Nat gain Blue Devils tennis squad reaches sectional semis. Thursday, May 20,1993 A Forbes Newspaper 50 cents

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1 Huntlngr Check the'market, sales strategies Nat gain Blue Devils tennis squad reaches sectional semis Shop, look ft listen Spending the day in New Hope, Pa. Thursday, May 20,1993 A Forbes Newspaper 50 cents Zoners wary of store sign variances Thrift shop sslo starts Saturday Tha WassTsk* SaMoa Uajua't Oonrionnwnt Shop, toasted ai 114 Bnwr 8t wl hold tia annual and dsfranos ssjs beginning 8av udsy. D a a h w l run urrtj the shop doan for tw aummar Junt S. Tht trtt shop, at tw asms location, wl D M hs#f>rtoe ) storing June swrcusjiisttiu w»i bag dty Juntl -* ' Both ahopa are open 9 im-4 pjn Tussoty^ through Saturday. Tamaques playground Tsmsquss School racentty had playground equipment instated. Thepurchaas was made poaada by P.T.O. lumhaaarf, Picnic tauaa toon wl ato bacoma a part of ttm pay Eye, ear screening Free eye and ear screenings (Mi bs gven to adubs snd ohldrsn 8s>urdey si fhs Uons Ey* ar mobss boated a* 52 Bm Qt (Caste Bootsry). Screenings writ) tsjw plsce 10 ant-2 pm when audtogm Or, Suonne OKsn «v«be on hand to Child marchers wanted for library «v. I HP UanalAaM VWHMK1 BMWI«BI rnawnonal I UDfWy* kwaaam/al chtdnjrrs department Invaaa boy and} fjsts Wnderoarder^ege a drier to march wmi tw ttnriana si Wcf a MemorleJ Day parade up, down costumes, or carry praps to smounos ttss yssfs sun> "msr vsesson issdng dub. Part* psrss must be w«ng snd stale to «M* tw psrade route. Rstfstrstton Is IsMng ptaos si tw ttmvy in the cnlcrsns copartner*. Dog bttes costly Lsst yssr dog bsss cost tw US. Posts! servtos t a 2 inwon m msdoilflmdflrttmk DIUB oounsm o^nni djobbn In employes replscernent Now thai tw waejhsr la wanning up, WeeowkJ Postrnsstsr David Oe- Franceeco wanta cuslorrwra to know tost dog blwa areaaarioua problem for letter-carriers. Accord- Ing to *m postmaster, tw postal aarvtoe routinely auea to recoup workers carperwaton ooeta. Moreover, letter carriers can sue InoTvtdusfy lor owners neglgenoe reaunng ai twir injuries. Local residents ajeo suffered because ot the attack, since al the dogs were not Impounded, tw postal servica stopped delvering me! to the Week-tone area where the incident occurred. "Quite simply," said tie postr, "accepting responsbaty for your dog means.restraining your pal when the letter-carrier makes a detvery. Ibis means keeping your pet in ttw house wtoi the doors securely shut, behind a strong fence, or on an adequate leash. As an added prevention, keep dogs away torn tw door or where the mat gsts defvered, oven If I metro keeping the dog In a separate room," Welcome Wagon meets Monday The Welcome Wagorf Club of Westfleld Is planning a new member coffee Monday at 8 pm. All area women are invited to attend this Informational meeting to team about the dub, Its organization, and activities for women and their tamffes. The purpose of the dub to to extend a welcome to al. Those o» gueara women who have resided in the area for less than two years, experienced a change In Nfestyte such as the birth or adoption of a chid, a move within the community, or occasion to seek out new Mends and actmties. Those interested In attending may caji the hostess at tor details. THE MOON) One of the directors of the WestflsU Downtown Committee (WDC) was watching over the Zoning Bond of Adjustment meeting Monday, criticizing two applications and asking board members to deny both. The separate applications concerned signs: one for interior neon signs at Super X store on South Avenue; the other, for a freestanding sign at the strip mau facing Drug Fair on North Avenue. Ray Khipple objected to both application! Markets shorten store hours TCZMOORD Major supermarket chain representatives are willing to offer advice to those who have questions about striking store hours, crossing picket lines, and fully stocked As the 13-day-oki strike involving the Pathrnark, ShopRita, Itaodtown and Grand Union supermarket chains expanded this week to include 58 more stores, the Supermarket General vice president of public affairs offered sug- "1 know it is uncornfbrtabjejbr customers, but there are always two sides to every story," said Larry Salinas, advising those who usually shop in Pathmark that "the shelves are fully stocked, and check-outs are manned by nonunion temporary workers. "I advise customers to be quiet when passing through picket lines, dont listen to anyone and Just walk into the store," suggested Mr. Salinas, also saying that due to a restraining order, oruy four picketen are allowed at any entrance. According to Mr. Salinas, supermarket suppliers and vendors will cross picket lines. Pathmark in Ganvood, normally open 24 hours, is now open 8 am- 9 pm and Sundays 8 am-o pm Foodtown on Eton Street in Westfield has reduced hours to 9 s.nv pm and is fully stocked said a manager yesterday. ShopRite in dark, normally open from 7 ajn.-midnight, has re-, duced hours to 8 ajn.-10 pm According to a representative answering the telephone Tuesday, the supermarket is completely stocked. Watchung ShopRite in Blue Star Shopping Center has reduced hours from 8 am.- 9 pm. and is also having no problem keeping shelves stocked. Foodtown in Roselle is not on strike "yet," said a manager answering the phone yesterday, and is open 8 am.-lo p.m. Talks continued this week for striking union grocery workers and the four major supermarket chains at the request of a federal mediator. Health care coverage and costs are at the center of the dispute. They want to keep downtown ambiance based on the fact that the WDCs charge is "to improve the dty we have, not to allow it to deteriorate." John Verv, the bulkier of the Super X store, asked for a variance to permit interior neon signs. Neon signs are not permitted anywhere in town. "Even though the signs are visible from the outside they are not there to attract business, but rather to create an ambiance that encourages consumers to buy," he said. The signs, he said, were merely there to direct people within the store. Mr. Knipple voiced his concern with the application. "A variance to permit neon signs would be a negative factor that would ultimately work against the activities that we are trying to bring forward," he said Board President Mary Herberkh led the vote against the application. "We don't need neon to direct us, you can GEORGE PACCIEUCVTHE RECORD Ckib '43 makes aura averyone knowa when one of the members turns 50. Thla sign gats passed from front lawn to front lawn. All dub members were bom In 1943 and either work or live In Westfleld. Club '43: not over the hill, on it fjy ANNMALPCm THE RECORD For some people was a raajy good year. Club '43, a basebal team of Wesffeld women bom in that sparking year, w l be showing their spunk Sunday at MemortaJ Field when Ihsy ptay a team of "younger "Wei get creamed." said team President Tina Leaner, a Journalism professor at WRsam Peterson coflegs. It's not exactly A League of Their Own, but ttw 21 members of Club '43 have longevity on their side. The group fast met in 1983, Ms. Lssher said, when seven Mends who were al turning 40 commiserated at lunch. "We thought. "Let's do something fun. 1 and we got some atherp lie Involved and had the fist Salad Bow* game. 'she said Team members being what they are successful, Should computers close home economics doors? By JOANNE McfAPPCN THE RECORD The Westfleld Board of Education voted unanimously to approve the allocation of almost $120,000 to purchase equipment for computer labs in its two intermediate schools, but were divided when pushed by Superintendent Mark Smith to locate those labs in home economic rooms. The placement of those labs in the home economics rooms would end speculation that home economics courses might be reintroduced into the curriculum. The board voted three years ago to cut the home economics program at a cost savings of almost $160,000. According to Dr. Smith, at the time of the board's decision, it stipulated the classrooms could not be changed or dismantled without the issue being revisited. The board will take up the matter again at its June 1 meeting. "I wish that the realities of our financial resources were such that we could provide everything," said Dr. Smith. "But they aren't It is time now to move ahead and not let those rooms sit there vacant because it is easier not to make this tough decision." Several of the board members agreed that the rooms should be dismantled. "I'm prepared to vote to proceed with using the classrooms for n computer lab while regreuuhy putting a period to the offering of home economics," said board (Plense turn to page A-3) New, simpler recycle rules Residents in Westfleld no longer have to separate and sort their recydaues Into different bins. The Union County Utilities Authority (UOIA)/Advaneed Recydng Technology Systems Inc. (ARTS) regional curbslde recycling program has begun a new co-mingled ooflection plan. Aluminum, steelain, glass and plastic can be in one container. Instead of two or three separate containers. Newspapers sttl must be bundtod separately. The program wi also begin collecting household batteries at curbside. After Jufy 1, the collection of this material wl become a state law for every New Jersey municipality. Batteries should be placed in a clear plastic bag next to the other recyciables. busy women don't playtogetherthat often. "We've had maybe ffvo games in 10 years," Ms. Lesher said. "Practices are chancy too. We decided not to hold a practice for this game, in fact, because we ware afraid we'd an get hurt before the big game." This group of women has changed a lot over the years. 'We represent many professions," Ms. Lesher said. 'Ten years ago, we were all doing different things. Today we have a professor, a therapist, a nurse, a broker, a principal, a doctor - we're NgMy educated as a group." The teem wi be wearing new shirts - a big "43" on the back and the symbol for estrogen on the front Urmea Rhodes, ex-director of the Westfleld Day Care Center and starting pitcher for the original game, wi take the mound again. Anyone sm standing after the game w«meet at the homo of original rneniber Diana McGoniojefwsomemutu^OTngratulaiionsarKlvvourKHkidno. iplish the same purpose without using neon." The board voted unanimously to deny the application. In the second case, Jonathan Shaw, owner of Boston Chicken on North Avenue in the Drug Fair mall, asked permission to construct a free-standing sign bigger than permitted by ordinance. The proposed sign measured 5 feet 6 inches by 7 feet and would list all five tenants in the mall, which is perpendicular to the street While Ms. Herberkh said there was some sense in doing this, she objected to deciding (Please turn to page A-2) Senior center costs covered? THE RECORD All of the eight members of the Town Council present at the May 11 meeting had only positive remarks about the governing body's first step towards the creation of a second senior citizens project "This is a most ingenious way of building an asset for the town," said Councilman Anthony LaPorta after members voted unanimously to approve the resolution. Councilman Gary Jenkins, who served on the senior citizen center development committee, called the town's relationship with the proposed developer a "win-win situation." (Please turn to page A-2) Budget advisers named THE RECORD Saying he is unhappy with the town's budget process, Councilman Anthony LaPorta has created a citizens budget committee and will ask the Town Council to direct the town administrator to meet with the committee to explain the development of the town's $23 million budget "Basically, the Town Council did a good job at discussing and debating the capital budget portion of the municipal budget," he said Monday. "The rest of the budget, which measures almost $22 million, they did a very inadequate job, instead just rubber-stamping what they were sent by the town (Please turn to page A-3) Council divides land at neighbor's request By JOANNE WcFAPPEN THE RECORD The Town Council voted May 11 to subdivide town-owned land on Dunham Avenue, responding to a request from neighboring residents. The council voted 7-1 to make the change, with an objection from Councilman Jim Hely. "It's easy to get 100 percent approval of our motions when we are giving away free land,"' said Mr. Hely. "This is not in the best interest of the town. A significant portion of this land will remain undevelopable now. This is a potential that we as town fathers should not be giving up." The land in question is a 4-acre lot fronting on Dunham Avenue, Grove Street, Clifton Street and Waite Place that includes more than 2 acres of wetlands. Years ago, the property was mentioned as a potential site for affordable housing, as Westfleld strived to fulfill its Mount Laurel housing obligation. "We have 100 percent consensus that the plan to subdivide this land into wetlands and three developable sites is in the best interest of the townspeople and the neighborhood, which wants to preserve the character of Westfield," said Councilman Gary Jenkins, a member of the Building and Town Property Committee. With approval of the resolution, (Please turn to page A-3)

2 A-2 May 20,1960 WMd FIiw DopartriMnfa 110-foot ladder truck ventilates a haavy tmoka condition last waak cautad by the houaa fir* on First Strati Zoners wary of approving variances for store signs (Continued from page A-l) the case until the Town Council could address the Issue through an ordinance There arc a number of similar sites in town, and if we give this one, other* will be in here pretty Out Td feel happier about this if there were rules governing these signs," the said, adding she will ask the council to address the your concern with maybe having an avalanche of ap* plications,* said Mr. Shaw. "But we have a hardship here and to penalise us until the council and Planning Board move forward is an undue burden" Mr. Shaw explained the stores are not visible from North Avenue, and that without a sign, potential customers would not be drawn into the complex. "Again I am concerned," said Mr. Knippie. "If five tenants need a sign 7 net tall, then a similar building on Central Avenue with 14 tenants will need a totem pole to list them all" The board decided to bold its decision until next month, looking for Input from the council mem- Deft " In an unrelated matter, the board deckled to delay hearing the ease of Dr. Sean Penton of Mountain Avenue who wishes to a two-family dwelling into an office building after attorneys representing both the applicant and the board debated whether the new application was substantially different from a 1982 application which was denied. If the new application is the same, said board attorney Robert Cockren, then the board cannot hear the case. "In 1962, a use variance was denied for a two-story office building," said Mr. Cockren, "and today you're here with the same use" But James FTynn, the attorney representing Dr. Fenton, argued the application is not the same because the plans for the building include a different size, different egress, and different architectural plans. In addition, he said, because the board denied that application, a 14-unit condominium was built, changing the neighborhood environment "The facts are different.and that's what you need to listen to. The facts will make or break the case," he said Whether or not the "footprint" of the building is different said board member James Kefalouius, the application asksfora use variance to permit an office building, and the office building application waa denied before. The board will allow Mr. Flynn the opportunity to prepare a formal brief on the subject and submit it at next month's meeting. Senior center costs covered? (Continued from page A-l) The town will supply the land, die developers will incur the cost of building, the building will support Itself through its rent This project will be built free of taxpayers money," said Mr. Jenkins. Under the proposal the town will authorise the use of townowned land and the developer will oversee the funding, design and building of it According to Mr. Jenkins, the building of a second senior citizen center waa included in the town's settlement in 1902 with state officials over the Mt Laurel decision requiring the town to build more affordable housing units. Earlier in the year, the Town Council hired the New York Partnership to provide technical assistance in finding a development firm that would work under the constraints of the town's wishes, said Mr. Jenkins namely that the town would provide the land, but nothing more. The selected developer, Forest City-Rattier of Ohio, has a long history of Involvement in mixed use bousing, having also worked with a variety of populations and incomes, said Mr. Jenkins. "They also had the strongest financial backing and deepest pockets," said Mr. Jenkins. "They will spend almost $500,000 doing preliminary engineering work, and if the project is a no-go, they will take the loss." While residents will have input into the design of both the site plan and building, the developer will be responsible for everything else According to Mr. Jenkins, the project will be funded by selling federal tax credits, which the developer will also administer. Although the federal tax credit program is not law yet said Mr. Jenkins, industry insiders and politicians say It is inevitable because of the federal government's desire to spark the economy. They feel that it is only a matter of time until the government will pass this law," said Mr. Jenkins. The cost of the project is estimated at $10 million and, Mr. Jenkins said, seu tax credits will fund almost 50 percent Other funding sources include using the existing reserves from the first senior citizens center, and various mortgage and construction loans which would be paid off through rental fees on the units. 'The developer wishes to build a showcase model in Westfleld that he can show offtoother municipalities, and gain business recognition for it," said Mr. Jenkins. They looked to Westfleld, said Mr. Jenkins, because its first complex is currently ranked No. 1 in the state in terms of management and conditions. Keep in touch Tho MtosMoM Rocord -is your oommunfcy newspaper. We want to hear about the functions going on in your famty> your cmc group, or your church. We welcome press releases, plmtographs, tottors to (he editor, ments, weddings, anniversaries, births, sports news, and any other items of general Interest When sending a press release to 77» Weslfhkf Record, please Include the name and phone number of a contact person In case adosjonsi ihuiiudon is nooooa. noleases can be typed or neatfy handwritten. We are happy to accept and print photographs of people and clubs making news In Westfleld. Photos taken with a 35mm camera are best, whme Polarolds genera*/ dont reproduce wel in the newspaper. Please try to make sure that every face in the photo is at least Hie size of a dime. Information can be sent to the Westfleld Record, 102 Walnut Ave., Box 626, Cranford N.J , or, you can simply drop off information at a special drop box In the West- Held Y, 138 Ferris Place. News must be submitted by noon the Monday before publication in order to be considered. Additional questions can be directed to Ed Carroll or Bob SulKvan at Car owners report vandalism, thefts MayH Three Efen Sfeaet residents reported damage to their can hi sap*. ounng me oay. and Ronald Bakw rs> w cam ware parked at tie Mn bar JVC and damagedtothe door lock whsa May 18 Annur GoDnwt of Fkat Slrest raported ha)car phonesmsntom his car parksd at Na issjdsnos some* ante during t» night Enby was gained by smashing tw drivers side window. Pattojs Tempid of Trinky Place reported her ojmare ana window unman sonibbnie ounng n regm Ensjy was not gained. May 13 The ownere of Undaman Buick on North AMsnue reported fie fist. Police log of hub cape to several nsw and used cars psitad on thek lot Poiot are stm bwsdioseriq. May 12 noomx MBMsy or nossss r a n was arrested and charged wan driving on the revoked 1st alar polos 1 him for otter motor vendt SpringMd Avenue and Wood- $775 bai. Mayii Lord & Taylor security arrested VMO womsn tor srapsiwig si esper rate Incidents. At noon Audrey Garbar of Crantoid was charged by VWBDMKJ OOKjm piu FaJspflsMQ On her own raoogneanoa. Am Paand released on $275 bai. lawhw m wwta«11wdimb Hd NEW CONSTRUCTION SPECIALIZING INM ADDALEVELS DORMERS CUSTOM HOMES SIDING ROOFING DECKS GA$H in on your GARAGE * REPLACEMENT WINDOWS RENOVATIONS GARAGES EXPERIENCED, PROFESSIONAl SERVICE i t Fire Friday First Street Westfleld Urn Department utilized its 110-foot ladder truck Friday to ventilate the haavy smoke condition caused by a housefireat 545 first St There waa extensive damage to the second floor of the one-family dwelling; but all oocupanta of the house were able to get out of the building due to the quick thinking of the owner's daughter who alerted the rest of the family. When the fire department arrived, there was fire coming from the rear windows and a heavy smoke column billowing out the second and third floor windows. Fire suppression was quickly carried out due to the fast response and the ability of the department to gain access to the upper stories of the home with the ladder truck, May It Westfleld Senior High School - trouble alarm 500 block of St Mark! Avenue - interior alarm Edison Intermediate School - larm activation May block of Oak Avenue furnace malfunction 1300 block of Boynton Avenue - alarm malfunction 400 block of Beechwood Place - suspected lightning strike 600 block of South Avenue W. - alarm activation due to lightning 100 block of Mountain Avenue - Damage to the house caused it to be uninhabitable. The Westfleld Red Cross was called to the scene by the Fire Department to oiler assistance to the home owners for temporary relocation. Cause of the fire as determined by a preliminary investigation was an electrical short The Fire Prevention Bureau will continue the investigation. In other fire department busidislodges residents I Fire log alarm activation duetopower ure WestfleM High School - alarm 300 block of E3m Streetactivation due to power failure 000 block of Fairmont Avenue & suspected lightning strike S 100 block of East Broad Street alarm activation due to power fajt ure ^ 200 block of Prospect Street}* telephone wire down J* Jefferson Elementary School 4 alarm system activation S 200 block of Prospect Street C tree down *J 100 block of Harrison Avenue Sjtree and wires down ** 100 block of Lincoln Road - and wires down \ 1000 block of Central Avenue 5* auto accident < 400 block of Bast Broad Street+ oil spin :< 600 block of North avenue W. tree down on car ; Mayll *: 700 block of Highland Avenue^ system malfunction «; 400 block of North Avenue W.y emergency medical call *', MayU ; Westfleld High School - troupe alarm *' 400 block of North Avenue W.- activated alarm MayU 100 block of Fairhill Drtvt - assist police 500 block of First Street - house fire BOO block of KUnbtll Avenue - lockout kj.a, iw,, SUER PROGRAM AT OAK KNOLL June 28-August 20,1993 Odk Knoll Summer Proqram /I.JS expam/ec/ its offennqs to include proqram*; foi nurfriio sc/)oo/-<ic/e students (entering c/r ( jf/os ft 9) I Academic Enrichment I Day Camp I Extended Care I Hiking/Camping I Leadership Training I Sports Clinic Call for brochure 908/ To place your ad, call Westfleld Record- 2nd-5th, math & reading Co-ed 3 yrs. old - 5th grade Co-ed : all ages AM/PM Co-ed 4th-9th grades Co-ed 6th -9th grades Co-ed 6th - 9th grades Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child «4 BtoMum toad Sumnw. New Jm«y OWi Girls only When you advertise your garage tile in Forbes Newspapen* CUiiifiedi, you'll get EVERYTHING you need to make your sale profitable. FREE AWARD-WINMNG KIT* G100 bright yellow price itickero C two address signs with arrows Cap sheet on how to run the sale O coupon for free Veather proof" ad in case of rain CUSTOMERS When serious Garage Sale hunteri plan their weekly buying route, they use Forbes Classifieds. Forbes Classifieds is read by 400,000 readers throughout all of Central Jersey. Your ad will attract buyers from Wcstficld to Branchburg and Bedminster to Belle Mead Forbes N E IV S P A P E R S 'Won flnt placa at Naw Jsrsay Pr«s Assoc

3 flay 20,1993 WeetfteM Cub Scouts from Dtn 6, Pack 79 llva It up In call at Kenlhworth pollca headquarters. Kenilworth cops rescue Scouts THE RECORD ' Kenilworth police locked up" seven Westfleld Cub Scouts lot week. Well, not nelly. In feet, if it were not for the Kenilworth Police Department, Weatfleld Cub Scout TftopTO, Den 0 would still be wondering how they were coin* to earn their Bear faedgei by the end of this month. It all started when den mothers Helen Leong and Laura Kramer found out the Wwtfieki Police Department was under renovation and was not able to help the 0- year-okfti in their pursuit of the coveted safety badge. Meanwhile, Cub Scout Justin BeHottl bemoaned the tragedy to his dad, who decided to we (Continued from page Arl) subdivision application goes to the Planning Board for ion. The application dividing the tract with a northern section near jrove Street and a 1.4-acre section on the southern end near Clifton Street The town wouldretaincontrol of the 2.7-acre tract of wetlands in the center. NEW JERSEY BOTANICAL PLANT SHOP NOW FIEAD ihmrth would help out Vlnny Bellotti, who operates a business in Kenihvorth, had no problem securing the help of borough police who willingly gave almost three hours of their time last Wednesday to help the Cubs earn their badge. The seven Cub Scouts, led by Kenihvorth's finest, Capt Donald Tisch and Detective Richard Dolph, found out all the ins and outs of how a police station operates. Included in the learning experience was the art of fingerprinting, how a breathalizer test for drunk drivers operates, how to make a "wanted" poster, and a close examination of the guns used by police. But what really impressed the nine year old scout troop was seeing what it was really like to be behind bars, which borough police made sure the scouts saw firsthand. After doughnuts and soda, a question and answer period took place with scouts answering public safety questions posed by the two police officers to test their knowledge. Then the youngsters left. However, the venture has had some lasting effects. According to Mr. Bellotti, Justin requested a return trip to the Kenilworth police department because he had not seen a "shoot out," and everyday since has asked, "when can we go back." The den includes Justin Bellotti, Brian Clancy, Robert Daurio, Danny Kremer, Alex Leong, Bryan Codes and Matt Leitz. Spring Is In Full Bloom at Beautiful ECHO LAKE PARK In Nearby Mountainside, New Jersey Come Experience The Enjoyment Of A Boat Ride On Echo Lake In One Of Our Brand New 2 or 4 Seat Pedal Boats, And Be Sure To Visit Our Newly Renovated Snack Bar Adjacent To Trie Boat Rental Area. Ask About Group Boat Rentals &. Lxdtlng Birthday Party Ideas Open 7 Days a Week (Weather Permitting) Now Through September Please Call For More Information or Advisers named to review budget (Continued from page A-l) administrator." Mr. LaPorU has asked four residents with a variety of experience in both public and private industry to review the budget and come back with recommendations for cost containment measures. They are Peter Gould, Jeff Scheininger, James Foerst and Julie Tarr. "They are a bipartisan group of people comprised of business owners and residents with financial savvy and government experience," said Mr. LaPorta. Mr. LaPorta's criticism or the town budget forced him to vote against Its adoption at the May 11 council meeting. He objects to the way the town buys insurance. "The way this town buys insurance is not the most efficient or competitive, and it is costing the taxpayers a lot of money," he said. Besides salaries for employees, insurance is the second largest budget appropriation, he said. Mr. LaPorta also objects to longevity raises, raises given to employees who stay with the town more than five years above and beyond their customary raises. "We have some employees, who because they have been here for a number of years, are receiving 14 percent raises," he said, pointing to Town Administrator John Malloy as an example. That's just unheard of today." "I'm in favor of bonuses that are based on productivity. That'* a good investment But Tm against paying a portion of someone's salary, just because they didnt leave," he said. According to Mr. LaPorta, the council spent very little time discussing the operations portion of the budget, instead allocating it* time in determining capital Improvement projects. The result, he said, was that the town council "rubber-stamped what the town administrator sent us without trying to cut it down at all n Should computers close home economics doors? EXPERIENCE YOGJ* Nicole Summer Program Starts Week of June 1st Open Hous* 8aturd«yt 1-4 P.M. NICOLE'S YOGA CENTER. INC. ( Owwood M North Av«. (Continued from page A-l) member Melba Nixoa "We need to move forward with the more pressing need of including technology in our curriculum." But many of the parents in the audience objected. "There is not a parent in Westfield who would not support a computer program, but it shouldn't be an either-or situation," said Catherine Merchant of Dorian Road. Dr. Smith explained the choice was not between computer technology or home economics, but the question was whether the board had any inclination to return home economics to the curriculum, and if not, would they vote to allow that room to be used to locate the computer labs. It was his recommendation to strike home economics from the curriculum forever. New board members, including Eileen Satkin and William Sweeney, asked the motion be tabled so they could review the discussions of two years ago when the original decision to kill the home economics program was voted on. The motion was approved with board President Susan Pepper, Susan Jacobson, and Michael Fox voting against the postponement All fares an&s&uw bawd on round-trip purahsm. U.S. Chicago m*119 Ft. Lsuderdale Los Angeles Orlando San Francisco <ai«n*2b0 Frankfurt London Madrid Munich Paris LATIN Cancun Cozumol Managua Mexico City Veracruz (smtam Continental UCC summer credits go a long way. (VMmi'234 <n»466 S, ^ (t '103 ()'196 (ONMl'275 (*'218 7/1WD ()'253 OPEN 7 DAYS LIL' DEUCE COOP 8 Pieces of freshly Cooked Chicken Single order of fries or mashed potatoes and a 1/2 Ib. of salad. ONLY *7.99 Free Money Management Seminar How to make the most of expiring CDs Before you renew your CD at what may be lower interest rates, come to our free seminar which will explain some more rewarding possibilities such as: GNMA and government-backed investments Tax-free municipal bonds Mutual funds Date: Monday, May 24, 1993 Time: 7:30 pm Speaker: Carl Sadler, Dean Witter Intercapital Place: Scotch Plains Public Library Admission is free but seats are limited. Reserve your place today. (908) }) DEAN WITTER Ask for Miko Nemeth C tm Den WKta Rtyrafck Inc. Monbtr SIFC. -Westfleld Record- Our colleges are miles away, but we're at Union County College earning summer credits -- credits that are accepted by hundreds of colleges and universities. Union County College has affordable tuition and summer courses in a wide range of subjects. Day and evening classes meet Monday through Thursday, so every weekend is a long one. Whatever your plans are next fall, spend your summer at Union County College. Classes begin May 24th. union COUNTY COLLEGE 1033 Springfield Avonuo. Oianford Cranlorci riu'nboth Plmnfjold (908) We're your college.

4 A-4 Commentary ill Hits & misses Mixed blessings of perennial and annual varieties bloom like flowers and pollen HIT - Fanwood has managed to put together a $6,150 Small Business Administration loan and $2,000 of local taxpayer funds to plant triple the number of trees it normally does each year in the downtown and rail station area. Forty-one pear and dogwood trees were added to the townscape. MISS - Too many other towns did a lot less ranging down to nil in this area of community improvement that is relatively inexpensive, yet literally a daily morale booster and town enhancement. HIT - The township committee and the board of education in Cranford have signed a formal agreement by which they will strive to share services and goods in the name of economy and their common taxpaying constituency. The scope of the pact may seem a bit halting, but it's a vitally important and positive first ;step. MISS - Too many other towns have yet to 'formalize joint purchasing of goods and services with school boards, or other towns and schools in their region. Town and school board treasurers should collaborate on an annual report to the taxpayers on such efficiencies to show taxpayers how they have been spared a few bucks. HIT - High school senior proms are creating: a symbolic nigh point of excitement and rite of social passage for students on the threshold of their adult lives. The music, the can, the locations and the prices are alien to certain older prom veterans, but at least the spirit of the milestone occasion lives on in familiar form. A tip of the hat, too, to all those tireless and devoted parents, faculty and administrators who work to offer prom goers a safe, post-prom party environment as an alternate to heading to the shore, mountains or city. MISS-The wrenching concern that a few of the prom goers will overdo it and expose themselves to physical or legal harm, Cranford High School felt it necessary to issue a public statement setting forth rules and procedures for prom day and night HIT - The care being taken by the Kenilworth, Garwood and Westfield planning boards in reviewing traffic impacts of proposed major new supermarkets on North Avenue astride the Westfield-Garwood border and on Market Street (of all places) in Kenilworth. MISS - The temptation of ratable-starved local governments to underrate long-term problems embedded in such proposals. MirV Y wins gratitude of Rec Commission To the Record; The Westfield Recreation Commission would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank the Westfield Y executive director, Stan Kaslausky, assistant director, lisa Christian, and teen director, Glen MacAfee, for their cooperation and assistance with the commission's Teen Center during the 'construction phases to the municipal building. ', The Teen Center, which opened in September 1990 Jand operates out of what was once known as the iwatenuk Room of town hall, was the result of many [community organizations combining efforts for the jsame common goal to provide a safe, supervised, isocial gathering facility for high school teen-agers. {During the first year and a half of operation, the average participation at the center equalled 100 teens. With such a positive influx of teens it was the objec- Jtive of the commission to expedite options in order {not to allow this program to wane during the con- r Inquiry on early Hessians ^To The Record: I am currently researching Hessians, who arrived in New Jersey between 1850 and I am planning to write a book about the lives of these immigrants. To heap me in this search, I am asking descendants of twee immigrants for photocopies of letters, diaries, nfwwpapcir clippings, official documents and other Trenton State Cosage Trenton, NJ struction renovation. On Friday, March 6, the Y officially opened its doors to the Recreation Commission and Joined together to strive to offer substance-free programs. Without the assistance and cooperation of the Westfield Y*s professional staff, this program may have been forced into a hiatus. Friday, April 30, marked the return of the Recreation Commission Teen Center to the municipal building for approximately 65 high school teens. Although it will take several weeks to gain momentum, a safe, supervised social alternative is available due to the cooperation and assistance of our friendship with they. The teen center is open Friday evenings from B-ll pjn. For information on this substance-free alternative, please contact the Recreation Commission at Fouratte memorial fund To The Record: Friends of the late Melissa Fouratte, former teacher of ancient and medieval history at Edison Intermediate School, have begun a memorial fund in her honor. Melissa Fouratte died June 13,1M2. She had been retired for 10 yean after having taught for more than 40 years in Westfield. Anyone wishing to contribute to the fund, which will buy history books and a plaque with Melissa's name for the library at Edison, please send checks made out to Fouratte Memorial/Lynn Zlobro and send it to me at Rootvelt Intermediate School LVNN; Benign up-line slows pollution BTJDCUnVK DUUCIOIt Over tw last tow years, e i stt jaa»matbab»jb»ab»taaj.ab^aaaa4kaaamaaah aaa^aataabai* awaaaaii Bak^aaaaaaBk a^aabaaaamdaa aabaakaaaak aafe^aatw ronrnerbb preaeceon poscy nss osen aveng pwos, DOTI m Ms stow we're in and In WsaWmjlun. The Is to -«. «vv A BaaaBk avaat BHlBBdBaBaBfe awa\4 aaai BBIBBBBIBBW aaaaaffajai BaBaaBBBBBB BR^HaaVftialBaBk a u *aw_ G^aWfr UiB^P ^JB JaavvTaraaaar esarw BYB^BBBHaTaTaaiaMaTavBfl BaYaBB^Baf BBSwaTfl^BKaaaJv vswaaaaf* The at* away ton old arrtoftw ppe potulon aba%a^bab^bba1vmkavmahs BBBI avhi aabb, BBB. BBriaBaaH BBBh 4^BaaVk aaababbaibvabafebbaakabbk abvaaaasj a^kaalk JaaaadSkaM adbbbrrpjra OUB ai pen «* eiv rmbbbbon nai w san» ostoh up. For ekarnpie, ss soon aa cattytc ccnvarten tut tw load of Junk in tis a* dunl dbnmsh. T h r w w appjoaoh hss bssn dubbed pamon pn> venloni And K nwhe eanae. A oood wsmpls Is tw Isad one of Iw) osnfes twnws Is to iprausmsby thmng tonontaio riwwrws. flt^bb^bbh^bl ^ ^ BBW^BL B W A a^ababi^hja^bk^b^bi abata^ak^saaaaab^ BBai m alba^abi aaaabbmau ababfeabbai alah. some of iw DiMnsasss aveasa oy ne new regtaav jm aaaaaibi.abkabkabbbaaabbwaaabaam^bi tawabb absrik^haaual. >*aa*babfei abaababa^aaataaalam aaaawaaab aaafal sons sre ooinpabrang nai ooseohoap recyano snoua be tw answer. This Is a tecrnotogy ^ ***h neity.aaalwaabbaklababbabai aaaaaabk ababrfaaaaaaai alaabaawj uataawabm am, aamabbm aaffaambaw aawamaamt a*bbb«bk otmmkmi ar* raoouawa wanjn a nwruaaxauntiq pro- OSM, and twe do nol enter ttw avmranrntnl Maybe In some) ewavioss twrs e good Mse, but oaps of minute amounts of towos Is kw*ttjbw. So ate soddentbi remember Bhcpaf? 9anoe kenaport of toric nrwlerms k> yg be woapiact p ie needed at tw beginning, g even aoddent I rtcydng It obvtoua. k Better poseue, tw tlead w mveet somton of VI HsJiagi la at or M dofrt know enough to rmfca rot SN* ere ajesbjpbbbhbebbbv va^vtaaaf v«vvaabbi BBTV aaabbbbflaaapv/*bj V^FSBW ear veabbnibb BflBPS* ample, twtaw we know dot _ " " "" a* we are M on tw edge of learning how tuly dangeroue ITKHS7S aubapadee can be. Ths way to eone tw Drobwrn was to Uetod among dtodn's lowmevel «iecjs are darnsga to ww immuna ayatern, raproducew lundfone and Isavnlng twre wont be mont lead, ftatksona. We may have some answers soon; eoisnobms m^4^ ask ^^^ a at tie US. Envwxjnrnentai Proleclon Agency are n> tonnumtons, not si u y g essrcmrkj dkufei now. as wsl as Improvwj auto design, have 9OW7WBB UnOW BTBB Wa> Wai DMT DS flbto to MSSSB Mi R Is none loo early, far sdanoa now tiatsubse tw 7O,0OOpJue crwmfesk now In uss; There are Justtoo learning deebmea ara amocmsd wan tny smoumt of' msny. And Just tw* how rrww oantmwtank* <*mribed In cmtten's nsryous eyeteme. TMs lah addfcn to twwatfcnowft brain danage torn larger doass of lead. Bui tw nm*atc answer les not kt me Nji uepenmen or tnwonrnenm notscson an amounli of money and Mnw In euoh Energy hss Just come out wttt some ragubsone to put know enough to document serious wamuettna) of It priuton prewenton program into itohawefcwwraperoavione. jassemblyman Bagger assails governor's deceptive bonding MCHAWDH. ^ASSEMBLYMAN & Bond news rarely leaves the financial pages of the newspaper. But during the past month, bond underwriters, financial consultants and bond deals have ^oeen front and editorial page news. < Journalists have questioned the web woven between bond underwriters, financial consultants and Jthe Florio Administration, wondering whether cam- paign contributions by the underwriters or use of Guest essay ihe "politically correct" financial consultants resulted Jn lucrative contracts with the State. I None of this speculation need occur if legislation I em sponsoring (Assembly Bills 1199 and 2276) are enacted.! A-1199, which I introduced in March of 1992, would Create the New Jersey Review Board, which would authorize and oversee the issuance of state debt The reason for this bill it simple: in the past four yean we have watched the Florio Administration rely more and more on financial gimmicks to pay the state's bills. Nothing has been sacred; even the state's highways were for sale. But the gimmick of choice has been to float bonds to pay for operating expenses. Make no mistake about this. Selling bonds is simply borrowing money; this Administration has sold a lot of bonds and, thus, borrowed a lot of money. This practice violates a fundamental principle of fiscal responsibility: that long-term debt, in other words borrowed money, should never, never be used to pay operating expenses. Yet this is exactly what state government did in 1991 and what many municipal governments have been forced by the state to do since then. Over the past 10 years, New Jersey's annual debt service has more than doubled, from $189 million to well over $400 million. Last year alone, the Administration agreed to 85 bond issues totalling $6.5 billion. This now confers upon New Jersey the dubious distinction of having the second highest state debt among the moat densely populated states. In fact, New Jersey's debt service is now double the national average* Consider Just one fiscally irresponsible deal In 1991, the State "told" part of IBS to the Turnpike Authority, The Turnpike Authority Issued bonds to purchase the road, and then raised tolls to pay for the bonds. The bottom line? In order to pay operating expenses, the State sold the Turnpike a highway, and the taxpayers were stuck with expensive debt and higher tolls to pay off 19 years debt service for a single year's operating budget But this is only part of the story. Lost amid the clutter of state government was a particularly irresponaible piece of legislation devised by the Florio Administration. Even though the non-partisan staff recommended against H, the Fiscal Year Adjustment Bond Act was enacted in The Justification for this measure was to allow local govemmenu to change their budget year to coincide with the state's budget year. (Many municipalities run on a calendar fiscal year, while the State operates on a July 1 to June 30 fiscal year.) In order to do this, however, municipal governments had to somehow find the money to operate during the she months of transition from the calendar year to the state budget year. The answer chosen by the Administration was to require municipalities to sell bonds to cover their operating expense* The result was that many towns and dties across New Jersey racked up needless debt The onry people who profited were the bond underwriters, consultants and lawyera. Assembly Bill 2278 would end this irresponsible practice by prohibiting municipalities from borrowing any further money under the Fitcal Year Adjustment Bond Act I expect these two measures designed to reform state and local borrowing to be acted upon during the coming months. A-1199 has passed the Assembly and awaits a vote in the Senate. A-2278 awaits consideration by the Assembly. The bond industry may not like these bills, but the taxpayers of New Jersey will, as we reduce the debt that they and their children will have to pay In the yean to come. ErfCwroN UmoMm Edlto Bmnot Barren Dan* Cotoman MHw Daak Brian P. DunlMvy Robert Qafcfflon John GwwNI PauH InorMtfa Chrto JonanMn Barbara Mtndoza WlNamMoor* Crwryt Mouton Hrfil Brad Davd B Rfal On Bray Fran Hodidey Oanarai Manaaat Mwe Pate Lori* RUMO Bob SuWwi Susan vttonlj Jim Wright OmpMoa: Barry Flumpia Sparta: Allan Conover David Sknlnoff Jaff Hanay Sporti Anfpmi Uaa Johnson Lynda Koch Unda LaBoauf Lawranoe Mron Doug Baimi ClanfM Mvartlilna Manae* Donna Alpaugh Dors Olbcraon Krlaln Banaiioh ChrMrw Hanto RUIKII Du-Boii Carfoa HirMni EDITORIAL Bob SuWvan Managing ElMof ADVFRTISING rop Kudtk Ivy Charmatz Lori Scanlon Photography: Sharon Wilton Diana Mafllanl Qecrga Pacdallo Augusto ManazM Copy Oatk: Dava Allan* Rosalia Groat Evafyn Hall Lanca Oibom Donna Prtffar Mary Rsimondo Donna Scharnlkow Las Hopkins Joyca Must) Connie Manonsy Charyi Fanaha ChM Copy EMor Jack Duwttag Charlaa Evaratt Mnx McCloud PhyNit Ractui Unda Oargtuto JW BlaefcMga AdvttiMng Hap) I Orapnfea: Nancy Langysl JM Slmonaur KaWy Zulle Tstaphon* S*IM Managat Jana Staahla Dorli Stngtavlch TheWsstfield Record FORBES NTWIPAKM, A MVWON OF FOUBEB MC. Th«WaaHMd Ranrd M puuthad waamy by Forbae Nawipapara, A Dhnston of Forbst Ine VMnui Ava., Caanlofd NJ O7018.Saoond Claaa Potato* pam at Cranterd NJ 0701t, POSTMASTER: plaaat aand addraai ohawgaa ID Forbes Nswtpapar*. FuNHnMni OMoe. PO Box 757, BadmkMtir, NJ 07»21 To MibMribt cal: 1-SO0-300-B321 Crwrtee A. Lyone.Mdooton 8. Forbee, Jr. J n CM«y BUN* M. Owla MkM PUW Nerfe Dhaotor at WMiaffl wesviovwi» Eddo. Write Us: 102 Walnut Ave. Cranford, NJ Rob Pain* of Phone:(908) % FAX:(908) fl Judhh Brenner Qaorga Cotgt Jr. Anhur Carwimo Roy Hapfcina OtoraCtman Uaa KbMHe Ooroon Dtvtei Fred Hoiub Estiar nelmllngar Soon Rowfcmot ChrMna Adamloo Elaine BuokaJew Kim Striba Ertc Wrg Jamae laroia Joam Larua-TImm Martyr. rmmum MtoScMoerra CIHCUL AflON Kacan Wahh Mankjar M Burfct Arta* Canae Juan Floraa Thomas Oenvy Patar Hoaako ONb Jmenz Naaf McQInlay Arrttwny WWaman Buttnata Oftee Managar VKM Muccnlaao Qlen hbyer Norman Robem Laura Rttiaraon Ana Rodrlguu Emma Antwny Sophie Baron AHca Bird Bally Black Victoria Bombexh W y DJ DaJgafd Anna Jactoon Uvo KrtlewiM Tom McComkA Juadna Malava Qfadata Pa/do H. (itnfral OFf-ICF OanH* Wagnar Atan toyden Marymn Mann John D*A«Mm Lawrame Sputah Henry WNtnore Oebom 7ag»ert Ed«wvd Tarbox Torgsraan Judlti Sana Helen Zaelaboyto Dougtai Mkwd KaiMaan Ctartt Credit Manager Joan Phoenix Janet Roieta imriofi

5 May 20,1993 Legally speaking ; Cindy Millar, deputy attorney gatwral of New Jersey, visits Diana Collins 1 fourth gratfa at Jstfaraon School, whert tha entire class participated In an unrearaed judicial case of Hansel A Qretal. Posing whh Ma. Miller are Adam Felnbarg, judge; Jacob Roasnstein, prosecutor; Jonathan Rolna, policeman; Ellen Bernstein, Graftal; Katharine Dobson, lawyer, Gavin Shulmsn aa dad, and Michael Sawlckl sa Hanael. Armyto camp at Miller-Cory The Miller-Cocy House Museum, 614 Mountain Am; WestfieM, will feature 18th century army camp life during Sunday's open house 2-5 pjra The last tour will begin at 430. The Hallada family of Westfield. wiu explain life during the American Revolution when families often traveled with the soldiers. The various uniforms will be discussed as well at the role of women in the Fashion show -v Revolutionary War army. Open hearth cooking will take place in the Prazee building where Donna Hoel and Mary Lynn Meissner will use recipes and techniques or the period Costumed docents will guide visiton through the 1740 farmhouse, ariginauy part of a 100-acre farm purchased by Samuel Miller. The Cory family owned the house from 1784 until the early 1900a. Both Marianne Sawlcfcl, a first grade teacher and ona of tha eeven parent/teacher modela from Jefferson school, poses with Sara Mlndal, co-owner of Sarsml, whose clothing waa featured at tha achool'a recent fashion show held at L'Affsirs. There were 120 at the event where more than 80 prizes donated by local merchanta were awarded. AND Let A Trained Professional Control Your Insect and Disease Problems Hemlock Woolly AdelgkJ Inch Worms Caterpillars > Lyme Desease Ticks & Fleas lie. Pro! ton* AppMcalow - FuHy tnaured CM Now For A Prno Estimate (201) Attention CD Owners! Are You Frustrated With Your 3% CD Rates? A FREE Report Reveals The Simple, But Little Known Secret To Beat The Miserable Rates You Get From The Bank. Call , 24 Hours, For A FREE Recorded Message, To Get Your Copy Of The Report Your Banker Hopes You Never See! were selected on the basis of academic achievement, character, leadership and financial need. Four-year College Woman's Club scholarships were awarded to Soo Yon Chun and Michelle Maraffl. SVeshman grants were awarded to Elizabeth Getz and Heather Pusich. Lannl Harris received the Walter Campbell Memorial Grant The Katharine Heywood Jaruzelski Memorial Grant was awarded to Najat Ibrahim and Allyson Luck was the recipient of the Merck Community Relations Award. Soo Yun Chun, daughter of Yong Sung and Young Joo Chun, will attend Cornell University. Soo Yun has maintained distinguished honor roll status throughout her high school career. She is a Rutgers University Presidential Scholar and won awards in the National Latin exam. She is the first violinfamilies can be traced to Long Island. The gift shop contains a selection of books on the Revolutionary War period phis maps, crafts, and a cutout model of the Mffler-Cory House. The museum is operated by volunteers. Member are offered varied opportunities such as participating in a school outreach program. For more information call Woman's Club names officers at luncheon GFWC Mountainside Woman's dub. Inc., held its installation luncheon. May 10, at the Chanticler Chateu, Warren, and installed Mrs. Jouett Blackburn, Mrs. M. Dudkk, Mrs. Hugh Giordano, and Mrs. Eugene Rodgers. Co- ; Mrs. Victor PfcrrettJ. First President; Mrs. Armand Sargenii, Second Vfc* President; Mrs. Pascal Esemplare, Recording secretary, Mrs. Joseph Ganri, Coreesponding Secretary ; and Mrs. Matthew J. Burvett, Treasurer. Trustees are Mrs. Charles Shomo and Mrs. Eugene Rodgersinstalling Officer will be Mrs. Michael Sgarro. Serving as chairman of the day will be Mrs. Paul Mocha The program will feature Banjo Joe Dougherty of Maple Shade, NJ., a banjo/vocalist and humorist Reservations can be made with Jeanne Blackburn at no later than this Friday. Membership information can be obtained by contacting Georgette Bengue at A delegation of the club attended th 99th Annual NJSFWC Convention at the East Brunswick Renaissance Hotel. Members of the Mountainside Woman's Club completing terms of the State Board are Mrs. Donald F. Hancock, Third Vice President and Membership Chairman and Mrs. Henry Bosman, Continuing Education Division Chairman. m^* A-5 College Woman's Club awards seven grants and scholarships The College Woman's Club of Wectfield has awarded two fouryear scholarships and five freshman grants totaling $12,600 to seven members of the 1993 Westfield High School graduating data. The presentations at the annual meeting and scholarship dinner Tuesday, May 11. at Echo Lake Country Club marked the club's 76th year offtind-nisingforscholarships. Recipients of the awards istand rtrnaster for the New Jersey Youth Symphony as well as playing in several other musical groups. Mkhele Maraffi, daughter of Lewis and Jeannette MaraflL will attend Swarthmore College, where she win pursue a bachelor of arts degree. She is a Garden State Scholar and Student of the Month. In addition to being a chorale member and associate concertmaster of Westfleld High School Symphonic Orchestra, she has sung with many state and local groups, including the All State Chorus. Elizabeth Getz, daughter of Albert and Janet Getz, will enroll at Middlebury College, where she plans to obtain a bachelor's degree with a concentration in language. She is an Edward S. BkMStein Distinguished Scholar and a Garden State Scholar as well as president of the French Honor Society. Outside of school, she is active in her church as a peer minister. Heather Pusich, daughter of Mkhael and Ruth Ann Pusich, wffl attend the College of William and Mary pursuing? * degree in education. She is a Garden State Scholar and a member of the National Honor Society and Spanish National Honor Society. At the varsity level, Heather has participated in field hockey and winter track as captain of both this year. She continues to pursue her interest in the piano and flute as well Lanni Harris will attend Wisconsin University at Madison pursuing a bachelor of science degree. She is the daughter of Mkhael and Judith Harris. She is a member of the National Honor Society and French Honor Society and served as president of the Environmental dub this year. Najat Ibrahim, daughter of Mohamed and Barbara Ibrahim, who will attend Rutgers University as a science major. Najat belongs to the National honor Soicety, the French Honor Society and is a Garden State Scholar. An active member of Hi's Eye, the school newspaper, she served as opinion page editor this year. Allyson Luck, daughter of Raymond and Kathleen Luck, plans to pursue her interest in biology and Learning Center Helping kids be their best I-NHOU NOWfOMSUJ-H Booit your child's grades, Build self-esteem. Programs in reading, math, algebra writing, SAT/ACT coutgt pr«p, *titfty ikflb, nomtwork support and time management c IWI tut U m X tttttm EDISON BATHING SUIT" BLUES? LOSE UP TO 15 lbs. IN 3 WEEKS GET IN SUER SHAPE FAS1 'I NO LIQUID FADS OR AKTIFIGVL FOODS Ifcal^tffr Personal $ 4 j (f e Croup QWQW Session %W iw Progin 8 & 16 WEEK WEIGHT LOSS «MEDIC\L DIET PIlOCIttMS ALSO A\AIL\HK LIMITED TIMEO,\U CU.L TOflll J (908) BARBARA POTASHKIN, M.S. Dietician 346 South Ave. I nmvood. NJ Westfield Record- DELICIOUS. NUTRITIOUS MliAI. I'lANS ALY8ON LUCK MICHELLE MARAFFI NAJAT IBRAHIM ELIZABETH GETZ HEA PUSICH CHUN HARRIS medidne at the University of Notre Dame. She is an Edward J. Bloustein Distinguished Scholar, a member of the National Honor Society and Student of the Month. Outside of school, Allyson is an active volunteer at Children's Specialized Hospital. The College Woman's dub has awarded 77 scholarships and 167 freshman grants to graduating seniors. Funds for these awards come from membership dues, interest on investments, donations to the memorial and scholarship funds and proceeds of fund-raising projects. Serving on this year's scholarship committee were Margaret Thompson, Bebbins Yudes, Kris Luka, Jane Orto, Jill Sitcer, Judy Gardiner and Katherine Dulan. Price includes round-trip airfare via Delia Air Lines, 3 nights hotel, rental car and Bonus Features. Quality Inn Plaza from '2 6 9 WAIT EV WOULD* Rmrt Price Includes round-trip airfare via Delta Air Lines, 4 nights hotel, hotel tax, rental car, Unlimited "MAGIC PASSPORT" Plus and more. Disney's Dixie Landings Resort from *6 2 9 Price includes round-trip airfare via Delta Air Lines, 3 nights hotel, airport transfers and Bonus Features. British Colonial Beach Resort from '2 7 9 LAS VEGAS Price includes round-trip airfare via Delta Air Lines, 2 nights hotel, hotel tax, rental car (or the first 24 hour period upon arrival, and more. Excalibur trom $ 289 Wmwpjj.*»*_ I M* «mntmmti til. u» we" mm m «t! Specials Tlirouejli Saturday FRESH MEAT: American Spring Leg of Lamb (Whole or Half)...$1.89 lb. Lean Lamb for Stew (Bone-In) xl'" ** Storemade Hamburger Patties f^* 7 ' lb - Storemade Sirloin Pattlea $3.99 lb. I HHMBIIIII I<I1IB FRESH SEAFOOD: Fresh Cut New England Scrod Soft Shell Crabs FRESH PRODUCE: Washington State Granny Smith Apples Tree Ripe California Peaches Genuine Sweet Vldalia Onions $4.99 tb. $2.99 Each 59C lb. $1.99 lb. 79C lb. 27 Varieties of Fresh Roasted Gourmet Coffee Beans Ground to order - $7.99 lb. Brick Oven Baked Italian Bread Delivered Fresh Dally Available At All Times: Prim* Aged Weetem Bee' Kalian Styla Vtal CutlaU Perdue Poultry Freah KIIM Turkeye I Dw*a. Leoi of Lamb Butttrflltd or Kabob Crown Roails ol Pork «Lamb FltetMlgrton RlbRoatt- Fraah Ground Cofft* Fraah Seafood t Llva Lobatar Domastlc and Imported Cheat** Full Hot * Cold Dall Frath Produca Specialty Cakea ftptas Frea Delivery Mon. Sat

6 A-6 May 20,1993 Community life it- Dressing for proms isn't easy y CHPHLHML THE RECORD Prom (me is upon us onoe again. Soon mousines bearing head out to the grandest ot hotab for an evening lo remember. Who ooukf forget that night of nights. Not me, that'* tor sure. My Me seems to be a parody of what tikigs are reaty supposed to be Ike, butjhan R doss make for great memories. I can sh remember tw event* loading up to tha prom. Not only du I not have a date unm prachcafly the last minule, but I was In my' earth moaier nipple stags. The one where I thought making my own drees would not only be economical, but prove to everyone once and tor aj twl I had innml Mas, me snare varaura was doomed torn tie start Tha toe blue creation gracing ihe front of tie McCaTs draaa pattern looked easy enough except for tha zipper. I knew I could not put in a ijppsr, so It seemed logical for me to ask someone who dkj. OW Mrs. Muss! (everyone cased her fiat, even our parents) was tie logical choice for twt task, even tough she was going bind. Al my Ms I had heard she could sew wen her eyes dosed. I had falad twice, could ony work tie sewing machine In one direction, and never had made anything I could wear si pumc. But el twt bore no weight on (he decision to make my own dress. The great sewing of tw prom gown commenced, much to the concern 01 my ismiy. iwom wept scanning tie newspapers, looking for sales on prom gowns, decretory mentioning "We can always just look, you know." Dad, bless his heart, Mad to narpret penem mswucoons, whie my His brother gathsied up al the paraphemala needed. At Irst. t looked fee everything was going to work out fha. The dress was oomplelad two days before tie prom, plenty of time for Mrs. Muse* to pu in the "" zipper. Proud of my aooomplahment, despie somewhat lopsided steeves, I went to bed and slept ate a baby. The next mom- Ing I rose early to take tw drees over to old Mrs. Muss* Unfortunately. I never reatxad how old she realy was unh i knocked on the door and her eon told me she had died the night before. I paid my respects to the tamiry, discretely Inquiring of each female member her capacity to sew in a zipper. But, alas, Mrs. Muses) took her gnt for sewing to the grave. So after taking to my bed of woe tor several hours, I decided to sew the zipper in by after my mother said I " lutery could not sew myself into any dress, no matter how much I cried." My work seemed sturdy enough, and besides, I tokf myself, what could happen if I only was going to wear the dress tor a few hours? Because time was running short, I stapled the hem up (which was covered by an overlay of organza) and crossed my fingers. I have to admit the dross looked good. You could not see the staples In the hem, and if no one stood directly in front of me, they would never be able to ted one sleeve was bigger than the other. As far as I waa concerned, I had mastered tie art of sewing. I must say It took a greet deal of control on my mother's part to srrie and tel me what a beautiful dress I had whipped up. Dad beamed and told me tie dress looked "Ike a mwon." Off I went to the prom, amid picture-taking proud parents, a supply of safety pins, and needle and thread tucked decretory in my purse. It was a night to remember. I spent a great deal of time dash- Ing to the ladies room to repair the zipper that threatened to burst at every turn, but that didn't ruin my night Nothing could have ruined that night Recently, I came across my old prom picture, pteaseo wtm even after afl these years, I could not detect one sleeve waa bigger than the other, or that the hem was stapled up. Someone must have been watching over me. Members of tha Wettfleld Twig I volunteering at Children's Specialized Hospital Include, In front, Fran Crampton of WeatHeM, Sue Hesse of Mountainside, Jean Gallagher of Mountainside, and Francis Walsh of Westflekf. Standing are Botte Wlntermute of Whiting, Louise Miller of WestfWd, Jeanette Simpson of Rosalia Park, and Mary Msimino of Westfleld. Twig I women honored There are nine ladies who untiringly give of their time and efforts for the young patients of Children's Specialized Hospital in Mountainside. Combined, the nine have volunteered an amazing 18,115 hours since they started their volunteering activities for the hospital many years ago. These nine women, who comprise the group Westfleld Twig I, were among the more than 400 area residents honored by Children's Specialized Hospital for their volunteer service during Volunteer Recognition Day April 20. Half of the ladies sew items ranging from bibs to special clothing for the patients, plus laundry bags, nurses smocks, etc. The others volunteer in the Medical library, assisting in information searchers and data retrieval. But no matter what the activity, the members of Westfleld Twig I are undaunted in their loyalty to the young patients. "Children's Specialized is very lucky to have longstanding and devoted volunteers like the members Scout camp openings are still available Washington Rock Girl Scout Council still has openings at both its day and resident summer camps. Girls do not have to participate in a Girl Scout troop to apply. Brochures describing the camp programs are available by calling the council Service Center at (908) All girls entering grades 1-0 can attend day camp. Washington Rock's resident Camp at Camp Hoover in Sussex County, N.J. is for all girls entering grades Programs have been specially designed to appeal to each girl's individual interests and age. Older girl programs have been developed which feature the fun and challenge of canoe trips and tubing adventures. Qualified counselors supervise programs which are offered on a weekly basis or on a mini-camp (three-day) schedule. Campers can sign up for all six weekly sessions if space permits. of Westfleld Twig I," said, community resource coordinator. "Their efforts over the years have helped hundreds of patients and their families." The members of the Westfleld Twig I, their activities and number of volunteer hours are: Fran Crampton of Westfleld, central supply, 1950 hours; Jean Gallagher of Mountainside, sewing and pharmacy, 3700 hours; Sue Hasse of Mountainside, sewing, 975 hours; Mary Mannino of Westfleld, medical library, 1800 hours; Jean MacGregor of Westfleld, medical library, 1700 hours; Louise Miller of Westfleld, sewing, 2710 hours; Jeannette Simpson of Roselle Park, medical library, 1850 hours; Frances Walsh of Westfleld, medical library, 1290 hours; Bette Wintermute of Whiting, sewing 2070 hours. Children's Specialized Hospital, New Jersey's only comprehensive pediatric rehabilitation hospital, is comprised of three facilities in Mountainside, Fanwood and Toms River. Beth Fisher, Brian Cronln, and Ellen Fralaen rehearse with tha ensemble for their upcoming presentation of Encore, a musical revue, today through Saturday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 7 p.m. Tha show, sponsored by St. Helen's Church, will be presented at Edison Intermediate School at 800 Rahway Ave. St. Helen's celebrating anniversary with revue St. Helen's Roman Catholic Church in Westfield will present ENCORE!, a musical review, today through Saturday each night 8 and Sunday at 7 p.m. The performance wil be presented at Edison Intermediate School at 800 Rahway Ave. ENCORE! is being produced to commemorate St. Helen's 25th anniversary this year. The musical review features selections from the previous eight youth ministry productions, One hundred and one Dutter will autograph his book at Barnes & Noble store Saturday Local humorist Barry Dutter will be on hand Saturday at the new Barnes St Noble bookstore in Springfield on Route 22. Mr. Dutter will be signing copies of his book. Everything I Really Need to Know I Learned from Television. The book, which features humorous illustrations by cartoonist Rick Parker, pokes a light-hearted look at TV cliches, Mr. Dutter, originally from Scotch Plains, currently lives in Westfield. He worked on staff at Marvel Comics in New York for three and a half years, and currently does freelance writing for Marvel Comics and Topps Comics. Everything I Really Need to Know 1 Learned From Television is Mr. Dutter's first book. Mr. Dutter will be appearing at Barnes &. Noble from 2-4 p.m. He said he will also be glad to sign televisions for anyone who brings one in. P.T.O. plans auction as fund-raiser Tamaques School, Westfield, will be having a Time, Talent, and Gilt Auction entitled Sailing Into Summer. This fundraiser, to benefit the students, is sponsored by the P.T.O. The auction will be held Friday, June 11, at 7 p.m. in St. Helen's Parish Center on Lambcrtsmill Road, Westfield. A few of the iems to be auctioned are: an airplane excursion over Manhattan, overnight accommodations at Headquarters Plaza in Morristown with Sunday brunch, a one-year dance class membership, a Sega Genesis game system. There is a $10 admission price which will include: hors d'oeuvres, wine, sodn, coffee, and dessert. Tickets are available at Barrett and Crain, Elm Street, Westfield. For additional information, contact Anna or Marilyn nt 7B9-4580V parishoners ranging in age from 5-60 years and representing the towns of Westfleld, Clark, Scotch Plains, and Cranford are participating in the production. Tickets are on sale after all Sunday Masses at St. Helen's Church. They are also available from cast members and at the parish center (1C00 Rahway Ave.) between 9 a.m.-7 p.m., Monday through Friday. The price of reserved seating is $10. General admission tickets available at the door are $8. UNICO announces scholarship winners Eight WHS students to be honored at annual awards dinner June 7 The Westfleld Chapter of UNICO National has announced that eight Westfleld High School student* and a David Breariey Regional High School student are recipients of its 1993 scholarship awards. The presentations will be made at the annual Scholarship Awards dinner June 7 at the Westwood in Garwood. Reservations can be made by calling Recipients were selected on the basis of academic achievement, character and financial need The Italian Language Scholarsnip will be presentd to Andrea L. Fetruzzell, daughter of Christine D. Petruzzell and the late Caeser A. Petruzzell. She plans to attend the University of Pennyhrania and major in International Relations. Andrea is a member of the National Honor Society, the French Honor Society and is also a commended scholar of the National Merit Scholarship Program. She has traveled through France and Italy and is active in community services. Stacey Tourtellotte, daughter of March Tourtellotte, will be the recipient of the Enzio Frigerio Memorial Scholarship. Stacey has been accepted at James Madison University and plans to major in Health Sciences. She was a tricaptain of varsity soccer and was on all-american, all-state and allcounty soccer teams. David Breariey Regional High School senior, Tara Novello is the John Mauti Scholarship recipient Tare is the daughter of Frank and Camille Novello of Garwood. She plans to attend the University of Hartford. Andrea was a member of the varsity field hockey and softball sqiads at Breariey. David Duelks, son of John and Marian Duelks, will be the recipient of the John DeStefanis Memorial Scholarship. David has been accepted at Methodist College. He plans to major in Physical education. David was the captain of both the football and the baseball teams. He is a three-year ktterman in both sports. The Al Williams Memorial Scholarship will be presented to Ailla Aamio, daughter of Diane Ellsworth. Ailla is a member of the National Honor Society, the French Honor Society and chairwoman of the Environmental Chib at WHS. She plans to major in engineering at the University of Colorado. Scholarship winner Sharon Antonucci, daughter of Marian Antonucci, is a member of the National Honor Society, a Garden State Scholar ami a Commended Scholar of the National Merit Scholarship Program. Sharon was in the internship program in the office of Senator Bill Bradley. She plans to attend Dickinson college. Scholarship recipient Jeanine Gottko, daughter of Edward and Jean Gottko, plant to major in Elementary Education at the University of Delaware. Jeanine, an honor roll student, is listed in Who's Who In American High School Studentsand is a counselor at Westfield YMCA. Scholarship winner Krista Graf, daughter of Margaret Graf and the late William H. Graf, plans to major in education at the University of Tampa. Krista, a peer leader and a member of the softball team, works part-time to save for her college expenses. Scholarship recipient Christina VanWyk plans to major in Physical Therapy at Misericordia College. She is the daughter of William and Florence VanWyk. Chritina is a member of the National Honor Society, the French Honor Society and interned in the office of Congressman Bob Frank. Christina has been active in the Marching Band, the CYO of Ho y Trinity Church and volunteers at Chiktrens Specialized Hospital. The Westfleld chapter of UNICO National has raised funds for scholarship awards through projects such as Flea Markets and the sale of Superfaowl Raffle Tickets. University cites Irwin Barbara S. Irwin of Westfield, head of special collections, UMDNJ, George F. Smith Library, Newark, has been honored by the university for outstanding dedication and service. A special reception sponsored by UMDNJ's Office of Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity and the Cultural Affairs Program Planning Committee, marked Women's History Month in March. m Krystal Adams or Westfield was included in the edition of Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. She is a student at Kean College. * Westfield resident Carol L. Tobebnann has been named to the dean's list for the fall semester at Messiah College. A sophomore art major and 1902 graduate of Westfield High School, she is the daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Charles Tobelmann.» The following Westfield residents graduated from Kean College of Drawing a winner Campus notes New Jersey on Jan. 31: Andrew Banks, bachelor's degree In management science/finance; John Bertram a bachelor's degree in computer science-technology, summa cum laude; Maria Campodonko, master's degree in counselor education/guidance counseling; Ann Garrity, bachelor's degree in psychology; Patrick J. Me- Namara, bachelor's degree in fine arts; Christine Ann Perdra, elementary education-fine arts; Jonathan Sauers, bachelor's degree in public administration and criminal justice. The following residents of Westfield were selected for the 1M3 edition of Who'* Who Among Student) in American UnivenitieK Alicia L. Roberts, a student at Lehigh University, Krystal Adams and Nancy Page, students at Kean College. Edison Intermediate School student George Seemon proudly holda his winning poster In this year'a Union County Utilities Authority poster contest. Chairwoman Helen Miller, Freeholder Chairwoman Linda Lee Kelly, and Recycling Coordinator Marian SwIontkowsKI congratulate the winner at a recent ceremony H A 1 r ' -' u- v i t *' '

7 A-7 HITHURSDAY AWMAY20 ' 0 Mom's night oat - The West- " ':" field Newcomers Club has a mom's -: '! sanity night beginning at 8 p.m. - >' jit's a timefor chatting and coffee "X without the children. Call Mary,!' ' for details. \f II FRIDAY MAY 21 0 Teen Center is open each Friday from 8-11 {MIL at the at the School news municipal building. Call the recreation department, SATURDAY MAY 22 0 Spring concert The Plainfield Gesang-und turn-verein Saenger Chor presents its 107th anniversary spring concert and grand ball at 8 p.m. in Saenger Halle, 220 Somerset St, North Flainfleld. The 45-voice mixed chorus and soloist perform in German and English, followed by dancing. $ Office open The legislative office of Assemblyman Richard Roosevelt School honor holl Results of the'third marking period show that the following 124 seventh and eighth grade students at Roosevelt Intermediate School have achieved listing on the Distinguished Honor Roll or Honor. Roll. roll: 7: David Alspector, Anisha Ambarir, Kelly M. Boulos, Douglas V. Grade 8: Distinguished honor boll: Brandely, Sarah E. Chance, Colleen M Donovan, Christine R. Gi- Theresa Capario, Kristin Chabala, Jesse David CTP Blumberg, neo, Rebecca Hamilton, Nitza Erica Chow, Jane O. Garrity, Courtney D. Ill, Lauren M. McGovem, Katz, Joanna K Kreil, Jason Lemberg, Pamela A. Legate, Courtney Lauren Newmark, Poul Nielsen, Nemec, Courtney L. Norton, Kathryn R. Nowicki, Thomas Olsen, Danielle Rodman, Sarah R. Ruben- Lauren R Pepper, Molly C. Phelan, Phillip Orsini, Alicia M. Picou, stein, Dora Sugar, Laura L. Kate Rkhlin-Zack, Colleen M. Sweeney, Christopher Tafelski. "Ryan, Eric Sherman, Zeel Tamboli, Sean R. Wygovsky. Andrew Zachar. Honor rail:, Marcy^GttmK, Kelly A. Carter^ Andrew Cambria, Lauren M. Castaldo, Dftrtt Cttrin, Amy M. {Coccaro, Adam A. Cohen, Scott R. Cutro, Dylan Dupre, Lydia R. Esrig, Nicholas Friedman, Heather M. Garrison, Bryan M. Gates, Benjamin (Season, Grant E, Gordon, Amelia Hanley, Loise K. Harry, Jessica Humphreys, Melissa Karpa, JiU tjl Kelly, Whitney A. Kent, Se Jeong Kim, Jeffrey R. Kivetz, Eun 'V i i Sang Ko, Cynthia Koons, Kelly J. ikorecky, Margaret Kostro, David IM. Koye, Coleman T. Lechner, Eun I Mi Lee, Lauren Lockwood, Kristen i A. Mack, Michelle Meyn, Brooke L i MoUoy. Victoria Nusse, Kelly O'Brien, Amelia O'Neill, Christopher Owens, Teresa Rodihan, Marielena Roig, Susanne C. Schrader, Bradford T. Schwarz, Donald Seeley Jr., Diana Shineman, Alexander Smith, Karen K. Specter, Ryan M. St Clair, Donald Swaynos, Daniel G. Todd, Suzanne M. Vinegra, Christine Weber, Shannon L. Wagner. Honor roll: Thomas R. Basta, Virginia C. Blauvelt, lisa D. Bomstein, Kenneth S. Dalryrnple, Elizabeth Dederick, Jonathan Digiovanni, Shannon Dodge, Tara A. Douglas, Derek W. Fisher, Melissa L. Fleming, Lauren E. Flynn, Erica B. Fox- Sherman, Kathryn C. Heinkel, Linda Jun, Jarett M. Kamins, Momoko Kawaguchi, Mairen F. Lenehan, Alena M. Lygate, Adrienne M Mazzarese, Jessica Miller, Emi Narusawa, Sophie S. Ngeow, Alicia M. Nicoll, Margaret OConnell, Patricia A. O'DonneU, Elizabeth A. Oppenheim, Susan E. Petrino, Brian Priestley, Diana L. Richards, Timothy J. Romano, Lauren B. Rudofsky, Robert G. Schultz, Abdalla W. Sirriaika, Ryan A. Stefuik, William J. Sweeney, Liesja A. Tortorello, Allison M. Totams. Edison School honor roll Results of the third marking period show that the following 158 seventh and eighth grade students at Edison Intermediate School have achieved listing on the Distinguished Honor roll or honor roll. Grade 7: Distinguished Honor Roll: Christine Bonavita, Megan A. Brenan, Jessica L. Brewster, Nina CasteDs, Ana Paula Cramer, Jamie I* Darcy, Kristen A. Del Duca, Jennifer Early, David W. Geissler, Meghan D. Hely, Alice M. Kelman, Kelly Langton, Sarah L. Lechner, Nishant Mehta, Melissa Miller, Michelle C. Muserllan, Genghis Niver, Abigail B. O'NeUI, Eric H. Pidkameny, Stephanie Schraetcr, Andrew Stein, Kristin E. Steinbrecher, Susan F. Wilson, Jamie Zimak. Honor roll: Ramona R, Agress, Anthony J. Attanask), Mkhael W. Baly, Bridget Benisch, Abigail Bercovicz, Kati Bertelson, Melinda A Borne, Catherine Brahm, Laura J. Brucia, Karen E. CanceUieri, Adam J. Chrone, Megan M. Clarke, Jessica L Coleman, Matthew R. Coltreru, Lauren Davino, Brian Joseph De- Gutis, Jocelyn M. Demers, Anna T. Dujnic, Debra J. Ehrlich, Allison A. Faulkner, Robyn Beth Feldmnn, Christine Fiore, Gregory Gorski, Adam Gross, Lauren A. Crumnn, Matthew N. Hanas, Christina Ho, Michael Hrinewski, Sarah Jacobs, Corinne B. Iiebrich, Craig A. Long, J un Makino, Scott Mann, Kevin P, Mansfield, Christine A. Martucci, Helen M. Mastrangelo, Michelle Molinaro, Laura A. Mottlcy, Nicolo M. Murray, Mary O'Connell, Tod O'Connell, Colin P. Osborn, Snsha P- Paroff, Nicholas Pino, Joscolyn Puschel, Jla Mei Qinn, Hnnina Rawnicki, Christie Rizk, Matthew Rosenhouse, Lara D. Rothschild, Beth D. Rubel, Anne Marie Ruvolo, James M. Ruvolo, Daniel A. Sabreen, Khurshid A. Salim, Brian Scaperrotta, Sarah A. Sharpe, Isabel Shen, Regina Shopiro, Lacey Shulman, Benjamin Siegel, Katherine Simons, Christian G. Stahl, Rory D. Suggs, Rishi Talreja, Caroline Ann Tell, Stephanie Tullo, Kari E. Van Ausdal, Jeanne M. Venneri, Kate Wyatt, Joseph Young, Ming Lai Yu. Grade 8: Distinguished Honor Roll: Katherine Ball, Elizabeth Bredlau, Lisa L. Brown, Luisa Capasso, Jesse Friedman, Pamela A. Johnston, Peter Lee, Matthew Macaluso, Amanda M. Palmer, Christopher Panagos, Lauren Ray, Diane L Schwebel, Andrew Sobel, Tracy Van Cort, TuTany J. Vora. Honor Roll: Nicholas Alice, Keith Boudreau, Sandra Buenavides, Erik Bugcl, Maura K Burstein, Sean K. Carroll, Stephen Chiger, Elizabeth Cooke, Melissa Curro, Denise DeMello, Matthew Elmuccio, Heather Jean Gardner, Douglas Geller, Lindsay Greenwald, Seth Hall, William R Hedden, Lynda Hoesly, Michael P. Holzmiller, Janelle N. Jenkins, Steven Kapuscinski, Jamie Katcher, Brian Kicvning, Susan Kozub, Laura J. Krnvsky, Julia B. Lehman, Li Juan Liu, Kelly L. McCloskey, Robert Meyer, Jennifer Moore, Yasushi Moriyama, Jamie Moshin, Steven Murphy, Matthew O'Connor, Gregory ParolT, Carrie Petrik, Heather Propper, David Reif, Katherine Rowan, Brian Rower, Coleen A. Sexton, Gregory Shea, Stephen Tarnnto, David Treut, Scott Turek, Anfjelo Uccil rri, Casey Wetterllng, Andrea Williams. Bagger at 203 Elm St, WesuTeld, is open today 9 am.-3 p.m. in addition to regular business hours weekdays and 9-9 p.m. Thursdays SUNDAY MAY 23 0 Colonial militias A program about military life during the American Revolution, 2-5 p.m., the Miller Cory House Museum, 614 Mountain Ave. Q Afternoon of Jan-The Wooster Street Trolley Jazz Band per* forms 4 p.m., Crescent Avenue Presbyterian Church, 716 Watchung Ave., FlainfiekL Benefit the Greater Plainfiekl Area Habitat Ours Is a success-oriented society. The need and desire to achieve goals, establish careers and expand horizons is one oi the most admirable human traits. Too often, however, these drives turn Into an obsessive fear of failure. There is a significant difference between a healthy drive to succeed and a consuming (ear of not succeeding. Research has shown that people who define themselves as successful also view failures not as personal defeats but as learning experiences useful for defining winning strategies. Truly successful individuals understand for Humanity. $ Benefit run A 10-K run, onemile Am run/walk, and tot run. Benefits Chrohn's and Colitis Foundation of America, 9 a.m., Meisel Field in Springfield. (201) 3764) Health fair - Rahway Hospital, 9 am-2 p.m, on hospital grounds Screen classic The silent film. Beloved Rogue with John Barrymore and organist Donn Kinner is being shown 3 p.m. at the Union County Arts Center, Rahway. $ WEDNESDAY MAY 26 0 Shopping In New Hope The Better Days REDEFINING FAILURE that they must experiment with a number ot different approachessome necessarily unsuccessful--!n order to achieve the desired result. People who view failure as a personal fault tend to be Internally selfcritical. They are less able or willing to explore new avenues when they come up against obstacles Professional counseling can help those individuals to find ways to remove the word failure from their self-talk vocabulary. There are no failures, just less-than-desirable outcomes that point In other directions. Presented as a community lervke by Barbara T. Flshbein, ACSW, BCD Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Hours By Appointment ' See Malcolm Forbes' Motorcycles From Around The World at one of these community events: June 6 - Somervllle Street Fair June 13- Middlesex Mall June 20 - Cranford Arts & Crafts Festival For more information, call Jill Simonelil ext Forbes N E W S P A P E R S -Westfield Record- WesUleld Newcomers Club has an outing for lunch and shopping in New Hope. Participants meet at 9 a.m. to arrange carpooung The club also has an outing to Staten Island Zoo and tropical rain forest (2 Tall ships Vi Debbie, a member of the Gardenaires, shows a videotape of the tall ships in Boston last summer to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus's voyage at a noon meeting of the club in the TMA Room at the old Twulside building, Watchung Reservation. SATURDAY MAY 29 0 Flea market Boy Scouts are conducting a flea market at the Fanwood Train Station on North Avenue, rain or shine, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. ( IUHSI ALASKA SAVE HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS! The Vacation of a Lifetime at Special Savings! Travel with the most experienced cruise and cruisetour company in Alaska, showing you the Great Land in wonderfully great detail. Ask us about special American Express* Travel Agency discount rates! Amcrkan Express* Cardmember Bonus «i Pay lor your trip with He American Express* Card andreob«eanaowional$50offp8tperson.* I A II. I Mtrinwn S100 pw DMtl Ql Holland America Line * T * A 0 ITI 0 H OF t l C E l L t l C t * Houni Moaday - Friday 9aa - 9pm Sahuday 10M»>2ptt Scotch Plains Summit Wettllsld 322-MN 273-8SN 654-U3S

