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3 CONTENTS Organizations 4 Artists 6 Booking Agents & Contacts 16 Personal Managers 20 Concert Promoters 2 Record Companies 26 ndependent Record Promoters 41 Syndicators 41 Music Publishers 33 Radio Stations 42 Top Singles 52 Birthdays 54 nternational 56 Editorial Publisher & Editor -in -Chief tee hito (LA) Directory Staff Eddor: Earl Paige Assistant Eddor Susan Peterson; Editorial duel non Gerry Wood Nashville Bureau Chief and Bob Hu loba Manager of Directory Services: Assistant Manager of Directory Services f Directory Editor: Jon Braude Directory Associates: Kathy Pott Joan E sener, Andrew Balterman, Rand Ruggeberg, Roy Crosthwaite, va Gardner Art Director: Dan Chapman Production John Halloran Tom Quilligan and Ron frank Publishing Associate Publishers: lom Noonan, Bill Wardlow Director of Sales: Tom Noonan Natl Sates Manager: Ron Wdlman (N Y ) Country Sates: John McCartney (Nashville) Copyright 1979 Billboard Publications nc All rights re served This work may not be copied or reproduced in any form (including but not limited to microfiche or microfilm), stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical photocopying recording or otherwise without the prior permission of the publisher Billboard Billboard Publications nc 9000 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA (213) Cable: Bellboy LA; LA Teles : NY Telex You have in your hands and before your eyes what could prove to be the most important and comprehen sive industry list ing of the country music business And you have it at your disposal during the most important time in country music history The past year has seen the phenomenal growth of country music soar to new heights This grassroots music form has become one of the hottest items on the retail level (as confirmed by a NARM survey) and has posted an impressive 25% gain on the nation's airwaves (according both to the Country Music Assn and Arbitron) Country's success story isn't confined to the US, because record sales, promotions and radio/tv exposure have mushroomed on an international basis To keep the cream of the country at your fingertips, Billboard is proud to present its third edition of the Country Music Sourcebook Within these pages you'll find the Who's Who and the What's What of Country Music From A to Z-address to zip codesyou'll find what you need to know and who you need to know to loin the golden/ platinum surge of country music What's the address of ASCAP, BM or SESAC? Try the Sourcebook's Organiza tions listing Want to know Roy Clark's record label, booking agent and personal manager? Go directly to Artists Do not pass go or go beyond the boundaries of this mini -encyclopedia What is that booking agent's address and phone number? Flip to Booking Agents And personal managers? Yes, let your fingers do the walking to the Personal Managers list Likewise, you'll find concert promoters broken down into state -by-state listings There's also a valuable listing of independent record promoters f you're ready to wheel and deal, thumb your way to the Record Companies cate gory These listings will show, not only the Nashville office information and key em ployes, but also the other main offices Nashville is known as a songwriters' and publishers' town Billboard's Country Music Sourcebook recognizes this fact with an up to date listing of the top music publishers t's hard to keep a handle on the explosion in country music radio stations, but you'd be well advised to start at the seg ment on Radio Stations, delineated by state and city t's followed by syndicated country music programs and their producers Exclusive Billboard programming aids are included and one of the most popular-and frequently used-portions of past Sourcebooks has been the Birthdays listing, providing you with a daily break- down of country music stars' birthdates This year, we've added international listings, making Billboard's Country Music Sourcebook the most com plete directory of its kind ever published t's yours to enjoy, explore and use Do it Country Music Sourcebook Billboard 3

4 Nashville Nashville Doherty 4 AF TR A see American Federation of Television P Radio Artists AS C AP see American Society of Composers Authors & Publishers Academy of Country Music, PO Box 508 Hollywood Calif Tel (213) Exec Sec y Fran Boyd Founded Membership (approx Membership requirements -Professional Must be of ',hated with the country music industry in some area Fan No requirements Academy of Country Music Entertainment PO Box 574 Thornhill Ont Canada L3T 4A2 Pres Dave Charles Exec Ass t Penny Sue Turner Founded Membership -600 Membership requirements -Must derive a portion of income from country music industry American Federation of Musicians Local 257, PO Box Zip Music Circle N Tenn Tel (615) Pres Johnny De - George Sec'y-Trees Dutch Gorton Nat'l headquarters: New York NY Broadway Zip Tel (212) Founded- Dec 1902 (Nashville local) Membershipapprox 2700 (Nashville local) Membership requirements -Must qualify as a professional musician American Federation of Television & Radio Artists (AFTRA( Ave S Tenn Tel (615) Exec Sec y David L Maddox Nat'l headquarters: New York, NY Ave of the Americas Zip Tel (717) Founded (Nashville local) Membership -935 (Nashville local) Membership requirements -Earn money through commercials radio or TV broadcasting and/or recordings American Society of Composers Authors & Publishers (ASCAP) 1 Lincoln Plaza New York N Y Tel (212) Regional offices Hollywood, Calif 6430 Sunset Blvd Zip Tel (213) 466,7681 -Nashville Tenn, 7 Music Square W Zip Tel (615) Southern Region Exec Du Ed Shea Founded (National) 1965 (Nashville) Membership -Writers Publishers 7000 Mem bership requirements -Composer or lyricist of a copy righted musical work which has been commercially recorded or regularly published or publisher actively en gaged in normal publication of musical works Associate membership open to writers of at least one copyrighted work Australasian Country Music Ass -n PO Box 35 N Quay Bris FERLN HUSKY CHARLE LOUVN ORGANZATONS HOMER & JETHRO JETHRO BURNS CACTUS JACK WLLOWCREEK VCK BRD JM SCHWALL AL CURTS 5200 Main Street Skokie, llinois bane SO 4001 Australia Federal Pres Norm Drage Federal Sec y Bruce S Webster Founded Membership -550 Membership requirements -desire to promote and preserve country music within Australia & New Zealand BC M A see British Country Music Ass n B M see Broadcast Music nc Bluegrass Club of New York, 417 E 89 St New York N Y Tel (212) Pres Douglas Tuchman Founded -March 1972, Membership -550 Membership requirements -Have an interest in traditional country and bluegrass music British Country Music Ass n (BCMA) PO Box 2 Newton Abbot Devon T01? 4HT England Founded Membership approx) Membership requirements Must be a country music an Broadcast Music nc (BM) 40 W 57 St New York N Y Tel (212) Pres Edward M Cramer VP -s Theodora Zavin Neil Anderson Ronald Anton, Helmut Gunenburg Edward Molinelli Russell Santek Alan Smith Ms t VP s Warren McFall, James Roy Controller Lawrence Sweeney Sec y Edward Chapin Branches: Hollywood Calif 6255 Sunset Blvd Zip Tel (213) Nashville, Tenn 10 Music Square E Zip Tel (615) VP Frances Preston Founded Membership -Writers (ap pros ) Publishers (approx) Affiliation requirements -Composer or lyricist of a musical composition commercially published or recorded or otherwise likely to be performed Country Music Ms n nc, 7 Music Circle N Nashville Tenn Tel (615) Bd Chm Tom Collins Pres Ralph Peer, Exec Dir Jo Walker Exec VP rving Waugh VP s Don Nelson Bruce Lundvall Joe Smith Jim Halsey Barbara Mandrell Bill Anderson Joe Galante C W Chic - Paul Tannen Bill Lowery Jay Morgenstern nt VP Mervyn Conn, Sec'y Jim Duncan Ms t Sec y Rock Blackburn Trees Hutch Car lock Ms t Trees Don Light Sgt at Arms Joe Sullivan Ass' Sgt at Arms Glenn Snoddy Historian Bill Utz Founded Membership (approx ), Membership requirements -Earn a portion of income from country music Country Music Ass n (Germany) Fnedenstr 44 D-7530 Pforzheim Tel (07231) Chm Juergen Kramer Country Music Ass n (Great Britain) Ltd 1 A Montague Mews N London W 1 H AJ England Chm Don Ford Vice Chm Tony Byword) Life Pres Mervyn Conn Sec y Ann Den Trees Jeff Forrest Founded Membership -208 Membership requirements -Must be within the music business Country Music Ass n nt Development (Sweden) PO Box 1178 S Solna Tel (08) Rep Dan Ekbach Country Music Foundation nc Music Square E Nash, vine Tenn Tel (615) Bd Chm Frank Jones Pres Pee Wee King Exec Dir William vey Exec VP Bill Lowery 1st VP Roy Horton VP s Jim Foglesong Brad McCuen, Sec y Ralph Emery Trees Joe Talbot Founded Country Music Foundation of Colorado PO Box 19435, Denver Colo Tel (303) Pres & Exec Dir Gladys Hart Exec VP Jim Peters Sec y Glenda Lewellen Founded 1965 Membership -500 (approx ( Membership requirements -Have an interest in country mu sic F CA P see Federation of nternational Country Air Person alines Federation of nternational Country Air Personalities (FCAP) Ave S Nashville Tenn Tel (615) Exec Dir Georgia Twiny Pres Mike Burger VP Larry Scott 2nd VP King Edward Smith V Sec y Trees Bob Cole, Parliamentarian Searcy Hall Syt At Arms Bob ngram Founded -March 1976 Membership -300 Mem be ship requirements -(comprised of the following classes) A Voting membership includes on -the-air country personalities B Associate member includes anyone in the industry C Entire radio station membership D Corporate membership E Radio personality membership includes the radio personality not on the -air such as a program director or operations manager Florida Country Music Foundation & Hall of Fame nc PO Box 336 Fruitland Perk Fla Tel (904) 78) Admin r Mama Jo Hunt Pres Eleanor Huggins VP Glenn Morris Sec y M Palmer Treas L Holland Founded nternational Fan Club Org, Boa 177, Wild Horse Colo Tel (303) CoPres Loudilla Lo retta & Kay Johnson nternational Heritage Music Ass n see This is Country Mu sic Mississippi Valley Country & Western Music Ass n PO Box 813 Rock sland Pres Myrtle Brocckmann Founded Membership -200 Membership requirements -Must be a country music fan NA R AS see National Academy of Rec-g Arts & Sciences Nashville Ass n of Talent Directors 25 Music Square W Nashville Tenn Tel (615) Pres Jack D Johnson VP Ted Fuller Treas Billy Deaton Sec y Sonny Simmons Sgt at Arms Al Embry Founded Membership- 16 agencies Mem- bership requirements -Agency must have at least one recordins artist Si a Nashville office Nashville Songwriters Ass n 25 Music Square W Nashville Tenn Tel (615) Pres Patsy Bruce Exec Du Maggie Cavender 1st VP Wayland Holyfield 2nd VP Liz Anderson Trees Don Wayne Sec y Paul Craft Co Parliamentarian & Sgt at Arms Paul Richey Hal Bynum Founded Membership fapprox Membership requirements -Active One song pub lished by publishing company affiliated with a performing rights organization Associate Unpublished writer National Academy of Rec g Arts & Sciences (NARAS) 7 Music Circle N Nashville Tenn Tel (615) Pres Bill Justus 1st VP Don Butler 2nd VP Layng Martine Jr VP's Merlin Littlefield Brad McCuen Ed Penney Lynn Shults Exec Dir Francine Anderson Sec y Bruce Davidson Trees Roger Sovone Nat'l headquarters: Burbank Calif 4444 Riverside Dr Zip Tel (213) Founded (Nashville chapter) Membership - (Nashville chapter) 802 Active 98 Associate, Membership requirements -Active Six recorded & commer cially released selections or the equivalent of one corn plete LP side Associate Those not eligible for Active membership, but who are actively identified with and in, terested in the recording industry Ohio Country & Western Music Ass n nc Gross Ave NE Canton Ohio Pres Bob Davidson VP Les Hall Sec y Jeanne Johnson Trees Wanda Davidson Founded Membership Membership requirements -A love for country music and participation in helping promote it SE SAC nc 10 Columbus Circle New York N Y Tel (212) Chm Alice H Prager Pres Norman S Weiser VP s W F Myers S B Gendilora Norman Odium Sidney Guber A F Ciancimino Charles Scully Branch Nashville Tenn, 11 Music Circle S Zip Tel (615) Country Dir Brad McCuen Founded (National), 1964 (Nashville) Memburship-Writers 500 (approx Publishing catalogs 600 )approx ), Membership requirements -One song recorded and released on a nationally distributed label Southern Writers Group USA Box Azalea P Nashville Tenn Tel (615) Contact Bill Martin This is Country Music (dry of nternational Heritage Music Ass n) 133 Walton Ferry Rd Hendersonville Tenn Tel (615) Pres Ralph H Comp ton Founded Membership Membership requirements -A desire to establish and maintain coun try ni,is!i as a rniiaical arr form EXTRA COPES? Billboard's Country Music Sourcebook Extra copies of this year's edition are available from Billboard Magazine* The cost of the Sourcebook is $1000 each which includes postage Check or money order (no CODs) should be sent to: Billboard's Country Music Sourcebook 2160 Patterson Street Cincinnati Ohio `'As long as they last California residents add 6% sales tax 4 Country Music Sourcebook Billboard

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6 ARTSTS The Booking Agents( BA ) & Contacts, and Personal Managers (PM) sections along with addresses and telephone numbers, follow this section A AABC-AABC (Vocalist) Penthouse BA World Artist PM Geoffrey Hansen ACUFF ROY (Vocalist w Vocal & nstrumental Group- 6) Elektra BA Howard Forrester -Acuff-Rose ADAMS BROTHERS (Vocal & nstrumental Group 5) BA Bruce Rohrbach ADAMS SUNSHNE (Vocalist) Country ntl BA Lance Prod its ADKNS WENDEL (Vocalist w /Group 5) Tesas PM Dun Schafer ALAN BUDDY (Vocalist) Capitol BA Ronnie Spillman Encore Talent ALBN, DCK B ANNE (Vocal h nstrumental Duo) BA Showcase Assocs ALLANSON, SUSE (Vocalist) Warner Curb BA Ken Roll ins Shorty lavender PM Ray Ruff ALLEN ANNA JANE, FAMLY SHOW (Vocalist w, Group 5) Lake Front BA lake Front ALLEN DCK, THE RVER ROAD BOYS (Group) RDS BA Star Attractions ALLEN JUDY (Vocalist w Group 4) Polydor BA Robert Blake Holmes Agency PM John Owens South Breeze ALLEN REX, JR (Vocalise, Wainer Bros BA Witham Morns AMAZNG RHYTHM ACES (Group 6) Columbia BA Athena Artists PM Michael Barnet Barnett Ents ANDERS CHERYL (Vocalist) BA Gary Good ANDERS, CHRS (Vocalist) Belmont BA John Penny ANDERSON BLL (Vocalist w,group--8) MCA BA Bell Goodwin, ANDERSON, ERC (Vocalise Old Dominion BA PM Frank Evans ANDERSON JOHN (Vocalist Gurtanst) Warner Bros BA Shorty Lavender PM Gerne Ferguson ANDERSON, LYNN (Vocalise Columbra BA CM ANY OLD TME STRNG BAND (Vocal & nstrumental Group) Arhoohe BA Folklore Prod os PM Manny Greenlull APPLES $ ORANGES (Vocal & nstrumental Group-- 7) Ai ««iyrrldon PM James Adams ARCHERS (Vocal & nstrumental Group- 5) light BA Marc Whitmore -Wayne Coombs PM Don Aldredye ARNOLD EDDY (Vocalise RCA PM Gerard W Purrell ASH, GLENN (Vocalist nstrumentahse Sandcastle BA Convention Entertainment PM Frank Campania ASHER DAVD (Vocalist, Pianist w- Vocal & nstrumental (tr,iup 6) Duel BA Duel Prod os PM Lee Dunne ASHLEY LEON (Vocalist) Ashley PM Linda G Denny 1"unify Musk Spectacular ASHWORTH, ERNE (Vocalise American Sound BA Buddy lee PM Cliff Ayers ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL (Vocal & nstrumental Group -9) Capitol BA Variety Artists PM Steve Corey ATKNS, CHET (Guitarist w nstrumental Group 41, RCA BA Sutton Artists PM X Cosse AUSTN, KAY (Vocalist) Country Sound BA Frost & Frost B BALES DON i TONY STARR (Vocal & nstrumental Group- 5) Capitol Star Artist BA Country Talent PM Don Radant Capitol Star BALEY, RAZZY (Vocalist w -Vocal Group 5) RCA BA Roger West United Talent PM Bob Montgomery BALEY STU (Vocalest/Guitarest w/vocal & nstrumental Group 4) Butter Sound BA Butter Sound BALDWN BONNE (Vocalist), Country Star BA Country Star PM Process Talent BANDY MOE (Vocalist err /Vocal & nstrumental Group -51 Columbia BA Ronnie Spellman Encore Talent PM Ray Baker BARBER AVA (Vocalise Ranwood, BA Reggie Mai U rated talent PM Roger Sullivan BARBER GLENN (Vocalist) MM BA Johnny Elgin- Mu yr City Talent PM Johnny Moms BARE BOBBY (Vocalist) Columbia BA William Morris PM Bell Graham BARKER, JOANNE (Vocalist( BA Artists Unlimited PM Steve Case BARLOW, RANDY (Vocalist) Republic BA Jue Taylor PM Fred Kelly-- Low Key BARNETT LEON (Vocalist w/vocal Group 4) JEK BA Merk Collier BARNETT BRUCE (Vocalist' Gunanst) PM James Adonis BARRY DON (Vocalist) Black Kat BA Allen White PM Lrackdown Ents BASHFUL BROTHER OSWALD (Vocalist Comedian) Rounder BA Acuff Ruse BAUER, CHARLE, i BAUER POWER (Vocal & nstrumen tal Group 5), BA Country Talent PM Dun Rearm/ Capitol Star BEE SHERRY (Vocalist( Stardust BA/PM Col Buster Drus BELLAMY BROTHERS (Vocal Group -7) Warner Bros BA Duo Peay United Talent PM Sid Rudeau BENTON, BARB (Vocalist) BA Wdleam Morris BERRY JOE, & BAND (Vocalist- Ptarnst w 'Group 4) TA BA Talent Attractions PM Larry Phillips BESS STEVE SHOW (Vocal & nstrumental Group-hi BA Ted Fuller & Steve Bess-Talentmaster BG EL SHOW (Vocalist w Vocal & nstrumental Group - 14) Castle BA Music, PM Stan Gdt Rob Russen BGTREE, SANDY (Vocalist w Group -6) Sunday BA DMR Frits BSHOP ELVN (Vocalist w; Groupl BA CM BLACK'S BLL COMBO (nstrumental Group 5) He London BA Witham Morris PM Bob Tucker BLACK DAMOND STRNGERS (Vocal & nstrumental Group --5) Yale BA Smokey Warren PM Pete Swank BLACK GOLD (Group -4) True BA nternational Talent PM Clyde Brown Jr nternational Talent BLACKWOOD RW, & THE BLACKWOOD SNGERS (Group) Capitol BA Dianrond Mgmt BLUE TESSY (Vocalist) BA PM Jerry Plaint, BLUEGRASS AMERCA (Vocal P nstrumental Group -6) Harvey BA Bill Sykes -Bluegrass Music BLUEGRASS EXPERENCE (Group -6) BA Het BLUEGRASS REVVAL (Vocal & nstrumental Group --5) Outlet BA Bill Sykes Bluegrass Music PM Bill Smith BLUE RDGE & MARK FOUR (Vocal & nstrumental Gruup 81 OCA BA Roy Tessier Tessier Talent BONNE CLYDE (Vocal & nstrumental Duo) Hillside PM William Earl BOONE DEBBY (Vocalise Warner Curb BA Dave Peters Wayne Coombs CM PM Jack Spina d Don Hen ley --Rosina Mgmt BOONE PAT (Vocalist) Warner Curb Lamb & Lion BA Dave Peters - Wayne Coombs CM PM Jack Spina & Dun Henley Rosina Mgmt BOOTH TONY (Vocalise BA Ronnie Spillman -Encore Talent BOOTLEG COUNTRY (Group -5) BA Steve Stebbins Americana Corp BORCHERS, BOBBY (Vocalise Epic BA Reggie Mac United Talent BOTTOMS CUSTER (Vocalist) Country Star BA Country Star PM Process Talent BOWERS BRYAN (Vocalist' Autoharp( Flying Fish BA Slane Courtly PM Mermen' Corp BOWMAN DON (Vocalist Comedian) Lone Star BA; PM lint Wagner American Mgmt BREAZ, MARCA (Vocalist) Country Kitchen PM Marvin E Leven BRESH TOM (Vocalist( MCA BA Tronda Artists BRGHAM, RED (Vocalist( Volunteer King PM Redwood Promos BRNE, MARK (Vocalise Door Knob PM Gene Kennedy BROCKETT JAME (Vocalist/Guitarist/Dobroist w/ Group) Galatol BA Highway 61 BROWN HARLAN (Guitarist) Armageddon PM James Adams BROWN JM ED (Vocalist), RCA BA Top Billing PM Tandy Rice BROWN, MAX (Vocalist( Door Knob PM Gerne Kennedy BROWN VRGE (Vocal'stl Country Star BA Country Star PM Prie ess Talent BROWNE COODER BAND (Group) BA Buddy Lee BRUCE ED (Vocalist( Epic BA Variety Artists PM Patsy Bruce Bruce Agency BRUSH ARBOR (Vocal & nstrumental Group - 5) Mono ment BA Wayne Coombs PM Dan McKinnon- McKinnon Ents BUFFALO CHPKCKERS (Vocal & nstrumental Group - 4) Chedde BA PM Bob Doyle BUFFALO ROSE BAND (Vocal & nstrumental Group- 5) Helios BA Meadow Lark Ventures BUFFETT JMMY (Vocalist/Guitarist) MCA BA Howard Ruse PM Front Line BURKE FRENCHE (Vocalist 'Fiddler w Group) Cherry BA PM Crash Stewart-- Alamo Prod in BURNETT DORSEY (Vocalist) Capitol PM Geoffrey Han sen BURTON WENDELL (Vocalest'Guitarise Lamb& Lion BA Pere lands BUSH BROTHERS BAND (Vocal & nstrumental Group -8) PM Frank Santagarla BUTLER NOEL, $ CHEROKEE (Vocalist w Vocal & nstrumental Group 7) PM Lew linet BUTTERFELD EXPRESS (Vocal & nstrumental Group --5) Holiday PM William D Holiday BYNEM, E LEE (Vocalist Pianist Organist) True BA n rernabunal Talent PM Clyde Brown Jr -- nternational Talent BYRD DANNY SHOW (Group 4) BA PM Jerry Plant, C CAMARLLO, TNA (Vocalist w Group -5) Boyd BA Sa guaro Talent PM Action Ticket CAMPBELL ARCHE (Comedian) Elektra BA Arcam Fats Joe Taylor PM Steve Campbell - Arcam Ents CAMPBELL GLEN (Vocalist) Capitol BA Regency Artesia CAMPBELL JC (Vocalist Guitarist w Vocal & nstrumen tal Group -6) Shooting Stars BA Shooting Stars PM f ddie Weldon CAMPBELL PHL (Vocalist) Cumberland BA Arcam Ents PM Steve Campbell- Arcam CAMPBELL SONNY (Vocalist) RCA BA Smokey Warren CAMP, RAY, $ THE ROCKABLLY REBELS (Vocalist w Group 5) Radar BA Artists Heller Agency PM Dan Bourgolse Bug Artist CANADAN ZEPHYR (Vocal & nstrumental Group -4) RCA BA Van Entertainment PM H Vandenberg-Van Entertainment CANNON, ACE (Sasophonest w nstrumental Group -6) Cream BA Nashville nt PM Bill Harris CAPTALS (Vocal & nstrumental Group 81 Relgetop PM Alice F Raleigh CARLSLE BLL (Vocalist) BA All Star Talent CARROLL DAVE (Vocalist/ Guitarist w Vocal Deiol Butter Sound BA Butter Sound CARROLL DAWN (Vocalist Keyboards? w Vocal Duo) Butter Sound BA Butter Sound CARTER, GARY (nstrumentalist) Victory BA Walter Car ter CARVER JOHNNY (Vocalist) BA Top Billing CASE, ROBERT MAXWELL (Vocalest,Guitarest) Good Evening BA PM R M Case CASH JOHNNY (Vocalist) Columbia BA APA PM luu Robin Artist Consultants CASH TOMMY (Vocalise Monument BA Top Billing PM Tandy Rice CASH VALLEY GRASS (Vocal & nstrumental Group 5) TA BA Talent Attractions PM tarry Phillips CATO CONNE (Vocalise BA Buddy Lee CHAMBLSS JOHNNY (Vocalist) B Contact Bollman nr CHESNUT, JM (Vocalist) MCA BA William Morris CHNN ARNOLD GROUP (Vocal & nstrumental Group) 1wniSpin BA lentalent CHRSTAN, CHRS (Vocalist Gudans) Myrrh BA Marc Whitmore-Wayne Coombs CLARK ROY (Vocalist nstrumentalist w Group -4) MCA BA PM Jan Halsey CLEMENTS$ ASHER (Vocalists Guitarist ' Pianist w' Vocal & nstrumental Group 6) Duel BA Duel Prod ns PM lee Dunne CLEMENTS CHRSTOPHER (Vocalist Gutlarst w Vocal & nstrumental Group -4) Duel BA Duel Prod na PM Lee Dunne CLEMENTS, VASSAR (Vocalist - nstrumentalist w' Vocal & nstrumental Group 5) MCA BA Variety Artists PM Millie Clements-Vassar s Muse, CLCK, PAUL (Vocalist) Bete BA PM Jim Brown --Key Tal ern CLOWER JERRY (Comedean) MCA BA Top Billing PM Tandy Rece COCHRAN HANK & CLAN, BA Buddy lee COCO (Group 6( BA Arnie Kay Mars Talent COCO i THE LONESOME ROAD BAND (Vocal & nsets mental Group- 51 fretless BA Nora Stats COE, DAVD ALLAN (Vocalise Columbia BA LenTalent COLLER MARK (Vocalist w' Vocal Duo) Aurlro Creations BA PM Mark Collier COLLNS, BRAN (Vocalist) RCA BA Jim Wagner Amen cart Mymt PM Roger Jaudoii COLLNS KAREN (Vocalist w Vocal Group- 41 Butter Sound BA Butter Sound COLTER JESS (Vocalist) Capitol BA Utopia Prod its COMPTON MKE (Vocalist) Wickiup BA Russell Johnson lits CONLEE JOHN (Vocalise MCA BA Buddy Lee COODER BROWNE (Group --4) Lone Star Mercury BA, PM Cul Buster Doss COOK STEPHEN (Vocalist Guitarese Premiere Artist BA / PM Frank Evans COOLDGE RTA (Vocalist w Vocal & nstrumental Group) A&M BA Magna Artists PM Bert Block Block Kew cy Mgmt (Performs with KOS Knstoffersu) COOPER, BARBARA (Vocalist) Doylen BA World of Talent PM Jim Doyle COOPER TOMMY (Vocalist) Celestial PM Art Benson COOPER WLMA LEE (Vocalist w nstrumental Group - 51 Starday BA Atlas Artist COPAS RANDY (Vocalist( B Contact Beeman nt 6 Country Music Sourcebook Billboard


8 PM Artists CORN AMY (Vocalist) BA William Morris CORNELUS HELEN (Vocalist) RCA BA Top Billing iper forms with Jim Ed Brown Show) COTTON, GENE (Vocalist) Asola America BA Monya Prod ns William Morris PM Kevin Hunter -New Dirac son COTTONWOOD (Vocal & nstrumental Group -3) Magic BA PM Richard Lutz COUNTRY BELLES (Vocal & nstrumental Group -31 BA Bruce Rohrbach COUNTRY CAVALEERS (Vocal & nstrumental Duo) CSA BA Atlas Artist COUNTRY GAZETTE (Vocal & nstrumental Group-& Ridge Runner BA Orange Blossom COUNTRY GENTLEMEN (Group -41 Rebel BA Lender Agency PM Len Holsclaw-Lendel Agency COUNTRY GOLD EXPRESS (Group-51 Country Gold PM Gracie Dee -Country Music Entertainment COUNTRY LBERATON (Vocal & nstrumental Group -3, BA PM Main Street COX BUBBA (Vocal & nstrumental Group -5) Darya BA Montgomery Booking PM Roy 1 Montgomery -MBA CRADDOCK, BLLY "CRASH" (Vocalist w Vocal & nstru mental Group -8 Capitol BA Al Embry -nternational House of Talent CRAFT PAUL (Vocal'stl Black Sheep BA Nashville nt PM Black Sheep Music CRAMER FLOYD (Pianist( RCA BA Top Billing PM Tandy Rice CRAWFORD PETER (Vocalist Keyboardist w Vocal & n- strumental Group -41 Threshold BA Duel Prod ns PM Lee Dunne CRAY ROBERT, BAND (Group-51 BA Arnie Bacon - Good Music PM Mercury Entertainment CROSTON JLL (Vocalist Guitarist w Group -6) Harbor BA Cathy Cummins -Happy Trails CROW ALVN (Group -7) Long Neck BA Bobby Earl Smith CULP, JOEL (Group -4) Wheeler BA PM G G Greg CULVER CASSE & THE BELLE STARR BAND (Vocal & n strumenta) Group -41 Urana BA Susan Horwrtz- Canto Bna PM Rusty Gordon-Rustron Music in N Y CURLESS DCK (Vocalist} Capitol BA PM John Penny CURLEY, RANDY (Vocalist w Group -61 BA Jim Halsey PM David Vancronkhite CUSTOM BULT (Vocal & nstrumental Group -5( BA Ted Fuller & Steve Bess -Talentmaster CUZZN SPE, see Glen Hurley D DALE KENNY (Vocalist) Capitol BA Dave Schuller United Talent DAMEN MCHAEL (Vocalist) Continental Artist BA PM Frank Evans DANDY (Vocal Duo) Warner Curb BA (CM PM Marc Gordon DANELS CHARLE BAND (Vocal & nstrumental Group 6) Epic BA Paragon Agency PM Joseph E Sullivan - Sound Seventy DAVE & SUGAR (Vocal Group -31 RCA BA Randy Jack son -Chardon PM Frank Mancini -Chardon DAVES, GAL BA William Morris DAVS CARL (Vocalist) Celestial Contact Art Benson DAVS DANNY i THE NASHVLLE BRASS (Trumpeter w Groupa RCA BA Buddy Lee DAVS, GARY BAND (Vocal & nstrumental Group -61 Ram BA Ram Talent PM Bruce Taylor DAVS JOHNNY (Vocalist Guitarist) Ram BA Ram Tat ent PM Bruce Taylor DAVS, LARRY (Vocalist Guitarist) BA PM Richard Lutz DAVS, MAC (Vocalist' Columbia BA CM PM Katz -Gal 8 DAVS MARTY (Vocalist w Group -4) BA PM John DAVS SKEETER (Vocalist) BA William Morris DAVS WANDA Vocalist) Tribal Contact Jerry Wood DEADLY EARNEST i THE HONKY TONK HEROES Group -Si Pacific Arts BA PM G G Greg DEAL STUART (Vocalist Guitarist w Vocal & nstrumental Group -4) Threshold BA Duel Prod ns PM Lee Dunne DEAN, JMMY Vocalist) BA Top Billing PM Tandy Rice DEBBE SUE (Vocalist) Country Star BA Country Star PM Process Talent DEE ROY (Vocalist) Tribal Contact Jerry Wood DEES, BLL (Vocalist) True BA nternational Talent PM Clyde Brown Jr -nternational Talent DHAVEN, PENNY (Vocalist) BA Reggie Mac -United Talent DELANEY ETHEL (Vocalist Guitanst) Ohio PM EPD Ents DELANEY, ETHEL B HER BUCKEYE STRNGS (Vocal & nstrumental Group- 51 Ohio BA EPD Ents DLU KEN (Vocalist nstrumentalist) BA Mascara Snake PM Bob Bishop -Mascara Snake DENM JAYNE (Vocalist) Three Kings PM Robby Roberson DENNY CLYDE & MARE (Vocal & nstrumental Group - Si Country Star BA Country Star PM Process Talent DENVER JOHN (Vocalist Guitarist) RCA BA William Morris DEZEN JAME (Vocalist) Boyfriends BA PM Frank Evans D'JOHNS, JACK BA William Morris DODSON LAWRENCE, i THE DREADFUL SNAKES (Vocalist Guitarist w Vocal & nstrumental Group -51 Harvey BA Bill Sykes -Bluegrass Music PM Lawrence Dodson DOTTE MAE (Vocalist) Yale BA Smoker Warren PM Pete Swank DOTTSY (Vocalist w Group -6) RCA BA William Morris PM Happy Shahan -Alamo Village DOVE RONNE (Vocalist w Group -51 BA All Star Talent DOYLE BOB (Vocalist nstrumentalist) Chedda BA Bob Doyle DRESSER LEE Capitol BA American Mgmt in Calif DRUSKY ROY Vocalist w Vocal & nstrumental Group - 5) Plantation BA Buddy Lee Joe Taylor DRYMAN, ALAN SHOW (Vocal 6i nstrumental Group -61 BA Cabaret Attractions PM TC Mgmt DUDLEY DAVE (Vocalist) Rice BA Jim Brown -Key Talent PM E Jimmy Key -Key Talent DUNCAN JOHNNY (Vocalist) CBS BA Jim Wagner -- American Mgmt in Calif DURANGO (Vocal & nstrumental Group -6) Armageddo' PM James Adams E EAGLES (Vocal & nstrumental Group -5 Asylum BA Howard Rose PM Front Line EARWOOD MUNDO Vocalist) GMC BA Star Attractions EBONY COWGRL see Ebony Wright EDEN BARBARA (Vocalist) BA CM EDMONDS & CURLEY (Vocal & nstrumental Duo Comed cris, Ed Cur BA PM Edmonds & Curley ELDRDGE TOM (Vocalist Keyboardist w Vocal & nstrumental Group -B Duel BA Duel Prod ns PM Lee Dunne ELY JOE, BAND (Vocal & nstrumental Group) BA William Morris EUBANKS TONY (Vocalist w Vocal & nstrumental Group -5) BA Robert Blake EVERLY DON (Vocalist) Hickory BA AcuR-Rose F FALLS RUBY (Vocalist) 50 States BA Atlas Artist Buddy Lee FARGO DONNA (Vocalist w Vocal & nstrumental Group - 8( Warner Bros BA Jim Halsey PM Stan Silver - Prima -Donna Entertainment FAULT ELDEN (Vocalist) Tribal Contact Jerry Wood FEATHERNGLL REBECCAJO (Vocalist( Texas PM Don Schafer FELLER DCK (Vocalist) Asylum PM Rainbow Collection in Tenn FELTS NARVEL (Vocalist) MCA BA Johnny Elgin -Music City Talent Ted Fuller -Music Park PM Johnny Morris FEMMES, LES (Group -6( BA Anderson Agency FENDER, FRED (Vocalist Guitarist w Group -6) Star flight BA - JDYim Halsey PM Huey Meaux FENDRCK MARK (Vocalist( Kadin BA PM Frank Evans FNAL APPROACH Vocal & nstrumental Duol BA PM Richard Lutz FRTH, JOE B THE PROMSED LAND (Vocal & nstrumental Group -51 Boot PM Joe Firth FTZGERALD JOHN (Vocalist, nstrumentalist w Group - 5 Harbor BA Cathy Cummins -Happy Trails FVE PENNES 'Vocal Groupl B Contact Bollman nt FJELLGAARD GARY (Vocalist) Royalty PM Royalty Recs of Canada FLPPO BLL (Vocalist) Black Kat BA Allen White PM Trackdown Ents FLOWERS GENNFOR (Vocalist) BA Jim Halsey PM Jim Porter FLOWERS, WAYNE B COUNTRY ROADS (Group -41 Cobra BA Steve Stebbins -Americana Corp FLYNG BURRTO BROTHERS (Vocal & nstrumental Group -5i CBS BA Variety Artists PM Lloyd Segal FLYNN RONNE (Vocalist) PM R M Dick" Roth -Talent Showcase FORD, JOY SHOW (Vocalist w Vocal & nstrumental Group -7) Country nt BA Lance Prod ns PM Jake Payne -Dom Melillo Agency FOREMAN, SKP (Vocalist) - BA T R Drummond - R&D Mgmt FORMAN PEGGY (Vocalist) MCA BA Dave Schuder- United Talent FORSYTHE KEN (Vocalistl Boyd BA Saguaro Talent PM Action Ticket FOUR GUYS (Vocal & nstrumental Group -8) BA Dick Blake nt FRADY GARLAND BAND i THE OUTLAWS (Group -41 Crescendo BA Steve Stebbins-Amer,cana Corp FRAZER LO (Vocalist) Leo the Lion BA PM LOF Prod ns FREDERCKS KETH (Vocalist w Group-31 Brooklyn Country BA Brooklyn Country FRCKE JANE (Vocalist) Columbia BA PM Randy Jackson -Chardon FUHRMAN MCK (Vocalist( ABC BA Golden Bells Prod ns PM David Kent FURAY RCHE (Vocalist Guitarist) Elektra BA CM G GALLAWAY, STEVE (Vocalist nstrumentalist), Three Kings PM Robby Roberson GARNG LEWS (Vocalist Gurtanstl Ram BA Ram Talent PM Bruce Taylor GARNER RON BA Bissell -Johnson Ents GATLN LARRY (Vocalist w Group -81 Monument BA APA GAULT LENNY (Vocalist) MRC BA Atlas Artist GAYLE CRYSTAL(Vocalrstl Columbia BA William Morris GEORGE JOEY (Vocalist Guitarist) Lifesong BA Pere- GBSON BOB Mountain Railroad BA Mountain Railroad GBSON & CAMP (Duo) Mountain Railroad BA Mountain,ad GBSON DON ivocalrstl Hickory BA Top Billing GLLES MCKEY (Vocalist) Epic BA United Talent PM - a Crver-Gilley s Ents GMBLE JOHNNY Vocal & nstrumental Group -51 BA Mor rgomery Booking GOLD DUST (Vocal & nstrumental Group -5( Now BA Oa'-ation Music PM Nada C Jones GOLDSBORO, BOBBY (Vocalist) BA CM PM Michael Br, raw -Management Three in Calif GOOD BROTHERS (Vocal & nstrumental Group -B RCA B- DMA PM Neill Dixon-DixonPropas Prod vs GOODNOW JOY (Vocalist) Boot BA PM John Penny GOSDN VERN (Vocalist Guitarist) Elektra Asylum BA Diamond Mgmt Shorty Lavender PM Jan Kurtis GOUCHER BUCK (Vocalist Guitarist w Group -61 Boyd PM Bobby Boyd -Action Ticket GOZA GLEN (Vocalist) Country nt BA Lance Prod its GOZNEY T, BAND (Vocal & nstrumental Group -4( Col 5:4 --neck BA Meadow Lark Ventures GRAMMER BLLY (Vocalist nstrumentalist) Monument BA Atlas Artist E Jimmy Key & Jim Brown -Key Talent GRANT TOM (Vocalist) Republic BA Progressive Artists PM Dave Burgess -Progressive Artists GRAY JAN Churchill PM Bob Witte GREAT OMAHA OPRY (Group-7) BA S'roonng Stars Vayne Brooks GREEAR DALE (Vocalist Guitarist w Grnuo -61 Boyd BA Seyua'- Talent PM Bobby Bi - Country Music Sourcebook Billboard

9 COMEDY AKTST OF THE YEAR "From Yazoo City, Mississippi" t l, ne _ p k ri,, :, rj ", ' ' } L'2 );4Ai `r, tj641 FP:f4% _ V "We get better every 9ear Y SNCE,ssa Top Billuzg, 'nc ai 4301 Hillsboro Road /Box Nashville, Tennessee (615) Personal Manager TANDY RCE 'MCA RECORDS 1979 MCA Records, nc

10 BA Artists GREEMAN JUNOR (Vocal & nstrumental Group -4) BA Country Talent PM Don Redanz-Capitol Star GREENE JACK SHOW Nocahet) BA Buddy Lee GREENHLL, MTCH & MAYNE SMTH (Vocal nstrumental Duo) Bay BA Folklore Prod ns PM Manny Greenhill GRFF RAY (Vocalist w 'Vocal Group -41 BA Ray Griff Ents GRGGS JMMY (Vocalist w Group -4) Gusto BA Mark Coller GROCE LARRY (Vocalisti Peaceable BA Peaceable PM C Randolph Nauen GULLAMS PETE & THE COUNTRY BUDDES (Vocalist nstrumentalist w Vocal & nstrumental Group -5) Outlet BA Bill Sykes-Bluegrass Music PM Pete Gudliaws GUNNELS BOB (Vocal Group -5) B Contact Bollman nt GUY& RALNA(Vocal Duo) Ranwood BA William Morris H l HADDOCK, DURWOOD (Vocalist) Eagle nt Prod os Lance HAGER TWNS (Vocal Duo) BA Roger West-United Talent HAGGARD MARTY (Vocalist, BA American Mgmt HAGGARD MERLE (Vocalstl MCA BA Charles Fuzzy Owen Concert Express American Mgmt in Calif PM Charles Fuzzy Owen HALL, TOM T (Vocalist) RCA BA Top Billing HAMBLEN, STUART (Vocalist) Word Lamb & Lion PM Baxter HAMBLEN SUZY 'Jocahst) Voss PM Dick Baxter HAMLTON GEORGE V (Vocalist) MCA BA William Morris HAMLTON SHERRY (Vocalist w Group -4) UEC BA Mark Collier HANN PAUL (Vocalist Guitarist) Hann-Strathcona Music Stony Plain PM Paul HARGROVE LNDA (Vocalist) BA William Morris HARRELL BLL & THE VRGNANS )Vocalist nstrumen tapst w Vocal & nstrumental Group -4) Rebel BA Orange Blossom HARRS EMMYLOU (Vocalist w Vocal & nstrumental Group -61 Warner Bros BA Monterey Peninsula PM Ed Trckner HART FAMLY BA Buddy Lee HART, FREDDE (Vocalsti Capitol BA PM Jim Wagner- American Mgmt in Calf HART JMMY (Vocalist, BA BRD Prod ns HART, LNDA (Vocalist) BA J,m Halsey PM David Rose HARVELL NATE ivocal,st) Republic BA Joe Taylor HATFELD VNCE Vocahst Guitarist w Vocal Group -4) Butter Sound BA Butter Sound HATTON JERRY (Vocalist) London BA Smokey Warren PM Pete Swalk HAYDEN RON (Vocalist) Tribal Contact Jerry Wood HAYNE, BRENT Vocal & nstrumental Group -5) Darya BA Montgomery Booking PM Roy J Montgomery- MBA HEABERLN LARRY Nocalst w Vocal & nstrumental Group) Hoedown USA BA 4-K Prod ns HEAD ROY (Vocalist) MCA BA Jrm Halsey PM Lee Savaggio HECKEL BEVERLY (Vocalist) Mercury der -United Talent BA Dave Schu- HETMAN CND (Vocalist) BA PM Beau Jim HELKER GENE (Vocalist Guitarist) BA Stage Door Attractons PM Larry Hawkinson-West Mgmt HENDERSON BLL (Vocal & nstrumental Group -51 Darya BA Montgomery Booking PM Roy J Mont gornery -MBA The HENSON BRENDA (Vocalist) PM Bill Waller Jr -Pro -Tat HESS TROY Vocalrstl BA Star Attractions HCKORY (Group -51 Country Kitchen PM Marvin E Levin HGHBUROER SAM & SOUND ADVCE (Vocal ol & n mental Group -51 BA Bissell -Johnson Ents HNES, GARMON (Vocalist) Paresc BA Wdrld Artist PM Geoffrey Hansen HTCHNER BOYD (Vocalist Guitarist) Jubilate BA' PM Goodworks Music HOLCOMBE, WENDY (Vocalist nstrumentalist) BA Top Billing PM Tandy Rice HOLLOWELL TERR (Vocalist) Con Brio PM Jeff Walker HOME REMEDY (Group-41 BA Het HOOD BOBBY (Vocalist) Chute BA William Morns PM Charlie Lamb HORNSBY, BUTCH (Vocalist w Group) RCS PM RCS Prod its HOT POSSUM lnstrmental Group -61 Delta Sound PM Coyote Pub) g HOUSTON DAVD (Vocalist nstrumentalist w Vocal & n strumental Group -61 Elektra BA Billy Mutton PM Tillman Franks HOWARD DALLAS (Vocalesb B Contact Bollman nt HUBBARD RAY WYLE (Vocalist w Group -4) Lone Star PM Cobblestone Prod ns HUNLEY CON (Vocalist w Vocal Group -61 Warner Bros BA APA HUNT, MCHAEL (Vocalist Guitarst) Jubilate BA PM Goodworks Music HURDY JOHN (Guitarist) PM Jeffers Dodge-Play t By Ear HURLEY GLEN Cuzzm Sipe) Comed,am Johnny Dollar PM Mary Moamar -Cruzde Oro HUSKEY KENN, BAND (Group-51 Warner Bros BA Steve Stebbins-Americana Corp HUSKY FERLN (Vocalist w Group -6) First Generation BA Buddy Lee PM A Curtis HUTTON GUNLLA )Vocalist) BA American Mgmt NGRAHAM TON Notelet w Group -5 Sunset BA PM John Kelly VY BENSON BAND (Group-41 BA MEA J J C & THE MOONSHNE BAND (Vocal & nstrumental Group -6) Moonshine BA Bissell -Johnson Ents JACKSON STONEWALL (Vocalist) BA W,ham M,(-, JACKSON WANDA Nocal,st) Word BA PM Vt Goodman JACOBS LOR (Vocalist nstrumentalist( Neostat PM Harvey Yates JADA (Vocalist) Coyotee PM Gary Beck JAMES ED & GRAB RCHARDS (Vocal & nstrumentai Duo) Rustron BA PM nny Rusty Gordon-Rustron Music JAMES GEORGE (Vocalist Guntarstl Janc PM Janc Mgret JAMES, LNK (Vocalist) Country Star BA Country Star PM Process Talent JAMES SONNY & THE SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN (Vo calai w Group -51, Monument BA Reggie Mac - Untied Talent JANA JAE (Vocalist Fiddler) BA PM Jim Halsey JARVS LTTLE RCHE SHOW (Vocal & nstrumental Group -5) BA Ted Fuller & Steve Bess- Talentmaster JAY & THE RENEGADES (Vocalist nstrumentalist w Vocal & nstrumental Group -3) BA Shooting Stars PM Ed Strickland JAY VALERE (Vocalist w Group -4) Brooklyn Country BA PM Brooklyn Country JENNNGS, TOMMY (Vocalist) Monument BA Buddy Lee Nashville nt v Li LTTLE> EMT Record Company Mick DeeDee Upchurch Bill Hanks Lori andrei Kelly & Lloyd JENNNGS WAYLON (Vocalist) RCA, BA Utopia Prod ns JERRCO SHERR (Vocalist) Gusto BA Star Attractions JEWELL NANCY (Vocalist) Prckin Post Contact Prckin P ßít JM & JESSE & THE VRGNA BOYS (Vocalist w Vocal & mental Group -5 Old Dominion BA Joe Taylor PM Jim McReynolds-Double J JOHNSON JEANNE (Vocalist) Robert M Keith-AAA BA Quantrell Ents PM JOHNSON KATHE LEE (Vocalist) Tepra Tempo BA APA JOHNSON LOS :Vocalist) Mercury BA Larry Wilt JOHNSON MKE (Vocalist nstrumentalist) Newpax BA JOHNSON ROME (Vocahstl Celestial Contact Art Ben JONES GEORGE 'Vocalist w Group -7) Columbia JONES GRANDPA (Vocalist Banprst w nstrumental Group -4) Country Music Heritage BA Deck Blake nt l JONES LONNE & BLUE COUNTRY ROCK (Vocalist w Vocal & nstrumental Group -5) BA Robert Blake JONES REESA KAY (Vocalist) Now BA Opershon Music PM Nada C Jones JONES, TOMMY (Guitarist) Ovation BA Arcam Ents PM Steve Campbell-Arcam JORDAN, DANE (Vocalist) BA All Star Talent JUNE LOU (Vocalist, 50 -States Starsh,p BA Country Star PM Process Talent K KAD, JAMESON, BAND (Vocal & nstrumental Group -7) BA - PM Richard Lutz KARTMAN, RONNE (Vocalist) BA All Star Talent KAYE SANDRA (Vocalist) Door Knob PM Gene Kennedy KAYE SANDY (Vocalist Guitarist w Vocal Group -5) Butter Sound BA Butter Sound KELLOGG, LYNN BA CM KELLUM MURRY Vocalist) Plantation BA Trans World KENDALLS (Vocal Duo) Ovation BA Top Billing KERSHAW, DOUG (Vocalist Violinist) BA Athena Artists PM Michael Barnett-Barnett Ents KLGORE MERLE (Vocalist Guitarist) BA Larry We PM James R Smith KNG CLAUDE (Vocalist) True BA nternational Talent PM Clyde Brown Jr -nternational Talent KNG DON (Vocalist) Con Brio BA Jeff Davis-United Talent KNG JUDY (Vocalist) Warwick BA Frank Evans PM Ede Rowe-Frank Evans Prod ns KNG HOWARD (Vocalist Gurtansn BA Stage Door At tractions PM Larry Hawkinson-West Mgmt KNG, PEE WEE (Vocalist nstrumentalist w Vocal & n strumental Group -71 Starday RCA Victor BA Roy Tessler - Tessier Talent PM King Ente KNG SOLOMON (Vocalist) Capitol PM Preferred Artist KNGSLEY CHRS (Vocalest) Beau -Jim BA PM Beau - Jim KRBY VRGNA Vocalist) Doylen BA World of Talent PM Jim Doyle KNGHT, VCK (Vocalist) Amencan Sound BA Whit Mar shall PM Cliff Ayers KNOX BUDDY (Vocalist) Sunny Hill BA Shelby Talant KOOCK, GUCH (Vocalist w Group -4) PM Sy Levin KRAFT, KAREN (Vocalist) True BA nternational Talent PM Clyde Brown Jr -nternational Talent KRSTOFFERSON KRS (Vocalist w Vocal & nstrumental Group, Columbia BA Magna Artists PM Bert Block - Block -Kewley Mgmt (Performs with Rrta Coolidge) KRUGER CHUCK (Vocahst nstrumentalist w Vocal & nstrumental Group -6) Sail BA Pine Point PM Sad Prod ns KUFF LNKOLN (Comedian, Dream BA gor Rudenko L LA COSTA (Vocalist) Capitol BA William Morns LAMBERT LW & BLUE RVER BOYS (Vocalist Banjoist w Vocal & nstrumental Group -61 Anvil BA Bill Sykes-Bluegrass Music PM L W Lambert LAMBERTH, DAVD, HGH LONESOME RAMBLERS (Vocal & nstrumental Group-S) Ring Bluegrass BA Bill Sykes-Bluegrass Music PM David Lambenh LANCE ROMANCE (Vocal & nstrumental Group-S) BA Meadow Lark Ventures LANE, CRSTY (Vocalist) LS BA Lee Stoller Buddy Lee PM Lee Stoller LANKFORD TRUMAN (Vocalist) Lours,ana Haynde BA Louisiana Haynde PM David Kent LEA LNDA (Vocalist) B Gospel City Contact Bollman ntl LEDFORD KENNY (Vocalist w Group) American General Contact Pro Talent Consultants PM J Richard Eckert-Pro Talent Consultants LEE ALBERT (Vocalist Gurtansn A&M PM Havana Moon LEE AMY (Vocalist) Baby Girl BA PM Frank Evans LEE BRENDA (Vocalist) BA Joyce Agency Buddy Lee LEE DCKEY (Vocalist) RCA, BA Top Billing LEE GRACE (Vocalist- Gurtanst) Shooting Stars BA BA 10 Country Music Sourcebook Billboard

11 Featuring: Jim Ed Brown & Helen Cornelius and The Gems Top Billing, nc 4301 Hillsboro Road/Box Nashville, Tennessee Exclusively On

