.for Quick Reference. To Reach the Police. BELL TEUPH ON E COMPANY L. C. GAAL, Manager' To Report a Fire

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2 .for Quick Reference FROM To Report a Fire CALL Burbank Manor Oak Lawn 114. Columbus Manor.. :.. Oak Lawn 700. To Reach the Police Evergreen Park..... Evergreen Pk 7100 Evergreen (Company No. I) Evergreen ParL, Evergreen Pk 8100 :.. (Company No.2) Grandview Park Oak Lawn North Palos Oak Lawn 150 I-J-I. CALL Pk 7100 Oak Lawn..... Oak Lawn 1313 Oak Lawn 1313 Roberts Park.... Oak Lawn For the Telephone Number or Address -of the nearest. Federal Bureau of Investigation Office,, Call "Information" ASK FOR Information (For ~umbers not in the directory) : "Information" Repair Service no report a telephone "out of order").. : "Repair Service" Service Difficulties (For assistance. in reaching your number)..... "Supervisor" Applications for service, information regarding bills, etc.: Business Office, 4918 W. 95th Streef, Oak lawn Oak Lawn 9981 For calls to nearl:iii places (See list on page 2)...., Givecall to your operator For all other olit-of-town calls. {including calls to foreigncountriesl : Call "Long Distance" For calls t6 certaln ships in harbor or inland waters, a nd on the Great Lakes and high seas, : Call "Long Distance" For calls to mobile telephone subscribers. automobiles, trucks, etc : : Call "Long Distance".... (Ask for "Mobile Service Operator") ILLINOIS BELL TEUPH ON E COMPANY L. C. GAAL, Manager. Copyright,1949.by the Illinois Ben Telephooe Co Chicago. III., Prillted in U.S.A. Evergreen Park, III. I 1

3 JUST FOLLOW THESE THREE SIMPLE RULES FOR LOCAL CALLS I. Look in the directory if youre nof sure of the number. If you do not find the number ask for llnformation." 2. Listen for operators "Number, pl~asel", 3. Give number to operator. Always speak distinctly in an ordinary tone of voice directly into the mouthpiece. TELEGRAMS BY TELEPHONE You may telephone telegrams, cablegrams or radiograms to the Western Union Telegraph, Company. Charges for telegrams placed,by telephone will appear on your monthly telephone bill by arrangement with Western Union. This arrangement does not apply to cabiegrams or radiograms. On messages telephoned fram public cain box telephones, yau will be requested to deposit the telegraph charges in the coin box. PLEASE CHECK THIS LIST ~EFORE MAKING CALLS TO NEARBY PLACES Arlington Hghts Aurora 8arrington Batavia Bellwood Bensenvle Berv;yn (Gunderson, Stanley) Blue Island Brookfld Burnham Calumet City (Torrence) Carpentersvle Chicago Chicago Hghts Cicero <Olympic, TownhaJl} Deerfld DesPlaines Dolton 2 Howio Use Your Telephone IIGADGETS" DONT HELP Dont spend money for unnecessary attachments to your telephone offered ta "imprave" the service. Griffith, Ind. Hammond, Ind. (Russell, Sheffield> Harvey Highland, Ind. Highland Pk. Highwood Hillside Hinsdale Homewood Indiana Hrbr, Ind. Itasca Joliet Kenilworth lagrange Lake Bluff Lake ForeSt Lansing " IIBEEP", TONE: TELLS WHEN CONVERSATION IS BEING RECORDED If you hear a brief, high, almast musical note on yaur.telephone line while you are talkinga sort of gentle "beep" repeated every 15 seco~ds or~a-you will know that the person to whom yau are talking has a recording machine which is making a record of your conversatian. The signal is Lemont _lincolnwood (Towers) Lockport Lombard Lyons Maywood Melrose Pk. Morton Grv Mt. Prospect Munster Naperville Niles (Niles 7) Northbrook OakPark (Euclid, Village) Palatine Park Ridge Riverdale produced automotically by the device used To conned: the recorder to the telephone line, and.it is provided by the telephone company for yaur, protection. If you do not want a record made of what yau are saying, ask the person with whom you are talking to discannect the recording machine. The "beep" signal stops when the recorder is disconnected. Use of a recorder without this signal is unlawful. Some are harmless, but others actually hurt the service. If you think that your telephone isnt working properly, please call Repair Service. If you have any special needs which your telephone does not seem to meet, call or visit our Busin~ss Office. Well do our best to help you., Before making calls to nearby places, please check this list so that you will not call Long Distance unless your call is regularly handled by the Long Distance operatar. listed below, please piace yaur call thraugh your regular operator. Downers Grv Dundee East Chicago Elgin Elmhurst Elmwood Park (Gladstone 3) Evanston (Davis 8, Greenleaf 5, University 4) Forest Pk (Foresll Franklin Pk (Gladstone 5) Gary, Ind. Geneva Glencoe Glen Ellyn Glenview Great Lakes To all places River Forest (Foresll River Grove (Gladstone 3) Riverside St. Charles Skokie. Summit Thornton Villa Park -Waukegan (Majestic, Ontario) West Chicago Western Springs Wheaton Whiting, Ind. Willow Springs Wilmette Winfield Winnetka <Winnetka 6) Evergreen Park, III. IIPARTY LINE COURTESY II PAYS The best party-line service for all depends on courteous, cooperative use of thelin,eby all. ~If youre a party-line user heres, how you can do your part: Listen a moment to make sure the line is clear before you call:-"try ndt to interrupt your neigh bor!s conversation. FOR YOUR PROTEC.T10N For your protection, telephone employees who visit the public, carry identification cards with their names and Ph0 togra phs If,you h,ave t.he slightest d6u, bt a bout anyone who: calls "from the Telephone COmpany," ask to see his credentials. Telephone people will be glad to show you their cards. when they arise. 3. Expanding the lang distance network-adding new "voice highways; 5Jndotherlong distance equipment--ta conti~ue ta. Jille fast and econamical service on aut-of-town calls:.evergreen Park, III~ USE THIS DIRECTORY FIRST When youre not sure of a number you ar" calling, use this directory. Guesswork may inconven.ience you and an incorrectly called party. Actuqlly, a great many calls to "Information" are unnecessary, since they are for numbers listed in this directory. So, please dont ask ourlnformation operators to look up METROPOLITAN SERVICE Metropolitan telephone service, which permits callinh to c\rtainnearby communities without a toll charge, is available ta 1 and 2-party residence subscribers and fo,i-party business and private branch exchange services. Offered on an optional basis at a monthly rate somewhat higher than casters ask for them. 5, Providing more and better telephone service to farmers and others in thinly populated on rural areas. Local Area Service, this service also saves on Statian-to-station calls to Chicago and mare than 100 suburban communities. 6. Extending service in such fi~lds as service TO motar vehicles, ships at sea: and on the, rivers, overseas telephone service. etc. numbers unless you;esure they arenot listed.in the directory. For faster service--refer to your diredory, using the number listed. Your cooperation is appreci 9 ted. In themonthsa~d years ahead, the Bell System intends to go forward providing a service more and more free_from, imperfections; errors or delays, and,at a reasonable cost Heres a birds~~ye view of our long range program:,, I. Obtaining and installing enough wires, cables, 4. Continuing to provide televisi.an and radio :0- telephone instruments, ~nd switchboards and cilities., The Illinois Bell aims to have equip-,other equipment in the telephone exchanges ment ready for sending visual images of local, to catch up with the grawing new demand fo~ events to television transmitters when telet~lephane service. UsefulTelep6one Information.Be careful to replace the receiver after each ca. II Answer "your tele- phone promptly. 2. Hastening the day when we can provide normal reserves ohelephone equipment so that we may meet the needs of our customers everywhere 3

4 CALLS TO NEARBY PLACES "Im your reg.ulor :oper-. otor, ond I can connect you with many of. the neorby ploce~, (For a list of these nearby cities please see the table at the bottom of page 2.) "If you dont know the number of the telephone you wish to call: and it is not. in thi-s directory,. ask for Information who will obtain the number for you. "Person-to-person or Collect calls to suburban numbers ore ha ndled by a Long Distance Operator.." Pla~e Station-to-stotion calls when you merely. want us to ring a telephone number. Charges beigin when anyone answers at the telephone you call. COLLECTCALLS If y~u place a coli "Coiled," and it is accepted on a "Collect" basis by the person you ore calling, it is paid for by him instead of you. The charges are the same as on a regular Station-te-station cpll or Person-to-person call with one exception: There is an additional charge on Station-to-station calls to telephones in Illinois when the regular - rate is 30 cents or less and to telephones outside onliinois when the ~egul:r rats is 20 cents or less. On coils within the State of Illinois: If the party you are calling.doesnt accept the charges, 0 "Report Charge". applies-to be paid by you. No "Report Ch~rge" is made, how~ver, if you decide to pay for the.call your~elf. 4 "LONG DISTANCE" "I;m your Long Distance operator and your. regular.operator will connect you with me. Just ask her for Long Distance. "Long Distance calls are fast. In less than two minutes, on the average, youre talking to. your party or have a report on your c~ii. We invite you to use this deperldable service. "When you do use it, Ill appreciate it if youll give me the number of the party you are calling. It will help your call go through that much faster." Make a "Person" call when you want to talk to a particular person,or to a particular telephone or department reached through a private switchboard. Rates ore higher than "Station" rates, hut charges do not begin until the person or departmenfyou want,is able to answer. If you call from a point in Illinois to another point in Illinois, a "Report Charge" will be mad~,,if the person you, want cannot be reached and. you ask the operator to cancel the call. REDUCED RATES Between 6:00 P.M. and 4:30 A.M. MOIiday through Saturday, reduced rates are in effect. Rates are also reduced all day,sunday arid on Tha.nksgiving, Christmas ond New Years. The reduced rotesapply to "Station". calls if the initial period rate is more than 35 cents, and to "Person" calls if the rate is. more than.50 cents. Evergreen Park, III. JULY,.1949 EVERGREEN PARK AND OAK LAWN DIRECTORY A AAA Ambulance Service 9515 Cook. Oak Lawri-13 ABC Diaper Service Inc.., Lake Pk Av. Chgo.... Enterprise-4184, Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls A BO MUSIO OENTER W95th :Evergreen Pk-7992 Abbatiello Victor, 8800, " 5acrmnto; Evergreen Pk-8962 Abbs A W,9135 Tully..- Oak Lawil-2283 Abderhalden Ernest :_. " Albany Evergreen Pk-7769 AbelWm E 94335atrmnto Evergreen Pk-9073 Abrams Fred 2601 W 98th... Evergreen Pk-8044 Abrams Wm T 9820 Minnick... Oak L$lwn-3896 Abs Henry 9615 Nottingham.. Oak Lawn-2597-J;.2 Acke Robt C 5110, 100th ;. Oak LaWn:-3528 Ackermann Carrie E9408, 55th Oak Lawn-874 Active Distribrs 4101 W.103d Oak Lawn-1362 Adaniitus Clem d Av : Oak Lawn Adams A Orlo d..... Oak Lawn-211 Adams Arthur CSr Moody. Oak Lawn-675 Adams Chas, 9234 Clifton Pk Evergreen Pk-8893 Adams Earl R, Tully :.Oak Lawn-896 Adams Elmer V 9624, 50th ct...oak Lawn-824 Adams Jerome H D5C,.., 9704, 49th Av ;.{)ak tawn-3760 Adams Lowell H 9008: Pkside Oak Lawn-3560 Adams S Central Oak Lawn;.473 Adams Walter S W 95th PI. Evergreen Pk-7494 Adams Wm W 9740 Cook... ; Oak Lawn-902 Adrian Roger G d ct Oak Lawn-1264 Aevermann Walter Central. Oak Lawn-2161 Agee Jas L 9622 Southwest Hwy:..Oak Lawn-664 Aggerbeck L J 9968 Harnew West. Oak Lawn-3976 Ahern Jas F 9940 Elm Circle.. :.. Oak La~m-:,2790 Ahlert M J" Cicero.... Oak Lawn-3659 AhrierLewis R DDS 9348 James pi. Oak Lawn:1389 Ahner Lewis RJr 9340 James PI. Oak Lawn-331,6 Ahrens Edw Utica... Evergreen Pk-7612 Aiello Arthur M 4920 Spring Rd... OakLawn-2268 Aiello Frank 9556:Southwest Hwy. Oak Lawn-1698 Aiken Clifford B Kostner..Oak Lawn-237 AinsworthAA th.Oak Lawn-2802-J-2 AIRPORT SOAVENGER SERVIOE " ", Homan. EvergreenPk-7232 Airway Trailer Pk Cicero. ~Oak Lawn-9347 AIRWAY TRAILER PK INC 9001 Cicero......,Oak Lawn-2230 Akerlund Bert H La Porte. Oak Lawn-1491;.J-1 AlbertPeter AiJstin...Oak Lawn-1234 Alberts Chas 7030 W 96th pl.oaklawn-2448;.j:1 Alberts DomM Sawyer. Evergreen Pk Alberts Theo J , Francisco... ;. Evergreen?k-6814 Albertson & Muzzarelli,,.,,. -,,, 95th & 89th Av. Oak Lawn-4005 Albright Clarence F ,., Central Ik.Evergreen Pk~8235 Albright Wm J 5250 W90th pl...oak Lawn"1256 Alden John M 8809 S Sacrmnto. Evergreel!. Pk-7467 Alctens Inc mall order hse Paulina Chgo EnterprlseA004 Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls Aldous Shirley 4922 W 91st.... Oak Lawn-2122 Aldrich Albert Oxford Oak Lawn-1441-J-2 Aldridge Arthur th Oak Lawn;-778 Alex Geo9355 Spldng..... Evergreen Pk-2924, Alexander A T 9407 S Troy.. Evergreen Pk-7045 Alexander Leslie;, 5625 W 81st P.I Oak Lawn-1545-J-l Alexander Paul 86th Av & 100th. Oak Lawn-1937-J-1 Alexson Frank J 9531 La Crosse...Oak Lawn-3880 Alfano Pasquale 4905 W 105th pi.. Oak Lawn:-1284 Alfirevich Anthony Artesian Evergreen Pk-8541 Alford Clark Lawndale. Evergreen Pk-7013 ALL SUBUR.BAN VENETIAN BLIND CO, 9212, 50th Av. Oak Lawn-B6 Allan Henry C Austin. OakLawn-2817-J~2 Allan Herbert H th ct.. Oak Lawn-%2 Allan Wm Jr 7829 W 92d...Oak Lawn-1924-J-2 Allan Wm M Kilpatrick...Oak Lawn-3236 Allardice Jas Sr 9541 Francisco. Evergreen Pk-6669 ALLEMANS WOOD ART WKS " 924(} 5 53d Oak Lawn-3419 Allen Curtis G Menard.;. Oak Lawn-1624 Allen Eugene E 5300 W 95th Oak.Lawn-843 Allen Jean 9916 Crawford Oak Lawn-2692 Allen Joe D plding Evergreen Pk-7903 Allen Margaret 2650 W 95th.. Evergreen Pk-8985 Alliance Drug Co 3632 W 95th. Evergreen Pk-7081 Allyn Lester-l00l0 Roberts.. ; Oak Lawn-2364-J-2 AIm Frank C Lamon OakLawn-1803 Aim Raymond Paxton Oak Lawn-2762 AlmQuist Frank 2624 W 90th pl. Evergreen Pk-8206 ALS SHELL SERVIOE STA. 95th & Cicero Oak Lawn-9318 Alsen Claude C 9338, 73d Oak Lawn-1782-J-1 Alsip H G 3539 W 97th Evergreen Pk-7853 Altier Wm pldng Evergreen Pk-8735 Amelio Arthur Merrimac.. Oak Lawn-3863 Amenson Donald L 9U6 Utica.. Evergreen Pk-7115 Amenson Roderick O..., Calif Evergreen Pk-7734 AMERIOAN ANTIQUE FURNTR MART Cicero. Oak Lawn-2075 Amer Machining Corp.., Knox & Southwest Hwy...Oak Lawn-638 Ames Robt E Sawyer.. Evergreen Pk-6729 Ammerman Myrl D Marion...Oak Lawn-440 Ammerman Paul 8227 Long,.. Oak Lawn-175,9-J-1.Amundson Vernon d.Ct. Oak Lawn-3318 Anders Roy Troy.. ".. Evergreen Pk~7568 Andersen Frank C 9301 Clifton Pk Evergreen Pk-8357 Andersen Gladys 89th Oak Lawn-281O-J.;1 Andersen Mae 4849 W 91st PI....Oak Lawn-653 ANDERSENREFRGRTN & HEATING 00. " ft 95th,., {)ak Lawn~436 AndersenWalter H 9540 Meade..Oak Lawn-1046 Anderspn Addle Mrs 9316, 51st...Oak Lawn-1205

5 6 AND-SAJ Anderson Albert th Ct...Oakolawn-757 Anderson Carl M,.. c Trumbull Evergreen Pk-8670 Anderson Chas J acrmnto. Evergreen Pk-8430 Anderson DE..,, acrmnto. Evergreen Pk-6877 AndersonE L Cicero... Oak Lawn-4009 Anderson E V 3520 W 97th... Evergreen Pk-8894 Anderson Eric 2824 W 99th..-Evergreen Pk-7069 Anderson Geo 8709 Francisco.. Evergreen Pk-7689 Anderson Gunnar S 5801 Lyhwd dr. Oak Lawn-1649 Anderson Gust uthwest HWy.Oak Lawn-484 Anderson Gust R 6432 W 92d. Oak Lawn-2412-J-2 Anderson Harold G W 95th pi. Evergreen Pk-7596 Anderson John Ridgelnd.Oak Lawn-477 Anderson John F W 98th PI. Evergreen Pk-6611 Anderson Lars.110th & Kilpatrick. Oak Lawn-2243 Anderson Nils Central Pk.Evergreen Pk-7932 Anderson Ralph F Lawndle. Evergreen Pk-8005 Anderson Rex L New Englnd. Oak Lawn-1435-J-2 Anderson Robt A 4100 W 99th.. 1>ak Lawn-2686 Anderson Robt H Central Pk.... Evergreen Pk-3155 Anderson Robt L Kostner..Oak Lawn-199 Anderson Vernon L 9602 Cook Oak Lawn-708 Anderson Walter d.. Oak Lawn~2 Anderson Walter Harnew. Oak Lawn-3534 Anderson Wm J Central. Oak Lawn-1805 Andersons Barber Shop, 5135 W 95th... " Oak Lawn-360 Andrews Chester A Ridgwy.. Evergreen Pk-8874 Andrews Geo J SCentral Pk... Evergreen Pk-9094 Andrews Orville E Mayfld...,. Oak Lawn-1744-J-l Angelo Nicholas J Lawndle......Evergreen Pk-8249 Angerhofer Vincent P Utica..... Evergreen Pk-2907 Angliker E Maplewd... Evergreen Pk-8781 ANTONS CAB INC 5220 W 95th... Oak Lawn-777 Apex Upholstering Co 3320 W 63d Chgo. " Prospect Artus Arno 9246 Tully. Oak Lawn",651. Ascroft E 4959 W 91st pl. Oak Lawn-752 Ascroft Richard Trumbull. Evergreen Pk-8463 Ashby Emma Jean Maplewd. Evergreen Pk-6664 Ashenfelter Herbert th Av. Oak Lawn-2761 Ashley Thos acrmnto... Evergreen Pk-3188 IAspan Michael 9721 McVicker...Oak Lawn-1392 Aspan Mike Jr 6011 W 99th Oak Lawn-2227 Atchley Mary Central Oak Lawn-3988 Atherton Howard H, plding. Evergreen Pk-6627 Atherton Jos C Troy Evergreen Pk-8785 Atherton Wm M 9312 Troy Evergreen Pk-8992 Atkinson Geo R Trumbull Evergreen Pk-9112 Atteberry G CJr d Oak Lawn-3511 Attermeyer Ferd t Louis... Evergreen Pk-8876 Atwell Raymond 9606 Richmond.Evergreen Pk~3120 Atwood L E9636 Central Pk.. Evergreen Pk-6831 Atwood Lawrence. ~ Harlem. Oak Lawn-2492-J-l Atwood Orville th ct. Oak Lciwn-2335-J-l ATWOODS AUTO REPR Harlem. Oak Lawn-2423-J-2 Aul Eliz 5810W 88th Oak Lawn~1383 Aulwurm Wm Mrs 9529 Minnick..Oak Lawn-14 Auschwitz FA 9629 E 5hr dr Oak Lawn-67 Austin Peter F 4944 W 91stpl.. Oak Lawn-2074 Austin Raymond G Central Pk Evergreen-Pk-9091 Automotive Reprg 5717 W 87th...Oak Lawn-335 AutulloMichael 6811 W 95th. Oak Lawn-1902-J-l Autuilo Ralph contr Southwest hwy......oak Lawn-32 Auwaerte.r John R Utica. Evergreen Pk AVENUE BEAUTY SHOP Western. Evergreen Pk-6694 Aviation Repr Service Harlem....Oak Lawn-1596-J-2 Ayers Jos A 5918 W 88th PI... Oak Lawn-1379 B & F Aircraft Serv & Accessories 8900 Harlem Oak tawn-9391 Apgar Clarence 9801 Moody.-.. Oak Lawn-2M W 95th Oak Lawn-l40 Apgar Clarence J delctsn.. Baar Wm9421 Turner.....Evergreen Pk-8907 " uthwest Hwy. Oak Lawn-9367 Baatz Hank Talman... Evergreen Pk-8173 AppeltH H4900 W 5pring Rd... Oak Lawn-3483 Babbe C Mrs 953i S Me Vicker.. Oak Lawn-2693 Appner WmC 2609 W 89th.. Evergreen Pk-7940 Babbe Edw A Turner..-. Evergreen Pk-8934 Archer Lndry, Babcock Raymond , 52d Av. Oak Lawn-1845 Babcock Robt, 10115, 81st Ct. Oak Lawn-2553-J Archer Chgo... Enterprlse~6060 (Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls) Bachar Curtis A 6319, 99th. Oak Lawn Bachert Wilfred 5812 Lynwd dr Oak Lawn-766 Arcucci Jus 9935 Menard.....Oak Lawn-2725 ARDON APPLIANCES. Backman Elmer C 9250 Albany. EvergreenPk-7786 Bacon Earl R 4313 W 99th Pl....OakLawn W 95th. Evergreen Pk-8253 BACON MFG CO fuel oil tanks.,.. ARGUs:JNDUSTRIES uthwest Hwy.... Oak Lawn-465 Kenton & Rumsey. Oak Lawn-3674 Bacon Robt L 6823 W 95th pl. Oak Lawn-1558~J-l Ariel Arthur M. Bacon Wm H d Ct... OakLawn Trumb!lll "... Evergreen Pk-8670 Baczynski Frank 8400 Oak Pk. Oak Lawn-2345-J-l Armes Floyd W 7031 Avon. Oalc Lawn-1531-J-l Bader MichaelS 2812W.99th.. Evergreen Pk-7179 Armon J6s 9542 Campbell.... Evergreen Pk~8247 Baen Nick 2716.W 99th, ". Evergreen Pk-7261 Armstrong H C 5804 W 82d PI. Oak Lawn-2326-J-2 Bahret Wm.... Armstrong Robt T th &. Southwest Hwy. Oak Lawn-1971-J W 95th.....Oak-Lawn-1517-J-2 Baikie Viola 9722 Cook.. "... Oak Lawn-358 Arnold H C Mayfld..... Oak Lawn~741 Bailey Chas T 5801 W 89th..... Oak Lawn-365 Arnold Harold Trumbull. Evergreen Pk-9177 Bailey. Edwin Rockwell. Everg.reen Pk-9061 Arnone Francis A 4029 W 99th... Oak Lawn-3930 BaileyWm F Utica... Evergreen Pk-8905 Arnst Emil th ct..,... Oak Lawn-1277 Baillie Henry M9523 Marion.. Oak Lawn-2011 Aronson Carl Ruthrfrd. Oak Lawn-2544-J-2 Baird Chas A 93i1 5prqat.. ".Oak Lawn-235 Arquilla Hugo 4821 W92d;. Oak Lo,wn-1616 Bajek Frank 10;Lst & Kostner Oak Lawn-2197 B Baker Anton a<;rmnto. Evergr~en Pk~8151 Baker Harvey A 9812, 5 54th Av;. Oak Lawn-507 Baker Leonard 7801W 92d...Oak Lawn-2402-J-l Baker Raymond W Troy. Evergreen Pk"8436 Baker Wm Cicero... :.,..Qak Lawn~1209 Bakes Philip J Utica.. Evergreen Pk-3116 Bakken John 8330, 78th Ct-.. Oak Lawn-191g-J-l Bakosh,Matt 93d& 73d ct :.". Oak Lawn-153~J-2 Balanof samla200 W 103d:. Oak Lawn-I964-J-l Baldwin WC 4333 W 99th Pl.... Oak Lawn-3346 Bale Jos 4903 W 106th Oak Lawn-3449 Bale Robt W Merrimac... Oak Lawn-640 Ball Catheiine2940 W95th... Eyergreen Pk-8112 Ball Edmond J9560 S 89th Av.Oak Lawn-2551-J-2 Ballard W Wesley Jr Harnew East. Oak Lawn-3MI Ballatin Harold P 9643 Brandt Oak Lawn-993 Ballatin Martha 9350 S 55th Oak Lawn-390 Ballik Pearl L th Ct.. Oak Lawn-3379 Balling:Jos Merton Oak ILawn-770 Balsavich Dominic S St Louis..... Evergreen Pk-7622 Balsevich Jos M th ct.oak Lawn~2354-J-2 Balter Frank 9205 Clifton Pk.. Evergreen Pk-8652 Ban John A Calif Evergreen Pk-6678 Bandemer Fredk 8424, 79th ct.oak Lawn~1449-J-2 Banks Arnold F 933? 5 Troy. Evergreen Pk-8521 Banks Tom Merton... Oak Lawn-2633 Bankswe. J Leamington. Oak Lawn BANTS VILLA 3960 W 95th.. Evergreen Pk-9288 Bantsolas Christ 4717 W 98th...Oak Lawn~I003 BarClay B B 9346 S Clifton Pk. Evergreen Pk-6765 Barden Judson K 8523 Menard.Oak.Lawn-1732-J-I BardenRichard. 9 "98135 Lawndle... Evergreen Pk~860 Bares Jos Menard Oak Lawn-2257 Barger P!lilip 9566, 89th Av.. Oak Lawn-2551-J-I BarkerJ Wallace Keeler. Oak Lawn~1043 Barnard Norman H Ridgwy......Evergreen Pk-8698 Barnes A E 9434 Sayre... Oak Lawn-1987-J..l Barney Leonard 5727 W 82d.. Oak Lawn-2575-J-2 Baron Jas A 8900 W 101st... Oak Lawn-1701-J-2 Barr Anthony th ct. ~ Oak Lawn-1466-J~1 Barr Vesta M Cicero Oak Lawn-18r Barr WmH 4248 W 99th Pl. Oak Lawn-34 9 Barrett Thos Mayftd. :Oak Lawn-1738-J-I BarryEdw J 9701 Harding Evergreen Pk-8194 Barry John Trumbull Evergreen Pk-8885 Barsevick Louis 9904 Sawyer.. Evergreen Pk-7410 Barsivich Chas Kildare.. Oak Lawn-3726 Barth Aug Calif.... Evergreen Pk-8750 Bartke Geo 8528 Menard Oak Lawn-1673 Bartkowiak Edmond T MD 3515 W 97th....Evergreen Pk-7733 Bartonek Frank Laverne., Oak Lawn Bartz Frank H Millard.. Evergreen Pk-7673 Bartz Jas E Troy... Evergreen Pk-6720 Barwegen Richard S Albany Evergreen Pk-8284 Barz Richard W Cicero... Oak Lawn-3653 Barzantni Frank.9640.Cook. Oak Lawn-933 Barzen Fred th..,..Oak Lawn-975 Basham Chas W 9960 Elm Circle...-QakLawn-588 Basham Ernest Francisco. Evergreen.Pk~8953 Basick John M Central.. Oak Lawn-3908 Basile Jos R 9245 Millard... Evergreen Pk-8671 BCl!:kovic Frank th Av.Oak Lawn~2393-J-l.BaskysGeo A th pl....oak Lawn-2793 BassettGeo W Mayfld. Oak Lawn-1481-J-2 C Basso F 9238 Clifton Pk.... Evergreen Pk-8847 BatesJas E Homan... Evergreen Pk-6951 Bates Jos J Menard l.;...:oak Lawn-3779 Batey Rob( 9726 McVicker..Oak Lawn-758 aatka John E Jr Harnew East:Oak Lawn-3645 Batson Chas A 4301 W 99th PI...Oak Lawn-3364 Batson Curtis L 4308 W 99th Pl.. Oak Lawn-3250 Batzel Chas G d ct Oak Lawn-720 Bauer Harold Leamington. Oak Lawn-2519-J-l, Bauer John F 9406 Spldng Evergreen Pk-8887 Bauer samlrev 95th & Merton Oak Lawn-4025 Bauerle Henry A 8816 Talman. Evergreen Pk-7356 Baumann Willard H 4137 W 99th. :Oak Lawn-3423 BaumdiCker Otto 9730, 52d Oak Lawn~883 Baumgardner Jas B d Ct.Oak Lawn-3943 Baumgart Julius Kilpatrick. Oak Lawn-1287 Baumgarten Henry Massasoit... Oak Lawn-2315-J-2 Baumgarten Howard Mrs 5914, 91st. Oak Lawn-712 Baumgartner Walter S Pkside. Oak Lawn-433 BaurGrove 101st & 86th... Oak Lawn-1533-J-2. Bawden Harry B 9615 Marion...Oak Lawn-ll73 Baxa Leo J Richmond. Evergreen Pk-8387 Bayer Jos E Harding... Evergreen Pk-8706 Bayer Peter J 6235 W 95th... Oak Lawn-1814 Bayle Robt 8736 Richmond... Evergreen Pk-9156 Beach RogerJ 9538 Richmond.. Evergreen Pk-7063 Beadleston R H 9619 S Tully Oak Lawn-3845 Beagle Doh V 9610 S Marion Oak Lawn-579 Beattie John A Central. Oak Lawn-172. Beatty Andrew 10315, 73d ct.. Oak Lawn-2433-J~1 Beatty Betty E W 98th Pl Evergreen Pk-9158 Beatty Chas H Cicero Oak Lawn-2089 Beatty H Raymond Brandt.. Oak Lawn-2112 BEATTY I N R LBR CO d av...,..... Oak Lawn-400 Beatty Wm R Jr LaCrosse.. Oak Lawn-768 Beaudry Nursery Co 4100 W 103d.. Oak Lawn-IOO Bebak Aloizy J 9917 Harnew...Oak Lawn-2769 Bechtlofft Elsworth th.. Oak Lawn-2130 Becker Adeline th...Oak Lawn-I238 Becker Catherine Mrs W 90th PI, Evergreen Pk-70l7 Becker David J 9829 Clifton Pic. Evergreen Pk-6716 Becker Lester M th Ct.. Oak Lawn-3542 Becker Myrtle E Central Pk Evergreen Pk-7479 Becker R Condit 4913 Paxton OakLawn-339Q- Beckett Ervin C 6901 W 96th. Oak Lawn-2370-J..I Beckley Harper W Avers Evergreen Pk-7923 Beckley Roland J 9548 Brandt....Oak Lawn-156 Beckmann Paul G 2932 W 97th Pl Evergreen Pk-8255 Beckner Edvan 4852 W 96th pl Oak Lawn-1294 Beckwith Wm 8551 Roberts... Oak Lawn-230Y-J-2 Beckwith Wm th Av. Oak Lawn-2802-J-I Becvar Geo A acrnmto.. Evergreen Pk-8434 Beddow John W t Louis.Evergreen Pk-8090 Beeck Victor E 5832, 89th Oak Lawn-2156 BEELEL CHAs ri est W 95th, Oak Lawn-2048 Beelel Chas rl est 7145 W 95th.Oak Lawn-2350-J-I Beeson R G 6600 W 103d...Oak Lawn~2320-J-2 Begeman Fred Ridgelnd. Oak Lawn-1980-J~1 Begy John W 9211 Roberts.. Oak Lawn-2589-J-2 Behen Alma L Fairfld.Evergreen Pk~7859 Behen Mary Fairfld Evergreen Pk-8216 Behrend Aug H 9446 Raymond Oak Lawn-44 Behrend Fred 5308 W 95th,Oak Lawn-3954 BEHRENDS HDW 5300 W 95th Oak Lawn..3 Behrens Geo E 9908 Elm Circle Oak Lawn-3208 Behrens Henry 9315 Richmond. Evergreen Pk-9172 Behrens Wm F 103d & 88th... Oak Lawn-1700-J-I Beilfuss A W2709 W 89th pl. Evergreen Pk-7831 Beilfuss L 9600 Tully....Oak Lawn-l084 7

6 8 Beilharz Carl E Jr tone Circle... ;.. Oak Lawn-3596 Bein H.enry Ridgwy... Evergreen Pk-8970 Belan Nicholas J -/95255, Francisco.... Evergreen Pk-8092 Bi:lgrave Len Lockwd.. Oak Lawn-2421~J-l Belice Wm Harlem. Oak Lawnc1434-J-l Belikow Basil 9544 Major.. "...Oak Lawn-3336 Bell FredrickF,5018 Elm Circle.. Oak Lawn-3957 Belz Frank L d ct... ~. Oak Lawn-404 Bement Wheeler Lynwd.. Oak Lawn~4030 Ben-Gee Products Inc 89th & Ridgelnd. Oak Lawn th & Ridgelnd..... : Oak Lawn Benda John.. Washington & Oxford Oak Lawn-1705-J-2 Bender Christian E 9342 Clifton Pk..... Evergreen Pk-8586 Bender R A 9746 Melvina Oak Lawn-731 Benjamin Milton M 4837 W96th.. Oak Lawn-1626 Bennett Andrew Lamon,Oak Lawn-1488-J~1 Benn~tt Jas R 9510, 55th Ct..,... Oak Lawn-48b Benningfield Wm R 4919 W 99th..Oak Lawn-3352 Benson B A 9940 Clifton Pk.. ~. Evergreen Pk-8118 Benyon Alfred 9005 Major Oak Lawn-1629 Benzies Chas Calif Evergreen Pk-7014 Beran Frank E 9909 W Harnew Oak Lawnc3227 Berchert Edmund 5921 W87th pl.. Oak Lawn-581 Berdine Maurice G 9750 Merrimac.Oak Lawn-2106 Berent Ann 5802 W 87th PI Oak Lawn-3414 Berent Eugene st Oak Lawn-l002 Berg Frank M Major Oak Lawn-648 Berge S W t Louis.. ; Evergre.en Pk Bergen WaltefT th... Oak Lawn-3247 Bergmann E R 9705 SAvers Evergreen Pk-7482 Bergquist Erick S Pkside..... Oak Lawn-1751-J-2 Bergren Gustave S St Louis..... Evergreen Pk-7068 Bergren Werner 9301 S 51st....OakLawnc378 Bergsten Harold E 9709, 53d Oak Lawn:927 Bergstrom Knute ", 6802 W 96th pl... Oak Lawn-2370-J-2 Bergstrom Ralph E State.....Oak Lawn-1563-J-l - Bergunder Wilbur 2924 W 101st. Evergreen Pk-6759 Berka Frank W th ct.oak Lawn-2402-J~2 Berkhofer Howard L th Av. Oak Lawn-3762 Bermes Michael A, Lawndle.... Evergreen Pk-7l78 Bermingham Florence 3908W 99th Evergreen Pk-7872 Bernash Florence 2716 W 90th. Evergreen Pk-8520 Berndt F La Crosse Oak Lawn-695 BerndtOtto L 9?05 5 Central Pk;-.. ; Evergreen Pk-7044 Bernoskl Ray Francisco. Evergreen Pk-8364 Berten Bernard t Louis.. Evergreen Pk-7735 BERTEN CLNRS & DYERS -, 3412 W 95th... Evergreen Pk-8193 Bertrand Winnie.,. 98th PI & 86th Av. Oak Lawn-1932-J:l BERTS L1QR STORE, Western, Evergreen Pk-8526 Besmer Fre? 2612 W 89th pl.. Evergreen Pk-8132 Besmer Josle>2815 W 101st pl. Evergreen Pk-8599 Best Rural Sewerage Co 8381 Roberts. Oak Lawn-1969-J~1 If,no answer call :Worth-372-M-l BEST SEPTIC TANK CO,, Harlem. Oak Lawn-1278 Bethel Luth Ch 94075Trumbull.Evergreen Pk-8324 Bethel Lutheran Schl 98th & Spaulding. ;.. EvergreenPk-9032 Bethke John 7004 W 96th.. Oak Lawn-2561-J-2 QETTES. PE,RMANENT WAVE SHOP,", Kedzie. EvergreenPk-9065 Betts,curtiS 81) th ct. Oak Lawn-1492-J-2 Betty sshpp 5015 W 9?t~ Oak Lawn-415 Beverly D,ur.y Store 9L8y2,2 S Western Evergreen Pk-9273 BEVER RIDGE CLNRS & DYERS,, Calif. Evergreen Pk-8400 ~i6~rj~h~it Hamlin... Evergreen Pk-8294, Rutherford. Oak Lawn J-2 B!edermann Fred 9715, 53d... Oak Lawn-1298 Bledron Walter E acrmnto...~ Evergreen Pk-7813 B!egel Claude Kedzie.. Evergreen Pk-680b B!e,gel Saml 9401 S Homan... Evergreen Pk-8383 B!el Helmuth 8519 Menard.., Oak Lilwn-2475-J-l B!el J?S 2633 W 98th :Evergreen Pk-68i8 B!el Richard L 3218 W 97th Evergreen Pk-8220 B!en Leo Mozart Evergreen Pk-8775 B!erstedt Paul E Rev th. Oak Lawn-3203 Blgale Adam Harlem :. Oak Lawn-1523-J-2 BIGELOW H R & SONS contrs. 4954, 91st pl Oak Lawn-2240 B!ggers Frank E 9807 Washington:. Oak Lawn-773 B!gus An~hony Spldng:. Evergreen Pk-8133 B!I?er Michael 4129 W 99th PI... OakLawn-3524 B~lik A.lphonse R 9157 Utica Evergreen Pk-8958 B!lImaler JJ Avers Evergreen Pk-6875 B!"ows Geo 6261 W 93d Oak Lawn-2288 B!II?ws Ralph 5830 W 83d Oak Lawn-1548-J-2 B!II s Tavrn 5400 W 95th Oak Lawn-9340 B!lthuls John 101st & Cicero Oak Lawn-1248 B!nd~r Wm J Ridgeway. Evergreen Pk-8609 B!nkls Jos t Louis..... Evergreen Pk~8978 Bmnendyk Cornelius. ~759 Albany..... Evergreen Pk-7973 B!nottl Eyo J W 94th... Oak Lawn-3299 B!rch Geo A 6723 W 92d... Oak Lawn-1722-J-l.. B!rkholz Paul M 9633 S Merrimac.. Oak Lawn-786 B!rk~olz Ray T 9233 Monitor... Oak Lawn-1l63 Blrmmgham Clarence A Clifton Pk Evergreen Pk-7294 B!s~op Wm pldng Evergreen Pk-70n B!slnger Robt H 9739 SAvers.. Evergreen Pk-8535 B~ork Ivar 83d pl..... Oak Lawn-1479-J-l B~orklund Carl A 4917 W 95th... Oak Lawn-3406 Bjorklund L~XY8320 ~ 77th ct.oak Lawn-2385-J-2 Black FranCIS Hamlin.. Evergreen Pk"7251 Black Wm W, Melvina... Oak Lawn-3735 Blackwell Hal L W 96th Pl Bladt Fredrick Oak Lawn-1580-J"l. 2505, W 94th Pl Evergreen Pk-3142 Blana C Elizabeth 3301 W 96th.Evergreen Pk-7189 Blaha Joe 9745 Merton Oak Lawn-2799 Bla~a John F st ct. Oak Lawn-1540-J-2 Blame J J Jr 6821 W 96th Oak Lawn-1530-J-l Blake Thos M 9128 S Troy Evergreen Pk-6982 BLAND H T plbg 3354 W 95th. Evergreen Pk S Central Pk Evergreen Pk-6908 Blatchford Lorne d Oak Lawn-2018 Blazsey Gee Hamlin Evergreen Pk-74Q8 Bleeker Alfred E pringfld... EvergreenPk-8158 BLE~KERS L1QRS 3447 W 9,.5th.Evergreen Pk-8300 Blevms Ernes~ L d.. ". Oak Lawn-1804 Bloem Cornelius Albany.Evergreeri.Pk-7016 Blogg Chas 9937 Harnew Oak Lawn-2745 Bloom p~uir,,2621 W 90th Evergreen Pk-8797 Bloomqu!st R A st... Oak Lawn-3450 BloomqUist Roy M " ",,,.,,9010 Crescent.Oak La\Vn-lY~Y-J-Z Blume Melvin D Rev, W 9lst..... EVE!rgreen, Blumm Harold B 9,517 Merrimac.. Blunk Frank 5761 W 84th PI. Oak Lawn-2509-J-l BlunkGeo 5711 W 90th PI... ". Oak Lawn-229 Blunk Oscar Crawford...Oak Lawn-3776 BLUNKS TOWING SERVICE 5761 W 84th PI. Oak Lawn-2509-J-l Board of Education Covington 5chl 52d ; Oak Lawn_l73 Dist d & Linder:... Oak Lawn-790 Boardman Lawrence 4835 W 96th. Oak Lawn_1l38 Bobbe A 5109 Oak Center,.. Oak Lawn-2767 Bobzin Ralph 2715 W 96th Evergreen Pk-6891 Bock Wayne th Oak Lawn-1527-J-2 Bockholdt Ralph st. Oak Lawn-2318-J-l Bockwoldt Ken 9535 Moody Oak Lawn-461 Boddeker Matt C LaVerne.. Oak Lawn-322 Boddy Chester B 8743,52d Av.. ;.. OakLawn-176 Bodwell Jos W 2640 W 97th pi. Evergreen Pk-7295 Boe Margaret 9704 Merton Oak Lawn-3410 Boecker Chas 9705 E 5hr dr.. ; Oak Lawn:919 Boedeker B J Brandt :.Oak Lawn_973 Boehm Frank P th.. Oak Lawn-2398-J-l Boers Gil Eqpinnt Co constr W 95th... :.. *Evergreen Pk-7997 Boersma Garrett 9328 Homan.. Evergreen Pk-9129 Boersma Joe Homan.. Evergreen Pk-7398 Boersma Klaas 9325 Homan... Evergreen Pk-7134 Boersma Peter 9819 Homan;. Evergreen Pk"8823 BoersmaR Kostner &.106th Oak Lawn-1332 Bogin Chester Trumbull. Evergreen Pk~8078 Bohanon Wm9307, 81st.. Oak Lawn-1764-J-l Bohemian Club 91st.& Roberts.. Oak Lawn-9387 Bohl Wilbur flight Instruction Harlem......Oak Lawn-l70 Bohling Frank 4819 W 96th,.;. Oak Lawn-749 Botin Herbert 9:526 Merrimac Oak Lawn-710 Bohne Geo Troy... Evergreen Pk-7680 Bohne Jos F 9.419, 52d..... :Oak Lawn-1641 Bohnenberger Albert J ", Turner ".. Evergreen Pk:7212 Boinski Edw R Clifton Pk Evergreen Pk-818S Boita Theadoris L 4526 W.95th...Oak Lawn-215 Bojarski ThoS91st,& 52d......Oak Lawn-2152 Boland John J Jr Utica. Evergreen Pk-853Z Bolden Lester Kenton....Oak Lawn-983 Boldon Rolland Cicero Oak Lawn-1297 Bolger Paul Homan Evergreen Pk-8722 Bolhouse John 9315 Albany :Evergreen Pk-8478 Bolhuis John pldng..,. Evergreen Pk-3186 Bolton Jas H Moody.,.,. Oak Lawn-l327 BOLTON JOHN Fatty 3650W 97th. Evergreen Pk-9043 Bond Oscar 5741 W 87st.. ;...Oak Lawn-2684 Bondzinski Alex 6841 W 95th. Oak Lawn-1902-J-2 BonicelliOrlando 9212 Menard...Oak :Lawn-3570 Bonthron Hligo pringfld. Evergreen Pk-6675 Booty PhilipJr "......, " Trumbull. Evergreen Pk-6698, Borcic Christ 2857 W99th pl. Evergreen Pk-8984 BORDEN CD retl distrbg brnch., 320 W 70th PI Chgo,.Radcliffe Bordner Jos C 5025 Oak Center Oak Lawn-2774 Borgm!-n Andrew 9710, 55th.....Oak Lawn-912 Borgmann Wm T i03d & Mayfld....Oak L3.wn-2331~J-l Borman Wm Jr 6115, 99th..Oak Lawn:2117 Born Morton 9353 Lawndle.. ~ Evergreen Pk-9127 Born Wm GSr ".. " Harnew East. Oak Lawn BornemarinG R Lawndle.Evergreen Pk-9190 Boros Stephen4828 W 91st pi..:oak Lawl1:-1874 Borovec Wm 9938 CentraL.... Oak Lawn-748 BORRE ELECT CONTR," 7813, 91st....Oak Lawn-1452-J-l BORRELLI DRUGcO 4871 W 95th. Oak tawn-3424 Borscher Hedwig,8934 Meade. Oak Lawn J-l BLU-BRA 9 BoruchiChl1ster 9043 CentraL...Oak Lawn-3712 Bos.Jacob 103d Oak Lawn-1887 Bosl Fred 9510 Massasoit. Oak Lawn~9 Boskus Chas W Trumbull.Evergreen Pk-8794 Bosma Henry 8420 Mayfld...Oak Lawn-2451-J"1,Boss~ Carl F t Louis. Evergreen Pk-7138 BOSSI Chas H 2945 W 102d. Evergreen Pk-7894 Boston J B 9560 McVickers Oak Lawn-311 Botta Geo A Menard Oak Lawn-l0l3 Bouchard Ernest th. Oak Lawn-2359-J-l Boudreau Stanley Earl, 9655 S 78th Ct. Oak Lawn-1789-J-2 Boudreau Willard H 6025 W 95th...Oak Lawn-264 BOULEVARD GROC &. MKT, 5239 W 95th, Oak Lawn-40 Bourgholtzer Jos S 73d. Oak Lawn-2443-J-2 Bowen bani 5203 W James Oak Lawn-947 Bowlby Herman 2640 W 89th pl.evergreen Pk-7646 Bowley.Ruth 104th & 51st.:...Oak Lawn-546 Bowman F C 5629, W 81sj:. pl. Oak Lawn-1552-J-2 Bowman John Meade... Oak Lawn~2736 BOYCE BROS fuel oil " 95th & Ridgeland Oak Lawn-1888 Boyce David J Troy... Evergreen Pk~8032 Boyce DOl] M 9513 Ridgelnd.... Oak Lawn-969 Boyce F A th Oak Lawn-620 Boyce Frank th Oak Lawn-2536-J-l Boyce Lucy 9716, 54th Av Oak Lawn~3612 Boyce Robt B th Oak Lawn-1068 Boyce Wm W Mayfld.. Oak Lawn-1929 J-2 Boyd Alex J 9829 Southwest hwy.. Oak Lawn-317 BOYD HDW &. APPLIANCE, W 95th Evergreen Pk-8765 Boyd Jas B 4815 W 96th pl Oak Lawn-804 Boyd Kenneth 4824 W 96th, pi... Oak Lawn-1l40 Boyda Jos Rockwell... Evergreen Pk-7516 Boyer Ardwin H Ridgeland Oak Lawn-1792-J-l Boyle John J Artesian Evergreen Pk-7888 Bozen A J 9137 Troy..... Evergreen Pk-8678 Braasch Earl L Nagel.. Oak Lawn-1498-J-2 Braasch Gottlieb H 9328 Tully Oak Lawn-126 Braasch Walter th ct Oak Liiwn-984 Braaten Earl t Louis... Evergreen Pk-8502 Brabenec Geo Central Pk... Evergreen Pk-8731 Brabenec Leo J Ridgwy. Evergreen Pk-7977 Brackenbury Thos LaVergne. Oak Lawn-2351-J-l Bradbury Donald d Av... Oak Lawn-3591 Bradish WalterT t Louis Evergreen Pk-7433 BRADSTREET EDGAR piano tuning 83 & 78th av Oak Lawn-1448-J-2 Brady Burness 9515, McVickers...Oak Lawn-2173 Brady Harold M Richmond Evergreen Pk Brady Jos C 103d & Oxford Oak Lawn-2332-J-2 Brady Raymond acrmnto... Evergreen Pl<-9110 Bragalone A J Oxford Oak Lawn-1568~J~2 Bragalone Victor. Princess & 106th. Oak Lawn-1965-J-l Braithwaite Richard 4201 W 99th pl Oak Lawn_3435 Braje Clarence acrmnto.Evergreen Pk-8285 Brand Ernest J th...Oak Lawn:2027 Brand Paul J 2625 W 90th.. Evergreen Pk-8445 BRANDT ALBERT H rl esf,, 5049 W 95th.....Oak Lawn-50 res 9525, 50th ct.... Oak Lawn-7 Brandt Elsie Kostner.. Oak Lawri-1630 Brangt Frank proat.....OakLawn-1273 qbrandt LeRoy 9330 Ricl)mond. Evergr~en Pk-7965

7 ~! I I 10 BRA-BUN. Brandt Otto 5131 W 95th.... Oak Lawn-98 Brandt Wm 107th & Oxford.. Oak Lawn J-2 BRANDT WM & SON bldg matrl ~ st.... ;...<laktlawn-2700 Braner Geo Jr 7100 W 98th.. Oak Lawn-1909-J-2 Brankin Hugh P 4121 W 99th Oak Lawn-3924 Branstrom Geo d ct. Oak lawn~887 Braskich Mike 5049 W111th. Oak Lawn:2840-J-l Brauer Arthur..., Normandy..Oak Lawn-1468-J-l Brauer L J Normandy. Oak Lawn-1469-J-l Brauner Wm W Merton...Oak Lawn-379 Braze Chas J 9255 Trumbull... Evergreen Pk-8745 Braze Edw 5009 Elm Circle....Oak Lawn-1250 Brazzale Francis 9522 Lawndle. Evergreen Pk-8302 Breault Andrew E st... Oak Lawn-68l Breault Frank 9426 Clifton Pk. Evergreen Pk-8605 Breck Ben 9842 Campbell... Evergreen Pk-806l Bredlau Arthur 8635, 79th ct. Oak Lawn-2358-J-l Breen Harry 9427, 54th Oak Lawn-1l67 Breiding Edw J Trumbull.Evergreen Pk-7455 Brenn Edw F Mayfld... Oak, Lawn-1678 Br.ennanJohn J 4317 W 99th... Oak Lawn-3432 Brennan Wm J 9232 Monitor...Oak Lawn~3235 Brent Peter J 4913 W 105th pl.. Oak Lawn-63l Br~wton Jack 9725 Ridgelnd....Oak Lawn-7ll Bndges Herbert F _ 9207 Clifton Pk Evergreen Pk-8085 Brier Geo d.. ;.. Oak Lawn-178l-J-l BRIERS SHT METAL WKS , 73d Av. Oak Lawn-2274 BRIGGS A G& SONS rl est. ~~14 W 95th....,... EvergreenPk-8160 Briggs Alnslee G rl est B ~ W 95th.... Evergreen Pk-8160 riggs Alnslee G 3525 W 96th, Evergreen Pk-7426 Br!ggs. Richard P 3223 W 98th. Evergreen Pk-6802 Br!nes Dale Turner... Evergreen Pk-7981 Br!nkman Arthur H 5938 W 90th pl.oak Lawn-7M Briody L J Rev Central Pk... Ev~rgreen Pk~8108 Br!slane Jos A th.. Oak Lawn-1930-J-l Br!stow A pldng Evergreen Pk-6608 BrIStow Wm T awyer Evergreen Pk-6718 Broadfoot Roscoe E : Nagle, Oak Lawn-1995-J-2 Broadstone A W Moody. OakLawn-lMO,Brockhoff Franz 86th &,Harlem. Oak Lawn-1979-J-l Brockm.an J H Trumbull. Evergreen Pk-7776 BrodanckJohn th Av.. Oak Lawn-3207 Broecker Edw J d..,.. Oak Lawn-822 Broenneke Fred J.., 28~ ~ W 97th pl Evergreen Pk-7137 BrokopLlllian Menard. Oak Lawn-2494-J-l Bronkhorst Henry Albany...:... Evergreen Pk-7691 Brooks Bernard Millard EvergreenPk.9093 Brooks Chas 6835 W 97th -Oak Lawn-15ll-J-2 Brooks Clarence J, Trumbull....Evergreen Pk-8888 Brooks John T 2636 W 90th PI. Evergreen Pk-7072 Bro,oks Ted J 6408 W 89th.. Oak Lawn-1985-J-l Brooks Walter W BROOMJOHN ~6gg o~c Austin.OaHawri J-l 4E9d17 W 95th. Oak Lawn-2275 Brop hy w J MD - Z828 W97th pl......evergreen Pk-8833 If no answer call. Central Broull/et Eraine Mrs th.. Oak Lawn-216 Brown A J Homan... Evergreen Pk-6732 Brown C H S Merton....Oak Lawn-1067 Brown E~w 9211 SaWyer Evergreen Pk-3139 Brown Geo 2637 W98th. ~ Evergreen Pk-7158 Brown HelenM 5406 Franklin.. ;.. Oak Lawn-1I8 Brown Jas T 9306 Sacrmrito... Evergreen Pk-835l Brown John Edw,9910 Harnew Rd West.... Oak Lawn-3520 Brown Jno Homer 4901 W,91st pl.,oak Lawn-1672 Brown L C~03d & Ro~erts.. Oak Lawn-1750-J-2 Brown Marvin J 9659 Maplewd. Evergreen Pk-8779 Brown Raymond W., 9545 Francisco Evergreen Pk-7641 Brown Royle Harding Evergreen Pk-8l06 Browne Jas A 5905 W 88th :. Oak Lawn:2229 Brozak Geo S 2709 W 90th Evergreen Pk-7874, Brucken Alma N 9128 S 5acrmnto Evergreen Pk-7721 Brueck Walter C 5809 W 88th Oak Lawn-1826 Brueggeman Paul 9429 Tully Oak Lawn 1075 Bruehl RA W Rev, B S Roman.... Evergreen Pk-8452,rUlmus Cemenl Constr., W95th. Evergreen Pk-8842 Bru!n!us Harry Kedzie.. Evergreen Pk-8852 Bru!n!us Jacgb Trumbull.Evergreen Pk-8204 Brulnlus LOUIS contr " W 95th, Evergreen Pk-8842 Bru!n!us Wm 8818 S Troy,Evergreen Pk-7664 BrUlmus Wm 9300 Trumbull Evergreen Pk-7206 Brummel Jerome W pring.. Oak tawn-3503 Brun~ageDanl 4818 Paxton ; Oak Lawn-2732 Brun!ng Adolph 9824 Austin OakLawn-21M Brumus John 9610 Kedzie.... Evergreen Pk-8481 BRUNN FUNERAL HOME y" 95th Oak Lawn-340 Brunney P~llIp 9252 S 5awyer.. Evergreen Pk-9193 Bryan BenJ C 2851 W 97th... Evergreen Pk-8237 Bryan Geo R Jr Homan.Evergreen Pk-8911 Bryles Theo R 9039 Menard Oak Lawri-2115 Bryson CA Ridgwy Evergreen Pk-7378 Brzeczek Frank 2730 W 98th PI. Evergreen Pk-6645,Brzeczek John 9812 Natoma.. Oak Lawn-1470-J-2 Buchanan Barron A W 89th pl... " Evergreen Pk Buck Jno W J!, Homan. Evergreen Pk-7478 Buckberg Chns Trumbull. Evergreen Pk-7078 Buckberg W!JI Turner.. Evergreen Pk-894l Buckels David 9822 Meade... Oak Lawn-40l8 Buckman Roger 4205 W 99th. ". Oak Lawn-3948 Buckner Andrew 2742 W97th pi.. ;... Evergreen Pk-8223 Bucz~k Edw J Millard.. Evergreen Pk-2940 Budd!ng Albert 8834 S Talman. Evergreen Pk-8875 Budr!s Albert P,9205 Lynwd... Oak Lawn-1395 BudZinski Chester J 9140 S Albany,.. :... Evergreen Pk-87M Buehler Edw 9413 S Central Pk.Evergreen Pk-8470 Buehler Edw pringfld Evergreen Pk-8208 Buehler John 9545 Meade : Oak Lawn-288 Buehler Watson 9251 Springfld.Evergreen Pk-885l Bu 7 11 Elmer R tavrn 5303 W 95th:,Oak Lawn-9348 BU!kema Robt 9723 S Kedzie.. Evergreen Pk-8783 Bu!kema Thos O 9716 S Ridgwy.Evergreen Pk-7435 BUls Thos 9517 S Richmond.. Evergreen Pk-7385 Bulger Chas 3213 W 97th Evergreen Pk-8701 BUlg~r Esth:r 83,22 S 79th Oak Lawn-1525-J-2 Bullock Leslie R Trumbull Evergreen Pk~7870 Bulow Edw PJr 9214 S 54th Ct Oak Lawn-999 Bulow Frank 5358 W 96th Oak Lawn-1031 Bulow WmG 9315 S 54th -Oak Lawn-2067 Bultem.a Jeanette 9316 Homan,Evergre en Pk~7960 BulthUIS Peter 9435 S 52d Oak Lawn-4l9 Bumbaugh G L Specialty Co Inc..., 8800 W 95th....Oak Lawn-232a.:J-l Bumps Edson S 4221 W 99th...Oak Lawn-.32.3l. Bunegar Edw C, S Campbell. Evergreen Pk-6714,., BUNGALOW.INN tavrn 5902 W 11Uh Oak Lawn-93l3 Burbank Manor Fire Dept " S Mayfld... ;. Oak Lawn-1l4 Burbridge :Delbert 8614 S 79th Ct......Oak Lawn-1493-J-2 Burda Jos P 4140 W 100th....Oak Lawn-3358 Burdett Guy F Cook..Oak Lawn-449 Burdick Robt D Melvina. Oak Lawn~253l-J-l Burge Lyle C 5714 W 89th Oak Lawn-1637 Burge Robt 6810 W 95th PI..oak Lawn-,2500-J-2 Burica Anthony Merrimac.. Oak Lawn~1820 Burk Wm G9655 S Francisco.. EvergreenPk-7871 Burke Harry E 9538 Melvina Oak Lawn-1315 Burke John Avon Oak Lawn-2404-J-2 BURKE JOHN L 9300, 53d ct,. Oak Lawn.15l Burke Jos C Turner.. Evergreen Pk Burke MarY awyer Evergreen Pk-6502 Burke Mary Mrs 9121, 52d Oak Lawn-11l5 Burke Myrtle 5720 W 90th... Oak Lawn-2249 Burke Raymond,, 103d & 81st ct Oak Lawn-1769-J-l. Burke Thos J 2700 W 89th pl.. Evergreen Pk-8393 Burkhart Wm AJr 4108 W 100th:Oak Lawn Burkman Albin C 6907 W 97th. OakLawn:1570-J-l Burman Edw J Ridgelnd,.-...OakLawn-2422-J-2 Burman RobtL 4016 W 99th pi..oak Lawn-2198 Burns Jas C acrmnto... Evergreen Pk-6815 Burns Mary E 2748 W 90th pl.. Evergreen Pk-7617 Burns Wm E Austin... ;.. Oak Lawn:134l Burrei Neil Tully... ;.Oak Lawn-1283 Burrows G W 4112 W 100th Oak Lawn-2604 Burt Edw A 5807 W 89th Oak Lawil-2237 Burton Stafford th Av.. Oak Lawn-3466 BUSCH MOTOR SALES INC 5600 W 95th " ;{)aktlawn-3578 Bush Murton F 9311 Utica Evergreen Pk-8906 Butkus Cartage 6917 W 95th....Oak Lawn-802 Butz Clifford 8993, 52d Av... ;.. Oak Lawn-429 Buys Victor E 2701 W 90th.. Evergreen Pk Buzanis Gus 4905 W 99th OakLawn-3330 BLizzell Marcus 9338 St Louis.. Evergreen Pk-8415 Byers Bernard 9707 S Central...Oak Lawn-104 Byers EdwJ 9710 S Western.. Evergreen. Pk-6624 BystromAxel 2737 W 98th... Evergreen Pk-8872 C C &A FOOD MART Harlem.Oak Lawn-2466-J-:2 qaauwe ~ichard P W 90th.. ~ EvergreeiJPk-:3039 -Cadman Lester 9840 Merton OakLawn~3899 CahiHRichardJ2717 W 89thpLEvergreen Pk~7787 Cainkar Leuis F 3447 W 95th.,Evergreen Pk-6879 Caithamer Jas,8447 S Austin. Oak Lawn-2472-J-2 Calbow Chester W 9535 Utica. Evergreen Pk-9035 CalbowL 4819 W 91st Pl. Oak Lawn-3249 Caldwell Paul 9414 Clifton Pk. Evergreen Pk-9054 Calkin ChasJ d ct.. Oak Lawn-1430-J-l Callahan Chas E" " S 5acrmnto Evergreen Pk-7342 Callahan Jas 9335, 82d Ct.. ;.OakLawn-1428-J-l Callahan John H St Louis...,... Evergreen Pk-740l Callan Jack 9622 S Sacrmnto. Evergreen Pk-2950 Callan Wm J Jr9400 S 50th Oak Lawn-182 Callender Agnes W 99th. Evergreen Pk~8488 Cameo -products Mfg Co 9534 Tully: Oak Lawn-2247 Camfield Frank L Major. Oak Lawn-1426-J-2 Cam.miso Jos<: 7800 W 92d, Oal< Lawn-1924-J-l Campanale Peter 5711 W 88th pl..,oak Lawil-517 Campbell Jack 4328 W 99th PI.:.{)akLa.wn~3440 Campbell Marie 9307 S 55th; ~...Oak Lawn-22l Camper Erbie M 9414 S Albany. Evergreen Pk-7531 BUN-CAS 11 Cana~ L K 2628 W 89th PI.. Evergreen Pk-6949 andldore Mary 72d & Birmingham... Oak Lawn-23lhJ-2 Canfield H M 9704 S 50th ct...oak Lawn-2646 CiJ,nfi 7ld Irene 2707 W 98th PI. Evergreen Pk~9046 CannIOg John H 9135 Francisco. EvergreenPk-7147 Cannon Jas 2960 W 102d... ;. Evergreen Pk-8031 Caple Frank -C 4249: W 99th...Oak Lawn-3442 Cappen Virginia Ridglnd. Oak Lawn-3979 Caprio Ralph 3215 W 97th Evergreen Pk-8449 Carah 7r. Paul 9749 Harding Evergreen Pk-7649 CaratlOlJno M 9447, 55th ct..., Oak Lawn-1229 Cardonas Gusta Lawler. Oak Lawn-2527-J-2 Carlino Jos 4816 W 91st pl Oak Lawn-1l37 Carlsen Odd 9225 S Hamlin Evergreen Pk-8629 Carlson Andy 9529 S St Louis. Evergreen Pk-7953 Carlson B J 2620 W 90th pl... Evergreen Pk-7537 Carlson Beula.h E 5520 W 87th Oak Lawn-3569 Carlson Bror Menard Oak Lawn-775 Carlson CarlO 2744 W 95th PI. Evergreen Pk-2929 CarlsonChas E 9124 S Albany,. Evergreen Pk-3185 Carlson Chas E 8834 Sacrmnto. Evergreen Pk-6671 Carlson >Danl 5045 Oak Center...Oak Lawn-3257 Carlson Dave 9244 Harlem Oak Lawn-1564-J-l Carlson Ernest L 9636 Pkside Oak Lawn-2077 Carlson Erwin R 9538 Francisco.Evergreen Pk-8564 Carlmn Everett 6915 W 95th. Oak Lawn-1961-J-2 Carlson Gust R 9608 S Hamlin. Evergreen Pk-8889 Carlson Gustav,. la053 5 Trumbull Evergreen Pk-819l Carlson Martin G Trumbull Evergreen Pk-3055 Carlson Paul E 5126 W 82d PI. Oak Lawn-1976-J-l Carlson W A 5025 Elm Circle... Oak Lawn-3561 Carlson WaiterS pringfld Evergreen Pk-B318 Carlson Willard 8736 Mozart.. Evergreen Pk-9140 Carlson Wm A Lawndle. Evergreen Pk-7572 Carmack Mary Mrs 9328 S Francisco " Evergreen Pk-7682 CARMELS BEAUTY SHOP Oxford.,... ;...Oak Lawn-2309-J-2 Carmichael Walter B 9540 Troy Evergreen Pk-8836 Carmichael Wm M optmtrst 3125 W 11Uh Chgo Hilltop Carney J A 6200 W 95th Oak Lawn-3992 Carparelli A N 9430 S Homan. ~Evergreen Pk-6715 Carpenter Clarence J 9724 Warren. Oak Lawn-3594 Carpenter R B d..,...Oak Lawn-2631 Carpenter Raymond H 4929 W 105th PI. Oak Lawn-3292 Carpenter RobtL Sacrmnto :Evefgreen Pk-2922,Carr A L Mrs 9724 Warren Oak Lawn-3594 Carr B 9708 Merton.., Oak Lawn-646 Carr Chas 5638 W89th Oak Lawn-2272 Carrington F R th Oak Lawn-3523 Carrington John M.5933 W 90th Oak Lawn~737 Carroll Danl A Central Pk Evergreen Pk-7533 Carroll Jas J 9117 S 53d ct. Oak Lawn-2649 Carroll Refrgrtn Service : LeClair. Oak Lawn-1974-J-2 Carter Jack 9229 S 5t Louis... Evergreen Pk-8344 Carter Marion Austin..Oak Lawn~2452~J-l Cartwright Leroy M S Pkside.Oak Lawn-2673 Carusillo Philip J 4730 W 98th...Oak Lawn-2041 Caruso Chas 7816 W 91st..,. Oak Lawn-1453-J-2 Caruso S Sacrmnto.Evergreen Pk-8410 Carver Wm Lockwd;.. Oak Lawn-2421-J-2 Carvill John 7039 Avon Oak Lawn 1531-J-2 CASCADE WET WASH LAUNDRIES INC 7930 S Raclneav Chgo...,Enterprise-4275 (Called Party Pays For Enterprise CallsJ,

8 L 12 CAS-CLO Casey Geo 5927 W 87th....Oak Lawn-1632 Casper Artie 6704 W 90th...Oak Lawn~1767-J-l CasperFrank Mansfld. Oak Lawn-1478-J-2 CasperWm J 9603 Merton Oak Lawn-3708 Cassidy Matt 7005 W 100th. Oak Lawn-1711~J~2 Cassins Eddie 5700 W11lth Oak Lawn-179 Castagne 8asile Pkside.. Oak Lawn-3969 Castaldi Lawrence Mayfld. Oak Lawn-1697 Caster Harold W 95th PI. Oak Lawn-1507-J-2 Castle Home restrnt 9306 Central. Oak Lawn-9308 Caswell Robt 4957 Paxton Oak Lawn-683 Caswick Jeannette R Francisco.... Evergreen Pk-7647 Cattorine Francis 101st &,Kildare, Oak Lawn-3728 Cavanagh Jas E 9440 Homan.. EvergreenPk-6614 Cavanaugh Edw J " W 94th pl.... Evergreen Pk-8734 Cavera Chas10511 LaVerne. "... Oak Lawn-l022 Cazallis Ray Merton.Oak Lawn-2836-J-l Celic Donald E, Richmond. Evergreen Pk-8057 Celmar John 9618 W 5hore. Oak Lawn-2672 Celovsky Chester ", th Av. Oak Lawn-1956-J-l Century Air Serv Inc _.., 8800 S Harlem Oak Lawn-1798~J~2 Cermak Albelt9206 S 5t Louis. Evergreen Pk-8815 Cermak Geo F 5935 W 90th.... Oak Lawn~1880 Cermak Jno9536 Lawndle... Evergreen Pk-8329 Cermak Jos 8450 S Mansfld Oak Lawn-1508-J-l Cermak Peter J 9641 Pkside Oak Lawn-40l6 Cerniuk Katherine 10500, Tripp Oak Lawn~3465 Cerny Emil 8311 S Mansfld...Oak Lawn-1420-J-l Cerny Jerry 9001 S77th... Oak Lawn-2344-J~1 Cesal Jerry 5424 Franklin....Oak Lawn-ll23 CESARO F MONUMENT CO 5712 W 11lth..... Oak Lawn-89 Chamberlin Claude ", 8630 Normandy. Oak Lawn-1757-J-l Chaney Earl 5902 W 90th.....Oak Lawn"411 Chapel Hill Gardens South cemetery,. 11lth & Central......Oak Lawn-168 Chapel Hill Gardens West genl ofcs, 1125 Lake Oak Park. Euclid Chapman A A 5654 W l1lth...oak Lawn-2644 CHAPMAN DEG FBUILDER, 9600 Brandt. Oak Lawn~622 Chapman Gaylord H rlest 3502 W 95th. Evergreen Pk-6744 Chapman Geo 9641 Rutherford.Oak Lawn-2430-J-l Chapman Mary Ida 9600 Brandt.. Oak Lawn-3473 Chappell Lester 7851 W 91st, Oak Lawn-1492-J~1,Charbonneau Louis 4858 W 91st pl.oak Lawn-1847 Chard Edw S Central....Oak Lawn-1865 CHARLIE & MARIES GROC & MKT S Ridgelnd. Oak Lawn-2687 Chase Gertrude " : 9731S Lawndle:.. Evergreen Pk-7340 Chasta Restrnt 93d & Cicero...OakLawn-3749 ChauncE!y Emily 6414 W 89th.Oak Lawn-2405-J-2 Cheer Anthony , 83d.. Oak Lawn-2569-J-l Chefer Napoleon J 9001 S.Centrl..Oak Lawn-2064 Cheffer Fred Trumbull.. Evergreen Pk-80n Chelberg Roger 5845 W 90th PI. Oak Lawn~1829 Cherivtch Anthony 9060 S 83d. OakLawn-2569-J-l Cheshier Chas 3043 W 96th pl..evergreenpk-7285 Chesna Jos J 9523 S 49th Av...Oak Lawn~3387 Chestang, Tillie lolst.....oak Lawn-1500-J-2,Chiappetti Fiora 5418 W95th.. : Oak Lawn~1682 Chgo Mail Order Co-see Aldens Inc Chgo Ridge Village of.,. viilage hall Oxford... Oak Lawn-l:l13--J-2 ChilcoteWallace R th Ct. Oak Lawn Chilik Jerome 8403 S Mayfld.. Oak Lawn-1574-J"2 Chillo John B 2648 W 90th... Evergreen Pk-8651 Chilton Wm F 9223 S St Louis. Evergreen Pk-7784 Chimelski RUdolph 9510 W,Shr dr.. Oak Lawn-2159 Chivers J R 2617 W 90th Evergreen Pk-8060 Cholke Jacob S Pkside Oak Lawn-2657 Chopp Thos J 9300S Tully.....Oak Lawn-3755 Chorak Nick 9928 Trumbull Evergreen Pk-3089 Chorvat Jos S W 90th Evergreen Pk-7875 Chouinard Chas J 9310, 50th Oak Lawn-756 Chovanec Stephen 6154 W 99th:. Oak Lawn-2168 Christensen Anna Mrs S sf Louis Evergreen Pk-8790 Christensen Arthur 4312 W 99th PI.OakLawn-3431 Christensen Clarence 9601 S Austin.Oak Lawn-2114 Christensen GilbertN, Turner. Evergreen Pk-6739 Christensen Martin, 9400 S Richmond..." Evergreen Pk-7488 Christensen Olaf J 9700 S 53d.. Oak Lawn-204 Christensen Raymond E pringfld. Evergreen Pk-6922 Christiansen Ove, 2741W 89th pi..... Evergreen Pk-7801 Christine Dewey Kedzie. Evergreen Pk-8862 Christy W F 8740 S Mozart... Evergreen Pk-9134 Church WillardE 9544 S LaCrosse.. Oak Lawn-971 Churilla Michael J 5465 Edison... Oak ILawn-3842 Cicala Frank -Idscape gardnr Harlem Oak Lawn-974 Cicala Frank P Jr 9133 S Lynwd Dr.Oak Lawn-3983 Ciner Chas 9646 S Springfld... Evergreen Pk-8262 Cipolla Phil Cicero.....OakLawn-526 Ciprian A E 8535 S Mansfld Oak Lawn-1572-J-l Ciprian Eugene 9403 Sproat Oak Lawn-918 Ciprian Tiburcio 5741 W 87th pi oak Lawn-2795 Cira Andrew 2658 W 99th Evergreen Pk-8919 Cira Anthony, Kostner Oak Lawn-3478 Cira Sam 4353 W 107th.....Oak Lawn-2787 Cirilla Vito 95S0 McVickers Oak Lawn-1625 Cismoski V J 9540 S Central Pk. Evergreen Pk-7007 Cizowski Walter 6135 W 97th...Oak Lawn-2220 Clapp Earl J 9839 S Nottingham...Oak Lawn-1521-J"2 Clark David 9352 S Richmond. Evergreen Pk-318t Clark Jas B S 75th ct. Oak Lawn-2346-J-2 Clark RobtF 6845 W 97th PI. Oak ;Lawn J-2 Clark W Kilgour 9517 S Kenneth...Oak Lawn-185 Clark Walter E 9640 S Richmond..... Evergreen Pk-3158 Clarke J S Millard ClarquistJos M 9328 Sproat. Evergreen Pk-7936 Oak Lawn~763 Clasby Jas J 2732 W 89th pl. Evergreen Pk Classen Wm H 9929 Harnew East.. Oak Lawn Claude Paul L 8535 Austin.. : Oak Lawn-1797-J-l Clauson Willard.C 9108 S 52d ct. Oak Lawn~1852 Claussen Arthur 9212 S Turner. Evergreen Pk-8156 Claussen John H S Clifton Pk... Evergreen Pk-7004 Claussen Wm Robt S Trumbull..... Evergreen Pk-8334 Cleary Patk J uthwest Hwy.Oak Lawn-llll Clearys Tavrn, Southwest -HwY....Oak Lawn-9301 Clegg Edw A 9527 Merton Oak Lawn-1l56_. Clem Guy T 9220 Sawyer Evergreen Pk-6996 Clement Marie 9520 S Moody Oak Lawn-675 Cleveland Earl 9225 S Homan. Evergreen Pk-8315,Cleveland John, M Jr 9544 S 50th.. Oak Lawn-610 Clifton Robt 9603 Albany... Evergreen Pk-7187 Clinard Chas W 8605 Roberts.. Oak Lawn-1495-J-l Cline J Herbert rl est 87th & Central.... Oak Lawn-709 Clinite E G 9213 SMayfld... Oak Lawn-1683 Clotfelter Richard C,, W 87th. Evergreen Pk~6833 C1~use Lloyd 9709 S 51st,.,Oak Lawn-1335 _ Club Hse The Western.. EvergreenPk-9263 ChJtterham Duane 5010 Elm Circle. Oak Lawn-3669 Clyne Robt G 4036 W 100th:..... Oak Lawn"3548 Coates Prentice _ S 88th Av. Oak L:awn-1946-J-2 Cobb E A 2730 W 97th Evergreen Pk Coble VJm 9948 Melvin,a Oak Lawn-1535-J-2 Cody Margaret Mwmns apparl 9503 S Homan Evergreen Pk-7727 COEY C A REALTY CO W 95th Oak Lawn-2328-J-2 Coffin Wayne M il201 S Lawlor. Oak Lawn-2525-J-I Cogli?nese Mike.2720 W 99th. Evergreen Pk-8873 Cohan Benj 8809 Utica Evergreen Pk-3115 Cohen Harold 4924 W 105th PI.... Oak Lawn-3588 Cohen Leonard 8515 S LaTrobe. Oak Lawn-19I6-J-I Colbert Chas F 4029 W 99th PI... Oak lawn-3264 Colburn Thos H Monitor. Oak Lawn-2138 Colby Gordon B S Trumbull.... Evergreen Pk-8548 Coldiron Wm 5809 W 89th pl...oak lawn"2613 Cole Frank II 9928 Cicero.....Oak Lawn-3819 Cole Marionettes 9621 Brandt. ; Oak Lawn-7M ColeWm4700 W.98th :.Oaktawn-38I3 Coleman Emmett L " _ S Springfld. Evergreen Pk-7667 Coley FlorenceR Spaulding EvergreenPk-6955 Collings Tunis L viii pres S Tully. Oak Lawn-4 Coilins FrankA 9137 Monitor...Oak olawn-310 Collins Harry 8836 S Francisco. Evergreen Pk-73I5 Collins,Patk F 9545 McVickers... Oak Lawn ColiinsThos M 9947 Melvina.. Oak Lawn-1735-J-2 Colfom Je$seW 9715 Melvina..,.OakLawn~1206 Colman Wm A 9614 TLJlly Oak Lawn-3391 Col on Paul 3335W 95th Evergreen Pk-6735 Colson Paul J 2730 W 96th pi.. Evergreen Pk-7982 Coluinbus Manor Fire Dept. ", Marion...., ". Oak Lawn-700 Columbus Mandr Pump & Suply Co Merrimac Oak Lawn-583 Colvin Edw 2606 W 99th.. :. Evergreen Pk-728I Colvin Scruggs A. - -, " 9216 Clifton Pk. Evergreen Pk-6703 Combs Harold 9526 SAvers... Evergreen Pk-6903 Commonwealth Loan Co.., 6524 S Ashlnd Chgo... Enterprise-80l0 (Called Party Pays For Entf!rprise Calls) Community Ch 95th & Merton...Oak Lawn-4025 COMMUNITY FOOD MART _ S Calif. Evergreen Pk-7749 Condon Dave 9325 S Troy Evergreen Pk-6662 Condron Wm 9929 S Menard Oak Lawn~3898 / Coniglio Christ 8909 S,Central.. : Oak Lawn-l664 Conlin Jos L 2740 W 95th pi... Evergreen Pk-8233 Conlon JP 9612 Brandt...,.. Oak Lawn-1879 Connell Geo A Meade..., Oak Lawn-20I9 Connelley Jas P,., S Avon. Oak Lawn-2504-J-2 Connelly Frank.- "9550S Richmond.... Evergreen Pk-8032 Connelly ThosJ 9714 S Homan. Evergreen Pk-9028 Conners Lillian 9823 S Melvina Oak Lawn-3882 Connor Geo J 9541 Melvina Oak Lawn-2I23 ConnofMatthew A Mrs Trumbull. Evergreen Pk-8110, Connors John 5609 W 82d ct.. Oak Lawn-2411-J-I ConopaJos 6947 W 96th.. Oak Lawn Conrad Mel W 89th. " OilkLawn~325 Collrad Nicolaus 9533 S Meade.. OakLawri-1807 CONRAD W T rl est, ". -,.2900 W 95th..... ; Evergreen Pk-8940 Conrad Wm F Mrs, "9.318 S Spldng ;. Evergreen Pk-8806 CLU-CRA 13 Conrad Wm T 9343 S Troy Evergreen Pk-7446 Conroy Walter 9225 Monitor Oak Lawri-936 Conway -Danl M 4333 W 99th Oak Lawn-3876 Conway Edw 6151 W 95th Oak Lawn-3416 ConwayJos 9757 Ridgeway Evergreen Pk-9033 Corrway M F Normandy.Oak Lawn-1437-J-2 Cook Bennett B 8818 S 5acrmnto... Evergreen Pk-3I89 Cook Bertha M Marion. Oak Lawn-1575-J-1 Cook Collie 8519 Roberts...Oak Lawn-2362-J-l Cook County Department Of Public Health Southwest Unit 3411 W 95th. Evergreen Pk-7424 Cook Dewit C 4021 W 99th PI.... OakLawn-3321 Cook Frances , 100th.. Oak Lawn-1523-J-l Cook Geo J 9305 Sproat.....Oak Lawn-799 Cook Robt M S Lawlor. Oak Lawn"2525-J-2 Cool< Russell 9230 Sawyer, Evergreen Pk-6862 Cooke Geo T 9821 S Ridgwy Evergreen Pk-7208 Coole Wm W99th. :.. Oak Lawn-3485 Cooley Robt F 8917 S Central. Oak Lawn-3914 Cooling Thos Homan... Evergreen,Pk-11BS Coomer Hayden 8600S 77th Ct Oak:Lawn-1463-J-2 Coomes Roy 6348 W l1lth.. Oak Lawn-1795-J-I Coony Robt T 4040 W 100th...Oak Lawn-2231 Cooper Arthur S Oxford. Oak Lawn-1581-J-2 Cooper Everett Utica.. Evergreen Pk-8668 Cooper Jas 9651 S Francisco... Evergreen Pk-8103 Cooper LeRoy Oxford..Oak Lawn-2309-J-l Cope B T 9246, 55th.....Oak Lawn-562 Coral Gables Restrnt 4537 W 95th.Oak Lawn-U97 CORAL 66SERV STA W 95th Oak Lawn-9341 Coral Theatre 95th Oak Lawn-41 Corbett Jos 2760 W 95th, pi...evergreen Pk-3056 CorbettShirley 9610 W Shr Dr... Oak Lawn-980 Corbin Albert V 7036 W 96th. Oak Lawn-2593-J-I Corby Jay L 4928 Paxton Oak Lawn-2I75 Cornelius E F 9606 SAvers Evergreen Pk-7677 Cornell Cecelia 9721, 51st Oak Lawn-3204 Cornish Edw 9342 S 55th Oak Lawn~114I Correll Jas A Mrs 6137 W 97th Oak Lawn-3475 Corry Richard 2625 W 98th... Evergreen Pk-9I84 Corsini Otto S 77th ct. Oak Lawn-1776-J 2 Cosentino Lawrence 9532 Minnick.. Oak Lawn-516 Costello Vivian Calif... Evergreen Pk-7902 Cote Jos 9347 Tully Oak Lawn-1257 Cotter MaryT 9944 Elm Circle Oak Lawn-3879 Cottier Frank 5901 Lynwd dr Oak Lawn-992 Cottingham Robt 6322 W 99th Oak Lawn-247 Coughlin Dorothea 5310 W 96th Oak Lawn-536 Coughlin WmT 9145 S Troy. Evergreen Pk-8767 Couillard Jas2614 W99th... Evergreen Pk-702I Courchene Louis F 5046 W 87th... Oak Lawn-l097 Cour:tney Jos S 9300 S Kilbourne..Oak Lawn-1396 Covas John 91st & Tully... Oak Lawn-336 Covert Francis 2700 W 97th Evergreen Pk-9048 Covey Allan W 100th Oak Lawn-2685 Cowie Arthur 9323, 54th ct. Oak Lawn~1612 Cowles John 5856 W 88th Oak Lawn-1839 Cox Millard 9407 Sproat.....Oak Lawn-2296 Coy Thos 9421 S Kedzie Evergreen Pk-8088 Coyne Ve.rnon P 8543 S, 79th.. Oak Lawn-2460-J-2, COZY BOOTERY 5005 W 95th...OakLawn-1212 CozziChas P S Lamon...Oak Lawn-~259 Cozzi Joe 9749 S 50th Cr.... Oak Lawn-345I Craig Harold E DDS ofc3335 W 95th Evergreen Pk-7600 Craig Thos W 2708 W 99th...Evergreen Pk-8883 Craigie Frank 9349 Tully......Oak Lawn-346 Crane Michael R2626 W 98th.. Evergreen Pk-8I77 Cratty Maxwell 9001$ Cicero.Oak Lawri-1328 Crawford C W 5137 W 99th Oak Lawn-3348

9 14 CRA..,-DIEA Crawford Food Shop $ Crawford. Evergreen Pk:-9231 CraWford Geo M :Jr Harnew East-Oak Lawn-3821 Crawford Jesse 4932 Spring...Oak :Lawn-3261 Crea Flying Schl, Harlem. ". Oak Lawn-;L754-J " Cream Top Cab Co see Evergreen Cab Co. Crebs Training Kennels, 9832 Southwest hwy....oak Lawn-957 ; Creech 0 L 6700 W 95th... Oak Lawn-2556-J-2 Creveling Chas M 7041 Avon.. Oak Lawn-1712-J-l Crider Paul 103d & 81st Ct... Oak Lawn-1750-J.,1 Crim E P 9418 Albany Evergreen Pk-3076 Crinion A J 5648 W 89th.....Oak Lawn-lI06 Crispe Wm K 6602 W 89th...Oak Lawn-1767-J-2 Criss Gordon H 9734 Austin..-.Oak Lawn-M7 CrisfStuart Austin. Oak Lawn71042, Croessman Dwight W Iwyr., 5251 W 95th. Oak Lawn-2264 If no answer call Rand If no answer, call.... Blue Isld-968-J res 5301"W 92d Oak Lawn-2680 Croft Andrew 5737 W 87th... Oak Lawn-2014 Croix Robt Homan... EvergreenPk-8053 Cromwell,Bernice 9512 Minnick...Oak Lawn-3848 CroninJ B Trumbull.. EvergreenPk-7758 Cronin Jean M 2700 W 98th Evergreen Pk-8447 Cronin Richard 4044 W 100th OakLawn-3861 Crook Lester 9607, 51st Oak Lawn-795 Crosby Frank La Verne. Oak Lawn-1733-J-l Cross Tye F th..,.. Oak Lawn-1451-J-2 Crossen R S 9401 Turner Evergreen Pk-9055 Crotteau Lester M ",, 9441 SSt LOllis......Evergreen Pk-8697 CroiJch Wm 7914 W 92d...Oak Lawn-2391-J-2 Crouse Clarence E : Francisco.... Evergreen Pk-8283 Crow Chas,B8853 Utica Eyergreen Pk-3184 Cr{)whurst Harry 2745,W 90th. Evergreen Pk-8994 Cruiser Airways Harlem... Oak Lawn-l70 Cruising Frank 9124 Monitor Oak Lawn-3897 Crutcher Edgar Pkside Dak Lawn-1358 Culbertson Richard A, th Av Oak Lawn-3767 CuldiceFrancis th Ct. Oak Lawn"2499-J-l Culik Jerry F Ridgelnd Oak Lawn-506 Culler Wm Merton Oak Lawn J-2 Cullinan Kenneth J, Utica Evergreen Pk-3046 Culloton John Roberts. Oak Lawn-1968-J-l CulverChesterL Pkside... Oak Lawn-669 Culver David 9949 HarnewRd West. Oak :Lawn-3356 Cump Percy 5104 W 101st...,.Oak Lawn-3975 Cunneen Stephen Mrs., 9436 Francisco Evergreen Pk-7376 Cunningham Edw P., 3445 W 97th.., Evergreen P~-6997 Cunradi Edw Turner.. Evergreen Pk-7124 Cuperka Mary Major, Oak Lawn-142+J.:1 CUPERUS BAKERY 4913 W 95th.. Oak Lawn-510 Cuperus GeoM Trumoull.Evergreen Pk-8458 Curran Patk Cliftn Pk..Evergreeq Pk-7943 Curren Edw T 5129 Oak Center..,Oak Lawn-3254 Currie S R Spldng...,.,<EvE;rgreen Pk-2949 Curry Albert 9215 S Trumbull. EllergreenPk-7920 CurryPatk J 2724 W 89th PI... Evergreen Pk-6958 Curtis Chas M9242 S 53d,.,.OakLawn-1802 Curtis Edw8624 S 79th Av Oak Lawn-2591-J-l Curtis Geo G Jr 9200, 55th " Oak Lawn-2658 CurtisPeter M 9242, S Homan. Evergreen Pk-7454 CurtisWelis M 9720 Southwest hwy.oak Lawn-1279 Cusimano Anthony 8937 PkSide... Oak Lawn71325 Custard Bar 3548 W 95th... Evergreen Pk-8213 Guster Edwin 9331 Turl)er. Evergreen Pk-1331 Custer Ray 2436 W 95th... Evergreen Pk-7008 Cuslilick Thos F 9825 S Nottingham. Oak Lawn-l-:iJ06-J-2 Cwikla Walter F., S Lawler. Oak Lawn-2527-J-l Czimer Richard J 9149 S Troy. Evergreen Pk-8644 CzocharaJ A Mrs"., SPkside,Oak Lawn-2507-J-l D D & M Food Mart 3636 W 95th. Evergreen Pk-7133 Dabrowski Dennis 6140 W 97th.. Oak Lawn-1381 Dado Luther 9001 S Cicero Dahl Howard W Oak Lawn-38M 9317 S Central Pk.,. Evergreen Pk-7713 Dahlgren J.ohn J Trumbull..... Evergreen Pk-8561 Dahlgren S Hilding,, 9420 TrUmbull. Evergreen Pk-7169 Dahlin Edw F 3241,W 97th;. Evergreen Pk-7341 Dahlin R 9728" Tully, Oak Lawn-3385 Dahlin SandWich Shop 9507 S Cook.Oak Lawn-3460 DahmFredk L 9125 S Spaldng. Evergreen Pk-3068 Daiber Walter G 9205 S Mayfld...Oak Lawn-1657 DALES AUTO REPR 2741 W 95th Evergreen Pk-8409 Daley Ajlen P 4032 W 99th pl Oak Lawn-2709 Daley Robt F 4033 W 99th PI DaJ Santo John Oak Lawn S Sacrmnto... ;Evergreen Pk-7789 Dalton Frank E S 88th. Oak Lawn-1408-J~2 Daly E J 9738 S Ridgeway... Evergreen Pk-7698 Dampf Emil 9231 Raymond Oak Lawn-3471 DampfGabriel 9718 McVickers Oak Lawn-2639 Damrow Irving L 9001 S Cicero.. Oak Lawn-11l7 Dangelo L 9518 S 89th Av:... Oak Lawn-2566:-J-2 Dangelo Vincent J 2632 W 90th pl..... EvergreenPk-7216 Daniel Edw 4313 W 99th Oak Lawn-3533 Daniels Frank H 9827 Merton Oak Lawn-180l Daniels Freda tavrn 4700 W l1lth, Oak Lawn-9309 Danis John F 8235 S Long.. Oak Lawn-1778-J-l Darby Edmund Pkside Oak Lawn-1376 Dargert Chas H 9546 Melvina Oak Lawn-2171 Dargert Edw 9623 Merton Oak Lawn-1825 Dargert Henry u 91st PI & Nashvle.Oak Lawn-1728-J-2 Dargert Lawrence F 9608 S Melvina.Oak Lawn-3859 Dargert Ralph 9537 Melvina,... Oak Lawn-3951 Dasbach Jacob J 9323 S Turner.Evergreen Pk-7170 Daughenbaugh Harry 9233 S Sproat. Oak Lawn-1077 Daum Donald G 4341 W 99th... Oak Lawn-3349 Davids.Jacob 9414 Turner;.;. Evergreen Pk-8634 Davidson Bernard, 6948 W 96th. Oak Lawn-25867J-2 Davidson Kenneth 9326, 54th Ct.. Oak La,r-rn-3825 Davies Jos H 4120 W 99th...,...OakLawn-2694 Davies Stephen H S Ridgwy Evergreen Pk-3125 Davis Arthur M 7954 W 87th. Oak Lawn-1455-J-2 Davis Frank 91st & Cicero.. ;... Oak Lawn-865 Davis Paul A 8845 S Fairfld.. Evergreen Pk-6774 Davis Ralph W 9437 S Sacrmnfo Evergreen Pk Davis Robt90th & Roberts Oak Lawn-2587-J,.l Davis Roy C, 9146 S 50th. ".. Oak Lawn-575 Davis S M S Cicero.. ".. Oak Lawn-3644 Davis ThosM Capt 5013 ElmCircie.Oak Lawn:2233 Davis Wm 9435 S Central.,...,.Oa.k Lawn-3245 Davison Jas B Moody.. Oak Lawn-371 Dawes Tom A 9121 Troy.. "..Evergreen Pk-31M Day Herschel 8459 Roberts... Oak Lawn~2304-J-2 Deal Oliver E 9972 Harnew.,",.: Oak Lawn-3Ll82 Dearborn Jas H 4113 W 99th., Oak Lawn-3925 Deatherage J N "..., 9548 S Ridgwy Evergreen Pk-7027 De Bias Danl 2749 W90th.. Ever~reen Pk~8527 Debo Steven J 8620 LeClair...OakLawn-2414-J-l De Canter Dean C 901"1 S 53d Av.. Oak Lawn-5:?8 Deck Ronald H 4904 Oak Center.. :. Oak Lawn~978 Deckelman Clarence Melvina.OakLawn-439 Deckinga Claus 3337 W 95th... Evergreen Pk-7159 Deckinga Henry 9444 Kedzie.. Ever~reenPk-7580 Deaeo Frank acrmnto. Evergreen Pk-7106 Dedera Geo J 6939 W 95th PI. Oak Lawn-2593-J-2 DeFalto JayJ 89th & Oak Pk. Oak Lawn-1765-J-2 Degnan Mae H Clifton Pk.Evergreen Pk-7998 DeGroot Aug Troy... Evergreen Pk~8066 DeGroot,Edw Spaulding.,Evergreen Pk-8721 DeGROOT FEED & SEED.., 9822 Southwest Hwy. Oak Lawn-37 DeGroot Ralph Troy... Evergreen Pk-7442 DeGroot Thos A 9612 Homan.. Evergreen Pk-7360 De Horn Wm groc 8859 S Calif. Evergreen Pk-7749 DeKeyser Aug 9327 S 84th...Oak Lawn-2380-J:-l Dekker Clarence W., th......Oak Lawn-1533-J-l Dekker H 2646 W 96th Evergreen Pk-6623 De Korp Harold E 5034 Elm Circle.Oak Lawn-3580 De Lance A J 5121 W 100th,Oak Lawn-801 Delaney Anna C 9721 S Calif.. Evergreen Pk-8104 DelapLaiJrel Troy...Evergreen Pk-8789 De Laurie Francis J Tully...Oak Lawn-842 Delehoy Frank Troy.. Evergreen Pk-8314 DelkCarmel 7902, 86th...,Oak Lawn~1904-J-2 Dellamano Everett 2745 W 89th.Evergreen Pk Del Mastro Philip 9316 S Sproat-.Oak Lawn-3993 Del Priore Anthony 4807 W.96th PI.OakLawn-3325 Del Priore Michael 5424 W 95th,. Oaklawn-3595 Del Sarto Frank.., " Ridgelnd. Oak L<lwn-2405-J-l Delta Boats &,Marine Motors. " Southwest Hwy.... Oak Utwn-1200 De Luxe Meat Mkt 5261 W 95th.. Oak Lawn-1897 DElL wrt -CONSTR CO 9729 Warren. OakLawn-357 De Maiffe Phyllis th Av.. Oak Lawn Demko Mary 9606 Ridgwy.,... Evergreen Pk Demorest Benj awyer Evergreen Pk"7476 Dempsey Carl Tully.....Oak Lawn-1I61 Dempster Jos B W 96th. Oak Lawn-1516-J-2 " Demski Ted C Utica Evergreen Pk-8986 De Mucha Edw J Meade Oak l-awn-1878 De Muth Fred 4924 Spring. ~ Oak Lawn-2765 De Nardo John d ct Oak Lawn"3723 Dengler Paul 2903 W 98th PI.. Evergreen Pk-6621 Denison John R 6137 W 97th....Oak Lawn-3475 Dennis John E 9928 Elm Circle... Oak Lawn~2169 DennyPeter Spaulding. Evergreen Pk-9163 DeNormandie Robt 9108 Utica. Evergreen Pk-3148 De Novi Frank Merrimac Oak, Lawn-3781 De Perez John 5803 W 89th Pl Oak Lawn-l77 DePersia Lawrence " 5704 W 84th PI. Oak Lawn-1929-J"1 Dering Wm V 4821 W 91st PI. <OakLawn-l105 De Roos J P 9515 Trumbull Evergreen Pk-7066 DeRoos John 3327 W 97th Evergreen Pk-7148 Ders Albert W 9444 SOak Pk,. Oak Lawn-2545-J-2 DeRuiter.Herbert 5319, 96th... Oak Lawn-1290 DeRuntz Anthony.," W89th. Oak Lawn-19~J-2 De Runtz Jno 8856 S Richmond. Evergreen Pk-7559 DeRuntz-Nicholas 9817 Minnick. ".Oak Lawn-S02 DeRuntz Otto 9701, 53d....,. Oak!-awn7480 DeSimone Thos D Kedzie......Evergreen Pk-8020 Desmond E H Austin.., "Oak Lawn-520 Detloff AnastaSia 5631 W 103d.. :. Oak Lawn-940 Dettlfng Albert William, k L S Central.,Oa awn- Dettra Joe Central;,;. " Oak Lawn-652 DEA.-DON 15 DetwilerGeo B S 5acrmnto. ~, Evergreen Pk-8725 Deutscher Alfred 5718 W 90th PI: Oak Lawn-2606 Deutscher Wril 5900 W 90th....Oak Lawn-1157 De Vasier Paul th Ot: Oak Lawn-2547-J-2 DeVerville Napoleon J Menard......Oak Lawn-2726 De Vito CatheriiIe 5424 W 95th.. Oak Lawn-1656 De Vito Sebastian 5424 W 95th.. Oak Lawn-1872 Devitt A J 4900 Oak Center Oak Lawn-3629 DeVries A Cicero......Oak Lawn-320 DeVries Dick 9516 Homan.,. Ev(!rgreen Pk-7245 DeVries Geo Jr 3900 W 99th.. Evergreen Pk-7280 DeVries Geo S 9431 Turner... Evergreen Pk-7370 De Vries Gerald 9624 Central Pk.Evergreen Pk-8138 DeVries Henry 9545 S Homan.. Evergreen Pk-7329 DeVries Hilda 2920 W 97th PI, Evergreen Pk-6507 DeVries John 7120 W 95th..,Oak Lawn-2565-J-l DeVries John W 9820 Hamlin.:. Evergreen Pk-8667 De Vries Louis cement contr, 4824 W 91st PI. Oak Lawn-385 Dewell Wm A 2708 W 90th pl.. Evergreen Pk-7811 Dewey Frederic 931:3 Sacrmnto. Evergreen Pk-8281 Dewey Glenn th Oak Lawn-3916 DeWit Harry 9620 Kedzie Evergreen Pk-2923 De Witt Edw 5745 W 89th.... Oak Lawn-1828 De Young Herman 1012$ 5 Kostner Oak Lawn-3458 De Young Jas 2825 W 99th pi.. Evergreen Pk-8312 DeYoung Merle A th.,... Oak Lawn-951 DeYoung Richard T, 9601 S Homan..... Evergreen Pk-7155 De Young Tunis 3322 W 97th..Evergreen Pk-6856 Diaz Joseph R 9200 Lynwd.. ;...Oak Lawn-4028 Dibble Geo 9402, 50th : Oak Lawn-1292 Dickover CB 2733 W 89th pl..ever!lreen Pk~~99 Diedrich Chas 9323, 52d....Oak Lawn-347 Diehl Alex 9520 McVicker Oak Lawn-1316 Dieskow Wm J Jr Richmond.:...Evergreen Pk-9199 Dietel Martin st. Oak Lawn-740 Dietrich Edw 9628 S Central..,.. Oak Lawn-3649 Dietrich Geo9804 S Meade Oak -Lawn-2668 Dietz FredPlbg Co 5300 W 95th..Oak Lawn-345 Dietz Thos th -.. Oak Lawn-2718 Dill E Donald 9224 S Monitor Oak Lawn-l177 Dillenburg Edwin J Cicero. Oak Lawn-11M Dillon Glenn W pringfld. Evergreen Pk-8388 Dillon Thos W 4212 W 100th..., Oak Lawn-3966 Dillon Wm Edw Harding. Evergreen Pk-8157 Dinnsen John E 2845 W 97th pi.evergreen Pk"9012 Di Paolo Anthony 5930 W 91st..: Oak Lawn-1025 Dittman Wm St Louis,. Evergreen Pk-8113 Dix S Russell 9720 Hamlin;... Evergreen Pk-8165 Dobrowits John Jr 8725 Utica.. Evergreen Pk-9131 Dobrowits John Sr Albany.....Evergreen Pk-m9 Dockstader Rllssell.., 5027 W 81st-Oak Lawn-1973-J-l Doescher FW 4233 W 99th Oak Lawn-3491 Dohm John P 4814 W 102d Oak Lawn-3688 Dokter Jno 6613 W 102d pi.. Oak Lawn-1418-J-2 Dolak Ruth E Calif... Evergreen Pk-7834 Dolejs Geo J Princess. Oak Lawn"1704-J-l Dolfin Edw 5609 W 88th...Oak Lawn-2003 Dolfin Henry K contr 95415paulding Evergreen Pk-8244 Dolina John A 9524 Harding.,. Evergreen Pk-8620 Domaika Chas 5705 W 90th PI... Oak Lawn-1367 Dombrowski Edw Central. Oak Lawn-3582 Domina Francis A 2943 W 87th. Evergreen Pk-6834 Domres F E Co paintng 6819 SHalsted Chgo...Alierdeen Donkerbrook Robt J :3327 W 95th,,..,.Evergreen, Pk-8695

10 16 DOI\I-:-ECK Donlan Wm L 4()33 IN 99th.. ".. oak Lawn-3543 Donohue John J 2949 W 87th.. Evergreen Pk-7453 Doody Edw R 4810, Vi Paxton..., OakLawn~3886 Doogan Raymond 9525, 89th.. :QakLa,wn-1410-J~1 Doillan M J amusements W 95th.:.....Oak Lawn-2120 Doolittle W E 9923 S 52d Av... Oak Lawn-3555 Doornbos Louis 9521 Homan...Evergreen Pk-6790 Doornbos Rilbt 4037 W 99th... : Oak Lawn-3928 Doran Mary E Mrs ",, S Springfld.. Evergreen Pk-7667 Doranski Walter S 81st. OakLawn-ln2-J-2 Dore Michael E 9949 S St Louis. Evergreen Pk-3035 Dorgan Eugene Central?k EvergreeQ Pk-9164 Dorgan John C LaCrosse.. Oak Lawn-2241 Dorgan Thos 5728 W 89th Pl... Oak Lawn-1l19 Dorgan Wm H 10(,04 Cicero.. Oak Lawn-2103 Dorn G.erald H 9705, 51st....Oak Lawn~744 Dorn Henry 9642 Francisco Evergreen Pk-7034 Dorn Oliver 7400 W 95th Oak Lawn-2585-J-1 Dorneman Mae Mrs, S Trumbull.. EvergreenPk-8367 Dorsey Francis J 9122 S Spauldng.... Evergreen Pk-8760 DOT & BILLS TRAILER COURT. 944(, S Harlem. Oak Lawn-93l4 DoughertyGeo B 5(,0(, W 88th...Oak Lawn-2674 Douglas Lew Harnew East. ;Oak Lawn-3626 Douglas R F 9933 Harnew Rd West..... Oak Lawn-3709 Doveikis John S 5821 W 89th pl Oak Lawn-l050 Dow Vivian G Miss 2(,37 W 89th pl... Evergreen Pk-7819 DowdJohn J9112 S Albany... Evergreen Pk~8669 Dowe Harold E,4941 W 91st pi.,.oqklawn-m9 DOWE & SWAN 4845 W 91st...OaKLawn-3224 Downs Clarence J 9327, 55th... Oak Lawn-98l Dox Ruth 9619 S Ridgwy..... Evergreen Pk-7145 Doyle Edw J 9224 S Sawyer... Evergreen Pk-2941 Doyle Wm N 2731 W 96th PI.. Evergreen Pk-8382 Dozier Horace 6503 W 91st pi. Oak Lawn-l728-J-l Dracha Chas 5300 W 95th... :. Oak Lawn-1386 Draisma Henry 9746 S 53d.. Oak Lawn-16l0 Draisma Johnl03d & Kostner.Oak Lawn-2126 Drake Ida Mrs 5749 W 90th.. Oak Lawn-492 Dranger Steve 4613 W 97th PI... Oak Lawn~3834 Draper Donald 9611 Central Pk.Evergreen Pk-6956 Draper Edw M. 9611, 50th ct... Oak Lawn-814 Draper Esther W5300 W 95th... Oak Lawn-3706 Dreher Ben S Mansfld.. Oak Lawn-2333-J-2 Drenth Bernard C 9231 S Homan.Evergreen Pk Drenth Chester E, 9207 S 55th. Oak Lawn-2022 Drenth Chris B 4300 W 103d...Oak Lawn-846 Dresp Walter W 9325 S 55th...Oak Lawn-2627 Driessler Richard 9746 S Merton.Oak Lawn~1086 Droesser Melvin 8356 SOakPk.Oak Lawn-2805-J-1 Drozdz Julia 5721 W 90th Drumm Jos E 9512 S Hamlin Oak Lawn-1686 Evergreen Pk-8299 Drummond Everett W 9232 S 50th, Oak Lawn-650 Dubin Jos R 6801 W 96th pl.. Oak Lawn-1515-J~1 Du Bois Albert 3313 W 97th... Evergreen Pk-8210 Du Bois Arthur 5316 W 87th....Oak Lawn-1224 Du Bois Marie 78th av & 87th. Oak Lawn-2353-J~ 1 Dubravec Julius 9751 Lawndle, Evergreen Pk-8246 [jtibsky Frank J 9905 Elm Circle.. Oak Lawn-3255 Du Casse GA 9748 Artesian... Evergreen Pk-7888 Du Cf1arme Jos nob W 90th. Evergreen Pk-8145 DuCharme Roger A.,. :2720 W 90th.. Evergreen Pk-n72 Duckwall Bert 9720 Tully Oak Lawn-l036 Duckworth Elmer N 9329 S Utica.. Evergreen Pk-8413 Duda Chas P 9822 S 54th....Oak Lawn-1840 Dudek Eugene-:2(,3(, W 89th pl. EvergreenPk-3172 Dudley:Darrell 2730 W 98th...,Evergreen Pk-8~71 Duell Arthur81st :. Oak Lawn~lnl:J-2 Duffy Jos 9640,. 53d :, Oak Lawn-3764 Duffy Raymond 5700 W 91st. Oak Lawn-ll07 Duggan Thos P plstr contr ",,,,9600. Springfld, Evergreen Pk-9128 Dugle Roy E:9621 S CentraLPk. Eve-green Pk-7005 Duimovich G A lolst pl Evergreen Pk-8166 DUKES, HOWE 5642 W 87th.,... Oak Lawn-91 Dulis AndrewG 9224 S Menard.. Oak Lawn-2046 Du May Jennie 9300 Millard". Evergreen Pk-9022 Dumke Fred M 4340 W 100th Oak Lawn.3809 Duncan AS 9549, S Marion ;. OakLawn~359 Duncan John GJr 8547 S Roberts......Oak Lawn-2363-J-l Duncan Marion F 6131 W 95th... Oak Lawn-1319 Dunfrund Richard C 9524 S 49th,.. Oak Lawn-1l74 Dunkel Frank, 8610 S Moody...Oak Lawn-2576-J-2 Dunn Helen S Marion..Oak Lawn-1746-J_2 Dunn Otis B,9326 Sproat Oak Lawn-2189 Dunne ArthurW Jr 5120 W 101st, Oak Lawn-3597 Dunne Jas 9813 Nottingham.. Oak Lawn-2496-J-l Dunne Jas J Jr 9336 Troy...EvergreenPk-8943 Dunne Jos L 9644 Melvina.... Oak Lawn-2136 Dunne Realty & Constr Corp 9445 S St Louis Evergreen Pk-8777: Dunne Wm J 9320 S Troy... Evergreen Pk-8915 Dunning Ellsworth,. 9616, S Albany.,... Evergreen Pk-704l Dunning Herbert. 8417, 78th Av. oak Lawn-2548-J-l Dunning W L 9705 S 50th Ct. Oak Lawn Dunstan Weldon 9707 Marion Oak Lawn-590 Dunworth Richard J 9305 S Clifton Pk Evergreen Pk-7086 DuPaul Edw L9407 SSt Louis, Evergreen Pk-7088 Duran Food Shop 3315 W 94th, Evergreen Pk-9234 Durham Russell 2595 W 94th pi. Evergreen Pk-7458 Durrant Florence 9430 Turner..Evergreen Pk_7073. Durrant Stewart 9430S Turner. Evergreen Pk-6924 Dusek Henry G 8850 S Calif Evergreen Pk-86l8 Dushop Herman 5902 W 95th Oak Lawn-1347 DuVal E W 9140 Monitor.....Oak Lawn-1306 DUVALS QUALITY MKT 4957 W 95th.Oak Lawn-19 Dwyer C J pumps 9645 Moody..,, Oak Lawn-9n Dwyer Wm 2744 W 90th Evergreen Pk-6909 Dybas Stanley 2058 W 98th.:.Evergreen Pk-3l95 Dybas Theo 9818 Sayre.... Oak Lawn-1615 Dye Earl 9429 Kenton Oak Lawn-3838 Dye Lyle 9121 S Albany Evergreen Pk-9188 Dykstra Abel 9845 Ke.dzie.... Evergreen Pk-735l Dykstra John 2912 W 97th PI.. Evergreen Pk-7345 Dykstra Peter G S PulaskI... Evergreen Pk-7211 Dysarz Max 8827 W Mozart... Evergreen Pk-3053 Dzenzelak Martin 9727 SMaplewd. Evergreen Pk-7167 DZiewinski John J 9619 S Millard. Evergreen Pk-6896 Dziubinski Matthew W 96th pl. ". " Oak Lawn-l08 E Eagan Elgie R 5300 W 95th Oak Lawn-783 Earl Clara 9533 S Troy..... Evergreen Pk-8343 East R 9800 Merrimac;.... Oak Lawn-1688 Easter Edwin 4833 W 96th PI, Oak Lawn:.158 Eavis Henry J 9539 S,49th Oak Lawn-3540 Ebbens Lambert 9314 Sacrmnto. Evergreen Pk-3063 Eberhart W R 4601 W 98th. Oak Lawn-589 Ebert Albert 9323 Tully.....Oak Lawn-1281 Ebert C 9712 Southwest hwy.. ;.. Oak Lawn-532 EckCarlF 6938 W 97th...,.Oak Lawn-2434-J-1 Eck John 6547 W gist, Oak Lawn-2470-J-l Eckdahl Aug,9358 SSawyer. " Evergreen Pk-6876 Ec~~rt Jos 4216 W 101st.... Oak Lawn-374l Ecklund Eric 484:1 W 96th pl., OakLaNn~765 Edens HarryL 3350 W 96th.. Evergreen Pk-9076 Eder Patk,9136, S Troy....,. Evergreen Pk-8687 EdgecombE J 9809 S McVicker...Oak Lawn Eds BarberShop 5321 W 95th,..Oak Lawn-260 EdsServ Sta Southwest Hwy...;.. OakLawn-9300 Edson W N W 100th...., Oak Lawn_3893 Edwards Geo 5615 W 81st PI.. Oak Lawn_2S11-J-l Edwards Stanley 9319, 55t.h C.t.. Oak Lavm-3496 Edwards Wm J 4929 Paxton. Oak Lawn,-324~ Egan Jos,9340 S 53d ct Oak La,wn_20 Egan Rolit J 9614 Cook..,....OakLawn-299 -Egan Wm A 9446S Harlem.. Oak Lawn-2483-J-l Egermayer Albert 3405 W95th. Evergreen Pk-7274 Egermayer Jas 3405 W 95th.. Evergreen Pk-8771 Ehnert Wm C 2921, W lolst PI. Evergreen Pk-8932 Ehrenhaft Eugene 6326 W 99th.. Oak Lawn-3307 Ehrhardt Frank W S Sacrmnto... EvergreenPk~7062 Eichler Arthur Jr 106th.... Oak Lawn-123 Eichorn David 9805 SAvers..Evergreen Pk-7944 Eichorn Richard C 4l(j8 W 99th PI.. Oak Lawn-60l EICK AlBERT F optmtrst 0 k L W 95th. a awn- Eikenberry John 3345 W 95th. Evergreen Pk-8219 EIKMEYERS FRANK H 50 TO t.oo STORE, 4865 W 95th. Oak Lawn-3493 Einoder Jos 8817 S Washtenau. Everg-reen Pk Eisenstein I Feed Store S Cicero... Oak Lawn-18l Eislers Tavrn 103d Oak Lawn-9345 Ejka -Ray 9058 S Ridgelnd.. :OakLawn-2470-J-2 Ekdahl Berger 9717 Merrimac Oak Lawn-596 Ekl Jas 9642 S 78th ct.oak ilawn-1787-j-2 Eklund Arnold 5911 W 90th... ;,Oak Lawn-2624 Ekstrand Carl E W 90th pl.....evergreen Pk-30l4 Eland Alfred R 5835 Lynwd.....Oak l.awn-549 Elder Norman 9211 Spaulding.. Evergreen Pk-9192 Elder Wave 8701 S Mayfld....OakLawn-1370 Eldrenk,amp JohnW serv sta. Pk W 95th.....Evergreen Spaulding Evergreen Pk-6926 ELDRIDGE PAINT & WALLPAPER CO, W 95th. Oak Lawn"9 0 Elgersma Peter 3154 W 95th.. Evergreen Pk Elhenicky Irving 9152 S 50th Av.. Oak Lawn-3984 Elich Nicholas 4300 W 103d....Oak Lawn-~725 Ellfeldt Helen K., ar,rmnto ":".IEvergreen Pk-3051 Elfingham Clarence J 6920 W 95th pl....oak Lawn-2373-J-l Elliott Chas 9644, 50th ct Oak Lawn-893 Elliott Floyd 5708 W 90th. Oak Lawn-1884 ElliottJohnK 4132 W 100th.:.. OakLawn-3581 Ellis Howard S Kolin....Oak Lawn-924 Ellis John W 8710 S Rockwell. Evergreen Pk-7239 Ellis Nicholas P 9317 Clifton Pk.Evergreen Pk-8095 Eflis Peter 9958 S Central....Oak Lawn-776 Elmore GroverC Realtor. k L W 95th Oa awn~ Elseth Raymond A, 8836 S Sacrmnto... Evergreen Pk-8859 Elvidge E E 9602j 54th. Oak Lawn-75 Elwell Ernie 2455 W 94th PI.. EvergreenPk-6676 Elwert Alfred 9535 S 54th....Oak ~awn-2623 Emery Julius Jr 6612 W 103d. ~Oak l,.awn-l443-j-l Engel E J Sr 4611 W 103d.. ;.. Oak Lawn-331 Engel Edwin Jr 4501 W 103d...Oak Lawn-619 Engels Carl J 9635 S Francisco.Evergreen Pk~7554 England EdwJ 9309, 54th.....Oak Lawn-1243 Englander Anthony.,..., S Millard. Evergreen Pk-6851 Ellgnell Harry A 9551 LaCrosse Oak Lawn-9l?- Engstrom Roy,., 9440 S Central Pk. EVergreen Pk-7541 Enhelder Willis C 5632 W 89th Oak Lawn-667 ECK-EVE 17 Enjay Constr Co 96th & Millard :Evergreen Pk-6649 Enloe Herman F 9530, 53d.,...Oak Lawn-375 Ennis Mildred B 9400 S 73d;. Oak Lawn-1783-J-2 Erdahl Philip,J 2842 W 97th plevergreen Pk-8756 Erickson Albert 5701 W 89th pl...oak Lawn-687 Erickson Albert W: 9924 Crawford. Oak Lawn-2716 Erickson Dorothy A 2766 W96th,,Evergreen Pk-7961 Erickson Geo R 4104 W 99th pl.,. Oak Lawn-2713 Erickson Leroy 91st &. 64th av. Oak Lawn-2506-J-2 Erickson Norman P 9145 Utica. Evergreen Pk-895~. Erickson Robt C 9901 S 81st Av, Oak Lawn-1501-J-2 Erickson Stanley E S Clifton pk..... Evergreen Pk-8843 Erickson V G 9548 S89th Av, ; Oak Lawn-2552-J-1 Erikson Carl d...Oak Lawn-1532-J-2 Erion Arnold W 9337 Sacrmnto, Evergreen Pk-8545 Ervin Roger N 4013 W 99th pl.., Oak Lawn-2712 Erwin Earl 5700 W 88th. : Oak Lawn-3397 Erwin Nathaniel H 5908 W 89th PI.. Oak Lawn-285 Esboldt Wm 9701 Ridgelnd _Oak Lawn-3505 EscarrazEnrique 5128 W 101st.. Oak Lawn-l089 Escherich-Richard.2608 W 99th.Evergreen Pk-8488 Eshleman Myrtle Lamon.OakLawn-1760-J-l Esser RobtH 4932 Paxton _,,Oak Lawn-219 Estes Donald 8329, 78th Oak Lawn-2342-J..,2 Estes Howard 8436 S 78th Oak Lawn-2534-J-2 Etzkorn Clarence 10U5 S 87th av Oak Lawn-1936-J-2 Etzkorn Harold A S Pkside... Oak Lawn-1553-J-l Eubanks Lula 8308 S 77th..Oak Lawn-1458-J-2 Euske JasH 8249S Lamon Oak Lawn-1488-J-2 Evans Edmund 8725 Central Oak Lawn-3448 Evans Frank 5818 W89th.,,.. Oak L.awn-1380 Evans Mabel 9313 S Spldng... Evergreen Pk-7746 Evans Paul 5821 W 89th.. Oak Lawn-2221 Evelyns Restrnt 5137 W 95th Oak Lawn-IO Everett Freeman W 99th pl.... Evergreen Pk-7089 Everett Robt 5707 W 90th... Oak Lawn-3509 Evergreen Bldg Corp 2930 W 95th... Evergreen Pk-8600 EVERGREEN CAB CO W _95th......Evergreen Pk-9000 Evergreen Cemetery 87th &. Kedzie _ Evergreen Pk-9051 Evergreen Department Store, Pk " W 95th Evergreen - Evergreen Drive In,.,95th & -Crawford, Evergreen Pk-921l Evergreen Memorial Craft Shop Pk W 87th Evergreen - Evergreen PkAnimal Hasp S Western _..., Evergreen Pk-9007 EVERGREEN PK BEAUTY SHOPPE S Homan Evergreen Pk-7707 Evergreen Pk Chicken Cabin restrnt k W 95th... ;...Evergreen P - Evergreen Pk Christian Reformed Ch Pk S Homan.....Evergreen - Evergreen Pk Courier 3335 W 95th, Evergreen Pk-6735 Evergreen Pk Currency Exch Inc Pk W 95th.;.... :.Evergreen - EVERGREEN PK ELECT " S Lawndle.Evergreen Pk-7911 Evergreen Pk Fire Dept Co2 Pk W 98th Pl...,... Evergreen - EVERGREEN PK 50 TO $1.00 STORE p~ W.95th, ".. ". Evergreen, - EVERGREEN PK FURNTR CO INC, 3923 W 95th. Evergreen Pk-6633