8 A-8 May 20,199QM NANCY and PHILLIP EARENFIGHT Nancy Siegel is married to art curator Nancy Jane Siegel of Highland Park became the bride of Phillip Earenflght, also of Highland Park, in an Oct. 4, 1992 ceremony held at Stronghold Mansion, Bernardsville. The bride is the daughter of Ellen and Richard Siegel. She is a graduate of Westfield High School and Franklin and Marshall College. She holds a master's degree in art history and is pursuing her doctorate in American art at Rutgers University. The groom is the son of Norma Earenflght of Poulsbo, Wash., and the late John EarenOght. He is a graduate of the University of Washington. He holds a master's degree in art history and is pursuing his doctorate in Renaissance art at Rutgers University. He is employed as assistant curator of the Johnson & Johnson Corporate Art Collection. Judge John S. Triarsi officiated at the ceremony. The bride, who was given in marriage by her father, wore a flow-length white tulle gown. The bodice was adorned with lace and sequins with matching headdress. She carried a nosegay of colorful flowers. Laura Haynes of Westfield, the sister of the bride, was the matron of honor. She wore a floral chiffon cocktail length dress and carried a spray of porcellana roses. Best man was Steven Englund of Puyallup, Wash. Ushers were Timothy Payne of Seattle, Wash., and Russell Hancock of Palo Alto, Calif. After a wedding trip in Cape Cod, Mass., the couple reside in Highland Park. FDU givestophonor to alumnus Zehner Fairleigh Dickinson University honored Patrick J. Zenner of West- " field with The Pinnacle Award dur- *ing April 23 ceremonies. The Pinnacle, conceived in 1989, 'is the highest honor that Fairleigh Dickinson University can extend to its outstanding graduates. It recognizes alumni who have reached the highest point of achievement in their careers and their service to society. FDU President Francis J. Mertz said, "These very special alumni have made a significant impact in their chosenfields and have truly distinguished Fairleigh Lydia Usha weds Andrew H. Karp Rebecca and Anatoly Usha of St Petersburg, Russia, Commonwealth of Independent States, haw announced that their daughter, I^dia, is being married this month to Andrew H. Karp. He is the ion of Ruth Karp of Westfield and the late Harry R Karp, The wedding is taking place in Oakland, Calif. The bride-elect, a physician and registered nurse, is graduate of the St. Petersburg Public Health Medical School and the St Petersburg State Advanced Training Institute fir Medical Doctors. She received additional medical training at Hadusah Medical Center in Jerusalem, Israel, and at the University of California, San Francisco. Prior to leaving the former Soviet Union, she wu on staff at SL Petersburg City Hospital No. 3 at an attending pubnonoiogist Dr. Usha win be Joining the house staff at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. She is also a graduate of Special Secondary School No. 213 in St Petersburg. Mr. Karp is a statistical analyst at Pacific Gas & Electric Co. in San He is also an adjunct faculty member in statistical computing at the University of California at Berkeley and a member of the continuing medical education faculty at St Mary's Hospital and Medical Center in San Francisco where he teaches applied btostatistks. Mr. Karp is a graduate of the Westfield public schools. He received undergraduate and graduate degrees from George Washington University in Washington, D.C. MAJtQHtJftlTA MODO and MUCK WICK Brodo-Swick troth Margherita Brodo and Bruce D. Swick of Westfield announce their engagement Ms. Brodo is employed by Dr. Joseph V. Bocchino in Westfield, and Mr. Swidc is employed by the Westfield Board of Education. Joining them in this announcement are Ms. Brodo's two sons, Thomas and Vincent Brodo. The wedding is planned for Nov. 27. Dickinson University." Mr. Zenner, president and chief executive officer of Hoffmann-La Roche, was honored for his professional and corporate achievements and his contributions to the pharmaceutical industry. His citation scroll states, "You're in the forefront of one of the most vital concerns facing Americans today: health care, and you're poised to face the chauenge...your high level of energy and your demanding work ethic are two key ingredients in your recipe for success and enabled you to work your way through the ranks." Catholic Daughters of America celebrates its 75th anniversary Court Trinity of the Catholic Daughters of America marked its "75th birthday May 2. Members attended a Mass at Holy Trinity f Church, celebrated by the Rev. Matthew Looney. A dinner followed at B.G. Fields. Honored guests, welcomed by Regent Anna Checchio, included Father Looney, Grace DiCairano, secretary-treasurer of the National Court; and Agnes Daily, regent of the New Jersey State Court Mrs., DiCairano was the speaker, Jean Ricardo chaired the event. Court Trinity was formed by 37 women in 1918, including Anne Brennan, who is still a member. One of the court's early activities ; was organizing dances and offering assistance to the soldiers at the Co Ionia Army Camp at the dose of : World War I. Help was given to victims of the flu epidemic early in the '20s. The Catholic Daughters of America is a national organization of Catholic laywomen, with headquarters in New York City. Its purpose is charity. Those wishing to join should call Mrs. Checchio at OPEN 7 DAYS 15% ANY PARTY ORDER OVER $ (Not to be combined with other offers.) Beth Lipari to marry in 1994 Virginia lipari of Edison announces the engagement of her daughter, Beth, of New York City to Douglas Richard Crawford of New York City, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Crawford of Tulsa, Okla. The bride-to-be is a graduate of Westfield High School and the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City. She is working in musical theater. Her fiance is a graduate of Jenks High School in Tulsa, and graduated with a bachelor*! degree in fine arts from Southern Methodist University in Dallas. He, too, is a musical theater performer. The wedding is planned for the spring of Mr. O'Donnell is engaged Bonnie Culver, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Culver of Mkklletown, N.Y., and William O'Donnell, son of Maureen O'Donnell of WestfleM and the late Ronald O'Donnell, announce their engagementto be married The bride-to-be, a resident of Scotch Plains, is a graduate of Middletown High School and Orange County Community College in Middletown, N.Y. She is employed as an employee benefits coordinator with Hanson Industries in Iselin. Her fiance, a resident of Westfield, is a graduate of Westfield High School and Stevens Institute of Technology. He is the president of Computer Systems for Everyone Inc. in WesuTekL A fall wedding is planned L Pupils can audition for Little Mermaid tor 77»UM» Atamwtfas two evening dress rahtanafcj, Ai b* Ney from 3-4:30 pjn. at WssMski Hkjh School Trie performances are open to tie pubic. p ppan or TuWontor the junior musical h tfw Junior musical program of tfw WaiMsMWortahop tor the Arts. AudHom art open to siresidents enuring grades 64 in September. Pertbrmanoe dates are Jury 29 and 30 at lend 6 p.m. Students audtfoning for The Uttk> Marmetf ehoum bring ftyout music In (her own key. Auditions wi be hew in room 121. Callbacks wi be held May 27 from 34:30 p.m. Everyone who audmons wm receive a part inttwjunior musical. Students who Join t» cast are required to attend live weeks of rehearsals beginning June 28, Monday-Friday torn 8:30 am.-12;30 p.m.. as we! $375. Students are atao rasponablt for covering the cost d their own costumes. Junior musical is one ol more than 100 courses ofered by the WesffieM Workshop tor tie Ana. The live-week summer enrichment program offers rissaaa in music art, dance, crafts, language, computere and special interests. Al courses are taught by experienced. oormssd adult teachers, many wflh master's degrees and who are prolaaatonal musicians, artists and dancers. To receive a free catalog and ragmraticn form, cal ^ i essa ^HBI M H warn ^^m - ^^m wi^m IHSH Mm sash ; Buy 6 Get 2 Free Bagels^ 1 Buy 12 Get 4 Free Bagels " L (Intersection Bagelmerica' The Best Bagels in Town! 32 S. Marline Ave. Fanwood (Intersection of South & Marline Aves) ^ ^ Coupon Copon «(*» *» (-3O-B3 (3OB3 I KENNETH N. LIPSTEIN ATTORNEY AT LAW PERSONAL INJURY CLAIMS MUNICIPAL & TRAFFIC COURT FREE CONSULTATION NO FEE IN INJURY CASES UNLESS RECOVERY Milestones Marjorie Flynn to marry in June H. James Flynn of Riverton, Wy., announced the engagement of his daughter, Marjorie Janet Flynn of Clark, to James P. Van Anda of Clark, son of Allen and Roberta Van Anda of Rumson. The brkle-tobe graduated from Southem Oregon State College and is employed by Paper Mill Playhouse, MUIbum. Her fiance graduated from Rumson- Imirhaven Regional Ugh School and also is employed by Paper MID Playhouse. A June 5 wedding Is planned. DIANE JOHNSON and MARK KRAMER Miss Johnson to wed Mr. Kramer Diane Dorothea Johnson of North Plainfield, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Johnson of engaged to Mark Stuart Kramer, son of Dr. and Mrs. Gary M Kramer of Westfield. The bride-tote graduated from Weitfield High School in and received her bachelor't degree in social relations from Lehigh University in She is employed by Thomas J. LJpton Co. in Remington. Her fiance graduated from Wardlaw- Hartridge School in 1082 and attended Keene State College in Keene, N.H. He is a supervisor for a construction MICHELLE CEKLOSKY and DAVID GIANNETTO Michele Ceklosky becomes engaged Michael and Mary Ceklosky of Westflejd announce the engagement of their daughter, Michele Justine,toDavid F. Giannc of Middlesex, son of Vincent Gtannetto and Penny Sullivan. The bride-to-be graduated fromw< field High School in 1988 and Monmo College Her fiance graduated from Burlington City High School in 1986 and Monmouth College in He is employed at Airborne Express, South Hackensack. A Sept 10, 1994 wedding is planned il WestflekL ' Scott Bergin to marry in fall Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Snyder of EnnekJ* Conn., announce the engagement of thtjjr daughter, Sharon F. Snyder of Hunting' ton, N.Y.,to Scott J. Bergin of Huntington, NY, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Bergin of Westfiekl. ". The bride-elect graduated from Enfiegd High School in Connecticut and Wilkes College, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. She is a manager of franchise operations for Huntington Learning Center in Oradell. \ Her fiance graduated from Westfleftl High School and Lynchburg College in Virginia He is an associate group man* company. ' ' " < lager for Prudential, New York City.., The couple will be married In August i The wedding is planned for this fall, tl Astronomers to present research findings M of Amateur Astronomers, Inc., baaed at Union County College's Sperry Observatory, will present their own research findings to the public at the organization's annual meeting Friday. \>J The program will be conducted at 8 p.m. in the Roy W. Smith Theater, Cranfbrd, followed by viewing at the observatory. ** MEMORIAL DAY SALE MOTRBS FACTORY Open to the public! Mattresses and Box Springs Made on the Premises 25-70%»W 111 /O OFF Mfr.'i toff. *! * Prtc* OFF t Split Box Springs SofaBed Manreiea* California King Sixes Electric Beds Cuetom Blz«i GARWOOD 511 NOflTH AVENUE FACTORY SHOWHOOM (908) AUaOnOliploy I E. HANOVER 31» ROUTE 10 EA8T WAREHOUSE/SHOWROOM Behind Rooms Plut lii Bunklt Bi Boards Free Delivery I *Bl OPEN SUN Braes Bsds Bed Frames HI HI-Rl GARWOOD ONLY Bedding Removal Mon.-Frl. 10 A.M.-6 P.M. Thun. 10 A.M.-8 P.M. Set. 10 A.M.-5 5 P.M. Bsstf THE DELUXE SUUWMU OF UVI^»v.l / UWlf THESE PER ROOM, PER IKKT, SIMLE OR DOIflLE OCCUPANCY WES. Montreal»109 London Toronto *119 Athens Honolulu (Kahala) *176 Rome 89 ' CAEANAATrMAMEHKA ASIA/PACIFIC Barbados *gg Ball tg 5 Caracas M10 Bangkok '125 San Juan «1B5 Hong Kong»159 Expires 7/5/93 EVENING & WEEKEND HOURS (908) NORTH AVENUE EAST CRANFORD -Westfield Record- - s.turd.y io««.-a,«i Scotc:. Plains Sumrrt Westilld

9 Mby20,1993 A-9: Four honored for preserving historic buildings $4.. The currant residence of the; Vary Raw. Magr. Francis J. I Houghton, the Elliot House, dates fewfor* In tha 1M0a, original sming of tha building was restored and tha buildexpanded In tha rear. Religion news outh Ministry service Is slated for Sunday I First United Methodist Church lead a service Sunday of conand celebration of Youth leach Sunday then is church. for all aces at 0:15 am Coneducation rhstrs for 1. Luke - Bible study; 2. a New Community: God's 1 Overcoming Radam; 3. Hie Fifty Days. Fellowship time at 10:15 am; morning wor- > is at 10:45 with child care, weekly schedule is: Sunday, breakfast for oonflrrnands and families, 8 am. United Methodist Youth Fellowship, 6 pm; Monday, Wesley Hall Nursery school board meeting, 7:30 DJIL, Cornerstone Women's reunion, 8 pjn.; Tuesday, Disciple Bible study, 12:30 pm, Fife and Drum, 7 pm, Youth Ministry, 7:30 pm; Wednesday, career enhancement seminar, 0 am., youth choir, 8 pan.. Disciple Bible study, 7JO pm, Enneagram workshop, 8 pm; Thursday, mothers group, B am., sanctuary choir, 7:30 pin. laby Boomers plan picnic Baby Boomers Group of the ; Presbyterian Church of Cran- I will hold its annual picnic Satf, June S from 9-10 pm at the Bruce Williams' house, 737 'SL,CranfonL cost win be $3 per person, will cover the purchase of and hot dogs. In addithcee attending are asked to a casserole, salad or fo the rescue f t' lawn chairs; and for those interested, baseball mitts. Dinner will begin shorty after 5 pun. Baseball win be played after dinner on the adjoining Brookside School field. Volleyball and other games ere also scheduled. All church adults and any other interested adults in the community are invited. RSVP by May 26 to Bruce and Patti Williams at WssHsM rasktonts. and lha Vary Rsv. Msgr. Francis J. Houton, pastor of No* Trinky Roman Catholc Church, wl reoehw Pr srvatfon Commandalion Awards from tie WaaKiaid HMorlc Prssarwsjon Ccmrrasalon Wsdiiaariay, June 16 at 8 p.m. In tie new Comm unfty Room In «w Municipal Butting. Tie Sharers w l be recognized for restoration of lets 1»h century at 538 WssMeM Ave., and Msgr- Houton tor restoration of the rectory, of oomperabie vintage, at 315 First St Other preservation categories In baaawaa'oaw ^Mb^afeBh^aA^kdat^A^^arf^^K ^^A^^^^^BOK ^h^^h 4^K wncn oommenoodon awaras are to be announced are: adaptive use (the IBM nun or ebbenobi crmacnniiii n adapting a buidng to a new type of use); addwans or amorasons ssnawve to original architecture; and periodappropriate repainting. Two property owners whose awards were announced test faj w i ajso receive their osrtffcatas. They are: Phflfp S. Kestor Jr., 120 Dudley Ave., for period repainting; and the Rev. Dr. Wl- am n. roroes, senior rnntstsr, nr roe- 4*M»^sV»aak «*al Aaai ^fehjawsaaaw* kentmaaam ^auaab^t^aa maumi or an exmng improvement (steeple). Also anancrng the ceremony wl be parsons who oonkfculed to the pros- rvanon of twee propertise, such as developers and previous "The pubic la corfely muted," said Cnmrnlaslon Chairwoman Florence Matootn. who aaked fiat twee penning to ettartd phone In their RSVP to Martha Mtftyka, commission asotfsry, a* m were eeananea > spoajgnl outstandng examplss of historic preservenon. Among twee serving as Judges have been Harry Devfin, artist and architectural historian; Robert Eokman, architect; MarRyn Shields, landscape archaect; and Unda McTeague, Union County preservaiion planner. The Corrwrtsston't mission is described by t» ordinance tut created I in December to help protect "the historical, cultural, architectural and social heritage of WestteU (which is) given m bust from generation to generation to be used, enriched and than passed on. The character, Msstyle and quhty of Me of tie town depend In great measure on town's protecting tiis heritage of tie past" In tha late 1070a, Robert and Venna Sharer purchased this 100-year-old home at 538 WestfleW Ave., and restored It to tta original condition ami atyle. Sermon series will focus on worship The Echo Lake Church of Christ, East Broad Street at Spring Avenue, invites members of the community to its five-sermon series on Worship in the Assembly beginning Friday and running through Sunday. The speaker for this event will be Mkhael Root, the pulpit minister with the AHamesa Church of Christ in Port Worth, Texas. Hebrew class consecration On Friday, June 4 at 8:30 pm., consecration ceremonies will be held for the Aleph class of Temple Israel of Scotch Plains. The children will lead the service under the direction of their teacher, Miriam Schaker. Larry Pargot, temple president, and Elaine Sigal, school board chairwoman, will present each student with a consecration certificate and a Siddur. Parents of the confirmands will sponsor s reception following the service and ceremonies. The confirmands are: David Baumwoll, Jenna Goldenberg, Jessica Gordon, Andrew Kurman, Valerie Rawnicki, Jesse Rogowsky, Dale Sekuler, Adam Sigal, Matthew Sturm, Micah Thau, Kmberiy Weinberg, Rebecca Zinman. The schedule for the five sermons is: Friday: Myths about Worship (dessert follows), 7:30-9 pm Saturday: fellowship lunch, noon-12:50 p m; Formalism & Worship, 1-2 p m; intermission, 2-2:30 pin.; Encouragement in the Assembly, 2:303:30 pm Sunday: Equipping the Assembly, 9:30-10:20 John Caserta; Air Force Veteran WESTFELD - John Caserta. formerty of WsstMd, rjed on Thursday, May 13 at Unty Hoaptsl in Friday, Mm. Mr. Caserta was bom and raised in He served four years si t i e US. Aimy Air Fores during WWII and waa a member of tie WssMslJ Fire De- Mr. Csasrts v/sd In Ssjart, Fla., lor Wrty years where he rehrsdfromqruman Afer Cnt as Fhe Chief. In he mowed to Cotimble HstQnbt, Mrin. SuvMng are eons, John Jr. and DwJght; s dauqrssr, Srartsy BssskiQ; two sistsrs, Theresa Soureae and Fannie RSMTSI two orand daughters; nieces and nephew. Memorial Mass wa oe nan on Monday, May 24. at 4:00 p m at Hory Trinity Catholc Church on WsstfWd am.; Enjoyment in the Assembly, 10:30-noon.. The Sunday worship service will also serve as the congregation's Friendship Day. Coffee and donuts will be served beginning at 9 am The service and sermon will begin at 10:30 am. Everyone is invited to stay for a free luncheon prepared by members of the congregation following the worship hour. All are welcome. For more information, call Arthur J. Hingel. 72; WWII Veteran WESTF1ELD - Arthur J. rtngel. 72. am & and Stephen A, both of Westa member of The Piesbyterisn Md, Holy Marvel and Bruce, both Church hi WeetMd. dtod Sunday, & Fort Lauderdato. Fla., and Shert L May at Ms home. ^ Brand c4 Seotoh Ptehs; Ns rnolhar,.?: *T? *" * " -CBB ildwl Thwa Hrigel of Leidngton. Mass.. a ofwestfefcl stater, Thora, Eames of Wlntergarden, He retired In 1981 after worwng many years as a butcher In tie Union County area. Fla, and tour grandcridren. Services wl be at 11 am., During World War tt. he served m Wednesday, at Gray Funeral Home the SoulHPacfcwritithe Navy. anwestfwd. Surviving are Ns wife. Dorothy VWaion w l be 2-4 p.m. and 7-9 Smigetsky Hngel; flve churen, Wch- p.m. Tuesday, at tie funeral home. Union (County places 0f BUorsfljip _ll.^ CALVARY LUTHERAN CHURCH 1OS faatman St. Cranford.uaJiGiffiHL SUNDAY WOMHIP SCRVICES ftso AM A 11:00 AM SUNDAY CHURCH SCHOOL ft ADULT FORUM 9:45 AM Luthann Church In Amarka The Garwood Presbyterian Church 341 Spruce Avenue Garwood, N.J Gary Wetzel, Pastor Sunday School 9:30 am Worship Service 11:00 am Wednesday Night Prayer Power With Praise Service - 7:45 pm KENILWORTH GOSPEL CHAPEL Now«rk Avt. A 23rd SI., Kenllworth Sunday Services: 11 AM - Family Bible Hour and 7:00 PM Evening Services Mon4»y. 7:00 PM - Beys Brigade Wtdnanliy, 7:30 PM - Pr*y*r and Bible Slufly Friday, 7:00 PM Youth Metling Friday NigM Chddrtnt Club 7-a:M PM (Crada School Aga) Cal For Mo<a Information of tha Martin Luther King Jr. Commutes of Westffeld pressnt a check to tha festflsld Volunteer Raacua Squad during tha aquad'a annual fund drive. Joseph Urso, aquad isldsfrt, accapta tha donation from tha Rev. Theodore Calhoun, Dorothy Klrklsy, and Ida Fagglns. Tha money waa raised at tha Martin Luther King Commemorative Program In man/. CC to graduate seniors May 27 Union County college will concommencement ceremonies Thursday, May 27 at the Cran- Campus..Associate degrees in arts, science id applied science will be conas well as certificates and iplomas. president Or. Thomas H. members of the Boards of and Governors, and adilstrators will be on hand for remarks and to assist in conferring fie degrees. These include repre- ntatives of the cooperative nurs- ««and radiography programs with tyizabeth General and Muhlenberg tfcglonal medical centers. ^Following the ceremonies, a re* ception fbr the graduates and their guests will be held in the Commons Building atrium area. Degrees will be awarded in the following areas: accounting/data processing, business management, dvivconstruction engineering technology, computer science/data processing, criminal justice, electromechanical technology/computer servke/vobotics. Also electronics engineering technology, electronics engineering technology, engineering. Ore science technology, human services, manufacturing engineering technology, mechanical engineering technology, professional nursing, occupational therapy assistant, physical science, physical science with a chemistry option, physical therapy assistant, radiography, and respiratory therapy. Certificates wul be awarded in criminal justice, fire science technology, gerontology, English-as-a- Second-Language and Interpreters for the Deaf. NEW JERSEY BOTANICAL PLANT SHOP NOW 111 AH Ml 1WIINTHI GREATER MT\ ZION - UHC 43 Johnson Avenue Cranford, N.J _ (909) PASTOR: REV. CHARLIE W. BULLOCK I Sunday Worship Service: 10 am Sunday School 11:30 am Morning Worship weekday services: JJ 8 pm Wednesday Bible Scurfy * - I pm Friday Prayer & Pulse Redeemer Lutheran Church Clark and Cowperthwalt* Place p Sloeka North of Lord and Taylor) WaetfUld, NJ Rav. Paul ft KiHach, Paitor Rogar Borcbln, D.C.E.. < tunatr watahla aantem - ado and ilttoam I - T;JO pm ntcm awl I*«a«an Hour CMaHan Oay tclwal Nurtary Thauah Oraoa I To Place Your Church Services Here Coll Donna Ext Programs for Children, Jr. & Sr. High,Singles, Couples, Families and Senior Adults SUNDAY SERVICES Sunday School ci»$t»» tor all $ 9:15 ami Sunday Worship 10:30 am Sunday Evtnlng Song F*$t and Ft»stl 6:30 pm CRANFORD ALLIANCE CHURCH 7 CHERRY STREET, CRANFORD St. Paul's United C'luircli of Chi /TMN 217> Center Si. / -J- \ Cjiuvooil V^/ Rev. Frederick Rogers Wuiship.mid Suml.iy Scliiuil 9:30 A.M. Oiilti Care Av.iiljlilc ST. BERNARD'S CATHOLIC CHURCH 368 Sumner Av. Plainfield Mass Schedule Saturday: 5:30 PM Sunday: 8:00, 9:30 11:30 AM Rev. Joseph F. Barbonc, Pastor TERRILL ROAD BAPTIST CHURCH 1340 Teri-ill Ud. Scotch l'lairt; \ Rev. Mlchaol Seaman, Pastor Sunday: 9:4S AM - Sunday School 11:00 AM Morning Worship 6:16 PM - Church Training 7:1 S PM Evening Worship Wodnaaday: 7:00 PM Prayer Moollng. Nvnory Care Providod -Westfield Record-

10 WHIIam Wilson, second from left, celebrate* whh family after he Is Y«ar. Joining Mr. Wilson are, from left, wife, Lucy, son, John Wilton, KSWMfla GoMsn Man of daughter, Jeanmarie Community Ufo May 20,1998 William Wilson honored by Y as Golden Man of the Year : William Wilson was honored ai Golden Man of the Year May 11 at the 70th annual meeting of the Westfield Y. Initiated in 1073 at the 50th anniversary of the Y, the award was designed to honor individual! lor outstanding service to the community and the Y. Roger Love Jr., a past recipient, presented this year's award Since moving to Westfleld with his family in 1965, William Wilson has been an active member of the Y Men's Club and has held offices several times. He was chairman of the Halloween parade for 27 years and cashier for 28 years of the Y*s Christmas tree sale, which has raised more than $700,000 to support the Y and many other community groups. Mr. Wilson has been active in the North Atlantic Y Men's dub and in 1988, his name was added to the list of outstanding Y*s Men in the Golden Book in Geneva, Switzerland. Also in association with the YMCA, Mr. Wilson and his family have donated their time and effort to Camp Speers-EUaber and Camp Wawayanda. Mr. Wilson was elected to the Speen Board of Directors and has served many year. He also was active in raising funds tor Four Seasons, the YMCA camp and education center in Lebanon, N J. j Employed in the insurance industry since the end of World War II, Mr. Wilson currently i> manager, of Special lines with Adterman, dick & Company, Princeton Insurance Underwriters Agency. His community service activities include service on the board of trustees of the Colonial Cemetery; deacon of the Presbyterian Church; and trustee ot the Westflekl Historical Society and the Miller Cory Museum. While his children were young, he was active in Westfleld Little League, Franklin School Boy Scout Troop 172 and Scout Camp at Glen Gardner. ' Also in attendance with Mr. Wilson was his family wife Lucy, daughter Jeanmarie Keenan and fon John, also a Ys Man., Mr. Wilson was surprised and moved upon receiving the award and said, "I did not realize I had done all those things, but it must be true. Thank you." >v' Area Service I ADDITIONS RENOVATIONS An! hon YOUR PROFESSIONAL SPECIALIZING IN: Room Additions, AddALevels, Kitchen expansions, dormers and great rooms. AUTO DEALERS CARPrTT DECKS I LOOR WAXING HOME IMPROVEMENT REILLY BY OLDSMOBILE, INC. AUTHORIZED OLDSMOBILE SALES & SERVICE NORTH AVE. E. WESTHELD ethomell «* oumr ca*e<* sawaa ad I 1* IIBIB custom ftwmfrtbn \»AH Types oti Call NOWtora Free Estimate (908) DECKS UNLIMITED Wbuitd alukts and shapes 10 year guarmtet ; All car wolttuutixtd tumttr tuofomtatd Freemimatm Fully \n*ami\ AMY free Estimates: PROFESSIONAL I CARPENTERS, INC. 40 Years In Horn* Remodeling SPRING SALE! I New Decks e Bathrooms e Kitchens Doors e windows e Roofing Free Estimates CaH ui 24 Mrs. Fully Insured Richard Degroat I0S-272-S4S6 or S-2757J Ottering an EXTERIOR SHELL program for the do-it-yourselfer. BUILDERS CERAMIC TILE DRIVEWAY: FUEL OIL KITCHENS e> Architectural Bluepri, with all construction/ "VSagy Five yeor warranty (Union County Area) Dtdfcated to Quality, Value A Service 1975' AIR CONDITIONING \W. ^omenonietoquaml Additions Alteration! Kttehens Battit Caipentiy I 276-4O48 "BulUlng with O >mpl«t«horn* Wimodrtlwg -Call today my Consultation In alwayt Comptimentoiy" Family In Crmnlord Ovtr 40 VM/S TR1-STATE TILE Residential Commercial Free Estimate* Fully Inaured AUVIM SUVICC ResMandsl a CNSNISI Aapkatt Weih P A J A S t a 7«*-9SOS Call For Service or Fuel Oil fteel-strong Fuel Cranford Serving All Of Union County Since 1925 KITCHEN FOR YOU e Milt* Prirhi\ni<ri'SI WHitmrn Hfurr Cnliiiiru KJII IHI-II O VISIT OUH SHOWROOM OK CALL TOLL I Mil; 1*800»54ft«H«2l SO-KITCHENS INC. m Majnwluc Si. - NVnwrk. \j \novwmqvalwf SERVICE FOR OUR 30 HM«.it Heating and Air Conditioning Sa/es & Service SIYORK Humidifiers Electronic Air-Cleaners Clock Thermostats Attic Fan* BlowrUn Initiation Westfleld *. '. ALARM & SECURITY SYSTEMS +ALAXM SAVINGS* (Inatallaliena) a Burglar Alarm* InMrcom/Ttioprtmes a Central Vacuum a Cartel Driveway System -«t snviei i nohrror a s m mm \xnmc«n " IMT!i l!l5 BUILDERS CUSTOM _ CONTRACTING] Additions & Alterations Window and Patio Door Installations Wood and Vinyl Siding e Roofing Commercial * Residential Fully Insured Free Estimates 276*4083 Serving Union County and Vicinity With Qulllty *ntt DtpHtdtOUf - Wayna Oavidowitch BUILDERS A.BU0NTEMP0 Gen. Builder Since 1950 e New Hornet a Additions e Fire/Storm Reconstruction 0aynage Construction > Concrete Paving/Masonry Work " Cellar Drainage 4 Pumps s Comm, & Re>a Alterations Kitchen/Bath Construction FULLY INSURED FREE ESTIMATES 272-S177 Llconso #02160 CLEANING SERVICES COMPLETE HOME CLEANING roaf iwemi AMtf Who Don't Hmv Thm to CHmit. 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Call Bob at IFFOftDABLE KITCHENS GH Ac Kttchn of Your Dreams" Custom Cabinets Cabinet Refaclng Expert Installations Ufa ofitr, without qutttton, lk«bmt Vmlutfor Your Dollar Lt U» Prvvm It To You Call For A Fr«c In-Horn* Estimate M«mb#r of Tho Better fluafnesa Bureau LANDSCAPING 6.SCHUMAN COMPLET* LANDSCAPE NTtNAMCE A DESIGN ' womtmatmmp "NO JOB TOQ BIO Oft SMAW Raaaoaabls Rates I Intuaad Free Estimates I ALTERATIONS/SEWING CARPENTRY COLLISION REPAIRS ELECTRICAL KniVJC IMPROVEMENT LANDSCAPING CLOTHING ALTERATIONS I Hems Buttons Etc. Reasonable Rates Call JILL (908) CRAIG PLANT CARPENTRY AND BUILDING Interior & Kxleriorl Renuvtillons "We Take t'ritle In Our Work" (908) U I-'slim.itus I'ullv Insured Benner's Auto Center Complete Auto Body G Mechanical with the latest technology. NJ Inspection (J Reinspeclion 606 South Ave., E. Cranford, NJ Z76-11II I POLYPHASE ELECTRIC All Phases of Electrical Work From Pole to Plug Residential Commercial e Industrial Electric Heat W Years ol Experience - FREE ESTIMATE - Unsurpassed Quality Workmanship Lie. #7194 (908) MACKBKOIHtRS \ it 1, I«*I, I I ( \l < : ( I / I JM'% I i / J, 2 \ U LOWLUTS LANDSCAPING ' Mmlntmnane* s Design Coanercial RMideatlal Fre>e Eetlmattee Fully Insurvd ASK FOR JASON EXT Westfield Record-

11 20,1903 1QCC graduates include locals Many graduate* of Union County nce/data processing: Barbara A. Collect, Crsnford, Elizabeth, and Cherewich and Edith M. Waltner Flainfleld campuses, who an candidates for Associate in Arta and Glenn B. Gnhm - biology; Helen accounting/data processing;,,,/uaodate in Applied Science de- Yu business management;,,,«re«at the College's 59th Comprnencement Thursday, May 27, at 6 p.m. at the Cnnfbrd Campus are homegrown. D " r - WeatfieM residents who are can- "' didatea for Associates in Arta and 'Agaodatea in Applied Science de- - agrees include: 'v.. Bruce T. Day ~ computer sct- Diane H. Flynn, Stephen a Ladaa, lisa Q Martinet, Suaan Ann Reed, Laurie A Ryan, Yoshimi Sakamoto, and John Storch business; Mary E. Johanson, Mark A. Negri, and Arthur L Slocum criminal Justice; Audra A. Caatellano, Jo Ann Dicomo, and Margaret E. Wagner dental hygiene; Christipher A. Daunno engineering; Lynn M. Andreaki, William J. Bellomo, Erick* L. Coppedge, Amy B. Kornicke, and Christina Petruccelli liberal artafeommunication; Brenda L Alborn and RafW Crooco liberal arts/education; Joanne C Mitchel - liberal arts/honors program; Diana R. Lomnltz and Laura B. Loughrey - liberal artsjrobert S. Dehler mechanical engineering technology, and Elizabeth P. Boughtwood medical records technology. Friends of Westfield Library add new books,, The friends of the WestneldMe-,,. mortal library have added the following books to the Library rental collection during April, 1993: Cookson, C, My Beloved Son; Browne, '' O., 18mm Blue; Coughlin, W., Jit the Pretence of Enemies; Dunaway, "L., Borrowed Lives; Grisham, J., - The Client; Goddard, R, Hand in Glow; Histt, F., The Secret Sun; Kellerman, J., Devil* Waltr, Koontz, D., Dragon Tearr, Lustbader, EL, Blade Blade; Mortimer, J., Dunster, Patterson, J., Along Came a Spider, Patterson, K, Degree of Guilt, Reiss, B., Last Spy, Riva, M., Marlene Dietrich; Roberts, C, Fox-Red HUIr, Robards, K. One Summer, Rule, A, Everything She Ever Wanted; Ryan, M., Ciena- Urn; Sanders, L., McNaUy't Riak; Speilman, C, Blest the Child; Spencer, L, November of the Heart The Rental Book collection is owned and operated by the Friends of the Library. Carol Dreizler, chairman of the rental collection, confirmed funds raised by the rental collection are used to pay for recently published Jaan McDarmott holda flowers grven to her at the recent Edison School Jan Band concert. Mrs. McDarmott la retiring from har position aa Suparviaor of Fina Arta for WaatflaW Public, Schools. With har are band member Jamie Moshln and director Robart C. Retake. Area Service Directory Xf LANDSCAPING T»T LANDSCAPING a PLANTS ANOSHMJIS MULCH a DECK SIALINO QUTTIMCL1ANID PAINTING I EXTERIOR HOUSE PAINTING I I SPKIAUBMO1H C O M SHAKES AUTYHSOFWOOO * PAINTING 010 ALUMINUM SIDING TO LOOK LIKE NEW POWER WASHING H0HMIH PAINTING CALL NOW STTB 494*3561 PLUMBER 24 Hour Erne 10% Senior O&Mfl Dttcount No Job Too Small WATER MAINS DRAIN CLEANING HOT WATER HEATERS BATHROOM REMODELING TEL: PAGE: #tu3 PLUMBING REYNOLDS PLUMBING * HEATING INC. Lou DIFaWo Tony DIFabto Over 35 Yra. Exparlanca SAMS DAY SERVICE Bathroom and Kitchen Modariiationt SERVICE SALES REPAIRS Wa Do The Complete Job REASONABLE RATES X7S4M7 US. #110* 3M NORTH AVENUE E CRAwrowo ROOFING & REMODELING :'./ SJOf'LEAKS 1 CLAHK fluhuers. 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12 Community ufo May College Men's Club grants awards V SIMON BAUKH QLENN WOKCIK MICHAEL COMANDINI Colege Men's Club of Westfleld has announced that a total of $15,000 In achohrampe has been awarded to members of fte 1992 graduating dass ofwesrtewwghschool TNs year's recipients are: Michael ComandH, Craig JueNa, Matthew Sabsnosh, Gton Wbjcfc, Benjamln Parker, Simon BauMi, Mark Davidson, David Duetts, Daniel Foeret. Peter Fontana. Ronald Mammano Jr., and David Shiwotauka The College Men's Club, a non-profit organization, has awarded scholarship! to quamad graduating seniors of Westfleld Ugh School for more tfun 65 years. The funds for the scholarship awards are made avatabte through Ihe generosity of Its members and fund-raising activities. The scholarship committee, consisting of Dr. Stanley Gersch, chairman, Bertram f. Bonner Jr., Mervyn L Coren, and Brian J. MoKoy, interviewed the many quaffed applicants for this year's awards. Michael Comandini, son of Alexander and Beth Commandini was awarded a $2,000 scholarship. Michael plans to attend Muhtenberg Colege, where he plans to pursue a career in business. Among Michael's many activities at Westfleld High School were sophmore representative, junior dass secretary, senior dass secretary, and the captain of the varsity basketbal team. Mfchael also was on the 1992 al-area basketbal team, second team. Craig A. Jueis, son John and MaryJo JueUs, plans to attend Union Colege. Craig was awarded a $2,000 scholarship, and his many actmties at Westfield High School include being a member of Ihe lacrosse team, JJBM team, and Students Against Drunk Driving. Craig is abo very active in the community and he is invoked In the 4-H seeing aye puppy project and the American Legion. Glenn J. Wojdk. son of Randolph and Marie Wo- Jcik, plans to attend Renssetaer Polytechnic Institute this fal. Glenn was awarded a $2,000 achotarshlp and na many acnvnes at wesnen r*gn scnooj Include being a member of the varsity soccer and captain of Ihe varsity lacrosse team. Glenn is also active in Ihe Key Oub. Students Against Drunk Driving, the Spanish Club, Lain Club, and has been a class officer on the student oound. Glenn Is atso a member of the National Latin Honor Society and he is involved in Si Helen's Youth Group, and works part time as a soccer referee. Matthew Sabanosh, son of Roger and Marlene Sabanosh, was awarded a $2,000 scholarship and wi be attending Cornel University this fal. Matthew has been very active at Westfleld High School and has been a member of the National Honor Society In boti 11th and 12th grades and a Garden Stats Scholar for the 12th grade. He la InvoVsd wtti tw yearbook and his dub activity includes Ihe HortlcuV lure Club, Art Club, and Latin Club. Matthew la on the varsity got team and has previously been adva on the basabal team as a freshman and a Junior, David T. Shiwotsuka, son of Ralph and Bko S- wotsuka, was awarded a $1,000 scholarship and plans to attend Rensseiaer Polytechnic JmbHuta. David participated over the last four years on tw lacrosse team. His community sctmtfes Include his association wmh Young Ufa through his church. Ronald Mammano Jr., son of Ronald and JoArm Mammano, was awarded a $1,000 scholarship and plans to attend Hamilton Codege. Ron la a member of the National Honor Society and paructoataa on thefootball,golf, and lacrosse teams, and ha is also a member of the Italian Club and the Key Oub. Ron is active In his church and has been invoked in numerous food drives for the needy. Peter J. Fontana, son of Thomas and Elan Fontana, was awarded a $1,000 scholarship and plans to attend Duke University this fal. Peter's admias at Westfleld High School include membership In ttw National Honor Society, Key Club, and the Natonat Latin Honor Society. He Is also a member of tw Latin Club and participates in tie Students Against Drunk Driving program. Peter la a volunteer at tw Westfleld Community Center and he Is a cerned emergency medical technician wxh the David Duelks, son of John and Marian Duatta, was awarded a $1000 scholarship and pane to attend Methodist Cotego this fal. David's adfvmas at wesnen ngn ocnooi nciuos unrig capawi of W foottnl team, and he has been on tw at-group, levels twee and four footbej team Ht was also a captain of tw basebal teams during bosh NB junior and senior years and has been on tw al-oounly, alaroa, a! central Jersey twwrml team. Hs has also been a participant in the Garden Stats Games. David's community activities include tutoring cridrtn in basebal and participating in basebal camp to help the younger chldren in WestiWd team tw fundamentals of Ihe game. David has been a three year letter-man in footbal and basebal at WHS. Mark Davidson, son of Harvey and Harriet Davidson, was awarded a $1,000 scholarship and plans to attend George Washington Unrverrty. David is acsva h the high achod as co-president of tw Radtaaj Hook neacionaile*. Ha Is Involved whi tw mead chorus and tw conceit choir and It member of tw Lain Club. David's community acsvmas newts wotuntser besketoel coach for the Westfleld Baeketiel Aseodason for tw last four years. Simon Baukh, ton of Leon and Lydia Baukh, plans to attend Babaon Colege this fal and was awarded a $1,000 tcnotorinp. Simon's actfvmes at WesflwkJ Hkjh Sohool Induds being co-captain of tw vanity tamib taam as wel as being a member of tw Naiona) Honor Sodsty. Latin Club. Kay Oub and Students Against Drunk Driving. Simon is actva in tw Temple Emanu-a Senior Youth Group and la Invoked tocafy wlh tw neighbomood oound. A rmrt txtahvahip of $600 was awarded to Btn- W. Parker, ton of Waasoa and Linda Parker. also redsved the Aaron Levlrw Award. The Aaron Levlrw award Is a special recognitton award to ens of tw appicants. This Is given In honor of a former trusts* of tw man's dub. Ban has been a vice president and a of the Latin Club and Kaflan Club, and is a of tw Kay Club. He hat abo been Student Councf rapretantaave and Is a inentier raannai nonor stooeiy, Naaonai uan i KM Kir sodaty, and tw Madrigal lingers. Ha also participates InStudtntoAgairrtDrurftOiivtogandisanrwrrtoer ra WHaMKr XAmMm flno fjawigajjmbf m\ iw church Mowahto program, and ptans to attend Yaw Untvarakythtoiat DtnM P. Foam son of Jamas and Mary Foerat, was awarded a $800 tchotarthip and plane to attend Ctfholc University. DanM has been actva at tw Ngti achcol as a crew member for many of the i ai ww mnrd gn ocnow In tw Young Ufa program for tw awl tour years through hto church. The tdiotartnk) oomnmse wlahea to thank al tw hoja Mjn'i Club. TN» year t w an eapecialy tough year far tie achoawhlp committee to make Us de- WHO appaao ana BIS naea resources 01 me duo. Trw commmee wiehse each of t w appkcants who has appwd conanusd success and wants to thank them for their appfcation to tie Colege Men's Club DANIEL poenrr PETER FONTANA MARK DAVIDSON I PARKER DAVID DUELKS CRAIG JUEUS MATTHEW SABANOSH RONALD MAANO JR. DAVID SHIWOTSUKA LOCAL MOVIE TIMES FOR THE WEEK OF FRIDAY, MAY21-THURSDAY, MAY 27 SCtMduiM M MtfKt t* imt- tlnuta ctanf*. MIDDl.l SIX (906) Sltor (R) FrUMy-Suntay: 12:30, 1:40, 2:90,4:30, S:1O, 7:15, 7:40, 9:40. lcfcos p.m. LMa h Fridv SMunl^: mmnttfu. 12:25 «.m. Mon- GmfTtunOfr. 1:40, 2:10.4:30, 5, 7:15. 7:40,9:40,10 p.m. Ho* StoCsf Part Oeu* (PG-13) Frktay- Thunday: 1, 3, 5, 7:20. 9:35. ll:3o p.m. Lats ihow Friday-Satuday. 11:30 p.m. Posse (R) Frtetay-Thuoday: 1:45. 4:35,7:25,10,12:15 p.m. Lost in fonttn (PG> Fiktay-Tnunday: 1:30.4:20, 7:05. 9:20,11SO p.m. Law stiow Friday-Saturtay:ll:50 p.m. Drs*on (PG-13) FridayThundBy: 1:45, 2:15, 4:15, 4: :25. 9:30, 9:55 p.m. Late show Friday-Saturday: mldnltfit, 12:25 a.m. *Dmm (PG-13) Friday-Thursday: 1:45, 4:15, 7,9:40 p.m. Late show Frtday Saturday: mwrjatrt. Bound B> Honor (R) Frtday-Salurday: 10 p.m. Monday-Thursday: 8:50 p.m. TTW Oar* Half (R) Friday-Thursday: 7:25, 9:50 p.m. Late show Friday- Saturday: 12:15 a.m. WTio's the Mail (R) FrMay-Thuniday: 1:40.3:40. 5:35, 7:30, 9:30 p.m. " Late ihow Friday-Saturday: 11:30 p.m. BoMnf Point (R) Friday-Ttiursday: 1:15, 3:15, 5:15. 7:20, 9:35 p.m. Lata show Saturday-Sunday: 11:40 p.m. 'Indecent Proposal (R> Friday-Thursday: 1:30, 4:15. 7:10, 9:45 p.m. LntB show Friday-Saturday: 12:20 a.m. Cop and a Halt (PO) Friday Saturday 1:45,3:BO, 5:50, 7:50 p.m. Sundsy- Trwrtdty; 1:45, 4:29, 7 p.m. Trw SamftX (PQ) FrMay-Thursdty: lilo, 3:15, 5:20 p.m. Sfcto (PO> Friday-Thuriday: 1:35. 4:25, 7,9:18 p.m. Lata ihow Friday- Saturday: 11:30 p.m. CtNEFLEX ODCON MENU) PARK Route 1, Edison (90S) Dragon (two screens) (PG-13) Friday- Thursday: 1, 2, 3:20, 4:15. 5:40. 7:10,8, 9:45,10:20 p.m. Hot Shots/ Part Deux (two screens) (PG-13) Friday-Thursday: 1:30,3:40, 5:40. 7:45.10 p.m. S*w (two screens) (R) Friday- Thursday: :15, 5, 5:30, 7:35, 8: :25 p.m. Daw (PG-13) Friday-Thursday: 1:10, 3:25, 5:40, 7:55, 10:15 p.m. Indecent Proposar (R) Friday-Thursday: 1:05, 3:15, 5:30. 7:50, 10:25 p.m. SfcfeWcfts (PG) Friday-Thursday: 1:05. 3:10, 5:15, 7:50, 10:10 p.m. Benny and Joon (PG) Friday-Thursday: 1:45. 3:45. 5:50, 8:05, 10:05 p.m. Posse (R) Friday-Thursday: 1:20, 3:40, 5:55. 8:15, 10:30 p.m. lost In Yonkers (PG) Friday-Thursday: 1:15. 3:30, 5:45, 8:10, 10:30 p.m. DUNEUEN THEATER 45B North Aw>., Duneflon (908) CaH theater for showtlmes. KENDALL PARK CINEMAS 3560 Routo 27, Kendall Park (908) /tot Shots/ Part Dem (PG-13) Friday- Saturday: 1:20, 3:10, 5, 6:50, 8:40, 10:30 p.m. Sunday: 1:45, 3:45, 6:20, 8:10, 10 p.m. Monday-Thursday: 7:55. 9:45 p.m. Sfher (R) Friday-Saturday: 2:30, 5:20. 7:30, 9:45 p.m. Sunday: 2:30, 5, 7:15, 9:30 p.m. Mondjiyfhursdoy: 7, 9:15 p.m. Oavo (PG-13) Friday-Saturday: 2:20, 5, 7:15, 9:30 p.m. Sunday: 2:15, 4:45, 7, 9:15 p.m. Monday-Thursday: 7, 9:15 p.m. Denny and Joon (PG) Friday-Saturday: 4,6,10 p.m. Sunday: 3:30, 7:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday: 9 p.m. Strictly Ballroom (PG) Friday-Saturday: 2,8 p.m. Sunday: 1:30, 6:30,9:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday: 7:05 p.m. Lost In tankersjpg) Friday-Saturday: 2:20. 4:4O, 7.9:15 p.m. Sunday: 1:50. 4:15.6:45. 9 p.m. Monday- Thursday: 7:30 p.m. Dragon (PG-13) Friday-Saturday: 2:10. 5:15. 7: p.m. Sunday: 1:50, 4:4O, 7:20, 9;45 p.m. Monday- Thursday: 7:05, 9:30 p.m. Indecent Proposal (R) Friday-Saturday: 2:15. 4: :15 p.m. Sunday. 2, 4:25. 6:45.9 p.m. Monday Thursday: 8 p.m. MIDDLESEX MALL CINEMAS Ste*on and Hadley roads South PlainfWd (908) Sfter (R) friday: 6:30,9, 11 p.m. Saturday-Sunday. 2, 4:15,6:30, 9 p.m. Late show Saturday: 11 p.m. Monday-Thursday: 6:30, 8:45 p.m. Dragon (PG-13) Friday: 8, lft 15 p.m. Saturday-Sunday: 2:15, 5, 8, p.m. Late show Saturday: 10:15 p.m. Monday- Thursday: 6:15,8:30 p.m. MOVIE C1IY Route 1 & Gil Lane, Isclrn (9C8) Cad ttwater for showtlmes. MOVIE enr Oak Tree Center 1665 Oak Tree Rd., Edison (9O8) Call theater lor showtlmes. SOMERSET DERNAROSVILLE CINEMA 5 Mine Brook nd. Dcmardsvllle (908) Lost In Yonkers (PG) Friday: 9:40 p.m. Saturday, Sunday: 1, 3:10, 5:20, 7;30, 9:40 p.m. Monday- Thursday: 7:40 p.m. BROOK CINEMA 10 Hamilton St. Bound Orook (908) Uht Water for Chocolata (R) Friday, Monday ThUrtdOy: 7:10, 9:20 p.m. Saturday-Sunday: 1, 3:05. 0:10, 7:20. 9:30 p.m. Sec WcekendPlus for reviews of current movies The Rodty Homr Picture Shorn (R) Friday, Saturday: MidntfM. GENERAL CINEMA BLUE STAR Route 22, Watchunf (908) Call theatet for showtime*. GENERAL CINEMA BRIDGEWATER COONS Routes 22 A Brideewater (90S) S*«er (R) Friday-Sunday: 1: :40 p.m. Monday-Thursday: 1:30, 4, 7, 9:20 p.m. Dmm (PG-13) Friday-Sunday: 1:50. 4:20, 7:20,10 p.m. mondfy-tlursday: 1:50, 4, 7:20, 9:40 p.m. Lite Water For Cnoco/are (R) Friday- Sunday: 12:40,2:40, 4:40,6:40, 8:40 p.m. Monday-Thursday: 2, 4:40. 6:40, 8:40 p.m. Lost In Yonken (R) Friday-Saturday: 2, 4:45, 7:30,9:50 p.m. Sunday Thursday: 2, 4:45, 7:30.9:50 p.m. Hot Shots! Pan Deux (PG-13) Friday- Saturday: 12:30, 2:35, 4:40, 6:30, 8:30, 10:30 p.m. Sunday: 12:30, 2:35, 4:45, 6:30, 8:15, lftlo p.m. Monday-Thursday: 2:10, 4:30, 6:15, 8:10, 10 p.m. Happily Ever Alter (G) Saturday: 11 a.m. GENERAL CINEMA RUTGERS PLAZA Easton Ave., Somerset (909) Call theater for chowtlmos. GENERAL CINEMA 50MERVILLE CIRCLE Route 28. rtsritan (9OB) Dragon (P-13) Friday: 5:45,8:15, 10:2O p.m. Saturday-Sunday: 3, 5:45, B:15, 10:20 p.m. Monday-Thursday: 5:45,8:15 p.m. 17M Sandlot (PG) Friday: 6 a.m. Saturday-Sunday, 3:15, 6 p.m. Monday- Thursday: 6 p.m. "Indian Summer (PG-13) Friday: B, 10 p.m, Saturday-Sunday: 8, 10 p.m. Monday-Thursday, fl p.m. -Westfield Record- SIs HK» Friday. 6:10, &30. 1O30 p.m. SMwdaySunday: 3:30, 6:10,8:30. Uk30 pm. ONTooMcm comn tout* 200, Ftody Hi (BOB) Urn Warn tor Ctacolat* <ft) Friday, Monday-Thutday: 7,0-'O p.m. Saturday, SunrJay: 2,4:30, 7,9:30 p.m. Hftto Sarajauo 5 M (NC-1T) Friday, MonrJay-Thumday: 7:10,9:30 p.m. Saturday, Sunday: , 7:10,9-.2O p.m. ( XIOX Berkeley Hdatiu (908) Can theatet tor thowtknto. CINEPLEX OOCON CfUNFONO 25 North Am, West Cranford (908) 276-S120 Cad theater tor showtime*. CINEPLEX OOEON UNION 990 Stuyvman* Aw., Union (9Ofl) Low In Yontmn (PG) Friday, Mondey- Tnunday: 7:40,0:45 p.m. Saturday- Sunday. 1:30, 3:35,9:40, 9:55 p.m. Sfter (R> Friday, Monday-Thunday-. 8, 10 p.m. Saturday-Sunday: 2, 4, 6, B 10 p.m. FIVE POINTS CINEMA 327 Chestnut St, Union (908) Cad theater for showumes. UNDEN FIVEnEX 400 North Wood Aw., Linden 1908) Dragon (PG-13) Friday: 7:25, 9:45 p.m. Saturday-Sunday: 12:45, 2:50, 5, 7:25,9:45 p.m. MonrJay-Tnunday: 7:20, 9:30 p.m. (ndeoancpropomrf (R) Friday: 7:30, 9:45 p.m. Siturday-Sunday: 12:45, 2:55, 5:05, 7:30,9:45 p.m. Monday- Thuriday: 7:25,93S p.m. Hot Shottl Part Oatm (PG-13) Friday: 7,8:40,1O-.1B pm. 8a«urday-Sunday: 1. 3,5, 7. 8:40,10:15 p.m. Monday- Thursday: 7:35,9-JM p.m. SMeMcta (PG) FrMty: 7:15 p.m. Saturday-Sunday: 1,3,5, 7:15 p.m. Monday-Thursday: 7:15 p.m. Mhoi ttm Man? (R) Friday: 9:15 p.m. Saturday-Sunday: 9:15 p.m. Monday- Thursday: 9:15 p.m. A*t» (R) Friday: 7:40.9:15 p.m. Saturtay-Sunday: 13: :05, 7:40.9:55 p.m. Monday-Thursday: 7:35. 9:45 p.m. LOrrPtCTURESHOW 2395 SprtnjneW Avt., Union (90S) 9S Cal thaatav lor ihowtlvnei. NEW PARK CINEMA 23WestWestrleldAve. RoiedePart (908) CM theater for showumet. UNITED ARTISTS R1AITO 250 East Broad St. WesmeM (900) Cat theater tor showtlmes. WESTF1ELD TWIN CINEMA 138 Central Ave., WesttteW 1906) Three of Hearts (R) Friday: 9:40 p.m. Saturday: 3:15,9:40 p.m. Sunday: 3:15, 9:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday: 9:33 p.m. Indian Summer (PG-13) Friday: 7:30 p.m. Saturday. 3:15,9:40 p.m. Sunday: 3:15. 9:35 p.m. Monday- Thursday. 9:35 p.m. Uke Water For Chocolate (R) Friday: 7:45, 10 p.m. Saturday: 1:30, 3:45, 7:45,10 p.m. Sunday: 1:30, 3:45, 7:40, 9:50 p.m. HUNTERDON CINEMA PLAZA Routes 202 A 31. Fmmmgton (908) Cat thmtet for showtlmet. HUNTCRDON THEATRI Route 31, Fiemlngton, (908) Can theater for ihowumei. MORRIS MontMman (201) 292-oeoe Dragon (PO-13) Friday: 5:10. 7:40, 10:10 p.m. Saturdvy: :10. 7:40.10:10 p.m. Sunday: 1.-SO, fclo. 7:30.9:45 p.m. Monday-Thureday: 5:30.7:40,9:50 p.m. mtecant Ptopotat (R) Friday: 8,7^0, 10 p.m. Saturday: 1 3 0,9, 7 9 0,1 0 p.m. Sunday: H :30.9:49 pun. MondayThursday: 5:30. 7:45, 9:50 p.m. Hot ShoUJ Part Deux (PG-13) Friday: 5,7:10, :50 p.m. Saturday; 1,3, 9,7:10,9,10,10:50 pm Sunday: 1.3:10, 5:40. 7:SO, 9:55 p.m. Monday-Trwnday: &40,7:90. 9:95 p.m. Oaym (PG-13) Friday: 9, 7:30. 9:90 p.m. Saturday: 1:40, 5, 7:30, 9:50 p.m. SAW m Friday: S, 7:30,10:10 p.m. Saturday. 1,2:50, 5, 7:30.10:10 p.m. Sunday: 1,2:50. 9:10, 7:40, 9:55 p.m. Monday-Thunday: 5:30, 7:40, 9:55 p.m. Benny and joon (PG) Friday: 5:20. 7:40, 9:55 p.m. Saturday. 1:50, 5:20, 7:40, 9:55 p.m. Sunday: 1:50. 5:30, 7: p.m. Monday-Thursday. 5:50, 7:5O, 9:55 p.m. Indian Summer (PG 13) Friday: 5;2O, 7:50, 9:55 p.m. Saturday-Sunday: 1:20. 5:20, 7:50,9:55 p.m. Monday Thursday. 5:50, 7:50. 9:55 p,m. POSM (R) Friday: 5:10, 7:40,10:10 p.m. Saturday. l:4o, 9:10, 7:40, 10:10 p.m. Sunday: 1:40. 5:10,7:40, 9:50 p.m. Monday-Thunday: 5:30, 7:40, 9-.5O p.m. CINEMA aoe Route 206, Chauar (909) Cal thaatar tor thowumaa.

13 May 20,1993 You said it: our changes, Hanvar. * '«tm» to *ea W M food B-1 Pitching depth bodes well for Blue Devils Award winner Scott Kautzmsnn, a ber of the WMdMd Y swim team, WM presented the prestigious Perry Coultas Award by head coach Bruce Schaetor during the awards picnic May 1 at Tarraquea Park. The honor represent* excellence In swimming performance, meet and practice attendance, team spirit and sportsmanship. Kautzmarm received an additional award for achieving "A" times in the SO and 100-yard freestyle, the 50-yard butterfly and the 100-yard individual medley. Kautzmann is a fifth grader at Jefferson-School in Westfleld. Sports dinner The WestfieW School Boosters Association, comprised of SO members whose goals are to promote and support athletics arid the general welfare of studentathletes in WestfWds public schools. wim be holding their annual Ad-Sports banquet on Wednesday, May 26 at the Westwood In Oarwood. All senior athletes and championship teams wih be honored and scholarships will be presented. Anyone interested in attending, contact Ed Jcffe ( ) or Skip Prybylskl ( ), Tickets are $15. Summer baseball The Westfleld BasebaN League will conduct summer in-town league registration on Saturday, May 22, at Qumpert Field from 9 a.m. to noon, Boys and girls ages 7 to 13 will play an eight to 10 game schedule from June 28 ft July 30. The W.B.L encourages those who cannot attend all the games to sign up. Contact Bob Albino at for further details. The Hot Spot y MPMJDUK THE RECORD Qfome Mccs&uyme RECORD Tiffany.Hester, straining for every last Inch In the lono-jwnp competition at the) Union County Champlonshlpa, has become one of tha key members of tha Westfleld High girls track team. In many cases, teams onh/ need one outstanding pitcher in order to make a prolonged run In port-season tournaments. But, when a dub has two hurlers capable of winning a big game, it bodes well for its longevity at both the state and county level This year's WestfieW baseball team is one dub which has prospered under such a security blanket Entering its biggest games of the season tomorrow and Saturday, it will be interesting to see how head coach Bob Brewster plans to utilize his pair of aces Chris Vogel <(M» and Chris Infantlno (6-1). Infantino's five strong innings and his 3- for-3 performance last Friday helped the top-seeded Blue Devils (164) dethrone defending Union County champion Summit, which eliminated Westfleld from last year*! tournament in the quarterfinals. The Blue Devils' 8-2 victory vaulted them into the Union County Tournament semifinals against Elizabeth at Linden's Memorial Park at 3 p.m. Tomorrow afternoon, fourth-seeded Westfield will take on the Minutemen, the No. 5 seed, in the first round of the North Jersey Section 2, Group 4 playoffs. After beating Union in the first round last year, the Blue Devils were ousted by Randolph in the sectional semifinals. The Rams are seeded first this year. As far as the county tournament is concerned, Brewster knows his dub will have ample opportunity to win it all, regardless of who's pitching. He also believes the experience of his senior-laiden squad will show through. "I like our chances," said Brewster about the county tourney. "However, well have to face some good pitchers. The seniors were in the finals as sophomores and got their docks cleaned by Elizabeth, knew we had something good with these kids back then. "Instead of letting the kids go home immediately afterward, I let them watch what it was like to be victorious in the finals and what think about it takes to be a winner." Over the past two weeks, Westfleld has proven it knows what it takes. After beginning the season at 5-3, the Blue Devils have won 11 of 12 ballgames, including five in a row. The reason for the turnaround can simply be attributed to better run production. Dmv, ing its current streak, Westfleld has raised; its team batting average by approximately*, 25 points and has scored exactly two and a'' half more runs per game. "We're more focused at the plate," said, second baseman Dave Duelks. "We're wait* ing for good pitches to hit and we're more patient We're only swinging at pitches we know we can hit We know our limits. ' "For a while we werent hitting wed and 7 the batter felt it was his job to do it with the big hit Now, we know it's not going to taketwo or three bigs hits to win. Well win with? 11 or 12 hits. It's been a total team effort the) past few weeks. No one's going for the big; hit" : In Friday's victory over the Hilltoppen (IV (Please turn to page B-2) ': Hesters: rising stars on Blue Devils track teams y WPKUPUK THE RECORD For two people who did not become involved in trade until their high school days, Tiffany and Jamal Hester have quickly risen to the forefront of Westfield's varsity track teams. Jamal, a senior, owns the school record in the long Jump (23-3) and is also the Blue Devils' premier high jumper and runner in the 200 and 400-metera. His younger sister, a 15-year-old sophomore, is only in her second year of competition and she's already on the verge of eclipsing the existing school records in the long Jump, the 200 meters, the 100- meter high hurdles and the 400- meter intermediate hurdles. While TuTany deckled to participate in track after watching her brother run, Jamal had no such designs to embark on a career in track. "I started as a freshman when I got injured playing football," said Jamal, a tailback who was Westfield's leading rusher during the football season. "I just wanted to stay in shape, so I started running winter and spring track. I remember when I hated to run. You couldnt even say track around me. Now, track is my No. 1 thing. It's amazing how things changed." As far aa the immediate future is concerned, Jamal will be focusing on Saturday 1 * North Jersey Section 2, Group 4 Meet and his imminent rematch with Elizabeth's DuLayne Morgan, who edged Hester by an inch and a quarter to win the Union County long jump title last weekend. "If I feel good I think I have a really good chance at winning the whole thing," said Jamal, who has been hampered by a slightly pulled hamstring this spring. "If I'm healthy I think I can jump I want to make the Meet of Champions and place in the long jump and the mile relay." "I'd say he has a good chance at winning the section," said boys' track coach John Martin. "He's got good technique in the air and when he sees the board he explodes off it He's got a lot of pop and he's got good speed for a long jumper. He's also a very coachable kid. Hell take any advice and try to adjust" Outside of track and the classroom Jamal maintains a very full schedule. The future William Patterson College student balances academics and athletics with a part-time job at a local video store. He's also involved in a rap group with teenagers outside of Westfleld High School. Tiffany is, perhaps, even more active than Jamal. In addition to track and school, she models at the JAMAL HESTER Westfleld Community Center and practices ballet at the Westfleld Dance Center. Tiffany has bean dancing since she was 3 years old On the track, she is only two inches off Aimee Stout's long jump record (16-9) and is less than a second behind Stout's standing mark in the 100-meter high hurdles (14.9). The sophomore is also threatening the existing school (Please turn to page B-2) IIK.H SCHOOL ( Al I \l) \\< May M MOfnMOIMI H>9> w ey.hi, Ssya'Track North Jereey Sect S, Group 4 Champion- Netmen blank Columbia to reach sectional semifinals This Monday, Westfleld's golf team will be in a familiar setting when it competes in the state finals at Echo Lake CC. The Blue Devils, who won the Region 4 Tournament last Wednesday with a 308, will try to improve upon last year's somewhat disappointing fourth place. Inside a Youth Sports B-2 Got a score to report? Cdl Kip Kuduk *t or fix to: Our mddmt it: 102 Walnut At*., Cranford, NJ , IN THE NEWS W.B.L tryouu for toumamant teame The WostfWd Baseball league *fl b«conducting tryouts for B-13-yaar-old toumamant teams. AH tryouts win occur on Saturday, May 22 al 6 p.m. and Sunday, May 23 at 5:30 p.m. at Hiefollowinglocations: B-yur-oMa Tamaqum Field No year-otds Oumpart Field No yaar-olda Gompert ReM No yaar-olda Qumpart Field No year-olda Tamaque* Reid No. 4» WetffieM (var a JV) at Kewny, 4 WeitfteM (FrMh) vt. Union, 4 Ox* WesdleM vs. Summtt, 3:30 Frt, May 21 (Var) ve. ENzaMh, 4 No. Jersey Sad. 2, Group 4 quarterflnate LaeroaM WettlMct (Frath) at ntdgtwood, 4 Tanitfa WesUMd va. Union, 3:4! VoSeybrt WeatiMd vs. East SMe, 4 Sat, May 22 at Mad'a Hub SUM Complm. S «m Hon. May 14 WMdWd (Var) v*. Had, 4 Fine* «Echo Utiw CC, a a.m. Bays'TiMk -TIM, Hay ss WaatWd (Var ft JV) at WaWxmg HMa, 3:4S WaaWaW (Fmh) m. Watchung HWa, 3:49 OaW WaatfaM va. Grantor* 3:30 WeetfeM at bum, 4 Wad, May at WtattoM (Var) va. Shabarr. 3:45 Wertftefd (V«r) at Shebazz. 3:45 WaaWald (Var) al Mdpewood, 4 Flrat Round cf State Toumamant Wesfflekt (Var) va. EUzabeth, 3 Union County Tournament tafrtflnato at Uncton'a Mtmorial FleM Lacroaaa Waafflald (Var a JV) vt. Ridgawood, 11 a.m. Olrla'Track North Jersey Sect. 2, Group 4 ChampJortehlpe SCOREBOARD- Plalnfleld Twilight League TryouM Tryouli lor WesHleld'i team In the Plalnflekl TWIIiphl Baseball League will be held on Sunday, May 23, and Sunday, May 30, from S to 7 p.m. at the Edison Intermediate School Held. AH players must attend at least one tryout lo be eligible for tha team. In order to sign up and ' obtain a registration form, call Raf Crocco at {J232-B479. Tne league, comprised of 10 lo 22- ivysar-olds, opens June 6 and anda July 29. H features a 35-game achedule against teams from Union, Middlesex. Somerset and Hunlerdon counties. W.B.L. Trt-County League Tryouto The Westfleld Baseball League wilt hold tryouts for 14 to to-year-dd players at Tamaquet Raid No. 2 on Saturday. May 22 at noon, and Sunday, May 23 at 11 a.m. All interested players must register and proof ol age Is required. The season begins In mid-june and ends In early August and encompasses about 25 games. Contact Bill Meyer at for more Information. Westfleld Cup aet for May It's almost Cup time in WeBtflekl - and this year Is the blggestl The 13th Annual Westfleld Cup, one of the Northeast's most prestgtous soccer tournaments, gets underway Memorial Day weekend, May A record 95 premier teams, Including IB outof state clubs will be competing on fields across town during tho Westfleld Soccer Association's annual event. Over 1,600 boys and girls, ages 10-18, win participate In more than 200 contests throughout the holiday. The Westfleld Cup Is known by soccer fans as the place to sea tomorrow's stars. Several. A fnefnbers of the) U.8. NeHoneJ Mem, Including midlsldsr John Herkes and captakvooefe Tony Meow played for thes* foosj dtibe In peat Cupa and are slated lo compete In the World Cup next year. Many area oceege ooecties regularly attend the cup to get an early One on not prospects. Claudto Reyna, SprtngdeW* Ofympltn, and Rutgers' star Uno CtCuoNo were ateo standouta In the Cup during their prep days. "The Waatield Cup not ointy ebowcases the utn KJGG»irrassTTr* vi mv ngnn, MIO ufibarman BW ManeReM. "K also demonstrates the benefits of this sport tor our young people. Soccer Is the tastes! growing youth activity m this country beceuee of (he health and fitness benefits for both boys and gms at all agee. We invite everyone to Join us at the games and en oy Itie excitement of lop notch soccer." According to Mansfield, the tournament wti Include teams from New York, Long Island, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and ol course, some SO towns In New Jersey. "AN of the teams accepted Into the oup are leading teams In their respective divisions, and the competitions will be Intense." said Mansfield. "In the last three years, teams from New (Pleass turn lo pags B-4) Westfleld's convincing 5-0 victory over Cohimbia-Maplewood (11-12) Tuesday propelled the Blue Devils (19-2) in the North Jersey Section 2, Group 4 semifinals against the winner of the Union-Montclair match. The Blue Devils, seeded second, are scheduled to host the match this afternoon. At first singles, Seth Rosen split the first two sets before winning the third, 8-0. Chris CConneU won at second singles, 6-2, 6-2, and Brad Jankowskl did not lose a game in sweeping his third singles match. Flaying No. 1 doubles, Simon Baukh and Matt Prmvda won, 6-0, 6-1, while Tom Vo and Steve Lehman cruised at No. 2 doubles, 6-1, 6-3. On Monday, WestQeld shut out its 10th opponent of the year when it blanked Irvington. Pravda moved up to first singles and won, 6-2, 6-1. Freshmen Rich Cohen and Brian Williams lost only one g;utie between them in victories at Na 2 and 3 singles. The Blue Devils used the same lineup as they did on Tuesday in defeating East Side, 5-0, on Friday. There were two changes in the lineup, as Louis Clinton replaced Pravda at first doubles and Marc Spirn replaced Lehman at No. 2 doubles. Last Thursday, Westfield cniised by Kearny, 4-1, as Lehman and Clinton won at second and third singles, respectively. Spirn and senior Matt Jackson won, 7-6 (7-2), 7-6 (7-3) at first doubles, while Cohen and Marc WUlcnison encountered little difficulty winning at second doubles. Blanding strikes gold in Union County Meet Chris Blandlne/a first place finish in the intermediate hurdles and Jamal Hester's battle with Eliza beth's DuLayne Morgan in the long jump were the glaring highlights for the Blue Devils in Friday's Union County Championships at Williams Field in Eliza- 6E0RQE PACCIELLO/THE WCOQl Stacey Tourtellotte sprints out of tha starting blocks In ths 1< meter dash at the Union County Championships. bplh. Blnnding, who also placed fifth in the 110-meter high hurdles (15.8), edged Erik Bowser of Scotch Plains-Fanwood by one-tenth of a second for the IH title. Blanding broke the tape in 55.2 seconds. Hester, the W.H.S. record holder in the long jump, had quite'a duel his Elizabeth counterpart, but Morgan's best leap of /4 wns an inch and a quarter longer than Hester's best effort Hester went on lo finish fourth in the high jump (6-2). Hisclion Williams was fourth in the intermediate hurdles (57.8) i sixth in the high hurdles (19.{ Chris DeMast took home a medal in the mile run (4:41.7). also placed sixth in the two-i! _ run in a time of 10:233, 4.1 seconds behind teammate Geoff NorttL who was fifth. n Jim NicoU finished fifth in thk 800-meters (2:03.8) and Don aaft f bria was sixth in the l,600-met«(4:51.4). The mile relay foursome placed fourth (3:29.4). 7 Although they did not score, Je»> cmy Romlne (15.5 in high hurcoesi (Please turn to page B-3).

