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1 Turkey time Enter at 70 locations win a gobbler See details Inside Blcent 9 begins Town's big birthday still months off, but party's now See page A-8 Theater tradition Philathalians open 62nd season See WeekendPlus INSIDE The^festfield Record Thursday, November 4, 1993 A Forbes Newspaper 50 cents Environmental talk The Sierra Club's Loantaka Group will hold a meeting tonight for Westfield area members and non-members 7-10 p.m. the municipal building. Women's health Dr. Joseph J. Fasco will speak on "New Health Strategies for Women in the 90's" tonight at the the Community Education Workshop given by Women for Women, Inc. Open to the public, the program will be held at 7:30 p.m. at St. Paul's Church. CAAP meeting Mrs. Beverly Hutton, Vice Principal at Eastern Intermediate School in Vorhees will be the guest speaker at tonight's Concerned African-American Parents' meeting, held at 7:30 pm in the Westfield Community Center. Topics include the 'Americans All' curriculum and Eastern's Parent Action Committee. WHS reunion The Westfield High School class of 1983 will hold its 10- year reunion Friday Nov. 26, at the Westwood. Class members needing information should contact Louis Matino at before tomorrow. Senior's bazaar Westfield Senior Citizen Housing at 1133 Boynton Ave. will hold its annual bazaar Saturday 10:30 a.m.-3 p.m. in the community room. Residents will sell jewelry, boutique items, baked goods, folk art, ancj more. Creative crafts Creative Crafts, a Union County artistic event will hold its 27th annual exhibit and sale Saturday through Wednesday. Hours are Sunday-Tuesday 11 a.m,-9 p.m. and Wednesday 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Sponsored by the Sisterhood of Temple Emanu- El, it will be held at 756 E. Broad St. Scottish night Westfield Presbyterian Church will host Scottish night Saturday at 5:30 p.m. Enjoy a fish and chips dinner, Scottish harpist and singer, bag pipers, and dancers. Order tickets at the church. Join the celebration The Westfield Y will hold its second annual International Celebration of Diversity Week Nov The public is invited to activities such as a Model U.N., international sports and song tests, international dance demonstrations, karate and origami lessons, African art, and international foods. For more information call ex Public relations aid The PR Task Force of Westfield Main St. will hold a workshop meeting at LIO E. Broad St. next Tuesday at 8 p.m. An editorial consultant will talk on "Separating the Wheat from the Chaff." Health Day The Westfield Board of Health will conduct i\ Health Day Nov a.m. at the municipal building. An extensive blood screening and blood pit'ssure test kits will be offered. Registration by Nov. 11. Give blood NJ Blood Services and the Westfield/Mounuimside Red Cross will hold a blotxl drive Nov. 12, 4-0 p.m. at the Redeemer Lutheran Church. For more information call Town votes GOP across ballot Bagger bests Pepper in their home ward and Assembly district NICOLE A. QAVINO THE RECORD Two-thirds of Westfield's 17,728 registered voters headed to the polls Tuesday and supported Republicans across the board. Voters in all four districts chose Republican Christie Whitman for governor, bringing her town total to 6,965, nearly 2,000 votes more than Jim Florio. This helped bring her ahead in the county as she secured only about 4,000 votes over the incumbent governor in Union Gary's day in unofficial results. This year's 21st District Assembly race featured two or Westfield's own, Republican incumbent Richard Bagger and Democrat challenger Susan Pepper, president of the Westfield School Board. In the second ward, home to both Mr. Bagger and Ms. Pepper, voters chose Mr. Bagger with 1,920 votes over Ms. Pepper's 1,145. This sentiment was reflected in both the town and district totals, where Mr. Bagger led by nearly 18,000 votes. Mr. Bagger and fellow Republican Alan Augustine both won their second term for Assembly in Westfield and throughout the district wide. "I am delighted," Mr. Bagger added, "and I look forward to continuing to work on the Appropriations Committee to restore fiscal, responsibility in New Jersey." "Clearly it is a big Republican win in a big Republican town," Ms. Pepper said, "but as a first venture, I feel I did OK." In other area races, Republican Donald DiFrancesco held tight to ROBERT YOUNG/THE RECORD Gary Kehler addresses stalwart fans In the rain at halftlme of Saturday's Westfleld-Summlt football game when official ceremonies renaming Recreation Field as "Gary Kehler Stadium" occurred. Mr. Kehler, recently retired Westfield High School athletic director, compiled a record as coach of football, wrestling and golf. Taxpayers reimburse VIPs, but not teachers for confab By NICOLE A. QAVINO THE RECORD Many Westfield teachers are heading south for the 104th annual NJEA convention in Atlantic City today and tomorrow, just as school board members headed down for the NJSBA convention last weekend. Assistant superintendent for business, Robert Radcr, said that four out of the nine Westfield school board members attended the NJSBA convention last week. He also said that the NJSBA convention is very similar to the teachers' convention. "It's a three-day conference with a large vendor area and many workshops," Dr. Rader said. "It's really a very good conference, very educational." WEA President Michael Seiler said attendance is expected to be high at the. teachers' NJEA convention. "The majority of teachers gut down there; last year it was very well-attended" he said. "It's there to use as a service. The conference is like a large seminar, a gathering to exchange ideas." But despite these similarities, the district treats the two conventions differently. Dr. Rader explained that the district pays for "appropriate expenses" for the School lioard Association convention. These expenses include lodging, meals, and travel. In contrast, the district will not pay for any expenses towards the teachers' convention. "We do not consider the NJEA convention as an instructional conference," Dr. Rader said. Although the district does not consider the teachers' convention to be professional development, Mr. Seiler attested that the convention does produce a lot of new information for Westfield teachers. But he still does not expect the district to pay for it. "Anything you buy for the kids comes out of your own pockets, the Board of Education doesn't reimburse" Mr. SeUer said. "Nor should they. They have a budget in place and they supply us well with what we need." Mr. Seiler said that it is a benefit to have today and tomorrow off to be able to attend, believing it to be the only feasible way to get 140,000 teachers across the state free for two solid days. But Mr. Seiler believes that even though the convention is very important, the timing for it should be reconsidered. He feels that the calendar already gives too much time off in the l)eginning of the year. Students have enjoyed this four-day weekend for years, a break in the school year with no responsibilities. And as these arc not official school days, teachers too have no responsibilities. They are not required to attend or to s xmd the days professionally. his seat on the State Senate by gaining almost double the votes of his opponent, Eli Hoffman. For the Union County Freeholders, Westfielders chose Republicans Linda DiGiovanni, Linda-Lee Kelly and Harry Pappas. However, the county disagreed on Mr. Pappas and in a close race gave the final seat to Democrat Linda Stender. Westfield voters showed strong support for recall of elected officials in the lone public question on the ballot All four wards voted in favor, totalling 5,509 yes votes to 2,077 opposed. Westfielders were in tune with the rest of the state who approved recall by nearly 3 to 1. In the uncontested local races, Westfield Councilmen each won another two-year term. First Ward Republican Norman Greco garnered 2,141 votes, Second Ward Republican Margaret Sur came in with 1,918 votes, Third Ward Republican Kenneth MacRitchie secured 1,937 votes, and Fourth Ward Democrat James Hely drew 1,687. Town aims to dog kennel contractor over stray felines By NICOLE A. OAVINO THE RECORD The Westfield Board of Health has decided to take action against Garden State Kennels in response to a situation regarding stray cats. Summit Street resident Myron Gadol made the board aware of a recurring problem with stray cats Ln his" "fleightjothood. Mr. Gadol and his neighbors have seen families of strays over the years, wandering through their yards or dead in nearby bush- response. In the meantime, the Board of Health is revising the terms of animal control services which is currently up for bid again. Garden State Kennel*s contract ends Dec. 31 Ḃut in addition to the money, all board members felt that residents shouldn't have to handle the animals theni.-.chi "ItV..lot..-.n:nc> thing that we encourago," Mr. Sherr said. "It's a safety issue having the general public in contact with animals that may be ' M y concern 'My concern is that this rabid," is that this may may present a danger to In closer look present a dan- ^e community, especially at the contract ger to the community, espe- with young children' is not clear with Garden State Kennels, it daily with Myron Gadol whether Garden Slate professionals are respon-? til: ^ident Gadol said. ^^^ ^ sible for picking up the strays Westfield contracts animal control services from Garden State tract requires the "pick up and dis- themselves. At one point the con- Kennels. However, the contract posal of all animals trapped by residents at no charge." But later it terms and service responsibilities are not clear. "Unfortunately, this calls for "random patrol for stray is the one area in our contract that animals throughout the city, when is vague, as far as picking up stray in the town for a call, or when requested by the health officer or police department" cats," Westfield Health Official Robert Sherr said. The Board of Health decided Both Mr. Gadol and Mr. Sherr that Garden State Kennels is in contacted Garden State Kennels to breach of contract. They agtetnl to ask them to come and pick up the invite Mr. Pelissier to the next cats. Mr. Gadol was told that they Board of Health meeting Dec. 6. would come pick up the cats if he and to withhold payment to Garden State Kennels unless they see trapped them himself, and he would have to pay $25 for the trap. some changes. Mr. Sherr explained that the Clark resident Nancy Larrimore town's interpretation of the contract is not the same as Garden assistance. Ms. Larrimore is a cer- also attended the meeting to offer State Kennels. About a month ago tified animal control specialist in the state and takes in strays herself, providing them with medical Town Attorney Charles Brandt sent a letter to Peter H, Pelissier, and personal care, and placing owner/president of Garden State them for adoption. Kennels. He has yet to hear any Hit and run clues still sought The Union County Crime place on Central Avenue on Oct. Stoppers Program has posted a 10. reward for up to $5,000 for information that will lead to the ar- Steven Kopelchak, is also offer- The Tathcr or the victim, rest and indictment of the individual responsible for the fatal reward. Anyone with any inforing an additional $1,000 to this hit and run accident that took mation should call G54-TIPS. It's curtains for X-rated video protest demonstration By NICOLE A. GAV1NO Till: KKCOHl) A continuing dispute regarding an adult film room at Video Video enraged one former customer to the point of planning a staged protest. But now, after weeks of appeals to the store owner, the protest originally slated for Nov. 20 has been canceled. The separate adult film room in the Westfield video store does not have n door restricting it, and concern has centered on children's ability to see into the room. "We have laws about X-rated establishments not being close to schools for a reason," Tori Gerson said, "a curtain is not good enough. There's nothing to stop the children from having their first sexual experience from being a demeaning one." Ms. Gerson, a resident, first appealed to store owner Harold Rosenbaum for a door but was not accommodated. Mr. Roscnbmim simply feels there is no problem. "I think that the way we handle it is fine," Mr. RnsiTibaum said. "We understand that we're in a community that's very sensitive to these issues. I think we handle it in a very prudent manner." IX'spite (he opinion of several Video Video customers, Mr. Rosenbnum contends that he has always hnd a curtain which is always down. "There is a full length, 10-foot-tall, curtain there," ho said. "I don't know how much more restriction one can have." Aa n result of his refusal to put in a door, Ms. Gerson planned a staged protest Nov. 20 in front of the store. Protesters were to ait up their video simp membership c;irds. The Westfield Hoard of Realtors and 11nly Trinity School have posted information about the video room and some members and staff planned to attend the protest. But after weeks of appeal and even consideration of a town ordinance, Ms. Gorson decided to cancel her protest. "I've been reconsidering the situation," she said. "I think that the curtain will be all right."

2 A-2 Wsstffolcl Itocovd November 4,1993: Man, 21, is charged with Polling place possession of marijuana Westfield police arrested Park A St. Mark's Avenue resident reported the theft of a 1990 Volks Street resident Martin Whelan, 21, for possession of marijuana last Police log Wagon from his residence on Oct. Thursday. 29. Mr. Wnelan was a passenger in a vehicle that police pulled over at CRIMINAL MISCHIEF the intersection of Central Avenue stairs bedroom before leaving and Park Street for alleged careless through the front door, which was On Oct 26, central Jersey Bank driving. When the officer approached the vehicle, he saw a cig- found open and unlocked. The resident reported a stereo system, of East Broad Street reported that someone spray painted the building. VCR, and TV missing, valued at arette in the car's ashtray which he $1,056. suspected to be marijuana, according to the police report. THEFT Mr. Whelan admitted that the Baron's Drug store reported the cigarette belonged to him, police said. Police searched him and allegedly found two plastic bags with marijuana in them and a pipe. Mr. Whelan was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance, marijuana under 50 grams, and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was later released on his own recognizance. ASSAULT A North Plainfield resident reported simple assault Oct. 30 on South Avenue. The victim said that she was walking down the street when she was bumped in the chest and knocked over by another pedestrian. She fell to the ground and hit her head on the curb, according to the police report. BURGLARY On Oct. 26, a Mountain Avenue resident reported his house burglarized. Entry was said to be made by breaking the front window with a brick which was found on the theft by fraud of prescription drugs Oct. 26. Witnesses said that someone asked for the drugs in a telephone conversation wherein the suspect claimed she was a known doctor's nurse, then later picked them up at the store. On Oct. 27, Video Video of Elm Street reported the theft of a Nintendo System and tapes from the store. A store employee said he saw the articles in a former employee's residence and he believes that the former employee stole the articles when he worked there, police said. McDowells Oil of North Avenue reported the theft of auto parts Oct. 29. A Boulevard resident reported the theft of tires and rims from a 1979 Ford parked at his residence Oct. 27. CAR THEFT A Bradford Avenue resident reported the theft of a 1991 Grand front porch. Unknown suspects entered the living room and the Am from his residence on Oct. 28. up- On Oct. 27, Pro Tour Cycles of West South Avenue reported that vandals broke the picture window to the store by unknown means. A Dudley Court resident reported his house egged Oct 29. An Irvington resident reported his car vandalized while it was parked on West South Avenue on Oct. 30. The rear window was shattered with rocks. * On Oct 30, a Tremont Avenue resident also reported her car vandalized. Unknown suspects entered the unlocked car and put shaving cream throughout the passenger's side. * * A Fairmont Avenue resident reported criminal mischief to his home on Oct. 30. Unknown suspects threw eggs at the house and smashed pumpkins. On Oct 31, a Westbrook Road resident reported a tire slashed on his car. A Scotch Plains Avenue resident reported someone poured paint thinner on his vehicle Oct. 31. Elaine Klein, left, and Norma Soffer look on as Mary Ann DeSimone makes the first call of Westfield MainStreet's telephone survey of the Westfield trade area. The survey, which will go on In Westfield and neighboring towns for the next few weeks, is being conducted by Statistical Research, Inc. of Westfield. Amazing women topic of club presentation Fire department plagued with several leaf fires Fashion Oplicrs [FREE"Rx Lenses With Frame Purchase S 3 Offer includes single vision plastic lenses only ±4.00 sph 2,00 cyl. range BIFOCALS AVAILABLE AT 1/2 PRICE Cannot be combined with other offers Gflaf Enpn 11 /3CW3 ' Fashion Optics l-]> crisis* «* «* * 1063A Rantain Rd Clark ^" ^,^:\^i\,' M( ' The little shop Cfjnstmafi November am-5pm Unique and Unusual Handmade Gifts Ornaments Wreaths Doffs &Jbys Visit With Santa Saturday November 6 10am until Noon The Little Shop on the Corner 16 Elm Street* Westfield The Westfield Fire Department Oct block of St Paul was busy this past week responding to local leaf fires. Fire Car Fires Street. Captain John Duelks said that "at Oct block of Lawrence this time of year it's just about expected." Oct block of Central Avenue. Oipt. Duelks said that the fires Avenue. most commonly start from children playing wilh matches and enue. Oct block of Central Av- adults parking their cars over the In other business, the fire department also responded to the fol- leaves that are piled in the street. He said that people need to belowing calls: careful because the hot muffler Oct. 25: system while cause the leaves to Children's Speciali2ed Hospitalalarm activation. catch fire and subsequently the car can catch fire. 300 block of Livingston Streetoil burner malfunction. The fire department responded to the following leaf and car fires 100 block of Elm Street- gas last week.: leak. I*af Fires 600 block of Knollwood Terraceelectrical short. Oct. 2G- 700 block of Boulevard. Oct block of Dudley Avenueline spill. 200 block of West Dudley- gaso- Oct block of Lenox Avenuelock out, 900 block of South Avenue West- Oct block of Linden Avenuewire arching. 400 block of Springfield Avenue- Oct block of Summit Avenue. 800 block of Walberg Avenue- Oct. 26: Oct block of South Avenue West. 100 block of Gallows Hill lock out. Roadtelephone wire down. Oct. 27: 500 block of Westfield Avenuelock out. 100 block of Ferris Place- interior alarm. Oct. 28: 700 block of St Marks Avenuesmoke scare block of Boynton Avenuesmoke odor investigation. 600 block of Central Avenuesmoke odor investigation. Oct. 30: 200 block of Watchung Forkwater leak. 100 block of Elm Street- odor investigation. 400 block of Birch Avenuesmoke scare. KENNETH N. LIPSTEIN ATTORNEY AT LAW PERSONAL INJURY CLAIMS CRIMINAL DEFENSE MUNICIPAL & TRAFFIC COURT FREE CONSULTATION NO FEE IN INJURY CASES UNLESS RECOVERY EVENING & WEEKEND HOURS (908) NORTH AVENUE EAST CRANFORD I "Jouiihiss "Celebrating the Home" APPEARING Hickory Chair Designer & Historian PATRICK CLONINGER November 11 that 10:30am SPEAKING ON AND FEATURING THESE CX ELECTIONS: Mark Hampton's European Country French Country American Dfcest James River Plantation Douglass & Waters The Mull nt Shun Hills (201) The Traveling State Company will present "Amazing Women in History - Nellie Bly and Mary Todd Lincoln" at the November general meeting of the Westfield Woman's Club. The meeting will be held Monday at 1:15 p.m. in the clubhouse at 318 S. Euclid Ave, Westfield. This presentation will take listeners back in time to meet first hand two heroines who helped shape our nation. 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3 November 4,1993 WestfleM Record A-3 Members of the committee planning Veterans Day ceremonies and plaque dedication for World War II dead and veterans from Westfleld are Allen Malcolm, Betty Py Davidson, Owen McWIIIiams and Gurson Berse., Veterans Day ceremony will honor World War II dead, vets Westfleld's World War II servicemen 84 who were killed and 2,400 men and women who served will be honored at a dedication ceremony 9:30 a.m. Veteran's Day, "niursday, Nov. 11 in the Community Room of the Town Hall on East Broad Street. The volunteer committee has worked for more than two years planning this tribute. The ceremony will include a dedication of a large bronze plaque, naming those who were killed and those who served, which has been placed on the front of the town hall to the right of the community room door, formerly the children's library. Dr. Jack Coopers of Pennington, a retired Navy chaplain who served in the South Pacific for three years during World War II, will give the invocation and benediction. Mr. McWilliams will lead the flag salute. Mrs. Davidson will describe the history of the project and then introduce William Lowe, president of the WHS Class of 1939; Lewis S. Howarth, 1939 class member and treasurer; and George Brownell and William Meglaughlin, president and vice president of the Holy Trinity seniors planning dessert, social hour Monday The Senior Social Club of Holy Trinity will meet for dessert and a social hour 1:30 p.m. Monday in the school cafeteria. A bus trip to the Christmas program at Radio City Music has been planned for Nov. 30. The annual Christmas catered lunch will be held Monday, Dec. 13 in the cafeteria. In January, the club will meet the first Monday, Jan. 3, instead of the second Monday of the month. At that meeting, the group will be entertained by the Harmonica Club of the Union Recreation Center. If you have not joined the club, come to the November meeting to learn about future activities, or plan to attend the Dec. 13 Christmas luncheon. For reservations, call Rose White at or Rose DiGiralamo at Westfield Historical Society. Mr. Lowe will present the plaque to Mayor Garland Boothe Jr., who will accept it for the town of Westfield. All townspeople and veterans' families are invitedto the ceremony. The Initial donation for the memorial plaque came from the Westfield High School Class of 1939 from their 50th Reunion. Seven members of the class were killed in World War II. Other donations have come from townspeople, relatives and friends of those servicemen to be honored, and the Westfield Foundation. The volunteer committee made this announcement to all who responded with contributions to the memorial plaque: "With gratitude to our townspeople, relatives of our servicemen, the Westfield Foundation, and funds from the WHS Class of '39 reunion, we have met our goal for the plaque to honor World War II servicemen. There are still funds for the Westfield Historical Society to use to refurbish the town notebooks compiled by the Veteran's Service Committee of on more than 2,000 men and women in service during World War II." YOUR EXISTING RESTORED WE STRIP A REFINISH YOUR ' CABINETS LIKE NEW FREE SAMPLING. COUNTER TOP REPLACEMENT, j Learning Center Helping kids be their best. Boost your child's grades. Buitd self-esteem. Programs in reading, math, algebra writing, SATIACT college prep, study skius, homework support and time management IM> Cyhim Ltmrntxt IWWIM EDISON I 00 IT NOW! / CHECK YOUR HEATING SYSTEM NOW BEFORE THE BIG CHILL IS ONL FREE ESTIMATES FOR GAS CONVERSIONS & UPGRADES INSPECTION, CLEANING 14 START UP OF HEATING SYSTEM PRE-WINTER SPECIAL i I '55< WITH COUPON TRANE ll\i Html Ih Stop ATinne. 510 SOUTH AVE., GARWOOD, N.J INC. Admissions, calendar up for discussion By WCOtEA.CWiNO TOE RECORD The Westfield school board will meet Tuesday to discuss a calendar policy and a policy revision concerning the cutoff date for admitting youngsters to kindergarten. "The calendar policy was developed at the direction of the Board of Education to bring stability and consistency to the school calendar," School Superintendent Mark C. Smith said. The calendar policy proposal would establish standards, identifying holidays, vacations and the opening and closing of school. Robert Rader, assistant superintendent for business said the development of last year's calendar was too controversial and the board feels that it needs to establish some kind of regularity, so people can know what to expect. The Board of Education will also discuss the current policy regarding the kindergarten admission cutoff date, which requires that a child must be the age of five before Oct. 1. The policy now has a provision for the evaluation of children who do not meet this requirement. Dr. Smith said that this provision has been costly in terms of both time and money. He noted that "an insignificant number of children were recommended for early admission based on the evaluation by professional staff members." The board will discuss eliminating the evaluation provision completely at the special meeting. Both this change and the calendar policy will be on the agenda for discussion purposes only. In addition, the board will act on the superintendent's recommendation for Salvatore J, DeSimone to become the new principal of Tamaques Elementary School. The Tuesday meeting will be held at 8 p.m. at the Administration Building, 302 Elrn St. and is open to the public, with time allotted for public questions, comments and suggestions. BACK PORCH COUNTRY CRAFTS 4-ih AJMMMMMUI Holiday Nov » am-g pm Wed. thra San. 400 Stout Ave., Scotch Plains (908) Attention: Are You Fed Up with High Health Insurance Rates? A Free Report Reveals Five Ways to Reduce Your Premiums and How to Profit from Your Health Insurance. Call , 24 Hours, For a FREE Recorded Message, To Get Your Copy of this Report. Alzheimer's Disease is ti devastating diagnosis both to patients and to their families. As a direct result of the experience and knowledge gained through treating hundreds of Alzheimer's patients, "A\t>in w a s (iisl <lia an I hellp Ui* Meridian has developed "The Meridian Guide to Alzheimer's Disease." Call today (or your free j;uide, as well as information on our special program for Alzheimer's Disease patients and their families OO f Walfleid MERIDIAN 1B1I LAMBKItTft MILL. ROAD WEITFIELD. NIW JKH«Y Show Day's end KERAIE HAGY/THE RECORD Students are shepherded onto waiting school bus at Tamaques School last week. District policy is to bus only those youngsters living more than two miles from the school to which they are assigned. L ^ All fares are each way based on round-trip purchase. * U.S. Chicago ^ Ft. Lauderdale ^ Los Angeles ^ Orlando P* San Francisco EUROPE ^ Frankfurt ^ London ^ Madrid ^ Munich pv Paris ^ ^ Betlze Monterrey ^ Panama City San Salvador ^ Veracruz IVE7IP) VE14RIP1 IVt1408IP) (VEOIP) (VE14MIP) (QUANJ) (VUBTGBI (VLUN!) (OLKAM] (VUAN! LATIN AMERIUA (VRNRJI (KUAWl (VRNRJ, $ 112 M * *2S (VRNRJ) {KUAP3) 292 Continentalm.. Faraav<ddlniniNnnrtanlvli>hmMd<kvcla>* t»r<«<; laraa h(pia> <*ac ^ ikyi Ran«np pnma ta raruna San > (r lejpo ppo vvtv^oe TicHvvn^, ~ kkmlimmsmlmnglfiluluvvwydyahlnlu nkullimhwidoaai kanlitilllllwu ^ U S wpnuanslntnwlamickwi. IMtMl^B«1 not rahdk] kz9ii"iiiivii Gone but nut forgotten, many of the inmates that once made news now appear (in Loek & Key. hoping for parole and release. Watch death row inmates who ask lo he pardoned. Decide tor yourself "whether individuals convicted nt criminal offenses have served then time fur their crimes, or should he punished further. Link & Ke\ takes you into parole henrings from across the county. I losleil by Court TV anchor Cynthia McFudden, Lock & Key centers upon the most critical issue in a prisoner's life: freedom. On Channel 96 6 AM - 8 PM Daily Suburban Cablevision To order cable, call (201) or (908)

4 A-4 WestftoM Record November 4,19b: Commentary Un-conventional Last week it was the school board's turn and this week it's the teachers' convention Public schools across the state are closed two days at the end of this week, because the New Jersey Education Association's annual convention is running in Atlantic City. Not all district teachers will attend, or feel they )vave to attend, or that the principal back at school on Monday will demand an accounting of how the two days were spent. In some districts, the official view is that the two days of the NJEA's convention each year are nondays. There is no compensation or particular incentive for teachers to attend, no matter how fetching some of the NJEA programs or convention exhibitors' wares and services might be. The incentive and compensation picture is quite different, however, for the members of the local school board and some school district administrators who attended last week's annual convention of the N.J. School Boards Association (NJSBA), also in Atlantic City. Policies vary district to district, of course, but top spokesmen for both the NJEA and the NJSBA told Forbes Newspapers late last week that, yes, teachers go to their convention without any incentive or compensation, and, yes, most school districts have some sort of budgeted program to compensate and encourage board and administrative personnel to travel to improve their management sltills. No taxpayer wants to cover travel, registration and/or lodging expenses for scores of teachers heading for their yearly convention. Sheer numbers of teachers make such a thought financially repugnant. But the fact that one side is compensated for traveling to improve itself, while the other isn't carries a connotation of imbalance or bias. If there is new and useful information to be gleaned at these conventions that will help the teacher and pupil in the classroom, then compensation seems a wise investment of taxpayers' dollars for teachers and administrators. A balanced school board policy might require written "great idea for us" reports from those attending as a condition of partial convention reimbursement. The reports would be distributed throughout the schools' rank and file and management. Naturally, the budget would limit expenditure for this aspect of educating the town youth, but at least there would be some compensation for attending and spreading good ideas upon return. Traveler sees lessons in London that could apply here By STEPHEN SCHOEMAW, PH.D. Scotch Plains I just returned from a wonderful vacation in London, England, and must share with you my experiences and observations in the hope that my letter may lead to a change of attitude here in our community. I do not suggest any truth in the line of George Colman Jr. that "all the streets arc paved with gold" in London. There are homeless people sleeping on the sidewalks. There are many unemployed. Perhaps Benjamin Disraeli, the British prime minister, overstated it a bit when he said, '"London is a modern Babylon." I leave aside only in this letter political issues which Britain must fully and finally address concerning Northern Ireland and other vitally important problems at home and abroad. Still, 1 take my hat off to London. London is spectacular. Other cities may be more populous or older or more historic (and that is going some!) or geographically larger or economically richer but no city is greater than London. The people are extraordinarily friendly and polite, invariably so! Shopkee[>ers do not hesitate to show you their merchandise and to take a real interest in you and a pride in their work. The Theater District is safe, charming, and intimate. Indeed, by and large the whole city is safe, channing, and intimate. The glorious National Gallery, Tate Museum, National Portrait Gallery and British Museum are free. For all the bustle of business and tourists and traffic there is a quiet about the city. Preservation of history in a modern city is taken seriously. Its great urban spaces work. London is clean. I saw workers steam cleaning Trafalgar Square early each morning. There is no graffiti anywhere. The I./ondon Tubes or subways and the railroad stations and the trains and the buses and the bus stations and the parks and the streets and the public rest facilities are spotless. No dirt! No paper! The ancient buildings are clean of their centuries of grime and are sparkling. London is safe. I walked past the government buildings of Whitehall and 10 Downing Street where the prime minister lives. I walked around wonderful and almost exotic Big Ben, the magnificent Gothic Mouses of Parliament, and thrillingly historic Westminster Abbey. I walked across great Westminster Bridge over the nearly unpolluted Thames River and along the elegant Embankment. I did this at midnight without fear though the streets were deserted. There is also something very reassuring about a London bobby, London bobbies carry no guns. They dress almost as if they were in business suits. London parks are glorious grand creations. Imagine parks where the grass is cut like the grass of a putting green! Where there are no radios! Where people sit quietly in their Sunday best to listen to a wonderful band concert! And paygo pence to rent lawn chairs for four hours! Whore green royal park containers which look like mailboxes are market! "Dog Waste!" Where the most glorious and intricate displays o.fflowers are led undisturbed by the appreciative public! Where the cafeteria in elegant Regents Park is the rival of" many a fine restaurant and at considerably lower prices! London has a refined beauty. Elegant terraces and squares. Majestic Pall Mall. Marble Arch. Regent Street. Buckingham Palace. The Thames. Ancient and modern buildings living comfortably together. A skyline though spiked with new skyscrapers is much the same skyline Sir Christopher Wren knew upon completion of his magnificent St. Paul's Cathedral. And then* is hardly a street or a street turning which does not provide.something of unexpected interest or some special porsjk'cuve. Yes, Ixjndon does have its Times Square. But Piccadilly Circus is fun and safe. It its bantering and playful. Public transportation is wonderful. It is fast and efficient. The British trains are efficient and fast. You can even hoar clearly the train announcements. The trains and stations are all at street level so them is no need for older people or people with heart conditions to risk their lives climbing or descending steps. The subways are quiet. They have escalators and elevators and they work. So going from train to sul>way is easy. Getting to the airports is simple and cheap because of direct subway seiviee. There are ticket takers at every subway stop to direct traffic and to provide assistance. The two decker red London buses are delightful. There is a ticket taker as well as tin? bus driver. Victoria I3us Terminal is a joy. It is modern anil safe and welcoming. And I>>ndon taxi:;! They are roomy and clean and in good working order. Want to get from any place in London to any other place? No problem. The taxi drivers know every street by heart. They have to because it takes years to prepare for "The Knowledge" which is the licensing examination for London taxi drivers. London despite an awful and prolonged economic recession is festive. Flags and banners flying. The changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace and at Horse Guards, The elegant fountains in Trafalgar Square. The glorious flower beds. The brightly attired Yeomen of the Guard at the Tower of London. Most everyone smiles. Most everyone says hello. Most everyone says thank you. Most everyone says excuse me if they happen to bump into you. People seems to take pride in themselves and in their city. They dress not as if they just got out of bed but as if they were on a Sunday outing. No one throws paper. Everything is orderly. People really do queue for the bus. No shoving. No shouting. Patience. Londoners do not take themselves too seriously. Go to Speaker's Comer in Hyde Park. A more wonderful mixture of seriousness {but not too serious) and frivolity and playfulness. Heckling, if you want to call it that, in its most irreverent yet strangely respectful form. Or go to Coven t Garden which was the old flower market of My Fair Lady fame and see and hear and feel all the conviviality. Jugglers. Magicians, Musicians. Opera singers. Folk singers. Friendly crowds just enjoying themselves. Even the names. Who ever called a subway station Elephant and Castle or named a museum for the Empress of India and her husband the Victoria and Albert Museum or named two churches nearby each other St. Bartholomew The Great and St. Bartholomew The IJCSS or called law firm offices temples or squares circuses! Or named pubs Hoop and Grajx's, Lamb and Flag, Plume of Feathers, Old Spotted Horse, and Bull and Bush! And The Mall is not a reference to a shopping mall but to the royal processional way, paved red, of course, down which British monarchs travel on their way to their coronation or to the Opening of Parliament. And the pubs! They are not invitations lo tearing the place apart. They are places to eat delicious food, play a game of darts, or just enjoy good company over a favorite brew. There is the magic of English brewed tea served in a teapot on English China. The delicately and pridefully prepared sandwiches. The clotted Cornish cream with fresh sweet English strawberries, Scones and some delightful jam. And the Cornish pasties. And for dinner try English roast boef crxjked to perfection, sliced to perfection, and served with a haunting horseradish and that most mysterious of named specialties Yorkshire Pudding which is not a pudding at all but a type of bread, And who says English cooking is not great! It has Ixvn said that "London is a little bit of alright." It is more than just a little bit of alright. It is just right. It restores my confidence in public manners and in civility. Britannia may not iiile the waves. It may have lost the greatest empire in world history. Times may Ix. 1 economically difficult. Yet in a very different sense Britannia still has something important to teach us. Greatness does not lie in military power nor in economic might nor m political influence. Greatness for a nation and a people lies in the very things of which Ixmdon may be most proud. The United States is one of the greatest and most wonderful countries in the world. We have so very much of which to l>e extremely proud. We an; privileged each and every day to live in this great land of liberty and freedom which give:; such deep recognition to the pursuit of happiness which Thomas Jefferson made an inalienable right in the Declaration of lnile wntlenee. Stili, we ran learn. Thomas Jefferson, who lived in Pari:; as the American ambassador, said that when people travel "they gather knowledge which they may apply usefully for their country." Mark Twain in 'Die Innocents Ahmad wrote that travel is a broadening exjjcrience which "cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's life." I am not saying -- to paraphrase that old World War I song "how are you going to keep them down on the farm alter they have seen I/jndtm.' 1 am not trying to tear down our fantastic country. I am saying that we can learn from Ijondon just as Ijondoners can learn from UK. We can each take the Ix-st which the other has to offer. And London has a lot to offer us on how to live a more patient and civilized and civil life. Letters to the editor A thousand thank yous to council To The Record: I would like to express thanks to the Westfield Town Council for their allocation of $1,000 to the New Jersey Coalition Against Aircraft Noise (NJCAAN) for activities to reduce air noise in Westfield and over the State of New Jersey. At the Oct. 20 meeting, I was joined by Patrick Russell, Attorney for NJCAAN, in updating the Council on recent events, a highlight of which is the creation of a new air route design which utilizes waterway and ocean airspace to dramatically reduce air :;i>i;;e over Westfield and other parts of New Jersey. The NJCAAN plan was developed by two retired KAA employees, who, while active with the FAA, boix; key projects management and design responsibilities with respect to the current Expanded East Coast Plan (EECP) routes. With the recent council action, Westfield joins the Federal Government, State of New Jersey, and the Port Authority in helping to fund actions to get revisions to the current poor EECP air route structure. Special thanks are due to Mayor Garland "Bud" Boothe and other council members for their extended support and encouragement in these long efforts to solve our aviation noise problem. JEROME FEOER Director, NJCAAN Chairman, Wcstficld CAAN 38= The ^festfield Record FORBES NEWSPAPERS, A DIVISION OF FORBES INC Edward F.Carroll Executive Editor Cheryl Fenske Chief Copy Edltor-Spaclal Sections Editor William Westhoven WeekendPlua Editor Micki PulslneIN Motor Accounts George Gannon Roger Silvoy CireuMion l»«lor * & f l! Malcolm S. Forties Jr. EdiioMn-Chiei Louis S. Barsony Publisher Alan Churchill Qanwnl Mannger Donna Peiffer Advertising FtaprosrjnKilive Doug Baum ClasalAsd Advertising Munaflut Jean Casey Promotion Difm:lfif Kelly Zullo Tolophona Salmi Mnnnq Billie M. Davis Crifiln jllur The WoOllieW Record Is published weekly by ForboD Nrjw-ipinrme: A [>IVIMMM nl f o.hcr, Inc., 10? Wnlnut Awe., Coanlnrd NJ 0/016.Soconi) Clfin-s PD--.I.II.I,.n,i I, - null, POSTMASTER; plenao sand addrobs chtiri( OB lu I tiilxi!, rjn.-v,.,i;...---n :i.< -. IO Bon 757, BedmlnBler.NJO79SM Tosiibsrcrlhn c;«l. MHKKIIHJ'i'C'i Write Us: 102 Walnut Ave. Cranford, NJ 0?016 Phone: (908) FAX:(908) Uncoordinated governments a peril By DAVID F. MOORE N..I. CONSKHVATION FOUNDATION Imagine a manufacturer trying to build traditional widgits without workers, but 2,000 supervisors who do not communicate. That's how the state we're in hits operated in terms of kind In recent years, the legislature has proposed many bills attempting to regionalize government in Opinion order to efficiency and lower tho cost of governing. The latest is a proposal to create a regional land-use review system ffi protect the? environmental heal I h of the CIreat Swamp National Wildlife Refuge. We have.succeeded in acquiring critical lands and setting them aside as wildlife refuges, parks and the like, hut we have done precious lit He to protect those public assets front environmental insults by their neighbors. In the ease of the Great Swamp of Morris County, almost acres is under federal, county or other protective ownership within a 10,000-acre wetland complex. But the surrounding drainage area that sends it water lacks intergovernmental cooperation In as sure future ecological viability of the refuge. Anything deleterious, be it sewage or fallout from automobiles deposited on the SIO[M>S of the watershed, eventually washes its way down into the wetland. As is obvious to most Now Jer seyans, our f>(>7 municipalities cannot cope with the need to protect the environment, which crosses.such political boundaries. Develop erfi dislike the system, as do those concerned with protecting natural resources. We are not governing by coordinated plan, but hy develop merit pcnnil-by-peimit in much of tin:.state. Regional siifm-i-vision slnirluies to coordinate municipal planning hiive been adopted bete and there, but more are required. The concept look form in the df's when the Ilaekensack Meadowlands Development Commision was established to control planning and land use in parts of 14 towns in Bergen and Hudson counties. While I and many others fear that the agency overemphasizes the development side of the coin, at least it regionally coordinates controls for m(vastrui'iure and land use. To prevent loss of the recreation business and the natural resources of (he shore by expected energy development businesses, Coastal Area l''acilty Ucview Act was passed in \<)'t'a. l.iter, a measure to pro!eel (he watershed of the Delaware ami Canal, the state's longi.';(. park, was put into effect. Tin 1 I'melands I'rnlection Act was adopted in ]J)7!) to protect, preserve anil enhance the natural «. - s'liirce:; of over a million acres of :.(ii it her ri New.Jersey land and wiiler. That law called for creation of a regional development plan to he supeivised by a slate commission. The Pinelands law is the most advanced regional land-use control program in the country, and is working quite well. Places that can effectively hold more development are being developed, and environmentally critical areas are not. In 198(5, State Planning Act wa^ passed, recognizing that if we nra to survive economically, govern-, merits at all levels of authority must speak to each other nndj agree on a common land-usi course. State Planning Commis sion has adopted a plan which is; now being put into action. The; plan encourages formation of re gional resource management areas, such as the Highlands, the Delaware Mayshore and the CIreat Swamp Basin. It is clear to me that special management arrangements must be made to assure the future well ih'ing of the slate's economy and special places. We need to both regionalize ami simplify government to do that. A good start has lieon made; now we have to finish the job. Having thousands of decision-makers all going In different directions makes no sense at all.

5 November 4,1993 WestfleM Record A-5 Apple bee at museum this Sunday The Miller-Cory House Museum at 614 Mountain Ave, Westfield, will feature an old-fashioned apple bee on Sunday, November 7, from 2 to 5 p.m., An apple bee was a time for neighboring farm families to share in the task of harvesting their apple crop "and socializing at the same time. Volunteer Thomas Sherry will demonstrate cider making with a handworked cider press. Volunteer Eileen O'Shea will demonstrate theorem painting which is a form of stenciling and used in colonial times for decorating walls. For the children, there will be an apple printing conducted by volunteer Pat D'Angelo. Visitors may also take a tour with costumed docents through the 18th century farmhouse. Members of the cooking committee will offer visitors a chance to see colonial open-hearth cooking and will also be providing treats to visitors prepared from our apple cook books which will be available for sale in our gift shop. For further information about the museum and its programs, please call the office at Overlook CPR course begins Monday night Overlook Hospital, 99 Beauvoir Ave., Summit, is offering a threesession Basic Cardiac Life Support Course (CPR), open to anyone over the age of 14, 7-10 p.m. Nov. 8, 10 and 12 or Nov. 17, 18 and 22. Participants will learn one- and twoman CPR and obstructed airway techniques for both adults and children. Class size is limited. The fee is $60 for the general public and $40 for members of a rescue squad, police or fire department A three-hour CPR course will Vet demonstrated also be held 7-10 p.m. Nov. 4. This class is open to the public, and anyone over the age of 14 is encouraged to attend this class to learn the life-saving technique of CPR Those individuals who attend the course will receive a review booklet and a course completion card. The class is limited to the first 25 registrants. The fee is $20. In addition to the above classes, Overlook will offer a two-session "Little Heart Saver" (infant and child resuscitation) course. The course is especially helpful for parents, babysitters and child-care professionals and is approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics. The course will be held 7-10 p.m. Nov. 9 and 11. The fee is $30. All of the above classes are also offered to groups or businesses and can be held at Overlook Hospital or local sites, depending on the needs of the group or business. To register or for more information, call Past Rotary president Dr. Richard Maus demonstrates an exam procedure for visiting teens Marta Naplorskowski, Jen Kassaklan and Janna Chernetz on the Rotary-sponsored Youth-in- Business Day. Reform rabbi will speak at Emanu-El Rabbi Robert Samuels, one of the leaders of Reform Judaism in Israel, will speak at Temple Emanu-El. 756 E. Broad St., Friday, Nov. 12. The subject will be "After the Handshake, Can Jews and Arabs Live Together as Equals?" The Sabbath Service begins 8:15 p.m. The public is invited. Rabbi Samuels is the headmaster of the Ijeo Baeck Education Center in Haifa, Israel. Leo Baeck provides enough educational and extra-curricular programs for Israeli students, kindergarten-grade 12, including hundreds of Russian and Ethiopian immigrants. The center has pioneered in progressive religious services which attract hundreds of families. Eliminate Floor Squeaks! /QUEAK- ENDER Reg. $6.99 Sale * for s Sale Ends 11/30/93 BUILDERS'GENER/t RANFORD 33fl CENTENNIAL AVE (908) EDISON 1I77INMANAVE 908) OAKHURST 602 WEST PARK AVE. (908) LITTLE SILVER 15SYCAMOWEAVE. (908) 747O808. Sunday appeal A blood donor drive will be held Sunday 8 a.m.-i :3O p.m. at St. Helen's Church in Westfield. Donors must be 1 a or older and take a signed form of identification to the event. Seventeenyear-olds may donate by using a permission form available through North Jersey Blood Center, , ext 'This is my Body' is layman's sermon theme Church member Louis Ruprecht of Oldwick, a former Fanwood resident, will preach at the 10:30 a.m. communion service at the First Baptist Church of Westfield, 170 Elm St. His topic will be "This is My Body." Mr. Ruprecht is one among many members of the congregation who are performing pastoral roles while senior minister Dr. Robert L. Harvey is on a study sabbatical at Harvard Divinity School. When asked how he felt when invited to tench, Mr. Ruprecht said he felt unworthy. "Notwithstanding the reservations, I still enjoy the opportunity to prench and I'm thankful for the very forgiving congregation at the First Baptist Church of Westfield," he said. A graduate of Colgate University and Rutgers School of Law, Mr. Ruprecht completed the M.Div. program at New Brunswick Theological Seminary and served as adjunct professor at Seton Hall Law- School from He is currently a trial attorney and senior partner at Ruprecht & Hart in Millburn. 'Composing Life' series opens Tuesday at UCC "Composing a Life," a series of presentations by individuals who have had unique personal experiences resulting in positive turns in their lives, will open Tuesday, on the Plainfield campus of Union County College. The series is one of 40 events scheduled throughout the current academic year to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the college's founding. Prof. James Brophy, who teaches respiratory therapy at UCC, will be the first guest speaker 3 p.m. Nov. Catch all types of merchants with Forbes Newspapers' fabulous array of gift guides. For you "plan-ahead" shoppers, start your holiday shopping with the "Early Gift Guide." For those of you who wait till December to even consider buying check out Forbes' "Holiday Gift Guide." The "I can't believe ifs Christmas next week" shoppers can enjoy the "Last Minute Gift Guide." Look to Forbes Newspapers' Gift Guides for ALL your holiday shopping needs, Publication Dates: Title #1 -Nov. 18th Early Gift Guide #2 - Dec. 2nd Holiday Gift Guide #3 - Dec. 16th Last Minute Gift Guide Forbes N E W S P A P E R S 9 in Room 310 in the lecture hall, sentation, which will deal with the? The public is welcome to attend trials, heartaches, and triumphs he and his wife, Alice, experienced THESE PACKAGES MAY CAUSE VACATIONS! Scotch Plains WestfielrJ mdav 10am?pm this free program. "From Romania with Love" will bo the topic of Prof. Brophy's preduring the adoption of his daughter, Krystyna, amid the post- Ceaucescu politics of Romania. JAMAICA Eal. Drink. Play. Dive. Dance. Sun. Walerski. Scuba. Jacuzzi. Swing. Squash. Serve. Disco. Eiertise. Sail. Rest. Relai Snooze Hotippmg. Absolutely everything is included. 1 GRANS UD0NEGR1L SANS SOUCI LIDO Tki Prialin Miitun fti Sp'mJo' ind Chum el Trtpiui titgmci l1t "" ltlle ' HEDONISM II COUPLES ap^wf occupancy jnd i't va^fl lev mijwffi UfMij'ts i! ' 5 : Ne* von ftjies aia lesions at MOirti ir irjnye wiitisur noiice BUckoui, weeurnj hoji&ay. pe«k season ar>d offirr s.uicftar0t5 wiii apply RJIPS ire plus US Jf«l Jirruo tjepjriui* aid SKU"T> inn Ri)e; iruude rwnda'tf leatjr«and son* specu'!wtui«jng'pi activists mjy rwl bf jwtatur it all ftdieli Drive Clean Of all your daily activities, driving a car is probably the single most polluting thing you do. Motor vehicle emissions in many urban areas arc; the yiei. jtost contributor to ground level ozone*, a major component of smog Ground-level ozone causes respiratory problems and can lead to permanent king damage. It is the most serious air pollution problem in thy region. Motor vehicles also [_ t's Clear the emit a number of air toxics, which can cause serious health problems, including j cancer. Car emissions also contribute to acid rain and 17lob.1l warming. You can holp clear the air by changing youi driving habits. Carpool. vonpool. use public transportation [his not only reduces pollution, hut cuts down on fuel expenses, wool and tear on your cur and the stress of driving in rush-hour liaffic. N Combine errands into one trip. A substantial amount of pollution is released during the "cold-start" phase, the lust few minutes it takes 1o warm up your car. Avoid drive-up windows, stopand-go traffic and excessive idling. Idling your engine for longer than a minute is worse for air quality than starting up the car again. Moderate, steady speeds are bettor for air quality because they save fuel. When possible, bicycle or walk instead of driving, fhe savings in terms of air qualify add up. One person using mass transit for a year instead of driving to work prevents an average of 9.1 pounds of hydrocarbons pounds of carbon monoxide and 4,9 pounds of nitrogen oxides frorri being discharged into the air. By ndoshoring every day, you can also savo up to $3,000 a year on gas, insurance, corking fees and wear and tear on your car. To Learn More, Call: AIR Tinn*port Co

6 A-6 WesffieM Record November 4,1993 Friends open Casablanca Night to other towns The exciting world of Rick's cafe from the classic Bogart movie Casablanca will be re-created by the Westfield Symphony Friends, a talented group of women who support the Westfield Symphony. Interested in expanding their membership to those in Cranford, Scotch Plains, Fanwood, Mountainside, and Plainfield, they are opening up their Casablanca Nighton Saturday, Nov. 13, in Westfield to all those who want to know more about the Westfield Symphony and The Friends, its volunteer organization. The Westfield Symphony is a highly respected orchestra which has twice been honored as a Distinguished Arts Organization by the New Jersey State Council on the Arts. To enhance the fun of Casablanca Night, there will be a raffle and a wine tasting along with scrumptious homemade hors d'oeuvres and desserts. You may also win two tickets to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. The foe will be $25. If you would like an invitation to this memorable evening, please call VERTICAL BLINDS WHOLESALE TO THE PUBLIC EVERYDAY Custom Vertical Blinds Cellular Shades Custom Mini Blinds Custom Pleated Shades 7 Day OMwy (Mod Virto*) FHEE Shop * Horn* Swvka fhee IMMIIOH CalHor Ptwo* Ouom» nmnrtng Avdajfcl Mrs. Leslie Miller, fundraislng vice president, and Mrs. Myriam Gabriel, co-president, address Invitations to Westfield Symphony Friends' "Casablanca Night" to be held Sat., Nov. 13. FINANCIAL SERVICES Deal With Manufacturer and Save NEW SHOWROOM TOPS PLAZA Rt. 27 S, Edison Edison E. Brunswick Somerset Freehold Princeton FREE TURKEY Join Forbes Newspapers and your local participating merchants in celebrating one of the warmest holidays of the year. Enter Forbes Thanksgiving Turkey contest, and you might win a free turkey! Fill out an entry blank at any of the participating merchants below!! Drawing November ALL WINNERS WILL BE CONTACTED BY MAIL Bedminste Bedmlnster Branch Lamington Rd. & Rt. 206 Bedminster Bound Brook Bound Brook Branch 408 E. Main Street Bound Brook Chester Chester Branch Route 206 Chester Fanwood Burgdorff Realtors Fanwood Branch 256 South Ave. Fanwood Belle Mead Bank N J HiNsborough Branch Route 206 & Amwell Rd. Belle Mead Branchburg Pia^a Specializing in custom designs, remounts, and repairs on premises Paul Sanford Jewelers Clinton Clinton Branch 50 Route 173 Clinton Flomington /7n> f/oftfvtt, {cor/t,to > Ihrfj///, f /?i>rr// iwc//u/(f/fo//,. \?/ i(/nxt u/,y/rimi '//I'l/l Anlitgurt ft C'oilrcrlhiri Ciisltim ('iihlnt'liy liirnllurr H«*rul C 'rifled Item? I lies. -.S;il III 5.Siimlnr IIS 90K-7S2-f»886 Spier Avalluhlr a Denim Wtlcomc We llur ILllnlt'l We nlio rcnnuh fnrnllurt 1 Belle Mead Belle Mead Branch Station Sq. & Rt. 206 Belle Mead Branchburg Plaza $1.00 off a Large Pizza with this Coupon Expires Dec. 31, 1993 BRANCHBURG PIZZA V RESTAURANT Denville Denville Branch 125 E. Main St. Denville Flemington Flemington Branch 110 Main Street Flemington Belle Mead Belle Mead Garage The Mini Van Store We invite you to come sec and drive our fine new 1994 Chrysler/Plymouth vehicles Ḃelle Mead Garage Sales to Service Since 1927 Belle Mead Branchburg Plaza OPEN 7 DAYS M-F 8-8; Sat. 8-6 Sun. 9-4 BRANCHBUKC; HARDWARE For alt your llardwart Needs Have A Question Ask MM. Advice Cheerfully Givtn East Brunswick 50% OFF Film Developing ONE HOUft MOTOPHOTO «tlh Ihls coupon itntn 80% tha ragular prlca of procattlng * printing color prim tum. Valid on atantfardilia prints. UMIT ONE. otfar cant to comblrwd with olhar eoupona or aifra aata. Club mambara may uu ihii coupon, pkti itntut tn additional i(m on lha dlicotwitad prlca In pfac* of ragutar club optlotta. East Brunswick 716 Hwy 18, North Florham Park Bank N J Florham Park Branch 186 Columbia Tpke Regency Shopping Ctr. Florham Park Bound Broo Union Ave. Branch 600 E. Union Ave. Bound Brook Bridgewater Bridgewater Branch 1125 Route 22 West Bridgewater Edison Harley-Davidson of Edison 299 Route 1 South Edison (South Bound Lane between Plalnlteld Avenue & Rl t Flea MK1.) Green Brook Forever Flowers \ 34 Route 22 West Green Brook (In Drouk Pla/n, Next To Car Wash) (908) V Send I.ovc <V [ 'nil Bouquets Thanksgiving, November 25th South Bound Brook South Bound Brook Branch Main Street Bound Brook Carteret Cateret Branch 25 Cooke Ave Carteret C% Edison Edison Branch 250 Talmadge Rd. Edison Green Brook Queen City Pontiac-GMC 101 US Hwy. No. 22 East Green Brook

7 I November 4,1993 'Little Shop' has corner on seasonal bargains By CHERYL HEHL THE CHRONICLE, They; may call this Westfleld landmark "The Little Shop On The Comer/' but it is far Trom insignificant The "Little Shop," as it is called, was founded in 1881 as the Newark Exchange For Woman's Work. Although it has moved several times, originally it stood on the corner of Central and Lennox, at the juncture of North Avenue. Hence the name, "little Shop On The Corner." But many do not know that this craflers consignment shop funds the Westfield Day Care Center, where families can send their children based on a sliding scale. The day care facility celebrated its 25th aniversary this year, thanks to help from the little shop., Camilla Quinn, a member of the ; Westfleld Day Care Center Auxil- ;iary, said the purpose of taking.over the little shop back in 1981 'was to defray the costs of running the day care facility, and keep the shop supplied with enough volun- Highland Park A» «, -., KERRC HAGY/THE RECORD Anna Marie Qarrigan and Margaret Waltman at Th«Lint* Shop on the Corner. imlin Landing A-7 teers. It more than met this challenge, since today the organization boasts there are 75 volunteers manning the shop, and has become a fund raising arm for the day care service, From ID a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and Thursday until 9 p.m., customers can stroll through the shop and see a variety of unique hand made items, including a bounty of infant and children's items. Craflers have supplied the store with a wide selection of hand knitted sweaters for infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers. For those who wish to give an old fashioned gift, a wooden stick horse for $25 is available. Most unusual in the children's section, is the solid wood Noah's Ark, complete with animals for $45. In addition, there are bibs, a host of dolls and children's books to select from. If you are searching for the perfect wreath, a visit to the Little Shop is in order. Every size, shape and color line the walls, offering a generous selection, and modest Drice ranee Lebanon THESE PACKAGES MAY CAUSE VACATIONS! tchpljins 32?-6D00 Summit VJtsltn-ld lltonml Ml \u;.\j CANCUN-INKHTS'399 Cancun Inn (mrgoti»«; *399 Miramar Mision Park Plaza Bonus: includes One Night nttl Hyatt Regency Fiesta Americana Condesa 589 ' Club Las Velas *859 All Inclmlnt Three metis i smcksutily, domestic drinks, varied sports Ktivilies, nightly enlertiinmint end grttulties. Ait ettut Din chtrtet series tc Aupulte, its Cisei, Cents, Cmrnel. Miff, Hematite, Hutslte, iti Herts illerte trim Mem Yttki JFK ilrpari ittrtmf m winterfirm»tew w Uttt A» rain til par parson. Oouta occupiacy tne inchitt iourd-lnp jmirr Horn Nenraft (EWR) u New Tor* (JW, luino-irii sirpwvnm! Iranian, ho'^l Kcornmadationi, noiel tu and (arvu ol oui local leprewitalm. HoMiy and put tuson uppumtnti w* apply. Riiat tri attaint In utecl Jwuaiy 1M4 OtpanuiH and lit I la clungtt. -unjn. availability, ivaiumity. unullition cancellation clurget. elurgn.» nay viry - - by - oeparturt - Halt and t capacity y comrgied. contented AM Add US U> Id rtmt ratti ratei to tc cover ewerus Depjnuit m. Federal Intpsctign Fan ana Mexican departure Ux, NOTE: Thru llaflmj ire public ctunert ~ ~* ~ ' 'ul IJK t-tu IAIHB A.B^.utiriJiAi ui tat* t%rta.r*t A«"* fhut &. *;*. ; * a.*» ind ut Mojsct lo thf Itiira and emotions v IM Optralw's Tom Agmintnl which mujl t* ugntd ind laomitim mm Manville Manville The _ Flower Shop 410 Raritan Aver Highland Park MORE Meiuchen Metuchen Bicycle 457 Main St. Metuchen Woodbridge Branch Route One & Gill Lane Iselin Millord Delaware Valley Branch Milford-Frenchtown Road Milford National Westminstei Landing Branch 150 Lakeside Blvd. Landing Milltown MilKown Branch 100 Ryders Lane Milltown Lebanon Branch Route 22 East Lebanon Morristown Morristown Branch 60A South Street Morristown Manville Main Branch 69 South Main Street Manville DISTINCTIVE COUNTRY HOME Circa 1730 Center Hal! Colonial in Millington on 5.76 acres. Four targe bedrooms, 2.5 baths, <ge< bay windows, CAC & tn-ground pool. Tenant house w/4 bedrms., 1,5 baths, 3 car barn & paddock. $705,000. Eves: Elva Men B537. Call HOME, PSC#7782. MUI 2IIHI Manville North Branch 325 N. Main Street Manville New Brunswick Easton Ave. Branch 245 Easton Ave. New Brunswick New Brunswick New Brunswick N. Brunswick N. Plainfleld Perth Amboy Perth Amboy 3 Livingston Ave. Branch 609 Livingston Ave. New Brunswick Piscataway George St. Branch 385 George St. New Brunswick Pittstown N. Brunswick Branch 575 Milltown Road N. Brunswick Pluckemin N. Plainfleld Branch 535 Somerset Street N. Plainfield Rocky Hill State St. Branch 313 State Street Perth Amboy Roselle Convery Branch Convery & Brace Aves. Perth Amboy Roseile Hoes Lane Branch Pittstown Branch Pluckemin Branch Rocky Hill Branch Wood Ave. Branch Chestnut Ave. Branch 480 Hoes Lane Piscataway Somerset Franklin Plaza Branch 1229 Route 27 Somerset Somerville Candy Molds Wilton Cake Supplies Birthday Parties Birthday Cakes Paper Party Supplies Pinatas 201 W. Main St. Somerville, NJ (908) Stanhope & Byram Branch 80 US Hwy 206 Stanhope Westfield Burgdorff Realtors Westfield Branch 600 North Ave. (West) Westfield, NJ Main St. Pittstown Somerville Somerville Branch One West Main St. Somerville CAM! US PHOTO SUW.IIS ONE STOP SHOPPING FOR AU YOUR PHOTO NEEDS CMKMUKCUUMI rwukfmhh WTOJUMH OrVNMtMIUmttl VNKO KPNM CUSTOM PHOTO FINISHING SOMIRVILU 65 W. MAIN ST Roxbury Branch Route 10 Succasunna Westfield Westfield Branch 828 South Ave. Westfield Route South Pluckemin Somerville Branchburg Branch 1090 Route 202 Somerville So. Plainfleld, 696 Oaktree Road So. Plainfield < > Union Branch 1432 Morris Ave. Union Union Westfleld Westfield "Y 220 Clark Street Westfield Washington Avenue Rocky Hill Somerville MARTY OttSTUN Clothing for Men West Main St. Somerville, N.J. (908) Open Daily 9:30-5:30 Thurs. & Frl. til 9:00 Sun South Plainfleld nes Ac Liquors Golden Acres Center 700 Oak Tree Rd. 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South Plainfield Hadley Center, 4921 Stelton Rd Warren Warren Branch 59 Mountain Blvd. Warren WesHleld McDowells Total Comfort 450 North Ave. Westfleld E. Fourth Ave. Roselle The Nations leading pnrc'ii<a-hil<l play program. Tor Central Jersey locations ami a FREE CLASS call CONNORS H E M ' tit MOUSE Butcher Shop* Thanksgiving & all I he trimmings Restaurant Buffet Adult Senior Undor 4 Free Turkey Pinner Adults 8.95 Seniors Under 4 Free 706 Mountain Blvd. Watchung NJ Forbes N E W S P A P E R S 102 Walnut Ava. Cranford Rt. 202/206 Bedminstor 44 Veterans Memorial Dr. E Somervlllo

8 A-8 November 4,1993 Community life Bicentennial shop opens soon Gift, calendars on November preview schedule of events Westfield's year-long birthday celebration may not begin officially until January, but Mayor Garland C. "Bud" Boothe's Bicentennial Commission has announced some important dates for November. The commission, which has been meeting since January under the leadership of Linda Maggio, met with the mayor recently and reviewed these upcoming events.. Nov. 11 Official opening of the Bicentennial Shop, under the direction of Joan Hogan and a committee of volunteers. The shop will offer a variety of items, including note paper and pens, aprons, coasters, glassware, carafes, coffee mugs, sweatshirts, pitchers, key chains and Julian Rockmore prints of "Old Westfield." These items will be for sale at Periwinkle's Gift Shop. 33 Elm St.. and the United Fund Office. 301 North Ave., and several items at Sealfons, 233 E. Broad St. All proceeds from the shop's sale will help defray costs of Bicentennial events (such as a large fireworks display on the Fourth of July). Excess proceeds will be given to the Westfield Historical Society for renovations of the Reeves House on Mountain Avenue when it becomes available as a permanent site for a town museum. "Right now we have some wonderful posters for sale ($10 rolled up and $20 framed) depicting Westfield landmarks," Mrs. Hogan said. The posters are available at Periwinkles, the United Fund Office and the Main Street Office on Broad Street. Nov. 22 A limited edition of Bicentennial calendars will be published. "These handsome calendars provide not only important community and Bicentennial events, but they could also become collector's items," said Barbara Lewis and Lucy Banta, who put the calendar together. The 500 calendars are being offered on a first come, first served basis at $8 each. Linda Maggio, chairperson of the town's bicentennial commission, plaque donor Warren Victor and Mayor Garland "Bud" Booth pose at dedication of plaque honoring the Lennl Lenape, and the start of Westfield's upcoming bicentennial year. Plaque salutes Lenni Lenapes Warren Victor donates symbol for Tamaques Park site In commemoration of the Lenni Lenape Indian tribe, who once inhabited Tamaques Park, and Westfield's upcoming bicentennial, lifelong Westfield resident Warren H. Victor has dedicated a plaque. At the dedication recently were Mayor Garland "Bud" Boothe; Linda Maggio, chairperson of the Westfield Bicentennial Commission; Warren Victor; and guests. The plaque, erected on a specially selected small boulder and surrounded by a ring of flowers, is located between the lake and entrance bridge to the picnic area of Tamaquos Park. "I gratefully remember the multitude of wonderful events this beautiful park continually makes possible," Mr. Victor said. "There is always a special thrill to walk the trails and know that the proud Lenni Lenape lived here." Mayor Booth said, "This plaque is typical of the dedicatory nature taken by Westfield residents who are very proud of their town and its activities. The gift that Mr. Victor has so generously given us recognizes and fits in with our bicentennial celebration." Linda Maggio said the bicentennial commission was delighted with Mr. Victor's efforts. "We are proud to announce this event as the 'kickoff for our town's bicentennial celebration," she said. Fur more information, call Library sets registration dates for pre-school programs The Westfield Memorial Library has announced November registration dates for Preschool Story Time and Magic Carpet Story Time. Story Time for 3-year-olds begins Nov. 8. The sessions will meet 10:30-11 a.m. Thursdays, Nov. 18- Dec. 16 (except Nov. 25) or 1:30-2 p.m. Mondays, Nov. 15-Dec. 13. Registration for Story Time for 4- year-olds will begin Nov. 0. The sessions will meet 10:30-11 Tuesdays, Nov. lc-dec. 14 or 1:30-2 p.m. Wednesdays, Nov. 17-Dec. 15. Children must have reached third or fourth birthday by the first session. Magic Carpet Story Time registration begins Nov. 13 for children in kindergarten through grade 3. The sessions will meet 3:45-4:30 p.m. Thursdays, Nov. 18-Dec. 16 (except Nov. 25). To be eligible for all story hours, children must be registered in person and have a Westfield Library card. Newcomers Club plans Chinese cuisine family dinner The Westfield Newcomers Club will sponsor a dinner of Chinese cuisine served family style 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 10 at Cathay 22 in Springfield. For more information, call A Ladies Night Out at the Movies will be held Thursday, Nov. 18. The ladies will meet and decide on a move that evening. After the movie, they will stop for coffee and dessert in Westfield. Call Kathy McDermott for more information. A game night for couples will 1» held 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 20 at the homo of Grace Smith, 416 N. Chestnut St. There is no charge for the event, but those attending must RSVP no later than Nov. 15. Call Laurie at The purpose of the Newcomers Club is to welcome those new to the area and help them meet with other newcomers. For more information, write to the Newcomers Club of Westfield, P.O. Box 612, Westfield, NJ 07090, or call Casey at Nov. 20 Ticket promotion begins for the Bicentennial's first official event: a grand costume ball Jan. 22 in Temple Emanu-El. Eva Wiley and Bebbins Yudes, who head the ball committee, will accompany Sam McCaulley, Westfield's official "town crier" on a posterposting trip through town. The poster will advertise the sale of 1,000 grand ball tickets, to be offered on a flrst-oome, first-served basis beginning Dec. 1 at Periwinkle's Golden Egg Shop, Rorden and United Fund Office. "We look for a large turnout of citizens for our Bicentennial events," Mayor Boothe said. "Volunteers on the Bicentennial Commission are planning a number of exciting events and opportunities for citizen involvement, ranging from purchasing posters and other memorabilia to attending functions planned for 1994." For more information about the Bicentennial, or to volunteer to help with the celebration, call Mrs. Maggio at Axelrod will discuss spies of Civil War Alan Axelrod, author and historian, will be the guest speaker 3 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 14 in the Program Room of the Westfield Memorial library. His topic will be "Abe Lincoln's Reluctant Agent and Jeff Davis' Rebel Rose: The First Two Spies of the Civil War." The program is sponsored by the Friends of the Library and sets the stage for the town's bicentennial year. Admission is free. Dr. Axelrod's colorful presentation of Civil War espionage will focus on two personalities covered in his 1992 book, The War Between the Spies: A History of Espionage During the American Civil War. In a review of this book, the Libtury Journal noted that "Axelrod's writing is clear and skillad and the stories are fascinating." Dr. Axelrod is also the author of Art of the Golden West, which received Booklist Editors' Choice for 1990 and the National Cowboy Hall of Fame's Western Heritage Award. His Songs of the Wild West, published by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1991, is in the children's collection of the local library. Recently published, A Chronicle of the Indian Ware: From Colonial Times to Wounded Knees, highlights significant people and events in native-white relations. The editor and/or coauthor of several other history books, Dr. Axelrod also has served as script and historical consultant to Warner Brothers for "The Wild West," a television documentary series. His articles appear in journals and reference sources. Dr. Axelrod is vice president of Zenda Inc., a book-packaging and video production firm that is also involved in research and exhibit development for cultural Institutions. A graduate of Northeastern Illinois University, he received his Ph.D. in American literature and culture from the University of Iowa. For several years, Axelrod served as associate editor with the Henry Francis dupont Winterthur Museum in New Castle County, Dela. He is now living in Westfield with his wife, Anita, and their son, Ian, 6. The Friends of the Library invites community residents community to share in this event. Dr, Axelrod's books will be on display and at least one of his latest books. The War Between the Spies, will be available for purchase. High-minded Franklin School students h«v» a first-hand look at th«westfield Firs Department's ability to fight flrss and perform rescues at great heights. Ths demonstration was part of Fire Prevention Week program In which the firefighters visited every elementary school In town. Soprano to be feature at next Musical Club meeting Wednesday The second meeting of the Musical Club of Westfield for the season will be held on Wednesday, November 10, at 8 p.m. at the home of Mrs, Dariel Belcher, 550 Prospect St, Westfield. Program chairperson is Mrs. Ann Mineur Weeks. Ann Mineur Weeks soprano, will sing Allerseelen,Morgen, Befreit, and Zueignung, all by Richard Strauss. Mrs. Joan Baldwin, piano, is accompanist Mrs. Deborah Brown, piano, will perform Mouvements Perpetuelsby Francis Poulenc, (I. Assez modere, II. Tres modere, III. Alerte), and Jubaby Nathaniel Dett Mrs. Dorothy Magliocca, guest soprano, will sing The Soft Complaining Fluteby George F. Handel; L'amero saro costanteof Wolfgang A. Mozart; and, The Invisible Flute, by Camille Saint-Saens. Mrs. Robert Apruzzese is guest flutist Mrs. Mary Beth McFall is piano accompanist. Mrs. Dora Pincus, soprano, accompanied by Mrs. Florence Home, piano, will sing Ach! Ich Fuhls(Pamina's aria from The Magic Flute) Wolfgang A. Mozart; L'oiseleUThe Birdling), Frederick Chopin' Sure on This Shining Night, Samuel Barber, Plum Pudding(from Four Recipes), Leonard Bernstein; Ich liebe dich(i Love You), Edvard Greig; and Tu che di gel sei cinta (Liu's aria, Act IIITurendot), G. Puccini. The Hospitality Chairperson is Mrs. D.J. Sellers, assisted by Mrs. Lisa Domarataky, Mrs. Carolyn Kramer, and Miss Barbara Smetana, a guest who is visiting Mrs. Dariel Blcher. Harboring fear of becoming crime victim makes me a victim By CHERYL HEHL THE CHRONICLE There was a time when I didn't look over my shoulder when I walked to my car, or wonder if a noise I heard in the middle of the night was a window opening. I do now. Rape, murder, carjackings and robbery are a part of the newspaper business. And while the average pei son may cringe reading about a murder, reporters don't. The apprehension I feel alxjut crime has nothing to do with my career. It has to do with Tear. A fear thnt never was there before, but is now. And it is taking more victims these clays than crime itself, Thank God for our local police; they do their very best to keep Shenanigans By Cheryl Hehl our streets safe. If I could, I'd thnnk each and every one for putting their lives on the lint 1 for the rest of us. Still, tin* police can't bo everywhere. '11 icy can't lw on every street, every minute of every day. Somehow, though, the criminals can. Anil whether I become a victim of crime or not, the fear that I could Is always there. Last week thnt Tear I keep buried somewhere in my gut was wrenched from its hiding place by several incidents that happened in the town in which I live; n town that is a hop, skip and a jump from yours. It could even be your town where a woman was "bound and stabbed repeatedly," until she died. Another was raped, and still another almost a victim of u carjacking, hud she not known how to drive like a demolition derby expert Perhaps) it was these and other incidents in the tri-suitc nren that made me more apprehensive thnn normal. Hut when I turned the corner onto my street last week and saw two police cars in front of my house, fright welled up in my throat and my heart began to pound. Things like robbery, n shooting, or something much worse raced though my mind. In the 60 seconds or so it took me to get to the front of my house, the happiest four years of my life seemingly ashed before my eyes. My beloved and I courting, the first fish he helped me land, the day he dragged that huge Christmas tree to my apartment, the day we married and the lust two years that taught me love truly is a many splendored thing. Heart pounding, I rolled down the window and stammered to one of the serious looking officers, "This is my house." It was really more of a question thnn a statement. A plea thut asked if everything was all right and if life was going to continue as it had for another minute, hour or day. The officer stared at me for what seemed like forever before he told me "Not to worry," that everything was "under control." But it didn't seem normal to have two police cars with flashing lights in front of my house, or a strange man spread eagled against a car getting frisked. It didn't seem that everything was "under control" nt all. I pulled my car in the driveway, turned the engine off and began to cry. Great gulping sobs thnt would not stop. My neighbor tried to console me, as did my husband, but it was no use. All the fear, anxiety, and the emotions I had been keeping beneath the surface the lust few months erupted. What was happening to our world? Were things so bad that (Time was creeping onto my street, the one where beautiful huge trees turning orange and gold formed a canopy over the rondwny and reeyclables were put out at the curb every Friday morning? Where kids played, mothers walked babies and people barbecued? Even after I found out that the perpetrator had tried to push his way into my neighbor's house and not mine, and that the police hud arrived in less than two minutes, I still was upset. Because I know that no motter how hmtl our police departments work, criminals are just as dedicated, only more so. And there are more of them. And even though they may never rob my house, or kill me or anyone in my family, just Hit: (act that they fire out there is enough for me, And that, my friends, makes me a victim. How about you?

