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1 THE BYRON SHIRE Volume 24 #23 Tuesday, November 10, 2009 Mullumbimby Byr Bay Fax ,000 copies every week MAKING PEOPLE SAY CHEESE SINCE 1986 Ocean Shores ready to turn 40 A town s founding mothers, fathers and filies, from left, Matthew Denehy, Judy Anning, Charlie and Lyn Diehm, Jan and Jim Mangles and Jan and Barry Larracy, all getting ready to celebrate the town s 40th Story & photo Eve Jeffery Jan Larracy, then Rowley, was the fir resident of Ocean Shores. Jan and husband Robert Rowley ilt the fir home the Ocean Shores Eate in 1969 and she was not a hpy Jan. When I fir moved here I hated it. We had a lovely house in Kanandah Court t it was 18 mths before anye elsoved to the area, t then I joined the golf club and got to know a few people and loved it from then. Judy Anning has lived in the se house since the early days. Husband Jim Anning was sales nager for developers Princess Properties and the Annin were e of the fir ten residents. I have lived in that se house for 36 years, says Judy. Barry Larracy is a lgtime resident of Ocean Shores and a member of the golf club. President of the Ocean Shores Community sociati (OSCA), Matthew Denehy, grew up in the area and is a sd generati local. Charlie Diehm was a cructi worker at Ocean Shores. Charlie was part of the te that ilt the Orana Bridge over Marshalls Creek commencing in Ba then the co of the bridge wa200,000. The cavati for the foundati pyls was de by hand. The bridge today reins an important link for all local communities. Jim and Jan Mangles have been locals since 1972, being residents of Mullumbimby and Ocean Shores. Their fily has grown up and settled here. These are the founding fathers and mothers of a town which is now home to the sd large populati in Byr Shire and Ocean Shores is aut to turn 40. The town of Ocean Shores and its surrounding dirict is an important part of the Byr Shire, says Matthew Denehy. With a catchment populati of aut 9,000 people, together with Brunswi Heads, the Byr Coaal North ctains some of the mo beautiful ocean, river and rural areas in Auralia. OSCA is having a party to celebrate the 40th birthday of Ocean Shores and all are invited. Come day November 22 at midday to the Ocean Shores Country Club and learn aut the early days of Ocean Shores. Co for lunch i20, children 5. e or for a oking, or go to the OSCA website at www. osca.org.au for a lot more inforti aut the town. High Court denies Cohen leave to peal The High Court of Auralia has denied Greens MLC Ian Cohen s plicati for leave to peal a defati case ruled again him in favour of Suffolk Park developer Jerry Bennette. a csequence Mr Cohen says he will be up for court cos of 1 milli. I dispointed with the High Court s disi and feel that the disi has put a very high price iing up for your tes and your community, Mr Cohen said. a result of the court disi I now facing cos of proxitely milli. If somee wishes to speak their mind in this ate then they had better have a milli dollars up their sleeve before they even art counting their own legal cos. me by comparis This was a meeting of friends; a community fundraiser. If you ve liened to Parlient or players at a football or criet tch, you would realise that what I said was te by comparis. At a community fundraiser I said a few words in defence of a friend who was being sued and who faced losing his home the ress later led to his fily breaking up. It was an incsequential, unprepared speh. Seven years and more than a milli dollars later I in an unenviable positi. I believe hiory will judge that I did the right thing by my tes. The result of my case shows that community activism comes at a high price. In March this year the NSW Court of Appeal overturned a disi in Mr Cohen s favour and ordered him to pay Mr Bennette 15,000 in defati dages plus Mr Bennette s legal cos. The case brought by Mr Bennette emmed from a 2001 meeting to which the developer has sent his agent to rord Mr Cohen s comments. ctinued page 8 enrich your spirit Open 7 Days 10-5pm (NSW time) 81 Met Drive, Mullumbimby 40 mins from Tweed Heads 20 mins from Byr Bay (02) <howebsti=local News>

2 Local News Missi accomplished for kayakers The Transparentsea envirmental cpaigners Sydney Harur November 3, two days before their arrival at final deinati Bdi Beach, proteing the acti of Janese whalers in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. The te followed the path of migrating humpba whales down Auralia s ea coa and initiated beach cleanups since leaving Byr Bay October 1. oto Fetch/Transparentsea. Lou Beaumt Still with heightened senses from a lg int at sea, mellowed, and looking like leather couches, Dave Raovich and the Transparentsea crew are elated to have successfully completed their missi, kayaking 800kms from Byr Bay to Bdi for the sake of the whales and other rine friends. Buoyed by king a difference, living simply, and interacting daily with some of the planet s mo gnificent rine creatures, it was a journey that affted them all deeply. On Thursday November 5, the crew caught their final waves into Bdi, and were welcomed by hundreds of surfers and supporters. Raovich told The Echo, Our reintegrati has been a success! We are all feeling pretty cosmic ill, all a little slowed down and weathered, t cited to be home, and feeling so supported. Raovich, Chris Del Moro, Hilt Dawe and Will Cner, all Byr locals cept Californian Del Moro, sailed and paddled the entire diance, while 11 others took turns in the seat of the gue triran. Gue paddlers included activi Howie Cooke and former world number five surfer, Matt Hoy. The activis interacted with coaal communities as they ce to shore to cp for the night. Raovich said ignorance of whaling issues is comm, and our fed priine beaches were covered in litter, mo of it plaic. Mo people we encountered knew that the Janese target whales, t few knew to what tent. Many didn t know that around 1,000 are killevery year, for no reas at all, and that these kills hpen in our Sanctuary waters of the Southern Ocean. Mo were unaware that they also slaughter thousands of dolphins annually in their own waters. Plus, ny people were shoed to hear our own government was not keeping their word and defending our friends. I ill can t believe that Rudd and Garrett are not reflting Auralians desire for whaling to be opped. It was shoing to see how much rine debris was our beaches that seem so clean from afar, t great to see people get motivated to ke a difference through witnessing our beach cleanups through the Marine Debris Initiative. Seeing immediate change like that was so much what this trip was aut. From a global persptive, our coaline is such an azing resource. We have a great opportunity to not ly intain it, t to better it. After interacting with the coa intitely, and seeing it from a new persptive, all of the crew feel a real and renewed respsibility to ke sure it is priated by everye. The crew collted more rubbish in large ba than they could carry every beach they ce across. To get involved in the Marine Debris Initiative (run by the Surfrider Foundati Auralia and ngaroa Blue Ocean Care Society) visit au. To support Sea Shepherd in their sole fight again the Janese whalers, visit www. seashepherd.org. Raovich assures us that reiving persalised letters of prote is like slow torture for Prime Minier Kevin Rudd and Peter Garrett MP. Encourage friends to write a pile. They can be addressed to The H Kevin Rudd MP, Prime Minier, Parlient House, Canberra ACT 2600 (and The H Peter Garrett MP, Federal Minier for the Envirment). See breathtaking accounts and iges from the journey at com and ay tuned for the documentary and upcoming ok. re-opening for dinners thursday 12th november thursday, friday and saturday nights tas hpy hour 5-6 pm (tas and drink spials) serving dinner from 6pm Arts Factory Village Byr Bay FRESH NEW SUMMER MENU a collarati between head-chef Graeme Stodale and new sous chef Todd Hunt. Pier, Bilss, Quay 13 byr reet bangalow ENTRIES NOW OPEN 00 Fir Prize Acquisitive 1000 People s Choice Award We invite artis to participate in the inaugural Byr Bay Brewery Arts Award The Byr Bry Bay Brewery Arts Award is an acquisitive award open to residents over the age of 16 from the Northern Rivers Regi who have been residents of the area for 12 mths or more and are currently living in the area. 2D artwork ly. Entry forms available line at or ctact Byr Bay Brewery (02) Entries close 13th November November 10, 2009 The Byr Shire Echo <howebsti=local News>

3 Local News Coaal plan gets mixed repti Story & photo Eve Jeffery BRIDGLANDS La Friday, oppents and supporters of Byr Shire Council s draft Coaal Ze Management Plan (CZMP), met at the council chbers in Mullumbimby in a panel discussi. The in chber and the foyer of the offices had been set up to accommodate a large crowd with the acti being piped into the foyer. Only 100 or so people attended the meeting and the tra seating was not required. The official speakers for the meeting included Byr Shire Council s Coaal Officer Ben Fitzgibb, BEACON s Dailan Pugh, Dunare s Helen Brown, the Belgil Progress sociati s John Vaughan, Robert Rosen from Brunswi Heads, Andrew Hall representing the north of the shire and Jes Lancaer from Byr United. There were also two pert speakers, Professor Roger Tomlinss and Professor Bruce Thom who spoke aut the impact of rising sea levels and naging the coaline. After the overview by Ben Fitzgibb, Dailan Pugh took centre age to begin the arguments for the plan. Mr Pugh spoke aut the hiory of the coaline and suggeed that we are in for a rising sea level. Byr Bay s town centre is ilt an old swp, with some of it ly two metres avean sea level. Floodwaters are already baed up into town at high tide. sea-levels rise, and the cycles return, floodwaters will rise and me more dangerous. This is irresptive of where Belgil Creek opens to the sea. Helen Brown from Dunare agreed with the plan, though she felt the 20 metre retreat line fell short by 30 metres, ccluding that, I feel that this plan of nagement can ly help the area. I totally support this plan, all bar I think it Representing South Golden the plan for a sd time. should be metres. Beach and New Bright, Andrew Hall read submissis John Vaughan shared his allocated two minutes with from various groups in the John uber from the Belgil north who are all again the Progress sociati. Mr uber queied the legality of Planned retreat is not be- implementati of the plan. defending e sti of the ing plied fairly anquitably populati and and not another and suggeed that council- said. Council has dlared it throughout the shire, Mr Hall lors woulach be accountable will defend Js Street, the if the issue went to court. commercial heart of the shire. he spoke for more than his allowed time, Mr Vaughan had meic heart of the shire? The How aut defending the do- to save his opini until quei time. broad policy? We disagree with ny homes affted by this Byr United s Jes Lancaer said that in his opini public infraructure. Three the policy of not defending the the plan was incomplete and of New Bright s in roads unworkable and queied are already within the 20 metre trigger ze. The cutting the plan s ability to succeed in its aims. He said that Byr of these roads will efftively United believes this community dends protti for all us all off from Ocean Shores dismember the area and cut homes. and much of the shire. Ctrary to what the CZMP says, Robert Rosen from Brunswi Heads demrated how these roads cannot be relocated, in fact, the emergency plan even the seemingly protted village was under threat and classifies them as evacuati also he felt that Brunswi routes. Heads had been bypassed by Theeting, facilitated by Grail Que Inducti to Grail Que (an 8-week course) which is the opening term of the two year parttime foundati course. GRAIL QUEST offers a modern form of adult educati based the work of Rudolf Steiner. Through a deepened underanding of the inner workin of the world and ourselves, inner development and soul transforti are brought aut. This in turn leads to an enhanced cacity to transform the outer world. The course csis of ltures, discussis and workshops which are panded through artiic periences in music, painting, sculpture, ory telling, speh, dra, craft and the new art of eurythmy. No previous artiic perience is nessary. The emphasis of the course is away from competiti and is focused individual growth. The course aims to teach through the heart, hand and mind and to bring our efforts to fruiti through love of the deed. GRAIL QUEST is also the prerequisite for the Steiner Teacher Training progrme. Belgil resident John Vaughan and Byr United vice-president Jes Lancaer lien to cservatii Dailan Pugh at the CZMP meeting at the council chbers Friday....a journey into the Spiritual Science of Rudolf Steiner... Ken McLeod, ran smoothly and harmiously with mo behaving well. The ly outr was by Mayor Jan Barh who, after objting to an opini a thal point, was allowed by Mr McLeod to spend a few minutes at the microphe even though she was not the official li of speakers. One thing was clear from the passiate opinis delivered to the gallery, and that is that the quei of the acceptance of the plan is ming more of an issue of society and hun rights than the envirment. In the Victorian shfires, scores of people died defending their homes, said Mr Hall during his turn at the ltern. There is a less there. People do not readily aband their homes. There is nothing in the CZMP that softens or kes easier the incredible trau of home abandment. This upid document is written as if it s a mhaal or engineering problem. Some of the themes plored in the course are: The Que for Meaning. The Elements. The Temperents. Sacred Geometry. The Origins of the Earth & Hunity. The Evoluti of Csciousness. Chriology. Myery Schools & Myery Centres. The Birth of Modern Csciousness in the Renaissance. The Search for the Holy Grail. Life ases: an Explorati of Biogrhy. 8 week Inductory Course: 600 Mday pm and Wednesday pm Plus 2 Saturdays :30pm Commencing 8th February Venue: Ce Byr Rudolf Steiner School, McGettigans Lane, Ewindale Enquiries: Kriy Brake or Gerry Josephs or (mob) DISHLEX 103 Rotary cl dishwasher Below co! HARBRTOWN IN FABRIC NOW % OFF ALL FLOOR STOCK 299 SAVE AFTER 60 CASHCK ENDS SATURDAY FISHER & YKEL 5.5KG washer. Lowe price ever! 98 SENSATIONAL PRICE! WHIRLPOOL 20 litricrowave 5 YEAR WARRANTY SLUMBER COMT slat support queen ttress HURRY! Strictly limited o some lines BRIDGLANDS The Byr Shire Echo November 10, <howebsti=local News>

4 Byr Bay OPEN 7 DAYS Mday - day 8-9pm Spials available Tuesday 10th November to day 15th November 2009 WEEKEND ONLY SPECIALS 5 99 kg 7 99 kg Premium Mince Min. 1.5kg Budget Rump Topside Roa 7 99 kg 8 99 kg 9 99 kg Diced Beef Pendle H Premium Be in Leg H Lettuce 99 ea Ctinental Cucumbers 99 ea 99 Seedless Watermel kg Romels 1 99 ea Deli Choice H 6 99 kg Shortcut Bac 7 99 kg Sy Chips 175g vars 1 69 ea Bulla Ice Cre 4L vars 5 99 ea Cantini Extra Virgin Olive Oil 4L ea Kirks Cans 18pk vars 6 99 ea Kleen Toilet Tissue 12pk 6 99 ea Snugglers Npies 56s-72s ea SPECIALS ONLY AVAILABLE FROM IGA BYRON Y UNTIL SOLD T. LIMIT RIGHTS RESERVED. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CORRECT PRINTING ERRORS. Cnr. Bayshore Drive & rise Boulevard : Fax: November 10, 2009 The Byr Shire Echo <howebsti=sr IGA Spials>

5 Local News Lifesavers enjoy their new tower Story & photo Eve Jeffery Brunswi Surf Life Saving Club members and gues celebrated thuch-awaited opening of the new pal tower Saturday. Councillor Ross Tuer cut ribbs of red and yellow, representing surf life saving clubs, and and white which are the colours of the Bruns club and the tower was officially open then it was ba to the club for a celebratory drink and lunch. The new tower is a valuable asset to the Brunswi Heads community and to the patrs who use the beach. The ructure gives a much higher view of the cditis and the people who are using the beach. The telephe and radio setup in the tower means that pallers havuch more ease of ctact between each other anmergency services in the event of incident the beach. The volunteer pallers will each take their turn in the Victoria Cosford The legal minimum age to skydive in Auralia is currently 14 years t 13-yearold local girl Maya Moses was granted spial permissi to do prisely that. Maya is the daughter of lg-time aff member of Skydive Byr Bay, Alby Moses, who has rently m the disi to retire from the sport and the job after ten years. A tandem-er with the company, he served as Maya s inructor the day. According to Alby, it is ly in Auralia where this age limit to skydiving or parachuting as it is otherwise known is imposed, although it is his underanding that the dy respsible, the Auralian Parachute Federati which provided permissi to Maya, is csidering lowering it in line with other countries. I took Maya bause I was comfortable with my own skill levels, Alby told The Echo. He What a big tower we have all the better to see you with. Brunswi SLSC president Craig Reid and pal members enjoy the new facility which will ke saving your lifuch easier. plained that his reas for retiring was for a change... there are other thin I doing which require attenti. [Skydiving] is such an energycsuming career. He described the perience of when you art jumping you never want to op ; how, when he fir arted, he was skydiving every day and had to force himself to cut it down to four days a week. Is it dangerous? No, replied sun lounge central tower and there will ill always be a presence the beach itself. Pallers are a roer that sees them work a shift ce every three weeks during the summer school term weekends anvery sd weekend during the holidays, ny giving up their Chris and New Year celebratis in order to keep the beach safe. The Bruns SLSC members are very grateful to all the spsors for the dati of Younge skydiver takes the plunge plans for the tower as well as cash and terial datis. For more inforti aut the club or how you can join, visit New members are always welcome. He said that Maya had been scared agreeing to do it and talking aut it t when it ce to the perience itself she was actually relaxed and pretty level-hed. Maya, who was brought up around the skydiving culture, told The Echo that it was absolutely azing...it was different from what I pted more citing and less scary. It helped, of course, that the day was flawless. Maya is looking forward to doing it again. It s a great perience that everye Alby, I ve definitely had more should have ce in their life! injuries doing the gardening. Alby feels certain that, if not It s scary and hilarating t... the younge skydiver in Auralia, shu surely qualify not atiically dangerous. The trip there in the car is more for that atus in northern dangerous! NSW. NEW CONTAINER 5 MINS FROM THE HIGHWAY BRIGANTINE ST, ARTS & INDUSTRY ESTATE BYRON Y 10-30% OFF BIO-MAGNETIC THERAPEUTIC UNDERLAY NATURAL DRUG-FREE IN RELIEF SAVE indoor outdoor living 2/4 Brigantine Street Arts & Indurial Eate Byr Bay info@cusp.net.au Tues to Fri 10-4pm Sat 10-1pm daybeds rlaimed teak pool chairs, carvin, QS beds, assorted furniture 3 ti-tree plce. arts & indurial eate byr bay SPEND 0 IN STORE AND RECEIVE A FREE HOLIDAY VCHER* *ASK DETAILS ALL SEASONS MATTRESS COOL IN SUMMER 15YR WARRANTY SLEEPSTYLE PHYSIO SUPPORT QUEEN MATTRESS QUEEN MATTRESS QUEEN MATTRESS ALL R MATTRESSES ARE AUSTRALIAN MADE SLEEPSTYLE CHIROPRACTIC The Byr Shire Echo November 10, <howebsti=local News>

6 Local News BYRON S BYRON ENGUIDE ME BYRON S ENDGAME BYRON S ENDGAME Ruy s Byr s End Ge IS tho referred to and widely dirited ok aut the real feeling and spirit in our Byr regi. IS an ic for locals and visitors in this community. Released before Chris Holidays. IS -line and adds horsepower to your website. Csider: e-off co for a year of afft. 4 weeks to print. Diriti 65,000. Space available. Book immediately. Ruy s Byr Guide lk to Tricia or Ruy We re open seven days a week from 8:00 for Breakfa & Lunch. All day Breakfa weekends and until 1:00pm M to Fri. Weekend Live Music The Poinciana begin this summer, chk The Echo for details. Licensed with great beer, wine & cotail lis. Wireless Internet available throughout the café. 55 Stati Street Mullumbimby BU meeting Byr United has announced its la members meeting for the year, to be held Mday November 23 at 5.30pm at the Byr Bay Bowling Club. Byr United vice president Jes Lancaer said, We are actively respding to a Council resoluti requeing a report current priority issues. This meeting is being called to engage with our tensive membership base. The key issues theeting will be taling are tourism, safety and surity, traffic, parks and gardens and the envirment. Mr Lancaer urged all members to come alg, get involved and ke a ctriti to this process. The siness community is often so sy that they d t engage in discussi important issues. Fido finds fun at Federal Nakisha Jies with Olive, hanging out at Saturday s Federal Park Party, which included music, alls and the inaugural Sculpture By The Tree event. oto Jeff Daws. Council csiders fate of Js Street fig trees Victoria Cosford Local residents are pressing ccern at the prospt of fig trees in Byr Bay s Js Street being removed. The trees in quei are located at the rked pederian crossing between Byr and Marvell Streets and according to Council s utive nager (set Management Services) il Holloway are causing ccerns relating to safety and intenance. He said that currently they are causing trip hazards to pederians, uplifting the pavement and kerb, and caing a shadow over the pederian crossing from reet lights. A report the tter will go before Council Thursday November 12, raising other aspts relating to health and hygiene, spifically in relati to when the trees are fruiting and as a csequence attracting bats. According to Council s heritage adviser, the Js Street trees do not hold any heritage value, having ly been planted in the 1990s. One anxious local, however, dried the possible loss of these beautiful trees (that) create such a lovely leafy envirment in the centre of what is ming a very andard ccrete paved town. Mr Holloway, however, is qui to reassure the community that the trees would not be removed without the Council fir csidering all of the issues and ccerns before king a disi the trees. Furthermore he adds that if the fig trees are to be removed they would be replaced with advanced Weeping Lilly Pillys which, ce eablished, would provide the required sh and visual enity for the town centre. ENDS SATURDAY LIMITED STOCK ON SOME LINES SAVE BIG DOLLARS ON ELECTRICAL FURNITURE & BEDDING SOME ITEMS HALF PRICE! LSONIC DVD player with remote 1 year warranty 39 HALF PRICE Mo timber ool NASONIC 127cm HD VIERA Plas 1499 now 39 SAVE 800 rta SAVE 300 ORANA SOFA pair in leather 1800 Eltrical bargains Ssung 81cm full HD TV save 200 now 999 Daewoo 400L fro free fridge wa899 now 799 Morphy richards 10 cup rice cooker wa89.95 now 55 Can 5 multi functi printer wa179 now 159 All new ipod range in o 0GB portable hard drive wa199 now 149 Kenwoo mops to clear 99 ea. Teac clo radio with ipod do half price now 75 Wahl hair raightener wa99 now 49 Panasic cordless phe lowe price ever 35 Furniture Bargains Vigano coffee table wa169 now 89 rta Classic 6 drawer solid timber tally 2 ly 299 ea All outdoor furniture 15% off barcode price Tina 3 pce dining suite wa299 now 199 Teddy kids chairs half price now 59 Galaxy tv unit wa599 now ly Vigano lp table wa119 now 49 rta Macquarie 3 pce lounge with rliners wa2399 now 1699 Kids room to grow play furniture all half price All wall pictures and floor ru 30% off Bedding bargains Queen and double cott blend sheets sets were up to 59 now all 29 ea All srceded slumber comfort bedding minimum 25% off Carina queen bed wa499 now 349 Alleycia tally half price now 299 All Attitude bedding off display 40% off Syml king single innerspring ttress sds now 99 ea. Cloud soft lat pillow reduced to 35 lowe price ever Polyeer pillows half price now 4.95 All floor o theredic bedding 25% off Alleycia king bed wa699 now 499 rta BRIDGLANDS MULLUMBIMBY November 10, 2009 The Byr Shire Echo <howebsti=local News>

7 Local News Embracing sadness Boxath for Bev s cause Luis Feliu R + NIGHTCLUB Maska Seft-Collins lit a few candles for his brother Tim and Indy Flavell placed an offering to her lo brother mmy at day s Day of the Dead celebrati. The giant fig in Heritage Park, Mullumbimby, was bedked with offerin, fla, flowers, photogrhs and candles which will rein in place for the nt two weeks. Organiser Zenith Virago said, It is wderful to see the day evolving, now after three years people are finding so much support and realising that celebrating a life is possible while they progress through their grief. Our community is part of a cultural shift, our children are getting a gentle inducti to the idea that there can be going cnti to somee they love. Like the South American Day of the Dead ritual this important chance to embrace sadness and celebrati annually can be so healing. CHECK IT CLEAN IT RECYCLE IT Remove lids, cs, corks and tops Rinse and clean ttles and cans Flatten xes Squash ctainers D t break glass D t put ryclables in plaic ba There has been more than e occasi when rain has visited the Mullumbimby Public School s November Fair, t this year the threatening clouds held their water and hundreds gathered at the schoolgrounds to eat, drink and berry. The events had all the nessary requirements for a great fun fily event, including a petting zoo, jumping cale and slide and of course the spinning tea cups. Other attractis at the fair were the fire brig and tru, toy, plant and showbag alls, the 10th annual sculpture show, face painting and the irresisitble smell of the the Lis oto Jeff Daws November Fair a success Club BBQ inspiring punters to have way too much fun. The highlight of the evening was the ctinuous re of cellent entertainment from udents pa and present, the cherry the cake, a trite to Michael Jas sung and danced in unis by over 40 of the school s younge udents. The jor fundraiser for the school, the fair was a wderful success. With no orm in their tea cup Sim Hasl and s Ariel, ave, enjoye of the great traditis of the November Fair. oto Eve Jeffery Peter Gauge, who helped Byr Shire kids and adults deal with anger problems with his own method of xing training and meditati, has been inspired by Mullumbimby siness chber head Bev Nort to raisey for the disease which ru her down ten years ago. Bev, well known for her involvement with ny of the shire s siness and community organisatis, was a successful sinesswon in Sydney when she succumbed to third age Sjogrens neuropathy. The disease killed off Bev s peripheral nervous syem leaving her wheelchair und. Peter, who fought 75 fights as an ateur xer, rks Bev s toughness in coping and rovering from the disease is something he d never seen before and wants to help raise mey for research into the disease this weekend during the Mullumbimby Show, running 30-minute sessis of his Boxati classes. The Box4Bev-ath classes will be held at the Mullumbimby showgrounds this day from 10 and run for 30 minutes the hour, every hour. Co is ly 5. For info call Peter GOODWILL CAPTAIN KAINE LT80 DEEGS DAVE C DAVE SEK EASY P & RED MAYNE faceok.com/liquidbyrbay presale tix & info pm - 3 R18+ ly find us in the Plaza nt to Byr Bay Woolworths MBOO FLOORING Spring Spials Tho able, otic, envirmentally friendly & sd rge hardwood in the world! Termite resiant Free from toxic fumes Affordable with an added value to your invement 25 year residential warranty Freeasure & quote HUTCHISONS 63 Wollumbin St, Murwillumbah Tursa Employment & Training Your Regial Employment & Training Services Provider Need Staff? Need Work? call Need Training? call CONVENIENT OFFICES IN: Ballina Bellingen Brunswi Heads Byr Bay Casino Coffs Harur Coolangatta Graft Kincliff Kyogle Lismore Maclean Mullumbimby Murwillumbah Ncca Heads Nerang Oxenford Robina Southport South Tweed Heads Yba Woolgoolga BYRON Y 30 Fletcher Street. (02) Eil: tursa.byr@tursa.com.au MULLUMBIMBY Shop 1, Stuart Street : (02) Eil: tursa.mullum@tursa.com.au BRUNSWICK HEADS Shop 1, Fingal Court Arc 7 Fingal Street : (02) Eil: tursa.bheads@tursa.com.au The Byr Shire Echo November 10, <howebsti=local News> NO FEES!

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Tobacco & Alcohol not sold to under 18 s. 2 for pa Tooheys White Stag, Victoria Bitter 9.99 each in 6 ttle y OR EA We are serious aut the respsible service of alcohol Bacardi Breezer Premix each in 6 ttle y 0ml each OR EA Trilogy NV Sparkling Range Tia Maria, Bla Douglas, Slate Bourb, Carlt Club, Smirnoff Mule Pa 2 24 BONUS BOX OF ARNOTTS SHAPES With every 2x4 pas purchased. While os la each in 6 ttle y OR EA Mali Th Pa Sret Ste Range litre each Sovereign Point Cask Range For your neare ore phe: THIS CK CONTAINS 0ml SMIRNOFF RED & BONUS 7ml GINGER BEER ml each BONUS 40 CASH CARD With every 6 ttles of Sret Ste purchased. From 1/11/09 till 31/12/09. OCEAN SHORES 23A Ocean Village Shopping Centre OCEAN SHORES Ocean Shores vern, 84 Rajah Rd Bradry doco nominated for AFI Call charges ply. Co of local call, higher from mobile or public phes or visit our website: From frt page A jury found the comments had cveyed the defatory meaning that Mr Bennette was a thug and a lly who launched legal proceedin to ifle oppositi to his developments. Mr Bennette said la week he was very pleased that defati proceedin brought by him again Mr Cohen had finally ccluded. These proceedin were never aut mey, Mr Bennette said. I brought these proceedin to op what I regarded as a cpaign to deroy my reputati and my siness. Mr Cohen did not give evidence at the three week trial, t I did and was cross-ined for several days. Before the trial, in 20, I offered to settle these proceedin for 4,0. Mr Cohen did not respd to that offer, and, as a result, was ordered to pay the lk of my legal cos which werinil in 20 an indemnity basis. Mr Cohen, who has himself brought a number of defati actis in the pa, ly has himself to me for the predicent he finds himself in. I look forward to the prompt payment of my legal cos. Mr Cohen has denied there was an offer to settle. However Local filmker David Bradry has two feathers in his c. My ian Heart, Bradry s late doco which he dirted and filmed, has been awarded Be Documentary by the preigious Atom Teacher s Award. Bradry has also pied up a nominati for Be Cinetogrhy for the upcoming AFI awards. The winner will be announced natial TV in Dember. My ian Heart is a feature length documentary aut ilip Blenkinsop, an Auralian photogrher who has covered lesser known wars and cflicts in SE ia for the la 20 years from his base in Bangkok. My ian Heart pis up ilip s ory in 2006 in Kathndu in the dying days of the despotic Nepalese king as reet riots, deaths of scores of people and thousands of arres brin Nepal to a grinding halt. Bradry and Blenkinsop are there to document the final andoff between the pro democracy forces and the king. Bradry filmed Blenkinsop in acti over a three year period in Nepal, China, Auralia and Thailand. The film w critical acclaim when it showed rently at the Sydney, Melurne and Brisbane film feivals. It has been invited to several overseas feivals in Rome, China and Mumbai. I think you do have a respsibility when you are e of the few people there, says ilip. Other journalis give a hard time and say, Forget aut it ilip. It s ju a ory. Get with it. I find that attitude very hard to och. In 1998, Blenkinsop smuggled himself into the jungles of Ea Timor to photogrh the anti Indesian Falantil fighters. In 2001, he slipped clandeinely into the Hilayan mountains to bring ba photos of thyerious Maoi guerillas fighting the Nepalese king. But his mo ark photos are of the Hmg tribespeople of Laos who were abanded by the CIA when they lo the war and are now mercilessly pursued by a revengeful communi government. ilip doesn t do it, so he says, simply for the thrill or bause he has a death wish, t to counteract the prettified picture reporting that is presented to us every day. My task is simple: to show that which you Cohen up for 1m in court cos Mr Bennette has sent The Echo a copy of a Supreme Court document dated January 29, 20, which shows an offer of compromise which woulntail Mr Cohen paying Mr Bennette 4,0 in dages and the plaintiff s cos. Since the judgement has me public, Mr Cohen said, I have reived broad intere in the community and I getting sll t csient support from all sorts of unlikely areas. The Bankown RSL sent me a cheque for that has to be gold and I wdering if I should cash it or fre it. Between some locals, the cannot see somewhere else. For that reas the daily press often rejt his work, so he has been obliged to hibit in galleries and museums around the world, with growing critical success. Locals will get a chance to see My ian Heart at the Court House Hotel in Mullumbimby November 24. Bradry will be there to induce the film and do a Q&A afterwards. The film will also screen at Byr Bay Community Centre November 27. cservati community, greens, etc I might ke a dent in it and nage. My fir days at home have been a roller coaer ride. Some oppents are predictable t others who have good reas to ignory loss have gnanimously said, I d t agree with a lot of what you say and do t I will support you this e. Mr Cohen has opened an account in which those wishing to help him can deposit mey: Commwealth Bank, Ian Cohen Defati Account, BSB , account number TT MAN Your Local Insulati Sr Hero...Keeping the cowys from your door! Have you been Over Quoted? Chk with TT-MAN... No Ctracts! BM 1600 government rebate... Mo homes are free! Batt n ly uses quality Auralian m Batts POLYESTER RECYCLED GLASSWOOL FOIL WOOL Call Batt Man for a free site evaluati or Fully Insured & Government Regiered 8 November 10, 2009 The Byr Shire Echo <howebsti=local News>

9 Local News Em s artiic gift to Shearwater Lelli Brown Em Walker, having ly ju flown ba from New York day, was at Waywood Gallery early Mday morning to put the finishing touches the Gifted art hibiti. Mo of the 34 Gifted artworks were already in place, t it was ly right that Em should have the pleasure of hanging her own artworks in such celebrated company as John Olsen, widely anowledged as Auralia s greate living arti. Em, a Shearwater mum and well eablished arti represented by the Tim Olsen Gallery in Sydney, has herself been dubbed e of Auralia s mo cvincing and original painters although ly in her 30s. Calling her friends, colleagues and other arti parents, she has sured the ctriti of artworks to create a gift of educati (hence the hibiti title, Gift-ed ) for Shearwater. Alide a John Olsen limited editi print and her own artworks, there will be paintin, prints and sculptures from the likes of Angus Mc- Dald, Jes Guppy, Katherine Hall and Rene Bolten to ne t a few. This clusive art hibiti runs for e week ly until this Saturday at Waywood Gallery, 3 Centennial Circuit in the Byr Arts & Indury Park. Artworks are for sale throughout the week with all proceeds going to support Shearwater projts. Gifted draws to a cclusi at 6pm Saturday November 14 with an aucti and night of entertainment, to which all are welcome, with MC Mandy Nolan behind the hmer. Ctact the gallery or ill@the-centre.com. au for more inforti or to get a catalogue eiled to you. oto Jeff Daws Short films wanted Byr All Shorts is calling for entries for the sd annual Byr All Shorts competiti, presented with iq Inc. The competiti will celebrate the filmking talent in the Northern Rivers regi and encourage audiences to perience the ny local ories that are produced in the regi each year. This competitive local progr will screen January 23 at 5pm alide the Byr Flierfe three day screenin of the be of the world s short films. Two prizes will be awarded as part of the competiti. Films y originate from any fort, t mu be entered in DVD fort and be no more than 30 minutes. All genres are acceptable for this competiti and films are to be completed within two years of the close of entries. For more inforti please ctact or visit www. iq.org.au to downloantry forms. Shop locally Save globally The Flooding of Brunswi Heads - Darren Porter (2009 Finali) LISMORE REGIONAL GALLERY 5 NOVEMBER 12 DECEMBER Showcasing the wealth of talent from country and coaal NSW, the Countrysces 2009 fi nalis hibiti will be held from 5 November to 12 Dember For more details visit CEC0253/BSE The Byr Shire Echo November 10, <howebsti=local News>

10 Comment Volume 24 #23 November 10, 2009 Problem youth Local young people trying to do the right thing are getting frurated by youth violence and the subsequent attitude which tars all youth with the problem brush. That pressi of frurati is aired in the letters pages this week and page 16 in a respse by parents who helped organise the Halloween event unfortunately rred by violence at the Drill Hall, Mullumbimby. On pages 16 and 17 we present some events aiming at solutis dra workshops, the REALSkills community bridging progr and a cference king safe communities for children. The youth problem is in the forefrt of ny people s minds, naturally bause of the tragic death of Jai Morcom as a result of schoolyard violence. It s the kind of melee which hpens regularly in schoolyards around Auralia partly bause teenage ys think they are invincible and d t underand the possible csequences of their actis. It is not something new or unique to Mullum. When I was at high school in Epping, Sydney, some forty years ago when dinosaurs walked the Earth there were tales each week of somee being bashed outside pubs, ovals or at dances, usually by truants aspiring to be gangers. It was a norl middle-class surb, yet teenage ys ill behaved badly, usually inspired by alcohol. These comments are in no way to cuse theans by which Jai s tragedy hpened. The spotlight is now the police to carry out a thorough inveigati and the high school to take the beasures possible to prevent such an incident hpening again. The spotlight also ros over all of us, the wider community. The Byr Liquor Accord members who benefit from alcohol sales could help support more initiatives to educate youth aut the impact of alcohol, and there also needs to bore educati aut the dangers of phetine derivatives. Parents could think twice before allowing alcohol at teen parties. The cops or Juvenile Juice could arrange for a couple of old la to talk to teen thu aut jail, the joys of being brutalised and thind-deroying redom of being loed up. The spotlight is also wider cultural issues, such as the violence inherent in some groups ilt around a tribal teship, in Hollywood s mindless altati of revenge as a means of solving problems. Issues such as the domeic violence which brutalises children around ten per cent of girls and ys perience it before the age of 15, according to the 1996 ABS Women s Safety Survey which puts the problem firmly in the neighurhood bayard. Nevertheless, you see kids around town like the nch who were sitting the walkway eating chips near The Echo in Mullum the other day and you know they care for each other and their filies and will go to me good adults. We can t write them off bause of the behaviour of some of their peers. Michael McDald, editor Saint Kevin ed by the left So Saint Kevin s halo has finally slipped. According to la week s Newspoll the jor parties are now running level their priry votes and Lar will need Green preferences to retain government. It s a big swing, perhs too big to be entirely credible; even with a gut issue like the asylum seekers going full, it s hard to believe that well over a milli voters deserted Lar for the coaliti in a fortnight while ill retaining an undiminished preference for Kevin Rudd over Malcolm Turnll. But let s assume it s true, and that the nt elti is not the sure thing it has peared for nearly two years. Exactly what has pissed these punters off and will others follow? Perhs more importantly, what does Lar (read Rudd) have to do to get them ba? The fir thing to note is that if the switch is really a result of the at people kerfuffle, Rudd w t be able to bluer and twitter his way out of it. The fact that the deftors went raight to the coaliti rather than to the Greens or to independents sugges that they are coming from the right of the sptrum: that they want a policy that is less hune and more hard-line. The coaliti does not actually have a policy of any kind, t its more vociferous members have certainly been talking tough, and themory of the heartless Howard years is not all that diant. Clearly the percepti is that Malcolm Turnll, whatever his persal views, could be persud to bore brutal than Kevin Rudd. In fact Rudd, even if he were inclined towards brutality (which he isn t, cept perhs people smugglers) would not be allowed to go down that path. Even if caucus could be cvinced that it was the ly opti, the party rank and file wouldn t wear it and crucially the trs unis have come out rgly the side of compassi. It was Paul Howes of the AWU who ce out of the blue with a ratial and moving plea for comm sense and dency, and he was quily followed by the ACTU as a dy; intereingly e of the rge advocates for the at people was the CMFEU, whosembers are usually seen as unbending rednks. These, it might have been thought, would have been prisely the kind of voters who might have deserted Lar over the issue. Inead they pear to havoved the other way, and clearly this increases the pressure Rudd to do the se. By the end of la week something close to a csensus was emerging from the broad left: Rudd s ntra of hard-line people smugglers t hune to asylum seekers was at wor self-ctradictory and at be meaningless, and no ount of radio barnorming by Rudd was going to cvince the punters otherwise. It was time to cut the political losses and go ba to basics and the be way to do that would be to allow the Ocea Viking to I never want to have to cross the reet to avoid you. David Runcin Rudd s ntra of hard-line people smugglers t hune to asylum seekers was at wor self-ctradictory and at be meaningless. by Mungo MacCallum deliver its load of ralcitrant mils to Chris Island and hope that future arrivals would bore raightforward. The plan had therit of simplicity, t it also ctained serious risks. Tho obvious was that such a move coulasily be portrayed as weakness, and might encourage further voter deftis from the right. But perhs more importantly it would involve asking Rudd himself to eat a very large shit sandwich, which would be not ly totally again the n s nature, t perhs highly counterproductive politically. Undoubtedly tho riking aspt of the Newspoll was that while it showed a dratic drop in support for the party, almo ne of the odium seems to have attached itself to the ler. Rudd s persal proval rating was rginally down t his lead in the preferred priminier quei was as comnding as ever. Unqueiably he reins by far the party s greate eltoral asset, and the party cannot afford to be seen to be slighting him. This, of course, is the great dilem facing all his internal critics, t particularly those from the left. Some of his ances regularly outrage them: the atta photogrher Bill Hens, the sellout of the Emissis Trading Scheme to the polluters, the pointment of Peter Coello the li goes, and the refusal to admit thils has now been added to it. Many can t wait for the glorious day when he will ke way for their own saviour, Julia Gillard. But they know or at lea the serious es do that they can t afford to push him. The halo might be slightly awry, t out there in Voterland he s ill Saint Kevin. He is after all, the prophet who led them through the wilderness of the Global Financial Crisis and at lea gave them a glimpse of the luy country the other side. Hpily for the government the gnitude of this achievement should bo parent in the forthcoming Chris holidays, with oming retail sales, a resumpti of domeic tourism and a general feeling of omic bhomie. Compared with the horrific foras of a year ago, it will seem like some kind of miracle. The seas to be jolly indeed, and definitely not a time for carping and niggling aut whether, with hindsight, the imulus paage should have been handled a little differently. And in any case, the big news is going to be Copenhagen and clite change, and Rudd has already arted rping up the rhetoric that. Of course the Rudd-haters in the commentariat are already saying that he s ly doing it to divert attenti from the asylum seekers and Newspoll, t they would say that, wouldn t they? Rudd (well, the ALP, actually) might have lo some of its lead, t he doesn t have to pa aut a blip in the polls at lea not yet. Why Holiic is better for you Nicholas Shand Founding Editor The Byr Shire Echo Eablished 1986 Publisher David Lovejoy Editor Michael McDald otogrher Jeff Daws Advertising Manager Angela Cornell Accounts Manager Sim Hasl Producti Manager Ziggi Browning The job of a newsper is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. Finley Peter Dunne Echo Publicatis Pty Ltd ABN Village Way, Stuart Street, Mullumbimby e Fax Byr Bay: 95 Js St Printer: Hort Media Auralia Ltd Reg. by Au. Po Pub. No. NBF9237. Unsolicited ctritis are welcome t, given the volume of terial we reive, not all sub missis will be anowledged. Eil to editor@ho.net.au is the preferred means of reipt. For the la 16 years, David s company has nufactured blinds, surity doors, screens, awnin and patio covers for homes and sinesses throughout Byr Shire. He never wants to avoid a cuomer in the reet, so he insis fi r-class quality and bas up what he says. Call Dave for a quote... he ll see you re right! Throughout Byr Shire BRUNSWICK HEAD S BLINDS & AWNINGS 14 Banza Drive Billinudgel ysiologis, biochemis and anatomis have lg been aware of how all the syems in your dy are intrinsically linked and how diurbances in e area can have a kno efft throughout your dy. Toxins induced during routine dental care, poorly naged periodtal and dental disease and la of attenti to occlusi and TMJ problems can have a, sometimes, catarophic efft the dy. At Brunswi Holiic Dental Centre we have rried our holiic proach to health care with the late advances in dental thniques and thnologies to provide our patients with the highe andard of care and service. brunswi holiic dental centre November 10, 2009 The Byr Shire Echo <howebsti=comment>

11 Letters Go to the show I m thrilled the Mullumbimby Show is again! After thinking (for years) I should go and not doing so, some friends and I finally got ourselves alg to the show two years ago. There we discovered a local slice of the Royal Eaer Show. To our surprise we had so much fun we went th days and m a commitment to go together again the nt year. Then it was cancelled! Oh no, another of Mullumbimby s cultural ics falling quietly by the wayside. It was with great delight to hear a new committee of volunteers willing to put in the work to run it again. Thanks, guys. And the progr looks better than ever! These sll rural shows are a part of our living hiory, not to menti a great country day out. I m getting out my Akubra. Hope to see you all there. Magenta Appel-Pye Mullumbimby Advice to school One read in the SMH (October 24), Elite schools splash out property deals. Then why not Bangalow Public School? Inead of felling 36 trees (P Wynn-Moylan, Letters, November 3) to ke room for an assembly hall an already overcrowded site, the school should y a couple of properties frting to Stati Street to pand the school site. (The site is unchanged since the 1890s, I believe.) The Julia Gillard Hall would get much greater public posure Stati Street than tued away at the ba of the present site and this should ke the nessary funding much more likely. Persally though, I would greatly prefer it ned after our rently departed very senior, much-loved character, The Marg Hall! Colin Cook Bangalow Go to Israel Mr Gareth Smith (Letters, November 3) might wish to take his opportunity and visit Israel Think creatively for youth I respd to Victoria Cosford s news report in the la Echo, as I feel we as teenagers have been misrepresented as a violent and out of cl youth group. On Saturday night a wellorganised Halloween party was held at Mullumbimby Drill Hall. It arted at 7pm and went to 11pm. There were no dru or alcohol permitted in the venue. A paid DJ was hired for the durati of the night. There was e professial surity guard and four middle-aged le parents who were at the event the whole night. It was a 5 dati and anye who was under 18 was invited. There was obviously illegal alcohol csumed by some people outside, t this is an since he will be in the area. Fair is fair! He will at lea see and research the other side of the ory. With an Auralian passport he will not need a visa, he will reive an autotic e as he crosses the rder. Ju a suggei... George Franco North Ocean Shores Pool hazard I would like to add to your earlier correspdence regarding the Mullumbimby pool upgr. While I celebrate the work de, I think that potentially tho important issue has been overlooked. Anye who commutes to town from the south funnels pa the high school and the pool their way. The current parking situati where pool users reverse into coming traffic is abysl and dangerous! I note that some pool patrs park around the side of the compl near the wling club, t hot days when the pool is crowded this space quily fills. The overflow has to park either side of the road and face the hazards of the coming traffic (not all of which follow the speed limits). Worse issue ny communities deal with as we come to terms with the reality of how little there is to do in sll towns. A fight arted, which got quite violent. It was broken up by the surity guard and the four fathers, not the police. Police cars and policemen were outside the hall ju keeping watch. To say that this was an unorganised party is an entirely wrg atement. The event was organised by my friends and their parents. They even organised four free ses to bring teenagers to and from the venue. This should not be med the organisers, as this was a party to keep youth off the reets, which police and adults seem ctinually to cry out for. ill I have had to brake hard to avoid a child that, enthused by the prospt of a swim, ran between parked cars. The pool is a well used and worthy facility, t the infraructure issues have not been addressed and could result in an unncesary tragedy. B Mollet Mullumbimby Dog attas Re Balash October 27 and dog attas. Ju for the sake of ating a couple of facts, the dog at Wilss Creek has been involved in two dogfights over a period of eight years, the rent incident while th do were walking leashes. For dog lovers, the injured pet was walks with owner again several days later. The alleged Pitll pears to be the ly dog in the area that is always fenced in or tethered its own property. To be fair to the police and Council rangers they acted within 24 hours and are dealing with the tter in the propriate nner. Unlike the incident at Durruml where the Rotti which freely ros the area uled a sll dog. Several calls wer to Letters to the Editor Fax: Eil: editor@ho.net.au Deadline: No, Friday. Letters lger than 200 words y be cut. Letters already published in other pers will not be csidered. Please include your full ne, address and phe number for verificati purposes. It s really hard being part of the so-called problem youth bause there is so little to do in this town. When the fight was broken up by the surity, the police opped the party an hour before it was supposed to end. If we can t organise these events in venues, then what else are we to do than walk the reets? It s time the community arted to think creatively aut how to imulate the youth of this regi in an intereing way. Hannah Leser School Representative, Byr Bay High School Byr Bay Youth Council See also opini pie page 16. the Council. To date the Rotti ill ros freely. One complainant was told by Council they have no intere in the tter. Go figure! P Hussien Alandra Hills QLD Low act This letter is dirted to the perss who feel they have the right to enter the Kohinur Community Hall land and help themselves to a woodchip pile that was purposely positied to ke it sure from theft. It s pretty low to eal from a not-for-profit community organisati and in particular to interfere with natural orga reorati of the landsce by a sll dy of dedicated volunteers who reive absolutely no funding and work e day per week to intain the grounds for the enjoyment of all. I would like to put you notice that this act is not ly csidered a theft it is also the ultite kar for you bause you ole not an ordinary pile of woodchip. You took a weed ctinued overleaf RAILS THE THE RAILWAY FRIENDLY R, BYRON Y THE FAMS RAILS kitchen Wednesday 11th 6.30pm ADAM GE Thursday 12th 6.30pm WAITING 4 BRIAN Friday 13th 7pm BOHEMIAN COWBOYS Saturday 14th 6.30pm INVISIBLE FRIEND day 15th 6pm THE NINTH CHAPTER Mday 16th 6.30pm LEIGH JAMES Tuesday 17th 6.30pm GREG KEW Byr s Beautiful Boutique Dr Rod Whitehead BScH (Canada), BDSc (QLD) New ownership as of July 1 - Dr Rod Whitehead Cosmetic Solutis you can tru Modern, relaxed, biocompatible dentiry On the spot lk billing for EPC patients On the day emergency pointments Dr Brian Tracey working Fridays 7/14 Middlet Street, Byr Bay Andy Jenkins BSc. Holdsworth House Medical Practice 37 Fletcher Street, Byr Bay The Byr Shire Echo November 10, <howebsti=letters>