14 B~2 May 20,1903 YOUTH SPORTSI,PHING SOCCfcR DIVISION IV T T O O T ^VIvVva^aT'VV Vi^r*a^ivv "vg Vjffv^Qv^V * Va*^VV w CnjoyinQ a four pjanw win atraalc, VW UnMsd _. m.. * «-» a» -J A4>«a^ * -* Uiaj* Wtadaor Fatoona on Hay. From n son. unna owpmyao iwr WHV ring atyta aa Srrti Kahn aatup an unmartwd goal, UnMad oonwnuad thair aaaaun again at vw bul oouu not Inoraaaa»wir acorad tour unanawarad goala toaam vw twin. UtfaVaMv 1 fftfoal 3L LvavMdtfcBvftt ROfifcaTrtal t On vw Mowing Sunday, UnHad {M) mat ttw MvVfWntffl ROOMtS H holtw. UfmtOa Of* arwa of Sati FWwr. Erie Fhrna and Bran Kahn mada aura Mandham'a goam waa not low. irw Fwoa outtnot vw ROCMVIS CM and vajwd at rwmma, 1-0. In vw aacond half vw dafanta of awaaptr NMio Trfearico, Mtwck*.taff Van Auadal and Dan vmlcfcl, and toppar Adam Jack anut nopm Or Q4Wving QrounQ. uf#q wiv Ju^^nt In oonmnq outtostop ^Mfe l i f e* 1M i ^mdt **-*-* T V i l* ai wn wmoj, Waavwld-a Irat goal paat a Dustarad Rocfcat goaaa. Iwd 1-1, hamwcha Ricky Lang and Polvf wtwon, MOOQ wmh oonwr rwhtwoh HNhay Mlup On ona audt opaaiinn. mar fo d NMta Mka pay dm and gjva via Forea a 2-1 toad. Aa tkna was running out, ta Khate, now at right wing, aoorad VM goal of lha day. Aa na manauwarad pan ad a Hoctiat' Mback to aanl a Ina drtva that hm tha far poat and ricncnatao ITCO me nal ama dahnhnaly. into gaw ahehaat Cartar an lent wound opponunry io piay on via ana. canar oaanas in and oraatad hm oraafcaway funa, pjotdng up an ajafet on lha aaoond goal. Andy Ku and wnola aaaaon aa t aaanjofltrackadupi on Ma rdtwmla from aowing m tha ttomintm mat*. nwnpnrm* romng WOT wppvr. ttw mkkh# of their #nd unpibto wnh tedding and ahouldar chvgm. playd owk w«mm«d dt«-9ontl rura In front; crtmung two Kortng opportunwm tar ttmprirtott, IWph Hipuiiio h»d pltnly of cnncw up front. wkvtif>qth# I M I Bvid 0110 touonnq bidt hmneo In by Fiood\ but Sift wnpbv I M ad tmr fewcotom THe Wirrtow movd into >o>» ttwlf dhpwon on Sundayi Msy feiwally t 9*9 ttnvrton i noury adjuaang to via spaad of via anaolal aurfaoa at (ha LMngaton M d Tha hoabi took ^^gav^^^^^^t^^ ^^ 1*^^ ml ^L^^ a^k^^b^bv^ak ^aa^tea a^&a DVvBTilaB'Bar Oi BTW v W f m > *" P*f *» oonnq e QOfll Bt Viai fne^hbhaw iiwrtt Trie fnonvamhiiti of vie QMIM vowy beom n DIVISION V, TUn Carrel and ratlay Ml On May t, ttw Ctwrgwi put comd twlr Int vtdory of tfw i DM! ttw Wtvtchung Sttnpjw. Tfw Chiro«t oonirowq vw paov mraup/kxji vw i to an bnmovabto dawnw, tod by IClvW R4W#i TvMoy I Ryan HOQMV, pkii mpfrti Qoalt- ndir^g by FMtl JohfWtoct and Chrw) StMNvWat navpa a ForwanJa Oavbi thubnan, Erie Bunk, Kavbi Doyto. and Mail Sknona kapt tramandout praaaura on lha Watching haapar. but «nara unabta to punch lha ban into via not The Ihird partod truly tactod vw matla of ttw Chtrgara aa Ihalr uppunaiila came ctoea to conrty on aavafai occasions, nowavar. m n a turt of fie ana) partod. Matt Slmona and Chrit Schwa? asamed on the Dm CMrgar goal at Schwm cantarad tha ban to alritar Kavtn Doyto. Ooyto made a quick mow peat two datandara and scored on a ahot to tie M of lha goa»a tor a 1-0 WaaWaM toad. Tha Chargara kept ccnbvl of via game, but put It away on a acrambte on via Ml aide of lha Stinger goal at Doyle paaaad to Erie wio, on a pnwy napovar fnow* H DBOK n tjonn nvwiry riuuu ww Tha Waiialii Paktoto IV Fraadom oonttnua erom-comar ihol paat tie 8MnQtr kaapar for to punua via Manorial I Wght ChamptomMp hi tha inai aoonv. WaaWaM Chargara 0 ChaJtonga. good twugnto on tw bat to twir wrfta-ahirtad at- 1 VNoal and. TOOa, pmqfvnpj vtwkw noni vatio we, rpivvo twlr arwmwi of tw bal and kapl» on trwlr <ften wot tat M r y opportunity. PfWfl WOOflvVf WMWIDJ VW IwSpsi WWT m vw saoond hah* Mad In niotvy and dvact#d tn S P R I N G >-. * Only $ 249 for limited time 77 "ihown heie In»now white* fho nan day ttwchargara hald tw pawarm North Huntvfdon Fatoont to a icofvlaaf tta. waa vw supan> QoaMnoviQor fad by Ooutt Mlnafaiif nyan HoajaM and Woh" la Row# ( which ait ttw tana fcv ttia ojvno. Iho Chargar*a ofwnaa of Doyfa. ShuNman, douid not quita put ttw bii mto tw nat &totl iqnted»h ohinaa, aa QHn toowd two unafv awwed Qoale. Tha Wvrtara oontnted Itia flow wnchanomad Uvtngrton'a 0Mn*a flnf Qoai waa e thoihbnaja dahactfcrt ahot of a nn- QOavft ^Mtaaa^a# irfraii BII a oorner VOGH W amff a onavaina pata to landing 10 yarda from vw goii. Qlin'a hard hot to via right of vw net proved to be*w winning tavy. onosod 9w oh#oftn0 oowtf tmi vaba«a#wmfe ftawwk an MaA a^a«amt baal OT/T^HB aw vil atftw OOtTO Tm nocwo VMOV of vw not oy vw UwngMon PJOHW> WoW and partotpolad In avvorafl ovvnarvt op* portunnwd ovwopar COMWT MWVOJO md MR* sppao up wot tariqvomys I wwt et tw oat Svwapar MaM Hal Kaae each wen a tooaa baj In twlr ana to a datonave aa ictautiorangao tomwai WaaMem datoatod tw Soutt Orange Hurvv*a> BV%^ ak^wwkahji fa^kaa athbai kkea^bav CSMaWa^ aveat «am«bi BM ataat awv mi BJDM HI rv Javavavai 4avf al ala^wvasart ftvavh OH pmnvhrl oomei* MCH won ISaliaai ravtay. TIM Wanlon) wart campad oul In vont of vw Hurncarw*' pjoale tfwduyt vw arat nav ae Fenay dattvarad fhjhbbhvmvai iymhftavbt hav^btal cvyvw BTiavTtBafBBT B%aaM avvwammf k B*K fevaas > vw vwrwt Vm Warrtort M-mt an aoorino Wnoalntht W W BjDaaw ffji Www ww wvnmn. Kyto America's most popular rr w^n- HI^^B -^^^^^ -^^^^^ ^^^^^ -^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^v ^^^na^ ^^^^^H ^^^^^ ^^VB^v ~^^MW -^^^^^ ^^ Inteli-Touch* fan now on sale. The Panama* World's first computerized 25 custom-integrated optional ceiling fan light fixtures {AmiLMti em mil 4 Six fan speeds Useful as a lamp*, a home Electronically controlled airflow reversal protection device, a light dimmer, a light timer, and an energy saver. Easy to install and operate Ar. c r saves energy, increases comtort Easily replaces your existing winter and summer light fixture * with tffontt kfhtfixtum ttmiku* si am tml SHOWROOM CLOSED MEMORIAL DAY HOUSE OF LIGHTS U.S. HWY 22 (East of WarrcnvllleRd) Opposite Crystal Motors) GREEN BROOK, N J. Showroom Hours: Sat 10 AM - 5 PM Weeknlghts to 9 PM ATHLETE OF THE WEEK SHI-KIA CARTER WESTFIELD The sophomore who transferred from Cranfofd thla year Improved upon her school record In the ahot put In Saturday's Union County Championships. Her bast toss of was five Inches longer than her previous beat, aet aarhar In the aaaaon. "As chosen by Forbss Nswapapars' Sports Dipt. 1 YOUR SPORTING GOODS COMPLEX 513 W. UNION AVE.. CRT. 28) BOUND BROOK, NEW JERSEY/908-35frO6O4 Mon.. Tbei.. Thuri., Ftl. 8:30 AM to 9 PM/Wad > Sat. B:30 AM to 5:30 PM VM bat daap Mo vw Huntoajw nrw batera vw right poat, wmoh Vm Cant* wotnot WtvavaT irf ftthk fhtat ^BVBVBBVB vavvavavah avawl avavvavl aaavav l HVM AHO nmbtgfl PfMl QIp WnO Ml tw not waft a drmng ahot torn i lanyard B M. Htfbacfc < Ma h vw v*d quartar. ^^^_ Af^^^_ _. L^^^^^ t_ a^ ^a^hb^a^wb.^ vmi VIVTv 1w WHHM fff WV tatw^mrfwni Xawaar Wolhaa aaorad vw hat goal laaavawlfmbi m*avaw a> aaaft^aavawkvi anta. jakavav thai >*» Ofa* IVavB WH VfaVfim vw goal hrtwwwkw telhatruw ahutout Of VW yov blvppowlq WW WaWIOFB IVOOfd td B* r ine -Westfield Record- frmha\amvms tnitna II, Metis Hester ( p KQoid In lha 800 wn$ vw Malt and "She BWI up tvhoi f BBvajft aavb0rar onann rvanqr C **8na hm a tol of raav unl ata% t«you hlwato Iw turn. You dont hat* to MR fht«y sy via arlv) atmrv) Gr a /*_«abavfc BvfePavBW TavavBavka> ^BVIVBVI A wn OBaunraajp, IBBJBW vajn aj haa^akam^am aamka^aataaal aw «av^ avatabaw BWBBL. avwawj RVBV VI WvvV tuv" ***** Jvaarna* avkvaaii fcaumavi aavaw BM vawak awiaaval. 0JM VvO MB "Wi il WW Vtwr" In t» IMBA 1 trink TaTany vafl bt a Urton < W»rM«talof law) vary pjooo n 8hat» ptv% iunr*t to QToupa.and wat fei vw timv fltavvi AttavMi lavavv afl aav ank. ttw Snana tettw ^M A^ajflgW^uB *> a^aak aaavwiak am_^u^a flut *' Of rnvwlq V I W Pf9BP< HOORWB,».,. *»»!.. ««"»» «.. «.«,..! TrW Mfln IWO aw OBfWOOUMO vwav VlOU^VWj ^MOftd BOOK I a doubw by llaaky OWn a» «wy toorad 10 run baton tw Iruim took thvir km at vw nmt-pmtpart alaava B^BBvaawMfavWl a*avl*lvbvam _!>» fcamhfhri bfj frw asa»»a»jft» i#w*«a»- ppvaaaa*^ vjp^aawvaaaaivaab/^^^ ^avabajaaj^a^ vaaava* aw^w» WB ^^^^ tw truvw by Danny Oianaa and by Wvl Or»V ri tor tw Man. Hi Zaonar'a Wrd M of vw ^, s tvvwhufi honwf In Vw bovjont of fw aaltavnaaaeouna)d(ervwftvtalnalnmw..... _ ahaamday,twmohquto^lookah»>an On May 10, tw New Nonto Owwowt M^ laadallarvvaawajkaandlmombalariwnlo ana ootwnuad twjr uubjawdvaj pay and taj. atartalnawraty. 1rwlrubwaant22baMra %* tor a M *tory am tw Hooavn' MBM,' to tw ptom to gk«twm a 174 wad atar tw * Manorial Ftatd. KrtovM Oatraga drwa h Irat Imkig.JwiTlwtaa drew In tour run* wttt *w gam»m4nra^ IIM «w«i a akwto tot tw to» m ^fagbg. abbaf! aa, awamaaam avakfa vavaaaavh TavtvMvaa*> * ***- VaJHV WH m mpv Vw VaV"!** IStv*;*** «a*^a- gf M A fbdh ittntno bwd and drowa In tna rum m tw Inrang.,^ M,,.^ jyrflort oul to a M wart ir» tw' by Towing M l tour Hto to aam Ma a pair of rune In tw game. aoortng tor Vw VJnJvw wan) sawa tory gaw tw avukw t-1 raoord and irat Sato WurnMng SOf IBAL (AaofMayit) * 'v Baseball (Continued from page B-l) -0), Dave Harwood's run-scoring, Una drive single to right field and a passed ball supplied the hosts with a M first-inning lead. Two runs was plentyforinfantino to work with, as the righthander allowed one hit and one 11, CaraaMtoi* On Saturday. May it, vw Nvw Nonto Chev vaa^bv ftba^aaaaibalk abtbiavafek vvk* nvar ** *n tmrvavm a? «M garnae by poaftw a oonw+om-berand «to> lory over vw Sat) nurnwng CanSnato. The BVMBavBj am V_BV) j inatvl al» ^ Tan. ^ - « ano vw pwvr nwjnaj oi *«V tartv eanw tmugh wmi Nto ana) walk over five innings. As usual, the senior displayed flawless control (40 strikes, 14 balls). InfanUno threw his first bau ot the game to the No, 8 batter with two outs in the second inning after he had thrown 17 consecutive strikes. WestfleM iced the game by acoring three nun in thefourthand fifth inning* An RBI tingle by Jeff Pereira, a wild pitch which cored Dan Higyina, and Infkntino's pei^ fectiy executed suicide squeeze bunt allowed tha Blue DevUi to takes 54lead. Following a quick fifth inning during which Infantino threw only five pitches, Dove Schwanenbek and Higgins cracked backtoteck doubles to center field to score another run. Billy Rodd's sacrifice fly and an error closed out the scoring and gave Westflakt a comfortable 8-2 lead. 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15 May 20,1999 B-3 Roundup (Continued from page B-l) Matt Daly (7th in jcvelln. 14<H». Klrtjr CleveUnd (43-9 in shot put) and sophomore Mara* Oognetti (23.6 in 200-meten) acoompuihtxt personal beatsfor the sewn. In the team standing!, Elizabeth won for the eighth consecutive year, beating Scotch Plains- Fanwood by 21 points. Union accumulated 93 points to finish third, while Westfield tied Plainfield for fourth with 47 points. This Monday, WestOeld will host a dual meet against Elizabeth at Recreation field. The winner will claim the Watchung Conference's American Division title. Devils breeze in Reg. 4, play in finals Monday As Westfleld's golf team looks forward to Monday's state tournament at Echo lake CC, the Blue Devils can only hope they can, collectively, emulate last Wednesday's performance in the Region 4 Tournament The Blue Devils won the tourney easily at Rutgers GC, posting an impressive total of 308, as three golfers shot below 80. Rich Jeremiah fired a two-over par 73 and finished in second place overall. Brian O'Connor (3641) held things together for a 77, Matt Jeasup (39-39) displayed consistency in shooting a 78 and Cregg Watner (39-41) shot slightly below his norm in carding an 80. ' Jeremiah actually tied for the individual lead with Bob Sobieski of Woodbridge. On the first playoff hole, the 350-yard 10th, both players routinely found the fairway and. green in regulation before two putting for par. With the wind in his face on the next hole, a 135-yard par-3, Jeremiah's approach came up about 30 feet short of the hole. Sobktki'i shot found the green and was 15 feet away from the cup. SohWwki two putted and Jeremiah miased a four-footer for par which would have forced an extra playoff hole. "I'm not wonted about it," said Jeremiah about losing the playoff. "I'd rather play better in the state tournament" Westfield Head Coach Joe Soviero believes playing the state finals at Echo Lake CC, the Blue Devils' home course, is a double-edged sword. "Playing on your home course is comforting on one hand, but it puts a little undo pressure on another," said Soviero. "I Just hope they can relax and enjoy themselves and keep their emotions under control" "We've always expected big things from ourselves, but I don't know if it's pressure," said Jeremiah. "We all have the right attitude. But, golf is a stupid game. We're always prepared, but things don't always happen the right way." On Tuesday, the Blue Devils (12-0) defeated Union, , in the rain at Suburban CC. Watner (42), Jeremiah (45), Mark Hobble (45), Jessup (46) and O'Connor (46) led Westfield over the Farmers. Last Thursday, the Blue Devils tore up the Single Nine at Galloping Hill GC. shooting a one-under par 143 to beat Cranford by 31 shots. Jessup (34) and Watner (35) shot below par on the par-36 layout while Jeremiah posted an even-par 36. O'Connor (38) and Hobbie (40) rounded out the scoring. Second half woes hurt laxmen in two setbacks In losses to Columbia and Ridgewood, Westfield took two-goal leads into halftime on each occasion. However, the Blue Devils ran into some problems down the stretch and lost both matches, marking Roofing Siding & Complete Home Improvements No Sub Contractor! All Work Guaranteed Free Estimates Fully Insured call IDie " the first time all year they had dropped backrto-back games. Tuesday's overtime loss to Columbia in Mapkrwood was CHCtting, albeit distressing. The Blue Devils (8-7) led 3-0 afterfour minutes and carried a 64 lead into intermission. Goalie Jamie Hmlett sustained an injury during Columbia's third quarter comeback and sophomore Tom Ryan kept Westfield in the game by making at least half a dozen outstanding saves. Ryan replaced Hewlett instead of backup Mite Abeles, who is also injured. On Monday, Cafaro (0-5) did not y IWCHMWfAIZ When Hewlett returned in the THE RECORD yield a hit over the first four innings, but l#nda Canalas* single fourth quarter, Westfield trailed, but Paul Babr provided some late broke up her no-hit bid with none heroics by scoring a goal with eight out in the fifth. The harmless single was the only hit Cafaro gave up seconds left, sending the match into overtime. in the Blue Devils' 7-1 triumph at Jeff Ryan scored four goals and Rahway (5-11). assisted on two others, while linemate Glenn Wqkdk had a hat trick. Westfield (8-10) scored single Baly scored twice and was credited with two assists. Junior Charles Sahanan added a goal in the losing effort Summit (42). "The On Friday, the storyline was similar, as Westfield hosted Hunterdon Central at Tamaques School. The Bhie Devils led, 2-0, at halftime, but the Red Devils scored three times in the third quarter to tie the match at 3-3 entering the fourth. Hunterdon Central won the final 10 minutes and the game, 6-3. Ryan scored all three Westfield goals. "We couldn't hold the ball on offense in both games," said head coach Shaun Cherewkh. "Our attack couldn't keep possession. I'm disappointed because these games couktve been big wins." The status of Saturday's regularly scheduled home match against Ridgewood was undecided at press time because the Maroons will play Westfield in the opening round of the state tournament on May 26 in Ridgewood. The Blue Devils Ridgewood was given the No. 4 seed. Present Coupon After Estimate is Given i «$" SERVING THE AREA FOR OVER 2O YEARS In the Junior vanity state tournament, Westfield (13-1) earned the No. 1 seed and will play behind Tamaquea School tomonow afternoon. Cafaro leads Devils over Linden, Rahway Fkcshman Lauren Cafaro continued her progress this week and gave up only four hits and four runs In 16 innings to spark Westfield to victories over Rahway and linden. runs in the first, second, third, fifth and seventh innings and added a pair in the sixth. Cafaro and Dana Fiaell both went 2 for 4, while centerfiekkr Lori Chellus went 3 for 4 with a double and 3 RBI. The Blue Devils exacted a measure of revenge against Linden on Friday, defeating the Tigers, 4-3, in nine innings and avenging an earlier one-run loss suffered a day before the cutoff for state playoffs. linden (4-10) plated three runs in the top of the first, but the hosts quickly tied the score on Julia Cerefioe's RSI bunt single, Abby Bomba's run-scoring base hit and Chelius* sacrifice fly. The score remained tied at 3-3 until the bottom of the ninth, when Sharon Hay drove in Amy Gallagher with the winning run on a bases loaded walk. Once again, Caiaro hurled an outstanding game, pitching all nine innings and allowing only three hits and two walks while striking out four. Gallagher went 3 for 5 with a double, Bomba went 2 for 2, were seeded 13th and and catcher Amy Kosvhak went 2 for 4. Westfield visits Keamy today and will wrap up its season next week with home games against Plainfield (Monday) and Summit (next Thursday) and a road game at Shaban (Wednesday). "We've played good ball at certain times of the season," said head coach Maggie McFadden. "People like Amy Gallagher and Abby Bomba had a good season hitting and fielding and some kids like Lauren (Cafaro) got an opportunity to shine. We have shown some flashes of brilliance." Carter breaks shot put mark again at counties Even though they had their hearts set at finishing among the top three teams, the Blue Devils took fifth place at the Union County Girls' Track & Field Championships Saturday at Plainfiekl's Hub Stine Complex As expected, Flainfiekl finished first (151 points), followed by Cranford (SS), New Providence (47), and competition was really super," said assistant coach Tom Hbrnish. "Unfortunately, we were a little flat Some of the other teams had a great day." Shi-Kia Carter placed third in the discus (106-0), and, for the second time this season, broke the school shot put record, even though she did not place in the top six Carter threw Vi, over five inches longer than her previous record. Patricia Clafrborne, (31-2) and Jane Osllslo, (244) recorded their best throws of the season. In the 400-meter intermediate hurdles, Erin AUebaugh placed fourth in 1:10.7, followed by Tiflany Hester in 1:10.8. Hester went on to place thud in the 100-meter high hurdles (15.5). She also jumped 16-7 V4 in the long jump, her seasonal best Plainfiekl's Demeika Tweedy jumped 204 V4, the second farthest jump in the United States this year. Ahlsha wlnkler (27.4) and Staeey Tourtellotte (27.5) finished the 200-meter run in fourth and fifth place, respectively. In the 1,600-meter run Bridget Keegan crossed the finish line in third place in a time of 5:42.7. She also placed sixth in the two-mile. run(13:l2j). Freshman Karen MeGulre finished fifth (2*1) in the 800-meter: run. we perfanned to the best of our: ability," said Oallslo. "We tried our best, but just had a bad day." Westfield will try to improve Saturday in the North Jersey Section 2, Group 4 Meet at Morristown High School. Improved play spurs * Devils to fifth in UCT In a busy weak in volleyball, Westfield won two games, played, extremely well in a loss to county champion Elizabeth and placed fifth out of 13 schools in Saturday's Union County Tournament at the' Dunn Sports Center. ' In the tournament, the Blue Devils compiled a 7-5 record in. round robin play. Westfield lost its first game of the day to Johnson Regional, which placed third in the final standings, then reeled off con-' secuuve victories over Cranford,, Union and Rahway before meeting Elizabeth. Westfield hung tough against the Mbiutemen and held a 9-8 leadat" one point before losing to the even-" tual champions. Scotch Plains-" Fanwood placed second and Cranford was fourth. Andi Scull and, Gloria Ko were voted to the AU- Union County Second Team by the.' coaches. v "By far, the Elizabeth game was"' the highlight of mu team's day," said Blue Devils Head Coach; Heather Kennedy. "They realized Elizabeth was a beatable team if they got their serves down and took their hitters out of the game. "Overall, Saturday was a day where my team learned wher^ their limits were. It was a good day! for us to find out what we're model of. I think we teamed a lot about each other and about us, as a team." Following a loss at Elizabeth Friday, Westfield (12-4) started a new; winning streak Monday by defeat- (Please turn to page B-4) ANV COMPUTE j ANVCOMPUTt BATHROOM t jnimooblinq KITCHEN 1 JOB l ^ JOB I Expfrgi 6/31/V3 If ExpIrM 9/91/93 tm^mmm^m^atwm^j^'mmmm 8» ANY COMPLITB ADDITION DORMIR!> *NYCOMfLtTB II ANY COMPUTE D E C K ii»ioo.oo "jj! ANY COMPLETE " ANY SOLID VINYL INSULATED ' fl pucim N7 Free Lunch FOR YOUR LAWN Snapper has the most advanced, patented Recycling/Mulching blade. This remarkable blade has six cutting edges to shred leaves and grass as fine as oregano. Clippings literally disappear and decompose into Free fertilizer for your lawn. 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16 Scoreboard (Continued from psge H) l A A j j a^ahrfal IN The top local taama from Crantort. Scotch ' PWns-Fanwood. Clark. Berkley Heights. 8omi mams* * -» ut^tk lika I^B^ M^^^I ^ ersei Mwa* Ony <pw* ma Oval WWPW VMfni ; In aach aga group, **P*ay at beettour soaoer ojarnes aach. Cornpettton Mcfce off Seturoey morning and runa Vwough Monday afternoon at «Mua*y awary achoot and recreation HSU In town. - Tha wahwod't awanta opan wmh a Pancake, BraaMaal at Cup HeadQuariers, Saturday morning, from 7:30-11:30 am Donations tor a fiii braaktoat ara $4.00. Tha Cup gala undarwey oiriajty at 0 a.m. wmh Opanlng Caremcnlae at HaonjaUon ReM. I In a pedal p ceremony y leaturing a parade writ* the h Invnad Id teams. Tha Th WSA'a WSA'a Matt Sheeny y la mattar of ceremonies and many l al l dlgnna dln lee expected to attend. W T.A TENNIS LADDERS Tha touching repreients fte ladder stand". Jng* tor the weak iwhich andad May 10. Ml laddar aooraa and questions should ba «rected to JOB Grande at Rich Robins; 2. Joa Oranda; 3. BK Ruga; 4. John Naton: 5. M Shtoeman: 8. BW OoROsnksr. 7. Patar Sharp*; 0. David Lata; 0. Kan Evans; 10. MeN Blackburn. '; 11.John Tirana; 12. Joal Confkw; 13. Mete ' KWIWI; 14. EMn Hoal; IS. Vaughn Harris; 10. Slavs Alch; 17. Oaway fwnvme; 1& Tad Moss; 19. Jon Herttu*. f 20. Ml PoHoote 21. John Daton; 22. Vong Hyu; 23. Simon Laa; 24. Ron Bans; 29. Stava iitkin; 26. Andy Oamso; 27. Paul Hanas; 20. Stsva untom: 20. Hotosrt Fishbaro. 30. Simon Lack; 31. Andraw Roaa; 32. Charto* Carl; 33. Mica WSNars; 34. * Sananman; 35. David Fany; 30. Gordon Vloksrs: 37. Paul Oarh: 30. Don Dohm; 3». Naal Sntow. ' 40. DavM Win 41. Bruca Jonas; 42. Ban (avfna; 43. Lan Afeanaaa; 44. Joasph Qraanaw«y; 45. Qrag Irvina; 40. Alan March; 47. Rich Williams; 40. John Baron; 49. Paul Boaaidy. ; 50. Pfwtip Brown: 91. Tim Ctonan 52. Frank Roundup ; (Continued from page B*3) ing Summit handily, 15-7, 16-14, lisa DeGutis scored nine points on serve in the first game and Kb registered eight service points in Game 2. Despite their dual match loss to the Minutemen (15-10, 15-9), Kennedy was encouraged with her team's performance. "I was really happy with their style of play," said Kennedy. 'Mart* NapiorkowiM had a good day at the net, hitting and blocking well The team realized that they D*Sar*>: 53. Charts* Qitoaaro: S4. p SB. Q IfcMahon; fl«.mich I att baaaaav BBBBUBBBT* *** r^u. 9r > rpw fwum, am* UOn y 00. Jerry Mount; 01 m Hay, 03. DMW W: 63. Qrag Bawara; 04. Qarty Yee. Y Tha Mowing 1003 ITe to play on tie wormm' aiglm tomb laddar. Tha upsat h pwyvja wouyn my is, n la. < it in- in. aaj^a*a^ha * -*- * A^ aaw^ vw powyws OCWO ID wn9 nay up. M I N CfMkv imowvd wnnn one nwnlh of itgnkiq p Furthtr Inlbwnrtton ^>ou rut or joining ttw toddvr it owinimt by OAMnQtlMn PowMf t/t Tha nart raparlng psnod «* oonduds at 0 p.m. on Sunday, May 30. Al mami sooraashould ba rsportad wsmn thraa days to Jaan POVMT. 1. A m Hsrnut; 2. Jsoua Boyia; 3. Jaan Powar, 4. Ctom Karraah; S. Ulan LoUa; 0. Van tnman; 7. Karsn Dorna; s. Msrda TaJbot, 9. Kathy OstowsM. 10. Tuokar TfUnbto; 11. Dabbla Oalsay: 12. Andraa Macnitehla; 11 HaWn* Wssssrmsn; 14. Karsn Frlad: 15. Shala ODomsi; 10. Qamy Shinsman; 17. Pal Paga; 10. Paula Long; IB. bane tombrtasr. 20. Carol SmHto; 21. Monies Oundrum; 22. Diana Flaming; 23. Joan Drayar. 24. Kathy Manahan; 2S. Cindy Kraft; 20. Diana Forman; 27. Joats Hobson; 20. Anna Keens; 20. EmaV Oa» Erich; 31. Joanmsrto Kom; AnoToM McOwnottj S4> Ctovsngsr; 37. Mariana Harbsugh; 30. M Campbai; 30. M Cyr. 40. Unda GMWosn; 41. Ronnto Cfaanaway; 42. KMhy Fteqpairk*; 43. Qndy Faehtor; 44. Nanatto Robw 48. Jot* Schar; 40. Maryanns Htekay; 47. Mary Lavtna; 4B. Alyna Zom; 40. UndBAMnasio. SO. RoWn Barilla; 81.Kanin Brown: 82. Pat DsSaWrtwi S3< JsW KoVpotuMa 94«BWBVI MNBfV sn; 88. Robin Bawsy; 80. FsMa Damoa; 87. Data Morgan: 80. Dona Panagoa. p > cunvni pp publicity tohwjuld It Iwctat *wy GnmQM In Q duatolnacovry. according to toddarrutos. could fix all the errors they made. It save us a good sense for the next day." last Wednesday, the Blue Devils beat Plainfield in two games, 15-7, 15-12, thereby splitting the season aeries with the Cardinals and vindicating an earlier loss. Vogel does it again in 9-0 win over Elizabeth Chris Vogel threw another shutout last Thursday, scattering four 1. Dews* lumte<3);2. CharleeCarl(i);3. 1 ana^l ffvaaaaw H\f et leataa* 4 VQtt MfeaW 1J 0. ajdiwi meato; 7. Jhn nchmtoei B. t. Ted Mete: 10. OkM Itaialir; 11. Saul OrtHar, It wh Sanenman; IS. Oanrd TheMkMinglU the WTA-S mm' i ugh May endi Sunday night. May 30. Aleooroo ehotad be reported to StanKaTpatt32-230tby0p.m, 1. Moois rower. ft arahewtne; 1 Chtesa- OafaivUmont: 7. S. Paul Hanas fmaw OUnWH oourlsandoaldabbls OMalo at Nnga ft** long Mand. RapraianHng tie Garden a *N e dub and campaang jor»f *ral ame Injtw SM* age II.1. defeatng Tom T«M of tw heat dub. «sa) Ljaaaaafjl PtariaalaaWaL Aa«BB> DltflariBMIA MBaa^af Ptoee RuMtar Naaw. Tear*. Age, Time SB. Tom Cuaknano, WiatHIJ : Chariot OasheM, WraaMHId. 31,01«7:27 3*5. Nchard Nonet. Wraatlald, 40.01:07:40 r. a. Km^tUbkm; 4ts. Jon HsrMua, WeaMeM. 38,01:00:28 a parkier); 10. Ok* Induds ins addmon gst out to tw atbm-7778w)lll 1. Jaan Powar Las Pany; S. Joanna and Susan Dugta; 3. Dabbw Oalwy Marts Tafcot 4. Trudy n^mm<mi Thompaon; 8. Evay f 0. Uata Bsmatoln-Yvaia (MdbMtiO. Caroto SinM^DliM Ftaffllnft 11. Biwfy OrtHI#" Carol KoHon; 12. Mary Am* lacfcsy Paddy avabaablabaaafta 44a ifkamaaamabaalab. tbwaam-bafabbbw* Uaaa«AaWauai> NKMaVQa I X tjmfwiawlv nonrnowiy MWIpn, 14. Andraa MacUfcMs Dtoaii MBchat; 18. ffim foatawno 1MB VW WTAs mlaad doubles tsda Thenaati tar tw «h May 10. i Sunday night. May 30. Al aoores snoum be reported to Stan Karp at ng-2300 no later than 8 p.m. 1. aatofrt^'llavpc S> QOMDaV^flaaffTieaffainf Qorarmublne: B. kmarvtwiian; 7. VaaV P U; a HuhtylOrtaiy; 0. KamteMtarnleh; 10. Ewanafvana: 11. CievmosrOwanaer; 12. LonoHong; 13. tooh-ctonsr. 14. Dome- HOAU HACINC. one earned run in his last 33 innings. Dm Hanmd went 1 for 1, his only hit being a two-run home run to left field in the flnt Dm Hlg. gins lined a two-run single to spark a five-run third for the Blue Devils, Higgina went 1for2 and scored three runs. Last Wednesday, winning pitcher JeffPetkra and reliever Rob Toih combined to give up only five hits in WestfieJd's 8-3 triumph at Plainfield. Eight different Blue Devils hits, while striking out two andbanged out hits in the nine-hit at- walking two in Westfiekfs 94 route of Elizabeth. Vogel (64) will enter this weekend's action with a 0.37 ERA. The senior has allowed tack. Higgins, who was 6 for 10 over his last four games, went 2 for 3 and drove in a run. Ctuto likfantido, Westfield's leading hitter, had 2 RBI and Dave Svhwanenbek tripled in three at bats. Wettfield scored five times in the fourth to open up a 7-1 lead. 4«4. Berry Bregman, weometd. 30, 01:0*10 4S3. Mtahaat Wars. WaaMid, as, 01* Diane Hart, WeaaWd. 8*. Oi:it*t SBS. nrnottry landm. waasmd, 34.01:13:18 MB..tames Soyee, WssSWd. 31,01:17* Barney MoOtfe, WMktt 41.01:1*00 toos. kl *0: , 30,1:21: Wph Jones, WiaHild. 00.1«7:12 14SS. Dale Morgan, WssWild. SO. O1J8: Bruce Oladatone, WraHSald. 40,130: : Arthur U NtHakt, 41,1:4* OerMfi»adow»M. WnMsM. 82.1:4* AtMrt l May20, CMS, Oh Aga a f l 7. l J a a W g,. BIB. Ann Bkudtorh, WaaMaM, ST. 53B, Hohard Loosabe, «d, B1, BM7 S B i. J o a * W»l<OtM m m,, 7»7. Lynn On*. WatatsU *1 B4B. S (Wdaa*. Wsatfatd. 4. BOO. Lsursn Anftony. Wit imilo. 3B. Bfc4» B14. KmiZlpt WlllOlU, 17. B1S4B Tony Catena. Wi laliu, 38. W 1162LkMt*»cwaiWss1sli L o a a.., Jody Looaatro, Wssaisld. 10, StXH CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAYS OFT everything in stock all at Woolwortlis 151 E. Broad St. Westfield Mon-Wed 9-5:30; Thurs 9-9; Fri & Sat 9-9:50; Sun 11-5 Announcing the 1993 Tour de Cure Register Now! The sooner you sign up, the more time you'll have to find sponsors and win great prizes. Once we receive your registration, we'll send your Tour rider information packet, complete with sponsor sheets, fund raising information, and other items not to be missed! Each rider must obtain at least S75 in pledges. It's easy... Just ask your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers to sponsor you. Check with your employer about matching gills. I am unable to ride, but will make a donation of: S. Please enclose n check payable to American Diabetes Association. Volunteers Needed I am unable to ride, but would like to volunteer. T-shirts are FREE to the first W0 registrants. Ride Date, Union County College May 22, :00 a.m. check-in Distance 5, 20, and 40 mile loops Register Now! Registration Fee: $20.00 Late Registration Fee: $25.00 after May 18, 1993 Phone number to register: 908/ Fax number to register: 908/388*4308 Helmets Are Required Waiver. I hereby waive all claims against the American Diabetes Association, sponsors, or any personnel for any injury I might suffer in this event. I attest that I am physically fit and prepared for this event. I grant full permission for organizers to use photographs of me and quotations from me in legitimate accounts and promotions of this event. / understand that helmets are required to be worn at all times. Ask about the Corporate/Team Challenge far 3-IS riders Signature Send coupon to: NAME. AGE. AODRESS. American Diabetes Association North Central Regional Chapter 727 Raritan Road, Suite 201-A Clark, NJ Tour de Cure 1993 Registration Form (Make a Copy for a Friend) SEX. I CITY.STATE. -ZIP. j PHONE: (H) I I EMPLOYER/SCHOOUORGANIZATION. l (W). mule No money down. No Interest and no payments until Oct.* The Honda Harmony { Riding Mower, priced! as low as 81550* BELLE MEAD Hlllsborouah LIQEquip. 820 Rout* 200 (908) BELLEVILLE The Motorcycle Mall 165 Washington Ave. (201) You won't find another mulching mower that can match the twin blade design and six-step mulching process of the Honda Harmony walk-behind mulching mower Only the Harmony mulching mower cuts each blade of grass three times, and then chops clippings into fine mulch. The Honda Harmony's powerful OHV engine and durable deck design provide years of reliable performance. Plus the Harmony can be easily converted for rear-bagging or side discharge with optional kits. Best of all. the Harmony is priced affordably, starting as low as 8529* just 18 a month.** BOUND BROOK Rick's Cycle Center, Inc. 14 West Main St. (908) E. BRUNSWICK East Brunswick Honda 307 Cranbury Rd. (908) LINDEN Addalla's Floral Qardsn Inc. 628 North Stiles St. (908) RINQOES Walts Outdoor Centsr Larlson Lane (90B) UNION Chestnut L/M ft Equip, Inc. 421 Cheetnul St (908) WESTFIELD The Eardty Petereen Co. 824 Elmer St. (908) HONDA. Power Equipment Nothings easier. For expert advice, soles nnd service, see your locnl Honda Power Equipment Donlor "PlnaniXiulU AM0l3/t&93, -Westfield Record- your Honda Power Equlpmtnt. OI993 American ftanda Mocor Co.. Inc WHITE HOUSe Llngat* Equipment 3545 Rout* 22 (908) """"' b *' 01 * "P" ""*

17 May 20,1993 H. Wright is named MassMutual Master Hettoert R Wright, a local agent cellence in serving our policy- and their needs," Mr. tor Massachusetts Mutual Life In-hokteisurance Company, has been Wheeler said. named to the MsssMuhirt Marten A 24-year associate of Mass- Qub fbr IMS, it hat been announced by MassMutual president provide business and estate plan- Mutual, Mr. Wright and his firm Thomas B. Wheeler. ning far business owners and key Mr. Wright is co-owner of Benefit Service Co., an employee conister pension programs. He has executives and design and adminsulting firm in Westfield. He is one been a member of MassMutual's of oruy 10 members of Mass- Masters Club six times in recent Mutual't field force of 4,000 agents yean. In 1990 and 1992, he was nationwide to be selected for this named Agent of the Year, Maasrecognition of outstanding professional achievement He is a past president of the Mutual's highest individual honor. Those who achieve membership MassMutual Agents Association in the Masters Club exemplify and the Executive Compensation MassMutuaTs commitment to ex- Association. HERBERT H. WRIGHT Computer Systems celebrating a second year in business William M ODonneD., president of Computer Systems for Everyone, Inc., is celebrating his company's second year serving the Westfield area. Mr. OTOonnell develops custom of Westfield High School, is a grad- of Stevens Institute of Tech- software and manufactures peruate sonal computers to suit customers' nology where he earned a master's needs and specifications. degree in computer science and a Mr. O'Donnell, a 1980 graduate bachelor's in electrical engineering. TO PLACE AN AD 1. Tak* some lam* to writ* down torn* characteristics about yours**, and your pr*t*r*ncm about the type of parson you woukl fciio totract. 2. You cm pise* your "Introductions" ad tor fre* just by casing Our tfmcmy trained ttah will r^p you write your Introductions ad toget the best rampant*). DaadNn* to piece your Introduction! ad Is Monday by noon. Vour ad wn run for ah weeks, and can be rammed at my time. 3. To retrieve your messages, csn and follow trie vote** prompts lor advertisers. The cost is S2.00 per minute. TO PLACE AN AD OH WOm CUSTOMER SERVICE 1*>800*>559*>9495 COONLY USED ABBREVIATIONS:,'l RSOHM to pita it port of Forhn 1 Nmmpapm' Introductions. It it intended for me by ptoplt looking for other.ptoplt with whom to tiitiitiik rtutiontbipt. For i moro information pleatt > coll ht00-st9-949f.»- W, Young looking a «MWM. iso o/swiir ' Ulna AC, traveling, ro- { msnbo dinners. I have a good aerie* of humor a r an outgoing personality, i Likes to nave fun A 1 laughs A possible rci manoe. I'm very honest a affectionate. Likes 1o cook st home for that spatial person and candlelight dinners. Ukee to be treated with respect A kindness, I'm physically fit A desire to have someone mat is not Into haadgames A wants good limes A msybe a relationship. I'm very ver sawe.exi.4ici. - Slim A attracttve Is hoping to find a WM square dance part- ( ner. II you don't know! how to square dance, :l willing to be psrinsr ' while you learn. If Interested please call Ed. MSA Bmintn Contact! h a new cuuificatien and it part of Forktt Ntmipaptn' Introduction. It u intended for KM ky ptoplt looking for other ptoplt with whom to ditrmti bmineti. For more information pltatt (til I- l60-ss9-94*s. IMVSHTOR- ol new product design needs prospective Investment capital of SS0O0 or more for 5* of business resmuala or shares. Pleas* contact ext Extrcist Partntrt it part of Forket Ntwtpapert' Introduction!, It tl intended for tut by ptoplt looking for athtr ptoplt with whom to txtnitr of play tports. For mort information pltmr all t-go0-ss9.949s. * Msfloyfsts CRIBBAQS PLAYERS- We're were looking looning IOI for cribbag* players Ints Interested In forming a group ore to promote regularly Ty isched- uled ga.rlee In ths Brldgewster/Somsrville areacall sxt Rosenbaum joins Stern & Associates Susan Rosenbaum of Westfield has Joined Stem & Associates as an account supervisor, it was announced by Susan Stern, president of the public relations and marketing communications firm. Ms. Rosenbaum is responsible for developing and implementing programs for one of the firm's major clients, Steelcase Inc. Before joining Stern St Associates, Ms. Rosenbaum had worked as a public relations consultant to both coporate and non- profit clients, and as a freelance journalist cost effective, Newspapers which have published her work include The Sew York Thma and The (Newark) Star Ledger. She also has been an adjunct member of the communicationsconsumer, department faculty of William Patenon College. Ms. Rosenbaum has also held positions at Editor A Publisher magazine and Batten, Barton, Durstine & Osbome, Mew York advertising agency. Stern & Associates specializes in dpublie relations and nuuketing conv munkations programs that support specific client objectives. The company's programs ant targeted to bustaess-to-buainess and trade audiences and are geared to increase awareness of cbent products, services and issues. A resident of Westfield and AmagansetU*.Y-, Ms. Rosenbaum holds a bachelor's degree in French, with a minor in Russian, Axxn the University of Pennsylvania. Residents give post office stamp of approval An overwhelming majority of Westfield postal customers in continue to express satisfaction with the daily performance of the United States Postal Service, announced Postmaster David De- Francesco. Independent measurement by Opinion Research Corp. indicated that in the second quarter for 1993, 90 percent of the households in Westfleld believed the Postal Service was doing an "excellent, very 44 Veterans Memorial Dr. E., N.J Forbes Newspapers' Introductions is a way to meet people, find a tennis partner, a fourth for bridge, or another classical music lover. Whatever your interests, you should be able to find someone to share them. Personal advertisements and voice mail messages may nol contain language thai is overtly sexual, suggestive and/or offensive to the general public. The publisher reserves the right to reject any ad. This publication assumes no responsibility or liability tor the content or reply ol a personal advertisement. Must be 18 years or older to use this service. good, or good?* job. "This is above the national score ot 80 percent, which is the highest customer satisfaction rating since measurements began nearly two years ago," Mr. DeFrancesco said. Every three months, Opinion Research Corporation polls 180,000 households nationwide to gauge customer satisfaction with Postal Service. A number of different functional areas that directly deal with the customer are measured, Including letter canter and window clerk service, complaint handling and physical condition of mail upon delivery. "In appreciation to our customers, May 17 has been proclaimed Customer Appreciation Week. During this week we an inviting our customers to visit their post office fbr free refreshments and to tell us how we can continue to improve our service," said Mr. Deftancesco. Central NJ's #1 Source For Meeting People NTROOUCTTONS Introductions Is operated by Forbes Newspapers TO ANSWER AN AD 1. Note the extension numbers at the end of the ads you would like to answer. 2. Call from a Touch-Tone phone. 3. Follow the voice prompts and record your messages. The cost is $2.00 per minute. LOOKING. POR PIN- MACLfl PLAY1RS- Interested In playing once or twlce/wk. In Middlesex. Bound Brook area. Call eirt Travtling Compamtm it part of Fork** Ntwpaptrt' Introduction!. It it inttndtd for n«ky ptoplt looking for otbtr ptoplt milk whom n travtl. For moro information U call l-$0b-st*.t4*t, SWH- Young malt looking lor ydung ftmal* that is pretty, kind and attractive. I am nicely wanting to have a meaningful relationship and friendly with a girl that wants to be happy In one relationship. I am keep- Ing Dusy physically, by talcing a form of karate, riding a bicycle and working out s little with weights. Just enough to look and feel good. I am S' 7 and have long curly hair, and a cute fece. Perfect chance to meet your someone special. Call A write. WHh Love, Frank)*. P.S. Female friendships welcome ss wall. Plesa* reply Ext. 33M ADVSNTUROU8- Attrsctlvs. Intelligent, recently divorced fsmalt with no children, no pels, looking for SMOKB. nil,», ORUO ORUQVSJ. athletic :, healthy male, over 3$. Pleaae no couch potatoes. Lets enjoy Spring A NYC. AC. PA together. Swim, bowl or picnic Pleaae call Box 432S. ATTRACTIVBT WARM A LOVINO- That's how I've been transcribed by friends A colleagues. This DWPF/S Parent 40lsh, S' «. 110 lbs,, blonde, blue eyes Is looking for a S/DM who Is genuins, warm, fun to be with A likes children to ihire friendship A possible LTR. P.S. I love to dance. Please call Ext AWISOMI PACKAOE- SWF, 30, 6 It., brown hair, brown eyes, warm, sensitive, romsnllc, hon< est, caring and In great shape. Enjoy dressing up from jtans to tvenlng wear to go dining, dancing, comedy clubs, movies, irsvel or just to spend a quiet tvenlng at hon-ia cooking s nice dinner. I im very interested In participating In various sports like skiing, golf, G*mt Playtn 6 Hobby'" 1 this sd haa caught your scuba diving, etc. and sy, pl*as» call *«t4417 it port of Forbet Ntvitpapen' Introduction. It h one to.shire these Inter- would like to find some- inttndtd for *u try ptoplt looking for otbtr ptoplt vtitk whom to play garnet or tnjoy HokUn. For mare information pltatt call I- a65-sf9-94tf. ests with. If you ar* an attractive yr old SWM. e-fl'4" professional and enjoy the ssme Interests and are looking for o. needle In a haystack, I'd like to hear Irom you. Ext CAR IN a scanc BWCP 31, attractive, warm, bright, lovee to laugh. Sff 6, I45lbs. utvwii nwr* WUWM vyn>, njoys movies, dining out, parks, drives through (he country, day trips. Seeks SWM 29-3*. who is bright, stnsltv*, and easy going lor friendship', dating ind possible long term rtiationshlp.caheirt.«37l CARHW SHfCCM attractive DWU 37, warm, bright, physically fh* S' 9- leoibs. brown hair blus eyes. Seeks slim WF, 2747 mine children, who Is tensrtlv*, down to earth, enjoys lift A is looking for eomoon* special tor friendship, dating A a possible long ttrm roiationihip. PI call tut professions), positive, good shape, romantic, caring, many Interest* tsob7dw*,upto42.peth* attraottv*, rcrnautbc, smart. Friendship- Romance relationship cahext. 43«0 DWCP- SS kwklno for ONE GOOD MAN-who'* 30 something, successful. bitewgentft fun loving too. I'm a bubbly, energetic, well rounded UMfrhaw sarftuk'ai SJnaw a^lajis * SHOtrrffff WMV fitnvfltfbnw A emotionally secure A sn oys everything from power boats to power lunches. Please osh Ext YOURMAMIT YWreastttng It it lot policy if toil ntvtpaptr mot to fmitlitb any porting! omvttuowttnt ihit may kt overtly maul, mggtitivt and/or offtntive to th* gtntral public. Thit ttrvict u inttndtd taatly for ptrtonal advtrtiitmttntf for linglet who wotltt likt to titabliih o nutiomiiip with otbtr tinglei. DWF 46, froatsd blonde hair, brown/gretn yet, slim build, ifsibs. In vtry gopd shape. Ps- Ut* Isdy, lover or do-wrop music M'e A SO'* but enjoy* all kinds, I llka> to dance, go to dlnnor A love ths beach. Vary down to aarth with a flan- Ible personality. In search of a man 38-55, who smalls good, kmps hlmsslf In good ship* a has a full hssd ol will trimmed hair, blue syos a plus, but not n*c. I'm a iramplant from Esasx Cty. to Middlesex Cry. If OWM- 31 yrs. old, 5'1I, 1SS lbs., brn. halr/syes, Somsrvllle area. Enjoy romantic times, Antiques, long walks In 1h«city, ooklng for possibls r*lttlonshlp. Looking for someons Pleas* call ext s Starea^t! 19O 09' per minute 84 hours a day! Must be 18 + Touch Tone or Rotary Phones Dolly Monthly Compatibility Horoscopes Plus the spoken tarot powerful 3 card trading TAI.KLIVE 1.90O-S Free Introduction to explain cost * per minute 24 hours a day! Touch tone or Rotary Phones Speak to Aitrolger * Tirol Reader Mull bt 10 V*»r» or Older f l M U Inc. OWF Introcfuctiom Blond* hair. ^kh^bh^b^b * U A A A^lt^a^A AjkMAA grwn eyvst iwiy OIMV thing, fh and trim professional, n/a, n/d who likes music and dancing, good conversation, flea markets, dining out, movies, hugs and kisses and old fashioned romance. Seeking OWM (a Richard Gere type) with same* Mareats as mine who I* looking tobuild a IH* together. Exi PIBRV. FASCINATING A FIT PIUNI- Very at- Ireotlve, OWPF, 40lah. looks 30ieh, non-smoker, waong blond wavy hair A gr**n eyes, loves dining, dancing A dreaming, Seeks WPM, nonsmoker, 40-80'S, with grest mind, soul, and Body, for th* best in Hfs. Pleas* sxt Irttroductlotn OENUINBLY NICE QUVI DWM 35, educated, good ob. good looking, 6'. 170 lbs. w/1 chllcf(sge 6), seeks F companion 25-3S. rm new to Middlesex Cty. area A seeking new friends. I'm not resl picky, A all I require le that you like yourself. I'm looking for a long term relationship A *v*n mor*. Please call Ext MURPHY BROWN SICKS- a mate SWF- 32, 5't", slim A attractive, single parent of one child, aeeka caring S/ DWfti, 30-40, professional, handsome, good sens* of humor, for dat- Ing/rslationshlp, NO CLOWNS! please call ext.42bi 1010 Introtluctlom MAHRIAQB MINDCDT Want a child? I want a wife: Let's mak* i daal...hardworklng SWM 2S, very Itt, ' +. Very intelligent, auavs looking Prof. n**ds mousy Coun try Girl, Corporst* Lady, or in-between or so, to share walks, mov lea. dinner, cuddling beach, lov* (a business together?) Sacrificing tor Bountiful ilt*. Ext PRETTY- DWF, Divorced mother, 41, 5' 3' nice figure, eery, good senss of humor, llk»s Jerssy shore and soft rock music. Looking for successful, professional mala ovtr th* sge of 47 for romantic relationship with possibility of living logtrtt. Ext "Don't be afraid to take a chance!" "...well worth doing...over 20 calls. I was very pleasantly surprised! All the men were perfect gentlemen!" - P. S. Y, Edison Tb find your gentleman caller, place your FREE 'Introductions* ad in Forbes Classifieds. Call today! OWM- Mid 20s, definitely cuts ft under 28. (N.B.srea) I seek ONLY a definitely good looking oi cute healthy QWM, Oriental, Indian or Hispanic man. Preferences: man who Is straight forward has a capacity lor warmth a Intellectual conversation * who can do without bare & partlss. Fems okay fata not. Interssta; playing pool, tennis, scrabble, piano, ping pong, bowling. Oat- Ing fin* rsiatlonstilp better) Pleese reply Ext I'm a SWM, early M'*, who enjoys lptndlng time at shore house, scuba diving, hiking, traveling ana watching sunsets- mature minded, (but fun,} tall, blus *y*a. JhMktfM Virr>- 9'6 plus, good snap*, educated, and profsaslonal with similar Interests, who would like to try something new. Call ext. «77. LOOKINO FOB THAT SPECIAL WOMAN- II you lov* to laugh, enjoy going out & lov* hugs, look no further. I'm a 43 yr old SWM who Is look- Ing tor SWF up to 40 lo share grest tlmss with, I lov* to danc* or just cuddle. Looking for a woman who wants to bs sar- naded by my guitar. I'm S'8, too lbs. with hazel/ gr**n eyas & I work out rtgularly A lova to travsl. Reply *nt SDF Dig blue oyet, blond*, 40-aomethlng, pretty, nlcs, interesting illn, hardworker, successful career and a good friend. Looking for an Intelligent, kind, educated mm lor companionship and fun and whatever develop*. Lov* black tl*. the beach, boats, hikes, exploring, adventure, museums and Brlgsntln*. Please call Exi SWF- late 30. true car- Ing It warm hearted seeks SWM w/morali a values who en oys hom* life A It marriage minded to share a relationship of togetherness leading to a committed relationship. Pleas* call exi SWM- 27, 5'10. slim, goodlooklng seeks attractive, elander SWF gs 24-27, who le sincere and haa class. I enjoy beach, picnic In ths country, dining out, th*- airs, a shopping. Pleas* call Ext SWM- 31, 6' lbs. (Ikes sport*, moviss A ouldoore. I am sincere 4 honest ft have a good sens* of humor. I work craiy hours 3-1 1pm. Looking lor WF with similar hours & Interests, who believes In meaningful ralatlonahlps. If you're out thera-lot'a talki Pleas* call Ext Advertise In the Classified! A Forbes Newspaper 4. You must be 18 years or older to use this 900 tine. H n n O ' 2 2 FO" THE FIRST MINUTE I U U O $2 FOR 6#V ADDTL. MINUTE 1010 Introduetlonm DWM- 42, Accountant, both aalaried * aslfemployad, South Plain. fl*kl area, d*vo»*d tatlwr of t*en-ag*d daughter, rasponalbl*. conscientious, honest, alncsr* methodical, structured detall-orlentated. no drugs, social drinker, smoker, S ft. 9 In.. 1B0 lbs., brown hair 4 *y*s, mouatache, rugged look* Ing, kld-at-hesrl, Qreek heritage. En oys mod*4-r*llroadlrtg, computers, bowling, softball, football, IceHwckcy, Star Trek, Jigsaw punels, do-it-yourself projeete, movies, dinner* out, board gam**, th* beach, amusement parks, domestic IraveX pref*rsbly by car or train, trl*nd*, family, and coty cuddly verting* at horn*. ISO monogamous long-term, live-in relationship, w/educatcd, Int. forthright, p*> ttta or slim. flnsnctally s«- curs SWF/DWF, w/attlwr no kids or 1 dsught*r no younger than 10. You must want a M/M honast rsistlonshlp njoy pampering being pampered, ft b* rewsptlve to moving Into my hoiis*. Rather than Irv* lit* sloo*. make the *flort and Invest In a mutually satisfying A beneficial relationship. Let us embrac* th* futur* through lov*. understanding, companionship, A emtlonal support; Experience III*'* up's A down* hand-ln-hand; Strlv* toward* attaining both our Individual A JoTnl desires; A fulfill th* dreeims that drive us to survive each lonely day. Mind-game players ft those seeking a Ire* rid* need not respond. Please call en 4292 ONI OF TM1 FCW MOH 1ST, tinciri twm's LIFTI I'm 27, Almoat Southern, and a lot of fun. I enjoy motorcycle rides, movies, long romantic walks, or qulst evenings at tiome, I'm looking for a SWF who sharea the esm* Interest* and values ss I do. Ag* not a factorl Plos* respond *x ROMANTIC SfcA- FARER DWM tlnanmauy secure, 48, S'«, ISO lbs. Blu* *y*«, unsneumh*r*d, boat owner who loves NJ shor*, cata, travel, dining out, movies A thsatr*. Looking for a S/DWF 41 or under, reasonably fit, Intelligent, emotionally secure who wants to sail sway Into th* tunsst with Incorrigible romantic, Pleat* Mil Ext PRITTY SWF- 32, fairly raw to th* araa, I am B' SWF- 37, down to earth, 3*, slender and have wavey, light brown, blond* hair. Seeking a shoulder length hair and good looking, eansltlve, brown eyes. 8' 8", larger romantic, and commit- frame but nol obess, a ment minded SWM. 28 plus. I bellev* llf* is better when you have that special tomtom* to share II with and am looking to build an honest A loving relstlonshlp full ol laugnt*r and romenc*. I hav* a variety of intartsts I look forward to sharing, as wall s welcome new one*. If ou d*slr* a aarlous raillonshlp based on friendihlp and afiectlon with a ireat girl who promises lapplrteaa to th* right uy, please l call Ext. WM ISO WF , slim A trim. I Ilk* Itock car races, watching ports, cozylng up by re at night, candlelight dinner* or dining out. My weekends are off. I iove to kles A hug, I'm warm A sttsctlonaf*, A Interested In LTR. Pleaee call Ext, /ntroduetfon* SOWM- 43, looking for SDWF 30-4S. Looking for one on one relationship, possible msrrlsg*. A woman who Ilk** to b* spoll*d and to spoil her man. A non-smoker and not Into drug*. Social drlnk*r OK, kids ok, p*ts OK. Llk*s th* movi*s, dining out, shot*, or Just b*lng horn* wrth good movl* ft dancing. No h*ad gam**, no barbies. Meae* call ext 420S. SDWM- SO, professional, vary active, fit, A financially staw*. An av> *f*g* man- no drinking or drugs, but I smefcs. looking for SWF, slim, 21-43, needing a nice emotional atari In Ufa who like* tc b* spoiled and know* how to apoil In return. Must b* l*v*l headed, Ilk* sports, cars, dining out, qulst *v*s, S*ns* of humor a mustl Ext HRITID- petit* SJF attractive A Charming, Auburn hair, haiel eyes, practice In alternative health car*. Lov** exercise In natur*, mountains, creative exprea slon, word play, thsstre, dancing. S**ks 8/DJPM 3S-4S. S'HI", sl*nd*r lth*ic. psychosplrltously mature happy, honorable, com munltive. for love, fun, A family, plea** cal xi.4293 SWCF- Born Again, 48 warm, caring, outgoing, 5'. blu* eyes, told Vm attractive. In school for counseling degree, ACOA background. I lova laughter, nature's beauty, warm, cerlng people. K ood books, old movies, avlng fun, children, en! mals, sharing thoughts, feelings A Qod's love. Enjoy singing, sctlng A writing. Would like to meet strong Christian gentlemen (strong Chris flans, gentle nwn) with good, kind, understanding (of themselves A others) hearts. Please call Exi SWF- 34, brown hair A yes, friendly, pretty, wheel-chair bound, Independent, actress, caring, active In R*n. Feet., seeks friendship with Knight In shining armor, Young at heart, 27-42, attractive, non-smoker, outgoing, sincere, with slm. nterasts, not sfrald of physically challenged. No head games, caliext In tht C/M»7fr*07 smoker, attractive, likes cooking, staying horns for a quiet evening w/a movie or going out. Works dlff.hours but kind of a night owl. Looking for a sincere, honest, S/ DWM, kids ok who knows how to tresl s lady, 5' 10" and over, average or solid larger frame, who wants a one on one relationship. No head games please, Onty serious minded callers t**d call- sxt SWM- 37, I enjoy the uidoors, movies, long wslk* and I have a good ense of humor. I'm looking for WF, 25-40, with th* same Interests. Please call ext o*i In ClauUltd don't coil They p»yl 1010 Introduction* SWM- 34. SMkS attrectlv*. non smoking, SWF ag* as thru 36.1 am 5'S", wwgri 170, have mustache and blu* *y*s. I *n oy th* outdoors, long walks, bike rid**,photography, flea markets, collecting and restoring antlqu** and rock A roll A classical music. I lov* animate and am concerned about the envvironm*nt. I enjoy getting dreaaad up for a fancy dinner but also en oy renting a video and getting lake out food for a night at home. I really value hon**ty A caring in a relationship. I have a rather demanding Job (which I enjoy). I would Ilk* to matt *om*on* to spend quality time with, hopefully leading to a laailng relationship. If int*r**t*d pleas* r*piy Ext I- 35, 17S Ibe. muscular build, brown hair gr**n *y*s. Sick of th* bar sc*n*. tlrad ot games, I'm honest, romantic, handsom* with Sood senss of humor, k*s to work out snd hav* many different Irrter- **t*. Looking for SWF, 26-35, vary attractlv*, shsp*ry who Is slso Into fltnms hort*st A *lnc*r* looking for a long term relationship, CaTl 4467 ext. WINNIRS ONLY: Youthful 40-*om*thlng BF, 5 1", Intelligent, personsbls, attractive with good figure. Enjoy good conversation, theatre, read- Ing, walking, qum limes. Highly principled, con. temporary with oldf*shlon*d valuee, looking tor mal* with similar Interests for friendship A possible LTR Drug-free, rsceunlmp. Ext iota III CTOCRICllOftS WM- handsom*, athletic, successful, well* educated, stable, sincere, Enjoy* *ports, outdoors, t*nnls, golf, moviss, th* arts A travel. at*, Intslltgafit, athlatlc, non-smoking femal* (25-35) who ersjoya llf*, compftnion*vnpi ronwnc# If you% btwwn t'2 A 67, BOMpttonaHy attraotk*ai a«ltaj*«aa»bklk«m a\ «4a>- M, pnyswceawy nx * aar* sk* a **rtous r*iatlon. ship with a gr*st all around guy who pronv is** to make you nappy "leas* can «t SWM- "40 Somathing", "Godfather/ looking for a "cloa* *neount*r of mor* man **v* w**tui." "F*tal Aftractlona 1 ' n**d not sppty. P*tlt* "Slngie- "Pretly Woman" n*ar "Sumrrw of 42* will hav* -Adventurs* In Wonder, land." I'm not considered a "Phantom of Th* Opera" member of "Adam* Family" nor "Top Gun," but definitely "Something To Sing About." Call quick for "One* Upon A Honeymoon," If you don't "I 1 N Cry Tomorrow!" Pt*as* reply to Ext Very pretty SUM**, 37, at Fortune 100 Co. wants to have a candle We dinner with a special man. lam caring and monogamous pleas* ahare these values and be a tall, handsome SWPM under 46, looking for a long term reletionship. Cal) Ext.437S SWM businsss owner, early forties, brown hair A eyes. Saoking like or divorced fwnala, early to let* thlrtl**, for companionship leading to possible long term relationship. Days or awnings. Pleas* call TO ADVERTISE CALL OUR CLASSIFIED HOTLINE TOLL FREE Line up a place to live... in Classified! Looking Inr lhal special place called Hume? Classirial will address your needs. Open the door with Classified! Forbes Classified OUTSIDE NJ

18 > ", * * ' JB-B May 20, rrworkst I "1 sold my tammy «m N set for the price 1 1 wanted and received another 10 calls after 1 sehhng it." 1. E.M.R., No. Edison HOW TO PLACE A CLASSIFIED AD Cat Mai to us at P.O. Box 699 Somervle.NJ Fax HOW TO WRITE A CLASSIFIED AD THAT SELLS Start your ad with what you'ie seeing. Be descriptive. List lha best features of yoor torn first, Use only standard abbreviations Always stats tha price of a sale Hem and. if you're flexible on price, include 'negotiable" in your ad. Be sure to include your phone number and times tocan. Including the word "please" in your ad increases response. DEADLINES: The desdkno lor kvcofcamn ClassMed is 2 PM on Mondeys. IK* dmdtat tordmtmtad ds0ay Is 5 PM o* Friday*. CANCELLATIONS: Accepted up to 4 P.M. Monday prior to ADJUSTMENTS: Wi make ve^ effort toavoid mistakes in your Clatsltorl Advsrasamertt WB- festalqgsnsaawatf iotuy JOSYs HFS AHO UVCS1OCK Mto-ews 3020 Cat MK--Oaas 3040 Si aoaojpaj. uaafeci WO-Okerftti» 0- BMNhg, TiaWng a OMonwig J100 PRIVATE PARTY AD RATES COERCIAL *14.9O Each week for 3 week* Each week for 3 weeks For four Noes, additional Hnes SI.OS each week. PAY IN ADVANCE AND SAVE 1O%I Please check your advertisement the hit week it runs. Errors In wwswnvjins rurwwiy mora than one Urn* must be corrected before Ins second insertion or corractfcmasowance cannot be mada. Correction allowance tor rrort tttil not exceed tha cost of tha advertisement PAYABLE IN ADVANCE: Alt ads toroarage Safet, INDEX Stpptaand - 1 Cfe^ 406Q* OMSWQ SIMON 40n-ComeMsesnlCn 4070-BeajglI ^ 40*0* Hmdytten Ssnsjss 4OM-rW»CareSeritoM J.tfM Uaaa IjasaaaM^HakaMBB' 4HN* nonav RiBuMrrasfal 4tOS-trmn«Tai 4110-lnslMtatfducabn 4120-lrmnnaa 4130 Lsndaoapeig and Tree Cars 4140-lavs) Ssnfest 4IW UsnalFirancf 4IBQ-» K 41*0. Parsing 4t*0- Paly ftrssrtasmsni Services numbing, Hssang ftcooing 4110-ProKMsbnel Sennet 4220-Ruing 4230-W4toapiring MOVi-tMPUmiCMT MI0 Cam Training aid Ser*ss H20-CNdC»eW«*g ME pi Ernptoynert Ha*h Csre W0 Bratoyment. ftangarw MOO Psrt-nwErnpjoynert K0O*l-MfTOMOMUS MI0 AutonabttN Undsr $1000 tt20-aulomabamund*$2uo MJO-Artmabsss low Artitut and Caw* AuMmoban WSO-UouryAutomooiN SOSO-Sportscs* 1070-Fan»> Vans I0W *Jrta7spart and UgM Tiucfca KM-Trueks and Vans 1100 I t t O j i andsanfm 120 ttlo-atvs KM-MopeOs 2»-0*tad 240 Onftae*MOSJCWISI^ t2s0 atosjicyds TOM,Aoomonai mdser** tan M10-Campers and Trasm 1420-Motor Harm S430 * Pirn, Acssuarlss and Senioa RV Motfa-SOATS SttD SS20-Power Boau HM-nat NH-taMasidChsin NTO-SapRanM NSO-Sknga -Bal(FaNngSuppia> «W eaat pan, tatawin and Sanfea 8710 SMTl-KM. ESTATE 9010-HomnUndW $150,000 W-HoniHtoS 9030 F«n» 9040-lwuyHamNlEt WO-tUb* Hanm mtu* QvO * VreMnlOnl RBpenJf Employment Wanted. Wanted to Bart. Housss toshara or Apartmsnts toshara. A* ads vmen moving. snadeio EXTRA CHARGES: Blind Ads, ts.00 tor O M ranwand mamng charga (Box ham tar 30 days) Al capital or bold tomra Private party rates are based on classification numbers. All classifications between , and will be billed at the private party rate. All other classifications will be billed at the commercial rate TOLL 800*)559')9495 (908) Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 8:30 A.M.-5:00 P.M. Thursday & Friday 8:30 A.M.-8:00 P.M. Saturday 9:00 A.M P.M. FAX: (908) 231«9638 Forbes Newspapers Focut SomanatOulda i dmtaa Ca MatucN "- 21*0 Ml TO OlVf tha gilt o( a lasttng onahlp. Paraonsl- Judy-vettoV Comles»e»-7OT-eO»». / JATCNMAKIfl ^WTIRMATIOMAL- Tfia abtq.*! niosi avwciiw jrtraonal Introduction Oarvlca In lha nation. For 9«a Into B-90M 10SO ' fcxind- 1 aat of kaya, uok IIK» Dorm Kaya from ' Wutgara, ajot- black Aztnlr bl- Cycle halmut Sat. S/1S at 'Bound Brook Llttla Ltagua Flatd. Call or plaaaa raturn to.tat. ^ FINLAND MASSAQI *4>r man and woman, tall Albin, 90S S7 alter 5pm waakdaya or anyttma w kandi. i NOTE OF tlon- A llttla whtla Mck, my pat bird, a 'ibck«ll«l, accidentally w out of my houta. I ought for aura that I t ra ou(d navar aaa himchrlat, faithful interceaaor of all who Invoke ta*ln. Fortunaiaty, a kind Jmrmon brought Mm to your epeclal patronage in J«nd»«'a Pat Stora. I am time of need. To you I Tfcplng that wondarful have recourse from the aerson will raad thla >o I depth of my haart and ^fan thank tham. Atao my humbly bag to whom jajnearo appraciation to God has given such t#a kind S thoughtful pat great power to come to awnan of Dandaa'i. my aeaiatanca, Help ma *5>ianki Bgaln for all you In my present and urgent ;«d S for brlngmg him Sack to ba a haalthy Betty K»»il»r. WONMHFUL FAMILY KPKFIIKNCI- Scandlavlan, Europaan, South marlcan, Japanaaa high chool axchanga atufent* arriving Auguat. ecomo a hast family. Call Kathtom SOe-Mf- I ori-soo-sibunq O^nRS* ANTHONY K-, TAROTCAROA *- PSYCHIC REAOCR»-^ELP ft ADVICE IN ALL - WALKS OF LIFE V Available For r* Social Oslherlrigs *V Open 9 to 9 r(jv4 Price With Thla Ad I DOPTION- Wa'va «ian fortunata to build ~ r family through adopn. Tha thraa of ua long hara our lova wtth an- baby, axpanaaa shar ild. PlaaM call SnaHay id Carl 1-90O CTLL TO ST. JUDI'I MOVCNA May tha aa- BW*d haart of Jaaua ba orad, glorlflad, lovad * faiarvad throughout th» irjd now» foravar. Saad Haart of Jaiua, pray r us. St. Juda who prka mlraclaa, pray for St. Juda, who halpa» hopaltaa. pray for Say thla prayar 9 K lgi for 9 daya. By lh» i day prayar will ba an- Aarad. Say It for 9 daya, ffhaa navar bean known td fall. Publication must Hk promlaad. Thank You, mcttd Haart St. Juda. Advrtlf DWM- young 39, trim wishee to meet a sincere, fun-loving female for friendship and possible Towrw St May ttto Sacred Haart of Ja«uabaprataad, adored too fjtqfirwq tnrowdnout tha world now and foravar. Sacred Heart of Msua worhar of miraekts pray lor ua. St. Juda helper of tha hopalaaa, worker of miracles pray for ua. Say this prayar nine daya by tha eighth day your prayar wimbe answered. Publish after favor has been granted. J.P-.F. NO MOM DKntiai Begin your foundation for a long farm poeltlve aiterationln tha way you look and faal. Naw scientifically developed watght management program Incorporataa dacados of dent If I c raaaarch with stats-of-1tie-ari nutritional technology to Improve your overall wailnaaa. POPJFUftTHM INFORMATION 2Q1-37e-lUQ THANKeOIVINO NO- V>NA TO >T. JUOi- Holy St. Jude, Apottle and Martyr, great In virtu* and rich In mlraclaa, near klnamsn of Jetue K lttlon. In return I promi to make your nams known and cauie you to be invoked. (Say 3 Our Fathers, 3 Hall Mary'i, 3 Qlory Be'a). St. Juda, pray for us and all who Invoke your aid. Amen. (Publication muit ba promlaed. Thli noverta has never bean known to fall. This prayar la to be said for 9 consecutive daya). My praysre hive bean anawered: J.D.T. PftAVM TO IT. JUDC- Mey the Sacred Heart of Jeeue be adored, glorified, lovad, perservad, throughout tha world now and forever. Sacred Haart of Jeiui pray for ue. St Jude worker of mlrlclea pray tor a. St. Jude help the hopeteae pray for ua. Say this prayar tlmee a day by tha Bth day your prayer will be ana wared. It haa never bean known to fall. Thank you St. Juda. Publication muit ba promised. My prayers have been answered. DFW * * * * * PSYCHIC MAOMQS By Dorothy Love, Hearth, Buaineat FRCIAL: Tarot card readings»9 w/thts Ad. Call for appt. Bound Brk eoe we <oo«aaancina FAMIUES- IO host Engllah apaaklng Europaan high school atudanta for In your community. Explore he world without leaving home, STS Foundation. 1-80O-824-H0ST. In thm Clmtulflmd! SWIOIBH MASSAOE THIRAPY- rallevaa streaa, tension, aore muectae, increases blood dreulaeon. We offer full Sedy bfuemng and twn care. Kay West Products and gift certlflcatai available. By appointment to. C.M.T. 6. Veauvlo aava92 THANK YOU ST. JUDItor favors past and preeent.< WAMTslO anything old, abeolutely anything. I am Interaeted In old: furniture, booki, lawelry, palnllngt, prints, rugt, dolls, toys, costume jewelry, swords, coin*, clocka, poat cards, watchaa, bottlea. I will purchase entire stile contante, I will purchase entire estate. call Pager M4-M FOR SALE aoio COfTH PLETZNER AMTKMJeS li cloalng. GREAT BUYSII 9 Penn. Ave. Metuehen S35 PORCH SET- 5 piece rattan/bamboo, Asking J PHINO AHTtOUEa SHOW Sat. 5/22. 9am-4pm. tea Dsaiare out/tnooora ""Qourmet Reataurant Park Ava. at Front St. Scotch Plains. NJ. Free Admlatlon/Parking Rain Dale May 23 3tt SOS-J22-4SOO TAU. CASE CLOCK American Mahogany. bevalad glass door, braas 8-day movement. circa Cabinet & works in excel, cond. S35C0. Other antique Items. B0S-27B APPLIANCES- Refrlgaratora, waehan, dryara from 1100 a Up. All guaranteed. eoe new patch work, great DRYER- 6 mos. olditems, lots of hand work. heavy duty Maytao. "I*P- More coming In day Waahar-1 yr. old Whirlpool heavy duty. *200 albls for accidents. every day. Nof reepond- aa/80. 90B Terms: cash or approved RKFftlOeflATOP. $95; chock. waaher $75; dryer $76; fully guaranteed, also aervlca $19.99 mln. 90B or WASHER- $75. Dryer, $85. Stove, $78. Refrigerator, SI70. Can dallvsr. Color console TV $100. PIS call Uie Your Cird... Quick And Convenient! OIANTHNCFIT AUCTION NJ. MUMUM OP AQMCULTURI NEW MUNSWICK, N J, Located at Cook College on Rutgers University campus, from rt.76 to Interetats 287 south Io rt.18 (large green sign says Rutgers University Campus A Highland Park) than Rt River Rd. are the earns, then R1. IS turns right, south to Rt. 1 (exit says Trenton south) + right on Cook College Rd. Arrows posted by Museum. Sat. May 22, 10 AM Brawn's 8 Bats accumulator + 8 bale grabber + 56 bale transporter all pea. navar used In time for thla year's hay crop, J.D bottom 16" plows w/ cylinder, 3 cast Iron farm tsats, 1 Is child's, 2 harness counter balance loom, dump-rake, plaiform + steal a scales, grain cradles, fanning mill, wood beam, 1 horse plow + cultivator, hand post drill press, 5 milk cane, screw type-grapple + harpoon hay forks, hay knife, corn jabber, elder praas, Planet Jr. firefly plow, cabinet maker clamps, hit * miss gaa engine, neck yokes, collars + harness, alngle * double tills, lot good apple crakes, LIVESTOCK: 2 fat lambs, 2 roasting pigs, 2 Vietnamese pot-belly pigs for pets, 1 ton fertlllaer, 2 crates aaparague fresh, apple pies, 10-36" rhoddendrom, hanging baskets + plants by the flat, nursery stock trees + shrubs, sunflowers, wild bird feads, Purina chows, lawn seeds, attorney services for living < simple wills, resturam gift certificates from all over, tickets to U.S. Golf open + Mats & Phillies + Yankee baseball games, Meadowlanda + Freehold race tracks, Hunterdon Hills Playhouse, 1 week In Waterfront condo at Sanlbel Island Florida, weekend for 2 at Lavallette, N.J. shore + weekend for 2 In W. Virgin*, lour of Historic Bridgeton, N.J., Many bed A breakfast at Borvara, PlltslQwn NJ, John J. Craig Caps May, NJ 4-1 Blass f Oscar De la flenta items, Ig. marble flgural manlle clock, lot Oomputarsi Food Vendora Arthur Hanna Auctioneer Bloomsburg, NJ, 908- COMPUTER/PRIHTBR- Maelnlosh Plus, external drive, Image writer II, $550. Pis. call IBM COMPATIBLE $295. We also buy and repair computers, monitors, printers and boards I 2 Internationals, TDB , TD62 S7S0O. Both in good running cond. KUSOTA- Diesel. 4 WD, center 4eV' mower, brueh hog, hydraulic enow plow, front, rear power Faka-offa, 200 hr.e, pvt. estate, M.aOO, can 0a S8 leave mag. LAWN IWOWEfta- used from $55, tractors from $250. Complete tune wps $40, tractors from e n. All work guaranteed. Free P/U & dial S. LAWN TRACTOR- Seare, 10 HP, SSOO new motor, $450 Wo, MsV MULCH/TOPIOIL/ STONE- PU or Prompt Del. Retailor Wholesale. SPRINQ SPECIAU TOPSOIL ft MULCH DELIVERED EXCAVATING a GRADING 1U0-B40-BS03 FIREWOOD M0/CORO Unseasoned, unepllt, 18 Inch lengths, delivered when available, JOHNSON'S TREE A LANDSCAPE FIREWOOD- Pine. Cedar and willow loge. Soft woods. $75 truck losd. S110/cord. Split A delivered. Mixed hardwoods. Buy now and aavellll Mike's Tree Service. SO S Vfc PRICE TOY SALS May 22 «23. Our Lady of Fatlme Church, New week at Caps Cod Barn Market Rd., Placataway. t more, horseback riding 4 carrlgs & hay CHAHMINQ BUT rides, slalghbelts, milk + CHEAP- gently uaed old bottlea, 1923 picture quality clothing, accessories, houaehold llama. of Holstoln cow 8 bell, Helen Bouh'i ) Lenox Congregation Etz Ahaim, vases, Jean Nate'- Bill 230 Dennlaon St. Highland Park. May 23rd, i0am-5pm. CHINESE AUCTION- 74 Jamse St. (opp JFK2 RM CABIN- tent, 10ft Med. Ctr.) Edison, 8/21, 7pm-10:30pm. Gifts $10 $ up Inc. stereo, Jewelry, etc. View 8:30. Tkt./refreahrnent $B-$5/mamber. For Alliance for Olaablled In Aolien V/TDD CRAFTBRSWANTED to participate In Sales Catalog. S0S-7S737Be, 1pm-10pm. CRANFORD- Forest a North Ava. Trinity Episcopal Church- -.lant Rummage eala Sat. May 22nd 9-apm. Clothing, Jewelery, turn. eppl. houeehold, baby Mama > misc. FLU MARKET Sat 5/22, 9am-3pm Wesley Church 1500 Plalnfleld Ave So Plalnfleld Vendor Info: 7BS-3860 Metucnen Uone 11th 100+sseeee tlevisjdto INDOOR PLEA MAR. foit- every _Wed.7i:- V0VTI HI. SOV HHwOOfOUOh VPD i mform ni-itm WANTED- CraMara i Street Fair sponsored by Manviiie Merchants Aeeoc. July tfltn. Call for C%iT*4?&ftt Food VsNldOfl WaMCOIIMt Free Wood Chlpsl CaM: N04ae47V4 New. 4 pee. Full else. Reaeonable. Call HI $. OINIHQ RM SBT- $ piece Wood Oak table/ leaf, 4 chaks, china cabinet, hutch. Qood eond. $700 $0M7447S7 OIL Oak, Braas, Glass tawe, 8 upholed. ohalrs, excel. cond. $ DR tbt- S piece Mediatresn, $400: LR set, PIBN TANK- 29 gals. couch, coffee ft end table, $250. 7S FORMICA BUNK BID ft DESK- $580/80 CRIB/TABLE- Fruitwood. B/0.9O HAHDCRAFTBD- Naw, muet seal End tables, am. bookshelves, TV Stand. Call , ask for Jeff. OUBEN-BIZB BEDROOM BET With mattress, osk with duel mirror dreeaer. $300. (908) WALL UNIT- 8 pcs., Contemporary Black Lacquer, braas hardware ft glase ahervee, 2 yrs. old, mint cond. S1100/BO; matching cocktail ftand table aold aeparately. Moving-must ssll Immed.l 90S-7B4-2185, after 8 pm 2U0 x 18ft, good cond, w/ mlac. camping stuff, $199, small Hamon organ, 2 kay-boerda ft bench, S19S, aafln wadding gown, long aleevea, beads ft slqusns, lace neckline, ai 7/8, orlg. 8800, asking Incld.s slip ft vail aft. 4pm AIR COND.- for Bale, 3 rm, ex.i, good cond., BTU, call AIR CONDITIONBR- B200 BTU. $ kit. chalra, $40, 2 lamps, $ after 5 pm BAHAMA CHUIBB 8 days/4 nlghta. Underbookedl Must eelll Limited tickets, $27e/couple, (407)7*74100, Eat ts4 Mon.-Sat. 9AM-9PM A Forbes Newspaper- j f f fj. bookedl Must eelll Urn- - 4 pc. oak finish contemp. full alia OO: contem asaaalubayi JSaWasfttf e^asia* I afeasaub^sh k SW; Lam StO ee!«oaai k SnlehisH Bh ublesl..... cart!$30lso$>72s-00u CAUTIONi DtOVOU that an ad hi Vila Meal paper alee goes Into IS other leeal papers? Reech over 400,000 reader* wtth one earn 1 DOCTOR WHO- Star Trek oollectlona. Audio/ video tepee, paperbacks, hardbacks act., call ^:30 pm CON- BtONWfTiCotWng, W iawelry, furs, antiques, collecllblee, home furnismngs. 123 Ciaremont Reed. BernerdevWe, T-F 104. Thura. 0. Bat * Everything Included; Atr pump, Air alone, inters, stand, ano fish $125. Call OS-70743S9. FOR BALBr 48' round nlnai BMawi Taasla w/4 iit«) chiirt. 3"-iO" t«av«l<t200. Chin* atsaabbavftaaaf AlaB*^ fe***jt>t* turn venffssr ejsebiah a9ffnrrce> TOT 11. Serving pieces. $50. PUAM CALL ANNE st OFJADUATION OIFT- New sm. WefeW refr. and new sm. WMnpool micro- RCA TV, remeasbtl y"af"#tav **^RsrlvSar*f WJBMBJ, i. Cell 8 ask HAOND- House Organ, fuhy equipped, eieel. cond. Asking $1*00*0. - Bike. * * HAROWOOO PUM ft others, M 31547*49*3 HELMET- PIAMO- Small player. Shoel Jacob Don ft Sons 350 RF1OSV. med 7 Vi/7 V4, rode) ewd iwocfl. N*Mds «i grey w/tjnted shield ft OtweV BHM#M«hswoly useid d SISO Asking $ ' HOMBLITB HIAVV DUTY OAS STRING TWSRVSRUBM CUTbiade Wt ft " saw tooth Made for neevy brueh/ eapptmae ese. Used 3-3 times. Many extras. $ Calf $ after $PM A way for people to meet people, every week In your local Forbes newspaper. The ad Is free, then one can does II em U0HT SULSS- Fixtures ft sccessorlss. Direct salee from Independent buyer. Focal Ugtrang ft Electrical, 00* P.O. Box 309. MartinavtHe. NJ MIRRORS- Gym/wall, (IS), brand new, 4Sa100Ki/4". easy to cut, free delivery, * */< 140O42*4»U y a long g tem posrthw alter ation n In tha way you look cally developed weight management programlncorporates decadee of aaflaisaiitl jjfimnv > fwmuc i wni ** stste-ot tha art nutritional technology to improve your overall wellnees. Computer w/color monitor, uaed office furniture PHASE CONVBFtTBR- Rotary type. 1 to IS HP. ft equip,, deaka ft accessories, chalra, cretfenu. Call 52S422S or evemnge 30B-3372 Call O. little work. S1200/BO. Aleo old movie magazines, Brltannlca Set 1* S49249SS ROLSX WATCH- Gentlemen's, gold. $8000. B0a7S63s$2 SATILLITB TSLBVI- SKMf- Your cable anernatlval Systems avail, for do-it-yourself or custom Inetalled. Lie Focal Lighting ft Electrical , P.O. Box 309. Matlnevllle. NJ LUISF.QONZAUn ftwfson aeaueet Will B Closed r Mernorlal Day Saturday, May 29 and Monday, May 31 We will re-open on Tuesday, June 1st naadllnes Classified Display WOLFF TANNINQ DBDB- New commercial-home units from $ Lampalotions-sccessories. Monthly paymenta low ae $18. Call today PRIB » AASACUB ANTKMISS ANTIQUE uneja SRRVICE We Ar» Purchaaing Furnltura* Paintings Oriental Ruga*Statues Clocka * Toys * Mlrrora BBTATE UOUIDATtON* CaH *0S-M8-B3*3 or 1400-H143H ALL LIONEL, IVRS, AMERICAN FLYERand other toy trains. Collector paya highest prices. Csll or AMERICAN FLYER ft U- ONEL TRAINS ftold TOYS- Pis call leave message or call after 8pm ANHCIUE ft USED- Furniture, Old Dfl sets and BRa from IBOO'a to 1950'a. Alao misc. pieces S9. COMIC BOOKS, Sport/ Non-Sporl Csrds, collectibles. Alao, appralsala avail. (908)