9 November 4,1993 WMtftoM Record A-9 Robin Lepore, James White Milestones WPI1 1T1 MtVfcV/ifl AVIDIA AawawiAMVf fcbbhmmmmmbbmbmm wed in Providence ceremony Robin Michelle Lepore, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Anthony Lepore of Westfleld, was married Oct. 2, 1993 to James Douglas White, son of Mrs. Ora White of Portsmouth, Ohio, and the late Dr. fsamuel Ray White. i The ceremony was held at the First Union Presbyterian Church in Providence, R.I., with the Rev. Thomas Ahlburn officiating. I The bride wore a wedding gown [bought by her grandfather in 1938 in New York for her grandmother. It was a form-fitting antique white satin gown with intricate beaded leaves and a five-petal flower in white and taupe beads at the collar. The wired empress collar stood above the beading and the cathedral train had a satin ruffle border. A 1930s headpiece was found in a vintage boutique in Atlanta. The 1 tiara had small beading in white and dark taupe with a five-petal Dower at the top to correspond with the neckline. A circular veil, trimmed in antique white ribbon was attached to thetopof the flower to create an Egyptian effect when the blusher was down. A cathedral-length veil was worn for the ceremony. The bride wore silk-button strapped shoes embroidered with taupe flowers on the front of the shoes and carried a satin muff with bride ^a g^m md ^m to g^^ hand-rolled silk flowers on thewith thankyou notes. front and cascading ribbons. The T^ muff, restoration of the gown and 5.foot-4-inch centerpieces ^^ mated by ^ bride and flo_ veils were by Cornelia Powell in ^ designer Gale Potter of the Atlanta, Ga. Flower Shed. They feature the coup, e. s favorite exotic flower bird of The bride pledged her vows wearing her great-grandmother's platinum wedding band, which designed by the complimented her emerald-cut 3.2 bride and culinary creator carat diamond in a Tiffany platinum setting. Casey of Cranston, RI. The was glazed in antique white frosting with individual candied leaves Ronda Babich was matron of honor. She wore an antique gold veined in gold surrounding the top silk organza tea-length gown with and bottom tiers. The top of the shawl collar and sheer quarterlength sleeves. cake was an open box with candied calla lilies whose centers were Robert Bleiberg was best man. dusted with gold for the bride to Ushers were Greg Lepore, Max keep. The dessert, flown in from White and Joel Bass. A reception was held at the Omni Biltmore Hotel in Providence. The photography and videography were by Gaspar Photography. John Gaspar took baby pictures of the bride 30 years ago and her formal wedding portrait, taken in advance, was displayed at the reception. The reception began with a cocktail hour, open bar, hors d'oeuvres and a caviar table. A pianist played during the cocktail hour, followed by the Moonlighters, a 15-piece orchestra, during the reception. White-gloved waiters served the guests. The color motif included black chair covers with white ties, white table cloths and black napkins. Printed menus were at each place setting. Favors for the guests were one-ounce silver bars engraved with the couple's names, and on eacn table was a white satin pouch containing a disposable camera for guests to take pictures wh^ wjn te developed by the California, was a white chocolate calla lily filled with mousse and each plate was garnished with two candied leaves from the cake. The middle tiers and antique white shimmer tulle surrounding the cake were graced with sparingly placed candied leaves and small calla lilies. The bride is a graduate of Florida State University and Woodrow Wilson College of Law. She is employed at the Keenan Ashman Firm in Atlanta, Ga. The bridegroom graduated from the University of West Virginia of West Virginia and John Marshall Law School. He is in private practice. The couple are visiting Venice, Portofino, the Amalfi Coast and Capri in Italy for two weeks. They will live in Marietta. Ga. w o 6 d * d axxit n g g f (t S [Nov % to 75% OFF "far from the ordinary" contemporary crafts and incredible jewelry 759 Somerset Street Watchung Mon-Fri 10-6 Sat 10-5 free gift wrap j < won c/i trte>nor<ths Dr. Eric A. Karp Dr. George Varsos (Board Certified Radiation Oncologists) To Announce The Opening Of Their Office Rahway Regional Cancer Center 892 Trusslcr Place Rahway, NJ (908) For Radiation Oncology Services Tracey Simons marry in Lake Tracey Ann Simons, daughter of Mrs. Dante Bonardi of Westfield TRACEY and DONALD DRYDEN Deer Path Inn in Lake Forest, 111. The bride, escorted by her father, wore a Laura Ashley cotton sateen white print gown, and a garland of pink roses and white lace in her hair. She carried a bouquet of roses, statice, sweet peas and lilies of the valley., Don Dryden Forest ritual ristown and David Simons of Kansas City, Mo., served as ushers. and Mr. Kent Simons of New York The bride is a 1980 graduate of City, was married June 12, 1993 towestfleld High School. She holds a Donald Thayer Dryden, son of the bachelor's degree from Beloit College as well as a master's degree in late Dr. and Mrs. Ruth Dryden. The ceremony was performed by arts and a master's degree in edu- from the University of the Rev. Frank Robertson at thecation Il- Gayle Strommen of Richmond, Va., was the matron of honor. She wore a tea-length pink cotton linois. She is currently teaching in damask dress with open neckline Michigan. short sleeves and fitted bodice and Her father is president of the carried a mixed bouquet. Attired the same as the matron Guardian Mutual Fund in Newof honor were bridesmaids Linda York City and her mother is a director for the Prudential Insurance Company in Newark. The bridegroom holds a bach- The bride was attended by her sisters, Kim Simons of Glen Ridge elor's degree from Oberlin College and Amy Simons of Tacoma, and master's degrees from the University of Illinois and the Univer- Wash. The bridegroom's niece, Meghan Grunewald, served as sity of Chicago. He is a research flower girl. assistant at Michigan State University where he is currently earning The bridegroom was attended by hw brothers, John Lee Dryden of his doctorate. Adelaide, Australia, and Mark Dryden of Columbus, Ohio. The bride's to Canada. They are living in The couple took a wedding trip brothers, Kevin Simons of Mor-Grand Ledge, Mich, Ms. Guglielmi plans May '94 marriage Patricia Marie Guglielmi, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Guglielmi of Westfield, has become engaged to Richard Stephen Agosto, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Agosto of West Orange. The future bride graduated from Westfield High School and is employed by Tamow International in Springfield, Her fiance graduated from Columbia High School in Maplewood and attended Lincoln Tech, Public Service Electric & Gas Training School. He is employed by PSE&G in Jersey City. A May 1994 wedding is planned. LESS FOR LE55! OUR DIET PROGRAMS ARE 1/2 THE PRICE OF MOST HtWailSEI) WEIGHT CONTROL CENTERS QUICK RESULTS 'WITH PERMANENT SUCCESS!' PROFESSIONAL NUTRITIONISTS NOT WEIGHT CONTROL COUNSELORS -REAL" FOOD A P f PREPACKAGED MEDICALLY SAFE tftf FAD DIETS PERSONAL COUNSELING &QI PUBLIC MEETINGS Llf ESTYIE CHANGES t2ttemporary WEIGHT LOSS CAU TODAY ABOUT OUR GREAT PROGRAMS (90S) Barbara PotashkJit M.S. Dietitian/Nutritionist 1346 SOUTH AVE., FANWOOD. NEW JERSEY The Ladies Philoptochos Society Invites You To Mtttp iflarfeet a Holiday Craft Show VHursday, Ww. II Jriday,tfw.12 IJ am 9pm Featuring Handcrafted Sewelry Christmas Ornaments Wood Hems Stationery Clothing Qifts dm Tavern In The Green Greek Lunch 11-3 Greek Dinner 5-9 Greeks Pastry Snacks Continuously Take-Out Call On-Premise Raffle to Benefit Childrcns Specialised Hospital Mountainside, NJ and The Westfleld Rescue Squad Donation $ I.00 Children under 12 free Holy TVinity Greek Orthodox Parish Center 250 Gallows Hill Road, Westfield. NJ Free Parking JEAN and JEFFREY FOX Jean Harris, Jeffrey A. Fox wed in outdoor Scanticon rite Jean Elisabeth Harris, daughter Evan Fox of Newton, Mass., and of Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Harris of Jonathan Fox of Norwood, Mass.'; Westfield, was married May 30, and the bride's brother, Richard 1993, to Jeffrey Adam Fox, son of Harris of Westfield. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Fox of Norwood, Mass. Jonathan Fox, played a marimba The bridegroom's brother. The bride was given in marriage solo. by her parents during an outdoor A reception at the hotel followed ceremony officiated by the Rev. Richard Plant and Rabbi Alfred The bride graduated from West- the ceremony. Landsberg at the Scanticon- field High School in 1984 and frofn Princeton Hotel. Tufts University in 1988 with ;i She wore a gown of silk shantung with an open neck, short engineering. She earned her me- bachelor's degree in human factor.-- puffed sleeves, fitted bodice and ter's degree in industrial and sys- engineering from chapel train. Her gown was ap-tems Virginia pliqued with lace, sequins and seed pearls and she wore a fingertip illusion veil with a headpiece of lace flowers with sequins and pearls. She carried a cascade bouquet of white and pink lilies. Borghesani of Acton, Mass., and Dana Mischel of Los Angeles, Calif. Best men were James Clark of Sommerville, Mass., and Richard Sullivan of Norwood, Mass. Ushers were the bridegroom's brothers, in environments where > tiling close to others feels dangerous. Whether from physical, verbal and/ or emotional abuse, or from being raised in a family where others are also fearful of intimacy, many peopleenleradu Ithood with a deep- Polytechnic Institute in 15)92 and;i:; currently enrolled in a doctoiy! program at George Mason Univqr sity in Fairfax, Va. ; The bridegroom graduated Frojm Norwood High School in 1983 a$o earned his bachelor's degree in industrial engineering in 1987 fsjin the University of Massachusetts He received his master's degnijsjin i industrial and systems enrinee*jsi,t; from Virginia Polytechnic Instate and works at Pacific North\$ sl Laboratories in Washington D.C['> A rehearsal dinner was hostctfcby the bridegroom's parents at Ijii Cranbury Inn in Cranbury. v The couple took a wedding tri to the Hawaiian Islands. They ipn living in Falls Church, Va. ' Better Days All people have experienced the upset of interpersonal rejec- tion from loved ones. Hopefully, those moments are few and far between and arc balanced with prolonged periods of nurturing love and acceptance. Too often, though, people grow up WHY DOES INTIMACY FEEL SO DANGEROUS seated sense that closeness isin It nj pain. ' People who jjrow up in families with intimacy problems u-rut.y continue to associate with otlui-v who have similar prohk-ms thus tending to perpetuate-.1 dv-»luni.-, tional interpersonal styled >rgi IHT-, alions Finding a cure may im-an rivisilmp' some okl childhood p.>ms.1 iui lo^s es and finding greater.m( pi.iikiand expression of ilu CIIIOIIHIII,' connected with pasl relationships. Only by beinj; willing t< > n--k.t^nn. can an individual liulv em<>y ri =." creased intimacy wiih loved ones.* Prpttontrd ah a community MTVMT 1>V Harhara I. Fi^hlx-in. V<!SVi. Hi ]) l.ii'<-n>h'<l Marriage and Family Th<-r:i H»l. Houra by Appointment yok-233-o I I *> CREATIVE TICKETS or ENTRY Donation: '3.00 Seniors: '1.00 Students: '1.00 November AM-9:00PM November 10 11AM-8.00PM SI l/.u NTS Craft Dvinos Sunday I X.?; Monday I < 2 I Temple Emanu-EI 500 Off With This Ad I

10 A-10 WostftoM R#cofd November 4,1993 Terrye G. Melvin, 86 Managed a tea room; also in PTA Terrye G. Melvin, 86, the manager from 1956-G1 of the tea room at what is now St. Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston, died Oct. 30, 1993 at the Greenbrook Manor Nursing Home, Green Brook. Mrs. Melvin, who was born in New York City, lived in Westfield from 1980 until she moved to Green Brook in She also lived in Newark and Irvington. She was a Cub Scout den mother at the Madison Avenue School in Irvington and was active in the school's parent-teacher association, Mrs. Melvin was a member of the First Congregational Church, Irvington, and belonged to the Salvation Army auxiliary. Barbara B. Batten Her husband, Carl E. Melvin, died in Surviving are a daughter, Melissa M. Tahl; a son, Prescott F, Melvin; four grandchildren and two nieces. Services were held Tuesday at the Gray Funeral Home. Burial took place yesterday in Fairview Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to the Presbyterian Youth Fellowship, c/o the Presbyterian Church, 140 Mountain Ave., Westfield, 07090, or the Recreation Department (for Medicaid patients) of the Greenbrook Manor Nursing Home, 303 Rock Ave., Green Brook, Poet once resided in Westfield,, Barbara B. Batten, a poet who " received an award of merit earlier this year, died Oct. 30, 1993 at Mu- Wenberg Regional Medical Center. Mrs. Batten was born in Highland Park, Mich., and lived in Westfield before moving to Mountainside in 1963, She was a member of the International Society of Poets. Surviving are her husband, Gordon H. Batten; two sons, Bruce A Batten of Union Beach and David No cross words T. Batten of Mountainside; and two grandchildren. A daughter, Anne E. Batten, died in Funeral services were held Tuesday at the Willow Grove Presbyterian Church, Scotch Plains, of which Mrs. Batten was a member. Burial was in Fairview Cemetery. Contributions may be made to the Mountainside Rescue Squad. Arrangements were by the Gray Funeral Home. Obituaries Helen T. Borek Borek, 84 Stockholder in area Polish home Helen T. Borek Borek, 84, a stockholder in the Polish National Home in linden, died Oct. 26, 1993 at her home. Mrs. Borek was born in Dukla, Poland, and emigrated to the United States in She lived in Elizabeth and Linden before moving to Westfield in She held membership in the Retired Senior Volunteer Program of Westfield; the Manor Park Tenants Association, also in Westfield; the Westfield Chapter of Deborah; and Group 779 of the Polish Women's Alliance, in Linden. She formerly was a parishioner of St Elizabeth's Roman Catholic Eleanor T. Boor, 86 Eleanor T. Boor, 86, an American Red Cross volunteer in Westfield for more than 50 years, died Oct. 26, 1993 at the Meridian Nursing Center-Westfield. Mrs. Boor was born in Roselle and had lived in Westfield since She was a member of the Fortnightly Club of Westfield. Her husband, V. John Boor, is deceased. Surviving are a daughter, Bar- Church, Linden, More recently Mrs. Borek was a parishioner of St. Helen's Roman Catholic Church. Her husband, Theodore A. Borek, died in Surviving are a son, Henry T. Borek of Punta Gorda Isles, Fla.; three daughters, Dorothy Pyrtek of Edison, Mildred Asslnk of Port Charlotte, Fla., and Geraldine Haag of Westfield; 15 grandchildren; 13 great-grandchildren; and a brother, Matthew Borek of Linden. Services were held Friday at the Kowalski Funeral Home, Linden, followed by a funeral Mass at St Helen's Church. Burial was in St Gertrude Cemetery, Colonia. bara B, Belcher, a son, Peter T. Boor; six grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Graveside services were held Saturday at Fairview Cemetery. Arrangements by the Gray Funeral Home. Contributions may be made to the Hanover Wind Symphony, Box 432, RD 3, Boonton, or the Westfield Rescue Squad. Paul T. Sullivan, 62 Formerly a Du Pont project manager Paul T. Sullivan, 62, a former project manager with E.I. Du Pont de Nemours & Co., died Oct 27, 1993 at Overlook Hospital. He was born in New Bedford, Mass., and had lived in Westfield since Mr. Sullivan was with Du Pont for 30 yean and was its project manager for textile and fiber sales in New York City at the time of his retirement He received a bachelor's degree in business administration from Babson College in During the Korean War, Mr. Sullivan was a sergeant in the 102nd Airborne Division of the Army- James O'Brien, at 67 Surviving are his wife, Carole Crowe Sullivan; three sons, Paul T. Sullivan Jr., Mark Sullivan, and Peter M. Sullivan; a daughter, Susan Roberts, three stepsons, Peter Bolton, Philip Bolton, and Robert Bolton; two stepdaughters, Christine Perry and Diane Bolton; 10 grandchildren; a sister, Joan Shaw, and a brother, Martin H. Sullivan III. Services were held Friday at the Dooley Colonial Home. Burial took place Monday in St Mary's Cemetery, New Bedford. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to the American Cancer Society. Retired from town engineering office A memorial Mass was offered Monday at Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church for James O'Brien, 67, who worked in the Town of Westfleld engineering office from 1954 until his retirement in Mr. O'Brien died Oct. 3, 1993 at his summer home in Bamegat He was bom in Ireland and had lived in Westfleld since Surviving are his wile, Anne O'Brien; a daughter, Ann Marie O'Brien: four brothers and two sisters. Arrangements were by the Bugbee-RJggs Funeral Home, Bamegat Woman's Club lists Nov. meetings The Westfleld Woman's Club has announced several department meetings to be held this month. All meetings will be held in the Clubhouse at 318 S. Euclid Avenue. The Junior Woman's Club will hold its business meeting Tuesday, Nov. 9. Coffee will be served 7:30 p.m., followed by the meeting at 8 p.m. A prospective/new member wine and cheese gathering will be held this month. All members and prospective members are invited to attend. The education and arts department will sponsor a walking tour of Westfleld given by Ralph Jones Sunday, Nov. 14. The annual home life department project, the Wish Tree, is now in progress in St Helen's Church. The American home life/social services department will meet 10 a.m. Monday, Nov. 15 at the clubhouse. The meeting will be devoted to the annual cookie project under the direction of Nita McHugh. Gifts of cookies will be prepared for the residents of local nursing homes. Members are asked to bring scissors, attractive Christmas cards (old are fine) and a generous contribution of homemade cookies (please do not use any nuts in baking). The meeting will last until about 2 p.m. The arts and crafts department will meet 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 17. Bring a sandwich; dessert and beverage will be provided. At 8 p.m. the same day, the Fortnightly Group will meet with Elizabeth X. White, chairperson, presiding brief business meeting. "Discovering the White House,", a slide lecture by New Jersey Bell, will be the program for the evening. Jean Everitt and Helen Whitcomb are the hostesses. The intermediate department will meet 9:30 a.m.thursday, Nov. 18. Publication of the Woman's Club Centennial Cookbook will be the main topic of discussion. Members of the antiques department will meet noon Friday, Nov. 19 for a holiday potluck luncheon. Members will be contacted about arrangements. The literature department will hold its regular meeting 1 p.m. Monday, Nov. 22. Dee Robinson will present a program, "The life and writings of Irving Stone." Crossword puzzle contest winner Edward Gottko receives tickets for a murder-mystery dinner from Sandra Zimmer of A to Z Travel, center, and Katherlne Brolhier, Executive Director of the Westfield Area Chamber of Commerece, Mr. Gottko, Town Engineer, won the contest that was part of the recent "Addams Family Weekend" chaired by Mrs. Zimmer and spnsored by WACC's retail promotions committee. Union Count? places < >f GREATER MT. ZION - UHC 43 Johnson Avenue Cranford,NJ07f)lfi (908) PASTOR: REV. CHARLIE W. BULLOCK Sunday WorshipService: 10am Sunday School 11:30 am Morning Worship Weekday Services: 8pm Wednesday Bible Sludy 8pm Friday Prayer & Praise CRANFORD ALLIANCE CHURCH 7 CHERRY STREET Phone Sunday School Sunday Worship Sunday Evenings 9:15am 10:30am 6:30pm Weeknight Bible Studies P*rupr;tins for riiilctrrn, Jr & Sr Ilipii. Coupler, l ; iimihrs ami Senior Adults Redeemer Lutheran Church Clark and Cowperthwaite Place (2 Blocks North ol Lord nntl Taylor) Westfield, NJ Rev, Paul E. Kritsch, Pastor Roger Borchin, D.C.E. Sunday 4 Adull Bible Study - 9:5Osm Sunday Worship Service- 8:30 and n am Wednesday Service - 7:30pm Nursery Provided During Worship Servicni and Educational Hour Holy Communion Celebrated I si A 3rd Sundays A Wednesdays 04 The Month St. Theresa's Church 541 Washington Ave, Kenihworth 9O Pastor: Rev. Joseph S. Bejgrowicz Sunday Masses: Sat. 5:30pm Sun. 7:30 9:00 10:30-12 Noon Weekday Masses: 7-9am Miraculous Medal Novena Following 7:30 pm mass St Judes Perpetual Novena Wednesdays at 12 noon & 7:30pm Novena Holy Hour How Would You Like To Reach Over 23,000 Homes Each Week? Would you if I told you it only cost S8.50 per week? Then Call Russell at ext Unitcc I Rev. St. Paul's Church of Christ \ 2 ].1 Center Si. ) (iarwood / Frederick Rogers Worship ami Sunday Schmil 9:30 am Child Care Available KENILWORTH GOSPEL CHAPEL Newark Ave. &23rd St, Kwtllwortfi Sunday Service*: 11am Family BIM* Hour and 7:00pm Evening Service* Monday, 7:00pm - Boys Brigade Wrinndey, 7:30pm - Prayer and Bit* Sutfy Friday, 7:00pm - Youth Meeting Friday Nldht CMMren'i Club 7-S:Mpm JOrade School Age) Call For Mor* InlormaUon TERRILL ROAD BAPTIST CHURCH 1340 Tcrrill Kd. Stnlcti Plains S1 Rev. Michael Seaman, Pastor Sunday: 9:45am - Sunday School 11:00am - Morning Worship 6:15pm - Church Training 7:15pm - Evening Worship Wednesday: 7:00pm - Prayer Meeting Nursery Care Provided ST. BERNARDS CATHOLIC CHURCH 368 Sumner Ave. Ptainfield Mass Schedule Saturday: 5:30pm Sunday: 8:00, 9:30 11:30am Rev, Joseph P. Barbone, Paalor LOCAL MOVIE TIMES ior mi ii/ / \unm i s/ \ AMMYMU11 Routes , Sayreville (908) RoooCop 3 (PG-13) Friday- Thursday: 1, 3:15. 5:30, 7:45, 10:05 p.m. Late show Friday and Saturday at 12:15 am Look Who's Talking Now! (PG- 13) Friday-Thursday: 1:05. 3:10, 5:20, 7:25, 9:40 p.m Late snow Friday and Saturday at p.m. flesh and Bone (R) Friday- Thursday: 1:20, 4. 7:20, 10 pm Late snow Friday and Saturday at 12:30 a.m. A Home of Our Own (PG) Friday- Thursday: 1:05, 3: , 7:50, 10:10 p.m. Late show Friday and Saturday at 12:20 am 'Fearless (R) Friday-Thursday: 1:10,3:50, 7;O5. 9:50 p.m. Late show Friday and Saturday al 12:20 a.m, 'Dazed and Confused (R) Friday- Thursday: 1:10, 3:25, 5:40. 7: p.m. Late show Friday and Saturday at 12:05 a.m. Tfie Nightmare Before Christmas (PG) Friday-Thursday: 1, 3:25, 5:40, 7:30, 9:25 p.m. Late snow Friday and Saturday at 11 p.m. Fatal Instinct (PG-13) Friday- Thursday: 1:15.3:15. 5:15. 7:15, 9:20 p.m, Late show Friday find Saturday ot 11:15 p.m. Judgment Night (Ft) Friday- Thursday: 1:30, 4:10. 7:10, 9:45 p.m. Late show Friday and Saturday at midnight Dciwolition Man (R) Friday Ihursday: 1:30. 4:Jf> p.m. Late show Friday ana Snlur- Oily at 11:45 A Uiortt lain (HI I ridrfy Thursday: 1:40, 1:10, 7:10, 9 35 p m. LatP show Friduy and Saturday at midnight Mil/ice (ft) I tidily. Sunday- Thursday: 1:45, <1:2!i, 7, 9:15 p.m. Satuiday: 1,45. 4:25, (j.rn Uitu show Friday anrj Satuitiny at 11:30 p.m. Cool Runnings (PG) l-ml.iy- Thursday: 1. 3:1 r >, 5:25. 7:35, 10 p.m LiHo iliow J'fidnv and Saturday (it midnight rhe Good Sn/i ill) Friday Thkir5dny: l:lfi, 3:15. 5:15, 7:15, 9:15 p.m Lnto show Friday and Saturday (it 1115 p.m. Snuiik preview uf My Life (PG 13) Saturday nt I p m. CINEPLEX ODEON MENLO PARK Route 1, Edison (908) Feorfess (D) Frlday-Thursdoy: 2, 4:45, 7:40, 10:15 p.m. Fatal instinct (PG-13) Friday- Thursday: 1:15, 3:45, 5:43, 7:45, 9:40 p.m. Demolition Man (n) Friday- Thursday: 1, 3:20, 5:40, 8:05, 10:25 p.m, Rtmami of tf» Day (PO) Friday- Thursday: 1. 3:45, 8:50, 9:45 p.m. A Bronx Tale (Ft) Friday- Thursday: 1:10. 3:30. 5:4S, 8:10. 10:30 p.m, fue Joy Luck Club (Ft) Friday- Thursday: 1:20, 4, 7:10 p.m. 'Rudy (PG.) Friday-Thursday: 1:05. 3:25. 5:35. 8:05. 10:25 p.m Malice (R) Fnday, Sunday- Thursday: 1:10, 3:25. 5:35, B, 10:20 p.m. Saturday: 1:10, 3:25. 5:35, 10:20 p.m. The Nightmare Before Christmas (PG) FridayThureday: 1:30, 3:30. 5:30, 7:30,9:30 p.m. Loo* Who's Talking Now! (PG- 13) Friday-Thursday: 1:15.3:25, 5:25, 7:55. 10:10 p.m. FJBSn and Bone (R) Friday- Thursday: 2. 4:45. 7:30, 10:10 p.m Cool Runnings (PG) Friday- Thursday: 1:15. 3:15. 5:15, 7:50, 9:55 p.m. Sneak preview of My Life (PG- 13) Saturday at 8 p.m. OUNELLEN THEATER 458 North Ave., Dunellen (908) Call theater lor showtimes MIDDLESEX MALL CINEMAS Stelton and Hadley roads South Plainfield (908) Call theater for shovvtimes. MOVIE CITY Route 1 A Gill Lane, Helm (908) Cell theater for showtimes. MOVIE CITY Oak Tiea Center 1665 Oak Treo Rd, Edison (90B) 549-6GS6 Call theater for showtimes. BENNARDSVILLE CINEMA SMino Brook Rd. Berr.jrdsvilio (908) Ilio Juy Luck CIvli (H) Friday: 7:30, 10 p m. Saturday: 1:30. 4:30, 7: p.m. Sunday: 2. 4:45, 7:30 p.m Monday Thursday: 7:30 pin. BROOK CINEMA 10 Hamilton St. Bound Brook (908) Ffi» AgB of Innocence (PG) Friday, Mondny-Thursday; 6-SO p.m. SDturcJay, Sunday: 2, 6:50 p.m. Uko Water tor Chocolate (R) Friday: 9:23 p.m. Saturday. Sundiy: 4:30. 9:25 p.m. Monday- Thunday: 9:10 p.m. The Pocky Horror Picture Show (R) Friday, Saturday: Midnight OENERAL CINEMA BLUI STAR flouts 22, Wltchung (SOB) flnbocop 3 <P0«13) Friday- Schedule* era eubjeet to Iwtus/> n, Ttiurwlay: 2:15, 4:45, 7, 9:1S p.m. RMfi and Borm (ft) Friday- ThonOay: 1:45, 4:30, 7:15, 9:45 p.m. Feartess (R) Friday-Thursday: 1:40, 4:05, 6:30, 9 p.m. A Bronx Tale (R) Friday- Thursday: 1:30, 4, 6:45, 9:30 p.m. QCNERAL CINEMA R1KKWATIR COMMONS Routes 22 & Bndgewatflr (908) Call theater for showtimes. GENERAL CINEMA RUTGERS PLAZA 1030 Easton Ave., Somsrset (908) RoboCop 3 (PG-13) Friday- Thursday: 2:15. 4:40, 7:30, 9:40 p.m. The nightmare Before Christmas (PG) Friday-Thursday: 2, 4, 5:50, 7:45,9:50 p.m. Look Who's Talking Nowl (PG- 13) Friday Thursday: 2:30. 4:50, 6,50, 9 p.m. Demolition Man (R) Friday- Thursday: 2. 4:30, 7, 9:30 p.m Cool Runnings (PG) Friday- Thursday; 2:30. 5, 7:10. 9:10 p.m. Fatal Instinct (PG-13) FrtdBy- Thursday: 2:15, 4:20, 7:20, 9:20 p.m. GENERAL CINEMA SOMEHVILLE CIRCLE Route 28, Raritan ( Call theater for showtimes. MONTGOMERY CENTER Route 206. Rocky Hill (609) Fttrwvll My Concubine (R) Friday, MonrJay-Thurjday: 8 p.m. Saturday, Sunday: 1, 4:30, B p.m. 'Remains of Ida Dsy (PG) Friday: 7, 9 40 p.m. Saturday, Sunday: 1:30,4:15. 7,9:40 p.m. Monday-Thursday: 7:45 p.m. I MOX BERKELEY CINEMA 450 Springfield Awj. Berkeley Heights (008) Call theater for stiowtimos. CINEPLEX ODEON CRANFORD 25 North AVR. W«3t Crnnford (908) 27G9t2O Fntel Instinct (PO-13) Frldny, Monday-Thursday: 8, 10 p.m. Saturday, Sunday: 2, 4, 6, p.m. 'A Horn* of Our Own (PG) Friday, Monday-Thursday: 7:4B, 10 p.m. Saturday, Sunday: 2:30, 5, 7:30, 10 p.m. CINEPLEX ODEON UNION 9BO Stuyvesent Ave., Union (908) A Bronx Tola (R) Friday. Monday-Thursday: 7:20, 9:40 p.m. Saturday, Sunday: 2:15, \oi.n 4:49, 7:20, 9:40 p.m. Unh and Bent <R) Friday, Monday-Thurtdcy: 7:30.»:4S p.m. Saturday, Sunday: 2:30. 5, 7:30. 9:45 p.m. F1VS POINTS CINEMA 327 Chettnut St., Union (908! 964-9A33 Call theater for showtime*. UNDCN FTVEPLEX 400 North Wood Ave.. Unden (908) The Nightmare Btfore Christmas (PG) Friday-Sunday: 12:30, 2:05, 3:40. 5:15. 7, 8:30, 9:55 p.m. Monday-Thursday; 7:15, 8:45 p.m, flo&ocop 3 (PG-13) Friday- Sunday: 1, 3, 5, 7:25, 9:45 p.m. Monday-Triursday: 7:25. 9:30 p.m. Loo* Who's Talking Nowl (PG- 13) Friday-Sunday: 1:15, 3:15. 5:15, 7:30. 9:45 p.m. Monday- Thursday: 7:30, 9:30 p.m, Demolition Man IR) Friday- Sunday: 2:15, 5:55, 9:45 p.m, Mondsy-Thuftday: 9 p.m. Fatdl Instinct (PG-13) Friday- Sunday: 12:30, 4:15, 8 p.m. Monday-Thursday; 7:20 p.m. Cool Runnings (PG) Friday- Sunday: 1, 3, 5, 7:15, 9:40 p.m. Monday-Thursday: 7:15, 9:25 p.m, LOST MCTURE SHOW 2395 Springfield Ave., Union (908) B7 Call theater for showtlmea. NEW PARK CINEMA 23 West Weitflekl Aw. Roselle Park (908) Call theater for showtimes. UNITED ARTISTS RIALTO 250 Eost Broad St. Wostfield (908) Call theater for showtimes. WESTFIELD TWIN CINEMA 138 Central Ave., Westfleld (908) Trio Nightmare Before Christmas (PG) Friday, Monday-Thursday: 7:45. 9:35 p.m. Saturday: 1:15, 3:15. 5:15, 7:45, 9:35 p.m. Sunday: 1:15,3:15, 5:15, 7:30, 9:15 p.m. Trie Joy Luck Club (R) Friday, Monday-Thursday; 7:30, 10:15 p.m. Saturday: 1:30, 4:15, 7:30, 10:15 p.m. Sunday: 1:30. 4:15, 7, 9:45 p.m. MORRIS AMC HEADQUARTER* Headquarters Plaza Morrlitown (201) Call theater for showtlmat, CINEMA 206 Route 20fl, Chaster (90S) Call thmmr for showtime*,

11 i November 4,1993 WMtflaM Record A-11 :r You said it: 'The eflbrt of the front four was one of the strongest ever presented by a Wbstfle/d team.' Tom MomMi - WHS girt*' TJ?; IJI-. t) PAL girls hoops Tryouts tor the Westfield Police Athletic League's girls' basketball team will be held Monday and again Thursday, Nov. 11, from 5-7 p.m. at the Roosevelt Intermediate School gym. The team Is designed for intermediateadvanced players wishing to compete in a Tri-County League. For further information call Jim McKeon at Lacrosse clinic The Westfield Recreation Commission has sponsored a free lacrosse clinic for fourth, fifth and sixth grade boys. The clinic will run from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. for the next three Saturdays (Nov. 6, 13 and 20) at the Edison Intermediate School field. The rain date is Sunday. For further information call either the Recreation Department at or Ed Joffe at (after 7 p.m.). Card show New Jersey's premier monthy stamp, coin and baseball card show, now in its 20th year, will be held Sunday at the Howard Johnson Motor Inn on 70 Central Ave. in Clark. The show will begin at 10 a.m. and end at 4:30 p.m. Admission and parking is free. For more information, call Super Bowl raffle The Westfield Booster Club is giving sports fans the opportunity to attend Super Bowl XXVIII while supporting athletics at the high school. A raffle is being conducted to benefit its scholarship fund and help pay for athletic projects at WHS. Each ticket is $10 and the grand prize includes two tickets two Super Bowl XXVIII, a round trip airplane ticket to Atlanta, Ga, hotel accommodations, car rental and limousine service to and from Newark Airport. In order to buy tickets, contact either Jerry Infantino ( ) or Mel Coren ( ). The Hot Spot Located on the comer of Clark son Ave. and Garden St. in Elizabeth, Williams Field will get plenty of use from Westfield teams this weekend. First, the football team visits the mighty Minutemen Friday at 7 p.m. Then in what hns becomo somewhat of a tradition, tho Union County boys' and girls' soccer championships will tako placo at tho snmo site Saturday. Tho Lndy Devils square off against Union Catholic at 5:30 p.m. and tho boys' team will laco Scotch Plains- Fanwoorl a half hour after thd conclusion of tho girls' match. Inside L Scoreboard A-13 LJYoulh Sports A-14 Got a score to report? C.,,11 Kip K»>L,k,n V(,-(.0O0,,r f.tx In: 2?(, (<22O. Our iiddirn h: 101 Walnut Alt:, Cr.vifm,!, NJ Gridiron wash out Despite comparable statistics, Summit reigns over Westfield, 35-12, on Gary Kehler Day y KIPWIPUK THE RECORD Saturday's renewal of the Summit-Westfield football rivalry supplied more credibility to the argument that statistics are essentially meaningless. Without knowing the final score it would be difficult to pick a winner when examining the final numbers. However, Summit held a considerable advantage where it counted most on the Scoreboard. The visiting Hilltoppers (6-0) kept their season-long winning streak intact at the expense of the Blue Devils (2-3-1), winning a ROBERT YOUNG/THE RECORD Ah/In Moore replaced tailback Erwyn Lyght when he sustained a sparined ankle Saturday against Summit. verdict in the midst of a chilly, wind-swept rain on Gary Kehler Stadium Dedication Day. Summit's sophisticated singlewing offense wore down Westfield's undersized defense and played opportunistic football by scoring a pair of touchdowns off Blue Devil turnovers. Utilizing the speed and elusiveness of tailback Tome Fogg, the straight-ahead power of fullback Ian Paxson and the multidimensional talents of quarterback Jamie Allen, Summit scored on four of its first five possessions to force Westfield into a come-frombehind posture. The Hilltoppers kept the Westfield defense guessing by combining inside and outside rushing plays with an effective intermediate-range passing game. Summit's single-wing offense created plenty of confusion by disguising the ball carrier. "Their offense is unique and presents problems at the point of attack," said defensive coordinator Ron Banner. "But, that wasn't the problem. They controlled the line of scrimmage. We didn't get off of our blocks well and our inability to tackle well and consistently hurt us." "The game comes down to blocking and tackling," said head coach Ed Tranchina. "They dad it and we didn't" Summit received the opening kickoff and traveled 56 yards in four plays. Allen's 25-yard pass to wide open split end Randal Welsh opened the scoring just 1:37 into the game. Following a fumble on its subsequent possession, the Hilltoppers pieced together an 11-play, 73-yard scoring march by deftly mixing the tailback counter and the fullback dive. Allen's 1-yard touchdown run around the right side capped the drive. "Their counter ate up a lot of yardage," said defensive end Ron Nobile, a senior tri-captain. "Our two tackles weren't getting as much penetration as we'd like. That shielded the linebackers and they couldn't find a clean hole to fill. By the time they got to the ball their backs already had a 10-yard cushion." For a while, the Blue Devils' offense matched their adversaries score for score. The hosts started the game exactly as they did the week before, shredding the defense on eight consecutive running plays and scoring six points the first time they touched the ball. Tailback Erwyn Lyght gained all but four of the 62 yards on the drive and took it over from the 1- yard line midway through the first quarter to cut the deficit to 7-6. Lyght exploded off right tackle for a 49-yard gain late in the first quarter to ignite another Westfield scoring march, which ended with a 9-yard pass reception by tight end Mike Mitchell, who hauled in Stephen Cheek's screen pass over the middle. Unfortunately, Lyght's breathtaking dash would be his last of the day. At the end of the run the (Please turn to page A-13) Torok hopes to bring stability to position of girls' swim coach y KIPKUOOK THE RECORD Over the past four years the position of girls' swimming coach at Westfield High School has subscribed to a revolving door policy. While none of the departures were forced, having four different coaches in four years has made the post quite unstable. If Bev Torok has her way, this phenomenon will cease. Torok, who was officially approved by the Board of Education last month to take over tho head coaching vacancy, will be Stacey Hegna's successor. Since the school year began Torok has been teaching three physical education classes at Westfield High School and another at Edison Intermediate School. For the past two years she was the aquatic director at Camp New Horizons in New Brunswick. From 1988 to '91 she was an instructor at Madison Central High School in Old Bridge, where she guided the co-ed swimming team. After graduating from RU in 1982, Torok taught for three years at Immaculate Conception Elementary School in Spotswood. BEV TOROK Lady Devils hope 13 is their lucky number By KIPKUDUK THE RECORD Lexi Tourtellotte scored her 12th, 13th and 14th goals of the season while Abby Bomba and Antonia Loffrcdo etched their WESTfltLO names on the scoresheet in Westfield's 5-0 victory over Summit in Monday's Union County Tournament semifinals at Roosevelt School. The triumph over the Hilltoppers (10-4-1) projjels the Lady Devils into the county finals, where they'll have to beul familiar rival Union Qitholic to claim their 13th consecutive county eruwn. "We can't psyche ourselves out because you can mess yourself up mentally, You just treat it as another game and go out and," said sweejxt Christie MKiowrn, "I MIill think we can get better. We haven't been tested to our limits yet. Union Qitholic lias fast forwards, so we'll have to mark them out of the game. I think our system messes them up n little." "We've got to control the tempo against them," said head coach Pete Giordano. "We can't get into a kick-and-run game. Union Catholic's got good skills, a couple of forwards who can score and they have a good goalie. We've got to exploit their weaknesses and contain their forwards." There was no containing Tourtellotte Monday afternoon, as she notched a natural hat trick and added an assist on Loffredo's goal. The junior scored a pair of first half goals with assists from Suzy Folgcr and Brooke Wiley. Tourtellotte's third goal 2:51 after halftime was set up by Melissa Long. Freshman Amy Williams made four saves and Alcxia Burnett made one to secure Westfield's sith consecutive shutout. If it wasn't for the heroics of right bailiwick Kerry Humphreys, last Thursday's showdown against surging Scotch Plains-Fanwood might have duplicated the finnl score in the hoys' game. With exactly (!:5(i remaining in regulation time, Humphreys notched her first goal of the season by booting in a loose ball from close range to supply tho game's (Please turn to page A-12) "She's a great asset to our school," said athletic director Ed Twnchina. "We wanted stability in that position because we haven't had it Now, we have someone here who teaches full-time at the school. She has a great record as a physical education teacher and a good swimming background. We're lucky to have her here." In addition to her swimming credentials, Torok has been coaching the freshmen field hockey team, which is currently She also brings some fine softbau qualifications to the table. Torok accepted a Softball scholarship at Rutgers and was an assistant coach at Monmouth College. In less than a month, though, the emphasis will be placed on swimming, Blessed with a proven core of returning performers from last year's squad which won the Union County title and reached the semifinals of the sectional playoffs, Torok rightfully enters the upcoming season with lofty goals. "We're going for the state title," (Please turn to page A-12} AUGUSTO F. MENE2ESS/THE RECORD Westfield fullback Scott Mueller (No. 19) contests Phillip Kane (No. 16) of Scotch Plalns-Fanwood for possession of the ball during the teams' scoreless tie last Thursday at Shimme Wexler Field. Rematch against SP-F on tap in county finals By KIPKUDUK THE RECORD Westfield assured itself of a rematch against rival Scotch Plains- Fanwood Monday when it dominated Governor Livingston 4-1 at Tamaques Park in the semifinals of the Union County Tournament. The Blue Devils (12-2-2), who outshot the Highlanders 18-5, controlled the midfield as Jim Corcoran, Mike Wheeler, Keith Zadourian and Dave Villalobos dominated play. Corcoran scored two goals, one at 22:46 of the first half on a header of Chris Partelow's throw in. Fourteen minutes after halftime the senior faked out a defender one-onone, then beat the GL keeper before walking the ball into an empty net. Jim Pipher ended the scoring with an unassisted marker and assisted on Villalobos' first half goal. While everyone surrounding the Blue Devils is keying in on Saturday's showdown against the Raiders, head coach George Kapner will do everything in his power to keep his team from thinking about the game until the conclusion of tins afternoon's North Jersey Section 2, Group 4 first round match. "I told them they have to fix- on Thursday or else it'll be like 1;^'. year and that feeling stinks," said Kapner. "In last year's county finals we didn't show up until the second half because we were emotionally distraught about losing to Montclair in the states the day before. We honestly have to think about taking one game at a time because things can take on a whole new meaning after one match." Last Thursday's heralded meeting between Westfield and Scotch Plains at Shimme Wexler Field lived up to all the pre-game hype and pleased fans of physical soccer. The intensity displayed during the 100-minute marathon, which saw almost as many yellow cards as shots on net, completely drained each side mentally and physically, ns players literally collapsed after the final whistle. In spite of tremendous efforts by both teams, neither side could put the ball in (Please turn to page A-13) Foursome makes sure WestfielcPs defense never rests on soccer field By KIPKUDUK TOE RECORD Head coach Pete Giordano went through a long, involved search before finally settling upon a starting goal keeper for his varsity soccer team. Conversely, it did not take nearly as long to find replacements for his defense corps, which lost three of four regulars from last season's 20-4 squad. Lo and behold, this year's crew of defenders is actually surpassing the considerable achievements posted by their predecessors. In 1992, Westfiold surrendered 13 goals, yielding an average of 0.54 goals per game. Through IS CHRISTIE McGOVERN games this season the Blue Devils have relinquished only four goals, an average of 0.27 a match. Furthermore, the team has been extremely stingy in giving up quality scoring chances. Westfield keepers have made 37 saves and opponents are averaging just 2.7 shots on goal per game. Due to Giordano's emphasis on team defense, the credit must be spread evenly throughout the entire team, from forwards Emily Dexter, Suzy Folger, Susan Mc- Cloy, Kristen Zadourian and Holly Talbott to midfielders Nancy Schultz, Abby Bomba, Jessica Czar, Ijt'xi Tourtellotte, Antonia Loffredo, Rrooke Wiley, Grrtehen Mansfield, Kerry Humphreys, Sydney Harrow and Stephanie IXiris. "We've given up less shots and it all starts with the to;im," said the third-year coach. "If the strikers give up the ball, then they have to got it back. If it gets past them, then the midfielders have to get it. If the hall starts (20 yards down the field and comes to keejx'r] Amy Williams, somelxxly's got to stop it. You can't give free passes up the field. "It's a simple game if you do it right. If you (lo your job and know other (Hiiplf's jobs, it's a piece of cake." Still, fullbiicks Iwiura Todd, Melissa ixtng, KIOPJXT Kelly Norton and swit'por Christie MrGoveni stand in front of Williams as the last line of defense, Giordano has enough confidence in this foursome that he utilizes a manto-man marking scheme, relying upon each player to stick to her defensive assignment. It all starts with the sweeper. McGovern has picked up the slack led by all-stater Michelle Mollard, who graduated two years ago. According to Giordano, and almost every other coach, the sweeper is the most important player on the field. "She's like a quarterback in football," he said. "She leads and reads the plays. She knows when to push up and hold and when to go to the ball. She's got to read the field and know what's going on." Not only has McGovern covered whoever has slipped through the cracks, but she has also contributed to the attack with some long clearing kicks. (I'lease turn to page A-12) LAURA TODD

12 A-12 Novembers 1993 Roundup (Continued from page A-ll) only goal. The play was set up by Bomba's corner kick, which resulted in three shots one of which ricocheted off the post Eventually, a rebound was directed by Tourtellotte to Humphreys, who made no mistake. Westfield outshot the Raiders 7-5 and held the visitors to only one good scoring opportunity. Ruggiero's late scratch doesn't bother harriers By IVYCHARMATZ THE RECORD Despite having it's No. 2 runner scratched minutes before the race, the boys' cross-country team brought home the gold in last Saturday's North Jersey Section 2, Group 4 meet at a soggy and cool Warinanco Park, Westfield completed the race with 29 points. East Side (40 points) and Union (98 points) earned second and third place honors. FYeshman Matt Elmuccio won the race in 17:00, 16 seconds ahead of the Union's Chris Geek. During the first half mile, Westfield runners dominated the top five positions. Soon after. Union and East Side forced their way through the tight pack. By the onemile mark, while most of the Devils were fighting for the top spots, Elmuccio was well ahead of everyone else and maintained the lead for the remainder of the race. "East Side ran well and improved a lot last week, but the kids stepped up their performance. We had a nice pack and that helped a lot," said head coach John Martin. Westfield had three other top ten finishers, who trailed Elmuccio by less than a minute Don Cambria, (third, 17:20), Ted Kilcominons (fifth, 17:30) and Geoff North (eighth, 17:38). "We had a good chance of winning. We knew East Side was going to be tough, but once the race started I knew it would work out Westfield had good times in had GEORGE PACCIELUVTHE RECORD Senior Dana Fahey performs on the uneven bars during Friday's Union County championships at Scotch Plalns-Fanwood High School. Westfield placed third, behind the host Raiders and Johnson Regional. KELLY NORTON the top 10. This isn't out of reach. It's not a pipe dream." Gymnasts placed third in UCT, eye sectionals At the conclusion of Friday's Union County Tournament at Scotch Plalns-Fanwood High School, the team from Elizabeth was announced as the winner or the third place trophy. After the mathematics was double checked a day later it was discovered that WestAeld had actually finished third. In some respects, this snafu summed up a somewhat disappointing day for the Lady Devils, who finished behind fourtime county champion Scotch Plains and runner-up Johnson Regional. "The girls tried hard to do their Westfield team," said head coach conditions," said Kilcommons. best, but it didn't work out astom Homish. Senior Andy Ruggiero was unable to run due to tendonitis, but Kovac. "We had a devastating bar Westfield harrier to cross the finish planned," said head coach Ellen Kellle Goncatves was the first should be returning shortly. Jim event, but the girls rallied after line, placing second overall with a Nicoll replaced Ruggiero and completed the race in 18:08, good doing very nicely on the beam and Karen McGuire (21:48), Xanda that and salvaged the meet by time of 21:42. Close behind were enough for 22nd place. floor. Martins (21:52) and Catherine Enffell (22:48), who finished fifth, Next Saturday, Westfield needs "It was a sobering experience. to be among the top three teams in They weren't happy with how they sixth and 14th, respectively. the Group IV Championships to did. Chances are they'll work more "We didn't expect to do as well earn its first berth in the Meet of conscientiously to make sure they as we did," said Goncalves. "Our Champions since The top 10 look better in the sectionals." expectations weren't high, but I individuals will also qualify for the Jill Smith was the only Westfield think we're better than we think season-ending race on Nov. 20. gymnast to finish in the top five in we are." "We have our best chance in a any event The junior was fourth lisa Citrin, who was clocked u. while to qualify for the Meet of on balance beam (8.85) and fifth on 24:02, was stricken with iliotibial Champions," said Martin. "We vault (8.55). band syndrome upon completing need everyone to be healthy and The Lady Devils (9-3) closed out the race. The condition, which is we need Matt Elmuccio to be intheir dual meet season by winning an inflamation of the tendons, will their sixth consecutive meet Monday against Keamy Dana the season. sideline the junior for the rest of Fusell enjoyed an outstanding "At the start everyone was feeling a little nervous. Our goal was meet, winning the vault (8.3) while placing second in bars (7.7) andjust to finish in thetopfive and Foursome (Continued from page A-ll) At right fullback, Long has also been known to ignite the oflense. After sitting out much of last year with a knee injury, the senior puts her deceiving speed and strong foot to work by advancing the ball forward and sometimes joining the attack, Todd, a junior left fullback, assumes a more defensive posture. The third-year varsity letter winner is responsible for guarding the opponent's right wing, typically ono of the most dangerous forwards. Playing between Todd and Long is Norton. In her initial varsity season (he uggressive junior marks beam (7.9). It was the first time all season the senior competed in bars. Dana Fahey won the bar (7.8) competition and Brand! Kovac placed second in vault (8.15). Megan Clarke was second in floor (8.0 and third in vault (8.15) and bars (7.65). Lauren Rosenblatt scored 7.6 on her floor routine, putting her in third place. Sophomore Justine Monciief finished fourth in bars (5.5) and floor (6.9), while senior Kerry Capone was third on beam (6.45) and fourth on vault (7.35). Tomorrow at noon Westfield will compete in the North Jersey Section 2 meet at Cranford High School The top team in all four sections will join the squads posting the six highest scores in the state tournament The top five individuals in each event also earn a berth in the state finals. Lady Devils rise above expectations, place 2nd THE RECORD Competing against some of the fastest teams from the area withthe opposing striker, who is usually the leading scorer. "We're playing well together," said McGovem. "We weren't sure about our goalie at the start of the year, but Amy has proven herself in every way. Laura worked really hard over the summer and she's one of the reasons we're so strong and I've been playing with Melissa since we were 11 years old." With a freshman goalie playing 80 minutes a game, most teams would take a more defensive approach in order to eliminate too many scoring opportunities. But, because of Williams' outstanding performance and the dependability of the defense, WeslTicld's main objective is scoring. 'There isn't much difference between this year's approach and last year's," said Giordano. out No. 4 runner Sharon Gambino, Westfield still managed to claim second place at Saturday's North Jersey Section 2, Group 4 meet at Warinanco Park in Elizabeth. Gambino had been feeling ill in the days leading up to the meet and felt she would be unable to participate. The Lady Devils (11-1) accumulated 61 points, 22 points behind first-place Columbia. Livingston, with 71 points, was awarded the bronze. "The final outcome does not tell the story of this team's competitive effort At the line there were moments of self doubt, but once the race began there was no doubt that Westfield came to run. The effort of the front four was one of the strongest ever presented by a qualify for the Group IVs. But, at the half mile it was already obvious that we were a force to reckon with," said Engell. "I am very happy with our second place finish and I hope we end the season on a good note." Following yesterday's Union County Championships, which occurred after press time, the Lady Devils will participate in Group IV finals Nov. 13 in Holmdel. Netsters top EB to end season on high note Last Thursday, the girls' tennis defeating a strong team from East Brunswick. This time, the doubles teams led Westfield to victory over the reigning Middlesex County champs. Gloria Ko and Lauren Kazanoff won at first singles 6-3, 7-6 (7-3), while the second doubles tandem of Jessica S t Cuur and Sarah Tlrone were impressive in their 6-2, 6-3 triumph. Sophomore Heather Post lost only one game in recoording a straight-set victory. MELISSA LONG GEORGE PACCIELLO/THE RECORD Senior right inner Alison Konet turns the ball upfield during Westfleld't 2-0 victory over South Plainfield Friday. The Lady Devils will host the first round game at 2 p.m. Tuesday in the North Jersey Section 1-2, Group 4 tournament. "We were happy to beat East Brunswick because we knew they had a good team," said Wildstein. On Monday, Westfield (17-2) posted its 11th shutout of the season over Plainfield in a match abbreviated by cold, windy conditions. Each match was decided by a pro-set format in which the first player to win eight games was declared the winner. Winners in singles action included Tirone (8-4) and juniors Sarah Gordon (8 0) and Sonia Ko (default). Seniors Lindsay Napor and Ellen Rudofsky won at first doubles 8-2, while freshmen Michelle Kashlak and Lauren Rudofsky won their second varsity match 8-0. Playing at first and second sin- Shari Gersch and Marcy team eliminated some of the illgles, feelings which lingered from the Beller picked up victories over opponents from Linden and Irving- previous week's loss in the North Jersey Section 2, Group 4 finals by ford might help us foeus more and ton. Audra Majocha chalked up a get us more motivated. But, I victory over Irvington, as did thethought we outplayed Montclair doubles pairings of Karen Aliehe- and we only tied them, so we could Efrat Magdielli and Tiffany use that as a motivating factor. Alichc-Julic Catanzaro. But, I really don't think our opponent matters." Despite the disappointments of two weeks ago, everyone on the Blue Devils is pleased with the progress the team made this fall. "All in all, we did significantly better than teams did in past years," said Wildstein. "We took second in the county tournament, which is an improvement. We wont further in the states and we came dose to winning our section, but we didn't turn the corner. Wo cime pretty close to having a fabulous season." "The good times outweighed the bad times and even in our greatest losses we held together as a team and that's what's moat important," said St. Clair. "Our level of piny went up several notches and wo had a lot more ambition than we've had in the past." Stickers lay in wait for first state playoff game With possible makeup matches against Cranford and Summit appearing unlikely (as of press time Tuesday evening), Westfield (9-1-3) wrapped up its regular season with a 2-0 victory over visiting South Plainfield Friday. The Blue Devils, which completed the month of October with a record, await their first round match in the North Jersey Sections 1-2, Group 4 Tournament. Westfield was seeded second and will play the winner of the Vemon- Montclair match. On Oct. 2, the Blue Devils played to a 3-3 tie against Montclair. Last season, Westfield topped the Vikings 2-1 to win the sectional title. Head coach Maggie McFadden has no preference as to which team she'd rather face. "As long as we play our game we should be able to beat almost anyone," said McFadden, whose teams have gone over the past two Octobers. "The fact that Vernon beat [previously undefeated] Cran- Torok (Continued from page A-ll) she said. "We have a talented, experienced team. There's no reason not to go to the top." Torok characterizes herself as a disciplinarian and someone who will stand by her rules. She says she wants to be a strong role model Cor her team and will invite any indivuhuils to speak with her about any problems they may be confronted with. "My philosophy is to build a strong team physically and mentally and use these things to have the whole group work toward our goals," she suid. "Although swimming's an individual spoil, I'll stress teamwork." This is a challenge for any scholastic team which competes at a high level,.since many of its top swimmers also compete for their YMCA or club teams and are usually training to attain their peak performance one or two months alter the high school season ends. s "S flthlete OF THE WEEKlfiTHLETE OF THE MONTH DON CAMBRIA WESTFIELD The junior stepped up In the absence of No. 2 runner Andy Ruggiero, who was a late scratch in Saturday's North Jersey Section 2, Group 4 meet. Cambria placed third overall In a time of 17:20 and was the second Westfteld runner across the finish line. The Blue Devils won the meet by edging out East Side by 11 points. DEREK CARTER DUNELLEN Carter, a senior tailback on the Dunellen High football team, continues to terrorize enemy defenses. Last month alone Carter rushed for 1,026 yards and 19 touchdowns, 11 of which came in the Destroyers' last two outings. On the season, the senior has amassed over 1,200 yards and 23 touchdowns, leading his team to a start. "As chosen by Forb*i N»*ip»p«i«' Sports O*pt" "At choi«n by Forbe* Newspapers' Sports Dapl." YOUR SPORTIIMO GOODS COMPLEX 513 W. UNION AVE., (RT. 28) BOUND BROOK, NEW JERSEY/ M o a, Tuos., Thurs,, Frl. 8:30 AM to 9 PM/Wed. & Sat. 8:30 A M to 5:30 PM

13 Novembers 1993 WostfioM Roconl A-13 Rematch (Continued from pagea-11) the back of the net in the doubleovertime thriller. "The kids either gave it all they had, I conditioned them too much or they had too much Taco Bell before the game," dead panned Kapner. "But, it was one hell of a high school soccer match." In the end, the Raiders (14-2-1) were fortunate to avoid losing two consecutive games for the first time in five years. The hosts, who had lost to Kearny 2-0 in its previous game, came out and controlled play for the first 15 minutes of the match. But, the Blue Devils settled down and the rest of regulation time was evenly played. Westfleld enjoyed a decisive territorial advantage in overtime, but, as has been the case for most of the year, it had difficulty shooting accurately. Jim Corcoran missed wide from just inside the box on a good scoring chance seven minutes into the first extra session. With eight minutes remaining in the second overtime, Corcoran had another glorious opportunity on a penalty kick. But, the senior's low shot to the right side grazed the outside of the post and rolled harmlessly out of bounds. With less than a minute to go the Blue Devils had two more great scoring chances. The first was a Corcoran header which was deftly gobbled up by Scotch Plains keeper Lee Fecchione. The second was set up by Dave Schaller's fantastic run down the right sideline. SchaUer managed to ward off two defenders and control the ball in bounds for approximately 30 yards before chipping a long centering pass to Pipher. For a moment, Pipher had beaten the goalie, but he couldn't settle the bouncing ball, which allowed the keeper time to retreat to his net and smother the loose ball. For the game, the Haiders outshot Westfleld 16-9, but only sent six shots on goal to the Blue Devils' four. The physical nature of the match was so alarming, it almost resembled a football game. Plenty of pushing and shoving and hard fouls plagued the match throughout, making the referee's job difficult. IN THE NEWS Soccer SfcWa ft Drf FaH CIMMS Soccar SkMt and Drttt, Inc., ytar-round oocar tutoring program tor al agat, la curr#ntty aoroifng atudanta for Its naid MMlOf) of dosses which begins the week ot Nov. 15. Class** are held In the WestfiekyScotcrt Rain* area. Three Ires, 45-nrinute presentation! about the school win be conducted at the Echo Lake Church ol Christ (on the comer of East Broad St. and Springfield Ave. In WesMeld) on the tohowtng dales and times: Nov. 4 (Thur.) 7 p.m. Nov. 6 (Sat) 4 p.m. Nov. 9(Tue.) 6 p.m. In order to reserve your place at one of those presentations, please call school director Tom TurnbuJ) at and let him know how many will be attending. * Westfleld Recreation lacrosse ehnlc The Westfleld Recreation Commission has sponsored a tree lacrosse clinic lor fourth, fifth and sixth grade boys. The dime will run from 3 p.m. to S p.m. for the next three Saturdays (Nov. 6, 13 and 20) al the Edison Intermediate SCOREBOARD School Held. The rain dale is Sunday. Helmets and gloves win be provided by the Rec Dept.. so am you need to bring is a stick and a desire to learn. For further Information call either the Recreation Department al 7BCM080 or Ed Joffe at S (after 7 p.m.). Trading card show comes to area New Jersey's premier monltiy stamp, coin and baseball card show, now in Its 20th year, will be held Sunday, Nov. 7, at trie Howard Johnson Motor Inn on 70 Central Ave. in Clark. The show win begin at 10 s.m. and end at 4:30 p.m. Admission and parking Is tree. Kor more information, can GOLF Ash Brook Women's Ootf Association The Ash Brook Women's Golf Association wrapped up its season Oct. 28, by holding the Una) tournament ol 1993 Trish Cregg and Doris Reinha/dt won the "Scotch Twosome" format by posting a net score of 66. Carol Azen and Audrey Said tied for second place with Pat Bolta and Marge Perretta. Both twosomes posted a net Hole Low Net Results Right A - Low Gross: Kuml Nishimura (48) 1 st Low Net: Pat DeFelice 37 2nd Low Net: Kuml Nishimura rd Low Net: Reiko Hidaka & Parti Sollecito - 40 Flight B Low Gross: Ann Powers & Claire Knaus (60) 1st Low Net: Claire Knaus nd Low Net: Ann Powers rd Low Net: Nancy Cnristensen & Yvonne Kayes 43 Low Putts: Ann Powers, Mar] Ruff, Kumi Nishimura A Janice Lawyer -14 Chip-in: Yvonne Kayes on No. 12. RUNNING NOVEMBER RACE CALENDAR Nov. 7 Princeton Family YMCA 10K Run & Biathlon, 1 pm, Paul Robeson Place, Princeton, NJ 08540, YMCA. Nov. 7 - Race Against Hunger SM & 1.5M, 12:30 pm, Manalapan, Nov. 7 Hashathon 6M Trail Race, Cheesequake, Matawan, 11 am, Nov. 7 - East Brunswick 10K & 3K. 12:30 pm, USATF-NJ Masters Men & Women Championship. 330 Milllown Rd, East Brunswick, NJ 08818, GEORGE PACCIELLO/THE RECORD Expect Westfletd keeper Dave Heller to do plenty of shouting during this afternoon's state secttonal playoff match and during Saturday's Union County championship against Scotch Plains- Fanwood. Washout (Continued from pagea-11) junior sustained a sprained right ;inkle. Lyyht rccntered the game on WeslHold's next offensive scrips, but removed himself from action aller a couple of plays and did nut return, 'After he was gone we didn't luve that.spark because you know any minute he's in there he can do incredible," said Nobi- Despite being limited to less ih:m one hiilf of football, Lyght managed to eclipse the 100-yard mark for the fourth time this season. The Moot, 180-pound tailback, who is expected to play tomorrow nielli-, gained 102 yards on i >nly 11 carries. Stripped of its only genuine breakaway threat, the Blue Devils' niimin,i» j'aine sputtered and the I'll'ense did not score again. However, Weslfield's passing game < niitimied to make positive strides, as Cheek completed a season-high M-viMi passes for Ki yards and a touchdown. On Hie negative side, the Hlue 1 'evils' oltense simply turned the I'all over too many times. With two minutes remaining i" the first quarter, Allen scooped up a fumble and ran into the end /.one unlouched and unchallenged from 28 yards out to give Summit a 14-G lead. An interception by Summit linebacker Daniel Nelson deep in Wfslfield territory six minutes before hulllimc set up the back breaking touchdown which supplied the Ilillloppers with a ikillliino cushion. The Hlui> Devils fumbled the ball away on each of their first two possessions in the third quarter, killing any comeback ho x\s. Summit Woslflold First (Judder S Fti' WrKU ',"> p;ir.<i Iroin Jnmio All«n (foil lovnll Hick), 1;37. W Crwyn Lycjlit I run [uin failed), 5:36. S Allnn 211 fiimhlu rclum (Lovoll kick). 10:09. Second Quarior W Miko Milcholl 9 pnr.s Itom Stephen Uu-Mk ( >ns!i fiiilod), 07. S - Allun I run (Lovoll Ki:k). 4:35. S Torrio Tofjcj 1 run (l.ovull kick), B.08. Third Qunrter S - fogg 10 run (Lovnll kick), 4:05. Fust Downs Tolal Ynrd:i Klushos Yards r'-ra-unrj Yards Con,,, Attlnl S.Kkotl-Yards Lost I'dnallloa Yards ''lints Avortujo 3'il down conv. ttli down conv. liino ol Posa. Summit S 9 0 t-13 B^iO :26 West B ;M Individual Slatlillc* Rushing Summit: Fogg (2 TO), Paxson Allen 8-18 (1 TD), Schroeder Westfiold: Lyght (1 TD), Mask Moore 10-26, Cheek 4-tO. Cognetti 5-3, Pasting Summit: Alien yds.- t TD, Schrooder 0-1. Wostfiold: Chook yds.- 1 INT- 1 TO. Receiving Summit: Fogg Welsh 1-25 <1 TD), Bickol 19. Weslfiold: Mask 3-39, Mitchell 3-37 (t TD). Moore 1-7. FOOTBALL Westfield at Elizabeth Ooto: Frl.. Nov. 5 Time: 7 p.m. Location: Williams Field, on corner of Oafkson Avo. and Garden St. In Elizabeth. The Blue Devils (2-3-1) List Saturday's loss to Summit underscored Weslfiold's defensive problems, which stem from a lack of size. Unloriunatoly, the task bocornos moro difficult, as future matchups will put Wostfield's front-tour al an ovan greater physical disadvantage). Olfonsivoly, the big question mark is the status ol TB Erwyn Lyohi's right oriklo. The junior sustained a sprain noar tho end ol an oloctiifying 49-ynrd run late in tho first quarter against Summit Lyght still eclipsed Iho tooynrd mark for tho lourtfi timo in six games, gaining 102 yards on only 11 attompts. Lyght (100 carries for B52 yards, 6 TDs) noods to average exactly 116 yards in each of his next throe games to bronk tho 1,000 yard barrier. OD Stephen Chook, who throw for a season-high B3 yards and tossod his first varsity touchdown pass last wook, has continued to progress. Cheek will bo looking lor FD John Mask and TE Mike Mitcholl on intermediate to short rnmjo passes. Of courso. In order lor the offonso lo click, tho lino of C Marc Phillips, Gs Ron Nobilo, Mntt Palumbo and Ts Andrew Toth raid Stove Momlngor must do its job. Tho Mlnulemert (5-1) Elizabeth overcame a sluggish fust halt nnd nn anhln in[ury to starling QU At Hawkins in handing llahway its first defeat ol tho season, Hawkins, a sophomore, loft Iho (jarno In the Ihlid period and Ns status is quostionablo lor tomorrow. Mis raplncornonl, Quintal Spotswood, hoavod n 43-yard touchdown pass to noiiiof WR Sammy Wil liams on his first snap dam cunlor. Williams nnd sonior3 Fluben Piro3 nnd Lnquart Drown possuir.n plonly ol s xiod lit tho wido rocoivor position. Orown in also an outstanding cornoihnck nnd Jils Uilrd qunrtor intuicnptitin last Tiitiny holpod so! up Hl\ Kaincm Bowsor's 31- ynrd TD run. Tho Mlnutomon's stitury tloloiiho locordod (ivo Inlorcnptions nnd tlmllml Holiwny lo a total of 12 ynrds. MLB Frank Clirniol tirtchora n liiu, physical dofonso, which HISU foaluro3 LB Gornlcl Alfonso, Collins find Nn Wiloy Nnnl. Prediction Ell2dboth 20. Westfleld 6 How Can The 'Tire Specialist" at STS Reduce Stress? Tires have become high tech like so many items we purchase in our daily lives. With the myriad of sizes, types and speed ratings available, tire buyers need heip. Improper tire application can adversely affect the driveability of your vehicle. Specifically, safety related functions such as steering, cornering and braking can be altered. To maximize your vehicle's performance, and satisfy your safety concerns, STS has the "Tire Specialist". 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Expires 12/31/B3 ' i ROBERT YOUNG/THE RECORD Quarterback Bobby Baykowski breaks Into the open field during a recent Police Athletic Football League game. Baykowski scored the game's only points for the Blue Devils' A team Sunday against Chatham when he picked up a fumble and scored from 13 yards out. P.A.L. FOOTBALL Westfield mot Chatham on a cold, rainy Hal- Jowoon afternoon and earned three hardfought victories in the muck and mire at Edison Intermediate School Field. The A and C teams played trieir finest games ol tho season in evening thoir records while the B team continutcd its rumufkablo siring of shutout victories. Westfield C 20, Chatham C 0 Mike Mroz swept around loft end on tho third play ol trio game and raced 65 yards lor a touchdown to sot tho tone for the C team's triumph over Chatham. Tho oflonsivo lino moved tho Patriots ofl trio ball with authority and Mroz sprang loose on another touchdown jaunt on tho Dovils' second possession, traveling 40 yards an fourth down. Jacob DuPont and Glenn Hurley plungod over for the exlra points, giving Westfield a quick 14-0 lead. Wcstfiold's peitormanco was all tho more improssivo on cold, muddy tundra. Chatham started lo mount a drivo whon tho teams changed ends lor iho second quarter, but agcjrossivo dolonsivo play by linemen Jim Mitchell, Terence Jenkins and Robert Slohr bolllod up tho Patriots. Trien, Tony Constantino's quarterback sack forced a Chatam punt. On a first-atid-10 from Chatham's 25 yard lino. Mroz's rur.h up tho middlo and a penalty movod tho ball lo tho 9 Quarterback David King was forced out o( bounds at the 3 after gaming six yards on a koopor. Thon, ho tossed n nifty liltlo swing pass lo Hurloy, who took it in for tho scoro DuPont snuffed out another Chatham throat with a fumble recovery as tho hntl ended. Ahond by three touchdowns, tho Devils playod thoir reserves in Iho second half and hold off a determined offorl by Chatham. Joe Martucci. Ben Koket. Chrii Freiaen. Klrt Glresl, Pat Daly, Mike Tullo, Jon Rolna. Jeremy Owons. Sean Faust, Mart Nackson and Malt Morrison - who havon'l had thoir names in Iho p.ipor yet all oarned honors lor spirited play. Chatham Wesllleld A 6, Chatham A 0 QuniterbicK Bobby Oaykowskl scored tho finmo's only points on a buslod ploy in tho third quarter Scooping up a Blue Oevil fumblo on Iho Chatham 13, tho sure-handed Baykowski cliumod around loft ond as Patriot Defenders swarmod tho site of the fumble. Even though Matt Hughes' conversion l/y was blocked, the outcome had already seemed CB.lain to favor which over team could make one big play on this cold, drizzly afternoon. Qaykowski's serendipitous rocovery from disaster sealed tho oulconio. While Biiykowskl scored tho points, Wostfti'ld s r>ocret woapon was Greg Montgomery. Ortlinarily n tight end on oflonso, Montgomery canioc) the ball on quick hitters up the middlo vvero koy to Wostfield's ball control ollortso. Ho,iloo mndo a lunging grab ol n tinykowski pass in Itio third qunrtor to koop a YOUTH SPORTS Westfield drive alive. Jaion Oabonw also contributed significantly on well-timed reverses that earned first-down yardage. He also pinned Chatham on Its 1 on a fourth quarter punt. On defense, Greg Gor*kl made tho big plays, with an interception and a tumble recovery, both returned for substantial yardage. Dan Norton, who made an exuberant block of a first quarter Chatham punt, and Sam Edge, with a mud eating sack of tho Patriot quarterback, were two of several Devils whose faces wers blue not from the cold but Halloween makeup. Two Jasons, Kriegvr and Lonaetrt also put the scare on Chatham. Chatham Weitfiald S Waitfield B21, Chatham B 0 Bone arring Westfleld blocks and solid tackles In tho damp chill kept Chatham off balance In the B game. Todd Dowtlng, Ragnsr Oaafhart and Chris Glacone scored for Westfield, with Jim Korn converting all three extra point attempts. The play of tho day was Gearhart's 10-yard reception from Brandon Doerr on an out pattern in tho second period. Kevin Me- Cormack's preclso hit on a would-be tackier sprang for an additional 20 yards and a touchdown, Dowling went straight up tho middlo for 15 yards on a first quarter scoro and Giacono plungod In from a yard out for a fourth quarter TD. Mike Sioller, at running back, was a big gainer lor Wesffield. Tho Devils' delenso held Chatham to just 15 total yards ol offense. Lamont Turner, Doerr, and Dowling stuck il to Chatham's runners. Brian Rutso, Dan Wanal and Greg Freiaen earned accolades lor their fine all-round effort. Chatham Wesflald Westfleld Is at horn* to face Berkely Height* next Sunday, with lh«c gam* kickoft at high noon. Suburban League Standings A Standings Summit Cranford.5-1 Oorkeley Heights 4-1 Scotch Plains 3-1 Westfleld 3-3 Hnnovor 3-2 Chatham 2-4 Perth Amboy 1-4 Millburn 1-5 Springfield 0-5 B Standings Wttlfleld e-0 Cranlord 4-2 Chatam Perth Amboy 3-2 Berkeley Heights 3-2 Summit Millburn Springfield 1-4 Hanover Scotch Plains 0-4 C Standings Cranford Scotch Plains 4-0 Don't Trust Your Car To Anyone HAND IT TO THE PROS GENERAL MOTORS 5 STAR AWARD WINNER 10 CONSECUTIVE YEARS 20-POINT INSPECTION; A uisuiil inspection ol many importiiri ::nluty& diiveabihty items (with any 5t:r Expires Nov. 14, 1993 Musi pri.m'fil rtmponwhunorr1(!i i& whmen All Mot v.ilnj wilh ;iriy nthi-r offer. /Vfo. G FRONT END ALIGNMENT SPECIAL,,,.«,,, Pii'cision fioni orxlnlignrnonl (where npplnalllb) le.olr«snov'i«10031»titi<l«* Hv\ l OIL FILTER 995 *"" Coupon U[i lo ' > qls Oil ("tujf-iin nujsl 1^ (rteser)led (it wrue nil^vhhuilei nol»nclurt»d n. mil r I TIRES 4 INSPECT BRAKES I INCLUDES: Computer bal.inco 4 wheels _ - Inspect lionl pads S rotois Inspect rear linings s drums - Rotale tires w/ffl Coupon E«plr«B Nov. 14, 199] COOUNG SYSTEM SERVICE INCLUDES: losl radiator tor leaks Install I gallon u\,-inli Iffce/e Check hose:., clamps 4 bells Eiplr»aNov U, 1993] Mull [vetpru tu\n>ot\ *ne"i oirt«r veined* Hoi vahd wilh H /^-Goodwliuc^. bw s OFF ALL ACCESSORIES IN STOCK gj ^m m^t «^^^~^^" ^^~ ^^ *^^ ^_ J V^S ^m ^rt"^^' ^^ ^*m ^H *^Hi ^^ J '!.' Mcfftli 1.' fl(k) Wliiuihl^ r} ( ffl viirs Otlnl I *J>mrs I I M4.1, \ ONVENIENT WHILE YOU WAIT SERVICE If *..IISSS!. O «Summit Berkeley Helflht* WtsHltld Millbum 3-3 Chatham Springfield Perth Amboy Hanover 0-5 SOCCER Division V Wsstflatd United 7, Hlllslds 0 The Westfield United put Hillsido through a scary afternoon on a cold, wot Hallowoon. United had a shaky start this soason, but sinca early October has relumed to its poworhouso form, Hillside was no match for United, as Westfield took the opening kir.koff and halfback Tim Mansfield placed a beautiful pass to David Dantortollo, a powerful striker, who found the streaking scoring machinn, Gerrln III In the box and III ma^ie it 10 wiuiin 30 saconds of the start. Soon after, Unltod's tough fullback Anthony Tomasto carried a boll into tfio olfonr.ivo ond and sent II wido to halfback Tim Mansfield, who was ready lor another scoring snl up. Ho blasted a low pass across tho bo* to Diego Vargas, who cooly knockotj homn :i scoro. Lato In the half Untied tumnd un t'.o r.corinij power and lit up tho scorelxi.irii Griffin Maloney nailod a bo.iuliful shot from a difficult angle off a rebound. In tho next chnrgo M,iloney found that III In Iho middlo nnd III hlnnlnd anolhor ono in. Swoopor Duffy Lau ondtx] tlio half by converting a pennlly kick for n 50 lend Lau started off tho second half as ho skilllully broke away 'or a score. Tommy Wade dosed out the scoring with a loft looted blaul from 15 yards out. Westtield spent (ho rest of tho (j.irno working on Its passing. Westfleld United 1 Livingston Leprechauns 0 The United continue*) its winning w;iys with an exciting 1-0 victory ovor a strong Livingston team on Oct. 24 in Wostfiold. livir>tj!;ion had beaten Westfield in tho soiinon oponcr and llio United cama out with a fierce attack nml rovenge on their mind Early in tho garno WeslliL'Id's front lino of David Suntorlello, Gorrili III,HKI Josh I titlmer kepi the olfonshro prossuro up, but cnukl not score. With Livingston's tough rnidftuldors boginning lo mount charges in tho second ruilf, Unltod's formidable midfiold of Don McAnally, Andrew Od»chowskl, Condi Thlnm Mike Nohaczawskl and Dan Caprario played aggressively. Then, Coprarlo stopped up and dnbblod a ball wida to ttio corner, wfioro ho riftod across lo tho loft corner of Iho box III, who ha3 a nose for tho goal, trnppod i! and crocked in a low winner tor the final margin of victory Unltod's powerful dufonso ol Rob Lnrsen, Sal Fazio, Tommy Wade, Anthony Tomasso, Adam Voffl* and Duffy Lau ','iui down lisa high scoring Livingston ulloriso Tim Manifield, Mr. Reliablo 't liaiuttnd all tlial Livingston had to oflur and rcrunjeti another shutout. Division IV Boys Westfleld Warriors 3 Fleminglon Sling 1 Tho Warriors sluck it to Ihu I loinuiijlnn ;;tiri(j on a wol and wincjy Houlihan Tiokt (Jci. 3D Strikers Nick Gelsslor, Kylo Vantosky nnd Xandor Rolhchlld moved iho Ikill iiiiiicntiy up tho Bold throucjliout lira gamti with shori c<ui trolled passes which S )ioad out Ihu i'>tnni do fonso. A period back pnas Ironi Hi'lln-hild to halfback Conner Mulveo at ihu to mnuilo mark produced tho first IJU.J when Mulvuo'r> shot found Ihe back of Iho nut. Tito onlire rjllonsivo unit ul thit W.jpiini^ buzzing with back nassrr. iirul o»crl,i i iil.iyu wtiilo in Blintj il'intory. OIIIIT!ii,u:k Urnd Glllln piorcod lint Stuitj <lf)l<:ri:.f Itu Iho L,iutitul goal with a lino dnv/o shut ili>flri.tii<l nil ihu floalio's hamj into tho net Onti.T stnkrr Adam Walker and Greg Odnchowski ;r. Ir-i J un thu goal. Striker Com Anthony au>in\ llm firul lor the Wnrriors whun ho piinchcd in :i Inosi) ball livo yards out. Ornndun K.ijn> il.iy<-t> tliu ontiro giiiiu) in gonl and rainii ihmuijh with saves when ch.illoiujud. In-Town Leaguo Division V Cougars '1, Lions i Tho Cougars capitalized un Iwn <iuii:k goals by Suzl Gotldenkor nnd rc< i:,toind a -1,\ vietoiy Saturday. Itio Cuuij.uii' ;.to i ior lollud a pnss from Aloxnndrn Mnus ovi'r tho Liuns' dofoodora Hint sniiud il<<?p inli> Ihn not lor hor fust scuro ill Iho Ihrmi mnuilo MI III' Ciolldi'riknr struck iiij.nn innrnnnl'i Inter as!,hn U,ip ii?d n goal kirk nnd drovo il in fnf.1 '' 0 [r,irl. Tho Lions [:tiuiit(pf(.ml with ^i,-vf!ijil slnki's, lull Cougar dnfon<loi» Ellonn ONMILT (!olhnny Goldman, Hnnoiih ihriioluw,,iml Shminon Kunnlh nuiruii otl In keep Ilicm.11 l>,iy uniil Alexandra Drtll si (nod on,1 IJ<M! hih in Mit tho LiOfir. on Ihn hn.ud Tim Umn,ii'i it>t,ili;ili'd e iii[:kly, as :.1riki-r Doth Mokr.'iunr '.li i ji'd through Ihu t.ions iindliclilcki,ni() di'.hcd In Crlsllnn V«ln/zco, wliu 1 ;, M.IIIII (J.IVII Ihn dmgnrs n 3 I h.illtiiiiii,iilv,int.ii i> thn Cl.)tl(]'US kl'jjt llfi tho >.n i>.0 Ihi' M-E i>i id hall with Jpsnlc.l O'Ni-iII, liir.i Si hni'iiniiiiin, arid Klmboily Jni:ol> n i 'lymi llm IM"."I JI(I, wluln k'i Nlcoln liir.intluo ami Stnjilwi- 11I0 Uii'iikntdiin > (':>) lln IMI 11 llm [cur hiilf 'Mill Horn rniii.'iiihxl Iho :, , hnwuvcr. uriltl ttm l.luns' llncliol rclilrnnri hur-.l lliniui li Iho rlulmtmi,1'nl h,iriioii>riiil, n lull '.I.::111 Hint found Ihn 11(1,11 1 iu\<i<t In < ul llm in.irijin lo.!?. With lionl iiinninij r.hoil Linu,ir;i'»wno ior Sura Matins ilnnuvl tlni ii.ill npliiilil In stoppor Nicole Herttun, who fnunn frln Btgglo with a crisp pnna If ml [liyf io curiiid in tho 12-ynrd lino nnd uliiriunnil 10I0 thn ( n,il (or IIin ( nmo's final scriro

15 ^November 3,4, 5,1993 Forbes Newspapers / SMU-1 Forbes PUBLICATIONS AND Publications Sonwr sat County Bound Brook Chronicle rfaimim Focus Franklin Buyer's Quid* Orcwn Brook/North PtainDald Journal HKIi/Bedmlnster Prma SomafMl MMMngar^aaalta Somerset Buyer'a Quid* WawVWaUshuno Journal Journal Buyec'a Quids MWtft«M«Countr The Chronte)* (MlddltMJi/OurwIlwi) Chronid* Buyer'* Quid* Focu* (Monthly) Highland Park H«rald Mclucrwn/Edlion Review MMucrttn/Edlwn Boyef' Quid* MlddlaMi Buytr't Quid* Pltcataway Ratriaw South PlalnflehJ Reporter Union County Cranford Chrontcte Scotch Plalrm/Fanwood Praia The WestfleJd Racord DISTRIBUTION DAYS Distribution Day Trnrnday a _i _a _.. rfknrv Friday CLASSIFIED HOURS WMtnMday Thursday Thursday Wadnavday Tnuraday Thuraday Utt Frtdiy of month Friday Friday Friday Thursday Friday Thursday WMntftday Thursday Thursday Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 8:30 A.M.-5:00 P.M. Thursday & Friday 8:30 A.M.-8:00 P.M.. 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Errors in advertisements running more than one time must be corrected before the second insertion or correction allowance cannot be made. Correction allowance for errors shall not exceed the cost of the advertisement. PAYABLE IN ADVANCE: All ads for Garage Sales, Employment Wanted, Wanted to Rent, Houses to Share or Apartments to Share, ads when moving and ads to addresses outside of New Jersey. EXTRA CHARGES: Blind Ads, $5.00 for box rental and mailing charge (Box held for 30 days) All capital or bold letters 50C per line, per week. REACHING 380,000 READERS WORKS! "I advertised my dining room set in your classifieds. I had a tremendous response and sold the set immediately. Thanks!" N.C., N. 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Reservations req Lost A Found BEOMINSTER: MISSING DOG Small Dachshund missing from enclosed backyard. 5 year old Ml boy Is heartbrokon and desperately wants his pet back at he mo! Lamlnglon Rd area. $200 roward for dog's return. Please call with any Infol 90B BERNARDS TWP Brn/ Blk female Shepherd Collie mix; Blk/Orango/ White lomalo cat; Or ange/wh Itq cat BRANCHBURG Altcrnd Male Blk/Brn striped cal w/whlle on paws & (ace Brown Rabbtt. HILLS- BOROUOH Orango/ whlta male cat. HIGH- LAND PARK- Blk tomale cat w/collar SOMERSET HUMANE SOCIETY. Route 22, North Branch. 90B-52B-3330 COCKTIEL LOST! on Groy ft while with yollow nead. Namod "SPIKE" RewardHI POUND noutororj mnio tiger cat, black A brown striped, green eyes. beautiful, young, friendly, He needs a good homo bsforp the winter comobl Wants to be nn In-door cat, Please call Linda: 90B QDEV A WHITE TABBY cat, noulored male lost In Buttercup Village. His elms: & stomnch are all whllo A front 111 leg. His nnmo Is Sam and will como when called. Reward glvon for any nfo.2b1-s922. tht Clmlliidl LOST- $200 Howard Pitbull puppy, In College Ave. area, New Brun wick. 4 mo*, old, 30 lbs Male. Ok. Brn. w/gold stripes, white undermark Ings from chin to belly MULTI-COLORED ADULT CAT- found In Roaelle area, house trained SHEPHERD HOUND- Mixed breed, female short haired, no collar 45 lbs., black w/ tan & while marklngt on face chest, paws. Answers to Bussy. Reward. (909) Ptnonml* THE PSYCHIC PLACE Help and Advice on all problems 7S7-44S Park Ave S. Plainfield ADOPTION"" Caring, well-educated, psychologist and artist have the time to devote to your newborn-infant. Long to share our Love, Laughter and Uf» Ellen and Mike Homestudy approved adoption consultant- Diario ADOPTION: Bearhugs await your Infant. We promise dedicated care, a loving family and a fine education. Call Amy/Merrill Were easy to talk to. ADOPTION: Lets help each other. Reporter and wrltor with friendly dog offer humor, love and patience to newborn, with deep respect for child i\- Individuality. We enjoy sports, gardening, music, computers. Call Robin and Craig, 1-B0O ADOPTION Linda & Stovo want to give your whllo nowborn a great lifo. Wo live In a beautiful neighborhood lihod w/ children to grow up with, wo enn olfor your baby lovo, security, and devoted grnndparents. Please cnll CALL TO ST. JUDE'S NOVENA- May the sacreed heart of Josu9 be ndorod, gloriliocf, Icvoil & prosotvod throughout Iho world now & forever. Sacred Heart of Josus, pray (or us. SI. Judo who works mirncles, pray lor us. St. Judo, who holps the hopeless, pray for us. Say 1hls prnyor 9 times for 9 days. By the Bth day prnyor will bo nn- Bworod. Say It lor 9 days, It has never been known lo fall. Publication my si be promised. Thank You, Sacred Heart & SI. Jude. K.8. FOR WOMEN ONLY Bored with plastic & cosmetic parties? Try a Psychic House Parly! FREE reading for the hostess. 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Carmet. fruitful vine splendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my necessity. Oh, Star of the Sen, help me and show me, herein you are my moiher. Oh, Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and EaMht I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart to succor me In this necessity. There are none that can withstand your power. Oh, show me herein you are my mother. Oh Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse o thee (3x), Holy Mother, place this cause in your hands (3x). Holy Spirit, ou who solve all probems, light all roads so hat I can attain my goal, 'ou who gave me tho di- 'Ine gift to forgive and orgot all evil against mo and that In all Instances my life you are with mo, I want In thla short prayer to thank you for II things as you confirm >nce again that I never want lo bo sopurated rom you In eternal glory, hank you for your lorcy toward mo arid mine. Tho person must ay tnls prayer 3 conecutlvo days. Aflor 3 lays, the roquosl will bo.. ranted. This prayer must bo publlshod after 10 tnvor is granted K.S. Advertise in tho Classified! PRAYER TO THE BLESSED VIRQIN (Never known to fall). Oh, most beautlfut flower of Mt. Carmel, fruitful vine splendor of Heaven, Biassed Mother of the son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my necessity. Oh, Star of the Sea, help me and hear me, herein you are my mother. Oh. Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth! t humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart to succor mo in this necessity. There are none that can withstand your power. Oh, show me herein you are my mother. Oh Mary, conceived without sin. pray for us who have recourse to thee (3x). Holy Mother, I place this cause In your hands (3x). Holy Spirit, you who solva all problems, light ail roads so that t can attain my goal. You who gave me the divina gift to forgive and target all evil against me end that in all Instances in my life you are with me, I want in this short prayer lo thank you for all things as you confirm once again that ) never want to be separated from you in eternal glory. Thank you tor your mercy toward me and mine. The person must say this prayer 3 consecutive days. After 3 days, the request will be granted This prayer must be published after the favor is granted. DAB THANK YOU ST. JUDE for prayers answered. J.B. PRAYER TO THE BLESSED VIRGIN (Never known to fall). Oh, most beautiful dower of Mt Carmel. fruitful vine splendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me In my necessity. Oh, Star of the Sea, help me and hear ma, herein you are my mother. Oh, Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earthl I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart to succor me In this necessity. There are none that can withstand your power. Oh, show me hareln you are my mother. Oh Mary, conceived without sin, pray lor us who have recourse to tfioe (3x). Holy Mother, I place this cause In your hands (3x). Holy Spirit, you who solve oil problems, light all roads to that I can attain my goal. You who gave me the divine gift to forgive and target all evil against me and that in all Instances in my lite you are with mo. I want In this short prayer to thank you for nil things as you confirm onco again that I never want to be separated from you Jn eternal glory, Thank you for your mercy toward me and mine. The parson must soy this prayer 3 consecutive days. After 3 clnys, the request will be granted, This prayer must bo published after thb favor Is granted. M.K. Advtrtlu In tht CliSMllled!

