM BUm RMKMM 0 0 M <W* rigmd to «your horn* or STOCK VBfTAMATC 2414 T (609) Rt 1 LAWRENCEVILLE, N.J. by Gloria Halpern Lumber yards are a do-it-yourselfer's dream. A leisurely stroll around the premises and the rankest amateur can get delusions of grandeur. THERE'S A LOT more to a lumber yard than lumber. From attic fan to sump pump, from skylights to basement grills, it's all there, waiting to be loaded into the station wagon. And lumberyard people all seem so helpful, it's no wonder the "Saturday carpenter" sometimes gets carried away. Janathan MacFarland led us on a rambling tour of Grover Lumber, explaining that while most of their customers are in the construction trade and come in with shopping lists that would stop a layman cold, he enjoys helping the amateurs. Many of them are surprised to find that they can have lumber cut to size at no charge (though a tip to the man with the saw is definitely in order). They are also pleased to be offered help in picking a good selection of slates or bluestone for a patio project. JONATHAN POINTED OUT the multiple uses to which some materials may be put. Flue tiles, for instance, round or rectangular, make marvelous planters for the terrace or poolside. Top a flue tile with a piece of bluestone and you've got an indestructible coffee table that will never know the flaws of alcohol rings or cigarette bums. Railroad tiles are great for raised planting beds and can delineate patios. Graver's has regular ties, as well as some of specially treated lumber the same size, which are said to have a greater life expectancy then the real thing. The bad part about ties is that as they get older they tend to rot, encouraging swarms of bees surprises and wasps. Unless you want to become a beekeeper or have an entymologist's empathy for wasps, get rid of deteriorating ties. Donate them to a needy railroad. Nails. There's more to nails than just holding together 2x4s. Big shiny nails hammered into a piece of weathered bar siding can make an artistic statement abstract or representational do your own thing. Planks in combination with cinder blocks or bricks, make bookcases that are a time-honored tradition here where almost every householder needs more bookcases than the average small town library. In the same category: flush doors as everyone should know by now, make good desks, particularly when paired with a low filing cabinet. LETTING MORE LIGHT into the house is high priority these days. Andersen windows of insulated glass with self-storing screens are so energy efficient they qualify for a IS percent federal tax credit. "I Or cut a hole in your ceiling and brighten your life. Grover Lumber has all kinds of bubbles and skylights but the one Grover is high on is the Velux Roof Window; Double pane insulated, it offers the ventiliation (with filter) that bubbles and most skylights don't. A personal testimonial: I had a north facing kitchen with dark wood ceiling; I worked under artificial light most of the time. A bubble has lightened my life I smile a lot. even in the morning! Graver's has an excellent selection of' how-to books and pamphlets, including the Sunset series. For less than dedicated do-it-yourselfers, they can offer a list of reliable contractors whose work they know. Outstanding Cleaning and Jtome Improvement Value! through July SUMMER SPECIAL off Uniset Wall System Solid Teak - Oak - Mahogany Impeccably Done - Many Options SLIPCOVERS BEDSPREADS BLANKETS SLEEPING BAGS Bring a new vibrancy and freshness to your surroundings by taking advantage ofthis outstanding quality cleaning offer! - < = It's a sure way to improve your "home" outlook... 5* ^ 259NossauSt. 5^^ Princeton, N. J. FURNITURE (609) AMPLE PARKING INCOMING ORDERS ONLY For the very best in Scandinavian Furniture. 4HNB» July 1982

79 Symposium to focus on solar energy EthanAllen As (he rapcracnpc e*ceed* 90 degrees. more oo town cant and pmt to tbc beach dun energy Became masy re*ene die > lo ftmcunbbc ttidet botne*. r. new» a good tone lo comidcr vo&ieumg or m*km$ home* a» energy df Mc. for wry- wnc t4 )«p w^jwamt the area *ill d«tcjjan for the baeneemncr by f ta j free txtnfouum cuubit the imra jjtwmkr eaerp *>w*m at Che * * \fcww* PbasOwro High School en Oa 9 Foikmwf a prone* of ad«r«and product* *»a»ub*e from une of the eshtfjrter* expected lo appear at the energy EFHESKSTATIVESIrom Fedder* Sot* ftadbcts M EdtM» hatu of a totar v^-orm winch n KM nearly» or iiuc«ncl>cal as toiar %y%tctns uucul c«nt ol the syuctn rv about VJ.OCO m 54.O0O more etpemivc Jhan the icnm ol A cvancsihmial hcatinp tj-urm and me <wwsawocr pemer produced from onh font to eijtht collectors, or rccdaeru of glast tmulkd poat. cm produce a 64 percent m home heaurtf ccnls. UM! Hal Battt,»*c {WtudcM and feacn] man meet- Roccath apprtned for commarcial me try c&c Orpmmcni of Eacqt>. die tystctn nt KMed in ctfjc* ihroufhout die country Sanity tutcd. it main we of heat abtccfcrd from ««mr fappikd by dk so(a> ptach. tttmch tv then dcliwcrcd through hemmf ctmh u> air ducts throughout the home Old «dar»yueim made use of 20 to 30 cooccton lo heat the bone. Tbc new tyiaras. ho»oer. rtqotrct leu heat collecied by (c»cr punch. ' *V* >ou fct monc than 100 defko of wjac*. Ox msiktcit n»«tiaf far lev* «ff«ncmfii/" Mf B.>vtt vod "The boner te' alcf. ifec ICM jaaawat of cnerfy tkul rv avfuarb Ow *>>ncni dorwi'i ncacraciaanr. therefore (he SUMMER SALE w. «wi!j he the crw: Junnj akmum. the ar» wiar mun.arm* cacrf} ffum 55 deftve *j«w«*>i«k * «)*c boned mda the toil SOC*«POWER, bmntt. r% iw foe OMMtiinar LJTM»f^tf»u»«mcam. of ci» i<r>ttmf enrfff an the tkmar, * il! ht offered tw otitvr cimnhn. IiLc SJTWVJO Oil who fen tfac "U»nf «fcrfh efncieck? %**& L J the Pnacetoa o<r>cr A i*<o tiwritetwimt MM. med *ld) J kxnc «jfc«hmkin. can %nc homnranen '< n> «prnre«m fuel f a tear H ike icihpenearr «utwik rv 30 diqpwrt, mou bmlcrv *«hom ttun oo>cc rfl jwmmitaicvfh asaju *smr tw wml a Rsaclhri IM> defteo '" Tlurv campvtctlae dr«nc. htmuoer. " ill cimpcimk far the «&Hcnn>ec hcr»rc» the wude and owude ttm^crxatr* to the hmicr oortat han«to turn AM kne " Njt*-w«e CM atm p»w ide* a 51 J» «cl -hurt tl«ftinw»tjt <»«aatoimtic coatrol of I* to 31 prrveat m l**ie.*d at mjaujlt* jerking the op and down, the tet-bact on tvio SMrSYMPOSnM.1Me 21 NOW IN PROGRESS Chooee from 9 superb dining rooms... Open hutch and the charming corner cup- On Sale for the first time! Our new "Country board are true expressions of rustic beauty. Craftsman" dining room.inspired by the sim- Hurry in and save! pie, classic lines of Early American antiques so popular today. Light in scale and crafted reg sale of soud pine and selected veneers, with a 70" Trestle Table hand-rubbed antiqued finish. Windsor Side Chair Adapted from one of the earliest New 'TABLE& 4 SIDE CHAIRS England dining tables, our 70" extension Windsor Arm Chair trestle design is complimented by graceful 60" Buffet & Hutch bowback Windsor chairs. The 60" buffet with Corner Cupboard Also On Sale: Carpets, Rugs, Draperies, Lamps, Clocks, Waflcoverings, Custom Table Pads and Accessories! Your Ethan Allen Gallery ROUTE 1 ALT., UWREMCEVILLE, N.J;« Opposite Lawrence Center ROUTE 130, ED6EWATER ARK.N.J.* Mon., Wed., Fri. 10-9; Tues., Thurs. 10-5:30 Sat. 10-5; Sun. 12 Noon-5 VISA, Master Card & Our Revolving Charge Home Improvement 5

80 Kp-n-ii*. -. SHHheel Boise Savings Today; lfalue Tomorrow. WAB:$2625 ts : $225O SAVE $375 WHEEL HORSE RALPH'S LAWN MOWER Route 130 (next to Jim's Country Diner) Windsor. N J (609) TenaGbtta I I MM* by Gloria Halpern Fans are 4 Ceiling fans that always bring to mind visions of old New Orleans arc enjoying great vogue. Whirling at a good clip in the summertime, they cool a room's occupants by moving the air rapidly the old wind chill factor at work. In the winter, revolving slowly, the blades circulate the hot air (which rises remember science class?) downward. The average ceiling fan costs only 5 to 10 cents to operate in a 12-hour period, compared to a dollar or more for. air conditioning for the same length of time. The ideal way to utilize the two in concert is to tum on the air conditioner to cool the room, then switch to the fan to maintain comfort. "I sell more fans in the wintertime, says Richard Davis of the Energy Warehouse. "That's where the big savings arc and there's psychology involved. People hear that gentle whisper and they keep thinking, "I'm saving money." Fans arc most efficient when the blades arc located between 7 and 9 feet above the floor. Blades should be at least 12 inches from the ceiling. Fans are available in different sizes, but blade spans of 36 and 52 inches arc most common. The smaller will cool rooms up to 200 square feet; the larger takes care of a 400-square-foot room. The logical place to locate a fan is in place of a ceiling light fixture. Since many fans can be modified with a light kit, you're not losing a light, but gaining a fan. Both may be operated independently by pull chains or from a wall switch. 121 Gulf Coast fans, stocked by the Energy Warehouse, offers a swag kit for easy do-it-yourself installation. It is a moveable, non-permanent installation that can be put up in any room with an electrical outlet. Apartment dwellers can take it with them. Get In On OurSlady Deal t An iitmtttil change for the bathroom! Our handmade ink mad faucet set in an antique dresser t ttw TORMIO Factory, HmMon Avo n Hopowol Hours: Men,-**. 10-& Sun M Come in to SAUMS and see hundreds of fabrics and custom window treatments by Norman's of Salisbury. Then choose fashionable window shades from shirred, pleated, balloon or Austrian styles. And we'll give you this deal: After we help you select colors and fabrics, we'll come to your home or office and measure your windows. And, just four weeks later, we'll install the beautiful results. So visit SAUMS right away. And let's make a deal that makes the most of your windows. If you're looking for a real shady deal, now you've found it at 20% less (through July 31) at: SAUMS INTERIORS Eileen B Scums interior Decorator Assoc A Si D 75 Princeton Ave HOPEWELL

81 Architects ajr3) project* do mm need tfanr total terncc*. the Pn«ccf«M sfchitecis interviewed oaplteufcd ihc mboftanoc of thev to* <M ar mwaiom tad addt- "Aa wdkacct caa a OBly * cant's aecdi aho exoieu : (hem."ma design." *»j* Mr. "We ca> solve faacprafaicbtt and aho brag aencntiy Ad* Mr eneat's Staon. "We can look at a a finti imwaf r sad 10 wdo." Of ab lac ptniblt prefects. mnodcj-» (cache* it oerhap* "fae moat odea ad it's &e gf." ke aaqrs. MR. ENGELBRECHT DESCRIBES wha«an achitect typically does when his professional services are requested on a home improvement project: He asks the family to sit down and write a program. How many rooms do they need? For each space, what will be its contributions and attributes? What is the space not to do? "Then I have to act as a great editor,** he says. This procedure and their expertise, in the long ran. save die client money, the architects believe. Space is better utilized, care is taken to bteod the new with the old, and a realistic budget is attained. Many wnen, working under a budget, hire a buidci and are then disappointed when reality does not live up to expecta- "Aa architect, if he's good and honest, doesn't lead the owner down the road. He says, you can't do what you want for that amount of money," says Mr. Engelbrecht. "AN ARCHITECT," Mr. Kcibaugh adds, "is typically able to show a client a broader range of design options than a builder. Often a client's conceptions will expand or shrink as he sees his options and the economic constraints. It's great if people can take care of home improvement projects themselves, if they are so inclined, but they will probably have to settle for less finesse and finish." As an example, Mr. Short remembered a couple who wanted to expand their master bedroom and then build a small guest wing. "I felt it desirable that they get the best view and value from the addition," he says, so he suggested the addition be used for their bedroom instead of for occastional guests who now sleep in the former master bedroom. EVERY ROOM in the house has some potential for renovating, but in Mr. Short's view, the most popular areas are the kitchen and family rooms. "People are getting away from from a formal house with separate living room, dining room and kitchen and changing the kitchen-family room into a cooking, eating and entertaining area," he says. Passive solar greenhouses and additions also seem to be sprouting up everywhere. While die architects say they always thought in terms of passive solar energey when remodeling or building, "We are more sophisticated today," says Mr. Short. See ARCHITECTS, page 22 Chamberlin Plumbing & Heating Co., Inc. SEPVCES OFfEPED SiWB LINES WATR service DRAIN UNES WATBB RLTBK FAUCfTS DtSHWASHBtt WASHING MACHINES 'GABSAGE DISPOSALS CLOTHES DRYERS (GAS) WATER PUMPS SUMP PUMPS WATS STORAGE TANKS WATER PIPING OUTSIDE FAUCETS TOILETS (TOILETS RESET ALSO) TOILET SEATS IATHROOM SINKS KITCHEN SINKS LEAKS UNDER SINKS BATHROOM VANITIES BATHTUBS SHOWER STALLS HUMKMHER DC-HUMKMRER SAFETY VALVES FOR HOT WATER HEATERS & BOILERS HOT WATER HEATING SERVICE HOT WATER BOILERS HOT WATER HEATERS ICE MAKERS FLUE DAMPERS NEW HOME INSTALLATIONS CALL PLUMB. & HEATING) OLDER HOMES PLUMB, ft HEAT. OUTS GAS GRILLS ATTIC FANS FREE ESTIMATES INSTALL REPAIR REPLACE x X X X Hpefmtttod by local and state codes i Lavai * ra ' * i CHAMBERLIN PLUMBING AND HEATING CO. INC. RT. 130, P.O. BOX 390, WINDSOR, N.J LICENSE # SERVICE COUPON ANY PLUMBING OR HEATING JOB WHEN THIS COUPON IS PRESENTED FOR ANY FUTURE JOB (No job too small) J 'not to be used in conjunction with any other coupon offers (expires 12/31/82) CUT & SAVE JafjrHCZ Home'Improvement 7 x ' &K