12 Artists LEE JMMY BA Bssell-Johnson Ents LEE JOHNNY (Vorahstl Astro BA Dave Schuder-United Talent PM Sherwood Cryer-Gilley s Ents LEE JON (Vocalist) MCA BA Jeff Dave-Unted Talent LE GARDE TWNS (Vocal Door 4 -Star BA Diamond Mgmt Larry Writ LEHR ZELLA (Vocalist) RCA BA American Mgmt in Calf PM Al Bello LEWS BOBBY Nocabst nstrumentahstl Capricorn BA PM Billy Deaton LEWS, HUGH X (Vocalist nstrumentahstl Little Darin BA Atlas Artest LEWS JERRY LEE (Vocahst Prasst) Elektra Asylum BA PM Robert Porter -Jerry Lee Lewis & Co LEWS JMMY Vocal of w Vocal & nstrumental Group - 51 Duel BA Duel Prod ns PM Lee Dunne LGHTFOOT GORDON (Vocalst), Warner Bros BA CM LMELTERS (Vocal & nstrumental Group -9) RCA BA RNJ Prod ns PM Rem Neggo Jr LTWN RALPH (Vocalist nstrumentalist) Jubilate BA Goodworks Musics PM New mage LONG JOHN B THE TOWN i COUNTRY REVUE llnstru mental Group -41 BA Roger West -tinted Talent LONG SHORTY SHOW (Vocal & nstrumental Group - BA Bruce Rohrbach LOST GONZO BAND (Group -61 Capricar BA Variety Ar sts PM Free Flow Prod ns LOST HGHWAY BAND (Group -71 BA Arne Bacon - Good Musc LOVE FORCE (Vocal & nstrumental Group -71, Leo the Lan BA LOF Prod ns LYNN BETSY (Vocalst) Amencan Sound PM ChM Ayers LYNN BONNE (Vocalist) PM Charles F Stemmet: LYNN ERNEST REY (Vocalstl MCA BA Dave Schuder- Unned Talent PM Louie Long -Loretta Lynn Ents LYNN EVE (Vocalstl Country Star BA Country Star PM Process Talent LYNN JUDY Vocalrstw Group -61 Sunset BA PM John Kelly LYNN LORETTA Sk THE COAL MNERS (Vocalist w Vocal Group -81 MCA BA Jimmy Jay -United Talent PM Dared Skepner-Loretta Lynn Ents LYNN REBECCA (Vocalsrt) Scorpion BA Amencan Mgmt,n Calif PM Mika Borchetta LYNNE CONNE (Vocalrst) American Sound PM ChM Ayers M MACMLLAN DON (Vocahst) Black Bear PM Rhoda Taylor -Boxer Prod ns MADDOX ROSE Capdal BA Steven Stebbins -Amer cana Corp MADDY BROTHERS (Vocal & nstrumental Group -31 Celestial Contact Art Benson MAHAN LARRY SHOW (Vocalstl BA Buddy Lee MAHAN RON SHOW BA Buddy Lee MAHANEY MKE (Vocalist Gtutanst( BA PM Man Street MAN GEORGE 8 HARO TMES (Group-dl BA PM Jerry Plantz MANDRELL BARBARA (Vocalist nstrumentahst w Vo cal á nstrumentalst Group -61 MCA BA Dhck Blake ntl PM rby Mandrel) MANDRELL LOUSE Vocahst nstrumentalar w Vocal 8 nstrumental Group -41 Epic BA Nashville nt PM rby Mandrel) MANZN, MARO Vocalst - Gurtanst w nstrumental Group -51 Silver Crest BA, PM Marro Manzrm MARANO, HAROLD (Vocalist) Mother Earth BA Tom Bee MARSHALL PERCY Vocahst Gurtanstwr Group -51 PM Bill Waller Jr -Pro-Talents MARSHALL TUCKER BAND (Vocalist nstrumentalrot w Group) Warner Bros BA 1CM MARTEL, MARTY (Vocahst w nstrumental Group -51 BA Dick Blake nt MARTELL, LNDA Notelet) Nu -Tone BA PM Benne Brown MARTN BETTY Nocalrst Door Knob PM Gene Kennedy MARTN JOEY (Vocalist Gwtarrst) Doc Ron PM Dr Ron Slander -Doc Ron MARTN SONNY (Vocalist w Vocal 6 nstrumental Group -7) Shooting Stars BA Eddie Weldon PM Sonny Man, MARVELL JAMES/THE COUNTRY CAVALEER (Vocalist w Group -3) Lake Front BA Lake Front MATTHEWS, RANDY (Vocalist Gurtanstl BA Perelandra PM Ray Nenow-Perelandra McANALLY, MAC (Vocalist nstrumentahst) Arcola BA Athena Artists PM Wishbone nc McBRDE DALE (Vocalist) Con ere BA Wrióam M - PM Dusty Case -Case -Munson McCALL CW (Vocalist) Polydor BA Witham Mars McCALL DARRELL (Vocabstl Columba BA Ronne Sod' man-encoretalent McCARTY, DOUG (Vocalist), Rainbow Collection BA Paula Bailan PM Rainbow Collection McCASLN MARY (Vocalist Gurtanst) Philo BA Folklore Prod ns PM Manny Greenhill McCLAN, CHARLY (Vocalstl Epic BA Top Billing McCLNTON DELBERT (Vocalist w Group -71 Capricorn BA Paragon Agency PM Don Lght McCLNTON 08 (Vocalist) Epic BA Nashville nt McCOURY DEL (Vocalst w Group -51 Rebel BA Med stream Promos PM Ma Mandel MCCOY, CHARLE (Vocalist nstrumentalstl Monument PM Jan Kur s MCCOY, JAY (Vocalist Gurtanst w Vocal & nstrum Group -31 Shooting Stars BA Shooting Stars PM Er: Strickland McDANEL MEL 8 LTTLE MORE COUNTRY (Vocalist w Groups Capitol BA Cloud Agency Will am Morns McDONALD, RCK (Vocal & nstrumental Group -4) Rus - non BA PM Rusty Gordon-Rustron Music in N Y MCDOWELL, RONNE Nocalst w Vocal Group -71 Epic BA Allen Whrtcornb-tinned Talent PM Mike Beaty McENTRE REBA (Vocalstl Mercury BA Dick Blake rt MCEUEN JOHN Vocalstl BA APA PM Bill McEuen MCNEELEY LARRY (Banjoist) Takoma BA PM Shorty Lavender McPEAKE BROTHERS (Vocal & nstrumental Group -51 County BA B1 Sykes -Bluegrass Music PM Dewey McPeake MEDLEY BLL (Vocalist) United Artists BA Wdbam Morns PM Ken Kragen -Kragen & Co MELODEERS (Vocal 8 nstrumental Group -41 BA Capitol Booking PM Ben Fogelson MCHAELS GARY (Vocalrst) BA Robert Blake MCKELSON CLFF, 6 GUN-SHY (Vocalist Fiddler w Vo cal & nstrumental Group -41 Maple Haze BA Betty Kaye PM ChM Mckelson MDKFF JEFF NEW GRASS REVUE (Vocal's! nstru mentalist w Vocal & nstrumental Group -51 Outlet BA Bill Sykes -Bluegrass Music PM Randy Midk,ff MLLER BROTHERS BAND (Vocal & nstrumental Group - 51 BA Open Booking Agency MLLER DARNELL Fanfare BA Larry Writ MLLER JODY (Vocalist w Group -51 Epic BA PM J,m Halsey MLLER MARY K (Vocalotl RCA PM Vincent Krckeriuo MLLER PHL (Vocal & nstrumental Group -51 Darya BA Montgomery Booking PM RoyJ Montgomery -MBA MLLER, ROGER (Vocalist) BA American Mgmt in Calif CM PM Michael Brokaw -Management Three in Card \ Watch For The Smash Hit \ \ "WAS YOUNG LOVE e////////////////////////////////////////////h////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////e BORN TO DE" \ Album a BA1190/Single z BA1923 ; \ BOBBE ROBERSON o Exclusively On 0 BOLVA RECORDS 1219 Kerlin Ave Brewton Ala \ (205) \ Booking Agent: MKE TRACY (205) Management MEMNON TALENT CORP 1619 Broadway New York N Y 10019!r o, \ (212) PERSONAL MANAGER ROY EDWARDS }--,/ F \ \ ///i/////////////////////i//////////////////i/////////i//ii/iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii///iiiiiiiii///iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii/////a MLLS GENE (YODELLN' MOUNTAN BOY) (Vocalist( Celestial PM Art Benson MLSAP RONNE Vocahst Pianist) RCA BA William Morns PM W Roben Thompson MSSON MOUNTAN WOOD BAND (Group- 51 M2WB BA Randy Erw n Good Music PM Dick Ruben MSSSSPP (Vocalist & nstrumental Group -51 BA Open Booking Agency MSSOUR HOGSHEAD (Group -41 BA Hit MOFFATT, KATY ncal st Gurtanst) CBS BA Athena Art,sts MONROE BLL (Vocalist nstrumentalist w Vocal & n- strumental Group -51 MCA BA Acuff -Rose MONTANA PATSY (Vocalist) Brach PM R B Rose MONTGOMERY JOE (Vocal & nstrumental Group -5) Darya BA Montgomery Booking PM Roy J Montgomery- MBA MOORE 6 PERRN Duoi BA Hn MORGAN LORRE BA Buddy Lee MORRS LAMAR,Vocalist) BA Buddy lee MOSBY JONE i JOHNNY (Duo) Capitol BA Steve Stebbins -Americana Corp PM Steve Stebbins MOSS BACK MULE BAND (Vocal & nstrumental Group - B BA DMR Ents MUNDY, JM (Vocalist) MCM BA Larry Writ MURPHEY, MCHAEL (Vocalist nstrumentalist w Vocal & nstrumental Group -4) Epic BA Jim Halsey PM Hartmann & Goodman MURRAY, ANNE (Vocalstl Capitol BA APA PM Leonard T Rambeau-Balmur Ltd MURRAY, BONNE (Vocalst Gurtanstl BA Rick Bloom s Office MURRELL JOHNNY Nocalatl B Contact Bollman nt N NASHVLLE MPACT (Group-61 Fargo BA PM Al Embry NASHVLLE MAGC (Vocal & nstrumental Group -71 Country nt BA Lance Prod ns NELSON BONNE Nocalrstl BA Wrllram Morra NELSON CNDY JOE (Vocalist( BA PM Shorty Lavender NELSON RCK (Vocalstl Eprc BA Jim Halsey PM Greg McDonald NELSON WLLE (Vocalist w Vocal & nstrumental Group -7) Columbia BA Mark Rothbaum NEW CHRSTY MNSTRELS (Vocal A nstrumental Group -81 BA American Mgmt PM Sat Gams NEWBURY MCKEY (Vocalst) Hickory BA Acuff -Rose NEWMAN JMMY C Nocahstl Plantauen BA Top Bdl-,ng PM Tandy Rrce NEWTON -JOHN OLVA (Vocalist( MCA BA CM NCHOLS ERNE (Vocalist w Group -51 Lake Front BA Lake Front NCOLETT, JOSEPH (Vocalst) Starllne PM Cheryl Lee Gammon-Ncolenr Music NELSEN CHRS (Vocalstl Royalty PM Royalty Recs of Canada NELSEN SHAUN Vocarst w Vocal & nstrumental Group -51 RCA BA Buddy Lee PM Harrison Tyner- HT Musc NOSY STEVE Vocalstl Celestial Contact Art Benson NORTON BUFFALO (Group -61 Capitol BA Variety Artrots PM John Toomey NORTON TMMY (Vocalist) Boyfriends BA PM Frank Evans NUTTER, MAYF Notelet w Group -61 Gar Pas BA Brumley Artists O OAK RDGE BOYS (Vocal Group w nstrumental Group - 81 MCA BA PM Jim Halsey O'DELL KENNY (Vocalist) Capricorn BA Amencan Mgmt n Calf OLD NO 7 (Vocal & nstrumental Group -51 BA DMR Enta OLVER (Vocalst Gwtaristl BA Maggie James PM Bob Hinkle O NEAL TOM Vocahstl B Contact Bollman nt ORBSON ROY Vocahst w Vocal & nstrumental Group - S E'rktra BA Acuff -Rose ORENDER, DEWAYNE Vocal,sti BA Buddy Lee OUR GANG (Group -51 BA PM Band Ald OVERSTREET TOMMY, B THE NASHVLLE EXPRESS Noahst w Vocal Group -71 Elektra PM Jan Ku -i s OWEN JM (Vocalst) BA Jeff Days -Untied Talent PM Sound Seventy OWENS BUCK (Vocalist Gurtanst w Vocal & nstrumental Group -5) Warner Bros BA Omac Artist PM Jack McFadden OXFORD VERNON, BA Buddy Lee OZARK MOUNTAN DAREDEVLS (Groupe BA CM P PAGE PATT Nocahstl BA CM PM Jack Rael-Pattack Prod its PAPA JOE B RVERBOAT (Group -51 BA PM Band Ald PARADSE (Vocal Group -41 BA Marc Whitmore -Warr Coombs PM Marc Whtmore PARKER TS (Vocabst w Group -4) South Breeze BA Holmes Agency PM South Breeze 12 Country Music Sourcebook Billboard

13 o w Featuring Country Music's Only Complete Multi -Media Show "The Bill Anderson Show is proof that good songs, well sung and surrounded by sharp production are timeless:" Hot Springs (Ark) Sentinel Record Person Bobby Brenner Associates E x c l u s i Bill Goodwin Agency, nc "He believes in moving with the times And Country Music is going to move with him-like it or not" The Ottawa Citizen a M a n 400 Madison Avenue New York ve R e p r e 1303 North Gallatin Road, Madison "Bill Anderson is growing as an artist and his fans deserve it demand it, and enjoy Country Song Round -Up a g e m e n t New York (212) s e n t a t i o n, Tennessee (615)

14 Artists PARTON DOLLY (Vocalist) RCA BA CM PM Katz -Gal tin PARTON STELLA (Vocalist) Elektra BA John McMeen PM Norton Styne PAYCHECK JOHNNY (Vocalist w, Group) Epic BA Shorty Lavender Buddy Lee Roy Tessier-Tessier Talent Variety Artists PEARL HANDLE BAND (Vocal & nstrumental Group -4) BA Prestige Artists PM Ed Hanson-Fandango PEEK DAN (Vocalist Guitarist' Lamb & Lion BA Steve Crenshaw-Wayne Coombs PEGGY JO (Vocalist) American Sound PM Cliff Ayers PEGGY SUE (Vocalist( Door Knob BA Atlas Artist Joe Taylor PM Gene Kennedy PENNELL, SSTER BETTY (Vocalist Tambourine w Vocal & nstrumental Group) Shooting Stars BA Shooting Stars PM Eddie Weldon PENNY JOHN BAND (Vocal & nstrumental Group -6) Belmont BA PM John Penny PERKNS CARL (Vocalist w Vocal & nstrumental Group) Jet BA Magna Artists PM Stanley Chernau-Denny Lackey & Chernau PHLLPS EXPRESS (Group-5) Cobra BA Steve Stebbins-Americana Corp PERCE, WEBB (Vocalist) BA Joyce Agency PKE DAVE 'Vocalist) Belmont BA John Penny PNNEY DCK (Vocalist) Mountain Railroad BA Mountain Railroad PPER ROAD SPRNG BAND (Vocal & nstrumental Group -61 Fiends Club BA Open Booking Agency PM Priority Group PLACE MARY KAY )Vocalist( Columbia BA Century Art- ists PLUM HOLLOW (Group -51 BA Hit POSEY SANDY (Vocalist) Warner Bros BA Billy Robin son POST JM (Vocalish Mountain Railroad BA Mountain Railroad POTT COUNTRY PORK BEAN BAND (Vocal & nstrumental Group -5) Pott County Fine Arts BA Great Plains PRCE CHUCK, SHOW (Vocalist Guitarist w Vocal & nstrumental Group -4) Teardrop BA GreenSprings Es press PM Ron GreenSprings PRCE KENNY (Vocalist Comedian) MRC BA American Mgmt in Calif Atlas Artist PRCE RAY (Vocalist) Monument BA Jim Halsey PM Jame Price-Ray Price Ents PRCE, RCH (Vocalist w Vocal & nstrumental Group -7 RPM PM Byrne Newhart PRDE, CHARLEY (Vocalist) RCA BA Randy Jackson- Chardon PM Frank Mancini-Chardon PRNE JOHN (Vocalist Guitarisb Elektra Asylum BA Athena Artists PM Al Bunetta PRUETT JEANNE (Vocalist w Group -7) MCA BA Nashville nt PURE PRARE LEAGUE (Group-5) RCA BA Variety Art ists PM Jack Daley Q QUNLAN RUTH (Vocalist by Vocal & nstrumental Group -5) BC BA Jim Brown-Key Talent R RABBTT, EDDE (Vocalist) Elektra BA American Mgmt in Calif CM PM Stan Moress-Scotti Bros RANS CHCK (Vocal & nstrumental Group -6) RCA BA Michael Higelin-CA PM Chet Actis-CA RANTREE (Vocal & nstrumental Group -41 Green Mou, tain BA Bob Doyle PM Bob Green-Bob Doyle RANWATER MARVN (Vocalist) MGM BA Smokey War ren RAKES PAL (Vocalsit Guitarist) Warner Bros PM Chap ter One RANDOLPH BOOTS (Saxophonist) BA Buddy Lee (fairs special events) RAVEN EDDY (Vocalist) Monument BA Shorty Lave -de PM Jan Kurtis RAW HONEY (Vocal & nstrumental Group -5) BA Ted Fuller & Steve Bess-Talentmaster RAY, RANDY (Vocalist nstrumentalist w Vocal Group -- 3i Butter Sound BA Butter Sound RAYE SUSAN (Vocalist) BA PM Jim Wagner-America^ Mgmt in Calif REBA (Vocalist) Greentree BA David Antisdate-Wavni- Coombs PM Judy Gossett REDWNG (Vocal & nstrumental Group -5) PM Jim Ep perd - Big Deal REED HADEN (Vocalist) ReedSound BA Pals Place PM Horace Williams REED JERRY (Vocalist Guitarist) RCA BA William Mor ris PM Harry Warner-Jerry Reed Ents REEVES DEBBE (Vocalist by Vocal & nstrumenta Group -4) Beau -Jim BA PM Beau Jim REEVES DEL (Vocalist) United Artists BA Buddy Lee PM X Cosse REMNGTON, RTA (Vocalist) Plantation BA Trans World PM Shelby Singleton RENO DON, THE TENNESSEE CUTUPS (Vocalist, nstrumentalist w Vocal & nstrumental Group -61 CMH BA Orange Blossom RENO JACK (Vocalist w Vocal & nstrumental Group -6) Derbytown BA Joe Taylor PM Hitch A Ride REYNOLDS JUDY (Vocalist) Triad BA Operation Music PM Nada C Jones RHODES SUSAN (Vocalist) Arctic BA Linda Rhodes PM Shane Wilder RCE BOBBY G (Vocalist) Republic BA Joe Taylor RCH CHARLE (Vocalist, United Artists BA William Mor ris PM Charlie Rich Ents RCHARDS DAVE (Vocalist) Celestial Contact Art Ben son RCHARDS GRAB, see Ed James RCHARDS, MARC (Vocalist Harmonica) Snowdrop PM R M Dick Roth-Talent Showcase RDERS N THE SKY (Vocal & nstrumental Group) BA Shorty Lavender RLEY JEANNE C (Vcahst) BA Top Billing PM Gene Scott RNGER JM (Vocalist Guitarist) Philo BA Folklore Prod ns PM Manny Greenhill RPP CHARLEY (Vocalist, nstrumentalist w Vocal Group -3) Wooden Bowl BA PM Wooden Bowl RTCHE, JEAN (Vocalist Dulcimer) BA Showcase Assocs ROBBNS MARTY (Vocalist) Columbia PM Louie Dunn-Top Drawer BA Top Drawer ROBBNS RONNY (Vocalist) Arctic BA Joe Taylor Top Drawer ROBERSON, ROBBY (Vocalist, Guitarist) Three Kings PM Robby Roberson ROBERTS, KENNY (Vocalist) Starday BA Atlas Artist RODRGUEZ JOHNNY (Vocalist Guitarist w Group -81 Epic BA PM Jim Halsey ROGERS DALE EVANS (Vocalist 'Pianist) Word BA David Antisdale-Wayne Coombs PM Art Rush ROGERS DAVD (Vocalist) Republic BA Roy Tessier- Tessier Talent ROGERS, GAMBLE (Vocalist) Mountain Railroad BA Blade Agency ROGERS KENNY (Vocalist) United Artists BA CM PM Ken Kragen-Kragen & Co ROHLF, BOB (Vocalist Guitarist) Ram BA Ram Talent PM Bruce Taylor ROLLNG COUNTRY (Group-6) Texas PM Don Schafer ROMAN LULU 'Vocalist) BA Omac Artist PM Jack McFadden RONSTADT, LNDA (Vocalist) Elektra Asylum BA CM PM Peter Asher ROSE CANYON BAND (Vocal & nstrumental Group -4) BA Open Booking Agency PM Priority Group ROSTalentE JANTA U (Vocalist) BA PM Roy Tessier-Tessier ROSE RANDY (Vocalist nstrumentalist) Garden BA Srnokey Warren PM Paul Rose ROSTOKER, RACHEL (Vocalist) Raven PM Albert VWhams-Wooden Lady ROWLAND, JOHNNY (Group -51 Boyd BA Saguaro Talent PM Action Ticket ROWLAND, RTA (Vocalist) Ranee BA Robert Blake RUSSELL JOHNNY (Vocalist) Mercury BA Allen Whitcomb-United Talent PM Don Perry RUSTCAL DUALTY STRNG BAND (Vocal & nstrumental Group -6) BA Bob Doyle PM Karen Hirshon-Bob Doyle RYLES JOHN WESLEY (Vocalist) MCA BA Ted Fuller- Music Park Exclusive Management James R Smith P 0 Box 790 Cullman, AL (205) S SALT CREEK (Group- Si BA Brian Knaff SAM JO (Vocalist w Group -5) MGM Polydor BA Rodgers Agency PM TC Mgmt SCHWARZ TRACY i ELOSE (Vocal & nstrumental Duol Folkways Old Homestead BA Bob Doyle PM Eloise Schwarz SCRVENOR GOVE (Vocalist) Flying Fish BA PM Don Light SCRUGGS EARL, REVUE (Vocal & nstrumental Group - 7) Columbia BA APA PM Louise Scruggs SEABRD BAND (Vocal & nstrumental Group -51 Waylon BA PM Times Mgmt SEELY JEANNE, SHOW (Vocalist w Group) BA Buddy Lee SELDOM SCENE (Vocal & nstrumental Group -51 Rebel BA Orange Blossom SETTLE, MKE (Vocalist) MCA BA RNJ Prod ns PM Rein Neggo Jr SHADE TREE (Group -41 Buffarillo BA PM American Mgmt Ents SHAKEY TOWN CTZENS BAND (Vocal & nstrumental Group -61 BA PM Main Street SHANE & JOVE (Vocal Duo) B Contact Bollman ntl SHANE TFFANY (Vocalist) American Sound PM Cliff Ayers SHANNON, Republic BA Steve Stebbins-Americana Corp SHANNON GUY (Vocalist, MM BA PM Al Embry SHARPE SUNDAY (Vocalist, BA Buddy Lee 14 Country Music Sourcebook Billboard

15 Artists SHATSWELL DANNY (Vocalist, Mercury BA Chip Peey- _ ' red Talent SHAW RON (Vocalist) Pacific Challenger BA Jerry Hale PM Mike Tell SHENANDOAH (Vocal & nstrumental Group -5) BA Multi -dimensional SHEPARD JEAN (Vocalist w Vocal 6 nstrumental Group -5) Scorpion BA Atlas Artist SHEPPARD BOB (Vocalist Guitarist) Naja BA PM Plum Prod ns SHEPPARD T G (Vocalist w Group -61 Warner Curb BA PM Jack D Johnson SHERRLL DANNE (Vocalist) BA William Morns SHOPPE (Vocal & nstrumental Group -5) BA Capitol Booking SDE OF THE ROAD GANG (Vocal Group -61 Tesas PM Don Schafer SLVER CTY BAND (Vocal & nstrumental Group, BA W,) Lam Morris SLVERBALL (Vocal & nstrumental Group -4, BA Green - Springs Empress PM Ron GreenSprings SLVERS DON (Vocalist w Group -6) Lo Don BA Larry Wilt SNGLETON MARGE (Vocalist' Ashley PM Linda G Denny-Country Music Spectacular STES BETTE (Vocalist) Celestial Contact Art Benson SX JM (Vocalist w -Vocal Group -31 Renegade BA Betsy Coppersmith SKYBOYS ivocal Group -71 First American: BA Far West PM Monte Miller SMALLWOOD LANEY Vocalist) Monument PM Jan Kunis SMATHERS BEN & THE STONEY MOUNTAN CLOG - GERS BA Buddy Lee SMTH, CAL, & THE COUNTRY BUMPKNS (Vocalist w Vocal Group -5) MCA BA Allen Whitcomb-United Talent SMTH, CARL (Vocalist) Hickory BA Top Billing SMTH CONNE (Vocalist, Monument BA PM Billy Dea - ton SMTH DEBBE (Vocalist w Group -51 Boyd PM Bobby Boyd-Action Ticket SMTH, GLADYS (Vocalist) Peoples BA Country Talent PM Don Redans-Capitol Star SMTH HERBE (Vocalist w Vocal & nstrumental Group - 4, Astral 7 PM Herbe Smith SMTH LARRY & JOY (Vocal & nstrumental Duo) Garden BA Smokey Warren SMTH, LEE (Vocalist) B Contact Bollman nt SMTH LESLE (Vocalist) Bogus BA Mike Anthony- American Mgmt PM Carl M Grefenstene-Tenth Hour SMTH, MARGO (Vocalist) Warner Bros BA William Mor its SMTH MAYNE see Mitch Greenhill SMTH, SAMM (Vocalist) Cyclone BA Johnny Elgin- Music City Talent PM Johnny Morris SMOKED COUNTRY JAM (Vocal Group -41 Jubilate BA PM Goodworks Music SMOOTH COUNTRY (Vocal 6 nstrumental Group -3) Slash BA Briarwood Talent SNODGRASS & COL HAL (Comedian) Country Gold PM Gracie Dee-Country Music Entertainment SNOW HANK (Vocalist nstrumentalist w Vocal & nstrumental Group -51 RCA BA Billy Deaton Roy Tessier- Tessier Talent SONNER, JOEL (Vocalist Accordionist w Group -61 Eagle nt BA PM Earl Ball SOUR MASH (Group-7, BA Arnie Bacon-Good Music PM Jim Ludwig SOUTHBOUND BAND (Group-4) BA Steve Stebbins- Americana Corp SOUTHBOUND TRAFFC (Group) BA Bissell -Johnson Ents SOUTHERN HAL (Vocalist Guitarist) Country Gold PM Gracie Dee-Country Music Entertainment SOUTHERN HOTLNE (Vocal & nstrumental Group -6) BA Cabaret Attractions PM TC Mgmt SOUTHERN LEE (Vocalist) B Contact Bowman nt SOUTHERN MOUNTAN BOYS (Vocal & nstrumental Group -61 Rounder BA PM Bob Paisley-Southern Mountain SOUZA DUANE (Vocalist nstrumentalist) Warner Bros BA Cathy Cummins-Happy Trails SOVNE RED (Vocalist) Starday Gusto BA Top Billing SPEARS BLLE JO (Vocalist w Vocal Group -4) United Artists BA Roger West-United Talent SPECAL CONSENSUS BLUEGRASS (Group -4) Tin Ear, BA Proven Talent PM Raese Mgmt SPEER DAVD (Vocal & nstrumental Group -5, Darya BA Montgomery Booking PM Roy J Montgomery- MBA SPRNG, SALLY (Vocalist Guitarist) Aeolian BA Robsher LenTalent PM Robsher STAFFORD JM (Vocalist nstrumentalist, PM George Bullets Durgom STAFFORD, TERRY (Vocalist) Melodyland BA Steve Stebbins-Americana Corp STAMPLEY JOE (Vocalist w Group -6) Epic BA PM Jim Halsey STAMPS en Concert BA Buddy Lee STANLEY RALPH & THE CLNCH MOUNTAN BOYS Vocalist nstrumentalist w Vocal & nstrumental Group -5) Rebel BA Midstream Promos Orange Blossom STAPLER BOBBY (Vocalist American Sound PM Cliff Ayers STAR SPANGLED WASHBOARD (Vocal & nstrumental Group -7) Flying Fish BA DMA PM William Ash wood STARK, JAN (Vocalist) Ambassador BA Robert Blake STARR, ELANE (Vocalist) Capitol Star Artist BA Country Talent PM Don Redanz-Capitol Star STARR, KENNY (Vocalist w Vocal Group) MCA BA Roger West-United Talent STARR TONY see Don Bailes STATLER BROTHERS (Vocal Group w Vocal & nstrumental Group-B1 Mercury BA Dick Blake nt STEAGALL, RED (Vocalist w Group) MCA BA Ronne Spillman-Encore Talent PM Williams Hart Cimini STELLAR UNT (Vocal & nstrumental Group -3) Beau Jim BA PM Beau -Jim STEVENS LLYNN (Vocalist w Group -5) Lake Front BA Lake Front STEVENS RAY (Vocalist w Group -6) Warner Bros William Morris PM Williams Hart Cimini STEWART CATHE (Guitarist) CTL Quality BA Van Enter tainment PM Cathart Entertainment STEWART GARY (Vocalist w Vocal & nstrumental Group -61 RCA BA Celebrity Mgmt STEWART JOHN (Vocalist w Vocal & nstrumental Group -4) RSO BA Athena Artists PM Lloyd Segal STONEMANS (Vocal & nstrumental Group-S CMH BA Joe Taylor STRCKLAND EDDE (Vocalist Banjoist w Group) Shooting Stars BA Shooting Stars PM Eddie Weldon Ed Strickland STRUNK, JUD (Vocalist) BA Buddy Lee STUCKEY NAT (Vocalist) BA Chip Peay-United Talent STURR, JMMY Vocalist nstrumentalist w Vocal Group -10) Starr BA United Polka Artists PM Gus Kosior-United Polka Artists SUMNER, JD & THE STAMPS (Group) OCA BA Diamond Mgmt (Continued on page 19) BA CMA Vocal Group of the Year ACM Vocal Group of the Year ACM Album of the Year The Entertainment Package of the Year 5800 East Skelly Dr Tulsa, Okla (918) Country Music Sourcebook Billboard 15

16 5952 i BOOKNG AGENTS & CONTACTS A A B C (Associated Booking Corp) 1995 Broadway New York N Y Tel (212) Cable STAR BUCK Branches Beverly Hills Calif 9595 Wilshire Blvd Zip Tel (213) Dee Plaines 2700 S River Rd Zip Tel 1312) Les Vegas Nev 4055 S Spencer Zip Tel ( Dallas Tea Lee Park Bldg 3511 Hall St Zip Tel (214) ,, A P A (Agency for the Performing Arts) 120 W 57 St New York N Y Tel 1212) Branches Loa Angeles Calif 9000 Sunset Blvd Sude 315 Zip Tel (213) Miami F 7630 Biscayne Blvd Zip Tel ACUFF-ROSE ARTSTS CORP, 2510 Franklin Rd Nash vole Tenn Tel AGENCY FOR THE PERFORMNG ARTS see APA ALAMO PROD'NS 5415 San Pedro Ave San Antonio Te Tel ( ALL STAR TALENT AGENCY PO Box 82 Greenbrier Tenn Tel (615) AMERCAN MGMT Ventura Blvd Suite 220 En ano Calf Tel AMERCAN MGMT ENTS PO Box Tel ( Lawrence Kan AMERCANA CORP PO Box Tel ( Woodland Hills Calif MKE ANTHONY, see American Mgmt DAVD ANTSDALE, see Wayne Coombs ARCAM ENTS NC Bon 189 Brentwood Tenn Tel ( ARMAGEDDON TALENT ASSOCS 1604 W Juneway Trr, Chicago Tel ( ARTST/BUYER CONSULTANTS (ABC), 2911 W Mark ham Little Rock Ark Tei ( ARTSTS'/HELLER AGENCY 6430 Sunset Blvd Suite 1516 Los Angeles Calif Tel (213) ARTSTS UNLMTED 2040 Ahualani P Honolulu Hawai Tel 1808) ASSOCATED BOOKNG CORP see ABC ATHENA ARTSTS NC 9100 Wilshire Blvd Suite 460 Beverly Hills Calf Tel ( Branch Plymouth Maas PO Box 715 Zip Tel ATLAS ARTST BUREAU NC 217 E Cedar St Good lettsville Tenn Tel ( B B R D PROD'NS 2500 Mt Moriah Suite 660 Memphis Tenn Tel (901) ARNE BACON see Good Music EARL BALL & ASSOCS Ave S Nashville Tenn Tel (615) PAULA BALLAN 101 W 57 St Suite 2A New York N Y Tel (212) BAND AD ENTERTANMENT NC PO Box 3673 Baton Rouge La Tel (504) BEAU -JM AGENCY NC PO Box 758 Lake Jackson Tex Tel ( BEE JAY -J BRD BOOKNG AGENCY, PO Box 1015 Lake Helen Fla Tel ( TOM BEE ASSOCS, PO Box 8207 Albuquerque N M Tel ART BENSON N La Brea Hollywood Calif Tel (Contact) STEVE BESS see Talentmaster BSSELL -JOHNSON ENTS, 5925 Kirby Dr Suite 226 Houston Tex Tel (713) BLADE AGENCY, PO Bo Gainesville Fla Tel (904) DCK BLAKE NTL 11 Music Circle S Nashville Tenn Tel (615) ROBERT BLAKE & ASSOCS City Square Surte 1108 Hendersonville Tenn Tel (615) RCK BLOOM'S OFFCE Venture Blvd Suite 116 Encino Calif Tel (213) BLUEGRASS MUSC PROMOS 732 Brandon Ave SW Roanoke Va Tel ( BOLLMAN NT'L RECS- PO Box Dallas Tex Tel ( (Contact only) BRARWOOD TALENT 2030 N Oakland St Arlington Va Tel (703) BROOKLYN COUNTRY PROD'NS, 6666 Brookmont Terr Suite 712 Nashville Tenn Tel (615) BENNE BROWN PROD'NS PO Box Wood way Ln Columbia S C Tel ( JM BROWN, see Key Talent BRUMLEY ARTSTS 8746 Sunset Blvd Suite t Los An geles Calif Tel BUTTER SOUND AUDO & VDEO PROD'NS 5600 N Duie Odessa Tex Tel (915) C CABARET ATTRACTONS i TALENT, PO Box Dallas Tex Tel CANTO BRA PROD'NS, 1855 La Mont St NW Wash-,ngton D C Tel ( CAPTOL BOOKNG SERV NC Beaver Rd New Springfield Ohio Tel ( WALTER CARTER ENTS, 683 Huntington Pkwy Nash vdle Tenn Tel (615) R M CASE seltbookrng only) 15 Great Wood Court Far port N Y Tel ( CASE MUNSON ENTERTANMENT 8220 Research Blvd No 132D Austin Tes Tel (512) CELEBRTY MGMT 50 Music Square W Suite 401 Nashville Tenn Tel ( CENTURY ARTSTS, 9477 Wilshire Blvd Suite 1206 Beverly Hills Calf Tel ( CENTURY PROMOS PO Box Music Square W Nashville Tenn Tel CHARDON NC Royal Ln Suite 160 Dallas Tex Tel CLOUD AGENCY 3540 E 31 St Tulsa Okla Tel i91 Eh MARK COLLER ENTS S Beltlrne Hwy Suite 124 Paducah Ky Tel (502) CONCERT EXPRESS Ventura Blvd Suite 311 En coo Calif Tel (213) CONVENTON ENTERTANMENT PROD'NS, 337 Rue Chartres New Orleans La Tel (504) WAYNE COOMBS AGENCY 655 Deep Valley Dr Rolling Hills Estates Calif Tel (213) BETSY COPPERSMTH Cedarbrook Hill ll C519 Wyo cote Pa Tel 121 5) COUNTRY STAR ATTRACTONS 439 Wiley Ave Frank lin Pa Tel 1814) COUNTRY TALENT AGENCY Buffalo Rd Rochester N v Tel STEVE COVER, see Creative Artists CREATVE ARTSTS NC PO Box 2097 Fayetteville N C Tel (919) STEVE CRENSHAW, see Wayne Coombs CATHY CUMMNS see Happy Trails D D M A (Diversified Mgmt Agency) W 12 Mile Rd Southfield Mich Tel ( D M R ENTS AGENCY Wilson Bldg Suite 317 S Salina St Syracuse N Y Tel (315) JEFF DAVS see United Talent BLLY DEATON TALENT AGENCY 1300 Division St Suite 103 Nashville Tenn Tel (615) DAMOND MGMT Box 1613 Nashville Tenn Tel DVERSFED MGMT AGENCY see DMA COL BUSTER DOSS PRESENTS, PO Box 927 Menchaca Sta Austin Tex Tel ( THE BOB DOYLE AGENCY 708 S Pugh St State College Pa Tel 1814) T R DRUMMOND, see R&D Mgmt DUEL PROD NS, Box 2270 Hollywood Calo Tel JM OUNEGAN see J&J Prod n E E P O ENTS PO Bon 655 Hudson Oho Tel EDMONDS & CURLEY ENTS 2626 Lakeview Dr No 2903 Chicago Tel ( JOHNNY ELGN see Music Cdy Talent AL EMBRY NTL Ave S Nashville Tenn Tel ( (Also see nternational Hoi,s Talent) ENCORE TALENT NC 2137 Zercher Rd San Antonio Tex Tel 1512) RANDY ERWN 9959 E Peakvrew Ave No L104 Englewood Colo Tel ( FRANK EVANS PROD'NS PO Box 6025 Newport News Va Tel ( F FAR WEST ENTERTANMENT 110 Boylston Ave E Seattle Wash Tel (206) FNKELSTEN-FEDLER CO LTD 98 Queen St E Suite 28 Toronto Ont MSC 156 Tel (416) FOLKLORE PROD'NS NC 1671 Appian Way Santa Monica Calif Tel (213) HOWARD FORRESTER see Acuff -Rose Artists 4-K PROD'NS PO Box 557 Knoxville owa Tel FROST & FROST ENTERTANMENT, N 3985 Taft Dr Spokane Wash Tel TED FULLER see Music Park & Talentmaster G GARY GOOD AGENCY 2500 NW 39 Okla Tel ( Oklahoma City GOOD MUSC AGENCY NC Produce Bank Bldg Suite N Seventh St Tel (612) Minneapolis Minn WENDELL GOODMAN Boa 547 Euless Tex Tel ( BLL GOODWN AGENCY N Gallatin Rd Tenn Tel (615) Madison GOODWORKS MUSC RD2 Bridgeton N J Tel ( RUSTY GORDON, see Rustron Music n N Y GREAT PLANS ASSOCS NC PO Boa 634 Lawrence Kan Tel GREENSPRNGS EXPRESS NC 9485 W Colfax Suite 206 Lakewood Colo Tel 1303) G G GREG CO Box Cleveland Ohio Tel (216) RAY GREF ENTS, PO Box Nashville Tenn Tel ( H JERRY HALE PROD'NS PO Box BN Parker Ariz Tel Branch Denver Colo, 3651 Wright St JM HALSEY CO NC, Corporate Place Penthouse 5800 E Skelly Dr Tulsa Okla Tel HAPPY TRALS 238 Sunset Ave Santa Cruz Calif Tel (408) MCHAEL HGELN, see CA Talent HGHWAY 61 CO RFD Henniker N H Tel 1603) HT ATTRACTONS NC PO Box 4585 Charlotte N C Tel ( HOLMES AGENCY, Ave S Nashville Tenn Tel (615) SUSAN HORWTZ, see Canto Bra C A TALENT 113 N San Vicente Blvd Beverly Hills Calif Tel C M (NTERNATONAL CREATVE MGMT) 40 W 57 St New York N Y Tel ( Branches Los Angeles Calif 8899 Beverly Blvd Zip Tel ( Miami Fl NW 183 Zip Tel (305) Las yelps New 4045 Spencer Ave Zip Tel ( NTERNATONAL CREATVE MGMT see 1CM NTERNATONAL HOUSE OF TALENT Ave S Nashville Tenn Tel ( TALENT SERV NC Division St Suite 203 Nashville Tenn Tel ( J J & J PROD'N AGENCY PO Box 476 Bonharn Tex Tel 1214) RANDY JACKSON see Chardon MAGGE JAMES AGENCY, 1014 E St North Wilkesboro N C Tel 1919) JMMY JAY see United Talent JACK D JOHNSON TALENT NC PO Box Nashville Tenn Tel ( JOYCE AGENCY, 435 E 79 St New York N Y Tel K ARNE KAY, see Mars Talent BETTE KAYE PROD'NS NC 2929 El Camino Ave Sacra mento Calif Tel ( JOHN KELLY i ASSOCS PO Box 14927, Las Vegas Neu Tel E JMMY KEY see Key Talent KEY TALENT NC 49 Music Square W Suite 303 Nash - vale Tenn Tel ( BRAN KNAFF PO Box 480 Moorhead Minn Tel 1218) L L D F PROD'NS Box 406 Old Chelsea Sta New York N Y Tel 1212) LAKE FRONT TALENT AGENCY PO Box 2395 Sandusky Ohio Tel ( LANCE PROD'NS NC Ave S Nashville Tenn Tel ( Country Music Sourcebook Billboard

17 F-XCLS -DR S FOR A WORLD O ii ri,a ROY CLARK JUDY MLLER y r- 1 ) J FREDDY FENDER i i ai OAK RDGE Bí, V reffluel% e ROY HEAD iii \TA T \TFRTA JANA JAE / r -v ON w LX ALLEN JR GEORGE LNDSEY r ge A ) Al MNNE PEARt 1 'lb aim* 4 '' lieg! ii, JOHL', 714r - - Au li r ' i 44:_ ` i 4 +PSON BUCK TRENT vimil r TAMMY WYNETTE, JM HALS: 'ONTEMPORARY LTD PRESENTS Ai _ r- _ 1r14 1HE JM HALSEY C NC Pt rithuuse Corporate Place 5800 East Skelly Drive Tulsa Oklahoma TELEX Sunset Blvd Suite 1010 Los Angeles California TULSA LOS ANGELES NASHVLLE t/

18 Booking Agents & Contacts SHORTY LAVENDER TALENT AGENCY 50 Music Square W Surte 203 Nashville Tenn Tel BUDDY LEE ATTRACTONS NC- 38 Music Square E Surte 300 Nashville Tenn Tel ( Brancher Chicago 6525 N Francesco Ave Zip Tel ( Kansas City Mo 3821 West Park Or Zip Tel 1816) Las Vegas Nev 1941 Ottawa Zip Tel ( New York NY 1775 Broadway Surte 632 Zip Tel (212) GRACE LEE STUDO 2431 S 16 St Omaha Neb Tel (402) LENDEL AGENCY Rt 2 Warrenton Va Tel (703) LenTALENT PROO'NS Bo 509 Kinston N C Tel 1919) JERRY LEE LEWS & CO NC West End Ave Suite 1100 Nashville Tenn Tel 1615) DON LGHT TALENT NC Ave S Nshvelle Tenn Tel ( RCHARD LUTZ ENTERTANMENT AGENCY St Surte 7 Lincoln Neb Tel (402) M M E A PO Bo 603 Raped City S D Tel (605) REGGE MAC see United Talent MAD MAN MGMT PO Bos 54 Mansfield Ter Tel 181 7) MAGNA ARTSTS CORP, 595 Madison Ave New York Tel ( Branch Los Angeles Calif 9200 Sunset Blvd Zip Tel ( MAN STREET MUSC, 2720 Second St Santa Monica, Calif Tel ( MAMA TRAX, Greenfield Rd Omaha Neb Tel 1402) MARO MANZN PROD'NS Broadway Suite 300 New York N Y Tel (212) MARS TALENT AGENCY 168 Orchid Dr Pearl River N Y Tel (914) WHT MARSHALL 250 W 57 St New York N Y Tel MASCARA SNAKE PROD'NS 1478 Crafton Blvd Pittsburgh Pa Tel JOHN McMEEN PO Boa Nashville Tenn MEADOW LARK VENTURES, PO Bo 7218 Missoula Mont Tel ( CLFF MCKELSON ENTS, PO Bo 1606 Chico Cab/ Tel ( MDSTREAM PROMOS, Bo 225-A Mountain Falls Rt Winchester Va Tel (703) MONTEREY PENNSULA ARTSTS PO Bos 7308 Carmel Calif Tel 1408) MONTGOMERY BOOKNG AGENCY 8914 Georgian Dr Austin Te Tel (512) MONYA PROO'NS NC, Rt 3 Sweeney Hollow Franklin Tenn Tel 161 5) MOON -HLL NC PO Box 4945 Austin Tea Tel 151 2) WLLAM MORRS AGENCY NC Ave of the Americas New York N Y Tel ( Brancher Beverly Hills Calif 151 El Camino Dr Zip Tel (213) Chicago,, 435 N Michigan Ave Zip Tel (312) Nashville Tenn 2325 Crestmoor Rd Zip Tr, 1615) MOUNTAN RALROAD RECS NC 2103 Pleasant Dr Cambridge We Tel MULT -DMENSONAL ARTS/ADV NC PO Boa 1257 Albany N Y Tel (518) MUSC CTY TALENT 21 Music Circle E Nashville Tenn Tel (615) MUSC LTD PO Bo 592 King of Prussia Pa Tel MUSC PARK TALENT, 50 Music Sq W Suite 202 Nashville Tenn Tel ( N NASHVLLE NT'L TALENT NC 20 Music Square W Nashville Tenn Tel o O MAC ARTST CORP, N Chester Ave Bakersfelc Calf Tel (805) OPEN BOOKNG AGENCY 5601 Odana Rd Suite 14 Madison We Tel OPERATON MUSC ENTS 233 W Woodland Ave Or turnwa owa Tel ( ORANGE BLOSSOM PROD'NS, 417 E 89 St New York N Y Tel ( CHARLES "FUZZY" OWEN PO Boa 842 Calif Tel 1805) Bakersfield P BOB PASLEY see Southern Mountain PALS PLACE 120 Mikel Dr Summerville S C Tel 1803) PANACHE PROMOS, 2030 Wrnrock Surte 763 Houston Tex Tel (713) Branch Buena Park Calif PO Bo 384 Z)p Tel (714) PARAGON AGENCY, PO Boa Arlington P Macon Ga Tel (912) Branch New York, NY 250 W 57 St 6 Zip Tel (212) Surte PEACEABLE 3525 Encinal Canyon Rd Malibu Calif Tel (213) CHP PEAT see United Talent JOHN PENNY ENTS NC 259A Beech St Belmont Mass Tel PERELANDRA ARTST AGENCY Ave S Nash ville Tenn Tel (615) DAVE PETERS see Wayne Coombs PCKN' POST ENTS PO Bo 51 Lebanon Tenn Tel (615) (Contact only) PNE PONT PROD'NS Bo 224 Camden Me Tel ( JERRY PLANTZ PROD'NS Wyandotte Kansas Crty Mo Tel (816) PLUM PROD'NS, 137 Ranleigh Ave 1x2 Tel ( Toronto Ont M4N ROBERT PORTER, see Jerry Lee Lewis 8 Co PRESTGE ARTSTS 528 N Michigan Ave Chicago ll Tel ( PROGRESSVE ARTSTS MGMT, Ave S Nashville Tenn Tel ( PRO TALENT CONSULTANTS PO Bos Atlanta Ga Tel ( (Contact) PROVEN TALENT AGENCY 626 N Taylor Oak Park, Tel ( Q QUANTRELL ENTE NC W 130 St Cleveland Ohio Tel ( R R & D MGMT PO Boa 962 Baytown Te Tel (71 3) R NJ PROD'NS NC Calvert St North Hollywood Calif Tel ( RAM TALENT, PO Bo 2802 Corpus Christi Te Tel 151 2) REGENCY ARTSTS LTD 9200 Sunset Blvd Surte 823 Los Angeles Calif Tel RESOURCEFUL PROD'NS NC PO Bo 1392 Flushing N Y Tel (212) LNDA RHODES, 2427 E 86 P Anchorage Alaska Tel (907) B LLY ROBNSON, c o Warner Bros Recs nc PO Bo Zip Tel (615) ROBSHER TALENT AGENCY 33 Edi Ave Plainview N y Tel ( RODGERS AGENCY PO Bo Atlanta Ga Tel (404) B RUCE ROHRBACH CO 907 N Front St Harrisburg Pa Tel ( KEN ROLLNS see Shorty Lavender HOWARD ROSE AGENCY, 2029 Century Park E Suite 450 Los Angeles Calif Tel (213) MARK ROTHBAUM 225 Maly St Danbury Conn Tel GOR RUDENKO 636 San Roque Rd Santa Barbara Calif Tel 1805) RUSTRON MUSC PROD'NS 200 Westmoreland Ave White Plains N Y Tel ( Branch Arcadia Calif-, 2804 S Baldwin Ave Zip Tel s SAGUARO TALENT 2609 NW 36 St Oklahoma City Okla Tel 1405) DAVE SCHUDER see United Talent SHELBY TALANT AGENCY 726 Richards St Vancouver B C Tel ( SHOOTNG STARS TALENT PO Bos 1294 DTS Omaha Neb Tel SHOWCASE ASSOCS NC 173 Fernbrook Ave Wvncote Pa Tel (215) B OBBY EARL SMTH c o Joe Gracey Prod es 6004 Bull Creek Rd Austin Tea SOUTHERN MOUNTAN BOOKNGS Boa 262 RD 2 Landenberg Pa Tel (215) RONNE SPLLMAN, see Encore Talent STAGE DOOR ATTRACTONS 600 First Ave Suite 512 Seattle Wash Tel STAR ATTRACTONS NC 2039 Antoine Houston Tex Tel (71 3) NORA STATS The Barn North Fernsburg Vt Tel ( STEVE STEBBNS see Americana Corp CRASH STEWART, see Alamo Prod ras LEE STOLLER 120 Hickory St Madison Tenn Tel (615) STONE COUNTY, PO Boa 683 ndian Hills Colo Tel ( SUTTON ARTSTS CORP, 505 Park Ave New York N Y Tel 1212( Branch: Dalles Tea, 2930 Turtle Creek Plaza Zip Tel 1214) B LL SYKES see Bluegrass Musc T TALENT ATTRACTONS PO Boa 8542 Asheville N C Tel ( TALENTMASTER 50 Music Sq W Surte 202 Nashville Tenn Tel ( JOE TAYLOR ARTST AGENCY Ave S Nashville Tenn Tel (615) ROY TESSER see Tessier Talent TESSER TALENT 264 Old Hickory Blvd Madison Tenn Tel 1615) WATS1800( TMES MGMT CORP 1216 Granby St Norfolk Va Tel 1804) TOP BLLNG NC, PO Bon Zip Continental Plaza 4301 Hillsboro Rd Nashville Tenn Tel ( TOP DRAWER TALENT NC Ave S Nashville Tenn Tel ( TRANS WORLD ARTST NC PO Bo 4086 Madison Tenn Tel (615) TRENDA ARTSTS, Ventura Blvd Sherman Oaks Calif Tel u UNTED POLKA ARTSTS Box t Florida N Y Tel UNTED TALENT NC PO Boa Division St Nashville Tenn Tel ( UTOPA PROD'NS NC Ave S Nashville Tenn Tel ( V VAN ENTERTANMENT LTD 11 Yorkville Ave Suite 408 Toronto Ont M4W 1L2 TN (416) VARETY ARTSTS NT'L NC 4120 Escelsror Blvd Minneapolis Minn Tel (612) Branch Lee Angeles Calif 9229 Sunset Blvd Surte 610 Zip Tel 1213) B T VORN DCK, see Holmes Agency w JM WAGNER see American Mgmt in Calif SMOKEY WARREN PROMOS 116 Princeton Rd Linden N J Tel ( LARRY WATKNS see Moon H111 EDDE WELDON ORG PO Bos 1294 DTS Omaha Neb Tel RUTH WENTLAND, see Marna Tre ROGER WEST, see United Talent ALLEN WHTCOMB, see United Talent ALLEN WHTE Dearborn Suite 1102 Chicago Tel MARC WHTMORE see Wayne Coombs LARRY WLT i ASSOCS PO Boa Nashville Tenn Tel ( JERRY WOOD PO Boa 6495 Buena Park Calif Tei (714) (Contact only) WOODEN BOWL PROD'NS NC 4006 N Howard Surte 105 Tampa Fla Tel WORLD ARTST MGMT 715 Oakland Ave No 301 Oakland Calif WORLD OF TALENT 3610 Park Ave Memphis Tenn Tel (901) RANDY J WRGHT PO Boa Cleveland Herghts Ohio Tel ( For extra copies of Billboard's Country Music Sourcebook see page 4 18 Country Music Sourcebook Billboard