16 U-2 / Forbes Newspapers November 3,4. 5,1993 Sweets For Your Sweetie Winner Week #6 L. W. of Westfield Forbes N E W S f A P E H S Pwawi reeamng the pastry lr«y mat»v» a work In the FoibetNewieepem primwy martwl ana and ba ab)a to aooapl dauvaiy during waak day bualnatt hour* * 2082 Rt. 27, Editon A Hadlty Rd.. So. Plainfield Rt 1. Woodbridge Rt. 130, North Brunawick Park Ava., Scotch Plaint Forbes Newspapers Business Professional ADVERTISING HOW W0UIP YW UKS MOW a/snmnur MStPTOUTAMUSHfOU mtsimss HUH* commmm AtmUNCi SMCIMU HMCM ptoplt IH ovn 4T0WMSSACHWSIK 90U IWff HI9H ntlcs OF APvnrm/fQ PIS THiN ADViXT/SS M Wl UNION9USINSSSS snvia Ptnscrow CALL 90M ixt.6256 ASKfOHMSSSU 1040 Personals * * ** * PSYCHIC READINGS By Dorothy Love, Health, Business SPECIAL: Tarot card readings $5 w/thls Ad. Call lor appt. Bound Brk»08>35«-40<M SWEDISH MA8SAQE THERAPY- relieves stress, tension, sore muscles, Increases blood circulation, We offer lull body brushing and skin care. Key West Products and gift certificates available. By appointment only. C.M.T. Dee B-6924 THANKSGIVING: NO- VENA TO ST. JUDE Holy St. Jude. Apoille end Martyr, great In virtue and rich in miracles, near kinsman of Jesus Christ, faithful Intercessor of all who Invoke your special patronage In time ol need. To you I have recourse from the depth of my heart and humbly beg to whom God has given such great power to come to my assistance. Help me in my present and urgent petition. In return I promise to make your name known and cause you (o bo Invoked. (Say 3 Our Fathers, 3 Hall Mary's, 3 Glory Be's). St. Jude. pfay for us and all who Invoke your aid. Amen. (Publication mutt be promised. This novena has never been known to fait, This prayer is to be said for 9 consecutive days). My prayers have been answered: K.S. UP-TO-DATE SPORTS/ SPREADS t MORE Ext. 2432, 2433, 2434 & $2.99/mln. Must be Procall CO. (602) Personals YOUR CLASSIFIED AD CAN M mwlmhio IN 92 NEW Jf RMY NEWS- PAPER* WITH ONE EASY PHONE CALL AND FOR ONE LOW PRICE. FOR ONLV C YOUR AD WILL REACH OVER 1.2 MILLION HOMES THROUGHOUT THE STATE. CALL FORBES CLASSIFIED AT ASK FOR JOYCE OR KRISTIN FOR ALL THE DETAILS ABOUT SCAN- STATEWIDE CLASSIFIED AD NETWORK. 1OW WANTED- BANDS, FLOATS, ORGANIZA- TIONS (or 4th Annual Holiday arid* In Bound Brook, tot. Nov. 20. Theme: Old Fashioned Holiday. Call Chamber of Commtrce st 90S.3M-7273 or4-o434 TEENS - New Jeraey Teen Pageant search for Contestant*. For Information write: Pageant Headquarters, Dapt, Lo> cust Avtnut, Washington, PA DEADLINE NOVEMBER ia 2000 FOR SALE J MIO-Antoue* MM'Art""**" MM " CtatMngmd MM - CoSsetJMes MM Farm ft Cardan 2090 Flee Market*. Sato* and Bazaar* 2100-Free to Oood 1110'Furniture SIM'Oarae* Sale* tin-oatterat MarehamHa* 2140 OMM Furniture aim Software 11M-Wanted to Suy ANTIQUE CHIRRY- Drop leal ttbl* w/ pads. Asking I120O * ANTIQUES QALOHE* 15 dealer*. Furniture, glassware, dithes, linen*, toy* & more. rlttney'* Antique Cantor, 17 Division It, SomarvllU, NJ (SOS) S2S-S11S. Open 7 days. Invest your money, don't ipend It. aoao PARTIAL LISTING ESTATE ITEMS: Antiques Including beds, Ot DISHWASHER- $90, Double) overt $90, cook dressers, hutch, sideboard, trunk, chairs, lop S75, brown hood $40. */S link $25, 908- cabinet, advertising tins; eve* FURNITURE: Including ReraUURATORVFREEZ chairs, dressers, corner R *ld* by side; auto- cabinets, wicker table, matic washer; elec. dryer; port, dishwasher. Good cond. Reasonable. 90a-7S4<S>a anytime RIFRIOERATOR eu. ft.. 2 dr QE. Qood cond. J95. 4C3-B289. WASHER- I7S. Dryer, $65. Stove, $75. Refrigerator, $170. Can deliver. Color console TV $100. Pis call WASHINd MACHINE- Frlgldalre. Qood condition. Several Isstutes: Heavy duty, large capacity. $70. Picas* send replies to: Box 150, Forbes Newspapers, P.O. Box 899, SomervIHe, NJ Auctions ElwoodQ. HellaraSon Auctioneers, Inc. Estate ft Personal Appraisal* Complete Auction Service ESTATE SALE A LIQUIDATION SATURDAY NOV. 6,1993,10:05am PREVIEW: FRIDAY, NOV. 5, 3pm-5pm a SAT. NOV. 6, Sam-IOam RAINDATE: SUNDAY, NOV. 7,10am LOCATION: 2040 LAMBERSVILLE RD.. SCOTCH PLAINS, N.J. bookcases, desk, lamps, chandeliers, mirrors, shelving, computar table, office desk & 2040 chairs, air conditioner, dishwasher, wash sink, bikes; EQUIPMENT! Radio control model equipment, Manco dun* Buggy/Go Kart BHP, ski equip., old sled*, spice heater, Smlthco riding mower, Arlbns 30" riding mower, snow blowers, Ryan Thatcher; WOOD: including oak banister*, kitchen cabinets, pieces of eadar, sections of 6' stocked* fencing, split rail fencing, a much, much more. NURSERY STOCK: 12 Pyramidal Japan*** Holly, 7 Female Amir. Holly, 50 San Jose Holly, 28 Drsgon Lady Holly, 30 China Girl Holly, 26 Blue Princes* Holly, 2 Rubusta Or**n Juniper,.3 Pyramidal Japanese Yew, 8 Japanes* Budromed, 20 Mountain Laurel, approx. 300 Hemlocks from 3'to12' tall, plus large specimen Dogwoods, Birch & Quasan Cherry. * BRING YOUR CHAIRS FOR COMFORT F0O0 4RESTROOM AVAILABLE TERMS: Cash or pre-approved check. NO BUYERS PREMIUMI1 FRENCH'S AUCTION SERVICE TEL: 90S-82S-3072 AUCTIONEERS: Col. frank Lee French Col. BUI Lofttis PUBLIC AUCTION Antiques, Curios, Crafts. Fri, Nov.5; 7:30 pm. Old quilt, trunks, brass & glass. Inspection: 10am- 7:30pm. Bound Brook Congregational Church, corner Church a High. RONNIE'S AUCTION 2040 Auctions COMPLETE SERVICB- Antlqucs, hathold. Farm * Business liquidations. Ronald Bsrub*, Auctionear, Call SCALEDBDSALf CMMMNSJ PubHe Wojdi Nov. 17tti KEM-NJULC. WarshousB S. P1AINF1ELD, NJ mlnorthoflattiq New Janay TUmaJka Lathes; Threader*; Ra dial DriUs;Shop * Tost Equip.; Welding Equip, A Rod; <«) I R DL1200 Port. Air Compreasor*; HP/LP Air Compressor; Elec. Motors; Pump*; Bearing*; Tool*; Spar* Parts; Sea Van; HVAC Systems; Circuit Breakers; Elec. Supplies; Transformer Tester; Load Bank; S/S 4 C/S Valve* A Fittings; S/S * C/S Pipe Fitting*; Stain- I***, AL, A C/S Plate, Pipe, ft Miac. (93S813) Everything Sell* As-ls Whare-ls. PSEiQ Reserve* the flight to Reject Any or All Bidat INSP: Nov. ts thru 17, from 0 a.m.-4 p.m TERMS: Compfela Pay nwnt In Cs*h or Quaran teed Funds Only. For Id Package A Complete Detail* Call: SEALED BID SERVIC- ES <21B) *7. Ada In Claatlttnd dontcof I Thaypayt 2049 CnffsfMBS 100,000 Beautiful Christma* Tree* Wholesale Frailar at the Lowest prlca* In America Douglas Balsam plus all vailslle* Wreaths call for Free Brochure LEATNIR MID-LENGTH COAT- Black W/light grty fur collar, Sli* Medium. Brand new. Only worn twice. (201) BASEBALL CARD COMIC BOOK COLLECTIBLE SHOW Sat. Nov. 13th, 10-Bpm. a Sun. Nov. 14th, to4pm. U.S. #1 Flea Market, New Brunswick. Info; FREE ADMISSION To Show VIONEL-Rare large cat* North Pol* Railroad; plus 100 pc. Bachmann HO scale Golden Spike set w/llghted bridge, both new in boxes. S500 firm/both eats. Call bet, epm-apm only *********...COMPUTER TABLE. $ Pleats csll 9M I3 IBM COMPATIBLE $295. We also buy and repair computers, monitors, printers and boards AdvertHalnthiClnillild! n Attwrtlu in th» C/aMfflerff DIRECTORY Serving: Westfield, Scotch Plains, Fanwood, Cranford, Qarwood, Ken i I worth FEATURING: ELECTRICAL/HEATING CONTRACTOR K.J. Robinson Electrical/Air Conditioning/ Heating Contractor Est Update your heating system & save up to 40% on your heating bills plus get a utility rebate. Fast quality workmanship bonded & insured Lie #1374 DRIVEWAYS AdvtnVie in On CfeMWadJ ALL YEAR SERVICE ResMeattal ft Ceeaiaattlat Aapaatt Work Mw*w*fs e PeiUaf Afsae e Seallaf Reetirfeclaa CwctH 8*ew>l*wta«hnhtUol "CALL 7M-9S0B DRIVEWAYS Paving K 6« RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL e DRIVEWAYS e PARKING LOTS e SEAL COATING BELGIUM BLOCK CURBING RAILROAD TIES * STUMP GRINDING* "SERVING YOUR AREA FREE ESTIMATES FOR OVER 40 YEARS FULLY INSURED FAMILY OWNED & OPERATED Scotch Plains AIR CONDITIONING BUILDERS BUILDING CONTRACTOR COLLISION REPAIRS DRIVEWAYS \PR0HDINC QVAUVr SLKV1CE FOR PIER X >T.0tt Heating and Air Conditioning Sales & Service a YORK Humidifier* e Electronic Air-Cleaners Clock Thermostat* Attic Fans e Blown-in Intulatlon Westfield Come home to quality.,_ Additions Alterations Ktlchen* Baths» Carpentry DeekF" "Bulldtnij wtlh Cimflilvnvr" Complete Home Remodeling "Call today my Cantultatiim Jn always CumpUmentarv" Family in Cranlord Over 40 Years AMERICAN EAGLE CONSTRUCTION Additions e Renovations Patios/ Decks Carpentry * Brick Pavers e Masonry Garage Conversions e Skylights Porch Enclosures Bathrooms Family Rooms Roofing Siding - FINANCING ARRANGED - KHEK ESTIMATES rlllj.y INSURED Setfthii "Uoux Ate* CALL free DESIGN CONSULTATION WITH THIS AD Rentier's Auto Center Complete Auto Body (J Mechanical wilh the latest technology. NJ Inspection U Reinspection 606 South Ave., E. Cranford, NJ BENNETT PAVING COMPANY Driveways Curbing Parking Lots Sidewalks Drainage Work AUTO DEALERS BUILDERS CARPET DRIVEWAYS ELECTRICAL REILLY BRAND BUILDERS PERSONAL & PROFESSIONAL OLDSMOBILE, INC AUTHORIZED OLDSMOBILE SALES & SERVICE NORTH AVE. E. WESTFIELD Wettfleltl N.J. (' onrriictlng l.ou/ell irblld CARPET BY BOP' Shopmt Ham* Convwifvic* o Levy* Selection o1 Ou*IHy Carpets o Eata Httvy Pudding ut NOtrtnCott 1*t ffvte diatom Installation Guaranteed for m Full 2 Years o fully fnsuretf o l Yean Experience All Type* ol Repaln/Reslntchcs CilLNOW for a Frw Estimate (908) CONTfiACTOnS DISTINCTIVE SPECIALISTS IN ASPHALT DRIVEWAYS PARKING AREAS CURBING SEALING «RESURFACING CONCRETE AND MASONRY WORK RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL FXEEEST. ni\q JCtQ CHRIS FULLY INS. y\fo m -L3YO OR TONY TO RESERVE YOUR SPACE IN THIS DIRECTORY 8OO A Forbes Newspaper POLYPHASE ELECTHIC All Phases of Electrical Work From Pole lo Plug Residential Commercial Industrial Electric Heat 18 Years of Experienco - FREE ESTIMATE - Unsurpassed Quality Workmanship Lie. #7194 (90S)

17 November 3,4,5,1993 Forbes Newspapers / U-3 MULCH/TOPIOIli STONE PU or Prompt Del. Retail or Wholesale. Eigla Fane* A Supply 0eM2»>577» * *TOPSOIL* * Screened & untcreenad. Excavation work. Call anytime. 20B8 ALL SEASONED HARD- WOODS. All qty, a eu«j Split & delivered. (906) DRY-SEASONED HARD. WOOD- cord*. $125 delivered. (201) * FIREWOOD SEA- SQNED-Hard wood split and uniplli. Dellverad locatly FIREWOOD- 2 CORDS ON 1 DUMP TRUCK DELIVERED. EITHER tr STOVE OR FIREPLACE. CALL MB-3SS-3OO0 OR H»-3e«-S»7S. FIREWOOD- QUALITY SEASONED HARD- WOO IS, ALL SPLIT FOR FIREPLACE. 1«"-22". DELIVERED AND DUMPED. S125 PER CORD. CALL HOURS A DAY. FIREWOOD- Seasoned hardwood, Split & Delivered. $125/cord * * * * * SEASONED FIREWOOD (201) dont cost Thty payl Sttail CHINESE AUCTION- Fri.. Nov. 12 at E. Bruntwlek High School, Cranberry Rd. Doors Op»n BPM, ticket pulling BPM. Adm S3 sold at door. For Info»(M-2S7.76S». CRAFT * FLEA M K T- Holy Trinity E.O. Church, 130 Jafftnon Avi, Rahway (cornar of W. Haulwood) Sat. 10/23 * 11/ 13, 8anv3pm. S10/10H or CRAFT SALE Sun., Nov. 14, 10am-4pm. 222 Old Pott Rd. Edlaon HOLIDAY CRAFT SALE- Plcturt w/ Santa, St. Thomas Piriah Cenlir, 1407 St. Gaorga Aw,, Rahway. Sat. 11/13, 9-4. Call HOUSE SALE-partlal eontanta priced to aall in 1 day. 63 Falrflald Ave, Cranford. Sal, Nov 6, 9-2. Walnut to Ch«it*rlang to Lexington to Oaorgia to Falfliald. Wrought Iron kich a«t, color t.w., laath- chair w/ ottoman, bran fir mirror, tall fir planta, round picnic tabla I lat* of mltc X0 FumHun ANTIQUE CHIDENZA- Larga, cuitom mada, olid oak with daak eeclion- 4 glata doora, 2 solid doora & 3 drawers. $ /dwrtim to P M CtoKMsdV 21X0 ASSORTED Anilquee, tablet, and tablet, deik, book cabinet, chairs, etc. 90S-2S SBDROOM SIT- dirts 7 pic. off white, alaapa 2, good cond. S11O0. Call 90»o4940S1 after» pm. CABINET- On* available. Light brown, "August". 1-wlda drawer, J-drawai ( ), i-door. Sirs. Please sand replies to: Box 150, FURNITURE SALE Very Forbes Nawepapara, high quality, great cond. P.O. Box 899, at bargan prices. SomervHla. NJ Call: COLONIAL COUCH- 3 cushions. Good condition (2) Pine End Tablat with lights. WO.OO/pr * * * * * * * * * -COMPUTER TABLE" $ Please call S0S>3SS-S7S3 OtNETTE/DR SET-Brass a glass w/ 6 chairs, neutral beige fabric, bavaled, gins Uble top, 5ftx3ft, txc cond leave meisaga * * * * * * * * OININO ROOM SET Broyhlll. Solid Walnut. 3 places & 7 chairs. Exc. Cond. II OININO ROOM SET Modern Oak & smoked glasi. $1500. Couch, GOO0 9 0itt9 (ova seat A 2 rockers. Modsrn- White, trimmed In blue. (9O8)-46J-2666 AKC STANDARD POO- DLE- Wtilta, female. DINING ROOM 8ET- Show ttock, I yr. old. Beautlful Europ. carved Forbes Newspapers Business Professional oak tble, chairs & china cab. Exc cond. $4000/ BO DR SET- by Hanrdon, table, Italian fruit wood, 6 chain, a lighted hutch, INO TABLE- Haavy, dark brown. *35. Please aend replies to: Box 150. Forbes Newspapers, P.O. BOX 699, Somsrvllle, NJ Furvltun E8TATE 8ALE Living room sofas and chairs, beautiful Imported csrved frames. Complete dining room with extra leavea and leather padding for table. Plus many other Iteme. Price nagabotlal. Please call for da- Ulle. (201) LR SOFA- 90" long. Red/white colonial timsign, S MOHOGANY 1930 APT. TABLE- S225/BO. Stereo system In Cherry cabinet, S200/BO MOVING SALE- Kit table a 4 chairs, $45; couch a chair $100; 2 two-drawer file cabinets $15; desk $25. Pis call OAK CRIB 4 ORESSING TABLE- $ / QUEEN MATTRESS AND BOX SPHINO- $70. Excellent condition. NEW RABBIT HUTCH- $ (14. QUEEN SZ. SOFABED Rust; Sewing machine: rocking chair; mirror; 2 end tables. $75/each SOFA- 7tt. White leather w/blue piping; glass cocktail table; 3 shell Curio; This End UP Bunk Bads w/lower drawer unit, indestructible, New $700,»Sll $ Adt In Clutltltd dont eotl - 77isy payt Forbes Classifieds GREAT RESULTS *1 sold my car In two weeks..." "I received a good response to my 'Auto For Sale' ad in Forbes Classified. I sold my car in two weeks and got very close to my asking price." John Harnoll Belle Mead '1 had a tremendous response..." "I advertised to sell my dining room set in your classifieds. I had a tremendous response and sold the set immediately. Thanks!" Nan Carson No. Plalnfleld "We received more calls than the dailies..." "We advertised our home for sale. We received more calls than the dailies at half the cost. Thank you." Stephanie Tormey Piscataway It's easy to get Great Results! Want to get rid of that bike the kids have outgrown? How about that chair that doesn't match your new furniture? You can turn your unwanted merchandise into spare cash and Forbes Classified is going to help you do it. Reach 380,000 potential buyers by using the coupon provided or by calling us at c*lh. f Name Additional lines, add $1.15 for each I i i i i i ±± Address Phone _ City State. Zip VISA/MC # Exp. Oate: 'DBiH me. D My check is enclosed. ' fat 5J* c<< ntf bumi. or PHI Item our on* MO» Oftei ilhtf Of*r mtn Irtif Coupon Mm»»n cncck or monty oidtf lo: FO'Dtt Ntwtptpprt P 0 Dm «89 Som»full*. N J 0««?t ON*' Eipnes 12/31/93 Phone in your ad: ; Fax your ad: (908) DIRECTORY Serving: Westfield, Scotch Plains, Fan wood, Cranford, Garwood, Kenilworth FUEL OIL LANDSCAPING PLUMBING ROOFING Call For Service or Fuel Oil Reel-Strong Fuel Cranford Serving All Of Union County Since 1925 R.F. LANDSCAPE CONTRACTORS lawntmreum ttnm.topson CHAPMAN BROS. Lie. #1428 Plumbing Heating Cooling Alterations - Repairs Air Conditioning NORTH AVE. E CRANFORD PRECISION ROOFING "Because You Work Hard To Keep a Hoof Over Your Head" Experienced & Reliable Shingle Slate Leaks iimili If n S2O0 ()l I CALL GAS STATION MIRROR & GLASS PLUMBER ROOFING/SIDING Mina S. Kyrillos Auto Service 464 South & Centennial Ave. Cranford Foreign & Domestic Complete Auto Repairs $5 GAS FREE with oil change or NJ State Inspection No lines - Wo wailing (Not valid wilh any other oher Etf>. 10/31/93) MIRFIOR AND GLASS COMPANY > The finest quality and workmanship Factory-direct prices Expertly designed and installed Resilverlng Antiquing Beveling Walls Ceilings Bathrooms Window Treatments SHOP Ar Homt m m - FKC ESTIMATES FULLY INSUHtD Donald S. Rockefeller PLUMBING & HEATIMG INC. Complete Plumbing & Heating Services State Lie Raleigh Ave. Cranford D & R FUCHS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Owner/Installer - Roofing Siding Replacement Windows Fully Insured Free Estimates CRANFORD ROSS HOME BEAUTIFICATIONS Restore Like New Dcckf Cedar Shakes DRIVEWAY SEALCOATINC Get The Xrey" Ou t! All Your Powerwashing Needs All Masonary Surfaces Wash & Seal Protect From the Elements! Pools All Types of Siding Brick Concrete Stone Stucco Special In Farm Restoration! All Interior & Exterior Painting & Staining (908) HOME IMPROVEMENTS MOVERS PLUMBER TREE SERVICE TV REPAIR INFORMATION Call Bob 90S Tile, Quarry and Marble Installed Basements to Attics Fret EiHmetes BOBBINS A ALLISON, INC. "Loc*l MoWng t Slor *s* Pub(/c Moron Uctnto AGENT ALLIED VAN LINES 213 SOUTH AVE E CRANFORD TEL 276-0B9B LENNY'S PLUMBING HEATING Heating Sewer Cleaning Plumbing & Heating Repairs Hot Water Heaters Sump Pumps Free Est. State License #6249 Lenny Grieco Ellis Tree Service ALL TYPES OF TREE CARE & REMOVAL Firewood Woodchlps Snow plowing Landscaping (908) (908) INSURED FREE ESTIMATES Specializing in: SALES & REPAIRS (30 Years in Business) CENTER TV 907 Wood Ave. Roselle TO INCREASE BUSINESS ESTABLISH YOUR NAME ANNOUNCE SPECIALS ELECTRICAL/HEATING CONTRACTOR PAINTING PAINTERS K*J. Robinson Electrical/Air Conditioning/ Healing Contractor Est Update your heating system & save up to 40% on your heating bills plus get a utility rebate, Fast quality workmanship bonded & insured Lie #1374 LAVITOL PAINTING Exterior Interior Expert Preparation Free i-.slimale Fully Insuird Carpenlry Wt'n Still Working Our Way Through Town and We do the btu Work Around" SAVE ENERGY... We install Vinyl Replacement Windows Chtik our Hectiston Proof I'ncei Hnofinp Iraden and Gutters INDEPENDENT PAINTERS Ik'iil Contractors Prices Wr Specialize In Interior Painting Wall Paper Popcorn Celling Stain Work Fully Ins. All Work Ciiinraiitcfil Vrve Ksllnialrs IH yrs. Kxp. Westfield fwr AlfM) I III Klfilii! fillnllllk A Plranillr W114I1I11K] TREF SERVICE WOODSTACK TREE SERVICE INSURED Low, Low Rates Senior Citizen Discounts FREE ESTIMATES PAINTING PRECISION CUSTOM PAINTING Interior/Exterior Wallpaper Powftrwashing Very Reasonable Rates RECEIVE 10% OFF Professional & Courteous Call TO RESERVE YOUR SPACE IN THIS DIRECTORY CALL RUSSELL AT: EXT FOR RATES AND INFORMATION A Forbes Newspaper

18 SMU-4 / Forbes Newspapers November 3, 4, 5, Garmgm Sales NOTICE: All GARAGE SALES advertisements are PAYABLE IN AD- VANCE by cash check, VISA or Maste Card. For a quote on cost, please call 1-80O BERNARDSVILLE- 123 Claremont Road; Almost new- Clothing, Jowelry, Furs, Accessories. Fine quality home furnishings, antiques, collectibles, ner gong, graphanola, pc. of Joyce KHmers from consignments & select dealers. New cloths, heaters, fir. & win- "Tree", curtains, table arrivals- Desks, Oak tables, sets ol chairs. sharpening wheet, From dow fans, old scale, knife riding equipment, now the 195O's: lounge chair, merchandise dally I kitchen table w/4 chairs. $5.00 OFF purchase ol Search through 25 years $25 or morel of memorabilia, housewares, ENCORE QUALITY CONSIGNMENTS gadgets & many unique items Dealer co-op space avail Tue-F 10-6,Thurs. til 8 Sat BERNARDSVILLE- QA- RAGE/MOVING SALE. 59 Old Fort Rd.; Sat. 11/ 6, 9-2. Furniture/tools, Btc. * * BRANCHBURG-53 Mary Lynn Lane (off Stony Brook) Sat & Sun 11.'6 & Lots Ol this and that plus the front door. BRIOGEWATEH 389 Garret ion Rd. ESTATE SALE. 2 bdrm. suits, cherry DR., kit set, eredenza. end tables & sola. Computer desk, clothes & knick knacks 11/5 thru 11/7. Ads In Clutltlod don't cort They pty! 2130 General Merchandise ng I STEEL BUILDINGS New, never put up. 2-24X , 1-60x100 Will make doal Frank, ATARI GAMES S25,, Atari Tapes 55., Desk S25.. Avon Xmas Plates B/O, Avon Mothers Day Plates B/O, Carpet & Padding; Light Mauve, 1yr Old. 1BX12 & 13X8 S300. Both. Call 90B AVON Discounts from 5V20%. Free color and skin analysis. Ask about Froogift BABY ITEMS-Playpens SIC 0,1 walkers S5 oa. swing S5, car seat $B and more. 4 Brouor Ctiairs S5 ea Black & white TV S20 & other baby Hems!! , BAHAMA CRUISE 5 days;4 nights. Under booked! Must sell! Limited tickols. S279/couplo. (407) , Ext. 684 Mon.-Sat. 9AM-10PM 2120 Oarage Sale* BRIOQEWATER ESTATE TAG SALE Partial contents. 4 Timberllne Dr. (off Washington Valley Rd. between Martlnsvllfe & Plucksmln) Frl, 11/5 & Sat. 11/8, 2120 Oarage Sale* * EDISON 21 Library PI (off Orove Av] Books, curtains, toys. HH & yard items. Sat & Sun 11am-Spm, Sun 11/ /6 & 7,8-3 4pm. Solas, love seats, QARWOOD- 4483rd dining rm. cabinets, kitchen tables & chairs, living rm. chairs, onyx tables, Ava.; Sat. 11/6, Huge garage salel Something for overyono. tamps, desk & chair, end tables, 5-pc. bedrm. set-fine wood, mint cond,, oriental din- MIDDLESEX- Mulll- BRIDGEWATER 9 Ivy Ln. BAM Frl 11/5, Sat 11/ 6; Sun 11/7, Jewelry, ladies clothing-sizes 8-14, conectlbles, X-mas, piccolo, HH Items, microwave, much more! Rain or Shine! CRANFORD 101 Cranford Ava Sat. 1 1/6, 8:30-4pm. Something tor everyonel CRANFORD- 20 Wemt End P(.(off Spring Garden) Sun. 11/7, 9-4pm. Toys, skates. HH Items. Rain or Shine! CRANFORD-401 Proapact Ava (corner Manor- Prospect) Moving/Garage Sale Sat. 11/6; 10-4pm & Sun. 11/7; No Early Birds! EDISON 19 Bradford Rd.; 11/6, 9-3. HH items, antiques, games Advertfos In me Clmllhd! 2130 General Merchandise DIAMOND Engagement ng. 1/2 carat MARQUIS surrounded by 1/4 carat n smaller stones. Appraised at $ MEN'S SPORT JACK- Asking S1O0O. ETS 1 waist length Call leather ackot. All 40 reg. DIAPERS- Disposable. Exc. cond, 310 each. 100 por case, med.s Ig., Q after 6 pm. $15, inclds delivery or APPLIANCES freezer. G«nor cooktop, elec. daublo oven; Old linens and h.ri goods other local BILL'S TRADING POST A HOUSE OF A MILLION ITEMS 2 Pmm Sprayers, in good cond.. mnko otfor. All Types ol Fireplaco Equipment All Types Of PotbOlly Heating Stovps Call BOOM TRUCK- Smool 3T boom mounted on 19B5 GMC 3S0O truck 580OO, (201) BOYS DIRT BIKE - Good condition Now- S190-Askmg S50 Tuntorl rowing machine-asking S70. Ciill and loavo DID YOU KNOW... that an ad in this local paper also goes Into 22 papers? Reach over 380,000 readers with one calll 1-60O-5S9-949S ENCORE QUALITY CON- SIGNMENTS- Clothing, ewelry, Jurs, antiques, collectibles, home furnishings. 123 Claromont Road, Bornardsville, T-F 10-6, Thurs. 8, Sat FISHER PRICE KIDS KITCHEN w/ extras $30., Oak day bed w/cushions $100., iris Schwlnn bike w/ training wheels for beginner. $10. Queen matress, foam. $15 Call Dinette Tables: round w/ loavos S7500 Inkos nil. CHILD'S BO SET-lwin Metal offico desk S20 bod. dressor A night PB st.inrj S75; man's & ladios bowling bowl: Pnnjsomc stereo radio w,' 2 Wido plank Oak, Chorry WOOD FLOORING spongers; console stereo & Colonial White Pine. rcco'd playor. Best oiler Mock S Co. on oil Hums J5U-2B jmor b:3opm. INGERSOLL RAND low CLOCKS- (2) Two nvailahlo Baltory poworoci rjonsots qongrntor. 30k able rl i e s o I powor S 1 & lor both Ploaso W/37.5 KVA cummins, 4B semi rephos lo: Box 1!iO, 3 9 diosol, 70 cjiil fuol Forbijs Nownuapt'is. lank, liko now. $8000. I'. O D o x 6 'J 3. Soinnrvillo, NJ 0BB76 COLONIAL woodon chairs, lablo, Clolhos. Ostcr elect, ttnlfs sharpener (novor used), painlnicjs. l.imps w.'ghados, lull si^o rusl. ruado box spring 8. m;lttro5'j (novor used), 2 singlu bod weekor hfladboards 1897 rjildod oncyclopedln 1 Mossngos S Pnpors of Iho Pr(35irlt>nt9 PHOTO- GRAPHIC equip : Hood lamps, pro ogtor scroon othor collofjtlljioa. All pricoa nnqotlnbto. 90fl- 35B-S?Q'J. Nn rlonlora! COMFORTER MONTH SHIM-] ANY SIZE! Froo Turkry Givf? Away Sign up l"r 10 rjullorball turkoyf} Drawing Nov ( J0:t. Cornor of Fulton ft Enst Mnin St, Brlrigow.itor (Ftndorno Socllon) Ytmr Comfort Zorjo FOLDING CHAIRS Sot of motdl folding chairs. S25 takos all Ploaso sond roplios to: Box 150, Forbos Nowspapors, PO. Box 699, SortiBrville, NJ 0S676. * * *FOR SALE* * * Leal Swoopor, Exorciso Machine, Photographic Enlargors {2), Childrons Cross Country Skiis Court Reporters Machine Call lor more Information FOR SALE- 0 pes of pink granito, 30' X 36 X 10" , eves Ask lor Miko/Jack GAS DHYEH Konmoro, Liko now, SBO B/O GAS RANGE- 30 w/ hood, copportono (2) * * * * * * * * JACK LA LANNE GOLD Lifnllme Momborship $84. yearly duoc, S-160 Cnll 35S-S21& KEYBOARD FU'Ctronlc Casio w/slarul, covor, virjoo instructions & adaptor $200. Baby furn Bassott crib, dark brown pino w/mnltross $100, solid wood high-chair S25. W/W carpet w/padcling, groon S100, ^-0157_ KITCHEN ROLL TABLE- Molal Qroon 'S20. Ploaso sonii roplior: I 0 : Box 150, Forbes Nowgpapors, PO. Box 699, Somorvillo, NJ 00B76. KITCHENS Snve to 70% on rnn ar brands CRESTLINE KEROSENE HEATERS- oriy S1QO, aolllnri for $30 2nd orig. $1 10, only $20 Cull LATHE prontlco rend. 4lt conlor, 18ln 9wlnt Inllnrc Wolrfor 100 nmp'o t or 3 phnso. LoblnntJ I Latho. Hockoll!;itlogrincfnr/Snndor frullor, flonvy duty, rlnublo -^ ^n^ -fl*- wheof, tofl, for DEER ALERT landscape or car hauling. Cnll dnys 520 S220 or SYSTEM-Avoid nnlmiil ovoa nrid.uitijiiidlnlo collisiomi LISO Poor Alort. Sornl S3 OI plus $2 lor S/ M In n chock or money Ad* In Claasllled orclor to Evoa Enlorprinos, PO Box 5182, don't coif - Nnrlh Blanch, NJ 0B87O. They payl Fam No. Lincoln, John St. & High St. (OH Rt 28) Sat. Nov 6lh. 9am-4pm. MIDDLESEX- 315 Shephard Ava.; 11/5, Organ, bookcase, fireplace oncl.. desk, clothes, knick knacks, cameras, lamps. PISCATAWAV- 32 Daborah Dr. Refrldg., bar, mowers & tots more. Sat. Nov 6th, 9-4 * * PISCATAWAV- S74 Hamilton Blvd. Sat. 11/6, 9-5pm. Avon rep for 26 years selling large Inventory, also other Items PISCATAWAV- Rachel Terr. Block Sal*. 3 families. (Slelton Rd. to Haines Avo. to Rachel. North Stelton area). Sat. 11/ Flain. Sun.11/7. Misc, HH, cloihes, baby * * PLAINFIELO 949 Central Ave. Tools, furn., antiques. HH & new items. Something for everyone. Sat, Nov 6, 9-3 SO.PLAINFIELD/ EDISON Park Ave., Nov. 5-7; 11-4pm, no earlier. Antiques, Records, toots, clothes, toys, books, Collectibles Genera/ Merchandise LEFT HANDED MAG- NUM-Hunter bow & arrow lbs, 30 In. draw, S50. Call MOVING MUST SELL CERAMICS- 362 plus molds: 2 kilns- 1 Ig & 1 sm. w; accoss.; several hundred bottle of paints, glazes, stains, books and brushes: shelving and lighted display cabinets avail ; enough for complete ceramic shcool, for approx. 810,000 value MUSICAL JEWELRY BOX 3 drawers, 2 small drawers. $50 Please send replies to: Box 150, Forbes Newspapers, P.O. Box 699, Somervllle. NJ OLD SINQER TREADLE Commercial sewing machine, Old fashond bath tub w: claw legs. B/O PHASE CONVERTER- Rotary type, 1 to 15 HP. Call Or evenings 'STEINWAY GRAND PIANO Mahogany finish, vary good condition. For Into Call: (908) PIANO- Baby Grand. 5. Exc cond. Beaulilul tone. Priv.horns. Watchung $3, , 2120 SO. PLAWP1ELO- 1SOT Panning PI. Frl. a Sal. 11/5 & 6, W-4pm. All bar* gin priced, man a women's clothes, rowing mach. bedside potty chair, all amall lactic appliances, bedsparead, dishes, Furniture a all Household items. SO.PLAINFIELD 283 Pierce St., Sat. 11/6: 9-1pm. Furn., tooli. gas dryer, Bric-a-brac, hhsld. items, morel Priced to Bel). Moving all mutt go. SOMERVILLE- 371 E. Main St; Sat. Sun., 11/6, 7. g-4. Mo»tly baby Item*, excellent con<ntipn. No early birds. SOMERVILLE- 88 Eastern Ave.: Sat.. 11/6, MuM-tamlly. Electric organ, 13" color TV (needs work), pictures, HH Items, lot* of miscellaneous. Rain date Sun., 11/7. SOUTH PLAIMFIELD- 108 West Hendrlck* Blvd Household Items a Furn. Nov 8 A 7, 8-4. WATCHUNO 43 Valley View Rd. (off Sterling Rd) Baby Items. Kerosine burners. Misc. items. Fri & Sat Nov t0am-2pm. WESTFIELD- 12S Cedar St.; (eft Central Awe) Sat. 11/8, Exercycle, else, juicer, clothing, books & more, No early birds. * * * * * NO. EDISON- Irene Ct. (off Inman Av.) Lots of everything. Nov 6 & Atlnrtlu In Mi PICTURE- Hand knittod (Troo.) 19 x 20. S20. Ploaso sond roplios to: Box ISO, Forbes P.O. Nowspapers, Box 699, GUNS, Somorvillo, NJ POOL TABLE- w/acce's" sorios, excol. cond. $350, w/ovorhoad light S400. Call after 6pm PROPANE STOVE Cost Iron Radiators and Tan Lazy Boy Roclinor. All iioma in good cond. & SS5 on. or B/O after 6PM. REFRIGERATOR Soars Wood Burn- Ing Stove- Efol-SI 50. Call after 5pm. SKI SALE- ENTIRE STORE AT SKI CHALET. MT VIEW PLAZA IS NOW 50-70% OFF FlETAIL PRICES. TUNE SKI WITH THIS AD. REGULAR PRICE $25. SALE PRICE $ CALL JOHN AT TODAYI STORAGE BARRELS- Hoavy-gnugo cardpoa'd. Lnrgu size 4 available. $30 takes ali. Plonss sond roplios to: Box 150, Forbos Newspapers, P.O. Box 699, Somorvillo, NJ TRAIN BOARD- Llonol Sft x 8ft 027 track. 2 swltchos ond various accossorlos. $ , Blue spruco, fir, plnos. Dig your own. $20 up. 90B TRUCKMATE STORAGE BOX for arnnll Pickup Truck. $75. Call Chris, clnyr,: 201-n or ovonlnga: 9Ofl-gB0-O43B. WOLFF TANNING BEDS Now Commorcial-Uonio Units from $ Lamps-Lotions- Accoasorios Monthly payments ns low ns SIG03 Coll Todny For FREE NEW Color CnlnlotJ tE)7 HOMES THROUGHOUT THE STATE. CALL FOntlFS CLASSIFIED AT , ASK FOR JOYCE OR KRISTIN FOR ALL THE DETAILS YOUR CLASSIFIED AD CAN OE PUBLISHED IN 92 NEW JEHSEY NEWS- PAPERS WITH ONE FASY PHONE CALL ANO I : OH ONE LOW PRICE roh ONLY $ YOUfl AD WILL REACH 0 V I! n 12 MILLION ABOUT SCAN- STATEWIDE CLASSIFIED AD NETWORK Wanted to Buy WALKER- Three balloon tires, Uied three times. Paid $260. B/O before 6pm B after 6pm W00D8T0VE- Efel stove, hearth, stove pipe, accosserles. $100. 3V4 cord hard wood firewood S200. Call AABACUS ANTIQUES ANTIQUE ajyinq SERVICE We Are Purchasing Furniture * Paintings Oriental Rugs * Statues Clocks * Toys * Mirrors ESTATE LIQUIDATIONS Call S-8383 or ALL LIONEL. IVES, AMERICAN FLYERand other toy trains. Collector pays highest prices. Call 1-SO or201-b35-2os8 AMERICAN FLYER * LI- ONEL TRAINS * OLD TOYS- Pis call , leave message or call after 6pm ANTIQUE USED- Furniture, Old DR s«ti and BRs from 1800's to 1950s Also misc. pieces BOOK History ot Huntordon 4 Somersot Counties with Illustrations by James P. Snail, FISHING TACKLE- collector wants to buy OLD, rods, reels, lures, catalogs after 5PM SWORDS, KNIVES, MILITAHIA-NJ & Fod. lie. Top cash aid. Houso calls made. Bert HIGH PRICES PAID- tor postcards, sheet music, old toys, baseball Items, cameras, military. TV's, Worlds Fair, fountain pons. Call HOUSE CONTENTS WANTED Partial or All. Call JUKE BOXES, Pinball. Fortune tellers, Slot, Coke & Baseball machlnos. (609) OLD ORIG. PAINT- INGS (Damaged OK), Will research paintings, FREE. 6O SO PETS AND LIVESTOCK Blrdi 3020 Cats 3030 Dogi Flih Horses 306O Livestock 3070 Other Pets Adoptafale Pels 3090 Boarding, Training A Grooming 3100 Miscellaneous Supplies 4 Services 302O Cats PERSIAN A HIMALAYAN KITTENS CFA loglstered w/shot3 $ up. Call (908) PERSIAN & HIMALAYAN KITTENS- CFA registered wj shots. $200 & up. Cnll WE ARE RIEDEirt REPRESENTATIVES Com* and sxpsriencs lha Shske-A-Paw difference at N«w Jersey's moit beautiful puppy tore. * All puppies arc A.K.C. registered and selected tor brstd conformity and tampwsment. * Pupplei art soclallied In open glass walls herell This Insures proper development (or a happy, wall adjusted, loving pet. * Famous Shaks-A-Paw Lifelim* Health Guarantee Includes eompllmsntry veterinary and free fecal xamlnstlon and lifetime obedience training. Bring the whole family. 14 flouts 22 West, Orsenbrook, NJ (SO yarde west of Rock AVS.) S08.BS Mon-Sat 11-9, Sun 11-6 SM off any puppy with Mils awl. Not te be combined with any ether ewer. Esa>. 11/30713 PUPPIttll A SSO bill buys any pup In 1 PUP PEN "N.J.'i Urgeat Selection" Open Nov. 8,7,6 hrs. 1O-S. JP O'Neill Kennel* US Hwy 1. Princeton, NJ «cross from Hyatt Hotel. QERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES 7 fsmalea, excel, blood YOUR CLASSIFIED AO CAN S)E PUBUSHED IN 12 NEW JERSEY NEWS' PAPERS WITH ONE EASY PHONE CALL ANO FOR ONE LOW PRICE. FOR ONLY S YOUR AD WILL REACH OVER 1.2 MILLION HOMES THROUGHOUT THE STATE. CALL FORBES CLASSIFIED AT , ASK FOR JOYCE OR KRISTIN FOR ALL THE DETAILS lines (mothsr-qerman Import, father-american bred, both on premises). Black «Tan. $300. WESTBV HIPHEROK <ao1) TM-I7M ABOUT SCAN- STATEWIDE CLASSIFIED AD NETWORK CHESTNUT ACRES has box stalls, daily turnout to pasture or paddock. Riding rings, trails > Jumps. (90B) QUARTER HORSE- 13 yrs. old. sound recent cogglns, former police hone, documented. $1300. (201) DOO ADOPTION DAY! Sun. Nov. 7, 11AM-3PM Boulevard Vet Clinic 429 Blvd, KefiUworth Man/ dogi all ages. 1 mile oil Garden Stale Pkwy, exit 138. Foster homes urgently needed! Info or directions call: (201) FREE TO GOOD HOME- 4 mo. old Black Lab Mix. Moved, cannot keep. Housetrained. Very friendly , GIVE SOMEONE A SIMILE Somerset Regional Animal Shelter has pupplei, kittens, dogs and ceti. Adoption reasonable. Missing a pet? Call Mat* Brlndle Mix neutered, all vaccs. Housobroken, loves everyone For Info, call (201) BomnUng, Trmlnlng A Grooming DOQ OBEDIENCE Kind, positive methods, from home yrs. exp., Vet rec. result! guaranteed, 2 loc. In area, ' 4090' 4100' ' SERVICES Adull Day Car* Business Services Carpentry Child Care Cleaning Services Convalescent Cars Electrical Handyman Services Hagllng & Clean up Hsallh Care Service* Home Improvement Inconts Tax Inttructlon/ Education Insurance Landscaping 4 Tree Cars 4140 Letal servteee Loans a Plnanee 41S0 Masonry 4170 Mlseellineoue VHr Palntlitf. 41S0 Party aventerlalnment Servteee 4200 Plumbing, Heattns * Cooling Proreselenal Senricea 4220-Roeflnc 4230 Wallpaeerlns 4020 AA SECRETARIAL SER- VICES- Accurate, affordable typing, Reports, resumes, ana spread- heete. Csll MIMi (908) 654-S06S. COMPUTER PROOHAMMINO Customized FoxPro 2,5 OS and Windows programming. Cuitomlzatlon for SBT accounting loftware Series 6. Serlss 7 and Professional Series. Stephen Dragon A Assoc. (90S) TS if T2T & <& SECRETARIAL/ADM SERVICE- Word processor, laser printer, copier, fax, Bus. Correspondence, Resume, stc. Call YOUR CLASSIFIED AD CAN BE PUBLISHED IN t2 NEW JEHSEY NEWS- PAPERS WITH ONE EASY PHONE CALL AND FOR ONE LOW PRICE. FOR ONLY $ YOUR AD WILL REACH OVER 12 MILLION HOMES THROUGHOUT THE STATE, CALL FORBES CLASSIFIED AT , ASK FOR JOYCE OR KRISTIN FOR ALL THE DETAILS ABOUT SCAN- STATEWIDE CLASSIFIED AD NETWORK. ChHd Care Provided IN HOME CHILD CARE Live In/Live Out Part Time/Full Time Also Summers Call Or ACCREDITED provider will care for your child. Age 9mo & older In my North Plalnfleld home. Age appropriate currlcultim. Call CHILD CARE- Piscataway. Loving care for toddlers, age 1 + up. After school car* avail. Meals Incl. Call CHILDCAM AuPelrCare cultural exchange. Experienced legal European aupalrs. Affordable live-in chlldcare. Governmentapproved. Local counselors Call NJ. regional office, Pat Poppltl, or AUPAIR CHILDCARE My Fords home, preschool activity group Breakfast, lunch A snacks. Ages 2-4. Est. over 10 yrs, Raf & Ins. Convenient to fit 1, Pkwy A Turnpike CHILDCARE- Somerset area, stato certified. Meals and snacks, tots of toys, fun and love, Call B FT only. EXPERIENCED Loving Mom to care lor your pre- schooler In my Chester homo Full/Part Timo CALL Krlstlno IN MY SOMERVILLE HOME Quality care, lots ol TLC, yrs, ol exp. Fenced In yard, brkfast, lunch, snacks provided, , INFANT CARE- F/T, my WoBttlold homo, loving Mom of 2 wants to give your baby a Home away MONDAY MORNING INC INFANTS A TODDLERS INSURED, INSPECTED MONITORED OB PISCATAWAY MOMhas full time openings In my home. 9 yrs. exp, lots of TLC, Call after PRIVATE HOME DAY CARE FOR INFANTS & PRE-SCHOOL Educational & Dsvelopmental Program In a home environment. N.J. licensod & Insured. Call now lor (roe registration ot the QUALITY CARE DAY CARE CENTER. Located In Placataway CtOHTtiRg, SWfCSS ART OF CLEANING WoeMy, 51-WDokly. Homos, small offices. Lei me moot your Individual nooc) B CHARTER CLEANING SERVICES a SUPPLIES Otilce cleaning, stripping & waxing. Insured nnd bondod Stareast! 90" >er minute e 24 hours n day! Mtiht lir 18 I Touch Tune or Kolury Phones Daily Monthly Coni iiitlhlllly JI<MUS<O K:S Plus I lie H x>kci\ tnrul powerful fl ami intiliiik TALK IJVi: l-»00-8<)0-7«?;»7 Free Inlrulnrliiin to explain c<«t e ji2.!)ft KT nilnutr 24 haunt u day! Totich tone or Kutury I'IIOMCH Speak Id Asln)lgcr Tarot Kradrr Mum IK lryiinnr Older A Hrrrlrc of IntrrMnlla Inc. A Forbes Newspaper CLIANINO HOU* ES-offlcei, and apartments, any day, any time In Somerset County. Qood ret. and pleasant. CLIANINO UHVICM Houses, Apt*., Offices. Reft, Avail, Experienced. Call MM*ii>0IU CLCANINO StUVICIS In the Somenet sres. 3 yrs experience and references provided. Pleiae call after 5PM: CLEANING- Condos/ Homes/Apis LOW RATES S40 +. Prof, quality ssrv. Honest/reilsble/exp/sxc. refs. Carol B08-7S4-2S74 CLEANING- Professional, with pereonal touch. Reliable, references. Free estimates. Commercial A residential. 10% off first cleaning. Call The Polished Look FRESH SCENT CLEAN INO Ask how you can cet a FREE cleaning. Holiday cleaning Avail HOUSE CLIANINO good rtf., experience, nd a hard worker. Low ratee. Call SW-17M HOUSC CLEANING- by exp. Pollen woman w/ ret., Serving Mlddleeex a Union Co.a, HOUSICLtANINO Exp'd, hardworking, tlex. rates, good rete. Call Michelle ^674. HOUtCCLCANINQ Experienced. Reasonable ratei. Rel*. available. 10% Otscouni wtth 1st cleenlni HOUSECLCANINO- experienced, reeponelble A quality. Good refs. k own transp Iv. mig. OFF. APT A HOUSE CLEANING- 12 yrs strong local exp. Wkly/blmonthly, monthly. Call Linda, OB-aTS-OSSt. Cranford, Refe furn'd. YOUNQ POLISH LADY Looking lor full lime work In your home. Experienced. Call RESIDENTIAL CLEAN- INO- Excellent relerences. Pleass call Paul or Lube MMftftCw* WE CARE Home HeeWt Cera Specializing In: e uve In Cempaniona e Certified Home Heaftn AKJee e Certified Nurses Aides Serving Somerset, Middlesex, Union, Monmoulh & Ocean Counties. 24 Hr. Serv *227 **CARE CALLS* * Dally phone contact finds out If you are O.K. If you have problems, help Mill be on ths wey Immediately. FREE trial offer, low cost. Recorded message gives details, , ext HmmHhCmn COUNSELING- with a Professional In Adoption, Depression, Divorce, (! rlatrlce. Orlef 4 Stress. BsriMre Ronce\ ACSW- BCD. 8M msnucuwv ART CLASSES- Children/adulis, beglnnere/ advsneed. Exp'd artist/ teacher QUITAR LESSONS By prof, musician. All styles a all levels. In your home or mine. Call MATH TUTOR- Experienced teecher available for math tutoring. Call Michelle at PIAMO INSTRUCTION- Diana Olsen Qatvacky, available for teaching 9am-2:30pm, Mon-Fri I Sat. Call 6M-O836 PIAMO LESSONS- In your home, Branehburg, Whliehse Sta. Hltlsbor ough.csll PIANO- ALL STYLES, ALL AOIS, AT YOUR PACE- Degreed (BA/ MM), 20 yrs exp., private, college ft university. Brldflewater SAX>CLARINET'FLUTE Leesone In your home by enp'd prof, Recently w/qlenn Miller Orch. All levels. Steve. 484-O4»2. SPANISH TUTOR- Native Spanish apeaker. All levete.convsrsallon/resding/grammsr , TUTOR- Certified teacher to tutor your child for low rate. Call ! 4X20 JMUNMC* * NO COST HEALTH Insurance. Pleaie call & see II you qualify Legal Services ATTORNEY HOUSE CALLS: Wills {from $70), Closings (from $395), Incorporations (from S225) Call lor exact lees; other sen/ices J. OcMarllno, Esq ; ESTATE SETTLEMENTS 35 Years Mot* a Inglete, Attys Moluchen Prol. Bldg 406 Main St Metuchon Loani A Finance CREDIT- -REPAIR- BAD CREDIT REMOVED FROM YOUR REPORT! From lato payments to ropossossions & bank<uplcies, all can bo novoc legally & pormanently from your credit report. Slishicimn guarflnteod 1 For Iree ootails. call [908) Lomnm * Wuwtcs ANY CREDIT OK! R»al Eitate ReFlnances Only. 7 Days, 9AM-9PM. FastSeiv * * BAD CREDIT!! t * Wo rjuaraniee clean TRW -Trans.Union- MTIIKMINT FOR THt Equifax. DEBTS ILDCRV- Room a REDUCED. 100% Legal. Board, 4 meals per day, Ron I reasonable. In Business 35 yr» TO ADVERTISE CALL OUR CLASSIFIED HOTLINE 4170 rwsc*ffmhkmm Service* A-1 MOVERS- Low rates, Insured, local & long distance. 24-hr, service A-1 TRANSPORT Local 1 long distance, Hshld & commor.. Fast & reliable service PM 0669, ALL JERSEY MOVERS Household, office Piano specialists Reasonable rates Lie *PMO0662 CUSTOM SLIPCOVERS Draperies, reupnolstery. Formerly at Stelnbachs & Hahne s. 44 yrs experience Senior citizen disc. Shop at home service. W. Canter OOTTER MAN Cloans. repairs & installs leaders & gutters Free Estimates 90B Joel's Moving Service Reliable, Inendly, Free Esl.! Insured. Low Minimum, Sm. & Lg. moves. 90B-9B PM00664 LAWN MOWER RE- PAIR Tom s Lawn Mower Service. Ride-on mowers, trimmers, weedealers, Cham saws, Toro, Snapper, Rally. Honda. Freo e slim ale 5 Free pickup A deliver Piscataway MIKE'S TAXI Holiday Specials: Rantan to Somorvillo 14 Srrrv.lle/Rarltan pickup to Center Bridge S3.5O Somerviile to Mall S5 Bnd Brk to Manvllle S PALMIERI MOVERS 908-3S8-24S4 1 Piece Hems aapts Pianos folfices Homes-7 rms. or less Iniur.d IICJWOS50 SWIM POOL CLOSING- CALL BOB HUNT AT ALL WORK COMPANY ANYTIME AFTER NOON. REGULAR CLOSING PRICE $ CALL BOB FOR SALE SPECIAL OF FOR. INGROUND POOLS AND FOR ABOVE GROUND POOLS! DOING POOL SERVICE SINCE 1955! CALL TOP SOIL FILL DIRT DELIVERED or *0 Parly A Entertainment Service* AMAZING BIRTHOAV MAGIC SHOW Complete with birds & bunny. $99. wltn this ad. Call Uncle teve Atfverttis In the Cliis/flsd/ BALLOON nidct Flights leave our own licensed balloon port in Whltehouee. One of NJ's oldest and most experienced ballooning compenlesl Gift csrtlflcetes avsllalbe for SI 50 per person. CONTACT DINNY AT TEWKtBURY BALLOON ADVRNTUM8 BIRTHDAY PARTIES- Magic show A balloon anlmels. Call Conetanline I CAN DRAW ANYTHINQI Portraits, character sketches for perties. Reasoneble rates PLANNING A PARTY: Weddings, bridal/baby shower, anniveissry, etc. lor a complete line Of Invitations, centerpiecee, silk floral bouquets, headpieces & favors. Call Elizabeth May * PUDOINS * My-Tee-FIn* Clownln Reputation speaks lor itself all occasions comedy magic and mote Pleeee call «S A-1 RESUMES AND OTHER TYPINO/WP SER- VICES. Professional work. Reasonable raise. Call Petsy (908) * * * * * * * * * * * * ARCHITECT Speclallilng in residential additions A alterations. Frank Creegan, SWEDISH MASSAGEbv appt. only. Certified. Dee CERTIFIED MASSAOE Relieve Aches, Paine 4 Stress Lynn Dinardo: FANCY NAILS Done at your convenience in my home. Low rates. Call * * * * * * * * HOUSE CLEANING Done a! your convenience. Low rates Call HOUSE KEEPERS*" t-nanny nurses >» Nursing care 'Elderly companions ^Live-in couples ^-Drivers fcooki * 34 HOUR SERVICE* 7 daya a week- 201M1-1M7"" LOOKING FOR A PHO- TOORAfHER? For doing your Wedding or Family Group Photos. Charlee Moore III i-eoo.37i.s7es TOLL FREE Celt REGISTERED ARCHI- TECT- NJ, NY * PA. onsultation by eppf. only. Resld. new alter, or add. Call Fees Reasonable. TRAVIS PHOTOGRAPHY We Come To Youl Specializing In: Portraits- Individual, Family, Engagement, Baby, Pet and Horn* Glamour. 9OIHM7M Advtrt/i* In (/is Clt$ttt1»dl KID5* ACTIVITY DIRECTORY GOTTA DANCE. dona*. U afwayi fun!" 1966 Washington Valley Road Martinsville BALLET TAP JAZZ TUMBLING AGES 2Vi TO TEEN nrannm u 4TPHI kkhooti 3-17 (In OVK 1,700,700l«l«otiomanwndth«glow) >t»r their work) by mosttiing ttw poww oliomputei! WitTigitot lew hon ant only U«h/ ]itk(t plus a (uflitukim Thol imlud«levbocrd- Ing. (omputn c»kltd rrafli and isadmg. iwlop 3<5*ihn>0, aramotion, mboiki ond rnott-yoiu ilnld»'(/rk]»eiin«i(ilmgtm/ningocvtnluib till nferfearfnet lese Wathlnoton V*H*y Rd. Mirtlnivilft, N J ossis (908) KANGAROO KIDS CHILD CARE AND LEARNING CENTER " You'll Be a Jump Ahead" BBQISTKBNOW I YEAR ROUND FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING LICENSED 2 MO. 5 YEARS «7fl 8O. CLINTON AVENUE, BOUTH PLAINFDtLD in.,, / i/,. THG ORTS INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL 3 Lessons FREE Uniform ^ Call For More Information Stelton Rd., Piscataway (Across from Fairway Golf Center) FEIGLEYS OTMNA8TICS ' "Your Chikf beloop wfcere people care" * One of»ie eesl Iquleeed Oiftns ki Mw U8 * OutMnding **-**ot* Pngnm Home of the * a*ttig*rm*ti ACIMMCW* Internationally Beeognlted Ask About.a**, 3 LOCATIONS: WARSEN SO. PLAWfltLD >ED $ To Advertfecln This Directory Please Call Russell Du-Bote 9O OOO Ext. 6256