82 tomorrow "The Kjtcnca of Tomorrow" has afwsy* bee* a Emori* tbemc far World** fwr cihrfw tyeptr enjoy looking m all of ike woadam labor-umsg device* that dfcry are told will be available to them in Ac lukhem of fee fatore. A Kitchen of Tomorrow. with ail of the wiay and tartiyr-i J**i wg p is actnady available today. Van the itwwoow of Gametoi Kitchens at 31 Wai Broad Street a HopeweB aad KJKBOH at 441 Nooaghain g Way at Hanxfeoa Square, to we all of (be AttOdCW& WrtJBOCTi QNtft CM DC IflCItfOCO tn Corian is now available in the almond shade so popular in appliances. ' Corian is an exceptinally strong and solid material manufactured by DuPont. Since it is a solid material, the color (and pattern in the marble-veined selections) is uniform through the entire thickness. Surface scratches, stains, and burns will completely disappear with the use of an. abrasive cleanser, or the finest sandpaper for deeper scars. Corian can also withstand higher temperatures and it has a beauty that the DuPont people refer to as a look of "Practical Elegance." OTH HAMILTON aad Camekx wto hdp yew plaa everything fmn a cixnpicac kitchen remodelling lo of a Today' s apftrtanf i*'t have developed Mb the public & new energy CWMCMWHKM us mad They are plaaned far the faintly here the wife works away bum the home ail day and wanu to prepare a meal quietly after wort. But gmmm-ai cook*, aho welcome the faster WKJ* of cooking, making a pouibie to prepare cocnpiicaicd d**he* without spendm$ m cast it»> is the kitchen No longer doe* you* txnt top cooking acedmr he turned to boiling and sautcmg %iatt range lopv offer a bewildering vclection of ttuchmenu that let >ou choose the type* of ccwfcmg you enjoy You can have MNt-mct gnddks or gntk that arc built in or cuhangeamc with a patr of burner* Your cooking surface can include a roumcne uatt that lets you charcoal broil a noitm Bwtoor* or ate mdmduil skewer* for sfectli kebab*. Yon can choose to have a bailt-ia deep french fryer or a tiow-cooking taewtag pot. Modem MJMJ offers a range top that feature! heavy gmc for the large pots aad pan thai are usually heated incffioeady oo up of burners thai are loo small for ihcm~ Tntiuudor offers one burner t* a heawy duty commercial burner, heat and a larger cooking sawfacc for quick cooking in targe quan- Combcnc cither of these burners Isc mfsnite*4cnxng heat controls m&ubtc oa all range tops and you can go from simmer to a rapid boil almost MCantly You may opt for a smooth-top cooking M The flkktriflm: cooktop* are now madtabte <n black or»hitc. and they feature thermostatically controlled barmen The Amnu.»«h the ceramic lop oudc by Cormag.» the may highly Hxatmacmkd here SELF-CLEANING OVENS have dbmmkatrd the messy job of scrubbing grease and burned oo food tpilb from your o%<cn Sam, the IMCU thing in range tops ctmwusct (be need K> r«cr agam scrub a frca»y bond. la t»et. you can elorunalc the ftowc nood thofetber On the new dkiws-drafied cooktops excess heat. sowkc. aad odon are pulled down and te out of (he hook This sot only lev* gnaoc baddop oa surfaces ; the kitchen, but also less beat for Oe cook- Available wwn electric barmen an Jean- Air. Thertnador and Modem Mud SMB. this tetf-tuwrtiatwig dowhirxft.fcamrc Mts JMN! become avail* ME win PMOtni M H gas coouopv It waaw't too long ago that the addition off A invcfowa^c owes mcajnt UUf a ill new t o! vcadty tap to date* wncn cowocoon ', people nailed Blear second o<ta should QC MKRMVVC Of COS1 dhs Slove top cooking is more fun with a variety of special, optional features. THESE NEWEST OVENS can be used to bake by microwave, by convection, or by using a combination of the two. The microwave works best for defrosting, quick cooking, and reheating previously cooked foods. The convection oven cxccils at baking. Convection constantly circulates the hot air within the oven so that the cooking food is surrounded by a stream of heated air. This results in faster cooking, which not only saves energy, but seals in the juices of roasts, giving better flavor and less shrinkage. Some units allow you to turn off the convection feature and use ordinary thermal heating. Mr. Erdley of Hamilton Kitchens says that with a combination of thermal and microwave heat you can produce a beautifully browned. 20-pound turkey in an hour and 40 minutes. The last few years have seen many improvements in microwave ovens, and these have all been incorpoated into the new combination ovens. Most now come with carousels that can be set to rum at proper intervals. No longer must you stay near your microwave and remember to turn the food at specified times. Microwaves have also grown considerably larger than the first small counter top units, and they are now recommended as replacement units for above-the-range ovens. They have built-in memories that can be set to start and stop when you are away from home, as well as make automatic changes in temperature of a roast and program the probe to automatically shut off the o\cn when the roast is cooked. AFTER ALL THE COOKING you'll want to do with these new ranges and ovens, you'll certainly want the latest in dishwasher*. These now come with a choice of cycles. You can use a heavy cycle for heavily soiled dishes, or a low energy cycle for lightly soiled ones, using less water and operating for a shorter time, thereby using about 25 percent less energy. When someone in the family has a cold, a sani-cycle adds an extra hot rinse. A soak aad scrub cycle will take care of pots and pans with baked-on food, and if you want to save energy while your dishes are drying you can push a button that turns off the heating clement and fan-dries the dishes. The very latest innovation in dishwashers uses steam to loosen the dirt on the dishes, requiring much less water than a pre-rinse cycle. REFRIGERATORS not only provide cooling and fieri ing areas to suit your seeds with a choice of side by side or top i. but they also serve as. "refreshment centers." with chilled water, ice cube or chipped ice dispensers. Most refrigerators, as well as dishwashers, come in a variety of colors, and are also available with customized wood panels to match your kitchen cupboards. A handsome rcfrigrator standing in the Camclot showroom has front panels of black glass for a very sophisticated kitchen. Hamilton Kitchens recommends a built-in refrigerator which is only as deep as your counter top. This extra space is not lost.however, since the unit is a full seven feet high. With a front panel to match the kitchen cabinets the appliance will resemble a pantry door. Ronson Foodmatic attachments include not only a food processor, but also a knife sharpener.coffee mill, ice cream maker,deepfat fry basket, meat grinder, blender and ice crusher. AND PANTRY DOORS arc more than just pantry doors these days. They are storage units in themselves, with shelves just deep enough for one row of cans. Pantry pull-out units, with similar storage, give you complete visibility and easy access to all of your pantry items. Formica has been around long enough so that we almost forget its great convenience compared to earlier, linoleum-topped counters. However, newer and better than formica is Corian. and Camelot Kitchens has announced that Jenn Air microwave oven features automatic temperature probe amd five power levels. IF YOU'RE CHANGING counter tops you may want to have a Ronson Foodmatic built in. When they're not in use you see only a small metal panel on your counter top. When you are ready to use the Foodmatic. the power module raises from the counter, you add the necessary attachments, and then chop, mix, stir, blend, crush, grind, or what you will. Attachments can include not only a food processor, but a knife sharpener, a coffee mill, an ice creair. rnaker, a deepfat fry basket chat stirs as it cooks, a meat grinder, a blender, and an ice crusher. These can all be conveniently stored on built-in trays in the cupboard beneath the power panel.. So that your dream kitchen need never be sullied with garbage, you'll want a disposal unit for damp garbage and a trash compactor for dry garbage. The later will hold up to 35 pounds, and that's a lot of garbage compacted in a small space. Even bottles and cans can be tossed into the compactor. TWO EXTRA ATTACHMENTS at the sink will add to the convenience of your kitchen. The hot water dispenser, which dispenses water heated up to 190 F., will make instant foods and beverages really instant. It will help to thaw foods and give the cook a headstart on pastas and other foods which'start with large pots of boiling water. This is a particulrly good energy saver since you will not be drawing hot water from a large storage tank and neither will you be heating-pans of water on the stove. - The second dispenser provides you will filtered water for drinking and cooking. Simply by changing a cartridge once a year you can rid your water of any objectionable tastes or odors. The manufacturers claim that one cartridge change will give you- the equivalent of 300 five-gallon bottles of bottled water, all without lugging those 300 bottles home from the grocery store. Along with any disagreeable tastes and odors, even the most minute foreign particles are filtered from the water. No one has yet invented a kitchen genie who will obey your commands as soon as they are uttered. But until someone does, you can get along pretty darn comfortably with some of these amazing new kitchen gadgets.. July.1982

83 by Cfarfa Haipcni The lami m the cycle of "imai haves" it me mxmj mbraoai- V«m (heads wfeo bsvc just built or remodeled tad the first Mop oa the tew is tl«doc»*iopaioak>apnvaicpacx>. it WlCCfpCMfHO M9MHHCI fjkkjlboqsc Of. H BK «Cfy KIN. RBBp 001 mluoom OCMK! lh BBC CWO MSOJCWC CMMBCf -" ll $ OQCflB fcpwmpoo W n i Unttl lo WBU HWTUtfl. tibc {MCQCSQI wmk KM been fhw of 1 loqf tuuottj of mssmt wo&t fwo. toasciimcs %idi loci of cataacf space The CMC-facet toikt. a low slung. wesfcifc pwee way be accompanied by a The local ptmm of dm ntuntk «pwx tik wtefpooi bath THE IRA CHEESE shop * 221?. Treason, dntnbutor far Btae pnempam Kofekr hoc. ti the place to U* a c Kfeemiwc took at the of the "8tH,HMU$rr Roa Verwrn cm tell >oo per d ' f tho «i«ai. "While n Vcracn "Bctfc. g»> Md fcfeac «W the t*# wrllcn, btacfc and t&icfc lmnt«jnr ««People find them too Bunt to leep csc«o " TV> ««a («K> "*brxv%." die tnde torn te* tu«i» hanjw arc GoM. or fob) cofcw. and brtmhcd chrome art the leaden h»pci havmf a purely VteAnrus Ritwxkkn can buy both c<«n dors JWS cfaarm A m*kv\t ctawfootcd tub»ws» jwm feet can be pwrcd with a clunnaif pedrtul MBK puated with daint) (\&*<CT\ The fiatal touch of authenticity tv m Kwkt»«h a watac* ttmit tank bung high on te»all matchinf walnut scat, of Aaotfeer varuuon n w take a nice table and drop m a unk that is a dwect doccwtaai of the wash bowl that once fcpqmxl WIQI natchmy prtchcr and V>clortan bcdroorn HOWEVER, WHUtLfOOLS are what propk are ami eathmiattir about. which adds an extra dimension of relaxation. The Baja Sun cycle heats the teak-lined interior to sauna conditions, then Tropic Rain washes the perspiration away. Ultra-violet lights turn the dry heat into Jungle Steam, followed by Spring Shower to cool you down. Chinook Winds compktt the hour and a half total experience. There s fooni enough on the inflatable mattress for two. Grot! Bat where do you put it? It's 12 feet long, seven feet high and six feet deep. "Lots of people are taking an empty Spacious and elegant bathtub and whirlpool features four jets and a copper redrculating system. It is available in a full line of colors. OUoff Woven Woods. Pre-Season Window fashion Sale. The best selection of Woven Woods ever on sale at these prices. JCPenney is the leader in Woven Woods with pattems-and colors to coordinate perfectly in your home. The most difficult window in your home can be made beautiful. Even problem types, like cathedral, slant, corner or bay. All at savings. For tbme who doa't want to be behind Ike tune* bui hive no grandiose iwwortcl- MC ptam. KohJer fnalrfi a y»w»n nfy that can icptaoe an existaag tab for a mere SI200. tl* cade4 the Guardian, has four jpecs ami a co > >er gccut-ulating system. UNaforoMNcty. it osly bohzs one person. tmd the currcm trend n lo coavivial bocbm^ For approximately double the pnec. there «s the infinity, spacious fwigfi for two. Taw Barbados features seamless, on*-piece construction with all the wo0mkg comforts of the whirlpool, plus saowcr tf the exntmg batb-showcr has cradud or dacolorcd uk. mstau this beawy aad solve ao jwur problena in one (eu v»oop tikes oa a whole new I nc addrton of a "spa". Sc& CM roclwic coniiomwy wt we tttt% of oe day babble «MJT m a taper whirlpool i *r*ca feet THE "TOTAL ENVOONMEVT * i for the sps. oac for ike n o w For at-home Custom Decorating Service Can ton free: Pennsylvania. New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware JCPenney Custom Decorating Oa««e Boo Man PA The Raja ai King ot Prussia PA Montgomery M*f PA O«to»a Valley MaM PA 6»h & Chestnut Sis PA Sack Horse Stopping Center NJ Cnerry H# Mafl NJ Echelon Ma«Nj Ocean County Mafl NJ Brtige Mas N J Prices Corner Center DE Christiana Man OE OpenOady 10 AM to 9 30 PM Sunday i2ntospm Home Improvement 9

84 V THE HOME REMODELER YOU CAN COUNT ON Take ttte hassle out of home improvements. We've been serving me Central Jersey homeowners for the past twenty years, provfcing swbed craftsmen to professtonahy assist families in making Me easier, more fun, making home a better place to be. 4- Bathrooms * Switn Pools * Windows St Doors * Room AtUMutts Attic Conversions Porch Conversions Garage Conversions 'Dormer 'Cabinetry ' House Expansion SIM tton* to get In the swim wtth a new pod! All HOME RBiOVATIONS SWM POOLS SKI CHALET Work Co. (201) #/#/#. financing Avaiabte Phone for estimates Hewoenosi or Ro*Jte206, Bele Mead Botwoofi Princeton And SomorvMo UC«IM No Total Environment sequences conditions that approximate sauna.warm shower.sunbath,stream room and air drying.aii set to music. bedroom and turning it into a relaxation room," says Mr. Vernon. They install exercising equipment, along with the "Total Environment" and there you are. After looking over all the aesthetic possibilities, and examining your bank balance, the next step is to call your friendly plumber. We've come a long way from the old Saturday night bath! the key to access... One Stop Shopping For Al Your Lawn & Garden Needs With 5 ORTHO Home & Garden Insect KHer SEV1N Garden Dust or Spray D1AZINON Insect Spray - Uquid & General Plant Food )VI Mil IS a Bilco Basement Door. Wa» your home bum without the utility and «atety of a direct basement door? Break through now and op*n the way to a whole extra floor of valuable IMng space. A modem, all-steel Bllco Basement Door Is the Ink between your basement and the great outdoors. Its wide, direct access makes storage easy, convenient. Stops traffic through first floor rooms. Gives you Ihe direct route to space you can really use and njoy tor recreation, hobbies and storage. Ask us for a copy of Bllco'* "How to" booklet; or, we can arrange for the complete Installation by a r»bofal«contractor. J.S.AMERMAN A Full Service Lumber and Hardware Center WOODFtRN I O, NBHANSC STATION PROMART or July 1982

