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1 Texas Trail Ride Trail Boss - Jacob Kloesel Phone Number Feb-18 Oakland, Tx Sat 3-Feb-18 Oakland to Subline 18.6 Sun 4-Feb-18 Subline to Shiner 23.5 Mon 5-Feb-18 Shiner to Gonzales 18.4 Tue 6-Feb-18 Gonzales to Belmont 15.6 Wed 7-Feb-18 Belmont to Seguin 17.9 Thur 8-Feb-18 Seguin to Garden Gems Feb-18 Garden Gems to San Antonio (Martinez Hall) 18.4 Total South Texas Trail Ride Trail Boss - Arlis Young Phone Number Phone Number Thur 1-Feb-18 Edroy, Tx 2-Feb-18 Edroy to Tynan 19.9 Sat 3-Feb-18 Tynan to to Beeville 19 Sun 4-Feb-18 Beeville to Pettus 21 Mon 5-Feb-18 Pettus to Karnes County Show Barn 22.5 Tue 6-Feb-18 Karnes County Show Barn to Falls City 15.5 Wed 7-Feb-18 Falls City to Floresville 18.1 Thur 8-Feb-18 Floresville to Bexar County Sheriff Arena Feb-18 Bexar County Arena to San Antonio (Martinez Hall) 13.8 Total Page 1 of 8

2 Old Chisholm Trail Ride Trail Boss - Nick Gregg Phone Number Feb-18 Cuero, Tx Sat 3-Feb-18 Cuero to Westhoff 22.8 Sun 4-Feb-18 Westhoff to Nixon 19.6 Mon 5-Feb-18 Nixon to Stockdale 14.3 Tue 6-Feb-18 Stockdale to La Vernia 13.8 Wed 7-Feb-18 La Vernia to Reynolds Nation Wide 14.1 Thur 8-Feb-18 Reynolds to San Antonio (Martinez Hall) 16.1 Total Page 2 of 8

3 Alamo Trail Ride Trail Boss - Kyle Coleman Phone Number Feb-18 John Rogers "Rafter 7 Ranch, Montel Sat 3-Feb-18 John Rogers "Rafter 7 Ranch, Montel 12.4 Sun 4-Feb-18 Rafter 7 Ranch to day Ranch, Laguana 18.3 Mon 5-Feb-18 day Ranch to House Pasture Concan 16.8 Tue 6-Feb-18 House Pasture to Hondo City Park 20.5 Wed 7-Feb-18 Hondo City Park to Castroville City Park 16.5 Thur 8-Feb-18 Castroville City park to Rodriguez Park Feb-18 Trailer to San Antonio (Martinez Hall) Total Laredo Trail Ride Trail Boss - Jerry Chessher Jr. Phone Number Feb-18 Oscar Moreno Ranch Sat 3-Feb-18 Moreno Ranch to Cotulla 22.4 Sun 4-Feb-18 Cotulla to Dilley 24.1 Mon 5-Feb-18 Dilley to Pearsall 18.6 Tue 6-Feb-18 Pearsall to Devine 21.3 Wed 7-Feb-18 Devine to Country Gold Old Pearsell Rd 24.5 Thur 8-Feb-18 Old Pearsell Rd to Promise Land Church Feb-18 Promise Land Church to San Antonio (Martinez Hall) 15.7 Total Page 3 of 8

4 Hill Country Trail Ride Trail Boss - Becki Kosub Phone Number Feb-18 Albert, TX Sat 3-Feb-18 Albert to Blanco 15.2 Sun 4-Feb-18 Blanco to Kendalia 23.4 Mon 5-Feb-18 Kendalia to Sisterdale 13.8 Tue 6-Feb-18 Round Robin Ride 21.9 Wed 7-Feb-18 Sisterdale to Boerne 11.8 Thur 8-Feb-18 Round Robin Ride Feb-18 Trailer to San Antonio (Martinez Hall) Total 99.5 Page 4 of 8

5 Cowboy Capital Trail Ride Trail Boss - Donald Malicoat Phone Number Feb-18 Mansfield Park, Bandera Sat 3-Feb-18 Mansfield Park to VFD Park in Tarpley 18 Sun 4-Feb-18 VFD Tarpley to Rancho Cortez 15 Mon 5-Feb-18 Rancho Cortez - Round Robin Ride 15 Tue 6-Feb-18 Rancho Cortez - Mansfield Park 15 Wed 7-Feb-18 Mansfield Park to Jakes, Pipe Creek 15 Thur 8-Feb-18 Jakes to El Chaparral Restaurant, Helotes 18 9-Feb-18 Helotes Elementary Parade & Trailer to San Antonio (Martinez Hall) 2 Total 98 Mesquite Trail Ride Trail Boss - Craig Coleman Phone Number Feb-18 VFW Hall, Rockne Sat 3-Feb-18 Rockne to Plum Creek Bridge 20 Sun 4-Feb-18 Plum Creek Bridge to Pioneer Flight Museum 21 Mon 5-Feb-18 Pioneer Flight Museum to Seguin (Pin Twist) 16 Tue 6-Feb-18 Seguin to New Berlin 12 Wed 7-Feb-18 New Berlin to Mesquite Hall 14 Thur 8-Feb-18 Mesquite Hall to San Antonio (Martinez Hall) 13.4 Total 96.4 Page 5 of 8

6 Kerr Country Trail Ride Trail Boss - David Wiedenfeld Phone Number Feb-18 Kerrville, Tx Sat 3-Feb-18 Kerrville to Twin Bridges IH 10 in Comfort 18.1 Sun 4-Feb-18 Twin Bridges to Boerne 16.8 Mon 5-Feb-18 Boerne to Cibolo Livery in Bulverde 22.3 Tue 6-Feb-18 Cibolo Livery - Round Robin Ride All Day 12.5 Wed 7-Feb-18 Cibolo Livery to Bracken 20.9 Thur 8-Feb-18 Bracken to Quality Truck Center IH 10 / SH Feb-18 Quality Truck Center to San Antonio (Martinez Hall) 12.9 Total Page 6 of 8

7 GRA-Trails Trail Ride Trail Boss - Joe Coldewey Phone Number Feb-18 Buda, Tx Sat 3-Feb-18 Buda to Kyle 12.6 Sun 4-Feb-18 Painted Horse to Kyle 13.2 Mon 5-Feb-18 Kyle to San Marcos 14.6 Tue 6-Feb-18 San Marcos to New Braunfels 19.1 Wed 7-Feb-18 New Braunfels to Bluebonnet Palace 14.2 Thur 8-Feb-18 Bluebonnet Palace to Browne Trucking Feb-18 Browne Trucking to San Antonio (Martinez Hall) 19.4 Total La Grande International Trail Ride Trail Boss - Carlos Cabello Phone Number Feb-18 Piedras Negras Cross International Bridge 12.1 Sat 3-Feb-18 Eagle Pass to La Pryor 28.9 Sun 4-Feb-18 La Pryor to Batesville 14.7 Mon 5-Feb-18 Batesville to Pearsall 35.1 Tue 6-Feb-18 Pearsall to Devine 21.8 Wed 7-Feb-18 Devine to Country Gold Old Pearsell Rd 13.2 Thur 8-Feb-18 Old Pearsell Rd to Loop WW White Feb-18 WW White to San Antonio (Martinez Hall) 15.7 Total Page 7 of 8

8 Total ALL Rides 1,316.9 Trail Ride Committee Chairman Lupe Valdez Trail Ride Committee Vice-ChairmanMichael Breiten, Jr Page 8 of 8