19 . November 3, 4, 5,1993 Forbes Newspapers / SMU-5 MAKE YOUR HOUSE A HOME A Quid* To Local Professional* Servicing Your Neadt For: 4030 Carpentry Matonty Eltetrlcil *41B0-Painting Handyman S«rvl»t * Plumbing Horn* Improvement Hasting Cooling 4130-Landscaping t Roofing Tr««Cars Wallpapering 4100 *R»I»V Writ Wallpapering 36 YEAR* EXPERIENCE + *INBUILOINQI** id your husband promisa you that tha carpantry would b«completed on your deck, addition or renovations? tt not, call John REASON- ABLE RATESI CARPENTRY FINE QUALITY LOWEST PRICES Remodeling A Repairs Windows, Doors, Trim, basements, free est., refs Insured CARPENTRY- All small, medium repairs Inside/out, & new work. Ceramic tile, sheetrock. repairs, gutter* cleaned, repairs and Inside painling. Larry CARPENTRY- remodeling, basemvnts, tile, painting. Free estimates. Jell or Jim DONT CALL US! Until you've called 1hs others. Then call CB CONTRACTING lor the highest quality carpentry & home Improvements at the lowest price. We mean it! Free est., fully Insured, refs * * * * J. DEQUTIS CARPENTRY Quality craftsmanship on additions, alterations, roofing, siding, doors, kitchens & bath, decks & replacement windows. Insured, free estimates. Call M0-754-OQ14 _ A-1 ELECTRIC CO. No Job Too Small No Challenge Too Oraal Residential/Small Bus. Specialists All work guaranteed. Lie M-1330 ALK ELECTRIC- resid.. comm. & Inttust., avail, daya, weekends, nights, FREE ESTI Fully Ins., reasonable rates. Lie. 9732, 9O6-75J-4030 ASPEN ELECTRIC- All residential needs: house lans, smoke detectors, lighting, telephones, etc. Quick response. Lie. #7534. Call ; B ELECTRICAL WORK Security & recessed lights, heaters, fans, phonos. 240 voll service changes, otc. Problems solved, quick response. Lie. # Free ests. Please call David at Of ELECTRICAL WOflK- Cbrnrnerclal, residential and Industrial. Llconsed, No. 9141, and Insured. Free estimates. Call Vince Santonaslaso Electric ELECTRICAL- All types of wiring, Servi ce changes & paddle fans. Additions. Lie. #6252 Harold Klouser ELECTRICIAN- Install, ol circuit breakers, paddle fans, attic tans, electric heat, recessed lights, appl. wiring. Free est.. Ins. RONSON ELECTRIC ELECTRICIAN- Lie* S783. B & T Contracting.!4 hr service. [909) ' PHOENIX ELECTRIC Lie.# Paddle tans (nstalled $65. Attic fans Complete $150. Insured. 1-B0O-40O-2M9 i 4O8O Handyman Sarvtcm* AL'S HANDYMAN SER- VICE Time for Fall fixlip, gon. horns ropairs, & porchos & docks Froo est APPLIANCE REPAIR ful major brands, nil tnajor appliances Rontonablo, experienced, rotiablo. Samo day service Jolf (908) CHABAK Construction -General Carpenlry- Roofing'Docks'Sicting Insured. Cell " GUTTER ANSWERS Cleaning.- repairs ^crooning.i troo trimpilng -. Vory ronsonablo. fully Insurod. Call Clenrvlew HANDYMAN- Any work, inside nnd out. Snow renoval and fall clonnups Frea ostlmnlos ft rof HELPFUL HANDYMAN kisldo-oulsldo-odd obs. Yn rds-fen co s-painting- Masonry-Auto Repnlr. No Jab Too Big or Too Lltllo you nnmo it. Wo do II CALLCHRIS pdo JOBS A GENERAL REPAIRS- LI. Hauling, brush cl enrol) & romoved. Export inl/oxt. Carponlry, pnlntlng, roblacomonl windows & fiockn. Troo work, log splimikj, gutters cluanccl No ob loo smnll Why brank your back7 If you don I sao II, nsk. Call us Ipday for n FREE estimate Our 21st yonr. ' PAINTING - INTERIOR a EXTERIOR Dock blonch- Sig & waterproofing' Prlvoway sonllng. Lnwn oulllng & mnlnlonnnco. Odd oti» nonscmnblo A r u I i n b I o. r TINKERINa TOM HOME MAINTENANCE «REPAIRS NO ob too tfmnll 00B-3&D092U.! 4089 Hauling A Clean Up OLEAN UP- Rick's (Jnr.s nttlcb bsmrils la 1fi, 20, 25, 30 ynrd (IJjnipstors/iOMt 7!i7-ZO77 AT YOUR DISPOSAL JOHPH CONTMCTIMO Clem-Up«t Hauling Qarsges, Baaemants, Attici, Yard Wattr Etc. For Prompt, Reliable Strvlee. (BOB) S FALL CLIAN UP So. Plalnfleld. Editor) area * JUNK RIMOVAL * ATTICS BASEMENTS BACKYARDS CALL JOE AT ai?-12t ttatcfimcico** Chain Link t Wood Fenc- Ing 20% OFF! 25 Vrs E«p. MB-6651 ADDITIONS A ALTERATIONS Kitchens Bathroom* Baaemanta Oecka Ceramic Tile ETC. Competitive prices Fully Insured Frea aitlmatia FOR DEPENDABLE, HIGH QUALITY WORK, RAY LAEYT-«27-M33> AFFORDABLE HOME REMOOEUNO Bath, basement, decks, custom tile Installation, wallpapering and Int. A axt. painting. Fraa Est. Call Tom or S41 AL'B CARPET SERVICE specializing In repairing, antique, oriental 4 hook rugs. Removal of Wrinkles, buckle*. Stretching & relnstallation of new 4 used Carpet. Since FENCE it * <t * ALL COUNTY FENCE CO. All types Wood ft Chainlink Fence, Free est. Year round Installation, Call: or FENCE ALL PHASE REMODELING Reatdentlat Commarclal Industrial In Business Since 1973 Slding(vinyl a wood) Painting Int. i Ext. Renovations Alterations Kitchens/Baths Heating & Alt Cond. Fr*«Cttlnutas References Insured (901) 7S7-4M4 ALL TYPES OF" "CARPENTRY" Repairs Cement Bathrooms 4 Tile Work For a FREE Estimate... Call Mlh* at 6B ARTIE'S CARPET Sales-Service Installation No Job Too Small Free Est. Call after 5pm 90B B Fully Ins. BATHRM6 THAT LAST New tub, toilet, vanity, tile, quality work, Free Esil Rets BATHROOM REMODELING - SALE! NEW TUB-ENCLOSURE, SINK/VANITY AND TOILET INSTALLED FOR ONLY $995. CALL FRANK AT , ALL WORK COM- PANY, MT VIEW PLAZA, BELLE MEAD, NJ CARPENTRY ft ROOF- ING repair. Celling & lloor porches, steps, paint. Call CARPENTRY BY QUELI CONSTRUCTION CO- Welded vinyl replacement windows & steel doors. Custom decks, additions, dormers, kitchen & bath remodeling, basements, drywatl 4 laplng. NO JOB TOO SMALL! Fully Insured, free est CARPENTRY- 4 Home Improvements. I do it ALL! All phasei of horns Improvements. Free est. Ins, Steve, 90B96B-7042 CERAMIC TILE A MARBLE CONTRACTOR 11 yrs. experience, long lasting quality work. Fully Ins., free estimates, refs. John DaNlcola, Jr CERAMIC TILE Remodeling, Installation and repair. Fres estimates CERAMIC TILE- kitchens, bathroomi, counter lops, floors, expert marblo Install., FREE ESTII, REF., D A D'S BUTTERS Cleaning & Hushing, Screens installed, Free estimates, Fully Insured DID YOU KNOW... Iliat on ad In this local pnpnr nlso goes Into 22 olfior local papers? flonch over 300,000 roadora with one call I 1-60O-8»9-»49» DRVWALL INSTALLATION «FINISHING Spoclnllilng In Additions, Donovnllons 4 Basonionts. Froo Estimates HOME Alterations and Additions Prompt nnd Courlootis Services Qunlily al Its Boat" WALLACE CONSTRUCTION Advrtlf in th* Cli$tifltdl H O M E CUNt I mil.'! IUH Carpentry (Ml phisat) Sheet Rock Painting Fences Deck* Outdoor structures. Masonry Patloe Bathroom ft Baeement Remodeling And much more... Alwayt trte estlmatet and competitive rales. CALL JOHN MUtELU (906) * HOUSE PAINTING* Power washing. Painting int./axterior. Light carpantry, roofing JFK CONSTRUCTION Cranford, 9OI All work guaranteed. One contractor lor all your naadi. Larga or mall, we do It alt! LEN PASZKOWSKI- Plumblng, carptntry, matonary, electric repairs A renovations. Dump truck service, gutters cleaned, etc. FULLY INSURED. FREE eslimatasi All work guaranteed LIBERTY OVERHEAD DOOR CO.- Clopay Door* 1000 Installed for S395. Baae door la 6' X 7' MOVING Hit Moving N.J.'att rated MOVE SPCCIAUSTS Look lor our ad A coupon In tha Business 4 Service Directory LiC#PM PAtNTINO A HOME RE- PAIR*- All type*. 10 yrs. exp. Rel's avail. 66B FREE estlmatas! PAINTINO Home improvement, clean ups, odd jobs, 25 yrs. exp. No ob too small PREFERRED* POWERWASHINQ ft PAINTING Residential/Commercial B-*596 PRESTIGE LAWN SERVICES Mowing, adglng, SPRING 8, FALLCLEAN-UP. Call Bill S60-BB99 PROFESSIONAL INT. PAtNTINO A ORVWALL Spackuling, carpentry, rooting, Lowest prices! call Ted DeCagna REPLACEMENT WINDOWS Professionally Installed TOTAL HOME RENOVATIONS Call for free estimate (90B) TELEPHONE JACKS IN- STALLED- Home or office, complete systems avail TOTAL HOME RENOVATIONS Decks, kitchens, baths ceramic tile, Inlerior/exterlor repairs WINDOWS BY BOB Quality craftmanshlp for over 25 yrs. Puttying broken glass repair Caulking & wastilng Window replacement Frea Est. & Fully Ins. Slelnman S Daughtar 908-S26-3M Landtcaplng and TremCam ABSOLUTELY THE BEST prices on yar maintenance, Fall clean up, lawn cutting, thatch ing, sosding, Tertillzing planting, trimming edging 4 mulching Fully Insured VISIONS OF OREEN ft ft ft Vi ARBORIST TREE EXPERTS Removal, Trimming, Stump Grinding. Cabling, fertilizing, Refs, Reason abls & Fully Ins. JOHNSON'S TREE 9O8-7O«-909O(Batklng Rldpe)908-«S8- floto(brld.wir) ARMSTRONG LANDSCAPING Interlocking brick paving: walkwoys & patios, fletoining walls. Stump grinding. Tree removal. Stone for driveways. Back ho e services. Brush chipping. CallJoe COMPLETE LAWN SER- VICE cultlmng, Irlm & edging, shrub & hedge trimming, mulching, slono work, foil cleanups, looking tor new customers, Iree est. senior discounts, FALL CLEAN UPS Lonvos & guitars. Aerating & Mulch. Insured. Sutlon Landscnplng FALL CLEAN-UPS Complota lent rornoval. Morris Landscaping Srvcs , FALL LEAF CLEAN-UPS Call Anthony Kroposky O. MURPHY TREE SHVC 23 yrs. exp All tree caro 8 stump removal Qunlily work nt low ratesl Fully Insured & froo esilm.iloa. JUST STUMPS INC Tree A Stump Removal Is your dump a pain In th«grass? Froo Esl, Fully Ins. Senior Cllzen Disc. Call24hrt B Adv*rtl$» In (he Cli nit ltd! LEAF REMOVAL LANDSCAPING- Fall clean-upa. lawn cara, stump ramovil, shrub trimmlnfl. Fraa atttmala. Call Vlnca LAWN MOW1N0 for little aa S20. Thatching, leading, ahrub trimming, Installations A claan-ups. Call Jeff 753-B742. LAWNTIRVICE Prompt. Rallabla, Int. Ofthatching Powersaeding Leal removal Fertilization programs Serving Somerset Cty. Call Clam: B0f.MS.i4il Delhschlng, Ctaan-ups I Landtespino at racesking ri 9CWJ-725-4*23 LEAP CLEAN-UPS- Westfiaid, Sc. Pis, Crfd. Clark. Experienced. 90S LEAF PICKUP- South Plalnlieid reaidanla ONLY) Why waste time bagging A hauling leaves away call 9OS-7S9-9107, Just put laavaa to curb or driveway - wa will do tha real. LEAP REMOVAL SYS- TEMS- Complete fall cleanup. All laavat taken «way, PINE LANDSCAPINO A LAWN MAINTINANCE- Landscapa conatruction & datign. Traa ramoval & trlmmlna. Owner operated. Fully ina. Refi avail. Satisfaction guaranteed. Call ROSE QARDEN LANDSCAPING Spacialt for Fill Cleanups. Lawn Maintenance avail. Fraa Estimates. 9M-756-7S63 SCENIC DESIGN LANDSCAPE 4 CONSTRUCTION INC. u Landscape designs i> a mound plantings & pool scapes a water falls it lawn management a new lawns <s RR ties :, retaining watli/rock A Walkways i> Patios Spraying-.-. EPAJDEP Cart Trucking t> Tree work decks i, additions renovations -a driveways paving ft celling Excavating 10 yrs. exp. Fully Ins. & lie ask for Tony Jr. SCHMIEDE TREE EXPERT CO. TVImmlng Repairs e Removal Modern Equipment Stale Certified Immpd,ilo SBTVICP Insured For ^ourproi^cnon 233TREE T1MKR TREE EXPERTS INC Tree ramoval, Trimming, topping & stump grinding. Frea eat. fully insured, Call TREE ft STUMP EX- PERTS- all types of tree work, stump ramoval. Reasonable ratas, Fully Insured. Free Estimates. AMERICAN 90t-B0S-t3S4 Tree Removal VENIS BROS. Tree Experts 359-eiSO FULLY INSURED Ad$ In C/aH/f/ad tfont coif TTiay piyl A-1 WAYNE P. SCOTT- Quallty masonry tarvlcaa. Fraa eitlmste. References, Insured. 40 yrt. a family business. Every ob a specialty ALL MASONRY Fireplace, patio, porch, chimney or atucco. Build/ remodel your home or butlnest. 35+ yra in business * PALL SPECIALS- * MASONRY""" 20 Yaara fipaf lam Adc!ltlont»3leps«Sldewalht'Patlot'Foundatlons«Flreplaces«lnterlocking Pavers. Fully Inturaa-Rtft. Fraa Eat. Call BUI at 90a.»34MI MASON CONTRACTORS Specializing in alt type* of masonry: Brick work, block work, concrata, etc. Fully insured. Frea etilmatei, NO JOB TOO SMALL All QUALITY QUAR/TO! I n t /E x 1. "owneroperatad," Decks, mold, ate. Cosmetics. Exp'd, central NJ ANTHONY'S PAINTINQ Interlor/erterior. Roofing, gutters cleaned/installed Fraeatt ATTENTIVE-CANEFUL Interior Painting Wallpapering 90S-2M-0417 PAINTINO BY BOB Quality service for 25 yr». Intarior A axttrlor Fraa ast. & Fully Ins. Paparhanglng also avail. Stalnmart ft DaufMar 9OSS2*>H*a COMPANY All Phases of Interior and Exterior Painting and Staining Aluminum Siding Reftnlshing Houta WaaMnaj Complete Powtrwithing of Siding, Roofs, Gutters. Deckt. Driveways, Patios and Walk! Gutter Protection Syatama/Rooflng ft Gutter installation 908^249^091*1 free tmn 9 P» t tin CUSTOM PAINTINO ami WALLPAPEHINQ Int. ft ext. Remodeling of baths and kitchen*. Decks installed. FREE ESTI- MATES. Call Tom, , DANIEL ANDRECHrCK PAINT CONTRACTOR Int./Ext.. Quality work I5yr.stxp., Hat.t 906-S34-078S JK'S WALLCOVERING INSTALLATIONS and Interior Painting Quality Workmanship Call: Joe Kllngeblel : free estimates JOHN MACNAMARA PAINTING- Interior painting & wallpapering. Free estimates. Fully insured. Recommended by Interior Decorators LfMNSKY Waterproof coating*. Thermal reflective 70% Energy Reflection 16 yr warranty Call419-66O4 MIKES PAINTINO ft PAPER HANOINO Over 20 Yrt Exp. No job too small. (Z01) NINA KALLAS- Painting ft Paparhanglng, Repairs. Plasttr/Shaetrock. 27 yra. exp NJ STEAM CLEAN Power Wash Sale Alum./Vinyl/Wood Hornet Sq. P. -SISO Sq. Ft. -$ Sq. Ft. - $ Sq. Ft. -$375 Call Now ft Save! Expires 9/17/93 Fraa Est./Fully Ins. Vita MC Wa Can Bait Any Price Show Proof-Written Est * PAINTINO BY JOHN * Quality Intarior Painting Special HofMay Saving Fraa Estlmatas * MS-7B1.M1S * PAINTINO ft WALLPA. PCRINO- Exterior/ Intarior, cuslom work. Commercial/residential. FULLY INSURED. Nick * PAINTING* ROOFING SIDING 20yr«exp. Very high quality, very neat & dependable. Lowest prices. Super refs. Get In toueh before you pay toa muehl Call Spencer McLelsh *»M-231-S2S4* PAINTING- Let a woman do your painting. Naat, clein quality work. Insured. Fraa estimates. Call Maryann PAUL A. MILLAR PAINT- INO Meticulous Int/Ext Svcs. 12 yrt axper. Fully Int. Free att. Excellent reft. Call Paul R. ANDRECHICK- Palnting & paper hanging. 30 yrs. quality experience RICHARDSON PAINTINO COMPANY Comm/Hssldental/lndust Fully insured Free e«t. Interior Exterior Power Wash Sand Blast 233-SO80 54S-S Haatlng mmlcoohng COPPERHEAD Plumbing ft Haatlng tnc New Construction Boiler Installations Drain Cleaning Watar Healers Expert, Natt, Friendly Service. Lie Call / PLUMBING A HEATING Low rales. Good service. Drain cleaning. Free estlmttet. License #6461. Call John EMERGENCY SERVICE Sewer & drain cleaning, water heaters. Gas Boilers, Bathroomt. All plumbing repairs. TrupplPlumblna, Lie. M707. Call ROAN & KING Plumbing A Heating Complete Plumbing ft Heating Service Watarhaaters Drain Cleaning High Pressure Jet Drain Cleaning Bathroom Renovation Specialists Emergency Service Since 1966 License # Atftwrt/ie In th* CJusJf/edJ Fire companies, scouts, schools, rescue squads, charities... Does Your Nonprofit Organization Need to Raise Money? We will put our sales expertise to work for you by raising money on each subscription to a local Forbes Newspaper. It's a joint effort that benefits everyone. Your receive money for each subscription sold. We receive new subscribers who read about your achievements in their local community newspaper, Call John D'Achino at , ext today for more details. Forbes NEWSPAPERS Bound Brook Chronicle Cranford Chronicle Focus Franklin Focus Green Brook-North Plainfield Journal Highland Park Herald Hllls-Bedminster Press Metuchen-Edison Review Middlesex-Dunellen Chronicle Piscalaway Review Scotch Plains-Fanwood Press Somerset Messenger-Gazette South Plainfield Reporter Warren-Watchung Journal Westfleld Record Buyer's Guides A Forbes Newspaper P.M.C. PLUMBING AND HEATING- Don't be afraid to call a plumber again. No Job too small. Sewer and drain cleaning a speciality. Free Estimates. Fully insured. Lie. # M-MS AC ROOFINO If your looking for exc. low rates, w/quality work, Frea Ett. call: 90S or LEPINSKY Waterproof Coatings Thermal Reflective 70% Energy Reflection 16 yr. warranty Call ROOFING-ALL TYPES- Fully Int., FREE ESTI Over 20 yrt. exp. P. 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20 NewspapersEmployment SMU-6 /Forbes November Guide 3, 4, 5, $020 S S050 S soao S Telemarketing Center Opens This Week in Downtown Somerville Forbes Newspapers is looking for many men and women to join our circulation team. Use your outgoing phone voice working pan-time in the evenings. Telemarketing Part-Time Evenings 9 pm. Highly competitive base salary and commission structure. Survey/Subscription sales positions available immediately! The future of newspapers is suburban weeklies and Forbes Newspapers has buill a group of 21 publications serving Somerset, Middlesex, and Union counties. For more information phone: John D'Achino or Glen Meyer at Forbes NEWSPAPERS A /JiViwwi nf h'urhex tm\ TO ADVERTISE CALL OUR CLASSIFIED HOTLINE TOLL FREE O0 EMPLOYMENT CarMr Training * Services Child Care Wanted Employment Agencies Employment - Domestic Employment General Employment Health Care Employment Managerial Part-Time Employment Employment Wanted Career Investments A Opportunities 5010 Career Training and Services Work up to 15 hours per week Monday-Friday from 6 pm- BARTENDER TRAINING Earn up to S10-S15 /hr Train to be a bartender. Job placomenl as islance, fee if accepted AMERICAN BARTEND- ERS SCHOOL tf? COMPUTER TRAINING Especially for boginners Learn: WordPerfect Lotus Other Software Call E-Z COMPUTER SERVICES 1-B0O X Child Can Wanted BABYSITTER- noodod. weookbncjs orirly AM. pluaso call U-9303 BABYSITTER- Part llrno 2 to 3 mornings/wk ir> my WosllFokl homo 90B654H!)5l CHILD CARE WANTED- Enorgelic person lo caro for I * 3 yr. old in my E. Brunswick homo Livo-iri/ oul. Driver's liconso 8. rofs roqulrod, 900- Z1J>320 EXP NANNY-Full limo in Westfioirj Livo oul or in to cnro for a nuwbuin & a four yonr old Drivnr Mr:, leynl, non smoking, ongli5n or froricfi spoiikmrj rot Employment- General EXP. NANNY Full ttmo. Livo out. To care lor 1 westlield now bom. Rel Req. Call (908) WANTED Maturo, responsible, non-smoker to care lot iimo old & 9yr old in my Piscalaway homo Ask for Donna YOUR CLASSIFIED AD CAN BE PUBLISHED IN 92 NEW JERSEY NEWS- PAPERS WITH ONE EASY PHONE CALL AND FOR ONE LOW PRICE FOR ONLY i YOUR AD WILL REACH OVER 1.2 MILLION HOMES THROUGHOUT THE STATE. CALL FORBES CLASSIFIED AT 1 BO0-5'ja-Q495. ASK FOR JOYCE OR KRISTIN FOR ALL THE DETAILS ABOUT SCAN- STATEWIDE CLASSIFIED AD NETWORK 5050 Employment- General ( onornus r. I * ~ (I FSTO iifi Is To slyp by iind fil NANNY/LIVE IN- 5-7 <)nys. T w/flox lirs. & (Julias for 2 toddlors & nowborn. Exp, lony term, happy poison FT Housokoopor Is cinployodl MuDt spook English. Good rofs. Wfilchung. Call Oianu A<tvtrttf In tht Cltitllttd! MODEL CALL Now reviewing NEW FACES tor clothing catalogues, designer shows, cable TV. BMW brochures, nharmacouhcal ads, annual roporlr, Females Tails & Pclilos and Men lo (i 11 Incxp'd considpiod Our models hnve done ads lor: Herman's. AT&T. Stern's, Sciirs, Modem flnde. Glamour, Toon Mnfjazirio, Gitano Jenns, Warrior Dfns, utc. rinalfzinrj selects in 3 weeks' 90a-632-9b-l!i FIRST AGENCY CUSTOMER SERVICE Make the Most of Your Time BABYSITTER NEEDED-tor 3 yr okl boy in Wostfield Molhor has unpredictable work schodule, but gunmntoos II you h.wo excellent vt'fb til <. o rnmunic nu on 15 hrs/wk Musi bo skills, prohlrrtvioivmg warm, smart, croativo. abilities and can deal ondjjlayful 233-9/60 wil h novel i i tun ho Mr, with pome <i n tl intuition rtion pui yoiti t.ii^fi{ f > in use Our C 11 Ml om ur Sorviro Oepnr Imr-nt in Crnnfoed h;i tloxi i LJII-T inio. Ojy Miirt-1 imi> amf Ni fjh I f J <H! -T t m H pasihons iivfihi]hl^ Ono woekunrl dny mny fop required, Woikiny.1 schedule Ihnfs ncjm hit you, you will bocoma n vitnl pnrt of!h<? M-icy 1 I NI cliff on»1 ox cup I JOi iiii survlcu lo In <K.JCII MOM!irhtU.lulf)H, Wl 1 nf r>p* i) fy iiiicl t* wi flu <'i ppt y, t1 MACY'S CRANFORD 61 Myrtlo Slroot Cranforil, NJ (off owll Klli GSP) An o< unl opportunity rjinp(r>y<?r macy*s 5050 EmpJoymwri- 2 SECRETARIAL POSITIONS AVAILABLE Middlesex Board of Education. Musi be proficient in personal computer, word processing and shorthand skills. Apply lo Michael A- Tullo. 300 Kennedy Drive, Middlesex, NJ 08B46 by 11/10/93. Greenbrook ADVERTISING SALES PROFESSIONALS Outside sales positions are available NOW for confidcnl nun and women with advertising experience. Established Union County territory with growing potential are wailing lor YOU. Tho future of newspapers is suburban weeklies and Forbea Newspapers has buill a group of 23 publications serving Union, Somerset and Middlesex Counties. Wo offer a competitive compensation and bonofits package. Please leal (rat to call or forward your resume»nd salary requirements to FORBES NEWSPAPERS 102 Walnut Avenue P.O.BOK 626 Cranford, NJ07016 Be a part of the future... Phone Alan Churchill NOW for an appointment al TEL: O0O FAX: (All replies will be held strictly confidential) Forbes NKWSPAPKRS A Diviutm ttffmbti ini. AIR CONDITIONING Service Mechanics Sheet Metal Mechanics A Installer* Minimum 5 yrs. experience Excollrjnt company bonofits. Cool-O-Matlclnc, Manville, ASSEMBLE ITEMS AT HOME Top pay, oasy work, guarantee, logilirnale Call flxt N644. ASSISTANT MANAGERS «ROCK I ROLL* Motlvnled individuals naorjod to staff now offices, Musl iko Music, Money & Fun! (908)J» AUTO MECHANIC Full lirno, OK porioriced only npfily. Snlnry plus ommiasions, Avor pross onrmngs S37-S"1Ok. Paul holuinys,"111(1 vacalon Full scrvicf? iiuto cpnir rnnh'r Opfiry for ndvnncoiridril SUBURBAN AUTO MALL CtiisoniSornotvillo Areas AVON SALES All irons. For Infcjmnllori c.ill I-2S92 BARBER- /haircutlar, tjuay nhop, oxp pref, m) prr % fn. can :lnys 'JOU IO ovos OARTENOINQ nrn up to S10-S 15/hr rnin to 1)0 a bnriondor, 2 ik. class, Jolj placarnonl. American Bartondera 1-B BOOKKEEPER FULL CHARGE- E»p d - (prolornbly in rnnnulacluring) Coinpuior OK[) ;I MUST C(insclc)nHoti9 Individual willing lo porlofrn othor otllco cfutios 3 or 4 days/wk His Nog 9U0-6S Could YOU deliver this paper? Forbes Newspapers is looking for men and women for neighborhood delivery. Earn $45455 per week delivering one or two days per week. Must be 18 years or older and hove reliable transportation. Neighborhood delivery available in the following communities: 1 Bound Brook 1 Branchburg 1 Edison Highland Park ' Manville 1 Mctuchen 1 Middlesex Piscataway > Raritan Newspaper DeliveiT South Plainficld Warren Watchung For more information on Middlesex County routes, call Ed Tarbox at (908) ext For more information on Somerset County routes, call Butch Whitmore at (908) ext Forbes 5050 Omnmral BY CHRISTMAS... Earn S1.SOO-S4.000 PT/FTI WE NEED HELP Work from hornet No e»p. nee. Call anytime * 1-SOO CARE FOR ELDERV LADY and house cleaning. 25 hrs/wk Must like pets, recant reference leave msg CARPENTER'S ASST- Energetic self starter. Exp a plus. Will train the right person CASHIERS A STOCK PERSON- FT/PT positions are available now. Must be able to work wk days & wkends or nights A wkends. Apply In person at D.E. Jones Store Hadley Shopping Center 4975 Stelton fid., So Plalnfleld NJ. No phone calls, please. CHILDCARE- earn money providing quality childcare for 1 or more children in your own home. MONDAY MORN ING INC, offers free in suranco, referrals, equip merit, back-up & more Union County ; Somerset County CLERKS DATA ENTRY CUSTOMER SERVICE Positions open for exporiencod office personnel Long term opoftunitios somo with permanent potential Competitive Pay Group Health and life Insurance Vac/Holiday Pay Call today to schedule an appt. MANPOWER Temporary Services Somervllle, NJ 9O8-7J Collage Crad MARKETING INTERNSHIP One of trie best markel Ing depls in Ihe country seeki Marketing Interns (Mktng Deg a plus, not required) lo interview & survey panols of now product testers. Superb oppty to gel your foot in trie door Special projects run on long torm temporary basis. CALL ExCorp Tomporary Services In SOMERSET: ; UNION DT1714 COOK-LINE/GRILL- F/T top pay lor a solid oxp Apply Tuos-Fri, 2-4pm. 273 Main SI. Gladstone. COOKS- & dishwashers, apply In person, FriBndly Restaurant, 1O60 Stolton nd, Piscalnway, (Across from Middlesex Mall) DID VOU KNOW.,. Tins lilllfi nd Cfln bn rn.irl by more than JIHUKH) n.irlois in }2 llibln;.i-.ififf Counties'' II c;iij( hi youi rillurition Oicin I if' r...11 YOUn,ul intixtiiy I'll} Ciol (tubllll!. 1 COUNTRY CLUB- up- 5cilo Club ill Pnncolori aroa, seoks pof F A or P 1 lood *^*jfver3 & buy lieisons, ux j.i i tui! will!mim u-lmbli) poofihi w'posifivr iitiiltido i;.tll (GO'll»,{. UUIU CUSTOMER SERVICE Oulfining nntl frioncfly [jtirsofi»ir>flfjprj fur fffjnl itiirik (lomlion 3()ni-i Iprn shilt Musi be iidin lo work weekends Compf»lilivn iinriinq irw.miliv»s and iiuiui Apply in person Mclnlosh Inn, 255 Davidson Avo. Somersal Adi In CI»$$MI*d don't coat Thty p»yl N E W S P A P E R S SOW * * * DELI HELP *» * No experience noces sary aller 3pm 0ELIVERY PE«SON HANDYMAN Based out of Edison Must havo valid NJ. drivers liconso and t/wn transportation to and from main office. S7 05 per hour. Call: 9OS-2S7-2B00 DISPATCHER Tomp lo Perm posilion lor Westlield company Expqr. pigferrad. wil lrain right person. WESTERN TEMPORARY SERVICES EOE/M'F/H DRIVER FT. Roll-OM expor.mus havo COL & good driving record. Coll for appt, DRIVER/LABORER- po sition opening in Somer ville Public Works Dopl for driver/laborer To per form a variety o1 yn. skilled and semi-skilled manual tasks in the Road Depl., CDL is req. Applications may be ob tamed at lha office of Iho Public Works Mnngger 25 Wosl End Avo. Somorvillo, NJ. 0887R All ap phc.'il oni must bt 1 'e cievuu NovDmboi I2lh EXECUTIVE SEC'V "PCCtefl Tor Uiryc CMM loro company. Must ti.ive t.'xcl'l Word ProcUiiSig skills & be able lo work independently WESTERN TEMPORARY SERVICES EOE/M/F/H FT/PT POSITION- avail in local Or.TI Suiqoon s prnctico Eap(?MonL:p pro HAIR STYLIST Mm. i> yrs nxporioncp for No Edison, I n in Li FI Avo Salon HAIRSTYLISTS Busy Cranlortf salon. Al calls conhd Cnll Ppnny or 2d1.(M0!l C.iH Sii'vi- 3- I? HOLIDAY HELP linmoil opuniniis lur F. u;ility people VVu ullur»ft & I't sclit'ilulnri Advancomenl opply S1 I DO st.ktinij inle Student work pfni inin HVAC TECHNICIAN HVAC INSTALLER Jcjin,i wnll-05tnt>llsltdcj nit] i]ff>wirtrj roftipnny h.n prn^ktus yonr-rnifrirj wufk (,iir*h»r nppnftuniios uulsliirictiiiq snlua fincj ovnrlirnu poloiilidl. major medical, lioallli, dontnl. dlsnblllly plans; lilo inyurnnro; paid hahfiiyr,; (]^IT s wuuks jjnid VflCfltlOFI FICW VUhifjIO and uniforms Wo havo pogilionod our pniiy -,i-,,i lop-qunhly ptil yf*r in IFio fiuntiny/ ro ri h ruj FTin r h o I You would miitch CKH onvironnidril by hnvinr) nt lunsl 3 '3 oxpurienco; Inking rp;il >mfo in yoiif wcirk- TiiiiiNhip, iincl liiiviruj n ilcnanrm find pmfciskmnl pr>r«jori filhy ;.ill Hyfin tti>nliri( Cootuj in Union County (90H) 6B7-43O0 Advtrtlio In the Cla ilflotli INTERIOR DECORATINQ/SALES Full or Pan Time, Will Train Pat JOHNSON'S TREE Salesmen. Climbers, Ground moil. E «p 4M-6M-47M LABORERS Warehouse, light packing and nssernbly work available Must be reliable. Light lifting necessary. Great working conditions Above avorage wuqos Call for Appi MANPOWER Temporary Sarvlcai Som«rvlll», NJ LAWN MAINTENANCE Parson who is able lo drive lo NY ft NJ to do lawn care, Snow removal, leaves pickup. Exp preferrsd. Salary nog. Serious inquiries only 90B O3. after 6pm LUNCHROOM AIDE Irene E. Feldkifchner School Mrs 11:30 AM 1.30 PM Flate/hour - S8.39 LUNCHROOM AIDE SUBSTITUTE Hrs. 11:30 AM- 1:30 PM Rato per hr S7.B9 Doiidlino for tiling November EEOE MEDIA ASST- F.13I piicocl media SFVCS dopt. rl'spoiieiiblo for scheduling MiRditi mniormls & equip Greal communication & orynmzational skill 1 ; ilor*irorj Potflil ononled. dfivoi 1 ;; Nc req d. Call wkdays belw 9-!JAM 'JOB-S32-49B0 MORTGAGE PROCESSOR Tcrnp to Perm tor Crnnlo'd company Exparioncod in 1st Mortgages a must 1 WESTERN TEMPORARY SERVICES 908-3B2-25OO EOE/M/F/H OWNER / OPERATORS wilh tractois. Tri- State nrca Pennsylvfinia & New Lngiand nrea. From f. I is NJ piers. Call I.BOO HAIRSTYLISTS Cranford Contcr busy PARK RANGER Siilon Flex, hrs Siiliiry Provides visitor cornm Calls confid?72- ii 5 s i s t a n c o i n c I u d i n g 2? or 241-B40B Penny patrol, interpretation and public salely needs HAIRSTYLIST- Unique throughout County Park business opp'fy for BUGco5Sful oxp'd hair- Oogrro rna oring in Erivi- SysUim. Associates (t((i-isoi DO0-?34.?IOi> lonmonlal Science and/ oi parks & rocrealion H O C K E Y P L A Y E R managomenl roquired. WANTED- to tun Pro Sond rosumo to: Shop Full or part tune Somorsel County Park Commission I' O Box Si27. North Branch, NJ 0U876. EOE PAYROLL CLERK Tuv\\i to florin ADI 3 I'XPOIK'IICO it plus. WESTERN TEMPORARY SERVICES EOE/M/F/H PROFIT ORIENTED SELF STARTER TO HUN SKI AND SPA HISINFSS (3 A S E SALAHY TO S I'LUS COMMISSSON CALL90H PT CLERICAL WORKER NEEDED at Wf branch NYSIT brokomtjo firm to litrl ASAP Citil Margnrnl ;orbot 90a-Z3Z-2686 procosslng skills Microsolt FIF.AL ESTATE CAREER Word/Windows/ WEIDEL REALTORS, Pagomaksr Corol draw A AUPAIRCARE Hillst)orou( ri Wo ard plus. Working with CULTURAL EXCHANGE joking fur yootl pooplii modlb, photonrapliors, PT Community Counselor j oin our snlfis slatf, nnd prlniars. Snlary nogolinblo noodod lo work w/locnl Wlit'llior llc(nis!hl or unllsnd, Send resumos host families & Aupnlrs. wo Lnn gol you lo P O. HOK 101 c/omntura, e» >or prof. Call 5l,irUid In n succnsaful FOntlES NEWSPAPERS. Reg. Olr t: FitalB Cnriuir FinnlourB, II VETEMANS MEMO- or sond resume Aupnlrcaro. iinliriulod oarniru] >ulrhitial A hand 1 ;-on RIAL DR, SOMERVILIE. NJ, 0IIU7B PO. Dox 103, Solclon, NY Irniriini] Call Jucli Hill, Wnnnijnr, :]'jl)-7100 SHEET METAL BUS CLEANER- Inlorlors Early lioius. Coll SUBCONTRACTORS REAL ESTATE SALES It) mslnll hoiillfiy. nnd nir flam-spm, nxtmlza your oarnlng conclillonlng duct work Mon -Fil ^_ otential Plonty ol floor Cool-OM»1lc mo. plonly of Inndn BUS DRIVER- noudod Manville Kjlior onniiikjs Jr.iin PT, MDnlrjornory Rocrotlon & Sonlor Clllion C«n(llry 21 Musi tl.lvo uicpui ilrlvlmj MCOBO Reallors In NYC. Moms (IOK 9OB-S Contact: Montoomery 035 ni. 202 r3rnnchbufy Adwrtlflnthi A Forbes Newspaper HT RECEPTIONIST lu'er/manaoe R - lor buty horn* health Small motet needs reagency loc«t»d in ponslbls person, live-in, BcrnardivMI*. Mult bf ratlrse OK. Also elssnlng "ptoplt ptf»on" with parson needed xcallent communlcalion tkilli to handle all Incoming calls. Computer RANdEltSJ-SupervlslOn SUPERVISOR, PARK knowladge and offlca of Park Rangers, scheduling and visitor as- experltnc* required. Call Ml MeCort at TtM Isttnct duties including Vltltlng Nurn patrol, interpretation A Association ot Sonwr- public aalety within County Park System. BS «HIHa, MW-7M-01H, required + 4 yrs. experience in related field. Send resume to: Somerset County Park Commission, P.O. Box North Branch, NJ EOE RECEPTIONIST FT mull have pleasant telephone minmr and bright personality. Excellent benefits. Saltry $7/ per hour. Apply In person: Peterson * Marsh Metal Industrie*, me., las Foothill Road, Bound Brook, NJ 38S.-M39 RECEPTIONIST Pharmaceulical company In So. Plalnfleld has immed. opening for a FT dependable receptionist. Must have good phone manner as well aa handle light typing A clerical duties. Excel, co. bntts We are an equal employment opportunity employer. Ml F/D/V. Apply in person lo: Q i W Labs, 111 CootWae St., So. Plain- Held. NJ RECEPT1ONIST/SECRE- TAHY Temp. F/T position vail., possible perm. Starting Nov. 29th at SB.00 hr. Call Ellyn at: (908)6B for an Interview, RECEPTIONIST-Fast paced Smst office seeks receptionlsl desiring a challenging position and a friendly atmosphere. Word Proc, typing, good organizational skills required. Friendly, pro)., telephone manner a must RESIDENTIAL CLEAN- ING SERVICE- Seeking hard working individual w/car P/T $6 50-S7.5O/ hr RESTAURANT Experienced food sarvors, host, hostosbos. bus boys, Assistant Manager for new restaurant. All shifts Full or Part Time Apply in person: Cryans Public House, 1270 Route 26. Nonn Branch or RESTAURANT NOW HIRING for lunch & daytime positions Flexible scheduling, advancement opportunities. Excel, lor homemarxers or students. Wendy's, 1010 Stslton Rd., Plscataway. (tot) aa OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE No. 1 high volume dinner only restaurant chain now accepting applications for wait staff, bartenders, host/hostesses, prep & kitchen personnel. Apply In person Tues-Sat., 10am-6pm at 48 1 US Mwy i in Edison Twp. R1 t & Plaintield Ave. CLOSERS ONLY NO BALONEY $ /WK Leads, loads, leads! 60% advance commission On road or in office No MLM typos, ploaso SOS-US-1 BOO SALES CAREER OPPT'Y- Worlds largost Insuranco Co is seeking careor-nundod pooplo. Up to $40,000 lo start, no experience nocossary Excellent training THEATER STAFF General Cinema commltttd lo last, friendly, outstanding customer service. Employment opportunities lor friendly, reliable persons who are good communicators A enjoy working with people & willing to help us provide clean A Inviting theaters, prompt A courteous service. Hours appro*. 12 to 6pm or 5 lo 11 pm. A Frl. or Sat. eve. Is required. All floor staff positions available. No exp. necessary, Must be 18 yrs. of age or older. Apply in person, Mon. to Tfiurs. 3 to 5pm A 7pm to Bpm Qeneral Cinema In Brldflewster. EOE. TILE INSTALLERS Fast growing Tile Co., looking lor e»p. tils setters, must have tools, truck A insurance. 7H-1731 TOW TRUCK- Operator, FT, enp. prel., good driving record. No. Branch area. Call after 5 or leave message Warehouse MUSCLES NEEDED) Put your muscles to work tor YOU in convenient, local Middlesex companies. We need strong, dependable people NOW to pack books, assemble kits A lift heavy boxes In clean, comfortable surroundings NO ouporlonce necoasary. We'll train. $6. HR. For interview, CALL EnCorp , or 90B-654-7O20. DT1224. WILDLIFE/ CONSERVATION JOBS Game wardens, security, maintenance, etc. No exp necessary. Now hiring. For info call ext. 8183, 9AM-9PM 7 days. * * * * STUCCO MASON Experience w/dryvit or Slo systems prel., but not noc. 9O S25. and benefits Call Larry Or come lo our Open Young al House st: Grant Community Center, 403 W. SCHOOL BUS DRIVEfl- RECREATION WORKER 7th St.. Plalnfleld, W/CDL, AM & PM Edi- To run recreational activities with school age chil- FBI. 11/12, 10-1PM Eon, also P'T charter, & SHARP. PM sports, wcoach driving uxp, 908-5<l H.S. diploma a musl. dren in the afternoons. 5 PM Strong organizational SCHOOL CROSSING GUARDS wanted 3 hrs. dally. S8/hr. Contact Manville Police Dopt SECRETARIES B0 lomp oponingsll! flogtster immed. Tor oxciting positions for exp word perfect A or Lotus users. Logal enp. a plus ImmocJ. in Morris town area. Some positions may turn to porm. Call or call Sun (212) SECRETARIES W/W.P. High Power Tamps noeds Dependable, Qualified Temporary Employgos to fill job ordora Irom our client companion in tills aroa HIGH POWER TEMPS 103 East Union Ave Bound Brook, NJ OS80S SECRETARY- 10 mon position, WP skill req., lull benefits, avail. 1/3/94, send letter A resume lo: Porsonal Dopt., Hillsborough Twsp. Public Schools, 555 Amwoll nd,, Noahnnlc. NJ, E.O.A.A.E SECRY /ACCOUNT ADMIN Fast-paced ndvorllslng agoncy soohs good-naturqd, floxlble aaslstanl with strong word Ad$ In Ctiiilfltd don't coit Thty payl AIDES HOME HEALTH AIDES CERTIFICATION PROGRAM Applications are now being taken for a Certification Course to be run 11/29-12/17, 9 3:30PM, Mon.-Frl. Llvo-lns Available. Recent work history required. Trainees will be required to work for Patient Care. Somerset, Union a Middlesex County assignments available. Those who are interested must make an appt, for an Interview In our Westlield Office with Kim, call (MM) 6S4-S773 pel inc. 120 Elm St. 2nd Floor Weslfleld, NJ 0709O HEALTH AID 9am-12pm. Must be able to handle heavy male. Need someone reliable w/ refs. Please apply to box 17B. FORBES NEWSPA- PERS, P.O. BOX 699, SOMEfWILLE, NJ Nuralng CERTIFIED HOME HEALTH AIDES Immediate work. Interim Healthcare Is recruiting Certified Home Health Aides to oin Its professional nursing team, We offer: Excellent pay Desirable work Flexibility of hours Convenient locations Car and telephone a must (Hfl) Interim H i 11 r K C n i. 50*0 Part-Time Employment CATALOG SALES JCPonnoy Catalog Store, North Avsnue Plaza, Garwood. Temporary positions through Holidays, hrs./wk., afternoons A eves. Apply Mon.-Fd. ioam-5pm at JC Penney Catalog Store, Rt U, Qarwood EOE/MF CLERK TYPIST- Psrt time 30 hrs. Somsrvlllo AfOS. Call ask for Kim. CRANFOR0 CAR WASH- nseds a part time cashier DISTRIBUTORS SPREAD NEWS help the public GET VISA REQARDLE$$t! DRIVEN WAHTED-P/T lor executive. Call after 7PM. ENERGETIC, ENTHUSI- ASTIC organized person lo run (ravelling mini-gym. Love of children a must, For moro Information plsase call 90«-5«t-68aS EXCITING OPPORTUNITY No risk involvedl Be your own boaa al home, For details call 90B L/M machine, FASHION ADVISOR Wear & show ladies Jewelry 2 eves No Investment, FREE LINGERIE- Sell/ Earn Undercover Wear at Home Parties. PT hrs/ FT Pay! (908) GYMNASTICS INSTRUC- TORS Instructors course being offered, no xp. nee, lor more into HOUSE KEEPER -Motel Somr ids lined in ihii clas- may require a fee oxp. pref'd. AM & PMsification hrs. Pine Motel Branchburg area. HOUSEKEEPER- wilh car, Mon.-Frl, 1-6pm. Cooking, cleaning, laundry, ate. plus taking care ot 10 A 7 yr. old after school. *i75/wk. Cafl MACHINE OPERATOR P/T, with mechanic ability for precision work for polishing and griding optical lenses. Call: ACTIVISTS Peace and Ultimate Fulfillment, or at least Nat'l Health Care. NJ Citizen Action is hiring community activist with peo- MAKE YOUR DASH FOR ple skills. S15 lo S20K EXTRA CASH- As awith benefits and career part-time Foibes Newspaper telemarketing rep- Women and minorities oppty Hours 1:30 to 10. resentative. urged to apply. Call today 90B $7.00 per hour plus excellent commission structure. Call John or Glen at areas. For AVON SALES- All Information or 90B exl MODELS/NEW FACES/ TV/PRINT/FASHION. Ages 8 and up at Deanna Trust Models, Madison, NJ. Call for appt PROFESSIONAL SURVEYS QUEEN ROOK(Rt. 22) Insurance updaiers needed for permanent positions. 20 hr week. Mon, Tue. Wed Thw. 5-9, + Sat morn Insurance background NOT needed but prefer people with prior ofllce telephone exp. NO SALES. S6.0O hr. Call Phoebe or Betty at PT SECTY Computer/ word processing ability. Flex. hrs. Cranford Insurance ofllce x118 skills needed Hlllsborough and Somerville area. For moro Info call Lynda Barrood, EOE. DRIVERS- OTR teams. First and second seats. SATURDAY a SUN-Average 25,000 mi/mo DAY lo run Gymnaslic Top pay, bonuses and Birthday Parties Will benefits. All conventional train. For more Information please cnll 908- Hillside, NJ. Call flool. Dirocl Transit, Inc , Dopl. B-1. Ask set-assa. for Nino, Brendn or Bob SCHOOL BUS DRIV- Sun, 1-4. a-5 wkdy. ERS COL required or we will train Green St. Islln SECRETARY- With good office skills. Needed by blind business man for gonornl ofllce duties. Call (908) SECURITY- PT Dispatcher & Guard position avail. Weekday or Weokond hrs. Competitive rato Call 9OI-S2S-12O0, ail. 8301, bet. io-2pnt for appt. TDD UBOI3 call AA/EOE. SOCIAL SERVICE Worker lo supervl9o children agos 5 to 10 In a Before School Program In Hillsborough. 7urTv8:30nm Musi bo reliable. For moro Info, cnll: Llndn Barrood ol 7 SPANISH A FRENCH TEACHERS Mood fluoncy 4 oxp w/ children. 2 hrs per weak, $20 /Hr. Piscotoway aron SPORTSWHITER Part-time Pnrlllmo sporlswrllor nooded to work al Mosson rjti r-g nzo I lo op. pronlrribtely hours per woek, dopandlnrj on liio season; musl bo available weekends as wail 09 Mondays nnd Tuesdnya; Involves coverage of six (iron hicjti 9c houl3 nnd youth sporls. siuerlonco proforred but not nocossary. sond rosumo and clippings to A I In n Co n over, nxecultvo Sports Editor, FarLios Newspapors, Box 009, Raorentlon for an application, M-F, 8am- planse call , oxt. Sornnrvlllo, NJ or 4:30pm at OPERVIiOR Middlesex sftsr school child cars prog, Hours 3-8pm, Mon-Frl when school Ii in session. Half days of school 12:30* 8pm. Start Csll The Jointure SWIM IHSTRUCTORS- P/T positions opan, will trsln, call Mstuehen Edison YMCA for more Info., TEACHING ASSISTANT Part llm» Christian Day School. Scotch Plaint. Pre-School Class; potsntlsl for advancement. Call Mrs. Barr 90S-322-9S99 or Mr. Edward* 908-3II43O0. Also, Substitute Careglvsrs needed, If avail., call above numbers. Telemarketing MAKE YOUR DASH FOF> EXTRA CASH As a part-time Forbes Newspaper telemarketing representative. $7.00 per hour plus excellent commission structure. Call John or Glen at 1-8O or exl TOW TRUCK- Operator, PT/days, exp. prel., good driving record. North Branch area. Call after 5 or leave msssage UNDERCOVER WEAR PT sales agents needed. Hostesses receive FREE lingerie. For an evening of fun, fashion ft fantasy Call Jean SU-a«7-S Catiir Invntments/ Opportunltle* to PHTchtsf information ana/or mattriali regarding career imestmemi and/or opportunities. 700 COMPANIES Offering legitimate home employment opportunities. Exciting recorded message revoals details. (908) 901-7(80, EM. 110 call 1-8O Drivers w*'ve Just Increased) Our Regional Pay More money. J B. Hunt offers Increased pay rales for East Brunswick regional drivers. Plus drivers have the opportunity to be home every wcekendl It all adds up, Call today to find our morel J.B. HUNT The Best Run For The Money EOE/ Sub ect lo drug screen ORIVERSI NEW GROWTH! NEW TERMI- NAL! NEW SHORTHAUL OPPORTUNITIES!- Harrisburg, PA. basod - We offor: Late model tractors, Pay for oxp. $0.26/ mllo, ImmodlDtO medical coverage tor qualified, experienced drivers (first of month altor DOH), Homo weekly, S500 exp drivers sign-on bonus, Service credit for vacation (Gxp. drivers). Call anytime -BURLINGTON MOTOR CARRIERS: 1- B00-JOIN-BMC (Ext. 105), EOE GUARANTEED WORK!- Excellont pay! Assemble simple products at homo. Nations largest selection of homo-work! (904) Ext. NB3B HOMEMAKER S DREAM Stay homo, loso wolght. make money, I lost 46 lbs. and made S50O In 10 days." Please call * 1 SOO * WE HAVE FOUND DIS- TRIBUTING- Sunrlder Foods Is an exciting and meaningful home basod business. Call rocorded message: WORK AT HOME Hundreds of high paying positions avail. 24 Hr. Hotlino B-B193. Bon 4* BUSINESS FOR SALE Create beautiful wicker-style lumiture out ot fiberglass Low cost, high profit business is protected by patents. No Iranchiso or royalty lees. Looking to liconso one manufacturer in ttx) marketing area For muru Information call Bradley Collins, Mlntumum Investment $10,900

21 Novembef^, 4,5,1993 Forbes Newspapers U-1 Automotive Guide What's the deal with the Quad-4? Bob Hagin answers a reader's question about this GM engine. See page 3, inside. Remington Chrysler-Plymouth- Podge -Owned Vehicle Toyota's Supra has it all: styling, handling and power. Performance-oriented Supra makes the grade By TOMHAOtN FORBES NEWSPAPERS Toyota's new Supra Turbo is like a high school kid's older brother who is a college football star. Stealing the limelight from the rest of the family comes naturally. The superb handling, blinding acceleration and restyled shape of Toyota's sports car flagship excites most and is disliked by few. All the road tests I've seen center around the Turbo model with the large aerodynamic foil perched on the tail and a cost of over $40,000. But the real-world Supra has no turbo, less power and is much more practical. I drove it for a week and found it a winner. EXTERIOR The completely restyled Supra shares only the basic engine with its ancestors. Two glaring exposed headlight lenses house triple laser beam-like lamps (low, high and fog beams) and border on being menacing. According to the Toyota people, the lighting system is capable of illuminating more asphalt than any other car on the market A large intake below (sans grillwork), is flanked by outboard openings which house the turn signal lights. A sloping hood line continues across a top that is so small, it looks slightly out of proportion. Huge rear haunches pinch back smoothly into a narrow tail which houses eight round tail lamps. Non-turbo models don't receive the massive spoiler, which Toyota claims provides GC pounds of downforce at 90 mph. In fact, a national auto magazine reports that many non-turbo buyers are having the wing installed to make theirs look like the 320-horsepowor Supra. INTERIOR Three big gauges, an 8,000-rpm tachometer, 180-mph speedometer and coolant temperature/fuel gnugc are easy to read and bright, but the lack of an oil pressure indicator is uncharacteristic of a sports car. The center console is canted toward the driver and has a wraparound design. Front, bucket seaia hold both the driver and front passenger well, and cloth seating surfaces up front are offset by vinyl panels in the rear seats. We tried to squeeze two passengers in the rear of the Supra to no avail. Our test model came with the optional CD player ($7G0) with seven shakers and included a sub-wooli-r for rich, lxx>rninj< bass. Standard equipment on the non-turbo model included a power driver's He;it, cruise control, tilt steering column, auto I matic air conditioning, heated, power mirrors, power windows and door locks, antitheft system, digital clock and rear window defogger. ENGINEERING If sports cars are supposed to produce an adrenaline rush after sliding into the cockpit, the Supra fits the mold. Few cars on the road today elicit double-takes from passers-by like the new Supra. People asked me several times if the car was a Ferrari or a Porsche, and after seven years of the previous body style, the fact that it was a Supra astounded many. A fat, leather-wrapped wheel is connected to very precise, rack-and-pinion steering which offers a variable-assist function. Low body roll and virtually no tire scrub during hard cornering made this car a pleasure to toss around twisting mountain roads. HANDLING Like every pro-1994 Supra, a classic inline six-cylinder engine is used, now redesigned with twin camshafts and four valves per cylinder. A smooth 220 horses gives the normally-aspirated (non-turbo) motor plenty of passing power, while 210 foot-pounds of torque offers good low-end punch. Coupled to this is a smooth shifting five-speed manual transmission. Suspension is independent at all four wheels and brakes are huge discs: 12.7" in front and 12.8" at rear. Goodyear Eagle GS-C tires, sized 225/ 50ZR16 up front, and 245/50ZR1C mounted all provide tenacious grip, and provide super appearance. Five-spoke aluminum alloy wheels are standard. The best description of piloting the new Supra would be that of a smooth, firm and confident driving experience, and a slight cockiness knowing that there aren't many of those vehicles around. SAFETY A standard four-wheel anti-lock braking system (ABS) and both driver and front passenger airbags round out safety features. CONCLUSIONS Fur years the Supra has been known as a performance-oriented passenger car. The new Supra is all spoils car, with the inin- Turlx)'s ix-ribmianev matching that of previous IIKHIHS' Turbo offering. DRIVE 1993 MODELS ConvvWJa. v». aulo.. p/a. p/b, rad, AM/FM aur. aim wna, t/c, m <M. pa», wutaa, m. * *. me. t cy*., prt. p*. *M. AM/FU cm. d«lu>«wtilt. p/a/lckl, cam, nl, nil, r» da, daf, pm. VIM PH&ltiO imt t JCP110. I1.B4K I1B4K 1991 MODELS 1M1 NNUN STANZA (ME 4 <*.. 4 cyl. *UU. Bit. pa>. WM. AMTM CM*., */C. C/«/ICkl»I»C dll., VINi XM4SUI. Stt.14C213A ml 1M1 CHHVMJH LMABOH Coup*, Vfl. aulo. p/a. p/b. red. p/w/lchi, p/mlrri:. /l nil, Ml cruiaa.'clbuv. H Jlh VINI WQ11271S, MQ t Slk.t 3ISI9A. 32,060 ml "*' 1881 HOMDACRX 2 dr, aulo. 4 cyl, p/a, p/b. black. AM/FM ;:,; caaa, a/c, t/glaat, pop up tun r'. Ilka naw, *. '? VIN*MSO2SS4S,Slk.< A ml 1881 TOYOTA CAMRV DX 4 dr, 4 cyl. aulo. p/t, p/b, caas. a/c. -d ^ I/Ulatt. p/w/lcki. Dctl tla, olec dal.. cham- ' H - pagna. VW«MU4551I2. Stk I 3I5OJA. 2I.<129 E --f ml 1881 TOYOTA MRS Tulbo. 6 ipd, 4cyl. p/l. B/t). CD PMyW. TUO. A < "M^ a/c, ABSbiakai. ataim. loadad. DiKk. VINI t, MQOO3714. SRI 4C43SA. 63,499 ml ' J 199O MODELS 1880 DOOOB DAVTONA Jtir auto, 4 cyl, P/t, P/b. burg. AM/FM iw cat!, naw llrai. a/c. Vataat, p/mliri, buckl ata. low * i it alac Sal., vim LQ4V02S9. akl93m7l«a.6t.3l»ml 2 dr, 4 cyl y. aulo. P p/a. p/, p/b, gray. y AM/FM a/c, Uglaaa. " alac dal. bdd bctl ua. VIM! LU Si I 4C2A 4C222A, 47,2233 ml 1880 CtWVIIOLBT BSRBTTA QT 2 dl. V6, alb, p/a. pa>. am, ia*y «Na. a/c. I/glut, pfe/icka. tun il, alarm. VINf IYI0MW. S» I 4C2S4A. M,3t«ml itto IMTINm Q4S Sadan, VB. aulo, p/i, p/b. wht., blua batt! BBS vhla. VINI LM Slk IAG4, ml 7S MODELS CHRY8LU 8TH AVINUI 4 di. ve. aun. P/I. p*. buig. AMVFM tta< daiuite whis. a/c. l/giatt. pawrtcki, landau rf, VINI KW3I30OO. Slk I 4C262A ml CM1VROLBT ZM 2 df, V6, aulo. p/t. oto. wtii, AKA^M cata, < whit. a/c. l/giati. atec dal, bucfcal t, VINI K7I24373 Stk I 3CI437B, 1888 FORO TAURUS QL 4 dr.. ve. auto, p/i, p/b. blua. AM/FM catt. datura wnia. a/c. i/giati. p/w/icka. p/tll p/rnlr>t. VINI KAtOSOet. Slk 4C261*. 47,637 ml 1888 PONTIAC 8000 SE, V6. aula. p/a, p/t>. whl. AMJFM caia, alloy whis a/c, p/stt, p/wlcks, cijiae. apouei, VINI KT S» I 4C023A ml 1888 NI8SAN 300 ZX 2 dr. 6 cyl. autc. p/i, p/b, champagria, AM/FM can. alloy whit, a/c. l.'gian o/w/lchs. p/niurs. r-lopi. all'm. VINI kx29iojo. S* 193M7J6A. 6" n^ 1988& OLDER 1888 DODQI AMIS cyl. aulo. p/l. p/b. gray. AM,f M tier. - * wnli., s/c. c l/glai>, VINI JF , 71,000 ml 1987 BUWK SKYLARK 4 dl. BUIO 4 cyl PJS p/b. griy. V coss, deluxe whla. a/c t/dlasa. alec dal. VINI MMO2«41i2. Elk I 93M71H ml 1887 ACUHA INTtORA LS 4 df. 4 cyl, aulo. p/s. p/b. AhVFM caaa., n«>fr mo«. QeluKa wills. a/c. l/olatl. p/w,1cka, OJDC do I. alefm. VIM HS00737O Oik I 4C337A, 57.72S ml FLEMINGTO H Eagle m, TRUCKS & VANS 1*871 4>4, 4 cyl.. lukj, alt, olb. AM/FM can, cnoma wnli, a/c. I/O<«M. ten an. VIM HJ0JIS0S, $»_ 4CII2A fthco l 4»4 Sahara. C cyl. S ipd. p/i. p/b. txown cm naw Kit lop. wmdtnald. biakai. a www mow. VIM* je«372ar s»i DCAIUOB 61,538 ml 1888 DOOM CARAVAN 7 PH* ahon. 4 cyl. auto. (Va. pfo blua. AMffM cah. na«uraa, dmuu «Ma.. a/c. Vglaaa. alac ctat. rt rack. Vim KFII32*4S. S4t.»4C2O1*.BD,«3ml 18N#LVMOUTH0flANDVOVA. LE. ve. auio. p/a, p*. bmt. can. rum KM, dlluica whit. a/c. aurt aciaan glaal. p/w/lcki. il. nek. wood grain, VINI KXS401U. Sk.* 4C11M. tt.ubml 1888 CMVMHXT MJfcZWt S-10, 4«4 ve. aulo, p/t. p/t). gray, cua. n«w iim, [in «nia. a/c. p/w/kkt, iz/12 p/lnln wamnly. VINt KOI Slk 03 ml Sahara. «cyl, y 5 apd. p/a. p*. broan. caaa., no a/c. w. naid up. oai of 7/70 prtaln wari M«uaoe&e. s»i *C4*U 4oei MAZDA MPV 4K4 Aulo, V8. p/i, p/b, buig, caaa. p/w/lcka. a/c, crula*. I'll, raai a/c. loadad, VINI UH4B436. S* fki364a ml 1880 JUP CHaUMMCU Luado. 4 d;. 6 cyl auto, P/i p/b. blua. cau. apt «W., ABS CriMa. aatacl Irac, a/c. pfc/lckt. p/mlrra. loo lamp, alarm, tack, dor, 12/12 p/ualn<nnanty.vinlli.i7eil^ S*a4C437A:e7800ml 188S PLYMOUTH 0RAMD VOYAOBR Minivan. ve. aulo. p/a. p/b. graan. AMrFM { jrt, R"if3aV alar, Mtiu wn>.. */c. p/wtcki, p crutaa. tit. j Jj A^? 0 l. Vlhia PX Slk I 3CA2V9. JO. 963 mi Remington CAR k\ TBOCK 30UMTKY $15OO Casin Prices include all costs to be paid by consumer except (or lie, reg, & taxes. 'See dealer for details and limitations. '93 iiodeis 'or,3 SPECIFICATIONS BASE PRICE: $33,900 PRICE AS TESTED: $35,161 ENGINE TYPE: G-eylinder DOIIC ENGINE SIZE: 3.0 liter/183 del/ with EFI HORSEPOWER: 220 (n) 5800 rpm TORQUE (It/lbs): 210C«> 'ifioo rpm WIIEEI,BASE/WII>TH: " TRANSMISSION: 5-specd manual CURB WEIGHT: 3,215 lbs. FUEL CAPACITY: 18.5 gal Ions TIRES: :>2ri/r>0ZRH> front, IMfV fiozrhi, rear BRAKES: (VonI/rear disc w/abs DRIVE TRAIN TYPE: Front <>n- {JtifK'/rear drive PERFORMANCE: EPA economy, mpp cily/higliwuy/nvcrngc: 1JV23/21 -^ raibcshounos, FLEMI^i^TON, Flemington CAR* TRUCKTOUNTRV Family Of Dealership*. See Dealer For Details ^-2025

22 U-2 / Forbes Newspapers AutomotiweGuide November 3,4, 5, AUTOMOBILES 8010 Aulomobllaa Undar $ Automottllaa Undar $ Automobiles 8040 Antiques and Classic Automobiles 8050 Luxury Automobiles 8060 Sportscars 070 Family Vans MM - 4X4'a, port and Light Trucki M M - Trucks and Vans 100 Aliiomothf* Financing 110 Automotive Parts, Accessories and Cwvlcet 120 Automotive Miscellaneous Automotive mno rofnooh umtarflooo CHEW '84 Chsvette. 5 dr., red sport model, runs & looks good. Auto, radio, 8 tlrai on hubs, AC/heat nsed repair, 83k ml. $650. Eve OODQI- 76 Coronal. Qresn, 122K, some ruit. Runs well , FORD- 77 F-100, V-8 auto, blue, runs greatl $800 B/O, PONTIAC- 78 Firebird, brown w/beigo Int., 305, auto, runt wall, $800 B/ O, PONTIAC- 84 Flero. needs engine, great lor parts. $90O/BO. Call 90S in the Cl* filled! fc-c Toi»i(WjilJIS675 CklMOmS klu Iw En4mo4il*J M M U.644«DttlrKynCluMl tl.mscap itducwn >e< we Dtp llirslplvmirt.2tpifmirmailu.57s LMIM impoflitm lor m««ti«fillm. Mill IMMndU > wilt ic nnj^t'. ticmoi«!oonii«ti?cc»fivimi Pi^cntmKec it In nimi viw Pica incfadh ill ic be s»«i t>y i contunw tickk la ictminj c Ml. njrthw Im ma lun toto $2000 *F0HD 77 PICKUP* Red with truck box. Rum w»ll. 6 cylinder, automatic, 10OK +. $300 or bast offer. (Yes, has rust & dents) Plsaat eill- 9M-S O30 *2500 BMW ' $ Lols ol original span parta. E»c. running cond. Call / CHEVY 86 Spectrum Zdr, excellent running cond. 86K, $15O0/BO CHRYSLER '85, New Yorker. Very Clean, 1 owner, 40k ml. rebuilt en. glne. Runs excellent. Asking $ CHRYSLER '86 Laser. 4 Cly. Auto. AC. Great Cond. $2500. B/ DODGE- 82 Aries Wagon, 95k, 6 cyl., AC, new tires/shocks & struts, runs great $1200. Please leave msg FORD- 64 Escort, 4 dr. manual. 95K ml. good cond. new tires, good on fuel. StOOO. 771*6397. Call evot & wkeod FORD- 86 Escort Statlonwagon, excel, cond. Man. trans., AC, PS. PB $ FONO- 86 Mustang LX Black, 4*p, 80K, AC. AM/ FM cats, Inmlt. wipers, cruise, PL, rally pkg. Needs work. S25O0/BO 21B-0094 anytime. FORD-84 LTD, V-6. 4 dr, very good cond., loaded, 62k ml., new tires. $1600 or BO. Call HONDA- 85 Accord Hatchback, excel, cond. S spd, AC, AM/FM tape, 150k ml., $ CHRYSLER- 85 Laser XE Turbo, fully loaded w/ overy option avail.(no 1- tops) 4 New tires, new battery, just passed NJ Inspection 10/18, HEED CABH FAITH Asking $2850, Serious buyers only need reply, call aft. 5 pm, 9OB-72Z-300O exi. 256, Iv. msg., will return your call. CADILLAC- 86 Fleetwood Brougham. Wellmaintained. Luxury and reliability in one. Dark gray with leather interior. $ SG. BUICK- 89 Park Ave. 60K ml., leather int., all power, mini cond. S9495 or B/O. 908) CHEVROLET- 68 Beretta, 2DR, loaded w/all options. 63,409 mi. $ B CHEVY B7 Caprice- 4 DR. VB. loaded, 50k Ml. $ CHEVY '8B Suburban Silverado, ps, pb, ac, am/ fm cassette, 4X2, pwr lock, tinted windows, 41 k mi. $11, CHEVY- 78 Malibu, 305 eng good cond., runs well, 4 dr. Asking $ CHEVY- 88 Cavalier Z- 24. Blue, digital daah, 80K AC. AM/FM cats. auto V6. Well Keptl $ anytime. CHEVY- 87 Camaro, red, 42K ml. V6. 5 spd. PS, PB, AC, AM/FM Casg. $ CHEVY- 89 S10 Blazer. 2Dr, A/T, AC, Exc. cortd. 45K hwy ml. Must Sell) $ B CHEVY- 90 Cavalier, 6 cyl. auto, AC, I420O DATSUN ZX, Turbo, Mops, fully load' od, alwaya gar., axe. cond.. $3200, DID YOU KNOW... that an ad In this local paper alio goss Into 22 other local papers? Reach over 380,000 readers with one call I SSt-MM EAQLC 93 Talon, Dirk green. Sunroof, AC, AM/ fm cast, auto, $13, FORD 68 Mustang, 2S0 V8, 4 spd. PB, PS, AC, new front end, clutch ft carb. No rust. Call (ft. 6pm. Asking $ FORD- 65 T-Bird, VS, auto, fully loaded. 4 n»w tires, 70K, gar. kept, $2995. Call FORD- 88, Escort OT. 5spd, AC, PS. PB, tilt, P/ mirrors, log lights, cruise, AM/FM slerso cass. BO FORD- 89 Taurus. 4dr, Auto, AC, V6, PW. stareo tape, 79K. S * HONDA-85, CRX. Red, 5 spd, 128K. A/C, AM/FM CD playtr. New battery. starter, brakes, etc. Runs great. Must tellt SUOOor 6/ or beeper {908) HONDA- 86 Prelude SI. 5sp, AM/FM casa, PW/ PM, cruise, AC, alarm, 74K. $ HONDA- 87 CRX. Sip. AM/FM cats. AC, recently rebuilt eng, great bodyl $ HONDA- 87 CRX. 5sp, AC, AM/FM caas. 122,500 mi, good cond. $2800. Eves iovwtfn In tf» CJMiflttdV Lease this '94 Legend and Acura of Somerville will perform all factory recommended service FOR THE TUUf OF TMt LEASl (45,000 miles maximum) AT HO CHARON 1994 LICIND L AlltOlllOtlCLeaseFor *439.._. SQWCt plus Dual AJr BapSjPovwr ABS Brakea/Steering/WlndoweyLocta/ Mirrors/Seal/Antenna & More! V-6/TbR, V)N RC0G2O82, MSRP morth closed-end lease fcx credh-quadked lessees. $2,564 at delivery Includes $1,200 cap. reduction. $475 rei sec dep.$450bankteea*stpayment;36paymentsto«al$15,bw. Lessee responsible tor maintenance, wear & tear, and at endof lease tor rraleage In excess erf rmtes at 15 cents/mile, Purcriase opttori SI 9,702. Oiler expires 11/8/93. Price Inctudes ail costs to be paid by a consumer except (br licensing coststreafatrallcin lees & taxes Not responsible tar typographical errors. ACURA of somerville New Jersey's Volume Acura Dealer Rou*e 22 West, Bridgewaier Monday - Friday 9am 9pm Saturday 9am - 6pm Coup. 2dr, vary reliable, auto, AC, recent tune-up A brakes, 82K, no accidents. 1 owner, $ HONDA- 89 Prelude SH. Red. 8 «pd.. 37k, ac, am/fm, snrl., 110,000, LINCOLN- «2 Town Car Signature Sir. Carriage roof, black, A-1 cond. 56K, $21, MITSUIISHI- SO Eclipse, auto, AC, very clean, 42K ml., $ ****MIMAN*«** 88 Stanza 4dr, loaded, 1 owner. 81K, 5sp. Asking $ NIStAN-87 Maxima 72K ml., 4 dr auto, fully loaded, sunrf, $7500. Call after SPM OLDS '65 Cuttaa Su* preme Brgm. V6. 2DR. White. Eic. Cond., Loaded, 67K, $2900, B/O. Call after 7PM <»OS) VOUR CLA6»lfllO AD CAN II PUMJtHf D IN 03 NBW JCRtEY NEW1- PARERS WITH ONE EASY PHONE CALL AND FOR ONE LOW PRICE. FOR ONLY $ YOUR AD WILL REACH OVER 1.2 MILLION HOMES THROUGHOUT THE STATE. CALL FORBES CLASSIFIED AT B5, ASK FOR JOYCE OR KRISTIN FOR ALL THE DETAILS ABOUT SCAN- STATEWIDE CLASSIFIED AD NETWORK. PLYMOUTH- 87 Sundance, Exc. cond. 34K, very reliable), Pwr. wind, mirrors, auto, AM/FM stereo cast * POHTIAC-90 Qmd Am 4dr, auto, quad 4, aunrf, all options, factory warr no deduct, mint cond, 65k, S6000/B PONTIAC ' Oranct Am All nsw tires. 90k. Recently painted. Exc cond. Asking $3300, Eve Day PONTIAC- 86 Catalina, Qold vinyl top. 4dr. \ owner, very good cond, $1200/ PONTIAC- 88 Grand Prix. T-lops. fully loadad, new tires, mint cond) 82K. $ PONTIAC- 87 Bonnevilie SE, red. fully loaded, V6, orlg. owner, 120K highway ml. good cond, 3500/BO PONTIAC- 89 Sunblrd, Sliver, 2DR, auto, AC, PS, PB, 51k ml. excel. cond. S5400/BO S111. DID YOU KNOW... that an ad In this local paper also goes Into 22 other local papers? UBARU- 90 Legacy L, 88K, 4 whldr., antllock brakes, PW, PL, P- mirrors, am-fm-casa, 5 spd.. $7500, SUZUKI-SIDEKICK 90 4wd, a/c, 27K, exc cond., 5spd, convert., charcoal grey. $ TOYOTA- 91 Camry DX. 4dr sedan, auto, AC, PB/ PS/PW, 54K, exc. cond. $ TOYOTA- 91 Corolla, 4DR. auto, mint cond. 29k ml., $7500. Call TOYOTA- 94 Turcel. 4sp, PS/PB. Under 1000K, brand newl J9000/BO VOLVO SO. Mint condition. All luxury op lions Including alarm system. 12K, VOLVO- 84 Station Wagon. P3/PB. AC, good cond. New exhaust S3000/BO VW 76 Champ Ed Super Beetle. Conv. 42K, org ml. rune wall. S2900/ BO Iv msg VW- 69 Golf QL. 4dr htchbk, 5 spd. AC, PS, PB, 64K ml. Immaculate $ M BMW csl, Showroom condition. 22k easy miles. White, all options. $24,000 firm. (Llsi new at $49,500) BUICK-32, 5wdw coupe, 50k, dh grn/blk, extra tires, malnl. manuanl, 3rd owner, aak $25K, CHIVY 76 CORVETTE- Clasalc 25th Anniversary car. Auto, good cond., T- topt, brand new tires A brakes. Aiklng $9,500. Call (906) CNCVY- 65 Imptla convertable, 263 eng. restored, $6000/80. Senous only COR V i m - 63, con. vert., numbers match, $24,500 B/O, serious only, FORD Thunderbird. Good cond, runs great book value asking $ FORD 41 Sedan, complete A finished restoration, looks & runs as new, call for details, $9500 B/O, days eves A wkends PONTIAC- 67 QTO, red w/whrte Int., 400 auto, ps, pb, car has been stored alnce 1986, $3500 b/o, * * * * * * * * * * * POHBCHE- ' Coupe. Totally restored. MUST SELL, MOVINQI THUNDIRBIRD restored mi options. Mint cond. $26,500/ trade for equal value Luxury JAOUAR- 85 XJS, exc. cond.. 46K, gar, kept., many new parts, dark gray ext., light gray Int., 113, aft. 6 pm LINCOLN- 89 Towncar Sign. Sar. 49K, loaded, 1 owner. Excellent condl $11,35O/BO MtRCEDIB-ae, 560 SEL. Blk. 98K mi., good cond., $22,000 or B/O. Must be soldi ircedei- 73, 450 SL Roadster, 2 tops, Ivory, excel, cond. New Michellns, Collector's Car. Need room-will sacrifice. $11, , eves, NISSAN ZX- Charcoal grey, T-Topa, Loaded, must see. Sacrlllce. $ ) S84-624S or 908) NISSAN- 67 Pulaar, 5 16 valve, AC, T-lop,, $ TRIUMPH- 71 TRB.66K, Exc cond. Runt greatl Mlchelln HL tires, yellow $ CHEVY- 92 Astro EXT, Sports pkg. full pwr. running boards, rear Dutch Doors. 23K. Aaklng $15, DOOOI- 82 Ram. HANDICAPPED EQUIPPED. Side lift. Exc. cond. CB radio, phone, xtraa. $ PLYMOUTH- 66 Voyager, orlg owner, 10BK, auto, AC, 7 pass aeai. Qood condl S310D7BO DID YOU KNOW... that an ad In this local paper also goes into 22 other local papera? Reach over 360,000 readers with one call! 1-aOO-66s-94M FORD- 67 Bronco II XLT. Blue A white, 1 owner, 68K, 4wd, AC, stereo casa, PS. $8000, after 5pm. FORD- 90 Bronco II XL, 4X4, loaded, auto, PS, PB, anil lock, AC JEeP- 63 Wagoneer. Immaculatsl New trans. A eng. No rust. Loadad. $3B0Q/BO. Call JBCP- 63, CJ7, rebuilt engine, many new parts, loo much to Hat. $3500. Call CHEVY- 85, Blazer, blus & blk., 350 corvette V-6, 35K, best of everything, well malnl., $7500 B/O, Chevy- 76, pickup, 350 V-6, auto, duel gas tanks, runs strong, B/O, *FORD 77 PICKUP* Red with truck box. Runs wall. 6 cylinder, automatic, 100K +. $300 or best offer. (Yes, has rust 4 denti) Please call- OB FORD- 83 F350 Ciew Cab. 4dr, 4X4 w/cap. Alum, wheels. $ mo ram, ABSOLUTE AUTO We pay $25 & Up For Any Complete Car FREE Pickup-Local Area With This Ad Qood UntIM 1/30/ O FORD 90- Ranger. Black truck cap. Like new. S600/BO JUNK CARS WANTED Lais modal wracks A rucks. Top $$$ Paid LUCKY CHUCKVS Flat bed service Junk care wanted Call: MIRACLE WORKER TOWINO * RECY- CLING- local & long distance. Free lunk car removal VIP HONDA Desperately Neads Clean Uied Cara For Export Hlghtst Caih Prlctt All Makes and Models We Consign Cara (908) YOUR CLASSIFIED AD CAN BE PUBUSrIEO IN $2 NEW JERSEY NEWS- PAPERS WITH ONE EASY PHONE CALL AND FOR ONE LOW PRICE, FOR ONLY $ VOUR AD WILL REACH OVER 1.2 MILLION HOMES THROUGHOUT THE STATE. CALL FORBES CLASSIFIED AT , ASK FOR JOYCE OR KRISTIN FOR ACL THE DETAILS 8200 MOTORCYCLES $210 ATVa Moped* OH-Rpad Motorcycles $240 0n-Road Motercycls>s Motorcycle Parts. Accesorlts, and S#rv1c# 8260 Miscellaneous Motorcycle M220 MOPED Yellow Puch, 375 ml. Great cond. $300, Ofl'ffOMf MbtofcycfBS SUZUKI- 87 RM-125, all rebuilt, runs good, $SO0 or B/O, Advertise in the Clitsllied! 8400 RECREATIONAL VEHICLES npersi Trailers Motor Homea RV Parta, Accoaorlea A Service $440 - Mlac RV ABOUT SCAN- STATEWIDE CLASSIFIED AD NETWORK GO0 BOATS Boats Power Boats Sailboats Motors Marines Rentala A Charters Slip Rantali Storag* Bart A Fishing Supptlte Boat Parta, Accessories and Strvlce Mlac Boating 9920 Power Boats 1987 BAYLINER TRO- PHY- 21 1/2 ft hp ob, Incl trailer, elect., outriggers, downrlggers, many xtras. Musi saill $3500, PERONE'S AUTO SAL- VAGE- cars A trucks wanted. Highest prices paid. Free pick up. Container service available. motor, 3,6 HP, $150, 908- CHRYSLER- Outboard FORBES NEWSPAPERS AUTOBIOGRAPHY CLAYTON AMERICAN DODGE "74 Years of Sales and Service" Main Street, Peapack (908) CADILLAC KEMPER CADILLAC 5 miles from Bridgewater Commons Route 22 East at Route 287 Overpass Bridgewater (908) CHEVROLET/OEO Y ROYAL CHEVROLET/GEO Route 28 Just East of Rt. 23 & Rt. 287 Intersection Bound Brook (908) DODGE CLAYTON AMERMAN DODGE "74 Years of Sales and Service" Main Street, Peapack (908) PONTIAC KEMPER PONTIAC 5 miles from Bridgewater Commons Rt. 22 East at Rt. 287 Overpass Bridgewater (908) CHRYSLER/PLYMOUTH L INFORMATION BELLE MEAD GARAGE Route 206 Belle Mead (908) Do you want more customer traffic? Do You Want To Sell More Cars? Establish Your Dealership's Name, Advertise In the FORBES AUTOSOURCE. For only $ a month & reach over 380,000 people each week. TO LIST YOUR DEALERSHIP HERE CALL MIDDLESEX & UNION COUNTIES CALL RUSSELL, EXT SOMERSET COUNTY CALL DAWN, EXT aif you have an item you can no longer use and want to give it to someone for free, use the "Free to Good Home" category. r Name. Phone. If you have a pet that you can no Ion ger keep and want to give to someone for free, use the "Adoptabfe Pets" category. Forbes Newspapers Classifieds help you recycle! Address A Union County Forbes Newspaper Q Free to Good Home (2100) G Adoptable Pets (3080) City State. Zip, Fill in 1 character per box, allowing for spaces and punctuation as necessary. Remember to include phone number. 4 line limit. To run the ad for (roe, this coupon must bo used. No phone orders. For any questions call: Send to: Forbes Frccbies Forbes Newspapers Classifieds P.O. Box 699, Somerville, N.J. 0G87G

23 November 3,4, 5,1993 AutomoKveGuick Forbes Newspapers / U-3 Looking at a Legend. ** ~*-... KERRIE HAGY/FORBES NEWSPAPERS Jeff Sheridan of Acura of Somerville, far right, shows Michelle and Joe Batteglino of Hellertown, Pa. the '94 Acuras. The Batteglino's bought their last two cars from Mr. Sheridan, and came back for another. Quad-4's head gaskets may fail HAGIN FORBES NEWSPAPKRS QI have a 1989 Oldsmobile Calais coupo with the 2.3- litcr Quad-4 four-cylinder engine. I like the performance very much although the engine seems a little rough at idle. The former owner was very honest with me and told me he had an overheating problem with the car and had to have the engine worked on. He said he had the head gasket replaced at 25,000 miles because of engine overheating. The car has 50,000 miles now and I wonder if I am gointf to have the same problem. Is there something wrong with the design of the engine that will cause this problem? A Originally the Quad 4 engine was a kind of "breakthrough" unit for General Motors in that it has four valves per cylinder, very high-tech for an American manufacturer in '89, It was indeed a bit rough on idle then and still is. I recently had a new Automotive Q«A Chevrolet Beretta for a week that had the same engine. There's nothing wrong with the design but the original head gaskets presented a problem in that they were glued to the iron engine block and as well as the aluminum cylinder head and when these two pails would "flex" as the engine heated up, the head gasket couldn't take tho strain and was pulled apart. Then the coolant would leak into the cylinders and the car would overheat. I'm told that the factories that used these engines from 1989 to 1901 have extended the original warranties from 3 years/50,000 miles to G years/60,000 miles and will even reimburse owners who had to pay to have the job done. QI recently found a 1975 Jensen Interceptor in a used car lot. It is very tacky but it appears to be all there. I had heard of these cars but I'd never seen one. It runs but just barely and has what appears to be a Chrysler engine in it. The salesman claims this car came with that engine although it was made in England. Is it worth restoration as a collectible car? AFor a decade or so, the use of big American V8 powerplants and running gear was popular with European and British specialty car builders. It was a way to put reliable high performance into a low production Grand Touring car without having to build the engine in-house. The Interceptor was easily a match for the contemporary Jaguar, lor instance. The car is interesting, for sure, but a collector could wind up putting a whole lot more money into a car like that than the car is worth when the job is done. It's a lot like building a street rod: it's a labor of love, not one of profit. NEW LOW PRICE, ONE WEEK ONLY!...AND THESE ECLIPSE'S ARE LOADED WITH EQUIPMEHT! Brand New 3-Door Eclipse Sport Coupe with 1.8 Liter SOHC 4-Cylinder Engine with MPI Fuel Injection, Automatic Transmission, Power Steering & Brakes, Full Wheel Covers, Rear Window Defroster, Mud Guards, etc. Stk#P404. VIN#PE051860/1993. MSRP: $13,640! New 1994 Mitsubishi GALANT 4-DR! LOWEST PRICE EVER! Brand new "S" 4-Door Sedan with 2.4 Liter SOHC 16-Valve 4-Cyl Engine with MPI Fuel Injection, 5- Speed Manual Transmission with OverDrive, Air Conditioning, Power Steering, Power Brakes, AM/ FM Cassette with 4 Speakers, Floor Mats, etc. VIN#RE MSRP: $15,377! GLOBAL MITSUBISHI Mitsubishi DIAMANTE! LOWEST PRICE EVER! "ES" 4-Dr Luxury Sedan, 175 HP 3 0 I Her SOHC 12- Valve V/6 Eng w/mpi Fuel In;, 4-Spd Au!o Tranr, w' OD, P/S, P/B, Auto Climate Control Aif Condtiior.i'ig Air Bag. AM/FM Cass. Power Winds tcks.trunk'm.rrs/ Ant, Rr Defrost, Till, Cruise, T/Giass. etc S:knP23i4 VIN# PY021675/ Ml Orig MSHP $ NORTH PLAINFIELD, NJ USA ROUTE SPECIAL SALE HOURS: Open Daily 9 AM lo 10 PM, Open Sal. lo S PM, Sun (or Browsers CALL FOR: Directions from Airports Or Free Shuttle Bus Schedule From Mapr Cities m the Tn-Siale Area. (908) Rebates assigned to dlr. Prices include all consumer costs excepi t v22, ^ AVAILABLE ' 1993 MERCURY VILLAGER GS Now, Van Auto Trans w/od. FRWD, 3 OL V8 Ena. PS. ABS Biks Aif P/VWSVM/L Rr Del. Br Wiper Tilt Whl, Cruise, Alloy Whls. T/GIs, Priv GIs, Aux Au/Heatei Rr. Light Grp/Pvw Vent Wind Flip Open Wind. Rt Rack V1N#PDJ97355 MSRP: $22,219 <y.s rjl VAti. Hi «1* \W Cnn ijo»* «WOi '/if0"' fcidhi'fdhf tiddetqun iffi-vlv i Vl< t 'Mol'rri-iintoH'isbitf A! IX f' 1! y ti. >F>5 '111 t $11'"' ',,:--!'«fa' imsefr.ilwfd.l V lease for: Per Month, 24 Months 1994 LINCOLN CONTINENTAL Executive New,4-Dr.Auto Trans w/od. FRWD. 38 V6, PS. PB, Air. Dual Ak Bag. AM/FM Cass. Pwr WindTSfs/Lks /Ant/Mirrs Rr Det, T/Whl., Cruise, Alloy Whls, T/GIs, Keyless Ent VIN RY6022S1 MSRP: $34,659 1 mat pvmnl tusai on a dosa) «nd!*»«i ci lai' mu!l t39b i m?«t»w Cash rtown. JKBOOmneilonltiCBrt c» Hdetqun Mft Bel SBC DM > 1 Mo Pymnl In Advance Due Al Inception ibqoomi/veciowmiol Ulm 05i5i lopwchasn M [mi tm Al F»r Maw Vilfl lease for: Per Month, 24 Months 1994 LINCOLN MARK VELI Now ^Dr Auto Trans w/od 4 Bl V8. PS, ABS Brks Air. Dual Air Bag. AM/FM Cnss Pwr Wmd/Sts/Lks/Ant/Mirrs, Rr Del. T/Whl. Cruise. Aftoy Whls, r/qis. Sec Alarm, Keyleso E/it Tmct Assist VIN KRY6239.J6 MSRP: $38,890 L "J 1 * 1 [H) r '' ll MM'i>l i; Mil t", M*MT t ::f tumlr'ili'f *<(* Mn; 4 t.'ili»j. 11I*JJ"*1'I», mall) i ill :-''M>'I I,:I V'J'. '< ' Sn' l»«. f Mo l\'i^il in A.N,M i ; ;iu" Al ln,-»^l'l!ii If, i*»'ni,-i' 11. (". i"i fin i *.'i k< I' *i ( *H M l V lease for: Per Month, 24 Months I IN] C O L IVI E R C U 701 RT N. Budgewater. NJ 12 IN STOCK AT SIMILAR SAVINGS ffamiuowned ""- ' r?" SINCE IN STOCK AT SIMILAR SAVINGS 1994 MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS GS $ Now, 4-Dt, Auto Trans w/od, 4 6L VB Eng. PS. ADS Brkr. Air. Dual Air togs, TVvi Seats/Lks/Mirrr., AM/FMCass awind Del, Tilt, Ctui:a>. Wifp Whls T/QIr. VIN#RXfi16(i(J6 MSRP: $22,270 I rasp (jyninl [iffai] <m n r.lmj'd *iul ICM^ i vi l(k>!([)ui«wrshrt Sn- I Hit i impfvfmhln AfrvafK^DwAl IfHUiltmi IS'Kf 1 j'ti/vi pinrss rtj1 fofviamil lease for: 349 Per Month. 2f Month-, buy for: $ 19,499 4-Dr Aulo Mum; w/ou 'I OL VB Lug I'S. I'B An, Dual Air (Jug r/sm/wiikl/lkl;/ Miris, AWIM Cuou. Itr Dfl 1/Whl Crumc Alluy Whla. I/tily. Ktiyleus Lntry, Leather Trim. Traction Asuiyl, lull Spuro TUB VIN#RY64/38/ MBRP: $36,385 '1HV I'.ili-.MUi'iH ' Al'lllXI InlllMull UI9i Ull ' '* J'Ji I I''.^nv )ur Al M tease for: Per Month, 24 Months vffhsifiixmifa New -Mli Aulo Irnr w/nn iwn :\u w- in I'B I'S Air I' Sf!iilAVin>l/l k'i/miii:. I Cruino. Int Wipt-T'., I Ii FUHI Irij N/Oi'f I/Cif Alloy Wills AM/I M Ci\r MSRP: vincau $20, MERCURY SABLE GS buy for: $ 15, MERCURY TRACER f Ni'W! Or Auto Iriuiii wam') I WD 4 Cyl PS. PB. Air huckfl Si.'iil;i. hit Wipms. r~ku~ I i.h'1 Inj, Ad nt'c. Sc;it I iciht Oroup R/Pol T/CJIK AM/I"M MSRP:! 'V Allny Whir;. Pwi Mirrn $13,206 f'.iml! O 1 H I '-"ir'i'j \{\ HI 1 :!.Hi 1/4 II»''\nl 'Ur'? I Wi''( VT'IIH III I nil K-.ivn<u'i'AI ii'iiil il In A Union Uounty horbes Newspaper $ 189 lease for: Per Month, 24 Months buy for: $ 9995 Hew Mil Aulo Iriin;; W/OP :) 0 VC. F'K I'H Aif, Punl AII BIHI, fvsii;/w«ul/l ks/mii-. AM/I M Casa. Hi/Or'l. I/Whl Ciulne Umlhiv Alloy Whl:. l/(ili! VIN #HI lai.mjo MSRP: $18,265 l<vr* >tiii«ltu>t>! Mai mull Ji"K., U I d $ 4 H l ' i i faifilw SB. IVl' nu«al liiri'rtiiii I I/ t I Mo I'vimlinAilvilii >:i:«: :K;:::-S:.v;::- :: * :: ::> 1994 MERCURY COUGAR XR 7 lease for: Per Month, 24 Months

24 U-4 / Forbes Newspapers AutomotiweGuide November 3,4,5,1993 Guten tag, herrn 9or Zhe Classic Collector.,. A Special Offering Shown at the newly renovated Morristown BMW are, from left, Steve Saward, Eastern Regional Manager for BMW of North America (BMW NA); Stephen Grossman, General Manager of Morristown BMW; Volker Doppelfeld, member, Board of Directors for Finance, BMW AG, Germany; Dr. Helmut Pankae, CEO of BMW AG; James Ryan, Eastern Region General Manager, BMW NA; Victor Doolan, President, BMW NA; and Rod Ryan, owner of Morristown BMW. The dealership, recognized as a BMW prototype facility, has become BMW's number-one dealer on the east coast, sixth nationwide, with $30 million-plus in annual sales. It's just the thing for your Hup mobile y BOBHAGIN FORBES NEWSPAPERS In my possession is a 74- lyear old manual on servic-. ing electrical systems of automobiles manufactured from 1912 to 1920 called Service Manual of Starting Lighting Ignition, published in San Francisco by Service Engineering Company in It contains wiring diagrams of all the leading cars of the day and has G17 pages. It's in very good condition. I think this book may be of value to fans of ancient automobiles. How can I contact them and what might this volume ix> worth? A lt seems that anything involving old cars has some value today. There arc a couple of ways you can find a buyer for your vintage publication. The easiest way is to go through the current issue of Hamming's Vintage Auto Almanac and pick out the auto literature dealers that you think might be interested in your book. There are more than 90 list- Automotive ed but some specialize in Corvette reprints or Mercedes manuals or whatever, so you can ignore them. Send the others a photostat of the first page or index of what you have and see how they respond. You can usually find a copy of the Almanac in the public library or at any major bookstore. Or, attend any of the myriad auto swap meets around the state and find a buyer by talking to other literature dealers. This is a hard way to go unless you're a dyed-in-the-wool enthusiast yourself. Q * I own an '87 Oldsmobile 98 Regency which has 75,000 miles. Recently I was driving in hot weather when I began to brake and found the pedal came within a quarter-inch of the floor. I drove on slowly and 10 miles later the brakes were normal again. I took the car to my local Olds dealer and the shop replaced badly rusted rear brake drums, shoes and hardware. I'm afraid this didn't rectify the problem. A When there's a brake problem that involves a pedal suddenly sinking to the floor, I'm suspicious of the hydraulic system in general and the brake master cylinder in particular. Most modern cars have a power booster system that lowers brake pedal pressure needed to stop the vehicle. To test the booster, start the engine while holding a slight pressure on the pedal. The pedal should sink just a bit - an inch or so. If that pressure causes the pedal to sink to the floor, it indicates an internal leak in the brake master cylinder. I think your problem's in the master cylinder. I'm surprised your mechanic didn't dig into the entire hydraulic system. Comes in ten dent-resistant colors. SCI $12,025* 1932 PACKARD TWIN-SIX DUAL COWL PHAETON Complete restoration just completed by top notch craftsmen. A significant car from the personal collection of Malcolm S. Forbes. $200,000. Please direct all inquires to Dave at (908) SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY! 9or Zhe Classic Collector... A Special OfFerim 1930 CADILLAC FLEETWOOD 2-DOOR CONVERTIBLE COUPE V-16 #7 of 100 huilt. Meticulously maintained with 865 miles since total restoration. Unique "GolfClub Door" behind passenger door, rumble seat and trunk. Maroon with black fender inserts. Tan canvas convertible top. Natural saddle leather interior. A significant car from the personal collection of Malcolm S. Forbes. $225,000. Please direct all inquires to Dave at (908) SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY! GUARANTIED RESULTS SELL YOUR CAR FAST! 4 LINES FOR 2 WEEKS If You Don't Sell Your Car We Will Run Your Ad For Two More Weeks FREE! have a blue that shrugs oil shopping carts. A gold that doesn't even blink at the neighbor kid's ioul halls. And eight other bright colors that flex with every Saturn's denl-ivsistant polymer bociyside panels, giving you a beautiful, long-lasting, resale-value-protecting finish. *M&R,P. of tlit Saturn,'.iboun iih,vf unliithni) n/,u/,r /irffutrulwn unit /niiufwrliitum. liux, Ikttue and options additional. AI.S.R.P. for the SLI,<biwn tinlmh:>,>/'ii,>nii/ /i,i.:>tiuirr.'u>f mirror. IWi Saturn Corporation, SATlrtN SATURN OF UNION YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD SATURN RETAILER 2675 ROUTE 22 WEST, UNION K> A DIFFERENT KIND of COMPANY. A DIFFERENT KIND of CAR. A Union County Forbes Newspaper IT JUST TAKES A CALL FORBES NEWSPAPERS

25 Vol. 3, No. 11 Nov. 3-5,1993 < A A Foibes Nowsp.ipois guide to your quality time Stage Previews and reviews 9 Movies 'Fearless' flying Events 5 Oh, you beautiful doll Music Laser-lit concert at RVCC

26 > y t LLADRO HUMMEL t ROCKWELL«AUSTIN COPENHAGEN I Sinter) Jfflrias ThtColUctor's Place Select from a truly impressive ^ grouping featuring 1 OVER 1OOO LLADRO FIGURINES Q PLUS MANY OTHER FINE COLLECTABLES E \WTAKL\(i iuj s y...a very remarkable and Important 5 collection, the largest In the TH-State area, featuring many limited edition 9 and retired pieces only available at The Collector's Place The Jeweler You Can Trust i Our Prices Are Honest Weekend AHtfN 1161 Inman Avenue Northside Plaza * Edison, NJ SAVE 7 ON HAIRCUT COLOR SAVC3C C PERMANENT ON ACRYUC NAILS HIGHLIGHTS RqiMyfff'Nowtt ftogumy t6s Now $35 fl^myts5*now 55 Cal for 7/Vl"8fi(M Ofer good with an appointment * ^ * VJ^JsJ^ selected stylists Coupon Expires Cannot be contained with any other offer electrolysis Clinic SPECIAL 00 off NfwCUwlOily 'Disposable Probes Tor over 12 yean, your comfort and ulisfaction has been my goal" Kim CPE Frte cohullatlm mm k mmm Best mute it short time! MieMtatx 550lJnl«iA«. 1 WE'VE GOT THE PRICE THAT'S RIGHT! i&totenj & GEMOLOQISTS Th< Collator'tPlact 12*6 East Fiont Street, Ralnfiold, New Jersey ' Telephone: 75M774 -Toll Free: Open Mon.-Sat (A a KAISER t PRECIOUS MOMENTS BRADFORD EXCHANC Middlesex Mall Stelton & Hadley Rds. South Plainlield, NJ Mon.-Sat. 10-9:30 p.m. Sun. Noon-5 p.m. Categories Include: Paintings, Ceramics, Wood, Fabric, Jewelry, Wire Names. Mowers. Acrylic Carvings, Fainted Clothing, Plus Much Much More!! _ >^ Register to win. One $50.00 and two $25.00 g certificates will be awarded. No purchase necessary. Drawing to be held Sunday 5:00 p.m, Need not be present to win. T " Hilltop CraftsR.D. 11 VYalnutport, PA For more information, call (215) Drawing For One $50, And Two $25 Gift Certificates Namo 'Address Town Phono.Slale. iip 2 Weekend Plus I fir! *<; Nov. 3 5,1993 ALL SWEATERS AN 20% OUR ALREADY LOW PRICES Choose From This Season's Most Popular Colors & Styles Just Right to Accent Any Wardrobe Reg. $27.99 and up NOW ONLY and up 315 Bound ftrook ft<l. (fit. 28) Middlesex ionwn FOG

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28 Weekend Breaking down the barriers Crossroads Theatre celebrates 15 years of bringing African-American theater to Nm Jersey, America and the world By MICHAEL P. SCASSERRA WseksmlPlus Writer l m wry r>;uti'il thai \\v\ 1 1 lviidied the level we've reached by our 15th year," said Ricar- "ido Kahn, co-founder and artistic director of 'New Brunswick^ Crossroads Theatre Company, arguably the most significant and influential African-American iheater in the country. "I don't want to see our reaching 15 years as the in.stitutionalizatiniiul'aii idea. I want tdi.vlebrate what we've come to mean to the rninimnnties nf New Brunswick, of New Jersey, ui the African-American theater, and of the entire American theatre scene." Co-founded in 1978 by Kahn and L. Kenneth Richardson, graduates of Rutgers University's Mason Gross School of the Ails, the company began with a grant from the Middlesex County comprehensive Employment and Training Act as well as support from the George Street Playhouse. By 1980, Crossroads had become an independent, organization fueled by a creative passion which has raised the theater to national prominence. "Reaching this point truly represents the achievement of a dream," Kahn continued. u To have a dream like this during such challenging times and to make it through to a new era is really a testament to the collective dream we all had. 11 Though Crossroads began in a century-old New Brunswick garment factory building, the theater today resides in a $4 million, 264-seat facility, part nf During its first decade and a half, Crossroads has acted as a proving ground for major theatrical talent like playwright and director George C, Wolfe. Wolfe's The Colored Museum and Spunk have premiered at Crossroads and moved from there to successful, critically-praised productions in New York as well as other theaters across the country, Today, Wolfe is the artistic head of New York's Joseph Papp Public Theatre as well as a recent Tony Award-Winner for his direction of Broadway's current Angels in America, Proven talent has also been invited by Crossroads to develop and present new projects. Legendary actress Ruby Dee, for example, last season opened her "Books with Legs" series of stage adaptations of contemporary novels by writing and performing in The Disappearance, adapted from the novel by Rosa Guy. Recently, Crossroads reached a new pinnacle and realized one of its most important goals by sharing one of its productions not only with several other presenters in this country, but internationally as well. Sheila's Day, a work developed at Crossroads by South African playwright Duma Ndlovu and director Mbongeni Ngcma, concerns the parallel struggles and spiritual triumphs of black women in both South Africa and the United States. The work, enthusiastically received by audiences and critics alike, premiered at Crossroads in 1989 and has since played in New York, Toronto, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Washington D.C. and - most impressively - in Grahamstown, South Africa at the famous Standard Bank National Arts Festival, the New Brunswick Cultural Center on Livingston Avenue, which liegins at the center of the revitalized "The South African engagement of Sheila's Day is George Street. The mission of Crossroads, despite its the only time I am aware of, that a theatrical coincredible success, has remained the same since its production - a collaboration between American and inception: to provide a professional environment for African-American artists to create work, to present "honest" and "positive" jkiitrayalsof African- American life anil culture, and to educate and promote public interest in Afnr;ui-AiutTU'nn theatre to people of all South African theatre artists - has been presented in South Africa," said playwright Duma Ndlovu. "We're forging now territory with the Sheila's Day tour," added Kenneth Johnson, Crossroads associate producer, "One day, preparing to open the play, one of the South African actresses in the show told us that her grandmother used to tell her stones about how young children were taken away to be sold into slavery. She felt at that moment, working on Shvilu's Dwj, that she had 'found 1 those children. At that moment, for me, there was a^reat realization that, m lad, we weren't dealing with twu separate cultures, but that we were dealing with one. 'For a moment, I really understood what it meant to bo an African-American. We have been cut off from our history and are, in a sense, journeying back to reconnect ourselves." "From the start [of Sheila's Day] we all hud the need from both sides of the ocean to reach toward each other," added Kahn. "This is why the two-continent nature of Tk./<«. -J TU» ^ M _. JJW, the play's touring has been so im- The Crossroads Theatre Company was founded 15 years ago g In portant l0 USi bocausc its it. s ^ a centuryold century-old garment factory bildi building. Td Today, this integral t l part abo Ut cu j lura ircconnection.fiof the New Brunswick Cultural Center resides In this modern, nully, we were able to go beyond $4 million downtown facility. the stage and take us all home." Dennis Green plays Bob, a reluctant suitor, and Kim Sykes*is his loving girlfriend Marie, in the modern romantic comedy Telltale Hearts opening Tuesday at Crossroads Theatre in New Brunswick, Telltale Hearts' eschews history for comic romance By MCHAELP. SCASSERRA WeekendP/us Theater Critic Cuirently In the midst of its 15th season, Crossroads Is exploring the meaning and importance of "home" with its selection of works, Peart Cieage's Flyln' West, which opened the season, dramatized the lives of black women who left the south to seek freedom and independence In the tum-omhe-century American west. Next up is Telltale Hearts, a contemporary romantic comedy by Joe Barnes. Originally presented in 1990 by the Frederick Douglass Creative Arts Center in New York, Barnes' play explores the fears, fantasies, and foibles of eight successful, single black professionals looking for companionship, intimacy, and love in New Yotfc City. The characters which populate Telltale Hearts are composites the playwight has created from people he has actually met or overheard during the course of his professional and social life. "After a while, I had all these bits and pieces of stories," Barnes explained, "And as I worked with the material, the characters and the storyline began to emerge." Barnes, who has recently crossed over into what he called "the comfortable 40s/' was particularly intrigued in exploring the singles scenes for thirtysomethings who face the difficulties of seeking commitment in a contemporary era of careerism, feminism, and AIDS. 'Young, black professionals make up a particular segment of the black population and they need their stones told," Barnes said. "So many black plays are historical, they take place in other times. So many look at what would be considered the lower class and at struggle and daily survival. The characters in Telltale Hearts have done well, but they have struggles of a different kind." "The characters in this play struqtfe with some universal questions," Barnes continued, "How do you get close to someone? How do you say to someone, 1 want to be with you, but I want to bo myself at the same time?' Tliere are also other issues, like the shortage of black men in relation to black women. There arc also issues of racism which haw compounded the problem of men and women getting toother." The Te//(a/e Hearts cast includes Crossroads veteran::. Dennis Green, Eugene Let 1, ami Jack Landron. Reprising then roles fiuni the New York production are Kim Sykos, Count Stov.ili. and Pelronia Paley. Roiiiirtiiy, out the ensemble are Amelia Marshall and popular film <IIK! television performer Pam Grier. Following Telltale Hearts, which opens Tuesday <ind runs ihnjufji Doc. If), the Crossroads mainstage season wilt continue with Ami the Wixki IMI$\$ With Vou, a moving drama by emertfinr pliywrifjit Karimiih aboul a 10-year-old who tnes to rescue his mother from drug addiction, and later with a revival of Samm-Art Williams' Home. Concluding the senson will be the theater's annual Genesis Festival, a proiirain of staged readings and special events. "I'd like to see Crossroads develop wider markets for the work created here, markets in places like Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., London and South Africa, places we've already been," Kahn said. "I'm hoping we can reach more households, too, by becoming involved in television, which is something we're looking into already. I want to see us continue to get better and better at our work, to continue to foster high artistic standards and reach as many people as possible." TEU.TALE HEARTS Nov. 9-Dec. 19 at Crossroads Theatre, 7 Livingston Avc.. New Brunswick. Tickets $ (908) Weekend Plus tori x?s Newspapers Nov. 3-5,-1993*