19 Artists Continued from page 5 SUN JOE Vocalist w Vocal 8 nstrumental Group -61 Ovation BA Nashville nt SUPER GRT COWBOY BAND (Vocal & nstrumental Group) Sound Hut BA LenTalent SUSANVLLE STAGE BAND (Group -5) BA Stage Door Attractions PM Larry Hawkinson -West Mgmt SWEAT SAAC PAYTON (Vocalist w Vocal & nstrumental Group -S South Breeze BA B T Vorn Deck -Holmes Agency PM John Owens -South Breeze SWEET COMFORT (Vocal 8 nstrumental Group -4) Light BA Steve Crenshaw -Wayne Coombs PM L Abri Mgmt SWEETREE (Vocal & nstrumental Group -8) Duel BA Duel Prod ns PM Lee Dunne SWENDEL JOHNNY (Vocalist) Country nt BA Lance Prod ns T TAM PM James Adams TANNER RONNE (Vocalist Guitarist, Coyotee PM Gary Beck TAYLOR JAMES MCHAEL (Vocalist w Vocal 8 nstrumental Group -3 -Se Old Hat BA Mad Man Mgmt PM Royal T TAYLOR 8 STONE (Duo) Door Knob PM Gene Kennedy TENNESSEANS (Vocal Group -4 w nstrumental Group - 4i BA Ted Fuller -Music Park TEXAS MOON (Vocal Group -6) Texas PM Don Schafer THOMAS, B J (Vocalist) MCA Word BA ABC David Antisdale- Wayne Coombs Steve Cover -Creative Artists Hit Rodgers Agency PM Dort Perry THOMAS BLL (Vocal 8 nstrumental Group -51 Darn BA Montgomery Booking PM Roy J Montgomery - MBA THOMAS PEG (Vocalist) RNJ BA RNJ Prod ns PM Ran heggo Jr THOMAS RUSS (Vocalist Drummer) Ohio BA EPD Ents THOMPSON CHRSTE 'Vocalist) American Sound PM C Ayers THOMPSON HANK (Vocalist w Group -5) MCA BA PM Jim Halsey THRASHERS (Group -Bi Canaan BA Century PM Jim Thrasher THUNDERKLOUD BLLY & CHEFTONES (Vocalist w, Group) BA Buddy Lee TLLS, MEL Nocalist Guitarist w Group- 10) Elektra Asylum BA PM Jim Halsey TLLOTSON JOHNNY (Vocalist) BA PM Jerre Wagner - Amencan Mgmt in Calif TMOTHY P i THE RURAL ROUTE (Vocalist w Vocal 8 nstrumental Group -41 Mailbox BA GreenSprings Ex Press TOP HAT (Vocal & nstrumental Group- Si Beau Jim BA PM Beau -Jim TRACY RON (Vocalist w Vocal & nstrumental Group) Beau Jim BA PM Beau Jim TRAVERS, JON NOW COUNTRY (Group -4t Now Country BA Steve Stebbins -Americana Corp TRAVS MERLE (Vocalist) BA Buddy Lae TRAX (Vocal 8 nstrumental Group -41 Denton BA Ruth Wantland -Mama Tras Gracie Lee PM Ruth Westland -Mama Tray TRENT BUCK (Vocalist nstrumentalist) MCA BA PM Jim Halsey TREVOR VAN )Vocalist) Country nt BA Lance Prod ns TRUMAN JOHN (Vocalist nstrumentalist) Ohio BA EPD E nts TUBB ERNEST (Vocalist w Vocal 8 nstrumental Group - 6) First Generation BA Atlas Artist TUBB JUSTN (Vocalist) Second Generation BA Atlas Art - ist TUCKER RCK, BAND (Group -41 Mowtown BA Steve Stebbins Americana Corp TUCKER TANYA (Vocalist) MCA BA William Morns TUMBLEWEED BAND (Vocal 8 nstrumental Group) BA Len Talent TWEED (Vocal & nstrumental Group- Si BA PM Jim Hal sey TWTTY, CONWAY THE TWTTY BRDS (Vocalist w Vocal Group -7) MCA BA PM Jimmy Jay -United Talent TWTTY MKE (Vocalist) MCA BA Dave Schuder-United Talent TYLER BONNE (Vocalist) RCA BA CM V VALEN TEX SHOW (Vocal 8 nstrumental Group -51 Councellor BA Smokey Warren VAN DYKE LEROY (Vocalist) BA William Morris PM Walter Bouillet VAN ZANDT TOWNES (Vocal 8 nstrumental Group -31 Tomato BA Sutton Artists PM Lamar Feke VANDYGRFF ROBERT JOE (Vocalist Guitarist w Vocal & nstrumental Group -51 Fannin BA PM Jin Dunegan-J&J Prod n VCKERY MACK Vocalist) Playboy BA Atlas Artist TERRA DAROLD (Vocalist) BA Stage Door Attractions PM Larry Hawkinson -West Mgmt VNSON LAURA B REDWYNG (Vocal 8 nstrumental Group -5) 'Royalty PM Royalty Rocs of Canada VRGNA GENTLEMEN (Vocal & nstrumental Group -S Harvey BA Bill Sykes -Bluegrass Music VON SCHMDT ERC (Vocalist Guitarist w Vocal Group) BA Highway 61 w - WADE NORMAN (Vocalist) BA Ted Fuller -Music Park WAGONER PORTER (Vocalist) RCA BA Top Billing PM Brooke Newell WAKELY, JMME, Shasta BA Steve Stebbins- Ameri cana Corp WALKER BLLY (Vocalist w Vocal 8 nstrumental Group - S) Caprice BA Roy Tessier -Tessier Talent WALKER CHARLE (Vocalist) Plantation BA Atlas Artist WALKER JERRY JEFF (Vocal 8 nstrumental Group -71 Elektra Asylum BA Athena Artists PM Free Flow WALKER JMMY BA Steve Stebbins -Americana Corp WALKER PAUL (Vocal & nstrumental Group -S) Dana BA Montgomery Booking PM Roy J Montgomery - MBA WALKER SSTERS (Vocal Group -41 BA Nashville nt Talent PM Eddie Rhines WEST ROY (Vocalist) Country Star BA Country Star PM Process Talent WESTBERRY, KENT (Vocalist w nstrumental Group -4) Door Knob BA Atlas Artist WESTMORELAND KATHY Vocalesn Age of Woman BA/ PM Panache Promos WALLACE, JERRY (Vocalist) MCA BA Diamond Mgmt WALMSLEY JON (Vocalrst Guitarist) BA PM Shorty Lay ender WALTER JMMY (Vocalist Guitarist w Group» Shooting Stars BA Shooting Stars PM Eddie Weldon WARD JACKY (Vocalist w nstrumental Group -81 Mercury BA Deck Blake nt WARD ROBERT "ROB" (Vocalist Feddler) Jubilate BA PM Goodworks Music WARNER STEVE (Vocalist) RCA PM Susan Hackney WARNES JENNFER (Vocalist) Arista BA Willem Morns PM Norman Epstein WARREN BART 'Guitarist w Vocal Group -5) RP -Sounds Reasonable BA Resourceful Prod ns PM Seth Low enstein - Resourceful Prod ns WARREN KELLY BA William Morns WATSON DOC (Vocalist Guitarist) Liberty United BA Folklore Prod ns PM Manny Greenhill WATSON GENE (Vocalist) Capitol BA Star Attractions WATSON MERLE Gurtanst) Liberty United BA Folklore Prod its PM Manny Greenhill WEBB JAY LEE (Vocalist) Palmer BA Atlas Artist WEBB WYATT (Vocalist w nstrumental Group -4) Fifer BA Atlas Artist WELCH TNA (Vocalist) WG BA PM John Penny WELDON, EDDE'Vocalist w Group) Shooting Stars BA Shooting Stars PM Eddie Weldon WELDON, GARY & WOODSTOCK (Vocalist nstrumen talist Ventriloquist) Shooting Stars BA Buddy Lee (lases Shooting Stars PM Eddie Weldon WELLER, FREDDY (Vocalist w Group -S) Columbia BA PM Jack D Johnson WELLS KTTY (Vocalist) BA Top Billing WELLS SMOKEY & THE WELLS FARGO (Vocal & nstrumental Group -5) Celestial Contact Art Benson WEST, DOTTE (Vocalist) United Artists BA American Mgmt in Calif CM PM Ken Kragen -Kragen 8 Co WET BEHND THE EARS (Vocal 8 nstrumental Group -7) Fiends Club BA Open Booking Agency PM Priority Group WHEELER, KAREN (Vocalist) Capitol BA Chip Peay- United Talent WHEELER ONE (Vocalist Feddlen BA Dave Schuder- United Talent WHETSTONE RUN (Vocal & nstrumental Group -4) BA Atlas Artist Bob Doyle WHTAKER, JM (Vocalist Guitarise Boyd Talent PM Bobby Boyd -Action Ticket BA Saguaro WHTE BLL SHOW (Vocal 8 nstrumental Group -S BA Ted Fuller 8 Steve Bess -Talentmaster WHTE BUCK THE DOWN HOME FOLKS (Vocalist n strumentalist w Group) County BA Orange Blossom WHTE TRACY (Vocalist) Door Knob PM Gene Kennedy WER RUSTY (Vocalist nstrumentalist w Group -S) United Artists BA PM Larry Watkins-MoonHill WLBURN BROTHERS (Vocal Duo) Scorpion BA Atlas Artist Joe Taylor WLKNS DAVD (Vocalist w Vocal 8 nstrumental Group -S BA Dick Blake nt WLLAMS ALBERT (Vocalist Guitarist Pianist, Raven PM Wooden Lady WLLAMS DAN (Vocalist) Celestial Contact Art Benson WLLAMS DON (Vocalist Guitarist w Group -41 MCA BA PM Jim Halsey WLLAMS HANK JR (Vocalist nstrumentalist) Elektra Curb PM James R Smith WLLAMS HANK ORGNAL DRFTNG COWBOYS Vocalist w Group) BA Buddy Lee WLLAMS LEONA (Vocalist) MCA BA Ronnie Spill man - Encore Talent WLLAMS SHERR; BA William Morris WLLAMS TEX (Vocalist) Granite BA Frost 8 Frost WLLS BROTHERS (Vocal & nstrumental Duo) MGM BA Atlas Artist WLLS CLOVER Vocalist w nstrumental Group -5) Door Knob BA Buddy Lee PM Terry L Bock-JDT Prod ns WLLS DAN (Vocalist) PM Harrison Tyner-HT Music WLLS DON SHOW (Vocal & nstrumental Group -61 BA Ted Fuller & Steve Bess -Talentmaster WLLS DAVD (Vocalist Guitarist) United Artists BA Buddy Lee WLLS TOMMY (Vocalist Sasophonistl Golden Moon BA Roy Tessier -Tessier Talent Larry Wilt George Thomas -Town & Country PM George Thomas - Town 8 Country WLSON, HULEN (Vocalist Comedian Banjoist) Ohio BA EPD Ents WLSON LARRY JOHN Monument BA Shorty Lavender PM Jan Kurtes WLSON ROXANNE (Vocalist) Marquee BA Frank Evans PM Dotty Hogge-Frank Evans Prod vs WNN GENE (Vocalist) Atteeram PM B&S Promos WOOD DEL (nstrumentalist) BA All Star Talent Atlas Art - WOODS BOBBY (Vocalist) Big A BA Armageddon Talent PM Fred Teeken -Armageddon Talent WORDEN EL (Vocal 8 nstrumental Group -51 Darya BA Montgomery Booking PM RoyJ Montgomery -MBA WRGHT EBONY (Vocalist) Ebony BA PM Randy J Wright WRGHT RUBY (Vocalist) 2nd Generation BA PM Roy Tessier -Tessier Talent WRGHT SONNY (Vocalist) Door Knob BA Atlas Artist Joe Taylor PM Gene Kennedy WYNETTE TAMMY (Vocalist w Group- 7) Epic BA PM Jim Halsey Y YARBROUGH GLENN (Vocalist) Brass Dolphin RCA BA RNJ Prod ns PM Rem Neggo Jr TEARY DANNY SHOW (Vocal & nstrumental Group -61 BA PM Richard Lut: YOUNG FARON (Vocalist nstrumentalist w Vocal & n strumenta) Group -7) MCA BA PM Billy Deaton YOUNG LNDA (Vocalist nstrumentalist) BA Nashville 'nt PM Eddie Rhines YOUNG, NELSON THE SANDY VALLEY BOYS nstrumental Group -S) BA Bee Jay -J Bird YOUNG STEVE )Vocalist) Mountain Railroad BA Mountain Railroad Z ZACHARAH (Vocal & nstrumental Group -4) BA Multi -dimensional PM Charlie Upchurch ZASSOFF BOYS (Group-S Buffalo BA Hit Proven Tal ant PM Raese Mgmt EXTRA COPES? Billboard's Country Music Sourcebook The cost of the Sourcebook is $1000 each which includes postage see page 4 Country Music Sourcebook Billboard 19

20 3549 PO PO A A A A AREA ARTSTS ASSOCS) W 130 St Cleveland Ohio Tel ( ACTON TCKET AGENCY & PROMOS 2609 NW 36 St Oklahoma City Okla Tel CHET ACTS see CA Talent JAMES ADAMS & ASSOCS 2040 Ave of the Stars Surte 400 Century CityCahl Tel ( ALAMO PROD'NS 5415 San Pedro Ave San Antonio Tea Tel ( ALAMO VLLAGE NC PO Boa 528 Breckettvdle Tea Tel DON ALDRDGE PO Bos 1148 Palmdale Cahl Tel ( AMERCAN MGMT, Ventura Blvd Suite 220 Encino Calif Tel ( AMERCAN MGMT ENTS PO Bos 51 Lawrence Kan Tel ( AREA ARTSTS ASSOCS, see AAA ARCAM ENTS NC Bos 189 Brentwood Tenn Tel ( ARMAGEDDON TALENT ASSOCS 1604 W Juneway Tarr Chicago ll Tel (312) ARTST CONSULTANTS NC, 9200 Sunset Blvd Surte 707 Los Angeles Calif Tel ( PETER ASHER MONT 644 N Doheny Dr Los Angeles Catit Tel ( WLLAM ASHWOOD 230 Park Ave No 910 New York N Y Tel (212) CLFF AYERS ENTS, 62 Music Square W Nashville Tenn Tel ( B B i S PROMOS PO Boa 328 Waynesville Mo Tel (314) , RAY BAKER PO Boa 162 Nashville Tenn Tel 1615) EARL BALL B ASSOCS Ave S Nashville Tenn Tel ( BALMUR LTD PO Boa Yonge St Toronto Ont MAS 289 Tel 1416) BAND AD ENTERTANMENT NC PO Bos 3673 Baton Rouge La Tel 1504) BARNETT ENTS Laurelvale Dr Tel ( Studio City Calif MCHAEL BARNETT, see Barnett Enta DCK BAXTER MGMT PO Boa 8085 Universal Crty Cold Tel 1213) MKE BEATY, PO Bon 452 Portland Tenn Tel ( BEAU -JM AGENCY NC PO Boa 758 Lake Jackson Ten Tel ( GARY BECK PO Bos 6390 Corpus Christi Tea Tel ( TOM BEE ASSOCS PO Boa 8207 Albuquerque N M Tel ( AL BELLO c o Mapes Hotel 10 N Vrglma St Tel ( Reno Nei ART BENSON N La Brea Hollywood Calif Tel ( BG DEAL PROD'NS, Mdl St Newburgh N Y Tel ( BOB BSHOP see Mascara Snake B SSELL -JOHNSON ENTS, 5925 Kirby Dr Suite 226 Houston Tes Tel ( BLACK SHEEP MUSC PO Boa Nashville Tenn Tel 1615) ROBERT BLAKE i ASSOCS, Crty Square Suite 1108 Hendersonville Tenn Tel ( B ERT BLOCK, see Block-Kewley Mgrnt B LOCK-KEWLEY MGMT 11 Bailey Ave Rrdgeheld Conn Tel ( TERRY L BOCK see JDT Prod ns MKE BORCHETTA 6290 Sunset Blvd Surte 1426 Holly wood Catit Tel ( WALTER BOULLET Boa OD Hendersonville Tenn Tel DAN BOURGOSE see Bug Anrst BOXER PROD'NS LTD PO Drawer 887 Truro N S B2N 506 Tel ( BOBBY BOYD see Action Talent MCHAEL BROKAW, see Management Three in Call BROOKLYN COUNTRY PROD'NS, 6666 Brookmont Terr Suite 712 Nashville Tenn Tel ( JOHN WAYNE BROOKS, 235 S 110 Omaha Neb Tel B ENNE BROWN PROD'NS PO Bon Wood way Ln Columbia S C Tel 1803) CLYDE BROWN JR see nternational Talent Sers JM BROWN, see Key Talent THE BRUCE AGENCY, Ave S Nashville Tenn Tel ( PERSONAL MANAGERS PATSY BRUCE see Bruce Agencs B UG ARTST 6777 Hollywood Blvd Hollywood Calif Tel r213) AL BUNETTA MGMT, NC 4121 Wilshire Blvd Suite 215 Los Angeles Calif Tel ( DAVE BURGESS see Progressive Artists BUTTER SOUND AUDO & VDEO PROD'NS 5600 N Dine Odessa Ten Tel 1915/ C FRANK CAMPANA PERSONAL MGMT Ventura Blvd Suite Woodland Hills Calif Tel STEVE CAMPBELL see Arcam CAPTOL STAR ARTST ENT NC 1458 Buffalo Rd Rochester N Y Tel ( DUSTY CASE see Case Munson Entertainment R M CASE, 15 Great Wood Court Fairport N Y Tel ( STEVE CASE PROD'NS 2040 Ahualam P Honolulu Hawaii Tel ( CASE-MUNSON ENTERTANMENT 8220 Research Blvd No 132-D Austin Tes Tel ( TONY CATERNE see TC Mgrnt CATHART ENTERTANMENT RR 3 Dundas Ont L9H 5E3 Tel CHAPTER ONE PROD'NS NC 966 Park Blvd No 26 Cherry Hill N J Tel ( CHARDON NC 5952 Royal Ln Suie 160 Dallas Tea Tel ( STANLEY CHERNAU see Denny Lackey Si Chernau REGGE M CHURCHWELL see Nashville nt MLLE CLEMENTS see Vassar s Music COBBLESTONE PROD'NS 6222 N Central Eapwy Dal las Tes Tel ( JAY COLLER ORG, 3021 N Main St Houston Tes Tel ( MARK COLLER ENTS S Beltlrne Hwy Suite 124 Paducah Ky Tel 1502( a 124 STEVE COREY 6060 N Central Eapwy Dallas Tea X COSSE 730 Currey Rd Nshvdle Tenn Tel COUNTRY MUSC ENTERTANMENT, Boa 4243 Panorama Crry Calif Tel (21 3) COUNTRY MUSC SPECTACULAR PROD'NS 249 Bluegrass Dr Hendersonville Tenn Tel COYOTE PUSL'G CO Boa Raleigh N C Tel ( CRUZ DE ORO PROD'N PO Bon 99 Amboy Tel ( SHERWOOD CRYER see Gilley s Ents AL CURTS ENTERTANMENT NC 5200 Mary St Skokie ll Tel ( D JACK DALEY 825 Las Palmas Pasadena Calm( B LLY DEATON TALENT AGENCY 1300 Dwisron St Suite 103 Nashville Tenn Tel (615) GRACE DEE, see Country Music Entertainment DENNY LACKEY i CHERNAU 218 Thud Ave N Nashville Tenn Tel 1615) LNDA G DENNY, see Country Music Spectacular NELL DXON see Orson Propas Prod ns DXON-PROPAS PROD'NS 86 McGill St Toronto Ont M5B 1H2 Tel (416) DOC RON PROD'NS & MGMT 717 Washington Ave Miami Beach Fla Tel JEFFERS DODGE see Play t By Ear LAWRENCE DODSON 5302 Grandrn Rd Eat Roanoke 'sa Tel COL BUSTER DOSS PO Boa 927 Menchaca Sta Austin Tea Tel (512) DOUBLE J ENTERTANMENT PO Boa 27 Gallatin Tenn Tel (615) JM DOYLE CO 3610 Park Ave Memphis Tenn Tel TOM DRUMMOND see R&D Mgrnt JM DUNEGAN see J6J Prod n LOUE DUNN see Top Drawer LEE DUNNE ENTS Boa 2270 Hollywood Catit Tel ( GEORGE BULLETS DURGOM 9229 Sunset Blvd Surte 615 Los Angels Calif Tel ( E E P D ENTS PO Boa 655 Hudson Ohio Tel WLLAM EARL ENTS Boa 1593 Deland Fla Tel ( J RCHARD ECKERT see Pro Talent Consultants EDMONDS & CURLEY ENTS 2626 Lakeview Dr No 2903 Chicago Tel (312) AL EMBRYNT'L Ave S Nashville Tenn Tel JM EPPARD see Big Deal NORMAN EPSTEN MONT 644 N Doherty Dr Los Angeles Calf Tel ( FRANK EVANS PROD'NS PO Bos 6025 Newport News Va Tel 1804) F B ERNE FALONEY see Van Entertainment FANDANGO 528 N Michigan Ave Chicago Tel GENE FERGUSON Grand Nashville Tenn Tel ( LAMAR FKE 6666 Brookrnont Terr Nashville Tenn Tel B ERNARD FNKELSTEN see Finkelstein -Fiedler FNKELSTEN-FEDLER CO LTD 98 Queen St E Surte 2B Toronto Ont M5C 1S6 Tel ( JOE FRTH & THE PROMSED LAND 84 Amaranth St E Grand Valley Ont LON 1G0 Tel BEN FOGELSON, 81 Buffalo Hamburg N Y Tel 1716) TLLMAN FRANKS 324 Johnson Bldg Shreveport, La Tel FREE FLOW PROD'NS 1209 Baylor Austin Tes FRONT LNE MGMT 8380 Melrose Ave Los Angeles Calif Tel (213) O CHERYL LEE GAMMON, see Nicolettr Music SD GARRS, 8467 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles Calif Tel ( GULLETS ENTS, 4500 Spencer Hwy Pasadena Tea Tel ( STAN GTT NC PO Bos 592 King of Prussia Pa Tel (215) WENDELL GOODMAN, Boo 547 Euless Te Tel 181 7) GOODWORKS MUSC, RD2 Bridgeton N J Tel 1609) MARC GORDON PROD'NS 1022 N Palm Ave Los Angeles Calif Tel RUSTY GORDON, see Rustron Music in N Y JUDY GOSSETT, 3415 West End Ave Nashville Tenn Tel B LL GRAHAM PROD'NS, St San Francesco Calif Tel (415i BOB GREEN, see Bob Doyle MANNY GREENHLL MGMT, 1671 Appian Way Santa Monica Calif Tel ( RON GREENSPRNGS 9485 W Collas Surte 206 Lake wood Colo Tel ( CARL M GREFENSTETTE see Tenth Hour G G GREG CO Bos Cleveland Ohio Tel ( PETE GULLAMS Boa 142 RFD 1 Callaway Va Tel H H T MUSC NC 38 Music Square E No Nashville Tenn Tel (615) SUSAN HACKNEY ASSOCS Ave S Nashville Tenn Tel JM HALSEY CO NC Corporate Place Penthouse 5800 E Skelly Dr Tulsa Okla Tel ( PAUL HANN see Strathcona GEOFFREY HANSEN & ASSOC NC PO Boa 63 Onnda Calif ( ED HANSON see Fandango B LL HARRS, c o Harns Studros 38 5 Wallet Memphis Tenn Tel (901) JOE HARRS, 3025 Northwood Dr NW Roanoke Va Tel HARTMAN & GOODMAN, Cross Roads of the World Hollywood Calif Tel ( HAVANA MOON 6777 Hollywood Blvd 9th h Holly wood Calif Tel 1213) LARRY HAWKNSON see West Mgrnt DON HENLEY, see Rosina Mgmt B ENNE HESS 2060 Jacquelyn Houston Tea Tel (713) B OB HNKLE 8 Cadman Plaza Brooklyn N Y Tel ( KAREN HRSHON, see Bob Doyle HTCH A RDE MGMT PO Boa 201 Cincinnati Oh,, Kv Tel ( MARV HOERNER, see Cruz de Oro DOTTY HOGGE sae Fank Fj--, 20 Country Music Sourcebook Billboard

21 PO WLLAM D HOLDAY, 1921 Shoshone Dr Council Bluffs owa Tel (712) (402) LEN HOLSCLAW, see Lendel Agency KEVN HUNTER see New Dsrecbon C A TALENT, 113 N San Vicente Blvd Beverly Hills Calif Tel (213) NTERNATONAL TALENT SERV NC Davisson St Suite 203 Nashville Tenn Tel ( J J D T PROD'NS NC Box 222 Sabina Oho Tel ( J i J PROD'N AGENCY PO Box 476 Bonham Ten Tel (214) RANDY JACKSON see Chardon JANC MGMT PO Box 5563 Rockford Tel 815) ROGER JAUDON PO Box Nashville Tenn Tel (615) JMMY JAY see Under] Talent JACK D JOHNSON TALENT NC PO Box Nash ville Tenn Tel ( NADA C JONES OPERATON MUSC ENT, 233 Al Woodland Ave Ottumwa owa Tel (515) K KATZ-GALLN ENTS NC 9255 Sunset Blvd Soste 1115 Los Angeles Call/ Tel (213) ROBERT M KETH JR see AAA FRED KELLY see Low Key JOHN KELLY i ASSOCS PO Box Las Vegas Nev Tel (702) GENE KENNEDY 2125 Eighth Ave S Nashville Tenn Tel (615) DAVD KENT PO Bos 1528 Shreveport La Tet (318) E JMMY KEY see Key Talent KEY TALENT NC 49 Music Square W Surte 303 Nash ville Tenn Tel 1615( VNCENT KCKERLLO 1300 Texas Ave Suite 201 Houston Tes Tel (713) KNG ENTS NC 240 W Jefferson St Louesvdle Ky Tel (502) KLEZMER CORP 333 West End Ave New York N Y Tel (212) ED KOSOR see United Polka KRAGEN CO 1112 N Sherbourne Dr Calif Tel ( Los Angeles KEN KRAGEN see Kragen & Co JAN KURTS MGMT, PO Box Nashville Tenn Tel (615) L L D F PROD'NS Box 406 Old Chelsea Sta New York N Y Tel L'ABR MGMT 655 Deep Valley Dr Rolling Hills Estates Calif Tel (213) LAKE FRONT TALENT AGENCY PO Box 2395 Sandusky Ohso Tel CHARLE LAMB AGENCY, PO Box Nashville Tenn Tel 1615) L W LAMBERT Rt 1 Ohn N C Tel (704) DAVD LAMBERTH, 1026 Wasena Ave Roanoke Va Tel ( SHORTY LAVENDER 50 Music Square W Sude 203 Nashville Tenn Tel (615( D C LEE 2060 Jacquelyn Houston Tes Tel 1713) LENDEL AGENCY Rt 2 Warrenton Va Tel (703) MARVN E LEVN 501 Santa Monaca Blvd Susie 601 Santa Monaca Calif Tel ( SY LEVN ASSOCS PO Box 8040 Universal Casty Calif) JERRY LEE LEWS CO NC 1719 West End Ave Suste 1100 Nashville Tenn Tel (615) DON LGHT TALENT NC Ave S Nshvdle Tenn Tel (615) LEW LNET MGMT 7225 Hollywood Blvd Hollywood Calif Tel ( LOUE LONG see Lorena Lynn Entas LOW KEY PROD'NS NC 5514 Kelly Rd Brentwood Tenn Tel (615( SETH LOWENSTEN, see Resourceful Prod ns JM LUDWG 1426 S 12 St Lincoln Neb Tel (402) RCHARD LUTZ ENTERTANMENT AGENCY 5625 O St Surte 7 Lincoln Neb Tel ( LORETTA LYNN ENTS 7 Moisir Circle N Nshvelle Tenn Tel (615) M M B A PROD'NS 8914 Georgian Dr Austin Tea Tel MAN STREET MUSC 2720 Second St Santa Monca Calif Tel 121 3) MAMA TRAX Greenfield Rd Omaha Neb Tel (402) MANAGEMENT THREE LTD 9744 Wilshire Blvd Be, erly Hills Call) Tel (213) Branch: New York NY 1345 Ave of the Anencas bp Tel 1212) FRANK MANCN see Chardon nc MAX MANDEL Box 225A Mountan Falls Rt Winchester Va Tel ( RBY MANDRLL PO Box Nashville Tenn Tel ( MARO MANZN PROD'NS 1540 Broadway Suite 300 New York N Y Tel (212) SONNY MARTN, 4718 Castle Rd La Canada Calf Tel ( MASCARA SNAKE PROD'NS, 1478 Crofton Blvd Pdtsburgh Pa Tel ( GREG McDONALD PERSONAL MGMT, RCA Bldg Suie Sunset Blvd Hollywood Calif Tel ( B LL McEUEN, 1145 Sunset Vale Los Angeles Cahf Tel ( JACK MCFADDEN, 1225 N Chester Ave Bakersfield Calf Tel 1805) DAN McKNNON, see McKinnon Ents McKNNON ENTS College Grove Shopping Center San Diego Calf Tel (714) DEWEY McPEAKE, 1215 W North St Wytheville Va Tel (703) JM McREYNOLDS see Double J HUEY MEAUX 5626 Brock St Houston Tea Tel 1713i DON MELLLO AGENCY, Ave S Nshvdle Tenn Tel MERCURY ENTERTANMENT 275 W 17 St Eugene Ore Tel ( CLFF NCKELSON ENTS PO Box 1606 Chico Calf Tel (916) RANDY MDKFF, Box 234 Rt 2 Salem Va Tel ( MONTE MLLER 110 Boylston Ave E Seattle Wash Tel 1206) B OB MONTGOMERY c o House of Gold Publ g PO Box Belle Meade Sta Nashville Tenn Tel ROY J MONTGOMERY, see MBA MOON -HLL MGMT NC PO Box 4945 Austin Tea Tel (512) STAN MORESS see Scoth Bros JOHNNY MORRS 21 Music Circle E Nashville Tenn 3:203 Tel ( ED MUCC see Bsg Deal N NASHVLLE NT'L ARTST MGMT NC 20 Music Square W Nashville Tenn Tel 1615) C RANDOLPH NAUERT 3525 Encenal Canyon Rd Malibu Calif Tel 1213( REN NEGGO JR, Calvert St North Hollywood Calif Tel (213) RAY NENOW see Perelandra NEW DRECTON MOMT 9255 Sunset Blvd Suste 526 Los Angeles Celli Tel ( NEW MAGE PO Box 658-M Morristown N J Tel 1201) B ROOKE NEWELL, Ave S Nashville Tenn Tel 1615) BYRNE NEWHART 1 Post St No 3300 San Francisco Calif Tel (415) NCOLETT MUSC CO, PO Box 2818 Newport Beach Calf Tel (714) (NYC) (212) o O H P NC PO Box 217 Oak Hill Ohso Tel (614) LEE OLSEN, see Bob Doyle CHARLES "FUZZY" OWEN PO Boa 842 Bakersfield CAM Tel 1805) JOHN OWENS see South Breeze P B OB PASLEY see Southern Mountain PANACHE PROMOS PO Box 384 Buena Park Calif Tel (7 14) PATTACK PROD'NS NC 8899 Beverly Blvd Susie 407 Los Angeles Cale) Tel (213) JAKE PAYNE see Dorn Melillo JOHN PENNY ENTS NC, 259A Beech St Belmont Mass Tel ( PERELANDRA ARTST AGENCY, Ave S Nashville Tenn Tel (615) DON PERRY PROD'NS NC PO Box 1569 Fayenevllle N C Tel 191 9) 484-3)71 LARRY PHLLPS MONT, PO Box 4 Lake Lure N C Tel (704) JERRY PLANTZ PROD'NS, Wyandotte Kansas Csty Mo Tel ( PLAY T BY EAR CONNECTONS PO Box 1932 Hollywood Calif Tel (213) PLUM PROO'NS, 137 Ranlesgh Ave Toronto Ont M4N 1x2 Tel 1416) JM PORTER PERSONAL MONT, 2911 W Markham Little Rock Ark Tel (501) 664-8t81 ROBERT PORTER, see Jerry Lee Lewis & Co PREFERRED ARTST MONT NC 9701 Taylorsville Rd Louisville Ky Tel ( JAN1E PRCE, see Ray Price Erns RAY PRCE ENTS PO Box Dallas Tea Tel (214) PRMA -DONNA ENTERTANMENT, PO Box Nashville Tenn Tel (615) PRORTY GROUP MGMT, 5601 Odana Rd Suite 14 Madison Wes Tel PROCESS TALENT MONT, 439 Wiley Ave Franklin Pa Tel 1814( PROGRESSVE ARTSTS MGMT Ave S Nashville Tenn Tel (615) PRO TALENT CONSULTANTS PO Box Atlanta Ga Tel (404) PRO-TALENTS NC 414 Walnut Suste 920 Csnonnats Ohio Tel (51 3) GERARD W PURCELL ASSOCS LTD, 133 Fifth Ave New York N Y Te) 1212) R R B MONT Box 1613 Nashville Tenn Tel 1615) R C S PROD'NS 5220 Essen Ln Baton Rouge La Tel (504) R i O MOMT PO Boa 962 Baytown Tea Tel (713) JACK RAEL see Pattack Prod os RASSE MGMT PO Box 949 Oak Park ll Tel 1312) RANBOW COLLECTON 101 W 57 St Suite 2A New York N Y Tel (212) Branch Nashville Tenn 50 Music Square W Surte 806 2p Tel (615) ALCE F RALEGH 102 Taylor nd Blvd Hendersonville Tenn Tel 161 5) LEONARD T RAMBEAU see Balmur Ltd DON REDANZ see Capitol Star REDWOOD PROMOS, 26 Maple Pl Ossining N Y Tel (914) JERRY REED ENTS, Ave S Nashville Tenn Tel 1615) RUSS REEDER, 2039 Antoine Houston Tea Tel 1713) RESOURCEFUL PROD'NS NC PO Box 1392 Flushing N Y Tel ( EDDE RHNES c o Nashville nt Anst Mgmt nc 20 Music Square W Nashville Tenn Tel 1615) TANDY RCE c o Top Bing nc PO Boa Nashville Tenn Tel (615) CHARLE RCH ENTS NC 8229 Rockcreek Pkwy Cor doua Teen Tel 1901) ROBBY ROBERSON c o Nashville Studio Theatre 1302 Dsnsson Nashville Tenn Tel (615) LOU ROBN see Artist Consultants ROBSHER PEOPLES TALENT AGENCY, 33 Ed, Ave Plainview N Y Tel 1516) DAVD ROSE MOMT, 3250 Lowry Rd Los Angeles Calif Tel 1213) PAUL ROSE 6 Gold St Warrensburg N Y Tel ) R B ROSE, 4950 Castana Ave Suite 29 Lakewood Call) Tel ( ROSNA MONT 9255 Sunset Blvd Suds 519 Los Angeles Calif Tel R M "'DCK" ROTH, see Talent Showcase FOE ROWE, see Frank Evans ROYAL T MUSC PO Box 54 Mansfield Tea Tel (81 7) ROYALTY RECS OF CANADA LTD Ave Edmonton Alta T6E 087 Tel ( DCK RUBN ASSOCS NC, 60 W 57 St No 10M New York N Y Tel (212) SD RUDEAU, 1831 Nebraska Ave NE St Petersburg Fla Tel (813) RAY RUFF PO Box Hollywood Celli ROB RUSSEN/ROB-LEE MUSC PO Box 1385 Mer chantvdle N J Tel 1609) ART RUSH Riverside Dr Surte 219 North Holly wood Calf Tel ( RUSTON MUSC PROD'NS, 200 Westmoreland Ave White Plans N Y Tel (914) Branch Arcadia, Calif 2804 S Baldwin Ave 21p Tel 2 1 3) S SAL PROD'NS Boo 418 Manchester Mass Tel FRANK SANTAGADA 729 Broadway Newburgh N Y Tel (914) LEE SAVAGGO, 1135 Curtin St Houston Tea Tai ) DON SCHAFER PROMOS PO Box Dallas Tea Tel (214) (Continued on page 62) Country Music Sourcebook Billboard 21

22 San Fla ALABAMA Audio -80 Prod ris nc PO Box Mobile Tel ( Pres Buddy Jay Contacts Tom Esneval Bob rving Tan: Northern Gulf Coast Hayloft Opry nc Francis St Tuscumbia Tel Treas Charlie S Cole ARZONA Evening Star Prod ns 1216 E Apache Blvd Tempe Tel (602) Promoter Dan Zelrsko Publicist Catherine Zehsko Ado & Printing Dir Bill Niblick (Contracts with Dooleys-Tempe Ariz & Dooleys-Tucson Ariz Tan: Ariz primarily Flagstaff Phoenix Tucson areas Jerry Hale Prod ns PO Boa BN Parker Tel ( Owner Gerald M Hale Concert Co-ord Debbie Hart Tarr: Southwestern USA Maverick King of Club nc 4702 E 22 St Tucson Tel 1602) Owner & Pres Mo Farhang (Contract with Community Center-Tucson Tarr: Tucson Anz CONCERT PROMOTERS Ariz ARKANSAS Philip G Back & Marilyn Weinstein 5 Main P Little Rock Tel (501) Tan: Fort Smith Hot Spring Little Rock Pine Bluff Ark Monroe Shreveport La Memphis Tenn Denton Agency PO Boa 3862 Little Rock Tel (501 i Owner Paul L Denton Ten: Ala Ark La Okla Superior Attractions PO Box 131 Little Rock Tel ( Contact Marilyn Weinstein Ten: Ark CALFORNA ACTS laaaction Concerts 6 Talent Showcases) 3753-C Udall St San Diego Tel ( Owner & Prod r Tom Brannon Ado Dir Edith E Paul Dir Doug Rose Tan: Ariz Southern Calif Nev Amusement Conspiracy nc PO Box 517 Encino Tel 1213) Pres Arthur R Newberger VP Alan Jenkins Tan: Midwestern & Northwestern USA Ariz Calif Tea Artist Consultants nc 9200 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles Tel ( Pres Louis Robin VP s Allen Tinkley Tom Robin Torr: North America Europe Australia Japan New Zealand Art Benson Promos 1560 N La Brea Hollywood Owner & Pres Art Benson Ton: Calif Brandin ron Agency 320 S "E" St Bernardino Tel ( Co -owners LM 8 R G Hill Ton: Southern Calif including San Bernardino County California Jam nc 3030 Tiffany Circle Los Angeles Tel ( Contacts Sandy Feldman Lenny Stogel (Contracts with Ontario Motor Speedway-Ontario Calif Mosport Park-Toronto Ont R G Canning Prod ns nc 4525 E 59 P Maywood Tel (213) Pres Gary Canning Concert Dir M Redd Talent Buyer David Rorer (Con tracts with Long Beach Arena-Long Beach Calif Los Angeles Sports Arena-Los Angeles Calif Tor: Phoenix Ariz Bakersfield Los Angeles San Ber nardino San Diego Santa Barbara Ventura Calif City of Concord Concord Pavilion PO Boa 6166 Concord Tel (415) Gen Mgr John Toffoli Jr PR Dir Jay Bedecarre Prod n Mgr Doug Warrick Tor: Concord Calif Concert Express nc Ventura Blvd Suite 311 Encino Tel (21 3( Pres Bob Eubanks VP Bill Leopold Office Mgr Kim Heier Ton: La Nev N M Okla Ore Ten Wash D L Prod ns see Dan Levy & Assoc Elila Concerts Seabreeze Studios PO Box 263 Redlands Tel ( Pres David Sea Little Art Dir Pat Hamada Tor: Alaska Hollywood Redlands San Bernardino San Blas Calif Mexico Filament Entertainment Ents 1058 E Edna P Covina Tel Pres Frank Offenstein Agent Don Richardson Prod n Ass t Torn Messner Ton Western Ariz Northern & Southern Calif Hawaii Nev Ore Wash Folklore Prod ns nc 1671 Appian Way Santa Monica Tel ( Foothill College El Monte Rd Los Altos Hills Tel it 281 Contact John Low Tor Calif Franklyn Agency 1010 Hammond St No 312 Los Angeles Tel (213) Contact Audrey P Franklyn Ton: Southern Calif Fun Prod ns 8235 Santa Monica Blvd Los Angeles Tel Ton: Worldwide Cathy Furnes & Assoc 680 Beach St No 445 San Francrsco Tel (41 5) Ton: Berkeley Concord Los Angeles Oakland Sacra mento San Francisco San Jose Calif ) ) ) i Bill Grossman Mgr --,t 238 Sunset Ave Santa Cruz Tel Publicist Booking Agent Kath Cummins Personal Mgr Bill Grossman Tan: Northern Bay Area from San Francisco to Monterey including San Jose & Santa Cruz Group -E nc 1007 Dolphin Terr Corona Del Mar Tel (714) Pres Bill Tappan Promo Dir Bob Moline Prod n Mgr Randy Hall Tan: USA Canada Australia A M & Tom Butler Prod ns Murphy Ave rvine Tel ( Pres Thomas E Quick Ass t to Prod r Peggy A Liebermann Pub Art Dept Dir Kathe Delbert (Contract with ntramural Field Unry of Calif at rone-rvine Calif Tan: Southern Calif including Orange County nn of the Beginning PO Bos 368 Cotah Tel ( Pres & Booker Mark Braunstein Tan: Sonoma County Calif Billy Jack Jackson Ents PO Bon 335 Redding Tr Promoter Bill Evans Teri: Northern Calif Dave Jeppesen Prod ns nc 810 College Ave Kentfield Tel (415) Ten: Northern Calif Bette Kaye Prod ns nc 2929 El Camino Ave Sacramento Tel ( Pres Charles Kaye Theatre & Concert Bookers & VP s Phyllis & Terry Parsons Treas Bette Kaye Sec y Michelle Hughes (Contracts with Cincinnati Palace-Cincinnati Ohio & Cleveland Palace-Cleveland Ohrol Ten: USA & Canada Dan Levy & Assoc 3810 Riviera Dr No 1 San Diego Tel (714) Pres Dan Levy VP Rene Fandel Ten: Southern Calif including San Diego & surrounding counties Moonlight Prod ns 1122 Fourth Ave San Diego Tel (714) Ton: San Diego Calif MorningSun Prod ns 1747 Broadway San Francisco Tel ( Pres Roy DuBrow VP Lori Alan Prod n Du Tim Mayer (Contract with Fox- Warfeld Theatre-San Francisco Calif ) Ten: Arcata Berkeley Davis Fresno Oakland Redding Sacramento Salinas San Francisco San Jose Santa Barbara Santa Cruz Stockton Calif Reno Nev Myriad Prod ns N Hayworth Ave Suite 402 Los Angeles Tel Pres & Ease Prod r Ed Harris Tan: Northern & Southern Calif Hey Nederlander Assocs 9255 Sunset Blvd Suite 911 Los An geles Tel Pres James M Nederlander VP Allan Bregman (Contracts with Greek Theatre-Los Angeles Calif Pantages-Los Angeles Calif Concord Pavilion -Concord Calif Poplar Creek-Chicago Mississippi Riser Festival-Edwardsville ll Merrrweather Post Pavilion-Columbia Md Pine Knob Music Theatre-Detroit Mich New Day Entertainment nc Country Music West 1810 N Bronson Ave Los Angeles Tel 6374 ( Ten: USA primarily Calif & 12 Western states No -Moss Prod ns 115 E Foothill Blvd No 6 Glendora Tel 1213) Contacts Norman E Windisch Thomas C Soran Jr (Contracts with Convention Center-City of ndustry Calif Canyon Theatre-San Dimas Calif Capri Theatre-West Covina Calif ) Ton: Ariz Northern & Southern Calif Nev England Personified Talents dry of Brunette Prod ns) The Alameda San Jose Tel 1408) Exec Prod r Dee Brunette Assoc Prod r Jonathon Selph Phase Concerts E 214 St Lakewood Tel Pres Randy J Miller Exec VP Todd Miller Ten Phoenix Tempe Tucson Ariz Bakersfield Or ange County Riverside San Bernardino San Diego Calif Right Way Prod ns nc 4319 Degnan Los Angeles Tel ( Pres George Jordan VP Claude Daniels Sec y Ralph Jordan (Contract with Sea World-San Diego Calif Tor: Western Coast & Midwestern USA Roseworld Entertainment Corp 9000 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles Tel 1213) Pres Jack Rose Tor: Worldwide Samuels Artists & Prod ns Ltd 9046 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles90069 Tel (213) Pres Sy Samuels Ten: Nev Atlantic City N J Puerto Rico Santa Cruz Boxoffice 110 Walnut Ave Tel (408) Santa Cruz Ten: Northern Bay Area Calif Seabreeze Presentations 2020-B De La Vina Santa Barbara Tel (805) Ten: Western USA Hawaii Sound -Search Mgmt & Prod ns nc 2363 Boulevard Circle No 104 Walnut Creek Tel (415) NYC 1212) LA (213) Pres Jed L Ziegler B ranch: North Miami Fla Tor USA Star Lite Universal Ents nc 9000 Sunset Blvd Suite 615 Los Angeles Tel (213, Star West Prod ns PO Box 656 Sunset Beach Tel ( Pres Dan Teckenoff PR & Prod n Coord Laine Medina (Contract with Golden West Ballroom-Norwalk Calif Tan: Los Angeles Orange County Riverside San Bernardino Santa Barbara Calif Surf City Prod ris Boa 14 Hollywood Tel Tan: Southern Calif Western News Prod ns 595-C Buck Vacaville Tel (707) Counsel Raymond Sweeney Pub Dir Lois Clayton Tor: Western USA COLORADO Tri -Son Promos & News Boa 177 Wild Horse Tel Co -Pies Loretta Loudilla & Kay Johnson Ton-- Worldwide United Ents 33 Yale Pueblo Tel Michael P Walsh & Assocs 1950 Hoyt St Lakewood Tel ( Contacts Mike Walsh Bob Laughlin Tarr Rocky Mountain region (5 statesi CONNECTCUT Maco Promos Ltd PO Bos 424 Watertown Tel 1203) Exec Prod r Keith Mahler (Contract with Municipal Stadium-Waterbury Conn ) Tan Northeastern USA Bahamas Keith Mahler Concert Co Ltd PO Box Hamilton Ave Watertown Tel (203) Pres Keith S Mahler (Contract with Municipal Stadium- Waterbury Conn ) Ton: Northeastern USA Bahamas Musrcens Co-op nc Rt 7 Cornwall Bridge Tel 1203) Pres Monte Dunn Tan: Northwestern Conn & adpcent N Y & Mass DELAWARE Pingatore Entertainment nds nc 4010 Concord Pike Wilmington Tel (302( Pres F J Pin - galore VP Sal Carracciolo Sec y Chance Neel Torr Del Md Pa DSTRCT OF COLUMBA Cellar Door Concerts nc St NW Washington Tel (202) Tan: Ala Ark Washington D C Fla Ga Md N C SC Va Performing Arts Prod ris 928 S St Asaph St Alexandria Va Tel (703) Pres B C May Sec y Jay Johnson Chief Eng Bob Goodman Torr Del District of Columbia Md Va Stanley -Williams Presentations St NW Washington Tel Partners Robert B Stanley Harding de C Williams Press PR Susan Kennelly Tor Washington D C metropolitan area FLORDA Joan Andrews Ents 3570 US 19 N Lot 16 Palm Harbor Tel ( Pres & Owner Joan An- drews Arena Prod ns nc PO Boa Miami Tel Pres Gary Lashinsky Terr: USA & Canada Beach Club Prod ns 2259 Poinciana Rd Winter Park Tel (305) Pres Cecil Corbett VP Wilson Howard Sec y-treas Joseph Lambusta Branch Camden S C Ton: Southeastern USA Cellar Door Concern South nc 2190 SE 17 St No 312 Fort Lauderdale Tel ( Contacts Jack Boyle Bob Zinser Ed Tragesser (Contract with Capitol Centre-Washington 0 C Tan: Ala District of Columbia Fla Ga Md Va Countrywide Festivals nc 1810 Michigan Ave Miami Beach Tel (305) Dits Jim Clark vor H Rose Bob Englar Contracts with Erie Lake Speedway-Erie Pa Endless Caverns Campground- New Market Va Aunt Minnie s Farm-Stumptown W Va Torr Bisbee Ariz Riverside San Jose Calif Coconut Grove Daytona Fort Lauderdale Gainesville Hollywood Jacksonville Key West Kissimmee Miami Miami Beach Orlando St Augustine St Petersburg Tampa Fla Baltimore Hagerstown Ocean City Salisbury Md Athens Cincinnati Marietta Youngstown Ohio Erre, Harrisburg Philadelphia Pittsburgh York Pa Arlington Fairfax Hampden Norfolk Richmond Roanoke Va Beckley Charleston Clarksburg Elkins Glenville, Huntington Morgantown Parkersburg Stumptown Summersville W Va Fantasma Prod ns nc 1675 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd West Palm Beach Tel 1305) Pres Jon Stoll Booking Dir Gary Propper Admin Ass t Debi Cooper (Contract with Paramount Theatre-Palm Beach Fla) Tor: Ala Ga Greater American Entertainment Corp 77 Cocoanut Ave Sarasota Tel Pres Willem J English VP Ann L Pike Tor: USA & Canada east of the Rocky Mountains Gulf Artists Prod ns nc 1800 Amberwood Dr Riverview Ter (813) Pres Margorie Sexton VP Terri Santon Communications & Promo Dir Drew Rashbaum Stage Mgr Buddy Pendergrass Ten: Lakeland Miami Orlando Panama City St Petersburg Tampa West Palm Beach Fla Savannah Ga Virginia Haunt Prod ns nc 120 Fifth St N Jacksonville Beach Tel ( Pres Virginia Harrm Teri Soarneastem USA 22 Country Music Sourcebook Billboard

23 Ents Jar Promos nc 218 W Adams Jacksonville Tel Jet Set Ents nc 4031 Cordova Ave Jacksonville Tel (904) Pres Sidney Drashin Prod n Mgr J Brooks Tarr: Southeastern USA Murdock Advertising Agency 218 W Adams St Suite 213 Jacksonville Tel Pres Robert Sabourin Tear: Jacksonville Fla New World Prod ns nc 1550 W 84 St Tel (305) Hialeah Ten: Fla Sol -Mar Prod ns nc 1437 S Belcher Rd Suite 108 Clearwater Tel (813) Pres Harold C Mandon VP Gordon T Solfie Tan: Southeastern USA Sound -Search Mgmt & Prod ns nc NE 1 35 St No 302 North Miami Tel NYC LA ( Pres Jed L Ziegler Contact Bob Collinsworth Branch: Walnut Creek Calif Tsar: USA Stucky Prod its 709 Franklin Street Mall Suite 402 Tampa Tel (813) Contacts David Stuckrath Clark Northcott Adrnin Ass t Beth Pearl Tin: Southeastern USA York Prod ns 4836 Kathy Jo Ten Orlando Tel ( Owner & Pres Randy York Tin: Fla N C GEORGA Atlanta Talent Consultants PO Box Fernwood Circle NE Atlanta Tel ( Bash Prod its nc 6802 Mobley Rd Columbus Tel (404) Pres Mike Blackwell Tier Eastern Ala Northern Fla Ga Alex Cooley Ong PO Boa Atlanta Tel (404) Pres Alex Cooley vp Janet Caldwell Teat: Primarily Southeastern USA some Southwestern USA & other Concert Planning Assocs Boa 593 Savannah Beach Tel 1912) Pres Jerry Rogers Tin: Savannah Ga Famous Artists Series 5532 Habersham St Savannah Tel (912) Partners Charles J White Ralph Bridges Tan: Fla Ga S C J Lee Friedman Lenox Rd Atlanta Tel ( Full House Prod ns nc 4116 Wreuca Rd Zip Tel Pres Rich Floyd VP Gary Heyden Tier Ala Fla Ga Miss S C Tenn HAWA J F L Concerts nc 525 Cummins St Honolulu Tel ( Pres John F Leonard VP Hank McMonrgle (Contract with Bloch Arena-Honolulu Hawaii Rainbow Boy Music Park-Honolulu Hawaii) Tin: Hawaii Tom Moffatt Prod ns nc The Penthouse 1232 Waimanu St Honolulu Tel (808) Pres Tom Moffatt Exec Ass t Li Hudson Tin: Hawaii Guam Pacific Eapo nc 2005 Kale Rd Honolulu Tel (808) Pres try Weled VP Steve Weled Gen Mgr Bob Rowan (Contract with Hilton Hawaiian Village-Honolulu Hawaii) Teri: Hawaii DAHO Magic Mountain Music Co PO Box 1498 Sun Valley Tel (208) Owner 6 Pres Scott M Karterman Mgr Kandi S Demaray Tan: Halley Ketchum Sun valley daho LLNOS Celebration Prod ns nc PO Boa Schaumburg Tel (312) Pres Bruce E Kapp Ass to Pres Jane Merior VP Sal Dimiceli (Contract with nternational Amphitheatre-Chicago Tin: nd owa Minn ND SD ChicagoFest 600E Grand Ave Chicago Tel (312i Tarr: USA Continental Country Promos 1728 Eighth St Rockford Tel (815) Tire: owa Wis Jack Estes Promo 1649 Franklin Danville Tel (217/ Tier: Midwestern USA Feeley Ents 400 E Randolph St Chicago Tel (312) Pres Jim Feeley VP Sunny Feeley (Contract with Condesa Del Mar-Alsip Tirr: Midwestern USA Gilbert Prod n nc PO Boa 319 Rt 97 S Petersburg Tel 1217) Pres Chet Gilbert Gen Mgr James Gilbert PR Dir Thomas Allen Jr Tier: Ark ll nd owa Ky Mich Minn Mo Ohio Okla Tenn Wis Canada J A M Prod ns Ltd 360 N Michigan Ave Chicago Tel (312i Contacts Arny Granat Jerry Mickelson Fred Ordower (Contracts with Aragon Ballroom B Ginnings Comiskey Park Park West Riviera Theatre Uptown Theatre-Chicago ) Tira Ariz nd owa Ky Mich Minn Ohio Performing Arts of Freeport 1005 langdon P Freeport Tel (815) Owner Dan Habecker (Contract with Masonic Temple Theatre-Freeport 1 Tarr: Northwestern ll Southwestern Wis Prima Prod ns 523 Circle Dr Park Forest South Tel (312) Promoter Lonnie Primavera Tart: South side of Chicago Progressive nnovations Ltd 3217 N University Peoria Tel 1309) Pres Jay Goldberg Prod n Mgr Jack Toal Ager-t Eddy Schindler Tier: Central ll Area Cal Starr Ents 2624 W 99 St Evergreen Park Tel (312) Pres Cal Starr VP Don Valloni Sec y Olive Jansen Tarr: Chicago Area Umpire Enterprizes 3036 Peoria Rd Springfield Tel (214) Owner Jerry Harmer Mgr Betty Jacobs Branch: Longview Tex Tier: Ariz Ark Central ll Mo N M Eastern Tea NDANA Aiken Mgmt 819 SE Second St Evansville Tel 1812) Owner Larry Aiken Office Mgr Nancy Tipton Prod n Connie Carlisle (Contracts with Coliseum-Evansville nd Wings Stadium-Kalamazoo Mich 1 Tin: nd Ky Mich Ohio Tenn Management & Direction Entertainment 5515 Rosalyn Ave ndianapolis Tel (31 7) Promoter George Speropoulos Sec y Sandy Speropoulos Tier: Midwestern USA Midwest Prod ns PO Boa Kokomo Tel 131 7) Owner Chet Brown Tear: Worldwide occasionally Midwestern USA The Promotion Co nc 5891 N New Jersey ndianapolis Tel (31 7) Pres C Bruce Hobley Tin: Midwestern USA including ndianapolis nd Ken Young Promos nc PO Bor Fort Wayne Tel (219) Pres Ken Young Tin: nd (owa Mich Ohio Wis OWA James Fox Promos nc Box W Park Ave Waterloo Tel 1319) Pres James D Fox owa Sound Promos 155 W First St Carlisle Tel (515) Pres Harold L Luick (Contract with Hoyt Sherman Theatre-Des Moines towel Tin: owa Minn Mo Neb S D Wis J & 2 Unlimited 1209 Third Ave SW LeMers Tel (712) Promo Mgr Jerry Christenson Tin: owa Neb S D Michelsen Assocs 414 Main St Davenport Tel 1319) Pres Robert H Michelsen Tart: Quad cities Davenport owa Music Circuit Presentations nc 2324 University Ave Des Moines Tel (515) Pres Steve White (Contract with owa State Fairgrounds-Des Moines lowa) Tier: owa Neb S D Donald C Smokey Smith c o KWKY Box 662 Des Moines Tel 1515) KANSAS Harry Peebles Agency PO Box 1324 Kansas City Tel (913) Owner Harry Peebles Mgr Evelyn Zerr Ten: 25 states KENTUCKY Mark Collier Ents Talent Div S Beltline Hwy Paducah Tel ( Owner & Dir Mark Collier Sec y -Au t Dixie Collier Tare Ky Mo David Heavener Prod ris nc 1426 S Preston Louisville Tel ( William H King Ents 203 Speed Bldg 203 Guthrie St Louisville Tel (502) Pies Wrbiam H King Promo Dir Dale E Owens Tin: Miami West Palm Beach Fia Lexington Louisville Ky Walter F Sell Jr PO Box 113 Gilbertsville Tel Sec y Jackie Kemplm Tan: USA Stellar Prod ns 1347 S Third St Suite 200 Louisville Tel (502) Pres David Franklin VP Opns G Gerald Roy (Contracts with Ken - lucky Theatre-Lexington Ky Soundstage-Louisville Ky Alumni Coliseum Eastern Kentucky Univ -Rich mond Kyi Tier: Evansville ndianapolis nd Lexington Louisville Owensboro Richmond Ky Dayton Ohio Chattanooga Tenn LOUSANA Beaver Prod ns nc 323 Dauphine St New Orleans Tel (504) Pres Don Foa Ado Barry Leff Bus G M Friedman (Contract with the Warehouse-New Orleans La ) S tenchi- Oklahoma City, Okla: Dallas Tex Tart: USA Big Time Prod ns nc PO Box Harahan Tel (504) Pres Greg Barton Sec y-treas Terry Villani Tarr: La Miss Tea The Concert Co 525 Saratoga Bldg New Orleans Tel (504) Pres Cyndi Christian Media Dir Lenity Gore Prod n Mgr Steve Thomas Tan: Fla La Miss Tex James Hodges PO Boa 5 Walker Tel 1504) Blaine Kern Artists nc PO Box 6307 New Orleans Tel ( Talent Prod r Bette Kaye Assoc Pixie Naguin Tan: New Orleans La Magnum Corp 800 E Vermillion Lafayette Tel Von Prod ns St Suite C Metairie Tel ( Tan: Gulf South area MANE Longhorn Prod ns c o the Loh 1 26 N Boyd Portland Tel ( John Michaud 43 Garden Circle Caribou Tel Tan- Aroostook County Me & adjacent Canadian communities MARYLAND Rudy Callicutt 1 Land Send Dr Gaithersburg Tel (301) B Talent, 8 Main St Woodsboro Tel ( Owner Don Barnes (Contract with -70 Motor nn-frederick Md Tarr: Western Md First Niters nc N Charles St Baltimore Tel ( Contact ry Klein MASSACHUSETTS CAPE Co (Concert & Prom Pleasant St Bridgewater Tel 1617) Pres Leonard Zimmerman Gen Mgr Bruce Boudakian Office Mgr Karen Rainey (Contracts with facilities at Massasoit College-Brockton Mass Harvard Univ -Cambridge Mass Univ of Plattsburg-Plattburg N Y Brown Univ -Providence R Providence College- Providence R Tin: East Coast Capital Concerts nc 21 Stevens Rd Worcester Tel ( Promoters Richard T Kneeland Tom Barouk Mgr Richard Prunier Tin: Central New England Glover A C PO Bor R S t North Adams Tel (4 t 3) Contactiver Joseph Maruco Tan: Berkshire County Mass V Don Law Co Fresh Pond Pkwy Cambridge Tel ( Pres Don Law Booking Agents Fred Johansen Ken Kohberger (Contracts with Orpheum Theatre & Paradise Theatre-Boston Mass Tin: Portland Me Boston Springfield Mass Providence R Santos Promos 697 Washington St Rt 53 Hanover Tel (61 7) Pres Tony Santos Tin: New England & Northeastern USA Walker -Cronin Prod as nc 850 Boylston St Chestnut Hill Tel 1617) Pres Robert Walker VP John Cronin Tin: New England Chicago Tea, Wks MCHGAN Audio Arts Lakehurst Dr Farmington Hills Tel ( Prod n Mgr Philip R Ober Tart: Parch Brass Ring Prod ns 496 W Ann Arbor Trail Suite 204 Plymouth Tel 1313) Pres Robert Fox VP s Michael P Tinik Rick Kay (Contracts with Royal Oak Music Theatre-Royal Oak MKh Center Stage-Canton Mich Tse,: Midwestern USA Bobby Hankins Music 153 Division Coldwater Tel (517) Tan: Northern nd Southern Mich Liberty Bell Prod ns PO Boa Lansing Tel ( Contacts Brad Coombs Drew Taubman Sherry Browne (Contracts with Bus Stop-East Lansing Mich Long s Dinner Theater-Lansing Mich) Tan: ll nd owa Mich N Y Ohio Pa Middle Earth Prod ns 1409 Oak St Wyandotte Tel ( Contact Emil J Kovach Jr Tan: Mich Progressive Prod ns 416 W Kilgore Rd Kalamazoo Tel ( Tin: Southwestern Mich Son of Bamboo Prod ns nc Providence Suite 116 Southfield Tel (313) Talent Buyer & Dir Robert Bageris Prod n Mgr Cary E Gordon Media Co-ord Gail Parenteau (Contract with Bamboo Ballroom-Detroit Mich i Tan: ntl Lexington Louisvil Ky Flint Grand Rapids Kalamazoo Lansinleg PortDetroit Huron Saginaw Mich Minneapolis St Paul Minn Neb Athens Columbus Dayton Ohio Madison Milwaukee Wb Universal Artists 2500 Turner NW Grand Rapids Te) 1616) Pres Phil Simon Tin: USA MNNESOTA Proos PO Boa 68 Ceylon Tel 1507) 632 C s 4242m Ten- owa Minn Edgewood Agency nc 1645 Hennepin Ave Minneapolis Tel (612) Pres Lewis Friedman VP Dean Lenz Branch: Milwaukee Wrs Tin: Midwestern USA Canada Don Formanek Jr Seventh Moorehead Tel ( MusicSphere Prod ns nc 550 E Butler Square Minneapolis Tel (612) 338v6707 Pres Fred Krohn Ass t to Pres Gary Tassone Contact Scott Stein Tin: Western & Upper Midwestern USA Schon Prod ns nc 100 N Seventh St Minneapolis Tel (612) Pres Abe Schon VP Rand Levy (Contracts with Guthrie Theatre-Minneapolis Minn Rosenblatt Stadium-Omaha Neb Ten: USA MSSSSPP Be -Bop Prod ns nc Maywood Mart Jackson Tel (601) Pres Drake Elder VP Wayne Harrison Tin Miss MSSOUR Downspout Country Showroom 4625 N Lindberg Blvd St Louis Tel (314) Foe Prod ns 2929 Schifferdecker Joplin Tel Pres Virgil Fox Gen Mgr Skip Hoppe Prod n Mgr Larry Reitmeyer Stage Mgr Larry McGowen Tier: Ark owa Kan Mo Neb Okla Country Music Sourcebook Billboard 23