19 Classified* B-7 MOTICI: AN Cert. For quote on UVIUI- tt> new- Clothing, Jewelry, Furs, Aeeaesorie*. Fine quaily home fwnlshlnga. antlquse, collectlblea, from cenannments 1, select dsalsrs. New ar. mggvasi... juaeilessi 0^hjuk»^A AA_kAi^ snwua Sal m-n* BOUND BROOK- 600 Block of Betsy ROM PI., S/23, 04 pm, turn., gultart, blht, clothes ft housewarss, (bthlnd B.B.toottoaH Hid) BOUND ROOK Several famlum, Church a Chestnut Ste, e/tt. M nidqiwatiri/pind. UHfel-M l*eert ft til. A Sun. 5/Wft89. KJpm. Btg Clwtty Sslelt Sunday beg P^M BRIDaiWATIR- M4 Luggsga Warohouss to Hewers) I*,*)., 1 DAYths public ot ONLY SM. SOS; Mem Nat'l brands of higmos. Empty netting! 11 Cornputsr, compute* Ussk, csass and gnw. Now thru hand bags, buslnoss to-saese) binss, ping* Sat. May 29nd only. pong tabls. tfressora, a i T i R «*o Thnmty Dr., 8/21-22,»- 4 pin, moving sale, Fom.. piano, guitar, lawn tojulp., much moral Way toff of Twn to I. elm. 202) tat.a tun May 32 ft 33 t-tpm. Five famil gersae es e talo, l him. teya A wwcw w wor#. HtmUtt In tht UnsMteV FISMINO TACICIB- eol- Isctor want* to buy OL0, fodi, reels, IUIM, cetsloga M4 aflar SPM OUNB, IWOROI, KMVU.MIOAtB.MIU- WB BUT uasd or now fjiswuiv I<1UIW«ptlmfltl, TMV ff, NJftPad. rsdueors or rslstod ral licensed. Top eaeh aqutpmant. CaH NJ Electric MO 9O S paid. Houaa calie mad*. Baftt2B4a WUO-tor P cameras, mwiary. TV's, worlds Pair, fountain paw, CaalT>eTT7. I1UY ALMOST ANVTHINO OfM ttam or an sntlre estate. (totjftga-bom JUKI BOIBSft PIN- BAILS- Ponunt Tallers, Wot, CoKe, Baseball Maehlnaa. Barber Poles. MILK BOTTLM- with dairy namai, all slies ft hapa* ft colors, 1 or 100. call Wt-7sa-iS47 afters PM OuHars, Amps, Drums, Pianos, CD's, Tapsa, IP'S. (808) 35B OLD OHIO. PAINT- (damaged OK), AnUqua Fieture Framsa. POST CARDS- Toy*. Oamss, Trains, Banks, Sheet Mutlc, Political, Olsnsy, Worlds Fair. Oolli, Magaslrtss, stc. CalltferbfeBM34-6J15 AoVtrtist m Me CJenWs* RIOaiWATR- 4*1 * Brae* Or, Sat. 8/ U, Mpm, HouMhold aaflftlal asaaafesau BAtaaftrf BWab Mm, trunks, ehaka. lawn spreadst, pmure hams* ten Dr., oil M.. 2ftVJudson Or., 8/ , 0-3. Baby Bb ftftaksama easa^lft ^J^a^WA llwttuji HS WWWmt W Ml DDL IX- SOS EdMWOfth Sl<i off Rti M COLQMA- 1 ft 4 TanftsweeaJ Lana Sat. B/22 B/aa ft 23, 3, Qaeg Qarege la Marlboro. Sat. ft Sun., mob/ts) B-4pm. 10fam. Antiques, old dolls, Sale/Moving / M i g SSslo, l o reeoreo, comic books, lurnltura ft lota morel TV. Mtorawavs, table top : 804 Danton PI., ft/22-23, 94 pm, rsfr. sllds pro setor, eaerelse bids, lots of etuffll CRANPORD- 14. ratt Avoi MULTl- FAMILY. May MARTINSVtLU- 10 BR- No Carty Blratsl Toys, Ma O«Sat 104pm, 9 pc TmmQfQ9» COrnflflV orana aams maca dnung roofn sat, pscan wood. S90O. sdroom furt. N«w mtr- WWB^^fclBf' 17 Oiisn r sat ark wood Drsxsl, Drss, Or. PM. 8/21ftSat. 8/12; qussn canopy bad, bd Ilt Irlpta B-4PM. MULTl FAMILY! BDIBON- si Tranton Am sal 104pm, B/aa 104pm. Uaadsnd now Hsma.Anfllallsh.NoEB. HLANO PARK 240 Wayns at Sat. s/2j. 9- Spm. Lois of good stuff. Ratn or Shins! HILLSBOROWOH- SSI Aamsfl PM. fststo/vard Sals. Frt.. Sat., ft Sun.» ft as, 94pm. HoMsshoM, yard, fumlturs, frsaiar, tools, hunttor's, clothing, much LUOOAQE WARlHOUMtAU Ones aysar wa opanour SS AVI. Btkimi Htfurt **4 Mom'i Toy MARTINSVILLt Arbor Way Off Laural Trail) Sat.ftSun. S/M ft 23. Sat. 9-3pm, Sun. 9-12pm. MuMI family. Toola, baskats, fish tanks, ski squip. books, lowslry, photography aqulp. sttrso and vaccums and mlso, WANTBO- OLD CAM-arty IIU SlOCh RaVRBMNTATIVtS Coma and sipsrlsnco tns Shsks-A4>aw diffor- nco at Nsw Jsrssy's most beautiful puppy store. * All puppies ara A.K.C. registered and selected for breed conformity snd temperament. * Puppies era soclallied In open glass walls herell This insures proper development for a isppy, wem equated, loving pat. * Famous Shake-A-Pew LIMIms Health Guarantee Includes free shots, fecal exam and lifetime obedience training, the whole family, loute 22 Wast, Something to sell Auto? Boat? Home? Antiques? Garage Sale? Or is it a service like Painting? Plumbing? Odd jobs? Cabinet work? Whatever you have to sell we can help you sell it faster Call and place a classified ad for so little, you'll never sell anything without It again. No question about It. farbcj Ntwipapera Classifieds orassar, cnaat, nits tsbla, boih vary good oond. CocMaH tabts, sxor c^ofsfikt 9SS (Voaslar to Parrlws to BMdta) MO. BMSON- 21 Library PI., (off Orovo); B/22ft 8/23; FaVTlHIsM* CiOtn#9/C m adults: toys; book* dlshaa; hooiahold; misc. PIBCATAWAV- 100 afbaflaalav a>0l BBaAaUBItaM^Btf ffeaf Sat. 8/22: 104pm. MULTl FAMILYI PISCATAWAV- 101 Marrla A«a. Sun. 8/23, 104pm. Baby Hams, adult clotnss, houssnotd PIOCATAWAY 194S Karwwi Bt Sal. ft Sun. 8/ 22 ft pm. Fof tabto typawrltsr, om conv putar and tots worst PIBCATAWAV- 101 Blrchvlew Or.- (Off niwsr Rd. Nsar 207.) Furnlturs, Toys, Bsrblss, HH. PJscords. Etc. Friday A Saturday, 8/21,22; 9-4pm. Sun. 8/23; S4pm. PISCATAWAV- S11 vans Avs. off Stefion Rd. 8/22 104pm ralndate 8/23, household Items, furniture, toys, school desks snd clothes PISCATAWAV- 242 nwiufflon IVffs 8/afi m 22, * 5 P n V 1 N rly bl Hom#fww t Mwc. J9J0 Qreenbrook. NJ (SO yards wast of Rock Ave.) Mon-Sat 114), Sun 114 SSs ad. tpycarir blned wwi any ether oner. Bjqs. S/31/B3 BiACK- Lab Retrievers, famlly-rslssd, AKC papers, sire A dam on site, O-23O4OO3. clasaes by, Watmerener Chib. Every Thursday starting at 7PM on May 6, 1993 at No. Branch Park. For more Into, can PRBB TO A OOOD HOMI- 7 t/2 yr. tsmale chocolate Lab., pure bread, naedi a now homo, family relocetlng to Florida A no psta allowed. Dusty Is a warm, loyal, cuts protective dofl. Shs Is wonderful w/ Intents ft seniors. She loves sffectlon, has e kind dispositionftno bad hablta. Shs li alao healthy A up to date w/ shots. PI. call Karen ft Mike for futher info aft. S PM PISCATAWAY- SSI tubllt Rat Sat. M2, 9- Sn 4 fmit< l ApsaTsbrass lamps w/ahadss, misc. housshotd h>ms, at four burnsr gold rsngs top, 13" color TV and much RARITAN- TIB Bill. Ava Thurt. thru Sun. 8/20 to 23, 9-7pm. Slovs. typawrltsr, Sionswars wshss, fuml* turs. Iswairy, lawn ehalra, pips eultar ft bandar, Housa plants, toys, dothss. 2S0 Oal. oil tank ft moral S.PLAINPIBLO- 339 NOfWOOd AVS, 5/22, 9-8 pm, H/H Itsmi, toys, him. set SO. BOUND BROOK- Ava Sat. 8/ 22, 9-7 SomatMna lor «aryonsl Sargtna Oalora UNO BRO0K-.... jartsmo Av*. (off Idaswacd Tart.) s/22 ft 8*3: 94PM. Moving Sato. Crib. stromsra, toys, houaahokl. much moral SO9JBRSBT- 300 Samuel PI., 8/22, 9-3 pm, (dlr. Wseton Carial to Howard to Semual)P.aln or Shlnsl Family clothing ft stuff. Brio or Brae, new andorson windows, toys, crafts ft much moral SOMBRVILLB SSSouthsWeAvs. Sat. May 22ft23 10AM4PM SOMBRVILLB- 101 O St S/22ft23, rard-n-porch Sale SOMIRVILLR- 208 County Una Rd., Moving Sale, 5/22, 94 pm, Various equip., tools, tables, eel. for more mfo call PISCATAWAV 145 Brewster Avs., off Mountain Avs.. Sat., 5/22, 9:30-9. Furnlturs, computer, bsesball cards, AC'S, toyi ft HH Hams. AKC, rsre ft mined breeds cartlfisd training. Puppies, Bsglnners A Off-leash clsssss. Dog aggression reprogrem. mlng. 30 yrs. expsr. A Vst recommended. AC A mattsd floors for your petssafsty. TS9V9BT9 Kind. pofthwe methods, 27 yrs. sxp., Vet rec. 27 yrs WOO OogWatch Hidden Fsncs For PRI9J Brochure A Fact Shest Call (201) PIT TAXI- Servlcs, to vst/groomer/kennel, for busy pet ownsrs. PET/MOUSE SITTING also avail, Bonded, refs. (909) OIVB SOMEONE A SBRVICB- avail, from S99ILB- Somsrsst Hsglonsl Animal Sheltsr haa Reconciliations, Acct. my home. A/P, A/R, Bank puppies, kittens, dogs Analysis. 90S4Sl4tt1T. and cats. Adoption raasonable. Mlsalng s pst? COMPUTER PROORAM- Call MtMQ- Cuatomlisd Fox- Pro, FoxBase + programming. Cuatomiiation Of SBT accounting software Serls* 6, Stria* 7 and Profaisional Ssrlss. Experienced in Novell LANY Stephen Dregen ft DESKTOP PUBUSHINQ Bustnsss csrdi, Letterheed, rssuine, menus, brochures, nswtleitsrs, directorial, magazines, promotional package!. Ws handle all phssst ot produetlon Including printing. For mors Information 99O44O-9709 ITVPBATNOME Exc. ralss-ossh. Anything U want. Have computer/ Fax. Evae.7S RB9UMSS Wordprocsasing service Letters, envelopes, mall- Ing labala, papsra, anicles, flyers, ed. And any other typewritten materials, WordPerfect training svellsbfs loot fteasonabls ratesl Free consultations! Laeerjet printing to maka your document look perfsctl Call news 9OS-ia4-aO99 t $ t INCREASE SALES Low Cost Advertisement Never Cancels. Your Ad Sets Psrsonal Attention. Very Eflectlve. Speclslty Advertising, Our Rales Bsst The Competition CimU GRVO FTDM09O7 A LOT OF PUN- and TLC tor your child, FT/PT In my Plscitewsy horns. Call , ash f S AU PAIR/NANNIIB Llvs-ln European gle. Isgal for 12 mo. average oost8170/wk. Call In (/) Cliutffdt Uva m/uve Out Pert Tlma/PuN Time Also Summers CaH 909-7S44OM or CHILD CAM- In my flffhx noflt#a Ftt W) 41 loving, earing ft stimulating environment, Rsfs. CHILDCARB- AuPslr- Cere ouhural exchange. Enperleneed legal European supaka. AffordaUa llvs-ln chudcars, government approved, local oounaslori. Cal NJ. regfonal ofnoe, Pat Foppki, )170 «or S004: AUPAIR XPBRIBMCBO PRO- VIDBR- haa FT openings In her Mlddlessx home. Ctsan, safe, piayroom/yard. Rsfa. First AM Certified. 8OS42O0 I MAVB 1 PULLTIMB OPBSMNO- In my Pfseetaway home. 9 yn. a»p. ft refs., Lunch ft snacka incl. CaR LIVBHN- Chlldcsrs. Companion, npanlon, EWerty Cera or Houeekeeplng position sought, with PT pesl- duties, for warm, caring, middle egad female daytime collage student. Also SMperlencsd se Tutor (*-6Ay"f>ga 1MB Honor Soto" your clihd with set... work. Excellent chlldcars/cherecter ret. avail. Please eel Carols or 90l> , XS289. leave msslage If I'm not there. INFANTSftTODDLERS INSURED, MSPECTEO MONITORED B S PISCATAWAV- whi care lor toddlara, snacka ft lunch Included. Refsr- ness. CaH PRIVATE HOME DAY CARE FOR INFANTS «PRESCHOOL Educations) ft Developmental Program In a ttofiisi ovifonnwnt. N.J«licensed ft Insured. Call now for free registration It the QUALITY CARE DAY CARE CENTER. Located In Plaeataway. '19ST SHARE A NANNY Mother of 2yr.old looking to share cost of Nanny In my So. Edison Horns leave mess. UMH 1 earing tor our 2 yr. old In our Middlesex home. Piseataway border. Loving, caring own relatives will only take 1 P/T and pos- Ibw 1 mors F/T or P/T. Call Immediately corns tee for yourself. Call WORK FULL TIME- but want to aand your child to public klndsrgargen. Mother of 2 will drive your child to snd from ichool and csre your child alter school, Watchung School In Middlesex APT., HOUSB, OFPICt CLEANING- The "CLEAN" PEOPLE. Reliable, bonded, Ins. Cell: ART OF CLEANINO- Weskiy Bi-weekly Offices or Homes Let me meet your Individual nsedi. Csll Dlens, ' CLBANINO- Apt., Offices, Houses, everyday, AM, PM, ft eves. Good rsfs. own tranap. Prefsr Somerset Cty. Mon-Sun. snytlme. 72H846. CLIANINQ- Profeislonsl, with e personal touch. Reliable, references, Frss astimstsi. Commarelal ft reildentlsl. 10% off first cleaning. Call The PoHshsd Look Line up a great deal... in Classified! HOUSE* ^ 'Wltli en. refersneee to elean your home ar apt. Own transportation. Union Cty. HOUSB CLBANINOsstab, ki area for 7 yrs. Vsry rellsbls. sue. ref. Calf Jo Ann HOUSB CLBAHINO- Oood references, own usneportetton. 2474O or Beeper Child" Looking for the right deal on an automobile? Turn to classified. It's u showroom in print! Classifieds got the directions! Cere*"* of CowiPasfwon/sClBOny Ciwo position flouqnti with PT duties, for werm, caring, mlddls aged female daylime college student. Also experienced aa Tutor (4.0 Avenge this my 1. chlidcare ft character references avaidble. Plesss call Carols, 909> B or X42S9, leave mosaapo H I'm not there. OPPtCBftHOMEftAPT. Cleaning ft Janltorlsl esrvlees, rsaaonable POLISH WOMAH- Engllih speaking, will clsan your house, own trsnep.. Rate., low prices. PROPBSSIONAL CLEAMNO SERVKES- Commerelal ft reddentlsl. Call for free estimates PROPBSSIONAL H0U8ECLEANIN0- at reasonable prlcaa. Call for Information B Nancy NBtONBLPCALUI WE CARE Specialising In: Live In Companions e Certified Home Hsslth Aides Certified Nurses Aides 24 Mr. Serv CERT. MUABU MUR9- BS A W- seeks position caring for sick elderly. m/ekc. ref COUNSEUNO- with a Professions! In Adoption, Dspression, Divorce, Geriatrics, Qrtef ft Stress. iraera Ranee, ACSW- BCD UVE4N- Eldsrly Cars/ Companion, Housekeeping or Chlidcare position aougnt, with FT duties, for werm, caring, middleaged female dsytlme college student. Also experienced aa Tutor (4.0 Average this yeer, member Honor Society). Excellent child-cars ft character refersness available- Plsese cell Carole, cr X4289 ft Issvs mstsage If I'm not there S FORCOLLiOE Fres Scholarship Info for students. For details plesse call ART CLASSBS- Summer and September reglatrstlon. Drawing/Palm- Ing/Clsy Sculpture. Patrics Wood's Crestivs Imagss 6* DANCINQ LESSONS Private or group Reasonable rstes Call: O0O-729-O403 OOLL CLASSES- make beautiful cloth dolts, bunnisi, etc. Fun 8 essy. What A DOll PIAMO INBTRUCTION- Oiane Olsen Qalvscky, available for teaching 9am-2:10pm, Mon-Frl I Sal. Csll PIANO LESSONS- In your horns. Brsnchburg, liiliborough snd arss. PIANO- ALL STVLKS, ALL AOES, AT YOUR PACE- Degreed (BA/, 20 yre exp., private, college ft university. Brldgewatsr. 704-J820. Forbes Classified A Forbes Newspaper SELL YOUR CAR FAST! 4 LINES FOR 2 WEEKS If You Don't Sell Your Car We Will Run Your Ad For Two More Weeks FREE! IT JUST TAKES A CALL I FOR13HS NFWSPATIKS ACA Accredited Knee Its? RIVERBtNP, 7 week day camp program for boys and girls, ages Sports, dally swimming, crafts, performing arts 1 and nature lore in a beautiful natural i setting. F SUER DAY CAMP June 21st - Sept. 3rd Ages 6 yrs - 10 yrs Sessions 2-11 wks Call For Details igoddard School" FOK EARL> l.hilpikom EDUCATION KANGAROO KIDS CBILO CAM AND UASKDC CMKTU "I'M! Bt Jam? AS d" f Keiteter New For Sowwur A Fsit via SOUND nnaiu sannuiimj uctxsta ACES J wait vwu 441* se. cuvim Avsmrs. towa runrnu, iw CAMPS }E4rly Childhood Program ENROLL Summir93' NOW! of Plscstaway Agss 3 Months to 10 Years Full S Half Day Sessions \ Extended Care Available - 7AM-6PM 2 Convenient Locsilons } Slaw UcwNed New Jvtty CtMKvt Ifchtn i OPEN AU. YEAft 92 VMre Stme MHM0*ment Mr it Call For Info " "DAY aw Mtrtlc Art Cr*n* Dsnca Dramatics Agat Ceramics Computer! Tsskwondo Nintendo Qo-Ksrts S!re»l Hockey Balling csge Sleepovera Adventure Rope course S Swimming pools Teen traval/banimas AVall Mlnature Qolf Beach Volleyball Campare Ages 3-15 Mlnl-camper(10-2pm) Ages seres 4 much morsl I FEIGLEY'S Behoof of Gymnastics > Karats Agnivitup Fun on Wn**t> t i Mobil* Gym For your Swim CluB " -lalnfiewedleen TflLflMlNl Session I June 26-July 23 Session II July 26-Aug S SET t^atvetnsed, '- PreSchoolCampQ Aget 3-5 Day Camp IMSaiVMBH Nen-Denemlnsiienal BASEBALL USA MINI CAMP HIGHTSTOWN, NJ A C00KRST0WN, NY June 13-Sept 2. 1 or 2 weeks Ages Transportation provided. Endorsed by Major League coaches. "Our 10th summer of excellence." Phone (908) lor color brochure and full details Alto: Father* Son Mini-Weeks! WEE PEOPLE SCHOOL Discover the Fun in Learning! Rt. 28 Bound Brook SUER FUN CAMP 2 Vi 8 yn. 3 Sessions June 28-Aug. 27 IMIII or \-'.s. Dny Lincoln Place North Brunswick July Bth-AiiguBt 87th * Open 7nm-6pm «Weekly Trips * Swimming Lessons Daily * Ages SVt-10 years * Weekly Bsrbeques llllH The Very Best In Day Camping MEADOWBROOK COUNTRY DAY 2 Nature Pond: All Sponi k Cultural Activities Hortcbick Hiding Iniimciioni Located on 50 beautiful icrci Mature, Experienced Staff S 2 Pooli Boating If Fishin* Door to Door TraniporMlion Extended Hour) Available (908) Full Dmy Prngnrm far Childrtn J-IS ytirl old M'ni-Div proitimt for Childrrn 3 A 4 yn, old

20 B-8 ClassHlsds May 20,1993 4STC T0 John i- Call TUTOR- Available for BnaHan, othar aubjects. Middle-aged woman, collate sophomore. HONOR SOCIETY ^RPJJBPeW ^llst 4Tl#^j8eT fe Avaraaa. Experienced, ec, cafafano cffnoaa* CaH Carole, C l ( J 722-T»t» or 7aa4ooo, x>a»9 TUTOR Vtltran itam. taaehar w/ma. AH eub- Jacta. CaH now torsummar openings. m-ssst. ATTORNEY HOUSE l Will* (from $70),,^a (from S395). Inoorporattans (from *2»),. CaN tor exact faaa; oihar ATTORNEY AVAIL- ABLE- Cloalnga, Refinancings, Leases, Raal Etlilt mallara. Wll)a. Corp. Docu.a Ration, rates, L. Qotiib, LOCALLEOALBAOLB Wania lo larva Community. Discount faaa offarad lo local residents. Ratalnara wllh no monay down. Prtdlca Includaa auto aocidanta, fall down*, traffic violations, raal astata A wins, criminal and matrimonial. AH Initial consultations are call day ar night Loc. at 71 Patereon St. Naw Br wick, N.J. Bruru AD CRIMTII Wa Quarantaa claan TRW-Trana-Unlon- EquifeK. DEBT Consolidata 4 Raducad. 100% Lsgal. Ron AOotrnnc Is tho way to AOO HOURS TO YOU* DAY. Oatagata your domaatie duties. Chooae from a broad ranga of aorvicso from Arranging doaeta to Zapping chor LINCOLN AVENUC AUTOPOUBHiNa CA*a»TTHICKa*aOAT8 Includes: ecomplet* Int. wsshmnl, clsansd/tntmpooad Wlndews(lrtt./ em.)clesnsd Wheelwolls. door Jamb* 4 Unesrcsrritge el nsd acowefm bl. pot- Isti-ssme polish used on mo specs elhitttol ACT Nowitl! CALL asiaasado # iheg.prios Srt-Sizo depending on all* a eonatmon> Ad* In ClautHM ttoni coat ALLJIRtEY wwia uc #PMobsst ACKHOI- oparator 4*4 tar Mra, e*cavtn.,iandsopg,.claanup.damol Itton. Vioo/aay, graval, aand. top aoy delivered 908-B4I IMN0 rll» TOWWW A VatS'Rapalra' Emerifancy RoadServtcs Local ft Long Dlitanca Vintage Aulo Transport CALL 1-4SB-S7S>IlLL 10KOFP WITH THIS AO CUSTOM SLIPCOVERS Draperlea. reupnotatery. Your fabric or oura. Formarly at SMnftaehe 4 Hahrte'e. 44 yra- axpan- Shop at W. Cantor -7I74HI, Ctaana, repairs 4 install* laadars 4 owners, Fra«Ma>70t-i«10 Up le SHP vje, Baa- LAWN MOWBR RB- PAIR Tom's Lawn daatara, chain saws, Toro, Snapper. Rally. Honda. Fraa) aatlmataa. Fraa pickup 4 deliver. S!!!^yjS l T~J!S!!i2.r!. h rt Sa^eaaeBS. sajehsvjrbb aams^a/e/sasjanjeapai T^S^PB # PAUMIIIII 1 Piece flams eapts. oplanoa aqfncaa amomsat rms. or lass SHOP ON WHBSLO CompfW body work 4 faat eorvtee. Dont cah fc&l^aw fk^j^^bb^ai IMn for pfhipjvj snwpp*) «rvv aaiear IYM sapeeaajeeeasjew timif eaw it W any ttma: HOB) 7I4-T031. traalrnanta, i _*M»holstory, itrior valon aarvioas aoas. ate. CaM (BOS) 70TS101 or (201) 3S1-2»4S BaHai we8( doan/aarvica included on avary repair. Fraa aatlmataa. M day warranty. Any maka/ modal. No Brunswick YOU CAN MAVi CRBDIT>V1SAI Savings dtpoatt required. No fee to apply. land 8AIE to CREDIT; SOX JOS, Naw Brunawlck 0S8O3. Ad* In d*onteeal ym^oto Nj'a otdoat and moat ox«parlanoad ballooning oompaniaal S17S par UMYovrCtrdL. Quick And ComrtaJsmt AT MRTNBAY a>antimanimals. Call Oonatan- Una. aoa>t74s. tv MRTV ART Art studio or r homa. "Craata m Pony ridos A earouaal feptjoonm* MVbTaa>4%sa MHTaa>MRo ciaswaki ctki H*J im - aa%a> - ^^^- IPIIWIT Ito-M maa^kabab #j - eoaie.he VfsWIV fo TOT Itaalf all oeoaaions oeoasionj * ^ IBS1-4T4T* etoiiteoaf- E FACTORY For mora WrtQttySs M AM count prtoas. 44S-0TM AUTODdTMUIHI lor, Englna, Trunk, 18 yra. J A > Atno Tat-ataa SSTATS 39 Years ra»4m UCfWfr arfof BlQ 40C Mflin 9t* M NAIRSTVLIST- maka houaa oallt, AffordaWa my sp#* dlac. Call LOOK MR A PtM> TOORAPHSRt For doing your Wadding or Family Group Photos. Call Charts* I A^fest Lynn Mnwdo; aoi RIOIBTBRIO ARCHI- TICT- NJ, NY A PA. Consultation by appt. only* Haald. naar altar, or add. Can X» 4>«nw. TRAVIS I Wa Coma To You! Sp*> olallilng In: Portrsfta- Individual, Family, En- TUTOR- oap. laachor frofll UfwOO fjoufnvt K"Wi tao/hr., flax, howa, Na> 2«t1«M STOFPAfiHa - HNM FMCIt FOR TM MO#Jt ON YOU! NOSJII S2BYRS. EXFCKflNCE THE WORK NO DOWN PAYMENTS WltOMiFMAMa ALL PHASES Fraa aatlmatas, fully Insured, rafarancas availabta. BIENIEK CONST. 90* «> CARPENTRY 4 CABIN- ETRY, FINE OUAUTY- Ramodaling A repair*. Windows, doors, trim, basamanis, fraa sat. rats. Insurad CARPENTRY additions, add-a-iavais ranovations, Ins., Mark: ~ >TS4-37t7 DONT CALLUS! Unttl you'va caiiad tha othars. Than call CB CONTRACT1NO for tha hlghsst quality carpantry 4 home Improvements at tha lowast price. We mean Itl Free est., fultyimured, rets. 90S * * * * J.DRQVTIS Quality craftsmanahlp on additions, altaraflons, roofing, siding, door*, krlchans 4 bath, decks A replacement windows. Insured, fraa estimator CaH MS-7S A-1 ELECTRIC CO. No Job Too Small No Challenge Too Grest Rasldentlat/Small Bus. Speciality All work guaranteed. Lie *3 as ALK ELECTRIC- rssid., comm. ft indust., avail, days, weekends, nights, FREE ESTI Fully Ins., reasonable rates. Lie. 9732, ABPEN ELECTRIC- All residential needs: house fans, smoke detectors, llghling, telephones, etc. Quick response. Lie. #7534. Call ; ELECTRICAL WORK Security & receised lights, heaters, fans, phones, 240 volt service changes, etc. Problems solved, quick response. Lie. # Free esls. Please call David at 321-at»Sor4aa-U14 COONIV ELECTRIC All types of wiring. Light- Ing Indoor/Outdoor, Spas, etc. aoa-48»-02ai ELECTRICAL SER VICE- Quality work/rea sonsbis rates. Avail. 4 pm & wkands. FREE est. fully ln»./bonded. LAB. ELECTRIC. Lie Call Dan BOO ELECTRICAL WORK- Commerclal, residential and Industrial. Licensed, No. 9141, and Insured. Fres estimates. Call Vines Santonastaso Electric ELECTRICAL- All types of wiring, Service changes & paddls fans. Additions. Lie. #6252. Harold Klouier ELECTRICIAN- Install. of circuit breakers, paddle fans, attic fans, electric heat, recessed lights, appl. wiring. Free est., Ins. BONBON ELECTRIC 7Ea-B663. (Lie. SS32). MeLARNON ELECTRIC Complete electrical service. Spring special, service upgrades. Call for low prices on 100, 150 and 200 amp upgrades. Lie. # PHOENIX ELECTRIC Uc.# Paddle fans Installed (65. Attic fans complete $150. Insured. 1-B O6t 4000 APPLIANCE REPAIRS All major brands, all major appliances. Reasonable, experienced, reliable. Sams day service. Jeff 90B-36B-4075 AFFORDABLE JUNK REMOVAL Reasonable rates. Frea estimate. O6-75S-7S63 T APPLIANCE REPAIR Refrig., Air conditioners, freezers, watsr coolers, Reach-in coolers, ate. at prices you can afford. 0a-7S2-7S«4 APPLIANCE REPAIR Washers, Dryers, Ranges, Stoves, Dishwashers, Refrigerators, AC, Vacuum Cleaners. We alto sell rebuilt & do installations. Spring Special 918 aervlce charge, 10% Off If we do complete job. Tom 9O6-S or eoo-301-»43 BUILOINQ «LAWN MAINT.- 10'yrs exp. rasld, 4 comm. maintenance. Will service new clients. Honest 4 reasonable. Call CHABAK CONSTRUC- TION General carpentry, roofing, decks, sld- Ing. Insured HANDYMAN Can do most anything and at reasonable rates. No job too small. Insured. Call HANDYMAN FOR HIRE Carpentry, replacement of windows A doors, floor tiles, Decks, sddlllona, kitchen, bath renovation MR. DO RIO.HT- Will clean, repair, paint: walls, callings, porches, attics, cellars. Carpentry and Organise Oarages! 'Master of the smalf lob" tqs-tsa-7840 ODD JOOt 4 GENERAL REPAIRS- LI, hauling, brush cleared 4 removed. Expert Int/ext. carpentry, painting, replacement' windows A decks. Trse work, log splitting, gutters cleaned. No Job too small. Why break your back? If you don't see It. ask. Call us today for a FREE estimate. Our 17th year MauMnf * ONMNI Up ACTION MOVERS Chsap rates. Local A long distance. Call anylime Lic#9B9 AT YOUR DISPOSAL JOSEPH CONTRACTING Clean-Dps A Hauling Qarages, Basements, Attics. Vard Waste. Elc. For Prompt, Reliable Service. (SOB) CLEANUP 4 LIGHT HAULING- of all types. Free estimates, Insured, low rates, We work weekends Tony JUNK REMOVAL- Attic, basement, backyards. Call Joe NICK'S HAULING Cleanup & Removal Yards, Attics, Basements Lots & Qarages Senior Citizen Discounts Same Day Service FraoEat i Unprovmmmnt H O M K Ilium inr«ii»iu««ii i L'UHIl HUUIIUN Carpentry (All phases) Sheet Rock Painting Fences Decks Outdoor structures Masonry Patios Bathroom & Basement Remodeling And much more.. Always free estimates and competitive rates. * Insured* CALL JOHN MU8ELLI (908) A. Q. CONSTRUNCTION CO- All phases of home" Improvoment and renovations Fully Ins. and (roe esl ADDITIONS A ALTERATIONS OKItchens OBathrooms OBasements ODecks OCersmlc Tile OETC Competitive prices Fully Insured Free estimates FOR DEPENDABLE, HIGH QUALITY WORK. RAY LAEYT * ADDITIONS Dormers Siding, Roofing, Baths, Windows & Doors AFFORDABLE HOME REMODELING Bath, basement, docks, custom tile Installation, wallpapering and Int A ext. painting. Free Esl. Call Tom or AL'S CARPET SERVICE apeclallilng In repairing, antique, oriental 4 hook rugs. Removal of Wrinkles, bucklai. Stretching & reinstallatlon ot new used Carpet. Since FENCE * t- * > * ALL COUNTY FENCE CO. All typas Wood 4 Chainlink Fane*. Free est. Year round Installation, Call: tx»-«m-182s or OS ar FENCE HOMEOWNERS, INC. Wa Offer A Complete Service For Your Home Remodeling Needs OuaHty CrarttamariaMp No Job Too Small -ree Est. Fully Ins. CALLAL -7B3-7S71 ARTIE'S CARPET Sales-Strvlcs Installation No Job Too Small Free Eit. Call after 5pm 1818 Fully Ins BATHTUB «TILE HE' SURFACING- 5 year warranty, tre>e estimates Call B0B CARPENTRY 4 ROOF. ING repair. Celling & floor porches, steps, paint. Call CARPENTRY- & Horns Improvements. I do It ALLI Ail phases of home Improvemtnts. Free est. Ins. Steve, CARPENTRY- All small, medium repairs mslds/ out, and new work. Also ceramic tile, sheetrock repairs gutters cleared, repaired and inside painting. Larry, UPRIGHT TILE COMPANY Ceramic A Marble, Free Est. MB-7SS-846» CERAMIC TILE 4 MARBLE CONTRACTOR 11 yrs. experience, long lasting quality work. Fully Ins., Irte ettmstes, rets. John DeNtcola, Jr. 0O-I3a-73«3 CERAMIC TILE All phases of Installation & repair. Kitchens, bathrooms, counttrtops, waterproofing & Ffigruuiir.cL All work 10O PER CEr\lT GUARANTEED. Call Ceramic Tile of Rarltan lor free estimate. M>a-s2a-asi5 CERAMIC TILE Remodeling. Installation and repair. Free estimates CERAMIC TILE- Kitchens, bathrooms, counter topa, floors, expert marble install.. FREE ESTI1, REF CERAMIC, MARBLE, SLATE, TILE- Bath expert Installation-Black Point Construction. 90B-369-7OZ2 C0NNA CONSTRUCTION CO. All phases OT carpentry & masonry Interior remodeling. Additions. Decks. Patios. Steps. Sidewalks Free Estimates Fully Insured. Competitive rate9. Call after 6pm Donald 8O SS or Martin D «D'S GUTTERS Cleaning & flushing, Screens installed, Free estlmales. Fully insured, DAW HOME IMPROVEMENT All phases of Homa Imp. Fully Ins. Free Estl Interior & Exterior You name It. we do itl CALL MIKE DECKS DECKS»7 PER FOOT. Limited time. Build now and save $$$. Fully insured. Unlimited references. Color portfolio. CALL DECKS Offering Cedar and CCA at Super Prices Your Design or Ours, Fully Ins. Free Est. Tlmberllrte Construction 80«-7S DESIGNER DECK8- custom decks & additions al unbeatable prices. An improvement to add tremendous value to your home. 6 yrs. exp. Joe Schwartz DID YOU KNOW... that an ad In this local paper nlso goes Into 18 other local papers? Reach ovir 400,000 readars with one call I 1-B0O-SS9-B49S YOUR HOUSE A HOME DRIVEWAY SCAUNO Sealcoatlng, repairs Belgium block edging R 4 H tlat, Stone work ReasonaMe rates Prompt service Free estimates Call 90B-S2S-8624 Ask for Russ or Don DRIVCWAY SPECIALIST- Sealcoatlng, Pot Holes, Cracks, Additions. Belgium Blocks, Crack filling. Hot Paving. Reasonable rates. Hand applied. Guaranteed. Froa Ballmattea. 10% discount to r. CNitans. Jea> or Lee, *3 DRIVEWAY PAYING FRBB Estimates on installing NSW or RBPMRMa old! Driveways* Seal costing* Belgium Block* err TleeeSldewalkse Concrete work-all types Parking lotaestonlnge * * Our SSttt yasr * * USR CO DRIVEWAYS 4 FENCING BY CATENA Driveways, Curbing. All lypss of fencing. Free Estimates. WM beet any prical WHUSE DRYWALL CONSTRUC- TION- Srtsatrock 4 tap- Ing, speclalliing In small obs. T.A.P. DryweM, CaH i BOB MO ma 0RVWALL INSTALLATION 4P1NrSHt*M Specializing In Additions. Renovations 4 Basements. Free Estimates. I BACKIB CARPSN> TER CONTRACTOR additions, add-s-lovei, decks, roofing, siding, :. Fully Insurad. Call ORNUINE OUALITV BUILDERS- flsstd. 4 Comm. contractors, spec, in additions, kltcrtsns, store Interiors 4 all home renovations. Architectural srv. avail. 90S HOME Adorations and Additions Prompt and Courteous Services "Quality at its Best" WALLACE CONSTRUCTION HOME IMPROVEMENTS REPAIRS Additions, decks, wooden storsje sheds. All phases of home Improvements a repslrs. Viss/MC. free ESTIMATES OUR HOUSE INTRODUCTIONS... A way for people to meet people, every week In your local Forbes newspaper. The ad Is free, then ana call does II all i-aoo-sss-mts JIM CONSTRUCTION We Specialize In Offering You A Complete Line Ot Home Improvement Needs. References Proudly Furnlshsd. 12 Yeare Experience JFK CONSTRUCTION Crarrford, 0B-27S-1012 All work guaranteed. One contractor for all your needs. Large or small, we do it all! KINO WOOD FLOORS Sanding, finishes, wax Ing, installations. Fully Ins. Free Eslimite. toe MOVING Small moves, apart ments & homes. Businesses A Corpora'*, Compare A save. Free estimates, PM # PELAGO CON8TUCTION CO Roofing - Siding - Decks Home Remodeling Call 90B Since 1074 ED BUDD'S POOL SERVICE OpBnlngsaC losings Vacuum A Full Repair Palnl Jobs ower Washing Available For Decks & Houses 8OS-322-M12 POWERWA8HINO all homes, deck restoration, fences, concrete, elc. We wash everything I Free Estimate. Call Champion Powerwash 0OS-489-7iei RWA SECURITY * SVSTBMB* VW9S 6 BaMt^riCV For Homo or Business Burglar Alarms'Csrd Access Syatama>Vldeo Entry Sys."Intercom Sye. Fire Alarms'Cartel Driveway 8ystems y monitor nisttna alarm ayatoma Low Prices-Free Est. * SQS ZI * SPACKLJNO- Quality work, Exp., Insured, Delneajre Dry Wall 4 PlnlaMnjL ealf: MS-SMI SOUTHPAW CONST. All Homa Improvements 20 Yre.Exp.-Free Esl.-Ins. Please Call «08-3S9-448S TOTAL HOME RENOVATIONS Decks, kitchens, baths, ceramic tile, interior/exterlor repairs. 3B9-7O22 UNUMITtO HOME IMPROVKMENTS Dacka 4 Additions All sixes 4 shapes All our wolmanlzed lumber guaranteed Free EstlmaTn*Fully Insured tos SOB-a7S-«377 WINDOW A-1 REPAIRS Replace glass, putty, caulk, palnl 4 wash. Quality craftsmanship for 28 yrs. Free sstlmatss. Insurad, work guaranteed, prompt service. CaH Be* Stetiunan HOMI OWNERS! > Deal with reputable contractors you can trust. Our fraa referral service esn help you gat your work done-hassle (real CR S O M * KITCHEN FOR YOU* Wa Carry: Arlstokrafie Mills Pride* Norcrafte We MborneBruce CsbinetseKllchen Compact* Custom Cabinets VlaH/CaH our ahowrm 1-B00-84B-SBai BO-KITCHENS INC. 122 Msgailns Street Newark. NJ Tim ABSOLUTE COMPLETE LAWN CARE Eacluslvo PIsc. area. Weekly cutting, reliable service, reasonable rates. Coll Wslt yrs. Oltp. ABSOLUTELY TH8 BiaVr prices on yard maintenance. Spring clean up, lawn cutting, thatching, seeding, fertlliilng, planting, trimming, edging 4 mulching. Fully Insured VISIONS OP OREEN ACTION TREE; SERVICE "ALL" phasss of tret/ shrub care, Free Esl! Reason, rates, ALL PHASB8 OF LAND- SCAPE CONSTRUCTION Rock walls Tie walls Brlckpalios Concrete Curbing, Dscks, Tree work Clean ups Sprinkler systems Wster falls A Fonda Call AMERICAN LAWN CARE Complete fawn eervlce, fully Insured. Lswn cutting 4 spring clean-up. Rsseedlng, mulching 4 fertilizer (organic only), notolllllng, topsoll 4 shrub planting. Prompt professional service at a reasonable price. Call tor a free est. * #» * ARB0RI8T TREE SEPfVICE Removal, Trimming, Stump Grinding. Ref.i, Reasonable & Fully Ins. JOHNSON'S TREE 4 LANDSCAPE * * * * B I G LAWN MAINT. Complete Lawn Service Spring cleanup, thatch- Ing and fertilizing. Free Estimate Metuchsn-Edlson area Blondl'a Landscape Lawn care, fertilizing & liming, landscape worv B.S. degree In Landsc«pe Design COMPLETE CARE Syitern, Tree service, lawn malnt/1 Free Cut. Spring Prep., tr est DAVIS GRASS CUTTING 4 Clean Up Rssldsntlsl A Commercial Buildings. (906) Don't call ths rest Call the Basil PREDATOR TREE SERV J 4 D LANDSCAPINO Cleanups, Lawn Csrs, Free estimates. Ins. RBIS S304 JIM'S LAWN CARS 4 LANDSCAPINO Planli, traaa, seed, sod, Osslgn Instal. Malnt. JOB BARTOLOTTA LANDSCAPINO lawn malnt., planting brick patios 4 sidewalks, driveway paving 4 drivewsy seal coating, call: JOHNSON'S TREE 4 LANDSCAPING Oealgn, Consultation, sketches, 4 complete Installation JU8T STUMPS INC Tree 4 Stump Retrieval PS VvSjBT SWaHTIPS B BRBMV nl theorasst Frea Eat. Fully Ins. Senior CHian Disc. CaH Mnrs. 90S-434-O1S LAWN CUTTING LAWN CARE Clean-ups 4 Landscaping si recession brsafc- Ing rates. 90».72»-4823 LANDSCAPINO IIP.- VICBS Spring cleanup, weekly lawn maintenance, lima and fertlllier. wood chips and mulch. Ing. Free Estimates LANDSCAPINQ- award winning designs to fit todays nrastyls, compleis profetslonal Inslsltstlon and maintenance, call for no obligation, FREE CONSULTATION, NORTH RIDOB LANDSCAPINO., LANDBCAPINO- lawn maintananee, Spring claan up, rololllling. BO MARIOS LANDSCAPH APINO LANDBCAPINO- lawn miint. Spring clean-ups, Frea Estl Call Vine* at: tss-atti LANDSCAPINO- Spring clean up, lawn care, thatching, tree work, hauling. Will beat any written estimate. Reliable service. Charlie 75»-8498 LAWN CUTT Spring clean ups. Free Estimates. Call Stuart S80S attar S*M LAWNCUTTINO trimming, ect., fantastic raise, ask lor Don LAWN MAINTENANCE 4 LANDSCAPINO- Quality work at affordable prlcos. Free ost S, fully Ins. 90s- 4G9-CHSB. SCHMIEDE 1 ''' i -r I TWEE EXPERT CO - Trimmincj Repairs, Modern equipment 233TREE LAWN MAINTENANCE Culling and clean-ups done with profasslonsl touch. Bridgewater area LAWN MOWING:- for as llttl* ss 120 Thatching, seeding, shrub (rimming, Installations 4 clsan-ups. Call Jeff LAWN Bf RVICE Cleanup, Maintenance Affordable Ralea Free Estimates Call Joe, (BOB) LAWNCUTTINO- Local, dependeble person to cut your lawn. Together we can work on a pries to fit your budget. Call Mike, (90B) 2B LAWNS CUT AND TRIED Reasonable ft Reliable Call Gary LIGHT EXCAVATION Hauling; mulch, chips, shrub delivery; landscaping, ysrd clean-up. Celt Total Home Renovations LU8ARDI LAWN MAINTENANCE SERVICES Creating ft maintaining beautiful lawns ft landscapes Is our buslnsss. It's what we do best. Senior discounts S08-SS8-S3IS METUCHEN LAWN CARE Comnlali LinOic«p«Malnlaninc* Wa spaclslln In sll phaui ol lindtcaplng and ground maintenance Plssia call ua today for a FREE ESTIMATE A Forbes Newspaper MIKES TREE SSRVtCB Traa removal, pruning, brush chipping, atump removal, log splitting, wood chips. 4 Flrawooc Free estimates. Call 80S PINE LANDSCAPINO 4 LAWN MAINTENANCE- Lendscape construction 4 design. Traa removal 4 irimming. Owner operated. Fully ins Rets avail Satisfaction guaranteed. Call PRESTHM LAWN CARS Mowing, Edging, Prun* Ing. Spring 4 Pall Clean Up and Rololllling. PROFESSIONAL AND INEXPENSIVE- Lswn service by local college student. Univeretty Lawn Care 909-8S4-4S79 ROSS GARDEN LANOSCAPINO Ressonable, Affordable rates on monthly cuts. Special rate In May for Spring Claan Up. Frao atlmates. Fully Insured 12 year * ROTOTILUNO RotottUIng WHh Troy-SuMt EtltalDHalnSV OsVClSni SO Cents A Square Yard CsM S0S-SM-M74 ROTOTtLUNQ TroybHta, aitabliahad ardens as low aa Its. raa Eat. BBS TEE ISIS. SCENIC PESrflfl LANDSCAP14 GONSTHUOTION INC. «Landscape designs * A mound plantlngaa pool scapes 6 water lane isnsssrmss & retaining wstls/rocke> Walkways * Patios Spraying oepa/oep Cart Trucking i> Traa work decks a additions renovations fr driveways paving a ceiling Excavating 10 yrs. eap. Fully Ins. 4 lie. 90S-4S4-77S3 ask for Tony Jr. SPRING CLBANUPS- 4 monthly lawn maintenance. - free estimates. Call Bill or Al 7SS-82M. STUMP REMOVAL ANY SIZE, loweat price, Full Ins^, Free Esl. call: SOS 97J-OS29 THB PLANTSHAPBR have your shrubs 4 small trees prof, shaped this season. Mulch 4 Shrub Installations. 20 yrs. exp. Anthony E. Kropoaky TIMBER TRIE EXPERTS INC Tree removal, Trimming, topping a stump grinding. Free eat. Fully Insurad. CaH TREE 4 STUMP EX- PERTS- all types Of Iree work, stump removal. Reasonable rates. Fully Insurad. Free Estimates. AMERICAN 904*404*9344 TREE MAINTENANCE Tree rsmovsls, shrub pruning. Commercial 4 residential. Quality work at fair prices. Over 20 yre. experience. Alsofirewood for eaiet Can or Tree Removal VENIS BROS. Traa Experts 3SS-S1S0 FULLY INSURED TRI-COUNTY LAWN SERVICE Lawn cutting and trimming, seeding thatching. Spring and fail clesn. Free est. fully Insured. Senior Discounts. Call Doug or WILLOW LANE LANDSCAPINO Lawn Cutting Shrubbery Planting 16 Years Experience Masonry A.I WAYNE P. BCOTT- Quallty masonry services. Free eallmat*. References. Insured. 40 yts. a family business. Every Job a specially. C.K. MASONRY WORK Curbing, sidewalks patios, stsps chimney work Interlocking pavers CALL (BO8) a#9'7»a«fieldbtone MASONRY Steps, sidewalks, patloi, fireplaces, retaining walls 4 foundations. t ITALIA MASONRY Steps, sidewalks, patios, additions, elc. toa ai AT t SWSe B^Rp^SBB,S^pBjpSFB B f Sidewalks, patios, Bel glan Slocks, steps, etc 908»7»2.8M9 MASON CONTRACTORS Speclalliing In all typee ot masonry: Brick work, block work, concrels. elc. Fully insurad. Free estimates. NO JOB TOO SMALL MASON CONTRAC TOR all types o mason work, fully in sured, tree eammatee. al work guaranteed TRt-COUNTV MASONRY SSRVrCE- AH types of masonry work, sidewalks 4 alapa, driveways, patios 4 retaining wall, wood dacka, Belgium Mock. Fraa eat., fuhv Ins. Sr. disc. Doug FAINTINO 4 PAPER HANOINO- Interior/** itrlor. Window repairs QH Quality worfcmanehip kmanship for foi 25 years. NoJ lob too small, Insured. Fraa estimate, prompt aarvlca A PUW PAINTERS Ini./ext. (powerwesh) shnfgat Ratoa. Call for free estimate. SSS-9491 i S0S-240-6S11 Painting, wallpapering 4 home repairs, Ext. 4 Int., call Jim: Ref.e 4 IS yra. e»p. ANTHONY'S PArNTINO Interior/exterior. Rooting, gutters eleened/lnstallsd Preeeet. 7B> CUSTOM PAINTINa and WALLPAPSRINO Int & ext. Remodeling of baths and kitchens. Decks Installed. FREE ESTI MATES. Call Tom, , RAGLE PAINTINa EKt/lnl. Free estimsts Fully Insurad. Call Isa 90S-7B2-42OS * PAINTING BY JOHN* Quality Interior Painting Free Estimates. 10% discount with this ad. * aoa * JOHN MACNAMARA PAINTINO- Interior painting 4 wallpapering Free estimates. Fully In sured. Recommended by Interior Deooratora. 90S S0 NINA KALLAS Painting 4 Peperhanging, Repairs. Plaeter/Sheetrock. 27 vrs. exo * PAINTING* PAINTING 4 STAINING POWERWASHINQ WALLPAPERING ANY SURFACES CUSTOM COLORS Free written estimates 4 consultations. 90B-76B-5509 PAINTINO A PAPER HANOINO- Experienced, clean, Quality work, call: PAINTING 4 WALLPA- PIRINO- Exterior/ Int*- lor, custom work. Commercial/residential. ULLY INSURED. Nick AINTINO. (Ed Mellly) nterlor/exterior- Spring Estimates. Power Wash. Custom work. Vary neat. Rets. Sheetrock Repairs. Fully Ins. 'reo Est. 9OS PAINTING AAA CARNEVALE Extsrlor/lnterlor Quality work. Rsssonabte Insured Frse Estimates A OHM* To Local PfofaaaJonala lanriolcn Vour Nooda For 4ujv cafpantry aiao - Masonry 4070 Elactrleat 4iaO - PaMIng 40M - Handyman Ssrvtoaa a 4M0 - PfcimWng 4100-Horns hnprovamsm HaaHno 4 Cooling Landscaping 4 «4tM- Roofing TraoCara PAINTING AND WALL- COVERING)- of any kind. Ths beat ot quality at an affordable price. Refs. avail. Fully Ins. Free est or 90B PAINTING INTERIOR/EXTERIOR WALLPAPERING epower WASHING GENERAL REPAIRS PAINTING- Let a woman do your painting Neat, clean quality work Insurad. Free estimates Call Maryann PASTEL RaaJd! PAINTING EXT./INT. rasaa, Camm. 4 Se*aaMoNOWI 4M-13M t> PATTERSON PAINTINO Interior 175/ room, Exterior. Free estimates. Sheelrocking A mini References avail. Full insured T2SV49S7; Cad: JOB KlfngabJBl frso ssttmstss PRO PAINTINa CORP. Commercial/Residential Industrial Fully insured«free Est. Power waahing elntarlor/extarlor Protective Coating Sand/Water Blasting Wallpapering/removal Sheetrocklng/Rspelr Popcorn cellings/rspair "ORfoaa/warattouaes >Churat*es/Condaa 'Maintenance painting 72T-8121 PRO-TECH PAINTING Complete Interior 4 Exterior. 10% dlecetint to Sr. CHItens QUALITY PAINTINO sue) WALLPAPCRINO ehonostecxperlenced Dependable "We Take Pride. ft**eft Helsss>s*Jl ~» Banter Dtsceunts PAINTINa COMPANY Comm./nesidenlal/lndust Fully Insured Fres est. Interior Exterior Power Wash Sand Blast * PAINTING * ROOFING SIDING 20yra oxp. Very high uahly. very noal & aportdable. Lowest prices. Super refa. Oat In touch before you pay too mucril Call Spencer McLelsh *SO mndcoohng COPPERHEAD lumblng A Hasting Inc New Conatructlon Boiler Installations Drain Cleaning Water Heaters Expert, Neat, Friendly Service. Lie Call / DION NATALE PLUMBINQ 4 HEATING Reasonable rales Prompt sorvlco Lie. #9455 JBIMATS RESPONSS PAUL A. MILLAR PAINT- ING- Meticulous Int/Eii Svca. 12 yrs axper. Fully Ins. Free est. Excellent refe. CaH Paul S4B-71S8 IMEROENCV PLUMB- NO BBRVICE- sawsr & jraln cleaning, water leaters. Battiroome. All jlumblng repairs. Truppl Plumbing, Lie. 4SJ70T. Call Water Soflenar Syttema-Sales-Servlce- Drainage Problems Flooded Baaement Froien Plpas*Watar 4 Sewer Una Replacement 1-e«0-9M HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE AHCORt Sawsr 4 Drain 10% OFF WfTHIS AO P.M.C. atunwbino ANO HBATINO Don't bo afraid to call a plumber again. No Job too small Frse Estimates. Fully Insured. Lie. # O8aOS»t74 PLUMBUM 4 HBATINO Low rates. Qood service. Drain cleaning. Frs* estimates. License #6481. CallJohnr ROAN * KINO MumMna Heating CoinelslsVumMng 4 ewsterhaatars Drain Cleaning High Pressure Jet Drain Cleaning Bathroom Renovitlon Specialists Emergency Service Since 1988 Uc*na* * S SNVDER PLUMBINB Plumbing 4 drain cleaning, avea. + mrtefcends avail lie # ROOPINO- efljjs^ fully Ins., FREE EST.r Lowaat prlcssl A.f.F. CONST., goa-752-or- Emergency Repairs. ABOVE ALL ROOPINU Low Rates, Quality Work, Free Estimates M»Bf0 J.F. ROOFINQ HOME IMPROVEMENTS Specializing In Roof 4 flutter repair, Int./Ext. oainilng, Cill:9J LEE'S ROOPINO Build Up Ftat & Gravel roofs. Rubberized waterproofing. Skylights repaired. Wster tight coat- Ing. If root develops a leak or sustain! any damage after completion SHAftGE, uaranteed, Will repair. NO 10% discount lo Sr. aitltens. Free Estimates QUALITY ROOFINO ehonesteexparlenced Dependable "WeTakePrldt." f24hr Repair Service f Senior Oiscounts fmany References 90S-MS.SS7I ROOFINO-ALL TYPCS- Fully Ins., FREE ESTI Over 20 yrs. exp. P. Dannuccl 0S B2 WESTFIELD HOOFINQ COMPANY All Types of Roofing A Siding Work 100% Guaranteed ; ree Est. Fully Ins A BEAUTIFUL JOB by Feminine Hangups. Expert paperhanging. Neat professional. Free estimates. Joan, FAPERHANOINO- No ob too small I Call Nancy Onion County only pleas*. WALLCRAFT- Expert paperhanging. Paint Irlm A ceilings. Reasonable rtt«s. Insured, Iras est Morm 90B WALLPAPERING BY FEMININE TOUCH Reasonable r at > Prompt service. Frse *smalti No lob too imall. CHII ] Advtrtltt In (ha Clanltledt...of poakkin and tartar la advarlkwii In *. Whan yoti'n raadv lo Irmkt m mow., e*t Ib*