29 Traumatic, dramatic Tearless' may be too honest a film for its own good By JER-REY COHEN WeekendPlus Film Critic 0 V I E S Amovie like* Fearless raises a number ol 1 questions, but the central one must be: if something is gritty, unpleasant, depressing anil long, docs that by definition make it artistically couia^rous? Fearless concerns itself with Max Klein (Jeff Bridges), ;i San Francisco architect who survives the horrific crash of a commuter plane in a corn field. Although he has always been afraid tofly,max discovers that coming this close to death has extinguished his fear; he is now capable of placing himself in danger, confident that nothing can happen to him because "I've already died." Unfortunately, this transformation has made Max distant and sometimes cruel to his wife (Isabella Rossellini, making perhaps the least likely Laura Klein imaginable) and son. He walks through life seemingly without emotion entirely, until an airline-hired therapist (John 1\irturro) introduces Max to Carla (Rosie Perez), "another crash survivor who won't leave her bedroom because she's grieving for the toddler son she lost in the crash. With Carla, Max finds a purpose that he mistakes for love. He tries to save her by convincing her that it's all pointless, and eventually, by crashing into a brick wall in the last Volvo sold in America without an airbag. fearless hinges on Bridges' jxjrtrayal of Max, and it is indeed brave and masterly. He does not give in to the movie star urge to make his character more likeable. Even though Max rescues a number of people from the burning plane, lie clearly has done it less from a sense of concern for humanity and more because he's trying to deny his own fear. Bridges is uncompromising, and his Max becomes somewhat maddening in his refusal to communicate with non-survivors. It's hard to Film capsules 'Capiult rtvlewt by WMktndPlui staff Quid*: / - Recommended. - Strongly recommended OPENING THIS WEEK FliSM AND BONE Dennis Quaid stari ii>. <i WHW drifter who falls- in io\u. h.u'.ii loahlo wonidn imty, M.iif.1 drama written jnil Outv \w\ h, S11: 1. Moves. With James Uun ild A HOME OF OUR OWN Mhy UillPS imiswvi --U*r-. i«i!'i-, COini'dyahOiit,r,'.if!ir,\.'." I"J» L(»S A'lj?,eles tft finrl iil^'mf.-r lie!ci tier ^i< chiltlrtn long (Ipirn/riitlof 2 Dft>] (PG) LOOK WHO'S TALKING NOW fil'fonttstuliii'l to hiibyt;iu' n^n C()y lilt lift* IV/lO'', /,l''"'l/: Inl!'' Kirstie Alley ano Jiiim Ir,iii'ii,i.1» the uwru'is of two t;iii'h!)[i!ci.'.. who's voices are lupplitul by II,HIM, OeVito and Diiinn Ko.iton (P(i 1!i THE REMAINS OF THE DAY Howards End director J Ivory's comedy ol maruvurs Rosie Pern and Jtff Bridget share an unusual bond as survivors of a plane crash In the new movie foarkss, The Jamaican bobsled team's unlikely path to the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics Is the comic basis of Cool Runnings, the latest hit movie from Disney Studios. imagine another actor playing Max at all convincingly. The supporting cast is equally good, as Perez makes a play to be given better roles with her complex Carla, Rossellini makes a movie without taking her clothes off and Turturro, for once, plays the most normal person in the movie. Tom Hulce, who should work more often, plays a scheming lawyer trying to milk the airline for damages, representing Max, his late partner's wife and Carla. Hulce is the only breath of comedy in Feariess, and hes not in it very much. Unfortunately, even a fabulous star performance and a great supporting cast are ultimately not enough to justify the emotional punishment an audience goes through in watching Fearless. From the unspeakable anguish of Carla, certain that she in some way caused her baby's death, to a smal boy Max rescues who develops an unhealthy attachment to him, the shadow of death is never far from this film. And at close to 2Vi hours, that's a long time to spend in such grim company. Director Peter Weir (The Year 0/Living Dangerously, Witness) is as uncomprirmsing as Bridges in the structure of the film, and perhaps all that lack of comprimise is just too much for something considered a popular entertainment. Yes, it's entirely possible that people who survive a horrible catastrophe would bear enormous emotional scars. The therapist keeps talking about "post-traumatic stress disorder" and that pretty much sums up the movie in a nutshell. After viewing Fearless, some audience members may feel like they have exactly that condition. Fearless certainly has a number of things to recommend it. You may never want to board a plane again after seeing the crash scenes, which are technically perfect. And the characters are all completely believable, with the possible exception of Carla's husband, who seems utterly unconcerned with his own son's death, other than to see how much money he can squeeze out of it. But that question remains: just because something isn't the traditional upbeat Hollywood ftinfest, is it great art? Well, no. Fearless is the antithesis of something like Jurassic Park, as it does attempt to present real characters exploring real emotions and big questions like life, death and the existence of a supreme being. That doesn't make it great art. But at least it tries. Oscar-winners Emma Tliompjon and Anthony Hopkins, with the latter playing a proper English butler. (PG) ROSOC0P3 "Nancy Allen and Rip Torn star in the third episode of this popular, seriocomic action series set in 21st century Detroit. (PG-13) CURRENT FILMS THE AGE OF INNOCENCE Director Martin Scorcese (Good/e/- tos, Cape Feat) switches gears with this faithful adaption of Edtth Wharton's romantic novel about a man who lolls in love with his fiancee's cousin in late 19th century American high society. Staffing Darnel Day-Lewis (List of (he MoWcarw). Michelle Pfeiffer and Wmonj Ryder. (PG) THE BEVERLY HllifillUES Feature version of the JV series stars Oscar-winner Clons Leachman as Grannie, Jim (the Ernest movies) Varney as Jed and Lily Tomlin as Miss Hathaway. (PG) ABftONXTAlE First-time director Robert DeNiro also stars in this urban drama about a working class father who takes on gangsters that embrace his son when the boy "keeps his mouth shut" after witnessing a crime. (R) COOL RUNNINGS Curious misadventures of the first Olympic Jamaican bobsled team (this is a bw story, folks) are played mostly for laufifis. with a supporting cast that includes John Candy as their coach. (PG) DAZED AND CONFUSED An American Graffitii foi the 70s: director Richard (Stocfccr} Unkljlw's low-budget, unapoio eiic look at the decade of free love, marijuana and horrible fashions seen through the eyes of high schooled dunnc one nifthl in the Bicentennial yra of (R) DEMOLITION MAN I3ig-budget, cartoomsh actionadventure nonsense with Sylvester Stallone slwinf, as a cop fto/en m our time who is thawed out to catch a violent criminal (Wesley Snipes, sporting a blond Mohawk) in ihe year A lew witty moments, but overall, poorly executed, (R) (Please turn to page G) Video rewind 'Born Yesterday 1 On first glance, you'd think a remake of Bom Yesterday (Touchstone) woukf be the perfect career move for Melante Griffith. After all, if youve already embarrassed yourself as a tough cop In A Stran#r Amortf Us and a spunky romantic heroine in Shining Tbroufi, why not turn your vices Into a virtue and be* come the next Judy Holiday? Well, because she cant. Griffith, even with support from the perfect-«xcept-rbf-ns-ust8-in-folet John Goodman and husband Don Johnson, can't carry a re* write script that tries to tatirtoi 1993 Washington and cant hoto a cande to Oave. IN* "comedy" hat maybe three chucwes. 'My New Qun f A> New Gtn {CoUnbia TrtStarJisoneofthoie fflwe>senm mcmsv wore a woman (Diane Lane) has a swine husband (Stephen Coins) who insists on buying her a handgun even if she doesni want I t And for reasons only the witter/director understands, she's attracted to the burnout moron who lives next door. Blah, biah, blah. -Jeffrey Cohen Top 10 video rentals 1 Indecent Proposal 2. Dennis the Menace 3. The Sandlot 4. Bom Yesterday 5. Cop and a Half 6. Posse l.flreinthesty B.Jack the Bear 9, Three of Hearts 10. Sidekicks -Rental figures courtesy ofeasyvktoo Nov l' ) 'l> ' N Weekend Plus

30 Film capsules (Continued from page 5) WAL INSTINCT Cart Reiner directs this comic Spoof of dark thrillers like Basic /ristlnct with a cast featuring Kate Nelligfln, Armand Assante. Srwrilyn Fenn and Sean Young. (PG-13) FEARLESS ^Director Peter Weir's (Wit ness, Green Card) tatesi follows the post-trauma lives of the survivors of a plane crash. Starring Jeff Bridges, Rosie Perez, Isabella Ro&sellmi. (R) THE QOOO SON HomflAionevwmdeikind Macaulay Culkim goes against type as an evil orphan who terrorizes unsuspecting relatives, including a visiting cousin (Elijah Wood). (R) JUDGEMENT NMHT Incredibly stupid, but wellfilmed action flick stamng Emilio Estevez and Cuba Goodmg, jr., as members of a suburban group threatened while stranded in inner city Chicago after witnessing a murder, (R) MALICE "An all-star cast Wee Baldwin, Nicole Kidman, Bebe Neuwirth, Anne Bancroft, George C. Scott) stars in Harold Becker's suspense-thriller about a group of professors and professionals who ma/ or may not be hiding dark secrets in a New England college town, (R) Hulk Hogan stars as a professional wrestler moonlighting as a babysitter, (PG) THE NIGHTMARE EFOKECHfflTMAS ^ This stop-action, animated musical fantasy about the people of Halloween taking over Christmas was directed by Henry SelicK but the story and characters come courtesy of Tim Burton, the visuallyoriented director of Batman, Bwtfeju/ee and Edward Sellwrtwxfe. Music by frequent Burton collaborate! Danny Elfman. (PG) THEMOMAM James Caan plays the coach of a big-time college football team under tremendous pressure to win, With Halle Berry, Kristy Swanson, (R) MJOY True Rocky style-story of an undersized but determined adult who pursues his dream to not only attend the University of Notre Dame, but to ptay for the football team. Starring Sean Astln, {PG) REVIVAL LAVIEDEK>HEMf(Ltt2; composed "tableaux" revealing small details In the life of lucklets Parisian bohemlant. Based on the 19th century novel by Francois Mauriac's novel, which inspired the Puccini opera, M* day, Nov. J, 7 p.m., at Cettfi AvttMM etmput, Rut* Part of "Potpourri" fmttvh C^OMOCN by ntitfirt Rwi Condr, MmlMlon 13; 12 Rutfen FHm Co4f mtm* b**,(w) UKC WATER FOR CHOCOUTE UM3;tp,) WIT ANOTHER GIRL ON THE IRT(1H3) a A double feature of recent films rarely shown outside of Manhattan or "art houses," Ute V/m, though, managed to be one of the highestgrossing foreign films in several years, thanks to a great deal of positive word-of-mouth that kept it going throughout much of the spring and summer. The title refers to a Mexican phrase describing the kind of passion that in this case reflects the story of Tits, a spirited woman who with the power to magically tmsmit her feelings and passions Into everything she cooks Mt Another GW is the story of a smart and sexy 17-year-old African-American girl "trapped' in urban America. Director Leslie Harris was awarded the Sundance Film Festival's Oest New filmmaker prize for her elforts. Sunday, Nov. T, 7 p.m. t «N StritTlwatri, 19 Uvtnf iton Avtnut, New Brun-»wlclc,Mmittlon$7,$5Rutgflfi FHm Coop membtri, (90») 932S4S2. f 4 4 /4 4 V BRAS* Girdles Nu»mgBmi«Teddys Stocking Pantia Gowm Complete Lingerie Needs Personal Attention * Expert Fitting 315 Mill tot* Icfalosfcr M-fltun,i0-S:30 Fit 1U4 Sat 10-5 'MAIL ORDER PRICING LOCAL SERVICE" 486SX-25 SYSTEM [including/svga Color Monitor 4S6SX-25 Processor 4 Mil RAM 130 MB Hard Disk Drive 1.44Min.5" FDD Drive 2 Serial I Parallel Pom Tower or Desktop Chassis 101 Key Keyboard MS-DOS 6.0 4B6DX2-66 SYSTEM including SVGA Color Monitor <48M)X2-66Proccwor 64 Cache MciTxiry 4 MB RAM 210 MB Hani M^ Drive 1.2 Mil 5 2* ft 1.44 Mil 3.5 TDD Drive 2 Serial,! I'araiicI Vans Tower or l>vkuip Ctusvis IOIKryKc>taanI MS DOS6.0, "CUSTOMIZED SYSTEMS" Computer Sales and Services 430 Rt 206 Hillsborough, NJ Box Office Irving Street, Rahway WTO THREE SHOWS" Fn Nov 19 8 pm nun Sat Nov 20 8 pm Sun Nov 21 3pm Call hckel Office UNION COUNTY ARTS CENTER CO in 'North 'finmch M ome discover the charm and tradition of a country Christmas! November 6 thru December 22 Tucs.-Fri: Uam-8pm Sat.: 10am-5pm Sun.: Noon-Spm Closed Mondays Specialty Christmas Gifts Fresh Greens Antiques Theme Rooms Friday, Nov. 5th - 5 to 10 Benefit of Women's Resource Center & Thicr families $2 donation refreshments 3 miles from the Somcrvillc Circle, West on Rt. 28, next to the General Store Down ihc slrcct from Rarilan Valley College 8 Weekend Plus forties Newspapers Nov. 3-5,1993 c lire "Mouse Please Call for more information ARiES{March2HoAprill9)Doil-yourself projects arc favored now. There is information this week regarding a career concern. Guard against domestic friction in the latter part of the week. Meel partners halfway. The weekend favors romantic and pleasure interests. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Others may keep you wailing now. You could become upset about a business concern early in ihc week. Couples arc in sync. You arc more communicative and self-expressive than usual. The weekend accents family interests. GEMINI (May2Ho June 20)You will need some care in financial dealings this week. Scrutinize business propositions carefully, and avoid wasteful spending Talks with family members arc productive. A familiar haunt suits you best this weekend. CANCKR (June July 22) Give close tics enouph freedom this week to do I heir own thing. You express yourself well now. A family mailer could upset you in the (niter part of the week An eye for beauty is your guide when shopping. LEO (July 23 io August 22) Interruptions arc likely to limit your progress at work A romantic flirtation may be no more than thai. You will get many things done if left alone. Money talks are private and productive. This weekend, you will do something to spruce up your appearance. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) You could easily misinterpret another's intentions where romance is concerned. Keep your feet on the ground. You will have a stimulating exchange of ideas with a friend. Over the weekend, you will want to spend some time along with a loved one. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) Although you arc enthusiastic, it CALL Natasha's Stars is still best not to bring things to a head where business interests arc concerned. Work quietly from behind the scenes. You will have private talks related to that business matter, A friend is not much fun at all now. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) The signals others give out this week are likely lo be confusing. You will have to read beiwcen the lines Travelers may require extra time to reach their destinations. Your personality now is an asset in career dealings. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) You will make progress now with a career concern. Be wary of those who would take advantage in financial dealings Happy news conies from a distance. A friend seems a bit depressed now Judgment may \v ol'f when shopping this weekend. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) You may be intent now on doing your own tiling but success will conic this week through ctkijvrative efforts. Don't force is sues iti business. Rap[>ofl between partner's is greatly enhanced now. Accent togetherness this weekend AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) Despite interruptions, you will bring a project to a successful conclusion this week. There will be moments that will try your patience, Liter in the week, you will he catching up on some wotk left over from the office last week. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) Financial risk liking is not favored this week, A friend may do something to disappoint you. Couples make important decisions together alxwt a child's best interests. Social life has business ramifications this week. CiWJ by King Kf«turi*» Sjmt ?) \)%' in'rillimik"' <! limusiiilay! Muslim I Tniidi k'lmc or Kolan II Uaily Montlily -l'niii utiliiliiv Plus llios K)lan laiol iinwvilnl i^ u\u TlAIJi 11VI ^4 limn* a (by 1 I'mali Imk'ni Plunk S vaktn.\>lin int(.i Tiui.t hv.nlit MustU-'ioma,\s'iv)«y"i'itik l imiih.iiiu\

31 E N T Oh, you beautiful doll! Doll show and sale corning to Manville VFW ealers, demonstrators and Dappraisers will all be on hand for doll lovers at the Manville VFW Hail Saturday, when Especially Dolls of the New Jersey Doll Club will sponsor a doll and Teddy hoar show and sale. Dealer merchandise includes vintage dolls and clothing hard plastic dolls from the '50s, Barbie dolls and accessories, doll shoes and wigs, along with hand-made bears everything you need to make your own mohair and Teddy bears. Other dealers will be able to help you select clothes and wigs for your own dolls-in-progress - just bring the doll for a proper fit. Also, there will be an expert appraiser, Liz Pierce, who will be on hand ^ day to t cterminc the value of your old dolls. The charge for this service will be $3 per doll. Admission for the show, which inns 10 a.m.-4 p.m., is $3. Refreshments will be available, and door prizes will be awarded throughout the day. The Manville VFW Hall is located at 600 Washington Ave. in Manville. For more information, call (908) Dolls, Teddy bears and related collectible items will be available Saturday at the Manville VFW Hall, which will host a 72- dealer show and sale sponsored by Especially Dolls of the New Jersey Doll Club, Mark your calendar Dance-a-thon in Highland Park Ihon tpomor a m* of M mm the m Ptonl^ > fom> <tidte«tid to promoting ^t H^ted Partt, and tttf» an nnuil porfonnanoa at tha Thi danct-frfliwi H open to TtetaH an $10, or get RALPH LITWIN 'Eclectibilly' comes to Summit Musician Ralph Litwin, aka"the Hillbilly Pavarotti," is well-known to Central Jersey audiences, and a large crowd is expected for his performance Saturday at the Common Ground Coffeehouse in Summit. Accompanying himself on guitar, banjo and harmonica, the effervescent litwin, who describes his "eclectibilly" sound as "eclectic musical tastes served country style, selves up a blend of both contemporary and traditional tunes, drawing from bluegvass, ragtime, Dixieland, folk, blues, jugband, and even calypso music from the '50s, '60s and '70s. Adding to the presentation is his sense of humor, which frequently reveals itself during his unusual song introductions. The titles of several songs are an indication of his "eclectic" leanings - "Merle Haggard Was Eatin'Tofus/' and "I'd Rather Say Goodbye to You Than Give Up an Indoor Toilet. 1 ' But he's also a serious and accomplished musician, having won two New Jersey state banjo competitions. And a review of his first album, Makes My Heart Feel Happy, in the industry trade magazine Cashbar compared his style to Jimmy Buffctt and Jerry Jeff Walker. RALPH UTWN Saturday, Nov. 6,8:30 p.m., at the Common Ground Coffeehouse, 50 Maple St., Summit, (908) for more Wormatiai, call (908) Former hostage to speak tornw IWKM fiaaj noan i partweas of aknoat Mwan yaars In captmtiy Tuaiday,«p^t, at MonH County Oolegi m flah- Wwtaton to tht iacture, rar moi ffttnrwqon, CM (»1) 3^ \nuvc Seen \ll I he HN W (nine In I In Hi INov li'u List IlkWeslJicld CRAFT MARKET \\ I s I I I I I l> \ l < HOIKS & ADMISSION: Fri V> Sal & Sun 10-6 Weekend Pass: % ChiMrvii under 10admitted Free!.!>{(. K*il I.VdarilenSt. PkySimih.lnCentral Ave. liftitilhinllight onto (irnve St. Rt unto Utihway Ave, Armory is 1/4 milt' tin lel'l, 5(K) Kaliway Ave. I.I.: 2(ll-MK-(i72l)or l )l4-.tf5-24(io, No strollers, l ; ree Parking! FOOD WAREHOUSE SAVE CASH OCEAN CHEF SHRIMP IN A BASKET $10.95 OPEN TO THE PUBLIC PERBOKOf I? POfllONS ROSINA FULLY COOKED ITALIAN STYLE MEATBALLS $8.95 PER 5 IB BAG M i si/t r. HICKORY VALLEY FARMS KIELBASA $1.79 DOMNEX EGGPLANT CUTLETS ITALIAN STYLE $8.95 MR MH BAGS COHENS FAMOUS POTATO PANCAKES $4.95 PER 71D BAGS HANOI-TRASH BAGS GIANTVALUEWTTHDRAWSTRINGS PACK sin KITCHEN TO 1JGAL. TRASH M NGAL. LAWN-LEAF 14 45GAI ' KRBOX #10 CANS KETCHUPS HEINZ HUNTS BELLAVISTA $2.49 PI Hi CAN $R39 i it ioi cm SUNNY DELIGHT FLORIDA CITRUS PUNCH $6.59 I? 16 0/H O T TIIS FRANKS ORIGINAL DURKEE RED HOT SAUCE $7.89 $29.95 i'lii GALLON SWEET SUE CHICKEN OR BEEF BROTH $1.59 $18.29 OMINOTORTTOff CONTROL SUGAR $7.69 PER BOX Of»OO PACKS SWEET 'N LOW LOW-CALORIE SUGAR SUBSTITUTE t7 fiq OF,260 PACKS BOULEVARD WHOLESALE FOODS "A Warehouse Of Savings" L0CATj0N..-..., CALL FOR EASY DIRECTIONS ^ ~" NVJ WE ACCEPT FOOD STAMPS, VISA & MASTER CARD ' Sensuous Designer Portraits ruffll! 71tt fantasy, Cull You - l%>rtruilv For Tlic lloiulu^ For Mills Call M8-40e0orTollFrtt MJ7 21O.»2 North Avinut Oumllin Nov. 3-fi, 1993 olly* Weekend Plus

32 WaotondPI Happenings AMISH QOILT AND CRAFT SALE National Guard armory 500 Rarway Ave., Westtietd (908) Handmade crafts from ti'e Amish of Pennsylvania, noon-8 p.m. Nov a.m.-5 p m Nov. 13. Ree admission. ANTIQUES FAIR Christ the Ktng Church Blue Milt RrJ., NewVemrn (201) Collectibles for purciinstv 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Nov Admission $3. CHEFS' GALA The Manor, 111 Prospect Ave., West Orange Fine cuisine from the best chefs in the Garden State, 6:30 p.m. Nov. 8. Admission $60, CHRtSTKINDLMARKT Saenger Halle, 220 Somerset St., North Plainfteld (008> , i Christmas bazaar with German specialties. 10a.m.-3prv Nov. 13. Free admission COLLECTORS SHOWCASE U.S. 1 Flea Market Route 1, New Brunswick (908) Baseball card, comic boon and collectibles show, lua.m.- 9p.m. Nov. 13,10am -6 p.m. Nov. 14. Free admission DANCE-A-THON Saturday, Nov. 6 Reformed Church of Highland Park S, Second Ave. Highland Park (908) "Dancing to live DJ w/nonalcoholic beverages. Suggested donation $10, with proceeds benefitting Red Peonies Performance Project/ Janetti-Haver Dance School. DOUAND TEDOY BEAR SHOW Saturday, Nov 6 Manville VFW Hall 600Washington Ave., Mfinviiii- (908) Vintage dolls, coiiectioi-'v clothing, accessories iin<( more from 72 dealers, Admissiu: 1 Vs. FAU. BAZAAR Warrenbrook Senior Ct?ntt.-r Unusual clay matki by Louli Mtndti of Jersey City, a potttr influtnctd by the Mayan, Incan and Aztec cultures, art ust one of the attractions at the WettHeld CraftMarket, which continues through the weekend at the West!leld Armory, Momntt hotel Route 1, Plainsboro (908) Full ol IPs and 45s for the music buff who needs them, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Nov. 7. Admission $4, discounts available. GREATER NJ. STAMP EXPO Holiday Inn Route 22, Spnngfteld (201) A feast for stamp collectors, 10a.m..6p.m, Nov. 6,10 am.-5 p.m, Nov. 7, Adults $2, senior citizens and children free, HOLIDAY ARTS AND CRAFTS Meridian Nursing Cenlor-The Woodlands, 1400 Woodland Ave, Pkimfield (908) Stirjw iind Stile with works liy the rmjfiing home's residents.? -' in! Ni.v ',, ruij'i 'J!)"' \l>, (; F M'L' tif If Tims 1 " 1 1 HOLIDAY BOUTIQUE 118 King GeorrpRd., Warren (908) Craft show and white elephant sale, 10a.m.-4p.m. Nov. 13. Free admission. JEWISH BOOK FEtUVM. Jewish Community Center, 760 NorthfWd Ave,, West Orange (201) Ert. 285 Books, jime*, and grfts wtrt 1 decidedly Judaic persuasion, Nov. 5,7-12, end 14. Free admission to book sale; call for each day's hours. MERRY MARKET Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, 250 Gallows Hill Rd. Westfield (908) Wnn a "lawn in the Green," Ua.nv9p.m. Nov, 11,12. Adults $1, children under 12 (ice RED PEONIES I'L'f'Hined Church. 23 South VI.UM.1 Ave., Hij'iiliinrl I'aih a.m.-4;30 p.rrr, Nov. 7. Free admlisioti,»tamr»,mttcaw,anoiase. ALLCAROCOUiCTMSOKN H0UK Aallstamps 38 North Main St., Mllltom (908) Open house for collectors, 10 a.m.-4 p.m, Nov. 14, Free admission. THANKSGIVING IN TME COUNTRY Sergeantsville (609) , House tour and craft show, 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Nov, 6,7. Adults $12.50, children 13 (or house tour; free admission to craft show, WESTMLDCMFT MARKET National Guard armory SOORahway Aw., WwttWd (908) Now in its 10th year, 10 a.m.- 6p.m.Nov,6,7.Adulttl6for one weekend, $9 for both; children 10 and under free WOULD Of CAHW AND COMICS Route 206, Belle Mead (908) Comic book and trading-card show, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Nov. 6, Admission $1.50. Kid Stuff l^^fc WW? WW^WFW (609) Gallery talks for children (kindergarten-grade 5) at 11 a.m. Saturday. Younger children must be accompanied by an adult. Free admission. Battles and landscapes, Nov. 6, Song and dance, Nov. 13, CHAHW RAINBOWS Nov. 13,14; 11 a.m. Paper Mill Playhouse Brookside Dr., Millburn (201) Or, how to eve your child a good self-image. Admission $7, $6. CINDERELLA Friday, Nov. 5,10 a.m. Nov. 6; 10:30 am.. 1p.m. Off-Broadstreet Theatre 5 South Greenwood Ave. Hopewell (609) The princess whose dreams came true. Admission $3.50, group rates available. THE EMKMM'S NEW CLOTHES Nov. 6,13; 11 a.m., 2 p.m. Roosevelt Park Route 1, Edison (906) A famous fairy tate, presented in musical form. Admission $2. FROM RAGTIME TO WCH Sunday, Nov. 14,1:30 p.m. Jewish Community Center, 760 NorthfWd Ava., West Orange (201) , Ext. 252 A history of American popular music. Admission $8. KDMAMMER Nov, 5; 11 a.m., 1:30 p.m. Morris Museum, 6 Normandy Heights Rd., Morristown (201) Slngef and mutidtn performs in a gallery setting. Admission $6.25, UDDERS TO THE SKV Sunday, Nov. 7,2 p.m. State Theatre, 19 Uvinf ton Ave,, NewBojniwtck (908) folk tales from Germany, Russia, Sicily, and the West Coast ofamerica. Admission $10, $8, THE LEGEND OF THE CHINESE ACROBATS Nov. 7; 1,3:30, and 6 p.m, Edward Nash Theatre. RantU'i Valley Community College Route 28, North Branch (908) The Me and legend of the acrobat, told by a Chinese elder, Admission $6, PETER PAN Sunday, Nov. 7, 3 p.m. Union County Arts Center 1601 Irving St., Railway (908! With Captain Hook, the Lost floys, and all their cohorts. Admission it ROSENSHONTZ Nov. 6; 11a.m., 1p.m. McCarter Theatre 91 University PI., Princeton (609) The last performance together of Gary Rosen and Bill Shonu. Admission $9. JONATHAN SPROUT Saturday, Nov, 13,2 p.m. The Growing Stage Route 24, Chester (906) Sinjer-songwntef with a large repertoire, Adults $6, senior citizens and children $4, Speakers THE ART MUSEUM Princeton Univtnlty (609) Gallery talks at 12:30 p.m. Fri- day and 3 p.m, Sunday. Free admission, Toby Jurovics on photography "In Close Quarters," Nov. 5,7, Catherine Vanderpool on "Athcnj - A Woman for All Seasons." Nov. 12,14. BILL BUTKOWSKI Sunday, Nov. 7, 3 p.m. Reeves-Reed Arboietum 1G5 Hobart Ave.. Summit 1908) 2.' Collector ol minerals shows how to build such a collection. Free admission. THE ENDURANCE OF HAMLET Saturday. Nov. 6, 9:30 a.m. Fairleipji Dickinson University Science Building, Madison (201) Colloquium on the tragedy written by Shakespeare. Free admission, ALEXANDER FARNHAM Friday, Nov. 5,7:30 p.m. Krvergate Gookj 7 Lambert Lane, Lambertville (609) Painter and tool collector explores the artistry of craftsmen from early America. Free admission. INTERACTION Nov, 12,13; 9 a.m, Ztmmerli Art Museum Hamilton St., New Brunswick (908) Symposium on the confluence of Russian and Western culture. Admission $6 for one day, $10 both days; discounts available. ROMRTMEEROPQl Saturday, Nov. 6,7:30 p.m, Temple Israel 1920 Clrtfwood St., Scotch Plains (908) , The McCarthy-da trial and execution of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, revisited by their son. Admission $10 inodvance, %Y2 nt I hi; door. THE NATURE OF NATIVE AMERICAN ART 500 Warrenvitle Rd, Warren (908) Crafts and related items lor purchase, 1-5 p.m. Nyv \2,S) a,m.-4p,m, Nov. 13. Free admission, I,h! f(.ll 301 ChfM'll! 'jt. Ro,i:lle I'arh ( ( )dhi Cralt show and children's c;iv- ;iicade. 11:30 dm.-9 Hm. 12, 9 a.m.-3 NOV. l'i free admission, 'D.ince to benefit!h? arts orfliini/atifiii, Rp.m rniilnifjit Nov. 6 Admission $10 SPORTS CARD, COMIC, A NON-SPORTS CARD SHOW Budget Motor Lodge lumic l! VVtK)c.lbndj',e Saturday, No*. G, 1 p.m. MofitcUiir Art Museum 3 South Mountain Ave. (201) 7-lG %W Symposium on art from Hie peoples of North GREAT TRAIN, DOLLHOUSE. HOLIDAY BOUTIQUE OF CRAFTS (90H r ih i. hw> admission. AND TOY SHOW Gospel Fellowship Church it says, 5-9:30 POETS' FOfUJM Exposition Hall 02f) ftiiinshorc) Rd., (Hdiiishnri) pin Niu. 11. A(lutt«,$l,chil- TuRSdiiy, NCJV, 9, 7:30 p.m. Raritan Center, ttiibon 1009} 799-J 'J-23O'I tlitn under 0 deo, Jewish Community Center, 7()0 (908) 'Including a special-t'riiiivi Barbie showcase, Ham 5 p.m. Nov. 6,7. Adults fx t inidren 6-12 $2. GREATER NEW JERSEY MUSIC COLLECTORS EXPO Full of coliretibti", lor Ihnnhslliviujd'nl Christinas f'.imf.r.i'f, 10 (itr> -9 p.ip Ihutsd.'iy. h\- (i.i,/. iin') Saturday through Dei;! hec ijrtrmssirjf 1 HOLIDAY EXPRESSIONS tiiiuty United STAMP, COIN, AND BASEBALL CARD SHOW Harare) Joteon motor lodge I/it ljli,clim«(f)ob) Monthly stiow jnb sale, 10 Realistic layouts, trains of all sizes, a special Barbie Ooll display and hobby accessories are all part of Greenberg's Great Train, Dollhouse and Toy Show, which pulls into the Raritan Center Exposition Hall In Edison Saturday and Sunday. NurtlifiHd Aw.. West Or,in ',o (2011 M6-32O0, hi. 285 lynn Moll, iirul M>if om; Kiyst' Mil uuil 1mm tlii'ii wiiki, Ad finssinii IX 8 Weekend Plus FotoNiwspapeii, Nov. 3 5,1993

33 T A G E 'Sheer Boredom' can't be judged by its cover By MICHAEL P. SCASSERRA WeekendPiusEdtor S hm lowdom, currently making its world premiere at New Brunswick's George Street Playhouse, is a difficult work to define. Written by John Viscardi, the play is nothing if not unconventional. Set in the austere, marble lobby of a posh urban apartment building, Sheer Boredom involves three doormen who, faced with the challenge of filling the painfully uneventftil hours spent at their job, question nothing less than the meaning of their lives. Viscardils comedy, which at times plays like a surreal, existential theatrical exercise and at other times like an only moderately successful sketch comedy revue, is a peculiar hybrid of Ingmar Bergman and Saturday Night live. Though the play misses more marks than it hits, Viscardils strange vision does by its conclusion remain curiously nestled in the mind. Donny (Matthew Arkin), the youngest member of the trio, has been working as a doorman for ten months. Overcome with boredom which turns his spirit to mush and puts his nerves on edge, Donny is plagued by a strange malady: if he fails to stimulate himself mentally or physically, he is haunted by the incessant, steady ticking of an unseen clock. Mike (Joel Hooks,) one of his co-workers who has spent his entire adult life working as a doorman, helps his protege by sharing one of the secrets of lift 1 he as learned, urtthew Arkln play two of the three philosophical doormen In Sheer Boredom. To stop the ticking, he says, Donny must remain in continual motion, like a shark. Adding to Donny's tension is co-worker Angel (Harsh Nayyar,) a Zen-like middleeasterner who peacefully exists in a solitary space, removed from those around him. "Did you see that Knicks game last night?" Donny asks Angel. "Why?" is Angel's only response. Working the night shift with Angel, says Donny at one point, is like "getting sucked into a black hole and coming out blind." The first act of Sheer Boredom is comprised of a series of scenes designed to juxtapose the overwhelming nothingness of the characters' work lives with a series of comic situations including a repeated suicide threat telephoned to the lobby from an unusual women who resides in the building's most luxurious apartment. By the second act, the woman has jumped from her apartment window, leaving behind cryptic clues which Mike convinces Donny can be decoded to determine how the woman acquired her wealth, The center of the second act thus becomes an extended comic routine in which Donny and Mike attempt to unravel the women's secret to success. Despite Herculean efforts by the cast to make this sequence amusing, the routine quickly outstays its welcome, Sheer Boredom is a mixed bag of physical humor, mildly clever word play and existential commentary. Viscardi's work is best when he deals with the last of these elements, one of the most inspired sequences in the play comes when Mike explains to Donny how he has actually learned to {Please turn to page 10) Pack up the family and head on down! Bring them to see the Harley-Davidson Traveling Museum. Ninety-one years of great machine history packed into one monster semi. The Harley-Davidson Traveling Museum can be seen: ONE DAY SALE FRIDAY November A.M.-8 P.M. Child Care Center Open for Enrollment Infant ToMlirs Pre-school * Ft* Curriculum «SmtNPtnorwliiidClMM *Yi*RoundCI«aM *FuN«idHiHDtyi *Aft»SchoolCin * hdoor/outdo<*plty*snidit * Piano Imtructtow KctplNJSttft AM* Programs, CM to SM if you qualify ffnmstoto A Compart OurteflWtilftfctf Little Chick's Child C jr. C^ter 321 Wimor a, Bound Brook screw from BB High School -Union A M, ft» } How Ptrt of our Pr+Scbool Curriculum Come Join us at.... Brianne's Holiday Craft Boutique A Unique Holiday Craft Show Monday, Tuesday, Wcdnciday Nov8tlvH)th JOanvSpin' 'liiursday, Friday, Saturday November 1 lth, 12th, 13th 10 am-8 pm 404 Fulton Street, Middlesex, NJ (From Rt, 28 Ilait, uij McDoiukfi m<i 1 lij;h S..-ha make Irt'i on l : irm Slice i then,i right onl^ilu>iistfrtt l ; MiiRi.\Veit,ilraiphlihriiiiehlii;hl(iit.uyi!iclil."licd) l 2ihl street >.Ht li^lu, nuke a ri(;ln njihipli Succi then onicti mi luiluui Sncci) 28+ Grafters Bring a Friend Bring this invitation to the cr,i/f show to enter in the Free Af'glutn give,i\v.iy For more information, Call Ann Ritiouin... (908) ) A»3[ Weekend Plus 9

34 Community theater previews Philathalians open 62nd season Friday with The Runner Stumbles' One of Central Jersu.v's oldest theatrical tradi- the long-dead sister of a woman who is convinced the tions - the Philathalians of Fanwood - open girl is still alive. Debie Dreyor is scheduled to direct, their 62nd season Friday with their pro- The Runner Stumbks, set at the turn of the conduction of the eomtmom drama The Runner tury, is a tale of repressed passion, as a priest is Stumbles. implicated in the mysterious death of a young nun at The Philathalians, which began as a Deprcssian-era a remote parish in Michigan, community theater club, stage their performances at Thc prociuction stars John Correll of Winfidd Park, the Carnage Hous.* in Fanwood, and help to promote Barbara Guidi of Scotch Plains and Kathy Mattingly the arts in the area in a number nf ways, including ()f p iscataway ^ supporting cast includes Larry awarding a yearly schnkirship to a deserving high Aleshire and Marina Aloshirc of Piscataway, Pat Carpenter of Carteret, Gloria leitano of Elizabeth and school student. A pmtiun of the proceeds from ticket sales goes to the scholarship fund. Steve Ryan and Drew Willard of Plainfield. Their three-show season will also include the family comedy Brvaking Legs, pending release from a Veteran Philathalians Andrew Gordanier and Ken Webb share the direction chores. successful Broadway run and national tour, which is Performances of The Runner Stumbks are scheduled for Friday and Saturday nights, 8:30 p.m., scheduled to open on Feb. 11,1994. Breaking Legs, a comic tale of "pride, temper, jealosy and conspiracy," takes the audience to a restaurant in Brooklyn, where through Nov. 20. A special Sunday matineee is scheduled for 2:30 p,m. on Nov. 14. they meet a nice Italian family that owns it and an assortment of then 1 "associates." The show will be directed by Gordon Wiener, who directed last year's production of/ i\vivr Sung for My Father.. Tickets are $7, with a $1 discount for seniors. A season subscription, however, is available for only $17. The season will closr with a production of Veronica's Room, a thriller by ta'mwi/s Bob;/ author Ira Levin, Veronica x Ro<>m follows a young college student on vacation who is persuaded to impersonate SVP goes 'Out of Order' THE RUNNER STUMBUS Nov at the Carriage Mouse, Watson Road, Fanwood. Tickets $7, $6 seniors. (908) I..3» Don Aaronson, Peggy McGrath, Joe Glglio, Bobbe Philip and Michael Sylvester star In Other People's Money at the Circle Playhouse in Piscataway. Circle Players take on 'Other Peoples Money' On the big screen, Oliver Stone's Wall Street is the definitive study of 1980s Wall Street raiders like Ivan Boesky and Michael Milken, On the Broadway stage, it was Other'People's Money, which opens Saturday at the Circle Playhouse in Piscataway. Joe Giglio of Somerset will star as "Larry tho Liquidator" Garfinkle, while Peggy McGrath will play Kate Sullivan, an attorney hired to fend off Garfinklc's hostile takeover of a family business. The production continues with Friday and Saturday performances at 8:30 p.m., with one Sunday matinee scheduled for 2 p.m. Nov. 14. OTHER PEOPU'S MONEY through Nov. 27 at the Circle Playhouse, 416 Victoria Awe., Piscataway. Tickets $10 (Fri.-SaU, $8 or 2/S15 Sunday. (908) Sheer Boredom' The Somerset Valley Players wrap up their 26th season with a production of the comedy On I of Oilier, which opens Friday. Out oj'onh\ which w;is selected as Ijoudon's "Comedy of the Year" in 1991, tells the story of a philandering member n Parliment, bis harried private svuttnry ;ind a supposed corpse. Keith Howdlsnf Ih^litstown stars as the srcrclaiy. (leorne Pigdm, while Wayne Cnu^liliti of Asbury stars as I'arhinent's Richard Willi-y. Featured mli-swili be tilled by Norman Hill of Somerset. Hob Capiei of Rantan. Kiln- Moms of Flemington, Linda Nm rd'ncshanic, John Rinidier of Somerset and Cynthia Kellei oi'sonieivilh!. The eorpsi. 1 will be played by Norman Hill of Somerset' Performances continue through Nov. 28 on Fridays und Saturdays at 8:110 p.m. and Sundays at H p.m. OUT OF ORDER Nov. 5-2H at the Somerset Valley Playhouse, Ani.wl! Road (Route 514), Hills!(oioujf, r ) (Fridays and Sundays); $11 (iifimrdnys). (908) Stacy Bain and Ketih Howells ham it up In the Somerset Valley Players production of the comedy Out of Order. (Continue 1 from pafie 9) llmp Wnflo ^f% tioufi the dely loutino of hie We. Whet finks much of th# pay, thotiejt, 1$ the often toned nature of the humor end ths tonal pmbtemi Miich paikxlicaev eulwert the plays mesaa^es. Ai one point, for example, Mike tfom into s monoiofcie in which he expresses the dteappokitnwrt ha feels In spending his dfe as a Wue-coter worfcer. The monotogj*, thoutfi nxring, seems to haw been putted from *n entirely dhv Itiou^i director Torn BuRatd has assembled a game trto to Inhabit the stnsnge space of Shear Bomdbm, the acton often are fighting» losing game, To puh every Iau0i poesible from Vtecarii's text would likely take the Inspired lunacy of a Robin mam. The playwn#it should trust the mow serious side of his writ and discard some of the more easily play as e 10-minute work. Not surprising, then, his inventiveness works beet In I«MIM^ etot eatfnents, but Ne attempu to cteote a M l evening of suetalned theatrical inventk«n«et uttknatety fal flat. The int«ftw65k>n in thiip»cioxjctkrietmsstrsne><yootdpta^(fur^ the No-act fenum of Sheet Boredom there Iksty luto a or*s<t success. Aemess the p*f*w should n w o* Sheer Boredom into a sintfe act, Viewer Hi akiejb\ wther than oanfcrrn to the twmct conventton so many nanow thtaken censmsr prenouwte for a "fun event* of tne- jar.- M e t VlitMtf does derrionstrats In thta, N i first Mlenejth play; is a uri toes** w*os and a formal d w ^ one hopes hecontinuss to explore and iefoe> Posaity, Shear Aprectont wrir be ivmembsred as the flawedbut i*tne*y ***** «l«t efmbyaf inroveww. wheae beet wortt has yet to come* lm*tan Av«, F New Nov. W 8t the Geor$ Street Ttctots $ (90S) 24^ Weekend Plus Mr.".vspdpois Nov. 3-5,1993

35 Weekend Curtain calls NOW PLAYING UCKI COUNTY PLAYHOUSE 70 South Main St. NtwHopt, Pa. (215) Thtflody Honor Stow, an updated wiion of the campy rock musical. Midnight Nov. 5, 6. Admission $15. CMCU RAVERS 416 Victoria Ave., Piscataway (908) Otter People's Money, or Wall Street in the roaring 80s, Nov Admission 110, d& counts available. «IOMC STREET PUYHOUSE 9 Livingston Ave. New Brunswick (908) S/ieer Boredom, John Viscardi's tale of three apartmenthouse doormen, Through Nov. 14. Admission $ discounts available. HUNIERDON HILLS FUVH0UK Route 173, Hampton *The White Sheep ouhe family, comedy by L. dugarde Peach and Ian Hay. Through Dec. 22. Group rates available; call for prices, LEVIN 1HIATER RutfMArtt Center George St., New Brunswick (908) Top Girls, Caryl Churchill's sioiy of a woman's journey through life. Nov Admission $14. McCAXtElt THEATRE 91 University PI., Princeton Car Washl (609) M/fefit; LOS AW*!, 1992 during that city's riots, Through Nov. 14, Admission $38414, discounts available. NORTH MUNSWICK HMH SCHOOL Route 130, North Brunswick ( Ihe Music Man, Meredith Willson's tale of the good people of River City. Through Nov. 7. Adults $9, senior citizens and children $8. OfF-BROADSTREET THEATRE 5 South Greenwonrt Aw. Hope well (609! Cotton Parch Gospel, country musical by Harry Chapin. Through Nov. 27. Admission $19 Saturday, $17.50 Friday and Sunday. PAPER MILL PLAYHOUSE BroohsideOr., Millbum (201) Animal Oxters, stage version of the Mara Brothers film classic. Through Dec. 12. Admission $42-$27, discounts available SAMPSON C. SMITH SCHOOL Anwell Rd., Somerset (908) *The Odd Couple, two versions of Neil Simon's legendary New York comedy. All-male version Nov. 5, 7,13,19,21; allwoman vtrsion Nov. 6,12,14, 20, 21. Adults $7, senior citircns and children $5. SHERATON AT W00MRI0GC PUCE Route l.lsetin (906) No/r Suspicions, murdtf mystery in a dinner theater setting, 8 p.m. Saturdays, Admission $40. SOMERSET VAUIY FUVHOUSf Amwefl Rd., Neshanlc (908) Out of OnJer, Ray Cooney's tale of a member of Parliament who's really a Casanova. Nov Admission $11, discounts available. WESTF1EID COMMUNITY PLAYERS 1000 North Ave. West Westfield (908) Arsenic and Old Lace, Joseph Kesseinng's story of two spinsters and how they dealt with homeless men, Through Nov. 7. Admission $12, discounts available. COMING UP CROSSROADS THEATRE COMPANY 7 Livingston Ave. New Brunswick (906) Telltale Hearts, Joe Barnes' comedy of young black professionals looking for love, Nov. 9- Dec. 19. Admission $40-$20. EDWARD NASH THEATRE Rwtwi VeMy Community CoNefe Route 28, North Branch (908) The Best Little Whore/iouse in Tern, conceived by Larry L King. 3 and 8 p.m, Nov. 13. Admission $27.5O-$22.5O, PURNEU SCHOOL Route 512, Pottersville (201) Four one-net plays by local playwrights: Jhe Testosterone Game. I'll Miss My hah), len T7)ou$and Days, and The Ann/wury Waltz. 8 p.m. Nov. 12,13.Admsislon$lO, STATE THEATRE 19 Livingston Ave. New Brunswick (908) ' Sunday fn the Part w/tfi Geoige, Stephen Sondhefm's musical inspired by a George Seurat painting, 2 and 8 p.m, Nov, 10. Admission $ WHJUNS THEATRE KMnCoHege Route 82, Union 1908) South Pacific, all-coilege production of Rodgers and Hammerstein's classic musical. Nov, Admission $12. Auditions CIRCLE PLAYERS 416 Victoria Ave., Piscataway (908) For winter production of Sanefoot In the Part. Auditions at 2 p.m, Nov, 7,7:30 p.m. Nov. 8. Two women, four men needed: readings from the script. Call f or requirements. COMMUNITY CHORUS Of THE HIGHLAND PARK TEMPLE Highland Park area (90S) For ensemble performances of Jewish choral music. Auditions by appointment only, RUTOERS UNIVERSITY CHOIR New Brunswick area (908) For performances of two Beethoven worts, his Chora/ Fantasy in December and the Mass in C in March, Auditions by appointment only, TRILOGY REPERTORY Little Theatre, Ridgo High School, South Finley Ave. Basking Ridge (908) , For January performances of Pie Reluctant Dragon, Auditions at 7:30 p.m, Nov. 8,10. Eight actors, teenage through adult; prepare a song. UNLIMITED POTENTIAL THEATER COMPANY Judcf School, Roosevelt Ave., North Brunswick (908) For February production of Help Wanted. Auditions at 6:30 p.m. Nov, 8,10. Seven adult roles, Rehearsals CENTRAL JERSEY MASTER CHORALE Mondays, 7:30 p.m. Arts Building, Rantan Valley Community College Route 28, North Branch (908) , Choral ensemble affiliated with the college. Most vocal ranges needed, tenors and basses especially. CHORAL ART SOCIETY OF NEW JERSEY Tuesdays, 8 p.m. Presbyterian Church 140 Mountain Ave., Westfield (908) Chorus of varied voices from in and around Union County. HIGHLAND PARK COMMUNITY CHORUS Thursdays, 8 p.m. Highland Park High School North Fifth Ave., Highland Park (908) Chorus of area singers. Auditions required for membership; tenors, basses needed. HOUNDS FOR HARMONY Mondays, 7:45 p.m, Elks lodge, 545 Bound Brook Rd., Middlesex (908) All-male chorus singing barbershop harmony. Rehearsals for holiday chorus begin Nov, 8. GEORGE KRAUSS MEMORIAL BAND Italian-American League, Hamilton Blvd., South Plamficld (908) Traditional orchestra performing in parades and area events. RARITAN VAUiY CHORUS Tuesdays, 7:30 p.m, Faith Lutheran Church Amweit Rd,, Neshamc (908) (908) Mixed chorus of more than 100 members. SOMERSET VALLEY ORCHESTRA Thursdays. 7:30 p.m, Bound Brook High School Route 28, Bound Btook (908) Community orchestra with 60 members, Plscataway Chorus Tuesdays. 7:30 p.m. Reformed Church Mom St., South Bound Brook 1908) Somerset Valley Chorus Tuesdays, 7:15 p.m. PeopSeCaro Center, 120 Finderne Ave., Bndgewater (908) For women who enjoy singing, New members welcome; no experience necessary. WESTFIELD COMMUNITY ORCHESTRA Wednesdays, 7:30 p.m, Roosevelt School 301 Clark St., Westfield (908) Community-sponsored orchestra with varied repertoire including symphonic, marches, I and pops. Brushless THE 1994 BRIDAL EXPO jersey Orchestra GARRICK OHLSSON piano MAX1MIANOVALDES conductor Sampson Simple Lira Debussy "Iberia" Brahms Piami Concerto Sn I THURS. NOV. 4, 8 PM NEW BRUNSWICK STATE THEATRE* * SUN. NOV. 7, 3 PM NEWARK SYMPHONY HALL Tickets: II0-IJ9. Sludenl/Senior rush available ail I 800 ALLEGRO ( ) '(UNSIUI (oiiuwimn Ji d ts ]>m in tin- ilium- J j Hiltsborough Metuchen (Rt. 206) (Central Ave.)[ New Brunswick (61 Commercial Ave.) Hopelawn Union (next to (at Union Bradlees) Market) WE HONOR ALL COMPETITORS COUPONSl $ Regular price V.y 19 plus lax wild this coupon Ono EKtarior Cor Wash Ik Only $483 yyp ^//l plus tax $OHer expires 11/14/93$ MONDAY, NOV. 8th Woodbrid R cilibn 6:309:30pm - UOWoodAvHsclin Resemlioos p AI T J (GRANDPST7P Ut Shop The Largest Show In NJ & See Over 30 Weddino Related Services: Video travel ftowors Tuwdos Gowns BarxJs DJ's Linos Phologfapny Favors Invitations Cosmetics 'China Cookware Plications Plus Ai The Essentafs lo Complete Your Wedding Plans. BUSINESSES: Dorti Mill The List Show Of 1993 * CALL JO PARTICIPATE AFFORDABLE FUH FOR ALL! All Rides Now Only 2 Tickets RIDES NOW OPEN! All Year Weather Permitting VIDEO ARCADES! SAVE! 30 TICKETS For$10 With This Ad Only I GoodAnytimf Birthday Parties Group Rates Mini-Golf Open Dally WIN PRIZES! 18 Fun Rides For All Ages! ROUTE 22 SCOTCH PLAINS, NJ ml.westofG.S.P.Exit140A Jar Ms %nnua[ itfotiday 'Boutique Nov. Hours: K) ;un - 7:30 pm, Thin, fc hi. j() ain-4 pin Sal / cut minx u spec ml.selection ol \;i!t\, < > ( j//\ tiiuwltnslmos decorations Mrs. Parker of Country C ollaiincs ol Hemintnon is again opening her home fora Holiday Boutique Thursriu) Amish Quills Prints ol'gramlnw Moses ami Wystvki Him and I'aitlinoCainiiani'lh Signup I IHrwiions: Follow 2H7 in IV;i K«mm IkilmlnsliT IAII h.»-» u K nstu Kur llillmn Kl. fliiiiul IKUJ^IIIS Md. ru-iir I'S ) ii!f Irnuw. < X»H-7H2-W77M «SCHEDULE OK EVENTS Silt u r <l ii) Meet The Artists :onir Friday Porcelain, Handmade Dolls A- Collatiblcs Mii):nulls BrluivM I2:.W;IIKI.100 pm l\m );u tot Mini' Slrwl JS opt'»7i>ii)sik<; Weekend Phis 11

36 u s Early 'Winter Solstice' coming to Princeton Windham Hill artists to pool their talents at McCarter Theatre concert By WILUAM WESTHOVEN as an instmmental label, and they Wfeetendflus Editor want to get away from that, so Windham Hill Record's they asked us if we could do more popular "Winter Solstice" vocally," said Cunningham. "And recordings, which feature it makes sense, with two great vo- "unplugged" musicians calists in the band, playing together and on their own The singers are Triona Ni in their natural acoustic setting, Dhomhnaili and Michael 0 Domhnaill, who each play a variety of will come alive Monday at Princeton's McCarter Theater, instruments, but combine for some The concert will feature unusual harmonies on "Fionnghuala (Mouth Music)." Windham Hill artists Nightnoise, Alex De Grassi and Liz Story, who As for Cunningham, he's just will perform songs from their recent albums before joining forces reason he came to the states in the happy to be working, which is the to, hopeftiuy, synergize some musical magic. "I came to America because first place, Representing the entourage to WeekendPlus was the new kid on the block, fiddler Johnny Cur> America is a fiddle player's dream," he said. 'There's so much you can do - I've played in counningham, who joined Nightnoise try bands, rock bands, jazz bands," less than a year ago. Cunningham, he said, adding he joined Hall and who cut his musical teeth with the Oates for an all-acoustic tour in legendary Celtic folk band Silly Wizard, claims his Scottish roots Guitarist Alex De Grassi and pihave lent a new perspective to his anist Liz Story, however, will stick Irish band mates, who cut four al- to their instruments, De Grassi, bums of Celtic, jazz, classical and oddly enough, is that rare guitar pop-influenced music before his hero who is largely self-taught, arrival. So too, has an increased even though he's the son of a classical emphasis on vocals, which are pianist and the grandson of a more in evidence on their new concert violinist. No matter - his album, Shadow of Time, than on experimental style and merging of previous efforts. folk, jazz, classical and world "Windham Hill is known more Club Mix music is the kind of stuff that Th# mtmbtri of NlgMnolM will Join guitarist Aitx D«Qraitl (itcond from right) and pianist Liz Story (far right) omtogt Monday during tht Windham Hill "Winter Solstlca" conctrt at Prlncaton'a McCartar Thaatrt. keeps his picture in guitar magazines month after month. Story is another, er, story - recording and touring with acoustic bassist Joel DiBartolo (formerly of The Tonight Show band), her music comes closest to the "New Age" tag that has labeled so many recent acoustic artists. It's an unfair label, because her improvisalional style almost defies categorization, and a piano/acoustic bass duo is nothing if not unusual. Their latest recorded effort, My Foolish Heart, finds the pair exploring a variety of vintage standards like Duke Ellington's "In a Sentimental Mood," along with melodies by Gershwin and Weill and Rodgers and Hart, But fans of Nightnoise, DeGrassi and Story are probably looking forward to the second half of the show, which will features the artists playing together. "Since I've joined the band," said Cunningham. "We've toured with Liz and Joel, but we haven't played with them, which I'm looking forward too," The 33-city tour begins Saturday in Maryland and the Windham Hill gang will have just two shows under its belt before arriving in Princeton, which should make for some interesting jams, since the individual acts haven't really had a chance to rehearse together. "I'm sure they'll be some space to improvise," said Cunningham, his voice echoing both anticipation and anxiety. WINDHAM HILL WINTER SOLSTICE TOUR Monday, Nov. 8,8 p,m M at Mc- Carter Theatre, 91 University Place, Princeton. Tickets $ (609) BIRCH HILL NIGHTCLUB Route 9, Old Bridge (908) Male revue, Saturdays, lhursdays. BUCK RIVER CAFE Routes , Bedrmn&ter (908) Open-mike coffeehouse, Nov. 14. BOURBON STREET CAFE OW Bay Rntaurwtt 61 Church St., New Brunswick (908) The Weepers, Nov. 5. Midnight Slim (w/ustie Sammy Davis), Nov. 6, Full Circle, Nov. 10. K.G., Nov. 11, Barbara Nelson, Nov, 12. Rhyttim & Babs, Nov. 13 CATCH A RISING STAR Hyatt Rtgmy Hotel Route 1, West Windsor (609) Headline comedy (.MT/ nipj-t except Monday. College nighl, Sunday timi Tuesdays. Ladies' night, SteveShaffer, Pam Matteson, Nov 9-1 <1 CITY GARDENS 1701 Calhoun St., Trenton (609) "All-ternativo" dance part/, f n days. 95-cent dance night, Saturdays, Thursdays. Ramones, Bouncing Souls, Nov. 20. Special Beat, The Skataiites, the Selecter, The Toasters, Nov, 21. CLARION HOTEL 2055 Route 27, Edison ( 'Interactive comedy," Fridays, Saturdays. CLUBIENE Route 35, Sayreville (908) Bfian McKright, Nov. 5. The Kentucky Headhunted, Nov. 6, Inner Circle, Nov. 12. The Tubes, Nov. 13, Al Stewart, Peter White, Nov, 14. George Carlin, Nov. 20,21. CLUBHOUSE 116 Watchung Ave., Plamfield (908) COCKTAILS 51 Mnm St.. South Rivet IW8) 'Bobby diirtdeira, Nov. 5. Urcu'.n (iini). fjov 0 UdKince Ofinirrwi. Nov. 13. COMMON GROUND COFFEEHOUSE r j0 Maple St., Summit 190HJ 'Ralph Li twin, Nov. C. CORNERSTONE 25 New St., Metuchen (908) traditional jazz. fom Butts Quarlat w/chuck Wayne, Nov. 5. «Ray Alexander Quartet w/mary Napoleon, Nov. 6. Lynn Arnate Trio, Nov. 10. Radioactive Records recording artist! Live, whose first album was produced by Talking Heads' Jerry Harrison, will rock the Stone Pony In Asbury Park on Friday. Larry Ham Quartet (w/lrvin Stokes), Nov. 12. Dick Meldofiian Quaret (w/flay Kennedy), Nov, 13, John Bunch Trio, Nov. 17. COSTA Ott tot 600 \tost Union Aw, Bound Brook (906) Latin dance classes, Mondays. CRVANSF4IUC HOUSE 1270 Route 28, North Branch (90S) Dance party, Fridays. Oldies nltft, Saturdays. DOWNTOWN CAFE 8 West Front St., Red Bank (908} The Babes, Tuesdays. Songwriters' showcase, Wednesdays, Listen Up! Nov. 5. Jazzlamlc Jihod, Nov. G, Ihe Weepers, Nov, 12, iiu Mentality, Nov, 13. FNEDDVS 1 MiH St., BernardsviUe (908) Nomobodimo, Nov, 5. Neighborhood Rhythm 4 Blues Band, Nov. 6. Mark Dacey (comedy), Nov. 11. IB. RaSol, Nov Years, Nov. 13. HEMINGWAYS bmftwttor Minw Routes , Bridgewater (908) Dancing w/dj Jimmy, Thursdays. Ship Roberts Quartet Qazz), Fridays. Comedy night, Sundays. HILLSIDE LOUNGE 546 Hillside RO, Chester (908) Johnny Charles & The Stingrays, Nov. 20, HORIZON! COFFEE HOUSE Six Mile Run Reformed Church Route 27, Franklin Park (908) Michael Jerling, Barb Martin. Nov, 5. JOHN* PETER'S 96 South Main St. New Hope, Pa, (215) Free admission Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Open nuke, Mondays. Liberty Blues Jam, Tuesdays. Mountain John, Wednesdays, Road Runners, Nov 5. Trimm & Larsen, afternoon Nov. Q, 20, UnguidedMissilo, evening Nov. 6, Pal Cush's Hurricanes, afternoon Nov, 7, Chnssie Manion & 1ho Necessary Angel, evening Nov. 7. Combo Holiday, Nov, 12, Cross Cut Saw, afternoon Nov. 13. Zen lor Primates, evening Nov 13. Shirley Lewis E*pfw-ance, afternoon Nov. 14. (Please turn to page 13) 12 WMttendMui ToiWs papers Nov, 3-5,

37 Weekend Index of Advertisers AiMfta Craft Msfkot.7 ArteFino Hair Salon 2 BOUMVSfO WiWwSfllBini 7 Bowcraft 11 Brlanne's Crafts 9 The Car Spa 11 Central Jersey Coin 3 CompuServe 6 Country CoHectiUes 11 Dad's Discount 13 Dream Kitchens 13 Electrolysis Clinic 16 Hartey Davidson 9 Hilltop Crafts...2 Introductions Ung 13 Uttte Chicks Childcare 9 MaHen Construction 13 Metuchen Cultural Arts 13 Middlesex Army and Navy 2 Middlesex Male Show 2 Natasha's Stars 6 NJ. Symphony 11 North Branch General Store...6 Olivetti Offlco 13 Primavera 13 Personalty Yours 6 Restaurants Suburban Jewelers 2 SMI Bridal U Somerset Hills 3 TJs World of Stuff 3 Union County Arts Center 6 Wes Photography 7 World Wide Wholesale 28 HOME OFFICE-BUSINESS NAME BRANDS AT ROCK BOTTOM PRICES I FACSIMILES t CASH REGISTERS CALCULATORS TYPEWRITERS WORD PROCESSORS PERSONAL COMPUTERS PRINTERS ELECTRONIC ORGANIZERS EVDEDT S EArBn I * SBRVICI FUMNGTON emeu 10:00-6: i JO? 42? cmx rauwevr w a/rut I ami OPEN THURSDAYS 12 00PM-5 00PM K1H INFORMATION CAl I Club mix (Continued from page 12) John Hoberts, Tony Barrond, evening Nov. 14. MMMA'SCANTINA Albany St., New Brunswick (908) 247-3B4O Johnny Charles & The Stingrays, Nov. 11. MAX'S 1893 Route 654, Hopewell (609) Johnny Charles & The Stingrays. Nov. 5. MAXWELLS 1039 Washington St. Hoboken (201) '! Alice Donut, Jacob's Mouse, Red Footed Genius. Nov. 5. Ma«y Star, Codeine, St. Jotmriy, Nov, C. the Mckons Seam. Nov. 10 Tiger Trap, Slant 6. Nov, 11. Straitjacket Fits, Nov. 12. Polvo, The Nightblooms, Nov. 13. Unrest, Stereolab, Nov, 15. MINE I T M n COFFEEHOUSE First Reformed Church 9 Neilsen St., New Brunswick (908) Barb Martin (anger-songwriter), Nov. 6. Doctor Joe (satire), Nov, 13. Rick Howite (blues), Nov 20. MINSTREL COFFEEHOUSE Environmental Education Center, 190 Lord Stirling Rd. Basking Ridge (201) Bob Blue, Susun Deckhart, Nov. 5. Open st3ge, Nov. 12, Betty & The Baby Boomefs, Kothy Moser, Nov. 19, PHEASANTS LANDING Amwell Rd., Belle Mead (908) Forecast, Nov, 5. The Issue, Nov, 6. Delivery Boys, Nov, 12. Johnny Charles & The Stingrays, Nov. 13. PLAYPEN LOUNGE Route 35, Ssyrcville (908) Male revue, Fridays, Saturdays. Dance party, Fridays. Edgar Cayce, Wednesdays. SOMERSET HILLS HOTEL!-78 bit 33, Warren (908) '50s-'G0s dance party, Fridays. STANHOPE HOUSE Mam & High, Stanhope (201) Early Warning (w/rhen Tyler), Nov. 5. Carey Bell, Nov. 6. WE HAVE IT ALL! L/J Large Selection of Bras OH 4 * 4 in all Sizes for all Shapes * SlrapU'M CortM'h * Unit* r HHrtir * All in Our lnnr»iiig by Susan Colonial Village Shopping Center Rt. 27 A Parsonage Rd., Edison (Opposite Parsonage Diner) Sties AtoFF Small to 3X KITCHENS OWNER* OPERATOR" NO OUTSIDE CONTRACTORS NOBODY BEATS OUR QUALITY AND PRICE! KITCHEN CABINET REFACING ALL NOW FOR FREli ESTIMATE (908) GERMAN SYSTEM DISCOUNT STORC SPCORUZtNG IN QUALITY (10SC-0UTS -Name Brand Health & Beauty Aids Mousewares -Giftwares -Toys Bicycles Craft Supplies -Cookies, Spices, Candy & Other Food Items -And MUCH MORE! Proprietor! - Ktvin & lourii McPartland olthiniwqpwrd., MM**} CQmINQ THIS WiEK Christmos Ooodi,501 H ghway 27, Iselin 283.DADS (3237)., Wtd.,Thuf».>-7pm; Fit, 8<L 9-Opm Sun. 10-Spm; ClOMd Monday I The Iguanas, Nov, 12. Sandra Wright, Nov. 13. THE STONE PONY 913 Ocean Ave., Asbury Park (908) Live, Nov. 5. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Nov. 7. Matthew Sweet, Nov. 12, Aimee Mann, Nov. 13. STRESS FACTORY Hyatt Regancy Hotel 2 Albany St., New Brunswick (908) Live comedy Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Paul Venter. Nov. 4-6 Ray Romano, Nov TEWKSBURYINN Mam Si, Oldwick (908) Johnny Charles & The Stingrays Nov. 6. Singer Brian McKnight Friday at Club Bene in Sayreville. Metuchen Cultural Arts Commission Presents JAZZ f E$T '93 Featuring The Dick Meldonian Trio Warren Vache Sr, and "The Syncopatin' Seven" Frt., Nov :00-10:30 p.m. The Pavilion At The Metuchen Elks 70 Middlesex Avenue, Metuchen, NJ. Admission: $10,00 Adults $8.00 Students and Seniors Tickets available through Recreation Dept. & at the door (908) Funding has been made possible in pan by the Middlesex Counly Cultural and Heritage Commission through a grani provided by Iha New Jersey Slate Council on the ArtVDgpartmenl of Slate. i W/t f An Evening at The Opera Thursday, Nov. 18,1993 at 7:30 pm four course dinner $35,00 per person Plus Cocktails Tax & Gratuity Failunn\> tin hour tuul u half of popular taw's and your favorite Broadway show tunes Performed hv The Samuel DePulniu Openi Company Dance Music by Jack Patuto Reservations BUILDING & REMODELING Room Additions Kitchens Baths Decks Siding*Windows & Doors > Attic & Basement Remodeling MOLLER CONSTRUCTION Call lor Estimate and Planning Service

38 Weekend Soundings MWEATHEIOYS SntUfty,Nov.6,6 Union County Ato Onter $ (908) Country bind M by fethy m i r t h * husband Micha- i lonafxt. Adminion $ g QMfglSt.NtwBnjnswich <9M)M2-75U imcompomt'icontrtsti, OofteviWi and othtf wfcft. ptttomi on thi aruifwuiy or hiil940rut nunmfiity concert. Fin admission. UflM.MCSHNA.CHATnN Sunday, Nov. 7,3 p.m. TtwkaburyaiN (906) Jan trio pfffwmt in a livingroom Mttlnf (kw«t>on given at tim«of pucnau). Adults $12, wniwdtons and students $9. ORCHESTRA Thursday. Nov. U, 8 p.m. StattThtatit, 19 Livingston Aw., N*w Brwwtck (908) Rinnky-Koraatov's Capricao espatfwte; Shostakovich's Concerto No. 1 for cello and orchestra; Tchaikovsky's Pathefiquf Symphony No. 6 tn 8 minof. Admission $40- $19. Related lecture at 7 p.m. ( admission $6. CAPTAIN HAWKER fttneauitmt Friday, Nov. 5, 8;30 p.m, ItaliarvAmencan Club 403 Somerset St. North Ptainfield (908} Tributt bind wiui a repertoire from ttie pn-beatles era. Admission 130, includes dancing. JUWTH NICOSIA CIVITANO Saturday, Nov. 6, 8 p.m. Nicholas Music Center, Rutgers Arts Center George St.. New Brunswick (908) Soprano engages in a serious evening of humorous music, Free admission. JOHN BUNCH Sunday, Nov. 14, 2 p m Pnmavera Restaurant 1080 Valley Ro, Stirling (908) Jau pianist performs with his quartet. Admisston 115 RALPH D'AVANZO Fnday, Nov. 5, 8pm Barren Arts Center 582 Rahway Ave., WooMndce (908) Tenor presents "A Bouquet of Popular Song" in a cabaret soiling. Free admission. FACULTY RECITAL Sunday, Nov. 7,3 p.m. Weipt Theatre, Rsritan Valley Community Colleft Routt 28, North Bunch (908) Classical works by Rogar Briscofind Eric Often, pm$ a jig mini-concert by Frank Gitsullo M n t a n M w). Admiiiton»6, discounts avamatto. MVIDnOOR Sunday, Nov. 7,4 p.m. St.FnnctiofAatlilCathadnl Main St., Mttuchen (908) Orpnist ptrtonrs in a solo r»- crtah. Donation. QUNN/ACOMON Sunday, Nov. 7,3 p.m. Taplin Auditorium, Prlnctton Uniwntty (609) Pianist performs works by Schubert, Moart. Bnhms, and Wagner- Frva «tml««n. OEOMCiONU Sunday, Nov. 14,4 p.m. Nicholas Music Canter, Rutgers Arts Cmter GaorpSt.NcwBiunitfck (906) ClannetHt (no relation to the country music legend) perform inasotoieciul. Free ad- Folk singer Michael Jerling performs Friday at Horizons Coffee Mouse In Franklin Park. For information, call (908) TIM GILUSIAND Saturday, Nov. 6,8 p.m Knights of Columbus hall 88 Jackson Ave., South River (908) , Country band from New Jersey performs m a C4A dance. Admission $12 in advance. $15 at the floor. WUHAN Saturday, Nov. 6,8 p.m. Unitarian Fellowship, 21 Normandy Heights Rd.. Momsiown (201) Pianist performs works by Beethoven and Chopm. Admission $12. CISSY HOUSTON Sunday, Nov p.m Mount Zion A.M.E. Church New St.. New Brunswick ( Gospel singer land mother of Whuney Houston) performs with the New Hope Radio Choir ol Newark. Admission $15. TCPiCCCS 7* PHrt Jwii) MWI w# MMOTiCKf JUQQBrimm mission. KING'S ROAD SWING BANO Friday, Nov. 5, 8 p.m. Watchung Arts Center 18 Stirling Rd., Watchung (908) piece orchestra performs lor dancing. Admission $10. VEDA KOGAN/ SUSAN S0BOLEW3KI Sunday, Nov. 14, 4 p.m. Westminster Choir College Bristol Chapel, Princeton [609) , Eat. 260 Pianists perform works by ScHubert and Beethoven. Free admission. BRENT LAMB fridiiy, Nov. 5, 7 p.m. Iimoihy Christian School 2008 Ethel lid, Piscatiiway '908) Christian singer-songwriter performs as pan of a family conference, fjee admission, THE MARIMBA COMMISSIONS Sunday, Nov. 7, 4 p.m. Nicholas Music Center, Rutgers Aits Center George St.. New Brunswick (90B) Three world premieres and two existing selections, all played on the Central American form of xylophone. Free admission. WYNTON MARSAUS Saturday, Nov p.m. Morns Knolls High School Knoll Dr., Denville (201) Jaa clarinetist pcrfoims with his septot. Admission $30-$20. MASTERS OF THE BANJO Friday, Nov. 5, 8 p.m. State Theatre, 19 Livingston Ave., New Brunswick 1908) Six banjo players (to be announced) from around the world. Admission $25-$13. MARIE McVlCKEH Saturday, Nov. 13. B p.m. Immaculate High School 240 Mountain Ave., Somttville (906) Maheinpr perform Wtbe Clad<W Folk Band (n a benefit for Irish children. Admluion $ MfTHOfOUTAUCWCHiniU Sunday. Nov. 14,3 p.m. Jewish Community Canter, 760 NorthfleUAve,, Wnt0ran 6 (201) , Ext 252 Pertoffnlni works by Braiima and Btr^aminBHttin. Free admtiajoo. MONM0UTM lympikwy Sunday, Nov. 7,3 p.m, HolroddHlfi School Dawfordi Comer Rd.,Holmdel (906) Workl premiere ol Mario Lornbardo's Rhapaody for Oboe and Orchestra, plus other wort* by him, Borodin, and Howard Hartson, Admission $12, discount! available. MUWCOFJ.KAWAMKY Sunday, Nov. 7,4 p.m. Westminster Choir College Bristol Chapel, Princeton (609) World premiere of his Dance for solo organ; also his choral selections and orchestra pkees. Adults $10, senior citizens and students $8. MUMC ON FifTH AVENUE Saturday, Sov, 13,8 p.m. First Presbyterian Church 111 West Fifth Ave., Roselle (908) Sophisticated songs sung by the all-male Rahway Valley Jerseyaires. Admission $5. NJ. SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Friday, Nov. 5,8:30 p.m, Count Basie Theatre, Red Bank Saturday, Nov. 6,8 p.m. War Memorial, Trenton Sunday, Nov. 7,3 p.m. Symphony Hall, Newark 1800-ALLEGRO S/mple Lws by David Sampson (NJSO premiere): Debussy's Iberta Images No, 2; Brahms' Piano Concerto No. 1 m D minor. Admission $39- $10, discounts available. NJ. YOUTH SYMPHONY Sunday, Nov. 7, 3 p.m. North Hunterdon High School Route 31, Annondale ( Student orchestra performs works by Berlioz and Grieg. DO' nation. CHRISTOPHER O'RIUY Thursday, Nov. 11,8 p.m. Richardson Auditorium, Princeton University (609) Pianist performs works by Mozart, Brahms, and Aaron Jay Kemis as part of a quartet. Adults S2G-S17, students $2. FRANK PAVESE Sunday, Nov. 14, 3 p.m. Bishop Dougherty Student Center, Seton Hall University South Orange (201) Pianist performs works by Beethoven, Chopin, Copland, and other composers, Free admission, TOM PAXTON Sunday, Nov. 7,1:30 p.m. Jewish Community Center, 7G0 Northfield Ave., West Orange (201) , Ext. 252 Folk singer who's been performing since the 60s. Admission $14, PlAJNFtELD SYMPHONY Saturday, Nov. 6,8 p.m. Crescent Avenue Presbyterian Church 716 Watchung Aw., Plalnfleld (908) Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No. 2 in C sharp minor; Saint-Saens' Violin Concerto No, 3 In B minor; 77// Eutenspfe-.gfii by Strauss. Adults $12. se- WeekendPlus Hich nctes Laser-music show coming to RVCC Spend a musical "night under the stats" Indoors Saturday at the Rarttan Valley Community College Planetarium. No, the roof hasn't caved in - it's just that musician Dennis Andrew of Metuchen is Joining forces with the planetarium staff to present an evening of music, laser choreography and visual effects. Andrew, a setf-taught musician who enjoyed success with the influential undeqjround band Uquid Liquid in the earty 1980s, is a busy performer who has been seen at a vartety of local venues, including the Villagers Theatre In Franklin and the Watchung Arts Center. The 90-minute set will include a variety of his original compositions, with laser and other high-tech visual Images completing the unusual multi-media presentation. Tickets for the show are only $5, nnd can be reserved by catling (908) Reservations are recommended due to limited seating. mor citizens and students $8. LOS PUNER0S DE U 21 Friday, Nov. 12,7:30 p.m. New Brunswick Hijjh School 1125 Livingston Ave. New Brunswick (908) Bomba and plena music from Puerto Rico. Free admission. PRESERVATION HALL JAZZ BAND Fnday, Nov. 5, 8 p.m. Edward Nash Thentie, Ranlan Valley Community College Route 28, North Branch (908} Jaa from tin 1 historic French Quarter of New Orleans. Adults $20, senior citi/ens and students $17,50. PRINCETON PRO MUSICA Sunday, Nov. 7, 3 p.m. Richardson Auditorium, Princeton University (609) AIIMn/iiit tto»um Vr- Greal Mass in ('. rumor. M2T. the hipih 1! Symphony No, 4] in C major, K.42'. Admission $25, $20, discounts available. ST. LAWRENCE STRING QUARTET Sunday, Nov. 7, 7:45 p.m. Jewish Community Center, 760 Noithfield Ave.. WPSI 0Miy,e (201) , Dl. 2 r i2 Chamber music ensemble Admission $23. SLOVAK SINFONIETTA TuDSdny, Nov. [ ), 8 p.m. Bishop Ooufjierty Studoiu Center, Scion Hall University South 0mn\'fi (201) JG Dvor.ik'r, C/ec/i Sc/iiu; Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 3; Mowrt's Symphony No. 41 inc. Admission $8, discounts available, UNITED STATES MARINE BAND Friday, Nov. [i, 8 p.m. Plamfield High School J5O I'drh Avu., Plamfield (908) John Philip Sousa marches and American compositions, performed by Marine Corps musiciarn. Free admission. WINTER SOLSTICE Monday, Nov, 8. 8 p.m. McCartef Theatre 91 University PI., Princeton (009) Holiday concert w/nightnoise, Li? Story, and Alex DeGrassi,.ill musicians from the Windhnm Hill tocord label. Admission $25.$ Wee*w>d Pk» Forties Newspapers Nov, 3-5,1993