85 These doctors make house calls So* OHM)! doctor* make home caih ifcete days, fen* e*e» tc*ct leave >tmr tame ««& heating bdh 15 fscrccsi kmer dun before. Yet. ttwc n cued? *hat the "rfcasne Doctor*" at Pnacetan Energy Parts*** ip E P»arc dowg lor powtng MMdxer of bameummn acrou ihe coun- U*tm$ «ate-af-«ht-*«t technatofj and <t wpiincm. Home Doctor* cunuac a home asd act»k% oaanwr energy leak* ami rtc* lacauom. Time that can be <*x**ed ea»*tjr an: fixed on the *p«. KMxfeMf < imwiedme cnerfi' uvmp of 15 pnocut k> 25 petccm.. The fcancawkr n *ho gmn a briefing CM tafcfwmwt orfc duf could be done to Sue home. l«*rd m aider of importance JMHI «*h ccm-cffccimaess of cadi ttcm. BkcswKW ii me&mtfes amounts of licai' beast tent«tfecifk locaiwm. the Howe Dacur apprtacti can «Ho unc ttocne- < P*K I* c*3miy. ana pefaapi unnecessary, eactfjr rtptun For uampk. tmuiaung a wai CK cethof winfeqm puaporarmf and ann«me energy leaks «both aad tcu effcetne. A HCHSC DOCTOR *ii! tsafame Ac t»ue4c«n Tmi. vo dm homo dnooccd «adtr Ae P E P procrquion hurwe hom teen to vr»c their mncn as ouacli a* r»o-tlkmk of rjietr prrvwin The fwmki^ies rtuf make the Home Doctor KclMMqwe «a effective arc ihe pewki of rrtrarcb at Pnucctoo Unnerui). (AoiKMMintMf Out mmy facton come into pkz? m htmae enerf>- efficiencv', Tk*» fck-jrdi tm made the public f am-jre ttutf imuljtkxi t% no* a p to *i! cnetj> ilh. and ihat intnatie ri caaanca profekm* u»ch a» atr Td "bypmn" neat (mses need a more pinpotnicd approach for reducing a home** energy consumption. These factors are only measurable with instruments wch as those used by P E P. House Doctors. House Doctors work in teams of two trained tcchruciam. On arrival at a home to be doctored, they first set up a large fan or "bkmer door" to simulate a wind of 20-milevan-hour on all exterior surfaces of the structure simultaneously. While one monitors instruments to determine overall heat loss, the other scans walb and ceilings with an infrared dcttctpr to locate areas where energy is eicapmg through invisible bypasses. A COMPLETE EXAMINATION which takes half a day. identifies and eliminates energy leaks from such unexpected sources as attics, ceilings and waits, between floors, through electrical outlets, around furnace flues, or anywhere che heat might invisibly escape. House Doctors also pciform furnace tune-ups. adjust the functioning of hot water systems, and calibrate clock thermostats, discussing settings with the owner. Total cost of the visit is about S38O (wrth some variations based on house sue). These are trained professionals under certification of Princeton Energy Pinners. MI energy management and consulting company serving residential energy conservation businesses and homeowners. Several of the principals of P.E.P. originated the "House Doctor" Program while at Princeton University's Environmental Studies Program, and they are training a network of certified House Doctors in franchises around the country. Princeton Energy Partners. Inc.. can be contacted at P.O. Box Princeton. NJ (609) I Mttm Did You Know that Mis. G is More Than the BEST APPLIANCE STORE In the Area? THINK OF MRS G's for All Your Home Improvement Needs KITCHEN BUILT-INS The Utton^ire" «t" CM n H" cutewt) avcitfs easily cabintt microwave oven. J The built-in look you do yourself. Comes wkh its own vent and Bqht. ^ TOOO Litton Exclusive Features MeaUn-One* Cooking Performance Time-Saver*" Controls Large 1.1 cubic foot oven cavity $750 INSTANT CREDIT, TO QUALIFIED BUYERS! PLUMBING TOILETS MEDICINE CABINETS SINKS SHOWER STALLS TUBS TOILET SEATS BATHROOM AND KITCHEN FAUCETS ONE LEVER FAUCET WITH SPRAY SUBMERSIBLE UPRIGHT and all purpose portablts that will pump directly off your collar floor... no Mcessary. VANITIIS 'Mead $JLO <> Fra«H i Fauc«t Extra (COMMODORE 20x17) 4taiy Styhs t Stnt M Ditfhy CLASS-LINED HOT WATER HEAYERS 3t-CALtAS 5MA1.OECTRK toft 1 I laktr't lasui Hi. ICTWEEI TtEHTW i m»cetm - PRMIE MQN.-FM. S JLM. te 9 P.IL, SAT. 9JLML to 8 PJL WB SBRVICB ALL BRANDS OF TVS frmm Parking fr Srvlf ImmmdlafmDmllvmry on Mo/or Appliance* DELTA FAUCET Hotfie Iiaproreinent 1 i

86 by Cecdte Prwcctaa rcudcm John Weatberfcy did aca ptw aa bang a carpenter. Rather, he fa» a degree in anthropology and came to Fnncrtoo m 1978 Jo do graduate work at the Damnify. "I was waiting for a visa to visit A/gfeaanxaa ** part of my research when a coop took place ihett and I couldn't go." WcMBcrlcy exptamed. "I'd done some uipukiy work ptvnamiy. so it seemed like a Ktfnral and practical thing to uke up to cam»imng " AFGHANISTAN'S LOSS b Pnncc- Warluag out of hi* home in the heart of the borough. Wcatberley has ISt SW established himself as a carpenter who does excellent work at reasonable prices, and his business just keeps on growing. "So far I have done greenhouses, renovations such as bathrooms and kitchens, and small additions like decks and converting porches into year-round rooms." Weatherly said, "but I plan to get into larger jobs now. "SmaJI jobs are harder to estimate than larger ones. But if someone is considering an addition, he should figure on $50 to $55 per square foot at the absolute minimum.** BECAUSE OF WEATHERLEY'S earlier studies in anthropology, it seems only natural that one specialized form of carpentry he is particularly involved in is the restoration of old houses.."one of the jobs I did recently was to restore a porch on a home in Hopewell that was built in the 1800s," he said. "And I've done work on some of the Steadman houses in Princeton." RESTORING A PORTION of a house that is several hundred years old is a painstaking process, Weatherley says. "It's very important to do the restoration authentically, and sometimes you can use such things as existing moldings as a pattern and build the new ones to match. "But that isn't always possible if there's been fire damage, or if the wood is especially rotted. In that case, you really careers have to do your homework. On occasion the local historical society has pictures that may be helpful, or perhaps the same builder who did the house you're working on also built some other houses in the area that you can visit to study his style. "It takes a lot of research before you begin the project, because the idea^bf a well-done restoration is to be faithful to the original builder's intention. That's often not an easy job." One of Weatherley's most meticulous jobs was to restore the exterior cornice that had rotted out on a Steadman house that had been moved by the Historical Society of Princeton several years ago from Alexander Street to the Princeton basin. ALMOST UNBELIEVABLE! THE WIMDOW & DOOR STORES Now Two Locations- Milltown Millwork 37 SO. MAIN ST. MILLTOWN, N.J Northeastern Lumber 261 GATZMER AVE. JAMESBURG, N.J % OFF PRICES ALL ANDERSEN BOW & BAY WINDOWS- WEATHER PROOF YOUR HOME WITH THERMA-TRU PRE HUNG ENERGY SAVINGS STEEL DOORS. \ J Zi 3'-0" *14«.4t 223' 2"-«" 2 f -«" 2'-«" 3*-0" 3*-0" 3'-0" M8S M80.05 PermaShield Angle Bay Window - Traditional PAECO-SKYLIGHTS INSULATINGF MODEL- MODEL* ROOF OPENING F %"X14%" '22.81 F WX22Vi" M3.41 F /4"X46V4" '90.00 F V4"X30V4"»83.75 F / 4 "X 46V4- * F V4"X 46V4 M73.13 PRE HUM INTERIOR 1 3/8 LAUAN DOORS WOt 2?6?o 3 R R 2" 2j D 4? 0RS 1-6- «14^4 fiuarjc/0 HUD? ::::::::: 3KS!^f /8J " Bg 1 /2" 4x8 Sheet Rock $ 3.60 Sheet 2"x4" Precuts- KD White Fir stud grade $ 1.68 ea. 1 /2" 4x8 CDX Fir- Plywood $ 9.88 While Supply Lasts \Juiy-W82

87 EVEN TO0UG8 HE ENJOYS ike *ort uttfc an BMI csttfory. Hoptwcfl." he "Tim «a» tnefcy working wttfa a non-tnditiona! design from aa eastern culture, and we had to satisfy local building codes as well." Mod of Weathcrley's wort is by referral from satisfied customers. He does not cturgc for a consultation, and can be reached at LANDSCAPE CONTRACTOR COMMERCIAL - INDUSTRIAL - RESIDENTIAL DESIGNING PLANTING CONSULTATION SODDING SEEDING RAILROAD TIES [HYDRO-SEEDING APARTMENT & CONDOMINIUM COMPLEXES BANKS & PROFESSIONAL BUILDINGS SNOW PLOWING FULLY INSURED LANDSCAPING ARCHITECT ON STAFF P.O. BOX 484 CRANBURY, NJ Comics restoration on this Stoftdroan houso which was movod to ths imhin on lower Alexander Street is the work of John Weatheriey. 30%to50%!130 t.nj. Home rovement 13

88 1875 Victorian has been described as "ItaJianate Gottic Vernacular and as "a show-off house." Restoring it has been a demanding task. Victorian lady has Enpac. Gothic. Slick. Queen Revival, and Vernacular. A vernacular anuic is one dbat's < hn ami rind by touch- Beoaae Harold WuHams* 1875 Ualuaaac Gothic Vernacular home in the at Base when the area had ttde need for toriaa Ursala Breckaell calls it a SaVOWHSfl POIflC. IT REFLECTED America's interest in the tread of landscaping (made possible by the invention of the lawn mower), and it women's freedom from house- pn hold drudgery. Given such developments doming factories, women could finally pause for leisure on any number of porches. The Hoagland house sprouted porches like btotsoms in spring. A verandah with arched-motif woodwork, and a discreetly carved John Green, Builder and Architect c facade. Two amailfr porches, one of which was tufyed by an identical upstairs pofxh, leueved the massive sides of the Today, as 107 yean ago. the porih offers a btrdseye view of coubfiryajde* Set on oac west, or sbabie aatil me early 20ih ceatary* when i to tcfl off frontage. D WILLIAMS 1»avy have beea bant for ftefaa ^ ft* -a_._ a..««-. * «av^ _^^B m* m WMI Maw OM D0C9ME DC SCW d ftaaad Brook (uaer me tllalaaad Backseat off one Peter Hoagfaad's access to the The finished prodaet set the <w its car. FarttfaiMfcly JMOK Ol QK MBllVBDIp Wvlrftff Di IBC afcawacbnkberweea 1800 and 1850." IBC says. "There ts only a handful of ai ab of Mfffli*ywitfi'y Towodelightfully pretentious, it ^ with flourishes that bctpoiae the era's new material wealth and technical advances: arched windows, arched shutters, deeply overhanging eaves with elaborate bracket!, turned balusters, cross gabies, bay windows, arched double front door, indoor plumbing, central heating, and refrigeration. OQul aaloa^hhhl VtQB ^JK ^Xtv avoqsc *Da*r^l6Q win leafy privacy, it is as ideal spot for a THE NSW OWNER and rescuer of by me 1970B. is not the type to take "This will be aay office." says Mr. Williams. he walks around the empty room that gives onto the porch in the trees. "My son wants the next room, though, so he can get to the porch through his window. At that age, it's more fun to climb out the window than go through the door." In the meantime, Mr. Williams camps in one room. "We've been working on the house since July, 1980," he adds, "and it's almost finished I hope." "We" means carpenter/craftsman Vito Amato, a crew of young workers, and occasional friends. Three more bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a 30 by 8 foot hallway complete the second floor. Like the first floor, it will oe equipped with central vacuuming and air-conditioning. The new four-zone heating system should go a long way toward containing the fuel bill. The three guest bedrooms, for example, will need little heating. A re-singled man whose two teenage children visit, Mr. Williams concedes the house is "probably too big." Decorating isn't one of his interests, and most of his meals are eaten out. "I bought the house for the barn," he says, flashing a boyish grin. "I wanted a place to play with my toys," referring to his hobby of restoring old BUILT IN 1948, the gambrel-roofed barn equals the bouse for girth. In excellent condition, h includes three downstain rooms and a 30-foot high loft that once held a bonafkle tennis court. These days, the downstairs holds an arrangement of can in chunks, and the loft swallows up a basketball hoop and just enough old bales of hay to sit on at a party. The loft was the scene of a Halloween party in October, a square dance in November. THE HOUSE, unfortunately, was not built on cement.' "The basement floor was dirt," he says, "and the house was propped up with logs that rested on stones." The sag, which was gradual, had grown to an eerie three inches by the time Mr. Williams saw the house. "A three-inch sag may not sound like much, but none of the doors met their frames, and you could see where people had added wedges and shaved off comers to make the doors shut." The staircase, he adds, leaned at a strange angle. The solution jacking up the house by excavating the cellar floor, carrying out dirt in buckets, leveling the floor and raising it 12 inches, pouring cement, and installing steel beams proved an arduous task. But one that was worth the trouble. As if by miracle, the ornately carved staircase, which widens as it descends, righted itself. Floors became taut. Joists fell into plumb. And that wasn't all. Repairs and additions of generations of owners fell out of their places, and squalls of plaster rained down off the walls. Mr. Williams gathered all workers, all friends, and proceeded to finish with precision what had begun hit or miss: the removal of 10 rooms' worth of plaster. SNAPSHOTS TAKEN at the time show the interior looking as if a volcano had covered every form with a coat of ash. July 1982

89 (be BUMS and tack, op 01 room*, and WIMDVS, lanrtfft. loots, and men ankc f oae of dx <.m\m.i*u% a Every wan" is ei posed to its Other task* saw rooed floorboards repfaotd. ratft* fnats and doon rc- Hwnf Mid stnppcd of pant, and closets added to 6c typtcauy doktless Vktoriao Thongfe a wallpaper cocnpany offered to pant and paper lac boose ia exchange far BuNcitKSMMj riyhss. Mr. Wuttanis. woo denied to stick wife aatit ae whoe and. in a coopk of places. loo-ycar-oid exposed brick- Kieaea specialists quoted SI8.000 not toaninccrf nan the fab works in the faacm tread is as appraltny solution. As be Mart dk luiktien-to-bc. be nods toward a loaf *afl aad says. "We're goisf to put a vh3oddbi!aamj[ stove oi^er ibeic. But tne rest 1 don't know." A PATtEimr TECHNICIAN»t» doesn't move napbtsrwciy, be's not sure BOW to treat Ac windows, either. The fa MI alone bas etgbl targe, aikiiul. mwjpv wwdowsi aad two arcbed. double wmdows,. The double wavtows, one on Ac BBMI floor, march ap the center of the home owcr the carved duubfc front door. canflaocd by desi(ptt carved into the mrdtjafi. flmfeed by arched slnaers. they ate jaarnptned with a total of 24 scrolled bracket*, it's <amt a confection, and one mm waca BMt ncbi raea nas yes to arye wiadows. (Tbc orifnal bad»-, fix *e kjtchea when Mr. (bund it. had small windows that were too high for looking out. or in.) The Williams-designed bathroom glints with ^4-karat gold-plated plumbing, complete to the chain on the chain flush, oak-trimmed toilet. "I thought I'd put a couple of plants up there." he says. indicating the tank whose top reaches almost lo me ceiling, "but when I uncrated everything, there was no top. I called the company, and they said there wasn't supposed to be one, that the loud flush is part of the charm." He pulls the gold-plated, oak-knobbed chain; a healthy roar rumbles out of the tank. Low on the scale of worries is the furniture question. Except for the family room, which will go contemporary, the matter is open to discussion. Mr. Williams is in possession of a large Victorian sofa but it is. as he correctly points out. uncomfortable to sit on. "I'll put it in the ask for now." he says, speaking of the third floor room that has more square footage than many complete houses. EXTERIOR LABOR included removing shingles from the original clapboards and replacing many of the balnsters on the four porches. "In the 40s." says, the restorer, "a lot of people put up asbestos shingles because they were maintenance-free. We got them off with four kids and three dumpsters." After studying a book called "Painted Ladies: San Francisco's Resplendent Victorians." he settled on a light gray paint with trim mat's just a shade lighter, and barn red shutters. "I uked some of the more vivid colors." he says, as he points out photos of Victorian townhouses. "But. to finish, those were San Francisco colors. Rural See VICTORIAN, page 29 LUCAR HARDWARE Hightstown-Princeton Rd. Princeton Junction Step E 'Step Home Improvement New Roils of Carpeting Just Arrived Priced For Immediate Sale as low as $7.95 Sq. Yd We carry a complete line of quality carpeting from the nation's leading manufacturers. MAGEE, APOLLO Mohawk, Cabin Craft and West point Pepperdl CUSTOM BUILT HOMES ON YOUR LOT FROM BUILDING CONCEPTS Otter Sped* So. Yd. $11.85 So. Yd. $22.95 ntraftoer/esteem S*. YtlMstaited IMtad QuntHte Of Patterns Anlabfc At Tte Lou Price. ML CARPET M O UHOLESM mstalutloms IY EXPERT MECHANICS EAST WINDSOR FLOOR COVERING Attacbtd to JaMsway a i EAST WIWSOR I to Rtt»y I to Satartay I to I U.S. HWY NO. 206 Belle Mead, NJ. Additions Bathrooms Kitchens Remodeling Solar Greenhouses. Professional Offices Store Interiors Residential and Commercial Complete Architectural Design Service Available All Work Performed By Local Licensed NJ. Home Builder. Htl Home Improvement 15