11 18 EVE-FIR Evergreen Pk Gas Heating Service,, Central Pk. Evergreen Pk-7743 Evergreen Pk HdW& PaintStore.,,, 3333W 95th..... EvergreenPk-7607 Evergreen Pk Lib(ary i 9412 Kedzie.... Evergreen Pk~8522 EVERGREEN PK MILLWORK CO W,95th Evergreen Pk-8600 Evergreen Pk Newspaper Agcy.,,3000 W 95th :: Evergreen Pk If no answer call. Beverly-8-l306 Evergreen Park Post 854 Amer Legion Kedzie.. :...Evergreen Pk-8200 EVERGREEN PK PLBG CO,, 3156 W 95th..... Evergreen Pk-7130 Evergreen Pk Pre Kindergarten Schl 2659 W.96th. Evergreen Pk..:684l Evergreen Pk Public Schl,, 95th & Sawyer. Evergreen Pk~7127 Evergreen PkQuality Meats,,, W 95th..... Evergreen Pk-7409 EVERGREEN PK SCAVERGER SERVICE, 2915 W 95th: Evergreen Pk-7108 EVERGREEN PK SERVICE STA " " 3328 W 95th Evergreen Pk-9220 EVERGREEN PK SMART SHOPwnins apparl " " Homan. Evergreen Pk-7727 Evergreen Pk Uphlstrng & Furntr,, Rockwell. Evergreen Pk-7939 Evergreen Pk Village of village hall 9412 Kedzie Evergreen Pk-7100 Evergreen Post Restrnt 2410 W 95th.....EvergreenPk-8998 EVERGREEN REALTY CO INC " 3335 W 95th. Evergreen Pk-8980, Ewers LeviG, d Oak Lawn-3279 EXCEL BOAT & MARINE SUPLY CO Western.... Evergreen Pk-8500 Ezzell Morris J Artesian. Evergreen Pk-6637 F. Faber Edw M 9;127 5 Turner Evergreen Pk-7471 Faber John 9219 Central Pk.. Evergreen Pk-83l0 Faber Robt 9313 Central Pk.. Evergreen Pk-88l8 Fabian Fred 5525 W 82d...Oak Lawn-1547-J-l Fack Albert Central Pk.. Evergreen Pk-8939 Fahey Catherine E 4845 W 96th. Oak Lawn-62l Fahlberg Thure C 100i4 5 Merrimac...Oak Lawn-1746-J-l Fahrforth Frank G dCt.. Oak Lawn-3994 FAHRFORTH FRANKJ tavern, Cicero.... Oak Lawn-838 Fairchild V F d Av Oak Lawn-4004 Faitz Everett K , Richmond... Evergreen Pk-8598 Falk Marie A Austin...Oak Lawn~1483-J-2 Faltum Andrew 8619 Roberts. Oak Lawn-1452-J-2 Fandell JuliusJ 9757 S 5pringfld:. Evergreen Pk~8l07 Fanelli Louis 9823 Southwest Hwy. Oak Lawn-40ll Fanion Jas F Richmond.Evergreen Pk-7413 Fanning Helen 8301 S?o8th Av. Oak Lawn-1926-J-l Fariss Ernest R 9310 Central Pk. Evergreen Pk-8589 Farmer Cordie 8521 r 5 77th Ct.Oak Lawn-2339:J-l Farnsworth Maurice R 9707 Maplewd. Evergreen Pk-6785 Farrell Bernard J Francisco... :. Evergreen Pk-7162 Farrell Everett W 2748 IN 90th.Evergreen Pk.,7822 FarrowRG 5428 W Franklin OakLawn:3958 Farruie Jos 5640 W88th PI Oak Lawn-3586 FAStUON CLNRS, 4961 W 95th. ". ". Oak Lawn-64 Fassl Julius d... "...Oak Lawn":1855 Faulkner Francis E 9858 Sawyer. Evergreen Pk-7638,Faulkner Geo 8828 Richmond.EvergreenPk-7583 Favia Michael L." Campbell.... Evergreen Pk-8879 Favor Jos A! Homan.. Evergreen Pk-8025 Fax Ray 9241 Central Pk Evergreen Pk-6824 Fecht Gustav Homan. Evergreen Pk-8308 Federici Anthony 5220 Cass.....Oak Lawn":1254 Feeley Harvey C Utica.. Evergreen Pk-79l3 Fehr Louis 8743 Austin......Oak Lawn-1373 Feiertag Ralph 5617 W 82d Oak Lawn-1560-J-l Fell Lawrence W d. :..Oak Lawn-lOll Feiling Walter J 9230, 55th Oak Lawn-2640 Feiner Frank 9000 Meade Oak Lawn-2446-J-2 Fela Andrew, Cicero Oak Lawn-3633 Feldes JohnG 9238 Turner Evergreen Pk-908l Felicetti Sam th Ot.. Oak Lawn-2536-J-2 Felix & Dellas Tavern uthwest,Hwy. Oak Lawn-9349 Felln~r Eugene 5815 W 88th pl Oak Lawn-265l Felskl Aug 5240 W Wabash, Oak Lawn-897 Felstead Clarence th Ct.Oak Lawn Fencl Chas st Oak Lawn-716 Fencl Edw A Homan.. Evergreen Pk-666l Fennell Jas F 9827 Kedzie.... Evergreen Pk-6725 Fenner Willis W, Lawndle. ".. Evergreen Pk-7962 Fennewald Ves 951"2 5, 49th...Oak Lawn-1387 Fenton WalterF 9932 Elm Circle.Oak Lawn-2058 Ferguson J C 9521 Maplewd... Evergreen Pk-9174 Fernstrom Henry C Ridgewy. Evergreen Pk-6776 FerraAlfred Millard Evergreen Pk-3l24 FerranJosD pldng Evergreen Pk-7256 Ferrara Daniel th ct.oak Lawn-1467-J-2 Ferraro Anthony., Harlem. Oak Lawn-1908-J-l Ferriter John J 5704 W 85th. Oak Lawn-1549-J-l Fertig Christopher 5450 W 95th...Oak Lawn-543 FERTIGS PUBLIC GARAGE W 95th Oak Lawn-9374 Fesser A M t Louis.... Evergreen Pk-6889 Fessler Raymond,, 9406 Richmond..... Evergreen Pk-77l5 Fester Doris M 5826 W 89th pl...oak Lawn-594 Fett John W acrmnto Evergreen Pk-3l35 Fett Wm 9736 Minnick Oak Lawn~1l45 Fey Richard W DDS Albany..... Evergreen Pk-8l30 Fiala Ervin J 9222 Homan... Evergreen Pk-8674 Fiedler FrankJ 4100 W 107th...Oak Lawn-2094 Fiedorowicz Frank d. Oak Lawn-1763-J-l Field Hulda th Ct. Oak Lawn-2347-J-2 Field John P t Louis.. Evergreen Pk-7756 Field Robt Washtimaw. Evergreen Pk-7269 Fieldhouse B J M D 9621 Homan Evergreen.pk-7725 Fields Robt 106th & Ridglnd.. Oak Lawn-2334-J-l Fieroh Robt F, 9808 W 54th Oak Lawn-3314 Filbin Peter 5813 W 89th Oak Lawn-1245 Filip Jos J Mozart. Evergreen Pk-9l39 Findorff Geo 9958 Melvina Oak Lawn-1592-J-2 Finger Melvin L 9921 Elm Circle. Oak Lawn-3363 Fink vernon H 9617 Cook Oak Lawn-2085 Finlay Roy I pringfld EvergreenPk-6839 Finlayson GJ 9344 James Oak Lawn":2l35 Finn Ray J 6700 W 95th. Oak Lawn-I444-J-2 Finnegan Gerald d Av...Oak Lawn Fire Department-To report a iire Burbank Manor...Oak Lawn:1l4 Columbus Manor Oak Lawn-700 Evergreen Pk Co 1. Ev~rgreen Pk-7100 Evergreen Pk Co Evergreen Pk-8l00 Gr?ndvw Pk. " Oak Lawn-500 North Palos, Volunteer, Fire Dept..Oak Lawn-150i~J..1 Oak Lawn. i Oak Lawn-13I3.- Roberts Pk. Oak Lawn-2l2l Firkins Fay B 96475pringfld. ;.Evergreen Pk-88l4 First Natl Bank of Evergreen Pk, 3211 W95th. Evergreen Pk-3000 Firth 5ervice 87th & Albany EvergreenPk-6799 Fischer John 7108 W 95th Oak Lawn":2554-J-l Fischer Nicholas Jr,, " " Central Pk Evergreen Pk-8068 Fischer Roy A., Campbell Evergreen Pk-7550 Fish Frank P th.... Oak Lawn-2l46 Fisher Edw J Mayfld...Oak Lawh-996 Fisher Gerrit 2920 W lolst PI. Evergreen Pk~676l,Fisher Raymond J Keating. Oak Lawn-3770 Fitch Arthur P 9549, 78th CtAJakLawh-1789-J-l Fitzgerald Rob.t th...Oak Lawn-2l67 Fitzgibbons Geo, 8611 La Trobe. Oak Lawn-19l5-J-l Fix Wm H Kedzie Evergreen Pk..:8l64 Flaig John 8640 Central. : Oak Lawn-2425-J-l Flake Clyde P 5735W 90th... OakLawn-18I8 Flanagan Michael J ", Ridgwy.. EvergreenPk-77ll Flannigan Hannah 9818 Western. Evergreen Pk-6784 Fleck Chas Jr.9239 Central Pk. Evergreen Pk-8429 FleishmannGeo W Parkside. Oak Lawn-3302 Flesher Wm 9708 Central.. Oak Lawn-2291 Fletcher Chas W Meade Oak Lilwri-2083 Fletcher Harry d.... ~ dak Lawn-83 Flim Harry Trumbull..Evergreen Pk-6928 Flint Geo B Cicero Oak Lawn-3664 Flohr Phil B43.Q9 W 99th....OakLawn-3430 Flood Vincent J t Louis.EvergreenPk-745l Florence Beulah Mrs Clifton pk Evergreen Pk-75l8 Florence Howard E Rockwell.... Evergreen Pk-7669 Florey Calvin 8600W 103d...,Oak Lawn-14Q.9-J-2 Florian Chas L 9621 Cook:....Oak Lawn~1837 Flowers Naz F ,Harlem. Oak Lawn-19n-J-l Flynn JohnN Ridgewy. Evergreen Pk-9092 Flynn Wm J Jr Hamlin.. Evergreen Pk-8292 Foerner JOS Hamlin... Evergreen Pk-8825 Foetisch Herbert, 8501, 78th. Oak Lawn~1463-J-l Fogarty R D awyer... Evergreen Pk~7508 Foley Jerome D acrmnto.,Evergreen Pk~7699 Foley John T 9208 Menard Oak Lawn-3998 Foley Robt L 5300 W 95th......Oak Lawn~3717 Foley Wm awyer.. " "..Evergreen Pk~3l8l Folk QB Mrs st.... Oak Lawn-122 Folk Vincent th. OakLawn-30l Foltz Herbert L MD," Trumbull....Evergreen Pk-8036 Fons Edw Utica. Evergreen Pk-:-7800 Fontaine Ernest C 9119 Melvina.. Oak Lawn-3847 Fonte Joe Kolmar:..... Oak Lawn-1604 Fonzen Roy J acrmnto EvergreenPk~3064 Foote Ernest 3930 W 98th Evergreen Pk-7858 Ford Chas T 9537 S Francisco. Evergreen Pk-7006 Ford 5 Laurence Troy.. Evergreen Pk-843l Fords Home Made Ice Cream 3000 W 95th Evergreen Pk-7565 Fords Royal Blue 3000 W 95th. Evergreen Pk-756S Foreman Mfg Co 103d& Ridgelnd. Oak Lawn-20n F{)rlenza Anthony " 2632 W 89th pi.... EvergreenPk~3034 Fornowski Frank 8630 Natchez. Oak Lawn-1497-J-2 ForrestJas N 3455 W97th...Evergreen Pk~8376 Forsberg Manne 9312, 81st.. Oak Lawn-2580-J-2 ForstRudolph 9706 Melvina:.Oak.Lawn-1080 Forster John G95245 Francisco.Evergreen Pk-6993 Forsyth Jas G 9524 LaCrosse : Oak Lawri..:414 Forsythe Saml D 9365 Ridgeland.. Oak Lawn-3868 Fortier Geo d ct. :.Oak Lawn-1258 Fortier Paur Francisco. Evergreen Pk Fortin Fred 1) Sproat Oak Lawn"26 FIR-FUS 19 FortuneRob(l= Harnew East -Oak Lawn-3789 fosbury Lawreljce 4208 W 99th PI. Oak Lawn-334l Foster Frank, 9148 Troy Evergreen Pk-8322 Foster Geo D 99th & S8th Av.Oak L.:awn-1953-J-2 Fougn~r Dolores L 5849 W 90th:.. Oak Lawn-U50 Fourme! M J 5114 W 100th... Oak Lawn-342I. Fox Alms 2721 W 89th pl. Evergreen Pk-8453 FoyWmJ 9201 Monitor.....Oak Lawn Prance Edwin 5635 W 83dPI.. Oak Lawn-1420-J-2 Franc!sco ~as R Turner. Evergreen Pk-8963 Franclscovlch Tony 2944 W 99th pl.. Evergreen Pk-8830 Franek J D pldng Evergreen Pk-8224 Frangella Sol 2953 W 97th Evergreen Pk-6998 Frank August J2841 W 97th Evergreen Pk-7282 Frank Ernest A 4917 Paxtori Oak Lawn-2755 Frank Lorenz Troy.. Evergreen Pk-8003 Frank Mabel Troy... Evergreen Pk-749l FRANK THE BARBER, 3216 W 95th Evergreen Pk-8320 Franklin Leo H d Oak Lawn-1895 Franko Andrew 4724 W 98th..... Oak Lawn-3738 FRANKSGROC &MKT W 87th Oak Lawn-9322 Franks Groc & Mkt 9617 Homan.... Evergreen Pk-7157 Franks Leo 9825 Minnick Oak Lawn-1846 Franks Ro-Do Inn Cicero.,Oak Lawn-9372 Franta Frank 9604 Millard... Evergreen Pk-7448 Fran!en Jas 9323 Raymond.....Oak Lawn-334 FraSIer FrankW d OakLawn-26l8 FrazerWm 9117 Turner..... Evergreen Pk-8330 Frech Edw G 2645 W 89th pl.. Evergreen Pk-8l0l Frech Walter J th.. Oak Lawn-2394-J-2 FredrickVernon Melvina.{)ak Lawn-ln9.,J-2 Fredricks Edw 7125 W95th PI. Oak Lawn-2500-J-l Freds Appliance Repr Service,.9747 McVicker.. Oak Lawn-1l89 Freeman Jewel 5902 W 90th Pl.,. Oak Lawn-3409 French Fred W 6003 W 99th...Oak Lawn-1661 Frenzel Edwin 5112 Oak Center.. Oak Lawn-2729 FRENZEL TOM tavern 5936 W I1lth Oak Lawn-9356 Frese CW th Av Oak Lawn-3794 Freshour!Fred W 9937 Elm Circle.. oak Lawn-2770 Freudenberg Henry L 9940 Elm Circle, Oak Lawn-2790 Freudenberg Walter E., 9710 Harding. Evergreen Pk-6626,lreund AlvinF 9600 SAvers Evergreen Pk~7788 Freund Robt 8849 Utica Eyergreen Pk-9058 Freundt Ray ; Pkside... :.. Oak Lawn-907 FreundtSusan,10609 Parkside... Oak Lawn-3573 Friebel Geo D, Troy.. Evergreen Pk-7390 Friedrich Wm Jr 2812,W,98th Pl... Evergreen Pk-9027 FRiGIDWELD INC 935{> 5 Sacramento. Evergreen Pk-8560 Fr!tz AlbertiMrs Turner. Evergreen Pk~3073 Frrtz Edw 9631 Francisco... Evergreen Pk-8662 Fritz Edw J9969 Elm Circle... Oak Lawn-2785 Frizie Geo awyer....Evergreen Pk-9l94 Froelke Chas 5912 W 89th Oak Lawn-2090 Frogue Fred M th... Oak Lawn-3M Fron Wm J 5828 W 88th pl.... Oak Lawn-2287 Fruik Lawrence, Lawndle. ;. Evergreen Pk-8211 Fry L V Capt 9435 CentralPk.Evergreen Pk-3l43 Fue DonaldL 4308 W 100th Oak Lawn-3783 Fuller Clarence 9610 Merton Oak Lawn-2l45 Fuller,Howard Lamon. Oak Lawfi-1719"J~2 FussayJohn Mayfld.. Oak Lawn-28l2-J-2

12 20 G-GLA G GF CElectric Repr Shop.,,9504S Cook. Oak Lawn-3949 Gaal L C ofc 4918 W 95th....Oak Lawn-9981 res 52 E 100th Chgo......Comodor Gaboriak Martin 9657 McVickers... Oak Lawn-779 Gadbut John A 9224 sst Louis.... Evergreen Pk-7276 GADDIS REALTY SERVICE 5040 Cglumbus :......{)ak Lawn-2205 If no answer call. Oak Lawn~1079 Gaddis Wm B viii elk 9632 Cook... Oak Lawn-l079 Gadeke Weldon C 7241 W 83d. Oak Lawn-1434-J~2 Gadsden R G S 52d Oak Lawn-3552 Gaertner Wm 2816 W 99th... Evergreen Pk-8914 Gage Winfred C 9243 S 50th Av... Oak Lawl Gaisor Jos T 9324 Troy... Evergreen Pk~8937 ~~~H~ S Spaulding EvergreenPk-7443 GallagherJohn P. 9~01 S Richmond.... Evergreen Pk-6963 Gallagher JosG 9801 S Central Pk. Evergreen Pk-7856 Gallagher Michael,," 8731 S Sacrmnto.:...EvergreenPk-9062 Gallagher Pat 9242 SSt Louis.. Evergreen Pk-8595 Gallagher Patk 2(>50 W 98th pl. Evergreen Pk-8838 Gallina Nicholas " 9801 N.ottingham...,.Oak Lawn-2369-J-2 Gallistel Clarence P.,.,.,, 9312 S St Louis... Evergreen Pk~7509 Galloy Francis J 9743 Brandt. Oal< Lawl1~3945 Galzin Frank S 4815 W 96th,Oak Lawn-259 Gamache Ghas,, 106th & Princess ()ak Lawl J-i Gann Olin 9511 Brandt.... :,. Oak Lawn~890 Gansel Irving J 4245 W 99th PI. :.Oak Lawn-3345 Gapsis John J DDS 3517 W 98th. Evergreen Pk-7976 Gardner Bert W 6945 W 96th.Oak Lawn-2371-J-l Gardner Ernest J...". 80 Birmingham,. OakLawn-141~J-2 Gardner Wm 88th & 53d......Oak Lawn-249 Garneau Fred P 10422,S Mansfld,Oak Lawn-1419-J-2 GarnessJ D9220 S 55th ct Oak Lawn-2620 Garness Wm 9232 S 55th ct... Oak Lawn-I889 Garrett J L 9340 S Homan;. Evergreen Pk-7048 GarrisonJas J 8328 S 79th Av. Oak Lawn-1524-J-2 Gaskin Alex 4210 W 103d... Oak Lawn~1282 Gasner Harry, 9806 S Marion Oak Lawn-847 Gaspar Paul 8815 Central.. :. " Oak Lawn-1226 GASPAROTTO ACCORDION SCHL ",,, ", S, Hom!!l). EvergreenPk-8432 Gasteyer T H,M S.53d. Oak Lawn-263 res 9325 S 53d ct......oak Lawn-262 Gates Chas8500 S,Sayre...OakLawn-1433-J-l Gates John W S Clifton Pk Evergreen Pk-8801 Gaudio Fred 103d & 82d at OakLawn~1964-J-2 Gaughan Gerald J.4132.w 99th PI. Oak Lawn-3251 Gaughan John 9421 Sacrmnto.. Evergreen Pk~7623 Gawlik Stanley Jr S 73d Ct. Oak Lawn-I720-J-2 GayrforJack F 4104 W 100th Oak Lawn-3808 Gea~ Willard 9345 S Homan Evergreen Pk~2951 Gedlcke Wm 9404 S Utica Evergreen Pk-7052 Gedke Electia E ",, 9431 S Central Pk Evergreen Pk-8277 Ge~ Arthur 9412 S Francisco Evergreen Pk-7765 Ge!ger Geo W Moody. OakLawn,;1734~J-2 GelgnerSam 8545 Hai-lem...Oak Lawn-2489-J-l Geis Cassie E, 9300 S Trumbull. Evergreen Pk-8948 GElS &CROSSEN MONUMENT CO. 3319W 91st EvergreenPk-7177 Geis Raldo J 2732 W 90th pl. Evergreen Pk GelZainesJohn 9651" S Galif..Evergreen Pk~3167 Gem C"artage,8149 La Trobe.. OakLawn-2419~J~2 Gendreau Louis A 9550S Troy. Evergreen Pk-7307 Gendreau Mary.Mrs 4048 W 100th. Oak Litwn-3814 Gengenback Cora M Mrs 9552 S Spldng Evergreen pk~715.3 Gengenbacl< Frank C Jr 3340 W 96th Evergreen Pk~7168 Gennett Gregory 2729 W 98th. Evergreen Pk-8504 Gentleman Jas 99th & Southwest. Oak Lawn-2204 Georgacopoulas Peter J.,,,,1410 Turner... EvergreenPk-83,BO Georges Serv Sta.,. " : 9458 S Western Evergr~en Pk-9264 Gerg.lts Wm F 4300 W 99th PI. OakLawn-3758 GerkltzGeo 9812 Moody Oak Lawn-1305 Ger~ann LW 9616 Pkside.. ; Oak Lawn-2682 Gernty J F.9301 S Utica c Evergreen Pk-9036 Gess Geo C 7303 W 85th. Oak Lawn-2815-J-l Getch~sJos 5734 W 82d pl. Oak Lawn-2327~J-2, Geurkmk Edwin J ".,.,., S Homan. Evergreen Pk-6622 G~erard.1 Enzol S Kildare... Oak Lawn-3727 Gianoplis Dorothy Maplewd EvergreenPk-8993 G~arraputo Frank 9711 McVicker... Oak lawn-343 G!bbons Edw 8110 Lockwd...Oak Lawn-2416-J-l GlbbonsFlorenceE S Trumbull... Evergreen Pk~7904 Gibbs Robt L s Merrimac Oak Lawn-1474-J-2 G!blIn Ja~ J 8425 SOak Pk Oak Lawn-1997-J-2 G!bson Blr~h 9215 Roberts Oak Lawn-255~J-2 Gibson ElSie M 9413 S Richmond. Evergreen Pk-8655 G!bson Raymond 2659 W 96th. Evergreen Pk-8749 (;Ibson Robt W 99th Oak Lawn-3472 GJENGER VfALTON HOME APPLIANCES W 95th......Oak Lawn-153 G!erach FA Qth Oak Lawn~3671 G!erach W!II Iwyr 9761, 50th Ct... Oak Lawn~1350 G!erach Will Iwyr 5237 W95th... Oak Lawn~324 G!erh.ahn Rose M 9535 Lacrosse.. :Oak Lawn-3324 G!erlmg Wm P groc 4855 W 95th..Oak Lawn-141 G!erman Os.c~r 9529 S Fairfld.. Evergreen Pk-7817 G!eseler Philip 6051 W 95th...Oak Lawn-1893 G!eselmann Raymond 9738 S 51st.. Oak Lawn-855 G~lbanks I~enneth 4934 Spring Oak Lawn-3484 G!lbert (:ora 9534 Sawyer GIlbert Howard Evergreen Pk th Ct & 103d Gilbert paul Wm Oak Lawn-2441-J-2, S rytelvina... :.Oak Lawn-1535-J-l G~lchYlSt Frank 8843 S Mozart. Evergreen Pk-8328 GllfoyleMary Mrs 9433S 73d. Oak Lawn-I720-J-l Gilgenberg Peter C S Fairfld Evergreen Pk-7346 G!lhool;y Jos. P9712 S Lawndale.Evergreen Pk-9689 Gillespie S. Gllbelt Sacrmnto ",.. Evergreen Pk-7908 Gllhce Thos W.., S Richmond. Evergreen Pk-7450 GilliS Alex 9646 SRidgwy... Evergreen Pk-7258 GI.llund Wm 9850 Calif Evergreen Pk-7728 G!lson T R 6540 Crescent Oak Lawn~1990-J-l G. llst r:ap Lon 8615 S Melvina.. Oak Lawn-2532-J-2 Glltmler Fredk W 8837 S Utica. Evergreen Pk-3070 GIMBER SHEET METAL WORKS S Meade.Oak Lawn-1344 G!mmo Dominic 9025 Austin...Oak Lawn-3243 G!nda Joe 9734 SMarion......Oak Lawn-554 G!nn Wm H Oxford.. Oak Lawn-1707~J-l Giordano Anthony, S Merton. Oak Lawn-2874-J-2 G!or!lano Frank Ridgelnd.. Oak Lawn-2723 Glrvll) Harry J 9759 Brandt..... O.ilk Lawn-3443 Glaab Aug A 9607 Brandt Oak Lawn-257 Glad Robt 5300 W95th., ".... OakLawn~798 GladdenbeckErwin9511 Merrimac.{lak Lawn-733 Glas Raymond S Homan. Evergreen Pk.,7051 Glascock Porter A 9117 S 53d. Oak Lawn-268 Graham Jane 9310 Turner Graham John 2657 W 96th Evergreen Pk.,8516 Evergreen Pk-8365 Glass Edw 9512 S West Shore...Qak tawn-3824 Graham John W 9152 S Utica. Evergreen Pk-7650 Glassner Robt M Graham Wm M 9525 Meade., Oak Lawn S 88th Av. Oak Lawn-1949-J-J.o Gleason Wilbur J 9323 Richmond. Evergreen Pk-6892 Glecier Louis P 9232 S Sacrmnto.. :. Evergreen Pk-8918 Gleich Elmer F 4240 W 99th PI... Oak Lawn-3947 Graham Wm R 9555 S Moody.. Oak Lawn-354 Granata-Frank 9140 S Utica.. Evergreen Pk-3107 Grandel Thos 9333 Sacrmnto.. EvergreenPk-7402 Grandview Pk Fire Dist 5800 W 89th.... ;...Oak Lawn-500 Grant Betty Mrs 7920 W 93d.. Oak Lawn-2481-J-2 Glenn John N 4016 W 100th. ;..Oak Lawn-3836 Granzow ClarenceE Giens Maurice 4625 W97th PI Oak Lawn Oak Center Oak Lawn-3537 Gliege Gerhardt J 9217 S50th Oak Lawn~2150 Granzow Louis H. Glirnco Frank 9254 S Albany. Evergreen Pk Gloede G 8640 Narragansett. Oak Lawn-1757-J-2 Glud Hans S Homan ; Evergreen Pk-8641 Gnaden H E 8818 W 95th.. Oak Lawn-1957-J S Francisco. Evergreen Pk-7097 Grassel Jos Jr 9625 Rutherford. Oak Lawn-2431-J-l Grassl Clement H 9817 S McVickers... Oak Lawn-1631 Gobeille Elmer F,.... Gratz & HarnewFuel Oil-See Harnew Oil Service W 90th pl...evergreen pk-8~03 Graver Thos H Trumbull. Evergreen Pk-8110 Gobel Ralph st.. ".Oak Lawn-2580-J~1 Graves Geo H 9051 S. 50th....Oak Lawn-2202 Gockman Carl R 9144, S Utica.. Evergreen Pk-8689 Graves WR 9536 S LaCrosse...Oak Lawn-611 Gockman,Wilbur 9141, Troy... Evergreen Pk-8773 (iodfrey Geo B W 89th..,Oak Lawn.,2490~J-.2 Gray Marion 5300 W 95th Gray Wm B Laramie Oak Lawn Oak Law,P-1993-J-2 Goff Madeline 9415 S, 83d Av. Oak Lawn-2533-J.~2 Graziano Lou,is 9531 S Harlem. Oak Lawn-2467~J-2 GogginsJos 9358 S Richmond,,: Evergreen Pk-6748 Greager. F of<: 93d& 55th ct-.... Oak Lawn-96 Goldberg [9508 West Shore....,Oak Lawn-3504 GREAGER WALTER EFLoRIST & GREENHOUSES Goldberg Leo G.. 93d & 55th ct. Oak Lawn S Sacrmnto. ::Evergreen Pk-8974 Great Southern Lndry Go GOLEC WALTER W 103d Chgo Pulmn W 95th ".. Evergreen Pk-9090 Grebe Louis.l:l 2624 W 90th.. Evergreen Pk-7775 Golk Arthur F 9001 Cicero OakLawn~2230 Green Acres Riding. Stables Goller Otto J3045 W 96thpl.. EvergreenPk-8448 Gonia Edmund 2628 W 90th pl.evergreen Pk-8621 Gooch Edw G 2927 W 97th... EvergreenPk th & 88th Av. Oak Lawn-1948-J-l Green Geo F 2615 W 98th pl..-. Evergreen Pk:8332 Green Mill Service Sta Good Jos 9554 S Troy..... Evergreen Pk-7054., W 95th. Evergreen Pk-7104 Good Wm A Jr Oxford.. Oak Lawn-1705-J-l Green Newton E 9326, 53d Oak Lawn-2232 GoodWin Edw 5703 W. 90th Oak Lawn-3415 Green Ragnar 2601 W 89th. ". Evergreen Pk-8016 Goral Henry 4117 W 99tl1pL.Oak Lawn-2707 Green Wanda Mrs 4821 W 99th... Oak Lawn-3218 Goraleski Edw M Greenan Jos T Central Pk. Evergreen Pk S Maplewd. ~... Evergreen Pk-8768 Gordon Ida Wi0550 S Pkside. ; " Oak Lawn-578 Greendyke Claude Gordon John E 9206 TrumQull EvergreenPk S St Louis EvergreenPk-7417 Greene E M 9515 S 49th Av....Oak Lawn-3889 Gorman Paul E Utica.. Evergreen Pk-7431 Gorman Thos P 9643, Melvina.Oak Lawn-72 Greene Jerry, 4936 Greener John J Jr Paxton. "... Oak Lawn-1129 Gorski Lawrence 9800 S Meade...Oak Lawn Harnew East. Oak Lawn-3620 Gorski The02600 W,99th...,Evergreen Pk3013 Greenoch Flora Mrs,., Gorsuch Welton 2637 W 89th.. ; Evergreen Pk-3H S. Troy. Evergreen Pk-7656 Gorth Edw 9143 Roberts....Oak Lawn.,1788-J-2 Gosling Julian H 9554 Merton... OakLawn~1307 Gotham Elmer E9538 S Merrimac..Oak Lawn-454 Gotowtt Emma 5911 W 89th Pk...Oak Lawn-253 Gotsch Henry 2748 W96th..-: ; Evergreen Pk.,7672 Greer Henry C Hohman. Evergreen Pk-6705 Grefig Gladys 2626 W 96th PI. EvergreenPk-8882 Grellner Martin 3540 W 97th.. Evergreen Pk-6859 Gresh Jewelers 9444 St Louis. Evergreen Pk-8050 Gresh John J 9425 S Clifton Pk. Evergreen.Pk-8398 Gottschalk Esther 9317 Homan. Evergreen Pk-8441 Gresher.Edw J 9527 Harding.. EvergreenPk-7652 GouldJos Cicero; Oak Lawn-3684 Greve Edw H 9209 S 55th.Ct. Oak Lawn-3907 Gourley Floyd 9727 S 55th....OakLawn.,835 Greybar Jos 5750 W 90th PI Oak Lawn-2015 GowJohn M Mozart. Evergreen Pk-7865 Grider Roy, 9753S Marian Oak Lawn-3989 Gowdy RQss A 2756 W 95th pl.. Evergreen Pk-7739 Grieco Fred Interior Decorator Goyette Earl H 9839 S Ridgwy. Evergreen Pk-b721 ; " 9527 S Spldng.; Evergreen Pk-7912 Gozelanski Ted 8830 S Calif... Evergreen Pk.,9141 Graal Wilfred T 9253 S Utica.. Evergreen Pk Griede Harry 6600 W 95th.. Oak Lawn-1708-J-l Griede Jake 9419 S Albany Evergreen Pk-7129 Grabs Emil 2846 W,97th pl... Evergreen Pk-7590 Griesbaum WJ,,, Grabs Paul 2825 W 99th... Evergreen Pk S Franclsco... Evergreen Pk-7198 Grac~ Eugene.5834, 100th...Oak Lawn-563 Griffin Edw J 9842 Campbell Evergreen Pk-6652 Griffin Jos,4814 Paxton Oak Lawn-3276 Griffin Thos 7911 W 92d pl Oak Lawn-2336.,J-2 Griffith Edw Jas 9518 S 88th; Oak Lawn: J"1 Griffiths Susan SSpaldng.Evergreen Pk-3020 Grimes Chas 6821 W 95th pl. Oak,Lawn~2375-J.,1 GradisherMarie 9223 Utica... Evergreen pk 2921 Grady Le Roy S Marion " Oak Lawn-997 Graefen Arthur IYI 9210 Homan. Evergreen,Pk-3170 Graefen Edw S Turner.. Evergreen, Pk-6506 GRAEFENHENRYC sewer contr S Homan.... EvergreenPk-7696 Graefen Louis S Clinton Pk. ;. Evergreen Pk-7085 Graettinger R A 9~25 S Troy. Evergreen-Pk GrphamBros Trckg Co. 101st & 88th Av.OakLawn-1944-J-2 Grimm I L 9209, 50th OakLawn-3498 Grimm Richard V S Utica. Evergreen Pk.,7985..Grisco The09047S Central... Oak Lawn Griskell Andrew 9521 S 53d....Oak Lawn-1339 Griskell Mary C 5812 W 90th PI..Oak Lawn-3456 Grobengieser E 5462 Franklin.. Oak Lawn:..3258

13 22 GRO-HAN Groebe Gordon A " ", 9315 Trunibull. EvergreenPk-6606 Groebe Rita d.,,,,,,;,. Oak Lawn-929 Groen Henry A 9906 Homan ~.,EvergreenPk-7232 Groll Leonard V t Louis. Evergreen Pk-6854 Gromoll- Henry 9749 Maplewd..Evergreen Pk~6938 Gromoll Raymond E 9128 Utica. Evergreen Pk-6708 Gross Edw 6817 W 97th pl...oak Lawn-1599-J-2 GrossiPeter Princess...Oak Lawn-2311-J-l Grout Jas HDr 3600 W 97th.. Evergreen Pk-6711 Grover Robt L 6911 W 96th Oak Lawn~1529-J-l Grube Fred W Menard Oak Lawn-1643 Grundman David 9340 McVickers..Oak Lawn~2185 Grunwald Gerhardt,. " 9542 McVickers Oak Lawn-2033 Gruver Stanley G Central Pk. ; Evergreen Pk-7812 Grveles A 6559 W 83d {)aklawn-1437-j~1 Gudmunson Jno 9515 Campbell. Evergreen Pk-S179 Guemmer Gerald E MD, 9800 SAvers Evergreen Pk:-8512 Guhl PaulE 9956 Elm Circle OakLawn-3545 Guinta Anthqny paldng. Evergreen Pk-3057 Gulbrandsen Chris 9142, 5 50th~ Oak Lawn-413 Gumbos John E Tully Oak Lawri-458 Guminski Roman R, La Trobe...Oak Lawn-1717-J~1 Guni:lberg Thorwald 5806 W 91st.OakLawn-1385 Gunkel Rose Mrs thCt.. Oak Lawn-155 Gunn Howard W pldng.Evergreen Pk-7344 Gunn Le Roy Carl 2619 W 97th. Evergreen Pk-8265 Gunther Bernard 6244 W 94th...Oak Lawn-1l26 Gunther L 9633, 51st......Oak Lawn-633 Gurka John Cicero Oak Lawn-2297 Gust Henry W Jr, 9825 Central Pk. Evergreen Pk~6628 Gustafson Eric E " " Homan. Evergreen Pk~8661 Gustafson Jno 5917 W l37th....oak Lawn-1635 Gustafson Russell E 5615 W 88th:. Oak Lawn-2632 Guthrie Robt M ", Lawndle...". ; EvergreenPk-8271 Guy Chas t Louis; ".. Evergreen Pk-887S Guy Harold F Turne,r.. Evergreen Pk-7414 Guzek Steve 9443 Oak Pk...Oak Lawn-2543-J-l Gwozd Stanley 8811 W Mozart, Evergreen Pk-7703 GwYnne Jack 9936 Cicero; Gwynne JackII 9932 Cicero H Oak Lawn-3818 Oak Lawn-3631 H & Ii SPORtiNG GDS 3352 W 95th... ;. ; ; Evergre.en Pk~8040 Haak Claus 4500 W 103d Oak Lawn-2113 Haaker Howard E 9339, 51st ;. Oak Lawn-489 HaasAJ 2803 W 95th.-Evergreen Pk-6989 HaasChas W 9136 Monitor.: ; Oak Lawn-604 Haas GeoJ 9955 SSt Louis Evergreen Pk-6981 Haas Jos W 9323, 55th ct ;.. OakLawri-1338 Haas Louis 9250"5 Hamlin. Evergreen Pk-7320 Haas Margaret Mrs Ridgewy. Evergreen Pk-9175 Haas Mary W 95th... Evergreen Pk~7396 Haas Walter Talman..: Evergreen Pk-3182 Habenicht Andrew," S Homan... ;Evergreen"Pk-7465 Hack Rodilia Trumbull.. Evergreen Pk-8361 Hackbarth Wm E: 7017 W 95th pl Oak Lawn_2372-J-2 HackerJos C Tully ~..Oak Lawn.3682 Hacker Otto Ri>bt Cicero. Oak Lawn-3312 Hackett Eugene 5921 W87th...Oak Lawn-831 Hackett J J t Louis... Evergreen Pk-:8054 Haddix Jack M th..Oak Lawn-ls03-J-l Hadzema John Cicero. Oak Lawn-1773 J-l Haedtler Arthur W 5321 W 103d..Oak Lawn-3529, Haedtler MartinCJr 4920 Stone Circle. Oak Lawn-3691 Haedtler Martin C Sr 4905 Stone Circle. Oak Lawn-3622 Haedtler Wm J 5321 W 103d... Oak Lawn-445 HAERR GEO rfr Melvina...Oak Lawn-499 Hafermann Herbert Rev th Ct. Oak Lawn-1(}1 Hafferman Mabel H 9436 Utica. Evergreen Pk-7298 Haffner Harry J Rockwell. Evergreen Pk-B898 Hagedorn Harley 4841 W 96th pi.. Oak Lawn-787 Hagedorn John T t Louis Evergreen Pk-8178 Hagel Chas 9422, 73dct Oak Lawn-1534-J-l Hageli MauriceS 2919 W 10ist. Evergreen Pk-8565 Hageman J 9301, 52d...Oak Lawn-1066 Hagen Carl 9542 Troy Evergreen Pk-3132 Hahn Fred A Mozart.. Evergreen Pk-9137 Hilhn Harry Jr Merrimac.. Oak Lawn-3398 Hahn Harry T 9544 Moody.....Oak Lawn-376 Haid Merrill K7T18 W 95th Oak Lawn-20l2 Haight Howard 8628 Mansfld.. Oak Lawn-2455-J-:J, HajekAntoilF 7806 W 87th.. Oak Lawn-2353-J-2 Halcrow Gilbert J 9440 Millard. Evergreen Pk-7658 Haldane D S Sawyer.. Evergreen Pk-7229 Hale Jno W Central Oak Lawn-,906 Hall Harold 9730 Southwest Hwy. Oak Lawn-275 Hall Lewis H Central Pk. EvergreenPK-7684 Hall Wilbur B 8516 Major Oak Lawn-1480-J-2 Hallberg Paul 5215 W 93d Oak Lawn-:3748 Halliday Robt 9624 Utica Evergreen Pk-8443 Halpenny Loren, 96th & New Englnd... Oak Lawn-1400-J-2 Halstead John H 10222,5 Turner Evergreen Pk-8222 Haisten Ralph 9421 Menard Oak Lawn-3521 HaIsten Tidemann 9425 Menard Oak Lawn-942 Haluska John 2817 W 99th pi.. Evergreen Pk Hamer Emil 9326, 54th Oak Lawn-30 Hamilton John W Monitor. Oak Lawn~1151 Hamilton Richard A 9160, 50th... Oak Lawn-852 Hammant Fred Lawndle....Evergreen Pk-8834 Hammer Chas E 9601 Maplewd :Evergreen Pk-7987 Hammond Robt F Cicero Oak Lawn-3437 Hammonds WmC d Oak Lawn-2208 Hamrick Laurence A Homan..... ;. Evergreen Pk-8809 Handing,Marge 94th & 88th Av. Oak Lawn-1958-J-l Handley Clarence Troy.. Evergreen Pk-6917 Hanegan Elmer L , 54th... Oak Lawn-680 Hanke Leo J 8400 Normandy.. Oak Lawn~2809-J-2 Hanley Peter J Talman. EvergreenPk~7551 Hannapel Jos F 9606, 50th ct Oak Lawn-593, Hannapel Martin d. Oak Lawn-1783-J_l Hanneman L A Central Pk;... Evergreen Pk-8214 Hanner John B Harnew East. Oak Lawn-3654 Hanrahan Geo E 9601 Merton... Oak Lawn-3858 Hanrath wni 5148 W 85th...Oak Lawn-2514-J-2 Hanseman Wm H, STurner Evergreen Pk-7994 Hansen Axel acrmnto.. Evergreen Pk-3190 Hansen Clayton 9426 New Englnd. Oak Lawn-2537-J-l Hansen Fred C,10633 Ridgelnd.Oak La.wn-1442-J-l Hansen Geo A La Crosse:... Oak,Lawn-240 Hansen Hubert Ridgeway....Evergreen Pk-750b Hansen Lawrence P 9731, 51st. ;.. Oak ~awn-3223 Hansen Olaf 4729 W 98th Oak Lawn-1835 ~ Hansen R B 9748 Artesian Evergreen Pk~7888._ Hansen Victor E 975; Merton. Oak Lawn-1159 Hansen Wilbur 8819 Talman ; Evergreen Pk-13616, Hansman Frank W., th at. Oak Lawn-2355-J-2 Hanson Harry R t louis Evergreen Pk-7736 Hanson Hugo EJr, 6841 W 96th PI.; ~.Oak.Lawn-1597-J-2 Hanson John.C 2821 W 102d.. Evergreen Pk-S049 Hanson Oscar E 9815 Millard. Evergreen Pk:-6836 Hantson Maurice M9401 S 54th Ct:Oak,Lawn-3527 Hanus Lillian Melvina..Oak Lawn-1537-J-2 Hanus Raymond J,, 7045 W 100th.OakLawn-1522-J-l Harazin Kenneth, " 8608 McVickers. Oak Lawn-2520-J-2 Harder Edw Merrimac;... Oak Lawn-159 Harding Wm 6138 W 99th..... Oak Lawn-2641 Hardman Verne L 9615 Brandt... Oak Lawn-495 Hardt Elmer 6939 W 97th Oak Lawn-1510-J-2 Hardy John H 8321 LaPorte..Oak Lawn-1490-J-l Harenberg Geo « Homn. Evergreen Pk-7355 Harenberg John 9431 S Albany. Evergreenpk-7223 Harker Elmore 5317 W 95th.. ;.. Oak Lawn-J,lO, Harker Frank 8639 Normandy. Oak L,awn-1496-J-l Harlem Airport 8900 S Harlem..Oak Lawn-120 Harmening Herman H., Trumbull. Evergreen Pk-6699 Harmon Robt Wins Western.. Blue Isld-897 Harms Harold W d. Oak Lawn-1721-J-2 Harmston Chas 7123 W Avon.. Oak Lawn-1559-J-l Harn Hervey 9538 Moody...Oak Lawn-1246 Harn John L 4909 W 91st pl.. Oak Lawn-931,. Harnew Frank A 9516, Minnick...Oak Lawn-125 Harnew Frank EJ Edison.Oak Lawn-1034 HARNEW OIL SERVICE thCt,:Oak Lawn-198 Harnew Schl 91st & Austin.Oak Lawn-292 Harnew W Sproat.....Oak Lawn-80B Harnew Wm H H Austin. Oa~ Lawn--965 HARNEWS SERV STA 5252 W 95th Oak Lawn-9344 Harper Chas J H~rlem. Oak Lawn-1978-J-l Harper Philip S Jr " ", 9945 Harnew East. Oak Lawn-3637 Harper Ralph L Hamlin. Evergreen Pk-8604 Harper Wm A acrmnto. Evergreen Pk-7393 Harrington Rita 49Q9 Paxton... OakLawn~2750 Harris David W Harnew East. Oak Lawn-3623 Harris E H t Louis...Evergreen Pk-S702 Harris Frank K Iwyr 5237 W 95th. Oak Lawn-324. Harris Frank K 4900 W 96th Oak Lawn-558 Harris Gene Austin Oak lawn-l84 Harfis Gordon th Ct. Oak Lawn-2567-J-l Harris Harold B th Ct.Oak Lawn-1962-J-l Harris Hendon M Rev th Ct. Oak Lawn-2410-J-2 Harris Wm T Cicero Oak Lawn-1236 Harrison Thos P, Richmond....EvergreenPk-7991 Hart Albert D Utica. Evergreen Pk-8927 Hart Chas 9531 Merton Oak Lawn-677 Hart Helmar J st ct. Oak LaWn-1540-J-l Hart. Louis E7730 W 92d.. :. ;Oak Lawn-1784-J-2 Hartger GJerome 5106 W 100th. Oak Lawn-3567 Hartig Arthur Merton OakLawn-968 Hartig Ralph LeClair.. Oak Lawn-2513-J-l Hartigan John M 4823 W 106th PI.Oak Lawn Hartman Ray th Ct; Oak Lawn-1503-J-2 Hartnig Chas L Calif... Evergreen Pk:-8263 Hartog Jack 9604 Homan.. Evergreen Pk-7255 Hartsfield Jas G, Leamington..Oak Lawn-2484-J-l Harwell 0 S 83d & Lamon...Oak Lawn-1489 J-l HaSbrouck Cecil F MD, 1555 W 79th Chgo...",-. Hudson-S-1674, res Artesian Chgo Hilltop HAN-HEN 23 Hasenfang Jos tn OakLawn~1074 Haskett Otto 5709 W 89th PI. Oak Lawn-3962 Haskin Leo Rutherford. Oak Lawn-2546-J-l Hatt Geo d,Oak Lawri-994 Hauser Theo,F 6537 Crescent. Oak Lawn-1989-J:2 HausnerEdw Campbell. Evergreen Pk-8094 Havenhill Arthur 4547 W 103d.. Oak Lawn-1817 Havenschild John R, Marion. Oak Lawn-2834-J-l Hawaiian Gardens tavrn 9858 S Artesian.... Evergreen Pk-9285 Hawker Wm E 9702 McVickers... Oak Lawn-2149 Hayden Thos W 9001 S Cicero... Oak Lawn-107l Hayden Wm W 9228 Monitor... Oak Lawn-1l75 Hayes Margaret Homan.. Evergreen Pk-7l6S Hayes Robt 9741 Merton Oak Lawn-2068 Hayes Sherman 3511 W 97th Evergreen Pk-8585 Haynes Jas 5722 W 88th pl Oak Lawn-2796 Hazzard TR th ct.. Oak Lawn-935 Hazzard W H 4237 IN 99th PI.. Oak Lawn-3427 Healy Mildred H Natchez..... Oak Lawn-1499"J-2 Healy Ray 5109 W 99th c. Oak Lawn~3269 Hearn Louie Grady 8906 Parkside.Oak Lawn-3260 HEARTY EAT SHOP 5248 W 95th. Oak Lawn-9346 Hebel Lawrence J 7053 W 95th Pl.....Oak Lawn-1557-J-l HebertJos 5830 W 91st Oak Lawn-l.!356 Heckman Richard S Calif.Evergreen Pk-8704 Hedenschoug A L9329, 54th.. Oak Lawn-10M Hedge Tom Ibr " 105th & Menard Oak Lawn-1578-J-l Hedgren Harold V Menard... Oak Lawn-1732"J-2 Hedin Ernest 8632 S Lockwd Oak Lawn-2400:J-2 Hedman Roy A Francisco... Evergreen Pk-7762 Hedrick Ralph 9446 S Harlem.. Oak Lawn-2480-J-l Heersema Harry 9821! 5 Cicero... Oak Lawn-2111 Heflin Jas 9242 S Melvina.....Oak Lawn-2642 Heidenreich Ghas 8520, 78th Ct. Oak Lawn-2387-J-l Heil Edw J 2937 W 87th Evergreen Pk-3183 Heilman H P 4024 W 99th Pl Oak Lawn Heim Fred J Fairfld Evergreen Pk-7751 Heim Wm 9522 Campbell.. Evergreen Pk-7304 Hein Lillian th ct.. ~...Oak Lawn-466 Heine Arthur B 9730 Millard.. Evergreen Pk-8474 Heinen Michael L, 9822 Lawndle... Evergreen Pk-8542 Heitner Nellie Sawyer.. Evergreen Pk-9016 Heitner Walter W 9435 Sawyer. Evergreen Pk-8991 Heitz Chas 9827 S Melvina... ~. Oak Lawn-2129 Hejna Steve D Lawndle. Evergreen Pk-7l35 Helberg V 9240 S Trumbull... Evergreen Pk-8167 Helbig Elmer J 9712 W Shore...Oak Lawn-l384 Helbing Lee C 9308 S, 54th ct.. Oak Lawn-496 Held David M Rev 9407 S 51st Oak Lawn-2036 Held Fred W 9650 Merrimac Oak Lawn-2741 Helder Peter F Marlon Oak Lawn-llS4 Hellman John L 8730 Troy Evergreen Pk-8425 Hellmuth John J ins 5751 W 89th pl......oak Lawn-2095 Helmer Theo R 9247, 50th Av.... Oak Lawn-1l90 Helstein Ed 6831 W96th Oak Lawn-2368-J-l Helstern Andrew J contr 6005 W 95th. Oak Lawn-821 HEUTERN & JOHNSON contrs, 6005 W 95th. Oak Lawn-821 Helstern WmE S Homan~Evergreen Pk-8372 Helstrom Harold, B 5128 Oak Center....Oak Lawn-2733 Hemm John th......Oak Lawn-2144 Hendee Paul J Roberts. Oak Lawn~454--J-2 Henderson AllJeri.F 994 t Elm Circle.Oak Lawn-2782

14 24 H,EN-HOF,, Henderson Herbert Central Pk. Evergreen Pk-6842 Henderson Leon A 9604, 49th ct.,.oakli3.wn-l099 Henderson Omer C W 90th PI. Evergreen Pk-72I4 Henderson Oscar B 5419 Edison..Oak Lawn-1621 Henderson Raymond,9309 Tully.:.. Oak Lawn-l78 Henaerson WalterW 4213 W 99th,oOak Lawn-3488 Hendricks Wm S 9123 S 520 Oak Lawn-599 Hendriksen Fred W,....,., 9344 Sayer. Oak Lawn-2800-J-2 Heniff Eloy W 4116 W 100th... OakLawn:.3933 Heniff Robt 2720 W 89th pi... EvergreenPk-7060 Henkel Robt 6305 W 95th Oak Leiwn~3564 Henle Karl R 2732 W 98th pl.. Evergreen Pk~7748 Henley John 9430 S 73d.. Oak Lawn-1566-J-l Henley Marshall 6124 W 99th... Oak Lawn-1207 Henning Edw E 9305 Utica... Evergreen Pk-7661 Henninger Evelyn., Merrimac Oak Lawn-1575-J~2 Hennip David 103d & 81st. Oak Lawn-2553-J-l Hennip Marie 9735 S Harlem. Oak Lawn-1404-J-l Henschel Herbert i0333 Mayfld.Oak Lawn-2812-J~1 Hense Augusta 9126,54th.. ~..Oeik Lawn-1870 Hense Max 9222, 53d..... Oak L:awn-190 Hensel Herman 6828 W 96th Pl Oak Lawn..:I529-J-2 Hensei Margarete...., 9812S Artesian... Evergreen Pk-1849,Henshaw Walter A 9222 Turner. Evergreen Pk-8055, Hensley Clarence 9446, 54th Av.,.. Oak Lawn-615 HENSLEYS 5c TO 1.00 STORE, 5217 W95th. Oak Lawn-ll35 Henthorne Robt L5030 Elm Circle. Oak Lawri-3730 Heppner Fred Jr 4955 W 91st pl... Oak Lawn-6~6 Herbold Ed R 98MS Millard.. Evergreen Pk~6630 Herbold H Mrs., S Francisco Evergreen P.k~2956 Herbs Royal Blue Store!..,..., 9611 Southwest Hwy. Oak Lawn-236 Herholzer Wm J 9533 S 53d Av.. Oak Lawn-3310 Herman Clem R 8145 State...Oak Lawn-2407-J-l Herman Folke100th & Roberts.Oak Lawn-2378-J-2 Herman John 9615 Melvina Oak Lawn Hermann Wm 9617 S Brandt. ". Oak Lawn-868 Hermanson Harry 5124 Oak Center :Oak Lawn-273I Herndon John S Calif... Evergreen Pk:.71l6 Herr Eugene C 9606 Maplewd-.Evergreen Pk~9045 Herriott Ivan 9341, 54th....Oak Lawn-1268 Hertel. Raymond E 9646 S 50th ct..oak Lawn-505 Hertwig W R 9622 Troy E:vergreen Pk:-7808 Herzing Edw 8328; 77th ct Oak Lawn J-2 Hess A R 6842 W 95th Oak Lawn-2577-J-l Hess Otto 8859 Sacrmnto... Evergreen Pk-8653 Hessling Harry.6721 W 91st..Oak Lawn~1727:J:-l HESTER CABINET &.MILL mill wk 9549 S. Richmond. Evergreen Pk-7504 Hettinger Norman Trumbulr.... EvergreenPk-8009 Heuss Henry C 2860 W97th pl. Evergreen Pk-8143 Hewitt Chas 6125 W 95th. Oak Lawn-2141 Hewitt Dolph.. 104th & Southwest Hwy. Oak l,.awn-1963-j-i Heyer Writ 9336 S Homan... Evergreen Pk-8494 Heywood Harry S 8119 W 83d. OakLawn-2304-J-l Hiatt Robt E 4810 W 102d Oak Lawn-3689 Hickey Edgar P 9703 East Shr dr. Oak Lawn.~192. Hickey John J 9917 Elm Circle. Oak Lawn-2766 Hickey Ralph C 2729 W98th Evergreen Pt<-8182 Hickey Stephen 9240, 54th ; Oak Lawn-963 Hickeys Tavern 8600 W 95th... Oak Lawn-9342 Hickok Richard J 9121 S Monitor. Oak Lawn~878 Hickory Farm TapRm & Restrnt W 95th 0" Oak Lqwn-1402-J-l Hickory Hills Golf Club 8201 W 95th Oak Lawn-189 HicksJesse 6811 W 97th...Oak Lawn-1579-J-l Hidalgo Mike W 97th pl.. Evergreen Pk-2925 Higgens Virginia Mrs S Richmond, Evergreen Pk-6766 Higginbotham L L 9541 S Moody. Oak Lawn-1253 Higgins Errol 97i9 S 51st.....Oak Lawn-668 Higgins Harry B 9238 S 53d....Oak Lawn-l13 HighlandE K 5403 W 96tli....Oak Lawn-2007 Hildebrand Earl C 3512 W 97th. Evergreen Pk-7024 Hilfiker Everett S 2748 W 89th pi......evergreen Pk-8019 Hilgendorf Arthur 9700 Cook....Oak Lawn,,61 Hilger Jas 9422 S 54th Ct... ;... Oak Lawn-29 Hill Alice Turner..... Evergreen P~-7l32 Hill BenF 4321 W 99th Oak Lawn~3517 Hill Clarence 5640 W 89th Oak Lawn-2223 Hill Fredk H 9606 Tully..,...Oak Lawn-910 Hill Jesse M 9629 Brandt... Oak Lawn-342 Hill John 4934 W 91st PI. Oak Lawn-3506 Hill M E 9644 Tully.....Oak Lawn-869 Hill Roland G9352S 55th Av Oak Lawn-3917 Hill Rowland L S 52d Av Oak Lawn-3977 Hill Thos R Rev S Francisco.... EvergreenPk-7l07 Hill Top Inn 85th & Roberts.. Oak Lawn-1459-J-l Hillard Edw 4213 W 99th PI Oak Lawn-3769 Hillbloom Eric 6801 W 95th pl.oak Lawn-1558-J-2 Hillman David I< 5133 W 99th...Oak Lawn-277l Hillstrom Harry E.. 104th & 88th Av :Oak Lawn-1701:J-l Hilltop Farm Feed Co. Ridglnd nr 103d. Oak Lawn-b85 HILLTOP HEATING & SHT METAL SERVICE 2820 W 101st Pl.... Evergreen Pk-8047 HINES EDW LBR CO 2601 W 95th. Evergreen Pk~7117 Hinkel John J5133 W100th Oak Lawn-3978 Hinkel Robt P 9121 S 54th,Oak Lawn-307 Hinrichs Wm P 9148 Albany Evergreen Pk-697l Hiorns Henry A 9526 West Shr dr.. Oak Lawn-457 Hiorns Robt H 9335 S Trumbull. Evergreen Pk-3074 Hipskind Philip J 9519 S Campbell.... Evergreen Pk-8215 Hirsch Emil 8853 S Central.:..., Oak Lawn-3729 Hirsch Emil 8804 S Sacrmnto.. Evergreen Pk-86l4 Hiskes Harold 9914 St Louis Evergreen Pk-90ll Histed Ralph T 5525 W 92d. ~ Oak Lawn-3297 HitchcockJohn 4905 W 85th,.Oak Lawn-1777-J-l Hitchner Lewis C Dr Harnew East. Oak Lawn-3910 Hjelm Martin 9711 S Merrimac...Oak Lawn-451, Hladik Anton 9604 McVicker Oak Lawn-323 Hladik Fred 6041 W 99th.....Oak Lawn-1261 Hlavek Frank Jr Sacrmnto... Evergreen Pk-7375 Hlevyack Irene 5816 Lynwd... ;. Oak Lawn-2069 Hnetkovsky Jos 4718 W 98th...,Oak Lawn-1603 Hockinson,John L 6907 W 95th PI.Oak Lawn_2801-J-l HodgeArthur Melvina. Oak Lawn-1539-J-2 Hodge. Burnett M 5701 W 87th pl.. Oak Lawn-2269 Hodge Mary E 2729 W 98th... Evergreen Pk-8182 Hodgson Thos E 9104 S Troy.. Evergreen Pk-naB Hoeger John C 9605 S50th ct.... Oak LawrT_916 Hoeger Walter 9236, Menard... Oak Lawn-2193 Hoehn Chas SCalif... Evergreen Pk-7895 Hoekstra Marion L 97th& Troy. Evergreen Pk-7277 Hoekstra Sam 2835 W 95th..Evergreen Pk-8635 Hoenecke Edw H., ~ th Ct.... Oak Lawn-1740-J-l Hoeper Aug 7013 W 95th pi.. Oak Lawn-1519-J-2 Hoerter Wm W Richmond. Evergreen Pk-6787 HoeyL D Harnew West... :. Oak Lawn-3973 Hoff Carl 9141 S 5!th Ct... Oak Lawn-3704 Hoff Virginia S Pkside.; Oak Lawn-1044 Hoffenkamp John..... ".. ",... ; McVickers. Oak Lawn-2468-J-2 Hoffman Frank J 9823 S McVicker. Oak Lawn:-Z162 HoffmanGeo 9742 S53d Av, Oak Lawn-&96 Hoffman Mathias J DDS 9507 Cook. Oak Lawn-2212 Hoffman Peter W 95th Evergreen Pk-3062 Hoffmann Fred 9653 Ridgwy Evergreen Pk-770b Hoffner H A 9430 S Francisco. Evergreen Pk-7938 Hofstetter A LMrs /2W87th., Evergreen Pk~3156 Hogue Harry P 4201 W 103d...Oak Lawn-925 Hohmann Edw.. 98th PI & 86th Av_ Oak Lawn~1932":J.":2 Hajek Mabel A W 95th..Evergreen Pk-7042 Hoker Jas 9220 Mayfld Oak Lawn-2228 Holba John T 9630 Ridgewy Evergreen Pk-6510 Holda Robt 9156 S Spldng Evergreen Pk-9083 Hollan,d Cha,s J 9546 Sawyer.. Evergreen Pk-9082 Holm Harold C 9339 Clifton Pk. Evergreen Pk-7404 Holman Margaret W 95th Pl..... ~Evergreen Pk~8479 Holmberg Robt A 4947 Spring...Oak Lawn-3556 Holmes Martin 9807 Normandy.Oak Lawn-1468-J-2, Holt Kenneth L 92i7 SHaman. EvergrE:!en Pk:-7780 Holt Thos R 9230 SHaman.. " EvergreenPk-8307 Holtmann Harold J 9733 S 52d Av. Oak Lawn-3284 Holtrop Elmer 7000 W 95th.. Oak Lawn-144~J-2 Holtz Harry G 9137 S 52d.. "...Oak Lawn-623 Holwerda John 9435 S Albany. ; Evergreen Pk-7056 Holy Redeemer Schl, Millard.... Evergreen Pk-B280 Holyoke Ralph 7015 W 100th. Oak Lqwn-1711-J-l HolzWalter 5831 W 89th.....Oak Lawn-2l18 Homan Wm 9810 Moody... OakLawn-1062 Homkes Bartell J S Millard.. Evergreen Pk-7070 Hommes Henry J,, 9301 S Central Pk. Evergreen Pk~7018 Hommes John Calif. EvergreenPk-7319 Hondo Frank 8523 S 77th ct..oak Lawn-2338-J-2 Honey J S CentraL. ",OakLawn-l082 Honor Harold L DDS, 3411 W 95th..... ". Evergreen Pk-7528 res 9623 STray Evergreen Pk-7526 Hoogstra Jacob 8901 S Albany. Evergreen Pk Hook Norman R., S Francisco :. Evergreen Pk-7644 Hooker Robt A 4125 W 99th Oak Lawn-948 Hope Leonard i0340. S KomenskY. Oak Lawn-39B2 Hopkins Herbert G 9516, 53d...Oak Lawn-255 Hopkins J.ohn P 9340, 50th.. : Oak Lawn-54 Hopper Lou M 8611 S Central. Oak Lawn-2305-J-l Horn ehas R 5921 W 89th Pl.... Oak Lawn~1041 Horn Herbert 8817 S Talman Evergreen Pk-8979 Horn Walter J 4904 Spring Oak Lawn-3303 Hornof Clara 9221, - 52d.....Oak Lawn-3793 Hornof Clarence 9330 S 51st... Oak Lawn-2622 Hornstein Sheppard. Y Harnew West;... Oak Lawn-1633 Hamill Thos F 9322 S Spldng..Evergreen Pk-7422 Horton Roland F 9200 S Monitor. Oak Lawn~1l80 Horvath Frank 9615 S 53d :Oak Lawn-2242 Horvath Rudolph H 4040 W 99th PI.Oak Lawll-2698 Hosmann Aug 9236 S 501h....Oak Lawn-2176 Hosmann Edw 9433 S 52d.... Oak Lawn~l Hosmann Fred Roberts....Oak Lawn-2459-J-2,Hough John M 2811 W 98th.. Evergreen Pkc7946 Hough Myrtle 2605 W 89th. Evergreen Pk-7770 House Vern D,9219 Utica.,. Evergreen Pk~7741 Hovey C F Austin Oak Lawn-2158 :HoveyFloyd 9602 S Western. Evergreen Pk-7629 Howard Eugene S 5019 W 99th... Oak~awn-3359 Howard Olive M Mrs " W 90th.. Evergreen Pk-8257 Howard Wm A 9824 S Sayre Oak lawn-1907:.j-2 Howatt Alex 9328 Minnick> " Oak Lawn-106 HOF..,..HUN25 Howatt LeRoy 9341 Homan...Evergreen Pk-9003 Howden R W.8631 Normandy. Oak Lawn-1435-J-l HowellA!bert 9400 S Ho.man... Evergreell PI{-6874 Howell DeanS 9207 S Sawyer. EvergreenPk_6727 Howell Noble 8621 Natchez.. Oak Lawn-17l4~J-2 Hoyler Robt B 9537 S Harding.. Evergreen Pk-8I97 Hreben Louis 9245 Utica... Evergreen Pk-8566 Hren Louis S Harlem " Oak Lawn-2491-J-2!lruby Albert G 9620 Springfld. Evergreen Pk-8636 Hubacek Frank 4109 W99th...,Oak Lawn-2244 Hubacher Wm 2605 W 89th pi. Evergreen Pk-8727 H!Jbbard Robt 8338, 77th... Oak Lawn-2337-J-l Hubbs Clarence W 9155, 50th... Oak Lawn-l06 Hudson Edw J 9529 S Francisco.,.. Evergreen Pk-7031 Hudson W GJr 5129, 99th Oak Lawn-2775 Huebener,Emma 9525 S Moody Oak Lawn-875 Huenecke Arthur J 88th Av & 98th. Oak Lawn-1948.!J-2 Huff GilbertB 8338 S 78th Oak Lawn-1502-J-l Huff JPaul 4237 W 99th Oak Lawn-441 Huff Wm J 3336 W 95th, Evergreen Pk-6602 Huffman Edgar 8407 S 79th. " Oak Lawn~2461-J-2 HUffman Geo 8559 S 79th... Oak Lawnc2409-J-2 Hughes Dexter 9321 S Central Pk. Evergreen Pk-7473 Hughes Frank 9128 S A,lbany Evergreen.Pk-3042 Hughes Geo 9525 Richmond Evergreen Pk-7358 Hughes John 9801 Washington... Oak Lawn-1220 Hughes Myrtle C 9517 Central..,.. Oak Lawn-813. Hughes Oil Co 121 Wacker DrChgo, Enterprise-212.L Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls Hughes P A 106th Kastner Oak Lawn-1201 Hughes R,L 2612 W 96th PI... Evergreen Pk-7614 Hughes Richard J Turner. Evergreen Pk-7418 Hughes Robt J Harnew rd West Oak Lawn-3589 Hughes T F 9310, 54thAv Oak Lawn-3305 Huisenga Harry 3448 W 99th.. Evergreen Pk-782I Huisenga JOhn Kedzie.. Evergreen Pk-7l8S Huisman Benj Maplewd.. Evergreen Pk-B966 HUIZENGA G HARRY 2930 W 95th..... Evergreen Pk-8600 Huizenga Harry G contr 2900 W 97th Pl Evergreen Pk-B680 Huizenga John 9400 S 54th Ct,., Oak Lawn-260B Huizenga John 9334 S Turner.. Evergreen Pk-6753 Huizenga Homan. Evergreen Pk-7199 Huizenga Nm 9550 SCalif... Evergreen Pk-6830 Huizinga Richard 9201, 54th... Oak Lawn-807 Hulka Rudolph A St Louis... Evergreen Pk-85ll Hull Homer 9823 Marion, Oak Lawn-3525 Hull Robt 9615 STray Evergreen Pk-8792 Hull Thos J 4020 W 99th pl.... Oak Lawn-2688 Hull Wm E 4820 W 96th pl... Oak Lawn-ll96 Hullinger Howard F 4228 W 100th. Oak Lawn-3773 Hullinger John H 4128 W 100th OakLawn-3918.Hultgen Francis F 9543 S 51st. Oak Lawn-1809 Hulton Eliz 8752 $ 5acrmnto Evergreen Pk-2945 Hume J B 9133 Monitor Oak Lawn-1858 Humphrey Harold 4822 Paxton Oak Lawn-682 Huneryager Geo E Millard.... Evergreen Pk:.8931 Hunt Edw J 6801 W 97th pl Oak Lawn-2365-J-2 Hunt Geo F 9201 Spaulding.Evergreen Pk-6985 HuntHoward F 3456 W 96th Evergreell Pk-6888 Hunt Jas B 9430 Central Pk EvergreenPk-7259 Hunt Marge 9801 Minnick.....Oak Lawn-l96 Hunt Robt 5105 W 100th Oak Lawn-823 Hunter Ro.bt 6759 W 91st PI. Oak Lawn-2478-J-l Hunter Robt I 8836 Richmond. Evergreen Pk~8703 HuntiligtonE 9531 STray... EvergreenPk-6857

15 Evergreen Evergreen 0 Kaczmarek Oak Oak 0 0 Oak Oak Oak 26 HUN;,;..JOH Huntington Earle C..,..,." " "9621 S Merrimac;,.Oak Lawn-297 Huntress Donald L 9607 Merton.. Oak Lawn-l13:j. Hunziker Walter B W 100tn,Oak Lal.{n-3536 Hurlock Richard J, 9625 Brandt... :Oak Lawn-904 Hurwich Benj.9530 Kedzie... Evergreen Pk-7253 Husak Jas Frank ", 9224 S Trumbull....Evergreen Pk-7040 Husch Jas V 8379 S 79thAv.. Oak Lawn-2462-J-2 Huske Aileen 9125 Utica Evergreen Pk-77l0 HuskeBarney 9417S Trumbull.Eyergreen Pk-7963 Huske Geo M9311 S Homan.. Evergreen Pk-7628 Hutchinson John 2917 W 101st pl...evergreen Pk-8027 IdzikWalter 9147S 55th OakLawn-1322 Ignowski Arnold D, 8552 S 79th ct Oak Lawn~2363~J~2 Ihrig Reibt 4944, Paxton Oak Lawn-3479 ILL BELL TELEPHONE CO Business office 4918 W.95th..Oak Lawn-9981 Illinois Saddle Horse Sales Co,. 103d & Cork. Oak Lawn-1982-J-l Illinois SportService Inc S Cicero. Oak Lawn~479 III Wrecking Co 9444 S Harlem...Oak Lawn-1231 Imholt Richard 6965 W95th. Oak Lawn~2373-J-2 Ingersoll F 9732 S Tully Oak Lawn-8IS Ingerson Philip 4825, W 96th...Oak Lawn-1l43 Instone John F 9536 Avers.. :. Evergreen Pk-68,23 Ipema Edw 10lsi ;OakLawn-1593-J~2 IPEMAS DEPT STORE,~, 9717 Southwest Hwy :Oak.Lawn-53 IRENES SERVICE ista " 106th & Cicero. Oak Lawn-9317 Ireton Edwin 8729 Francisco, Evergreen Pk-6812 Irwin Donald H 4820 W 91st pl.. OakLawn-1I39 Irwin Jas J Harnew East... Oak Lawn-3619 Isaacson Carl 8724 Mozart...Evergreen Pk-9136 Isenberg Willard 9624 Merton...OakLawn-2031 Iwanski Chester 9421 S 55th. ".. Oak Lawn-lI72 Iwanski Jerome J 9527 S McVickers.Oak Lawn-3507 Iwema John S,Tripp OakLawn-2664,J J& K Food Mart 6133 W 95th...,.Oak Lawn-1I9 J & MBLDR;S 9656 Richmond.. Evergreen Pk-7989 Jabaay Albert Rev S Homan Evergreen Pk-7283 Jabaay Stanley 9351 S Albany.. Evergreen Pk-6946 Jachim S L,5445 Edison...,..., Oak Lawn-3775 Jackson Geo 8306 Mansfld Oak Lawn-1737-J-l Jackson Marshall B 9218 :s Turner EvergreenPk-8450 Jacob Thos 103d & Roberts Oak Lawn-1769-J~2 Jacobs Robt8549 La Trobe Oak Lawn-2317-J-l Jacobs Robt2736 W 96th PI.. Evergreen Pk~6816 Jacobsen Arthur P Nottingham...Oak Lawn-1521-J-l, Jacobsen Harry A,, 3545 W 98th : Evergreen Pk~8123 Jacobson F B 9648, 49th.....Oak Lawn-839 Jacques Ellen 9602 S T!oy...Evergreen Pk-7517 Jaeger John fruit 7127 Wl00th...,...Oak Lawn-1520-J-l Jaeger Vera Mrs 8901 W 95th. Oak Lawn-2312-J-l Jaeger Walter C 9851 S Ridgwy, Evergreen Pk~8438 Jager Abel 9310 S Sacrmnto.., EvergreenPk-7461,Jager Henry G 9334 S Turner.. Evergreen Pk-6827 Jager John 99th pi & Roberts. Oak Lawn~2378-J-l Jager Jos Homan..... Evergreen Pk~7634 Jaklich Eugene 9042S 49th Ct... Oak Lawn-3605 Jaklich Frank 9047 S 50th ct..,...oak Lawn-726 I JakubicChas 78th Ct & 95th;. Oak Lawn-1787~J-l Jakubowski Alex 9315 Troy Evergreen Pk~8326 JamesEliz M,.9732 Melvina Oak Lawn-3457 JanachowskiAI 9729 Marion ; Oak Lawn-3113 JancaPhyllis8547 S McVickers.Oak Lawn-252i-J-l Janecek Mathew 4929 Spring,.,.,,OakLawn-524 Janicki Helen 2613 W 98th EvergreenPk-91I4, Janis Jos F 6812 W 97th Janisch Michael Oak Lawn-1585-J-2 " 6847 W 95th PI. Oak Lawn-2586-J-i Jans Clarence 8601 Latrobe Oak Lawn-2317-J-2 Jansen Henry 6502 W 93d~ Oak Lawn-1743::J-l Janssen Emily 9318 Sawyer,Evergreen Pk-9126 JanusChas 9800 S Sayre.; OakLawn-17l0-J-l Jarasek Chas 9701 S 50th ct. ; Oak Lawn-998 Jarchow Harold 9541 Marion Oak Lawn-3399 Jarl Theo M 5105 Oak Center Oak Lawn-2078 Jarmen Ray L 95~9 Campbell.. Evergreen Pk-817l Jarnell Edw Central, Oak Lawn-1552-J-l Jasnocha Mary 5911 W 88th PI... oak Lawn-1324 Jatis Jos P,2731 W 97th... Evergreen Pk-8127 Jauchzer Jensen Lucille Mrs 9512 Minnick..... Oak Lawn-1039 Jeberjahn FW 4819 W 96th pi.... Oak Lallin-490 JEBERJAHN RETA childs apparl 4851 W 95th Oak Lawn-74 JedelskyJno 9530 Spldng Evergreen Pk-7805 Jelley Robt J 9510 Mansftd Oak Lawn-2245 Jeildrysik Anton 2737 W 89th.. Evergreen Pk-8381 Jensen Bart 9704 S Calif Evergreen Pk:6786 Jensen Chris 5510 W 95th Oak Lawn~544 Jensen Chris Jr 9105 S 53d Jensen Christ Oak Lawn W 96th pl Oak Lawn-2444~J-2 Jensen Dorothy 5225, 93d... Oak Lawn-403 Jensen Fred 7005 W 96th...Oak Lawn~236B-J:2 Jensen Fred H 4829 W 91stpl Oak Lawri-939 Jensen Hans 3258 W 97th Evergreen Pk:8739 Jensen Harvey J 9752 Meade Oak Lawn-2174 Jensen John 9317 S 51st. Oak Lawn-207 Jensen Julius D Mayfld.; Oak Lawn-21 JENSENS FLORAL & LANDSCAPING SERVICE 9800 S Western Jerozal Stanley Evergreen Pk~8170, 9618 S Richmond Evergreen Pk-7964 JerpeLothar D 9603 S TroY.. Evergreen Pk-8726 Jerrems Raymond 9741, 54th Av...Oak Lawn-567 Jesinger Wm 8530 W 87th,.. Oak Lawn-1910-J-l Jessie Chas R,8856 S Calif Evergreen Pk-9149, Jilek Pearl Mrs 9641 Pkside JIMSSERVICE ISTA Oak Lawn-U58 Soutl:Jwest Hwy & Merrimac, Oak Lawn-51I If no answer call,, Oak Lawn-412 JIMS TAP ROOM 5220 W 95th JinesRaymond Oak Lawn-9334, 8844 S Richmond Evergreen Pk-8155 Joes Place tavrn 5640 W 87th.. Oak Lawn:9335 Joet Five Hour Clnrs 3925 W 95th. Evergreen Pk-6791 Johanson Karl E 8532 Major..Oak Lawn-1480-J-l Johns Food Mart 9700 Melvina.. Oak Lawn-9363 Johns Wm R 4329-W 99th Oak Lawn-3922 Johnson Anton F " 8859 S Washtenaw.. ;.. Evergreen Pk-7368 Johnson Arthur J 9544 S Marion. Oak Lawn-2059 Johnson Arthur L 8820 Richmond Evergreen Pk-9146 Johnson Arthur L Jr 9224 S 55th CLOak Lawn-474 Johnson Axel E 8340 S77th Av.Oak Lawn-2337~J-2 Johnson Bror M 9835 S Avers. Evergreen Pk-8623 JohnsonCL 5635 W 81st PI. Oak.Lawn-1475~J-l Johnson Carl V 2630 W 97th pi. Evergreen Pk-8231, JohnsonChas Mayftd.... Oak Lawn-1211 Johnson Delaine C 9121 UtiCa.. Evergreen Pk-8929 Johnson E Bcarpcontr ".."..,,, 8401 Major.Oak Lawn-1751-J-l...JohnsonEdw 9730 S Minnick...Oak Lawn-840 Johnson Edw L 972.\l Cook...Oak Lawn~949 Johnson Edw W 2641 W 90th EvergreenPk-8408 Johnson Elmer A th.Oak Lawn-1274 Johnson Elmer S SSt Louis... Evergreen Pk~8877 Johnson Eric A Jr Utica 0 Pk-8076 Johnson Ernest H W 90th. EvergreenPk-3029 Johnson Evelyn B 9733, 53d ;.Oak Lawn~1681 JDHHSONFLYINGSCHL S Harlem. Oak Lawn-9396 Johnson Fredk Hamlin.. Evergreen Pk-8424 Johnson G Herbert Ridgeway... Evergreen Pk-8128 Johnson Geo 5300,W 95th 0., 0 Oak L,awn-3535 Johnson Geo A 9939 Trumbull.. Evergreen Pk-7588 Johnson Geo E 9637 S Harding. Evergreen Pk-6983 Johnson Gordoh F 9120 Monitor... Oak Lawn-792 Johnson Gunnar H 2717 W 89th.Evergreen Pk-7670 Johnson H E 5824 Lynwd : 0 Oak, Lawn~1262 Johnson Harold tj224 S Mayfld Oak Lawn-37l0,Johnson Harold S 9811 Normandie. Oak Lawn-147l-J~1 Johnson Herman 9058S MeadoOakLawn-2446~J-l Johnson Howard B., S 75thCt. Oak Lawn-1927-J":l JOH-KAS 27, Jorgensen Alex 0, Marion. Oak Lawn-2834-J-2 Jorgensen Ralph 9132 Mayfld...Oak Lawn~3719 Jorgensen Truman 9104 Utica,. Evergreen Pk-3141 Jorgensen Walter A 9305 S 54th Ct. Oak Lawn-889 Jom Arthur C 9415 Minnick., Oak Lawn~63 Josma Stephen Poultry & Eggs 2917 W 102d... ;.. Evergreen Pk-7009 Joy Archie Mrs McVickers.. OakLawn-1628 Joyce Walter 9810 Merrimac...Oak Lawn Jozwiack Dominic 9316 S Sacrmnto Evergreen Pk-6979 Juds Alfred P 9547 Harlem.. 0 Oak Lawn-2473-J-2 Julian Angelo 8700 W 103d.. Oak Lawn-1934-J-2 Julian Welding Wks 9754 Southwest Hwy Oak Lawn-2266 Julien Carl W 9219, 52d 0 Lawn-1352 Julien Marshall A Cook..,Oak Lawn-573 Juneman Jas E 4200 W 99th PI Oak Lawn-3362 Juracek Adam 6424 W 85th.. Oak Lawn-2490-J-l Juraska Albin M 9600 Moody.. 0 Lawn-2008 Jurich Anthony 5610 W 88th PI. 0 Oak Lawn-3405 JurinekJohn 8635 S Menard, Oak Lawn-2436-J-l. Jurkiewicz Maria H Tully.: Oak Lawn-135 Johnson Hugo 9817 Hamlin. EvergreenPk-8264 Johnson I S th 0 ; : Oak LaWn~3888 Johnson Joel 9715 S Merrimac... ;Oak Lawn-926 Johnson John J Harnew Rd. Oak Lawn~3554 Johnson John W Marion...OakLawn-1045 Kabala Adam S 5720 W 90th 0 Lawn-2249 Johnson June 9613 Ridgelnd....Oak Lawn-1645 Kacena Jos 2721 W 89th Evergreen Pk-8831 Johnson Karl G 9320 Francisco. Evergreen Pk-9042 Kacer John E9531 S Harding. Evergreen Pk~8269 Johnson Leonard Stanley 9306 S Harlem Oak Lawn-1755 J S 78th Ct. Oak Lawn-2460-J-l Johnson Leroy 4017 W 99th..,. Oak Lawn~3931 Kaczmarski Sig 9838 Hamlin,.. Evergreen Pkc6987 Johnson Orville 9633 S 50th ct...oak Lawn-1208 Kadansky Jos S Millard... Evergreen Pk-6656 Johnson Oscar H 9258 Sacrmnto.Evergreen Pk-3037 Johnson Oscar R 9811 S Moody.. Oak Lawn~2263 Kaecker Henry e Kaestner Henry 9322 Turner.Evergreen Pk-9186., Johnson Oscar S 9517 Merrimac Oak Lawn~ S Harlem..,... Oak Lawn-2316-J-2 Johnson Philip S 49th Oak Lawn-3474 KafkaWm, 9755 Lawnd1l.le... Evergreen Pk-8259 Johnson Ray 9641, S Cook..,.... Oak Lawn-1343 Kahle Phil 8647 Austin..... Oak Lawn-1481~J-l Johnson Raymond A Kilhnweiler Deane B 9251 S 50th AVoOak Lawn S Homan..c Evergreen Pk-7539 Kaiser Herbert R 9201 S Utica, Evergreen Pk-8880 Johnson Raymond D th...Oak Lawn-833 Kalberg Ivar 9333 S Albany.. Evergreen Pk-7373 Johnson Robt 9113 S Troy Evergreen Pk-3165 Kalbfell Chas E. Johnson Robt E 4952 PaXton :. Oak Lawn Merrimac.:... Oak Lawn~1472-J-l John~on Sherwood H Kalis ehas S 9252 S 78th Av.. Oak Lawn-2391~J-l, Southwest Hwy.OakLawn-2655 KaUas ErnesfJ4241 W 99th pl...oak Lawn-364 Johnson Stewart Lawler. Oak Lawn-2484~J-2 Kallemeyn Henry E., Johrison Toge, 2655 W 98th pl...,.. Evergreen Pk S Campbell EvergreenPk-7383 Kallesis Harry G 9636S 49th... Oak Lawn-1l94 Johnson Walter 9634 SAustin.,. Oak Lawn-884 Kalsted Harry C 9319 Tully.....Oak Lawn-1233 JohnsonWalter E 9341 S CentraIPk... 0 Pk~7475 Kaluzny John S 5904 W Lynwd...Oak Lawn-3823 Kamin Kenneth C Johnson Walter H 9105 Albany, Evergreen Pk LS Richmond.,... Evergreen pk-7899 Johnson WmA 9748 Austin Oak Lawn~2104 Kammerer H 9709 Minnick..... OakLawn~514 Johnson Wm C 2612 W 90th pl. Evergreen Pk~7606 Kamp Jennie 9823, 53d; Oak Lawn-1320 Johnson Wm K 9728 Eastern.. Oak Lawn-1470:-J-l Kamp W 9726 S Kedzie.. " Evergreen Pk-7202 Johnson Wm T 9633 S Harding. Evergreen Pk-6970 Kamrath Herman A 9712 S 50th 0 Lawn-U65 Johnson Woody 103d & Ridgelnd.. Oak Lawn~3648 Kane Jas A 4028 W 100th Oak Lawn-3756 Joint Evelyn 8!l25 S 79th...Oak Lawn-2462-J-l Kane Patk 5812 W 90th ; Oak Lawn-2614 Jonaitis,Mary M,. "..., Kaneer J W 9813 S Natoma.. OakLawn-1469-J~ Massasoit Oak Lawn-2494-J-2 Kaneski EdW J S. Utica Evergreen Pk-8008 :J()nes D L 91st & 77th ". Oak Lawn~ Kaplan SaymourR DDS.... JonesFloyd 5751 W 87th pi...,..oak Lawn lJ2 W 95th. Evergreen Pk-6684 Jones Guy 8301 S Roberts...Oak Lawn-2P90-J~2 Kapsch Francis 4933 Paxtori... Oak Lawn-2777 Jones Harold B Maj."..... Kara Albert J 8719 S Sacrmnto. Evergreen Pk Utica,..IEvergreenPk-9087 KarloJos Mrs 2839 W 97th Evergreen Pk Jones Mary 9711 Tully; :. Oak Lawn-3839 Karlson G E Mrs 2651 W 97th.. Evergreen Pk-7050 Jones Melvin 5701 W 90th pl...qak Lawn-1885 KarnikEdw J 8423, 79th ct. 0 Lawn-2397-J-2 Jones R L 9820 Warren Oak Lawn-2004 KarremanJack G 9229 S Monitor. 0 Oak Lawn-314 Jones Ralph Q 2705 W 98th...Evergreen Pk-6932 Kasch Walter 5500 W 91st... ;..,Oak Lawn~540 Jones Wm 9631 Cook.. :...,. Oak Lawn-970 Kasey John A Roberts & 92d.. Oak Lawn-1788-J-l Jonsson Nils Harnew East.. Oak Lawn~3652 Kasiewicz Ethel 9526 Central... Oak Lawn-2165 Jordan JohnF KasmerchakVeria E 9118 S Spaulding...,Evergreen Pk ,Austin....Oak Lawn-1427-J-l Jordan Raymond 2741 W 89th.. Evergreen Pk-3024 Kaspar ElmerE Avers... EvergreenPk-8638

16 28 KA5-KLO Kerrigan Jas A, Francisco. EvergreenPk-6915 Kaspar Frank 3553 W 98th... Evergreen Pk-8428 Kerrigan Jas E 9977 Elm Circle...Oak Lawn-424 Kasper Edw G 2652 W 90th pi. Evergreen Pk-7931 KERWINS DELCTSN. Kasper John E th ct. Oak Lawn~ W 95th Evergreen Pk-9236 Kass Leopold th...Oak Lawn~2006 Ke51in Geo J acrmnto. Evergreen Pk-3191 Kastran Geo G th av...oak Lawn-2065 Kestner Paul 9144 Albany... Evergreen Pk-8493 Kats Hse Raisers & Movers KET.DHAMFUNERAL CHAPEl W HIth..... Worth-378-W W 95th Evergreen Pk 7010 Katt Wm H 8401,W 87th...Oak Lawn-1910-J Ketcham Wm J 4200 W 100th... Oak Lawn-3784 Kauffman <:ar17009 W 96th PI. Oak Lawn-2458-J~2 Kettell Thos d....Oak Lawn-2025,Kaufman June L Key Estelle M 5032 Oak Center Oak Lawn W 95th Oak Lawn-2423-J-l Keys Wm,FA025 W 99th Oak Lawn-3927 Kaup Geo A 9556 La Crosse Oak Lawn-1225 Kbbons He ry A th 0 k La 92 K~avaler Lou,s Lamon. Oak Lawn-1777-J-2. n, a wn~ Kiddie Land 4001 W 95th....Oak Lawn-2120 Kavanaugh Eugene 5303 Franklin..OakLawn-l0l0 Kieffer Frank H Kavanaugh & McCarthy attys, Richmond... :.. Evergreen Pk-8898,.,5255 W 95th. OakLawn-2034 Kiehl Geo H 5834 W 89th pi,...oak Lawn-2219 Kavlock Arthur J. Kihlstrom Elmer E, t Louis Evergreen Pk Homan Evergr~en Pk-3123 Kavlock Geo 952S 5 Homan... Evergreen Pk-8126 Kihn Wm P th Av Oak- Lawn-3736 Kaye EdiN 2724 W 98th Evergreen Pk~8~48 Kill Thos W.4305 W 99th Oak Lawn-407 Kaye Howard C Cicero OakLawn-2278 Kincaid F D 9250 Clifton Pk Evergreen Pk Kay-EI Mfg Co burial vaults, Kinderwater N J 9140, 51st. Oak Lawn W 93d.... EvergreenPk-8824 Kazmierowicz Helen th.. Oak Lawn"1239 Kindle Clarence 4416, 103D Kindle Margaret M ;.. Oak Lawn-l061 Keane Patk 2704 W 97th pi... Evergreen Pk Fairfld Evergreen.Pk-8619 Keating Danl D Avers.. Evergreen Pk-6674 Kiner Raymond Albany. Evergreen Pk-7757 Keating Wm H 8610 Lawler.. Oak Lawn-2413-J-2 King Howard H Keating Wm J pumps,.. " Ridgwy Evergreen Pk-8043, tate. OakLawn,~2452-J-2 King Marion 9937 Mc Vickers, Oak Lawn-3797 Keck Robt DDS Spring... Oak Lawn-3262 KING RADIO & TELEnSION SERVICE Keeler Chas 3240 W 97th... Evergreen Pk-7671, 5212 W 95th. OakLawn-1650 Keenan ArthurF awyer. Evergreen Pk Keenan FrancisJ9637 RidgWy. EvergreenPk-8751 Kingsbury Geo Moody.. Oak Lawn-2051 Kingsley Bertha Mrs Keenan John Jr,.," th Av. Oak Lawn th & Central.....Oak Lawn-2305~J-2 Kink Wm A Maplewd... Evergreen Pk-7033 KeepsDonald N 62io W 99th... Oak Lawn-1844 KinsmanJ V 9105 Utica...,.. Evergreen Pk-8028 Keevers Raymond th ct.. ;Oak Lawn-417 Kiphuth Wm Avers.. ;,Evergreen Pk-7613, Keevil FrankA 106th &Oxford.Oak Lawn-1793-J-l KirbyArthurF 9564 Albany... Evergreen Pk-8997 Kehnle Wm C 9401 McVickers...Oak Lawn-1617 Kirch-Frank,A Talman. Evergreen Pk-8611 Keleher Rob{ W 9325 Clifton Pk.Evergreen Pk-8250 Kirchner Jos P 2737 W 90th.. Evergreen Pk-8296 Kellam Fred 9613 Major...,. :.. Oak Lawn"2798 Kirchner Royal P 9333,5proat.,.,Oak Lawn-l098 Kellams Edw L d ct;...oak Lawn-l0l6 Kirk John R8314,5 77th Av... Oak Lawn-1968-J-2 Keller Forest 5706 W 89th pl..,..oak Lawn-1354 Keller John Mrs 9721, 53d...Oak Lawn-753 Kirk Marshall Mozart.. Evergreen Pk-9068 Kirkwood Stephen J Jr.. KELLER LEONARD W 95th. Oak Lawn W 102d. Evergreen Pk:6758 Kelley Calvin 5917 W 88th Pl.... Oak Lawn-1382 Kelley Dorothy E 5938 W 90th pl.. Oak Lawn-764 Kirsch Walter d Ct. Oak Lawn-1917-J-l Kirschbaum Jos 0 Kelley Edw th ct... OakLawn~2440-J-l Homan Evergreen Pk-8065 Kelley Ralph 8915 Austin Oak Lawn-1891 Kirtley Donald E 8700 Mozart. Evergreen Pk-6976 Kelley Wilbur st. Av Oak Lawn-3338 Kitchen Martha 9334 Utica... Evergreen Pk-8639 Kellogg Earl 9619 Francisco Evergreen Pk-8386 Kiyda Peter 90th & Roberts.. Oak Lawn-2562-J-2 Kelly Cephas L Jr 2720 W 97th. Evergreen Pk-7914 Kizaric 5tephen Whol Tobacco Co, KellyD Cfl th Av Oak Lawn-:-259~J-l W 94th, Oak Lawn-2088 Kelly Francis Melvina. ;.:. Oak Lawn-?659 Kjeldsen Juel Ridgwy:. Evergreen Pk-7459 Kelly John E2745 W 89th pi.. Evergreen Pk-8426 Kjell51rom John A pring... Oak Lawn-3285 Kelly Mary M Mrs,,, W 90th PI. Evergreen fk~7605 Klaesi Carl pringfld... Evergreen Pk-7536 Klaus HenryJr Ridgwy.. Evergreen Pk-8163 Kelly Robt E9200 S Menard:... Oak Lawn-:-79;J. Klein Robt Albany. Evergreen Pk-7935 Kelly Thos Turner Evergreen Pk-8593 Klein Rudie th ct Oak Lawn-1342 Kelly Thos D Clifton pk.evergreenpk,:,74:40 KLEINPAISTE.REEDER CO IND Kelsey Frank Moody... Oak Lawn Tully. Oak Lawn-175 Kemmner Wm 9629 Maplewd.. Evergreen Pk~8018 Klemp Jos 9747 Oak Pk Oak Lawn-1998-J-:l Kendall Herman L Cicero.. Oak Lawn-3841 Klepac Clarence W 5359 W Edison, Oak Lawn-3278.Keneipp W Lynwd dr....oak Lawn~1181 Kleven Donald A d ct Oak Lawn-326 KENFRY PHOTO SUPPLIES Klimek Harry proat 6akLawn-1875,3316 W<9~th ;Evergreen Pk-8920 Klimek 5tanley 9721 Ridgelnd.. Oak Lawn-363 Kennedy Raymond J trckg "., Kline RalphW 4916 Paxton Oak Lawn Utica Evergreen Pk-7389 KlinerWalter J F pring Oak Lawn-1276 Kennedy Thos M Mrs 9141 Monitor,. Oak Lawn Klingenmaier Elmer M " Kens Yankee Lounge 525,6 W 95th. Oak Lawn Melvina..... Oak LaWl1~1582-J-2 Kentucky Club 58bO W HIth..., Oak Lawn..900 Klinger ED Homan.... Evergreen Pk~8375 Kenyon ClydeR,2744 W90th pl.evergreen Pk~7906 Klinger W Campbell Oak Lawn-3952, Kerkering Wm J 7129 W Avon. OakLawn-1528-J-2 Klir Robt J 9832 Minnick Oak Lawn-3737 Kerr Jas A 9603.Meade Oak Lawn-2638 KlisGenevieveA Calif.. EvergreenPk-6778 Kerr Lee W Cicero.;:.,.,OakLawn Klomp WmSr 9247 Trumbull.. Evergreen Pk-6792 Klosowski John Calif...-Evergreen.Pk-6936, KLUCIKOWSKI NORBERT M0., W 95th.E,vergreenPk-7750 Klum H F La Crosse....Oak Lawn-225 Klus H J 5125 W 99th OakLawn-2757 Klus ivii.chael Pulaski.". Evergreen Pk-3025 (metty Paul I Mansfld.....Oak Lawn-1478-J-l Knapczyk Henry A, 7307 W 85th. Oak Lawn-1977-J-2 Knapp John 9340 Turner EvergreenPk-6868 Knies Geo J 9307, 51st......Oak Lawn-lOl7 Knies Henry 4908 Paxton... ;... Oak Lawn-1033 Knight Donald 2815 W 97th pl.. E1[ergreen Pk-7929 Knight Earl 0 8,516 5 Nashvle. Oak Lawn-1497-J-l Kniola John 4636 W 98th Oak Lawn-2160 Knippen Frank P Keeler av.oak Lawn-1303 Knippenberg lyliidred, " Oak Pk. Oak Lawn J-2 Knipper Fred Homan.. Evergreen Pk-2902 Knipper Harold W 88th PI.. Oak Lawn-26l7 Knize Duane LeClair.. Oak Lawn-2504-J-l Knize Jos 9233 Raymond.....Oak Lawn-ll46 Knobbe Bernard F 5859 W 90th pl.oak Lawn-1859 Knoblauch Chas Monitor..Oak Lawn-1356 KnoebelAlfred 5121 W 99th : Oak Lawri-3268 Knoll Melvin 8500 W 103d Oak Lawn-14o,9-J~1 Knott Wm J 6825 W 95th:.. Oak Lawn-2449-J-l Knotty Pirie Clnrs 5726 W 87th... Oak Lawn-3462 Knox Sadie 103d Ridgelnd... Oak Lawn-1440-J-l I<nudsen Cedric th Av.Oak Lawn-2384-J-2 Knupke Otto d Av Oak Lawn-3746 Knuth Russell A d ". Oak Lawn-226 Kny Lothar V 6800 W 95th,Oak Lawn-274 Koch LeonardJ 9806 Lawndle,Evergreen Pk-9067 Koch Louisa d...1 Oak Lawn..805 Koch Otto W 9712, 54th.....Oak Lawn~560 Kochinsky Aleck F Hamlin Evergreen Pk-76Il Kocian Frank A S Harding. EvergreenPk-6650 Kocian Jas A 9838 SAvers... Evergreen Pk-7305 Koehl DorothyL 4220 W 99th PI.. Oak Lawn-3436 Koehler Chas 89th- Natoma...Oak Lawn-1768-J-l Koepke Albert,p Jr 9112 Troy.. Evergreen Pk-8192 Koepke Emil 9217 Mayfld Oak Lawn-1605 Koepke Russell C proat Oak Lawn-572 Kohler Jos 5260 Avery pi. : Oak Lawn-2178 Kohs Adolph th Ct Oak Lawn~634 Kohs Hans Kilpatrick...Oak Lawn-2097 Kolacinski John 5915 W 87th...Oak Lawn-1838 Kolar Jas,6530 W Crescent Ct. Oak Lawn-1983-J-2 Kolb ErnesfF th Oak Lawn Kolb Geo th.., Oak Lawn-3590 KoibabCi5tanley McVickers. Oak Lawn-3606 Kole Frank A 2633 W 89th..-.. Evergreen Pk-90Jl Koleno John 8201 W 95th.., Oak Lawn-1799-J-l Koller Erwin 9304 Troy Evergreen Pk-6968 Koller JoeJr 2816 W 99th pi.. Evergreen PK Kollmon Chas L 9230 Austin~...Oak Lawn-1374 Kollpainter Harry J d...Oak Lawn-870 Kolo Ralph acrmnto.. Evergreen Pk-7080 Koloff Frank 8632 S 79th ct.. Oak Lawn-1493-J~1 KoningJohn pldng Konkol Henry8828 Central. Evergreen Pk-7166 Oak Lawn-3739 Konopak John Harnew East. Oak Lawn-3657,K.onrath Frank t Louis. EvergreeriPk-6844 Konrath Louis Ridgelnd...Oak Lawn~512 Kopchak Geo A 2701 W 97th pi. Evergreen Pk-8524 KopeJohn J, 9659 Merrimac. ". Oak Lawn-2l63 KiJpersinith Jos Meade :-Oak Lawn-2445-J-l Kopf Dorothy 77(50, 93d... Oak Lawn-2394-J-l Kopf Kenneth M Raymond av.oak Lawn-488 KoppErnest th ct,oak Lawn-2605 Kopp Wm S Homan...Evergreen Pk-6749 Koppit Wm,Mrs 9629 Millard.,Evergreen Pk-90l8 KILO-KRU 29 Korbakes Mae J Kedzie. Evergreen Pk~8402 Korbar Frank acrmntri., Evergreen Pk-7690 Korcz Elsie Mrs 2828 W 98th pl.evergreen Pk-8287 Kordek Jeanette Washtenaw.... Evergreen Pk-7795 Kordt MargaretA, 9643 Francisco... ;. Evergreen Pk-8860 Koren PeterS th. ". Oak Lawn-2398-Jl Kort Richard 9600 Pkside.....Oak Lawn-lIlO Kortendick Henry B Crawford......Oak Lawn-3572 Koythase Fred 2753 W 90th.. Evergreen Pk-6619 Koscianski Vincent L 7207 W 90th... Oak Lawn-2492-J-2 Kosel Alfred, 9439 McVickers..... Oak Lawn-881 Kosik Fred 8439 Roberts... Oak Lawn-2499-J-2 Kostopoulos Geo 4305 W 99th PI. Oak Lawn-335l Kostyal 5tephen P Troy. Evergreen Pk-3l96 Kostyaf T H Mrs.9059 Kedzie. Evergreen Pk-8472 Koszyk Chester McVickers. ; Oak Lawn-2087 Kothke Ewald C 4904 W 91st pl... Oak Lawn-894 Kouba Elmer J acrmnto Evergreen Pk-7732 Kounk Frank 5712 W Oak Lawn-3774 Kovatch John J W 102d.,Evergreen Pk-6773 KowMotor Sales Western. Evergreen Pk-6639 Kowal John J Albany... Evergreen Pk-2953 Kozak Frances Lawndle, Evergreen Pk-6837 Kozel Mae R Mrs 8312 W 95th.Oak Lawn-1791-J-2 Koziol Lillian 9518 Brandt Oak Lawn-344l KoziOl Wanda Kostner Oak Lawn-645 Kraatz John L 8402 Le Clair.. Oak Lawn-25l2-J-2 Krahufec Geo Central Oak Lawn~226l Kramer Eugene 9136 S, 50th Oak Lawn-522 Kramer Martin J 5811 W,90th pi..oak Lawn-1667 Kramer Marydell Merrimac. Oak Lawn-1323 KratochvH Edw th Oak Lawn-508 Krause Edw 6050 W 95th.....Oak Lawn-2l08 Krause Fred Nashvle.. Oak Lawn-1726-J-2 Krauss Geo R d :. Oak Lawn-50l Krauss Phil 5137 W 95th : Oak Lawn-2667 Krefft Paul 8230 W Charles Oak Lawn-1905-J-2 Kreig Albert A 4328 W 100th..,. Oak Lawri-3902 Krejca Edw Maplewd.. Evergreen Pk-8109 Kremer Jesse 9745 Harding EvergreenPk-8624 Kremkau PaUl 4825 W 99th Oak Lawn-654 Krems Webster 9700 S Central..,Oak Lawn-2760 Kreutzer Arthur A, Rockwell.... Evergreen Pk-7675 Kridner Rcibt G 9001 S Cicero... ;. Oak Lawn-3647 KriebsC M Utica.,... Evergreen Pk-7527 Kriedemann H, Roberts.....Oak Lawn-1772-J-l Kriedmann Arthur C th Oak Lawn-23~J-2 Krischel La Verne Kildare.. Oak LaWri-2286 Kritik Michael Central...Oak Lawn-553 Krii Richard C st.. Oak Lawn-1764-J-2 Kroeger HerbertT Trumbull.... Evergreen Pk-7933 Kroll Edw 5619 W.81st Oak Lawn-2407-J-2 Kromer R H awyer..Evergreen Pk-7771 Krone Frances R 9351 Ridgelnd... Oak Lawn-47 Krone Harold Utica Evergreen Pk-8293 Kross Howard J Tully Oak L,awn-2148 Krout C F 9721 S50th ct Oak Lawn-605 Krueger Albert 9551 Ridgelnd...Oak Lawn-l094 Krueger Alvin.J Tully Oak Lawn-938 Krueger C th..,Oak Lawn-3294 Krueger Geo 84th.;... : Oak Lawn-2488-J~1 KRUEGER HERB H auto repr,, Minnick. Oak Lawn-1812 Krueger Herman E Roberts..... Oak Lawn~2302-J-2