24 Concert Promoters Good Time Country Rt 4 Columbia Tel ( Ten Central Mo nnermost Prod ns nc PO Box St Louis Tel Pres Ron Kootman Sec y Ben Kootman Tan: Midwestern USA Ozark Opry nc Promos PO Box 242 Osage Beach Tel (314) Owner Lee Mace Gen Mgr Harold L Lock Ten: Ark owa Kan Mo Okla Reggae Ltd 393 N Euclid Suite 23 St Louis Tel Pres Kim Krekel VP John Gourley Ten- Denver Colo Manhattan Wichita Kan Louis ville Ky Columbia Kansas City St Louis Springfield Mo Lincoln Omaha Neb Oklahoma City Okla Memphis Tenn Worlds of Fun 4545 Worlds of Fun Ave Kansas City Tel 1816) VP & Gen Mgr Lee Der - rough Mktg Dir Dave Holt PR Rep Jim Glynn Pro motet Gary Noble (Contract with Forum Amphi theatre-kansas City Mo Ter Ark owa Kan Mo Neb Okla NEBRASKA R -chard Lutz Enteitainme -r Ayencr, St Lincoln Tel ( Owner Richard Lutz Gen Mgr Cherie Hantelt Agents Kris Mortensen Winston Hall Ter Nationwide including Midwestern USA ) NEW JERSEY Sol Abrams Assocs nc 331 Webster Dr New Milford Tel 1201) Pres Sol Abrams Tan: N J New York N Y Concertamenca Corp 80 George St Paterson Tel VP s R Dennis Krtchin Michael T Consandine ll Dennis Robertss (Contract with General Washington Concert Stage-Audubon Pa Ter: USA Canada Western Europe Middle East South America Tim Drake Presents Box 602 Woodcliff Lake Tel 1201) Pres Tim Drake VP & Agent Paul Dreifuss (Contracts with Hotel California-Asbury Park N J lona College Forum-New Rochelle N Y Ten: N J Lower N Y primarily Long sland & West chester Middle of the Road Ents nc MORE PO Box 146E Rah way Tel (201) Pres George Ar gast VP Ed Guy (Contract with Regent Showcase Theater-Elizabeth N J Ten: NJ NY Monarch Entertainment Bureau nc 412 Pleasant Valley Way West Orange Tel ( Pres John Scher VP Amy Polan Concert Dir David Han (Contract with Capitol Theatre-Passaic N J Ten: N J Upstate N Y 1 pnmanly thaca Rochester Syracuse NEW YORK Sol Abrams Assocs nc 331 Webster Dr New Milford N J Tel (201) Pres Sol Abrams Ter: N J New York N Y Bluegrass Club of New York 417 E 89 St New York Tel 1212) Pres Douglas Tuchman Tan: NJ NY Club Utica 527 W Utica St Buffalo Tel Owner Reginald Tuccr Tan: Buffalo N Y Country Cavalcade Box 1 Florida Tel (914) VP Ed Kosior Ten: Orange County N Y Freefall Presentations Ltd 137 N Franklin St Hempstead Tel Pres & Prod r Mark Puma Prod n Mgr Joe Molinare (Contract with Calde none Concert Hall-Hempstead N Y Ter: Northeastern USA Nassau & Suffolk Counties Syracuse N Y Providence R Harvey & Corky Prod ny c o Buffalo Memorial Aud Main & Terrace Sts Buffalo Tel 1716) Pres Harvey Weinstein VP Corky Burger Terr Western N Y ncluding Buffalo David Houck Countryman Rd Remsen Tel Music Fair Ents nc 32 E 57 St New York Tel (Contracts with Painters Mill -Balhmore Md Jones Beach Theatre-Long sland N Y Westbury Music Fair-Westbury N Y Valley Forge Music Fair-Devon Pa) Ten Baltimore Md Long sland New York N Y Philadelphia Pa Nederlander Org 1564 Broadway New York Tel ( Contacts James & R Wayne Neder lender (Contracts with Concord Pavilion-Concord Calif Greek Theatre-Los Angeles Calif Menoweather Post Pavilion-Columbia Md Mississippi River Festi val - St Louis Mo Pine Knob Music Theatre-Detroit Mich Poplar Creek Music Theatre-Chicago plus various theatres throughout the USA) North Country Review Box 70 Perrysburg Nash ville Rd Forestville Tel Mgr A Aiken Ten Western N Y Eastern Ohio Northern Pa Canada Orange Blossom Prod ns 417 E 89 St New York Tel (212) Pres Douglas Tuchman (Contract with New York Univ -New York N Y Ter: Conn NJ NY Orange Sunshine Concerts Walton Lake Terr Monroe Tel 1914) Pres Joseph Sullivan Tier Mid -Hudson Valley of N Y primarily Orange County Packaged Country Music nc PCM 58 Jay St Rochester Tel ( Pres Abraham Hamra VP Jerold Hamra Tarr USA Canada Parkas Frankel Entertainments nt Ltd 155 W 72 St New York Tel Pres & Exec Prod r Erwin Frankel Cher & Exec Prod r Philip P Parkas Exec Ass t Fortuna Rudach Ter Washington D C Boston Mass New York N Y Philadelphia Pa Pate & Assocs 823 Englewood Ave Buffalo Tel Exec Dir rwin D Pate Creative Consulting Dir Clarine Monique Pate Ter: USA primary area 500 -mile radius Bill Rial Tanry Rd Campbell Tel ( Scarza Fitzgerald Prod ns Ltd The Buckingham 101 W 57 St New York Tel Pres Jim Fitzgerald Sec y-treas Vincent Scaraa Sam R Sciolino Promos Spotlight Enterprrzes 75 St John Or Rochester Tel ( Pres Sam R Sciolino Gen Mgr Russ C Stalin (Contract with Club 2 on 2-Brockport N Y Tan N Y Spotlight Promos 75 St John Dr Rochester Tel ( VP Russ Sciolino Ass t Mgr Joseph Weiser Promoter & Booking Agent Sam R Sciolino Ter Eastern USA Fred Stuart Assocs 45 E 66 St New York Tel United Polka Artists Box 1 Professional Bldg Florida Tel Pres Jimmy Sturr VP Edward Kosior Ter Eastern USA NORTH CAROLNA PO Box 1263 Wilmington Tel Eastern Concerts John M James Teri: Southeastern USA Pres K -Dawn Ents 713 Hugo St Durham Tel Pres Austin B Rigsbee VP & Sec y Louise L Rigsbee Ter Ga NC SC Tenn ve Kaleidoscope Prod vs 304 E Morehead St Charlotte Tel Pres Larry Presley VP Alan Presley Agent Ray Raiford Ten NC SC Music Makers Network of America Prod vs PO Box Forbes Court Wilmington Tel Puy Joseph R Franks nt l Rep Janice C Grant Ter Southern & Southeastern USA Jim Robertson Ltd PO Box 616 King Tel Owner Jim Robertson VP Chuck Robertson Sec y Zeke Robertson Ter Fla Ga NC SC Tenn Va W Va Linden B Frey VP OHO Duane Abalay 4248 Douglas Toledo Tel W James Bridges Presents nc 6231 Fireside Dr Dayton Tel ( Pres W James Brdges Admen Ass t Michael Mergler Treas Sharon L Bridges Ter Fla nd Ky N C Ohio S C Tenn Cincinnah Riverfront Concerts c o Rovertront Coliseum 100 Broadway Cincinnati Tel (513) Ten Cincinnati Dayton Ohio Electric Factory Concerts 2145 Luray Ave Cincinnati Tel Contacts Larry Magid Allen Spivak Prod n Mgr Ellen Weiss Co Mgr Sid Payne B ranch: Philadelphia Pa Ter Cincinnati Ohio Philadelphia Pittsburgh Pa Memphis Tenn Entertainment Seres nc Your Friends Concerts 50 W Broad St Suite 712 Columbus Tel Pres Gary Chases Ten: Midwestern USA including Columbus Ohio Major Prod ns PO Box 444 Warren Tel 1216) VP Brent A Mager Ten Northeastern Ohio Paradise sland Prod vs nc 1465 B Lake Shore Dr Colum bus43204 Tel ,1586 Pres JackD Stith erland VP John Hickey Ten: Central Ohio Ross Todd Prod ns nc 2181 Victory Pkwy Cincinnati Tel ( Ter nd Ky Ohio W Va Jeannie Williams Sam s Place Rt 23 S Chillicothe Tel ( OKLAHOMA Beaver Prod ns nc 909 S Meridian Suite 302 Oklahoma City Tel 1405) Mgr Jim McClellan B ranches New Orleans La Dallas Tex Ter: USA & Canada Bench -Carson Attractions PO Box Oklahoma City Tel ( Pres Richard C Carson VP Jett D Lund (Contracts with Myriad Civic Center Music Hall 6 Fairgrounds-Oklahoma City Okla) Ten: Midwestern USA Carson Attractions nc 100 Civic Center Tulsa Tel Pres Richard C Carson Diamond Don Prod ns PO Box 602 Poteau Tel Prey Donald Barnes Gary Good Prod os 2500 NW 39 Oklahoma City Tel Green Country Danceland PO Box 297 Poteau Tel Contact C Dale Holcomb Ten: Poteau Okla & surrounding areas Jim Halsey Co nc The Penthouse 5800 E Skelly Tulsa Tel Pres Jim Halsey Ass t to Pres Terry Clone Creative Dir Bob Barwell Ten Midwestern USA Little Wing Prod ns 423 N Main Tulsa Tel Owner Larry Shaeffer Prod n Mgr Scott Munz Rep Jan Adams (Contract with Oklahoma Fairgrounds-Tulsa Okla 1 Ter Ark Kan La Okla Don Robertson PO Box 57 Cement Tel 1405) Saguaro Promos 2609 NW 36 St Oklahoma City Tel ( Gen Mgr Bobby Boyd OREGON E J D Ents 400 High Si NE Salem Tel 1503) Torn Shnnette Entertainment PO Box Portland Tel Pres & Agent Tom Stitt nette Prod n Mgr & Agent Bryce Lister Office Mgr Diane Bellamay Ter: West Coast Alaska Ore World AssemblyTDA 99 W 10 Surfe 325 Eugene Tel 1503) Contacts Steve Carter Robert Skilton (Contract with the Place-Eugene Orel Ter Pacific Northwestern USA PENNSYLVANA Country Star Prod ns 439 Wiley Ave Frankton Tel 1814) Pres Norman Kelly VP Oliver Mer sey Sec ytreas Junte Lou Kelly Ter Southwestern N Y Northeastern Ohio Western Pa Dawn Prod ns nt Talent Cloud 40 Paradise Tel Pres Juey Witz Mgmt Keith Archer Ten: Del Md Pa DCesare Engler Prod ns nc 207 Seventh St Pittsburgh Tel ( Pres Pat DiCesare VP Richard Engler Promoter & Stage Mgr Ed Tracensen Pub Dir Dick Roberts Theatre-Pittsburgh Pa (Contract with Stanley Ter Allentown Erie Johnstown Pittsburgh Pa Electric Factory Concerts 18 & Lombard Sts Philadelphia Tel Contacts Larry Magid Allen Spivak Prod n Mgr Ellen Weiss Co Mgr Sid Payne Branch: Cincinnati Ohio Tan- Cincinnati Ohio Philadelphia Pittsburgh Pa Memphis Tenn Makoul Prod ns nc 842 Hamilton Mall Allentown Tel ( Exec Prod r Thomas J Makoul Prod n Ass t James Makoul Stage Mgr Steve Handley Ter Eastern Pa including Allentown Mayac Prod ns nc 1002 S Bradford St Allentown Tel 1215) Pres Jerry Deane (Con tract with Phase 5-Bethlehem Pa 1 Motoboy Motions 1145 E Monter St Philadelphia Tel ( Pres Alan Moss Mountain Top Fore Co Sandy Ridge Tel Contact Sheldon Sharploss (Contract with Phil opsburg High School-Philipsburg Pa 1 Ten Central Pa N T Prod ns 154 N Lee Court Hazleton Tel (71 7) Pres Norman Tarantino Ter Northeastern Pa Bobby Stoudt Agency 115 Constitution Blvd Kutztown Tel Owner Bobby Stoudt Ter Pa Dave Wilson Prod ns PO Box Philadelphia Tel 1215) Pres Dave Wilson VP Rex Zero Gen Mgr Claire Mac Ten Pa RHODE SLAND Keep -t Country Prod ns 44 Pine Ave Coventry Tel (401) Pres Jerry Smith Ter Southern Mass R Z & Z Prod ns Brown Unry Box 1487 Providence Tel (401, Pres Scott Alan Ziegler VP Bob Zuckerman Exec VP Bruce Edgerly Sec rtrees Eric Falkenheim Ter: NJ R SOUTH CAROLNA Beach Club Prod vs 2507 N Broad St Camden Tel ( Pres Cecil Corbett VP Wilson Howard Sec ytreas Joseph Lambusta Branch: Winter Park Fla Ten: Southeastern USA SOUTH DAKOTA A J R Mgnt 5409 W 49 St Sioux Falk Tel 1605) Contact Tony Ratchford Ter 100 -mile radius of Sioux Falls ntermountain Concerts PO Box 8252 Rapid City Tel ( Partners Ron Kohn Steve Hughes Ter Colo Kan Minn Mont Neb ND SD Utah Wyo BJM Radio PO Box First Ave E Lemmon tel 1605) Pres & Gen Mgr Wayne D Tisdale Ter: Western N D Western S 0 Ronald T Kohn Concerts 3413 Monarch Chapel Valley Rapid City Tel Owner Ron ald T Kohn Ter: Upper Midwestern USA Meredith Entertainment Sery State St Rapid City Tel TENNESSEE Cliff Ayers Prod ns 62 Music Square W Nashville Tel Pres Cliff Ayers VP Connie Wright Promos Whit Marshall John Angel Ter USA Blackbird Prod ns 50 Music Square W Suite 401 Nash vale Tel Country Music Sourcebook Billboard

25 Will 1050 ND Ottawa Century Promos Master Prod ns PO Bo Mu sic Square W Nashville Tel 9227 Tart louisville Ky 1615)244 Cincinnati Ohio Nashville Tenn Charleston W Va Concerts For People nc 2705 Belmont Blvd Nashville Tel ( Dir Aubrey Hornsby Tan: Nashville Metropolitan Area Tenn Country Shindig 394 W Main St Suite C-18 Hendersonville Tel Pres Keith Fowler VP C K Spurlock Sec y Kay Knight Tart USA Johnny Dollar Agency Box Music Square W Nashville Tel (615) Owner Johnny Dollar PR Susan Guttmann Aaron L Durham 100 Sunburst Dr McMinnville Tel (615) Early Maxwell Assoc' nc 123 S Main St Memphis Tel Memphisound Prod ns 1004 N Parkway Memphis Tel Pres Fred Montgomery Attorney rvin Salky Ten: Mid -Southern USA including Memphis Tenn Nashville nt Concerts 20 Music Square W Nashville Tel Pres Reggie M Church well VP Ron Bailey Sec y -Trees P J Churchwell Tan: North America Sound Seventy Prod ns Ave N The Sound Sev enty Suite Nashville Tel ( Pres Steven J Greil Tan: Southeastern USA Varnell Ents nc 311 Church St Nashville Tel Clarence Wilson Rt 1 Greeneville Tel 1615( TEXAS Armadillo Prod ns nc 525 Baron Springs Rd Austin Tel ( Pres Hank Alrich Ass t to Pres & Booffice Mgr David Mabry Adv Dir Nancy Harrison Staging 6 Sound Mgr Jim Finney Lighting Dir Rob Dorns (Contract with Armadillo World Headquarters -Austen Te ) Teri: Tex Beaver Prod ns nc 3511 N Hall St Dallas Tel ( Pres Don Fo Adv Barry Leff Bus G M Friedman Branches: New Orleans La Oklahoma City Okla Ten: USA C R Promos 6774 Hollis Dallas Tel ( Owners Ron & Elaine Peterson Sec y -Trees Dorothy Peterson (Contract with Civic Center- Ama nllo Tes Municipal Aud - Dallas Tex Rogers Coliseum -Fort Worth Te Ten Okla Te Curtis Gaffey 1418 Orange Abilene Tel ( Don Caldwell Music 1714 Ave 0 Lubbock Tel (806) Casa Manana Musicals nc PO Box W Lancaster Fort Worth Tel (81 7) Ten: Fort Worth Te Cobblestone Prod ns nc 6222 N Central Expwy Dallas Tel Pres Charles Stone VP Carl Dooley Adv Agent Bill Easley Tarr: USA Concerts West 21 Turtle Creek Square Dallas Tel ( Colonel Buster Doss Presents PO Bo 977 Menchaca Sta Austin Tel ( Pres Buster Doss VP Barbara Doss Ten: Southwestern USA Earth Sea Prod ns nc PO Bo 1147 Beaumont Tel Pies Stephen Moore VP Jimmy Simmons Sec y Edward Di Trees Claude Thorp (Contract with Jefferson Theatre -Beaumont Text Ten: Lafayette Lake Charles La Southeastern Tex including Beaumont Friends Prod ns nc 4447 N Central Epwy No 330 Dal las Tel (214( Pres Mike Clark Ad min Ass t Sally Seay Sec y -Tress David Arnold Tan: Anr La N M Okla Tex Cater Prod ns nc 6014 Northwood Rd Dallas Tel (214) Pres Bill Starnes Tan: Ala Ark Fla Ga La Miss NM NC Okla S C Tenn Tex Gorman Promos nc 4775 S Freeway Fort Worth Tel (81 7) Pres Clyde Gorman VP Gordon McKenna Ten: La Tex including Austin Dallas Fort Worth Houston J A M Prod ns nc Box 6588 San Antonio Tel Owner 6 Pres Joe Miler Tan: Austin Corpus Christi Laredo McAllen San Antonio Victoria Waco Te K H E Y Radio 7419 N Piedras El Paso Tel Ten: El Paso metropolitan area K/S Prod ns nc PO Bo Houston Tel ( Tarr: USA Kerrville Festivals nc PO Box 1466 Kerrville Tel (512) Pres Rod Kennedy (Contract with Outdoor Theater Quiet Valley Ranch --Kerrville Tex ) Tan' La Okla Tex Curtis Lee 6840 Pino Real Dr El Paso Tel (915) Paul Myers 5205 Mumm El Paso Tel ( Pace Concerts nc 1124 Lovett Houston Tel (713) Pres Louis Messina VP Steve Weldon Prod n Ken Fisher Adv Barbara Brandhorst (Contract with The Summit -Houston Ten ) Tart Ala Ark La Miss Te Pat Pace Promos PO Box 669 Kountre Tel (713) Owner Pat Pace Tan Southwestern La Southeastern Te Ron Peterson 6724 Hollis Dallas Tel (214) Pres Ron Peterson Sec y Dorothy Peterson Treas Elaine Peterson Tan: Northern Tex including Dallas 8 Fort Worth Charlie Phillips 975 W Central Amarillo Tel ( Ponderosa Ballroom nc 3881 Vine St Abilene Tel ( Owner 6 Promoter L C Agnew Ten: Abilene Ter Al Rogers Prod ns 1913 Crescent Dr Rockport Tel Pres A Rogers VP Don Campbell Ten: Colo N M Okla Te Rome Prod ns nt nc 1920 E Tel ( Riverside Dr Austin Ten: Ala Ana Ark La Miss N M Okla Te Roth Assoc nc 400 First National Bank Tower Garland Tel ( Pres Robert J Roth Prod r 6 Dir R M Roth Account Exec Deb Skinner Ten: USA Joe Rushing PO Box San Angelo Tel (Contract with Boots 6 Saddle Club -San Angelo Tex 1 Tan San Angelo Tex Don Schafer Promos PO Bon Dallas Tel ( Pres Don Schafer VP Becky Shafer Ten: Southwestern USA Showay Prod ns nc 7039 Antoine St Houston Pres Bennie Hess Sec y Dorothy Hess Ten: USA 6 abroad Southwest Concerts nc The Whitehall 1700 Smith St Suite 435 Houston Tel ( Teri Southwestern USA Stone City Attractions 4415 Piedras Dr W Suite 253 San Antonio Tel Exec Prod r Jack Orbin Assoc Prod r Greg Wilson Prod n Mgr Bob Herrick Tan: La Okla Tex Talent Showcase Assoc see Roth Assoc nc Texas Star Prod ns nc 7500 Callaghan Rd Suite 304 San Antonio Tel (517) Pres rene Varga Tan Worldwide including Southern Calif Tex Umpire Enterprises 1824 Laney Dr Longview Tel ( Owner Jerry Haynes Mgr Betty Ja cobs Branch: Springfield 111 Ten Arir Ark Central ll Mo N M Eastern Tex UTAH Associated Concerts 3443 S State No 18 Salt Lake City Tel ( Owner b Mgr Robert Edandson Prod n Mgr Ted Carlos Tarr daho some of owa Mont ND SD Utah Paul Cornwell 4461 S 1600 West Ogden Tel ( J C McNeil Presents 731 E South Temple Salt Lake City Tel ( Pres James C McNeil Sec y & Booker Jackie L Gibson Stage Mgr Sherman Baker E Tan Grand Junction Colo Boise Pocatello daho Brllings Mont Utah Casper Laramie Wyo Third World Prod ns 1081 S East Salt Lake City Tel (801) Promoter James Alfred Bongard Tan: Ans Calif Colo daho N M Utah Wyo VERMONT Ficara Penny Nelson 40 Clinton St Springfield Tel Pres Penny Nelson Gen Mgr G Nelson Ficara Teer New England VRGNA Community Benefits Corp 908 N Thompson St Richmond Tel 1804) Pres David L Hammer Admis Asst Debi Hamlin Tan Ga Va Empire Entertainment nc Mutual Bldg Suite E Main St Richmond Tel Pres Mitchell Kaenba (Contract with Empire Theatre - Richmond Val Ten: N C Va Performing Arts Prod ns 978 S St Asaph St Alexandria Tel ( Pres B C May Chef Eng Bob Goodman Sec y Jay Johnson Tan: Del District of Columbia Md Va T -Bird Ents Rt 58 E Danville (mailing address) 115 Northmont Court Danville Tel 1804) Owner Nadine Thomasson Virginia Folk Music Arts Society PO Box 186 Fairfax Tel ( Dirs Jim Clark vor H Rose Bob Englar (Contracts with Erie Lake Speedway - Erie Pa Aunt Minnie s Farm-Stumptown W Va Endless Caverns Campground -New Market Va Tan: Bisbee Arir Riverside San Jose Calif Coconut Grove Daytona Fort Lauderdale Gainesville Hollywood Jacksonville Key West Kissimmee Miami Miami Beach Orlando St Augustine St Petersburg Tampa Fla Baltimore Hagerstown Ocean City Salisbury Md Athens Cincinnati Marietta Youngstown, Ohio Erie Harrisburg Philadelphia Pittsburgh York Pa Arlington Fairfax Hampden Norfolk Richmond Roanoke Va Beckley Charleston Clarksburg Elkins Glenville Huntington Morgantown Parkersburg Stumptown Summersville W Va Virginia Music Dist nc 1314 Hull St Richmond Tel ( Pres David Cooper VP James Anderson Teri Ala N C Ohio S C Tenn Va WASHNGTON PO Box Seattle Tel Albatross Prod ns nc ( Pres Ken Kinnear Concert Prod n Dir Paul Meecs Prod n Ass t Lars Sorenson Ten Northwestern USA Colo daho Mont N D Ore 5 0 Wash Canada John Bauer Concert Co nc Ave NE Bellevue Tel Tarr: Calif Hawaii daho Mont Ore S D Wash Vancouver B C Concerts West nc Ave NE No 300 Bellevue Tel 1206) Tan: USA Canada Northwest Releasing Corp 200 Queen Anne N Seattle Tel Tan: Pacific Northwestern USA Anchorage Fairbanks Alaska San Francisco Calif Honolulu Hawaii, West ern Canada Denny Ski Theatrical Agency PO Bon '/ Peace Portal Way Blaine Tel ( Rising Starr Agency PO Bon Seattle Tel 1206) Owner Michael R Gaines PR Barbara Mooradian Tan: Pacific Northwestern USA including Portland Ore Seattle Spokane Wash Vancouver B C Jack Roberts Agency PO Bon 399 Bothell Tel Tare Northwestern USA Canada WEST VRGNA Entertainment Amusement Co Entam 901 Quarter St Suite 407 Charleston Tel 1304) Pres Philip Lashinsky Prod n Mgr Stephen Gudis Ass t Vickie King Comptroller Nancy Young Tan Terre Haute nd Lexington Ky Greensboro Raleigh N C Johnson City Knoxville Tenn Hampton Norfolk Richmond Roanoke Va Charleston Huntington Wheeling W Va Don Flasher Assocs PO Box Hall St Ripley Tel ( WSCONSN David Anthony 6 Assoc PO Box 228 New Richmond Tel ( Contact David A Wach ter Ten Minn ND SD Wm Burmek Theatrical Prod ns 101 E Wells St Milwaukee Tel (414) Ten: Midwestern USA Downtown Prod ns 5941 Hogan Rd Waunakee Tel Pres David Reese (Contract with Orpheum Theatre -Madison W,s Tarr: Madison Wis Edgewood Agency nc Box 1820 Milwaukee Tel (414) Che Lewis Friedman VP Allison McLeod Branch: Minneapolis Minn Tarr Midwestern USA Canada Herb Frank Ents Madison Ticket Agency c o Dane County Expo Center 1881 Expo Mall East Madison Tel ( Pres Herb Frank Tan: Mich Wis Landmark Prod ns nc 5510 W Florist Ave Milwaukee Tel (414) Pres Alan B Dulberger VP Patrick S Casey Tarr: owa Mich Minn Wis Priority Prod ns nc 5601 Odana Rd Madison Tel ( Pres Ronald Petralito Tan: Midwestern USA CANADA i Bau Clef Entertainments Ltd Baxter Rd Ont K2C 3PZ Tel 1613) Controller Harold Levin Concert Mgr Jon L Heu Ass t Debra Rathwell Tarr Areas north of Toronto Ont N west of Montreal PO Concert Prod ns nt Ltd 2400 Eglinton Ave W Toronto Ont M6M 1S6 Tel (416) Pres Michael Cohl Tarr Canada Creative Assocs (Music Consultants & Publ g Ltd) 133 J Ave SE Calgary Alta T2G OV8 Tel ( Ten Western Canada Donald K Donald Prod ns 354 Youville St Montreal P 0 H2Y 2C3 Tel (514) Pres D R Tarlton (Contract with Forum -Montreal P Q 1 Ten Canada M C M 8 Assocs Water St Vancouver B C V68 1A4 Tel ( Pres M Crag McDowell Ten Western Canada Winnipeg Man to Victoria B C Playmor Prod ns Ltd Main St Penticton B C V2A 5C6 Tel ( Pres Bob Harris Tarr B C Premier Concerts Ltd 1010 St Catherine St W Suite 904 Montreal P 0 H3B 3R7 Tel ( Pres Roy Cooper Sec y-treas Paul Pappas Tart Canada Prestige Entertainment Agencies Ltd Elk Lake Dr Victoria BC V8Z 5M1 Tel ( Pres Paul A Mascioli VP Rob Mingay Tart Alta 8 C Man Sack Ore Wash Showcase Attractions Elk Lake Dr Victoria B C V8Z 5M1 Tel Contacts Paul Mas ctoli Gerry Vineberg Ten: Alta B C Man Sask Ore Wash Sounds of the World Ltd St NW Calgary Alta T2N 1V8 Tel (403) Tarr: Western Canada USA-West Coast Springfield Prod ns Ltd PO Bon 602 Sta D Calgary Alta T2P 2C6 Tel ( Gen Mgr Chris Dob bin Tarr Western Canada east to Winnipeg Man Country Music Sourcebook Billboard 25

26 Suite PO Promo Promo A A & M Recs nc 1416 N La Brea Ave Hollywood Calif Tel (213) Cable ALPERMOSS Chm Jerry Moss, Co-Chm Herb Alpert Pres Gil Friesen Sr VP Harold Childs VPA&R Kip Cohen VP Adv & Mdsg Bob Reitman VP nt Dave Hubert VP Accounting Jolene Burton Communications Dir Mike Gormley Artist Development Dir Martin Kirkup Tape Sales Du Bob Elliott (Distributed by RCA( B rands: New York NY, 595 Madison Ave Zip Tel (212) East Coast Opns Der Michael Leon East Coast Pub Dir Kathy Schenker ARC see Artist s Rec g ASA Rea Corp Box 395 Oakwood Va Tel ( Labels: (Owned) ASA AS AS distributedi Modoc AS Va see ASA A S Recs 711 W Broadway Minneapolis Minn Tel (61 2) Pres Daniel R Holmes VP Wes Rayne Nat Pop Promo Susan Oliver AS see ASA A S R see Grapevine Opry A T V Music Corp 6255 Sunset Blvd Hollywood Calif Tel (213) Pres Samuel S Trust VP Steve Love Special Ass t to Pres Happy Goday Artist Relations Harry Shannon Country Music Der Cleffie Stone Prof Mgr Steve Stone B ranches: New Yak, NY 115 E 57 St Zip 10022, Tel 1212) Prof Mgr Mary Goodman- Nashv8le, Tenn, Ave S Zip Tel ( Gen Mgr Gerald Teiler Accent see GNP Crescendo Adelphi Recs nc Box 288 Silver Spring Md Wash D C Tel ( Pres Gene Rosen that, VP Gayle Moore VP Promo Judith Brinkman Agon see Dragon Al see Wright Alamo see Capital Star Artist Aileen Recs RD 4 Myerstown Pa Tel (71 7) 866, 5067 Owner & Pres Jean Shade Sales & Mktg & Country Mgr Al Shade Allstar see National Music Alva Recs 3929 Kentucky Dr Los Angeles Calif Tel ( Owner & Fires Eddie Gurren Promo Co-ord Glorwnna Monroe American Cowboy Songs nc The Homeplace Mount Juliet, Tenn Tel ( Pres Alfred H LeDoux Sec y-treas Bonnie J Le0ouo Labels: (Owned) American Cowboy Songs Lucky Man Music American Voices Ree Co nc 216 Applewood Ln Virginia Beach Va Tel ( Pres Heath Webb Country Mgr Jean Webb Lee Anderson Ents PO Box 4141 North Hollywood Calif Tel ( Owner & Pres Lee Anderson VP -s Betty & Bruce Dale Anderson Labels: (Owned) Belton Country Capers Green - bush Sports Anpre Recs 802 E Ocean Ave Lompoc Calif Tel Pres Ann J Preston VP C Allen Shockey Appalachian Recs Box 576 Rt 10 Franklin N C Tel Contacts Clyde Watts les Waldroop (Distributed by RDA1 Appalseed see June Appal Arcade Rec Co 3010 N Front St Philadelphia Pa Tel ß Pres Rea Zano Argus Rec Prod ns dly of Record Room) PO Box 58 Glen dora N J Tel ( Gen Mgr Lem Harris Promo Patricia Cox Label: (Owned) Record Room Argyle see Spina Music Arhoolie Recs nc San Pablo Ave El Cerrito Calif Tel (415r Preis Chris Strachwnz Labels: (Owned) Arhoolie (distributed) Old limey Arola Recs 8671 Wilshire Blvd Beverly Hills Calif Tel ( TWX ( Pres Jay Lasko Exec VP Howard Stark Sr VP Scott Shannon VP Otis Smith VP b Country Contact Bobby Hurt (Distributed by Capitol) Arista Recs nc 6 W 57 St New York N V Tel (212) Pres Clave Davis: Ass t to Pres Michael Friedman Exec VP Elliot Goldman Sr VP Fi nave Aaron Levy VP Sales & Dist n Leonard Scheer VP A&R Bob Feiden VP Artist Development Rick Dobbs VP Pub & Press Servs Dennis Fine Branch: Los Angeles Calif, 1888 Century Park E Suite 1510 Zip Tel ( Sr VP Larkin Arnold VP West Coast Opus Michael Lippman Arlo Recs Co 7653 Telephone Rd LeRoy N y Tel ( Co -Owners James L & Kenneth Bearce Branch: Rochester, NY, BHR Rea 52 Belmont St Zip Prod n Mgr Jack Bearce Label: (Owned) BHR Arrowhead see Oakridge Artic Rea & Dist g Co nc 1806 Division St Nashville, Tenn Tel ( Fires Eddy Fox Sales Kaye Wells Artists Ree g Co Paseo Padre Pkwy Fremont Calif Tel ( Pres Tom Sherrod VP Nat Mktg & Dist n Roy Segal Nat Promo Dir Bob Saporiti Label: (Owned) ARC Arzee Rec Co 3010 N Front St Philadelphia Pa Tel (21 5) Pres Rea Zara Ashley Rec Co 249 Bluegrass Dr Hendersonville Tenn Tel ( Co-Pres Leon Ashley L S Wallon Promo Linda Denny Asylum see Elektra Asylum Nonesuch RECORD COMPANES Atco see Atlantic Atlantic Rec g Corp 75 Rockefeller Plaza New York N Y Tel Cable ATCOMUSC Bd Chm & Chief Exec Officer Ahmet Ertegun Pres Jerry Greenberg Sr VP & Gen Mgr Dave Glew Pres Atco Recs & Custom Labels Doug Morris Branch: Los Angeles Calif 9229 Sunset Blvd Zip Tel Labels: (Owned) Atco Atlantic (distributed) Big Tree Aneersm Rec Co 1672 Spring St Smyrna Ga Tel Labels: (Owned) Aneiram Lents Mars La Tour Aus -Tea see Col Buster Doss Autumn Hill Prod ns PO Boa 844 Hendersonville Tenn Tel ( Pres Jim Voytek Labels: Ownedl Autumn Hill Country Moods Autumn ntl Rea 3810 Cavalier St Garland Tea Tel Prey Phil Otters Jr VP b Gen Mgr Glen Pace Prod rs James Pritchett Glen Pace B -Atlas see Jody H R see Arlo see Bollman M A see World nt M R see Big Mack andotier see Suncountry arnaby Rocs 816 N La Cienega Blvd Los Angeles Calif Tel ar,icade see Sabre ay Rea 1516 Oak St Suite 320 Alameda Calif Tel avou Blue see Great Southern avou Boogie Rees nc 913 Birmingham Dr Baton Rouge La Tel Pres James R Rogers Promo & Dist n Mgr Ricky Viator Beantown Recs 206 E Jordan St Pensacola Fla Tel Pres Gen Mgr & A&R Earl Len Exec Sec y Mattie Swain Beau -Jim Agency nc PO Boa 758 Lake Jackson Tea Tel ( Pres James E Buddy Hooper Bel Air see Boot Belle see La Louisianne Belmont Reos din of John Penny Ents nc 1 259A Beech St Belmont Mass Tel (617) Prey John Penny A&R Mgr Jerry Fox Beltone see Lee Anderson Big Country see McKinnon Big Mack Recs 1300 Robin Rd Muskegon Mich Tel (616) Pres Thomas E Mack Labels: (Owned) BMR Big Mack Big Tree Rocs 75 Rockefeller Plaza New York, NY Tel (212) Fires Dick Vanderbilt Nat'l Promo Der Raen Nalli (Distributed by Atlantic) 8iograph Rea nc 16 River St Chatham N Y Tel Pres Arnold S Caplin Gen Mgr Joel Bernstein Labels: (Owned) Biograph Melodeon Birch Reos Box 92 Wilmette n Tel Pres & Country Contact Dave Wylie VP Promo Ellen Ginden VP Sales Barbara Allgood Biscuit City Rocs 4027 E 50 St Minneapolis Minn Tel (612) Pres Laura Sunday Black Gold Rees 1232 Coon Rapids Blvd Minneapolis Minn Tel Blackland Rea PO Box 7349 Tulsa Okla Tel ( Pres J C Garland VP -Sec y Jelinda De Vorzan Blue Canyon Rea Granville Ave Los Angeles Calif Tel (213) Pres Jim Ten Bluebonnett see Jim Hall Bob see Surf City Boddie Roc Mfg 8 Rec g nc Union Ave Cleve land Ohio Tel (216) Fires Thomas Boddie Label: (Owned) Bounty Bollman nt Rea PO Box Dallas Tex Tel ( Owner B L Bollman Branch: Lancaetee Calif, PO Boa St W Zip Tel West Coast Rep Finley Duke Labels: (Owned) B Gospel City Boot Recs nc PO Box Nashville Tenn Pres Jury Krytiuk Promo Peter Krytiuk Labels: (Owned) Bel Air Boot Cynda Boguet -Orchid Ents PO Box 4220 Shreveport La Tel ( Ores Bill Bohannon Bounty see Boddie Boyd Rea 2609 NW 36 St Oklahoma City Okla Tel ( Fires Bobby Boyd Labels: (Owned) Boyd Saguaro Branch nt Rees PO Box Dallas Tex Tel Owner Bart Barton (Distributed by Sunshine Country) Brand X see Soundwaves Brand -lt see Sevan Briar see Sierra Briar Briarmeade see Ken Keene Brooklyn Country Rea 6666 Brookrnont Ter, 712 Nashville Tenn Tel ( Promo & Gen Mgr Linda Sillons Burlap see Ken Keene Buzz see Nationwide Sound C C B S Recs W 52 St New York N Y Tel: ( Cable COLRECORD CBS Rep Group: Fires Walter R Yetnekoff: Sr VP Opns Albert 8 Earl Sr VP Finance & Admin- Sev- - mour Gaeenberg VP Press & Public Affairs Robert Altshuler VP Admin & Personnel Frank Calamita VP John J Casey CBS Reos Div: Pies Bruce G Lundvall Exec VP Walter L Dean Sr VP Opns Mfg Samuel Burger Sr VP Opns Mktg Calvin Roberts Sr VP & Gen Mgr Mktg Paul Smith VP Mdsg Mike Martinovech VP Packaging Art & Design John Berg VP Bus Affairs Marvin Cohn VP Finance & Admen William P Pot VP Customer Financial Relations Eugene P Friedman VP Planning & Diversification Stanley J Ka van VP Opns Admin Floyd Kershaw VP Nat Accounts Mktg John Kotecki VP Adv & Creative Servs Arnold Levine VP Nat 1 Black Music Mktg Paris Eley VP Black Music Mktg LeBaron Taylor VP Bus Development Joe Dash VP Mktg Planning Joan Gnewank VP Mfg Admen John F Ryan VP Mfg Servs Howard Schwartz VP Adv Planning Linda Barton Columbia Rep: Sr VP & Gen Mgr Jack R Craigo VP Artist Development Arma Andon VP Progressive & Jazz Music A&R George Butler VP Mktg Joe Mansfield VP Mdsg Ron McCarrell VP East Coast Talent Acquisition Don DeVito VP West Coast A&R Michael Dilbeck VP East Coast A&R Michael H Eichner VP A&R Don L Ellis VP Nat 1 Ed Hynes VP Columbia Special Prods Albert E Shulman VP Columbia Rec Prod ns Thomas Van Gessel VP West Coast Mdsg Ron Oberman Epic / Portrait /Mooed Labels Sr VP & Gen Mgr Don Dempsey VP Artist Development Al DeMarino VP Epic West Coast A&R Bobby Colomby VP Promo Al Gurewitz VP & Gen Mgr Assoc d Labels Tony Martell VP Epic A&R Lennie Petze B ranches: Los Angeles, Calif, 801 Century Park W 1 Zio Tel ( VP Bus Affairs Myron Roth VP West Coast Mktg Epic Portrait Assoc d Labels Stan Monteiro-Naahviae Tenn, 49 Music Square W Zip Tel ( (ree g studio) mktg 1 VP Country Mktg Rick Blackburn VP Country A&R Billy Sherrill Labels: Ownedl Columbia Epic Portrait (distributed) Lifesong C t E see nternational Mktg C J Roc Co 4827 S Prairie Ave Chicago 1n Tel ( Fires Carl Jones Local branch: 7855 S Halsted Zip Tel Label: (Owned) Colt Country C L W see DC Sound C M H Rocs nc Box Los Angeles Calif Tel (213) Pres Martin Haerle Branch: Charlotte NC, 5457 Old Monroe Rd Zip Tel 1704) VP A&R Arthur Smith C S A see Country Showcase America C V S see Don D Sheets Calabasas see Suncat Calliope see Festival Calumet see San -Lyn Calvary Rees Co 1832 Van Ness Fresno Calif Tel Pres Nelson S Parkerson A&R Ronnie Drake Branch: Nashville Tenn, 142 Eighth Ave N Zip Tel Camden see Pickwick Canaan see Word Candle see Nationwide Sound Candy Recs 2716 Springlake Court rving Tea Tel ( Owner & Gen Mgr Kenny Wayne Hagler Label (Owned) Ld Possum Cap see Cha -Cha Capital Star Artist Ents nc t458 Buffalo Rd Rochester N Y Tel Pres Don Bailes VP Tony Starr Sales Marty Moore Jim DeVito Labels: Alamo Capital Star Artist Capitol Rea nds -EM N Vine St Hollywood Calif Tel Cable CAPRECORDS Telex Bd Chm 8 Chief Exec Officer Bhaskar Meno,, Pres Don Zimmermann VP A&R Rupert Perry B ranchas: New York NY Ave of the Americas Zip Tel Exec ra Derfler- Nashville, Tenn, 38 Music Square E Zip Tel ( Div VP Lynn Shults Talent Acquisition Dir Chuck Flood Label: (Owned) Capitol (distributed) Arcola United Artists Caprice Rea nc 907 Main St Nashville Tenn Tel Pres R E Don Lewis Admits Mgr Barbara M Lee Exec Prod rs Joe H Hunter Roger LeBlanc Sales Mgr Catherine Charleton Adv Der Charlie Dick Promo Don H Howse( Labels: (Owned) Caprice Chanot Checkmate Palace Releo Soundmate Capricorn Recs nc 535 Cotton Ave Macon Ga Tel Pres Phil Walden Exec VP Frank Poynter VP & Gen Mgr Don Schmitzerle VP Promo Phil Rush VP PR Mike Hyland Trees Ted Senters Nat - Sales Dir: Ed Benson Prod n E r Keith Crossley Nat'l Singles Dir Lynn Adam Branch: Burbank Calf, 4405 Riverside Dr Zip Tel ( Art Dir Diana Kaylan Promo Mgr Barry Pollack Carol Rec Co 1076 River Rd Hinckley Ohio Tel 1216) Pres Thomas Gaines VP Marilyn Gaines A&R Steve Wasko Casa Grande Rea ' Don -Mar Recs Shawmut Rees PO Box 113 Woburn Mass Tel ( Gen Mgr Frank P Pappalardo A&R & Prod n Mgr Frank Paul Label (Owned) Casa Grande 26 Country Music Sourcebook Billboard