12 Letters MICHAEL CURRIE Jayne Alder Birth Csultant, Regiered Nurse, Midwife and Mother Now Available Every Thursday 9 till 12pm (free of charge) With over 30 years perience as a nurse and midwife, Jayne takes a balanced view of using cvential and alternativedicines, knowing they th have a place in healing. She also has skills in counselling and in various healing modalities No Appointment Nessary Byr Plaza (nt to Woolworths) For more info call FUNERALS Gentle Dignity Affordable Funerals with the Shire s ly locally owned Funeral home Mullumbimby 15 Towers Drive, JAYNE OFFERS: Ante-natal chkups & advice Po-natal chkups & advice Baby weighing Brea feeding guidance Inducing solids And much more... ctinued from page 11 infeed, shredded rn pile that was deposited at the site bause weather did not permit rning and for cosmetic purposes was deposited out of sight. Welcome to our weed nightre, it couldn t hpen to a er group of people. If you require weed ID, csultant fees ply. If any Main Arm resident hpens to see anye removing the pile ave the roadside bank within the la week or acting suspiciously around the reorati site, particularly removal of trees and ros from the creek, please rord their regirati number and/or descripti and report them to the regenerati te between 9 and 3pm Wednesdays. Kohinur Community Hall is run by a dedicated te of volunteers for the enjoyment of all the community and should not have to deal with petty thieving from unscrupulous, selfish people. Volunteers are welcome. Main Arm Community Regenerati Outreach Projt Greedy pollies Yet another pay rise for the greedy politicians who are already over-generously lavished and self-promoted. Csider our young servicemen who are paid a pittance serving their Queen and country, putting their lives the line, being pied off daily young men in their 20s. Pay these lads the se rate equal to the grasping politicians. Douglas Warth Ex Royal Navy Byr Bay Toothless planners? Peter Leishn s letter (October 27), ccerning the proposed Main Arm developments, clearly points out that it is Council policy, ated in the BRSS, to not allow new dwellin or rural settlement Encourage public transport Rhys Daniell sugges (Letters, October 27) that the ount of passengers filling ses train routes over, say, a two year period, would provide an indicator of whether train services if returned, would be fully subscribed. It is, however, the simplificati of a wholiic envirmental problem. Encouraging public transport, of which trains are a part, predes the discouragement of private cars and domeic plane use. Public transport also mes more viable as populati moves into rural areas to feed and clothe itself in ovillages (read, intential communities), that have enough land to provisi the villages in food, clothing and ilding timber. Exiing rural villages are also re-o-fitted. A jor compent of agricultural suainability is movement rurally, not toward self -sufficiency, although that is an ideal, t toward rural interdependence, where sll farms reach for self-sufficiency t save laur in the producti of value-added commodities slopes greater than 20%. I live a Multiple Occupancy (MO) property The Poet Road and I can tell you firhand that when I plied for a 4-share MO years ago, Council told me I could ly have three shares, as they had changed the size requirements sincy csultati with the planners. The size change was due to a revisi which cluded land over 20% slope. I was advised to withdraw my DA and to submit another. They also refused a shareholder a house the ridgeline my property as they said that would detract from the rural natural landsce of the area. I accepted the changes, complied with the BRSS, and could see the o-logic of the their changes. Peter s letter ated that 27 out of the 46 total proposed Davis/ReGenesis house sites are eep slopes. The Boyd Warren DA shows that several of the 11 proposed MO sites required by neighurs. Farmers also combine in a regi at the time of high need laur inputs such as at harve time. All of this assumes wholesale movement towards polyculture, reducing oil use, and a greater gardening proach for priry food sources. In this way, journeys to town lessen and independence from Woolworths mes possible. Undersubscribed trains are a result of the society refusing to find means of living so that car uses unnessary. Pulling up the tras is pretence that the ology can handle unmitigated car and plane use. It is a greater short-sightedness than the puling up of tr tras in Sydney in the late 19s bause unlike then, at the present moment there is little doubt that the car is the singlemo commodity respsible for Auralia s out of cl greenhouse gas emissis. Geoff Dawe Uki Cgratulatis to R Thann for his ccise letter, t the simple resoluti suggeed by R Daniell is simply devoid of underanding the situati presented to those g us who have difficulty to mount ses at all. The reas people need the trains is so that they can actually ard the train at the ati. Wheelchairs, prs, walkers etc are easily wheeled into the carriage, and also there is a toilet in the C carriage where infirm people can completely meet their needs. What a wae of time and mey running ses for two years! More coly to repair the bridges etc that need doing now. Disabled citizens are being treated as sd class citizens by NSW government. Mo of the people who settled here years ago did so bause there was a rail syem in use. After paying their fares for years, they now find travel impossible for medical and fily reass. Isn t this some form of harrassment? M Carruthers St Helena pear to be more than a 20% slope. And several of the proposed ReGenesis sites are top of ridges, clearly again Council policy. What has hpened that Council has not opped these plicatis before they are even submitted? Where are the teeth of our planners? That used to be the job of the Council s planners, to look over a proposed DA and advise the plicant what was suitable and what was not going to meet the codes of practice, and send them home to end their proposals. What are the Council planners for, if not for that purpose? I think that s what we pay them for. Council mu follow the se guidelines when looking at all the 57 house sites now being proposed by these three developers in Main Arm, and not allow those eep slopes over 20%, or ridgelines. If these eep sites and those ridgelines are rightfully refused, as Council did for my plicati, and for ny others, perhs the net result would be a much sller, more reasable development, with less negative impact the community. I think any sane-thinking pers would agree that 57 more houses in Main Arm is totally ridiculous and completely inpropriate. Igine 57 more cars (that s if they are ly e car filies, which is not likely) the Poet and Main Arm Roads! Annurna McQueen Main Arm Carb suers People everywhere seem to be freaking aut CO 2 rising at the rate of two parts per milli per year. Notice that thedia never reports CO 2 in percentage terms. So let s put it all in true persptive. ke 100 oranges to represent the air we breathe: 78 of them will be nigen, 21 will be oxygen an will represent all Got 8000 solar power rebate pre proval? Do you need inallati? Premium quality syem, fully inalled 93* Call * Total inalled price before SHCP rebate and Renewable Energy Credit deductis. 12 November 10, 2009 The Byr Shire Echo <howebsti=letters>

13 Letters Let s big it up for our teachers I writing to commend the principal and aff of Wilss Creek Public School. The traordinary efforts of this group of dedicated and professial individuals have rently been rognised by the dirtors of the NSW Department of Educati for their ctinually high andards of teaching, resulting in csiently outanding acmic rords. They have also rently celled in the Les Peterkin Art Portrait Prize. It is refreshing to know that these andards ill i and that the balance of educati versus creativity is not compromised, and, in the words of the department, csider this as a rolodel school. A persal thankyou is tended by myself to these dedicated and gifted individuals, t also to the local community and parents who value the importance of educati, in all forms, and the tra lengths that are ge to to achieve these results. Cgratulatis, well de by all, and thank you. Michelle Gillespie Wilss Creek This letter is to plaud, thank and show tra priati to all the Year 12 teachers who so tirelessly opened their hearts and homes and home-baked cookie jars to their udents, giving countless hours of free tutoring throughout the year, including school holidays and weekends. You certainly m the ress of Year 12 and the HSC a much more enjoyable perience. I proud and grateful to have had my s taught by such a wderful nch of people. Goodbye, Byr Bay High, and thanks for king this school perience the be time a mother and s could dre of. Silke Dailey-Keil Suffolk Park the greenhouse gases. Of this e orange 98% will be water vour. So cut out a thin pie of rind from this orange the size of a five cent pie. This now represents the reining greenhouse gases. Arg is 9%, CO 2 is.03%. Varying trace ounts of hydrogen, oze, methane, carb moxide, helium, ne, krypt and xen ke up the re. By the way, d t cfuse carb MONoxide with carb DIoxide, two entirely different thin. So now, from the five cent size pie of rind, cut out a pie aut a quarter the size of a grain of rice., and that is being generous. (Now we have to art using thicroscope.. This represents the 385ppm of CO 2 that s been scaring people. But wait, there s more: 86% (CO 2 ) of this quarter grain of FREE FREE FREE rice comes from natural sources and 14% from the rning of fossil fuels. You will need to up thicroscope s gnificati quite a few times to find Auralia s ctriti. For the pa d the earth s temperature rise has plateaued and CO 2 has ctinued to rise at the rate of two parts per milli per year. At present, according to Mauna Loa Air Mitoring Stati, CO 2 is 388ppm. CO 2 is as essential to plant life the earth and phytoplankt in the ocean as is oxygen to anil life. In fact if CO 2 was ever to fall below 180ppm all life earth would cease to i. Auralian induries produce a microscopic ount of CO 2 compared to other countries and the Rudd government is anxious to induce a CPRS (Carb Polluti Reducti Brand NEW Subaru Impreza R FROM 26,485 DRIVE AWAY Scheme). Note what the CP ands for, Carb polluti. Since when and by whom has CO 2 been classified as a pollutant? We drink it in aerated drinks, (yes, those bbles are pure CO 2 ), large commercial nurseries pump it into their greenhouses at rates from 0ppm to 1200ppm to improve plant growth and health. If the CPRS bill is passed, nufacturers who mu purchase emissi trading units will simply pass this penditure to the csumers. Emissi pricing will have the greate impact emissi-intensive utilities, such as eltricity, gas and other household fuels. According to the CPRS White Per, the average household is pted to spend an tra 4 per week eltricity and 2 per week gas and other FREE FREE FREE household fuels. This means an eited 18 per cent increase in eltricity prices, and a 12 per cent increase in gas prices. So, fellow serfs, (olde English for workers and csumers) we already pay income tax and GST and now a proposed CPRS/ETS tax in additi. D t believe me though, chk out the billi tax everything. Come in, suers. Peggy Balfour Mullumbimby Unwinnable war The war in Afghanian according to Daniel Ellsberg, is an almo act parallel to the Vietn war and cannot be w for the se reass, viz Afghanian is a country occupied by foreign ops and, as the civilian deaths mount, ctinued overleaf Brand NEW Subaru Foreer X FROM 26,485 FROM 21,990 DRIVE AWAY DRIVE AWAY FIND T WHY THIS IS THE FASTEST GROWING YOGA IN THE WORLD Swear out toxins, lose weight and perience well-being like never before. You d t have to bend like a pretzel to get results. This Yoga is for EVERYBODY! It s never too late to change your life... LOCALS SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER Enjoy 7 days of Bikr Yoga for ju 20* valued at 126 * LOCALS ONLY ON DISPLAY OF ADDRESS ID. MUST BE TAKEN CONSECUTIVELY. All NEW Mitsubishi Trit GL 4x2 Cab Chassis WITH FREE TRAY FREE FREE FREE FROM ONLY 13,990 DRIVE AWAY From ly 99 * PER WEEK From ly 125 * PER WEEK NO DEPOSIT From ly 79< PER WEEK CRICKS Tweed& Murwillumbah GET REWARDED BEING LOCAL... From 139 MINOR SERVICE * All kes and models e now (07) Limited time ly. FREE POINT SAFETY CHECK SERVICE & RTS OPEN SATURDAYS UNTIL 12PM SURU MITSUBISHI PROTON TWEED: 146 MINJUNGL DRIVE, TWEED HEADS STH (07) MURWILLUMH Sales: 228 TWEED VALLEY WAY Service: 14 BUCHANAN ST (02) SALES FINANCE SERVICE The Byr Shire Echo November 10, <howebsti=letters> P 0084

14 Letters Are fears of an eroding Byr coaline juified? BUILDING DESIGN HSE PLANS RENOVATIONS EXTENSIONS The planned retreat ccept detailed in the draft Coaal Ze Management Plan y be quite propriate if sea levels rise significantly as a result of clite change. However, it is unjuifiable to enact its provisis before there is an actual change in the envirment that affts the coaal geomorphic processes. Much of the fear that is behind the philosophy of this document is the assumptis that the coaline is eroding, it is ly going to get worse with clite change, and government will be liable for paying to try to prott property again an inevitable fate. But is this fear juified in New Bright? Aerial photos taken in 1958 show that the present dune syem is actually bror than it was ba then. The fact is that the frtal dunes are currently cut ba, t are ill better than they were for mo of the la 30 years, and will reild as part of a natural cut and fill cycle which has nothing to do with clite change. The in causes of dune deabilisati in New Bright were sand mining in the 1930s, and the Brunswi River sea walls which were ilt in the 1960s and opped natural sand movement alg the coa. The later event was anowledged as being pivotal when a series of cycles caused property loss in the village of Sheltering Palms in 1972, south of New Bright. This disaer has reined in the colltivemory as the MSOIL TESTS & ENGINEER S DETAILS K ichael ALL TO CCIL SPECIFICATIONS elly DRAUGHTSMAN PH NC ctinued from page 13 the liban s rruiting figures go through the roof. In Vietn it was impossible to know who the enemy was and, in like nner, there are liban in the Afghani police and army. Five British soldiers were gunned down yeerday by a reneg policen, king the total UK soldiers killed this year 92 and since 2001, 215. More than 800 US ops coaline is unable. While the fear reins, the beach has been reilding thanks to time, dune reilding progrs and the reinatement of the sand movement across thouth of the Brunswi River via sand bars, bringing us to our present, more able ate. There y be a time for planned retreat if we anowledge that potentially, a rise in sea level y result in our current coa line being no lger suainable. An agreed increment of sea level rise, which would put property at actual risk rather than potential risk, could be the trigger for this policy to be enacted. Whether we reach that trigger will depend what the world populati does to prevent it and which computer model Mother Nature eventually dides was right. Current credible predictis range from 0.1m (not an issue) to more than 7m (snorkel tours of Js Street). Until then, a positive plan of dune nagement and reorati involving soft engineering works and revegetati would buch more acceptable soluti to ild up our beaches. Ro groynes and harngineering works should not be implemented as they ly shift the problem. Healthy dunes would prevent dage to homes and Council infraructure from natural incursis into the dune syems by the sea during orms and perhs even minor sea level rises. A beach nagement plan would also buch, much cheer than the legal bills the ratepayers are now paying and will pay if Council ever tries to preturely enforce this policy. There are some fairly rg arguments that it is government disis and not clite change that are causing the current issues and there are a lot of lawyers that own beachside property. Robert Crossley New Bright When I arrived in town in 1992 and went to Vinnies to y curtains, Dot Delaney couldn t get over the upidity of her s-in-law s ilding at Belgil as she d seen the tide come in as far as the RSL. Obviously they all knew their invements were short-term, so why all this fuss now? Sue Read Suffolk Park The ocean kes up proxitely 60%-65% of the surface ss of the planet. In earthly terms it doesn t get much bigger. Apparently ba in the 1880s prior to the old jetty being ilt, government voted ilding a breakwall all the way to Julian Ros. Only e vote separated the vote. I like D s have been killed and 11 Auralians. Hundreds have been wounded and hundreds more have suffered untreatable brain dage from posure to plosis. All this carnage and wounding to support the corrupt Karzai regime which fiddled a milli tra votes in the la elti. Some pundits claim that our ops will have to ay in Afghanian for years; idea be (Surfrider Foundati): ild some reefs out wide and let s ride the waves. Peter Duke Byr Bay If Matthew Lurne (Letters, November 3) cfuses people trying to save their homes, their livelihoods, trying to avoid forlosures, and trying to save the beach for the community, with whingeing well, that says a lot more aut his character than it does aut us. Steve Tys Belgil There is, thanks to rip mining, terial posed in the Belgil dune that has not been posed for 6,000 to 7,000 years. Thanks mu go to Matthew Lurne for reminding us of the significant dunal dage caused by sand mining. Coffee Ro or laterite being a tough and belligerent bea mixed in with other ore anfftively binding the ss requires the assiance of a lldozer for breaking laterite (coffee ro) in the ore dy so that theoretically the elevating scrers could mine surface to basement in e pass. (Wright, Richards and Cross, Pg 10.) Laterite is an intereing mineral forti, produced by heavy weathering, with various sought-after ingredients such as ir and aluminium, how ny deaths will that lead to? US General MacChryal is calling for an tra 40,000 ops while disregarding the fact that 0,000 Soviet ops could not beat the Mujahen. The Rudd government has rejted an increase in Auralian ops t resis public pressure to bring the ops home. In the heat of this debate Radical Films will screen Robert Greenwald s late film Rethink tough and hard, and y be of great age. The Belgil dune eady ore forti is thousands of years of age. Rers y be intereed to note that mineral sand mining the ea coa of Auralia commenced in the 18s in the pursuit of gold, with some intere in accessory tin and platinum minerals (Ibid; pg1.) ju down the road at Ballina, and was worked out by the 1890s. This was hand panning and sifting of surface deposits. Anyway, after WW2 thin got more serious, until, as you can see page 15 of The Echo issue , the lldozers ripped up the beach to get at the la of the goodies, as deep and as far into the dune as they could go. The private property undaries opped them. Early mining removed white silica sand by hand or horse drawn scoop, then shovelled the heavy sand. In 1967 heavy equipment was used to demolish the work of thousands of years. The in reference for this letter is given below. Their own reference li is tensive. D. Wright, R.G. Richards and M.S. Cross, The Development of Mineral Sands Separati Thnology. The Aus IMM Perth Branch, Cference, Sep/Oct1986. Keine Nombre Byr Bay Afghanian in the Byr Bay Public School Hall at 7.15pm, November 18, presenting an analysis of the war the government would prefer to keep screened from the people. Gareth Smith Byr Bay Letters reived from Ralph Harris, Dundas, Jim Inness, Mullumbimby, Owen Hughes, Bangalow, Fa Bu, Coorabell. 14 November 10, 2009 The Byr Shire Echo <howebsti=letters>

15 NOW OPEN! Advertising feature NEW STORE: Tr Tools Dirt in Ballina We w t be beaten price! Unit 5/46 De Havilland Cres., Southern Cross Indurial Eate, Ballina e New siness aims to service g in the local rket TrTools Dirt has opened a ore in the indurial area of Ballina, the corner of Southern Cross Drive and North Creek Road, aiming to service the local tradies and home DIY handymen. Harold, Noel and John are all perienced trsmen looking forward to meeting everye from the regi and arore than hpy to offer advice the right tool for the job. TrTools Dirt has developed its own range of tools to meet the needs of trsmen, rketed under the nes of TrsTools, Force and Reneg alg with oing Makita, Bosch, Lavor, Hitachi and the Auralian m Buaroo. TrTools Dirt was arted by Greg Ford, whose fily has been in the tool siness for more than two generatis. TrTools Dirt has me a thriving siness throughout South Ea Queensland, the Northern Territory, snia, and South Auralia and has now arrived the Northern Rivers. The slogan Serious Tools, Seriously Discounted is achieved bause of the development of the TrTools, Force and Reneg brands which are sold dirtly to the cuomer at TrTools Dirt shops. The Northern Rivers area was chosen for the new ore and the panding siness, bause of the growing needs of the locals and the increase in populati. To induce TrTools Dirt to cuomers, the shop is offering various price-attractive paages its range of products. TrTools Dirt aims to be a no-nsense tool spific ore aimed at all who have a genuine intere in indurial tools together with all of the relatequipment, accessories, csubles & trsmen s tris that this encompasses. The aff at TrTools Dirt are hand to take all your enquires. The Store is open: Mday-Friday: 7:30-5pm; Saturday 7:30-2pm Harold, Noel and John look forward to meeting cuomers in the ore. See them in the Southern Cross Indurial Eate. The Byr Shire Echo November 10,

16 Comment/Articles An attempt to assi young people Parents involved in organising the Halloween party at the Drill Hall in Mullumbimby present their view of the violent incident the night. Ctrary to rent reports, the Saturday Halloween party at the Drill Hall in Mullumbimby was organised by two year 9 girls, e from Byr High an from Mullum High. The 18 year old is not fighting for his eye; according to his sier he went to hospital with a puncheye and ribs t has not suained any serious injury. An perienced drug and alcohol Counsellor, a hired surity pers anight parents, ny of whom have been actively involved with youth events for years, supported the girls in this event. safety was a priority, the police were notified some weeks before and asked to do drive-bys. Free transport was arranged to include udents from Byr Bay and it was anticipated that udents from Mullum High as well as Shearwater would attend. Given the low level of community events for these kids, this group of parents wanted to support the resourcefulness annterprising spirit of these girls. Rather than the usual Halloween havoc, it was an attempt to create something more cohesive and ctained, with rategies to combat alcohol use in place. Police arrived around 9pm as reported, however so left when it was parent that the event was fulfilling the anticipated functi, ie getting teens off the reet. According to the drug and alcohol counsellor present, a very sll percentage of youth arrived with the intenti of creating uble. Police dropped off e young y who had already been alked by older ys. The violent events that followed were a dirt result of this sll percentage who seemed to premeditate a territorial cflict. This was much to the dispointment and frurati of all present who were enjoying a great party up to that point. When the fight began within the grounds, those involved were immediately removed from the party ze to not endanger anye else. At this point the police were called in as four of the le parents and the surity pers attempted to separate the combatants and resolve the issues. The fights then arted breaking out all over the reet and the police arrived in time to assi them in regaining cl. One very aggressive young n was detained and several of the others were told to go home by the police. Thusic was then shut down 40 minutes before transport had been scheduled to collt the kids. With the cant police presence no further violence occurred at the site. Close attenti was placed getting the ny young kids there pied up or ssed safely home. Some young ys reported having to run through town to avoid being assaulted to get home. The girls who initiated the party were close friends of Jai. Jai s father Steve Drummd held a sll gathering at Jai s memorial Mday. He ill ruggles to find answers. A won, whose s and friends were assaulted by two carloads of older ys in Billinudgel the day after the party, attended the gathering and seemed at a complete loss at what to do. The aforementied young n who had been detained by the police was e of the assailants. This is also the y ned as having had a beer ttle sshed over his head the night before. Alcohol is ly part of the problem. This is not ju hpening at parties. One parent said, When you support an event like this it mes clear what some of these ys are living with, it mes visible. The tent of the violence is shoing, t when we see it then we can begin to pay attenti and ybe begin to look for rategies to assi them, or their filies who ruggle to deal with it. The parents who supported their daughters and their friends to celebrate for the night are humbly ologetic for any physical, mental or emotial trau that was reived by any of the kids involved. The girls are diraught. Surely we have the right to have public gatherin without violence hpening. I so disgued; it s ly a mth since Jai died. That violence is so scary, it s not ju people wanting to teach a less, it s like I want to kill you. Community services work with schools to address youth challenges It s an age-old issue; young people in the transiti to adulthood. They tend to engage in risk taking behaviour, dend more independence from fily and quei rules and authority. Parents, schools and community have always perienced challenges. And yet, it has been well documented that young people today are dealing with modern pressures at an earlier anarlier age. There are high ptatis around alcohol and drug use and sual pressi. And with the increased reach of thnology, issues of llying, violence and risk taking have intensified. The Fily Centre, based in Tweed Heads South, has developed the REALskills progr in respse to these issues and has delivered it to five high schools in the Tweed Shire over the la 5 years. With some additial funding from FaHCSIA, REALskills will now increase its reach to include the Byr Shire. Staff and parents from Byr Bay and Mullumbimby High School together with Council and local community and health service providers are planning to work together to adopt the REALskills processes and progrs to address the challenges facing young people in Byr Shire. The Fily Centre will be facilitating a community process that will see progrs being delivered in the two high schools in early The fir ep is a Community Bridging workshop, being held Wednesday, November 18, at Byr Bay High School, said Sue Basser, REALskills projt coordinator. We are inviting schools, udent representatives and P&Cs, community and health service providers and independent counsellors and facilitators to attend the day, so we can design a rategy that will work be for the Byr Bay and Mullumbimby communities. REALskills ands for relatiship educati and life skills. It provides a range of progrs that give udents, parents and teachers the skills to navigate this challenging time. It is a whole school proach. The real success of REALskills is that progrs are delivered by a partnership between community service providers and high schools. We work together and ild community around young people. Anye intereed in attending the workshop should ctact Sue Basser suebass@spot. com.au or November 10, 2009 The Byr Shire Echo <howebsti=articles>

17 Articles Dra opportunities for local youth Victoria Cosford At a time when youth violence and disaffti are headlining news ories, two local film and televisi professials have been spurred... to do something, to give them a voice and [theans] to use self-pressi in a more positive way. Producers and creators Derah Cox and Fia Eagger also the te behind the televisi dra series Ea Of Everything are offering dra workshops in late November for teenagers wishing to develop age and screen perfornce skills. An initiative in cjuncti with NOR- together with playwright Janis Balodis and theatre dirtor Julian Louis, the workshop will run over two days November 28 and 29 as part of the development of a NOR play entitled Engine. Fia and Deb have formed a new producti company called How to create safe and resptful communities where children and young people are known, included and watched out for, is the focus of a cference being hoed by Southern Cross University s Centre for Children and Young People (CCYP). Keynote speakers for the day are Professors Gary Melt and Robin Kimbrough- Melt, from the Initute Fily & Neighrhood Life, Clems University, South Carolina, USA. The couple is well known internatially for their innovative work around promoting the safety and wellbeing of children and young people. Also a keynote speaker is sociate Professor Geoff Woolco from Griffith University, a natial pert creating Deb Cox and Fia Eagger. Every Cloud which, teing up with NOR, will document the workshop, using the cera as a tool for critical perfornce feedba. Deb told The Echo that for a while we have been intereed in developing youth dras in the area... NOR have the se interes so we re pooling resources. Fia plained that the workshop was aut play as theatre and perfornce, finding the humour in situatis, imparting skills to people [and showing] the craft of how to cruct a ory. She talked aut the potential to harness kids energies and get them ccerned as well as to enable them to see life beyd the immediate. In additi to the workshop Deb and Fia with their new producti company visualise it as a good way of csolidating the creative community. We wanted to create a suainable base here in Byr, plained Fia. There are a lot of talented people up here who work out of the regi, and [our aim is to] join forces and partner with other people across the regi. We firmly believe in the possibility of running a jor producti company from this regial base ctriting to indury momentum, improving ctinuity of employment opportunities for training and mentorship and supporting cooperative alliances with a range of creative producers across various media. NOR and Every Cloud are calling for participants aged to auditi for the workshop. Auditis will be held in Lismore November 20 and Byr Bay November 21. Young people wishing to auditi should ctact Marisa Snow from NOR for additial inforti by eiling producer@norpa.org.au. A community where every child is somedy child-friendly communities. They will be joined by an pert panel to plore ples of good practice initiatives, natially and internatially. Professor Anne Grah, Centre for Children and Young People dirtor, pictured, said the cference was particularly significant bause it coincided with the 20th anniversary of the signing of the United Natis Cventi the Rights of the Child. a community, we need to take a close look at the tent to which we cherish children and are prepared to work together to foer envirments where they feel known, respted and cared for, Professor Grah said. The importance of the safety and wellbeing of children and young people is now firmly reflted in a wide range of ate, natial and internatial policy initiatives. However, improving children s lives and periences requires that all those working with and for them in schools, child care centres, child and fily welfare services, health, local councils, sinesses, sporting groups, churches and so have a shared underanding of the value and importance of children and young people within the community, what they need and how be to engage with them. Only then will it me easier for everye to notice and care for them and for their parents. The cference is titled Where Every Child is Somedy: Communities of Respt for Children, Young People and their Filies. It will be held Thursday November 12, at Invercauld House Cference and Functi Centre, 161 Invercauld Road, Goellabah. For more inforti, or to regier, ctact Wendy Britt at the Centre for Children and Young People or visit the Centre s website at Sultry Sia bvk solicitors attorneys ttrill van kempen The Byr Shire Echo November 10, <howebsti=articles>

18 Articles Travelling wildlife, us, and coaal corridors Mary Gardner At the water s edge, the ngrove seedling puts down roots and kes a claim for a future fore. I love seeing it grow t I uneasy as well. The calm nook looks ideal. A couple of other seedlin are also settling in. There are also dozens of bitou sh seedlin there too. But the water is quiet ly bause the sand bar blos the creek mouth. A touch of hiory and a glance at the overall habitat assures me that this is a temporary arrangement. This fore tensi might develop, though this ze is alked by other powers. There is an entire catchment of water runoff from the we plus a surging reless sea from the ea. W t the sand bar break within the nt five years, before these seedlin are trees? Should this fore get underway, it could provide new roos for birds and reptiles as well as more feeding areas for aquatic life. If and when the sandbar breaks, the plants will likely die though the birds, reptiles and fish will shift alg. After all, this edge is ly a part of the network of places that suit. But then again, that network is ly as rg as its corridors. Currere is an old word from Latin meaning to run. Ecologis use it to describe the routes wildlife take over time. Often anils will live in e area t te and raise young in another. Or, depending youth or agedness, they mu shift away into other areas. Or their food supply changes seasally. Or their urge to ro simply mu be heeded. Top quality sdhand goods, furniture anltrical Amcal VIP Chris shopping Wednesday November 11th from 6pm to 8pm Drinks and Nibbles Luy Door prizes and gift basket giveaways Also WIN the night a be Coffee Machine and Coffee Grinder See you there for a great night and some great spials. Byr Bay Plaza arcy Shopping Plaza North ( nt to Woolwortrhs) Js St, Byr Bay COMNION ANIMALS WELFARE INC. OP-SHOP Building a dog shelter in Byr Shire. (nt to srrket) M-Fri 10-5pm EARTHMOVING ROADWORKS DRIVEWAYS / Plants also travel, though they often do this as pollen, seeds or fruit. Birds and bats carry these over priable diances, king fores art somewhere else. The routes birds and bats take are revealed when they carry seeds rked with fluorescent dye. The anils tend to travel alg foreed corridors rather than across clearin. The udy of these travel and dispersal patterns is a new branch of science. Corridor ology is informing the proactive part of reorati efforts. The work is scales as great as the old dage to the landsce. One of the world s large projts is the Yellowe to Yuk (Y2Y) Cservati Initiative. This mountain osyem corridor is aiming to provide freedom to ro for grizzlies, deer, birds and fish. Harvey Loe, Canadian lawyer annvirment activi, says that for years now mo parks and reserves have proven to be too sll and isolated for wildlife to survive. Also the urgency to adt lifeyles to clite change is as great for wildlife as for huns. He asks the obvious: why not link solutis for clite change with solutis for cservati? Catherine Baker In 1964 Yuwali was 17 years old, e of the Martu people of Weern Auralia. But her traditial desert life dispeared into memory in that year, the year of the Blue Streak roet tes from Woomera. Fortunately, Yuwali has a formidablemory sensual, informed by feeling. It is the immediacy of this feeling, and the absence of moralising, that gives the nt Mullum Flis feature film its integrity. Winner of Sydney Film Feival s Documentary award, Ctact is also visually hypnotic in its use of desert igery to evoke the Martu bd with the land. To do so, Loe is talking with the world s government lers aut Kyoto and Copenhagen. He plains saving old growth fores anablishing corridors are large scale nature cservati [works that] are fir-order clite rategies. In Auralia this November, he is visiting the bitious Great Eaern Ranges progr. From the Auralian Alps to Athert blelands, this is a 2,800 kilometre corridor to link parks, reserves, rural and urban fores. One of the fir five priority areas is from The Border Ranges to Tweed and Byr. This links the efforts of every farm and town reoring res and paddos of the Big Scrub regi with other landsces We see Yuwali, now 62, returning with her fily to th to the north and south. But not every spies looks to Zi. Closer to the sea, cservati groups to the south are suggeing the government nage the entire Lake Macquarie barrier dune as a single Green Corridor. Not ly would anil and plant spies bore able to travel, or re as required, t so would water. Room for water to ro is also critical. Igining a coaal corridor all the way from Hain Point to Ballina is easy for the likes of oyercatchers, bats and koalas. They would like the s river detours too. Seeds from perbarks, wattles and sheoaks can see it too. So do ngrove seedlin. With some help, people can also igine coaal networks. In October, Dutch spialis finished a year s work with the nagers of San Francisco to help them adt the city s infraructure for the future. The Bay s sea level is already up 22 centimetres since In 1995, the Dutch evacuated 200,000 people and untold anils during the river floods. Since then, facing sea level rises as well, they have not ilt higher levees or more windmill pumps. They have igined living with water. Farmlands are being reverted to wetlands or enabled to double as flood pds as needed. So are parking lots. Houses are relocated before any further flooding. Resorts are transformed into inland fisheries. Homeowners, farmers and shareholders get returns whatever the weather. According to the Stoholm Resilience Centre, such landsce changes afft the nine planetary undaries. These undaries are issues with tipping points that, ce crossed, force changes ny habitats and spies. No return is possible quily, if ever. This is the leading edge of ology. It s also the late spial feature of the preigious gazine Nature. Johan Roröm s co-authors include Will Steffan, a researcher with the Stoholm Centre who is also the chief utive of Auralia Natial University s Clite Change Centre. The world s perts are our perts too. So how aut we reach for the be advice from everywhere and art a visiary coaal corridor projt of our own? developers and planners for wildlife, wight also learn how be to adt our own nes, warrens and corridors. Overwhelming fir ctact with white people Yimirii, a freshwater spring in thiddle of a salt lake: Yimiriri! we ve brought our kids ba to you! It was here that Yuwali alg with 19 of her people fir saw the ros that ce alive (cars) and whitefellas with dishes their heads (hats). It was her country, t it was also at the heart of the designated dump area where Blue Streak was set to crashland in former pal officer Terry Lg comments, Mo people had come in. We really didn t pt to find anydy out there. What follows is a ge of cat and mouse as the Martu do their utmo to esce the mers. A surprising five days of heavy rain helps get the roet launch delayed. Ctact shines in interweaving themories and feelin of those ill living with the original 1964 footage. For me, e of tho moving moments follows the Martu disi to come into the whitefellas cp. It was literally the moment of fir ctact, which was filmed and photogrhed. A beautiful, balanced and gracious film. Mullum Flis brin current, high-quality independent films each mth to Mullumbimby s Drill Hall, while providing great food for those that fancy it (BYO). Ctact will be preded by a seven-minute David Bradry anti-nuclear short. November 21 and 22, 8pm, doors open 7pm. Advance tix Mullum Bookshop. See also www. mullumflis.com. 18 November 10, 2009 The Byr Shire Echo <howebsti=articles>

19 Articles VIMPs csider VFSO without CDs Margo Sutt A few friends from OS, th M and F, and all H for hetero (and there ll be a lot more citals before we re through) were visiting the Byr Shire. The discussi lingered a rurrent local theme where are the eligible, ture single women, and more particularly men, of NSW s far north? Goos all taken, goes the autotic answer. Ge south to the cities to look for white collar work is another theory. Batting for the other te was another possibility put forward. After using ourselves with discussing the reass why VIMPs (Very Intereing Mature People) like us were even thinking aut liaiss, we turned to the MO (Meeting Others, not Multiple Occupancy) pages of some local newspers. Our OS visitors were fascinated by some of the entries. In the les seeking feles columns there were lots of very turen, way over, looking for 18 year old ian ladies. Quite a few gents advised that they had a full head of hair. One F friend, who lives in a Mediterranean country, quite liked the 21 year old fella seeking late 30s to 40s ture ladies for adult fun. Maybe Francais, shused. Quite au fait there. We assured her that the toy y syndrome was alive and well here aussi. The WLW (Wealthy Lotto Winner), overweight t with a good heart gave us pause for thought, t alas, he wanted a HAL (He ian Lady). Perhs a dishe e would ke his heart less good. The Feles wanting Males were a bit of a surprise. One 37 year old wanted an interate tru driver. Others wanted Illurati by Matt Halloran. PCs (Prince Charmin). Look for them in Males Seeking Males, said an F friend grimly. A self-ylelegant blde won wanted a handsome muscular hard worker. Lots of those up here, surfing and watching foody when they re not ccreting or plumbing. Not surprisingly, quite a lot of women wanted muscular men, an self yled Gymea Goddess wanted the lot caring, sincere, intelligent, tall, financially sure, for love and rriage. BOL, we said jeeringly. Be Of Lu. Many acryms were diphered for us at the end of the MO pages. All those who were S/S and S/D were ly social smokers and social drinkers. Well, you d hardly advertise the fact that you were a BD (binge drinker) or a (Beer And Bg Addict) would you? Many supplicants had a GSOH, (Good Sense of Humour), were F/S (Financially Sure), and DTE (Down To Earth). Mo people avoided diding th VTPR (View To Pernent Relatiship) and CRO (Casual Relatiship Only). Filipinas, Indians, Gerns, Italians and Greeks cared enough aut their country of origin to proclaim it, and Chriians ly wanted other Chriians. Our research was cducted e day ly, t our OS people ccluded that if they wanted to rike it luy here in Oz while holiday, they should compose an advertisement that would ate definite requirements and guarantee qui results, or at lea some intereing replies. Here it is. Wanted: Somee who is OS, OP, SLP, AWD. NOBs (or NOGs) need ply. You have a BWSCC, be FVS, and have no CDs or BB. My European fele friend ated firmly that she wanted NRC, NI or, in fact, NE at all. That s where we called a halt. People were getting cited, adding more and more requirements. So, we kept it brief and to the point. The ad y have peared in an MO page near you. (Of course, subsequently a merry evening was spent acryming away. Requirements bore persal as the red wine flowed and, regrettably, NFP, Not For Publicati). Following is a translati of our succinct ad. Wanted: Opposite S (OS), Over Puberty (OP), Some Limbs Preferred (SLP), Anye Will Do (AWD), No Old Boyfriends or Girlfriends (NOBs or NOGs) need ply. You have a Big Well Stoed Cotail Cabinet (BWSCC), are Very Financially Sure (FVS), and have no Commuable Diseases (CDs) or Bad Breath (BB). The European friend was allowed to put her own ipulatis No Ron Catholics, No Italians, in fact No Europeans (NRC, NIC, or NE) in her own ad. We underood she hanough of them at home. CURTAINS &BLINDS VISIT THE F O R Q U O T E S R I N G FABRIC LIBRARY kate@kateplatt.com rangetrr.com rangetrr is e year old! The intriguing little ore in the heart of Byr celebrates its 1 Birthday this week. Saint Helena locals Andrea Duff and Rob Schwberg source unique and beautiful objts from their travels, whether combing through village rkets in the bablos of Corsica to e-off artworks in the South of France or ttiles from Italy. No rhyme or reas or theme to follow, they ju are the lookout for goodies that catch their eye then pa them off ba to Byr wherever they fi nd them. A cant re of new deliveries has been arriving to the Byr Arc ore from their mo rent trip, preparing for the summer seas. An insight to what s coming in is available rangetrr.com. Shop 4 Byr Arc, 13 Laws Street, Byr Bay info@rangetrr.com The Byr Shire Echo November 10, <howebsti=articles>

20 SHANNON & LIAM JORDAN Supplying retail and the hospitality indury Unit 4, 8 Smith Street, Mullumbimby jordanspary@wenet.com.au Artisan yle breads and paries Mullumbimby Medical Centre Skin Cancer Detti rooms have now opened Please call surgery for pointment Auralian College of Kahuna Sciences & Hua Mea Cleansing Cli A Sacred Healing & Learning Space in Mullumbimby Opposite the Echo office in Mullum BYRON REGION COMMUNITY COLLEGE Byr Regi Community College GET LUCKY! Be an earlybird ENROL 2010 CRSES NOW Ring Mullumbimby Watchkers & Jewellers Spialising in all eel and associated products John Hopper Smith St Mullumbimby 2482 eil: judy@coaalfabricatis.com.au new owners Spialising in jewellery nufacturing, gemes, watch, jewellery and clo repairs and gift lines Fitness & Natural Health Centre Mullumbimby... The Healthie Place Earth! TM w w w. m u l l u m s a r i. c o m Mullumbimby Ex Services Club a cool place to relax after a fun filled day at the show. The Ex-Services Club cgratulates the dedicated committee their hard work & visi for the Mullumbimby Show 2009 We are proud to be a spsor of the Mullumbimby Show 20 November 10, 2009 The Byr Shire Echo <howebsti=mullumbimby Show>

21 Articles Film showing 13th floor issues The 13th floor does not i for a reas. It might not be safe. So it is avoided, or does not i, ju in case. Thin might go wrg there. It is tao. The short film The Redempti of Joe Fre has its prerelease screening Friday November 13 at the Byr Community and Cultural Centre. Doors will open at 7pm for a prompt 7.30 art. After the showing there is something different though. A cversati. The producers have teed up with independent filmkers to present a forum to discuss suicide, mental illness, genius, iginati, invasi trau, depressi, invisibility and other inter-related topics. In other words: the 13th floor. Sound nessary? The night was initially ly to show the finished film to those associated with its creati and their filies and friends, say the producers. But too ny young people are dying, are ill or feel they have to leave town to ke anything of their lives. Those assiing to advance the discussis are in youth services, mental health, drug and alcohol rehabilitati, natural death services, priss and rites of passage incentives oto from Joe Fre by Serenity de Angeles. and ny other bagrounds, as well as those who have been touched by the subjt tter in any of ny ways. All attending will be required to sign a disclaimer as the event will be filmed for public viewing. Improving relatiships So much of what we perience in our relatiships with others goes unsaid, or comes out in ways that can be very daging, says Gayle Russell, trainer and Gealt psychotheri. We often ruggle with indisi and a la of clarity over what is hpening with others. It y be reassuring to know that you are not ale in these periences and thin can change for the better, for your own wellbeing. A two-day sertiveness and Improving Relatiships course, currently being offered by Byr Community College, will give you valuable periences and the skills to more fully press your needs. Gayle Russell is offering the course the weekend of Saturday November 21 and day 22 from 10 to 4pm in Mullumbimby. Some people are at a crisis point in their life, are plagued with self-doubt or la of dirti, says Gayle. Some have a ruggle defining their persal or emotial undaries and saying no. This course will help you see ways to ep in new dirtis and change what you really d t want in your life, said Ms Russell. e ACE to ok, or phe Gayle to find out more. We celebrate the Mullum Show with these spials MULLUMBIMBY TRADING 30 YEARS A e of Summer Come e, come all Enjoy our country town hospitality Mangoes kg oranges...2. Local Blueberries a pun Local Peaches-Ntarines kg For the children. Fruit Salad. Healthy fresh frozen ice cups...2. each Wholesale enquiries 55 BURRINGR ST, MULLUMBIMBY PENSIONER 10% DISCT OVER 10 PHONE / FAX The newe bcat member of our te time and mey Call now and reive the 1 hour FREE! : PH The Byr Shire Echo November 10, <howebsti=articles>

22 natial CERTIFIED product W W W. N O C O 2. C O M During Natial Rycling Week the North Ea Wae Forum and Byr Shire Council are encouraging people to Rycle Right, to cserve resources, reduce ctinati, save water and combat clite change by reducing carb emissis. Rycling is e thing that Byr Shire residents and visitors can do to help address clite change. Thore we rycle, the greater the envirmental benefits as we are not ly minimising the output of carb dioxide, which is a jor ctritor to clite change, t we re also cserving valuable resources and saving va ounts of water annergy. La financial year more than 19,000 tnes of household terials were rycled in the NEWF regi of Byr Shire, Tweed Shire, Ballina Shire, Richmd Valley, Kyogle and Clarence Valley Council areas, said Educati Projt Coordinator with the North Ea Wae Forum, Karen Rudkin. This saved 9,5 tnes of CO 2 being emitted to the atmosphere and is the equivalent of 2,290 cars being pernently removed from our roads. It also equals a water saving of more than 315,000 megalitres (126 Olympic sized swimming pools) and a total energy saving of 316,0 gigajoules or the equivalent annual eltricity requirements of 1465 homes. Rycling ttles, cans, jars and per and cardard at home is a great art, however to Rycle Right we need to ke sure we re putting the right thin into our home rycling bins. When we put the wrg items in a household rycling bin, we. A U ctinate the entire ctents of the bin and reduce the efftiveness of the whole rycling process. For ple a single plaic bag can get caught up in processing chinery and shut down an entire terial rovery facility; and ju 5 grs of drink-ware glass or Pyr in a rycling bin, can ctinate a tne of otherwise ryclable ttle and jar glass bause it melts at a different temperature. The North Ea Wae Forum and Byr Shire Council encourage all residents to address clite change by rycling, says Ms Rudkin. When we Rycle Right, winimise ctinati, cserve resources and reduce our envirmental impact. Use Natial Rycling Week, which runs from November 9th to 15th, as an opportunity to Rycle Right whether it s putting the right thin into your home, work and school rycling bin, dating or ying clothes and other household goods at your local charity shop, compoing your food scrs and garden wae or rycling printer cartridges or mobile phes. Eltric or e-wae can now be dropped off at the Myocum tip for rycling. For more inforti aut rycling in your area visit your local council s website or For media enquiries phe Karen Rudkin Ian and Cherise Walsh purchased the Brunswi Motor Wrkers at Tyagarah early this year and rened it Brunswi Byr Motor Wrkers. In a larger locati than his Byr Bay siness, Ian has been able to greatly pand and the scr metal side with a bigger emphasis rycling with scr for cash. His wrked latodel car plans have also grown with an tensive range of th new and used parts as well as sd hand tyres. a member of Gold Coa Wrkers hot line no part is hard to find at the Tyagarah premises. Ian will also pi up unwanted car dies with cash paid for some, and it is a free drop off point for all eel, alg with fridges, washing chines and dryers. 22 November 10, 2009 The Byr Shire Echo <howebsti=rycling Week>

23 Aluminium can be infinitely rycled. Rycled aluminium is m into aircraft, automobiles, bicycles, ats, computers, cookware, gutters, siding, wire and cans. Try to minimize battery usage by cnting pliances to the ins power where possible. Buying rhargeable batteries is an important way to reduce battery wae. Each battery can be rharged up to 1000 times, saving you mey and reducing polluti from discarded batteries. Cardard is e of the easie and mo envirmentally efftive terials to rycle since the fibre in cardard has already been processed. Therefore king cardard products from rycled terial, rather than virgin fibre, saves not ly trees, t also large ounts of water (up to 99% less) annergy (up to % less). Manufacturing from rycled terial also produces up to 90% less by-products such as chemical waes. Plaic corks can be rycled into underground cable covers. All glass jars and glass ttles are ryclable. This includes beer, wine, soft drink and sauce ttles, as well as all colours of glass clear, green and ber. Used lead-acid batteries are valuable for their compents. Almo all scr metal merchants will accept used lead-acid batteries for rycling. A collti service is available at mo landfills, transfer atis, service atis and automotive workshops. All types of eel can be rycled, including food tins, ttle tops, paint cans, aerosols and scr metal. Place cans in your rycling bin. Facts from See Ian and Cherise at Brunswi Byr Motor Wrkers at the Mullum Interchange, nt to the Tyagarah Service Stati. e is an envirmentally friendly, e-op-shop for all your printer needs. We are hpy to advise and sell you printers that will suit your individual requirements as well as repair and intain your printers. For those who have predominantly printing needs we rommend using a laser printer and having an inkjet for the e-off occasis where colour is required. This will reduce the co of printing dratically. We renufacture laser cartridges (as well as selling new es) which perform as well as new cartridges at a csiderable saving in price and come with a full 12 mth warranty. e A local nufacturer using unique thnology has ju reived carb neutral accreditati for their range of house paints. olour is also the world s fir paint to b from rycled ingredients and is a way for you to reduce your carb footprint in this challenging time of clite change. They nufacture premium quality, water based paints that are available in a range of finishes and can tch any colour from any colour chart. Regular paints release toxic solvents and pechemicals into the air as they dry. These are known as Volatile Orga Compounds (VOCs) and are proven to ctrite to ny health cditis including cancer, breathing difficulties, dizziness, headaches and blurred visi. With absolutely zero VOC outgassing, olour paints are entirely n-toxic and can be lived with immediately. The key difference of olour is that they turn rycled re-refined wae engine oil into water-based paint. Over 240 milli litres of wae oil is rnt every year producing higher carb emissis than any other fuel. Yet for olour, the oil acts as a preservative and provides durability, srior coverage and smooth plicati qualities to the paint. Finally, and so important when ilding or renovating, these paints are affordable. For ple, four litres of interior low sheen or gloss tinted to your choice of colour i64 (white base ly). So there is now no need to compromise your health, your envirment or your wallet. To reduce your carb footprint and paint a brighter future call olour (02) or visit the showroom at 6 Grevillea St. Byr Bay / ntgeneratisolar@hotil Lic. No C SAVE % OR MORE Buying a printer? Let Inky Business help you choose. We can save you lots of mey! INKY BUSINESS 19 sn Way, Byr Arts & Ind. E The Byr Shire Echo November 10, <howebsti=rycling Week>