17 30 KRU-LAU La Master M C 4041 W 99th PI...Oak Lawn-1242 Lamb Earl C Campbell. EvergreenPk Krueger Kenneth W.. Lamb Edw 5825 W 89th pi. Oak Lawn S Mayfld Oak Lawn-1730-J-2 Lamb Eleanor Kolin Oak Lawn~991 Krueger Melvin H..,. Lambert Frank P 8349 S Lawler... OakLawn-2414-J Lawndle.\.;.. Evergreen Pk-79iI Krueger Ruth A.. Lambert Jordan 3900 W 99th. Evergreen Pk S Central Pk..... Evergreen Pk~7264 LambeitMarie Gale Krueger Walter Central.. ; ; Oak Lawn Harnew East. Oak Lawn-3577 Krug Ben L 9629 SCentral Pk. Evergreen Pk Lambrecht -Foods 2657 W 95th. Evergreen Pk-9098 Krug Marion. -,. Oak Lawn:2183 Lambright Carl S Cook... Oak Lawn:.187.Krug Gustav 5812 W 88th Pl Oak Lawn-3226 Lambton Dennis 2736 W 90th pl.evergreen Pk-8437 Krug John 8830 S Francisco.. Evergreen Pk-8093 Lamke Eugene 9655 S 51st... Oak Lawn-2226 Kruse Henry H9305 Sacrrimto. Evergreen Pk-8048 Lancaster Gertrude Krush Thomas 9512 Hamlin.. Evergreen Pk Albany..... Evergreen Pk-7437 Krusiec Andrew Landingham Harold 9359 S Richmond EvergreenPk S 78th.. ; Oak Lawn-2342-J-I Kubat Jerome A. Landreth Roy 6915 W 97th PI. Oak Lawn-2435-J S Newcastle. OakLawn~2807-J-I. Lane Claude th ct Oak Lawn-1202 Kucera Rose 6601 W 91st.... Oak Lawn-1988-J-2 lane Leslie Spidng Evergreen Pk-83U Kucera Roy A th Av; Oak Lawn-1951-J:1 Lanenga Jacob Jr 4930 W 106th...Oak Lawn-I009 Kudulis Chas A CentraL.. Oak Lawn-2009 Lang Dennis 5155 W 11lth...Oak Lawn-2404-J-I Kuebler Fred 9314 S Francisco. Evergreen Pk-8319 LAtlG H & SON coal Ridgelnd... Oak Lawn~612 Kueltzo Henry 103d & Harlem. Oak Lawn-2442-J-I Lang Jas C9953 Elm Circle....Oak Lawn-2789 Kueltzo Herman _ Lang John E 8320.Newlnd.. Oak Lawn-2349-J-l Lawndle... Evergreen Pk-7445 Lang Marjorie KueltzoM 80th.... " Oak Lawn-1774-J-l 9930 Harnew Rd West...Oak Lawn-3371 Kuffel L P 9540 Lacrosse Oak Lawn-550 Langdon Arthur W Kulczyk Bernard E Trumbull Evergreen Pk S Francisco...Evergreen Pk-8534 Lange Harold R 8200 W 87th.. Oak Lawn-1914~JI Kummelehne Robt H lange LaRue 103d & 81st ct..oak Lawn-2377-J Central Pk,....Evergreen Pk-7111 Kunde R E9159 S 50th Av...Oak Lawn c Langenkamp Chas Francisco.. Evergreen Pk-691l Kuneika Jno2749 W 89th pi... Evergreen Pk-8~39 LANGLAND BROS trckg Kunes Edw uthwest Rwy... Oak Lawn W 95th. Oak Lawn-2184 Kunka Frances M Langston John th... Oak Lawn S Ridgwy..; Evergreen Pk-7723 Lanman Harold J. Kunysz John 9615 S Moody.. :.. Oak Lawn th ct Oak Lawn-1458-J-I KUNZ WALTER trckg.... La Neue Chas d Av.. Oak Lawn: S 79th ct Oak Lawn-2397-J-I Lantry John R 8610 Laverne..Oak Lawn-2351-J-2 KupecChas J 9246 S 50th ;. Oak Lawn-3584 LaPlant Wm J 9810 McVicker...Oak Lawn-1247 Kurent Herman J2753 W 89th. Evergreen Pk-3163 Lapp B C DDS 9318 Central Pk. Evergreen Pk-8987 Kurfman 0 G 9609 S 52d... Oak Lavin-848 LarenWesley H 3510 W 97th.. Evergreen Pk-:-8816 Kurfman Marguerite. La Roche Theron W 95th Evergreen Pk W 102d PI. Oak Lawn-I443-J-I KurthWm H... La Roy Harlan F 9547 Maplewd.Evergreen Pk acrmnto..:... Evergreen Pk-7868 Larsen Carl W 9320, 50th... ~...Oak Lawn~154 Kurtz Russell W 8440 S Lawler.Oak Lawn-2413-J:.l Larsen Lorraine L. Kurtz Wm J 2864 W 97th Pi.. Evergreen Pk: Ridgelnd.... Oak Lawn.:-2300-J~2 Kusch Fred 954rs Springfld.. Evergreen Pk-8325 Larsen Myrtle Kuschell Francis T 9800 S Menard; Oak Lawn th& Harlem....Oak Lawn-2442-J-2 Kuschel! Jos T DD W 99th Oak Lawn-630 Larson A W 9324 Tully......Oak Lawn-892 KuskEdw Ceritral. Oak LaWn-2643 Larson David 9057 Pkside Oak Lawn-3887 KutaJW Lacrosse...Oak Lawn-313 Larson Eric R 4100 W 107th OakLawn-2093 Larson Godfrey G 4824 W 105th PI. Oak Lawn-302 L Lar~Oi1 Gunner. H "., W, 95th.... Oak Lawn-2324-J-2 Larson Leonard B 5713 W 89th pl. Oak Lawn-I029 Larson Marjorie E 9544 S Meade. Oak Lawn-3744_ Larson Paul L 4209 W 99th... Oak Lawn-3489 Larson Rueben barbr 5214 W 95th..Oak Lawn-2029 Larson 5ten Turner... Evergreen Pk-7679 Larsonneur M L 9616 Brandt.....Oak Lawn-348 Laschober Jos Troy.. Evergreen Pk-7999 Laskey Wm J Troy... Evergreen Pk-7656 Laski John J 7129 W 100th.. Oak Lawn-1522~J-2 Latch Irene G Richmond. Evergreen Pk-8221 La BuUs Chas conti, th Av. Oak Lawll-2534-J-I Ladouceur Wm J 9116 Albany,.:Evergreen Pk-3105 La Duct Alex 8521, 78th ct.. Oak.Lawn-1448~J-:-I Laga John A 9929 S Menard.. ;.. Oak Lawn-632 Lagoni Lav.(rence J 4304 W 99th PI. Oak Lawn-523 Lah Edw 5726 WI0lst Oak Lawn-4021 Lain & 50n undtkrs 316 W 63d Chgll.....Wentwth: La Jeunesse Fred Kominsky. Oak Lawn-3874 La Jeunesse Henry oW.99th... Evergreen Pk-8988 Lake Lyle 6901 W 97th. ;... Oak Lawn-1509-J-:-2 Lake Ralph 0 83d & Le Claire. Oak Lawn-1972-J-2 LAKESIDE DENTAL LABTRY,,; W 95th.Oak Lawn-3670 La Manta Michael W 97th pl. ;.;,. Evergreen Pk-7436 La"Mantia Russell A acrmnto;Evergreen. Pk LatimerWm 6007 W 99th Oak Lawn-2060 Latocha Walter SHoman.Evergreen Pk-7498 Latronica Minnie Mrs 9517 Moody.. Oak Lawn:.383 Lau John 8413 Mansfld Oak Lawn~1752-J-l Lau Raymond P9554,88th Av. Oak Lawn-1952-J-I Laubaugh Russell E W 100th... :-... OakLawn-3878 Laube Edw d ct:.oak Lawil-1584-J-2 Laubenthal Donald H..., W99thpL; ;.. OakLawn-2714 Laudermith Geo T Melvina..Oak Lawn-2293 Laurian Groc 2838 W 102d..,. Evergreen Pk-9296 Lauson Alfred G 9411 Turner;. Evergreen Pk-T419 Lauterer G~o 2626 W 96th PI. EvergreenPk-8063 Laux Chas , Kedzie...Evergreen Pk-9187 La Valle Saml J.., 9925 Elm Circle..... Oak Lawn-1127 Lave Edw E th ct..oak Lawn-2388-J-2 Lave Rose B Mrs Menard...Oak Lawn~793 Lavender 0 G, Talman.. Evergreen Pk-8799 Laverty Danl J th... Oak Lawn-I464-J-2 Lavery Geo Troy.... Evergreen Pk-7863 Lavery MargaretA, Turner. Evergreen Pk-8608 Lavery Raymond J" " Lawndale.. Evergreen Pk-75I3 Lavery Thos M Trumbull. Evergreen Pk-2903 Law Kenneth W 4012 W 99th PI:. Oak Lawn-586 Lawicki John 89th & Nashvle. Oak Lawn-I724-J-I LawlerEdw th... Oak Lawn-1946~J-I Lawler RobtE85th & Mayfld.. Oak Lawn J-I. Lawrence ChasW 9629 S 51st.. ;Oak Lawn-3225 Lawrence Richard 9643 S Marion.. Oak Lawn-509 LawtonJack W Harnew East.Oak Lawn-3650 Laycsak Jos 10025,5 Trurribull.Evergreen Pk~7530 Laymance John 9557 S Fairfld. Evergreen Pk-9014 Leach Lindsay W 9941 W Harnew.. Oak Lawn-988 Leach Preston Trumbull. Evergreen Pk-6686 Leach Wm Albany... Evergreen Pk~6798 Leack Roselyn 8530 S Lamon. Oak Lawi1:2512-J-I Leaf Bernice Kostner Oak Lawn-295 Leaf Norman 2456 W 94th... Evergreen Pk-7469 Leahy John Albany...Evergreen Pk-3065 Leander John W 9410; 51st.... Oak Lawn-1665 Le Beau.RobtL., 9214 S 5acrmnto... Evergreen Pk-8236 Lebers Food Shop SouthWest!iwy Oak LaWn-9302 Lebl Henry 5625, 82d..... Oak Lawn-:1562-J-2 Lee Clyde.E d Ct.. Oak Lawn-"1584-J-I Lee Edw 2741 W 90th Evergreen Pk-7090 Lee Francis J 62d & 95th Oak Lawn-1296 Lee Howard 5125 Oak Center, Oak Lawn-2752 Lee John E 8556, 78th....Oak Lawn-1786-J~2 Lee OE 9416 S 55th ~..,......Oak Lawn-l,!371 Lee Wrn th Av...Oak Lawn-2329-J-2 LeesArthur Sproat....,.Oak Lawn~49 Lees Food 5hop 5420 W 95th...Oak Lawn-637 Lees Henry Central. Oak,Lawn-1561-J-I LEFOLDT & LYONCLNRS 98th & Southwest Hwy. Oak Lawn-3950 le Grand Leonard,., S 79th ct Oak Lawn-1524-J-I.Le Grand Russell th.-Oak Lawn-2396-J-I Lehmann Arno flrst Cicero. Oak Lawn-818 Leimnetzer Wm Trumbull... Evergreen Pk Leiner A d. ". ;... Oak Lawn-723 Leistra Nicholas 6600 W 95th; Oak Lawn-2559-J-l Leja Engines Inc 2743 W 95th. Evergreen Pk-8190 Lekberg RobLD Lawler. Oak La.wn-1546-J-l Lemert Leota 6314 W 99th.....Oak lawn-702. Lemke John "9430 Utica Evergreen Pk-2918 Lemley Ray 9542 Rutherford. Oak Lawn-2584-J-I Lemmel Elbert E 2736 W 90th... Evergreen Pk-9063 LEMMERS SERVICE STA W 95th... _. Oak Lawn-3459 Lemmon L C 8619 Major. Oak Lawn-1477-J-:-I Lenart R J 9221 S Homan Evergreen Pk-8457 Lenderink Andrew Homan Evergreen Pk-7064 Limderink Arend Turner. Evergreen Pk-9044 Lenz Ursula, 9322, 54th ct......oak Lawn-I047 Leo John 9326 Utica Evergreen Pk~7688 Leo JosM Richmond. Evergreen Pk Leonard Gerald K Tripp... Oak Lawn-2661 Leonard Willard P 9721 Minnick..Oak Lawn-1251 LEO & JOS MILK STORE 2946W 95th......Evergreen Pk-7993 Leppin Harry Albany Evergreen Pk-7265 Leppin Jake 7 E 5hr dr......oak Lawn-197 Lerner Dolores 5817 W 88th PI...-Oak Lawn-856 LeRoy Aurelion proat....Oak Lawn-1275 Lesiak Robt F, Newcastle. Oak Lawn-2806-J-2 Leska Emil Kolin,.... Oak Lawn-6S5 Leska R 9337 S Homan..... Evergreen Pk-8153 Letz I-!oward Miilyfld Oak Lawn-3759.Leuver Thos Jr 9101 Albany Evergreen Pk-3140 Levenger 5tanley R Troy.Evergreen Pk-8333 Leverenz Adolph plbg awyer... Evergreen Pk-3102 Leverenz Adolph J W 95th... Evergreen Pk-6937 Levickas Jas V 8850, 55th Oak Lawn-1398 Levickas Peter th.Oak Lawn~932,Levickas Theo dCL Oak Lawn-3987 Levin Albert Mayfld Oak Lawn-2I77 Levora Fred G Millard.. Evergreen Pk Levy Jack Central Pk... Evergreen Pk-8406 Levy Lewis W pringfld, Evergreen Pk-7322 Levy Martin J 8609 S Pkside.. Oak Lawn~2507 -J-2 Lewis Clarence A 9217, 79th. Oak Lawn-1784-J-I Lewis Geo E 9732 S 53d... Oak Lawn-2728 Lewis Isabelle Melvina.Oak Lawn-2479-J-2 Lewis Lndry Co 7031,5 5tewart Chgo Enterprise (Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls) Lewis Robt P 9300 S FranCisco. Evergreen Pk-7986 Leyden Patk H 9537 Meade...Oak Lawn-2119 Leyerle Richard.., 9938 Harnew Rd West.... oak Lawn-l125 LeyheHerbert C t Louis.... Evergreen Pk~76S9 LichHenry3316 W 97th... Evergreen Pk-8675 Lidberg Holger 9527 Campbell, Evergreen Pk-9005 Liebenow WalterE 9529 S 51st Av.Oak Lawn-3518 L1EBERSTElti JOS, H MD, uthwest Hwy Oak Lawn-222 Liese Karl F 9543 S 50th ct.... Oak Lawn-I049 Like~Nu Re-U pholstering Co 226 W Randolph Chgo...Enterprise-4057 <Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls) Lillvick H W 9606 S Rutherford.Oak Lawn-1900-J-I Lilly -Dean 8600 S 79th..... Oak Lawn-2356-J-I Lilly Geo E d..... Oa~ Lawn-1595-J-I Lincoln Mkt mts 5249 W 95th...Oak Lawn-9333 lindbeckalbert 6830,W,97th pl....oak Lawn-1511-J-I Lindberg G N Mansfld. Oak Lawn-1555-J-I Lindberg Karl E 9204 Menard...Oak Lawn-547 Lindemeyer Chas 9545 La Crosse.. Oak Lawn-3386.Lindemullder Kase 9725 Kedzie. Evergreen Pk-8042 Linden Fredk W Jr 4915 W 99th.. Oak Lawn-2708 Lindgren Arthur 9641 S Marion Oak Lawn-3768 Undish Walter 5822 W 89th pi, Oak Lawn-806 Lindner John L 6935 W 96th.. Oak Lawn-2595-J-2 Lindquist AT 5747 W 90th.. Oak Lawn-1670 Lindquist Albert R 9306 S Albany Evergreen Pk-7704 LindquistW A 9306 S Albany. Evergreen Pk-6710 Lindsay Ernest A Mozart. Evergreen Pk~7909 Linebaugh Ernest A st ct...,..oak Lawn-1541-J-I LingenGeo W DDS Hamlin.. : Evergreen Pk-9008 Linhardt Geo E9617 Cook... Oak Lawn-635 Link Leonai-lJ 9432 Albany. EvergreenPk-8700 LinnRoyE Mayfld Oak Lawn-1483~J-I

18 Linne Willis Cicero. ;. ~. Oak Lawn~3655 Llnnert Ann M S Normandy. Oak Lawn-2B09-J-l Llntlng Robt L S Sacrmnto...,Evergreen Pk-9024 L1ppRaymond 8932 S Pkslde.... Oak Lawn-3909 Lippelt Edna M 9312 Spldng.. Evergreen I:>k-8309 lipphardt Arthur".....,., 8510 S Mayfld Oak lawn-14b2-j-2 Llppharilt Wm 4842 W 96th pl...oak Lawn-2B7 LipshultzMeyer 3237 W96ttl. Evergreen Pk-7076 Lipski Edw B S Cicero....Oak Lawn-3639 Lipuma. Carmen 9201 S Homan: Evergreen Pk~7620 Lipuma Jos 9231S Homan.. Evergreen Pk-90B6 Lira Manuel 8419, 78th Ct..Oak Lawn-2408-J-2 Litt Robt P 2815 W 98th PI.. EvergreenPk,;6613.Little Company of Mary Hosp.. 95th Evergreen Pk-7270 Littrell Burnetta 9645 E Shr dr..oak Lawn-1006 LittrellRobtL.,....., Harnew Rd East;:.. Oak Lawn~3B72 LivelyChas S. Pkside... : Oak Lawn-344 L1vingstoneJno H 9734, 51st;. OakLawn-54B Lloyd ChasJr S Newcastle. Oak Liiwn-2BOB-J-1 Lloyd WD 9623 S 50th Ct..... Oak LaiNn-937 LobbesJ C 9920 Elm CirCle... OakLawn-3217 Lockman Wm M 4112 W 99th PI.Oak Lawn-3265 Lode Cornelius 6701 W 95th. Oa~ Lawn-2572~J-1 l<jde Martin 6700 W 97th ; Oak Lawl1~1411-J-2 Loescher Herman H 6430 W 87th. Oak Lawn-1984-J-l Loeser Wm S 55th Ct Oak Lawn-3244 Lofgren A Martin Nottingham.. Oak lawil-1713-j-2 Loftus Harold T 9531, 49th Av...Oak Lawn-1235 Logsdon Jas C 9101 S Troy.. Evergreen Pk-892B Logue Albert G 5405 W Edison.. Oak Lawn-3277 Lohrens Fredk C. " S 68th Ct. Oak Lawn-1937-J-2 Lohrens Richard V d & 86th ct... Oak Lawn-1770-J-2 Long Frank 6319 W 99th... Oak Lawn-1l91 Long Harry 9319 Trumbull...Evergreen Pk-8514 Long Jack 5736 W 89th PI.,.-. Oak Lawn-4020 Long Leonard H Harnew East. Oak Lawn-3615 Long WalterL., 8755 S Sacrmnto.; Evergreen Pk-7737 "Longs 4959 W 95th....,:....Oak Lawn-52 Longtin Eileen L 8824 Central.. Oak Lawn Look John 5124 W 101st;...Oak Lawn-3539 Loomis Bob Harnew Rd West... OakLaWn LorentZ Geo AJr 9964 Elm Circle.. Oak Lawn-3609 Lortz Rudoiph 9124 Utica.. EvergreenPk"8354 Lorz Geo 2700 W 95th..... Evergreen Pk-7142 Loth Dorothea E 9116 S 83d. ; Oak Lawn-2569~J~2 Lotona Collie Village 6800 W 95th.. Oak Lawn"274 Loucks Harry M 9607S Moody Oak Lawn-1260 Loucks Wm 5921 W 88th PI.. Oak Lawn-3337 Loughrin Jos 9312 S 73d.. Oak Lawn~1566-J-2 Lowe Earl 9218, 50th Av....Oak Lawn-3565 Lowell Wm K 9545 S 78th ct Oak Lawn-1401-J-l LOWNIK THE!} F Iwyr, 9523 Millard.;.; ; ;.Evergr,eenPk~7B54 Lowry Arthur C Sr 4830 W 106th.. Oak Lawn-724 LozarRichard J 8749 Mozart.. Evergreen Pk-6779 Lubbock Paul H Trumbull... Evergreen Pk-B791 Lubeck David 5749 W 89th PI..;.. Oak Lawn-1l33 Lucas John S 6935 W 95th pl. Oak Lawn-1556-J~1 Lucas Wm L S Spldng. Evergreen Pk,;7796 Lucky StaJTavern 89th.. Oak Lawn~1786-J-l Lucy Wm P 9848 S Lawndale.. Evergreen Pk-7161 Ludden Bernard 9321 Clifton Pk.. ;.. Evergreen Pk-8746 LUdolph Jack 9716 Marlon...Oak Lawn-1l28 Ludwig Robt 9856 Avers. ; Evergreen Pk-B286.Lugo Helen 99th & Rutherford. Oak Lawn-2542-J~1 Luka Eugene S Tripp.... Oak Lawn-2715 Lundberg Fred 9409St Louis... Evergreen Pk-B268 LUridgren Art H5104 Oak Center.. Oak Lawri-27B6 Lundquist Oscar.9325 S Albar)Y. Evergreen Pk-7844 Lundquist Roy 9816 S 54th Av... Oak Lawn-3883 Lundsteadt A L 2831 W97th.. Evergreen Pk-8051 LDNN A E MD 2957 W 95th... Evergreen Pk~71B2 Lunn Oliver J 9128 S Monitor... Oak Lawn-1l83 Lunt Wm H 9830 S Ridgeway. Evergreen Pk-7083 Luth John 9516 Richmond... EvergreenPk-B006 Lutz Frank J 9104 S Albany.. Evergreen Pk~2915 LUTZ JOHN H & SON contrs 9760 S 49th :... Oak Lawn~3230 LutzJos 4648 W 98th... :.... Oak Lawn-3347 Lutz.Peter 8101 Lockwd...Oak Lawn-1716-J-2 Lutz Wm 5242 W 87th. ;... Oak Lawn-3593 Lydigsen Robt L Harnew Rd West... Oak,Lawn~3549 Lyman Frank P 9720 S Ridgwy. Evergreen Pk~B546 Lyman Geo W Jr9608 Ridgwy. Evergreen Pk-8134 Lynch W. J Co contr.s... 95th & Calif Evergreen Pk-7035 Lynd Paul 8752 Mozart... Evergreen.Pk-9138 Lyng RichardW S Homan... Evergreen Pk-8642 Lynwood Lodge "... 95th & Southwest Hwy.. Oak Lawn-3246 Lyon Bayard W S Sacrmnto Evergreen Pk~B059 Lyon E Neil 9336 S54th Ct... Oak Lawn-3418 Lyon Wm E 9534 West Shore....Oak Lawn-952 Lyons Patk J, Princess & Washngtn.Oak tawn-1412-j-2 Lyth Ernest 8745 S Utica. Evergreen Pk~7205 M M &R Constr Co 9303 Ridgelnd. Oak Lawn-19B1-J-l Macak Albert 5134 W 95th....Oak Lawn-729 Macak Jas 7600 W 95th... Oak Lawn-2560-J-1 Macak Robt Kilpatrick...Oak Lawn-330B Macaluso Frank S Sacrmnto; Evergreen Pk-6783 Macaluso Tony S Laramie.... Oak Lawn-2420-J-2 MacDonald Arthur 9534 Melvina... Oak Lawn-693 MacFadden AllenD 9225 Mayfld.. Oak Lawn-1057 MacGlashan Jack B 5739 W 89th. Oak Lawn-2209 Machtemes Nick A S Sawyer Evergreen Pk-7483 Macik MilesJr 9729 S 52d Av.... Oak Lawn-3942 Mack Oscar H 9540 Calif....Evergreen Pk-31SO Mackall Thos 83d& Le Clair.Oak Lawn-14B9-J-2 MacKenzie Harry G 9423 Richmond.... Evergreen Pk-3157 Mackiewich E J 4701 W 98th Oak Lawn-8BO Mackiewich Justin 4705 W 98th Oak Lawn-3810 Mackinson RB.3505 W 96th.. Evergreen pk-b936 MacLaren Alex S Sacrmnto.... Evergree.n Pk~7892 MacQueen Gordon A.., 9948 Trumbull..... Evergreen Pk Madatis Alfred J 5113W 99th...Oak Lawn-2239 MadayA E 9958 S Homan.. Evergreen Pk-8391 Madden Francis M 9603 S Avers;Evergreen Pk-B930. Madden Jas P 4309 W 99th PI.. Oak Lawn-3323 Madden Thos G 9617 S Richmond....Evergreen Pk-8951 Madden W J 4937 Paxton.:...Oak Lawn-2267 Mader Clarence 9432 S, Utica. Evergreen Pk-B136 Mader John 2733 W 89th. Evergreen Pk-8196 Madsen Walter E.." 9302 S 83d Ct. Oak Lawn-256B-J-2 Maeder Harold P.., W 97th PI. Evergreen Pk-6657 Magnus John 9415 S 55th... :... Oak L.awn-826 Mahaffay Walter E Jr...., W 95th. Evergreen Pk-6696 Mahaffey Orville P Harnew East. Oak Lawn-3656 Mahnert Elmer H 5300 W 95th Oak Lawn-2289 Mahon Edw J Troy Evergreen Pk-7648 Mahr Harry 5055 W 95th.....Oak Lawn-959 Maier J Leonard MD W 95th.....Evergreen Pk-8772 res Troy.....Evergreen Pk-6777 Maillet Geo S Lorel.... Oak Lawn-2417-J-I Majczek Jos MI0341 Kilbourne... Oak Lawn-3382 Malecki Chas 9225 S Clifton pk. Evergreen Pk-8012 MaleyJohn C 2729 W 89th... Evergreen Pk-7184 Malia F E plstr 9547 S 89th Av...Oak Lawn-3804 Malinowski Frank W Melvina. Oak Lawn-1484-J-1 MalierJoe 9546 S Marion Oak Lawn-2188 Maller John 9532 Central Pk..Evergreen Pk-8728 Maller John Cicero Oak Lawn-3393 Mallory DeWitt A S St Louis... Evergreen Pk-7631 MalimeFrancis 96~1 Hamlin.. Evergreen Pk~995 Malone Pierce 9909 Elm Circ1e...Oak tawn-2737 Maloney Geo W5615 W 82d ploak Lawn"1749-J:"1 Maloney Thos J 9610 S Maplewd. Evergreen Pk~6795 Malott Frank 9346 S Troy... Evergreen Pk~7084 Malott & McLane Canst Co Inc Harding Evergreen Pk~7654 MalquistRichard C. " S Crawford Oak Lawn-2695 Maluchnik Clarence, Maplewd Evergreen Pk-9039 Malvick Warren 9212 S Monitor...Oak Lawn,;270 Mangin Thos J 9333 S Homan. Evergreen Pk~8021 MannEmma 9212S Pkside Oak Lawn-224 Mann Hubert A 9212 S Pkside Oak Lawn~3531 Mann Manuel 9734 Cook......Oak Lawn-673 Mann Walter 9645 Merton Oak Lawn-2124 MANNS QUALITY FOODS W 95th.. : Oak Lawn-464 Manor Roy Jas 8446 S 77th ct.oak Lawn-1461~J-1 Mansfield Lorraine S 73d....OakLawn-1780:..J-l Manske Jos P th ct.. Oak Lawn-240l-J-1 Manthey Ec!w C 3324 W 96th.. Evergreen Pk-2947 Mantia Jos I 9241 Sproat Oak Lawn-2099, Manwell Jas M 4049 W 99th Oak Lawn-3929, Mapel Louis H 8823 S Sacrmnto.Evergreen Pk-7500 Maracic John J Jr W 97th Oak Lawn~1598-J-1 Marcek John G 4727 W 98th Oak Lawn-2652 MARCELLINS BEAUTY SALON W 95th.... ;... _".Oak Lawn-370 Marcellis Francis 9804 McVickers. Oi!k Lawn-I070 Marchand Jack L 4325 W 99th Oak Lawn-3919 Marchbank Cora 96th & Menard OakLawn-78B Marchbank Jack 9629 Southwest.. Oak Lawn-2615 MarchbankJas 6137 W 97th...Oak Lawn-I132 Marchese Irene R 6316 W, 99th..Oak Lawn-261 Marchewka Alovious Spaulding....:Evergreen Pk-9173 Marchio John J 9516 S 49th...Oak Lawn-20n Marciano Michael 9716 S Austin. Oak Lawn-1695 Marcis Edwin 8415 S Mayfld.. Oak.Lawn-1574-J-1 Marema EdwH 9626 S Melvina...OakLawn:..845 Marggraf Wm E9741 S Merrimac. Oak Lawn-3395 Margies Candies 5313 W 95th.. Oak Lawri-3,319 Mprino AnthonyL 9502 W Shore. Oak Lawn-2656 Marion Russell S S Cicero,..Oak Lawn-3646 Marion Walter 2735 W 95th pi. Evergreen Pk-8696 MAD-MAT 33 Mariotti OIinto 9520 Melvina... Oak Lawn-2052 Marjan Clarence 9700 S Calif. : Evergreen Pk-8116 Markham Robt M 4220 W loath.. Oak Lawn-3734 MarkleJB9349 S 54th... :...Oak Lawn-1266 MARLENES BEAUTY SALON 3320 W95th, Evergreen Pk-B260 Marlin Chester R S 77th Ct. Oak Lawn-I966-J-I Marohnic Anthony 9701 Maplewd Evergreen Pk-8046 Marolt Max 9436 S McVickers Oak Lawn-1369 MARQUETTE LANDSCAPE SERV, 9909 Harlem Oak Lawn-974 Marquiss Farlin B 9606 S Francisco Evergreen PkQB79 Marrin Thos 9631 Moody Oak Lawn-976 MarsanEdw R DDS 9610 S Richmond Evergreen Pk-8896 Marsan Josephine Mrs 5502 Edison. Oak Lawn-405 Marsan Robt J 5420 W 95th Oak Lawn-3611 Marsch Claire L 9702 Warren Oak Lawn~859 Marsh Martin TrumbulLEvergreen Pk-6509 Marsh Richard D 9129 Albany.. Evergreen Pk-8465 Marsh Robt E 9206 S 50th.,...Oak Lawn-746 Marsh Walter Merrimac. Oak Lawn-1536-J-I Marshall Field & Co personal shopping serv. III N State Chgo Enterprise-4242, Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls MarShall Ray Edw S Melvina Oak Lawn-14B5-J-2 Marshall Wm-F 5412 Franklin Oak Lawn-1648 Marston Geo W Rev S St Louis Evergreen Pk-8074 Marszalek Frank 4141 W 99th Oak Lawn-3881 Martensen Melvin, 8301 S 78th Ct:Oak Lawn-2382-J-I Martensen Wm2731 W 98th plevergreen Pk-B374 Marth Wm P,9612 Avers...Evergreen Pk-8238 Martin Elmer S New Englnd. Oak Lawn-1986-J,;2 Martin Francis J 9715 S Springfld. Evergreen Pk-6634 Martin Harold J 9447 S Sawyer.Everg.reen Pk-7474 Martin Harry,Shreve 9639 S 53d.. Oak Lawn-I078 Martin Jas 9821 Moody Oak Lawn-3911 Martin Jas P, 9814.S Lawndale. Evergreen Pk-7855 Martin N Harvey 4827 W 106th.. Oak Lawn-327 MARTIN & SONS CLURS S Kedzie Evergreen Pk-7921 Martin Theo R Sr 9740 S Homan.Evergreen Pk Martin Verne 8761 Central. Oak Lawn-3963 MARTINIQUE restrnt S Western Evergreen Pk-BOOO Martis Albert M 9156 S Sawyer Evergreen Pk-9195 Martschinke Wm C 4935 Spring...Oak Lawn-3367 Martz Homer S 9333 S Spldng... Evergreen Pk-7662 Marut Jos J S Turner.. Evergreen Pk~8597 Marvin Chas G 5060 Oak Center.. : Oak Lawn-2792 Marys Inn 103d & Southwest Hwy. Oak Lawn-9370 Masek Geo 9613 S Albany Evergreen Pk-7197 Maskell Pat 5412 W Frnklin Oak Lawn-2195 Maski John 8824 S Richmond.. Evergreen Pk-8837 Maslan Frank G 9609 S Troy.. Evergreen Pk-8613 Mason John V 5020 Oak Center.. Oak Lawn-2744 Mason Lee 8601 S Nagle., Oak Lawn-1996-J-2 Mason Roy G 97th Oak Lawn-1222 Masopust Otto 9609 S Hamlin.. Evergreen Pk-8270 Massahos Chris 9140 S Troy... Evergreen Pk-8603 Massey J T 5041 Oak Center:..,.Oak Lawn-2784 Masson Hector J 9828 S Minnick. Oak Lawn-3711 Massoth Elsie S Pkside. Oak Lawn-1417-J-2 Massoth Norman S Pkside...Oak Lawn-3802 Matas Michael 7750 W 87th.. Oak Lawn-2390-J-1

19 -34 MAT-McK Matas Tom Jr Cabt Millwork 8828 S Talman, Evergreen Pk-809I Matejka John S 51st Oak Lawn-1890 Mateyack John F 5745 W 90th pl. Oak Lawn~2645 Mather Stock Car Co 6700 W 103d. Oa~ Lawn-157 Mathis J William 9232 Lynwd...OakLawn-4029 Matousek Chas J - 49thCt & Columbus Oak Lawn.,3477 Matsukes Peter G 9301 Raymond.. Oak Lawn-278I MatteraFrank 8617 S LaVerne. Oak Lawn-25I9-J-2 Mattera Veto 8403 SMansfld. Oak Lawn-1583-J-I Matthews John H W 97th PI.. ;... Evergreen Pk-6933 Matthews Reginald S 78th ct. Oak Lawn-2409-J-I Mattingly Geo 8403~, 79th.. Oak Lawn-246I-J-I Mattison Robt R St Louis Evergreen Pk-7043 Mattson Harry V Trckg Co 9325 S 73d CLOak Lawn-2I70 Mattson Milton A 8555 Lorel:. Oak Lawn-2323-J-2 Matusek Milan 5450 Edison....Oak Lawn-662 Mavrinac Caroline...._ 2909 W101st ;pl Evergreen Pk-7423 Max & Marys restrnt 4401 W 95th. Oak Lawn-78I Maxwell-Donald W S Sawyer. Evergreen Pk-6697 Maxwell J H 9222" S CliftonPk EvergreenPk-7400 Maxwell John J 9539 S 50th ct Oak Lawn-1270 Maxwell Wm 9109, 54th ct Oak Lawn-1653 May Edw N 6120 W 98th Oak Lawn-1611 May Howard S 9613 S Troy Evergreen Pk~7103 -May John F rroy EvergreeriPk~7599 May Ole F 9235, 55th _: Oak Lawn~470 May Ralph 5643 W 87th PI Oak _Lawn-3377 MAYANN VOGUE SHOP 3316 W 95th Evergreen Pk-7042 Mayer Edw 2903 W 102d... Evergreen Pk-8606 Mayer Matthew J - " W 101st PI. Evergreen Pk-6762 Mayer Richard t Louis.. Evergreen Pk-8805 Mayer Theo 5641 W 82d Oak Laym-2326-J-I Maziorka Walter J th... Oak Lawn-387 Mazrin Anthony 8737 Utica;.. Evergreen Pk-8933 Mazur John 9748 Millard Evergreen Pk-8660 Mazurek Edw6024 W 87th Oak Lawn-2531-J!2 Mazzullo Janet 5036 Oak Center.. O.ak Lawn-3273 McArdle Edw B 9330 Minnick...,. Oak Lawn-258 McAtee Del H 2704 W 89th pl.evergreeripk-8252 McAvoy Henry L Francisco..... EvergreenPk-820I McBride John acrmnto.. Evergreen Pk McCabe Lillian 2744 W 89th pi. Evergreen Pk-7666 McCall Wm Troy Evergreen Pk-6644 McCann Lloyd H 9330, 83d Oak Lawn~2539-J-2 McCarthy John J 4105 W 99th...Oak Lawn-2255 McCarttiy Richard J._ Trumbull. Evergreen Pk-6796 McCartney Jas Jr 688, 96th.:. Oak Lairm-1557-J-2 McCarty Wayne G 5800 W 93d...Oak Lawn-2748 McCastland John P _ 5026 Elm Circle Oak Lawn-3815 McCauley Edw M 2728 W 89th pi.....evergreen Pk-8572 McClaran Edwin W uthwest Hwy. Oak l,.awn-3587 McClatchie Edith Mrs : Menard McClellan Fred W.... ~Oak Lawn": W 97th PI.;... Evergreen Pk-9038 McClenathan Robt 0-92IlS Utica.....Evergreen Pk-2920 McClendon,Dewey W 95th Pl.....Oak Lawn~15I9-J-I McCleverty John J paulding Evergreen Pk-6978 Mc_Climon Alan S 5052 Oak Center. Oak Lawn-2727 McClure Jas T 4848 W 84th PI. Oak Lawn-1718-J-2 McConaghy B L 5106 W 82d PI.Oak Lawn-1972-J-I McConnell W F - lobol Harnew West. Oak Lawn-3714 McCormack Mary 5540 W 96th Oak Lawn-332 McCormack Wm acrmnto... Evergreen Pk-8243 McCormick Chas 9807 Hamlin. Evergreen Pk-8708 McCormick Wm 2704 W 90th. Eyergreen Pk-8483 McCourts Castle 8600 W 95th... Oak Lawn-9320 McCoy J A 4036 W 99th Pl..... Oak Lawn McCoy Ray 4949 Paxton Oak Lawn-717 McCoy Richard 9534 Merrimac Oak Lawn-410 McCullough Koewing McCullough Robt 904T Major. Oak Lawn-1l S 5acrmnto Evergreen Pk-9I52 McCumber David Pkside... Oak Lawn-1104 McCune K 5 Oxford McDaniel Chas R Oak Lawn-1793-J th ct McDERMOTTM J CO Oak Lawn-2357-J-2 92d & Homan Evergreen Pk-7862 McDonald Edw P 5109 W 100th.. Oak Lawn-1668 McDonald Geo Cook Oak Lawn-102 McDonald Jas 9020; 77th McDonald Sherman Oak Lawn-2395-J-l Austin McDonough John Oak Lawn-2451-J Narragansett.. Oak Lawn-1758-J-2 McDougal Grover d Av..Oak Lawn-3786 McEleny Jas F Troy Evergreen Pk-7893 McElroy R J 9426 Sayre Oak Lawn-2800-J-I McFadyen Harold K Homan. Evergreen Pk-9026 McFarlane Jas B Albany. Evergreen Pk-2943 McGann Andrew Albany. Evergreen Pk-a630 McGann John 9113 Albany... Evergreen Pk-808I MCGavin Edw B 6950 W 96th. Oak Lawn-1505-J-l McGehee Kennon C Austin. Evergreen Pk-3996 McGehee Percy L 9559 Brandt....Oak Lawn.,107 McGlothin PhYllis Merrimac. Oak Lawn-551 MCGovern Leo 5626 W 88th Oak Lawn-2143 MCGowan John Merton Oak Lawn-3396 McGrath Danl F Millard.Evergreen Pk-7289 McGregor Bruce 9101 Utica... Evergreen Pk-8712 McGuire Paul F Warren... Oak Lawn-3215 McHenry Paul A W95th pl Oak Lawn-2471-J,-1 McIlvain Wm J 4829 W 96th pl...oak Lawn-453 McIlvoy Floyd contr 5631 W83d pi....,.. Oak Lilwn-1476~J-2 McInerriey John 9220 Clifton Pk.Evergreen PR-8168 McIntyre Edna 9052 Central. Oak Lawn-2670 McKay Chas 5 961_6, 51st. Oak Lawn-863 McKay Mary Menard. Oak Lawn-1554-J-2 McKAYS jwlry 5216 W 95th Oak Lawn-384 McKenna Wm 9120 S Troy Evergreen Pk-7655 McKenzie J W 9132 S Albany Evergreen Pk-6755 McKenzie Moir A restrnt 2418 W 95th. McKeown Ann C Evergreen Pk Ce,ntral Pk Evergreen Pk.,8686 McKeown Edw 9836 Central Pk. Evergreen Pk-9097 McKeown-Jasrl est W 95th Evergreen Pk-7522 McKillop Saml J Central Pk Evergreen Pk-765l MtKinlay Edw Paxton Oak Lawn-l312 McKinlay John 4021 W 99th Oak Lawn McKinney Jas 9742 Brandt... " Oak Lawn-56 McKitterick ~~~35 S Roberts. Oak Lawn-2570~.J _.:...c. --- M...,C_K -M_IL 35 h t E - Pk 8615 Messenger Richard McLane Jo n acrmn o. vergreen Clifton Pk Evergreen Pk-7866 McLane Wm 9747 Harding.:..Evergreen Pk-7654 MessickThos Mayfld Oak Lawn-1850 McLaughlin Jas H S Trumbull....-Evergreen Pk-8820 Messina Michael Artesian. Evergreen Pk-8414 McLaughlin T J pldng... Evergree_n Pk-8082 Messina Rosario 8907 W 95th. Oak Lawn-2313-J-l McMahon Francis -. Messinger - Albert.. E Lawndle Evergreen pk Kedzie... vergreen Pk-8l 2 McMahon Wm W 102d.. Evergreen Pk-8087 Mestauskas Walter 9055 Pkside... Oak Lawn-1038 McMaster Jas 3128 W 91st...-Evergreen Pk-8864 Metcalfe Henry 5121 Oak Center.. Oak Lawn-2236 McMaster Wilfor.d - _ - -Metropolitan 5peCIaity Co novlts E Pk W 96th PI, Oak Lawn-29I Central Pk:... vergreen.- MHz Sadie 7111 W Avon...Oak Lawn-1559-J-2 McMasters Allen E - M W C O st Av. Oak Lawn-2582-J-l etz alter th Ct..... ak Lawn-l 8 McMillan John L Merrimac. Oak Lawn-428 Meyer Clifford Utica.. Evergreen Pk-9148 McMullen J M Meyer Emmett R 42(i! W 103d...Oak Lawn Rockwell;...Evergreen Pk-8462 Meyer Harold 8546 Massasoit. Oak Lawn-2455-J-2 McNally Jas T 4116 W 99th pl... Oak Lawn-2690 Meyer JohnB 4201 W 103d Oak Lawn-1330 McN,fmara Stephen d Oak Lawn-1019 Meyer Wm 5318 W 96th Oak Lawn-698 McNamara Thos 9324, 54th ct Oak La,wn-2607 Meyers Chas W 8451 Mansfld..Oak Lawn-1745-J-2 McNamara Thos J pring.. Oak Lawn-3502 Meyers Grant U 2653 W 90th.. Evergreen Pk-3160 McNaughton John d...Oak Lawn-2002 Mezera Ervin _ Hamlin.. Evergreen Pk-8207 McNeeley Donald 5155 W 85th.Oak Lawn-2415-J-2 Michaelsen Otto 0. M N P ul E Lynwd Oak Lawn~34l Homan Evergreen Pk-78l4 c ew a..... Michalak Ted J Hamlin.. Evergreen Pk-9025 McNicholas Frank J - - Michel. Paul Ridgwy... Evergreen Pk-868I th ct. -.Oak Lawn-129 Michels Roman C DD5 McNichols Edna Miss 9231, 54th av. Oak Lawn-2l S Ashlrid Chgo Beverly-8-2nO McNichols Thos -, LaTrobe. Oak Lawn-2400-J-l Mickelson Lawrence McNinch Jas S 55th Oak Law~ Pkside Oak Lawn-2330-J-2 McReynolds Donald 8759 Central..Oak Lawn-ll20 Micklin Frank A Warren... Oak Lawn-503 -Middaugh Merritt g Jr McWhinney Geo L d Ct. Oak Lawn W 98th......Oak Lawn-15l3-J-I MIDWESTELEGTL CONSTR CO.. Meany Arthur J Jr W. 97th Evergreen Pk W 95th, Oak Lawn-2250 Mears Jas Kedzie.,... Evergreen Pk-8114 MIDWEST FOOD MART -Mecklenburg Emil 9403 Minnick Oak Lawn W 95th ;.. Oak Lawn-641 Medical ArtsPhar 3347 W 95th.Evergreen Pk-8766 Midwest Groc & Meat Mkt Medows Denny B 8753 S Austin.. Oak Lawn W 87th, Oak Lawn-9388 Mehler Vale P 6807 W 97th pl.oak Lawn-1570-J-2 Mielke Walter Calif... Evergreen Pk-7937 MehlingMae. Miess Chas R serv sta 81st pi & Central Oak Lawn-1577-J Columbus Oak Lawn-9355 Mehring Arthur Wm 5410 W 96th..Oak Lawn-5l9 Mikel Frank Spldng Evergreen Pk-6707 MehringAugW 9332 S 54th OakLawn-1896 MikesellOH Moody OakLawn-2285 Meisner Wm 2637W 90th Evergreen Pk-8422 Mikkelsen Howard 3448 W 96th. Evergreen Pk-8693 E Pk 8392 Mila ConradS Central Oak Lawn-42l Meister Emil Homan,.. vergreen - M,lan0 Gerard 4248 W 100th. Oak Lawn-3940 Meister Richard H 9208 S Monitor. Oak Lawn-8l6 Meixsell 0 E S Mansfld. Oak Lawn-2333-J-I Milano Rocco W 100th Oak Lawn-3232 MelfiJasP 9210 S 55th ct...oaklawn-i060 MilasServSta 6651 W 95th OakLawn-9392 Mellin Bernard 2606 W 96th PI. EvergreenPk-6692 Miles Shepard 9221, 50th., Oak Lawn-2679 Melnitzke Otto Mozart, Evergreen Pk-8827 Millar WF 2729 W 89th pl Evergreen Pk-8956 Melody Lane Donut Shop Miller Agnes Man~d..Oak Lawn-1425-;J Western. Evergreen Pk-9205 Miller Aug 9823 S Ridgwy... Evergreen Pk k L 849 Miller Blanche H 8305 S 78th. Oak ~awn-1462-j-2 Melton John 6313 W 99th... ".,. a awn- MII Ed 0 5 t E Pk 6516 Melville W J Massasoit.Oak Lawn-2482-J-l,er w 9349 acrmn o... vergreen - Melyn MichaelA Dr. Miller Eugene A W 100th Oak Lawn Lawndle. Evergreen Pk-6870 Miller Evelyn M 9513 S Minnick Oak Lawn-403;5 Menagh Wesley L 9133 Mayfld...Oak Lawn-3222 Miller Fred H 9259 S Utica... Evergreen Pk-8394 Miller Harriett Mendoza Amando G 86th ct... Oak Lawn-1567-J-l S Pkside. Oak Lawn-2306-J-l Menke Wm.. MillerJas ay.tyer Evergreen Pk Nottingham... Oak_Lawn-1407-J-l Miller Kenneth 9306 S Harding. Evergreen Pk: Mennite Jas J 8644 Massasoit: Oak Lawn-2475-J-2 Miller Kenneth T 9810 S Austim,.. Oak Lawn-679 Meno Thos Troy ~.. Evergreen Pk-8742 Miller Leo 4101 W 99th pi. Oak Lawn-2I90 Mense Victor J ofc 4100 W 103d...Oak Lawn-IOO Miller Lester d ct...oak Lawn-134 MeredithRaymon 5723 W 90th pl.,oak Lawn-660 Miller Robt , 52d...,... Oak Lawn-3562 Merino Lenora 9311 S Turner. Evergreen Pk-7074 Miller Ruth F Merrimac. :. Oak Lawn-2I53 - Merrill Clarence E -. Miller Saml P 4817 W 99th Oak-Lawn Francisco Evergreen Pk-6929 Miller Stanley W d Oak Lawn-1340 Merrill Henry 9314 Clifton Pk. Evergreen Pk-8484 Milligan Austin Mertel Steve Meade..-. Oak Lawn-2468-J-l S Lockwd. Oak Lawn-2418-J-2 Merton Harry Troy.. Evergreen Pk:"~3~4 Milligan Leslie W.., Mesenorink Walter Harnew Rd West...{)ak Lawn Lawndle Evergreen Pk~9088 Million V J9005 S Natoma Oak Lawn-1985-J-2 Messenger Press prntr..,.. Mills Albert 5501 W 87th~ Oak Lawn th MidltOn. Blue Isld-2425 Mills Glenn 5523 W 87th.. /.. " Oak Lawn-678

20 3S MIL-MRK Moody John E Tully Oak Lawn Moore Carroll 6822 W 96th.. Oak Lawn-2375~J-2 Milwid Albert 9209 Melvina Oak Lawn-3680 Moore Chas C98lO 5.5pringfld. Evergreen Pk-8141 Minchin Jarvis 4733 W 97th..... Oak Lawn-3541 Moore Dorothy 4324 W 99th PI. Oak Lawn-3546 Mingey Lester A. Moore Ernest 103:;17 5,Mayfld. Oak Lavin~2332-J Central Pk. Evergreen Pk-6890 Moore Floyd.H Minicino Jas P 4807 W 96th Oak Lawn Clifton Pk Evergreen Pk-7154 Minnaugh Patk 8414, 77th ct.. Oak Lawn-2383-J-1 Moore Guy S 2447 W 94th pl.. Evergreen Pk-7481 Minnich L W th Oak Lawn-252 Moore Helen th Oak Lawn-934 Minnick Roy Rental Serv. M r H b rt 9242 T II Oak La Kalmar. Oak Lawn~ e er e u y.... wn- Moore Jas 9700 Maplewd Evergreen Pk-9173 Minning Edw A awyer Evergreen Pk-3083 Moore Leslie 9940 Cicero Oak Lawn-3635 Minsky Arthur 2641 W 97th pi. Evergreen Pk-7246 Moore M J Utica Evergreen Pk-8761 Minster Edw J Homan. Evergreen Pk-6887 Moore Maurice Memorials MiretPhillip 9240 Kilpatrick Qak Lawn-525 lllth & Austin Oak Lawn-161 Mishur Anthony Moore Raymond A Pkside......Oak Lawn-1563-J st Av. Oak Lawn-1903-J-1 Miske Mary V Hamlin Evergreen Pk-6883 Moore Raymond B 5466 Edi~on Oak Lawn-266 Missall Evelyn 9718 Merrimac Oak Lawn-1271 Moore Robt A Avers Evergreen Pk-6674 Mitchell Chas E Jr Cook Oak Lawn-3585 M. R A 9257 T II 0 k L 265 Mitchell Geo 4904 Paxton Oak Lawn-2756 M~~~: Sf:~ley S. u y a awn- Mitchell Robt J Jr Trumbull Evergreen Pk Francisco Evergreen Pk-8551 Moore Walter A 5024 Oak Center. Oak Lawn-3563 Mitchell Wm W 97th pl. Evergreen Pk-3199 Moore Wm Mozart...,Evergreen Pk~8460 Mitchell Wm W 5300 W 95th Oak Lawn-2292 M L rt R M d 0 kl 1255 M,ttendorf NIna 9715 Merton Oak Lawn ora 0 I a y... a awn- Moran Clarence d Oak Lawn-3598 Mix H A ayre Oak Lawn-1907-J-1 Moran John T 2730 W 99th Evergreen Pk-6945 Moan Thos 9156 Utica, EvergreenPk-3061 Moran Thos P.. Molieck Clifford N Marion. Oak Lawn Nottingham... Oak Lawn-1405-J-1 Moberly R Bruce Moravec Otto th Ct.... Oak Lawn Clifton Pk.... Evergreen Pk-7589 Moravek Victor Troy Evergreen Pk-7523 MODERN FASHIONS wmn~ apparl Morawcarl G Homan Evergreen Pk W 95th : Oak Lawn-820 Moraw Kenneth E MODERNLNDRY & DRY CLNG CO f Louis.... Evergreen Pk Halsted Chgo Enterprise-4404 MorbackJohn.9625 Merrimac Oak Lawn-2611 Called Party Pays for Enterprise Calls Morehead Geo " Modern Way Heating 5617 W 84th pi. Oak Lawn-1479-J W 95th Evergreen Pk-8955 Morfoot Marie 6822 W 97th.. Oak Lawn-1400-J-l ModglIn Jack st...,. Oak Lawn-3212 MAW 9 1 T II 0.k L 241 Modz Rose Mrs. organ. 42. u y.,. a awn- 101st & Merton. Oak Lawn~2871-J-2 Morgan.Budd L th Ct Oak Lawn-3494 Moede Max A 7001 W 100th.. Oak Lawn~1520-J-2 Morgan Calvin R M H 2448 W 94th E Pk th ct Oak Lawn-1450-J-1 ogensen ans... vergreen - Morgan Geo T 9700 McVickers Oal< Lawn-l144 Mohrjacob 3541 W 98th... Evergreen Pk-7836 Morgan Walter F 9602 Melvina Oak Lawn-2071 Moisan Sport Shop Moriarty Jno E 9427 Central. Oak Lawn~ Western. Evergreen Pk-6900 Moroney Jas E 5907 W 90th PI, Oak Lawn-3283 Malburg LaVerne Moroney Paul E 5730, 84th pl.oak Lawn-1550-J-l Mansfld... Oak Lawn-1425-J-1 Moroney Wm J 5273 W90th PI. Oak Lawn-2284 Molde Martin 9604, 54th.... ~ ~.OakLawn-12 Morrie Herman Jr Lorel... Oak Lawn-1359 Molde Stanley A 6237 W 95th Oak Lawn-1149 Morris Dale J 2652 W 90th Evergreen Pk-9072 Molded Metals Gorp 9540 Tully -Dak Lawn-3353 Morris Edw 6200 W 101st. Oak Lawn-1779-J-1 Molenstra John 4400 W 95th....Oak Lawn~191 Morris Edw Turner Evergreen Pk-8356 MolIneclifford.. Morris FrancIs J 9652 Richmond Evergreen Pk W 90th pl-: Evergreen Pk-8347 Moloney francis 9727 Millard.. Evergreen Pk-3008 Morris Luther L Knox,... Oak Lawn-84 Molter Jno A 2724 W 90th pl.. Evergreen Pk-8379 Morris Ray V 9312 Utica.... Evergreen Pk-8317 Moms Pastry 5hop, Morrison Wm R Sawyer.. Evergreen Pk-80n 3324 W 95th Evergreen Pk-8910 Morrisroe Michael J MOMS PASTRY SHOP 4955 W 95th. Oak Lawn W 95th Evergreen Pk Hamlin Evergreen Pk-8897 Monacelli E J Trumbull. Evergreen Pk-8505 Morrissey Wm Calif EvergreeriPk-7122 MONARCH DRYCLNRS Morrissey Wm Homan. Evergreen Pk W l1lth Chgo Enterprise-1044 Morrow Larry Richmond, Evergreen Pk-8568 (Called PartY,Pays For Enterprise Calls).Morrow Robt A Utica.. Evergreen Pk-8807 MONARCH LNDRY CO. Mortenson 5uply Co 5837 W 95th, Oak Lawn W l1lth Chgo... Enterprlse-1044 Morthland John F Marion.. Oak Lawn-3790 Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls. Mortimer Geo 2633 W 90th... Evergreen Pk-8692 Moniak Chas L Avers Evergreen Pk-6642 Mosbaugh Ralph 9610, 50th ct..". Oak Lawn-290 Monroe Milton 5648 W 87th PI Oak Lawn-1397 Moser Frank Harlem Oak Lawn-2456-J~2 Mantel Salvador 9422 :55th ct. Oak Lawn-59l Moses John E 4855 W 85th Oak Lawn-1773-J-2 Montgomery Fred 4236 W 103d...Oak Lawn-1360 Moss Geo H 9745 Mapl.ewd Evergreen Pk~8035 Montgome/Y...Ralph V Moustis Geo J Calif Evergreen Pk-6722, Austin. Oak Lawn-1482-J-1 M,owat AndrewJ d ct OakLawn~1109 Montgomery Ward & Co,.. Mowatt Alex 8208W 89th Oak Lawn-2379-J-2 Telephone Order Dept Mowatt John Reid 618 W Chgo av Chgo(For Oak Lawn...c ";, d. : Oak Lawn-1781-J-2 5ubscribers Only). ;. Enterprise~4700 ". Moyers Robt D 9147 S 53d Ct. Oak Lawri-243 (Called Party Pays For. Enterprise Calls)._MrkacekJas5915 W 88th.;. Oak Lawn-69 oczko EA 6841 W 97th PI. Oak Lawn-2403-J-2 MRO-NEV 37 ~~ozek Bruno Nashvle. Oak Lawn-1743-J-2 N Mrozek Rudolph 9343 McVickers.. Oak Lawn-1619 Muchmore Mfg C02640 W 95th. Evergreen Pk-7701 Naden Irene 8907 Major Oak Lawn-2747 Muchmore WG.... Nadolny FrankJ W 95th pl Oak Lawn-151f!~J Homan Evergreen Pk-751? udrak Sam 8601 W 95th {lak Lawn-1791-J-l Nadosy Edw Francisco. Evergreen Pk-8154 MMuehe Earl J.5120 Oa~ Center...Oak Lawn-2759 _ Nagel Clara E d Oak Lawn W 98th Pl. Evergreen Pk-9057 MuehlhausenAdam 9356, NagelDanl A Homan Evergreen Pk-7354.Muehlhausen Almon 9209 Monitor. Oak Lawn; Nagel Elmer P 8730 Central,Oak Lawn-497 Mueller Chas H A Cement Constr Co. F die Pk d Oak Lawn-663 Nagel Geo Lawn a e. vergreen - Mueller.Raymo n.d Menard..Oak Lawn Napoli Mike 6708 W 90th... Oak Lawn-1768-J-2 k 6782 Nartnick Jos J d Ct. Oak Lawn-2579-J-l Mueller Walter Albany. Evergr~en P - Natelborg Derrick H. Mueller Walter R. E Pk Homan Evergreen Pk Turner vergreen - Naughton T J 9431 Central Oak Lawn-3313 Muersch C F 2705 W 90th Evergreen Pk-7945 Navratil Otto E.. Muhr Chas J Hamlin. ; Evergreen Pk Meade. Oak Lawn-2520-J-1 Muhs Howard Homan Evergreen Pk-7472 Nawrot Julius Sawyer Evergreen Pk-6794 Muir Wm A Spring Oak Lawn-3366 Neal Edw d Oak Lawn~2662 Mulcahy Max 2655 W 97th PI. Evergreen Pk-8543 Nealy J W 89th Oak Lawn-2666 Mulder Klaas St Louis. Evergreen Pk-6853 Neander Eric C 9245 Tully Near Reed A Cicero Oak Lawn-598 Oak Lawn-3658 HOLLAND CLEM B INC rl est MUL 2156 W 95th Chgo. Hilltop Neavs Ross Merton Neff Maxine th. " Oak Lawn Oak Lawn-2312-J-2 Mullen Stephen 5209 W 94th..., Oak Lawn-732 Neilsen Fred 8536 McVickers. Oak Lawn-2676-J-1 Mulligan Thos J 9517 Fairfld...Evergreen Pk-8097 Neitzer Elaine H 9515 St Louis. Evergreen Pk-7047 Mullman Bernard Nejdl Lambert J MD Homan Evergreen Pk Turner..... Evergreen Pk-7273 Munch Ethel 9531 Brandt. Oak Lawn-629 Nelson Albert 8113 Lockwd Oak Lawn-2538-J-1 Munch Harry 4300 W 100th Oak Lawn-3788 Nelson Algot,8858 Troy Evergreen Pk-7275 h Oak Lawn 761 Nelson Axel N 9539 LaCrosse Oak Lawn-930 MUnch Mary C 4415 W {9t.. 7. Nelson Carl M 5239 W 87th Oak Lawn-1337 Munch Willard E k 6952 Nelson Catherine S Clifton Pk Evergreen P Clifton Pk Munoz Abraham 8633 Roberts. Oak Lawn-1495-J-2 Evergreen Pk-7486 M unyer Sam J 9_656 5 RidgWy.. Evergreen Pk Nelson Dairy Products. O k La n Western Evergreen Pk-8800 Murphy Arthur 9605, 52d a w- Nelson DonaldJ 5064 W Oak Center.Oak Lawn-2742 Murphy Arthur J d.. OakLawn-561 Nelson Geo Merrimac....Oak Lawn Murphy Chas Sr Keatmg. Oak Lawn-3903 Nelson Hadley 9821 Minnick....Oak Lawn Murphy Edv/.l Homan.. Evergreen Pk-7594 Murphy Edw E 9108 ~ Troy... Evergreen Pk-7926 Nelson Harold 2935 W 87th...Evergreen Pk-7742 Nelson Helen M Murphy Edw J Francisco Evergreen Pk acrmnto... Nelson Howard E 4953 Paxton Evergreen Pk-7591 Oak Lawn-2763 Murphy Henry G Troy.. Evergreen Pk-7207 Nelson John H Trumbull. Evergreen Pk-8058 Murphy John E 5105 W 99th Oak Lawn-3373 Nelson John J Murphy John J 4923 W 99th Oak Lawn Central Pk Evergreen Pk-88~ Murphy Jos A Merrimac.Oak Lawn-1539-J-1 Nelson Marcella Murphy Margaret L Francisco Evergreen Pk Sacrmntp Evergreen Pk-7829 Nelson Philip Kedvale Oak Lawn-3667, Murphy R P Dr 2919 W97th.. Evergreen Pk-6819 Nelson Randall 9609 Avers Evergreen Pk-9113 Murphy Thos 4332 W 100th Oak Lawn-38S5 Nelson Ray acrmnto Evergreen Pk-8186 Murray Louis W Nelson Robt M 4324 W 100th Oak Lawn-38ll Harding.. Evergreen Pk-8169 Nelson~i/ Harnew Rd West. Oak Lawn-1112 Murray Michael P groc. k 9226 Nelson S W 4128 W 99th pl Oak Lawn Calif Evergreen P- Nelson Tage G 2627 W 98th pl.. Evergreen Pk-30M Murzyn Minnie W 90th pi. Oak Lawn-794 Nelson Thos 0. Musashe Nicholas 4232W 100th 9a~ Lawn Clifton Pk.. :. Evergreen Pk-8839 Muscarella Edw 9349 Clifton Pk.Evergreen Pk-6689 ak L 1811 Musch Cornelius Oxford.Oak Lawn-1960-J-1 Nelson Wm 9611 McVicker 0 awn- Musgrave Jas A 7133 W 95th. Oak Lawn-1504-J-1 NELSONS DAIRY COnAGE. L 1438 J Kedzie Evergreen Pk-9253 Musson Jas W 8641 Natchez. Oak awn-.- : Nemec Edw G Troy.. Evergreen Pk Muszynski John Nottingham. Oak Lawn-1909-J-l Nemeck Jack A st... Oak Lawn-1023 Nemoyer Wesley E Muth Frank J 9216 Trumbull Evergreen Pk S 78th Av. Oak Lawn-1904-J-1 Muzik Edw 2841 W 98th Evergreen Pk-6620 Nerode S Cicero Oak Lawn-3718 Myer Clarence 9347 Trumbull.. Evergreen Pk-7766 Nester Ray 5904 W 88th Oak Lawn-3676 Myers Fred acrmnto. Evergreen Pk-3188 Neubek Frank Kolmar Oak Lawn-351 Myers Howard 9731, 50th Ct.... Oak Lawn-3778 Neubieser Clarence E 9333, 54th Oak Lawn-246 Myers Roy E Homan Evergreen Pk-7098 Neunlist HattIe 9401 Sproat....Oak Lawn-109 Myers RoyE 4201 W 99th. Oak Lawn-636 Nevara Geo 8112 Laramie Oak Lawn-2419-J-1 Myskowski Sigmund Nevaril Leo 9401, 55th.; ~....Oak Lawn W 96th Evergreen Pk-3022 Nevell T Leo 9149 Utica Evergreen Pk-8033 I Sh. Nevills Dean W Hamlin. Evergreen Pk-7754 Mytych9304 We ding Harlem op.....oaklawn-2497-j-2 Nevllls Russell V 3640 W 97th..Evergreen Pk-6612

21 38 NEW..;.,.OBR New City Floral Shop W 87th. Oak Lawn-2453-J-l Newberry GeoW 8030 W 101st. "...Oak Lawn-2322-J-l Newcomer R L Crawford Oak Lawn-169 Newman Ralph H 4240 W 100th Oak Lawn-3941 Newport Chas S St Louis. Evergreen Pk-6854 Newton Frank C _ Austin.. Oak Lawn-1549-J-2 Newton Russell Stone Circle.Oak Lawn-3715 Nice John A 9243 Clifton Pk... Evergreen Pk-8275 Nicholas Harold J., Central Pk... Evergreen Pk-7055 Nichols Frank W Utica. Evergreen Pk-7140 Nichols Jay T Harnew East.. Oak Lawn-3663 Nichols Robt E Cork...Oak Lawn-1702-J-l Nicholson Vernon C Central Pk... " Evergreen Pk Nickels Elmer R d ct...,. Oak Lawn-318 Nickels Frank T Moody. Oak Lawn-1730-J-l Nielsen Elmer M 9411 Turner.. Evergreen Pk-7419 Nielsen Harry C t Louis.Evergreen Pk~8719 tijienhouse G N 3237 W 97th Evergreen Pk-7301 Nies Geo Sawyer Evergreen Pk-9074 Niesen HenryG Millard.EvergreenPk-7850 Nilson Nat 9416 Clift6n Pk... Evergreen Pk-6902 Nisius Geo M 2752 W 89th pl. Evergreen Pk"7714 Nisporchik Mike th.. Oak Lawn-2437-J-l Nissen Harry L9740 SAvers... Evergreen Pk-7639 Nitsche Valley C Calif.. Evergreen Pk-6687 Noble Doyle st Oak Lawn-828 Noble V st Av Oak Lawn-3745 NojdGordon P Utica Evergreen Pk-9155 Nolan Earl J La Crosse...Oak Lawn-1302 Nollen Mathew J AJbany.Evergreen Pk-8209 Nolte Sarah 6560 W 92d... Oak Lawn-2412-J-l Norby Clarence R." Troy....Evergreen Pk-7079 Nordengreen Anna G Trumbull...Evergreen Pk-7405 Nordquist Eric t Louis. Evergreen Pk-7257 Nordstrom Elof 9841 Minnick Oak Lawn-694 NORMAL ElECT 9209, 54th Oak Cawn-300 Norman C R 9716 Lawndle Evergreen Pk-8301 Norris Albert E Kilborne... Oal< Lawn-2671 Norris Robt M 8748 S Mozart. Evergreen Pk-3154 Norris Russell F st Av... Oak Lawn-3754 North Herbert T Minnick... Oak Lawn-2218 NORTH PALOS LANDSCAPE CO th Oak Lawn-2394-:-J-2 North Palos Sthl 8501 W 95th.Oak Lawn-1402-J-2.North Palos Volunteer Fire Dept Roberts. Oak Lawn-1501-J-l. Nothnagel John 5367 Edison... Oak Lawn-l035 Noto Jos Marion Oak Lawn-1736-J-l Nott Howard d Oak Lawn-3376 Notter W R 98th & 88th Av Oak Lawn-2399-J-l Novak Harold J Harnew East.Oak Lawil-3628 Novak John 8523 McVickers.. Oak Lawn-2522-J-l Novak Leo J 8538 Central...Oak Lawn-2477-J-2 Novak Louis th ct... Oak Lawn-2437-J-2 Novak Louis T 3549 W 98th. " Evergreen Pk~7291 Novak Richard G 4928 Spring Oak Lawn-1188 Novak Valentine 5821 W 87th Oak Lawn-1689 Novak Vernon 9905 Harnew Rd Oak Lawn-1659 Novota Jos Troy Evergreen Pk-7464 Nowacki Albert Marion...Oak Lawn-2637 NOWACKIS GROC & MKT Roberts.....,.. Oak Lawn-149 Nowak Walter 9563 Albany Evergreen Pk Nowicki Edw R 9412,5 Francisco.... Evergreen Pk-7Z65 Nudd Hub.ertJ 9623 Ridgwy... Evergreen Pk-3106 Nudson Chas Hrlest..... " Southwest Hwy. Oak Lawn-34 Nuel Mary A Mrs Campbell. Evergreen Pk-6826 NlJltyTimothy Troy ~.. Evergreen Pk-8917 Nyberg VerQer Major.. Oak Lawn-1796-J-2 Nyblorri lars Sawyer.. Evergreen Pk-8I21 Nygaard Sylvia W 96th PI. Oak Lawn-2496-J-2 Nyman Sigurd acrmnto:Evergreen Pk-7020 Nystedt Gunnar S 9737 Central Pk. Evergreen Pk-6617 Nystedt Herbert Clifton Pk Evergreen Pk-71a6 Nystrom Carl S 2767 W 95th pl. Evergreen Pk OAK LAWN BOOK SHOP 5255 W 95th. Oak Lawn-6 OAK LAWN CAB CO W 95th ~ Oak Lawn-lOOO Oak Lawn Camera Shop 4951 W. 95th _ Oak Lawn-18b OAK LAWN CEMENT BLOCK CO 4659 W 95th Oak Lawn-66 OAK LAWN CONCRETE SEPTIC TA~KS d ct. Oak Lawn-1532-J-l Oak Lawn Currency Exch Inc 5166 W 95th. Oak Lawn-2050 Oak Lawn Dept Store W 95th Oak Lawn-9377 Oak Lawn Drive-In Theatre Corp 87th & Cicero *Oak Lawn-1600 OAK LAWN EXCAVATING-SERVICE 4659 W 95th OAK LAWN FEED STORE Oak Lawn W 95th. Oak Lawn-230 OAK LAWN FENCE CO Austin Oak Lawn-lOOl Oak Lawn Food Mart 4855 W 95th..Oak Lawn-141 Oak Lawn Frozen Food Lockers 4828 W 95th ; Oak Lawn-55 Oak Lawn Hdw & Plbg Co 4919 W 95th Oak Lawn-5 Oak Lawn Independent prtg 147th Midlthn BI OAK LAWN LNDRY & CLNRS 9421 Tully Oak Lawn-241 OAK LAWN MENS SHOP 4953 W 95th OAK LAWN MILL & LBR CO - Oak Lawn SCicero.. Oak Lawn-145 Oak Lawn Mill Wks 9431 Meade... Oak Lawn-2116 OAK LAWN MOTORS 5000 W 95th.. OakLawn-722 OAK LAWN MOVERS 9721 Southwest Hwy Oak Lawn-434 Oak Lawn News Agcy 9517 Cook Oak Lawn-780 OAK LAWN SAVINGS & LOAN ASSN W 95th. Oak Lawn-2600 OAK LAWN SERVICE STA W 95th. Oak Lawn-ll OAK LAWN SNACK BAR W 95th. Oak Lawn-9328 OAK LAWN TLR & FURRIER 5319 W 95th. ~..Oak Lawn-128 Oak Lawn Trust & Savings Bk, 5310, 95th.. Oak Lawn-35 Oak Lawn Village of village hall. _ 9437 Cook.....Oak Lawn-1313 Oard Chas 2629 W 90th... Evergreen Pk-8654 Oberg David - 104th & Southwest, Hwy. Oak Lawn-1963-J-2 Oberg Harvey 9714 McVickers... Oak.Lawn-3411 Oberhelman Harry A Jr Dr , Harnew Rd East... Oak Lawn-3817 Obrenski J 9817 S 54th Av.... Oak Lawn-390b 0BrienBernard-8633 Natchez. Oak Lawn-1499-J-l osrlen Edw HamlIn Evergreen Pk OBRIEN FRANK J rl est 4869 W 95th. Oak Lawn-59 obrie,n JosD 9801 Avers,... Evergreen Pk OBden Kenneth 5950 W 89th...-Oak Lawn-2621 OBrien Morgan JRev W 93d......Evergreen Pk-8995 OBrien Patk H 9350 Sproat.. Oak Lawn-2010 OBrien Robt 9530 Minnick....Oak Lawn-2049 OBrien Wm 5441 Edison....Oak Lawn-750 Obszarny Edmund L Merton.. Oak Lawn-2035 Ocampo Vincent Menard.. Oak Lawn-3508 OConnell Geo A LeClair. Oak Lawn-1973-J-2 OConnell John C 9810 S Avers. Evergreen Pk-7995 OConnell Wm L Jr 9645 S Cook...Oak Lawn-280 OConnells Groc 7017 W 95th. Oak Lawn~2456-J: l OConnor Andrew 9615 Merton Oak Lawn-3402 OConnor Ann M 4204 W 100th Oak Lawn OConnor Jack 9332 Spldng Evergreen Pk-6737 Odaff Godfrey A th Ct. Oak Lawn-2463-J-l OdchodnickyJohn, Trumbull. Evergreen Pk-8336 Odchodnicky John R 3700 W 93d ; Evergreen Pk-8935 ODonnell Lawrence 4316 W 100th. Oak Lawn-3812 ODowdJohn J 2624 W 89th pl.l;vergreen Pk-8396 Oehms Robt A 8744 Mozart... Evergreen Pk-9069 OFarrell John 2842 W 102d. Evergreen Pk-9130 Oftedahl Earl N 4608 W 98th... Oak Lawn-3463 Ogonowski Mae 8515 Oak Pk.. Oak Lawn-2804-J-2 OGrady Edw A 9846 Springftd. Evergreen Pk-6797 OGradyJos 9639 Lawndle... Evergreen Pk-8592 OHara Chas FJr 9248 Homan. Evergreen Pk-3131 OHara Frank L 9920 Clifton Pk.Evergreen Pk-8810 OHara Jas F 9612 Central Pk. Evergreen Pk-7781 OHare J E 4024 W 100th,..... Oak Lawn-3944 Ohlson Henry A 5401 W 103d..Oak lawn-1685 Ohmart Lowell A Trumbull Evergreen Pk-9169 OhrquistEdw G Trumbull. Evergreen Pk-8793 Okleshen Chas 6040 W 99th Oak Lawn-1675 Okroi Jos F Spaulding. Evergreen Pk-8579 Olander Carl E Rev 5802 W 89th pl. Oak Lawn-995 Old!n Ben 8611 S Mansftd.....Oak Lawn-2251 Oldham Edwin R 4320 W 99th PI.. Oak Lawn-3990 OLeary Michael 9116 Albany.. Evergreen Pk-3105 Olejosz Roman groc th ct.....oak Lawn-1460-J-2 Oliver Harold L 4012 W 100th... Oak Lawn-3772 Olschner Bert R 9315 Tully....Oak Lawn-:244 Olsen Carl C S Oxf,ord. Oak Lawn-1707-J-2 Olsen Nellie Mrs 9342 Troy... Evergreen Pk-8808 Olsen Raymond 4916 Oak Center.. Oak.Lawn-3687 Olsen Robt W 6160 W 99th...,,...Oak Lawn-854 Olson A H 9730, 51st~ Oak Lawn~576 Olson Carl A 8741 S Francisco. Evergreen Pk-6828 Olson Carl E 5811 Lynwd.,..... Oak Lawn-3515 Olson Carl Einar 9701 S 52d Av..., Oak Lawn-360B Olson Clarence 2705 W 89th pl. Evergreen Pk-8480 Olson Edw E 9700 Millard.. Evergreen Pk-8135 Olson Edw J 9543 Maplewd.. Evergreen Pk-8353 Olson Geo A 9606 Moody..,.... Oak Lawn~32.9 Olson Gus A 9422 S Sacrmnto. Evergreen Pk-7141 Olson Oscar 9530 McVickers...Oak Lawn~2127 Olson Rodger 8634, 78th ct.. Oak Lawn-1465-J-2 Olson Roy 9912 S Trumbull. Evergreen Pk-84G3 Olson Walter B 9100, 53d..... Oak Lawn-l026 Olver Alfred 4832 W 91st Pl Oak Lawn-873- OMalley Edw F 9614 West Shr dr. Oak Lawn-858 OMalley Jas A 9532 Trumbull. Evergreen Pk-8137 OMalley Jos W 2613 W 89th pl.evergreen Pk-7847 Onderwater Harry 2734 W 98th pl. Evergreen Pk-7823 Onderwater Jos S 2736 W. 98th pl...evergreen Pk-2914 OB.R-PAH 39 One Stop Food Shop Western. Evergreen Pk-9282 ONeil Jas 6605 W 102d pl Oak Lawn-2320-J-l ONeill Edw J st Oak Lawn-908 ONeill Francis U Crawford. Oak Lawn-2711 Oostema Theo 6500 W 95th.. Oak Lawn-2422-J-l Oppenheimer Emil d Av... Oak Lawn-2139 Opprel Cornelius 3507 W 97th. Evergreen Pk-7548 ORourke Thos B 9927, 52et Oak Lawn-3510 ORourke Wm T 8406 Leclaire. Oak Lawn-2513-J-2 Orr John E 9801 Ridgelnd.....Oak Lawn-418 : Orris Marjorie 9748 McVickers... Oak Lawn-3394 Orszulak Matthew th ct...,.. Oak Lawn-2389-J-2 Osbon Kenneth 9309 Clifton Pk... Evergreen Pk-7910 Osborn Chas H Turner. Evergreen Pk-8510 OShaughnessey Gerald. 941Q 5 73d :Oak Lawn-1589-J~2 OShea Chas,8727 Sacrmnto Evergreen Pk-9059 Osier Geo th Av..Oak Lawn-2591-J-2 Ossmann Lillian., 8747 S Sacrmnto...Evergreen Pk-8433 Oster Martin Mozart. Evergreen Pk-8844 Osterherdt Dena 9418 Spaulding. Evergreen Pk-7327 Osterman Carl Mayftd.. Oak Lawn J-2 Osterman Walter H 9300 S 5t Louis... Evergreen Pk-7838 Ostermeyer A W Austin... Oak Lawn-2203 Ostermeyer Wilbur J 5800 W 87th.. Oak Lawn-990 Osting Robt E beverages 9214,55th ct : Oak Lawn~352 Ostling Harry N 4401 W 103d Oak Lawn-796 Ostrowski JasP 9414 Francisco. Evergreen Pk-7544 Oswald Aug Normandy. Oak Lawn-1766-J-2 OToole Arthur S Sawyer. Evergreen Pk-8022 OToole Jas J 2701 W 95th... Evergreen Pk-8417 Ott Elmer-F 9310 McVickers..... Oak Lawn-394 Ott Nora C Central......Oak Lawn-3968 Otten Arlene 9411 S 55th ct....oak Lawn-617 Otto Clifford L 4802 W 96th pi... Oak Lawn-2194 Otvos J R th" Oak Lawn-305 Oudsteyn Fred A 5937 W 90th Oak Lawn-2192 Oudsteyn John 0, S Melvina...,. Oak Lawn-1593-J-l Overbeek Florise 9431 S Richmond.... Evergreen Pk-7241 Overgaard T E 88th & Troy... Evergreen Pk-6745 Owen Robt 9539 St Louis"..,Evergreen Pk-6918 Owens Morley 9316, 55th Oak Lawn-1680 OZINGA BROS coal 3133 W 95th. Evergreen,Pk-7225 Ozinga Frank M 3310 W 97th..... Evergreen Pk-7094 Ozinga Martin 3316 W 97tIL.. Evergreen Pk-7201 Ozinga Martin Jr 3310 W 97th. Evergreen Pk-7224 Ozinga Norman Homan. Evergreen Pk Ozinga Richard 9537 McVickers...Oak Lawn-3335 p PDQ GROC 3140 W 92d,Evergreen Pk-7332 P & N GARAGE 5424 W 95th Oak Lawn-3765 Pace John Sawyer Evergreen Pk-8628 Pacholik Anthony J 9837 S 54th. Oak Lawn-2134 Pacnolik Michael Mrs 4815 W 85th. Oak Lawn-1719-J-l Packer Carson 9548 S Albany..Evergreen Pk-7456 Padula Frank McVickers Oak Lawn-1687 Page Elenore 9527 S54th., Oak Lawn-2091 Page Louis W S Merton. Oak Lawn-1538-J-l Page5 Barbecue 9436 S Western.:.... Evergreen Pk-9202 PanIke Hilda 9005 S Austin., Oak Lawn-3329 Pahnke Eugene 8507 Mansftd Oak Lawn-416

22 Paieda Frank Ridgelnd. Oak Lawn-1980-J-2 Pajkos JOS5930 W 88th......Oak Lawn-810 Palasz Edw E 5909 Lynwd... Oak Lawn-607 Paleczny Stanley, 9340 S 73d Av. Oak Lawn-:1594-J-l Palladeau Ferdinand 9001 S Cicero. Oak Lawn-3213 Palmer David W 9634 Meade. Oak Lawn-1055 Palmer Geo 9612 S Merton... Oak Lawn-459 Palmer Glerin C 4304 IV. 100th.. Oak Lawn-3967 Palmer Kenneth E 5836 Lynwd.. Oak Lawn-3724 Palmerino Jerry 9557 Marion... Oak Lawn-3753, Palos Pattern Wks, 81st ct & 101st. Oak Lawn-2364-J-l Panabaker Roy 9,600 Mansfld.Oak Lawn-1346 Pane Mildred 9206 S 52d Av... Oak Lawn-3547 Panek Edw 8615 S Massasoit. Oak Lawn-1587-J-l Panepinto Guy 4837 W 96th PI Oak Lawn-291 Paniuski Anton 9839 S Minnick Oak Lawn-1053 Pankratz John S Homan. Evergreen Pk-8423 Panos Geo 3201 W 95th Evergreen Pk-3098 Papa Jos 9325 S 83d Av Oak Lawn~1761-J-l Papp Geo J 9820 S Ridgeway.. Evergreen Pk-8863 Pappas Clarence 99th & Roberts. Oak Lawn-1905-J-l Pappas Lillian 5004 W 85th.. Oak Lawn-,2518-J~2 Para Jos B 9711 Millan:! Evergreen Pk-3133 Parant H W Jr 8444 Menard. Oak Lawn-1583-J-2 Paravich Jos 2641 W 97th Evergreen Pk-8346 Pardol Louis 5918 W 88th Oak Lawn-690 PARK BIKE SHOP 3337 W 95th. Evergreen Pk-6738 Park ManorKennels i 8512 Lockwd,......Oak Lawn-2341-J-2 PARK MENS SHOP 3209 W 95th Evergreen Pk~8240 PARK MUSIC SHOP, 3634 W 95th Evergreen Pk-7000 Parke Robt G 9837 Minnick Oak Lawn-3870 Parker G E Homan... Evergreen Pk~8754 Parker Gerald A Harnew, East. Oak Lawn-3624 Parker J J 9612 S Harding... Evergreen Pk-7678 Parkes Paul F 9424 S Turner..Evergreen Pk-7495 Parmen Clifton 9544 Trumbull. Evergreen Pk;-7744 Parrish Kenneth R 9757 Marion.. Oak Lawn-3995 Parros Jas 5220 W 95th ~.. Oak Lawn-478 Partlo Mildred 102d & 80th Ct. Oak Lawn-1771-J-l Paser Geo 9215 Melvina... Oak Lawn-1484-J-2 Paser Geo W Jr S Melvina. Oak Lawn-1486-j-2 Paterson Andrew 9241 S Homan.Evergreen Pk-8321 Patitucci Ben 5420 W 95th Oaj< Lawn-1280 Patkiewicz Kazimer 8522 S 77th ct. Oak Lawn-2343-J-l Patrick Steven Jr, 8717 S Francisco Evergreen Pk-681I Patterson Efizabeth 9259, S Trumbull.. Evergreen Pk-7616 Patzer Geo th Oak Lawn-1I76 Patzer Paul E 2633 W 89th pi. Evergreen Pk-7196, Paul Nick 8550 S Mansfld...Oak Lawn-1748-J-2 Pauley Gilbert septic tanks 8315 S 78th Av. Oak Lawn-2548-J-2 Paulin Clnrs 5402:1/2 W 95th..... Oak Lawn-8 Pauls Arthur 9328 S 54th... Oak Lawn-595 PAULS RADIO & RECORD SHOP, 5003 W 95th ;. ; Oak Lawrt-208 Paulsen Howard 9916 Elm Circle.. Oak Lawn-3327 Paulsen Lou 5101, 99th Oak Lawn-2758, Paulus W J S Oxford..Oak Lawn~1414-J-l Pavacich John 9615 S Homan.. Evergreen Pk-7204 Pawlak Mike F 9021 S Austin.... Oak Lawn-1I78 Pawlowski Steve 2945 W 87th. Evergreen Pk~8536 Paxton Lowell J 2831 W 97th. Ever~reen Pk-8098 Payne Chas Wm 9611 S 51st.. :Oak Lawn-867 Payne Jay V W 87th. Oal< Lawn-1940-J-1 Poat J W 9226 S Homan.., Evergreen Pk-7642 Praag ~~~~~ Central Pk Evergreen Pk-8456 Poat Raymond W 2911 W 97th. Evergreen Pk-:9132 Prane M M 8851 S Mozart Evergreen Pk-7231 Poat Wilbur 9857 S Hamlin... Evergreen Pk-8471 Prange Roger W 3447 W Clark; Evergreen Pk-2935 Pochron Walter J 9614 SAvers. Evergreen Pk-9078 Pratl Jos T 9520 Springfld... Evergreen Pk-9080 PodeweliKenneth R,.,, Preimesberger,Anthony W 89th PI... Evergreen Pk W 81st pl....oak Lawn-1475-J-2 Podrzycki Wm 5939 W 88th." Oak Lawn Premo Norman 9204 S 82dav. Oak Lawn-1762-J-1 Poe Clarence 6840 W 95th Oak Lawn-2537-J-2. 0 k Lawn 1553-J 2 Preston Cartage Garage. Poe Poehlein Fred Earl 10832,10021 MassasOit. Harnew East. a Oak - -,,9609 Southwest Hwy Oak Lawn-133 Lawn-~643 o k Lawn 361 Preston Clarence " Pohlman Robt 9101 S!;j3d ct..,.;. a, W 91st, Pl Oak Lawn-2469-J-l Pohlman Robt L 5717 W 87th Oak Lawn-335 L 1293 Polacek-Hdw 3154, W 95th Evergreen Pk-6820 Preston Harl)t C Sr.5213 W 94th. Oak awn- Polacek Rudolph.,.,,,,, Prestons Cabins, S Mozart. " Evergreen Pk-8817 " 9601Southwest Hwy Oak Lawnpazak Edwin S La Crosse... Oak Lawn-665 PaznOkas John P _ 7007 W 96th PI Oak Lawn-2403-J-l Peach Robt W 9324 S Albany.. Evergreen Pk-7233, Peak Constr Co S 75th. Oak Lawn-2433-J-2 Pearce,G Delbert 9800 S 53d Av Oak Lawn-2780 Pearce Geo 9740 S 53d O,!k Lawn Pearse Stanley 9308 W 51st...O,!k Lawn-1639 Pearson Carl 8817 Utica.... Evergeeri Pk-3052 Pearson Fritz Homan.. Evergreen Pk-8487 Pearson Geo L 4244 W 99th PI... Oak Lawn-3428 Pearson Nels E 9311 St Louis.. Evergreen Pk-7975 Pearson Thursten J 9212 S Albany.... Evergreen Pk-8418 PEARSONS TAVSN 5728 W 87th. Oak Lawn-9327 Peck Howard H arch 5133 Oak Center.....Oak Lawn-3256 Peck Orsen D 9329 Sproat. Oak Lawn-3369 Pedersen Ancker S S Millard Evergreen Pk-6913 Pedersen Ernest T 5808 Lynwd Oak Lawn-312 Pedersen Robt 4833 W 99th Oak Lawn-1I02 Pederson Walter E 9117 Utica. Evergreen Pk-8029 Pedigo Jas 9710 McVickers.... Oak Lawn-455 Pelnarsh Chas 9116 S Tully Oak Lawn-944 Pelnarsh Robt C 5705 W 82d PI. Oak Lawn-2508-J-2 Pels John Henry Jr 9423 S St Louis.. Evergreen Pk-8202, Pence Albert 9725 S Homan Evergreen Pk-7372 Pendlebury H 5125 W 100th Oak Lawn-2636 Penfold Frank 8333 Mansfld Oak Lawn-1423-J-2 Pennington Chas 9401 Turner.. Evergreen Pk-8612 Peo Francis 9715,S Central Pk. Evergreen Pk-7415 PEOPLES -LAUNDRY 9226 S Burley Av Chgo Enterpr.ise-4458 Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls Peotter Edw L 9353, 51st Oak Lawri-1366 Pepper Ernest K 8802 S Sacrmnto. Evergreen Pk-6871 Peregoy Jas J 5001 W 99th... " Oak Lawn-:3344 Perillo Earl W 9703 Rutherford. Oak Lawn-2542-J-2 Perkins J F 9339 S 54th Oak Lawn-1267 Perkovich Nick 9628 Springfld. Evergreen Pk-31I0 Perlette John W 4249 W 99th PI.. Oak Lawn-3216 Petelle Jos E.9704 S Central..... Oak Lawn-539 Peterlin Wm 9226 S 50th Oak Lawn-2.39 Peters Clarence W 9746 Mead Oak Lawn-2061 Peters EdwJ 9325 Sacrmnto. Evergreen Pk-7876 Peters Emile G 9516 Melvina... Oak Lawn-2630 Petersen Fred H 9943 S Clifton Pk..... Evergreen Pk-8129 Petersen Holger F, 9333 S Central Pk... Evergreen Pk-7324 Petersen L Robt 4829 W 99th.,.. Oak Lawn-1634 Petersen R V 2713 W 89th pl. Evergreen Pk-7959 Petersen Willard H 9200 Clifton Pk.EvergreenPk-9109 Peterson Arthur K 4129 W 99th.. Oak Lawn-3304 Peterson Bert 9229 Trumbull.. Evergreen Pk-7783 Peterson Chas 6301 W 95th Oak Lawn-772 Peterson Donald B 9754 S Brandt. Oak Lawn-3566 Peterson Edw I 9801 Minnick... Oak Lawn-3997 Peterson Frank K9628 S 51st....Oak lawn-585 Peterson Jas E Harnew Rd West... Oak Lawn-3558 PetersonJos M 2652 W 89th pl. Evergreen Pk-7075 Peterson Roy 6901, 97th PI.. Oak Lawn-2365-J-l Peterson Verner E, 9330S Spaulding.. Evergreen.Pk-7286 Peterson Victor 2449 W 94th pl. Evergreen Pk-7852 Peterson Wm Homan.. Evergreen Pk-6654 Peterson Wm M 5734 W 89th pl... Oak Lawn-2629 Peterson Wm R 9921 Harnew East. Oak Lawn-3672 Petit Robt 5300 W 95th Oak Lawn-3206 PetitteSam Kilpatrick.Oak Lawn-688 Petkiewicz Alphonse,, PET-PRE 41, 9422, 82d Av. Oak lawn-1431-j:-2 Polar Bear Stand, PetrakJas J 9650 S Springfld. Evergreen Pk W 95th. Oak Lawn-3666 Petri Ralph E S Keeler... Oak Lawn-2616 Polaski Harold E p."etrok9as04woalster,nashvle "Oak Lawn~2464-J:l 9630 S Central Pk Evergreen Pk Petrokovitch Frank 9720 S Calif.Evergreen Pk- Polchow Albert A Constr Co 6258 W 107th. Oak Lawn-1965-J-2 PETROLEUM HEAT & POWER CO. Polchow Chas tavrn 3301 S Calif Av Chgo,. Enterpnse th & Ridgelnd OakLawn-9375 Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls Police Department-To call the police Petschinsky t>.lvina Mrs, Pk Albany... Evergreen - Evergreen Pk.. Evergreen Pk-7100 Oak Lawn... Oak Lawn-1313 Pettrone Salvatore Polito Anthony, th Ct......Oak Lawn-1740-J-2 Peyton Cha~ D th..... Oak Lawn-I S Sacrmnto.....Evergreen Pk-8459 Polivoda Casimer Pfeiffer Frank 8626 Austin..Oak Lawn-2522-J-2 l1lth & LeClair. Oak Lawn-2524-J-l pfister GW 9348 Francisco Evergreen Pk-9034 Polky Olaf H 9204, 55th.....Oak Lawn-447 Pheifer Geo L 5827 W 87th pl,.. Oak Lawn-152 Pollack Carl 5640 W 83d pl.. Oak Lawn-1421-J-l Pheiffer Eugene 9315 Raymond OakLawn-1676 Pollock D R 2729 W 90th Evergreen Pk-6914, Phelan Albert 9220 S Sawyer..Evergreen Pk-2944 Polzin Edw 2714 W 98th pl Evergreen Pk-7792 Phelps Wm Henry 0605 W 92d. Oak Lawn-1722-J-2 Philbin Jno J 9629 E Shr dr Oak Lawn-471 Pommerville Edw 9223 S 55th Av. Oak Lawn-3795 Pomroy Harvey, Phillip PeterS 2725 W 89th pi. Evergreen Pk S Clifton Pk. ; Evergreen Pk-7254 Phillips AnthonyF" Poncinie Danl 9415, S 55th ct Oak Lawn W89th.... Oak Lawn-,1765-J-1 Pope Arthur 9737 Merrimac Oak Lawn-425 Phillips Edw F Popish Jos J 2730 in 98th Pl.. Evergreen Pk S Richmond...,.. Evergreen Pk-8663 Popovich Peter 2914 W 102d. Evergreen Pk-8023 Phillips Frank 9420 St Louis : Evergreen Pk-8574 Porter Floyd W 4940 Paxton Oak Lawn-2783 Phillips Fred 9246 St Louis... Evergreen Pk-8576 Porter Frank D 9326 Kilbourne, Oak Lawn-l027 Phillips Harry C 9535 S 53d... Oak Lawn-18 Porter Robbie 9213 S Trumbull. Evergreen Pk-7581 Phillips Leo 8811S Austin Oak Lawn-2628 Porterfield Mae 5826 W 91st.... :-Oak Lawn-827, Phillips Lester 9405, 54th OakLawn-956 Porzel Edw-P 9802; 54th Oak Lawn-2626 Phillips Robt9952 Elm Circle Oak Lawn-3747 Posson L C 9612 S Albany... Evergreen Pk-7428 Piasecki Adam Post Geo 9744 Harding Evergreen Pk S Francisco. Evergreen Pk~7377 Postelnek Wm 9565 S 89th Av. Oak Lawn-2329-J-l Pickett Ellis H d Ct. Oak Lawn-2540-J-2_ Potacke Leo 9305 S 81st. Oak Lawn-2381-J-2 Piening Peter E. Pote HarryC Oxford Oak Lawn-1706-J S Richmond Evergreen Pk-3079 Pote LaVerne C 9136 S Ko!mar Oak Lawn-624 Pierce Porter 8826 S Calif Evergreen Pk-6825 Pote Richard 8615 S Latrobe. Oak Lawn-1993-J~1 Piersma Henry 9445 Sawyer Evergreen Pk-7293 Pote Walter F Oxford..Oak Lawn~1706-J-1, Piersma ThosH, 9545 S Richmond Evergreen Pk-9198 Potter Ivan A 99th Oak Lawn-4007 Pottf~r Warren M 4209 W 99th Pl. Oak Lawn-3869 Pierzynski V P 9620 S 49th ct.,..,oak Lawn-529 Potters Place 99th Oak Lawn-9323 Pili Carl S Harlem....OakILawn-2497-J-l Potts Jacob C 9516 S Marion.,. Oak Lawn~1351 Pinc John E 9844 S Hamlin,. Evergreen Pk~7835 PottsJos W 4826 Paxton Oak Lawn-3205 Pink Henry 8555 S Long Pinzino ThOs 8607 Mayfld Oak Lawn-2493-J-l Oak Lawn-1738-J-2 Pourchot Le Roy 6848 W 96th. Oak Lawn-2376-J-2 Powell Bernard Mrs Pionke Albert B Jr 96:14 Melvina.., Oak Lawn S 73d Ct. Oak Lawn-1928-J-2 Piper Anna Mrs 5607 W 88th Oak Lawn-284 Powell Betty Jane Piper Jos B 9215 S CliftonPk.Evergreen Pk-7705," 5125 W 82d. Oak Lawn-1974-J-l Pires Manuel Pkside Oak Lawn:-2Q05 Pischer Danl H 9422 S TrU/:nbuII.Evergreen Pk-7657 Powell Huel G 5125 W82d Powell Leabert T Oak Lawn-1974-J-l Pitcher Keith 7039 W 96th., Oak Lawn-2596-J-2, 8307 S 78th ct Oak Lawn-2382-J-2 Plant Rose lviarie 9325 S 82d.. Oak LaWn-1543-J-l E Pk 3087 Plass John 5930 W 90th Oa,k, Lawn Powell R C, 9339, St Louis... vergreen - k 1 6 Powell Thos V 9745 S Ridgwy.. Evergreen Pk-7619 Pleger Wm 9644 :s Richmond..Evergreen P -9 0 Powers Frances L 9746 Cook Oak Lawn-800 Pleiter John 9514 Kilbourn. ;.. Oak Lawn-986, Pk 3152 Plessner John 9650 Minnick..... Oak Lawn-398 Powers Jas A 9258 S Trumbull. Evergreen -, Pk 9182 Powers Victor 9302 S 50th Oak Lawn-715 Plitt David W 9430 Sacra:nnto. Evergoreken L ": P wley Donald 5716 W 88th....Oak Lawn-2634 Plum Ray CSr 9973 Elm Circle.... a, awn- 0 E 54th Ct Oak Lawn-51 Plummer C A 4922 Oak Center... Oak Lawn-361!l Powl~y Florence 9338, k Lawn-3370 PniEiwski LeoJ 2946 W 95th.. Evergreen Pk-7993 POZniak Edw 4301 W 99th Oa

23 42 PRI-REG Pribyl Chester M 8625 S Long. Oak Lawn-2341-J-I Priebe Minnie 9600 S Kedzie.. Evergreen Pk-7222 Priebe Rose 9333 Clifton Pk... Evergreen Pk-7608, Priest Homer H5809 W 90th....Oak Lawn-1388 Pr!etz Irvin 9249 S Troy... ". Evergreen Pk-9168 Prill Fred 8506 S Austin... Oak Lawn-2523-J-2 Prillwitz Te.d W 9420, 51st:...Oak Lawn-1836 Priniler Andrew S Trumbull.. Evergreen Pk-7032 Pr!scal Robt 9710 Melvina ; Oak Lawn-3288 PrrtchettNorman 2700 W 95tli:Evergreen Pk-8125 Probst Geo J 2730 W 98th pl. Everg}een Pk-8640 Proffitt V Harnew Oak Lawn-3544 Prokes Paul 9216 S Menard....Oak Lawn-1841 Prorok Edw 5915 W 88th PL... Oak Lawn Proteau Phil 9212 St L9uis Evergreen PI<-7790 Proulx Aurelia S Central Pk.. Evergreen Pk-7846 Prulm E 9801 S Homan.... Evergreen Pk-6855 Pruim J!Js 2939 W 102d..... Evergreen Pk-8039 Pruss Vlctor S Pkside. Oak Lawn-1419-J-I Prymek E 9313 Clifton Pk... ;. Evergreen Pk-7820 Pryor Bert Francisco.. EvergreenPk-7633 PUBLIC SERVICE CO OF NORTHERN ILL, dist hdqtrs (24 hr) 159th & Fisk av Harvey.. Enterprise-4100 (CalledParty Pays For Enterprise Calls) PUblic Service Co Of Northern III. Dist Hdqtrs-24 hr, 159th & Fisk Av Harvey. Oak Lawn~2000 PUdelek Bernadine th Ct. Oak Lawn:2573-J-2 Pugh Jonathan H 5813 W 93d... Oak Lawn-1336 PUh~man Walter C9614 Hamlin.Evergreen Pk-6736 Pulklnen T B Sacrmnto. Evergreen Pk-9160 PUlver Clark Nagle. Oak lawn.1498-j-l Punyko Fred M 9324, 82d...Oak Lawn_1429-J-2 Purc~ase H E 8601 S 78th Oak Lawn-1451-J-I Purnng Wm 9828 Merton Oak Lawn-1213 Purt~1I Ro~t E th Oak Lawn~3827 PUrtlC Mann 8801, 52d Oak Lawn-697 PutnamWlltonE 4846 W 96th pi..oak Lawn-674 PUiNIS J E DD W 95th... Oak Lawn-212 Q Rac Joe 7000 W 99th....Oak Lawn-2348-J-2 Rachford John G 9533 Brandt....Oak Lawn-603 Rachke Nicholas I 5158 W 81th. oiu< Lawn-3820 Rachuj Clarence th.. Oak Lawn:2340-J-2 Rachus Jos 6750 W 95th...Oak Lawn-I446-J-I Rackelin Anthony Sr Millard......Evergreen Pk-8778 Raddatz Albert B Pkside.Oak Lawn-2330-J-I Raddatz Fred R Hamlin. EvergreenPk~7462 Radecky.John 9744 Millard... Evergreen Pk-3198 RadekRlchard 4617 W 98th... Oak Lawn-3476 Rademacher G C 9734, 52d....Oak Lawn-1892 Rade~acher Herbert 9628, 50th Ct.Oak Lawn-3295 Rademc Louis 2632 W 99th Evergreen Pk~8738 RadesFred. -87U Utica Evergreen Pk-6679 Rad!ord OtiS 9706 Hamlin.... Evergreen Pk-9053 Radigan Jas 9758 Harding... Evergreen Pk-9075 Rafac Stephan A Calif.. Evergreen Pk-7804 Ragan Jas L 108th & Central. Oak Lawn-2308-J-I Ragen MatthewJ Spldng.,.;.Evergreen Pk-7209 R ahn R I<,9736, 49th Oak Lawn-3309 RA~LWAY EXP AGCY INC Wabash Oak Lawn-450 Ra!ne Ray 8610 Menard....Oak Lawn-1739-J-2!" D W 100th _... Oak Lawn-3939 Ra!nen C Mrs th Av. Oak Lawn-1954-J-2 Rainford John 93d & Crescent Oak Lawn.659 Ralston Harold E 5612 W88th Oak Lawn-2677 Ralston Huey E 9003, 52d..... OaR Lawn-1308 Rambach R-obt H Trumbull... Evergreen Pk-8627 Ramberg D R Millard. Evergreen Pk-7403 Ramsey P L 2900 W 102d...Evergreen Pk-3023 Ramsten Ernest 8324 Oak Pk. Oak Lawn-2805-J-2 Ranch The95~0 5 Western...Evergreen Pk-9221 Randall Lemuel Richmond Evergreen Pk-7012 Randall Radio & Fixit Shop 3211 W 94th Evergreen Pk-8473 Randle Thos Ridgewy. ~. Evergreen Pk-8142 Rank R~ymond L 8919 Pkside Oak Lawn-718 Rann Richard 4121 W 99th PI: Oak Lawn-3956 Rapp Wal~er J 8991, 52d Av Oak Lawn-3991 Rasch Root ~ th Ct.. Oak Lawn-2346-J-I Rascher Erwin 9438, 55th ct. ".Oak Lawn-1882 Rask~ Henry 9737 Warren....Oak Lawn-1289 Rask!n Ben 9410, 55th Ct... Oak Lawn-3866 Raskin Ruth cosmetics. 9410, 55th Ct. Oak Lawn-3866 R asmussen Richard W awyer. Evergreen Pk-8967 Rasmussen Wm A 9555 Melvina.. Oak Lawn-734.RAT~JIKJS PHARs269 W95th... Oak Lawn-600 Rath~e Herman 9833 Cook....Oak Lawn-736 Rat~Je.Jas H d Oak Lawn-2024 Rationing!30ard-see United States Government Ratke Lucille M?3165 CliftonPk: Evergreen Pk-7998 Ratkovich John 6703 W 91st.. Oak Lawn-I726-J-I Rattary Marie 9410 Trumbull.. Evergreen Pk-9104 Rauch Henry W 6941 W 95th.. Oak Lawn-2374-J-2 Rauch Raymond 5132 Oak Center.. Oak Lawn-323:3 RAUSCH REGGIE FLORIST _ 4859 W 95th Oak Lawn~139 RayDonald W 7720 W 92d: Oak Lawn-2393-J-2 Raymond Paris F 4813 W 99th... Oak Lawn-3877 RaymondWm J. 953!i 5 5t Louis. ;... Evergreen Pk-8017 R azmewskl Chester W 87th PI. Oak Lawn-1669 Reardon Chester 960~ 5 Albany.; Evergreen Pk-3168 Reardon Michael 9118 Sawyer. Evergreen Pk-8999 Quality Mkt 4957 W 95th Oak Lawn-19 Quandee Geo A th ct Oak Lawn-I259 QUasny Carl 9740 Quasthoff FlowerS Rutherford. Oak Lawn-I447-J W I11th. Oak Lawn-1578-J:2 QU~lici U A W 103d Oak Lawn_885 Qu!nlan Fred Millard.. Evergreen Pk-3033 QUirk Frank J 9201 Raymond... _Oak Lawn-3871 REBESCO AUTO SERVICE 9121 S Kedzie Evergreen Pk-9207 R Rech Harry F Tully Oak Lawn-1l52 Redde1 Walter C 2736 W 95th pi. Evergreen Pk-7394 Reddel Walter C Jr 9105 S Troy.Evergreen Pk-8086 Redmond John 9259 S Hardng. Evergreen Pk-7534 Redmon~ Thos N 9507 Merton.. Oak Lawn-I024 Reed Faith 9424 Tully......Oak Lawn-2635 Reed Marshall F th ct Oak l.:awn-2224 Reed Paul E Monitor, Reed Richard R I Oak Lawn Lawndle Evergreen Pk-7632 Reed Willard H 9829 SAvers. Evergreen Pk-6635 Reedy Lloyd G Richmond. Evergreen Pk-9197 ReedyWm.5741 W 90th Oak Lawnrl816 Reeves Cohn 4912 Spring Oak Lawn-2788 Reeves Jos H Troy E;vergreen Pk-6986 Regan Geo 9913 Harnew. ". : Oak Lawn Regelin Donald H3411 W 95th. Evergreen Pk~8892 Regnerus Carl 93,33, 54th ct.... Oak Lawn-1215 Regnerus J W 7700 W 95th.. Oak Lawn-1709-J-2 RegnierWalter 5407W 87th.. Oak Lawn-1877 REG-ROB 43 Rehak Constr Co 9301 S 83d..Oak Lawn-1763-J-2 Rehling Dorthea R Mrs,, Ricketts RobtE Central Pk.... Evergreen Pk S 5t Louis Evergreen Pk-7729 Rehnquist Carl A 5721 W 82d. Oak Lawn-1562-J-I Rlckl Geo Harlem Oak Lawn-1416-J~2 Rehnquist I< C 5140 W 85th..Oak Lawn:.2514-J-I Ricucci Alfred J Reich Chas d Oak Lawn La Trobe. Oak Lawn-2515-J-I Reichard Earl H Pkside.Oak Lawn J-l Rlddermg LoUIs 9421 S Albany. Evergreen Pk-8858 Reichenberger John R!ddering Wm A 9430 Homan. Evergreen Pk S Trumbull Evergreen Pk-8189 R!echel Albert Melvina Oak Lawn-lOBI Reichenberger Wm 4941 Paxton...Oak Lawn-2753 Riemersma Henry J Reichle Jos 8601 Roberts...Oak Lawn-2541-J-2 ReichleWaldonJ Calif Evergreen Pk-7183 Riese Delliert 5810W 9lst Oa.k Lawn-l th ct....oak Lawn-1525-J-I Riewoldt Paul 9317 Tully.....Oak Lawn-I065 Reichling P N 6828 W 97th..Oak Lawn-1512-J-2 Rihel John Jr 4831 W 96th Oak Lawn-3289 Reid Gerald acrmnto.. EvergreenPk-8096 Riley Chas 9349, 54th ct.... Oak Lawn-467 Reid Harry W 5840 W 87th PI... Oak.Lawn-1622 Riley E J Homan... Evergreen Pk-8850 Reif Ernest Fairfld... Evergreen Pk~7248 Riley Oil Co Reiher Ernest H Lowe Av Chgo Enterprise W 95th pi.... Oak Lawn-1507-J-l Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls Reindl Edw J 9324 Homan... Evergreen Pk-8183 Rinabarger Earl 2648 W 89th pl.evergreen Pk-8490 Reinemeyer Ralph 9421 Troy.. Evergreen Pk R!nck H Carl 9344 Tully.. "... Oak Lawn-2079 Reiners Bernard 9132, 55th... Oak Lawn-328 Rmg Eman Richmond.. Evergreen Pk-8297 Reinke Chas A Trumbull. Evergreen Pk-7956 Ringbloom Wm awyer... Evergreen Pk-8499 h R bt.~ 0 k L 81 Ringgenberg Ray R Reinsc Ma.Y"d... a awn Ri.dgelnd _. Oak Lawn-1723-J-I Reinsel Jos A Merton. Oak Lawn-1571-J-I Reitz A J Troy Evergreen Pk-76B5,R!nghofer Alfred W Rejzer Frank E 2701 W 89th pl. Evergreen Pk Homan. Evergreen Pk-6751 Reker Louis G 9405 Troy..... Evergreen Pk-8741 Reno ArthurJ... Ringhofer John 5r Homan Evergreen Pk Southwest Hwy...Oak Lawn-2619 Ringhofer John W Reno L 9827 Cook......Oak Lawn Moman Evergreen Pk-9167 Renouf Lyle F Millard.. Evergreen Pk-8B32 Ringo Robt R t Louis. Evergreen Pk-9015 Renton C A 3452 W 96th... Evergreen Pk-6962 Rio Albert 5734 W 109th...Oak Lawn-2315-J-I Renzino Vlncent J MD. R!o Fiore A 2611 W 97th PI... Evergreen Pk-6775, pldng..Evergreen Pk-6864 RIO Oswald Pkside Oal< Lawn-3469 Renzler Geo H Riordan Rolit 9320, 81st Ct.. Oak Lawn-1543-J th Av: Oak Lawn-1954-J-I Ripkey W R 9535 S Maplewd. Evergreen Pk-7717 Repar Jos Harding...Evergreen Pk-6999 Riser Cecil Albany Evergreen Pk-8856 Repiscak Geo Ritchey.Otis M 9001 Cicero, Oak Lawn pringfld Evergreen Pk-8363 R!tter Otto J 7035 W 96th... Oak Lawn-2444-J-I Reppin Elmer 6843 W 95th pl. Oak Lawn_1506-J-I Rlttschof Wm 5401 W 103d Oak Lawn-1685 Reschke Edw H d...Oak.Lawn Ritz Edw T 9741 Hamlin Evergreen Pk-8804 Ressler Elwood K Rivette Catherine M d... Oak Lawn th & SouthwestHwy. Oak Lawn-2816-J-I RizzoAnthony 103d & 86th.. Oak lawn-i770-j-i Rettinger John D th Oak Lawn-307 Roach Arthur 9424 Francisco. Evergreen Pk-8239 Rettinger Max 6134, 91st Oak Lawn-2445-J_2 Road King Serv Sta 5103 W 95th. Oak Lawn-9361 Revellion Ernest LaCrosse.. Oak Lawn-I048 Robb Geo genl contr Tully. Oak Lawn-1272 Revoir Walter, 93io 5 Harlem. Oak Lawn-2485-J-2 Robb Harry 9501} S 5t Louis.. Evergreen Pk-8228 Revolt Robt 9720 Warren Oak Lawn-3785 Robb Jas t Louis Evergreen Pk-7316 Reycraft Leo Homan..Evergreen Pk-8064 Robb Jas Jr 8859 Albany Evergreen I>k-8733 Reynolds H Clifford 9639,,52d Oak Lawn-491 Robli John W t Louis. Evergreen Pk-8729 Reynolds Robt 9627 Merrimac Oak Lawn-281 Robb & Nielsen contr Reynolds Vester Merrimac...Oak Lawn J Tully Oak Lawn-1272 Rheams Kirkland S Robb Robt B 9216 Turner Evergreen Pk acrmnto....Evergreen Pk-8871 RoWs Serv Sta 3501 W 95th. Evergreen Pk-9243 Rhein Bernard A. Roberto 5 J 3511 W 96th. :.. Evergreen Pk Richmond. Evergreen Pk-6878 Roberts (} M 4920 Oak Center... Oak Lawn-3686 Ricci Nancy 5705 W 88th PI... Oak Lawn-2676 Roberts Dewey 3511 W 96th. Evergreen Pk-6848 Rice Edmund Francisco. Evergreen Pk-6742 Roberts Edw F pring Oak Lawn-250 Rice Frank L Homan Evergreen Pk-8397 Roberts Forrest R 9418 S 55th ct,oak Lawn-1230 Rice GeoE t Louis Evergreen Pk-7096 Roberts Frank 6840 W96th.. Oak Lawn-1505-J-2 Rice Harold 2605 W 98th. Evergreen Pk-3127 Roberts John E Rice N C d OakLawn Rutherford Oak Lawn-2428-J-I Rice Roy A 2711 W 98tl1 pi... Evergreen Pk-7708 Roberts Park Fire Dept Rice Wm 4217 W 99th pl....oak Lawn th ct,.oak Lawn-2121 Rich Geo 9857 Homan.....Evergreen Pk-2913 ROBERTS PK NEWS AGCY, Rich Mabel K 2650 W 95th.. Evergreen Pk ], 5 17th ct. Oak Lawn-1457-J-J Richards Chas 6555 W 92d... Oak Lawn-2469-J-2 ROBERTS PK SERV STA Richards Robt W 84th&. Roberts Oak Lawn-I449-J-I, Harnew East.. Oilk Lawn-3642 Roberts Roy W 8547 S 78th,. Oak Lawn-1527-J-I Richardson Delbert 9721 Tully...Oak Lawn-3895 Roberts Vere H acrmnto. Evergreen Pk-6609 Richardson Harold ROBERTSON HARRY DRUGS 9946 Harnew Rd West. Oak Lawn~ Southwest Hwy Oak Lawn-65 RR!Chardson L C9700 Merton....Oak Lawn-730 Robertson Wm 9701 Lawndle.. Evergreen Pk-7128 ~chardson Wm Mayfld. Oak Lawn-1797-J:.2. Robilotta Roscoe M RlckertWm J 27,07 W 98th PI. Evergreen Pk Francisco. Evergreen Pk-7M3