90 Stayin by Cecilia Bloom With the interest rates on mortgages for new homes skyrocketing these days, many more people are taking a closer look at the homes they now own and deciding not to move or build after all. What they're deciding to do, if the house they're in has some features which do not suit their present needs, is to invest in some major removations instead. This entertaining couple needed more room.and enlarging the Irving and dining rooms and fcachen provided a ighl ejry solution. "WE SEE THIS more and more every day." said Harry Williams Jr. of Williams Builder, Crosswicks. "We do the bulk of our business in correcting or curing deficiencies in an existing house." Williams Builders is one of the largest firms of its kind in the area. You see their red sign with white lettering everywhere. "I look at our business as problem-solving that just happens to relate to building," said Mr. Williams. "If you own a nice house in a desirabfe location, you should put on an addition if the house isn't suiting your needs. "But sometimes it isn't necessary to add space to what you already have," Mr. Williams went on, "so we suggest ways to rearrange what you have to use it better. Because we come in with an objective eye, we're able to see alternatives the owners might never have thought of." BECAUSE THE MORTGAGE RATE is so high these days, with no signs of coming down in the near future, many people are even delaying putting on an addition. "Most people can't afford to pay cash when you're talking about changes costing $25,000 or more," said Mr. Williams. "The mortage rate affects a family's decision to add on as well as whether to build a new home. People can afford to wait today; there's no sense of urgency about it. So when a client comes to us and is ready to talk business, we take a lot of time with them in advance of the construction to be sure what we're going to do truly answers their needs. "Most of our business is by referrals. People trust us to do a good job." HARRY WILLIAMS has been design- See ADDING ON, page 18 Norman McGrath photos

91 :es sense s economy y A hexagonal addition, built of hand selectedbnck to match exactly the existing structure.gives great character to this home. The wood burning stove provides auxiliary heating to the passive solar gain. Home Improvement 17

92 r SPECTACULAR VERTICAL BLIND SALE! Adding on- (Continued from page 17) P.v.c. Prcm SALE PRICE OMNI R»g Pno* SALE PRICE DECORATOR CLOTH R*g Pncm 32WJ0 SALE PRICE " x 84" All MSCS on sale at... CoMparable Discounts Handled, of Fabric* to Choone from - Including ALUMMUM - BERBERS & MACRAME.v~, -*\ ji' A" A 1930s two-story townhouse in the center of Princeton offered a chalienge, since the small site did not lend itself to addition. Space was found by combining the dining and informal living area. With a pass-through connection, a rearranged kitchen joined the' growing ing and building custom houses since His philosophy of business is a simple one: First, he takes the time to find out exactly what each client's needs are. Then, he comes up with designs to satisfy those needs. And he assigns one man to each job, and that man is responsible for it the client becomes familiar with him and builds confidence in him. "You know, we have people calling us several years after we've done a job and they need something else done. And they ask for a specific, member of the organization^ the one they had before to come back and oversee that job. ~ ; ; "People know we'll do the job. If you're a professional, you must have a commitment to what you're doing. And inconvenience to the client should be minimal. We usually work on an average of six weeks to two months from the initial consultation to the beginning of construction." SINCE MR. WILLIAMS has been in the building business for so long, he's *H; '''* *** %-*!*. -- ' ".?. y. ^ *:,<>_ * '' : GIANT STOCK INDOOR TREES & HANGING BASKETS 50 /O OFF! THKAPPLE MEANS BUSINESS, Meet Apple II, the powerful tool for problem solvers. Whether you own /-' a business or manage part of one, this Apple can put computer power at your fingertips. That's why decision makers all around the world are picking the Apple II as their personal ~\ computer. Come in and see us today. Don't miss the chance to find out how an Apple personal computer can be your partner in profitability. Pots * Accessories ' Insecticides ALL IN GOOD SUPPLY WINDSOR PLANT MALL 830 VMoae Road West Trenton. NJ Hours: 10-5 seven days CLANCY I PAUL I I HI. PR I Ml; ION COMriTHR MORI; The Princeton Shopping Center Princeton, New Jersey li computer ized Dealer Slaty'1982

93 To accent the exposed and the oak trim was preserved to maintain the period style of the townhouso. finite uind& n hornet and their "Today, people scan to like targe ww6am% and (fata wait*, to bring the amide «a. Combining the family room and batten» very popular 'WfcoB ifae clients we a young family. the borne seems loo small. They ate ahencmfed in mi/bag on a wmg for the cbtldntn or ptttofm an aider pvuil who's saawwg; in win then. But when the cnimrca «c goat, dial wnc house Ktn» too b«f. to Acs people «IM to make their hone name hnonom for themselves, pcrtupt by adding a whirlpool and a If you make a smart additional investment in your present home, you can use it for to come." One of the ways Williams Builders make sure their clients know exactly what's going to happen on a job, and when, is through a checkout list. This list details all the steps in the construction one for the company and a copy for the client. There are no surprises. "I have good ideas, and I have good people to cany them out." said Harry Williams. "That's why we're successful." A kitchen is an investment that the average homeowner makes just once. It must be designed and constructed to meet your family's present - and future - needs. Our cabinetry is available in a wide variety of styles and finishes. Its custom construction allows unlimited possibilities for creating an efficient and well equipped environment. Visit our kitchen showroom - speak with one of our professional designers see how we can help you experience the maximum return on your investment. If!flrV cabinet co. 6 Spring St. Jamesburg, N.J. (201) Showroom Hours: Monday t Thursday. 12-S Saturday or by appointment Life IS Sweeter on a PINEAPPLE Don't let At end of summer discourage you from owning your own deck because the most enjoyable time of year, especially on a deck, it be oxen Aug.AC Oct. and we will build your Pineapple Deck up to the time the ground freezes. So just remember, if you're ready to get decked, call us today and if you're just thinking about having a deck, give us a call. We wtfl be glad to cone out and talk with you. BUILDERS princoton, n.< [609) SPECIALISTS For Those Who Want Just a little More JejylttZ

94 projects try Skxrtry McGradi So yoa'we decided to remodel or add oaa> yoar home. iwcu. ^r*^f are < tirajf Bat somewhere along the way. some* wncfc* between choosing an architect and baildcr and selecting materials and foraistuafs. you're going to have to start ttyiag oat cold bard cash. Not to worry. Your area banks and tavwgt and loan associations are very eager to lead you money for home impjwcjnem projects. In fact, homeowners»j1 fiad «easier to get loans based on die ctmhty they have in a house than will persons seeking mortgage funds to purchase a home. THERE ARE OBVIOUS reasons for on fact. As interest rates have climbed «eaduy. leaden are no longer dviocd about tnaluag 30-year mortgage commitnstacs at filed interest rates. After all. mawy of them are holding these long*icnn notes at ram tfeat are half of what they ooau ctarge todf/. Bat d yoa waat to borrow $23,000. say. aad are «tujag to pay it back m 10 to 13 years, tea leaders are more than loppy to do basim-m wim yoa. They will suggest yoa take oat a second mortgage on your "A second mangmgev yon ask. perg away slightly. "Yean ago. there ra a stigma about tatjag. oat a second mortgage." admits Lad* Sooth, consumer credit analyst with the Prtacaoo Bank A sttgna? They were avoided like the ptagae If a person needed cash so bad that ae had to take oat a second mortgage on ha hoose. then surely the pocrhouse was anil around (be corner. Tangs are deferent today. "Sow people are aware they are sitting on» fold mine and that they should pnfiacar hmwc lo wofk for then. Mrs. Sort adds Laad* Black well. sthninitfjatiwc assistaat in the Home fsqwy area of the First Maboaal Bank of Princeton, concurs: "A tccoaa mortgage twahki a honieowner to keep his first mortgage in place and tap he has w his home. A strooti morfgagr enafclr* a homeimnrr to keep M* BeM marlpw in plmct mn4 Urn into the equity he has in hfe borne. KEEPING THAT FIRST Mstact is important. It jmt doesn't make to (i finance it to pay for especially if your (Merest rate is low by today's standard. If yoar remodeling project calls for a saomiaatsai aononai ov cnoncy ** Hr IBOTC Chan a bank woald lead oa a personal loan basis tfcea a stffoad or home enynry mortgage is logical. c aasoaat ot cotary you have oi equity generally being the of yoar first mnrtgagf. Usually, noatn 75 percent of : cajmrjr- So. if yoar he r is valued at JOOO and yoa owe $2SJ00O oa your yoar coolly is $30,000. of yoar Peter Mrtchefl of First National Bank of Princeton's installment loan department confers with Linda Biacfcwen. on application for second mortgage. Smith of the Princeton Bank. A homeowner got a 30-year first mortgage for $40,000 in November when the interest rate was 10 percent. His monthly payments are S If he wanted to refinance that first mortgage, which has a current balance of $39,400. and add an additional $25,000 to pay for home improvements, he would have to take out a $64, year mortgage at the current rate of 17 percent. Plus he would have to pay about $3.000 off the top for points and closing costs, and his monthly payment would jump to $ ON THE OTHER HAND, the Princeton Bank would give him a 10-year. $25,000 secondary mortgage at 18 percent, for which his monthly payments would be $ This figure ($453.84) added to his current first mortgage payment ($351.12) equals $ a savings of over $100 a month compared to refinancing the first mortgage. Where it gets tricky is choosing the financial institution to give you a second mortgage since rates and lengths of loans vary. The Princeton Bank charges a fixed 18 percent on a 10-year or 120-month loan. Over at the First National Bank of Princeton, home equity mortgages are offered for 12 years and at different rates: 17-3/4 percent if the loan is under $25, /4 percent if the loan is $23,000 or more. However, those interest rates are in effect for only three years, at dx end of which the rate is renegotiated for another period of time. Depending on die economy, the rate, of course, could be increased or decreased. BOTH BANKS SEE advantages to "It's nice for die customer lo know his rate will always remain the same." says Mrs. Smith of the Princeton Bank. She notes that if interest rates drop, a mortgage bolder can refinance his loan, without penalty. "As long as money is there lo lend, there will be no problem in refinancing," she adds. "And I can't imagine there will ever be a problem in lending money. That's what banks are in business to do.". - Peter Mitchell, a vice president in the Installment Area of the First National Bank of Princeton, believes his bank's approach is "more flexible and more competitive." For one thing, the loan is for a longer period of time, and once again the mortgages can refinance his second loan without penalty if several years down the road it is to his advantage. Those who have a line of credit with their checking accounts may use that credit up to $15,000 if this "loan" is repaid in 36 months. SAVINGS AND LOAN associations are also willing to help customers who need money for home improvements. In addition to second mortgages, Nassau Savings and Loan offers a 15-year home improvement loan for amounts up to $25,000 at 17'/2 percent. And while Princeton Savings and Loan, a division of Security Savings and Loan, has not issued secondary mortgages lately, they do offer a personal secured 12-year loan at 17 percent for up to $25,000. Personal loans through banks and savings and loans are another way to finance home improvements projects if they are on a more modest scale. The First National Bank of Princeton, for example, allows its Gold Money Card holders, who have a line of credit with their checking accounts, to use that credit up to $15,000 if this "loan" is repaid in 36 months. Whichever method you choose to pay for that long-anticipated, spacious master bedroom or completely remodeled kitchen, one thing seems clean As you pore over the blueprints or shuffle through wallpaper books, you won't have to worry about getting the money to pay for it all. Area financial institutions are actively seeking to do business with you. 1982

95 Symposium horn 5) ncltmf*." Mr. Scnatb vud. "For tf you ate cm of the dome H tte, >o» dooi seed yew burner ah * e tme, you need * is the idea )<w get bone or»he» you fu fc> hed * mttfm Scibact thermostats «is miiafically torn Che bonier off and on *t beat n rcx»nred " la ntdhbo*. the awapmiy toun ml baracrt that tavc fuel because of tndaisfofksi mue«uw.inuiti ih*t allow Aon la M ICM atom tkm paeu designs. tale H'wcrait n aaxfc beat. DOOftAH MULLEN, associate coo uaeaa advttor at PS * G «Ptwctioa icflbmmh ikmfttowftcro of %och energy and dollar tavt«f advice, a* keeping 6B dcfrec* m mater and 78 "For every degree you lower rhc la water), yew sawe one perm foci hilh. Mt MitOcn vud J^MI taro ii above 68 acyrecs. woafld cntf two petcew marc for every Other i»p» the fave were to arooad windowv. doon aad beat etcapes Iron the home. ctaied on uircplaccs wkicii ate ac«m me iaatao at least ux mcbn of hone MtXK and Lrep k oa ha water beaten at 110 u 130 degrees, taateu >ou have a dbjkwadhcr. a wlwdicak it would have to be let at 140 degree*. 3*i MoUn aho advned comumen to r clocttn m*a dnirw»bcn oojy for ftrfs loadsk dbaa docbn dryer filkn after racrjr we. and earn off' hgfets m room not brag *i«d "The «*c of flom doon an CM beat tot* M half.*- tfte added takely CXXHSWCMED m eacrfy is the replacemenl of high voltage light bolbi and fixtures with new. energy saving tight products such as the PL tamp aod SL buib found at North American Philips Lighting Company. Steven Goldmachcr. manager of public relations at die Hightstown company, suggests the use of the PL lamp, a S25 immature ftoresccot light which comes in three sizes. The seven, nine and 13 watt PL lamps replace and 75 wans respectively, providing an approximate 75 percent reduction in energy use. Mr. Goidmacher said. "Most people didn't want florescents because die color was poor it looked pale and never generated enough light." he added. But this new innovation castt a light almost indistinguishable from the incadescant or standard light bulb. The SL. on the other hand, is a direct, energy saving replacement light bulb with a life span of 7500 hours, or 10 times the life of a standard light bulb. The 18 wan bulb, which is expected to sell for S will directly replace a 75 wan bulb. FOR MORE energy saving advice, visit Energy Day "82 on Oct. 9. Other exhibitors set to appear at the all-day exposition mentioned above, are the Princeton Energy Group aad die Energy Warehouse, both of which are referred to elsewhere in this magazine. Hobbic Heat and Power. Sun Works aad (fcinceton University. Tea speakers will also talk on topics ranging from wood burning stoves to fusion reactors aad Die ice pond project at the Forrestal Center. Featured in last year's show was a chimney sweeper, displays of solar and wiad power devices and representatives of the Pnnceton University house doctor program which conduct energy audits on WE'RE STIRRING UP FAN FANS America has rediscovered the ceding fan. A sracious-lookins addition to your home, a ceilins f*n brings year-round comfort, saves energy, and saves money. We recommend, however, that you purchase only the highest quality fans from well-known, reputable manufacturers. Hesco Ughting offers a wide range of models and pnecs to meet your needs. All at substantial pre-season sale prices. HESCO LIGHTING NuTonc.Quality NuTone.,.Service NuTono...the paddle fan you IMVW have to bring In for repair. Energy-saving paddle fans In the style and finishes you want...backed by Nutone's famous reputation for quality and servicel Start enjoying the delightful climate control^of a NuTone paddle fan. There's one for every taste, every setting. Tremendous selection. 36" and 52" sizes. Polished brass, antique bran, whtte,brown, black...all with genuine wood fan blades. 809 State Road (Route 206) north of Princeton Princeton, New Jersey (609) TXun 1 fn. 10 AM lo» P S«t. 9 AM to 4 PM ry ^ b y Wood-Ply Corp. of America $9,999 Plfetfor 9x12 unr Only Extfedci lntt*h*ti Introducing- The H-Room A Perfect "Sun Room ForAH Seasons" a 9 x 12 H-Sun Room, A complete wood framed unit with a dark walnut stain. The roof windows & door sections ate double glazed insulated glass. The Sun Room features the versatile H Window. A fully balanced operation through a 180 turning circle outside the frame. The H-Window is air tight & fully adjustable - Safe for children - 2 operating windows. Screens available. For your nearest SUN ROOM Dealer, please call Wood-Pry Corp. of America Rome