24 Mungo s Crossword Qui Clues ACROSS 1. Ideological argument, intense dispute (7) 5. Mythical Greek bea with parts of li, snake and hen (7) 9. Wartime arrangement between USA and UK involving provisi of war terials (4-5) 10. Drop in, call around (5) 11. Rule, principle (5) 12. Circus performer who works with wild anils (9) 13. Cditi ascribed to reless husbands (5,4,4) 17. Apparently crucial period around age 40-, which y include 13 (3-4,6) 21. Rule by the chosen few (9) 24. River in France (5) 25. Boredom, tedium (5) 26 Three-sided plane figures (9) 27. Despots, dictators (7) 28 Pie of kitchen or dining room furniture used to display croery (7) DOWN 1. State, government (6) 2. Having a prominent nasal pendage (4-5) 3. Russian atesn who signed a wartime pact with v Ribbenp (7) 4. Dare to fight, call to rake part in a te (9) 5. Statement of belief (5) 6. One who sends out invitatis (7) 7. English racourse (5) 8. Rule by e pers, tyranny (8) 14. Who catches the worm? (5,4) 15. Male gads (9) 16. Powerless, unable to have s (8) 18. Citizen of Rome, Vee or Florence (7) 19. Quiet, la of noise (7) 20. Government official who vets media ctent (6) 22. rget ring ju outside the ll s eye (5) 23. Quotes as an authority (5) La week s soluti LateNiteVideo North Plaza Js Street Byr Bay e Fax LATEST Open 9 to 10pm 7 days RELEASES Bigge & be choice of DVDs INSTORE Srfa internet & ltop access THIS WEEK In a great & friendly atmosphere Bruno Night at the Museum: Esce from the Smithsian Crank: High Voltage Revolver Adorati Tinker Bell and the Lo Treasure 2 Tuesdays! Cryptic Clues ACROSS 1. Man from Gdansk 1099? There s an argument. (7) 5. It s a hybrid mer ring the God! (7) 9. Reduce the pressure after Czh tennis player kes wartime arrangement (4-5) 10. Six pose and call (5) 11. Principle plies th ways (5) 12. Acrobatic Mr Elati, circus performer (9) 13. Dusk, the Big Apple and a liener with the Hollow Man around; a predictable outbreak of lu! (5,4,4) 17. If credit to the Goddess, it y include 13! (3-4,6) 21. Rich go lay aut ill, it s a bit more democratic than 8! (9) 24. Traditi surrounds e in the river (5) 25. Tedium that s turned around d nun (5) 26. Integrals? No, other figures, ybe scalene (9) 27. Wild satyr grabs territory could be running 8! (7) 28. Furniture for the ars (7) DOWN 1. Cunning ploy cceals objt: a form of government (6) 2. Pined over numbers of endangered potoroo (4-5) 3. Vyacheslav, fous for his cotail (7) inches up? Switch around and call to account (9) 5. Firm in the red? Quite the reverse I believe (5) 6. He sends out suggeis to ry six (7) 7. Order follows rords at racetra (5) 8. Reviewer Giles embraces sly totalitarianism (8) 14. Unknown, Charlie Parker follows a noblen and catches the acanthocephalan (5,4) 15. They sound like sll trials, t are the root cause of 13. (9) 16. Optimiic claim of e affted by 13, more likely descripti of e suffering from 17. (8) 18. Butse to fix up Berlusci perhs (7) 19. Quiet, bause shing the French 20. Faultfinder inserts number in shky score (6) 22. and two numbers in savage ire at near miss (5) 23. Quotes raise group 99 (5) STARS WITH LILITH ARIES: If you get the unsettling feeling your persal liberties are being eroded in the present global shakeups, this week has you wdering how to ke a meaningful ctriti without ming a cog in the wheel of mindless progress. A big quei which requires brave new answers TAURUS: Uranus the Changer argues with Saturn the Solid this week aut iing with what s filiar or risking the unknown. Uranus says live dangerously, Saturn wants to play it safe. Hay invements aren t in your be interes right now, new financial arrangements are. D t be fearful t do be careful. GEMINI: Polar opposite of the broad sptrum clite Geminis thrive in, this in-depth week s nessary training for mid-november s challenges, and requires you to plore the ocean of emotis and align your feelin and ideas in e dirti. So they re not fighting again each other in two. In rent years, the World Junior (Under 20) Chpiships have seemed an anachrism with so ny players, already of a world class level well before their teenage years are over, skipping the event and ccentrating adult world title events. The 2009 World Junior in Puerto Madryn, Argentina, looked to be going the se way until France dided to enter Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (below). 2 for 1 voucher voucher 2 for for 1 voucher voucher With the heavenly trifta of planetary heavyweights Neptune, Jupiter and Chir all changing course, does this week bring enough aral adrenalin and celeial eroids to cope with Friday 13th? It does. CANCER: planetary pressures bring correspding crunches in earthly affairs, any losses life s swin will come good fate s roundauts this week t ly if you eschew moods. You y have to move sideways rather than forward or up, t who can do that better than you? LEO: D t get your whiskers in a twi this week if others seem evasive aut their plans or feelin and you can t pin them down to anything definite. If your flipside goes display, certain key players in your life y not want to play at all. Grace under pressure, Majeies, remember? VIO: This week s planetary dys are an elimin ating roll, and Virgos love a good detox. And why op at a liver cleanse and rejuvenating juices when you could go the whole nine yards and ditch dull habits, ressful thought patterns, toxic gossip, old resentments and unhealthy attachments? CHESS by Ian Rogers Vachier-Lagrave is not quite Magnus Carlsen, t he has already been French Chpi and in 2009 w the Biel srtournent, thereby moving into the world s top 25. Vachier-Lagrave duly be the fir French player to win the World Junior since Joel Lautier in Adelaide 1988, though ly barely taking the title tiebreak from the lg-time ler Sergei Zhigalko from Belarus. These two finished well clear of a field of 82 including 15 other Granders; awesome depth. Auralia s Sherab Gou-Yuthok was the ly representative of South-Ea ia and Oceania, a worrying sign that the chess om in our regi y be producing quantity more than quality. In the World Girls event held simultaneously in Puerto Madryn the absence of the eablished ars such as Hou Yifan allowed Play at Byr Services Club, M 7-10pm LIBRA: A thoughtful, thereutic, tortoise pace is tho propriate while Saturn evaluates how well the foundatis of your life (beliefs, partnerships, career, even the literal ructure of your house) support you. This week could deeply reructure your world view anverything in it. SCORPIO: The powerfully persuasive planetary trinity of Mercury, and Venus in Scorp kes you this week s attracti gnet. Though some sort of we-have-to-talk scenario is nessary have the courageous cversati to clear commuati atic and resolve an emotial gridlo. SAGITTARIUS: Dig in and downsize or plore something completely different? Before king an impulse disi this week s iential dilem annding up with yet another less in the wisdom of hindsight, access that calm, thoughtful ate where you ke the right choices before you act. a new Indian talent to emerge, with Swinathan Soumya taking gold cversial tiebreak ahead of Peru s Deysi Cori Tello. (Soumya took golssentially bause Cori Tello was ranked far higher than her at the art of the tournent.) The 2009 World Girls Chpiship could also be seen as a breakthrough tournent for Em Guo. The Auralian 14-year-old scored 6/13 to finish =28th in a field of 45, ny players being five years older than the Canberra teenager. Guo w five ges again players higher ranked than her and was tra for a Women s Internatial Maer result until a mid-tournent slump. Guo, who begins play in the World U/14 Chpiships in Antalya, Turkey, later this week, was seen at her be in the following ge again e of Argentina s local ars. CAPRICORN: Rules, ultitums and ptatis will dpen this week s gic, so it s a good idea to practise attitudinal yoga, ie. intaining a flible cnti between diplocy and determinati, patience and pushiness by king at lea e disi every day that keeps your thinking supple. AQUARIUS: Outer planets changing dirti means change for everye. When they re in Aquarius naturally this irs the pot and bring persal issues to the il the feeling that you can t live any lger with certain situatis, cditis, attitudes or beliefs. And that s definitely a good thing PISCES: This week sugges laying away what s had its day and inalling new operating progrs in your biocomputer. your ruling planet moves forward in the sign of the hun community and your persal future, it s time to hor something that has finally passed from your life. Puerto Madryn 2009 White: E Guo Bla: A Martinez de Negri Opening: Giuoco Piano 1.e4 Nc6 2.Nf3 e5 3.Bc4 Bc5 4.c3 Qe7?! Martinez had previously scored well with this idea t after this ge it y have to be abanded. 5.d4! d4 5...Bb6 is well met by the pawn sacrifice 6.d5 Nb8 7.d6! d3 7.e5! h6 8.Qxd3! Previously White had tried the less efftive 8.b4 Bb6 9.a4 a5 10.Ba Nxe5 9.Bxf7+!! The point behind Guo s play. Any cture of the bishop leads to uble, so White wins her pawn ba with advantage. 9...Kf8 10.Nxe5 Qxe5 11.Bb3 Nf6 12.Qc4 12.Be3!, opening lines, was more incisive Qe7 13.Nd2 d5 14.Qd3 c6 15.Nf3 Qe4 16.Qd2! With Bla s king a lg term problem, it is vital for White to keep the queens the ard Ng4? 16...Bh3! was the be chance. 17.Bc2 Qe7 18.h3 Ne5 19.Qf4+ Nf7 20.Nh4! g5 21.Ng6+ Kg7 22.Qd2 Now White wins terial and the re is easy Qf6 23.Nxh8 Kxh8 24.b4 Bb6 25.Qd3 Kg7 26.Be3 Bc7 27.Bd4 Be5 28.Bxe5 Nxe5 29.Qg3 1-0 WAREHSE CLEARANCE CENTRE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC QUALITY PRE-LOVED FURNITURE, CLOTHING, BOOKS, GIFTS, TOYS, ELECTRICAL ITEMS & MORE. DONATIONS OF QUALITY GOODS GRATEFULLY RECEIVED VOLUNTEERS NEEDED PH NKSIA DRIVE, BYRON ARTS & INDUSTRY ESTATE MON-FRI 9:30-4:30PM SAT 9:30PM TILL 12:30PM 24 November 10, 2009 The Byr Shire Echo <howebsti=stars and Chess and Crossword>

25 Volume 24# Echo Publicatis Pty Ltd P : F : adcopy@ho.net.au Editor : Mandy Nolan gi@ho.net.au jaieassid@ho.net.au seven@ho.net.au NOVEMBER DBLE TRBLE MS GEYER We have a double pass to see Renee Geyer, Auralia s fine Blues and Jazz singer Saturday November 28 at the Bangalow Bowling and Sports Club. Tiet30 sale now and are available at All Music & Visi Byr Bay, Lismore and Ballina and at the Bowling Club and Barebes. To win a double pass eil gi@ho.net.au with subjt her Geyer Pride. Hidden Hands is Jen Cloher s sd alm. The dark narratives trace her journey: returning to New Zealand and assiing her father caring for her mother, diagnosed with Alzhiemers in ealry Based in New Zealand, Jen shared a little aut the fir tra the alm, Mother s Desk. The fir sg I wrote for the alm was Mother s Desk, which ce to me after a few weeks of sitting downairs at her desk in the udy trying to work out what to write aut! I was sitting there e morning when I realised I was going to have to write aut actly where I was and what I was going through in order to break through the terrible writer s blo (fear) I was periencing at the time. Dementia is an illness that touches so ny. For Cloher it meant taking two years out from a successful performing career. At fir when the diagnosis was given it was very difficult to igine such a cable active won would be affted by the disease. Alzheimer s in symptom is loss of memory and at fir I could see Mum was a little cfused t by the end of 2006 it was very evident that she was arting to lose her sense of self and belging which I guess is what our memories provide us with. I was very frightened when I returned home in 2007, when you haven t ge through something like this before, you are facing the unknown. I enjoyed caring for Mum, we spent a lot of time ju walking and having cups of tea. It reminded me to slow down and priate thoment, ALL YR COASTAL ENTERTAINMENT T N E N T a place where Mum could live successfully. It was the sense of a shared perience that kept Jen going during tough times. It s important not to feel ale when facing such a harrowing disease. I read that four milli people have Alzheimers in America ale. Whenever I felt overwhelmed I would remind myself that it wasn t ju my problem. Grieving arts early with dementia. Those close to somee with dementia talk aut watching their loved e slip away before their eyes. It s a range slow grieving process as the pers is ill there t you can also see them slowly dispearing. There is a line in Watch me Dispear Mother, I watch you as you lose you/ I see your fear I feel it too/ The fear of somehow letting go/ To something greater than we know. Cloher used sgwriting as a way of king sense of the situati during the the two years in New Zealand with her fily. By the time she went into the udio she had an impressive swag of terial. I spent a couple of weeks in pre-producti with the band. It was a very collarative process with everye producing really. I think we all ce to an underanding of how the s were going to sound and went ahead and played them as be we could. We rorded mo of the alm live. There is a depth in Cloher s sgwriting that is rarely seen. These aren t love s aut being blighted, or yearning, these are s aut deeply hun periences like finding the rength to be compassiate and finding meaning in ruggle. Hidden Hands is based the latythologi Joseph Cpbell who said Follow your bliss. You will be helped by a thousand unseen helping hands. He was very passiate Singing aut Dementia aut the idea that life is short and the ly way to find out who you are is to do what you love doing. I liked the idea of these guiding forces, beyd what we can see in the physical world, helping us to live our potential. I also like the way the two words look and sound together! Jen Cloher and the Endless Sea are e of over featured artis at the Mullum Music Feival. She performs after Archie Roach and Shane Howard at the Mullum High School Auditorium Friday November 27 at 10pm at the Ex Services Club Saturday November 28 at 8pm. Tiets to Mullum Music Fe are sale at www. mullummusicfeival.com or call the hotline Tiets can also be purchased at Raw Store in Mullum and All Music & Visi Stores. Wed 11 MATT BUGGY Thur 12 HUNGRY KIDS OF HUNGARY Fri 13 THE LAST 15 JASON DELPHIN M 16 JOSH RAWIRI Tues 17 HARRY HEALY Sat 14 LOST VALENTINOS coming so G.LOVE PECIAL SAUCE WHITLEY CD LAUNCH THE SCARE STANTON WARRIORS THE CHURCH KARNIVOOL SUICIDAL TENDENCIES SKUNKHR 20 NOV 21 NOV 22 NOV 26 NOV 27 NOV 29 NOV HOTEL GREAT NORTHERN HOTEL GREAT NORTHERN The Byr Shire Echo November 10, DEC 6 DEC

26 Steve Russell Band Steve Russell Band Byr Bay Bowling Club - 17th November Marvel St, Byr Bay 7.30 pm Lismore Bowling Club - 19th November Spinks Park, Lismore 8.00 pm The gallery carries functial and dorative pies by resident potter Bob Cnery, plus a wide range of other cerics, glass, paintin, jewellery, cards and craft items from the very be local artis. Open 7 days Mullumbimby DRIVE THRU BOTTLESHOP NOW OPEN Live Rording Sessis Matt Smith - guitar Greg Ly - bass Scott Hills - drums Jazz-funk fusi tiets at the door tel: Stokers Siding NSW 2484 info@okerspottery.com.au soap X Mandy Nolan UNDER THE MILKY WAY For over eight years of my sun cycles this planet I ve flopped my tit out and popped it in thouth of a hungry babe. I have worked out that if I give at lea e litre per day, then that s 2,920 litres of milk. Milk that I have produced. Myself. That kes me a very productive little dairy cow. If my milk was to be commercially paaged, there would be a wall of titty milk aut two metres high and 10 metres lg. If I was to assess Helfgott Shines The candid unselfcscious genius of David Helfgott was the subjt of the film Shine and it told the entire world David s azing ory and his courageous journey from despair and suffering to subsequent triumph. Since his ccert at the Byr Community Centre in 2005 for the inaugurati of the Steinway, he has played all over the world. In 1997 he was ned America s Top Selling Classical Arti and the New York Times ned Upairs 4 Bay Lane Byr Behind the Beachy my life s work, I d say that milk producti would have to by fine achievement. No thesis, no compilati of great ga, no hibiti of paintin compares to this liquid ctriti to the universe. With the help of a few other lactating mums we d be able to fill a bayard swimming pool. Every year at agricultural shows all around the country, farmers celebrate the beef or milk producing prowess of their cattle. Prize chiens and doe-eyed Jerseys have their moment in the sun, so where s mine? Why do upid anils get all the accols? I d t want to be Miss Mullumbimby. I want a shot at prizilker. In theory I also a farm anil living in ctivity (albeit Dalley Street, Mullumbimby). So why d t I get a chance to compete again other lactating women? When it comes to envirmental csciousness, cows get bad press. So what better way to modernise the country town show than with him the Mo Influential Classical Musician of the Year. Absolutely adored by ccert audiences here, he has given six sell-out ccerts for the Music Society since Come and perience this gical performer our wderful piano, playing Mozart, Chopin and his beloved Rachninov. There are few chances in life to be truly touched by God, an afterno with David Helfgott is e of them. Byr Bay Community Centre day at 4pm. Tix 40/35. Coby in Full Colour Fresh from a rording int in the ates, Coby Grant returns home to celebrate the launch of her new film clip, Heartbeat. The video was filmed around Melurne and is taken from her det release Coby Grant is in Full Colour. Her late offering of acouic/ pop delights funky rycled fashi a sti for lactating mums? I sugge we ki it off this year at the Mullumbimby Show. God knows some of the siers have been lactating for ds. We could be driven to the showgrounds in large trus and then lod into the holding pens. Visiting the anils in their alls was always my favourite part of the Eaer Show, so how much fun would it be if you could take the kids around to pet some breafeeding mums? Of course they d t do much. They d be lying in their fresh raw sleeping. The es that were awake would be drinking tea and complaining aut how tired they were. They d be cleaned down and polished up and then judging day we d be pard around the arena. Our children could lead us a leash. Hundreds of breafeeding mothers would await their judgement. Our milk quality would then be assessed by a panel of perts (no e over two). If I closy eyes I can feel the satin ribb showcases Grant s sweet, soaring vocals, breezy acouic simplicity and her earne proach to life and love. See her show day at the Buddha Bar from 6.30pm. She is also pearing at the Mullum Music Feival November 28 and 29. The Final Chter The Ninth Chter are purveyors of smouldering groove and roots music. Their sound combines folk, blues and jazz with solid funk undertes creating a unique and dy perience. Winning the inaugural Open Arms Feival Battle of the Bands late 08 and featuring Perishers 09 winter compilati as well as supporting the likes of True Live and Dallas Frasca has enhanced their reputati as an up and coming band with a bright future. Rails day. Dance, pray annjoy Jai Uttal my naked skin. Prize Milker, Mullumbimby Show People would pay to sire to rengthen their breeding line. I d be rented out weekends. I d get my photo taken and end up as page three girl of Bulldu, a gazine that can ly be described as cow porn. I could me a cash cow. For years I ve tried to brainorm and come up with my own get-rich-qui scheme. All the people who v it say that the idea was ju sitting there right in frt of them. Well I have seen the light. You ll catch me at the Byr Farmers Market nt Thursday with a nch of other milkers nt to the bloke who sells fruit juice. It s totally carb neutral. We re rketing it re-usable ctainers under the product line Titty. There s going to be a variety of flavours, from Mandy through to Michelle. So support your local women priry producers. Do something for your community and ild your immunity. I think it might ju latch. Turnll in a China Shop Geoff Turnll goes the full Malcolm at the Lennox Point Hotel day. With his individual proach Turnll has reived critically acclaimed reviews, being rated alide the greats of Ben Harper, John Butler and Xavier Rudd. Turnll has a volatile reak which gives him an plosive nature, an unpterupti of rumming r out midway through the set, draws aweru gasps and sptaneous plause. Faerlouder Spreading Marl Byr Bay s favourite drum n didj band Wild Marl returns to the Byr Beach Hotel Saturday for a night of orga, high energy dance music. The show will feature a spial gue perfornce by Re Bathers DRESS DIFFERENT Wednesday November 18 Buddha Bar at The Brewery 8pm tix & at the door YOGI CLASS with MC Yogi & Anda G Friday November 20 Byr Yoga Centre, 6 Byr St 12-2pm tiet15 at the door November 10, 2009 The Byr Shire Echo

27 THE GRAINS NGERS HOTEL FRIDAY LENNOX HOTEL SATURDAY ANDREA SOLER UKITOPIA THIS WEEKEND drummer and percussii Ben Walsh from The Bird. Wild Marl creates a genredefying meeting of the ancient sound of Auralia s didgeridoo with ctemporary dance beats. Wild Marl are the original orga dance act, naturally acouic, 100% livusic. This is thodern, diinctly Auralian sound that thrills crowds around the globe. You can also catch them at The Mullum Music Feival. Invisible Friend Seen Everywhere The North Coa s inftious ro, funk and roots band Invisible Friend gear up for some very spial shows this November. The ys have been sy over the la mths working a brand new alm, as well as lending their skills and perience (alg with members of popular groups Fyah Walk, Bla Gho Party and a ho of professial musicians and multimedia artis) to the NTV NDWAGON and coming Veryability FESTIVAL Projts mentoring, performing and participating in workshops with artis and musicians described as having disabilities. These life changing periences will culminate in a spial showcase perfornce Friday at the A&I Hall, Bangalow where the age is set to light up with the JUMP ON IT ccert, featuring some of the regi s mo citing performers of all abilities, after which the VERYABILITY FESTIVAL will run from Saturday November 28 through to Dember 3. Invisible Friend are also at the Rails Saturday and at the Mullum Music Feival. McAward for McHugh Byr Shire s Irish sgwriter, Mi McHugh, has been shortlied for the 7th time in 2009, this time an internatial level. He s been presented with an Hour Award in internatial sgwriting cte, 100% Music Sgwriting, in the World sti for his sg A Lg Way From Home. Mi will be playing this sg, and a mix of his heart-touching ballads and uptempo Irish flared s written in Auralia over the NOVEMBER Wed 11 Nov 7.30pm Kate Miller-Heidke 35. Fri 13 Nov 7.30pm The Redempti of Joe Fre A Rusht / de Angeles Film Entry by note or cheque dati INVISIBLE FRIEND NGALOW A+I HALL FRIDAY AGM 6.30pm M 16 Nov members welcome 15 Nov 4pm David Helfgott Presented by Byr Music Society 40 / 35 members LIONS BYRON YAC THURSDAY la four years at the Bangalow Hotel, Saturday at 6.30pm. Feeling Hungry The frequent flyer miles have been piling up for the Hungry Kids of Hungary in 2009 as they zigzagged around the country the heels of Bertie Blan and Little Birdy as well as firming up friendships with Oh Mercy, Tom Ugly and illphia Grand Jury and Washingt the ssive Triple J presented Internatial Relatis Tour. Now it s time for the Brisbane-four to and their own eight feet, fuel up the rago yet again and hit the road their own merits for The Let You Down Easy Natial Tour. Thursday at the Hotel Great Northern. Singing for the Soul Sacred Space Devotial Mantra Music Ccert 7pm in the Yurt at Temple Byr November 14. Sacred Space is the combinati of shine Coa musicians Arjuna and Nilg Buchanan. Over the la five years they have created a fresh, enchanting new sound, using indian Sacred Mantra and relaxing, uplifting self composed tunes. Traditial vedic ntra, based in the ancient language of Sanskrit, indian Bansuri flute, gentle keyard baing and pure harmic vocals are combined with melodies to peal to a wide audience, inviting them to deeply cnt with the inner sanctuary of heart and soul. sacredspacemusic@ hotil.com or Hardcore Lis for Hardcore kids Now a le in Auralian hardcore, Lis arted out here in Byr Bay in Focussing producing a more traditial hardcore sound, the key to the survival of the band would be some serious van hours. Their det alm Time Is The Enemy was released in 2007 and praised for its energy and hooky riffs. Their late effort Where Life Expires is out now. Thursday at the Byr YAC, 6pm with supports from Word Up! and Persi. Page the Rails Winner 2009 New Zealand Fringe Feival Awards Be Music and Be Solo Show, Ad Page plays the Rails Wednesday. He had a rerkable 24 show seas at the 2008 Edinrgh Fringe Feival featuring a Podca rorded with US comedian Reginald D. Hunter that reached #1 the itunes Podca charts. This The Brewery Brewery Tours for groups by pointment Coming So Sara Storer Brend Radford & Harmy Jes Open Mic Night Jes T & The Tomohawks Pink Zinc Courtesy Bus For piup please call Mobile: Wed 18 & Thurs 19 Nov 6pm Byr Community School Tiets the door Fri 20 7pm at 21 Nov 1pm & 7pm House of Dance Tiets the door BayFM from midnight to 10 day 15th. Send your reques to coloursofbyr@gil.com Broadcaing from the new, reered Beatles CDs, in ereo and mo e The Byr Shire Echo November 10,

28 What s Up? Has your year been e of rich adventure, great achievement, quiet reflti or ju plain hard work? Whatever s hpen ed, come and share what s up in your world what you ve been working, what you ve been letting go of and what new seeds you ve planted. Whether it s in your own persal life, your local community or the world at large, come and work through what s rning in you, firing you up or inspiring you to acti with Ce Byr Playba Theatre Company at the Drill Hall Saturday 7.30pm. Entry by dati. Uki Feival Saturday and day sees the community of Uki come alive with Ukitopia Uki Feival. With a wishing wall nifeing goodness for the universe, members of the community get the opportunity to write their wish a pie of colourful fabric that they weave into the fence. Their wish mes part of a rich colourful tery-like kaleidoscope that represents the Uki community. Community members are asked to gather from 2pm Saturday in the hall park to lien to funky new music from Lacey, MC Bernie, Aiden Arnold s band Right left off centre and local internatial ar Jes Higgins. Also the Saturday afterno in the park there will be free art workshops in gourd painting, lantern king, flag printing and space king; Jes Higgin s interactivusic workshop NORTHERN RIVERS COMMUNITY GALLERY A Ballina Shire Council Community Facility from 2pm -3pm and treme dance workshop by Kitsiri 3pm 4:30pm. For more inforti ctact Natascha or go to ukitopiaartscolltive What s it all Aut, Alfie? Mullumbimby local, Alfie Massoud, is hoing an hibiti of hand crafted i art, which includes wall panels, verandah and garden ornents, trellises, and ruic furniture. Inspired by the beauty and the durability of our local eucalyptus gums, Alfie has created an array of panels in eye catching shes that portray the individuality of the branches used. They can be used as fencing panels and ornental gates. The interwoven pies ar from locally harveed gum tree branches, lilly pilly, and rycled timbers. They are preserved with linseed oil. The show will take place at Durruml Hall, Mullumbimby Saturday and day 10 5pm. Participati is based auditi ly, held in Lismore November 20 and Byr Bay November 21. Successful participants attend a Weekend Workshop November 28 and year olds. For further inforti ctact: Marisa Snow producer@norpa.org. au or phe Get Your Showba This year the Mullum Show has reinvented itself. Of course there s the Saturday morning cattle breeding judging, t at 9 there s a lent Que with Bush Poet Ray Essery, Spaghetti Circus also perform a cabaret at 11 and at 12.30pm it s time to announce Mullumbimby Showgirl. Later in the evening there a ccert with Ad Jes voted Be New lent at the Deadly Awards in day morning it s the comp that my kids have been vying for: the Pet comp with Coatoo Paul, ute shows, motorbike displays, skers, rkets and Barco dog training show. Get off your m and support your local show. MC YOGI BUDDHA R WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 18 NINTH CHAPTER RAILS SUNDAY Inge Buschnn Auralian M Inge s powerful works delve into the psychological perience of living in Auralia. The works carry a predominant sense of myery with each work holding a sret that is dependant up the viewer for how it is revealed. The Hannah Cabinet A erpie created by Geoffrey Hannah, Churchill Fellow. One of the mo valuable and fi nely crafted cabinets in Auralia. ON DISPLAY ONLY UNTIL NOVEMBER 29TH Charly Wrencher Dive in Charly s enchanting works draw up the andant natural beauty of this area s landsces and seasces and the inspirati he derives from living here. The show is an emotial journey following the fl ow of water and its essential Cycle. Terry Fergus The Lo River A unning photogrhic hibiti that winds alg the course of the Richmd River and its tritaries. The works raises queis aut the impact of envirmental change these areas and the csequences it will have. Events: Painting workshop with Charly Wrencher November 17th. Call the Gallery for details. FREE ADMISSION Youth Film and Theatre Workshops Young people intereed in theatre and film have an opportunity to develop their dra skills and to play a role in development of NOR s 2010 Seas of Engine a play in-the-king based real life events in the regi. Engine is aut the culture of cars: the freedom they promise to th young women and men; how getting your licence is a modern rite of passage. Though based serious issues this play takes you through a funny and moving roller coaer ride of a ory. NOR have teed with film and televisi dra producers, Every Cloud Productis to document the youth-led development of Engine and to use the cera as a tool for critical perfornce feedba. Twilight Two The phenomen that is the Twilight saga plodes to cine screens around the world this week, with the release of the eagerly awaited sd film, Twilight: New Mo, aring heart throb Robert Pattins reprising his role as the tall, pale and handsome Edward, and Krien Stewart as Bella. Fans who see the film at Dendy Byr Bay have a chance to win e of two falous Twilight prize pas; there s a T-shirt, DVD, poer and trading cards, plus a Twilight Journals gift set and spial film editi of New Mo with poer of Bella and Jacob, courtesy of Book City, to be w. And when better to launch a film aut forbidden love between a vpire and a hun pale to be sure t definitely hun than midnight! Tiets are now sale at the cine for the spial midnight screening Wednesday November 18, with the film seas arting the nt day. Drawing Burlesque Dr Sketchy s Burlesque Life-Drawing is again at the Buddha Bar in Byr Bay this Tuesday. Previous sessis have been an eyepopping blend of brilliant art, great atmosphere, sultry and sumptuous models, gorgeous coumes, ey Burlesque shows and dnt hijinx from the hemian glitterati of Byr Bay. Dr Sketchy s in Sydney rently peared Getaway, and our in performer this mth, the sptacular Mercy St Ju, was the featured model. Also returning to the catwalk is Sketchy s favourite redhead, Victoria ylor. Our MC is the always glorous, and usually inpropriate, Mae Wilde. 6pm for 6.30pm. Bring a sharp pencil and a cold spo. Entry i15 at the door and it s an over 18s event. drsketchybyr.com. Burringbar Dirict Sports Club Friday 13th November 3 Bands for FREE!!! MARSHALL & THE FRO BIRDY FAT ALBERT FROM 7.00PM KITCHEN OPEN Fourth Ave, Burringbar November 10, 2009 The Byr Shire Echo

29 ILL GATES DR SKETCHY BUDDHA R TUESDAY SGHETTI CIRCUS MULLUM SHOW THIS WEEKEND GEOFF TURNBULL LENNOX POINT HOTEL SUNDAY FREE SEMINAR Building a Career as an Arti PIERRE MOL, ONE OF AUSTRALIA S GREATEST AND MOST PROLIFIC MURAL ARTISTS TALKS ON: > STARTING YR ARTISTIC CAREER with Jaie Onassid This is edutainment RUBBER at Liquid presents Ill Gates also known as the at Cductor this Thursday. The Canadian producer has been causing earthquakes as he is whomping through Auralia. With a workshop this Wednesday at SAE 6-11pm, ILL GATES is sharing his knowledge of Ablet call Q: Topics you address in your workshops? A: Finishing S is all aut developing an efftive and persal workflow from art to finish. Arranging is tho important aspt of writing eltric music and it s also tho commly overlooked. Sound Design is an cellent way to art developing a unique sound. Structuring your time is really essential to finishing lots of music quily. Mixing is the art of getting all of the sounds to work together, and getting the right es as loud and clear as you want them to be. Workflow is your musical DNA. It s your methodology, art to finish, and should be developed as quily as possible. If you re not thinking of workflow as the core of your essence as a producer, you re ju getting your toes wet. Perfornce is essential to a modern eltric musician. If you really want to ke a living as a musician you have to learn how be to present your music. Finding your Own Style - In my opini it s ly when you re king music that nody else could possibly ke that you have a true arti. Getting Signed hpens much differently than movies and televisi would > SETTING UP A WORKING STUDIO/ STUDIO PRACTICE > HEALTH AND SAFETY ISSUES ARTISTS > NETWORKING AND BUILDING A CLIENT SE > MARKETING AN ARTIST/ PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE 17th November 7:30pm Byr Bay Brewery 1 Skinners Shoot Road Byr Bay For more inforti or okin please ctact Byr Bay Brewery lead you to think. It s much better to get your tunes into the hands of people who will citedly play them for label owners and I can let you know how to do that. Q: What is the fancie tri the new dj-template? A: Probably thulti FX/Glitch ras. With ly two knobs you can cl ten different effts within Ablet. Q: Muti Music? A: It s a label out of San Francisco run by a guy ned Dov, whose ated aim is to provide a voice for left field artis. We ju celebrated our th release with the Acid Crunk Vol. 2 Compilati, featuring myself + Filaine, Ant-ten-nae, Ooah, Sples, Akira Kiteshi, Dewey db and Ill-Esha, Marty Party of NTyRAiD, Opiuo, Datsik, and other artis. We ju broke a beatport rord by having 11 out of 14 tras in the top 10 sellers for the resptive genres beatport. Q: How can artis get their music it? A: D t sleep, d t go out, write and write and write until you ve got a t of azing s, and then if your s slay face then ybe Dov will come and find you. Go chk out to learn more aut the genre of music I m involved in. Some call it Glitch Hop, some call it Tur Crunk or Lazer Bass, some call it Midtempo, and some people call it Wky, Whomp-Hop, or Wobble-Hop. You can get lots of freixes and downloads or hitting me.com, glitch.fm, and whompca. Q: What can people pt to hear at Liquid? A: It s tough to dide which es I ll be playing in advance, t I igine it ll be a glitchy crunked-up blend of a whole pile of different yles. Support by Silence, Beka, Ketaep and Or-Ga, 10pm art, 15 gets you in. FRIDAY THE YAC Drop in fun for year olds movies, music, art, ging, food and more 6 to 10pm BYRON SHIRE GLBT UNDER 18 Gay Lesbian Bisual Transgender Meeting every Friday 4.30 to 6.00pm RISTA CRSE November 12th 4 to 8pm 60 HARDCORE SHOW Thursday 12th November 6 10pm HOSPITALITY SHORT CRSE Starting November Call or eil Melissa links@bys.org.au ENGINE Youth Films & Theatre Workshops Auditis at the YAC Saturday 21 November 10 12pm ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Friday 27th November 5.00pm at the YAC young people tter Byr Youth Activity Centre (YAC) is naged by Byr Youth Service (BYS) 1 Gilmore Crescent Byr Bay Mullum Music Feival 09 T Perkins Sime White (USA) Jordie Lane Archie Roach hane Howard Vince Jes Jen Cloher & The Endless Sea thurs 26 sun 29 november 4 Days 8 Venues Acts Nano Stern (Chile) Fyah Walk Wild Marl Oka Afro Dizzi Act w/ Jali Buba Kuyateh (Senegal) Laneous & The Fily Yah Washingt CODA Djan Djan - Madou Diabate Bobby Singh & Jeff Lang Tinpan Orange Leah Flanagan Band Lucie Thorne Vulgargrad Mr Percival JoJo Smith Ma Kin Sal Kimber & The Rollin Wheel Ange kats David Lane The Little Stevies The Stets Fily Band Of Frequencies Huleberry Swedes Mr Sier Green Life Greg Sheehan & Laura rgett Jes Cruishank Coby Grant Grassroots Street Orchera Georgia Potter Juzzie Smith Ruby Blue Invisible Friend Ross Nobel & The Upright Men The Big Band At The End Of The Universe M Ja Bee Domini Forer Half Nels Polaroid Fe Gho Mountain Clelia Ads The Blue Hulas Perch Creek Fily Jug Band The Old Spice Boys Susanna Carn Kell Ster Tobias Hengeveld Rebca Ireland Jes Keny Loren Kate Karl Farren Joel Salom Mullumbimby Folk Club Wao & Blotto Curly Kids Show + workshops & more BOOK com ALSO SEE INFO ON: ARTISTS, VENUES, WORKSHOPS, KIDS SHOWS, ACCOMODATION, RESTAURANTS, TRANSPORT & FESTIVAL NEWS TICKETS ALSO AVAILABLE: THE FESTIVAL HOTLINE (02) CREDIT CARD PHONE BOOKINGS, MON TO FRI, 9:00AM 5:00PM 0PM ALL MUSIC & VISION: BYRON Y, LISMORE & LLINA RAW STORE: 57 STUART STREET MULLUMBIMBY RIDE THE MAGIC BUS The Byr Shire Echo November 10, EOVER 100 PERMANC S & WORKSHOPS

30 Televisi Guide 1. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew McCnaughey ar in Failure To Launch (Prime, Friday, 8.30pm), a rontic comedy prompted by the parents need to get a 30 year old s to leave home. All women who would want such a guy, raise your hands now. Anye? 2. Saturday night has much to please children of all ages, including Hpy Feet (NBN, Saturday, 7.30pm), and Prime Mers Vs Aliens at 6.30pm and Mers Inc at 7.30pm. 3. At 8.30pm ABC1 ctinues its day night fascinati with bnet dra with Miss Auen Regrets, in which the celebrated noveli attempts to find a husband for her nie. Matthew McCnaughey need not ply WEDNESDAY G.P. (PG) Rpt Colltors (G) Rpt Kids Progrs Remembrance Day Mummy Dettive (G) Midday Report Natial Press Club Address 1.30 lking Heads (G) 2.00 The Bill (M) 3.00 Kids Progrs 6.10 River Cottage Spring (G) 7.00 ABC News 7.30 The 7.30 Report 8.00 The New Inventors (G) 8.30 Spis And Spks (PG) 9.00 Hungry Bea (M) 9.30 John Safran s Race Relatis At the Movies Lateline & Lateline Business The Line Of Beauty (M) The Sideshow With Paul McDermott (PG) Rpt Movie: Sailor Beware! (PG 1956) Stars Peggy Mount, Rald Lewis Le We Forget 3.25 Natial Press Club 5.20 World News 7.15 Weatherwatch 7.25 World News 1.00 Movie: Boats Out Of Watermel Rinds (M 20) Turkey. Stars Isil Hakki slak, Kadir Kayz Corner Gas 3.30 A Fork In The Mediterranean: Gree 4.00 Eco House Challenge (G) 4.30 The Journal 5.00 Newshour with Jim Lehrer 6.00 Global Village 6.30 World News Auralia 7.35 Insptor R (PG) 8.30 Ko Ho Nas (M) 9.30 World News Auralia The Eagle: A Crime Odyssey (M) Denrk Movie: An Enemy Of The People (M 2005) Norway. Stars Jorgen Langhelle, Trine Wiggen Movie: Ko (MA 20) Hg Kg. Stars Lee Sinje, Andy Hui Weatherwatch 6.00 rise 9.00 The Morning Show (PG) Seven News Movie: The Rivern (M 20) Stars Bruce Greenwood, S Jaeger Murder, She Wrote (PG) 3.00 New Idea TV 3.30 Larry The Lawnmower 4.00 It s Acmic 4.30 Seven and Prime News 5.00 M*A*S*H (G) 5.30 Deal Or No Deal (G) 6.30 Seven and Prime News 7.00 Home And Away (PG) 7.30 Border Surity (PG) 8.00 Medical Emergency (PG) 8.30 City Homicide (M) 9.30 Criminal Minds (MA) My Ne Is Earl (PG) American Dad (M) It s Always ny In illphia (M) Raging Thunder (G) 1.00 Infomercials 6.00 Ten Early News 7.00 Kids Progrs With David And Kim Ten News Dr il (PG) 1.00 Oprah Winfrey Show (PG) 2.00 Ready Steady Cook (PG) 3.00 Judge Judy 3.30 Infomercial is punishment for watching daytime TV 4.00 Huey s Cooking Adventures (PG) 4.30 The Bold & The Beautiful 5.00 Ten News 6.00 The Simpss (PG) 6.30 Neighurs (G) 7.00 The 7pm Projt (PG) 7.30 Celebrity Maerchef (PG) 8.30 NCIS (M) Late New ports The Late Show With David Lettern Eureka (M) 1.00 Infomercials 4.00 Religi to 6 (PG) 5.30 Today 9.00 Mornin With Kerri-Anne (PG) Informercials Ellen Degeneres Show (PG) 1.00 The View (PG) 2.00 Days Of Our Lives (PG) 3.00 Alive And Cooking (G) 3.30 Kids Progrs 4.30 Afterno News 5.00 Antiques Roadshow (G) 5.30 Hot Seat (G) 6.00 NBN News 7.00 A Current Affair 7.30 Two And A Half Men (PG) 8.00 What s Good For You This Summer (PG) 8.25 Lotto 8.30 R (PG) 9.30 Crime Inveigati Auralia (M) Without Trace (M) Late News The Strip (M) 1.00 Entertainment Tight 1.30 Infomercials 5.00 Early Morning News 6.00 ABC News Breakfa 9.00 Lateline & Lateline Business Kids Progrs 4.30 Around The World In 80 Gardens (G) 5.30 Time Te (G) 6.30 Junkyard Wars 7.20 Mr Bean 7.30 Coach Trip 8.00 Whatever! The Science Of Teens 8.30 Missing: Presumed Dead 9.30 Srhun: Sr Strg The La Cfessi Of Alander Pearce (G) Mind, Body And Ki s Moves (PG) Close 5.00 to 6.30pm World News In Various Languages 6.30 World News 7.35 Insight Emergency 9.05 Movie: THe Wedding Sg (M 2008) Stars Lizzie Brochere, Olympe Borval. 10. Movie: The Murmuring Coa (M 20) Portugal. Stars Beatriz Batarda, Luis Sarmento, Filipe Duarte Weatherwatch 6.00 Natial 6.00 Kids Progrs Football League Entertainment Tight TMZ 8.30 Football The Partridge Fily Bundesliga Frasier FINA World Seinfeld Swimming 1.00 Bachelorette Chpiships 3.00 Ju Shoot Me Highlights 3.30 The Nanny Telra Swimmer 4.00 Kids Progrs Of The Year I Dre Of Jeannie Basketball. N 5.30 Bewitched 3.00 Omnisport 6.00 The Flintes 3.30 Sports 6.30 The Jetss Unlimited 7.00 Entertainment 4.30 NFL Ge Day Tight 5.00 College Football 7.30 Frasier 7.30 Real N 8.00 Seinfeld 8.00 Slball 8.30 Fringe (M) 8.30 The Poker Star 9.30 The Wire (M) 9.30 Sports Tight Eleventh Hour (M) Basketball. N Frasier Sports Soup Seinfeld Sports Tight TMZ Late 1.00 Fringe (M) 12. Omnisport 2.00 The Wire (M) 1.20 Golf. Singore 3.10 Eleventh Hour (M) Open 4.00 Ju Shoot Me All GO! progrs G or PG unless otherwise classified THURSDAY 12 FRIDAY G.P. (PG) Rpt Colltors (G) Rpt Kids Progrs The War Of The World Midday Report River Cottage Ge Fishing! 1.30 Colltors (G) Rpt THe Bill (PG) 3.00 Kids Progrs 6.05 Grand Designs Revisited 7.00 ABC News 7.30 The 7.30 Report 8.00 Francesco s Mediterranean Voyage 8.35 Addicted To Mey 9.30 Srets Of The Mass (M) Lateline & Lateline Business Live At The Basement Movie: The Rise Of Catherine The Great (G 1934) Stars Douglas Fairbanks, Elizabeth Bergner Movie: The Vicious Circle (PG 1957) Stars John Mills Double The Fi (M) 3.55 The Glass House (M) 4.30 G.P. (PG) 5.30 Colltors 6.00 Kids Progrs Eye For An Elephant (G) Midday Report Wild At Heart (PG) 1.30 Spis And Spks (PG) 2.00 March Of The Glen (G) 3.00 Kids Progrs 6.00 Message Sti (G) Rpt Can We Help? (G) 7.00 ABC News 7.30 Stateline (G) 8.00 Colltors (G) 8.30 Midsomer Murders (M) beached az (PG) That Mitchell And Webb Look (M) Lateline The Urban Mkey With Murray Foote triple j tv With The Doctor Good Ge Rpt rage (M) 5.20 World News 1.00 Food Lovers Guide To Auralia 1.30 Fat Chance 2.30 Dateline 3.30 Downunder Grads 4.00 Fea Bazaar (G) 4.30 The Journal 5.00 Newshour With Jim Lehrer 6.00 Global Village 6.30 World News Auralia 7.30 Luke Nguyen s Vietn 8.00 Demetri s Cale (G) 8.30 Cooking In The Danger Ze: Venezuela (PG) 9.00 ADbc 9.30 World News Movie: The Lives Of Others (MA 2006) Gerny. Stars Ulrich Muhe, Sebaian Koch Auralian Biogrhy 12. Rough Science 1.20 Islands 1. FIFA U-17 World Cup 2009 Semi Final 1 From Nigeria FIFA U-17 World Cup 2009 Semi Final 2 From Nigeria World News 1.30 Insight 2.30 World News 3.30 Living Bla 4.00 Classical Deinatis: Gerny 4.30 The Journal 5.00 Newshour With Jim Lehrer 6.00 Global Village 6.30 World News 7.30 Trawlermen (PG) 8.00 The Bigge Chinese Reaurant In The World 8.35 Top Gear Unseen Classic (PG) 9.30 World News Auralia Hardcore Profits Movie: The Blue Room (MA 2002) Mico. Stars Patricia Liaca, Juan Manuel Bernal Movie: Open Hearts (MA 2002) Denrk. Stars Sja Richter, Stine Bjerregaard Weatherwatch 6.00 rise 9.00 Morning Show (PG) News Movie: Romy And Michele In The Beginning (M 2005) Katherine Heigl, Al Brkenridge, Kelly Brook Murder, She Wrote (PG) 3.00 New Idea TV 3.30 Larry The Lawnmower 4.00 It s Acmic 4.30 Seven and Prime News 5.00 M*A*S*H (G) 5.30 Deal Or No Deal 6.00 Seven and Prime News 7.00 Home And Away (PG) 7.30 Gho Whisperer (PG) 8.30 Beauty And The Geek Auralia (M) 9.30 The Azing Race (PG) Fily Guy (M) American Dad (PG) Room For Improvement Infomercials 6.00 Ten Early News 7.00 Kids Progrs With David And Kim Ten News Dr il (PG) 1.00 Oprah Winfrey Show (PG) 2.00 Ready Steady Cook (PG) 3.00 Judge Judy (PG) 3.30 Infomercial 4.00 Huey s Cooking Adventures 4.30 The Bold & The Beautiful 5.00 Ten News 6.00 The Simpss (G) Rpt Neighurs (G) Rpt The 7pm Projt (PG) 7.30 Glee (PG) 8.30 Rush (M) 9.30 Burn Notice (M) Late News and Sports Tight Late Show With David Lettern The Poker Star (M) 1.00 Califorati (MA15+) 1.30 Infomercials (PG) 4.00 Religi to 6 (PG) rise 6.00 Ten Early News 9.00 Morning Show (PG) 7.00 Kids Progrs Seven Morning News With David And Kim Movie: Dead Man Walking Ten News (M 1995) Stars Susan Dr il (PG) Sarand, Sean Penn Oprah Winfrey Show (PG) 3.00 New Idea TV 2.00 Ready Steady Cook (PG) 3.30 Kids Progrs 3.00 Judge Judy 4.30 Seven News 3.30 Infomercial 5.00 M*A*S*H (G) 4.00 Huey s Cooking 5.30 Deal Or No Deal Adventures (G) 6.00 Seven and Prime News 4.30 The Bold & The Beautiful 7.00 Home And Away (PG) 5.00 Ten News 7.30 Better Homes And Gardens 6.00 The Simpss (G) 8.30 Failure To Launch (M 6.30 Neighurs (G) 2006) Stars Matthew 7.00 The 7pm Projt (PG) McCaughey, Sarah Jessica 7.30 The Simpss (PG) Parker, Zooey Deshanel Movie: Night At The Movie: Down Periscope (M Museum (PG) Stars Ben 1996) Stars Kelsey Grmer, Stiller, Owen WIls, Robin Lauren Holly, Rob Schneider. Willis, Riy Gervais Movie: 44 Minutes: The Go Girls (M) North Hollywood Shootout Late News (MA) Stars Michael Madsen, Sports Tight R Livinge Late Show With David 2.00 Infomercials Lettern 1.30 Infomercials (PG) 5.00 Religi to 6 (PG) 5.30 Today 9.00 Mornin with Kerri-Anne Infomercials Kids Progrs (PG) Auralian Maers Golf From Melurne Hot Seat 6.00 NBN News 7.00 A Current Affair 7.30 Getaway (PG) 8.30 CSI (M) 9.30 Sret Milliaire (PG) E.R. (M) Late News The Alice (PG) 1.00 The Avengers (PG) 2.00 Infomercials 5.30 Today 9.00 Mornin with Kerri-Anne Infomercials Kids Progrs Auralian Maers Golf From Melurne Hot Seat (G) 6.00 NBN News 7.00 A Current Affair 7.30 Two And Half Men (PG) 8.00 Movie: Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (PG) Stars Daniel Radcliffe, Rrt Grint, Em Wats, Maggie Smith, Ralph Fiennes News 11. Movie: Sudden Impact (MA ) Stars Clint Eawood, Sdra Loe Movie: Splendor (MA ) Stars Jath Schah, Kathleen ROberts, Kelly Macdald Infomercials 4.30 Good Morning America 6.00 ABC News Breakfa 9.00 Lateline & Lateline Business Kids Progrs 4.30 The Einein Factor (G) 5.00 Kylie Kwg: My China (G) 5.30 ABC Fora 6.30 Junkyard Wars 7.20 Mr Bean 7.30 Coach Trip 8.00 Spis And Spks (PG) 8.30 Hungry Bea 9.00 John Safran s Race Relatis 9.25 beached az 9.30 The Grah Nort Show Spos (M) Billable Hours Lawrence Leung s Choose Your OWn Adventure (M) Ron s Empire (M) 6.00 ABC News 9.00 Business Today 9.30 ia Pacific News Kids Progrs 4.30 The New Inventors Selt 5.30 What Would Hpen If Compass 6.30 Junkyard Wars 7.20 Mr Bean 7.30 Coach Trip 8.00 Hyperdrive (PG) 8.30 Torchwood (M) 9.30 Being Erica Later... With Jools Holland Ld Live: V.V.Brown, Dan Bla, Chris Cornell 11. Close 5.00 to 6.30pm World News In Various Languages 6.30 World News 7.35 Insight Emergency 9.05 Movie: THe Wedding Sg (M 2008) Stars Lizzie Brochere, Olympe Borval. 10. Movie: The Murmuring Coa (M 20) Portugal. Stars Beatriz Batarda, Luis Sarmento, Filipe Duarte Weatherwatch 5.00 to 6.30pm World News In Various Languages 6.30 World News 7.30 The Forbidden City (PG) Emergency 9.00 Movie: Ghandi My Father (M 2007) India. Stars Akshaye Khanna, Darshan Jariwala, Shefali Shetty Movie: The Eye Infinity (M 2005) Hg Kg. Stars Chen Bo Lin, Isabella Leg, Kate Yeung. 12. Weatherwatch 6.00 College Football 6.00 Kids Progrs Motorsport. Entertainment Tight TMZ British Touring The Partridge Fily Car Frasier Chpiship Seinfeld R Fringe (M) 9.30 R Eleventh Hour (M) R Ju Shoot Me R The Nanny R Kids Progrs 1.30 R I Dre Of Jeannie 2.30 R Bewitched 3.30 R The Flintes 4.30 Omnisport 6.30 The Jetss 5.00 Football 7.00 Entertainment 7.30 Sharp End Tight 8.30 World Heli 7.30 Frasier Challenge 8.00 Seinfeld 9.00 Sports Soup 8.30 Molight (M) 9.30 Sports Tight 9.30 Gossip Girl (M) UFC Wired Drop Dead Diva KO TV Boxing Frasier Srxer Seinfeld 1.00 Sports Tight TMZ 1.20 Omnisport 1.00 Molight (M) 1. Football 2.00 Gossip Girl (M) 3.45 Great Ireland Run 3.00 Drop Dead Diva 4.15 Motorsport 4.00 Ju Shoot Me All GO! progrs G or PG unless 5.10 Netball otherwise classified 6.00 NASCAR 8.00 The Pro Shop 9.00 Football. Serie A Football. Bundesliga Weekly Highlights Basketball. N 2.30 Basketball. N Doubleher 5.00 Omnisport 5.30 Transworld Sport 6.30 NFL Ge Day 7.00 Real N 7.30 Basketball. N 9.30 Sports Tight The Poker Star Basketball. N 1.00 Sports Tight Late 1.30 College Football - Ge Of The Week 4.00 Omnisport 4.30 Red Bull Air Race Series Review 5.00 Motorsport. FIA GT Round Kids Progrs ET TMZ The Partridge Fily Frasier Seinfeld 1.00 Molight (M) 2.00 Drop Dead Diva 3.00 Ju Shoot Me! 3.30 The Nanny 4.00 Kids Progrs 5.00 I Dre Of Jeannie 5.30 Bewitched 6.00 The Flintes 6.30 The Jetss 7.00 Entertainment Tight 7.30 Frasier 8.00 Seinfeld 8.30 Survivor Frasier Seinfeld TMZ 1.00 The Aria Music Show 2.00 Survivor 5.00 The Partrige Fily All GO! progrs G or PG unless otherwise classified 30 November 10, 2009 The Byr Shire Echo <howebsti=tv>