21 Ma/20,1993 Forbes Newspapor* Employment Guide XMTT CarnSrS lelloo per WMVAQt DWtlO DQtUtlTUf HfMCfw tw COI NO delivery. Free KN. ~ Iraki. CaB: * for Inw. om ojri in Westfield neme. UM owl 4 dsya/wfc. Own trsnsp. En- 1MJSSM* I^IUII hnw few M Kre/srfc. Must neve expsr. A refo B. CMLB CAftE WANTBD- E*psrleneed, reliable woman to care tortr hem* M dip wk B to 8pm. Muat CM «e«. * 'drive. Vow sximmar age child welcome. Large ga rm«_ yard /loa gay i CNktO CAM Parttlme In (or my 11 n my North A riat M M Can fuoan. TIWMT CMLO-CARB/MSKPfl.- Llve-ln S-S deys/wk. Seefclr* responsible, mstura person»o carefor4- mo. OMI, llotit oooking. Rsl rsq. CaS iienvbpm. ic»a»i-saso. spenormo pweonlocere forourtyromasmo. old) In our Panwood home. FT, M#. Rets. 4 exp. rag HOUSBKBSPER- 4 daya/wk. lor Metucrten couple w/it mo. old child. Days only. Nonsmoker. Mint hava excel, rafa* B expor* BoJery noo, Start about lat wk. el July. Mao wtwng to share Nanny II you hawa or naad one.»t>7u«7sm or ts1s day*] m*7sb» RB8PONSIBLB INDh VIDUAL- to ell lor 3 JSia^kU^B^Sf^B^SL I^B ^^AA 4SJ B ^B ^^ ^K^B.^ vstwvsvn in my vrpmofa home. Ages A B, Mon*Thur, July only, fftf Intent m Branehburo hama. a/4 rt eseav *-- J» i Up-a WPb 0VpW1mQ HMO* SOMSRV1LLB- Matura Individual wantad to make commbmam_lor yr aid In my home or yours. MonJFrl, Hanv and I'M ratum yotir cah. WISTMLOHOM naada Teltier, my nonie oe, 1 anamoonaavtt aaooaa 2-rpm eves. COOK On private astata, muat hava extensive experience or cooking edueauon, flexibility to work with active family. ExcoHont references required. Can Jtm at 900- rifrbsm or fax resume to RAPIDLY growing charting larvica aaaklng motl. vatad, outgoing Individual with dapandabla car Intaraatad In part or futl-time houaa cleaning work, averaging S6.5O- 7-SO/hOW. 90S-BW-119S. Mwrtlm9 In thm Ctet ttffdl SOUTH PLA1NFIELD PUBLIC SCHOOLS PROFESSIONAL POSITIONS AVAILABLE MEDICAL INSPECTOR - (NJ licensed physician, lot w/in S mi. of school dutrtct) duties inch but not limited to. 1 general medical advisor to B<L of Ed.; supervision of school nurses/doctor; phus. exam, of students (or. ID /athletes (gr. 9-l2)fnew employees; annual uaff eh«ck-upf, TB Utting; emery, mtd. examjcontult.; ottendancf at fiome van. football oamti MEDICAL CONSULTANT - (NJ licensed phujtcian, toe. wlin 5 mi. of school district) duties incl. but not limited to oast. med. advisor; phys. exam of students (gr. 2. 5, 8; Sp. Ed K-SJ/atMctes (gr. 1-8) emerg. med. cxam./conjult.; TB testing. All applicants. Send tetter of Intcreat, resume, and fee requirement to Dr. Lillian A. DeStmon, Ass'I Superintendent. So. Plain/ield, NJ 070t0. DEADLINE: June 1,1993. OPPORTUNITIES SICftlTARY Full Tlm«Ws STB seeking an Individual with good secretarial skills who peasants a neat, professional appasrancs to work In our Personnel Oept. Candidates must be accurate typists, able to operate a calculator and be an effective oornmunlcator. nattomi ASST Full Tim* Applicants must present a neat, professional appearance and be effective In customer service relations. Qood phone skills and an aptitude for numbers are required, and prior Teller experence <s a plus. TILUmt Part A Full Tim* We have full and part time openings in several local area branches. Part timers must be available for both morning and afternoon hours. Applicants must have a good aptitude for numbers, present a neat, professional appearance and work well with trmpubhc. For prompt consideration, please call: (908) UNITED COUNTIES TRUST COMPANY Four Commons OrNo, Crartort, Now Jortey Equal Opportunity Employer, M/F/H/V A.I RBSUMKS AND OTHER TYMNQ/W* SEH- VICES. Professional work. Reaaorubfe rataa, CaH Pally (SOS) For software computer Co. Qeneral office duties. Experienced In Word Parfact S.I required. Muat be wwhrt^ to torn DOS 4VIQ WlfWal V#f atona and various aonware packaaai. Located on Route mile aouth ol Bofnenrillo Clr* Ole. Call 000* AMHN/CLSIW- DalaHad ortanted, PC IKarata jparaon needed. Muat nave Lotua and WordPerfect. Will collect and Input seta and run reports, low 20'a. Call Harm sos sea raoo, pro, lerree Plaaemani, a? NvOUfnMfl BvRpw»e VretffVft* ADVaUttieUHQ OW9 SlW# <a looklrto for an AOVER- TISINQ PROFESSIONAL for salea and laaderahlp position in western Union county. Energy, experience and dependable transportation a must. L. Oabom, Ferbea Newspapers (fai BOS ) ANIMAL CARS- Seek- Ing responsible eduhs for temporary FT animal care at our boarding faculty m Warren Twp. If you tmv*) fcnowfffdm o( ina n^min WWil"OwnQ Of dogs a cats, you may be the person for this poaitlon. Muat be available to work from the middle ol June through the middle of September no exceptions. Also must be able to work weekends a holiday! with 2 dsya oh during the weak. Salary to commensurate with axparlance. Bonus Incentives lor thoeo who show sincere dedication a attendance. References a MU8TI Calls accepted Mon.-Frl. between I I I, (SOS) 7854)227 ASST. MANA0IR/ TIRISALM Auto related exp. pref'd. Full Service tire and auto service center seeking aggressive person ml good ealea abwty a managerial skills. SUBUMAN AUTO MALL (too) Tas-eoss ATTENTION COLLIQI STUDBMTS- want to work outdoors In Union County w/othsr students? Earn comp. wages w/college Pro Palntart. No «xp*r. nac. Call 00*^80^720 AUTO MECHANIC ' Minimum S yra. aapartence only..must have o_wn_tools. (SOB) AVON BALES- All areas. For Information call 1 eoo isi-aaoa CARPENTER- Experienced for established contracting butlnaas. Tools «valid NJ drivers license a muat , CARPENTER- Qrowlng contractor nsods exp. carpenter from rough to finish CAFJPfT CLEANERS Would you like to earn S2S,000? 'Represent the Industry leader? If your snswer Is YE3, ws will train you to bs s carpot cleaning prolaa- lonsl. Musi hava rallabl* vehicle. Please call CHILUCARI- earn money providing quality chlldcare for 1 or mora children In your own home. MONOAV MORN- ING INC, offers free in- urance, referrsla, aqulpmant, back-up a mor*. Union County B84; Somereel County foo-szo^om CLCHK/HEOIBTRAR Safely Council soaks parson with computer/telephone skills for Driver Improvsment School in Cranford. Call Suian Hohomin for appt, at OM-lfi-7712 COUNTER HELP- daytime hrs. Apply In person: Tns Veecaro Bakery Of Clark, 20 Clartton Dr., Clark. Ad$ In C/ais/f/ocf don't coif - Thty payl COLLEGE 8TUDENTS $11.28/STAftT Nat'l llrm has summer work pro0rafn«all maiora considered. Career oppt. tor Orada. OuaHflad nonstudents weleome. CONSTRUCTION PARTS PERSON- Central Jersey construction equipment dealer seeks parta person with Customer counter, Service counter, snd Warehousing experience. Reply in confidence to: P.O. Sox 305, So.Ptalnfleld. NJ 070B0. a deh shop In PtalntteTd! 90S-754-T777 SCHOOLS 10-MONTH SECRE- TARY: (PaetUen avelh awabaptemear 1,1003) (Strong aecrelarlal skhls reatilred) Salary Range: 817,000420,000 Please send letter of spphcatlon and resume to: Mra. Joan Mervln, Principal, Walnut Avenue School, 370 Walnut Avenue, Cranlord, New Jersey 07O1O. not later than Wednesdsy. May AA/EOE CUSTOMER REP- State Farm Ins. Agancy In Scotch Plain*, seeking a licensed Customer service rep, call BOS for appt. DENTAL ASSISTANT FT/ RECEPTIONIST PT Progreaalve general practice In Beire Mead seeks motivated reaponslble csndldats to join our loam. Call Mon.-Frt WO YOU KNOW... This mtla ad can be read by mora than 400,000 readera In 17 publications throughout Somsrset, Middlesex snd Union Counties? It caught your attention, didn't It? CaMYOURadmtodayi We Qet Results! DIRECT CARS STAPF- Nsw group homo tor developmentally dlsablsd sdulls. Somerset Arsa. Immsd. openings all anllls B4725 DPWf Bummer Moke A limited nurnbii of openings are available for temporary aummar employment in the Cranford Department of Pub> Uc. Works. Applicants must be IB years ol ags or older and In good physical condition. Applications may ba obtained at the DPW Roundhouse. 304 North Avenue Esst. weekdays between Sam and 4pm. No applications will be accepted after June 4. For mora Information call DmVERS-VmTRUCK Experienced preferred. Muat be dependable. Bernsrdsvllls Arsa. ROBINSON TOWINO eeo-im-oiat DRIVERS- driver for 22 ft. straight truck. Exc. aalary muat have claaa C CDL with Haz-mat and sir endorement. Clean driving record and 3 yr. mlm. exp. with trl-etate. Must be 21 yrs. old and cham Haul exp. a plua. Call 90O-2S MnRTAINMBNT- and adv. monthly magazine offers saiss positions. High comm. paid, work from homa. Protectad territory, will train. Join a National Publishing Syndlcatlon Ba FARM- * Eaiate Worhtii n*ed«d on prlvsta «tttta. Seasonal A permanent positions sre svsllsble immediately. Refsrencas raqulred. Call Jim at or faa work experience a referencos to AENBRAL BTOHB WORK retail exp. needed, oath regiatsr,. stock shalvaa, load/unload march, heavy lifting, help CUSt. Call &2 Advrtlf In Mo C/asaff/eo*/ SOUTH PLAINFIELD PUBLIC SCHOOLS PROFESSIONAL POSITION AVAtUlBLK AUDITOR To conduct annual school audit for 1992/93 $33 + million budget, incl. review/ preparation of all schedules: e.g., enrollment, at-risfc, transportation data in compliance with. NJDOE audit requirements. School related experience desirable. Send letter of interest, resume, and fee requirements to Dr. Lillian A. DeSimon, Ass't Superintendent, So. Plainfield Public Schools, Cromwell PL, So. Plainfield, NJ DEADLINE: June 1,1993 An AJJ\matim AcUon/t^al Opponunny CmploMr HAIR STVUST/NBCBP. nomst/assistantbneeded In up ecale Baton In CHnton. rutvpart Ume posltlans ayahabte. Haked. CaH jlmim7lvsabe. HAIR8TVUST- experleneed tut or part time. Buay modern Hlllebor-* ougn salon. Exc, benefits end working eond. Salary plus commlaalon, Call HEAD TEACHER Wanted lor Innovative f yv Uyw Must nave dsgrse in Early ChHdhood along ml good organisational skills to overeee ataft. Year roundposwon. For IIIOI'M hnfo P^^*^ C4w HEALTH CLUB- aerobic metruotore needed. Call Sandy at HOUSEKEEMR/BABY- BimR FT, nsadad for an Aelan Indian family ol 4 In Mseetaway. Please call BOB Weetfleld Ineurance Agency has Immed. FT opening. Qeneral office work Including filing, posting msll, typing a awnchsoard rehet Car a necesstty. Call Mr. Oood, U1900 Climbers, Oround msn, Salesmen, Landscapers call:85b-4794 * * * * DRUBRB QUITARISTB KEYBOARD PLAYERS * WANTED* to start new bend. Heavy rock, CaH )088 anytime leave meaaege i- Needed for local contractor, muat have own tranaportatlon, alerting SO/hour. Call (90S) LBOAL SECRETARY TO 8M.000 Local area firm seeks secy, w/reel estate exp. ALL benefits Including Ma. Med. Prescription. Prof. Sharing, etc. 8TENO req'd. If Int. csll PARK TOWER (201) or fsx res. (201) i Gateway Center, isth fl. Newark. NJ MANAOBMBNT TRAINEE 2 year preeram wnh a ' - ' ie*30k+. (90S) TOt-4708 R/TBACHER For chlldren'e Fun a Fitness Program. Must have geod organizational a Public RaMsens akw aa well aa being Uvely a positive p e w/young childen dren, F For more Info please call JECHAJRC^ RBPRIOBRATION- Exper. nee. Excel, oppty. w AL^BB&O AAB^AA ea ^^^K^^vle^h to r i nil II pajtsfon* SJBJIIBJIIIBJ, VMeVa AC Celine. MECHANIC APPRENTICE- Air Cond./Refrlgeratlon. No exper. nee. excel, oppty. for right person. Benefits. VietOrO AC Ce«,lnc. MORTOAOE/BIM New local office with exiatlng relatlonahlpa whh national Lending Inetttutlona seeking 3/4 dadlcatad profasslonala to market alngle family mortgage Programe to Lenders/Originators nationwide wtm ernphaala on tha Eaatem Region. Aggreaalve commraslon compenaatlon, can aam commlaalons excaedktg 80K tha flret year. Can be Ideal career opportunity for candldatee that want to learn tha mortgage/ banking bualnaaa that ars people and results oriented. Mortgage, banking or real eatale background prafarred but not required. For more details Fax Rsauma to: or call OFFICE ASBT./Rscept. Spaclal parson for busy man. rep., Salaa office, answering telephone, Word Star/Word Perfect, ordering A kaaplng track of office aupplles, malnt. a compiling aalas lit, misc. office dutlee, 8:30-5pm, flax. Send ratum* to Dynatech, c/o Susan Datwller, 314 US Hwy 22 W., Oraanbrook, NJ, NO phona calla OR AQENCVSI Tree Co. Applications are now Tree salea and climbing vvffty elwiivfnenl TDr D ani experience. F/T Year immeotaii o t i opening i ffor a round. toa-as8-4tm buoy delivery aarvfce lor full time office work. SALESPERSON- Entry SS.SS per hetir. op* «lwmp#faion nt#c portunlfy for advancementcm(bbb) company. Tire exper ad tor automotive rotate helpful. Salary 8iJ00/mo. base plus compilation. lor low volumn medical office, located Fifd/Somervilla area. Muat give good phone and type. Send resume and handwriting aampia to: Me. Boraenaan, 68 Watehung Ave. N. Ptfd, NJ OBPtCB WO8SKBR exp, GreHTPEsH nsjebqeki, w*m Or* ganlied, pro. w/flgoree, add., sub., mult., dlv., call Mr. Albert (201) With 22 ft. late model straight track. Chern ham exp. a plua. Muat have dean CDL and 8 yr. mlm. trl-etate axp. High pay and steady local work. Call laava name and number PAINTM- F/T. Qood sslary/worklng conditions. Apply; Cranford Health Center, 208 Birchwood Ave.. Cranlord. NJ RSAL SBTATS AP- PRAISER- needed for Bomerael, union, Middlesex eountles, Uc. Onlyll 9O S7S REAL ESTATE CARBSR WBI0BL RBALTOHS, Hilleborough. We are roowfw fof flootf P#0pl9 to join our sales staff. Whether llcanead or un«- cenead, we can gat you started In a aucoaesful Real Estate Career. Flexhours, unlimited earning potential a handa-on training. Csll Judl Mm, Msnsgsr REAL STATS SALES le your earning potential. Plenty ol floor time, plenty ol laada - higher earnings. Join ai 1038 Rt. 202 Branchburg. HBAL BSTATR BALBB Thinking sboul a career In real estate? Cell Donne Coolbsugh, Reolonal Director of Career Do vel opment for Welehert, staaltera at OOtt OO8-1BBS for your FREE copy of "14 Stoae REAL ESTATE Immediate position available for a parson whh good communication skills, Flexible hours, \rvootk rs*ofvt ROfR^a SMaWy plus bonus. Sens) resume to: Box ISO, Forbsa Nawapepers, P.O.BQK 89e,8omervlHe, NJ RBAL BSTATB- Lie. Real Estate Aaaoc. for office. Laada fursrrangement, potential ownership. Cafl 8013 or ma* re P.O. Be* tie, NJ RBCSPTIONIST/MBDI- CAL ASST, Mon. Tues. Thura. Fri. 1:304:30 pm Wed. 10-3pm. Will train mature Individual. Call RECEPTIONIST- Qood phona A typing akilla a muat. Diversified duties, office experience or aome training preferred. Call NBBTAURANT- now reaturant opening All ahtfte and poalhons avail. Please apply In person 12-Opm datty. 210 Somerset St. No. Phslnfleld. RESTAURANT- all amfta a poahlona avail. Flex, hra., starting rate up to 87/hr. Inquire within Burger Kino, 2910 Rt 22 E, Scotch Plalna. BXCmiea WOMBNB RE- TAIL BTORB- looking for top notch salea asaoclate and managera to oln our growing company. Exp., leadarahlp cuatomar kill* F/PT pos. Csll tor Appt Mr. Rt BALES CAREER OPPTY World's largeat Inaurance Co. Is aaeklng caraer-mlndad people. Up to 840,000 to atart, no experience necasaary. Excallani training and benefits. Call Joaeph Schaefer at Advertise In fne Clasifffsd/ SOUTH PLAINFIELD PUBLIC SCHOOLS VACANCIES 1993/94 SCHOOL YEAR SCHOOL LIBRARIAN Qual: MA degree or higher in library science Valid teacher certificate At least three (3) years' teaching experience. Hlih School Science Teacher (Comprehensive Certification) Social Studies Teacher Qual.; BA degree from an accredited college or university /Ippropriate New Jersey leaching certificate. Send resume with references, copy of transcript and certification to Dr. Lillian A. DeSimon, Ass't Superintendent, South Plainfield Public Schools, Cromwell PI., So. Plainfield, N.J. by May 28, An Mud OppwtuiltjF/AfflnuUn Atltoo Rnpl^tr. A Forbes Newspaper ReejWBi 2S00 A WsitiSIsen Boje Be PosWon, temporary, part time, for environmental consulting llrm, Wan Perfect Knowledge mue t. Hours a p proxlmataly 1-8:30pm, CaH for Interview. 34pm rtos> Ext EOE. TILSPHONS 8AUS MPMSINTATIVI FunVPartTlme H you would kkt to»ll tor on«of N*w J«n«y» ftilitt grawing watkly ntwimpar giotipc. Forbti N*ws(MP*n \» looking tor you. p * pcrwnca is pratetrttf, rhvtf,» will train nihmitle. mou*tl«l and ammious mtn end wonwn to HH Irimlanl/ dlrtcigry «dvtitltlnfl al our l»«t-p«c»d Somtivilte Cll«i'i«d Adv*rti«ing Ocparlnwnl. Ennmj pottmial Ii $7 and up 0*1 hour. Q*n«rau» monthly bonutm will inciin* Income»ub«lintl«l)y Eacalltnt btnalita lor full-llma podlloni. Call tor limnau' ClaasHied Telsphona Sakw Mtnigar aoa m XS2S0 Laava mattaqa II ntcatury Forbes Newspapers Local out' aide territory. Exp. w/ local merchanta. 3040K let year. Moneytrae. Sandy S4 BBCRBTARIE8 W/W.P. High Power Tamps needs Dependable, Qualified Temporary Employeee to fill job orders from our chent companlaa In this area. WON POWER TEMPS IPS Beet Mason too 18B SUPBRINTBNDCNT- The Westlleld Sr. Citizens Housing Corporation Ii seeking candldasse for ino position of Superintendent. Candldaiaa muat be Knowl edgaabla In plumbing electrical, carpentry, an general maintenance procedures st e apartment building and demonstrate aound trouble shooting skills. Blac seal iicenee required Bensrttvlty to the neadi of a aanfar population prime prerequisite. Applicants should hava s minimum of 3 yrs exp. In tha field. Apartment applications will be ac cepted the wk. of Urn 24th through May In the Managers of' flee all 133 Boynton Ave. Weatfleld, N.J. between the hra. of Bam -12pm. No phone Inquires. Must In person. Weifleld Sanlon ClUtena Housing Corp. la en E.O.E SWITCHBOARD/ RtCCPTIONIST Tha Summit Trull Company, a aubaldlary of Tha Summit Bancorporatlon, haa an opening In tha Cranford Operations Canter for a Swnrhboard/RS' ceptlonlst with a profe* alonal mannar and excallent Intarpersonsl/communlcatlon akilla. ATBT Syatem 75 PBX exparlanca raqulrad. Hours Sam-Spm, Monday to Friday. In addition to a work envlronmanl, Sum. mil offere excellent ben eflta including medical dantal, lulllon ralmburse mant, 401K and profit aharlno. Pleaaa call Ann* Maa Garb at (908) 70S THE SUIT TRUST COMPANY Equal Oppty Employer TEACHER- Protchool, , F/T or P/T, Mon.-Frl., B-3 PM, Hlllabourgri/Branchbera, call ao8-3w-78s8 TBLEMARKETINO- (3) exparlencad lalamarkatara requlrad. No tailing Involved Survay calls S aattlng pppolnlmann for our outifda flald t«ehnlclana. Mon-Frl 5.3O- 9:30 pm, Salary generous psrformsncs bonusei. We ara looking for only 3 peopli who ara iell motlvaud, responslbte and onjoy working In a comfortable anvlronment. 7SS-83Q9 WANTRD Library Clark lo work up lo IS/Hr./Wk. tlartlng 4/2, Mutt 8a railable, abla to type 40 WPM, hive good people Kllli 8. an ays for details. Exp. w/dewey Dacimal systsm a 4. Dutiea Incld, typing patron carda, running circulation deak, ttseplng itallallca, shelving booha, act., E.O.E. Reply by 5/25/93 to Barbara Carroll, Manvilla Public Library. 100 S. 10th Ava, Manvllle. NJ 08833, *8 In ClaitHltd don't cost - They payl SOflO VajeaaMleu^emmMe} Kffs^HliyfffflVflni WSSTPWIO LUMBER HOME CENTER- has positions svsllsws now. Counter eelee and atoc dapt. Apply in person 700 N. Ave. East, West field AI0BS FUTURE hx HEALTH AIDES CHHA'S Ara you looking for flex ibte work hoursr Are you caring ft responsibls7 Uve-ln's available Recent work history required amuel hava own trans po nation Trainee will be required to work for Patient Care Work aialgnmanta available throughout Union a Northern Mlddleaax Countlaa REE TRAININ0 In June for the Home Hearth Aide Certificate, which you naad to atari your caraert Training classes star June 7 in Weatfleld for 3 weeks and ara held on Monday-Friday, 9im-3:30pm. WE WILL BE INTERVIEW- ING AT OUR WESTFIELD OFFICE May 14, 17, 18 and AM-3PM Interviewing at: Orani Aw> Community Center, 403 West Seventh Street, PtalrrfMd, N. J onmey2isi 10AM-1PM SNARPI Call Kim for requiremen information, appoint ment, and direct lor a. (808) Eton Street 2nd Floor WeetfteM, NJ inc. CERTIFIED CHILD- BIRTH sducstor needed for buay OYN/OB ASPO or ICEA certification deairad. Call 908- T for details DENTAL HVQIENIBT Mon., Wed. hrs. Excslisnt working environment In Middlesex. NURSE- Fast-paced SomervlUe allergy practice seeka faat-paced nurae, Tuea & Wad., 1 '30-8: , ask for Eve. UN- 4 to 10 ahlft. Every other weekend & evening per week. tcu, CCU experience a plui t19/hr. Call Diana a1 Msdsmerge rhatt-tlrm OOPS! You went too larf The wlnner'a name Is suueausaaaeskaew fries Irk eram tsalsl ACTIVITY DIRECTOR- Muat be State certified, direct group activities In Nuralng Home. No. Plfd BRANCH BALES A8BOC. Cuatomar Ser vice, varloua office duties. Showroom maintenance, ordering & Inventory. Call , aik for Crlstal, CHIROPRACTIC AS- SISTANT- Afternoon, evenings, 3 days/wk, 3:30pm-8pm. Exp. helpful but will train CIRCULATION AS- SISTANT- $7 Par hr. Join Forbet Newspaper! home delivery team. Dutl«s varied Including field work, carrier supervision and customer service. Approximately 15 hours p«r weak. Flexible hours. Reliable auto necessary. Mileage reimbursement. Call Butch or Nordlne at ext INTRODUCTIONS... A way tor people to meet people, every week In your local Forbes newspaper. The ad Is free, Irian one call doea II all I S CREW PERSON Part time help for ALL hows Apply In person: Wendy'a, 1010 Stelton R<t., Plscatawey (908) DENTAL ASSISTANT/ RECEPTIONIST- Mlddleaex area, 2 daya. Haply to Box 136, c/o Forbes Newspapers, PO Box 899, Somvervllle, NJ DENTAL RECEPTION- IST people oriented individual needed tor prltie dental office in Far Hills. Exp. preferred, will train. Mon. Ipm-dpm Frl. pm-5pm and every 'Iher Sat. Bam-4pm. Call DID YOU KNOW... This little ad can be read by more than 400,000 aiders In 17 publics- Ions throughout Somersal, Middlesex and Union Counties? It caught your attention, didn't It? Call YOUR i d In todayl Wo Gel Results) DRIVERS- for food delivery business. Earn 7-812/nr, Evening hrs,, flex, days. Cranford/Westhetd area. Muat have own car. FILE CLERK- Summit medical office. 20 hra./ wk. Typing skills req. Call Marilyn M l aabattehdant Mature person. Part time S0S-S LABORERS- Branehburo Clean Community S week Program begins July Bth. Must bs at lesst 16 yra. of age. Salary up to 17/hr. Apply: Branoh. lialbea BB%B^kBBfl fefchfcft. Aaft Kenbiiry Rd., Brench- LABORERS- Bummer Employment. 10 Week Program. Immediate employment. Muat have valid driver's llcenss. Salary up to 88.50/hr. Apply: Branefcburg Public Worfce, 34 Kenbury Rd., Branchburg. MAKB YOUR DASH FOR EXTRA CASH- Ae a part-time Forbes News* paper telemarketing representative par hour plua excellent commission Structure. Call John or Glen at or ext MEDICAL RECEPT./SEC. for Qeneral Practice. Flex. hrs. PT Bernardsville area MEDICAL RECEPTIONIST Medlcsl Receptionist for busy family practice office. Four (4) evenings and every other Saturday. Experience preferred. Please csll Chris SBO-8228 MEDICAL- Sec/Recept. for So. Plainfield family practice, flex. 20 hrs/wk, sxp. prel NAIL TECHNICIAN- PT, following preferred, not nee. Start Now! Skin Dynamka, Warren OFFICE PERSON- Gsnera! office duties/typing. 5-8 hra. per day. Kenilworth Office. Call for Interview. PART-TIME- customer service, Inside sales, Ouy/QIrl Fridsy, Exc. oppty w/natlonal comp., CRT typing * customer service a +, mln. 20 hrs./ wk, csll Tony pm RECEPTIONIST Permanent PT to work In Acupuncture ft Phyaloal Therapy office In Clark. Typing esssntisl. Mon, Tues. * Thura. 8:3Oanv 1:15pm. Please call RECEPTIONIST/CLERI- CAL support, investment advlslory firm In Somefvllle, seeking Indlv. Mon.-Wed pm, Resposlblltles will Incld. answsrlng phones, filing, llmllerf WP, ft. general staff aupport. Please contact Patrice Singleton between i0-3 pm, Mon.- Frl., RECEPTIONIST- Dr. office. Sat. 9-2pm and 2 weekdays. Flexible hrs. Call Jane SECRETARY- To take charge of Market Research Office. Experience req., PC Word Processing a must. M-F. 9-1 or 2. Reply to Box 2275, Westfleld, NJ STOCK WORK- knowledge of baking helpful. Flexible hours Telemarketing MAKE YOUR DASH FOR EXTRA CASH Aa a part-time Forbes Newspaper telemarketing representative per hour plus excellent commission structure. Call John or Glen at or eirt TVPIBT Warren Doctor's office P/T. Able to uss dictaphone, word processor & data entry, 4 days, 9-2. Call (80S) UMPIRE Enjoy a ball game, help out some kids, get some fresh air and exercise... and get paid too. Bridgewater Baseball Inc. Is ooklng for older students, adults or retirees o umpire baseball games alter 5:00pm and on weekends. Call Judy Weber at «B If Interested. WORK AT HOME- Pick METAL BUILDINO- Manufacturer selecting small to large builder/ dealer In some open areas. High profit poten- up work days, return next tial, accepting only besl morning, Mln. 4-6 hrs. qualified, daily. Req. IBM compatible computer & word processor. Send typed otter w/type styles avail. Mo calls. UMSI, 125 Linoln, Middlesex, Emptoyntent Wanted NOTICE: All EMPLOY- MENT WANTED advertisements are PAYABLE IN ADVANCE by cash, check, VISA or Master Card. For a quote on :ost, please call EQAL SECRETARY t4 years experience. Outstanding skills. Part time permanent position sought. 3 days per week. WordPerfect, dictating machine. Ploasa cat) Advtrtlu In tht ClMfl/ied! AL mature responsible woman seeks F/r, flex, hours, U typing, phonee, filing. Crantord/WaeMeld area, 272- LIVE-IN- Companion, Elderly Care. Chlldcare, or Housekeeping position sought, with PT duties, for warm, earing, mlddie-aged female daytime college atudant. Alee experienced aa Tutor (4.0 Average this year, member Honor Society), Enguah/writing my specialty. Happy to help your child with achoolwork. Excellent chlldcare B. character references avail. Please call Carole or , X leave message II I'm not there. M00 Some *rfi litltd in thil clatlificttion may rtquirt a jet to purebttt information and/or mattrialt regarding carter inyeitmtnts and/or QppOTtMnititi WEEKLY, NEWI EASVI- Stay Home, any hours. Easy Assembly $21,000 Eaay Sewing $38,600 Wood Assembly $98,755 Eaay Crafts $76,450 Easy Jewelry $19,500 Easy Electronics $28,200 Matchmaking $82,5000 Investigating $74,450 TV Talent Agent $40,900 Romance Agent $82,500 No selling, Fully guaranteed. lnformatt.on-24 HOUR HOTLINE Copyright NJ S2 NEWSPAPEHSreachlng over 1.2 million readers! Your classified ad can be included in SCAN - New Jersey's Statewide Classified Ad Network. All It takes Is S219 and one easy phona call. Phono for all the details ASSEMBLERS- Excellent income to assemble products at home. Information Dapt. NJ-8331 AVON SALES- All areas. For Information csll CRUISE SHIP JOBS HIP.ING /MO. SUER/YEAR HOUND.BARTENDERS/ CASINO WORKERS/ GIFT SHOP SALES/ TOUR GUIDES/ETC. FREE TRAVEL. HAWAII, CARIB- BEAN,BAHAMAS. EUROPE. NO EXP. NEC- ESSARY EXT. 6934C. CRUISE SHIPS HIR- ING Earn up to $ /month. Summer and Career employment available. No experience necessary. For Informatlion call ext (Refundable Fee, Directory) EASY ASSEMBLY- any hours, $ week, family of 3 earns $ monthly. For Information call 24 HR Hotline Copyrlghtf NJ FASHION ADVISOR Wear & ahow ladies jewelry 2 eves. $125. No Investment, FRIENDLY HOME PAR- TIES now has open- Ings for demonstrators. No cash Investment. Part time hours with full time pay. Two catalogs, over 700 Items. Call HOMEWORKERS WANTED- 100's of high paying opportunities avail. Write: Access, P.O. Box 23. Dept. FN 200, Howetl. N.J HOUSE INSPECTORS No exp. nee. Up to $800/ wfcly. Will train. Call for Hat , Ext. H489, 9-9pm 7 dsye. Fee LAW ENFORCEMENT JOBS NO EXP. NECESSARY Now hiring. U.S. Customs, Officers, etc...for Info, call, , Ext AM-9PM, 7 days. LET YOUR KIDS ENJOY THE QUALITY- of Discovery toys while you make extra $$$. Call Donna at LOVE YOUR JOB) Average S60-S100 per eve. Car necessary, free kit. Call Cameo Lingerie ext PRODUCTION PLAN- NING Searching lor the competitive edge? Join the American production and Invetory control society - networking, Education, professional growth, APICS certification & more, for further Info. Call SALES MANAGERS NEEDED undercover ware lingerie la olferlna S700 kit free for hom,,,g home parties w/tlngero Irom hangers. Top I PT work. Call now UNDERCOVER WfcAH PT sales agents needed. Hostesses receive FREE lingerie. For an evening of fun, fashion A fantasy CallJean 908-2K7 >">? > UTILITY CO. "*»8.2B-»16.75/hl area. Men A Women needed. For Information, , eat. U- 9817, Sam-Spm, 7 days.

22 B-10 Forbes Newspapers May 20,1993 i HOOO AUJOMOBILti> undmrtlooo QUICK- 81 Skylark, 4 dr. PB, PS, runs well CHEAP! FBI/US SEIZED 69 Mercedes $200 <J6 VW $50 87 Mercedes S'OO 65 Mustang S50 Choose from thousands e'.lr'mg 3! S5O Information call 21 Hour hotline 'Japynght #NJ0l{U_U> CHEVY- 77 :.1oiile Carlo, reliable ticinsporlation. S500/BO (90B) CHEVY 84 Camaro Z2B. fully loaded with SOOQ stereo system. Call after 6pm DATSUN GX, 55K ml. 5 spd, AM/FM Cass. S40O. 61B-7648 PONTIAC- 84 Flero. 70K ml. AC. AM/FM, Aulo.»60O/BO DATSUN QX. 5SK ml. 5 ipd, AM/FM Caa». S40O B FORD- 04 Escort. 4 speed, red, 4 door, first $ MERCURY- 86 Grand MarciS, 140K, J449, SlIO Pontiac Grand Le Mans 78. needs battery, S40O, B/o OLDS- SO Cutlass Supreme, 2-dr. loaded, runa wall. (SOO/BO. Call PONTIAC- 77 Firebird Esprit good running cond. AC,AM/FM, $900 Tom 0O8-699-O326 weeks Is all you pay to sell your car, truck, jeep or van In the area's hottest, wheel-dealing marketplace. You can't miss) don't sell your vehicle In 2 weeks, we'll run ft (or two more weeks (or $20 buys you 4 lines. Add additional lines for only $1.15 each. To advertise, call QUICK 67 Somerset. 2 Or. 4 cyl., am/fm/caaa, snrf., burgundy, 12SK, S2500 b/o, CADILLAC- 76. Seville 4DR. full power, new tires/palnl, look* Ilk* '86! S16O0/BO. 9OB e Forbes Newspapers A niri.miw or totals INC. * A PONTIAC- 84 Flero, 70K ml. AC, AM/FM, CADILLAC M Clmeron Aulo. S600/BO B D'Oro, full power, 5 ipd «1 SOO/BO. Call W TOYOTA- 62 Tercel 8266 Of SR5, 2-dr. hatchback, 5-tpd., AM/FM. AC, 117k, CHIVY- 63 Caprice 25mpg, 1-owner, wallkept. $ AC, era. running cond, Clastic Wagon. V6. lap*, am, pm. S1S PORD- 69 M Escort Station Waaon. 36.S0O ml., 4-cyl.. asking Call (908) attar 6pm. HONDA- 63 Accord LX, 2 dr., auto, hatchbk., am/ fm, PS, PI, orlg. owner, runa well, Stloo b/o, SO aft. 4 pm HYUNDAI 86 Eicel GLS, 4-dr., hatchback, 5- ipd, AC. AM/FM/Ciss., oriu. owner, sic. cond $ I SOO/BO JEEP- 79 Grand Wag oneaf 4>4, laalhar esats, good tlraa, CB, nlca car. S2I00/BO *2. MERCEDES /6. auto, AC, body exc. No rust 96K ml. S230O. 9O WHILI VOU'P.1 HUNT' INO POR A CAR... Hunt le saa M you're our win- Mr 99 m PVIMVI MueJ ACURA 91, Integra OS, 2DA, Blh/Blh.leather, ABS, Sunrl, all power. 5spd, 111,900/BO , lv. rnsg. AUTOS HID BY OOVIRNMINT- Conilnuoua Inventory mual seilfocaiiyl 1990a- Cor- ( MAl HSrTrtasl al>atitf' YVmVt MWVVUiffi P m Fords. Cadillac*. Chevy s, Trucks, Vans, RV'a, Boats, Homaa. Pree 0a> tahal BUICK- 66 Somarsat. red, 94K ml. AC. PS. PB. AM/FM. Exc. cond )69 aft. 6 DID YOU KNOW... that an ad In this local paper also goes into 16 other local papara? Reach ovar 400,000 readert with one cut! 1-MO-Mt- DODQI 68 Dynaily. 4dr, 6 cyl., all power features, classy charcoal grey, 66K ml., A must teal $4685, 9O6-75S>2984 FORD- 69 Probe GL, red, Sapd. AC. AM/FM cast.. Asking $4250. Excel, cond,, Call John FORD- 69 Taurus, all power, till, cruise. AM/FM caai., Air. 66K ml., excel. cond M96 HONDA- 86 Accord LXI, 4 dr. auto. Pwr. sunroof, exceptionally wall maintained. Garaged, nonsmoking adult driven. Toned annually. Oil changed avary 3K ml. Waxed 4 tlmea/yr SB-3482 or Or HONDA- 66 CRX, 34k, red. AC, rear del., e«c. PONTIAC- 89 Grand cond., 1-owner. Call 906- Prix, auto, ac, am/fm/ 654*097, X-68, Martlno, ster«o/ca*a, power, burgundy/silver, aporty, days/606-8s1-o909 awaa. $6,200, HOMDA- 69 Accord LXI, auto, 2 dr., AC, Pwr. wlndowt, alarm. Excellent Condition. 61K ml /aO HONDA- 90 Civic LX. 4DR, auto. AC, AM/FM w/ case., PW, PL, Cruise. 37k mi. Moving. $8200/ BO HONDA- 90, COX, Teal Blue, law ml, garaged, dealtr malnt. all paper work. Trans, warr. 78B0/BO V^vl SrSjarBBFlaTTJi I l%brtcsr#*# A way for people to meet people, every week in rour local Forties news- >aper. The ad la free, hen one can does It alll 1 LINCOLN- 86 Mark VII LSC, loaded with factory options. Esc. cond. garaged, must be seen. Asking $10, wreefc daya only LINCOLN- 89 Mark VII LSC. better than brand new, all factory options. 5K ml. driven Sundaya only weather permitting. Muat ba aaan. Day MADZA- 83 RX 7 QSL, While, 5 spd. sunroof, pwr. window & brakes. AC. AM/FM CaSS ml, 5* »«_*- 63 nk7, GSL. 50k orlg. ml., custom whasla, pro. exhaust, suspension 4 tires, every avail, option, pristine) cond., $ MERCCDES- 86, S60SL conv, w/hard top, drk blue w/maroon int., 1 owner, S or btst Offer. Call MERCURY- 89 Colony Park Wagon, Wood grain/almond, V8. loaded, B pass., S8k, exc. cond. SB850/BO. (908) NISSAN- 65 Sentra, 4 cyl., PS/PB, auto, AC, 71k, good cond., $2700/ BO. (B08> PONTtAC- 6S Firebird, auto, V-6, ac, pa, pw, 43k, S3S0O, PONTIAC 86 Grand Am LE. 2 Dr., V-6, auto, ac, itereo, bleck twotone, 79K, asking $3,850, TOYOTA- SB Corolla stationwagen, needa angina. Price neg. S AMC- 66 Ambassador, 6 cylinder, aulo. PS. factory air. used dally. Make olfar CORVBIT1-60, White/ Turquoise Int. Wonderbar radio, 4apd.. new paint/ chrome a top, engine rebuilt, 500 ml., 283 ci, 230HP. Many extras. S PORD- 28 Phaeton, dk. blue w/cream top. Good for show car. $18, PLYMOUTH- 1940, 4-dr. Sedan, black, good cond,, trophy winner. S60O0/BO PONTIAC- 70 Le Mans, Sports 350, new paint, new floor covering, headliner & much morel S3S00/BO B82 BMW I. Sspdi.sun roof, loaded, CA, Dig. Oath. 4 extra CAMARO- B9 RS+, auto, V6. low miles, clean in/out, gar. kept, v owner, 66SO CHEW 63 Camaro. Z 28. black, right rear dam age. runs great, new tires, American racing wheels, tinted Qlaaa, S1200/8O: also 81 Renault Medallion, wry good cond.i 6250O/BO. call (906) CHEVY- 65 Corvette, exc. cond. dark blue. 63k, $13,500, CHIVY 67 Csmsro, 53k, AC. auto. AM/FM/ cais., good cond. inslds 6. out /BO /331-14M. CHEVY 91 QEO Trick er Convert., White, 4 WD, AM/FM caea. 15k ml. $10,500. Call CORVETTE- 88, gar.- kept, adult driven, loaded, 27k, warr. 117,500/ BO PORO- 89 Taurus SHO, silver w/grey leather. 6 spd., air, moon root, JBL sound, all options, exc, cond days ewee. wkends. 93 Build out cleannce- JAGUAR 86 XJS Plckupe. Vans, Suburban!, Jimmy's, Dump Almost showroom condl tion- Dream Car. Has trucks. 4W0 aftapeclal Warranty, Low Mileage, truck bodies. MOM modalaftmed. duty chassis Loadad. Asking $16,000. Ron, till 10PM. up IP 54,600 OVW. Ueed trucks, discounts, Leasing, rebatee or 8.9H LANCIA BETA- 61 Coupe, new motor/paint, OMAC financing moil mint Interior, needs very minor work, MUST SEEI 64500/BO MAZOA 66 RX-7 Turbo. 10th Annlv. Edition, Immac. White w/blk. leather Int., 5-apd, every option. Muat aeel Asking $12, NISSAN ZX, S-spd, loaded, Burgandy, 66k, exc. eond. $9,600/ BO or Beeper A waytarpeopletomeet people), evsry week In your locel Fortee r*wtpaper. The ad la free, then one can doee It a*! JIIP-N,. Cherokee FM/066*., K O J I I P- 68 Cherokee Ltd., Ltd, 40, bik/qow, gay lesther. tun n root, orlg. owner, very clean, well malnt., 4.0 liter ,760 ml. 610, Montg. 609~e63-938«*i tht CliilMWr ThMte evnf VeVM GMC TRUCKS model*. Award winning CSI ralod dealer. COLONIAL MOTORS U.t.RT.tIWMT NO. BRANCH (6OMVI.) CHIVY- 79 Silverado K1O. 74k, 3S0 cu, In. engine, 4WD. front ft rear winches, custom bumpers, roll bare, runs good. S250O/BO. (908) CHEW- 85 Custom wheel) A snow tires. Exc. Van, High top, Todd cond. Babied by owner Cresk No. 20, all power, dual air, roof rack, tralloi hiich. tilt, cruise, CD, BMW I, auto. AABC AUTOS BOUGHT radio w/tepe deck. Good Brk. w/tan A wood Int., Cash for ueed Care Cond. tinted windows. heated teati, 4BK ml. and Trucks $7900/ $26, O6-Tt>.ma, 14 Hre. PLYMOUTH- 69 Vt, MERCEDES E, ABU TO PAY- $611, Grand Voyager LE, 37K 2.3 liter, fully loaded, for autos, junks wanted!! ml., V6, At, AC, loaded, charcoal gray," tan Int. Local ft long og distance many exiraa, 7yr, 100K good cond., 66k, $15,000 g, 242 nr., r tranaf. warr. orlg. owner, b/o, ot (beeper) gar. $ CASH POM YOUR CAR WC BUT ALL METALS AUTODCTAIUNO (SlmonUe) Interior. Cxter-1 lor, Englna, Trunks 13 yrs. JftP' Auto HONDAS. NISSANS, TOYOTAS WANTSOalso au torotgn autos. Pis call 672-imanyllme JUNK CAR$ WANTED Late modal wracks ft trucks. Top 81$ Psld, S-6862 PERONES AUTO SAL- VAOB ears ft trucks wanted. Hlohest prices paid. Free pick up. Container service available MIRACLE WORKER- Towing ft recycling. Local II long distance. Pree Junk oar removal. Old batteries A radiators bought S-6934 MOTORCYCLE INSURANCE For Many Types 01 Motorcycles Also Personal Watercrsft Insurance Call for a Price Quote A COOtpH)lB Oollws, CoiscttblM snd Aoesssonss. 4 (908) TRUCK CAP- for 8 bed. aluminum wllh slid- ' ing windows. $ ! H?O0 MOTORCYCLES HONDA 60 XLSOO. Clean cond., Tom 8400 RECHEA7IOKAL VEHICLES 94*0 COACHMAN TRAILER 86, 23Vt ft. air, awning, refrlg., TV int., sleeps 6. rear bunks, bath, many extras, excel, cond. $ COUMAN- 79 Pop-Up Camper, eleeps 6, good condition. $775. (906) COLEMAN- Sleeps 6, screened porch, w/, has prlvscy curtsin, spare tire, tows eailly, 12700, SCAMPER- 70 Travel Trailer. Steeps 4, new door A tires. SI,000/BO Call HGOO BOATS M10 PROLINC- 17 ft. Ctr Console, 90 HP w/trallsr, extras. Must Sell! J290O STARCRAFT- 14'alumlnum boat with trailer. Excellent condition. Many extras. Call 90S after 5pm. 20 BOW RIDER- 89. Blue * While, EZ trailer. 116HP Mercury /BO. Excel, cond t CADILLAC KEMPER CADILLAC 5 nlles fiom Brldgowaler Common* Routo 22 East at Route 2S7 Overpass Bridgewater (908) AUTO BIOGRAPHY CLAYTON AMERICAN DODGE 7/ OLDSMOBILE DIFEO OLDSMOBILE Route 22 Bast %k smk* East of Rl. 267 Brtafewater (908) Geo CHEVROLET/ GEO ROYAL CHEVROLET/GEO Rout* 28 Just East of Rt. 22 «Rt. 267 intertectlon Bound Brook (908) CHRYSLER/ PLYMOUTH BELLE MEAD OARAGE Rout* 2O6 Bella Mead (908) FfJLLERTON Route 22 Eait V* mile East of Brldfewater Some.rvllie (908) INFORMATION 908«234«0143 MAIN STREET, PEAPACK CLAYTON AMERIHAN IX -71 Teen ef I (908) FORD FULLERTON Route 22 Beat V«mile East of BfMgewater GOIfllROtlft MslH (908) 722-2S00 GMC TRUCK L I ejhp/ FULLERTON Route 22 last V* mhe laat ef Bttafewatev I Man (908) SIGORA S4& Hwy. XI (908) WELSH'S JEEP/EAGJLE Salee * Servtee* Ml Par (908) LEXUS LI PONTIAC KEMPER PONTIAC B aibea fieaa BfMtfewater Cometeas Rt. 22 Bast at Rt. 287 Ovareasa (908) MCDONALD PONTIAC-QMC TRUCK Reete 202 seuth Merrlatoww (201) INFORMATION DEALERSHIPS Resell Over 1S7.S00 Reaoera wttatlmia«toseurea (908) VOLKSWAGEN DEALERSHIPS Reach Ovar 217,100 Reatfere whh the AirtoSource [908) MCDONALD PONTIAC-QMC TRUCK (201) LCXUS DIFEO LEXUS ROMt* 2* imt % mile East ef Rt. 267 BrMtfewater (908) IP DIFEO VOLKSWAGEN Rt. 22 East Vt mils East of Rt. 2B7 Brldfewater (908) SOMERSET & MIDDLESEX COUNTIES CALL KRISTIN, EXT 6251 UNION COUNTY CALL DONNA, EXT. 6255

23 May 19, 20,21,1893 Forbes Newspapers GOT A CAR TO SELL? NEED NEW WHEELS? Forbes Newspapers Automotive Guide Is all you need! PATHFINDER is a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) that's big and Is an Industry front-runner. Nissan's Pathfinder is tough, sturdy, & strong y Ml. HUM forbes NEWSPAPERS In the beginning sports utility vehicles (SUVfe) closely resembled the pickup tnicki from which they were derived. They were mainly large and boxy, the truck bed replaced by the passenger and cargo area, and neither were really comfortable or commodious. However, they wm known for their ability to go almost anywhere in most any kind of weather, and moat offered part time four-wheel drive. Today SUVs haven't changed much M far at the basics go, but they tend as much towards passenger car comfort and amenities while retaining the full-frame rigidity and ruggedness found in pickup trucks... The Nissan Pathfinder is an typical example of the SUV of the 90s, as it is equally at home in the city, the suburbs or on tht range. It was one of the early projects aniinrrl to Nissan's California Design Center in La Jolla, whose mission was to dtvtkp a utility vehicle for the Americas. Even though the design of today's Pathfinder dates back to the mid-80s, it has continuously been updated and refined to reflect the newest in both technology and customer desires. APPEARANCE: The four-door Pathfinder retains the rugged outdoors look that has become its trademark. In the SE version with the Sport/Power package it's equipped with alky wheels shod with General AP allacaion tires, plus a tilt-and-remove sunroof, a swing-away spare tire mounting, and a unique tubular running board. This year the front and rear bumpers and fender flares have been redesigned. COMFORT: In the SE trim with the Sport/Power package the Pathfinder rivals many luxury passenger cars when it comes to convenience and comfort. It is outfitted with all of the prerequisite power accessories, phis a tilt-away steering wheel, reclining and fold-down contoured rear seats, B- pillar assist handles to ease rear entry, remote rear hatch release, and a carpeted storage area. Both the sound and climate control systems perform very well in hot and cold weather. Rear vision is restricted by the spare tire, and rear scat headroom is limited for tall folks. ROADABILITY: While its suspension system has been TEST DRIVE SPECIFICATIONS BASE PRICE: $23,635 PRICE AS TESTED: $27,255 ENGINE TYPE: V-6, sohc - 12v, mpfl ENGINE SIZE: 3.0 liter/181 eld HORSEPOWER: 4,800 rpm TORQUE (ft/lbs): 4,000 rpm WHEELBASE/LENGTH: 104 Inches/172 inches TRANSMISSION: 4-speed auto w/od CURB WEIGHT: 3,900 lbs POUNDS/HP: 25 FUEL CAPACITY: 20 gal. designed to provide a more car-like ride, it does display its truck heritage an bumpy back roads. However, the Sport/Touring adjustable shock absorbers provide a noticeable difference in ride quality. I found Touring bestfor the highway and Sport for twisty roads. Four wheel disc brakes and rear wheel ABS deliver safe and straight stopping. The combination of part time 4- wheel drive, limited slip differential and the Goodyear Grabber 31X10.0 all-season tires insure excellent traction on all surfaces. PERFORMANCE: All Pathfinders are powered by a time-proven 3.0 liter, single overhead cam, 12-valve, port fuel injected V-6 engine that puts out 153 horsepower and 180 footpounds of torque. The 4-speed automatic transmission has an overdrive lock-out button, and next to it is the shifter that easily moves from 2- to 4-wheel drive and back. Both the engine and automatic transmission reflect the Pathfinder's truck heritage when it comes to noise and shifting smoothness. SUGGESTIONS: Add a secure covered inside storage area for purse and/or camera. Add a stowage net for the head rests when rear seats are folded down. ECONOMY: EPA ratings are 15 city/18 highway. My average was 19.7 mpg. CONCLUSIONS: While today's Pathfinder looks mighty similar to the one I.reviewed a few years back, it certainly has come a long way in both readability and interior comfort and convenience. It seems that even though a lot of us like to "rough it," we like to do so in comfort Its an off-road vehicle with on-road qualities. PRICE AS TESTED: $27,255 with Sport/Power package and leather trim. BASE PRICE: $23,835 with 4WD and automatic transmission. FUEL REQUIREMENT: unleaded regular (87 oct) TIRES: General Grabber AP 31 x LTM + S BRAKES: rear anti-lock standard disc/disc DRIVE TRAIN: front engine/rear drive part time four wheel drive (4X4) PERFORMANCE: 0-60 mph: 12.4 sec. 1/4 ml (E.T.): 20.0 sec. EPA Economy, mpg gallon clty/hlghway/obterved: 15/18/19.7 DRAG COEFFICIENT (CD):.44 Floiiilnylmi Chrysler-Plymouth Quality Pie-Owned Vehicles You Can Afford Now! ' lwei Select Fmm Over 100 Cars & Thicks 1992 MODELS dtlum JhT imuij iit."li&m»'., w. ciata. KMOtpM_Mnc!>'*>K. '11 4 or., aulo., vf, pit, am. ttc, cull*, mi. Pfertakr. bk*. vih* NMH2U, Sm1SCAM, 1991 MODELS 199O MODELS 90 PO cyl.. «*>.. pa*. AMPM caaa I aaw^^pt at^^va^^^w^ava^v Vp^a^Btt^ar ^B9 4cyi S-ipd mam.lmfmcni p/t. p*. may «ti tvti, AmcOfO, Wiat ortonn. attc. dat'yikl auoozm BfcaVBS*. 47.H2 ml ,495 11,995 LEMINQTO I *. M, 4 eyt, A wj w/od. p*. p/b. JU4FM CHI. <Mui» vht, a/e, l/otaat. n> dal, dirt it, UK*. VIM K7SM1M. ShiSCim. 41.Sn M t <*.. 4 cyl. at*. (A PA. MWM latfo, (Mm wn covait. covm ajc He ifgmi. ifgiaii.»i«d*(, Mu«, S*a SBtt 3C»«e.VINiKY*3W6l. """ 4I.M0 ml m fc^p^p^r ava^a^ba^^pjaj^^j V ^aps^jpas ^Baaa we, aulo.. p*. pit). «M/FM caw.,»*<ii. «Na.. a/o. KW i Ar^fc^"aA'r i " i inf 1 M» POMTMC MUND #WX 2 Or SE. 9 c»l. aulo.. pit, p/b, «*VM, AMffM can. alloy *hli. a/c, faint, al*ntm, pita.. tlaim, landau it.. «lc. Vim KF299MT. SW.I 3C622A.M.Oa0lnl 1MB LINCOLN H I M VH LSC i-dr, V/t, auto., part/w/l, ale. l/glaat, Nl. cna.. *U/fU cau atlrao. LOADED! tfn KYaotOM Stkta)ZiM6392Sml 8485 ir 1988 MODELS 3m>, quatf 4-nl.. aulo., AWFM ctat.. Hainan, pa/b,«iu>t wdi. tin. a/e. p," - crulm. «. iw ctaij. Volau. Ifvar. 57 K. «93M34OA ml 1IM roud MUSTMK CONVnTMU 4-cyl. aulomtilc, AM/FM caiaatlt, p«/b, AIR CONO PM/UmUiJil, uviu. Slk. IK78&* VlN! «WJiCK MWft AVI Eodin. auu, V6 p/l, prtj, pa«/icu..p/tn., tlaiffl, cioif. mi. iw <MI., giay. VIFM JiftftW*. Slka ZC61 A. 42,734 ml. 4 cyl IUIDO. aulo. pit. Bib. AMf M CI» IKHaU. can whii. a/c, l/alin. p>*cn. p/iocrt. laalh., VIMl JO3IM71 SA 3CHS. ee,»)sml. 1 TOYOTA CAMHV U 4-dr. 4-cyl. aura. pit. plb. dli. wm cvrl, AMiFM can., a/c. l/a's" p,'*/l,'iun il i«mir VlN J32U92«SIR <X9I6» M.KWnv 19M TOYOTA SUm* 3-0l.i ft-tpd. intn o/d Innr. 4-cvl, p/l, p/b. cah/equal., Vk» wrm.. nawraom, a/c. «/itert»., nil vih UOO»U«4 Sik. 43,143 ml 7796 u 7995 t 9295 o 1987 & OLDER **.,, ve, ante..aft. p/o, Mtisn2i!ak.ia 4 *. VI. auk. p/t. p/t. Ml*. AM/FM Mar., dahua «**.. a*, auiw. «. (*». n*t, ramoa mwjjandau top. ate. «N» H43V4H0. Sk.1 TRUCKS & VANS 1 XLT, rlsv ^^awtf^w^aw^ 1SM PLYMOUTH VOV T p*m. ran. auk). VI 1SS1 PLVMOUTN VOVAO Auto,. 4 cyt. p/t. p/t. T oau. g'i». radio, daluaa whli. a/c. t/aiam. MR3M0M, S«L* UM702A. 3*.*H rrt trinhan.v*. auto.prtpa. b*»=m 1MB PLYMOUTH VOVJ vtw >pa*ioii awysckia,»t n mi. 1W1 PLYMOUTH VOVR Lf, mm.«an. V*. aulo, p/l. p/b. rad. cat!.. 3Ct4l!'. '10,886 '11,588 12,486 '13, Prices include all costs to be paid by consumer except for lie, reg. & taxes. 'See dealer for details and limitations. RTS. 2O2 & 31, FLEMINGTON, NJ SOe-7Sa-Sa5B Flemington Over 80 New '93 & '94 G-20s, J 30s, & Q-45s Available We've Just Made World Class Luxury More Affordable! 1892 WRNm 045 I Sedan, fi cyl, aula, pte. f»fe Nay. FM I»(. can., alloy wns.. traction control, I WtaNMJ117re,StL# IA776,8893 ml, t%agz SPECIAL PURCHASE %***& OPPORTUNITY! ONLY ffistsf, sedan, 6 cyl.. a"o., pis, pfb, ivory, st'r. case., alloy whts.. iraotlon control, full lactory warrranty, VlN* NM212192, StkJ IA192. All Unclar 3000 Miles Select Pre-Owned INFINITIs & Other Makes 1992INFMIT1G20 Sedan, 4 cyl, auto. p*, p*. Uu«stale. AMfN cats., a t aray teatti. servico tovwr, V1N# NT3DBG6?, Sfc Z322A 6492 nt. $ 14, tJRNmG20 Sedan, 4 cyf.. auu, (A pt), txilga. bmgs in, teati P/sun rf. iwvtee kww, MN» N SKd a3b8,6163rrt S 15,995 1KHNFNT1G20 4 ft, 4 cyl, 6 spd. irt, (*. peal, casa. daua «Nt. ate. pav. «tec. <M, Ittoaj. waif., etc.. VIN» MTZ0O174. Stk.f 4C0m9XDrt Price includes all costs to be paid by a consumer except for lie, reg. & taxes. FLEMINGTON CO I N F I N I T I Cfc. «J aj 199OACURALEG0DLS 4 <*. 6 cyl, auto., p*, (*, wn.. nvufeta. a/c. tilt. cruka. tact kitth., p/rt.. VINf LCQI0663,91c* a to6a Irt. $. ton


25 18,20,21,1993 Forbes Newspapers/U-3 WORLD CLASS \ '.. \ i : \ I!! A THIS SATURDAY AT GLOBAL! Look for thr Ginnt Hot An Balloon f I y i n c] over out buildings 1 i,- T r tthakmievkw IHURSftl AM-10 PM. \f '*. '' 200,000 SQ. FT. of NEW and USED VANS and TRUCKS! A Global Selection of Imports/Domestics Conversions Sport Vans Family Camper Passenger Conversions vans Hl-Top Custom Plck-Ups Conversions #4x4*8 Astro Sport/Utility Conversions Vehicles Cargo Vans Long Beds, etc? oa "The New Coaatrf - WYNY FM Come In for FREE WYNY T-SHIRTS, MUGS, KEY CHAINS, ami mote! (Whlh mjppty Into Harting Sifunfcy morning 8/22) nil- SSESSSSSSSSS' MINIMUM FOR TRADE INS 1998 CHEVY BLAZER 4X4! 4.3 Liter EFIV6 Engine, Power Steering, Power Brake* with Standard 4-WheelAntl-Lock Brake System. Air Conditioning, 4-Speed Automatic Transmission. 5 ^ Lb Towing Capacity, Solar-Ray Tinted Glass. ^= SIMILAR DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE ON 4M10NTH LEASINO! RO Also ask any sales rep for your Cap Cost Reduction! and Clock f I Pwr Steering '93 GRAND CHEROKEE [ Rally Wh*»l«SHOW SPECIAL 1993 SHOW SPECIAL 1993 SHOW SPECIAL CHEVY'slMITSUBISHI COMPACT A FULL-SIZE BLAZERS SUBURBANS LUMINAAPV'S ASTRO VANS SPORTVANS TRACKERS-CARGO VANS PICK-UPS HONQ BEDS CREWCABS MEDIUM-DUTY TRUCKS 'RACK BODIES 'DUMPS WRECKERS'STEP VANS CAB* CHASSIS*ETC. K-1500 SUverado,Pick-Up Big Dooley C-3500 ; M0MTER0S.EXPOS «LRVS MACROCABS -MIGHTY MAX PICK-I UPS.4J4J.ETC. Expo LRV Sport Montero SR Mighty Max 4-Wh. Dr. J Jeep. Eagle CHEROKEES*LAREDOS WRANGLERS SANARAS WAQOHEER3 RENEGADES "ETC. Jeep Grand Wagoneer Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4 Classic Jeep Wrangler's" WDOWN PER MOUTH! teea s-io PICKUD SHOW SPECIAL 4,200 LB. QVWR.tingfl 1 qq;i ISUZUS RODEOS «TR00PER8 AMIQOS.PICK-UPS SPACECABS.4»4i.ETC. Long Wheel Base. With 3/4 Rear Amlgo, XS4WD. 3/4 Rear SAME DAY AUTO FINANCING! II you le 18 ami ^ US Citizen h.ivt'.1 Ob nnd,) rcasondblr down p^ymoni this wofkf.'iid Glob,-il C.u.'u-antoes to.irrnnqo ;into tin.ifir.intj lor you and NO PRIOR CREDIT RECENT GRADUATE DIVORCED -NEW JOB NEW TO AREA OTHER PROBLEM? Just call Globnl at (908) or come in today' A GLOBAL SELECTION Roc Vehicles from Mfg all around the world! US CONVERSION - COMPLIMENT VANS IDEAL CONVERSION 4X4 BLAZERS DESIGNER VANS VAN CRAFT, etc. Mlt] F-irps will be on premises t<> (Icmcinsti,ilr the uohirlcs.nid.lnswei your questions' GLOBAL AUTO DISTMBUTION DEPOT NORTH PLAINFIELD, NJ USA SPECIAL SALE HOURS: Open Daily 9 AM to 10 PM Sat. 9 AM 8 PM Closed Sun. CALL FOR: Directions from Airports Or Free Shuttle Bus Schedule From Major Cities in the Northeastern USA. (908) ROUTE / I trip Irom nywhart ofi Earth) O ' '93 Chevy EL SIWQ384 VINf P0I51831, MSRP $10.107,60 Mo Financing At 9% APR, S99 Down, $99 A Mo For 3 Mo, Then 57 Mo. fvmts ol S194.94, Tola! pymts S11,508, Includes $4001st Time Buyer Allowance if qual & S750 Mfr Rebate.' "93 Chevy S-10 Blazer 4W0 2-0r, V6 Eng, Auto, PS/Pfl, Air, VIIWP MSRP: $22,443,48 Mo Closed-End Lease. $169 Per Mo; Is! Mo Pymt & $200 ftef Sec D/P due at Inception, cap cost reduction S55D0. Purchase Opt S9O83, 13,740 Mi/Yr Then lor/mi. Total Pymt $13,612, includes S1000 Mfr Rebate. Prices include all costs to be paid by consumer except llwrwlng, reg. t l

26 fab* Newspapers CH RYS1.ER Jeep. ING! TAURUS TEMPO PROBE FESTIVA MUSTANG OROWN VIC THUNDERBIRD FORD BRONCO AEROSTAR ECONOLINE VANS CLUB WAGON CONVERSION VANS EXPLORER WELL GIVE YOU IF WE CANT BEAT ANY OTHER DEALERS ADVERTISED PRICE SPECIAL LEASE PAYMENTS CHRYSLER LEBARON NEW YORKER IMPERIAL TOWN & COUNTRY PLYMOUTH VOYAGER SUNDANCE ACCLAIM LASER COLT GRAND CHEROKEE CHEROKEE WRANGLER SUIT TALON VISION fust tm. At!'IM :». «or, eyi, «MB, we. nt. nt Tin, CM PAW PJlJ* PM MV FH U Cm. 1MB Mi.. fuwa, 17HTIlEXCa «h,4c l..9k.k.fampa imuucm.* OH,IIHII*, nrwi VWHUZSOK LVE RE DOING IT WITH PRICE! 10r.GluMlC«I.Fulti.fM.W»IPAlMPA*P IAMTMIL CM. tins*, mm. IvMHrtmn 40.IMVk «CfLha.M. PA P* 'AM*M p. 4S.0M MitmSt torxmtescmt *7 CHEVY CREMITt 4O'..S«r. 4Cyi,Au!B,AJC.P/S. AM/fM 5' Cm. 8!.362 Mi.*h IMII 7 Ml ISM r Cru-a Pdixca P» «M AM/fMSi fl.mvhislcm.mtfidm.1l9.36? Cisi 7SSM M #PS«2SA M. flmiw.vmilw1 7432!..!». 4Cr.Au».«:. P/S. 1-D1H 3, B-.S CMTUBY.4C»..Agw.J & n.rh M KWI»3 f 995 WOW, '4.995 now* 4i21 Cy*. Auk.«. PS. PA AWFM st. Btoi-rc N.JK H'. ntw. VWCCAO»3I mm n I WWI'8, V.W. JTTTA 4D> Seen.4C):,5Spd.WC.PJS.P/ B AM/TMSl 79.BSM. «K157B. VINIHW M1IMD Wm'9,995 '19 TOYOTA TERCEL WFOCOHTBT AM.fW S' U. fpps230a. 87 CHRYaER NEWrOflKER *D' Seds- 4Cj Ij-ao AJ:J.A/C P/S P* C;^ic P/SeiE P/loc«P/ Wigmj AM/)MS' Cisi WDW!*S.995 B C'-i». AM/IMSi Cm 51 OH M <3/0flA VINKW730OT! WW! '5,999 'MCHEWCaEIMTY 4 0 *in 6 C»i. AJO AyC, P/S, [ P/B P/locu,P/Wnaon Att/IMSi.l 49USM.IPU03A VIN(K6UM87 f IHCIU. PMCf 1 W T LtfTI WDW!*6,8T9 AUWil CM.S&3HH.IP9VK 1UU8V 1 «H<in,tCf1.fcJD,/W.P/S,P»,W LocH. P/WinlOM. AM/fM Si I ciu.ri.m3 MI. mtu, mil mam MUTNT* FMSt CM.«.4BMI, nc3l2a, 4 0f 4Cy! SSod.M.P/S.P/BAM/ FM Si Cm.22.3S2M WDW!*T ( 998 UNMTi 4Dr.,Mpn,IC l.,fuamliwg., M, PISM Tn.GnM.P/li«.P/ uo* P/WI*M,AM*MII cat. 3MKM.. am 17 40r S.PI.. flci4k.vt1ttm. Cnim, M«H fmmmt.wnttt OFF! 1 tlnmrbi 4tf.lmM,4C l.,9lp« P»,AU*MS.11,471 W.fllOHA, VMUnW H f M I 1992FORD I locks. P/Windon. PMirrs., AM/FM Si C m, Alum. Wife. Rastd Rod, Quid Capt. On, Running 8ntik, IV, Nintendo Hook-up. & I! «2V060, V1WNHW31M, OHw Vmn/uniitv Ptas /2VDS3. VtWNHA24JC5 - I2VOS5 VIWNKUS50S. tlp WT9Jn 14 Or., 4 Cyi.. Auto, W. PA m. I Crvm, mam. P/WiiKom. AMffM III Cut. 71,U\ Mi, IPSSMA. lviwmtl4w* 4 Or. 4 Ofl. Auto. W, P/S. P/B CmiOl. P/taH PAOCIt. P/WM0M, AWfH Si. 40S43M (PK433A. VCWm UNTHUiil WDWI'T, 4*2. f Cfl. J S*. WC. PA P». CniM. PAocta. PWindan. MVTH si cw. st.4ii Hi. tnvm uwn\t uaa 20,. IWcMCyl.Auto.VC. P/S.P/ B mm*, rimmmn, mm si C M. MI. intn. VM> ISOKHH V M MERCURY talie 40,Monri,(Cyl.Aulo.AC.PS.P/ t, Tilt, Cruiu. P/SMIS. PrtocM, P/ Winitam. AM/FM si Cut. Mq WtiMtt. M.S9J Mi.»P, V LAK?Di.C(iiJ(it.«C»i.»ulo,W.P/S.PB, Cfu«. P/SnU. PAacB. P/WiitMt. AUtMSI Cm. 27.1J7 Mi. fxmsa. MI Whim. 6 Cyl. Auto, M. P/S, P». I CrvW. Prtod* PAHMon. MVTMl SI, Cm. 4t,0n Hi. ttxifta. VMUB4UM Plan* HWWM1, S y P/S. PA IHt. Cvl«PAiM. P/Wa dw AW/FM SI Cm. 11,741 Hi. IPB412.»)WNV141K7 UU «! IMgon,6C I.Aulo.M.P/5.PACiiiia. PAOC* mnom, n,ny\ I»P.C«I Chnirt, Mi. (IVOISA. VW iroujn w m M n m M WWW* 12.^98 AIWMSI Cm.Z2.llH*.»PW1. VNMDStfa IM-UMint WOW* i\tn, nuttk vtnkjwisr *12.99S MfV.IOfl.AriO, «. PIP». CM. PABM. PAWntm. AMffH St Mi. IPSMI, VWf unnmtm Itt4.*I.ICr.Ai*.MoVC,P«.Pl' ffhh.vb5nm 4Dr.Wtion.4i4.ICyl.AM.P/S.?/ Bk, tif, C'UIH. P/loon, ttwndan, AWMB C«.43.f14Mi.«9K>. VN#MUD04ll HTMIPHHU WOWT*16 f 99S RT. 22 EAST SOMERVILLE NJ otoi Credit? 9".. APR 1m;inc by \Ue consumer except Idx FORD, ONLY 18 MINUTES FROM CLINTON «ONLY 15 MINUTES FROM WATCHUNG * ONLY 15 MINUTES FROM FLEMINQTON * ONLY 10 MINUTES FROM PI SCAT AWAY * ONLY 17 MINUTES FROM NEW BRUNSWICK * ONLY 1/4 MILE EAST OF THE BRICKIE WATER COONS p l),lt(". (II) h i! <,\'. [ J i n Iliii! tm psii CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH JEEP* EAGLE Serving New Jersey $$ CREDIT $$ PROBLEMS? SreCtAL FMAHCING FM: Students and College Ondt * First Time Buyin with No Co-signer Credit Problems or No Credit History WE SPEAK ENGLISH, SPANISH, ITAUAN AND POLJSH Mon-Fri 9 AM 9 PM * Sat 9 AM 7 PM

27 M* IMS, IMS A Forbes Newspapers guide to your quality time Music Movies 'Lost in Yonkers't Events Classic cars in Stage 'Great Ladies' sing the blues

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29 Cover photo: by DIANE MATFIERD Visitors enjoy the sights, sounds and unusual shops in historic New Hope, Pennsylvania Cover story Dining Events Movies Music Stage WeetondPtus r\i<i\n \/s I»,! I MtIMII fllltlt! II> «i til tllvtlffltlllllllfltl Advertiser index Club Mix Curtain Calls Dance Film Capsules... Galleries. Happenings Kid Stuff Museums Singles Soundings Speakers # «MIItl # a I Ml! flfl«iiflti! «t IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIM «! tt««e «it iiiflt ifli in f! it flt t WEEKENDMJS Is a feature of Forbes Newspapers, a DMakm of Forbes Inc., and appears in the HMs-Bodrniretar fast, Sonwut Messenjer-Qaiette, FranWin rocub, DOUm BTOQK UVuflClV, WWoWlBX UfWDfiaB, WW DrUnMflCH rucus, Matuohan*Eo1aon RaMiw, Piacatiwvy-Dunsien Hwaw, South PtaWWd Raportifi najhno ran nbrawi wantn-fviicnuni jounw ( uravn DrooK'nonn nainnwa Muna% WHQWQ Naoonit dcncn innrtwnmxn i m wn uwmni wigncw. hiaihlaw^^ mi evwtt should be sent to: Wiam Wasthown, WeekendPius Eoltor, 44 Vatoram MamorW Parkway, P.O. Box 699, Somanie, N J The fax number h (908) $ To subscribe to your local Forbes Newspaper, can AmSil YomHtaithy Heart M $ays CHECK YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE on High Blood Pmwm call: 1-80M34.24S2 MIDDLESEX COUNTY HEALm HEART PROGRAM rs At A Completely Restocked!! 112 Truman Dr, Edison NJ Off KNmer a SttHon Rds. Tlwt 4 Ffi 12-6; SU1W; Soft.11-5 STORE (Ttwrs.-SuA.) OffiCI M8 (Mon.-Wed) Remember The 50's?... Well Come On Back! THE FABULOUS 5O'S, l FESTIVAL) * > Sat. 1 Sun. May 22 & 23 12noon until 5pm j) > Uve Mule By The John Martin Orchestra h * auric 50*1 Autamobllet Take a Free Tour I Simple Wlno Aging In Oak Barrels. Free Tasting Or Over 12 Wines Including May Wine, p \ Niagara and Oanbeny Wine A " W $5.00 Admlnlon (Khb Under 12 Free) ^ Cream Ridge Winery (609) '**/" }..fv*i:li '.V^TK e*i Malcolm S. Forbes Jr. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Chtryl Fenske EDITOR SPECIAL SECTONS Roger SKvty VICE PRESIDENT OPERATIONS Rob Paine CHIEF PHOTOGRAPHER Charles A. Lyons PRESIDENT and PUBLISHER WIIHam Westhoven WEEKENDPLUS EDITOR Mlcki Pulslnelli ENTERTAINMENT ADVERTISING DIREaOK Barry Rumple GRAPHIC ARTIST May 19-21,1993 Forbes Newspapers

30 Vl^nMliRRii IMil Shop, look and listen in New Hope Pennsylvania's funkiest village is just across the Jersey border II* M_ wnnxsr Crisp white steam belched from the lovinglyrestored New Hope and Ivyland Railroad rtetm locomotive as it crossed through downtown New Hope, Pennsylvania on its 60-minute run to Uhaska. Children and families lined the tracks to get a good look at one of the last steam-powered trains left in the country. New Hope is one of the most interesting places in the area for the entire family. No kidding - there is something for everyone there - a recent excursion to New Hope on a Saturday took us from the railroad to a mule-driven barge up the Delaware Canal to a Oaxacan Indian art gallery to a biker clothing store to a witch supply shop. New Hope calls itself a "town of many personalities and I won't challenge that. It's a sophisticated village nestled along the Delaware River and the Delaware Canal in Bucks County - a modern shoppers' paradise with a touch of history and a carnival atmosphere, The entire town is compact enough that one can walk the length and breadth without unduly taxing yourself - or ever being very far from a bar, restaurant or ice cream parlor. There are only four main streets - Main Street South and North, Bridge Street, Ferry Street, Mechanic Street - plus a couple of alleys and side streets. There's a boggling assortment of galleries, antiques, homemade chocolates, handmade quilts, trendy clothes, exotic cheeses and theaters. You can also view historical homes, ride paddlewheel river boats or take a horse and carriage ride - definitely something for everyone. The first place we went was the information center in the historic town hall at the comer of South Main Street and Mechanic Street. We used the relatively clean restrooms and got all kinds of maps and brochures to help us sort out New Hope. You can't help but notice the interesting assortment of visitors New Hope attracts - a mix of suburban couples, middle-aged bikers, celebri-» ties, hippies and college kids. Everybody fits in and if you're looking for the place to wear your "Led Zeppelin T-shirt, this is it. My 4-year-old daughter and 1 had lunch at the open-air Ringside Pub to fully enjoy the passing parade. This "casual" cafe was one of the least expensive spots on South Main Street, but still ended up costing $13.75 for a basket of fish and chips, a hot dog and two sodas. Prices on the main boulevard are not that inexpensive, we found, although the free show strolling by made it seem worthwhile. A wedding party arrived for a Saturday afternoon ceremony and we got ice cream cones and joined the crowd watching the bride and her entourage get out of stretch limo. My daughter thought this was the most thrilling part of the day, actually, and wanted to look for a wedding dress in the local shops. We next took a tour of the uniquely restored Parry Mansion on South Main and Perry Street. This 1784 home was occupied by direct descendants of the builder, Benjamin Parry, until it was bought by the New Hope Historical Society in li)66. You can sou 125 years of decorating changes - from whitewashed walls to wallpaper, from candles to oil lamps - as you move through the rooms and additions. Hours are 1-5 p.m. Friday through Sunday. A donation of $4 is requested to help keep up the house. Fortes Newspapers May 19-21,1993 DtANE MATFl flwweekenoplu8 The buiiettihop by far on Main Street was Gypsy Heaven, "tt* Witch Shop of New Hope." There was barely room to squeeze in.'we're like this all the time," a modern "Wiccan" priestess told me. "We are everywhere." The shop sells new-age books, tarot cards, herbs, oils, and the "largest selection of magical and occult supplies" Next door is another unique establishment - Brian's Motorclothes & Collectibles. If you are looking for that certain fringed-leather bra, "Live to Ride" boxer shorts or a pair of deerskin-fringed gloves with the Harley-Davidson logo, stop right here, New Hope attracts a lot of serious bikers. The lovely countryside and atmosphere makes it a nice place to ride to and meet friends. One of the most memorable places we visited was Milagros Gallery on Mechanic Street Enrique Patino has brought Oaxacan woodcarver Zuny Fuentes, son of famed folk-artist Epifanio Fuentes, to New Hope to demonstrate his technique for creating fanciful figures out of wood using a machete. The final shape - whether dancing frog, mermaid, beer-drinking skeleton or fire-breathing dragon - is serendipitous. The exuberant sculptures are then painted with irrepressible form and color. "These were originally discovered in the 1950s for the Rockefeller collection," said Patino, "No two are alike." Zuny Fuentes will be at the shop from 11 a.m.-6 p.m. until May 23. Buck's County Playhouse is renowned for its schedule of hit musicals and plays, Nunseiise U pro- With a row of parted motorcycltl - a familiar light In Ntw starring Eddie Mekkatof'Laverrie and Shiiiey fame) Hopt - In tht foftground, visitors wandtr ont Of tht many is now playing until June 6. A series of children's hop-ladtn atrttta In tht popular Ptnnaylvanla Vlllagt. musical theater is also scheduled, including Aladdin, Pinocchio and Cinderella in June and July. Tickets are $5 for these matinees. For ticket information call (215) or write PO Box 313, New Hope, Pa., Two other local theater groups offer quality productions - the S.J. Gerenser Theater and the Towpath House. When you're tired of walking and window shopping, there are two paddlewheel ferry boats offering tours of the lovely Delaware River - Wells Ferry and CoryelTs Ferry. CoryelTs is recommended by none other than former local resident, General George Washington, ("Be sure to take the ferry by CoryelTs as it is the swiftest, surest route... 1 '). At one time the old ferries were the only link between the old colonial York road between Philadelphia and New York and was strategic to Washington during the Revolution. TTiey brought troops across the river for the march on TYenton and victory over the Hessions. Half-hour tour prices are $5 for adults and $3 for children. Other fun family outings are the New Hope Barge, where gentle mules pull barges up and down the picturesque canal, and the New Hope and Ivyland Railroad, offering steam passenger service since The nine-mile narrated round-trip between New Hope and Lahaska costs $6.95 for adults, $3.50 for children over age 3. It's absolutely impossible to see all of New Hope in one visit. You'll want to come back again and again, It's the perfect spot for a weekend getaway at one of the many historic bed-and-breakfasts or charming inns, but it'll close enough that you can easily make the trip up for lunch and an afternoon of shopping. Don't forget to bring some comfortable walking shoes and prepare to broaden your SRM'FW'^WW' horizons!