96 CALORIC Gas Built-in Ovens Create Ihr <hjrt»adang m m n ttttrmi rnrrgy Caloric Ultrj R*y* **tt trd brorirt wth irtxjet fuk«inudn with 4 cmpv good I rwjr»rcp*» l«ft Im mrn lfmnlafr comunn vnofce «nd Hucur< Aho IrMunrt GnVawtg NolleM Ignrtion Auto- R aw* Vop A S<jrt T«n*d Ovrn Contmuout Clrjomg Own & II fr Cote ^orth*n Own U*k GI*M of Bruited Chromf Mi opu* bttenm Vw i«" ««T (2T «.»" Cutomj II mitmoon GAS GRILL TANKS fifed MON.-SAT. H & H Gos and Appliances Main St.. Windsor. NJ. (609) Architects (Continued from page 7) Harrison Frakcr, an architect who specializes in solar designs, notes there is a "myth" that passive solar systems are effective only in the Southwest. "The techniques apply just as well to Princeton." he says. "It doesn't make sense in a mild winter climate, but where there is a reasonably cold climate and a modest amount of sun. solar energy systems arc effective." Because he is well know for his specialty. Mr. Fraker's clients come to him. in large part, through recommendations from other architects or former clients. Often this is the case, but if you arc new to the area or don't really know anyone who has consulted an architect for a remodeling project, then selecting the right professional is a little harder. ' Home improvements can increase the value of a house but bad home improvements can be disastrous. MR. KELBAUGH SUGGESTS that such people shop around, ask architects for photographs of previous projects and even visit homes that have been remodeled. "A client should feel aesthetically and emotionally comfortable with an architect because there is going to be an intense personal and professional relationship involved. In the end they must have similar tastes." he says. Mr. Short, agreeing, advises potential clients to contact his former clients and go look at his work to "sec if it is appealing.". The architect's fee should also be considered, naturally, but expect to find different rates because, as Mr. Engelbrecht says, "no two remodeling projects are alike." IN MANY CASES, the fee is based on the total cost of construction, ranging from 8 to 18 percent. Some architects charge on a sliding scale: the bigger the project, the smaller the percentage. SomeTix a maximum charge and then bill hourly up to that amount: this means the fee could be less than the maximum. Other architects charge an houriy rate, keeping the final figure in the 15 percent range of the total construction price. And if the homeowner doesn't want the architect's total'services but just wants ideas or basic drawings to satisfy the regulations for building permits, then the architect usually charges by the hour. If totally involved, the architect more than earns when he charges, both in tangible results and in the aggravation he can save the homeowner. He analyzes the' client's needs, prepares preliminary and then schematic designs, selects materials and fixtures, prepares detailed working designs and specifications, assists the owner in bidding for or negotiating the contract with the builder, and while construction is going on. makes site inspections. From start to finish, from the time a homeowner decides to undertake a home improvement project to the time he is actually sitting in his favorite chair admiring what has been done, six months to a year could have passed. When's it's your money and when it's your home that you want to improve, not only so you will be more comfortable but also so it will be marketable in the' future, and when it's going to take that much time, then it would be nice to know that it is going to be professionally done. And that means hiring an architect. We can help you build a deck with Simpson Redwood. Beautifully. So Yery Good for "WoodL., Swunon nt&mous m a natural lorbumngdacfcsand outdoor fumltura.» itarm up 10 at t wnda u» f naa»ar M yaar afar yaar. Aa a manar of tact radwood, ft*nm fcom a rich rad colortoa soft sfeer gray, pa** and «on* of twtawwood w«c ground avatfabia that tsn\ M ot wntft WMWI a. a natural tor your dadt Wh) KaMi fitanty of radwood m tfcrfc ngnt now. d^rad vom i wahbyou puhidmqnxiamvitfia#btana«ttpa andadvioaon conatiuctton. 00 atitf to racofwmand a oonvacior If you naad ona. Coaw aa* ua. Thanrt no mm Wm rigm now 10 start bumng your dack MNO Cabot's STAINS Cabot's Stains, in 87 unique colors, preserve the wood, accent the grain, never crack, peel, blister. 4 In planning this home, the architect was striving for beauty, quality, economy. In the selection of exterior finishes, stains were used instead of paints. Thus the architect realized his conception of beauty, kept costs at a reasonable level, and reduced future maintenance. Cabof'i Stains, thm original Stains and Standard tor thm nation sine* MORRIS MAPLE & SON 200 Nassau St., Princeton July 1982

97 HOME DECORATOR SPECIAL! INDOOR TREES complete with wicker basket lined with a clear vinyl saucer PRICED FROM $9.95 AND UP Great for Patios too... *ST^ Valuable Coupon f» 3" Houseplants II 69* Regularly 1.25 COMISKY'S we AX NOT S8OGATED WITH CtKNHOUSfStNCOtPOtATID THE COUNTRY 115 MANLOVE AVE, HtGHTSTOWN, N.J. FLOIVST Sun.'-Thurs. 9-5 p.m., Fri. & Sal 9-6 p.m WOMUOHTIN C8TTER OF H6HTST0WN BEAR RIGHT. 33 EASTTOWARDS N.J. TURNPKE, 00 THROUGH NEXT TRAFFIC UQHT - MAKE HRST LEFT (AT THE COUNTRY FLOMST) WE ARE 600 FEET ON THE RIGHT. FOLLOW THESE DREC- JONS- OR MAP OR CALL. WE ARE EASY TO LOCATE AND WORTH THE TRIP FOR BK1SAVMQS. The addfton of a cupota and Us supporting structure to a 130-year-okJ house on Marthas Vineyard stabczed the original buking and gives a vwv over tw hvtor and Vineyard Sound, n also provides light in the carter ol the house and wonderful summer ventilation. By Holt & Morgan, FOR PROMPT SERVICE CALL PLUMBING and HEATING AIR CONDITIONING APPLIANCES 234 NASSAU STREET PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY N.J. Lie #5300 Home Improvement 23 l.iv v * «- I V.I- ^ -t ^i ;

98 We Make Dreams That Grow > Landscape Design & Consulation Service > Installation of all phases of your Home Landscape» Foundation Plantings & renovations» Patios & Walks Screenings Garden Center with: Shade and Ornamental Trees Evergreen & Flowering Shrubs Annuals & Bedding Plants Perennials Ground Covers Lawn Care Products - Fert, Lime, Etc. Located for over 125 Years At: 818 Yoifc Road. Hlghtstown, N. J. fon tie. S39 2 n*m sou* of Mghstown) Till Miller's deck pre-dates the formation of Pineapple Deck Builders. As might be expected of this businesswoman known as "The Plant Lady," she has softened the outlines of her outdoor living room with lush plantings which contribute to the ambiance. Many were brought from her indoor greenspace and augmented by quick-to-blooom annuals. insurance for the kind of the heat flkhflht Hot nloopunn nights are never a problem when you install a WeatherKing split system air conditioner. Instead, you get cool comfort, and you wake refreshed to enjoy true comfort through your home, all day long. Appliance styling makes the WeatherKIng air conditioner a handsome addition to your home. Upf low air exhaust is designed to protect landscaping. Call today. Request a free estimate at no obligation. HAWK'S REFRIGERATION Air ConrJtMoning & Heating 1047 Estates Blvd.. Hamilton Square. New Jersey you livein* House? Apartment? Condo? Mobile Home? Alstate has special policies for your special needs. At prices that are really worth comparing. Call me. Maybe I can save you some money. /instate YouVe in good hands. AllsUtc Insurance Co.. Northbrook. IL Local office: 50 Princeton-Hightstqwn Rd., Princeton Junction, NJ (609) July 1982

99 Decks multiply living space by Gloria Halpern Adding a deck is the easiest and cheapest way to double living space. And though judged by many home handymen as an ideal do-it-yourself project, the deck deserves the talents of a professional. That, at least is the modest opinion of Michael Cevera of Pineapple Deck Builders. He's booked through September by householders who want customized design, well executed. Deck in East Windsor is reached by sfcfng glass doors, out of picture at left.built-in seating and planters make outdoor iwng effortless and pleasant "MY CLIENTS USUALLY have some idea of what they want, so I draw up the plans, incorporating their ideas, then we work through to a compromise." says Mr. Cevera. The most popular size is in the neighborhood of 1.6 by 20 feet, which runs about $2100. This does not include stairs, railings, built in benches; any deck more than two feet off the ground is required by law to have railings. Though the* average person thinks "redwood" when he thinks "deck," Mr. Cevera says that pressure treated wood, usually southern pine heart wood, is half the price and maintenance-free. Redwood, if not treated with a finish once a year turns a nice silvery gray, indistinguishable from any other hardwood. MR. CEVERA, who says, "I've been building things since I was a kid," ran a computer study on home* improvements two years ago and found that "entertainment" scored highest and "what's more for entertaining than a deck?" he asks. Which partially explains why he is "into" decks. The other is that he likes to think of his designs as one-of-a-kind, pieces of art. He really enjoys his work. Reach Pineapple Deck Builders at Patricia Davis achieves privacy and a sense of country charm in a downtown JafrlgB. Home Improvernsnt 25

100 Stephen J. Denarski Home Improvement and Remodeling Free Estimates Lawrencevle, N.J This greenhouse area has replaced the entryway in a pre-revolutionary house in Princeton. To the right is the parlor, to the left, the dining room.the original, wide-boardflooringextends back to a recent addition which features an expansive living room and brick-floored family room-kitchen. The architect has managed to capture the essence of the original farmhouse in the addition. This bower, plantscaped by Till Miller, has proved so delightful that the owners plan a generous expansion. INTRODUCTORY OFFER! 20 feel of selected custom butt kitchen cabinets with wail & base sections including lazy susan. drawer section with bread box and cutlery drawer. cnom of MWCMo custom wooo stains Coirtw top w»i 4" b«* aptash kxrnica brwxj. Stjanirutrom $ to$ in selected plain and raised panel door style. tmwrton Instruction and FREE delvety to your home. Comptia instslston and appianow are avalable at Special Prices for Ms i HAMILTON KITCHENS 4441 Nottingham Way & George Orye Rd. tiamiton Square, NJ. (Behind Kbrtey Shoes) WECMflTEinfEMimilRMIflCASTTlEBCABtlEn Cat: 60& For Easy Dtrsdom CM* Mon.-Frt wm. 7-9 Stfunlsy 10-3 (lie. No ) fwaumsuiyqu PUT ASHMDAS10U Thanla to the ever-growing selection of ATARI loirarare programs, owners of ATARI Home Computers can nuke uire they play as hard as they work. Chooe from nearly 40 different' inexpensive, yet invaluable. ATARI program* including sophisticated busineis-related programs, languages, and the very latest in entertaining and challenging computer games. Plus, there's no limit to what the future holds. Because the best minds at ATARI are working night and day on new software programs, all of which can be utilized with your ATARI 400" or 800" Home Computer So add to your ATARI program library today. Because no home computer should be ao work and no play. 4DUtl HOME COMPUTERS W«M < T*<r CorapucrAar Home" Mon.-SaL 10-5 and by appointment] STAR RAIDERS??" mm s capttus i? TOUCH TYPING S/'U/ IWAPFR* STOCK ANALYSIS 1 a am m m July 1982

101 Greenhouses top many 'buy' lists Four Seajora greenhouse, instated by Energy Warehouse in a Belle Mead home.meets all the requirements for 40 percent federal solar tax credrtthe owners have kept careful records of their utility usage for comparable periods before and after the installation. In January, the seasonal high, use of gas declined from 149 ecu in 1961 to 91 in electricity from 619KWH to 378. Dollar savings are less spectacular because of several rate increases. Charts of indoor and outdoor temperatures, meticulously recorded mkf-oecemtoer through mid-april, also note the prevailing weather conditions.three days at widely separated intervals showed temperatures in the 50s: 80 to 90-ptus were the norm. by t»taria A «jx*il *tadmil] atop the Energy Wxcfimme im JWS US Route I ia Lwiwme To witwp tanet* the atucauon «* mm* (mtitcntrf Bat *tw buyer* come ta h», t$ to «l paveet, are fjccattmc MSAiaem *H*J IKK ra*». acenrdtof to Rie»- mi Dunn He ami Ltmttmx BuJey. a. vtmnemx. wet «Hmitn of th» e fmj oar client* a n afford either Merest «* lai db foci cmts. not both. fce«rj* "Tlir>'rcchdOMSf iotti> wthew BOON* jwd mair them marc lt*came and dtkr" THE TWO CO hand m band The *bo mates hts home more rffkiem pary* IOMCT twbt. He also pet* a federal tofar en credit of 40 pcttcm The ttttc foroicr t«tctcm the tramakfina. «oce n dtarfcs no %alet ux cm ennpaaeat* aad ottm assurance that ttei type of jiiapruwtmcai *ill not result ta aa upward tax amcismcnt on the property. "It** a whole new preening of New Jersey." enthuses Mr. Davis. Now the delight of adding new light to your life (with a greenhouse) and delight to your lifestyle (with a hot tub) can be justified in term* of molar energy. "PRINCETON IS KNOWN all over the country for its willingness to innovate.** say* Mr. Davis, who put together the Enrgy Show for Princeton University's Center for Environmental Studies three years ago. It was a mutually beneficial experience. "I weeded out the best from hundreds who wanted to exhibit." he says, "and in the process I picked the best products to distribute. At that time you could only buy from contractors" catalogues. When breakdowns occurrred. whose responsibility was it? "We decided we had to 'show "em* *o we've got working models of everything we *ell." THE FOUR SEASONS greenhouses which the Energy Warehouse sells feature double or triple layers of tempered safety glass and insulated doors, and qualify for the 40 percent solar tax credit when installed with the proper heat storing materials, hot air distribution channels and fans. Energy Warehouse has trained personnel who will install the greenhouses, or one of their people will go out and work other contractors or an ambitious do-it-yourselfer for a day or two to help them understand the admittedly ccomplkated plans. The finished structure an 8 by 16 foot lean-to greenhouse costs about $4500. and complete installation doubles that cost. The immediate payback in terms of lowered heating costs are impressive. Mr. Davis estimates $550 per year if oil is the fuel. THE CRAZE FOR hot tubs that has swept California has moved to the East Coast, and many who buy greenhouses want hot tubs. They come in varying sizes in cedar, red wood or mahogany. And because water holds heat six times better than masonry, there's no large hot water biu. Nor does plumbing present much of a problem. The tub, once filled is maintained in a hygienic condition with chemicals, it's occasionally emptied, not by a drain but by syphoning. LEST EVERYONE be so carried away by energy efficiency that the original purpose of the greenhouse is forgotten, be advised that a glass room of lush greenery still delights the senses. More and more the space is used for living, dining, relaxing, but come spring, many people set up a few shelves and get a head start on the gardening season. Tomatoes, peppers and amny annuals, started indoors, make the transition to outdoors without trauma, and at spectacular savings. All of which makes a greenhouse a total celebration of life. Home Improvement 27