31 SUNDAY 15 SATURDAY 14 MONDAY 16 TUESDAY rage (PG) Sgok Stateline Auralian Story 1.00 WNBL Basketball Townsville v Logan 3.00 W-League Football Adelaide United v Central Coa Mariners 5.00 Bowls: Queensland Open 2009 Women s Pairs semifinal The Wild Gourmets 6.25 Minuscule 6.30 Gardening Auralia (G) 7.00 ABC News 7.30 Hope Sprin (PG) 8.30 ABC News 8.35 The Bill (M) 9.25 ggart (M) Silent Witness (M) rage (M) 5.00 rage (PG) 6.30 Kids Progrs 9.00 Insiders Inside Business Offsiders ia Pacific Focus S Of Praise Landline (G) 1.00 Gardening Auralia 1.30 Message Sti (G) 2.00 Revealing Gallipoli 3.00 Theatre Of War 4.35 Art Museums Of The World: Shelurne Museum 5.00 day Arts 6.00 At The Movies 6.30 The Einein Factor 7.00 ABC News 7.30 Darwin s Brave New World: Evolutis (G) 8.30 Movie: Miss Auen Regrets Stars Olivia Willis Compass Icoclas: Eddie Vedder And Laird Hilt (M) Movie: The Life And Death Of Colel Blimp (G 1943) Stars Derah Kerr Movie: The Leopard Man (M 1943) Stars Dennis O Keefe lking Heads: Kev Carmody 4.00 The Pet Show (G) 4.30 G.P. (PG) 5.30 Colltors (G) 6.00 Kids Progrs Landline Midday Report The Gil Mayo Myeries 1.30 The Occasial Cook (G) 2.00 Parlient Quei Time: The Senate 3.00 Kids Progrs 6.00 Landline Extra 6.30 lking Heads 7.00 ABC News 7.30 The 7.30 Report 8.00 Elders With Andrew Dent: Alan Alda 8.30 Lillies 9.30 es To es (M) Lateline & Lateline Business The Father, The S And The Housekeeper (PG) Parlient Quei Time: House Of Representatives 1.40 Movie: Knight Without Armour (PG 1937) Stars Marlene Dietrich, Robert Dat Bowls: Queensland Open 2009 Women s Pairs Semifinal G.P. (PG) 5.30 Colltors (G) 6.00 Kids Progrs Pril Inincts Midday Report The Einein Factor (G) 1.00 The New Inventors (G) 1.30 Dynaies 2.00 Parlient Quei Time: House Of Representatives 3.00 Kids Progrs 6.05 Picture Perft Homes 6.15 Gavin Stp s Orient Express 7.00 ABC News 7.30 The 7.30 Report 8.00 Jailbirds 8.30 Srets Of The Great Plague 9.30 QI Artsce Lateline & Lateline Business Media Watch Poirot (PG) 1.25 Parlient Quei Time: The Senate 2.25 The Winner s Guide To The Nobel Prize (G) 3.25 Good Ge (M) 3.55 Eagle And Evans (M) 5.20 World News 7.15 Weatherwatch 7.25 World News 1.00 Anna Netrebko And Rolando Villaz In Paris D t miss this golden couple of opera performing duets in Paris Oscar Niemeyer Maerpie from Brazil. 3. The Chopin Etudes 4.00 Yinka Shibare Maerpie from UK Newshour With Jim Lehrer 5.30 Who Do You Think You Are? David Tennant (PG) 6.30 World News Auralia 7.30 Mythers Fire, ice and seriously heavy metal Ir Chef 9.20 Rowiz (M) Movie: The Valet (M 2006) France. Stars Gad Eleh, Daniel Auteuil, Kriin Scott Thos, Alice glii SOS (PG) NEWStopia (M) 1.00 Dnce: Mey (PG) 1.35 Weatherwatch 6.25 World News She ll Be Right, Boss Futl Mundial Cycling: 2009 Crocodile Trophy Cycling: Tour De Faso Speedweek 3.00 Football ia 3.30 UEFA Europa League Magazine Progr 4.00 Les Murray s Football 5.00 The World Ge 6.00 Fea Gree 6.30 World News Auralia 7.30 Who Do You Think You Are? Boris Johns MP 8.30 Dateline 9.30 Science And Isl Movie: The Navigators (M 2001) Stars Steve Huis, Dean Andrews Cooking In The Danger Ze: Uganda 12. Rough Science: The Reef 1.20 Always A Visitor (G) 1. FIFA Under 17 3rd v 4th playoff FIFA Under 17 Highlights FIFA Under 17 Final World News 7.20 Weatherwatch 7.25 World News 2.30 Dateline 3.30 Insight 4.30 The Journal 5.00 The Crew 5.30 Futl Mundial 6.00 Living Bla 6.30 World News Auralia 7.30 Top Gear (PG) 8.35 Man Vs Wild 9.30 World News Dead Set (MA) Movie: REC (MA 2007) Stars Manuela Velaso, Pablo Rosso. 11. Movie: Arahan (M 20) South Korea. Stars Ryu Seung-beom, Yo So-yi Weatherwatch 5.20 World News 7.15 Weatherwatch 7.25 World News 1.00 Movie: Wrg Side Up (M 2005) Czh Republic. Stars Ivan Trojan, Zuzana Sulajova Corner Gas (G) 3.30 Living Bla 4.00 Wine Lovers Guide To Auralia 4.30 The Journal 5.00 Newshour With Jim Lehrer 6.00 Global Village 6.30 World News Auralia 7.30 The Trial (PG) 8.30 Ea We 101 (M) 9.30 World News Auralia Hot Docs: Chicago 10 (M) 11. Movie: Under The Bombs (M 2007) France. Stars Nada Au Farhat, George Khabbaz Truth, Lies And Intelligence (M) 2.30 Weatherwatch SBS advises viewers that progrming between 6pm and 10.30pm nightly is Closed Ctied (CC) Kids Progrs 1.00 V8 Xtra 1.30 Motorsport: Mini Challenge 2.00 Leanne nder Living The Dre (G) 3.00 According To Jim 3.30 Movie: Cp Ro (G 2008) Stars Demi Lovato, Joe Jas Sydney Weekender 6.00 Seven News 6.30 Mers Vs Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins From Outer Space (PG) 7.30 Movie: Mers, Inc. (G 2001) Stars John Goodn, Billy Cryal, Mary Gibbs, Jes Corn, Jennifer Tilly Movie: The Kingdom (M 2007) Stars Jie Foxx, Jennifer Garner, Chris Cooper, Jas Baten Movie: Me (MA 1996) Stars Eddie Murphy, Michael Wincott, Carmen Ejogo Infomercials 6.00 Religi 7.00 Weekend rise Kochie s Business Builders Retail Thery Magnum P.I. (PG) Noosa Triathl 2.00 According To Jim 2.30 Movie: Splash (PG 1984) Stars Tom Hanks, Daryl Hannah, John Candy Deinati New Zealand 5.30 Mercurio s Menu 6.00 Seven News 6.30 day Night 7.30 Border Surity (PG) 8.00 The Force (PG) 8.30 Bes (M) 9.30 Cale (M) Louis Theroux & Michael Jas Scrubs (PG) Room For Improvement (G) Infomercials 5.30 Seven Early News 6.00 rise 9.00 The Morning Show (PG) Seven News Nora Robert s Carolina Mo (M 2007) Stars Claire Forlani, Oliver Huds, Jacqueline Bisset Murder, She Wrote (PG) 3.00 New Idea TV 3.30 Kids Progrs 4.30 Seven News 5.00 M*A*S*H (G) 5.30 Deal Or No Deal (G) 6.00 Seven and Prime News 7.00 Home And Away (PG) 7.30 Highway Pal (PG) 8.00 Deroyed In Sds (PG) 8.30 Flashforward (M) 9.30 Criminal Minds (M) Mercy (M) Scrubs (PG) Hot Auctis Infomercials 6.00 rise 9.00 The Morning Show News Movie: Breaking The Surface (M 1996) Stars Mario Lopez, Michael Murphy, Rosery Dunsmore Murder, She Wrote (PG) 3.00 New Idea TV 3.30 Kids Progrs 4.30 Seven News 5.00 M*A*S*H (G) 5.30 Deal Or No Deal 6.00 Seven and Prime News 7.00 Home And Away (PG) 7.30 RSPCA Anil Rescue 8.00 La Change Surgery (PG) 8.30 Paed To The Rafters (PG) 9.30 Private Practice (M) Sie Celebrity Body Parts (M) Scrubs (PG) House Calls To The Rescue (G) 1.00 Infomercials Mo Prime progrs between 6.30pm and 11.30pm (prox) nightly are Closed Ctied (CC) 6.00 Kids Progrs Hit Li TV (PG) Out Of The Blue (PG) 1.00 Esce With ET (G) 1.30 Infomercial 2.00 Life Is Wild (PG) 3.00 One Tree Hill (PG) 4.00 McGyver (PG) 5.00 Ten News 5.30 Sports Tight 6.00 The Simpss (PG) 6.30 Movie: Material Girls (PG) Stars Hilary Duff, Haylie Duff, Anjelica Husdt, Lukas Haas, Maria Cchita Also Movie: Ever After A Cinderella Story (PG) Stars Drew Barrymore, Anjelica Hu, Dougray Scot Good New Week (M) Ro Of Love (MA15+) 1.10 S And The City (M) 1.40 Video Hits 2.00 Infomercials 6.00 Religi 7.00 Totally Wild 7.30 Pearlie (G) 8.00 Meet The Press 8.30 State Focus (G) 9.00 Infomercials Hit Li TV Auralian Sr X (G) 1.00 Big Cat Diary (PG) 2.00 Getting Around (G) 3.00 Its Me Or The Dog (PG) 4.00 Fishin Trip (G) 4.30 Discover Downunder (G) 5.00 Ten News 5.30 Sports Tight 6.00 The Simpss (PG) 6.30 Eltric Dres (PG) 7.30 Auralian Idol (PG) 9.30 Rove (M) Califorati (MA15+) Movie: Internal Affairs (M) Stars Richard Gere, Andy Garcia, Laurie Metcalf Video Hits 1.30 Rugby: Grand Sl Tour Ireland v Auralia 4.00 Religi 6.00 Ten Early News 7.00 Kids Progrs With David And Kim Ten News Dr il (M) 1.00 Oprah Winfrey Show (PG) 2.00 Ready Steady Cook (PG) 3.00 Judge Judy 3.30 Infomercial 4.00 Huey s Cooking Adventures (G) 4.30 The Bold & The Beautiful 5.00 Ten News 6.00 The Simpss (G) Rpt Neighurs (G) Rpt The 7pm Projt (PG) 7.30 Jie s American Road Trip (PG) 8.30 Good News Week (M) Nurse Jaie (MA15+) Late News With Sports Tight Medium (M) Late Show With David Lettern 1.00 Infomercials (PG) 4.00 Religi to 6 (PG) 6.00 Ten Early News 7.00 Kids Progrs With David And Kim Ten News Dr il (M) 1.00 Oprah Winfrey Show (PG) 2.00 Ready Steady Cook (PG) 3.00 Judge Judy 3.30 Infomercial 4.00 Huey s Cooking Adventures 4.30 The Bold & The Beautiful 5.00 Ten News 6.00 The Simpss (G) Rpt Neighurs (G) Rpt The 7pm Projt (PG) 7.30 Simpss (PG) 8.30 NCIS (M) 9.30 Lie To Me (M) News With Sports Tight Late Show With David Lettern (PG) Tell Me You Love Me (MA15+) 1.00 Infomercials (PG) 4.00 Religi to 6 (PG) All Ten progrs between 5pm and 11pm (prox) nightly are Closed Ctied (CC) 6.00 Infomercials 7.00 Weekend Today 9.00 Kids Progrs Auralian Maers Golf From Melurne Pocards (G) 6.00 Evening News 6.30 Auralia s Funnie Home Videos 7.30 Movie: Hpy Feet (G) Stars Hugh Jan, Nicole Kidn, Robin Willis. Elijah Wood Lotto 9.45 Movie: Blood Did (MA 2006) Stars Djim Hounou, Jennifer Cnelly Movie: Zero Efft (M 1998) Stars Ben Stiller, Bill Puln, Ryan O Neal. 12. Airline (G) 2.40 MAD TV (M) 3.30 Skippy (G) 4.00 Infomercials 7.00 Weekend Today Wide World Of Sports Surfsport The Aria Music Show Auralian Maers Golf From Melurne Antiques Roadshow 6.00 News to Minutes 8.30 Movie: False Witness (M) Stars Richard Roxrgh, Rachael Blake, Dougray Scott, Claire Forlani, Jeremy Lindsay ylor Movie: Beyd Borders (MA ) Stars Angelina Jolie, Clive Owen, Teri Polo Skippy (G) 2.30 Infomercials 3.30 Religi 5.00 Early Morning News 5.30 Today 9.00 Mornin With Kerri-Anne Time/Life Infomercials Ellen Degeneres Show 1.00 The View (PG) 2.00 Days of Our Lives (PG) 3.00 Alive And Cooking (G) 3.30 Kids Progrs 4.30 Afterno News 5.00 Antiques Roadshow (G) 5.30 Hot Seat (G) 6.00 Evening News 7.00 A Current Affair 7.30 Two And A Half Men (PG) 8.00 The Big Bang Theory (PG) 8.25 Lotto 8.30 The Mentali (M) 9.30 The Apprentice Auralia Late News Young Lis (M) 1.00 Spyforce (PG) 2.00 Infomercials 3.00 Religi 5.30 Today 9.00 Mornin With Kerri-Anne Infomercials Ellen Degeneres Show 1.00 The View (PG) 2.00 Days Of Our Lives (PG) 3.00 Alive And Cooking (G) 3.30 Kids Progrs 4.30 Afterno News 5.00 Antiques Roadshow (G) 5.30 Hot Seat (G) 6.00 Evening News 7.00 A Current Affair to 1 (PG) 8.30 T 9.30 Aussie Ltte To Lady (M) Sret Diary Of A Call Girl (MA15+) Late news / Entertainment Tight 1.30 Infomercials 3.00 Religi 3.30 Good Morning America 5.00 Early Morning News Progrs are corrt at the time of going to press t beware all atis like tinkering with thin at the la minute Kids Progrs 3.00 rage (G) 6.05 The New Inventors 6.35 Heartland (G) 7.30 The Einein Factor 8.00 At The Movies 8.30 Movie: Birth Of The Blues (G 19) Stars Bing Crosby, Mary Martin, Carolyn Lee, Cil Kellaway Movie: I Dre Too Much (G 1935) Stars Henry Fda, Lucille Ball, Lily Ps, Eric Blore, Lucien Littlefield, Eher Dale Close 7.00 Beautiful Noise: Fei (G) 8.00 Zoo Days (G) 8.55 Little Angels (G) 9.25 Scrhe Challenge A Journey Through American Music (G) Soundtra To My Life (G) Red Dwarf (PG) 1.30 Planet Ro Profiles (G) 2.05 Live At The Basement 3.00 triple j tv 3.55 Radio 1 s Big Weekend 4.55 Pet Shop Boys At The ABC 6.00 ABC Fora 7.00 Artsce 7.30 day Arts 8.30 The Magic Of Audrey 9.20 I Knew It Was You Carhenge: Genius Or Junk The Jewel In The Crown Ea Of Everything (M) Close 6.00 ABC News 9.00 Business Today 9.30 ia Pacific News Kids Progrs 4.30 Gardening Auralia 5.00 Message Sti 5.30 Can We Help? 6.00 Colltors (G) 6.30 Junkyard Wars 7.20 Mr Bean (G) 7.30 Coach Trip (PG) 8.00 Red Dwarf (PG) 8.30 Good Ge 9.00 The Urban Mkey With Murray Foote 9.05 triple j tv With The Doctor 9.30 Doctor Who No Heroics (M) Planet Ro Profiles Ergo Proxy Close 6.00 ABC News 9.00 Business Today 9.35 ia Pacific News Kids Progrs 4.30 An Island Parish 5.00 lking Heads (G) Rpt. 5.30, Sea And Bargain Spotting 6.30 Junkyard Wars 7.20 Mr Bean 7.30 Coach Trip 8.00 Auralian Story 8.30 Love Soup: Smoke And Shadows 8.30 Posh Nosh (G) 8.45 The Bea (M) 9.30 The Wire (MA) Teachers (M) Rose And Malie (M) Close 5.00 to 6.30pm World News In Various Languages 6.30 World News 7.30 D Matteo (PG) 8.30 Unit One (M) 9.35 Movie: Hidden (MA 2005) France. Stars Daniel Auteuil, Juliette Binoche, Maurice Behou Movie: Oyers At N Kee s (MA 2002) Netherlands. Stars Egbert Jan Weeber, Katja Schuurn, Johnny de Moland Weatherwatch 5.00 to 6.30pm World News In Various Languages 6.30 World News 7.30 The World Ge (PG) 8.35 Nynne (PG) 9.30 Movie: Aut The Looking For And The Finding Of Love (M 2005) Gerny. Stars Moritz Bleibtreu, Alandra Maria Lara, Uwe Ochsenknht Movie: Kurt Wallander Cales In The Sky (M 2006) Sweden. Stars Krier Henrikss, Johanna Sallrom WeatherWatch Overnight 5.00 to 6.00pm World News In Various Languages 6.30 World News 7.30 Dateline 8.30 The Circuit (M) 9.30 Movie: To Paint Or Make Love (MA 2005) France. Stars Sabine Aze, Daniel Auteuil, Sergi Lopez, Amira Casar Movie: Harry s Daughters (M 2005) Sweden. Stars Lena Endre, Anda Ooms Weatherwatch 5.00 to 6.00pm World News In Various Languages 6.30 World News 7.30 The Adventure In English (G) 8.30 The Circuit (M) 9.30 Movie: 7 Virgins (M 2005) Spain. Stars Juan Jose Ballea, Jesus Carroza, Vicente Romero Movie: Chaos (MA 20) France. Stars Rachida Brakni, Vincent Lind, Catherine Frot Weatherwatch 6.00 I Fish 6.30 Rugby Internatial 8.45 Great City Ges 9.15 Great Edinrgh Run 9.45 Chicago Marath Natial Football League Mum Aucti 2.15 NASCAR 4.00 Motorsport 5.00 Omnisport 5.30 Golf. WA PGA Chpiship 6.30 The Pro Shop 7.30 Sports Tight 8.00 Pro Bull Riding 9.00 Xtreme Paintball 9.30 Sports Soup Sharp End King Lines Fir cent 1.00 UFC Wired 2.00 Srxer 2.30 Omnisport 3.00 College Football 6.00 College Football 7.30 NFL Ge Day 8.00 NASCAR Great Mancheer Run N Basketball 1.30 NASCAR Sprint Cup Hpy Hour 2.15 College Football 5.30 I Fish 6.00 Omnisport 6.30 High Octane 7.00 The Fa World Of Daa Patri 7.30 Sports Tight 8.00 Drag Racing 9.00 Motorsport Sports Soup Rugby Classics 1.30 Rugby. Grand Sl Tour - Ireland v Auralia 4.00 NFL Ge Day 4.15 Omnisport 4.45 ITU Triathl 5.45 Red Bull Air Race 6.00 Red Bull Air Race 7.45 Motorsport 8.15 Natial Football League Sports Unlimited Natial Football League 3.45 NFL Ge Day 4.00 Omnisport 4.30 Great Ireland Run 5.00 Rugby Classics 7.00 Rugby 9.30 Sports Tight Natial Football League Sports Tight Omnisport 1.15 Golf. WA Open Highights 2.15 Football. Bundesliga 3.25 Motorsport 4.20 Mum Aucti 5.20 Snowarding Moment 5.30 Powerating. Class 1 World Chpiships 6.00 Kid s Progrs 1.00 Balliyx Snoward Show 1.30 Seinfeld 3.00 Frasier 4.00 Hogan s Heroes 5.00 The Nanny 6.00 The Hills 7.00 Seinfeld 8.30 Father Of The Pride (M) 9.00 South Park (M) RENO 911 (M) Movie: Flareup (M) Stars Raquel Welch Movie: THe Big Doll House (MA) Stars Judy Brown, P Grier, Roberta Collins Father Of The Bride (M) 3.00 South Park (M) 4.00 RENO 911 (M) 5.00 The Jetss 5.30 Marine Boy All GO! progrs G or PG unless otherwise classified 6.00 Kid s Progrs The Partridge Fily Charlie s Angels 1.00 Marine Boy 1.30 Josie & The Pussycats 2.00 Scooby-Doo 3.00 The Jetss 4.00 The Flintes 5.00 The Nanny 5.30 Wipeout 7.30 The Big Bang Theory 8.30 South Park (M) 9.30 Curb Your Enthusiasm (MA) Weeds (MA15+) Movie: Bad Eg (M) Stars Mi Molloy, Ty Martin, Judith Lucy, Shain Mccallef The Big Bang Theory 2.00 South Park 3.00 Curb Your Enthusiasm (MA) 3.30 Weeds (MA15+) 4.30 Charlie s Angels 5.30 Marine Boy All GO! progrs G or PG unless otherwise classified 6.00 Kid s Progrs 9.30 I Dre Of Jeannie Bewitched Entertainment Tight TMZ The Partridge Fily Frasier Seinfeld 1.00 The Big Bang Theory 2.00 Wipeout 3.00 Ju Shoot Me! 3.30 The Nanny 4.00 Cp Lazlo 4.30 Ben I Dre Of Jeannie 5.30 Bewitched 6.00 The Flintes 6.30 The Jetss 7.00 Entertainment Tight 7.30 Frasier 8.00 Seinfeld 8.30 Vpire Diaries (M) 9.30 Nip/Tu (MA) Bridezillas (M) Frasier Seinfeld TMZ 1.00 Vpire Diaries (M) 2.00 Nip/Tu (MA) 3.00 Bridezillas (M) 4.00 Ju Shoot Me All GO! progrs G or PG unless otherwise classified 6.00 Rugby 6.00 Kid s Progrs 9.30 I Dre Internatial Of Jeannie Bewitched Entertainment Tight TMZ 8.00 Transworld Sport Partridge Fily 9.00 Chicago Frasier Marath Seinfeld World Netball 1.00 Vpire Diaries (M) Series 2.00 Bridezillas (M) NFL Ge Day 3.00 Ju Shoot Me! Natial 3.30 The Nanny Football League 4.00 Cp Lazlo 3. Omnisport 4.30 Ben Football 5.00 I Dre Of Jeannie 5.30 ITU Triathl 5.30 Bewitched 6.30 NASCAR 6.00 The Flintes 8.30 The Pro Shop 6.30 The Jetss 9.30 Sports Tight 7.00 Entertainment Natial Tight Football League 7.30 Frasier Sports Tight 8.00 Seinfeld Omnisport 8.30 Survivor 1.15 Motorsport The Bachelorette 2.45 Red Bull Air Frasier Race Seinfeld 4.45 Surfing Moment 1.00 TMZ 5.00 Omnisport 1.30 Survivor 5.30 Powerating. All GO! progrs G or PG unless otherwise classified Class 1 World Chpiships Ld Internatial Youth Circus Feival in July 2010 Spsorship welcome (tax deductable) Perfornces 11, 1pm, 3pm at Mullum Show ~ 5 entry e nya General dentiry Safe alg removal and detoxificati Biocompatable terials Periodtal treatment Nurturing relaxenvirment TMJ Oze thery Cosmetic dentiry Implant dentiry Oxygen whitening Avatar elderl Bio-Feedba teing Dental acupuncture Kinesiology Kinesopathy Byr Dental Centre a holiic proach to dental health and wellbeing Dr J Veranese Suite 10 and 11, 130 Js St Byr Bay <howebsti=tv> The Byr Shire Echo November 10,


33 A Chris Carol I rk our planet would be a far, far better place if everydy had at lea a passing acquaintance with the novels of Charles Diens. Cine has benefittenormously from his prodigious output, sourcing it again and again for its fruity melodra and unforgettable characters. Amg the likes of noble Sidney Cart, wied Bill Sykes and good Joe Gargery, (Ebenezer) Scrooge has me a byword for meanness and his tale of redempti is a timeless e. But fir up, if the reacti of the little girl a few rows in frt of me is anything to go by, this is not a fun fli THURS 12 TO WED pm 3.30pm 6.20pm 9.05pm 2012 for tiny tots. She was clearly diressed by the gho of Scrooge s deased partner, Marley, espially when his jaw be dislocated (it was a horrible sight that freaked me out, too) and was again driven into her mother s cuddling arms by the Gho of Chris Future (I was less fazed by this pariti than by ignorance and want, the two hideous urchins scowling under its robe) Diens, if you didn t know, is not a place where lesss are learnt easy. The practice of perforncture aniti (i.e. huns transformed by CGI into carto-like figures), also employed by dirtor Robert Zemkis in Beowulf, works brilliantly for Jim Carrey s Scrooge, if less so for Colin Firth s Fred, his nephew, who is as cvincing as a plaicine dummy, t overall the effts are out of this world. The opening sequence of flying ave the rooftops of mid nineteenth-century Ld is breathtaking, as is BEAUTIFUL KATE THE TIME TRAVELER S WIFE all of the visual thnology if ly Zemkis weren t in such a hurry to ploit it. You are left with virtually no time to csider the import of everything that Scrooge is periencing and the bag of endless tris tends to be counter-productive when the crux of the tter is arrived at. Scrooge s journey, a profoundly emotial e that forces him to cfrt what an utter baard he has been, is arrived at in a flash. So what we have is thisanthrope being scared out of his wits for an hour and a bit and then, ju like that, ming a big-hearted charmer, with no light ca the inner n, and all of the Diensian pathos obliterated. for Tiny Tim, without whom there is no ory, he is relegated to bit player in fact, for a while there I wdered if he would pear at all. It s way over the top t, despite the caveats, I ve a hunch Diens would have enjoyed it. ~ John Cpbell The Time Traveler s Wife Mo movies are based oks (and, increasingly in the acti-hero genre, comics). Baers need a mountain of moving before they will inve in an original screenplay, espially when the publishing indury has already laid the groundwork for them by mining the vein of gold that is popular culture. Applying the ild it and they will come philosophy and governed by failsafe cservatism, the jor producti houses simply latch to the success of a novel after it has graduated from the ar chber of the reading group to the beseller li, whether it s Li Cunxin, J K Rowling or Stephanie Meyer, ca a couple of attractive leads and Bob s your uncle. The ok s devotees will then queue with religious fervour to see its screen adtati in much the se way that pilgrims ce floed to Billy Grah rallies, and woe betide the n-believer. Audrey Niffenegger s literary nugget is e with which I unfiliar, t the film s previews gushed Mills and Bo and its premise, of a ronce in which the n involuntarily drops in and out of different periods of his life (I Children 8 THURS 12TH TO WED NOVEMBER 18TH EVERY WEDNESDAY ALL SEATS ALL SESSIONS 8 ONLY ATM NOW AVAILABLE ADVANCED SCREENING THURS 12 AMELIA TO WED pm WED pm MIDNIGHT THURS 12 TO WED pm 5.55pm 9.30pm FULLY AIR-CONDITIONED EVERY WED ALL SEATS ALL SESSIONS 8 ONLY ADMISSION PRICES Adult11 Students/Cc. 9 THURS 12 TO WED pm LLINA FAIR CINEMAS THURS 12 TO WED pm 7.20pm 9.20pm THURS 12 TO WED 18 3.pm LATEST IN HI-TECH MOVIE PRESENTATION Cr Kerr & Fox Streets ADMINISTRATION: MOVIELINE: WEBSITES: ballina.info/cine yourmovies.com.au NEW MOON TWILIGHT WED pm wder if Niffenegger pinched the idea from Kurt Vnegut?) seemed plain silly. So I was surprised by how easily and thoroughly it w me over. You will need to ccentrate from the art, for it is a triy script that does not reward the inattentive, t it finds its own logic and is unencumbered by devious plot turnin. The defining scene for me, the e that sued me in irrevocably, ce when Henry (Eric Bana) rushes to a train and finds himself seated opposite his mother (Michelle Nolden) it is not lg before her fatal car accident, at which time Henry was a child, and in her eyes he is ju another city commuter. The interplay between Bana s ingenuousness (e of his rg points as an actor) and Nolden s softness sets the te of the ory and irs the melancholy that inescable fate has planted in all our hearts. Rachel McAds, offered the opportunity to be more than ju a pretty face, gives an insightful and likeable perfornce as Henry s wife, Claire, around whose here-and-now everything revolves. Unavoidably, it gets cheesy, t it s blue veined and tured, although a naked bloke (Bana s m reives unpted posure) wrped in a nket, chatting up a sub-teen girl, ale in the woods, might possibly have been interpreted by wowsers as an open and shut case of paedophilia unless they re wowsers who read the ok. Enchanting and real. ~ John Cpbell The September Issue This is a real documentary that gives us a behind the scenes look at the otic fashi world that is Vogue gazine. The Devil Wears Prada whetted our petites; now here s the real thing. This hypnotic fly--the Federal Film Feival Hill Billy Ho-Down Bush Federal Hall Saturday Nov. 21 wall look behind the scenes of Vogue Magazine is a dy and unpredictable insight into much more than a who s who of fashi. More than a fashi par, more than an insight into publishing, it s a cutthroat look at the life of Vogue s editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, whose power in the fashi world is unqueied. Unlike cover shots that can be endlessly airbrushed into perfti, the elegant, cversial Wintour is shown through the prying lens of the cera. Intriguing, revealing and thoroughly entertaining, we are privy to a frt row seat in the fashi show of the d. The film gives us a baage look at what led up to the creati of Vogue s bigge issue ever in September 2007, which sold more than 13 milli copies. Weet designers, assiants, utives and models. The cover shoot in Rome with actress Sienna Miller is an eye-brow arching perience from the initial meeting, the shoot itself and the process through which the cover is realised. It s what is NOT said that is mo intereing. If you ve ever wdered how those glossy, photogrhs in which perft dies wearing suffocatingly tight gowns find their way into Vogue, this will give you a tantalising glimpse. ~ Lounge Cine The Home of Quality Cine THURS NOVEMBER 12 to WED NOVEMBER 18 BYRON Y 108 JONSON STREET ONLINE BOOKINGS NOW AVAILABLE 2012 (M) NO FREE TICKETS Daily: 10:00, 1:00pm, A CHRISTMAS CAROL (PG) MAO S LAST DANCER (PG) MET OPERA VERDI S AIDA (TBC) MICHAEL JACKSON S THIS IS IT (G) MOON (M) THE TIME TRAVELLER S WIFE (M) Thurs: 10:00, THE TWILIGHT SAGA NEW MOON (TBC) NO FREE TICKETS Wed Nov 18: Midnight We've saved you a seat Book line NOW! SPECIAL EVENT Robert Pattins Krien Stewart ylor Lautner See New Mo at Dendy Byr Bay for your chance to WIN a Twilight Prize Pa! MIDNIGHT SCREENING WED NOV 18! OPENS THURS 19 OPENING THIS WEEK JOHN CUSACK DANNY GLOVER CHJWETEL EJIO AMANDA PEET NOW SHOWING ERIC NA RACHEL McADAMS A MAGNIFICENT LOVE STORY ABC-TV (USA) The King of Pop in his final perfornce EXTENDED BY POPULAR DEMAND ONE MORE WEEK! COMING SOON MOVIE DEAL THURS 12 Doors open 6.30pm TO WED 18 ALL See any film and reive 12% off at NOTE: NO 10.00AM SESSION Entry 10 per head/25 Fily (4) 12.05pm TICKETS FRI NO 9.30PM WED THIS IS IT O'Sushi OR spend 15 or more at O'Sushi MAO S NOTE: NO 8 featuring MICHAEL A CHRISTMAS JACKSON SESSION FRIDAY LAST DANCER and see any film for ju 10. Cditis ply Thrillbilly Stomp JIM CAROL CARREY FINAL 7 DAYS FINAL 7 DAYS FINAL 7 DAYS Fun for all ages! Great food! Great NEXT THURS: NEW MOON COMING SOON: THE BOYS ARE CK raffle! BYO Come and ke a night of it! <howebsti=cine> The Byr Shire Echo November 10, TBC S Rowell A DECEPTIVELY LOW-KEY SCI-FI ADVENTURE. USA TODAY A new film by the Coen Brothers EMPIRE OPENS NOV 19 LIMITED SEASON ONE WEEK ONLY!

34 BYRON Y NEW Spanish Cafe Now Open! Open Breakfa & Lunch Tues- 7-3pm Shop 7, 5 Middlet Street (opp. Court House) Byr eating out guide NGALOW gourmet fish & chips OPEN 7 DAYS FROM MIDDAY eat in or take away Bay Lane - behind the beach hotel `The Pacific ing Room is nothing short of ellar. Brisbane News, June 2009 Open 7 days from pm till late Bay St, Byr Bay Bookin reaurant bar weddin events Breakfa & Lunch Cotails & ner OPEN 7 DAYS FROM 6AM (02) Bangalow 2 Byr St Byr Bay 1 Js St Breakfa Lunch ner Seafood is our spialty Open from shheadsbyr.com.au NIGHT RIDER SHUTTLE BUS SERVICE CONSIDER THE SAFETY OF OTHERS LEAVE THE CAR AT HOME FRI AT NIGHTS 7PM 4AM SUNRISE TOWN YWOOD SUFFOLK CUSTOMERS OF LICENCED VENUES Tiets mu be pre-purchased from the venue or ttle shops AN INITIATIVE OF THE BYRON Y LIQUOR ACCORD New Spring Menu Coming! BEACHSIDE BREAKFAST, LUNCH & DINNER FROM 8AM LATE WEEKNIGHT SPECIALS!! Mday 15 Steak & Chips Tuesday 12. Par & Chips Wednesday 12. Carbara Thursday 12. Curry night Mday to day pm 33 Childe St., Byr Bay Tel: Overlooking Byr Bay Thursday Night Farmers Market ner 4 Course40 Set Winter Menu 2 Course30 3 Course40 Lunch: Friday-day ner: Thursday-Saturday A La Carte Weddin Parties Cferences okin preferred Bollywood Kitchen Award winning chef North Indian Cuisine UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT ner M-Sat 5pm till late Lunch (takeaway ly) Wed-Fri pm 6/108 Js St, Byr Bay BYO Janese reaurant Winner be sushi bar NSW regi 7 days licensed eat in or take away WOOLIES PLAZA BYRON Y tel Licensed & BYO Wine Open for breakfa & lunch everyday from 8 and dinner Saturday from 6pm Aircditied comfort Awarded Be Cafe/Reaurant 2006 tel SMH Good Food Guide 2010 tuesday to saturday 33 byr bangalow phe BILLINUDGEL 15 years running e outside or in Banquet menu available Wed- 6pm/e in or takeway RELAXED ATMOSPHERE BRUNSWICK Beach Hotel, Bay St, Byr Bay Great Food Great Value 7 days 6:30pm Reservatis priated 34 Js opposite Hotel Great Northern Shop 3/17 Laws Arc Bookin priated ian & Weern Licensed Bookin essential 11 Fletcher Street, Byr Bay Lunch Tue-Sat ner M-Sat Tue to Sat and NEW BRIGHTON cafe sote NEW MENU Open daily for breakfa and lunch ner Fri-Sat (okin preferred) Fully licensed 21 Fletcher Street Byr Bay Nominated Be Indian Be food, great service Fully licensed & takeaway Open for dinner 7 days 9.90 lunch M - Fri Feros Arc, Js St. Byr Bay. Tel LLINA NOW OPEN DINNER THUR, FRI AT RIVER STREET NEW BRIGHTON LENNOX 90 Ballina St Lennox Head Weekend Breakfas from 8 pas all day Lunch from 12pm ner from 6pm Open 7 days 34 November 10, 2009 The Byr Shire Echo <howebsti=eating Out Guide>

35 MULLUM TWEED COAST DELICIS NUTRITIS Victoria Cosford RESTAURANT + LGE R Poolside at Santai resort 9 Dianella Drive, Casuarina 1 YEAR CELEBRATION 5 courseal + French wines Fri 13 + Sat 14. Bookin ly Breakfa & Lunch Tues Thurs Breakfa, Lunch & ner Fri at Breakfa & Lunch day Open for lunch public holidays Salt Village, Kincliff Open for dinner 7 days and lunch every Fri, Sat and Chris Parties at Fins 89 per pers Canés at the bar us! Enquire now 7gZV`[Vhi AjcX], YVnh [gdb -Vb 9^ccZg E]dcZ %' ++-) )%(+ id Wdd` ** HiVi^dc HigZZi! BjaajbW^bWn lll#ed^cx^vcvxv[z#xdb suppliers Bookin essential dining@fins.com.au TINTENR EYXLIRXMG YUM CHA Homewares ian Groceries Fine Teas TM BOOK NOW CHRISTMAS RTIES NOW OPEN BREAKFAST Open Wednesday to Saturday from 6pm and day Lunch The Old Church,Tintenbar I arrived at the Party Food For Sensitivities cooking class clutching an r, a sharp knife and some private reservatis. Cducted by chef/nutritii Stephanie Willat, it wass held at a Byr Bay retreat at in a large room looking out to the ocean. into a wl so that we could dunk craers and crudites into it to o hunger ave off pan as we pre all prepared re of the the re dishes. My dishe good goodness, it was fantaic es espially with spears of raw r asparagus! asp The group Th was split w up, with u eeach of us aassigned to certain tasks Eils changed between en Stephanie and me previously ously haablished several details aut the cooking g class, which included Stephanie s hope that thee class would not be too clean for or me and the unsettling fact that hat my offer to bring alg a ttle ttle of wine had never been m before. It s my aim, she had ad told me, for everye to feel like the food is an indulgence ence that ju hpens to be nutritially supportive. Sure, I mused darkly to myself as I unpaed r, knife and no wine then induced myself to the four other women. srvised by b fantaic Stephanie. Shea and an I were ke dishes you can ke. respsible for the in Mo of the party food our meal, the Savoury Adzuki agenda was vegan, vegetarian, Croquettes. Adzuki beans are large legumes a bit like big free from gluten, dairy and nightshs. Two dips, savoury lentils, a similarly rich source of dietary fibre. We squashed croquettes with a sauce and Stephanie is tall and willowy them into various flavourin, two desserts cituted our and beautiful in that glowing rolled them in toaed sunevening s menu. Stephanie wholesome way that comes flower seeds then baked in the frt of her sll class not ju from living sensibly them: served with a sweet took us ep-by-ep through t from an innate warmth carrot sauce they were utterly the fir dip, discussing each and sweetness. disarming ingredient and the importance lovely as well (surely this food as the rip of sea in the setting of th freshness and quality. can t be good for you, people sun beyd our room was murmured). The sd dip It was a Sweet Pea Peo, the her calmly cfident teaching two surprise elements being was an earthy beeot e; yle. She began by plaining silken tofu ( a nk canvas, the desserts were raw tartlets that even if you or your gues Stephanie told us) and sweet filled with a chocolate cre have food intolerances or miso. She whizzed it up in th from avocado, banana allergies there are ill so ny food processor and dolloped it and cacao powder and a cashew-lem e (you could have sworn it was cheesake) together with dense nutty little carrot and almd cakes. Agave ntar was their sweetener; quinoa flakes, cocut flour and brown rice flour replaced plain (wheat) flour; tari, tahini and kom featured. It was every bit as voluptuous as I would want of party food as well as visually gorgeous. Stephanie an Iowa, USA girl who ce to Auralia for a 4-week holiday annded up falling in love with her nowhusband has written a ok called Nourish For Life, now in its third printing. She has cooking classes planned up until June 2010; she is arting up another arm of her siness called Food Sensitivity Chef supporting anye with any type of food reacti. Together with Alasdair Smiths from Munch Crunch Orgas she is organising a Summer Harve Fair for Dember and has a visi of bringing the local community together at a lg, shared table feive atmosphere and delicious foods. If anye can ke nutritious delicious it is Stephanie Willat who believes that love is tho important ingredient of all. Her website, for further inforti, is forlife.com.au snippets 4FSWJDJOH UIF GPPE JOEVTUSZ TJODF 5SBEF VJSJFT XFMDPNF F 'PPE USBEFST JO +BQBOFTF QSPEVDUT CVML TQJDFT BOE 5VSLJTI CSFBE 4QFDJBMJTJOH JO GPPE DBUFSJOH CATERERS 1UALITY CREATIVE CATERING #ELEBRATION CAKES 'RMET DELECTABLES 7OOD &IRED 0IZZA 4ASMAN 7AY "YRON!RTS )NDUSTRY %STATE WWW LUSCISFOODS COM BOOK NOW GRP AND CHRISTMAS CATERING Drill Hall in Mullumbimby, from 2pm to 4pm. It will co 15 a head, and for further inforti Dee can be ctacted THERMOMIX DEMO It looks a bit like a flying saucer a and what it actually is is a miracle of thnology in the form of a kitchen pliance. The Thermomix could possibly replace every pliance you might have in your kitchen. Independent csultant Dee Lerch spent a couple of hours demrating to enthusiaic Echo aff its various functis. M in France and designed in Gerny, it grinds, chops, kneads, irs, grates, churns and cooks it even cleans itself. We watched then spled the creati of Mango Sorbet, Hoummus, Bread Rolls, Coleslaw, Pumpkin Risotto and Lem Cuard. The chine even milled the wheat for the bread! Full of safety features, omical for heating, a TR THE FOODSCAPE Foodsce Tours has been operating since July of this year, running tours throughout the Byr regi. space-saver, health-giving Friends Karen Hir and and time-saving, this chine Jacqueline Weiley escort is perft for those who love s-loads of th touris good food t have little and locals a food-oriented time to ke it or little love trail which takes in farms, for the actual process of orchards, factories and cooking. It s for high-th hippies!, claime observer. Retailing ju under 2000 (and ly sold through home demratis) it s not che t ce you have perienced it you will see why. Dee is cducting a demrati/cooking class of the Thermomix day November 15 at the <howebsti=eating Out Guide> plantatis, where everye has the opportunity to talk dirtly to the people behind the regi s be local produce. Zentveld s, Bangalow Cheese Company, Wildbite and Rainfore Foods are ju several ples of ways you can tae the regi by participating in these tours. It s a fun full day out so far Saturdays fortnightly t so to include Thursdays. For more inforti and okin phe or visit The Byr Shire Echo November 10,