39 WeetendPlus Museums fflverton Fweh, a watercotor by Unda Boazley of Bridgeware, I i among the artltt'i works being exhibited through Dec. 5 at the Mortimer GaHwy of Gill St. Bernard's School in Gladstone. THE ART MUSEUM (609) Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a,m,-5 p.m., Sunday from 1-5 p.m. Free admission, fours of museum highlights Saturday at 2 p.m, Western European paintings, sculpture and decorative art from 19th and 20th centuries; also pre-columbian art and art of the Americas. Landscape photography "in Close Quarters." throu^i Nov. 21. "Goddess and Polis: The Panathenaic Festival in Ancient Athens," through Nov. 28. Photographs of ancient Athens by Alison Frantz, throuf^i Nov. 28. BLACKSMITH MUSEUM River St., Millstone (908) Blacksmith shop that operated from the nnd-18lh century until the 1960s. Open Sunday from 1:304 p.m. (weather permitting) through Dec 12 CLINTON HISTORICAL MUSEUM 56 Mam St., Clmlon (908) FeatuiKH 1, the Reii Mill ;ir ><l other artifacts of rural Amend* Open daily (except Monday) from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Adults $1, Senior citizens $l.!}0, children 11 ' DRAKE HOUSE MUSEUM 602 West Front St.. I'l.mifiHd (908) Colonial homo built in 1 Mf> and Uironiclmg Ni'w Jersey in-; lory from before independent t> to after the Cwtl W.u Open urday from 2-<1 p.m. IrcfMd mission for memtos. Nun member admission* iiduiti $1, children free. Plainfield's early settlors from Scotland, throu^i Nov. 21 EAST JERSEY 0LOET0WNE Johnson Paih River Rd., Piscatawjy (908) Village composed of relocated 18th century structures wl near the headquarters ot the county park police No tours ol fered at present. Gift shop closed until further notice EDISON NATIONAL HISTORIC SITE Mam St., West Qiiinue (201) Woihstiop with inventions of Ihomas Alva L ton Optm everyday from 9 a m.-5 p.m. Adults $2, children and seniur citizens free. CHEAT SWAMP OUTDOOR RECREATION CSNTEf) 247 Southern BW, ( Chatham (201) "Pioneer Ways." 11a.m. Nov. C, 7. UBERTY SCIENCE CENTER Uheoy State Park N.J. Turnpike Exit 14B Jersey City (201) 2O0-1O00 "Where Science Pun" with more than 250 hands-on exhibits. Open every day from 9:30 a.m.-5:30, Admission $9 for exhibit halls, $7 for the Ommrnax Theater, S 1.50 for the 3-0 theater. Discounts available "About Faces." through Doc. 31. MACCULLOCH HAU 45 Macculloch Ave. Mornstown (201) Gardens opt;n every day fiom dawri until dusk. Historical mu scum open Ihuisday <tnd Sunday from 1-4 p.m. Adults $ 1 senior ciii/ens iind itmlonb, $2. "hne cirul Dwrorativt! Aits in t Historic Home," through Jan. lfi, W)A (iiillcry talks by JiiMin Nii/finyal lit 4 p rn. Nuv 7;l)yUdrdLirif>stafliH'1 p.m. Nov. 14. MAIN STREET ANTIQUE CENTER 14H Mjin St.. rinniii^ton (008! 7H8-(V/fi7 Antiqur, and collpctidli'i frnm li'.d IT'! IHI'S IXlily (C<G'[)1 tui;s<j,ivi fmrn 10 a.m.-i> p.its. METIAR HOUSE 163-B3W y 1nwnshi ) historic win permanent o»htbition of life in trie town's (Mily iljys. Open Thursday throu^i Saturday liom noon-5 p.m. Dotuition. MIDDLESEX COUNTY MUSEUM Cornelius Low Houso l?2f)hiv('f Rd., Piy.d.Wdy (9OH) Mfv<117; D,)ilv (t'icept Mondiiv iinrt Saturday I from 1-4 p.m hce ad- MILLER-CORY HOUSE <il4 Mountiiin Ave,. Westticld («)H)?1?-t77f> hmisi; in the Wt'st Holds of i.\\i,il)ollilawt). Opon Sundny from Apple bee. Nov. I. MONTCLAIR ART MUSEUM 3 South Mountain Ave. Montclair (201) Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 11 a.m.-5 p.m.: Sunday and Thursday from 1-5 p in. Free admission lor members. Non-member admission: adults $4, senior citizens and students $2, children under 18 free. Free admission for nil on Saturday. Multicultural Exposition Days, Nov. 5. "The Narcissus Cycle" of paintings by Stuart Shedletsky, through Nov. 14. Gallery talk at 3 p.m. Nov. 7, Wnrks from the museum's collection, through June 1991 Related symposium on "Revising the 19th Century," 2 p.m Nov. 13, MORRIS MUSEUM 6 Normandy Heights Rd. Mornstowri (201) Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Sunday Irom noon-6 p m. lour of exhibits tit noon Nov. 5,8,12, 15,19. Free admission Non-member admission: adults $4, senior titom* and children $2, F e m w n t ittttty exhibits: <Ji* notaun, IM animals, menmals, model tnini, history, North American Indians, Woodland Indians, rocks and minerals. MUSEUM Of IMU TRADES v» aunt 9MalnSt,Madtaon (201) Exhibits portray the role of crafts people In the 18th and 19th centuriei Tuesday throu h Saturday from 10 a,m>4 p.m,, Sunday from 2-5 p.m. Free admission for members, Non-member admission: adults $2, children $1, "The Cut of Her Clothes," feeture by Debby Zlgun, 2 p.m. Nov. 6. NJ.CHIUMCN'I MUSEUM 599 Industrial Ave,, Paramus (201) Fantasy castle, a 50s fire engine, and mom exhibits for kids to touch, Open every day from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Admission $6 weekdays, $7 weekends; children under 1 year old free, Group rates available. Medieval weekend, Nov. 6,7, "Save the Rainforest," Nov. 13,14. N.J. HISTORICAL SOCIETY 230 Broadway, Newark (201) Wednesday through Friday (also Oct. 16)froml0a.nv4p.m. Adults $3, children $2. "Urban Oasis: Newark's Mount Pleasant Cemetery," through July NEW JERSEY MUSEUM OF AGRICULTURE Cook College Route 1, New Brunswick (908) Wednesday through Saturday fiom 10 a.m.-5 p.m,.sunday Irom noon-5 p.m. Admission $3. discounts available. N.J. STATE MUSEUM 205 West Slate St., Trenton (609) Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m.-4;45 p.m., Sunday from noon-5 p.m, Closed Nov. 11. Frw admission. "Discover the New Jersey Pinelands" Family Day, Nov. 7. "Arfoti 1 Collect, Artists' G**," opening Nov. 6. Grace Graupe-Piltard, throutf Nw.7, "Orewn Slnjtrt, Story Tellen: An African-American Pretence," throu* March 20,1994, "The Traveler is Ethnofrapher,"throu#i June 29, W8ShinftonSt,New»rV (201) Wednesday through Sunday from noon-5 p.m. Free admission. Largest museum in the Garden State. Permanent exhibits include Greek, African, and native American art; paintings and sculpture from 18thcentury America; live animals in a mini-zoo. Newark Fire Museum displays antique firelighting apparatus, Paperweights by Paul Standard, ongoing. "Furnishing Choices in the American Home," ongoing. "Encuentro; A Vie* of Hispanic Art," througn Nov. 14. Photographs of Tibet by Heinhch Harrer, through Dec. 12. "Stepping Into Ancient Efcpt The House of the Artist Pashed," through December, Ceramic National, juried exhibition, through Jan. 3,1994, Chinese bronze aid jade "Symbols of the Ancestors," through Jan. 3,1994, American drawings from the museum's collection, through January 1994, "The Painterly Pot," ceramics ffom Europe and America, through January 1994, "A Vision of the Future" for the museum's science gallery, through June 30, 1994, "Treasures from the Korean Collection," through June 30, Photographs of "Vanishing Korea" by Rhoda Sidney, through June 30,1994, "Amazonian Harmony; Shipibo Pottery and Tentiler" from Peru, through 1994, "E. Plunbus Unum." Amencan money from colonial times to the Civil War, through OLD BARRACKS MUSEUM Barrack St., Trenton (609) Showing life In New Jersey during the Revolutionary War. Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m.-5 p.m., Sunday from 1-5 p.m. Adults $2. senior citimi and students $1, children under cents. 0MMN*CANN0MAU. HOUSE Front St., Scotch Plains (906) Historic house from c, Open the flnt Sunday of each month from 2-4 p.m. Free admillion. MEVtMEEDAMOIOTUM 165 Hobart Ave., Summit (908) Gardens open daily from dawn to dusk. Regisvation required for programs. ffcebana and Japanese garden design workshop, 10 a,m, Nov. 6. Cost $42, O«. WtUJAM WUNWN PLANTATION MOUSE 593 Madison Mill Rd., Clark (908) th-century farmhouse built on what once was a plantation. Open the first Sunday of each month from 1-4 p.m. Free admission, tnonhau. UMVEMITY MUSEUM Fahy Hall, South Orange (201) Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.-8 p.m., Saturday from 9 a.m.-4 p.m, Free admission. Exhibit on the Lenape Indians from 10,000 B.C.-A.D. 1758, ongoing. TRAIL5IDE NATURE AND SCIENCE CENTER New Providence Rd. and Coles Ave,, Mountainside (908) Open every day Ifom 1-5 p.m. Registration required for programs. "Breakfast for the Birds," 10:30 a.m. Nov. 5. "Red and White" hike, 1 p.m Mov. 5. Hike around Seely's Pond 2 p.m. Nov. 7. Make a bear coal rack 11 a.m. Nov. 9. VILLAGE AT WATERLOO I 80 Exit 25, Stanhope (201) Re-creation of historic village Pemaquid Point Is one of master pastellst Frank Zuccarelll's "Pastel Impressions" of everyday life and people on exhibition beginning Saturday at Swain Galleries In Plainfleld. from the 18th century. Open daily (except Monday) from 10 a.m.-6p.m, A6rnt$awn$8,di»- countt available. WALLACE HOUSE/ OU> DUTCH MMOHAOE 38 Washintfon * > SomtrvWe (908) George Washinfon's headquarters when he was stationed in Somerville in Open Wednesday throoaji Saturday ffom 10 a.m,-5 p.m., Sunday from noon-5 p.m. Free admission. THOMAS WARNE MUSEUM Route 516. Otd Bndgv (908) Artifacts and ajmeatoft of Ok) Bridge (ne Madison) Township. Open Wednesday from 9:30 a.m. noon and the first Sunday of each month from 1-4 p.m. JANEVOORHEESZIMMEMJ ART MUSEUM ftut(ert UnivtrsKy Hamilton St., New Brunswick ( Tuesday throufh Friday from 10 a,m.-4:30 p.m., Saturday md Sunday from noon-5 p.m, Fme admission. Works from the Georp Kata Collection of Russian Art, through spring Related talk by Matthew Baigell and Alls Rosenfeid at noon Nov. 9. Galleries B.BEAMESDERrEftQAUIRY 6 North Second Ave, Highland Park (908) Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m.-6 p.m., Saturday from 10 am,-6 p.m, Also open By appointment. Oil paintings by Cynthia Edwards, through Now. 27. BISHOP DOUGHERTY STUDENT CENTER Seton Hall University South Orange (201) Open to the public every day fromloa.m.-lop.m. Prints by YuichiSawada, through Nov. 21. CHILDREN'S SPECIALJZED HOSPITAL 150 New Providence Rd. Mountainside ( & l 379 Open to the public Monday through Friday from 8 a.m p.m. Also open by appointment. Wotercoiors and pastels by Elizabeth Apgar Smith, through Nov. 30. CORYELL GALLERY ATTHEPORKYARD 8 Coryell St.. LamberMlle ( Daily (except Tuesday) from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Works by Albert L BrosS Jr., Richard Lennox, Charles R. Ross, and Barbara Watts, through Nov. 14. flenee FOOSANER ART GALLERY Paper Mill Playhouse Brookside Dr., Mtiibum (201) O,Ten to ihe public Friday from n r m-3 p.m. Also open one hcur before theater performances and at intermission, Miilbum-Short Hills Arts Center members show, throu^ Dec. 12. (Piease turn to page 16) Nov. 3-5,1993 Forties Newspapers Weekend Plus 15

40 Wootond Galleries (Continued from pane 15] FOUR SISTERS WINERY Route 519, Beivideie (908) OailyUom 9 p.m Works by Jeff Echewirna. through Nov. 30. Reception from 2-5 p.m. Nov. 7 Open during library hours. "Surroundings It," paintings by students of Diana Wilkoc Patton, through Nov. 30, SWAIN QAUERIES 703 Watcriung Ave., Plainfield (908) Monday ttirougfi Friday from Planetariums fu STATE MUSEUM 205 West State St.. Trenton (609) FREEHOLD ANTIQUE GALLERY 9:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m., Saturday Star party, 7:30 p.m. Oct West Mam Si. t uphold (908} Monday, Tuesday. Wwtr.ovlav, from 9;3O a.m.-4 p.m. Reproductions of "Gray's Watercolors" in stencil, through Includes view of night shy at Washington Crossing State Park and Saturday Irom 11 iim.-b Nov. 26, observatory. Free admission. p.m ; llnilmjiiy i inmv f'f' 1 - UNION COUNTY ADMINISTRA "Sing a Song of Stars," 1 and 11 (1 m.-8 ).m.: Sunday friirn 11a ni.-5p n at'tl taii.iti.h- M* T10N BUILDING Freeholder! Meeting Room 633 Peart St., Elizabeth 3 p.m. Saturday and Sunday through Jan. 2,1994; also nt 1 Nov. 7. fe' Pit L-IT V-"V j" FRIENDSHIP LIBRARY Fairlelgh Dickinson University 1908) Open by reservation only. "Congruent Spaces," through Nov. 12, ).m. Nov. 5. Admission $1. "Dealliof the Dinosaurs," 2 p.m. Siilurdjy and Sunday 2'1, M.nN-.u i VISUAL ARTS GALLERY through Jdii ; also at 2 Uvlngiton College p m. Nov. 5. Admission $1. Open <hwng iihran. ing his centennial, Nov. 7-Fen Berrue Circle, Piscataway (908) Monday through Friday from 0 Children under A nut admitted. RARITAN VALLEY 1,1994. Reception ifom 3:30- a.m.-4 p.m. COMMUNITY COLLEGE 5:30 p.m. Nov. 7. GALLERY AT BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB Route 206, Priiia-ton (609I2W-62/5 Valerie Von Betzen's image of Frenchtown is part of the ninth annual group exhibit on exhibition through Nov. 21 at Blackburn and Yates Gallery in Frenchtown. Art Open 1993, juried BFA candidates' show, Nov WALTERS HALL GALLERY Rutgers Arts Centor Chapel Dr., New Brunswick Route 28, North Branch (908) Admission $4. A "Journey into Space," 1 and Monday, Tuesilii/. ^.eoni.'sdd, and Friday from 9.).in.-!j p.m., Thursday from l J a m H p.m Saturday and Sunday frcfn! r ' p m CMUS horn th«i'f'tfi', vjiic, Craft Center (Ut/toni, *!»fo..:i;h Nov :30 a.m.-5 p.m. Open Sunday by appointment. Russian m.'o surrealist art by t v ^ m Oofdiels. tiitouj'.h Nov. 12. HOWARD MANN ART CENTER <1 r ) Nortu M 4 iif» S]. Limherville -fio9) (201] Daily (romnoun-4 jvni. Free admission New Jersey Wiiti.T Color Society open exhibition, through Nov. 23 NEW JERSEY CENTER FOR VISUAL ARTS 31. Nov. 14. Adults SI, ii'imur citizens and children under 12 tree. Memorahilu from the center's history. Members' Gallery, Nov. RDoc. :)1. NJ. DESIGNER CRAFTSMEN 65CliufUi St., New Brunswick Wicuorek, through Nov. 14. QUIETUDE GARDEN 0AU.ERY 24 fern Rd, East Brunswick (908) Open tiy appointment only Rill frolic 1993," works of 10 sculptois, Nov. 7-Jiin. 2, (908) Monday lhrot# r-'ridiiy Irom9 p.m. Free odnnssicvi WILUAMS GALLERY 8 Chambers St., Princeton (GOO) Tuesday thiouflh Saturday from 11 a.m.-g p.m, 4 p.m. Saturday through Nov. 27, "Adventures Along the Spectium," 230p.m. Saturday through Nov. 27, TRAILSIDE NATURE HUNTERDON ART CENTER 68 Llm St., Summit (008)?..;occ RIDER COLLEGE ART GALLERY Pointings of "Annvica the AND SCIENCE CENTER 7 Lower Center St.. Clinton (908) Wednesday through S 11 a.m.-!) p<n. Ac1rniy.n S3, discounts jvailiil i<- "Bird Song," painting (ti'pn t- nijl htfds, throu['linr.,'h "The Artistir Ham ^ru,', frivil ii( nn- r i p ]) tlcnin^s ol (he ><ili!i-s ol LiitfinUfiilt.'" t)» Man; UiajVHl. trrnufh H h. 20 MORTIMER GALLERY Gill St. Bernard's School Mendliam Rd., Gladstone (90S) (908) Palmer Gallery open Monday through hid;] 1 / from mxm-4 pm,, Saturday and Sunday Ir >m 2 4 p.m. Member, 1 Gai Icry open from 9:30 a.m.-4 nm v.hcn art 1 in scs- 'luj'l Monday tii<ni ;h Saturday from noon-6 p.m. Holiday trad show, Nov. 13- Jan. 8,1W4. Reception Irom 4-G vin. Nov. 13. PHOENIX ARTS GROUP 1'.17 Mrun St., Metuchon oo 1090 Student Center Route 206, Lawienceville (609) 89G-5323 Monday Thursday from noun-2 p.m. and G-8 p.m.; Fndny thiouflh Sunday from 2-5 p in. Free admission Sculpture by Brooks UarrH' Beautiful" by William Hock, Nov. 13-Dec. 7. Rt'a'plion from 4-6 p.m. Nov. 13. WPA GALLERY Arts Council of Princeton 102 Witherspoon Si Princeton <G09> New Providence ltd. and Coles Ave.. Mountainside (008) Adults $2.50, SL'mor citi/ens $2 10. Ihc Planet LiirtM." 10 and WOOll, JildLlnlll, l."fi; i ;:' N:.. Thursday ;ind Sunday from 2-4 Holiday gilt sale. 11 j m - r > and G. Frederick Moranlu, Nov. Tuesday tluiwcli!iiilurd.iy IIDMI 11,t m. Nov. 5, UVON ART GALLERY 620 Route 9. Uoah p.m. Wntercolors of the seasons by Lindn Baailey, through Doc. 5. pm Nov. 13, 2-5 pm. Nov. 14. Admission $3, )){)tli-,ini![ver!,ary ihow w/ ffom rukjii-g p.m. Also open hy M'nnts and sculpture tiy Yuri 11-Doc. 19. Hetr'ption from 4-6 p.m. Nov. 11, SOMERSET COUNTY LIBRARY 10a fn.-g pm Wuiks by Alice and TcO Mim ennt, Nuv. &-DL I C. B. Rrcfjpl on Alt About Orion," 1 p.m. Nov. 0, also nt 2 and 3:30 p.m. (908) NABISCO GALLERY works jy farmer instructors. AMJ(I, tlwufih Nov. 14. North Undue St., from 5-7 p.m. Nov. H Suml.iy ihioiirhdec. 26. Chil- Monday through Hiver Uii., Last Hanover Palmer Gallery, Nov. 14-Dec. Ceramic sculpture by Adam (908) dftin under 6 not admitted. Singles COCKTAILS AT CREATIONS (agos 30-49) (000) WO-9B7. MASH Iseparnted and divorced) in advance, $15 at the door, PROFESSIONALS Scanticon-Pnnceton, 9 p.m. Saturdays, wildlife sanctuary, BernarcKvillo, 11:30 a ni, Nov. 7. Meet m (908) UuMnnss meeting and dinner restaurant, Miclivu: H :r' Sundays Cost id. HIM>! H> COMMUNITY SINGLES (908) Gome night dl Community Roselle Park, 8 pm. Oct. 10 Cost VJ CORPORATE NETWORKING (2O1)539-7:MMJ Social at Willie'v ernor Morris Inn, Momslov.n r i p.m Ihursdays CROSSROADS (separated nnd divorced) I' ijkt>*,! ' il / Sell help ninu ].it UrtHMi/ United Method ^ C..u ; Meluchfii, Hup I:I ' i FORUM FOR SINGLES [' '.aiv.^.i'i (;tuu ; (ngt ctiurchiidiiatem, soon! hour nnd diu'utu; at hrst IVsliytwian Chuich, Hightstown, 9 p.m. Fridays Cost $6. JERSEY SINGLES ACTIVITIES CLUB (ages 30-older) 'Dinosaur, Alive" nt MP;RJuwlnnd 1 ; Coiiiunlion Center, ' i.-cjin:,;, ],'.10 D.:I; Nt;/. I) Open o.'ity In lho r»e wlwlw 7794 rjtaw.iy, 1 45 pm Nov. 13. '.list %2 iicr p,aitit': mint w- M'lvphy f.v, 11. (908)? r >'!- tlisuinr (!,),- in MnrnMiivMi, '}.'\'.i ii ci i> V. 't! Meintvf, ^ 10 'i-..'i-.!.( '', *, I i in ; I 1908] ;4 ( J-M!) l J Disaj r. r,inn p,iou ) nt First Baptist t'.huiifi of UWJ Market, Piscataway. / \b p.m, Mondays. Cost S3. NEW JERSEY MOONRAKERS TALL CLUB (women 510" and taller, men 6'2" and taller; 21-older) G7-3M8 lll(sh'l"is ItU'CtlMI 1, <lt I'.lMUXji) I'm. Knrlicld, H n in Nov. 9. NEW EXPECTATIONS CODM-l-DlSK 1 OiHionjI rait" iilmumstown llniliirun Fi'lluwship, H ).m. No.-. r -. LMJM IH OilMlc ' ( ii 'irl :t:( uiil'dl at 1ft'. 1 luwfrs l»1(i HiMiiisHlc, 'J j MI Nuv. U (.DM til) OVERTURES FOR SINGLES '"i'iit., Hini '(v,-,it»'r MdiHJi, 'i '1'MH'I tin, M ( j(ist $1,' CONNECTION (908) Notwoiking and business card exchange at Artie's, Moruptown, 5:30 p.m. Wednesii.iys. Cost $5. SATURDAY NITE UVE AND SOMETIMES SUNDAYS (Jewlih slnglei, 40-older) (908) 64G-G620 Uante at Highland I'dikConservativu lemple, 830 p m. Nov. 13. Cost $10. SINGLE FRIENDS (ages 35-older) (908) Dance at Bacar's, Quality Inn, Sofiu:r!.!.'l. 8:30 [) in, Ihursit.iys Members $[), nontnemlwis $7, SINGLEFACES I9('H) 4G2-240C I'i'isl tor iill events $10. Dance and httt buffet at Dance (jacket required) at Town & Campus, West Oranfie, 9 p.m. Nov. 5. Dance at Liberties, Sheraton hotel, Iselin, 9 p.m. Nov. G, 13 Dance (jacket required) at Sheraton Tara hotel, Parsippan/. 9 p.m. Nov. 12. Dance (jacket required) at Skylands. Randolph. 9 p.m. Nov. 13. Dance (jacket iwimred) at HiKon hotel, Short Hills. 8 pm. Nov. 14. SOLO SINGLES (ages 40-older) (008) 7Gb'-1830,7 9 p.m. Qridije ill Central I'resljyluri.iii Church, Sunmiit, 7 p.m. Sundays. Cos! $3. SOMERSET HILLS SINGLE HIKERS (908) 7 74-fi7Ml Hike in Sctiormjnn-Holfuuin parkmij lot across liom Willie's Ttiveriie, Uednnnster. Cost $4. Hike nt Mount lamrtiany, Delaware Water Gap, 11:30 ;nn. Nov. 14, Meet m piirkinj' lut across (rum Willie's lavi'tne, Uedmifi'jler. Cost $4 SOPHISTICATED SOCIALS (professionals 30-50) (908) Manoi, tip in lhui'.(1,iy, Cost $17 SUNDAYS FOR SINGLES (agos 30-55) 1201) Dance (jacket reqiini'd).it Govuriujr Morns Inn, Mor fistown, H p.m iiiimt.iy 1, Mi>n $5, women free 1. TALL SINGLES OF NEW JERSEY (women 5'10" nnd taller, men 6'2" and tahor; 25 older) at George's Train Station restiiuranl, Bound Brook, 7:30 j ni. Hm, S, Open only to Itiutt! w/prior leservations. Dance ut Bncar's, Quality Inn. Someiset, [\ p.m. Nov. 12. MemlMfs 15, non-membprs $7. TOWN & COUNTRY SINGLES CLUB ) 7GG-49G2 ot Old Mill restauraul,, 8:30 p.m. YOUNG SINGLES' SOCIAL CLUB (ages 20-45) Dance nnd social (jacket io* i uired at lltisking Hitlgo Coun iiycluh.!) ) m, Nov. 12. Cost ill): no snc^ikois or jejins. 4, i '] ' i ]

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42 1 I N I N G A novel dining idea The good word on Hemingways is more than fiction By MICKIPULSINELU Culinary Correspondent The Bridgewater Manor is big. I mean, ivrj/bin -- 37,000 square tlvt, ii! remember correctly. But tucked away m a corner all by itself, is a small pub restaurant named Hemingway's, This attractive lounge has a small bar and approximately 20 tables. The bar is on one wall and a large working fireplau 1 on the other, The walls are covered with ;i dark given and navy striped \vah\- X K Hemingway's has turned a little corner of the huge Bridgewater Manor into one of the more the ceiling popular new restaurants In the area. The tables are wood with a black trim. The sotting consist of a brass candle holder, green cloth placemats and paper napkins. The comfortable captain chairs come with rollers, I've been told that Hemingways is a gathering place for young professionals after work. When my husband and I arrived there a little after 8 p.m. one Friday night, that crowd had gone and in its place were couples of all ages, and parties ofthree, four or more. I ordered the steamers ($5.95). These were a dozen delectable littlenecks, served on a bed of lettuce, with a broth for dipping. My husband couldn't make up his mind on what to order. He thought about steak, but remembered ordering that the last time we were out. His next selection was the chicken Monterey, but he changed his mind at the last minute. Finally, he settled on a pasta dish, the pennc with Although the bar is in the same room. I hardly noticed. There was no chicken sauteed with roasted peppers and broccoli in a bleu cheese loud chatter ~ at least 1 didn't hear any. sauce ($11.95). Hemingways menu is eclectic, There are American. Italian, Mexican This was served with lots of pasta, chicken, pepjx'rs and broccoli. The and c;)jun -hie di i 'hi^ loi i-;(- from. Appetizers consist of standards cheese sauce was pink, light and tasty. such as shrimp IU klail ov naehns ($(i.i)ij each), and liuii-stnncknil items My entree was the scampied sole ($13,50), This consisted oltile-t of like toaslod ravioli or pan fried dumplings served with a Kinder sauce flounder stuffed with a shrimp and spinach mixture and sauteed in a ($4.51) and $').!);)]. lemon garlic butter. This was served over a bed of nee and garnished Almosi everyone serve-, pa^la today. Hemingway's is no exeeption. with cantaloupe and tomatoes. They offer six ehi>ice i$9.!-{r)-sul,0. r )). from anj.;el hair with slinnip to the ravioli of the day Kntrecs, 14 in all <^!l.;>()-$l(\ includf pork, vegetarian, elneken. beef, ekgpliint. and : caj'ooci. Sonic ol'the more imaginative fare includf" Havana pork k'ndirlmn M'n'cdwith a spiced apph'iack sauce i^i:!!!;")), For dessert niy husband had the ainaretio raspberry cheese cake and 1 watched. We both ordered coffee. They serve their coffee in lao;c rnuns, the way I like it As we were,i;euiiu; icady to leave 1 ejanced around the loom and noticed something It seemed to nn i that Hemingway':, had the same ami chicken Monterey (breaded chicken breast pped with amount of people seated then as when \\'r first arrived. There seemed to slices of pepperoni. four-cheese mixture ami a Monterey Jack sauce) for $ Standard fare includes grilled fish of the day (priced accordingly), homemade Maryland cnib cake ($13,95) and a Hi-ounce N.Y. sizzling be a steady How of customers. 1 would.;uossthat Hemingway's had a loyal following. And rightfully so, They are capably managed by Jim Kaptam, and they serve good food at the right prices. strip steak ($l(i.!)m All entrees arc served with a garden salad, fries or rice, and baked rolls. My husband suirtcd with the jalapeno peppers ihiiu). These are peppers stuffed with chnldar cheese, breaded and tried and served with aniannara sauce. They were ^picy hot and dolicioib. Snuffy** ^7726 Scotch Plains, JOWiPark Ave. * South Plalnfiekl, Bttit*r's ^2229 Scam pi's 908^-1323 '. Rylond Inn ^)176 Kackley's 908*463* 1000 ' * Piscataway, Somervllle, ****. Whltehouse, Piscataway, Patutlo's - Bound *2692 Brook, Mkhael Anthony's South Plainfkld, ^6685 What's In The Ice Box * Somcrville, *8782 McCorrolck's Springfield, Thirsty's - Branchburg, Hucky's Bridgewater, Weekend Plu^ rufix'snfwopaper, Nov, 3-"3,1993 { I I t 1! I. I ' ' HEMINGWArS at the Bndgewater Manor, Route 2O2-206, Bridgewater. (908) , This column Is intended to inform readers about dining opportunities In the area, rt is not a review. Spain Inn Piscataway, ^800 K'i Catering South Plalnn«ld,90«' Wing'i Kitchen - Franklin Park, W ««2 Arpnka's * Franklin Park, 908*297*8060 MM McAtccrs * Somerset, Italy Express Garwood, 908*789*9110 Somerset Hills - Warren, *6700 ' * Colonial Farms * SomcrMt, 90S O *M* Ciffir Plancone - South Plainfield, 908^ M* Main St. - Bridgewater, Mom's - Edlwn, Mf Jasper's - Hillsborough, *5584 ^^^^Pl l^^^p w ^^^^r ^RVI^^F. ^^I^^^IW^ $7 J& MOM 4WI10 IMH to * t tcy Hs% hta) hn MtfiwMo (Mr* mm wnokid portt NNOI MUV* bratm, iwtfwmrt, bnf rouiaden, dumplnji Aooordton player Thursday and Saturday nights. Coming soon: venfeon and game specials, (908) 665' * * * The Manor - West Orange. Now Jersey's World Ciass Chefs will prepare specialties during the Chefs Gala Nov. 8 for the benefit of the March of Dimes. Contribution it $60 per person. All atttndhg ww reotfce a compimerrtary oopy of NJ. Obtirh tutshmi fksuvmto to 1994 as we! as an opportunity to participate in an auction for a oron*oountry ajastiwomki ad* For meiva^oni and bum cifltbt Match of Ofcrm, ($00) , * t Sunoty bnjnoh avuy Sunday 10:30 am-2p.m. Bring i «md and your branch H h# price. (906) , CrMelif'i - Edam CNcX coupon In WwteodPlus for 10 p6fcent off ak dinner checkav Fresh pasta, steak, seafood, chops. Enjoy dinner with your own wine, $ (908) , 3

43 Klip Tavern Warren, Pondcrosa - Flemington, /Somcrset, * Red Cafe -ltrulgcwntcr, * Max's -Raritan, Newsroom Somcrville, Danceto the Sound clour Live ranch Nov. 5th - Gary Ross Trio Nov. 12th -Eddie Dean Trio COACH N' PADDOCK Opal? Days (908) Lunch Dinner Cocktails Weddings -Banquets Parties lor All Occasions 66 Rt. 1-73, Hampton Hmi Stewarts Family Restaurant ** thli coupon Ejrly Blnl U Senior Cttlivm Dltcounl tutcludid - Expirvt 11 log) ^.K^iism Completu Breakiiisi S S-175 Early Bird Dinners...S6.50-S7.25 Complete Lunches..$3.95 $5-95 Complete Dinners...$6.95 $ Amboy Ave,, Edison Fax 7J l,;i Catena *** Somcrvillc, Mugs Raritan, Jack O'Connors Bridgewalcr, Frog & Peach - New Brunswick, Redwood Inn Bridgcwater, **** Cryun's - Metuchen, **** Coach & Paddock - Hampton, **4* I'crryville Inn Perryville, Bay Street Metuchen, Rcadington's Roadhousc -Whitehouse, *** Chun's Garden Duncllen, The Hearth North Brunswick, *# (irnnd Fortune South Plainficld, China light WeslficW, Murlclls - Mculo Park, WW Kiuliahio - Highland Park, EXCHANGE 645 Rl 202/206 Bridpwitir S PRIME RIB 18 oi. Special'11 InainiN trfai MJ lakii Mali iht oo OFF Any Sandwich! 4 pm-11pm Expires 11/20/93 S ii (> (908) New Ownership! DINNER- GET 2ND' FREE FREEl Coffee I Bagof i#ui ree PotatoChips With Purchaat Of Any Roll 6 am-11 am Expires 11/20/93 With Purchase of Any Sandwich 11 am 4 pm Expires 11/20/93 Corner of North & Washington Avc. Dunellen mm, a 312 NEW MARKET AVENUE SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ t. Route 22 Eatt,Mouitdrtticfe,N ^08) F/X QW) Come Enjoy Of OuWandng LJUNCHEON BUFFcT Foronty Um.-Frt. 12:00-2:30 PM'Casud Attire 6PM to 10 PM HERB PATULLO'S GW-INHCMtRtSTAURANT DINE WITH US FORLUNCH ORD1NNERIN OURGREENHOUSE Four Rooms (or Banquets Bridal Showers Birthdays Wtddings *Clasi Reunions Annlvwurlet m u 'Family Parties Retlrementa Mov.WhIWi Nov. 12th 113th ui NMIV* N«w Ftr MM ttolmayi 1 NORTH V09QEILER AVE., BOUND BROOK f*\ All Entrees $3.()( All Vi Ib. Sandwiches $ I. W " I. The IUII;IKI lun - Itnu.inlvilk', l J08-76(.-O()02 Cafe IJIIilia - Somcrvillc, First Place - Bridgcwater Commons, Ferraro's - Somerville Kspu's - Rarilan, Golden Corner - Bound Brook, hi Ciicinn Somcrvillc, o With the holiday season rapidly iipproaching, now is [he lime lo plan your holiday parties at our Crystal Ballroom. We arc ready to cater to your every need...from a small cocktail reception or an elegant sit-down dinner loour most extensive deluxe dinner buffet. We have just the right banquet room for your affair, which is appropriately decorated for the holiday season. We can also accomodale your families and associates for company meetings, showers, christenings, etc. in our downstairs hall. Please contact the banquet charipcrson at , Monday, Wednesday or Thursday between 7:00 and 9:30pm. Or youcan call our public bar and we will be sure to get back tc you. We look forward to assisting you in planning your affair whether your company is having an annual dinner dance, retirement dinner, or Christmas and holiday parties. jinccrcly yours, "Leon Miclnikicwiczvy Prcsidenl / Meals lo Go For the Week of November 8,1993 r IUCt p r i Greek Stew (or) Scallops Florentine Baked Ham and Sweet Potato (or) Seafood Lasagna Beef Stroganoff (or) Stuffed Acorn Squash Pork Ch P s w/apples & Walnuts (or) Eggplant & Ricotta Bake Turkey Cutlet w/cranberry Glaze (or) Stuffed Shrimp Whole Cakes Available on Order 62 W. Main St.. Somcrvillc Nov. :Vh. Weekend Plus 19 "A V;.- l J

44 !! : ; I t T 0 I/A N I I fresh Pasta - Seafood - Chops II " Y, ^ Char Grilled I6oz. NY Strip Steak Dinner Check, $12.95 kji IVhaf K/ncf Of P/e Do Vbu No Cholesterol Pizu Goumief P/ r adas Somerset Hills - Warren, **** The Ryland Inn Whitchouse, * ** Cortlna's Cranford, Hunan Garwood, * Romanelli's Scotch Plains, EnjoyDlnnerWIthYburOwnWIne nochmdoro fwuswb IMHv ^JvQI " * ^" 475 Old Post Road Edison (Off Rt 1) Z4S-B180 Hours: Moo. thru Thurs. 11 to 11 About Our Daily Fri ASal 11 to 12, Sunday 3*011 Lunch Speciafs Pheasant Run Plaza* Warmn * 4Cfr2625 * FAX4W-2677 Sinclair*'* Restaurant Westfield, Stefano's Fan wood The Armory Perth Amboy, NOW OPEN Daily Happy Hour i$sm w& BAR AND 1270 Rt. 28 North Branch NJ DIRECTIONS: 7BW EXIT» MaM loft 2mtltt. Go rigm CRYAN'J wnelts!cm UTE22WESr «dinglon Rd,, Orr Drive - Make right on Or Drive ft. 28 Go Wl COTAN'S on left. ROUTE 22 EAST - lo Route 2fl/North Bfjnch QQ leh - CRYAN'S on right side. / \ RISTORANTE ITALIANU KNJOV CAMIAI. FINK DINING, Kxr.f:i,i>:vr Ki», fruasonam.k I'RM:KS, AM) EXI'MUMO: YotiH FAVOHITK CUSSICS, ALONG WITH EXCITIM; IMKHMVIIONAI, Sl'KIALS IN A Co/Y AnK^lilrKK. OF Si I'KIIH SKKVIO.! Now, EVKHY SINOAY, TifcSDw, AN» WKONKSIUV, \A:\ is Tiirvr You ro OUR UKI.IIIIH> DKSSKHIS! Fi<hfhom> (t)ihv V«W V7/7 2 Illocks From Courlhousr NH The Barge Perth Amboy, Black River Cafe Bedminster, **** La Struda - Warren, Coachman Inn Cranford, Bobby & Mary's Piscataway, **** K.C.'s Corner South Plainfield, Headquarters Cafe Piscataway, Breakfast Lunch Dinner MONDAY THAU THOHSDM FROM 3:00 P.M. TO 6:00 P.M. U.S. Highway 22 Green Brook, NJ Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week Oont Bit till you gtt to Smut Colonial D/ntr * Rout Ctickin vrttti OwiInQ 7* Bunt 01 Ctiokfft I MUpVOOffll MM OnOM.UnjuW ;f ;. 11. GNokm lontpt (^^Wot ALL ABOVE SERVED WITH SOUP, SALAD, POTATO, COFFEE, PUDDINGS, OR JELLO - NO SUBSTITUTIONS ^ ^ g^ m Your Choice Casual Affordable Ala Carte Family Restaurant STEAK HOUSt: 6 EARLY BIRD SPECIALS $ DalyUPM Fm 6 r/ff SS $ SUPER LUNCHES CHILDflENS $ DINNERS 6 DAILY SPECIALS $ FlOM *A«4 Wf-'-Ki! 95 WEDDING DREAMS COME TRUE... FROM $ '/i Hour Open Bar Hoi & Cold Hors D'Ocurvci 7 Course Dinner Wedding Cake ' Flowers and Candtcabra Flaming Jubilee Show BANQUET ROOMS FOR ALL OCCASIONS All Platters Include Appetizer Salad Bar #1 Sizzler Steak-T-Bonc Steak or Seafood Platter or Fresh Veal $9.95 Seafood-Fetuccini or Tortelloni Primavera $9.95 Whole Lobster - Fra Diavola-Newberg or Primavera $9.95 B-B-Q Whole Rack - Baby Back Ribs $9.95 Prime Ribs or Stir Fry Seafood $8.95 Chicken-Broiled or Stir Fry $6.95 Baked Lasagna-Sluffcd Shells-Manicolti-Feluccini $6.95 Free Birthday or Anniversary Cake with Dinner Reservations. Easy Access Q/IO /; Elegant From WO ' te&'iui} MarbU Rb, 78 & 287 Park & Mountain Avt, Scotch Mains Stairca!ie The Rusty Nail North Brunswick, **** (atari's - Bound Brook, **** Taj Mahal - Raritan, , Morristown, **** Spain '92 Raritan, **** The Exchange Bridgcwatcr, O'Connors Watchung, MM Scarpelllno's Warren, Scalzy's - (Westwood) (iarwood, 9O8-789-O8O8 M* O'Connor's Beef N 1 Ale - Watchung, Sapporo - New Brunswick, M** The Willows - Grecnbronk, * 's Hound llrook, Q...WeckomJ Plus l(hta*«;-npvwpnpcn;- Nrw. 3-5,1093 «. ( I > «-, '! "

45 ; ; ':, /, :;y'" ;.;' : Kings Tavern Warren, Q Ponderosa Remington, /Somcrset, Red Cafe Bridgewater, Max's -Raritan, **** Newsroom Somervillc, PmMflitl/21iM*tlDrafli * Ewiy Tmditf Mik Rivw * Wdmday Nta, Jtney Sborc'i #lpirtybiad... Ckkk'A'Boowl Ladies Draft 9pfrlIpaSM)Q mum IMPROV ft DINING FRIDAY* SATURDAY MGins Dinner and Show Starling it 8pm $13.95 Show only a l l OOOpm Cwer 229 William St Pl*cit»»ny PAX TAJ MAHAL Exotic Indian Cuisine Lunch Buffet $6.95 Wed, Thurr, Frl. & Sat HuiKhorOlnnw FREE (908) (201) J \ La Catena Somerville, * * * * Mugs Raritan, Jack O'Connors - Bridgcwatcr, Frog & Peach New Brunswick, Redwood Inn Ilridgewatcr, Cryan's Metuchen, Coach & Paddock Hampton, Perryvllle Inn - Perryville, 9O OO **** BH> Street Metuchen, * Keadington's Roadhouse Whitehouse, # * Chan's Garden Dunellen, The Hearth North Brunswick, (irund Fortune South PlalnfieM, China Light Wcstfield, * * 'h : : Miirtells - Mcnlo Rudicchio - Iliglihtnd \\i :\: :!i:]' r Piirk, Park, iliu lk'iuird Inn - HemunlvilU*, CJIIV I'lmiliii - Simicrvilli 1, First Pluce llridgcwiitcr Commons, Ft'mini's SomervilU 1 V vyy/m FAMILY RCSTAURAhTT Mon, thru Thurs. Kids 6a\ For 99* IB iv nn^juiv ^MWVII ScndoyN^tt Anbnd Charoctwi «Bolooni tchddren't Mem «6lrthdav Parieii { :!,:>:; 7 PRICE GREAT MARGARdAS i\ Rt, 22 We^> MortK PlalnfteldW755-WOO (Conw WM»End/>M»,ftl».22MMl)Mq orciid»cakb AcoapM Weekend * Innovations" Friday & Saturday 4pm Io 6pm tmybikd SPECIALS* * Veal Parmigiana with Pasia $7.95 * Chicken Marsala with Side of Pasia $7.95 KKIDAVSHCIAI* * Grilled Swordfish with losscd SaLid $10.95 SA'I'IKIUY SPITIAl* * Prime RibAu-JuswiihsidcoI'l'iista Carmol He Coinhinrd WiihliincrLiiniiinti nf Dint 1 Om Cards or COUPON -- Dining Ala Carle Sl'M),\\THHlTlllliSI)AVNITLS CUl'llliSNITI:!! ENTPEE5 AND RECEIV -«VI Y< BOBBY & MARYS Lunch Time Monday -Friday 10% OFF Entire Mm 'Excludes Blackboard Specials Monday Nite "Pasta Nite M Spaghetti Linguini Ziti - Meat Sauce or Marinara Sauce ALL YOU CAN EAT! Monday Night Footbaf $1 Bud Lite Drafts 4 1/2 Time Finger Foods "Weekend Dinner Specials** Med Eggplant $7.95 Bee/Slew $8.95 Tuesday Nite Barbeque Ribs or Chicken $6.95 Country Western Nite Starting 7 PM Wednesday Nite Pizza Nite $1.00 OFF Any Large Pie BOBBY & MARYS Thursday Nite Barbeque Ribs or Chicken $6.95 Country Western Nite Starling 7 PM Friday Nite "Weekend Specials" Saturday Nite Sing Along with Rich at the Piano 7PM-? Weekend Sp#c*ls" ' tif.utile,! ' UK- ln\ l t' 'I th''"'t' tlic (It'ilu- Rarilan. (iolden Corner liound Brook, O Ln f i : H. * L'ui'ina Somervillc, Hamilton Blvd.t South Plainficld, NJ (908) Nov ;-»- f j, 19U3 KHv h\\ H...-I:. WeekcidPlus 21

46 Wine with Reason Marilyn Cormack re we so enamoured with vintage Champagne? I was teaching a sparkling wine class, and many questions came up about "what years were good?" for Champagne. Now, first of all, I'm talking specifically about French Champagne from Champagne. Very few people know that these wines are all blended from current vintages and barrels of previous vintages, Champagne winemakers utilize theirtalentsasmasterblenders so that each year, if you buy a Mumm's Brut, the taste you love and the quality you oxpoci remain consistent A wine master in Champagne believes very firmly that his house blond is some- of his best work. Every once in a while, Champagne will have weather so incredible thot tho grapes are equally so. Someone declares a vintage. This means that for the vintage bottling, only the current year's grape can be used There may not be back year blending. You have only this years quality and style of fruit to work with. Pretty limiting for someone used to working with 60 different batches! And what's worse, here they are making Champagne from this great harvest, and because they will use so much for spec ial bottlings, there may not be enough left to help round out later years, Vintage Champagnes aie always more expensive than a house's standard bottling, but it s interesting to note that most houses ore happy to be evaluated by their regular stuff Vintages are delicate, wondortul surprises that age beautifully and makospeciiii occasions more special. But, try u vintage Brut next to a norvvihlatie Brut, and you may find it fuller, more complex and easier on the pockelbook. P.S To know if it is a vintage must soy "Vintage 19B2" on the label If it (Joes not say "Vintage" hex I to the date, the year may be the houses inception or I ho bottling date of the wine. Enjoy! Sponsored by NNGfTON Wine & I iniins FRANKLIN TOWNE CENTER (nexttofoodtown) Highway 27, franklin Park, NJ 660 Middlesex Ave. Metuchen, N.J Lunch & Dinner Served Daily Live Entertainment Fri. - Sat. - Sun. Thurs. - Nov. 4 - Jersey Shore Boys Fri, - Nov. 5 The Shots Sat. - Nov. 6 - Bubble Gum Machine Sun. Nov. 7 - Kevin McArdle Banquet Facilities A vailabk Eat In Take Out 106 VI. 2nd St. Bound Brook Thursdays Karaoke 8:30pm All You Can Eat Buffet * Saturdays ^ \> Entertainment IVoIffiack" Lunch Si Dinner Specials Dally Open 7 Days BEEF N' ALE HOUSE! BRUNCH IS. SUNDAY BRUNCH BUFFET Scrumptious Buffet Featuring Omlcttcs, i \ Fresh Pastries, 8-10 Hot Entrees, <r Fruits, Juices, Desserts and Much More Adults Only Seniors Children (4-12) 195 $O95 $, 95 Children 3 and under are FREE! Mon-Fri 4.J04, Sil MM) Hoi Prime Rib wjsilad ttu A fout 0 CONNOR'S NOVEMBER SPECIALS MONDAY Prime Rib $8.95 I I Prime Rib f 9,95 SUNDAY Senior Prime Rib (12-5) $7.95 All dinners include unlimited nips to our Silid h Brrad Bar ft ftiutu MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS NOW FOR THANKSGIVING! THANKSGIVING BUFFET 12-6 PM Adults $16.95 Children $5.95 Senior Citizens $10.95 t ^ F \j Under 3 yrs. FREE \L,,,,,....«^. A1A CARTE DINING - 1:304PM TRADITIONAL TURKEY DINNER Adults $12.95 Children $4.95 Senior Citizens $8.95 <*- 12 T») Under 3 yrs. FREE 708MountainBlvd ilet us prepare your holiday dinner Staring at $9.95/peraon oniiduet nci i Crudites * cheese plauer SOU P S buuhmc I UtU. turkey Your Choice of Stuffing 42 South Martine Ave. Vegetables Salad Desserts Fanwood, NJ chap's offers "personalize^1 /Qf\Q\ xn AKAA menus to suit your taste in (908) food for yo' r party> ^Celebrating Our25th Year Restaurant located in the Watchung Mountains rated m\ll tlernardsville News ruti'tl it-kick Courier News All-U-Can Eat Dinner Buffet Tues.-Thurs. Night $6.95 Now on Sundays 4:30-8:00 PM... $9.95 Weekday Lunch Buffet $4, Mt. Bethel Rd. Warren* Directions: Exit 36 off Rt 78 or Warrenvillc Kd. Off U.S. 22 Take The "Weak" Out Of Your Week Lobster All your favor Route 22 East Whitehouse ^77^-V T f : ':* 22 Weekend Plus -N(>v.,3 5, JL9D3

47 ' '. ': *1 ^ "-{*;" NOW OPEN j I HJt OWN IIP APPL1 SUPERB UNMET FACILITIES WEDDINGS DINNERS»*M0 ransons Gill (Ml) lnj% OWN 10 APPLE [Now appearing in our lounge Fri. & Sat. "EXPRESSWAY* NO COVER NO MIN. Otnnlng Dancing LCALL (908) C L At Partnway Exil (36 * Ciantord, Dine In Take Out Homemade Pastas and Italian Specialties Open for lunch and Dinner A Small Sampling of Our Menu Angel hair, souieed radiccio, red onions, andfilletof tomato Black pasta with seafood and mushrooms in a cream sauce Spiral shaped pasta in tomato sauce with eggplant, zucchini, and sweet red peppers Fresh green and white pastas in a cream sauce topped with onions, eggs, peas, and mushrooms 9.95 Spinach potato dumplings in a sauce made with Gorg'nzoia and other cheeses 619 Bound Brook Rd. Middlesex Tel: Fax: OPEN7DAYS*WDEUVER Proprietor: Ahmtd Zaher * Chef: Luigi Pepe * i * + 1* _/r " ' HURRY! Coupon E*pim 11119/93 ChMbraikd Top SMolnSfeik Dinner IndadnOnndMNi" il» vi c v, \ JtijJ '; ' (n, - - w ^ ^ ^ -^ ^ ^ ^ -^ ^m- -rr I ^ ^ HL/RflV/ Coupon Expires 1J/19/93 Charbroiled Chicken Dinner $ ^ ^ Wtlh Grind Butiai 4 Suna.«lir C99 '» JMC > FLEMINGTON Rt. 31 & Church St jltl!!«"11) v>'> l i? mi y KIWCRAND BUFFET 1 ANDSUNDASBAR All-You-Can-Eat PONDEROSA America's Stcskhouse' AGOOOIMA" ^ I FN '.' Coupon xp/res Lunch Grand Buffet inc'udti 5und»lir Valid u-4'mon-sit IVhrn you buy tn AduH Benny tl rtpufir prlci. PONDEROSA uifc) m :r*!'i»t!>n KIWI»ny [ihtf fovkl'' ;' ^ L- H >' Til T1O! rx^otd '"""-XX*"* <ll# "' m ' HURRY! Coupon Expires TT/19/93 $ J Charbroiled 1/3 Ib.'Burger A Fries Vsiid1UMon,S»t. 133 r:u: tun A A li(iu(!(i i J ID 'Cn* r S'r-»J 8ui)t' i SOMERSET 922 Easton Avenue FNi Historic Steak House Prim«Rib beginning at $9.95 "fiwesome" Baby Back Ribs. Seafood flurora sh«im$h & Qreat Steaks, Seafood, Pasta fldult Candl«lit«M«nanln«Dining fl Truly Historic flnmican Staakhouse Main Stre«t f Whitehouse. NJ t m OAK TREE FOODS Farm Itash Coiuitry Market PRODUCE DELI MEAT SPECIALTIES Green Grocer Special All Leafy Vegs. 2lb./*1 Choose Green Leaf, Red Letif Hickory or Escarole 5 Ib. Bag Potatoes All Purpose NY Macintosh Apples 2lb./ t 1 00 Golden Ripe or Green Bananas 25* Ib. w/coupon (908) Boar's Head Bologna Beel Cubed Steaks ^ f l & g j S j Thumann's #1 Imported Ham Ib Ib HormeTProsicutto Beef Shin for Stew or Soup ib Boneless Pork Roast ib Cinnamon/Apple Granola >M ib Flours: Semolina, Whole Wheat or Corn Flour 59 Ib A Our Own Storemade Roasts Chicken (Split or Whole) Scrumpy's Apple Cider-Fresh ROIIDW ^ t RMllUflljfWHI ^ t * Ib (3 lbs or more) Custom Fruit Baskets, /I--^--.-, BonlMlTopRound I Jelly 4DriedFrul! Trays I Yillow^hlU I I ^J 0 "*' 011 I p-^htjx-, AmiricanChtMt 1 b I " ~~. wicoupon E«p 1I/7/B3- ^w/cougon ^ ^xp^i mmj Vfl,. Vrrp/i( f, Wr f rtiiwtaitnitltnirrktiira>iliintii\"a\la, SALE RUNS THURSDAY 114-SUNDAY 11,7 Phone orders flmity mxnpunt! Stamps Accepiod Turitw, I vv Hify n 11b. Bulk White Rice! FREE! Iw/any I b Bok Food Purchase w/coupon Located on Oak Tree Road Noil lo Drug Fair acroti Irotn Poll Ollico In S, Plalnliolil 1 Nov. 3-5,1.993 Forbes Weekend Plus 23

48 Pfes 60 plui iipiirt of forbn Nrti-wapi'Ti' Introduction!. It it intended for use b\ people looking for other people with whom to iiutblifh ivltttwmhip* For mme infarmatian pitaie rail l-aqq-fswm ATTRACTIVE, WARM, PETITE FEMALE- I am a very sweet, widowed, Jewish female in my sixties. I am Intelligent and a lot of fun to be with! Communication is very important to mo. My interests are theater, traveling, and onjoymg each others company (and misery) I would like to meet a single Widower male, Jewish, who is physically and mentally healthy, sincere, and has a great sense ol hunioi. I livo in Hudson County Pleasu reply ext. 361B. THIS ADVERTISER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CEIVE MAIL. PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO: INTRODUCTIONS BOX 3616, FORBES NEWS- PAPERS, PO BOX 699, SOMERVILLE, NJ 0BB76. ITALIAN AMERICAN WIDOW I would love to meet Mr night. {Age: 60-early 70s.) II you love to socialize, go out to dinner, visit the shore, go on long walks and generally KEEP BUSY-1 would LOVE to meet you! Please reply ext. 4165, THIS ADVERTISER PREFERS TO RECEIVE MAIL PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO: INTRO- DUCTIONS BOX 4165, FORBES NEWSPAPERS, PO BOX 6H, SOMERVILLE, NJ LINEAR DIVORCED WHITE FEMALE Late 50's, active, employed, seeking ilngla divorced whltf female (linear only) in Metuchen or Edlaon, but not confined to that area. Interested in lit ness exercising, crafts, flea marketing, day excursions, movies, local theater and general socializing. Pleait call Ext SENIOR WHITE MALE- Looking to talk over aging sex, good living and tor friendship or more- wilh an affectionate, well* educated, older female. Please reply ext SWOLE WHITE WIDOWED FEMALE- 70, Intartsted In SWM, 65-70, who likfi slow dancing, but trips, picnics, movies, etc. Ext THIS ADVERTISER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CEIVE MAIL PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TOi INTRODUCTIONS BOX 4340, FORMS NEWS- PAPERS, PO BOX W, SOMERV1LLE, NJ 0SS7*. SINOLE, WHITE, WIDOWED FEMALE Early 90's, Interested in SWM, middle 60s. who likes old movies, good cooking bus trips, dancing, long walks or just hanging out. Ext. 4b74. THIS ADVERTISER HAS CHOSEN TO RECEIVE MAIL. PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO: IN- TRODUCTIONS BOX 4574, FORBES NEWSPAPERS, PO BOX «H SOMERVILLE, NJ VERY GOOD LOOKING, Happy, Intelligent, enthusiastic Swedish woman with great sense ol humor. Loves it lo, cooking, peoplo, animals & occasional Dining out & much more. Would like to meet someone similar. NS, between 63 & 73 Please reply e*t WHITE WIDOWED FEMALE 61, attractive, S16, medium build, rotired from the educational tiold, now working atow mornings a week, in search ol an nitraclivo white 62-75, healthy, trim, educated, kind & loving gentleman with traditional values lor a long-term relationship. Someone who would bo happy just homy together no matter what we were doing, like taking a walk, holding hands, dinners al homo with liionds, playing scrabble, conversations in Imni of ihp droplnco on rolcl Winter (lights, ijuimi \<i i lunch un iiumiays, music. theater, dining out & occasional trips it's never too lato lo fall in love, we can make il happen!" Ext Central New Jersey's Best Choice For Meeting Someone Close To Home. THIS ADVERTISER HAS CHOSEN TO RECEIVE MAIL. PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO: IN- TRODUCTIONS BOX 4575, FORBES NEWSPAPERS, PO BOX 6H, SOMERVILLE, NJ 0WT« Bus/net* Contacts LOOKING FOR EXPERIENCED TRAVEL AGENT- Interested in becoming a business partner in an expanding travel agency branch. Additional training provided at no cost lo right person. Please call Ext NEWLY FORMED SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT FIRM- seeks artistically creative programmer wilh 21 yrs. of C M Graphics and Windows. Experience lor joint venture, Serious inquiries only. Pftau call EH. 4SM. * YOUNG PROFESSIONAL looking for business partners to join the growing Joint Venture Marketing activity. No invti1m«nt t No qualifications or exper. required, Training provided al no cost lo tht right people. Please call Ex) W-VR. OLD MALE Looking lor a woman exercise partner for wkends & eves. No particular age, Pis call ext THIS ADVERTISER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CEIVE MAIL PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO: INTRODUCTIONS BOX 4556, FORBES NEWS- PAPERS, PO BOX 69», SOMERVILLE, NJ 0M7I. Sweets For Your Sweetie Try a FREE "Introductions" ad and you could win a tray of ovenfresh La Bonbonniere pastries & muffins delivered to you or your sweetie. It's easy. Just place your ad in "Introductions", Central Jersey's best place to meet people, and you're automatically entered. You could meet that special someone, a 60-plus new friend, busi- Forbes NEWSPAPERS Person leceiving the pastry tray must live or work in the Forbei Newspapers primary marvel area ond be able lo accept delivery dunng week day business hours TO PLACE AN AD , Take some time to write down some characteristics about yourself, and your preferences about the type of person you would like b meet 3. Deadline to place your Introductions ad is Friday by 5 pm. Your ad will runfarsix weeks and can bo renewed at any time, 2. You can place your Introductions ad just by 4. To retrieve your messages, call calling Our specialty-trained and fallow the vok» prompts staff will help you. Any personal inlomwtion far advertisers. The cost is $2.00 per rwnute, may request will be kept strictly confdentiaf CUSTOMER SERVICE: lrtroduc1k)n«l9ofx^itedbyr)it)mnmnpfc> fourth far bftige, pm,4>vvq«mmm«mofwdr.e f S(im«vllle l lover. Whatever your Interests, you should be W O W r ^ ^ ' i to«rxtsomecrotosrwefom. ness contact, traveling companion, exercise partner or game player/hobbyist. Call and talk to our "Introductions" advisors who will help you word your FREE ad. Place your ad by 5:00 pm Friday and you'll automatically be entered to win the weekly drawing. Winner Week#6 L W. of Westfield 20a2Rt27 ( Edison ei01AHadleyRd. t So. Plainfield Rt.1,Woodbridg« Rt. 130, North Bfunswick Part Ave., Scotch Rains DWP- Professional, 46, new to Moluchen area steki other Ftmalti interested In walking as well as othir light xerclie. Would also enjoy movies, concerts, shop* ping, ate. Listen lo Voice Mail for more Info. Please calfaxtanalon 44M 100? ATTENTION: PENTE PLAYERS! Ytr.thli l i not a misprint. There are so ffw of us. If you play Pantt or myone you know of playt Pent*- pltan give me a call. (P.S. Robin Thompson, If you read thlt, please call!) Please reply ext, CRIBBAQE PLAYERS Wt're looking for cnbbage players Interested in form* Ing a group to promote regularly scheduled games in the BndgewBter/Somervitte area. Call ext MODEL RAILROADERS WANTED- HO and N icale club with large layout getting much bigger. The Modal Railroad Club Inc. has begun a major expansion of the Club's building & railroads. Anyone from btginnar to txpert welcome to join. 15 and older, please. Please call ext WANTED FEMALE DANCE PARTNER- for Ballroom & Latin Danca. Bronze 2 or 3 level, Tuts. & Fri. eves lbs. age am63,tl. Brn. hair, Blue eyas, 190 lbs. Please call Ert, WOMEN SOCCER- Team looking for players 25 yr.s a older to loin recreational league for fall. Experienced and beginners welcome. Pwaaa nail *vt fmmmmj -'' Ml, StNOU WHITE FEMALE hat worked hard, and taking an urly rtllrement (K> tmell the rotei). I am tllm, attrutlva, personable,, and tety golng-edventuroui and affectionate at will Would likt to enhance your lilt and mint. Want KMrtvel but not alone. Reipond lo Ext, THIS AOVnmSIN HAS AUO CHOMN TO M-. CIIVI MAIL MJASf MHO LETTER AND PHOTO TOi WniOOUCTtONS IOX 44M, POfttEt NEWS* SUtQUWHfTlftULE 40, staking WF friend lor crune Club Med or your vacation Idea. Share txpentti, no commitment required; we'll just b«friends and have a great time! Pis call tm. 4S DIVORCED WHITE FEMALE- 52, 5 2 attractive, fun to be with, interosled in sports, the arts, NYC. in search of 0/SWM, non-smoker 40-50's for friendship and possible long term relationship. Pleaso call Ext SINGLE WHITE FEMALE- 22, 5 8", greon oyes & brn. hair, down lo earth w/old fashion values. I enjoy the Beach, Outdoors, Camping & working out. I'm open, honost & sinceio in search of SWM w/aamo qualities lor friendship & possibly more. Eit. 4S23, THIS ADVERTISER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CEIVE MAIL. PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO: INTRODUCTIONS BOX 4523, FORBES NEWS- PAPERS, PO BOX 699, SOMERVILLE, NJ 0IB76. TO ANSWER AN AD OO3 $2 FOR THE FIRST MINUTE, $2 FOR EA. ADDTL. MINUTE 1. Note the extension numbers at the end of the ads you would Hike to answer. 2, To respond by phone call from a Touch-Tone phone andfallowthe voice prompb and record your messages, The cost is $2.00 per minute, You must be 18 years or older to use this 900 Hne. not contain language foat is cvanly sexual, suggesdw and/or offensivetoth gantral public. The Publisher reserves therighttoreject any ad, This publication assumes no BOX RENTAL For aoverfsere who would like tie optton of receiving mail responses In additiontovoice responses, you can rent a mail box tor W per week. Box rentals must be paid in advance before reoewng you responses To respond by mail, lookfar adi that are specially marked in BOLD PRINT. Mai received for adwrftsers who have not requested mail boxes wi not be forwarded. responsibility or liabilityfarthe content or reply of a personal advertisement, You must be 18 years or older to use this service, 24 Weekend Plus "; Ncvvsp;i )oi;; Nov. 3!3,.1993

49 Central New Jersey's Best Choice For Meeting Someone Close To Home. 27 YEAR OlD- Attractlva tat chick. Under 300, but over 200 lbs. I have green eyes & brown hair. I'm liking (or a sincere, warm-hearted, tun-loving SWM who is not married but employed I liko to play pool, go lo movies, read & lish, 1 liko to spoil & be spoiled, Serious only respond! Pleaso reply exl WORDS-, Compassionate, stubborn, loyal, intonso, honest, romantic, unattached 36 yr old SWM is trying to elimiruio the seventh ot these lell descriptive words. I'm a writer/teacher; love the Arts, lleamkts, tennis, playing guitar, acting, Mark Twain, and the Muppots. Seoking SF, 30-40, w/ somo common (and somo uncommon) interests. What are your 7 words 9 Call or, tkjlil'i sitim. will respond w photn (oplmnnll if you send notos photo to box THIS ADVERTISER HAS CHOSEN TO RECEIVE MAIL PLEASE SEND LETTER 4ND PHOTO TO: IN- TRODUCTIONS BOX 4616, FORBES NEWSPAPERS, PO BOX 699, SOMERVILLE, NJ 08876, A GUY YOU D LIKE TO MEET- Goodlooking, professional, colloge dogroed, DBM, 40 with no children, 5'B, 168 lbs, I'm intelligent, articulate and have a good senso of humor, Emotionally and financially secure I enjoy composing and playing music, movies, reading, dancing, and good conversation. I would liko to meet a woman between 28 & <12 who is emotionally and financially secure, down to earth,, intelligent, good looking, with a pleasant disposilion and health self-osleem. Musically-inclmod a plus. Race is unimportant. No smokers, hoavy drinkers or drug users pleaso. Please call ext A PRETTY BLOND WITH CUSS IN STYLE 57 50, feminine, attractive, slim, fashion conscious, intelligent, positive accomplished, insightful, fun to be with, great sense of humor, loves the arts, classical music, and all the good things in life. Searching tor a tall handsome successful professional for a monogamous relationship leading to marriage. Please be an incurable romantic with a zest tor life. Age unimportant but stale of mind Is. Full head of hear is a plus. Please call ext. 4492, THIS ADVERTISER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CEIVE MAIL. PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO: INTRODUCTIONS BOX 4492, FORBES NEWS- PAPERS, PO BOX W, SOMERVILLE, NJ 06876,, AAA- ASSERTIVE, ATTRACTIVE, ADVENTUROUS 37 yr old, educated & sucessful DWM, 59", 170 lbs, sandy hair, seeks younger, slim, attractive, demure female (or LTR & family, with take charge kind ct man, please call ext 4297 ALONE ft BORED IN ISELIN- DJPM seeks 45 i female who is slim, attractive and fun to be with. Must havo sense of humor, t am 518". 145 lbs., with brown hair and blue eyes Lot's talk. Pis call ext, ANNOUCINQ MS. RIGHT! DWPF 44, 57", trim, Redhead. Somerset Hills area, allactnc, sucossiull, relaxed, educated, articulate financially & emotionally secure, at times, down right witty, looking for a tali & or big man, with matching ad octivos (soe above), to enjoy mo, 2 lively sons, a full and confortablo life, all travel, sports & interests cheerfully entrained, ploaso call exl.4(351 ARE YOU TIRED OF ALL THE GAMES? Aro you ready lor HM! lulntionship? Your snatch is nvor. I am a SWJPr 3t). pretty A polite. I urijoy romantic Ccindloli()ht <linih!i!>. quiol timp'i at homo tnunjinhj 1 niddlmt) I am!; >oritiinu(nir; vi varied mtoror.ts. I.Ini lookinc] lor,\ positive 8, romantic SWPM who uin.ilv.i tnt my IH'LJI IIUMKI II Ntr, is you please uih me, I <t «l r.i ATTRACTIVE SWM, 34 (Hondo hair, blue-eyes,!>i;xy, wuii limit, (jnixl heart,incf full ol laufjhs. Sooknuj vory,ihu live Icmalo who i!i honest, sensitive, cjfifkj ami Lifl(.'i;li<iruit<,' lor fiov sihlo Lin Must like turns!'' 1 Ext.-ion; BACHELOR- M, slim, outgoing, good om-it souse of humor, enjoy music, spoils, dirnny out, looking for SWF, 21i-35, lor enjoyable times tocjulhor wilhsomuono who has Iho same Inleiesls, il this sounds yood to you pleaso call oxi 3G2(> BEAUTIFUL PROFESSIONAL Dlvorcod Jewish Gal, b'o", Slim, 'If], kind, warm, outgoing A sonso ol humor Seeks interesting, professional Guy who Is a nice person, lor loruvot sharmg, caring & fun. PLEASE REPLY TO EXT BEING SINGLE IS NEW TO ME... and I'm stared to death- with AIDS & all the crazies out there- so why am I doing this?., I cjuuss I'm lonely and I need a friend! So I pick up the Star Lodger and tutn to tho personals... WHOA! There must bo about 10 pages full- So how corno I cant find one real person? I'm a slngl* white male, 43,5'9' {225lbs), avorago looks bul very friendly, fun-loving, nonsmoker, social drinker, vory romantic, caring and nfloctionato. My frionds call mo "Buddy"!! I am also honest and open, not like 90% ol those ads- I'vo boon reading what amounts to a bunch ol BS. Sizo, shape, race, and ago do not matter. If you nro a real woman ploaso givo mo a call al ext ATTRACTIVE WHITE MALE- 45, wealthy and generous. In soarch ol shapely lady (or mutually beneficial, mistress-typo relationship. Please reply ext , ATTRACTIVE FIT FUN SWM Very handsome, athletic, smart, well educated, open \ honest, caring, sensual, romantic, $ stable, nonsmoker, non-drinker who loves life and enjoys travel, movies & plays, dancing & dining, Iho beach, sunsets, tennis, photography, music, comedy ctubs, trading back rubs, exercise, laughter, and aflection. I'm seeking a THIN NON SMOKER SWF who lovos life and would enjoy sharing fun times, good friendship, and eventually a great relationship that includes understanding, a solid marriage,, and family Exl RLEASE SEND RECENT PHOTO & NOTE TO : EXT. 4951, FORBES NEWSPAPERS, PO BOX 699, SOM- ERVILLE, NJ O8S76. BLACK MALE 44 yrs. old. 6T 195 lbs. Average build with collogc degree. Good senso of humor, is non-pretonlious, and enjoys the following activities: reading, plays, movies, concerts, dining out, dancing, cycling, hiking, amusement parks, picnics, weokond getaways, just to name a few. Desires a tail slim attractive, intelligent, honest black/hispanic woman over 30 yrs. oung. Non-smoker with old fashion values, Would ii' ike to share in some or all ol the activities plus the Ihings she enjoys doing as well. For friendship, companionship and more, Mother with small child welcome Please respond to ext, 4481 BODACIOUS BLONDEwith swooping sensuality. One man woman, 5'5, slim, 50 w/ great legs, intelligent, attractive, lormor model, into the country and western scene. Seeks best friend/lover and marriage w/ a tall, handsome, fit, savvy professional to share chili, WYNY. the rodeo, and the best limes of our lives. Ext 4610 BORN AGAIN SWCF, 48, student, ACOA, warm, caring; love laughter, children, animals, good books/music, old movies, the outdoors, sharing thoughts, feelings & God's love. Would like to meet strong Christian gentleman (strong Christian, gentle man) with good, kind, understanding (of himself & others) heart. Exl, 4323, THIS ADVERTISER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CEIVE MAIL. PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO: INTRODUCTIONS BOX 4323, FORBES NEWS- PAPERS, PO BOX 6M, 80MERVILLE, NJ 08176, BORN AGAIN SWF, 34, attractive, Prof, woman, looking for a SWC Gentleman, who is strong in his walk w/the Lord, Please write* Incld. photo, THIS ADVERTISER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CEIVE MAIL. PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO (OPTIONAL) TO: INTRODUCTIONS, BOX 3623, FORBES NEWSPAPERS, PO BOX 699, SOMER- VILLE, NJ, 0W76 CARING Physically fit DWM, 37, b 9, ICO lbs. wilh a good heart, senso of humor & traditional valuos. I enjoy a WKJG rango of ouldoor activities as well K movies, plays & dining at various restaurants I'm interested m meeting a slim, sonsitivo S DF, 3/ nr younger v.ilh ML children to sharo similar interom, i possibly a inonninglul one-to-one relnliotiglup I';IMSO rail I xl CARING, FUN-LOVING, Affoclionalo. Ill, fin.icmtly seam 1, niiti i(.>; SWR,\ I'. MM-k'j ISO S.'DWr. I want a mre ii.ihy LIII w.ui hmuv.t woman within] la tju't? of tier >l! lit ',h uc hi-r li!i!'s ailventurf 1!) A misadventures. In Ml. N $. N usur, college tjr t id looking le-r '..imo If this 't (joo(f lo you pleaso call ox I -Ih 1? CARING, HIGHLY EDUCATED, DBM J/, WW, t'jo lbs t"ii oys traveling n'uvius, u«uiir's, ail kinds ol music ;ind rnus'u! instrument!,. Vi'iy iithlelic, loves health and oxen iy Would liku i> nil'fi wiujle or div A'n;in lonmii 1 lm Inondship lo Itvini Asinn cultufe, add lor pov.mii' folahonship Ploaso call out. 46ti. COLLEGlGli A T?5-yr. oid SJM who un oys sports, music A movies A Iho shore seeking SJK, 20-2b, wilh sumiiir interests Ploaso cnll Extension -1320, COMPANION, FRIEND, Lover, Sorneono lo put iht> liptiiklu in our oyes and Hie hoal in uur souls. II your searching for Iho samo thing, cnll me, Atlraclivo. inloligonl, outgoing, romanlic, sensual, DWF, blondo, hazel oyos, dostros lo meet a down lo earth, unattached malo (40-50) with similar qualilios who also has a good sonso of humor and Iho spin! ol adventuro. A man who isn't looking lor a clono and is willing to oxploro our differences, as well <is our mutual plonsurcs. PLEASE REPLY TO EXT DAD IS A HEAD TURNER- Early 50's, non-smoker, travols, walks, great laugh, scuba dives, loves his grandchildren, II you can keep up & aro Single, funny, outgoing, Indcpendom & a head tumor yourself I finally talked him into this Ploaso call Ext DEAR TALL, SMART, SINGLE AND HANDSOME,. I'm a very attractive 37 year old tall, funlovlng redhead adventurous and full of life. I like a man wilh a great sense of humor, rugged, down to earth, and must be financially secure. Someone who likes anything from tine dining to getting lost In Iho woods. II you're looking for Cindy Crawford, keep looking. It you'ro looking for a genuinely attractive sincere woman to have a relationship wilh ploaso respond to ext3604. THIS ADVERTISER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CEIVE MAIL. PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO: INTRODUCTIONS BOX 3604, FORBES NEWS- PAPERS, PO BOX 699, SOMERVILLE, NJ DEBBIE, VOU CALLED EXT I didn't catch your full telephone number on the message, that you led PIC;ISP call hack- I would fovo tu speak with you!. Ext -i170 DISCRETE ATTACHED MALE Italian Self employed business owner. Seeking femnle 28-40, For adventure & Inn. Must ho discrole and drug 4 disease troo like mo. Maritnl status unimportant. Plonsn call Ext 4%G DIVORCED FEMALE Big blue eyos, Wonda. 40-sorm>ttiinc), protty. nice, interesting lilo, hardworkor, successful career and a good friend. Looking lor an intelligent, kind, oducaied man lor companionship and fun and whatever develops Love black tic, the beach, boats, hikes, exploring, adventure, museums and Bngantmo. Please call Ext_304 DIVORCED WHITE CHRISTIAN MALE 37 (looks younger), gentleman, brown hair, bluogreen eyes, 5't10", 185 lbs. Avernge to good look- nq'' V'.-fy ti.itrt rt'irhr i] honi ir.l liiyni nueclionato hind-hearled, canny, eaiy going, shy, domesticated, secure, non-smoker. Interests are outdoors, fishing, recreation, boach, parks, movies, videos, cooking, dining in and out, car shows, American Performance Cars Seeking single or divorced pretty, attractive. uhjjjoiy Onentiil l..uiy..vj-'& wilh vny long straight or wavey beautiful black hair. Shoulder length mm., but prefer much longer. Medium build 53" t. This lady must be honest, caring, easygoing and calm natured, sharing tlmllir interests lor LTR. Pis call ext DIVORCED WHITE FEMALE 43, slim, attractive seeking single/divorced white male , trim and good looking, who is phsically and emotionally free to build a relationship with the right women if ho were to find her., and also have tlma for tun, dancing, dining and just being with someone special. Please reply oxt <H66. DIVORCED WHITE FEMALE 43, attractive, 125 lbs, Greek-American, with oldfashioned values, in search of a Greek or Greek- American man between nn,es 4S-57 Financially nnd emotionally securo wild l.imiiy oriented valuos lor long term relationship marriage. Only serious inquiries. Please reply exl >1-Hi2 DIVORCED WHITE FEMALE Early 50's, aitr.k.tivo professioii;it. looks 10 yrs youngef than smf r, Hlontfc I^H'-pypfl, slim Likes sports such as sivfinniifi. h;ist't',.f! -<\L Luves classical music nnci iii'tci lypi's >K.-.< " lovos to road collflcit.'-flducitc.i l:)f.k,[i(i \o: J,\ h,m,i io' Physically itt yenlu'ih'" 'vji to ovf -s HJTII. who enjoys oiit., H»!!': itio hr;iii.mio much more 1 DIVORCED WHITE MALE VL.[/ ijihkj lim->.:' i. i'-'n him. '> ' uyt's, '10; b t). iitk'u'siiik). suint-'iiu'i tunny, ii ' iiiti'itjsled in litut.itiitt: III in, tt* c i ', q'nel eve-;.!!;.imv revolution, stfi'ds WS Vt'si 1!!! 1.:! uiiiihlies: vt", ; *oii looking, in- IncM'" 1! Mud'Oi'.'!"..l"non' i ' ' ',..''illhy Will Inkc i' out 3 Acj'Mi 'i -iuj (pinler ' )-!'-i. lisj^jhl unitnpuitiiiit To sh.'iir ;io -.;l times, r,;\ >.> luam tennis Of noif. F'le.TjeciiiH ' -i:'!)?. DIVORCED WHITE-. MALE IJjiddy, 27. flint] ' : n:l hair. (;. i Mu^iH]. wittl? jii dl! i hikjri't. it., I ijir!!!.!! l:vu v.ith nuv In searcfi ol sinrjle m «! p ;\nr:od white ftmiintc, 21-30, slim & alliaclive-for fiin limns h dnlmm ( 'lease reply exl. 3G10 DIVORCED WHITE MALE 57, 5 11 successful, financially S'-niu', goorj looking seeks naturally LIUUI'IVO in ; r) up to 6 lor long term it'liiluifishij} Attileln tuisiiu'ss interest, politician, physn.mii. stownrdof. 1. Sncialitn a plus lixt 'MBD THIS ADVERTISEH HAS CHOSEN TO RECEIVE MAIL. PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO: IN- TR0DUCTI0NS BOX FORBES NEWSPAPERS, PO BOX 699, SOMERVILLE, NJ DIVORCED WHITE MALE 17. lirml of Iho lifis «, socking JLJST ONl : -ol-a- Kind Stio should be a Inily w,i body stn> is pi.nid ol. but drtissosappropnntply ^7-S1 she c >limii(l tko.ndmirnlion, attention, quality P.IHSIOII, consideration, have a good sonso ol luimor lit- nhli. 1 In ticii w.itm A play.i decent gamo ol Scf,ihlilo Smoker'; OK I'm,i nonsmoker, cxtiomoly IKJM mortal (innkt'i, fi;ird worker, ihtolligortl, powerful, hiindy, nice IntiKtnfj (ji'iillornnn w/full hrjiicj ol dark hair Ciitl to cfisliiss mutual common interests, lint. -MM. DIVORCED WHITE MALE,,. Early 40's, self-employed, seeking'a female in her 30s for a possible lortrj-tormrelationship, Pleaso call ext DIVORCED WHITE MALE 30, 6T\ and professional. Seeking whito female- 20's or 30's, non/smoker, for friendship, fun and romance. I enjoy the shore, day-trips, romantic limos homo or out, nnd I'm willing to try new things, I want to cuddle & make you looi qood. Sincere & Honesl, pleasu reply ext 360G DIVORCED WHITE MALE 60, professional, very uiivc, i\\. K linanciatly stable. An average man- no dnnkmi] '.-,(clrugs. but I smoke. looking lor SWI", \,\m?\\-\'.\. rn-edinq a nice emotional start in life who iik^s to tic spoiled and knows how lo spoil in return ho levol headed, like sports, cars, dining out. (jvos Sense ol humor a must! xt DIVORCED WHITE MALE Rugged, rjov/n lo enrili, (jntroprpneur. tail, vory lit, runs, walks, hikes, t-km, plays tennis, gardens, loves kids, last cars, honest om; on ono relationship, counliy dancing, travel, out ot donrs, Channei 13, cooking, dining out, candle light romance, Italian anything, antiques, Victorian houses. II you are a non- 'imok.pcj petit-. 1 '.i'<y.'.'i'-i.i: 1 ' ) il). wiiu can wnle letters and you telate lu tnuru tiuin hall uf the above. then please write lo mo tor piompl reply. E»t THIS ADVERTISER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CEIVE MAIL. PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO: INTRODUCTIONS BOX 4168, FORBES NEWS- PAPERS, PO BOX 699, SOMEHVILLE, NJ DIVORCED WHITE MALE 43, professional, 6'. tbo lbs, Catholic, Seeking SWF, 32-3? (firm), , medium build, lor serious relationship & whatever develops. Sonso of humor a +. but must be attractive, outgoing & good conversationalist (w/no children prel) to enjoy movies, dining out & the occasional rainy day. Please no fanatics or people with little time on their hands. Please reply Ext DIVORCED WHITE MALE , 145 lbs speks mcaninqlul relationship w/s- DWF late 2Q's-40. under ;> C i> sum Easy going, considerate & sincere. Please call Ext DWF- 36, vivacious, voluptuous and full ot spunk, Engeretic mom who loves fast boats, hot cars and powder on the ski trails. Looking tor fun loving, rugged man to share life's experiences with Ploaso call ext DWF- Beautiiul green-eyed blond, 5't4, 118 lbs., great body physically & visually. Warm, intelligent, very affectionate, extremely active, as, no drugs, no head games. Loves sports, music, dancing. bo yrs. young, children grown, looking tor counterpart who is 10- mantic A has n clue to what makes a woman tick. Ext THIS ADVERTISER MAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CEIVE MAIL. PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO: INTRODUCTIONS BOX 4569, FORBES NEWS- PAPERS, PO BOX 699, SOMERVILLE, NJ DWPM- 3 l l fiiioys COOI>IMII IJIM in.-wkiis. folk art. traveling, nnllire h nond critwt'is.itmn Sockiruj DSWPF, age 3J--K 1 (kids O K j ;,iiti..-iumi irui.tcbts & a positive DWM!'.O \i', Sri It'-'.!;. Rr,,-, n hair, brown eyes, cxrulk-nt phv'jiqiic. [:.'- '-IIIM 1 <j)i 0y5 working out, f! 'i fork S, roll nuki'- v.' M-M-;, ]..! ;iwavs, and quiet ' ' ' K S. i l l -. ' i ' v '', v > - : =,! k ' ; : u \ \ v W - \ ' j w i t h similar likes, non-si 1!>' 'in-dii^kei. br friendship,tk! Ki:;sihif.' rokninrr.r-:, V'w.o reply (next 4958 THIS ADVERTISER HAj ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CEIVE MAIL. PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO: INTRODUCTIONS. UOK iflsfl, FORBES NEWS- PAPERS, PO BOX 69'j. &OMERVILLE. NJ FIERY. FASCINATING* FIT FELINE Very nttractivo. professional DWF. 5b'\ 123 lbs, Wish* looks iioish. non-i.iiiuker w long blnncf wavy h.ur A tjrpfn cyi"; I Invi 1 (.l.mpq. il;inrin(j A drowning Sonka Prof. WM, non-smnkor, -10 bo's- with great tiiinm r.oul,1ml hoclv If I 1 "' 1 In".! if life (I was on,,u.liion m Auqu'jt- i f I imssi'il yuui call, please call \)i\iv\ Ploast 1 reply rxt >\?% FIRECRACKER in sonrch o! tuir ni,ilch 41. 5JF seeks ncivonturous, ii.ibbv with qmck senso of humor who is confident t'liouijli in himsoll (not arrognnt) lo not be iniimirtatett by nconhdont, indcfit'ndcnt, active lady. I cnjoytr.ivi'i, dtincintj, jazz, lomns, and skiing, II you're,i 5DJM. ;iii-'i[), non-siikiknr socking,1 traditional, *i",ilthy, Inntj-liTm rdiitionrihip plonse ipply oxl. FIT* HEALTHY WHITE MALE Hi, st-eks lemnle counteipnrl foi discrete lun & lti(>iulshi ) PIIMSU call out 'Ii)b8 THIS ADVERTISER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CEIVE MAIL. PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO: INTRODUCTIONS DOX 4S5B, FORBES NEWS- PAPERS, PO BOX 699, SOMERVILLE, NJ i.fll'i 1 -.'.Si 1 I! 1 ' ' WeekendPlus 25