102 I A FENCE IS NOT JUST A FENCE NECESSARY PEACE OF MND DECORATIVE FUNCTIONAL PRIVACY And its the Quality of the Fence NOT THE PRICE that makes the difference Type Fence For over 100 ttytee of fk iaw) fence to chooee from 9CAUC* POSTAAI. 001HC PICKET VISfT OUR OUTDOOR DISPLAY AREA Wo Uanttectixo QuaMy into Every Fence IndiMtrW Ratal Whoteaate R* color vinyl dmin Ink AI type Wood Fence R^^^R^R^R^3 v^j^r^r^^k 9L^R^^RT^^R^R^IB.^E^ZR^^Rn anmmnvtg raoi tnooauro ~Lat us instal your fence or let us instruct you how to install it youraet" All Type Pence Co no.. ML J Mourr Men. ttw W«L 9-9 Thur. A Ftt 94:30 S*. 104 otm. J. Princeton Enemy Group 1 by Ccdlia Bloom If you**re one of those who loves lazy : afternoons in your back yard during these warm summer months, but hate risking being eaten alive by those pesky New Jersey mosquitoes, why not consider adding a screencd-in porch to your home? A porch can be a relatively economical investment which, if it is done properly, will enhance both the beauty and the value of your present home. It's even possible to add on a porch yourself, if you take the time to carefully plan out what you want and are willing to give up your leisure to such a project. Lawrence Township resident Ed Kucblcr has been improving and fixing things around his house for years. So when he and his wife Barbara decided they wanted a scrcencd-in porch off their family room, he consulted with some builders and then decided to tackle the job himself. "THE MINIMUM PRICE we got from builders last year was $3000." said Kucblcr. "I would guess that, by doing myself. I've spent about SI000 for materials. But, of course, I donated my own time and it's taken a lot of my time." In fact. Ed Kuebler urges anyone who's thinking of taking on such an ambitious project to save themselves some money, to really think seriously about it before committing themselves. "You think you can estimate at. the it yours beginning how much time something like this is going to take to build, but it always takes much longer than you originally anticipated," he said. "The safest thing to do is come up with a time frame you think is reasonable, then double it. Then you're in the ball park. "There are certain things you can only -do in fair weather: you'll always have other constraints on your time that you hadn't planned on the list of possible interruptions is endless. If you don't have the complete support and understanding of your family, it will be more trouble than it's worth." ALTHOUGH KUEBLER, an engineer, does not consider himself a professional in the area of screened porches, he does have some advice for would-be do-it-yourselfers as a result of his experience. Before you begin, look at your house with a critical eye and decide on the best location within the dwelling's constraints. Once you decide on a location, measure it. put stakes in the ground and run string around it to physically block it out. Find out how much of your property you'll use up with the addition. Decide on a design. Your local library has many books that will be helpful. Be sure the design you choose is compatible with the rest of the house, and make the porch something substantial-looking, not Residential Asphalt & Fiberglass Shii Commercial & Industrial Roofing of All ypes 184 Carter Rd., Princeton kitchen and dining room addition incorporates the finest craftsmanship with passive solar energy. Custom designed and built cabinets of weathered barn board, quarry tile floors, ceramic tile counter tops, rough hewn beams and floor to ceiling windows framed in redwood are some of the features Princeton Energy Croup offers. Because of the expertise PEC has acquired in years of solar design, we can tailor a solar addition to your needs, blending solar heating with the quality you demand for your home. Call us today for more information! Princeton Energy Group (609) Seamless Aluminum Gutters Power Attic Ventilators Chimney & Flashing Repairs NATIONAL ROOFING (XINTRACTORS ASSOCIATION CONSUMER BUREAU [OCX REGISTERED Prompt Free Estimates & Inspections July 1082

103 M mm. attached at an afkrm M to add to the beauty erf yam bane, aoc take wny from n. "If JOB can'i %thttf(k»hn you»vm." uid Kacbkr. "ISM'I be afrax) to «tfc for brio Ym tanc lo ba«c your plan* approved by the tows'* bmtdiag inspector a*rw*y. and >«w*u fad be can be a OC>«CE THE PLABS are approved, the awl «acp ict ID ikiuimac ** you need to bvy lor ccatuncuoa Kncbkr cbo*c a pwcfc dot M. 12 fieei by 16 feet became OK arc UBE Maiwiiu it input lo «* (kent wa» so wuae. '! wtiai m any particular hurry to job." IK said. "So I afefc to (wy a k* at At mmauh oa safc. ltoakmjftmocmbityimfmm%mtd«ond " " ivf yarapc aant i TCIMU nctn. it odk ate a be loafer doiag «ihu way. boi I definitely saved myself money. Of coune, you couldn't move around in the garage for quite a while." Be sure you have access to all the tools you'll need. Among the basics, in addition to a hammer and nails naturally are a long tape measure, a power or table saw. and an electric drill. "YOU HAVE TO ENJOY working with your hands." said Kuebier. "I got a lot of pleasure out of seeing the porch take shape. But there were times when I wondered why I'd ever started the project. It's taken me over a year to complete, but that's not working steadily, of course. "When the job is finally done, and you ell people you did it yourself, they can only appreciate all the work that went into it up to a point. "But I know the porch is so well constructed that, even if the house falls down, my porch will still be standing." Victorian (Continued from page 14) New Jersey had a more conservative tradition." The finished scenario will find the driveway, which Mr. Williams changed from one side of the house to the other, brushing past the kitchen porch on its way to the barn. The second, smaller barn will be restored, as will the white fencing around the donkeys' pasture. The animals were adopted by Mr. Williams after he watched a television show on the plight of wild burros in the Grand Canyon. The house will be warm with living plants, arched-motif fireplaces, antique moldings, and a kitchen that's bound to turn out eclectic. Brandy, the Doberman Pinscher, will snooze on the wide front verandah, and through the tall double doors and up the staircase, shelves in the office will display Mr. Williams's other toys a collection of decanters that are colorful replicas of classic cars. And a spouse for the house? "When a couple I know came over recently," says the home-owner, "the wife noted that the clothes pole in the master bedroom closet was only 48 inches high. She told me it wasn't suitable for dresses." He smiles broadly and adds, "You know, I hadn't even thought about that." : 25% OFF on Home Improvement Summer Specials A DOOR FOR EVERYONE THE PORCH FOR EVERY REASON * * * * * CLASSIC. movwclal. COLONIAL. THERE'S A HESS REPLACEMENT DOOR TO HT ANYONE'S HOME, ANYONE'S TASTE. AND EVERY «*»» SEASON Curved Top Door Not Pictured Check these features souo cone CONSTRUC- TION 6 COLOR OPTIONS WHITE. TAN. GOLD. BLACK. GREEN. WOOOGRA1N WINDOW OPTIONS SELF-STORING - 1-UTE JALOUSIE AWNING WIN- DOW StonfiDoan. PrfeiwOoon. EiwkMum. fwi "We want to be your home Improvement Contractor. COMFORT CONOmON YOUR HOME MAKE IT MORE ATTRACTIVE TOO) WTTH FLEXALUM WM0OW AWMNGS STORM WINDOWS HEAVY DUTY IMPERIAL Aluminum AWNING WINDOWS 50% SAVINGS SHUTTERST^ 50% off 47 A North Main St. Cranbury, N.J. ALUMINUM & VINYL SIDING No Lower Price Anywhere! IMMEDIATE INSTALLATION Visit Our Showroom or Shop at Home Service. Save On Heating & Cooling WARRANTEE) FOR 40 YEARS Free Estimates With No Obligations Home Improvement 29 * i

104 back at a n i m a 1 Intruders Munlt* on * bomc or are by no mom tamed 10 die <r*gmc* at <mvatoct Often the mcumam Kate MOIJK term ntynx) fanrn. in fact Bmfc. (or example, may attempt to cccapy a cttuanr> or ksdft. nucc and rat» well turacsi *H!BB wajh at betwen Own. wale* nay tly mo a haitimni in lopdlaf food, ttngiag meets may build tirpe mean at an attar or enca betuod the Mdhag tf fey WHKIW gain catty. SCTBBC of tfknc promcms art merely annoying, but natural intruders can also take a devastating toll. For instance, termites only one of the many insects that are capable of disintegrating wooden structures cost American homeowners upward of half a billion dollars each year in damage repairs or in fees for profctuonal exterminators. A HOMEOWNER CAN do a good deal to thwart animal invasions. The best preventive is to seal potential points of ingress. Place window screening behind the louvers of gable vents, across vents under roof ventilators or within cupolas. Cover flue liners atop a chimney with V* inch welded mesh. Make sure that all the screening on windows, doors and crawl-space vents is in good shape. Fill in with mortar any cracks in foundation masonry, and be certain that basement windows or the doors of exterior stairwells fit tightly. To deter infestation by the various insects that reside in wood, a homeowner's first and most important line of defense is to control moisture, since most such insects focus their attacks on damp wood especially in crawl spaces around the foundation. Keep shrubbery cut back 6 to 10 inches from the house so that sunlight and breezes can dry the area. Be sure that a crawl space has at least one vent for each 200 square feet of area under DOUGLAS G. RAYNOR DISTINCTIVE HANDMADE FURNfTURE FINE QUALITY HOME IMPROVEMENTS Ktfornevole Construction ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN & PLANNING Waofla and cor a commercial and residentialdesign Atoo landscaping design, installation al masonry and excavation. CALL John E. Coppel Decks Additions Siding Carpentry Custom Homes Alterations Masonry Roofing Home improvements Fully Insured So. Brunswick Twp. MS«aw??E»*i 4a.iT''Sa:.; a"-» VALLEY SYSTEMS INC.. Your Energy Company Gas & Oil Heating & Air Conditioning Full Installation & Service Hopewell, N.J M Carp«wy rvpato *< Mn porcht. pwt deck NJ HENDON BUILDERS CUSTOM Adkfttora Altsrstions Docks For FREE Consultation Cal "WE DISCOUNT LUXURr VAUJCOVBUNGS ACCQSOMES VtOOVTMATMEMTJ MAKNB AND KDSPUADS BBJJE MEAD ROOFING All types of Roofing Leaders & Gutters Chimney flashings Talar Builders Custom Homes & Additions. Complete Home remodeling. Quality work Mrra MARKS oons o house coll to your home or office where you will receive expert odvee to enhorce your g w n. good taste This one time fixed tee visit will offer guidance m furniture placement wall, floor and fabric coverings, color selection. window treatment, related short cuts and money saving tips Mitzi Marks (609) Wtzi sees possimlties when others see limitations. July 1982

105 Ac hchnr. Ifectc opcaiutfs tfaoold be paw- IKHMCB 4*o QHME omry ponswi CTQHA wcotuafc* tia*. A MNJ floor m a bmtmett or crawl tfmx ifcoaid he cowered»idi potyrthylcne ; lo prcvcm oaomare ia cbegrouad Ec. fifj* d l«aen cftoa «o out Acy do aoi overdo*. expmed «vod All such t. of coanc. pronm rot as wdl as UkdMhood of meet tolesia- * few! Am wet OWfVf OUEATLIUES eta camy dmhk or at iani «i OWB reflection m a that the mmge n MSI To hail MKSJ wacidal afimnuon. wipe soap acrou the outside of the Windowpanes. This layer will cloud your view from the inside, but you can probably wipe oft the soap after a week or so. By then, the angle of sunlight that helped create the supposed enemy's reflection will have changed because of the sun's I shift in the sky and you and the bad can henceforth occupy your respective terntortes in harmony. When, despite all safeguards, creatures that belong in die wild move into your cmluced home, get rid of them fast. For some roaches, nts. fleas and such you can try pesticides and potion-baited traps that are available from a supermarket or hardware store, although you are likely to need the services of a-professional eiienmnatar to kill diem alt. Such all-out war is not warranted, however, when a blue jay flies in an open window by mistake or baby squirrel skitters through a door, you probably will want to employ more humane methods to get the animal out of the house unharmed. ANY ANIMAL that bumbles into your house uninvited usually wants to leave as much as you want it to. You can speed the departure easily if you act calmly. Move slowly and quietly. The intruder probably is frightened; if you seem to threaten it. the animal may attack or cause damage in its frenzy to escape. Send children and pets out of the room. Close all the doors of the room except the exterior ones. Then open all the windows from the top down if the intruder is a bird or a bat. If the visitor does not leave of its own accord, you generally can shoo it out. Remove breakables such as lamps from the room and. where necessary, shift furniture and tie up draperies to eliminate any hiding place. Put on gloves and a long-sleeved jacket never touch a wild animal with your bare hands. Then, gently waving a towel or a broom, drive : the animal out. NOT ALL ANIMAL intruders are temporary guests. Some, notably squirrels, chipmunks and field mice, may try to set up permanent residences in accessible attics or basements. Their large families must be evicted all at once or each member will return to the nest separately. To capture such animals alive, use two of three drop-door traps baited by smearing the triggers with chunk-style peanut butter, smoked bacon or melted cheese. Place the traps close to suspected entryways into the house or near the nest usually a jumble of shredded paper, fabric or bits of insulation hidden in the eaves or a dark crevice. As soon as the adults are trapped, remove the nest. If it contains young, lift nest and all place it in a large box for transport. ALL FLOOR COVERINGS CARPETING & HARDWOOD Pmsiuiteirftu REPMRS HAL KRAMER 210 Franc* Si. Htm Brunswick (201) st Quality Merchandise Lowest Prices Satisfaction Guaranteed Expertly Measured & Installed FLOOR COVERINGS Route 130 E. Windsor - Hlghtstown, NJ. SAVE YOUR THE BATHROOM EXPERTS Tgb, SWU Tile Resurfectaf He IntaHttkM Ideal for new or repaint work. ~Colonre^stant to water spotting or streaking. ^Mildew resistant on paint film for its own protection, application. Over 750 colors. NSW M V * ~ i "Ate* nd OILY w *> ready-mixed colors only Use this tough, durable finish to add fresh new color to siding on houses, mobile homes or metal sided buildings. White and pastel colors only. Deep rustic colors slightly higher. Mildew reilitart aa paint film for its on protection. i VILLAGE PAINT & WALLPAPER The Village Shopper Rt. 206 Rocky Hill Daily 8:30-5:30 SUNDAYS 10-1 FMMrgisss Tib t StnwBr Piottukm*Py Tib, Show & TUt irfftmrttag (609) M acme LANDSCAPING CO. Design & Planting Residential Commercial P.O. Box 180 Cranbury, New Jersey (609) yra. or Landscaping Experience In The Local Area.