36 Sport Surf Life Saving Clubs: for safety s sake S Dennis beats pallers Grant Carey, Sim Ceglinski and Stewart White to the flag during the seniors event. Auralian men are nearly nine times more likely to drown at the beach than women according to the ju released Surf Life Saving Auralia Natial Coaal Safety Report, and it is young men who aro at risk with those aged between 30 and 39 rording the highe number of deaths (overall, men accounted for 88% of coaal SPORT RESULTS ANGLING Brunswi Angling Club October outing winner: J Wraight hcp. Nt outing 21/11, 3pm and weigh in 9 22/11. D outing set for 5/12 with BBQ after weigh in. BOWLS Byr Bay Men Mixed Pairs Club C ships begin 12/11. Chk notice ard. Byr Bay s Club 4s Chpis played Sat at Mullum in Chpi of Club Chpis, went down by three shots to Cdg in round 1. 5/11 Social: P Lofts, J Brooker; r/up J Clark, T Ives. 7/11: P Anders, B Lewis, out of the hat. Byr Bay Women 3/11 daily wls phy: M Carruthers, C Rose. 15/12 Chris breakup, all members and patrs invited. Bowls, lunch and phies. 5 dati for Chris Hper raffle to S Kym as. Lennox Head Men 3/11 Triples: J Ads J Heffernan L Martin (w) 25 d B Gregory R Reid J Moore 11; K Foer G Maley (r/up) 28 d F Dodd J Lowry 10; F Alcoat B Lawless J Dudge 19 d B Murray G Carter B Earle (cs) 15. 4/11 Twilight: J Moore C Ulri (w) 17 d B Saric T McFadden 9. P Carter G Brook B McRae D Gregor 9 all (shared r/up). 6/11 Mixed Pairs: J Heffernan D Gregor (w) 18 d M Berger B Weworth 1; D/B Lynch (r/up) 10 d G Hayes G Lightfoot 7; R Heffernan L Martin 11 d H Burgess F Somerville (cs) 3. Japot winners S Nicol N Holmes -6. 7/11 Social: K Foer G Carter R Sullivan W Hps I Whitehall C Skennar 24 all, (shared w) B Schweitzer S Prasad (r/up) 31 d B Higgins G Lightfoot 9. Lennox Head Women 4/11 Cs Singles s/final: J Burgess (w) 1 d D Martin 127.Maj/ Min Pairs: C Lawless G Moore (r/ drowning deaths in Auralia). Men ju never seem to learn when it comes to surf safety, said Matt Thomps of Surf Life Saving Auralia. Arrogance, bravado and an inflated sense of their surf swimming ability are a lethal combinati and the atiics speak for themselves. Men need to learn the limits of their ability, Mr up) 21d S Skennar E Reid 15. Social: R Heffernan, F McCarthy, A Dunger 20 d B Turner, N Holmes, M Gregor 17; N Harwood, H Burgess, O Stobart 26 d G Lee, L Morgan, T Harringt 11; C Brown, A Humphries, F Somerville 28 d R Sparre, J Fogarty, J Kemp 18; J Martin, J McRae, G Martin 28 d A Meagher, B Sullivan, N Robbins 10. Mullumbimby Ex Services Men 4/11 Social; Triples Japot 95. T.Bats,A.Pyzer,L.Henry 32 d JC.Canau,S.Purdie,M.Thorne 11. N.Jes,A.Johne,S.Brard 28 d P.Jes,A.Bartlett,F. Buley 16. L.Boyter,D.Ottery,J. McKay 24 d D.Henry,B.Moore,J. Ereich 15. Chook Winners; N.Jes, A.Johne, S.Brard. 6/11 Minor Singles; R.Day 31 d P.Gower 17. J.Ereich 31 d N.Lee 23. 7/11 Minor Singles; J.Morgan 31 d J.Ereich 13. R.Day 31 d JC.Canau 18. Social; Japot 60. R.Wainwright,B. McClymt,C.McClymt 20 d C.Thorne, T.Bats, G.Naoum 16. R.Fenwi,P.Gower 22 d K.Hall,M. Thorne 14. Mullumbimby Ex Services Women 3/11 Melb Cup Day: J.Franke, C.Thorne, J.Towner 15 (W Sret Margin) v J.Morrow, S.Brown, K.Freen 10; K.Johne, J.Lee, G.Henry 10 (R/up) v R.Wainwright, J.Grah, J.Kidn 9; E.Jes, J.Kearny,B.Reglin 12 v E.Jes, D.Lobb, B.Croft 10. Ocean Shores Men 2/11: P. Henders, d O Brian; R/ up B Lowood, G. Wall, C. Lee. 3/11 twilight wls: C Volz, J Volz, N Turner; r/up J Cornwell, A Rainsford, M Jes. 6/11 norfolk rules: no winner, Roet Roberts is shirty after dratic wl off. 7/11 spring cup: J Bartlett, K Hosie; r/up B Baber, M Haines. Minor singles final: Old school v new school, Winners D Whitney, B Danswan; r/up K McMorrow, P Henders. Thomps said. We have a goal of reducing drowning deaths by half by 2020 which is bitious t, we believe, achievable. Clearly, men are e of the in targets and we hope these figures will sho them into changing their behaviour at the beach. Safely negotiating rips is a jor area that we hope to educate the Ocean Shores Women 4/11: S Woolford,B Ste,B Sprengel(W Sret Margin) d S Woolford,N Russell,J Bartleyy;M Lee,D Grant,L McGowran(R/Up) d E Hill,J Lofts,M Flesser;R Moore/W Sprengel d M Hosie/A Slater. 6/11: E Hill,D Grant,M Jes(W Highe Margin) d J Cornwell,B Baber,L Mas;C Thorne/B Sprengel (R/Up) d J Lofts/C Timewell;T Cpbell,M Bertoli,JM Quirke d M Lee,J Willis,M Hosie;P Hems/M Flesser draw T Warr/J Howell. Golfer/Bowler day Fri 13/11. Hit BRIDGE Brunswi Valley 2/11 7 ble Mitchell: NS 1 Gross/2nd Nett M Solway, D Dare; 2nd Gross/1 Nett C Timewwell, C Blaer; EW 1 Gross/2nd Nett D Grant, F Patters; 2nd Gross: S Van Rossum, I Homfray; 2nd Nett T Reynolds, F Star. 7/11 5 ble Howell: 1 Gross/1 Nett P Keytes, P Quirke; 2nd Gross H Lewis, P Sullivan; 2nd Nett G Fals, J Sellk. Ocean Shores 4/11 7 tble Mitchell (with E/W sit out): NS 1 gross R Keyte/P Keyte; 2nd gross Sellk/B Sims. EW: 1 gross M Clark/R Heale 2nd gross: D Jes/S Stewart. GOLF Mullumbimby Ladies 5/11 Sroke: Div 1 B Mules 68c/b; Div 2 L Walker 67c/b; Vets Div 1 L Walker; r/up J Beer; Div 2 B Woolnough; r/up A Moser. 12/11 S/Stab Draw: 9 G Lynn, F Gannell, S Kosaka; 9.06 J Beer, G Poynting, R Wils; 9.12 WStenner, G Jes, M Cricht; 9.18 G Redn, B Woolnough, H Hmd; 9.24 A Moser, G Smith. ble Duty: G Lynn/G Jes. Ocean Shores Men 2/11 Medley Stab: R Skillen 43 Pts; r/up G Bullard 40 Pts; W Keating 39 Pts; Balls to 35 Pts. 4/11 4BBB Stab: R Baxter/B Blows 49 Pts (C/B); R/up T Mitchell/J Catlin 49 Pts; D Weber/D Ensor 48 Pts; Balls public in and you will see this throughout the summer. In the 2008/09 seas, there were 23,075 rescues in total carried out, 1,322,212 preventis occurred, fir aid was adminiered 69,013 occasis and there were 87 resuscitatis. Of those, 44% who drowned lived less than 10km from the coaline and 36% drowned less than 10km from their place of residence. Four drowning deaths were cfirmed as being internatial touris. There were 24 n-drowning deaths (ny involving heart complicatis or accidents) and there were 20 reported shark related incidents of which e was fatal. This is in line with pa years, however NSW accounted for 17 of these. Mo importantly, there was not a single drowning death rorded of people swimming between the red and yellow fla. The number of deaths that occur our beaches is ill too high, particularly g les, although we hope that this report and the cpaigns we will roll out over summer to 43 Pts Pro Pin G Bullard. 7/11 4BBB Stab: B Racine/P Thorley 48 Pts; r/up N Willis/G Priday 46 Pts (C/B); R Moffitt/P Geeves 46 Pts; Balls to 42 Pts. Ocean Shores Ladies 3/11 Stab: V Loomes 39; R/Up C Killi 38; Vouchers to 35. NTP: Div 1 R Moller; Div 2 P Kranz; Div 3 M Hosie. 5/11 Stab: S Stephens 39; R/Up L Oppern 38; Vouchers to 34. 7/11 Stab: D Jansen 39; R/Up A Tkin 38; Vouchers to 33. NTP: Div 1 L McGowrqan; Div 2 J Brown. Ocean Shores Men Veterans 5/11 4BBB Stab: R Goodacre, P Moyle pts; r/up G Cullen, B Blows 48 pts; A Dalds, D Sharp 47 pts c/b; NTP 3rd K Lange; 8th A Ross; 17th T Cornell; Gorilla Award: H/C 0 to 19 P Moyle; H/C 20+ G ylor; OBE lge drive J Roberts. Balls to 40. RUGBY UNION Brunswi Valley Juniors AGM day 22/11 at 11 at the Brunswi Bowling Club. All iing and new members are welcome. Enquiries SQUASH Brunswi Heads 11/11 Rnd 14 Ce Byr Med Centre Comp: Canty s Surveyors v Bruns Blinds; M Underwood v G Elliott, S Thomps v W Ferrier, J Gribble v G Kinski, J Nicols v R Jes, A Cox v B Doran. Byr Bay Trophies v OS Glass; G Davis v D Bird, C Walsh v C Pearce, P Hill v Kijay, C John v R Cer, P McQueen v F King. The Potato QWorks v Bruns arcy; C Littlewood v C Peate, G Hall v L Clarke, L Miller v C Booth, K Sloee v S Mo, J Julius v C Naught. OS Bakery Bye. 16/11 Rnd 9 Byr Health Foods Comp: Div 1; 5pm C Peate v D Bird, G Davis v C Littlewood, L Powell v M Underwood, B Trivett Bye. Div 2; 5pm L Clarke v M Stebbing, C Walsh v L Tosella, C Pearce v A Li, T Dryden v M Cassidy. Div 3; 5pm J Gribble v Kijay, C John v S Mo, R Drer v J Nicols. Div will go some way to changing attitudes of men, ccludes Mr Thomps. With the summer seas fa proaching, Surf Life Saving Auralia is now actively seeking to rruit new surf lifesavers to its fold. Swim-fit Auralians aged 15 and over who are intereed in training for their Brze Medalli the qualificati needed to me a surf lifesaver are advised to ctact their local surf club or visit the Surf Life Saving Auralia website: au for more inforti. Locally, it s been a while for Brunswi Surf Club, t ce again the club has a senior surf lifesaving competiti. Members of the public often see life savers out in the surf practicing rescue thniques each time that they are pal, however competiti is a great way of pushing yourself to go as hard as you can in the surf. This could mean the difference in saving a life. The fir competiti was held day November 1. In the Senior mens, the fla event was hotly cteed with 4; 5pm M Binns v C Naught, A Bulli v F King, B Doran v C Wilkins, A Cox v T worth, D Reilly v S Truesdale. New Wed Mixed Comp arting so. To play phe SURFING Brunswi Boardriders BBC November club cte will be this day. Meet by 7.30 at Bruns Surfclub TABLE TENNIS 5/11: P Saro (-16) took out the singles handic comp; Equal sd E Reinernn (-9), B Cawthorne (-6) and M Smith (-10). Doubles final w by J Rodger and W Borkhardt 2-1 from M Smith and B Cawthorne. Enquiries ring Mark TENNIS Riverside 3/11 Tuesday Ladies winners: S Alle/B Cpbell; Mthly Medal winners: J Wood, J Murray, B Cpbell, M Arn. New players very welcome. For info ring Barbara VOLLEYLL Brunswi Heads 10/11 Rnd 12 OS Skips Comp: 6pm Lounge Lizards v Balliic, No Mercy v Flash, Duty Chargers. 7pm Hit and Run v Mixed Chiens, Wrkers v Chargers, Blazers v Bashers, Titans Bye, Duty Balliic. 12/11 Rnd 11 OS True Value Comp: 6pm Tripods v Volleys, Scary Redhead v Skers, Mums the Word v X Factor, Duty Kaos.com. 7pm 3 Stooges v Pink Flingoes, Pandas v Red Fro, Chilli Twi v Kaos. com, Flukes v Cosmic Kittens, Go Go Girls Bye, Duty Tripods /Scary Redhead. To play phe , beginners welcome. SLSC TROLS Brunswi SLSC Sat 14/11 10 to 3 Pal 1: K Southwell, B Love, M Quinn, M Quinn, M Quinn, I Heiniger, Z Heiniger, G Southern, B McHugh. 15/11 9 to 4 Pal 3: C Reid, W King, D Kyle Robins, S Cdie, M Mcrae, B Smith, P Parker, P Rose. Grant Carey and Sim Ceglinski fighting it out the whole way, losing eventually to Stewart White who couldn t resi beating his younger competiti. S Dennis finished rgly in all events and this saw 1 point separating Sim, S and Grant in the overall point score. Senior women saw Wendy Carey and Terry Currie taking 2 wins each and Jo Hill with a 2nd in the sprints. In the Juniors Zoe Heiniger and Georgia Carey were close in all events with Zoe winning all t the fla. Jes Arthur, len Pinxteren and Ni Carey were very close in all areas, however Ni s perience in competiti proved too rg and he took fir place in each event. Overall point score winner for the day were Sim Ceglinski, Ni Carey, Terry Currie and Zoe Heiniger. For inforti how to me a member of the e of our local surf life saving clubs, viisit the Brunswi SLSC at: or the Byr Bay webpage at: www. byrbaysurfclub.com.au. Futsal update Byr local Futsal goal keeper Nat Caldwell rently returned from representing North Coa NSW for the under 15 ys at the Vikin Natial Schools Futsal Competiti in Alry. The ly local from the Northern Rivers te, Nat represented th the regi and his school, Southern Cross Diance Educati from the September 28 to October 2. The competiti saw tes from across Auralia competing with a rg rivalry between the country and city tes. Our Northern NSW te went head to head with Sydney City and triumphed with the final score The te competed over four days playing a total of nine ges. The country ys were selted from school tes from Port Macquarie to the Northern NSW rder. Two Queensland tes entered the finals and claimed victory. The under 15s Northern NSW ys placed sd again the be futsal school tes from across Auralia. Nat is currently training for the futsal seas and will ctinue to represent our regi with a local te at the Vikin Country titles held in Caloundra, the Vikin Brisbane Cup and defend their title as Chpis at the Vikin Pacific Titles held in Nat ctinues his training in Auralia, Brazil and the UK. To get involved with Vikin Futsal call Northern Rivers Coordinator Jes Wats , eil j.wats@ vikinfutsal.com. or visit: 36 November 10, 2009 The Byr Shire Echo <howebsti=sport>

37 Sport Tom McCor ned NSW Junior SprintChp Byr Bay dirt bike racer, Tom McCor, wrped up his fifth series win and sd chpiship victory of the year at rently. The 16-year-old Yaha rider blitzed the junior field at the final rounds of the NSW Sprint Chpiships held near Dungog in New South Wales. McCor said he haspially enjoyed the event, as he was able to compete aard the new YZ2F. It was e of my fir rides the new 2010 YZ2F and the bike is awesome, he said. The YZ2F ran great all weekend. It s a whole new bike, it works fantaic, turns really fa and the power is azing. Tom injured himself a few weeks ago and it was uncertain if he would compete in the event. I didn t get much of a chance to ride the bike before the race as I broky collarbe two and a half weeks ago, t by the end of day, I had it all sorted and had a it I can t wait to race it again. McCor was atic when he got the all clear to race. I went to a spiali and my doctor who th said it was fine to race, I ve been looking after the injury and will hopefully be ba to 100 percent so. McCor s victory at the weekend was icing the cake to the teenager s near perft 2009 seas. In Queensland, McCor w the Yaha Two-Day Queensland Enduro Chpiship, SEQ Enduro Series, Sprint Cross-Country Series and Enduro-Cross Series, he also finished sd in the nati at the Yaha Auralian Off-Road Chpiship. This year went really well, it was a good way to end my Junior career and I m really looking forward to nt year when I ll be a senior and riding in the Pro Class in Queensland, he said. I ll be the fir junior in Queensland to move raight to Pro and I m cited to work hard and do my be to me g the be in the ate and the country. My fir senior race will be a py press at Casino, New South Wales, this weekend and I can t wait for it. Tom said the Dungog tra had been challenging and very slippery, espially in the mornin, and the course had been dending and hilly. There was rg competiti over the weekend which really pushed me and meant I had to ay my ge until the end. It was a good challenge and a great way to get used to the new bike. Tom is the current Yaha Junior Queensland Enduro Chpi, Yaha SEQ Enduro Series winner and is ranked sd in the country for Junior Off-Road racers. Tom s ultite goal is to ke the sport he loves his professi and me the fae in Auralia. For more inforti aut sprint racing, visit: One Mo ce covered the world: It was Morning of The Mo Morning of the Earth transformed the surf movie genre in the late 60s anarly s as an artiic portrait of counter-culture and alternative lifeyles throughout Auralia, Bali and Hawaii. The Morning of the Mo surf event relives the glory days ctured by Albe Falz in the Morning of the Earth surf movie, bringing ba the Mo to surf fashi, to help change the face of men s health within the surf community. It s a grass roots event with all competitors required to sport a Mo and ride a pre 1980 s i to enter. All proceeds of the event go to Movember s beneficiary partners. The comp is heading ba to the Byr - Ballina coa November 21 for another weekend of old school fun and ges, a snag in bread anven a wave. The rules for the event are simple: If it didn t hpen in the 60s or s it s not hpening now. No Mo means no ride, no legropes, no thruers. The co to enter the event is, you can grab your forms from events/morning-of-the-mo. You need to regier for the Mo Te at : au.movember.com/regier/16699 and follow eps. Once regiered you ll be sent all the inforti you need to get datis and get growing Shores United celebrates seas end Shores United had their presentati la Saturday at the oval at New Bright. The afterno was a huge fun fily event with ny grinners and winners the day,and speaking of keeping it in the fily, proud dad John Mtgomery is pictured here with daughter Sharni, who was a nominee for fele player of the year and s Corey who is the Club Player of the Year. oto Paul Begg. as part of the Morning of the Mo te. A gala party will be held, the co 20 to enter the party unless you re already in the comp. Doors open 8pm at the Great Northern Hotel Ba Room. Dance off and Mo presentatis when the time feels right. Morning of the Mo is aimed at fun, the Mo, and uniting surfers to change the face of men s health. We thank Albe Falz and all the original Morning of the Earth crew for all their inspirati and support. For all inforti please ctact: gerrymopez@movember.com. MONTHLY MARKETS 1 SAT Bruns Heads SAT Murwillumbah SUN Byr Bay SUN Lismore Car Boot nd SUN The Chann nd SUN Lennox Head nd SUN Alville rd SAT Mullumbimby rd SAT Murwillumbah rd SUN Uki rd SUN Nimbin rd SUN Lismore Car Boot rd SUN Ballina th SUN Bangalow* Changed for November ly 5th SUN Bangalow* November ly th SUN Lennox Head th SUN Nimbin SATURDAYS Byr Community Bazaar 10-2pm FARMERS MARKETS Each TUE New Bright Each TUE Orga Lismore Each THU 8-11 Byr Each SAT 8-11 Bangalow Each SAT 8-1pm Uki Byr Bay Cping & Disposals For Rossi, Blunde, Ug and tents e: Mullumbimby Junior Rugby League Club Applicatis for 2010 Coaches Open for all grs from 7 s to 16 s. Coaching Course can be organized if needed Applicatis close 27 November. Po Applicatis to PO Box 546 Mullumbimby NSW 2482 or Eil watkinswk@netspace.net.au Full mo November 3 05:14 Third quarter November 10 01:56 New mo November 17 05:14 Fir quarter November 25 07:39 Full mo Dember 2 17:31 The Byr Shire Echo November 10, <howebsti=sport> Day of mth rise set Mo rise Mo set NOVEMBER 09 Aromical data and tides High tide, height (m) Low tide, height (m) 1 S ,1.60; 2003, ,0.36; 1406, M ,1.; 26, ,0.35; 1449, T ,1.78; 2131, ,0.35; 1533, W ,1.83; 2219, ,0.37; 1620, T ,1.85; 2311, ,0.40; 1710, F , ,0.44; 18, S ,1.27; 1211, ,0.49; 1902, S ,1.23; 1309, ,0.54; 2005, M ,1.22; 12, ,0.58; 2109, T ,1.26; 11, ,0.59; 2209, W ,1.33; 1629, ,0.56; 2303, T ,1.43; 1732, ,0.51; 2351, F ,1.54; 1830, , S ,1.64; 1922, ,0.34; 1327, S ,1.72; 2012, ,0.36; 18, M ,1.77; 2058, ,0.39; 15, T ,1.79; 2143, ,0.43; 1548, W ,1.78; 2225, ,0.47; 1630, T ,1.75; 2306, ,0.51; 1711, F ,1.; 2347, ,0.55; 1751, S , ,0.60; 1633, S ,1.17; 1224, ,0.64; 1917, M ,1.16; 1308, ,0.68; 2005, T ,1.17; 1359, ,0.71; 2055,0. 25 W ,1.20; 1457, ,0.73; 2145, T ,1.26; 1559, ,0.72; 2232,0. 27 F ,1.35; 10, ,0.67; 2317, S ,1.45; 1755, , S ,1.56; 1847, ,0.45; 1257,0. 30 M ,1.68; 1937, ,0.43; 1346,0.39 All times are Daylight Savin Time. Time la: Ballina Boat Do: 15 min; Byr Bay: nil; Brunswi River Highway Bridge: high 30 min, low 1 hr; Mullumbimby: 1 hr 10 min; Billinudgel: 3 hr 55 min; Chinderah: high 1 hr 30 min, low 2 hr; Terranora Inlet: high 2 hr 10 min, low 2 hr 25 min; Murwillumbah: high 2 hr 30 min, low 2 hr min. Tides in ld indicate high tide of 1.7m or more and low tide of 0.3m or less. Data courtesy of the Natial Tidal Centre.

38 Service Dirtory SERVICE DIRECTORY RATES, YMENT & DEADLINE DEADLINE: For additis and changes to the Service Dirtory is 12pm Friday LINE ADS: for 3 mths or 260 for 1 year prepaid DISPLAY ADS: 55 per week for colour display ad. Minimum 8 week oking 4 weeks prepaid. Please supply display ads 85mm wide, 28mm high. ACCTS & BOOKINGS: Accountants...38 Acupuncture...38 Antennas & Inallati...38 Appliance Repair...38 Architts...38 beos...38 Beauty...38 Building Trs...38 Carpet Laying...39 Chiropractic...39 Cleaning...39 Computer Services...39 Ccreting...39 Counselling...39 Dks & Patios...39 Dentis...39 Design & Drafting...40 Eltricians...40 Fencing...40 Floor Sanding & Finishing...40 Floris...40 Furniture Reorati & Cructi...40 Garden & Property Maintenance...40 Gates...40 Gas Fitters uppliers...40 Glaziers...40 Grhic Design...40 Guttering... Handyperss... Health... Hire... Household Requirements... Insulati... INDEX ACCTANTS Interior Design... Laur Hire... Landscing & ExcavatI... Lighting...42 Motoring...42 Naturopathy...42 Nutriti...42 Oeopathy...42 Painting...42 Pe Cl...42 ysiothery...42 Picture Fring...42 Plaering...42 Plumbers...42 Printer Ter & Cartridges...43 Printing & Copying Services...43 Removalis...43 Rubbish Removal...43 Surity Services...43 Septic Syems...43 Sewing Machine Repairs...43 Shrink Wrping...43 Solar Inallati...43 Solicitors...43 Swimming Pools...43 Tiling...43 Tree Services...43 Upholery...43 Veterinary Surges...43 Window Tinting...43 Water Cartage...43 Water Filters...43 Wedding Services...43 Window Tinting...43 ACCTANT Paul Mayberry BIZWIZZ Professial & mobile MYOB & Quioks, BOOKKEEPER MYOB, Quioks, S, account setup/training...edward BOOKKEEPER /Business Adminirator Exp. MYOB Cs & Bus Mgr... Ruth BOOKEEPING SERVICES for creative sll sinesses. MYOB, Mac or PC...Jenny HANS ON BOOKEEPING MYOB, quioks, S & training...sjan HUDSON MANAGEMENT SERVICES Bangalow Easyoks sll siness spiali your oks m easy! Bookkeeping and Business Services KySaMa Angels Guardians for your Books Telephe: Bookkeeping S Reporting Syem Development Accounts Set Up Payroll rannuati Training E: office@kysa.com.au Website: kysa.com.au ACUPUNCTURE YSIDE ACUPUNCTURE & HERL MEDICINE Remedial ssage. Brunswi Heads ANTENNAS & INSTALLATION A ANTENNA EXPERT Fa digital service ANTENNA + AUDIO VISUAL BRUNSWICK TV SERVICE 30 years. Byr Shire. Bill Sked ANTENNAS AND MORE No * Cditis no improvement, charge * ply ANTENNAS AND MORE * Cditis ply DIGITAL EXPERTS BYRON ANTENNA SERVICE CALL US FIRST - FAST SERVICE. ALL AREAS Richard DIGITAL ANTENNAS RELIABLE & FRIENDLY SERVICE / JP ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE REIR MULLUMBIMBY APPLIANCE SERVICE Byr Shire or NJ ELECTRONICS 28 yrs p. TV, video, audio repairs... Neor or ARCHITECTS FRANK STEWART ARCHITECT Reg GREG TOLLIS ARCHITECTS Reg Green Architture JOSE DO Suainable Architture. Reg or SCE STUDIO Building designers, interior designers and projt nagers. New ildin, renovatis and heritage projts. Reg zaher architts archittural and design services : reg. 7669/7673 ilding affordable new homes ASBESTOS ROB DEEGAN Antennas, parts, inallati or ABC: LLINA ASBESTOS & DEMOLITION No job too big or sll November 10, 2009 The Byr Shire Echo <howebsti=service Dirtory> BEAUTY GODDESS OF WAX Spialising in all waxing. Ocean Shores... Claudia DREADLOCKS / RASTAS MAKE OR FIX YR DREADS WHERE? HOW? CHEAPEST RATES IN THE AREA GUARANTEED SUNDAY BRAZILIAN BUILDING TRADES Y RECLAIMED New & Used ilding supplies BRICK & BLOCKLAYER Neat, reliable, quality. Lic C BRICKLAYER & BLOCKLAYER Quality worknship, reliable. Lic C BRICK & BLOCKLAYING Quality work, che rates. Lic C or BRIMS BUILDER S HARDWARE BUILDER + ALL TRADE Stuart Diie - renos, tensis etc Lic C or BUILDER THINK BUILDING Excellent work. Quality projts. Lic 1886C BUILDER/CARPENTER BOB STEWART Lic 14815C. Mullum SGB or BUILDER/CARPENTER Lic 1988C... Dave or BYRON STONE & TIMBER CONSTRUCTION & DESIGN CARPENTER Experienced, prompt, all work. Lic C CARPENTER Quality work & finishes. Lic C... Paul CARPENTRY/JOINERY Renovatis, kitchens, bathrooms, sll jobs. Lic C Paul CEMENT RENDERING AC & HM Ea. Lic 67405C or CONCRETING EXCAVATIONS & RUBBISH REMOVAL CONCRETING Steve Baker Lic C DINGO DEMOLITIONS & ASBESTOS REMOVAL or GECKO LANDSCAPE SOLUTIONS Dks, pergolas, walls & fencing. Lic C KIRKLANDS BUILDING Quality, friendly service. Lic 79499C... Peter or MICHAEL WINTERS BUILDER Lic 375. Extensis, renovatis, kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes, gyproing & plaering, painting & general repairs. Available now or VING, LANDSCAPING, DECKS, SANDSTONE WORK Lic 10711C Greg or STAINLESS WIRE LUSTRADING Supplies and inallati or WRGHT IRON TEEL columns, eps, balurading, site-welding...br Forge CARPENTER Cheyne Hps engineer civil&ructural certificati, design, inspti / j.quinn99@yahoo.com.au ph: hptandlarss.com.au

39 Service Dirtory P & L Guy Tiling & Building Maintenance Wall & floor tiling Carpentry Bathroom renovati Fully insured Lic No 55115C / Quality Renovatis & Carpentry Kitchens and cabinets co-designed with you. Bathrooms, timber features, cuom-m projts. Owner-ilder friendly. References and inspti of work available. Lic 84399C D or Piers Mr C DEEP STEAM FAST DRYING Commercial & Domeic Window Cleaning Apple Computers Lightforce A large selti of New MacBooks and imacs & ipods In Sto too! Brigantine St. Byr Bay 8796 LOCALL AUSTRALIS CARPET LAYING NEW, USED & REIRS... John Maddo or CHIROPRACTIC CHIROPRACTOR Bruce Cpbell, Brent Verco, Bianca ford. 120 Js St, Byr Bay DISCOVER CHIROPRACTIC BYRON Y Margaret y MICHAEL SCHWAGER Chiropractor 108 Stuart St, Mullumbimby MULLUM CHIROPRACTIC Karl Weden & Brent Verco. 110 Dalley St WAVE OF LIFE NETWORK CHIRO (lowforce) 8/9 Fletcher St, Byr Bay. Andrew Badn CLEANING A TO Z HOME CLEANING SERVICES 7 days a week or ALL BYRON SHIRE CARPET & UPHOLSTERY CLEANING AMORE CARPET & UPHOLSTERY CLEANING or BYRON Y Exclusive residence cleaning, 5 ar cleaner, 20yrs p...kathy QUALITY HSEKEEPING...Julie WINDOW CLEANING Free quotes...boyd WINDOW/PRESSURE CLEANING Professial work, free quotes, 20 yrs p.. Steve an art since 1994 Call Charlie (free quote) / ACTION WINDOW & PRESSURE CLEANING or YSIDE WINDOW CLEANING & PRESSURE CLEANING Always Waterwise Professial Window Cleaning DOMESTIC COMMERCIAL BOND CLEANS Level 5 rerictis compliant Reliable and of the highe quality call for a free quote FREECALL MOBILE TLC TENDER LOVING CARE Tru Mounted Machine CARPET CLEANING Spialising in household carpet cleaning Speedy Drying Kevin & Margaret Bower (02) WET JET PRESSURE CLEANING Prepare for the feive seas! FREE QUOTES call Chris Gourt / COMPUTER SERVICES BITSWIZARD EXPERTS: Mobile th 24/7, fix & sales, be for less cash KEN S COMPUTERS General repairs, sales, parts, upgrs, internet WiseGal Computer Service Internet, software & hardware, networks, tuiti computer centre the ly computer shop in the heart of byr bay Apple & PC thians Computer sales Service and repairs Ltops & desktops New & sdhand House calls Data rovery Internet & wireless Ba & accessories Ink & ter cartridges Printing & scanning c pc UPSTAIRS, 3 MARVEL ST DAVID LAWSON COMPUTER SERVICES New Machines, Repairs. Upgrs, Training, Networking, Internet Cnti, Software Win 7, Wenet agent. Cert. Th. Microsoft Sales : Mobile or Doctor Data Rescue Have you lo important files? DON T NIC! There is a soluti We can rover from Low rates. Fa local service hard disks USB flash drives ipods/mp3 players CDs/DVDs digital cera orage (SD etc) COMPUTER REIRS MOBILE SERVICE PC & Mac UENT WIRELESS SPECIALIST IMAX COMPUTERS Byr Bay Since The Byr Shire Echo November 10, <howebsti=service Dirtory> SALES CONCRETING ANDREW RSONS CONCRETING CSELLING ART & BODY SED THERAPY Felicity Grace. Mullumbimby Wednesdays ART THERAPY / SANDPLAY THERAPY Individual & groups. Claudia Leaney EXPERIENTIAL ARTS THERAPY Miat trained...anna PSYCHOTHERAPY & CSELLING Paul Cooke RELATIONSHIP SEXUAL CSELLING with John. Byr Thursdays & Fridays SE-TRAUMA RESOLUTION DECKS & TIOS The Dk Doctor Spialising in: Richard Neylan richardneylan@iprimus.com.au Fax: (02) SPECIALISING IN HARDWOOD STRUCTURES e or eil pridarpentryandjoinery@hotil.com PORTFOLIO DENTISTS NGALOW DENTAL CENTRE In the Medical Centre Compl, Bangalow BRUNSWICK HOLISTIC DENTAL CENTRE BYRON DENTAL SUERY Mercury-free reoratis MULLUMBIMBY DENTAL CENTRE 100 Stuart St, Mullumbimby

40 Service Dirtory DESIGN & DRAFTING ACCENT COLOR PLAN COPYING / PRINTING REFOOT BUILDING DESIGN New Homes & additis...bob Act BYRON ENEY EFFICIENT DESIGN & DRAFTING or DAVID ROBINSON DRAFTING Renovati, design & plans or EXNDESIGN Houses & renovatis. Alok Eggenberger GARDEN DESIGN, FENG SHUI or JOSEPH SCHUBERT Building design BDANSW or Modern Eco Building Designers ELECTRICIANS ALF BURLEY 24 hour call out. Very reasable rates. Lic C ALL ELECTRICAL WORK Including solar and metering. Lic EC Syd CGHRAN ELECTRICAL 24 hourt service, Lic C or CURTIS ELECTRICAL 24 hour service all Byr Shire. Lic 79065C GOTCHA WIRED Peter Kendall Eltrical Ctractors Lic 61439C or RONNIE SPINKS Everything eltrical Lic SMALL UENT EMEENCY JOBS ONLY Business, Home, Farm, Indurial Reliable and Punctual ELECTRICIAN 24 Hr Service No Call Out Fee Andrew Curtis Lic No 79065C Solar power spiali Call Jürgen Country Energy ctractor Overhead power supply Underground power Metering / Off Peak LED lighting sales & inallatis 88593C Lic NSW Call Norm EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL IN BYRON SHIRE THE MAINTENANCE SPECIALIST NO CALL T FEES FREE QUOTES 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE Lic C ELECTRICIAN Lic FENCING AARON SMITH Timber fencing spiali & repairs ADDISON FENCING Colourbd, pool, timber, glass & screens BEDNARZ, H & W, FENCING Spialise in pool, colourbd & timber fencing BENS FENCING RELIABLE, PROMPT, QUALITY 7 days BYRON & BEYOND FENCING Any fence, any time, prompt quotes or FENCE MERS Landscing and fencing solutis North Coa FLOOR SANDING & FINISHING Floorsanding & Polishing FLORISTS OH HANG IT OH POT IT Fresh local flowers & plants. Deliveries SSION@FLOWERS Byr Bay. Fresh flowers, weddin. Interflora member FURNITURE RESTORATION & CONSTRUCTION STEPHEN THURSTON Antique reorati, furniture commissis GARDEN & PROPERTY MAINTENANCE A VEGIE TCH Cuom designed for your dget & needs... Luke AAA ACTION GARDENERS For all your garden needs, treelopping & chipping AARON SMITH Affordable lawn mowing & rubbish removal ABT BYRON Lawns, gardens, gutters, rubbish, mulch... Mark or ABSOLUTE ALL MOWING, garden intenance & rubbish removal Shane or BENS MOWING & GARDEN MAINTENANCE RELIABLE, PROMPT 7 days BLUEGUM MOWING Garden & property intenence...ad or BYRON SHIRE PROPERTY SERVICES Google it! or COAST MOWING & BRUSHCUTTING rise to Lennox... John GARDEN WARRIOR Professial lawn & garden care. Zero turn ride-... Paul GARDENS RENOVATED Weeding, clear ups, mowing, trimming etc. Reasable rates. Tim GECKO LANDSCAPE SOLUTIONS Garden reoratis, tree removal, ride-. Lic C GREEN EARTH Garden reorati, intenance, tree & rubbish removal or GROWING THINGS Horticulturi, all areas.... Dave or GUTTERS CLEANED All areas, free quotes, fully insured or LAWN MOWING + YARD MAINTENANCE Odd jobs...mark or McCALLUM PROPERTY SERVICES or MULLUM-MOWING@mullumline.net Ride...Peter NORTHERN RIVERS MOWING & GARDEN MAINTENANCE or RESTORATIONS, TREE REMOVAL Insured. 17 years perience locally... Paul SPECIALIST WEED CONTROL CONTRACTORS / CONSULTANTS THE ULTIMATE MAINTENANCE MAN indoors/outdoors 20yrs p... Darren TREE & LM LOPPING Felling, rubbish removal, fully insured, free quotes HINTERLAND ACREAGE MOWING & BRUSHCUTTING Fa and reliable service. Fully insured. Luke / SUPER SPRING SPECIALS ON NOW! Peter McDald Fencing & Farm Maintenance / Lawnmowing Service / AH Lee The Gardener Lawn mowing Garden intenance Garden renovatis Paving Wae removal Fully insured Reasable rates. For free quote call Lee: ACREAGE MOWING GAS FITTERS UPPLIERS encing Slashing Stoyard 4WD 4 in 1 ket Po ences All areas no job too sll BRUNSWICK VALLEY GAS SUPPLY. FREE DELIVERY, NO RENTAL GATES ALL STEEL GATES Autotic sliding Gate spiali. Free quotes GLAZIERS OCEAN SHORES GLASS AND SCREENS Glass splashbas Lic No 61205C GRAPHIC DESIGN ACCENT COLOR Web Design & Cructi WEBSITES Schultz Circuit Eltrical commercial, indurial and domeic plicatis Local, reliable, friendly eltrician 24 hour service, tensive perience, no-obligati free quotes. Call Wayne or Lic C SMALL, UENT & EMEENCY ELECTRICAL JOBS Genuine 24 hour, 7 days a week service Call Lic 79065C Garden & Property Maintenance Mowing/ ride- Brush cutting Landscing Garden reorati Mulching Weed cl Rubbish removal Pressure cleaning Servicing the Byr Shire & beyd. Fully insured. ABN S Plummer artful engagement professial design lellib@gil.com poers,ads,flyers,brochures, newsletters,signage,paaging, design,rketing,photogrhy LelliB design 40 November 10, 2009 The Byr Shire Echo <howebsti=service Dirtory>

41 Service Dirtory HSEHOLD REQUIREMENTS LABR HIRE web eet esign web & grhic design GUTTERING SPOTLESS GUTTER CLEANING Free quotes, fully insured or GUTTER GUARD SPECIALISTS Inalling Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Polyethylenesh. SPOTLESS GUTTERS or a/h (02) HANDYPERSONS A TO Z HANDYMAN SERVICES Ja of All...Andre or ACTION PROPERTY MAINTENANCE Carpentry, repairs, renovatis CALL A HUBBY for all your little odd jobs... Ami CAPE BYRON PROPERTY MAINTENANCE all areas Tom Scott or FEDERAL FERAL FIXITS or GOLDEN HANDS Experienced, reliable handyn for all jobs + lawnmowing HANDYMAN with 25 years carpentry perience MULLUM HANDYMAN Maintenance, repairs, painting, renovatis, gardening RELIABLE HANDYMAN SERVICES...Michael or Local reliable ilding repairs, carpentry and handyn service Insured. Licence C e Kieren or ifixproperty@yahoo.com.au PROPER JOB BOB For all your local handyn services Prompt service. Free quotes. All areas. No Job too sll HEALTH : Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Couselling, Dentis, Massage Thery, Naturopathy, Nutriti, Oeopathy, ysiothery ACUPUNCTURE CHINESE HERL MEDICINE Dr Ad Osrne ACUPUNCTURE CHINESE HERL MEDICINE M Collis ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE Poural re-educati for pain, ress/dysfuncti. M. Hayes AYURVEDA Csultatis, ssage, treatments... Jacinta BONES LIFE OSTEOPOROSIS PREVENTION Jenny Groves CLASSICAL WEST HERLIST Iridology, arological medicine, Bach flower... Luke CRANIOSACRAL LANCING Naj Ahern. Practitier, tutor and trainer CRANIOSACRAL, CHIROPRACTIC, OSTEOTHY David Aern FEEL GOOD MASSAGE Deep R & R, beauty & detox support FELDENKRAIS Jenny Groves KINESIOLOGY & REMEDIAL MASSAGE Paritosho Rowe MULLUM HOMEOTHY Chriina (Ina) Buhse regiered classical Homeopath MULLUMBIMBY HERLS Naturopathy, Massage, 79 Stuart St MULLUMBIMBY MEDICAL CENTRE 60 Stuart St TIBETAN PULSING HEALING with Sharan HIRE BYRON WEDDING & RTY HIRE MULLUM HIRE Builders, party and much more Byr Shire BM Rob & Lorraine Cubis : Mob: Free Quotes :- A Ve dres INSULATION TT MAN Your Local Insulati Sr Hero Call us and take 1600 off the quote! Mo homes are free! WOOL + POLY + BUILDERS TTS Call or GOV REGISTERED - FULLY INSURED - LIC NO C - ABN: EASY LIFE INSULATION Ceiling insulati up to AS24 Planet Safe In s ulat io n The naturally srt soluti 100% RECYCLED PRODUCT Fire and vermin retardant Locally owned and operated Government regiered inaller / planetsafeinsulati@yahoo.com The Byr Shire Echo November 10, 2009 <howebsti=service Dirtory> 12 COOLER IN SUMMER! FREE INSULATION UNDER THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT RETE SCHEME Quality Professial Insulati Inallers Your LOCAL Government Authorised Inaller For an obligati free quote call (07) Does Your Roof Cavity Need Cleaning Before Your Free Insulati Is Inalled? Do you want your n-efftive, low rating insulati removed? Effi cient removal of du, vermin droppin, spiders and cobwebs etc. Professial removal and disposal of n-efftive roofi ng insulati INSTALLERS ENQURIES VERY WELCOME! RING NOW! FREE QUOTE ABSOLUTE IMPROVEMENT Do you qualify for 1600 of FREE insulati? Insulati: / Roofing: cmrinsulati@linknet.com.au / INTERIOR DESIGN INTERIOR / EXTERIOR DESIGN or KATE PLATT Interior Designs, or SCE STUDIO Interior designers and projt nagers I N T E R I O R D E S I G N COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL INTERIORS kate@kateplatt.com Freall celling in employment, training and community LANDSCAPING & EXCAVATION A NORTHERN RIVERS TRENCHING 65HP chain trencher and mini cavator AMAZING ROCK FEATURES BRUNSWICK VALLEY DIGGER MAN Excavator & tipper hire... Matt BRENDON POWELL Bobcat, cavator, tipper & auger. All jobs GECKO LANDSCAPE SOLUTIONS All aspts of landscing & design. Lic C A COASTAL EXCAVATION 1.5t, 6t & 12t Excavators Bobcat Grr Po Hole Borers Compacti roller Ro hmer All ilding works Bush clearing Ds Road cructi House, tank and site levelling All general earthmoving Licence No C Ni Spialising in Over 20 yrs perience - friendly reliable service Ring Dean MINI EXCAVATOR & BOBCAT HIRE Ian Mathis AH Servicing the Byr Shire and beyd 1176 Myocum Rd, Mullumbimby (ju pa golf course) GREG STHERN Owner/Operator in Byr Shire since 1981 Lic No 42539c LAND CARE SERVICES Brett Fabian

42 Service Dirtory LIGHTING Archittural & Landsce Lighting Spialis Free site csultancy service Antio Spialising in n-toxic: CUSTOM MADE FRAMING professial canvas retching tra wide giclee printing & linating the centre 3 Centennial Ct Unit 5, sn Way, Byr Bay Arts & Ind. E. (02) MOTORING BILLINUDGEL TYRES & TTERIES CAR BODIES REMOVED Any cditi CAR BODIES REMOVED FREE s ID or FRED HENRY MECHANICAL REIRS Billinudgel MECHANICAL REIRS, WARREN SIMMONS Byr Bay Hours 7 Days Serving Byr Shire Natrad AUTO COOLING SERVICE CENTRE Where else would you take a leak! Lot 4, Wilfred St, Billinudgel MULLUMBIMBY TYRE SERVICE LEGENDARY OFFROAD TYRES NATUROTHY BRYANT HOPLEY Herbalism, homeopathy, nutriti. Byr Bay GREG FREDERICKS NATUROTH KIRSTEN TREMLETT VEGA Practitier, allergy teing, ssage. Byr Bay NUTRITION FOOD AS MEDICINE Santha Gowing, Gowin Food & Health OSTEOTHY ANDREW HALL Biody cranial. New Bright NGALOW Jodie Jacobs BRUNSWICK HEADS OSTEOTHY Sue Broadbent, Mday Friday BYRON OSTEOTHIC CARE Eve Schoenheimer NORTH COAST OSTEOTHY...Jodie Jacobs INTING AD INTING by John Hand Lic 13246C or BYRON PRO-INT Quality guaranteed, competitive prices, free quotes. Lic 87771C Ben DEREK BULLION INTING Free quotes Lic R or NORTH POINT INTING SERVICES Quality ly Lic 6184C or A A A Preige INTING Affordable quality Attenti to detail Worknship guaranteed Approved by Solver Paints Over 30 years perience Lic# C phe S All-Ways Painting or ALL WORK GUARANTEED YVES DE WILDE QUALITY INTING SERVICES FINALIST OF THE MASTER INTERS OF AUSTRALIA AWARD EXCELLENCE ENVIRO FRIENDLY INTING LIC C Lic C Lic 1301C FLYNN S QUALITY INTING 16 years perience For a free quote call Mark or mobile Quality work to be sure, to be sure! Premium Envirmental Paint Ecolour (formerly Nature Cover Paints) 6 Grevillea St, Arts & Indury Park, Byr Bay T & J Painting Reliable Professial Service Ty Harmer Tweed tjpainting@dodo.com.au PEST CONTROL Jeremy Delaney Byr TROPICALE Envirmental pe csultants. Termiites or (ah) fe l ve d 10% DISCT PHYSIOTHERAPY 42 November 10, 2009 The Byr Shire Echo <howebsti=service Dirtory> ANTHONY D ORSOGNA ysiothery, hydrothery, acupuncture Suffolk Park 1 Bryce St NGALOW PHYSIOTHERAPY Manual theries, acupuncture, pilates. Liz Thos, Libby Nels, Ryan Huxley, Clare Cnolly CLAUDIA MIRDITA Craniosacral thery, physiothery CONTINENCE / PELVIC FLOOR Janelle Angel. 3/10 Stati Street, Bangalow PETRA KARNI ysiothery, craniosacral thery, Alander thnique, Byr Bay NICK EDMOND, MARTINA RIGBY ysiothery, acupuncture & craniosacral thery Govinda 8 Jubilee Ave, Mullumbimby. Mday, Wednesday, Friday OCEAN SHORES PHYSIOTHERAPY NIGEL PITMAN ULA RAYMOND-YACB Acupuncture and physio HOME Renata Tenta, home visits PICTURE FRAMING ARTISTS CANVASES Premium cott/linen, unbeatable prices BILLINUDGEL CUSTOM PICTURE FRAMING 7/1 Wilfred St, Billinudgel CUSTOM PICTURE BYRON ART SUPPLIES 3/97 Centennial Circuit PLASTERING GYPROCK PLASTERING sll jobs and neat finish... Ni PLASTERING CONTRACTOR DOMESTIC & COMMERCIAL C. A. Warwi Lic. No C Free quotes Gypro fi xing & setting Craig / Sprkley s Plaering Service Renovatis a spialty. Clean, qui, reliable. Lic Call Charlie for a free quote PLUMBERS A+ JARRAH DAVIDSON Plumbing, draining, gas fitting & roofing. Lic C ACE PLUMBING Drainage & gasfitting. Lic C or BILL CONNORS Plumber & drainer Gold Lic No L1051 CA BRETT SEKAC PLUMBING Maintenence & renovati spiali. Lic 1679C DART PLUMBING Plumbing, roofing, gas service. Lic C DLC WATER PLUMBING SERVICE Lic C I LOVE PLUMBING Call Steve Lic 1489C MARK CORBETT Plumbing, draining, gas fitting. Lic or PLUMBING, DRAINS, LP GAS Dennis McKinn Lic L or Ace Plumbing Prompt service Competitive rates Free quotes Gas fitting work Plumbing, roofing & drainage Adrian Bla PLUMBER Lic C Call Max or Ce Byr PLUMBING All plumbing, gasfi tting & roofi ng e Lic 4838 Lic. Green Earth PLUMBING Plumbing, Gasfitting, Drainage and Roofing intenance e Steve or LIC NO INSPECTOR SEPTIC - AT YR SERVICE - Solutis to ALL your problems

43 Service Dirtory PRINTER TONER & CARTRIDGES THE PRINTER & CARTRIDGE SPECIALIST INKY YR ONE STOP SHOP ESTABLISHED 15 YEARS BUSINESS 19 sn Way, Byr Arts & Indury Eate INKS LASERS FAXES REIRS SALES PRINTING & COPYING SERVICES ACCENT COLOR The Copy & Linating Shop NORTH COAST PRINT SOLUTIONS Design and Printers Digital Printing, Labels, Pocards Flyers, Poers, Art Prints ECHO SPECIAL DL 55* gpress@wenet.com.au 3/6 sn Way Byr Bay LIGHTHSE REMOVALS Local Country Interate LOCAL SYDNEY GOLD COAST BRISNE MELBRNE mullumbimbyremovals@bigpd.com SOLICITORS TYNDALL & CO Business, commercial, fily law. Byr Bay SWIMMING POOLS YWATER POOLS PTY LTD Design, cructi. Lic C or Mullumbimby Pools Shop Mday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday mornin e Mob Lic The Healthy Pool People Stuart Hall centennial circuit byr arts & indury eate p e info@byrsignworks.com w STYLIZE SCREENPRINTING /16 sn Way, Byr Bay REMOVALISTS BEYOND BYRON REMOVALS Ready for work within & beyd Byr Brisbane Sydney baloading For careful service & great rates phe or e Ce Byr Removals RUBBISH REMOVAL TWEED BYRON WINDOW TINTING Serving the Shire since <howebsti=service Dirtory> The Byr Shire Echo November 10, Seniors card accepted ABT BYRON SHIRE Rubbish removed/rycled...mark or 0a BEST SKIPS NGALOW 2m 2, 4m 2, 6m 2 bins or GET RID OF IT! Rubbish, rycling, green wae...richard OCEAN SHORES SKIPS Mini skip spialis... Jim SECURITY SERVICES 8 BRUNSWICK VALLEY LOCKSMITHS Shirewide or ONTIME LOCKSMITHS ECURITY or TRINE SEPTIC SYSTEMS Trine Solutis Licence No C SEWAGE MANAGEMENT SPECIALISTS Suainable envirmental outcomes Drainage, Gasfitting & Plumbing / / SEWING MACHINE REIRS A1 SEWING MACHINES Since 1964 Lers In Service SHRINK WRAPPING SHRINK WRAPPING HIRE ERVICES Up to A3 size SOLAR INSTALLATION Servicing this area for 11 years. Lic. Eltrical Ctractors info@ntgenerati solar.com MOBILE: LIC C SOLAR SYSTEMS NOT ALL SOLAR NELS ARE THE SAME! Your local inaller dealing in Sharp Solar Modules, Auralian m Latric Inverters and Century/Yuasa batteries. Spialis in Standale and Grid Interact Solar Power Syems. P: E: sunbesolar@bigpd.com TILING CERAMIC TILE REIRS or TILER/STONEMASON/WATERPROOFER Lic 248C e Karl BYRONY tilentre Call for free quote and advice TREE SERVICES SUMMERLAND TREE SERVICES... Call Jo or JIM S TREE TUMP REMOVAL UPHOLSTERY NGALOW UPHOLSTERY Re-covering spialis: Bangalow Upholery BYRON Y UPHOLSTERY Curtains & soft furnishin or VETERINARY SUEONS BYRON Y VET CLINIC 1/ Centennial Cct. Rowen Trevor-Jes MULLUMBIMBY VET CLINIC Neil Farquhar & Dr Richard Gregory WATER CARTAGE WATER FILTERS WEDDING SERVICES The Water Filter Experts for home, commercial and rural properties or TAILORED CEREMONIES BY WILL ALLAN... will.allan@me.com or WINDOW TINTING SUNRISE WINDOW TINTING Cars, homes, etc. Quality guaranteed...richard