50 GAY SINGLE WHITE FEMALE*- Professlonal, 42, adventurous, cute, In love with life and still growing. Stable, socure and know myself. In search of gay female with like qualities. Non-smoker, no drugs, disease free for friendship or possibly more. Please call oxl GIRLFRIEND WANTED SWM, 33, exciting, tall, dark, looks fine, deep, educated, and works out. In search of a team minded, caring, SWF, N/S, for summer furt h museums, walks, movies, and definitely lor LTR. Please call ext, 3611, GWM- Essex county resident seeking that very special BM who like me is warm, honest & sincere w/a great sense of humor, I enjoy bowling, bike riding, movies, those dancing nights to classic disco, as well as the quiet times; I'm 43, 5'6", 145 lbs, healthy, pref, a N/S, in my own age range, who is masculine w/ slim or medium build, Lets get together, laugh & have a great time, please call ent.4953 HANDSOME DIVORCED JEWISH MALE 42, professional, positive, good shape, romantic, caring, many interests ISO S/DWF, up to 42, petite attractive, romantic, smart. Friendship-Romance retationship call e«i HANDSOME JEWISH SINGLE WHITE MALE Young looking 35. Medium build, brown hair, 57". Is suceisful, spontaneous and sincere. Interests In* elude: traveling, concerts, outdoor sports, physical fitness and more. I enjoy an active adventurous lifestyle, I am seeking an attractive petite Jewish single white female with similar interests for possible relationship. Ext THIS ADVERTISER HAS CHOSEN TO RECIEVE MAIL PLEASE SENT LETTER AND PHOTO TO: IN- TRODUCTIONS BOX 4H7. FORBES NEWSPAPERS, P.O. BOX 6W, 8OMERVILLE, NJ 0M7S HANDSOME SINGLE WHITE MALE 35,5', 6", brown hair, blue eyes, physically lil, great smile & personality, looking for cute SWF who is fun & open-minded for exciting relationship, Please call Extension 4310, HI, SWM- ~~ Compassionate, romanlic, sincere, loyal, gentle, loving, touching (both physical and emotional), alienlive, humorous and thoughtful. Those are the things I hold dearest. I can best describe myself as the road less traveled or olt the beaten path. I enjoy seeing someone happy, boardwalk in the spring, fall, and winter, amusement parks, long drives to who cares where, fall when the leaves turn, sunsets, and sunrises. All these things I'd love to share. Looking tor someone who can be crazy spontaneous as I can to Me, I'm 46, 5 9, 225 tbs, fairly solid. People say I'm nice looking, my parents say I'm great. You, anywhere from 25-45, attractive, slim to a little over medium build, and crazy or want to aspire to It, Lets talk. Call ext I WANT A MAN IN MY LIFE- This 4-year DWF, 49, Irish/German, non-smoker/light social drinker (seeking tame), misses a special man irt my life. I am pretty, Irish, 5'5" medium build auburn hair, blue eyed, financially secure, college educ ligal secretary, classical music lover, who will make time daily for us. My likes are many-give me an en lovable man with whom to do them. We will laugh, enjoy life, Iravel, you will be needed. You're unmarried, 5'9" to 6T, are late 40s to 50'*, coll. educ, seeking a 1 on 1 relationship, active. Bonuses: German, bearded, Gemini, work in law or business. Turnofli: sexual gorillas, egocentric men. Please reply 5J PAPERS, PO BOX»H, SOMERVILLE, NJ 0W7S, MWRTISER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- MWL NMSE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO HOT OUTGOING; SWF- 25 yra.. Vw/TisTFs. looking for SWM, smoker Is O.K., no drunks, fatsoes, dead beats allowed. You must be Interested In d«nc- Ing, skiing, animals, being sensuous. Jealous people playing games need not apply. Please call EM ' WM0 ' I am creative, love all kinds of music, song, dance hike, nature, gourmet cook. Seeking similar values In a divorced or widowed man years old, Ext, I WAS ONCE ACCURATELY DESCRIBED AS A STATE OF BEING VERB Vy favorite hobby is thinking I am a thirty year old SWF with a quick mind and a stiarp tongue. I lovo Charlotte Bronte nnd the NY Giants with equal passion. If you are a SWM and can hold your own In an argument you may be my PETRUCCIO. (Action verbs need not apply) PS I am also small and cuto Ext THIS ADVERTISER MAS CHOSEN TO RECEIVE MAIL PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO (OP- TIONAL) TO: INTRODUCTIONS BOX 4609 FORBES NEWSPAPERS, PO BOX 699, SOMERVILLE, NJ 01876, IF YOU READ THIS ADand think it sounds interesting wo might hnvo a lot Central New Jersey's Best Choice For Meeting Someone Close To Home. In common keep reading " MsTSunas good leave a message and tell me aoout yourself. Attractive female 5' 6" 135 lbs., early 40's. Fair hair, blue eyes. Professional, homeowner, no children. ISO friend for social things and quiet times who is creative, with good morals and sense of humor 's educated, over 5' 10' athletic, blue eyes, 40-45lih, young children. Please respond to ext IN SEARCH OF REAL MAN Not wanting a "Barbie", NO head-games, attractive and Intelligent, non-smoker. I am young, craiy, In wheelchair, Independent, actress, writer, photographer. Likes: music, parties, quiet nights, carnations, Be young or feel young, NO JERKS! I'm not a trail thing needing assistance, Don't need a man, but want one. Ext INTERNATIONAL SJM- 32, good looking, romantic, strong traditional family values, non-smoker, Not being your typical Jewish guy makes it difficult to meet a Jewish girt. Maybe you could help? If you are a non-materlaliitlc SJF, who seeks the Intangibles of a quality relationship please respond to ext, IRISH AMERICAN FEMALE-60, 5'6", attractive, well groomed and good figure, non-smoker, who enjoys going out to dinner, dancing, iravel, family i* friends. fso a SWCM, 5'11* or more up to 65 yrt of age w/ same qualities, who Is Interested In a one on one ilncere relationship, Ext JAMAICAN MALE 42 yr. old, Physically fit, 5*5, 156 Ibi. Looking for a female between the ages of Seeking nonsmoker and non-drinker, and a professional who is physically fit, it you enjoy a good time call ext. 4162, LADY SINQS THE BLUES- Because she knows Mr. Right is out there somewhere but she doesn't know where to find him. This attractive & talented 36 yr. old DWCF seeks an attractive gentleman between the ages of 3642 who is secure, intelligent, loving & sincere with good oldfashioned values. If you like to have fun & are interested in meeting an artist who enjoys dancing, museums, laughing, theater, & music then why not give this Shlksa from Westfield a catl-who knows it could turn out to be a mrtevaw Please respond to ext, 4570, THIS ADVERTISER HAI ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CEIVE MAIL. PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO: INTRODUCTIONS IOX 4570, FORBES NEWS- PAPERS, PO BOX 6M, SOMERVILLE, NJ OW76. **P.S, Ext you sound Interesting, please writel LIFE IS NOT A REHEARSAL- OWM tail slim good looking, Taurus. A photographer who looks for the good In others and beauty In our world. I'm easy going, healthy and have no dependents. Your are a DWF at least 551 tail, who Is appealing to the eye and stimulating to the mind. We are both seeking a physical, intellectual & emotional match for a lasting relationship. No drugs or alcohol, smoker OK. Ext LOOK NO FURTHER, HERE I AMI Very attractive SWF, non-smoker, In search of handsome unbald SWM, 50-54, 57 to 59, for 1-on-i relationship, Interests are dancing, occasional travel, eves, at home. Call me you won't be disappointedl Today may be our LUCKY day. Please call Ext, 4327, LOOKING FOR UNTAMED HEART SWM, 27, law student, Intelligent, attractive, thin look- Ing for SF, 20-35, Intelligent, Independent, attractive, please call ext 3603 LOOKING FOR THAT SPECIAL WOMAN If you love to laugh, enjoy going out & love hugs, look no further. I'm a 43 yr old SWM who Is looking for SWF up to 40 to share great times with, I love to dance or just cuddle. Looking for a woman who wants to be serenaded by my guitar. I'm 58,160 lbs. with hazel/green eyes & I work out regularly & love to travel, Reply exl MARRIAGE MINDED? Want a child? I want a wife: Let's make a deal,.hardworking SWM, 28, very f, 6' t. Very intelligent, suave looking, Prof, needs mousy Country Girl, Corporate Lady, or in-between, or so, to share walks, movies, dinner, cuddling, beach, love (a business together"') Sacrificing tor Bountiful life. Ext _ MAGIC MAN This 52 ysar old- attractive, separated but available, JWM is a self-employed professional in search ot i petite, sexy lady who Is MUCH younger than I am for a long term rolationshlp. I am a non-smoker, very light social drinker, with multiple interests ranging from modern novels to last cars to Vegas. I raised two girls who are married and have their own lives. I miss having youngsters (not adult children) around the house, so if you have kids, thats n plus. Hopefully, you are a woman who can mako decisions, understands tho pressures of business, Is impulsivo, tbnder, has a good senso of humor, can ovon laugh at herself, and is willing to do something at tho drop of a hat. And hopofully, you aro a woman who neods both to give ana rocolve lots of affection. If you can bo Introspective and thoughtful, if you like to roughhouse one minute and cuddle the next, If you aren't afraid of meaningful emotion or commitment, and If you are willing to try to work out your hangups (we all have them), give me a call. Please respond to ext MILLIONAIRE WITH YACHT 4 MERCEDES Not still reading? SWM-30 (looks 24-25), 5' 10, med. build (not thin-but not fat either!) Shoulder length Brn. hair, green eyes, enjoys tifes simple pleasures. Blue Jeans, Rock & Roll, Comedy clubs, camping, Shore. Down to earth w/great sense of humor. Fun loving, Adventurous & a hopeless Romantic seeks same In an attractive WF w/same interests for Fun, Romance, Adventure & possible long term relatlonshlp. I am i smoker, Please call Ext MRi MQM DWM 39 tall, dark &...skinny, great tense of humor, loves music (esp. classic rock), movies, football & long walks. Would like to meet an Intelligent commitmen! minded woman for friendship ft more. PS. Sine* my sister put me up to this- a handsome single younger brother wouldn't hurt. Please call Ext NEW TO SOMERSET COUNTY 44, divorced white female, healthcare professional, busy working on my degree at a weekend college, finally has the summer off. Haven't had a chance to make new friends. I'd like to get back to what I enjoy, natural living, outdoors activities like biking, hiking, long walks, rides In the country And exploring, all types of music from Reggae to Blue Grass, getting into shape, but most importantly good and funny conversations and friendship. I have an adventurous nature and I'm open to learning, sharing and having lun and taking risks (I just returned from a white wster rafting trip in WV with my kids. What a blast although I was a little scared). I appreciate Ihe absurdities that lite can offer and can laugh at myself.fwhy else would I write this personal). I'd love to meet a patient man with similar interests who wants to explore (the Bridges of Madison County) with me this summer. Please respond to ext NEWLY DIVORCED WF- Very attractive 40ish, brown hair A eyes. Caring, sincere, fun loving, loves, hugs ft kisses, quiet evenings, dancing, atl music especially country. Seeking attractive S/DWM, with same interests tor a possible long term relationship. Please respond to ext NICE GUY I enjoy the simple things in life; Ice cream cones, movies, good conversation, good books, great dinners, dancing and good laughs. I'm a WSM, responsible, non-drinker, financially secure, with wicked sense of humor. I would like to meet someone who is comfortable with themsolt, "pretty-plaln-)ane\ * ysars old, 57" & under, no little kids, medium to slender build, moderate drinker, non/light-smoker, easy-going, intelligent, compassionate, strong- (but not domineering) and lemmlne, Not looking for a one night stand but a serious contender. Please reply ext NIFTY FIFTY ii'cl 1 4 fihq lookiny luiiy 11! H. hin WWJK seeking soul mate tor fun & whatever. II you're physically {and hopefully 1inanclally)Flt & looking for fun, age is no problem. Nice looking would be fine. Personality a plus, good sense of humor a must. Please call Ext. 4511, PWTiTYJVY EDUCATED SWJPF 36, at Fortune 100 company In search ot romance and long term relationship with special SWPM. Please be tall, handsome and under 46. Please call E> , READ MY PERSONAL DWF, non-smoker. 5' b", green eyes, 40ish professional, looking for tall, professional businessman. He should be financially secure, likes life, good times and Is down to earth with a sense of good humor and sense of reality. Must answer this trivia: How many dimples in a golfball? Please leave answer, brief message and name and phone number and I will call you back Ext, THIS ADVERTISER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE CEIVE MAIL. PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO: INTRODUCTIONS BOX 4337, FORBES NEWS- PAPERS, PO BOX 699, SOMERVILLE, NJ 0S876, PRETTY DJF 5'5" slender intelegant, nurturing & aesthetic. Seeking attractive, cultured, financially secure male, for carlna, long lasting relationship. Exl THIS ADVERTISER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CEIVE MAIL. PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO: INTRODUCTIONS BOX 4955, FORBES NEWS- PAPERS, PO BOX 699, SOMERVULE, NJ QM76. 8DWF- 34, bluo oyes, brunolle, single morn, financially soeuro. I on oy camping, Dining out, movies, plays f* musoums, I'm looking tor a down to earth SWM, yrs. old, who onjoys ihe smno things us myself, If this sounds good to you ihon call oxt, 3619 SEARCHING IN NEW JERSEY- DO you liko lodrty bears, bubble baths. candlelight, romance, and Iho ijlow of a lull moan on n ctonr evoning night? Do you hktr iho foot of warm snntj between your toes, the sound ol crashing ocoan waves? Do you relish the smell and warmth ot an engulfed fireplace, flames crackling and sputtering? If so, a handsome 25 yr. old Italian male with brown hair and deep brown eyes would like to meet you! I'm 5'tB" and 140 lbs,, slim, clean cut with a moustache. I enjoy travel, contemporary top 40 music, children, racket sports, animals and the list goes on and on. I seek a young woman who not only enjoys the above, but who is niso attractive with weight proportionate to height, a non-smoker, emotionally stable, caring, and committment oriented. An ideal young lady would understand the importance of lamfly, friendship, communication, and she would know It takes two people working together to make a relationship work. Ext THIS AOVERTIIER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CEIVE MAIL, PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO: INTRODUCTIONS BOX 4577, FORBES NEWS* PAPERS, PO BOX M», IOMERVILLE, NJ 0SS7S. SEEKING SINGLE WHITE MALE Extremely handsome, successful, creative, spiritual, sexy, hip, cosmopolitan, open minded, honest, communicative, thick full dark hair. Nourishing, single, interested In serious relationship, responsible, early 30's, no drugs, alcohol or smoking, for SWF, beautiful ssh blonde, 29, creative, spiritual, loving, honest, sincere, intuitive, sexy, 57,130 lbs. and much, much mw>. Ext SINGLE ATTRACTIVE 37 YEAR YOUNG WOMAN SEEKING MR, RIGHT He should be a SW/DWM, educated, financially/emotionally secure, affectionate, respectful, and Interested m a friendship and possible long-lt* m monogsmous relationship. I'm 5 2, petit*, snd have brown naturally curly hair, and hue) green eyes. I enjoy pleasure traveling, a great listener and conversationalist, dancing, spectator sports, cultural events tnd much more. I'm the proud mother of two beautiful cats (a/k/s "my kids"). I'm very ambitious, compassionate, and adventurous. Desiring a soulmate-not just a "playmate." If we share similar Interests and this "no nonsense' fun-loving woman has peaked your curloslty-lhsn call or send me a nott (picture optional). I truly believe LIFE IS MEANT TO BE LIVED! I Exploring LIFE S CHALLENGES Is the KEY TO A HAPPY FULFILLING EXISTENCE!! Please reply ext THIS ADVERTISER HAI ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CEIVE MAIL PLEASI SENO LETTER AND PHOTO TO: INTRODUCTIONS IOX 4475, FORBES NEWS- PAPERS, PO BOX Wf, BOMIRVIUE, NJ 0M7». SINGLE BLACK CHRISTIAN FEMALE 32 yr. old, I have been single over 4 yrs & comfort-. able. But not enough to want to stay, looking for someone who has no children, but wants some in the future. I have none now, looking for someone to help me find myself, lovo me & not leave me. I am no Beauty but not gross either. I want very much to love & be loved. To grow & prosper together decently, I prefer someone who is outgoing because I am reserved, Going places I love. Please call ext.4295 SINGLE BUCK MALE 30, 6'4", 210 lbs,, athletic, attractive, out-going, seeks SBF/SWF for casual dating, must be sincere. Please reply ext SINGLE MALE, 37 Tail, athletic. Looking for open minded, sensual female. Ags & race Is unimportant. Call me, and let's start enjoying each others company! Please reply exl. 4366, SINGLE WHITE FEMALE Attractive, 49, blonde, blue-eyed, looking for outgoing white male, 40-58, at least 5'10, who enjoys (lie's celebrations, dining out, entertaining at home, dancing & good conversation, Only men with a sense of humor i sincere attitude need apply. Please call Extension SINGLE WHITE FEMALE very attractive, 30, 110 lbs., 5'5 w/1 child, nonsmoker, non-drug user, sincere, honest, organized & neat, secure about myself, Wishing to meet SWM, must be very attractive, ,5 T 4 T', In shape, 34 Inch waist or small, 0-2 kids ok, non-smoker/drug user, honest, polite, not a slob or lazy, must be secure about yourself yet not self centered, for a meaningful relationship & possible marriage, If you fit Hll_of tho above, then please cat) ext.4294 SINGLE WHITE FEMALE ~ ~ ~ 37, down to earth, wavoy, light brown, shoulder length hair and brown eyes 5' 6", larger Irnmo but not obese, a smoker, attractive, likes cooking, staying hone for a quiet evening w/a movio or going out. Works dill hours bul kind ol a night owl looking lor a sincoro, honest, S/UWM, kids ok, who knows how to troal a lady, I> J 10' and ovor, avorngo or solid larger Irnmo, who wants.i urtu on one relationship No hoatl games ploaso. Only serious mlndod callers nnnri cull- i>xt 3806 SINGLE WHITE FEMALE 22, 5 U \ Enjoy dancing, movies, cuddling w plus! I enjoys walks, lovo tho bunch, camping and I adore hiking. I tiavo a bubbly sonsu of humor & you should the same. Musi enjoy children. I am looking for.i SWM, Mid-twenties, who has n groat souse ol humor, MUST bo ablu to ho open & communicate! Fmaaallv 26 WookendPlus i ml ip Nov. 3 0, 1993

51 & motlwiny liable a must. Not looking tor a Playgirl ctnttrfoltf, jutt i tlnctrt guy, who It looking for a real rtfatlonthlp, Pleat* rcply txl SINGLE WHITE FEMALE M warm, bright, slim 4 attractive, mjoyt dining out, good music, & new advtnturos, Is looking (or a yr old, S/DWM, who it lit, down to Mrtfi, & looking for aomoono special, Pltw call mt.3622 UNQLE WHITE FEMALE Proleiilontl, mld-40'8, living lilt to lulltit but tltad of doing it alone. Interests include golf, skiing & biking at well as quitt times. Valut hontsty, laughlir, I optn communication, Would Hkt to meet S/DWM, norvimolw with similar Inlereits, Pla call txl SINOLE WHITE FEMALE - 25 yrt. old, 5', Brn. curly hair, Bm. tytt, 110 Ibi. AHectionate, honest & outgoing w/good sense of humor. I enjoy anything Irom Comedy Clubs to picnics on Ihe beach I skiing or just staying home I renting movies. Looking lor SWM, mid 20's-early 30's w/a good heart, old fashion morals ft good sense of humor. If seeking possible relationship please call Eil SINOLE WHITE MALE 26, 56", 165 lbs., brown hair & blue eyes, educated, seeks SWF, 20-20, with tho following in common, healthy, attractive alhlelic, enjoys outdoors, and is conservative with old-fashioned values, to build, friendship & possilbe relationship, pioase call out SINOLE WHITE MALE 26, 6 T\ 180)bs, curly hair {natural), physically fit Varied interests include; Sinatra, Stern, NYC, outdoors, and racquelball. Seeking female for all occasions. Age A race unimportant. Please reply exl SINGLE WHITE MALE 27 yrs. old. Very good looking, hopeless romantic, seeking single female, between *6", dark hair w/ light eyes and in great shape with many interests. The Ideal lady is smart, pretty and in good shape, bet 5' and 5 1 ", non-smoker and non-drug user, race is unimportant. Must bo clean and headgamers need not apply_please reply exl SINOLE WHITE MALE 31,6'2,190 lbs. likes sports, movies & outdoors. I am sincere & honest & have a good senso of humor.! work crazy hours 3-11pm Looking for WT with similar hours & interests, who bolievos in meaningful lolatlonships. If you're out there-let's talk! Pioase call Ext SINGLE WHITE MALE Looking for young lomalo who is prclty, kind and attractive I want to have a nice, meaningful and friendly relationship will) a girl that wants to bo happy in one relationship. I keep busy physically by taking karate & working out 3 little with weights, just enough to look and feel good. I am 5 7 and have long curly brown hair and a cute face. Perfect chanco lo meet your somoono special. In my personality, tho most important thing is the companion I havo, Pioase call Ext, SINGLE WHITE MALE 31, down to earth, handsome, athletic. Intellectual, shy, romantic, sometimes talkative, other limes quiet. Like outdoor activities 4 exercise but also like to relax In peace ft quiet. Liberal, honest & loyal. Like tennis, skiing, bicycling, fitness, nutrition, museums, parks, theater, history, politics, etc, Looking for a woman to share life with. Please call Ext SINGLE WHITE MALE 35, tall, handsome, athlete, In excellent ihtpe, enjoys music, swimming, picnics, & dining out, financially secure, and very steady, seeks attractive, physically fit female, yr. old, with similar interest & likes to have fun, please call exl.3609 SINGLE WHITE MALE" 35, 178 lbs, muscular build, brown hair, green oyes. Sick ol the bar scene, tired of games, I'm honest, romantic, handsome with good sense ol humor, like to work out and have many different Interests. Looking lor SWF, 26-35, very attractive, shapely who Is also into litnvss, honest & sincere, looking lor a long term relationship. Call Ext, SINGLE WHITE MALE 38, , 1B5 lbs, athletic, good looking, family oriented seeks a slim pretty lady, I love to spoil and pamper that spoclal lady. I'm interested in a long term relationship Pioase respond lo ext 4476 SINGLE WHITE MALE Handsome, athletic, successful, well-educated, stable, sincere. Enjoys sports, outdoors, tennis, golf, movies, the arts & travel. Seeks beautiful affectionate, intelligent, alhletic, non-smoking fomalo (28-38) who enjoys life, companionship, romanco & sharing nil of tho above il you'ro between 5'2 * 57, exceptionally attractive, physically (it & dosiro a sorious relationship with a groat all around guy who promises lo mako you happy, Pteaso call oxt SINGLE WHITE MALE Tall, handsome, Attorney emotionally and financially secure seoks toll, vory attractive, Wf, 28-45, for Iho bust thlruis in tile expensive and Free. Exl 4473 THIS A0VMT18ER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CEIVE MAIL. PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO; INTRODUCTIONS BOX 4473, FORBES MEWS- PAPER!, PO BOX IW, tomehwlle, N J 0SS7S, SINGLE WHITE MALE, 90, MY FAMILY * FRIENDS tell me I'd mike i great catch, only I don't like going to bars to meet women. If you wouldn't mind a guy thai could build you furniture, take you on romantic camping trips & take you Antique hunting, I wouldn't mind meeting you. Incldtntly, I'm pretty good looking too.plmwclllext.4s06, SINGLE WHITE MALE 28 yrs, old, attractive, successful, sft.ioin., strawberry blond hair, green eyes. I am honest and caring, tired ol head gimei ft bar seiner I enjoy various activities Irom N.Y. City to the shore. Looking (or SWF, who is attractive, honest, with good sense of humor who is looking lor a friendship or a possible relationship, Please call ext. 4555, SINGLE WHITE MALE 29, 5 8, blonde hair & blue eyes, former marine, wtight-illter, Catholic, smoker, social drinker, latooed, biker, Mechanical Engineering student. I like 50's, 6O'i ft Heavy Mttal. Hate Rap & Club Music. looking for SCf, no drugs. Please call Ext SINGLE WHITE MALE- 33, tall, attrsctivt, rugged build. Searching (or a single or divorced white female 25-35, voluptuous w/ a warm personality and a good head on her shoulders. If you want lo give and recleve friendship, sensitivity, sensuality, and honosly, call ext SINGLE WHITE MALE- Attractive, very fit, 30, 5'9, blue eyes, fun-loving, enjoys boating, beach, outdoors, travel, pets & sports. Seeks SWF, 25-33, for friendship possibly leading to a lasting relationship. Please call Extension THIS ADVERTISER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CEIVE MAIL PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO: INTRODUCTIONS, BOX 4339, FORBES NEWS- PAPERS, PO BOX 619, SOMERVILLE, NJ 0S876. SINGLE WHITE PROFESSIONAL FEMALE 36, 5f1.4in, 110 lbs,, very sexy, sophisticated, intelligent, exotic. Into 20-looking. Financially secure, in«dependont, corporate professional. Looking for attractive, honest, sincere SPWM, lor LTR. You can count on my sincerity and loyally il you are a worthy person. Please call ext SINGLE WHITE PROFESSIONAL MALE 43, 5'5", young looking, smart, handsome, good shapo, positive, romantic, stand-up guy. In search of S/D Female; attractive, shaply, similiar personal qualities, up to 40 years old. A lady who will bo my romantic partner & friend. Please reply exl, SINGLE WHITE PROFESSIONAL FEMALE 26, 5' 7", alhlelic build. Do you like roller coasters, climbing to the top of a mountain and gotdon roiriovors? Are you looking for a fun-loving, smart and adventurous woman lo be your best friend? II the answer to theso queslions is "yes" and you are a SWM, 26-34, intelligent and havo a Hind heart, pleaso reply lo out SLEEPLESS IN NJ. SWM, 33, Eric Clnpton look-alike, In search of SWF, 25-33, simplicity preferred- honesty a must. Ploaso reply out SLIM, NICE LOOKING DWM, Professional- looking for slim, nice looking, S/ DWF professional, aged 32-42, cfrug-froc, nonsmoker, for friendship/relationship Interests include working out, tennis, theater & the shore. Pioase reply Exl SPANISH MALE- 33 yrs old, 5 11 ",175 lbs., good looking, brewn hair, looking for a one on one relationship, solf-employed, I enjoy the shore a lol, romantic times, home or oul, Sincere A honest, Seeks SF, not over weight, old fashioned values. Please reply ext THIS ADVERTISER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CIEVE MAIL, PLEASE SENO LETTER A PHOTO TO: INTRODUCTIONS BOX 3617, FORBES NEW8PA- PERS, PO BOX 699, SOMERVILLE, NJ, 08S7S. IWF- 21, 5 6 average build, light brown hair, bluo eyes. Tired of head games and bar scenes. Very easy going, enjoys seeing broadway play to a video at home. I'm looking lor a serious, fun-filled relationship. Please call ext THIS ADVERTISER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CEIVE MAIL PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO: INTRODUCTIONS BOX 4491, FORBES NEWS. PAPERS, PO BOX m, SOMERVILLE, NJ SWF- 25, 57, brown hair, green eyes, slim, professional, non-smoker, father liberal. Enjoys music, outdoors, exercise, having a good llmo, wholher Its going out late or relaxing at home. Looking for SWM 25-30, professional/educated, slim or medium build, honosl, with good sense of humor (no head games) for friendship and possible relationship. Pleaso call Ext THIS ADVERTISER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CEIVE MAIL PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO; INTRODUCTIONS BOX 4495, FORBES NEWS- PAPERS, PO BOX 690, SOMERVILLE, NJ 01876, SWF- Atlradlve, 40, down-to-earth, caring, affectionate. Smoker, social drinker, Giant Ian, interested in SW or DWM who is honest, caring and has a sense of humor lor LTR, Pkasi call Cxt. 4871, IWM- 27 yrs old, 6'ti", well I:*, brown hair & eyes, seeking a SWF who desires a good friend, someone wtio she can talk to, hang out or go to the movies with. Why should there always be sexual tension between men ft women? Why not just a friendship? All guys ain't Ihe same, you sea! Please call ext SWM- 40 Yrs old but looks younger lbs., reddish brown hair, (jreen eyes. I like dancing, dining oul & t uiel evenings at liomc. cjoing oul A linvmy a aood time. Looking tor an attractive SWF, with the same interests, maybe leading to a long-term relationship. Please call e SWM- 41, btown-haired, bluocl-eyod professional. 6' 12 tall & played football in college. I have a very dry sense of humor, I have my Doctorate and am successful. I enjoy the beach In the summer Looking for a temalo in the yr, range lor a permanent relationship PH call ext SWM- 43, in search ol SWI-, J!) lo b0. I liko lo go to slock car races, I like to do most anything like movies, dining out, outdoor sports, ole Please reply to ext THIS ADVERTISER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CEIVE MAIL. PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO: INTRODUCTIONS BOX 4496, FORBES NEWS- PAPERS, PO BOX 699, SOMERVILLE, NJ SWM- Italian, 59, very warm, passionrte and fun loving. Would like to meet very affectionate sensual female who would like to share a laugh or a tear or listen to the rain or each others heartbeat while holding each other close. How nice it would bo lo share it with someone who is warm and sensual. Why not give it a try. It may bt an encounter you will cherish for a long time. Please respond to ext. 4497, THIS ADVERTISER MAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CEIVE MAIL, PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO: INTRODUCTIONS BOX 4497, FORBES NEWS- PAPERS, PO BOX 699, SOMERVILLE, NJ WPJM- 38, good sense of humor, loves animals. Into long walks, romanco & adventure Seeking a N/S S/DJF, yr.s Old, under b'<\", for serious LIFT Common interests nre not as uii >ortant <v; common outlook, however liking anchovios pizza is a ' Please call ext.4954 THOUGHTFUL, PERSONABLE, SJM- 33, 5'4", trim, professional, non-smoker, never married. Especially values family and friendship, Judaism, optimism, a vnnety of interests and a sense of humor. Seeking SJF, 20's lo early 3D's (height irrelevant issue) who shares similar qualities, Exl THIS ADVERTISER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE CEIVF MAIL. PLFASF SFND LETTFR TO: INTRO- UUUIONS UOX <\Hi\ FUI1UES t.lwlipapfrs, PO BOX 699, SOMEHVILLE, N J Q8B76. TIRED OF WORKING OVERTIME? We're seeking that secure SDWM who is ready for a relationship that is based on Inondship, lun & romance. Our boss is a pelito, attractive, SWF, who ts slightly shy at first, but very tunny & charming with a variety of interests. If you are approximately 35-45, educated, articulate, a non-smoker with a nice smilo, this could be mutually beneficial., you meet a fantastic lady, and we can go home at night! THIS ADVERTISER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CEIVE MAIL. PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO: INTRODUCTIONS BOX 4576, FORBES NEWS- PAPERS, PO BOX 699, SOMERVILLE, NJ TWICE AS NICE 2 Female friends really tired ol weirdos, long-haired freaks, rap stars, heavy metal monsters & other similar types. One SWJF, 22, SI. blonde, blue-eyed, educated Enjoys working out, travel, movies, Ihe beach, dancing, NYC/AC. Other, SWF, Catholic, 26, 5 6, brunette, brown-eyed, educated. Enjoys working out, horseback riding, NYC/AC, rock/blues music, concerts. We are seeking 2 SWM, ages with similar Interests for friendship 4 possible relationship. We're looking for U2. Give us a ring on Exl UNIQUE WWF- 60, pretty, young looking, vivacious, caring, romantic, seeks refined, intelligent, outgoing, honest, nonsmoking SWM, 60 i under b i n lor genuine longterm relationship. Middlesex county homeowner who lovos cooking, dancing, movies, thoaler, travel, people & pets. THIS ADVERTISER HAS CHOSEN TO RECEIVE MAIL. PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO: IN- TRODUCTIONS BOX 4560, FORBES NEWSPAPERS, PO BOX 699, SOMERVILLE, NJ UPBEAT CLASSY DIVORCED JEWISH FEMALE- Here como tho adjectives Vory prrjlty, slim, dynnmic professional, early 4Qs C S2, bluo-eyos, affectionate, romantic and renl Lovos lo ijuyh. snulo IUJCJ and cuddle, Ecloclic interests'music plays, movies, NYC lonq walks and convocations Common intorcr.ts not as imuotliuit as shuin ii't'inh],. uimmuma trust, respect and honosly. Seeking handsome, successful, Jewish Professional Male who is confident, secure, sensitive, romantic, self aware and tun loving lo Share lovr. intiqmn and life. Plofise call VERY HANDSOME PROF. DWM- 5'10", nice build, young looking/acting, early 50's, seeks elusive dream girl, l see her as an exciting, stunning, beautiful woman, with that look of class. She's slim and shapely. She loves music, dancing, dining out, laughing, and being showered with respect and affection. Arc you tint woman? If so, we must meet. Respond with a photo (a must), short note & phone number. PLEASE CALL EXT. 4S52. THIS ADVERTISER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE* CIEVE MAIL PLEASE SEND LETTER 4 PHOTO TO: INTRODUCTIONS BOX;4552, FORBES NEWSPA- PERS, PO BOX 699, SOMERVILLE, NJ, 0M76 VERY PRETTY PETITE DWF- 32, no kids, w/long blonde curls, 115 lbs, prof. & independent. I'm artistic, adventurous w/ a crazy sense of humor. Enjoys horseback riding, dog shows, woodland walks, exploring NYC, dress up dinners or take out Pizza. Searching for a sweetheart of a Guy who believes friendship is the ultimate turnon. So if you are a SWM, honestly attractive, possess good self-esteem, a good communicator & love to laugh give a call! No drunks, druggies or head games. Great smile & lull head ol hair a plus. Ext VERY ROMANTIC Handsome, level-headed, sincere & honest SWM 39 5'11" 170!b, who always troais a woman with respect and class. In search of long term relationship with SWF who is slim & attractive and enjoys the theater, movies, dancing, good conversation, comedy clubs and weekend getaways, Please reply Ext, 4952 WANTED: 1 VERY SPECIAL WOMAN- Secure & stable, I am a 43 yr old DWM with no complications. Looking to meet a woman who will treat me like a king becauso I will treat nor like a queen, I enjoy all the traditional activilios such as dancing & dining out, as well as less traditional activles. She should be spontanous & affectionate & want experience lite from mild to wild tf this sounds like you- give me a call. Life Is too short to waste! Please reply ext WANTED: ROMANTIC OUTDOORS MAN Are you a S/DWM 35-48, humorous, kind, easy-going, honest, romantic, rugged? Do you like horseback riding, camping, picnics, Renaissance fairs? Would you like to teach someone lo fish or ski 1 Then, this DWF is lor you I nm a very youthful, 10, bubbly, romantic, intelligent, caring, alftfctionate. a (jioat conversationalist with varied interests including: horses, photography, stock car racing, movies, music and much more I am open lo learning and sharing new interests; want a possible LTR Please call oxl WHITE WIDOWED MALE Warm, witty & wonderful I'm 42 yrs old, 5 6, 140 lbs, in great shape, have a aood 0b & DO kids, interested m meeting a nice lady, should bepolile & pretty with a great sense of humor. I like music, sports, play baseball, enjoy catmg dinners at restauranis & cjnmq lo movies I am a smoker. Pioase call WHITE, WIDOWED MALE Non-smoker, retired 55' and I love walking, movies (action especially) and spending quiet evenings at home, Looking for companionship with a special woman who has a good sense oi humor and a sweet personality. Ext THIS ADVERTISER HAS CHOSEN TO RECEIVE MAIL. PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO (OP- TIONAL) TO: INTRODUCTIONS BOX 4171, FORBES NEWSPAPERS, PO BOX 699, SOMERVILLE, NJ 0M76. WWF- 41, 5't3", attractive, bluo-green eyes, brown hair. I am warm, caring, a good listener, honest and sincere. I like dining out, movies, music, AC and NYC, or sometimes just slaying home, ISO S/DWM, who is easygoing, down to earth, fun to be with and with a sense ot humor, Just a nice guy. Pit call A stnd letters to til. 4582: FORBES NEWSPA- PERS, 44 VETERANS MEMORIAL OR, SOMER* VILLE, NJ YOUNG 69 DYNAMITE WOMAN Warm, lun loving bright, wishes to meet sensitive, enrmg. active Mensch, to share Ihe Joy ol living, Pleaso call exl 3621 ***WANTED*** Harley man, good-looking, 47-52, clean, unmarried, who knows how to tieat a lady who livos to ride, needs to love ft be loved, & knows how lo treat a man You must be employed, havo other Interest & have n good sense ot humor. If you hate youj molher, arc crazy, have a bad temper, a supeiego, are a control ironk, need more lhan 1 woman & ho a lot, don I call Normal men, pioase call Extension THIS ADVERTISER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CEIVE MAIL. PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO IMTnODUCTIONS tlox 4111, FORHES NEWS- PAPERS, I'O UOX 699, SOMERVILLE, N J 0B876. Uw. WeekendPius 27


53 Forbes Newspapers NOVEMBER 3,4,5 g 1993 HMFA Helps buy homes page 4 HMFA MORTGAGE, INDEX New homes House tours Property sales Who's who

54 2 - November 3,4,5,1993 A rofun Nowtpapeni ouppwnwrn Forbes Newspapers Real Estate C O N T E N T S Cover home 8 Cover story House tours Realty notes New homes Sales ,13 ChtrylFanskt Sp«ciil Stctioni EdHof- OiM Copy Editor EvrtynHaH Rill Ettfe Editor CttMMtd Account Eieculitt Douglas Baum CtaMiwd AdvMtftinQ MWIQW KattyZuHo CtwHied Telephone Sltoi Manager Connie Mahonty Sato RapraMntatlve MfJCOMft S. FOfuN Jf. GtftoNfrCNil ol Fortw M*rtw «d Forbei Louis S. Sanony Rogtr8Hvay WoePreeWerHOperattorw Geofge Gannon On the coyer: Tnisrancriat 4CHntonRace (ittt through Klamia Agency incrantord Photo by Diane Matflerd Forbes Newspapers Somerset Messenger-Gazette, Hills-Bedminster Press, Bound Brook Chronicle, The Chronicle, Meluchen-Edison Review Piscataway Review, South Plainfieid Reporter, Franklin Focus, Green Brook-North Plainfieid Journal, Warren-Watchung Journal, Highland Park Herald, Focus Cranford Chronicle, Scotch Plains Fanwood Press, Westfield Record, Buyers Guide To Subscribe to Forbes Newspapers call: To advertise call: Medtjom < ouia losanne DcLorenzo 18 year Resident Sandra Zaluska 23 year Resident Russell Williams 23 year Resident PISCATAWAY $139,900 OPEN HOUSE, SUNDAY NOV. 7TH 1*4 PM 296 VAIL AVENUE - Exquisite 3/4 BR Colonial, gourmet kitchen, formal DR, 2 baths, LR w/fplc. I D/fl: Washington Ave to Vail Can't make it? Call I Shirley Gulla , Eves PISCATAWAY $149,500 WOWI WHATTA BUY! Room to Roam in this lovely four bedroom ranch offering formal DR. 2 full baths, screened porch, garage. Mother/daughter potential. Call Bob Warchol , eves Patli Williams Roscmarie Pelton 27 year Resident 28 year Resident CallTodayToSeeWhat Your Home Is Worth ThePrudential \orl hi 1. U Itock Solid in Real listatv \ V '. BRIDGEWATER $149,900 RANCH LOVER? Fall in love with this immaculate three bedroom ranch offering eat-in kitchen, family room, patio and garage. Lovely family oriented neighborhood. Hurry! Call before Its opne. BRIDGEWATER $164,888 MOTHER/DAUGHTER POTENTIAL on this lovely four bedroom two bath home with separate In-law suite. Large lot, full basement. Convenient to major highways, Call now! Eves. Call Jack Gufla 968 :.13PQw7...-;<, ^

55 A Fort** Newspapers Supplement November 3,4,5, SRIDGEWATER $244,900 SUNSET LAKE SALTBOX d^,catrw»*r>9«.ikyigm,frepleeew Ore* Room. OK tlidert to deck, 2 car oarage andmudimor*. CtHtoprtvi«wlatoy. B031M 10TOI Nt791-1Mt BEDMIN8TER "MINI ESTATE OkjWtvtte^KelchamaboutnmnM old colon* wr*eart room a datan eurpnaet 4 BWs, Zfireplecet.beaffledceiifttyi, 2 porches. 3<6 acres, two-etory barn, lanced paatin ,000 EXECUTIVE COLONIAL rtoodiwtihaktheiamfti. Located tonvt- ^ f l d m a j o r Spack>ut4BD l 2 l AbathColonprlwatetrMdioi featuret hrdwood floors, 2 car ga BOO3M75 SOMERVILLE $114,900 UnbeieivaUe deal, bnch 2 story center hai cokmtal with high catlings. OnanaJ moldtngs fwmepenonwtio'ihiivdy'f! Posuwe butinets. BOOJ- IOFFICC V SI BRIOQEWATER VHP, $999,900 A large, spacious home with an elegant muter suite in one ol thetwp.'s newest devetopmtfrts. B0O33921 PISCATAWAY $154,900 DELIGHTFUL EYEFULL Feast yow eyes on this thre*bedroom, iwobatti home with tot finished, heated and air conditioned basement wrih jacuizi, and family room. LEMSON OFFICE PISCATAWAY $157,500 CUSTOM-BUILT HOME Youil admire the curb appeal of this attractive Ihree-oedroom custom ranch with twoandonthartbatht, central air, hardwood floors, finished basement and ovwuied garaga. A real picaier, intideandouil iloison OFFICE WMIMNO PISCATAWAY $197,000 GRACIOUS COLONIAL Don't miss this stx-y«ar old beauty with h uge 24' deck overlooking 192' treed property. Clou to Rutgers and 287 Ev«ry amenity plus skylights 11 JDISON OFFICE MM' PISCATAWAY $159,928 COUNTRY CHARMER Unbelievable vniue! Live like a country squire tn this IhiM-bediuom ranch on a beautiful halfacre ol property. Features include fireplace, new siding, Andersen windows and finished basement. EDISON OFFICE 90MI nil J SOMERVILLE $117,499 FIRST TIME BUYERS!!! Here's the house for you! Urge eai-m-trichen, central air, 2/3 bedrooms, fenced lot on a quiet Street HB-576! loffice MM7M10Q SOMERVILLE $109,900 Thu charming home wrtti 4 bedroom*, eat-in kitchen and bumft pantry. Convenient to» major highwayi and train ttanon. Reduced to leliquicwy. liratroomi.wrap-aroundporchl,2cargarag«. HB5W8 10FRCE NU7441 I FRANKLIN $189,900 MOVE IN CONDITION I Mmtieet UfKlatedSbedrooms^batht.ranch rwrr*on1enc«woodedtoi,encio»edporch,bn [ added eitra. H FFICC MS47441M II EDISON $139,900 WELL IIAINTAMEO ttothehd AUOHTER Beautiful expanded cape, 2 bdrms on first & second floors, clean, full basment. thermal windows, central air JETUCHENOFFICE WM7U1C 11 EDISON $174,900 CUSTOM BUILT COLONIAL 5 yrs old with mainl. free siding, 3 Brms. Th baths, European Kit & eitra Ig. family room. Must See'!' t METUCHEN OFFICE 90* EDISON $224,900 FOUR BEDROOM EDISON COLONIAL Wondeifut57erms,nt'v»erMclien,,illnppltaiic 65 slay, lull basement, sec r.ys. rental vac 2V>baths, lenfed yard O?-1?6iO METUCHEN OFFICE CLINTON TWP. $159,900 COUNTRY CLUB LIVING! Fnd uni! with magmfirt'fil vtpws wfap-afounri Jeck. many upymdos. vaulted coitmgb. sky lights 2 IWrms.? o,irhs 090 L14fi OLDWICK OFFICE , HIGH BRIDGE $107,950 Bnqht ami cozy 4 Mrm rani h on cul de-mf at 1 Solitude Viilnge ' fji?w stove, dishwasher, roof and much nun* 1 0% 5191' LOLDWICK OFFICE NESHANIC $199,900 "OVER THE fliverl THROUGH THE WOODS" Country fnruh overlooks So BM"CII ot HjnMn R^^pr. ni?ilrb t ' hunl-rui A fishing ytn in.niitei lo fits JO. 1 t'b/'tog 0% 49S7 LOLDWICK OFFICE , SO. PLAINFIELD $159, X100 SECLUDED LOT!, dolnnio true.n this maintenance free eii JBRhoma l.h, DR. FR, updatedejk. 4 n'w ''ml levot dfck 1 Ali new rool. windows, c.irpo A!tji.lH'Li 2\v t;.tf,ige loo many i-i!' hsl. WAJ.CO.WARREN OFFICE , A, till A 'i * J5L&A NO.PLAINPIELD $212,000 CHARMING COLONIAL Charming center hall w-'lh kugo impressive on (ranee foyer, 5 bedroom! and charm galore iwa3186. WA3186. BARREN OFFICE 90& ! **., WARREN $389,000 NEW LISTING! 7 yr charming colonial on 1 'h wooded acre Whirlpool, skylyhls, fireplace, Rec tm in bjmt, dead end street are ust a lew ol iho amenities WCIM448 ^ATCHUNQ OFFICE WATCHUNG $419,000 SALT BOX! Let youi imagmalion run wild Anylhing your heart desires, skylights, hot tub Soigi. femole liqhting, balcony overlooks family foom. lire place 4 more. WC#143O.WATCHUNQ OFFICE f EDISON $245,000 ROOM TO GROW 4 br colonial, Syrs young, formal dr. lam mi., 7 b baths, lull basement vvf 4254 YESTFIELD OFFICE , EDISON $2049,900 COMFORT AND STYLE Mint cond. home wwonderful deck A fenced yard Spacious rms, w-'1amrm off tnl. WF LWESTFIELD OFFICE , K;> \ All Offices Open Until 9PM PLAINFIELD $264,900 SLEEPY HOLLOW BEAUTY Center hnll colonial ^gracious rm&. gnunnet ki!, great 4 ent.charming (IBUIIS WF-3933 YESTFIELD OFFICE NORTH PLAINFIELD $59,900 NEEDS TLC Picturesque well treed struel. Ig family rm oil kit, 1.5bnltis.3Bis WF-43M VESTFIELD OFFICE , ROSELLE $135,000 EASY A HAPPY LIVING Adorablficol cap*?,allupdaied.prettyrms,3bi, Ig, enclosed porch, pretty yd WF-4247 LWESTFIELO OFFICE ROSELLE $139,900 3 BR. TOWNHOUSE Liigesl 4CAC, deck neutrally decorated WF 4340 WESTFIELO OFFICE Weichert Realtors We Sell More Became We Do Mon

56 4 - November 3,4,5 t 1993 RealEstate A Forbes Newspapers Supplement K. Hovnanian's newest homes are a shore bet Community offers lakefront luxury The Route 22 sign in Hunterdon County reads "New York 46 miles," but the forested hills, blue lakes and quaint villages speak of history, recreation and the slowerpaced lifestyle of New Jersey's horse country. Amid the natural splendor of Rcadington Township, where the Festival of Ballooning was held recently, K Hovnanian will be building lake Cushetunk Woods. Set on a forested site sloping gently around a 40-acre lake near Whitehouse Station, this special "resort style" community will feature a variety of three- and fourbedroom single-family detached value-priced homes offering Lifestyle Choices options. Only by sharing the savings from its acquisition of the prime land at favorable terms can the company offer such values. "We've had hundreds of calls even before we can soil homos here, which \\v expect will bo nariy in the new year," said Ara HOYnanian, president uf K. Hovnanian. "To respond to this interest, beginning this fall our sales office all In* open by appointment. If visitors wish to select a home of thenchoice, we'll revive that home on a priority basis until wo can proceed further. "We expect first Uke Cushetunk Woods move-ins late this coming summer, and the short delay will give growing families and those coming from older houses. time to sell their present homes," said Mr. Hovnanian, "Readington Township features a top-rated school system, and the summertime is perhaps the best time for families to move." "Certainly, today's incredible interest rates put home ownership within the reach of many families," he said. Mr. Hovnanian noted that Lake Cushetunk Woods is designed with the ambiance of a resort community. Residents will be able to fish in the lake, walk in a natural sotting which wanders along the waterfront and up into the hills, swim and play tennis in private on-site recreational facilities, and use meeting and game rooms in the community clubhouse. "The site is perfect for recreation," Mr. Hovnanian said, "For many years it was a summer camp, with its meadows, lakefront and forests echoing to the sounds of happy children." From their porches and decks, and Ihrough their windows, Like Cushetunk Woods residents will share 1 their land with the Indian trails and cumpfires of yesteryear. Rut a few miles away they can catch a Now Jersey Transit train for the glide to PATH or into Manhattan. Bridgewater Commons and its sister shopping malls, restaurants and entertainment centers,,,..., ,,. surround Ecadington Resi- Hovnanlan's newest development will feature quality homes like this one currently on display at (Please turn to page 6) another project. HMFA helps minority homebuyers achieve dream Since 1990, 25 percent of all loans have gone to minorities TRENTON - The New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency (HMFA) has reported that since 1990 minority applicants have received more than 25 percent of all loans under the stale's mortgage programs. Christiana Foglio 1, executive director for the HMFA, said that financial institutions which participate 1 m the: state's mortgage programs have provided loans to 1,474 minority families and individuals since; That figure represents slightly more than 25 percent of the HMFA's total mortgages of 5,847. The HMFA is the state's largest non-profit provider of below-market interest rate mortgages to residents in the state, More than banks, mortgage companies and savings and loan institutions participate in the programs, which are funded by of tax-exempt mortgage revenue bonds. "The Suite's mortgage programs have proven successful with minority populations due in part to the active involvement of the lending community in New Jersey and our efforts at the state level to regularly disseminate program information to communities in the state," Ms. Foglio said. She points out that many of the HMFA's participating lenders offer the state's mortgage programs as one tool for reinvesting in the communities they serve. "The agency's programs are also very appealing to first-time home buyers due to our ability to offer a bclow-market interest rate through the sale of tax-exempt mortgage revenue bonds," she said. Finance agencies across the nation have been without their bonding authority since June 1992, when a federal regulation granting them that authority expired. When President Bill Clinton signed the federal budget bill, the agencies also received a permanent extension of that regulation. Information on New Jersey's mortgage programs is available by contacting the HMFA's toll-free Consumer Information line, 800-NJ-HOUSE, Monday-Friday, 9 am-5 p.m. The New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency (HMFA) is a state bonding agency which sells tax-exempt and taxable securities to provide low-interest financing for single-family mortgages and multifamily housing developments. More than 50,000 families and individuals have received mortgages under the date's mortgage programs, and more than 100,000 live in multi-family housing produced with HMFA financing.

57 A Forbes Newspapers Supplement RealEstate November3,4,5, NJAWBO names Jean Burgdorff honorary member in Union The National Association of Women Business Owners (NJAWBO) named Jean Burgdorff, chairwoman of Burgdorff Realtors, as an honorary member at a meeting hold Od. 13 in the Westwood, Garwooci. Ms. Burgdori'J'co-lbundcd Burgdorff Realtors and was president of the company for 23 years, A national industry figure, and a well-known community leader, she has demonstrated support of woemn in business through employment and promotion, advisement, public speaking, and sponsorships. In the past year, she has addressed the Union, Middlesex and Somerset counties chapters of NJAWBO, Brenda Rhodes, former president of the Union County chapter of NJAWBO, presented the award to Ms, Burgdorff. "Jean does so much to promote women in business, and always makes herself available to NJAW- BO," said current president Marilyn Culverhouse. "She knows our problems and has helped many of us. She leaves us feeling energized. After listening to her speak, we go out saying 1 can do it! 1 " "During the 35 years of my business life, I have seen women business owners multiply and increase their effectiveness dramatically," Ms. Burgdorff said. Ms. Burgdorff has received many honors, including recognition from former Gov. Thomas Kean for achievements as a business owner and woman. She was named business leader of the year for real estate by New Jersey Monthly in 1991; employer of the year by the Yardley Makefield Business and Professional Women's Association; and outstanding woman by the Summit YWCA's 70th Anniversary Committee. Brenda Rhodes, former president of the Union County chapter of the NJAWBO, presents Jean Burgdorfl with a certificate of honorary membership, while current chapter president Marilyn Culverhouse looks on. RANALD C. BROWN 1934 Washington Valley Road, Box 68 MARTINSVILLE, NEW JERSEY RealtoMnsuror Our Advertisers Say... WE'RE DOING THINGS RIGHT! SOMERVILLE $189,700 NEW! NEWI NEW! SNEAK PREVIEW!! 3 bedrooms, 2'/; baths, garage+basement! One of a kind! MIDDLESEX $153,900 2-FAMILY DUPLEX EACH SIDE: 2 bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, full basement. Separate utilities! SUPER BUY1I Vvrmstfield office is the top office in Coldwell Banker Schlon Realtors and has been the top office among Cokiwett Banker Schlott's metropolitan area offices for seven consecutive years. The broad geographic reach of the Forbes Newspapers is particularly valuable to us, as it brings buyers from Hunterdon, Middlesex, Somerset and Morris Counties, as well as from right here in Union County, It is one of the things that helps to make our office so successful," 8 NORTH BRANCH $110,000 $975,000 HANDYMAN'S DREAM ROUTE 202 HIGHWAY BUSINESS Authentic 100 year old residence! Needs TLC. Wonderful 2-story barn. Settle estate-priced To Sell!! BRANCHBURG City utilities available. Zoned highway business! 400' frontage. (908) Marilyn Kelly, Manager coidlueu SCHLOTT" REALTORS' 264 E. Broad St BUS. (908) WMtfoid, Nj mmit&

58 &-November 3,4,5,1993 RealEstate A Forte Newspapers Supplement HOW honors builders The Home Owners Warranty (HOW) Corporation of New Jersey recently announced its third annual Building Excellence Awards competition. The awards program recognizes homebuilders' and remodelers' commitment to quality construction and customer service, and their overall contributions to New Jersey's quality of life through well-built and well-protected new and remodeled homes. "Through the Building Excellence Awards Program we are able to focus industry ami public attention on the outstanding achievements of New Jersey's homebuilders and remodelers," said Man' Caporaso, president of New Jersey HOW. This year's awards competition among HOW program members features categories for remodelers, for homebuildcrs constructing less than $5 million in annual sales, and for homebuilders constructing more than $5 million in annual sales volume. There are also expanded criteria dealing with construction techniques and practices. More specifically, this year's selection criteria include the following: the builder's/remodeler's track record in the HOW Program; construction site selection; foundation/ structural designs; quality control/ assurance systems; overall construction quality; customer service systems; industry involvement; external/business references; and construction management. An independent panel of judges will determine the winners of these prestigious awards. Presentation of the Building Excellence Awards will take place in March 1994, in conjunction with the New Jersey Builders Association's Sales and Marketing Awards Banquet. The Banquet will be held during the annual Atlantic Builders Conference, in Atlantic City. Bressman named Realtor of Year SHERRILL BRESSMAN SherriU Bressman of Prudential Winhold Realty in Metuchen has been named the 1993 Realtor Associate of the year by the Middlesex County Board of Realtors. It is the second time Ms. Bressman has earned the honor. She was selected from more than 2,300 associates in Middlesex County. A resident of Edison for 26 years, she has been a realtorassociate since This year, she served on Five industryrelated committees, including the Million Dollar Award Committee at the local and state levels. She served as chairwoman of the State Sales Associate Committee, and as a member of the New Jersey Association of Realtors Executive Committee. In 1991, she addressed a regional Prudential conference, and was featured panelist at the Prudential National Convention in San Francisco. She has served on numerous industry-related committees throughout her career, including the door prizes, education, education foundation, installation dinner/dance, grievance, and program committees, Ms. Bressman was named Middlesex County Realtor of the Year in 1 ( J9O. In 1992-'93, she was a voting member of the NJAR's board of directors. She served as vice chairwoman of the NJAR's sales associate committee in Hovnanian's newest homes are a shore bet "The Hills" BEDMINSTER Great location! Ready to move in; 2 BR, Th baths, Stone Edge walk-out bsmt, neutral colors, FR, Irplc,, deck. $219,000. BDM COLDWELL BANKER SCHLOTT REALTORS Bedminsler/Bridgewater Area BEDMINSTER Locationl This home has ii all 1 Private, wooded, walk lo shopping & transpor.; loaded w/extras; 2 BR, Th bath. 5196,900. BDM COLOWELL BANKER SCHLOTT REALTORS Bedminster/Bridgewater Area BEDMINSTER Hills model - fully furnished; 1 BR condo; move right in to this executive home - just move your cloihes in, only S , BDM COLDWELL BANKER SCHLOTT REALTORS Bedminster/Bridgewater Area (Continued from page 4) dents will find an easy commute to area corporate centers along Routes 22 and 202,1-287 and Readington enjoys a strong local economy with major Merck and Ethtcon offices, Adding to the surroundings, K Hovnanian has designed traditional, family-responsive homes for community residents. The designs can include sun rooms, fireplaces, suites that can double as home offices, and energy control systems that can allow substantial savings on monthly utility bills. These arc homes brightened by many large windows. They feature soaring vertical spaces with twolevel rooms and interior balconies. The designs link the inside with the outside, offer luxurious and private master suites, and facilitate entertaining and monitoring children's playing. "Because you view your new home as a longer term investment, we've found ways to add sign ill- HOUSE OF THE WEEK CRANFORD $549,000 Spacious and Gracious Custom Built Center Hall Colonial set on professionally landscaped grounds. Approx sq. ft, ol living space includes 5 large bedrooms + 3 lull & two hall balhs. The paneled & beamed ceiling family room has a wall ol bookshelves A a lo the ceiling" brick fireplace. The kitchen has oak cabinets, beamed ceiling + a countertop range & two wall ovens set in a brick wall. A separate eating area w/picture window accesses the laundry room & back stairs to the 2nd II. Bay windowed dining room, paneled den w/wall of bookshelves & sliders to the two-tier deck + a huge basement recreation center w/bar. Exceptional closet space, central vacuum & air conditioning systems, 3-zone heal, patio, & a side entry double garage. A truly lovely home! Call us today for your tourf Collating 22 years of Landmark Owvice REALTOR EM flf. wr-mil-tri,vt cant options that will allow you to more closely match your home to your lifestyle," Mr, Hovnanian said. Depending upon the home you select, the company's Lifestyle Choices program may allow you to choose a fourth bedroom, a family room or major family room extension, a basement or other significant options. All Luke Cushetunk Woods homes feature air conditioning and a 10-year homeowner's warranty. Buyers can personalize their homos often without additional cost The information office, located at 27 Highway 22 Eastbound in Whitehouse, should be open by mid-november Prospective homebuyers can visit or phone to set an appointment To reach the office, take North or South to Route 22 West. Proceed approximately 10 miles, until you pass on the right a sign marking Merck Pharmaceutical offices, followed by a golf driving range. Then take the Hrst turn onto Houtr 22 East and look for signs close by Hoffman's Hestauranl. To arrange an appointment, call 231 TOR SOMERVILLE $136,900 SELLERS ARE MOTIVATED.,.MUST SELL 4 B/R, Vh Baths, Colonial. Romodelod kitchen and Vfe balh. Call Terri for moro info , Fast Mnln Sirert T

59 A Forbes Newspapers Supplement November 3,4,5, CLARK $139,900 3 bedroom colonial In good condnloa Pricad toraquicli salel C*H1or mort (Mail*. CLK5129 VMVIn AREAOFFICE CLARK 1234,900 CompMery renovated wnftn the leet year new aeeond floor w/maater suite, 2nd bedroom w/ sky Ugntt, play room to baaemant, 2 tone healing ayalem, CA rkel floor wired tor second ftoor. Come and seel CLK5176 CLARK AREAOFFICE CLARK $289,900 SptcioucSroofflhomt/rjMlrablaHINaMtarH, totally remodeled Lfl w/ffraplace, formal dining room, El-Mchert. (amity room wflreptece, dan /office, 4 large bra, 2 fuh bath*, tmml w/jg r«c room. CLK5K1 CUM AREA OFFICE MEW 9KUNSWCK $115,000 Two ran% on Someraet Straat ~ nlca Sweatmart pr optrty. One 2 Bfl unh I one 1BR unr. New ctrpetl I very weii malntalnad inlaf ior. Wee fenced-ln yard with above ground poo! wtth dacfc, k)u of trm ft privacy HIM 575 HtUSMftOUOM/MOimOMERY AMU OmCE HILUIOROUQH $74,900 Hani running you ragged? Adorn yourat* whti home ownership Try on thie flordabst, ipackxta condo. large deck overtooka tha woods white lha inside faaturea a parquet floor in tha entry foyer, eat-in kitchen and partial batement HIL1S66 HIUiNROUOH/MONmiKRV 90M74M21 HILLSBOROUQH $264,900 Thtcinlc Jpdlighl»htn*i on thu b««utifui 4 Bf,?'! bath rolonni on H mrge. Mooditd lot «<lh benulilully nwiriti.'f;1 lamlu.aptri properly Tht inteiiar it piolmitormlly di>coraled ei you win nrtir* *th?n you itnli into (he twp*l I «lh# hr««thlaliing iirtplki! Stinwt in nice, worth»*>ng ImrfM HILISSO HILLSBOnOUOH/MONTQOMERY ARU OFHCE COLONIA $219,000 This 4 bedrm colonial off»ra txira largs rooms, hafdwoodfloort, finished btmnt, c/a, mova in condition Baautrhtl location MET4236 METUCHEN/EMSON AREA OFFICE *7700 EDI9ON $184,900 W«id#rtijl location 4 btdroomi. 2 5 batha, inorouod pool. Cloti to major roadt Call for moradatailatm T4259 METUCtm/EMSOM <7700 tw 1. FORDS $179,900 A muil see homo offara moth«r/daughl«r potential 1 It offers A bedrm), 2.5 balhs Mova in condition, tti ishod bsmnt and much more. MENUS MtTUCHEN EDISON AREA OFFICE SOMERSCT $139,000 Thiattatety colonial bouts3bedrma.fulbamnt, FDR, eat in kitchen. Located on dead and street. Close to Rutgers. MET4286 METUCHEN/EMSON AREA OFFICE V ; - READINQTONTWIP. $478,000 A cuilom built all brick ranch on 13 prlvala acrai w/a long pavad drlva In prlvala tatting. All tha amanltlai you nnd with 12 fi caitingi ft hfloch your IOCKI off kitchen, sctaanarj porch ROT IBM. REAOINQTON/MANCNSUIIQ totatmutuoo BPUHCHBURQ $234,900 Owrw Iranafarrad 3 bdrm, 2% bath. 2 yr old, 2 cv garag*, hardwood floort. calhadfal c«ilings, akylighta, ah appllancm ft window Iraalmanta. Naulral dacor. Mounlalnviaw ailatai BaHaflhanrwwlM)T1H1 APEAOfFId CUNTOWTWSP, $109,500 Spacious 1 bdrm dan lownhouae w/tireptece s\ gaa heal to keep you cozy Neutral colors, aft appliances, close lo the charm fo the town of Clinton. Convenient lo Rt 78 R0T7?ft REAMNQTON/MUNCHSURO AdAOmCE IQHM408S/S2M300 Siting it Bdievmg 1 Immaculatt spacious fianch featuring Urge living rm Mrplce, dining rm.eil inkmtrmi i 5baths, hardwood flra Munt free ««1enoi & prof landsctped pply SPL1859 SCOTCH PtAIMS AREA OFFICE CLARK $246,900 Well maintained 4 bedroom,15 bedroom home on pirklike property Close to Elementiry School in family neighborhood. Poaaibta mother daughter SPL1855 SCOTCH PLAINS AREA OFFICE SCOTCHPUINS $168,900 Immacullte Cap* featuring eat in kitchen, 4 bdrma, 1 5 balhi, huge recreation rm - 30 foot wfcar plus 2nd kitchen Professionally landscaped ft maintenance free exterior SPL1821 SCOTCH PLAINS AREA OFFICE 908* SOUTH HAINF1EL0 $152,500 Jusl 9 yaara youngl Immaculate ranch fealur ingfoyeobdims, ivibalhi, FDfl,largekrtchan, hardwood floors. C/A, t car attached garage, vinyl aiding, full basement - ashing $152,500 SPF1182 $OUTH PUJMF1EU) AREAOFFICE MIDDLESEX $114,300 Why rent'i When you can own (hit maintfree 3 bd affordable home Formal dr, Ml part finished basemenl for your growing family Nice family oriented neighborhood SPF1149 $OUTH PUUNFIELO AREA OFFICE SOUTH PLAINFIELD $162,500 Bast at this Price! this charming 4 bdf m split has beautiful new kitchen, now central nr and furnace Eicellenl condition, nicely landscaped to see it is to lov«it SPF 1168 SOUTH PLAMFIELD AREA OFFICE DEDMtNSTER $172,900 Young, Bright, Open - This "Hills" duple* shows airy with Its cathedril ceiling md sunburst windows A loft overlooks tha living room Family room has doors to patio Low mainle nancel Start herelspft187 SOUTH PLAINFIELD AREAOFFICE PI8CATAWAY $134,500 AWondarfulPlacfloWarmYourHMrillmmacutate 3 bdrm capt w/fp, nawty ramodam kit. ft bath, dan fullfhi bsmt, 2 caf gar.fenced yard w/angtoh garden. A Musi Seel!' SPF 1165 SOUTH nainfielo AREA OFFICE 8OUTHHAINFIEID $152,500 Just S Yea/s Youngl ImmacuaHe ranch fmlur- Ing foyer, 3 bdrma, 1% baths, FDR, le/ge ktichan, hardwood ftoora, C/A, 1 car attacmd wage, v*nyl skiing, M baaamtnt aahlng It62,800 SPFtiftJ SOUTH HJUNFIELO WE9TnELD $359,000 OPEN HOUSE - Sunday 11/7 t -4 pm 2 BurgemsCt abdrms^fptcs.j^whs Custom built by owntf WSF4A00 WE8TFIEL0 ARU OFFICE SCOTCH PLAINS $799,000 The ultimata in quality Center hall ranch w/ view of lha golf course. 12 rma, 4 fptes, 5 lona heal,3ionacac 47O0sq fl brick ft tlone home set on IB acres WSF4S20 WESTFIEIO ARU OFFICE WESTFIELD $359,000 Mint condition center hall colonial 4 bdfma, 2 5 bths, fim rm w/iplc, newarklt, rec rm w/bax, cad Cul-de-sac location Nicety landscaped WESTFIELD AREA OFFICE SS5 Clark Area Scotch Plains Area South Plaiiifield Area Westficld Area (908) (908) (908) (908) Hillshorough/ Readington/ Metuchen/ Montgomery Area Branchburg Area Edison Area (908) (908) (908) COIDUJGLL SCHLOTT REALTORS'

60 8-November 3,4,5,1993 RealEstate A Fbrtas Newspapers Supplement seasxmedh Built in 1966, fine home has only had two owners KERfllE HAGY/FORBES NEWSPAPERS Hardwood floors and a bright window accent the dining room of 5 Clinton Place, Cranford. CRANFORD - Nestled in a cul-de-sac within an entirely residential area, this custom ranch at 5 Clinton Place boasts comfortable style and convenient location. The home lists for $310,000 through Kiamie Agency, Cranford. Perched on a welllandscaped 80-by-125-foot lot, the home was built in 1966 by the first owner. The present owner purchased the house seven years later. The exterior boasts vinyl siding, brick and a two-car attached garage. The homo is conveniently located within walking distance of New York transportation, downtown shopping, churches and schools. A new roof was installed in September, and the two-zone gas hot water baseboard heating system was installed about seven years ago with a new hoi water heater. The rear yard is fenced, and a sunny 17-by-14- foot deck opens off the kitchen. On the main level of the home the living room is a comfortable 15-by-19 feet, and features a picture window. The formal j dining room is 12-by-15. The ll-by-15 kitchen also has a picture window. A laundjy room is 10-by-G. The master bedroom, with a private full bath, is 17-by-M ii'it r l\vo additional bedrooms are 12-by-!4, and 12- by-lh. There- is also another full bath. A sprawling lh-by-50-foot recreation room dominates the lower level, and a 17-by-19 bar area is sure to he a favorite spot. There is also a utility room and a stonige room on the basement level. For more information, or to visit the home, call Don Curry at HOMES RECENTLY SOLD BY CRANFORD REALTORS SOLD Lovely Ranch on Glenwood Road was listed and sold by Marianne JenningsofBarton Realty. SOLD LISTING KIAMIE AGENCY, Inc. has announced the sale of 8 Garden Place, Cranford. Gloria Hoefller listed the properly and Ralph Bianchim soldi!. SOLD This lovely Cape Cod located at 25 Purshmg Avenue, Cranford, was sold by Joanne Nazzaro of Paige, Paige & Richards through the Garden State MLS. HOUSE SOLD JANET J. STIVALE, Broke Associate of J.S TIFFANY REALTY sold (his lovely colonial home al 212 Eaglecrofi Road in Westtield. J.S. TIFFANY REALTY is located an 02 SOUTHAVENUE WEST, CRANFOKP "JUST SOLD" This lovely South Union A ve Colo nial was sold in record time, "TWO Days" by the team efforts of Eliza both Hofseth and Julio Mamie Murphy both o ( MEEKFFI'ORS GARWOOD SOLD Two family on 74 Fourth Ave. was listed by Mary Dixon of Century 21 DO. KUZSMA REALTY find sold in one we<jk by a Oenti n v? 1 office inrmnh»rio WcstfieM MLS. Kt.nnn HACiv f'onurs NEWSPAPERS The living room also boasts a hardwood floor, and a light, expansive feeling.

61 *, A Fates Newspapers Supplement November 3,4,5, CRANFORD f aawfts 111 FOR SALE CRANH A HOME YOUR FAMILY DESERVES Eight room spanking clean ground entry Split Level. Family Room with Gas Fireplace, 4 Bedrooms, Tk Baths, Finished Basement, Laundry Room, 3- Zone Heat. $254,900., ' >A NEW CRANFORD LISTING! $148,900 DELIGHTFUL 3 BR, 1W BTH HOME ON60 l x100 l t FDR,kit&Brt<fst Rm f den updates including frt por & brk walkway, kit w/dw& compctr, paint & paper, Other upgrades incl baths, roof, Ig dek & brk walkway in rear, outside elec, gas & water, gas ht & HWH. CALL NOW! S V FEUO Janet D. Barton, CRB, CR8, QRI, REALTOR io6 n(hth union Avenue Cranford (908) SOUTH AVE.E.. CRANFORD * JN J) ROSELLE PARK ESTATE SALE - MUST BE SOLDiCalltoscclhisCUSTOM- IZED Cape Cod priced at ONLY $159,000. Features living room w/fircplacc,dining room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 1 Vi baths, porch + 2 car garage. DON'T MISS IT! Paige, Paige & Richards 181 NORTH AVENUE, E. ^ CRANFORD, NEW JERSEY TELEPHONE: VICTORIAN FLAIR Hurry to inspect this interesting front porch colonial home featuring a cozy living room, huge formal dining room, modern eat-in kitchen with adjoining summer porch, 3 bedrooms, oversized garage and gorgeous yard. This wellmaintained home is being offered at only $158,500. Call today for an exclusive appointment. 102 South Ave, West, Cranford CRAI OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY -1-4 P.M. 325 STOUGHTON AVENUE You are invited to inspect this lovely 8 room Colonial home on Sunday November 7th. Unbelieveable features will accomodate the needs of the whole family from formal entertaining to informal gatherings in the oversized family room and state of the art kitchen. $75,000 renovation "completed a year ago". HIKJW imi Meeker Sharkey, 124 South Avenue, East Cranford,NJ (Across Irom Train Station) (908) TO BUY OR LEASE Two story commercial building. Ground level has many uses, light industry, retail, office, etc. Second floor for office space, FA heat, CAC, plenty of on and off-street parking. Call to see and for details. D.S. KUZSMA REALTY 115 Miln St. Cranford Call our toll Free HOTLINE (or other listings :i'kreafvranital.pin4 real estalt? t;ib

62 10 -Novembers, 4,5,1993 RealEstate A Forbes Newipapen Supplement English countryside set in Tewksbury ; TEWKSBURY TWP. - The grace and grandeur of the English countryside can be found nestled at 45 Philhower Road on 3 acres of well-landscaped ground. Listing for $995,000 through ColdweU Banker Schlott, the home boasts numerous attractive details, including two fireplaces and an The 3-year-old English manor features a full, unfinished basement, four bedrooms, five baths, and a three-car garage. The exterior is stucco and wood, with a composition roof, On the first floor, the living room is a grand 28-by-lf). An even more spacious 24-by-47 foot conservatory' is adjacent to the living room. Ample room sizes continue with the library, lb-by-23 feet of recreational space. Tlie formal dining room is 19 by-19, and the kitchen is 14-by-19 with a refrigerator and dishwasher. A family/ recreation room is 23-by-16. There is also a laundry and a full bath. The master bedroom, at 19-by- 19, dominates the second story. The master suite features a 12-by- 19 foot sitting room with a fireplace, Three additional bedrooms are 24-by-lfi, 16-by-12, and 16-by-12, There are also four baths, Amenities include a security system, washer, dryer, a whirlpool, pantry area, attic, porch, and oak floors. For more information, or to visit the home, call Doric Lconardi at Tipsheet Address: 45 Philhower Road, Tewksbury Asking price: $995,000 Lot size: 3 acres Bedrooms/Baths: 4/5 Amenities: two fireplaces, security system, whirlpool Open house: Through Dorie Leonardi, DIANE MATFLERD/FORBES NEWSPAPERS This English manor home brings the appeal of the countryside home to Tewksbury. Piscataway home offers plenty of fine living PISCATAWAY - This homo at 37 Woodlake Drive offers 1,900 square feet of beautifully appointed living space. Weichert, Realtors is offering the home at $229,900. A room-sized reception foyer. with a guest closet welcomes visitors to the home. There are two informal activity rooms on the* main floor - a l(i-by-h loot family room has an all-masonry lireplace. Sliding fjkiss doors le;nl to the terrace. A 12-hy-ll don is ideal for a guest bedroom, library nr study. The living room is 21-liy-H feet. and a railing ;ind 9-font sweep ot picture window. A 14-by-ll) tbmi;il dining room overlooks the Harden. The 13-by-lfl family-style kitchen has an eat-in area, pantry, dishwasher, electric double oven and range, and a double.sink. Then. 1 is also a powder room on the first level. 'lliree bedrooms are grouped on their own level for privacy, The master bedroom is served by two walls of closets and a private bath with a stall.shower. Two other bedrooms, a 12-by-ll, and a 10-by-10, also have ample closets. A second lull bathroom seivcs these bedrooms. The exterior of the home is r shake. A two-car garage also has attic storage. Forced air neat is gas-tired, and the home boasts central air conditioning. The finished basement includes a pool table. Amenities include oak floors and railings, a Pella bay window, ceiling moldings, chair railings, woodtrimmed windows, solid wood paneled doors and California closets. For more information, or to visit the home, call AnnMarie Howley at , Tipsheet Address: 37 Woodlake Drive, Piscataway Price: $229,900 Lot size: 97-by-144 Bedrooms: 3 or 4 Baths: 2.5 Amenities: oak floors, new hot water heater Taxes: 4,273 Heating/cooling: gas/central air conditioning Open house: Through AnnMarie Howley, This home at 37 Woodlake Drive, PIscataway boasts plenty of space and numerous ftne features, such as a Pella bay window, oak floors and railings and wood-trimmed windows.