28 Boa PO Suite Record Companies Castle see Rob -Lee Celestial Rep Releasing Corp Executive Office 229 Las Vegas Blvd S Las Vegas New Pres & Treas Arthur H Benson Sec y Leslie Sandhofer A&R Jimmy Haskell Promo Howard Wormser Nat'l ding office: Hollywood Calif N La Brea Zip Tel (213) Centaur Recs Box E 82 Aldine St Rochester N Y Tel (716) Pres Martha 8 Piton A&R Hal Bentley Promos Dennis Malzak Central Sounds see Point Blank Cha -Cha Rece Wabash Ave South Holland Tel 1312) Pres Donald L Deluca Labels: (Owned) Cap Cha -Cha Challenge see Four Star Charade Revs 1310 E Kern St Tulare Calif Tel 1209) Pres Raymond A Baradat Country Promo Rod Gibson Branch: Canoga Pork Calif Lanark Zip Tel (213) A&R Dir Art Stewart Charily see Christi Chariot see Caprice Charma Recs nc 1419 Watts St Durham N C Tel (919) Pres Charles M Mann Labels: (Owned) Cream of the Crop Pied Piper Charts Rep 44 Music Square E Nashville Tenn Tel (615) Pres Charles Fields (Distributed by Nationwide Sound) Labels: (Owned) Charts Time Charter see Gibson Checkmate see Caprice Cherry Rec & Cinema Corp 1201 Antoine Dr Houston Tex Tel ( Pres Jim D Johnson Promo Judith L Batton Christi Rots PO Box Fort Worth Tex Tel (81 7) Pres Major Bill Smith Labele: (Owned) Charay Le Cam Chuckle see Little Richie Johnson Claremont see Lakco Claridge Rets 6381 Hollywood Blvd Hollywood Calif Tel (213) Pres Frank C Slay Jr Sales & Mktg Victor G Catela Clay Pigeon Recs (dis of Clay Pigeon nt ) PO Box Chicago Tel 1312) Pres & A&R Vytautas Beleska Sales Rudy Markus Promo Dir M Bernes Cobra Recs PO Box 2144 Winnetka Calif Owner & Pres Don Bradley Labels: (Owned) Cobra Knight Cochise Rec Co Boa 1415 Athens Tea Tel: 1214) Colonel Redneck see Col Buster Doss Colonial see Howard Knight Colt see (RDA Colt Country see CJ Columbia see CBS Comet see Goldmont Commercial Dist g Corp PO Boa Franklin Rd Nashville Tenn Tel (615) Compo Rec Co 105 Burk Dr Oklahoma City Okla Tel (405) Pres Yvonne DeVaney Comstock see Nationwide Sound Con Brio Recs PO Boa 196 Nashville, Tenn Tel 1615) Pres Bill Walker Ass t to Pres Jeanine Walker VP Opns & Country Contact Jeff Walker VP Promo Johnny Koval Sales Mgr Bruce Davidson Labels: (Owned) Con Brio Concorde Concorde see Con Brio Conestoga see RDA Cord Recs Boa 7422 Shreveport La Tel ( Pres Carl Logan Label (Owned) Pose Corey see nternational Mktg & Mgmt Country Capers see Lee Anderson Country Gold see Hal Southern Country Jubilee see Scorpio Country -King see Sid Kleiner Country Life see McLain Country Moods see Autumn Hill Country Road see Scene Prod ns Country Showcase America Roc Baltimore Ave Beltsville Md Tel (301) Pres F Gosman Label: (Owned) CSA Country Star nc 439 Wiley Ave Franklin Pa Tel (814) Pres Norman Kelly Country Stream Music & Rec Co 5053 Tholozan St Louis Mo Tel (314) Pres Tony Mazzola Countryway see Jimkl County Rep 191 Floyd Va Tel 1703) Owner David Freeman Label: (Owned) County Homestead Cove see (RDA Coyotee Race PO Box 6390 Corpus Christi Tea Tel (512) Contact Gary Beck Crazy Meskin see Texas Re -Cord Cream of the Crop see Charme Cream Recs nc 8025 Melrose Ave Los Angeles Calif Tel (213) Cable BENNCO Telex Pres Alvin S Bennett VP Sales & Mktg Paul Culberg VP Nat Promo Don Graham Branch Memphis, Tenn 1320 S Lauderdale Zip Tel (901) Gen Mgr Eddie Ray Labels (Owned) Cream Hi Creole Gold see Nationwide Sound Crescendo Rec Co Ave Long sland City, N Y Tel Pres Guido Sgambellore Prof Mgr Louis Cerruti Sales Mgr William Neal Ass t Prof Mgr Guy Simounet Crescent see nternational Mktg & Mgmt Crossfire see Oakridge Crossroad see Voyager Cub see Mother Cleo Custom Sound see Southern Star 28 Cyclone Recs 9000 Sunset Blvd Suite 1010 Hollywood Calif Tel (213) Pres Larry Baunach (Distributed by Ranwood- GRT Cynda see Boot,, D D C Sound Ents Tel 5677-D Westcreek Dr Fort Worth Tex Co -Owner & Promo Derwood Rowell Co -Owner & A&R Stan Knowles Sales Mgr Carolyn Rowell Mgr Daphne Knowles Label (Owned) DC Sound distributedl CLW Darya Rocs (dis of MBA Prod nil) 8914 Georgian Dr Austin Tex Tel 1512) Pres Roy J Montgomery Gen Mgr Marilyn Culp A&R Joe Montgomery Promo & Mktg Dick Culp Davide Rec & Publ g Co PO Box 24A Detroit Mich Tel (313( Chm Dana V Andrews Pres David Futch A&R Off Manuel L Pratt An Dir Gerald F McMurray Manes: Los Angeles Calif PO Box Tel (213) Zip Dawn Prod ns, Cloud 40 Paradise Pa Tel (71 7) Pres Joey Welz Eaec Prod r Jimmy Vela vet Assoc Prod r Vernon Wray Country A&R Bill Rauck Labels: (Owned) Stable (distributed) Music City Deadwood see Jim Hall Dellwood Music Co nc Leswing Ave Saddle Brook NJ Tel 1201) Pres & Country Contact Woodrow C Gardena VP S Gardella Dist Mgr R Gardella Demand see Texas Recs Derbytown see Nationwide Sound Derrick Rep Corp 322 N Grand Gainesville Tex Tel ( Pres Kenneth R Couch Diablo Rec Co 3518 Champalin Ave Youngstown Ohio Tel 1216) Pres & A&R Bill Schaffert Dial Recs nc PO Box 1273 Zip Music Square W Nashville, Tenn Tel ( Pres Buddy Killen Dixieland Jubilee see GNP Crescendo Dolep see Kare Johnny Dollar Rees 42-D Music Square W Nashville Tenn Tel 1615) Prey & Eaec Prod r Johnny Dollar Domino Ltd Tulane St Garland Tex Tel ( Owners David & Deanna Summers A&R Dir Dave Saxton Labels: (Owned) Domino Ltd Front Row Don -Mar Rees see Casa Grande Door Knob see Gene Kennedy & World nt 1 Doss see Col Buster Doss Col Buster Doss Presents PO Boa 927 Menchaca Tea Tel ( Pres Col Buster Doss VP Barbara Doss Sec y Tom Dunbar Treas Joyce Franklin Label: Aus -Tea Colonel Redneck Doss Kimbo Range Buster Six Shooter Stardust Wizard Do -Tell nc 2940 E Miraloma Ave Anaheim Calif Tel (714) Pres C E Whittington VP Mike Tell Sec y-treas & Country Contact Dottie Mcllroy Labels Moon Ridge Pacific Challenger Double A see Sarg Down East see Event Down Home see (RDA Doylen Rees 3610 Park Ave Memphis Tenn Tel (901) Pres James L Doyle Dragon Revs Morris Park Ave Bronx N Y Tel ( Pree Vincent Gagliano Label: (Owned) Agon Dynamite see Jim Hall E Eagle nt Recs PO Boa Nashville Tenn Tel ( Eden see Wright Elbelay Ents nc PO Box Nashville Tenn Tel ( Pres H Raymond Ligon Local branch: 1120E Dermas Zip Tel Mgr R M Jackson Elektra Asylum Nonesuch Rece 962 N La Cienega Los Angeles, Calif Tel 1213( Bd Chm Joe Smith Vice Chm Mel Posner Pres Steve Wax VP Creative Servs Jerry Sharell VP & Tress Jack Rein - stein VP nt George T Steele VP Sales Stan Marshall VP Promo Ken Buttice Branches: New York NY, 665 Fifth Ave Zip Tel (21 2( Nashville Tenn Ave S Zip Tel (615) VP Gen Mgr Jimmy Bowen Nat Country Promo Dir Norm Osborne Sales & Mktg Dir Ewell Roussell Press Mgr Mike Hyland Labels: (Owned) Asylum Elektra see Point Blank Ember Reis nc 747 Third Ave 27th fl New York N v Tel 1212) Pres Jeffrey S Kruger Chef Exec Leslie Lewis Promo Dir Chris Denning Empire Rep & Tapes PO Box 265 Deerfield Beech Fla Tel ( Pres Josh Noland, Nn Promo Roche Johnson Epic see CBS Erastus Recs Boa 737 Rt 2 Luella Ga Tel 1912) Pres Razzy Bailey Promo Dir Bill Bur - dette Promo R N Bailey Essar see WLD Euclid see Jam 79 Event Rep Rt 302 Westbrook Me Tel Owner & Gen Mgr Al Hawkes Promo Adv Dir Barbara Hawkes Labels: (Owned) Down East Event F F E L Publ-ns Ltd 1925 S Pontius Ave Los Angeles Calif Tel (213) Fame see Vintage nt Farr Rep (Farr Music nc ) Boa Grove St Somerville N J Tel ( Chm Asa Farr Controller -Mgr Candace Campbell Fayette see Parr -X Fee Bee Rec Co 4517 Warnright Ave Pittsburgh Pa Tel ( Pres Joe Averbach Promo Carl Hirce Festival Calliope Rap Margate Encino Calif Tel ( Gen Mgr & Prod n Consultant Chuck Edwards 50 States Rep, Music Square W Suite 501 Nashville Tenn Tel (615) Pres Donald L Rus A&R Dir Johnny Howard Promo Mgr Richard P Colanzi Filly Colt Recs On of Pic Russ Music) 49 Music Square W Suite 513 Nashville Tenn Tel ( Pres Bobby Russell Prod r & Affairs Dir Michael Snow Flat Town Music Co Floyd s Bldg 434 E Main Ville Platte La Tel 1318) Owner J Floyd Salea, Promo Benny GraeR Label (Owned) Jin Florida ndi see ndi Corp Flying Fish Recs 1304 W Schubert Chicago ll Tel ( Fes Bruce Kaplan, VP Promo Charles Gutfeld Ass t VP Promo Ginger Berman VP Opns Jim Netter Ass t VP Opns Don Goldman Labels: (Owned) Flying Fish (distributed) Kaleidoscope Mountain Railroad Flying High see Richey Folk Legacy see Swallowtail Four Star Recs nc 49 Music Square W Nashville Tenn Tel (615) Chm Joe E Johnson Pres Louise J Kemper Sales Mgr & Country Contact David Byers Labels: lownedl Challenge 4 Star Franne Recs PO Boa 8135 Chicago Tel 1312) Pres Frank Howard Jr Nat Promo Mgr Howard Pittman Fraternity Rev g Corp, Applegate Ave Cincinnati Ohio Tel ( Cable FRATREC Pres Shad O Shea VP Pat Doran Gen Mgr Stewart Lovdal Mktg Dir Scott Lovdal Front Hall see Swallowtail Front Row see Domino Funnybone see Horizon G G M C see General Music Corp G N P Crescendo Recs 8560 Sunset Blvd Suite 603 Los Angeles Calif Tel ( Cable CRESREC Pres & nt Gene Norman Labels: (Owned) Dixieland Jubilee GNP Crescendo Largo (distributed) Accent G 0 see Grapevine Opry G P see Glenn Prod ns GRAM see Great American Music Machine G R T Res Group 9034 Sunset Blvd Hollywood Calif Tel ( WATS ( Pies Larry Welk VP Sales Howard Silvers VP Admin Christine Hamilton, VP Ranwood Sales Morry Goldman Label (Owned) Ranwood (distributed) Cyclone LS G T P see Surf City Galaxy see RDA Garnet see Michele Gateway s Rite Gem Revsee Boa 9726 West Gate Sta San Jose Calif Tel (408) Pres Dr John E Moelan General Music Corp 3012 N Main St Houston Tex Tel Pres Jay Collier VP AR Tommy Melder Sales Mgr Bettye Aldis Branch Nashville Tenn 41 Music Square E Zip Tel ( Nat Promo Dir Beau James Label: (Owned) GMC Genesis Rep E Seven Mile Rd 101 Detroit Mich Gibson Ents PO Box E 18 St Vancouver Wash Tel Pres Gene Breeden Promo Lorraine Walden Labels: (Owned) Charter Portland Ltd Ripcord Glenn Prod ns & Promos 157 W 57 St New York N Y Tel (212) Pres Ben J Arrigo Labels: (Owned) GP distributedl Juno Rebecca Gb see Jody Goldband Rev g Studio 313 Church St Lake Charles La Tel ( Owner Eddie Shuler Goldmost Music nc 24 Music Square E Nashville Tenn Tel (615) Pres J William Mclnturff Label: (Owned) Comet Godait Rep Co E daho Ave Las Cruces N M Tel Owner & Gen Mgr Em - mit H Brooks Gospel City, see Bollman Granny White see World ntl Group Grape Rep PO Box 2466 Jackson Miss Pres Alan Bridges Prod r Dave Mathes Promo Dir Jerry W Hayes (Distributed by Howard Knightl Grapevine Opry 308 Main St Grapevine Tex Tel 181 7) Owner Chiai Childs Mgr Johnnie High Labels: (Owned) ASR GO Grass Mountain see Richey Great American Music Machine nc (GRAM) 1130 W Evans Denver Colo Tel ( Label (Owned) GRAM Great Southern Ric Co nc, PO Boa New Orleans La Tel ( Pres John Ber thelot Label: (Owned) Bayou Blue Greenbush see Lee Anderson Gusto Reca nc 220 Boscobel St Nashville Tenn Tel ( Pres Moe Lytle Gen Mgr Steve Kountzman, AR Studio Div Tommy Hill Nat Sales Mgr Col Jim Wilson Nat Promo Dir Peter Thomason Labels l0wnedl Gusto Kinq $tardas Country Music Sourcebook Billboard

29 Lynn Anderson Moe Bandy R C Bannon Bobby Bare Bobby Borchers Ed Bruce Johnny Cash Rosanne Cash David Allan Coe Charlie Daniels Band Gail Davies Johnny Duncan Freddy Fender Janie Fricke Raymond Froggatt Crystal Gayle Mickey Gilley Corbin & Hanner George Jones Kris Kristofferson Audrey Landers Louise Mandrell Charly McClain O B McClinton Ronnie McDowell Jody Miller Willie Nelson Johnny Paycheck Mary Kay Place Marty Robbins Johnny Rodriguez Earl Scruggs Revue Shylo Joe Stampley Freddy Weller Tammy Wynette They're singing your songs on CBS Records and Tapes

30 Promo PO Mgr Record Companies H Jim Hall-Gidget Starr Prod ns 5 Aldom Circle West Caldwell N J Tel (201) Owners Jim Hall Grdget Starr Labels?Owned) Bluebonnet Deadwood Dynamite Tar -Heel Hard Times see Pharoah Hardy Station see (RDA Headliner Stars see Robbins Heansong see (RDA The Herald Ass n nc Boa 218 Wellman Heights John sonvdle S C Tel (803) Pres & Trees Ery Lewis VP & Sec y Frances B Lewis Lebec (Owned, Herald (distributed) Mark Five Hello, see Stark Hen Cackle see Sonyatone Hi sae Cream Hickory Recs nc 2510 Franklin Rd Nashville Tenn Tel 1615) Cable ACUFFROSE Pres Wesley H Rose VP Gen Mgr John R Brown Nat Orr Roy Acuff Jr Nat Promo Dick Kiser Ray McClain Jimmy Holland Peggy Lamb (Distributed by MCA) Label: (Owned) MCA Hickory Homestead see County Horizon Publ g Co Victory Blvd Suite 216 Van Nuys Calif Tel (213) Labels (Owned) Funnybone Pedigree CMC see Promotions West G L see owa Great Lakes RDA (nternational Rec Dist g Assocs 1 City Square Suite 107 Hendersonville Tenn Tel 1615) Pres Hank Levine Exec VP Mike Shepherd Nat Promo Dir Keith Stewart Prod n Co-ord Patsy West Label (Represented) Appalachian, Colt, Conestoga Cove Down Home Galaxy Hardy Station Heartsong, Kard ODC Philly South Park Sure Fire Tina nd) Corp la k a Florida ndi), 790 NE 45 St Fort Lauderdale Fla Tel ( Pres & Gen Mgr J Michelle Scott Prod n Mgr A&R David Chiodo Promo Dir Jeff Hite Promo Abby Lincoln Penn Muggridge A&R Les Strader Arlin Strader Label: (Owned) Soul Deep nergr Rea 1300 Texas Ave Houston Tea Tel ( Exec Prod r Vince Kickenlb Adv Jim A Miller (Drstributed by Nationwide Sound) nternational Mktg & Mgmt Corp 3310 Lebanon Rd Hermitage, Tenn Tel Chm & Pres Dallas Corey Labels: (Owned( CE Corey (distributed) Crescent nternational Rec Dist g Assocs see (RDA owa Great Lakes Ree g Co nc 906 Ninth St Milford owa Tel 171 2) Labels: (Owned) Gl Sonic vory see Hal Southern J J B Recs nt nc PO Boa 7221 Mobile Ala Tel 1205) Pres John N Blackburn Promo Mgr Mona Girl Jam 79 Rec div of BRT nds Ltd) 2501 S Walter Reed Dr No 2 Arlington Va Tel (703) Pres A&R & Sales Robert Wardrick Ass t to Pres Janice Connor Promo Rep Randy Austin Label (Owned) Euclid Jemkl Ents nc PO Bos NE 125 St Miami Fla Tel 1305) Pres & A&R Emil Penne Promo Mgr Karen Thurman Label: (Owned) Countryway Jessup see Michele Jewel Rec Corp Bos Texas St Shreveport La Tel ( Pres Stanley J Lewis Sales Mgr Don Logan Nat Promo Der Jo Wyatt Label: (Ownedl Paula Jewell Tone see Prckin Post Jin see Flat Town Jody Rocs nc 2226 McDonald Ave Brooklyn N V Tel 1212) VP A&R \intent Vallis VP s Tony Graye Gloria Black Labels: (Owned) B -Atlas Glo Jody Pomona Joey Country see Joey Ree Mfg Joey Rec Mfg Co 6703 W Commerce San Antonio Tex Tel ( Label (Owned) Joey Country Johnny Reb see McKinnon Little Riche Johnson Agency Box Dales Ave Been N M Tel ( Pres Little Richie Johnson Labels: (Owned) Chuckre LRJ Little Roche Joyce Ran 5500 W Jefferson Blvd Los Angeles Calif Tel ( Pres Wayne Volet VP Tom Herman Juke Bon see Wright June Appal Ree gs Box 743 Whitesburg Ky Tel 1606) Prod n Mgr Jack Wright Bus Mgr Nancy Carden Promo & Dist n Mgr Mary Flowers Starks Label (Owned) Appalseed June Appal Sourwood Mountain Juno Rebecca see Glenn K K R C see Ozark Opry Katac see Ozark Opry Kaleidoscope Recs PO Box 0 El Cerrito Calif Tel ( Pres Jeff Aleason AAR Dir A Country Contact Tom Diamant (Distributed by Flying Fish) Karol see (RDA Kare Recs nc 1391 Oakland Park Ave Columbus Ohio Tel (614) Pres H Lee Foster Label: (Owned) Dole10 Keene see Ken Keene Ken Keene nt PO Boa 515 St Louis Mo Tel Pres Ken Keene Brands Nashville, Tenn PO Bo Zip Tel (615) VP Torn Pallardy Labels (Owned) Briarmeade Burlap Keene Keeta Sea Cruise (distributed) Professional Artist Keeta see Ken Keene Gene Kennedy Ents 2125 Eighth Ave S Nashville Tenn Tel (615) Pres Gene Kennedy (Distributed by World nt l Label: (Owned) Door Knob Kid Cuz n Rees PO Boa 182 Mrdwood Sta Brooklyn N y Tel (212) Gen Mgr & Country Contact Jim Paton AAR Dick Alexander Promo John Upton Kidenan Recs Prod ns 4926 W Gunnison Chicago ll Tel 1312) Pres Raymond Peck Kimbo see Col Buster Doss King Tenn see Gusto King ROC Dist 800 Gulf Breeze Ave Gulf Breeze Fla Tel (904) Owner M Wax Pres S Burke Mgr F Skecker Sod Kleiner Music Ents Ave SW Naples Fla Tel ( Mng Dir Sd Kleiner VPTreas Trudy Kleiner Sec y Sara Kleiner Gen Mgr Mark A Kleine, Label: (Owned) Country -King Howard Knight Ents nc 50 Music Square W Suite 102 Nashville Tenn Tel Pres Howard A Knight Jr VP Promo A Mktg Jerry W Hayes VP A&R Dave W Mathes VP Adv & Pub R Eric Parton Labels (Owned) Colonial Volunteer (distributed/ Grape Knight see Cobra Koala Rocs nc 6253 Hollywood Blvd Suite 303 Los Angeles Calif Tel 1213) Pres rving Kessler VP Mary Kessler Label: Lamb & Lion Country L L R J see Little Rich, Johnson L S Recs 120 Hickory St Madison Tenn Tel 161 5) Pres Adv Tape & nt 1 Les Stoller, VP Promos Harold Hodges Promo Mgr Jack Andrews (Distributed by GRT Lakco Ree Co, 3235 W Fullerton Ave Chicago R Tel ( Owner Leon A Keen Labels: (Distributed) Claremont Red Onion Lake Country Music PO Box 1073 Graham Tex Tel (81 7) Owner A Pres Larry Wooldridge La Louisenne Recs 711 Stevenson St Lafayette La Tel ( Pres Carol J Rachou Sr Sec ytreas Noel Rachou Labels (Owned) Belle La Louisianne Tamm Country Music's Hottest ndependent label presents: OVATON Nlll SUMMER FEST 79 A chance to meet our family of country stars: THE KENDALLS JOE SUN THE CATES SHELA ANDREWS LOS KAYE Corporate Offices Ovation ncorporated 1249 Waukegan Road Glenview, llinois Nashville Office Ovation ncorporated th Avenue Nashville, Tennessee Los Angeles Office Ovation ncorporated 9606 Santa Monica Blvd Beverly Hills, California ovation RECORDS 30 Country Music Sourcebook Billboard

31 Promo 240 suite 3941 Lamb & Lion Country see Koala Lanor Rocs 329 N Main Church Point La Tel ( Owner & Mgr Lee Lavergne Lance see Afferent Largo see GNP Crescendo Lark see Major Laurie Pecs nc 20 F Robert Pitt Dr Monsey N V Tel (914) Pres & Treas Robert Schwartz Le Cam see Christi Lemon see National Recs Liberty United Rep nc 6920 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles Calif Tel (213) Cable UARECORDS Telex Pres & Chief Operating Officer Jim Mazza VP A&R Don Grierson VP Promo Charles Minor VP Bus Affairs Mark Levinson VP Mktg Joe Petrone VP nt Pat Pigolo Adv Dir Frenchy Gauthier Pub & Artist Relations Dir ris Zurawin Pub Mgr David Budge Artet Relations Mgr David Bridger (Distributed by Capitol) Branch- Nashdlle, Tenn, 50 Music Square W 7th fl Zip Tel (615) Nashville Div Oons Dir Jerry Seebolt Label: (Owned) United Artists Library of Congress Motion Picture Broadcasting & R corded Sound Div Rec g Laboratory Washington DC Tel (202) Chief Erik Barnouw; Laboratory Sens Head Robert Carneal Rec g Laboratory Bus Mgr Samuel Brylawski ldesong Recs nc 488 Madison Ave New York NY Tel 1212) Pres Terry Cashman: Exec VP Philip S Kum" VP Tommy West Gen Mgr Stanley Nowak (Distributed by CBS) Lit Possum see Candy Little Giant Recs Box 205 White Lake N Y Tel (914) Pres Mickey Barnett Little Nashville see Don 0 Sheets Little Richie see Little Riche Johnson London Rocs nc 539 W 25 St New York N Y Tel (212) Cable FULLRANGE Pres D H Toller -Bond Exec VP Terry McEwen Nat ( Sales Mgr Stu Marlowe Nat Promo Mgr Bob Paiva Lone Star Rap nc PO Box 3963 Austin Tex Tel 1512) Chm Willie Nelson Pres Guerry Massey Sec y-treas Wes Day Nat 1 Dir Ed Hamilton (Distributed by Phonogram) Long Neck Rep 6004 Bull Creek Rd Austin Tex Tel ( Pres & Mng Partner Bobby Earl Smith Partner Alvin Crow Lotus Music Corp PO Box 2446 Toluca lake Calif Tel (213) Pres Lyman Mitchell Branch: Naahrill Tenn PO Box 2151 Zip 372t4 Mgr M Michelle Louisiana Haynde Rocs nc 1708 Grand Ave Nashville Tenn Tel (615i Pres David Kent (Distributed by World nt ) Lucky Man Music see American Cowboy Lu -Tex see Wagon Wheel M M C A Rep nc 100 Universal City Plata Universal City Calif Tel (213) Cable MUSCOR Pres Bob Sner Branches: New York NY, 445 Park Ave Zip Tel (212) VP- East Coast Gen Mgr Ray D Ariano-Nashrille, Tenn, Ave S Zip Tel 1615) Pres Jim Foglesong VP Sales & Mktg Chic Doherty VP A&R Ron Chancey Promo Dir En Woolsey Pub Dir Jerry Bailey 27 Music Square E Zip Tel (615) Labels (Owned) MCA (distributed) MCA Hickory M M see Music Mill M R C see Major Majega Recs E Radcliffe Dr Claremont Calif Tel (714) Pres & A&R Gary K Buckley VP Mktg Mark Aurelius VP Sales Jody Barry Sales Terry Anderson Sec y Raydie Buckley Major Rat g Co PO Box 2072 Waynesboro Va Tel Owner John H Major Labels (Owned) Lark MRC Mandy Kaye see World nt Mansion see Sweetsong Mark Five see Herald Marto Rec Co Boa 49 RD 1 Utica N V Tel ( Owner & Pres Marjo Ketchum Music Coord Slim Pikins VP & Mgr Floyd Ketchum Mars La Tour see Atteiram Marullo Prod as nc Market St Galveston Ten Tel ( Pres A W Marullo Sr VP A W Marullo Jr A&R Mark Allen George Lee Sales & Promo Mgr Russ Reeder Label (Owned) Ro Tab McKinnon Pictures, Rec Co PO Box 691 Reading Pa Tel Pres Leonard McKinnon Country Prod Mgr Phyllis Gray Labir: (Owned) Big Country Johnny Re McLain Family Band CPO 1322 Berea Ky Tel 1606i Chef Exec Raymond McLain Label (Owned) Country Life Melodeon see Biograph Mercantile Prod ns Rep PO Box 2271 Palm Springs Calif Tel (714) Pres Kent Fox VP rene James Mercury see Phonogram Metrobeat Prod ns nc PO Box 755 Minneapolis Minn Tel (612i Pres Mike Jann Label: (Owned) Peak (distributed) West Wind Michele Audio Corp Andrew Street Rd Massena N V t 3662 Tel 1315i Label: (Owned) Michele (distributed) Garnet Jessup Mickey Rocs 26 Mountain Ave Dover N J Tel 1201) Pres Michael F Matushin Sr Miriam Rep Bayliss Rd West Los Angeles Calif Pres Wallace Todd A&R Dir Miriam Todd Modoc see ASA Monument Rec Corp 21 Music Square E Nashville Tenn Tel (615) Cable MONUWORLD - Pres & A&R Fred L Foster VP & Tress John Dorns VP & Gen Mgr Terry Fletcher VP Promo David Eztell Nat Country Promo Dir Tex Davis Pub Dir Bettye Arnold nt Mary Brewer (Distributed by Phonogram) Moon Ridge see Do -Tell Mother Cleo Prod ns PO Boa 521 Sunset Blvd Newberry S C Tel Studio Mgr Polly Dans Prod r Dir Hayne Davis Rep Willard Brown Label Owned) Cub Mount see Outlet Mountain Railroad Recs nc 2103 Pleasant Dr Caro bridge Wis Tel ( Pres Stephen Powers (Distributed by Flying Fish) Musc City see Dawn Music Moll Recs (dry of Johnny Morris Prod nsl 21 Music Circle E Nashville Tenn Tel (615) Pres Johnny Morris Mktg & Promo George W Cooper ll Label: (Owned( MM My Rec Co see Suncat Myrrh see Word Mystic Rep (div of Mystic Music Centre nc Selma Ave Hollywood Calif Tel 1213) Pres Doug Moody Country Prod r Suzy Moore Label: (Owned) Sassafras* Solar N N A P Rocs nc Don Juan Abilene Tes Tel Pres Charles D Grissom N S D see Nationwide Sound Nashville nt Corp 20 Music Square W Nashville Tenn Tel 1615) Cable NCORP Pres Reggie M Churchwell VP A&R & Country Contact Kin Little VP PR Promo James E Gray Label: (Owned) Nashville nt New Frontier Phoenn Spectrum National Muse Ents PO Boa Houston Tex Tel (713) Mgr Dan Mechura Sr Country A&R Danny James Label: (Owned) Allstar Star National Rep 3410 Ave R Lubbock Tex Tel (806) Pres Bud Andrews Label- (Owned) Lemon National Nationwide Sound Diets PO Box Elmwood Ave Nashville Tenn Tel (615) Pres & Mgr Joe Gibson Sales & Promo Du Betty Gibson Ass t Sales & Promo Dit Debbie Gibson Opns Mgr Cathy Gibson Labels_ 1Owned) Candle NSD Phono (distributed) Buzz Charta Comstock Creole Gold Derbytown, nergi Prairie Dust Soundwaves Time Travel Win New Dimension Rec gs nc 218 W Broad St Statesville N C Tel ( Exec VP W Parks Allen Gen Mgr Jim Barrow New England Recs Drawer 520 Stafford Tex Mgr Daniel Andrade WN llk nk Nleive,7 TRUE RECORDS, NC WORLD WDE MUSC N( ; 13(X) Dig \l,il( r( 2W: Nash%ille TN Country Music Sourcebook Billboard 31

32 A&R Box Record Companies New Frontier see Nashville nc New World see Recorded Anthology Nova -Sol see Suncat Nucleus Recs PO Box 111 Sea Bright N J Pres Robert N Bowden Sec y Jean Schweitzer Nu-Trayl Rec Co W Eight Mile Rd Franksville Wes Tel ( Owner Mary Heber Pres & Gen Mgr Tommy O Day (Distributed by World nt Branch Nashville Tenn 22 Music Square W Zip Tel (615) Prod r Gene Kennedy o 0 D C see (RDA Oakridge Music Rec g Sere 2001 Elton Rd Haltom City Tex Tel 1817o Pres Homer L Sewell Label: (Owned) Arrowhead Crossfire Oakndge Oho Reis PO Box 655 Hudson Oheo Tel Pres Ethel P Delaney A&R R T Delaney Country Mgr Russ Delaney Pub Adv & Promo Sandy Lambert Old Hat Recs PO Boa 54 Mansfield Ten Tel (817) Branch: Portland, Ora 224 NE 92 P Zip Tel ( Labels: (Owned) Old Hat 12 Topple Old Homestead Rec Co Box 100 Brighton Mich Tel (313) Pres John Morris VP Norma Morris Old Timey see Arhoolie Orbit Rets 100 Harvard Ave Gadsden Ala Tel ( Pres Ray McGinnis Outlet Recs Box Main St Rocky Mount Va Tel (703) Owner & Pres W Rod Shively Label: (Owned) Mount Outlet Ovation nc 1249 Waukegan Rd Glenview Tel TWX Pres Richard L Schory VP & Gen Mgr Dared E 0 Connell Nat Sales Margaret Schwager Nat Pub Dir David Webb Branch Nashville, Tenn 50 Music Square W Suite 506 Zip Tel (615( Country A&R Been Fisher Nat Country Promo Tom McEntee Ozark Opt, nc Rec Co & Sound Studio PO Box 242 Osage Beach Mo Tel 1314) Owner & Pres Lee Mace Gen Mgr Harold L Luick Labels (Owned) KRC Kalac Ozark Opry Ven Jence P Pacific Challenger see Do -Tell Palace see Caprice Palmer see World nt Group Pantego Sound Studios 2210 Raper Blvd Pantego Tex Tel (817o Owner Charles Stewart Mgr Jerry Abbott Labels: (Owned) Pantego Plain Texasville Pantheon Desert Recs 6325 N nvergordon Rd Scottsdale Ariz Tel ( Pres Dennis R Alexander Paramount West Ents PO Box B Mira Loma Calif Tel (714) Pres 0 W Gallffa Lebel: (Owned) Rodeo ParrX Corp Rising Sun Ave Philadelphia Pa Tel (215) Pres Frank Virtue Promos Linda Virtue Melvin Wells Label (Owned) Fayette Paula see Jewel Peaceable MUSC 3525 Encmal Canyon Rd Malibu Calif Tel ( Pres C Randolph Nauer Peak see Metrobeat Pedigree see Horizon Periscope Rec Co 129 Bishop St Brockton Mass Tel ( Pres Edward M Hun viti Label: (Owned) Stroke Pharoah Recs Corp 1260 E Main St Minden Conn Tel 1203) Cable BELHOP Pres Bruce Lloyd Label: (Owned) Hard Times Pharoah Philly see RDA Philo see Swallowtail Phoenix see Nashville nt Phono see Nationwide Sound Phonogram nc Mercury Recs (sub of Polygram Corp 1 BM Plaza Chicago ll Tel 1312) Cable PHONOGRAM Bd Chm & Chief Exec Officer rwin H Steinberg Pres & Chef Operating Officer Robert M Sherwood Sr VP Mktg Lou Simon VP Nat Sales Harry Losk VP Nat Promo Jim Jeffries Nat Promo Singles Jay McDaniel Nat Album Promo Jim Sotet Midwest Pub George Knemeyer Branches Hollywood Calif 6255 Sunset Blvd Zip Tel 121 3) Nat Promo West Coast Jim, Fox Nat Pub Dir Eileen Bradley-Now York NY, 810 Seventh Ave Zip Tel (217) VP East Coast A&R Steve Katz East Coast Pub Susan Scivokrni-Parks-Memphis Teint, 2000 Made son Ave Zip Tel ( A&R Judd Phillips-Nashville Tenn, 10 Music Circle S Zip Tel VP A&R Jerry Kennedy Nat Country Promo Frank Leffel Label: Owned) Mercury (distributed) Lone Star Monument Pekin Post Ents PO Box 51 Watertown Hwy Lebanon Tenn Tel Owner Pres & Country Contact Jewell W Nave VP Joe W Nave Set y Nancy Jewell Nave Labors: Ownedl Jewell Tone Pickin Post Pickwick Recs Div (dev of Pickwick nt ) 7500 Excelsior Blvd Minneapolis Minn Tel Gen Mgr George Port Nat Sales Mgr Ken 32 Vaster Mktg Der Ron Harvieux Special Markets Dan Mount Export mport Supervisor Sue Sommer Label (Owned) Camden Pickwick Pied Piper see Charma Pilot see Stark Pioneer see Sivatt Plain see Pantego Plantation see Shelby Singleton Pleason Rocs Roanoke Ave Sacramento Calif Tel (916) Owner Jerry Parker Point Blank Prod ns 2849 Granville los Angeles Calif Tel Pres Neil Avery VP A&R Opns Dir Ronald L Shaul) Promo Co-ord Michael Davis Sales Dist n Coord Michael Bennett Artist Development Michael Walthius Branch Jackson Mich, 1636 E Michigan Ave Zip Tel (517o ntl Opns Dra Hans Fruechtenicht Eastern Opns Dir Leon Hemmenger Label: (Owned) 1108 distributed) Central Sounds Portland Ltd see Gibson Portrait see CBS Pose see Cord Prairie Dust see Nationwide Sound The Prescription Co 70 Murray Ave Port Washington N Y Tel Owner & Pres David F Gasman Ass t Prod r A&R Charles Fischer Professional Artist see Ken Keene Promotions West nc PO Box Eugene Ore Tel 1503) Pres Michael 5 Briggs Label (Represented) CMC Proud Earth, see Salt City Pyramid Recs Kenyon Dr Taylor Mich Tel (313) Pres Peggy LaSorda Q 0 C A Recs nc 2832 Spring Grove Ave Cincinnati Ohio Tel ( Bd Chm Edward R Bosken Pres Frank E Ruhl VP & Gen Mgr Daryl J Kalmus VP A&R Chuck Seitz Radio Promo Dennis Williams Labst: (Owned) (CA Wildwood Quadraphonic Talent nc PO Box Miami Fla Tel 1305) Pres Jack P Bluestein Label: (Owned) Twister Quickway see Revonah Quinto Reis 4423 Ledge Ave Toluca Lake Calif Tel (213) Owner Quint Benedetti R R C A Reis Ave of the Americas New York N Y Tel Pres Robert Summer Branches: Hollywood Calif 6363 Sunset Blvd Zip Tel ( Nashville Tenn 30 Music Square W Zip Tel (615) Div VP Jerry Bradley VP Country Music Chet Atkins VP Mktg Joe Galante Exec Prod r Roy Den Prod r Pat Carter Label: (Owned) RCA lassociatedl A&M Windsong R C Rets PO Box 126 Elmsford N Y Tel VP Ray Roberts Labels: (Owned) RC Thomas R C S see Record Company of the South R R P see Rite R S O Recs nc 8335 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles Calif Tel 1213o Telex Pres Al Coury VP Promo Richard Fitzgerald Exec Ass t ro Pres Janis Lundy Nat Promo Der Bob Smith Nat Sales Mgr Mitch Huffman Nat LP Promo Dir Michael Dundas Pub Ou Ronnie Lippin Art Der Glen Ross Admen Ass t Larimee Ward Controller Peter Fassler B ranch: New York, N Y 1775 Broadway Zip Tel Telex East Coast VP Bob Edson Ramblin see Rounder Randall Recs 29 Elaine Rd Milford Conn Tel 1203) Pres Gerald Randall VP Howard Randall A&R Paul Seaberg B ranches: Middletown NY 15 Randall Heights Zip Tel A&R Samuel Randall- Syracuse, NY, 1900 W Genesee St Zip Tel Range Buster see Col Buster Doss Ranwood see GRT Rattler see Sarg Raven Rec Co PO Box Zip Vista Ave Sacramento Calif Tel (916o Pros William B Moore Record Company of the South (RCS) 5220 Essen Ln Baton Rouge La Tel 1504) Pres Cyril E Vetter VP Gen Mgr John Fred Promo & Sales Ronnie Shaab Record & Music People nc 635 Elm St Birmingham Mich Tel ( Pres Jim Elsman Label: (Owned) Underground Record Room, see Argus Recorded Anthology of American Music New World Rets 231 E 51 St New York N Y Tel Cable RECANTH Pres Herman E Krawiti (Non-profit rec gsl Label (Owned) New World Red Clay USA see Sonyatone Red Onion see Lakco Regency Recs 9454 Wilshire Blvd Suite 500 Beverly Hills Calif Tel ( Cable SEGA - LAW Pres Lloyd Segal Relco see Caprice Release Ras PO Box 234 St Louis Mo Tel 1314) Pres & A&R Der B J Ba Rena Rees nc PO Box E Fremont St Suite 109 Las Vegas Nev Tel Pres Raymond Girard VP Prod n A&R Dir Netts Rogers VP Sales Ed Stambro Pub 6 Ado Der Barbara Goodrich Reprise see Warner Bros Republic Recs Ave S Nashville Tenn Tel Pres Dave Burgess Nat Promo Dir Gary Branson Mktg Dir Arnie Thees Nat Country Promo Barbara Kelly Relco Revs 2039 Antoine Houston Tex Tel (713) Mgr Russ Reeder Asst Mgr 6 Sales Jane Reeder A&R Gene Watson Reuben Recs 8537 Sunset Blvd No 7 Los Angeles Calif Tel ( Owner Travis Lehman Revonah Recs 217 Old Rt 17 Ferndale N Y Tel (914) Owner & Chief Eng Paul Gerry Studio Mgr & Promo Patricia James Labels: Ownedl Ouickway Revonah Studio 17 Tel E) Vue Rice Reis nc 49 Music Square W Suite 303 Nashville Tenn Tel (615) Richey Recs 7121 W Vickery Unit 118 Forth Worth Tex Tel (81 7) Owner & ntl Rep Slim Richey Sales James Yanaway Adv & Promo James Colegrove Labels (Owned) Flying high Grass Mountain Ridge Runner Ridge Runner see Richey Ripcord see Gibson Ripsaw Rec Co 121 N Fourth St Easton Pa Tel 1215) Pres James Kerkhuff Branch: New York, NY, 320 W 30 St Zip Tel ( VP Jon Strong Rite Rec Prod vs nc 9745 Lockland Rd Cincinnati Ohio Tel ( Pres Carl J Burkhardt VP Philip M Burkhardt Label: (Owned) Gateway RRP Ro Tab see Marullo Robbins Rets Box 277 Rt 3 Leesville La Pres Sherree Scott Branch Magazine Ark Box 157 Rt t Zip Label: Ownedl Headliner Stars Rob -Lee Music PO Box 1385 Merchanrville N J Tel ( Pres Rob Russen Promo Mgr Mark Porter Country Mgr Kevin Ewalt Label (Owned) Castle Rodeo see Paramount West Romona see Jody Round Robin Recs nc S 124 East Ave Broken Arrow Okla Tel ( Pres rvin L McMonigle VP & Gen Mgr Robert Blankenship Treas Kenneth Zigar Rounder Rets Corp 186 Willow Ave Somerville Mass Tel (617) Pres Manan E Leigh ton Labels (Owned) Ramblin Rounder S S C R see Sunshine Country Sabre Rec Co PO Box Nashville Tenn Tel Pres Ray Reeves Labels: (Owned) Barricade Sabre Saguaro see Boyd Salt City Revs nc PO Box N 600 East Provo Utah Tel (801) Pres Stan Bron son Labels (Owned) Proud Earth Salt City Salt of the Earth Recs 3282 Catalina Ave Santa Clara Calif Tel ( Pres Mark Aaron VP - Mgr Chris Aaron San -Lyn Group Box 46 Colvin Sa 414 Cortland Ave Syr acuse N Y Tel ( Gen Mgr Jack Swanson Label (Owned) Calumet San -Lyn Sarg (Ric g Co 311 E Davis St Luling Tex Tel 1512) Owner Cherie Fitch Sales Mgr Sharon Mann Promo Denise Fitch A&R Ben W Fitch Ass Mgr Celeste Fitch Labels (Owned) Double A Rattler Sarg Sassafrass see Mystic Scene Prod ns PO Box 1743 Beckley W Va Tel 1304) Pres Richard L Petry Gen Mgr Doug Gent Label: (Owned) Country Road Scorpio Ents nc 38 Music Square E Nashville Tenn Tel 1615) Pres & A&R Dir B L (Slim) Williamson VP Randy Moore Promo Marty Williamson Labels: Ownedl Country Jubilee, Scorpion Scorpion see Scorpio Scrimshaw Recs 6943 Vallean Ave Van Nuys Calif Tel Pres RobertP Gentile Sea Cruise see Ken Keene Seven Hills Pub) g & Rec g Co nc 905 N Main St Evans- ville nd Tel ( Pres Edward W Kreetemeyer Label: (Owned) Seven Hills Shaffer Recs Gladstone Ave Sylmar Calif Tel (21 3) Co -Owner & Chm Frank J Ja cobs Co Owner & Pres Mrs F J Jacobs Sales & Promo Debris Ann Shawmut Revs see Casa Grande Don D Sheets Prod vs Box 212 Rt 3 Nashville nd Tel (812) Co Owners Prod rs Don D & Marti Mae Sheets Label: (Owned) CVS Little Nashville Showcase see World nt Sierra Briar Res PO Box 5853 Pasadena Santa Monica Blvd Suite 7 Los Angeles Calif Tel Exec Du John M Delgano Mng Dar Marsh Necheles Sales Dir Roz Lannon A&R Dir Gene Parsons Label: (Owned) Serra Sinergia nc Alaloa St Kaneohe Hawaii Tel Shelby Singleton Corp 3106 Belmont Blvd Nashville Tenn Tel (615) Cable SHELREC Telex Pres Shelby S Singleton Jr VP John A Singleton VP Sales Richard Bruce Promo Dir Tom McConnell Label: (Owned) Plantation Sevan Music Co nc PO Box 1079 Easley S C Tel ( Pres Jesse B Evatte Labels: (Owned) Brand -X Pioneer Sn Shooter see Col Buster Doss (Continued on page 55 Country Music Sourcabook Billboard

33 MUSC PUBLSHERS Conceivably, almost any publisher could have country product in its catalog This recap is a guide to some of the most active publishers and is made on the basis of a 12 month computer analysis of the Billboard "Hot Country Singles" chart A T V Music Corp BM 6255 Sunset Blvd Hollywood Calif Tel ( Acoustic Music nc (BM) 49 Music Square E Nashville Tenn Tel ( Pres Danny Davis Prof Mgr Lamar Morris Acuff RosePubl ns nc (BM) 2510 Franklin Rd Nashville Tenn Tel (615) Cable ACUF- ROSE Pres Wesley H Rose VP John R Brown Prof Mgr Ronnie Gant Addison Street ASCAP) see Sterling Advanced Music Corp (ASCAP) see Warner Bros Ahab Music Co nc (Bu) 1707 Grand Ave Nashville Tenn Tel (615) Pres Ray Ste verra Algae Music Corp BM)) see Al Gallico Joe Allen Music (BM) Rt 1 Newhope Rd Hermitage Tenn Tel (615) Almo Music Corp (ASCAP) see Rondor Arnberways Music (ASCAP)- Tel (61 5) VP Ted Revell-see Americus American Cowboy Music Co (BM 11 Music Circle S Nashville Tenn Tel (615) Gen & Prof Mgr William G Hall Americus Music Publ rs ASCAP 50 Music Square W Suite 501 Nashville Tenn Tel 1615) Pres Donald L Ras Gen Mgr Charles W Fields Prof Mgr Johnny Howard (Administered by Nashville Copyright) an Anderson MUSK (ASCAP) C o Chrysalis Music Corp 115 E 57th St New York N Y Tel (212i Anion MUSK Co (ASCAP)-Owner Andy Badale-see Pa vanne Anne -Rachel MUSK Corp (ASCAP) see Chappell Anneatra Music (BM), see Me & Sam April Blackwood Music nc 1350 Ave of the Americas 23rd B New York N Y Tel ( VP & Gen Mgr Rick Smith Prof Mgrs Bert Haber Helaine Bruno Marc Leber Promo & Pub Gina Blan der Branches Los Angeles Calif 1930 Century Park W Zip Tel Nashville Tenn, 31 Music Square W Zip Tel (615) Dir Nashville, Southern Opns Charles Monk Prof Mgr Judy Harris April Music nc (ASCAP) see April Blackwood Arch Music Co Ltd (ASCAP) see A Schroeder Arc Music Corp (BU) 110 E 59 St New York N Y Tel (212) Cable ARCMUSC Con tact Gene Goodman Asleep At The Wheel (BM) see Bug At Home Music (ASCAP) see Martin Cohen Aud-Lee (BM) Ave S Suite 300 Nashville Tenn Aunt Polly s Pub! g Co (BM) PO Boa Nashville Tenn Tel ( Owner Allen Reynolds Gen Mgr John Donegan Baby Check (BM) PO Box Nashville Tenn Tel (615) Mgr Anne Waller Earl Barton Music nc )BM) 1121 S Glenstone Springfield Mo Tel (417) Pres & Gen Mgr Si Simian Prof Mgr Scott F Simian (Licensed through Publisher s Licensing Corp Beechwood Music Corp (BM) 6255 Sunset Blvd Hollywood Calif Tel ( VP & Prof Activities Du Paul Tannen VP Creative Affairs ra Jaffe Copyright Mgr Joan Schulman (Administered by Screen Gems -EM Music nc Begonia Melodies nc BM ) see Chappell Belinda MUSK nc 18Ml) see Chappell Belwm-Mills Pub! g Corp ASCAP 1776 Broadway New York N Y Tel (212) Cable BEL- MLPUB Pres Martin Winkler VP & Gen Mgr Burton L Litwin rving Berlin MUSK Corp (ASCAP) 1290 Ave of the Americas New York N Y Tel ( Bicycle Music Co 8756 Holloway Dr Tel (213) Los Angeles Calif Johnny Benstock Music (BM') see Hudson Bay Big Heart Music nc (BMq 9454 Wilshire Blvd Beverly Hills Calif Tel (213) Pres Sherwin Bash VP Alan Mink Gen & Prof Mgr Randy Bash Big Seven Music Corp BM Broadway New York N Y Tel 1212) Cable ROULREC Pres Morris Levy Gen 6 Prof Mgr Phil Kahl Black Bull Music (ASCAP) 888 Seventh Ave New York N Y Tel (21Z) Black Sheep MUSK (BM() PO Box Nashville Tenn Tel ( Pres Aude Ashworth Blackwood Music nc 113Ml) see April Blackwood Blue Book Music (BM) N Chester Ave Bakersfield Calif Tel (805) Owner Buck Owens Gen Mgr Dorothy Owens Prof Mgr Jim Shaw Blue Branch (BM) see Erection Blue Lake MUSK (BM)) see Ovation Blue Max Music (BM) see Americus Bocephus Music Co 18M1) see Srngletree Bourne Co (ASCAP) 1212 Ave of the Americas New York N Y Tel ( Pres Bonnie Bourne Prof Dept Deck Stone Ken Brescia Brandt: Los Angeles Calif 6381 Hollywood Blvd Zip Tel 121 3) Bowling Green MUSK (BM)) see Trust Boxer Music (Bull PO Boa Nashville Tenn Tel ( Pres Curtis L Allen B ranch: North Hollywood, Calif Riverside Dr No 202 Zip Tel (213) Chief Exec Mickey Gross Braintree Music (BM() see Segel & Goldman Bnarpatch Music (BM)-Pies Eddie Rabbitt-see Deb Dave Brim Music nc (SESAC) 38 Music Square E Suite 111 Nashville Tenn Tel Pres & Prof Mgr Marty Williamson Gen Mgr Dick Runyeon Brown Shoes (BM) see Rondor Bucksnort (BM), PO Boa Nashville Tenn Tel (615) Buddah Music nc (ASCAP) 1350 Ave of the Americas New York N V Tel 1212) Dir Mktg & Sales Charles K Walz Administered by United Artists ) Bug Music Group 6777 Hollywood Blvd 9th fl Hollywood Calif Tel ( Butter MUSK (BM) see Cream Camad Music (BM) see Warner Bros Casa David Music (ASCAP) 6430 W Sunset Blvd geles Calif Tel (213) Los An- Caseyew Music (BM!) see Triple H Buzz Cason Music nc (ASCAP) see Southern Writers Casserole Music nc (BM) see RSO Cedarwood Pubt g Co nc (BM) 39 MUSK Square E Nashville Tenn Tel (615) Pres & Gen Mgr J William Denny, Prof Mgr John E Denny Central Songs (BM) see Beachwood Y Tel (2121 Cable SYMPHONY Chappell Music Co 810 Seventh Ave New York N Pres rwin Z Robinson Sr VP rwin Schuster VPCreabide Frank Mrlrtary B ranches: Hollywood Calif 6255 Sunset Blvd Zip Tel (213) VP & Gen Mgr Roger Gordon-Nashvill Tenn, 21 Music Circle E Zip Tel (615) VP 8 Gen Mgr Henry Hurt Chardon MUSK (BM)) c o Chardon nc 5952 Royal Ln Suite 160 Dallas Tex Tel (214) Cherry Lr^e M1º( Co ASCAP PO Boa Holly Hill n Greenwich Conn Tel ( Contact Jean Omega, B ranch: Beverly Hills Calif, 9744 Wilshire Blvd Zip Tel ( Contact Milton Okun Colin Slater Jerry Chesnut Music nc (BM) 40 Music Square E Nashville Tenn Tel ( Pres Gen & Prof Mgr Jerry Chesnut Chess Music nc (ASCAP) see Pi -Gem Chip N Dale Publ g Co nc (ASCAP) see Gene Kennedy Chnswood Music (BM) Ave S Nashville Tenn Tel (615) Chrysalis Music Corp (ASCAP see Chrysalis Music Group Chrysalis Music Group 9255 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles Calif Tel 1213) Pres Terry Ellis Gen Mgr Ann Munday Prof Mgrs least coastl Frank D Amico (west coast) Steve Moir Coal Miners Music nc (BM) 7 MUSK Circle N Nashville Tenn Tel (615) Pres 6 Prof Mgr O V Lynn Jr Gen Mgr Meredith Stewart Marto Cohen 6430 Sunset Blvd Suite 1500 Los Angeles Calif Tel (213) TWx (910) Cable COBOLEX Admin r Martin Cohen Cold Zinc BM) see Dawnbreaker Colgems-EM MUSK nc (ASCAP) see Screen Gems Combine Music Group BM)) 35 MUSK Square E Nashville Tenn Tel 1615) Pres Robert J Beckham VP Johnny MacRae Gen Mgr Al Cooley Prof Mgr Alan Rush Con Brio Music (BM) PO Box 196 Nashville Ten Tel ( Pres Bill Walker Gen Mgr Jeff Walker Prof Mgr Jeanine Walker Conrad Music (BM) see Arc Copyright Sery Bureau Ltd 221 W 57 St New York N Y Tel Cable COPYSEB Chin Walter Hofer Pres Glue A Hofer Exec Dir Jere Spencer Cotillion Music nc (Bull 75 Rockefeller Plaza New York N Y Tel Cable ATCOMU- SC Pres Jerry Greenberg Dir Bus Affairs Joanne Feltman Cotton Pickin Music (ASCAP see Garrett Country Road Music nc (BM) 431 S Palm Canyon Dr Palm Springs Calif Tel 1714) SALUTES COUNTRY MUSC E S A C And the many writers, publishers, artists and record companies who have contributed their talents to its international acceptance as America's own musical art form WORLD HEADQUARTERS 10 Columbus Circle, New York, NY * REGONAL OFFCES 11 Music Circle South, Nashville, TN Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA * Country Music Sourcebook Billboard 33

34 Dir End the year with radio's biggest yearend music spectacular! A 5 -hour celebration of 1979 in a total entertainment package! The Year n Country Music The Year n News The Year n Sports Movie Sound Clips Personality nterviews and a dynamic recap of The Country Music Of The 70's Wrap up the year in country music with BLLBOARD'S YEARBOOK 1979 based on Billboard Magazine's Country Charts Five completely self-contained hours of programming suitable for a single exciting 5 -hour special, or strip it for continuous impact throughout the big holiday weekend Last year BLLBOARD'S YEARBOOK dazzled on more than 400 stations The big country music version featured candid interviews and the music of such country superstars as Waylon Jennings Linda Ronstadt Dolly Parton Willie Nelson, Loretta Lynn Emmylou Harris and Crystal Gayle This year the stars their views and their sounds are even more explosive! Five hours on stereo discs Price: Relative market fee plus barter Rated markets S125: non -rated markets $100 rbillboard s Yearbook 1979 will be available in late, December Mail coupon to Gig Barton Music n The Air 1515 Broadway New York NY Please send a YEARBOOK 1979 Country Music demo to: Name Title Station Address 150 Stations Already Signed! Wrap up your market and format exclusive Phone Gig Barton at (212) to rush your demo' Zip C»1ÿ Telephone Produced by MUSC N THE AR A division of Billboard Publications nc Music Publishers Crary Cajun (BM 5626 Brock Houston Tes Tel Pres Huey P Meaux Gen Mgr Beth Thornton Cream Music Publ g Group 8025 Melrose Ave Los An geles Calif Tel Cable BEN - NCO HOLLYWOOD Telex Pres A Bennett VP & Dir of Publ g Bob Todd VP & nt Bobby Weiss Prof Mgrs Allan Rider Greg Gaytan B ranch: Memphis Tenn 1320 S Lauderdale Zip Tel 1901) VP & Gen Mgr Eddie Ray VP A&R Wdhe Mitchell Criterion Music Corp ASCAP 6124 Selma Ave Hollywood Calif Tel Cromwell Music nc ASCAP see TRO Cross Keys Publ g Co ASCAP see Tree Dandy Dittys ASCAP see A Schroeder Donor Music nc BM 1802 Grand Ave Nashville Tenn Tel Dawnbreaker Music Co BM 216 Chatsworth Dr San Fernando Calif Tel DebDave Music nc BM PO Box 2154 Nashville Tenn Tel Pres James Edward Malloy Gen Mgr Kein Wehruran Dickerson BM 810 Bellevue Rd Nashville Tenn Dooms Publ g Co 18Mq PO Box 2072 Waynesboro Va Tel Owner John Maio, Door Knob Music Publ g BMii see Gene Kennedy Doubleplay Musil PRO rchmount Rd Scarborough Ont M 1 K 1 M 7 Down N Dime BM see Rondor Duchess 8Mq see MCA Dunbar Music nc BM see nterworld Dusty Roads BM see Al Gallico E V Music Publ g Co ASCAP 6130 E Cholla Ln Scottsdale Ariz Tel Pres Eve Smith Gen & Prof Mgr Bill Smith East Memphis Music Corp BM see Cream Easy Listening Music Corp ASCAP see Ai Gallico Easy Nine Music BM see Chappell Eden Music Corp BM PO Box 325 Englewood N J Tel Pres Clyde Otis Gen Mgr Janie Washington Emerald sle Music nc BM PO Box Nashville Tenn Tel Ensign Music Corp BM) see Famous Entertainment Co Music Group 40 W 57 St New York N Y Tel 1212) Telex Principals Charles Koppelman Martin Bander Pub) g Admin r Joanne Boris B ranch: Les Angeles Calif 6430 Sunset Blvd Zip Tel VP Publ g Jay Warner Erection Publ g BM 4606 Clawson Austin Tex Tel Pres Wendell Tyler VP Tommy Byrd Gen Mrg J Tyler Evil Eye Music nc (8M11 see TRO Famous Music Corp ASCAP dly of Gulf a Western nds nc 1 Gulf Western Plaza New York N Y Tel 1212i Cable FAMUSC Chief Operating Officer Marvin Cane VP Admin Sidney Herman B ranches: Hollywood Calif 6430 Sunset Blvd Zip Tel 1213) Prof Mgr Julie Chester West Coast Creative Affairs Dir Bill Ficks Jr -Nash ville Tenn 2 Music Circle S Zip Tel Opns Dir Judy Gottrer Far Out Music nc ASCAP Sunset Blvd Hollywood Calif Tel John Farrar Music BM see Rondo, Leo Feist nc (ASCAP) see United Artists Fidd)eback Music Publ g Co nc BMil see Tommy Va - ando Fire Weed Music ASCAP) see Copyright Sery Bureau First Generation Music Co BM see Combine Flagship Music nc PO Box Nashville Tenn BM 1) Forrest Hills Music nc BM 25 Music Square E Nashville Tenn Tel Prof Mgr Cecile Light Fort Knox Music Co BM 1619 Broadway New York N Y Tel ( Partners Jerry Leiber Mike Stoller Freddy Bienstock Comptroller Lester Boles Four Star nt nc 400 S Beverly Dr Tel Beverly Hills Calif 4 -Star Sales 8Mq see Copyright Sery Bureau Frank Music Corp ASCAP, see April Blackwood Frank & Nancy Music nc BM Ave Nashville Tenn Tel VP & Gen Mgr Camil) Shelton (Administered by Hudson Bay Music/ Frascotti 8Mq 9255 Sunset Blvd Suite 526 Los Angeles Calif Frebar Music 18M Kelly Rd Brentwood Tenn Tel 1615) Pres & Gen Mgr Fred Kelly Prof Mgr Barbara Kelly Fullness Music Co (BM( Bloomfield Oaks Calif Tel 1213) Sherman Geismar Music nc BM see Al Gallico Galleon MUSK nc ASCAP see Al Gallico A Gallico Music Corp 8Mq 120 E 56 St New York N Y Tel Pres Al Gallico VP Ad Linda Lande B ranches: Los Angeles Calif 6255 Sunset Blvd Zip Tel Nashville Tenn 50 Music Square W Zip Tel Garrett Music Ents 6255 Sunset Blvd Suite 1019 Hollywood Calif Tel Pres Snuff Garrett VP Stephen H Dorff Gee Whiz BM Ave S Nashville Tenn Tel Gentoo BM see Warner Bros Gladys Music ASCAP see Chappell Glenwood Music Corp ASCAP N Vine St Hollywood Calif Tel Golden Horn Prod ns ASCAP 1819 Broadway Nashvue Tenn Tel Country Music Sourcebook Billboard