44 Classifieds INDEX AGM s Births... Birthdays... Businesses For Sale Bus Services Cabins For Sale Caravans Car Service Celebrants Childcare Clothing & Alteratis Computers Death Notices... Events For Hire For Sale Funeral Notices... Garage Sales Halls For Hire Health Notices Holiday Accommodati House Sit Houses For Sale In Memori... Lo & Found... Motor Bikes Motor Homes Motor Vehicles Musical Notes... Only Adults... Persal... Pets... Positis Vacant Professial Services Property For Sale Public Notices Share Accommodati Short Term Accommodati Social Escorts... Tenders Thank You To Lease To Let Trwork Tree Services Tuiti Wanted Wanted To Rent Work Wanted DISCLAIMER Advertisements placed in The Byr Shire Echo do not reflt the views or opinis of the editorial aff. The Byr Shire Echo does not ke any representatis as to the accuracy or suitability of any ctent or inforti ctained in advertising terial nor does publicati citute in any way an endorsement by The Byr Shire Echo of the ctent or representatis ctained therein. The Byr Shire Echo does not accept any liability for the representatis or promises m in paid advertisements or for any loss or dage arising from reliance such ctent, representatis or promises. PUBLIC NOTICES CLASSIFIEDS Can be oked any time during siness hours Mday to Friday by phing Please be very clear aut what you want to have printed in your ad. Our Echo aff will read your ad ba to you. Please help us by king sure we have corrt details and phe numbers. Please also have your credit card ready for ALL ads placed over the telephe. ECHO CLASSIFIEDS PHONE ADS Ads y be taken by phe pm Mday 9 5pm Tuesday to Friday Ads can t be taken the weekend AT R OFFICES Classified ads y also be lodged at our offices: Mullumbimby Village Way, Stuart St Byr Bay 95 Js St CLASSIFIEDS THAT WORK ALL WEEK PHOTOS All photos handled by The Echo all care & no respsibility taken. SUBSCRIBE TO THE ECHO If you want to be sure of your copy each week, or if you have a friend who d like to have a subscripti, why not send them e? 35 per quarter or 125 per year, po incl. Write to The Echo 6 Village Way, Stuart St, Mullumbimby 2482 including payment in advance. RUG WASH Full Persian hand wash THE NGALOW RUG SHOP MEN SLINE SUPPORT CSELLORS Willing to lien pm-11pm every night. AN AYURVEDIC WEEKEND Presented by the Theosophical Society at Bribie Island Commencing evening of Friday 20 Nov & ccluding afterno day 22 Nov. Co 125 per pers incl meals & accom. Ctact Michael & Falu Eyre phe Eil: falumike@gil.com HEMP JEWELLERY/DREAM CATCHER Workshop. Free, with co for terials. Every Thurs 11 at Grooven, cnr Js & Carlyle Sts AFRICAN DRUMMING Thurs pm Ewindale Hall. e Chinta AFRICAN DANCE Tues pm Ewindale Hall. Live percussi, e Cheze A Spot of Paint Ceric & Art Studio : /18 Centennial Circuit Byr A & I Eate - School Holiday Art Workshops - After School Art Classes - Kids Pottery culpture Classes - Creative Birthday Parties - Adult Pottery Classes - Creative Birthday Parties HOMESTAYS Ho Filies for Internatial Students Placements available now! An internatial perience and great income. Byr Bay English Language School or accom@bbels.com.au GARY Renard Evening lture from world renowned author at Abraxas Bookshop Wednesday 18 th 6:30pm co 10 per pers info Laws St Byr Arc upairs WomensWoodwork New course arts Sat 21/ need spsors of 10 Xs shows at the Aged Care Homes in Ballina & Byr Shire DRAMATHERAPY WORKSHOP 21 & 22 Nov, Byr Comm Centre Joanna , Kate Co 1, RATES & YMENT for the fir two lines (minimum charge) 4.00 for each tra line (these prices include GST) Cash, cheque or credit card Maercard or Visa. Prepayment required for: Garage Sales, Share Accommodati, Short Term Accomodati, Wanted to Rent and Work Wanted classificatis MULLUMBIMBY SP KITCHEN Neighurhood Centre, Dalley Street, Wednesday 5pm Ba by popular dend: THE AUSTRALIAN CANNABIS Echo offices Mullumbimby & Byr Bay or Exploring Drawing Weds pm Mullum Drill Hall co 15/ Models wanted AVAILABLE NOW! Purified, Iised Water The results have blown me away. I have never felt better in my life! After the fir ttle, you can drive in, fill up 24/7. Drop in today to begin! 24 Brigantine St, Indurial Eate, Byr Bay Dual Cls Relaxed & Professial Inructor rgeting Driver Educati BYRON Y DRIVING SCHOOL Inforti & okin: Bruce Butcher NEW TERM BEGINNING RIGHT NOW!!! CIRCUS & FLYING TRAPEZE Children AND Adult classes All abilities and any fitness level The Perft Alternative to the Gym COME MAKE YR DREAMS COME TRUE For class timetable and more info: or call CIRCUS ARTS Byr Entertainment Centre 17 Centennial Circuit Arts and InduryPark Byr Bay South Golden Beach DEADLINE 12pm Mday for display ads 1pm Mday for line ads Account enquiries phe LEARN TO SWIM JOE HOPF & LESLEY VEALE Experienced teachers Au Swim accredited, Mooyabil Farm Left Bank Rd Mullum Creek CHANNELLED GUIDANCE via clairaudient Shelley Neller. e louise barrow. NEED A LOGO? NEED A WEBSITE? NEED A BROCHURE? NEED AN IDENTITY! louise is a grhic designer based in byr bay who produces intuitive grhic design with meaning and sheer quality. for a free quote call louise : PSYCHIC CONSULTANT: MEDIUM With over 45+ years of invaluable perience as a Psychic, Csultant, Medium, Counsellor and Advisor for siness, persal, career and relatiships. I can offer a level of accuracy, a depth of compassi and proven psychic gifts, and I reque that you do not reveal your particular enquiry. All sessis by pointment ly Annabelle. Qualified, professial and cfidential counselling for individuals and couples spialising in: Byr Regi Community College Enrol Now ABLE WORK PRACTICES INTRODUCTION TO TRAVEL WRITING TIFICATE IV IN TRAINING AND ASSESSMENT USING PC S COMMUNITY GRP PROVING RELATIONSHIPS DEVELOPMENT AND HEALING CURRY GIENE SHOW ON PC Enquire DRAFT BYRON SHIRE COASTAL ZONE MANAGEMENT PLAN COMMUNITY INMATION STANDS The Draft Byr Shire Coaal Ze Management Plan is hibiti for a period of 60 days from 22 October 2009 to 22 Dember part of the hibiti process community inforti ands will be available at the following locatis to provide an opportunity for the community to gain inforti aut the Draft Coaal Ze Management Plan. Date Time Place Tues 17 Nov pm Outside South Golden Beach Shop, 19 Beach Avenue South Golden Beach New Bright Thurs 19 Nov 1.00pm-4.00pm Outside Yum Yum Tree Café, River Street New Bright Brunswi Tues 24 Nov pm Park beside Brunswi Heads Library, Fingal Street Heads Wed 25 Nov 1.00pm-4.00pm Brunswi Heads Byr Bay M 30 Nov 1.00pm-4.00pm Byr Bay Community Centre Foyer, Js Street Tues 1 D pm Byr Bay Suffolk Park M 7 D 1.00pm-4.00pm Outside SR Srrket, Clifford Street Suffolk Park Tues 8 D pm Submissis y be lodged line at Submissi forms are also available from community access points. Written submissis should be addressed to The General Manager, PO Box 219 Mullumbimby NSW 2482, clearly rked Submissi Draft Byr Shire Coaal Ze Management Plan. Submissis Close: 4.00pm 22 Dember 2009 Enquiries: Ben Fitzgibb Submissis will b public in accordance with sti 12 of the Local Government Act 1993 (Document Reque) or the FOI Act 1989 (FOI Applicati) as plicable including th the subance of the objti and the identity of the objtor unless the objtor can demrate that Clause 4 of Schedule 1 of the FOI Act 1989 plies (documents affting law enforcement and public safety). For assiance with this please call Tracey Dousling or Mark Hildebrandt November 10, 2009 The Byr Shire Echo <howebsti=classifieds>

45 D t forget to get your ad in this summer! DEADLINE has been tended to Nov 13 : ads@byrdyandsoul.com Ayuruedic Spiritual Teacher Mother Maya (formerly Maya Tiwari) here in Mullum Thurs 26 Nov 6.30pm Bookin and p ph: Jacinta or Mullum Herbals More info see HYPNOTHERAPY Healing from the Roots JUST IMAGINE HYPNOTHERAPY Catrine Irwin AHS NGH Byr Bay Spialising in Fun Jumping Cale Slides umo Suit Hire Cater to any size party Book now for Chris party e or If you change your mind you change your life! Stress, anxiety, depressi, weight, grief, trau, fears and more. Call Colleen now Clial Hypnothery, Pa Life and Spiritual Regressi Hypnothery works! Gratitude, Joy & Miracles The sret key to the andance and gnificence of pure, creative csciousness 21 November early discounts now Call Grace Motime Diary presents Your Soul - Mo Journey Fine tune to the Mo Inducti, Insights & Intenti Setting 15th Nov at 7.30pm Brunswi Community Centre Booking & Info info@motimediary.com.au Easily learn the silversmithing basics using simple hand and motor tools. 65 plus terials Wed or Sat 10-2pm FEDERAL VILLAGE GALLERY COSTUME HIRE, PROPS, SUITS & ACCESSORIES e/fax Mobile By pointment ly Byr Coa Area Management Committee Invitati to Apply The Natial Parks & Wildlife Service (NPWS) is inviting members of the local community to ply for membership of the Byr Coa Area Management Committee (the Committee). NPWS is part of the Department of Envirment, Clite Change & Water (DECCW). Two community member positis are available the Committee. The Committee will also include representatives of the Bundjalung of Byr Bay Ariginal Corporati (Arakwal), Byr Shire Council and the NPWS. The Committee will provide advice the care, cl and nagement of the following natial parks and reserves in the Byr Coa Area: Broken Head, Brunswi Heads (south), Cumbebin Swp, Hayters Hill, Julian Ros and Tyagarah Nature Reserves and Arakwal Natial Park (ILUA Stage 2 additis). The Minier for Clite Change and the Envirment will point the Committee for up to five years. The NSW Government is committed to increasing representati of women, Ariginal people and people of n-english speaking baground government committees. Young people aged between 18 and 40 are also rgly encouraged to ply. Applicatis for the community member positis the Committee, including a brief atement outlining your interes in Byr Coa Area natial parks and reserves, should be addressed to: Area Manager NPWS PO Box 127 BYRON Y NSW 2481 Applicatis close 10 Dember For further inforti please ctact Area Manager. Telephe Department of Envirment, Clite Change and Water NSW 7714 VOLUNTEERS WANTED for Byr Bay Film Feival. Ctact aff@bbff.com.au HAPPY HIGH HERBS BYRON Y moving to Byr Street nt week EST FAST 3 DAY SILENT RETREAT Orga juice, yoga, meditati & re D e Blue Mo Publishing Birth Your Dre Book! Editing Design Marketing Author Rep bluemobyr@gil.com PSYCHOTHERAPY TRAINING CRSE mths with Dr Chris Cpbell D. 35 years perience Unique dy & relatial yle Also available for individual & couple thery. e: BayFM A.G.M. Wed 25th November for 6.00 art. S.C.U. Room - Byr Community & Cultural Centre 69 Js St, Byr Bay, NSW All members welcome New Members: pay at the ati before AGM More info call AGMs THE OCEAN SHORES LADY GOLFERS will hold their AGM Tuesday 1 Dember after golf (prox 11). Details are displayed in the clubhouse BYRON VISITOR CENTRE AGM 5pm, 19 November at the Pandanus Room, Byr Bay Services Club. All members welcome. e to nominate for the committee GOT AN AGM COMING UP... why not advertise here. Call during siness hours to sure the spot for the coming sy seas. CELEBRANTS ANTHEA AMORE MARRIAGE CELEBRANT HONRING LOVE AND LOSS Audrey Fisher Celebrant hand-m weddin & rituals JANE MEREDITH CEREMONIES LIFE & LOVE nya McGill OCEANA - UNFOETTABLE DEREK HARPER Celebrating love and lives derekharper@c.com IRENA - ABSOLUTELY BYRON Y PROF SERVICES DENTURES LOOK GOOD FEEL GOOD Free csultati. SANDRO Du orm in your water tank? WE FIX IT! any size (full or empty) sanitise e Mark Byr Shire Water nk Cleaning PIANO TUNING Reuben Barkley, 2nd gen. fily tr. Pianos & Rhodes ught, sold & repaired , tree faerie fotos otogrhy commercial, corporate. Shop 4/22 Fingal Street Brunswi Heads (behind Michaela s) e SHOE DOCTOR Shoe Surgery now Sole Bros, Arts & Indury Eate. Surgery hours 8-5pm MOBILE DJ &/OR Weddin, Parties, Anything The Byr Shire Echo November 10, <howebsti=classifieds> EVENTS LOOKING A FAIRY YR CHILD S BIRTHDAY RTY Fidget the fairy can fly alg & bring gic & smiles or go to VISSANA taught by S. N. Goenka 10 day residential meditati courses. Develop peace, harmy & hpiness Ballina 5-16 Jan & 7-18 April by dati R or ply line: Energy Tune-Ups Havore daily wellbeing, learn selfcare Kinesiology with Parijat Wismer. Free in 18 Nov 7pm. Seminar 28/29 Nov 395. Ctinue to Cert IV/Diplo in EMPOWER YRSELF Learn to Heal Yourself workshop, Wed 11 Nov or Sat 14 Nov. Reive great health, balance, joy & ctentment. Byr Attunement Centre to sure your spot W I R E D DEEP SD HEALING Evening with g, going Weds 7pm, 20, Temple Byr. Come dance. THANK Y CHRIS SINCLAIR would like to thank fily and friends, work colleagues pa and present for coming to my party. Thank you for the lovely gifts, some were separated from cards and givers can t be identified. Sorry. Thanks to the great aff at the Mullum Bowlo, Shelley Jo and others. Thanks to Chef Jes and his fantaic te - great food! Thanks to Kim at the Mullum Motel and aff at the Lyrebird Motel. Thanks to my great band and in particular my friend Greg Ly who glued the band and music together. Cheers. TENDERS HEALTH CHOKE THE SMOKES WITH HYPNOSIS. Paul L. Jes C.Ht. DO IT NOW! HYPNOTHERAPY & Counselling. Wendy Purdey. Relax, resolve, release & reore inner calm & clarity. Benefits include insights, underanding & energy to create change. Enq welcome Swedish, 6 days, Mullum LEARN REIKI Workshops in New Bright Ctinence & Pelvic Floor Janelle Angel - ysiotheri. Bangalow. e BYRON relax, remedial, sport ssage, lymph drainage & poural advices. e Anna TIBETAN SINGING BOWLS vibrating dy with wen thery, remedial, lymph, relax preg ssage 13 yrs p. Funds Theta Healing Practitier & Internatial Teacher It all comes down to your beliefs... Change your beliefs: Change Your Reality! Private Sessis & Certified Practitier Seminars available Sira Hardwi Medical Intuitive Theta Healing Seminar 14th / 15th / 16th Nov Byr Bay Department of Envirment, Clite Change and Water NSW 1 Year Licence Opportunity, Mobile Refreshment Kiosk Facility, The Pass, Ce Byr State Cservati Area Expressi of Intere The Ce Byr State Cservati Area Tru is seeking Expressis of Intere (EOI) from suitably qualified propents for a licence to operate a mobile kiosk selling coffee, tea, ice cre and other light refreshments at The Pass, Ce Byr State Cservati Area. Inforti and inspti sessis will be held 17 and 18 November 2009 at the Pass, Byr Bay. To regier for the EOI inforti and inspti sessi and/or to reive the EOI paage ctact the Ce Byr Tru, telephe (02) For inforti aut the EOI ctact Nathan Oliver telephe (02) The closing date for lodgement of EOI s will be 4.00pm 8 Dember MULLUMBIMBY HIGH SCHOOL CANTEEN LICENCE Al McAuley, School Adminirati Manager, Cfi dential - School Canteen Tender Tenders close at 3pm Friday 27 November. tender offer. MULLUMBIMBY HIGH SCHOOL 70v3

46 TIME MON TUES WED THUR FRI SAT pm 5.30pm Dru Yoga Sara 8 Prenatal Yogi Em Mums/Bubs Em Kids 5-7yrs Karen Prenatal Natasha 6pm Iyengar Yoga Iyengar teachers udy intensively for 4 years and ctinue going training. Experience the difference. Groups & Private Lesss available inspya November M 16th creating a sacred space... Mums/Tots Em Reorative Em Dance of Yoga Sara Bollywood Workout Sara t w th f sa su Pregnancy Couples Workshop - Yoga & Birth Saturday 14th Nov, 2-5 pm BOOK NOW See Schedule for new Dance Classes Massage and Ayurvedic Csults Now Available! Byr Mothers Group Speaker: Mum of 4 Kids 8-11yrs Karen * Suitable for all ages / levels / injuries 7 8 Liz 10 Liz 5.30pm Julie (level II) Julie (level III) Foundati Claire Claire Liz Jan Claire 4pm Liz - Reorative YOGA EQUIPMENT & PROPS SALE Liz Coigan Wed 18th tanga Joan Prenatal Em Yoga/Menopause Julianna Pregnancy Dance Shila 5.15pm 1a Banksia Drive (ave Lois Lane Shoes) 15/class Fri 20th General Julianna Prenatal Julianna For enquiries call Em or eil: info@redtentyoga.com.au 5/102 Centennial Circuit, Byr Arts & Indurial Eate (fir left after BP, nt to Zakay) Lance is ba his Byr t suffolk park community hall corner alcorn reet and clifford reet bangalow udio and head office 72 byr reet, bangalow (parking at rear) private sesss available call or visit certificate teacher training courses mday Yogalates : t work suffolk park 6pm pm Yogalates : t work suffolk park tuesday Yogalates/Pilates : t work bangalow 6pm pm Yogalates/Pilates : t work bangalow wednesday 6pm pm retch with core ability suffolk park thursday Yogalates/Pranaya meditati bangalow 6pm - 7pm Pilates : t class bangalow DEEP TISSUE, HEALING, RELAXING Massage at your own home, 30 1hr. Book your ssage now AYURVEDIC CONSULTATIONS IN BYRON Y Fri 27 and Sat 28 November Ran Das Mahatyagi, Ayurvedic Practitier, Sretary General of the World Acmy of Ayurveda, New Delhi and Dirtor of the Yatan Centre Sydney will be returning for further csultatis. For ress, fatigue & other chric cditis, parasitic & viral inftis etc call or Limited pointment times available. COLONICS Suffolk Park YOGA and MASSAGE Byr Surf Club, Main Beach YOGA TUESDAY THURSDAY SATURDAY pm Dy Flow Basic Hatha Dy Flow Basic Hatha Meditati Meditati Yoga Yoga Dy Flow Basic Hatha Exceptially good ssages available TUESDAY THURSDAY SATURDAY Qualified & Professial COLLOIDAL SILVER 1/2 price, m to order Home delivered CALMBIRTH BIRTH PRERATION & DLA Raine Sharpe Channelled Healing Powerful, efftive Kai DeepTransfortialHealing.com REVITALISING MASSAGE Relaxing or deep tissue, Ocean Shores qualified. Nina , BEST MASSAGE Deep tissue, remedial relaxati and 4 hand ssage, 20+ years p. 7 days. Bernie GENUINE THAI MASSAGE 35ph or 60 2hrs - Bangkok trained e Nui , IYENGAR YOGA New Classes Tues 8 with Liz Coigan Thurs 8 with Claire Evans November In offer Bring a friend FREE let me shoot the kids for Chris A photogrhic portrait is the perft gift for mum, dad, the grandparents or that great-uncle who has everything. I will shoot anye and give you an A3 hard copy portrait as well as a CD of miniatures for your Faceok/MySpace for ly tree faerie foto udio BrunswiHeadss MONEY CK GUARANTEE Remedial sports ssage, health fund rebates, 1hr, 30 1/2 hour e Patri NOW AVAILABLE Dretime Healing Using Hologrhic Kinetics Release trau trped through time For inforti/pointments please call Mark or Robyn Yoga With Deb Tue Yellow Church Mullum Wed Heartspace, Mullum, Sat Wheel of Life, Bruns. Privates available PREGNANCY W SHOP CPLES Yoga & giving birth Feel empowered for a positive birth. Sat 14 Nov, 2-5pm at Red Tent Yoga, 100 per couple. e eil: em@taoanddhar.com YOGA MENOUSE & DRU THERAPUTIC YOGA. Julianna PRE NATAL YOGA Julianna EAST COAST PILATES STUDIO Brunswi Heads P Judy Leane Ex ysiologi BYRON Y DETOX RETREATS EXCLUSIVE UPCOMING RETREAT DEC 9-15TH / Kate Chase ppsc, Grad Dip Relatiship Thery Fily Dispute Resoluti Practitier relatiship counselling fily mediati co-parenting coaching tel: OSTEOTH A biody proach to Oeopathy in the cranial field ANDREW HALL New Bright, , Thurs, Fri. Not your usual Oeopathy. BREATHWORK Accredited courses and sessis BODY LANCE MASSAGE Quality thereutic dywork, 20 yrs perience. Herbert START THE WEEK WITH SATYANANDA YOGA Mday early morning class, General class - beginners welcome Byr Bay Girl Guides Hall Carlyle St, ju behind the tennis courts. e Riddhi, fully accred Satyananda Yoga teacher CLASSICAL HOMOEOTHY Sue Haynes D Dip Hom Byr Bay e JAW R.E.S.E.T. HEALING Helps ress from teeth grinding, dental work or accidents. Tibetan Sound Chakra healing with tuning forks. Rose Gilmore BEST HAWAIIAN LOMI ssage, med & deep, 1 or 2 hrs. John VEGA Teing Call Kiren friday retch with core ability suffolk park saturday retch and rengthen suffolk park/bangalow Spial: unlimited classes for 3 mth195 Award winning DVDs available at our udios SHIATSU by pointment Gift Vouchers Available MONDAY THURSDAY Hatha Diana pm Hatha Diana pm Hatha Diana pm Hatha Diana TUESDAY FRIDAY Vinyassa Deb Hatha Diana pm Dru Yoga Diana SATURDAY WEDNESDAY Beginners Diana Hatha Pennie & Paul pm Hatha Diana Ongoing Beginners Yoga Wednesday Stretch, rengthen, breathe and relax with Diana All welcome. Enquiries: Diana Ewing 9 Myocum St Mullumbimby P: M: E: dianaewing@bigpd.com BRUNS FITNESS CENTRE TEVEN STREET, BRUNSWICK HEADS ~ Swim Classes Squash Gym Sauna Volleyball M Tues Weds Thurs Fri Sat 8.30 ABT Fitball 45mins Pilates 9.00 Boxercise Total Dy Body Fitball 9.30 Aqua Total Boxercise Fitness Body Aqua Stretch Fitness (1/2 hr) Yogalates Thnique 4.30 Boxercise 5.30 Powerbar Step Step Powerbar Bruns Fitness Centre Indoor Heated Pool Adult/Child Ske Corrti Learn To Swim Classes Private Lesss Mini Squad Teven Street, Brunswi Heads or Iyengar Yoga with Liz Coigan Cert level II, Reg. Nurse Lennox Head Tues pm Thurs pm Sat pm Byr Yoga Lounge Tues Fri 10-12pm (reorative) Liz is an p. teacher & has udied 6 yrs in the Iyengar syem. Persalized progrmes offered for bacare, ress relief, wellbeing November 10, 2009 The Byr Shire Echo <howebsti=classifieds>

47 TANTRIC EXPERIENCE Soft touch, ancient thniques, loving guidance & energy balancing. e Lucy or BODY LANCE, 2/111 Js St, M & Tues with Claire Hay e Wed, Thurs, Fri at with Herbert e EGBERT WEBER N.D, Structural dywork, CranioSacral, 20 years p, Byr Bay NIA DANCE Movement classes for fitness and wellbeing. Julie BEST MOBILE MASSAGE thereutic 20yrs p. e Julie KINESIOLOGY Chakra & Meridian balancing, colour & sound thery. e Angela HONUA MEA CLEANSING CLINIC Kahuna Bodywork. Only qualified Naturopath/Colic Hydrotheri in Mullumbimby. Bookin or (opposite Echo office) BUBULA LARDI One day Fily Cellati w/shop. 22 Nov MOBILE MASSAGE NATUROTHY & LIFE READINGS 12 yrs perience. Em DEEP TISSUE + Ayurvedic ssage, lymph-drainage,. Viy HYPNOTHERAPY & CSELLING Support & clarity through life changes & challenges. Helen Thwaites FLUID BODYWORK Weekend course Nov 14 & 15. Make your ssage a truly moving perience, 290. Info: e Mai Adler Aikido for Women INTRO CRSE: 16 Nov - 9 D, , Aikido Centre at Temple Byr. Mind & dy co-ordinati, self defense, suitable for any age & fitness level. Please ph Elisabeth /7 MASSAGE Amos Learn to Meditate With OCHA Weds 5:30 6:30pm Starts 11/11/2009 (11) The Acmy 5 Wollgbar, B Arts&Ind MULLUM BRENT VERCO CHIROPRACTOR BYRON CHIROPRACTIC TUE AM AT MULLUM CHIROPRACTIC TUE PM, WED, THU & FRI BYRON acupuncturi Treating dy, energy & mind Also Massage Tuiti call or go to LUXURIS MASSAGE 2 hour100, rg sensual Kahuna. Ross QI-GONG Energy breathing ercise. Grounding & uplifting. 5 wk course with mo Healing Arts every Thursday 5.30pm Acmy of Energy, Byr A&I. e Ophir ASHTANGA YOGA M-Sat at All levels welcome. Enquiries ph S SPIRITUAL BLOKE On thove to SHIFT TO SHINE, new sessis, workshops & training. e Stew ELIZABETH HALBERT BaSW, Counsellor & Fily Theri Wise Counselling CLOTHING & ALTRNS SEWING: HEMS & ALTERATIONS Dance wear. Debra EVA S SEWING ALTERATIONS & Repairs. e LAHAY Clothing nufacturers. Manufacturing for wholesalers, shops & rket alls. Jocelyn , M - Fri (bh) BUS SERVICES BYRON 2 BRISNE EXPRESS City/Airport 2 hours CHILDCARE Exp loving, caring nanny, great ref s. Casual OK. Linda Flower BYSITTING by 2 respsible 13 yo girls, 4ph each till late in Mullum area. e Milika or Zenia HIRE JUMPING CASTLE HIRE 180 for 4 hour & 220 for 8 hour or X CITE EVENTS Make your nt event e to remember. Entertainment & producti rental for live events. Inflatable xing ring, wall climbing, obacle course, vertical ngy, dome tents, mega screens, scot characters. X cite, get X cited, call now HALLS HIRE EWINGSDALE HALL AVAILABLE for your nt functi TRADEWORK BRUNSWICK VALLEY DIGGER MAN Excavator & tipper hire TREE SERVICES NICK HART Your local qualified arri FREE QUOTES or A VERY HANDY MAN TREE SERVICES COVERING ALL ASPECTS OF TREE WORK & TREE STUMP REMOVAL (STUMP GRINDING) Call Andrew Wils / After hours & emergency service available ALL YR PROFESSIONAL TREE CARE NEEDS! Carmine COMPUTERS FileMaker Pro Spiali 11th Hour Group Pty Ltd. MR MACINTOSH See ad in the Service Dirtory e Tom SALE VACUUM GS To suit mo kes & models BRIDGLANDS Mullumbimby CARPET OFFCUTS Lots of sizes and prices at Ray Towers Carpets, Mullumbimby Indurial Eate. Entertainer s Dre 589,000 This rendered bri home is situated a large 11sqm blo. It comprises 3 bedrooms plus teenagers retreat, ensuite and combined fily, dining and kitchen area. The living area opens to an undercover entertaining area with spa that is surrounded by pical gardens. Large shed at rear of property with rear lane access. This home provides all the elements for a relaxing, comfortable and modern lifeyle. REAL ESTATE Your Local Tree Experts FULLY INSURED PROFESSIONAL SERVICE Qual. Tree Climbers 12, 15, 18 Chippers ft Cherry Pier Stump Grinding Bobcat with Mulching Head Tree Reports Development Applicatis FREE QUOTES / Quality assured company Help Wanted: Telepath. You know where to ply. SUMMERLAND TREE SERVICES Mulch Supplies Byr Bay urrounding Areas Mobile Burringbar Street MULLUMBIMBY CARPET MATS from cents each at Ray Towers Carpets, Mullumbimby Indurial Eate. FIREWOOD DELIVERIES e Matt FRIDGE FAMILY SIZE 230. Washing chine 6.5kg, COMPOST TOILETS TIMBER, pine, treated pine, hardwood, mouldin, sleepers, fencing, Koppers lo, ply, MDF, lattice, m to order. Brims Builders Hardware, Billinudgel , Sth Tweed BEDS - MATTRESSES - ENSEMBLES Be brands. Be range. Sleep Ze, Bridglands, Mullumbimby NDSAW wood, great cd, doors, interior, classic old heavy yle panels, 30 each. 3 doors, interior hollow, used, 10 each. Gym quality eltric treadmill, 0. e ELECTRIC TREADMILL 10 mths old, leaving town 3. Ray Kin Creek, Mullumbimby Mark / Karen JOLLY JUMPER with and, 2 x roers, baby swing, baby mitor, change table, cloth npies, girls clothes HAMMER & HAND JEWELLERY & METAL COLLECTIVE *Support Local Artisans* *Quality jewellery at Studio Prices* Ti-Tree Pl, A&I E. 10-4pm, 7 days WINDOWS x 2 aluminium cre, 1x 1m x 2.4m + wood blind, 1x 1m x 1.8m plus fly screens. Still xed DRAGON TREES - Dracaena Dracos, lucrative future x 1965 GALAXIES Ctact Vic W ARE Y MOVING STH? space avail 1.6 tne furniture van returning to Melurne 17/18 Nov. Pi up in Byr area. e John INDONESIAN IRONWOOD SHINGLES che. Gary ATTN BUSH REGENERATORS Londra Lgifolia, Can deliver GRASS HAY Awesomulch 5 & 7 bales, also horse nure 3 per bag, 4 Left Bank Road KILN Sherwood, 13c. Comi ove, 200 o KOMBI 76 and/or all parts, 0 o CLEMS CAO SECONDHAND SHOP Che quality furniture. Always something different. Wed-Sat. Shop 1, 38 Tweed Street, Brunswi GYPSY LE FAY AND MORE CLEARANCE SALE UNTIL DEC 1 Shop 4/22 FINGAL ST BRUNSWICK HEADS BLANK DVDs CDs & Mini DV tes BRIDGLANDS Mullumbimby RED SINDHI BULL SALE Mature Red Sindhi ll for immediate sale. He is very calm, has been handled a lot, and has sired two calves to date. He lives nearby a biody farm. A perft sll ll for a sll acreage herd. Selling bause herd has reached ximum. Price 0 Please ctact Linda Griers Aracaria Biody Farm e sd clothing FUNKY RECYCLED FASHION upairs 4 bay lane byr bay behind the beachy DRESS DIFFERENT SPEND LESS GOOD used furniture ught and sold Bridglands Mullumbimby WARD S Landsce Supplies Wooden railway sleepers, ccrete sleepers, garden ornents & pots, mulches, soil, metals, gravel & more. M-Fri pm, Sat pm Myocum Rd, Mullum PLANT SALE Lighten up shady areas with bright orange Clivia Miniata s. 5 inch pot, lots of 10, 5 or 7 inch pot9. 7 inch pots in flower 12. Margaret ARCHILD S CHEAP QUARRY PRODUCTS Road base, gravel, bluetal and metal du. ALL SIZE DELIVERIES. e , MBOO PLY from 10.sqm & Bo Flooring. For ceilin, walls, doors, etc sple & brochure BY & CHILDRENS ITEMS BRUNS KIDS Spialising in rycled baby & childrens needs, clothes, toys, oks, prs, high chairs. Nt to Bruns Bakery GRASS FED YEARLING BEEF 8/KILO Paddo to plate delivered. e , 2726 BILLINUDGEL LANDSCAPING SUPPLIES Cypress & T. Treulch, Koppers lo, sleepers etc All your gardening needs WOOD SHAVINGS, timber kitchen benches. e Stan MUSHROOM COMPOST aged 5 years, 25L ba, 6 each WASHING MACHINE auto 1, fridge 2 door 2. e TRAMPOLINES, REPLACEMENT MATS & parts or NARNIA NURSERY Poinciana, Flax, Yucca, Grass Tree, Lilly Pilly, Grasses, Succulents & much more , MOVING SALE 51cm colour TV, digi x, 3 seat sofa, microwave, large vice, prices negotiable. e BEECH WOOD dining table, 6 chairs, 275. Stainless eel & glass dining table, new 10, sell m clear plaic blind 2, offers BOOKS lifetime collti, classical literature to modern novels, variety of n ficti titles, ke an offer whole lot BUNK BEDS 10 x nk beds + fo ttresses POOL / SNOOKER TABLE 3/4 size Leather Loung Suite Bla lounge suite, Freedom 1X3 seat and 1X2. Excellent cditi no rks/scratches, less than 6 mths old. Thi and fi rm, soft leather, adjuable le. Compare prices Freedom Furniture Website for th pies! Pedigree dog free! P: Household goods from UK for sale All cellent quality and cditi Six high ba padded dining chairs with removable cover329 Pine dining table and chair249 Single divan bed with large orage drawers, ttress and royal blue headard 199 Bosch frt loading washing chine 299 Solid Pine TV Unit with sliding doors and glass display cabinet249 Antique dressing table with mirror and two upholered ool349 new LG Microwave, four slice toaer and kettle s.eel 179 as e lot Set of three ca ir Le Cruset saucepans with lids (dark green) with original wooden pot and 149 (they co prox 200 each when new) Inspti by pointment : The Byr Shire Echo November 10, <howebsti=classifieds> BYO G

48 LGE CHAIRS 1 x 3 seater, 1 x 2 seater, m to our design, 2 yo 800 for th SLATTED TIMBER TABLE 10 x 900, as new AQUARIUM prox 1m lg, all accessorie SLIDING GLASS door 1.8 x 2.1m 2, broadband modem ly FRIDGE Weinghouse L, good cditi, near new freezer motor, 175. e SEWING MACHINE Indurial, computerised, silent motor, auto foot lift, thread cut, 1200; overloer NIKON gnetic single ttres1 + Nik gnetic double quilt 80 + Nik gnetic pet pad BY Hpy Hang Up hmo, as new, 160. Gern Moses baby basket, 75. Hug-A-Bub carrier, 60. Avent brea pump, new TRIL DISCT 10% off Virgin Airlines fares. e Kai ROSEWOOD TABLE 5.5m x 0.8m at Hpy High Herbs Byr TV LCD flatscreen, LG, HD 32 with wall mount0. Sharp ereo, 5 disc, 100. e GENERATOR HONDA EU20i, good cditi 11. e HJ KINGSWOOD s/wag, 95% reored, cel running, Pedder Rally suspensi, great y, gen offers CKLOAD to Sydney this Friday 13th, great rates. Please call BBQ Weber ainless eel Summit model, original price 6000, sell 2000 o. Trit work platform & attachments, 300 o AJAX PISTON PUMP rd 1 1/4, 1hp, el 900o FREE used pavers prox 19sq/m aed ready for piup FRIDGE LG 234L freezer 74L. In very good cd. 2 o WANTED GEESE WANTED prefer Toulouse. e DDOCK SHERS x 2 wanted. Mey will be paid QUALITY 3 to 4 pers tent & cping ttresses. e Kate DRESSES good quality & cditi. Sizes Cash paid GOOD used furniture ught and sold Bridglands Mullumbimby OLD MOTORBIKE any ke, any year, any cd. Will piup ESPRESSO coffee chine, eltric or ovetop, good quality eel OCEAN KAYAK CABO TANDEM prefer n-hire GARAGE SALES ECHO ACCTS POLICY: Ads in this sti mu be paid by credit card or in pers at time of placement. OCEAN SHORES 6 Natan Court, arts 9, teak Balinese coffee table, Indian room divider, moving sale all mu go MULLUM 6 Palm Ave, Sat 14th, after 8, household items LILLI PILLI 2 Triania Pl, 8-12pm Sat. Old furn, clothes & household items MOVING SALE 3 Yble Drive, Ocean Shores, Sat 8 38 MYOCUM DOWNS DR Sat from 8, oks, paintin, 10 yrs junk, big variety, sale off if raining or soaking wet, 2km h of Mullum Golf Course, look for signs BYRON, SUNRISE 22 Julian Ros Dr, combined, big variety, Sat, 8 BYRON 20 Wright Pl, 8, clothes, bikes, ges etc. Profits to charity MOTOR VEHICLES CAR AUCTIONS Buy at Dealers ly through us. Ring David CHOICE MADE, SAVED. CASH ID UNWANTED CARS Local reg d siness or or ADD A PHOTO OF YR CAR TO MAXIMISE ITS SELLING POTENTIAL e and ask our Echo aff for our spial rates for car photos CAR BODIES REMOVED FREE s for mo. e , COMMODORE wag, auto, 89, rego to Oct 10, vgc, 2400 o TOYOTA Cry wag 96 auto, good cd, 3/10 reg, 28 o TOYOTA Corolla 4WD, rego to March 2010, good cd, CAMPERVAN pop top, prof cversi, c cd, 145,000km, HONDA CIVIC 99, under 200,000km, timing belt de, 12 mths rego, 00 o. e HOLDEN COMMODORE 97 VS 2S UTE tra lg wheel base, 10 mths rego, 228,000km, 20 rently spent, 60 o CAR TYRES 25 Supplied & fitted. e CAR HIRE Weekly rates, free delivery PINTARA auto, air-c, p eer, 6 mths rego, reliable TOYOTA HILUX workte 11/05 current she, 73,000km, alloy tray, a-c, p-wind, tow bar, 4 new tyres, serv hiory, 11 mths rego, c cd. 15, TOYOTA COROLLA cent hatch, 2001, silver, nual, 1,000, 1 year rego, 6 aer CD, vgc, TOYOTA TOWN ACE 2003, 99,0km, log oks, 5 mths rego, ny tras, vgc, 12, TOYOTA TROOP CARRIER 94, 3rd owner, reg serviced, no beach, ll/tow bar, cel cd, 13, VW Type 3, gold, 1972, well loved, wderful car, reluctant sale, going o seas 11 mths rego, NISSAN MAXIMA 93 auto p-, a-c, runs great, , JERO 2000, 3.5L V6, auto, 260,000km, good cd, 14,000 o. e , bh VOLVO WAGON ,000km white, 4000, 6 mths rego VOLKSWAGON GOLF 2000, 1.6L, 5spd, 5 dr, silver, owner going o/s, mu sell 60 o AINS 1998 Holden Ara Hatch 5 spd A/C P/S, CD 149kkms VFA Toyota Corolla Sedan 5sp A/C P/S, CD Great Car AN15LJ seater Pajero 4WD Wag 5sp A/C, P/S Good Clean Wag WQL Daewoo Matiz, Fuel Miser 5spd, A/C P/S CD, 112kkms Great Car AB99SX Subaru Liberty Wag 5spd A/C, P/S QLA CARS UNDER 10, ENDEAVR CLOSE, LLINA Ballina Car Centre DLN 199 nual, air/eer, 6mths rego, 175,000km. ABY-14P auto / eer. AXO-40Q 4 cyl, auto, air, p/s. SN 1398 CSI Sa, 5 door hatch, 182,000km, reg Feb 10. VQM-618 auto, air, p/s, SN 1366 WE HAVE OVER 30 CARS IN STOCK (nt to servo) TOYOTA 4X4 4 RUNNER diesel, jaed up wag, wide wheels, needs TLC, t mh sound 1000 o MITSUBISHI LANCER SE 1990, air-c & heat, g-cd 10 o MOTOR BIKES YAMAHA YZFR1 07 red & white, ly 9000km, 1 owner & Yaha log oks, imc cd, 13,990 or will sell for reas offer. e SASCH MADASS 125cc as new, ly de 2km MOTOR HOMES OKA 4X4 MOTOR HOME 4L Perkins tur diesel. Go anywhere in comfort. Double bed, full shower,full flush WC, ove, sink, fridge, full anne, solar power, no neever to plug in, winch, ilt in air compressor, HF radio, CB radio, surity fly screens, plenty of orage, 200 ltrs water, 220 ltrs fuel & much more. Full sps/photos 64,0 o. e or timgreenish@bigpd.com CAR SERVICE BSW MOTORS Pre-purchase inspti from 40! Pink slips, service + repair. 10 Banza Dr, Billinudgel CARAVANS CARAVAN 20ft with anne, 30. e BUSINESS SALE DOG TRAINING Affordable siness for sale. Owner retiring call Val Edwards bh BEAUTY SALON in sy Byr health club, lg lease. Suit fun & enthusiaic owner/operator, 19, CABINS SALE STYLISH new relocatable cabins ilt to your requirements from 12,000. Easy delivery. e HSES SALE PRIVATE SALE - CARITA BEACH Invement opportunity, 3br, 1 bathroom bri home, close to beach, 485,000. To view property no e to inspt MORTGAGE BROKER, yers agent property advice & the be finance deals & service around. Beat the banks. Michael Murray OCEAN SHORES huge ocean views, utive 4br home, 2 bathrm, DLUG 712,000 ID: P19537 e , PROPERTY SALE INDUSTRIAL UNIT 5/60 Centennial Cct, 162sqm, bathroom, views over Belgil & Mt Warning. e HOLIDAY ACCOM. LUSH ECO MiaCasa Mullum. Pool, spa, pets. Single to fily reunis WATERFRONT Brunswi charming 1 & 2br, f-furn artments WATERFRONT fully furnished 3 double bedrooms, 3 minute walk to South Golden Beach 27/12-27/1, POA GUESTROOMS IN ABSOLUTE BEACHFRONT property available for healing holidays. Free yoga classes, ssage, sauna avail in house. For more info tt your e-il address or phe number, dates of intended ay, and number of gue to LI VILLA avail D-Jan 2br with pool, in Ulas, great rate UKI CAFE SALE Opportunity of a Lifetime to combine career and lifeyle For a yers inforti pa and site visit to perience your lifeyle career, call Jenny Gatt (02) or MIN to Mullum a ridge, f-f 2br house + 1.5br s-c cabin, 2 bathrms, natural setting, very private, b band, avail 30/11-2/1/10, 20 the lot, bd req d. moshepl@gil.com BYRON Y 1br udio, reas rates, quiet & ture, 1-2 perss SHORT TERM ACCOM. ECHO ACCTS POLICY: Ads in this sti mu be paid by credit card or in pers at time of placement. MYOCUM spacious 1br cabin, fully-furn, private setting, 7 D to 1 Feb, suit quiet sgl/cpl, n/s, d/f, no alch, clean, he, reliable, 300pw incl BRUNSWICK che holiday flat, 2 mths, avail 8 D to 4 Feb, fully-furn, b band, ideal for single/couple, 2pw. evenin , STUDIO BYRON TOWN clean, tranquil, winter rates, avail now BYRON F-F HSE Pacific Via, 2br, 1 bthrm, beach 1m, 4-6 weeks, avail 13 D, 725pw for full term NEW BRIGHTON fully furnished, fully self ctained space. Dbl bedroom + large lounge room. Pets ok, short term ly, n smokers, river, inute walk to beach, sleeps 7. POA POSSUM CRK 2br renovated furn cabin 300pw , SUNRISE tranquil, clean rm for cscious fele, n/s, d/f, 160pw GOONENGERRY 2br house, fully-furn & equipped, b band, lovely garden setting, no cats/do, 400pw incl O.SHORES lge room, ens & udio, huge dk, priv entry, 200pw BYRON room avail, great house close to Clarkes beach/town, travellers pref for short term BYRON room avail from 6 D to 5 Jan, lovely sh setting, en-suite bathroom plus verandah, 2 kms from CBD, peaceful quiet house, share with 1 other girl, fem pref, 3pw HSE SIT GOING AWAY? respsible, ture, anil loving house & pet setter avail. References avail SHARE ACCOM. ECHO ACCTS POLICY: Ads in this sti mu be paid by credit card or in pers at time of placement. LENNOX share lovely house, working pers, drug free, 1pw BYRON share with 2 feles, 145pw, friendly house in town with pool, working pers ly. e SUFFOLK RK modern townhouse to share with e other, fully-furn, own bathrm, 5 mins to beach/shop, full time udent/prof, n/s, pet & drug free, 180pw + bd, incl bills, lg term BYRON Y private cabin with kitchen & bathrm, 100pw incl bills GIRL WANTED to share, free accom for up to 3 mths in change for work in Suffolk Park, suit traveller. e , BYRON clean, resptful open minded pers n/s, d/f, share luxury home with 1 fele pref veg, pet csidered, 2pw + p ROOM with ens, 12 min Bangalow, creek property, child friendly, 165pw incl bills, clean & easygoing BROKEN HEAD beautiful property, 1 room avail, 155pw ROOM TO RENT Ocean Shores in e unit, close to shop100pw pref fele avail now NGALOW part-furn, large room, 135pw incl bills AH ly ELDERLY LADY looking for e other to share house. Betty SUFFOLK spacious room, sun dk, walk to beach & shops, b band, working n/s fem pref, 165pw + bills BRANDON ST Suffolk Park, sgl rm avail, furn, share with 2 adults/2 children, in a hpy, easygoing fily, close to s & shops, 140pw + bd & p BRUNSWICK room for working pers 130ow incl bills days. BYRON QUIET OASIS 2 blos from beach & town. Fem udent/worker pref, f-f 200pw bills incl, w/less LILLI PILLI 5 ar flatte required for beautiful furn house, over 25 & working 1pw + 2 weeks bd FULLY FURN room in Lennox, close to town & beach, pool, 1pw incl bills & internet BYRON 1 lge br in fantaic hse. Walk to llows Beach. Share with 1 other le. Fem pref. 1pw O. SHORES sunny room, with access to art udio, vegie garden & b band, 1pw incl bills, pref fele POTTSVILLE BEACH ture working pers, share 1 other, lge, light, spacious home with pool, own bedrm, bthrm, living room, 1pw + bd/p STH GOLDEN BCH room avail, 100m to beach, share with 2, working pers pref, 140pw + p SUNRISE dble bedroom195 & 2 single 1pw. Clean calm MYOCUM 2 rooms + bathrm, avail in lge hse quiet prop. Resptful & cscious pers to share open space living. Indep & wkg 260pw FREE RENT in Byr in change for child care. Ctact lynette@live.com.au or tt for more info BYRON We are looking for a falous professial, csiderate pers to share an azing otic house in Byr Bay. Three separate living areas, complete outdoor kitchen and Jacuzzi, quiet St, 5min to beach 175pw + bd. e O.SHORES un-furn br with ensuite 160pw + bills or 240pw couples. Close to shops. Pet friendly SUNRISE large room, e quiet house, 1 pers, no pets, 130pw Byr Bay From a mth to a year... right in town single / double / udio fully furnished rooms from 100pw no bills phe November 10, 2009 The Byr Shire Echo <howebsti=classifieds> TO LET NGALOW SELF STORAGE Hi-th surity BYRON HILLS spacious 1 bedroom artment, partly furnished, beautiful garden outlook, 3pw including cos. e , MULLUMBIMBY 2br rural barn, suit quiet working perss, 200pw + bd & elt no kids, pets ok, avail now BEAUTIFUL 1br spacious cottage. Coorabell/Federal, self-ct with fireplace. Suit cpl or sgl 300pw + 4 wks bd avail 14 Nov BRUNSWICK HEADS 3br home DLUG in bayside available 380pw OCEAN SHORES 3br 2 bath duple3pw 3br 2 bath 3pw 3br 2 bath 3pw STH GOLDEN BEACH 3br home 1 bath quiet cul-da-sac 345pw 3br big ba yard home 360pw L.J. Hooker Brunswi Heads /16 The Terrace, Brunswi Heads Byr Bay MYOCUM ROAD 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom country cottage. Large covered dk, ducted air c, Double carport 0pw Available 4/11/09 SHIRLEY STREET 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom house. Walking diance to town and beach. 5pw Available 25/11/09 REDBEAN CLOSE 4 bedrooms, 2 bathroom house DLUG, fully fenced yard 600pw Available End of November Elders Rental Centre 3/47 Byr Street, CEMETERY ROAD, BYRON Y 3 Bedroom, 1.5 Bathroom, 2 orey house with surrounding dks, new carpet, avail 16th November 4 p/w AZOLLA PLACE, SUFFOLK RK 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, open plan living, modern kitchen and bathrooms, short walk to beach and shops, avail now - 5 p/w ALCORN STREET, SUFFOLK RK 4 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, large living with open log fireplace, rently refurbished, pets are ok, avail now - 7 p/w SHIRLEY STREET, BYRON Y 4 Bedrooms + udio, 4 minute walk to beach and shops, great entertaining area and outdoor spa, avail now - 3,7 mthly L.J. Hooker Byr Bay OCEAN SHORES 560 p/w Large 3 b/r + udy home, 2 bth/r, Eco friendly, DLUG, Short drive to shops and beach, Incl Lawn intenance. Avail Jan PRDnatiwide Ocean Shores Ctact Bree MARK COCHRANE REAL ESTATE Mullumbimby - 3 b rm unit in CBD. Avail now. 320 p/w. Main Arm - Exutive rural 4 b rm, 4 bath rm home with triple carport. Avail late Nov. 8 p/w Burringbar Street Mullumbimby