63 > A Foriae Ntwspaptrs Supplement RealEstate Novembers 4,5, Burgdorff Realtors will sponsor a seminar on retirement living 10 a.m.-noon Friday, Nov. 12 at St. James Church, 184 S. Finley Ave., Basking Ridge. Burgdorff s new Retirement Services Division will present the seminar, which is sponsored by the Basking Ridge, Bedminster/ Bridgewater, Bcrnurdsville, and Warren offices. A panel of specialists, including an estate attorney, u financial planner, a representative from a retirement community, a relocation professional, a home contents sales specialist, a construction services specialist, and mortgage counselors will discuss options and preparations for retirement living. For more information, call Jennifer Duffy fit <:? :: Century 21 Ed Nugent Realtors will host a scholarship/career night 6:3U p.m. Nov. 8 at the firm's office, 31 Stelton Road, Suite 2, Piscataway. The seminar will deal with the company's scholarship program, and will offer information, and answer questions on a career in real estate. Experience agents may also attend. Space is limited. For more information, call Ed Nugent at * * «Two groups from ERA Van Sycket Realty in Bound Brook and ERA Feller & Feist in North Brunswick recently attended the regional convention of Electronic Realty Associates, UP. (ERA Real Estate) at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City. Joe Gorsky, president of ERA Van Syckel Realty, and sales associates John and Maria Lewis, Eileen Koehkr, Carol May, and fted Leitow, recently attended the gathering. ERA Feller & Feist CRANFORD sociation of Realtors. Realtors. Topics included changing con- Mr, Hergert will represent the The new Bernardsville office is sumer attitudes and real estate in Notes NAR's region two, which consists equipped with Edge, an advanced second home markets. The exloan origination system. Prom pre- ccutives represented more than of New Jersey, New York and qualification to funding, the sys- 1,000 offices and 29,000 agents in Pennsylvania. tern significantly reduces origina- Prudential real estate network. The committee tion and processing costs. To reach * * president Herbert K. Feist, vice will review represident Phillip Veneiia and q * * * Realtors will showcase the latest Ues ts from the the new office, call The New Jersey Association of The Prudential New Jersey products and seivices available to Land, Khaled Mohtady, and Malka Rosenbaum also attended, The Van Syckel and Feller and Feist groups joined more than 1,200 real estate professionals in gaining insight into new techniques and strategies aimed at helping them better serve home Real Estate announced an in- Realtors at the 1993 NJAK "Get crease in sales of more than 16 Sot to Soar in W convention at percent for the year to date. the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Re- Thc firm also announced a soil, Nov. 30-Dec. 2 in Atlantic strong third quarter, with sales up City. last year. The figures indicate an Hergert currently serves as increase in both unit sales and chairman of the New Jersey As- sales volume, said William O. sociation of Realtors Political Af- Kclcher Jr., president of the East sales associates Norma Arbit, Bar* statc and local bara Burnett, Justin Footerman, boards for Politi- Rafl Footerman, Florence caj Training Gaspari, Carla Ingram, Anita Seminars to be funded by the National Association of Rc- 28 percent from the same period Those services will be exhibited bcginning 1 p.m. 'hu-sclay, Nrv. 30 in Uu 1 exhibition hall. The event will feature more th;m 135 of the industry's most prominent firms opened a satellite office in Ber- office. Kimberly Pascal of Somers thc newly created position of vice listed and sold nardsville at 75 Claremont Road. Point has been hired as a financial president of new homes sales and real estate for Debbie Snydcr will managed the consultant covering Atlantic Coun- marketing for Weichert, Realtors. eight years. A branch. Ms. Snyder has 13 years of ty territory. Mr. Wachter will concentrate on longtime resi- experience in the mortgage bank- * * * sales and marketing for new corndent of Cranford, she holds a bach- i ng industry, Before joining Coun- William O. Keleher Jr., presi- munities in central and southern dor's degree from Adelphi Univer- trywide, she owned a mortgage dent of The Prudential New Jer- New Jersey, and the shore aroa, sltv> company and served as a senior scy Realty in East Brunswick, re- working in conjunction with loan officer for several major mort- cently joined more than 50 Pru- Weichert sales offices in those re- Myles J, Hergert of ERA gage companies, She is a graduate dential executives from across the gions. Hergert Agency in Linden has of Kean College and an affiliate country in Atlanta to discuss rcsi- * * * fairs Committee, and is president Brunswick-based firm, which oper- displaying thru products to Root 1 the Greater Eastern Union atcs 10 offices throughout Mid- nltors who want to keep abreast of buyers and sellers. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis also received a plaque and County Board" of Realtors.' dlesex, Hunterdon, Morris and the? latest technology. gold medallions, honoring their * * * Monmouth counties. For more information, call the first place standing in team pro- ^ * * NJAR at Westfle d omce of ducuon throughout ttenation for Vision Mortgage, with offices in * * * Weichert( ^ ^ manage(j by the first six months of the year. Bountempo, recently re- North Brunswick and Toms River, Susan Perez has been named * * ceived regional awards for the has hired several new employees top selling agent by ERA Classic Anne Kelly, a sales associate most sales of existing properties, to support the company's growth Living Realty for February, June, with Weichert, the most sold listings, the highest and maintain its commitment to July, August and September, Realtors West number of sales transactions, and customer service. Ms. Perez was also the top scllthe highest dollar volume. Connie A. La Shells of Howcll ing agent for 1991, as well as field office, recently received a The office is located at 185 Elm was appointed assistant controller She specializes in Somerset and regional award St. in the North Brunswick hcadquar- Hunterdon counties. lor the highest * tors. Stuart Levy, a Voorhecs resi- * * * number of sales Countrywide Funding Corp., a dent, was named head of the com- Voorhecs resident John F. transactions. leading mortgage lender, has pany's new King of Prussia, Pa. Wachter Jr. has been appointed to Ms. Kelly has been appointed to the Political Ed- member of the Board of Realtors dential real estate trends, and to Send Realty Notes to: Real Esucation Fund-raising Steering of the Oranges and Maplewood, project the real estate outlook for (ate Guide, P.O. Box 699, Somer- Committee of the National As- and the Somerset County Board of thc remainder of the year. ville, NJ Nobody Cares How Much You Know...Until They Know How Much You Care! CONDOMINIUMS A House Divided BY JHE WAITORS Of SOMERSET COUNTY Olde World Charm Modern Renovations [state Grounds One, Two or Three bedroom, each with library sized entrance foyers, solid oak parquet flooring, plaster walls, high ceilings, wide mouldings, several renovation options. Twentyseven different floor plans from $94,000. Elegant Models Owner financing to Qualified Buyers M-F by Appt Sat. 10:00-4: Abraham Lincoln Bill Decker The fellow with the beard, pictured on (he left, once said, "A house divided against itself cannot stand." As you may have guessed he wasn't talking about Real Estate or faulty architecture. The bearded fellow pictured at the right, a professional Realtor for 17 years, says a properly "divided" home may be a good thing. If those divisions give you enough room to live comfortably - fine, if not-now may be the time to move-up! Call Bill Decker today for professional guidance and a free market analysis on your home, ll may he worth the call- Honest! ft i i l l r. SCHLOTT IT* // tw, Colonial,.1 hi\nu, v hatfix, i'fr bathl, iiioidux dxivt on 1.'/ aa\i n\'ouij lot. Un-lute nation, uttajuayaxtiiji Jhnuit M r uj$444,^00, BOOTH AGENCY, INC. 139 Morristown Road Bernardsville, NJ (906) u i y ' 1 j 1 It ','1 ] - H i'l P'll'f. I 1. 'I

64 12 - November 3,4,5,1993 RealEstate A Forbes Newspaper! Supplement UNION COUNTY CRANFORD Francis C. & Alicv Russell to Cathy A Leonard, 20 MacArthur Ave., $164,000 New Jersey Realty Co. et ui to Mark N. Eisner. Parkway Village No. 41 A, $97,90(1 Rn^lish Village Associates to Margaret Schneider J17 Prospect Aw.Nal4-lA,$!) Inu P. & Paul Fanara to Jonathan & Kairn Stirberg, 8 Summit Road, $30(),00(} Thorns H. Jr. & (Vnthia Hanneii 10 Jo..i) M. & Jennifer Badovinac, 54 S. Union Am, $18,1000 Bruce E. k Charlotte C. Bell to Gregory k Kathleen Haitnctt, 6 Venetia Ave., $219,900 Paul G. k Marian F, Chiefl" to Michael J. & Ijois J. I^ngo, 401 Walnut Ave., $210,00(1 Scott K & Rochelle L fuller to Donald R, Guarriello Jr. e! ILV.. 36 Balmier* Parkway, $250,000 William Mongelluzzo to David H, & Dorothy J. Kolk, 5 Indian Spring Road, $235,000 Angelo & Albert J, Buontempo to Robert M. & Jeanette M. Weiinan, 541 Lexington Ave., $265,000 English Village Assoc. to Mary Ann F. Clark, 217 Prospect Ave., $99,900 Esta J. Pearl to Maria Kotwick, 31 Lewis St., $155,000 Fred J. & Teresa M. Lanowieh to Sachins Moghc k Anita Joshi, 19 Mendell Ave., $184,500 Paul & Ann Constantino to Randolph S, Lowe & L. Johnson, 721 Willow St., $220,000 Ketchum & Co. Inc. to Edward & Barbara Kauz, 50 W. South Ave., $825,000 George R. & Margaret McGrath to Thomas J. k Maureen Gilligan, 5 Tuxedo Place, $341,000 FANWOOD Gaiy & Corinnc Quinn to Anastasio J. Morales Jr. et we., 76 Cray Terrace, $223,000 Bryant W. k Dorothy P. Brennan to Charles T. & Patricia M. Amato, 2 Russell Road, $274,000 Robert C. k Anne E, Lightburn to Richard D, k Gilbert Buchanan, 225 Farley Ave., $185,000 Estate of David B. Horvath to Teresa K. & Russell Smolarek, 405 South Ave., $ GARWOOD Anthony k Kathleen Villaggio to Richard D, Erdmann et al, 3 Cedar St., $185,000 P,G. Difabio Construction Inc. to Messercola Bros. Bldg, Co. Inc., 813 Center St., $90,000 P.G. Difabio Constructor! Co. to Messercola Bros. BldfrCo. Inc., of NJ Inc,, 331 South Ave., $460,000 Christine W. T\imminello to Ventura Simoes et al., 116 Willow Ave., $235,000 John P. & Helen P. Kilburg to Elaine J. Bailey, 457 Fourth Ave., $168,000 Trico Mortgage Company Inc, to Midomo Company Inc., 400 North Avc, $175,000 James C. Riley to Estella Corp. Inc., 48 Second Ave., $80,000 KENILWORTH Frank Chiara to Lewis J. & Susan D. Giordino, 10 Dorset Drive, $190,000 Tommy M. k Betty R. Gilpin to Rose Morrison, 416 N. 16th St., $214,000 SCOTCH PLAINS Carl A Williams to Lloyd OlTscy, 1978 W. Broad St., $339,000 Thomas C. k Anna Benton to Richard N. k Kathryn W, Quoi, 538 Ckilia Place, $140,000 Thomas J. k Lisa C. O'Donnell to Stephen L. Andrea R. Pearson, 2245 Cotes Ave, $250,000 Susan K Smith to Bruce E. k Charlotte C. Bell, 11 Eastman Village, $165,000 Peter Foreman to Joseph k Christine M. Macchia, 3050 Elizabeth Avc, $182,000 Nancy P. & Morton Smith Jr. to Angelo A. k Angela M. Gattozzi, 1642 Ramapo Way, $235,000 Nancy & Alan Rizzuto to Frances Keresztesy, 17 Wareham Court, $159,900 William H. k Judith Shumway to William k Virginia Fowler, 7 Aberdeen Road, $290,000 Evelyn Allcman to Blair & theresu Allcman, 1190 Cooper road, $300,000 WflT of Beatrice Friedlander to Elizabeth M. Hauscr, 530 Park Ave., No. 112, $87,000 Charles & Lutcncie Williams to Kenneth & Yvonne Johnson, 220 Willow Ave., $55,500 Estate of Chester Williams to Kenneth k Yvonne Johnson, 220 Willow Avc., $55,500 Homestead Associates Inc. to Kerami Enterprises Inc., 38 Winchester Drive, $185,000 MIDDLESEX COUNTY PISCATAWAY Segal & Morell Assoc. to Craig & Leslie Masonc, 43 Buttonwood Drive. $202,148 Segal k Morel Assuc. to Thomas Mark k Pamelu Kyun, 9 Cherrywood Drive, $197,(ii>7 Starpoint Developers Inc. to Joseph A Messina i*t al, 375 Draco Road, $149,990 Ftashmikant & Nuyna Patcl to Minglong Chen h Duh Shyun, 174 Dunelkn Ave., $168,000 Janell DeAngclis to John P. Jr. & Nancy Berko, 14 Haines Avc, $117,00 Commons at Piscatawav Inc. to Manuel Marques et al, 602 Jesse Way, $109,900 Commons at Piscataway Inc. to Betti Tilleman, 2502 Jesse Way, $109,900 Citicorp Mtg. Inc, to Karen M. Peddie et al, 416 Lodge St., $123,500 Mankiezhil Varghese et ux, to Gregory Battle, 1684 Meistcr St., $115,000 Starpoint Developers Inc. to Syed k Ashraf Rnza, 208 Nebula Road, $149,990 Michael & Michelle R. Edwards to Tanya L. Clifton et al, 204 Oak Place, $134,000 Thomas R. & Gretchen C, Hayes to James A. Jr, & Barbara Vertes, 1 OWNER DISTRESS SALE Hawthorne Road, $229,500 Elizabeth H. Duffy to Henary & Judith C. Lackland, M4 Hoes Une,$210,000 Prank C. & Shirley Bonner to Kumal k Sangeeta Varty, 61 Jefferson Dr., $195,000 Segal k Morel Assoc. to Michael S. k Sharon M. Harlan, 504 Lynnuood St., $205,634 Segal k Morel Assoc. to John k Jeanann Novarina, 514 Lynnwood St., $207,000 Starpoint Developers Inc, to Deborah L. Roach, 204 Nebula Road, $69,000 Bruce O. k Adriana Ackerman to Doris Serhee, 533 Norwich Court, $111,000 Sega k Morel Assoc. to Steven k Roanna Resnick, 31 Pelmont Place, $210,266 Robert S. k Daylc E. Lynch to Donal E. k Mcrarie Doyle, 444 Rivercrest Drive, $147,000 Ronald S. & Elaine A. Snedeker DavcoBuUders Inc., 1040 Smith John Jar f ^ t o Stelton «5 s - Washln ton Avc, $112,500, ^ \ Nidzgorski to Larry S. SOUTH PLAINFIELD Joei W. Sussman to Frank k Noreen Pohlman, 109 Camden Ave., $105,000 Jerry k Dawn Albers to Steven J. & Lena F. Olsen, 1825 S. Central Ave., $147,000 Carol Hope Burns to Joseph Bowbliss et al, 1161 Clinton Terrace, $129,000 Mary Jane Harris to Kelvin & Roscmarie Randolph, 221 E. Hendricks Blvd., $157,000 Geraixl & Elizabeth Aceti to George Briggs Longbothum, 78 Leeds Drive, $139,000 Mary Ellen k Dalina D. Douras to Antonios G. & M. Douras, 2600 linden Avc., $90,000 Zdzislaw Makarewicz to Frank Russell & Robin Cannon, 407 Marsh Avc, $147,000 Henry J. & Lynctte B. Whalen to Rodolfo Raul Vasquez et ux., 151 Martin Drive, $157,000 Knotty Pine Diner Inc. to PAD Assoc. Inc., 2002 Park Ave., $500,000 James F. k Dorothy Waskowich to Matthew A. k Gayle M. Clarke, 1631 Perching Place, $147,000 Anita P. k Paul S. Sekuler to Michael V. Addcssa el al., 1400 Field Ave., $140,000 Harold B. Snyder et at. to Reed Presentation Inc., 3614 Kennedy Road, $697,500 LOST JOB MUST SELL - 2 WEEKS - ENGLISH VILLAGE CONDOMINIUMS 1 UK, TOP FLOOR. ELEVATOR ASSUME MORTGAGE AT CURRENT RATES* WITH FIRM $10,000 DOWN PAYMENT. P&J: $ (approxl*. TAXES; $ Mo. ( ) MAJNTENANCE:$ (Includes heat, water, trash, main. Ins.) TOTAL MONTHLY PAYMENT $ I f e than rent & utilities) Call for appt. and information 'lf».6ti M>r *!,(XK) $H:i.ri<H>«)pryx Iwl nvnltiililr In ( iinll(1r<l liuyrr nl 7% llslll yr Guest Speakers Home Inspector Accountant frontages of Home Ownership Attorney Mortgage Officer Qualifying for o Mortgage Different Types of Mortgages New Construction kpert Ant Time Home Buytn imomvl Mow-up Bvyrj UJf komel Tvtitai- ttovtttbtf V1MI AM Preferred lifestyle Realty RSVP if possible 953 Route 202, (908) (at light South ot Witown Road) Branchburg Send us your news Real estate professionals in Somerset, Middlesex and Union counties arc invited to send news of their accomplishments and activities to the Reul Estate Guide, Wo also welcome industiy-rclatcd articles that may be of general interest to our readers and advertisers. Real estate professionals may also submit house tours or cover houses for consideration. Submissions to the Realty Notes column should include a photograph (but not a Polaroid) if possible. Faces should be at least the size of a dime in all photos, Publication will be at the discretion of the editors. Send news releases and articles to: Real Eslote Guide 1 Forbes Newspapers P.O. Box 699 Somerville, NJ

65 A Forta Newspaper* Supplement RealEstate November 3,4,5, SOMERSET COUNTY SOMERVILLE Charles H. & Gertnjde Wachter to Eirik J. Hergcrt & H. Bauer, 64 Eastern Ave., $138,000 Dime Savings Bank of NY to Kevin P. McConnell, Falryiew Ave., $84,000 Ariketh Purushothaman et al. to Dime Savings Bank Fairvtew Ave., $50,100 Robert N, & Donna M. Budner to Henry C. & Betty J. Miller, 24 Mastogen Drive, $137,500 David & Elaine Palcy to John P. & Laurcnza Yakowski, 9 Nagle Drive, $159,000 Dennis T. & Marie A. Murphy to Delmar Jr. & Reba Sue Lester, 1 Schoolhouse Lane, $135,000 Thomas C. & Randy M. Sabatino to Ann L. Slaley, 32 Eastern Ave,, $225,000 Gary A. & Arta K. Hull to Allied Insurance Adjusters I, 87 E. High St., $200,001) Florence Sherlock to Davitl G. & Darlene E. Darling!I2 Eastern Ave., $105,000 Anthony Ricciardi to Robert N. & Grace O'Krpfr, M E. Main St., $165,001) Lansing R. & Donna Booth to Franck Pucciarclli. 7 S. Richard Ave., $120,900 Ann Ranauro to Kenneth & Maria C. Ruse, 15 Halsey SI., $152,000 Mohammed Qutubuddin Husain to Mohammed & Aim la J. Hussain, 4fl Southsidr Avc, $72,000 Daniel Dudley to Robert A & larnetha G. AUie, 56 W. Spring St, $75,000 SOUTH BOUND BROOK Kenneth & Amy Giacomini to Arthur W. Harabin & S. Gibbons, 112 Edgewood Terrace, $128,000 Michael Lewko to Michael Rowe, 186 Main St., $131,000 David P. & James H. Connor to Joseph C, & Janice M. Dominick, 100 Main St., $113,000 Estate of Stella V.Carassale to Lester & Elisa Bowser, 170 Prospect St,$ 117,000 WARREN Checehio Associates Inc. to Richard & Wendy Schwartz, 4 Red Fox Trail, $637,500 Thomas J, & Cheryl A. Smith to Richard C, Salkowski et at., 10 Wilshire Road, $200,000 Morel & Segal Inc. to Dinah Lorcnz, 10 Woodland Drive, $66,717 George W. Dealaman to Bruce H. & Cynthia Dealaman, Broad* way Road, $40,000 Mountainvicw at Warren Inc. to Joseph A. & Susan Lambariello, 9 Hickory Lane, $341,550 James Louis Robinson to Douglas A. & Sharon Staebler, 17 Hunters Trail, $315,000 George W, Dealaman to Bruce k Janet Abcles, 232 King ( eorge Road, $40,001) Gregory & Beth Ann Comita to Olivier J. & Michelle Kirmsor, M Mountain View Road, $445,000 CK'OI'RC W. Dciilaman to George W. Jr. & Susan Dealaman, 220 Mountain View tad, $40,000 ARBOR AABOR NATIONAL MORTGAGE Purchase 0 Points FHAyVA Direct Refinance 0 Closing Cost 1 Jumbo Joseph Scimonc. Senior Loan Officer x206 Licensed Mortgage Banker NJ Dcpt of Banking MORTGAGES or Purchase \ l)ku,\( IWORCO Crestwood Ventures to John A Franconeri, 10 Quail Run, $187,100 Robert Kusche to Kevin L. & Sharon E. Cooper, 15 Arrifhi Drive, $282,000 Frank J. & Ann Marie Strubel to J. Clayton Bogusky & F. Halfer, 47 Red HiU Road, $385,000 Morel & Segal Inc. to Nathan A & Margaret Philephs, 6 Woodland Drive, $34,898 Chasbob Inc. to Gerard P. & Kathleen A Walsh, 25 Apple Tree Lane, $351,500 Estate of Harold & Annette Seidel to Louis E. & Laura A. Henrich, 40 Skyline Drive, $330,000 WATCHUNG Henry R. & Marie T. Verdini to James G. & Barbara E. Boyd, 65 Sherwood Drive, $367,000 CENTRAL JERSEY MORTGAGE RATES Undtr. City, Phone APPlI 30 YR FIXEDll 15 YR FIXED OTHER FEE RATE PT8 APR RATE PT8 APF RATE PT8 APR AooounUnti Mtfp.WhttthM) 8ta w o-m ^ m o p s o.oo nekes o.oo 6.68 Amboy Nttbntl Bank.OM Bridge MI-MI-ITW 200^.03 s.oo 6.97^ Amtftean Ftdtrtl Mtgt, Union Associate! Financial Svc MI-MI-MOO 190 M0-2M-SI44 N/P HI-2* B *50 O.OO A B H B A , J Capital Funding.Parsippany M0-M2-I7M 0 Ctniar Ftd'l Savtngs.Princtton Ctntral Mtgt Svcs, Watehung Charttr Ftdl Savings.Randolph Q0-tM-Mt7 350 OI-7M-O1OO 295 Ml-MI-MOO 400 Choict Mortgagt, Morris Plains so 7.oo oo s ' I.3S Collective Ftdl Savlngs.Edfson tot 54t 4Mt SSO Columbia Natl Mtgt,Cranford toi-mom 375 ComNtt Mtgt Svcs,Somervilie OI-TH-SSOO 295 Countrywide Mortgagt.Westfield toi-7i*-i4s5 500 Crtstmont Ftd'l Savings,Clark IOI-W-OIOO 300 Directors Mtg Loan, Rochelle Pk. IOO-S72-O2H SSO Empirt Mortgagt Co. t Somtrvillt First Fidelity Bank 350 First Savings Bank SLA, Edison First Town Mortgage.Edison wi 7J Gtntsis Mtga Svcs.E Brunswick Hudson Mortgage Co, N Bergen 100-e7e-2*74 N/P Imperial Credit.Parslppany M0-24I-27M 245 Ivy Mortgage.Belle Mead OO-0BB-24IS 300 Key Corp Mtge,Laurence Harbor too-sss-oiri 295 King Mortgage Corp., Clifton IOO-SSS-SOIO 300 Management Mtg Corp.Matawan ooi-ses-osoo 0 Manor Mtge Corp, Parsippany 201-M Maryland Natl Mtge.Springfield Metropolitan Mtgt Svc freehold «oi-z94-«oo 350 Monarch Svgi Bank FSB.CIark Morgan Carlton Fin'l, Matawan Mortgage Monty Mart, Edison Mortgagt Service Co.Somerset Mortgagt Unlimlttd.Stcaucus Neway Financial Svc.N Plainfield NtwCtntury Mtgt,E. Brunswick Ms-sto-4soo 375 NJ Home Funding Group.Editon MI OO 0 NJ Savings Bank,Somtrville Mt-722-M Paradise Mortgagt, Warren RAJ Mortgagt.Ltdgewood W 300 Raritan Savings Bk, Raritan 90$-725-M Royal Mortgaged Brunswick 00-SM-22M 395 Royal Mortgage, Morristown Source Mortgagt, Somerville 00-9M-1MO 325 Source One Mtge Svcs.Cranford Summit Mortgage Co., Cranford 9oi-7O9-ss3> 350 Tri State Mtge Caprtal.N Bergen oo-2ie-ss44 N/P Watehung Hills Bank.Warrtn Ml-MS-MOO 300 Worco Financial Svc, Warren MI-M1-M3I J » «.5O r Is « S A i , , B K A A , F T A A A A B A J 4.63 O A B A N/P S , A l A A A K A B ,00 7, B A M D A 3, A A , , R A B A A A A , C A , A N/P A (A)1 YR ARM (B)30 YR JUMBO (C)5/25 (0)7/23 (E)EQUITY (F)10 YR FIXED (G)15 YR BIWEEKLY (H) 15 YR JUMBO (1)10 YR ARM (J)7 YR ARM (K)7 YR BALLOON (L)30 YR-NO COST (M)5 YR BALLOON (N)3 YR ARM (0)20 YR FIXED (P)5/1 ARM (Q)30 YR-NO INCOME (R)FHA-30 YR (S)6 MO ARM (T)30 YR JUMBO BALLOON *-ref at closing APP FEE-SINGLE FAMILY HOMES MINIMUM DAY RATE LOCK RilN «iw>lbd by tht ttndiri and ; prtitntm) without guvantm RatM and tormi art >ubj«ct to changt Ltndwi tntwtittd In duplaylng fntorimtton ihould conhd Coopmtiva Morlgag* (201) For mor* inhxmatk>n.borrawari should oallttw l«ndafi.conlid Itndwi fot Infofmtfon on ottiar mortgagt product and MrvicttCoeparativa Mortgagi Nofrmtion aitumat

66 14 - November 3,4,5,1993 RealEstate A Forbes Newspapers Supplement REAL ESTATE 1110,000 NOIMI Fof SIM Farm* Luxury Hornet MM * Wettrfrcnt MTO MuW-Femlly H0IIMS Ltli and Acreage OvtoUrei Properly Wanted tobuy Mortgages and Financing Mlic Real Estate EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY Alt real estate advertised in 1! ii this newspaper is subeel 10 the Federal Fair ousing Act ol 1968 which makes it illegal to advertise any preference limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin, or an intention to make any such preference, limitation or discrimination. This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising lor teal estate which Is in violation ot the law. Our readers are Informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basil. Complaints of discrimination in housing on the basis of race, color, creed, ancestry, marital status, sex or handicap should be made to New Jersey Division on Civil Rights, 363 W. state SI., Trenton, NJ Phone (609) $150,000 $141,900 MANVILLE fflkct STARTER Qreal neighborhood) 3 BR Ranch- bath, E-l-K & OR, 1 car garage ft large yard. CLASSIC LIVING REALTY W6-72M Homes for S&tt * * * * * ATTENTION Tradesman-Craltsmen BRIDGEWATER CAPE $280,00 3BR, 1 t/2 B, DR, LR, Kit, Roc R, Also 2 BLOCK BLDG, 1,- 2 STORY 30X60, 1 20X56. 2 Ac 269' Hwy Frontage. Call (906) BASKING RIDGE- By Owner, 3BR, 1 bath, deck, screened in porch,.garago, builhns, updated kitchen & bath, 7 ACRE landscaped lot. 1221,000.9M-M7-M01. BEDMINSTER- 2 yr. old Custom built home by owner, 3 BRs, 21/2 batns, bsmt., sq.fl,, hardwood firs. Deck. $321,000, Call Bob 20t-44S-17t1 fit. 134;9M.719M75aft.t. ERNAROIVfLLE Duplex By Owner. Side by Side, walk to town & train. Recently painted, landscaped & decorated, Income 122,000. Price 1237,000.90f.22t.Q1l5, MANCHIURG (MEAT AREA Almost new big 3BR, 21/ 2 bath Duplex. SparWIn Kitchen, full biml, 1 car garage, almost 1/4 acre IflMM. Century 21 McOEI REALTORS 1035 Rt. 202 Branchburg M-52I444O DID YOU WWW t«that an ad in this local paper also goes Into 22 other local papers? Reach over 380,000 readers with one call! 1tO0»lt49S DUNELLEN-Charming ludor, 4BR» EIK, FP, of fie / den, deep fenced yard, quiet street. For sale by owner $169,000. For info or appt call GLADSTONE Openhouse. Sun,, Nov. 7th. 1-5pm. too yr old Victorian. Walk to commuter train. 3 BR, t 1/2 Bath. LR, OR, FR ( New cherry Kit. BY OWNER: $229, LEBANON TWP. Riverfront property. 1 * acre. Quiet area, low taxes, completely remodeled. 2BR, I bath, 2 car garage, workshop. $112,000. By Owner. Call day or eves MIDDLESEX! SOMERSET COUNTIES 1st time buyer A current homeowner programs with low down payments avail. To see if you qualify, call Bob Warchol: Century 21 Golden Post Realty tomw-woo MILFORD- In lovely Hunlerdon County is this 4BR Country Farmhouse on 20,5 acres, fenced pastures, 2 story working barn, 2 streams, Ideel for horses. House has modern kitchen, and Is priced to tell, extremely low taxes, farmland assessed 8219,900. ERA Classic LMflf Realty I0I-72M1M PIICATAWAY- Beautiful, Lake Nelson, vinyl aided, 3 6R ranch w/lake prlvli. CAC, prof finithtd bsmt w/fam rm, exercise rm & playrm. much more 1161, RANCH IN RARITAN- 2BR, 2 Baths, Den, LR, Dfl, Kit, Fam rm, Bsml, ihermo windows, alum, siding. $190,000 negol / SO.PLAINFIELD- By Owner, 3BR, 2 bald Ranch, LR/DR, Newer Kit. & bath. Finished Bsml. Inground pool, oversized 1 car oarage. Immaculate Condition. 1154,100. SOUTH PLAINHELD 3 Bfl ranch, 2 bath, Elk, DR, LR, WW carpel, Hd Wd floor, att. garage in nice tarn, neighborhood, $134,900, B2 WHITIHOUSE STA. Commercially zoned. 2 family house + Barn w/ shop/olflce. 2 car garage & storage. Lge. paved prkg. lot, New fool.1241,000, CallKM-S34-13H CENTERBRIDGEII I 1040 luxury Homn WATCHUNG- Colonial/ Contemp. 11/2 wooded ACs. 5BRs, Master suite, 31/2 baths, glass sunroom, glass European Kit., finished bimt, 4 car gange, $665,000. Principals only. fm7tfhm, after 6pm ContomHum IfDMINSTER- Condo "The Hills". 2BR, 2blth End Unit. Only 21/2 yrs. old. Asking $111,000. Days Eves CHATHAM SORO Lovely renovited 2nd floor Garden Condo In quiet area-modern Kit., DR, 2BRs, t bath-walk to stores, trains, etc, Asking $129,900, Owner E0ISON-2BR condo, includes all appliances, $75,000.(906) HIGHLAND PARK- 1BR luxury condo, AC, all appl. Easy commute to NYC. $99, NORTH BRUNSWICK Beautiful 2 bedroom, 2 bath penthouse condo with balcony, overlooking the pond. End unit, neutral decor, fireplace, skylights, pool, clubhouse and tennis. $113,900. CALL WEIDEL REALTORS (9tH) 688 HOC RCAMNQTON TWP Sparkling 2BR, 2 bath Inii Unit Concio Washer, dryer, relrig,, dishwasher incl. 1104,300. Century 21 McQEE REALTORS 1035 nt?02 Branchhurq 9QB WESTFIELD- Luxury Concio, 7 rooms, 2 tjaragos, all electric Walk lo all shops, banks, bus & train station Elevator Salo of lease toy owner 'JOB-tiM Jownhwses HILLSBOROUGHuwni-r 20f1. 2 \u> B; By IN OR. FIK. loll. I d f)srnl, ij,ir;u ().'! SOMERVILLE- Of t'>w!l I'HMilCIl?RH 5110,500. PASCAL*: REALTORS laikinq RIDGE Townhouse at "Th» nidge". Part like views from ttiis true FnrJ Unit. I.H. OIV Kitrln-n.tlon JUH, 21/2 bultis. Dock, patio, alrium. t car <jafiigo, pnrliiifly firnstiucl bsml. Extras incl. AC. hardwood ftoof, whirlpool tub, frplc. Built-in bookcase, skylights & morot Tennis court, pel allowed. Priced lo sell at 1241,000. By owner. For appl BOUND BROOK- 4 family. 126,000 cash How, asking S179,000, for sale by owner, fully (cased, , ROSELLI- 6 apis.. Irom I3OK ta. or MAKE OFfER FOR ALL 6. Write: Enterprizts, Bon 5796, Clark, NJ Loft WOO HILLSBOROUGH Approved bldlj lot Ncstianic Rivor JM5k 4 acres negotiable 9qfl-369 : 467? TEWKSBURY- Beautiful wooded & partly wooded Inls with viows & good access lo Rl Out of Una Property DUSHKILL, PA.-Haiut'd 11,'incrt w/pamintly finishod biisomoni on J4.icre Caihodral coitnuj in Li) A brick Irplc, 2 ly. BRs Immaculate. A muit tool All appliances incf 178,000. Phone 9O FR6t sales brochure ol Homes for sale on Long Bench Island Single dimdies, (.undo*, aii >lo*{'s, oceanlronts and bayfront's nvailablo Ciill V;in Dyk Grotip ReiiltOfs, Boach Haven UTTLE EGG HARBOR - Atlo'Uiibli) 3 lu.ulrontn. 2 b.ilh family room, lairju country kitchen, lots ol privacy Only S6B,!.0O C<ill John Hall. Aimmtii s Choice fionlty LONG BEACH ISLAND An island p.u.uli'ji 1.i" LM'.y cinvo f r.r frict!- ly, proft'ssioniil sorvic «I 1! HCH ( :, Ui'.iUri 1. GOlM/^)! I. Ask Inr new ';;iln r! h NO MONEY DOWN- Take over payments. P<> cuno Mountains Oank repossessed, Lot fully wooded Call B 9X30 FORICLOSURCOR BANKRUPTCY- Will buy your Home or Businuss. JOti7iiU AffSCiNMMOtfS frmfflmt 0* X 3O 1 X ir high al«el building. One open end Was S6B62 will sell for balance $3980. Never erected, with blueprints H ANN FORECLOSURE! 1,000 NJ homos listed in 150 page report. Save to 50% buying bank direct A'so, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, California, Now Hampshire. 7 Days 83m- Mitlnigh! BANK CRESTWOOD- Adults r>'> i 7,500 Homos. 40 Stylos, 520.O00-S14O.0OO. Over!)f) clubs & organizations, shopping, transportation Free Brochure , HEART- LAND HFALTY ASSOCI- ATES. ItUfillors P.O. Box D. '»!(.) Hi bjo. Whiting, NJ 087i)9. rour CLASSIFIED AD CAN BE PUBUSHED IN 92 NEW JERSEY NEWS PAPEHS WITH ONE EASY PHONE CALL AND FOR ONE LOW PRICE. FOR ONLY S YOUR AD WILL HEACH OVER 1.2 MILLION HOMES THROUGHOUT THE STATE. CALL FORBES CLASSIFIED AT 1-B0O , ASK FOR JOYCE OR KRISTIN FOR ALL THE DETAILS ABOUT SCAN- STATEWIDE CLASSIFIED AD NF : TWOn.K 9200 VACATION 9210 Homos For Sale 9220 Poconos Properties 9230 Resort Properties 0240 Waterfront Properties 9?5O Lot sand Acre.i( t* 92(iO- TlinoShnrus t2/0 Vacation Honials Wookoiut Hcnt;iK Final Phase! NESHANIC STATION MILL ESTATES SCASIDE- Fully turn'd, beatuitul bayslde, 2BR, 1 bath condo. New carpeting. Great investment, Owner must tell. Price reduce to $75, days Lou or C BI14alt9pm UNO- Unlondale, Pa. Build your Dream Homt on 9 Ac. with views of Elk Ml Ski retort. Skite on private pond winter, swim A trout lish in summer. Poss, subdiv./adj. lo Pit Game Preiervo , TIME SHARE UMTS and campground member* ships Distress sales* CrioapH Worldwide selections. Call VACATION NETWORK U.S. ond Canada , Free rontal intormation 305* 9270 CLEARWATER, FL SNOWBIRDS Spacious 2 DR, 2 bath homo, garage, , FLA- Ann.iMaria Island null Ironl, 2 BR apt, full turn, kit & linens, cable, AC, RBQ/patio, balcony avail!-80q FLORIDA- Disney World Aroa-Kisslmmee. I'nv ownnrs otter lowest l>os'><hlu ratos for fully loaded 2 bdrm. 2 btn bquenky cloan condos tncl Kitchen hardware, linens, barbecuo W/D. color cablo A much inore. S59.99 per d;iy. Tom A Rosemary, 1- OOO-FLA #* JACK FROST MTN. Poconos Condo, sloops 6 Jacuzzi tub. Walk to Ski slope HjENT CH Baxli'f Realty POCONOS- Dig Bass t.rikc* l ; ;ill, wmlor, holi* ij.iys :3E1M tnkplront, \\,u, utjlc, VCM Resort I'l'inm Sk> loctcju. tree-,l.iin( Wkoruls weekly. n) \\Y i,hi."". Hcnsnn- ST. MAARTEN- Follow he Tr.vlr 1 Winds,? our Hi-,»ulil;ii.' HU, * ti.ilti vtil;i directly on bdirh. li^sti watur Kif»I hi, ciijlif, VCH, r ;u t, phono, daily natd, Honl (lirfirllu from ownor rnll into k.n link" 491 Shasta Drive Bridgewater, NJ 08B am to*2 pm for application M O N T H This building which is now under construction, will consist of 171 one bedrooms apartments This 7 slory elevator equipped buildtng is designed specifically for (he elderly and will have the following amenities: community room, game room, laundry facilities, security, beauty parlor on premises and emergency pull-cords in each apartment, - o - Close lo library, post office and shopping malls and shuttle service will be provided to downtown Somerville. O Now accepting applications for January occupancy Safe, secure, clean and attractive Bldg. Only 6 homes left, 31» A ucres from $299,900 4 bedrooms 21/2 baths Anderson insulated windows Family rooms with floor to ceiling brick Crown A dentil moulding In dining room fireplaces 2 car garages Ceramic tile floor In loyer & baths Stained Wood Trim Full basement plus much moro Open Sal,, Sun, 12 m 5 or by A iprinlmfnt I'horw 90N-36<r-7M6 WORDKNAGRKIiNRI-ALTORS 9O8-H74-470O MM Uh M liimiv'ivmwiiik'.jli.*» S.. od i.ipiyhi i* iit HJ ' nnli» i 9400 RENTALS 9410' Hornet 9420 Multi-Family Homes 9430 Townhouses and Condominiums 9440 Apartments 9450 ' Rooms 9460 Boarding 9470 Apartments to Share 94S0 Homos to Shore 9490 Wanted to Rent 9500 Mlic Rentals

67 A Fbrbat Newspapers Supplement RealEstate November 3,4,5, NESHAMC ITATWM-3 BR Ranch, 2 bath, FP, 2 Mr gar., IR, Dfl, EIK, CAC, CIOM lo Woodfern School /mlh plus utll MINI HOMC ESTATE- Prlv, horn* (Somerset Cty). Business mart prtf'd. MeaJi. M-F. Uundry, cable MOO. Avail 12/ FMNKUN FAMK- Society Hill Townhouse. 2BR, 2.5 bath, S975/mo. i utilities HIUMONOUOH- 1BR, DR, LR, refinlshed, new appl., W4D, pool, ttnnls. heal & hot water incl., shopping, avail. Nov. 15. S750/mo, Call Jim C NO.PLAINFIELD- Lg. 1BR Condo, w/w carpeting, freshly painted, heat & hot water incl Avail. lmmed * * * * * * * * J BROOKSIDE } * GARDEN ARTS.* * J ** *Somerville,N.J. J * 1 MONTH FREE REN?! * 1 Bedroom wily * New Tenants Only J LIMITED TIME OFFER J * 1 Bedroom Rental * * Starting At * * $650 permonlh * if * ^ 2 Bedroom Rental * it Starting At * * $723 per month * * Include* MMI I Hoi Wiler * " ccoflr locillofl *ithm ^ it walking diitinci o< school), rt w Off let locitad il: if 1»Mmc«f S4, *Hour«: Mw-Fr). 8 AM-S PM ft 7 bl. I Sun. 10 AM 3 PM ^ J J ***** * 1 M - Modern Apt, facing park, Avail Immed. Daytime parking, 449 Madison Ave., Elizabeth. AIKINO RIME- 2 BRa in 2-Family home. 1 car garage. No ptlt. References. Haat & water included. $1025/mo. 1 yr, ItlM. SOOTH AAlftCVi Ntc. fteeftsre B0*7lf*ltOO I- Beautiful 1Bftapt.on1itfl. of 2 fam. home. Lg, hit/ baih, LR w/flpc. hardwood floors, wash/dry in bimt. 1900/mo. m/mo sec call 781 -TWO Wpm. IBdrm. plus small study or nuriery, lit floor, lg bach yard. No pels. Sfeg Call BOUND BROOK- 1 or 2BR apt. Close to transtrain A bus. Oft-st. parking. For more into H7-2TH BOUNO BROOK- 2nd floor, BR, LR/DH, Kit & bath. Wall to wall carpet, attic, off St. parking, exc cond. $560 plus uttls. Credit refs. No peta. Avail. Immed. Call aft. 10am BOUND BROOK- 2nd lloor 2BRs, S700/mo. < ufiis. 11/2 mos, sec, No pets BOUND BROOK- Freshly painted 2 Bfl. 2nd Fi. $6751 Util. Off St. Prkg. Avail. Imoad BRANCHBURG-ground flf. olficiency. Pnv entrance, furn. or un, Malure person, non-smoker, & no pots. S550/mth in* cludos all ulil. (of & 1 mlh sec K) ^ CALIFON- 2HD, now mod. bath. LIT Dfl, now Kit, w/olec, rantjtvrulntj, lull bsml. w/w&o hookup.,'ittir iitor.igc. im.n lotort, storm windows, Oil Off StfOOl fllliq 11.? mo 1? sec S9'J1» 908- RAHWAY Studio apt. w no kitchen Closa lo train He.U'hot waler includud No jols CnII or _ * * * * * RARITAN 3 BR apt.. Avail Doc Isl $795 mo (j7 DORCHESTER HOUSE Somwvlllt Luxury High Rial Elevator Apartment* Studio 1 > 2 Bedrooms OUNfUtN- 1/2 duplex, 2 BR, new Kri, no pets, 1 V2 mon MC., $M0/mon, * Ufll., I-1529 CDtSON- 1 It flf., 2 BR, In a 2 (amity, naar Nighland park, New Brunt, A mass trans., avail. 11/1, $77S/mon.,90M94»l7e3 MANVfLU- Lg. 2nd FI, apt. 2/3BRI. Avail afttr Nov. lit, S700/mo. Includes heat, 281-0M5. MIDMJIM-2AFT1 II) 2BR; SS15 ft (1) 1BR; Near Acme & bus line. Refi required. 1 month sec 44H7M. NO PLAINFIILO- 2BR apt., $650f utll., Somer-»tSt Call H268 RARITAN 1 bdrm. apt. 1st floor. Off st. parking. Avail i mead. Call RUTGERS VILLAGE Lg LR. 1 BR. Dinette area, Kitchenette, Furn., Quiet residential, $600. mo. all util Incld. no pets refs. req So. BOUND BROOK- Ig. 3 1/2 rm., heat Incld., SOMERSET 2 BR Condo for sale or rent by owner in Prof., quite Quadbrook Community. $87,000. / $950 t Ulil SOMERVILLE- 2BR, prime location, W/W. Share hoal 4 ulil. Off st pktj M/15. $750 * 1/2 mo sec, 1) SOMERVILLE- Apt. 5 rm, 1 balh, $600,mo : Util 1 mo soc References roq 72j> SOMERVILLE- LR. fih, Kit & b;ilh %'jbq > ulils Avail inimorj PASCALEREALTORS SOMERVILLE- Townhouse, 2Bfl, 11/2 Uiilhs. nil appls., pnrkliko setting. S950/mo t utils Avail Jan. 1 Ploasc dill 20J-93_3-6725,_lv.msg. SOUTH BOUND BROOK- Large 1 BR apt. on 2nd floor. Avail I mead, $650, mo * utll. No pels. Call SOUTH BOUND BROOK- 1 BR apt. avail Dec. 1, Off street parking, quiet street, $490 per mlh, Nit and hot watar Incl. Call Jan WtSTNELD- 1st floor Victorian. 2 BR 2, Bath, LR, DR w/fptc, kit, den. full batmt. W/0 hook-up. S1175 plui utlla. Walk to town & train. Avail. 12/1. Clll 233-1W1 MATURE NON. BMOKINQ nof- to shire large 3 BH ranch. 7S PINt MOTa- Reg. rms ft rms w/klt. for rent. Short stay, daily, wkly,, 90B-72a-M20, PIICATAWAY- furn. room prlv home. Kit. pnv., Prkg. Non-smoking prof, limalr Must tike small dog, $450 Incls. utils. Avail. l?/1 Call after 5pm, SOMERVIUf- S6S and Up. Kitchen, good location near Town & Transp. Call! SOMERVILLC- Lovely rm., residential, refr., phone/cable hookup, non-smoker. $75 & up/ wk., security & ref. Call after 4, OMERVIU.E-furnished rm for male. $80/wk. Non-smoker, ref. needed B 9400 Moults tostm NOTICE: All HOMES TO SHARE advertisements are PAYABLE IN ADVANCE by cash, check, VISA or Master Card, For a quote on cost, please cal BOUND DflOOK Femolo lo share largo house, cite, wasft.'dry. S400'mo. i 1/3 Util, BHIDGEWATER PLUCK- EMIN- 3Bn. Country house; Furnished, W'D. $3i>0 mo 'i mo set. Avail immed dill (days) exl (Fvos) 658-4S29. DUNELLEN- Single whito mala seeks room mate to share 2BR house. Walk lo train. 5400/mo JtBfrtafi NOTICE: All MISCEL- LANEOUS RENTALS dvirtiwfwrti art PAYABUE IN ADVANCE by c*ih, chtck, VISA or Matter Card. For a quott on coat, plttm call SS9-949S. BWDGIWATM- 2 car garage. Car storage only. J200/mo. Call Rav IM- 4440tevei.S4MN3. FOR RfKT-2 garages, Kenliworth M1. STORAQIFOII** CARS, SIMU WATS, CAMKRS, ITC Cill *36 -STOffAOE SPACt" $30 PER SO. FT. PER MONTH. CALL CHARLIE AT MT. VIEW PLA2A. M HI COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE 9610 luslnesa Properties for Sale M20 Professional Properties for Sale 9630 Retail Properties for Sale 9640-Warehouse Properties for Sale 8«W- OffteeRentals 9660 Industrial Rentals 9670 Retail Rentals 9680 Warehouse Rentals 9690 Commercial Real Estate Wanted 9650 Office Rentals BASKING RIDGE Historical District. 3 rooms, approximately 600 sq.ft. Ideal for Accountant, Attorney, no-,iik)f of flolaii. Call 90fl-22MJ80_ BERNARD5VILLE is! floor small oflico suite with 2 offices & focoplion area. Convenient to Post Office, bank, stores jor _ EXECUTIVE OFFICE Carpet, wood furn. S275 FREE XEROX 1 FAX Woslfield FAR HILLS- Office space Prime location, 1,000+ sq. ft. Call 9M HILLBBOHOUOH- Prime location Rt, 206, office space 1000 sq, ft. SSOO/mo. 2 room office at WOO/mo. 4 room office at J400/mo METUCHIN- 2 to 6 room offices, prime location, near train & bus, off street parking, Call Arnolt 908-$4S«400 MIDDLESEX-Lincoln Blvd. Modern 3 rms, first floor, A/C, parking, $375/ mth days, NIWtRUNSWtCK Heart of the business district. Across from Mlddlesei County Courthouse, 4S iayerd Street, (corner of George & Bayard Sis.) Close to New Brunswick train station. Excel, access to NJ Tpke, Routes f, 18,287, 130. Short & Long-Term leases. Unlis from 200 sq. ft. & up. Avail, immed. For further info call: Brian D. Levlne BAB Associates, Inc PISCATAWAY- Office or Retail. 6,000 sq ft. Will divide. Also dentist office. Rt. 287 & Stelton Rd.9BM313. SOMERVILLE/HILLS- BOROUGH area sq. ft. of quality office space in office/industrial park on Hi 206. Will subdivide to 750 sq. ft. Flex. lease terms, free rent option. Only $7 per sq. ft. util. 4 yr. old building w/ option to buy. Warehouso/manul. space avail. Call SOMERVILLE- 1 or 'moro rooms Idoal lor Consultants, Lawyers, Accountants, Arbitrators, Mediators, etc. Well located Court Houso vie. PASCALE REALTORS SOMERVILLE- Offices avail starting at $3507 mth. Cat]?!) PM, DID YOU KNOW... that an ad in this local paper also goos Into 22 other local papers? Reach over 380,000 readers with one call! 1-6OO-SS HNRfSMflf fffftws PLAINFIELO- next to the Netherwood Post office, Ideal for manufacturing or warehouse, 1: 2000 sq. ft. self contained modern office, t 375 sq. ft. warehouse, 2: adjoining 2800 sq.ft., warehousing or manufacturing, loading dock, drive In foadlng, high celling, sprinkler, parking, will neg,, HILLIBOROUOH 1,920 sq. ft. in busy shopping dr. Perfect location for convlence store, bakery or food related business. Call (908) am-2pm WESTFIELD- Approx. 600 sq.ft., ground fir, Elmer Si. zoned B-2. f f x f 9800 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Businesses for Sale 9820 Franchise Opportunities 9830 Licenses for Sale 9840 Investments/ Opportunities fis/nessesfer$af» GIFT SHOP- in Bcdminsler Twp. Owner retiring. Turnkey operation. Successful, profitable Established customer base. Inventory 1 $25, Investments! Opportunities SS BE A WINNER S$ WINNING FOHMULA at CHAPS from beginner to pro. A must hnvo (or all CASINO plnyofs Send $39.95, check or money order to: G&C Limited P.O. Box 4364 Motiichen, NJ RESTAURANT (FAST FOOD)- By owner. High profit. Next to college, Bus.dlsl. Low down pymnt, Easy financing. Joe, 248-0O02/ DEALERSHIP LOO HOMES America's finest Log Homes manufacturer needs quality wholesalers. Earn excellent profits. Full of parttime. Lifetime warranty. Call Mr. Jones for business opportunity info Old Timer Log Homes, Mt. Juliei, TN^ DISTRIBUTORSHIP FOR GOURMET COFFEE ft TEA Restock Displays,. PT 1400 wk.ft JiBOO wk min, investmoot S-019S Ext. 5U HOW TO BE SUCCESS- FUL Hand-on manual. The best Investment you'll ever yourself. For info, write: HealthQuest Publications, P.O. Box 635, Hainesport, NJ OPENING SOONt Mini Mall. 227 E. Front St., Plainfield. Wanted entrepreneurs SILK SCREEN ARTIST-bui partner for Biker A Trucker Idee*. Musi be reliable 4 think bio Line up a great lease... in Classified! Shopping loni now iipjiliiicnl'.' Clussil'id lets you coittpjh'c costs wiiluuu hassle ur worry! Get moving with Classified! Forbes Cfaufffetf 1.00O /01W 9QB CHERISH YOUR ROOTS» Subscribe to the #1 source of local news about your community! Order today be calling Forbes Newspapers

68 16-November 3,4,5,1993 ronws duppwffwfn For over 75 years A trusted reputation for reliability MOTILE #1 A CNAMPItN! DIANE HSIEH (pronounced "Say"). Having come to the U.S. twenty years ago, Diane is multi-lingual, speaking English, Chinese, Taiwan ei«and Cantonese Diane, her husband Joe, and son Aaron have lived in Bridgewater (or seven years. Because of her dedication to excellence. Diane has successfully assisted many home buyers and sellers in achieving their dreams with the least amount ol inconvenience. Put this hard working, knowledgeable real estate professional to work for you. Call Diane at Weictel's Bridgewater location TIE LAP «T LUXURY!! ALEXANDRIA TWP. -Executive caliber colonials built by one of NJ's finest custom builders, situated on over 1 acre lots. Choose your own floor plan and site. From $361,900 CALL WEIDEL BRIDGEWATER 90M8M200 UMI FAMILY ALERT! GREEN BROOK -Extra special expanded bi-level with room for the growing family. 11 rooms including 6 bedrooms, 2 family rooms, year round sunroom and deck. AN overlooking the golf course. Reduced $264,406 CALL WEIDEL BRI0GEWATER 90^ A MME IN TRE COlrVTRl! DELAWARE TOWNSHIP - Cozy ranch on 6 spectacular acres! 3 bedrooms, 2 car garage, Ml basement. Commercial variance possible. $269,900 CALL WEI0CL BfWGEWATEfl 90* MEAT OIL-M-MC I4COTMN HILISBOROUGH Towhouse with 3 bedrooms, Th baths, eat in kitchen with ah appliances, living room with fireplace, dining roomand a Ml linished basement. $133,568 CALL WEI061 BRIDGEWATER 9084BM200 MOM TO GROW! SOMERSET Colonial with4 bedrooms, 2'/? baths, a bright, airy breakfast nook, sunken family room with fireplace and den. This professionally landscaped property is near the park and golf course. S CALL WEIDEL BRIDGEWATER MM US WANT OFFERS! HILLSBOROUGH Contemporary 3 bedrooms with loft/study, 2 Vi baths, 2 car garage, living room w/cathedral ceilings, sunburst window, eat-in kitchen and famly room w/ceramic tile. Brick fireplace, french doors lo garden and inground pool. $259,850 CALL WEIDEL HILLSBOROUGH JN»»! PICTURE PERFECT HILLSBOROUGH - Colonial with 4 bedrooms, 2'/? baths with many fine trimmings. Beautiful lot backsto Green Acres, athedral ceilings and skylights add to its charm, More space in the finished Rec. Room. Featuring custom deck and patio. $277,500 CALL WEIDEL HILLSBOROUGH IDEA1STARTRR RtNi: NESHANIC STATION - Lovely 3 bedroom home located in quiet residential community. Walk to food and hardware stores. Excellent condition. Priced for quick sale. $157,000 CALL WEIDEL HILLSBOROUGH IM,MM HILLSBOROUGH - 3 bedroom ranch on 1 + acre wooded lot. Remodeled kitchen with lazy susan cabinets, dishwasher, Full basement and attic. Hardwood floors under carpet. Do not wait. CALL WEIDEL HILLSBOROUGH OPEN HOI SI! SUNDAY MlVKMBKR 7TH ItOO-itOO GREAT VIMV! HILLSBOROUGH Meadows contemporary;? BR, 2'/> bath, 1-cargarage. Loft overlooks living room w/fireplace; sunkendining room, largeeat-m-kitchen, view of lawn and pool. S 118,850 Olfl Rt?06.wejlonNe*AtTiweii.ie1onAulen n on Gmini.jiiHtN. locnd)»2m idgemmionve CALL WEIDEL HILLSBOROUGH ? 100 PANOHAMIC SI \SKT VIEWS HIGH BRIDGE - Spacious 4 bedrm home is like new & in move-in condition. Watch the sparkling reservoir Irom bay window while enjoying romantic fireplace. Special enterin ctr, comm. pool, C/A, & new appliances. Relocating. Offers' SI CALL WEIDEL CLINTON Weidel has 24 offices servii \M\l TOR GROWING FAMILY HILLSBOROUGH TWP.- Plenty olspace, indoors and out for living, working and playing in this custom-built French Provincial in Hillsborough Twp. on over 3 acres. Amenities galore! Decks up & down Florida room for relaxation. 01- lered at $284,000. CALL WEIDEL FLEMINGTON 908-7B?-0»00 OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY, NOVEMHER7 I-4PM 4.1 EAST HROAII STREET HOPEWELL-WANTED! -Handyman interested in painting, plastering and updating this 100+ yr old 4 bed., Vii bath Colonial. Located on a corner properly in charming Hopewell Boro. Within walking distance to everything. Just reduced to 5141,900 CALL WEIDEL HOPEWELL New Jersey & Pennsylvania $182,500 MONTGOMERY TWP. - Country location, with easy commute to Princeton. Large rear deck, large fully enclosed rear yard, 2 bedrooms, den, high ceilings, new furnace & hardwood floors are just a few of the sought after amenities to be found in this charming home. Ready for your inspection. CALL WEIDEL HOPEWELL WEIDEL NEIGHBORHOOD OFFICES Bridgewater Hillsborough/ Mortgage Loans 672 Route 206 N, Montgomery Area 609) Building " "" 3" 302 Route206 (908) (908) Clinton Hopewell 109 Route W. Broad St. next to Holiday Inn Hopewell (908) (609) Remington 405 Route 202 (908) r^(js\rcar-wcid8x.pni4 RE TAB #36 Pre-Llcensing School (609) Corporate Relocation (609) R I C H A R D A. COR PO fi AT I 0 N WE'VE GOT ROOTS WHERE WE'VE GOT BRANCHES OFFICE HOURS WEEKDAYS: 8:30AM-9PM WEEKENDS: 8:30AM-6PM GENESIS :::.

Section 4. Club Tips & Tricks Family Participation Communication A Language of our own Parent Jobs. Resources Parent Participation Survey WoHeLo Rules

Section 4. Club Tips & Tricks Family Participation Communication A Language of our own Parent Jobs. Resources Parent Participation Survey WoHeLo Rules Section 4 Club Tips & Tricks Family Participation Communication A Language of our own Parent Jobs Resources Parent Participation Survey WoHeLo Rules Club Tips & Tricks In this section you will be given

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APPENDIX I. The Summary of Officially Dead. Colin Fenton is a businessman having a company named C.J.F. Software

APPENDIX I. The Summary of Officially Dead. Colin Fenton is a businessman having a company named C.J.F. Software APPENDIX I The Summary of Officially Dead Colin Fenton is a businessman having a company named C.J.F. Software Solution. He runs this company along with his wife, Julie Fenton. Their company develops computer

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and led Jimmy to the prison office. There Jimmy was given an important He had been sent to prison to stay for four years.

and led Jimmy to the prison office. There Jimmy was given an important He had been sent to prison to stay for four years. O. H e n r y p IN THE PRISON SHOE-SHOP, JIMMY VALENTINE was busily at work making shoes. A prison officer came into the shop, and led Jimmy to the prison office. There Jimmy was given an important paper.

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The Scoop. No Tax Increase for Residents; Rates and Fees to Remain the Same Budget 2019 at a Glance. December 20, 2018

The Scoop. No Tax Increase for Residents; Rates and Fees to Remain the Same Budget 2019 at a Glance. December 20, 2018 The Scoop The Town of Conception Bay South is pleased to present the Scoop, a publication dedicated to providing residents with important information and to highlight significant Town milestones and achievements.

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Highlighted Activity for August 16-22, 2018

Highlighted Activity for August 16-22, 2018 Highlighted Activity for August 16-22, 2018 During the last seven-day period, the Police Department handled 390 service events, resulting in 88 investigations. To see a complete listing of crimes reported,

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Testimony of KENDALL CARVER Testimony of KENDALL CARVER International Cruise Victims Association, Inc 704 228 th Ave NE PMB 525 Sammamish, WA 98074 Office 602 852 5896 Cell 602 989 6752 E-Mail Appearing Before U.

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60 years on, Emmett Till's family visits the site of his "crime" and death

60 years on, Emmett Till's family visits the site of his crime and death 60 years on, Emmett Till's family visits the site of his "crime" and death By Washington Post, adapted by Newsela staff on 09.13.15 Word Count 941 Spectators observe as members of Provine High School's

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Highlighted Activity for November 1 7, 2018 Petty Theft Injury Traffic Collisions Residential Burglary Injury Traffic Collision Shoplifting

Highlighted Activity for November 1 7, 2018 Petty Theft Injury Traffic Collisions Residential Burglary Injury Traffic Collision Shoplifting Highlighted Activity for November 1 7, 2018 During the last seven-day period, the Police Department handled 421 service events, resulting in 97 investigations. To see a complete listing of crimes reported,

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FAMOUS PLACES IN LONDON FAMOUS PLACES IN LONDON Tommy and Sarah Jane want to visit London. But they don t know all the famous sites Here is a list mentioning them. Help Tommy and Sarah Jane recognize them! The Gherkin Buckingham

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Maggie s Weekly Activity Pack!

Maggie s Weekly Activity Pack! Maggie s Weekly Activity Pack! Name Date Remembering A Great Adventure The Journey of Lewis and Clark It has been two hundred years since Lewis and Clark started their journey across America. In February

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St. Pete Beach enews. The Official Electronic Newsletter of St. Pete Beach. March 8, 2019

St. Pete Beach enews. The Official Electronic Newsletter of St. Pete Beach. March 8, 2019 St. Pete Beach enews The Official Electronic Newsletter of St. Pete Beach March 8, 2019 POOL INFORMATION Water temp. always 82! POOL HOURS January March 31st ADULT LAP SWIM Mon: 7a-11a (11a-1p & 3-6p Tues-Thu:

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File No WORLD TRADE CENTER TASK FORCE INTERVIEW CAPTAIN JOHN KEVIN CULLEY. Interview Date: October 17, Transcribed by Nancy Francis

File No WORLD TRADE CENTER TASK FORCE INTERVIEW CAPTAIN JOHN KEVIN CULLEY. Interview Date: October 17, Transcribed by Nancy Francis File No. 9110107 WORLD TRADE CENTER TASK FORCE INTERVIEW CAPTAIN JOHN KEVIN CULLEY Interview Date: October 17, 2001 Transcribed by Nancy Francis 2 MR. CUNDARI: Today's date is October 17th, 2001. The time

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Highlighted Activity for September 13-19, 2018

Highlighted Activity for September 13-19, 2018 Highlighted Activity for September 13-19, 2018 During the last seven-day period, the Police Department handled 402 service events, resulting in 85 investigations. To see a complete listing of crimes reported,

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version. original the for publisher the contact Please only. FINAL REPORT purposes archival for is copy This

version. original the for publisher the contact Please only. FINAL REPORT purposes archival for is copy This FINAL REPORT Huddled under tarps and clutching umbrellas, a hardy crowd of 25,000 waited patiently for the motorcade to arrive. The minute it entered the stadium, there was a tremendous cheer. The guests

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Everyone going into New York

Everyone going into New York NEW YORK NEW YORK: On Friday June 17th, 2016, Lois and I left for New York City by Motor Coach, leaving from Ottawa at 07:00 and arriving in New Jersey at our Hotel circa 17:00. (We returned on Monday,

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Oct Events. Mike s Exxon Retirement

Oct Events. Mike s Exxon Retirement Monthly Newsletter of Ye Olde Car Club President Jim Ayers 619-1895 Vice Pres Ron Smith 628-9662 Treasurer Bob Gough 628-1493 Secretary Martha Shreve 582-7530 Mary Fraser 946-9850 Editor Dennis Jackson

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Sincerely, Mike Simmons AOS Summer Day Camp Coordinator

Sincerely, Mike Simmons AOS Summer Day Camp Coordinator 2018 ARKANSAS OUTDOOR SCHOOL DAY CAMP PARENT HANDBOOK Thank you for choosing the AOS Summer Day Camp program. We have a great camp season lined up for 2018. Whichever session you have selected, your camper

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REF: City Manager s Weekly FYI ~ December 21, 2018

REF: City Manager s Weekly FYI ~ December 21, 2018 TO: FROM: Mayor and Members of the City Council Rich Olson, City Manager REF: City Manager s Weekly FYI ~ December 21, 2018 COPY: Email Distribution 1. This will be the last FYI for 2018. I would like

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Lost Colony of Roanoke

Lost Colony of Roanoke Lost Colony of Roanoke Lesson Number: 3 Title: The Lost Colony of Roanoke Grade Level: 5 th Time: 50-60 minutes Materials: Per Student: Roanoke: The Lost Colony short story Roanoke Theories worksheet Evidence

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Sebastian Vizcaiňo

Sebastian Vizcaiňo Sebastian Vizcaiňo 1548-1629 Sebastian Vizcaiňo was a California explorer who was more famous for what he named, or rather renamed, than for what he found. In truth, he didn t discover anything that Cabrillo

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tel: web:

tel: web: - 2018 - Travel & Learn in London! Spring adventure tour in London Date: 15-21 April 2018 Length of stay: 7 days/6 nights Age: 12-15 Group size: from 20 Detailed itinerary Day 1 Arrival in London Luton

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MINUTES TOWN COUNCIL TOWN OF SHENANDOAH REGULAR MEETING January 9, 2018 MINUTES TOWN COUNCIL TOWN OF SHENANDOAH REGULAR MEETING CALL TO ORDER: The Shenandoah Town Council held its regular meeting on Tuesday,, at 7:00 p.m., with Mayor Clinton O. Lucas, Jr., presiding. The meeting

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A short story by Leo Schoof, Kelmscott, Western Australia. The Sexton s Wife

A short story by Leo Schoof, Kelmscott, Western Australia. The Sexton s Wife Page 1 of 8 The Sexton s Wife Andrew Abbott was the sexton of the local church in Dale. He enjoyed this work very much. The task of the sexton was to clean the church. But that was not all. He also had

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Highlighted Activity for July 12 18, 2018

Highlighted Activity for July 12 18, 2018 Highlighted Activity for July 12 18, 2018 During the last seven-day period, the Police Department handled 423 service events, resulting in 72 investigations. To see a complete listing of crimes reported,

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Flight Team SOP Version 2. Redwood Virtual

Flight Team SOP Version 2. Redwood Virtual Flight Team SOP Version 2 Redwood Virtual S.O.P Handbook Index Introduction...1 Welcome...1.1 Flight Team Privileges...1.2 Legal Notice...1.3 Membership...2 Flight Team Application...2.1 Application Requirements...2.2

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Halloween Story: 'She Reaps What She Sows'

Halloween Story: 'She Reaps What She Sows' 31 October 2011 Halloween Story: 'She Reaps What She Sows' (You can download an MP3 of this story at CHRISTOPHER CRUISE: Welcome to THIS IS AMERICA in VOA Special

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Salt Lake Downtown Alliance. June 2018

Salt Lake Downtown Alliance. June 2018 Salt Lake Downtown Alliance June 2018 2 SURVEY DETAILS Short telephone survey updating previous benchmark data around key topics 609 respondents ±4% margin of error Trending is provided for all questions

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CHECK YOURSELF! - Quiz CHECK YOURSELF! - Quiz 1. What the abbreviation GB means? 2. How many countries form GB? 3. How many countries form UK? 4. Is Scottish also British? 5. Is Welsh also British? 6. Is English also Scottish?

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California Explorer Series

California Explorer Series California Explorer Series Sebastian Vizcaino 1548-1629 Sebastian Vizcaino was a California explorer who was more famous for what he named, or rather renamed, than for what he found. In truth, he didn

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LAKE FOREST POLICE DEPARTMENT Incident and Arrest Blotter Updated January 25 2018 Case Number 18 708 01/19/2018 at 9:39pm 400 blk Skokie Hwy. Driving While License Suspended $1500 Field, Mitchell J., male, age 25, 5201 Fredrick Ct #E Gurnee, IL 60031 03/06/2018

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HART RESEARCH ASSOCIATES/CHESAPEAKE BEACH CONSULTING Study # page 1 HART RESEARCH ASSOCIATES/CHESAPEAKE BEACH CONSULTING Study #12281--page 1 1724 Connecticut Avenue, NW Interviews: 1,000 adults Washington, DC 20009 Dates: December 13-17, 2017 (202) 234-5570 FINAL Study

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Commodore s Report. Chairman of the Board By Charles Krammer. Auditing. Beach. Environmental, Health & Safety By Greg Clancy. April 2017.

Commodore s Report. Chairman of the Board By Charles Krammer. Auditing. Beach. Environmental, Health & Safety By Greg Clancy. April 2017. April 2017 Commodore s Report By Mike Barrett 25 City Island Avenue Bronx, NY 10464 (718) 885-9814 Meeting Notification Thursday, April 27 th at 7:30 p.m. Officers and Board Members Commodore

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JOB ANNOUNCEMENT P/T CAMP COUNSELOR PARKS AND RECREATION JOB ANNOUNCEMENT P/T CAMP COUNSELOR PARKS AND RECREATION Posting Date: January 12, 2017 Job Code: 033PT-CC-6100.00 Closing Date: Open Until Filled Grade: 0001 Non-Exempt Pay Range : Hourly: $9.00 Work

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EAST PENNSBORO TOWNSHIP BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS REGULAR MEETING, APRIL 3, 2013 EAST PENNSBORO TOWNSHIP BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS REGULAR MEETING, APRIL 3, 2013 Regular Meeting 7:00 p.m. The Regular Meeting of the East Pennsboro Township was held on Wednesday,, at 7:00 p.m. at the Community

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PLAY GROW THRIVE RYE YMCA SUMMER CAMP June 25-August Locust Avenue, Rye, NY PLAY GROW THRIVE RYE YMCA SUMMER CAMP 2012 June 25-August 30 21 Locust Avenue, Rye, NY 914-967-6363 GREAT ROLE MODELS Dedicated Staff Rye YMCA camps are led by a team of full-time professional

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The Wisconsin Association of Campground Owners. Benefits of belonging to WACO

The Wisconsin Association of Campground Owners. Benefits of belonging to WACO The Wisconsin Association of Campground Owners Benefits of belonging to WACO A Note from the WACO Executive Director Every business needs to evaluate why they spend money where they do. Your WACO membership

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CITY OF MURFREESBORO HISTORIC ZONING COMMISSION. Regular Meeting June 19, :30 PM, Council Chambers, City Hall

CITY OF MURFREESBORO HISTORIC ZONING COMMISSION. Regular Meeting June 19, :30 PM, Council Chambers, City Hall CITY OF MURFREESBORO HISTORIC ZONING COMMISSION Regular Meeting June 19, 2018 3:30 PM, Council Chambers, City Hall I. Call to Order and determination of a quorum II. Approve Minutes of the Regular Meeting

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Monuments of Washington, D.C.

Monuments of Washington, D.C. urmoments/123rf Stock Photo Monuments of Washington, D.C. Blakeley Touring the Cherry Trees There are about 3,000 cherry trees around the Tidal Basin and on the grounds of the Washington

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Camp Fire. GULF WIND, INC. July-August-September 2015 PENSACOLA, FL. Back to School!! VPK & After-School

Camp Fire. GULF WIND, INC. July-August-September 2015 PENSACOLA, FL. Back to School!! VPK & After-School FIRESIDE NEWS Camp Fire GULF WIND, INC. July-August-September 2015 PENSACOLA, FL Back to School!! VPK & After-School Camp Fire is the place where kids can have fun while learning lots of cool things. The

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Sacramento County Municipal Services Agency

Sacramento County Municipal Services Agency Sacramento County Municipal Services Agency On Hold messaging on the Sacramento County Information Line updated January 2009 MALE - CALIFORNIA IS EXPERIENCING DRY CONDITIONS THIS YEAR AND IT IS MORE IMPORTANT

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HIGH NOON. Jackson Noon Optimist P.O. Box 615 Jackson, MO Meetings held on Wednesday - 12:00 PM - Delmonico s

HIGH NOON. Jackson Noon Optimist P.O. Box 615 Jackson, MO Meetings held on Wednesday - 12:00 PM - Delmonico s HIGH NOON Jackson Noon Optimist P.O. Box 615 Jackson, MO 63755 Meetings held on Wednesday - 12:00 PM - Delmonico s July 2015 Volume 10 President s Message Buzzes from Emily Promise Yourself... To be so

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JA Business. JA Business Camps. Summer Entrepreneurship Financial Literacy Work Readiness. 1 week Day Camps 8-13 years old

JA Business. JA Business Camps. Summer Entrepreneurship Financial Literacy Work Readiness. 1 week Day Camps 8-13 years old JA Business JA Business Camps Summer 2018 Entrepreneurship Financial Literacy Work Readiness 1 week Day Camps 8-13 years old Campers get the JA Advantage! Junior Achievement

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Sevierville, TN. Technical Appendices

Sevierville, TN. Technical Appendices Sevierville, TN Technical Appendices 2017 2955 Valmont Road Suite 300 777 North Capitol Street NE Suite 500 Boulder, Colorado 80301 Washington, DC 20002 303-444-7863 800-745-8780 Contents

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Part One - Numbers 1 to 5 Listen to the following dialogues. For questions 1 to 5, choose the correct picture. Mark A, B or C on your Answer Sheet.

Part One - Numbers 1 to 5 Listen to the following dialogues. For questions 1 to 5, choose the correct picture. Mark A, B or C on your Answer Sheet. Listening Part One - Numbers 1 to 5 Listen to the following dialogues. For questions 1 to 5, choose the correct picture. 1. Where is the new student from? England Italy Spain 2. What does the man want

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THE WELSH INTERNATIONAL SUPER CUP ENGLAND & WALES JULY 23 RD AUGUST 2 ND 2009 THE WELSH INTERNATIONAL SUPER CUP ENGLAND & WALES JULY 23 RD AUGUST 2 ND 2009 Tour Overview: After two days sightseeing in London, travel and play in the Welsh International Super Cup located in Aberystwyth,

More information Sheriffs share facts with Fanning Springs City Council Sheriffs share facts with Fanning Springs City Council Sheriffs share facts with Fanning Springs City Council Fanning Springs City Councilman Tommy Darus (left) speaks with Levy County Sheriff Bobby McCallum (center) and Gilchrist County Sheriff Bobby Schultz.

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Deerfield Beach CRIME REPORT, February 5-11, 2018

Deerfield Beach CRIME REPORT, February 5-11, 2018 Deerfield Beach CRIME REPORT, February 5-11, 2018 Crime: Criminal Mischief Address: 558 Nw 44th Ter, Deerfield Beach, FL Description: Unknown suspect(s) in a black vehicle smashed out the rear window to

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Highlighted Activity for January 10-16, 2019

Highlighted Activity for January 10-16, 2019 Highlighted Activity for January 10-16, 2019 During the last seven-day period, the Police Department handled 397 service events, resulting in 90 investigations. To see a complete listing of crimes reported,

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Not actual suspect vehicle. Okla. Tag 184-GCS

Not actual suspect vehicle. Okla. Tag 184-GCS Riverside News November 10, 2011 Issue 25 Tulsa Police Department Riverside Division 7515 Riverside DR Tulsa, Ok 74136 (918) 596-1100 Division Commander Major Julie Harris Day Shift Commander Capt. Richard

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October 2017 NEWSLETTER

October 2017 NEWSLETTER BOARD OF DIRECTORS President: Brian Ciappara 650-952-7970 Vice President: Joe DeBattista 650-438-2561 Secretary: Mary Vella Gomes 415-468-3747 Assistant Secretary: Carmen Micallef 415-586-2597 Treasurer:

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PITA. PITA's campaign scores victory for public beach access. Christmas Fair celebrates 20th year. November 2014 INSIDE THIS ISSUE

PITA. PITA's campaign scores victory for public beach access. Christmas Fair celebrates 20th year. November 2014 INSIDE THIS ISSUE November 2014 PITA Sponsored by Plum Island Taxpayers and Associates, Inc. ( PITA ) Bringing Plum Island Together Volume 14, Issue 3 INSIDE THIS ISSUE - PITA S CAMPAIGN SCORES VICTORY OF ACCESS - CHRISTMAS

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History and interesting facts about Salisbury

History and interesting facts about Salisbury History and interesting facts about Salisbury Salisbury Cathedral Salisbury Cathedral is one of the most recognizable landmarks in England. It houses original copies of the Magna Carta, has the tallest

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Charlotte found a wild horse whilst living near some moor lands. The horse would gallop away every time Charlotte would walk toward him.

Charlotte found a wild horse whilst living near some moor lands. The horse would gallop away every time Charlotte would walk toward him. MAKING FRIENDS WITH A HORSE or TAMING A WILD HORSE Charlotte found a wild horse whilst living near some moor lands. The horse would gallop away every time Charlotte would walk toward him. The horse slowly

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Hainesport Happenings

Hainesport Happenings Hainesport Happenings T o w n s hi p o f H a i n e s po r t, N J Inside this issue: April 16, 2016 Volume 3, Issue 2 PICKLEBALL IS COMING! Memorial Day Celebration 6 Spring Clean Up 5 Spotlight on Business

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Vice Chairman Gitlin called the meeting to order at 3:35 p.m. Nicole Burshem conducted roll call.

Vice Chairman Gitlin called the meeting to order at 3:35 p.m. Nicole Burshem conducted roll call. Members Present: Members Absent: Also Present: MINUTES REDWOOD COAST TRANSIT AUTHORITY WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2016 AT 3:30 P.M. Roger Gitlin (Vice-Chair), Darrin Short, Jake Smith Martha McClure, Ron

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Q1 How many years have you lived in the Kilmer Pond Neighborhood?

Q1 How many years have you lived in the Kilmer Pond Neighborhood? Q1 How many years have you lived in the Kilmer Pond Neighborhood? Less than 5 years 5-10 years 11-20 years 21-30 years Over 30 years Less than 5 years 5-10 years 11-20 years 21-30 years Over 30 years 13.64%

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Public Crime Log Bergen Community College 2010

Public Crime Log Bergen Community College 2010 Public Crime Log Bergen Community College 2010 Date Reported Case # Classification 1/19/2010 10-11 Verbal Dispute 1/20/2010 10-13 Suspicious Acts 1/27/2010 10-28 Threat 1/28/2010 10-33 Harassment 1/29/2010

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Community Noteworthy Report July 2010 Sector 313

Community Noteworthy Report July 2010 Sector 313 Community Noteworthy Report July 2010 Sector 313 Sector 313: July 2010: Violent Crime: 25% decrease 07/2010 vs. 07/2009 six (6) crimes vs. eight (8) crimes. Property Crime: 12% decrease 07/2010 vs. 07/2009

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SUMMER 2018 NEWSLETTER What s Inside: SUMMER 2018 NEWSLETTER An Important Announcement from the Director Marriage Retreat Winter Camps Facility Update: It s Electric! Help Wanted Summer Recap The Gift of Coffee Wish List Moving

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THE SUMMER OF DISCOVERY Summer Camp 2019 Ed Isakson/Alpharetta Family YMCA THE SUMMER OF DISCOVERY explore engage create imagine play WELCOME TO CAMP! We offer a wide array of summer camp options to meet every camper s needs.

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HATBORO BOY SCOUT TROOP 3 HATBORO BOY SCOUT TROOP 3 Cradle of Liberty Council, BSA ROBERT WAELTZ Scoutmaster 17 Brownstone Drive Horsham, PA 19044 Home: 215-956-9462 Cell: 215-206-0276

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The Packard plant was known for its big, strong buildings. These structures were famous for their open spaces and use of sunlight. The Packard Plant i

The Packard plant was known for its big, strong buildings. These structures were famous for their open spaces and use of sunlight. The Packard Plant i Hello and welcome back to a special program of As It Is a way for you to learn and improve your American English. I m Jim Tedder in Washington. Today we take you to Detroit, Michigan, and visit what was

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PRINCETON FAMILY YMCA 2018 SUMMER CAMP EMPLOYMENT PACKET Dear Applicant: Thank you for applying for a position with the Princeton Family YMCA Summer Day Camp! We are excited about the upcoming summer, as I m sure you are about potential employment with our organization.

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England Daily Itinerary

England Daily Itinerary The Cardinals are soaring off to England! England Daily Itinerary Los Angeles- Paris-Manchester-Haworth/Bradford *Indicates individual purchase Thursday, 3/28 Arrive in LAX, Terminal 2 NO LATER THAN 2:00

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THE SUMMER OF DISCOVERY Summer Camp 2019 East Cobb Family YMCAs THE SUMMER OF DISCOVERY explore engage create imagine play WELCOME TO CAMP! We offer a wide array of summer camp options to meet every camper s needs. All of our

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OCTOBER 2011 VOL 24, #10

OCTOBER 2011 VOL 24, #10 OCTOBER 2011 VOL 24, #10 REMINDER TRAIN SHOW The train show at the Fairgrounds is December 3 rd and 4 th this year and the club still needs someone to step forward and coordinate our club s display at

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If you are interested in participating in the 2011 Lyndhurst Homedays Celebration you will find both Booth and Crafter Registration Forms below.

If you are interested in participating in the 2011 Lyndhurst Homedays Celebration you will find both Booth and Crafter Registration Forms below. 2011 Lyndhurst Homedays Information It s that time again!!! Time to get things underway for the 2011 Lyndhurst Homedays Celebration. Welcome back to those of you returning and welcome to our newcomers

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INFORMATION MEETING WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 2017 BIXBY HIGH SCHOOL BAND HALL 7:00 P.M. TO: FROM: RE: Students and Parents Bixby High School Band Bixby Middle School Band Director of Bands Bixby High School LONDON PARADE FESTIVAL As I m certain you ve heard by now, the Bixby High School Band

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LNCS Weekly News January 11, 2019

LNCS Weekly News January 11, 2019 LNCS Weekly News January 11, 2019 What s Coming Up? Keewaydin Basketball Home Game Monday, January 14 Cheer on the Eagles! Girls play at 5:00pm and boys play at 6:00pm in the Keewaydin gym. Bring Items

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564 Main St. Fitchburg MA Recreation and Family Support Newsletter and calendars December & January

564 Main St. Fitchburg MA Recreation and Family Support Newsletter and calendars December & January 564 Main St. Fitchburg MA. 01420 Recreation and Family Support Newsletter and calendars December & January December & January 2018/2019 Don t Forget about these Meetings & Events Self-Advocacy Self-Advocacy

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OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY EXTENSION 2018 Clark Co. 4-H Camp Counselor/CIT Commitment & Contract Return Completed and Signed at 4-H Camp Counselor/CIT Interview I will: Maintain my Clark County 4-H membership in good standing and/or become

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We Love, Laugh, and Learn Together

We Love, Laugh, and Learn Together Husky Families, We are excited about going through refurbishment this summer. That means the building will be redone with new flooring, cabinets, furniture, bathroom facilities and more. The building will

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The Recreation-Park Commission met on December 10, 2008 in the Rotunda. Chairperson Joe Hancock called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

The Recreation-Park Commission met on December 10, 2008 in the Rotunda. Chairperson Joe Hancock called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. The Recreation-Park Commission met on December 10, 2008 in the Rotunda. A. CALL TO ORDER Chairperson Joe Hancock called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Present: Commissioner Al Espindola Commissioner

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University of Miami Medical Campus Crime Summary Report April 2013 **Tip of the Month**

University of Miami Medical Campus Crime Summary Report April 2013 **Tip of the Month** University of Miami Medical Campus Crime Summary Report April 2013 **Tip of the Month** What to do if lost The 4 Survival Skills Every Kid Should Know A lost child is a scared child, and usually their

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Thomas Roth, President Community Marketing, Inc. September 7, Co-Op Marketing Plan 08: Gay Days & Nights Las Vegas

Thomas Roth, President Community Marketing, Inc. September 7, Co-Op Marketing Plan 08: Gay Days & Nights Las Vegas Thomas Roth, President Community Marketing, Inc. September 7, 2007 Thank you. Many partners joined together to make Las Vegas 2007 a success. We all agree that it could not have even been possible without

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What do children learn when camping?

What do children learn when camping? What do children learn when camping? Perceptions of parents and children April 2015 Sue Waite, Gemma Parkinson, Dominic Martignetti & Dr Rana Moyeed How we did the research An electronic survey Do you

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PMC 10th International Workshop 4th-11th October 2014

PMC 10th International Workshop 4th-11th October 2014 PMC 10th International Workshop 4th-11th October 2014 Borei Angkor Resort and Spa, Siem Reap, Cambodia Postcard Album November 20, 2014 Ready, Set, GO! Siem Reap, Cambodia Oct. 6th, 2014 Hello to All,

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City of Duncanville. Mayor and City Council. Kevin Hugman, City Manager. DATE: June 15, 2018

City of Duncanville. Mayor and City Council. Kevin Hugman, City Manager. DATE: June 15, 2018 City of Duncanville TO: FROM: Mayor and City Council Kevin Hugman, City Manager DATE: June 15, 2018 SUBJECT: Weekly Update Police Department the May monthly report concerning use of force incidents, vehicle

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NO MEETING IN APRIL NEXT MEETING: THURSDAY, MAY 2 ND, Yard Debris and Tire Coupons will be in the mail


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REGULAR MEETING, WARRENSBURG TOWN BOARD, SEPT. 10, 2014 The regular meeting of the Warrensburg Town Board was held on Wednesday, September 10, 2014 at the Albert Emerson Town Hall at 7:00 p.m. with the following members present: PRESENT: Supervisor Kevin B.

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Christmas 2017 Planner

Christmas 2017 Planner Last Week of October Make your Christmas Cake - I use Delia Smith s Traditional Christmas Cake recipe and it works every time. I make my cake now so that I have plenty of time to feed it in the following

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EDUCATIONAL TOUR Duration : 5 Nights/6 Days Date of Travel: 4 th October to 9 th October 2014 ( Eid Holidays ) Highlights of the Tour:

EDUCATIONAL TOUR Duration : 5 Nights/6 Days Date of Travel: 4 th October to 9 th October 2014 ( Eid Holidays ) Highlights of the Tour: UK EDUCATIONAL BCD Travel LLC TOUR 2014 Duration : 5 Nights/6 Days Date of Travel: 4 th October to 9 th October 2014 ( Eid Holidays ) Highlights of the Tour: Oxford Visiting one of the oldest universities

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89 1 in 2 on 3 at 4 in 5 on 6 at 7 at 8 at 9 on 10 on... in 11 in 12 in 13 on 14 in 15 at... at

89 1 in 2 on 3 at 4 in 5 on 6 at 7 at 8 at 9 on 10 on... in 11 in 12 in 13 on 14 in 15 at... at 89 1 in 2 on 3 at 4 in 5 on 6 at 7 at 8 at 9 on 10 on... in 11 in 12 in 13 on 14 in 15 at... at Prepositions PREPOSITIONS OF PLACE 89 at in, on at is used for a place when the exact position is not very

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Tamanend Park Day FREE FAMILY EVENT! Saturday, September 9, :00 AM - 2:00 PM. Down on the Farm TAMDAY2017. Schedule of Events

Tamanend Park Day FREE FAMILY EVENT! Saturday, September 9, :00 AM - 2:00 PM. Down on the Farm TAMDAY2017. Schedule of Events Down on the Farm FREE FAMILY EVENT! Day Colonial Crafts 11 AM-2 PM Saturday, September 9, 2017 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM Schedule of Events Zydeco-A-Go-GO Live Band 11 AM-2 PM Elmwood Zoo on Wheels 12-1 PM Face

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September 1, Sincerely,

September 1, Sincerely, College of Food, Agriculture & Environmental Sciences OSU Extension 320 E. Silver St., Lebanon, OH 45036 513.695.1311 Office / 513.695.1111 Fax September 1, 2017 Dear Potential

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Independent Travel Training

Independent Travel Training Independent Travel Training Parental Guide Bus stop 1 Contents How can Travel Training help your child or young person?... 3 How do children and young people feel about Travel Training?... 4 How do parents

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A largely empty airport with little noise but the one coming from a television playing CNN above benches.

A largely empty airport with little noise but the one coming from a television playing CNN above benches. The Confession INT. AIRPORT - NIGHT - CONT. A largely empty airport with little noise but the one coming from a television playing CNN above benches. Rows of benches are empty, except for one homeless

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Travels to Cuba Kim Westerman Broer

Travels to Cuba Kim Westerman Broer Travels to Cuba Kim Westerman Broer This last August my husband Jerry and I had the opportunity to travel to Cuba to meet the family of our son s girlfriend. Yuni left Cuba about 7 years ago and this was

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Sherrills Ford Friends of the Library

Sherrills Ford Friends of the Library October Fall Fest Details, Member Info and Save the Dates p. 2-3 June Social Photos p. 4 Membership Renewal for 2012-2013 p. 5 Sherrills Ford Friends of the Library September 2012 Greetings From the President

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OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY EXTENSION 2019 Clark Co. 4-H Camp Counselor/CIT Application Due by October 31, 2018 to OSU Extension, Clark County Office 3130 East Main Street, Springfield, OH 45505 Phone: 937-521-3860 Fax: 937-328-4609 Who is

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FALL OPEN HOUSE NOVEMBER 5 & 6, 2016 FALL OPEN HOUSE NOVEMBER 5 & 6, 2016 The Company Store on November 5, 2016 The South Bay Historical Railroad Society has hosted one of the highest attended Open House Activities on record. There were over

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(*The younger applicants must have reached 11 by January 1, )

(*The younger applicants must have reached 11 by January 1, ) Camp Shakespeare 17 Camp Shakespeare is a two-week University of Texas residential summer camp for young people, ages 11-16,* dedicated to ensemble playing with the plays of Shakespeare, exploring Shakespeare

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LONG ISLAND CITY YMCA LONG ISLAND CITY YMCA Summer Camp 2013 Is your child ready for a summer of growth and adventure? The Long Island City YMCA is about to embark on yet another fun and exciting summer of camp. Welcome to

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