31 Seriously, Neil Simon Not a comedy, not a drama, it's lost in Yonkers* By JEFFREY COHEN Video rewind You can learn a lot about Hollywood by reading the opening credits of tm SInwn't OM Hi YOVS. Yes, that "Neil Simon's" is part of the title. And that tells you one thing. Another tying you can learn is that whoever Richard Dreyfuss has for an agent, you want him/her on your side. Because Dreyfuss gets top billing on Yonkers despite the fact he doesn't come on screen Richard Drtfuts fltti top billing, but tt't Mtrctdti Ruthl and Iran* Worth, rtprising their Tony for almost an hour into the pictire, winning stagt roles, who art tht real start of A/ttf Slmon'% Lost In Yonkm. and then leaves a good 20 minutes before its over. And the story isn't even close to being about him. It's about Bella (Mercedes Kuehl, recreating her Tony-winning stage role), a 36-year-old woman in Yonkers in 1942, Bella is supposed to have some kind of mental problem, like slight retardation or something, but the only manifestation Simon's screenplay gives us of this debilitating illness is that Bella tends to be incredibly cheerful and makes more sense than anyone else in hf ' family. Must be rough. Anyway, these two nephews uf Bella's are left on her doorstep because their father is going off on a 10-month sales trip to raise $9,000 and pay off his dead wife's hospital bills. All of which would be fine, except Bella is still living with her German-bom mother (Irene Worth, recreating her Tony-winning stage role), who is the grandmother from hell It's not long into the movie that Grandma makes her first appearance, and it's nbvious at that moment, with director Martha Coolidgu {Valley Girl, the underappreciated Real Genius) focusing on the slowly turning doorknob and dark lighting, that you realize what Neil Simon hasn't a COinedy, and he tlbsn 't He's PTIQViG, dfld thd you're into here: Neil Simon hasn't written a comedy, ir o jitfja and he hasn't written a human drama. He's written a monster movie, and the monster is a little old Gorman lady. From that \mn\ on. you start to dread Grandma's every appearance, since she'll just call one of tho (inevitably wisecracking) boys "stupid" or hit them on the head, or yell at saintly Bella. It's no wonder Grandma's kids got the hell out uf the house except Bella, and something of a surprise when Dreyfuss, playing a slightly shady Undo Louie, comes back home when hu's in trouble. You'd think he'd want to go someplace more homey, Like jail. Film capsules Dreyftiss, playing Louie (the role was expanded from the stage version once the Goodbye Man signed on) as a combination of Jimmy Cagney and Lou Costello, is entertaining as all get-out, which is a relief when you've been dealing with a maniacal grandmother for 50 minutes. And Ruehl, given all the character hot buttons she's got to push, goes all out. She's winning, she's delightful, she's touching-she's just not all that handicapped, and you wonder why she doesn't get the hell out of the house and leave the old battle axe to rot. It's a pity when people like Neil Simon and Woody Allen, who have the gift of laughter, feel they must "expand" and move into Pulitzer Prize territory (a prize which, in fact, Yonkers won, causing some brouhaha). This is, after all, Simon's attempt at The Gloss Menagerie, and it's a story that's already been told, by someone who knew it better. a hunodn dfdrod. m^s case * ^e ^cs seemevenmoreou * ^ p' acc than usual, and coming from a 13-year-old boy (who gets almost all the best lines), they're especially artificial. The movie, also, can't make up its mind whether it's about the two kids left to suffer with mean old Grandma, about Louie trying to elude two scary hoods in a yellow car, or about Bella. It finally decides on the best option, but it's a while getting there. in Yonkm will appeal to anybody who thought Brighton Beach Memoirs was Arthur Miller with laughs. There's an audience for this, "Doc" Simon knows, and they get what they pay for. The raw emotions are revealed, the typical scathing words are yelled, and evcrylxxiy makes up with everybody, kind of, eventually. But in the end, it's as disposable as this newspaper. Maybe moreso. After all, this newspaper is recyclable. libfwifti liny ***** mm, km* m Capsule reviews bywhkfftdplusttaff Guldr - RwoiMfwnd«d < -Strartfhri OPENING THIS WEEK HOT SHOTS! PART DEUX Airplane! director Jim Abrahams directs the sequel to his more-recent Fop Gun sendup, with Charlie SheenreprisingIns rote as Topper, the lorn Cruise wannabe, who's now heading up an "elite" commando unit, Valeria Golino (Rain Man) returns as Topper's love interest (PG-13) SLIVER li.isic Instinct temptress Sharon Stone returns to familiar territory in this film version of lr;i Levin's psychoseuial novel dealing with the touchy (or is no-touchy?) subjeel of voyeurism, With Tom Borengef and William Baldwin. (R) CURRENT FILMS THE ADVENTUMS OFMUCHLtBWRVFINN Disney reteht the Mark Twtin classic, one of the rare slwiei IKit just can't be done enough, Note the rating, though, parents (PG) AMERICAN HEART A paroled convict (Jeff Bridges) tries to reconcile with his estranged son (fctmard Furlong, tho kid from Terminator 2: Judgment Day), (R) MNNVANDJOON -Aldan Quinn it the protective brother of unbalanced sister Mary Stuart Mwttrson, who folts In love with Johnny Depp in this offbeat romantic tatt. (PG) BOJUNQT Weitey Sntpes (Passenger 57, White Men Can't Jump) stars with Dennis Hopper in the latest cops and robbers action flick. (R) BORNYESTEROAY Remake of the 1950 George Cukor comedy (based on the GarslnKanin play) about a millionaire who hires a journalist to tutor his showgirl girlfriend on cultured behavior. John Goodman, Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson assume the respective roles of Brodecick Crawford, William HoiOen and Oscarwinner Judy Hdliday, (PG) BOUND BY HONOR Director Taylor Hacktord (An Officer»nd a Gentleman) traces the lives of three young men in the Chicano culture of modern East Los Anrjelcs. (R) COP AND A HALF Burl Reynolds 15 a cop forced to partner with a pint-sued, 8- year-old witness to a crime, with the expected comic results, Directed by Henry Winkler. (PG) THf CRYING GAME * Oscar- nominated romantic thriller about an IRA fugitive hiding out in London, where he falls fof a woman who also has a few skeletons in hei closet. (R) THf DARK HAIF George Romero (N/gf)f of the Living Dcaii, Deeps/iow) scripted and directed this horror flick about a successful author with a violent alter ego. Based on a novel by Stephen King. (R) DAVE Kevin Kline stars in this romantic comedy about a regular guy and presidential lookalike who's recruited to stwd in for the Commander-in-Chief, Highly-anticipated film, directed by Ivan Reltman {Gnosfbusttn Twins, Leagte Eagles), also pokes fun at the media and the Washington political scene and features numerous enmoos ty politicians, media and other celebrity-types. With Sigourney Weaver, frank Langella. (PG- 13) DRAaON: THE BRUCE LEE STORY Talk about your creepy coincidences: this action-drama bio of Bruce Lee, the original martial arts movie star who died young (and mysteriously), comes on the heels of the death of his son. Jason Scon Lee, an up-and-coming star who was killed just a few weeks ago in a freak accident (shot to death by a prep gun) while film* ing another mevte. Featuring (Please tum to page 6} May 19-21,1993 Forbes Newspapers

32 WootandPtus Film capsules (Contfn<Mdfrom(Mit5) Brandon Lee (no relation}, Uum Holly (TV's Pfcto fences) r. (PG-13! WOfCINTWOKHAl Director Adrian Lyne's (Fatal Artractton) supposedly dramnic tato on the tame subject as Honnymxn In kfef«s - a billionaire (Robert RWfocd} offers a young couple (Oemi Moon, Woody Harrelson) a cool million if the w*te spends one ru^it with him. Deservtdly-poor n- views of thii film, which rehashes virtually every romantic movie that ever made a prof t. haven't stopped it from becoming the Dox-officf hit of tne spring, Try to mist the hype. (R) INDIAN SUIR Ensemblt cast (Alan Arkm, Vincent Spano, Diane Lane, Ktvin Pollack, Eltzabttti PerkinsJuHe Warner) enlivens Bl«CtolMype comedy about a group of friends who spend a vacation at thtir childhood summer camp. (PG-13). NEIL SNS LOST in this movie adaption of his Puktw Priit-winflini comedy about t M brothers forced to move in' with their frandmother. Stamngftichart Dreyfuis and MarcitoRutN(Ma/*dtoine Mot).(PG) MUCH AOO AMUT NOIIiNQ Dead Ajeto) directs and stars h thii latest adaption ofthe Ktvln Kline, impersonating tht president, falls out of character to perform i magic trick for a homtltsa child In tht ntw Ivan Redman comedy Dave. Shakespeare comedy with his wife, recent Oscar-winner Emma Thompson (Howard's nd). Also with Oenzel Washington, Michael Kaaton and Keanu Reeves. (PG-13) IHCNMHTWf NtVfff MIT Roomam Matthew Brodenck Annabeila Sdorra (WWipw in trie Oarfc) fall in love in this urban comedy set in New York Oty. (R> POWT OF NO ftftvmn Sexy Bridget Fonda (S/n^e Mftiteftmate, S/njtes)isa death-row murderess recruited byacovertorganiattonofhi t)- level astaulm In this Americaniwd venion of the French i, (R) ttan in this story about Mack totter* of tfwspanitli- ArMncan war wwbeome the renaajade protacton of ablack front* community. (R) IWMNOiOr Sid NtwiftMn-fttyte fun with i band of scruffy Wd4 who itart i tmeban team, l^jren Alen and Jamei Earl Jonei join the roster of young unknowns, (PG) Kmte-Ktf «yte action comedy with GeauBridpMoe Piscopo and Richard Mod. The only question ii whether Chuck NonH can fmatly turn in believable p^forrnance when pl*yir hims*f. (PG) Comedyabout*search for miteinf royalty written and produom by Monty Psion's Eric kfte. who oo-ltan with iohn C M M, Rich Monnisafld Barban Henney, (POU) * Dazzling romance centering around a bahroom dancing competition features some spectacular choreography. (PG) ftcnme MUTANT NtNM TURTUta The Fab Four fight ml ninjas Whan they are transported back to 17th century Japan in this latest live-action feature based on the popular cartoon series. (PGJ Ttttftiortun A violent, unstable Robert Do two often a stable horn* life for a divorced mother (Ellen earwfl) and her teenan ion, who both come to regret the union, (R) THfttf OF HURTS Young romance with a twist -William Baldwin t* a male huttler hind by* Jilted Itsbian ((My Lynch) to Hduce and jilt her former grifriend (Shentyn Fenn, the cherry-item tempt' row from Twiin Peaks). Baldwin is aurpritinejy good and Lynch (Drugstore Cowboylls a revelation. A warm, intelligent, delightful love story as long as you don't try to figure out why either of them loves the poorlydeveloped, badly-acted Fenn character. (R) UNTOMIVEN 4 Clint Eastwood won Oscars for best picture and best director with this masterpiece about a former (unslinger who can't escape his past. Gene Hackman won a bnt supporting actor Oscar as a *,'-righteous sheriff. (R) WHO'S THC MAN Rep stars Doctor Ore and Ed lover play it for laughs as two misfits who Humble upon a scandal that threatens their Harlem neighborhood. (R) REVIVALS NIGHT AND DAY (French with sumktat; IMD **Comedy by director Chantal Akerman documents a love tnenge between a young woman and two cab drivers. Screening opens the "VoMarama" summer film festival at Rutgers University, which will offer a mix of classics and recent offbeat movies on Friday evenings through August 6. Friday, May iif 7 piffi*i impeoeiev M M (teoin 100) on tht College AMfwt campus «f Rutgers Tidiejta O, ( U Phrtfewa FHm C»e«memhewtMIM) W CO-ED SNORKEL and SCUBA CLASSES FIRSTMIGHT SOMERSET Si HILLS YMCA \l Jernnrdsville Pool jw TUGS., May 18th 7 PM SOMERSET VALLEY f YMCA Somerville Pool Wed., June 23rd {J 7 PM tf Call for more information Whitehouse Aquatic Center 424 Rt. 22 W Y. Whitehouse Station li (Across from Bishop's Thrlftway) VQ 8 Vfcctond I i il S3i LEARN THE TWO-STEP = COdNTRY EVERY WED. & DANCE LESSONS 6:30-8:00 Featuring i Two-Step Mixer at 7:30 When Everyone Letmi & Dancet BMNO TO«a UPT nir wu. somrnai PMtmn Country tu 2 AM COME MEET THE NICEST PEOPLEI Fates Newspapers May 19-21, RT. 22 EAST. GREEN BROOK. NJ LUDM«HUEL* HOWL! i TtuCtMittm'tfkt* Select from a truly Impressive grouping featuring OVER 1000 LLADR6 FIGURINES PLUS MANY OTHER FINE COLLECTIBLES y mfck u4 mporunt collection, the lufett In thetrt^ute area, fetturtnf nwny Unrited edluon and retired ptecct only avatlabte at TheColtector'sPtace The Jeweler You Can Trust Our Prices Are Honest AUSTIN COPENHAGEN & GEMOLOOISTS Tin CtlUctrt ftaw Opm Mon-S* 10-5 KAISER a PRECIOUS MOMENTS a BRADFORD EXCHANGE

33 > ; E N T S Motor maniacs Classic car show parks in Edison ByWILUAMWESTHOVEN Weefcendftus Editor The area's classic car shew circuit heats up this weekend in Edison, whore the seventh annual Springfest Antique Classic Car Show and Crafts Fair will attract hundreds of distinctive automobiles and thousands of visitors. The 1992 show and fair raised over $15,000 for its organizers and benefactors - the Edison First Aid Squad No. 2 on New Dover Road, which wfll also host the event. Proceeds will help maintain their efforts to provide voluntary emergency medical services tot he township. The event is scheduled for Sunday, May 23,9 a.m.-4 p.m. The rain date is Sunday, May 30. Last year, over 575 rare and classic cars, street rods and vintage.military vehicles were on hand for the estimated 4,000 spectators. This year, a similar amount of vehicles will return, while entertainment will include music by "The Wolfman,' 1 a hot-air balloon flight, and the giveaway of a classic 1954 Buick (only pre-registered show car exhibitors are eligible), Refreshments will also be available. $2. (908) , ext. 4. Auditions/rehearsals William Relnhorto Bukrt, which will bt ont of the can ftaturtd at the Edison Flrat Aid Squad's atvtnth annual Sprlngftat Antique and Classic Car Show and Outdoor Crafts Fair Sunday, May 23, Is described as "John Dfllinger's favorltt gttaway car." '* 'i Mark your calendar Ntw mustum ftnmf MR iff ipvt it tp Rif B ACMTAQIMOOUCTKWI 240 Mountain Aw., SomerviHe (906) For sunimtr production of South PaeHk. Auditions at 7:30 p.m. M*y27.Ca!lfouequirementi. Rehearsals MAITIIICNOMU Mondays, 7:30 p.m. Arts building, Raman Valley Community College Route 28, North Branch (908) , Choral ensemble of 60 voices. Openings in all vocal sections, especially for tenors and basses; audition may be required. HIGHLAND PARK COUNITY CHOWS Thursdays, 8 p.m. Highland Park High School North Fifth Ave., Highland Park (906) Chorus of area singers. Auditions required for membership; tenors, basses needed. RAmTANVAUCYCMOftUI Tuesdays, 7:30 p.m. Faith Lutheran Church AmwellRd., Neshanic (908) Muted chorus of nearly 100 members, NADtTAN VALLEY tvmthomcmnd Wednesday!, 7:30 p.m. Raider BJvd,,Btfle Mead (90S) Community orchestra w/75 musicians, amateur and professional. SOMERSET VALLEY ORCHESTRA Thursdays, 7:30 p.m. Bound Brook High School West Union Ave. Bound Brook - (908) Community orchestra. SWEET ADELINES fftcatamwy Ctwut Tuesdays, 7:30 p.m. Reformed Church Main St., South Bound Brook (908) Somerset Viftty Chorus Tuesdays, 7:15 p.m. PeopteCare Center 120 Flndeme Ave. (908) , For women who enjoy singing. New members welcome; no experience necessary, WEITFIELO COUNITY BAND Wednesdays, 7:30 p.m. Roosevelt School 301 Clark St.. Westfteld (908) Community-sponsored orchestra with varied repertoire including symphonic, marches, and pops. WESTFIELD COUNITY ORCHESTRA Mondays, 7:15 p.m, Roosevelt Junior High School 301 Clark St., Westfeld (908) For adults and young people who play string instruments, Must be able to read music and ploy first positions. Gaulc chthlnqforgpedal momenta.xhrittenlngt, Communion, and HfaMKngt... beautiful coordinating occeworffi...from head to toe, create the illwton of fantasy... ut»fo (90S)M-7767, (oa> A unique teiection offanta$y collectible*.. Jor decorating.., for entertainlng,,jor imaginative gift giving for ail age». Qualify,,, good taste...gracious personal attention., a tradition ofjmeen't. INI MIES THUHANWI WHOM * TAflY N FOOD WAREHOUSE SAVE CASH OPEN TO THE PUBLIC IB Montium HAMtU Oft HOT DOO ROLLS 89 MRMtM ATOIAUO SUWM.59 m OCEAW CHCf IIff A PUWY mm «"» $5 WCMt Mruensma HJUMANOS HOME STYU FAOHETTI SAUCE n $2.69 z $ S ^ I 111 CAM lutt SOY BEAN SALAD OIL PURE VEQETASLE $10.95 VfWT^^WIw WR^^f inwhrllmkn $5.9S M4.95 miuun POttMOf tnttm Nusmi $3.95 lit M CHIF AMENT SAUO DMSSINQ CUMITtUtM HIM Un unnuw $3.89 $4.19 MtMUlH ama MATCH $2.95 BOULEVARD WHOLESALE FOODS "A Warehouse Of Savings",_... :.- :.' ;=f ; T>..-, & CALL FOR EASY DIRECTIONS rn~^ d ^; U' ACCEPT FOOD STAMPS VISA & MASTER CAW UNIQUE GIFT Sensuous De9igner/Portraits ARE YOUR READY TO GIVE THE ULTIMATE GIFT? For Detail! Call «OorToHFrM l-soo' C0-262 Nortt) Avenue,. Dunollen t i * * p May 19-21,1993 Fortes

34 WookondPlus Museums (609) TiJMdty throufi Saturday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Sunday from i-5 p.m. Free admission. Tours of museum heights Saturday at 2 p.m. Western European palntir^i, sculpture and decorative art from 19th and 20th centuries; also pre-columbian art and art of the Americas. 20th-century wrks from the Nowtnskt collection, throufffi Jury 3. American art from collections of the university's Class of 1953,throu#iiu y3. KACMIaKTH MUSEUM (908) Restored btockimith shop from the mid-18th century. Open Sunday from 1:30-4 p.m. throufi Jute 27. CIWeaWfMUHUM 4 Ptrk PI., Crwttxiry (800) Open Sunday from 1-4 p.m. or ty appointment, Free admistlofl, 'The Debits of Herts," through July 25. Herb sale from 10tm,-3p.m, May22. MUKI HOUSE MUSEUM fl02we«front SI., Planted (908) Mortal home built in 1746 end chrortdirv New Jersey history from before Independence to after the Civil War. Open Saturday from 2*4 p.m. Free admission for members. Norv member admission: adults $1, johnsonperk Rivef Rd., Plscataway (908) Village composed of relocated 18th ctntury structures set near the headquarters ol the county part police. No tours offered at present. Gift shop closed until further notice. MFUHHOUU 1281 River Rd.,Piscataw«y (908) ftcataway Township historic museum, with permanent exhibition of lib in the town's early days, Thundaythfou#i Saturday from noon-5 p.m. MID0UKX COUNTY MUICUM Centeiue law MOUM 1225 River Rd., Piscateway (906) Daily (except Monday and Sat- Frodorick Rtmlngton's 19th country ptlnhng A Tumbl$ From (ho Tnlt H part of ths conoctlon of artworks from tho Prlncoton Unfvorstty Ctass of 53 on oxhibhkm at tho Wneoton MUMum offorod In conjunction with tho doit' 40th minion* urday) from 1-4 p.m. Free admission. "Echoes of a Storyteller/' legends, mythology, end games of New Jersey, thfouguuly 18. MHlCTCQIff HOUHMUWUM 614 Mountain Ave., Wettfield (908) Restoration of 16th-century New Jeney house. Open Sundays from 2-Sp.m. life In m 18lli-ctniury Army camp,mly23. Brookdtte Community CoHega Romt520,Uiwoft (90B) Mondiythroufi Friday from 1:30-5 p.m., Saturday from 10 a.m.-5p.m,, Sunday from noon-sp.m, "Dinomigk;," dinosaurs and lcea trnammals,througn iune 27, Adultt 16. Mnky citi Mfls md children M. 3 South Mountain Avt, (201) TuHday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 11 i.m,-5 pm; Thursday and Sunday from 1-5 pm, Free admtswn for members. Non'member ad* minion: adults $4. senior dti* M M and students $2, children ' free. Free admission for ah on Saturday. "Robert Henri and (he Ash Can School," through June 6. Wor1«oytr»Grfenoufttaof Montdair, through June 20. Gallery talk by Mary Cay Canc e l * 3 p.m. May 23, Plains Indian art from the rnuaeum'i collection, throutfi June 27. Works in progress by Mona Bnrty.throuftfiMyll. "lma«m of Amtrica" by Curri«lives, through July 25. MOS MUSEUM 6 Normandy HeigtitsRd. Morristown (201) 538*0454 Monday throu#» Saturday from 10 a.m.-b p.m., Sunday from noon-6 p.m. free admtssiort for members. Non-member admission: adults 14, senior titinns ndchildnn$2. Permanent (tilery exhibits: dlngsaurs, live animals, five sens- M (for chhdwi 3-5), mammats, model trains, history, North Amertean Indians, Woodland Indians, rocks and minerals. "The Etruscans: Lafacy of a Lost CMIiration; 1 through June 30. Related lecture by Umw Bonfante at 3 and 7 p.m. May 21. "The Classical Revival In Fashion," througi mid MUKUMOrCMlV TftADHANDCfKrTS 9 Main St., Madison (201) Exhibits portray the role of crafts people in the 18th and 19th centuries. Tuesday through Saturdayfrom 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Sunday from 2-5 p.m, Free admission for members. Non-member admission: adults $2, children $1. Tour of "A Countryside In Motion/' 2 p.m. May 22. NJ.AU0UMNS0CtC1V HHardscrabbleRd. Bemardsville (908) Tuawlay througi Saturday from 9 a.nv5p.m., Sunday from noorvs p.m. Nature walks (frw admission), 8 a.m, Fridays and Saturdays, NJ.CmOWN'IMUttUM 599 Industrial Ave M Paramus (201) Fantasy castle, a 50s fire engine, and more exhibits for kids to touch. Open every day from 9 a.m.-5 p,m, Admission S6 weekdays, )7 weekends; children under 1 year old free. Group rates available. Aviation Weekend, May 22, 23, NJ.KIITOWCAL SOCIETY 230 Broadway, Newark (201) Wednesday through Friday from 10 a.m.-4p.m., third Saturday of the month from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Guided tours by appointment. Free admission for society members. Non-member admission S3. "Tender in Vears/ 1 childhood in 19th-century New Jersey, on- ant NMJfftWMUKUM Of AQMCmiUM Cook CoHega Route 1, New Brunswick (908) Wednesday through Saturday from 10 a.m.-5p.m.; Sunday from noon*5 p.m. Auction to benefit tne museum, May 22. NJ. STATE MtttlUM 205 wm State St., Twton (609) Tuteday through Saturday from 9 i,m.-4:45 p.m., Sunday from noon-5 p.m. Free admission. ^''Constructions,''ongoing. "The Traveler as Ethnographer," ongoing Photographs by women photographtn, ongding, Works by Benny Andrews, through June 27, "Weaving Around the World," through Juty 18 PhotoiHuminitiom by Franc Palaia, May 22>Aug. 8. Reception from 5:30-7:30 p.m, May 23, 0U> IAMUCKI MUSEUM Barrack St., Trtnton (609) Showing life in New Jersey durirvjtnerevokition«ywer. Tuesday through Saturday from 11 e.nvsp.m,, Sunday from 1-5 Adults 12, senior cttilensandttudentsll.cmwren under cents. front St., Scotch Plains (908) Historic house from c Open the first Sunday of each month from 2-4 p.m, Free admission. HttVt$-KEDAJ»O*ETlM 165 HooartAve., Summit (906) Gardens open dally from dawn to dutk. Regtt/ation required for programs, WAlUCEHOUSf/ OLD DUTCH KMSOMQf 38 Washington W. ( Somerville (906) George Washington's headquarters when he was stationed in Somerville in Open Wednesday through Saturday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Sunday from rwon-sp.m, Free admission, THOMAS WMNE MUSEUM Route 516, Old Bridge (908) Artifacts and genealogy of Old Bridge (nt Madison) Township. Open WuJnesday from 9:30 a.m.-noon and the first Sunday of each month from 1-4 p.m. JANC V00NHEU 9EMJ ART MUSIUM Hamilton St, New Brunswick (908) Tuesday thftngft Friday from 10 e.m.-4:30 p,m., Saturday and Sunday from noon-5 p.m, Free admlmion. Animals illustrated by Roger Ouvoisin, through spring Acquisitions from the Rutgers Archives for Prlntmaking, throufti tprir^ Decorative art from the Stgmuod Freedman collection, through June 27, Photographs of Japan from , through June 27. Galleries A0OMEAST 445 Springfield Ave., Summit (908) Tuesdey, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 10 a.m.-5 (Please turn to page 9) :GAL loblems? Bankrictcy DM* Driving Real Estate Pefsond Injury Criminal Law WWs/Estates Murtdpd Court Violations Charles Shamy Attorney At Law Profeeaonal Center At Somewt 11 Clyde fid Suite»1 401 Rt. 206 South IJatmuuuli 82wa4r * * COMBAT HOBBIES Tht Military Hobby Shop for kids of all ages ToySoldrfrs Armor Modtli SoWlffKHi t tary Prints Books & Vldoos Diorama SuppHos Paint Bill ACOOSMTIOS 18uppHss Hyde Park Mall (908) J THE LARGEST SHOW OF PRODUCTS j AND SERVICES FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES ABILITIES EXPtr 93 May 21-21,1993 RMiTAN CENTER EXPO HALL Edison, NJ EXHIBITS & DEMOS Phow: 9WU74HI ^P 0 * MT10AM«PM OWN TO THE POBUC Rtgular Admission: $4 UntoiinitE fortes Newspapers May

35 VteefcandPhis Galleries (Continued from page 8) p.m.; Thursday from 10 a.m.-8 p.m. (Works by R.C Gorman, through May 30. I.MAMfSKRFEJt&MlIRV 6 North Second Ave. Highland Park (908) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m.: Thursday from 10 a.m.- 7 p.m.; Saturday from 10 a,rn.-5 p.m. Also open by appointment. Drawings by Bob Page, May 23June 30. Reception from 1-5 p.m. May 23. CUREWOW GALLERY Clirtnci DiHDn Library lamingtonrd., Bedmlnster (908) Open dunnr library hours. Graphite works by Oscar Beck, through May 27 HUNGARIAN HERITAGE CENTER 300 Somerset St. New Brunswick 1908) Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m.-4 p.m., Sunday from 1-4 p.m, Photographs from Erdtiy (Romania) by Boglarka Tapolyal, through May 31. TIMEftttUEIff St. Bimtrd'tM., Gladstone (906) Thursday tnd Sunday from 2-4 p.m. Alto open by appointment. Somerset AH Association juried member! thow,throug)mty Church St., New Brunswick (900) Monday throutfi Saturday from noon-6 p.m. "Living with Craft," througi May 22. "New Generations," teacntr-student exhibit, June 5-July 10, Reception from 5*6 p.m. June 5. PMNTUNO COUNCIL ortuwjustr 440 River Rd., North Branch (906) Tuesday through Friday from 1 1 a.m.-4 p.m., Saturday from 1-4 p.m. Prints by New Jersey college students, throutf) June 13. WM0UW-HM1C SCHOOL 1295 Inman Ave., Edison 1906) Pnotofraphs on "The Life of the Homeless" by David Slunberg. 7:30 p.m. May 27. Free admission. WAICHUNI ARTS cum* 18 Stirling Rd.WatChung (906) Dairy (except Saturday} from 1-4 p.m. Garden State Photographic Salon, through May 28. PEEDWA NASCAR WINSTON RACING SERIES SATURDAY * MAY 22ND 6 PM Goody's Headache Powders Goodu's OWICIAIMIN IlilEVIR OP NASCAR DAYTONA LATE MODELS - PR04 MODIFIEDS GREAT AMERICAN STREET STOCKS - PLUS - ENOUR0100 UPS WITH UP T0100 CARS ADMISSION - ADULTS $11.00 KIDS UNDER 12 FREE FLEMINGTON SPEEDWAY Located 1 milt North of Route 31 Clrcto Gamine Draft mm our at the area's finest restaurants found Inside your BE PART OF HISTORY! 1991 U.S. Bicycling Hall of RNM ' m Consignment shops offer bargains on used merchandise. Call it Reselling or Recycling, the prices are fantastic! \4 *i.. Li Judy's Consignment Connection at Pedlar's Lane 39 Mine Street, Remington Family Clothing Vintage Clothing Crafts Collectibles Home Furnishings 'AUttUbitofwrytking' Tuei.»M. 10*5 p.m. Sal. 104:30 p m QUALITY 2 Buildings of Quality Merchandise from Consignments and select dealers 123 Cliremont Rd.< Bornardsvlllt ()7M»77tO >(i.iiu.i'ms;ttj > 4.f!8*t;(i.^.i.^*ii(l: SWEET REPEATS Upscale Women's Clothing Accessories and Jewelry Designer & Famous Label Clothing in sizes 4-20 (609) Cnne Furniture Farm Rosemont, N,J. Intersection of Rts. 519 & 604, Rosemonl, N.J. (9 milci W«t of Fiemingion) Open Wed., Thurs., Fri. &. Sat P.M. tf& if. ff*l Vtl '/ V Induction Ctrtmony and Barbtcut Bufftt Banqutt Adults Children f «** 12) Undw Tht Twit behind tht U.S. Bicycling Hall or Fan* 106 Wait Main Strwt Somtrvlllt Sunday, May 30,1903 6:00 Hort d'otuvrts 7:00 Dlnnar A Ctrtmony Matt tomt of cycling's All-Tlmt Qrtattl For ttokats and Informrton call PrirrwySponiorJohnaooAJohriacnSon^^ -forcf nblfaofl*. Clothes t Toys Furniture (908) m.:/ «<" May 19-21,1993 Forbes Newspapers 9

36 T A G E A singular quartet Sandra ReAves to star in 'The Late Great Ladies of Blues and Jazz' ByMICHA&P.SCASSERRA s the Crossroads Theatre this month approaches the close of its 15th sea- L son, the institution combines its kisual reverence for the past with a dedication to the future. Having just completed its Genesis Festival, which included readings of new plays by rising African- American authors as well as a conference attended by some of the country's most important artistic directors, Crossroads closes its season with a return engagement of The Late Great Ladies 0/ Blues and Jazz, a tourde-force, one-woman show created and performed by Sandra ReAves, the actress and vocalist who herself has forged a career in which Crossroads has been instrumental. ReAves, who has performed on Broadway, throughout the country and internationally, has been involved with Crossroads since its early days on the second floor of a creaky New Brunswick factory building. Now, welcomed like an old friend into the theater's elaborate, $4 million complex on George Street, ReAves is as much a part of the future of the institution, the leading African-American theater in the country. 'To come back and see this beautiful building where one cold winter day we stood outside and broke ground, it almost brought tears to my eyes, because I knew what the dream was," she said. "This kind of thing makes me very hopeful. I'm so proud to be a part of the progress and the forward motion of Crossroads." ReAves played at Crossroads in past musical productions like Ma Hainey's Black Bottom, Raisin, One Mo' Time, and Further Mo\ and she has appeared at fund-raising Curtain calls Sandra RaAvta (lift) aaiumn tha rolas of Ma RaJrny (right) along with fallow musical graata Dinah Waahlngton, Baaila Smith and Bllllt Holiday In toa Ufa Oftat Ud/u of Bfuai amf Jizz at tha Stata Ttwatrt In Naw Brunswick, events for the theater as well as in a previous engagement of Late Great ladies, her signature work and one she is delighted to bring back to the area, this time in a State Theatre appearance, running from May 21-25, directed by Crossroads artistic director Ricardo Kahn, Late Great Ladies, in which ReAves portrays through word and song Black American divas Ma Rainey, Bessie Smith, Ethel Waters, Billie Holiday, Dinah Washington and Mahalia Jackson, is a project special to this artist who first conceived the project 14 years ago. "The show started out as a two-night tribute which paralleled my own life with the songs of these women," ReAves recalled. "When a lot of people suggested expanding the show, I did a lot of research into the lives and the work of these women, because I didn't know much about them. I was a dowopper and a pop singer, I grew up with spirituals and gospel on Sunday, country and western on the radio, and Elvis Presley, who was the first singer I tried to imitate when I was growing up. What I found out through the research and writing of the show's text was that these women and their music were very much an influence on my work whether I had realized it or not." During the initial performances of the show, performed at New York's legendary Cotton Club, Bessie Smith had felt the closest to ReAves, largely because she had for years been told she looked and sounded like the legendary vocalist. Eventually, through her research and performance, each of the subjects of Late Great ladies took on special significance to ReAves. "I was especially afraid of tackling Billie Holiday," she said, "but after a couple of years of doing the other women, I found it very necessary as an actress to meet the challenge of doing Billie. Ultimately, she's the one many people found the most believable, effective moment of the show." Each of the women included in Late Great Ladies has personal significance for RcAves after her 14 years of recreating their diverse vocal styles and dramatizing their often troubled private lives on stage. "I credit Ma Rainey for her earthiness and generosity as a singer/' ReAves said, "Bessie Smith, for her pride, for how she just stood her ground and planted her foot in the music; Ethel Waters, who crossed all these lines no other performer had crossed; Billie Holiday, for her strength, overcoming adversity and leaving this incredible music; Dinah Washington for her flamboyance, versatility, and refinement; and Mahalia Jackson, for her commitment to doing her own kind of music despite her appreciation for the ladies who had come before her." ReAves herself has been singing since she was a child growing up in the south, but she left show business after demoralizing experiences in the New York recording industry of the 1960s, a system she says often took advantage of young, eager artists. (Recently, while touring in Europe where American blues is extremely popular, ReAves discovered collectors who have early recordings of her work, many she was unaware existed and some printed under fictitious names.) After 10 years working as a bar maid and office worker, ReAves returned to show business, somewhat reluctantly, through an acting class suggested by a friend, If was then her career began to take off, resulting in dramatic roles and ultimately a return to concert, off-broadway and Broadway appearances. Today, ReAves divides her time between theater, concerning, Late Great Ladies touring and even film work which has included appearances in 'Hound Midnight and Lean on Me. Today, one of the greatest pleasures of her work is bringing together diverse American audiences who are together rediscovering the music of the past. "People are struggling for power and looking for ethnic cleansing, but we're messing up such a wonderful world," ReAves said. "But, thank God, music sometimes breaks down barriers. It can unite people who might otherwise not come and sit together as an audience. Five years ago, in one city I played in Kentucky, pretty much a segregated community, a woman almost in tears came to me after the Bhow. She said she had tried for years to bring her community together and that Late Great Ladies was the first show to do it." THE UTE GREAT LUES OF BLUES AND JAZZ May at the state Theatre, 19 Livingston Avenue, New Brunswick, tickets $13$25. (908) NOW PLAYING ACT IV First Unitarian Society 724 Pirk Ave. t Ptainfield (900) WyWng, Studs Total's profutt of woiwng ptople. Through May 22. Adurtt $8 t senior citi-»f i f and students $6. UCftS COUNTY PLAYHOUSE 70 South Main St. N«w Hope, Pa. (215) L/ttfe S/wp of Horrors, musical derived from the cult film, Through June 6. Admission $22-$19, discounts available. CIRCLE PLAYERS 416 Victoria Ave., Piscataway (908) St«/ Magnolias, Robert Harllng's drama on the travails of four Southern women. Through May 29. Admission (10, discounts available. CRANFORD DRAMATIC CLUB 78 Winans Ave., Crartford (908) l/tt/e Shop of Horrors, music;)i derived from the cult Mm. Through May 22. Admission $11. CROSSROADS THEATRE COMPANY 7 Livingston Ave. New Brunswick (908) The Late Gnat Ladies of Blues andjazt, one-woman showw/ Sandra ReAves. May 21-25, Admission $25-513,50, discounts available. FORUM THEATRE 314 Mam St., Metuchen (908) Nunsense. Dan Goggm's mu' sica! starring the Little Sisters of Hobcken, Through June 6, Admission S26-S22, discounts available. GEORGE 99 Qeorge Street Piaytiouw 9 Livingston Ave. New Brunswick (908) Nuts, courtroom drama by Tom Topor (and basis for the Barbra Streisand moviei Through May 23. Adults S12. senior citirens and students $10. GROWING STAGE Route 24, Chester (908) Jack and the Beanstalk, a tall tale from olde England. Through May 23. Admission $10, discounts available. HUNTEROON HILLS PLAYHOUSE Route 173, Hampton When ive Ae Married, comedy by J.8. Preistly. Throu# June 30. Group rates available; call lor prices. McCARTER THEATRE 91 University PI., Princeton (609) Much Ac/o About NotMtf. comedy a la Shakespeare, Through May 30. Admission 538-$23. THE NEW THEATRE Knights of Columbus hall Maple St., Bemardsville (908) Barefoot in ibcpark, Neil Simon's comedy of \w newlyweds in New York City, through May 22. Adults $10, senior citilens and students $7. OFF-BROADSIREET THEATRE 5 South Greenwood Ave. Hopwell (609) Death of a Salesman, drama by Arthur Miller. Through May 29. Admission $17.25 Saturdays, $15.75 Fridays and Sundays. PAPER WUPUYHOOiE BrooksHJe Dr. Millbum {201) My Fair Lsrjy, the Lemer 4 loewe musical derived from Pygmalion by GeorgB Bernard Shaw. Through May 22. Admission $41-$26, discounts available. SOMERSET HILLS HOTEL I-7B Exit 33, VUtarren (908) The Wedding, an Italian- American marriage ceremony in a dinner theater. 7:30 p.m. May 22. Admission $45. SOMERSET VALLEY PLAYERS Amweii fld,, Neshanlc (908) Extremities, William Mastroslmone's drama of a woman taking revenge on a rapist. Through June 6. Admission $ 1 1, discounts available. SOUTH STREET PLAYERS Clarksburg Inn Routes 524 & 571, Clarksburg (908) S»mo Tmte, Next Year, Bernard Sladc's comedy about an intermittent midnifit to* affair. Through May 29. Admission $27, includes dinner. STONY H i a PLAYERS Oakes Memorial Outreach Center 210 Moms Ave., Summit (908) Anadeus, stage adaptation of the Oscar-winning movie about the composer Mozart. Through May 22. Adults $10, senior citizens $8. SYMPHONY HALL 1020 Broad St., Newark (201) From (he Mississippi Delta, Endesha Ida Mnc Holland's rags-to-nchas chronicle of an African American woman. Through May 23. Admission $15, discounts available, TECHNIQUES THEATRE Middlesex County Vo-Tech School, 112 Rues Lane East Brunswick (908) The W/ifl and I, Rodger* and Hammerstein's musical adapted from Anna and trie King ol Stom, Throutfi May 22. Admission $10, discounts available. COMING UP McCARTER THEATRE 91 University PI., Princeton (609) 683-8OO0 Shclf/ncW/jence, encore of this year's Princeton Triangle Club show. 8 p,m. June 4, 5 Admission $25-$12, discounts available. OF FBROADSTREET THEATKE 5 South Greenwood Ave, Hopewell (609! C6 Lrtd'e Shop of Horws, musical derived from trio cult film, June 4-July 17. Admission $17,25 Saturdays, $15.75 Friday* and Sundays, PLAYHOUSE Dunhams Comer Rd. East Brunswick (908) Crossing Oe'ancey, comedy on which the film was band. June 4-27, Admission $12 opening night, $11 other timei; discounts available. V1LU0IM THEATRE 475 DeMott Lane, Somerset (908) Mondays, staged reading of one-act comedy by Dori Horubcrg. 8 p.m. May 25. Free admission, A Funny ftilng Happened on the My to the Forum, musical by Lorry Gelbart (of *S*H tome) and Stephen Sondheim. Juno '1-27. Admission $15, 10 Forbes Newspapers May 19-21,1993

37 VtookondPius Happenings The Seal Shorn exhibit gives visitors an up-clost view of theee fascinating creatures at the New Jersey Slate Aquarium in Camden. For more Information, call (609) , ext. 39*. MUMS DM Exposition Hall Raritan Center, tdison (906) Products for people wrth disawitiw, 10am.-5p.m. May 21,10l.fn,-6p.m, MayI2, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. May 23. Adults 14, children urtder 12 free. The Qreen, Summit (906} Art show on the city square. 10 l.m.-4 p.m. Miy 22. flam location: Summit Middle School. Fite admission. The Green, Momstown (201) Arts and crafts festival on Ihe town square. 10 a.m.-5 p.m. June 11,12. Free admission. CENTRAL JWStVITAMP, COM, AND CAHO BCHANCE Budget Motor Lodge Route 9, Woodbridge (90S) Monthly show and sale, 10 em-4:30 p.m. May 23. Fioe admission. CLARK STAMP, COIN, ANOBASEIAU. CAM SNOW Howard Johnson Motor Lodga Garden State Pa/kway bit 135. Osrk (908) Monthly show and sale, 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m, June 6. Free admission. COMIC ART CONVENTION Days Inn Route 206, Bordentowrt (908) $ twetly what il say», 10 a.m.- 4 p.m. May 30. Admission S3. EMERALD ISLE FESTIVAL Garden State Exhibit Center 200 Atrium Dr., Somerset (518) Music, clans, and everything else associated with Ireland, 11 a.m.-10 p.m. May 29, 30; 11 a.m.-6 p.m. May 31. Admission $12. discounts available, FABULOUS BOt FESTIVAL Cream HidgD Winery Route 539, Cream flidge 1609) Flashback to the styles of the Eisenhower m, noon-5 p.m. May 22,23. Admission $5, discounts available. QMATHNNAKDSVtLLE WHNB Route 202, Bemardsvilie (908) 'Along Olcott Square near the railroad station, noon-6 p.m. May 30, Rain date May 31. Free admission. MEATERNJ. MUSIC COUECTMTSIIEOMOtHOW Suburban Jewish Center Academy Terr., Linden (908) A place to get increasingly-we vinyl, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. May 23, Admission $4, discounts available. KINO'S W A D OPEN HOUSE King's Road Vineyard Route 579, Asbury (908) Including the release of the winery's 1992 Sauvignon Blanc, noon-5 p.m. May Free admission, NJ.MNANCfnSTrVM DSMQSOfl nmi) SOfMfNt FMCor«l Monil Church (906) , O^aitt, pwowii and (armann, on dmphy andfor purchut, 10,m.'5p.m. ind7-9p.m. Miy (908) BKfeation of Ensjand from dtyi of yore,, Situnty and Sunday fnrn Juna Rain dates July 3-4, lo-lladmittlontr.disoounttmltabli. 2l;10am-5p.m.Mty29;2- TKNA*TSFESTIVAt RarHmVUlay CommuoityCoiegB Route 28, North Branch (90S) That*, vktoo, music, and ofoer performance by Somerset County higi school students, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. May 21. Free admission;registrationrequired. OMUMUISTWETFAJR Main St., Somerville (908) One of two such events in the county seat, 11 a.m.-6 p.m. June 6. Rain date June 13. Free admission, IWKQFWTIVAL Quatortown Friends Meeting Route 616, Quikartown (908) , With tours of m historic Quaker maetinl house, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. May 22. Free ftdmission. SrMNQ WNC FUnVAL Cream Rld BWn«y Rout* 539, Cream Rid e (609) Exactly what it says, noon-5 p.m. June 5.6. Adults $10, students and cnmnn $2. Edison FVst Aid Squad No, New Dover Rd,, Edison (90S) Antique car show and craft fair,9a.m,-4p.m. May 23. Ram date May 30. Admission $2. ITAMP.MITCMO, AWMSEIAU.CAJID GOUKTOMOMN HOUSE Aailitamps 38 North Main St., Milltmm (908) Special sate for collectors, 10 a.m,-4p.m. May 30. Free admission. WATEKIOO ANTIQUES FAIR Village at Waterloo 1-80 bit 25, Stanhope (201) 384-0O10 New Jersey's largest antique show, 10 a.nv6 p.m. May 22, 23. Admission $4. WORLD OF MINI MANIA Holiday Inn Jetport Routes 1-9 South, Biubeth (908) Miniatures, dolls, and other collectibles, 10 a.m.«4:3op.m. June 6. Admission $5, discounts available. Kid stuff May 24,25,31, June 1; 10i.m.,noon Bucks County Playhouse NtwHopi.Pa. (215) The tale of a boy and Bmsgc bottle, set to irmflc. Admission $5. STORY SMAO VI June 5,6; 11 a.m. Paiitr Mill Playhouse Brookaida Dr., Millbum (201) E'tfit children's stories on one program. Admission 16, J5, Speakers MNfTOlOVH Sunday, May 23,2 p.m. Morris County Art Association 10 Catherine lane, Momstown (201) Artist and art critic gives a portrti of WiHUmBlikt Fret admission. 3 South Mountain Ave. Montclair (201) A "Painting of the Week," discussed Tuesday it noon. Donation. Jtnet Robnft on Fimfly Out- Int by Hans Welngaertner, May 25. Planetarjums NJ. STATE MUSEUM 205 West State SL.Tnnton (609) Admission f 1, foup rates available, "Drinking Gourds and Dippers," land 3 p.m. Saturday and Sunday througi JuJy 3. "Panrw*Ship t Eaih l "2p,m. Saturday and Sunday Qvoufi July 3. (MJren under 4 not ad- mitted. V TAN VALLEY 4 COUNITY COUME * Route 28, North Branch (908) Admission $4, discounts tvsitable. "Cosmic Catastrophes," 7:30 p.m. Friday and 2 p.m. Saturday ftrouili May 22. Tour of the heavens **th "Space Ehm," land 3 p.m, Saturday throua)i May 22. The warm weather Is the signal to enjoy a cool '*')r ride at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson. May 19-21,1993 Forbes Newspapers

38 Singles MUN4JCNNK'S towtlftllhoom ANDUINCMQ (201) At American Legion hall, Whippany, 9 p.m. June 4. CA1HOUC ALUMNI CUW <* MUTUAL NtWJWMY Volleyball at 5t, Mary's High School, Perth Amboy, 7:30 p.m. Wednesdays. Cost $3. (908) , Dinnw at Calan's, Bound Brook, 7:30 p.m. May 21. (908) Dance at Coachman restaurant, Cranford. 8:30'p.m. May 22. Nonmembers $9. (908) , Bowling at Hill Lanes, Old Budge, 2 p.m. May 23. (908) Dinner at Shogun 27 restuaram. Kendall Park. 7:30 p.m. May 28. (908) , Picnic in Johnson Park, Highland Park, noon May 29. Cost $3 w/a covered dish, $6 without. (908) , , (906) , Self-help group at Centenary Unit* M Methodist Cfiurch, Meiuchen, 7:30 p.i. Tuesdays, rowm PMIINQUI (609) , (908) Discussion group (not churchaffiliated), social hour, and dancing at First Presbytenan Church, Higritstown, 9 p,m, Fridays. Cost $6. JCIttEV JEWISH WHOLES (afts 35-51) Dinner 3t Piaja Diner, Edison, 6:30 p.m. Wednesdays. (908) MASH (Mpanrttd and (908) Discussion group at First Baptist Church of New Market, Piscataway, 7:15 p.m, Mondays. Cost $3. NEW EXPECTATIONS (201) Cost for oil events $8 Discussion group, dancing, and Outlet at Momstown Unitanan Fellowship, 8 p.m. May 21,28, Dance at Holiday Inn, Springfield, 8:30 p,m. May 22. Jacket required. Dance at Mayfalr Farms, West Orange, 8:30 p.m. Miy 29. Jacket required. NOWTHArtOANCtfrSINftlS (908) Ballroom and modem music at Costa del Sol, Bound Brook, 8 p.m. Wednesdays. Cost $5. Latin dancing (salu, mewif*) at Costa del Sol, Bound BrooH, 8 p.m. Thursdays, Cost $3. famnti WITHOUT PARTNCM MwMeraey CMpwf 230 (908) Closed dance (members only) at Shtrtton hotel, East Brunswick, 8 p.m. May 23. New-member orientation at 7:30 p.m, Cost $6, Open picnic in Johnson Park, Piscataway, noon May 30. Nonmembers $4, Open dance at Hilton hotel, Iselm, 8 p.m, May 30. New-member orientation at 7:30 p.m. Members $6, non-members $8; proper attire required, SATURDAY WTEUVE AND SOMETIMES SUNDAYS (Jevtiliiktfn,4O<oMer) (908) Dance at Highland Park Conservative Temple and Center, 9:30 p.m. May 29. Cost $10. SHORE SMQUS > (906) Canoe trip on Delaware & Raritan Canal, Grigptown, 9 a.m. May 22. Meet In commuter lot at Garden State Parkway Ht105. Open only to those who have pre-registered, (afaeltamer) (906) Memortai Day den» at Quality Inn, Somerset, 9 p.m. May 29. Members $3, non-members 17. (609) Office party at Good Timt Charley's, Kingston, 6 p.m. May 26. Cost (8. SmOiEFACES (908) Cost for all events $10. Dances at Grand Summit hotel, Summit, 9 p.m. May 21, 28. Dance at Mayfair Farms, West Orange, 9 p.m. May 22. Jacket required. Dance at Hilton hotel, Short Hills, 8 p.m. May 23,30. Jacket required. Dance ot Scanttcon-Princeton, Piamsboro, 9 p.m. May 28. Dance at Coachman Inn, Cranford, 9 p.m. May 29. MC1AI ADVENTURES FORStNOUS (afat U-oMer) (908) Ballroom dance at McAtaars, Som mat, 7:30 p.m. Thursdays, Cost IS. {aaatlo-omat) (908) :7.9 p.m. Rap or brio* at Central PresbyterianChurch, Summit, 6:30 p.m. Sundays. Cost 12. Bridge'iuncneon at Community Fire Company, Warren, noon May 23. Open only to those who have preitgitmtd. 8ndge night at Central Presbyterian Church, Summit, 7:15 p.m. June 3. Cost 13. SOMERSET HtUS SINOAE HIKERS (908) Hike at Schermann-Hoffman wildlife sanctuary, Bernardsville, 11:30 a.m. May 23. Meet in lot across from Willie's Taveme, Bedminjter, Cost $4. SOMNSTtCATEO SOCIALS (anfasiloflatft SO-SO) (908) Networking at Bridflewater Manor, 6 p.m. Thursdays. Cost 112. WIDOWS OR ffloowerf (906) ,72W271 Dance and social at Efts lodge, Bodamtet, 7p.m May23,7:30 p.m. June 9. Cost $7. Index of Advertisers Mho HMWvnl TTnQIVtOT ilium".!""*" r i Cloud Stoat Combat HobbiM S vqfhv*<1wk WVCWIJMIH V Cream RMaje Wlnary <.3 Dec Rtta Inc. 3 Dtfonw Fence 13 Dtne Out With MteW IS rnnwifion spawrway it«*tui* QrandSlam 2 jaoajvfi <>< i IIIMIHIII i JOMl CTUHWS SMfTty! o Juki Bon Eddie's 6 X County Health,...3 Often Explorer 1 Pvtonily Youn. «3 Reataurants Sahara Poota 2 The Car Spa W *! nittfi»iita**ii*i»* vos luiaau 9 fflotv4m<**m*ii4ib*itiita9 U ar.. < i.i<xi3 I.. < > < * S3 WnMv I M I I V rtrdn M>MH««iiMHi>ttiiliw li.llmhhtdtmw Car Wash Ik 6<x% Spa, Hllliborouflh (Rt. 206) Meluchen (Central Ava.) Naw Brunswick (61 Commercial Ave.) Hopalawn Union (next lo Bradiee'i) (at Union Market) WE HONOR ALL COMPETITORS COUPONS Rogular prices $5.19 plus tai with this coupon On«Bruehlaat * 1 Exterior Car Waah $ Ik dxx Spa, 0nly $O83 plus tax % Offer expires S/30/93 $ Village Recreation Swim Club Memorial Day Weekend Sat Plus Gei'50Guests Pass FREE * Large Outdoor Pool * Enclosed Baby Pool * Barbecue & Picnic Facilities * Snack Bar & Patio Area * Tennis Courts * Youth Activities * Volley Ball * Shady Areas ttmh^ rpyour^ OMT a 1 ytar partod dum put 110 a ytar tor 3 p m}.* mm cm, t you m *»» day* c* a*nwon to H dub, you itoriw N» 0uM pm Nt Located on Rt. 18 East Brunswick, Behind Tower Center OPEN WEEKENDS - from Memorial Day 7 DAYS A WEEK from mid June to Labor Day For application or further information please call or We Do Windo ws With The New ServiceMaster Technique, Windows <jo Get Cleaner ^ and Stay Cleaner Longer Professionally trained ServiceMaster technicians use highly specialized equipment, purified water, and biodegradable detergents to wash exterior windows, sashes, screens and sills all at the same time, The purified water washes away dirt and grime as if by magic, and prevents streaks and spots from occuring. Special Hh wiwle Hcw$e. Special. Extarfepy, New Technique Works On Exterior Walls, Decks, and Concrete Tool Great For Homes & Commercial Buildings Satisfaction Guaranteed C$11 ServiceMaster Today, And Let Our Window Cleaning Professionals Brighten Your World! ServiceMASTER* 'orbes New jcpers May 19-21,1993

39 WootondPlus Club mix UIHCHHIU mm cuia Route 9, OW Bridge 1906} Mate revua, Saturdays, ThufSdays. Edpr Cayce, Frostbite. Zhait, May 21. (90ft) BOUMON IffltCI CAFC 61 Church Si, Naw Biunswck (906) Nasty Ned & The Famous Chili Do*. May 21. but42, Mly22. RjHQidl,Miy26. Johnny Chartis ft TtoStln. jfiyt. May 2ft 89 Jeney AVBTHM, (^^B/^T ayv %ai vv^^^f^ (90S) JW0otttyn#n Sundays CATCHAMWMtTAA (6O9)«7801fl HMdKnt oomady ev«y n i ht ampt Monday. Co** W, Sundays and -«CMa0lM,thraiaJiMay23. Jim David, May GHAMonrt 56 South Main St., Mtnvtlle <Q0l)6B-9Mt Uff Mitt tan* Frtdayi and 1ttt8MflonN,May21,22. (90D N0*TnJfl,May31. nouts35, Saynwto (90D 7J7-30OO Km Man, May 22. IUBJUII my «o. int TMOMflCMti, May 26. COftJOWIYTnf CAMAL Nitty Nad and the Famoui Chill Dog* will play the Old Bay In New Brunswick Fridiy, May 21 and TJ.'i Hideaway In South Plalnfleld Saturday, May 22. Wnton Canal Rd. t Somerset (908) Uw comady FrWayi and Saturiayi. oomurs Route 35, Sayreville (908) Oldies club. BiU Turner & Blue Smoke, Sundays, Thursdays. Tht Oupraat Tht Damteneilts (a capita}, May NawSt,, Motuchen (900) Traditional jazz. Davt Schumacher, baritone iohn Gorton, ato tax Wquartot, May 22. Kanny Dawm Quantt. May 26. COURT TAVBIN 124 Church St. New Brunswick (906) The Swing TntQftpNtldt,ElKlricNubi- "Spiral Mty, May 22, Beotfila-Go-GoMotsof bands), May West Front St, Red Bank (908) RUpenla^, Mondays. Soul Erfnes (acoustic), Tuesdayi. Bruce Fatter, Wednesdays. Pat Guadafno, Thursdays. FoftsecaTrlo, May 21. WHliarnDevlsia Quartet, May M i St., BtmardsMlle (906) 7664S75 99 yen, May 21. hkimoeodifno, May 22. Mark Dacey (comedy), May 23. The Local Blokes, May 27, <906)24frJ026 Dance party. Fridays, Saturdays. Hub City Jam, Sundays. MCKO'CONNM't 1288 Route 22, Bridgewater (906) Piano brunch wrttedys Richards, Sundays. WllNe Lynch Trio, Thursdays, Lost Rivtr Hellcats, May 2 1 NitfHTrein,Mey22. Never 2 Late, May 23. N' F St. South Belmar (906) Blun Jam ittiion, Wednesdays. Floyd Hunttr Bluet Band, May 21. Spare Chang WA.L James), May 22. JOHNIKTEH'I 96 South Main St. New Hope, Pa. (215) Free admission Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Open mike, Mondays. Liberty Blues Jam, Tuesdays. TheConrads,May21. Trimm & Larsen, afternoon May 22. Flamin 1 Harry, evening May 22. The Horizontals, afternoon May 23. Catfish, evening May 23, Five-artist record release party, May 26. Dennis Setfridge, Chris Me- Cord, Jamie Watson, May 27. JUKOOXEOOtM 39 Route 22, Green Brook (906) Country music, Sundays and Wednesdays. MAXMrtU Washington St. Hobohen (201) A.M.C., Ed's Redeeming Quailtits, May 21. Tht Barleycorns, Greenberry Woods, May 22. Jawbreaker, Coffin Break, May 27. ORPHAN ANNIE'S 1255 Valley Rd., Stirling (908) Open jam session, Sundays. Audition night, Wednesdays. Cruzin* for a Bluzin', May 21. The Thrill, May 22. Higher Authority, May 27, 1001 West Cftmptain Rd. Manville (908) Open-mike night, Wednesdays. Showcase night, Thursdays. PrGjM,May21. Tweed SchadeA The Blue Suede*, May 22. mcuamiunomq An)WGn KOn PvW M%wO (908) TheWisemen,May21. Ban, May 22. ilavkntounqc Route 35, Sayreville (908) Male revue, Fridays, Saturdays. RARITAJH RIVER CUIB 85 Church St., New Brvnswick (908) Dinner-dance, Fridays. Live comedy, Saturdays. SHOGUN Route 27, Kendall Park (908) Live comedy Fridays and Saturdays. SOMERSET MILS HOTEL 200 Liberty Corner Rd. Warren (908) Reggae night, May 21. STANHOK HOUSE Main and High, Stanhope (201) John Hammond. May 21. Pat Ci&arano, May 22. imu WCTOW Hyatt Regency Hotel 2 Albany St., New Brunswick (908) Live comedy Fridays and Saturdays, T-J's HIDEAWAY 605 TompKins Ave. South Plainfield (908) Blues jam, Wednesdays. World Within, May 2 1 Nasty Ned & The Famous Chili Dogs, May 22. TEWKSBURYINN Mam St., Oldwick (908) Johnny Charles & The Stingrays, May 22. TIVOU GARDENS Scanticon-Mncetert Route 1, Plainsboro (609) Tony Dlnicola Quartet, Saturdays. Smooth Sailen, May 21. U.I. 1WA MARKET Route 1, New Brunswick (906) The Texas Homewrecfcers, May 23. DiFONZO FENCE INC. Resldentlal/Commercia Industrial All Typ«t Of Ftnct ImtMNd I Rtpalrtd FREE fitfrnatm t Fully fniurttf 93 V*n. Exptritnct Worried About Leaving an Elderly or Handicapped Person ALONE? For Solutions, Call AduttCar* Programs, Muhtentorg Raglonal Madloal Canftar K.C.'i Corner - South Plainfleld, Headquarters Cafe - Piscataway, A Bedtime Story Once upon a time, you dreamed of a bedroom so comfortable, so simple and beautiful, it could melt your cares away. You dreamed of richly toned hardwoods and natural fabrics that create an environment to sooth the dreamed of the best Mother Nature has to offer, handcrafted into timeless and durable home furnishings. At White Lotus, we complement our cherry mission furniture and our oak and cherry bedframes with all-cotton nitons, comforters and pillows - everything you will need to make your dreams come true. Visit the Princeton shop to see more of our mission collection. White Lotus Futon 6 Dumber* Si. I I9t Hamilton St. Princeton NtwBniMwkk (Mt)fft (*J)l»-2m Ing is Out!I oaring! Why pay almost $100 for 3 or 4 SECONDS of bungee jumping when you can come to Cloud Street Soaring, Inc. and take a glider ride that will last MINUTES and cost only $60 per person? The pilot will take you to 3000 feet above the airport in our two-seat, dual controlled glider. We'll even give you the opportunity to fly it if you'd like to give it a try. We have gift certificates available. For more info or to make reservations call (908) Somerset Airport - Bedminster NJ J May 19-21,1993 Forties Newspapers 13

40 : =/* u Sousasational Blawenburg Band to offer free spring concert ByWILLJAMWESTHOVEN WeetendPfus Editor The bold and brassy sounds of Broadway favorites, Sousa marches and Dixieland jazz will echo in the halls of Montgomery High School Saturday, May 22. The free night of music comes courtesy of the Blawenburg Band, the Montgomery-based ensemble touted as "New Jersey's oldest town band," as it offers its 19(M spring concert and reception m the school's auditorium beginning at 8 p.m. The Blawenburg Band is made up of musicians representing several of the local communites, including Skillman, Rocky Hill, Belle Mead and Blawenburg. The 55 active members gather for about 50 ix?rformances each year, playing mainly at community events, retirement communities, nursing homes and civic celebrations. But their talents have been showcased nationally as well, including White House performances the last two summers in Washington, D.C. They're also well known for their musical contributions to special events on the local level like the North Princeton Development Christmas program, the Boy Scouts Strawberry Festival, the Carrier Clinic's volunteer dinner, the Rocky Hill Bicentennial and, of course, the traditional Montgomery fireworks display on the fourth of July. Last year, the group marked the 100th anniversary of the first New Soundings The Blawnburg Band, "New Jersey's oldest town band," will perform Its annual spring concert Saturday, May 22, at Montgomery High School. Jersey appearance one of their inspirations, John Philip Sousa, with a concert in Plainlield In keeping with their Sousa connection, accomplished tuba soloist Loras Schissel, a Library of Congress authority on Sousa, will be featured during the Saturday concert. Schissel appeared in the PBS documentary // You Knew Sousa, which was produced by Blawenburg Band member Tom Spain. The concert will also include a full range of band music and showtunes iiiong with SCTJUJS instrumental compositions. Following the concert, the band's Dixieland ensemble will perform several traditional jazz favorites. A reception with tree refreshments will follow in the high school lunch room. p.m., at Montgxn&y Hty School, Burnt Hill Road, MontgDmery. Free admission. Music notes tfe ifig III to m Saturday, May 22,3 p.m. Elizabeth Public Library 11 Soutn Broad St., Elizabeth (908) Music of the Italian Renaissance by Pergolesi, Palestnna. Scarlatti, Monteverdi, and other composers. Free admission. IUWENIURQ BAND Saturday, Mny 22,8 p.m. Montgomery High School Burnt Hill Rd., Belle Mead (609) Sousa marches, show tunes. and other seli'dions liy tho state's oldest town Mini, f-ree admission, BRAHMS EXTRAVAGANZA Saturday, May 29.7:30 p.m. Old Greenwich Presbyterian Church Route 173, Bloormoury (908) Sonatas performed by a quartet of New York musicians. Adults $12, senior citi;ens and students $9. ENA BRONSTEIN-BARTON/ PHYUIS LEHRER Sunday, May 23, 3 p.m TewKsbury area (908) Pianists perform a four-hands recital in a living room setting (location given at time of purchase}. Adults $15, senior citizens and students $7.50 CANTAfillf CHAMBER CHORALE Saturday, June 5, 8 p.m first Reformed Church 9 Bayard St, New Brunswick (908) African-American selections, sung with the Ric-Charlcs Choral Ensemble and the North Jersey Philharmonic Glee Club. Adults $10, senior citizens and students $8. CAPTAIN HAWKER ft THE ALL-STARS Saturday, June 5, 7 p.m Krausche Field, North Platnfield High School (908) Fifties tribute Iwnd performs w/sh3dowbo< and The blue Souls. Adults $5 in advance. $7 at the door; children under 10 free CELLO Saturday. Mny 22. H O pm Route 29, SlocMon (908) Ali-woriuiri ((iiartel (if rulhsts performs in an historic site. Adults S12. senior cnueris and students $0, CENTRAL JERSEY SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Saturday, June 5, B p.m. Edward Nash Theatic, Hanlun Valley Community College Route 28. North Brand (008) Pop'j e*travagan7a, leaturmd $9, discounts available. Concerto in F, Ad- GERSHWIN AFTERNOON Sunday, May 23, 3 p.m, Villa Maria 641 Somerset Si. North Plainficld (908) Music of the American composer performed by Cardie-Ann Mochornuk and Paul Kueter. piano; Tern Cirrnlto and Rich MrEihmey, vocals Admission SI 7. GREATER PRINCETON Harpist Karen Stern and flautist Sharon Levin will perform a free recital at the Somerset County/Bridgewater Library Friday, May 21,6 p.m. YOUTH ORCHESTRA Saturday. May 29, 7:30 p.m. Richardson Auditorium, Princeton University (609) Performing works by Beeihoven, Sibplnis, and Prokoftev w/memlwrs of the Stnnp, Preparatory Orchestra, Admission $5, RICHIE HAVENS Saturday, May 22,8 p.m. Princeton university Chapel (609} Singer-songwriter performs in a benefit for a Trenton-area homeless program, Admission $35, $25 in advance; $40, $30 at the door. SHARON UVIN/KAREN STERN Friday, May 21,8 p.m. Somerset County Library North Bridge St., Bridjswater (908) , Ext. 119 Flutist and twpiit perform works by Salnt-Saens, Debussy, dnd other composers. Free admission. IHEIUUOUNSKMV Saturday, May 22,8 p.m. Watctiung Arts Center 18 Stirling Rd., Watchung {908) Soprano sings assorted works in a gallery setting. Admission $8. MONMOUTH SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Sunday, May 23, 3 p.m. Count Biisie theatre 99MonmoutnSt., Red Bank (DOS) Mo/art's Pan's Symphony No. 31 in D major: Richard Strauss' Concerto No. 1 in f major; Tihe Fair Maid of Perth by Bizet; Tchaikovsky's Capriccio /fa/ien. Admission $12, discounts available. JIM MURPHY I THE PINE BARONS Saturday, May 22,2 p.m. Kennedy Library 500 Hoes Lane, Piscaiaway (908) Country band from Central Now Jersey. Free admission. NJ. YOUTH ORCHCITRA Sunday, May 23, 3 p.m. Richardson Auditorium, Princeton University (609) Performing works by Verdi, Beethoven, Borodin, and Brahms wahe Dunellen High School choir. Free admission. PRINCETON UNIVERSITY GLEE CLUB A CHAPEL CHOIR Saturday, Juno 5,7:30 p.m. Richardson Auditorium (609) Alumni/alumnae concert, featuring worfcs by J.S, Bach, Birtt, Moiart, Verdi, Puccini, and other composers, Adults $6, students $3. SAENGERCHOR Saturday, May 22, 8 p.m. Saenger Halle 220 Somerset St Noith Plainfield ( Songs in German and English, performed by the 45-voicc chorus of Hit* I'lninlicld GesiiniV und Tum-Verem. Admission $8. TEFILATI-MY PRAYER FudJy, May 2H, 8 p.m. lemplebethfci 301 Monmoutn Rd, O-^h.ifj (908) Musical translation of 5,000 yeius ol Jewish prayer, as part of a Sabbath service. Free ndmission, ELIZABETH THOMPSON/ CAROL BROWNING Saturday, June 5,8 p.m, Westminster Choir College Bristol Chapel, Princeton (609) Cellists perform with their students. Adults $5, senior citizens and students $3. TRIAD CHAMBER VOCAL ENSEMBLE Friday, May 21,8 p.m. United Methodist Church 201 Lincoln Ave, East Cranford (201) Mixed-voice chorus performs religious and secular music. Donation, ILTROVATORE May 28,29; 8 p.m. Fairteigh Dickinson University Lenfell Halt, Madlton (201) Verdi's opert, sung (In Italian w/englisn supertitles) by the Opera at Flomam company. Admission $25, discounts available. 20 MINUTES OF FAME Saturday. May 22, 8 p.m, ThoTime'j, Evangel Church 1251 lemii Rd., Scotch Rams (908) Showcase of seven Christian porformers in a coffeehouse betting Admission $5. WARREN VACHE Jr. i rid,ty May 21, 8 p.m WatcMung Arts. Center 18Stirlrg!10.,WLrtcliurijj (908) Cornet master (and Central New Jersey native) performs with his trio. Admission $10. VOICES OF THE WORLD Friday, May 21,8 p.m. First Presbyterian Church 218 Dunellen Avo.. Dunellen Sunday, May 23,4 p.m. Hfllsborougfi High School Raider Blvd., Belle Mead (908) Folk songs from around the world, performed by the Raritan Valley Chorus and Youth Chorale, Admission $5. MICHEL! WAGNER Saturday, May 22,7:30 p.m. Miliington Baptist Church 520 King George Rd. Basking Rid/e (908) Christian singer, Admission $7 in advance, S10 at the door. 14 Forbes Newspaper May 19-21,1993

41 » * m i w N I N G Side orders # j The great outdoors Bridgewater Manor opens its patio for outside lunches By MKXJ PULSINOil OirwyCDnespondent I love everything about spring. The blossoming offlowers, the buds on the trees - the return of the green in the lawn and the rainbow of colors all around us. The long, hard winter is over and new life is cropping up everywhere. It's time to shed our cabin fever and get outside. And spring is the best timeforbeing outdoors. It's not too warm or cold, the sun is shining (but not too brightly) and the breeze is blowing (but not too briskly). One of the best ways to unwind in the middle of a hectic day is to relax at lunch with a co-worker.jim Kaptain of the WMj&Mtm Man* called to remind us that patio dining was now available for lunch. I didn't need much to persuade me. Here was a chance to eat lunch and be outdoors at the same tune. The weather outside was perfect and the timing was right. I didn't want to spend another minute in my office. And what could be more lovely than to have lunch outside, in a picture-perfect landscape setting, on the patio at the Bridgcwater Manor? Apparently a lot of other people had the same idea. Most of the tables were filled by other office workers (you could tell by our pale faces. The patio has white round tables with navy umbrellas. The chairs are comfortable and made for relaxing. There is an outside bar and a large white tent where all the cooking is done. Off to the side is a large gazebo and behind that is a small pond with a water spout. The landscaping is impeccable. The gardens look like a picture from the National Geographic magazine. If only my yard could look like this! We were told that the Manor's outside patio would be the setting for "Hemingway Under the Stars" - an evening featuring live bands and a DJ., with T-shirt giveaway promotions. This will be on Thursday evenings during the spring and summer seasons. "Hemingway's Patio 11 menu is small with a few appetizers, salads, sandwiches, and one grilled fish, but a new menu will be available soon, The current one has five appetizers including steamers (market price), Jalapcno peppers ($4.50), wings ($4.95), fried calamari ($6.95) and DUNE MATFLERQ/WEEKENDPLUS Patio dlntft tnjoy train air, aunahlrw and tht tltgant gardan atmoapara along with thtlr lunch at tna Bnogwatof Manor. Monterey sticks ($3.95). You can order the soup of the day ($2.50) or a soup and a salad for $4.95. Other salads include a grilled chicken Caesar ($7.50), a tarragon chicken salad ($7.50) and a Key West platter of shrimp and tuna salads with tri-color pasta for $7,95. For sandwiches, they have roast beef ($6.50), a half-pound burger ($5.25), shrimp salad ($6.95), deli hot dog ($2.50) and a sliced steak sandwich for $7,75. The grilled fresh fish of the day is at the market price. The two of us ordered steamers (the real ones). There was a dozen in each order, served with drawn butter and served on a bed of lettuce. My companion had the shrimp salad sandwich on toasted rye and served with a stive of melon and French flres. She said the shrimp salad was light and tasty. I had the grilled chicken on a Caesar salad There were mounds of tender chicken, home made croutons and fresh diced tomatoes, all on a bed of Caesar salad. It was one of the best I ever ate. It was a good feeling eating outside after such a long and hard winter. We enjoyed it and it seemed like everyone there did, too. We returned to work relaxed and raring to go. MaXEWATER MANOR Route 202/206, Bridpwater, (908) , imt vomim H invnoou n tnrann nmre woux ur>n opponunnivt in uw it M not a J^^^^^^^^+ Coach A Paddock Hampton, * Perryvlllc Inn Perryville, Bay Street Metuchen, Readington's Roadhouse Whitchouse, Chan's Garden Dunellcn, M* The Hearth North Brunswick, M* Grand Fortune - South Plainflcld, China Light West field, Martells * Menlo Park, Radicchto - Highland Park, ' The Benard Inn Bernardville, Cafe Emilia - Somerville; First Place Brldgcwater Commons, Ferraro's - Somerville Espo's Raritan, Golden Corner - Bound Brook, La Cuclna Somerville, Pizza & Pasta - Manvllle, Middlesex, , Somerset Hills - Watchung, The Ryland Inn Whltehouse, Cortina's Cranford, Hunan < Garwood, Romanelli's - Scotch Plains, Sinclair's Restaurant Westfield, May 19*21,1993 Forbes News* iperb V\feC t 15

42 Jthkad PHE NOMHERH H;JWpm Serving] Our Hew UfiOIEON AVMAMI ran YOW wager NOM 'NEWLY (UN RIMAURAN! GREENHOUSE NOW OPEN FOR LUNCH & DINNER & EVERY FWMY48ATUROAY IN MAY NU-CMWIONt ^TNOWH VOOUaAVt HUM) NOOK *356-! Htftf Wwrvit How Mn tn vmtiafe. M. I M. 11!» to1m0 Sundw MO*} 1« Fax 4^ HarnltonBVd. So. PkHndeU. NJ S-7M!. ALh SPRINGFIELD Eipo's - Riritan, $; Goldei Corner - Bound Brook, La Cuciaa - Somervllle, Plna * Pasta Manville, Middlesex, , Soiienet Hyh Watchung, TN Ryland Inn - Whitchousc, Cortlna's Cranford, Hunan - Garwood, Romanelli's Scotch Plains, Sinclair's Restaurant - Westfield, Mt* IStefa no's Fanwoodl The Armory Perth Amboy, The Barge Perth AmboyJ Black River Cafe - Bed minster, La Strada - Warren,I Coactnu Ion - Cranford, Bobby* Mary's. Piscataway, Monday Tlranday ^ 44m M! i f I ". I,' ' cfouruvegands I -FRIDAY [)ANCl NK'.H! May 21it Bud Btavtra k Elaine Maw 28th Bud Btavtrt k Elaine V.I]* SUNDAY JAZZ URUNCH RISTORANTE. - COUPON _ Dinint Ala Carle IRKI I'M With dry Rots on Keyboard A Trumpet y peri hiwi it A! ' I'M I \l m ii i:i HamHton Blvd., So. PWnft (Off RL 287) llan-ittm Moil M4oc Cwi Cadi Our \baic)o sauce Restaurant 201/ your soul! WOODBRIDGE: 61 U.S. HIGHWAY (1 Block North of Menlo Park Mall) Fortes Newspapers May 19-21,1993

43 Wliw With Reason Marilyn Cprmack Royal Distributor had their Annual Spring Win* Tasting recently, so I have even more "must try" winwfofyou. Atlas Peak Conctnso 1989 Forget the fact that Dr. Richard Peterson It one ot my teachers and a friend; this wine is great! My first impression was that I had not tasted anything so well balanced bolore. Inundated with fruit (berry and cassis) flavors and loads of spice. Tannins are there, but not overbearing, Say "yes" to this bottle. RESTAURANT Urn riqaa /tfcavu Starting (toy 15th Cemadylmprov* on Saturdays 3 ComexHani starting at 10:00 pm BANQUET HMIAVAOAIU FOR: CATERING COMEDY IMPROV FRIDAY NIGHTS UwWtff SnOW Sterilng el toofm $14.00 Show Mb* 10:00 pm WOO Cow ia00show 229 WUIlim St. Plicataway FAX QC&TAIIDANT Authentic Spanish Culilne HARHIQll II I RUkin S 1)0 ^>l K liu h\ \\{\) ItVRIUOl I OK IM( Mt Exotic Indian Cuisine Luncfi Buffet I6.9S Wedti Thwi. Frti A Sit [f R\CKLEYS ftmkjj^rmftm isnswn I1V1I IS III Rl Clot du Bois Brlarcreit 1989 You knew this was coming. Bfiarcrest Is 100% Cabernet from (tie Alexander Valley, and has a taite that I fee) is totally unique to that area, The wine is way young 10 enjoy to the fullest right now but the fruit Is ripe and rich, there's a good amount of acidity there, tannins, both wood and grape, are strong enough to make a backbone (or at liail fifteen years. One of my favor- He wines in the world. Hardy's Elton Shlraz 1989 This bottle is like no other SNraz I've tasted. Worth a long search to find some! The nose is almost all eucalyptus when first opened, and then you pick up heavy raspberriss. In mouth, the wine Just surrounds your mouth with flavors of berry, clove, and oak. Complex and wonderful. Try this at your earliest convenience. m*4t*f <wt (Out ywi & wumf Open 7 Days Monday thru Thursday 11:30-10 p.m. Friday 11:30-11 pm, Sat 2-11 p.m., Sun. Noon-10 p.m. Takt-out ordars Vegetarian Specials Ample Parking 120 Thompson St., Rarttan (Comer of At 202 N. a Thompson) (008) BBQ Ribs Chicken &Ribs Chicken Only CALL AHEAD FAMILY PICNIC (4 People) 36piecii 18RIDI Ipc Chicken 16 plkes Vi hour A FEW FRIENDS (25 People) 220 pieces 110 pc Ribs SOpcChttin 100 pieces 2 hours THE WHOLE NEIGHBORHOOD (50 People) 440 pieces 220 Ribs 100 pc Chicken 200 pieces day before oondtni enough RtcWty'i evbtqui S*W, Cod Slaw, RoHi, PH*H, NepWni, Mm, I Porin forth! Whole Oroop. I ALL THIS FOR ONLY»6 * 6.25 Per Person EVERYBODY YOU KNOW (100 or moil) CALL US FOR MORE INFO iii Rodney Strong "Charlotte's Home" Sauvignon Blanc 1991 The 1990 vintage of this bottle sold out so fast that it feels tika we've been waiting forever lor artother bottle. I'm happy to say that the '91 is superb! Herbs and melon on the nose, almost pure melon and apple in the mouth before the oak sneaks up on you. Totally fresh, acidic, lightly viscous with a very long finish. Yes, there are still some more to come. There won't be any reason not to have wines lor your summer parties. Enjoyl Sponsored by KINGSTON Wine * I Uiiiu s FRANKLIN TOWNE CENTER (next to FOODTOWN) Highway 27, Franklin Park, NJ ajaajbjbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapp^^^b^h^^^^^^pw^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 22 O\o\ces Tot Lunck Specials flck^nelm<jeasomporsodaa Pork Fried Rice Featuring Fried C*do Sticks Fried Pork C U s, Fried dumbo SkHmps *Fried Spare Kibsl $5!5aOFF f$5!oooff] A*V PPurchase KOf Of A V PK K Of 908/561-52^5 $20 or More I EJ#MKM) \ Join Us Sundays Rom 10am 2pm RrOurAfl-Y(] For Only $ Restaurant WOODBRIDGE: 61 U.S. HIGHWAY (1 Block North of Menlo Park Mall) May 19-21,1993 Forbes Newspapers 9km 17

44 s WMktnd Dlnnor Specials Floundar Franealat..., Chlekan i Murphy... IMHMIIIIIIIHHUMIIHMIMIIIHIHMIIIIIIIIIMIIIIHIMI Cunntry Wrslrru Nicjhl luesrt.iys /pmiinni 811 WIHIam Si, Hacttiway - 7U4474 Celebrating Our 25th Year <** RutfturtBt located in the Wuchung Mounttins rated *** 1/2 Bernardsville News rated * * * Courier Newt j* JUU.Si.? &..^AUJK...tvvl.»»'S*y<--*v««w"W/l'-:-:y:-v"x-»:-x*K :i:fft?:^:fc*-;";:-::::s'* < < i,*ik' > > 1I i i<* 1 Tl l T^ MSNiB«l.(Wiim«7il.Dbwi: EaU M OfllH. 71 Or Wimwlllt M. ON US. tt OPEN 17 DAYS Sunday is Family Day Dinner Special starting at 1 PM Children I? \ under $ pt'f CATERING Quality Catering At Affordable Prices ELEGANTLY PftE^eO FOP AIL OCCASIONS QntattMPMtm IwMIM) wrtftw Ihowara XawSom BarbaeuH AnnhwraarlN Cocktail Partlw!!f ltmi l!l. Tnama PinHM) NotMavPartlM Clam Bakw PARTY PUNNING SERVICE Wi Handle Any And AH Of Your Off Premiw Party Needs lanoutts f Comiany Plenloi Rb Corportt* Function! ALVMJSNttlflMr wnmtamtuim Few A FfM Inchuri Fhont m -DANCm- Sup«rt» aufigimt DtafMft 20-NOPNioni Ofamir foi* Two AvaOaUt Every Dfljif SfttU If." X Ind. Includes: soup f salad, choice of tny mtf6 v desscrtf colfcct Call (908) Italy Eiirtu Girwoed, IftMSMUO I Son met Hills Warren, I90W Ainu Soroenet, I90M ivilla Pliicoie South I PJainfleld, I Main St. BridgewaUr, Mo«'.Edbon, Ijaipcr'i Hiniborough, lebbeti Whitehouie, Soawrtet Marriott - Somencrt, I906-56(M>500 ibasuaf RMge Getf Club - Carpaccto - Mlddfetex, [Bound Brook Inn Bound I Brook, )052 * ICoach & Paddock ihampton, ***** IPerryvillc Inn - Pcrryvillc, **M M mjdt 1 the Old F.ishium-d VV.iy fjt.ltcd In thr Curty.iff!',,il P! U ( KC'TI 318 Rt North {Bay Street - Metuchen, Readington's Roadhouse I Whitchouse, *M«All y 4 Ib. Sandwiches $1.99 tt i Meals to Go Menu for Week of May 24th Mm. VmHior Pitti w/frwh Qardtn Vigt^btn Tues CnbStudKlF^Fitis BMfStrogmollor Thurs. QuMoVtraCrui UmbKaboUof Ungulni w/dam S»oc# Somcrvillc Street Fair Sun. June 6th Come Join Us! 62 W, Main St. Somerville m 660 Middlesex Ave, Metucben, N.J Lunch Served Monday thru Sunday Thuisday & Friday Luncheon Buffet EARLY BIRD SPECIALS Monday-Friday 4 pm-6 pm $ 6 95 LIFESTYLE FITNESS PROMOTION Thursday, May 20th - PRIZES - Live Entertainment Thursday thru Saturday I Chan's Garden - Dunellen, IThe Hearth - North 1 Brunswick, * * I Grand Fortune - South ] Plalnfleid, I China Light - Westfield, * * imartella Menlo Park, iradlechlo Highland Park, IThe Btaard Ian - I Benwdville, )002 I Cafe Emilia Somerville, I First Place Brldgewater Commons, *M* iferraro'i - Somerville * Forbes Newspapers Mery 19-21,1993

45 Spain '92 Raritan, The Exchange Bridfewater, O'Connors Watchung, Scarpelllno's «Warren, Scaliy'i (Weitwood) Gan*ood,908*78948Q8 * O'Connor 4! Beef N* Ale - Watchunt Sapporo New Brunswick, *3888 Willow* Greenbrook, 2739 osiaa's Bound 3054 #M* Brook, i«ny*i Scotch Plaint, IM Park Ate, South PlainfkW, 9OS-755-6I61 *M«Biiiy't - Piicataway, Scampl'i Somervllle, Ryland Inn Whitehouse, Rackley's Piicataway, Palullo's Bound Brook, Mkhael Anthony's - South PlainfUW, What's In The Ice Box Somerville, McCormlck's Springfield, Thirsty 1! Branchburg, Bucky's Bridgewater, Spain Inn Piscataway, K's Catering - South Plainfield, Wang's Kitchen - Franklin Park, Aranka's - Franklin Park, McAtecrs Somerset,! Proud to announce the opening of the ^King's Tavern (formally the King George Inn) Your hosts are Anthony & Paul eaturing Chef Karl Ulmer CIA (formerly of the Grand Summit Hotel) 181MT BETHEL ROAD, WARREN (908) MOW SHOWIMG FIRST PLACE t t USTJkUT & CLUB THE $ MOVIE& MEAL DEAL MIIII9I A FABULOUS SELECTION OF SPECIAL DINNERS PLUS A FREE W M O W PASS TO THE MALL MOVIE THEATER OR ANY OTHER GENERAL CINEMA THEATER THAT'S GOOD FOR A FULL YEAR, ALL FOR ONLY $10.00 PER FERfOH! bitwmfl 6 AI m,to tit id«ntaqt of in wiy tpai tot OUI FANTASTIC Nffi UK EVUYTHUtSOAY, FRIDAY ANDSATViOAYINOm WMITI NOIICUBtl Located in the beautiful Bridgewater Commons Mall, Bridgewater, NJ. Convenient Separate Entrance SRI208/206 GOLFER'S SPECIAL IS BACK! Show Your Day's Receipt & Enjoy 1" Drafts price 1-1/2 Ib. LOBSTER rowcrableg! EAFOOD SPECIALS I Ml 426 E. Main St., Bound Brook, Additional Parking Courtesy Archie's Men's Shop Open 7 Days Banquet Rooms,v May 19-21,1993 Forbes Newspapere