35 NASHVLLE'S MUSC HOUSE APRL BLACKWOOD MUSC April 31 MUSC SQUARE WEST NASHVLLE, TN (615) Blackwood Music April Blackwood Publications 1350 AVE of the AMERCAS NEW YORK, N Y ( 212) rd FLOOR 1930 CENTURY PARK WEST CENTURY CTY, CA (213) The CBS Music Publishing Companies: April Music nc, Blackwood Musk nc r 1979 CBS nc

36 Los Music Publishers - Golden West Melodies (EM) 5858 Sunset Blvd Hollywood Calif Tel (213) Pres Gene Autry Bobby Goldsboro Music nc (ASCAP) see House of Gold Good Music Co ASCAP see Aunt Polly s E J Gurren Music (ASCAP) see April Blackwood Gyrus Music Corp (ASCAP) see Big Seven Albert Hall Music (13M ) (div of Gilmore Prod ns nc ) Kelsey St Studio City Calif Tel (213) Hall -Clement Publ ns (BM see T 8 Harms Hallnote Music Co (W) PO Bo Nashville Tenn Tel (615) Pres Tom T Hal) Gen Mgr Judi Simmons Halwill Music (ASCAP) see Harlem Harlem Music (BM) 355 Harlem Rd Buffalo N Y Tel (716( WATS (800) TWX ( Pres Leonard Silver Mgr Publ g Admen Lynn Boehringer Gen Mgr David Parker T B Harms Co (ASCAP 100 Wilshire Blvd Suite 700 Santa Monica Calif Tel (213) Pres Lawrence Welk Exec VP & Gen Mgr Dean Kay VP Professional Activities Roger Sovine Branches: Hollywood, Calif 6255 Sunset Blvd Zip Tel ( Div Mgr Gaylon Horton-New York NV, 200 W 57 St Suite 807 Zip Tel ( East Coast Div Mgr Joseph Abend-Nashville Tenn PO Boa Muse Circle S Zip Tel ( Nash ville Div Mgr Bill Hall Hayseed Music BM) PO Boa 1528 Shreveport La Tel (318) Pres & Prof Mgr David Kent Haystack MUSK (ASCAP) see Hayseed Hello Darien 1SESAC see Tree Highball Music (BMq 2803 Azalea P Nashville Tenn Tel ( Hr -Lo MUSK BM) 639 Madison Ave Memphis Tenn Tel (901) HtKit Music (BM) PO Boa Nashville Tenn Tel ( Hobby Horse Music (BM) see Garrett Hollis Music nc (BM( see TRO House of Bryant Pod ns BM( PO Box Nashville Tenn Tel (615) Gen Mgr Nona Thomas House of Cash nc (BM PO Box 508 Hendersonville Tenn Tel ( Co-Pres John R & June Carter Cash House of Gold MUSK nc (BM( PO Box Belle Meade Sta Nashville Tenn Tel 161 5) Pres Bobby Goldsboro Exec VP Bob Montgomery Prof Mgr Jeff Silber Promo & Pub Dir Linda McCoy Hudson Bay Music Co (BMq 1619 Broadway New York N Y Tel ( Panners Freddy Benstock Jerry Leiber Mike Stoller Comptroller Lester Boles Hungry Mountain Music nc (BM) see House of Gold ntersong-usa nc (ASCAP) see Chappell lnterworld MUSK Group nc 6255 Sunset Blvd Suite 709 Los Angeles Calif Tel Cable NMUSC Telex Pres Michael Stewart Dir Bus Affairs Jeff Brabec Mgr Copyright & nt Judy Hicks Branch: New York NY, 25 W 57 St Zip Tel ( Prof Mgr Lanny Lambert ronsrde Music (ASCAP) PO Box Nashville Tenn Tel 1615) Jack & Bill Music Co (ASCAP) see T B Harms Jack Music nc BM) 3405 Belmont Blvd Nashville Tenn Tel ( Jame' Music (8M1) 413 N Parkerson Ave Crowley La Tel Pres Jay Muller VP Bill Miller Jando Music (ASCAP) see Jack Jay & Cee Music Corp (BM see Fort Knox Waylon Jennings BM c o Utopia Prod ns nc Ave S Nashville Tenn Tel ( Jidobi Music nc (BMq 903-C 18 Ave S Nashville Tenn Tel Jobete Music Co nc (ASCAP) 6255 Sunset Blvd Hollywood Calif Tel ( Eaec VP Robert L Gordy VP & Gen Mgr Jay S Lowy VP Ad - min Karen Hodge Prof Mgrs Natalie Harrington Rita Ross Tommy Gordy Danny Strich Branch: New York, NY, 157 W 57 St Zip Tel (212) Prof Activates Dir Carl Griffin Prof Mgr Roxanne Gordy Julep Publ g Co (BM) (div of Julep nc 1 PO Box Nashville Tenn Tel (615) Pros Charlene Sherrill Gen Mgr Ann Sutton Kama Sutra Music (BM) see Buddah Keca Music nc ASCAP 9440 Santa Monica Blvd Suite 704 Beverly Hills Calif Tel ( Pres Larry Gordon Gen & Prof Mgr Noreen Rae Cowan Gene Kennedy Ents 2125 Eighth Ave S Nashville Tenn Tel ( Pros Gene Kennedy VP & Prof Mgr Linda Kennedy Kenwall Music Publ g nc (ASCAP see Gene Kennedy KKkerillo Publ g Co (ASCAP) 1300 Texas Ave Houston Tex Tel ( Kimkris Music BM) 202 Wisconsin St NE Albuquerque N M Tel Kipahulu Music Co (ASCAP) see Screen Gems -EM Lambert & Potter Music Co (BM) 9220 Sunset Blvd Suite 306 Los Angeles Calif Tel (213) Cable MOSSAC Pres Dennis Lambert Asst Marsha ngraham Cristy Lane Music (ASCAP) 120 Hickory St Nashville Tenn TN ( Le Bill Music nc (BM) PO Box Fort Worth Tex Tel (817) Leeds Music Corp (ASCAP) see MCA Let There Be Music nc ASCAP see Southern Writers Little David Music nc (BMq c o Jerry Chestnut 40 Music Square E Nashville Tenn Tel ( Lodestar Publ g (SESAC see Gene Kennedy Longstreet Music (BM( see ronsrde Lowery Group (BM) PO Box Fernwood Circle Atlanta Ga Tel Low-Twr Music nc BM( see Lowery Group M C A MUSK (ASCAP) (div of MCA nc 445 Park Ave New York N Y Tel ( Cable MUSCOR Pres Salvatore T Cheantia Contacts Mark Koren John McKellen Leeds Levy Branches: Los Angalas Calif East Tower Suite Wilshire Blvd Zip Tel 1213) Contact Warren Brown-Nashville, Tenn Ave S Zip Tel ( M P L Communications nc (ASCAP) 30 Park P East Hampton N Y VP John L Eastman Maclen Music nc (BM) see ATV Mann & Weil (BM sea ATV Maplehill Music see T B Harms -Vogue Ma -Ree Music nc ASCAP see Jam Reeves Mariposa Music nc (BM) see Marty Robbins Marsaint Music nc (W) 3809 Clematis Ave New Orleans La Tel ( Pros Alien R Toussaint Gen b Prof Mgr Marshall E Sehorn (Administered by RCS Publ g) Marion nc (BM) Ave S Nashville Tenn Tel McCartney Music BM( see MPL Melody Lane Pub ns nc (BM see Peer Southern Me & Sam Music ASCAP PO Box Nashville Tenn Tel (615) Pres Ann J Morton Gen Mgr Sam Kirk Patrick Milene Music nc ASCAP see Acuff -Rose Miller Music Corp (ASCAP) see United Artists Roger Miller s Music (BM 1880 Century Park E Suite 900 Los Angeles Calif Tel ( Pres Roger Miller Mills Music nc (ASCAP) see Belwin-Mills Mr Mort MUSK ASCAP) 44 MUSK Square E Nashville Tenn Tel (615) Pres Charles Fields Gen Mgr Bernice Fields Mole Hole MUSK (BM') see Bug Morning Music (USA) nc (ASCAP) PO Box Nashville Tenn Toronto Canada Tel ( Pres Jury Krytiuk Mgr Mark Altman Prof Mgr Ave Altman Promo Peter Krytiuk Home office: Canada Edwin H Morris & Co (ASCAP dry of MPL Communications nc ) 39W 54 St New York N Y Tel (212) Cable EASTMANAD Prof Mgr Robert Jones Mother Bertha Music nc BM( PO Boa Los Angeles Calif Tel (213) Pres Phil Spector Gen Mgr Donna Sekulidis Mother Tongue (ASCAP) Ave S Nashville Tenn GOfl' COUflTRY' CO GAlLCO 'VE GOT AL GALLCO MUSC CORP ALGEE MUSC CORP ALTAM MUSC CORP EASY LSTENNG MUSC CORP THE HT! NEW YORK 120 East 56th St New Yak N Y (212) LOS ANGELES 9255 Sunset Blvd Angeles CA NASHVLLE 50 Music Square West Nashville Tenn ( Country Music Sourcebook Billboard

37 , t4 r - Number One Country Music Publisher in the World fr r la w,l v -,,,,,,p,,,",,-,,, ` 1 ' r w,:e,,ir ' :r, '; 1_ r,,, R /!ir - ' Lc t 1»oil' 4w V `i t,!tri t t takes a lot of hard work to climb to the top Unless, of course, you've got the finest most prolific songwriters in the business Then it's pure pleasure :' liter ; +: \ - PP_ L ' + f' r `, - 'j' 14, TREE PUBLSHNG (BM) CROSS KEYS MUSC (ASCAP) NCORPORATED 8 Music Square West, Nashville, TN JACK STAPP-Chairman, Chief Executive Officer BUDDY KLLEN-President DON GANT-First Vice President DONNA HLLEY-Vice President REPRESENTED BY EM WTH OFFCES AROUND THE WORLD

38 Music Publishers M-3 Music ASCAP see Cherry Lane Mullet BM) PO Boa 487 Springhill La Muscle Shoals Sound Publ g Co nc (BM PO Boa Alabama Ave Sheffield Ala Tel Pres Jemmy R Johnson VP s Roger C Hawkins Barry E Becken Sec y-treas David Hood Music City Music nc ASCAP see Combine Music Craftshop (ASCAP see H,tKet Music of the Ternes Publ g Corp ASCAP see Hudson Bay Music West of the Pecos (BM) PO Boa 8545 Houston Tea Tel ( Nerve) The Marvel Music BM see T B Harms-Hall-Cle ment Narwhal Musk (BM see Skyhll WE BELEVE AND DEAL N COUNTRY MUSC Frank & Nancy Music, nc Fort Knox Music Co Johnny Bienstock Music Co Three Divisions of the HUDSON BAY MUSC GROUP OF COMPANES 1619 Broadway 1300 Deves,on St New York, N Y Nashville Tenn Natural Songs nc ASCAP see Lamben & Potter Wlhe Nelson BM) c o Mark Rothbaum 225 Man St Danbury Conn Tel Newkeys Musc nc (BM) 29 Musk Square E Nashville Tenn Tel No Ed Musc Co nc BM 535 Cotton Ave Macon Ga Tel O A S Music Group Ave S Nashville Tenn Tel ( Co OdeDane Bryant Steve Singleton Spooner Oldham Musk )BM) see Southern Writers Onhesown Music (BM see OAS Ovation nc Group, 1249 Waukegan Rd Glenview ll Tel Tommy Overstreet Music 1SESAC) U A Bldg Sete Music Square W Nashville Teen Tel Owepar Publ g Co (BM) Ave S Nashville Tenn Tel ( Pres Dolly Parton Gen Mgr Carla Scarborough Pacific Challenger Musk 1BM1) 2940 E Moraloma Ave Anaheim Call Tel (714) Pres & Gen Mgr C E Whenenaton Panted Desert Music Corp (BM) see Shapero Bernstein Paramount Musk Corp (ASCAP) see Famous Partner Music (BM) 1518 Chelsea Ave Memphis Tenn Tel ( Gen Mgr Larry Rogers Partnership Musk (ASCAP) see Partner Pauke Music (BM) c o Ray Ruff PO Bo Hollywood Cald Tel 1213) Pavanne Music Co ASCAP) 2315 Fohaven Dr Frankln Tenn Owners Frank Stanton Andy Badale Paw Paw Muset 1BM11 see Bug Peer nt 1 Corp (BM) see Peer Southern Peer -Southern Org Broadway New York N Y Tel 1212) Cable SOUTHMUSC Telex Pres Monique Peer 1st VP Ralph Peer 2nd VP Mano Conti Brancher Los Angeles Calif, 6922 Hollywood Blvd Zip Tel Mgr Roy Kohn- Miami Fla Northeast Arrimes Bldg RM SE Second St Zep Tel (305) Mgr Omar Merchant-53111%P d PR Edifice Banco Ponce 1250 Ponce de Leon Ave bp Tel (809) Gen Mgr Angel Fonfreas-Nashville, Tenn, 7 Musk Cercle N bp Tel ( Prof Assoc Debbie Cobb Dan Penn (BM) see Southern Writers Peso Musk (BM) see Garrett Ben Peters Music (BM) Rt Old Hickory Blvd Brentwood Tenn Tel 1615) Pres Ben Peters Phone Publ g Co BM Ave 0 Lubbock Tex Tel ( Pres Larry Corbin VP Don Caldwell Phono Musc (SESAC) 1204 Elmwood Ave Nashville Tenn Tel ( Peck-AHet (BM) Ave S Nashvlle Tenn Tel ( P, -Gem Music nc (BM) Ave S Nashville Tenn Tel 1615) P,rooteng Publ g (ASCAP) see Segel & Goldman Planetary Musk Publ g Corp ASCAP) see B,g Seven Pointed Star Musk Co (BM 50 Musc Square W Ste 805 Nashville Tenn Tel 1615) Pres Bob Wale Prof Mgr Jan Gray Witte Pommard (BM) c o Dick K Wailers 7439 Hwy 70 S Nashvi')e Tenn Port Musk nc (ASCAP 210 E 73 St New York N Y Tel Power Play Music BM (dry of Gusto Recs nc ) 220 Bos - cobol St Nashville Tenn Tel ( Elves Presley Musc (BM) see Chappell Prune -Donna Musk Co BM see Al Galleco Prate Musk nc (ASCAP see Shelby Singleton Pronto Musk nc )BM see Coldleon - - Publicare Publ g ASCAP 2510 Tarrytown Mall Houston Tea Tel ( Pres Jem D Johnson R C S Publ g nc ASCAP 5220 Essen Ln Baton Rouge La Tel ( Pres John Fred O )Robert Stigwood Org Broadway New York R S N Y Tel 1212) Tek Pres Frederic 8 Gershon VP Eileen Rothschld Jem Reeves Ents nc PO Drawer Madison St Mad son Tenn Tel ( Regent Music ASCAP see Arc Resaca Muset Publ g Co (BM) see Combine Musk Many Robbins Ents Ave S Nashville Tenn Tel ( Rogan Publ us (BM) 3316 Lee Aye Shreveport La Tel (318) Rondor Musk nc N La Brea Ave Hollywood Cald Tel ( Cable ALPERMOSS Tele TWX (910e Pres Charles B Kaye Exec VP Lance Freed VP nt at Bus ANaers Evan R Medow nt Coord Margo Matthews Rose Bridge Musk nc (BM see Earl Barton Fred Rose Music nc (BM) see Acuff Rose Royal Oak Music ASCAP see Roger Miller s Rumbalero (BM see Chappell Sabal (ASCAP 1722 West End Ave Nashville Tenn Sanga Musk nc BM) 250 W 57 St Sete 2017 New York N Y Tel ( Cable LEMA NAG Pres Harold Leventhal Gen Mgr Joy Greene Sawgrass Musc Publ rs nc (BM) 1722 West End Ave Nashville Tenn Tel 1615) Pres & Gen Mgr Lonnie M Telles Prof Mgr Jemmy Darrell A Schroeder nt Ltd 25 W 56 St New York N Y Tel ( Cable SCHROMUS Pres Aaron Schroeder VP Abby Schroeder Screen Gems -EM Music nc (BM') 6255 Sunset Blvd Hollywood Calif Tel (213) Pres Lester Sell VP Admm Jack Rosner VP & Der Professional Achvd,es Paul Tannen VP Creative ra Jaffe Branches New York NY 1370 Ave of the Americas Zep Tel 1212) Nashville Tenn Ave S Zep Tel (615) Nel Sedaka Musk Publ g )BM 370 Ave of the Americas 1 New York N Y Tel (21 2) Segel & Goldman Sunset Towers Suite Sunset Bled 9200 Los Angeles Cold Tel 1213) 278- September MUSK Corp (ASCAP Galahad Music nc (BM) 250 W 57 St Suite 1916 New York N Y Tel (212) Cable MLLSTAN Pres Stanley Mills Shade Tree Musk nc (BM PO Bo 500 Bella Vesta Calif Tel ( Pres & Prof Mgr Merle Haggard VP James L Haggard Shapero Bernstein & Co nc (ASCAP) 10 E 53 St New York N Y Tel Cable BERN- STEN Pres R,chard M Voltter Exec VP L J Brettler Shelmer Poe Musk (BM see Chappell Show Be: Musk nc BM Ave S Nashville Tenn Tel 1615) Slyer Blue Musk ASCAP 220 Central Park S New York N Y Tel (212) Pres Joel Dea - rond Shelby Singleton Musc nc (BM 3106 Belmont Blvd Nashville Teen Tel (615) Cable SHELREC Pres Shelby Singleton Jr VP & Gen Mgr John A Singleton Sengletree Musc Co (BM) Ave S Nashville Tenn Tel ( Pres Dave Burgess Office Mgr Vick Branson Sn Comments Music Publ g nc (BM) see nterworld Skol Musk (BM') see Warner Bros Skyhll Publ g Co nc BM) 5112 Hollywood Blvd Hollywood Geld Tel Telex Pres Denny Cordell Gen Mgr Gary Heaton Domestic Admen Janet Smeth nt Admen Bernadette Gorman THE COMBNE MUSC GROUP FRST GENERATON MUSC, CO MUSC CTY MUSC, NC RESACA MUSC PUBLSHNG CO RSNG SONS MUSC, NC TENNESSEE SWAMP FOX MUSC CO SLVER SOUL MUSC LARRY GATLN MUSC VNTAGE MUSC, NC YOUNGUN PUBLSHNG CO BROTHERS THREE MUSC CO KONDO PRODUCTONS 38 Thirty Five Music Square East, Nashville, Tennessee 37203, (615) Country Music Sourcebook Billboard

39 The Oldest md Largest Country Music Publisher in the World! ualcatons NCOnPoeArFO R4i~e)/46(te NCORPORATED (e MUSC NCORPORATED 2510 FRANKLN ROAD, NASHVLLE, TENNESSEE PHONE (615) CABLE ADDRESS ACUFROSE FOREGN AFFLATES HTS HTS Abilene Just One Time Mr Tony Peters Afraid Kaw-Liga ACUFF-ROSE MUSC LTD All Have To Otter You s Me Last Date (nst ) An American Trilogy Legend n My Time ('d Be) A London, England As Long As Live Lil Red Riding Hood Auctioneer Lonesome Number One Mr Joe Halford Back n The Country Long Gone Lonesome Blues Bandy the Rodeo Clown Lost Highway ACUFF-ROSE PUBLCATONS The Baptism of Jesse Taylor Louisiana Man Big Bad John Making Believe PTY LTD Big Midnight Special Mansion On The Hill A Milsons, Point N S W Australia Blue Angel My Heart Would Know Blue Bayou Blue Blue Day Nobody s Child Nobody's Lonesome For Me Miss Sabine Mackprang Blue Eyes Crying n The Rain No Help Wanted Bonaparte s Retreat ACUFF-ROSE MUSKVERLAG KG Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy Norman Hamburg, Germany Cold Cold Heart Country Green Crazy Heart Crying Cry Cry Darling No One Will Ever Know Ott Lonesome Me Oh Pretty Woman Only The Lonely Only The Lonely (Know The Way Feel) On The Rebound Mr Ladislao Sugar EDZON ACUFF-ROSE SRL Deep Water One By One Milan, taly Don't Be Angry Pick Of The Week Don t Tell Me Your Troubles Ebony Eyes Playboy Even Tho Mrs Gerda Felleman - Faded Love And Winter Roses Mr Roland Kluger Fireball Mail Ramblin' Man Foggy River Ride Ride Ride EDTONS ACUFF-ROSE BENELUX Full Time Job Rings Of Gold Brussels, Belgium Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings Ruby (Are You Mad) Dr Veit Wyler ACUFF-ROSE VERLAG AG Can't Help t Sunshine Can't Stop Loving You Zurich, Switzerland Pins And Needles (n My Heart) Poor Old Heartsick Me Precious Jewel The Give Myself A Party Running Scared Gonna Find Me A Bluebird Sad Movies (Make Me Cry) Mr Jean-Claude Paulin du Besset Had As Much Satisfies Hank Williams You Wrote My Life Settir The Woods On Fire EDTONS ACUFF-ROSE Have A Good Time She s No Angel FRANCE SARL Here Comes The Rain Baby Singing The Blues Hey Good Lookin' Sleepin At The Foot Of The Bed Paris, France Hey Joe Snap Your Fingers Honky Tonkin' So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad) How'a The World Treating You The Son Of Hickory Hollers Tramp (Td) Kissed You Strangers (My Friends Are Gonna Be) Fought The Law Just Started Hahn' Cheatin' Songs Today Like Your Kind Of Love Love You Because Sweet Dreams Sweet Memories Talk Back Trembling Lips Take These Chains From My Heart Teen Angel Mr John Rasmussen ACUFF-ROSE SCANDA Saw The Light Tennessee Waltz Take The Chance Copenhagen, Denmark Wanna Love That's The Way Love Goes There Goes My Everything if Could Only Win Your Love There s A Big Wheel n Kiss You (Will You Go Away) There Be No Teardrops Tonight Miss Audrey Smith f d Am t Love Lets Leave lt Alone Too Soon To Know f You ACUFF-ROSE (SA) PTY LTD Don t Somebody Else Will Touch The Morning 'm Gonna Walk And Talk With My Lord Texarkana Baby Johannesburg, South Africa 'm So Afraid Of Losing You Again Too Soon To Know 'm So Lonesome Could Cry We Live n Two Different Worlds 'm Sorry For You My Friend When Stop Dreaming Mr Shoo Kusano n Dreams When Will Be Loved t's A Sin A White Sport ACUFF-ROSE FAR EAST, NC Coat t's My Time Why Don't You Love Me Tokyo, Japan Ws Over Who Cares For Me 've Been Thinking Wreck On The Highway ndian Reservation You Win Again Staffs report directly to Nashville Jarnbaiya (On The Bayou) You ve Still Got A Place n My Heart Jealous Heart Your Cheatin Heart Johnny One -Time

40 Music Publishers Sleepy Hollow Music Corp (ASCAP c o Billy Edd Wheeler Bee Tree Rd Swannanoa N C Song of Cash (ASCAP see House of Cash Songpainter Music BMO see Segel lk Goldman Songs of Bandies Koppelman nc )ASCAP see Entertainment Co Songs of Manhattan sland Music Co (BM see Entertain - ment Co Sound Corp Music (ASCAP 907 Main St Nashville Tenn Tel ( Pres R E Lewis Ad min Mgr Barbara M Lee Southern Music Co (ASCAP Box Broadway San Antonio Tes Tel (51 2) Pres & Gen Mgr Arthur Gurwitz Southern Writers Group Ros Azalea P Nashville Tenn Tel (615) Pres Buzz Cason VP Bill Martin Spanka Music Corp (BM) see MCA Music Springcreek Music nc (ASCAP) see Southern Writers Stallion Music nc (BM) see Tree Starship Music nc (ASCAP) c o David Chase 6 E 45 St New York N Y Tel ) Sterling Music Co nc (ASCAP) 8907 Wilshire Blvd Suite 102 Beverly Hills Calif Tel 1213) Ray Stevens Music BM)) 1707 Grand Ave Nashville Tenn Tel 1615) Stgwood Music nc (BM) see RSO Stone Agate Music Div (BM) see Jobete Stonebrdge Music (ASCAP) see Bicycle Sugarplum Music Co (BM) Ave S Nashville Tenn Tel ( Pres Patsy Bruce Summerhill Songs nc )BM) see Screen Gems -EM Super Songs (BM) see A Schroeder Sure Fire Music Co nc BM 60 Music Square W Nash - vile Tenn Tel (615) Surrey Music Co (ASCAP)-Owner Frank Stanton -see Pa vanne Swallow Turn Music (BM) see Segel 8 Goldman Sweco Music Corp (8M1) see ATV Music Sweet Harmony Music Ltd )ASCAP see Rondo, T R 0 (The Richmond Org ) 10 Columbus Circle New York N Y Tel ( Tanta Music (ASCAP) see Chappell Taylor Made Music BM 2501 Franklin Rd Nashville Tenn Teardrop Music (ASCAP) PO Box Trousdale Dr Nashville Tenn Tel ( Pres Ronnie Hayes Tektra Publ g BM 711 W Broadway Minneapolis Minn Tel ( Pres Dan R Holmes VP Wes Hayne Gen Mgr Sandra Milani Prof Mgr Susan Oliver Terrace Music (ASCAP) see Ovation Times Square Music Pohl ns Co BM) see Hudson Bay Tompallland Music (BM') Ave S Nashville Tenn Tel (615) Trakames Music Co A$CAP) 11 Harrison Court South Or ange N J Tel (201) Pres Jimmy Wisner Gen Mgr Jane Berson Travis Music Co (BM') see United Artists Tree Publ g Co nc BM)( PO Bos Music Square W Nashville Tenn Tel ( Chin & Chief Exec Officer Jack Stapp Pres Buddy Mien Sr VP Don Gant VP s Donna Medley John Sturdivant Prof Mgrs Cliff Williamson Dan Wilson Chris Dodson Terry Choate Tri Chappell Music nc (SESAC) see Chappell Trio Music Co nc (BM 1619 Broadway New York N Y Tel (212) Co Pres Jerry Leiber Mike Stoller Comptroller Lester Boles Triple H Music (BMl) (dis of Hank s Music Ents nc) Goshen Ave Suite 7 Los Angeles Calif Tel ( Pres Gen & Prof Mgr Hank Haldeman Trust Music Mgmt nc 6255 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles Calif Tel (213) Telex Pres Samuel 5 Trust Twiny Bird Music Publ g Co (BM) see Tree Unart Music Corp 18M11 see United Artists Unichappel Music nc (BM see Chappell United Artists Music 6920 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles Calif Tel Cables UNARTMUS ROBMUSC Telex Pres Harold Seder Exec Ass tto Pres Frank Banyan Copyright Mgr Silvia Blach Prof Staff Suzanne Logan Peter Pasternak Branches New York NY, 729 Seventh Ave Zip Tel (212) VP & Legal Sidney She mel Prof Mgr Stu Greenberg-NashrilN Tenn Ave S Zip Tel Cable UNARTMUS VP & Prof Mgr Jimmy Gilmer United Artist Music Co nc (ASCAP) see United Artists Tommy Valando Publ g Corp 1270 Ave of the Americas Suite 2110 New York N Y Tel ( Pres Tommy Valando VP A J Sullivan Vector Music (BM) Ave S Nashville Tenn Tel ( Vector (BM) c o Jerry Reed Ents Ave S Nash ville Tenn Tel (615) Velvet Apple Music (BM 4321 Esteswood Nashville Tenn Tel (615) Gen Mgr Carla Scarborough Venice Music nc (BM) 8300 Santa Monica Blvd Hollywood Calif Tel ( VP 6 Prof Mgr Dorothy D Rupe Vogue Music nc (BM see T 8 Harms Warner Bros Music )ASCAP) (di,/ of Warner Bros nc ) 9700 Sunset Blvd Hollywood Calif Tel (213) Branch: Now York NY 75 Rockefeller Plaza Zip Tel Warner -Tamerlane Pule g Corp (BM) see Warner Bros Web V Music nc BM 2107 Faulkner Rd NE Atlan,, Ga Tel (404) Welteck Music Corp (ASCAP) see ATV Western Hills Music Co (8M) see Jim Reeves Whitewing Music (BM) see Jambi Wdmont (ASCAP) PO Boa Nashville Tenn Wilkes Publ g Co (ASCAP) see Con Boo Window Music Publ g Co nc (BM) Ave S Nashville Tenn Tel (615) Pres Pete Drake Gen Mgr Rose Timble Windstar Music (ASCAP), see Cherry Lane Curtis Wood Music (ASCAP) Ave S Nashville Tenn Tel (615) Pres Curtis Wood Wren Musir Co nc BM see Edwin H Morris Writer s Night (ASCAP) PO Fins Nashville Teon Yatahey Musk (BM PO Aos Dallas Ter Tel (714) Young World Music BM') see Southern Writers Zante Musir Cn (ASCAP) 7600 River Rd Des Plaines ll When the money runs out and the programs disappear sometimes a VSTA volunteer s all that's left America needs more VSTA volunteers VSTA Put yourself where you're needed Volunteers n Service To America VSTA Washington D C !C!! 4 i- s fret,, s- y r,t,r Maga: nr (},r 40 Country Music Sourcebook Billboard

41 NDEPENDENT RECORD PROMOTERS CALFORNA AdKorp Rets nc 840 W Front St Couina Tel (213) Contacts Vic & Mary Adkins Art Benson N La Brea Hollywood Tel ( Fred Benson Promo PO Bos 869 Hollywood Tel (213) Contact Fred Benson Auge Blume & Assocs PO Bos 190 San Anselmo Tel (415) Contact Nancy Blume Mrke Borchena Rec Promo 6290 Sunset Blvd Hollywood Tel (21 3) Contact Mike Borchetta John Brown 8746 Sunset Blvd Sorte 5 Los Angeles Tel ( John Curb Boa 898 Brea Tel 1213) D J Rec Sen, 2200 Fremont Dept R Bakerstreld Tel ( Contact Angle Woods Bruce Hinton Promos 6255 Sunset Blvd Surte 1001 Hollywood Tel Cohtact Bruce Hinton Done Vance 3706 Landa St Los Angeles Tel ( Sylvia White 2383 Union St No 4 San Francisco Tel (41 5) GEORGA Wade Pepper Promos 1195 Mount Paran Rd NW Atlanta Tel 1404) LLNOS Bedno-Wight Assocs 233 E Erie Chicago Tel (312) Paul Galles b Assocs 1801 Cree Ln Mount Prospect Tel t Contact Paul Goths KENTUCKY David Heavener Prod ns nc 1426 S Preston Louisville Tel (502) Contact David Hear ever Joe Middleton 2212 Clays Mill Rd Lexington Tel 1606) LOUSANA Stan s Rec Dist 728 Texas St Shreveport Tel ( Contact Lenny Lewis MASSACHUSETTS Carl Strube 125 Main St Reading Tel (61 7) MCHGAN Tom Gelardt Promos E Nine Mile Rd East Detroit Tel (313) Kelvyn Ventour Promos Grandmont Detroit Tel ( Contact Kelvyn Ventour MNNESOTA Doug Lee Midwest Promo 4120 Excelsior Blvd Min neapolis Tel ( NEW MEXCO Little Ria hie Johnson Agency PO Bos 3 Belen Tel ( Contact Little Riche Johnson NEW YORK Ben Rosner 888 Eighth Ave New York Tel ( OHO Music in the Air (formerly Record Source nt 2160 Patter son St Cincinnati Tel ( Dave Segel Promos of Ohio Cranwood Square S Columbus Tel t PENNSYLVANA Dock Cofan:r Sigel St Philadelphia Tel 1215) North Promos 610 Penn Circle S Pittsburgh Tel ( TENNESSEE Chuck Chellman Co nc Ave S Nashville Tel ( Contact Chuck Chel) man Disc -Play Promos PO Boa Nashville Tel Contact Mike B Hastings Bobby Fischer Promos 50 Music Square W Suite 902 Nashville Tel Contact Bobby Fischer John Fisher Assoc nc Ave S Nashville Tel ( WATS ( Contact John Fisher Don Howser Promos 907 Main St Nashville Tel Contact Don Howser RDA (nternational Rec Dist g Assocs )260 W Main St Suite 107 Hendersonville Tel Beau James Promos 41 MUSC Square W Nahsvdle Tel Elroy D Kahanek Promos 31 Music Square W Nashville Tel ( Contact Elroy D Kananek Kathy s Country Promos PO Bos Nashville Tel 161 5) Contact Kathy Lawson Tom McBee Promos United Artists Tower Suite Music Square W Nashville Tel (615) Mull -Ti -Hit 50 Music Square W Suite 604 Nashville Tel ( Contact Frank Mull Music City Mktg Co Ave S Nashville Tel (615) Contact W Lee Trimble Nationwide Sound Dist nc PO Bos Nashville Tel ( Contacts Betty & Debbie Gibson Person -to-person Promos South St Nashville Tel ( Contact Maria Kilroy Pro Motions Plus nc PO Bos Belmont Ave Nashville Tel ( Contact Jonathan E Fricke Southern Rte Promo 3387 Poplar Ave Suite 325 Memphis Tel (901) Superior Rec Del g Co (dia of Howard Knight Ents nc 1 United Artists Tower Suite Music Square W Nashville Tel ( Contact Jerry W Hayes Curas Wood Promos & Dint n Ave 5 Nashville Tel World nt Group (WG) 2125 Eighth Ave S Nashville Tel ( Contact Gene Kennedy TEXAS Scony McKay Promos PO Bos Dallas Tel (214) Contact Scotty McKay Slick Norris Artists & Promos PO Bos 653 Highlands Tel ( Ed Spacek Promos Box 368 Rt 1 Quitman Tel ( Contact Ed Spacek Peter Svendsen Promos PO Box Hyde Park Cle borne Tel 1817) Contact Peter Svendsen SYNDCATORS TheJòluwing is a listing of syndicated country music radio programs and their producers Alive Country (including Gary Havens Show Bill Robinson Show & Lee Shannon Show see The Music works nc American Country Countdown see Watermark nc The Mort Aston Specijl see Creative Rada Shows B P 1 see Broadcast Programming lot nc Beautiful Country see The FM 100 Plan Big Country see Live Sound nc Billboard s Yearbook see Music n the Air Briyht n Easy Country see Radio Ans nc Broadcast Programming nt nc (BP) PO Bos 2027 Bellevue Wash WATS Tel (800) Contacts Claude Rorabaugh Dave Lindsay The Johnny Cash Show see Arthur Smith Studios Casual Country see The Musicworks nc Century 21 Programming nc 2825 Valley Ver«Ln Suite 221 Dallas les Tel (214) WATS (800) Contacts Tom Mcntyre Dave Scott Chicago Radio Syndicate 2 E Oak St Chicago ll Tel ( WATS Contacts Sandy Orkin C P Connolly Country Crossroads see Southern Baptist Rada -TV Commission Country Jubilee of Music 456 S 425 West Tooele Utah Tel (801( Contact Lucky Chamberlain Country Living see Broadcast Programming rrt nc Country Lorin see Peters Prod ns nc Country Music Tene U S Ad Force Sery Directorate of Advenrsing RSAAM Bldg 491 Randolph Au Force Base Tex Tel Contact Master Sgt Chuck Hawsey Country Music Teme Social Security Admin Office of n formation 6401 Security Blvd Baltimore Md Tel ( Country Roads see Paulist Communications Creative Radio Shows 3414 W Olive Ave Burbank Calif Tel ( Contact Darwin Lamm The Jim Croce Special see Creative Radio Shows D R Broadcasting Corp 445 Park Ave New York N Y Tel Contacts Bob Meyro wit, Peter Kauff Paul Zullo Drake Chenault Ents nc 8399 Topanga Canyon Blvd Canoga Park Calif Tel ( WATS (800) Contact James Kefford Country Music Sourcebook Billboard Elvis-A Six Hour Special see Chicago Radio Syndicate Ralph Ernery Show see Show Bi: nc The FM 100 Plan 875 N Michigan Ave Suite 3112 Chi cago cal Tel ( Contact Darrel Peters Golden Years of Country see Drake-Ctunault Ents nc Peter Gordon Prod vs 43 Rt 46 Pine Brook N J Tel 1201) Contact Peter Gordon Grand Ole Opry Opryland Dr Tel Nashville Tenn Great American Country see Drake-Chenault Ents nc Don Harass Country Living see Broadcast Programming nk nc Gary Havens Show see The Musicworks nc Hits nc PO Box Nashville Tenn Tel Contact rby M Mandrell nside Music City see Hits nc nside Nashville 407 Spring Valley Dr Brentwood Tenn Tel (615) Contact Buff Colle Jamboree USA see Mutual Broadcasting System Chris Lane s Country Living see Broadcast Programming nt nc The Legend of Buddy Holly see Creative Radio Shows Live Sound nk 6362 Hollywood Blvd Hollywood Catit Tel (213) Contact Agnes F Peterson Louisiane Hayride PO Box Shreveport La Tel (318) Contact David Kent Corky Mayberry s Country Living see Broadcast Programming nt nc More Music Programming 4529 Angeles Crest Hwy La Canada Calif Tel (213) Contacts Jay Stevens Joe Nrson Music City Spotlight see Tennessee Radio Network Music n the Air 1515 Broadway New York N Y Tel 1212) Contact Gig Barton The Musicworks nc 6238 LaPas Trait ndianapolis nd Tel ( Contact Jon Potter Mutual Broadcasting System Station Relations S Jefferson Davis Hwy Arlington Va Tel (703) Contact Frank Murphy Narwood Prod ns nc 40 E 49 St New York N Y Tel ( Sales Contact Ted Le - Van Orant Country Jubilee 2659 N Glenstone Springfield Mo Tel ( Contact Warren Stokes Paulist Communications PO Box 1057 Pacific Palisades Calif Tel 1213) Contact Andrea Vakoun Perfect Dream Pub) g PO Box Lansing Mich Tel 1517) Contact Greg Blackwell Peters Prod ns nc 8228 Mercury Court San Diego Calif Tel (714) Contacts Redd Gardner Downey Hewey The Elvis Presley Story see Watermark nc The New Elvis Presley Story see TM Prod ns Radio Arts nc 210 N Pass Ave Suite 104 Burbank Calif Tel ( Contact Philip Koener Bill Robinson Show see The Musicworks nc Lee Shannon Show see The Musicworks nc George Beverly Shea Hymntime see Arthur Smith Studios Show Bi: nc PO Box Baker Bldg Ave S Nashville Tenn Tel 1615) Arthur Smith Show see Arthur Smith Studios Arthur Smith Studios Box Charlotte N C Tel (704) Contact Jean Hyman Southern Baptist Radio-TV Commission Mktg Dept 6350 West Fwy Fon Worth Tex Tel (81 7) Contacts Claude Con Jerry Pillow Sunday in the Country see Perfect Dream Publ g Super Country Format see Century 21 Programming nc T M Country see TM Programming nc T M Prod ns nc 1349 Regal Row Dallas Tex Tel (214) Contact Jerry Atchley T M Programming nc Regal Row Dallas Tex Tel Contact Tim Moore Tennessee Radio Network 4711 Trousdale Dr Nashville Tenn Tel ( Tenn WATS Contacts Gary Petty Don Spain Thirsty Ear see Peter Gordon Prod os Watermark nc Ventura Btvd North Hollywood Calif Tel Contact Bob Kingsley WATS

42 RADO STATONS ALABAMA Abbeville-WAR (1480 AM) PO Box 577 Zip Tr (205) Albertville-WAVU (630 AM) PO Box 190 Zip Tel 1205) Andalusia-WAAO (1530 AM) PO Box 987 Zip Tel (205) PD Lee Williams MD Jamey Williams Anniston-WANA AM) PO Box 609 Zip Tel ( Arab-WRAB (1380 AM) PO Drawer D Zip Tel ( PD Bobby King MD Archie Anderson Atmore-WATM (1590 AM FM) PO Box 7 Zip Tel (205) Bay Minette-WBCA (1110 AM) Box 426 Zip Tel (205) PD Ted Cosgrove Bessemer-WYAM (1450 AM) 1830 Third Ave N Zip Tel (205) PD & MD Don Lovett Birmingham-WYDE (850 AM) Ave S Zip Tel 1205) PD Mike Malone MD Dave White Birmingham-WZZK (104 7 FM) 1449 Spaulding shkooda Rd Zip Tel ( Brewton-WKNU (106 3 FM) PO Box 1001 Zip Tel ( PD & MD Caro) Ellington Bridgeport -WBTS AM PO Box U Zip Tel ( Butler-WPRN (1240 AM) Hwy 10 W Zip Tel (205) PD Darryl Jackson MD Tommie Campbell Calera-WBYE ( 370 AM) PO Box E Zip TN (205) Carrollton-WRAG 1590 AM) PO Box 71 Zip Tel ( PD & MD Jim Nichols Centre-WAGC (1560 AM PO Box Q Zip Tel ( MD Ken Keener Centreville-WBB (1110 AM) PO Box 217 Zip Tel 1205) Clanton-WKLF (980 AM) WEZZ (97 7 FM Box 110 Zip Tel (205) PD Allen Headley MD Roger Mims Decatur-WHOS 1800 AM) 406 Banks St NE Zip Tel (205) PD Searcy Hall MD Robert Jackson Demopolis-WNAN (106 3 FM) PO Drawer X Zip Tel (205) Dothan-WAGF (1320 AM Box 639 Zip Tel (205) Dothan-WTVY (95 5 FM) PO Box 1089 Zip Tel ( Elba-WELB (1350 AM) Box 98-H Rt 5 Zip Tel ( PD & MD Doug Holdenieid Enterprise-WRB (600 AM) Box 1136 Zip Tel 1205) PD Ray Estes MD Bruce Thompson Evergreen-W(3LO11470 AM) Hwy 31 N Zip Tel (205) PD & MD J Mark Bolton Flomaton-WTCB (990 AM) PO Drawer 490 Zip Tel (205) PD & MD Joffrey Tullis Florence-WLAY (105 5 FM) PO Box 359 Zip Zip (205) Florence-WXOR (1340 AM) 6245 Chestnut Zip Tel (205) Fort Payne-WZOB (1250 AM) PO Box 148 Zip Tel (205) Gadsden-WAAX (570 AM) PO Box 570 Zip Tel (205) PD & MD Rick Carson Greenville-WGYV (1380 AM) Box 585 Zip Tel 1205) Hamilton-WERH (970 AM 92 1 FM Box 187 Zip Tel 1205) Hartselle-WHRT (860 AM) Longhorn Pass Zip Tel (205) PD J A Moats MD Emmet Ferguson Huntsville-WBHP (1230 AM), PO Box Governors Dr W Zip Tel (205) Mobile-WKSJ (1270 AM 94 9 FM) 3943 Airport Blvd Zip Tel 1205) PD & MD Bill Robbins Mobile-WL0 (1360 AM) 1755 Springhill Ave Zip Tel (205) Mobile-WUN (1410 AM) 1257 Springhill Ave Zip Tel 1205) PD Bill Knight MD Reggie Davis Montgomery-WBAM (740 AM 98 9 FM) 4740 Radio Rd Zip Tel (205) PD Cyril G Brennan MD Diane Brennan Mouhon-WHY (1530 AM Box 307 Zip Tel (205) PD & MD Rice Towry Opelika-WAOA AM) Box 2329 Zip Tel ( PD & MD Buddy McCorkle Ozark -WOAB(104 9FM) Box 910 Zip Tel 1205) PD Miriam Miller Rainsvil)e-WVSM (1500 AM) PO Box 161 Zip Tel (205) Red Bay-WRMG (1430 AM) 7 Ave South Zip Tel (205) Roanoke-WELR (1360 AM 95 3 FM), 709 N Main Zip Tel (205) PD Earl E Manning MD John U Almon Russellville-WWWR (920 AM) Boa 518 Zip Tel ( PD Hal Kirby MO Mickey Davis Selma-WTUN (100 1 FM) 505 Lauderdale St Zip Tel (205) PD George Swift Sheffield-WSHF (1290 AM) 4421 Country Boy Ln Zip Tel (205) PD Gary Wright Stevenson-WVSV (101 7 FM) Hwy 72 E Zip Tel (205) Talladega-WEYY (1580 AM) 1020 Anniston Hwy Zip Tel (205) PD Ellis Stewart MD Wayne Ball 42 Tallassee-WTLS (1300 AM 1702 Gilmer Ave Zip Tel (205) PD Steve Butler T nomasvdle-wjdb 1630 AM 95 3 FM) 2211 Hwy 43 S Zip Tel (205) PD Patsy DeLoach MD Gary Goodreau Tuscaloosa-WACT (1420 AM FM PO Box 126 Zip Tel (205) PD Wally Pnce MD Walter Fisher Tuscaloosa -WJRD )1150 AM PO Drawer 4 Zip Tel (205) PD Sammy Watson MD Bill Black Vernon-WVSA (1380 AM) PO Box 630 Zip Tel ( Wetumpka-WETU (1250 AM) PO Box 60 Zip Tel (205) PD & MD Jay Andrews Wmtield-WE/0 (1300 AM Box 608 Zip Tel PD & MD Doug Threadgill ALASKA Anchorage-KYAK (650 AM) 2800 E Dowling Rd Zip Tel 1907) PD & MD Jerry Ritter Fairbanks-KAK (970 AM 5431/2 Second Ave Zip Tel (907) Kenai-KOOK (100 1 FM) Box 1000 Zip Tel (907) PD & MD Bruce Kier Ketchikan-KTKN (930 AM) 345 Main Zip Tel PD Marty West MD Mike Ocean Kotzebue-KOTZ (720 AM) PO Box 78 Zip Tel 1907) PD Brad Reeve MD Ann Christensen Nome-KCY (850 AM) Box 820 Zip Zip 1907) ARZONA Casa Grande-KPN AM) Box 499 Zip Tel 1602) Coolidge-KCKY (11 50 AM PO Box 246 Zip Tel ( PD & MD Barry Stevens Douglas-KAPR (930 AM Box 243 Rt 1 Zip Tel 1602) PD & MD John A Lyon Flagstaff-KAFF (930 AM), PO Box 1930 Zip Tel ( Holbrook-KDJ (1270 AM) Box 430 Zip Tei (602) Page -KPGE(1340AM1 PO Box CC Zip Tel (602i Phoenix-K)JJ (910 AM) 631 N First Ave Zip Tel ( PD Larry Barwick MD Gary Bender Phoeni-KNX (1580 AM FM) PO Box 3174 Tempe Tel PD Larry Dan_ ers MD John Buchanan Tucson-KCUB (1290 AM PO Box Zip Tel ( PD Tommy Wright MD Doug Brannan Wlckenburg-KSWW AM) Box Y Zip Tel 1602) PD Richard A Peterson MO Robert Emerson Willcox-KHL (1250 AM KWCX (98 3 FM) W Pane Rd Zip Tel ( PD & MD Darrel Wilson Yuma-KVOY (1400 AM) Box 228 Zip Tel (602) PD Richard Whitley MD Mark Reynolds ARKANSAS Ashdown-KMLA (103 9 FM) PO Box 17 Zip Tel (501) PD Steve Pearce PM Tony DeMars Augusta-KMCW (1190 AM) PO Box Z Zip Tel PD Cindy Hollis MD Donnie Cox Batesville-KBTA (1340 AM) PO Box 2077 Zip Tel Benton-KBBA 1690 AM) Box 49 Zip Tel 1501) Berryville-KTHS (1480 AM) KSCC (107 1 FM) PO Box 191 Zip Tel 1501) PD Bill Boswell MD Jim Earls Carnden-KAMD (910 AM) PO Box 957 Zip Tel 1501) Camden-KJWH (1450 AM 214 Van Buren Zip Tel (501) Clarksville-KLYR (1360 AM 92 7 FM) Box 188 Zip Tel 1501) Conway-KVEE AM) KKLF FM 704 Locust Zip Tel (501) MD Rock Jones Crossett-KAGH (800 AM FM) PO Box 697 Zip Tel (501) PO & MD Russ Miller Dardane e-kcab (980 AM) PO Box 89 Zip Tel 1501) PD & MD Tom Kemerling De Queen-KDON (1390 AM 421 S Fourth Zip Tel ( PO Haskell Jones MD Gerald No DeWitt-KDEW AM 96 7 FM Box 326 Zip Tel (501) El Dorado-KRL (99 3 FM Box W Hillsboro Zip Tel (501) Fayenev11e-KFAY (1250 AM) Box 878 Zip Tel (501) PO & MD Mike Landers Fort Smith-KTCS (1410 AM 99 9 FM) Hwy 71 S at Hwy 45 Zip Tel (501) Greenwood-KACJ (1510 AM) PO Box 42 Zip Tel (501) PD & MD Chuck Crisler Harrison-KHOZ (900 AM PO Box 670 Zip Té( (501) PO Marc Williams MD Bill Wilcox Heber Springs-KAWW AM 96 7 FM) PO Box 324 Zip Tel (501) PO & MD Jim Frigo Hot Springs-KBHS (590 AM) 113 Third Zip Tel ( Jonesboro-KNEA (970 AM) PO Box 8 Zip Tel (501) Link Rock-KDXE (1380 AM) Box 1380 Zip Tel Little Rock-KLRA (1010 AM) Union Nat Plaza Zip Tel (501) Little Rock-KXLR (1150 AM Box 3014 Zip Tel 1501) Little Rock-KXXA (95 7 FM) PO Bo 266 Zip Tel 1501) Marianna-KZOT(1460AM) PO Drawer) Zip Tel ( PD Stan Molasky MD Sonny Baker Mena-KSKR (101 7 FM) KENA (1450 AM) PO Boa 1450 Zip Tel ( PO Randy Johnson MD Curtis Teesdale Monelle-KBB (1560 AM) Box B Zip Tel 1501) Morniton-KVOM 1800 AM) PO Box 541 Zip Tel ( Mountain Home-KLO AM Hwy 5 N Zip Tel ( PD & MD Monte Manchester Ozark-KRK (1540 AM) 207 N Third Zip Tel ( PD Lillian McKissick MD Susan Oakes Pans-KCC AM 24 S Express St Zip Tel ( PD & MO Gerald Lentsch Pine Bluff-KADL (1270 AM) PO Box 8216 Zip Tel (501) Pine Bluff-KYDE (1590 AM) 1607 W Sixth Zip Tel (501) Siloam Springs-KUOA (1 290 AM) KMCK (105 7 FM) Zip Tel (501) Springdale-KSPR (1590 AM) PO Box 168 Zip Tel Stungan-KWAK(1240AM) PO Box 907 Zip Tel 1501) Trumann-KXRQ (1530 AM Drawer C Zip Tel 1501) Walnut Rxige-KRLW (1320 AM) Box 30 Zip Tel ( PD Mike Doyle MD Cindy Ballard Warren-KWRF (860 AM FM) PO Box 480 Zip Tel 1501) Gen Mgr Weldon Sledge CALFORNA Apuras-KCNO (570 AM), Box 1650 Zip Tel 1916) Arroyo Grande-KFYV (1280 AM) PO Box 220 Zip Tel (805) PD Jeff Perry MD Joni Caryl Bakersfield-KUZZ (970 AM) 1209 N Chester Ave Zip Tel 1805) Banning-KGUD (1490 AM) PO Box 1490 Zip Tel PO & MD Kurt Freitag Bishop-KBS (1230 AM Box 757 lip Tei ( Brawksy-KROP (1300 AM) Box 238 Zip Tel (714) Eureka-KRED (1480 AM) Broadway Zip Tel (707) PD & MD Dan Hoff Fresno-KARM (1430 AM) 732 W Van Ness Zip Tel ( Fresno-KEAP (980 AM) 305 N Valentine Zip Tel (209) Fresno-KMAK (1340 AM) 2020 E McKinley Zip Te) Gilroy-KFAT (94 5 FM 7459 Monterey St Zip Tel (408) PD & MD Laura Ellen Hopper Hanford-KNGS 1620 AM) PO Box 49 Zip Tel ( PO Daniel Clarke MD Dave Brazen Lancaster-KKZZ (1380 AM) N Elm Zip Tel (805) Lompoc-KBK (1410 AM) Box 1384 Zip Tel PD Hank Michaels MO Brian Thorns Los Angeles-KHTZ (97 1 FM) Western Ave Zip Tel (213) PD Ron Martin Los Angeles-KLAC (570 AM 5746 Sunset Blvd Hollywood Tel (213) PD Donald Langford MD Cathy Hahn Madera-KHOT (1250 AM) KUUL (92 FM) Box 67 Zip Tel ( PD Chuck B Wesley MD Sandy Moore Merced-KWP (1580 AM) 2020 E Childs Ave Zip Tel ( Modesto-KCEY (1390 AM) PO Box 979 Zip Tel 1209) PD & MD Lee Nye Morave-KDOL (1340 AM Box 968 Zip Tel 1805) Oakland-KNEW (910 AM) Box 910 Zip Tel (415) Oxnard-KDAR FM) PO Box 6442 Zip Tel Paso Robles-KPRA (92 5 FM Box 7 Zip Tel 1805) Redding-KCLM AM Box KCLM Zip Tel 1916) Ridgecrest-KZQ (1360 AM 121 W Ridgecrest Blvd Zip Tel (714) Sacramento-KRAK (1140 AM) PO Box Zip El Camino Ave Zip Tel (916) PD Walt Shaw MD Rick Stewart Salinas-KTOM (1380 AM) PO Box N Main Zip Tel ( PO Lloyd Can MD J Mike Noonan San Bernardino-KCKC (1350 AM) 3225 N E St Zip Tel P05MD Bob Mitchell San Diego-KSON (1240 AM 97 3 FM) College Grove Center Zip Tel PD Rod Hunter MD Ron West San Diego-KOZN (103 7 FM 630 Ash St Zip Tel (714) Country Music Sourcebook Billboard