49 COORABELL new 1br f-furn cabin, privacy, lg lease, working pers, no kids/pets, 230pw el incl MULLUM 3br, 2 WC, large spacious beautiful home overlooking pical gardens, suit prof cpl 4pw CABIN 1br self-ct with verandah in Palmwoods, sanctuary for working pers/220pw. e PERMACULTURE RADISE Upper Coopers Creek, furn & un-furn rooms, cabins, farm ay. Opportunity for rket gardener, farmer, filmker, mhas, nursery CARAVANS & CABINS from 195pw. Apply in pers to Byr Bay Touri Village, Ewindale Road. NGALOW RENT A SHED Self orage. e PROPERTIES REQUIRED for pernent & holiday, good tenants waiting. e Gail Fuller BROKEN HEAD 2br flat, downairs from house, separate access, 5 min to beach, suit quiet n/s, working pers or couple, no dru/pets/kids, 230/260pw + bills & bd, b band avail OCEAN SHORES furnished luxury large 2br house golf course, ducted air-c, 110cm plas TV, 485pw BYRON HILLS 4br house, walk shops & beach, DLUG, 5pw SMALL COTTAGE 2br, 6 min Mullum, beautiful property, mu be community minded, drug & smoke free, clean living, 285pw incl b band & elt MULLUM rural, 3km to town, self-ct, open plan, part-furn cabin. Suit working sgl/cpl, n/s, 200pw incl MULLUM quiet fully-furn udio, 0 per mth, fem pref. e O. SHORES granny flat, renovated, furn, quiet, w less net, garden access, utilities included, 240pw + bd ELTHAM 1br rural cottage 60 acres, fully self-ct with undercover carport, 15 mins to Bangalow/Lismore, 25 mins to Byr, pets ok, suit working pers or couple, 180pw + bills OCEAN SHORES ocean views, 3br + s-c udio, dish wash, a-c, SLUG, lge garden vegie beds, lawn mowing incl, 495pw. e BYRON beautifully renov 3br house, for cscious prof couple, 6-12 mth lease, 5pw, no pets/children BYRON TOWN free anding 1br artment, self-ct, 100m to beach, n/s, single ly, 3pw. e O.SHORES 1br unit, relaxed working pers over 30, 200ow OCEAN SHORES 3br home, SLUG, ensuite, 3pw 1br unit, undercover park, 180pw BRUNSWICK HEADS 3br 1 floor unit, SLUG, 3pw 2br + office, 1 floor, undercover parking space 360pw 2br 1 floor unit, c/port 300pw NO PETS UNLESS SPECIFIED View at Siwii Real Eate, 17 Fingal St, Brunswi Heads SUFFOLK RK beachside, new 5br flible design, large living, NE sh outlook, Doin ID pw neg, avail end Nov SUFFOLK udio, f-f, TV, spa, w less, 220 sgl, 2pw dbl incl ONE BEDROOM Balinese yle timber home with indoor/ outdoor bathroom, lovely gardens, large timber dk and views ba over Byr, 600pw, gardens included, avail 1 D 09. Frances O Cnor Real Eate LENNOX HEAD 3br, 2 bthrm, DLUG house, avail from Nov 14 for 6 mths, un-furn 440pw WANTED TO RENT ECHO ACCTS POLICY: Ads in this sti mu be paid by credit card or in pers at time of placement. LONG TERM HOME for f/t handy Dad & 11teen yr old daughter, Byr area, 2br or share fily life STUDIO/ROOM IN BYRON for 6 weeks, for ture lady, as LOOKING LAND to let, eablished working Byr fily with largobile home, 2 kids, inside dog, fully self ctained. Can do caretaking. e or TWO WORKING country girls looking for perm accom in Byr Bay. Will share. Julia or LONG TERM shed for workshop and accommodati QUIET aware fele, n/s, d/f, c refs seeks self ctained flat/udio, Bruns or Ocean Shores. Near shops, up to 1pw e HOMESTAY share rooms or house rentals for internatial udents - short & lg term. e or eil: accom@bbels.com.au ESTABLISHED Byr fily urgently require utive home, pet friendly, cellent references LOVELY PROF WORKING CPLE seeking unique home with quiet surrounds for 6-12 mths, reliable, he & clean, mu be within 15 min of Byr, refs avail TWO LOCAL WRITERS looking for rental or house-sit, Jan to end April 2010 while their Mullum house is renovated. Prefer Mullum, Bruns, we side of Byr areas, hpy to look after garden or pets. Alan or Sarah or eil sarah@sarah-armrg.com MALE 27yo full time employed n/s, d/f, seeks udio/garage/flat WORKING MALE 45 yo, quiet lifeyle, no pets, no kids, looking for self-ct private accommodati, lg term, refs avail. e Brad ROOM or housesit for respsible healthy living, clean, vego couple from 27 Nov to Xs or RESPONSIBLE FAMILY of 4 seeks 3-4br house, no pets, n/s, move in D-Jan for 6 mths min, pref furn TO LEASE MULLUMBIMBY INDUSTRIAL Large indurial sheds. Unit 1, 4sqm + 60sqm mezz. Unit 2, 380sqm + 20sqm mezz. Al MULLUMBIMBY shop/office or treatment room in Stuart Street Arc, 220pw. e CENTENNIAL CIRCUIT Byr Bay, frt unit, 108sqm total, 330pw + GST, no outgoin. John STORAGE AVAILABLE ctact Elders Bangalow. e BYRON INDUSTRIAL ESTATE 200sqm shed, plus lo up yard. Good locati. 24pm ++. e VENUE HIRE SANTOS HEARTSCE Suits yoga, groups, ssage, meetin. 8 per hour. Em STREET FRONT OFFICE / Showroom + oreroom, Byr A & I, incl elt & high speed b band, 135pw STORAGE SCE available close to Byr. e OFFICE SHARE / STORAGE A & I Eate, Byr, clean, light - 100pw depending how much space you need BRUNSWICK HEADS Professial plus LUG in town centre 510pw Siwii Real Eate, 17 Fingal St, Brunswi Heads POSITIONS VACANT WARNING The Department of Fair Trading has warned people to be very careful aut respding to advertisements offering work at home. Rers should be wary if asked to pay mey upfrt for employment opportunities and never send mey to a po office x. TAXI DRIVERS BYRON SHIRE Drivers required, shifts available. Full training provided. BH eil: info@byrbaytaxis.com FULL-TIME SHOP ASSISTANT in a hpy envirment at Js St CASUAL CLEANERS required, Ballina, Lennox area, mu have own transport, suit retiree or udents, p pref t not essential. nya SENIOR STYLIST / COLRIST For sy Byr Bay sal. Eil resume to: info@fusibyr.com or phe EXPERIENCED FULL TIME CHEF Req d for citing seaside reaurant. Able to work with te. Mu be reliable, passiate & available for an immediate art WANTED CLEANERS 4 1/2 ar compl requires casual cleaners, mu be willing to work weekends & holidays, perience would be handy t not a mu to the right pers. Please fax resume to or eil: artments@bayroyal.com.au GARDENER/HANDYMAN 4 1/2 ar compl requires somee with a bit of a green thumb. Duties gardening, lawn mowing, general cleaning & odd jobs. 15 hours over 3 days per week, y suit semi-retired pers. Please fax resume to or eil: artments@bayroyal.com.au PERMANENT HSEKEEPER wanted for fily in Ewindale, 2 days per week, 4 hours per shift at 20 cash per hour. Positi avail immediately. Please phe FINANCIAL MANAGER / ADVISOR for successful & ridly panding Social Initiative. Hands MYOB, fun projt, part-time. e Derek Spice or Jane Hanel or eil: jane@spiritofchildhood.org LINKNET COMMUNICATIONS a local wireless internet provider is seeking a keen annthusiaic pers to take telephe enquiries and sales and carry out adminirati duties. You will have an cellent telephe nner, good commuati and liening skills and be able to work automously. You mu have competent computer skills and some IT knowledge. 35 hours per week. Apply: jobs@linknet.com.au or fax TAKEAWAY/GENERAL STORE Ocean Shores area, ture aged won required. Mu be perienced in short order cooking & cuomer service, and be available weekends MODELS 18+ years required. Nude fele for Picture and People gazines. No perience required. All shes and sizes. Bapaers welcome. Good mey. Professial accredited ACP photogrher RIVERSIDE ESPRESSO R is looking for an perienced Baria. Great pay for the right pers. e EXPERIENCED RISTA required to join the te at Twied Sia Cafe. Mu be avail over summer. Please ly call if you have perience ORIENT EXPRESS Experienced waitaff wanted Apply in pers with CV. Travellers need not ply VOLUNTEERS WANTED for Byr Bay Film Feival. Ctact aff@bbff.com.au WOODD Masseuses wanted UNBELIEVABLE BUT TRUE!! Have this brand new Solar Star (solar hot water without the panels) TM hot water service priced at 3,463* for ly 399* Save hot water energy cos by up to %. Save water. Save jobs y Auralian M Authorised Byr Bay and Ballina diritor Help prott the envirment k us how * After combined government and RECs rebates of * Inallati arranged t not included in ave price / e: ratlumbing@hotil.com Volunteer Coordinator Do you want to ke a difference? BCC is seeking an enthusiaic, passiate pers to join the Centre aff te. Your role will involve rruitment, training & support of our ny fantaic volunteers. The positi is initially for 14 hrs per week. A job paage is available by ctacting Paul Spoer: info@ byrcentre.com.au Applicatis close Mday 23 November. LicNo171930C Nanny/Housekeeper required, for fun loving Mullumbimby fily. Mday, Wednesday, Friday for a mth from 27th November to 18th Dember. Drivers licence required. All household duties plus care for 2 girls 4 & 6 years. Experience & references essential. Please eil your details to uartandbelle@bigpd.com.au Nods Byr Bay & Arts Factory have positis available in: residents preferred. peggy@nodsworld.com or fax: Mullumbimby & Dirict Neighurhood Centre Inc. Two innovative and citing positis are open for plicants with relevant tertiary qualifi catis and perience. 1. Women s Resource and Development Worker x 1 at 21 hrs per week 2. Domeic Violence Outreach Worker x 1 at 30 hrs per week Gr 4 SACS Award Paages available up reque: or mnci@linknet.com.au FREE RENT in Byr in change for child care. Ctact lynette@live.com.au or tt for more info. POSITION MULTI SKILLED PERSON in a welding/rigging workshop. Positi involves different forms of welding from aluminium to milel. Mu be willing and available to work site and interate. Eil plicati to: admin@ auralianradiotowers.com CASUAL OFFICE WORK M to Thurs 7-No, king phe calls, taking orders, typing skills and Quikoks essential, mu be persable & hard working NGALOW RT TIME BOOKKEEPING / role, minimum 4 days per mth Flible hours - half days are fine. Mu have accounting qualificatis with a minimum 5 years perience. Proficient computers. Excellent commuati skills. The work includes: Expenses, preparati of S, TAX, general adminirative support, running persal errands. Please send plicatis to: mrazz@c.com OFFICE/WAREHSE ASSISTANT Applicant mu have a high work ethic with attenti to detail & accuracy, ceptial organisatial skills & ability to work under pressure. Strg adminirative & MS Office skills are essential. Experience in a similar adminirative/ warehousing role is desirable t not essential. Forward resumes to: info@lisablue.com.au Co-ordinator Voluntary Positi Compani Anils Welfare Inc. is seeking the services of a voluntary Co-ordinator to: types of media etc carers foered anils to carers Training provided. Out of poet penses (fuel and phe) covered Suit retiree with vehicle. Computer skills an advantage. If you are intereed in plying for this positi please call Margaret Heart and Soul Health Clubs are looking for enthusiaic reptii, sales, Group, Pilates, yoga and Boot Cp inructors. If you are looking for a career in the fi tness indury please send your resume to ctact@ heartandsoulhealthclubs.com.au Breakfa & Lunch Cook Wanted Shifts available now for a competent, reliable pers to work in a sy Byr Shire Café/ Reaurant mid-week & weekend days. Call now to arrange an Interview for the ave positi. WORK WANTED ECHO ACCTS POLICY: Ads in this sti mu be paid by credit card or in pers at time of placement. Man with a Ute e Matt ALL TRADE GS landscing, tiling, carpentry, garden int Gardens Renovated Weeding, clear ups, mowing, trimming etc. Reasable rates. Tim GARDEN & HSE WORKER mowing, brushcutting, tip jobs, chainsaw work, gardening, mulching, window cleaning / screens, pressure cleaning DUTCH INTER quality & afflordable, refs. e Gerrit MATURE AGE 28 year old carpentry prentice, new to area, 2nd yr with 6 yrs p. I have all of my own tools & ute, great refs from la ss QUALIFIED INTER looking for work, sll jobs ok. Rob PRE-XMAS HANDYMAN/GARDENER Odd jobs, good che rate e Nathan DECKS & PEOLAS & all carpentry needs. for free quote FIX-IT MEN local, we do the lot. No job too large. Tree work, garden & rural jobs. Tractor operator also avail. Fa & reliable. All hours WINDOW CLEANING quality & service, painting & dorating. John CHRISTMAS IS HERE! Dirty house? Gabriella s great cleaning service for all the thin you d t want to do. e INTER needs work urgently. Peter GARDENING & TIP RUNS Che rates. Luke HSE INTING improve your home for Chri28ph EXPERIENCED CLEANERS Office, resorts, bd, fa, reliable, professial. Ad CLEANER available, perienced, reliable, caring, 25ph ENVIRO MEN CO Bush regen & Cphor treatment. Plantin. Weed cl. Landscing & prop int. Anthy TUITION MATHS TUITION qualified teacher. All ages, priry to HSC. e , LEARN JANESE / ENGLISH ESL Certified teacher, bilingual LEARN GESTALT THERAPY Grad Dip progr. Fee help available. GUITAR Bass, Uke & music theory. 1 less free. Jes HSC ENGLISH 2010 perienced teacher, spiali advanced & tensi courses, c refs PIANO Blues & popular yles. Exp, qualified teacher. Jenna 3324 VIDEO EDITING & DVD BURNING Producti & Tuiti. Majida Senior Fir Aid Workcover accredited 1 day course, CPR and refreshers welcome. Exp inructor, Mullum 22 Nov Serge or ra , ENGLISH LANGUAGE + TESOL ESL & TESOL courses in handy Byr locati. BYRON Y ENGLISH LANGUAGE SCHOOL MATHS, SCIENCES & COMPUTER SKILLS for all ages with an perienced teacher. O.Shores, a FRACAS MUSIC Learn music in a creative, inforl envirment. From beginners to advanced; eltric, acouic and bass guitar, piano, keyard, violin, sg writing, rording, video, perfornce and bank workshops. Ctact: phil@ fracasmusic.com TEACH ENGLISH OVERSEAS The Byr Shire Echo November 10, <howebsti=classifieds> Well paid jobs, great lifeyle! TRAVEL WORK ADVENTURE! No degree or perience required. Cert III & IV in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Rruitment service & Job Guarantee! FREE RESRCE BOOK for prompt course enrolment! Free info sessi 23rd November Nt course Jan /1 Carlyle St, Byr Bay

50 November 10, 2009 The Byr Shire Echo <howebsti=classifieds> MUSICAL NOTES TALENTED ALL GIRL DANCE ND Chic Republic avail for your spial event, from 8. Bookin AFTER SOMETHING SPECIAL? for your Chris Party? Deidi Vine s versatile 1 girl show, perft accompaniment for your spial event. Classy cotail music to dancing the night away with ro, disco & soul favourites. 2. Bookin BYRON SD LGE rehearsals, rording & hire VINCE AND THE VIPERS Acouic three pie party band Book early. e BIG ND HIRE Big Band at the End of the Universe thebigbandattheendoftheuniverse or phe Lismore C D G HIRE 3 I r e ple top. Srfa nk. dy 6. Ibanez n,, c cd, with upgrltric. e or ELECTRIC GUITAR Epiphe limited editi signature Bob Marley. new D G HIRE 3 I r e ple top. Srfa nk. dy 6. Ibanez n,, c cd, with upgrltric. e or BIRTHS ADAM & BELINDA (nee Mills) PETERS are proud to announce the arrival of Jarvis Clarence 28/10/09 8lb 13oz Grands for Kevin & Marilyn Mills, Trevor & Derah Peters BIRTHDAYS HANS HAPPY BIRTHDAY! From everye at the Echo Helium Ballos from Bizzy Ballos HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAYOR It is in November right? Love your people XXX DEATH NOTICES JOHN WARD Jesse & Melissa invite all John s friends to join them in a celebrati of his life. 22 Nov, 4pm. Please phe Melissa for details IN MEMORIAM MARCUS G SAVILLE Forever young while we grow older. Always remembered & never forgotten. With love Mum, Ti, Megan, Adrian ra and Tim FUNERAL NOTICES LOST & FD FD: GENTS BIKE in Byr. e LOST: sll red & grey bag ctaining eltrical cords & ipod FD: COCKATIEL Heritage Park, 8/11. e LOST: CAMERA Can powershot SX200 IS Melb Cup Day, Byr. Reward , PERSONAL FUN, EDUCATED n, seeks creative won prox for beach, travel, skylarking, view l/term rel PETS MINDER/HOME for beautiful Auralian Shephard, 9 mths all penses paid, great company ADOPT A CAT from Anil Welfare League NSW. e ADORABLE Maltese x Shihtzu spaniel, le, 9 wks, B&W, vacc & chipped, 3. e DOG MINDER Experienced & respsible or PUPPIES mini foxies 1M, 2F, 1 each, ready now. e ONLY ADULTS SEDUCTIVE MASSAGE by attractive Auralian. Ocean Shores GIRLS UENTLY required at Lismore s premium adult venue. Top s, free food & accommodati. e TANTRIC MASSAGE pm Relax & heal. Paul DEEP MASCULINE HONRING Sacred & sensual full dy ntric ssage by gorgeous Goddess. Wed, Thurs, Fri. Women welcome. Ocean Shores or EXOTIC DANCER priv/group okin, petite y blde. Fasha SOCIAL ESCORTS BYRON AREA TCALLS. e SWEET PLEASURE Sensual full dy rub, nude dy slide + relief. M-Thurs day/night, all areas. Outcalls ly Niy ATTRACTIVE HOSTESS TO SPOIL Y, 34 Piper Drive, Ballina, 10 till late BEAUTIFUL, Petite, Incalls / Outcalls. Ocean Shores 9-11pm KERRY Sensual healing, in Byr, Thurs, discreet locati AMBULANCE, FIRE, POLICE AMBULANCE Mullumbimby & Byr Bay BRUNSWICK VALLEY RESCUE Sea & road rescue BRUNSWICK MARINE RADIO TOWER MULLUMBIMBY HOSPITAL BYRON Y HOSPITAL POLICE Brunswi Heads Mullumbimby Byr Bay Bangalow STATE EMEENCY SERVICE Storm & tempe dage, flooding AIDS Cfidential teing & inforti (ACON) AL-ANON Help for fily & friends of alcoholics , ALCOHOLICS ANONYMS 24 hours ANIMAL RESCUE (DOGS & CATS) LIFELINE MENSLINE 7pm 11pm nightly (phe counselling & referral for men) NARCOTICS ANONYMS Meets daily NEIGHBRHOOD CENTRE NORTHERN RIVERS GAMBLING SERVICE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE 24 hour crisis line GAMBLERS ANONYMS Meet 7.30pm Tuesdays at Byr Hospital Group Room, Shirly St, Byr Bay NORTHERN RIVERS WILDLIFE CARERS KOALA HOTLINE GEOE THE SNAKE MAN NSW Wildlife Inforti & Rescue Service (WIRES) EMEENCY NUMBERS Please i this by your phe Community Classifieds Appear in 5 big community pers for ly 9. per line... PH: BOATING & MARINE 3.3m TINNY motor 5hp, trailer & canopy, all rego. 3,000. PH: BUILDING MATERIALS BRIDGE TIMBERS 1,800 t PH: CAMPERVANS CAMPER TOYOTA POPTOP 5 speed, 12 mths rego, has everything plus loo & anne. 8,0 o. PH: HEAVY DUTY OFF-ROAD cper trailer, Cel water tank, kitchen, frt orage x, quality 3 Dog canvas top, used ce. R ,000 PH: AHrs CAMPERVANS CARAVANS/ MOTORHOMES JAYCO HERITAGE 23ft 2002 full anne, shower, toilet, washing chine, 3 way fridge, Waco fridge freezer, reversing cera, complete H Ree towing hitch, all accessories to art travelling. O.N.O. PH: CARAVANS/ MOTORHOMES ROADSTER VACATIONER 1998, 18ft, full anne, a/c, microwave, water filter, bike ra, fully equipped, Hayn Ree hook up, VGC. 24,900 o. PH: SALE SIX DRUM KIT blue, as new cd, great for beginner 2 o. PH: Commercial Dut Machine + mixes, all in VGC. 4,400 o. PH: GO ELECTRIC! Scooters & bikes. See beyd-oil.com Bargain prices! SALE ilding affordable new homes BUILDERS For the be Auralian m ute ba, roof top & trailer cpers. PH: (02) On Site Cping Shop Community Classifieds RADISE LIBERATION Motorhome Mercedes 6CDI auto, dual slideouts luxury fitout, car license ly, all comforts with you. 185,000 PH: Alville FANTASTIC FRANGINIS BYRON 2 TWEED Tube o can be poed Insulati Batts Glass wool, sqm. 30,000sqm available today. Free Delivery Call Diana anytime UNDER FENCE PLINTHS Designed to fit under all panel fencing syems. Sizes available: 100mm & 1mm high. PH: Factory Outlet: 37 Bosworth Road, Woolgoolga Eil: info@coffanks. com.au Fill that Ugly G Will not rot, ru or w. SALE REGENCY CHAIR suitable for bedridden patients PH: YAMAHA DRUM KIT good cd PH: From mo o-friendly funeral dirtors Enq: Leaving Lightly (02) Leaving Lightly CARDBOARD COFFINS FUNERAL DIRECTORS AND SERVICES GOLD COAST HOLIDAY Palm Beach 1 & 2 brms fully s/c, HTD pool & spa. Absolute Beachfrt. Low Seas Spials PH: HOLIDAY ACCOMMODATION BROOMS HEAD MADUKA SANDS HOLIDAY RENTALS Fully self-ctained 1 B/R artments. Sleeps 4. Opposite beach, short walk to shops & Bowling Club. From 480 per week (including linen) off seas. PH: PUBLIC NOTICES GOLD COAST ADVERTISING Find your car, at, real eate, ssage, persals, local siness ads here. Log in today or phe SHEDS SHED Colourbd 18mx8m 5mx5m chain driven roller door, mezzanine floor over ba half. Brand new never been erted.,000 o PH: TIMESHARE TIMESHARE Week for sale. Tiki Village, Gold Coa QLD. Fixed Jan week 4 each year 4,0 neg. PH: French Fore FARM PRODUCE BEEF YEARLING grass fed, paddo to plate. Delivered to your door. 8 per kilo PH: / PUBLIC NOTICES Fish in your Farm D SILVER PERCH 80 per 100 AUST. SS 110 per 100 SEARLE AQUACULTURE FAIRS / MARKETS / FETES Start up Pas Silver Deiny are proven sellers of quality product the public adore. Call & create your detiny. GRAND PIANO BEALE years old, 5ft, cd. 5,0. PH: OLYMPIC TITANIUM GOLF set 2. VOX 60 watt p 300. PH: POOL SALE FACTORY 2 U PH: SALE PETS BURMESE PUREBRED BROWN KITTEN avail now! Desed, m/chipped, vacc, reg breeder. Retired breeders avail / KELPIES 3 MTHS blue/ tan les, top b/lines, WKC natural working ability. 220 ea GUAR working 12 mths. PH: Graft LADRADOR Pups 1F, 2M blk, p/bred, m/chip, vacc, c temp. 3 each. PH: MALTESE X, 2M, 1F, 8 weeks, between Vacc, wormed. PH: Southport The Armidale Independent Byr The Northern Rivers Independent Coffs Coa for the f th the fo fo for th th the 5 pers RS AN AND SERVICES B B D re fo fo for th the price of1 ADVERTISE HERE and your ad will pear in Community Classifieds You y not see Council s development plicati advertising as it is not placed in your community per. a free service, therefore, we regularly li all significant new D public hibiti, king clear actly what is sought in the plicatis and identifying the loc ati of the land affted. We urge rers to follow up D they feel y afft them by visiting Council s office before the advised closing date and king an propriate written submissi. 2 Marattia Place C A Stannard close 16/11/09 Suffolk Park double orey dwelling DA Watch Hardie Jes Greenwood Passed away at Feros Bangalow 7 th November 2009, Formerly of Coorabell and Oatley We. Loving Husband of Barbara, Father of Merrilyn and Greg & Terry and their filies. Sadly Missed Fily and friends are invited to attend the funeral of the late Jes Greenwood Hardie, to be held at Coorabel Hall, 5 Cool Sce Drv On Thursday 12 th of November 2009 at 2pm. Billinudgel Melody Rose Cway My Darling D Another year of agy pa Dark shadows over juice ca I miss your smile, I miss your face I miss the light around your space Your kindness in the slle ways Your hpy laugh that m my days For 6 lg years I m missing you For lger ill they hide the truth Good thoughts are thin of juic Please send a judge who wt be swayed By the lies and tris that they use And all else t the truth refuse Please light a candle for Melody Only truth and juice will set D free Melody s Supreme Court case begins 17th November. Please help us win by sending your love and prayers. Exceptial Care of your pets and/or home by a dedicated anil lover. Dog walking, pet sitting, housinding Call Pete is a desed fele rder collie x and at 12 years of age she ill has a beautiful shiny coat. Her owner for the pa 10 yrs sadly has to rehouse her due to a rental situati. Chloe would be a great compani for somee without children or other do. A pers who will give her lots of cuddles and love during her latter years. Compani Anils Welfare Inc. B/H Marbles the 6 yr old fele affy featured in la weeks Echo is ill looking for a home! chloe Call the AWL Rabbit Desing TWEETIE-BIRD is gorgeous. He is 6 mths old, a Hilayan cross with chocolate points, with blue eyes - so handsome and with lovely temperent. Come and meet this wderful compani at the Cat Adopti Centre, 124 Dalley St Mullumbimby. Open:Tues. 9-11, Thurs. 3-5 pm, and Sat no. PETS LIFE ANIMAL SHELTER Please ke an pointment to meet them with Lesa Billinudgel Handsome Shilo is a favourite at the shelter, and we want to see him go to a gentle and loving home for life. Shilo is a 3 mth old le with beautiful white and beige rkin. He is playful, outgoing and loves to jump around after his toys, t he can also be a big sook and loves a kiss the head and a cuddle. Come and meet Shilo and fall in love with him. All cats and kittens are de-sed, micro chipped and vaccinated. Earn big dollars Good working envirment with fele aff mu be yrs old Want to work in REAL ESTATE Certificate and Licence North Coa TAFE : edi &S &S &S &S &S &S &S &S &S &S &S &S &S &S &S &S &S &S &S &S &S &S &S &S &S &S &S &S &S &S UN UN UN UN UN O ND G DG DG DG DG DG D G D G DG DG DG D G D G DG DG D G D G DG D G D G DG D G DG DG DG DG DG D G D G DG DG DG D G DG DG DG DG D G DG DG D G D G DG D G D G D G D G D G DG DG D G D G DG D G D G D G D G OR FO FO FO FO F R OR OR OR OR FO FO FO FO FO O FO FO O FO FO FO FO O O OR OR OR O OR OR OR FO FO FO OR OR OR OR OR FO OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR FO O OR OR OR OR FO FO FO FO HI H RE sh sh sh sh Ah sh sh sh sh sh sh sh sh sh s s s sh s sh sh sh sh sh s B I IB IB I IB IB IB I IB IB IB I I IB I E N Z EZ EZ E E NE EZ E NE NE E NE N Z EZ E NE NE NE N Z N Z N Z N Z N Z un Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su un un un Su un un un un un un un Su un un Su un Su un un Su S n Su Su Su Su Su Su un Su Su Su Su un S r b r ur r r r r r r r r r r r r r r ur r r ur r ur ur r r r u r r r ur u r ur r r r r r r r r r ur r ur ur r r r r r t s fla fla a fl m a fla fla a fla fl m e p l e top S. Sup up up up pe pe pe up up pe pe pe pe pe up up up up up pe pe up up p pe pe up pe p up up p pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe up p rfa rfa rfa rf rfa fa fa fa fa fa rfa fa rfa rfa rfa rfa fa fa rfa rfa rfa fa rfa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa rfa rfa rfa rfa fa fa rfa rf rfa rfa rfa rfa rfa rfa r a ne n ne n ne ne ne ne n ne n n ne ne n n n ne n ne n n n n ne n n ne ne n n n n n e n n n ne n n n n e n n n n n ne ne ne n ne ne n n ne n n ne n n n n n n n ne n n ne n n n e n n n n ne n n n n c n n n k. k. k. k. k. k. k. k. k. k. k. k. k Di Di Di Di Di in D n D n D n g d b d d d d d b d b d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d o d d d d d d d d d d b d d d od d d d d dy 6. 0 Iba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba bane ne ne ne nez ne nez nez ne nez nez ne nez ez nez ez nez nez nez ez ez nez ez ez ez nez ez ez ez ez nez ez ez nez ez nez ez nez nez nez nez ez ez nez nez nez nez m m lm m lm lm lm lm lm lm lm lm lm m lm m lm m m lm lm lm lm n, n, n, n, n, n, n, n, n, n, n, n, n, n, n, n, n, n, n, n, n, n, n, n, n, bl la bl bl bl bl bl bl la la b a la la la la l bl la bl la la b a b a l la bl,,,,, k,,, k,, k, k,,,,,,, k, k,,,, c, c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c d nd nd d o d nd d d d d, with upgr gr gr gr gr gr gr gr gr gr gr gr gr gr gr gr pgr gr pgr gr gr gr gr gr gr gr g de d ad ad ad d ad de de de ad d de de ad d de ad ad d ad d de de de de de ad d ad ad d ad ad ad ad de ad l l le le l l l l le l l l l l l l le l l l le l l l l l l l l l l l le le le l le le l l e l tr tr ro ro tr tr tr tr ro ro tr ro ro ro ro ro ro ro r ro ro r tri n c ni ni ni ni ic ic ni ni ni ni ni ni ic i ni ni ni ni ic ni ni ic ni ni ni ic ni ic ic P.P. P.P.P. P.P. P.P.P.P. P.P. P. P.P.P. P. P. P. P. P. P. P. o ho ho ho ho h ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho h e or o Je to

51 Community Classifieds Appear in 5 big community pers for ly 9. per line... PH: ads@communityclassifiedsnsw.com.au FINANCE Private Fir d Mortgages PH: Visit our site: Hear Ye... Hear Ye... Let it be known pre-provals-no deposit (negotiate better ju like a CASH yer) for cars, ats, caravans, & motorcyles, etc. All plicatis csidered. Fa proval from 6.99% 1800 LEND ME Eablished 32 years HORSES Well nnered, well trained horse BUSINESSES SALE KERY SALE TWEED HEADS 10 mins to beach, 30 mins to Gold Coa. king9,000 + per week, showing growth. 180,000. PH: CLEANING BUSINESS GRAFTON E 21 yrs, e clients, highly profitable, p/ship run. 60K. Machinery, new van take over lease. Training incl. PH: HEALTH FOOD SHOP COFFS HARBR Owners retiring. Top shop. Diverse o incl. ECO range, low overheads. Great lease. 58K + SAV. PH: BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES A NEW Y SUMMER Lose 5-25kg fa. Find out how... splesheworks.com is a joy to ride or to judge. Educate your horse progressively with "Tom Roberts" oks. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Ideal Chris Gift! Work from home. Potential SADDLERS HORSEWORLD BOOKSHOPS PH: (08) for utive level income. LABELS DON'T Leave Your Future In The Hands Of Others To Present Your Produce Attractively ctact us now, fir 10 ctact: callers reive a FREE In DVD. PH: Label Press Manufacturers of FRUIT & VEGETABLE LABELS, SELF-ADHESIVE, GUMMED CK, NON-TEARABLE, LABELS ROLLS or SHEETS. PRINTED TO YR REQUIREMENTS. MANUAL & AUTOMATIC APPLICATOR GUNS AVAILABLE Cobalt Street, Carole Park, QLD 4300 REAL ESTATE ABSOLUTE AIN! Midway Noosa & Hervey Bay, 1.6 acs rainfore creek, very private plus pretty drv thru fore to priine bay & surf beaches. Priced to SELL 74,000! PH: Open 7 days. SQP NEGLECTED 533 AC grazing blo at Torringt, New England. Fenced into 8 paddos, spring fed, creek, power 3K. All offers or changes csid VEHICLES D FOCUS '03 AUTO 2ltr, e/c, very reliable, YW-24 10, Graft HYUNDAI EXCEL HATCH 5 speed, 108,000kms, service hiory, new tyres, e owner, very good original cd. BD-35-CS 2,900 PH: TOYOTA CAMRY SPORTIVO 2.4L 2005 nual, every tra! 56,000km17,0 Imculate PH: '97 TOYOTA LANDCRUISER 6 mths rego, new tyres, GC, ADD-43L 9,000. PH: NISSAN NAVARA UTE 2002 white dual cab 3.0ltr, 5 speed nual, 195,000kms, cruise cl, central lo, eltric brake cl rear work light Hella Spotlight, removable canopy, frt & rear ras, AV-78-VH 15,0 neg. PH: or Kyogle WANTED TO B BI-FOLD DOORS 4 leave, 2.96m wide. White clawfoot bath. PH: or TAP Cditis ply 5 pers for the the price of1 WORK FROM HOME Achieve persal freedom & andant lifeyle. Ctact Rod & Liz : or waterandice@bigpd.com EMPLOYMENT SERVICES Tursa Employment & Training Need Staff? Need Work? call Need Training? call TURSA: local anablished CONTACT Over 40 designs to selt from Free quote your own plan Timber or eel fres Perft for the owner ilder CAN'T GET A BUILDER why not subctract? TRAINING/TUITION CRSES ACCREDITED Training & Licensing Forklift Bobcat Excavator Traffic Cl OH&S Green Card CALL ACTIVE TRAINING BOATING LICENCE CRSE 1 EVENING Graft 12th Nov Lismore 13th Nov La opportunity prior to summer. e John Shipway of Natiwide Surity Training Acmy (NSW) (ABN ) will shortly be cducting an Approved Surity Pre Licence Course 91190NSW & Certificate 1 (PRS20103) in Surity Operatis in Lismore. Spaces limited - For okin e Maer Lic No LOTTO TO WIN I'm a World War 2 pensier. I have never w a 1 Divisi prize yet, t my method can win 2nd and 3rd Divisis. It's he, azingly simple, teed and proven over 14 years. Details Bill Grey NO STRESS! NO BOSS! More time, more fun, all this working from home. MAKE A PROFIT TODAY Start you own siness for ly 397 and me a Teeth Whitening Csultant today. Join Auralia's ly Premium Training Provider and have inant access to Wholesale Prices. Easy, fun and ssively profitable baed by our Mey Ba Guarantee. For your free report this 19 billi dollar indury visit: or call to order your art-up paage t hurry there are ly 49 of these paages left before prices will go up. ACT NOW! Valley Kit Homes (Cditis Apply) KIT HOMES * Ige ly Cditis Apply BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES For a FREE house plan oklet or CD ctact us SPECIAL November % OFF THE PRICE OF EACH KIT PURCHASED plus a FREE Standard Hot Water Service (Cditis Apply) CONTACT 1/18 Hawker Street, Currumbin Qld (07) Eil: moreinfo@valleykithomes.com.au TRAINING/TUITION CRSES Regiered Training Organisati * SAFE WORK NEAR POWER LINES * INSULATION CRSE * OH&S WHITE CARDS * MACHINERY * HR TRUCK * KLIFT * DOGGING & RIGGING * CONFINED SCES * TRAFFIC CONTROL and more RSA & RCG CLAGCA/LAB proved Graft, Casino, Lismore, Ballina, Byr, Tweed PH: Country Hospitality Services Locally owned & operated POSITIONS VACANT TRAINING & TUITION CAREERS WORK OPTIONS BUSINESSES SALE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES NSW RSA & RCG CLGCA proved Tweed, Byr, Lismore, Ballina, Graft & Coffs Harur. New 'Bar Essentials' Course now running PH: SELF EMPLOYMENT BUILD A 2nd INCOME FROM HOME Earn up to: PT/FT 1,0/5,000+ mth Full training & support No telerketing/door-2-door Call DOES YR INCOME NEED AN OVERHAUL? Work at home.. Call Barb now POSITIONS VACANT ANGRIE RAINEST RESORT is looking for an Apprentice Chef for its 4½ Star Reaurant. Prefer 2nd or 3rd year. Please ply to the: General Manager by eil: gm@angourieresort.com.au or phe CLARENCE VALLEY CONSERVATORIUM MUSIC TUTORS TRAINING/TUITION CRSES The Clarence Valley Cservatorium is seeking EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST from qualified and dy tutors to join their professial and enthusiaic teaching aff for progrs in Experience in Piano, Guitar, Voice or Woodwind is essential. CLOSING DATE: Friday 27 November 2009 Applicants should forward CV and covering letter to Dirtor, Clarence Valley Cservatorium, PO Box 3, Graft NSW 2460 Fax: Eil: cvc@cvc.com.au LIC. NO C Site Foreperss Leading Hands Carpenters Required for Commercial Cructi work who are willing to travel. Experience with Department of Commerce preferable. Ctact Nathan Lint-France Fax: e: Great Opportunities POSITIONS VACANT LIC. NO C Projt Manager Ctracts Adminirator Required for Commercial Cructi work. Experience with Department of Commerce preferable. Eil resumes to: lori.k@woollcructis.com.au Fax: e: COFFS HARBR CITY CCIL Cuomer Service Officers Two (2) Positis - Pernent P/T 25 hours per week Salary range to per hour + Sr Council is seeking perienced Cuomer Service Officers to provide quality cuomer service at Council's cuomer service areas. The successful plicants will possess Certificate III in Business Adminirati or equivalent qualificati together with tensive perience in provisi of quality Cuomer Service, high level interpersal, oral and written commuati skills. Plant Adminirati Officer Salary range to pw + RDO + Sr An perienced and qualified pers is required for Council's Workshop to assi the Plant Coordinator and Workshop Te Ler in procurement, repair and intenance and nagement of Council's plant and vehicle fleet, including scheduling of services, liaising with plant and vehicle providers and repair ctractors. High level interpersal and cuomer service skills are essential as this positi is the fir point of call for all Workshop enquiries. Plant Te Ler Salary range to pw + RDO + Sr Council is seeking an enthusiaic and motivated individual with tensive perience in plant operatis and/or plant intenance. This positi is respsible for ensuring the ximum operatial utilisati levels of Council-owned plant whil ensuring all intenance requirements aret. Plant Operator/Arri Salary range to pw + RDO + Sr An perienced Horticulturi is required to operate Council plant and undertake spiali tree intenance and removal operatis. You mu possess Certificate III in Horticulture (Arriculture) or equivalent, with perience in tree felling, pruning and plant, in particular Boom Type Elevating Work Platforms (EWP) and Woodchippers. For more inforti aut these positis and to ply -line please visit our website at Community Classifieds POSITIONS VACANT Downunder Minesite Maintenance reins the dominant driving Force to Supply Quality Employees to the top mining workshops across Auralia. Due to these dends we are currently seeking Experienced Qualified Trspeople for IMMEDIATE START: New Positis 1 x Boilerker based in Singlet regi Roer: Mday to Friday Day Shift ly Pay Rate: 40/hr + Travel + Sr 3 x Diesel Fitters based in Singlet regi Roer: Lifeyle Roer Pay Rate: 45/hr + Sr 4 x Diesel Fitters based in Singlet regi Roer: Ongoing Weekend Work Do you want job surity with 8 weeks to go till Chris? Now is the time to join an eablished, growing workforce with Natial opportunities. To ply for a positi, please forward resume to: Unit 1, Caterpillar Drive, Paget QLD 4740 PO Box 40, South Maay QLD 4740 P: F: M: E: hr@downundermm.com.au The Byr Shire Echo November 10, <howebsti=classifieds>

52 Real Eate/News Extra Pin This Up Green and Clean Dunare The Green and Clean Awareness Te meets day November 15 from 9 to 12no at Clarkes Beach, Byr Bay near the BBQ in frt of the Beach Café. From 12 to 1pm, enjoy a delicious free BBQ at Clarkes Beach. Please bring gloves, hat, sunscreen and propriate footwear. Any enquiries to Veda or Udo or visit Hospital Craft Show Byr Hospital Annual Craft Show is being held at the Byr High School Auditorium the Saturday November 21 from 10 to 3pm. Entry is ly 3 and there will be over alls with a variety of craft and goods for sale and freshly m sandwiches and slices for lunch and morning tea.. All proceeds go to purchasuch needed equipment for the Byr Bay Hospital. Enquiries P McRae U3A Brunswi Valley On Tuesday November 17 Anne Mac- Dald will speak Sleep Apnoea from 10 to 12no at the Uniting Church hall, Fingal St. Brunswi Heads. e Rainfore Rescue Help Rainfore Rescue needs volunteer help with a ilout. Venue is in Brunswi Heads, ctact Jeni for more info BayFM AGM Bay FM s AGM is Wednesday November 25 at 5.30 for a 6pm art in the SCU Room, Byr Community Centre, 69 Js Street, Byr Bay. All members welcome, new members pay at the ati before AGM. For more inforti call Neighurhood Centre AGM Mullumbimby and Dirict Neighurhood Centre Annual General Meeting is at 1pm Mday November 23 in the Mayors Room, at the Neighurhood Centre, 55 Daley Street, Mullumbimby. All centre and community members very welcome. Community Centre AGM The Byr Bay Community Centre AGM will be held Mday November 16 at 6.30pm in the theatre. All members welcome. Byr Friends Of The Library Nt Meeting Wed. 18th Byr RSL New members welcome. Mullumbimby CWA The branch meeting Wednesday, November 11, will have an unusual fort in that the gue speaker will address theeting at 10, followed by ththly meeting and a light lunch. New members are welcome. More inforti from Byr Community Bazaar Make easy mey every Saturday at the Byr Community Bazaar. Set up a table for ju 15 from 9 and tr from 10 to 2pm, at the Community Centre, opposite the Rails in Js Street, Byr Bay. Come shop at the Bazaar, grab a bargain and help support the Byr Community Centre. Spanish/Latin American Day Byr Harmy Te is now presenting freulticultural activities every Saturday 11 at the Fletcher St Room to coincide with the Byr Community Bazaar. Come this Saturday November 14 from 11 to perience Spanish and Latin American cultures. e or visit website at Garden Club News The Mullumbimby Garden Club meets Thursday November 12 at 1pm in the Uniting Church Hall, Mullumbimby. Ctact The Byr Bay Garden Club meets Saturday November 14 at 1pm in the Presbyterian Hall, Byr Bay. Culture is 3 leaves, 15 due for Chris Lunch. New Members welcome. Ocean Shores and Dirict Garden Club meets Mday November 16 at 1.30pm in St Anslem s Church, Orana Road, Ocean Shores. Kay from llawg Bo Nursery will talk growing bo and using bo. e Laurel Lidary Stalls The Byr Lidary Society Inc have a reet all in Byr Bay Friday November 13, followed by a all at the Mullumbimby Show Saturday and day November 14 and 15. U3A Ballina/Byr The Shibashi (gentle ercise) group will meet Tuesday November 17 at 10 in the CWA rooms, Brunswi Heads. All welcome. Enq Need volunteers? Volunteering Northern Rivers provides the vital link between your NFP organisati and volunteers who want to ctrite their talents. For more inforti call Jeannette Tyler or go to and cli Volunteering. Old Time Dance The nt Old Time Dance at Newrybar Hall is Saturday November 14 from 8pm. Admissi i10. Enquiries to Lynelle Seed Savers Tour On day November 15 from 2pm to 5pm there is a tour of the Wolf Orga Farm at Kennedy s Lane, Myocum. lk at 2pm by Loretta Faulkner Saving Seeds. Please bring a plate of afterno tea to share, a cup, a chair and any seeds, plants, cuttin, tubers or seedlin to give away. Mullumbimby Street Stall The Anil Welfare League has a all Friday November 13 in Stuart Street, Mullum, near the taxi rank, pm. Goods for sale include oks, home cooking, bric a brac, and plants. Call Sim Proate Cancer Support The Northern Rivers Proate Cancer Support Group meets Mday November 16 from 10 until 12 no at the Alville Bowling Club, Deegan Drive, Alville. Enquiries to Pat ljhooker A Little Ocean Glimpse Highly sought after North Ocean Shores, located in a quiet cul de sac with a corner positi is this gentle sloping 734sqm vacant blo of land. With a little ocean glimpse it could be better from a sd orey. Price: Priced to 265,000 Ctact: Peter Browning Spacious Open Plan Living Featuring 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, spacious living featuring high ceilin, open plan design, a separate lounge, entertaining area, level fenced yard, double garage in a quiet cul de sac, the complete paage. Price: Priced to 9,000 Ctact: Peter Browning Canal Cers beach, priry school and shop nody does it better Che Land 6sqm vacant land Easy to ild / flat Flood free Few cditis Price: 189,000 Ctact: Peter Browning ljhooker Water Water Water Private 6 acre paradise, 10 mins to Mullumbimby Creek frtage, huge d + ground water licence 3 bedrms, 3 bathrms + udio, gnifi cent views Timber floors, gourmet kitchen, verandah & patio Price: 1,100,000 Ctact: David Mutkins Brunswi Heads Owner interate wants it sold! Whotta Fily Home entertaining, fully fenced north facing bayard Price: Offers ave 680,000 Ctact: David Mutkins Ctact: Peter Browning ljhooker.com ljhooker AUCTION AUCTION nody does it better Under Inructi from the RTA 7 Arika Avenue, Ocean Shores Aucti at th November 2009 at the Brunswi Heads RSL Auxiliary Hall View: Thursday aturday Ctact: Peter Browning Brunswi Heads ljhooker.com nody does it better Under Inructi from the RTA 8 Arika Avenue, Ocean Shores Aucti at th November 2009 at the Brunswi Heads RSL Auxiliary Hall Ctact: Peter Browning Brunswi Heads ljhooker.com November 10, 2009 The Byr Shire Echo <howebsti=news Extra>

53 Real Eate mullumbimby b bangalow MAIN ARM 595,000 KOOKABURRA COTTAGE Delightful high set 3 bedroom timber cottage Easy care 4,6m2 (1 acre) prox. Wide covered verandah 2 sides Near new kitchen & bathroom il Spencer MULLUMBIMBY 1,100,000 CALLICOMA Outanding 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home Srb fusi of modern design with o-living North ea aspt, ocean views 6ha (15 acres) Koyum Range il Spencer GOONENGERRY 530,000 EST GLADE This 3 bedroom cottage has loads of potential 4.7 ha (10 acres) near the end of the road nk and d water Come and take a fore walk with us il Spencer MYOCUM 1,295,000 GOOD MORNING MT WARNING 2.314H (prox. 6 acres) with azing views Stylish new barn/udio with mezzanine 12m in ground salt water pool and terrace Exiing ruic 3 bedroom timber house Sally Pashaw MULLUMBIMBY 885,000 A TCH OF SANTA FE A rarely available private and peaceful sll acreage ju 3 km outside of Mullumbimby has ju come the rket. Santa Fe yle home with high ceilin, new kitchen and bathroom, three generous size bedrooms with ilt ins and a falous covered outdoor entertaining patio. There is also a separate self ctained udio, 3 ds, fully fenced with eltric gate. Be qui! Ern Reisch MYOCUM 1,100,000 SCIS & GRACIS 4 bed, 2 bathroom north facing homeead 9 ft ceilin, and 9x12 m workshop pansive entertaining patio, pool 8 acres, plenty of water, horse ables Ern Reisch MULLUMBIMBY 9,000 TOWN LIVING 3 bed, 2 bath weatherard home Near new Kitchen, new solar hot water syem 9 ft ceilin, timber fl oors under carpets, A/C Solar heated spa, 6 x 9 m double garage Ern Reisch Burringbar Street, Mullumbimby Old Bangalow Road 15 Laws Street, Byr Bay e: (02) IN-TOWN POSITION Price 769,000 Inspti by pointment e Sue Stunning Pavili Style Home 4 Angus Place, Ewindale AUCTION 28TH NOVEMBER 1PM ONSITE Agent Details: Ian Daniels , Ni Dunn The Byr Shire Echo November 10, <howebsti=real Eate>

54 54 November 10, 2009 The Byr Shire Echo <howebsti=real Eate>

55 AUCTION New Management of Residential Property Earn 10,000 Reward Points nody does it better Under Inructi from the RTA Lot 1 Brunswi Valley Way, Billinudgel Aucti at th November 2009 at the Brunswi Heads RSL Auxiliary Hall Brunswi Valley Way and great posure View: Thursday aturday pm Ctact: Peter Browning Brunswi Heads Li and Sell Exclusively Earn 20,000 Reward Points ljhooker.com The Byr Shire Echo November 10, <howebsti=real Eate>