46 Fine Dining Moderately Priced Cocktaib Banquet Facilities up to 250 Open 7 Days KC.s Korner Burgers o Pasta & Pizza o Steak Any Dinner On Tha Menu Tties.,Wecl$. & Thura. 4-10pm ""^^1" Indudlod.bnod&cuptftoup EMdudlnai l*oiny8wp8ibloekboardsp»clo)l 100 Oak TVee Road. S. Plainfield (908) NEW FOR 5TCAK LOVERS! V - HAHP4OT I6,49 O'CONNOR'S MAY SPECIALS.t/O\/JI) IUM)\) \\11)\IM)\) IIHRSt)\) IIUIU) Prime Rib $U$5 Prime Rib SUNDAT: SmtorMmM* (12-5) "BRUNCH xxxx>: Prim Rib $%95 ****** tilqk Rwervatlont Suggerted xx> Concu D'oro Pasta Festival VIIAAJAU thawawja^ajlabj lualbqaw. vn^lthhlbv Thunday and Sunday AKOay 10Pi tm9i0sauem r 7 TOesdaythrulyndty WWWwBHI m.(i,,mn Eggptont Roilatlna Pork Chop Italian... Shrimp Scampi Boneless Chicken it la* Boneless Chicken Pizziaota Stuffed Flounder (withcrabmeat)... f 11 M a WWW Coupon AQOOOHA I mmtoiwtym 5/28/93 Margie Ray on piano Friday & Saturday 7 to ? «GNBMEaj*NMt/N a IINGTON Rt. 31 & Church St $ &99 MW* SOMERSET 922 Easton Avenue FOR MORE INFORMATION AWARDING T H I t t RESTAURANT PAGES CALL MICKIPULSINELU AT EXT OAK TREE FOODS Farm Fresh Country Market PRODUCE RlpaSwttt FI«.ComofiCob VIMUor t CiWornls Juniw Houn: Mon.-Fri, BBQ Headquarters DELI Tallow or WhHi AiMncan Cnaata M M»* Ib. * Homamadc Colailaw, Mac. or Potitoa Salad Frtah Fruit Salad $449 Jfc * ConWmf MEATS Of 491 Ourltortmtdl StahlmayarAIIBaaf HotDoga $4 49 Should* unden Broil I tb. All CoMcuts by Itw ft. SALE RUNS THURSDAY-SUNDAY 5'2O-5 23 GARDEN Hanging Batktti Ivy I Mora M.IU0 S? Bidding a Vtgttablii Plant! All Of* Prlw 1 $O99 Flit Fntb Law Pork Slt.a4,Sun.B-2 i M.isicC.j'd & Discover (90S) orders p/ad/y acctpfed oluplanti V ol $429 I epak Patio Plantar A Coco Matt $Q99 Baaktti 9iup Quality at VALUE PRICES Located on Oak Tret Road Nut M Dnif Fak acratf Imi Fut Ode* In la, mm

47 Vacation homes a "Shore" thing Page 11 INDEX New homes 10 House tours 6,8 Advice.19 Property transfers _20 Who's who 15

48 2-1*19*1, IMS w^jwiww...i". Foibci Newspapen S T A F F C O N T E N T S Prestigious properties New homes House tour Q&A Realty notes Transactions Vacation homes 4 * 10 6, limwsktawettr GtfH)fft Hal JanaSfcMNa Onmm w nwwyy if itoudae laun BfwnHf nnpi KHyZuio HSMH IHpHwW CMUTMm \ OmMonOlnMr ions i un n DHF. m v^v ^^^FWn i 1 oftepniaim 1 atom fro* 1 f Mr Foibes Hw4wninsiiT Pnsi Bound Bfook Clvonoiii Th# ctvonioiti iohtn*6dhon fwmfhi rwotunnf ntvmw, souai tjl - E«JU»«A M U Baud* Uiutk M*UM*U Ln_J t*«i*i-t.«t 1 *!.>. J «>_.J. II U Ca^>ia ^... n«ii AiuukaJjJ* rwioin rocui, yiitn DfooK-nonn rwaimaj jouftw, vwinffvfwmcnunq joumii, najnavio nak nocw, room \AmmHQ unronioit, ^v^nr^vmv w V^Bpi^V " ^IIT^V^F^^W r' ^ V v i W^a^aTws^B^WP IV^RnnV v^^a^v^prv ^^^p^rla^v To Subscribe to Forbes Newspapers cad: «To advertise call: COUNTRY CLASSICS AT BELLE MEAD HAVF AWAY TO SHOW YOUR HOUS ) THOUSAND Of POUNTIAL [U)1\\\< 1111'A HM,tH Be rewarded every day you Hvt In thla baautl- M 3 on on 1 + aorhi TNa bnmacuiatv home hat hardwood fin, paved drive, 2 car gar, wood burning atove, al appttanoea and a beaudm pastoral aatuna m matura traai. Mutt ieetoappreciate. Cal today. PHASE THREE NOW OPEN AN ESTABLISHED FAMILY NEIGHBORHOOD AWAITS YOU! Classics Ceramic Tile Floors Natural Stained Woodwork Solid Oak Flooring Solid Oak Stair Ratlings Six-Panel Pine Doors Crown Moldings Cathedral Ceilings Skylights Garden Tubs Masonry Fireplaces Extra High Basements Wooded Lots SALES CENTER Open Mon/Wtd/Frl 1 pm - 5 pm; Sat/Sun noon - 5 pm (908) no answer, call (908) MttCrtON8: FROM SOMERVILLE CWCL : At IN touli, m on Amw>ljd.(Rt 814), rtpht on WMow FW., Wl on HWtborouQh fld,, 14/4 ntlntortton lift. FROM PRINCETON: Rt. 206 North,righton ftwrd,,ww HUtboroughfid,to ins on 183* ,000 MAKIANOmRI On this Country Cape set on 100' x 400' lot with mature trees, plenty of room for garden; offers LR w/woodstove, formal DR, Irg. EIK w/ breakfast nook, FR, large MSTR. BR plus 2 add'ibfl's, full bsmt.. Florida rm. UUOtoMle UVNIsj Ha)Blly nmhi MIVVII 814SlO0O WANTTOUVUNTHIPARKt It's your own magnitlcent park-like 100' x 150' lot, surrounding this Immaculate 3 Bdrm Ranch in excellent area. Enjoy summer evenings on your screened porch, or winter nights In front of your LR'i feldlstone fireplace, Move-In condition, won't lait at this price!! UMIJL lontakmnkl MO-0700 FROM PARKWAY: North to Exit 7 WMton CMII Rd., Ml at light to WNton C m i Rd.,tonon Rt. 933 So., right on Hlhborough Rd., to Me on fight,

49 eeer,rs-er yem - s May 19-21, I» V^Vw or fjem I09 KM Moun^n top privacy! Custom buw contemporary tplt on htwhy wood* ed M; 4BR,2Vk baths, 2 car garage. 1341,900 BOM 2771 CohhwM Dinlm DthtoM OMATVAUMt Meohanioa OoUgMl This 3 bdrnt.< 2 w/heet 4 electric. WeN equipped for tfto hobbyiot Newly repejcod foot, n, maneo ONi CWWr nm O dircmt to 4 bdnw, ^p twttwoofni, ftnny rm, M^I Ira* phoi 4 wit tow,qounnit Mktttn, 3 «f hid A 2 oar datoetntf I your own ttnnli eourti. RDT ,000 CoMwiN linktr IcMsH RIfllOlvWIMnbltf0 OfRM 90M3MON/8IM1QO nunklin VHP. Thli 3 Br, 2 bath capt fetturat a tamty room addrlon which creates a rtar r 'L" ihapad araa. Picture ttii "L" liltxl in wnh a dack aootulblt to the kltchan md (amity room. Vinyl tiding, new insulated glass windows & a ramodeitd kitchen complete the picture $165,000 CoMwwl Btnwf Schloit mfy Ofrlct 90M7M421 Tmai MfOMr Om of iw town! uaerra i apneoue me\ in ej Mi* ejahi ibbnen we> al omanmaa, tu bafv, U BJBje^BJVnBJW' IV itwjplwt n Jtr^iwl f^el^pel W I I I DOOl Of wwifc) OOUrit $102, U1 ^W^P ^^^^l^b ^^^^^^R ^^^PV l^m^w ^B^P Mud* Ml. LA,OR, «ami Wtonwily room, IM bstiti t ov ridi ifltf t p j pp woino tor your impooloii 1447ttttW CfJhtwtM Nnfctf tfltrwh NM taikinq RIDQI Colonial spmi on 2+ acm wrth 3-car gariqe, Famrty foorn wrin fireplace overlooking expansive rear yard. 4 BDR, Vh bthj, CAC. BRN3O ,900 CoNIanktrSehloN " nwreivhit urn 90f>7M.2MO Outstanding dewlgn and quamy too mtny ananmtf to mention haral Traditional ctntar hai ooionial at and ot cut-d«*c. Large dack overlooking lavel rear yard. 4 BORS, 3 BTHS, Mparate 6th BOR or aupalr suite. BRN307S 1729,000 ColJwoH Iwfcw Octitotl Mt-7IO2t00 WARTOfUIIfYHOUOW SWt+y 5 bedroom, 3 Ml bath A 2 half bath Colonial. Park like etttng. Full bamt w/larga rec. room,'2.5 car attached garage, elate roof & much more. SPL178B 1326,000 Caldwlt luftir OctUott 15 yr old colonial In North Edison offering S bedrooms. Loaded wrth extrail A Must See!!! MET ,750 COWII Bsoktc Bert wit MotuCMfl/Editon Office) 90t EMca«ent starter home featuring 4 bdrms, i.6ba1rti l Mbaifjmant,oonvertent to achooaj and transportation MET 4000 H»W0 OMI lumyournuooiffolirmu in (Ma greats BR ranch. Includes a large MchenWnlng room combo and attached pary, SffiiaiiSTJII South PtahnWd OfliOl 10. QOtNQ, QOINO,... TWs one won't laat. TNa baauwulry decorated, Immaculate, 3 BR sput level hat large El kitchen, newly refanned hardwood Doors, new celling lans and much more. Act quickly. Must aeelspfit ,188 Souln PHWIIMQ OWtef ummai WUDGEWATERAREA ut-m muborougiv MONTGOMERY AREA READINCTON/IRANCMUHGAJIEA 534^5 SCOTCH PLAINS AREA BERNARDSVILLEAREA METUCHEN/EDISONAREA m-rm SOUTH PLAMIELD AREA "COMING SOON" (O-00M COLDLUGU SCHLOTT REALTORS*

50 ^ - J 1 ; -, -. ;.' ; Vtj... : ' A view of the highest quality Horizons offers a glimpse of something special GREEN BROOK - Perched atop a mountain, a small cluster of grand homes are a harbinger that something special is under way, That special something is Horizons at Green Brook, a planned development of 52 homes offering quality construction and details that will appeal to the most discriminating homebuyer. Horizons celebrated its grand opening m mid April, Builder Robert Goldman is offering the homes, which range in size from 3,000 to 3,600 square feet. Prices vary from $349,900 to $449,900. The higher priced lots boast breathtaking views of parts of Green Brook and Warren. Two model homes, the Meridian and the Orion, are currently finished and open for viewing on the site. So far, 26 lots have been sold, said Joe Hart, the Coldwell Banker Schlott representative marketing the homes. Three of those are lots with views; there are 10 view lots still available, Mr. Hart said. Op en, light-filled spaces characterize both the Meridian and Aurora models. Windows, sklights and numerous mirrors arc designed to accent the homes' brightness. In the brick facade Meridian, Lovely, dark wood double doors open to an entry foyer with cathedral ceiling. The hardwood floor features a subdued design of squares and rectangles set at cross-grain to the lighter background wood. To the right of the door, a large coat closet falls several feet short of the ceiling, leaving an enchanting shelf area on which to display greenery or bric-a-brac. Two the immediate left of the two-story entry foyer is the 15.5-by-14.6 step-down living room, highlighted by bow windows. Adjacent to the living room is the 17.5-by-14 foot formal dining room, again with cross grain hardwood floors. A walk-out bay window leads to the side yard, At 17.5-by-ll feet, the kitchen is a cook's The Mtrldian ii one of the premiere home model! ottered by Horlzoni at Green Brook. dream. Spacious and full of light from two windows about the stainless steel sink and sliding glass doors, the kitchen boasts a center island and pantry. The breakfast room is almost as large as the dining room. Sliding glass doors lead to the expansive wooden deck. The two-story family room, at 17.5-by-17.3, is the showpiece of the first floor. A low wall separates it from the breafast room. A cathedral ceiling rises above a fireplace. Long windows with dramatic arced tops flank the fireplace, Above the hearth, three levels of mirrors reflect light and warmth back into the room. Adjacent to the family room is a library - a snug 17.5-by-ll 8 room with an optional fireplace, A laundry room, closet, powder room and two-car garage are also found on the first floor. Ascending to the second floor via a staircase that sweeps up from the entry foyer, one enters onto a balcony that overlooks the family room. Four bedrooms, including a magnificent master suite, stem from the gallery area. The master suite includes a 21.5-by-18 bedroom with optional tray ceiling, a by-9,5 sitting area, and his and her walk-in closets on either side of the sitting area. Two more walk-in closets, both with en- (Please turn to page 18) SHAflON WILSON/FORBES NEWSPAPERS COVER HOUSE A fireplace, flanked by two windows adds warmth to the Meridian's cozy library, This model demonstrates the striking design of Horizons homes including with a full wall of built-in bookcases. numerous windows to fill the homes with light.

51 May 19-21, I1MJM _ WttTAMNCHM thh I Hr «M twit taunt M N M JUtTUMNIW pa* WUIMROUOHOmCt NM7N1M totorcoup** or MIOMWAT1N HM«, NCIMONt, NCMONS Hort'i OM «etn hotp you mito. Impw- ) Md Cm* on 1.9 Kftif m I i myvmh wi HI ub)mto UM yarimoi. Cu ^ noot, SlED UFflM THiChiww Main ti putwifwy U WMWWAUtr v home, ami Ht pimonool n IOMIII MW Nth, ptumblm I «tktric. I14MQ0. OtV Dr CM RoM to 'Vi jr. punt Won* nth hrat mm m, to taum on lili tiqn, t Hoodtond Rd<. QUNVtCX OfflCt Ml 4N IFF? CUNTONTWIF. 1WNOAV M PM. "ACRUOPWOOM" tnuni OIM?Tl UK tan U M no, Omritn* to L m Ott 1,Hom#onL -^ _.I J A M^^ A ^ - ^ - - ^h^ l^ha jj flflinni 3 W* IMI W W w CMARMNQtmriMl in pfhtginib n^ohbatiood, M M IBR.mbMh.lMi ah»d yim, iporioui LR wfam. M. tofml OR WOMT to dock, i^ MdEKpkjlfR.NowCAC > 200ar^ motfod hnd No, of 22. S bdwv 2 Mndii,dRdrtn.BO09-3im MANCHO OFPICf P0-M44 < ^ PISCATAWAY $269,900 NtW CONSTRUCTION TO H WILT OfMl tan Mil Ml on OUK, targt 'nani «*h Myta. OuMom bui to your ptm eroun, OUTHPUINmD lamiltohowowwwh* M of to i gml Mrt m thu «ooi«homo wnh OM vtd ono hoi bote, KM lumm wd eomnl air, MiM toe «omh H»«oa FW»m«touywt <* tow Mi matin im-noraon) nunt. n i m KM oth UMwi. ikylghh, r m car ki inton tukrewawcd RANCH 4 bdnm, 2 U tnlti, tun im, don, dwno mi OiMtorlarg* tenf*. 2/5 yw old 2rrf HofY Kttloa I14S.HI. 0242S22..METUCHENOmCi MCTUCHEN TOTAUYRIMOOCUOtt CofcrM 2 bdnm, 1 bmh, HUM I1M S37. EDISON HUOECOLONIAL/HUQILOTtl IT* hwnt hm»rtttl5 bdrtw, 3V* b*tn, a true curtom hom. 1309, METUCHENOFFCC WMOMIM WARREN $419,000 rrtaiihtm COM «N! pmttw tni 13 ytar old, 0M«f M, CotonW hwkig 9 Bfti I a tww IMH«t*hwhHpodon2+ iorm.wc12m. WATCHUNQOPriCl WATCHUNG $259,000 NIW CONSTRUCTION IMI 1 McAiM hm bnmn gnwtdwlh Ml «* * CotoiM Vktoftoit 3 WH. 2VI bin, 2-cv gwaot, 2-Mory toytt, dayttgn btmnl and much mon, C«l nowtoryou PCt to MO *t quhfty In tdioiv and mil picking out your coknt WC 1203, WATCHUNaOPFtCI loutimoo All Offices Open Until 9 PM Weichert HI Independent Sotionally

52 RealErtate - 1 % 19-21,1989 A Forta NiMpipifi Sypplefnent Home boasts scenic grounds HIGHLAND PARK - Luxury, comfort and convenience characterize this spectacular contemporary at 63 Brookdale Court. Listing for $499,000 through Centuty 21, J.J Laufer, the home features executive-quality details, and panoramic views of its wooded lot and streams. The entiy hall boasts a valuted ceiling and a stunning Oak Bridge HOUSE walkway over a winding stairwell leads to elegant lower level entertainment facilities. The sunken Irving room overlooks the manicured country-like letting through picture windows. From the living room, a step up leads to the gracious dining room, located between the kitchen and Irving ant. Rill picture windows frame another lovely view. The gourmet kitchen is custom made, with abundant cabinets and counter space, An open dining porch is accessed through the kitchen. A separate interior dining area and a breakfast room feature floor to ceilng picture windows overlooking the back yard. An adjacent den featues a custom designed entertainment center, and rich paneling. Built-in dostes galore define the master bedroom, designed to eliminate the need for storage ftmii- A front irttw of the beautifully landaeaptd 93 Bmktfalf Cowl turc. The suite also boasts a lull bath. There <ut three additional bedrooms, etch with numerous custom built-ins. Three full baths connect to a 200-gallon water tank, gas fired and certain to never run out of hot water. The laundry is conveniently located on the first floor near the maid's room in the kitchen wing. On the lower level, an elegant, banquet size family room boasts Tenessee marble, a fireplace, and wet bar fully equipped with hot and cold water and a refrigerator, Glass sliders lead to a 350-square (Please turn to page 11) A grand bay window icctnlt Hit ipiclout dlmantlom of tha living room. With a second-floor balcony, the raw

53 AFofbw M^ 19-21, : - «'."? " *» 1,»j» AFFORDABLE HOUSING RESALE CONDOMINIUMS Toll brothers J.' f ~t1^t' /i inn «?»t*i Low and Moderate Income Condominiums Available EFFICIENCY ONE BEDROOM TWO BEDROOM THREE BEDROOM In order to quality to purchase one of these condominiums, applicants must be able to obtain a mortgage. In addition, applicants must meet the following income guidelines: EAMUM JM«nmif mtm* One Person Two Persons Three Persons Four Persons Five Persons low $19,110 $21,840 $24,570 $27,300 $29,007 to to to to to Applications may be obtained from: Bedminster Hills Housing Corporation P.O. Box 700 Pluckemin, New Jersey or Call: (908) HNUvTHv $30,576 $34,944 $39,312 $43,680 $46,410 Preview Opening in Upper MakeMC Tol Bratran conviiwi rata inpw MC price to p #dd within yourfeadlaithepmtigeof the«eicanbeyoun,plus you1efljoyan«myofch!gin( Wtunyouwonifind IJfMIUV CMC WIIHyiU titeinthehmifjouirnmler ulra, cnmic tile countertopi in the Utchen, hvamood Aoofin in thefcjftr,dininf IQQRI MO Ukhcn, limn Msfcnn Hid much more. And, ewtyotatenomis sunwndedbynatunibe«uty that Indudes vinn of Jericho TheEiUtMoJ WASHINGTON ^CROSSING* CQailniCQOiifldaj front)t7j00 nmc\ b\ TOWETI Mmutoi nun the rapi indmliuranbofnewho e... doaito 1-96 M& tilt Princeton ConMir^thiiettudnMy Tol Mheficonuwity ii the HUB mi the btnon youve 4mi«uth«iRl32(Riwflt tosavi Center on rml QKR K«vW.l2-6,S5fi (215) Tin mcam oewno rifrds 1991 Income limits. Purchase prices retted income levels and i n subject to c h i n* S«lectton<rfippte*ntjw«l*lflKco<<^ color, reltfon, so or ntfooal origin. I.,...'.;. * *'

54 8 -May 10-21,1993 RealEstate A rotuw wawnpapari Backyard paradise in a fine home Thil homt at 3 Argyll Court In Scotch Plalni haa a patio, In-ground pool, gazabo and beautifully landacaptd grounda. OttNE MATFLERO/FORBES NEWSPAPERS ' : '&'y&^ ' M m 3 Argyi Oourt^ Soetch Pliini AaWngprlot: $419,900 - w^^^nw^^^^^w^tw * ". mm 2i wnmawa: ikyignt, wipiaoa,wnoif, natwi RiyHwrapoo),nwKiiquvnn TlHaas Opanhouaas The family room pvtrlooki tht pool and patio In tha back yard. *»** * ^^^4k«Ik^L^L^R Ranch blends drama, taste with landscaping intended for summertime leisure SCOTCH PLAINS - Located in a most desirable area, this dramatic ranch house at 3 Argyll Court nestles into a fabulously landscaped acre. The home lists for $419,900 through Weichert, Realtors. The grounds are beautifully manicured with mature plants and wooded areas. A heated inground pool, patios, gazebo and grassy sections make for the finest summer lifestyle. This quality home calls out for a discriminating family. Rooms are generously sized, with three separate family rooms, and a wonderful floor plan to add to the home's HOUSE T h c W t c h c n i s a 1 S 1 3. b y. { b i n e t a n d a special quality. On the first floor, the living room is a comfortable, t,,.,, 15by-23 feet A brick front fire- also two and a hal baths. place adds warmth and appeal to At ^ b? sement level «^g mm two more family rooms - a The formal dining room is 12 by- 21. and a 14^1* ~ " f ^ 12 ' 13, and features a lovely bay win- ty" 12 bedroom, and a full bath, dow. A skylight takes the place of A wet bar highlights the larger wnile tne smaucr a chandelier, using natural light &»*% room* and overhead spots to dramatic ef- room is currently equipped as a feet, game room with a pool table. A The family room is 13-by-23, fourth 12-by*12 bedroom and a full keeping in step with the grand bath make up maid's quarters in sizes found throughout the home, the basement. One wall of the room is almost For more information, or to view entirely glass sliders to the back- the home, call lila Weiner at ^ three bedrooms.

55 A Forbes Newspapers Supplement May 19-21, ThePrudential (M Real Estate Affiliates rates Iff Job Nnaojr towot omm*ua**mm) oaorocrw, a*t bmki w. young Anton Contompowy tlnajtomly mm WAnOR r P, Ifey, pfmlo fcoo yojo MO mhhml Mod tor outdoor ptoaaur* Or* titmom T1» ftuottlar Nona* ftle*iom»tsi MAOWFIMNTCOLOHIAL ^ C O B n H M R 8 M O f p M M, 3 M MBit, 2 M f Q Q < cuatom eomnota, wood rnotoinga, trweh ton to teg* dart. Much Moitl WMOO. PrudtnW Ptomr fm E. * LOVaUYOLOUIHOMt wtt* M itft, tow iitcataway antwucn W* to HuHjm Qol ooum torn tt* cu#om 4 Rtntfw on aprai 1 ton * primt woodtd rw y (Mm *rm#m 2V* tmxnm tmtv, otrtral Oimd air, hrn mf,000. dtck Cri + todiyf IMIM Tlw few «I2N, f Tl IIHIACUUTieOlONIAL (>nton*ac**oadadtoi,kttotcrwmtatw4, 2Vt baft, M In. bmomont, updotod kl, atrium tfoon to dack, to* ot down, m m to oondion. K72.I0O. Tho PiuctonaaJ Ptonoar Had Citato. 90M9M3QQ VIP * VIIIVIRTANT MWNMTV 4 Mroom, w«l on tor horn *h InWad ««««boltmini and m#tw«d IHM dock. AMI tin. I0O. CM1 toitoyt Tho ftudmlw PtonNr Roo) EotoH. 27-M0O. iiciwwm Moanywtcmm AMW I o nono BIHII W, Mllnoj to toni. frlood ot I1M>IOO> fnjdtnlw n pool, parmko o m bmo oovond puto put W i f» b l h u M W MntaM Cotonto (Moo 174*700 PltCATAWAY 3 YA. YOUNO AAHCHtm 8uprnno <M"y + owmtonl toomkn nvfemi Ml t nurt nol 3 IDOCIOMO bmoarm, 2 U IM* room, oomm pfoportv + much flww JUM lioifjoq. Dtni Thv nudonnp Qouon Koy nooly MOfloPJ. Fixed-rate, 30-year home mortgages are the lowest they've been in 20 years. urn Anmial Peretntagt Rate* 360 paymanti of IMS par $1,000 bofrowtd,,up to a maximum loan ol $203,150. xtra etst! If the rates you're guaranteed when you apply for a fixed-rate mortgage go even lower before you close, you'll be able forelock into a lower fixed-rate one time prior to closing-and, quite possibly, save yourself thousands of dollars in interest /, charges over the life \ ^ of the loan, / To take Hi advantage of our ^ ^ fr»#float down option >^e^; can: s.crc-- / / ry N 8:30 a.m.*8:00 p.m. () ["> S })X=*~JA ^ Monday through Friday ^_ y j» t (Evening and weekend appointments are available.) '""*1 f""! II 'IT* On July 1,w$'r$ changing our n$m to MSCATAWAV CollMlW to MO tmnqtmruaiivi CUPOBI ram4i :;:;::;;:;:^:$S>:;^:^J^ Constolkitioii Bonk H.tafcan from our cofponta flann, ComMtaHon Bancorp. Until than, wil continw to ba The National State BanR MfmbtffOC EqwlOoporluniyHnoif (J)Equ* Housing Isndtr 'r^ poinlt mrioiqai aln an avilam Rain an as ot pubncahon dm and sut^kichi^wii^rxhiw ophoo avahiua it appbcahon on naw loam only. tm3,tt»nioofl* Stan Bar*

56 10-M«19-21,1983 RealEstate I Tht Madison Is ont of tht luxurious homts avalltwt H Mut RMgt Estate*. Hallmark offers grand homti tt Orchard Hill Estataa. New homes are springing up Spring is the season for starting new the best value in the state. 1 ' things, including a new life in a new home. Another quality Hallmark development, Fortunately for homebuyers, attractive, Branchville Estates in HiUsborough, the sinquality homes are popping up like fresh gle-family home community for executivespring flowers, nourished by the brighten- level families, is nearing a sellout, with only ing economy and the loving care of commit- four building lots remaining, ted builders. These truly estate sized homes are on * * * properties ranging from two to eight acres The Hallmark Group continues to build with views of both the mountains and the quality homes and a quality reputation, with river, Ranging in size from 2,941 square feet two executive communities. to 4,500 square feet, they feature four or five The luxurious executive community, Or- bedrooms and two-and three-car garages chard Hill Estates, located on River Road in with side entries and doors with raised panthe South Branch section of HiUsborough, has opened a second section of homesites and sales are brisk already. All homesites will be of two-plus acres, and many arc wooded. "They offer all the privacy and beauty of a truly rural setting, yet they are in the very els. With prices starting at $319,900, BranchviUe Estates represents the best dollar value in central New Jersey, and, when combined with Hallmark's generous amenity package it is an outstanding value. The homes in Both BranchviUe and Orchard Hill are truly designed to impress. They feature heart, of the central New Jersey corridor brick entry steps with sweeping brick stoops which offers easy access to Philadelphia, leading to dramatic double front doors New York City, Princeton and New Brun- opening into two-story entry foyers with oeswick as well as to some of the best-known ramie tile floors. AU homes include a private shopping areas on the East coast," noted master bedroom suite with a lavish bath Paul Streifer, co-owner and marketing di- including a garden tub, custom oak interior rector of ERA American Dream. Realtors of railing is used throughout, as is wall-to-wall HiUsborough, exclusive marketing agents carpeting, six panel colonial interior doors for Orchard Hills Estates. with colonial trim, abundant closets with Paul Giannantonio, co-owner/ broker of ventilated shelving, family room with wood- KPA American Dream, Realtors noted that burning fireplace, wolmanized decks, and despite the soft economy over the past year, one-, two-, and 10-year homebuyer warran- Oi chard Hill homes have continued to sell. ties. Mr. Giannantonio attributed this to "value The designer kitchens are custom crafted I'm* the dollar. Orchard Hill Estates offers and feature a dazzling array of GK applimorc home for the money than any other ances, stainless steel sinks, center island new home in the state. The amenities have work areas and no-wax designer flooring in to be seen to I* believed ynd the custom- both the kitchen and breakfast areas, the Raritan River, To reach BranchviUe Estates or Orchard Hill Estates, take Route 287,78 or 22 to the Somerville area. Follow signs to Route 202 South. Proceed past Somerville Circle on Route 202 to Old York Road, turn left. Proceed a half-mile to South Branch Road, turn right. Proceedd one mile to Studdiford Road, turn left. After bridge turn left onto River Road and continue to models on right Hallmark Homes, builders of a dynamic line of estate homes for the past 30 years, proudly announce close out sales at Blue Ridge Estates. With nearly the entire development soldout, the builder has decided to put "spec" homes on the three remaining lots, tarry Horowitz, project developer, stated: "With izing is far more extensive than any other The luxury decorator baths arc accented builder can provide. with color-coordinated ceramic tile, custom- "Right now we have three homes that can crafted vanities and full wkfth mirrors, be delivered to buyers in 45 to 90 days, The homes are ideally situated on gently dorx'nding on the customizing requested," rolling acreage with ample shade trees and,,. fie said. "I really tx.'liovc these homos are permanent open space affording views of Homw - such a demand from transferee buyers, we feel it is of the utmost importance to have homes that can be occupied within 60 Lo 90 days." Evan Squire, new homes manager for Century 21 Worden & Green added, "We currently are marketing the three remaining homes at Blue Ridge Estates and with the way these homes have been selling, these three won't last long. Prices at Blue Ridge start from $369,900." Some of the model homes under construction are the 3,000-square-foot Bedminsler model and the 4,400-square-foot Madison. All three remaining homes come with custom crafted kitchens, partial brick facades, ceramic tile, and a complete List of standard features too numerous to mention, All models are due to be completed by late (Please turn to page 14)

57 ' ' ( ' ' ;<. * " ' A Fortm NvMpipin SupplHMnt RealEstate Atoy 19-21, Vacation house lets you stay at home Spring has sprung, and with the turning The communities around the resort areas gent said Lenders still look at the property's location, and the results of a home of the seasons the avenge pom's tency "At the height of the market, in , offer the usual types of entertainments, turns to thoughts of... vacation! we saw a lotof stock broken," Ms. Grygent such as thetten, bowling alleys, parks, and inspection. said. 'That's not the case now." If Somerset County, with its gently railing shopping centers, she said And if anyone doubted that the yen for a She said buyers range from doctors, attorneys and bank presidents in the higher hills and green landscapes, or Middlesex Shopping for a vacation home, and securing a mortgage, are really no different than the fact that there doesn't seem to be any couple days off is a universal desire, witness and Union counties, with their close access to the Big Apple, aren't your ideal of a getaway spot, don't despair, The Poconos arc a price ranges, to office professionals and searching for a primary residence, Ms. Gry- typical vacation homebuyer. other working folk at the lower price levels. short drive away, and the shore - not to mention all its sun, sand and water frolic - is an even shorter drive. Envision yourself clad in a pair of thongs and shorts, stepping out the front door of your vacation condo and taking a stroll down the boardwalk. Or, imagine packing a picnic lunch, gathering the family together and walking a few blocks to the beach. If either of these scenarios appeal to you, it could be you're in the market for a shore urea vacation home. Bcnia Grygent can help you. The market for vacation homes, like the PrtJUe..m overall economy, is making a comeback, said the branch manager for B&K Real Estate in Mantoloking. fa "It's been a slow comeback," Ms. Grygent Clumplm said. "The market really started slipping in the summer of'87.", B nd fnvimltlin M th# QUlWfl Now, she said, realtors are seeing "a real brinot to Mi in he f imnmhipt w&\ tttr cfevtt wd leveling. I font think will ever see the dramatic (growth) again." cirtmmwt, 8h»hMafrMdy wuowtr IS mlwci dotes of IMP NSN i< UN. IWW HPVOTnpy!> UUyffl IN M I wraiipi fnf wpmnoni win vw HM vnoun w PLMNRELO TLC Is all this home needs. 3 bedroom Colonial **t» updated kitchen, hardwood Ms. Grygent's firm markets homes in the Ineonwfltantt tt Mm. MnM «jmrtteuhrty mm* to t* nquirtminto ti hmlmn, \mwq htbtd mwy ou tht planning htvt madt this charmingtourbadroom Colonial dengnbi. PRESENT ALL OFFERS! floors, freplace in wng room and partially finished area of South Monmouth and Ocean counties shores, including Bamcgat Bay, the Ma- CM Mnta Mrtw««aOO I you tot nil bumnntoohkoourtrm. CAIlWEQELBRfDQEWATER baasmtnl. To be sold in Us "at is" condition. Midi tnt Mri ihi ptnomiwtf, upwi Mtvci IM p'ojdnumnasquan River, the Metedeconk River, and CAUWEOCLBROGWATER 90«« the Atlantic Ocean. She has listings in Point Pleasant Beach, Brick, Bayhead and Spring Lake, to name a few. Vacation homes can be just about anything the individual buyer is looking for - from condos to lull size homes. Condo prices begin around $89,000 and range up from there, Ms. Grygent said. "Of course it's a whole different ball game if it's on the water. Everything is escalated by about $100,000," she said. PlltTtClMJS A1RUI BSTATtt! Home prices range from the mid BRACHBURQ - 3,300 sq.«. 5 bsdroom certw han PIN I8C SliNMV MAY IS, MWI $150,0008 up to $5.5 million, she said. Again, Colonial wlh 2 car garage, Nnlshad baiammt, fm% WliSBOflOUGH You wi low me prhtcy this 7 waterfront pushes the property value up. BWOGEWATEA Vmdtrt**i Farms 300 MoM. room wlh fkvptaot and wrt bar, 2 batoonlw, front room, 3(»dfC»oritownhomto(tef8!ix»lbic<is(o Advantages to waterfront are obvious. But Urgt 2 bidnom unn with sunken IMng room, lu)l and raar staircasss, hardwood Doors and much acres of open spice, and best ot av, N't an end unil wsl brick fcipim, tocriid on cut-dt*stc witti optn that doesn't mean a home several blocks not. Priced to sd in its "AS IS" condition. Neutral decor throughout, fireplace in the family VN In INT. Mo* in condition Priced to stu. from the water is any less accessible to the $329,026 room, ready lor youtocall today! $154,900 CAUWEIDElBfllDGEWATER 906^ numerous water sports and other attractions CALIWEIOELBWDGEWATER 90B48M200 Dtr: 206 to New Armvell, fit on Triangle, Ul on Weybridge, LH on Cornwall, If) on Bradford. associated with the beach. CALL WElOEl HUSBOROU6H In many areas there are boardwalks with standard amusements, attractions and shopping, Ms. Grygent said. But there are also boardwalks aimed solely at those who want to enjoy the beach, without the distractions of an arcade setting. For over 75 years A trusted reputation for reliability Picture perfect contemporary style (Continued from page 6) -foot patio. There is a gym/exercise room, a guest bath, and an additional kitchen facility. The second kitchen includes a refrigerator, oven, cooktop, sink and counter. Also on the lower level are 1,000 square feet of unfinished space that can be used as storage area, or finished as additional living area. The home sits on a professionally landscaped lot on a eul-de-sue, with a secluded rear yard that overlooks a brook. For more information, or to view the hbrrw e«t fetiafa l 'Htitktt^ ftfafe * RHvwuRivkm.'1157^(1184. C 1 U I I, C A 1 Nlll,tM SOMERSET Historic Waww-Rartan Cantl dittricl 1630't Colonial Wide plank floors built-in bookcases and the canal tor hiking, biking, canoeing or just relaxing. Easy commute to Princeton. New Brunswick, All Major Highways. Make an Appointment today! $152,000 CAUWECELHILLS6OROUQH V has 24 offices serving I20JN CaMaa 109 Koutt 173 (90( (M)73MSK AREYOUIIANtr? SOMEfMUE Legal 2-tamity house with need of TIC. Live in the 4 bedroom and rent the 1 bedroom apartnent, or rent both. A great opportunity for the first Hue buyer or the investor. $85,000 CALLWEOELHlLSeOflOOGH ;,!tt:j ',, S'-'J" E.S.P. - EXTRA SPECIAL PKOPERTV NESHANiC STATION - You'll really be impressed with this custom built colonial from the pine floors and cabinets, beamed ceilings, brick fireplace to the screened porch with flagstone floor, brick patio and professional landscaping, $225,000 CALL WEIOEL HILLSBOROUGH New Jersey &Ptansykan». W E I E GOT ROOTS WHERE WE'VE GOT BRANCHES, OWCEHOUM

58 12-1^19-21,1993 1, iiwv:,ii<ki '' i in' \ vi h sirir 1 i RiifliiM hw Ujy ^ i!! HI f-ulw III kkfkn WvWWV IWW W BVl MV.WVf IRWVM ^ W HnnV Ml UPWI RIP HHl 1 pifw VAt MW; «fll I, wdlrf (thtv md Woiqr, ik M Miif MINI Ml VqKVUtf fhmf MN tj M) JJH HILLSBOROUGH icnrainim HUNCMBURG IIMI MAGNinCENT FRENCH PROVINCIAL FlNQI tmma MONI III Ml OWMf I Hflt Of KtMK SOOT lift tujtd A Iw limy iul BOH ilik Aw lo (ti IUOM loob «lo Ikt ttifedh Drtme lol. Itndscioed milk lemcml imvni. TM cum Wpc kudwi il iliil iny XJ tbtmi imutki IAUIBIUII Pall tu turill uliftii UAAIM! Cnfli Kiffj HtlHIj IflMjIliKiK! UNI lor jfduf plfmi lflm* BELORDOFTHEMANOR! ONLVTHEMRYBESTWLLDO! MOUNTAINSIDE t KfttW/VMNMHHiNRfiPOOL NJitfnliy.MKiUlfllll.FIl II vil FPL Ui. M<ii kll, 4 bn GIM ni. + mrc. ctpomjl COKOUM ill wij nwiiy. * wj imoji M mmmm CEfmiRY2tWorden&Grcen P.O MX HI, 1JIUWW^ WiD Indptly, Owned/Oper. RKy, iill 2J fun tm, II MH tipnm opt,tewtim,mjm4 ffm ntim) (n y III 1 nl km, dynfk n J CMYMonkn&Gmn 409 Rt. 206 TUa 4 LUa MlJy k MgUoMmt >Mltl Hlltlll HVM IMI tipwfft II) H W U M I M OVtnDOvUftJ vnif IIIM fmiliii mri rinmlu] Mikitiii VIIINMI IMJI to jifll M R V^^flnV FMW UIMJMVI V-IVVPV PVIIWM flwv IV JWII MHwl fvfffi liirlml l l IVW V*vlHlffll WWIWlffl IVV VMV cnram&grnd am HOMES fault) dtiji MtiKi fcytii p km, (tinnl air conn* M I imflmpim window w/icrtm, ihdw illb wparalc Wtakiw nook, 6' tomking na mutt t*w ahomi MJ iwyixkrmdtiti^miml SCOTCH PLAINS $«50 V OM AND UP CMI M kmy IIOIN N irii'kr n * d tf WATCmmC MOVKTAINS^UtN BOM DmW CMH i NINN pmn WMN MtM HI vmhm?> M^^HIIIMH P) IH MIW Nil rwphmh LWM Wfwt, / Mfli, nmh Wl»^Wt 1nV W B IIWV P^WWI lflwb#v* iyn,^cmhflv«n(ymw^ ft wood* Mater BRon finlflr,u «Mi fiftvlwc ilidm t* Ihs 7W deck* Mir nt-ki Ml. wait-out tamnt wod Mcond Ut and nudmwijdllt! VKMIOIR mmm (908) CUSTOM NEW HOMES HEN (3P&UP Committment lo excellence In quality construction is our tradesyslcnti, and excellent Khooli 30 day delivery on CEfO"URY2lWortlen4Green Premier location, belltr than new ] yen p \ M on US Kiti, Features 2 story foyer, k\k imt ^ «l-in kilchen w/plcklcd ctmit^ pnl room vilh eatmril celling,! k) p cellni lo floor Itrephct, i lo I Mm Including master Mmom Hilt with whirlpool, 3 car pnjt, fuh butmeat. Why nilforyour drttm houm to be built, when It's waiting for you. CMItodayfofan afipolntmcnt. ERA Classic Livliig Kealry Hie "Devonshire", a mifjuificent Cieorglan Colonial * on almost 3 acres In Ihc Llslmc Seclion of Colonia, 57Dti sq t featuring 5 fireplaces, maid's quarters, & much more. k impressivt slow entrance Ids lo one of llie loveliest pnprlki In llie SBMIKI Hi, lid on I3J tod, wiled acres«and graced by a waterfall-tliis exceptional estate featurts 5 bedrooms, i full bull!, anil i recently added Great (519,900 This M m, M bath, J'year-old ( M i l itaiurti vaulted c t m p in the family room, as well as balcony and spiral slnrasej A circular djive kadi M J I I M I C M M H I M mhoodomiriiforiiy iwm-m«*urarf *#N"'l*«*. 1 olpclw hh fakm; i^bma ttcaa IncMc three fitptwi, I b Ml awl Ho U\ Ui\ uuni, doimlic luitt, i dick nltndlni thi l«r«th of tht bofflf, ay«fhbnd full knrlh,., : i, 1 I ' I! I l l I I ' l I I ' I i'' 't '"

59 RealEstate New homes are springing up for summer season (Continued from page 10) Blue Ridge Estates is conveniently located near Route 78, Route 22. and only minutes from the Bridgewater Commons. The development can be reached by taking Route 78 West to exit 24. Proceed left on 523 South to your first right on Halls Mill Road, Turn right on Taylors Mill Road, and take your second left to the sales center on right ; Blue Ridge estates is open Saturday & Sunday noon-500 pm t or make an appointment by calling Evan Squire, new homes manager for Century 21 Worden & Green at or This exclusive new SCHLOTT RMUTORS S24M00 JUtT UK! NIWI CompltMy rrawtid 7 room split Itvfl. 3 btdram, 1.S Bath, ownlnd 2 eir gang* pkw low UKN. Ctot«to trantporwian. CMtor (. TODAY YOU FOUND THI PIRPICT HOW Georgian Brick Center Mall colonial featuring 6 bedrooms, 3,5 baths, Nanny or Mother-in-law Suite, finished bsmt, screened porch & 14 x 25 deck. Quiet cul-de-sac in Sleepy Hollow. SPL1754 FANWOOD $189,900 ALL THE "I WANTS" Immaculate Split in move in condition. Featuring spacious living rm w/large picture window, formal dining rm w/slidtng glass door to beautiful Florida rm. 3 brms, 1.5 baths & much more. SPL1790 SCOTCH PLAINS 310 Park Avenue OFFICE HOURS: Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. 9 p.m. Saturday & Sunday, 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. - '.. :!.' ' )ll(.,llt I. II. M1HIUH (..M1 i,uh N.IIK > #1'I-1 * tll.l. MtK I I.Uli ll.mtl < ' ' I * homes community is being marketed faylandscaped paddotk on Augusta Court, Ontury 21 Worden fc Green's New Homes Division, located at 400 Route 206, Hillsborough. > Whether viewed by golfers from the fifth fairway of its Recs Jones-designed golf course or by guests and neighborsfrom the OO lavithmaol QfMt nartif homel Deep property, porch, fun but* fnifii) Uiif OWfifr, J DfufDQfflS. OOnVtntirn TO ehogfcs, shopping and transportation. 8PL1782 SCOTCH PLAINS 1239,900 THIS IS NOT A RIM IY Yound Colonial features 2.5 baths, family rm w/ frptco, rec rm w/wet bar, deck, central air. Walk to NYC transport & grade school. Can you ask for anything more? SPL1779 SCOTCH PLAINS $399,000 CUM AMAL Magnificent custom built Ranch on acre of land. Largt ent halt & dbt door entry, Ail spacious rms, sunken living rm, fam rm w/frptee, huge dining rm, updated kit & baths. A must seal) SPL1791 COLOUJCU. SCHLOTT REALTORS* Cherry Valley's premiere Showcase Home Is an impressive sight "This on*of+kind home is grand in every sense of the wort," said Frank C. Weed, vice president and general manager for DXM Residential Properties Corp., developer of the 644-acrc master planned countiy club community near Princeton, "Families will be especially impressed with the special features in this home because everywhere they look they'll discover something exciting and dramatic happening," Mr. Weed emphasized, noting The Grand Cambcrley is the first or several showcase homes to be built at Cherry Valley by DKM's Chcrty Valley Construction Company. The four-bedroom, three and a half bath residence, whose rear elevation overlooks the fifth hole of the community's 18-hole golf course, has more than 4,200 square feet of living space highlighted by a 22-foot-high interior stairwell that opens to an octagonal gallery with a double tray ceiling on the second floor. The "arrival experience" in the two-story main entry foyer begins with a grand staircase which sets the tone for what families can expect to discover elsewhere in the home. Among those discoveries arc a 500- plus square foot guest suite with its own entry and staircase; a hearth room with see-thru fireplace; decorative wood columns that frame room entries and define living spaces; a unique combination of ceiling treatments that add character and dimension to each room; and engaging interior merchandising by award-winning interior designer Kay Green of Orlando, Fla Four columns and an arched entry with decorative entablature lend a touch of elegance to the living room with its 13-foot flat ceiling and fireplace. The dining room - designed for formal entertaining - is defined by two columns, a bay window, and double Ircnch doors that open to the hearth room with thru-views to the outside. The home's interior living space is amplified by volume ceilings, divided-light windows with transoms, and windows along the entire rear elevation which provide unobstructed views of the back yardterraceand golf course. Upstairs, the lavishly appointed master suite occupies half the floor space. A double tray ceiling with crown moulding, private sitting room with built-in wet bar and media center, and spacious his and hers walk-in wardrobes highlight the master suite, while the attractive master bath boasts a garden whirlpool tub tucked beneath a bay window, an octagonal tray ceiling, dual-sink vanity with wrap-around mirrors, and glass-enclosed shower. For additional information about Cherry Valley, visit the sales center at 1544 The Great Road in Montgomery Township, between Cherry Valley Road and Route 518, or call (609) , Sourland Associates, Inc, the developers of Dogwood Meadows, a prestigious New Homes subdivision in Ncshanic, proudly announce the availability of their newest standing model, The Chelsea. The Chelsea, like all of Sourland Associates fine custom homes, features an extensive array of ammenities and upgrades that will distinguish the residence from all others. All Dogwood Meadow homos provide the homeowner with features for both luxury and convenience, two- and three-car ga- (Mouse turn to pngc 20)

60 A Fbftnt NiMpipifV ouppiflwrt May 19-21, Sgambettera will head Burgdorff office mi Dten potted manager of the Mrtuchen ot- IlOe 01 BUrfOOrn, VWMBIB. An Edton resident, Ms. Sgambettera has been a reel estate professional since She holds the professional designations of Graduate, Realtor Institute, and Certified Residential Specialist as well as a broker's license. Ms. Sgambettera has qualified for the New Jersey Association of Rearm 1 Mion Dottar Sates Club every year since She is a member of the Middlesex and Wesrtekj Boards of Realtors. The Metuchen dice of Burgdorff is one of 33 company branches throughout New Jersey and Fsnntylvania Ms. Sgambettera wi replace Qfnny Rabe as head of the office. Ms. Rabe ^ assume leadership of a new branch opening in Remington. WmteWno recently joined the fiemardsvitte office of Wetchert, as a sales associate. A recently licensed real estate professional Ms. Oimichino Is a member of the Somerset Board of Realtors. Before joining Weichert, she was a teacher and property manager. She was also employed as a project manager for Silver Burden Ginn Educational Publishers. A resident of Mendham, she holds a bachelor's degree in education/psychology from Kean College. * # Louise Ketoher, a sales associate with Wetehert, Realtors Watchung office, has earned the office's Top Producer awardtorthe most listings during April. A 25-year veteran of real estate, she is a member of the Somerset and Middlesex counties Boards of Reators, and the Summit, PttnWd and WestfWd boards, Sue Trembly has joined The Prudential Win* hold Realty as a sales associate. Ms. Trembly has more than eight years experience in real estate. The Prudential Winhold Realty was founded in It is an independently owned and operated member of the Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc., the real estate franchise subsidiary of The Prudential. # * * A sales associate with Weichert, Realtors Watchung office, Peter Engelmann has captured the office's Top Producer award for the most sales in April, Mr. Engelmann has listed and sold real estate for two years. He is a member of the Somerset County Board of Realtors. In 1992, he earned membership in the company's Marketed Club, and received a Top Producer award for October. He is a resident of Gladstone. (Please tum to page 17) Experts in Residential Sales Over $55,000,000 in closed sales. RANALD C. BROWN' 1W4 Washington ViN«y Road, Box 68 HMRTINSVILLE, NEW JERSEY Realtor-Insurer Kite Lund, en Broker-Owner Mary Luplnl Mtiu er-owittr This team is working together to serve you better, combining years of success with hundreds of satisfied clients and customers. Members of the MLS in Middlesex, Somerset & Union Counties They sell houses and plenty of them! Did you say you wanted a wooded setting? O*LcSSl 6f acres - 5 bedrooms - 3Vi baths 30' x 40' barn» riding ring wooded seclusion + great houwll P.S. Heated in-ground pool for sumertime enjoyment!!! 14e),700 RANCH t U P H I M!! Quatty cuttom 3 bedroom ranch w/wnehed full famementl! 2-car oven!z«0 garage! FIRST TIME OFFERED! North Edison - You'll lose yourself and the stress of the day in this beautiful setting in one of Edison's favorite neighborhoods. Could you find a more peaceful abode? This Colonial Split offers three targe bedrooms and two and one-half baths. The dining room overlooks the backyard and the living room has a traditional fireplace $244,700 "COLONIAL IUPRIMI' 1 Ntw roof, siding, heating & cooling, kitchen, to. m acre wooded lotl! Family room w/ fireplace. FIRST TIME OFFERED!! SOUTH BOUND MOOK $117,770 2.FAMILY Spacious 3 bedrooms each unit! Full basemenl great mother/daughter or investment!i each office Ifldepeafatly owned k opemed and hardwood floors for a classic look. The warmth of the eat-inkitchen and the large family room will make your days very comfortable. Picture yourself in the backyard with the sweet sounds and smells of summertime and move right into luxury where you'll enjoy many colorful seasons. Call Kate or Mary for a private showing. Offered for sale $269,900 Re/Max Realty Center 75 Lincoln Highway (Rt.27) Berg Building Iselin.N) MaryLupini Kate Lund, crs Broker-Owners» * A 4

61 16 - May 19-21, T9& A Forbes Newspapers Supplement Spectacular Mountaintop Settings Distinctive Homes Priced from the Mid-$300,000's Four Models HORIZONS Ol I M ( f \ 11 U : I'XISI "\4 4f> t MIMU PRESENTED BY THE REALTORS OF SOMERSET COUNTY 2 EXCEPTIONAL PROPERTIES BEING OFFERED IN BRIDGEWATER BERNARDS VHP. S231.M0 WlN built 3 bedroom. 2'fi bath ranch with lovely icreened-in porch BERNARDSVIUE tn0,mo Reedy to mo* into tint pferfewonihy decorated 3 bedroom, 2 biflh Cape, Dec*, Fenced kennel, one CM m. QMflC TEWKSBUHY SMI.000 MUHTWOON COUNTY Reproduction mbqut cotowal on U acres with great views. 3 bedrooms &»pi. over garege. *v» bathe. CAUTON NUNTEROON COUNTY $189,900 NEW LISTING 4 bedroom, 1V2 baths historic Colonial, move-in condition. Booth Agency Inc. P.O. BOX 249,139 MORRISTOWN ROAD BERNARDSVIUE, NEW JERSEY (908) $164,000 - "NEW USTNQ" - IM> MACULATE 4 6EDWOOM W E COO FEATURnQ nw M*in wfndowi, MW Nfll VMn BfCyffQnl, QM hnl (1M7), HfV ran DMtrTwnit i yvv on OIPI, mo 1 m fltftgi. 00N7 MISS THIS ONE. $108,000 4/8 btfroom ip«hvh. FMturn Indudi mw windowii ntw kkchon waxim-in ntowwvt, CAC, 2 U twtfw, orhfwd poreh A prtlo. IDEAL FOR THE OfiOWWO FAMILY. SOMERSET REAL ESTATE AGENCY SI MAIN SIHI ( I SOMf fiv?** BRIOGEWATER $419,000 BRIDGEWATER $169,900 OPPORTUNITY KNOCKING Cuttom CotonW tq ft. w/5 &dn, 3 preitigioui nftgntexttood. Home needs work, in New Comtructan «an ttoott* prieil 3 KM, bathi, hih tmmti*, opdoml Dreplioi I gtragt. BRANCHBURQ $369,000 MONTGOMERY $309,900 «Up Not your nmgt CotoniiU Feeturei?1,I6 gr U < room «^lh*dril cetfng \ fpl Open lo kit. 4 taf.,n ««tt» tormel Wog room t tern, rm, Preview our mtgnftcfnt CotonM X pfe-conttruction price. Four-five bedroom nomet range from 3140 to 4575 iq.«. 8M Murw H c*t uno^groond UHWM. WOOCBD 115,000. RARITAN 2dm»y w/ooltigt (3tamely).2 car ttachetf gtvagt lot, 125'«1249, West High Street Somerville, New Jersey (908) P.O. Box 216 Rarltan, NJ (908) rji::: v '*ii i. : 'i : /A;'i-'i' l >:iv<f '# * -i

62 A Fofta Nswiptpm Supptonwnt RealEstate May 19-21, NJAR honors Bressman (Continued from page 16) Brtuman, an associate with!* Prudtntial Wlnhokf Rtafty, Inc. of Metuchen, has been named to the state Million Dollar Club for 1992 A club member every year since 1963, she was named Middlesex County Realtor Associate of the Year in 1990, Ms. Bressman is the only sales associate on the executive committee of the board of directors of the New Jersey Association of Realtors. She is also chairwoman of the NJAR Sales Associate Committee, the Million Dollar Club and the program commrttee tor Middlesex County, and serves on the strategic planning committee. *» * BatoM Goodman, an associate with Tht Prutantial Wlnhokt Really, Inc., recently completed the Graduate Realtor Institute courses in Freehold. Students who complete all the classes in the GRI program are awarded the nationally recognized designation of Graduate, Realtor Institute. Graduates receive 90 classroom hours of real estate instruction, with emphasis on topics such as real estate law, professional standards and ethics, construction and energy, and specialized areas such as appraisal, financing, brokerage, real estate investment and property management The designation is awarded exclusively to members of the New Jersey Association of Realtors. * * * Patricia M. SlkudnsM, a sales associate with Wetehtrt, Beaton' Westfield office, has earned membership in the 1992 New Jersey Assocwpon of Realtors Million Dollar Club. Ms. SJkudnsW has listed and sold real estate tor nine years. She has earned membership in the company's 1992 Ambassador's Club and Its M t a Dollar Sales and Marketed Dubs. In 1993, she earned the office's Associate of r z...,-...?; j the Month award tor having the highest sales in March. She resides in Garwood. * * * Patricia Moxgal, an associate with Tne Prudential WlnhoW Realty in Metutfien recently completed the Graduate Realtor Institute courses in Freehold. By completing the GRI courses a real estate professional qualifies for the nationally recognized Graduate, Realtor Institute designation. In 1992, Ms. Mozgai was named salesperson of the month for February and November, and was named to the state Million Dollar Sales Club. * * Carol Lyons, a Realtorassociate with Waietwrt Realtors' Westfield office, was recently honored as a New Jersey Association of Realtors Million DoHar Club Silver Award winner at the Westfield Board of Realtors Awards Banquet held at the Chaticlair. Membership at the Silver Level requires more than $5 million in closed real estate transactions. Ms. Lyons has been a Million Dollar Club winner every year since she entered real estate in She was also honored as a Weichert's President's Club member in 1992, placing her among the top 1 percent of Weichert associates. * * * Gwtn Cohen, a real estate professional for four years, has joined the Warren office of Burgdorff Realtors. A member of the Somerset County Board of Realtors, she earned various production awards with her previous employers. Ms. Cohen is a native of Long Island, N.Y., and has lived in Warren since t * * Lou Ftruoto, a sales associate with Weichert, Realtors' WestiteW office, has earned membership In the state Million Dollar Club. A licensed broker, he has listed (Please tumjo^pacje 18)^.»,» Horizons offers a view of the highest quality (Continued from page 4) tirely mirrored sliding doors, embrace a short hallway leading to the master bath whore one finds ceramic tile, sidc-by-sidc vanity sinks, and the crowning whirlpool tub. Three additonal bedrooms, and a full bath, each finely detailed, round out the second story. The classic Orion has a similar mm, CLARK FANTASTIC FAMILY HOME Col/St in prestigious Urexel Mill - Great im w/ full wall brick fpl. Country kit w/custom oak, banquet sz FDR. CAC, 42N Heat. Every Amenity. 5th Bfl or Den Grade fewl. CHI $319,000. WF grand layout Nine-foot ceilings on the first floor are standard in both homes, and in the other models available at Horizons. Other standard features include 8-foot ceilings on the second floor, hardwood floors in entry foyers, oak stair treads and rails, carpet in all other areas, a whirlpool tub, ceramic tile in baths, 42-inch high mirrors for,: v FAMWO00 ONE FLOOR LIVING Urge property enhances this 2 bath ranch featuring gang*, dining room, patio and close to everything, Call $179,000. WF-4098 MOUNTAINSIDE EXECUTIVE RANCH tn excmive location enhanced by rragnhtctnt minicured grounds, pristine condition w/many amenities Call G $389,000. WF V.i$>v7J aaaa^t^ajt^ v* : "^ ' T^i^fiM. -r'^l^sfr? tern Weichert Realtors length of vanities in all baths, fireplaces, ventilated shelving in ail clostes, and built-in dishwasher. Attention is also given to energy efficiency and securitj', with twozone forced air heat, insulated steel entry doors, and optional intercom/ security systems. For more information about Horizons at Green Brook, call CRANFORD AMERICAN CUS8IC DESIGN) Charming, bright home situated on?co' deep lot. Quiet street, enc. sun porch, foimal LR, DR. ElKit, 3 BRi, Orange Ave School District Wont Last! Call S $179,900. WF-4109 INTAIN8IDE PACKED WITH PIZAZZ Mint cond, dwelling in great location. 2 tiered deck w/vlew of park like prop., LR OH, KIT FR 3 BRS 2Vt Bit. Call $334,900 WF-4096 ' SCOTCH PLAINS INCOMPARABLE ESTATE Country ranch typo opulence, shingle IV* story on acres in serene surroundings, large closets gourmet kitchen, fabulous great room, glass watts, winding drive, lush gardens. Call , WF-3734 &**?,

63 18 -M a y 19-21,1993 RealEstate A fortes Newspapers Supplement Masters Club honors Bell for sales level (Continued from page 17) and sold homes for 14 years. Mr. Faruolo is a member oi the Professional Standards Committee and a past chairman of the Equal Opportunity Committee. He has earned numerous awards for his sates performance, including membership in the Million Dollar Club every year since 1984, and membership in the ~^ y s 1992 Million Ooltar Sales ana marketed Clubs. He was also Sales Associate of the MonthtorDecember, He is a longtime resident of Fanwood. * * t Judy Bell, a sales associate with Century 21 Taylor & Love in Westfield, was recently honored at the Masters Club, a gathering of top Century 21 agents from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Ms. Bell earned membership in the Masters Club by selling $4,5 million worth of real estate In She was also honored as one of the top selling agents at Century 21 Taylor & Love. She has been working in real estate for the 13 Realty notes years. She resides in Cranford, # * «Patricia Connotty, an associate with Burgdorff, Realtors' Westfeld office, has earned the New Jersey Association of Realtors' Silver Achievement Award, and the company's Presi-. dent's Club, with more than $5 million in closed t * * Stow Lttoetfn, a sales associate with Cokfcvaff Banker ScMotfa Hffls< borough office, has been named the office's top sales associate of the month. transactions in A consistent producer, Ms, Connolly has been a member of the Million Dollar Sales Club every year since She has earned numerous office awards, including ones for production, listings, and salesperson of the month. Ms, Connolly resides in Mountainside. Mr. Lebedin produced a greater sales and listings volume during January and March than any other associate in his office, A reel estate professional for 17 years, he is an active member of the Somerset) Hunterdon and Mercer counties Boards of Realtors. A consistent high achiever since entering real estate, he has frequently been cited as a top producer. Mr, Lebedin is a member of the New Jersey Association of Realtors Million Dollar Club from , and of the company's President's/Direcior's Club. He resides in Montgomery. t * t Belly Lynch, a sales associate and assistant manager with WWchert, Readort 1 WestWd office, has earned membership in the 1992 New Jersey State Mion Dollar dub, at the silver IAUAI Ms. Lynch has listed and sold homes tor 20 years, and is a licensed broker. She is a member of the vvostmd, Summit, Middlesex, Somerset and' Greater Eastern Union for more than 20 years, Ms. Mc- County Boards of Realtors. She has Carthy has been an associate with earned members hip in Ihe com-weichert since She is a mem- pany's 1992 Ambassador's Club and its Million Dollar Sales and Marketed Clubs. She has lived in Scotch Plains tor 17 years. * t The Real Etta* School of Central New Jerety has entered into a partnership agreement with the state Department of Labor's Workforce Development Program. Under the agreement, qualified applicants will have the pre-kcensing tuition paid in lull. Upon graduating, they will be directed to brokers who have openings for new Sales Associates. A master list of brokers is being prepared for submission to the state. Brokers interested in being included may call Jack R. Lindquisi at , or Batten A. McCarthy, a sales associate with Wetchart, RaaNort' West&eW office, has achieved membership in the 1992 New Jersey Association of Realtors Mion Dollar Club. A licensed real estate professional ber of the Westfield, Summit, Somerset, Middlesex, and Greater Eastern Union County Boards of Realtors, and serves on the education committee of the Westfield Board. Ms. McCarthy has earned membership in the company's 1992 Million Dollar Sales and Marketed Clubs, and received the offices Associate of the Month award during 1991 and She also received a regional resale marketed listing award in She is a longtime resident of Union County. * * * To be Included m Realty Notts, send a prase release and photograph to: Evelyn Haw Real Estate Editor Forbes Newspapers p.0. BOX m SOfRSIVMOt NJ For more WormaUor^ C M 722* An Open Invitation ', kfrom 10-4 fnn^ wt invite jfoti to dincooer the cluirm & character pflvyfixh Vilhyje (HHUIOminium*. you?h t jitll in loot with our 1, 2 on 3 hedihhhto condominium* which are constructed and de*{gttcd with true twrofteatf/faoor- in a, hit booksttti/(y t (m CONDOMINIUMS 117 Prospect Afenue, Cnnford, NI REAL ESTATING With Anita & Chris Malo ItawfcmmtMb Save Thousands! Buying a borne? Most buyer* arrange their purchase with combination of down-payment ind i thirty-year mortgage- By (retching payments out over a long period tay thirty yean they an reduced to an affordable level. Take, for example, a home telling for $100,000. Buyen might pay $20,000 at a downpayment, and finance the balance of $80,000 for 30 yean at li% in* tenit. Paymcnli for principal and interest would amount to per month. At the end of the loan, after 360 payments, a tolal of $221, mould have been paid back on the original $10,000 mortgage. Doea that aound high? Want to know how to lave $62, and pay off the mortgage in only IBM yew? The answer it simple. Pay and extra $100 per month, along with the regular $615,13 payment. By paying a little extra each month, the principal balance is reduced more quickly. This reiulti in leas interest each month which, in turn, accelerates the principal payoff even more. The result? The loan is paid in leu than nineteen yean. Before paying extra each month, verity with the lender that you can man extra payments to principal. If so, make a separate check for $100, and kfcnluv that is h to applied against principal. Here's an alternative that a n save you even more. Many mortgage leaders offer interest rales that are Vi% lower if you borrow for only 15 yean The tame $80,000 loan set up at 8% for 15 yean, would bear payments of $ Over fiflcen yean, you would save an additional $21,669,01 over the earilier example. That's an impressive total savings of $83, over what you would have paid on a thirty-year mortgage. Ask a real estate agentfor information about other mortgage plans currently available. Tnere are marry, and the likelihood ia high that there is one perfectly suited to your financial needs. Whtthtr you pkn to tyisdt foe* or 206,Btdmin*r Title insurance can protect home investment y JOf MANCUIO Regional Director, Century 21 of the Northeast A new home is a substantial investment and most likely the largest purchase you'll ever make. like any investment, buying a home can be a calculated risk. That's why each homeowner should consider the type of protection only title insurance can provide. A title is proof of property ownership and it extends to the owner the right to legally occupy and use the property. In order to grant you title insurance, a title company must first conduct a search through public records to learn if any judgments have been filed against the seller which may lay claim to the title of his or her property. Without title insurance, however, an owner's claim to the property may be jeopardized by several undisclosed threats. Title insurance protects a homeowner against these threats, such as liens, a forged deed, an illegal title transfer or an invalid divorce. If your title is challenged by one or more of these threats, you could eventually suffer the complete loss of your home and property. Even in less extreme cases, any claim against your title would more than likely result in a time-consuming and costly legal battle. Title insurance, therefore, is vital to defend any claims against your title - your (Please turn to page 19)

64 RealEstate May 19-21, Fixed, ARMs depend on realtor for rates QWhat ITS tht current interest rates and points? Cumnt 30-year had rate is Tk percent with three One-year Attygablo Rate Mortgages are at 4tt percent, Ihree points. Check with your Realtor to provide quotes, * * Q How much wih t need for closing costs? Depending on the amount of down payment and mortgage ^program (e i. points), a general rule o( thumb Is 4 4 percent of the purchase price of the home. Q How much of a mortgage do I qualify lor? mts oepenos on me /^strength of the buyer's quawca- ' *ttons, such as downpayrnents, credit history, job status, and mortgage program desired. Check with your Realtor for proper guidelines and direction. A typical example would be percent of your gross income cannot exceed one month's proposed PHI payment. Q How are the schools in the A We recommend that the pur chaser contact the schools or visit the schools for first hand knowledge. CaN the superintendent of schools, or have the ReaMor provide the school information, such as SAT scores, doftars spent per pupil, and student-teacher rattos. ^What inspections should be llperformed when purchasing? We recoornmend having a home inspection by a quaffed as v*i as a termite and radon inspection. Fees vary. If the home has a well and/or septic system, these functions should be inspected as well. * * Q What about recreation, shopping and major transportation? A Have your Realtor provide you with this Information, as Wei as giving you an area tour to determine if that area is being considered. Q A Q What about crime rates in the area? The local police can provide this information. * * How can I find out what may be built in any undeveloped areas around my home? AWith your Realtor's help, go to the local municipal offices - building department, zoning office, planning board, health department. This will give you a good idea as to what will happen, or could happen in the future. QWho should I useforattorney, inspections and mortgages? AHave your Realtor provide at least three names of each, cad all and do some research on your own. Don't forget to askfortheir fee structures. *: Questions tnd answers wen prok)dtymitl$tp Golden Key in Pte*my. Title insurance can protect you (Continued from page 18) legal claim of ownership. If your title is challenged, a title company will pay to defend your rights in court Even if you lose a court case, your title company will reimburse you for the full amount of the policy. Once purchased, your title insurance will protect you as long as you legally own the property. The owner's title insurance policy is usually paid by the home seller. By paying for the owner's policy, the seller is providing a sign of good faith, assuring that the title is in good standing. Another type of title insurance is called a mortgage or loan policy. This is paid for by the buyer and is usually required by the mortgage lender. A loan policy protects the mortgage lender from similar undisclosed threats, and It guarantees that the lender will receive payment if the properly is somehow lost to another claim. The fee for title insurance differs little among the various companies which oiler it. Many companies oiler different types of policies, however, that range Irani limited coverage to the full purchase price of your property. Considering that your home may be one of your largest investments, you should consult your rebl estate attorney or your title company before closing to learn about the extent of your individual title insurance policy. HOUSE OF THE WEEK SCOTCH PUINS $169,900 A bay window brightens the living room and the Andersen windows In the kitchen's dining area overlook the deck. There are 2 bedrooms and full bath on the first floor, 2 bedrooms and half bath on the second floor. Set in a family neighborhood! Call us today for your tour! REALTY, «.*c. REALTOR 44ILM ST. WMTPHLO.jW. of lirtdmirk Service CLARK Oversized New CUftK - Starter home, 3 England Cape, 4 Dr's Br's, very spacious, good FDR, Fpfc in LR CMNFORD - Split level, new custom EIK, Fam. Rm, CAC CLARK OFFICE 777 Rarltan Road CRANPORD 3 BR stone ranch, Ig. lot, coioweu BAN me* a SCHLOTT REALTORS'

65 20-May 19-21,1993 RealEstate A FbrbM Naswptpen Supplement Deed transfers listed in counties Herxy S. & Tracie A. Wemef to Roger Mickus, 57 CbNWtoi Court $54,000 Donald G. & Elizabeth N. Meyw to John D. & Adrienne L Kiss*, 2020 Imrtnfrn Road $800,000 Hills Dev. Co. to Perry A. & Julie I. Gandeimaa 2 Pheasant Brook Court, $149,000 BRIDGEWATER John E. Hollingswortri to Imrarn Quraishi, 4 Charles St., 3123,525 Florence Osborn to Van Holten Group Inc. 875 Country Club Road, $100,000 Cardinal Ridge to John V. & Maria Fleming, 4 Gushing Drive, $612,500 K. Hovnanian at Bridgewater to Helen M. Saunders, 704 Dunn Circle, $113,346 CRANFORD English Viage Associates to Beverly J. Walsh, 217 Protpoct Ave., $116,990 Lisa & Hegedus Sanders to Lisa Sanders, 217 Prospect Ave., $31,480 New Jersey Realty & Thompson to Wanda Faulcon, Wade & Lambert St., No. 43A, $89,900 JohnJ.CofleytoJamesP.Coffey, 118 Gtttow* m Road, 511,000 W/O Herbert Mazur-Fitz to Philip & Joanne McGovern, 131 Mo- NHMk Drtvt, $160,000 EDISON Young Sup & Jung Soon Part to Christopher Lambert ef ut, 8 Burlington Court, $247,500 Annette Laino ef al. to Robert & Cheryl Newman, 63 Carriage Place, $210,000 Ellen R, Kabot to Robert J. Lowery, 2 Dobaon Road, $80,000 Eugene & Louise Greco to Michael & Astrid Roppo, 129 Floyd St., $148,000 FRANKLIN K. Hwnanian at Somerset to Eric Q. & Tracy D. Koegler, 4 Arthur GHck Blvd., Franklin Park, $102,756 William H. Gager to Robert A. & Joan M. Bartash, 1555 Canal Road, Franklin, $62,500 K. Hovnanian at Somerset to Albert Smith & Belinda Cook, 26 Columbus Drive, Franklin Park, $114,457 K. Hovnanian al Somerset to Aimee B. Union & F. Gersch. 73 Columbus Drive, Franklin Park, $110,223 GARWOOD Frances Baton & R. Urcivoli to William H. Hinkle, 18 North Ave, $140,000 GREEN BROOK Dennis M. & Mane Stamken to David D. & Anita B. Callahan. 1 Estel Place, $178,000 George Seonbuchner to Scott & Amy Rieger, 352 W. Route 22, Property $160,000 Nancy Soknani Bottini to John A. & Linda Zarnick, 2 Andrew St, $149,000 HIUSBOROUGH Glen Meadows Inc. to Catherine Catalano, 34 Bloomlngdale Drive, No. 23, Somerville, $124,990 Holland Dev. Corp. to Dennis M. & Marie A, Stamken, 4 Carroll Drtve, SomervHIe, $330,000 Anthony Dalesandro ef a', to Robert A. & Joanne HaJa. 12 Claramont Drtve, Somervtlle, $105,000 Crestmont HHI Inc. to Carl E. & Patricia A. Fritz, 15 Crammer Lane, SomerviHe, $193,655 Crestmont Hills Inc. to Gary M. & Sherry L Frederick, 24 Crestmorrt DnVe, Somerville, $201,437 KENILWORTH Donald & Diane fl. Coraggio to Donald P. Coraggio Sr V«fnon Ave., $73,750 Rahway Valley Railroad to Hayden D. Infantino, North 19th St, $15,000 Theodore C. Woodward to Phyllis Lamorte & I Ponsoda, 230 N. 21*81, $143,500 Wallace A. & Rose Gunton to Pasquale & Donald Soorese, 326 MonroaAvt., $100,000 James J. Ferns & P. DeMarco to Frank V. DeBiase & J.C. Schiff, 33 N. 23rd St, $148,000 METUCHEN Marjone S. Jeney to Robert & Patricia Sharkey, 124 Hlltokto Avt., $235,000 Helen Jean Deverin to Ronald L. & Chartene Ntcholls, 111 Hollywood Ave., $140,000 SGC Federal Credit Union to Jimmy & Senella Glover, 178 Newman St, $65,000 John T. & Tammy Ann Andreacio to Daniel G. O'Netl, 209 Rose St., $100,000 Charles J. Cunningham to John P. Dallessandro, 25 Van Buran Ave., $172,000 PISCATAWAY Hobel Eric Heinz to Andrew & Alicia Squires, 1500 Albert St., $124,500 David Properties Inc. to Steven W. & Anuradha Spear, 8 Bev Ave., 5252,000 Richard Scott et al. to Barbara Scott, 92 Bret St., $65,865 Joseph & Rita D. Slivinski to Diane E. McNalty of at., 60 Charles Terrace, $114,000 Francis X. & P McDermott, 940 Wyandotte Trail, $495,000 CENTRAL JERSEY MORTGAGE RATES Lmcter. Cltw Phona i Bay Csy MoftQtQi«Hultt l ' ' ' I UMQII H-ttT-4111 N-Mt- Ml APrl»VRF1XED i9fflrxed OTHER I MTf FTS ATE m APR ft* Ml 7. utm '.«IL7ll.tll aoomtl m-mm mfm tm JM\ Canav Faoi NvtfiQSfPnnoMOft vanani anajv ovvt, nwonung Cnotoe) MortQAQti Monte PMNM UMWTwin ajnajv uo,,riiwiuwi Mt-M44 Mtlr.ll! 7.I7 LMf.0t 144-tMI tS SMlT.7IO.OO7.7t fn-tn-mu SM MSa.0t7.4f CftotmontFotflStvingt.Clarfc m-itr-eaai 1 MS too 7.N Dootoft Mtg lom f RocnoNo Pfc. IN-trt-tt* SM MS Eittpipo tlongojgo Co M 8om fvim MI * MO MS I EojuMy FlniftcW»Okl Bridgo INUt-HM MS MSt First Not'l Mtgo Exeh.JMity City MI r.m SS Fint tarings Bank 8U,E4toon m-im-44m 911 r.ts ioo 7.00 First Security tftgo.ruthoitord n\ TM SS -UT-I7M anms NBtrgM MI 1M S0 RAMA H Mi King Morto^go Corp., CNnon I N M-MW SMp.iS MO i-07t-11m Mtb.TS 1.< VN v otm v WW HilfiW 4T*vv sticojl Monoicli8vgsBinkF88 l Cloifc m-tu-tm MLM loo Mortgage Money Mart, Edison Mortgage) 8e)fvio# Co,8ofnafiat Naway Rnandal 8wi M N.PInfM i'l ( MllOWOil M-Mt-fVIO 0 r.os t.00 7.S0 -Ml-Mti 0* MS S IN-4M-4I4I its r.ts too H/f I r.ts S M-40M STfb.TS NJ Homo Funding Oroup ( Ed*too N-IM-44M Or.oo so MS M0-M4-M91 N/f MS LM 7..M M-U1-MS rost.79 7,; m M-m-uutM 7.tS tn-1 7M-4OT Op.M100 TM- SMV.ttiaa Ml- 7tp.aS S.M LOS 100 us s.ot LSS 100 M7,M i LOS ISO Ml LM IS MS 0.00 MS ISO MS M MS 7.01,75 ISO MS ISS 2.00 MS M I.IS t.m 7.09.M SS S.M MS S M 100 ISO IN U t.907.1S MS r.2s ISS ITS 7.07 I.7S t US LOS MS S MIMIMAI 141M M1.Mlt4A 7.ttt.tt7.ttt Mt1.tt7.ttl 1.M7.MF t9 9.0O7.S7B) so t7i m A S,tt A ttlto7.tt8 M 0.00 M/P L SSA ts IM Its A, lit A B as0.m7.7so as o.oo HP E O0 0.t0 7.ttO 7Mt.75 7.MJ IM 100 S.S1 A ISO A M 2.79 l7st.ios.1sa ISO 2.90 ISO Mt.00 5.MA SOS A.8t1.tOS.t4A MlttlttK M 100 LISA Mt.M4.MA SO t.m IMA,tt IN H/f A H A M/P B.ttt.ttt.1tA ttt.ttt.1tl LttltOUSA M1.80 N/PD 2SS.00S.t2C StO.O01S4A H/f Nff (A)1 YR ARM (B)30 YR JUMBO (Q5/2S <0)7/» (E)HOME EOUTY (F)10 YR FIXED (G)7 YR BALLOON I (H FHA (1)5 YR BALLOON (4NOWC.18 YR(K)t8YR JUMBO (U5/1 (M)JUMBO,IMT ONLY 10 YR8 m nt-mqut FAM1Y HOMCS -M 4tf totk -AT CLOIWO * -CMOff MIOBIIMIOAMS AVAL New homes (Continued from page 14) basements, first floor laundry rooms, Anderson high performance windows, maintenance (Vee exteriors, sewer and water. All of these features arc standard. Superbly detailed, this model features ceramic tile baths, oak stair rails, and elegant custom-crafted kitchen cabinets. Dogwood Meadows is marketed by Century 21 Worden & Green, 400 Route 20*i in Hillsborough. To visit Dogwood Meadows, take Route 206 to Aniwcll Hoad (Itte 514), go west on Amwell to Murray Drive. Make n left onto Murray Drive to the first right onto Dogwood Drive The snlos office is open noon-5 p.m., Saturday and Sunday, or by appointment by culling , for Kviin Squire, New Homos Marketing Manager for Century 21 Worden and (JIVCMI. For Woodfield at Piscataway, a prime location is one of many more attractive features the development has to offer. And the pricing of its beautilui three- and four bedroom homes are well within the reach of the most careful, quality-minded homebuyer. The development consists of 146 colonial and traditionally styled homes, starting from $174,900. The models are open 10 a.m.-5 p.m., seven days a week. To visit Wood- Held, take Route 287 to River Hoad (Exit 5). Turn east onto River, then right onto WyckofT Avenue. Make the first right onto Lynnwood Street to Woodlicld. * Winston Farms in the Koxiticus Valley section of Mcndhnm Township blends three different styles, all equally grand, in three magnificent mansions. A Georgian, a French country, and an English country manor, each about 8,500 square feet are situated on on Winston Farm Lane, Now builder Howard Polo plans to continue this stately style with five other homes on Roxiticus Road. The homes will be custom products, tailored to the homeowner's tastes, right down to the landscaping. Mr. Polo has specialized in custom homes and large-scale renovation in Morris County for 30 years. Pride of crafstmanship is evident in the Polo homes. Moldings and doorway castings are finely wrought and full of authentic architectural detail that one might imagine being in a suttcly home of the past Huge French doors and windows arc everywhere, and the solid oak doors end when? the improtcd Italian marble or ceramic tile begins. To visit Winston Farms, take Route 24 to Mcndhain. Winston Farm Lane is located oil' Roxiticus Road. For more information, call (201)