43 WHERE COUNTRY MUSC REALLY COUNTS WMAQh67O THE BGGEST COUNTRY MUSC STATON N THE WORLD Arrstron Chicago Radio Report Jan Feb 79 TSA Cume-12 years and older Audience and related data are based on estimates provided by the rating services indicated and are subject to the qualifications issued by these services

44 Radio Stations San Jose KEEN(1370 AM) 1245 S Winchester Blvd Zip Tel (408) PD & MD Christopher Snell Santa Barbara-KKO (1290 AM) 1919 State St Zip Tel (805) PD Joyce Erway MD Guy S Erway Santa Rosa-KVRE (1460 AM FM) Boa Zip Tel (707) PD & MD Cindy Paulos Tulare-KGEN (1370 FM) 1450 E Bardsley Rd Zip Tel (209) PD & MD Sandy Sobel Ukiah-KALF (103 3 FM) PO Boa 638 Zip Tel (707) PD Paul Giberson MO Paul Kelley Ventura -K(380(1590 AM) PO Boa 5151 Zip Tel (805) Ventura-KHAV (100 7 FM) Boa 699 Zip Tel ( Vrctorville-KCN (1590 AM) Drawer AF Zip Tel (714) PD Dick Davis MD Smokey Rogers Yreka -KSYC(1490AM) Zip Tel 1916) Yuba City - KUBA (1600 AM) 1479 Sanborn Rd Zip Tel (916) PD & MD John French COLORADO Caran City-KSTX (103 9 FM 1615 Central Zip Tel (303) PD Bill Kafka Colorado Springs-KPK (1580 AM) 120 E Plane Zip Tel ( PD & MD Glen Copeland Colorado Springs-KSSS (740 AM) PO Boa 740 Zip E San Miguel Zip Tel (303) PD Bob May MD Dave Beadles Craig-KRA 1550 AM) 125 W Victory Way Zip Tel (303) PD Doug Abbotts MD John Kin kard Denver-KERE (710 AM) 6000E Evans Ave Zip Tel ( PD & MD Jay Hoffer Denver-KLAK (1600 AM) 7075 W Hampden Ave Zip Tel 1303) PD Bill James MD Con Schader Durango-KRSJ (100 5 FM) Box 641 Zip Tel 1303) Fort Collins-KX (600 AM Riverside Zip Tel ( Fort Morgan-KFTM (1400 AM) PO Boa 430 Zip Tel (303) PO & MD John D Albert Grand Junction -K(111 (1340 AM 421 Glenwood Ave Zip Tel ( PD Robert St John MD Garry O'Neil Grand Junction-KSTR (620 AM) PO Boa 1120 Zip Tel (303) Contact Bob Collins Greeley-KYOU (1450 AM) 816 Ninth St Zip Tel ( PD & MD Kurt Andrews Lamar-KLMR (920 AM, Bon 890 Zip Tel ( PD Scott Williarris MD Dave Williams Monte Vista-KSLV (1240 AMi 109 Adams Zip Tel ( PD & MD Tinky Stewart Oak Creek-KFMU (103 9 FM) PO Boa 66 Zip Tel 1303) PD Wayne Carrier MD Mike Gustafson Pueblo-KPUB (1480 AM) PO Boa 421 Zip Tel 1303) Salida-KVRH (1340 AM 92 1 FM) CR 120 Zip Tel (303) Sterling-KSTC (1230 AM) PO Boa 830 Zip Tel 1303) PO Don Pike Windsor-KUAD (1170 AM) Boa 117 Zip Tel (303) CONNECTCUT Norwich-WCTy (97 7 FM) Cuprak Rd Zip Tel ( PD & MD Bob Edwards West Hartford-WMLB (1550 AM 630 Oakwood Ave Zip Tel (203) PD Barry Chaiken MD Leslie Ellen DELAWARE Dover-WDSD FM PO Drawer B Zip Tel PD Gary L Laing MD Frank Bradley Georgetown-WJWL (900 AM) PO Boa 111 Zip Tel (302) PD Bob Smith MO Bill James Milford-WTHD (930 AM) WAFL FM PO Boa 324 Zip Tel (302) PD Dennis S Haar - tard MO David James DSTRCT OF COLUMBA Washington-WMZQ (98 7 FM) 1680 Wisconsin Ave NW Zip Tel (202) PD Carol Parker MD Jerry Paxson FLORDA Bartow--WPUL (1130 AM Boa 1433 Zip Tel (813) PD 8 MD Bill Andrews Belle Glade-WSWN (900 AM) PO Box Hwy 715 Zip Tel ( Blountstown-WKMK (1000 AM) 269 Kelley Ave Zip Tel (904) PO & MO Bob Watson Bradenton -WBRD(1420 AM) Boa 1038 Zip Tel 1813) PD & MD Bob Barnes Chattahoochee-WSBP (1580 AM) PO Box 814 Zip Tel (904) Chiefland-WLQH (940 AM) PO Boa 98 Zip Tel PD Bill Mayd MD Russ Garrett Chipley-WBGC (1240 AM) South Blvd Extension Zip Tel 1904) PD Homer L Rhoden MD Ralph Motley Crestview-WJSB AM) WAAZ (104 9 FM) Box 267 Zip Tel (904) PD & MD Betty Whitaker Cypress Gardens-WGTO 1540 AM PO Boa 12j Zip Tel ( PD Terry Slane MD Dave Campbell Dade City-WDCF (1350 AM PO Boa 1077 Zip Tel ( De Funiak Springs-WGTX (1280 AM) WOUH (103 1 FM) Atlanta-WPLO (590 AM) PO Boa 627 Zip Tel (904) 805 Peachtree St NE PD Zip Ed Tel (404) Earles MD Tammy PD & MD Earles Jim Clemens Atlanta-WXAP (860 AM) De Land -WELE 1655 Peachtree (105 9 FM) PO Drawer F Zip St NE Tel Suite 900 Zip ( Tel (404) Augusta-WFNL De Land-WKKX (1310 (1600 AM PO Boa AM) 1454 Boa 727 Zip Zip Tel Tel (404) (904) PD & MD Gene McMahon Augusta -WGUS Fort Myers-WCA (1350 AM (1380 AM) Boa 1475 Zip PO Boa S Canal Carolina Tel (803) St Zip Tel ( PD Tim H Co- Austell-WACX (1600 rey MD AM) PO Torn Morgan Boa 746 Zip Tel 1404) Fort Myers -WHEW FM) PO Boa 216 Zip Bainbridge-WMGR 2835 Hanson 1930 AM) St Zip Tel 1813) Box 706 Zip Tel 1912) PD MD & Dave Knight MD Kevin Lewis Blackshear-WBSG Gainesville-WDVH (980 AM) PO Boa AM PO Boa 400 Zip Zip Tel (912) Tel (904) Blakely-WBBK Hollywood-WGMA (1260 AM) PO Boa (1320 AM 9881 Sheridan 568 Zip Tel St Zip 1912) PD Craig Palmer Tel (305) MD PD Tim George Atnip Baxter MD Ed Brunswick-WYNR (790 AM Cousins FM) Hwy 303 Rt 1 Homestead -WAD (1430 Zip Tel (912f AM) NW Second St Zip Buford-WDYX (1460 AM) Tel WGCO ( (102 3 FM) PO PD Rob Boa Saunders MD 609 Zip Tel (404) Vivian Bennett PD Gene Swindell MD Dave mmokalee-wkem Mueller (1490 AM( PO Boa 520 Zip Cairo-WGRA (790 AM) PO Tel (813) Box Zip Tel 1912) 377 nverness-wyse 4392 (1560 AM( PO Boa 335 Zip Calhoun -WEBS (1110 AM1 Tel (904) S Wall Zip Tel 1404) PD Jacksonville-WCMG Carolyn Glaze (1050 AM) WQK MO WillisGuice FM) PO Bo Camilla-WCLB 6978 (1220 AM) PO Zip Drawer Tel (904) 113 Zip Tel 1912) PD & MD Jacksonville-WVOJ (1320 AM) 1435 Billy Jay Ellis Rd S Zip Canton-WCHK (1290 AM Tel (904) PD Tom 5 FM) Boa 1290 Allen Zip Tel ( PD Lake City-WDSR (1340 AM) Byron PO Boa 1570 Dobbs MD Zip Larry Cavender Tel (904) PD & MD Butch Peiker Carrollton -N/ AM Boa Leesburg-WZST (1410 AM) 569 Zip PO Drawer K Zip Tel 1404) Tel (904) PD Jack Acuff MD PO & MD Doc Holiday Mike Styles Cartersville-WBHF Madison-WMAF (1450 AM (1230 Boa 190 AM) Zip PO Boa 621 Zip Tel (404) Tel (904) PO & MD Wayne D Fry Clarkesville-WAF Marianna-WTOT (1500 AM) Boa (980 AM) 468 PO Boa 569 Zip Zip Tel Tel (404) ( PD & MD Grady R Watson Marianna-WTYS Clanton-WCLA (1470 AM FM1 PO (1340 AM) PO Boa 777 Zip Box 427 Zip TM (912) Tel 1904) PD W F Dunkle MD Sonny Cochran-WVMG Dunaway (1440 AM) PO Boa 570 Zip Tel (912) Melbourne-WTA PD Rick AM) Johnstone PO Box 1560 MD Zip Walter Leventt Tel ( Columbus-WPNX (1460 AM Boa Melbourne -WVRL(102 3 FM) 2221 Front 687 Zip St Zip Ala berna Tel (2051 Tel 1305) PD Ron PD & MD Allyn Scott MD Jackson Jim Bell Miami-WWOK (1260AM) WJOK FM 1699 Coral Cordele-WFAV (98 3 FM) 20th Ave at Way Zip Tel (305) Owens St PD 8 MD Zip Jim Tel Richards 1912) Cumming-WSNE Milton-WCKC (1170 AM) PO Boa (1490 AM) Atlanta Hwy Berryhill St Zip Zip Tel ( Tel ( PD Joyce Jordan Tom Cox MD Tom Cox Milton-WXBM (102 7 FM) Bo 588 Zip Tel Cuthbert-WCUG (904) (850 AM PO Boa 348 Zip PD & MD Paula Tel Petersen (912) PD R G New Blaskow Smyrna Beach-WCCZ (1 550 AM) PO Boa 340 Zip Dawson-WDWD Tel (904) AM) 110 N Main St Zip PD & MD John Rogers Tel (912) Ocala-WMOP PD (900 AM) 0 W Parnacott, MO A 4 SE Fort King St Zip Woolbright Tel ( PO Wes Unold MD Mark Corn Douglas-WOKA (1310 AM FM) well Rocky Pond Rd Zip Tel ( PD Okeechobee-WOKC AM) Debbie Harper WLMC 1103 FM) 1 Boa MD Bob Mason 1247 Zip Tel (813) PD & MD Dublin-WXL (1230 AM 92 7 FM) Rick Stokes Glenwood Rd Zip Tel (912) Orlando -WHO (990 AM 1 WHO Radio Rd Zip Forest Park-WSSA (1570 AM PO Boa Tel 1305) Zip PD Bob Grayson MD Tel ( PD Randy Rivers Bob Nyles MD Bill Ross Gainesville-WLBA (1130 AM) Orlando-WFV ( AM) PO Drawer Washington St Zip 5519 Zip Tel (404) Tel ( PD Edward C Allmon Garden City-WNMT (1520 AM Panama Boa City-WPAP 7042 Zip FM) Bo Zip Tel Tel ( PD John Stevens MD John Gordon-WKOG Dunaway (1560 AM FM) 575 Menton St Zip Tel Panama (9121 City Beach-WSCM PD & (1290 AM) MD 111 Jerry Laurie Ave Sheperd Zip Tel 904) PD Dave Shannon Griffin-WGR (1410 AM) 111 S 13 MD Bill Stevens St Zip Tel 1404) PD & Pensacola MD -WNW Mark P AM 2070 Gray N Palafoa Zip Hawkinsville-WCEH (610 AM Tel ( FM) PO PD Dan Hansen Boa 489 Zip Pensacola--WPFA Tel (912) ( PD AM 8 MD PO Boa 8127 Juanita Zip Carr Tel (904) PD & MD Charlie Dillard Jasper-WVVZ Plant (1580 AM) PO Boa City-WPLA (910 AM) 280 Zip Tel S Collins St Zip Tel ( ) PD Henry Jay Jesup-WLOP (1370 AM) PO Boa Pon St Joe-WJOE (1080 AM) 647 Zip Tel PO Boa 310 Zip Tel (904) ( PD & MD Ed Burchfield La Grange-WWCG (104 1 FM) Punta Gorda-WCCF Broome St Zip AM) Drawer 1929 Zip Tel (404) PO & MD Randy Tel 1813) Walters St Augustine-WAOC (1420 AM) Boa 1420 Zip Macon-WDEN AM FM) 173 First Tel St ( Zip PD Rick Smith MD Wayne Tel (912)745 Sims 3383 PD 8 MD Aaron Bowers Madison-WYTH (1250 AM), US 441 S St Petersburg-WSUN Zip ( Tel AM) 201 Second Ave N Zip (404) PD John Moody MD Chip Neuge- Tel ( PD & MD Gary Kines bauer St Petersburg-WQYK (99 5 FM) 9450 Koger Blvd Zip Marietta-WBE (101 5 FM) Boa 491 Zip Tel 1813) Tel PD Joe Patrick MD (404) PO & MD Ron Michaels Jantes Wilder South Daytona-WELE (1590 McRae-WDAX (1410 AM) AM) Hwy PO Box S Zip Tel Zip Tel (904) PD ( PD 8 MD Ken Howard & MD Bob King Starke-WPXE AM FM PO Drawer 520 Zip Metter-WMAC (1360 AM Broad & Roundtree Zip Tel 1904) PO 8 MD Lee Sanders Tel ( PD & MD Glenn W Tallahassee-WTNT (1270 AM) PO Boa 1047 Tel (904) Deal Millen-WGSR (1570 AM1 Box Tampa-WHBO 869 Zip ( Tel AM) N Florida Ave Zip 1912) PD Bill Kent MD Ted Pacheco Tel (813) PD Chris Rathaus Monroe-WKUN (1580 AM) 702 E Valparaiso-WFSH Spring St Zip (1340 AM) Box 308 Zip Tel Tel (404) (904) PD & MD Marcus L Willis Moultrie-WMTM (1300 AM 93 9 FM1 PO Box Wauchula-WAUC 788 (1310 AM) Zip PO Box 936 Zip Tel ( Tel ( Nashville-WNGA AM1 PO Boa West Palm Beach-WEAT 645 Zip ( AM PO Boa 70 Zip Tel 191 2) PD Duane Tucker Tel ( PD & MD Gene Barry Quitman-WSFB (1490 AM1 Box West Palm Beach -WRK 632 Zip Tel FM) PO Box 3828 Zip (912) Tel (305) PD Barry Grant MD Rome-WLA)(1410AM) Box Terry Wunderlen 228 Zip Tel (404i Winter Haven-WPCV (97 5 FM) PO Box Cy Royston-WBLW press 1810 AM), 431 Turner St Zip Gardens Blvd Zip Tel ( Tel (404) PD Dan Bowers MD Ken PD & MD Robert W Helmick Murray Savannah-WOOT (1450 AM) 126 W Upper Factors Walk Zip Tel (912) PD f4 MD Scott Seden Savannah-WTOC (94 1 FM) 516 Abercorn Zip Tel (912) PD & MD Jack North GEORGA Albany-WJAZ (960 AM) PO Boa 505 Zip Tel (912) Albany-WWCW (101 7 FM) PO Box W Zip Tel 1912) PD & MD Steve Robinson Americus-WSK (1390 AM 113 S Lee St Zip Tel (912) PD Donnie McCrary MD Bill Roark Athens-WNGC (95 5 FM) 850 Bobbin Mill Rd Zip Tel (404) PD & MD Larry England Swainsboro-WJAT (800 AM 98 3 FM) 1000 W Moving St Zip Tel ( PO Lucille Jones MD Buddy Horne Thomasville -WLOR(730 AM PO Boa 45 Zip Tel (912( PD & MD Carl Barnes Tihon-WTF (1340 AM) Box 968 Zip Tel 1912i PD 1 R MD toi r, bberrs 44 Country Music Sourcebook Billboard

45 Toccoa-WLET (1420 AM FM) 423 Prather Bridge Rd Zip Tel 1404) PD Betty McDonald, MD Ted Taylor Valdosta-WGOV (92 9 FM) PO Bon 1207 Zip Tel (912) PD 6 MD Dick Smith Valdosta-WJEM (1150 AM) PO Box 368 Zip Tel ( PD 6 MD Alan Murray Vidalia-WVOP 1970 AM) Hwy 280 W Zip Tel ( PD Ed Johnson MD Bruce Bost wick Warner Robins-WOCK (1600 AM 136 Hospital Dr Zip Tel (91 2) PD Chip Michaels MD Nathan Hale Washington-WLOV (1370 AM FM) 823 Berkshire Dr Zip Tel ( PD Billy Thornton MD Dennis Jones Waycross-WLTE (102 5 FM) 1600 Carswell Ave Zip Tel ( PD Mike Pappas West Pont-WCJM (100 9 FM) 705 W Fourth Ave Zip Tel (404) HAWA Waipahu-KAHU(940AM) P0Box1007 Zip Tel (808i DAHO Boise-KBRJ 1950 AM Bon 4489 Zip Tel (208) PD Bill Bailey B au-kgem (1140 AM) 5601 Cassia Zip Tel (208) PD & MD Paul Rider Emmett-KMFE (101 7FM) 204W Main Zip Tel ß daho Falls-KUP (980 AM 99 1 FM 854 Lindsay Bind Zip Tel ( PD Dennis Carlson MD Dan Kelly Jerome-KART (1400 AM 901 N Lincoln Zip Tel ( McCall-KMCL AM Box 907 Zip Tel ( PD 6 MD Greg Williamson Osburn-KWAL (620 AM Box U Zip Tel ß Pocatello-KWK (1240 AM) 259 E Center Zip Tel (208) PD Will Hansen MD Rich Terry Preston-KACH (1340 AM) Box 235 Zip Tel ( PD 6 MD Michael B Lish Rupert-KAYT (970 AM Box 427 Zip Tel (208) Opns Mgr John Madden St Anthony-KGO (1400 AM Box 609 Zip Tel ( PD 6 MD Pat Chambers St Manes-KOFE (1490 AM PO Box D Zip Tel ( Soda Springs-KBRV 1790 AM) Star Rt Zip Tel ( PD Thomas W Mathis MD Pam Ann Twin fells-klx (1310 AM) PO Bon 1259 Zip Tel (208) PD Bobby Dobbs MD Cad R Raide LLNOS Aurora-WFVR (1580 AM 1880 Plain Ave Zip Tel (312) Beecher-WTAS (102 3 FM Box 607 Zip Tel (312) PD Anthony V Santucci MD Anthony D Santucci Carmi-WRUL (97 3 FM) PO Box 31 Zip Tel (618) PD 6 MD Gary L Daubv Casey-WKZ (800 AM Box 428 Zip Tel Centralia-WRXX (95 3 FM) 302 S Poplar Zip Tel (618) PD 11 MD Jeff Ledel Champaign-WCCR AM) 2410 Skyline Dr Zip Tel ( PD John Bowen Chicago-WJJD (1160 AM), WJEZ (104 3 FM 180 N Michigan Ave Zip Tel ( WJJD PD & MD Bill Hart WJEZ PD 6 MD Mark Edwards Chicago-WMAQ (670 AM) Merchandise Mart Zip Tel ( PD Br)) Hennes MD Suzanne Benson Clinton-WHOW (1520 AM Box 160 Zip Tel (217) PD 6 MD Bob Veach Danville-W141 (99 1 FM) 4 N Vermilion Zip Tel (21 7) PD Russell Bredholt MD Ken Ball Decatur-WDZQ (95 1 FM) 265 S Park Zip Tel ( PD Sonny Campbell MD Andy Ash - wood Effingham -WCRC(95 7 FM) 201 N Banker Zip Tel (217) Flora-WNO (103 9 FM) N Olive & 12 Zip Tel 1618) PD 11 MD Stephen McCarthy Freeport-WFR (1570 AM PO Boo 200 Zip Tel ( PD & MD Harvey Blain Galesburg-WGL (1400 AM WAAG (94 9 FM) 154 E Simmons Zip Tel ( PD & MD Rick Bulger Geneseo-WGEN (1500 AM) 1003 S Oakwood Zip Tel ( PD Jim Lobaito MO Brian Lindell Havana-WDUK (99 3 FM) 200 N Plum Zip Tel 309) PD 6 MD Win Stimpson Jacksonville-WJL (1550 AM) 1 Central Park Plaza Zip Tel (217) PD Dave Walden MD Dennis Cannon Jerseyvdle-WJBM (1480 AM FM) Box 310 Rt 16 E Zip Tel (618) MD JimMidkiff Litchfield-WSM (106 1 FM) Boo 10 Zip Tel (217) Macomb-WKA (1510 AM) 119 W Carroll St Zip Tel (309) PD 6 MD Ray Bayne Marron-WOOD (107 3 FM Rt 37 N Zip Tel 1616) PD Roger Swan MD Bruce Welker Mcleansboro-WMCL (1060 AM) Hwy 142 W Zip Tel (618) Ottawa-WRKX (95 3 FM) 216 W Lafayette Zip Tel 1815) PD 6 MD Wdham A McCarrey Pana-WKXK (100 9 FM 131 S Locust Zip Tel 1217) PD John Gregowcz MD Paul Scott Pans-WACF (98 5 FM) WPRS (1440 AM) Box 398 Zip Tel ( Peoria-WXCL (1 350 AM) WZRO FM) 3641 Meadowbrook Zip Tel (309) PD 6 MD Lee Ranson Rockford-WKKN (1150 AM), 1901 Reid Farm Rd Zip Tel ( PD 6 MD Curtis King Rockford -Loves Perk-WLUV (1520 AM 96 7 FM Bon 2201 Zip Tel (815) Rock sland-whbf (1270 AM St Zip Tel ( PD Dick Stuart MD Lee Lew - rick Savanna-WCC (100 1 FM) 316 Main St Zip Tel (815) PD Tony Mac MO A Davis Shelbyville-WSTY (1560 AM FM) W South Fifth Zip Tel )217) PD 6 MD Forrest Landreth South Chicago Hsghts-WCGO AM 3313 Chicago Rd Zip Tel (312) PD Anthony V Santucci MD Anthony D Santucci Sparta-WHCO (1230 AM) Box 255 Zip Tel (618) PD Lee Scheper MD Mike Arnold Springfield-WFMB FM, 820 Myers Bldg Zip Tel ( Vandaha-WPMB (1500 AM), WKRV (107 1 FM) 111 S Fifth St Zip Tel ( PD E MD Tom Wright NDANA Aubum-WFF (1570 AM FM) Rt 2 Zip Tel (219) PD Jerry Clerk MD Bob Richards Aurora-WSCH (99 3 FM) Box 99 3 Zip Tel Bloomington-WGTC (92 3 FM) 535 S Walnut Zip Tel (812) PO 6 MD Bob Lee Brazil-WWCM (1130 AM 97 7 FM) White Rock Rd Zip Tel (812) PD Paul Zurcher MD Steve Hall Columbus-WCS FM, 501h Washington St Zip Tel (812) Connersville-WCNB (1580 AM) 406 Central Ave Zip Tel (31 7) Corydon-WPDF (1 550 AM) PO Box Elm St Zip Tel (812) PD Mary Arms MD Wes Arms Evansville-WROZ (1400 AM Box 139 Zip Tel (812) PD & MD Tiny Hughes Fort Wayne-WLYV (1450 AM) 925 Anthony Wayne Bank Bldg Zip Tel ( Huntingburg-WBDC (1009 FM) 3051/2 Geiger St Zip Tel (812) PD Denny Spinner MD Mike Engleman ndianapolis-wfms (95 5 FM 2255 N Hawthorne Ln Zip Tel (317) PD Herb Allen MO Bob Wise ndianapolis-wre (1430 AM) 4560 Knollton Rd Zip Tel ( PO Gary Havens MD Lee Shannon Kokomo-WWK (100 5 FM) 304 N Main Zip Tel 1317) PO Charlie Cropper MD Tony P Morris Lafayette-WASK FM Box 880 Zip Tel (31 7) PD Jerry Collins Le Porte- WCOE (96 7 FM) Box 385 Zip Tel ( PD J R Russ Paoli- WUME (1560 AM) PO Boo 26 Zip Tel PD Mike Ferrel Plainfield-WART (98 3 FM), PO Box 5 Zip Te) Scottsburg-WMP (100 9 FM PO Bos 270 Zip Tel (812) PD & MD Dan Robinson Shelbyville-WSVL (97 FM PO 1 Boo 338 Zip Tel PD George Lambert MD Andy Sitko South Bend-WJVA (1580 AM Bo 179 Zip Tel 1219) Sullivan-WND (1550 AM) PO Boo 545 Zip Tel 1812) Terre Haute-WTH (1480 AM 918 Ohio St Zip Tel (812) PD Bobby Kraig MD Dave 01 - son Va)paraiso-WLJE (105 5 FM) PO Box 149 Zip Tel (219) Vevey-WAVV (95 9 FM) Boa 103 Rt 2 Zip Tel ( PD 6 MD Dave Hill Washington-WFML (106 5 FM) 3 E Van Trees St Zip Tel 1812) PD Eugene Cabet MD Ken Bussell OWA Atlantic-KJAN (1220 AM FM Box 389 Zip Tel (712) Burlington-KKUZ ( AM) 408 N Mein St Zip Tel (319) PD & MD Phil Alarle Cedar Rapids-KHAK (1 360 AM 98 1 FM) First Ave SE Zip Tel 1319) PD Berry Burks MD Jim Powell Creston-KTR (101 7 FM) Box 426 Zip Tel ( PD Denny Goeltl MD Bob Lafferty Davenport-KWNT (1580 AM) 1019 Mound St Zip Tel PD 6 MD Jon Shanku Des Manes-KSO (1460 AM) 3900 NE Broadway Zip Tel ( PD & MO Jarrett Day Des Moines-KWKY (1150 AM Box 662 Zip Tel (515) Des Moines-WHO (1040 AM) 1100 Walnut Zip Tel ( PD Bob Gifford MD Cal Stout Estherville-KLR (1070 AM 95 9 FM) Hwy 4 N Zip Tel (712) MD Doug Burton Fort Dodge-KWMT (540 AM) Boo A St Zip Tel (515) PD & MD Dale Eichor ndependence-kour (1220 AM 95 3 FM Box 778 Zip Tel )319) Keokuk-KM (95 3 FM) 401 Main Zip Tel (319) PD & MD Jay Lawrence Mason City-KSMN (1010 AM) 19 First St NE Zip Tel 1515) MD Nick Thomas Mount Pleasant-KKS (1130 AM) 123 S Jefferson Zip Tel (319) PD David Carney MD E R Carney Muscatine-KWPC (860 AM) 3218 Mulberry Ave Zip Tel Oelwein-KOEL (92 3 FM 950 AM) Hwy 150 S Zip Tel ( PD Jack Mhall MD Wally South Sioux City-KBCM FM 1400 Pierce Zip Tel (712) Contact Jim Messenger Spencer-KCD (1240 AM FM) 2600 Highway Blvd Zip Tel (712) AM PD Rich Fellingham FM PD & MD Bill Campbell Waterloo-KXEL (1540 AM), Box 1540 Hwy 281 E Zip Tel (319) PD 6 MD Chuck Anderson Waukon-KNE (1140 AM FM Box 151 Zip Tel ( KANSAS Chanute-KKOY (1460 AM) KQSM (105 5 FM) Boo 748 Zip Tel ( Concordia-KNCK (1390 AM PO Box 629 Zip Tel (913) Dodge City-KGNO (1370 AM 95 5 FM) Box 1398 Zip Tel (316) Dodge City-KTTL (93 9 FM) S Hwy 283 Zip Tel (316) Hays-KJLS (103 3 FM) Boo 364 Zip Tel 1913) PD Roger Gering MD Mark Edger Hutchinson-KWBW (103 9 FM) Box 1036 Zip Tel ( Kansas City-KCKN (1 340 AM 94 1 FM) 4121 Minnesota Zip Tel (913) PD Chris Collier MO Gary Semro Liberal-KLB (1470 AM Box 856 Zip Tel 1316) PD Bill Ray MO Gary Brack Marysville-KNDY (1570 AM) RR w3 Zip Tel PO Little Herb Norton-KONK (1530 AM) Box 220 Zip Tel ( PD & MD T W Nichol Pittsburg-KOAM (860 AM Box F Zip Tel PD Dan Willis Pratt-KWLS (1290 AM 93 1 FM Boo 486 Zip Tel ( PD & MD Mike Dam Topeka-KTOP (1490 AM) Box 1490 Zip Tel ( Topeka-KTPK (106 9 FM 910 First Nat Bank Tower Zip Tel 1913) PD Patrick Christine Wichita-KBUL (900 AM) Box 9001 Zip Tel (316) 8 Wichita-KFD83 ( AM FM PO Boo 1402 Zip Tel AM PD Jerry Adams AM MD Don Walton FM PD John Speer FM MD Randy Stevens Wichita-KFRM (550 AM) W Hwy 54 Zip Tel (316) PD 6 MD David R Briggs Wintieid-KNC (1550 AM) 300 First Nat Bank Bldg Zip Tel (316) KENTUCKY Ashland-WCM AM Box 949 Zip Tel t Barbourville-WYWY 1950 AM 93 5 FM PO Daniel Boone Dr Zip Tel MD Dan Sinker Benton-WCBL (1290 AM FM) PO Box 7 Hwy 408 Zip Tel ( PD & MD Bill Burns Berea -WK XO(1500AM) Box 307 Zip Tel Bowling Green-WLBJ (1410 AM) Box 689 Scott Ln Zip Tel (502) PD 6 MD Jim Grant Brandenburg-WMMG (93 5 FM) Rt 2 Zip Tel (502) Catlettsburg-WCAK (92 7 FM Boo 635 Zip Tel Catlettsburg-WTCR (1420 AM 1 Radio Park Rd Zip Tel PO Dick Grogg MO Dave McLain Cumberland-WCPM (1280 AM) Keller St Zip Tel ( PD 6 MO J P Mills Danville-WMGE 1107 FM Burgin Rd Zip Tel 1 ( PD & MD Steve Bertram Eminence-WSTL (1600 AM PO Box 185 Zip Tel (502( PD Jimmy Carter MD Dennis Brent Frankfort-tWKYW (104 9 FM 28 Fountain P Zip Tel ( PD 6 MD Mike Morris Franklin-WFKN (1220 AM) 103 N High Zip Tel ( Glasgow-WCDS AM) Boo 478 Zip Tel ( Glasgow-WGGC FM) 510 Happy Valley Rd Zip Tel (502) Grayson -WGOH (1370 AM) PO Bon 487 Zip Tel (606) PD F M Nash MD Jeff Cline Harrodsburg -WHBN (1420 AM 99 3 FM) 400 Beaumont Ave Zip Tel PD Jo Ann Martin MD Bob Martin Hartford-WLLS (1600 AM FM) Hwy 231 S Zip Tel 1502) PD Lloyd Spivey Hawesville-WKCM (1140 AM) Box 1140 Zip Tel ( PD & MD Mike Plurs Hazard-WSGS (101 FM) Box 898 Main 6 Morgan Zip Tel (606) PD 6 MD Faron K Sparkman Henderson-WSON (860 AM) Box 418 Zip Tel ( PD Henry Lackey MD Don Smith Hindman-WKCB (1340 AM FM) Box 427 Zip Tel 1606) Hodgenville-WLCB (1430 AM PO Box 177 Zip Tel ( PD Gail Cundiff Hopkrnsville-WHOP (98 7 FM) PO Box 709 Zip Tel ( PD Debbie Joiner MO Dale Mi nez-wfjttchell (1590 AM Boa 215 Zip Tel PD Mitch Goble MD Tim Sammons Country Music Soucbook Billboard 45

46 Radio Stations Jamestown-WJRS FM) WJKY (1060 AM) Bos 336 Zip Tel (502) PD Welby Hoover Lancaster-WX (1280 AM) PO Box 632 Zip Tel (606) Lebanon-WLBH (1590 AM Boo 680 Zip Tel Lexington-WAXU AM FM Box Zip Tel 1606) PD Al Snyder MD Terry Murphy Louisa-WVKY (1270 AM PO Box 890 Zip Tel (606) PD & MD Jim Bradley Louisville-WAMZ (97 5 FM) PO Box 1084 Zip Tel (502) Loursville-WNN (1240 AM) Third & Broadway Zip Tel (502) PD Bucks Braun MD Dave Wolfe Louisville-WTMT (620 AM) 201 York St Zip Tel 1502) Madisonville-WFMW (730 AM PO Box 338 Zip Tel PD & MO Danny Koeber Mayfield -WNGO (1320 AM Paducah Rd Zip Tel (502) PO Jean Richardson MD Mike Ferris Middlesboro-WMK (560 AM1 Box 608 Zip Tel 1606) PD Jim Ballard MD Jim Branham Monticello-WFLW (1360 AM PO Box 36 Zip Tel ( PD & MD Steve Staples Neon-WNKY (1480 AM) Main St Zip Tel 1606) PD Charles Eng)e MD Ervin Hall Ncholasville-WNVL (1250 AM) 108 N Main St Zip Tel (606) PD & MD Darrel Mol ions Owenseno-WBKR (92 5 FM) 3121 Frederica st Zip Tel (502) PD Ken Carrell MD John Michaels Owensboro-WVJS (1420 AM) PO Box 371 Zip Tel (502) Paducah-WKYO (93 3 FM) Old Mayfield Rd Zip Tel (502) PD & MD Terry L Schmitt Pikeville-WOHR (92 1 FM Box 2228 Zip Tel PO & MD Jeff Webb Pikeville-WLS 1900 AM) North Mayo Trail Zip Tel (606) Pineville-WANO (1230 AM Box 1 State Rt 5 Zip Tel 1606) PD Warren Pursefull Prestonsburg-WDOC AM 95 5 FM N Lake Dr Zip Tel (606) PD & MD Eve Col )ins Renfro Valley-WRVK (1460 AM Zip Tel 1606) Richmond-WCBR (1110 AM College Park Shopping Cen ter PO Box 0 Zip Tel (606) Scottsville-WLCK (1250 AM 99 3 FM) Box 158 Zip Tel (502) Shelbyville-WCNO (940 AM) Bos 248 Zip Tel 1502) Somerset-WSEK FM PO Bos 740 Zip Tel 1606) PD Ray Farmer Stanford-WRSL (1520 AM 95 9 FM Box 237 Zip Tel 1606) PD Ruby Ann Gaskin Stanton-WSKV (104 9 FM) 103 Halls Rd Zip Tel 1606) PO Keith Chatfield MD Chock Edwards Tompkinsville-WTKY AM) Box 308 Zip Tel (502) Vanceburg-WKKS(1570 AM) 1106 Fairlane Zip Tel (606) P0 Steve Rittenhouse Whitesburg-WTCW (920 AM) WXKQ (103 9) Box 747 Zip Tel ( PD Gregg Yoder' Whitley City-WEQ AM) Box475 Zip Tel 1606) Willgrnsburg-WEZJ AM Fourth St Zip Tel ( Winchester-WKDJ (100 1 FM) 100 Winchester Plaza Zip Tel (606) LOUSANA Alexandra -KALB (580 AM) 601 Washington Zip Tel (318) Alexandre -KRRV (100 3 FM 1515 Jackson Zip Tel (318) PD Richard AllbnF ton MD Randy Evans Amite-WAB (1570 AM) PO Box 611 Zip Tel 1504) Bastrop-KTRY (730 AM PO Boa 1075 Zip Tel 1318) Bastrop-KVOB (1340 AM) 121 Haynie Ave Zip Tel (318) Baton Rouge-WYNK (1 380 AM FM) PO Box 2b Main St Zip Tel (504) Bogalusa- WBOX (920 AM Old Varnado Hwy Zip Tel (504) PD Terry Hickman MD Barbara Klein Columba -KCTO AM Box 666 Zip Tel (318) Denham Springs-WLB (1220 AM) Box 68 Zip Tel (504) Eunice-KEUN (1490 AM) Second St Zip Tel (318) PD & MD Jim Patterson Franklin-KFRA (1 390 AM FM) PO Box 1111 Zip Tel (318) P0 Ken Sin tiere Garyville-WCKW (92 3 FM) WKOT (1010 AM) PO Drawer B Zip Tel 1504) PD Bobby Martinez MD Burt Cashio Golden Meadow -KLEB AM) 1842 Henry St Zip Tel (504( PD&MD Rchard Kent Gonzales-WSLG (1090 AM) PO Box 236 Zip Tel 1504) PD & MD Carl Sauceman Hammond-WFPR (1400 AM) PO Box Wardline Rd Zip Tel 1504( PD John Scott MD Cindy Heitman Houma-KCL (107 1 FM) Bon 2068 Zip Tel (504) PD Joe Spires MD Les Domangue Jennings-KJEF (1290 AM 92 7 FM) 122 N Market Zip Tel 1318) PD & MD Bill Bailey Jonesboro-KTOC(920AM) 622 Hudson Ave Zip Tel ( Lafayette- KXKW (1520 AM) PO Boa J 611 S Buchanan Zip Tel MD Rod Fuselrer Lake Charles -KLCL (1470 AM) PO Boa 3067 Zip Tel (318( PD Jerry 0 Methvrn MD Aaron Ladd Mansfield-KDX (1360 AM Hwy 84 W Zip Tel (318) Monroe-KLC (1230 AM) Parkvrew Dr Zip Tel (318) PD Don Kelly MD Brian Rmgo Natchitoches-KDBH (97 7 FM PO Box 607 Zip Tel (318) P0 Bob Burk MD Bill Perdue New Orleans-WSOL (1560 AM) Box 1175 Slidell Tel 1504) New Orleans--WSHO 1800 AM 2820 Canal St Zip Tel (504) PD & MD Johnnie Jobe Oakdale-KREH (900 AM) KCWR (104 9 FM PO Box 571 Zip Tel 1318) Mgr Richard Bradford MD Carol Johnson Oak Grove-KWCL AM 96 7 FM PO Box K Zip Tel (318) PD Bill Cooper MD James E Turner Pineville-KPAL (1110 AM 92 W Shamrock St Zip Tel 1318) PD Scott Laird MD Danny White Pon Sulphur-KAGy (1510 AM) PO Boa 95 Zip Tel ( PD & MD Glenn Eymard Rayville-KRH (990 AM PO Bon 990 Zip Tel 1318) Shreveport-KFLO (1 300 AM 318 Lane Bldg Zip Tel (318) Shreveport-KRMD AM FM Fairfield Zip Tel (318) P0 & MD Tom Mfer Shreveport -KWKH (1130 AM) 425 Edwards Zip Tel (318) PD Dave Martin MD Ken Loomis Sulphur-KEZM (1310 AM PO Box 324 Zip Tel (318) Thibodaux-KTB (630 AM) PO Box Green St Zip Tel (504) Mgr Roy Pugh MD Rock Luguette Vrvran-KNCB (1320 AM) PO Box 1072 Zip Tel ( PD Liz Roberts MD Ruby June Col lins Winnfield-KVCL (1270 AM) Box 548 Zip Tel 1318) Winnsboro-KMAR (1570 AM 95 9 FM) PO Boa 312 Zip Tel 1318) MANE Augusta- WFAU (1340 AM FM) Bangor St Zip Tel 1207) PD Dale T Prescott MD Steve Benson Bangor- WBGW(97 1 FM) 35 Hildreth St Zip Tel (207) PD & MD Towle Tompkins Brunswick -WKXA (900 AM 98 9 FM Box 900 Zip Tel 1207) PD & MD Neck Seneca Calais-WOD( (1230 AM 92 7 FM 281 Main St Zip Tel (207) Caribou-WFST1600 AM 97 7 FM) Box 647 Zip Tel Lewiston- WCOU (1240 AM 93 9 FM) 129 Lisbon St Zip Tel 1207) Norway-WXV (1450 AM Boa 72 Zip Tel (207) Portland-WPOR (1490 AM FM 562 Congress St Zip Tel (207) MARYLAND Baltimore--WPOC (93 1 FM) 711 W 40 St Zip Tel (301) PD Larry Clark MD Danny Reese Brunswick-WTR (1520 AM) 13 Are Zip Tel 1301) PD Fred Thornton MD Don Depfer Chestertown- WCTR AM) PO Box 700 Zip Tel (301) PD Andy Thomas, MD Rip Yarnall Frostburg-WFRB (560 AM FM) PO Box 430 Zip Tel (301) Hagerstown-WWCS (106 9 FM) 880 Commonwealth Ave Zip Tel 1301) Havre De Grace-WHDG (103 7 FM) Box 97 Zip Tel 1301) La Plata- WSMD AM) WXTR (104 1 FM) Box 19 Zip Tel 1301) PD Steve Prentice MD Mary Manthos Oakland-WMSG (1050 AM) PO Box 271 Zip Tel PD Tom Butscher Salisbury-WCO (1320 AM 94 3 FM) PO Boo 909 Zip Tel 1301) PD Cal C Briggs MD C R Hook Jr Thurmont-WTHU AM) Radio Ln Zip Tel (301) PD & MD Gary Jagow Westminster-WTTR (1470 AM FM) PO Box 828 Zip Tel Baltimore (301) PD Kaye G Kolb MD John M Brent Willramspon--Wyll (95 9 FM) 6 E Potomac St Zip Tel ( PD & MD Stacy Drake MASSACHUSETTS East Longmeadow-WXy (1600 AM) 45 Fisher Ave Zip Tel Fitchburg-WFMP (104 5 FM) 170 Prichard St Zip Tel ( Worcester- WNEB AM) Worcester Center Zip Tel (617) Coldwater -WNWN (98 5 FM) Boa 1590 Zip Tel 151 7) PD Gary Mallernee MD Kevin re land Detroit -WCX (1130 AM James Couzens Fwy Zip Tel ( PD Bill Ford MD Bob Griffin Detroit-WDEE (1500 AM) Northwestern South field Tel (313) PD & MD Tom A len Flint-WKMF (1470 AM) PO Box 1470 G-3338 E Bristol Rd Zip Tel (313( PD Donald G Selcik MD Blenda Jo Marsden Gaylord-WATC (900 AM) PO Box 536 Zip Tel 151 7) PO Bob McDonald MD &l Willett Gladwin-WJEB (1350 AM) 3601 W Woods Rd Zip Tel (517) PD & MD Conrad Mi chaels Grand Rapids-WCUZ (1230 AM) 1 McKay Tower Zip Tel ( PD Larry Patton MD John Howard Grayling-WGRY (1590 AM 6514 Old Lake Rd Zip Tel (517) PD & MD Charles Poet Greenville-WPLB (1380 AM FM) PO Box 99 Zip Tel ( Harrison-WKKM (92 1 FM) 550 E larch Rd Zip Tel (51 7) PD & MD Dave Carr Jackson- WDJD(1510 AM) W Michigan Ave Zip Tel 151 7) PD & MD Bill Mack Kalamazoo-WBUK (1560 AM) 9112 S Westnedge Ave Zip Tel 1616) PO & MD Mickey Sykes Lansing-WTL AM FM 3200 Pine Tree Rd Zip Tel (517) PD Jim Walton MD Wayne Waters Marine City-WSMA (1590 AM 5300 Marine City Hwy Zip Tel 1313) MD Dard Micoff Menomonee-WAGN (1340 AM) Glickman Bldg Zip Tel 1906) Mount Pleasant -WCEN (1150 AM 94 5 FM) Bluegrass Rd Zip Tel (51 7) PD Charles An thony MD Jim Jennings Muskegon-WMUS (1090 AM FM) 517 W Gies Rd Zip Tel PD & MO Tim Achterhoff Newberry-WNBY AM1 PO Boa 1 Zip Tel (9061 Otsego- WAOP29351 (98014 AM Box 980 Zip Tel PD & MD Joe Soglia St Joseph-WRX FM) PO Box 107 Zip Tel ( PD Bruce Randolph MD Terri McCormick Sandusky-WMC AS', 19 5 Elk Zip Tel Traverse City-WTCM FM) 314 E Front Zip Tel (616) PD Ross Biederman MD Merlin Dumbnlle Ypsilanti-WSDS(1480 AM) 580W Clark Rd Zip Tel 31 3) PD Tony Petta MD Jack Wilkerson Zeeland-WZND (99 3 FM PO Boa 106 Zip Tel ( PD & MD Craig R Rich MNNESOTA Ankon-KKN (930 AM) Box 930 Zip Tel 1218) Alexandria-KCMT (100 7 FM 720 Hawthorne St Zip Tel (612) PD Marsh Nicols MD Randy Corle Brainerd-KLZ (1380 AM) 2700E Oak St Zip Tel ( Duluth-KAOH (1390 AM 94 9 FM) 10 E Superior Zip Tel (218) PD & MD John &encamp East Grand Forks -KRAD (1590 AM FM PO Boa 560 Zip Tel (218) Fairmont-KSUM (1370 AM) Box 491 Zip Tel 1507( PD & MD Michael Murphy Fanbault-KDHL 1920 AM 95 9 FM 213 Central Ave Zip Tel 1507) PD Mike Morrissey MD Dock Ross Fergus Falls-KBRF (1250 AM 112 E Lincoln Zip Tel (218) PD & MD Larry B Nornes Fosston-KEHG (1480 AM FM) Hwy 2 E Zip Tel (218) Hibbing-WKKO AM) Box 1060 Zip Tel 1218) PD Brad Anderson MD Pam Quinn Minneapolis-KTCR (690 AM 97 1 FM) 3701 Winnetka Ave N Zip Tel (612) PD Don Johnson MD Robby Hanson Morns-KMRS (1230 AM KKOK (95 7 FM) E Hwy 28 Zip Tel ( PD Lee Teinte MD Johnathon Scott New Pragu-KCHK (1350 AM BOX 421 R 2 Zip Tel PD Barbara Farrell MD Wayne Anthony Park Rapids-KPRM (1240 AM 97 5 FM) Box 49 Zip Tel (218) PD & MD Dan Allan Pipestone -KLOH (1050 AM 98 7 FM PO Boa 512 Zip Tel (507) PD & MD Mylan Ray Preston-KF (1060 AM FM Box 377 Zip Tel 1507) Princeton -WQPM(1300 AM 1063FM) Hwy 169S Zip Tel (612/ PD Dale Olmstead MD Dennis Jorgenson Red Wing-KCUE (1250 AM) Box 102 Zip Tel ( PD Trent Allen MD Joe Kavanagh Rochester-KKEE (1520 AM) S Broadway Zip Tel 1507) Roseau-KRWB (1410 AM) PO Bon 130 Zip Tel St Cloud-WWJO (98 1 FM) Box 220 Zip Tel PD & MD Jim Christie St Louis Park- KRS (950 AM) Valley View Rd Zip Tel 1612) St Paul-WRRD (1330 AM) 1370 Davern St Zip MCHGAN Bad Axe-WLEW (1340 AM 92 1 FM 935 S Van Dyke Zip Tel (517) PD A Arthur Ay men MD Jack Thomas Battle Creek-WWtQ (1500 AM Six and One -Half Tel (612) Mile Rd Zip Tel 1616) St Peter Bay City- -KM(1 WXOX ( AM FM 1031 AM) W Box 1250 Zip Grace St Tel Zip ` (51 7) Tel (507) PD & MD PD Dave Bob Johnson Gentry MD Lois Johnson 46 Country Music Sourcebook Billboard