UPDATE # 82 - CITY OF SAVANNAH B-17 Restoration January 10, 2011

UPDATE # 82 - CITY OF SAVANNAH B-17 Restoration January 10, 2011 UPDATE # 82 - CITY OF SAVANNAH B-17 Restoration January 10, 2011 Things began humming on the City of Savannah project this week as the volunteers returned in force to start 2011. Wednesday began with Richard

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PARENT S GUIDE 2016 Cub Scout Day Camp Robidoux District St. Joseph, MO

PARENT S GUIDE 2016 Cub Scout Day Camp Robidoux District St. Joseph, MO PARENT S GUIDE 2016 Cub Scout Day Camp Robidoux District St. Joseph, MO CAMP DIRECTOR: Brandi Lopez PROGRAM DIRECTOR: Christy Crouse Crafts Director: Krysta Parmenter Activities Director: Kevin McDermott

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2019 Camp Card Guidebook A Unit Leader s Guide

2019 Camp Card Guidebook A Unit Leader s Guide 2019 Camp Card Guidebook A Unit Leader s Guide Earn an ipad! Scouts who sell 1,000 cards can choose an ipad. Wow! www.gec-bsa.org Golden Empire Council Boy Scouts of America 251 Commerce Circle Sacramento,

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KENDALL COLLEGE 900 N. NORTH BRANCH STREET CHICAGO, IL KENDALL Dear Camper, Everyone at is eagerly awaiting your arrival for camp. We are finalizing the details to ensure that this is a great experience and a summer to remember! This packet contains all the

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University of Miami Medical Campus Crime Summary Report April 2013 **Tip of the Month**

University of Miami Medical Campus Crime Summary Report April 2013 **Tip of the Month** University of Miami Medical Campus Crime Summary Report April 2013 **Tip of the Month** What to do if lost The 4 Survival Skills Every Kid Should Know A lost child is a scared child, and usually their

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St. Pete Beach enews. The Official Electronic Newsletter of St. Pete Beach. March 8, 2019

St. Pete Beach enews. The Official Electronic Newsletter of St. Pete Beach. March 8, 2019 St. Pete Beach enews The Official Electronic Newsletter of St. Pete Beach March 8, 2019 POOL INFORMATION Water temp. always 82! POOL HOURS January March 31st ADULT LAP SWIM Mon: 7a-11a (11a-1p & 3-6p Tues-Thu:

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COLTS Complementary ADA Paratransit Service. Special Efforts Accessibility Transportation Service (SEATS) SEATS Trip Tips (570)

COLTS Complementary ADA Paratransit Service. Special Efforts Accessibility Transportation Service (SEATS) SEATS Trip Tips (570) COLTS Complementary ADA Paratransit Service Special Efforts Accessibility Transportation Service (SEATS) SEATS Trip Tips (570) 963-6795 June, 2016 1 Welcome to SEATS!!! COLTS provides Complementary ADA

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and led Jimmy to the prison office. There Jimmy was given an important He had been sent to prison to stay for four years.

and led Jimmy to the prison office. There Jimmy was given an important He had been sent to prison to stay for four years. O. H e n r y p IN THE PRISON SHOE-SHOP, JIMMY VALENTINE was busily at work making shoes. A prison officer came into the shop, and led Jimmy to the prison office. There Jimmy was given an important paper.

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50 TH ANNIVERSARY POLAR BEAR November 16, 2018 50 TH ANNIVERSARY POLAR BEAR To: All Bucktail Council Scoutmasters From: 50 th Annual Polar Bear Committee Planning is nearly finished for 50 th Annual Polar Bear Event. The event will

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Sandusky Transit System ADA Paratransit Service Policy and Procedures Effective August 2017

Sandusky Transit System ADA Paratransit Service Policy and Procedures Effective August 2017 City of Sandusky Department of Planning 222 Meigs Street, Sandusky, OH 44870 (419) 627-5715 Sandusky Transit System ADA Paratransit Service Policy and Procedures Effective August 2017 It is the policy

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A SPARK OF GENIUS. The Lightweight Toy Hauler EVERY TRAIL LEADS YOU HOME. A SPARK OF GENIUS The Lightweight Toy Hauler EVERY TRAIL LEADS YOU HOME. The Amped 24FQS features the rear power bed with bottom lounge providing plenty of room for everyone when it s time to hit the hay.

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Earn an ipad! 2018 Camp Card Guidebook A Unit Leader s Guide. All Scouts who sell 1,000 cards will receive an ipad! Wow!

Earn an ipad! 2018 Camp Card Guidebook A Unit Leader s Guide. All Scouts who sell 1,000 cards will receive an ipad! Wow! Earn an ipad! 2018 Camp Card Guidebook A Unit Leader s Guide All Scouts who sell 1,000 cards will receive an ipad! Wow! www.centralnccouncilbsa.com Central North Carolina Council Boy Scouts of America

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CSI: Cub Scouts Investigating VOLUNTEERS ARE NEED

CSI: Cub Scouts Investigating VOLUNTEERS ARE NEED Etiwan District Cub Scout Day Camp 2016 CSI: Cub Scouts Investigating VOLUNTEERS ARE NEED Etiwan Cub Day Camp is a Nationally Accredited Cub Scout Day Camp Operated By Coastal Carolina Council Family Registration

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Municipal Yard & Bulky Waste Policies

Municipal Yard & Bulky Waste Policies Municipal Yard & Bulky Waste Policies Bedminster Wood and Brush- Fourth Monday in April Please go to www.bedminster.us for complete policy Leaves- Last week in October through November 30th on regular

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The BUGLE CALL. News from the NCWC. February 2017

The BUGLE CALL. News from the NCWC. February 2017 The BUGLE CALL News from the NCWC February 2017 Membership The online membership has been a huge success. Keep the memberships coming in. Go online and do the forms on our website www.nwcwc.net or download

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Welcome to the Robbinsville Fieldhouse Sports & Expo Center!

Welcome to the Robbinsville Fieldhouse Sports & Expo Center! Welcome to the Robbinsville Fieldhouse Sports & Expo Center! Location. Access. Hospitality. We are Your Ultimate Destination The premier sports & expo complex is located in the heart of Mercer County.

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BOSTON MINUTEMAN COUNCIL, B.S.A PHILMONT ADULT APPLICATION DEADLINE: June 1, 2013 BOSTON MINUTEMAN COUNCIL, B.S.A. 2014 PHILMONT ADULT APPLICATION DEADLINE: June 1, 2013 From: Boston Minuteman Council, High Adventure Committee We thank you for your interest in serving as an Adult Advisor

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SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES Who We Are The American Cheese Society (ACS) is the world s leading organization supporting the understanding, appreciation, and promotion of farmstead, artisan, and specialty

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February 1, Dear Scouting Families

February 1, Dear Scouting Families February 1, 2018 Dear Scouting Families Thank you for the incredible leadership you provide to the youth of the Greater Los Angeles Area Council (GLAAC). Your commitment to our youth is greatly appreciated

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RESOURCE FOR: Hospitality & Tourism

RESOURCE FOR: Hospitality & Tourism In this unit students will have a basic understanding of hospitality & tourism, explore the relationship and impact of hospitality and tourism on society and explore related careers. Standard 4: Students

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CONNECT WITH SUCCESS! CONNECT WITH SUCCESS! SCADA CONVENTION State of California Auto Dismantlers Association No other industry event offers this opportunity to discuss California business issues and solve problems with the

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PROMOTING EDUCATION, HEALTH AND OPPORTUNITY. The Oscar de la Hoya PROMOTING EDUCATION, HEALTH AND OPPORTUNITY The Oscar de la Hoya F O U N D A T I O N Growing up in East Los Angeles, I know how important it is to keep a positive attitude and to stay focused on your goals.

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2018 ATLANTA DOGWOOD FESTIVAL Artist Market Exhibitor Information

2018 ATLANTA DOGWOOD FESTIVAL Artist Market Exhibitor Information FESTIVAL DATES/TIMES: 2018 ATLANTA DOGWOOD FESTIVAL Artist Market Exhibitor Information FRI, APRIL 13 Noon 10:00 pm (Judging begins promptly at noon) SAT, APRIL 14 10:00am 10:00 pm *Friday and Saturday,

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Application for childcare

Application for childcare Application for childcare Child s Name: To apply, please complete and return all forms contained in this packet, and a current Form 121 (Immunization form). Preschool: 601-925-KIDS After-school: 924-6500

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EXTERIOR SOLAR SCREENS EXTERIOR SOLAR SCREENS KE THE RIGHT CHOICE four important reasons to choose ke KE ENJOY the outdoors bat group: Thanks to KE s experience and strong organization, we are a leading company in the field

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activities, more opportunities to learn, grow and achieve! The public wants to help Scouts, and Camp Masters Popcorn is popular!

activities, more opportunities to learn, grow and achieve! The public wants to help Scouts, and Camp Masters Popcorn is popular! From the Popcorn Kernels Crafting An Ideal Year of Scouting Begins With YOU! Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts throughout the Council will soon be using their wits and skills to craft a bright future that includes

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2018 POLAR BEAR. December 4, To: All Bucktail Council Scoutmasters From: 49 th Annual Polar Bear Committee

2018 POLAR BEAR. December 4, To: All Bucktail Council Scoutmasters From: 49 th Annual Polar Bear Committee 2018 POLAR BEAR December 4, 2017 To: All Bucktail Council Scoutmasters From: 49 th Annual Polar Bear Committee Planning is nearly finished for the 2018 Polar Bear Event. The event will be held at Camp

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Welcome to the Arrowwood District. CUB SCOUT DAY CAMP 2015 "Planes, Trains & Automobiles"

Welcome to the Arrowwood District. CUB SCOUT DAY CAMP 2015 Planes, Trains & Automobiles Welcome to the Arrowwood District CUB SCOUT DAY CAMP 2015 "Planes, Trains & Automobiles" Day Camp Location/ Dates/Directors: Camp Berry / Findlay, OH July 20 - July 24 Camp Directors: Holly Michener &

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Check all furniture and boxes kept from previous moves to make sure stickers from those moves have been removed.

Check all furniture and boxes kept from previous moves to make sure stickers from those moves have been removed. Moving is stressful under the best circumstances, but this checklist will help you to keep things organized and under control. I know that some moves come upon you unexpectedly, so the timeline below may

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UW-W SUMMER STRING ORCHESTRA CAMPS June 21-26, 2015 UW-W SUMMER STRING ORCHESTRA CAMPS June 21-26, 2015 Dear UW-W Camper: We are very pleased that you will be joining us for the UW-W Summer String Orchestra Camp. The following materials will help acquaint

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Financial Planning Issues for New Parents

Financial Planning Issues for New Parents AKD Consultants Adam Dworkin CPA 188 Whiting Street Suite 10 Hingham, MA 02043 781-556-5554 Adam@AKDConsultants.com Financial Planning Issues for New Parents Page 1 of 6, see disclaimer on final page Financial

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AOPA s Member Guide to Being

AOPA s Member Guide to Being AOPA s Member Guide to Being If you have a driver s license and are in good health, you can be a sport pilot. That s the heart of the new Sport Pilot and Light Sport Aircraft rules that take effect September

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Westboro Tennis & Swim Club Summer Camps

Westboro Tennis & Swim Club Summer Camps 2015 Westboro Tennis & Swim Club Summer Camps My First Camp-Preschool Camp ~ ages 2-3 years Kinder Camp~ preschool & kindergarten Sports & Swim ~ entering Grades 1-7 C.I.T. ~ entering Grades 8-10 June

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are greasable that the units *Positive indexing for raising roll down the track on and

are greasable that the units *Positive indexing for raising roll down the track on and We at the Thomas family have deep roots in the Maine tradition of craftsmanship and innovation. Dale Thomas began working with steel in 1959 and for almost five decades gained extensive experience in steel

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Westboro Tennis & Swim Club Summer Camps

Westboro Tennis & Swim Club Summer Camps 2018 Westboro Tennis & Swim Club Summer Camps Kinder Camp~ entering preschool & kindergarten (3-5 yrs) Sports & Swim ~ entering Grades 1-7 C.I.T. ~ entering Grades 8-10 June 18- August 17, 2018 (508) 366-1222

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2018 HIGH ADVENTURE SECTION. SUPPORT & HELP (605) SUPPORT & HELP (605) 342-2824 reservations@blackhillsbsa.org www.mountain.blackhillsbsa.org TABLE OF CONTENTS Contents Pricing... 4 Dates... 4 Participation Requirements... 4 Risk Advisory... 4 Camp Program

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PACK DAY CAMP COORDINATOR PACKET Bug Squad 2017 Cub Scout Day Camp PACK DAY CAMP COORDINATOR PACKET Provided by the Foothills District, Atlanta Area Council June 12-16, 2017 8:30 am 2:30 pm* (*Friday camp will end at 12:30 pm) LDS Church,

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Butler Personnel Parachutes

Butler Personnel Parachutes Butler Personnel Parachutes Chest Pack Emergency Parachute System Assembly and Packing Instructions Use this manual with: General Folding and Packing Instructions for the HX & Lopo Series Canopies General

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UW-W SUMMER STRING ORCHESTRA CAMPS June 18-23, 2017 UW-W SUMMER STRING ORCHESTRA CAMPS June 18-23, 2017 Dear String Orchestra Camper, We are very pleased that you will be joining us for the UW-Whitewater Summer String Orchestra Camp. The following materials

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MADERA. European style with a flair. Dependable Durable Beautiful Elegant

MADERA. European style with a flair. Dependable Durable Beautiful Elegant MADERA European style with a flair Madera is an elegant retractable awning, designed to provide shade at your command. It opens and closes simply, extending and retracting its arms, either by a hand crank,

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F1 Rocket. Recurrent Training Program

F1 Rocket. Recurrent Training Program F1 Rocket Recurrent Training Program Version 1.0, June, 2007 F1 Rocket Recurrent Training Course Course Objective: The purpose of this course is to ensure pilots are properly trained, current and proficient

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Montville Youth Basketball

Montville Youth Basketball Montville Parks and Recreation Bringing Montville Together November 2018 Fall 2018 November Montville Youth Basketball For boys and girls grades 3 through 9.This program will involve several weeks of practices

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Peninsula Girl Scout Day Camp Policies & Information 2019

Peninsula Girl Scout Day Camp Policies & Information 2019 Peninsula Girl Scout Day Camp Policies & Information 2019 The following are policies and information of Peninsula Girl Scout Day Camp, which is also referred to a Peninsula Day Camp and Camp. Camp s policies

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City of Duncanville. Mayor and City Council. Kevin Hugman, City Manager. DATE: June 15, 2018

City of Duncanville. Mayor and City Council. Kevin Hugman, City Manager. DATE: June 15, 2018 City of Duncanville TO: FROM: Mayor and City Council Kevin Hugman, City Manager DATE: June 15, 2018 SUBJECT: Weekly Update Police Department the May monthly report concerning use of force incidents, vehicle

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CAMP OF COLORS POLICIES AND PROCEDURES 5/13/2017 (Revised) CAMP OF COLORS POLICIES AND PROCEDURES 5/13/2017 (Revised) The sole reason for the existence of the Camp of Colors is to provide a permanent facility where spiritual renewal weekends are held for the Glory

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TEAM AGGIE: TOGETHER WE ARE CHAMPIONS TEAM AGGIE: TOGETHER WE ARE CHAMPIONS As my first year as the Director of Athletics for UC Davis comes to a close, I am filled with a growing sense of optimism about the future of Aggie Athletics. Several

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WELCOME AVENUE SUITES WELCOME AVENUE SUITES Avenue Suites, part of the Modus Hotels Collection, balances the signature style and hospitality of an intimate hotel with the space and comfort of a fully appointed luxury apartment.

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SUMMER DAY CAMP JORGENSEN FAMILY YMCA. YMCA OF GREATER FORT WAYNE June 1 st - August 7 th BEST SUMMER EVER! Friendship, Accomplishment, Belonging.