24 44 ROB-RUZ Robinson Chas M Monitor.. Oak Lawn-1843 Robinson David Cicero...Oak Lawn-2720 Robinson Francis J acrmnto Evergreen Pk-6964 Robinson Jas B Utica Evergreen Pk-8715 Robinson John Stone Circle.Oak Lawn-3690 Robinson Leeanard Marion. Oak Lawn-3403 Robinson Oscar L st... Oak Lawn~513 Robinson Robt P W 98th pi......evergreen Pk-7833 Robinson Robt R 4919 Spring Oak Lawn~3499 Robson Jas W 97th Evergreen Pk-6792 Roche Betty 3017 W 95th.. Evergreen Pk-7093 Roche Wm 5821 W 90th pi....oaklawn-915 Rock Chas A 6840 W 98th...Oak Lawn-2435-J-l Rock Lester 5r 5040 Oak Center.: Oak Lawn~3270. Rockett Frances Melvina..Oak Lawn-12lS Rodeghiel Matthew A Calif Evergreen Pk-7325 Rodeo Anthony F 8728 Mozart. Evergreen Pk-9070 Rodgers Anna E 9232 Tully Oak Lawn-3513 Rodgers Jas $840 Mozart Evergreen Pk-8038 Roebert Edw 9333, 52d Av Oak Lawn-3668 Roelfsema Henry contr Ridgelnd, Oak Lawn-1981-J-l Roelle Frank 9518 Kenneth Oak Lawn-569 Roessler Frank H _ Richmond.. Evergreen Pk-8848 Roessler Wm A 9608 Homan., Evergreen Pk~8713 Rogal Chas Wr Millard, Evergreen Pk-8529 Rogal Chas W & Sons furs 17 N State. Central-7145 Rogers Barde2709 W 89th. Evergreen Pk~8752 Rogers Cromwell t Louis..... EvergreenP!<-83n Rogers Geo Pennell Lawndle....Evergreen Pk~7466 Rogers Jack L 9735 Cook......Oak Lawn-1873 Rohan Edw J Spaulding. Evergreen Pk~8925 Rohsnagel Richard C Turner, Evergreen Pk-8335 Rokaitis Jas V Mansfld. Oak Lawn-1551-J-l Rolfe HarveyJ 9601 Brandt. Oak Lawn-22 Rolla John Melvina.. Oak Lawrr-1487-J-2 Rolland Zena 9614 Cook Oak Lawn-432 Roller Frances Clifton Pk...,. Evergreen Pk-7881 Roloff Walter 99th & Roberts..Oak Lawn-2366~J-2 Roman Walter L th Av.. Oak Lawn-1813 Romano John J 4325 W 99th PI,.. Oak Lawn-3614 Rome Oliver W 89th PI. Evergreen Pk-8295 Ronda Jas R Homan Evergreen Pk-6663 Rooda R 7100 W 95th pl Oak Lawn-1504-:-J-2 Roon John 9312 S Homan. Evergreen Pk-7621 Roon Nick Cook.,... Oak Lawn-303 Roose Frank t Louis.. Evergreen Pk-7028 Roosevelt John 8608 Austin. Oak Lawn-2521-J-2 Roozee Carl 2616 W 90th... Evergreen Pk-8360 Roscoe Jas M 9645 Oak Pk.. Oak Lawn-2428-J-2 Rosdil Nicholas P tl1ct.....Oak Lawn-2358-J-2 Rose Leo A pt oat Oak Lawn-ll71 ROSEMARYS TAVERN W 95th.Oak Lawn-9321 Rosendal Peter 9526 S Homan. Evergreen Pk-7794 Rosendal Richard 9301 Albany. Evergreen Pk-8412 Rosenow Albert, 9352 S Sacrmnto Evergreen Pk-8274 Roshko Anthony 9820 S 55th..,. Oak Lawn-242 Rosier Geo9850 S Ridgwy.. Evergreen Pk-8558 Rosier John 9850 S Ridgwy... Evergreen Pk-7299 Rosier John Jr 9514 Sacrmnto. Evergreen Pk-6691 Rosirike John serv sta...., 8040 W 95th....Oak Lawn~1799-j-2 Rosky Theo 9308 S 53d ct... O<).k Lawn-l08S Rosner Ott9 F 8532 Menard... Oak Lawh-1822 Ross Edw J 9742 S Ridgwy. Evergreen Pk-n60 Ross Harry H S Mansfld Oak Lawn-1551-J~2: Ross Norman E 9650, 49th Av... Oak Lawn-672 Ross Walter Campbell..Evergreen Pk-6939 Rossbach Jos A S Richmond Evergreen Pk-8337 Rossi Leo A 2713 W 89th Evergreen Pk-3028 Rossini Sante McVicker... Oak Lawn-1677 Rossner John 6900 W 87th...Oak Lawn-1439-J-l ROTH J E & SON genl contrs S 55th Oak Lawn-2092 Roth Orville 4914 W 106th.....Oak Lawn-1221 Roubik Frank E 9726 Tully Oak Lawn-982 Rountree Eugene G 9355,52d....Oak Lawn~283 Rourke John J 9935 S 52d Av...Oak Lawn-4023 Rousseau John 5736 W 89th... OakLawn-245 Rousseau John 5300 W 95th Oak Lawn-3444 Routledge Leonard H 4911 W 99th, Oak Lawn-3434 ROXIE BEAUTY SHOP 5239 W 95th. Oak Lawn..494 Roy Harry 9230, 54th Av Oak Lawn-3n Royal Lbr Co 9640 S Western Evergrn Pk. Hiltop Royer Chester 9801 Warren.... Oak Lawn-2199 Rozema A J 9610 S Homan... Evergreen Pk-7164 Ruback Arthur F 9348, 51st.. Oak Lawn-888. Ruback Harlan E 9735 S 51st. Oak Lawn-1310 Rubey Michael 9624, 49th;, Oak Lawn-366 Rubin Geo 96~.1 S Millard Evergreen Pk-8466 Ruceis Erwina E Oxford.. Oak Lawn-1442-J-2 Ruceis Peter Ridge lnd Oak Lawn-1795-J-2 Rudenga Ben 8825 Albany Evergreen Pk-8007 Rudolph Harold 9207 Clifton Pk. Evergreen Pk-7ll4 Rueckheim Robt G 9615 Albany. Evergreen Pk-6648 Rueger Caroline Trumbull Evergreen Pk-7916 RUETERS DAIRY CO 9834 Kedzie. Evergreen Pk Ruf Robt 2859 W 97th PI Evergreen Pk-8359 Ruf Wm 9705 Hamlin., Evergreen Pk-8736 Ruff A E 9248 S Sacrmnto Evergreen Pk~6717 Ruge Theo Turner Evergreen Pk-6713 Ruhl Joe 9017 S Austin, Oak Lawn-lOOl Ruhlach RobtG d Av. Oak Lawn-1721-J-l Ruiter Cornelius 9314 S.54th Av.. Oak Lawn-2675 Ruiter Frank 5700 W 84th..,Oak Lawn-1423-J-l Ruiter Fred 5759 W 82d PI... Oak Lawn-2508-J-l. Rukavina John 2736 W 96th.. Evergreen Pk-7918 Runowski Leonard S Homan, Evergreen Pk-7123 Rupich Drugs 5226 W 95th....Oak Lawn-16 Ruppaner Jack 8145 Lorel... Oak Lawn-2416-J-2 Ruppert John th ct.. Oak Lawn-2385-J-l Ruschill Clarence 9610 Tully Oak Lawn-3464 Rush Edw9232 Tully......Oak Lawn-1663 Rusher John C 9052 S Nashville.Oak Lawn-2464-J-2 Rusin Chas Normandy.. Oak Lawn-2345-J-2 Russell Benj J 9400 S 80th ct. Oak Lawn-2381-J-l Russell J Curtiss Rev W 81st PI. Oak Lawn-8ll Russell John 9135, 53d ct Oak Lawn-570 Russell Lewis W 95th. Oak Lawn-1708-J-2 Russell Roland G 51UOak Center.:...Oak Lawn-2n2 Russert Harold 8348 S 77th ct.oak Lawn J-2 Russian Peter A Normandy....Oak Lawn~1766-J-I Rusthoven Jack 9326 Homan Evergreen Pk-6966 Rutgers Emko Harlem Oak Lawn~1755-J-l Rutherford John R S Harnew East. Oak Lawn-3694 Rutledge Marie 8625 S Menard.Oak Lawn-2436-J-2 Rutt David P 5117 W 99th Oak Lawn-3673 Rutz Gus Oxford.....Oak.Lawn-1581-J-l Ruzella Philip th...Oak Lawn-580 RUZGIS APPLNC & FURNTR. 4847W 95th.. Oak Lawn-430 Ryan EdmundJ5824 W 90th; OakLawn-803 Ryan Edw J 9536 S Calif.. Evergl11en Pk-3144 Ryan Jos E Spaulding.. Evergreen Pk-8550 Ryan Larry Millard, Evergreen Pk-7200 Ryan Lee D 2701 W 89th. Evergreen Pk-8278 Ryan Patk J 5913 W 87th pl... Oak lawn-568 Ryan Wm 9225 Sawyer.. Evergreen Pk-8972 Ryder Robt Jr 9250, 55th.....Oak Lawn-144 Rykaczewski Bruno 9008 S Cicero.Oak Lawn-1642.Ryley JasA 9129 S Utica..,. Evergreen Pk-8938 Rymkens Edw 9128 Menard.,.. Oak Lawn-1830 Ryniec Walter 10240, 87th Av. Oak Lawn-1939-J-l Rynkiewicz H J 5540 W 87th...Oak Lawn-2265 Ryska Stanley 9544 McVickers.. Oak Lawn~1894 S RYA.;;..SCH 45 Sava Matthew P 9719 Lawndle. Evergreen Pk-8554 Sawyer Stanley 5918 W 90th... Oak Lawn-3936 Sazama Vincent 9049 Roberts. Oak Lawn J-l~ Scacco Frank 9820 Sayre. :.. OakLawn-2557-J-l Scanlan John H 5650 W 105th. Oak Lawn-1588-J-l Scanlon John 9108 S 54th Ct:.. " Oak Lawn-3953 Schaack Warren _ 2628 W 96th pi. Evergreen Pk-7235 Schaal Kenneth, 103d & Ridgelnd... Oak Lawn-2310-J-2 Schaal Lynden Princess & 107th Oak Lawn-1704-J-2 Schaal Wm F Oaks Oak Lawn-2501-J-2 Schaar Chas W 9604 S Western. Evergreen Pk-7217 Schaar Harry C 9724 S 49th. Av...Oak Lawn-2157 Schaar Herman G West Shore. Oak Lawn-3378 Sack Erwin W Albany.. Evergreen Pk~6767 Sack Henry E 9319 Utica...Evergreen Pk-8902, Schachtlie Killian M 4700 W 95th..Oak Lawn-ll7 Sack Herman 9515 Spldng.. Evergreen Pk-7441 Schaefer Casimer F 9648 Galif. Evergreen Pk-8203 Sack Wm 9641 Ridgeway... Evergreen Pk-8590 Schaefer Earl J S Homan. Evergreen Pk-7724 Sacks Martin W 95th Chgo. Beverly Schaefer Harold W 9521 Fairfld.Evergreen Pk-8002 Sadlo Edw C 9520 S Ridgwy Evergreen Pk Schaefer Jos F 9410 St Louis.. Evergreen Pk-6728 Saftoy Inc 9613, 52d : Oak Lawn-987 Schaefer Robt d Oak Lawn ahora Jos A W 96th..Oak Lawn-2448-J-2 Schafer Curt Meade...,Oak Lawn-825 Sahs Walter H st...Oak Lawn-1265 Schaffers Frank Cocktail Rm & Restrnt Saidat Aug Kildare....Oak Lawn W 95th Evergreen Pk-88ll St Marys Cemetery.. Schaffrath Henry 9426 Spldng.. Evergreen Pk-2927 W 91st & 5 Trumbull... Evergreen Pk-8720 Schaffroth Edw L ST MARYS & EVERGREEN MONUMENT CO Nagel. Oak Lawn-1995-J-l 91st & Kedzie Evergreen Pk Schalkewitz Carl. Sair Louis acrmnto Evergreen Pk th ct & 103d... ;. Oak Lawn-1565-J-l Sakolosky Joe Mansfld. Oak Lawn-1555-J-2. Schalks Ray Evergreen Towers bowlg. Saks Evergreen Cameracraft W 95th E e r Pk W95th. Evergreen Pk-8594 I v rg een -. Schalla Earl J 9616, 49th Oak Lawn-1317 Saks Evergreen Studios.... Schalla Josephine Mrs 3550 vi 95th. Evergreen Pk: th ct oak Lawn-518 Sales Hubert ~354 5acrmnto.. Evergreen Pk-6618 Schalla MiioM 9708 S Minnick...Oak Lawn-850 Sales Robt Central Oak Lawn-3439 Schaller Edw A 9522 W Shr dr.. Oak Lawn-95 Salfen Harold J Meade Oak Lawn-3413 Schaller Jos 9436 S Kolmar Oak Lawn-1604 Salihar John 9322, 51st......Oak Lawn-515. Schank Max 9303 S 84th Av.. Oak Lawn-2380-J-2 Salihar Warren 5520 W 91st Oak Lawn-3716 Schardon Geo J Salmon Thos C d Oak Lawn SCampbell... Evergreen Pk-8B79 Salnave Dorothy 2922 W 102d. Evergreen Pk-7136 Scharnhorst Howard B th. Oak Lawn-3519 Saloff Frank Francisco.. Evergreen Pk-8421 Schauer Jos Major....Oak Lawn-1353 Salpaka Wm9627 Cook OaJ< Lawn-1368 Schauman Geo W 9:3d Oak Lawn-3678 Samaras Nickolas Harding. Evergreen Pk_6852SchaverJohn Rev 9420 S 54th... Oak Lawn-105 Samoska Peter 5800 W 85th.. Oak Lawn~2477-J~ 1. Schedin Clarence Marion. Oak Lawn-989 Sampson Benj Trumbull. EvergreenPk-7520 Scheff Arthur M DN Sampson Herman 2901 W 95th. Evergreen Pk_ S Calif... Evergreen Pk-7160 Samuelson Leslie 960i S Melvina.. OakLawn-2042 Scheff Robt th Av. ~ Oak Lawn-2699 Sandberg B.ernard,H9648 Brandt...0akLawn-77 Scheffer Nicholas 5914, 87th pl. Oak Lawn-373 Scheffers.Ralph Harnew East.Oak Lawn-3638 Sandquist G H time, Circle. Oaaw.n- k L 3693 Scheffler.[eo 9701 Central...,.. Oak Lawn-1122 Sandt Wm H W 95th......Oak Lawn-308. SchemerWm.9634 R utherford.oak Lawn-1447-J-l SangostfTom W 96th.. Oa,k Lawn~2467:J~1 Schentk. BIily E W 100th...Oak Lawn-3932 Sanitox Suply C Kenton.;.. Oak.Lawn:-27. SanoW Arthur W 96th PI. Oak Lawn-1585-J..l.Schenk Walfer H 9430 S Cicero... Oak Lawn-3497 Sanow FlorentineJ 4851 W96th pl.oak Lawri~6:J.4 Scherr Flflncis 9540 S Albany. Evergreen Pk-8691.SansoneJohri E 6849 W 97th. Oak Lawn-1579~J;2 Scherrer Willard. SantonI Denny S Av ers : Evergreen Pk Natoma.. ".. Oak Lawn-1753-J-l ,.... "..., Schick Albert H Harding.EvergreenPk-66n Santucci Anth9ny J ,Schickel Harold 8601 State.,. Oak Lawn-2488-J Me rrimac... :Oak Ll1Wn,.1592+,l, SchiebleElmer A Lynwd... Oak Lawn-4031 Santucci Paul A Albany. EvergreenPk;;6886 SarberH.arold 1;:9301 Sproat.._.. ;. Oak Lawn~566. Schiesser RileyF :.Sargo JoeN Moody.. Oak Lawn-1473:"J Artesian... Evergreen Pk Sarna Edmund 5635 W 87th.:. :. :Oak Lawn-163 Sauer John 2610 W98th PI...Evergreen Pk-6959 Schiffler Walter ; W 98th.. \.... Evergreen Pk-3138 Saunders Bermu;r F.., Schill Elmer M 9720 S Melvina, Oak Lawn ~1 W94th PL,Evergreen:Pk S~liillerJohn 5625 W 87th Oak Lawn~2663. Saunoris Edmund F barber :....:.. Schilling Henry J Homan.Evergreen Pk W 9?th.;.:..,..... : OakLavm~260 SchiJii.melWm F 9800$ Austin... OakLawn-444 <res 5212 W 95th Oak Lawn-866 SchinkelWrilG.... SauribrisEdwV Greenhouse. -, 8731 :5 Moz.art...,.. Evergreen Pk Ulth &. Pulaski:.... OakLaWri.-~7- SchissledreiJe k 5037 Oak.Center. Oak Lawn QOWlllth.. SAUNORIS JAS first..... OakLawn"552 Schles!ngerWni H9607TuIlY.,... Oak Lawn-903 Schlesser Leroy c W illth.. ;.:,. ~ Oak Lawn ~f9.s Geritr,d Pk,. ;. Evergreen Pk-8828

25 46 SCH-SEB Schlieman Herman Campbell... Evergreen Pk-7267 Schliephake Erich 9301)5 Tully. Oak Lawn~203 Schlieske AlbertA 3502 W 97th......Evergreen Pk-6942 Schlieske Warren L rl est, th ~ Oak Lawn~33l7 Schlink Jas L Calif. : Evergreen Pk-8l46 Schlink Lester W Millard.....Evergreen Pk-7885 Schlote Antoinette Mrs 5209 James.....Oak Lawn-i056 Schmalen Augusta 5137 W 95th... Oak Lawn-3339 Schmalen Nic E Sr 5135W 95th.. Oak Lawn-437 Schmalzl Fred th Ct,... Oak Lawn-837 Schmidt Earl Oxford. Oak Lawn-1706-J-2 Schmidt Fred T th. ". Oak Lawn~124 Schmidt G W 7145 W 95th pl. Oak Lawn-15l8-J~2 Schmidt Henry M Jr, 2637 W 97th PI. Evergreen Pk-6658 Schmidt Herbert A acrmnto. Evergreen Pk-7952 Schmidt Honore E 9426, 54th... Oak Lawn-671 Schmidt Leonard Ridgelnd..Oak Lawn-468 Schmillke Fred 81st Ct & 103d.Oak Lawn-1906-J-2 Schmitt Jos 2654 W 98th pl.. EvergreenPk~8225 Schnaak Arthur F 6696 W 87th Oak Lawn-1496,-J-2 Schnadt Arthur H 4924 Oak Center. Oak Lawn-3538 ~chneibel Harry E 7251 W 83d.Oak Lawn-1979-J-2 Schneibel HarryJ Lawndle... Evergreen Pk~7022 Schneider Albert F 4712 W 98th... Oak Lawn-105l Schneider Math P 8245 Laurel. Oak Lawn-24l8-J-l Schneider Raymond E 4920 W 91st. Oak Lawri-195 Schneider Robt H,, th ct..... Oak Lawn-2338-J-l Schneider Wni Pkside Oak Lawn-784 Schneider Wm C, Harlem. Oak Lawn-23l6-J-l Schneider Wm H 5629 W 103d...Oak Lawn-2l96 Schnepper. Frank 3508 W 97th, Evergreen Pk-7366 Schnick Harvey E 9306, 50th Oak Lawn-642 Schnoor Richard 4925 W 91st PI.. Oak Lawn-4038 Schodrof Arthur d Oak Lawn-747 Schoell Henry 9337, 54th ct oak Lawri-93 Schoenbeck Richard 9538 W 5hore. Oak Lawn-3923 Schoenstedt Clayton L 4101 W 99th Oak Lawn-3490 Schoeph John C Utica.. Evergreen Pk-3l09 Scholefield Ernest 4232 W 99th PI. Oak Lawn-3322 Schonauer Chas F I, 5458 W 85th.... ;Oak Lawn-1742-J-2 Schoonveld Arthur 104 Birmingham....Oak Lawn-1569-J-2 Schoonveld Herman 9805 Minnick...Oak Lawn-670 Schoonveld Raymond Oxford. Oak Lawn-1568-J-l Schrader Harnews Serv Sta W 95th Oak Lawn-9305 Schreiber Geo 3800 W 93d EvergreenPk-7807 Schreiber Wm 5707 W 89th pi, Oak Lawn-2207 Schroeder Carl H st. Oak Lawn-1842 Schroeder Robt 9707 E Shr dr... Oak Lawn-628 Schroeder Robt R 3517 W95th. Evergreen Pk-2906 Schroeder Rudolph Merrimac: Oak Lawn-l168 Schroeder Truck Co 9814 Marion. ". Oak Lawn-97 Schroeder Wm B 9150 S 53d,. Oak Lawn-953 Schroff Emil F 5300 W 95th ".OakLawn-1636 Schryver Cleo M, Francisco Evergreen Pk-7726 Schubert Herbert 5805 W 90th PI. Oak Lawn-3455 Schubert John-J Jr 6834 W97th pi.... Oak Lawn-1509-J-l SchubertWm 8415 S 77th Ct. Oak Lawn-258l-J-2 Schuessler E WOOS, 8757 Francisco..... Evergreen Pk-89l2 SchiJlis Edw Avers... Evergreen Pk-9095" Schulke Russell C 4818 W 102d... Oak Lawn-3617 Schulte Jos Antone Artesian Evergreen Pk-8034 Schultheis John th Oak Lawn-116 Schultz Anna 100th & 87th Av. Oak Lawn-1934-J-l Schultz Chas 9829 Moody., Oak Lawn-481 Schultz Chas F 3 E Shr dr Oak Lawn~33 Schultz Edw 4344 W 99th PI Oak Lawn-3240 Schultz Frank Sawyer.. Evergreen Pk-6750 Schu Itz Fred New Englnd.Oak Lawn-2577-J-2 Schultz John F th ct. Oak Lawn-48 Schultz Lois G 9639 Tully Oak Lawn~ 725 Schultz Melvin F 8330 W 103d.OakLawn-1903-J-2 Schultz Paul 2653 W 98th pl... Evergreen Pk-8509 Schultz Pet~r G Iwyr 2801 W 95th Evergreen Pk~7799 Schultz Peter G, Richmond..... Evergreen Pk-7609 Schulti R L Turner Evergreen Pk-9037 Schultz Wm 9413, 51st Oak Lawn-I015 Schumacher, Fred L 103d & 90th Av. Oak Lawn-1700-J-2 Schumacher H A 9249 Clifton Pk Evergreen Pk-8673 Schumacher Jas, " Springfld Evergreen Pk-8553 Schumacher R Turner.. Evergreen Pk Schumaker Flying SeN Inc 8900 Harlem Oak Lawn-120 Schumann Geo E th Oak Lawn-627 SChumm Thea 6916 W 96th.. Oak Lawn-1506-J-2 Schuringa Hybo., " Southwest Hwy Oak Lawn-1440-J-2 5churke Marvin 4857 W 96th pi..,oak Lawn-728 Schurman Ray 3327 W 95th... Evergreen Pk-7313 SCHUSSLER E G M0 5226, 95th... Oak Lawn-50 res 5400, 96th Oak Lawn-15 Schussler Edw G Jr 9237 Monitor. Oak Lawn-1849 Schussler Geo 9532, 54th Oak Lawn-I09l SchusterE J 9649 Calif Evergreen Pk-6882 Schwab Arthur C ~ Francisco.... Evergreen Pk-7092 Schwab Geraldine M 9630 Southwest Hwy Oak Lawn-2070 Schweig Katherine Mrs 9745 Rutherford. Oak Lawn-2584-J-2 Schweiger Geo 8450, 78th ct. Oak Lawn-2386":J-l Schwer C F 9246 Turner Evergreen Pk-784l Schwer Chas J 3517 W 95th.. Evergreen Pk Schwer Fred Turner Evergreen Pk-7382 Schwer Henry 9333 Troy Evergreen Pk~3097 Schwer Howard Trumbull..... Evergreen Pk-3175 Schwer Ricka Mrs 8720 Utica.. EvergreenPk-7297 Scola Salvatore 2625 W.89th pi. Evergreen Pk~81l1 Scott Alex D 4900 Stone Circle... Oak Lawn-3763 Scott Frank J 2763 W 95th pl. EvergreenPk-8942 Scott Robt E 7001 W 96th pl. Oak Lawn-15l4-J-2 Scott Wm J 9919 )"rumbull.. Evergreen Pk-836l Scripp John Homan Evergreen Pk-8926 Scupin Ernest H Cicero Oak Lawn-3632 Seacrist Geo Sacrmnto. Evergreen Pk-7830 Seacrist Grace Sacrmnto Evergreen Pk-7144 Seacrist Marshall 4212 W 99th pl. Oak Lawn-2254,Seager Geo th..., Oak Lawn-2389-J-l Sears Geo W 9638 Major.... Oak Lawn-2246 Sears Roebuck & Co catalog telephone orders. Evergreen Pk-8866 retail store Western. Blue Island-3375 Seasholtz Chas 8335 S Mayfld. Oak Lawn-1572-J-2 Seban Frank 4639 W 98th. Oak Lawn-3l5 Sellan Vernon d CLOak Lawn~1917"J-2 SebeliusVaugban th. :.. Oak Lawn-3374 SECURITY FOOD CNTR 5737 W 87th.Oak Lawn-162 Sedder Lawrence t Louis. Evergreen Pk-6967 SEDLAK REFRGRTNSERVICE _ th Ct. Oak Lawn-1l70 Seeley Ira 9325 McVjckers..... Oak Lawn-3237 Sefzik Geo A Utica... Evergreen Pk-8083 Segeler John C Trumbull.Evergreen Pk-7121 Seibenaller Clarence, " 8334, 79th Av. Oak Lawn-2547-J-l Seidel Anton 2705 W 89th... Evergreen Pk-6992, Seidelman Geo 9720 Brandt.:...Oak Lawn-3296 Seifried Martin J Troy.. Evergreen Pk-7490 SeipElmerI 3509 W 98th. Evergreen Pk Seitz HenryE 4915 W 91st pl...oak Lawn-955 Seitz Ralph E 2900 W 96th.. Evergreen Pk-90l9 Seitz Victor WOOS, Hamlin. Evergreen Pk-6672 Self D B 9633 Brandt Oak Lawn-1072 Self Service Lndry 4911 W 95th.. Oak Lawn-3677 Selle Jas 8912 S Natoma.. Oak Lawn-1753-J-2 Selzer AndrewH 9727 Minnick...Oak Lawn-2030 Semeneck Adolph 8736 Central..-.. Oak Lawn-368l Semetis Nicholas 8525 Long. Oak Lawn-25l5-J-2 Semon Anton Francisco. Evergreen Pk-8718 Senecal Raymond A Sawyer.. Evergreen Pk-8348 Seney Jas J, Central... Oak Lawn-2665 Senf Alvin H 9244 Trumbull... Evergreen Pk-8753 Sento Caroline I< Brandt Oak Lawn-393 Sepanik Thea 5722 W 88th, Oak Lawn-1823 Seplin Basil Homan Evergreen Pk-8688 Serlfin A S 4912 Oak Center... Oak Lawn-36l8 SerolaRudolphM, 8538, 79th Ct.... -,Oak Lawn-2301-J-l Serritella M A, Trumbull.,. Evergreen Pk-8174 Seward Frank 94th & 83d Oak Lawn-2352-J-2 Seymour Frank 2643 W 97th PI.Evergreen.pk~9159 Seymour Raymond E _, 2611 W98th pl.... Evergreen Pk-8539 Shaeffer Harley, 81st ct &103d....Oak Lawn-2377-J~l Shaffer Lawrence 8756 Mozart. Evergreen Pk-9135 Shambo Guy P 9129 Mayfld Oak Lawn-3913 Shanahan John K 2756 W 96th. Evergreen,Pk-8677 Shanahan John T 5tOO Oak Center. Oak Lawn-275l, Shanahan Michael J 9200, 50th...Oak Lawn-644 Shank Ray F Cook Oak Lawn-3420 Shannon Geo D 6871 W 95th.. Oak Lawn-2374-J-l ShannonJas St Louis.. Evergreen Pk-78l5 Sharp Donald K 105th PI & Laverne.Oak Lawn-1866 Sharp ElmerP,, 4711 Southwest Hwy.....Oak Lawn~2279 Sharp Homer G 4136 W 99th PI.. Oak Lawn-3613 Sharp Russell st Oak Lawn-382 Shaw AI,2501 W 95th Evergreen Pk-9238 Shaw Harry Mayfld....Oak Lawn-1808 Shaws Marie tavern, ",,2501 W 95th. : Evergreen Pk-9238 Shea Danl E 9701 Harlem Oak Lawn-2592-J-l SheafferSaml 2761 W 95th PI. EvergreenPk-8782 Sheddy CW Springfld.. Evergreen Pk-7793 Sheehan Jas P.I Homan. Evergreen Pk-7477 Sheerman W B 103d & Roberts.Oak Lawn-2570-J-I Sheffield MaryM,, Sawyer......Evergreen Pk-9I96 Sheffner Stanley 9357 S.Utica. Evergreen Pk-846l Shell OilCofuel oil Mich a\l Hammond Ind.... Enterprise~4647 (Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls), Shellen Wesley Lawndale.Evergreen Pk-7150 SheltonArthurrM 103cl & 31st-Oak Lawn-1494-J-2 Shelton,Ross 9301, 82d.:...Oak Lawn-154l~J-2 Shenoha Chas E Jr (,".., 9636 S Merrimac Oa,kLawn-967 SEB-SLE 47 Shenoha Leonard,, S Richmond... Evergreen Pk-9l25 Shepherd John th ct..,... Oak Lawn-2355-J-I Sheridan T A Springfld.. Evergreen Pk-6655 Sheriff Wave R th av... Oak Lawn-l007 Sherlock Gordon W 9941 Elm Circle.Oak Lawn-2738, ShieldsAlphonse 9306 Sproat...Oak Lawn-386 Shilaika Frances Massasoit. Oak Lawn-2427-J-l Shimkus Jos J Avers Evergreen Pk-6925 Shimkus Stanley B 6822 W 96th pl...oak Lawn-1530-J-2 Short Stop Snack Shop Southwest Hwy & Ridgelnd. Oak Lawn-9393 Shtukas Peter 5728 W 82d pl. Oak Lawn-1544-J-2 Shubert John M Calif.. Evergreen Pk-7566 Sibley Jos 4858 W 95th....Oak Lawn-2603 Siegel Jos 9129, 54.th ct.... Oak Lawn-11I6 Siegert Lucille Sawyer.. Evergreen Pk-3I53 Siegert Russell P 3545 W 97th. Evergreen Pk~7809 Siegle Chas A acrmnto. Evergreen Pk-7115 Siegworth Leo Harlem. Oak Lawn-2485-J-l Siemeck Albert Monitor.. Oak Lawn-1186 Sievers Henry 2605 W 95th.. Evergreen Pk-7558 Sievers Louis H 9636 Richmond..... Evergreen Pk-9l03 Sievert Fred J st Oak Lawn-1160 Sikula Albert A Monitor.. Oak Lawn-3830 Siler Jas L Homan... Evergreen Pk-8803 Siljenberg W R 2949lf2 W 87th. Evergreen Pk-3I62 Silke Robt 103d & Ridgelnd.. Oak Lawn-250I-J-l Sim Eliz 9212, 55th Av... :..,Oak Lawn-3280 Simmons School 6500 W 95th... Oak Lawn-165 Simmons Wiley d ct....oak Lawn~923 Simon Alfred G 8304 Harlem.. Oak Lawn-1978-J-2 Simons Harold C 9406, 54th... Oak Lawn-1237 Simpson Edw H 8915 W 101st.Oak Lawn-1702-J-2 Simpson Grovei C W 98th Oak Lawn-l008 Simpson Myles R 4932 W 91st pl Oak Lawn-435 Simpson Ralph Mrs 6245 W 95th.. Oak Lawn-18l5 Sims Maurice D 9312, 51st. Oak Lawn-I004 Sinde Sigmund 8320 Lamon.. Oak Lawn-149l-J-2, Singer John F 7912 W 93d..,.Oak Lawn-248l~J-l Singleton Raymond 7050 W 95th Oak Lawn-1445-J-l Sink Herbert J 9308 STray Evergreen Pk-6817 Sinkler Jas 9612 Massasoit.... Oak Lawn-1345 Siple Harry N Central Pk...,.. Evergreen Pk-7900 Sipp John P.9554 Richmond Evergreen Pk-6973 Sirio Herman 9615 Lawndle Evergreen Pk-3088 Siroky Albert th Ct.. Oak Lawn-2590-J-l Siss Louis E St Louis.. Evergreen Pk-8I49 Sisters of St Francis th Ct. Oak Lawn-12l Siuda Michael R th...Oak Lawn-112 " Skalski Julius 9738 Tully......Oak Lawn-228 Skinner Donald V th...Oak Lawll-1090 Skinner Lawrence 2734 W 99th. Evergreen Pk-9I02 Skinner Robt L, Clifton pk.... Evergreen Pk-8444 Skocodopole Milos th Av. Oak Lawn-1526~J-l Skoog Geo A 9929 Elm CirCle Oak Lawn-3211 Skora F M 9720 Lawndle Evergreen Pk-8464 Skube Jno 9239 S 54th ct......oak Lawn-626 Sky Ads Inc 6141 W 95th.....Oak Lawn-140 Slager Thos pldng... Evergreen Pk-7949 SlagerWm 9115 Ridgelnd......Oak Lawn-273 Slagter Fred 9550 Homan Evergreen Pk-7243 Slagter Ira 2421 W 94th pl Evergreen Pk-3134 Slagter Sidney J 9521 S 5pldng. Evergreen Pk~7927 Slattery Tony J 5722 W 915t...Oak Lawn-188l Siavinsky Chas Mayfld Oak Lawn-2427-J-2 Sleep Fred 9533 Moody Oak Lawn-1252

26 48 SLE-SOU Sleepy Hollow Memori.al Pk 5ee Chapel Hills Garden 50uth Slezak Frank P 6921 VI 96th.. Oak Lawn-1586-J-2 Slocum EdwinJr acrmnto.... Evergreen Pk-8492 Slocum Harold S 4948 Paxton... Oak Lawn-3365 Sloman Peter P 9034 Nashvle,Oak Lawn-I727-J-2 Sionski Peter 8406, 11th ct...oak Lawn-I462-J-l Siotness Auster J st Av. Oak Lawn-1922-J:-2 Siovey Joan Calif Evergreen Pk-8976 Siovey Otto Francisco.. Evergreen Pk-7249 Slowinski Jos 9115 MaJor....Oak Lawn-367 Sluis Norman J 9341 Utica EvergreenPk-7173 Sluis Richard 9358 Albany Evergreen Pk-7151 Small FrankJ9124 5acrmnto..EvergreenPk-8515 Smart Robt E Mayfld...Oak Lawn-895 Smeatham Geo 9328, 54th......Oak Lawn-282 SmildeMathew th.....Oak Lawn-131 SmitAndrew Meade... Oak Lawn-1249 Smith [\arney D 9431, 51st. Oak Lawn-350 Sniith Bernice 5300 W 95th Oak Lawn-3665 Smith Chas 4111 W 99th... Oak Lawn-3926 SMITH CLNRS 5000 W 95th......Oak Lawn-555 brnch ofc 3356 W 95th:.. Evergreen Pk-7077 Smith D J 9331 Clifton Pk Evergreen Pk~8870 Smith Edw J Calif Evergreen Pk-7626 Smith Esther I 9928 Crawford...Oak Lawn-2704 Smith Flora E Turner... Evergreen Pk-8176 Smith Frank Clifton Pk.. Evergreen Pk-9079 Smith Frank M Ridgwy. Evergreen Pk-7192 Smith Fred Avers Evergreen Pk-7687 Smith FredH Cicero Oak Lawn-3849 Smith Giw A Marion....Oak Lawn-1834 Smith Gerald L 9108 Albany Evergreen Pk-8%4 Smith Grace Central. Oak Lawn-1609 Smith H E 2624 W 98th pl Evergreen Pk-7391 Smith Harold F W 91th.. Evergreen Pk-7438 Smith Henry 5524 W 81th.Oak Lawn-l037 Smith & Hill Inc Oak Center & Paxton. Oak Lawn:2281 Smith Jas Nagle...OakLawn-19%-J-l Smith Jas Emmet Hamlin Evergreen Pk-7540 Smith Jas P 9309, 55th Ct... Oak Lawn-3575 Smith Jas W 5633 W 81th.. "... Oak Lawn-3576 Smith Jas ow 9148 Harding Evergreen Pk-6954 Smith Jeanne E pring Oak.Lawn-1694 Smith John J Hamlin.. Evergreen Pk-8607 Smith K E 2649 W 91th Evergreen Pk-7156 Smith Lambert Homan....Evergreen Pk-7897 Smith Lawrence Dwight, pldng. Evergreen Pk-7747 Smith LeRoy Merton.. Oak Lawn-337 Smith Lunette st. ".Oak Lawn-742 Smith Maida Melvina.. Oak Lawn-1590-J-2 Smith Margaret Trumbull. Evergreen Pk-7317 Smith Molly J 9524 Meade Oak Lawn-183 Smith PeterW 6840 W 95th. Oak Lawn-1987-J-2 SMITHR BINS B ROKER Albany Evergreen Pk-7318 Smith Ray V 1001 W 95th pl. Oak Lawn-1516-J-l Smith Richard Albany.. Evergreen.Pk-7480 Smith Richard E 2149 W 89th. Evergreen Pk-6772 Smith Richard L Oak Center. Oak Lawn Smith Robt Mrs, 2133 W 98th Pl....Evergreen Pk-6934 Smith Robt Walter th ct, Oak Lawn-1210 Smith Roland L 4105 W 99th Oak Lawn-3937 Smith Rose E 2140 W 90th pl.. Evergreen Pk Smith Roy Kedzie.... Evergreen Pk Smith Russell Calif Evergreen Pk-8476._ Smith Vern 2428 W 94th PI... Evergreen Pk-6895 Smith Walter th ct. Oak Lawn-1465-J-l Smith Walter J st. Oak Lawn-1542-J.,1 Smith WillardJ 9419 S 5t Louis. Evergreen Pk-7262 Smoje M 9316 W 83d ct....oak Lawn-1430-J-2 Smolek Jas Kilpatrick Oak Lawn-2-l42 Smutney Albert Tully - Oak Lawn-2132 Snavely Harold L 9613, 52d.Oak Lawn-987 Snedden T t Louis...c- Evergreen Pk-8141 Snekhaus Frank Ridglnd Oak Lawn-3%5 Snell John H Kominsky Oak Lawn-l318 Snider Edgar K 2152 W 90th.. Evergreen Pk-7397 Snip GeoJ 2629 W 89th pl.. EvergreenPk-8323 Snow Lendol D Associates Cicero. Oak Lawn-127 Snyder Frank E 9819 S Homan. Evergreen Pk-8723 Snyder Ray H 5325 Franklin...Oak Lawl1-530 Snyder Raymond Princess. " Oak Lawn-1703-J-2 Snyder Willard Western Evergreen Pk-7839 Sobol R F 6150 W 91st PI Oak Lawn-2478-J-2 Socher. Alfred Fairfld;. Evergreen Pk-7359 Sodaro Chas 4801, 96th pl Oak Lawn-443 SODAROS GROC &: ICE CR SHOP \ 5424 W 95th Oak Lawn-200 Sodergren Chas 5504 Edison.... Oak Lawn-541 Soenen Albert R Central Pk.,.. Evergreen Pk-8684 Sokota Sam Hamlin... Evergreen Pk-8758 SOLIS ROYAL BLUE STORE.5118 W 81th Oak Lawn Solie Clarence 923i Avers Evergreen Pk-7039 Solie E Hamlin Evergreen Pk-7363 Solies Farm Stand 3144 W 95th. Evergreen Pk-7172 Solterman Delos pldng Evergreen Pk-7592 Soltis Louis J 5219 W 81th.....Oak Lawn-1613 Sombraske Paul 6034 W 99th Oak Lawn-2147 Somers Edw C Calif Evergreen Pk-3090 Sommerfeld Edw A W 98th. Evergreen Pk-b726 Sommers Alice M Minnick.. Oak Lawn-3828 Sommers Wm pldng.. Evergreen Pk-7228 Sonnenburg Wm 9636 Brandt.... Oak Lawn-537 Sopkowicz Wm th..... Oak Lawn-227 Sorak John Mansfld Oak Lawn-2308-J-2 Sorber John E 9340, 54th CL Oak Lawn-602 Sorensen J I th Ct. Oak Lawn-3259 Sorensen Peter 9305 Central Pk.Evergreen Pk-8258 Sorenson Alfred 9600 Central Oak Lawn-223 Sorley Edw G d......Oak Lawn-774 SOUTH EAST BLDG CORP paulding Evergreen Pk-8244 South Jas 8832 Richmond :Evergreen Pk-8261 South Towns Laundry Archer Chgo Enterprise-6060 (Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls) SOUTHWEST BEER DISTRIBR 5510 W 95th.... Oak Lawn W 95th Oak Lawn-71 SOUTHWEST CAB CO ~ 9458 Western.....Evergreen Pk-8080 SOUTHWEST HOW &: PLBG uthwest Hwy... Oak Lawn-76 Southwest Pump & Suply Co Moody. Oak Lawn-977 Southwest Reporter W 95th. Evergreen Pk-6800 SOUTHWEST TIRE CO uthwest Hwy Oak Lawn-166 SOUTHWEST TOWNS REFUSE DISPOSAL SERV 5318 W 95th...OakLawn-380 Southwest TrailerCourt,..104th &50uthwest Hwy. Oilk Lawn-9365 Souvenier ArthurH st. Oak Lawn-514 Sovetskis Chas Homan. Evergreen Pk-7535 Spader Walter G 9645 Harding.Evergreen Pk-69!;i3 Spaeth Ralph MD 1153W 95th Chgo.. Bev If no answer call......state Spain Frank.5121, 88th... ;. Oak Lawn Spain John H Newland. Oak Lawn-1432-J-l Spain Raymond th ct.. Oak Lawn-785 Spanke Edwin A W 91th Pl... Evergreen Pk-8056 Spankie Danl F Lawndale..... Evergreen Pk-7449 Sparacino Anthony 4241 W 101th.. Oak Lawn-460 Sparacino Kelly 8606 Mayfld..Oak Lawn-2453-J-2 Spaulding Margaret., W 95th pi......oak Lawn-1517-J-l Speaker Francis J W 91th PI.... :Evergreen Pk-8567 SpechtM Mrs 9240 Menard.:...Oak Lawn-3894 Spencer Floyd Marion....Oak Lawn-142 Spencer Jas W 5300 W 95th.....Oak Lawn Spencer Nye S 2145 W 95th PI. Evergreen Pk~8115 Spencer.Sydney S Lynwd...Oak Lawn Spero Rose F 9201 Tully Oak.Lawn Spiegel Eugene th...Oak Lawn-1241 SPIEGEL INC. telephone order dept 1040 W 35th Chgo.... Enterprise-8900 (Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls) SPIER ERNEST MD 5131 W 95th.. Oak Lawn-143 res Laflin Chgo....Cedrcrst If no answer call......vincennes Spiess Howard A 2164 W 96th. Evergreep Pk:"7499 Spinka Jos 4848 W 96th Oak Lawn-3447 Spitere Mary 5621 W 88th Pl Oak Lawn-689 Spitzers Serv Sta 5508 W 95th Oak Lawn-9307 Splichal John Nottingnam...Oak Lawn-1407-J-2 Spoonhour Harry C proat Oak Lawn-4036 Sporleder Ernest 9402 S 53d Ct Oak Lawn-3239 Spragg Lucille Harlem. Oak Lawn-2480-J-2 Spratt Thos J axton... Oak Lawn-2749 Sprella Steve Cicero.. Oak Lawn-1644 Sprenkle Wilbur 5112 W 90th.... Oak Lawn-945 Springer E L d......Oak Lawn-871 Spruit Peter W Central Pk.... Evergreen Pk-7492 Spuehler Theo G 2132 W 90th. Evergreen Pk-8139 Spurgaz EdwJ 5828 W 88th Oak Lawn Spychalski Leo 6921 W 95th pl. Oak Lawn-2376-J-l Staberow E A Utica... Evergreen Pk tacey Geo 8629, 18th ct... Oak lawn-1466-j-2 Stach Edw Hamlin... Evergreen Pk-6706 Stachon Mac F,9156 5acrmnto. Evergreen Pk-8763 Staffa Peter 9026, 11th...Oak Lawn-2392-J-2 Stafko.Chas 2620 W 89th pl... Evergreen Pk-8013 Stahl Carl d......Oak Lawn~201 Stahl Frank L 9137, 51st Av Oak Lawn tahl Marbery 2100 W 98th Evergreen Pk-6927 Stainbrook Leland... _ th Av. Oak Lawn.~2401-J~2. Stalcup CA d Ct... OakLawn-2540-J-l StalkerWm J 8853 Fairfld... Evergreen Pk-3194 Stailey Jack F :;108 Oak Center... Oak Lawn-2735 Stalman John 9546 S Homan. Evergreen Pk-7152 StamerWm 9122, 51st:......Oak Lawn-2032 Stanard PaulE 3323 W 91th..Evergreen Pk Stancato Wm th PI.. Evergreen Pk-6757 StancikChas F 5619 W 81st pl. Oak Lawn ;J-l Stanke Irvin W Mansfld Oak Lawn-2253 Stanley Dean F 4945 Paxton Oak Lawn-2791 Stanley Geo V 2152 W 90th PI.. Evergreen Pk Stanley John Clifton Pk. Evergreen Pk-3054 Stanquist Jno 9610 Cook.... :.Oak Lawn-738 Stanton Henry E proat,.Oak Lawn-3360 Stanton John B 6121 W 95th... Oak Lawn-2040 StapeltonThos8818 yalif.. Evergreen Pk SOU-STE 49 Staples Donald :;lst... Oak Lawn-616 Stark D W 5305 W 95th Oak Lawn-3679 Stark Walter Cicero Oak Lawn-3705 STARK!S WESTERN TIRE AUTO STORE W 95th. Oak Lawn-3695 Starlite Dairy Cicero~...Oak Lawn-2125 Star-Lite Drive-InTheatre Inc 95th & Ridgeland Oak Lawn-3740 Staron Edw S Harding.. Evergreen Pk-6625 Starr H L Tully......Oak Lawn-1232 Starr Jas Troy.....Evergreen Pk-6653 Staszewski Jos Central Pk Evergreen Pk-6906 Statema Charlie 1600 W 95th. Oak Lawn-1709-J-l Stats Henry d ct... Oak LaWn-1431-J-l Stavinga Arthur Trumbull.... Evergreen Pk-8908 Steadman Frank J Clifton Pk Evergreen Pk-8242 Stebner Harry th Ct Oak Lawn-3315 Stecker John uthwest Hwy. Oak Lawn-286 Stedman Kenneth Sr 8114 W 99th. Oak Lawn-1941-J-2 Steele Wm 3313 W91th.. ". Evergreen Pk-8276 Steenwyk Louis Rutherford. Oak Lawn-2544-J=1 Steeves Edw 9141 Homan::.. :Evergreen Pk-9029 Stefan Jos 9628, 50th ct Oak Lawn Stefanos Peter 3221 W 96th Evergreen Pk-8251 Stefek Wm J Homan Evergreen Pk-7593 Steffy Rhodell C 8618, 18th Oak Lawn-2440-J-2 Stein Harry R Nottingham Oak Lawn-I710-J-2 Steinberg Arthur W 91th pi.... Evergreen Pk-7752 Steinfatt J C 9423 Tully... Oak Lawn-238 Steinly Reinhart R Rev Marion... Oak Lawn-l059 Steinmuller John. 9:;31 5 Richmond.... Evergreen Pk-3094 Steiskal Edw th... Oak Lawn-2392-J-l Stelzer Geo 4933 W 91st pi. OakLawn-1l36 Stenhouse HarryD 9336 Tully Oak Lawn-1627 Stenquist Felix 4845 W 85th.. Oak Lawn-I718-J-l Stenstrom Everett J 9934 Harnew. Oak Lawn-3267 Stepanek John th Oak Lawn-296 Stephans A Mrs 5e3l W 90th OakLawn-l134 Stephens Guy M Melvina.Oak Lawn-1591-J-l Stephens Harold Centlal Pk.... Evergreen Pk-8710 Stephens kenneth 3246 W 91th.Evergreen Pk-8416 Stephens La Verne th Av. Oak Lawn-1927-J-2 Stephenson Argyle Marion. Oak Lawn-3935 SteppieWm 8518 Laramie. " Oak Lawn-1916-J-2 Stepuncik,Lbuis A Merton. Oak Lawn-2871-J-l Sterba Jos Central.... Oak Lawn-1899 Stermer Albert J 9412, 55th Ct... Oak Lawn-851. Stern Danl 9610 Moody Oak Lawn-857 Sternberg Harry th. :. Oak Lawn-397 Sternberg Henry J Trumbull...Evergreen Pk-7665 Sterrenberg Everett W 82d Oak Lawn-2327-J-l Steuber Eliz Mrs Utica. Evergreen Pk-6975 Stevens Frank 9929 Harnew.... Oak Lawn-2754 Stevens Jas E Troy.. Evergreen Pk-m8 Stevens Kay th CL. :... Oak Lawn-913 StevensOrba 8515 Roberts.. Oak Lawn~,2302-J..l Steves Rob! 5840 W 89th pl....oak LaWn-2612 Steward W E 9649 Hamlin. Evergreen Pk-8175 Stewart Danl d..: Oak tawn-3592 Stewart Donald 5804 W 91st Oak Lawn~1311, Stewart Frank Homan Evergreen Pk-7579

27 50, STE,:-SYK Stewart Harvey F S Sacrmnto.:... Evergreen Pk-6988 Stewart J S Tripp Oak Lawn-~787 Stewart Maurice meat whol.., S Mayfld Oak Lawn-388 Stewart Myrtle 4833 W 106th pl. Oak Lawn-1869 Still Norman J 7000 W 96th.. Oak Lawn-2471-J-2 Stillo Chas 9527 S Meade Oak Lawn-3826 Stillwell Rhue 6633 W 83d Oak Lawn-1439-J-2 StilzWallace P 5028 Oak Center Dr.Oak L~wn-3286 Stinson Darl 94th & Melvina....Oak Lawn-32l9 Stitt Robt 8945 S Austin....Oak Lawn-1184 Stob Wm J 9722 S Hamlin... Evergreen Pk-700l Stocklose Aug 9658 Hamlin. Evergreen Pk-3011 Stocklose Carl 2744 W 96th.. Evergreen Pk-8370, Stoffey Andrew J 9701 S Avers. Evergreen Pk-7984 Stoginski Valerian S Sawyer Evergreen Pk-8282 Stoit Anthony 9619 Trumbull.. Evergreen Pk-882l Stoker Howard W 2720 W 90th pl Evergreen Pk-7023 Stokes Dwight I " 104th & Southwest Hwy. Oak Lawn-1971-J-l Stolinski Frank S LaCrosse. Oak Lawn-2l07 Stoll Adam M 9436 Spldng Evergreen Pk-8647, Stoller Donald E, 9230 S 52nd Oak Lawn-891 Stoltz Julius 9545 S Richmond. Evergr~en Pk-6752 Stone Chas H 9016 S Nashvle.. Oak Lawn-232l-J-l Stone Cora 9308 S Sawyer...Evergreen Pk-7864 \ Stonebraker Kenneth K 5126 W 100th Qak Lawn-1203 Stonehouse Jas D 4918 W, 106th Oak Lawn-533 Storey Lynwood 5808 W 93d Oak Lawn-4024 Stortz A M 9617 S Albany...Evergreen Pk-8079 Stortz Wm G 3044 W 96th pl. Evergreen Pk-7625 Stott Roy W arch,, 9343 S Trumbull Evergreen Pk-7330 Stott Roy W Jr 4228 W 99th PI...{)ak Lawn-3426 Stotts Ovel 8601, 79th....Oak Lawn-2450-J-l Stollb Clarence 9639 S Utica.. : Evergreen Pk-6638 StoutJas J Harnew East... OakLawn-3625 Stove Paul A 9334 S Trumbull ~vergreen Pk"7712 Strache Fred W 5846W 87th pl.. Oak Lawn-339 Straehler John PMrs 9215 S 54th ct Oak Lawn-608 Sti"aitiff I C 9314 S Homan Evergreen Pk-7328 Straits Chas H Trumbull.Evergreen Pk-8679 Straniaglia Sam 3516 W 97th.. Evergreen Pk-8273 Strandjord Millard 2649 W 90th.Evergreen Pk-7686 Strandquist Ernest Trumbull......Evergreen 1:1< Strauss Richard 9207 S 54th Av.. Oak Lawn-3854 Streit Edw 9354 s St Louis...Evergreen Pk-7303 Streit Mathilda 9405 S Albany. Evergreen Pk-7278 Strempel Wm H 9418 S Turner.Evergre~n Pk-7139 Strenge Oscar 99th & Roberts. Oak Lawn-23l8-J-2 StreysmanF E MD 9401 S 84th...Oak Lawn-2020 Stricker Ralph R 8620 S 79th. Oak Lawn-2357:J-l Stringham Geo, 8501 S New Englnd. Oak,Lawn-1986-J-2 Strohmaier Aug 8508 S Major. Oak Lawn~1796-J..l Stromaglia Sam G -., S 86th Av. Oak Lawn-193l-J:2, Stromgren Harry, 2764 W 95th pl... ". Evergreen Pk-7395 Struck Paul 2653 W 89th..Evergreen Pk-309l Strude Marie 2835 W 102d..Evergreen Pk-6789 Strueh Paul E Dr Harnew East. Oak Lawn-3837 Struve E 9254 S Calif..,..,. Evergreen Pk-2942 Struve Winifred 8401 W 95th. Oak Lawn-2811-J:1 Stubbe E Gordon 9315; 53d ct.. Oak Lawn-1240 Stubbe E Gordon & Co rlest W 95th. Oak Lawn-2600 Stubbins WarrenF.4216W 99th PI. Oak Lawn-3985 Studebaker Robt 8513 S 79th. Oak Lawn-2386-J-2 Studt Max P 9645 Tully Oak Lawn-233 Stuk Albert10109 Harnew East,.. Oak Lawn-3662 Stulges Frank J 9259 S Sawyer. Evergreen Pk-6723 Sturny Geo L 9240 S Sacrmnto. Evergreen Pk~7907 Sturny Richard 9340 S Troy...Evergreen Pk-6690 Stutzriem Wm C 9236 Tully:....,Oak Lawn-232 Styx Thos W 9133 S 54th Oak Lawri-3532 SUBURBAN TRANSIT SYST INO 5800 W 95th ; Oak Lawn-8l SuchowsKI I neo Jr S Albany Evergreen Pk-7290 Suding Carl H 9224 S 55th Oak Lawn-2026 Suess Glenn Mrs 9301 S 73d..Oak Lawn-2438-J-l Sukup John P 4319 W 99th pl.. ;.. Oak Lawn-964 Sullivan Jas J 3444 Clark...Evergreen Pk-7357 Sullivan Jerry 9539 Merton "...Oak Lawn-1054 Sullivan John A 5406 W 87th.. Oak Lawn-1304 Sullivan John J5330 W 87th...Oak Lawn-1393 Sullivan Jos P 9109 Albany..Evergreen Pk-8385 Sullivan L M 6800 W 95th Oak Lawn-274 Sullivan Mary 9153 S Albany.. Evergreen Pk-800l Sullivan Thos 2644 W 90th... Evergreen Pk-9l50 Sullivan Thos E 8846 S Sacrmnto Evergreen Pk-3047 SlImmit Sht Metal 5733 S Archer...Summit-573 Sundin Nellie 6559 W92d.. Oak Lawn-2321-J-2 Sundin Nels G 7812 W 91st Oak Lawn-1453-J-l Sundin Robt 9728 Merton Oak Lawn-336l Sunnock Alfred Turner.. Evergreen Pk-8355 Sunset.Inn S Cicero... ". Oak Lawn-93l2 Sunshine Thos N S Central Pk.... Evergreen Pk-795l Sunta Jos E 9531 Ridgewy,... Evergreen Pk-3078 Superb Neon Sign Co S 87th Av. Oak Lawn-1935-J-2 Suppes Wm 9524 S 89th Av Oak Lawn-2552-J-2 Supran Arthur 9249 S 51st Oak,Lawn-3320 Surges Hubert A 2935 W 97th.. Evergreen Pk-7352 Susemiehl Peter M 9515 Brandt... Oak Lawn-487 Sutfin Wm 2641 W 89th pl... Evergreen Pk-8I85 Sutherlin Gerald A 8421 Mansfld.: Oak Lawn-1508-J-2 Sutterlin Walter E 9228 Clifton Pk Evergreen Pk-8909 Suydam Clyde 5033 Oak Center Dr, Oak Lawn-3326 Sveda Frances 5741 W 89th Oak Lawn-1355 Svehla Ernest i632 W 90th Evergreen Pk-8865 Svehla Jos G 9535 S Campbell. Evergreen Pk-794l Swan Jerome 9122 S 50th. "..,...Oak Lawn-899 Swan Jos F 4815 W 91st pl... ;.. Oak Lawn-94I Swarison Adolph E 9330 S Clifton Pk.... Evergreen Pk-7873 Swanson Einer P 9239 S Homan.Evergreen Pk-7882 Swanson Howard 9546 Campbell.. Oak Lawn-1662 Swanson Robt A 4221 W 99th PI.. Oak Lawn-1652 Swanson Ronald 9819 S Warren.. Oak Lawn-3495 Swarr J N 9344 Richmond... Evergreen Pk-8685 Swart John F 9144 S Sacrmnto. Evergreen Pk Swartz Frank I 4205 W 99th PI... Oak Lawn-3867 Swartz Wm R 9937, 88th...Oak Lawn-1944-J-l Sweaton Archie 9103 Roberts. Oak Lawn-1467-J-l Swedie Jos A 2753 W 89th..,. Evergreen Pk-3l63 Sweeney Appliances 9517 Cook... Oak Lawn-780 Sweeney Chas T, 9239 S Trumbull..,... Evergreen Pk-8923 Sweeney Donald R 2953 W 87th. Evergreen Pk-3I45 Sweeney Jas 9455 S 82d ct...oak Lawn~1761-J-2 Sweeney Wm J 4345 W 99th PI... Oak Lawn-2262 Sweet Harry 8306 S 78th Ct.. Oak Lawn-19l9-J-2 Sweetland Leslie F Rev 9424 S 51st. Oak Lawn-52l Swickard Ross M 9301, 53d ct...oak Lawn-39I Swieganski Helen Mrs 9901 Cicero. Oak Lawn-129I Sworsky Ray J il9-35 SOak Pk. Oak Lawn-1997-J~1 Sykora Edw drugs, 3300 W9!?th.....Evergreen Pk-7676._ Sykora Sophie 9658 S Ril:lgwy Evergreen Pk-773I syverson Fred 9356" 51st. Oak Lawn-1295 szakoni Julius 90th & Harlem.Oak ILawn-1798-J-l Szarat Minnie 8523 New Englnd. Oak Lawn-1432-J-2 Szczepta Anthony 9014 S Central.. Oak Lawn-372 Szesny Alfred Crawford. Oak Lawn-130 szidak JuliusAJr.,9726 S Springfld. Evergreen Pk-7886 szymborski Robt 8509 Menard... Oak Lawn-36l0 SzymczykTheo 6152 W 95th Oak L,awn-64I T Tagler John 9412 SSacrmnto Evergreen Pk-863I Tagler Michael A _ 9528 S Campbell Evergreen Pk-7496 Tait Peter G 9613 S Marion. Oak Lawn-1169 Talbot Norman W 9641 S Major...Oak Lawn-1227 Taliff Nick 93cj & Spaulding... Evergreen Pk-9117 Talley Tracy G 5733" W 82d..Oak Lawn-1749-J-2 Tallon Wm 6100 W 99th....Oak Lawn-456 Tallon Wm G 9708 S Merton... Oak Lawn-3467 Talsma Geo Mrs 9306 S 54th Av.. Oak Lawn~362 - Talsma Herbert 9439 Central Oak Lawn-2044 Talsma Kenneth I 9410 S Clifton Pk. Evergreen Pk-6670 Talsma Sidney N, ~ 9410 SClifton pk Evergreen Pk-8352 Talty Donald 8501 Harlem.. Oak Lawn-2489-J-2 Tanner J viii elk 3429 W 95th.. Evergreen Pk-7700 TannuraVinc 9109 S 53d Ct...Oak -Lawn-3380 Tanovich John A 101st & 52d Av..Oak Lawn-2098 Tarq\lino Jos P Menard. Oak Lawn-1554-J-I Tarrant Neil J 9525 S St Louis. Evergreen Pk-8390 Tasch Jas T 9859 S Kedzie;.. Evergreen Pk-8643 Tasch Melvin R 2957 W 97th. Evergreen Pk-8495 Taselaar Emanuel S Austin.... OakoLawn-1742-J-l Tatara John 9129 S Troy...,EvergreenPk-3093 Tatgenhorst E A 9753 S 52d. ;..Oak Lawn-389 Taveggia Thos, 5722 W 82d..Oak Lawn-1560-J-2 Taylor B A S 87th Av.. OakLawn-1940-J~2 Taylor Carl 8240 Lorel.... Oak Lawn-173l-J-2 Taylor Chas H- 9230S St Louis. Evergreen Pk-8857 Taylor David Oak & Washngtn.-Oak Lawn-14l5-J-2 Taylor HaroldR6737 W 84th.Oak Lawn-17l4-J,..1 TaylorKenneth S Pkside Oak Lawn-233l-J~2 Taylor Lloyd 9114, 53d av Oak Lawn-l040 Taylor Maurice S 88th. Oak Lawn-2399-J-2 Taylor Wallace G, " 5021 Oak Center Oak Lawn-3253 Tebo Jos V 9425 S Trumbull Evergreen Pk Tech Flying Club Inc, S Harlem.,.. Oak Lawn-1754-J-l Teerling John 7800 W 95th. Oak Lawn-2585~J-2 Telander Bros Genl Contrs th......Oak Lawn-23I3-J-2 Temmesfeld Arthur 4940 Spring... Oak Lawn-3368 Temple Chas T 9738 Harding.. Evergreen Pk-3l69 Temple Robt 5730 W 87th pi.... Oak Lawn-1638 Templin Paul J 8639, 78th Oak Lawn-2558~J-2 Tenegal Jean 8638 Latrobe Oak Lawn-1975-J-l Tenhor John 9305, 52d. Oak Lawn-1868 Ter Borg Henry 9350 Spldng.,Evergreen Pk-85I7 TERLIZZI DOMENICK trckg S Trumbull..... Evergreen Pk-8855 trckg 9327 Kedzie Evergreen Pk-6808 Termunde Wm 9305, 54th Oak Lawn-946 TerryEarl E 9408 S Trumbull.. Evergreen Pk-7901 Teune John 9944 S Trumbull Evergreen Pk-6769 TewDonald 9405 S Homan Evergreen Pk-9056 Thanos John 9319 S Albany. Evergreen Pk-72I9 Theel Geo E 9813, S Ridgwy.. Evergreen Pk-8152, TheresMiidred Mrs-, - " 8414, 78th ct Oak Lawn-2387-J-2. Theres Nick 8348 S Menard OakLawn-1548-J:1 SYV-TOE 5:I TheresWmJ8404 S Menard. :Oak Lawn-1422-J-l Theroux Edw 4823 W 106th OakLawn-1093 Theuer R G 9554 S Moody.... Oak Lawn-782 Thiel Camille 9100 RobertS...Oak Lawn-2573-J-l Thielen Mike 94th & 80th Ct. Oak Lawn-2463-J-2 Thiem Raymond H 9956 St Louis. Evergeen Pk~6869 Tliimian Lawrence A S Homan.... Evergreen Pk-8475 Thoel Wm 9434 S 55th ct. Oak Lawn-1876 Thomas Casey A S St Louis.... Evergreen Pk-8230 Thomas Edw 9858 Lawndale.. Evergreen Pk-8538 Thomas Gordon 9320, 53d ct.... Oak Lawn-745 Thomas J F 4.109, 99th pi. Oak Lawn-2746 Thomas Jos L S Sawyer. Evergreen Pk-6607 Thomas L J 2645 W 90th.... Evergreen Pk-9l08 Thomas Majory " " 102d & Birmingham...-Oak Lawn-23l0-J-l Thomas Paul 9702 SAustin....Oak Lawn-2l66 Thomas Raymond 8437 S New Englnd. Oak Lawn-1986-J-l Thomas Robt M 9143 S Nashvle. Oak Lawn-1989-J-l Thomas Rudy 6000 W 99th Oak Lawn-2215 Thomas Ted A 5230 W94th... Oak Lawn-1372 Thomas Wm L 4944 Spring -Oak Lawn-3328 Thome LeonardB 9653 SAvers. Evergreen Pk-7930 Thometz Michael F 9823 Millard Evergreen Pk-8945 Thompson Burton T 8845.Utica. Evergreen Pk-8957 Thompson Carl 8450, 79th ct.. Oak Lawn-236l-J-l Thompson D:L 9204 Lawndle... Evergreen Pk Thompson Edw G 6956 W 97th.Oak Lawn-2434-J-2 Thompson Geo F 9550 S Campbell, ; ; Evergreen Pk-7407 Thompson Harold E Ridgeway.... Evergreen Pk Thornton Jewell F 2632W 98th PI- Evergreen Pk-9l66 Thorpe Geo P 2915 IN. 97th.-.. Evergreen Pk-6897 Thorpe Lawrence E " 8650 Oak Pk.... Oak Lawn-1756:J-2 Thorsen Geo 4341 W 99th PI... OakLawn-3433 Thorson Thoris G 5603 W 82d. Oak Lawn"2325-J-2 Three Gable Inn 11lth & Cicero... Oak Lawn~9357 Tibbles Walter Sawyer. Evergreen Pk-9l07 Tibstra Geo 9536 S Homan... Evergreen Pk-7210 Tibstra Henry 3601 W 97th... Evergreen Pk~7338 Tibstra John Jr 9617 S Homan.. Evergreen Pk-7832 Tibstra John Mrs 9320 Sacrmnto Evergreen Pk-8455 Tibstra Kate Mrs 3322 W 97th. Evergreen Pk-7242 Tibstra Thos 4600 W 95th.... Oak Lawn-188 Tichy Grace 8524 Menard.....Oak Lawn-1030 Tiddens Paul T 9610 Troy... Evergreen Pk-8732 Tieberg Alma Mrs 9305, 54th...Oak Lawn-946 Tietzel Lillian E 9225Spldng.:Evergreen Pk-7193 Tiggelaar C 9047 S Albany.. EvergreenPk-73l2 Tiggelaar Fred S Sacrmnto. Evergreen Pk-7236, Tiggelaar Toinette 8720 Rockwell... Evergreen I;k-7220 Tilling Walter E 8741 S -Utica. Ever.green Pk-80l5 Timm Paul Marion Oak -Lawn-3334 Timmons Jos W 9109 S Utica.. Evergreen Pkc29I2 Tinkham Frank Menard. Oak Lawn-2482-J-2 Tinsley Joe A 5401 W 96th..., Oak Lawn-256 Tinys Inn 5436 W 95th Oak Lawn-93B9 Tischer John F 5053 Oak Center Oak Lawn Tobbe Louie Merrimac. Oak Lawn-1590-J-l Tobias Robt plstr 9547 S 89th Av. Oak Lawn-3804 Tobin Edw J 5chl Dist III principals ofc - 85th Oak Lawn-6l8 Todd Wm W 101st.....OakLawn-3559 Toellner John 3334 W96th. Evergreen Pk-7252

28 52 TOG~VAN, Togtman John 3245 W 97th.. Evergreen Pk-7250 Togtman Raymond W 97th Evergreen Pk-9170 Tohill Arden 6306 W 99th Oak Lawn-167 Tomala Chester Kedzie. Evergreen Pk-9065 Tomanek Wm 5037 Elm Circle...,Oak Lawn-1348 Tomeski Ted 2947 W 87th. :.Evergreen Pk-8350 Tometich Dolores L Pkside. Oak Lawn-2086 Tomlinson John Leo Marion, Oak Lawn-2874-J-I Tomlinson Jos L 9640 Moody... Oak Lawn-606. Tomlinson Jos L 6600 W93d.. Oak Lawn-1983-J-I Tomnitz Raymond C,." La Verne OakiLawn-1733-J-2 TOMS NOOK 6135 W 95th :... Oak Lawn-9352 Topel Fred L Richmond. Evergreen Pk-7806 Tappen John Rockwell.. Evergreen Pk-7802 Topping David W 8835 Albany. Evergreen Pk-8069 Torgerson Joe Central..,. Oak Lawn-203CJ Town Shop 3356 W 95th.... Evergreen Pk-7077 TOWN TAP RM TAVRN W 95th.. Oak Lawn Towner Chas E 9141 Mayfld;....Oak Lawn-1684 Townsend John E 5300 W 95th Oak Lawn-2062 Tracy Wm 9517 Richmond Evergreen Pk-7753 Tra~z Stanley J9544 Central. Oak Lawn-3388 Tranka Jos 8316 W 79th Oak Lawn-1526-J-2 Trapp Alvin 9713 Melvina ;.. Oak Lawn-864 Trapp Frances Mrs. 9404,Francisco Evergreen Pk-8102 Trapp MaryM Oxford. Oak Lawn-1415-J-I. Trautsch AI McVickers...Oak Lawn-557 Travers Claude R LaCrosse..Oak Lawn-879 Travis JasR 9443 S 55th ct..,...oak Lawn-442 TreacyMichael Ham!in. Evergreen.Pk-8748 Tremblay Hubert 2940 W 99th pl. Evergreen Pk-3192 Trepanier Louise 530Q W 95th Oak Lawn-3707 Tretheway Jas 4245 W 99th, Oak L:awn-3492 TRIANGLE SERVICE STA, Cicero. Oak Lawn-9358 Tribb Dee V Campbell Oak Lawn-321 Tricasco Labtrs th ct Oak Lawn-661 Trier Chas W 2611 W 97th...,. EvergreenPk-2933, TRIEZENBERG C MILLWORK CO, 2959 W 95th, Evergreen Pk-8212 Triezenberg Fred 95th Oak Lawn-150 Triezenberg Herman, 2959 W 95th......Evergreen Pk-7112 Trimble David th Oak Lawn-lIS Trine Clinton P 4917 W 105th pl... Oak Lawn-917 Tumas Raymond S Turner ;~.... Evergreen Pk-6921 Turek A Mrs 4345,W 99th,Oak Lawn-2248 Turek Geo 9729 Southwest!:lWY Oak Lawn-2724 Turek Jas J Avers... Evergreen Pk-8869 Turner Harry F 4650 Southwest hwy.oak Lawn-476 Turner Irving A th ct Oak Lawn-1679 Turner Mildred 9341 Minnick Oak Lawn-298 " Turner Russell J t Louis.Evergreen Pk-7968 Turnquist Carl A 5559 W 96th...Oak Lawn-2084 Tuszl Michael 6200 W lluh..oak Lawn-2306-J-2 Tuthill Edw W d Av Oak Lawn-3281 Tuttle Arthur A Ckero Oak Lawn-3389 Tuttle Rovin.5922W 91st. Oak Lawn-1179 Tweedie Dick 9338 S 53d Ct Oak Lawn-922 Twigg Morris st.. :... Oak Lawn-735 Twin Motor Sales Western.. > Evergreen Pk-a989 TWO JILLS.restrnt W 95th Evergreen Pk-9260 Tylinski Frank 5714 W 84th pl. Oak Lawn-1550-J-2 Tynan Robt t L-Quis..Evergreen Pk-2936 U U1atoskl Jos S th ct.. Oak Lawn-1821 Umbenhaur R E DDS 3504 W 97th.... Evergreen Pk-7532 Uri1hofer Wm Paxton Oak Lawn-3350 Uniek John Troy.... Evergreen Pk-9153 United States Government Postoffice 3318 W 95th... Evergreen Pk-7266 United Van Lines Inc 446 E 11Uh PI Chgo. Waterfall ,Unnerstall Edw dct. Oak Lawn-2438-J-2 Unnerstall John A 7825 W86th Oak Lawn-2390-J-2 Unseld Edw C rd ct. Oak Lawn-1790-J-l Unsinn Jos J 94th & Melvina.. Oak Lawn-1487-J-l Upham Claradehl W Trumbull Evergreen Pk-7343 UP TO DATE LNDRY CO 21 E 110th pi Chgo.....Enterprise-4021, <Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls). Urban Albert F 9640 Meade Oak Lawn-2l>3 Urban Albina 8804 Roberts Oak Lawn-2439-J-2 Urban Major T 8309 Lamon.. Oak Lawn-1490-J-2 Urbanek Theo, 9951 Southwest Hwy.-..Oak Lawn-1582-J-l Urmston Leslie E Homan.Evergreen Pk-2937 Urquiza J 101st & Roberts... Oak Lawn-1494-J,..1 Usborne Wm F 103d & 86th ct.oak Lawn-1770-J-2 Utlie Franklin Harlem.. Oak Lawn-2443-J~1 Uthie Gaylord 68llW 95th pi. Oak Lawn-1556-J-2 Trinity LuthCh 97th & Brandt. Oak Lawn-193 TrioBar B Q 8642 Cicero Oak Lawn-9383 Utz John C Brandt. : Oak Lawn-381 Triphan Orville La Crosse... Oak Lawn-482 Uzzardo Joe Troike Chas W 9955 Trumbull.. Evergreen Pk th PI & Roberts. Oak Lawn-1906-J-l Trojan FrankT Knox...Oak Lawn-1658 Trojanus Wm 5900 W 93d.....Oak Lawn-2743 V Trotter Jas M Albany.. Evergreen Pk~7379 Vaccarello Chas 5922 W 90th PI.. Oak Lawn:3252 Trout Gilbert th OakiLawn~3381 Vaccaro Chas 8500 W 87th Oak Lawn-1959-J-I Trowbridge Otto Valcik.Louis 6458 W 87th Oak Lawn-1756-J-I, 9844 Central Pk,... ;.Evergreen Pk-8982 Valentine Mary A 5640 W 87th pi, Oak Lawn-1228 Troy Walter C 97?0 Millard.. ; Evergreen Pk-8469 Valentino John F 4224 W 99th pi, Oak Lawn-2706 Truc Arthur M 9949 Elm Circle Oak,Lawn-2778 Valerious Victor Millrd. Evergreen Pk-7521 Trudeau Clarence Mayfld Oak Lawn-1862 Vallera Argentina 4815 W 92d... Oak Lawn-3241 True Harry 9610, 52d....Oak Lawn-704 Vallera Oscar Kilpatrick...Oak Lawn-1198 Trump Mearl K 10~38 5 Homan. Evergreen Pk-8730 VaVera Urbano 9529 Kilpatriek Oak Lawn-1142 Trzyna T.F W 89th pi ". Evergreen Pk~701l Van Geo F 4701 Southwest Hwy Oak Lawn-571 Tucker Llewellyn G d Ct. Oak Lawn-3934 Van Antwerp Jack,, Tucker Roy A Turner.. Evergreen Pk-8846 _ 2811 W 97th Evergreen Pk~7046 Tuey Martin C 9116 Utica,.,.. Evergreen Pk-8105 VanBezey,Jas W 7000 W 87th.Qak Lawn-1436-J-2 Tuinstra Landscape Co.... Van Byssum Ernest 3702 W 93d. Evergreen Pk :00 W 95th.... " Evergreen Pk-7300 Vancil Ben J Richmond. Evergreen Pk Tuitman -Richard 9304, 55th. :.. Oak Lawn Vandenberg Cornelius G Tuitman Thos R 9653 Lawndle. EVl;rgreen Pk , W.90th pi; Evergreen Pk-7842 Van Dera Llewellyn R.,,,,,, Francisco ~ Evergreen Pk: Vanderberg Perry " 6848 W 96th Pl...OakLawn J,..2 Vanderberg Tom 9333, 52d.....Oak Lawn-2081 Vanderheide Anthony W 95th. Evergreen Pk-8682 VanDerhoff Russell E 5565 W 96th.. Oak Lawn,..38 Vander KampPeter LaVergne. Oak Lawn-2518-J-l Vanderlaan Clarence Trumbull. Evergreen Pk-6733 Van Der Linden Peter J Stone Circle. Oak Lawn-3692 Vandermar Jacob Albany. Evergreen Pk-7095 Vander Meer Ben Albany. Evergreen Pk-290!) Vander Molen Adolph 9609 RobertSon..... ; Oak Lawn-309 Vander Molen Geo 2705 W 97th. Evergreen Pk-8513 Van Der Muil Richard 5318 W 95th.Oak Lawn:2023 Van Der Veen Merlin " 6837 W 96th Pl....Oak Lawn, J-2 Vander Veen Rose J 4830, 105th pl.oak Lawn-3971 Vandervelde Claus Albany Evergreen Pk-8198 VanderVelde Herman ; Trumbull.. Evergreen Pk, Vander Wagen John 5456 Franklin. Oak Lawn-2082 Vander Wagen John McVickers. Oak LaWn-2276 Van De Werken Raymond 9606 Albany EvergreenPk~6%5 Van Doorn Jas 2713 W 96th.. EvergreenPk-7353 Van Dyke Jas.8913 Central... Oak Lawn-3972 Van Ginder J 8838 Central.... OakLawn-384~ Vanholt Louis T 9030 Roberts. Oak Lawn;.1913:..J-2 Van Horn Ross H Central. O~ Lawn-3865 Van Huis Edw 9614 Albany... Evergreen Pk-8159 Vanicek Fred 9054 S Meade. Oak Lawn-2447-J-2 VanKiev Ben 9511 Homan... Evergreen Pk Van Kuiken Ralph 9430 Homan. -Evergreen Pk-2911 Van Laten Cornelius 3411 W 95th. Evergreen Pk-6845 Vansickle Edw T,9344 Turner Evergreen Pk, Van Vleet Richard, Albany.... Evergreen Pk-7877 Van Willigan Geo 9743 Ridgelnd av. Oak Lawn-703 Van Willigan Violet 9616 Merrimac.Oak Lawn-4019 Van Zee Howard E Ridgwy... Evergreen Pk-7635 Varacinskas Benedict W Latrobe Oak tawri-1716-j-l Vardeman Henry A d ct.oaklawn,1014 Varecha Jos C 9435 elftn Pk... Evergreen Pk Varellas Hercules 4921 WPaxton...Oak Lawn-374 Varley Clyde 91st & Harlem...Oak Lawn-1747-J-l Vaughan Lawrence Mansfld. Oak Lawn J-l Vaughn G H Melvina Oak Lawn-1486-J-l Vaught Lucile 2"605 W 89th Evergreen Pk-7770 Vavrek Steve Marion...Oak Lawn-368 Velchek Jos S, Central Pk... Evergreen Pk-7308 Veldman Nick 9737 Merton... ;.Oak.Lawn-i285 Velebil Vlastimil.. 98th PI nr 90th Av. Oak Lawn-2535;J-l Velten Frank st.... Oak Lawn-349. Vendel Louis. " Merrimac...OakLawn J-l Vereecke Norman 9617 Oak Pk. Oak Lawri-2432-J-l Verheyden J A 93d......Oak Lawn-1860 Verity Wm 9112 Utica..... Evergreen Pk;.7837 Verre Frank 4921 W 91st pl..... : Oak Lawn-269 VerSchave Albert R 931i, 54th Ct..Oak Lawn;.42 VervIied Raymond 9300 S Utica.Evergreen Pk-7529 w VAN-WAS 53 Vetter Edw 92ll 5 Clifton Pk.. Evergreen Pk-7653 Vezina Louise Utica... : Evergreen Pk-8969 Viator Andrew T 3237 W 96th. Evergreen Pk-8854 Vicha Jos J 9748 Brandt. Oak Lawn-3383 Vick Jessie Mrs th.-... Oak Lawn~797 Vig John S 9409 Homan Evergreen Pk-8583 Viggiani Alex 2814 W 100th pl. Evergreen Rk-8518 ViggiCj.ni Perry t Louis.. Evergreen Pk-7978 Viles Ray Francisco... Evergreen Pk-6935 VILLAGE RESTRNT 5207 W 95th.. Oak Lawn-9384 Village Snack Shop 3500 W 95th. Evergreen Pk-9292 Vincent John" Fairfld... Evergreen Pk-7003 VincentJos 9336 S 5pldng.. Evergreen Pk-8735 Viscounty Wm J Trumbull. Evergreen Pk-6788 Visser Melle 87th.. Oak Lawn-1438-J-l Vistain Rudolph Richmond. Evergreen Pk-7934 Vitko Abe st Av....Oak Lawn-1922-J-l Vlach Jos Sawyer.... Evergreen Pk-6894 Vladovich Mark Central.... Oak Lawn-3831 Vlk Chas 2620 W 90th.. Evergreen Pk-8519 Vlk Geo H Avers.. Evergreen Pk-7485 Vodar Stanley J La Trobe.... Oak Lawn-2493-J-2 Voegele Delbert Oxford. Oak Lawn-1792-J:2 Voegele Hannah Mrs pldng. Evergreen Pk, Voelz Geo C th ct..oak Lawn-2354-J-l Vogel Bookkeeping & Tax Service W 100th Oak Lawn-3274 Vogeltanz Fred Harding.Evergreen Pk-7974 Vogts Lounge 5247 W 95th.... Oak Lawn-9343 Vohralik Chas Calif Evergreen Pk-7851 Voigt Aug C Lawndle Evergreen Pk-9181 Voigt Paul A Moody. Oak Lawn-1734-J-I Voland Seivert 9630 Hamlin Evergreen Pk-6673 Volk ChasM Millard Evergreen Pk-7777 Volkmann Elaine 9134, Kolmar... Oak Lawn-657 Volkstorf Chas M Jr Major. Oak Lawn-721 Vollenbroek Jno F C 68ll W 96th pl..., Oak Lawn-1580-J-2 Voli Henry 4830 W.96th pl...oak Lawn-213 Von Busch Realty Co 8323 Roberts Rd. Oak Lawn-2361~J-.2 Vondran W T Monitor.,Oak Lawn-128B Voogd Thos cmnt contr Sawyer.. Evergreen Pk-7163 Voral Co paints Loomis Chgo. Hilltop Vos C 9409 Albany Evergreen Pk-7105 Vosicky Anna E 82255tate Oak Lawn-2509-J-2" Voss Jacob Cicero :... Oak Lawn-1069 Voss John 9939 Cicero Oak Lawn-319 Voss John 9955 Cicero OakLawn-2797 Voss Peter 2907 W 97th... Evergreen Pk;.6863 Vrabel Chas 8500, New Englnd. Oak Lawn-1433-J-2 Vrabel Genevieve M Lorel Oak Lawn-2417-J-2 Vreeland Burton L 4329 W 99th PI. Oak Lawn:"431 Vreeland Royel Jr 4229 W 99th Pl. Oak Lawn-223B Vriezen John 5830 W loath...oak Lawn-3970 Vuillaume Norman 9316 Utica.. Evergreen Pk-87li Vyhnalek Anton Sons plbg contrs W95th Oak Lawn-5 Vyhnalek Ervin F 9620 Brandt Oak Lawn-l.37 Wabash Railroad Co pass & frt Wabash.....Oak Lawn-450 pass & frt Chgo Ridge Oak Lawn-4012 Wabick Chas J Lawndle.Evergreen Pk-6991 Wabol Theo P Western. Evergreen Pk-6941

29 " 54 WAC-WEI Wa.ck Jos T 9800S Springfld...Evergreen Pk~8826 Wagener Andrew, 8307 S Mansfld.....Oak Lawn-1422-J-2 Wagnarus Dolores K,6014 W 95th. Oak Lawn-706, Wagner Bernard 9616 S 52d... : Oak Lawn-1l14 WagnerEdw F S Ridgelnd...Oak Lawn-1794-J-2 Wa.gner Eugene M S StLouis: Evergreen Pk-8625 Wagner Fred J 9226 Clifton Pk.Evergreen Pk-8798 Wagner Geo E 9939 Clifton Pk. Evergreen Pk-9030 Wagner Geo M 9133 Utica Evergreen Pk-9050 Wagner John W 99th Oak Lawn~1l95 Wagner Wm A 8744 Richmond.. Evergreen Pk-8547 Wahlgren Bruno 9618 S Albany.Evergreen Pk-6916 Waitkus Adolph d Av., Oak Lawn-3832 Waitkus Alfred P 8330 Mansfld.Oak Lawn-1424-J-2 Walanus A 9645 S Pkside......Oak Lawn-1666 Walas Walter 484:9 W 96th.....Oak Lawn-625 Walczak Steve," Merrimac.. Oak Lawn-2487-J-2 Walder Leo 9229 S Sawyer.. Evergreen Pk-8743 Waldron Thos F ", 8840 S Richmond Evergreen Pk-9144 Walenta Francis J,, " 9833 S Merton..... ;.Oak Lawn-1690 Walgreen Robt L 2752 W 96th. EvergreenPk-9171 Waligora R 9640 S 51st Oak Lawn-3452 Walker Chas W, 9640 S Springfld Evergreen Pk-7896 Walker E R 102d pi... :.. ;. Oak Lciwn-1408-J-l Walker Roy E 2904 W 102d... Evergreen Pk-7470 Walker Scovel E,,,, S Francisco...,. Evergreen Pk-8341 Walker Wm H 9520 S Marlon...Oak Lawn-l364 Wallace Oliver J C" 8723,S Sacrmnto Evergreen Pk-7406 Wallace Robt 8724 S Richmond.Evergreen.Pk-7452 Walla.ce Wm R 5711, 89th..Oak LaWn-2217 Waller PeterR 9259 S Troy... Evergreen Pk-7447 Wallich Rudolph 9137 Lynwd D r.. Oak Lawn-3833 Walls Hazel 6310 W 99tl1....., Oak Lawn-493 Walls Luther 9713 McVicker;...Oak Lawn-.412 Walls Raymond 8432 S 78th av.oak Lawn-2549-J-l Wallschleager Geo J,,. : 2836 W 98th pl.... ; Evergreen Pk-7412 Walnut Hills Ctry Club, 8600 _W 103d.; Oak Lawn-14H-J-l Walsh Franf<T Harnew East.Oak Lawn-3640 Walsh Harold 9817 S Ridgelnd... Oak Lawn-1861 Walsh Irene E 9525 SAvers...Evergreen Pk-8062 WalshIrene M 2939 W 87th.. Evergreen Pk-8699 Walsh Jas J 9811 S Springfld. Eve.rgreen Pk-6682 Waish Martin J 9406 Utica... Evergreen I:k-9180 Walsh Marty 9221 S Clifton Pk. Evergreen Pk-8245 Walsh Raymond J 4340 W 99th PI. Oak Lawn-3938 Walsh Sabina 9330 St Louis.. Evergreen Pk-7979 WalshWm J Jr Princess.Oak Lawn-14l3-J-l Walshs Serv Sta 5656 W I1lth.OakLawn-l088 Walter Herbert 8749 S Utica. Evergreen Pk-6603 WALTERS FLOWERS, 9810 S Western. Evergreen Pk-8316 Walters Lolita Moody.... Oak Lawn-2216 Walton Geo 9359 S 52d; Oak L~n-293 WALTON GIENGER HOME APPLIANCES---: see Gienger-Walton Home Appliances Walton John L 9359 S 52d Av Oak Lawn-3683 Walton Robt 9359 S 52d Oak Lawn-3445 Walton Russell 5307 W-95th....Oak Lawn-1018 Wansik Verna 9636 S Central...Oak Lawn-1692 Waranauskas John C, -" 9137 S Spldng. Evergreen Pk-9041 Wa.rd Eliz E SHaman.. Evergreen Pk:"7695 WardGeo,A S Utica Evergreen Pk:"8291 Ward John L 5828 W 90th Oak Lawn-2660 warfield Geo H 91st & Sawyer. Evergreen Pk-3031 Warford Arthur A 4908, W 91st pl. Oa~ Lawn-20l3.: Warner Carrie 8417 S 79th ct. Oak Lawn-2396-J-2 Warntlr Nelson Music Box Serv 9124 S Mayfld Oak Lawn-90 Warner Norman 8525 S 78th. Oak Lawn-2384-J-l Warner Roy 9718"S Hamlin... Evergreen Pk-7349 Warner Theo J 9723 S Maplewd Evergreen Pk-9115 Warner Walter 7035 Avon Oak Lawn-1920-J-l Warnick Stanley 9631 S Hardlng.EvergreenPk-7980 Warpinski Phillip T Jr 9331 S 55th Ct. Oak Lawn-592 Warthen Fred, 8849 S Sacrmnto... Evergreen Pk-8131 Waschke H G DO res, 9232 S Trumbull Evergreen Pk-8486 Washington Lucienne S Pkside. Oak Lawn-3964 Wask June P 2621 W 89th pl... Evergreen Pk-7718 Waters Kathryn,, 8539 S 79th Ct. Oak Lil.wn-2398-J-2 Watson Alexander, 9824 St Louis.... Evergreen Pk-3012 Watson Clarence C 5261 Otto pl.. Oak Lawn-1646 Watson FA 9740 Pkside...,.,.., Oak Lawn-462, Watson Grace F 4137 W 99th pl.. Oak Lawn-2151 Watson Harry D Q320 S 52d,,... Oak Lawn-872 Watson John Jr 2625 W 89th.. Evergreen Pk-6912 Watson Orlo 4137 W 99th pl..oak Lawn-2151 Watson Russell R, 8835 S Mozart Evergreen Pk-7730, Watters Lloyd B 9416 S Utica. Evergreen Pk-9084 Weaver HerbertE 9602 S Richmond Evergreen Pk-8895 Weaver Warren W 5925 W 89th PI. Oak Lawn-3282 Webb Chas $ Kildare Oak Lawn Webb Harry Efuel oil, 6410 W 89th....., Oak Lawn-1715-J-2 Weber Arthur 9109 S 53d Oak Lawn-876 Weber Edw L 9604 S Trumbull. Evergreen Pk-7019 Weber Florence M 9421 SHaman Evergreen Pk-7125 Weber Frank A S Pkside Oak Lawn-2021 Weber Howard J 9805, 53d ct Oak Lawn-2043 Weber Ralph Jr S Knox Oak Lawn-.396 Weber Vera W 9920 Trumbull.. Evergreen Pk-7218 Weberg Clarence 9740 S Marion", Oak Lawn-812 Wedmore Jas 9337 S 81st Ct. Oak Lawn-2582-J-2 Weeditz A J 4124 W 99th. ~ Oak Lawn-3343 Weert H E 9505 Cook Oak Lawn-2109 Wegener Erwin J 9840 S Hamlin Evergreen Pk-7306 Wegner LO,uis E 9309 Utica Evergreen Pk-7584 Wegner Walter Normandie :Oak Lawn-1436-J-l Wehrmeister Arthur 4041 W 99th. Oak Lawn-2721 Weickelt R C 9540 McVickers... Oak Lawn-3392 Weiderman Wm Washngtn & Princess.. Oak Lawn-1703-J-l Weidner Earl L 9307 S 54th Ct.. Oak Lawn-3856 Weidner Edw 9411 S 54th pl Oak Lawn;-886 Weidner Florence Miss, " Moody Oak Lawn-2479-J-l Weidner Harold R 9525 Merton Oak Lawn-759 Weidner Robt 9807 Minnick Oak Lawn-829 Weiher Walter 9716 Melvina..- Oak Lawn-564 Weiland Geo E CentralPk. Evergreen Pk-8084 WeilandRayF 9923 S Clifton Pk,..., Evergreen Pk-8528 Weimer Claude, 100th & Roberts....Oak Lawn-2322-J-2 Weinberger Maryrose " 9528, Trumbull :Evergreen Pk-6931 WEINFIELD EDWIN EDDS., 9835 Southwest......Oak Lawn-4 res 9635 Southwest Hwy. Oak Lawn-IDS Weinman Kenneth A "... ",9303.s Albany. Evergreen Pk-2908 Weinmall Wilbert A,., 9303 Albany.... Evergreen,Pk-8774 Weinstock Allen T,.,,,, 9551 S Albany.. Evergreen Pk-8658 Weintraub Saml 9555 SAvers. Evergreen Pk-8290 Weirich Geo W 88th. Oak Lawn~739 Weisbrodt Joffn J 9638 Normandy, Oak Lawn-2432-J-2, -Weisfuss Henry P,,9560 S Albany....Evergreen Pk-7468 Weiss Frank 3216 W 95th. Evergreen Pk-8320 Weiss Phil 4233 W 99th...., Oak Lawn-527 Welch Carl 9817 Moody....Oak Lawn~3407 Welch Chas F 9120 S Utica... Evergreen Pk-8537 Welch Frank;J Mrs 4853 W 96th.. Oak Lawn-1204 Welch Raymond 9619 S Troy Evergreen Pk-3197 Welcome Earl A 5481 W 87th OakLawn-lS57 Welcome Edw 2815 W 102d. Evergreen Pk-6920 Weldon Richard " 9717 S Hamlin..... Evergreen Pk-7754 Welichka Lilliao,, 9847 S Artesian....Evergreen Pk-8366 Weller Co.4725 Southwest Hwy...Oak Lawn-355 Weller D 9557 LaCrosse......Oak Lawn-609 Weller Jas th Pl..... Oak L~wn-3331 Welles Edwin, 9633 S Rutherford. Oak Lawn-2430-J-2 WellsG A 8829 S Austin.....,Oak Lawn-844 Wells Lee R 5117 Oak Center:... Oak Lawn-3228 Wells Ralph 8720 Mozart.... Evergreen Pk-9133 Welnak LaVerne 9332 Turner.. Evergreen Pk-8427 Welsh Benj F 5812 W 89th pl.. Oak Lawn-ll03 Welsh L J Rev 9349 S Central...Oak Lawn-234 Welsh Sydney 9646 S Tully.,....Oak Lawn-1618 Welti Otto S Cicero Oak Lawn-3636 Wemckus Louis 9908 S 81st Av.Oak Lawn-1500-J-l Wendel Jacob 9834 Meade Oak Lawn~2056 Wendling Frank J, 9409 S Richmond Evergreen Pk-7810 Wendt Earl R 9831 Merton... Oak Lawn-2l31 WENDT FRED W FUNERAL HOME _ 9515 Cook... : Oak tawn-l3 Wenk Audrey M 8530 S 77th..Oak Lawn-1456-J-l Wennberg Albert H 9743 S Millard.....Evergreen Pk-7860 Wentworth Wa.lter 9128 S Mayfld. Oak Lawn-2294 Wenzel John 8110 Laramie..Oak Lawn-2538-J-2 Werbeck John E6049 W 99th...Oak Lawf.l-1349 Werderich I 9327 S 53d ct.. :...Oak Lawn-958 Werner Fred J9936 S Harnew East. Oak Lawn-3974 Weseloh E G 9528 Calif." Evergreen Pk-8533 Wesley Blanche C 8340 S 79th Ct Oak Lawn-2362-J~2 Wess Thos V 9900 S St Louis. Evergreen Pk-7764 Wessel Arthur 5633 W 82d.. Oak Lawn-2325-~"l Wessel Elmer J 7731, W 92d. Oak Lawn-1776-J-l Wessel M H,vill pres 9356 SFrancisco...Evergreen Pk-7890 WestJoe S Kildare OakLawn-1321 West Robt S Kildare Oak Lawn West Wm F 9621 Pkside.... Oak Lawn-1851 Westerhoff Frank 9759 McVicker.. Oak Lawn-1216 WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE " 4857 W 95th. Oak Lawn-498 Western Av Florist 9446 S Western Evergreen Pk-7337 Westphal Lester 9812 SHaman. Evergreen Pk-8378 Westra JohnH 9645 S 78th Ct. Oak Lawn-1912-J-l WestwaterAndrew ",92d av & 83d......Oak Lawn:"1762-J-2 Wetzel Rene P 9961 Elm Circle... Oak Lawn~3342 Wetzig Jos H, 9220 Springfld.. Evergreen Pk-8787 Whalen DA 9728S 53d.....Oak Lawn~853 VlHAT NOTSHOP 4830 W95th., " Oak Lawn-330 WIEI-WIL 55 Wheatley Murray 0</706 McVicker.Oak Lawn-1244 Wheaton Clayton C 9232 Menard.. Oak Lawn-3332 WHEELER RUSSELL jwlry 5316 W 95th ; Oak Lawn-2186 Whinnery Robt J Jr., 9704 Central Pk, Evergreen Pk-8305 Whitchurch Jos 9804 S, Artesian. Evergreen Pk-6756 White Amelia Mrs, 8400 W 87th. Oak Lawn-1914-J-2 White Fredk L 9957, Elm Circle... Oak Lawn-2273 White Geo A 6809 W 98th Oak Lawn-1510-J-l White Harry 3805 W 96th: Evergreen Pk-8975 White John G 9700 Millard Evergreen Pk-6923 White John P Jr 9351 S 55th Av..... Oak Lawn-3752 White Kenneth N Jr 8557 S Massasoit.. Oak Lawn-1576-J-2 WHITE MILL ice cr 3422 W 95th Evergreen Pk-9201 White Phar 3300 W 95th... Evergreen Pk-7676 White Thos J 9141 S Albany.. Evergreen Pk-9111 Whitlock Auto Painting 2601 W 95th... Evergreen Pk-8226 Whitman Chas3527W 98th.. Evergreen Pk-7970 Whitney Jas J 5643 W 87th PI... Oak Lawn-2047, Whitten RobtH 10;3d Oak Lawn-643 Whitter Saml W, 8640 S 79th ct Oak Lawn-1454-J-l Whittingham Robt 9822 Millard Evergreen Pk-8482 Whyte Robt 7000 W 95th PI. Oak Lawn-1403-J-l Wiberg Bertil 5954 W 89th Oak Lawn-2206 Wick Harvey N 9609 Brandt.. Oak Lawn-206 Wickett J A 4236 W 99th PI Oak Lawn-2654 Widell A M 83d& 92d Oak Lawn-2352-J-l Widlacki Steve N 7057 W 95th.Oak Lawn-2473-J-l WidmaierRobt 2606 W 98th pl. Evergreen Pk-3075 Wiedeman Wm J Jr 9648 S Springfld. Evergreen Pk-7430 Wiegel Geo E rl est ", 3615 W 95th.,.... Evergreen Pk-7825 WIEGEL & KILGALLEN SALES CO rl est 3615 W 95th...,. Evergreen Pk-7825 Wiegel Raymond EDDS St Louis Evergreen Pk-7082 Wiegman Fred 4908 Oak Center.. Oak Lawn-3627 Wieher Wm 5801 W 87th.... Oak Lawn-1608 Wiersema John " 9641 SKedzie..... Evergreen Pk-7174 Wiersma Cornelius " 8904 Calif Evergreen Pk-8784 Wiersma Richard 9408 Utica av.evergreen Pk-7857 Wierzbkki Edw 5606 W 87th pl...oak Lawn-353 Wierzgac Walter 8650 S Lawler... Oak Lawn-2476-J-l Wiese Edw 7002 W 96th... Oak Lawn-2449~J-2 WieserWm 5723 W 88th pl.... Oak Lawn-1378 Wiest John 9605 S Artesian. Evergreen Pk-7460 Wige Melvin 5811 W 89th.. Oak Lawn-1883 Wiggins Edw G 9714 S Central Pk. Evergreen Pk-7037 Wikstrom Roger A 9324 S Francisco.. Evergreen Pk-7972 Wilber Wallace 8619 Massasoit.Oak Lawn-1576-J-l Wilcox Ralph 9640 S Tully... Oak Lawn-684 Wilcox WmH 9933 Elm Circle....Oak Lawn-399 Wilde Chas d...Oak Lawn-1824 Wilder Florence A 9611 Francisco....Evergreen Pk-7335 WildeveId Gerrit 9321 Homan.. Evergreen Pk-7057 Wiley Harvey J 9604 S Brandt... Oak lawn-1831 Wilharm Eugene Harnew.. Oak Lawn-830 WilkenArthur Troy.,.. Evergreen Pk-7845

30 56. Wlt.-WOO. Wilken Estelle v..","..., Oak Pk;Oak Lawn-1900-J-2 Wilkey Wilburn R Central Pk. Evergreen Pk-7768 Wilkie GeoA 9316 Albany. Evergreen Pk-7840 Wilkie Margaret M Trumbull... Evergreen Pk-7087 Wilkie Roy 5742 W 89th-pl.. :.Oak Lawn-1l62 Wilkin Evan Dewey, Homan Evergreen Pk-7321 Will CountY Pump 5hop... :8641 Roberts. Oak Lawn-1970-J-2 Willadsen Albert Harding.....Evergreen Pk-7969 Willette Wm 4920 Paxton.....Oak Lawn-2794 William-Gordon Inc 95th & Crawford Oak Lawn-3840 WILLIAMS. AUTOREPR Merrimac Oak Ulwn-2214 Williams Beverly J620q W 93d PI. Oak Lawn-1087 Williams Cora Mrs proat...Oak Lawn-1333 Williams D J 2931 W 97th... Evergreen Pk-6810 Williams EdwA c1Uthwest Hwy. Oak Lawn-4014 Williams Harry 5800 Lynw.d Dr. Oak Lawn-3530 Williams Jas R 4013 W 99th...Oak Lawn-3721 Williams Jess th Ct... Oak Lawn-3792 Williams LeRoy TullY Oak Lawn.528 Williams Paul A 9645 Ridgwy.. Evergreen Pk-6651 Williams Ross Roberts. Oak Lawn-2459-J;.1 Williams 5tanley A acrmnto Evergreen Pk~7350 Williams Trevor.G 4808 W 96th pl.,oak Lawn-138 Williamson Fred 5804 Lynwd dr..oak Lawn-1660 Williamson Lowell H _ Harding Evergreen Pk-9031 Williamson! M 9436 Raymond Oak Lawn-1l53 Willig Gus F 10320, 73d... Oak Lawn-2441-J-1 Willis Carol Avers Evergreen Pk Willison Leo J awyer Evergreen Pk-6821 Willner Edw E : S Trumbull Evergreen Pk~8916 Willott Douglas awyer.Evergreen Pk-6957 Wills Thos 9238 Homan Evergreen Pk-6646 " WILMETTE CAMERA EXCH "Western.. ; Evergreen Pk-8500 Wilms Wm F 9218 Trumbull Evergreen Pk-3104 Wilson Frank 5363 W 96th.....Oak Lawn-24 Wilson Geo A 8509 Major... Oak Lawn-1477-J-2 Wilson Geo R 5812, W 93d....Oak Lawn-1334 Wilson Jas A 5005 W 99th Oak Lawri-3214 Wilson John M acrmnto. Evergreen Pk-8705 Wilson Richard B.., 9933 Harnew Rd E. Oak Lawn-3634 Wilson Rut~ 9540 Austin..-...Oak Lawn-2722 Wilson Vincent Oak Pk. Oak Lawn-1967-J-1 Wilson Wm Richmond. Evergreen Pk-7996 Wiltgen Le Roy Trumbull Evergreen Pk-8559 Wiltgen Myrtle Mrs S Richmond Evergreen Pk-7990 Wiltshire Harpld 4824 W 106th.. Oak Lawn-1092 Wimberly Fontaine M 6945 W 96th pl. Oak Lawn-1597-J-l WINDAHL REFRGRTR SERVICE Raymond......Oak Lawn-1147 Winegar Elbert Jr st...Oak Lawn-1108 Winegar Evelyn L th Ct. Oak Lawn-1848 Winkoff Chas P Clifton Pk....Evergreen Pk-7557 Winslow Geo H 4124 W 100th...Oak Lawn-3822 Winter John 8703 W 98th... Oak Lawn.1947-J-l Winter Wm Jr Mrs.5300 W 95th.. ; Oak Lawn-691 Winterfield H t Louis. :EvergreenPk-7411 Winterfield Herman W Trumbull EvergreeriPk Winters Geo 9414 TUlly Oak Lawn-2697 Wipert Harold st.. OakLawn-2367-J-l Wirch Be[ Albany... Evergreen Pk Wirken Frank J Albany.. Evergreen Pk-6734 Wirth Forrest Roy Homan... Evergreen Pk-7922 Wirtz Jos 2648 W 98th Evergreen Pk-7587 " Wiscn.Leroy 5636 W 89th., Oak Lawn-1l82. Wisch Walter 7120 W 96th Oak Lawn-1961-J-1 Wise Arthur th Av.. Oak Lawn-1502-J-2. Wise Louis pldng... Evergreen Pk-8884 Wiseman Jos Richmond. Evergreen Pk-8840 Wish Frank 4246 W 103d;,,...,Oak Lawn-1263 Wisinski Frank E Central. Oak Lawn-2411-J-2 Wisniewski 5tanley W 91st...,...Oak Lawn-1455-J-1 Witkowski Casey 9814 S Austin,.. Oak Lawn-3526 Witt Raymond W, t Louis Evergreen Pk-7247 Wittdrodt Marie Avers. Evergreen Pk-9013 Witthoft Walter Central.. Oak Lawn-1223 Wittman Geo L 9751 S Millard. Evergreen Pk-7038 Wittmer John D S Sacrmnto. ; Evergreen Pk-8205 Witz Walter Washngtn Oak Lawn-2429-J-1 Wocel Edw-J Albany.. Evergreen Pk-7099 Woertz Marshall E S 5acrmnto...,.. Evergreen Pk-3003 Wohlbruck EstherM Menard..,...,. Oak Lawn~1827 Wohlgemuth Harriett Mrs 9538 Brandt.. Oak Lawn-248 Wojahn Ralph W 5806 W 89th PI.Oak Lawn-1l55. Wojcik Henry Moody. Oak Lawn-2498-J-2 Wojcik John 2729 W 98th PI.. Evergreen Pk-6849 WojcikLouis P Mertn., Oak Lawn-1775-J-2 Wojtkiewicz 5t.anley J. 83d pi & Central.,.,.. Oak Lawn-1752-J-2. Wolf Andrew 5231 W 94th..,...dak Lawn-762 Wolf Carl Jr St Louis, Evergreen Pk-8099 Wolf Chas Drake,.,,,.. Evergreen Pk~8477 Wolf Ernest M Lorel., Oak Lawn-2420-J-1 Wolf Geo 2624 W 97th pl... Evergreen Pk-8077 Wolf Harry M Hamlin, Evergreen Pk Wolf Louise A pldng,. Evergreen Pk-7131 Wolf 5tanley F Troy,.. Evergreen Pk-7586 Wolf Wallace G thct.,.. Oak Lawn;.289 Wolf Wm J Maplewd... Evergreen Pk-2909 WolfWm J2527 W 95th... Evergreen Pk-7036 Wolfel Michael 2843 W 100th pl..,,,..evergreen Pk-8973 Wolff & Kutkowski refrgtn serv Normandy".. Oak Lawn-1758-J-1 WOLFS BAKERY 3205 W 95th..... Evergreen Pk-7429 Wolfs Bakery 5263 W 95th.,..,. Oak Lawn-218 Wolfson Leo L 9821 McVickers... Oak Lawn-1699 Wollslager Albert 8700 W 99th.Oak Lawn-1938-J-1 Wonso 5tanley Crawford,., Oak Lawn-692 Wood Chits B8625 Austin: ". Oak Lawn-2472-J-l Wood chas J Richmond, Evergreen Pk-7434 Wood Donald F awyer... Evergreen Pk WOOD EDGAR F OV RHEAD DOOR SERVICE pringfld,,Evergreen Pk-8368 Wood June E Pkside,...Oak Lawn-699 Wood Louise M, Francisco Evergreen Pk-8829 Wood Patricia R Pkside Oak Lawn-943 Wood R W 4857 W 106th pl Oak Lawn-817 Wooding Lawrence Meade, Oak Lawn-2648 Woods Barbara 103d & 86th Ct. Oak Lawn-1567-J-2 Woods Irene F 9649 Oak Pk.. Oak Lawn-2431-J-2 Woods Jas 9410 McVicker Oak Lawn-1623 Woods Jas W 9944 Merrimac.. Oak Lawn-1735-J-1 Woody Clinton L 9805 McVickers., Oak Lawn-1674 Woolet Robt P Mrs S Utica; Evergreen Pk-8596 Woolridge D S S Harlem, Oak Lawn~1404-J-2 Work Jno Campbell Evergreen Pk-8389 Workman Geo E st Oak Lawn-898 Wormwood Ceylon L Richmond ".,Evergreen Pk-7487 Worner Edw 5750 W 91st. Oak Lawn-914 Worofka Chas A 8846 S Calif.; Evergreen Pk-9143 Worre!! Chils9316 Minnick...,Oak Lawn-2016 Wortel John 9525 Merrimac. Oak"Lawn-1326 Worth Memorial Co W HUh.....Oak Lawn-1417-J-1 Worthan Perry 2708 W 98th pl. Evergreen Pk-8338 WORWA LAWRENCE TOURIST CABINS 6200 W 95th...<.. Oak Lawn-1485-J-l Worwa~sTourist Camp W 95th., : Oak Lawn-9338 WratneyAnton Albany. Evergreen Pk-8724 Wrede Raymond R z WOO-ZVL 57 Zande Chalmer 5731 W 90th...Oak Lawn-1602 Zander Herbert 5414 W 95th.".. Oak Lawn-755 Zangri Jos 2704 W 96th pi...,evergreen Pk-7505 Zapel Elmer J Avers.. Evergreen Pk-6829 Zaranski Felix 8636 S Laramie.Oak Lawn-2323-J-1 Zartler John awyer Evergreen Pk-8467 Zasaitis H C 4912 Paxton,,Oak Lawn-2730 Zasaitis jos R Richmond.. Evergreen Pk-3151 Zauga Kqsimera 9535 Fairild.. Evergreen Pk-7668 Zawacki Leo Turner..., Evergreen Pk-9151 Zawacki 5teve A 9215 S Albany. Evergreen Pk-6712 Zawislak Walt.p.r Trumbull....Evergreen Pk-3096 Zbacnik Frank Lavergne. Oak Lawn-2102 Zebas Emily Roberts... Oak Lawn-2439-J-1 Zebranek Eugene Franclsco Evergreen Pk-7767 Zeimetz Henry 5401 W 87th Oak Lawn Trumbull.., Evergreen Pk-8694 Zeitz Agnes th ct.. Oak Lawn-2388-J-1 Wright Earl Homan Evergreen Pk-9020 Zemont Jos 5815 W 90th pl..... Oak Lawn-1148.Wright Paul B Zeug Donald Priester 9716 Cook... Oak Lawn CliftonPk....Evergreen Pk-7025 Zibas Brun 4028 W 99th Pl., Oak Lawn-3263 Wright Robt H 9427, 54th Ct.;.. Oak Lawn-3816 Zic Peter 2717 W 90th., Evergreen Pk-7955 Wuethrich Ethan 9747 Merrimac.. Oak Lawn-504 Zielen Leon uphlstrng Wukusich John Rockwell" Evergreen Pk Campbell Evergreen Pk-8508 Zieler Leonard 5906 W 88th,Oak Lawn-2028 Wunder M B 2637 W 96th PI. Evergreen Pk-8229 Ziemba Jos Utica., Evergreen Pk-8279 Wunder M B paulding. Evergreen Pk-7510 Zienis Albert Francisco. Evergreen Pk Wyman Lincoln ,th. Oak Lawn-~95-J-~ Zikmund Geo E Francisco Evergreen Pk-7761 Zima Clarence W McVickers.Oak Lawn-2213 y Zimmer Harvey L 2949 W 97th. Evergreen Pk-7967 Zimmerman Chas B, Clifton Pk.. ; EvergreenPk-7457 Zimmerman Dean Tavrn Yandel Willard 9105 S Keating ; Oak Lawn W HUh., Oak Lawn-9313 Yanov Jos 4244 W 100th Oak Lawn-4013 Zimmerman Eugene J 9646 S 55th, Oak Lawn-789 Yarbrough J M.Rev Zimmerman Harold R 9216 Monitor. Oak Lawn d Av. Oak Lawn~2379-J-l Zimmerman Mathew Yest Henry 9922 Spldng..... Evergreen Pk S 77th ct Oak Lawn-1457-J-2 Yingst Edgar D 2615 W 97th pl. Evergreen Pk-7549 Zimmerman Milton Melvina. Oak Lawn-409 Yocherer Chas P Hamlin, Evergreen Pk-6747 Zimmerman & Rush tavern Yomantas Walter Avers-. Evergreen Pk W HUh,, Oak Lawn-31 Yonker Wendell 9209 Lawndle. Evergreen P~-9161.Zingelmann Walter Melvina. Oak Lawn-649 YorkClarence E st Oak Lawn-751 Zingraf H D 83d Av & 91st. Oak Lawn-2571-J-1 Yos~ Loretta 2607 W 98th pl. Evergreen Pk-8506 Zintak Lorraine L 9806 S 53d...,Oak Lawn-1096 Young BertT Ziomek Frank A 2649 W 89th. Evergreen Pk S. Central Pk..,. Evergreen Pk-7525 Zivalich Martin 2609 W 89th pi, Evergreen Pk-7861 Young Chauncey D 4825 W 96th pl.oak Lawn-1113 Zobel Kurt Merrimac.. Oak Lawn-2487-J-1 Young Edw 5800 W 90th Pl... : Oak Lawn-2252 Zobel Raymond A Young Leonard J9138 S 52d Ct.. Oak Lawn-587. Young Orville 4945W 91st I Oak L n; t LOUIS..,... Evergreen Pk-8795 Young Wm 9200 S Kilbou~n~"" Oak L::n-2717 Zoetvelt Anna Kilpatrick.. Oak Lawn-2096 Younker Jacob A..... Zogas Albert 9429 S Sacrmnto. Evergreen Pk W 97th pl....,oak Lawn-1599-J-l Zoll Donald E 8356 S 78th Av.. Oak Lawn-2408-J-1 Youpel Kenneth 9417 Menard.,.. Oak Lawn-220 Zollars Kenneth 0 Yuccas Jos 9306 S Pkside Oak Lawn Mansfld.. " Oak Lawn-1737~J-2 Yuknis Andrew 9207 S Homan, Evergreen Pk-8707 Zolokar Fra~k 5609, 81st pl Oak Lawn-1547-J-2 Yuska Leon J Utica... Evergreen Pk-8540 Zomber LoUIS 4960 W 91st pl..,.. Oak Lawn-408 Yuss Walter Ridgwy...Evergreen Pk-7763 Zon Walter 5 83d & 89th,.,.. Oak Lawn-2571-J-2. Zook Kenneth E, 4858 W 96th pl... Oak Lawn-356 Zook Paul 10i th Ct.. Oak Lawn-1951-J-2 Zoppa J 9612 S 5pringfld...Evergreen Pk-7514 Zabawa Albert E S Sawyer..., Evergreen Pk-9116 Zach Raymond Hamlin. Evergreen Pk-6940 Za~.e...5teve Troy... Evergreen Pk-7618 Zajicek Ruth 8547 S 77th ct..oak Lawn-2339~J-2 ZakarChas W 2716 W 89th PI. Evergreen Pk-3067 Zakes Edw 9552 Calif...,... Evergreen Pk Zale~as Jos J th.. Oak Lawn-1565-J-2 ZaI~IS V S 495~ Paxton. ; Oak Lawri-3266 Zoubek Chas M 5044 Oak Center.. Oak Lawn-2739 Zozaski Gladys 8813 W 95th.. Oak Lawn-1955-J-2 Zuleger Herbert Richmond...,.. Evergreen Pk-9145 Zulfer Jno A 6900 W 96th pl. Oak Lawn-1528-J-l Zunica Vincent 9342 Central Pk.Evergreen Pk-8304 Zwaanstra Paul Hamlin, Evergreen Pk-8404 Zwaanstra Wm P Washngtn & Princess...Oak Lawn-1441-J-l Zygmuntowicz John J Austin....Oak Lawn-1744-J-2 Zy[vitis Jos 9900 Roberts. Oak Lawn-2367-J-2