66 A Forbes Newspapers Supplement Prices I Neidiborhaod ' $77,900 SO. BOUND BROOK FIRST TIME HOME 1-2 BR Cape, 1 III HARDCROVE REALTY INC. Realtor $79,1 SOMERVILLE GREAT POTENTIAL FOR 2 FAMILY - Updated kitchen. Walk to town $98,1III UNDEN CONDO Courtyerd toc«tion,..modern 4 room unit I tht "Undrmrk," Sunny 3rd floor locitlon. Owntr must tell. METRO REALTY Realtor (201) $99,1 UNION TmnhouM. 8 yn. bdmifftatt ft room md y down) roan. Ft* a*, Atom Ovmir mtnt M M (Fora- METRO REALTY Realtor (201) $105,750 BOUND BROOK TOWNHOUSE OWNER SAYS 'SEtl'lt BELOW COST! 2BRt, M basement, central AC, real yard, residential setting! Call Now!! RANALD C. BROWN Realtor $109,000 BRANCHBURG 2BR, 2 bath, 2nd floor Condo In country sotting of Society Hill; LR, OR, deck: pool & tennis avail. CLASSIC LIVING REALTY $109,700 CUTE ASA BUTTON! RANCH - knmmut y JBfe, M baamtnll Vinyl ildlngl Ctntral AC. A GflEATFINOI RANALD C. BROWN $109,900 NORTH PUINFIELO 6 1/4%, 30 yr. lined polnli, No PMI. Wonderful Colonial home. 3 Bfls, 2 full baths, OR, remodeled Kit. Great 1st time buyer horns. Close to public transt SPFH06. COLDWILL BANKER ICHLOTT Rultora 908-6M-0020 $112,000 BOUND BROOK Charming 2+BR, 11/2 bath Colonial. Big formal OR, LR, parquet floors, remodeled Kit,, French door to rear patio. AHS warranty included. McGee Realtors 103SRM02BriRchburg $112,900 SOMERVILLE Immaculate 28R CONDO, brie* exterior, 11/2 baths. All appliances, CAC, Ready to move in. fi ' VFTKf ' i... 1 ':. ' i. '... [ f. i li 23 $114,900 SOMERVILLE 3BR home In great family neighborhood, newer bath & roof, convenient location. CLASSIC UVINQ REALTY ONLY $117,900 SOMERVILLE Spacious LR, eat-in kitchen, 2 large BRs with 2nd floor expansion, full basement, Excellent residential location. D LH3 $129,900 BRANCHBURG GREAT STARTER- A ipar- Mno 2BR, 2H batt) Townhome, End U* Eat* KKchen, open Oiniog Room, fenced pamo, CAC, Coumy Bunny. McGee Realtors to Branchburg 9O8-S $129,900 NORTH BRUNSWICK 2-Story Towntiome, 3 large Bill, 21/2 baths, gangi, room Iliad attic atorag*. Walk to ichooii parks. BOB GRI AGENCY Rwltor $137,500 SOMERVILLE Wei) maintained 4BR Cape. Remodeled EIK, laundry room, cut iron baseboard heat, 1 car detached garage. Fenced yard. Great Buytl McGe«Realtors 1039RL202Bfanchburg 90B-52M440 $145,500 MIDDLESEX Lovely Colonial Capo on a double lot, lealurtng 4BRs, CAC, full bsmt/ part, finished; dock, ga rage, paved drive, fenced rear yard in a nico quiet neighborhood. PRUDENTIAL PIONEER REAL ESTATE Ind. ownid I opr. $149,900 SOMERVILLE Professional Zone-Doctors, Lawyers, etc. Existing 2-Family. Needs some TLC, but great lo cation. Near Courthouse. Como Seel! RANALD C. BROWN Realtor m LOW S 150'S SOUTH BOUND BROOK Mother/Daughter or groat legal 2 family. 5 DRs. Ffl, hardwood floors, above ground pool, very nico homo. CLASSIC LIVING REALTY HOMES UNDER $150 REALTOR 8 AFFORDABLE

67 22-May 19*21,1993 A FortM Newspapers fiupplwunt HUM [SIAlt KL OPPORTUMTY Ml IntNanawspeparli tod lo tht Ftdaral FUr Housing Act ol INI 4d*h UIII II *" * I n twofl Of d lion bind on raca, cdor, rangton, an or nt> VOnW WTflwii Or ew nwtmr ton lo maka any wen prafaranea, Hnltnon or Mcnnwiwon. This ntwapapar wiu not linowlngty accapt any ad* wiwng for fin mm which T«m violation of IN low, Our rtaotrt art Wormsd itwi ill dwom* Ingi idvorllifd hi this nfwipiptr ara avanabla on an oqutl opportunity bull. Complaints ol dlacrlminatlon tn housing on tht bitii of rcct, color, crttd, artctitry, marital status, itx or handicap hould b«mada to Ntw Jaraay Division on Civil Righti, 363 W. Stato St., Tranlon, NJ O0616. Mont (609) $150,000 DUPUDI- 2 badrooms, Living Room, Country Wlchan Niili Dinatts, pn* vata yard. Mint condition. C^tHnVtil. MfmOMALTV RasHar *7J60 OUMILLfM- mothtr/ daughttr, 2 full bath, 2 full kit., 119,000, win nag. to qualtflad buyar, QARWOOO- Houst tor altbyowntr. Principals only. 3 Bfl, 2 story wood trama, vinyl sldad. 6130, *1794 t» UKIHvUtT, Ml- Ltl. aura Vlftaoa Wast ovar 58. 2BRs7Wl., btth, Ut, aunparlor, CAC, appli. Ind. Poo), Gorl, Tarns. 140,000. Call MOM. MOMJUB- 4 M, I bath, LR/NM. lo. EIK. CT' pwvn. Bt WWW, Pr bamt. On park naar " " SIR SOflmag. NISHANIC- 4 Bfl, baaamant. wo., dacli, 8129,616, jlffca Agan* cy t «3900 toothpumnwip Spacious 6> Iraahi won* darful Colonial attachad homo, I yn, young. SBRa, 2.S baths, Dl, bamt ft garaga, palio. Wnt condition. Walk to school. Must soar 8PF ,009 COLDWELL BANKER SCHLOH BOUNO BROOK- Grill Invaatmtnt Opportunity, Immac., wall malntaintd 2 family unit In axcal. contf. I location. Each unit haa 3 BRs. asp. utlli. Idaal Invastmant or lor lit tlms buyar, Horns Warranty fncludad. Itnm BRA CUtMC UMNO PJALTV fot-ttf-hm ftloofwatlft 6164,900'A MUST SEE'. I mmic ulna 4BR Capa Cod taaturlng 2W'dttp lot with sicaptional landscaping. Now gas hsat- Ing systtm, ntw windows, flnlshad bast* msnt, ntw dack, plus many additional updath. Call nowl SOBIT RIALEITATIAOIHCY Raaltar Spacious 7 BR Colonial, tbalna.iiffeargaraga, aacond addition only 6 yra. old, convan. to shop- " Hi wniioiii ragnwiys, MoMDauahlar potantje).$1bmbi HUCUMrCUVWt BRIOeJWATBR- SpHt Lava* On 1 acra north of Rli 22. j BR, 2n bath, FRi charry caotnatt, iky* llghtt, 1243,600. Call 906* CLINTON-- 1 Ac. 4 BR BHavat i n bath, lovaly country tatting. Nawly Dacoratad. Rsductd CUNTON- Walk to VUlagMBR, 2 baths. VHP tub, LR/Spe190Cf sq.ft. 1 yr. old iff at mat. Iran 8218, >736*71SS CRANtORD- lovaly I860 Viet, Cot. 45 n W NYC, 44 BRt, 21/2 baths, Big Kit., formal DR, Library, good cond..4 AC, 62B8K by ownar. No Brokara. 272*9260. BW8ON- Brick Tudor, 4 BR, 2 tt bath, tonsd profasslonsl, fin. bsmt, 2<ar gar. 6264, * Principals only. HUNTHnONCOUNTYbatt vakia. Bsautifui 3 Aaas-2 housss, a Ranch 4 Cot. ExcHIg poistbllltias. RasonaBly pricsd 6290,000 9OB I Viclorlan, naar train, naw Wt. A bath, 8 BR, 2 tt baths, CAC, tear gar. 6298,000 Caw 606* MITUCHBN- rtductd to aattla Htalt. SBR 2 \* baths, axpandad ranch, naar High School. Inc. flraplkt, 2 car garaga, dosad porch, 1206,000 Principtts only SO. PLAMFIILD- 3/4 bmtval 11/2 bath, ntw kit; roof, windows, attic, fan, dtck. Alum, siding A 2 car gar. 140I B Is Your Broker Taking Too Much Of Your Commisfon? of your cotrvrtwon? /A n you poytig mort than 135 ptr tuvochon for EftO Imanct? 0%rT1 p j p Q p no note#on6) r>1ufn foe your money? 1dhtho#3r^ y g > ^ weektndi becaum fhort'i no hind office help? Zvwo1c«inr4if>>a^ 1 i > 3 M t k W L i ^ 5 i /U0on leaving you pretontomce p are you y being gdocked more than $100 proceujngfee procj fe on remaining ii trantactioni? t i /Upon leaving you preaant ogancy are you loeing d tek*iwbtl /Are your leads being iwen? H you can answer Yes to 3 or more of thsabova questions, you need to talk to ma. Can Lou at (608)752*0220 for«confidential Interview. FT. and P.T. positions available. G 2 nr*lty 6Otftft$CT-Urg«Cc4. Split, movs In contf, 4fRs, 21/2 h, to NY tramp. Raducatf 114,000 balow appraisal to 17BJ6e. >6M47> BL*" inatcu MCR Bii I tt W Immtd. occupa MUtT ICE. 7tM6U Thla Cojonjat/Tutfor In ona of WtatntWi fins lo* cahona, naar tfalna. can* tar of town, ofrars S 6Ra and fw bath on 2nd) Door and 1 M w/prlvata Ml bath on tat, U w/nraplact, custom staintd glass windows, t carj»> raga. Call for appt. Tnfa ona won't last toiwl MtT1H)fWAm 26t.J7f.7J6e NORTH PLAINPrlUD RtFUCT VOURBUCCBSSII Estata of promlnsnt Judga,.Stataiy 4 BR Cantar HaH Colonial w/2 full baths snd (2) half baths, huga aunken LR w/flraplaca, Formal DR, Kltchan w/brtafclatt Room, laundry on 1ai lavat. riniahatf csrni w/ fun aarvka bar, BkitJtra Krtcntn, 2 car att.garaga pkit buhdlng In raw of prqptrty (wara slamn). 1.7 acra, Offering WltrriBLO- Indian Fortit, spacious I rm. ranch, K rm,, 3 BR, 3 fplc, cathadral calling, FR, sunktn LR, parti-llko salting. 8540,000. No broktrs. (906) 232*8036 or S , NORTH BRANCH- Unit 28 on Rl f'x12', CAC, tictl. cond. 913,900.66JB>#J6«NI. IABKINQ RIOOl- Bprlng Rldflt, 2 BR, 2 bath, 2nd fl. and, fplc., Ig, dach, bamt, awe. oar. 8136, BIDMINSTIR- Tha Hilts. 2 BR, IV* batha, frplc, garaga, fsnead-rn patio. Excaflant location. ii36, frs2»9 MIDQEWATIR- 2 BR, uppar and unk w/garsm. Taxas , *3416 CRAMfORDTOWffH CONOOS IBSPfHIiOfllLOAVI. Spacious luxury 2 Bfl, 2 bath aptt. wllh mw hitchsns and baths, si- valor to hsalad q*rag«. Supsrb valut ana location! For spot. Call B/X RaaHors (606) O 16«, AC, W/0,14x22 L«, axposatf brick walla, 6110, M16 Society Hill, Muai ba soldi Ind floor unit. 66J66% osti S0MIMBT- Qualt* brooaii 2 BR 1 aetfii Ind floor, 680,000.67W518 BIDMtNSTIR- 2 BR, modarata Inooma condo. StlttOOi Muat f tajmr> ooma racj. ftt Monw* tion. ptaaaa cam 9O6-76V 2320Of2O1-66»2t61. - turn. 3BR, 2Vi baths, fr Plc>. fl«r, dtn, dack, tannis, cwaa to twyifimg i40,0oo, (- 4 lam. Hy. 826,000 cash flow, asking 8169,000, ownar la Ncantad raarior, fully iaasad,so6*2o4>oi28. RANCMBURt- (2) 1AC bumdtng Ma. Cm. ds*sac raqulrad, City watar A aawara avail. 8176,000 total prioa. lomrutoairancnburg ^NT^6N6^6^RBHW^^6JBJS^^^ ( ^^ ^rw businsas, profaulonai and aarvtca offtoaa< 460 ft, rrontaga. 712*3166 RAfllTAN BOROUGHdulldar Invaitor, (aval 16 acrs w/2 homaa, Vandtr- Vttr Rd, Zonad RS multl* dualling. Sarlout Inq, only ; REAMNQTON Approvad bkjo. lot, 2.6 AC,p«rt,woodM.oncul* ds-iac in aatabllahad txac. nalghborhood. 111) boat aawno araa aa lota ao* ara A wartar, wawng for I N right butwar. 621,000 parloi. RiALBBTATIAfJNCY sst-na-im BEAUfOMT. fic- Costal araa. Building srtas and modal homts in private upscals watarfront community. Wfatarfront, watsrviaw, and 6 acra axtats propartlm. Catl Rog* an Rtifty UL6HR, PA- 18 sera fitmatta. 2 BR, 2 baths, l*rg«lfl ft kit, 2 wood slovas, 2 barns, 2 shads, pond, good hunting. Closo lo towns & hopitals. $110,000. Call <8624 UUHJI tflooow CUM* HOUSB SWINO SIT COMBO- or aaparata WIBTMIO- I/I BR. Col. WANTED. Coupia north of Broad ST. 8480* SK 2T4S 4 AOMBJCTUB69BR "M0CR8MT«Kl a t nays, awp*^r*a 60M MORTOAOIt RannancavFurchaaa GrsatRatasI Call Ravi WJ8UC NOTICE for salt: Raaldantal/ Commarcial, Raport data Hundrada of NJ propartlaa to chooaa frornl Sand plus for poataga to: EFC Stsrtf 6 Co Old CuthbartRd. Unit 22, Charry Hill, NJ, 06034, (M) 628*44$ CUSTOM BUILO TUOOnV country homa with tan tcraa. Low taxat and utllrtlas. 6170,000. Barloua Inqulrlat only efttr 5 pm OCONOS- aalf con* tajnad 24 fl. traval trahar on woodad lot. Clubsaeurrty. 7 l 9f0, (717) *1 UND- Unlondala, Pa. Build your Otaam Hamt on 6 A*, with viaws of Elk Mt. Ski raaort. Skata ambaabb^ki j^a^a^dl M p6/tvb9^bj ^RBJBW uaijiaaka' Vfffiftw/Tf swim A trout tlsh in summar. Pots, subdlv. ad), to Pa. Gamt Praaarva. 155, CAPt COD-Andq. capa cod, SBR, 11/2BA, walk to baach, glaaaad In porch, patio. $600nvk. 906*233^ )446 FLORIDA- Dlanay World Araa*Klatlmmaa, Prrv ownart oflar lowaat poaalbla rataa lor tuhy loadad 2 bdrm, 2 btn qusaky claan condos Ind kltchan hardwara, towals, llntns, birbacua grills, W/D, color catxa 8. much mora. S59.99 par day. Tom 4 Rosamary, 1- BroFLA7yB7 AnnaMana aumfront.2 W 6piMI 6jfn. Wt m Nnana, camai AC, BBOypatto, balcony tvah.1-6oo>227'764o L J I- 2 BR, TV wfcaeta, LR OR, 12 xif daaft, a Bate te B^BiafJl aumubvk. B^B9JBJ W a^bjb^ivtf B^RnlvrWBat 72M46SI 608)4Sa*SSBI (i BR SBR, 2 bath, micro, W/D. iaj6^6u 6^dMUIw6k6^Bl pj^^^^^gg^j Ifcnd 1125/nrta. 3 nha nun OCBAN CITY, 6JD.- Naw bayfronl cando, Lakt, SBR Lakafront, boat, fishing, cabls, Lodga, baachas, pool, Wtinda/Wftly, Juna A mid wh. ratts, raatonablt. SIAilDB HBIOHTS- Ad aoant ta Ortlay BaaaH. Modarn condo w/ balcony, 2 BRs, Hasps six, 1V* bains, AC, W*D, carport, alav., Indoor pool * sauna, v* block to baacrt. S60S/wk. Juna rataa avail. Artana, daya 9O SO, Ext. 24 J37 TIME 6MARI IWtTBand campground manv ovnmpi. umm " Chaaplt WoridwMa at- (actions. Call Vacation ftetwork US. 6 Canada FrM rantal Information; ury oeaanfront condo, spadacular view, CAC. tltapa 6, from S41S> SSOSrVrk. 647*7066 ** North East Kingdom, Parkar Laka. Lg. Cttan CabM 4 Row boat I140MII t ffjf B^B)dafllh A Laka. W/D, cabta ootor TV, yard, BBO, mera. 8U&U SM BIOMINBTIPJ- rural cottaga, 2B)R, two pao* pfa, gar. Avail. 7/01 no pata SSSO pwa uw. Rawy KM i3*, rotdas PtaWS* papar P.O. Box 666, SomarvIHa, NJ BOISON- 3BRI, 11/2 baths, 8 yrs. naw. LR, OR, EIK, poot.s1100/mo. Avail. 7/1.8OM BR. bath, ancloaad porch, 1 car garg.onlaroalou147s/ mon. + uut, 1 1/2 mon. aac.. 90S NBW PROVIOBNCI /mo. f»u> utlla. 1 vt mo. aacurtty. CotonM on Sprlngnaid Ava. doaa to cantar, shop, school, trsnsp 4SR, i bath, EIK, naw appl, Dach to lama back yard. No pata. f m and cradlt chsck ra- MlaTB^ij* a^^bj*4^6^af*^^8^p AmweH VaHey Ferro H6)uee* Flam, addr, HUrabrgh Twp. 5 ml, Hopawall, 3 acrti, baauwul his. WaaJtorhoraas. Farmhouae it dapboard ookmlai; 5 BO, 2Vfc B, LR, DR, eat-in K, 3 frpl, wd flrbrda, aipad. bms, fun bamrt, 2 car gar,/bm. A 2-ttry 4 ital bm, $335,000/S2,200 RWaBJ rl^r ejm6ijs/9^ajla I AIB) VeNeyi Fadanl atyia mvtd farmhouaa, HMabrgjh Twp. acrou from HCC, 8 tc. 4 BO, 2 B, LR, DR, K, D, 2 out-bldgt, gar, S1,W0/mo. or $335,000 on Sac. THOMPSON LAND (609) S8 * 1 1

68 A FOIQH NlWIpeplfl SuppfcWMfll Estate May 19-21, M, a H bet*, LR, PR, CAC, a-caraamitlo. f ui. 100*0111. PIAPACK* Eieoutlve v wi IV* bath. IR, M, UK. FJVFpte, CuHenec It View ef Eetite prep. WWW iffll fhen 5W1* ( off-street parking, neat tranep. Pleeeo e*n for more»ho. OUND IROOK- ft rooms, 3IRt, gauge, offeree! frtg. Aval f/1, 10 1f i WIST'IILO- North * * * e Mi new twmui i wm etaion. I M t I w I M Ooe p /i UK. Awe. Juno 10. Co? counky areot off et aare> w(i nofwwaer, atnjejae woman or couple preferred. No Hit. ItW mo. pane ukvo. 1 mo.aaci "Oia«A aa> i j eon He] Townhouooi 2 SR, 2 * bams, IR, DR. t.siioo piue mils IN- Park Gate, Lux. 2 M, 3 bath, CAC, pool/ierwie, 24 hr tec. i, 90*^ ROMUM MBJE- Avail 7/i ( 4nne.,S7tMw.lnc. A Hw. 1 n mo. tec. rte pott. (000 0S4-MS1 OOMIRSIT- Kingsberry Acres, tmto, 2vt bathe, EHC, U, OR, garage, W/O, UirjOV OM-231-OttS. r-ouekcreet TwnnoOi OR, 2w bath, ACi private potk)> Walk lo flutgere Plaie O/is. OiiOOAito. Pleaie call 0OV201-O100 WHTPU0- S roome Condo, carpet a* tool, AC, pool, or4at locawn. AvaN. 7/1. Call after 9pm utili Inc. htat/hw NIW COMPLEX MW APMTtlBNT COM* PLIX- with two i p* doue bedroom, modem eat-in kitchen with dliwasher, refrigerator ind washer/dryer hook-ups. Central air, hardwood floor*, (He bathe, 1635 month. Separate utllfmte. Aik lor Joe 9M-M0-O200 I.N.J.J Bedroom Rental B} StafttngAt * T 2 Bedroorn Rental J 2 Starting At * I $723 pur memti 1» PUAUAIKfOP.»> * PiaAlOffttFW * J NIWnilANTtONlY* * M Duplei In nlee fid fl< api. 2Bn bath. Lo, klt/taufldrv hootmjp IR, deeki M M ptua \m, No pete, Col Donor tk ^Pj g^ ^ gi 4 N. Mfeet OJ omervihe, conipieioiy furnlehed. Alt private, AduNe onry. UOO/mo.i uhtoi VI mo> tec. Pteaae oal , HOU8E Lurary High Wee ^ Aal 1l2Bedroome DUNtUIN- 2 OR, 2nd ft. bemt. avail, Irnrned, 1780/mo piue utht. t ^ mo,eec.4e>3403 I0IUN- Priv, horm, 3 room apt., $500/mo. 1 prof, prof., everything Incl. 90e-7M-4741 LOANONIOf»-2Bfl apt, In charming 100 yr. old houie pluf gauge. mh6m34i6 UNDHI- 2BRa, in, on, EIK, 2nd floor. No petr Avail. June 1 S725/mo. plui V/i mot tec. 90S* 02I LINOIN- Studio apt. AC, parking, laundry rm, No peta. 11/2 moe. tec 0420/mo om UMK-IBRapt, 2nd fl, 1000/mo. + gae I elec. Call I M, ai rif»all. WBJlT^ (ON) 090/ I- Pum. If* fteiency. Oulet Howe. 1- private».2m,ahuit,inc. i mo. tec. M79, CaN arartw40it - 1 ^ B n W B ^ J Available in> f w 9 TP^PBBBJ t BBJBk I BBBn Inel., no peta, norv awlw I ta aejui BiJa*> 0BfllVBBBBjf f TW rffovi BBfJBit( raft. Can 00>7f>2300, awjer apm, itcatawav- 2 OR, W/0 hook-up, eky-llgmi, greet area, 07KWnon + JWQ7IM0tl PIOCATAWAV- Fully kd 4 rm. apt. In i> W 101. MOii POVf A tm I Or. Now Wed both A Or. Now pkiah W HV carpet. Hoet A HW Inc.. I 1 * mo. etc O0O-7M4OM brook VI., 2 M, 2 nd. fir., corner unit, pvt. quiet, A airy, NYC but at corner,feinjwocka,' men. tec,, oredn t ret. chkk, heiuh/w hwld. t7waohm RANWAV/CURK- 2nd floor, quilt dead end tireet, i W, end. porch, m drpet, W/O hookno pen. MOO/mo f, + 1 mo. MC. Avail. lmmed,,00mi-2774 ROOILLI PARK- Efficltnclta, 10R I 2Bfl New carpet, Frtefi Paint. Pfkg. No pate. 1 yr. leate, laat month FREEI Co OCOTCH PLAIN!- 1 OR, S700/mo. Inc. utlli t 1/2 mo. ioc, Single occup.6/1,00»623s 00. BOUND 0AOOKunlurnlihed 3 room apt., 1 BR, bath, completely redecorated, mature per- oni.osso/mo »- beautiful 1 OR Apt. Main SI, Avail Immed heat In- CludOd No pttl SOURCE MORTGAGE CO., INC. Purchasing a Home? or Refinancing? WE HAVE THE MOST COMPETITIVE RATES. 0 1 lor i FREE ComuMkn ft CndH Ctwck Owt 160 Mntgmt ftojwm, to Ctam fnm. Many WHR NO F^ANIS "Get to the Source" (800) (908) ftsn.qaetona»o,somorvwe,nj00170 a - Ideal for bacheiore A bachelor* omoti eic. netgnborhoodr 3 OR, IR Terrace, large ciotfiii neei, nw, cow* ing get Ine. tois/mo. M0) RIOO0WAT0R- Cf OAR CREr MOTEL, 930 Route 22, roomidairy, wfcry RlfMIWATIR- Nonemoker, Kitchen prlvl* t tagee, {J4eeg, { J t t k cable A phono. Prlv. erv trance Ml; e W P V entrance. WO/wk, For Info, cah 38*4)140 kwtwcmtn- Lg. turn. room m prlv, home, prof, nonsmoking Pomali. Kit./laundry prlv., Prkg., walk/tranep/ehop. tomirht- Large tunny room In netderwet area for profteelonal, wicnon prtvwgee. Avail. 5/15. SN/wk. lefe, req. CellOOI4474MB,ift.t, tofcwrviui- MS/wh, I up, em. aptt UMArt. CBN MQR WO , welliocaiod t S-7PM IRANCHIURQ- furmihetf room for rent. Kit. privilege!. Call lor detolli 5 fpbflpaoj 10 VMfV NOTICE: All HOMES TO SHARE advirtlia. montoaro PAYABLE IN ADVANCE by caitt, cnock, VIM or Matter Cord. For a quota on coat plooie cah i-too NO. EU0ON- furniihed Oedroom, there bath, Kitchen prlv., 906-7&4-7S06. ROOMOJATI WANTIDto there country home In Pluekemln/Brldgewtter area tsoo/mo + imo. etc. AvaH June 1 Call Vicky after 2PM el ISO cad In the All NOTICl! AI MtSCO- LANIOUO MNTALI 9WAMIM ADVANCE by OOOR, ohook, VISA f Moollf Cera, rof 0 6BI 1*i0Mle\04iN. HOT R9WTAL MAIWITI In need) of rente! help 7 We have rental speciallets avamabw to help you find your new home or help you find a torment for your property. CaR for more information! wtioei Reeltore, *7100 ask for Judl Hrtt, Man- LOWUIHCIAL RIAL t S/Aff t-rt.22. fnduitriel condoe for eale. 1,900-12,900 tq.ft. CM, TO, or both. 170 per Kneuor noonyoorpt EwlutlvetVekef too'ho'7000 HIOOIWATIR- 11/2 acres, perfect for Strip Canter, corner lot, tew* en a water. Aiklng 0470,000. SOMERSET RIALISTATIAOINCV Realtor )23 SOMERVtLLE- large 12 room duplex in office lone, 153 W. High St., S ATTENTION!!! FLORIDA GULF COAST SIMINAR Have you ever thought about warm weather and an easy lltaatylo? Thia ii a perfect opportunity to learn what the Gull Coast of Florida can oflor you... o Relocating o Retiring o Investing Pleate join ui for an informative eeminar Louita Sayrei from our Saruota, Florida olfico wi bo the guest speaker and will be available to antwor questions about current real eatate opportunttiei, Hfeetylo, cost of living, omptoyment, tchoole. etc. THUR8OAY, MAY 27th, 7:O0-9:30PM COLDWEU BANKER/SCHLOn REALTORS COtiNEfi OF RT OLD HIGHWAY 20 WHITEHOU8E STATION, NJ 0UI9 No Charge - RSVP to N. Telesco, Pia Vllaragut or Unda Thrash WISTPIIID - SSS Weetfield Ave. DetlreraMeprpfeielonal neighborhood, on BM# perking, IWti from OOO-LOOO to. fl. Call M McDonougfi * r fumianedonicma Secretariat Serviceo 00>7t14900 offlcee itertfng at M00/ month. Can be combined. Ei eel lent location Aoff-etroet RtAliSTAnAOOIiCY OOS-720-itta CURK- near pott office A QSP, uth., OM CRANPORD- modern office apace tq. ft. copy, la* A um. Walk 10 Kallon OOS mcutfvioffrct Carpet, wood furn rfuuroxtpax WeeMeklOOO-23S-SS3r FLORHAM PARK- one furnished room, includts Phone, fax A copier 1375 Can WOHUND PARK- 460 Sq. fl. In day tpe. Private enlarance. Hairstylist/ welcome or (PM) HIUS0OROUQH Commerclel property 3000 sq.ft. Route 206 So., Hilliborough. Furnlshed/unfurn. Newly renovated. New cerpett. Will tubdlvlde, / 12,00 tq.ft. DM. net. Mrs. B , M MITUCHIN- 2 or 3 room offices, prime wee- Hon, near train A but, or CaNAmorl «4l4400 MIOOLIOIX/IOMIR- VIUI-4MI000eq.fl. on Rt, 21, Eic, location, prfcfl , PISCATAWAV- Office or RetaU. 0,000 sq. fl. WIN divide. Alto denttt office, Rt, 207 I Stikon Rd, , NI-2 Ofice Prof. SuHe, PeneUng, AC, Carpet, Furn/Unlurn, farking WATCHUett- 500 aq.ft. In prof, bldg. Ample prka.eeayecceestori. nl22.cet)232432) Route 200, 1100 and 4100 iq. ft. of prime warehouse or manufacturing space wtth loading doeka end driven doors. Heavy power. Avail. Immed. Derelco Rueinsae Center MANCHtUROTWP. Store for renl, Ideal for Pharmacy, None In area. Cell MOO BUSINESS OPPOHIUNITItS CMWQNMINT SHOF- Chlldren's I Women's. Small Investment-owner ill. PI Call am thru 5pm, aller 6pm Buying ahome? Either way it's important lo find a sties associate who understands today's real estate market with the numbers to prove it. Thai's why so many buyers and sellers chose Manha last year. Give her a call and you'll find out, too. Weidel Bridgewater 672 Route 206 North Bridgewater, NJ (908) LUNCM TRUCK I ROUTE- Excel, cond, w/ very proftleblt routee. FreehoM aree. 139,000 W SHOP/OtU- dieaoi Sorough, Great Opport. be cond. Due to Mmee owner forced le eatl. Price reduced.»arm an offer. CaO 100* 03N Alt. Opm Of YOW OWN loot Lunch touck and routs. Industrial aree, asking 010, POR OALI; Hot DM Stanei/Puah Cart b Old Istrv ioned etyle. S1300/IO. Ploaee eell er2314S01, i Muet be open minded end herd working. Ceil for info FOReALE Crtett boowtnul wickerstyle fumiure out of 0- btrglets. Low aw. high pro* busmen is protected by pawn No kmchi» or royalty Im. looking to Icente ono fflirtufacturtr In trtls irarketingaraa. PereMee neuey Celliae

69 * * < t mm wm m m&& i'mji TheyHa^To Match Our Strengths. WNNMRINO POND ISTATIf Conttrudion just started on these beautiful new custom homes. 4/5 bedroom, lib., 3 car garaga*, u ecr«tod available Don't milt out! Going tut. Prices starting at S5W.O0Q Ctrtury2t Diamond Realty, Inc. ( I : MOVIM This brand new all brick French Colonial on 1.6 acre lot offers custom features like cherrywood kitchen, Corian countertops, circular stairs, skylights A more. $767,000 Century 21 Diamond Rtatty, Inc. (908)78*4000 OWITANMNI OONTmPORAJIV Ultra special 4500 eq. ft. custom home. 4/ 5 bedrooms, 3Vt baths, first floor master bedroom suite, decorated beautmy, Too many extras to Hat. Come and set II today. $789,000 Cifrtufy 21 Diamond Raalty, ( New Sto traditional by renowned builder ch-l 8000 sq. ft. wkh 6 Large bedrooms, 4ft lux. baths, Gourmet kitchen, large family room and much more, $699,000 Cantury 21 Diamond Rtahy lac (906) WOTTUWT Tr^4bedroomranoh«rMbaeamentIII * iwramooewinncnerii nenur M IS, nwr, cam n/vi wmbi onng >; room, largi hmiy room, roof 1986) on ' over an acre. $199,900 - CfrKufy21WortanAOftan / ( OH A OIOMIANCOLOWAI Premier location, immaculate condition, 5 bedroom, 35 baths, oveisized three car Strage, formal dining room, living room, family room, library, Florida foom, domestic quarters, and lots more. $639,000 Century 21 Worden & Green () 874*7400 MUUTANTWP. JUST LWTIB Magniticem Colonial located In prestigious lifestyle 90's Boasts: gourmet kitchen with center island. Jenn-Air range, harrjwood floors, 2-story open foyer, great room, library, 5 bedrooms, playroom, screened porch, wrap-around deck. A must see lor the discriminating buyer. $467,650 Century 21 Pirter Rial Eitift (908) TANTW* Tastefully restored stone colonial, private setting tucktd away in a convenient location. Four bedrooms, luxurious grounds, pond, carriage shed and gazebo grace the grounds, 108 acres! $590,000 Century 21 Park* Real Estate _.. (908) _ JUSTLItTIDI Huge quality-bum home in superb area; in-ground pool w/oatebo. 26' LR, 17' DR, stunning Kit., 2V FR; 4/5 Bfls + office or library; hot tub; C/A & vac. On 3.4 acres! $415,000 Century 21 Part* Rial Estate (908) WMAUWAY Just listed this immaculate a rm. Colonial. It's a beauty & features ent. foyer, living rm, dining rm, eat In kitchen, enclosed sunroom, 4 bedrooms and lots more. Only $179,900. Call for details/showings. Ctntury 21 Ed Nugtnl RtaHort (908JJW-O00L T" MICATAWAY "DONT WOCrUITIMATI!" Just listed spacious Si-Level in prime location. Features: 4 bedrm, Uv. rm, Din rm, Family rm. Eat-in kitchen, v,*i baths, large deck, 2 car garage < more. A steal al $159,987. See this beauty now. call for details/showings Cintury 21 Ed Nugent Realtors (908) QARWOOCi WUMrl PARK 8ICTI0N A QRUT HOMimt 1st door. 4 bedrooms, a 19 ft. country kitchen, (plenty of cabinets A counter pace, dishwasher, etc.) and i separate eetino ana, comfortable km, end an win rsa fmahed basement 1224,900 CMtury21DSKuumaRMlty (908) LINNNi 8UY8IM 8ICTIOM The periict home tar oomtortabte Mng. 2 king H N bdrme, a third Inge* bdrm., plentw of ctoeet apace, tonne) drm, Irm, w/ wood burning FP, eet-ti Utcnen w/d.w. double ek*, lots of cabineta. A large deck overtoolilng a w H landscaped yard. 1 car at garage, Iniahed baatment 9179,900 Cmtwy Kuxama Raalty 10. PUINNILD ONNHOUIISUN1-4PM HONOmiNIONST. Better take a this fantastic bi-lcvol with 4 Mrms, 2 1 /} baths, 2 kitchens & great loom for family pleasure. Immaculate too! Asking $184,000. Directions: Hamilton Blvd. to Hopkinson on right. Century 21 Performance Realty (908) IDISON IXQUISITI COLONIAL Qo the first to preview this 5 bdrm Colonial w/cabmet filled kitchen, Ig lam. rm., 2Vi baths w/jacuzzi & ideally located In prime No. Edison. "Extras Galore." $269,900 Cintury 21 Performance Realty _ (908) \ Deceivingly spacious Northside Tudor w/5 bedrooms, 2 baths, living loom w/tireplace & slep down family rocrn Call Judy Boll iot details. $289,300 Cintury 21 Taylor A Love (906} WIITFIILO Just listed, Spacious 4 bedroom 3 balh Ranch fiomc w'1sl floor family room & 42"' lowr level rec room Estate sale Cull Dot McDevitt to inspect. 5374,900 Century 21 Taylor A Love (906) WimiILD Recently listed. Grpcious center hall Colonial on Norihside inc. 5 bedrooms, 3tt baths, new custom kitchen & 23' 1st floor tarn rm. Call Arleon Posl lor your toomy room tour. $649,900 Cintury 21 Taylor A Love (906) ROSELLI PARK Great starter home. 3 bedroom Dulch Colonial on a deep lot. Vinyl sided exterior Walk to schools & shopping, Call Janet Sonntag lor more info. 5114,000 Century 21 Taylor A Lovi M, r -o» * jt * 1* i > i * # *.

The Wisconsin Association of Campground Owners. Benefits of belonging to WACO

The Wisconsin Association of Campground Owners. Benefits of belonging to WACO The Wisconsin Association of Campground Owners Benefits of belonging to WACO A Note from the WACO Executive Director Every business needs to evaluate why they spend money where they do. Your WACO membership

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Section 4. Club Tips & Tricks Family Participation Communication A Language of our own Parent Jobs. Resources Parent Participation Survey WoHeLo Rules

Section 4. Club Tips & Tricks Family Participation Communication A Language of our own Parent Jobs. Resources Parent Participation Survey WoHeLo Rules Section 4 Club Tips & Tricks Family Participation Communication A Language of our own Parent Jobs Resources Parent Participation Survey WoHeLo Rules Club Tips & Tricks In this section you will be given

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2019 Camp Card Guidebook A Unit Leader s Guide

2019 Camp Card Guidebook A Unit Leader s Guide 2019 Camp Card Guidebook A Unit Leader s Guide Earn an ipad! Scouts who sell 1,000 cards can choose an ipad. Wow! Golden Empire Council Boy Scouts of America 251 Commerce Circle Sacramento,

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The Recreation-Park Commission met on December 10, 2008 in the Rotunda. Chairperson Joe Hancock called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

The Recreation-Park Commission met on December 10, 2008 in the Rotunda. Chairperson Joe Hancock called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. The Recreation-Park Commission met on December 10, 2008 in the Rotunda. A. CALL TO ORDER Chairperson Joe Hancock called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Present: Commissioner Al Espindola Commissioner

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2018 The Friends of Two Rivers Mansion, a 501(c)(3) organization McGavock Pike,

2018 The Friends of Two Rivers Mansion, a 501(c)(3) organization McGavock Pike, NEWSLETTER Number 42 May - June 2018 The Friends of Two Rivers Mansion, a 501(c)(3) organization 3130 - McGavock Pike, President Larry Weber's Remarks - With summer around the corner, let s get ready to

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Earn an ipad! 2018 Camp Card Guidebook A Unit Leader s Guide. All Scouts who sell 1,000 cards will receive an ipad! Wow!

Earn an ipad! 2018 Camp Card Guidebook A Unit Leader s Guide. All Scouts who sell 1,000 cards will receive an ipad! Wow! Earn an ipad! 2018 Camp Card Guidebook A Unit Leader s Guide All Scouts who sell 1,000 cards will receive an ipad! Wow! Central North Carolina Council Boy Scouts of America

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Establishes a fare structure for Tacoma Link light rail, to be implemented in September 2014.

Establishes a fare structure for Tacoma Link light rail, to be implemented in September 2014. RESOLUTION NO. R2013-24 Establish a Fare Structure and Fare Level for Tacoma Link MEETING: DATE: TYPE OF ACTION: STAFF CONTACT: PHONE: Board 09/26/2013 Final Action Ric Ilgenfritz, Executive Director,

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Financial Planning Issues for New Parents

Financial Planning Issues for New Parents AKD Consultants Adam Dworkin CPA 188 Whiting Street Suite 10 Hingham, MA 02043 781-556-5554 Financial Planning Issues for New Parents Page 1 of 6, see disclaimer on final page Financial

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ALL STUDENTS MUST HAVE THEIR EQUIPMENT CHECKED AT ONE OF THESE TWO TIMES IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN THE TRIP. May, 2014 Dear Rising Sophomores and Parents, We are happy to share with you the details of the 2014 Sophomore Backpacking Trip, scheduled for Wednesday, September 3 through Saturday, September 6, 2014.

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MCA Regional Director Chris Ponder MCA National Director Donna Arends Red River Classic Mustang Club P.O. Box Shreveport, LA 71133

MCA Regional Director Chris Ponder MCA National Director Donna Arends Red River Classic Mustang Club P.O. Box Shreveport, LA 71133 Red River Classic Mustang Club T HE PONY EXPRESS June 2017 2017 Board of Directors President Thomas Monahan 797-8385 Vice President Mark Winderweedle 347-8505 Secretary Chris Ponder

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BOROUGH OF PINE BEACH REGULAR MEETING July 12, 2017 BOROUGH OF PINE BEACH REGULAR MEETING July 12, 2017 The Mayor and Council of the Borough of Pine Beach held a meeting on July 12, 2017 at 7:30 PM in the Municipal building, 599 Pennsylvania Ave. The meeting

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TOWN OF PERTH June 7, 2018 Regular Town Board Meeting 6:30 p.m.

TOWN OF PERTH June 7, 2018 Regular Town Board Meeting 6:30 p.m. TOWN OF PERTH June 7, 2018 Regular Town Board Meeting 6:30 p.m. PRESENT: Supervisor Fagan, Councilman Korona, Councilman Lewandowski, Councilman Betz and Councilman Kowalczyk ALSO PRESENT: Town Clerk,

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Eastern District Day Camp 2015

Eastern District Day Camp 2015 Eastern District Day Camp 2015 July 13, 2014 - July 17, 2015 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. The Eastern District of Chickasaw Council is looking for young men entering first through fifth grades to explore and

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Tualatin Hills Nature Center Parent Handbook Summer Camp 2018

Tualatin Hills Nature Center Parent Handbook Summer Camp 2018 Tualatin Hills Nature Center Parent Handbook Summer Camp 2018 Thank you for choosing us for your child s summer camp experience. Please read through this handbook and discuss it with your child so that

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You are cordially invited to attend our. Annual Memorial Service. to remember those members of the LOOM and WOTM we lost during the past year.

You are cordially invited to attend our. Annual Memorial Service. to remember those members of the LOOM and WOTM we lost during the past year. Loyal Order of Moose 453 Women of the Moose 1262 College Park, MD 301.935.5525 May June 2017 Volume 7, Issue 3 College Park Moose 453 3700 Metzerott Road College Park MD 20740 articles for newsletter:

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CSI: Cub Scouts Investigating VOLUNTEERS ARE NEED

CSI: Cub Scouts Investigating VOLUNTEERS ARE NEED Etiwan District Cub Scout Day Camp 2016 CSI: Cub Scouts Investigating VOLUNTEERS ARE NEED Etiwan Cub Day Camp is a Nationally Accredited Cub Scout Day Camp Operated By Coastal Carolina Council Family Registration

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Employment Authorization Document (EAD) Application Guide for J-2 Dependents

Employment Authorization Document (EAD) Application Guide for J-2 Dependents Employment Authorization Document (EAD) Application Guide for J-2 Dependents Preparing the application to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) What is the EAD? The Employment Authorization

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PROMOTING EDUCATION, HEALTH AND OPPORTUNITY. The Oscar de la Hoya PROMOTING EDUCATION, HEALTH AND OPPORTUNITY The Oscar de la Hoya F O U N D A T I O N Growing up in East Los Angeles, I know how important it is to keep a positive attitude and to stay focused on your goals.

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Oct Events. Mike s Exxon Retirement

Oct Events. Mike s Exxon Retirement Monthly Newsletter of Ye Olde Car Club President Jim Ayers 619-1895 Vice Pres Ron Smith 628-9662 Treasurer Bob Gough 628-1493 Secretary Martha Shreve 582-7530 Mary Fraser 946-9850 Editor Dennis Jackson

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March 4, Mr. H. Dale Hemmerdinger Chairman Metropolitan Transportation Authority 347 Madison Avenue New York, NY Re: Report 2007-F-31

March 4, Mr. H. Dale Hemmerdinger Chairman Metropolitan Transportation Authority 347 Madison Avenue New York, NY Re: Report 2007-F-31 THOMAS P. DiNAPOLI STATE COMPTROLLER 110 STATE STREET ALBANY, NEW YORK 12236 STATE OF NEW YORK OFFICE OF THE STATE COMPTROLLER March 4, 2008 Mr. H. Dale Hemmerdinger Chairman Metropolitan Transportation

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MINUTES BOROUGH OF LAVALLETTE WORKSHOP MEETING OF THE PLANNING BOARD Wednesday, February 25, P.M. MINUTES BOROUGH OF LAVALLETTE WORKSHOP MEETING OF THE PLANNING BOARD Wednesday, February 25, 2009 7 P.M. Chairman Lionel Howard presiding. Roll Call: Vincent Marino, Designee of Mayor LaCicero -present

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LIVE UNITED. UNITED WAY OF MILFORD LIVE UNITED. UNITED WAY OF MILFORD U N I T E D WAY O F M I L F O R D 20 Evergreen Avenue Milford, CT 06460 V o l u m e 4, I s s u e 3 J u n e 2 0 1 4 Our Mission is to Strengthen and Enhance Community

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Winthrop Town Council. Regular Meeting Monday, February 7, 2011 Winthrop Town Office

Winthrop Town Council. Regular Meeting Monday, February 7, 2011 Winthrop Town Office Regular Meeting Monday, Winthrop Town Office Attendance: Kevin Cookson, Chair: David Rheaume, Linda Caprara (arrived 7:10 p.m.), Priscilla Jenkins, Ken Buck, Sarah Fuller, Joseph Young (Interim Town Manager),

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February 1, Dear Scouting Families

February 1, Dear Scouting Families February 1, 2018 Dear Scouting Families Thank you for the incredible leadership you provide to the youth of the Greater Los Angeles Area Council (GLAAC). Your commitment to our youth is greatly appreciated

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and led Jimmy to the prison office. There Jimmy was given an important He had been sent to prison to stay for four years.

and led Jimmy to the prison office. There Jimmy was given an important He had been sent to prison to stay for four years. O. H e n r y p IN THE PRISON SHOE-SHOP, JIMMY VALENTINE was busily at work making shoes. A prison officer came into the shop, and led Jimmy to the prison office. There Jimmy was given an important paper.

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VILLAGE OF BREEDSVILLE 82 E Main St. PO Box 152 Breedsville, MI (269)

VILLAGE OF BREEDSVILLE 82 E Main St. PO Box 152 Breedsville, MI (269) Special Meeting Minutes December 14, 2015 7:00 pm These proceeding tonight are being recorded to help prepare the minutes Meeting called to order in village hall by President Cherokee Thompson at 7:00pm.

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Central Georgia Council, BSA Pine Forest 2011 Camp Card Guidebook A Unit Leader s Guide What s Inside:

Central Georgia Council, BSA Pine Forest 2011 Camp Card Guidebook A Unit Leader s Guide What s Inside: Central Georgia Council, BSA Pine Forest 2011 Camp Card Guidebook A Unit Leader s Guide What s Inside: 1 Introducing the Camp Card 2 Key Dates 3 Policies and Procedures 4 The Unit Kick-Off 5 Prizes 6 Sales

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Crossroads. Boards and Commissions. Inside this issue: Township Tax Contacts/Deadlines. Know what s below. Dial 811 before you dig.

Crossroads. Boards and Commissions. Inside this issue: Township Tax Contacts/Deadlines. Know what s below. Dial 811 before you dig. Crossroads Inside this issue: Page 1 *Boards and Commissions *Township Taxes Page 2 *Spring Brush Collection *Watershed Clean Up Volunteers Needed *Household Hazardous Waste Collection *Spring Bulk Pick

More information Sheriffs share facts with Fanning Springs City Council Sheriffs share facts with Fanning Springs City Council Sheriffs share facts with Fanning Springs City Council Fanning Springs City Councilman Tommy Darus (left) speaks with Levy County Sheriff Bobby McCallum (center) and Gilchrist County Sheriff Bobby Schultz.

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GREENVILLE-SPARTANBURG AIRPORT COMMISSION MINUTES January 17, 2012 GREENVILLE-SPARTANBURG AIRPORT COMMISSION MINUTES January 17, 2012 The Greenville-Spartanburg Airport Commission met on January 17, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. in the Greenville-Spartanburg Airport District Office

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COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE PLANNING COMMISSION MEETING. City and Borough of Juneau Mike Satre, Chairman. 6:00 p.m. August 12, 2014

COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE PLANNING COMMISSION MEETING. City and Borough of Juneau Mike Satre, Chairman. 6:00 p.m. August 12, 2014 COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE PLANNING COMMISSION MEETING City and Borough of Juneau Mike Satre, Chairman 6:00 p.m. August 12, 2014 I. ROLL CALL Dennis Watson, Vice Chairman, called the Committee of the Whole

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The Scoop. No Tax Increase for Residents; Rates and Fees to Remain the Same Budget 2019 at a Glance. December 20, 2018

The Scoop. No Tax Increase for Residents; Rates and Fees to Remain the Same Budget 2019 at a Glance. December 20, 2018 The Scoop The Town of Conception Bay South is pleased to present the Scoop, a publication dedicated to providing residents with important information and to highlight significant Town milestones and achievements.

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AGENDA REGULAR PARKS COMMISSION MEETING May 26, :15 A.M Monticello Public Works Office

AGENDA REGULAR PARKS COMMISSION MEETING May 26, :15 A.M Monticello Public Works Office Park Commission Agenda: 05/26/2016 AGENDA REGULAR PARKS COMMISSION MEETING May 26, 2016 9:15 A.M Monticello Public Works Office To enhance community pride through developing and maintaining city parks

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MAKE SUMMER MEANINGFUL MAKE SUMMER MEANINGFUL YMCA CAMP SPAULDING 2017 Overnight Camp Guide In Partnership with Child and Family Services of NH WELCOME Since 1921, YMCA Camp Spaulding has helped campers from all type types of

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Varick Town Board November 4, budgets and the following fire protection units; Varick/Romulus, Varick, and Varick/Fayette at 7:05 p.m.

Varick Town Board November 4, budgets and the following fire protection units; Varick/Romulus, Varick, and Varick/Fayette at 7:05 p.m. Varick Town Board November 4, 2015 The regular meeting of the Varick Town Board was called to order by Supervisor Robert Hayssen at 7:00 p.m. Present at this meeting were Council Members John Saeli, Kathy

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2017 Los Padres Council Boy Scouts of America Camp Card Leaders Guide.

2017 Los Padres Council Boy Scouts of America Camp Card Leaders Guide. 2017 Los Padres Council Boy Scouts of America Camp Card Leaders Guide. Designed for Unit Leaders, Parents and concerned Scouters who want their Scouts to have a great summer experience. Atascadero & Paso

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Part One - Numbers 1 to 5 Listen to the following dialogues. For questions 1 to 5, choose the correct picture. Mark A, B or C on your Answer Sheet.

Part One - Numbers 1 to 5 Listen to the following dialogues. For questions 1 to 5, choose the correct picture. Mark A, B or C on your Answer Sheet. Listening Part One - Numbers 1 to 5 Listen to the following dialogues. For questions 1 to 5, choose the correct picture. 1. Where is the new student from? England Italy Spain 2. What does the man want

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Call Number Time Call Reason Action

Call Number Time Call Reason Action For Date: 09/01/2017 - Friday 17-5745 1000 Phone - THEFT SERVICES RENDERED Location/Address: JAFFREY RD ID: Captain Ernest J Belletete Narrative: Capt Belletete received a report of fuel stolen from vehicles

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(*The younger applicants must have reached 11 by January 1, )

(*The younger applicants must have reached 11 by January 1, ) Camp Shakespeare 17 Camp Shakespeare is a two-week University of Texas residential summer camp for young people, ages 11-16,* dedicated to ensemble playing with the plays of Shakespeare, exploring Shakespeare

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CAMP SESSION DATES. Y CAMPS. SO MUCH MORE. Y Day Camp keeps kids engaged, safe, healthy, and learning. Above all, we focus on making summer fun!

CAMP SESSION DATES. Y CAMPS. SO MUCH MORE. Y Day Camp keeps kids engaged, safe, healthy, and learning. Above all, we focus on making summer fun! YMCA OF GREATER BOSTON DAY CAMPS Y CAMPS. SO MUCH MORE. Y Day Camp keeps kids engaged, safe, healthy, and learning. Above all, we focus on making summer fun! JOIN US FOR THE BEST SUMMER EVER! Hands-on

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2018 CAMP CARD GUIDEBOOK 2018 CAMP CARD GUIDEBOOK FOR UNIT LEADERS What s Inside 1 - What s a Camp Card? 2 - Camp Champion responsibilities 3 - Key Dates 4 - Cash & Camp 5 - The Unit Kick-off 6 - Policies and Procedures 7 - Sales

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2017 Camp Card Sale. Leader s Guide

2017 Camp Card Sale. Leader s Guide 2017 Camp Card Sale Leader s Guide The Camp Card initiative is designed to help Scouts earn their way to summer resident camp, high adventure or day camp. Units participating in this program will earn

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Planning Commission Meeting Minutes Thursday, January 22, 2009 City Council Chambers 220 East Morris Avenue Time: 7:00 p.m.

Planning Commission Meeting Minutes Thursday, January 22, 2009 City Council Chambers 220 East Morris Avenue Time: 7:00 p.m. Planning Commission Meeting Minutes Thursday, January 22, 2009 City Council Chambers 220 East Morris Avenue Time: 7:00 p.m. Commission Members Present: Francis Lilly- Conducting Lloyd Anderson Joshua Smith

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SCOUTS-L LONG RANGE PLANS SALES OF CAMPS SCOUTS-L ---------- LONG RANGE PLANS SALES OF CAMPS Date: Mon, 28 Oct 1996 14:02:00 +0000 From: "Jim Miller Sr." Subject: Selling Camp Properties A while ago I posted this to the AOL

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How Children Wake Up from Brain Injury

How Children Wake Up from Brain Injury How Children Wake Up from Brain Injury Procedure/Treatment/Home Care Si usted desea esta información en español, por favor pídasela a su enfermero o doctor. #227 Name of Child: Date: How Children Wake

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CLAY TOWNSHIP PLANNING COMMISSION MEETING MINUTES October 28, 2013 CLAY TOWNSHIP PLANNING COMMISSION MEETING MINUTES October 28, 2013 Members present were: Bruce Leisey, Annie Reinhart, Adrian Kapp and Clair Beyer Also present were those listed on the attendance sheet.

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The Gift of the Magi

The Gift of the Magi The Gift of the Magi and Other Stories O. HENRY Level 1 Retold by Nancy Taylor Series Editors: Andy Hopkins and Jocelyn Potter Introduction "How can I buy a special Christmas gift for Jim with $1.87? What

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PLAIN TOWNSHIP BOARD OF ZONING APPEALS MINUTES OF REGULAR MEETING DECEMBER 3, 2014 PLAIN TOWNSHIP BOARD OF ZONING APPEALS MINUTES OF REGULAR MEETING DECEMBER 3, 2014 The meeting was called to order at 6:00pm by Chairman Jeff Sutton, with Bob Soles, Jim McVay, Dimitrios Pousoulides, Rick

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Franklin Borough Zoning Board of Adjustment Meeting Minutes for March 2, 2011

Franklin Borough Zoning Board of Adjustment Meeting Minutes for March 2, 2011 The meeting was called to order at 7:34 PM by the Chairman, Mr. Richard Kell, who then led the assembly in the flag salute. Mr. Kell read the Statement of Compliance pursuant to the Open Public Meetings

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Occoneechee Council Leaders Guide For Camp Card Sales

Occoneechee Council Leaders Guide For Camp Card Sales Occoneechee Council Leaders Guide For Camp Card Sales The Camp Card Sale The Camp Card Initiative is designed to help scouts earn their way to resident camp, day camp or summer camp. Units participating

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Application for childcare

Application for childcare Application for childcare Child s Name: To apply, please complete and return all forms contained in this packet, and a current Form 121 (Immunization form). Preschool: 601-925-KIDS After-school: 924-6500

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1987 SUMMER USE SURVEY OF MINNESOTA STATE PARK VISITORS This document is made available electronically by the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library as part of an ongoing digital archiving project. (Funding for document

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Crew Leader Information

Crew Leader Information Crew Leader Information Crew Leader Job You are here to safely lead your kids, participate, and have fun with our VBS kids. Make sure you are registered. We do not take buddy requests at the crew leader

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March, rally push day of peace in Woodlawn

March, rally push day of peace in Woodlawn March, rally push day of peace in Woodlawn By Richard Muhammad Zakryscha Hayes' uncle founded the 6300-6400 S. Ellis Block Club some 40-years-ago in Woodlawn where she grew up and still lives. The block

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Recreation and Park Commission, Capital Committee

Recreation and Park Commission, Capital Committee DATE: March 7, 2018 TO: THRU: FROM: RE: Recreation and Park Commission, Capital Committee Philip A. Ginsburg, General Manager Lisa Bransten, Director of Partnerships New Park at Francisco Reservoir Park

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More detailed information will be available in the FAQ section of the department s website.

More detailed information will be available in the FAQ section of the department s website. Welcome to the Aims Aviation department introduction pdf. We are excited you are considering Aims Aviation for your future. Please read this introduction in its entirety as it will help answer some of

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JA Business. JA Business Camps. Summer Entrepreneurship Financial Literacy Work Readiness. 1 week Day Camps 8-13 years old

JA Business. JA Business Camps. Summer Entrepreneurship Financial Literacy Work Readiness. 1 week Day Camps 8-13 years old JA Business JA Business Camps Summer 2018 Entrepreneurship Financial Literacy Work Readiness 1 week Day Camps 8-13 years old Campers get the JA Advantage! Junior Achievement

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BRAND ATLANTA BUSINESS CASE BRAND ATLANTA BUSINESS CASE Ken Bernhardt Regents Professor and Assistant Dean Corporate Relations Georgia State University Robinson College of Business Economic Forecasting Conference May 24, 2006 Seven

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Recommendations for Funding Water, Sewer and Drainage Systems. Presentation to the Citizens and Businesses of New Orleans January 2012

Recommendations for Funding Water, Sewer and Drainage Systems. Presentation to the Citizens and Businesses of New Orleans January 2012 Recommendations for Funding Water, Sewer and Drainage Systems Presentation to the Citizens and Businesses of New Orleans January 2012 Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans 2 Agenda Opening

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HATBORO BOY SCOUT TROOP 3 HATBORO BOY SCOUT TROOP 3 Cradle of Liberty Council, BSA ROBERT WAELTZ Scoutmaster 17 Brownstone Drive Horsham, PA 19044 Home: 215-956-9462 Cell: 215-206-0276

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CHATHAM BOROUGH SHADE TREE COMMISSION CHATHAM BOROUGH SHADE TREE COMMISSION March 15, 2016 7:30 p.m. Chairman Patrick Carroll called this Regular Meeting of the Chatham Shade Tree to order at 7:30 p.m., Room 301, Upper Level, Chatham Municipal

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ORANGE COAST RADIO CONTROL CLUB HANGAR TALK. Volume 27, Issue 2 April AMA Gold Leader Club Charter #1330 AMA Award of Excellence

ORANGE COAST RADIO CONTROL CLUB HANGAR TALK. Volume 27, Issue 2 April AMA Gold Leader Club Charter #1330 AMA Award of Excellence ORANGE COAST RADIO CONTROL CLUB HANGAR TALK Volume 27, Issue 2 April 2018 AMA Gold Leader Club 1992-2017 Charter #1330 AMA Award of Excellence President s Message Dave Kadonoff Please join us for the April

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Welcome to the Kingdom of Camp Lewis Cub Scout Day Camp 2012 July 9 th -13 th July 16 th -20 th July 23 rd -27 th

Welcome to the Kingdom of Camp Lewis Cub Scout Day Camp 2012 July 9 th -13 th July 16 th -20 th July 23 rd -27 th Welcome to the Kingdom of Camp Lewis Cub Scout Day Camp 2012 July 9 th -13 th July 16 th -20 th July 23 rd -27 th Cub Day Camp Monday Thursday: You will need to arrive by 8:15am, opening flag is at 9:00am,

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Camp Shakespeare 2018

Camp Shakespeare 2018 Camp Shakespeare 2018 Camp Shakespeare is a two-week University of Texas residential summer camp for young people, ages 11-16,* dedicated to ensemble playing with the plays of Shakespeare, exploring Shakespeare

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Pelican Point Community Association Annual Meeting Minutes

Pelican Point Community Association Annual Meeting Minutes Pelican Point Community Association Annual Meeting Minutes June 4, 2012 The Pelican Point Community Annual Meeting was held at the new shelter on June 4, 2012. The meeting was called to order at 7:08 p.m.

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AIRPORT SPONSORSHIP POLICY AIRPORT SPONSORSHIP POLICY The Muskegon County Airport (MKG) Sponsorship policy (Policy) is intended to ensure Airport sponsorships are coordinated and aligned with its business goals, maximize opportunity

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VÉâÇàÜç VÄâu `tçéü May 2014 Newsletter Edited by Lee Bakewell

VÉâÇàÜç VÄâu `tçéü May 2014 Newsletter Edited by Lee Bakewell VÉâÇàÜç VÄâu `tçéü May 2014 Newsletter Edited by Lee Bakewell SAY HELLO TO YOUR NEW NEIGHBORS! Hello we are Gregg & Joanne Sowada, the new residents in apartment #226. We have been married for 47 years.

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Employment Authorization Document (EAD) Application Guide for J-2 Dependents

Employment Authorization Document (EAD) Application Guide for J-2 Dependents Employment Authorization Document (EAD) Application Guide for J-2 Dependents Preparing the application to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) What is the EAD? The Employment Authorization

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Levittown: Birthplace of the American Dream

Levittown: Birthplace of the American Dream Levittown: Birthplace of the American Dream 1 July 2008 Background It was 1947. America, along with its Allies, had just won World War II. The War had snapped the nation out of an depression that had resulted

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2018 Camp Card Guidebook A Unit Leader s Guide

2018 Camp Card Guidebook A Unit Leader s Guide 2018 Camp Card Guidebook A Unit Leader s Guide Earn an ipad! All Scouts who sell 1,000 cards will receive an ipad Air 2! Wow! What s Inside: Westerm Los Angeles County Council Boy Scouts

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2017 Camp Card Guidebook A Unit Leader s Guide

2017 Camp Card Guidebook A Unit Leader s Guide 2017 Camp Card Guidebook A Unit Leader s Guide Earn an ipad! All Scouts who sell 1,000 cards will receive an ipad Air 2! Wow! What s Inside: Westerm Los Angeles County Council Boy Scouts

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2016 Camp Card Leader s Guide

2016 Camp Card Leader s Guide 2016 Camp Card Leader s Guide COUNCIL TOP SELLER EARNS THEIR CHOICE OF... 12001 Sycamore Station Place, Louisville, Kentucky 40299 502.361.2624 1.877.334.2674 YOUR SCOUTS CAN EARN A FREE

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UPPER TOWNSHIP ZONING BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT MEETING MINUTES JUNE 14, 2018 UPPER TOWNSHIP ZONING BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT MEETING MINUTES The regular meeting of the Upper Township Zoning Board of Adjustment was held at the Township Hall, 2100 Tuckahoe Road, Petersburg, New Jersey.

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Exhibitor Prospectus. Annual Convention & Trade Show. March 30-April 3, 2010 San Diego Marriott Hotel & Marina

Exhibitor Prospectus. Annual Convention & Trade Show. March 30-April 3, 2010 San Diego Marriott Hotel & Marina Exhibitor Prospectus 2010 Annual Convention & Trade Show March 30-April 3, 2010 San Diego Marriott Hotel & Marina The National Business Education Association (NBEA) is the nation s largest professional

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2008 Annual Report.

2008 Annual Report. 2008 Annual Report 2 Camp Fire River Bend Council Annual Report Camp Fire River Bend Council Annual Report 3 When kids get to learn how beautiful their world is, they can make it

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Interviewers: Wynell Schamel and Ed Schamel IntervieweEd Schamel: Lucille Disharoon Cobb. Transcriber: David MacKinnon

Interviewers: Wynell Schamel and Ed Schamel IntervieweEd Schamel: Lucille Disharoon Cobb. Transcriber: David MacKinnon Interviewers: Wynell Schamel and Ed Schamel IntervieweEd Schamel: Lucille Disharoon Cobb Transcriber: David MacKinnon WYNELL SCHAMEL: This interview is with Mrs. Lucille Disharoon Cobb. The date is September

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Change dormers and main entry on the river side of the house. Site: 43 Riverbank Road, Block 10 Lot 3

Change dormers and main entry on the river side of the house. Site: 43 Riverbank Road, Block 10 Lot 3 City of Burlington Historic Preservation Commission Meeting Minutes: December 2, 2015 The City of Burlington Historic Preservation Commission held its regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, December 2,

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MINUTES TOWN COUNCIL TOWN OF SHENANDOAH REGULAR MEETING JULY 22, 2014 MINUTES TOWN COUNCIL TOWN OF SHENANDOAH REGULAR MEETING JULY 22, 2014 CALL TO ORDER: The Shenandoah Town Council held its regular meeting on Tuesday, July 22, 2014, at 7:00 p.m., with Mayor Clinton O.

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The Prospector Havasu Gold Seekers, Inc. February VOLUME 24, ISSUE 12 February 2018 PRESIDENTS MESSAGE. Happy Valentine s Day!

The Prospector Havasu Gold Seekers, Inc. February VOLUME 24, ISSUE 12 February 2018 PRESIDENTS MESSAGE. Happy Valentine s Day! The Prospector Havasu Gold Seekers, Inc. February 2018 VOLUME 24, ISSUE 12 February 2018 PRESIDENTS MESSAGE Happy Valentine s Day! P.O. Box 3281 Lake Havasu City, Arizona 86405 People have been going out

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Testimony of Myron Ebell Director, Center for Energy and Environment Competitive Enterprise Institute

Testimony of Myron Ebell Director, Center for Energy and Environment Competitive Enterprise Institute Testimony of Myron Ebell Director, Center for Energy and Environment Competitive Enterprise Institute on The National Park Service s Implementation of the Government Shutdown before the Committee on Oversight

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CITY OF MURFREESBORO HISTORIC ZONING COMMISSION. Regular Meeting June 19, :30 PM, Council Chambers, City Hall

CITY OF MURFREESBORO HISTORIC ZONING COMMISSION. Regular Meeting June 19, :30 PM, Council Chambers, City Hall CITY OF MURFREESBORO HISTORIC ZONING COMMISSION Regular Meeting June 19, 2018 3:30 PM, Council Chambers, City Hall I. Call to Order and determination of a quorum II. Approve Minutes of the Regular Meeting

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THE EXHAUST The voice of the Ashtabula Co. Antique Engine Club Inc. Ruth Lazor, editor

THE EXHAUST The voice of the Ashtabula Co. Antique Engine Club Inc. Ruth Lazor, editor The Ashtabula County Antique Engine Club 4026 Rt. 322 PO Box 168 Williamsfield, OH 44093 Website: coming events April 4 Regular monthly meeting, 7:30 Wayne Town Hall

More information Tulalip Charitable Contributions Funds Distribution Report Tulalip Charitable Contributions Funds Distribution Report Tulalip Charitable Contributions Funds Distribution Report NAME OF AGENCY: ADDRESS: CONTACT: Warm Beach Christian Camp 20800 Marine Drive, Stanwood, WA 98292 (360) 652-7575;

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Guide to MS 28. City of Phoenix Transportation Records, Bulk Dates linear feet, 6 inches. Prepared by Lisa Gezelter June 1998

Guide to MS 28. City of Phoenix Transportation Records, Bulk Dates linear feet, 6 inches. Prepared by Lisa Gezelter June 1998 Guide to MS 28 City of Phoenix Transportation Records, 1889-1972 Bulk Dates 1889-1959 5 linear feet, 6 inches Prepared by Lisa Gezelter June 1998 Donations by Larry Fleming in 1981 and by Joseph Smith

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Cub Scout Day Camp 2018 Leader s Guide River Bend District

Cub Scout Day Camp 2018 Leader s Guide River Bend District BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA GREATER WYOMING COUNCIL RIVER BEND DISTRICT Cub Scout Day Camp 2018 Leader s Guide River Bend District Final Draft: 1/10/2018 Online Registration available at

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2011 Annual Report.

2011 Annual Report. 2011 Annual Report 2 3 Our Mission Build caring, confident youth and future leaders. I like the independence and confidence that she gains from her camp experience. - Parent Our Council

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The Monthly Planet. Cheryl. The Sky s The Limit. Central Ohio Saturn CarClub Chapter 4 Issue #121 April 2007

The Monthly Planet. Cheryl. The Sky s The Limit. Central Ohio Saturn CarClub Chapter 4 Issue #121 April 2007 The Monthly Planet Central Ohio Saturn CarClub Chapter 4 Issue #121 April 2007 The Sky s The Limit I have some big news to announce this month! We re starting a Referral Rewards program in the CarClub!

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Webelos Woods & Fall Camporee

Webelos Woods & Fall Camporee Grand River District Webelos Woods & Fall Camporee September 29-October 1, 2017 Boy Scouts of America Camp Stigwandish Lake Erie Council Leaders Guide Volunteer Opportunities- WE NEED YOU!!! We are looking

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PACK DAY CAMP COORDINATOR PACKET Bug Squad 2017 Cub Scout Day Camp PACK DAY CAMP COORDINATOR PACKET Provided by the Foothills District, Atlanta Area Council June 12-16, 2017 8:30 am 2:30 pm* (*Friday camp will end at 12:30 pm) LDS Church,

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Swanton Township Trustee Meeting. Regular Meeting 2/28/2017

Swanton Township Trustee Meeting. Regular Meeting 2/28/2017 Swanton Township Trustee Meeting Regular Meeting 2/28/2017 Sir: On above date, at approximately 0546 hours we received the above listed call "fire in the barn" for 11505 Shaffer Rd. The call was immediately

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Tuesday 4th December. Movie night at Reading Cinemas & Dinner at Bona Vita Arrive for dinner 6pm Movie screens at 8pm James Bond!!

Tuesday 4th December. Movie night at Reading Cinemas & Dinner at Bona Vita Arrive for dinner 6pm Movie screens at 8pm James Bond!! The Chronicle - - A publication of the Rotary Club of Croydon ID No 18360 R I District 9810 2012-2013 President Mr Ross Taylor DATE Tuesday 4th December. Movie night at Reading Cinemas & Dinner at Bona

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TOWN of BIG LAKE Sherburne County s First 5-Member Township Board P.O. Box 75, Big Lake, Minnesota 55309

TOWN of BIG LAKE Sherburne County s First 5-Member Township Board P.O. Box 75, Big Lake, Minnesota 55309 Monthly Board Meeting Minutes TOWN of BIG LAKE Sherburne County s First 5-Member Township Board P.O. Box 75, Big Lake, Minnesota 55309 On Wednesday, the Big Lake Board of Supervisors met at the Big Lake

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CAMP ECHO PAYMENT & ENROLLMENT POLICIES PAYMENT OPTIONS When you register for camp, you will pay a deposit, which is applied to the camp fee; deposits are non-refundable unless the McGaw YMCA cancels your program or if the camper is on a waitlist.

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COLTS Complementary ADA Paratransit Service. Special Efforts Accessibility Transportation Service (SEATS) SEATS Trip Tips (570)

COLTS Complementary ADA Paratransit Service. Special Efforts Accessibility Transportation Service (SEATS) SEATS Trip Tips (570) COLTS Complementary ADA Paratransit Service Special Efforts Accessibility Transportation Service (SEATS) SEATS Trip Tips (570) 963-6795 June, 2016 1 Welcome to SEATS!!! COLTS provides Complementary ADA

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Cub Scout Day Camp Parent & Leader s Guide 2018

Cub Scout Day Camp Parent & Leader s Guide 2018 Cub Scout Day Camp Parent & Leader s Guide 2018 Camp Director: Michele Rhodes Program Director: April Snyder 814-442-0503 BSA District Executive: Brad Lavan 814-289-6238

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