56 AUCTION 26th Nov AUCTION 26th Nov The Gingerbread House 100m roll to this! New Quality Hinterland Home Showcasing sptacular rural views & a sprawling designer residence, this impressive acreage udes a sense of rural grandeur Designed for multi-functial fily living & entertaining, this gnificent home offers a falous resort lifeyle with immense privacy in a premier locati in popular Federal Timber floors, high ceilin and bi-fold doors to outdoor terrace, are ju some of the unning features Owners liquidating asset 3 Bougainvillea Drive, Federal Open house Saturday Duncan Lorimer or Jae Mle Aucti 26th Nov Web Id Bangalow Bowling Club, Thursday 6pm Quintessential Belgil Beach House Belgil Beach perft holiday locati Holiday rental income assured 4 spacious bedrooms, 2 bathrooms Built of rycled ilding terials Spacious dks th frt & ba m walk to watch sunsets at Belgil Creek 1.5kms to Byr Bay township Surplus to owners needs Childe Street, Belgil Open house Saturday pm & Wednesday pm Jae Mle or Duncan Lorimer Aucti 26th Nov Web Id Bangalow Bowling Club, Thursday 6pm AUCTION 26th Nov AUCTION THIS SATURDAY! Retirement Forces Relocati Owner says Sell my property so I can retire! Rare 2 acre allotment in tightly held positi Stunning panoric water views Never to be ilt out views Impressive spacious feel Whale watch from Bruns to the Bay Quality ilt home with ny features Room for a py, with a cattle ugh to ot! Lot 3 rise Lane, Ewindale Aucti this Saturday art Trish Passaniti or Martin Toomey Web Id Aucti On Site 14th Byr Bay Townhouse Fantaic proximity to the centre of Byr Bay The compl has a pool, this unit has a large grassed driveway & courtyard area, as well as a lo up garage The spacious open plan design is complimented by the cellent surity & privacy afforded by the eablished trees & gardens The townhouse is less than 4 minutes walk to the beach & the centre of Byr Be qui! Unit 7/6 Eltra Close, Byr Bay Open house Saturday pm Martin Toomey or Trish Passaniti Web Id Aucti 26th Bangalow Bowling Club, Thursday 6pm Falous Fily Home in Bangalow Imculately presented, single level home Large, solid 300sqm home Generous 911sqm, corner blo 21 Rifle Range Road, Bangalow Open house Saturday pm Jae Mle Duncan Lorimer Web Id , Craftsn Cructed Residence Maer ilt, 2 level home Prime positi with beautiful rural views Va living area opening to huge terrace 9 Marblewood Place, Bangalow Open house Saturday pm Duncan Lorimer Jae Mle Web Id ,000 eldersbangalow.com.au The Hinterland Spialis November 10, 2009 The Byr Shire Echo <howebsti=real Eate>

57 flible, efftive & affordable real eate advertising Saturday pm Saturday pm Beautiful Brooklet Friday Hut Road Very private, idyllic 12 acres 4 bedroom country home Elevated positi with rural outlook Charming bience Ideal for horses Price 8,000 e owner or Web ID: ,000 Architt Designed With Stately Proportis 11/64 Broken Head Rd, Byr Bay Elevated, N-aspt, close to Byr Bay Resort yle pool and tennis court facilities Enormous balcy overlooking the golf course Set within the unning grounds of The Links luxurious artments Aucti 11 site November 28. Agents Helen Huntly-Barratt and Su Reynolds Byr Bay Fir Natial Architt Designed Top Floor Penthouse 24/64 Broken Head Rd, Byr Bay. Architt designed top floor penthouse Sce outlook over Byr Bay Golf course Wide open plan living and dining Spacious coverentertainer s terrace Set within the unning grounds of The Links luxurious artments Aucti 11 site November 28. Agent Ni Dunn or Saturday pm AUCTION Sat & Wed pm AUCTION Panoric Ocean Views Lot 1 Wilss Creek Road, Wilss Creek. Perched 30sqm this tri-level timber home ctures unning panoric views of Mt. Chincogan and the Pacific Ocean. A truly unique character home featuring north facing views from every room, a country yle kitchen and a large entertaining dk. This is the perft retreat so close to all that the Byr Bay area has to offer. Large er bedroom with walk-in wardrobe, ensuite and balcy Double carport with coverentry Open plan fily room with slow comi fireplace High ceilin and timber floors 15,000 gall water rain water tank Ju 7 mins drive from Mullumbimby All offers prior to aucti will be csidered. Aucti 10 Saturday Dember 5. Agent Brett Cnable or Byr Bay Bought Elsewhere Motivated To Sell! 7 Brand Street, Suffolk Park. The owners of this beachside property want their property sold; they will csider all offers prior to aucti, are realiic and ready to go! Set a large 664sqm blo this property is aund with potential. Features include an in-ground salt water pool, separate er suite, well pointed kitchen and large covered entertaining area. Ideally positied within 300m of llow Beach, this property is the perft beachside retreat. Three well sized bedrooms all with ilt-in robes Generous living and double car garage Fantaic rental potential Minutes to Suffolk Village and Byr Bay s cafés and shops Aucti 6.30pm Thursday Nov 26. Agent Denise Burch or or Brett Cnable Bangalow or Byr Bay Eureka Rural Bliss 193 Gorens Road, Eureka. From thoment you arrive there s an inant impressi of ultite country living the perft rural esce! Extraordinary rural views With acres of north eaerly aspt Surrounded by pical palm gardens 15m saltwater l pool Swimming holes Proximity to Bangalow & Byr Bay Immense potential! For sale 1,3,000. Inspti by pointment Sales agents Jae Mle or Duncan Lorimer Web Id: Bangalow AUCTION 26th Nov AUCTION 26th Nov Ready to Build Value 6.5 Acres with views Fully proved udio, septic Under ground power, phe, shed Sh house, Avery, chookery Ready to ild 63 Federati Drive, Elth Open house Saturday pm Denise Burch Rob Nedwich Web Id ,000 Owner Says Sell! This hioric homeead ilt in the early 1900s 5 gently sloping acres, Skinners Creek frtage Separate bails accommodati Great opportunity to renovate Short drive to Bangalow & beaches This property is a rare opportunity & presents a rvellous chance to add value! Friday Hut Road, Brooklet Open house Saturday Rob Nedwich or Denise Burch Aucti 26th November Web Id Bangalow Bowling Club, Thursday 6pm Azing Hinterland Views Magnificent views to the north Well ilt timber home set 12 acres Large dks, air cditiing & spacious modern kitchen In-ground pool 336 Booyg Road, Nashua Open house Saturday pm Denise Burch Aucti Rob Nedwich th Nov Web Id Bangalow Bowling Club 24 Acres Bangalow, 600,000+!!! Disregard all previous pricing! Located ly a short diance from the ocean Lg tree lined driveway Leading to elevated level house site overlooking rural vias Bangalow Inspti by pointment Martin Toomey Aucti Trish Passaniti th Nov Web Id Bangalow Bowling Club Lowe Priced Land in Coorabell Various ilding sites offering everything from pansive rural & mountain vias towering rainfore giants & sluded swimming holes Priced to sell! Keys Gardens, Coorabell Inspt Saturday pm Martin Toomey Aucti Trish Passaniti th Nov Web Id Bangalow Bowling Club Price Reduced! Acres Spacious four bedroom home High ceilin-ideal renovator Rural outlook Fantaic opportunity Quiet Lane way Ideal for horses Cvenient locati Myocum Inspti by pointment Rob Nedwich Denise Burch Wed Id ,000 Owners want it sold! mins from Byr Bay 1 acre with unning views Swimming pool Each room offers a rural outlook Polished timber floors Character filled home 360 Coorabell Road, Coorabell Open house Saturday Denise Burch Rob Nedwich Web Id 35 Forthcoming Aucti eldersbangalow.com.au The Hinterland Spialis The Byr Shire Echo November 10, <howebsti=real Eate>

58 AUCTION ON THE Y 6.30pm THURSDAY 10th DECEMBER AT THE BYRON Y SURF CLUB 61 Alcorn Street, Suffolk Park Absolute beachfrt 623sqm blo Architturally designed home 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, DLUG Travertine e floors downairs Spotted gum timber floors upairs Unsurpassed locati Granite kitchen with European pliances Agent dlares intere VIEW: Saturday & day pm CONTACT: Bryce Cer bcer.byrbay@ljh.com.au Unit 12 Seeana Court Cemetery Road, Byr Bay Srt 3 bedroom townhouse Peaceful & private setting Open plan living/dining High ceilin throughout Private courtyard, lush outlook Nothing to do, ju move in VIEW: Saturday pm CONTACT: Li Annesley lannesley.byrbay@ljh.com.au 128 Grays Lane, Tyagarah Land size of prox 9,0sqm Beautiful rural views to Mt Warning Very close to Byr Bay Approved for an uprket residence 2,000 metres to the beachfrt Very rare opportunity VIEW: Saturday pm CONTACT: Peter Yopp pyopp.byrbay@ljh.com.au Bryce Cer bcer.byrbay@ljh.com.au 9 Marvel Street, Byr Bay Fantaic commercial opportunity Zed 3A 8 bed bapaers upairs Inground swimming pool Large 15 x 6 metre shed 1,012 sqm blo, rear lane access 2 reet frtage Buy now develop later VIEW: Inspti By Appointment CONTACT: Shar McInnes smcinnes.byrbay@ljh.com.au AUCTION THIS THURSDAY New Management of Residential Property Earn 10,000 Reward Points 54 Coogera Circuit, Suffolk Park Well intained 1 owner home Offering 4 generously sized bedrooms/ 2 bathrooms Various open plan living areas Well pointed galley yle kitchen Double lo up garage Great reet peal VIEW: Saturday CONTACT: Shar McInnes smcinnes.byrbay@ljh.com.au LJHooker 4/31 Laws St, Byr Bay Unit 3 Bay Whalers Fletcher St, Byr Bay One of Byr Bay s large luxury artments 200m from Main Beach Quality fixtures & fittin Byr CBD locati Holiday let or your own private residence Ideal northerly aspt AUCTION: 11 site Thurs Nov 12 VIEW: Tuesday pm CONTACT: Ty Farrell tfarrell.byrbay@ljh.com.au Li And Sell Exclusively Earn 20,000 Reward Points ljhooker.com 58 November 10, 2009 The Byr Shire Echo <howebsti=real Eate>

59 NEW LISTING Great Fily Home Large 1,126sqm blo 3 bedroom fily home Walking diance to shops, tavern & golf course Double lo up garage/workshop Ideal posure for home occupati (STCA) This Is Really Spial Be Qui! Lot 1 Rifle Range Road, Bangalow. Surrounded by large eates, well away from jor roads with no road noise, yet ly two minutes (1KM) from Bangalow s Main Street, this 35 acre (prox) property offers the rare blend of privacy, slusi and cvenience. Boaing picturesque, almo 360 degree views of rolling hills and natural rainfore, andant indigenous flora and fauna and a Development Approval for Inspti is a mu. Price 6,000 Ctact J Lut or Glen Irwin at L J Hooker Byr Bay. a subantial 4 bedroom residence and pool, this is a unning, ce in a lifetime opportunity. Price 1,5,000. D t delay, for more inforti and to arrange an inspti call Scott Baldwin at The Professials, Byr Bay Wed, Sat & pm 800 Main Arm Road, Mullumbimby Here s your opportunity to it the hule and le of modern life and wind down and relax with the fily in a quiet rural setting. There s plenty of room for a horse or criet pitch and why not enjoy your own vegie patch. Sling your hmo between the trees and lay ba and lien to the birds, yet ly 6kms away is town with its reet cafes, local watering holes, tennis courts and golf club. It s a perft locati to be enjoyed. There s a s at the door and numerous choices for educati for all ages. ke the time to inspt this original country home set 4.86 useable acres with a lovely rural outlook, you w t be dispointed. Price: 695,000. Ctact Andrew Rosee or Erin Chple at L J Hooker Byr Bay. Affordable Land In The Heart Of Byr Oodgeroo Gardens 10 mins through Arakwal Natial Park to llow Beach Limited no. of 400sqm lots available. DA proved plans to ild your own 3 bedroom home. Elevated positi with views to Mt Warning Exclusive landsced cul de sac Eligible for govt. incentives/grants House and land paages available. Ctact Robert Meyer Web: byrbayland.com From 3,000 flible, efftive & affordable real eate advertising OPEN INSPECTION Byr Bay Fir Natial p53 Elders Bangalow p56, 57 LJ Hooker Byr Bay p58, 59 Gail Fuller Real Eate p59 AUCTIONS LJ Hooker Brunswi Heads, 55 Byr Bay Fir Natial p53, 57 Elders New Bright p54 Elders Bangalow p56, 57 Elders Byr Bay p57 LJ Hooker Byr Bay p58 Lois Buett Real Eate p59 Saturday Saturday pm Fiji Rare Freehold Land Opportunity Bangalow Style 16 Charlotte Street, Bangalow 4 bed, 2 bath, 1 car Land size 6sqm Architturally designed home with l pool Beautiful timber floors & features Outdoor indoor living Price:1,475,000 Ctact Gail Fuller or Heidi La or our office Relaxed Living with Style In Paters Street 4b/107 Paters Street, Byr Bay 3 bed, 2 bath, 1 car Open plan living Clean modern home Timber floors / outdoor dks Private locati Price: 495,000 Ctact Gail Fuller or Heidi La or our office Maui Bay Eate, located the beautiful Coral Coa of the in island of Fiji, offers an ideal lifeyle change/holiday home deinati and unique invement opportunity. A peaceful and relaxed living envirment located a white sand beach overlooking the ocean provides an idyllic living atmosphere close to resorts and world class surfing, diving and fishing reefs. Maui Bay Eate features eltricity, telephe, broadband internet access and Beach Clubhouse which kes for cvenient living from your island paradise home. The be ocean view lots (over ½ acre) are selling fa from 125,000 (available 10% deposit vendor finance). veuni Development Company (Auralia Office) or From 95,000 AUCTION Saturday pm AUCTION You Will Not Find Any Land Better Than This! Properties of this calibre are rare. This property has been tensively eablished to paure and has the cacity to run 35 to 40 Breeders htares. There is a pernent large spring fed d & creek running through the property alg with a ilding entitlement with ny potential sites to choose from. To top it off there are patches of rainfore and some azing fig trees. The ideal lifeyle property awaits your inspti. For further inforti ctact Mark Kinneally OR eil rk@loisett.com.au View by pointment. Aucti T price guide over 800,000. Ctact Mark Kinneally Designed For The Byr Lifeyle Federal Drive, Eureka. Come and discover a very private world perched high in the Byr hinterland with north facing grounds and fantaic mountain views. Clean anlevated 5 acres/ 20 mins to Byr Bay Modern ctemporary residence /3 bedrooms +2 bathrooms Open plan design with huge timber dks Outdoor entertaining areas with northerly mountains views Mix of slate and timber flooring/high ceilin/separate office Large in ground swimming pool + town & tank water Double carport + garden shed + dommissied home Landsced gardens, eablished fruit & native trees Aucti 3.30pm site November 14. Ctact: Hugh Hanrahan Total Privacy Close To Byr Bay 809 Cool Sce Drive, Coorabell. A home with character and ny alternative outdoor landsced areas to entertain gues and friends. Has sd accommodati for tended fily or granny Separate office space away from the house Multi-purpose udio could be used for yoga/gym/painting/writing or ju creatusic Olablished fig trees set the scene for lovely grounds Anye looking for a property like this will see GREAT VALUE HERE no doubt!!! Price 3,000,000. Ctact: Mark Kinneally or Lois Buett The Byr Shire Echo November 10, <howebsti=real Eate>

60 Balash Main meals pas Sushi WINNER Be Sushi Bar NSW regi Woolies Plaza, Js St, Byr Bay Showcase the Beach, Coolangatta NOW all offi cially certifi ed * farmers ONLY at *Covering cvential, biody and orga farming Dirt from the Growers Byr Bay Thurs 8 11 Butler St Reserve Bangalow Sat 8 11 Behind Hotel Highlander Comfort OC-1 It s good to see the Mullum Show has resurrted and reinvented itself, and you can support the hard-working committeembers by getting alg to the show this Saturday and day. The showground is a wderful community asset and we need to keep it alive by using it. Some folk wanting inforti the Mullum Chris Fair shopping event this Wednesday from 6.30pm were cfused by the hyphen in the website chrisshopping.blopot. com. You can find out more that site or give Tracey a call An Ocean Shores rer cgratulates the local Bi-Lo srrket for rericting the sale of eg to those over 18 at Halloween. He says it saved his house from being egged (again) and rks all srrkets should take up the idea October 31. On a more serious note, parents who organised the Drill Hall party have respded to news reports and the problem of youth violence page 16. You ve heard aut Wild Byr, now you can see it photojournali David Hanco s website It s an going projt which is likely to end up in a ok. we ve said before, if you want to keep up with what s going in Byr Shire Council, subscribe to their e-news at There s no way any local newsper can cover everything that s hpening, and this is the nt be thing to dedicated attendance at council meetin. At lea you ll get an priati of the ount of work councillors and aff face each week. The surb of Newport in Sydney is wary of the arrival of a Billinudgel Hotel publican Ken Barnh gets a close shave from Barber Dave, so he can get a clean art in the Movember mo-growing competiti, which is being organised by former Auralian Rugby League representative Jas Smith. There are 40 arters already, and mey raised will go to the Movember Foundati, covering men s health partners Beydblue and proate cancer research. Ken is offering prizes for The Be Mo, The Wor Mo and The Mo Inventive Mo. Anye wishing to participate can ctact Ken oto Peter King. Woolies big x. Read aut the local prote in the Manly Dail: com.au/news/ory/proteersrejt-the-ccrete-x/. We have been mbarded with dire warnin of e world government being set up at the Copenhagen clite talks, prompted by the opini of broadcaer Alan Jes, of all people, who thinks the fact that clite sceptic Lord Mt is a member of the British peerage is a qualificati of sorts. If anye thinks America or China or even Auralia, for that tter is aut to give away their natial sovereignty at Copenhagen, then they re kidding themselves. If it s aut the nipulati of poor countries, there s already the World Bank and the IMF. A saner proach to Lord Mt is at ju type the ch s ne into the site s search engine. And if you want to do some real research inead of liening to Alan Jes and visiting cspiracy websites, read the actual UN documents at (You might need some coffee to help you ay awake.) NEW BRIGHTON TRADING POST CONVENIENCE AND FRIENDLY SERVICE SUN-THURS 7AM-7.30PM 7 Days Po Office & Banking (from 7 until close) Bottle shop Newsagency Bait & le General Store UNTIL MON NOV 23 COOPERS 62 (The perftly individual Pilsner) 6 pas PREMIUM LIGHT (Doesn t tae light) Cart FRI-SAT 7AM-8PM RIVER STREET, NEW BRIGHTON PH/FAX: COOPERS LE ALE 3 x 7ml The Natural Sleep Centre Manufacturing quality (since 1981) 100% natural lat ttresses Quality fut ttresses (cott, wool, fo core) Oak bedfres Importers of timber bedfres, sofabeds & ctemporary furniture All bedding accessories: natural pillows, lers, floor cushis, 100% cott bedlinen, mozzie nets, blinds, lighting & more Buy dirt Cverting from a generous 3-seater sofa into an adult sized Double bed (tra lg) or a unique, sprawling Daybed in moments. The Highlander has an all timber cructi with 4 available finishes Light Oak (pictured), Americana Brown, Natural & Antique White (pictured). Cushied with a Stina ttress with numerous cover/colour optis available in th 10oz cott or luxury Italian coverin that will suit any dor. Enduro ttress upgrs available. Priced at 1079, or 1199 with luxury covering. Natural comfort ort lat ttresses now inore, ECO certified and LGA teed for an all natural sleep. Lat overlays available. ECO Initute certified Lat. 1/35 Banksia Drive Byr Indurial Eate November 10, 2009 The Byr Shire Echo <howebsti=balash>

My Child Still Won t Eat. A guide for parents and health care professionals SAMPLE COPY

My Child Still Won t Eat. A guide for parents and health care professionals SAMPLE COPY My Child Still Won t Eat A guide for parents and health care professionals My child still won t eat Are you concerned about your young child s eating behaviour and slow or uneven weight gain? This booklet

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Burleigh Breaker Weekly newsletter of Burleigh Heads Rotary

Burleigh Breaker Weekly newsletter of Burleigh Heads Rotary MOB Burleigh Breaker Weekly newsletter of Burleigh Heads Rotary With great guests +Breakfast meetings 6.45am for 7am Surf Club, Burleigh Heads Cnr Gold Coast Hwy & Goodwin Tce, Burleigh Heads Guests, makeups

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Adullam Camp Ministries LEADER IN TRAINING (LIT) PROGRAM 2017 INFORMATION PACKAGE. Adullam Camp Ministries LEADER IN TRAINING (LIT) PROGRAM 2017 INFORMATION PACKAGE www.adullam.ca Updated November 7, 2016 Adullam Camp Ministries OVERVIEW of LIT Program 2017 www.adullam.ca Adullam Camp

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and led Jimmy to the prison office. There Jimmy was given an important He had been sent to prison to stay for four years.

and led Jimmy to the prison office. There Jimmy was given an important He had been sent to prison to stay for four years. O. H e n r y p IN THE PRISON SHOE-SHOP, JIMMY VALENTINE was busily at work making shoes. A prison officer came into the shop, and led Jimmy to the prison office. There Jimmy was given an important paper.

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Group camps made easy, naturally!

Group camps made easy, naturally! Group camps made easy, naturally! On six hectares and adjacent to Freers Beach, Camp Banksia is the ideal environment for groups to relax, learn, work and play. Our accredited facility has a range of accommodation,

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Helping Your Child Understand Spina Bifida

Helping Your Child Understand Spina Bifida The following information should be seen as a guide. It offers simple answers to questions young child may ask and activities which can be used to help your child better understand and explore new ways

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Lake Ainsworth short camps Information pack

Lake Ainsworth short camps Information pack Lake Ainsworth short camps Information pack Our Centre This information pack has been designed to help your group get the most out of your visit to Lake Ainsworth and to answer any questions you might

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LAID BACK LIVING, SANDY BEACH STYLE LAID BACK LIVING, SANDY BEACH STYLE Surrounded by native bushland and green open spaces, and close to one of the best beaches on the Coffs Coast, every day feels like a relaxing holiday when you live in

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Toes in the Sand - Hear the waves, view the ocean from our seaside cottage

Toes in the Sand - Hear the waves, view the ocean from our seaside cottage Toes in the Sand - Hear the waves, view the ocean from our seaside cottage Summary 'Toes In The Sand' is a charming, luxury home conveniently located south of Hwy 30-A (the beach side) in Seagrove between

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BUDGET GROUP ACCOMMODATION SURFERS PARADISE YHA BUDGET GROUP ACCOMMODATION - 2018 Surfers Paradise YHA provides quality budget accommodation at picturesque Main Beach, a short walk from the beach and Sea World. Featuring wide verandas

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BUISNESS EVENTS CASE STUDY Prepared by Klara Vida, Communications Manager, Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre

BUISNESS EVENTS CASE STUDY Prepared by Klara Vida, Communications Manager, Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre BUISNESS EVENTS CASE STUDY Prepared by Klara Vida, Communications Manager, Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre Client: Mitre 10 Event: Mitre 10 2011 Conference and Expo Attendees: 1,492 Days: 3

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CONFERENCE SUPPORTERS PROSPECTUS CONFERENCE SUPPORTERS PROSPECTUS Meetings & Events Australia Meetings & Events Australia (MEA) is the peak body representing all sectors of the events industry in Australia. It was formed to create high

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JULIET AND THE FALL FESTIVAL Hal Ames JULIET AND THE FALL FESTIVAL Hal Ames On a small farm, on the side of a hill, in the southern part of the country, there lived a young girl named Juliet. She was a shy and quiet girl. She would run and

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BUDGET GROUP ACCOMMODATION PHILLIP ISLAND YHA BUDGET GROUP ACCOMMODATION - 2018 There s more to Phillip Island than just the Penguin Parade. It s the home of beautiful beaches, stunning look out points, adorable wildlife and much

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Visual Story The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Visual Story The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Visual Story The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time BASED ON THE BEST-SELLING NOVEL BY MARK HADDON ADAPTED BY SIMON STEPHENS National Theatre Live Relaxed Screening This visual story is designed

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When it comes to travel, it s not as easy as it used to be to tell someone something they don t know. The internet now lets us book our own flights

When it comes to travel, it s not as easy as it used to be to tell someone something they don t know. The internet now lets us book our own flights 2 When it comes to travel, it s not as easy as it used to be to tell someone something they don t know. The internet now lets us book our own flights and hotels, sniff out the best deals and learn plenty

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Conference Package Quality Hotel Oceans Tutukaka

Conference Package Quality Hotel Oceans Tutukaka Conference Package Marina Road, Tutukaka RD3, Whangarei 0173, New Zealand T +64 9 470 2290 E stay@oceansresorthotel.co.nz W www.oceansresorthotel.co.nz TABLE OF CONTENT INTRODUCTION 1 This Planner 1 1

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September 5, 2013 Volume 3, Issue 9

September 5, 2013 Volume 3, Issue 9 L E W I S R I V E R G A Z E T T E September 5, 2013 Volume 3, Issue 9 Winding down SPECIAL POINTS OF INTEREST: Winding down. What s Happening? Brick Tipi Contact info: Making painting Les & Karen Sundstrom

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Submission to. Southland District Council on. Draft Stewart Island/Rakiura Visitor Levy Policy and Bylaw

Submission to. Southland District Council on. Draft Stewart Island/Rakiura Visitor Levy Policy and Bylaw Submission to Southland District Council on Draft Stewart Island/Rakiura Visitor Levy Policy and Bylaw Date: 9 November 2018 Tourism Industry Aotearoa (TIA) welcomes the opportunity to comment on Southland

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Adullam Camp Ministries LEADER IN TRAINING (LIT) PROGRAM 2018 INFORMATION PACKAGE. Adullam Camp Ministries LEADER IN TRAINING (LIT) PROGRAM 2018 INFORMATION PACKAGE www.adullam.ca Updated October 30, 2017 Adullam Camp Ministries OVERVIEW of LIT Program 2018 www.adullam.ca Adullam Camp

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INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS HOMESTAY HANDBOOK INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS HOMESTAY HANDBOOK HOMESTAY We want you to be happy in your homestay Keeping these simple rules of respect will help make your homestay experience a happy one. 1. Be part of the family

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BUDGET GROUP ACCOMMODATION RAILWAY SQUARE YHA BUDGET GROUP ACCOMMODATION - 2019 Railway Square YHA provides group accommodation in a one of a kind location, with the property located on Platform Zero of Central Railway Station.

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Handbook For. Family Photo Attached

Handbook For. Family Photo Attached Kindly Provided by Host Family to needu Handbook For.!!! Family Photo Attached Address: Home phone: Mobile: About us in general We are pretty normal really! Mum (xxxx) is a teacher at a girls high school,

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EXCLUSIVE SPIRIT WHISPERS FOR THE SOUL CRUISE Your Personal TravelManager Julianne Hall proudly presents... The Spirit Whispers For The Soul With Charmaine Wilson CRUISE This EXCLUSIVE SPIRIT WHISPERS FOR THE SOUL CRUISE departs from Venice, Italy

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Enlightened meetings. Intimate evenings.

Enlightened meetings. Intimate evenings. Enlightened meetings. Intimate evenings. Where business meets pleasure. Your exclusive event deserves an exclusive address. From business meetings to private dinners, wedding receptions to evening functions,

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The Storm. (looking at a photo of a boat) Very nice, Dad! Bye! See you at the picnic. My friends are waiting for me. I m late.

The Storm. (looking at a photo of a boat) Very nice, Dad! Bye! See you at the picnic. My friends are waiting for me. I m late. The Storm Radio: It s another hot weekend in New York City, folks. The highs will be in the upper 90s. There is a chance of an afternoon thunderstorm. Stay cool if you can. (looking at a photo of a boat)

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Now you can live in one of Australia s most beautiful places Vantage at Evans

Now you can live in one of Australia s most beautiful places Vantage at Evans Now you can live in one of Australia s most beautiful places Vantage at Evans A master-planned community Vantage at Evans This masterplanned community is designed to integrate with and preserve the natural

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AUSTRALIAN INTERNSHIPS E.: P.: (GO INTERN) Brisbane is the capital city of the state of Queensland and is Australia s third largest city after Sydney and Melbourne. Brisbane is home to an edgy arts scene, globally inspired restaurants, bookshops,

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3 BR Oceanfront Carova Cottage, Pet Friendly! Sandy Roads-Wild Horses

3 BR Oceanfront Carova Cottage, Pet Friendly! Sandy Roads-Wild Horses 3 BR Oceanfront Carova Cottage, Pet Friendly! Sandy Roads-Wild Horses Summary Carova Cottage is located just 8 miles from Corolla, on the Oceanfront of Carova Beach where the beach is unspoiled, clean,

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Australian Outback Marathon 30 th July 2016

Australian Outback Marathon 30 th July 2016 Thursday 28 th July 2016 Arrive at Connellan (Ayers Rock) Airport Transfer to Ayers Rock Resort Check-In and Race Registration Hosted Warm Up Run Exclusive Outdoor Welcome Function - Itinerary Overview

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Join the opportunities for future growth

Join the opportunities for future growth Partner and Sponsor Proposals Frame Australia Conference & Exhibition Monday 17 -Tuesday 18 June Crown Promenade Melbourne Introduction Timber Offsite Construction organised by Frame Australia is the only

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Exploring Homelessness

Exploring Homelessness Exploring ness Resource 1.6 Provide each group with one of the below cards. Mother of 4 Male, age 20 (unemployed) Girl, age 10 Mother, age 19 Male, age 56 Male, age 22 A single mother of 1 A 65-year-old

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RAPS Newsletter. We are only at the beginning of 2011, but there has already been lots of exciting things happening at RAPS!

RAPS Newsletter. We are only at the beginning of 2011, but there has already been lots of exciting things happening at RAPS! RAPS Newsletter AUTUMN 2011 INSIDE THIS ISSUE: COORDINATORS UPDATE Hi everyone! We are only at the beginning of 2011, but there has already been lots of exciting things happening at RAPS! Firstly, a big

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BRISBANE CITY YHA BUDGET GROUP ACCOMMODATION BRISBANE CITY YHA BUDGET GROUP ACCOMMODATION - 2018 Located in the centre of Brisbane and within walking distance of all major attractions, Brisbane City YHA is the perfect place to stay with your group.

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Forget Me Not Colour Run FAQs

Forget Me Not Colour Run FAQs 7 Forget Me Not Colour Run FAQs Why should I take part in the Forget Me Not Colour Run? We are very excited to be holding our second Forget Me Not Colour Run. Our first in 2016 was a huge success; we sold

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BUDGET GROUP ACCOMMODATION FREMANTLE PRISON YHA BUDGET GROUP ACCOMMODATION - 2019 Based in the World Heritage Listed Fremantle Prison, this property offers a truly unique experience for your group. With a range of multi-share and

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GREAT OFFERS inside NEW SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2015 FREE POS FREE POS SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2015 GREAT OFFERS inside Terms & Conditions apply See individual offers inside for full details FREE POS NEW FREE POS call your Trust Inns telesales adviser on our direct phone line:

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Epping Public Meeting Notes. Epping District Council Chamber Thursday 2nd August 2018

Epping Public Meeting Notes. Epping District Council Chamber Thursday 2nd August 2018 Epping Public Meeting Notes Epping District Council Chamber Thursday 2nd August 2018 Panel Members: Roger Hirst PFCC Jane Gardner DPFCC Ch/Insp Lewis Basford ECFRS Station Manager Dave Barnard CSP Chair

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FREE VOLUME 5, ISSUE 10 FREE VOLUME 5, ISSUE 10 O CTOBER 2018 To post information in the HOLDEN TIMES, please submit by the 20th of the month to the Village office or by email to: holdencommunity@gmail.com Ad Rates: $10 per month,

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Brand Health Survey. Conducted by the Brand Tasmania Council December 2015 and January brandtasmania.com

Brand Health Survey. Conducted by the Brand Tasmania Council December 2015 and January brandtasmania.com Brand Health Survey Conducted by the Brand Tasmania Council December 2015 and January 2016 brandtasmania.com Executive Summary A survey of 731 respondents conducted by Brand Tasmania in December January

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World record heights to fatal plane crash, the stories of Ryan Campbell and Gary Turnbull

World record heights to fatal plane crash, the stories of Ryan Campbell and Gary Turnbull Ryan Campbell received critical injuries in the Tiger Moth plane crash yesterday. Gold Coast World record heights to fatal plane crash, the stories of Ryan Campbell and Gary Turnbull Lexie Cartwright,

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BUDGET GROUP ACCOMMODATION BLUE MOUNTAINS YHA BUDGET GROUP ACCOMMODATION - 2018 The Blue Mountains YHA in Katoomba is the perfect place to escape the city. With dedicated group dining, social and meeting areas, as well as a great

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Chateau Du Chevalier Region: Brittany Sleeps: 15-35

Chateau Du Chevalier Region: Brittany Sleeps: 15-35 Chateau Du Chevalier Region: Brittany Sleeps: 15-35 Overview For an unforgettable family holiday or fairytale wedding, book Chateau Du Chevalier, a magnificent 15th century castle in Brittany. Beautifully

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Travels to Cuba Kim Westerman Broer

Travels to Cuba Kim Westerman Broer Travels to Cuba Kim Westerman Broer This last August my husband Jerry and I had the opportunity to travel to Cuba to meet the family of our son s girlfriend. Yuni left Cuba about 7 years ago and this was

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BUDGET GROUP ACCOMMODATION ADELAIDE CENTRAL YHA BUDGET GROUP ACCOMMODATION - 2019 Located in the heart of the City, Adelaide Central YHA is the perfect place to stay with your group. With dedicated groups areas, as well as a great

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A place of Pilgrimage. A safe and inspiring destination for people on their journey of life.

A place of Pilgrimage. A safe and inspiring destination for people on their journey of life. MANIFESTO A place of Pilgrimage. A safe and inspiring destination for people on their journey of life. Who is the Mary MacKillop Place Pilgrim? The Mary MacKillop Place Pilgrim is any person that finds

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The dictionary says that happiness is the state of being happy! Some people seem to be really unfortunate but they are still happy.

The dictionary says that happiness is the state of being happy! Some people seem to be really unfortunate but they are still happy. Women's and Children's Health Network Being happy Kids' Health Topic What is happiness? The dictionary says that happiness is the state of being happy! It also says that good fortune, feeling content,

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ICAO Options for Allocating International Aviation CO2 Emissions between Countries an Assessment

ICAO Options for Allocating International Aviation CO2 Emissions between Countries an Assessment ICAO Options for Allocating International Aviation CO2 Emissions between Countries an Assessment 1. Background The issue of how to allocate responsibility for the CO 2 emissions generated by international

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BUDGET GROUP ACCOMMODATION CANBERRA CITY YHA BUDGET GROUP ACCOMMODATION - 2019 Located right in the heart of Australia s capital city and within walking distance to all the major attractions, Canberra City YHA provides great value

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YOUR MOTABILITY EVENT GUIDE. FOR DEALER USE ONLY Online Resource YOUR MOTABILITY EVENT GUIDE. Version 2.0 2 Your Motability Event Guide Contents 1. Overview p 3 Promoting the Motability Scheme 4 2. Boost sales with an event p 5 Events

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FAQs Mill Paddock Campsite, Near Wareham, Dorset

FAQs Mill Paddock Campsite, Near Wareham, Dorset FAQs Mill Paddock Campsite, Near Wareham, Dorset Here is a list of FAQs about our camping trip. If you need further information, please email emma@shinecancersupport.org Has Shine done this before? Yes!

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Business needs consumers! Get people back in to Port by attracting them!

Business needs consumers! Get people back in to Port by attracting them! 18 March 2013 Port Adelaide Precinct Plan Theme based analysis community feedback from Open Day Business District There were a range of suggestions for revitalising and boosting the Business District s

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Testimony of KENDALL CARVER Testimony of KENDALL CARVER International Cruise Victims Association, Inc 704 228 th Ave NE PMB 525 Sammamish, WA 98074 Office 602 852 5896 Cell 602 989 6752 E-Mail kcarver17@cox.net Appearing Before U.

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Christmas 2017 Planner

Christmas 2017 Planner Last Week of October Make your Christmas Cake - I use Delia Smith s Traditional Christmas Cake recipe and it works every time. I make my cake now so that I have plenty of time to feed it in the following

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What do children learn when camping?

What do children learn when camping? What do children learn when camping? Perceptions of parents and children April 2015 Sue Waite, Gemma Parkinson, Dominic Martignetti & Dr Rana Moyeed How we did the research An electronic survey Do you

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1. No mattresses purchased. All electric blankets have been removed.

1. No mattresses purchased. All electric blankets have been removed. Peninsula Ski Club Inc Reg No A0006989R Committee Meeting 21.06.10 Minutes of committee meeting held on 21 st June 2010 commencing at 7:30 pm at the office of Craig Thompson, 79 Chetwynd St North Melbourne..

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BUDGET GROUP ACCOMMODATION 2018 SYDNEY CENTRAL YHA BUDGET GROUP ACCOMMODATION 2018 Conveniently located just across from Central Railway Station and interstate coach terminals, Sydney Central YHA offers groups affordable accommodation

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Little Red-Cap (Little Red Riding Hood, Grimms' Version)

Little Red-Cap (Little Red Riding Hood, Grimms' Version) Little Red-Cap (Little Red Riding Hood, Grimms' Version) Brothers Grimm German Intermediate 8 min read Once upon a time there was a dear little girl who was loved by every one who looked at her, but most

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Coral Beach Newsletter"

Coral Beach Newsletter Coral Beach Newsletter CB newsletter vol.2.3 Summer is officially here and perhaps you are reading this outdoors in your backyard, patio or cottage and enjoying a relaxing moment during this all too short

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AUTUMN 2016 WILLIAMS LANDING NEWS AUTUMN 2016 WILLIAMS LANDING NEWS EDITOR S NOTE FEATURE The latest edition of Williams Landing news has landed. We re very pleased to announce that in partnership with Future Kids, a new childcare centre

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National General Assembly of Local Government

National General Assembly of Local Government National General Assembly of Local Government EXHIBITION & SPONSORSHIP PROSPECTUS - 2019 INVITATION THE LARGEST, most influential Local Government conference in Australia occurs just once a year. The Australian

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2017 Pottstown YMCA Day Camp Welcome Packet

2017 Pottstown YMCA Day Camp Welcome Packet 2017 Pottstown YMCA Day Camp Welcome Packet Pottstown YMCA- (610) 323-7300 Camp Director: Lisa Stauffer (ext. 2915) lstauffer@philaymca.org Business Specialist Kim Reidnauer (ext. 2948) kreidnauer@philaymca.org

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Start the ADVENTURE!


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20 ways with Nature Play

20 ways with Nature Play 20 ways with Nature Play Winter edition adelaideparklands.com.au 20 ways with Nature Play Remember spending time outdoors as a child? Riding your bike, making mud pies and climbing trees? It s what fond

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An important event and a major exhibition displaying everything relating to planning for retirement, retirement living and lifestyle issues.

An important event and a major exhibition displaying everything relating to planning for retirement, retirement living and lifestyle issues. A great marketing opportunity for organisations providing information, products and services to help people plan for retirement and enhance the lifestyle choices of those who have retired. An important

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Will travel for Beer

Will travel for Beer SYDNEY 2018 Will travel for About us Your beer tourism travel guides are: James Marketing Davidson & Sales Manager Bright Brewery Dave Phillips Founder Dave's Travel & Events Group Winner: Tourism Wineries

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COLUMBIA NORTH YMCA SUMMER. CAMP 2017 Planning Guide SIBLING DISCOUNT NOW AVAILABLE. philaymca.org COLUMBIA NORTH YMCA SUMMER NEW FOR 2017 SIBLING DISCOUNT NOW AVAILABLE See branch for details CAMP 2017 Planning Guide philaymca.org GENERAL OVERVIEW The Columbia North YMCA Summer Camp program provides

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Friends of Wompatuck Meeting Minutes for May 19, 2008

Friends of Wompatuck Meeting Minutes for May 19, 2008 Friends of Wompatuck Meeting Minutes for May 19, 2008 Present: Bill B.(President), Alma M. (Secretary), Eric O. (Treasurer), Jim D., Sandy C. (Membership), Steve G. (Park Supervisor), Jim R. (Historian),

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INTRODUCTION EVENTS AT BALTIC INTRODUCTION Events at BALTIC BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art is located on the south banks of the River Tyne in the North East of England. The striking former flour mill in Gateshead

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Kategória 2D Olympiáda v anglickom jazyku Obvodné kolo 2010/2011 G R A M M A R

Kategória 2D Olympiáda v anglickom jazyku Obvodné kolo 2010/2011 G R A M M A R G R A M M A R Choose the correct structure (a, b, c or d) to complete each sentence. Write the letter (a, b, c, or d) of each answer in the space provided. 1. I m really tired.... over 300 hundred miles

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YOUR DREAM WEDDING AT OUR LAKE HOME YOUR DREAM WEDDING AT OUR LAKE HOME Homewood Suites by Hilton @ the Waterfront 1550 N. Waterfront Parkway Wichita, Kansas 67206 316.260.8844 www.atthewaterfront.homewoodsuites.com 1 WHERE FOREVER AFTER

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Vision of the Seas. Vision of the Seas - Ship Description

Vision of the Seas. Vision of the Seas - Ship Description Vision of the Seas Vision of the Seas - Ship Description Filled with creative and innovative touches, Vision of the Seas offers its passengers panoramic views, themed dining areas, and Royal Caribbean's

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'He said, ''You can die and go to hell'', and started raising the frying pan at me over and over.'

'He said, ''You can die and go to hell'', and started raising the frying pan at me over and over.' Police release heartbreaking 911 call by man attacked by stepson, 16, before teen 'brutally murdered his own mother because the couple confiscated his cellphone' Michael Roy Helms, 16, is being tried as

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YAMBA PEARLER A GOLDEN BIRTHDAY. FREE CALL Orion Drive Yamba NSW 2464 JUNE 2018 YAMBA PEARLER FREE CALL 1800 084 119 1 Orion Drive Yamba NSW 2464 JUNE 2018 A GOLDEN BIRTHDAY The GREAT OCEAN ROAD Hope the fine tuning of the brains in readiness for Trivia is near completion. Don't forget

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Centre for Appropriate Technology Limited

Centre for Appropriate Technology Limited Centre for Appropriate Technology Limited 1 The Life Skills Camp Upon Arriving on site and retrieving your key Entry and facilities Rates and Charges The Rooms The Kitchen and Communal Living Area Laundry

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BUDGET GROUP ACCOMMODATION ALICE SPRINGS YHA BUDGET GROUP ACCOMMODATION - 2017 This unique YHA property is built within the grounds of an historic outdoor movie theatre, in the centre of Alice Springs. This YHA offers a great range

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See Us Soar Hear Us Roar. August 18-20, Sponsorship Opportunities For

See Us Soar Hear Us Roar. August 18-20, Sponsorship Opportunities For See Us Soar Hear Us Roar August 8-20, 207 Sponsorship Opportunities For Lions Club Balloon Festival and Fair At Unity Park, Briarhill Road, Highland Village, Texas See Us Soar Hear Us Roar FACT SHEET DATES:

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SERVICE & FACILITIES YES / NO CHARGE U $ COMMENT / NUMBER. Road access to Villa (paved/unpaved) paved Total area of property 5 are 40

SERVICE & FACILITIES YES / NO CHARGE U $ COMMENT / NUMBER. Road access to Villa (paved/unpaved) paved Total area of property 5 are 40 SERVICE & FACILITIES Name of Villa: District of Bali: Angel s Villa Oberoi area, Seminyak YES / NO CHARGE U $ COMMENT / NUMBER Road access to Villa (paved/unpaved) partly paved Total area of property 5

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Event: World Indigenous Network Conference (WIN) 2013 Connecting Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities Land and Sea Managers

Event: World Indigenous Network Conference (WIN) 2013 Connecting Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities Land and Sea Managers Event: World Indigenous Network Conference (WIN) 2013 Connecting Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities Land and Sea Managers Date: 26-31 May 2013 Total Attendance: 1,200 Organising Committee: The Australian

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MAGNETIC ISLAND YHA YHAGROUPS.COM.AU B U D G E T G R O U P A C C O M M O D AT I O N 2 0 1 7 Set in the heart of untouched National Park and a short walk to Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island YHA provides great value for all of your group accommodation

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Chateau Du Monastere Region: Loire Valley Sleeps: 16-20

Chateau Du Monastere Region: Loire Valley Sleeps: 16-20 Chateau Du Monastere Region: Loire Valley Sleeps: 16-20 Overview Listen to the church bells from the local village as you relax in the idyllic and historical surroundings of Château du Monastère in the

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BOOKING FORM. AIS is a division of BCI Media Group.

BOOKING FORM. AIS is a division of BCI Media Group. BOOKING FORM AIS is a division of BCI Media Group. ABOUT As the pioneering architectural events provider in Australia and New Zealand, AIS has over 15 years experience in connecting design specifiers with

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City of Fremantle. Joel Levin, Aha! Consulting INTRODUCTION 2 BACKGROUND 3

City of Fremantle. Joel Levin, Aha! Consulting INTRODUCTION 2 BACKGROUND 3 -- WORKSHOP REPORT -- Project: Client: Event: South Beach Basketball Court City of Fremantle Community Consultation Forum Date: 12 th November 2015 6:00pm 8:00pm Author: Joel Levin, Aha! Consulting Contents:

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BHI Villa with 2 carts. 2 min walk to beach! BHI club available!

BHI Villa with 2 carts. 2 min walk to beach! BHI club available! BHI Villa with 2 carts. 2 min walk to beach! BHI club available! Summary Villa 24 on Bald Head Island is in the perfect location. Very short walk to the beach and Bald Head Island Club Description On remote

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Domestic High Value Traveller Profiles May 2018

Domestic High Value Traveller Profiles May 2018 Domestic High Value Traveller Profiles May 2018 TEQ Domestic Target Market High Value Travellers (HVTs) In order to achieve our goals of gaining market share and increasing overnight visitor expenditure

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TRAIN TO MOSCOW HAL AMES TRAIN TO MOSCOW HAL AMES Sasha, come to the kitchen. I have something to show you! Papa called out. Just a minute Papa, I ll be right there. I replied to my father as I finished putting on my pants. I

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Willow Cottage on beach 10 minutes from Traverse City

Willow Cottage on beach 10 minutes from Traverse City Willow Cottage on beach 10 minutes from Traverse City Summary Willow Cottage is one of 3 cottages that make up our small lakeside resort. It is located on 1.2 acres of land, with 70 ft of sandy Silver

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Invitation to Sponsor, Support or Exhibit

Invitation to Sponsor, Support or Exhibit Invitation to Sponsor, Support or Exhibit The Australian Association of Gerontology (AAG) is Australia s peak national body linking professionals working across the multidisciplinary fields of ageing.

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Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre Perth, Western Australia EXHIBITORS & SPONSORS

Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre Perth, Western Australia EXHIBITORS & SPONSORS 4-5 August 2018 9.30am to 4.30pm Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre Perth, Western Australia EXHIBITORS & SPONSORS ABOUT the expo The Western Australian Care and Ageing Expo is a showcase of the products,

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50th ANNUAL JUNE RALLY WAGGA WAGGA VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB Inc. presents our 50th ANNUAL JUNE RALLY 9th to 12th June 2017 The Leading Light Trophy 1 The Wagga Wagga Veteran & Vintage Motor Club Inc. is currently seeking

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Defenders: Russia Chapter 6

Defenders: Russia Chapter 6 Defenders: Russia Chapter 6 A live World Cup story by Tom Palmer Alexei Romanov has demanded another favour of Seth. A favour that is not going to be easy to fulfil. We had more than 2,000 votes from schools

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Volunteer News EDITION ONE ISSUE SEVEN DECEMBER, 2012 Volunteer News EDITION ONE ISSUE SEVEN DECEMBER, 2012 page 2 VOTE FOR THE 2013 FORD WORLD MEN S CURLING CHAMPIONSHIP GINGERBREAD HOUSE Holiday Greetings Host Committee Co-Chairs Keith Dagg and Chris Atchison,

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Instruction Manual. A step-by-step guide to building your own igloo. Andy Meldrum All rights are reserved.

Instruction Manual. A step-by-step guide to building your own igloo. Andy Meldrum All rights are reserved. Instruction Manual A step-by-step guide to building your own igloo. Andy Meldrum 2007 1 Contents 1 Introduction 2 Get properly kitted up. 3 Choose and prepare your site. 4 Create the base. 5 Mark out the

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AN INVITATION TO SPONSOR OR EXHIBIT 1 AN INVITATION TO SPONSOR OR EXHIBIT We are delighted to invite your organisation to participate as a valued sponsor or exhibitor at the 27th Annual NSW Coastal Conference. The Conference is hosted this

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Can You Believe It? Book 1 Quizzes

Can You Believe It? Book 1 Quizzes Quizzes QUIZ: Unit 1 pp 2 5 (2 points) 1 Barbara Pridgen is driving her car when she a turns on the heater b takes a look c loses it 2 Barbara s car mechanic takes a on her heating system b a look at her

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