31 PLEASE, " "Take Good Care of Your Telephone... Speak slowly cind distinctly,,) into your trans:tnitter Use a pleasant expressive tone of voice I RememDer--over the telephone your voice is you Keep your telephone ona, Firm, safe support such as a desk or table. Keep the telephone cord straight. Twisting may injurethe wire Keep both telephone and. cord dry when cleaning., mg. or decorat- ---,- Replace the receiver carefully.. ~anging it down. may break it

32 PLANNED TELEPHONE SERVICEI Telephone wiring can he as modem and inconspicuous as plumbing and electrical y<"ork if pro-vis.ip1/..s /oi it are made b~forerourhome is buil Concealed.wiring through the use of rigid, flexible or ~wall, conduit enables you to have built-in. telephone outleu neat little plates similar in design to electrical outlets wherever you desire. Af Conduit placed in walls and Hooraby the, contractor at the time of construction, eliminates exposed wiring on baseboards arid moldings and rednces the possibility of interruptions to your telephonese~ce. Costs are, nominal and the telephone company" provides all wires and wiring worjr:. Yon InereIyhave the Conduit,installed. Your telephone company will be glad to consult with you without cost or obligation and make recoinmendations for built-in conduit. Just call our business office and ask for "Architects and Buiiders Service." ARCIDTECTS, CONTRACTORS AND;BUILDERS ARE INVITED TO CALL UPON US FOR HELP IN PLANNING TELEPHONE FACILITIES. ILLINOIS BELL TELEPHONE COMPAN-X EVERGREEN PARK- OAK LAWN JULY;.1949,Classified TeLephoneDire~tory Classified Lists of Evergreen Park and Oak Lawn and other Business and Professional subscribers to the lliinois Bell Telephone Companys service arranged in alphabetical order. under their respective business headings., ; THE REUBEN H. DONNEllEY CORPORATION Publishers 350 E. Cermak Rd., Chicago Telephone Victory Compiled and published by The Reuben H. Donnelley Corporati~n with permi~sion of the Illinois Bell Telephone Company. The Illinois Bell Telephone Company is nohiable for e-rrors or omissions. Copyright 1949, by The Reuben H. Donnelley Corp., Chicago, III.-Printed in U. S. A. Accountants HERZOG ARTHUR L Monthly Accounting Service Operating Reports Tax Consultants 1759 W 95th Chgo....,... Beverly Vogel Bookkeeping & Tax Serv,5100 Wl00th...Oak Lawn-3274 Adding & Calculating Machines CLARY MULTIPLIER CORP------~ Speed-O-Lectric Adding Machines Adds - Subtracts - Muitiplies Phone or Write for a Demonstration 214 Palmolive Bldg N,Michigan Chgo Delaware SUBURBAN OFFICE MACHINES-= , Remington - Sundstrand - Dalton Victor - R. C. Allen - Burroughs REPAIRED and OVERHAULED By Factory Trained!vIechanics Prompt Service on Repair Calls Rental - Sales - Service - Supplies 6716 Ogden Av Berwyn... " "...Stanley 7794 TYPEWRITER. SPECIALISTS _THE Authorized /1ales and Service for. R. C. ALLEN - REMINGTON CORONA ADDING MACHINES M()!ithly Rental Service Gumanteed" Repairs on All Makes 5541 S AshlandAv Chgo... Grovehill VICTOR ADDING MACHINES VICTOR ADDING MACHINE CO 145 E Ohio Chgo Whitehall WIU HERMAN & SONS 8921 S LoomisChgo Hilltop Advertising...;.Outdoor Superb Neon Sign.Co S 87th Av Oak Lawn-1935-J-2 Agricultural Implements CASE J I FARM MACHINERY LAGESTEES FARM IMPLEMENTS & WELDING SHOP 159th S Holland. "..,... Harvey-4561, CHIEF GARDEN TRACTORS- SAUERBIER FARM IMPLEMENT AGENCY 5900 W 135th ". "Blue Island-5285 GOUWENS JAS Allis-Chalmers Tractor Agency and Service Wisconsin P-ower Engines South"park Av So Holland.. Harvey-3055 SCHWAEDEKEJ FIMPLEMENTCO 10 Beacon." Orland-7-J Authorized dealers in most nationally advertised merchandise or services can be found by looking under thetrade, Marks or Brand Names in their respective classifications " 10 Beacon St. Orland Park

33 2 Air-Associations Air Coriditi6ni~g ANDERSEN REFRIGERATION & HEATING CO 5007 W 95th Oak Lawn-436 ARCTIC AIRE REFRIGERATION SALES & SERVICE 651 W 120th Chgo. Waterfall HILLTOP HEATING & SHT METAL SERVICE 2820 W 10lSt PI,.. Evergreen Pk-8047 YORK AIHCONDiTIDNlNG, And refrigerating equipment for every C~mmercial, Industriai or Residential need - ~summer, winter or year round. Complete engineerlng and design facilities, service and supplies. "WHERE TO BUY IT" MURPHY & MILLER INC Michigan Av Chgo.. Harrison Air Services B & F Aircraft 5erv & Accessories 8900 Harlem Av......,... Oak Lawn-939I Aircraft Flying & Mechanical Instrilction Century Air 5erv Inc Harlem... _.Oak Lawn-l798-J-2. Johnson FlYing School, Harlem Oak Lawn-9396 SCHUMAKER FLYING SERVICE INC Harlem..\..... Oak Lawn-120 Airplane Manufacturers B & F Aircraft 5erv & Accessories 6141 W 95th Oak Lawn-140. Airplane Repairing Aviation Repr 5erv Harlem...,...Oak Lawn-1596-J-2 Airports Crea Flying Sch Harlem. Oak Lawn-l754-J-2 Cruiser Airways Harlem av.. Oak Lawn-l70 Harlem Airport Harlem... Oak Lawn-120 Tech Flying Club Inc Harlem av Oak Lawn-l754-J-I Ambulance Service A A A AMBULANCE SERVICE------, Insured AMBULANCE SERVICE 9515 Cook av.....,.... 0akLawn-13 BRUNN FUNERAL HOME-,---"""":"""---:----~ FUNERAL DIRECTORS FREE USE OF CHAPEL AMBULANCE SERVICE 5200 W 95th.. i Oak Lawn-340 SOBIES( GED A FUNERAL HOME 6039 Archer rd sul)1mit"136. Wendt Fred W Funeral Home.9515 Cook av....oak LaJUn-13 Amusement Parks, Arcades, Etc Kiddie Land 4001 W 95th. Oak Lawn-2I20 Antiques AMERICAN ANTIQUE FURNITURE MAR, ,. ~ Architects -LAMPS- Designing Our Specialty "\Ve Make Lamps Out of Anything" Rewiring. - Repairing - Remodeling We Drill or Jlfe"d Glass alld em"a Miniatures - Glass - China - Bric-A-Brac and Objects of Art - Bought and Sold Cicero.... Oak Lawn-2075 MOUND THE WORLD SHOP. \Ve Pay.Cash for Old China, Cut Glass, Clocks, Hand Painted Dishes - l\ieissen Dresden China, Old Chocolate Sets) Vases, Beer Steins, Tea Carts, Curio Cabinets, Old Brass and Copper, Crystal Chandeliers, Old Colored Glass, SmaIl lifarble Top Furniture, Antiques, Etc. YOU ARE WELCOME TO VISIT OUR NEW SHOP (127th & Western) 2418 W Burr Oak... i...blue Island 6000 By Gone Days Antique Shop We Buy & Sell Antiques 2428 W York Blue Islnd-1680 Peck.Howard H 5133 Oak Center Dr..OakLawn-3256 Stott RoyW Trumbull...Evergreen Pk-7330 Art Galleries & Dealers GHRUNISTER STUDIO Homewood Chgo Beverly Art Needlework Materials SKOKAN~ NEEDLE CRAFT Formerly-5ered? Bros Embroidery Shop Mail Orders Accepted 1965 W 51st Chgo..."... Prospect Art Restoring CHRONISTER STUDIO Homewood Chgo..... Beverly Artists J Materials CHRONISTER STUDIO Homewood Chgo Beverly Wyngarden Paint & Wallpaper Western Blue Isld-I099 Associations Evergreen Park Post 854 American Legion Kedzie avo Evergreen Pk am.6.u.1a.ncjl ~kjl ICALLI SUMMIT 136 PATIENTS and PASSENGERS PROTECTED BY INSURANCE ~obie~k :-!uneyal 9fomes So. Archer Rd., Argo - ~ Siunmil, Ill W. Archer Ave., Chicngo, IlL Auctioneers American Antique Furniture Mart Cicero Oak Lawn-2075 AlItomobileBody & Fe.nder Repairing ATWOODS AUTO REPR Harlem....Oak Lawn-2423-J-2 BERGL CHEVROLET SALES INC A COMPLETE BODY and FENDER SERVICE 5346 C~rniak-Cicero Olympic 2702 BUSCH MOTOR SALES INC FORD SALES - SERVICE - PARTS and REPAIRS See Advertisement TJ:is Classijicat.:oll 5600 W 95th...Oak Lawn-3578 DALES AUTO REPAIR 2741 W 95th Evergreen PI<-8409 GIAtlT AUTO CONSTRUCTION WORKS, Halsted Chgo Radcliffe (See Advertisement This Classilication) GRUBES AUTO SERViCE Body & Fender Work Hale Chgo Beverly Classification continued next page. WRECKS,REBUILT Frame and Axle Straightening Knee Action Overhauled Steering Correction. Painting and Color Matching Body and Fender Work Insurance Work Our Specialty Adk 7jOUI Broke;..Atout U One 0/ Chicafjo ~ cfarfjedtand :lined!. GCjuipped ShOPd Heavy Duty Truck Work GIANT AUTO CONSTRUCTION WORKS RADCLIFFE S. Hal~ted St. Chgo. Auctioneers-Autornobile 3 AUTHORIZED $.akj.~$vwk.e-uj.ajlh BODY and FENDER WORK. FRAIVIE STRAIGHTENING WHEEL ALIGNJ\lENT Iv,IOTOR OVERHAULING BRAK.E SERVICE HOEFFELtaGOY.. Call Hilltop FOR FREE PICK-UP SERVICE S. Western Av., Chgo. AUTHORIZED SALES and SERVICE BODY and FENDER REPAIRING and PAINTING AUTOS and TRUCKS.OAK LAWN 3578 BUSCH MOTOR SALES, INC W. 95th INC.

34 4 Automobile Automobile 5. YOUR CAR LIKE NEW FROM ANY VIEW. 20 Years Experience" --~" BODY. FENDER REPAIR PAINTING General Automobile Repairing TOWING 24 HR. SERVICE OAK lawn 242l 12 If No Answer.Call 233s:JI OUR WORK IS OUR BEST RECOMMENDATION "FREE ESTIMATES" ATWOODS AUTO REPAIR 8720 SO. HARLEM AVB. Automobile Body & Fender Repa iring-(contd) HOEFFEL GOY INC 9205 S Western Chgo Hiltop OAK LAWN MOTORS -WRECKS- AUTO BODY and FENDER REPAIRING and PAINTING FRAME and AXLE SERVICE TOWING 5000 W 95th, Oak Lawn 722 P & N Garage 5424 vi 95th Oak Lawn-3765 REBESCO AUTO SERVICE 9121 S Kedzie,, Evergreen Pk SOUTH SIDE AUTO BODY SHOP Complete Repair Service~24 Hour Towing S Western Blue Isld~4028 Williams Auto Repair 9548 Merrimac......Oak Lawn-22;I.4 Automobile Dealers-New Cars BERGL CHEVROLET SALES INC CHEVROLET CARS and TRUCKS SALES and SERVICE GENUINE FACTORY PARTS 5346 Cermak-Cicero., Olympic 2702 Classification continued next column. Automobile Dealers-New Cars,:""Ccontinued).. BEVERLY HILLS MOTORS. 170~ W 95th Chgo, Hilltop BEVERLY MOTORS INC HUDSON SALES and SERVICE Beverly S Ashland Chgo.....Beverly BOREK MOTOR SALES INC Autlzorized PONTIAC Sale~ Service S Western av..... Blue Island-4470 BOWERS GEO WCO , DODGE - PLYMOUTH Direct Factory Dealer Sales - Service - Jarts Sec Ad7!crtisemet,t This CI,?-s~ficatio1J, S Western Av Chgo..Grovehill AUTOMOBILE DEALERS-NEW CARS are continued on. next page. AL PAYNE MOTORS, INC. SALES CARS SERVICE AUTHORIZED SOUTH SIDE FACTORY DIRECT DEALER --Q-- 18 Years Dependable Sales and Service --""-- Complete Service Geimme Factory Parts * Factory Trained Mechanics For 24-Honr Service on Smdebaker Trucks TRUCKS Hilltop W. 11lth ST. - CRGO. EVERGREEN PARK 9207 E AUTO SERVICE # Prop.: MARIO REBESeO Jt.. 11" BODY and FENDER REPAIR Jt. 11". TOWING SERVICE Jt.. 11" EXPERT AUTO REPAIR ON ALL lyukes OF CARS. (Over 5: Years Experience) Jt. 11" REPAIRING DONE 7 DAYS A WEEK # Free Pick-Up and Delivery For Repairs Phillips "66"Gas Washing -;- Polishing Electric Service EVERGREEN PARK SOUTH :KEDZIE T AUTHORIZED EST SALES SERVICE PARTS Repair Now!! - Pay Later SOUTHWEST. CHEVROLET INC S. Ashl~nd Ave., Chgo. CEDARCREST Al.JTHORIZED SALES &" SERVICE Complete StQck of GENUINE PACKARD PARTS Body and F~nder Work Wheel Alignment. Brake Service Tires and. Batteries Call Hilltop BEVERLY. -HILLS MOTORS 1705 W. 95th St. ~hgo. HOEFFEl-G INC. Authorized Beverly Hills Dealer Complete Repair Service Body and Fender Work WE PICK UP and DELIVER 9205 S. West~rn Av. Y. Chicago Hilltop

35 6 Automobile I Automobile Dealers-New Cars -(continued), BUSCH MiiTOR SALES INC FORD AUTHORIZED SALES and SERVICE, Complete Repair, Service Factory Trained Mechanics See Advertisement This C/assijicat on 5600 W 95th ~ Oak Lawn-3578 CADILLAC LASALLE SALES & SERVICE--- "STANDARD OFT H E WORLD" "WHERE TO BUY IT" CRIST ROY MOTORS INC S Western av Blue Isld-2350 CLARKE HULETT CHEV CO,.11 utlzonzed CHEVROLET SALES:. SERVICE Crawford Midlothian. Blue Island-3206 AUTOMOBILE DEALERS-NEW CARS, Automobile Dealers-New Cars -(continued) OROSLEY SALES & SERVICE- VANS SALES & SERVICJ::, 3940 W 147th Midlothian,. Blue Isld-3716 DODGE PLYMOUTH SALES AND SERVICE-- Fast, dependable car and trudc service. Factory engineered parts and accessories. Dependable Used Cars and Trucks. Dodge "Job-Rated" Trucks "FOR SERVIGE O.dLL" BOWERS GEO W CO 6430 S Western Chgo...Grovehill FARRINGTON REMM INC 8920 S Ashland Av Chgo,... Beverly FIEDLER MOHR MOTOR CO S Western Av Blue Isld-883 KROLL MOTORS 7130 S Halsted Chgo....,Radcliffe NELSON EDDIE INC 120 E 115th Chgo Commodor FARRINGTON REMM inc Dodge-Plymouth-Sales & Service Dodge Commercial Cars & Trucks 8920 S Ashland Chgo,. Beverly ,, AUTOMOBILE DEALERS-NEW CARS DODGE and PLYMOUTH Automobile Dealers-New Cars -(continued) FORD AUTHORIZED SALES &-SERVIGE----, BRING YOUR FORD BACK HOME FOR SERVICE "WHERE TO J;3UYIT BUSCH MOTOR SALES INC 5600 W 95th, Oak Lawn-3578 HABICH BROS MOTOR SALES INC S Western Av.. ; Blue Isld-5340 HOEFFEL GOY INIl S Western Chgo Hlltop KAISER.FRAZER SALES & SERVICE----,- The Amazing New KAISER Th~ S~~~~lional ~SER li;j,~ R;JzER FRAZER ~ Authorized Sales and Service "WHERE TO BUY THEM" BETTENHAUSEN &SCHULDT MOTOR SALES ", Tony Bettenhausen & AI Schuldt, Props S Western Av... :Blue Isl.and-3939 AUTOMOBILE DEALERS-NEW CARS are continued, in next column. BUS,cCH MOTORSALES, INC. "THERES A NEW KIND OF AUTOMOBILE DEALER!" Automobile 7 Automobile Dealers-New Cars -(continued) McCARTHY M J MOTOR SALES CO 6515 S Western Av Chgo.,... Hemlock MAPLETON MOTOR SALES INC S Vincennes Blue Island-3544 NASH SALES AND SERVICE "WHERE TO BUY IT!~ NASH OF BLUE ISLAND INC S Western 81ue Isld-4500 OAK LAWN MOTORS---,...,, , CROSLEY Authorized Sales and SerViee Speciaiists in Brakes and "Vheel Alignment Complete Motor and Chassis Service for All Cars 5000 W 95th Oak Lawn 722 PAYNE AL MOTORS INC! W 11Uh C<1go Hilltop AUTOMOBILE DEALERS-NEW CARS are continued on next page. NAPLETON MOTOR SALES INC. AUTHORIZED SALES and SERVICE De~lers Complete Stock of Genuine Parts, Expert Body and Fender Work Free Pick-up and Delivery Hemlock McCARTHY MOTOR SALES COMPANY 6515 S. WESTERN AV. CHGO. Groveliill 6:i4400 GEO. WoBOWERS COo 6430 s. WesternAv. Chgo. AUTHORIZED Sales qnd Service, Complete Repair Service OAK,LAWN W, 95th DIRECT FACTORY DE.ALER DESOTO PLYMOUTH Sales - Service - Parts Complete Service for All, General Motors Cars Dependable Used Cars Phone Blue Island S. Vincennes Blue Island

36 8 Automobile Automobile D~alers-New Cars -(continued) PONTIAC AUTHORIZED SALES & SERVIC~ Belter, more efficient care fof your Pontiac because,of factory, trained mechanics using approve<! placement parts. "WHERE TO BUY THEM" BOREK MOTOR SALES INC Western Blue Isld-4470 SABAINI BROS MOTOR SALES INC Western Ay Blue Isld-6680 SMIT JOHN MOTOR CO 5539 Archer Rd.Summit-42 SOUTHWEST CHEVRIlLET mc Ashland AvChgo.. " Cedrcrst SUSK MOTOR CO Authorized KAISER -.:- FRAZER Sales - Service Parts REPAIRS ON ALL MAKES Western Chgo Republic AUTOMOBILE DEALERS-NEW CARS are ~ontinued in next column: SABAINI. BROTHERS MOTOR SALES, INC. Factory Authorized lwdson DEALER Sales and Service Guaranteed Used Cars C.A.l.A. Warranty With Every Used Car Auto, Repairs On Credit We. Service All Makes of Cars BLUE ISLAND Q So. Western Automobile Dealers-New Cars -(continued) WILLYS OVERLAND SALES AND SERVICE--. WILLYS OVERLAND CARS TRUCKS JEEPS JEEP,STATION WAGONS GENERAL REPAIRING ALL M!,-KES OF CARS WJllys CARS lirucks. 3eeps "WHERE TO BUY lhem" BROUGH MOTOR SALES, Stony lsld Chgo... Butterfld Automobile Dealers-Used Cars BEVERLY HILLS MOTORS USED CARS BOUGHT and SOLD RECONDITIONED CARS TO MEET YOUR REQU~REMENTS Call Us Before Selling Your Car 1705 W 95th Chgo Hilltop FOSTER MOTOR SALE~ DES PLY BETTER USED CARS Buy or Sell With C9niidence Member of Greater Chicago and,national Used Car Dealers Assns Western Blue Island 964 Classification continued next column. AUTHORIZED SALES anp SERVICE T UT SERVICE Motor e Brake Tune-Up Service Battery ~ General Recharging Repairing Auto-Lite - Apex Batteries Ignition - Parts -Juel Pumps Carburetors J N SMIT MOTOR COo Phone Slunruit ARCHER RD. SUMMIT, ILLINOIS Automobile Dealers-Used Cars -(continued) Kow Motor Sales 9430 S Western. Evergreen Pk-6639 OAK LAWN MOnRS 5000 W 95th..Oak Lawn-722 Twin Motor Sales Western. Evergreen Pk-8989 Walshs Serv,Sta 5656 W lllth... Oak Lawn-1088 Automobile Driving Instructions ESQUIRE AUTO DRIVING SCHOOL Authorized dealers In. most nationally advertised merchandise or services Braadway CORRECT DRIVING DAYS - EVENINGS - SUNDAYS DUAL CONTROL CARS Capital Theatre Buildi~~, 7941 S Halsted Chgo..... Hudson Automobile Electrical Service AUTO LITE OFFICIAL SALES & SERVICE BLOOM ELECTRIC SERVICE Broadway HarveY-950 Automotive Repairing 5717 W 87th..Oak Lawn-335 BLOOM ELECTRIC SERVICE Broadway : HarveY-950 BUSCH MOTOR SALES INC 5600 W 95th Oak Lawn-3578/ Fertigs Public Garage 5458 W 95th. Oak Lawn-9374 Oak Lawn Service Station 5139 W 95th. Oak Lawn-H..WILLYS GEO R CARBURETOR & I IGNITIOfl LABTRY - CARBURETOR and IGNITION SPECIALISTS AUTO-LITE and UNITED MOTOR SERVICE Western av Blue Island-2925 can be found by looking under the Trade lvlarks or Brand Names In their respective classificotions. BLOOM ELECTRIC SERVICE, - ~ AUTHORIZED L: Motar ELECTRIC ==== Tune AUTO-LITE,up - F==== SERVICE :;, r; IGNITION and CARBURETOR SERVICE and- PARTS Valve Grinding - Willard BaHeries Brakes Relined and Adjusted E~lephoneHarvey 950 Automobile Motor Exchanges BUSCH MOTOR SALES INC BODY and FENDER WORK AUTOMOBILE PAINTING Ashland Av Chgo.... Hilltop AUTOMOBILE RADIATOR REPAIRING Summit 1191-M 7053 w. nst PI. "Buck"Phares, Owner Complet~ Radiator Service For All Cars and Tractors Radiators Removed For a Small Charge Pick-Up and Delivery.Service Automobile 9 We Service All Ford Products FactorYTrained l\tlechanics 5600 W 95th...Oak Lawn-3578 Automobile Painters. ATWOODS AUTO REPAIR , AUTOMOBILE PAINTING Color Matched to Perfection BODY and FENDER WORK Harlem Av,. Oak Lawn 2423-J2 If No Answer Call Oak Lawn 2335-Jl Busch Motor Sales Inc 5600 in 95th Oak Lawn-3578 DALES AUTO REPAIR 2741 W 95th,./ Evergreen Pk-8409 TONYS AUTO PAINTING, Automobile Paints See PaInt & Painters Supplies-I?ealers Automobile Radiator Repairing LITTLE BEAVER RADIATOR REPAIR SHOP., 7053 W 7lst PI. Summit-1191-M S & H Radiator & Motor Sales State Chgo Wentworth are continued on ne)(t page: little REAVER RADIATOR SHO:P Summit

37 10 Automobile ~..;...---~ Automobile -" Radiator Repairing -(continued) WOLFES AUTO RADIATOR SERVICE:---" RADIATOR and TANK REPAIRING "WELDING ALL WORK GUARANTEED See Advertis~me1Jt This C/a~sification SOUTH SIDES AUTHORIZED SERVICE Overheatin~ ~Leak.ing or Wrecked AUTO RADIATORS Repaired While Yon Wait TRUCKS and TRACTORS AT LOW FACTORY COST S & H RADIATOR & MOTOR SALES 6707 S. State St. Chgo. Wentworth " WOLFES AUTO RADI~TOR SERVICE ~RADIATORS, GAS TANKS. and SADDLE TANKS REPAIRED and MADE TO ORDER - WELDING ALL WORK GUARANTEED Authorized Harrison &. McCord Dealer GROVEHILL S. WESTEItNAV.. CRGO. + + "+ AUTHORIZED SALES and S.ERVJCE Complete Auto Repairs on All Makes.. Body. and Fender Work G Painting... Complete Brake Service.. Lubrication.. Appearance Reconditioning - HOEFFEl..GOY;INCo Call Hilltop For Free Pick-Up Service 9205 S. Western Av~~ Chgo, 6723 S Western Av Chgo...Grovehill Automobile Rental EVERGREEN CAB CO---~ HOUR SERVICE TAXICABS 2409 W 95th.. ~ Evergreen Park-9000 OAK l4,wn CAB CO , 24--HOUR SERVICE TAXICABS 5237 W 95th : Oak Lawn 1000 PASCAL RENT A CAR SYSTEM 228 N State Chgo. ".. ". "... "Franklin Southwest Cab Co 9458 Western. Evergreen Pk-8080 Automobile Repairing Atwoods Auto Repair S Harlem."."."""." Oak Lawn-2423-J-2 AUTOMOTIVE REPAIRING 5717 W 87th.""~. "" " "".. ".. "Oak Lawn-335 BEliGl ~HEVROLET SALES INC~.. A COMPLETE CHEVROLET SERVICE GENUINE PARTS Cermak-Cicero."."... :. 01ympic-2702 I. AUTOMOBILE REPAIRING ARCHITECTS & BUILDERS SERVICE Telephone engineers will gladly help Archi-. teets and Builders plan installations of conduit for concealed telephone wiring and built-in telephone outlets for -homes and other buildings before construction. NOCharge Is Made for This Service Call the Business Office and ask for "Architects & Builders Service" - IllINOIS BELL TELEPHONE CO. Automobile Repairing,-(contd) BEVERLY TUCKER SALES INC S Western Chgo.. "... Hilltop (See Adve.rtisement This Classification) ~ Borek Motor Sales Inc. Pontiac Sales & Service. 12A840 S Western Blue Isld-4470 CENTR lauto BODY & RADIATOR SERVICE Body & Fender Work-Auto Painting 131 E 115th Chgo " Puliman CUSAG AUTO SERVICE S Wes!ern Av Chgo... Hiltop Listings of this classification AUTOMO~II.:E REPAIRING are continued on next page.... COMPLETE... AUTOMOBilE SERVICE GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING BODY and FENDER WORK MOTOR TUNE UP CARBURETORS IGNITION GENERATORS 04K LAWN 9311 Irenes Service Station.I Obth and Cicero - Oak Lawn Frank Skubisz Service Station So. Harlem.;... Worth, III. WORTH 398 UNDER SAME MANAGEMENT CUSAC AUTO SERVICE DELCO BATIERIES Ignition - Fuel Pumps - Brakes. Scientific Motor Tnne-Up. CARTER CARBURETORS HILLTOP S. Western Av.. Chicago WHEEL RELiABLE GUARANTEED REPAIRS "BEAR" Automopile.11 ALIGNING AND BALANCING _ ExPERT ENGINE REBUILDING Complete Repair Service on All Makes Genuine Parts in Stock TUCKER SERVICE Hilltop W. Illth St. Chgo., III. " COMPLETE BRAKE SERVICE Motor Rebuilding - Motor Tune Up. MOTOR. IGNITION and BATTERY SERVICE 5458 W. 95th Phone. Oak Lawn DEPENDABLE SERVICE ALL WORK GUARANTEED ~ TOWING SALES AND

38 12 Automobile Automobile Repairing-(contd) DALES AUTO REPAIR. Complet~ Automobile Repair,Service Body and Fender Work Automobile Painting W 95th.. ; Evergreen Park-8409 Evergreen Pit Service Sta 3328 W 95th Evergreen Pk-9220 farrington REMM INO. Dodge & Plymouth Service S Ashland Chgo Beverly FERTIGS PUBliC GARAGE W 95th,..Oak Lawn-9374 Firth Service 87th & Albany... Evergreen Pk-6799 FORD AUTHORIZED SALES & SERVICE Specialized Service Factory Trained Mechanic~ Genuine Ford Parts. "WHERE TO GET SERVICE" BUSCH MOTOR SALES INC 5600 W 95th : Oak Lawn-3578 GALLAGHER MOTOR SALES Oldsmobile Repairing S Western Av Chgo...Grovehill " AUTOMOBILE REPAIRING Automotive Repairing Robert Pohlman...:... Owner ~"""==-:-::l, DELCO BATIERIES Automobile Repairing-(coned) GIANT AUTO CONSTRUCTION WORKS Wrecks Rebuilt S Halsted Chgo Radcliffe GRUBES AUTO SERVICE SHale Chgo Beverly HOEFFE~GOY INC S Western Chgo Hiltop IRENES SERVICE STA.. 106th & Cicero. < Oak Lawn-9317 JIMS SERVICE STATION. Southwest Hwy & Merrimac Oak Lawn-511 If no answer call. Oak Lawn-412 KROLL MOTORS 7130 S. Halsted Chgo Radcliffe KRUEGER HERB H GENERAL OVERHAULING TUNE-UP and BRAKE WORK l\iost of l1iy Busi7less -Comes fro_711 My Regular Custoin ers Recomme7ldatio7ls to Frie7lds 9521 S Minnick Av Oak Lawn 1812 AUTOMOBILE REPAIRING - We Are Specialists in MOTOR OVERHAULING Wheel Aligning - Wheel Balancing Brake Drums - Carburetors - Lubrication Body and Fender and Ignition GENUINE PARTS FOR ALL CARS Hilltop , S. WESTERN ergo.. -. Autom6bileRepairing-(contd) OAK LAWN MOTORS Specialists in. BRAKES and WHEEL ALIGNMENT COMPLETE MOTOR and CHASSIS SERVICE FOR ALL CARS and TRUCKS Towing Service W 95th.... " _..Oak Lawn-722 OAK LAWN SERVIC.E STATION..." W 95th Oak Lawn-ll (See Advertisement This "Classification) P & N. GARAGE Pete Schaumberg ahd Neil- Burrel, Props; COlYIPLETE OVERHAULING ALLMAKES OF CARS TOWI!:lG 5424 W 95th......Oak Lawn-3765 PACKARD AUTHORIZED SALES & SERVICE- BEVERLY HILLS MOTORS Complete Stock Of Genuine Packard Parts 1705 W95th.Chgo Hilltop Pohlman Robert L 5717 W 87th ".Oak Lawn-335 REBESCO AUTO SERVICE AUTO REPAIR SERVICE Brakes - Relined -. Adjusted. (Drum Refacin!\ - :Master. and Aetuatmg. Cyltnder.Repa1r).. Motor Overhaul and Tune Up - Igmbon and Carburetor Service Official Illinois Autnmobile Cluh Station # S I<edzfe......:. Evergreen Park-9207 Roberts Pk Serv Sta 84th & Roberts Rd Oak Lawn-1449-J-l RUDOLPH MOTORS, W l1lth Chgo Hilltop , Terborg Henry 9350 Spaulding Av.Evergreen Pk-8517 WILLIAM AUTO REPAIR, Merrimac..,Oak Lawn-4214 WILLYS GEO it CARBURETOr.. & ""_ IGNITIOrl LASTRY. -_.. CARBURETOR and IGNITION SPECIALISTS AUTO-LITE and UNITED MOTOR SERVICE S Western Av Blue Island-2925 Automobile ~..;f";~jlanes Oak Lawn Motors _ State Truck Testing Lane W 95th Oak Lawn-722 Automobile Seat Covers, Upholstery & Tops G & T AUTO SEAT COVERS 2648 W 63d Chgo Grovehill OTTO,S AUTO UPHOLSTERING Custom Made Auto Tops & Seat Covers-Uphol Business Coupes Converted To 5 Passenger 6914 S Claremont Chgo,...Walbrk ROSELAND AUTO TRIM SHOP,CUSTOM MADE SEAT COVERS AUTO RUGS Expert Automohile Upholstery Convertible Tops Safety Glass - Cut, Fitted, Polished and Installed While You Wait Pittsburgh or Libby-Owens-Ford Furniture Tops. Mirrors 9 E 11lth Chgo..... Pullman SOUTHWEST TIRE CO Southwest Hwy Oak Lawn-166 Starks Western Tire Auto Store _ 4915 W 95th Oak Lawn-369) THllMPSONSAUTO TOP & UPHOLSTERY- Convertible Tops a Spec;llty - Factory Job Made of Fibre Glass and Sport Topping - Piastic Rain Covers and Full View Rear Windows Installed Tailored Scat Covers of Latest Materials - No Pins Used ill Installation to Damage Upholstery Upholstery Repaired - Fire Insurance Work Coupes Converted Into 5 Passenger Cars - Body and Fender \Vork 7448 Stony Island Chgo... Dorchester G&TAUTO SEAT COVERS STOP!! NAUGAHYD"E LEATHERETTE TRIM Used Exclusively FREE S HOUR SOUTR SIDE Assorted Colors and Patterns in NYLON - FIBRE. - PLASTIC Custom.Made Seat Covers SERVICE PICK-UP and DELIVERY "Grovehill W. 63rd, CHGO. 13 Oak Lawn Service Sta e," ~... ;,. -;.:.. ~. Complete Automobile Repairing Electrical and Brake Service TOWING Oak Lawn W. 95th K,ROLl MOTORS COMPLETE AUTO REPAffiING AUTHORIZED DODGE - PLYMOUTH DEALERS IRadcliffe-3:4700 7l~0 S. HALSTED, CRGO. GRUBE,S AUTO SERVICE General Auto and Truck Repairs Complete Motor Rebuilding. and Brake SerVice Safety Lane Corrections Delco Batteries Anto-Lite - Delco - SerVice Parts Open 8 :00 A.M :00 P.lII., FREE ESTIMATES PROMPT SERVICE Beverly S. HALE - CHGO. Have You Buying to Do? Y Ollr buyi!lg!leeds Call be a!lswerea by lisi!lg Yellow Pages. Its a Buyers Guide

39 14 Automobile,Automobile 15 Automobile Service Stations ALSSHElLSERV STA 95th & Cicero,..,..- Oak Lawn Boyce Bros 95th & Ridgeland.. ",.Oak.Lawn-1888 CORAL 66 SEIlV STA4800 W 95th,Oak Lawn-9341 (See Ad"ertisement This Classification) Eds Service Station Southwest Hwy.OakLawn-9300 Elrlrenkamp John \IV 3001 W 95th,Evergreen Pk-7171 EVERGREEN PARK SEnVICE STA c{arellcc Vos, Prop. TEXACO PRODUCTS LubrIcation - Oil - Gas TIRES - BATTERIES ApTO REPAIRING 3328 W 95th..... Evergreen Park-9220 FIRTH SERV MOBILGAS AUTO WASHING GREASING REPAIRING TOWING 87th & Albany.... :. Evergreen Park-6799 Georges Serv Sta S Westem. Evergreen Pk"9264 Green Mill Service Sta 2930 W 95th,, Evergreen Pk-7104 AUTOMOBILE SERVICESTATIONS Automobile Serv Stations-{contd), HARNEWS SERV STA 5252 W 95th,,Oak Lawn~9344 Irenes Service Sta 106th & Cicero...Oak Lawn-9317 JIMS SERVICE STATION Southwest Hwy & Merrimac...Oak Lawn"511 LEMMERS SERVICE STATION 5458 W 95th, Oak Lawn-3459 Miess Chas R 5100 Columbus Av..Oak Lawn-9355 Milas.Serv Sta 6651 W 95th Oak Lawn-9392 Perfect Power Corp 95th & Albany.Evergreen Pk"9252 REBESCO AUTO SERVICE PHILLIPS "6(i" PRODUCTS Complete Auto Service Motor Overhaul - \Vheel Balancing Towing - Road Service Lee Tires - Battery Sales aj;ld Quick Charge Official Illinois Automohile Cluh Station :# Kedzie Evergreen Park-9207 Road King Serv Sta 5103 W 95th...Oak Lawn-9361 Robbs Serv Sta 3501 W 95th... Evergreen Pk-9243 ROBERTS PK SERV STA. 84th & Roberts Oak Lawn-1449-J-I Rosinke Jno Tire Repairing-Greasing-Fuel Oil 8040 W 95th.. Oak Lawn-1799-J-2 AUTOMOBILE SERVICE STATIONS are continu~d in next column. Automobile Serv Stations-{coned) SCHRADER HARNEWS SERV STATION-- Shell Products,. Gas - Oil - Greasing Tires - Tire Repairing Accessories 3D-Minute B~ttery Charge 5110 W 95th....Oak Lawn-9305 Spitzers Serv Sta 5508 W 95th... :Oak Lawn-9307 STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS- SPITZERS SERVICE STA 5508 W 95th Oak Lawn-9307 TRIANGLE SERViCE STA J. Schiller, Prop. STANDARD OIL CO. PRODUCTS NEW and USED TIRES and TUBES TIRE REPAIRING and ACCESSORIES TOWING.comer of So. West Hwy. and Cicero 9301 Cicero......Oak Lawn-9358 Walshs Serv Sta 5656 W l1lth...oak Lawn-I088 Authorized dealers in most nationally advertised merchandise or services can be found by looking under the Trade Marks or Brand Names in their respective c1assifi-, cations. A Complete "One Stop" Service Station Lincoln Lubrication System Tire Repairs - BaHery Service Seal Beams Fuel Pumps - Spark Plugs; Points - Condensers - Fan Belts Radiator Hc;>se GOODYEAR TIRES LIFEGUARD TUBES HOURS: 7 A.M. 10 P.M. CORAL,LEE TIRES and TUBES BATTERIES CHARGIN~ HI-PRESSURE WASHING GREASING Oak Lawn 9341 Complete Line of PHILLIPS ACCESSORIES (J. A. Bruesewitz -Prop.) 4800 W. 95th, AlS SHELL SERVICE STATION A. Oswald. Prop. 95th AND CICERO Ph~ne Oak lawn 9318 Service Is My Business Complete Automotive Service FIRESTONE TIRES BATTERI~S ACCESSORIES JIMS SERVICE STATION LUTHER J. WALLS PROP. GAS OIL GREASING TOWinG Complete Auto Repai~ Service Motor - Ignition - Carburetor ~tc... Phone OakLawn No Answer Call Oak Lawn 412 Southwest Hwy. and, Merrimac Always on Duty-- The Yellow P{1gesare. alwaysready to serve you as a Bttyers Guide.. GAS GREASING - OIL HARNEWS SERVICE STATION 9344 PHONE OAI< LAWN Safes and Service BATTERIES Quick and Slow Charging Tires and Tire Repairing Accessories 5252 W. 95th OAI< LAWN,ROBERTS PARK SERVICE STA.TION Automobile, Repairing Towing Arc and Acetylene Welding Tires - Batteries and Accessories. OAK LAWN1449-J-l 5 Blocks South of 79th 84th and Roberts

40 16 Automobile - Automobile,Supplies & Parts -Retail FORD SALES & SERVICE---~--- Specialized Service Factory ]rained - Mechanics Gepuine Ford Parts "WHERE TO BUY THEM" BUSCH MOTOR SALES INC 5600 W 95th Oak Lawn-3578 GOUWENS AUTO PARTS INC, Michigan Chgo Pullmn Lemmers Serv Sta 5458 W 95th...Oak Lawn-3459 Southwest Tire Co 9703 Southwest Hwy Oak Lawn-166 STARKS WESTERN TIRE AUTO STORE-- UA klode"rn Store for the J.l1odern,.J.l1otorist H Complete Stock NATIONALLY ADVERTISED AUTO SUPPLIES and ACCESSORIES Time Payments Available Bernard Stark, Prop W 95th Oak Lawn 3695 Vincennes Auto Parts Co S Vincennes Chgo Bevrly , AUTOMOBILE SUPPLIES & PARTS-RETAIL are continued in next coiumn. Automobile Supls & Pts-Rtl-(coned) WARSHAWSKY & co "., Rebuilt Engines For All Cars & Trucks Everything Automotive-New-Used & Rebuilt State Chgo Calumet WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE, U Everything for the Motorist" A COMPLETE LINE OF SUPPLIES - PARTS - ACCESSORIES TIRES - BATTERIES and SPORTING. GOODS "See Us First" 4857 w 95th Oak Lawn-498 WILLVS GEO R CARBURETOR & IGtllTlDN LABTRY Genuine Factory Carburetor-Ignition Parts Western av Blue Isld-2925 Automobile Supplies & Parts. -Whol & Mfrs GARDNER & KIENZL ~---~~~ L1 utomotive Distributor Goodrich Tires and Batteries Delco-Remy - A~to-Lite A C Products 6812,S A?hland Chgo......Walbrook AUTOMOBILE SUPPLIES & PARTS-WHOL &. MFRS - Automobile Supplies & Parts -Whol & Mfrs-(coned) GUARArlTEED GEAR SERVICE CO ~ AUTO and TRUCK PARTS Complete lviaclji71e Shop Ser.vice Motor and Transmission Exchange Carburetors - Fuel Pumps - Starters Generators - Clutches - Brake Cyls. PEDRICK PISTON RINGS 1722 S Wabash Chgo... "..Wabash 2::.9385 LITE- PROD.UCTS CORPORATIONI , Distributors DOOR PANELS - FABRICS TRIMMING SUPPLIES SHER\VIN-WILLIAMS LACQUERS and ENAMELS Color il.fatclli71g Our Specialty 7708 S Halsted Chgo Vincennes MAJOR MOTOR SUPPLY CO 958 W 79th Chgo Stewart Automobile Tire Dealers See Tire Dealees.Autom9bile Towing AAA CHICAGO MOTOR CLUB SE!1VICE----- """;,,,,"k.~ Mo<o.,,~,~ ~~I tion F~IIY Equipped to Service Your ( ",", ~", g Car Anywhere a.t Any Time... Automobile Towing-kaned) AUTOMOTIVE REPAfRING Automobile 17 Prop.: Robt. L. Pohlma" ONLY 10 MINUTES AvVAY FROM YOUR LbcATION 5717 W 87th Oak Lawn 335 If No Answer Please Call Oak "awn 361 BLUNKS TOWING SERVICE W 84th Pl Oak Lawn-2509-J-1, BUDS GARAGE , EDS AUTOMOTWE SERVICE TO"VING DAY OR NIGHT COIVIPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE 2634 W 63d Chgo Hemlock AUTOMOBILE TOWING are continued on next page. VINCENNES AUTO PARTS CO. New and Used Parts/or All Cors Cars Bought and Sold Auto Machine Shop Service BEVERLY S. Vincennes Ave. Chgo. GOUWENS AUTO PARTS, INC~ NEW and USED PARTS FOR ALL MAKES and MODELS Rehuilt Motors and Transmissions New Wheels for All M~es Trucks Cars COMPLETE MACHINE SHOP SERVICE PULLMAN S. Michigan. Chgo. $.avjl ]im.jl & ~ Co1L ]1tJL?11.ajJJ1L tbfj.t.j. CHICAGOS COMPLETE PARTS HEADQUARTERS MUFFLERS PIPES - GASKETS - SEAT COVERS P"ARTS - SPRINGS. ACCESSORIES - BATIERIES TIRES - TOOLS - SHOP EQUIPMENT - PAINTS MIXED Complete Set-Up For Car Dealers Garages - Filling Statioits - Repair - Shops FAST DELIVERY SERVICE CHICAGO Walbrook CALL Stewart "WHERE TO GALL" OAK LAWN SERVICE STATION 5139 W95th Oak Lawn-ll ATWOODS AUTO REP4lR , TOWING 24-HOUR SERVICE ANY TIME ANY PLACE PROMPT RELIABLE Harlem Av Oak Lawn 2423-J-2 If No Answer Call Oak Lawn 2335-J-l Listings of this classification AUTOMOBILE TOWING TOWING EMERGENCY ROAD,SERVICE "MOBILGAS" "MOBILGAS" AUTO REPAIRS Phone j Evergreen Park J.iJdh.. $JvwiaJ." 3055 W. 87th St. Evergreen Pk.. TIl_ TOWING- CARS and TRUCKS Day 24 HOUR SERVICE Night Complete Auto Repair Motor Tune Up - Overhauling Completely Equipped Quick Charge - Boosters- Tools Rental Batteries OAK LAWN 2509-J-1 AFTER 6:30 P.M. CALL OAK LAWN \ W. 84th Place

41 18 Automobile-Awnings Complele Service J:stimates Any where, Any Time Awnings fqr the Home, Hotel or Store Prompt, Courteous Service Experienced Workmen Modern Equipment Tarpaulins. Wind Breaks Truck Covers S. HALSTED, CHGO. HYDE PARK AWNING,CO.."The.Old Reliable" Established 53 YeaTS WE BUILD YOUR AWNINGS TO FIT YOURHOJ\ffi OAJ,U,AND S. C9ttage Grove Av"Chgo. AWNINGS - STATIONARY CA.1~OPIES RENTAL CANOPIES Recommended by Awning Research,. institute NOW BEING SERVICEp BY OUR LOCAL REPRESENTATIVE 9212, 50th Av. Canopies -" Home Awnings Store Awnings - Boat Covers Floor Covering - Waterproof Duck - Fire Resistant Duck STORAGE ASK ABOUT OUR YEARLY MAINTENANCE PLAN Telephone Triangle CHGli. Charles Wyack Oak Lawn Oak Lawn 136 Automobile Towing-(coned} FIRTH SERVICE B7th & Albany.....,.. Evergreen Pk-6799 GRUBES AUTO SERVICE Car & Truck Towing Service Hale Chgo,...",. Beverly JIMS SERVICE STATION. Southwest Hlvy & Merrimac.,.. Oak Lawn-511 If no answer call...,.,. " Oak Lawn-4l2 OAK LAWN MOTORS Wrecks Repaired At Low Cost Call Us For Bids 5000 W 95th,...,.,..OakLawn-722 P & N Garage 5424 W 95th......Oak Lawn-3765 REBESCO AUTO SERVICE TOWING. ROAD SERVICE; Official Illinois Automobile Club Station No., I<edzie" Evergreen Park 9207 If No Answer Call Commodore ROBERTS PARK SERVICE STATION B4th & Roberts Rd Oak Lawn-1449-J-l Triangle Serv Sta 9301 Cicero Av...Oak Lawn-9358 WALSHS SERV STA TOWING DAY and NIGHT Chicago Motor Club Station W 111th, Oak Lawn-l088.Automobile Wheel l Axle & Frame Repairing Oak Lawn Motors 5000 W 95th,,.:.,Oak Lawn"722 RELIABLE SPRING CO - Bear Frame, Axle and Wheel Alignment Engineers Knee Action - Shock Absorhers Brakes Serviced. Springs for All Cars - Trncks Passenger Car Commercial Industrial Class A and B State Safety Lane for All Trucks, Michigan Chgo... Waterfall8~14l3 Automobile Wreckers WARSHAWSKY & co Autos & Trucks For Salvage Cash Paid Immediately Prompt Pick-Up State Chgo.., Calumt Awnings & Canopies AHNELL AWNING. CO > Awnings for Homes Stores and Offices Canopies- Lawn U mbrelll\s Tables - Chairs - Hammocks., Estimates Cheerfully Given See Advcrt semcnt This Classification S Western Av Chgo.. Hilltop BOYD & GOULD Wentworth Chgo Norml-7-344l (See Advertisement ThisClassjfication) AWNINGS & CANOPIES are continued in nextcolumn. Awnings &Canopies-(coned} GENERAL AWNING CO INC Philip C. Griffin, Pres. BUY DIRECT and SAVE AIR CONDITION WITH AWNINGS STORES, HOMES, APARTMENTS FREE ESTIMATES See Advertisement TIlti Classification Ashland Av Chgq. Grovehill HOLLYWOOD VENETIAN BLIND CO Halsted Chgo.,.,...Triangle HYDE PARK AWNING CO INC 450B 5 Cottage Grove Av Chgo. Oaklnd SAWYER AWNING & MFG CO Halsted Chgo......Triangle , SOUTH SIDE AWNING CO 1114 W 69th Chgo Hudson-3-l9l9 (See Advertisement This classification) AHnELl A nlng CO. Awnings for Homes-- * Stores and Offices Canopies - Lawn Umbrellas Tables - Chairs - Hammocks * ]~ HILLTOP Your Neighborhood Awning Co S. Western Ave.. CHICAGO SOUTH SIDE AWNING CO~ Complete SerVice For Homes and Stores Estimates Cheerfully Given 1114 W. 69th, Chgo. Hudson For Health~ Canvas Products - Venetian Blinds Window. Shades - Canopies SEWING CONTRACTS Full Insurance Coverage AWNINGS Phone for Estimate NORMAL S. Wentworth Av., Chgo. Homes Stores Apartments Offices Factqries Free Estimates Anywhere BUY DIRECT AND SAVE GENERAL Clmn.iluf- (fi. Philip C. Griffin, Pres S. Ashland Av., Chgo. PHONE Grovehill rlrraft For Home and Store Designers and Manufcdurers of Awnings and Canopies for 59 Years We Have the New Plastic and Fiberglass MateriCll",., Awnings 19 Comfort and Beauty tlijl e~ with CANVAS OR METAL,AWNINGS.~

42 20 Baby,-Bakeries Baby Carriages & Accessories. CHILDRENS LANE Juvenile Furniture - Kroll - Thayer Baby Buggies - Strollers - Walkers " 6 Yr. Crib" Youth Bed - Mattresses Hi-Chair - Doll Carriages - Teeterbabe Toilet Trainer c Pattie Chair: - Play Yards Swing-an-Stand - Sterilizers - Warmers Kiddie Baths We Deliver 7904 SAshland Chgo.., : _.. Triangle JOES BIGYCLE STORE Carriage Wheels-Rubber Tiring Replaced 6317 S Ashland Chgo Republic Kiddie Klothes Kroll, Whitney, And Thayer S Western ; j3luelsld-3322 LAND 0 NOD. "EverytMllg for the ChIld from Cmdle to. College" BABY CARRIAGES- RENTAL.sERVICE REPAIRS ON ALL MAKES CRIBS - BEDDING - HI-CHAIRS - LARGE SELECTION TOYS - WHEEL GOODS Open MOllday alld Thursday EVCIl;lIgS 645 E 79th Chgo.... Triangle E 7lst Chgo Museum LAZAR JUVENILE FURNITURESTORE Featu~Hg A COMPLETE SELECTION OF, STORKLINE, Baby Carriages - Play Pens - High Chairs NURSERY and JUVENILE FURNITURE TOYS - BICYCLES 3444 W Roosevelt Rei- Chgo.Sacrament WOLFS BAKERY "Oven Fresh Quality" Wedding and BirthdaY Cakes A Specialty Coffee Cakes,:.- Rolls - Bread Pies and All Other Pastries 3205 W. 95th Bakeries Beverly Dairy Store S Western Av.... _. Evergreen Pk-9273 CUPERUS BAKERY WHIPPED CREAM CAKES A SPECIALTY WE DELIVER FREE Bread - Pastry - Rolls - Cakes - Cookies Baked Fresh Each Day Sce Advcrtiscmc1It This Classification 4913 iii 95th Oak Lawn 510 ", MAYERS BAKERIES Be Quality Wise VEDDING CAKES BIRTHDAY CAKES WHIPPED CREAM and PARTY CAKES S Loomis Chgo, _. Cedarcrest W 79th Chgo _ Vincennes MOMS PASTRY SHOP 3::124 W95th.. _... Evergreen Pk-8910,, MOMS,PASTRY SHOP " 4955 W 95th....,... _....Oak Lawn-99 Listings of this c1assificatiori, BAKERIES WHIPPED CREAM CAKES Party Orders as You Like Them --- QUALITY --.. Is the Secret of Our Success PHONE EVERGREEN PARK 8910,. OAK LAWN W. 95th Oak Lawn Bakeries-{contd), SCHNEIDERS BAKERY----,---:----"-, WOlFS BAKERY 3205 W 95th:Evergreen Pk-7429 (See Advertisement This (Classification) Wolfs Bkry 5263 W 95th... _.. _.OalLawn-218 Banks. FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF BLUE ISLAND OUR FIFTY-THIRD YEAR SERVING THE COMMUNITYS BANKING NEEDS Open Friday Evenings 6 to 8 PM S Western Av... _Blue Island 2200 First National Bank of Evergreen Pk 3211 W 95th : Evergreen Pk-3000 Oak Lawn Trust & Savings Bk. 5310, 95th Oak Lawn-35 STATE BANK OF BLUE ISLAND Barbers Specializing in Cakes For All Occasions - Wedding - Party, Birthday, Etc. Made to Your Individual Specifications A Complete Line of Bakery Goods Prompt Service S Ashland Chgo... _. _Beverly If No Answer Call Oak Lawn 195 COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE Member Federal Deposit Insupnce Corp.,Each Depositor Insured.Up to $5000 Open Friday Evenings 6 to 8 P.M S Western av... Blue Island-2900 Andersons Barber Shop 5135 W 95th. oak Lawn-360 Eds Barber. Shop 5321 W 95th Oak Lawn-260 Frank The Barber 3216 W 95th _Evergreen Pk-8320 Larson Rueben 5214 W 95th.... _Oak Lawn-2029 Batteries-Retail B F GOODRICH TIRES- OAI<, LAWN SERVICE STA 5139 W 95th Oak Lawn-ll Coral 66 Serv Sta plilllips 66 Batteries 4800 W 95th _ Oak Lawn-9341 Fertigs Public Garage 5458 W 95th. Oak Lawn-1974,Harneivs Service Sta 5252 W 95th...Oak Lawn-9344 Jims Serv Sta Southwest Hwy & Merrimac Oak Lawn-511 If no answer call Oak Lawn-412 LEMMERS SERVICE STATION All Types Qf Batteries J 5458 W 95th_... ;...,. _...Oak Lawn-3459 Schrader-Harnews Service Station., 5110 W 95th ; _;.. Oak Lawn-9305 Starl(s Western Tire- Auto Store, 4915 W 95th... ;... _...OakLawn-3695 Western Auto Associate Store 4857 W 95th_... _..... :..Oak Lawn-498 Battery Charging-See Batteries-Retail The Yellow Pages Tell You "Where to Buy It" Wondering Whereto Buy? Look in the Yellow Pages,They tell Bakeries~Battery 21 Oak Lawn 510 CUPER,US BAKERY ~"") Orders ~l~ Taken For WHIPPED " CREAM CAKES We win Take Phone Orders and Deliver Anywhere Free FRESH BREAD - ROLLS COOKIES - CAKES - PIES WEDDING CAKES, ETC. OAK LAWN W. 95th - "Whereto Buy It".,

43 22 Beauty Beauty Culture Schools. HElM BEAUTY SCHLS:---~--- - We Teach "The Pickard System" of Beauty Culture Exclusively Under State Supervision Personal and Classroom Instruction Actual Practical Training Day and Eve71illg Classes 6552 S Halsted Chgo...:. Wentworth or 162 N State Chgo......Central Beauty Shops-(contd) CARMELS BEAUTY SHOP Oxford OakLawn-2309-J-2 EVERGREEN PK BEAUTY SHOPPE:----. Louise DeiVIik Di~tinctive and Individual BEAUTY SERVICE Hair Styling - Permanent Waving Beauty-Beer 23 PERSONAliZED BEAUTY SERVICE COLD WAVING SPECIALISTS RAZOR SHAPING FACIALS MANICURING ~ tb~$alfm.. Qak Lawn 370 Visit Our New and. Modern Beauty Salon 5001 W. 95ih OAK LAWN Beauty Shops AVENUE BEAUTY SHOPI ~ ~. Specializing in. COMPJ:,ETE BEAUTY TREATMENT PERMANENT WAVING Scalp Treatments - Manicuring FaCials - Bleaching - Tinting Western Av Evergreen Park 6694 BETTES PERMANENT WAVE SHOP---~ ALL BEAUTY SERVICES See Advertisement. This Classification 9430 S Kedzie......Evergreen Park 9065 BEAUTY SHOPS 9503 S Homan Evergreen Park-7707 KACERS COSMETIC SALON, HAIR STYLING CENTER PERlVIANENT WAVE SPECIALISTS See Advertisement This Classification W 95th Chgo.. :. Beverly MARCELLINS BEAUTY SALOU PERSONALIZED BEAUTY SERVICE Visit Our New and Modern ~eauty. Sal~n See Advertisement This Classtpcation 5001 W 95th....Oak Lawn-370 MARLENES BEAUTY SALON W 95t~ Evergreen Pk-8260 ROXIE BEAUTY SHOP 5239 W 95th: Oak Lawn-494. Authoriz~d dealer~ in. most nationally advertised mercnandlse or services can be found by looking under the Trade Marks or Brand Names in their respective classifications. KACERS COSMETIC SALON RAlR STYLING CENTER BETTES Wave" Shop,. perjnan~nt "Enjoy the Privacy of Individual Booths" PERMANENT WAVE. SPECIALISTS Hair Styling By :lvir. Kacer Call Beverly New Ladies Gift Department Purses - Hos~ery- Costume Jewelry Complete LiD.e 6fCosmetics West 95th St. Chicago,- tllectiue Co/lure FEATURING RILLlNG-KOOLER WAVES AND COLD WIAVES RAZOR HAIR. STYLING 9 A.M. - 6 P.M. Daily Open Thurs. and Fri, Eves.. Closed Mondays Evergr~en Park 8260 For Appointment MARlENE/S BEAUTY SALON 3320 W. 95th Permanent Waves of Distinction EVERGREEN PARK 9065 Open Daily 9:00 A.M. to 6,00 P.M. Also Thursday and Friday Evenings Closed Mondays S. Kedzie BEAUTY SHOP,.ROXlE RILEY, PROP. FEATURING COLD WAVES PERMANENTS o RAZOR CUTTING SPECIALIZING. IN SCALP TREATMENT Call for Appointments OAK LAWN 494

44 24 Beer-Black Beer Dispensing & Cooling Equipment ANDERSEN REFRGRTN &HEATING CO 5007 W 95th Oak Lawn-436 NU.WAY BEER COIL SERVICE INC DISPENSING EQUIP1\~ENT Direct Draws - Bottle Coolers - Coil Boxes Work Boards - Block Tin Pipe Rods Taps - Faucets - Compressors COMPLETE LINE OF PARTS TROUBLE SERVICE Steam and Chemical Gleaning 655 N Kedzie Av Chgo.. : Sacramento Beverages-Non-Alcoholic Coca-Cola Bottling Co Of Chicago Inc 7 E 73d Chgo, Aberdeen DADS ROOT BEER CO 2800 N Talman Chgo...Independence DR PEPPER BOnUNG CO 2701 N Pulaski Chgo Capito Osting Robt E 9214, 55th cl Oak Lawn-352 Bicycles ACE CYCLE SHOP ; COMPLETE STOCK SCHWINN BICYCLES WHIZZER MOTOR BIKES. and MOTORS TRICYCLES - ACCESSORIES SALES and.service EASY TERMS 819 E 55th Chgo Midway AHERN CYCLE SHOP Auth Dealer-Schwinn & Whizzer Motor Bikes Lightweight Motorcycles-jr -Bikes-Tricycles Parts-Repairs-Accessories-AII Makes Retiring-Repairing Of All Wheel Goods Lionel Trains-Camera Supplies 4540 W 63d Chgo, Portsmouth BEVERLY BICYCLE SHOP. SCHWINN BUILT BICYCLES PARTS - TIRES - ACCESSORIES FOR ~LL MAKES Expert Repairing 9121 S Western Av Chgo...Be.verly I BICYCLES Bicycl;es-(coned) BUSH RAY Schwinn & Other Popular Makes Repairs & Parts For All Makes All Makes Of Tricycles 5631 S Ashland Chgo Grovehill DUKES HARDWARE. All Parts And Accessories 5642 W 87th OakLawn-91 JOES BICYCLE STORE Sales And Repairs-All Makes 6317 S Ashland Chgo...Republic JONES HARRYL Sales-Service-Repairs-Supplies-Welding 1743 W 99th.Chgo Cedarcrest PARK BIKE SHOP 3337 W 95th Evergreen Pk-6738 Western Auto Associate Store 4857 W 95th Oak Lawn-4J8 Bird Hospitals GARFIELD BIRD HOSPITAl. Clinic-Ailments-Broken Leg Expert-Boarding 5924 S Halsted Chgo.....Englwd ROSELAND BIRD STORE We Board Canaries By Day Or Week Bird & Dog Supplies-Gold & Tropical Fish S Michigan Chgo...,.. Pullman Black Earth Butkus Cartage 6917 W 95th Oak Lawn-80Z Langland Brothers 6049 W 95th Oak Lawn-Z184 Lucas Bros Kean & lluh......worth-363-j-1 Marquette Landscape Service Flagstone-Sod-Shrubs, Etc Harlem Oak Lawn-974 North Palos Landscape Co S 77th Av Oak Lawn-2394-J-2 Oak Lawn Fence Co 9017 S Austin...Oak Lawn-lOOl SCHROEDER BROS. Black Soil & Humus Wholesale & Retail. Flagstone-Cinders S Genoa Av C/lgo..... Beverly-8-ZD.00 Terlizzi Domenick S Trumbuli.....Evergreen Pk-8855 TRUDGIAN LOWELL D Lous Landscaping!.Complete Lawn Service.26 IE ll2th PI Chgo Waterfall plson CHAS ~ CO i RICH :alack EARTH Humus - Cinders - Sand Fill Small or Large Quantities Immediate Delivery 7601 S Wentworth Av Chgo..Vincennes :-----~. \ PARK BIKE SHOP Arthur Gee, Prop. Authorized Sales and Service Complete Repairs - Parts and Accessories TOYS - SCHOOL SUPPLIES EVERGREEN PARK W. 95th Useful- These y-ezlow Pages Ar~ Full of Useful Information They Are a Buyers GUidB To the Business Firms.of this C01n11lunity / Boats Delta Boats & Marine Motors 4535 Southwest,Hwy Oak Lawn-1200 EXCEL BOAT & MARINE SUPPLY CO, 9624 S. Western Evergreen Pk-8500 MASTERS W l & SON INC Bcats-Canoes-Outboard Motors-Sales- Service 210 W Chicago Chgo.....Superior BUYERS GUIDE.Why not let the Yellow Pages help you? No matter what you want, if its available, youll find who sells it right here. IE)X(~ IE ll IB3~Aif and Marine SuppLy Co. DONT FAIL To Xisit Our Showroom Mercury Out~ o~rd of this city can be found by referring to the YELLOW PAGES Motors.. Also Century " Lyman " Wolverine e. Aero-Craft Factory Repair Service Phone Evergreen.Park S. Western Business Firms Boiler Repairing & Cleanin.g SAVE TIME-U:e the Classified Section BOILER REPAIRING FRIGIDWElD INC. FOR~IERLY FORSYTHE (J/ wne.. Evergreen Park 8560 Night Phone Oak Lawn W. 63rd, Chgo. Gr~vehill S. Sacramento EVERGREEN PARK Always on,duty-" The Yellow Pages at your teleph01te d.irec!ory are always 1eady to serve you as a Buyers. Guide Boats-Boiler 25 FRIGIDWELD INC ==---~-. BOTI.ER REPAIRING PORTABLE. WELDING SERVICE See Advert semellt This Cla~sificalion Night Phone Oak Lawn W ~3rd Chgo Grovehill S Sacramento 9~56 5 Sacramento.....Evergreel) Park MA YTilN BROS Repairs On All Makes Insured S Greenwood : Blue Isld-2608 NOL:AN BOILER & TANK SERVICE High & Low Pressure-Licensed & Insured 7147 S Chicago Av Chgo, Fairfx Iii I II II Ii Ii 11

45 26 Book--Brick Book Dealers BOOK HOUSE We Can Get Any Books In Print In USA 9512 S Wood Chgo Bevrly OAK LAWN. BOOK SHOP, BOOKS. - Of All Kinds Fictional - Non Fictional - Technical GREETING CARDS 5255 W 95th.. Oak Lawn-6 Bookkeeping Service HERZOG ARTHUR L Monthly Accounting Service Operating Reports Tax Consultants W 95th Chgo Beverly Vogel Bookkeeping & TaX Serv W 100th......Oak Lawn-3274 Bowling -Alleys BURR OAK LANES ~ , BOWL ALL YEAR ROUND 16 BRUNSWICK LANES AIR CONDITIONE]) SODA FOUNTAIN Plenty of Parking Space 3030 W Burr Oak..Jllue Island-2209 BOWUNG ALLEYS J!aJntert~ BOWLING ALLEY 8 MODERN 20th CENTURY BRUNSWICK ALLEYS COCKTAIL LOUNGE Phone Us For Special Porty IReservations Summit ARCHER RD. ARGO. ILL. Bowling Alleys-Ccontd) LAMB~RTS Brassieres Brick-Commonr Facer Etc. KLEINPASTE REEDER co INC 9545 Tully Av Oak Lawn-175 The Classified Tells Where to Buy BUILD WITH KLEINPASTE-REEDER CO.,.INC. _ Oak Lawn Tully Ave. BOWLG ALLEY 6240 Archer Rd......Summit-458 OAK LAW1l MOTORS 1, - BRAKE SPECIALISTS.,-- DRUM REFACING OVERSIZE LINING Free Inspection and T ;sting for Equalizatio71 Official State Testing Lane 5000 W 95th ljak Lawn 722 Schalks Ray Evergreen Towers 2535 W 95th J;:vergreen Pk-9275 Brake Service CUSAG AUTO SERVICE Complete Brake Service S Western Chgo,.Hilltop Dales Auto Repr 2741 W 95th Evergreen Pk-8409 FORD AUTHORIZED SALES & SERVICE- BUSCH MOTOR SALES INC _ if 95th Oak Lawn-3578 McKays 5216 W 95th Oak Lawn-38 BRIKCRETE ECONOMY STRENGTH BEAUTY COMFORT -PERMANENCE SAFETY QUALITY MASONRY AT LOW COST ALUMINUM SASH - STONECRETE SILLS Dont Waste Time trying to find the things youneed-. Look in the YELLOW PAGES Bridal Outfits BRIDAL MODES EXCLUSIVE MAKERS OF BRIDES and BRIDESMAIDS GOWNS "For Those lfho Care" Also Flower Girls Dresses and Accessories Open.Iuon. and Thnr. Eve. 10: P.M. Phone for Appointment 6514 S Halsted Chgo Englewood DUCHESS -BRIDAL SHOP S Western, Blue Isld-2580 MARGIE BRIDALS ONE-DAY WEDDING SERVICE BRIDAL GOWNS. BRIDESMAID GOWNS FORMALS Courteous Service - "WHERE TO CALli HINES EDW LUMBER CO 2601 W 95th_,.,Evergreen Pk ".... Hines Edw Lbr Co 2601 W 95th. Evergreen Pk-7117 Kleinpaste-Reeder Co Inc _ 9545 Tully Av., Oak Lawn-175 OZINGA BROS 3133 W95th..Evergreen Pk-7225 STEVENS ALEX BCD, S Throop Chgo Bevrly Buildings-Prefabricated Wright Company, 9317 S Cottage Grove Chgo... Radclif Burial Vaults Kay-EI Mfg Co 3300 W 93d.._... Evergreen Pk-:8824 Bus Lines 6426 S Halsted Chgo...Wentworth Building & Loan Associations ; See Savings & Loan ASsociations Building Materials BEATTY I N R LUMBER CO S 52d Av, Oak Lawn-400 BRANDT WM & SON 9520 S 51st. Oak Lawn HINES BUILDING MATERIALS SUBURBAN TRANSIT SYST INC 5800 W 95th, _.Oak Lawn-B1 Bus Rental- LUMBER INSULATION PAINT MILLWORK. ROOFING MATERIALS MOLDINGS SUBURBAN TRAI.SIT SYSTEM INO 5800 W 95th ~... Oak Lawn Bridal Wishes Come True at THE DUCHESS BRIDAL SHOP Individual Creations By liiary BASE WEDDING APPAREL - For Consultation BLUE ISLD.. ILL. +,WM. BRANDT & SON Est. Since 1920 Albert H. Brandt, Prop. BUILDING MATERIAL COAL and COKE SAND - STONE - CEMENT BRICK - TILE - CORRUGATED PIPE LIME - ETC. O:~~~~N RADCLIFFE Bridal~Bus 27 Call Blue Island S. WESTERN FORMAL WEAR 9,520 S. 51st Oak Lawn, III. WRIGHT COMPANY ECONOMY READY BUILT 1 TO 6 ROOM PREFAB COTTAGES 4.TO 6 ROOM CAPE COD FRAME HOUSES - F.H.A. Also Poultry,/Farm and Utility Building for All Uses. Prompt- Delivery or Shipment 9317 S. Cottage Grove;, Chgo.

46 28 Cabinet-Caterers Cabinet Makers ALLEMANS WOOD ART WORKS CUSTOM BUILT CABINETS and FIXTURES FOR HOME and BUSINESS 9240 S. 53d Ct......O ak Lawn-3419 EVERGREEN PK MILLWORK CO W 95th Evergreen Pk"8600 Matas Tom Jr Cabinet Millwork 8828 S Talman. " Evergreen Pk-8091 MUCHMORE MFG CG W 95th Evergreen Pk-770l Calcium Chloride Criswell J L 5242 S Ashland Chgo... Prospect Cameras See Photographic Equipment & SuPpliesi also Motion Picture Equipment & Supplies Camps--Tourist & Trailer See Tourist Courts Camps-Vacation Dot & Bills Trailer Court S Harlem Av ;.Oak Lawn-9314 Canvas Products SAWYER AWNING & MFG CO Tarpaulins-Truck Covers Etc. 7317S Halsted Chgo Triangle Car Builders Mather Stock Car Co 6700 W 103d...Oak Lawn-l57 Carburetors Automotive Repairing 5717 W 87th...Oak Lawn-335 BLOOM ELECTRIC SERVICE Broadway : Harvey-950 WILLYS GEO R CARBURETOR & IGNITION LABTRY. GAS MILEAGE ENGINEER.Specialist on Hard Starting. Magnetos ~ Starters - Generators Voltage Regulators and Batteries S Western av..... Blue Island-2925 Carpenters BIGELOvi H R &.SONS -~---,-----Y CARPENTER REPAIRS DORMERS and ATTIC ROOMS REMODELING OF ALL KINDS PORCH ENCLOSURES. - Easy Terms - 30-Yearsof Service- 4954, 91st Pl. Oak Lawn-2240 If No.Answer Call Stewart 3-?787 Listings of this classification, CARPENTERS Carpenters-(coned), DOWE & SWAN--...:----,---,---, GENERAL CONTRACTING NEvV CONSTRUCTION REMODELING 4845 W 91st PI. Oak Lawn 3224 If No Answer Call Oak Lawn 941 HUIZENGA G HARRY W 95th Evergreen Pk-8600 J & M Builders 9656 Richmond.. Evergreen Pk-7989 La Bulis ClIas 8528 S 78th Av...Oak Lawn-2534-J-J Malott & McLane Canst Co Inc 9747 Harding.., Evergreen Pk-7654 Peak Constr Co S 75th Oak:Lawn-2433-J-2 Robb Geo 9308 S Tully... ;....Oak Lawn Carpet C1t;laners.See Rug & Carpet Cleaners Cash Registers Chicago Cash Register Exchange A J Thomas Since 1892 We Buy Sell Rent & Repair Nationijl Cash Registers 1061 W Madison Chgo Taylor CLARY MULTIPLIER CORP - Clary Cash Registers-Sales & Selvice 919 N Michigan Av Chgo... Delaware NATIONAL CASH REGISTERS / Only Company branch of- fice in this cily. Cash. Registers sold,.bought,... "0._. rented, repaired and exchanged. Expert repairing by factory.trained servicemen. Genuine, factory-made parts and supplies. "WHERE TO BUY THEM" NATIONAL CASH REGISTER CO 323 N Michigan Av Chgo.. Randolph Caterers Cuperus Bakery 4913 W 95th... ;.Oak Lawn-510 Dalbey Catering Service A Service For Every Occasion 9734 SWoodlawn Chgo Essex DuVAL CATERING CO S Church Chgo Beverly Moms PastryShop. Specializing In Wedding & Birthday Cakes 4955 W 95th Oak Lawn-99 A Good Shopping Rule: Check the Classified Section First. ~ DU VAL CATERING COMPANY Established 1919 We Specialize in.. WEDDINGS.. RECEPTIONS.. BANQUETS We Rent SILVERWARE.. CHINA e PUNCl;I BOWLS Ask for "LARK" S. Church, Chicago. Beverly If No Answer Call Cedarcrest Cement-Portland Beatty I N R Lumber Co 9537 S 52d Av: Oak Lawn-400 Cemeteries ~HAPEL HILL GARDENS.SOUT 111~ and Centraf Formerly Sleepy Hollow Memorial Park That the Beauty Life May Survive GeIleritl Office S. Halsted, Chgo. lluh & Central Oak Lawn-168 Evergreen Cemetery, 87th & Kedzie Evergreen Pk-9051 MOUNT GREENWOOD CEMETERY ASSN THE W lluh & S California Av Chgo Cedrcrst St Marys Cemetery. W 91st & S Trumbull.... Evergreen Pk-8720 Cemeteries-Pet HINSDALE ANIMAL CEMETERY Ask About Our Low Burial Rates. 63d & Western : :.. Hinsdale-3506-Y-3 If no answer call :.. Grovehill Chairs-Renting A AMERICAN FLAG CO Chairs & Folding Platforms For Events 7842 S Bishop Chgo.: Hudson Check Protection Equipment SUBURBAN OFC MACHS 6716 Ogden Av Berwyn Stanley-7794L Ever Present and Ready Use these TO SERVE YOU IN ANY BUYING PROBLEM YELLOW PAGES as your. Buyers Guide See Advertisement This Classijicution 4851 VV 95th....Oak Lawn-74 -INFANTS & CHILDRENS WEARING APPAREL FOR GIRLS to 10 BOYS to 12 and Older Children. Too Gement-Childrens 29 Chick Hatcheries DeGroot Feed & Seed Arcady Feed For Every Need 9822 Southwest hwy..... Oak Lawn-37 OAK I.:AWN FEED STORE W 95th......Oak Lawn-230 Children1s & Infants l Wear-Retail BEVERLY TOG SHOP 1650 W 95th Chgo Cedrcrst JEBERJAHN RETA EVERYTHING FOR THE LITTLE TOTS KIDDIE KLOTHES Headquartcrs for BABY COMPLETE LAYETTES Everything from 11Ii<..ult~ to u Years BABY CARRIAGES JUVENILE FURNITURE KROLL and THAYER Opcn Friday Evcnings to 9 :30 PM Daily 9:30 to 5:30 PM S Western Av... ;.. Blue Island-3322 McKA YS 5216 W 95th!Oak Lawn-384 Modern Fashions Girl Sizes 7 To W 95th ~Oak Lawn-820 No Matter What It Is - Look First in the Yellow Pages of the Telephone Directory ~-, ~~,) (~~~,,~ f,.~j I?-\ ~ COMPLETE LAYETTES "MR. DAYS IDEAL BABY SHOES" FINE SELECTION OF TOYS & GIFTS, RETA ieberjahn 4851 W. 95th St. Oak lawn 74 OAK LAWN

47 30.Chinaware-Cleaners Chinaware AMERICAN ANTIQUE FURNITURE MART Wanted-Demitasse, Painted China, Etc S Cicero....Oak Lawn-2075 Chiropodists_..Adams Jerome H 822 W 79th Chgo..Hudsn Carnow S B 738 W 79th Vincennes Meyer Robt M 1753 W 95th Chgo.,Cedrcrst Obiala Daniel M S Ashland Av Chgo... Hiltop Christian Science Practitioners Carlson Elizabeth Mrs 8450 S Justin Chgo Beverly Churches. Bethel Luth Ch 9407 S Trumbull. Evergreen Pk-8324 Community Church 95th & Merton;..Oak Lawn-4025 Evergreen Park Christian Reformed Church S Homan Evergreen Pk-7283 Trinity Lutheran Church 97th & Brandt.Oak Lawn-193 Cigar l Cigarette & Tobacco-Whol. Kizaric Stephen Wholesale Tobacco. Co 5237 W 94th Oak Lawn-2088 KOENECKE F W & SONS Cigar-Cig-Candy-Sundries-Liquors S Western Blue Isld-3900 Cinders BRANSFIELD JAMES F CO 4440 S Laflin Chgo Virginia Butkus Cartage 6917 W 95th Oak Lawn-802 Cinders-(contd) COAN JOHN M INC Clean Black Powerhouse Cinders-Delivered 4253 W Cermak Chgo Lawndal SCHROEDER BROS 9728 S Genoa Av C.hgo Beverly SOUTHWEST TOWNS REFUSE DISPOSAL SERV.5318 W 95th Oak Lawn-380. Terlizzi Domenick. 995? S Trumbull Evergreen Pk-8855 Cleaners & Dyers BERTEN CLNRS & DYERS , "Fine Dry Cleaning OUf Specialty" All Dresses Hand Finished Pickup and Delivery Service Refrigerated Vaults For. Furs and \Vinter Garments Sfe Advertisement This Classification 3412 W 95th " Evergreen Park 8193 BEVERLY RIDGE CLEANERS & DYERS 9739 S California Evergreen Pk-8400 Beverly Ridge Clnrs & Dyers S California Av Evergreen Pk-8400 Defay JCln.rs & Dyers S Western Blue Isld-20B4 DOERING GLNRS INC S West~rn Chgo Hilltop CLEANERS & DYERS Cleaners & Dyers-(coned) FASHION CLEANERS 4961 w. 95..Oak Lawn-64 (See Advertisement- This Classilication) JOET FIVE HOUR CLEANERS-,----~ Partners: Jos Kostelny - Peter Zibas "WE WILL DYE FOR YOU" 5-Hr. Service on Clothes Brought Into Plant Before Noon See Advertisement This Classification 3925 W 95th Evergreen Park 6791 KENNEDY LAUNDRY CO S Forrestville Chgo... Pullman KNOTTY PINE CLNRS W 87th Oak Lawn-3462 (See Advertisement This Classification) LEFOLDT & LYON CLEANERS 98th & Southwest Hwy... :...Oak Lawn-3950 (See Adv~rtisenient This Classification) MARTIN & SONS GLNRS PICK-UP and DELIVERY SERVICE See Advertisement This Classification 9127 S Kedzie Evergreen Park CLEANERS & DYERS are continued on next page. Cleaners. 31 QUALITY.CLEANING, For Prompt Service Call EVERGREEN PARK 8400 Your Garments Look Better and Last Longer When Cleaned By. BEVERLY RIDGE CLEANERS and DYERS "0ne of the Most Modern Plants in the Country" Plant - Store S. California Ave. Evergreen Park 1708 W. 95th St., Chgo. Beverly CINDERS Why Pay MORE for Ashes or Refuse When We Can Deliver CLEAN BLACK POWER HOUSE CINDERS for LESS? Toll Charge Refunded on Delivery JAMES F. BRANSFIELD CO S. Laflin, Chgo. Virginia e CINDERS 0 0 Clean Black Power House Cinders DELIVERED ANYWHERE OA~ACtWN 380 HILLTOP SOUTHWEST TOWNS REFUSE DlSPOSALSERVICE 5318 W. 95th Oak lawn [SMITHS FOR BEITER DRY CLEAN Il::lG]. Open Doily BA.M. to 6 P.M. Fridays B A.M. to 7 P.M. You Are Always Welcome to Visit Our Ultra-Modem Plant Ask to See Our 4,000 Coat Capacity Fumigated and Refrigerated Vault Oak Lawn 555 Evergreen Park W. 95th St. :-, , o Economical - Convenient We Use Scientific Methods and Give Conscientions Attention to Individnal Cleaning Reqnirements. \\~\NG THE. SOIJTIt S #c,... /J)I; 14 <,<::J ~.>:>.It. \,. "NOT HOW QUICK DUT HOW GOOD" Our New Phone Service for Your Convenience Is Enterprise 4404 Call Us At No Charge,To You S. HALSTED, CHICAGO MODERN EQUIPMENT., - EXPERT WORK DRESSES - SUITS - COATS HATS -RUGS DRAPERIES- SLIP COVERS DRESSMAKING and DESIGNING By Lillian Koziol ALTERATIONS --..: REP1I.lRS FOR QUALITY WORK, PROMPT and COURTEOUS SERVICE Call }aahwn. Oak Lawn w. 95th BACHELOR LAUNDRY SERVICE

48 32 Cleaners, / MONARCH DRY-CLEANERS e Americas Newest and Finest Equipped Dry Cleaning Plant Sepa~ate Departments with Special Equipment for MENS WEAR - LADIES WEAR CHILDRENS WEAR -- DRAPERIES SLIP COVERS, ETC. Cleaners & Dyers-(contd) MODERN LAUNDRY & DRY CLEANIHGCO 5758 SHalsted ;Chgo ;Entelprise-4404 (Called. Party Pays For Enterprise Calls) MOnARCH DRY CLEANERS 140 W l11thcngo Enterprise-1044 (Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls) OAK LAWN LAUNDRY & CLEANERS EXCLUSIVE DRY CLEANING Cold Storage for Furs and \Vinter Garments Pick Vpand DeliVery, 9421 Tully Av.., Oak ~awn 241 Classification continued next column. Cleaners,& Dyers-(contd) OAK LAWN TAILOR & FURRIER 5319 W95th Oak Lawn-:J.28 Paulin Glnrs /2 W 95th.....Oak Lawn-8 GLEANERS &DYERS are continued on next page. KNOTTY PINE CLEANERS Quality,Dry,Cleaning with Special,At tention to Spot Removal iii "Drax" Water Repellent Service iii SILVER IZE Fur Process- "There is a difference!" Phone Enterprise 1044 Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls W. 111th St., Chicago BERTE elanero & 2)J~/J- "FINE DRY CLEANING OUR SPECIALTY" All Dresses Hand Finished PICK-UP and DELIVERY SERVICE EVERGREEN PARK 8193 REFRIGERATED VAULTS FOR FURS and WINTER GARMENTS 3412 W. 95th St. All Work Done On Premises OPERATORS OF ONE OF CHICAGOS LARGEST COLD STORAGE SYSTEMS FOR WEARING APPAREL INSURED "Complete Rug PROSPECT W. 63rd St., Chgo. Tolls R~funded Look in the YELLOW PAGES and Household Dept." 1002 W. 79th St., Chgo. Dont Waste Time trying to find,the things youj;leed- STORAGE Daily Pick-Up and Delivery Vincennes Blue Island S. Western Av. SUITS - DRESSES - BLOUSES ~ FORMAL WEAR - FURS RUGS - DRAPERIES CURTAINS - SLIP COVERS, BED SPREApS - BLANKETS Mon. Through Sat. 9:3.0 AM to 7:00 PM Pick-Upend D~livery For Prompt. Courteous Service PHONE Oak Lawn w: 87th Street When YouWant To Buy But Dont Know Where Look in these YELLOW PAGES Call Triangle S. Cottage Grove Ave. CHICAGO (/)f)~ CLE E FINEST CLEANING IN TOWN Call Hilltop S. Western, Chgo.

49 34 Cleaners.. MARTI.N and SONS CLEANERS MARTIN OSTER, PROP. Cleaners & Dyers~(coned) PEOPLES LAUNDRyr ~ one call does all DRY CLEANiNG LAUNDERING RUG CLEANING See Advertiseme1lt This ClasSificatio" 9226 S Burley Chgo Enterprise 4458 Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls PERSONALITY CLNRS & TLRS EXPERT CLEANING PRESSING and REPAIRING FURS CLEANED an.d REMODELED FUR STORAGE PICK-UP and DELIVERY 1547 W 86th Chgo.. Beverly Cleaners & Dyers..;..(coned) SMITH CLEANERS QUALITY CLEANING FUR STORAGE_ DELIVERY SERVICE See Advertisement TlIis Classification 5000 W 95th Oak Lawn-555 SOUTH END CLEANERS & DYERS 7427 S Cottage Grove Av Chgo. Triangl _ Up-To-Date Laundry Co. 21 E HOth PIChgo Enterprise-4021 (Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls) Prop. J. De Poala Cleaners-Coal 35 Cleaners & Dyers;...Plarit Owners LEFObDT & LYON CLEANERS.. 98th & Southwest Hwy Oak Lawn-3950 MARTIN & SONS CLNRS 9127 S. Kedzie Evergreen Pk-7921 Coal & Coke-Retail ARCHER COAL & CARTAGE CO ~ STOKER COAL OUR SPECIALTY WE CARRY A COAL FOR EVERY PURPOSE 60th PI & Archer Rd Summit 78 Classification continued next page. PICK-UP and DELIVERY SERVICE. One Day Cleaning Service, Daily E1ccept Saturday, If Brought in Before 10:00 A.M. No Extra Charge For One Day Service FOR PROMPT SERVICE CALL EVERGREENPARK S. Kedzie - Evergreen Park Evergreen Park.6791 FI JOEl E CLEANERS "We Will Dye For You" RUGS & DRAPES - HOUSEHOLD GOODS ALL WOOL GARMENTS MOTHPROOFED AT NO EXTRA COST Evergreen Park 6791 PROMPT PICK UP and DELIVERY Garments Brought Into Plant Before Noon Can Be Had. At 5 oclock Same Day At Small Additional Cost.,392~VV~95th Evergreen Park 6791 Roberts Park Clnr. & Dyer 8446 S 77th ct Oak Lawn-1461-J-l SmithClnrs 3356 W 95th Evergreen Pk-7077 CLEANERS & DYERS FOR FINE CLEANING DRESSES - SUITS- COATS - HATS ~ e--- DRAPERIES - SLIP COVERS - RUGS 8--- FUR CLEANING and STORAGE SAME DAY SERVICE DAILY EXCEPT SAT. IF BROUGHT IN BEFORE 10:00 A.M. We Have Built Our Business on QUALlTY and SERVICE FOR PICK-UP and DELlVERY PHONE OAK LAWN 3950 LEFOLDT &. LYON CLEANERS th ans;! Southwest Hgwy. BETTER CARE, LONGER WEAR Fine DryCleaning. Laundry Rug Cleaning ENTERPRISE 4458 (No Toll ChllI~e) 9226 S. Burley Ave. - Chicago O~K LAWN Tailor & Furrier A COMPLETE CLEANING and PRESSING SERVICE For Cleaning - Glazing...; Storage MERCHANT.. TAILOR PHONE 120 OAK LAWN G 5319 W. 95th WM. BRANDT & SON COAL-COKE VVarm Morning Stoves ALEX B. -STEVENS-.CO. COAL and COKE LUMBER - MATERIAL - PAINT YARDS: Est. Since 1920 Albert H. Brandt, Prop. BUILDING MATERIALS For Friendly, Courteous Service PHONE 2700 OAK LAWN 9520 S. 51st OAK LAVVN 104th and THROOP ST. CHICAGO.~ BEVERLY ILLINOIS I

50 36 Coal-Concrete Coal & Coke:"Retail-(contd) BEATTY I N R LUMBER CO. " 9537 S 52d av ,oak Lawn-400 BRANDT WM & SON 9520 S51st..Oak Lawn-2700 CHATHAM COAL COKE & STOKER, CO,--- O. P. - TIMKEN and FREEMAN STOKER SALES and SERVICE COAL COKE OIL BURNERS 356 W HUh Chgo. Commodore CLEARING BLDG MATRL & COAL CO t W 65th......Summl -7 HESSER WM COAL CO 1231 W 105th Chgo Cedarcrest LANG H & SON SELECTED QUALITY COALS All Sizes Stoker Coal Under Cover 1040 W 95th Chgo....,. Cedarcrest Ridgeland Av,...,.:..Oak Lawn-612 OZINGA BROS 3133 W 95th. Evergreen Pk-7225 Listings, of this classification, COAL & COKE-RETAIL SCHIELE COAL &OIL CO. "A Fuel for every Purpose" WOOD Fertilizer - Grass Seed - Black Dirt BEVERLY W. HUh St. - CHGO. 43. ILL. COAL For Prompt Delivery ~ru":el75 Island Always Dependable 9uaiityFuei. At J;,ow Prices BU!LDING MATERIALS GEOi" J.,ROlLI.. & SONS, Eslabl1!hed W.Verinont Coal & Coke-Retail-(contd) ROLL GEO J & SONS COAL & ICE CO Est COAL BUILDING MATERIALS See Advertisement This Classification 2258 W Vermont. :. Blue Island-175 SCHIELE COAL & OIL CO 1965 W lllth Chgo......Bevrly Stevens Alex 8 Co S Throop Chgo Bevrly Cold Storage See Locker Rental-Frozen Food Colonic Irrigations MARYS HEALTH & REDUCING SALON 7312S Vincennes Av Chgo...Triangle Concessionaires Illinois Sport Service Inc 8700 S Cicero......Oak Lawn-479 Concrete Contractors DeVries Louis Cement Contractor 4824 W 91st Pl.. OakLawn-385 HUIZENGA G HARRY 2930 W 95th Evergreen Pk-8600 Mueller Chas H A Cement Constr Co 9715 S 52d av......oak La.wn-663 Polchow Albert A Constr Co Floors-Foundations~Sidewalks-Driveways 6258 W 107th Oak Lawn-1965-J-2 SOUTH SIDE GENL CONSTR INC 1011 W 47th Chgo Yards Authorized dealers in most nationally advertised merchandise or services can be found by looking under the Trade Marks or Brand Names in their respective c1assifi-, ~hic. Eslablished Over 30 Years Residental - Commercial - Industrial BUILDING REPAIRS - CONCRETE WORK Floors - Foundations - Sidewalks Concrete Breaking - cafions. Bldgs. Raised and Shored Cement Blocks Mfg. and Installed Licensed - In.ured - Time Payments YARDS W. 47th St., Chgo. Concrete Mixers Minnick Roy Rental Service 9135 S Kolmar Av......Oak Lawn-IOU Concrete Products Best Septic Tank Co 9100 S Harlem Oak Lawn-1278 KLEINPASTE REEDER CO INC Brikcrete, Stonecrete Sills 9545 Tully Av OakLawn-175 LANGLAND BROS CONCRETE EQUIPMENT RENTAL OAK LAWHCEMENT BLOCK ,- Manufacturers of Chimney, Manhole andbuilding Blocks Cement Contractors 4659 VI 95th. ;.....Oak Lawn-66 Oak Lawn Concrete Septic Tanks 9416 S 73d ct.....,...oak Lawn-1532-J-l SOUTH SIDE CEMENT BLOCK CO WATERPROOF FACE BLOCK CHIMNEY BLOCKS ROUND and SQUARE FLU CATCH BASIN and SOLID PIER BLOCKS 1011 W 47th Chgo Yards GREAT LAKES SUPPLY CORPORATION--"" I MIXERS WHEELBARROWS - FOR SALE OR RENT TRACTORS - GRADERS SHOVELS - PUMPS VIBRATORS - MIXERS FULL LINE OF EQUIPMENT 1026 W 50th Chgo.....Atlantic PUMPS 6049 W 95th. ; Oak Lawn 2184 Confectionery Stores MARGIES CANDIES-----~---. HOMEMADE, CANDIES MADE IN OUR OWN KITCHEN - FRESH DAILY - Famous for Our Assorted Whipped Creams "Freezer F;~:h;}1~e~i=m a:."d ~;~en Custard 5313 W 95th Oak Lawn-3319 Contractors l Equipment & Sl-Ipplies ADVANCE CONTRACTORS SUPPLY. CO REX MIXERS and Equipment Compressors- Pumps - Hoists - Saws Wheelbarrows - Vibrators, Etc. NEW and USED RENTALS- SALES - SERVICE Established J W Ohio Chgo.. Haymarket BETTEN INSULATING & ROOFING DO NOT INC- Russell L.. Betten. Prop. ATTIG. ROOMS ~ PORCH REPAIRS CARRIER AIR CONDITIONING TUCK POINTING - SIDEWALKS ALL CONSTRUCTION WORK Free Edimates Reverse Toll Charges Listings of this c1assificati~n, CONTRACTORS-GENERAL are continued on next page. ~OtUJTIHI. EVERGREEN PARK ~A~T ~tuj nillq)nlnj~<corif> 0 GENERAL CONTRACTORS HEmry K. Dolf,in, Pres. --~ Concrete-Contractors 37 Contractors-General AUTULLO RALPHr , Prop. of Columbus j}ia1%or Conslruetwn- Co. GENERAL and MASON, CONTRACTOR INDUSTRIAL -RESIDENTIAL S pcciali:;ilig 1 a BRICK and STONE CONSTRUCTION 9801 Southwest Hwy Oak Lawn W 103rd Chgo Hi~ltop BIGELOW H R & SONS CARPENTER REPAIRS DORMERS and ATTIC ROOMS REMODELING OF ALL KINDS PORCH ENCLOSURES - Easy Terms ~ 30 Years of Service , 91st Pl. Oak Lawn-2240 If No Answer Call Stewart HOME BUILDING OUR SPECIALTY SPAULDING,AV.

51 38. Contractors G. HARRY.HUIZENGA WE WILL BUILD TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS For Information Call EVERGREEN PARK, w. 95th St. Evergreen Park, ID. Contractors--:-General-(coned) Boers Gil Eqpmnt Co 2649 W 95th Evergreen Pk-7997 BRIGGS A G& SONS 3214 W 95th.... Evergreen Pk-8160 CAMERON WALKER INC Home Builders 163d & Cicero Oak Forest....Tinley Pk Chapman A A 5654 W 11Uh.. Oak Lawn-2644 CHAPMAN DEO f BUILDER 9600 Brandt Oak Lawn-622 DEL WIT CONSTRUCTION CO OWller: Relle Del Wit REMODELING OF ALL TYPES SPECIALIZING IN PORCHES AND ATTIC FLATS - MODERN KITCHENS INSTALLED 9729 Warren Av Oak Lawn 357 DOWE &SWAg , GENERAL CONTRACTING NEW CONSTRUCTION REMODELING W 91st PI......Oak Lawn 3224 If No Answer Call Oak Lawn 941 Listings of this classification, CONTRACTORS-GENERAL are continued in. next column. Contractors-General.,.-(coned) DUNNE REALTY &CONSTR CORP. : 9445 S St Louis:...,.. Evergreen Pk-8777 EnjayConstr Co 96th & Millard.. Evergreen Pk-6649 Evergreen Pk Electric 9735 S Lawndale Av... Evergreen Pk-7911 Haerr Geo Roofing & Insulation.Siding Contractor 9815 S Melvina.....Oak Lawn-499 HELSTERN & JOHNSON GENERAL CONTRACTORS MASONRY CONTRACTORS 6005 W 95th...Oak Lawn 821 HOLMBERG OARLE S Sawyer Chgo..,... Beverly~ HUIZENGA G HARRY WE BUILD TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS See Adv rliseme1jt This Classification W 95th. Evergreen Park-8600 Huizenga Harry G 2900 W 97th PI. Evergreen Pk-8680 CONTRACTORS-GENERAL are contjnued on next page. DEO F. CHAPMAN BUILDER OAKJ-,AWN BRANDT Contractors 39. INDUSTRIAL C!I COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL Inc. COMPLETE BUILDING SERVICE INDUSTRIAL RESIDENTIAL GENERAL REPAIRS FOUNDATIONS FLOORS. WALKS CD DRIVES RAISING LEVELING PLUMBING CD BASEMENTS ROOFING CD SIDING PLASTERING CD INSULATION Commercial Buildings Ereded CONCRETE BLOCKS MANUFACTURED and INSTALLED CARPENTRY MA$ONRY CONCRETE ESTABLISHED OVER- 30 YEARS QUALITY WQRK. LICENSED - BONDED""; INSURED.Payments arranged to suit you - F.H.A. or otherwise YARDS W. 47th St., Chgo. JOHN H. lu INDUSTRIAL RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL OAK LAWN 3230 Featuring & SON GENERAL CONTRACTORS RANCH STYLE HOMES CONCRETE and BRICK WORK MASONRY 9760 S. 49th A.ve. STO~ WORK. ~ Oak Lawn 2433-J-2 PEAK CONSTRUCTION CO. - LLOYD PEAK & HARVEY LANDSDOWNE. Props. Builders of Small Homes. ANYTHING IN THE CARPENTRY LINE. PORCH ENCLOSURES. DORMER APARTMENTS CD STAIRS CD GARAGES OFFICES s. 75th Ct S..75th Av. Oak Lawn 2433-J-2 COMPLETE BUILDING SERViCE "; CALL Evergreen Park 7989 GENEB.AL CONTRACTORS Homes Built to Order J &M BUILDERS 9656 Richmond

52 40 Contractors Contractors-Dairy 41 CQiltractors-General-(contd) ILLINOIS HOUSING ASSOCIATES "-,------,, GARAGE SPECIALISTS EXPERT REMODELING UNION BUILT GARAGES IMMEDIATEERECTION WE BUILD ANYWHERE VETERAN and FHA FINANCING $ Wester~ Av.... Blue Island-5860 Contractors-General-,(contd). LaBULIS CHAS GENERAL CONTRACTOR. and BUILDER SPECIALIZING IN CARPENTRY 8528 S 78th Av... Oak Lawn 2534-J-l Contractors-General-(coned) WOLF LAKE HOME IMPROVEMENT CO--... MODERNIZING and REPAIRING ATTIC FLATS ENCLOSE PORCHES RED CEDAR SHINGLES ASBESTOS - INSELBRIC SIDING. F.H.A. Loans - Free Estimates S Avenue H Chgo.. Essex Dairy Products BLUE ISLAND TINLEY PARK DAIRv----,. "Our Grade A LaberProteds Your Table" See Advertisemtmt This Classification 7050 W 171st.. Tinley Park-622 J & M BLDRS 9656 Richmond... Evergreen Pk-7989 Johnson E B Carpenter tontr 8401 Major......Oak Lawn-1751-J-l.. CONTRACTORS-GENERAL. CARPENTERS AND GENERAL CONTRACTORS FIRE LOSSES REPAIRED and.adjusted Call Beverly CARL E. HOLMBERG S. Sawyer,.Chgo.. ROBB &. NIELSEN GENERAL CONTRACTORS and BUILDERS SPECIALIZING IN CARPENTRY George S. Robb Jas. M. Nielsen Oak Lawn , S. fully- IS YOUR PROPERTY IN NEED OF REPAIRS - REMODELING MODERNIZING?. Let Us Furnish Estimotes ond In(o~inotion F~ ADDITIONS PORCHES ATTIC ROOMS FOUNDATIONS BASEMENT ROOMS INSULATION BRICK WORK ROOFING CARPENTER WORK SIDING CEMENT WORK TUCK POINTING N,ATIONAL CONSTRUCTION SERVICE _WALijROOK W. 59th, Chicogo - LUTZ JOHN H & SON 9760 S 49th.Av,.....Oak Lawn-3230 Lynch W J Co 95th & California. Evergreen Pk-7035 M & R Constr Co 9303 Ridgelnd. Oak Lawn-1981-J-l MALOTT & McLANE CONSTR CO INC 9747 Harding Evergreen Pk-7654 If no answer call......evergreen Pk-7084 McDERMOTT M J CO 92d & Homan Evergreen Pk-7862 McIlvoy Floyd 5631 W 83d pi..oak Lawn-1476-J-2 NATIONAL ROOFERS 1051 W 59th Chgo Walbrk Oak Lawn Cement Block Co 4659 W 95th " Oak Lawn-66 PEAK CONSTRUCTION CO Harvey Lalldsdownc and Llo:yd Peak, Props. BUILDERS OF SMALL HOMES "ANYTHING IN THE CARPENTRY LINE See Advertisement This Classifieati S 75th Ct......Oak Lawn 243:3-J-2 Polchow Albert A Constr Co 6258 W 107th :.. Oak Lawn-1965-J-2 Rehak Constr Co 9301 S 83d av..oak Lawnc1763-J-2 ROSB & NIEl.SEN 9308 S Tully..Oak Lawn-1272 (See Advertisement This Classification) ROTH J E & SOfl 9156 S 55th... Oak Lawn-2092 Smith & Hill Oak Center dr & Paxton rd. Oak Lawn-2190 Smith & Hill Inc.. Oak Center dr. & Paxton rd....oak Lawn SOUTH EAST BUILDING CORP - GENERAL CONTRACTORS HOME BUILDING OUR SPECIALTY See Our Display Adv. At This Heading 9541 Spaulding Av Evergreen Park-8244 SOUTH SIDE GENERAL CONSTRUCTION INC REMODELING - REPAIRS HOUSE RAISING - FOUNDATIONS CONCRETE BLOCKS See Advertisement This Classification 1011 W 47th Chgo..... Yards Telander Genl Contrs S 90th.. Oak Lawn-2313-J-2 Voogd Thos 9139 S Sawyer Evergreen Pk-7163 CONTRACTORS-GENERAL WRIGHT BUILDERS & SUPPLY CO Shell Cottages-Homes-Built & Financed 3435 W Fullerton Chgo....Humbldt Corsets DAVIS SHOP Corsets-Lingerie-Sportswear 6622 S Halsted. Chgo.... Englewd MINGEAINC 1759 W 95th Chgo.. Beverly Cosmetics & Perfume-Retail Borrelli Drug Co 4871 W 95th Oak Lawn-3424 Raskin Ruth Cosmetics 9410, 55th Ct.Oak Lawn-3866 Roxie Beauty Shop 5239 W 95th.Oak Lawn-494 Currency Exchanges Evergreen Pk Currency Ex~hanges Inc 3335 W 95th.....Evergreen Pk-8983 Oak Lawn Currency Exchange Inc W 95th Oak Lawn-2050 Curtain Cleaners Archer Laundry 38&7 S -Archer AvIChgo.....Enterprise-6060 (Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls) Berten Cleaners & Dyers, 3412 W 95th......Evergreen Pk-8193 Cascade Wet Wash Laundries Inc 7930 S Racine av Chgo... Enterprise-4275 (Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls) Modern Laundry & Dry Clng Co $ Halsted Chgo Enterprise-4404 (Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls) SERVICE PINLESS CURTAIN CLEANERS 3010 W 63d Chgo Hemlock BUYERS GUIDE Why not let the Yellow Pages help you? No matter what you want; Hits available, youll find who sells. it right here.. BORDENS SWITCH TO 80RDENS MitK IF ITS BORDENS ITS GOT TO BE GOOD "FOR INFORML1TION GALL" BORDEN CO CHGO MILK DIVISION 320 W 70th PI Chgo Radcliff DAIRY PRODUCTS are continued on next page. RUETERS DAIRY CO. PREMIUM MILK AT NO EXTRA COST PROMPT DEPENDABLE DELIVERY TO YOUR DOOR EVERGREEN,PARK So. Kedzie Ave.