SUMMER DAY CAMP JORGENSEN FAMILY YMCA. YMCA OF GREATER FORT WAYNE June 1 st - August 7 th BEST SUMMER EVER! Friendship, Accomplishment, Belonging. 2015 SUMMER DAY CAMP JORGENSEN FAMILY YMCA YMCA OF GREATER FORT WAYNE June 1 st - August 7 th BEST SUMMER EVER! Friendship, Accomplishment, Belonging. WELCOME! Dear Parent, Is your child ready for the

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2016 Camp Card Guidebook

2016 Camp Card Guidebook All Scouts who sell 1,000 cards will receive an ipad Air! Wow! www.bsa-la..org Westerm Los Angeles County Council Boy Scouts of America 16525 Sherman Way, C8 Van Nuys, CA 91406 818.785.8700 Serving the

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Methodist Church of Puerto Rico Hurricane María Recovery Volunteer Guidelines 2018

Methodist Church of Puerto Rico Hurricane María Recovery Volunteer Guidelines 2018 General: - Group size: 7 to 10 people - Group age: 18 yr. or older (18-21 yrs. will need a notarized power of attorney and Permission to travel with someone other than parents document) - No one under18

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Fall Festival. Weekends in October! For a complete schedule of events go to visitbenzie.com. Benzie County, Michigan

Fall Festival. Weekends in October! For a complete schedule of events go to visitbenzie.com. Benzie County, Michigan Benzie County, Michigan Fall Festival 2013 Weekends in October! For a complete schedule of events go to visitbenzie.com Jack-o-lantern by world famous master carver Ed Moody. Benzie County Visitors Bureau

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I Wish To Go Travel Wish Specifics

I Wish To Go Travel Wish Specifics I Wish To Go Travel Wish Specifics Disney Cruises Verify with your Wish Coordinator as to the status & wait time for these wishes prior to visiting with your wish family. A cruise is best for kids who

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TRANSPORT CANADA PROFESSIONAL AVIATION CURRENCY PROGRAM Effective: 1 April 2007 TRANSPORT CANADA PROFESSIONAL AVIATION CURRENCY PROGRAM Effective: 1 April 2007 PREAMBLE Civil Aviation Inspector and Engineering Test Pilot employees shall be provided with the opportunity to maintain

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Boy Scout Troop 61 Summer Camp July 26 - August 2, 2014

Boy Scout Troop 61 Summer Camp July 26 - August 2, 2014 Boy Scout Troop 61 Summer Camp July 26 - August 2, 2014 We encourage all scouts to attend summer camp. Camp is held at the DNR Jag Lake Group Campground near Boulder Junction, Wisconsin. This is a great

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BOSTON MINUTEMAN COUNCIL 2014 PHILMONT YOUTH APPLICATION DEADLINE: January 4, 2014 BOSTON MINUTEMAN COUNCIL 2014 PHILMONT YOUTH APPLICATION DEADLINE: January 4, 2014 (Applicants must be under 21 thru the last day of the expedition) Youth Registration will be on a first-come first-serve

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2014 VACo Achievement Awards

2014 VACo Achievement Awards Application Form All applications must include the following information. Separate applications must be submitted for each eligible program. Deadline: June 2, 2014. Program Information Locality Program

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On the final day of Camp Treppie, teams present ideas to a panel of business consultants and receive valuable feedback.

On the final day of Camp Treppie, teams present ideas to a panel of business consultants and receive valuable feedback. a 5-Day Leadership Experience for Budding Entrepreneurs OVERVIEW Camp Treppie is a five-day summer camp for youth between the ages of 10½- 14 (June 16-22) and youth between the ages of 14½ - 18 (June 25-29)

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ORBIT-Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels and Hybrids Live Swift.

ORBIT-Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels and Hybrids Live Swift. ORBIT-Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels and Hybrids-2006 ORBIT-Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels and Hybrids-2006 Live Swift. MAKE THE DAY COUNT. LIVE FOR EVERY MINUTE AND NEVER HESITATE TO EXPLORE. YOU ARE ONLY

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Community Noteworthy Report July 2010 Sector 313

Community Noteworthy Report July 2010 Sector 313 Community Noteworthy Report July 2010 Sector 313 Sector 313: July 2010: Violent Crime: 25% decrease 07/2010 vs. 07/2009 six (6) crimes vs. eight (8) crimes. Property Crime: 12% decrease 07/2010 vs. 07/2009

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Riverton Community News

Riverton Community News April/May 16 Riverton Community Association, Inc. Riverton Community News www.rivertoncommunity.com Check us out on Facebook at Riverton Community Association Inside this issue: Calendar 2 Pool free weekend/

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CAMPS BEGIN JUNE 25, 2018 HYNES GYMNASIUM CAMPS BEGIN JUNE 25, 2018 HYNES GYMNASIUM For more information, contact Mike Reddington at mreddington@iona.edu or visit us on the web at: www.iona.edu/summercamp OPEN HOUSE February 24 at 10:00 am March

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Multi-Arts Vacation Camp Calendar Arctic Expedition February

Multi-Arts Vacation Camp Calendar Arctic Expedition February Multi-Arts Vacation Camp Calendar Arctic Expedition February MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY The Journey up: hats, mittens, and scarves Bring in an empty paper towel or wrapping paper tube, an

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2018 The Friends of Two Rivers Mansion, a 501(c)(3) organization McGavock Pike,

2018 The Friends of Two Rivers Mansion, a 501(c)(3) organization McGavock Pike, NEWSLETTER Number 42 May - June 2018 The Friends of Two Rivers Mansion, a 501(c)(3) organization 3130 - McGavock Pike, President Larry Weber's Remarks - With summer around the corner, let s get ready to

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Sweet. Outdoor Kitchens. Sugar Land Homeowners Share Trends in Al Fresco Entertaining START WITH THE BASICS

Sweet. Outdoor Kitchens. Sugar Land Homeowners Share Trends in Al Fresco Entertaining START WITH THE BASICS SUGAR LAND HOMES Sweet Outdoor Kitchens The Collins outdoor kitchen boasts all the amenities of an in-home kitchen Written by Brenda Thompson Counter space is great for serving or dining Sugar Land Homeowners

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EnviroVentures Summer Camp 2018 Parent Handbook

EnviroVentures Summer Camp 2018 Parent Handbook Dear Parents, Thank you for considering camp with us! We are looking forward to an awesome summer and hope to have you join us. Our camps are full of a range of activities including swimming, Park exploration,

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Hanamint 2019 Collections

Hanamint 2019 Collections Hanamint 2019 Collections Hanamint is pleased to introduce the collections for 2019. As a leader in the casual furniture industry, our team of creative designers and craftsmen strive to bring you collections

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Diamond Crest Day Camp Frequently Asked Questions

Diamond Crest Day Camp Frequently Asked Questions Diamond Crest Day Camp Frequently Asked Questions About Our Camp Diamond Crest Girl Scout Day Camp is an all volunteer run day camp and is held at a San Mateo County park. Our camp has been in operation

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HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ISLAND LAKE NEWSLETTER SUMMER 2013 LIFE ON THE ISLAND HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ISLAND LAKE NEWSLETTER SUMMER 2013 Vol. 6 No. 2 LIFE ON THE ISLAND Ever wanted to live on an Island? Don t we all? When Island Lake was developed in 1937 the lake bottom, dam, roads,

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The Amador County Recreation Agency News

The Amador County Recreation Agency News April 2011 The Amador County Recreation Agency News 10877 Conductor Blvd., Suite 100, Sutter Creek, CA 95685 (209) 223-6349 ACRA@co.amador.ca.us Duck Race Waddle 5k & The Duck Race Inside this issue: Free

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We understand that everyone likes to party. But in order to minimize complaints from other guests and neighbors we ask you to respect the following:

We understand that everyone likes to party. But in order to minimize complaints from other guests and neighbors we ask you to respect the following: Dear Guest, Welcome to The Student Hotel! We hope you enjoy your stay with us and also here in this beautiful city. We aim to provide a first class service to all guests at The Student Hotel so you can

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PHILMONT EXPEDITION UNIT REGISTRATION FOR 2020 PHILMONT EXPEDITION UNIT REGISTRATION FOR 2020 REMINDERS: Your unit representative may enter the system anytime from October 30 thru December 2. Any unit can enter the registration system in consecutive

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Cub Scout Day Camp 2018 Leader s Guide River Bend District

Cub Scout Day Camp 2018 Leader s Guide River Bend District BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA GREATER WYOMING COUNCIL RIVER BEND DISTRICT Cub Scout Day Camp 2018 Leader s Guide River Bend District Final Draft: 1/10/2018 Online Registration available at https://scoutingevent.com/638-rbdaycamp

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Highlighted Activity for September 13-19, 2018

Highlighted Activity for September 13-19, 2018 Highlighted Activity for September 13-19, 2018 During the last seven-day period, the Police Department handled 402 service events, resulting in 85 investigations. To see a complete listing of crimes reported,

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Subject(s): Century II (aka Auditorium, Cultural Center, Civic Center, Civic Cultural Center)

Subject(s): Century II (aka Auditorium, Cultural Center, Civic Center, Civic Cultural Center) Tihen Notes Subject Search, p. 1 Dr. Edward N. Tihen (1924-1991) was an avid reader and researcher of Wichita newspapers. His notes from Wichita newspapers -- the Tihen Notes, as we call them -- provide

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Decide if you are going to pack for yourself or have the movers do it. Transfer or resign from organizations and associations.

Decide if you are going to pack for yourself or have the movers do it. Transfer or resign from organizations and associations. THINGS TO DO AFTER DECIDING TO MOVE Contact a moving company for a quote on moving costs. Unless you re given a binding estimate, the cost can vary, depending on the actual weight of items and any extra

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and backpack. Session registration closes at 12pm on the Thursday before the camp is scheduled to

and backpack. Session registration closes at 12pm on the Thursday before the camp is scheduled to 2018 Camp Handbook Camp is quickly approaching and we are happy your child will be joining us for a summer of fun! The St. Charles Park District offers a variety of camps to meet the needs of your family.

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Dial-A-Ride Users Guide UPDATED 8/24/17

Dial-A-Ride Users Guide UPDATED 8/24/17 Dial-A-Ride Users Guide UPDATED 8/24/17 NACOLG Transit P. O. Box 2603 Muscle Shoals, AL 35662 Schedule a Ride The Shoals, Russellville, Haleyville and Hamilton 256-314-0047 or Toll Free 833-314-0047 NACOLG

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Homewood Parks & Recreation Homewood, Alabama Summer Day Camp 2019 Information Packet

Homewood Parks & Recreation Homewood, Alabama Summer Day Camp 2019 Information Packet Homewood Parks & Recreation Homewood, Alabama Summer Day Camp 2019 Information Packet INFORMATION PACKET Camp Dates, Hours & Fees Registration Fee: $100 Due at Registration (Per Camper) Day Camp Sessions

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Camp DuPortail. Passport. Adventure. Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation. Camp Leader Program Guide 2019

Camp DuPortail. Passport. Adventure. Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation. Camp Leader Program Guide 2019 Camp DuPortail Passport to Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation Camp Leader Program Guide 2019 Directions to Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation Location: The Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation is located in Schuylkill

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The Standard of Excellence in aircraft charter. Stratos Jet Charters, Inc

The Standard of Excellence in aircraft charter. Stratos Jet Charters, Inc The Standard of Excellence in aircraft charter The Standard of Excellence in aircraft charter The Standard of Excellence in aircraft charter Who We Are Stratos Jet Charters, Inc. is a worldwide air charter

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FRENCH S POINT ESTATE PRIVATE WEDDING VENUE FAQS At French s Point, we provide both of our facilities to you exclusively for the weekend: - THE ESTATE - A beautiful, historic waterfront venue offers many settings for indoor and outdoor celebrations.

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Updated 07/15/ SEASONAL RULES

Updated 07/15/ SEASONAL RULES Updated 07/15/2017 2018 SEASONAL RULES Table of Contents 1. Seasonal Qualifications... 3 2. Seasonal Rates, Fees and Payment Schedule... 3 3. General Rules... 4 4. Sites... 4 5. Services... 5 6. Gate Cards...

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Case 4:14-cv WTM-GRS Document 30-2 Filed 07/30/15 Page 1 of 6

Case 4:14-cv WTM-GRS Document 30-2 Filed 07/30/15 Page 1 of 6 Case 4:14-cv-00247-WTM-GRS Document 30-2 Filed 07/30/15 Page 1 of 6 MICHELLE FREENOR, STEVEN FREENOR, DAN LEGER, JEAN SODERLIND, and GHOST TALK, GHOST WALK LLC, UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE SOUTHERN

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Black Diamond Police Department Public Information Log

Black Diamond Police Department Public Information Log Black Diamond Police Department Public Information Log 170000849 CFS-Unsecured Building Incident Address: 23500 SE 293RD PL Time Reported: 09:08:41 Time Occurred between: 08:00:00 10/22/17-08:30:00 10/22/17

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JA Business. JA Business Camps. Summer Entrepreneurship Financial Literacy Work Readiness. 1 week Day Camps 8-13 years old

JA Business. JA Business Camps. Summer Entrepreneurship Financial Literacy Work Readiness. 1 week Day Camps 8-13 years old JA Business JA Business Camps Summer 2018 Entrepreneurship Financial Literacy Work Readiness jacanada.org/london-district 1 week Day Camps 8-13 years old Campers get the JA Advantage! Junior Achievement

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CAMP SUNRISE LAKE 2019 REGISTRATION CAMP SUNRISE LAKE 2019 REGISTRATION Photo: Please attach a 2x3 photo of the camper to this application. Camper Address Camper lives with: Both parents Mother Father Guardian(s) Home Address (Street): City,

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Occoneechee Council Leaders Guide For Camp Card Sales

Occoneechee Council Leaders Guide For Camp Card Sales Occoneechee Council Leaders Guide For Camp Card Sales The Camp Card Sale The Camp Card Initiative is designed to help scouts earn their way to resident camp, day camp or summer camp. Units participating

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5,210 86,542 sq ft (484 8,040 sq m)

5,210 86,542 sq ft (484 8,040 sq m) 5,210 86,542 sq ft (484 8,040 sq m) o f n e w ly r e f u r b i s h e d e m p loy m e n t s pa c e ENTER overview A4174 Bristol Ring Road A4 to Bristol WELCOME TO THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY Keynsham High Street

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JOFair Aircraft Buyer's Checklist. Step 1: Choose the Make/Model that is Right for You

JOFair Aircraft Buyer's Checklist. Step 1: Choose the Make/Model that is Right for You Page 1 of 7 JOFair Aircraft Buyer's Checklist Step 1: Choose the Make/Model that is Right for You This is one of the most important decisions you will face in this process. The aircraft should meet your

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IMAGINE TRAVEL TRAILERS. Imagine Towing Light Without Compromise

IMAGINE TRAVEL TRAILERS. Imagine Towing Light Without Compromise IMAGINE TRAVEL TRAILERS Imagine Towing Light Without Compromise With innovative floorplans starting at 5000-pounds Imagine hits the towing sweet spot for today's medium duty trucks and SUVs. Imagine does

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Buying a recreational vehicle

Buying a recreational vehicle Buying a recreational vehicle Recreational vehicles (RVs) can give you the freedom to travel in comfort. They are surging in popularity and come in a wide range of options. But how can you figure out which

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Chicago Style Awning

Chicago Style Awning Chicago Style Awning ASSEMBLY AND INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS CAUTION: When you are opening the box keep children away. This awning frame contains sharp metal and small hardware parts. Choking hazard: Keep

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VARIOUS RESTRICTED CATEGORY HELICOPTERS Page 1 2012-14-11 VARIOUS RESTRICTED CATEGORY HELICOPTERS Amendment 39-17125 Docket No. FAA-2012-0739; Directorate Identifier 2012-SW-044-AD. PREAMBLE (a) Applicability This AD applies to Arrow Falcon

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Serving the owners and tenants of Hicks Airfield, Fort Worth, Texas (Tango 67) January-February 2017

Serving the owners and tenants of Hicks Airfield, Fort Worth, Texas (Tango 67) January-February 2017 Hicks Airfield Pilots Association FLAPPINGS Serving the owners and tenants of Hicks Airfield, Fort Worth, Texas (Tango 67) January-February 2017 Congratulations to the Nate Abel Flying Club! They recently

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General Information This brief provides general information on unclaimed property and defines some commonly used terms.

General Information This brief provides general information on unclaimed property and defines some commonly used terms. Unclaimed Property Briefs General Information This brief provides general information on unclaimed property and defines some commonly used terms. What is Unclaimed Property? Unclaimed Property is money

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Most importantly, the cars themselves broke down with great regularity and drivers had to learn to be their own mechanics.

Most importantly, the cars themselves broke down with great regularity and drivers had to learn to be their own mechanics. by Mary Butler, Research Center Director, Heritage Battle Creek By the 1920s the automobile had captured the hearts of the American people, as the lure of the open road tempted a new generation to travel.

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