53 42 Dairy-Dancing Dairy Products-(contd) BOWMANS DAIRY PRODUCTS THE MILK OF SUPERIOR FLAVOR "WHERE TO BUY THEM" BOWMAN DAIRY CO W 103d Chgo...,...!Hilltop Charlie & Maries Groc & Mkt S - Ridgeland Oak tawn-2687 FARM FOOD STORES Tom Murray, Own.er -MILKo- COMPLETE LINE GROCERIES "and MEATS ICE CREAM - BAKERY qoods 6520 S Cicero Av....Summit-1573 Franks Groc & Mkt 5813 W 87th...Oak Lawn-9322 HUNDINGS MILK & DAIRY PRODUCTS--- Ginger Hunding who always drinks all her milk says "Other Hunding country.fresh high quality products are mighty good too." "WHERE TO BUY THEM" HUNDING DAIRY CO 1300 E 71st Chgo Hyde Park Lebers Food Shop 9701 Southwest Hwy...Oak Lawn-9302 LEO &JOS MILK STOR DAIRY PRODUCTS PET MILK _ BUTTER - EGGS FRESH DRESSED POULTRY Delicatessen Foods - Lunch Meats Soft Drinks - ICE CREAM Bakery Goods 2946 W 95th. Evergreen Park-7993 Nelson Dairy Products 9826 S Western Evergreen Pk-8800 DAIRY PRODUCTS Tinley Park Milk "BOTTLED IN OUR COUNTRY PLANT" GRADE A - VITAMIN D PASTEURIZED - HOMOGENIZED CREAMY COTTAGE CHEESE STRICTLY FRESH EGGS SWEET CREAM BUTTER. For Delivery Service CALL TINLEY PARK 622 BLUE ISLAND -TINLEY PARK DAIRY.TINLEY PARK.. ILL. Dairy Products-(contd) Nelsons Dairy Cottage S Kedzie Av Evergreen Pk-9253 RIDGEVIEW FARMS DAIRY INC. Finer Dairy Products. Homogenized Vitamin 0 Milk 923 N Wolcott Chgo Humbldt RUETERS DAIRY CO 9834 Kedzie Evergreen Pk-7843 STARLITE DAIRY MAYWOOD - DAIRY PRODUCTS Milk, Cream, Eggs, Butter, Buttermilk DELICATESSEN. Open Sundays and Holidays. Chicago Newspapers Sundays and Daily 9244 S Cicero. OakLawn-2125 WANZER SIDNEY & SONS We Specialize in HOME DELIVERY of. QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS 29 E 114th Chgo Commodore WORTH DAIR GRLlDE "Ll" PRODUCTS FOR _ "The Milk Thats Worth More" DELIVERY SERVICE 112th & Harlem Worth 300 Dancing Instruction. -. CEKA EVELYNNE MAREE------~ ~. SCHOOL OF THE DANCE TAP - BALLET - ACROBATIC CHARACTER SPECIALIZiNG IN BABIES ROUTINES FOR PROFESSIONALS 6357 S Kedzie Av Chgo Republic CONLAN CAMILLE STUDIO Ballet, Toe, Acrobatic.& Tap 2039 W 95th Beverly ENGLEWOOD SCHOOL OF MUSIC & DANCING LATEST BALLROOM STYLES Adult Clzildren Small Groups for Children in. Toe - Tap - Ballet - Acrobatics One of the Largest Dancing and Music SchoolJ In Chicago (2 Short Blocks From 63rd & Halsted) 6240 S Peoria av Chgo...Englewood Authorized. dealers in most nationally advertised merchandise or services can be found by looking under the Trade Marks or Brand Names in their respective classifications. Delicatessens Apgar Clarence J, 9805 Southwest Hwy.....Oak Lawn-9367 Bunny & Lous Delctsn. 0 6:30 AM-12 Midnite-Sun All Day Drive-In-ServIce CreamNoti6ns Etc S Cicero Blue Isld-2697"Y-4 J & K Food Mart6133 W 95th.,..Oak Lawn-1l9 Kerwinrs Delicatessen Open 8 AM To 10 PM-7 Days A Week 3322 W 95th Evergreen Pk-9236 LEO & JOS MIL!, STORE DAIRY PRODUCTS Pet Milk - Butter - Eggs Fresh Dressed Poultry Delicatessen Foods : Lunch Meats Soff Drinks - ICE CREAM - Bakery Goods 2946 W 95th.. Evergreen Park-7993 Olejosz Roman 8428 S77th ct.oak Lawn-1460-J-2 PDQ Grocery 3140 W92d... Evergreen Pk-7332 Starlite Dairy 9244 S Cicero Oak Lawn-2125 Delivery Service See Expressing & Baggage Transfer Dental Laboratories LAKESIDE DENTAL LABORATORv---- DENTURES GOLD PARTIALS ACRYLIC JACKETS Repair Service Given Prompt Attention (24- Hrs.) Free Delivery and Pick-Up Berving the Dental Profession Only 525;1. W 95th... :....Oak Lawn 3670 OGDEN DENTAL LABORATORY EMERGENCY REPAIRSERVICE ONE HOUR - OTHERS THREE HOURS Dentures Made FroIO Impressions on Orders of Illinois Dentists Only Individualized Dentures - Newest Plastic and Transparent- Roofless or Partial Plates Old Plates Tightened and Remade 1546 W 63rdChgo Republic UKS DENTAL LABORATORY----~----, 3-HOUR EMERGENCY REPAIR, SERVICE Complete Laboratory Service..Specializing in INDIVIDUALIZED DENTURES Formerly Clearing, Ill. 564? W 63rd Chgo Portsmouth Tim TONE DENTAL PLATE LABORATORY. Emergency 1 Hr Repairs Other Repairs 2 Hrs 127 N Dearborn Chgo Centrl BAD WEATHER? Why,go out to buy, when it is so easy and convenient to shop by telephone frorrr t~ese- pages?. Delicatessens-Dentists 43 Dentists Craig Harold E 9 AM To 9 PM Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday Wednesday And Saturday 9 AM To 12 Noon 3335 W 95th.. Evergreen Pk-7600 CUTHBERTSON J B ~ Dr. R. C. Bruce - Dr. C. T. Collen Dr. E. P. Crabbe - Dr. C. J. RObbins 6306 S. Halsted 2nd Floor Kresge Bldg.,Chicago Daily - 9 A.M. to 9 P.M S Halsted Chgo Englewood Goldstein S L Office Hours Daily 10-8-Except Wednesday S Michigan Chgo Pullman Hirth Floyd J Specializing In Plate Work 5649 W 63d Chgo Portsmouth HOFFMAN MATHIAS DENTIST MON. - WED. - FRI. 10jO A.M. TO 8 P.M Cook av..... Oak Lawn-2212 Honor Harold L 3411 W 95th...Evergreen Pk-7528 Kaplan Seymour M W 95th Evergreen Pk-6684 KELL;R LEONARD DENTIST HOURS: Mon., Wed., FrL i P.M. To 8 P.M. Sat. 2 P.M. To 4- P.M W 95th Oak Lawn 80 Kunik P J Office Hours 10 To 12 Noon 1 PM To 4-Evenings 7 To 9 PM Wed And. Sat PM By Appointment OnJy 7663, 62d pl Summit-1514 PUTNIS J E DENTIST Hours Mon. - Tues. - Wed. - Thurs. 12 Noon to 9 P.M W 95th Oak Lawn 212 WEINFIELD EDWIN E----., ~~ DENTIST DAILY 9:00 A.M. TO 9:00 P;M. WED. and SAT. 9:00.A.M. TQ 6:00 P.M. Office Phone 9835 Southwest......Oak Lawn-4 Residence.Phone Oak. Lawn-l03 Weinfield Edwin E 9635 Southwest Hwy Oak Lawn-103 In these pages you will find business listings of every kind

54 44 Department-Diaper Department Stores Evergreen Department Store W 95th Evergreen Pk-7143 franks DEPARTMENT STORE 813 W 79th Chgo Radclif (See Advertisement This, Classification) GOLDBLATT BROS INC," 333 S State Chgo Wabash Hensleys 5c To 1.00 Store "., 5217 W 95th OakLawn-1135 Ipemas Dept Store 9717 Southwest hwy Oak Lawn-53 KABAKER S 1}O STORE HOURS Monday Tuesday and Thnrsday 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. Wednesday and Friday 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. Closed Saturday, Open Saturday Evenings Til 10 P.M. Open All Day Sunday 9 A.M. to 6 P.M W Archer Av......Summit33,Marshall Field & Co Personal Shopping Service 111 N State Chgo.,.... Enterprise-4242 (Called Party,Pays For Enterprise Calls) Montgomery Ward & Co telephone order dept 618 W Chicago av (For Oak Lawn Subscribers Only) Enterprise-4700 (Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls) Oak Lawn Dept Store 5300 W 95th..Oak Lawn-9377 PEOPLES STORE Shop for the Entire Family and Save. Everything for the Home. ~ It Headquarters for Electric Appli at e u,..( ances, Stoves, Radios, Etc. 46 [;, t/ ~ Yrs. of Customer Satisfaction. Diamonds McKays 5216 W 95th... ;. Oak Lawn-3M Diaper Supply Service ABC DIAPER SERVICE 18C , NO NEED TO BUY, WE SUPPLY See Advertisement This Classi/icmon 5107 S Lake Park Av Chgo":.. Enterprise-4184 (Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls) ABC Diaper Service Inc 5107 S Lake Park Av Enterprise-4184 (Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls) BABYLAND DIAPER SERVICE INC 7519 S State Chgo :.. l:iudson CRIB DIAPER SERVICE INC W C,hicago Chgo Brunswick , D~PERSUP?LY SERVICE Diaper Supply Service-Ccontd) DY DEEWASH INC 5529 N Maplewood Chgo.. Ravenswood INFANT DIAPER SERVICE INC Western Av Chgo.... Grovhil LAD & LASSIE DIAPER SERVICE WESTINGHOUSE STERILAMPS BRING YOU A SANITIZED - BACTERIA~FREE DIAP~R See Ollr Display Adv. At This Heading 98 W 154th Harvey-11M WEE FOLKS DIAPER SERVICE 15 W Marquette Rd Chgo..Wentworth SABYLAND " DIAPER SERVICE, INC. Baby Scales Available Free Layette,Service BABY CLOTHES WASHED - FLUFFED - FOLDED and STERILIZED LOW COST, CONVENIENT SCHEDULED SERVICE TO SUBURBAN AREAS CALL HUDSON 3-3:2.7.1 COLLECT CALLS ACCEPTED 7519 S. STATE, CHGO. letsou/.lf;ee--:70lks TIIEIR MAIN INTeREST IS O(JR DIAPERSI" "Double Protection" MEANS PERM-ASEPTIC TREATED and LABORATORY TESTED "Over 10 Years of Satisfactory Service" Phone Wentworth W~ Marquette Rd., Chgo. Diaper 45 ~...\\III)J 7/11 ~~. 1 ~~U/ee~Oli :s ~. DIAPER SERVIIEE ~ LEADING PHYSICIANS AND HOSPITALS USE AND RECOMMEND OUR SERVICE "WHERE TO BUY THEM" GATELYS PEOPLES STORf Open Man & Thurs Nights To 9:30 PM S Michigan Chgo.. Comodor Sears Roebuck & Co catalog teleph orders THE ANSWER RADCLIFFE Evergreen Pk-8866 Look in these pages to find the ans,,:,"er to pradically every ~uying problem SEE THE DIFFERENCE We Invite You To Visit Our Plant THE ONLY DIAPER SERVICE Featuring the Complete Installation, Of Westinghouse Sterilamp Protection 9 Per Day 12 Per Day 15 Per Day 18 Per Day 21 Per Day 24 Per Day Ultra Violet Rays Bring You A Sanitized, Bacteria-Free Diaper. Diapers Furnished Combination By Us Service Diapers Supplied By You or A Combination of Yours and Ours. The Diaper Become Your Own Personal Set, Used Only By Your B.aby. 9, 12, or 15 Per Day INQUIRE FOR RATES Your Babys Clothing Washed, Dried and Folded With Diaper Service For A Small Additional Amount Phone HARVEY 1164 Reverse Charges Accepted on All -Phone Orders LAD and LASSIE DIAPER SERVICE ~ 98 W. 154th St. Harvey, III. The ORIGINAL Diaper Service.,,,--... I ", I~ Ravnswd-8 \ ALL,..., BABY \ 4700 f,- SERVICES!, -_... V9-Z,ee 1Uadk N. MAPLEWOOQ AVE. - CHICAGO 8EFORE HE ARRIVES MAKE RESERVATIONS FOR Free Use of Baby Scale CLOCKLIKE SUBURBAN SERVICE Same Diapers. every time Our Diapers ~ or yours Attractive diaper container Baby Clothes 8100 Laundry Baby Scale Reverse Charge~ (28 Days Without 2621 W. Chicago Ave., Chg,o. Charge) CALL Brunswick 8 INFANT DIAPER SERVICE, INC. DIAPERS TESTED BY PENNSYLV~A STATE COLLEGE BABYS CLOTHES ARE WASHED and STERILIZED SEPARATELY, FROM THE DIAPERS.:\ Grovehill S816 S. Wesern Av., Chgo.

55 46 Dishwashing-Dress Dishwashing Machines HOTPOINT DISHWASHING MACHINES-=;; GIENGER-WALTON HOME APPLIANCES 5307 W 95th Oak Lawn-153 Doctors See specific heading, such as-physicians & Surgeons (MOl; Dentists; Optometrists; Osteopathic Physicions; Veterinarians; Etc. Dog & Cat Foods DeGROOT FEED & SEED Southwest hwy......oak Lawn c 37 Oak Lawn Feed Store 5323 W 95th..Oak Lawn-230 Dog Kennels Crebs Training Kennels_ 9832 Southwest hwy Oak Lawn-957 Heide Boarding & Training Kennels Outside Runs 152d & Kildare Midlothian. Blue Isld-2669-Y-2 Jeral Kennel 80th & Harlem Summit-B64-R-2 Lotona.collie Village 6800 W 95th..Oak Lawn-274 Park Manor Kennels 8512 Lockwood av.....oak Lawn-2341-J-2 Door Closers & Checks AUBURN SERVICE SHOP------c--,.DOOR CHECKS REPAIRED ana INSTALLED SPRINGS, LIQUID and PARTS 7725 S Halsted Chgo......Hudson Draperies & Curtains DAVIS STORES INC Call For Free Estimates In Your Home 6816 S Halsted Chgo Hudson DU VAL.LS INTERIOR DECORATING SERVICEand ASHLAND SHADE and VENETIAN BLIND CO. Under Same }.1allagement Draperies and Cornices - Slip Covers. Venetian Blinds - Window Shades Re-Upholstering 6355 S Ashland Chgo Grovehill LEES DRAPERY & SLIP COVER CO------, SLIP COVERS - DRAPERIES VENETIAN BLINDS. CURTAINS BUDGET PLAN Englewood 4-TI S Halsted Chgo... ". Englewood 4-TI42 Dress Shops-See Womens Apparel Shops Dress Suit Rental A & B DRESS SUIT RENTAL CO 6646 S Halsted Chgo Wentwth BECKER DRESS SUIT RENTAL SERVICE INC 1047 South BI Oak Park... _. Euclid-2959 DRESS SUIT RENToAL iire continued in next column. Dress Suit R~ntal":"(contd) BE~MAR TUXEDO RENTAL CO INC "Take It "With Yo~ Service" SUMMER FORMALS - TUXEDO.S FULL DRESS - CUTAWAYS LATEST DRAPE MODELS ALL SIZES 5024 S Ashland Av Chgo...Grovehill BROOKS THE TAILOR "The Original Tuxedo Man" We Specialize in The Rental of Formal Attire For All Occasions "SEE BROOKS FIRST" S Ashland Chgo Lafayette ESQUIRE FORMAL WEAR-see Topper Formal Wear-. Hanzl & Sons 2605 W 51st Chgo... Republic HOLLYWOOD TUXEDO RENTAL. 938 W 63d Chgo Walbrook SOOTH CHICAGO TUXEDO SHOPPE 8800 S Commercial Av Chgo..So Chgo TOPPER FORMAL WEAR 1547 W 95th Chgo Beverly THE ANSWER Look in these pages to find the answer to practically every buying problem Dress--,Drug 47.Dressmakers. FASHION CLEANERS :..;. ~~ LILLIAN KOZIOL "Designer of Smart Jlpparefjor Women" DRESSES " SUITS - BLOUSES ALTERATIONS - REPAIRING REMODELING 4961 W 95th... ; Oak Lawn-64 GRACE DRSMKG SHOP Dressmaking & Alterations Womens Custom Tailored Suits & Coats 8416/2 S Ashlan!! Chgo Hiltop Drug Stores ALLIANCE DRUG CO Open Sundays 3632 W 95th Evergreen Pk-7081 BORRELLI DRUG CO FULL LINE OF DRUGS, COSMETICS an d. PERFUMES PRESCRIPTION SERVICE 2801 W 63rd Chgo: Prospect W 95th.....Oak Lawn 3424 Medical Arts Phar 3347 W 95th..Evergreen Pk-8766 RATAJIKS PHARMAGY PRE-SCRTPTIONS Door Operating Devices Wood Edgar F Overhelld Door Serv 9544 S Springfield.... Evergreen Pk-8368 Doors EVERGREEN PK.MILLWORK CO 2930 W 95th Evergreen Pk-8600 Muchmore Mfg Co 2640 W 95th.. Evergreen Pk-7701 WOOD EDGAR F OVERHEAD DOOR SERVICE. OVERHEAD DOOR SERVICE SALES and SERVICE OF -. DOORS and ELECTRIC OPERATING DEVICES Industrial and Residential Installations Chicago Office - Phone. Wm..H. Wood 1430 W 74th Chgo.....Triangle S. Springfield... Evergreen Park-8368 Dramatic Art Instruction CHICAGO CONSERVATORY 1765 WMonterey Chgo Beverly-8-610l AtoZ. Practically anything available can be secured through these pages. 7J ([) IP fp IE IR Beverly Hills BEVERLY S47 W. 95th, Chgo. Beverly Theatre Bldg. For Correct F orma1 Attire See Formerly Esquire Formal Wear Loop -DEARBORN 2- : 0489 e.. 36 W. Randolph, Chgo. 2nd Floor TUHEDOS WHITE FORMALS CUTAWAYS TO REnT l~) _. A Sizes 3 to SO c I. Personal. Attention.~.~.~=.F SouthChi~ago.i.....,...~..15-e i."\~... " 8680 F" Open Evenings to 8:30P.M. Sat. to 6P,M S. Commercial Ave., Chgo.. South Chicago Tuxedo Shoppe HOllYWOOD TUXEDO RENTAL "Compare. Our Quality First". Walbrook W.63rd. Chgo W 95th,...Oak Lawn-600 ROBERTSON HARRY DRUGS PRESCRIPTIONS BABY SUPPLIES - COSMETICS SICKROOM SUPPLIES PHOTO FINISHING Visit Our Soda Fountain 9716 Southwest Hwy.... :.Oak Lawn-65 Rupich Drugs 5226 W 95th Oak Lawn-16 WHITE PHAR THE 3"300 W 95th.Evergreen Pk-7676 (See Advertisement This Classification) The Classified Tells Where to Buy THE WHITE PHARMACY Edw. Sykora. R.Ph. -Prescription Specialist. FOR FREE DELIVERY CALL EVERGREEN PARK W.95th

56 48 Druggists-Electric BOYD - HARDWARE & APPLIANCE AUTHORIZED ~ ~ ~m ApPliances, BEVERtY Radia and Small Appliance Repair EVERYTHING ELECTRIC I FOR YOUR HOME,Evergreen Park W. 95th St. BEVERLY ELECTRIC -- SHOP, INC West 95th Street, Chgo. At 95th and Western Av. Authorized Dealers for Bendix Washers - Ironers- Dryers Thor Washers - Ironers and Dishwashers Universal, Apex and Naxon Washers. Crosley Refrigerators General EI~ctric, Premier and Royal Vacuum Cleaners,Lyon Kitchen Cabirrets and Sinks Gibson Refrigerators and Electric Ranges Coleman Oil Heaters Drain-O-MaticGarbage Eliminators Hot Water Heaters -Irons Waffle Irons, Toasters, Etc. Druggists-Whol HUMISTON KEELING & co Complete Line Of Drugs & Sundries Michigan Chgo. ". Boulvrd Dry Cleaners-See Cleaners & Dyers Duplicating Machines SUBURBAN OFCMACHS 6716 Ogden Av Berwyn. Stanley-1794 Eggs Kleyboecker Henry 115th & Keeler av. Blue Isld-1204 Electric Appliances ARDON APPLIANCES , - A Complete Line of ELECTRIC APPLIANCES Refrigerators Radios Washing Machines Ranges and Stoves Vacuums Home Freezers Irons and Ironers - Toasters Grills - Lamps - Heaters, Etc W 95th.- _ Evergreen Park-8253 BEHRENDS HARDWARE Electrical Appliances Ranges - Radios Refrigerators and Home,Freezers Washing Machines - Vacuum Cleaners Complete Line of Electrical- Fittings 8redit-Terms 5300 W 95th ~ Oak Lawn-3 BEVERLYELECTRIG SHOP INC 2341 W 95th Chgo. " "..,...Beverly-8-170l Classification continued next column W. 95th ST., Chgo. PHONE BEVERLY HILLTOP 5~0230 Authorized Westinghouse Dealer REFRIGERATORS LAUNDROMATS ELECTRIC DRYERS HOT WATER HEATERS STOVES All Small Appliances Mixers - Toasters - Waffle Irons Electric Irons..;. Vacuum Cleaners COMPLETE! These Yellow Pages give you buying information you could find in no other place. GlEN GER-WAlTO N Complete Line DC Wiring Supplies and Fixtures B..X. Entrance Cable - Switches and Thin Wall Fluorescent Lighting and G.E. Bulbi PHONE 153 OAK LAWN Handy- HOME APPLIANCES AUTHORIZED DEALERS o General Electric e Crosley o Speed Queen 0 Hotpoint o Bendix 0 Norge 5307 II W. 9Sth St, The Telephone Directory Is Always Handy And These Yellow Pag~ Are Handy Too They "Tell Where To Buy". ~y Article or Servicq,l:"ou May BII Seeking Central Av Chgo.. Portsmouth ARDON APPLIANCES W 95th"""".. "... Evergreen Pk-8253 BEVERLY ELECTRIC SHOP ING 2341 W 95th Chgo"... ".". Beverly Classification continued next page. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS ~~ DESIGNING ~ ALTERING RESIDENTIAL INDUSTRIAL COMMERCIAL FARM Frank Lambert, Prop. Licensed Electrician 30 Yrs. Experience FLUORESCENT LIGHTING FIXTURES REPAIR and lviaintenance PHONE Evergreen Park 7977 EVERGREEN PARK ELECTRIC 9735 S. Lawndale Everl\rfien Park IIPhone Us ana Well Wire for You ll 4869 W. 95th St. MIDWEST ELEOTL 00 NSTR. 00. INDUSTRIAL COMMERCIAL HOUSE _WIRING Oak Lawn 2250 A Complete Line- of Eledrical Fixtures Electric 49 ElectriC Contractors "AIRPORT ELECTRIC CO-, , ELECTRIC CONSTRUCTION WIRING FOR LIGHT and POWER FIXTURES FOR HOMES and FACTORIES Oak Lawn

57 50 Electric Electric Contractors-{coned) BORRE El.ECTRIC: CONTR 7813, 9lst.....Oak Lawn-14S2-J-l EVERGREEN PARK ELECTRIC 973~ S Lawndale Av Evergreen Pk-7911 GLOBE LIGHT CO WesternChgo I-lilltop MIDWEST ELECTRICAL CONSTR CO W 95th Oak Lawn-2250 Normal Electric 9209, 54thav Oak Lawn-300 Make sure of addresses by consulting ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS -----e WIRING INDUSTRIAL nnd REWIRING COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL Gt----- Fluorescent Lighting Trouble Shooting and Maintenance Installation of Ranges and Hot Water Heaters Phone OAKLAWN 1452-J-l BORRE ELECTRIC st these pages before you go THE (OMPLETE ELECTRICAL SERVICE Light and Power Wiring - Lighting Fixtures Layouts, Suggestions, Estimates Electrical Service and Repairs, Appliances, Mazda Lamps, Table Lamps, Floor Lamps, Shades Open Monday and Thursday Eves. Est Beverly Electric Shop, Inc. 2341W. 95th Street, Chgo. At 95th and Western Av. BEVERLY Useful--- These Yellow Pages Are Full of Useful Information out to shop. Oaklawn They Are a Buyers Guit1e To the. Business FirmS of this Communityl._ Electric Engineers See Engineers-Electrical -Electric Equipment CALUMET ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO , WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES for the Dealer.- Contractor Industrials Fluorescent Lighting Designed to Serve the Great South Side S Michigan Av Chgo..Waterfall WHOLESALE ELECTRICAL SUPPLY CO FOR INDUSTRY DEALER CONTRACTOR Industrial, Residential and Fluorescent LIGHTING FIXTURES Cords Wires Cable Switcbes Controls ~ Wiring Devices - WESTINGHOUSE LAMPS 7333 S Cottage Grove Av Ch~o. Hudson Electric Light & Power Companies Public Service Co of Northern III dist hdqtrs (24 Hr) 159th & Fisk av Harvey Enterprise-4100 (Called,Party Pays For Enterprise Calls) 159th _&Fisk Av Harvey Oak Lawn-2000 Electric Motors Columbus Manor Pump & Supply Co Serviced-Rewound-Repaired Merrimac av Oak Lawn-583 If no answer call Oak Lawn-1593~J-l JOHNS REPAIR SHOP 24-HR. SERVICE Electric Motors Repaired- Rewound Rebuilt Exchanged Guaranteed Service S,Halsted Chgo Huds~n STANDARD ELECT MOTOR SERVICE 3960 S WesternChgo... _...Virginia Windah I- Refrgrtr Serv 9257 S Raymond Oak Lawn-1l47 Youll find many nationally advertised products-and services listed in -the YELLOW PAGES STANDARD E:teclrlc MOTOR SERVICE ELECTRIC MOTORS REWOUND REBUILT REPAIRED VIRGINIA <) 3960 S. WESTERN AV., CHGO. Electric Repair Service, Freds,Appliance Repair Service 9747 McVicker Av....Oak Lawn-H89 G F C Electric Repair Shop 9504 S Cook Av OakLawn-3949 Krueger Herb H 9521 S Minnick Av..Oak lawn-1812 ElectricSiJpplies Ardon Appliances 3408 W 95th.. Evergreen Pk-8253 DUKES HARDWARE WE HANDLE. EVERYTHING TO WIRE YOUR HOME See Our Fixture Display Opeu 9 A.M. to 8 P.M. Saturdays 9to 6 j Sundays 9 to W 87th Oak Lawn-91 GIENGER WALTON HOME APPLIANCES W 95th Oak Lawn-153 Electrolysis - METCALFE LomE A Hair-Moles-Facial Veins Removed Men or Women-Suite 1705-Stevens bldg 17 N State Chgo......, Frankln Electronic Equipment & Supplies King Radio & Television Service 5212 W 95th.,...(.....OakLaW]l-1650 Employment Agencies DVORAK SOUTH SIDE VOCATIONAL BUR Office-Factory-Hotel-Restaurant Positions 719 IN 63d Chgo.. "...,Englewood HOWE AL SERVICES INC PERSONNEL Office - Factory: " Technical Executive Selection - Placement Counseling 6245 S Ashland Av Chgo Grovehill W 63d Chgo Portsmouth Engineers-Electrical Borre Electric Contr st. Oak Lawn-1452cJ-l Engines":Gasoline Leja Engines Incorp 2743 W 95th. Evergreen Pk-8190 Entertainment,, Cole Marionettes 9621 S Brandt. ;. Oak Lawn-760 Excavating Contractors AIRPORT SCAVENGER SERVICE 9906 Homan Av Evergreen Pk-7232 ALSTERDA CARTAGE & CONSTRUCTION: CO S Crawford -av Blue Isld COOK Dl.!PAGE EXCAVATING EXCAVATING MODERN EQUIPMENT See Advertisement This Classification 7433 W 55th Pl Summit-1739 Classification continued next page. Electric~Excavating GI EN-GER-WALTON HOME APPLIANCES EVERYTmNGIN ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES BX - Enlrance Cable - Wire of All Types Switches "- Receplades _.Oullet Boxes Thinwall and Conduit Fluorescent and Incandescent Fixtures General Electric BuThs Fluorescent and Incandescent. OAK LAWN W. 95th EXCAVATING Oak Lawn A E N Q D U I & P M G E R A N T V E R L E F Crane and Tractor Service N T I A L L KRUG EXCAVATING CO. L Blue Is1an S. Central Park Ave. Excavating Basements Trenches _ Cook-Du Page Excavating Co. Summit W. 55th Place Pete Lukosius Prop. MODERN EQUIPMENT If No Answer Call Lombard 8001.,R-1 AlSTERDA CARTAGE & CONSTRUCTION CO. EXCAVATING - GRADING BASEMENTS - SUBDIVISION ROADS and DRAINAGE - SAND FILL Phj)ne BLUE ISLAND S. -CRAWFORD AVE. 51

58 52 Excavating-Feed EXCAVATING EARTH BORING POST HOLES MACADAM and GRAVEL ROADS PARKlNG LOTS -.GRADING Complete Subdivision Development BLUE I.SlAND 1811 SOUTH CHICAGO CRANE and TRACTOR RENTAL SERVICE STOLL CONSTRUCTION CO W. 1l9th Pl Chappel HAY FEED DE GROOTS FEED STORE "ATcad; Feed fot Every Neeif POUI.TRY SUPPLIES FERTILIZERS Worth. m. Chicago 17 SEEDS BULBS Phone Oak Lawn 37 HORSE MEAT DOG and CAT FOOD POULTRY REMEDIES IMPORTERS OF HOLLAND BULBS ~ 9822 Southwest Hwy. OAK LAwN FE-ED STORE PURINA CHOWS VITALITY FEEDS EILLTOP F~ FEEDS OAK LAWN 230 POULTRY REMEDIES FERTILIZER and SEEDS o DOG and CAT FOODS 5~23W. 9,5th - Oak LawiJ. Excavating Contractors-(contd) DOMENICK TERLIZZI.EXCAVATING Cinders and Rubbish Removal Black Earth and Filling General Trucking, 9959 S Trumbull.. Evergreen Park-8855 KRUG EXCAVATING cn S Central Pk av Blue Isld-2040 (See Advertisement This Classification) OAK LAWN EXCAVATING SERVICE EXCAVATING Parking Lots - Driveways Grading - Roads Industrial and Residential Estimates at No Obligation 4659 W 95th Oak Lawn-66 STOLL CONSTR CO 4300 W 119th. Blue Isld-lBll (See Advertisement This. Classification) E~press-Railway-See R~i1way Expressing Expressing & Baggage TranSfer Veterans Cartage Co Local And Long Distance Moving 2935 W 141st Pl Blue Isld-406 Exterminating & Fumigating A VERI BEST EXTERMINATORS----~ Over 18 Years GlIarallteed Service ODORLESS EXTERMINATING and FUMIGATING Furniture and Rugs Fumigated. Mothproofed and Cleaned We Maintain Our OWN GAS CHAMBERS SINGLE JOB or CONTRACT - Have Operator Reverse Charge 4817 S Cottage.Grove Chgo.. Kenwood BALLANTYNE PEST CONTROL CO 1369 E 53d Chgo Butterfld Fasteners-Slide Zeephat Cornelius Zippers Repaired & Replaced S Wentworth Chgo...Waterfall Feed Stores DeGROOT FEED & SEED 9822 Southwest hwy Oak lawn-37 Eisenstein I Feed Store S Cicero av......oak Lawn-181 OAK LAWN FEED STORE W 95th, i. Oak Lawn-230 " Feed.,-Whol, Mfrs & Brokers Hilltop Farm Feed Co Ridgelnd & 103d. Oak Lawn-685 BUYERS GUIDE Why not let the Yellow Pages help you? No matter what you want, if its.. available. youll find who sells it right here. Fence BANTA BROS 6924S State Chgo..Stewrt (See Advertisement ~his Classification) CONROY FENCE Distributor for Pittsburgh Steel ERECT YOUR OWN FENCE. We llian you the tools with com; plete instructions. All.types of fences - Wood - lron - Steel and Steel Railing - Residential - In- dustrial - Playground Eqpt. Up to :3 Years.to Pay. ;WHERE TO BUY THEM" CONROY FENCE CONROY FENCE & SUJ1PLY CO 1516 S Kilbrn Chgo...Crawford FENCE CO OF AMERICA White Cedar Fences 6 Beaut. Designs Terms 608 S Dearborn Chgo Harrison flynn FENCE &SUPPLY CO All Types Of Fence Furnished.& Installed W "Augusta Chgo Armitage OAK LAWN FENCE CO. We Specialize In All Types Of Fences Chain Link, Steel Fences, Wood Picket Landscaping And Rich Black Dirt 9017 S Austin Oaktawn-l00l SKIMOR BUILDERS & MFG CO FENCES of All Kinds PICKET -; WIRE - CHAIN LINK Materials Only or Completely Installed Free Estimates 237 W 10Sth PI Chgo Comniodor If No Answer Call Pullman Fertilizers DeGroot Feed & Seed 9822 Southwest Hwy.....Oak Lawn-37 Filling Stations See Automobile Service Stations Fireplaces, Mantels & Fixtures What Not Shop 4830 W95th..,Oak Lawn-330 Fish-Retail ANDERSEN J K & SON 2:3lY5 W 95th Chgo Hilltop Fishing Tackle Moisan Sport Shop 9646 S Western...-Evergreen Pk-6900 Five Cents toone D.ollar Stores Eikineyers Frank H 5c To $1.00 Store W 95th Oak lawn-3493 Evergreen Pk 5c to $1.00 Store 3212 W 95th Evergreen Pk-7311 HENSLEYS 5c TO S1.00 STORE W 95th Oak lawn-ll35 Look for the names of nationally advertised productsin the Yellow Pa~es. Brand name listings tell "Where to Buy It.". I Ḟlags & Bannets COMPLETE! FREE ESTIMATES HENSlEY~S 5 TO $1.00 STORE ALL THE ITEMS YOU WOULD EXPECT TO FIND IN A COMPLETE VARIETY STORE PHONE t1~~ 1135 Store Hours Daily 9 A.M. - 6 P.M. Friday 9 A.M. - 9 P.M W. 95th St. OAK LAWN, ILL F~nce-Flags 53 A AMERICAN FLAG CO Decorating~AII Events-ehurches-lJ. S. Flags S Bishop Chgo Hudson LAUTERER GEO CO. Flags-Banners~Badges~Fraternal-Church Lodge Supplies AJld Veteran Caps-Buttons 47 SWells Chgo Randlph These Yellow Pages give you buying information you could find in no ~ther placet CHAIN LINK STEEL FENCES WOOD PICKET FENCES BANTA BROS S. State St., Chgo. STEWART J. K. ANDERSEN & SON - SIMON JENSEN-PROP. FRENCH FRIED SHRIMP FRESH and SMOKED FISH DAILY LARGE SELECTION OF SEAFOODS Retail and Wholesale HILLTOP W. 95th Chgo. Across from.mickelberry$ Log Cabin + ++

59 54 Roor:-"":F!oors Floor Machines-Renting BENS HARDWARE STORE~ FLOOR SANDERS FOR RENT Easy to Opera.te. TABLE - BOAT and CAR SANDERS WAXERS and SCRUBBING MACHINES 3315 W 63rd Chgo......Hernlock DUKES HARDWARE FLOOR SANDERS and EDGERS FOR RENT Also Sanders For Plaster Board Joints Viarnishes - Paints - Supplies Open 9 AM-S P.M, Sat. to 6 PM, Sun to 3 PM 5642 W 87th......Oak Lawn 9:!- Floors Material & Laying BEARD CLYDE & SON S Western Av,... ;... Bluelsld-4599 Boyd Hardware & Appliance :3404 W 95th Evergreen Pk-8765 WALKER BROS FLOOR COMPANY FLOOR COVERINGS OF ALL KINDS Armstrong Inlaid Linoleums Floor Tiles - Wall Tiles Free Estimates without Obligation Western Av..... Blue lsland-262 Buy the easy way-use.the Florists-Retail ANMARS FLOWERS 7300 S Harlem......Summit-630-J If no- answer call......summit-827-w-1 BACON JEARL S Western Chgo Beverly BARnE VERA FLORIST S Western av....blue Isld-3540 EVERGREEN FLORISTS S Western Av Evergreen Pk. Bevrly FARRELL HYNES FLORISTS 2024 W 95th Chgo Cedrcrst GOEHST GEO Florists 55 One of Evergreen Park :J Most Beautiful Flower and Git Shops _Floor Refinishing & Resurfacing GUSTAFSON HANS OLD FLOORS MADE LIKE NEW Floor Sanding Refinishing l!nd W =lng. Any"where Commercial - Industrial - Horne 7358 S Indiana Av Chgo;...Aberdeen MONARCH FLR SURFACING & SANDING CO S Forest Chgo _ Pullman WILKINSON -LESTER E S Loomis Chgo Hiltop (S.ee Advertisement This Classification) WILKINSO:N OLD FLOORS NEW REFINISHED - FINISHED - SANDED All _ Work Done with Finest Equlpmenl and Best Service Hilltop, S. L-oOMIS.PORTER CABLE. ~matic FLOOR SANDING MACHINE Lester E. Wilkinson CHGO. OLD and NEW FLOORS, REFINISHED We Generate Our Own Power ESTIMATES FREE ~ullman Monarch Floor ~? Surfacing & ;;/~ -. Sanding Co S. FOREST AVE., CHGO. Gee. Geenen Ben Wnukowskl TILE..;.TEX ASPHALT TILE FOR STORES - OFFICES.-:.. HOMES Perfect Blending of Beauty and Design 72 Colors to Choose from RUBBER TILE., MURA-TEX WALL TILE In Lovely Decorative Colors for the Truly Modern Wall CARPETING LINOLEUM CALL FOR FREE ESTIMATES INSTALLED BY OUR EXPERT MECHANICS CLYDE BEARD & SON Phone BLUE ISLAND 4599 RES. PHONE BLUE ISLAND S. WESTERN Useful- These Yellow Pages ArIJ Full of Useful Information BLUE ISLAND Titey Are. a Buyers Guide To the Business Firms of this CommunityI. GREAGER WALTER E FLORIST & GREENHOUSES. FUNERAL DESIGNS POTTED PLANTS FRESH FROM GREENHOUSE TO YOU See Advertisement This Classijicati(JJI S 55th Ct 93d & 55th ct oak Lawn-9.6 Listings of. this classification, - FLORISTS-RETAIL are colltinued on next page. farrell-hynes florists Beverlys Telegrapb FI,.ORIST Greenhouse Fresh ARTISTRY.. SELECTION SERVICE We Cover Chicago and Suburbs Cedarcrest W. 95th St. CHGO. ILL. BEVERLY WALTER E. ~~IeA~rnH~. florist AND GREENHOUSES FREE DELIVERY We (jrow Our Own Cut :Jlower:J I BIRTHDRVS -,, PL.ANlS) OAK LAWN 9340 S. WESTERN AV. Evergreen Park, Chgo. Distinctive florcrl DecoratioIJB, Pur Conservatories and Gift Shop Must Be Seen to Be Appreciated OPEN SUNDAYS end EVENINGS Deliveries Anywhere in Chicago and Suburbs vre ARE AS CLOSE AS YOUR PHONE OAK LAWN ~~ FOR CHOICE SELECTION OF POTTED PLANTS VISIT OUR GREENHOUSE AT. 9,3rd.and 55th ct. lllinois

60 56 Florists ~eggie!\au5clj jflorist CHURCH and HOME WEDDING DECORATIONS FUNERAL DESIGNS CUT FLOWERS - CORSAGES -,-PLANTS WE TELEGRAPH AND DELIVER FLOWERS ANYWHERE. PERSONAL ATTENTION TO ALL PHONE ORDERS CALL Oak Lawn 139 FEATURING HALLMARK GREETING CARDS AND DECORATNE NOVELTffiS 4859 W. 95th Florists-Retail-(coned) GRIES FLORAL CO ~ FAMOUS FOR FLOWERS.Deliveries to Evergreen Park and Oak Lawn, S Wallace Chgo,Commodore HElM ED FLORAL GO S Western.. Blue Isld-1832 HUNT MIGHAEL 8947 S Western Chgo Bevrly S Western Av Chgo Cedarcrest JENSENS FLORAL & LANDSGAPING SERVIGE 9800 S. Western Evergreen Pk-8170 Lehmann Arno 9725 S Cicero... :...Oak Lawn-818 New City Floral Shop 5920 W 87th Oak Lawn-2453-J-l Quasthoff Flowers 5944 W 11Uh.Oak Lawn-1578-J-2 RAUSGH REGGIE FLORIST 4859 W 95th Oak Lawn-139 SAUNORIS EDW V GREENHOUSE Specializing in GRAVE DESIGNS EVERGREEN COVERS SEASONABLE POTTED PLANTS Greenhouse 5800 W HUh...Oak Lawn Uh & Pulaski Rd......Oak Lawn 87 FLORISTS-RETAIL Say It wlth Flowers5"ont James ~AlUJlNJ IF(D~ Florists-Retail-(contd) Saunoris Ediv V Greenhouse 5800W HUh Oak Lawn-552 SAUNORIS JAS 6000 W 111th...Oak Lawn-972. SINGLER FLORIST THE. "Say It With Flowers" Deliveries Everywhere Promptly 1532 W 107th Chgo Beverly-B"2152 WALTERS FLOWERS 9810 S Western Av Evergreen Pk-B316 WERNER FLORIST B Steuber, Prop All Your Floral Requirements Promptly And Expertly Filled We Serve You Every Day Of The Year W HUh Chgo Beverly WESTERN AV FLORIST 9446 S Western Evergreen Pk-7337 BEVERLY a-8186 ERS Jen:jen ~ :J.lo;al & J!anJ.acapinfJ Service Buying From Grower Assures Economy and Freshness Cut Flowers - Funeral Designs Wedding Arrangements - Potted Plants Phone Evergreen Park S. Western ESTABLISHED PllliSTIGE IN FLOWERS SINCE 192,9 Flowers by Wire CBlClllOS RRST WllmoWLESS GR ElIIIOUSl: J. CO. BEverly B-8IB6 Flori.sts--Foods 57 Florists~Whol Greager Walter E Florist & Greenhouses 93d & 55th ct, Oak Lawn-96 Food Freezers See Refrigeration Equipm~nt-Commercial also Refrigerators & Freezers Section also Store Fixtures Food Locker Rental-:-Refrigerated See Locker Rental-Frozen Food Food Products Ben-Gee Products Inc 89th & Ridgeland ~ Oak Lawn-420 FARM FOOD STORES Tom llfurr-ay, Owner --MILK-- - COMPLETE LINE - GROCERIES and MEATS ICE CREAM - BAKERY GOODS 6520.S Cicero Av Summit-1573 Lambrecht Foods 2657 W 95th.. Evergreen Pk-9098 Foods-Frozen BENZING FROZEN FOODS & IGE GREAM S Western av Blue Isld-3880 Lincoln Mkt 5249 W 95th Oak Lawn-9333 When guests from out of town would like to dine, look for" Restaurants" in the Yellow Pages. BENZING FROZEN FOODS and ICE CREAM RETAil - WHOLESALE Fruits - Vegetables - Bakery Goods Choice Meats - Fish - Poultry. BEEF CHIP STEAKS Dairy Products Fresh Bakery Goods Daily Whipped Cream Cakes Open Daily 9 A.M P.M. Sun. 11 A.M. 11 P.M. We Deliver - Ample Parking Space. ~~fe~n Blue Island 3880 HANO PACKEO. ICE CREAM Dont Tire Yourself Funerals Weddings - Birthdays Sprays - Baskets _ Pottery GREENHOUSES and FLORISTS We tjrow OUi Own :J.lower:j WE ARE AS CLOSE AS YOUR ~OAK LAWN Grave Planting and Evergreen Coverings 6000 W. Illth. OPEN SUNDAYS Opposite Holy Sepulchre Cemetery lor every occajion Evergreen, Park 8316 W.o.l1:Jvti. Jm1lJJVuL STORE and GREENHOUSE 9810 S, Western Ave. trying to find Who Sells It~ These YELLOW PAGES tell "Where to Buy If

61 58 Foods-Funeral Foods-Health, Sodaros Groc & Ice Cr Shop.,,, 5424 W 95th.... Oak -Lawn-200 SOUTHTOWN HEALTH FOODS Diabetic Salt Free Foods & Vitamins Highblood Pressure Foods-Salads & Juices 835 W 63d,Chgo..IEnglewood Foods Ready To Serve C& A Food Mart., ", S Harlem Av....OakLawn-2466-J-2 tlearty Eat Shop 5248 W 95th...Oak Lawn-9346 Short Stop Snack Shop. Southwest Hwy & Ridgelnd...Oak Lawn-9393 Toms Nook 6135 W 95th......Oak,Lawn-9352 Two Jills 2613 W 95th.... Evergreen Pk-9260 Fraternal Regalia & Supplies LAUTERER GEO co Church-Lodge-Fraternal Supplies-Flags Banners-Badges-Veteran Caps~Insignia 47 SWells Chgo:......,Randlph Freezers-Food See Refrigeration Eq~ip~ent-Conimerciaf; Also Refrigerators & Freezers Section; also Store Fixtures Freezers-Food-Locker Rental See Locker Rent~I:"Frozen Food Freight Forwarding Veterans Cartage Co.. Local And Long Dist?-nce Moving 2935 W 141st PI Blue Isld-4069 The Classified Tells Wher\:3 to Buy BRUNN FUNERAL HOME OAK LAWN J.uneral ;])ilector6 Free Use of Chapel AMBULANCE SERVICE OAK LAWN W~ 95th St. ILLINOIS Frozen Food Cabinets,. See Refrigeration Equipment-Commercial;also Refrigerators & Freezers Section; also Store Fixtures Frozen Food Locker Rental See L~cker Rental-Frozen Food Fruits & Vegetables--Retail Boulevard Groc & Mkt 5239 W 95th Oak Lawn-40 Oak Lawn Food Mart 4855 W 95th Oak Lawn-141 Solies Farm Stand 3744 W 95th. Evergreen Pk-7172 Fruits & Vegetables-Whol Jaeger John 7127 W 100th.Oak Lawn-1520-J-l Funeral Directors BECVAR FUN~RAL DIRECTORS BRUNN FUNERAL HOME BECVARS Prospect !l S Kedzie Av Chgo Prospect FUNERAL DIREC-rORS See Advertisement TlIis Classification 5200 W 95th....Oak Lawn-340 Brunn Funeral Home 5200 W 95th: Oak Lawn-340 HALLINAN FUNERAL HOME 2601 W Vermont BIJle Isld-850 HENNESSY BROS FUNERAL H.llME 9145 S Ashland AvChgo Beverly KETCHAM FUNERAL CHAPEL UNDERTAKERS SERVING FOR THREE GENERATIONS,See Advertisement TlIis Classification 2955 W 95th EvergreenPark-7010 Listings onhis classification. FUNERAL DIRECTORS FUNERAL, DIRECTORS PHONE SUMMIT YRS. OF LEADERSHIP IN OUR CHOSEN PROFESSION "A Better Service At Lower Cost" PRIVATE AlImULANCE ~obie~k qunelal?fames So. Archer Rd., Argo - Summit., TIL 5948 W. Archer Ave., Chicago,_ ill. FuneraIDirectors-(c~nt(I) LAIlKORE & NICHOLS W lllth Chgo. Bevrly LAIN & SO SUBURBAN CALLS AT SAME LOW PRICE Chapel, Church or Home See Onr Display Adv. At TMs Heading 2123 W 95th Chgo. Beverly McPHEE JOS FUNERAL HOME 7133 S Western Chgo Prospect kett.bam FUNERAL CHAPELS Est. over 60 years Evergreen Park W. 95th St. and 5522 S. Halsted. - Chgo Wentworth "AIR CONDITIONED THROUGHOUT" DIRECTORS TEL. BEVERLY W. 95th ~ Chieago, ill. WENTWORTH 6: W. 63rd - Chicago, m. HALLINAN FUNERAL HOME - CHAPEL MUSIC AIR COOLED CHAPEL ROOMS Ambulance Service TELEPHONE BLUE ISLAND W. Vermont 5t. Insured FINE FURS Gxcfu6ivef;/. COMPLETE STORAGE FACILITIES RESTYLING REPAlRING CLEANING A L~rge Selection o/new Fur Coats Always on Hand FREE ESTIMATES Funeral-Fur 59 Funeral Directors-Ccontd) SOBIESK GEO A FUNERAL HOME 6039 Archer rd : ".Summit-136 STARR FUNERAL HOMES 2322 W lllth Chgo Bevrly WENDT FRED W FUNERAL HOME.AMBULANCE SERVICE 9515 Cook av.... Oak Lawn-13 Fur Business-Retail BURK GORDO EXCLUSIVE FURRIER Repairing - Restyling - Storage Cleaning and Glazing 3938 W63d Chgo. Grovehill FUR BUSINESS-RETAIL are continued on next page. commodore S. MICIDGANAVE. CIDCAGO

62 60 Fur. STANKOW & SON In Beverly Hills Since STORAGE FURS~ c~~~ ~A~~TS CLEANING & GLAZING RESTYLING REPAIRING ALL RISK INSURANCE 1827 W. 103rd ST. WE Cll.LL and DELIVER BEVERLY CHICAGO + + OA~ LAWN Tailor & Furrier CLEANING - GLAZING ALTERATIONS REPAIRS Ladies and Mens TaiIoring PHONE 12Q. OAK LAWN W. 95th fvj OU,thClfANfllS& DYfllS ~ Our Scientific Storage Provides Fur Business-Retail-(coned) MICHIGAN AVENUE FURS S Michigan Chgo Colmoaor-l~lll" STANKOW & SON 1827 W 103d Chgo. (see Advertisement This ClaJisification) Fur Cleaners & Dyers BEVERLY RIDGE CLEANERS & DYERS 9739 S California Evergreen Pk-8400 LEFOLDT IlL LYON CLEANERS Fully Insured-Cold Storage 98th & Southwest Hwy Oak Lawn-3950 OAK LAWN TAILOR & FURRIER 5319 W 95th......OakLawn-128 Smith Clnrs Furriers Sawdust Method 5000 W 95th Oak Lawn-555 Fur Storage-(coned). LEFOLDT & LYON CLEANERS Fully Insured-Cold Storage 98th & Southwest HWy...OakLawn-3950 MICHIGAN AVENUE FURS S Michigan Chgo... Commodor Monarch Lndry Co 140 W 11th Chgo. Enterprise-1044 (Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls) Oak Lawn Laundry & Clnrs 9421 Tully Av... :.....Oak Lawn-241 SMITH CLEANERS FUR CLEANING FUR STORAGE 4,000 Coat Capacity Modern_ Fumigated and Refrigerated Vault See Advertiseme..t This Classification 5000 W 95th... Oak Lawn-555 SOUTH END CLEANERS &. DYERS 7427S Cottage Grv Av Chgo... "Triangl BUYERS GUIDE Why not let the Yellow Pages help you? No matter what yo.u want, if its available, y~uli find who sells it right here. Furnaces ANDERSEN REFRIGERATION &. HEATING. CO 5007 W 95th OakLawn-436 ANDERSON HEATING CO W 87th Chgo Beverly ANTHONY WINTER HEATING CO " GAS - OIL - COAL Gravity and ForcedAir Units Even Heat in All Rooms Guaranteed A FURNACE TO FIT EVERY JOB Cleaning - Repairing - Remodeling Licensed - Bonded - Insured Free Estimates 416 W 69th Chgo.... Hudson BEVERLY APPLIANCE & AUTOMATIC HEATING SERVICE 1711 W 95th Chgo "Beverly Briers Sheet Metal Works 9312 S 73d Av Oak Lawn-2274 DOORNBOS FRED SHEET METAL and HEATING Gas, Oil and Coal Fired Furnaces OIL BURNERS KNOWN FOR GOOD WORK Vincennes Chgo Triangle Listings of this classification, FURNACES are continued on next page. FURNACES COAL - OIL - GAS SALES - SERVICE INSTALLATION ALL MAKES Fur--Furnaces 61 Refriger.ation - Fumigation Aeration - Get This Positive Protection For Your Furs, Fur-Trimmed and Other Winter Garments Your FUrs Cleaned.by Approved SILVER-IZEProcess- Free De-Mothing Seivi.ce Call Triangle s. Cottage Groye Ave. CHICAGO PROTECTS YOUR FURS PLACE YOUR COATS - SCARFS Fur Trimmed Garments in Our NEW FUR VAULTS Refrigerated Burglar Proof Frre Proof.Fully IDsured Gl=ing Alterations * Evergreen Park :If PLANT STORE S. California 1708 W. "95th St., Chgo. Ave. Beverly Evergreen P.ark. th Oak Lawn 555 Evergreen Park FUR STORAGE 4,000 COAT CAPACITY. FUMIGATED REFRIGERATED ARCHITECTS & BUILDERS SERVICE Telephone engineers will glodly help Architects and Builders planinstollations of conduit for concealed telephpne wiring and built-in telephone autlets. for homes and other buildings before construction.. No Charge Is Made for This Service Call the Business Office and ask for "Architects & Builders Servke". ILLINOIS BELL TELEPHONE CO. GUTTERS - DOWNSPOUTS GIMBER SHEET METAL WORKS Since 1913 Oak Lawn 1344 Calls Also Accepted Evenings Sundays and Holidciys 9516S. MEADE

63 Furnaces SALES - SERVICE ON ALL MAKES OIL BURNERS GAS BURNERS STEAM HOT WATER WARM AIR BOILERS...:... FURNACES BLOWERS -,- STOKERS INSTALLATIONS FURNACE CLEANING For Estimates CALL BLUE ISLAND S. GREENWOOD BLUE ISLAND Furnaces-(contTd) GIENGER WALTON HOME APPLIANCES--,-- AUTHORIZED DEALERS for COLEMAN DUO~THERM : W 95th...Oak Lawn-153 GIMBER SHEET METAL WORKS Meade,...,,,.. :.. Oak Lawn-1344 HOLLANO FURNACES Coal, Oil, Gas or Stoker Fired. Repairing and cleaning service on all heating systems. Call an experienced Holland Heating Expert. Telephone,local hranch. "WHERE TO BUY IT HOLLAND FURNACE CO 2126 E 75th Chgo Butrfld MAYTON BROS Greenwood, Blue Island-2608,, ROBINSON HEATING Be APPLIANCES Williamson-Lux-Aire & Armstrong Gravity & Forced Air Furnaces. 746 W 103d Chgo, Cedarcrest WATERMAN-WATERBURY FURNACES--- Winter air conditloners and ill gravity furnaces for any size home. Models for all fuels,,aterbul11 COAL-OIL-GAS. QUALITY furna~s Furnaces-Repairing & Cleaning ALWAYS READY REPAIR CO------, Furnac~s Installed and Repaired Fire Pots and Grates For All Makes Thermostats Installed Automatic Hot Water Heaters Pullman Wentworth Chgo... Pullman If No Answer Call Waterfall BRIERS SHEET METAL WORKS-----, FURNACE REPAIRS Installation - Cleaning - Replacenient Service on All Makes of Furnaces and Oil Burners - General Heating Furnaces Converted to Forced Air SHEET METAL WORK Oil Stoves, Cleaned,and Repaired rd Oak Lawn 2274 Evergreen Park Gas Heating Service Central Pk Av... ",Evergreen Pk-7743 FLUTMAN HDW Be HEATING CO We Repair and. Install All Makes of Furnaces All Work Guaranteed Guttersand Downspouts Ashland Av Chgo.. Hemlock Listings, of this classification, FURNACES-REPAIRING & CLEANING MODERN WAY HEATING OZINGA FURNACE SALES and SERVICE Furnaces 63 Furnaces-Rprg & Cleaning-(coned) MILLS JOHN r , We Speciali::e in FURNACE - BOILER CLEANING CLEANING ONLY - NO REPAIRING Chimneys Built - Repaired Cleaned the Old Fashioned \Vay Scraped From the Top Down All Work Cliaronteed - Fully Insnred Ashland Av Chgo.,Cedarcrest If No Answer Call Cedarcrest, See Advertisement This Classification 2803 W 95th Evergreen Park-8955 BROS 3133 W 95th.. Evergreen Pk-7225, Furnaces-Supplies & Parts ACME FURNACE FITTING CO , FURNACES - SUPPLIES Distributors of Certified - Mueller Furnaces Registers - Union Furnace Pipe, Etc. All Sheet Metal Accessories Phone or Write For Catalog 844 W 59th Chgo Englewood Northwestern Stove Repair Co 662 W Roosevelt Rd Chgo,.,,,. Monro !FOR INFORMATION CALL" MODERN WAY HEATING 2803 W 95th...,... Evergreen Park-8955 LICENSED -:- BONDED - INSURED Residential Warm Air Heating Equipment, for All Fuels " All Makes Furnaces Cleaned and Repaired Furnace Specialists for 26 Years Expert Mechanics - Free Inspection Free Estimates BEVERLY W. S7th ST. CHICAGO Its Easy to Find What Yau Want inthe YELLOW PAGES GAS - OIL - COAL LITTLE CO.OF MARY HOSP. c:::j / ---::::--=O~ ~-----Jr l- 95" ST. "established 1873" FURNACE BOILER.~ STOVE REPAIRS, TO FIT ALL, MAKES AIr Conditioning, Heoting, Cooking, Equipment and Supplies Quick Free O~livery Service WENTWORTH 6- " MONROE W. 63rd St., Chicago 662 W. Roosevelt Chicago Rd., BEVERLY, APPLIANCE & AUTOMATIC HEATING SALES & SERVICE AUTHORIZED DEALERS TIMKEN r--:: PETRO BRYANT FAIRBANKS-MORSE FREE ESTIMATES 24-HOUR SERVICE BEVERLY w. 95th ST:, ergo. Your Shopping Guide These YELLOW PAGES of. your telephone directory list, practicallya.ilj1:hing you wantto buy. FURNACES Sales.and Service Cleaned - Repaired -:- Installed Sheet Metal,Work Stop In - Phone - or Write For Information ~~EEN W~ 95th St. EVERGREEN PARK, ILL. Need Something? Get the Habit Look in th, YELLOW PAGES _ They Tell "Where to Buy It"

64 64 Furniture Furniture.;..Bought & Sold AMERICAN ANTIQUE FURNITURE MART We Drill Glass-China-Mend & Rewire Lamps S Cicero.. ;....Oak Lawn-2075 VAN ECK NEW and USED FURNITURE BOUGHT - SOLD - EXCHANGED Cash or Credit Local and Long Distance Moving J Pullman W 11Uh Chgo. 1.Pullman Nite Phone Pullman Furniture Cleaning GENERAL RUG& FURNITURE CLEANERS IH~ FURNITURE CLEANED MOTHPROOFED POLISHED - REPAIRED All \Vork Guaranteed Ask Operator to Reverse Toll Charges 4447 N Kedzie Chgo...Independence GIBBONS JOHN P NEW PROCESS FURNITURE - RUGS and CARPETING CLEANED IN YOUR HOME OR IN OUR PLANT W 69th Chgo.... Hemlock SAVE TIME-Use the Classified Section Furniture Cleaning-(coned) Peoples Laundry 92:26 5 Burley Av Chgo Enterprise-4458 (Called Patty Pays For Enterprise Calls) SOUTHTOWN RUG & CARPET CLEANERS- WE CLEAN - YOU USE TODAY Caij)ets and Furniture Cleaned, in Your Home or Our 1Iodern Plant Oriental and Domestic Rug Cleaning 12 Years of Dependable Service W. SEETON alld R. MUNOZ, OWNERS 748 S Loomis Chgo., Taylor TEXTILE CLEANING SERVICE-----" Glen JllcFranklin,.Propricfor FURNITURE CLEANED Safely - Beautifully Professionally IN YOUR HOME All Fabrics, Leather, Etc. Also Orientals, Twists, Carpeting. Estimates Free. Every Job Guaranteed. 24-Hr. Phone Service S Longwood Chgo.. Beverly Furniture Dealers-Retail Bass Furniture & Rug Co S Michigan Chgo.. Comodor DALE FURNTR CO, Ashland Chgo Yards EVERGREEN PARK FURNITURE C O ING--- COMPLETE HOMEFURNISHINGS OUTDOQR FURNITURE See Advertisemellt. This Classificati,m Furniture Dealers-Retail-(contd) MADEWELL BEDDING CO Complete Line of JUVENILE FURNITURE Baby Carriages 909 W 63rd Chgo.....Englewood RUZGIS APPLIANCE & FURNTR A Complete Line of Household and~uvenile Furniture Dining Room - Living Room Kitchen - Bed Room Occasional Chairs and Tables Lamps and Lamp Shades 4847 W 95tl Oak Lawn 430 WIGGINS JAS C UPHOLS.TERY STUDIO ;TfThere a Home.like Atmosphere Prevails" HOME and OFFICE FURNITURE REPAIRED - REFINISHED I Personally Will Call on You No Obligation 8542S Racine Chgo.... Hudson The answer to almost any buying problem can be found in these pages. Garage Contractors See Contractors-General Furniture-Garages 65 Garages (Storage) & Parki~g " Stations AUTOMOTIVE REPAIRING------, Robert Pohlman, Owner COMPLETE MOTOR OVERHAUL GENUINE DELCO and AUTO.LITE SERVICE PARTS CARBURETOR. IGNITION and BRAKE SERVICE CYLINDER BORING MACHINE SHOP SERVICE Batteries - Fuel Pumps Starters - Generators 5717 W 87th Oak Lawn-335 B & C Motors 4750 W 11lth....Oak La";n-9359 Blunks Towing Service, 5761 W 84th Pl.....Oak Lawn-2509-J-1 BUSCH,MOTOR SALES,INC FORD AUTHORIZED SALES and SERVICE Complete Repair Service Factory Trained Mechanics See Advertisement T/u s ClasSification 5600 W 95th _. Oak Lawn KRUEGER HERB H 9521 S Minnick. Oak Lawn-1812 listings of this classification, QARAG:EiS (STORAGE) & pft:ri~mg SlATIONS are continued on next page W 95th..... Evergreen Park 6633 Evergreen Pk Upholstering & F~rniture 8924 S Rockwell... :.Evergreen Pk-7939, HATTON FURNITURE CO S Mi<:higan Chgo....Comodor LAND 0 NOD JUVENILE FURNITURE C?mplete Line of Carriages, Cribs and Bedding Large Selection of Toys and Wheel Goods. Repairs on All Makes Carriages - Rental Service 645 E 79th Chgo Triangle E 71st Chgo..... Museum QUALITY-SERVICE BATT~N,, -/~,, COMPANY to S. MICmGAN AYE. ~-1322 Commodore BUSCH- MOTOR SALES, INC. Nationally Advertised Lines Furniture - Radios -- Appliances. Bedding - Lamps and Rugs EVERGREEN PARK FURNITU~E CO., INC W. 95th "Let Us Feather Your Nest With a Little Down" EVERGREEN PARK 6633 LAZAR JUVENILE FURNITURE STORE-----, Featuring A COMPLETE SELECTION OF STORKLINE Baby Carriages - Play Pens - High Cbairs NURSERY and JUVENILE FURNITURE TOYS - BICYCLES 3444 W Roosevelt Rd Chgo.Sacramento listings of this classification, FURNITURE DEALERS-RETAIL are continued in next column: CmCAGO 28 IDlj~J1~ FURNITURE CO S. ASHLAND. CHGO. YARDS COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS KARASTAN nod ALEX SMITH RUGS KROEHLER FURNITURE. SIMMONS MATTRESSES UNIVERSAL and FLORENCE STOVES HOOVER VACUUM CLEANERS PHILCO - NORGE- CROSLEY REFRIGERATORS.. RADIOS- WASHING MACHINES- Easy as ABC to Open an Account CARS-TRUCKS COMPLETE REPAIR SERVICE FACTORY TRAINED. MECHANICS Body and Fender Repairs Repairs and Ports for All Makes OAK LAWN W. 95th

65 66 Garages-Gas Garages (Storage) & Parking Statiops-(contd) OAK LAWN MOTORS---~---- Specialists in BRAKES and WHEEL ALIGNMENT COMPLETE MOTOR and CHASSIS SERVICE. FOR ALL CARS and TRUCKS Towing Service 5000 W 95th..., OakLawn-722 GARAGES (STORAGE) & PARKING STATIONS General Auto Repairing BODY and FENDER WORK 24 HOURTOWING,SERVICE ~o1-!07o..chfj /"fc> ~(:. ~:;~...."." A.A AUTO PAINTING - WELDING HEAVY DUTY WRECKER Complete Stock of. New and Used Auto Parts, WillOW SPRINGS 1043 If No Answer CaU Oak Lawn I937-J-1 WILLOW SPRINGSGARAGE 8700 S. ARCHER RD. S -G S A Complete BOTTLED GAS Service Installations and Conversions COOKING WATER HEATING REFRIGERATION HEATING, ETC. APPLIANCES and EQUIPMENT For Domestic, Commercial, Industrial and House Trailer Use.. Sales and Service SA-GAS SALES CO S. CICERO - BLUE ISLAND 1972-Y-l ALT. RT. 66 and RT LEMONT 451 ",.. Garages (Sto~age) & Parking Sta~ions-(coned).. OAK LAWN SERVIOE STATIOar----,----, GIi::RLlNG BOTTLED GAS SERVIOE:---- Complete 80ttled Gas Service. Also ~ t;;! Gas Appliances, Ranges,.W.ater Heaters, ~ 0~c/1 Servel Refrigerators. Let U. Convert:5 II ~ Vour Stove and Assure Vou of Fine ~ Service. -.:> \): "FOR INFORM.t1TION fjall" GIERLINGS BOTTLED GAS SERVIOE Lincoln Av 0" Harvey-4709-M If no answer call, Harvey-3352 KAY GASES 00 INC, Halsted Chgo Hudson ar~ AUTO REPAIRING TOWING AAA CHICAGO MOTOR CLUB 5139 W 95th OakLawn-H Rebesco Auto Service Kedzie......Evergreen Pk-9207 WILLOW SPRINGS GARAGE Archer Rd... :...Willow Spgs-1043 Garbage Disposal Equipment-Sink BEVERLY ELECTRIO SHOP INO!-----, DRAIN-O-MATIC GARBAGE ELIMINATOR Self-Cleansing Action - Odorless Safe - Continuous Feed. Low Cost Installation and Operation At 95th & Western Av W 95th Chgo B~verly-B-7701 Garden & Lawn Furnishings AHNELLAWNING ~------, LAWN UMBRELLAS TABLES -CHAIRS HAMMOCKS TMMEPIATE DELIVERY Western Chgo.... Hilltop 5~ Polacek Hardware 3154 W 95th.Evergreen Pk-6820 Gas-Bottled COLEMAN BOTTLED GAS SERVIOE WALLVS BOTTLED GAS SERVICE Cicero, Blue Isld-314 DRI-GAS- PRUIM J & SONS 6029 Archer Chgo... Portsmouth GAS-BOTTLED continued in next column. Meter Serv- Real gas - and an EXACT duplication of city gas service beyond gas mains. The economical. modem fuel for cooking,. water heating and Electrolux gas refrigeration. ice available.. "WHERE TO BUY IT" GIENGER-WALTON HOME APPLIANOES 5307 W 95th Oak l:awn-153 lias-bottled 8200 S. VINCENNES + Need Something? Get the Habit Look in the + FREE ESTIMATE FOR CONVERTING TO GAS Authorized Dealer. JANITROL-MUELLER. BRYANT Complete Heating Systems. Installed YELLOW PAGES They Tell "Where to Buylt" KAYGAS "THE GAS BEYOND the MAINS" Domestic - Commercial - Industrial Gas and Equipment for Cooking, Lighting and Water Heating Also Complete Line of G. Ranges, Heaters, Gas Furnaces, Etc Propane and Industrial Equipment Reasonable Installation Cost Telephone Hudson KAY GASES CO., INC S. Halsted St., Chicrtgo FILUNG PLANT":" 2160 W. 80th St. Call HUO$ON JOHN H. NELSON CO., INC CHGO. "WHERE TO BUY IT" Gas-Gift 67 Gas-Bottled-(coned) PYROFAX GAS SERVIOE Complete Gas Service and p.d Modern Appliances for If I Ill 0 ~oa~.::. ~~~~~~g ~he Wa~~. AU"...;~ Heating - Refrigeration - Room Heating. "WHERE TO BUY IT" BERCHTOLD GAS Laramie Chgo,.Austn SA-GAS SALES Cicero Av.. :. :Blue Island-J.972-Y-1 SA-GAll SALES 00 0 A Complete Bottled Gas Service & Appliances Alt Rt 66 & Rt 66 Lemont-451 SHELLANE GAS:---~ "Gas 8eyond the Mains - But Not 8eyond Vour Means" Cooking - Water Heating - Refrigeration.,Gas Ranges and Appliances. HOME OWNERS GAS SERVICE 7847, 43d....Lyons-6890 Gas Burners ANDERSEN REFRIGERATION & HEATING 00 GAS BURNERS and FURNACES Sales - Installation and Service 5007 W 95th Oak Lawn 436 MAYTON BROS Furnaces-Conversion Burners Installed Greenwood Blue Isld-2608 Modern Way Heating 2803 W 95th " EvergreenPk"8955 NELSON JOHN H OOINO Vincennes Chgo Hudson Gasoline Filling Stations See Automobile Service Stations Gasolin~-Whol RIVERDALE WHITE TRUOK SALES INO 496 W B8th Riverdale-0053 General Merchandise-Whol Active Distributors 4101W 103d...Oak Lawn-1362 Gift Shops Jeberjahn Reta Everything For The Little Tots 4851 W 95th,., Oak Lawn-74 WHAT NOT SHOP 4830-W 95th Oak Lawn-330 Busy People:-Who Want to Buy can save both time al1d effort by using the Yellow P.dges.

66 68 Glass G1ass-Greenhouses 69 MIRRORS GLASS Furniture Tops GLAZING CONTRACTORS Visit Our Display Room Hudson, ,So. HalSted St. Chicago Furniture, Tops Mirrors Auto Glass Window GIBss ~. COMPANY S. Western Ave. Chicago 43, , W. J.. Lucchesi TELEPHONE HILLTOP Glass ADVANCE GLASS CO-----., , GLASS FURNITURE TOPS, DESIGNED TO FIT MANTEL MIRRORS Work Guaranteed Free Estim,!tes See Ad1!ertisemellt This Classificatioll 6246 S Campbell Chgo Walbrook ALB~ GLASS & MIRROR CO AUTO GLASS MIRRORS MADE TO ORDER GLASS FURNITURE TOPS 2956 W 63d Chgo......Prospect Behrends Hardware 5300 W 95th....Oak Lawn-3 BEVERLY GLASS & MIRROR CO S Western Chgo Hilltop BLATT EMIL. GLASS FOR EVERY PURPOSE, Glass Furniture Tops for., Homes and Offices MirroIs Resilvered S Western: av.... Blue Island-242 listings of this classification, GLASS EXCEPTIONAL MIRRORS FOR MANTELS, DOORS,YlAi.Ls, AND,.FIREPLACES, GLASS. FURNITURE TOPS AUTO SAFETY GLASS Glass For Every Purpose DISTRmUTOR PITTSBURGH GLASS HARVEY 1763 GLASS Be NELSON. PAINT CO. 187 E. 153rd HARVEY, ILL. Glass-(con"td) MARTIN GLASS co ,---, MIRRORIZE YOUR HOME AUTO SAFETY - PLATE WINDOW GLASS GLASS FURNITURE TOPS MIRRORS - ALL SIZES and SHAPES. GLASS BLOCKS INSTALLEP 6941 S Stony Island Chgo. Midway NELSON GLASS & PAINT CO 187 E 153d : Harvey-1763 NORMAL GLASS CO INC S Halsted Chgo..... Hudson ROSELAND AUT!} TRIM SHOP SAFETY "GLASS., CUT, FITTED, POLISHED and INSTALLED WHILE YOU WAIT. Pittsburgh or Libby Owens Ford Furniture Tops Mirrors Custom Made Seat Covers, Auto Rugs Expert Automobile Upholstery Convertible Tops. 9 E 111th Chgo Pullman Vyhnalek Anton Sons W 95th...Oak Lawn-5 COMPLETE! These Yellow Pages give you buying information you could find in no other place. ;.. ADVANCE GLASS CO. CUSTOM MADE TABLE TOPS and MIRRORS WORK GUARANTEED QUICK SERVICE FREE ESTIMATES WALBROOK S. Campbell. Chgo. Before making a pur~~e "consult the YELLOW PAGES Youll Save Time and Trouble,. Glass Block, Structural, Etc. MARTIN GLASS CO,Glass Blocks & Installation Stony Island Chgo....Midway Golf Courses CHERRY HILLS GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB 36 SPORTY HOLES OPEN TO THE PUBLIC COMPLETE FACILITIES FOR DANCES BANQUETS TOURNAMENTS WEDDING RECEPTIONS OPEN THE YEAR ROUND Flossmoor rd Flossmoor. Homewood-1564 Hickory Hills Golf Club 8201 W 95th. Oak Lawn-189 Walnut Hills Ctry Club 8600 W 103d Oak Lawn-1411-J-l Golf Practice Ranges William-Gordon Inc 95th & Crawford. Oak Lawn-3840 Governmental Offices-County Cook County Department of,public Health Southwest Un!t 3411 W 95th.EvergreenPk-7424 Governmental Offices-Federal United States Government Postoffice 3318 W 95th...Evergreen Pk-7266 Governmental Offices-Village. Burbank Manor Fire Dept S Mayfield av....oak Lawn-114 Chgo Ridge Village of. village hall Oxford av Oak Lawn-1413-J-2 Collings Tunis L viii pres 9318 S Tully Oak Lawn-422 Columbus Manor Fire Dept 9738 S Marion Evergreen Pk Fire Dept Co 2 Oak Lawn W 98th Pl Evergreen Pk Village of Evergreen Pk-8100 village hall 9412 Kedzie av.. Evergreen Pk-7100 ~ Fire Dept-To report a fire.., Oak Lawn-1l4 Fire Department-To report a fire Columbus Manor ~ Oak Lawn-700 Evergreen Pk Co 1. Evergreen Pk-7100 Evergreen Pk Co W 98th pl... Evergreen Pk Grandview Park Oak Lawn-SOD Oak Lawn Oak Lawn-1313 Roberts Pk......Oak Lawn-2121 Gaddis Wm B 1(ill clk 9632 Cook Oak Lawn-l079 Grandview Park Fire Dist 5800 W 89th pl oak Lawn-500 North Palos Volunteer Fire Dept S Roberts Rd Oak Lawn-1501-J-l Oak Lawn Village of, village,hall 9437 Cook Oak Lawn-1313 Police Department-To call the pollee Evergreen Pk Evergreen Pk-7100 Oak Lawn Oak Lawn-1313 Roberts Park Fire Dept 8616 S 79th ct Oak Lawn-2121 Stoller Donald E bldg commissioner d av Oak Lawn-891 Tanner J viii clerk 3429 W 95th:.... Evergreen Pk-7700 Wessel M H viii treas 9356 S Franc.isco av. Evergreen Pk-789D Granite Cesaro F Monument Co 5712 W 11Uh.Oak Lawn-89 Greenhouses-SeeFlorists-Whol

67 70 Greeting-Grocers Greeting Cards McKays 5216 W95th Oak Lawn-:384 Oak Lawn Book Shop All Kinds For All Occasions 5255 W 95th......Oak Lawn-6 Rausch Reggie Florist... _ Featuring Hallmark Greeting Cards 4859 W 95th Oak Lawn-I:3,9 Grocers-Retail BEVERLY DAIRY STORE Daily Hours 8:00 AM To 12:30 AM 9822 S Western Evergreen Pk-927:3 BOULEVARD GROCERY &MARKEl DELIVERY SERVICE CHOICE GROCERIES THE P. ; SELECT MEATS FRESH FRUITS and VEGETABLES 5239 W 95th... " Oak Lawn-40 C & A FOOD MART. A. Lemery and C. Pudalei, Props. "HIGH QUALITY - LOW PRICES" SELECT MEATS and GROCERIES FROZEN FOODS Milk by the Gallon - Ice Cream Fresh Fruits and Vegetables WE DELIVER Mon. Through Sat. 7:30 AM to 9:30 pm, Open Sun S Harlem. ;.. ~.Oak Lawn-2466-J-2 GROCERS-RETAIL AT YOUR SERVICE 7:30 A.M. to 10:30 P.M. Open Sundays PHONE ORDERS D. DELIVERED Q. QUICKLY GROCERY FROZEN FOODS Phone Evergree.n Park 7332 F. E. Gaffney - L. C. Gaffney Proprietors Groceries -.Delicatessen.Needs Bakery Goods, and Fresh Meats Cigar- Notions and Cigarettes 3140 W. 92nd St.. F R EE Grocers-Retail-(cont l d) CHARLIE & MARIES GROC & MK I, WE DELIVER FREE GROCERIES - MEATS FRESH VEGETABLES MILK BY THE GALLON See Advertisement Tilis Classification_ S Ridgeland Av.....Oak Lawn 2687 COMMUNITY FOOD MAR I COMPLETE LINE OF GROCERIES FRESH MEATS and POULTRY FRUITS and VEGETABLES. Pay Your Gas, and Electric Bills Here Electric Light Bulb Exchange 8859 S California....Evergreen Park-7749 Crawford Food Shop 9851 S Crawford ,Evergreen Pk-92:31 D & M FOOD MARl Full Line Groceries and Meats Cold Meats, Fruits and Vegetables Ice Cream and Cold Drinks Free Delivery Open 9 AM to 9 PM DaI1y 3636 W 95th......Evergreen Park-1l:3:3 Duran Food Shop 3315 W 94th..Evergreen Pk-92:34 DuVals Quality Mkt 4957 W 95th...Oak Lawn-19 Listings of this classification;. GROCERS-RETAIL continued in next column. Oak Lawn 9322 LIVE NORTH OF 95th ST.? Well Deliver.freel JUST JlHONE US YOUR-ORDER and WELL HAVB IT OUT TO YOUR HOME}N A JIFFYI G~6ceries Fresh Meats Dairy Produds Milk By Gal., V2 Gal. or Qts. _-, Bakery Goods - Fruits and Vegetables FranklsGroc. & Market 5813 W. 87th Oak Lawn 9322 Groce rs-retai1-(contd) FARM FOOD STORES 6520, S Cicero Av......Summit-157:3 Fords Royal Blue 3000 W 95th,. Evergreen Pk-7565 FRANKS GROC & MARKE I LIVE NORTH OF 95th ST? Just Pbone in Your Order and WELL DELIVER FREE COMPLETE LINE OE GROCERIES FRESH MEATS - FRESH VEGETABLES Bakery Goods and Gal. and 0 Gal. Milk See Advertisement This,Classification 5813 W 87th Oak Lawn 9322 Franks Groc & Mkt, 9617 Homan Av Evergreen Pk-7157 Gierling Susan 4917 W 95th.. Oak Lawn-14I Herbs Royal Blue Store 9611 Southwest HWY......Oak Lawn-2:36 Hilltop Store 103d & 87th Av Oak Lawn~8609 J &: K FOOD MARl GROCERIES FRUITS and VEGETABLES LUNCH and FRESH MEATS FROZEN FOODS ICE CREAM Open Every Day Until 10 P.M W 95th.....Oak Lawn-1l9 Johns Food Mart 9700 Melvina Av...Oak Lawn c 9:363 KERWINS DELICATESSEN. Open 8 AM To 10 PM-7 Days A Week 3322 W 95th.,.i.. Evergreen Pk-92:36 -Laurian Grocery 2838 W 102d... Evergreen Pk-9296 L:EBERS FOOD SHOP - Open Daily 7 AM To 9 PM, 9701 Southwest Hwy Oak Lawn-9302 Lees Food Shop 5420 W 95th Oak Lawn-6:37 Leo & Jos MilkStore 2946 W 95th Evergreen Pk-799:3 Ma:nns Quality Foods 5309 W 95th..Oak Lawn-464 MIDWEST -FOOD MAR.l Save on Our S-elf-Service COMPLETE LINE- OF GROCERIES CHOICE MEATS FRESH FRUITS and VEGETABLES FROZEN FOODS 6152 W 95th.... Oak Lawn-64I MIDWEST GROC & MEAT MKT Joseph A Zolna Prop 5638 W 87th :,Oak Lawn-9:388 Moms Pastry Shop 3324 W 95th. Evergreen Pk-89I0 Murray Michael P S California Av...,. :ievergreen Pk-9226 NOWACKIS GROCERY & MARKE"rI---~ SELECT GROCERIES CHOICE MEATS FRESH FRUITS and VEGETABLES Deli1Jery Ser1Jice 8639 Roberts rd Oak Lawn-149 OAK LAWN FOOD MAR I "Bill" Gierlillg, Prop. A Select and Complete Line of QUALITY GROCERIES MILK BY THE GALLON Luncheon Meats Vegetables - Fruits Ice Cream - Soft Drinks Daily 9 AM to 8 PM - Sundays 9-1 and 5-9 Closed Mondays 4855 W 95th:-.,. Oak Lawn-l4I The Yellow Pages Tell Who SeHs FARM FOOD STORES Tom Murray, Owner --- MILK- Grocers 71.Grocers-Retail-(coned) - O Connells Grocery W 95th Oak Lawn-2456-J-I OLEJOSZ ROMAN Open Sundays 9 AM To 12 Noon 8428 S 77th-ct Oak Lawn-I460-J-2 One Stop Food Shop 9700 S Western Av Evergreen Pk-9282 PDQ GROCERY 3140 W 92d Evergreen Pk-7332 SECURITY FOOD CENTER..- Joel Komorn, Prop.. QUALITY GROCERIES SELECT MEATS - FROZEN FOODS FRESH FRUITS and VEGETABLES DELIVERY SERVICE Open 7 Days aweek-6 A.M. to 10 P.M W 87th Oak Lawn-162 SODAROS GROG & ICE CR SHOP Ice Cream Made Daily 5424 W 95th: Oak Lawn-200 SOLIS ROYAL BLUE STORE QUALITY GROCERIES SELECTED FINE MEATS FROZEN FOOD - POULTRY FEEDS Hundings-Brandts MILK Pts., Qts. - Gals.. Hours 6:30 A.M. to 10:30 P.M. OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK FREE DELIVERY 5718 W 87th:...,... Oak Lawn 930:3 Starlite Dairy Open Sundays-Holidays-Delicatessen 9244 S Cicero., Oak Lawn-2I25 ICE CREAM - MEAT - BAKERY GOODS PRODUCE -, COMPLETE GROCERY LINE PROMPT. COI,lRTEOUS SERVICE Store Hours: Open 7:30 A.M. to II P.M. Daily Sunday~ 9 to 12: S. Cicero Av. Summit 1573 OAK LAWN LIVE WEST or CENTRAL IIV.? # WE DELlUER FREE # DAIRY PRODUCTS - FRESH MEATS - GALLON MILK GROCERIES and VEGETABLES Charlie &Maries Groc. &Market OAK LAWN S; Ridgeland Ave.

68 72 Grocers---Hardvvare BEHRENDS HARDWARE for [OJ2JlJj-,.5in.rJ.& JliinrJ- fjjjjjl ~.. Paints and Cl Heating Supplies Supplies e PIPE. o KEM,TONE THREADING e Door Checks Cutlery. Sold, Repaired e. Electric Equipment and Cl Sporting Goods Supplies o Hardware 0 Appliances e Janitor Supplies.. Builders Hdw. e Housewares ~ Glass e Plumbing e Tools,Supplies Gift Items CIl Gibson Refrigerators Phone OakLawn W. 95th We Deliver.Oak Lawn YD HARDWARE & APPLIANCE o #~,~,~ PLUMBING SUPPLIES HEATING. SUPPLIES LINOLEUM ELECTRIC GLASS - TOOLS - PAINTS BUILDERS HAiIDwARE ----e G.E. Appliances - Armstrong Tile Modem Kitchens For Same :pay DELIVERY Evergreen Park 8165 Open 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Friday Til 9:00 P.M W. 95th 51: EVBRGREEN PARK Grocers-Whol SEXTON JOHN &CO ~ MANUFACTURING VVHOLESALE GROCERS Supplies for Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs Institutions, Airlines, and Railroad Diners Ask Operator To Reverse Toll Charges 500 N Orleans Chgo.. Superior Gunsmiths Moisan Sport Shop " New-Used Guns Bought-Sold-Traded-Rprd 9646 S Weste.rn,...,.""". Evergreen,Pk-6900 R &W SPORTING GOODS Sales~Service & Repairs~AII Makes 6239 S Kedzie Chgo.." Hemlock Gutters & Downsllouts See Sheet Metal: Work Hardware Dealers;...Retaii BEHRENDS HARDWARE, 5300 W 95th. Oak Lawn-3., BOYD HARDWARE & APPLIANCE 3404 W 95th Evergreen Pk-8765 DUKES HARDWARE 5642 W 87th..Oak Lawn-91 (See Advertisement This Classification) Evergreen Pk Hardware & Paint Store 3333 W95th..... Evergreen Pk-7607 HARDWARE DEALERS-RETAIL H,ARDWARE. AND PLUMBING SUPPLIES PAINTS WALLPAPER FOR EXPERT ADVICE CONSULT us FOR YOUR PAINTING and PLUMBING PROBLEMS AT NO OBLIGATION G-"";"- FLOOR SANDING MACHINES FOR RENT Open Daily 8:A.M. - 8: P.M. Sunday 8:30-1:00 P.M. FREE PELIVERY PHONE L~~76 So.u1hw.w:.. dlajuj.w.a.m.-. o.nd. QJlwn1J~ Southwest Hwy. Hardware Dealers-Retail-(coned) OAK LAWN HARDWARE & PLUMBING CO ANTON VYHNALEK SONS HARDWARE - GLASS PAINTS PLUMBING SUPPLIES W 95th. Oak Lawn-5 Olejosz Roman 8428 S 77th ct..oak Lawn-1460-J~2 POLACEK HARDWARE ALL HARDWARE NEEDS We Deliver Devoe Paint and Snpplies Ash and Garbage Receptacles - Cutlery EleCtric Appliances - Food Mixers Garden Seed and Equipment ". Glass J,,:,itor Supplies - Mops - Tools. Wallpaper 3154 W 95th Evergreen Park 6820 SOMMERS HARDWARE & PAINT STORE--- I PAINTS _ OILS - GLASS Agent: Scotts Lawn Seed Turf Builder and Weed Controls Benjamin Moore Paints Valspar Products 1765 W 95th Chgo Beverly SOUTHWEST HDW & PLBG 9715 Southwest hwy."......oak Lawn-76 TIME---Use the Classifjed Section TO RENT Floor Sanders and Edgers, Wheelbarrows Lawn Rollers Pipe Vise~ Pipe Dies Blow Torches Sew~r Rods Flariug Tools Caulking Gun,s and You Name It IE Complete L~nc of.electrical PAINTS GLASS,PLUMBING TOYS BICYCLE HOUSEWARE.LIGHTING FIXTURES KEM~TONE FILMS SERVICES Photo Finishing Lawn Mower and Saw Sharpening Radio Set;V:ice. Pipe :...- Cutting and Threading OPEN, 9.A.M P.M. Sal P.M..sun P.M. OAK LAWN W. 87th Hat Renovators 9312S. 73rd Ave. Hardware--Heating 73 Fashion Clnrs 4961 W 95th......Oak Lawn-64 Lefoldt & LyonClnrs 98th & Southwest Hwy.... Oak Lawn-3950 Ma;tin & Sons Clnrs 9127 S Kedzie.Evergreen Pk Hats-Retail Oak Lawn Mens Shop 4953 W 95th..OakLawn-727 Park Mens Shop 3209 W 95th.. Evergreen Pk-8240 Hauling-See Trucking Hay DeGroot. Feed & Seed 9822 Southwest hwy !jak Lawn-37 Hearing Aids ACOUSTICON HEARIKG AIDS: , NEW ACOUSTICON CONSTELLATION 36 ScientificallY Different Models "INVISIBLE HEARING" No Receiver Button in the Ear No Unsightly, Dangling Cords No Heavy, Bulky Batteries Corner Main Floor 1633 W 63rd Chgo.. ". Hemlock TELEX HEARING AID CO,Phone Or Write For Free Home Test 30 N Michigan Av Chgo.....State Heating Contractors ANDERSEN REFRGRTN & HEATING CO W 95th :...Oak Lawn-436 BEVERLY APPLIANCE & AUTOMATIC HEATING SERVICE 1711 ow 15th Chgo......Beverly Classification conti!lued next page. BRIERS SHEET. METAL WORKS COMPLETE HEATING.UNITS INSTALLED WITH DUCT WORK 4) HEATING (9 \lentilatjng FURNACE REPAIRS Phone OAK LAWN"2274 Oak lawn

69 7:-4:...-:H:..:2e:.:.:at:::.:in..:!:g! :l.:.;ce:: ; =---- Heating Contractors-(coned). BEVERLY HEATING COMPANY INC Prospect Av Chgo...Bevrly BRIERS SHEET METAL WORKS 9312 S 73d Oak Lawn-2274 CONSOLIDATED DISTRIBRS ENGNRNG CORP COAL - OIL - GAS STEAM - HOT WATER - WARM AIR - BOILERS -,..- FURNACES STOKERS - OIL BURNERS Commercial - Domestic Sales - Service 6343 Cermak Berwyn....Stanley 7091 GIMBER SHEET METAL WORKS Coal-Oil & Gas Furnaces S Meade.... OakLawn-l344 HILLTOP HEATING & SHT METAL SERVICE General Furnace Repair & Installation 2820 W 101st pl Evergreen Pk-8047 MODERN WAY HEATING Warm Air Heating Contractors 2803 W 95th,. Evergreen Pk-8955 PRONGER BROS HARDWARE STORE 22HW 123d... Blue Island-1850 THATCHER FURNACES Coal Fired, Oil, Gas, Air Conditioning Furnaces Specialists in Heating Since 1850 "WHERE TO BUY THEM" ARGO-SUMMIT SUPLY CO 3 Blks West Of Harlem Ave 7420 Archer Av Summit-230 BUYERS GUIDE Why not lehhe Yel!owPages help you? No matter what you. want. if its.. available. youll find who sells it right here. BEVERLY HEATING COMPANY, INC.. Special Attention Given To Repair Work GAS. BOILER INSTALLATION GAS and OIL CONVERSION BURNERS For Prompt Service.Call BEVERLY S. PROSPECT AV.-CHGO. Horse Transportation Illinois Saddle Horse Sales Co 103d & Cork......Oak Lawn-1982-J-l Hosiery-Retail Mayann Vogue Shop 3316 W 95th.Evergreen Pk-7042 Hospitals Little Company of Mary Hospital 2800 W 95th Evergreen Pk-7270 Hotels Moraine-On-The-Lake Hotel 801 N Sheridan Rd... ~... Highlnd Pk-4;444 House Raisers & Movers K & R CEMENT CONSTRUCTION CO , HOUSE RAISING ~nd MOVING Reposting - Resilling - Shoring Cement Work of All Kinds 7700 W Hlth.....WOIth 378-W-2 Pfeiffer E M 8200 Keane Av,...Willow Springs-l054 Ice Cream Mfrs BORDENS ICE CREAM "FOR INFORMATION OALIJ BORDEN CO CHGO ICE CREAM DIV 2235 W Van Bure! Chgo...SeeleY Before makingapurchase consult the IF ITS BORDENS ITS GOT TO BE GOOD Rueters Dairy Co 9834 Kedzie... Evergreen Pk-7843 SHEDD CO.. SHEDDS Hi-Grade ICE CREAM Your Customers Deserve QUALITY ICE CREAM Prompt, Dependable Service For All Types of Stores and Institutions 319 E 117th Chgo...Pullman SAVE TIME-Use the Classified Section YELLOW PAGES Youll Save Time and Trouble. Ice Cream Shops BENZING FROZEN FOODS & ICE CREAM S. Western Blue Islnd-3880 CHASTA RESTRNT 93d & Cicero..OakLawn-3749 Chasta Restaurant 93d & Cicero Oak Lawn-3749 Custard Bar 3548 W 95th Evergreen Pk-8213 Evergreen Drive In 95th & Crawford......Evergreen Pk-921,1 Margies Candies Daily Fresh lee Cream Custard-Candies 5313 W 95th Oak Lawn-3319 OAK LAWN SNACK BAR 4907 W 95th......Oak Lawn-9328 Polar Bear Custard Stand 4736 W 95th _",..Oak Lawn-36M) SODAROS GROG & ICE CREAM SHOP ICE CREAM MADE FRESH DAILY TOMS NOOK WE MAKE OUR OWN ICE CREAM JUMBO CONES LIGHT LUNCHES and SANDWICHES PHONE US FOR PARTIES - BANQUETS - SOCIALS Open Daily 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM, Sat. 8 :30 :AM to 1:00 AM - Sun. 10 AM to 12 PM 6135 W 95th J Oak Lawn 9352 WHITE MILL Sherbets - Also Bars - Malteds Ice Cream also Sold by the Gallon 5424 VV 95th....Oak.Lawn-200 ICE CREAM. FRESH MADE DAILY HAMBURGER SHOP Daniel H. Pischer 3422 W 95th... Evergreen Park-9201 Ice Dealers LANG H & SON Ridgeland INSULATION-COLD & HEAT are continued on next page. Oak Lawn-612 Incinerators MAJESTIC HOME INCINERATORS GEORGE EDWARD CO 904 W 79th Chgo..... Hudson Income Tax Specialist~ See Tax Consultants Insulation-Cold.& Heat BEATTY I N R LUMBER CO 9537 S 52d Av, Oak Lawn-400 BEnEN INSULATING & ROOFING CO NOT ING Russell L. Betten, Prop. ATTIC ROOMS CARRIER AIR CONDITIONING Tuckpointing - Sidewalks. All Construction Work Free- Estimates - Reverse Toll Charges 1437 W 103d Chgo Hilltop MONARCH ROOFING CO. Ice-Insulation 75 Fresh Fruit Sundaes Year Round For Better Ice Cream CALL BLUE ISLAND 3880 WE-CATER TO PICNICS BANQUETS. PARTIES Open Daily 9 A.M. 11 P.M. Sunday 11 A.M. 11 r.m S. WESTERN FROZEN CUSTARD MADE RIGHT IN SIGHT ALL FLAVORS ORDERS TO TAKE OUT Phone Your Order in ~ Have It Ready When You Call for It THE CHASTA Earl Buckmeier, Prop. PHONE Oak Lawn 3749 NORTHEAST CORNER OF CICERO and 93rd and S. W. HIGHWAY ROOFING - SIDING - INSULATION EVERLOK SHINGLES FOR DEPEJIDABILITY AND BEAUTY 237_ - W. 1I5th St. Chgo. Commodore

70 76 Insulation-Insurance Insulation-Cold & Heat-(coritd) Cotton Insulating Co May Chgo Bevrly-S-7196 HAERR GEO INSULATION See Our Display Adv. At This Heading HINES INSULATION JOB RIGHT INSULATIONS BATT, BLANKET and BLO-IN TYPES OF INSULATION "WHERE TO O.t1.LL" HINES EDW LUMBER CO 2601 W 95th.....Evergreen Pk-7117 LORD LUMBER & COAL CO , INSULATION BLOWN IN OR BAT FORM CAN BE FURNISHED ROOFING - MILLWORK 15 N Spring Av LaGrange-9600 Classification continued next column. COTTON INSULATING CO. COTTON - The Perfect Insulation Controls Heat and Cold at Low Cost F.H.A. TERM$-- FREE ESTIMATES Let Us Remodel Your Attic BEVERLY ASK OPERATOR TO REVERSE TOLL CHARGES MAY - CHICAGO ROOF SERVICE Roofings - Sidings - Mopping,Repairing We Apply Wind-proof Interlock Shingles GEORGE HAERR Oak Lawn So. Melvina Insulation-:Cold & Heat-(contd) MONARCH ROOFING CO 2;7 W 115th Chgo,,..... Comodor-4-0S00 NELSON JOHN H CO INC ROCK WOOL INSULATION BY BLOWN-IN METHOD Fuel Conservation Up to 35% Free Estimates,Easy Terms Vincennes Chgo.... Hudson ROSELAND ROOFING & INSULATING CO " 20 Years Experience WE SPECIALIZE IN INSULATION - ROOFING - SIDING Also Flat Roofs - Liberal Time Payments Expert Workmanship - Reasonable Prices Free Estimates 25 E 115th Chgo., Pullman SOUTHTOWN HOME INSULATION , TED jvianiatis, PRES. DEAL DIRECT ROCKwog~w~NinUL.ATION Residential and Industrial FREE ESTIMATES FULLY INSURED TIME PAYMENTS 727 E 87th Chgo,. Hudson If No Answer Call Lafayette Triezenberg C Millwork Co 2959 W 95th.., Evergreen Pk-8212 ZONOLITE CO Manufacturers-Mail Address Chicago: Ashland Av Blue Isld-5619 Insurance Beelel Chas 6151 W 95th..... Oak Lawn-2048 Brandt Albert H All Types Of Ihsurance, 5049 W 95th Oak Lawn-60 BRIGGS A G & SONS MEMBER CHICAGO BOARD OF UNDERWRITERS WE WRITE ALL TYPES OF INSURANCE "No Policy Too Larg~ or Too Small" 3214 W 95th.. Evergreen Park-S160,Chapman Gaylord H 3502 W 95th.Evergreen Pk-6744 Cline J Herbert 87th & Central....Oak Lawn-709 CONRAD W I WE WRITE ALL FORMS OF Insurance and Bonds Automobile - Fire - Theft - Life Health - Hospitalization Real Estate 2900 W 95th Evergreen Park-S940 Dunne Realty & Constr Corp, 9445 S St Louis,.. Evergreen Pk-Sm Evergreen Realty Co Inc 3335 W 95th....,... : Evergreen Pk"S9S0 Listings of this classificati~n, INSURANCE Insurance-(cont9) FLAWS ELLIS Gi-~----~------; STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES AUTO,LIFE - FIRE RESIDENTIAL and PERSONAL,, LIABILITY "Why Pay More Thall State Farm Asks, Why Be SatiSfied With Less Tha.. State Farm Offers?" 14!06 S Ridgeway Midlothian. Blue Island 3454 Gaddis Realty Serv 5040 Columbus av..... Oak Lawn-2205 GROEBE WM C & CO Complete Insurance Service~Mortgages 2057 W 95th Chgo Beverly S-S100 HARMON ROBERT W 1292,2 S Western Av Blue Islnd-897 ~ Hellmuth John J 5751 W 89th pi..oak Lawn-2095 OBRIEN FRANK J 4869 W 95th....Oak Lawn-59 RYAN JAMES H & GO Real Estate Investments-Insurance 1546 W 95thChgo, Beverly-S-5747 SMITH R B INSURANCE BROKER. BROKER GENERAL INSURANCE Chicago Office Wabash S Albany. Evergreen Park-731S INSURANCE HARMON INSURANCE AGENCY ROBERT W. HARMON, AN INSURANCE COUNSELOR, AND LICENSED BY THE,,6~.~.o"!.p<l STATE OF ILLINOIS AS A ji. " 0 GENERAL BROKER FOR ~~ : ~ THE PAST TEN YEARS, HAS ""..f SERVED THE ENTIRE SOUTH. -l-b~"v WESTERN PART OF COOK "II \ COUNTY IN ALL LINES OF INSURANCE AND HAS DEVELOPED INTO!:lIS AGENCY A DEPARTMENT STORE OF THE,LEAD ING INSURANCE COMPANIES. "FOR SERVICE" HARTFORD FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY UNITED STATES FIDELITY & GUARANTY COMPANY GLENS FALLS INSURANCE COMPANY GLENS FALLS INDEMNITY COMPANY FIREMENS FUND INSURANCE COMPANY THE CONNECTICUT MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY GENERAL AMERICA COMPANIES THE AMERICAN CASUALTY COMPANY SUBURBAN CASUALTY COMPANY CALL ROBERT W. HARMON Insurance Cpunselor SOUTH WESTERN AVENirE BLtJF: ISLAND. ILLINOIS BLUE ISLAND 897 Insurance-(contd) Insurance-Irrigation 77 STATE FARM INSURANCE FLAWS ELLIS G Ridgeway Midlothian.,......Blue Isld-3454 STITT ROBT B AGCY, ~ound Counsel-Complete Service In All Forms Of Insurance 1713 W 95th Chgo.,... Cedarcrest3-p400 THOMPSON & MIESSLER, Real Estate-Loans-Insurance Property Management Member Of Chicago Real Estate Board 9307 S Ashland Av Chgo Beverly-S-S2S6 VAN DYK S A 2052, 5 Ashland Av., Beverly-S-4003 WIEGEL & KILGALLEN SALES CO W 95th EvergreenPk-7S25, Interior Decorators DU VALLS liiterior DECORTG SERVICE 6355, 5 Ashland Chgo Grovehill Grieco Fred Interior Decorator Spaulding..... Evergreen Pk-7912 VORAL CO THE Draperies~Slipcovers-Upholstering 8917 S Loomis Chgo......Hiltop Iron Work ARGUS INDUSTRIESl , QUALITY ORNAMENTAL IRON RAILINGS MISCELLANEOUS IRON WORK STRUCTURAL STEEL Kenton & Rumsey.,..,...,.. Oak Lawn 3674 If No Answer Call Oak Lawn 2379-J-2 Julian Welding Works 9754 Southwest hwy......oak Lawn-2266 LEES IRON WORKS ORNAMENTAL IRON WORK Specializing in RAILINGS - BALCONIES MISCELLANEOUS IRON WORK 8951 S State Chgo.. :. Hudson MYTYCH WELDING SHOP Qrnamental Iron & Pipe-Railings 9304 Harlem, OakLawn-2497-J-2 Mytych Welding Shop 9304 Harlem.....Oak Lawn-2497-J-2 Ironing Machines BEVERLY ELECTRIC SHOPINC Bendix & Thor Ironing Machines 2341 W,95th Chgo..,...,.,.. Bevrly-S-7701 GIENGER WALTON HOME APPLIANCES-.-- GENERAL ELECTRIC SPEED QUEEN GLADIRON - SIMPLEX HOTPOINT - IRONRITE 5307 W 95th, Oak Lawn-153, Irrigation Systems. See Sprinklers-Garden & Lawn The Classified Tells Where to Buy

71 78. Jewelry-Kindergartens JEWELRY of Distinction Home of Fine Diamonds HAMILTON WATCHES.. Waterman o Sheaffer o Parker o Telechron e Community. Rogers Elgin Amer-ican Compacts OAK LAWN.2186 RUSSELL.WHEELER 5316 W. 95th OAK LAWN - High Grade Watch Repairing - McKAYS A Good Name in Merchcmdising JEWELRY and GIFTS LADIES APPABEL and Specialties qnildrens and INFANTS WEAR Baby Shoes - Greeting Cards OAK LAWN Authorized Agent for Elgin, Gruen and Wyler Incoflex Watches Parker :51". F9uutain Pens International Silverware ExPert Diam~nd Setting Watch and Jewelry Repairing W. 95th Jewdry-Retail. BEVERLY WATCH REPR SHO------, COSTUME JEWELRY WATCHES - CLOCKS. SILVERWARE E;x:pertWatch and Clock.Repairing on the Premises Nationally Advertised Watch~s 1817 W 95th Ch9O Hilltop Gresh Jewelers 9444 St Louis McKAYS 5216 W 95th See Advertisement Thi~ C1.assification 5316 W 95th...,. Oak Lawn-2I86 Junk KENSIHGTltH WASTEMATERrAL , SCRAP IRON - METALS OLD MACHINERY Paper - Rag: and Junk of All Kinds We Buy Automobiles S Michigan Av Chgo.. Pullman MIHALOVIC JUNK DEALER , WE BUY and PICK-UP ALL KINDS OF SCRAP - METAL JUNK - OLD MACHINERY HIGH CASH PRICES 127th & Justices of the Peace.0Brien Frank J 4869 W 95th...,.Oak Lawn-59 Juvenile Furniturt;l See Furniture Headings. Kennels-See Dog Kennels Kindergartens Evergreen Pk Pre Kindergarten 2659 W 96th Evergreen Pk-684I. No Mbtter What It Is - Yellow Pages of the Telephone Directory Evergreen Pk-8050 Oak Lawn~384 REICHMAN JEWELERS Established 1908 House Of Wedding Rings 4940 S Ashland Av Chgo Grovhil THOMAS JEWELRY STORE Located Near 63d St In Argo Archer rd summit-lll8 WHEELER RUSSELL JEWELRY OF DISTINCTION EXPERT WATCH REPAIRING Marshfield Blue Island-4492 Look First in the Kitc~en.Cabinets,;. ALLEMANS WOOD ART WORKS CUSTOM BUILT CABINETS and FIXTURES FOR. HOME and BUSINESS 9240 S 53d Ct Oak Lawn-34I9 ARGO SUMMIT SUPPLY CO Nationally Adv. Appliances 7420 Archer Av Summit-230 BOYD HARDWARE & APPLIANCE Free Estimates-Installation 3404 W 95th Evergreen Pk-8765 EVERGREEN PARK MILLWORK CO 5307 W. 95th Custom-Made KITCHEN CABINETS.See Advertisement TMs Oassification 2930 W 95th...,... Evergreen Park-8600 GIENGER WALTON HOME APPLIANCES 5307 w 95th Oak Lawn-153. HARRISON "TAILORED IN STEEL" CABINETS- Designed for your Kitchen.for beauty, for duty. All welded of last-a-life time steel. Gleaming white baked enamel finish. Free layout and estimating service} for new or remodeling kitchens. Send for Catalogue "WHERE TO BUY THEM" HARRISON STEEL CABINET CO 4718 W 5th Chgo Estebrk Listings of th,is classification, KITCHEN CABINETS GIENGER-WALTON HOME APPLIANCES COMPLETE KITCHENS. GENERAL ELECTRIC ~. HOTPOINT ;YOUNGSTOWN INCLUDING KITCHEN CABID-.ETS _SINKS - DISHWASHERS DISPOSAL UNITS OAK LAWN 153. OAK LAWN Kitchen Cabinets-(coned) HINES KITCHENS. CA8INETS MADE TO ORDER COMPLETE PLANNING, ESTIMATING and INSTALU~G SERVICE Kitchen 79 "WHERE TO BUY THEM" HINES EDW LUMBER CO 2601 W 95th Evergreen Pk-71I7 LYON KITCHEN CABINETS~ BEVERLY ELECTRIC SHOP INC 2341 W 95th Chgo Bevrly MUCHMORE MFG CO 2640 W 95th Evergreen Pk-7701 ST CHARLES STEEL KITCHENS Enjoy a custom built SL Charles Kitchen designed for you. Quality construction. ~any. helpful accessories. Let us measare your roomsubmit a plan. No Obligation. - "FOR INFORMATION GALL" KITCHEN STYLISTS THE 1913 W 103d Chgo Hilltop lriezenberg il MILLWORK CO 2959 W 95th.. ; Evergreen Pk-8212 WORTH LUMBER CO All Steel Cabinets-All Sizes Southwest Hwy Worth-359-R-2 EVERGREEN PARK MILLWORK CO. CUSTOM MADE KITCHEN and 2930 W. 95th DISPLAY CABINETS,Evergreen Park 8600 KITCHEN CABINETS CUSTOM BUILT To Fit Your Individual Need and Personal Taste. by C. TRIEZENBERG MILLWORK CO. EVERGRJ;EN PARK ~ W. 95th

72 80 Ladders Landscaping.Ladders. CHGO LADDER &SCAFFOLD CO C1lntractors Equipment & S!lPplies Rented-Sold & Repaired 620 W 65th Chgo....Englewood Lamps & Lamp Shades. AMERICAN ANTIQUE FURNITURE MART We Drill Glass-ChinacMend & Rewire Lamps S Cicero Oak Lawn-2075 BEVERLY ELECTRIC SHOP INC - The Lamp House of Beverly Hills EXQUISITE LAMPS and SHADES We Bnild and Design. Lamps From YonrAntiqnes - Oil Lamps and Knickknacks Bring I" For Free Estimate At 95th & Western Av W 95th Chgo Beverly-8-770l CONTINENTAL LAMP & SHADE SHOP Manufacturers Of Exclusively Designed Highly Styled Shades Of Distinction We Specialize In Hand Made lamp Shades 6422 S Ashland Chgo Grovehill Gienger-Walton Home. Appliances 5307 W 95th : Oak Lawn-153 Landscaping Brandt Bros S Halsted Chgo.. Pulmn , BUTKUS CARTAGE LANDSCAPING. Black Soil - Humus Evergreen Trees - Shrubs Sod - Grass Beed - Flagstone 6917 W 95th Oak Lawn-802 BRANDTBROSo NURSERY Complete Line 0 SHRUBS, TREES and EVERGREENS OF AU VARIETIES - Perennial and Annucil Flowers - Rocks for Rock Gardens - Fertilize~ ~ Rotted Manure - Black Dirt~- COME OUT AND SEE OUR NURSERY S: H~lsted, Chgo. Pullman ,. JENSENS FLORAL & LANDSCAPING SERVICE EXPERIENcED LANDSCAPE CONTRACTORS Three Generations Since Phone Evergreen Park 8170 If No Answer Call Beverly S. Western A... e. Landscaping-(coned) CRESCENT LANDSCAPE &NURSERY S Western Chgo...Cedarcrest FLOSSMOOR GRASS CB Honore Harvey JENSEij FLORAL & LANDSCAPE SERVICE LANDSCAPE. CONTRACTORS EXPERIENCED THREE GENERATIONS SINCE S Western Av Chgo....Beverly JENSENS FLORAL & LANDSCAPING SERVICE 9800 S Western.. Evergreen Pk MARllUETIE LANDSCAPE SERVICE----. EVERGREENS OUR SPECIALTY :Make Yonr Selection From Our Nursery Evergreens - Trees ~ Shrubs - Perennials Sod - Grass - Seed - Black Soil - Flagstone Complete Landscaping Service - S/?raying Open 7 Days and Every Evening 9909 Harlem Av......Oak Lawn-974 HBRTH PALOS LANDSCAPE CO, 9225 S 77th Av Oak Lawn-2394-J-2 Oak Lawn Landscaping S 77th Av Oak Lawn-2394-J-2 TRUDGIAN LOWELL D Black Dirt & Complete Lawn Service 26 E 112th PI Chgo Waterfall LANDSCAPING flossmoor GRASS CO. NurserY Located at Flossmoor Rd. and Crawford Complete Landscaping Service Lawns Remodeled Creeping Bent Kentucky Blue Grass Sod Wholesale - Retail Honore Harvey 308~ - CRESCENT LAl\fDSCAPE & NURSERY FRED- GARRETT Architect RETAIL NURSERY. Complete StockS CEDARCREST S.Western Chgo. Lanclscaping-(coned) Tuinstra Landscape Co 3700 W 95th Evergreen Pk-7300 WESTERN LANDSCAPE &NURSERY CO,, Buy Direct.from Nursery DESIGNING - CONSTRUCTION and PLANTING TREES - SHRUBS - PERENNIALS. Rock Gardens Nursery 142d & Western av S Western av. Blue Island-1127 Laundries ARCHER LAUNDRY 3867 S Archer av Chgo _ Enterprise-6060 (Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls> CASCADE WET_WASH LAUNDRIES INC 7930 S Racine Chgo Enterprlse-4275 (Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls> GREAT SOUTHERN LAUNDRY CO. A SOFT WATER LAUNDRY WITH LATEST MODERN. a EQUIPMENT ALL SERVICES 16 W 103d Ghgo Pullman LAUNDRIES - are continued on next page. CASCADE WET WASH "LAUNDRIES, INC. ALL LAUNDRY SERVICES MODERATELY PRICED! IFOR PARTICULARPEOPLE. II PHONE US FREE... NO TOLL CHARGE ENTERPRISE S; RACINE AVE I CHGO. P-T LAU,C.Landscaping~Laundries Specializing In e BLANKETS e BEDSPREADS CURTAINS Pillews Renovated and Scientifically Sterilized o COMPLETE Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service -ENTERPRISE 4021 (Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls) 21 E. 110th PI. COMPLETE CLEANERS & LAUNDERERS Chicago The Modern laundry and DRY CLEANING CO. ED Economical - Convenient We Use Scientific Methods and Give Conscientious Attention to Individual Laundry Requirements.. \\~\p\ng TilE S0U1lt(,~. #":> ""IJJ~1"Q?Q ~. ~4t ~ "NOT HOW QUICK BUT HOW GOOD" Our.New.Phone Servicefor Your Convenience Is EnterPr.ise 4404 Call Us A No Charge To You S. HALSTED, CHICAGO 81

73 82 Laundries S. Burley Ave. -ChicagolAUNDRY COMPANY COMPLETELAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING SERVICE.> FOR EVERY HOME Phone ENTERPRISE 4006 We. Pcry for Phone Calls. Serving South Side Homes for Over 30 Years 7031 S.Stewart Ave. Chicago; IH. BE,TTER CARE, LONGER WEAR Fine Laundry Dry Cleaning Rug Cleaning ENTERPRISE 4458 (No Toll Charge) laundries-(contd) KENNEDY LAUNDRY CO S Forrestville Chgo Pulmn (See Advertisement ThisClassificationJ LEWIS LAUNDRY CO S Stewart Chgo Enterpnse-400b (Called Party Pays For.Enterpr!se C~lIs). (See Advertisement This ClassificatIon) Lewis Laundry Co S Stewart Chgo - Enterpnse-!OOb (Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls) MODERN LAUNDRY & DRY CLEANING C~ 5758 S Halsted Chgo Enterpnse-4404 (Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls) MONARCH LAUNDRY CO LARGEST and FINEST LAUNDERERS and DRY CLEANERS IN THE MIDDLE WEST "There Is a Difference" 140 W HUh Chgo. Enterprise-1044 Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls OAK LAWN LAUNDRY & CLEANERS Serving Oak Lawn and Evergrlen Park - Better Laundry Exclusive Dry Cleaning - Complete Service Pick Up and D.eIivery 9421 Tully Av Oak Lawn 241 LAUNDRIES ABCDER :LA.UNDRY.,Archer A.ima 1o Please You Alway." ALL LAUNDRY SERVICES TO FIT YOUR NEEDS U85 Smillng Route JIen Servteing AU Southt.oum." Enterprise 6060 We Par For Phone CalI,3867 S. ARCHER AVE. DRY CLEANING CHICAGO TELEPHO,NE PULLMAN Forrestville Ave.. Chgo. laundries-(contd) PEOPLES LAUNDRY~ , "One Call Does All" LAUNDERING DRY CLEANING. RUG CLEANING See Advertisemellt This Classificatiol> 9226 S Burley Chgo Enterprise 4458" Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls South Towns Laundry S Archer Av Chgo......Enterprise-60bO (Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls) UP TO DATE LAUNDRY CO. 21 E 110th pi Chgo ; Enterpnse-4021 (Called Party Pays!"or Enterprise Calls) (See Adverti.sement This ClassilicationJ laundries-self Service Blue Island Self Service Laundry Western Blue Isld-366 Self Service Laundry 4911 W 95th :Oak Lawn-3677 Lawn Furniture See Garden & lown.furnishings lawn Mowers REO LAWN MOWERS De luxe TRIMALAWN and ROYALE POWER LAWN MOWERS lawn Mowers-Sharpening & Repairing AUBURN SERVICE SHOP - IMO~;]" REO "WHERE TO BUY THEM" KEEN EDGE CO Also Hand Lawn Mowers & Sharpening Service S Halsted Chgo Atlantic POWER and HAND MOWERS. MACHINE SHARPENED and.adj.usted SAWS SHARPENED and REPAIRED 7725 S Halsted Chgo......Hudson RANDALL RADIO &FIXIT,SHOP Lawn Mowers Machine Sharpened And. Repaired-Saws Sharpened-Keys Made W 94th Evergreen Pk-8473 Lawn Sprinkler Systems See Sprinklers-Garden & lown lawyers. Bolton John F3650 W 97th...Evergreen Pk-9043 CROESSMAN DWIGHT W 5251 W 95th Oak Lawn-2264 If no answer call Randolph b-4788 If no answer call.:.., Blue Island-968-J LAWYERS are continued in next- cblljmn. Laundries-Lighting 83 lawyers-(contd) Friedlander S David 695 Wentworth Calumet City Torrence-l565 After Office Hours Call Res Gierach Will 9761, 50th Ct Sheffield-458b Oak Lawn-1350 GIERACH WILL 5237 W 95th. If no answer call Oakt:awn-324 Oak Lawn-1350 Harris Frank K 5237 W 95th Kavanaugh & McCarthy Attorneys Oak Lawn W 95th LOWNIK THEODORE F Oak Lawn Millard Evergreen Pk-7854 If. no answer call.... Schultz Peter G 2801 W 95th W,!lbrook Evergreen Pk-7799 Wiegel George E 3615 W 95th Evergreen Pk-7825 letter Service &Addressing DEPENDON ADDRESSING SERVICE INO ADDRESSING SPECIALISTS COMPLETE ADDRESSING. and MAILING SJi:RVICE 7348 S Halsted Chgo Hudson 3-80bO 100 N LaSalle Chgo; ;... Dearborn libraries-public Evergreen Pk LIbrary 9412 Kedzle.Evergreen Pk-8522 lighting Fixtures BEVERLY ELECTRllisHOP INC 2341 W 95th Chgo Beverly GIENGER WALTON HOME APPLIANCES FLUORESCENT and INCANDESCENT FIXTURES for Home and Industrial Use LARGE STOCK Fluorescent and Incandescent Bulbs 53p7-11 W 95th... "... Oak Lawn-153 Midwest Electrical Constr Co 4869 W95th.; : Oak Lawn-2250 SUN RAY FLUORESCENT CO, 1260,S Michigan Av Chgo Wabash COMPLETE! These Yellow Pages give you buying information you could find in no other place. FLUORESCENT Maintenance &. Repair SERVICE A Service to Meet Your Needs Your lights in perfect condition ot 0/1 times Constant- inspectign and wasfjing Establisij exact yearly costs.. No expensive repairs and,rewiring.... SAME DAY SERVICE Wabash Eliminate bulky stocks of tubes, starters, etc. FI:XTURES TUBES ACCESSORIES SUN-RAY FLUORESCENT CO SOUTlLMICHIGAN AVENUE CHGO.

74 Hudson Linen:...Uquor./ Linen Supply Service DE NORMANDIE TOWEL Be LINEN SUPPLY CO Complete Towel & Linen Supply Service Cleanliness- Pays S State Chgo...Trlangle-il-8010.Linoleum. ARCHITECTURAL FLOOR SERVICE. Geo. J. Pekny, Armstrong Linoleum Floo-rs. Rubber Tile - Asphalt Tile - Carpeting Plastic and Aluminum Wall Tile Chrome Metal Mouldings Floor Sanding and Refinishing 5650 S Kedzie Av Chgo Grovehill Classification continued next column. BOYD.. HARDWARE & APPLIANCE RESIDENTlAL,CUSTOM MADE INDUSTRIAL ALL METAL TRIM COMMERCIAL ACCESSORIES \.<4"""-;>.;:2;,:;-.. FLOORS MATERIALS and" LAYING ARMSTRONG LINOLEUM cmd TILE. RUBBER TILE ASPHALT TILE 9: A.M. - b:,e~ergreen Park W. 95th Sl , !::....~....,.-,."7::::-: ~:~rdif~t.-; floor... f..."covering... r "COWIPAN!.." l \ \,... LINOLEUM - CARPET TILE...,... GROVEHILL _ 0 3SDO "-... ~- ~ Featuring Notionally Advertised Brands Armstrong Nairn - Pabco 3212 W. 63RD. CHICAGO Linoleum-(coned) BEST EVERCARPET co FLOOR and WALL COVERING INLAID LINOLEUM CUSTOM MADE FLOORS and CABINET TOPS 3038 W 11Uh Chgo Hilltop BOYD HARDWARE & APPLIANCE 3404 W95th0 0 Evergreen Pk-8765 EASTERN LINOLEUM. CO All Types Of Linoleum & Asphalt Tile 7939 S Ashland Chgo FAULKNER L C COMPLETE LINOLEUM SERVICE ASPHALT TILE RUBBER TILE LINOLEUM FINE MATERIALS LAID BY EXPERTS ALL WORK FULLY GUARANTEED Estimates Cheer[1lUy Given Give Us a Ring - Rever~,," the ~harges 1508 E 69th Chgo......Faiifax S Be B FLOOR COVERINGCO 3212 W 63d Chgo. 0 0 Grovhil Liquor & Wine-Retail BERTS LIQUOR STOR"--~ BLEEKERS LIQUORS In Evergreen Park Its BLEEKERS LIQUORS DELIVERY SERVICE.3447 W 95th 0 Free Delivery WINES - BEER - LIQUORS National Brands 9854 S Western. Evergreen Park-85~6 Evergreen Park 8300 Dot & Bills Trailer Court 9446S Harlem Av Oak Lawn-9314 Felix & Dellas Tavern 9953 Southwest Hwy Oak Lawn-9349 JIMS TAP ROOM WINE - BEER and LIQUOR STORE BEER By Bottle or Case All Well Known Brands Jim N. Parros, Pr:op W 95th ~...Oak Lawn 9334 Kens Yankee Lounge 5256 W 95th..Oak Lawn Lucky Star Tavrn 89th Oak Lawn-1786-J-I Mt Greenwood Liqr Store Inc W 11Uh Chgo Cedarcrest UQUOR & WINE-RETAIL arecontlnued in next column. Liquor & Wine...:.Retail-(contd) TOWN TAP RM TAVERN A COMPLETE STOCK of LIQUOR and WINES IMPORTED and DOMESTIC BEER.5303 W 95th....Oak Lawn 9348 UNIVERSAL L1QR STORE 3119 W 11Uh Chgo Cedarcrest Vogts Lounge 5247 W 95th.., Oak Lawn~9343 Liquor & Wine-Wholesale ROSELAND LIQUOR CO :..., Distributors of IMPORTED and DOMESTIC WINES - LIQUORS - CORDIALS WHOLESALE ONLY S Michigan Av Chgo..Waterfall Livestock Remedies DeGroot Feed & Seed 9822 Southwest Hwy......Oak Lawn-37 Loans Briggs A G & Sons Specializing In Real Estate Loans 3214 W 95th Evergreen Pk-8160 Citizens Loan C6rp 749 W 63d Chgo.. Norml Classifi~ation continued next page. lash loans.$50; $100, $300 ()R MOORE without endorsers or guarantors Ifyou need a loan of $20 to$500 for a few months or for a longer. time, come to Household Finance. You can take 6, 12, 15 or up to \ 20 months to repay ~ Loans made on your note,ear.or furniture: APPLY BY PHONE! If you phone first we can have your loan ready without delay... NEIGHBORHOOD OFFICES 2401 W. 63rd 51., 2nd Fl. Repnblic S5 S. Asbland Ave.; 2nd Fl. Hemlock W. 64lb 51., 2nd Fl. Englewood S. Hal;led 51:, 2nd Fl. Aberdeen LOOP OFFICES 180 West Jack,on Blvd w.. Madison si. 2nd\ Fl. 5 S. Wabash Ave~.131h Fl. Hamson 7~7896 Financial 6-4;237.. Slale Liquor-Loans 85 OPEN EVERY EVENING UNTIL 8 :pont Lose Tune from Work - PHONE REGENT Your Friendly Neighborhood Office - SIGNATURE:- AUTO - FURNITURE LOANS TO $ MUTUAL LOAN CO East 79th Street, Chgo. Corner 79th and Stony Island Transfer from Sub. Bus to 79th Street Car HELPING YOU - HELPS US ITS MUTUAL! for APersonal Loan.YOUR Way... and Ji,;I/ -REPUBLIC ~ FINANCE COli OF CHICAGO 6233 S: Western Av., Chgo. IoGANS $25 YO $500 Come in or You get prompt service at p~ because the YES MANager - and. he alone-makes the decision on your loan. And itscyes to 4 out of 5. You sel~ct most convenient payment plan. Get cash on signature, furniture, or ear. Nationwide Credit: Establish your credit at; one P~. office and it is good at any p~ office from., coast to coast. VVhy not telephone or come in TOD!J..:(. -; ~ finance CO, =

75 86 Loans"":"Locksmiths Loans-(contd) COMMONWEALTH LOAN CO _, 6254 S Ashland Av..,... :.,Enterpnse-8010 (Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls) HACKING BROTHERS CO LOANS LOANS $525 and Up Salary "and FurnitureLQans Car - Business - Personal Loans 185 l)i Wabash Chgo" Dearborn Household Finance Corp N Michigan Chgo.....Whitehall HOUSEHOLD FINANCE LOANS For ~xlra fast service on loans of $20 $50 $100, $200 or up to, $50b pho~e, write or visit Household Finance. Loans. are ma~e on salary car or furmlure, Without endorsers to either married or single people,, WHERE TO O.A.LL Household Finance Corp, S Ashland Chgo,. Hemlock Household Finance Corp,, 6856 S Halsted Chgo. Aberdeen Household Finance Corp 180 W Jackson Chgo..-Harrison 7-7B9b Household Finance Corp,, 106 W Madison Chgo.. Financial Household Finan,ce Corp 806 W 64th Chgo..,... Englewood Household Finance Corp 2401 W 63d Chgo. :, Republic ,Household Finance Corp 5 S Wabash Chgo...,.... State Imperial Credit Co 3200 W 63d Chgo Prospct ,,MUTUAL LOAN CO, 1604E 79th Chgo......,Regnt (See Advertisement This Classific;ation) PERSONAL FINANCE CO OF CHICAGO 6233 S Western Av Chgo... ". Republc , Wiegel & l<i1gallen Sales Co 3615 W 95th,,Evergreen Pk S. Halsted, Chgo W.63rd, Chgo. 8 N. Dearborn, Chgo. The Yellow ~ages Tell You "Where to Buy It" IMPERIAL CREDIT COMPANY SALARY:LOANS $50 - $100 - $200 - $250 - or More No Indorsers Furniture and Auto loans Small Monthly Payments Englewood Prospect ~ Franklin 2c6141 Locker Rental-Frozen Food 9AK LAWN FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS----; "WHERE FOODS HAVE NO SEASON" Kept Until Re,ady for Use We Also Cut, Wrap and Sharp Freeze For Home Freezers Buy and SaVe at W Izolesale Prices 4828 W 95th ".,Oak Lawn-55 Locksmiths AUBURN SERVICE SHOP South Side Service Day or Night LOCKS INSTALLED and REPAIRED AUTO LOCKS -OUR SPECIALTY,SERVICE CARS AT YOUR CALL HUDSON COMPLETE KEY SERVICE 7725 S Halsted Chgo.... Hud~on Randall Radio & Fixit Shop, 3211 W 94th......Evergreen Pk-8473 Authorized dealers in most nationally ddvertised merchandise, or services can be found by looking under the Trade Marks or Brand Names in their re spedive <;;Iassifjcations. $25 TO $500 - Get Your Money the Same Day No ~ngthy Investigation Delays PERSONAL LOANS Salary Cil Signature Cil Auto and Household Loans CITIZENS LOAN CORPORATION ~2 YEARS OF SERVICE Open Every Evening Until B P.M. ASK FOR MR. KASPER 749 W. 63rd St., Chga." Normol 2-2nd Floor 5700 Need Something? Get the Habit They Tell Look in till! YELLOW PAGES "Where to Buy, It" Lumber":Retaii ALBERT LUMBER & SUPPLY CO,---,----, LUMBER ON CREDIT - LOWER PRICES Doors, Insulation Millwork Windows. Plasterboard Roofing WE FINANCE LABOR and MATERIALS Free Estimates 3800/S Western Chgo _Lafayette , Nites - Sundays & Holidays Call Oak Lawn 1924-J-l ALL STATE BUILDERS & LUMBER CO INC- For Greater Value LUMBER - MILI;WORK Roofing - Insulation Wallboards - Plywoods and Masonite Buyon Credit - Easy Ter.!!1s Crawford Cicero Cicero:..0IympiC-1444 BEATTY I N R LUMBER CO d av... :.. Oak Lawn BRIDGEVIEW LUMBER & SUPPLY-CO INC "House of Building Needs" Lumber.. Roofing - Flooring Insulation - Wall Board - Windows Use OurEasy Finance Plan Open Mon, and Tlwrs. EVes, 7600 W 79th...Summit-629 LUMBER-RETAIL OAK LAWN MILL and LUMBER CO. Walter H. Sc,henk, Prop.. LUMBER- ROOFING MILLWORK.-INSULATION PAINTS-HARDWARE GARAGES Let Us Help You With Your FinanciIig :For New Homes or Remodeling PHONE OAK LAWN 14, S. CICERO AV. OAK, LAWN, ILL. LUM8ER CUT TO LENGTH YOUR SMALL LUMBER ORDERS ARE ALWAYS WELCOMEAT,o HI N ES Distributors of 1300 Chgo. Phone Riverdale FLlNTKOTE & CELOrEX TILE PLANK BOARD US G PRODUCTS FHA FINANCIN13 "Save. With Sibley" ~ Lumber 87 Lumber-Retail-(contd) CAMERON-YiALKER 1NC--, , Complete Line of LUMBER - MILLWORK Building Materials. Home Builders - FHA Financing 163rd & Cicero Oak Forest.,.Tinley Park 2211 Hedge Tom 105th & Menard.. Oak Lawn-1578-J-l HINES LUMBER "WHERE TO O.A.LL" HINES LUMBER, 2601 W 95th...,..Evergreen P~rk-7117 ILLINOIS WRECKING CO USED. BUILDING MATERIALS Doors - Lumber- Windows PLUMBING SUPPLIES NEW INSULATED SIDING - ROOFING 9444 S Harlem......,.. Oak Lawn 1231 LUMBER-RETAIL are continued on next page. SIB Y LUMBER COG 30 EAST 147th ST. HARVEY, ILL. Quality and Service A Complete Line of LUMBER Q MILLWORK Q ROOFING SIDING Cil PAINTS INSULATION HARDWARE PLUMBING and HEATING SYSTEMS and SUPPLIES 11-=.-11;;= Harvey

76 88 Lumber-:-Massage Lumber-Retail-(COned) JOHNSON LBR Be SUPLY CO On Wabash Tracks, _ 123d & 82d Av.. Palos Pk-B37 KING MIDAS LBR 2221 S Ashland Chgo Haymarket-I-2031 LORD LUMBER Be COAL CO Monthly Payments Arranged for Wholesale and Retail DOUGLAS FIR LUMBER SPECIAL PRICE TO CONTRAqORS BUILDING MATERIALS MILLWORK:"" SIDING -,INSULATION ROOFING,... WALLBOARD PAINTS - HARDWARE KITCHEN Remodeling Millwork - Roofing - Insulation 15 N Spring Av....., LaGrange-9600 OAK LAWN MILL Be LBR CO S Cicero....Oak Lawn-l 5 RITTENHOUSE Be EMBREE CO S Racine Chgo... "...,Yards SCHENK WALTER H LUMBER CO A COMPLETE MILL and LUMBER; YARD SERVICE W 62nd Pl..... Summit-122 SIBLEY LBR CO 3() E 147th Harvey-l300, LUMBER-RETAIL LUMBER Call HAYMARKET EVERYTHING TO BUILD ANYTHING Lumber.. Insulation~ Building. Materials.. Millwork Electric G"oods.. Plumhfug. Roofing, Hardware Floating, Ph...wood, Pninls... Phlsler Board. EASY CREDIT PAY AS LOW AS $S PER MO. Satisfaction Guaranteed 100% or Your. Money Refunded 2221 S. ASHLAND AVE. CHICAGO Open b.ily 8 :00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. LUMBER CABINETS WORTH LUMBER CO. WORTH 159~R~2 Open Daily 7-5 Sundays Southwest Highway ~ I Blk. East of Harlem Lumber-Retail-(coned) SOUTHWESTERN LUMBER CO-:--"--~~ ALWAYS BIG BARGAINS IN NEW and USED LUMBER and BUILDING MATERIALS OF ALL KINDS I COt<rteo,t<s Service - 3 Y rs. To Pay 7437 S Western Av Chgo...Grovehill STEVENS ALEX B CO S Throop Chgo.....Bevrly-8-Blll WORTH LUMBER CO Southwest Hwy Worth-359-R-2 Machinery Movers & Erectors Airport Scavenger Service, 9906 Homan Av Evergreen,Pk-7232 Machinists AmericanMachining Corp, Knox av & Southwest Hwy Oak Lawn-638 Weller Co 4725 Southwest Hwy Oak Lawn-355 Magnetos WILLYS GEO R CARBURETOR Be IGNITION LAB S Western Av....Blue Isld-2925 Mail Order Houses ALDENS INC 511 S Paulina Chgo.. Enterprise-4004 (Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls). SPIEGEL INC Telephone Order Dept 1040 W 35th Chgo Enterprise-B900 (Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls), Mason Contractors Autullo Ralph 9801 Southwest Hwy..,Oak Lawn-32 Burke John L. Brick & Stone Work A Specialty, 9300, 53d ct :...Oak Lawn-lSI HELSTERN Be JOHNSON MASONRY CONTRACTORS ~ GENERAL CONTRACTORS 6005 W 95th, Oak La\/ll 821 HUIZENGA G HARRY Brickwork A Specialty, 2930 W 95th Evergreen Pk-860o- Lutz John H & Son 9760 S 49th Av..Oak Lawn-3230 MALOTT Be McLANE CONSTR CO mc 9747 Harding ".. Evergreen Pk-7654 If no answer call " Evergreen Pk-7084 Massage MARYS HEALTH Be REDUCING SALO Mary E. Novak, PHT. ND. Physio Therapist and Naturopathic Physician SWEDISH MASSAGE - LIGHT, and J VAPOR BATHS " Hydro Galvanic Bath -?Po~ Reducing Electric Blanket - Colon Irngatton - Exercyc1e Ultra Violet Alpine Lamp - Diathermy, Wentworth Ave. Car Li"e, Not Open Wed. or Sat S Vincennes Av Chgo...Triangle Classification continued next column., Massage-kontd) SCIENTIFIC HEALTH SERVICE , MASSAGE,FOR HEALTH and BEAUTY SWEDISH MASSAGE - PHYSICAL THERAPY Men and Women - Residential Calls STEAM CABINETS RENTED - SOLD FOR HOME USE Day and Eve"i"u By Appointment 6542-B S Western Av Chgo.. Grovehill Mattresses & Bedding MADEWELL BEDDING CO , SpecializiTtg in OVERSIZE BOX SPRINGS and MATTRESSES Direct From Factory See Advertisement This Classification. 909 W 63rd Chgo......Englewood 4-:-5B58 SIM.ONS MATTRESS CO- No Waiting Stock on Hand Free Delivery Same,Dayo Innerspring and Felt Mattresses, To Fit Any Size Bed or Crib Also Large Stock of Beds, Springs. Folding Beds, and,crihs at,.reasonable Prices 6134 S Halsted Chgo... Englewood 4-:-7954 Mausoleum Builders Cesaro F Monument Co 5712W 11Uh.Oak Lawn-B9 St Marys & Evergreen Monument Co. 9lst... Evergreen Pk-7146 Meat Markets BOULEVARD GROCERY Be M~RKEI DELIVERY SERVICE CHOICE GROCERiES SELECT MEATS FRESH FRUITS and VEGETABLES 5239 W95th Oak Lawn-40 C & A FOOD MART 9525 S Harlem Oak Lawn-2466-J-2 Community Food Mart Pay Y1lur Gas & Electric Bills Here Electric Light Bulb Exchange, 8859, S California Evergreen Pk-7749, D& M Food Mart 3636 W 95th.. Evergreen Pk-7133 De Luxe Meat Mkt 5261 W 95th...Oak Lawn-1897 DU VALS QUALITY MKr 4957 W 95th Oak Lawn-19 Evergreen Pk Quality Meats, 3207 W 95th Evergreen Pk-7409 LINCOLN MARKE J COMP~ETE SELECTION OF QUALITY MEATS FROZEN FOODS DELIVERY SE;RVICE 5249 W95th Oak Lawn 9333 Manns Quality Foods 5309 W 95th.. Oak Lawn-464 Listings of this classification, MEAT MARKETS eat Markets-(coned) Midwest Food Mart 6152 W 95th.Oak Lawn-641 Midwest Groc & Meat Mkt :5638 W 87th Oak Lawn-9388 Nowackis Groc & Mkt 86..." Roberts rd......oak Lawn-149 Olejosz Roman 8428 S 77th ct. Oak Lawn-1460-J-2.p D Q Grocery 3140 W 92d... Evergreen Pk-7332 Security Food Center 5737 W 87th...Oak Lawn-162 Solis Royal Blue Store 5718 W 87th. Oak Lawn-9303 Meat-Whot Medical Laboratories Tricasco Laboratories 9601 S 50th ct. Oak Lawn W. 63rd CHICAGO When You Want Massage-Medical 89 Stewart Maurice 9216 S Mayfield...Oak L.awn-388 MADEWELL BEDDING CO. MATTRESSES ~ BOX SPRINGS STUDIO COUCHES - ALL BEDDING Englewood to Buy Something But Dont Know Where to Get It- YELLOW PAGES of your, PILLOWS R ENOVATED EBUILT dcovered. ALL WORK GUARANTEED Look in the Telephone Directory

77 90 M.ens...:.-Mifiwork Men/s Clothing & Furnishings :":Retail B&FMENSSHOP.. STETSON - MALLORY HATS.ARROW - MANHATTAN SHIRTS, CLOTHING and SPORTSWEAR - NUNN-BUSH and CROSBY SQUARE SHOES (On the Corner) 7900 S Halsted Chgo... Vincennes-6~0301.FINCHLEY 19 E jackson Blvd Chgo. Wabash OAK LAWN MENS SHOP Quality Mens Wear-Moderate_~ Priced W 95th... Oak Lawn-727 PARK MENS SHOP. Wm. J. Dietrich MALLORY and CHAMP-HATS McGREGOR and JAYSON-SHIRTS. COOPERS and INTERWOVEN--:SOCKS HICKOK-ACCESSORIES OSHKOSH BGOSH-WORK CLOTHES Hours 9 :00 6:00 Daily Thurs. - Fri. - Sat. - Eves W 95th ; Evergreen Park8240 PEDDA WALTER E W 95th Chgo Bevrly Rubino Michael S Western av..blue Isld-201 Why tramp around all day looking for something you want to buy? A glance in these pages will help you find the rlace that sell~ it. ONE OF "BEVERLYS FAVORITE MENS SHOPS~ SINCE 1935 Metal Finishers GRANDEUR INC S Archer Chgo.... Portsmth Metal Powder Fabricators Molded Metals Corp 9540 Tully Av..Oak Lawn-3353 Mill illsry-rstaii Bettys Shop 5015 W 95th..Oak Lawn-415 Millwork BEATTY IN R LUMBER CO Hester Cabinet & Mill S Richmond... :. -Evergreen Pk~7504. Ever:!reen. Park S 52d Av.. ;......Oak Lawn-400 DAHLGRENS INC 8357 S Halsted Chgo.....Vincennes EVERGREEN PK MILLWORK CO. MILLWORK KITCHEN CABINETS DOORS - WINDOWS INSULATION See Our Display Adv. At T1lis Heading 2930 W 95th.. Evergreen Park-8600 MILLWORK EVERGREEN PARI( MlLLWORI( CO Millwork-(coned)" HINES MILLWORK ;----"- DOORS WINDOWS. MOLDINGS CABINETS CUSTOM MADE,.TO YOUR ORDER "WHERE TO O.ti.LL" HINES EDW LUMBER CO 2601 W 95th Evergreen Park-7117 LORD LBR & COAL CO 15 N Spring. LaGrange-9600 MUCHMORE MFG CO 2640 W 95th : Evergreen Pk Oak Lawn Mill & Lbr Co 9430 S Cicero Av Oaktawn-145 Oak Lawn Mill Works 9431 Meade Oak Lawn-2116 TRIEZENBERG C MIllWORK CO 2959 W 95th Evergreen Pk Mirrors ADVANCE GLASS CO 6246 S. Campbell.Chgo...Walbrook BEVERLY GLASS & MIRROR CO S Western Chgo... Hilltop Blatt Emil J S Western.....Blue Isld_242. MIRRORS. are continued on next page. Frames Glass Cabinets Windows. InsnIation Doors - Trim Screens Evergreen Park W. 95th MUCHMORE MFG. CO W. 95th Millwork-Mirrors 91 -, C. TRIEZENBERG MILLWORK CO..~ Custom-Made Cabinets -A Spedah&l in -Att ~pe& VENETIAN SCREENS 9 WINDOW FRAMES EI DOORS STORM SASH Phone E!.ergree~ Park West 95th St., Chgo. ~ Beverly FINE FURNISHINGS - - SOCIETY CLOTHES - - DOBBS HATS - TAILORING MON. and THURS. - 9:30 A.M. - 9:00 P.M. TUES., WEDS.,.FRI., SAT. - 9:30 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. KITCHEN CABINETS WINDOW FRAMES Wmdows - Screens - Storm Sash ROOFING Plaster Board - Wall Board INSULATION BIown-lIl or Pad Type DOORS OF ALL KINDS W. 95th - Evergreen Park. xceptional MIRRORS For. MANTELS - DOORS WAiLS -. FIREPLACES CUSTOM MADE - ANY SIZE OR SHAPE MIRROR RESILVERING. Free Estimates Given By Our RepresentativeWho Will Call at Your Home to MeasUre. Advise aild Give an Estimat~ Without Any Obligation _ To You..- NELSON GLASS & PAINT co.. DiStributor Pittsburgh Glass Products HARVEY E. 153rd. HARVEY. ILL. iii Visit Our Modern Display Room GLAZING CONTRACTORS 75:308. Halsted INC; Our Representative Will Come to Your Home to Measure and Give You o Free Estimate Chicago

78 92 Mirrors-Monuments Mirrors-(contd) MARTIN GLASS CO------,-.., :-, MIRRORIZE YOUR HOME COMPLETE STOCK OF PITTSBURGH MIRRORS ALL SIZES and SHAPES GLASS FURNITURE TOPS SAFETY AUTO GLASS Stony Island Chgo lvlidway NELSON GLASS & PAINT CO 187 E 153d......IHarvey-1763 NORMAL GLASS CO INC S Halsted Chgo Hudson IBJU)~ Fnrriiture Mirrors Tops Auto Glass- Window Glass 9~& ~ COMPANY S. Weslern Ave. Chicago 43. IlJ.inoia W. J. Lucchesi TELEPHONE HILLTOP ADVANCE GLASSCO. CUSTOM MADE TABLETOPS and MIRRORS WORK GUARANTEED QUICK SERVICE FREE ESTIMATES WALBROOK S. Campbell, Chgo. Model &Hobby Supplies H & H Sporting Goods W 95th Evergreen Pk-8040.KNAPP RAYMOrm E HOBBY SHOP Lionel And American Flyer Trains 1042 W. 103d Chgo......,HiIltop Monuments CESARO F MONUMENT CO , Since 1912 MONUMENTS Builders of Public and Private Memorials - Any Cemetery Two Locations Opposite Holy Sepulchre Cemetery 5900 West 11lth St W 11Uh :...Oak Lawn 89 Evergreen Memorial Craft Shop W 87th Evergreen Pk-8345 GElS & CROSSEN MONUMENT CO Authorized Dealer For RIB MOUNTAIN DARKRED GRANITE and LAUREL ROSE GRANITE Work Erected in All Cemeteries See Advertisement This Classification 3319 W 91st., Evergreen Park 7177 If No Answer Call Triangle HUES MONUMENT CO 2724 W 11Uh Chgo Bevrly Moore Maurice Memorials I11th & Austin ~ Oak Lawn-161 MONUMENTS GElS & CROSSEN MONUMENT C,OMPANY Established 1895 BUY DIREa - NO SALESMEN Memorials in Quality Granites Erectecl Anywhere EVERGREEN PARK 7177 If No Answer Call Triangle W. 91st Near St. Marys and Evergreen Cemeteries HAYES MONUMENT CO. Authorized Dealer. ROCK OF AGES and RAINBOW GRANITES Specializing in MONUMENTS - HEADSTONES MAUSOLEUMS Work Ereded in All Cemeteries Open Sundays Memorial Duplication - Additional Inscription Work - Memorial Cleaning - Memorial Repair CALL BEVERLY w. IIlth St" Chgo. Monuments-(cont<I) RAINBOW GRANITE MONUMENTS----- Produced at Cold Sprill9, MInnesota, In volume with unmatched facilities by renowned designers and hundreds of fine craftsmen. Choice of 8 granites of color. See, compare. ROCK OF AGES FAMILY MONUMENTS--- took. for this seal on your Rock af Ages monument or marker. It identifies all Rock of Ages monuments. "WHERE TO BUY THEM" ST MARYS &EVERGREEN MONUMENT CO 91st Evergreen Pk~7146 Worth Memorial Co, 5946 W 11Uh Oak Lawn-1417-J-1 Mortgages CONCORDIA SAVINGS & LilAH ASS" 900. W 63d Chgo Englwd Oak Lawn Savings & Loan Assn 5015 W 95th Oak Lawn-2600 WIEGEL & KILGALLEN SALES CO 3615 W 95th Evergreen Pk-7825 Motion Picture Equipment & Supplies Saks Evergreen Studios, 3550 W 95t!t......Evergreen Pk-8594 WATLAND BROS CAMERA SHOPS. MOVIE CAMERAS and PROJECIORS Bell & Howell Eastman - Revere Keystone, Bolex RENTAL SERVICE 8 and 16 MY Projectors Silent and Sound Films and Equipment far All Occasions Featuring Castle Films S Western av;. Blue Island E 16th..... Chicago Heights-41,. Wilmette Camera Exchange.9624 S Western Av...,. Evergreen Pk-8500 MotorCycles-See Motorcycles Motor Scooters AHERN. CYCLE SHOP "WHERE TO B.UY THEM" St Marys & Evergreen Monument C". 91st Evergreen Pk-7146 Auth Dealer Whizzer & Servi-Gycle Parts-Repairs-Accessories All Makes 4540 W 63d Chgo Portsmouth STROHM MOTOR SCOOTER , DEALERS IN NEW and USED MOTOR SCOOTERS LOWTHER and WHIZZER MOTOR BIKES PARTS - SERVICE TIME PAYMENTS 7239 S Western Chgo... "... Prospect I- -I- Motor Trucks BOWERS GEO W CO MOTOR TRUCKS are continued on next page. DODGE ;fb6-rakd" TRUCKS Fit the Job - Yourbuying nl!t!ds can be answered by using Yellow Pages., Its a Buyers Guide " Monuments"-Motor S Western Av Chgo... Grovehill THE RIGHT MOTOR TRUCK FOR THE JOB Last-Longer Factory Approved SALES SERVICE PARTS.Grovehill GEO. W. BOWERS CO. Have You Dodge Job-Rated Trucks Factory Approved Sales Service - Parts See Advertisement This Classification 6430 S. Western Av., Chgo. Buying to Do?

79 94 Motor-Movers, Movers 95 Motor Trucks-(coned) BUSCH MOTOR SALES INC ; NEW FORDTRUCKS - Bonus Built See Advertisenltmt TlIis Classification 5600 W 95th ~..Oak Lawn-3578 DODGE MOTOR TRUCKS~SALES Fast Dependable Truck Service Factory Approved Parts and Accessories Dodge "Job Raled~ Trucks &. SERVICE- UFOR SALES AND SERVIOE VALL", FARRINGTON REMM INC Sales And Service,~ 8920 S Ashland Av Chgo...Beverly FIEDLER MOHR MOTOR CO S Western Av.,,... Blue Isld-883 STUDEBAKER MOTOR TRUCKS SALES &. SERVICE- PAYNEAL MOTORS INC 3058 W Chgo.....Hilltop Motor Trucks-Equipment, & Parts FORD AUTHORIZED SALES &. SERVICE 8USCH MOTOR SALES INC 5600 W 95th Oak Lawn-3578 Motor Trucks-Rental PASCAL RENT A CAR SYSTEM, 228 N State Chgo...Franklin Motorcycles CHICAGO HARLEY DAVIDSON SALES Motorcycles~Servi-Cars-P,ackage Trucks 2257 W Van Buren Chgo,.. Haymarket HARVEY MOTORCYCLE SHOP AJS & Matlcheless-We Repair All Makes 15610, Center Av.. Harvey~3649 Movers AVAILABLE STORAGE &. MOVIJiG CO INC " 7732 S Stony Island Chgo...Saginw-I-4700 BLY STORAGE CO S Halsted Chgo..,,,.. Stewart-3~2691 CAREYS STORAGE &. VAN CO 6915 S Halsted Chgo...,...Aberden HAYES &. SONS STORAGE &. MOVING 8646 S Ashland Chgo Cedrcrst Movers-(coned) INTERSTATE FURNITURE MOVERS 2218 W 69th Chgo,,,Hemlock JAMESW4Y EXPRESS "Moving With Care - E~erywhere" AGENTS FOR UNITED VAN Ll.NES, INC. (Reverse Toll Charges) 446 E lllth PI Chgo Waterfall M MOVERS are continued on next page. LICENSED and BONDED WAREHOUSE Agent for CLIPPER VAN L1.NES TRANS-AMERICAN V~N SERVICE~. -0- LON~ DISTANCE MOVING *** BONDED - INSURED SAFE, MODERN COMP.ANY OWNED VANS *** UNDIVIDED RESPONSmILITY *** FREE ESTIMATES STORAGE *** - PACKING *,* * BAD WEAT.HER? Why go out to buy, when it is so easy and convenient to shop by telephone from these pages? NEW TRU(KS SALES - SERVICE - PARTS Repairs on,all Types and Makes of Trucks BUSCH, MOTOR SALES, INC OAK LAWN W. 95th MOVERS Not a Freight or Transfer Co. WE OWN AND OPERATE OUR OWN VANS AND STORAGE WAREROUSE Safe Responsible 8 Low, Cost INSURANCE PROTECTION WEATHERPROOF VANS Do Business Direct and Save Agents Commission EstimatesCheerfully Given HEMLOCK Inquiries by Mail ProlllptIv Answered No ObligatioI 2218 W. 69th St. C~cago STORAGE - SHIPPING PACKING LOCAL and LONG DISTANCE MOVING 30 Days Free Storage on Shipments - to WestS;oast HAYES & SONS STORAGE & MOVING Ph()ne Cedarcrest <:J{ No Ans~er CALL HUDSON ! S. Ashland Ave~ Chicago Shopping Guide- Whether Shopping by Telephone orin Person- YaU Can Find What Yau Want in Thes8 YELLOW PAGES" WENTWORTH W. 59th St., / 100% 1nsured Modern Vans Vans Arrive and Depart From Our Terminal Daily Enabling Us, to Handle Small Lot Shipments an Short Notice to All Parts of the United States., Our Skilled Drivers Have Chgo. Local and LOng Distance Moving Been With Us for Many Years. Your Furniture Is Piano Handled in a Car,eful; Efficient Moving -fttanner and Delivered in Per fed Condition: Agent.sfor Pullman Amerlcan ~.. Red Ball. If No Answer Call Transit - Pullman ~ ljrloljriul S. HALSTED ST.. CHGO.

80 96 Movers Movers 97 M V1 DINI C and 1r ~,luj <C \I( D INI <e;. our busines~ is serving you Applian~e Dealers Service VAN SERVICE ALL LOADS INSUREl? SPECIAL FURNITURE COVERS ALL LOADS PADDED. CONTRACT. HAULING OAK LAWN MOVERS Bonded - Licensed Roy---East local and Long Storage Warehouse Mgr. Distance Moving plt:ne OAK LAWN 4,33 ~ If No Answer Call Oak Lawn Southwest Hwy. Oak Lawn Movers:-(contd) JENSEN MOVERS~ "::----- MOVERS LOCAL and LONG DISTANCE STORAGE. Agents for American Red Ball Transit See Advertisement This Classification S Halsted Chgo Pullman , If No Answer Call Pullman JOYCE BROS CO 7415 S Stony Island Chgo... Dorchester MOVERS PACKING\) CRATING e SHIPPING low Rates to California and Intermediate Points REGENT World Wide Shippers and Movers, Ineo. Move~s-(contd) NATIONAL VAN LINES INO 2431 W Irving Pk Chgo...-;...Irvng NORTH & SOUTH TOWN MOVERS 5621 S Kedzie Chgo Prospect OAK LAWN MOVERS.. BONDED LICENSE!) STORAGE WAREHOUSE Local and Long Distance Moving "OUR BUSINESS IS SERVING YOU" VAN SERVICE - ALL LOADS PADDED SPECIAL FURNITURE COVERS See Advertisement This f:lassijication 9721 Southwest Hwy.....Oak Lawn-434 If No Answer Call Res. Oak Lawn 1688 RIDDLES MOVING & EXPRESS , Careful Dependable E~onomical Prompt EVERYTHING IN FURNITURE. and APPLIANCES EXPRESSING Delivery Service for Stores and Factories FREE ESTIMATES (24 Hr. Service) S Sawyer Chgo Beverly STUMP THE MOVER S Vincennes Av Chgo.. Cedarcrest TRANS AMERICAN VAN SERVICE ING 540 W 52thChgo Wentworth MOVERS are continued on next. paqe. NORTH & SOUTH TOWN ERS,VETE.RA NS,CARTAG,E CO. Moving-Packing-Shipping-Storage TRAINED I-tlEN Modem New Equipment, Saves Tune and Money Local and Long Distance All Furniture Padded and Covered before Removal FREE ESTIMATES Licensed Insured Carriers New Modem Roomy Vans. Expert Packing Service We.Leave Homes Settled Service Is Our Business. Not Our Motto Phone BLUE ISLAND 4069 Have. Operator Reverse Toll Charge 2935 W. 14)st PL NA.TI SWIllE. MOVING SERVICE Agents and Warehouses in All Principal Cities 2431 W. Irving Park.Rd., Chicago II"11il1.g NATIDNALVAN LINE5~. Main Office and Warehouse 9145 S. South Chicago Av. Handy- CHICAGO The Telepholle Directory Is Always Handy And These Yellow Pages Are H andy Too They "T.ell Where To $uy" Any Article or Service You May Bit Seeking L. A. Porter. Prop. - LOCAL and LONGDISTANCE MOVIN(; PACKING - SHIPPING - STORAGE Specialists in PIANO MOVING BEFORE MOVING DONT FAIL TO GET OUR ESTIMATE DAY OR EvENINGS CALL PROSPECT 6~4516. OR S.KEDZIE, CHGO. Does Moving Stump You? Let "STUMP" Move You - CALL CEDARCREST FOR FREE ESTIMATE LOCAL and LON,G DISTANCE MOVING STORAGE - SHIPPLNG - CRATING PIANOS MOVED USED FURNITURE BOUGHT and SOLD Two and Four Wheel Trailers For Rent By Hour or Day Vincennes, Chgo.

81 98 Movers~Music Movers-(cont 1 d) VAN EOK K--,---,------, VAN and STORAGE Local and Long Distance MoVing Bonded Warehouse - Insured Carriers Expert Packers- Bargains in New and V sed Furniture ucas/j. or Credit JJ J Pullman W lluh Chgo.. 1.Pullmari Nite Phone Pullmim Listings_ of this classification, MOVERS. Our Own Firepr;of Warehouse, Moving, Packing Shipping I. C. C. license No S. HALSTED ST~ CIDCAGO Phone Stt?wart Agents for, Aero Mayflower Transit Co. LOCAL and LONG DISTANCE MOVING PACKING - CRATING - STORAGE. HOUSEHOLD GOODS, Have Operator Reverse Toll Charge 7732 S. Stony Island Saginaw Chgo., Joyce Br()$.Co. MOVINGe STORAGE PACKING SmPPING Agent For, ALLLED VAN LINES.Long Distance Moving DORCHESTER S. STONY ISLAND CIDCAGO -Movers:...(coned) VETERANSOARTAGE 00, " _ MOVlNG - PACKING - SHIPPING Trained Men - Modem New Equipment,,Save Time and Money, All Furniture Padded and Covered EXpert. Crating,Service Free Estimate See Adv~isemellt TMs ClassiJicmion 2935 W 141st pl.,. Blue ISland-40b9 WORLD WIDE SHipPERS & MOVERS INO 9145 S So Chicago Av Chgo:,,,Regent (See Advertisement This Classification>, Multi-Copy Service See Lefter ServiCe & Addressing Mushrooms Ben-Gee,Products Inc.. 89th & Ridgeland. Oak Lawn-446 Music. Instruction A B.Q MUSID OENTER! ~---, ACCORDION INSTRUCTION IMPROVISING - THEORY SWING _ HARMONY BEGINNER and ADVANCED STUDENTS, See Advert;se",mt This ClasSification, 3212 W 95tli.,. " Evergreen Park~7992 J UM; 0 I I K N E; 0 U R B A N D S MUSIC INSTRUCTION ar!! continued in next column. MUSIC INSTRUCTION~ Beginner and Advanced Students IMPROVISING - T R A I N I N G THEORY,. HARMONY;"; SWING Call Evergreen Park 7 9~2. A small amount weekly pays for private lesson and use of Accordion in your own home. Records made of your progress. WE SELL NEW and USED ACCORDIONS ABC -MUSIC CENTER 3212 W.95th Street Branch StuCUo W. Marquette Road. -Chgo., Prospect Music.99 _...-,-;-,-; : :-" ,-----_-::.:~:.:-=---=-::..: Music Instruction.:...(coned) OHICAGO OONSERVATORY-,---~ ~ South Extension Piano - Voice - Violin,Musical Theory Wind Instruments - Organ Dramatic Art Day and E"Ucning Instructions lluh St W Monterey Chgo.... Beverly CONLAN OAMILLE STUDIO Instrumental Music Voice-Dancing-Dramatic Instruction Radio & Concert Technique W 95th Chgo..."..., Bevrly-8-015b Ves We Let You Use Vour MUSIC INSTRUCTION are continued on next page. riiiatu6ek ACADEMY OF MUSIC School.of Champions A TITLE BESTOWED UPON us BY PROFESSIONAL MUSIC.CRITICS cmcagoland MUSIC FESTIVAL WINNERS NATIONALA.A:.A: WINNERS 1st PRIZE ACCORDION BAND WINNERS THE MUSIC CENTER ACCORDIONS Choice of lristru- ment in Your Home NO.DI;:POSIT REQUIRED CERTIFIED A.A.A:. TEACHERS Accordion - Piano - Sax - Clarinet - Trumpet Trombone - Violin - Drums - Marimba - Guitar ACCORDION DISTRmVTORS BUY DIRECT- SAVE-LIP TO 50% _E. Z. TERMS GROVEHILL W. 63rd., Chgo. DONT BUY - DONT RENT USE OUR INSTRUMENTS TO LEARN TO PtAY Nominal Lesson Fee Includes Use of Instrument in Your Home School of The National Champions "THE MUSIC CENTER ACCORDIONEERS" National AAA Senior Accordion Band Chcmipions 1946, Ro1;>t. A. Halter, Diredor 6637 S. Halsted St., Chgo. 21 Normal mu6ic Sbancing. AccolJiond Any Instrument Of Your Choice Loaned To Take Home For Six Weeks You Can Learn To Play By Using! ENGLEWOOD Accordion Furnished For Home Practice One,Private Lesson Weekly One Accordion Band Lesson Weekly Music Furnished Only Cost Is Small Lesson Fee DANCING CLASS FOR CHILDREN 3 YRS. TO 16 TAP- BALLET TOE For Music Becoming To You -YOU- Should Be Coming To The SCHOOL OF MUSIC 6240 S. Peoria, Chgo.Englewood 4-26J4 THE 9alifJ.tlJWlltJ ACCORDION SCHOOL "Learn to Play the Convenient Way" INSTRUCTIONS IN YOUR HOME, ACCORDIONS FURNISHED FREE FOR INTRODUCTORY LESSONS ACCORDION SALES New and Used Accordions Serviced and Repaired PRIVATE LESSONS for lbe BEGINNER and the ADVANCED Join,One of OurBund Group. Phone EVERGREEN PARK 8432 H()me Studio: 9828 S. Homan Ave.

82 100 Music-Nurserymen ~ffice-oil 101 Music Instruction-(coned) ENGLEWOOD SCHOOL OF MUSIC & DANCING 6240 S Peoria Chgo.... Englewood (See Advertisement This Classification). - GASPAROTTO ACCORDION SCHOOL 9828 S Homan......Evergreen Pk-B432. MATUSEK ACADEMY OF MUSIC W 63d Chgo. Grovehlll (See Advertisement This Cla~sification) MUSIC CENTER THE 6637 S Halsted Chgo....Norml SIMMONS MUSIC STORES & STUDlltS Accordion, Piano, Guitar, Drum, And Band Instruction, 1736 W 63d Chgo Grovehill Nights, Sundays, and Holidays tb-342-m-l call.... Wor, Musical Merchandise Gasparotto Accordion School SHaman :Evergreen Pk-8432 KIMBALL W W CO Chicagos oldest music store Kimball pianos-keyboard of the NatIon Buy direct from worlds largest factory RADIOS-Many leading makes Television.,-your cboice of tbe best RECORDS-Everything from swing to sym- Connso~~~~~AmericaJs finest electronic organ 31 E Jackson Harrison Park Music Shop 3634 W 95th... Evergreen Pk-7000 SIMMONS MUSIC STORES & STUDIOS, We Repair All Instruments 1736 W 63d Chgo Grovehill Nights, Sundays, ilnd Holidays, call worth-342-m-l SOUTHWEST MUSIC HOUSE All Band and Orcbestra Instruments, SOUTH SIDE BUESCHER, SELMER, BUFEET and BLESSING HDQTRS. Accessories." Repairs Hudson S Ashland Av Chgo.... Hudson Naprapaths,,Hockings SamI K 12 E l1.2th >Chgo )Pullman News Dealers, Evergreen Park Newspaper Agency W 95th. Ever,green Pk-8485 If no answer call Bevrly OAK LAWN NEWS AGCY, ALL CHICAGO NEWSPAPERS " ON SALE FULL LINE OF MAGAZINES WHOLESALE and HOME DELIVERY DISTRffi., WANT ADS 9517 Cook av: ;. ; Oak Lawn-780 Starlite Dairy, Chicago Daily & Sunday Papers 9244 s.. Cicero... ;..... Oak Lawn-2125 THFANSWE;R: Look in these pages to find the answer to practicallyevery buying problem News Service -, OAK LAWN BOO~ SHOP Oak Lawn News Agcy 9517 Cook avo Oak Lawn-780 Newspapers OAK LAWN INDEPENDENT MAGAZINES Cigarettes - Cigars - Ice Cream School Supplies GREETING C,ARDS - GIFTS 5255 W 95th Oak Lawn-6.Clearing Stickney 8ulletin 6250 S Central Av Chgo., Portsmouth Evergreen Park Courier _ 3335 W 95th....Evergreen Pk-6735 Roberts Pk News Agcy S 77th ct......oak Lawn-1457-J-l SOUTHWEST REPORTER 3136 W 95th Evergreen,Pk-6800 Novelties Bumbaugh GL Specialty Co Inc W 95th Oak lawn-2328-j-l Nurserymen 8eaudrY Nursery Co 4100 W 103d Oak Lawn-IOO Jensens Floral & Landscaping Serv, 9800 S Western. Evergreen PIc-8HO Marquette LandscapeServ 9909 Harfem av. Oak Lawn-974 Walters Flowers, S Western Av.,Evergreen Pk-8316 Western Av Florist, S Western Av. Evergreen Pk"7337 GET THE HABIT of Shopping with the aid of Y01r Buyers Guidethe Yellow Pages of the telephone directory~ Its a catalogue ofthebusi:- ness firms in this comm/i/cnity, " Office Equipment & Supplies WILZ HERMAN & SONS ", 8921 SLoomis Chgo.. Hilltop Office -, Furniture-Repairing & Refinishing ~ee Furniture Repairing & Refinishing Oil Burners AMITY ENGINEERING CO _ SALES - SERVICE and ADJUSTMENT ON ALL MAKES OF OIL BURNERS Your Present Equipment Adjusted for Maximum Comfort and Low Fuel Consumption with Modern Test Instruments 2832 E 79th Chgo.... Essex W Grove., Blue Island-5564 ANAST OIL BURNER CO South Side Commercial & Domestic Oil Burners Service And Parts For All Oil Burners Service Any Time-Any Place 8428 S Morgan Chgo.... Hudson ANDERSEN REFRIGERATION & HEATING CO OIL BURNERS and,. FURNACES H.OT WATER HEATERS SALES - INSTALLATION and SERVICE 5007 W 95th Oak Lawn-436 BEVERLY APPLIANCE & AUTOMATIC HEATING SERVICE 1711 W 95th Chgo Bevrly BOYCE BROS---~ "Make Boyce Your Choice" MASTER KRAFT OIL BURNERS First Truly Post-War Oil Burner Hot Air - Hot Water - Steam Floot Furnilces - Water Heaters OIL SUPPLY GUARANTEED 95th & Ridgeland. Oak Lawn-1888, Listings Of this classification, OIL BURNERS GIENGER-WALTON H...0ME APPLIANCES AUTHORnrnD DEALERS Coleman Norge o Dno.Therm 0 Qnick-Heat o J1ingers ~. Timken. Space Healers -.Floor Furmices and Furnaces PHONE "1 53 OAK LAWN..., W. 95th St. Oil Burners-(coned) ~OLEMAN OIL HEATERS:~ Any home, anywhere, can have clean, healthful, auto matic modern heat at low CJ, cosl All the latest heating 0,J eman improvements--modern de- "~""""~;;;":;;"""0i00ii si9n-a beautiful piece of furniture for any home. "WHERE TO BUY IT" GiENGER WALTON HOME AP,PLlANCES W 95th Oak Lawn-153 CONSOLIDATED DISTRIBRS ENGNRtlG CORP 6343 Cermak Berwyn......Stanley-7091 DUO THERM OIL BURNERS & SPAGE HEATERS- BOYD HARDWARE & APPLIANCE 3404 W 95th Evergreen Pk-8765 GIENGER"WALTON HOME APPLIANCES W 95th.....Oak Lawn-153 GENERAL ELECTRIC OIL BURNERS---- A complete line of automatic heating equipment for radiator and warm air systems. Oil Burners, Oil 8urning 80ilers, Oil Winter Air Conditioners. "WHERE TO GALL" ARROW PETROLEUM CO 7419 Franklin Forest Park..Austin Nights Sundays & Holidays call. State Classification continued next page. BEVERlYAPPUANCE & AUTOMATIC HEATING AUTHORIZED FACTORY DEALER ~r.e;i ~GA,$ "~O.;A:L, l1mxei( S1LtNr AUTO...AnQ: OMSlQH.f~n(tf~~cfrOit-...xtOc;o:mPony~! ~:daon;f!uch~ti Establishedsince 1930 o 24-HOUR SERVICE Free Estimates Beverly Res. Phone Oak Lawn W.95th St. Chicago " "

83 102 Oil-Oils -=..::~---~ ,., ~-~ Oil Burners-(contd) GIENGER.WALTON HOME APPLIANOES 5307 W 95th : Oak Lawn-153 (See Advertisement This IClassifioationJ GILBAROO OIL BURNERS-,, ,- Automatic Oil Burners for all types of heating plants; ranging,in size from small household models to larg~ commercial units, including boilers and forced air furnaces. "WHERE TO BUY THEM" SUNDBERG, 0 E 00 " 615 W 79th Chgo...,,,,. Radcliffe HElL OIL BURNERS Boiler-Burner Units, Winter Air, Condltioning Units, Oil Burners for Installation in Any Kind or" Home Heating Plant. Free Estimates - No Obligation. "WHERE TO BUY IT. ""_ y;,~, DISTRIBUTOR CLIMATIO EQPMNT INO 1801 N RockweIlChgo,.,Armitge DEALERS PALOS OIL BURNER 00 Harlem Av & 123d,...,...PalosPk-602, IRON FIREMAN OIL BURNERS---,----,-- See the New Vortex Luminous Flame 011 Burner Before 1!uying. Iron Fire- man One of the Worlds Largest Manufacturers of Heating Equipment. "WHERETO BUY THEM" ARGO SUMMIT SUPPLY 00 3 Blks West Of Harlem Ave Archer,,..,...Summit-230 MAYTON BR , Sales - Service on All Makes Oil Burners - Gas Burners Steam - Hot Water -Warm Air Boilers -.Furnaces. Blowers Stokers - Installations, Furnace Cleaning FdrEstimates Call S Greenwood,., ". Blue Island 260B Oil Burners-(contd) PETRO OIL HEATING-~---~---- Over 40 years oil heating ex- perience is built into Petro Oil (i)l/f,.~ Burners for your boiler or fur- J }, naces; also complete oil burn~ ~.. iog furnaces, boilers, and water heaters. Installed by experienced heating contrac),ors.,"where TO BUY THEM", FACTORY BRANCH PETROLEUM HEAT & POWER California Chgo Enterprise-2340 (Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls) DEALER,S DYKEMA BROS Racine C~go."... Hudson Oils AIs Shell Serv Sta 95th & Cicero, :. Oak Lawn-931B ARROW PETROLEUM 00 Arrow Fuei Oil Service Assures You Metered Delivery-of the Exact Grade of OIL for Your Particular Type of Burner See Advertisement This Classificatio W 87th Chicago..,.,...Vincennes OILS.Oils-(contd) BANNER OIL & HEAT "SERVIOE.57 W H8th Chgo.., Commodore , BELL OIL 00, 5915.N Rogers Av Chgo,Kildare , BLUTONE FUEL OIL "THE PERFECT STOVE OIL t1 MORE HEAT LESS CARBON Bums Bluer - Hotter Burns Cleaner longer WE DELIVER IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD "WHERE TO CALL" DISTRIBUTOR BLUTONE OIL W 31st Chgo,...,-Lafayette DEALERS :Consumers Petroleum Co 1725 vi 31st Chgo."..,Lafayette , Miller Fuel & Oil Co LaSalle Chgo..Commodore BOYCE BROS Ridgel;nd & 95th...Oak Lawn-IB8B DY.KEMA BROS Racine Chgo. Hudson HARNEW OIL SERVIOE th Ct......Oak Lawn-198 Listings of this classification{ OILS are continued on next page. G I AUSTIN Local Distributirig Plant 163 W, 87th ST" CHICAGO IF luh~ IL DIL and ~A~ llnlni~ OIL BURNERS and SERVICE e III e It Oil Sfoves Oil Furnaces Oil Tanks Floor Furnaces Call Us for Infonnation George Hornew{ Prop, SUPER FLAME FUEL OIL PROMPT DELIVERY Oils 103 "MAKE BOYCE YOUR CHOICE" PHONE OAK LAWN 1888 Boyce Br~so 95th.and Ridgeland Harnew Oil Service Formerly Grotz, & Hornew Fuel Oils NELSON JOHNHOO INO , OIL BURNERS INSTALLED, IN YOURI>RESE.NT BOILER OR FURNACE Vincennes Chgo..,... Hudson PALOS OIL BURNER CO, Harlem Av & 123d",,.PalosPk-602, Listings of this classification{ OIL BURNERS 3801 S. Cicero Ave. CICERO Bishop GEN. OFC.,59 E, VAN BUREN - CHGO. Harrison Emergency Harrison FULLY AUTOMATIC OIL HEATING To Really Enjoy oil Heat, Depend on Arrow Automatic Delivery - We Make Deliveries of Clean Burning Fuel Oil as You Need It,, No Tank watching"": No Ordering Phone for More Information Regarding This,Service MAIN OFFICE 7419 FRANKLIN - FOREST PARK Phone Oaklawn, S. - 50th Ct. - Oak Lawn

84 -" : 104 Oils FUEL - METERED FUEL DELIVERIES OAK LAWN 9317 Irenes Service Station. 106th and Cicero...;.. o.ak Lawn WORTH 398 UNDER SAME MANAGEMENT ILfl.ual.ihJ- mu:l $Jvw~ Quick Courteo-qs Service Frank Skubisz Service Station So. Ha~lem :- Worth, III. Oils-(contd) Hughes Oil Co W Wacker Dr Chgo.....Enterprise-2121 (Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls) IRENES SERVICE STA 106th & Cicero Oak Lawn-9317 MILAS SERVICE STATION HI-GRADE FUEL OILS TANK WAGON SERVICE PROMPT SERVICE 6651 W 95th......Oaklawn-9392 bzinga BROS,. WHOLESALE - RETAIL Y oilr Neighborhood Fuel Dealer Bulk Plant and Office 3133 W 95th... ~... Evergreen Park 7225 PEERLESS FUEL OIL CO FUEL OILS FLUID HEAT OIL BURNERS 543 W 79th Chgo.....Vincennes Nights Call Beverly Oils-(contd). PETROLEUM HEAT!It POWER CO California Chgo...,..,.. Enterprise-234Q (Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls) Riley Oil Co Lowe Av,...Enterprise-4436 (Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls) SHELL FUEL OILS APPROVED OILS FOR EVERY MAKE BURNER OR FURNACE "WHERE TO -O.L1LL" SHELL OIL 00 Michigan Av Hammond Ind... Enterprise-4647 (Called P!-rty Pays For Enterprise Calls) SOOONY VACUUM OIL 00 INC S Lowe Chgo...,;.....Vincns <See Advertisement This Classification) SOUTH SIDE PETROLEUM CO 4533 W Roosevelt Rd Chgo... Crawfrd-7-B300 STANDARD OIL CO IND 901 W 115th Chgo Commodore TRIANGLE PETROLEUM CO Western Av.: Blue Isld-1904 Webb Harry E 6410 W 89th...Oak Lawn-1715-J-2 The YelIow~ Pages Tell You "Where to Buy It" Oils.,-Qptometrists 105 Opticians-Retail AIRPORT CLEARING EYE OLlNIC~-----" Dr. H. Pock EYE c::linic EYES EXAMINE : GLASSES FITTED Hours: Weekdays 10:00 AM to 6:00 P.M. W~dnesdayand Satnrday 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM FrIdays to 8:00 PM, Other Hours by Appt. Next Door to the Clearing Emergency Hospital 5558 W 65th Chgo....Portsmouth Eick Albert F 6253W 95th HOURS DAILY 10:00 A.M: to 6:30 P.M. Closed Wednesdays Monday and Friday Evenings. to 9:00 P.M..Other Hours by. Appointment 4917 W 95th Oak-Lawn-2275 Ustings of this classification, OPTOMETRISTS... are continued on next page. Oak Lawn-639 HANTOVER S G!It CO Mich Chgo Pullman THOMAS JWLRY STORE Dr Thomas Panagon, Optometrist Located Near 63d St In Argo 6214 Archer Rd Summit-lIlB Optometrists BROOM JOHNR ; DYKEMA BROSo FUEL and RANGE OILS FINE QUALITY - LOW PRICE TRIANGLE Authorized Dealer PETRO OIL BURNERS CALL LOCAL AGENT ()AJ( lj\~ S. Racine, Chgo. PROMPT DELIVERY Hudson FUEL OILS Blue Flame Ranf/.e Oil Crawford Reverse Toll Charges SOUTH SIDE PETROLEUM CO W. Roosevelt Rd., Chgo.. OIL BURNER Sales - Service Blue Island S. WESTERN AVE.. Banner Oil & Heat Service RANGE -FUEL BURNERS KEROSENE Sales and Service.Instc4Iations FUIllaces Oil - Coal and Gas Sheet Metal Works. Phone Commodore w. Hath Chgo. CoIiunodore W; 115th, Chgo.. For Everg",en.Park Patrons For Oak Lawn Patrons Call 20 N. Wacker, Chgo. Harrison If No.Answer Call Res. Worth 356-J.2 FOR STOVES WATER HEATERS AND BURNERS REQU l RING A NO. I OIL ORDER STANDARD HEATER OIL FOR BURNERSO~EQgJ~k~G #2 OR.#3 STANOLEX FURNACE OIL STANDARD OIL CO. FUEL OIL TO INSURELOW HEATING COST, YOUR FAMILYS COMFORT, CONVENIENCE and YOUR COMPLETE SATISFACrION. CALL PETROLEUM HEAT & POWER CO; ENTERPRI.5E Called Parly Pays For Enterprise Cans, 3301 S. California, Chic~go LaFayette Hudson ) S. HALSTED CHICAGO.

85 106 Optometrists-Paint Optometrists-(coned) CARMICHAEL Wfr : , EYES EXAMINED Prescriptions Filled - Optical Repairing Broken Lenses Replaced Contact Lenses, Hours: Daily 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM Mon. and TJlllrs: Eves to. 9 :00 PM Other Hours By Appol!.tment 3125W 11Uh Chgo Hilltop If No Answer CaJI Hilltop CHAMBERS MARYD Hrs 10~6 No Wed Aft Tues Thurs Till W 79th Chgo...Hudson Colley Ellen L -.. Hrs. Daily 9-12 & 1-5 Closed Wed. Mon. Tues-Thurs.JEvening 7 To S Michigan Chgo....:.Pulmn EICK ALBERT GOLEC HOURS Daily 10:00 A.M. to 6.:00 P.!!. Monday and Thursday Evemngs to 9:00 P.M. Closed Tuesdays Other Hours By Appointment Only 6253 W 95th......Oak Lawn 639 WALTER HOURS.10:00 A.M. TO 5:30 P.M. DAILY EXCEPT WEDNESDAY FRIDAYS 10:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. EVENINGS.BY APPOINTMENT 3345 W 95th,. Evergreen Park-9090 Nedry Optical Co 814 W 79th Chgo..Triangl" Squires Perr M 814 W 79th C.hgo...Triangl STROBEL CLARENCE J S Halsted Chgo Wentworth Walder S W.. Lenses Duplicated While You Wait _ S Michigan Chgo Comodor+4200 WEINBERG EDW 7909 S Halsted Chgo Hudson 3-55:;5 Osteopathic Physicians THOMPSON K R M Hours By Appointment Only 9457S Winchester Chgo BevrlY Outboard Motors LAUSON OUTBOAllD MOTORS R & W SPORTING GOODS 6239.S Kedzie Chgp... Hemlock-4-13(j2 Oxygen A-A WELDING SUPLY. CO Oxygen & Acetylene CylindersSold Outright S Western Ghgo Beverly Oxygen Therapy Equipment CROWN OXYGEN SERVICE INC 225 W 75th Chgo, Hudson (See Advertisement This Classificatio,n) Oysters-See Fish Headings Packing & Crating Service HAMILTON PARK WAREHOUSE 7030 SParnel( Av Chgo.....$tewrt Veterans Cartage Co Local And Long Distance Moving,2935 W Pl :Blue Isld-4069 Paint & P.ainter~1 Supplies -Dealers AUSTIN PAINT Cnt----~ , SHERWIN-WILLIAMS JEWEL - DUTCH BOY Paints and Varnishes UNITED W ALLPAPER In Stock STEAMERS FOR RENT 3435, W 63d Chgo. Walbrook-5-508Q Behrends Hardware 5300 W 95th... :.Oak Lawn-3. PAINT & PAINTERS SUPPLIES-DEALERS PAl BENJAMIN Paints + TS MOORE Varnishes IM)..P E R I A L tfl~ WALLPAPER -AND TEXOLITE "MAGIC PAINT" Painfs for All Purposes ct Glass ~ Window Shades e Imperial Washable Wallpapers PaintersEquipmentand Supplies eaa tblwl g~ 242 EMIL J. BLAIT 1]1zJL fpainl Wlan," S. WESTERN-BLUE ISLAND + GROWN OXYGEN SERVIGE, ING. Formerly Capitol Oxygen Service Featuring ALL ELECTRIC OXYGEN TENTS Complete. RENTAL SERVICE f B-L-B MASKS - NASAL CATHETERS ALL TYPES OF OXYGEN THERAPY EQUIPMENT MOBILE PHONE EQUIPPED HUDSON HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE 225 W. 75th St., Chgo.. Point & Painters l Supplies-Dealers -(c;:ontinued). BENJAMIN MOORE PAINTS Sale manufacturers of Muresco and UliIac: Also a Complete Line of Paints a~d Varnishes. UsOd for Over Fifty Years by Decorators and Cons.umers. "WHERETO BUY IT" BLATT EMIL J S Western: Blue Isld-242 BLATT EMIL J S Western.,..BlueIsld-242 BOYD HARDWARE& APPLIANCE W 95th.,... ;... Evergreen Pk-8765 (See Advertisement This!Classification) DU PONT PRE-TESTED PAINTS Paints, Varnishes and ~ Enamels for every purpose. "Self Cleaning." 1iTIU POtfi\l gltcq2;h~n\a!es~,:,~:e. BOYD.. HARDWARE & APPLIANCE 4~ PAINTS. VARNISHES ENAMELS A COMPLETE LINE OF PAINTERS SUPPLIES,Evergreen Park W. 95th St. WJ. J.!.J.. enamel, DULUX Super-,White Enamel, SPEED-. EASY Wall Finish. "WHERE TO BUY IT" GRU~~~5fAJN~e~rn.. Blue Isld-2009 PAINT & PAINTERS SUPPLIES-DEALERS Paint & Painters l..,-(continued) DUTCH BOY PAINTS PAINT & painters SUPPLIES-DEALERS are continued on next page. "The House of Color" Featnring Our Wallpaper and Color Bar, Color Calibrator and Home Decorating Service - Free Wallpaper Samples To Take Home. "Materials t~ Brighten Up Your Home" Full Line of Pratt and Lambert Materials - Lnminall- PaiD.t Fresco Colors - Brushes Painter Supplies 5013 w~ 95th STREET Plenty of Free Parking Open 8 A.M. to 6 P.M.. Friday Till gp.m. OAK lawn 960 Paint 107 Supplies-Dealers Blended to Keep Your Home Bright House Paint in White and ~ Colors; Sash & Trim Colors; Porch & Deck Paint; WONSOVER, the new ~ l-coat Wall Paint.. lifj1i "WHERE TO BUY IT" BUTTY I -N R LUMBER CO 9537 S 52d Av Oak Lawn-400 HINES EDWARD LBR CO 2601 W 95th Evergreen.Pk-7117 ELDRIDGE PAINT & WALLPAPER CO W 95th ".Oak Lawn-960. ELECTRO PAINTS - VARNISHES ENAMELS and LACQUERS ~9 INTERIOR and EXTERIOR USE.. \ A COMPLEfE LINE OF m.;. o.,",,, FINISHES FOR EVERY USE "WHERE TO. BUY IT". DUKES HARDWARE Open 9 AM,8 PM Sat To 6 PM Sun To 3 PM 5642 W 87th:..,, -Oak Lawn-91 ELDRIDGE,PAl NT & WAllPAPER co.

86 108 Painf-Petr.oleum Phonograph--Photo 109 Paint &. Pail1ters J Supplies~Dealers, -(continued). Evergreen Pk Hardware & Paint Store 3333 W 95th... ;... Evergreen Pk GILLES PAINT &. WALLPAPER STORE Floor Machines & Wallpaper Removers Rented Vincennes Chgo...Cedarcrest JEWEL PAINTS &. VARNISHES, DOUBLE QUICK PAINTS VARNISHES ENAMELS INDUSTRIAL and MAINTENANCE FINISHES PAINTERS SUPPLIES WALLPAPER IDJ8!.[QlJO( "WHERE TO BUY THEM" WYNGARDENPAINT &. WALLPAPER "BllO 5 Western av Blue Isld-1099 Olejosz Roman th ct...oak Lawn-1460-J-2 POLACEK HARDWARE 3154 W 95th Evergreen Pk-6S20 SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS World famous Paints, Varnishes, Enamels, Lacquers, and special products of Sherwin Williams- Research-KEM.TONE Miracle Wall Finish, LiN-X Wax and Polish~ WEED. NO-MORE Weed Kllrer, PESTROY DDT Insect Kiiler: "WHERE TO BUY IT" GIENGER-WALTON HOME APPLIANCES 5307 W 95th Oak Lawn-153 SOM.MERS HARDWARE &. PAINT STORE 1765 W 95th Chgo Bevrly-S-OS42 STEVENS ALEX B CO Throop Chgo......Bevrly-S-Sll1 UNI-TEX TWO FAMOUS PAINTS A Genuine Flat 011 Paint Primes WioH& :eals - Finishes.ln One Coat - IIInI.TIe If Dnes In 2 Hours.. and WHITE VENEER WHITE VENEER The White Enamel That Stays ;White Always ""WHERE TO BUY IT" SOUTHWEST HOW &. PLBG 9715 Southwest Hwy Oak lawn-76 VORAL CO THE Distributors. Pratt & Lambert - OiBriim - Valspar, Paints ImjJeril!-1 Wallpaper c.rno One Knows Pai;tt-Like a Painter" 8917 S Loomis Chgo;,...Hilltop WOOD-DAVIS. CO 2243.W 95th Chgo.....Cedrcrst-3-53S2 WORTH LUMBER CO "... COMPLETE LINE OF PAINTS. LUMBER Wholesale and Retail Special Price to Contractors "Roofing - Siding - Insnlation Kitchen Cabinets. -Open J;laily Sundays9-3 (1 Blk East of Harlem) Southwest Highway...Worth 359-R Painters BRUSS ERNI~~--~~--~=--"":----C Telephone or in Person- PAINTING -,DECORATING -MURALS- Commercial - Industrial - Churches Residential QualityPainting :I;>eco~ating with Distinction st Av.....Worth-351-R-2 Moore Business Forms Inc 5231 Hohman Hammond lnd."... Russell-6746,TUVESON R DECORATING SERVICE MEMBER of PAINTING and DECORATING CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION Painting and Decorating in All Its, Branches.8416 S Ashland Chgo Beverly VORAL CO THE LoomisChgo. Hiltop Paper Merchants KOEHLER W W PAPER CO W Grove Blue Isld-1790 Pattern Make~s.- Palos Pattern Works 81st ct & 101st...Oak Lawn-2364-J-l Paving Contractors ARROW PETROLEUM CO 163 W 87th Chgo..... ;Vincennes STOLL CONSTR CO. Macadam & Gravel Roads.~Parking Lots Earthboring-Comp Subdivision Development 4300 W 119th ,Blue Isld-1S11 Pet Shop Supplies BEVERLY PET SUPPLlES-~~~~~"" FRESH HORSE MEAT DAILY DRY FOODS - ACCESSORIES A Complete Line of Needs For Your Dog 1608 W 95th Chgo Hilltop Petroleum Products Shell Oil Co Michigan Av Hammond Ind...Enterprise-4647 (Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls) Shopping Guid8--- Whether Shopping b:1 Ym& Can FiJJd What You Want. in These YELLOW [>AGES Phonograph Records BEVERLY CAMERA SAl,ES~~~~~--- EXCELLENT STOCK. of. CLASSICAL and POPULAR PHONOG~PH RECORDS and ALBUMS,.. Phonograph Needles -Sheet Music 171B W 95thChgo.. :. Beverly-S-0030 Metropolitan Speciaily CO 4B37 w...96th PI: ; Oak Lawn-291 PARK MUSil} SHOP 3634 W,95th Evergreen Pk-7000 PAULS RADIO &. RECORD SHOP RADIOS - PHONOGRAPHS RECORDS Classical and Popular Albums See Advertisement This Classificatioll 5003 W 95th.:}.... Oak Lawn-20S THORSEN & SON RADIOS REPRS RECORi:lS~- &. APPLIANCE SHOP. Beverlys Modern Record Shop Large Selection of POPULAR and CLASSICAL RECORDS and ALBUMS 1758 W 95th Chgo.....Beverly S-3241 Phonographs.., Warner Nelson Music Box. Serv Mayfield av Oak Lawn-90 Photo Finishing. Alliance Drug Co 3632W 95.th...;Evergreen,Pk-70S1 Dukes Hardware Open 9 AM-8 PM Sat To 6 PM Sun T03 PM 5642 W B7th Oak Lawn-91 RATAJIKS PHAR 5269 W 95th Oak Lawn-600 Robertson Harry Drugs" Southwest Hwy Oak Lawn-65 White Pharmacy The 3300 W95th. Evergreen Pk-7676 Photo Prints Kenfry Photo Supplies 3316W 95th. :. Evergreen Pk-S920 Busy People--Who Want.to Buy can save both time and effort by using the Yellow Pages. Buying to Do? Your buying needs can be answered by using Yellow Pages. Ifsa BuyerJ Guide QJau1JL. RADIO & RECORD PHONOGRAPH RECORDS R SHOP One of the Largest and Most Complete Sele~tions of Records in the Suburbs INTRODUCING Columbias Long Playing MICROGROOVE RECORD (Plays Up To 45 Minutes) ALSO DEALERS FOR VICTOR - COLUMBIA - DECCA MAJESTIC - CAPITOL - MERCURY M-G-M RECORDS TEMPO CUSTOM-MADE ORGAN RECORDS LATEST POPULAR, CLASSICAL AND CHILDRENS RECORDS AND ALBUMS SHEET MUSIC Phone 208 Oak Lawn 5003 W. 95th Oak Lawn... RADIO, SALES and SERVICE s VICTOR DECCA.COLUMBIA e CAPITOL liii MERCURY.e CORAL RCA VICT-OR 45 RPM Columbia LP. Records A LARGE SELECTION OF CHILDRENS RECORDS and CLASSICAL ALBUMS Bra. 10 A.M. 9:30 PM. Daily PHONE EVERGREEN PARK 7000 PARK MUSI( -SHOIP 3634 W. 95th Evergreen Park

87 110 Photographers, _Photographers-Photographic 111 PORTRAITS OF DISTINCTION Weddings Our Specialty At Your Home, Hotel or 0vr Air Conditioned Stndios Candid Action Photography We Copy and Restore Old Faded Photographs General Photography for Over 25 Yrs., 318 N. Michigan Ave. Chgo. Franklin W. 79th Radcliffe W. Cermak Rd. Olympic 9070 Chicagos Leading Photographers II E A T -S E I I ~ : l~ (? Chgo Stony Island Avenue Chgo. Butterfield I. ~.Jat3 A : (fbtrgrttn ~tubi05 PORTRAIT AND WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHS CANDID ALBUMS : CHILDREN AND FAMILY GROUPS Everg~eenP~k8594 ", 3500 W. 95TH ST. Photographers BEVERLY HILLS STUDIO,, 1754 W 95th Chgo... Bevrly (See Advertisement This Classification) CHILDHOOD REFLECTIONS Juvenile Photography S Kedzie Chgo.. Prospect DuBOIS H STUDIOS 1505 W 79th Chgo Radclif HOYTT ~AC OF PALOS. WEDDING PORTRAITS 8 8Ci~~iP~TCHIN<}S Taken in Your Home, Church, or Hotel New Cool Electronic Speedlighting FREE Ceremony Director &.Bridal Consultants Both & 86th Av......Palos Park 760-J-l JARMUTH &HAYDEN S Michigan Chgo.....Pulmn Oak Lawn Studio 9641 Parkside..{)ak Lawn c 545 PETRIK WALTERS STUDIO 2640 W 63d Chgo Republic (See Advertisement This Classification) RIDGE STUDIO EXCLUSIVE PORTRAITS Children - Adults - Weddings Commercial Featuring NEW FLUORESCENT LIGHTING 639 W 120th Chgo Pullman Res. Telephone, Commodore 4~4024 AIR CONDITIONED For Your Comfort BEVERLY W. 95th ST. CHGO.,PHOTOGRAPHS Live Forever WEDDINGS 8 FAMILIES e BABIES James Hayden, Photographer Phone for Appointment Pullman JARMUTH & HAYDEN IN ROSELAND, S. Michigan Ave.~ Chgo. Photographers-(contd) SAKS EVERGREENSTUDlOS.I 3550 W 95th...,... Evergreen ipk:8594 VAN WESTROPSTUDIO S Western Av Blue Isld~192 (See Advertisement This Classification) Photographic Equipment & Supplies BEVERLY CAMERA SALES. PHOTOGRAPHIC : EQUIPMENT OF ALL KINDS 24-HOUR PHOTO FINISHING SERVICE See Advertisement This Classification 17Ul W 95th Chgo : Beverly CAMERAS-FILMS SUPPLIES MOVIE EQUIPMENT SOLD -:-RENTED - SERVICED Distributors of G.E. and WABASH,FLASHB,ULBS AUTHORIZED DEAlERS FOR ALL PHOTO EQUIPMENT EASTMJlN - AMPRO - ANSCO - GRAFLEX BELLand HOWELL ;;... WESTON - REVERE ARGUS - GENERAL ELECTRIC - KEYSTONE QUALITY PHOTO FINISHING COLOR erint!service IMMEDIATE AnENTION GIVEN TO MAIL ORDERS 3 Modern Locations to Serve You ", Send For Our, Free 42 Page Catalog ~~TIty~~~jI~~~,PHONE. BLUE ISLAND S.WESTERN AV. ~IS AUTHORI DE LER" OF ALL LEADING MAKES CANDID CAMERAS - ENLARGERS EXPOSURE METERS - TRIPODS MOVIE CAMERAS-PROJECTORS TRADE and SELL PROJECTORS FOR,RENT COMPLETE REP.AlR SERVICE Open (Continued Next Page) PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES Mon.,and, Thurs. Eves S. HALSTED. RADCLIFfE3~32Z2 For Bea.ntiful and IHstinctive Wedding Portraits By Petrik-Walters, Studio Make Your Appoint~ menl Early Picture Study of. Your Wedding Made by Our Caudid Pholographer At. Your Request Childrens Photos at Home or Studio:.All Photography Moderately Priced REPUBLIC W. 63rd St. Chicago WEDDINGS - BABIES - PORTRAITS r.a:age - PRIVATE POWDER and WAlTING ROOMS CALL BLUE ISLAND S. Western Ave. + + PHOTOGRAPHIC EQUIPMENT Cameras - Projectors BELL & HOWELL IN BLUE ISLAND VAN WESTROP STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHERS 8 MM - 16 MM - 35 MM AUTHORIZED DEALERS FOR REVERE ANSCO ARGUS - EASTMAN KODAK - AMPRO We Rent Movie Film for Every Occasion,Silent or Sound Latest News Cortoons 8 Sports Rental of 8 mm, 16 mm and Sound Projectors Wilmette Camera Exchange,9624 S. WESTERN AVE. PHONE EVERGREEN PARK 8500

88 112 Photographic-Physicians Photographic Eqpt & Supls-(coned) COLORLURE INC 6743 S Western Av Chgo....Grovhil DuBOIS C CAMERA & SUPPLY SHOP 7837 S Halsted Chicago; Radclif JACKSON CAMERA INC Coming 11Ito The Loop! We Can Help You Take Better Pictures All ;Leading Makes of STILL and MOVIlLEQUIPMENT Expert Photo Finishing and Repair Service Maximum Allowance for Used Equipment - Cash or Trade 84 E Jackson BI Chgo... Harrison , KENFRY PHOTO SUPPLIES 3316 W 95th Evergreen Pk-8920 Oak Lawn Camera Shop 4951 W 95th. Oak Lawn-186 SAKS EVERGREEN CAMERACRAFT, 3550 W 95th :.. Evergreen Pk-8594,. WATLAND BROS CAMERA SHOPS,., S Western av....blue Isld-1430 WILMETTE CAMERA E:XCHA.NGE 9624 S Western av Evergreen Pk-8500, Authorized dealers in m~st nationally advertised merchandise or services can be found by looking under the Trade Marks or Brand Names in their re-, sj=}eetive classifications. LET BEVERLY CAMERA SALES Solve Your Photographic Problems 24-HOUR PHOTO FINISHING EXPERTLY DONE BY EXPERTS 17]8 W. 95th St., Chicago BEVERLY A MODERN STORE WITH THE LATEST,- PHOTOGRAPHIC EQUIPMENT WE BUY EXCHANGE REPAIR 10% DOWN 10% MONTH, COLOR FILM PE~t~:i~: FILM RENTAL B-16MM. Silent-Sound Film Ubrary 72-HR. SERVo Physicians & Surgeons (MD) Brophy \Edw J 2828 W 97th PI;.. Evergreen Pk-8833 Brophy Edw"J Diseases Of Infants And Children Ofc Hrs By AppoiDtment Only, 1150 W 78th Chgo Hudson-3-l000 If no answer call... Evergreen Pk-8833 or Central Davis Jack R 9300 S Ashland Chgo.. Bevrly~8-5322, If no answer call Res Hilltop Gasteyer T H Office Hrs 2 To 4:30-7:30 To 9 Except Wednesdays 9515 S 53d av.....oak Lawn-263 Klucikowski Norbert 3156 W 95th Evergreen Pk-7750 Lieberstein Jos H Hrs ~9 Except Wed. & Sat Eves Office & Res Oak Lawn? Southwest hwy...oak Lawn-222 Lunn A E Ofc Hrs 9-11 AM 2 To 5 PM 7-9 PM 2957 W 95th Evergreen Pk-7182 Maier J. Leonard. Hrs By, Appointment Call 1-4 PM Except Wednesdays 3300 W 95th Evergreen Pk-8772 Res Evergreen Pk-6m, If no answer call Vincennes Nejdl Lambert J S Turner av;.....evergreen Pk-7273 Parrilli Saml 1903 W High......Blue Isld-38l6 If no answer call lue Isld-673 Renzino Vincent J 9355 S Spaulding....Evergreen Pk-6864 PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS (MD), "- EVERGREEN CAMERA-CRAFT Films - Cameras - Projectors Film Rental Service Pholography Is Our Bnsin~ss, We Can Advise You From Our Experience EVERGREEN PARK W. 95th BUY AT ~ PtlOTO SUPPLIES A WIDE SELECTION OF PHOTOGRAPHIC, MERCHANDISE Representing All the Nationally Advertised Brands of FinePrecisian Built Photo Produds For You to Choose from: CAMERAS PROJECTORS C!l ENLARGERS III METERS 0 FILM 0 PAPER IllCHEM ICALS and Hundreds of Sundry Photo Items That, Will Delight the Heart of the Photo Enthusiast.,Photographic Equipment 10% Down HALLMARK GREETING CARD~ 3316 W: 95th or.phoneevergreen PARK , Physicians & Surgeons-Ccontd) SGHUSSLER E G 2,:30 To 4 & 7 To 9 PM Daily Except Wed 5226, 95th Oak Lawn-50 If no answer call Res....Oak Lawn-IS SPAETH RALPH Diseases Of Infants & Children 1753 W 95th Chgo Beverly If no answer call state Spier Ernest Hours 2 To 4 And 7 To 9 Except Weds. Saturdays 2 To 4 Only 5131 W 95th....Oak Lawn-143 -If no answer call Res Cedrcrst If no answer call Vincennes Streysman F E 9401 S 84th.,Oak Lawn-2020 Pianos KIMBALL W W 00 Chicagos Oldest PianoSttJre 31 E Jackson Chgo Harrison TIVOLI PIANO CO PIANOS BOUGHT - SOLD,EXCHANGED, Beautiful Spinets at Low Cost 6534 S Cottage Grove Chgo. Dorchester Pianos-Tuning & Repairing BRADSTREET EDGAR Expert Tuning, Repairing, OverhaUling For Over 30 Years 83d & 78th av.....oak Lawn-1448-J-2 VE4TCH HENRY P PIANO TVNING..I\Il Makes J Repairing KEY RECOVERING Member American Socidy of Pia~o-~ecl"icians 8633S St Lawrence Av Chgo..Triangle PiCture Frames CHRONISTER STUDIO Original Paintings-Reproductions Artistic Framing, S Homewood Chgo....Bevrly What Not Shop 4830 W 95th....,Oak Lawn-330 Pictures-;-See Art Galleries & Dealers Pipe ~ Pipe Fittings Dukes Hardware Open 9 AM-B PM Sat To 6 PM Sun To 3 PM 5642 W 87th:......Oak Lawn-9l Southwest Pump & Supply Co 9645 Moody Av......Oak -Lawn-977 Plaster BEATTY I NRLUMBER CO, 9537 S 52d Av ;... Oak Lawn-400 COMPLETEl" These Yellow Pagesgive you buying information you could find in no other place. DUGGAN THOMAS P 7650 W. 62nd PI. PLASTERING CONTRACTOR RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL CHGO. OFFICE 8035 S Ashland Av Hudson ~600 Springfield..... Evergreen Park-9l28 ~alia FoE Inc 9547 S 89th Av Oak Lawn-3804 Licensed Contractor PLUMBING and SEWERAGE NEW WORK - REMODELING REPAIRING 3354 W 95th Evergreen Park-81M GRAEFEN HENRY C Physician~-Plumbers 113 Plasterers BEVERLY PLASTERING CO , RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL PLAIN and ORNAMENTAL WORK Give Your Rooms New Life By Remodeling and Restyling City and Suburbs - Reasonable Prices 3425 W 107th Chgo Beverly Plumbers BLAND H TI Dietz Fred Plbg Co 5300 W 95th...OakLawn-345 EVERGREEN PA.RK PLBG CO, Adolph Leverenz Licensed Contractor PLUMBING SEWER BUILDING and REPAIRING HARDWARE - PAINT DEALER 3156 W 95th Evergreen Park-7130 SEWER BUILDING and REPAIRING SEPTIC TANKS INSTALLED, PUMPED and REPAIRED LICENSED CONTRACTOR, 9224 S Homan... Evergreen Park-7696,, PLUMBERS are continued on next page. SERVICE PLUMBING CO. SANITARY ENGINEERING INDUSTRIAL- NEW WORK and PLUMBING REPAIRS PHONE SUMMIT,1525 SUMMIT, ILL

89 114 Plumbers-Plumbing SIBLEY LUMBER CO., 30 EAST 147th ST. HARVEY. ILL. Quality and Service A Complete Line of LUMBER _MILLWORK _ ROOFING SIDING Cl PAINTS It INSULATION HARDWARE It PLUMBING and HEATING SUPPLIES Harvey Riverdale 0424 CHICAGO PH.ONE Distributors of FLINTKOTE & CELOm TILE _ PLA1fK _ BOARD, US G PRODUCTS FHA.FINANCING ;Save With Sll;>ley" ARGO-SUMMIT SUPPLY.cO~ FLOOR and WALLTlL.E KITCHEN CABINETS Easy Terms.Arranged 8 FAIRBANKS-MORSE PUMPS 8 HOTPOINT APPIJAl-rCES 8 WI1.LIAMs OIL-O-MATlC,8 BRYANT GAS EQUIPMENT ALL PHONESi~3MO Visit Om Attractive Showrooms at 7420 W. Archer Av. Summit th Street" 3 Blocks West of Harlem Av. OPEN UNTIL BP.M. - MONDAY and THURS. Plumbers-(contd) HEEREMA & SONS--~ PLUMBING CONTRACTOR Reconditioning and Repairing Gas Fitting, Sewerage 302 W 1-Q7th PI Chgo... Pullman Leverenz Adolph 9401 S Sawyer. Evergreen Pk-3102 MIDWEST HARDWARE & PAINT SUPPL PLUMBING and HEATING 5300 W 95th:. Sales and Service W 79th Summit 747-W PRONGER BROS HARDWARE STORE-----, PLUMBING and, HEATING.CONTRACTORS ALL TYPES OF PLUMBING and HEATING SUPPLIES Over 50 Years of Experience 2211 W 123rd Blue,Island 1850 SERVICE PLUMBING CO 7650 W 62d pl Summit-1525 VYHNALEK ANTON SONS 4919 W 95th Oaklawn-S Plumbing & H.eating,Supplies. ARGO SUMMIT SUPPLY CO 7420 Archer av.. Summit-230 BEHRENDS HARDWARE Everything in PLUMBING SUPPLIES HARDWARE PAINTS - GLASS,.....Oak lawn-3 - PLUMBING & HEATING SUPPUES Plumbing & Heating Supls...(coned),BrAND H T.,. IAUTOMATIC GAS and ELECTRIC HOT WATER HEATERS Nationally A dvertised Plumbing Fixtures (Standard -.Crane - Kohler ~ Eljer) Fox: Bathroom and Kitchen 3354 W 95th Evergreen Park-8184 _ l-, DUKES HARDWAR:E Opel1" 9 AM-8 PM Sat To 6 PM Sun To 3 PM 5642 W 87th :...Oak Lawn~91 LAWNDALE PLUMBING &, HEATING SUPPLY 00 Toilet Outfits - Kitchen Sinks Stokers Oil, Burners - :EJ:eating Plants Well Putnps - Sump Pumps Pipe - Valves - Fittings.,- Time payments - Free EstimateS SQUARE DEAL PLUMBING & HEATING SUPPLY HOUSE INC S Michigan Chgo... Pullman VYHNALEK ANTON SONS.d t(jomplete Line. of PLUMBING SUPPLIES HARDWARE PAINTS - GLASS - ETC. Porch Enclosures Bigelow, H R & Sons st pi..0aj< Lawn-2240 Del Wit Construction Co 9729 Warren Av..,..Oak lawn-357 Pottery Saunoris Jas 6000 W 11lth. :. Oak Lawn-972 Poultry N. W. Corner Spaulding 3300 W Ogden Av Chgo.. Rockwell Mortenson Suppiy Co 5837 W 95th.Oak Lawn-2290 SIBLEY LBR CO 30 E 147th.... Harvey-BOO SOUTHWEST HnW & PLBG PLUMBING SUPPLIES. SQIL PIPE PLUMBING FIXTURES WELL PUMPS "E",Perl Advice on, Your Plumbing Needs" Open.Daily 8 AM, - 8 PM Sunday 8 :30-1:00 PM FREE DELIVERY Southwest Hwy.... Oak Lawn W 95th Oak Lawn-5 Josma Stephen Poultry & Eggs 2917 W 102d. EvergreenPk-7009 Kleyboecker Henry Live & Dressed Poultry " Guaranteed Fresh Eggs-Wholesale Only 115th & Keeler av..... Blue Isld-1204 LEO & JOS,MILK STORe: DAIRY. PRODUCTS PET MILK - BUTTER - EGGS -FRESH DRESSED POULTRY Delicatessen Foods.: Lunch Meats Soft Drinks -ICECREAM Bakery Gooils ", 2946 W 95th Evergreen Park-7993 Plumbing-Printers 115 Poultry Equipment & Supplies Oak lawn Feed Store 5323 W 95th.. Oak lawn-230 Printers AD CRAFT PRINTERS, 2,812 W 59th Chgo. "...Walbrk {See Advertisement This Classification), i}entral PRINTERS 6939 S Halsted Chgo...Aberdeen COLSON PAUL 3335 W 95th... Evergreen Pk-6735 (See,Advertisement This Classification) MELVIN PRESS THE H. R. Swanson, Prop. PRINTERS SINCE 1928 Complete Printing Services Letterheads Envelopes - Cards Office Fonus - Folders - Programs Wedding Announcements Christmas Cards. We Deliver S Western Av.. Blue lsland-357 Moore Business Formslnc Hohman Hammond lnd... Russell-6746 PEPPER PRINTING DISTINCTIVE and CREATIVE PRINTING OFFICE FORMS - FOLDERS WEDDING INVITATIONS ANNOUNCEM: NTS, ETC. Res. Phone Evergreen Park S Bishop Chgo.. :.:... Beverly Ustings of this classification,, PRINTERS are continued on next page. ifprlnnng (JJ/L (/)/J!JL 8 Wedding I:ilvitations It Busfness Stationery Business Cards Cl Office Forms Tags and Labels _. Sales Books Snap Out Forms Cl Menus Folders and Programs 8 Christmas Cards ~ BLUE ISLAND 2875, S. WESTERN AVE. I

90 116 I)~ "(IfIRS WAlBROOK PROMPT ATTENTION TO ALL MAILORDERS -WEDDING INVITATIONS P-LANOGRAPHING 24 HOUR SERVICE PRINTING OF ALL KINDS Complicated Ruled FornJ.S, Letterheads - Envelopes, Invoices - Purchase Orders. Tickets.,..- Programs - Directories Office and Shop FornJ.S Catalogs.-Booklets Club and Lodge Printing Cards - AnnoUncements ". Imprinting and Engrcrving Linotyping - Die Cutting Advertising Specialties and Novelties W. 59th St. Chicago CENTRAL PRINTERS WEDDING,INVITATIONS CHRISTMAS CARDS ANNOUNCEMENTS Aberdeen Commercial and Job Printing Letterheads - Invoices - Cai-ds 6939 S. Halsted, :hgo..aherdeen ONION LABEL PRINTING AT PRICES YOU CAN AFFORD FROM WEDDING INVITATIONS TO. BROAD SIDES PROMPT S~RVICE CALL PAULCOLSON Evergreen Park 6735 Res. Phone Evergreen Park W. 95th Printers-(COned) Southwest Reporter 3136 W 95th. Evergreen Pk-6800 SPEED PRESS S Western av. Biue Isld-2875 WEST END PRESS Est AComplet:e Service COMMERCIAL PRINTING PUBLISHING - BINDING ETCH PROOFS - LINOTYPE WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENTS 5301 W25thCicero : Olympic 603 Publishers SOUTHWEST REPORTER 3136 W 95th... :.. ;.. Evergreen Pk-6800 Publishers-Newspaper-See Newspapers Pumps COLUMBUS MANOR PUMP Be SUPPLY CO Merrimac.... ;..Oak Lawn-583 FAIRBANKS MORSE PUMPS- GIENGER-WALTON HOlVjE APPliANCES 5307 W 95th., :.. Oak Lawn~153 Gienger-Walton Home Appliances Sump Pumps-Deep & Shallow Well Pumps,, 5307 W 95th......Oak Lawn-153 Listings of this classification/ PUMPS, PUMPS. FOR EVERY PURPOSE 9645 MOODY Farm - Home-Industry Installed and Repaired MYERS, PUMPS WATER SYSTEMS F.H.A. FINANCING A complete line of Pumps. Water SysteIns and accessories. Expert service on all makes of pumping equipment. Phone us any time. day or night.. PIPE and PIPE FITTINGS - ALL SIZES PHONE OAK LAWN 977. c. J. DWYER SOUTHWEST PUMP & SUPPLY CO. OAK LAWN. ILL. Pumps-(coned) ~OES PUMP SERVICE-,----,---:--~ SELL - INSTALL annservice PUMPS. SEPTIC TANKS PLUMBING 7l51.W 79th. ; Summit 864-M-l KEATING WILLIAM d WATER SYSTEMS SEPTIC SYSTEMS Installed, Repaired and Sold 8303 State Road Oak Lawn 2452-J-2 -La Druhe Construction Co S 82d Ct. Worth-366-J-l MYERS WATER SYSTEMS AND~POWER PUMPS--. SOUTHWEST PUMP & SUPPLY CO Moody Oak Lawn-977 SOUTHWEST PUMP Be SUPPLY CO 9645 Moody Oak -Lawn-977 STANDARD ELECT MOTOR SERVICE Booster & Sump Pumps-Sales & Service II C3960 SpWesterri Chgo... :.. Virginia W I,ounty ump Shop 8641 Roberts Rd... :..Oak Lawn-197Q-J-2 Consult the Yellow Pages, for answers to a buying problem. CQLUMBUSMANOR PUMP & SuPPi.v CO. --l!l--- We Repair and Inatall Shallow and Deep Well, Jet Pumps and Sump Pumps Parts and Repalra ior All Makea New Pumps Sold on Easy TeriD.s MOTORS REPAIRED and REWOUND / Merrimac oak Lawn 583 If No AnswerCall Oak Lawn 1593-J BOYD- HARDWARE & APPLIANCE. 1~1(i) it.~~c, RADIO and TELEVISION, A COMPLETE, CQMPETENT RADIO REPAIR SERVICE Open 9 A.M.- 6 PM, Friday 9 A.I; P.M., PICK UP and DELIVERY - EVERGREEN PARK W. 95th ST. HARRISON RADIATOR COVERS Be ENCLOSURES Custom 8uilt of Heavy Furniture Stee! cover ugly radiators, protect furniture, walls and drapes from soot and grime. Humidifies for healthful heat. 8aked enamel with color to suit. Residential - Commercial - Industrial. Send for Catalogue "WHERE TO BUY THEM JI HARRISON RADIATOR COVER CO 4718 W 5th Av Chgo Estebrk-a-6400 HOFF RADIO AUTO- Guaranteed ":"HOME RADIO SERVICE Television Authorized Dealer MOTOROLA and WESTINGHOUSE ZENITH -:-. RCA - CR9SLEY Hilltop S. Western Av. Pumps-Radio 117 METAL RADIATOR CABINET CO INC--- "A Quality Prod1let for. Over 20 Years" NOW INSULATED RADIATOR CABINETS Saves Heat - Prevents Smudged Walls Keeps Curtains and Drapes Clean Humidifies Your Home For Information Call 6316 S Wentwort.h Chgo...Wentworth Radio Dealers & Service BOYD HARDWARE Be APPLIANCE W 95th Evergreen Pk-8765 (See Advertisement This Classification) DUKES HARDWARE Radio Service-Tubes-90 Day Guarantee Open 9 AM-8 PM Sat To 6 PM Sun To 3 PM 5642 W 87th :,,..Oak Lawn-91,EVERGREEN PARK FURNITURE CO INC--~ RADIO SERVICING CUSTOM BUILT TELEVISION RADIOS and SPECIAL BUILT CABINETS 3923 W 95th,Evergreen Park 6633 Listings of this classification/ RADIO DEALERS & SERVICE are continued on next page. Chgo.

91 118 Radio~RaiIway" Radio D.ealers& Service-(coned) EVERGREEN PK PLBG CO Adolph Leverenz, Prop. PHILCO RADIOS and TELEVISION Portables and Radio-Phonographs AllHom~ Appliances 3156 W 95th....Evergreen Park-7130 FAIG ADOLP RADIO and TELEVISION Sales and Service Auto Radios For Prompt Guariulteed Service Call 7621 S Halsted Chgo Radcliffe GENERAL ELECTRIC RADIOS GIENGER-WALTON HOME APPliANCES 5307 W 95th Oak Lawn-153 GIENGER WALTON HOME APPLIANCES 5307 W 95th Oak Lawn-153 HOFF RADIO SERVICE!Lll07 S Western Chgo Hilltop KING RADIO & TELEVISION SERVICE 5212 W 95th Oak Lawn-1650 PARK MUSIC SHOP A ntlzorized Dealer for PHILCO and EMERSON Guaranteed Repair Service on All Makes and Models No Charge for Testing Tubes Hours lor-am to 9:30 PM Daily 3634 W 95th Evergreen Park 7000 Pauls -Radio & Record Shop, Nationally Known Brands Of Records Complete Line Capehart Radios & Television 5003 W 95th Oak Lawn-208 PHILCO RADIOS-, SWEENEY APP.LIANOES 9517 Cook Oak LawiJ-780 RADIO DEALERS & SERVICE are continui!d in next column. G1ENGER-WAlTON, HOME APPLIANCES AUTHORIZED SALES and SERVICE <;;omplete Line of Tubes Tubes TestedFree of Charge -15"3 PHONE OAK LAWN, W. 95th St. Radio o"eolers & Service...(coned) RCA VICTOR SALES & SERVICE RADIOS TELEvISION "VICTROLASuo 00nly RCA Victor Makes the Victrola "WHERE TO O.ALL" GIENGER WALTON HOME APPLIANCES 5307 W 95th Oak Lawn-153 WILMETTE CAMERA EXCHANGE 9624 S Western Evergreen Pk-8500 RANDALL RADIO &, FIXIT SHOP.duthorized Phi1co and.zenith Service KEYS MADE LAWN MOWERS and SAWS SHARPENED FURNITURE REPAIRED 3~1l W 94th Evergreen Park 8473 Ruzgis Appliance & Furntr 4847 W 95th......,.Oak Lawn-430 STROMBERG CARLSON RADIOS GIENGER-WALTON HOME APPLIANCES 5307 W 95th Oak Lawn-153 THORSEN & SON RADIOS REPRS RECORDS & APPLIANCE SHOP Beverlys Modern Radio alld Appliance Slzop Complete Line, Nationally Advertised Makes Radios - Combinations Phonographs - Electric Appliances 1758 W 95th Chgo Beverly Railroads Wabash Railroad Co -. pass & frt Wabash av Oak Lawn-450 pass & frt Chicago Ridge Oak Lawn-4012 Railway Expressing RAILWAY EXPRESS~---~ Free Pick Up and Delivery Within the Corporate Limita of Oak Lawn and Evergreen Park. RAILWAY EXPRESS "FOR BERVIOE O.ALL" RAILWAY EXP AGCY INC Office Located At 96th & Cook Wabash.. ; Oak Lawn-450 Authorized dealers in most nationally advertised merchandise or services can be found by looking under the T~ade Marks or Brand Names in their r~speetive classifications. Ranges & Stoves ARDON APPLIANCES----, , WESTINGHOUSE ForTiille Test E1e~tric Ranges 3408 W 95th Evergreen Park 8253 I BEVERLY ELECTRIC SHOP INO Gibson Universar & Marion 2341 W 95th Chgo... Bevrly-8~7701 ENGLEWOOD STOVE & REPR CO 7300 S Halsted Chgo Hudson Evergreen Park Furniture Co Inc _ 3923 W 95th.;,Evergreen Pk-6633 FRIGIDAIRE ELECTRIC, RANGES Se~famous Frlgidal~e Elec. tric Ranges withradiantuba Unit.s-big, Even. Heat ~ oven. Also, Frigidaire refrigerators, horite freezers, frigidaire water heaters" automatic IiHWIAI. MaIOBS JlaSbers, dryers and ironers. "WHERE TO OL1..LL" SOUTH TOWN REFRIGER,ATION CORP 7923 S Halsted Chgo Hudson GENERAL ELECTRIC RANGES Super fast Calred Units for G E "SPEED COOKING". Safe, cleaner, easier meal gelling. Otber famous G E "firsts" - Tripl Oven; Tel A Cook Ligbts, No Stain Oven Vent. "WHERE TO O.ALIl BOYD HARDWARE & APPLIANCE 3404 W 95th,Evergreen Pk-8765 GIENGER WALTON HOME APPLIANCES 5307 W 95th......Oak Lawn-153, HOTPOINT ELECTRIC RANGES {;IENGER-WALTON HOME" APPLIANiCES 5307 W 95th Oak Lawn-153 RUZGIS APPLIANCE &FURNTR ELECTRIC-RANGES Admiral Frigidaire - Gene~al Electric Westinghouse - Estate GAS-RANGES Chambers - Caioric - Estate Maytag Magic Chef 4847 W 95th ; Oak Lawn 430 -GIENGER-WALTON HOME APPLIANCES~ AUTHORIZED DEALERS General Electric Roper.Philgas,Tappan It Crown Hotpoint It Norge Crosley ELECTRIC and GAS, PHONE 153 OAK LAWN W. 95th St. REALTORS 2057 W. 95th St. lathoyne Ranges..,-Real 119 Ranges & Stoves-Supplies & Parts, ENGLEWOOD STOVE & REPR CO Stoves Of All Kinds " 7300 S Halsted Chgo ".. Hudson NORTHWESTERN STOVE REPAIR CO.662 W Roosevelt Rd,Chgo... Monro Real Estate BEELEL CHARLES:~ , REAL ESTATE Homes - Acre~ge -Farms Suburban Homesites 6151 W 95th......Oak Lawn-204a Classification continued next page. CalLBeverly QUlCKACTlON BUYING - SELLING SUBURBAN and CHICAGO REAL ESTATE Chicago STOVES OF ALL KINDS ENGLEWOOD STOVE HAS ALL STANDARD BRANDS OF GAS RANGES Chambers Q Roper Magic-Chef 0 Tappan 9 Detroit Jewel - and Others Electric Ranges - Combinotion Stoves Laundry Plates -Coal, Oil and Gas Heaters Automatic Woter Heaters - Gas and Electric, Refrigerators Repairs and Parts for All Makes Stoves CQLL HUDSOn ENGLEWOODWE~~T:CO s. _HALSTED, CHGO.

92 120 Real Real Estate-(contd) Beelel Chas 7145 W 95th...Oak Lawn-235Q-J-l Brandt A H 5049 W 95th,.....Oak Lawn-60 BRANDT ALBERT H 5049 W 95thav.Oak Lawn-60 BRIGGS A G & SONS REALTORS - BUILDERS GENERAL CONTRACTORS Specializing in the Sale of CHOICE HOMES and HOMESITES INSURANCE and LOANS 3214 W 95th.. Evergreen Park-8160 CHAPMAN GAYLORD H 3502 W 95th Evergreen Pk-6744 CLINE J HERBERT Real Estate Homes - Lots - Acreage Insurance -+- Loans List Your Home With Us We Have Cash Buyers 87th & Central.... Oak Lawn-709 If No Answer Call Randolph CoEY 0 A REALTY 00.,8500. W 95th..... Oak Lawn-2328-J-2 Conrad W T 2900 W 95th... Evergreen Pk-S940 DUFF HENRY L 2411 W Vermont...Blue Isld-222 (See Advertisement This Classificationi DUNNE REALTY & GoNSTR GORP St Louis.... Evergreen Pk-Sm. Ustings of this classification, REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE INSURANCE MORTGAGES South Suburban HOMES and HOME SITES Specializing In DEVELOPED LOTS IN OAK LAWN AREA ALBERT H. BRANDT Phone Oak Lawn W. 95th Av. "BE SURE -INSURE" ONE QUARTER CENTURY OF DEPENDABLE SERVICE, s. A. Van Dyk Realtors REAL ESTATE - MORTGAGES GENERAL INSURANCE AGENTS LOCAL OFFICE 9052 South Ashland Avenue, Chgo. BEVERLY Other Offices 120. S. LaSalle Street, Cbgo~ ~,Andover S.Halsted Street, Cbgo. - Boulevard 8,3300.( Real Estate-(contd) ELMORE ELBERT E Call Us And We Will Tell You In Five Minutes What Your Home Will Sell For-No Charge For This Service-Exclusive Agent For Many Homes In This Community S Kedzie Chgo......Bevrly-S-lSll S Kedzie Chgo....Hiltop EVERGREEN REALTY CO ING Comp/Jete Buying and Selling Service REAL ESTATE. MORTGAGES INSURANCE CURRENCY EXCHANGE 3335 W 95th Evergreen Park S9S0 Chicago Phone Hilltqp GADDIS REALTY SERVICE 5040 Columbus :.OakLawn-2205 If no answer call Res...Oak,Lawn GIEREK FRANK M 3502 W 95th Oak Lawn Hilltop GRoEBE WM C & GO 2057 W 95th Chgo Beverly-S-BIOO McKeown Jas 2801 W 95th... Evergreen Pk-7522 MULHoLLAND- GLEM B INO REALTo.RS - BUILDERS Specializing in EVERGREEN PARK, and BEVERLY HOMES 2156 W 95th St Chgo ". Hilltop Classification continued next column. REALTORS Complete Service MORTGAGES - INSURANCE FIRE - TORNAJ)O AUTOMOBILE PLATE GLASS FIDELITY ond SURETY BONDS HENRY Lo DUFF Q REAL ESTATE 0 BLUE ISLAND W. VERMONT FRANK M. GIEREK - REAL ESTATE - MORTGAGES.:./ -INSURANCE - -HOMES: Large and Small ofall Types VACANT PROPERTY RESIDENTIAL - COMMERCIAL WHEN YOU WANT ACTION Call HILLTOP 5 a W. 95th Oak Lawn Real Estate-{contd) Nudson Chas H 9725 Southwest Hwy.. ;OakLawn-34 ilbrien FRANK J 4869 W 95th...Oak Lawn-59 OLSON ARTHUR A REALTOR and BUILDER Vacant Lots For Builders Mortgages - Insur~nce 1745 W 91st Chgo Beverly S-6600 RYAN JAMES H & 00 _ Real Estate Investments-Insurance 1546 W 95th Chgo Bevrly-S-5747 Schlieske Warren L 9336 S 50th Av..Oak Lawn-3317 Snow Lendol DAssoc Cicero...Oak Lawn-127 STUBBE E GORDON & CO 5015 W 95th., Oak Lawn-2600 THOMPSON & MIESSLER Real Estate-Loans-Insurance Property Management Member Of Chicago Real Estate Board 9307 S Ashland Av Chgo Bevrly-8-S286 VAN DYK S A S Ashland Chgo Bevrly-B-4003 Von Busch Realty Co Roberts Rd, Oak Iilwn-2361-J-2 WIEGEL & KILGALLEN SALES CO W 95th -Evergreen Pk-7825 Refrigeration Equipment Commercial AG REFRIGERATION SALES & SERVICE ING 9243 SCottage Grove Chgo _Radcliffe 3-89S2 ALL-TEMP ING COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION SALES and SERVICE 741 E 87th PI Chgo Hudson ANIJERSENR-EFRIGERATloN & HEATING i -.CO 5007 W 95th _ OakLawn-436 (See Advertisement This Classification)./ ARCTIC-AIRE REFRIGERATION SALES & SERVIGE 651 W.120tlt Chgo. Waterfal-S-3444 REFRIGERATION EQUIPMENT-COMMERCIAL are continued -on next page. A. G. REFRIGERATION SAlES and SERVICE,INC.. Authorized Commercial..~. FRIGIDAIRE Air Conditioning - Refrigerators..,.. Cases Frozen Food Merchandisers - Lacker Storage Systems - Ice Cream Cabinets - Beverage Coolers --" Milk and Water Coolers Room Coolers 9243 S. COTTAGE GROV~: CHGO. RADCLIFFE Night {Commadore Phones.Aberdeen Real-Refrigeration 121.COiMMER(IAL REFRIGERATION AIR CONDITIONING COMPLETE FIXTURES FROZEN FOOD CABINETS fit Installations for HOTELS ~ RESTAURANTS GROCERIES - DAIRIES HOSPITALS - INSTITUTIONS TAVERNS ----G---- FURNACES GAS and OIL :.- fit---- FOR SALES and SERVICE PHONE OAK LAWN e---- ANDERSEN.REFRIGERAliON AND HEATING CO W. 95th.St. Oaklawn, III. REfRIGERATOR SERVICE COf,v\MERCIAL - DOMESTIC.. REFRIGERATORS.. COOLERS-. ~OUNTERS FREEZERS WATER COOLERS CARBONATORS GRILLS Phoue _ Oak Lawn 1147 SERVICE ON MOTORS WINDAHL REFRIGERATOR SERViCE. Karl E. WindahI, Prop S. Raymo:pd Av. Oak Lawn:

93 122 Refrigeration~Refrigerators.. Refrigeration Eqpt-Coml..,.(contd). CarrollRefrigeration Service.., Le Clair....OakLawn-1974-J;;2 FRIGID REFRIGERATION SERVICE S State Chgo.. :.....Hudson (See Advertisement This Classific,ation) HICKEY REFRIGERATION SERVICE----- We Repair AI1 Makes of Refrigerators Also Sel1 National1y Known Commercial Refrigerators S Peoria..... Blue Island 5292 Listings of this i:iassification, COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION Pbone4~ 4:: Oak Lawn.;{J U. Air Conditioning - Display Cabinets REFRIGERATION, SALES & SERVICE co. CHARLES M. ANDERSEN, ENGINEER 5007 W. 95th Oak Lawn PROMPT EFFICIENT S,ERVICE ON HUSSMAN REFRIGERATION EQUIPMENT ~. CALL HUDSON 3-153,0 HUSS REFRIGERATION, SERVICE 6949 S. STATE. CHGO. PROMPT EFFICIENT SERVICE ON FR,IGIDAIRE REFRIGERATION EQUIPMENT CALL HODSON FRIGID REFRIGERATION SERVICE 6949 S. STATE. CHGO. ;,". Ref~ig~ra:tion Eqpt-Coml-(coned). HUSS REFRIGERATION SERVICE S State Chgo Hudson (See AdvertisementThis Classification) o K REFRIGERATION SERVICE, INSTALLATIONS and REPAIRS COMMERCIAL and DOMESTIC Air Conditioning andelec. Motor Service. ALL WORK GUARANTEED 24-Hour Service 1308 S Washtenaw Chgo.,. Crawford SEDLAK.REFRIGERATION SERVICE Household & Commercial 9335 S 55th Ct..... ;.Oak tawn-1170 WltmAHL REFRGRTR SERV 9257 S Raymond Oak Lawn-1147, Refrigerators & Freezers ARDON APPLIANCES , WESTINGHOUSE REFRIGERATORS and FREEZERS 3408 W 95th Evergreen Park 8253 Telephon,es, REFRIGERATORS & EREEZERS are cont!nued in (Iext column. GENERAL ELECTRIC PRODUCTS, Complete Service Refrigeration Air Conditioning Washing Machines Ranges Dish Washen Disposals Water Coolers One of Our G.E.. Specialized SerVicemen Is In Your Vicinity Sales -:--- WABASH Service:-WEBSTER So. Canal St., CHICAGO Refrigerators & Freezers-(coned) COOPER R JR INC An Authorized General Electric Refrigeration Service One of Our G.E. Specialized Servisemen is in Your Vicinity See Advertisement This Classification ~36 ~ Canal-Chgo, Wabash CROSLEY SHELVADOR REFRIGERATORS- FROZEN FOOD CABI~ETS SHELVADOR A"-n.n.«::!..TJ:2.V REFRIGERATORS GIVE ~ YOU TWICE THE FOOD TO THE FRONT The Crosley FrostmasterFrozen Food Cabinet is Kitchen Size and Stores Over 100 Pounds of Food.. Table Top Work Surface. "FOR INFORML1.TION OL1.LIJ AUTHORIZED FACTORY SERVICE ALTER HARRY CO Wholesale Distributors S Michigan Av Chgo..Wabash DEALERS BEVERLY ELECT,RIC SHOP INC 2341 W 95th Chgo Bevrly GIENGER WALTON HOME APPLIANCES 5307 W 95th. ".....,. Oak Lawn-153 " DEEPFREEZE HOME FREEZERS When the time comes to buy 1fIIIIIIIn I: your home freezer remem.t.ilulup.f1eeze ber - "There is only one --_ ~- DEEPFREEZE home freezer, made. only by Deepfreeze Division. Motor Products Corporatlon." It is not a genuine DEEPFREEZE home freezer unless it bears the trademark, "DEEPFREEZE.". "WHERE TO BUY THEM~ DISTRIBUTOR MANN H U CO INC 1230 W Jackson Chgo... Taylr 9-5,100 DEALERS - BEVERLY ELECTRIC SHOP INC 2341 w 95th Chgo Beverly Listings ofthis classificatjon, REFRIGERATORS &,FREEZERS GIENGER-WALTON HOME APPLIANCES AUTHORIZED DEA.LERS o Deepfreeze, 0 Philgas Servel General Electric 0 Hotp,oint o Crosley Norge Refrigerators and Freezers PHONE OAK LAWN W. 95th St. Refrigerators 123 Refrigerato,rs& Freezers-(contd) EVERGREEN PARK PLBG CO A dolph LeVerenz, Prop. AUTHORIZED PHILCO REFRIGERATORS and FREEZERS. SALES and SERVICE 3156 W 95th Ev~rgreen Park-7130 FRIGID REFRIGERATION SERVIOE Eri9.idaire Refrigeration Se.rvice 6949 S State Chgo..., "... Hudson FRIGIDAIRE REFRIGERATORS----- See famous Refrigeralors wilh currenl-saving Meter-Miser. Also Frigidaire electric ranges, home freezers, ~ water heaters} automatic ".washers, FRIGIDAIRE dryers and ironers. GENERAl MOTORS "WHERE TO OALL" SOUf<H TOWN REFRIGERATION CORP S Halsted Chgo..., Hudson GENERAL ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS--- Refrigerators and Home Freezers with the \\sealedain..steel" unit l offering utmost dependability and economy. OVER A MILLION IN USE TEN YEARS OR LONGER. "WHERE TO OALL rr BOYD HARDWARE & APPLIANCE 3404 W 95th......Evergreen Pk-&765 GIENGER WALTON HOME APPLIANCES 5307 W 95th Oak Lawn-153 GRUNOW REFRIGERATION SERVICE- GRUNOW AUTHORIZED SERVICE INC 4313 W Fullerton Chgo... Dickens HOTPOINT ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS GIENGER-WALTON HOME APPLIANCES 5307 W 95th. Oak olawn-153 HUSS REFRIGERATION SERVICE Hussman Refrigeration Service b949 S State Chgo Hudson KELVINATOR COLD tlear TO THE FLOOR! Theres more refrigerated space in Kelvinalors Masterpiece Line. Powered by Polarsphere - economical aml trouble-fr17!.. fwhere TO BUY IT. SERVICE MURPHY & MILLER INC 1326 S Michigan Av Chgo. Harrison DEALERS ANDERSEN REFRGRTN & HEATING CO 5007 W 95th......Oak Lawn-436 REFRIGERATORS & FREEZERS, are continued _on next page.. "

94 124 Refrigerators--Restaurants ~efrigerators & Freezers,...(<:oned) LEONARD SALES & SERVicE. Refrigerators. Electric RangeL Home. Freezers. ;:; The Oldest Name in Refrigeration,"Dependable Since 1881."!WHERE TO BUY IT! SERVICE MURPHY & MILLER INC 1326 S Mi,chigan Av Chgo. Harrison-7"8900 Oak lawn Frozen Food Lockers W95th,,.,... :,Oak Lawn-55 PHILCO REFRIGERATORS- 5W~ENEY APPUANCES Cook...,....Oak Lawn-780 RUZGIS APPLIANCE & FURNTR SALES, and SERVICE GENERAL ELECTRIC FRIGIDAIRE WESTINGHOUSE! SERVEL 4847 W 95th Oak Lawn 430 Refrigerators & Freezers-Supplies & Parts Wolff & Kutkowski S Normandy...,..Oak Lawn"1758-J-~, Religious Goods NELSONS CHRISl:IAN SUPPLIES Christian Supplies - Sacred Records Pictures and Plaques Bibles and Ecclesiastical Books ChiistiilD Fiction. Scripture Textcards and Station~ry 140 W 103 Chgo...Commodore Restaurant Equipment & Supplies DON EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES. For Restaurants, Tea Rooms, Soda Fountains, Dining Rooms i Hotels, Hospitals; Institutions, Schools, Clubs, Taverns Such as Glass. ware/ China/ Silvenvare/ Linens, Kitchen Equipment and Utensils, Paper Specialties,. Janitor and Sanitation SupplieS; Furniture; Etc. "FOR INFORMATION GALL" Don Edw,& Co S LaSalle Chgo....Calumet Restaurants...(contd) BUNGALOW IN ,"--,--..., Hazel and Dean Zimmerman) Props. Specializinu in" AGED STEAK and CHICKEN, DINNERS BAR-B-:QUED RIBS FISH FRY ON FRIDAYS Kitchen Open Until 3 A.M W lluh.....oak Lawn-9313 Castle Home 9306 Central......Oak Lawn-9308 CAVALLINI CHUCK ITALIAN - AMERICAN FOODS SIZZLING STEAKS. CHICKEN SEA FOOD SERVED DELIGHTFULLY DIFFERENT 4 Private Air Conditioned Dining Rooms Concert Organist Continuous Entertainment - Saturday Nights (l47th Just East of Crawford - Puiaski Rd.) 3845 W 147th Midlothian... Blue Island CHASTA RESTAURANT Earl Buchmeier, Prop. ORDERS TO TAKE OUT llar-ll-qs - Hot Dogs. itfamburgers FROZEN CUSTARD Maits Shakes - Sundaes N.E. Corner of Cicero & 93rd & S.W. Hwy. 93rd & Cicero OakLawn 3749 Restaurants 125 Restaurants,-(contd) Evergreen Post Restmt W 95th Evergreen Pk-8998 FRENZEL TOM FOR DELICIOUS STEAK and CHICKEN DINNERS CbCKTAIL LOUNGE Open 10: A.M. - 3: A.M W HUh Oak Lawn-9356 HEARTY EAT SHOP _ 5248 W 95th,Oak Lawn-9346 Hickeys Tavern 8600 W 95th Oak Lawn-9342 Hickory Farm Tap Room & Restrnt 8555 W 95th Oak Lawn-1402-J-l KENTUCKY CLUB Ji", Conley, Prop. CHICKEN IN BASKET FRENCH FRIED SHRIMP STEAK SANDWICHES,.ETC. LIQUORS SERVED SOLOVOX ENTERTAINMENT OPEN DAILY EXCEPT MON W lluh Oak Lawn-900 LYNWOOD LODGE 95th & Southwest Hwy Oak lawn-3246 (See AdvertIsement ThisClassificationl S &K REFRGRTN SERVICE----:c------, RELIABLE REPAIRS on All Makes REFRIGERATORS WASHING MAGHINES and ELECTRIC MOTORS 3010 W 63d Chgo, Walbrook Sedlak Refrigeration Service. 9335,S 55th Ct.; Oak Lawn-1170 SERVEL GAS REFRIGERATORS;----- The Refrigerator you hear about... but, never ~ear! NoMo.ving Parts. "WHERE TO B17YIT" ENGLEWOOD STOVE & REPR CO 7300 S Ha~sted Chgo... ;...IHudson.?-1220,SUPER-COLD REFRIGERATIOR SERVICr-- ONLY FACTORY AUTHORIZED REPAIR SERVICE Genuine Parts and Supplies S1Jrl~:<roI:ll "FORBERVIOE GALL" SERVICE MURPHY & MillER lng, S Michigan Av Chgo. Harrison Northwest Cor. 95th andsouthwest Hw}r- WIESTINGHOUSEREFRIGERATORS- ARDON APPUANCES VI 95th....Evergreen Pk-8253 RUZGIS APPUANCE, & FURNITURE W 95th....:,...Oak Lawn-430 Restaurants BANTS VILLA 3960 W 95th.. Evergreen Pk-9288 Bohemian Club 91st & Roberts Rd...Oak Lawn-9387 Classification continued next column. Beer - E. FISHER, Prop. Complete Line of SANDWICHES Wine OAK LAWN 3246 Liquors OAK LAWN Coral Gables Restrnt We Feature Home CookIng 4537 W 95th : Oak Lawn-1197 Dahlin Sanllwich Shop 9507 S Cook..Oak Lawn-3460 DOT & BILLS TRAILER COURT Delicious Hamburgers & Bar-B-Ques 9446 S Harlem Av Oak Lawn-9314 Evelyns Restrnt. We Feature Home CookIng 5137 W 95th _ Oak Lawn-10 EVERGREEN DRIVE IN Nate Guttman;,Harry YOltrell, Props.. Car Hop or Counter Service Orders to Take Out Ice Cream Hamburgers - Bar-B Qs. Cbili FrenchFries Good Coffee. Open 9 :00 AM Til 2 AM. 7 Days Per Week ~Year Round S.E. Corner 95th & Crawford Av,... Evergreen Park 9211 EvergreenPk Chicken Cabin 2437 W 95th. RESTAURANTS Nielsens" Restaurant "T~ HomeiJlGQod Food" PR;IVATE.BANQUET ROOM CmCKEN OUR SPECIALTY SEA FOOD - STEAKS - CHOPS AND RIBS PLENTY OF-PRIVATE PARKING Call PROSPECT S. Western Ave., Chse. - Prospect an,d Listings thisclassifi~ationr RESTAURANTS are continued on nex.t page. E,,-crgrceo Park Oak Lnwns Complelely Modem Reslaurant ",._ ~.,,;q; I IJ JI li\......,p".,.,p... /f.. T~E DOOR. tl~ FOOD ~..All Food.Prepared In Full. View We Invite -Your. Inspection of Our :Modern Open Kilchen Sizzling Steaks Chicken and SeaFood featuring FAMILY DINNERS BUSINESS,MENS LUNCHES Open Every Day, 6 A.M. to 2 A.M; OAK LAWN,, W. 95th Street (

95 126 Restaurants-Roofers Restaurants-(contd) MARTINIQU.e:---"""---"""-"""--- FULL COURSE DINNERS DANCING NIGHTLY To a "Name" Band Broadcasting Over WGN - MUTUAL We Cater to Parties and Banquets For Reservations Call 9750 S Western av ~ Evergreen Park-8000 MAX & MARYS---~--: NIELSENS RESTAURANT 7840 S Western Av Chgo.,.. Prospect Oak Lawn Snack Bar 4907 W 95th Oak Lawn-9328 Pages Barbecue 9436 S Western Av Evergreen Pk-9202 Ranch The 9550 S Western Evergreen Pk-9221 SCHAFFERS FRANK COCKTAIL ROOM & RESTAURANT 2535 W95th.Evergreen Pk-8811 SHORT STOP SNACK SHOP Southwest Hwy & Ridgelnd...Oak Lawn-9393 SURREY THE Formerly Bl!1lgalow Lounge Specializing in CHICKEN - STEAK BAR-B-QUE RIBS - Expert Cocktail Service W 95th.., Oak Lawn 781 McCourts Castle 8600 W 95th....Oak Lawn-9320 McKenzie Moil A 2418 W 95th.. Evergreen Pk-9230 Melody Lane Donut Shop 9500 S Western : Evergreen Pk-9205 Moraine-On-The-Lake Hotel,,801 N Sheridan Rd Highlnd Pk-4444 NANTUCKET THE RESTAURAN For Food at Its Best CHICAGOS HOME-LIKE RESTAURANT PRIVATE DINING ROOMS FOR WEDDINGS, CLUBS, PARTIES, ETC; HAROLD READE Open,Every Day S West~rn Av Chgo.... Beverly PRIVATE DINING ROOMS FOR WEDDINGS, PARTIES and BANQUETS AIR CONDITIONED S Western Chgo Beverly TOMS NOOK Open Every Day 8:30ftiM TO12 PM 6135 W 95th Oak Lawn Trio Bar B Q 8642 Cicero Av Oak Lawn~9383 TWO JILLS S peciali:::illg in Business Mens Luncheon and Dinners Specia1 Containers For,Take Out Orders Dining Room in Connection With Luncheonette Hours 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM Daily Marie Anton, Prop W 95~h...Evergreen Pk 9260 VILLAGE RESTAURANT 5207W 95th.. :... ;... ;.Oak Lawn-9384 (See Advertisement This ClassifiCation) Village Snack»hop 3500 W 95th. Evergreen Pk~9292 WHITE MILl; 3422 W 95th...-.Evergreen Pk~9201 Riding Academies Green AcresRidingStables 97th & 88th Av Road Builders ARROW PETROLEUM. CO ATLAM ROOFING & SIDING CO Remodeling-Siding-Insulation-Quality Work 3511 W 63d Chgo...,,.,... Hemlok Berry Ben Roofing & Insulating Co 6336 S Racine Av Ghgo Walbrk Listings of this c1assificatfon; ROOFERS Mopping o Shingles - All Types 0 Roofing Repairs of All "Kinds Cl Siding It Free Estimates o Terms ~" APPLY vnnd~roor INTERLOCK SHINGLES GEORGE,HAERR OAK LAWN SO. MELVINA OakLawn-1948-J-l 163 ow 87th Ghgo ; Vincennes Stoll Gonstr Go Macadam & Gravel Roads-Parking Lots Earthboring-Comp Subdivision Development 4300 W119th......Blue Isld-1811 Road Oiling ARROW PETROLEUM CO 163 ow 87thChgo.. Vincen,nes Roofers ACME ROOFING cb, ~ WE DO ALL TYPES OF ROOFING and SIDING All Work Guaranteed Completely Insured (fjiington Av.. HarveY-995 Roofers~(contd) BETTEN INSULATING & ROOFING CO NOT INC Russell L. Betten, Prop. ATTIC ROOMS CARRillR AIR CONDITIONING Tuck Pointing - Sidewalks, All Construction Work, Free Estimates" Reverse Toll Charges 1437 WI03d Chgo ; Hilltop W. llslh St. Chgo. ROOFERS MONARCH ROOFING CO. ROOFING - SIDING - INSULATION EVERLOK SHINGLES FOR DEPENDABILITY AND BEAUTY Commodore RElIABl"E Roofing & Insulating Co. ROOFING. SIDING INSULATibN Basement and Attic Flats REMODELING - COMBINATION STORM ond SCREEN, WINDOWS P~es Pullman S. Michigan Ave.. Chicago " ) Berry Ben Roo~ing &,Insulating Co. BER"IV Walbrook YEARS IN BUSINESS ON RACINE AVE., QUICK SERVICE NO BRANCHES IF NO ANSWER CALL BEVERLY or HUDSON 3_ S. RACINE AVE., CHGO. HAERR GEO Roofing Materials Roofers-Roofing ROOFING See Our Display Adfl. At This Headillg 9815 S Melvina..Oak Lawn Roofers-(contd) CALUMET PARK ROOFING ,--,--. ALL TYPES OF ROOFING SIDING All Work Guaranteed S Sangamon.; ;... Blue Island-4590 MONARCH ROOFING CO 23.7 W 115th Chgo Comodor NELSON JOHN H CO INO ,----. ROOFS Of ALL KINDS FREE ESTIMATES, EASY TERMS RUETER ADOLPH INC Roofing Contractors S WesternChgo Beverly If no answer call......homewood-1228-m BEATTY I N R LUMBER CO 9537 S 52d Av..,......Oak Lawn-400 Hines Edw Lbr Co Evergreen pk brnch 2601 W 95th -Evergreen Pk-7117 HINES ROOFING MATERIALS ASPHALT SHINGLES ROOFING and BUILDING PAPERS "WHERE TO O.L1.LL" HINES EDW LUMBER CO 2601,W 95th.Evergreen Pk-7117 LORD LBR & COAL CO. 15 N Spring ; t.agrange-9600

96 128 Rubbish-Rug Rubbish Remoyal EVERGREEN PK SGAVENGER SrERV Ashes-Garbage-Rubbish Removal Estimates Given 2913 W 95th Evergreen Pk-7108 SOUTHWEST TOWNS REFUSE DISPOSAL. SERV 5318 W 95th... Oak Lawn-380. (See Advertisement This Classification) BUYERS GUIDE Why not let the YellowPClges help you? No matter what you want, if its available, youll find who sells it right h,ere,.rubbish :,REMOVAL., GARBAGE I) ASHES CANS REMOVED. Call Oak Lawn 380 SOUTHWEST TOWNS REFUSE DISPOSAL SERVICE 5318 W. 95th Oak Lawn "Regular Service at a Minimum Cost" FURNITURE RUGS & CARPETING CLEANED INYQURHOME If You Prefer~YOUR RUGS and FURNITURKCleaned in. Our Plimt JOHN P. GIBBONS 1513 W. 69th St. Chicago PHONE ~c~~. If No Answer Call Cedarcrest Rug & Carpet Cleaners BERTEN GLNRS &DYERS 3412 W95th Evergreen Pk BOUSHELLE G A & SO C. L. Treadway, l.fgr. 45 Years Dependable Service FAMOUS MIRZA RUG CLEANING PROCESS 218 E 7lst Chgo Hudson DEFAY J GLNRS & DYERS , Tile E...cl"sive Cleaners and Dyers QUALITY CLEANING OF DISTINCTION. "COMPLETE RUG and HOUSEHOLD DEPT." ORIENTAL and DOMESTIC Tolls Refunded j{ 79th Chgo Vincennes S Western Av Blue Island-2084 FASHION GLEANERS , ORIENTAL - DOMESTIC THROW RUGS and CARPETING CLEANED and REPAIRED. For Quality Work, Prompt and. Courteous Service CalI FASHION 4961 W 95th Oak Lawn-64 RUG & CARPET CLEANERS are continued in" next column. Gv,!rfJt~JlJ :efoot,s El at Your RUfjd! BE PROUD OF YOURS OUR PROFESSIONAL RUG CLEANING AND REPAIR SERVICES Keeps Rugs Fresh, Bright, New-Looking Makes Rugs Wear Longer G e Tacked-Down Carpets Cleaned on Floors RUG.CLEANERS HynsoN 3-8Z0,O (Ask Operator to Reverse Toll Charges) 9i5 E. 75th, CHICAGO Rug & Carpet Cleaners-(contd) GENERAL RUG & FURNITURE CLEANERS INO ORIENTAL, CHINESE and DOMESTIC Cleaned and Relustered Repaired and Relaid Ask Operator to Reverse Toll Charges See Advertisement This Classification N Kedze Chgo Independence GIBBONS JOHN P 1513 W 69th Chgo.....Hemlok (See Advertisement This Classification) GRAGG RUG GLEANERS Est PROFESSIONAL RUG CLEANING See Advertisement This ClassificCItion Ask Operator to Reverse Toll Charges 915 E.75th Chgo... ". Hudson Joet Five Hour Cleaners W 95th......Evergreen Pk-6791 Knotty Pine Clnrs 5726 W 87th..,.. Oak Lawn-3462 LEFOLDT & LYON GLEANERS Oriental Chinese Domestic-Rugs Repairecj 98th & Southwest Hwy"... "..Oak Lawn_ MODERN RUG & FURNITURE GLEANERS 517 W lllth Chgo " Pulmn RUG & CARPET CLEANERS. are continlied on next page. RUG & "CARPET DEALERS and CLE-ANERS. Established c A Complete Line of ORIENTAL and DOMESTIC Rugs and Carpets. Available in All Sizes - Q~!lntities and Patterns - SEND YOUR RUGS WITH CONFIDENcE TO A PROFESSIONAL RUG CLEANER OFFERING COMPLETE SERVICES CLEANING - REPAIRING - STORAGE CARPETS CLEANED IN YOUR HOME PULLMAN STORE and PLANT 54 W. 111 th St. Chicago Carpets and Furniture Cleaned in Your Home If Desired Relustered.Repaired Relaid N. Kedzie Av!l Mothproofed Deodorized Gluesized CALL {ndependence REVERSE CHARGES We Cover the Entire City and Suburbs Every Day Insurapce Protectio:r;i Against Fire or Theft Rug 129 RUG & FURNITURE ClEANERS eoriental CHINESE DOMESTIC "ONE OF CHICAGO~S OLDEST and LARGEST RUG and FURNITURE CLEANING PLANTS" Since Yean Dependable Service Chgo. mode Rn RUG & FURNITURE CLEANERS DE LUHE ORIENTAL DOMESTIC. RUG CLEANING Repairing - Sizing ~ Dyeing. Fringing - Serging Tac~ed Carp.eting Cleaned On Your Floor Operating Our Own Plant and Work Room CaLL. PULLMAN W. lllth St. Chicago

97 130 ~ Rug Rug &.CarpetCleaners-(confd). PEOPLES LAUNDR one call does all RUG CLEANING DRY CLEANING LAUNDERING - See Advertise""mt This Classification 9226 S Bur)ey Chgo Enterprise 4458 (Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls) PRIDJIANKA 54 W 111thChgo.. Pullman (See Advertisement This Classifioation) RUG & CARPET CLEANERS are continued iii next column. BETTER CARE, LONGER WEAR Fine/ Rug- Cleaning Laundry lit Dry.Cleaning ENTERPRISE 4458 (No Toll-Charge) S. Burley Ave. --- Chicago TREADWAY CLEANERS Rugs - Carpets - Furniture One of Chicagos Largest. Exclusive Rug and Dry Cleaning Plants Unexcelled Anywhere One Week Service - Location Cleaning Home - Office- Hotels RADCLIFFE S. State St. Rug & Carpet Cleaners-(confd) SERVICE PINLESS CURTAIN CLNRS EXPERT RUG CLEANING SERVICE REPAIRING and SERGING 3010 W 63rd Chgo Hemlock SOUTHTOWN RUG & CARPET CLEANERS- WE CLEAN c YOU USE TODAY Carpets and Fnrniture Cleaned "- in Your Home or Our Modern Plant Oriental and Domestic Rug.Cleaning 12 Years of Dependable Service W. SEETON and R. MUNOZ, OWNERS 748 S Loomis Chgo....Taylor TEXTILE CLEANING SERVICE Glen McFronklin, Proprietor FURNITURE CLEANED Safely- Beautifully - Professionally IN YOUR HOME. All Fabrics, Leather, Etc. Also Orientals, Twists, Carpeting. Estimates Free. Every Job Guaranteed. 24-Hr. Phone Service S Longwood Chgo... Beverly TREADWAY CLEANERS 8533 S State Chgo Radclif (See Advertisement This. Classification) Are You Readyla Buyl The Yellow Pages Tell You "Where to Buy 1t" (Juick huying information is av~ilahle in the Yenow Pages Rug & Carpet Dealers ALLEN FLOOR COVERING CO Sales & Expert Installations On Carpet Linoleum-Asphalt & Rubber Tile. 724] S Vincennes Av Chgo..,.Aberdeen BEARD CLYDE & SON S Western,.., Blue Isld-4599,. CHECKER RUG CO All New Wool - Latest Patterns BROADLOOl\lS - RUGS - CARPETS All Si~es NatioJlall) Knowa Brands.Wall to Wall Carpeting For Any Room. Hall or Stairs Expert Installations 1301 W 63d Chgo.-. Walbrook 5c0775 PRIDJIAN K A 54 W l1lth Chgo.. Pullman Sand & Gravel BEATTY I N R LUMBER CO.9537 S. 52d Av Oak Lawn-400 Brandt Wm & Son 9520 S 51st. Oak Lawn zinga Bros 3133 W 95th.... Evergreen Pk-7225 Sanding Machines Sash-Storm-See Millwork Saving & Loan Associations FIRST MUTt SAVINGS ASSN 9 W Washington Chgo Randolph OAK LAWN SAVINGS & LOAN ASSN---:;;---- SAVINGS. HOME LOANS 5015 W 95th Oak Lawn 2600 TALMAN FEDRL SAVINGS & LOAN ASSN OF CHGO Savings Accounts Insured to $5,000 Mortgage Loans - Payments Like Rent Home Improvement Loans - No :Mortgage Open to 8 P.M. Tuesdays and Thursdays 5501 S KedzieChgo.,... :. " Hemlock Saws Sharpening & Repairing AUBURN SERVICE SHOP SAWS SHARPENED and REPAIRED POWER and HAND MOWERS MACHINE SHARPENED and -ADJUSTED 7725 S Halsted Chgo Hudson DU\5:ES HARDWARE We Sharpen. Saws - Lawn Mowers - Axes Chisels - Sdssors - Knives - Etc. Garden Supplies - Tools of All Types Open 9AM to 8 PM, Sat. to 6 PM; Sun. to 3 PM : W 87th Oak Lawn 91 KEEN EDGE CO. Portable Power Tools Rented. 5246? Ha.lsted ~hgo... ".Atlimtic5-331l C Complete Stocks. of. B~~adloom and % Carpet Bigelow - Lee - Gulistan Mowhawk.and Other Makes CAll FOR FREE ESTIMATES TILE-TEX Floor and Wall Tile Rubber Tile KAROSEAL FLOORS Installed By Our Expert. Mechanics S~- WESTERN + RPETS LINOLEUM CLYDE BEARD & SON Phone! BLUE ISLAND 4599 Res. Phone Blue Island 25S2 + + DontWasteTime trying to find the thii:lgs youneed-. Look in the YELLOW PAGES

98 132, Scales-Screw Scales ALLIED,STORE APPLIANCE SERVICE Computing-Scales Corrected & Serviced In Your Store Meat"Grinders-Electric, Meat Saws & Slicers Sold & SerViced 5729 SHaman Chgo Grovehill If no answer call. Oak Lawn-3428 Beverly Tog Shop,,,., Baby ScalesRented~Chiidrens Wear 1650 W 95th Chgo.... Cedrcrst Scalp Treatment Avenue Beauty Shop 9818 Western,Evergreen Pk-6694 Hettes Permanent Wave Shop 9430 S Kedzie Evergreen Pk-9065 Carmels Beauty Shop Oxford, Oak Lawn-2309-J-2 Evergreen Pk Beauty Shoppe,, 9503 SHaman av..... Evergreen Pk-7707 Marcellins Beauty Salon,, " 5001 W 95th Oak Lawn-370 Marlenes Beauty Salon, 3320 W 95th Evergreen Pk-8260 School Supplies-Retail Sanitox Suply Co 9325 S Kenton av...oak Lawn-27 Schools, ABC Music Center 3212 W 95th. EvergreenPk-7992, ALLEN GOMEZ SCHOOL DF SPANISH Spanish Only-Free Trial Lessons 185 N Wabash Chgo Dearbn Bethel Lutheran School 98th & Spaulding.. Evergreen Pk-9032 BEVERLY BUSINESS COLLEGE 1924 W 103d Chgo - Cedrcrst Board of Education " Covington Schl 52d av Oak Lawn-173 Dist d & Linder Oak Lawn-790 BRYANT & STRATTON COLLEGE Secretarial-Accounting-Stenotypy Courses Visit-Write Or Phone For Catalog 18 S Michigan Av Chgo Randlph EVERGREEN PARK PRE KINDERnARTEN Licensed Age 20 to 6 - Transportation Nutritious Meals By Dietician Accredited Teachers Supervision At All Times 2659 W 96th Evergreen Park 6841,SCHOOLS Intensive Secretarial" and Business Training Personalized Classes Vocational Guidance Methods, Career Placement Day and Evening Classes Cedincrest W. 103rd St., Chicago, Schools-(contd) Evergreen Park Public School 95th & Sawyer Evergreen Pkc7127 Hamew Schl 9lst & Austin Oak Lawn-292 Holy, Redeemer School 9536 Millard Evergreen Pkc8280 KEELERS LONGWOOD SCHOOL ACCREDITED SCHOOL DAY SCHOOL FOR BOYS and GIRLS 5 YEAE,S OF AGE THRU 8th GRADE Established in 1916 By Mrs. Harry Keeler 9715 S Winchester Chgo..,.. Beverly MUSIC CENTER THE One of Countrys Largest Accordion Schls 6637 S Halsted Chgo Norml North Palos Schl 8501 W 95th..Oak Lawn-1402-J-2 Simmons School 6500 W 95th Oak Lawn-165 Tobin Edw J Schl Dist 111 principals ofc 85th.,..Oak Lawn-61B Schools~Trade-See Trade Schools Scooters-Motor-See Motor Scooters Scrap Iron & Metals KENSINGTON WASTE MATERIAL CO--- SCRAP IRON- METALS OLD MACHINERY - Paper - Rags and Junk of All Kinds Screens Window t Door t Etc, DAHLGRENS INC We Buy Automobiles S Michi~an Av Chgo.., Pullman MIHALOVIC JUNK DEALER 127th & HIGH CASH PRICES WE BUY and PICK-UP SCRAP - METAL - JUNK OLD MACHINERY Marshfield Blue Island-4492 POSEN IRON & METAL vve BUY and PICK-UP ALL KINDS OF SCRAP METAL and JUNK HIGH CASH PRICES S Western av Posen. Blue Island-3,672 l1;[a""fact"rers alld Illstallers Estab SCREENS For \Vindows. Porches. Doors Also New TY2e \Vood and Aluminnm Combination Storm Sash and Screens Call Us to Measure Your Needs 8357 S Halsted Chgo...Vincennes EVERGREEr~ PK MILLWORK CO W 95th... Evergreen Pk-8600 MuchlJlore Mfg Co 2640 W 95th..Evergreen Pk-nOl Screw Machine Products Cameo ProductS Mfg Co 9534 Tully..Oak Lawn-2247 Sea Foods-~ee BEST SEPTIC TANK CO 9100 S Harlem Av Oak Lawn-1278 COLUMBUS MANOR PUMP & SUPPLY CO Merrimac Oak Lawn-583 Graefen Henry C 9224 SHaman Av Evergreen Pk-7696 Keating Wm J 8303 State Rd Oak Lawn-2452-J-2 LA DRUHE CONSTRUCTION GO S 82d Ct Worth-366-J-l (See Advertisement. This Classification), REINFORCED SOLID BOTTOMS STATE and COUNTY INSPECTED PHONE OAK LAWN 1532-J-l Free Estimates Fish Headings Seeds & Bulbs DeGroot Feed & Seed Bulk Seeds & Importers Of Holland Bulbs,, 9822S6uthwest hwy.....oak lawn-~7 Septic Tanks BEST RURAL SEWERAGE,CO SEPTIC TANKS INSTALLED. CLEANED and REPAIRED Estimates Without Any Obligation Terms Arrang~d S 82d Ct. Worih-372-M-l SEPTIC TANKS are continued on next page. OAK LAWN CONCRETE SEPTIC TANKS Installed McLEAN SEWERAGE. No Charge for Planning Service or Estimates WORTH, ILL (Over 500 Gal. Capacity) Field Representatives Available For S~rvey and Information.With~. out Obligation We Offer a Complete, Disposal System, Including GREASE TRAPS and DISTRIBUTION BOXES. Phone OAK LAWN 1278 After 5:00 P.M. or If No Answer Call OAK LAWN 2301~J S. Harlem SEPTIC TANK. INSTALLATIONS MAINTENANCE REPAIRS SUCTION CLEANING DEFERRED PAYMENTS PHONE WORTH 372-M-2 Sea-Septic 13{ SEPTIC,TANK CO. Manufacturers of PRECAST REINFORCED CONCRETE SEPTIC TANKS ACCEPTED BY STATE and COUNTY BOARDS OF HEALTH

99 134,Septic-Sewing Septic Tanks-(coned) McLEAN COHSTRUCTIONCO d Ct " Worth-372~M-2 OAK LAWN CONCRE,TE SEPTIC TANK ,573 ct Oak Lawn-1532-J- Pauley Gilbert th AV..Oak lawn-2548-j-2 Scott Sewer Bldrs Supplies Inc Michigan Av Chgo...Sutterfield BUYERS GUIDE Why not let the Yellow Pages help you? No matter what you want, if its available, youll find who sells if right here. COLUMBUS MANOR PUMP & SUPPLY CO. SEPTIC TANKS INSTALLED CLEANED,- REPAlRED III Easy Terms S. 82d Ct. 36 Months to Pay PHONE OAK LAWN 583, H No Answer Call Oak Lawn 1593:J Merrimac Oak Lawn SCOTT PRECAST CONCRETE SEPTIC TANK SOD GALLONS CAPACITY Designed and Approved To Meet State and Local Health Requirements SCOTT SEWER BUilDERS SUPPLIES Butterfield S. MICHIGAN AVE., CHGO. SEPTIC TANKS Gre~se Traps ~, Drainfields Terms -.. INSTALLED III REPAIRED " CLEANED Free Estimates Phone WORTH 366-J-l LADRUHE CONSTRUCTION CO. worth, Ill. Service Stations See Automobile Service Stations Sewer Builders & Cleaners Best Rural Sewerage Co 8381 Robert Rd....Oak Lawn-I969-J-l Bland H T., Licensed Contractor,3354 W 95th Evergreen Pk-B184 EVERGREEN PARK PLBG CO Adolph Leverenz - Licensed Contractor PLUMBING - SEWER BUILDING and REPAIRING HARDWARE and PAINT DEALER 3156 W 95th.... Evergreen Park-7130 GRAEFEN HENRY C SEWER BUILDING and REPAIRING SEPTIC TANKS INSTALLED PUMPED and REPAIRED LICENSED CONTRACTOR Homan Evergreen Park 7696 Sewing Machines A & B REPAIR SHOP , REPAIR ON ALL MAKES 15 Y ears E.~pcrience _ All Work Guaranteed. Prompt Service. Reasonable Rates ELECTRIFY YOUR OLD MACHINE INTO A PORTABLE, CONSOLE OR DESK MODEL BUY - SELL OR TRADE 3349 W li4th Chgo Cedarcrest CITY WIDE RADIO & APPLIANCE SERV- WE REPAIR SINGER and ALL OTHER MAKES Bought,- Sold - Repaired - Serviced Cottage Grove Chgo...Hudson HOLMLIN LLOYD C SEWING MACHINES REPAIRED and REBUILT ALL MAKES Bring Your Machine to Us and Save Money See Our Display of New and Rebnilt Machines At Our Showrooms the Sewing Machine Man Western,.Blue Island MARSHALL SALES & SERVICE \ ELECTRIFICATION ON ALL MAKES REPAIRS and PARTS Easy Terms Free Pick Up and Delivery Free Estimates - All Work Guaranteed New and Used Machines Bought Sold - Exchanged Ask Operator to Reverse Toll Charges Cottage Grove, Av Chgo. ivluseum 4-1B2B 4757 N Kedzie AvChgb... Keystone SEWING MACHIN~S Sewing Mathlnes-(coned) SEWING MACHINE EXCHANGE----~ Singer -White. - New Home WeRepair - Buy"and Sell All Makes - Sewing Machines Electrify Any Machine Parts - Motors - Controls E. H. Schilling, Waterfall Michigan Chgo Pullman SINGER SEWING MACHINES, CAUTION SINGER sells its machines ONLY through SINGER SEWING CENTERS identified by the famous Red "s" on the window. NEVER through dealers or department stores. "WHERE TO BUY IT" NEAREST SEWING CENTERS Singer Sewing Machine Co 3939 W North Chgo Belmnt ,Ashland Chgo Virgnia W Belmont Chgo Mulbery N Broadway Chgo Longbch-I Halsted Chgo Norml-2-2BB N Lincoln Chgo Bitrswt-B-B50B 4117 W Madison Chgo Kedzie Michigan Av Chgo. Waterfal-B N Milwaukee Chgo;.. Brunswck-B N Milwaukee Chgo Kildare-5-1BB4 920 E 63d Chgo Dorchstr State Chgo Randlph-6-36BJ: 3349 W26th Chgo BishOp COLLECTION DEPARTMENT Singer Sewing Machine Co State Chgo Randlph MAIN OFFICE Singer Sewing Machine Co 120 State Chgo Randlph-6~6050 INDUSTRIAL.MACHINES Singer Sewing Machine Co, W Jackson Chgo... Monroe Sheet Metal Work BRIERS SHEET METAL WORKS d Oak Lawn-2 74 FLUTMAN HDW& HEATING CO Gutters and Downspouts Smokepipes For Furnaces and Boi!.ers Ventilation We Repair All Makes of Furnaces AshlandAv Chgo,... Hemlock GIMBER SHEET METAL WORKS Galvanized & Copper Gutters & Downspouts Heating Duct Systems " Meade... :....Oak Lawn-1344 HILLTOP HEATING & 5HT METAL,. SERVICE 2820 W lolst PI.Evergreen Pk-B047 MARX OTTO J & SONS 2414 W James Blue Isld-2041 (See Advertisement This Glassification) MODERN WAY HEATING GUTTERS - DOWNSPOUTS Furnace Repairs Gas - Oil - Coal, Furnaces 2803 W 95th,.. Evergreen Park B955 e Gutters e Downspouts cd Skylights e Canopies e Heat:ing and Ventilating ~ Furnace Repairs Ei Custom Made Steam Tables PHONE OAK LAWN S. 73rd Ave. Phone BLUE ISLAND 2414 W. Jeanes \,, Sewing-Sheet BRIERS SHEET METAL WORKS "Work of Every Description" SHEET METAL HEATING and ROOFING CONTRACTOR 2041 Oak Lawn Gutters...,. Downspouts - Skylights -- Ventilators, Stainless Steel Work - Stokers OTTO 1 MARX & SONS BLue Island 135. Sheet Metal Work...,.(contd) MYTYCH WElDING SHOP.", 9304 Harlem Oak Lawri-2497-J_2 RICKHOFF JOHNJ CO SHEET METAL and ROOFING GUTTERS DOWNSPOUTS VENTILATORS WE REPAIR and INSTALL, GAS. OIL and COAL FIRED FURNACES AIR CONDITIONING 2336 W 122nd......Blue Island E 152nd: : Harvey 4577 Summit Sheet Metal Archer Rd. Summit-573 WITT BROS,, Sheet Metal & Furnace Work Gutters-Downspouts Furnaces Cleaned By Vacuum Air Conditioning, Malta Chgo Beverly-B-5645

100 / 136 Shoe-Shoes Shoe Repairing & Rebuilding FERRAS SHOES J.763 W 95th Chgo ".. Beverly , Its Easy to Find What You Want in the YELLOW PAGES 28 Years of Fine Shoe Repair Service 1763 w.. 95th CHGO. Opposite Rock Island Station Complete Repair Service Beverly Op~n Til 6 P.M. Daily_" Sat. Til 7 P.M FERRAS SHOES FEATURING A COMPLETE LINE OF NATIONALLY ADVERTISED BRANDS FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY e GOLD CROSS SHOES FOR, WC;>MEN A COMPLETE STOCK OF THESE SHOES - SIZE 3 TO II WIDTHS AAA TO EEE FLORSHEIM SHOES FOR,MEN and WOMEN LARGE ASSORTMENT OF STYLES and SIZES, IN THESE FAMOUS SHOES It -: BUSTER BROWN SHOES~~ ;;; FOR BOYS and GIRLS,.~..;;.. t HERE IS, STURDY Q, UALITY, ~,, FOR LONGER WEAR SHOES FITTED BY X-RAY PHONE OAK LAWN 1212 los. Cozzi, Prop W. 95th OAK LAWN, l1l. Shoes-Retail BEVERLY BOOT SHOP------~------~---, EXCLUSIVE CHILDRENS DEPT. SIMPLEX FLEXIES - FLORSHEIM QUEEN QUALITY FOOT REST CONFORMAL Fitted by X-Ray 1648 W 95th Chgo..,... Beverly OOZY BOOTERY 5005 W 95th..,.Oak Lawn-1212 FERRAS SHOES,.1763 W 95th Chgo Beverly LOOMIS BOOTER Ed. Rus s Florsheim - Simplex Flexies Little Yankee - Treadeasy Jacquelines X-Ray Fitting 8956 S Loomis Chgo Cedarcrest SHOES-RETAIL One of Beverlys Finest Shoe Salons. Featuring Nationally Advertised Brands For Your Entire Family Fitted by Experts Checked by X-Ray FERRAS SH.OES BEVERLY W. 95th ST.. CHICAGO. Opposite Rock Islcmd Station Open Man.!lild Thurs. Eve. Til 9 P.M. Shoes.:..Retail-(contd) NIERMAIIS BOOTERY 3148 W_63d Chgo Prospect SHAPIROS ~HOES THE FAMILYSHOE CENTER Florsheim, ]1assagic, Freeman, Gold C~ossJ Air Step, \Valk-Over, \V. B. Coon, Aerobat, Poll-Parrot, Cbild Life, Simplex Flexies and Otber Famous Makes 6307 S Western Av Chgo... P~ospeet Shopping Service Spiegel Inc 1040 W 35th Chgo... Enterprise-8900 (Called Party Pays For Enterprise Calls) Siding. OALUMET PARK ROOFING , I, ROOFING - SIDING All Work Guaranteed S,Sangamon... Blue Islnd-4590 We Hire No High Pressure, Salesmen You Deal Direct with Company FREE ESTIMATES 237 W 115th Chgo...Commodore Signs EXOEL NEOI~ SIGN , "Say It With Neoll" DESIGN:ERS ~r.ianufacturers Neon Borders a Specialty Also Interior Neon Lighting For Restaurants - Bars - Night Ciubs 24:-Hour Service on Repairs 4014 S Archer Av Chicago...Virginia If No Answer Call Chg.o. Opr.Walbrook LANGDON SIGNS TRUCK LETTERING A SPECIALTY Window Signs - Banners Sho,v Cards, _ Bulletins Neon Sign Service 7410 Archer Av Summit. Summit 22 Classification cont~nued next. page. I + I + and Tall Men Can Now Buy Sl)lish Customized Footwear Mens Sizes To 17 AAA To ~EE WOMENS SIZES TO 12 AAAAA TO E STYLE FOLDER ON REQUEST W orren Ave. Shoes-Signs 137 ". <J, ProspeC,t I 1t~ 3148 W.63rd, Chicago ~:%I. Oak lawn 351 SIDING SPECIALISTS DEL WIT CONSTRUCTION CO. e INSULATED BRICK STONE e SHAKES, Something New That Simllates Cedar Shingles - Ask Us About It, Siding Cuts Heating Costs cmd Increases Beauty cmd Value of,. Property Oak Lawn SIGNS S. VAN BRUGGEN & SO.N SIGN PAINTING 30 Years Experience DjSPLAY CARDS BOARD - GLASS TIN - MUSLIN 011 CLOTH - BULLETIN TRUCK LETTERING 7101 W. 127th Palos~ Park 826 Palos Heights Your Shopping Guide These YELLOW PAGES of your telephone directory list. practically anything. you want to buy., i

101 138 Signs:"""Slip,Signs.::..(cont/d} LYNCH NEON SIGNS SALES - SERVICE PARTS - REPAIRS GUARANTEED MAINTENANCE 6540 S Ashland Av Chgo...Grovehill NORMAL ELECTRIC Ask For "Sarge" CalI All Phones Reverse Charges SALES - SERVICE MAINTENANCE ALL TYPES OF NEON SIGNS 9209 S 54th Av,..,......Oak Lawn 300 R DSIGNS,.. N. Rotunda-Any Kind-Anywhere-On Anything 2346 W Walnut-,......Blue Islnd-5218 SUPERB NEON SIGN CO Sales & Maintenance. 24 Hour Repair Service S 87th Av Oak Lawn-1935-J-2 VAN BRUGGEN SAML & SOrl SIGN PAINTING 7101 W 127th PalosPk~826 Silverware Wheeler Russell 5316 W 95th Slide Fasteners...,See Fasteners-Slide Oak Lawn-2186 the easy way-use the Yellow Pages. CUSTOM MADE SLIP COVERS - DRAPERIES CORNICES - UPHOLSTERING Zippers Serged Seams Guaranteed Vat Prints A Complete Selection of Fabrics Priced to Meet Your Budget Terrils To 18 Months FOR FREE ESTIMATE ENGLEWOOD PERFECT SLIP COVER & UPHOLSTERING CO S. Peoria, Chgo;. Slip Covers CITIZENS FURNITURE CO Ask Operator To Reverse Toll Charges 6815 S Stony Island Chgo... Dorchstr DAVIS STORES 11m 6816 S Halsted Chgo Hudsn , DEUTSCH UPHLSTRNG & SLIP COVER SHOP 6938 S Stony Island. Chgo Midway PERFECT SLIPCOVER &. UPHOLSTRNG CO 6235 S Peoria Chgo ". " Englewood RELAX UPHOLSTERING CO Lovely Custom Made Slipcovers. Drapes Large Array of Colors and Patterns Salesman WiIl Call Day or Eves \Vith Complete Line of Samples Free Estimates Easy Terms S Michigan Chgo...Waterfall SERVICE PINLESS CURTAIN CUlRS Slip Covers & Drapes Cleaned & Pressed 3010 W 63d Chgo,Hemlock DAVIS STORES INCo SLIP COVERS DRAPERIES Ready Made or Custom Made BEDSPREADS - BLANKETS PILLOWS - LINENS BUDGET PLAN IF DESIRED Call for Free Estimates in Your Home S. Halsted THE ANSWER Look in these pages to find theanswer to practically ev~ry buying problem HUDSON MIDWAY Our New Location 6938 S. STONY ISLAND AVE. CHGO.- Chicago DEUTSCH UPHOLSTERING & SLIP COVER SHOP SLIP COVERS CUSTOM MADE UPHOLSTERING Fine Line of Fabrics and Styles CALL COLLECT Sporting Goods -H & Ii SPORTING GOODS "Everything in. Sporting Goods" SPECIALIZING IN, OUTFITTING TEAMS and CLUBS FISHING and HUNTING LICEN$ES See Advertisement This Classification W 95th Evergreen Park-8040 MOISAN SPORT SHOP New_Used Guns Bought-SoilJ-Traded-Rprd Complete Line Of Fishing Tackle S Western Evergreen Pk-6900 R & W SPORTING GOODS _ 6239 S Kedzie Chgo Hemlock SOUTH SIDE KNITTING WKS Club & School Sweaters Made To Order 5036 S Ashland Chgo....".Prospect Spraying Marquette Landscape Service Trees-Shrubs-Evergreens 9909 Harlem.... ~ak Lawn-974 Springs GOUWENS AUTO PARTS INC New Burton Springs S Michigan Chgo Pullman Sprinklers-Garden & Lawn McCANN ANDREW - Established 1890 ENGINEERS - CONTRACTORS DISTRIBUTORS John A. Brooks. Underground Lawn Sprinkler Systems Automatic and Manual Controls -,, Maintenauce _and Repairs-AIl Types 1967 E 73rd Chgo... Midway Steel & Steel Products Argus Industries Kenton &.Rumsey... Oak Lawn-3674 Stokers CONSOLIDATED DISTRlBRS ENGNRNG CORP 6343 Cermak Berwyn...Stanley-7091 Gimber Sheet Metal Works 9516 S Meade Av Oak Lawn-1344 Stone-Crushed Marquette Landscape Service Flagstone Orily 9909 Harlem Oak Lawn-974 Ready To Buy?- USE THE Yellow Pages, as Your. Buyers Guide LAWSON OUTBOARD DEALER 6239 S. KEDZI E, CHGO. Sporting-Stone 139 SPORTING GOODS Football Pistols Ammunition Basketball Revolvers Gym Equip-... Bowling Shotguns and ment B axing. Rilles ~ Ice Skates. Soccer Athletic Team Fishing School Jackets Tackle Sweaters Softball Table --.."Tennia Skis and Hunling Golf Toboggans Clothing Tennis EVERGREEN PARK 8040 SPECIALIZING IN OUTFITTING TEAMS and CLUBS.. SCHOOL SWEATERS. ACCESSORIES ATHLETIC SHOES.-WOOL and LEATHER JACKETS. FISHING and HUNTING LICENSES H&H SPORTING GOODS 3352 W. 95th -Attlour SPORTING NEEDS We Carry A Complete Line of FISH"ING TACKLE EBONITE BOWLING BALLS GUNS.-, Sales - Se;"ice and Repairs R& W SPORTING GOODS HEMLOCK

102 140 Storage HAmilTon PARK, WA REHO-U SE, Clyde L. Burtis, Prop. Established S. Parnell, Ave. Chicago AMERICAN STORAGE CO. Modern Weirehouse for Household Goods Bondee! - Licensed - Insured Moving - Packing - Shipping Anywhere in U. S. A. and Foreign Countries Land.- Sea - Air REGENT Main Office and Warehouse 9145 S. Chicago Ave. Chicago BONDED STORAGE AND LONG DISTANCE MOVING A.D.T. Eledrical Protedion Service Our Courteous Representative Will Call at Your Convenience North Side Ambassador LICENSED itifentworth West Side." Sacramento 540 W. 59th Sf., Chicago AVAllASlE STORAGE & MOVING CO. INC S. Stony Island Av., Chgo., "STORAGE (No Immediate Payment Required) We Own and Operate Our Own Warehouses HEATED THROUGHOUT LOCAL and LONG DI.STANCE MOVING Authorized Agents - and BONDED, STORAGE Separate Rooms PACKING -SHIPPING STE,WART Aero Mayflower Transit, Ask Operator To Reverse Toll Charges SAginaw Storage~Household Goods..,, AMERICAN STORAGE CO So Chicago Av Chgo... Regent AVAILABLE STORAGE & MOVING CO INC Stony Island Chgo...Saginw CLIPPER VAN LINES LONG DISTANCE MOVING A prompt, careful Long Disl;,"ce th. moving service. Our drivers are skilled fa! AJIIi" in moving household goods with speed 8, G"8 and safety. Dependable, modern " equipment. Expert packing service. LO!tQ- DIS T A NC ~ Complete insurance available. I:! <!,V I H Q "FOR INFORMATIONCALL" HAYES & SONS STORAGE & MOVING 8646 S Ashland Chgo... Cedrcrest Hamilton Park Warehouse Parnell Av Chgo Stewrt JOYCE BROS CO Stony Island Chgo...-Dorchester STUMP THE MOVER LOCAL and LONG DISTANCE MOVING and STORAGE Good Used Furniture J;iought and Sold Piano Moving Vincennes Av Chgo. Cedarcrest VETERANS CARTAGE CO. STORAGE AND MOVING Fireproof Warehouse Agents for Trans-Americ-anVon Service. Inc. Moving - Packing - Crating - Storage All Furniture Padded and Covered Before Removal - Trained Men Modern New Equipment Saves Time aod Money Have Operator Reverse Toll Charge 2935 W. 141s1 PI. Phone Bloe Island Joyce Broso Co. MOVING STORAGE. P ACKIN~ tl SHIPPING Agent For ALLIED VAN LINES, Long Distance Moving ~::...J DORCHESTER S. STONY island CHICAGO Storage:"Household Goods-(contd) TRANS AMERICAN VAH SERVIGE lng,., 540 W 59th Chgo...,...Wentwth , _ VAN ECK K., " VAN and STORAGE Locai and Long Distance Moving Bonded \Varehouse. Insured Carriers Expert Packers Bargains in NeW and Used Furniture ucasjz, or Credit" f Pullman , W l1lth. Chgo. I.Pullman Nite Phone Pullman 5~4663 VETERANS CARTAGE CO 2935 W 141st Blue Isld-4069 Store Fixtures ABILITY WOODWORK CO FORMICA Custom Made Table Tops - Counter Tops Bar and Sink Tops 5016 N Clark Chgo Sunnyside Ande~sen Refrigeration & Heating Co., 5007 W 95th Oak.Lawn-436 Store Fronts NORMAL GLASS CO INC 7530 S.Halsted Chgo Hudson Storm Windows & Doors DAHLGRENS INC--~ J Mimufacturers a1la I1lstal/ers - Estab Reguiar WOOD STORM SASH Also - New Type Wood and Aluminum Combination Storm Windows and Screens.. Metal Weather Stripping HalstedChgo.. ;.Vincennes DE CLUE HOME IMPROVEMENT Western Av.. :.;... Blue Isld-3115, EVERGREEN PK MILLWORK CO 2930 W 95th Evergreen Pk-8600 GATEWAY CORP 1744 E 75th Chgo.. Plaza HINES STORM WINDOWS AND DOORS----- KILN-DRIED PONDEROSA, PINE PHONE FOR MEASURING SERVICE "WHERE TO OALL" HINES EDW LUMBER CO 2601 W 95th Evergreen Pk-TI17 TRIEZENBERG C MILLWORK CO W 95th Evergreen Pk-8212, Stoves & Ranges See Ranges & Stoves The Classified Tells Where to Buy Surveyors OIL and COAL. PRICEs ARE UP! On Your Fuel Bill With Gateway AIwninum ConlbinaUon and Screens Check These Advantages! Latlt.s a Lifetimo Eliminates Drafts No Painlipg _... Controlled Condensa~ion it Exclusive Twin Sliding Ventilation Feature A Child Can Change From Storm Window to Screen I -Less Dusting ~:kebe~~~i~uihome Modem FOR FREE ESTIMATE Storage-.Tailors 141 BURDA & VAN SCHELTEMA, Michigan Chgo.".," Pullmn NATIONAL SURVEY SERVIOE INO, For Your Protection Precise Surveys 134 N LaSalle Chgo... ;... Randlph Table Pads, ACACIA UPHOLSTERY STUDIO 1920 W Monterey Chgo... Cedarcrest DUPLEX TABLE PAD CO INO HEAT and LIQUID PROOF WASHABLE TOP Representative Will Call for Measurements FREE SERVICE, Complete Line Including the Nuwood Grains Reverse All Toll Charges Franklin Chgo..... Harrison Tailors BURK GORDON----~~---..., LADIES SUITS and COATS STYLED TO YOUR TASTE Furs Repaired and Restyled Storage W 63d Chgo Grovehill Oak Lawn Tailor & Furrier We Also Do Ladies Tailoring 5319 W 95th......Oak Lawn-128 SAVE TIME-Use the Classified Section Plaza

103 142 Tanks--Taverns Taverns~Taxicabs 143 t~nks-metal Bacon Mfg Co 4655 Southwest HwY. Oak Lawn-405., Tarpaulins r Truck Covers r Taverns BAHTS VILLA, STEAKS - DINNERS Castle Home We Serve Sandwiches-Beer Wine &, Liquors 9306 Central " Oak tawn-9308 E. FISHER, Prop. OAK LAWN,3246 CHOPS 3960 in 95th.... Evergreen Park-9288 Bills Tavrn 5400 W 95th TAVERNS are continued in next t;olumn. Complete Line of SANDWICHES Etc SAWYER AWNING&MFG CO 7317 S Halsted Chgo. Triangle Oak Lawn-9340 BUNGALOW LOUNGE Formerly l1fa.~ f l1iarysdiuer Specializing in, CHICKEN - STEAK, BARB-B~QUE RIBS - Expert Cocktail SerViee W 95th Oak Lawn-781 B~er - Wine -- Liquors Northwest Cor. 95th and Southwest Hwy. OAK LAWN Taverns-(coned) CAVALLINI CHUCK ,-----,---. ITALIAN - AMERICAN FOODS SIZZLING STEAKS - CHICKEN and SEA FOODS SERVED,DELIGHTFULLY DIFFERENT 4 PRIVATE AIR CONDITIONED DINING ROOMS Concert Organist Continuous Enfertainment - Saturday Nights 147th Just East of Crawford (Pulaski Rd.l 3845 W 147th,M idlothian... Blue Island-1690 Clearys Tavern Large Stock Of Wine-Beer & Liquor 9546 Southwest Hwy Oak Lawn-9301 Club House The 9650 S Western Av Evergreen Pk-9263 DANIELS FREDA We Serve Sandwiches & Schlitz Beer W l11th.. "... "...Oak,Lawn-9309 DOT & BILLS TRAILER COURT 9446 S Harlem Av...,...Oak Lawn-9314 Eislers Tavrn 103d.",.,.,.,.,.Oak Lawn-9345 Fahrforth Frank J 9256 S Cicero,... Oak Lawn-838 FELIX & DELLAS TAVeRN 9953 Southwest Hwy Oak i..awn-9349 FRANKS RO DO INN Light Lunches Served At All Times 9256 S Cicero..,.,,,..,,.,,,Oak Lawn-9372 FRENZEL TOM HAWAIIAN GARDENS 9858 S Artesian, Evergreen Pk-9285 HICKEYS TAVERN,TOP TALENT ENTERTAINMENT SATURDAY NITE and FINE FOOD and DRINKS Steaks EVERY NIGHT Chicken Hot Water CABINS Showers 8600W 95th,.., Oak Lawn-9342 Hickory Farm Tap,Room & Restaurant 8555 W 95th., Oak Lawn-1402-J-l Hill Top Inn 85th & Roberts rd...,..,oak Lawn-1459-J-1 /..istings of this classification, TAVERNS Oak Lawn 9321 Rosemarys Tavern FOR DELICIOUS J STEAK and CHICKEN DINNERS COCKTAIL LOUNGE.. Open 10:,A.M. - 3: A.M W l11th.....oak Lawn-9356 A FRIENDLY PLACE TO:MEET OAK LAWN W. 95th ST. Taverns-(coned) JIMS TAP ROOM, Choice Wines-Liquors & Beer 5220 W95th Oak Lawn-9334 JOES PLACE Old Style Lager Beer & Sandwiches 5640 W 87th, Oak Lawn-9335 KENS YANKEE LOUNGE W 95th...,.....Oak Lawn-9310 KENTUCKY CLUB Jim Conley, Prop. CHICKEN IN BASKET FRENCH FRIED SHRIMP STEAK SANDWICHES, ETC., LIQUORS SERVED SOLOVOX ENTERTAINMENT OPEN DAILY EXCEPT MON W I11th Oak Lawn-900 LUCKY STAR TAVERN Charles Johnston, Package Liquors 89th : Oak Lawn-1786-J-1 LYNWOOD LODGE 95th & Southwest Hwy ;.Oak Lawn-3246 Martinique 9750 S Western Av.,Evergreen Pk-8000 Marys Inn l,03d & Southwest Hwy.OakLawn-9370 Max & Marys 4401 W 95th Vak Lawn-781 PEARSONS TAVERN W 87th ~. Oak Lawn-9327 Polchow Chas 107th & Ridgeland.. Oak Lawn-9375 Potters Place 99th Oak Lawn-9323 ROSEMARYS TAVERN Your Host:, Carl Calzeretto A FRIENDLY PLACE TO MEET 95th and Harlem N.W. Corner Next to,gas Station See Advertisement Tltis ClaSsificaiion 7230 W 95th Oak Lawn 9321 SCHAFFERS FRANK COCKTAIL ROOM&- RESTAURANT 2535 W 95th; Evergreen Pk-881l Shaws Marie 2501 W 95th Evergreen Pk-9238 Sunset Inn Frank Waikasas Prop Delicious Sandwiches At All Times l()837 S Cicero Av Oak Lawn-9312 Three Gable Inn l1uh & Cicero Oak lawn~9357 Tinys Inn 5436 W 95th Oak Lawn-9389, Town Tap Rm Tavern 5303 W 95th..Oak Lawn-9348 VOGTS LOUNGE Ernest H. Vogt " 5247 W 95th..._...Oak Lawn-9343 Zimmerman & Rush 5850 W l1:j,th...oak Lawn-31 Tax Consultants HERZOG ARTHUR L Monthly Accounting Service Operating Reports Tax Consultants, 1759 W 95th Chgo Beverly VOGEL BOOKKEEPING & TAX SERV BOOKKEEPING SERVICE.WEEKLY OR MONTHLY MONTHLY STATEMENTS FURNISHED FEDERAL INCOME TAX RETURNS PREPARED FOR INDIVIDUALS and SMALL BUSINESS FIRMS 5100 W 100th Oak Lawn~3274 Taxicabs AtrrowscABINC 5220W 95th...Oak Lawn-m Cream Top Cab-See Eve~green Cab Co Classification continued next page. TAXII PHONE OAK LAWN 1000 OAK LAWN CAB CO. 24-Hour Service Metered Cabs CAB STAND Located At Southeast Corner 95th and Cook 5237 W. 95th EVERGREEN CAB CO. "CREAM TOP" 24~Hr. SerVice Phone Evergreen Park 9000 Cab Stand S. w. Comer of ~5th"Cmd Western 2409,W. 95th Street

104 144 Taxicabs.,-Television, Southweat Cat Co. FOI PHONE,_ Evergreen Park 8 Chicago and, Suburbs 7 Day - 24 Hour Service Metered and Insured Northwest Corner 95th and Western ANEW CAB, Ylm:tJL J11?JaIL Prompt,,Courteous PHONE" I OAKLAWN777 Oak!Lawn, m. 24-HOUR SBRV1CE METERED - INSURED ANTONS CAB CO. Owned and Operated By Anton Paniuski 9839 S. MINNICK OAK LAWN 777 Res. Phone Oak Lawn Taxicabs-Ccontd), EVERGREEN CAB COI-----::-:---,---." 24-HOUR SERVICE See Advertisement This Classification 2409 W 95th... Evergreen Park-9000 OAK LAWN CAB CO 24--Hour Service - Metered Cabs Phone OAK LAWN 1000 (Southeast Corner 95th & Cook) See O"r VisPla) Advertisement This Classification 5237 W 95th Oak Lawn-lOOO SOUTHWEST CAB CO METERED and INSURED 24cHOUR SERVICE Northwest Corner of 95th & Western See Advertisement This Classification 9458 Western av.. :. Evergreen Park-BOBO Telegraph Companies WESTERN UNION TELEGRAPH SERVICE H & H SPORTING GOODS Authorized Agent-H. J. Wilkie W 95th Evergreen Pk-BD40 Telephone Companies III Bell Telephone Co business ofc 4918 W 95th....Oak Lawn-9981 Television Also See Radio Headings ADMIRAL TELEVISION- RUZGIS APPLIANCE & FURNITURE 4847 W 95th.",."." Oak Lawn-430 BEVERLY RADIO TELEVISION H\Ve Install Our Own" - EQUIP1IfENT-We Have the Finest - SERVICE-Prompt and Efficient - REPUTATION-We Value It Highly SATISFACTION-We Guarantee It W 95th Chgo... Cedarcrest CAPEHARTRADIO PHONOGRAPHS For Authorized Sales or, Service, name of Nearest 1~THE7 I Dealer or Information, About.. Farnsworth Radio, or Phono- L...,;;.-., "J--.._~._-,--,-_, graph Hadios Call Us or.. Contact Authorized Dealer Listed Below. "WHERE TO BUY IT".. PAULS RADIO & RECORD SHOP 5003 W 95th OakLawn-20B Listingsof this classification, TELEVISION Television-Ccontd). CROSLEY TELEVISION RECEIVERS---- "Youre REALLY there with a ~ CROSLEY" Table Models and Combinations for Home and Commercial Installation SALES - SERVICE "FOR INFORMATION CALL". GIENGER WA1.TON HOME APPLIANCES 5307 W 95th.,, Oak Lawn-153 GENERAL ELECTRIC TELEVISION-- BOYD HDW & APPLIANCE 3404 W 95th Evergreen Pk-B765 GIENGER WALTONHOME APPLIANCES,, 5307 W 95th Oak Lawn-153 KING RADIO & TELEVISION SERVICE W 95th Oak Lawn-1650 PHILCO TELEVISION- SWEENEY APPLIANCES 9517 Cook OakoLawn-7BO RCA VICTOR TELEVISION EYE WITNESS PICTURE SYNCHRONIZER BRIGHT CLEAR STEADY PICTURES "WHERE TO CI1LL~> HOFF RADIO SERVICE S. Western Chgo...,Hilltop TELEVISION AUTHORIZED SALES AND SERV1CE III ADMIRAL MOTOROLA " R.C.A. VICTOR SPARTON, It STROMBERG-CARLSON o WESTINGHOUSE ZENITH OAK LAvVN 430 RUZGIS APPLIANCE &. FURNITURE 4B47 W. 95th TELEVISION SALES GENERAL ELECTRIC RC A VICTOR STROMBERG-CARLSON OAK LAWN 153 Conie In and See Our Display of Various Styles and Models Gi:ENGERaWALTON HOME :APPLIANCES 5307 W. 95th OAK LAWN,- The Yellow Pages Tell Who Sells Wilmette Camera Exchange 9624 S. WESTERN AVE. Television----Tile 145 Television-Cconed), RUZGIS APPLIANCE & FURNITURE W 95th..., ;... "...,Oak Lawn-430 (See Advertisement -This Classification) STROMBERG.CARLSON.TElEVISIOr~ GIENGER-WALTON HOME,APPLIANCES 5307 W 95th Oak Lawn-153 TELEVISION STUDIOS INC , R.C.A. VICTOR - PHILCO,STROtvIBERG-CARLSON MOTOROLA ADMIRAL:- CROSLEY COMPLETE RADIO and TELEVISION SERVICE 9448 S Vanderpoel Chgo Hilltop WilMETTE CAMERA EXCHANGE 9624 S Western,..,,,.., Evergreen Pk-B500 Theatres Coral Theatre 95th......Oak Lawn-41 Star-Lite Drive-In Theatre Inc 95th & Ridgelnd, _ Oak Lawn-3740 TOWNE THEATRE For Any Information Phone Us 3937 W 147th Blue Isld-356 Tile-Ceramic KOSTER A H TILE CO 7913 S State Chgo Triangle If no answer call Pulmn-5-B071 NATl TiliNG CO INC -New Work And Remodeling 617 W lq-3d Chgo Hiltop RCA VleTOR TELEViSION YE~NES PiCTURE SYNCHRONIZER VISILOUR SHmVROOM "l~l.. AUTHORIZED, SALES and SERVICE W~..:Are Equipped to Give You Prompl Efficient Radio Repair Service on All l\lnkes and Models Phone Evergreen Park 8500

105 "146 THee-Tourist Tile-Non..Ceralllic ARMSTRONG RUBBER Be ASPHALTTlLE--, BOYD HARDWARE & APPliANCE 3404 W 95th... Everg~n Pk-8765 CONSOLIDATED HOME IMPROVEMENT CO, CHROMITE ZINC WALL TILE RUBBER and ASPHALT FLOOR TILE MEDICINE CABINETS, SINKS and BATH ROOM ACCESSORIES Residentiai and Comm~reial In the Standard State Bank Bldg S Ashland Av Chgo... Radclif TILE-NON-CERAMIC Aluminum or Plastic Tile Guaranteed Installation F.RA. Terms Complete Outfitters of Tile Walls and Floors Bath and K.i~chen. Fixtures and Accessories mid WEST TILE CO. Grovehill South Ashland Ave, Chgo. DOf & BILLIS TRAILER C RT WATER LAUNDRY at 7240 W. 107th TOURIST CABINS SEWERS SHOWERS.at Harlem and Southwest Hwy. WORTH ~54J2 and.trailer Court 9446 S. HARLEM OAK LAWN 9314 Tiie-Non..:Ceramic-Ccontd) MID, WEST TILE CO, STE~L - ALUMINUM or PLASTIC TILE FBATERMS See Advertisement Tltis Classificatio" 5447 S Ashland Chgo....Grovehill Tire Dealers ATLAS TIRES TRIANGLE SERV STA 9301 Cicero., ", Oak Lawn-9358 B F GOODRICH TIRES OAK LAWN SERVICE STA 5139 W 95th...,,...,,,Oak Lawn-ll CORAL 66 SERV STA Lee,Tires & Tubes, 4800 W 95th,.....Oak Lawn-9341 Evergreen Park Service Sta 3328 W 95th Evergreen Pk-9220 FISK TIRES- RIVERDALE WHITE TRUCK SALESINC Warehouse Distributors W 138th... -Riverdale-0053 More people ride on Goodyear TIres than on,any other kind. Let the Goodyear, dealer be your Tire Service Headquarters. "WHERE TO BUY IT" DISTRIBUTOR SOUTHWEST TIRE CO 9703 Southwest Hwy.... Oak Lawn-l66 DEALERS AUTOMOTIVE REPAIRING 5717 W 87th, Oak Lawn-335 JIMS SERVICE STATION,,, Southwest Hwy & Merrimac.. Oak Lawn-511 LEMMERS SERVICE STATION 5458 W 95th., Oak Lavin-3459 SCHRADER HARNEWS SERVICE STA 5110 W 95th....Oak Lawn-9305 Harnews Service Sta 5252 W 95th.. Oak Lawn-9344 Starks Western Tire Auto Store 4915 W 95th..., Oak Lawn-3695 Western Auto Associate Store 4857 W 95th: Oak Lawn-498 Tire Repairing & Recapping Harnews Servi~e Sta 5252 W 95th.. Oak Lawn-9344 Tools RANDALL RADIO Be FIXIT SHOP Atlas Power King Woodworking Tools 3211 W 94th Evergreen,Pk-8473 Tourist Courts Airway Trailer Pk 9001 S Cicero...Oak Lawn-9347 AIRWAY TRAILER PARK INC A. F. Golk, Mgr. TRAILER SPACE ALL NECESSARY CONNECTIONS HOT WATER -SHOWERS Laundry Equipment" Electricity _ HOUSE TRAILERS SOLD 9001 Cicero av Oak Lawn-IDO Classification continued next column. Tourisf.Courts-Cconed) DOT Be BILLS TRAILER C S Harlem :...Oakiawn-9314, Prestons Cabins 9601 Southwest hwy. Oak Lawn-2210 Southwest Trailer Court 104th & Southwest Hwy.... Oak Lawn-9365 WORWA,LAWRENCE TOURIST CABINS HEATED TOURIST CABINS HOT WATER- SHOWERS TR...\.ILER SPACE Worwas Tourist Camp 6ioo W 95th. Oak Lawn-9338 Toys-Retail C Dukes Hardware Open 9 AM-8PM Sat To 6 PM Sun To 3 PM 5642 W 87th Oak Lawn"91 Oak Lawn Book Shop Toys The Year Round 5255 W 95th....Oak Lawn-6 Park Bike Shop 3337 W 95th.. Evergreen Pk-6738 Toys-Whol & Mfrs Reasonable, Rates 6200 W 95th Oak Lawn-1485-J-l Saftoy Inc 9613, 52d av Oak Lawn-987 Tractors INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER FARM EQ.UlP- Complete Line of Farm 0 Equipment 101 Milk Motor Coolers Trucks - Milkers A Complete Repair Shop, Genuine IHC Parts and Service HARVESTER "FOR BALEB AND BERVIOE GALL" GOODSON FARM EQ.PMNT SALES 6744 North,. Tinley Pk-311 SCHMAEDEKE J F IMPLEMENT CO 10: Beacon,.. ;... :.....Orland-7-J Trade Schools WILLYSGEO R CARBURETOR Be----"" IGNITION LABTRY Learn How Its Made - It \Vorks - To Diagnose To Service,.. To Rebuild Equal to Two Yea.rs Experience. Upon Graduation, Day, and Evening Classes - Placement Service ~ S Western Av.... Blue Island 2925 Trailers-Automobile-Utility BELL TRAILER SERVICE , 2 and 4-WHEEL UTILITY TRAILERS FOR RENT Hour - Day" Week Hook-U],land License Free 2-Vheel Trailers For Sale -Near Indi~na Av E 95th Chgo... Commodore TRAILERS-AUTOMOBILE-UTILITY The answer to almost any buying, problem can be found in these pages. 2 and 4 WHEEL INSURED UTILITY TRAILERS That do, not SWAY - NEW TIRES For Moving. Hauling - No Mileage LImit SPECIAL VACATION RATES Rented by Hour - Day or Week LIghts, BatterIes and License Furnished TRAILERS BOUGHT, SOLD and BUILT TO ORDER Open Sundays and Holidays Phone Regent S. Indianapolis 8lvd. On Routes,12 20 and 41 - Chgo, TH.AllE/(S /?ENTED ~, Open 7 AM to 10 PM, ", ~" Tourist Trailers 147 Trailers-Automobile"7""Utility -(continued) 55TH Be CALIFORNIA STANDARD~---~ SERVICE STATION 2 WHEEL or 4 WHEEL TRAILERS RENTED Hourly, Daily or Weekly Rates Open 7 Days a Week 6 A.M. to Midnight 2758 W 55th ~hgo... :.". Republic M & H TRAILERS RENTAL, S Indianapolis Chgo..,,Regent SOUTHWEST TRAILER SERVICE TRAILERS RENTED By Hour - Day - Week Open 7 A.M.-IO P.M. See Advertisement This Classification. Beverly S Western Av,Ghgo... Cedarcrest STUMP THE MOVER TWO and FOUR WHEEL TRAILERS FOR RENT BY HOUR OR DAY S Vincennes Chgo.. Cedarcrest ElY HOUR.. DAY - WEEK T,WO a,nd Four W,heel Trailers. SINCLAIR STATION, I Beverly ,~. ~ " Cedarcrest S. Western Av. Chgo.,!,."!,!~,, Iii Ii i, ~

106 148 Trailers~Typewriters Trailers-House Airway Trailer Park Inc Cicero..OaK Lawn-2230 RIVER FROtrr TRAILER PARK &. SALES A. W. ;Manny, Prop. NEW and USED HOUSE TRAILERS, Cash - Terms or Trade. Transportation I. C. Electric Trains Bus and Surface Lines S Indiana Chgo....Interocean Trailers-Truck Foreman Mfg Co 103d &R,idgeland. Oak Lawn-20n Trucking AIRPORT SCAVENGER SERVICE 9906 Homan Av Evergreen Pk-7232 Butkus Cartage 6917 W 95th Oak Lawn-802 DeVRIES C &. SONS GENERAL TRUCKING BLACK DIRT -GRADING FERTILIZER Free Estimlftes 528 E 147;th Pl. ;:.Harvey-4301 Gem Cartage 8149 La Trobe Oak Lawn-2419-J-2 Graham Bros TrckgCo 10Ist.& 88th Av _ Oak Lawn-:).944-J-2 Kennedy Raymond J S Utica.Evergreen Pk-7389 Kunz Walter B341 S 79th ct..oak Lawn-2397-J-1 LANGLAND BROS BLACK DIRT FERTILIZER SLAG - STONE and FILL.6049 W 95th Oak Lawn 2184 Mattson Harry VTrckg Co S 73d Ct ".,...Oak Lawn-2170 Oak Lawn Movers Southwest h\vy Oak Lawn-434 Preslon Cartage 9609 Southwest hwy.oak Lawn-133 Rettinger MaJ( 6134, 91st...Oak Lawn-2445-J-2 Schroeder Truck Co.9814 Marion Oak Lawn-97 Southwest Towns Refuse Oisposal Service 5318 W 95th Oaktawn-380 Terlizzi Domenick S Trumbull Evergreen Pk Kedzie.: ~ Evergreen Pk-6808 Trucks-Motor-See Mbtor Trucks Trusses PAUL IRVING D EXPERIENCED FITTERS SERVE YOUR NEEDS. Trusses ~ Abdominal Supporters. Elastic Hosiery ~ Shoulder Braces SACRa-ILIAC POST OPERATIVE &. HERNIA BELTS 6161 S Kedzie Av Chicago...Republic Why tramp around all day looking. for something you want to buy? Aglance in these pages will help you find the place that sells it. Tuck Pointing & BuildingCleariing BUCKINGHAM BLDG MAiNTENANCE TUCK POINTING BUILDING CLEANING WINDo\V CAULKING All Types of Repairs..Fully Insured and Bonded 6710 S Bishop Chgo Walbrook If No Answer Call Oak Lawn 2002 Typewriters CREEVY SERVICE Prompt-Courteous & Efficient Service 7626 S Halsted Chgo Aberdeen EVERS OFFICE SUPPLY CO Old Machines Rehuilt With New Machine. Guarantee Exclusive ilgents ROYAL TYPEWRITERS Repairs - Rentals - Sales S Michigan Av Chgo... Pullman REMINGTON TYPEWRITER SALES &. SERVICE- SUBURBAN OFC MACHS 6716 Ogden AVBerwyn... :.Sta~ley-7794 TYPEWRITERS Try It - Phone Grovehill Ask for Miss Wheeler 5541 S. Ashlimd Av~. Before You Buy It All Your. Rental Money Applied on Pur(hase.AIl Makes of Portables. and New De Luxe Woodstocks Availahle on Rental Purchase Plan --.. Chgo. Typewriters-(contd) SMITH CORONA TYPEWRITERS:-, OFFICE Sirnr~~:g:~~rd SUBURBAN OFFICE MACHINES:-~-~"---; Electric - Standard - Noiseless and. \ : Portable Typewriters Sales - Service - Rentals -Supplies R~mington Typewriter Ageucy.Prompt Service 011 Repair Calls Where to Buy and Service Them 6716 Ogden av Berwyn.:...Stanley 7794 TYPEWRITER SPECIALISTS.THE ALL MAKES - TYPEWRITERS Repaired by Factory Trained Men See Advertisemellt This Classification 5541 S Ashland Av Chgo... Grovehill WAGNER TYPEWRITER SALES & SER.VICE 3712 S Western Av Chgo : Lafayet WILZ HERMAN &. SONS 8921 S Loomis Chgo Hilltop Handy- The Telephone Di1ecto1"y Is Always Handy And-These Yellow Pages Are Handy.Too They Tea Whe1"e to Buy Any Article or Se1vice Yott, 11,1[ay. Be Seeking.. -c-..,---,---..,- SMITH CORONA models.. PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS.,- Silent, Sterling and Clipper models...new,.used MACHINES - Sold, Rented, Exchanged. Terms.. "WHERE TO BUY THEM" HINE RICHARD S Western av Blue Isld-822 Typewriters SOUTH AND SOUTHWEST 35 Years of Dependable Service GUARANTEED WORKMANSHIP TYPEWRITERS. AND ADDING MACHINES SOLD - RENTED - REPAIRED NEW DE LUXE WOODSTOCKS Liberal Trade-in on Oid Machines NEW and USED PORTABLES All Makes WAGNER Typewriter Sales andservice 3712 S. WESTERN AVE. Western al Archer LAFAYETTE W. 63rd Near Rockwell WALBROOK CHGO. CHGO. Royal - Smith-Corona Remlugtun PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS s Late Model :Rebuilt OFFICE TYPEWRITERS El. ADDING lviachill"es Remington R. C. Allen Smith-Corona e REPAIRS - RENTALS FreePick-Up and Delivery Loan Machines Furnished o::::s WILZ ~:RA::~S S~AT loners Loomis St. Hilltop Chgo So. Dearborn St. Harrison Chgo

107 150 Undertakers-Upholsterers CUSTOM UPHOL.STE-RING Our Fine Method of UPHOLSTERING In Following Steps 1 Your Set Is Stripped 2 Re Glued and Repaired 3 Re Webbed and Resprnng 4 Re Finished 5 Re-Upholstered In Your - Choice of Covers, CaLL Dorchester ] Ask Op"eratorto Rever5e TaU Charge!! Ask fer Annette Oar Representativo Will Call to Give Slip YOtl.Free Estimates and Suggestions Covers Complete Seleclion of Fine Materials VISIT OUR SHOW ROOM FOR NEW FURNITURE and RUGS CITIZENS FURNITURE CO S. Stony Island;Chgo. Custom UpholsterinQ - Restylil)Q SLIPCOVERS-DRAPERIES,, BREAKFAST, NOOKS REFINISHING Home and Office Furniture Repaired Refinished NoIDgh Prices No High Pressure TermS if De~ired All Work Done)n Our Own Shops Hudson I Personally Will Call on Y QU No Obligation 8542 S. Raci~ei Chgo. Undertakers-See Funeral Directors Upholsterers ACACIA UPHOLSTERY STUDIO~----- l11anufacturers of DISTINCTIVE UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE ANTIQUES RESTORED Re-Upholstering and Refinishing (l1lth) W Monterey Chgo.. Cedarcrest APEX UPHOLSTERING CO SUITES REMODELED LIKE NEW FURNITURE REPAIRING CLEANING Suites Made to Order All W or~ Guaranteed 3320 W 63d Chgo Prospect BILTRITE FURNITURE CO 3132 W l1lth Chgo Hiltop CASTlE FURNITURE & UPHOLSTERING 60 "Your Home Is Your Castle" Castle Furniture & Upholstering CO. DISTINCTIVE UPHOLSTERING Venetian Blinds - Slip Covers - Rugs Complete Home Furnishings 7307 S Racine Av Chgo., Triangle CITIZENS FURNITURE CO, 6815 S Stony Island Chgo... Dorchstr-3-50l5 DRENTH JOHN B UPHOLSTERY SHOP-----, Upholstering and k fgr of DistiTlctive FURNITURE RE-UPHOLSTERING Free Estimates 350 W 103d Chgo Waterfall EVERGREEN PK UPHLSTRNG & FURNITURE 8924 S Rockwell.,..,,,, Evergreen Pk-7939 FOX L B UPHLSTRNG 117 E lloth Chgo".".", Commodore UPHOLSTERERS UPHOLSTERI NG "Is Our Business - Not a Sideline" Let the EXPERT Workmen in Our Shop -Give Your Furniture That NEW CUSTOM BUILT Look. Beauliful Seleclion of Fabrics Including Mohairs, Friezes, Tapestries and Brocatols --All at Low Cost to You TERMS - FREE ESTIMATES Union Labor CUSTOM MADE SLIP COVERS, 117 E. 110th ~~, Phone {2715 Chicago ~~, COMMOOORE Upholsterers...(contd) Kraftsman Shop, S Western...., Blue Isld-1600, Like-Nu Re-Upholsfering Co 226 W Randolph Chgo.. ; Enterprise-4057 (Called Party,Pays For Enterprise Calls) Perfect Slipcover & Upholstrng Co 6235 S Peoria Chgo.... Englewood Relax Uphlstrng Co S Michigan Chgo...Waterfall WIGGINS JAS C UPHOLSTERY STUDIO------,--, "Wlure a_homelike A tmosplzere Prevails", UPHOLSTERING - RESTYLING HOME and OFFICE FURNITURE REPAIRED - REFINISHED /,See Advertisement This Classification 8542 S Racine Chgo Hudson-3-;iOOO Why nc;>t let the Yellow Pages help you? No matter what you want, if its UPHOLSTERING, Free Estimate Hilltop ,. Biltrite Furniture Coo 3132 W. 11lth St. Chgo.. -Before making a purchas.e consult the Classified Telephone Directory \ BUYERS GUIDE available, youll find who sells it right here. Wide Selection of Covers CONVENIENT TERMS Youll Save Time and Trouble Upholste.rers-Vilriety.151 Yacuuni -Cleaners GENERAL ELECTRIC VACUUM CLEANERS BOYD HARDWARE & APPLlANCE "3404 W 95th.....,. Evergreen Pk-8765 GIENGER-WALTON HOME APPLlANCES 5307 W 95th......Oak L<!wn-153 HOOVER VACUUM CLEANERS GIENGER-WALTON HOME APPLlANCES 5307 W 95th..... Oak Lawn-153 Variety Stores EIKMEYERS FRANK H 5c TO 1.00 STORE 4865 W 95th.,.,...,.,,Oak Lawn-3493 EVERGREEN PI{ 5c TO $1.00 STORE, 3212 W 95th Evergreen Pk-7311 SAVE TIME-Use the Classified Section UPHOLSTERING i~ Freejf4a-j,":;;k &<imo<e.tic. ~= d.\\!~..~ Your Old Furniture Mode Like New KRAFTSMAN SHOP S. Western Ave. Blue Island 1600 EVERGREEN PK. UPHOLSTERING AND FURNITURE VISIT THE HOUSE OF COMFORT Large Assortment of Best Fabrics to Choose From Good Workmanship and Best Materials at Low Cost CUSTOM MADE. FURNITURE PHONE EYERGREEN PARK 7939 If No Answer Call Evergreen Park 6994 Complete Satisfactibn Guaranteed B924S. ROCKWELL A CITY WIDE UPHOLSTERING SERVICE Finer Workmanship Custom Made at Reasonable - Slip Covers a, Prices Specialty FREE ESTIMATES Our Agent Will Coli Day or Night Cl PICKUP and DELIVERY AlIPhones Waterfall RELAX UPHOI:.STERING CO s. MICHIGAN AVE CHGO.

108 152 Venetian Complete Venetian Blind Parts and Supplies Repairs and. Refinishing EVERLY, VENETIANBLltUf. MFG.C OMPA~Y, VISIT OUR SHOWROOM,and Buy with Confidence,. Style - Beauty Quality - Econc,fuy Custom-Suilt Blinds One of the Fi nest. in the Midwest Years of Reliable and Dependable Service Ask Your Neighbor FACTORY 7609 S. HALSTED ST. I CHICAGO Members of Venetian Blind Assn of America; C:hgo. Better Business Bureau; and Chgo. Ass1n or Commerce Venetian Blinds AIR-O-L1TE VENETIAN BLIND 00 " 2353 W lllth Chgo Hilltop (See, Advertisement This Classification) ALL SUBURBAN VENETIAN BLIND CQ--"""- VENETIAN BLINDS WINDOW SHADES MADE TO ORDER See Advertisc11Ieut This Classification 9212, 50th Av Oak Lawn-l36 Bergquist Bros 718 W 79th Chgo... Hudson (See Advertisement This Clas~ification) BEVERLY SHADE 00 VENETIAN BLINDS and WINDOW SHADES MADE TO ORDER BLINDS and SHADES CLEANED 9139 S Western AV Chgo Beverly BEVERLY VENETIAN BLIND MFG S Halsted Chgo.. " Vincns BROOKLINE SHADE CO. 444 W 79th Chgo Radclif VENETIAN BLINDS are continued in next column: Venetian Blinds-(contd) CASTLE FURNITURE & UPHOLSTERING "Your Home Is Your Castle" CASTLE MADE VENETIAN BLINDS Blinds and Window Shades Custom Made Free Installation Old Blinds Made to Look Like New Retaping - Repainting - New Cords 7307 S Racine Av Chgo..,... Triangle De CLUE HOME IMPROVEMENT S Western Av Blue Isld-3115 GATEWAY CORP 1744 E 75th Chgo.. Plaza VENETIkN BLINDS are continued on next page. Venetian Blinds MADE TO ORDER STEEL OR WOOD COMPLETE Service for Old Blinds NEW CORDS - TAPES - REPAINTING CLEANING AND REPAIRING WINDOW SHADES CLEANED AND TURNED Free Estimates Call Hudson BERGQUIST BROS~ 7lB W. 79th St., Chgo. HUDSON VENETIAN BLINDS Venetian 153 ~teel Aluminum - Wood l\ianucaclarer to Yon VENETIAN BLINDS WINDOW SHADES l1i Repairing o Repainting It Recording o ~etaping Phone OAK LAWN,13 6 SAVE THE TOLL Free Estimates All Work Guaranteed Equipment and 11111l=c======:!J1 Supplies AL[ SUBURBAN VENETIAN BLIND CO. 9212, 50th & SHADEWKS. Oak Lawn BEAUTIFY YOUR HOMEWitb... For Our Special Offer for Rebuilding Your Present Blinds REPAIRING - REPAINTING CLEANING - RETAPING Free Estimates~CQshor Terms PHONE; Commodore ~ Air-O-Lite Venetian Blind ( S. MICHIGAN, CHGO. Br.anch 2353 W. Ilith St. Hilltop S-4848 HOLLYWOOD -BLIND & SHADE CO. FOR FREE ESTIMATES Phone BEVERLY MANUFACTURERS and CLEANERS OF VENETIAN BLINDS WINDOW SHADES 9116 S. Ashland Chgo. SPARING VENETIAN BLtND CO. - == r.. == F. ~ - R.~ ~ Bondarized Baked Enamel Flexible Steel "5 11 Curve Aluminum and Wood VENETIAN BLlNDS 3. Day Service. We Retapeand Refinish Ypur Own Blinds STOCK BLINDS CARRIED -" NO WAITING, Cash,or Terms DRAPERIES and SLIP COVERS MADE TO ORDER Inr E. 79th St., Chgo. PHONE ESSEX ASK OPERATOR TO REVERSE TOLL CHARGE """, J": I-Week Delivery Budget Plan If Desired Also STEEL OR WOOD RESIDENTIAL INDUSTRIAL CLEANING REPAINTING RETAPING RE,CORDING BEAUTIFUL. COLORS Buy from the Manufadurer and Save 3S Years Experience! PLAZA I744E. 75th St... Chgo.

109 154.. Venetian-Wallpaper Venetian Blinds-(coned) Hollywood Blind & Shade Co ", SAshland Av Chgo....; Bevrly HOLLYWOOD VENETIAN-BLIND CO 7733 S Halsted Chgo Triangle PODLESNY WINDOW. SHADE CO. Venetian Blinds - Window Shades COMPLETE CLEANING and, REPAIR SERVICE 647 W 119th Chgo Pullman If No Answer Call Pullman SCIENTIFIG BLIND CO 2667 E 75th Chgo Bayport-l~1410. SPARING VENETIAN BLIND CO 1721 E 79th Chgo, E5sex (See,Advertisement This Classification) ZMUDA YENETIAN BLIND CO MANUFACTURING REFINISHING REPAIRING Buy from 111anufacturer and Save S Eggleston Av Chgo.. Pullman Look for the names of.nationally advertised products in the Yellow Pages. Brand name listings tell "Where to Buy It." The Business Life of your-city is cataloged for your use, In these YELLOW PAGES Use them regularly. Veterinarians ASHLAND.SMALL ANIMAL HOSPITAL 9210 S Ashlnd Av Chgo. Bevrly-8~9098 BEVERLY VETERINARY HOSPITAL. Dr 0 P Sinnerud " S Vincennes Av Chgo... BeverlY-8"7690 Evergreen Pk Animal Hosp, Dr. L. S. Weinberg 9842 S Western... :....Oak Lawn-9007 Vitamins Ratajiks Phar W 95th HOME-,-AT THE OFFICE Look first in the Yellow Pages Let Us Assist You in Choosing THE RIGHT COMBINATION OF COLOR arid Design to Reveal All the Beauty of Your Furnishings Youll Find a Wide Choice-at BLATTS SMART NEW MODERNS!"//_-~// /"l, 11Ml.P E R I A L 1 HAND PAINTED SCENICS ~ tfl~ AUTHENTIC COLONIALS WALLPAPER GUARANTEED WASHABLE AND FAST TO LIGHT COLOR.LOCKED ALSO FEATURING BENJAMIN MOORE PI),!,NTS -and..., VARNISHES TEXOLITE "Magic Paint" Oak Lawn-600 Wallpaper Dealers AUSTIN PAINT CO United Wallpaper-Steamers For Rent 3435 W. 63d Chgo Walbrook BLATT EMILJ S Western BlueIsland-242 Dukes Hardware 5642 W 87th Oak Lawn-91 Eldridge Paint & Wallpaper Co 5013 W 95th Oak Lawn-960 GILLES PAINT & WALLPAPER STORE Floor Machines & Wallpaper Removers Rented 9962 S Vincennes Chgo... Cedarcrest POLACEK HARDWARE 3154, W 95th Evergreen Pk-6820 Southwest Hdw & Plbg 9715 S W Hwy..Oak Lawn-76 for "Where to Buy It" information. PAINTS FOR ALL PURPOSES GLASS WINDOW SHADES. IMPERIAL WASHABLE WALLPAPER PAINTERS EQUIPMENT and SUPPLIES Call BLUE ISLANO 242 Open Friday Nite Til 9:00 P.M. Monday ~ Saturday B to 5:~0 EMIL J. BLATT S. WESTERN - BLUE ISLAND I j \ Ii Washing Machines ABC HOME,LAUNDRY EQUIPMEN... ~--,--,- For nearlya half cenlury-- Our slogan.!s "t~~m~sabc WASHERS AND IRONERS" Precision Buill "WHERE TO BUY IT" "SERVIOE RENDERED BY" SERVICE MURPHY & MILLER INC 1326 S Michigan Av Chgo. Harrison DEALERS EVERGREEN PK PLBG CO 3156 W 95th.Evergreen Pk-7130 CITY WIDE RADIO & APPLIANCE SERV-,- CITY WIDE SERVICE GuaranteedSerlJice on All Parts REPAIR and PARTS Thor Maylag ABC Speed Queen Taylor Apex Horton Kenmore General Electric and Westinghouse 7407 S Cottage Grove Chgo.., Hudson 3~5200 " EASY WASHING MACHINE SERVICE ONLY FACTORY AUTHORIZED REPAIR SERVICE Genuine Parts and Supplies. "SERVIOE RENDERED BY" SERVICE MURPHY & MILLER INC 1326 S Michigan Av Chgo. Harrison DEALERS SWEENEY APPLIANCES 9517 Cook Oak Lawn-780 GENERAL ELECTRIC WASHERS & IRONERS- BOYD HARDWARE & APPLIANCE 3404 W 95th Evergreen Pk-8765 GIENGER-WALTON HOME APPLIANCES W 95th...,...Oak Lawn-153 MAYTAG WASHING MACHINES Genuine factory parts CITY WIDE SERVICE by factory trahied "WHERE TO GETSERVIOE",BLUE ISLAND HOME APPLIANCE STORE S Western av Blue Isld-2252 RUZGIS APPLIANCE & FURNTR Sales and Service ( Conventional) Easy Maytag Thor (Autonlatic) Maytag. Westinghouse Frigidaire General EleCtric. Thor Bendix 4847 W 95th Oak Lawn 430 Classification continued next column. Every Make and Model tl General Electric tl Speed Queen o Hotpoint PHONE OAK LAWN W. 95th St. Bendix Norge CD Thor 153 Washing 155 Washing Machines-(contd).S & K REFRGRTN SERVICE --,---...,---, RELIABLE REPAIRS on All Makes REFRIGERATORS WASHING MACHINES and ELECTRIC MOTORS 3010 W 63d Chgo Walbrook WINDAHL REFRGRTR SERVICE / 9257 S Raymond Oak Lawn-1l47 (See Advertisement This ClassificationL Consult the Yellow Pages for answers to a buying problem. Ports Service and Repairs Phone Oak Lawn PARTS - SERVICE - REPAIRS FOR ALL MAKES BY SKILLED FACTORY TRAINED MEN COMPLETE REPAIRS ON VACUUM CLEANERS I REFRIGERATOR SERVICE KARL E. WINDAHL, Prop S. RaymQnd Av. Oak Lawn GIENGER-WALTON HOME APPLIANCES AUTHORIZED DEALERS L

110 0 Evergreen 0 Oak 156 Watches-Welding Welding-Wines 157 WatChes & Clocks-Repairing BEVERLY WATCH REPR SHOP.. Expert Clock & Watch Repairing On Premises 1817 W 95th Chgo Hilltop THOMAS JEWELRY STORE 6214 Archer rd.. ;......Summit-l118 WHEELER RUSSELL...: ~--"---"------, EXPERT WATCH REPAIRING JEWELRY OF DISTINCTION 5316 W 95th.... Oak Lawn-2186 Water Dealers. Albertson & Muzzarelll 95th & 89th Av Oak Lawn-4005 D & H DISTRIBUTING CO CORINNIS Spring Water NEPTUNE Distilled Water Mountain Valley - White Rock Vernors Gingerale FULL LINE CARBONATED BEVERAGES Delivered to Store or Home 446 E lllth PI Chgo,.... Pullman 5~6214 Water Heater$ ARGO SUMMIT SUPPLY CO Gas Or Electric Archer Av Summit-230 BEVERLY ELECTRIC SHOP INC HOT WATER HEATERS OIL and,electric At 95th & Western Av. 23;11 W 95th Chgo Beverly BLAND H T :3354 W 95th Evergreen Pk BOYD HARDWARE & APPLIANCE GENERAL ELECTRIC CLARK - DUO-THERM and OTHER NATIONALLY ADVERTISED BRANDS OF GAS - OIL and ELECTRIC WATER HEATERS 3404 W 95th.,.... Evergreen Park-8765 Listings Of thisclassiikation, -G IENG ER-WALlON HOME ~PPLlANCE5 AUTHORIZED. DEALERS e General Electric e. Toastmaster 8 Philga~ Servel e Everhot Coleman 8 Dno Therm e Hotpoint.. Ruud Electric - Go. - (BottIed. and City Go.) and Oil PHONE 153 OAK LAWN W. 95th St. Water Heaters-(coned) GENERAL ELECTRIC WATER HEATERS- GIENGER-WALTON HOME APPLIANCES 5307 W 95th.. Oak Lawn-153 GIENGER WALTON HOME APPLIANCES 5307 W 95th Oak Lawn-153 HOTPOINTWATER HEATERS GIENGER-WALTON HOME APPLIANCES 5307 W.95th :.. Oak Lawn-153 Ruzgis Appliance & Furniture 4847 W 95th Oak Lawn-430 Waterproofing Contractors GAMBER MATT M 25 Yrs.Nat~olliJ.I Experience METALLIC WATERPROOFING Mastic Waterproofing Deep Foundations - A Specialty Tunnels, Pits, Floors, J(7alls, Etc. Basement Leaks Positively Stopped 7842 S Ingleside Av Chgo...Hudson Weather Strips DAHLGRENS INC / 8357 S Halsted Chgo 0 Vincennes SAGER WEATHERSTRIP & CALKING CORP 6457 S Ashland Chgo Grovehill _ Weaving & Mending TUCKERWAY WEAVERS & REPAIR SERVICE UTuckerway G2;aranteed l.1.ethod U We Can Reweave Anything Originally \Voven Our ll.eweaving Completely Eliminates Moth Holes - Burns ~ Tears 0 Damages Pick Up and Delivery Service or Mail in Garment For Free Estimate 6310 SCottage Grove Chgo... Plaza Welding FRIGIDWELD INC ~ WELDING PORTABLE SERVICE Motor Blacks. Truck Fish Plates Road Service 2616 W 63rd Chgo.....Grovehill S Sacramento.. 0 Park 8560 Ni"ht Phone Oak Lawn 3868 JULIAN WELDING WORKS GENERAL.WELDING BLACKSMITHING MISCELLANEOUS IRON WORK 9754 SouthweSt Hwy...Oak Lawn-2266 Lis~ings of this classification, WELDING. Welding"-(coiltd) MYTYCH WELDING SHOP""-~--""""".--, WELDING and BRAZING (Portable Equipment) Structural Steel Welding and Fabricating Ornamental Iron and Pipe Railings Trailer Hitches 9304 Harlem Oak Lawn 2497-J-2 ROBERTS PARK SERVICE STATI0N---- Props: T. J. and T. C. Lane WE SPECIALIZE IN ODD JOBS 84th &.Roberts Road...Oak Lawn 1449-J-l. Welding Equipment & Supplies A A WELDING SUPLY CO S Western Chga Beverly A & R CORP IDistributors For Linde Air Products 8031 S Halsted Chgo ;.~tewart Its Easy to Find What You Want i~ the A YELLOW PAGES. A-AW.ELDING SUPPLY CO. Distributors for LINDE AIR PRODUCTS Co. Welding - Cutting Equipment and Supplies OXYGEN and ACETYLENE CYLINDERS SOLD.OUTRIGHT Own Your Own Cylinqers NO RENTAL - NO DEMURRAGE MILLER AC WELDER FOR "HELlARC" WELDING FIRE EXTINGUISHER Sales and Service BEVERLY So. Western Ave. Chicago 43. TIL ARCHITECTS & BUILDERS SERVICE Telephone engineers will gladly help Archifects and Builders plan installations of conduit for concealed telephone wiring and built in telephone outlets for homes and other buildings be/ore construction. - No Charge Is Made lor This Seryjc.e CalHhe Business Office and ask for "Architects & Builder~ Service" ILLINOIS BEll THEPHONE CO. Well Contractors La Druhe Construction Co S 82d Ct. Wortti~356-J-l WILL COUNTY PUMP SHOP WELL DRILLING - Easy Terms Complete Line of PUMPS and PARTS 8641 Roberts Rd 0 0 Oak Lawn 1970-J-2 If No Answer Call Joliet Well Supplies ARGO-SUMMIT SUPLY CO 7420 Archer Av. 0 0 Summit-230 Wheels-Automobil~Aligning & Balancing See Automobile Wheel, Axle & Frame Repairing Window Shades All Suburban Venetian Blind Co Window Shades Made To Order 9212, 50th Av... :. 0 Lawn-136 BEVERLY SHADE CO~------~ WINDOvV SHADES and VENETIAN BLINDS MADE TO ORDER SHADES and BLINDS CLEANED 91~9 S Western Av Chgo. 0 Beverly~ BROOKLINE SHADE CO 444 W 79th Chgo Radclif HOLLYWOOD BLIND & SHADE CO Ashland Chgo Beverly PODLESNY WINDOW SHADE CO Venetian Blinds - vvindow Shades COMPLETE CLEANING alld REPAIR SERVICE 647 W 119th Chgo : Pullman If No Answer Call Pullman Windows-Metal KLEINPASTE-REEDER CD INC Aluminum Sash 9545 Tully Avo 0 Oak Lawn-175 Win~s-See Liquor & Wine Headings The Classified Tells Yfhere to Buy. Before mamng a purchase consulttlie YELLOW PAGES Youll Save Time and Trouble

111 158 Womens-Zippers WomEm/s Apparel Shops. Alden5Inc 511 S Paulina Chgo...Enterprise (Called Party PaY5 For Enterprise Calls). BETTY HERMAN DRESS.SHOP,. DRESSES - COATS - SUITS FEATURING R & K ORIGINALS - :MARIE PHILLIPS, KAY COLLIER - JUNE,BENTLEY MADEJlfOISELLE. and OTHER NATIONALLY ADVERTISED BRANDS, Open Friday Nig,hts Till 9P.M: S Western Av _. ~... Blue Islarld-619. Evergreen pk Smart Shop Gifts Womens, & Infants Wear 9503 SHaman Av...,...Evergreen Pk-7727 FINCHLEY 19. E Jackson [3lvd Chgo..Wabsh LOliG CLOTHING CO, 3100 W l1lth Chgo.. ;...Cedarcrest (See Advertisemenf-,his Classification), Longs 4959 W 95th ~ Oak Lawn-52 MA YANN VOGUE SHOP 3316 W 95th Evergreen Pk-7042 Mayfair The Open Friday Nights Till 9 PM S Western Av " Blue Isld-12 Listings of this classification; WOMENS APPAREL SHOPS are continued in next column: J!onf}~ GxcluJive Clothe.:! MENS and LADIES CLOTHING SOCIETY BRAND FOR MEN, Ladies" Coats - Dresses - Accessories * CHARGE * BUDGET,LAYAWAY ACCOMMODATiONS TWO STORES CONVENIENTLY LOCATED 3100 W. 111th - Cedarcrest Open Mon. and Thurs. Evenings 4959 W. 95th, Oak Lawn -Oak,Lawn 52 Open Frio Evenings MAYANN VOGLJESHOP. FOR".,, WOMENS FINE DRESSES WASH FROCKS - SLACKS - SKIRTS - BLOUSES Famous Brands in Nylon Hosiery Fine Feathers - Gotham Gold-Stripe Fashion HotJr Foundation < Garments and Bras Pajamas and Lingerie "Accessories and Incidentals Cosfume, Jewelry -- Bags - Gloves Chiffon, and Silk Neck Scarves Linnea Colognes and Gifts (Imported and Hand Made Hankies) Hours 9:30 to 6:00 Open Thursday Evenings PHONE EVERGREEN PARK 7042, 3316 W. 9Sfh Sf.. Women/s~Apparel Shops-(coned) McKAYS il Good Name in l1ierc1landisi71u Nationally Advertised Brands of Ladies, Apparel and Specialties INFANTS WEAR 5216 W 95th Oak Lawn-384 MI!{GEA INC SUITS and DRESSES FOUNDATION GARMENTS 1759 W 95th Chgo Beverly MODERN FASHlo.NS Fashionable Apparel for Women Sub-Teens and Junior Miss Dresses - Blouses - Skirts - Lingerie Hosiery - Handbags - Gloves Costume]ewelry 485.,3 W 95th Oak Lawn-820 MONROE FOX COMPANY FINE FURS SMART APPAREL FOR MEN and WOMEN Charge or Budget at No Extra Cost 6421 S Halsted Chgo..... Normal 2-5?52 Wood Work Allemans Wood Art Works 9240 S 53d CL Oak Lawnc3419 RANDALL RADIO & FixlT SHOP FURNI:(URE OF YOUR CHOICE,. MADE TO YOUR INDIVIDUAL ORDER MODERN OR.PERIOD LAWN CHAIRS, CABINETS, LAMPS STORM WINDOWS, SCREENS 3211 W 94th~ Evergreen Park-8473 Wrecking Contractors III Wrecking, Co 9444 S Harlem Av Oak Lawn-1231 I r ~, o USE YOUR TELEPHONE EVERY DAY- IN THE YEAR JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL SMTWTFS SMTWTFS SMTWTFS SMTWTFS I a 910 a 9 10 II a 9 10 II a 9 10 II la IB 1920 II la a la MAY JUNE JULY AUGUST SMTWTFS SMTWTFS SMTWTFS SMTWTFS 1 f I _ a 6 7 a 910 II a 9 10 a 9 10 II II IB 19 II IS Ino la la B a ~6 27 2a SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER SMTWTFS SMTWTFS SMTWTFS SMTWTFS I I I 2 3, a 910 II a 9 7 e 9 10 II II IS II ~~ ~j~ 24 ~ B JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL SI"TWTF S SMTWTFS SMTWTFS SMTWTFS I I I a 6 7 a 9 10 II II a II la la II la la a a MAY JUNE JULY AUGUST SMT-WTFS SMTWTFS,S M T W TF S SMTW,TFS I _4 5 6 a 9 10 II a 9 10 II a 9 7 a 910 II IS la IS la 10 II IS la a a a a l 31 SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER: SMTWTFS SMTWTF S S M-T W T F S S M T W T F S I I a " II II IS II B , ~ JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL SMTWTFS SMTWTFS SMTWTFS SMTWTF S I - a 9 10 II a 9 10 II a 9 10 II VIO II IS B MAY JUNE JULY AUGUST SMTWTFS SMTWTFS SMTWTF S SMTWTFS I , I. I II , II II IS II , SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER SMTWTFS SMTWTFS SMTWTF5. SMTWTFS 1 2 I , I I S II ; II II IS II ,(, BE SURE OF THE NUMBER BEFORE YOU CALL 159

112 When yonwanlacertain hrandol goods~perhaps one thai youve sean ad. vertised. Manytradema.rlcs arc listed hero ~ Goodyear Tires, Frigidaires, ehe.,.. rolals, the Insur.. once Company 01 North America. ~o~~t"fij~:j dealers.. When yon wanl the lelephone number 01 a huslness or prolesslonal man. Lists of names are shorter here. easi. er to scan. Instead ofporing overlong Clolumns of U"Srnith U in the w fe. pages..you usually spot "Smith C. G." at (1 gla.nce undoj l!<physicians... When you musllocale the nearesl dealer Of. shop quickly. For exa.mple, Cl water pipe is leck. ing. Turn to "Plurnbers~ trun down the list until you pick one with an address near you. His name and t~lephone numbe.will bo shown. When youve 10Igolfen the name 01 ashop, bnt remember lis location: You knowi for in. stanco, that there Is a beauty shop ncara certain corner. Look under tobeauty Shops" for one with that address. Youll find ils name and telephone numb... When you donl know who sells an article or service you wanl Suppose-your aulomobileneeds overhacling.look under "Automo_ bile Repairing.." Youl1 find the names of the shopsthal.dosuch wo:k. 160