47 Sauk Rapds-WVAL (800 AM) Golden Spike Rd Zp Tel ( PD Craig M Tiffany MD Dick Nelson Worthegton-KWOA (730 AM) PO Box 592 Zp Tel (507) PD Ned Roberts MD Dan Dobson MSSSSPP Amory-WAMY (1580 AM PO Bos 458 Zp Tel (601) PD & MD Ed Stanford Bay Springs-WHZ AM) Box 548 bp Tel Bdoe-WVM 1570 AM) PO Bos 4606 bp Tel PO Bob lima MD Jim Bailey Booneville-WBP (1400 AM Hwy 45 S Zip Tel ( Brandon-WRKN (970 AM Bos 145 Hwy 471 bp Tel 1601) PD & MD Randy Harns Brookhaven-WCHJ (1470 AM) 210 Court St Zip Tel 1601) PD 6 MD Chuck vey Calhoun Cny-WJRL AM PO Drawer 598 bp Tel PD & MD George Will line Carthage-WECP (1080 AM) PO Drawer L 106 Frankle St bp Tel ( PD & MO Colon Johnston Cleveland-WCLD (1490 AM Drawer X Zp Tel (601) Cleveland-WRDC (1410 AM Bos 1183 Hwy 61 N bp Tel ( PD & MD Ron Anderson Columbia-WCJU AM Hwy 98 Bypass bp Tel PD & MD 1311 Jones Columbia-WFFF (1360 AM) PO Bon 550 2p Tel ( PD Ronnie Geiger MD Rob Lewe Columbus-WMBC (1400 AM) 702 Second Ave N bp Tel Cornth-WCMA (1230 AM) PO Box 471 bp Tel (601) PD Virginia Bell MD Reece Terry Corinth-WAD (95 3 FM 409 Fd)more Zip Tel (601) PD Jan Prater MD Deed Green Elleelle-WBSJ (102 3 FM PO Drawer F bp Tel ( PD & MO R Denny Ainsworth Eupora-WEPA (710 AM) WEXA (101 7 FM PO Box 710 bp Tel 1601) PD Mackey Dozer MD Jm Mason Forest-WMAG (850 AM) WQST (92 5 FM PO Box 1539 Zp Tel PD & MD Terry C Burton Fulton-WFTO (1330 AM) WFTA (101 7 FM PO Boa 587 Zp Tel (601) PD Henry Hankes MD Terry Graham Greenvale-WGVM (1260 AM) 1383 Pickett bp Tel PD & MD Tim Gwozdz Greenwood-WABG 1960 AM) Bos 408 Zp Tel ( PD Murray Tingle MD Sherry Nelson Gulfport-WGUF AM Ave bp Tel 4601) Hat esburg-wbkh 1950 AM 200 Forrest Towers Zip Te) (601) Hazlehurst-WMDC (1220 AM FM Boa 680 bp Tel 1601) PO Mal Jones MD Moore Tumbo Luka-WVOM (1270 AM) 311 E Port St bp Tel ( Jackson-WJOS AM) PO Bos Zip Tel (601) Kosciusko-WKOZ (1340 AM FM Golf Course Rd Zp Tel Laurel-WLAU (1430 AM 424 S Magnolia St bp Tel (601) Lowsvdle-WLSM (1 270 AM FM) PO Boa bp Tel ( PD John Jenkns MD David Childs McComb-WAKK (1140 AM) 908 Delaware Ave 2p Tel 1601) McCornb-WAPF (980 AM WCCA (94 1 FM) 317 Canal St bp Tel ( PD Dewayne Graham MD Tommy Statham Merdan-WOKK (910 AM PO Box 5797 Zp Tel ( PD Ken Rainey MD Van Mac Natchez-WNAT (1450 AM) PO Bon 768 bp Tel 1601) New Albany-WOKM (103 5 FM 204 Moss He Dr Zp Tel ( PD & MD Tvn Farr Picayune-WRJW (1320 AM) Bos 849 Zp Tel Pontotoc-WSEL AM 96 7 FM PO Bos 240 Hwy 6 E Zp Tel (601) PD & MD Lee Thompson Jr Prentes-WKPO (1510 AM PO Box 445 Zp Tel ( untman-wbfn AM Mont Rose Rd bp Tel (601) PD Terry Bonner Senatoba-WNJC (90 1 FM) Box GG Zip Tel (601) PD Barbara Byers MD Roy Dave Senatobe-WSAO AM Hwy 4 E Zp Tel PD & MD Grid Smash Tupelo-WELO (580 AM) 212 S Spring St bp Tel PD Tom Mead MD Asa Thomp- 1 son Tupelo-WJLJ (1060 AM PO Boa 1626 Zip Tel (601) West Point-WROB11450AM1 Box 1336 bp Tel (601) Yazoo Cty-WJNS FM PO Box 1048 bp Tel (601) PD Joel Netherland MD Mark McMaster MSSOUR Ave-KSOA (1430 AM) Boa 386 Zp Tel Bolivar-KBLR(1130AM KLTB11063FM1 Box E Jackson Zp Tel (417) MD Phdlp Greenaway Boonvdk-KWRT AM) Redro He Rd Zp Tel Bowbng Green-KPCR AM FM) Box bp Tel ( PD & MD Chuck Bralstetter Buttalo-KBFL FM Locust & Man bp Tel 1417) PD & MD Chris Thomas Butler-KMAM (1530 AM) KMOE (92 1 FM) 800 E Nursery Zp Tel PD Jerry Thornton MD Kernwood Brown Cameron-KMRN (1360 AM Box 1360 bp Tel (816) Cape Girardeau-KZYM (1220 AM) 1025 Broadway Zp Tel 1314) Carrollton-KAOL (1430 AM FM) PO Bos N Jefferson bp Tel (816) El Dorado Springs-KESM (1 580 AM FM 200 Rade Ln Zp Tel (41 7) PD Marvin Bredemerer MD Dale Brademeer Excelsior Springs-KEXS AM) Drawer D bp Tel 1816) Farmington-KTJJ (98 5 FM KRE Blvd Zip Tel ( Festus-KJCF (1400 AM) PO Box 368 Zip Tel 1314) MD Gb Collins Fredercktown-KFTW (1450 AM) PO Box 71 Zip Tel ( Fulton-KFAL (900 AM Box 581 Zp Tel (314) PD & MD Ron Lutz Hannibal-KHMO (1070 AM Boa 711 Zp Tel 1314) PO Byron Johnson MD Leslie Humble Harreonelle-KEE (100 7 FM PO Boa 468 Zip Tel ( Houston-KBTC AM KSCM (99 3 FM) State Rt 8 Zip Tel ronton-kpa AM PO Box 437 bp Tel ( Jopbn-WMBH(1450 AM) 1309 Monroe 21p Tel ( Kansas Cty-KAYQ (1190 AM 3435 Broadway Zip Tel ( K ansas Cay-WDAF (610 AM 3030 Summn bp Tel 1816) PD Jed Cramer MD Moon Mullns Kennett-KBXM (1540 AM) Box 569 bp Tel ( Kennett-KTMO FM Box 509 bp Tel (314) PD Steve Mays MD Jeff Wheeler Leanyton-KLEX (1570 AM) KBEK (107 3 FM Boa 188 Zip Tel (816) PD Keth Kirchner MD Wesley Allen Macon-KLT (1560 AM Box 409 ZP Tel ( Marsha385ll-KM2191MO AM Boa p Tel (816) PD & MD Joe Harns Maryville-KNM (1580 AM 95 3 FM Box 278 bp Tel 1816) Piedmont-KPWB (1140 AM Hwy HH bp Tel 1314) PD 8 MD Alan Conner Poplar Bluff-KWOC (930 AM) Box 399 Zp Tel Po (314) Opns Orr 8 MD Van Beydler rile-kms (1050 AM) Bos 250 Zp Tel (314) PD Danny Ramsey Potosi-KYRO (1280 AM Boa 280 Zp Tel ( PD & MD Jack Sadler Roua-KZNN (105 3 FM) 1505 Soest Rd bp Tel (314) PD & MD Mike Ransden Ste Genevieve-KSGM (980 AM FM) 410 Merchant St bp Tel (314) PD Art Schwent MD Elmo L Donee St Joseph-KFEQ (680 AM PO Box Frederick Blvd 2p Tel ( PD 5 MD Bob OA St Joseph-KUSN (1270 AM 2414 S Leonard Rd Zip Tel 1816) St Lours-KRL (1460 AM) PO Box 1460 St Creaks Tel (314) PD Mee Rrce MD Jack Ross St Loue-KSTL (690 AM) 814 N Thud St Zp Tel ( PO & MD Bib Vetmeer St Lours-WL (1430 AM 92 3 FM) 300 N 12 Blvd Zip Tel ( PD&MD Walt Turner Salem-KSMO AM 95 9 FM) 700 S Mae Zip Tel (314) PD Tom Graham MD Esa Everroad Sedalia-KDRO AM 3106 W Broadway Zip Tel (816) PD Dick Marshall MD Stephen E Bryant Sikeston-KSTG (97 7 FM 125 S Kings Hwy bp Tel MD Ken Wells Springheld-KTTS (1400 AM 94 7 FM) 2330 W Grand bp Tel (41 7) PD Don Paul MD Bill Clay Sprngfeld-KWTO (560 AM 2750 S Campbell Tel ( Thayer-KALM (1290 AM KAMS FM PO Box 15 Zip Tel (417) PD Lynn Hobbs MD Harold Robertson Union-KLPW FM) Box 549 bp Tel PD & MD Chuck Allen Warrensburg-KOKO (1450 AM Box 398 Zip Tel ( Warrenton-KWRE 1730 AM) Box 220 bp T (314) PD David Duncan Waynesville-KJPW (1390 AM) KYSD (102 3 FM Box 518 Zp Tel ( PD Gary Knehans West Plans-KWPM (1450 AM Rt 2 Zp Tel (41 7) PD Mary Clark MD Bobby Helm Willow Sprngs-KUKU (1330 AM PO Bos 250 bp Tel ( PD & MD Larry Spence MONTANA Anaconda-KANA (580 AM PO Box 1180 Zip Tel ( Baker-KFLN (960 AM) Box 790 Zlp Tel ( PD Russ Newell Bdlings-KBMY AM1 Box bp Tel Bozeman-KXXL (1450 AM 1450 Kagy Blvd ZP Tel PD & MD Dean Alexander Dillon-KDBM (1490 AM 98 3 FM) Bos 950 Zip Tel ( Forsyth-KKC (1250 AM, Box 1250 bp Tel ( PD C Hekkel MD MrchaelJ Doms Glendrve-KXGN (1400 AM) 210 S Douglas Zp Tel ( Great Falls-KMON (560 AM) =7 Holiday Village bp Tel 1406) Hardin-KHDN (1230 AM) Box 389 Zp Tel ( Kalispell-KGEZ (600 AM) Box 600 bp Tel Mesoula-KGRZ (1450 AM) Box 4106 Ze Tel (406) Missoula-KYSS (930 AM 400 Ryman St bp Tel ( PD Jim Goodrich MO Eva Shelhamer Red Lodge-KRBN (1450 AM PO Box 908 bp Tel (406) Scobey-KCGM (95 7 FM) PO Boa 220 Zip Tel (406) PD & MD Mike Miller Shelby-KSEN (1150 AM 96 3 FM) 830 Odheld Ave Zip Tel ( Sidney-KGCX AM) Box 31 Zip Tel ( West Yellowstone-KWYS 1920 AM PO Box 9 bp Tel ( Wolf Poet-KVCK (1450 AM) 324 Main Zip Tel (406) PO Andy T SMmeey MD Mike Lennander NEBRASKA Answorth-KBRB AM 122 E Second Zp Tel (402) PD & MD Kenneth W Heuer Beatrice-KWBE (92 9 FM Sherman & Mary Zip Tel (402) Faubury-KGMT (1310 AM PO Box 425 bp Tel 1402) PD & MD Joe Mcntosh Grand sland-kmmj (750 AM) 205 S Cedar bp Tel PD & MD Dan Arrasmnh Grand sland-krg (96 5 FM) PO Box G 311 S Locust bp Tel (308) PO & MD Dave Morgan Leengton-KRVN (880 AM 104 W Eghth St bp Tel ( PD Ellen Shrum MD Don Colvin Lincoln-KECK (1530 AM) Box Yankee Hdl Rd Zp Tel (402) PD Charlie Huber MD Tom Ferren Nebraska Cry-KNCY AM 97 7 FM 123 N Eighth bp Tel ( Norfolk-WJAG (780 AM 309 Braasch Zip Tel ( PD Wayne Larson MD J Alan Johnson North Platte-KAHL (1410 AM Bos 248 bp Tel (308) Omaha-K000 (1420 AM FM 102 N 48 St Zrp Tel (402) Omana-KYNN (1490 AM) 3615 Dodge Zp Tel ( PD & MD Chris Taylor Terrytown-KEYR (690 AM) A Terry Blvd bp Tel (308) PD Don Tuggle MD Alan Kaye Valenune-KVSH (940 AM 126 W Third Zip Tel ( NEVADA Fallon-KVLV (980 AM) 1155 Gummow Dr Zip Tel ( PD & MD Mke McGnness Las Vegas-KRAM (1340 AM) 925E Desert nn Rd bp Tel ( PD Bob Jackson Las Vegas-KVEG (970 AM) Box Zip Tel Reno-KBET (1340 AM) Bos bp Vassar Zp Tel ( PD & MD Paul Adams Rerw-KONE(1450 AM Box 1928 bp Tel Winnemucca-KWNA (1400 AM) PO Box 591 Zp Tel NEW HAMPSHRE Dover-WOKO (97 5 FM) Bos 576 Middle Rd Zp Tel ( PD Bob Walker MD Roberta Conway Lebanon-WTSL (1400 AM PO Bos 1400 Zip Tel (603) PO Bob Sherman MD Dave Rohde NEW JERSEY Bridgeton-WSNJ (1240 AM FM PO Box 69 Old Burlington Rd Zrp Tel (609) PD Herb Steles MD Jay Lano Franke-WSUS (102 3 FM) 75 Man St bp Tel 1201) Washington-WCRV11580 AM) Rt 31 N bp Tel ( PD Bill Scurato MD Bob Schultz NEW MEXCO Alamogordo-KPSA (1230 AM) Box 720 Zip Tel (505) PD Mrke Donnell MD Don Powell Albuquerque-KOB (770 AM) Boa 1351 Zp Tel (505) Albuquerque-KRZY (1450 AM) 2401 Quincy NE rp Tel ( Aztec-KHAP (1340 AM Boa J Zp Tel ( Bayard-KNFT (950 AM) U S Hwy 180 E Silver Cty Tel ( Carlsbad-KCCC (930 AM) 1011 W Mermod Zip Tel (505) PD & MD 811 Mortimer Cloves-KWKA(680 AM) Boa 1479 Zip Tel PD & MD Lee Pm Farmington-KRZE (1280 AM) PO Box 1529 bp Tel PD Robert Svsh MD Thom Crees Farmington-KWYK 1960 AM 1515W Man Z1p Tel ( Country Music Sourcebook Billboard 47

48 Radio Stations Fayenevdle-WFA (1230 AM) 1108 (R) Ramsey St Zip Tel ( PD Terry Jordan MD Mike Edwards Fayettevdla-WFNC 1940 AM) Box Zip Tel (919) PD & MD Dan Mitchell Forest City-WAGY (1320 AM) PO Box 280 bp Tel (704) PD & MD Pat Nanney Gallup-KGAK (1330 AM) 401 E Coal Zip Tel 1505) Gallup-KOVO (94 5 FM) 306 S Fust PO Drawer K Zip Tel 1505) Forest City (93 3 FM West Mam Zep Tel Humble Crty-KCA (1110 AM Box 771 Star Rt H Hobbs (704) PD & MD Wayne Dobbins Tel ( PD & MD Nick Roberts Franklen-WFSC (1050 AM 96 7 FM) Box 470 Zip Las Cruces-KGRT (570 AM PO Box 968 Dp Tel Tel )704) ) PD Lee Reaves MD Brad Barrett Portales-KENM (1450 AM) PO Box 886 Zip Tel FuquayVanna-WAKS AM Box 588 Zip ) PD Mike Neal MD Tun Wade Tel (919) Roswell-KRSY (1230 AM) 800E 19 St Zep Tel Garner-WKBO (1000 AM) Box 1000 Lp Tel 1505) PD & MD Herb Tren 1919) Santa Fe-KAFE (810 AM) Box 4097 Zip Tel Gastonia-WLTC (1370 AM) Box 3927 Akers Center Sta (505( Contact Dale Wood bp Tel PD & MD Rrchard Santa Rosa-KSYX AM Drawer K Zep Tel Naellrng OHO (505) PD & MD Mark P Toohey Goldsboro-WFMC (730 AM PO Box 2006 Zep Akron-WSLR (1350 AM) Portage Path Zrp Silver Crty-KNFT (950 AM) US 180 E Zep Tel Tel (919) PD & MD Tony Blackmon Tel (216) PO Bill Coffey MD Don ( PD P D Roberts MD Rusty Spurs Graham-WSML AM) PO Box 3246 Zip Dempsey Truth or Consequences-KCHS (1400 AM) PO Box 351 Tel (919) PD Wilson Thomas MD Sam Ashland-WNCO (101 3 FM 1340 AM) Box 311 Zip Zip Tel Horne Tel (419) PD Gary Gott MD Tom Tucumcare-KTNM (1400 AM) 910 S Date St Zip Grande Falls-WKJK 1900 AM Box 486 Zep Tel Ferguson Tel PD & MD Elbert Greenway Athens-WOUB (91 3 FM) 9 S College St Zep Tel Greensboro-WGBG AM PO Box bp (614) PD David G Kenzeg MO Geoffrey L NEW YORK Tel Erb Albany-WGNA (107 7 FM) Box 1069 Greenville-WNCT (1070 AM FM Box 7167 Zip Canton-WNYN (900 AM Zep Cleveland Are NW Zep Tel 1518) Tel Tel (216( PD PD Chris Warren MO Rex & Gregory MD Rex Ryan Albany-WOKO (1460 AM 1450 Hamlet-WKDX (1250 AM) PO Box 826 Zip Tel Chdlrcothe-WBEX (93 3 FM) PO Western Ave Box 244 Zip Zep Tel (518) ) PD & MD Jesse C Benoist Tel 1614) PD PD & MD Lee Phrups Jack Bartley Arena-W(3TF Henderson-WZS (1450 AM PO Box 1011 Zep (101 Crncmnate-WCLU 7 FM) 35 Mam St Zip (1320 AM) Box 1320 Tel Zrp Tel Tel (606) Henderson-WXNC(919) FM Norma Rd bp Tel Baldwensvdle-WSEN11050 Cincinnati-WUBE AM 92 1 FM) Box 1050 (1230 AM 105 Zip FM 225 E Sixth St ( T Tel (315) Zip Tel PO Paul O Breen Henderson9191ville-WK81 (102 5 FM) 1450 Seventh Ave E Binghamton-WKOP MD Duke Hamilton (1360 AM) Box W State St Zep Zip Tel (607( Tel (704) PO & MD Al Hope Cleveland- WHK (1420 AM) PD & MD Cleveland Plaza Ray Hotel Ross Euclid Buffalo-WWOL Hickory-WRC 1630 AM 357 Fust Ave NW Zep at 12th Zep Tel (1120 AM 104 (216) 1 FM Hotel PD Russ Lafayette Tel Zip (704) PD Dave Campbell Knight MD Terry Stevens Tel ( PD & MD David R Jacksonville-WLAS (910 AM) Box 760 Zep Tel Columbus-WMN Snow (920 AM) Southern Hotel Zrp Canandaigua-WFLC (919) PD Jerry Outlaw MD Johnny West Tel (614) PD FM) Box 155 Hopewell Town 8 MD Steve Cantrell line Rd Zlp Jacksonville-WRCM (92 1 FM) Box AJ Zep Tel Conneaut-WWOW (1360 AM) WFZ Tel ( MD Fred (105 5 FM) 2111/ Main St Moses Zip Tel (216) Ellenvelle-WELV Kannapolrs-WRKB (99 7 FM) 910 Fairview St Zep Coshocton-WTNS (1370 (99 3 FM) 114 N AM 99 3 FM Sixth St Zrp Box Zrp Tel ( Tel ( PD George Berry MD Tel (614) PD Bob Mangels MD Randy Whitley Dayton-WONE Mark Dennis (980 AM) 11 S Wilkinson St Zrp Horseheads-WOX King-WKTE (1090 AM) PO Box 465 Goff Rd Zip Tel (513) ( PD & MD 9 FM) Box 288 Lp Jon Reed Tel Tel 1607) ) PO & MD Danny Hall Fairfield-WCNW (1560 AM 8686 Michael PD Ln & MD Bran Townsend Zip Kings Lancaster-WXR Mountain-WKMT (1220 AM) Box 669 Zep Tel (513) (1300 AM) PD & MD Wduarn Stephen St Zip Tel Tel (716) (704) James PD & MD Joan Mar Kinston-WES (1010 AM PO Box W Ver_ Findlay-WHMO shall (100 5 FM) 101 W Sandusky St Zip Little Falls-WLFH non Zip Tel (919) Tel (419) ( PD AM) 341 Christine S Second Johnson St Zip Kinston --WRNS (95 1 FM) PO Box 609 bp Tel Georgetown-WURD Tel (97 7 FM) Boa ( Zip Tel PD Chris Miller New York-WHN (1050 AM) 400 Park Ave Zrp ( ) PO Joe Bell MD Chuck Lewis Tel (212) Lumberton-WJSK (102 3 FM PO Box 1056 Zip Hillsboro-WSRW (1590 AM FM Drawer A PD Zrp Ed Salamon MD Pam Tel (919) Gen Mgr Al Kahn Tel (513) Green 393,1590 PO Chet bwrn MD Tern Plattsburgh-WKDR (1070 AM Marshall-WMMH (1460 AM) PO Box 85-A RFD t Zip Collwer 91 Margaret St Zrp Tel ( Tel ( PD & MD Ben Ledford ronton-wto (107 1 FM) Box 292 Zep Tel Remsen-WAOR (1480 AM) Box 1480 Monroe-WXE AM) 1700 Buena Vesta Rd Zep ( Zlp Tel (315) Tel ( PD Gary Underwood Jackson-WLMJ (1280 AM) Court & Broadway Zip Rochester-WNYR MD Duane Stegall Tel (680 (614) AM) East Ave Zep PD Mark Gettles MD Tel (716) Morganton-WOXX FM PO Box 969 Zep Joe Humphreys PD Earl Morgan Tel Sandy Creek-WSCP (1070 AM ( MD Jem Gurley Lancaster-WHOK (95 5 FM) Columbus Lancaster N Main St Zep Tel ( Murphy-WKRK (1320 AM Box 22 Rt 1 Zlp Rd Zrp Tel ( PD Brad Murray 4373 PD Ron MD Lowry Tel Jest Asker (704) PD Jemmy Foust MD DavidPat - MD Max Raines Troy-WHAZ (1330 AM) terson Lima-WMA (102 1 FM) PO Box 784 Zep W Market St Z p Tel ( North Wilkesboro-WKBC (810 AM 97 3 FM1 PO Box Tel ( PD & MO Gene Moyer Utica-WTLB (107 3 FM) Box 781 Zlp Zrp Tel 1919) Marrena-WBRJ (910 AM) Box 329 Zep Tel Tel 1315) Ralegh-WYNA AM PO Box Zep Tel (919) PD & MD Harvey Riddle Meddleport-WMPO FM) Box 71 Zrp Tel NORTH Reedsvdle-WREN (1220 AM) PO Box 1050 Zip CAROLNA Tel (919) PD & MD Don Carroll Niles-WN10 (1540 AM PO Bon 625 Zip Tel Albemarle-WZKY (1580 AM) PO Box 550 Zep Rocky Mount-WFMA (100 7 FM Hwy 97 W Zip Tel (704) Tel 1919) Oberlin-WOBL (1320 AM) Box 277 Zip Tel Asheville-WWNC 1570 AM PO Box 6447 Zrp Roxboro-WKRX (96 7 FM) WRXO AM PO Box ( PD & MD Scott Miller Tel ( PD & MD Dave Jacobs 1176 Zip Tel ( PD Harry Portsmouth -WPAY (1400 AM FM 1009 Gage St Beaufon-WBMA (1400 AM Ocean St Zip Tel Myers Zip Tel ( PO & MD James D 1919) Salisbury-RDX W (106 4 FM) PO Box 4157 Zip Musick Benson-WPYB (1130 AM) PO Box 215 Zip Tel Tel (704) PD & MD Tom Howell Toledo-WOHO AM) Broadcast House Zep ( Selma-WBZB (1090 AM) PO Box 1 Zip Tel Tel (419) Brevard-WPNF (1240 AM) PO Box 1076 Zip PD Julie Reyes Toledo-WTOD AM) 3225 Arlington Ave Zip Tel Stier Cety-WNCA (1570 AM) Box 429 Zrp Tel Tel (419) PD Be Menders MD Bryson City-WBHN AM Box 820 Zip Tel (919) Tom Rice (704) PD Gary Ayers MD Nancy Noel Sparta-WCOK AM Box 637 Zip Tel Waverly-WPKO (1380 AM) PO Box 227 Zep Tel Bures Creek-WCCE (90 1 FM PO Box 1058 Zep (919) PD George Greenway MD Ronald Tel ( PD Larry Drngmore MD Betty Brown Youngstown-WKBN (570 AM) 3930 Sunset Blvd Zep Lynne Wallace Statesville-WFMX (105 7 FM 1117 Radio Rd Zip Tel ( PO Donald Guthre MD Burgaw-WVBS AM) PO Box 696 Zep Tel Tel ( Wylie Meyer ( Tabor Crty-WKSM (104 9 FM) Bon 127 Zip Tel B urnsville-wkyk (940 AM) PO Box 744 Zip Tel (919) PD 8 MD Doug Tyler PD Michael Sek MD Michael Wallace-WSE (1400 AM 94 3 FM) Hwy 117 N Zip OKLAHOMA Bishop Tel Altus-KWHW AM) 212 W Cypress Zip Canton-WPTL (920 AM Church & Main Sts Zip Wendell-WETC 1540 AM Box 280 Zip Tel Tel 1405) PD & MD Dan O Neal Tel (704) PD & MD Ernie Hall PD MD John Roebuck Alva-KALV Canton-WWT (970 AM) PO Box 391 Zip Tel West Jefferson-11KSK (704) (1430 AM PO Box 843 Zip Tel 1 Box 729 Zip ( PD Lynn L Marten MD Marione Tel PD & MD Ric Wayne Ma Charlotte-WAME AM Box 1008 Zrp Tel Wdhamston-WAM (900 AM) WSEC (103 7 FM) PO Box Anadarkrtreo -KRPT 1850 AM) Box 969 Zep Tel ( Zip Tel 1919) PD & MD 1405) Charlotte-WBT AM 1 Julian Price P Zip W H Farrror Atoka-KEOR (1110 AM) Box 1110 bp Tel Tel (704) PD Andy Bickel MD Larry Wilmington-WKLM (980 AM) 118 Princess St Zep 1405, James Tel ( PD & MD Willis W11 - Blackwell- KLTR (1580 AM Box 70 Zip Tel Charlotte-WSOC (103 7 FM 1901 N Tryon St Zrp learns ( Tel (704) PD Don Bell MO Bob Wilson-WLLY(1350 AM) 210 Beacon St Zep Tel Chickasha-KXXK (105 5 FM 500 Country Club Rd Zrp Call 1919) Tel ( PD & MD Bobby Keith Cherryville-WCSL (1590 AM) PO Box 367 Zip Windsor-WBTE (990 AM PO Box 509 Zip Tel Duncan-KAHD AM 1701 Pee Zrp Tel Tel (704) (919) ) Steve Lewes Clinton-WRRZ (880 AM FM) PO Box 378 Zlp Winston-Salem-WTOR (104 1 FM 875 W Fifth St Zip Elk Cdy-KADS (1240 AM) 2208 W Third Zep Tel ( Tel ( PD & MD Kim Jones Tel ( Concord -WEGO(1410AM) PO Box 128 Zrp Tel Eufaula-KCES FM Box 1290 Rt 4 Zep ) Tel (918) D urham-wtk (1310 AM) 707 Leon St Zip Tel Guthree-KOKC (1490 AM) Box 1490 Zep Tel (919) PD & MD John Scott NORTH DAKOTA 1405) PD Randy Russell MD Darnell Eden-WCBX (1130 AML 113 N Perce St Zlp Bismarck-KBMR AM 3500 E Rosser Ave Zep Holmes Tel 1919) PD & MD Marten Rudrsrll Tel (701> Guymon-KGYN (1210 AM 2300 N Leda St Zep Edenton-WBXB (100 1 FM) PO Box 0 Zep Tel Fargo-KFGO 1790 AM) St S Zep Tel Tel ( PD T M Raburn Jr MD GaryE (919) PO & MO Reta Basmght 1701) PD Bill Hoverson MD Don Roberts Judd Elken-WFM (100 9 FM PO Drawer 1038 Zrp Jamestown-KSJB 1600 AM) KSJM (93 3 FM) Box 600 Hobart -KTJS AM) Box 311 Zep Tel (4051 Tel (919) Zep Tel PD Wayne Fuchs MD Maxine Courtney Farmville-WFAG AM Box 229 Zip Tel langdon-kndk (1080 AM) Zip Tel ( Holdenvdle-KVYL(1370AM) Rt 3 Zep Tel (405) (919) PD & MD Eddie Wilson 2146 PD Ken Torkelson Country Music Sourcebook Billboard Mayvd)e-KMAV (1520 AM FM) Hwy 200 Zep Tel (701) PO Austin G Kramer MD John Thomas Minot-KCJB (910 AM) Box 1686 Zep Tel (701) Minot-KTYN (1430 AM Boa 637 Zip Tel (701) PD Patrick Devaney MO Dave Gunn Oakes-KODR AM 411 Men Zrp Tel 1701) PD & MD Jan Olderness Teoga-KTGO (1090 AM) Box 456 Zip Tel 1701) Wahpeton-KKWB (104 9 FM) 605 Dakota Ave Zrp Tel (701) PD & MD Charley Parks Wdbston-KEYZ (1360 AM) 410 E Suth St Zep Tel ( PD Earl R Gross MD Denny Sued:

49 Lawton-KCCO (1050 AM) 1525 S Flowermound Zip Tel ( PD Francy Ford MD Dick Massie Madill-KMAD (1550 AM) PO Boa 576 Zip Tel (405) PD & MD Sky Corbin McAlester-KNED (1150 AM Boa 1068 Zip Tel 1918) PD & MD Lee Anderson Miami-KGLC (910 AM) Boa 511 Zp Tel 1918) PD Edward Griffin MD Ralph Everely Muskogee-KMUS (1380 AM) N 11 St Zip Tel (918) PD & MO Rick Skaggs Norman-WNAD (640 AM) 4000 W ndian Hills Rd Zip Tel ( PD 8 MD Jesse W Baldwin Nowata-KNFB (94 3 FM) 110 N Maple Zip Tel (918) PD Jerry Lee Oklahoma City-KEBC FM Boa Zip Tel ( ;7501 PD Dennis Rainwater MD Lynn Waggoner Okmulgee-KOKL (1240 AM) PO Boa 756 Zip Tel ( Pauls Valley-KVLH (1470 AM Boa 610 Zip Tel Poteau-KNB FM) Box H Zip Tel Pryor-KOLS (1570 AM) KKMA (104 5 FM) Boa 66 Zip Tel (918) Sallisaw-KRBB (1560 AM 95 9 FM) Box 666 Zip Tel 1918) PD Doug Berson MD Carol Raffa Sand Springs-KTOW (1340 AM) Box 637 Zip Tel 1918) Tahlequah-KLO (1350 AM) 517 S Muskogee Zip Tel (918) Tulsa-KTOW (1340 AM) KGOW (92 FM) S Norwood Zip Tel 1918) PD & MD Fran Couch Tulsa-KV00 (1170 AM) 3701 S Peona Zip Tel 1918) PD Jay Jones MD Billy Parker Wagoner-KWOK (1530 AM) Box 219 Zip Tel PO & MD Elmer Shepherd Wewoka-KWSH (1260 AM) Box 1260 Zip Tel 1405) OREGON Albany-KRKT 1990 AM 99 9 FM 1207 E Ninth Zip Tel ( PD Bill O Brian MD Larry Blair Ashland-KCMX (580 AM Boa 128 Zip Tel ( Astoria-KVAS (1 230 AM) Radio Central Zip Tel ( Eugene-KATR (1320 AM) 130 E 13 Ave Zip Tel 1503) Eugene-KEED (1450 AM 1245 Charnelton Zip Tel (503) PD & MD Tom Edwards Grants Pass-KAG 1930 AM 373 Redwood Hwy Zip Tel 1503) PD Mike Carmichael MD Phil Watkins Gresham-KRDR AM Box 32 Zip Tel (503) Hermston-KOHU (1360 AM) Boa 145 Zip Tel 1503) Klamath Falls-KLAD (960 AM Old Midland Rd Zip Tel ( PD Nellie E Smith MD Willy Rogers North Bend-KBBR (1340 AM) 1956 Meade Zip Tel ( PD Drew Walker MO David Walker Ontario-KYET(1450AM) Box 157 Zip Tel (503) Portland-KWJJ (1080 AM) 931 SW King Zip Tel (503) PD & MD Chris Adams Redmond-KPRB (1240 AM) Box 787 Zip Tel 1503) PD Nat Shaw MD A Case St Helens-KOH AM) Box 398 Zip Tel PD & MD Craig West Salem-KGAY (1430 AM) Boa 1430 Zp Tel 1503) PD Dick Bond MD Eddie Edwards PENNSYLVANA Allentown -WAN(92 1 FM) 1829 Savercool Ave Bethke hem Tel (215) PD Jack Bums MD Joe Green Allentown-WHOL AM) 1125 Colorado Zip Tel (215) PD Bill Zmpher MO Phil May Altoona-WVAM FM) 2727 W Albert Dr Zip Tel (814) Brownsville-WASP (1130 AM) Box 270 Z'p Tel (412) PO & MD David Bridges Carlisle-WHYL (102 3 FM) Box 219 Zip Tel (717) PO Lou Rogers MD Jeff Wllams Chambersburg-WCBG (1590 AM 944 Lincoln Way W Zip Tel ( PD Bob Huff MD John Pellegrrti Clarion -WWCH AM) 623 Main St Z,p Tel 1814) PD Mike Rozone MD Fion Mastrag Du Bon-WCED(102 1 FM 80 N Park Pl Zip Tel MD Gary Sterner Ellwood City-WFEM (92 1 FM) 226 Fifth St Zp Tel 1412) PD Bob Conrad MD Bob Head land Ephrata-WOV (105 1 FM 44 Bethany Rd Zip Tel (717) MD Bill Quay Erie-WLKK AM) 3204 State St Zip Tel 1814) PD & MO Rich Peterson Everett-WSKE (1050 AM) Boa 187 Zp Tel ( PD Sandra King MD Martin M Bakner Johnstown-WYO (99 1 FM Boa 787 Zp Tel 1814) PD ed C H111 MO David A Anthony Linesvdle-WVCC FM Box 307 Zip Tel MO Art Ceno Jr Lock Haven-WBPZ FM) Men St Z'p Tel (717) PD John Lpez MO Dean Hanna Mansheld-WGCR (104 5 FM) PO Boa S Main St Zip Tel ( MO Ron Reny North East-WHYP (1530 AM FM W Main Rd Zp Tel 1814) PD & MD H 1 Brownyard Palmyra-WCTX (92 1 FM Boa 231 Zip Tel (717) PD Hugh J Clinton Pndadelphia-WRCP (1540 AM) WSN (104 5 FM) 2043 Locust St Zip Tel (215) PD Nelson Hobdell MD Trish Hennessey Philipsburg-WPHB (1260 AM) Boa 361 Zip Tel (814) PO Bill Burchdl MD Dean Sharpless Pittsburgh-WEEP (1080 AM) WDSY FM 107 Sixth St Zip Tel 1412) WEEP PD Joel Raab WEEP MD Barry Mardis WDSY PD Ted Sohier Pmsburgh-WXZ (1360 AM) 400 Lincoln Hwy East McKeesport Tel (412) PD Ken Wells MD Jack Seckel Roaring Spring-WKMC (1370 AM S Main St Est Zip Tel (814) Scranton-WGB (910 AM) 1000 Wyoming Ave Zip Tel (717) Sharon-WNO (1540 AM) WWZ (103 9 FM) Boa 1120 Zip Tel 1412) PD Karl Brandt Tyrone-WGMR (101 1 FM), WTRN AM) Boa 204 State College Tel Waynesboro-WAYZ (1 380 AM FM) 33 E Main St Zip Tel (717) Williamsport-WLD (105 1 FM) Box 1176 Zip Tel (71 7) PD & MD Jim Cameron Windber-WWBR AM Scalp Ave Johnstown Tel (814) York-WNOW (1250 AM) Boa 1747 Zip Tel (717) PD Jack Malloy, MD Joyce McSherry RHODE SLAND East Providence-WHM AM 115 Eastern Ave Zip Tel (401) PD Jim Murphy MD Jim 0 Brien SOUTH CAROLNA Abbeville-WABV 1159) AM Box 700 Zip Tel (803) Allendale-WDOG (1460 AM) Box 442 Zip Tel ( PD Lisa Gooding MD Ken Morns Beaufort-WBEU (960 AM 98 7 FM 3040 W Boundary Zip Tel (803) PD & MO Mark Robertson Camden-WPUB AM) 1109 N Broad St Zip Tel 1803) PD Cecil A Bowers Charleston-WEL (103 5 FM) 424 Broadway Mount Pleasant Tel ) PO & MD Charle Lindsey Chester-WCMJ (99 3 FM Boa 297 Zip Tel 1803) Columbia-WCAY 1620 AM PO Box 125 Cayce Tel (803) Box 748 Zip Tel - Columbia-WCOS (97 9 FM 1803) PD Ken B Martin MD Dave M chimes Darlington-WDAR AM FM 122 Asbury Ave Zp Tel 1803) PD Bill C Walls MD Larry Ward Dillon-WDSC (800 AM 92 9 FM) Box 231 Zip Tel ( Easley -WELP FM) Box 667 Zip Tel (803) PD Charles Smokey Smith MD Mark Holbrook Fountain nn-wfs (1600 AM Boa 156 Zip Tel (803) PD Jerry Wckhne MD Charlie Munson Gaffney-WAG (105 3 FM) PO Box 1210 Zip Tel PD Ed Ellion MD Dennis Fowler Georgetown-WSHG (106 3 FM Boa 1400 Zip Tel 1803) PD & MD Tom Rea Greenvale-WESC (660 AM 92 5 FM), PO Boa W Stone Ave Zip Tel 1803) PD Dale Gilbert MD Bob Hooper Greenwood-WMTY (1090 AM Burnett Rd Zp Tel (803) PD & MD Gary Miller Kingstree-WDKD (1310 AM Box 525 Zip Tel (803) PO & MD Tony Larson Lancaster-WLCM (1360 AM) 103 S Catawba St Zip Tel 1803) PD Jim Knight MD Ron Tolleson Langley-WVAP (1510 AM) Mph St Zp Tel (803) PD Arthur K Terry MD Edward F Rodgers Manning-WTWE FM) PO Box Water s Edge Zip Tel ( Monks Corner-WBER (950 AM 223 E Main Zp Tel 1803) Myrtle Beach-WXTL FM 2801 Oak St Zip Tel ( PD Denise Poe MD 1311 Clardy Newberry-WKMG AM Boa 70 Glenn St Eat Z'p Tel (803) PD & MD Roscoe Bed - SOUTH DAKOTA Aberdeen-KKAA AM) No 1770 Zp Tel )605) PD Merle Fnstad MD Randy Achter - hoff Deadwood-KDSJ 1980 AM 745 Main Zip Tel (605) Hot Springs-KOBH 1580 AM Box 611 Zip Tel 1605) Huron-KJV (92 1 FM 1726 Dakota Zp Tel 1605) Lemmon-KBJM (1400 AM) 500 First Ave E Zip Tel 1605) Madison-KJAM (1390 AM FM) 101 S Egan Ave Zip Tel (605) MD Jeff Anderson Milbank-KMSD AM) PO Boa 1005 Zip Tel ( PD & MD Denny Comfort Pierre-KGFX (1060 AM Boa 1197 Zip Tel PD Ray Hardee) MD Jon Guthrie Rapid City-KMM (1150 AM First Federal Plaza Zip Tel (605) PD Jim Shaw MD Mark Nelson Rapid City-KTOO (1340 AM) Boa 8250 Zip Tel 1605) Redfield-KFCB AM Bos 110 RR Zp Tel 1605) Sioux Falls-KXRB (1000 AM) KOV (104 7 FM) 1908 W 42 St Zp Tel ( PD & MD Rick Stewart Sturgis-KBHB 1810 AM E Hwy 79 Zip Tel ( PD Bob Devis MD Bob Looby Winner-KWYR (1260 AM 93 7 FM Boa 491 Zip Tel 1605) Yankton-WNAX 1570 AM Third & Mulberry ZP Tel (605) Opns Mgr Mike Allen MD Marty Johnson TENNESSEE Ardmore-WSLV AM) PO Boa 96 Zip Tel 1615) Athens-WYX (1390 AM) 14 Decatur Pike Zp Tel (615) Mgr John P Frew Bolivar-WVST (96 7 FM) WBOL AM) Box 191 Zip Tel (901) ; 5500 Brownsville-WBHT AM) WTBG (95 3 FM) Box 198 Zip Tel (901) Carthage-WKRM (1350 AM FM) Upper Ferry Rd Zp Tel Centerville-WHLP AM WKA FM) Boa 280 Zip Tel 1615) PD Terry Durham MD Colleen Plott Chattanooga-WOOD (1310 AM 96 5 FM) Box 4232 Zip Tel Clarksville-WOXN 1540 AM) Box 724 Zip Tel 1615) PO Larry J Hall, MD Jim Richardson Cleveland- WCLE (15 70 AM) WOLS (100 7 FM) 67 Ocoee St NW Zip Tel (615) Clinton-WYSH (1380 AM) PO Box 329 Zp Tel 1615) Cookeville-WHUB (1400 AM 98 3 FM) 136E Spring St Zip Tel (615) PD Gene Davidson MD Mike Dyer Crossville-WAEW (1330 AM 99 3 FM) PO Drawer W Zip Tel ( PD Warren Dean MD Steve Wilson Crossville-WCSV AM) PO Boa 591 Zip Tel (615) Dayton-WONT (1280 AM) Boa 290 Zip Tel PD Gail Newell MD Jim Lowe Dyersburg-WASL (100 FM 1 Boa 100 Zp Tel ( Eloabethton-WDD (1520 AM) 604', E Elk Ave Zip Tel 1615) PD 6 MD Bill Harris Fayetteville-WXC (1140 AM) PO Box 757 Zip Tel (615) Franklin-WAGG (950 AM) 950 Mallory Ln Zip Tel ( Franklin-WZO AM) Box 1380 Zip Tel 1615) Gallatin-WAMG AM PO Box 521 Zip Tel 1615) PD & MD Dave Shannon Greeneville-WOFM FM PO Boa 243 Zip Tel 1615) PD & MD Robin Felten Greeneville-WSMG (1450 AM) Boa 737 Zp Tel 1615) PO & MD J P Sauce/tan Harriman-WJZA (1600AM) Lower Margrave Zip Tel ( PD & MD Michael W Stewart Henderson Henclersoar-WHHM (1 580 AM) Box 203 Zp Tel 1901) Humboldt-WHMT (1190 AM) PO Box Main St Zp Tel PD F Darrell Boyd MO Bobby Mathews Humboldt-WRJ FM 2606 E End Zip Tel (901) PD Bob Carlton MD Bill Carter Jackson-WOX AM) Radio Rd Zp Tel 1901) PD CharleCook MD EddeeA Hill Jackson-WTJS AM) 122 Rada Rd Zp Tel (901) Jamestown-WDEB (1500 AM FM) Hwy 52 W ZP Tel 1615) PD Earl L Howard MD Gary Crockett Johnson City-WJCW (910 AM Boa W Zip Tel enbaugh 161 5) PD & MD Dave Hogan North Augusta-WGUS (1380 AM) Box 1475 Augusta Kingsport-WGOC (1090 AM) 218 E Center St Zp Ga Tel (803) Tel (615) PD Ton Parker MD Spartanburg-WKDY (1400 AM) Boa 5035 Zip Rock Brooks Tel (803) PD & MD Mike McCoy Knoxville-WER (103 5 FM), 1513 Hutchison Zip Summerville-WAZS (980 AM) PO Box 859 Zp Tel (615) PD James Freeman Tel 1803) PD Wayne Lanier MD Jem MD Mike Johnson Brown Knoxville-WVK 1850 AM FM 6711 Kingston Sumter -WFG AM Bradham Blvd Zip Tel Pike Zip Tel ( PD & MD Bobby Denton Surfsede Beach-WYAK FM PO Boa A bp Lebanon-WCOR (107 3 FM) PO Box 549 Zip Tel (803) PD Bob Johnson MD Joey Tel (615) Watts Lewisburg-WJJM (1490 AM 94 3 FM Boa 20 Zip Walhalla-WGOG (1000 AM) PO Box 278 Zip Tel (615) PD Sara White MD Tel (803) PD & MD George F Allgood Melvin Troop Woodruff-WSJW (1510 AM Box 576 Zp Tel Lexington-WDXL (1490 AM) Box 170 Zp Tel ( ) Country Music Sourcebook Billboard 49

50 141 Bldg Radio Stations Madsonville-WZZ (1250 AM) Hwy 411 S Zp Tel (615) PD Mary Hunt MD Jerry Howell Manchester-WMSR (1320 AM) Oakdale St Zp Tel (615) Maryville-WGAP AM), 316 Court St Z,p Tel (615) PD Tom Pope MD Chuck Roberts McKenzie-WHOM (1440 AM) PO 336 bp Tel (901) McKenzie-WKTA (106 9 FM) Bos 279 Zp Tel 1901) PD & MD Ken Campbell McMinnville-WAK (1230 AM) Bos 409 Zip Tel (615) McMinnville-WBMC 1960 AM PO Bos 759 Zp Tel (615) PD Mark Parkhurst MD Bud Godwin Memphis-KWAM (101 1 FM Bos Zip Tel (901) Memphis -WMC (790 AM) 1960 Union Ave Zip Tel (901) PD Les Acres, MD Hal Jay Milan-WKBJ (1600 AM 92 3 FM) Boa 230 Zip Tel (901) Morristown-WMTN AM) Bos 70 Zp Tel ( PD Jim Potts MD Johnny Walker Mountain Crty-WMCT (1390 AM Bos 78 Zp Tel ( Murfreesboro-MATS (810 AM) Box 860 Zip Tel (615) Nashville-WKDA (1240 AM) 506 Second Ave S Zip Tel (615) PD & MD Dale Turner Nashville-WSX (97 9 FM) 441 Murfreesboro Rd Zp Tel (615) PD Gerry House MD Larry Vaughn Nashville-WSM (650 AM1 Bos Knob Rd Zp Tel (615) PD Al Voecks MD Mary Catherine Sneed Newport-WLK (1270 AM) Rt 1 Zip Tel (615) PD & MD MD Jm Phlhps Oneida-WBNT (1310 AM FM) Rt 1 Pine Hdl Rd bp Tel (615) PO Steve Hall MD Hillard Mattis Pans-WTPR (105 5 FM) Box N Brewer Zip Tel (901) Pikeville-WUAT (1110 AM) PO Box 128 Zp Tel (615) Pulaski-WMGL (98 3 FM) Box 692 Zip Tel (615) PD & MD Bob Lochte Ripley-WTRB (1570 AM) 372 S Jefferson Zip Tel ( PD & MD Don Paris Rogersville-WRGS AM) Burem Rd Z1p Tel (615) PD & MD Steve Waller Savannah-WORM (1010 AM FM) 1207 Bowen Dr Zp Tel 1901) PD Donald T Cornelius MD Loyd C Strrcklin Selmer-WDTM (1130 AM) Box 128 Zp Tel (901) Shelbyville-WLJ (1580 AM), PO Box 7 Zp Tel ( Smithville-WJLE AM FM Rt 1 Zip Tel (615) Soddy-Daisy-WEDG (1240 AM) Box 277 Soddy Tel (615) Sparta-WSMT (1050 AM FM) Box 414 Rt 8 Zip Tel (615) PD Tollye Wayne MD Blake Williams Tazewell-WNTT (1250 AM) Box 95 Zp Tel (615) PD Don Gulley Trenton-WNE (1500 AM E Eaton Zp Tel 1901) PD Deon R Courtney Tullahoma-WBGY (740 AM Westside Dr Zip Tel ( PD Stan Reynolds Wartburg-WECO (940 AM Race Track Rd Zip Tel (615) MD Carl Stump Waverly-WPHC (1060 AM) Browntown Rd Zp Tel PD John Alsip MD Stuart L Stier Waynesboro-WAAN (1400 AM) PO Box 386 Zp Tel (615) PD & MD Wdlarn M Bryson Woodbury-WBRY (1540 AM) Box 7 Zp Tel 1615) TEXAS Abilene-KEAN (1280 AM FM) Box 3098 Z1p Tel (915) Abilene-KWKC (1340 AM PO Box 2201 Zp Tel (915) Alice-KOPY (1070 AM Box 731 Zp Tel ( Amarillo-KZP (1310 AM) PO Box S Georgia Zip Tel ( PD & MD Dugg Col lins Amarillo-KDJW (1010 AM) KBUY (94 1 FM 5200 Amarillo Blvd E Zip Tel (806) PD & MD Terry Amburn Andrews-KACT (1360 AM) PO Box 308 Zp Tel 1915) Athens-KBUD (1410 AM PO Box 309 Zp Tel (214) Gen Mgr J B McNutt Jr Austin-KOKE (1370 AM 95 5 FM) Box 1208 Zp Tel (512) PD Dave West MD Steve Gary Austin-KVET (1300 AM) PO Box 380 Zp Tel (512) PD & MD Joe P Ethridge Ballinger-KRUN (1400 AM) Box 351 Zp Tel (915) Bay Cty-KOX (1270 AM) Hwy 35 E Zp Tel 1713) PD Marie Mulligan MD John Talbert Baytown-KBUK (1360 AM) 4638 Decker Dr Z,p Tel (713) PD & MD Mike Morgan Beaumont-KLV (560 AM 27 Sawyer Zp Tel 1713) PD & MD Mickey Ashworth Beaumont-KTRM (990 AM 4490 Dowlen Rd Zip Tel ( PD Bob Shannon SO Big Sprang-KHEM (1270 AM Boa 750 Zp Tel (915) Bonham-KFYN (1420 AM) Boa 248 Zp Tel ( PD Bob Stewman Borger-KBB8 (1600 AM FM) Boa 1478 bp Tel (806) Borger-KOTY (1490 AM) PO Boa 165 Zp Tel (806) Bowie-KBAN AM Bos 1080 Zp Tel 181 7) PD & MD Billy Etter Brady-KNEL (1490 AM) 117 S Blackburn Zip Tel 1915) Breckenridge-KSTB (1430 AM) Bos 4 Rt 1 Zp Tel (81 7) PD & MD Lloyd Mayberry Brenham-KTTX AM) KWH FM) Box 1280 Zp Tel (713) PD & MD Bonnie Whitehead Brownwood-KXY (1240 AM) 1 Texas Ave bp Tel (915) PD Joel Wheeler MD Robert Hallmarl Brownwood-KOXE (101 5 FM) Bos 280 Zip Tel 1915) Bryan-WTAW (1150 AM), Bos 3008 Zp Tel (713) Burnet-KHLB (1340 AM) 205 Southwest St Zp Tel (512) PD Bill Edgar MD James Jackson Cameron-KML (1330 AM) Drawer 832 Zp Tel ( MO C McGregor Center-KDET (930 AM 307 San Augustine St Zip Tel (713) PD & MD Dan Danner Clarksville-KCAR (1350 AM) 228 W Main St bp Tel 1214) Cleburne-KCLE (1120 AM 919 N Main Zip Tel (81 7) PD Steven Brooks MD Zack Owen Cleveland-KJCH(1410 AM, PO Box 520 Zp Tel (713) PD J m German Coleman-KSTA (1000 AM FM) PO Box 432 Zip Tel 1915) PD Don Hermes MD David Oxford Colorado Cny-KVMC (1320 AM) Bos 990 Zp Tel (915) PO Drew Ballard MD Danny Chastain Corpus Christi-KKN (1590 AM Box 2827 Zp Tel (512) PD & MD Jimmy Louis Corpus Christ-KOUL (103 1 FM PO Box 898 Zp Tel ( Opns Dir Albert E Cox Corsicana-KXCL (107 9 FM) PO Box 959 Zp Tel (214) PD 3 MD Layne Myers Cuero-KEWS (1600 AM) Box 364 Zp Tel (512) Dallas-KBOX (1480 AM 9900 McCree Rd Zp Tel (214) PD 6 MD Pete Porter Del Ro-KWMC (1490 AM) 9C3 E Compas Zip Tel ( PD Jerry G Henderson, MD R A Marquez Denton-MAT AM) PO Box W Hickory Zip Tel ( :552 PD Russ Campbell: MD Doyle King Dmm,tt-KDHN (1470 AM) Box 608 N Hwy 385 Zp Tel PD Jerry Marvin MD John Brooks Dumas-KDDD (800 AM Box 555 Zp Tel Eastland-KERC (1590 AM) PO Box 590 Zip Tel ( E Campo-KULP (1390 AM PO Box 1390 Zp Tel (713) PO & MC Albert Hollan E Paso-KHEY (690 AM) 2419 N Piedras Zip Tel (915) PD Ray Potter MD Dck Bu- chanan E Paso- KLOZ (102 1 FM) 444 Executive Center Blvd Zp Tel (915) PD Brad Edwards MD John Weitz Falfurrias-KPSO (1260 AM PO Box 309 Zp Tel 1512) PD 8 MD Raymond O Creels Farwell-K AM) Box 458 Zip Tel Floydada-KFLP (900 AM) 124 W California St Zp Tel (806) Fort Worth-KXOL (1360 AM), 1705 W Seventh Zp Tel 1817) PD Tom Wayne MD Scott Reese Fort Worth-WBAP (820 AM), KSCS (96 3 FM) 3900 Barnett Zip Tel ( Fredericksburg-KNAF (910 AM FM PO Box 311 Zip Tel 1512) Freeport-KBRZ (1460 AM), Box AA Zip Tel Ga,nesvdb-KGAF (1580 AM 94 5 FM Radio Hill Rd Zip Tel (81 7) Georgetown-KGTN (1530 AM 96 7 FM Box 100 Zp Tel ( Graham-KSWA (1330 AM) Box 1050 Zip Tel ( Hamilton-KCLW (900 AM) Hwy 36 W Zip Tel ( PD Max Rudolph MD Bob Swnson Harlingen-KELT FM) 1519 W Harrison bp Tel (512) PO Larry James MD Bleu Dear Henderson-KGR (1000 AM Box 1400 bp Tel 1214) PD & MD Hal Satterwhne Hillsboro-KHBR (1560 AM FM) PO Box 569 bp Tel (817) PD& MD DaveJackson Hondo-KRME (1460 AM 1605 Ave K Zip Tel 1512) PD Steve Dominguez Houston-KENR (1070 AM 2 Greenway Plaza E Zip Tel ( PD Ric Libby MD Bruce Nelson Houston-KKK (650 AM 95 6 FM 6306 Gulhon Zp Tel Houston-KNUZ (1230 AM) Box 188 Zip Tel (713) Jasper-KTXJ (1350 AM) Box 6090 Zp Tel (713) PD Art Lay MD Allan T Lane Juncton-KMBL (1450 AM) 214 Pecan St Tel (91 5) PD & MD Mike Smith Kermit-KERB (600 AM) Drawer X Zp Tel 1915) Kerrville-KERV AM) Box 2187 Zp Tel (512) PD & MD Dennis OuPriest La Grange-KVLG (1 570 AM) KMUZ (104 9 FM) Bos 609 Zp Tel 1713) Lamesa-KPET (690 AM PO Bos 1188 Zp Tel (806) PD & MD Bob Tomlinson Lampasas-KCYL (1450 AM) PO Bos 886 Zip Tel (81 7) PD & MD Terry G Coe Liberty-KPXE (1050 AM) 1211 N Main Zip Tel (713) Littlefield-KZZN (1490 AM), PO Box 192 bp Tel (806) Lockhart-KCLT (1060 AM) Box 240 bp Tel (512) PD & MD John M Hood Longview-KEES (1430 AM) Rt 4 Zip Tel ( Longvew-KYKX FM Bos 2727 Zip Tel ( PD Larry Wilson MD Don Jay Lubbock-KLL (1460 AM 96 3 FM) St Zip Tel (806) PD Steve Sever MD Michael Ray Corbin Lubbock-KRLB (580 AM Bos Quirt Ave Zip Tel (806) PD & MD Morns Wilkes Lufkin-KRBA (1340 AM) 121 Calder Square Zp Tel (713) PD Darrel Yates MD Keith Sims Marshall-KKYR (1410 AM) 200 nterstate 20 Zip Tel (214) PD & MD George Owens Merkel-KBGG AM) Bos 220 Zp Tel Midland-KBAT (93 3 FM) 401 W Missouri Zp Tel (915) Pres Bob Hicks Midland-KJBC (1150 AM Lamesa Z,p Tel ( Midland-KMND (1510 AM) 2308 N Big Spring Zp Tel (915) PD Craig Anderson MD Gary Beckner Mineola-KM00 (1510 AM PO Bos 499 Z p Tel (214) Mineral Wells-KORC (1140 AM) Bos 638 Zip Tel ( Monahans-KVKM (1330 AM 104 E Fourth Zp Tel (915) PD Chip Whitlock MD Dave Lewis Muleshoe-KMUL (1380 AM) 600 W Eighth St Zip Tel (806) Nacogdoches-KJCS FM) Bos 1111 Zip Tel ( PD Robert Eaves MD R W Hdl Nacogdoches-KSFA (860 AM1 PO Box 848 Zp Tel ( MD Barney Vardaman Odessa-KOYL (1 310 AM 97 9 FM) 4000 Rasco Ave Zip Tel (915) PD Laurie Baxter MD Steve Drummond Orange-KOGT (1600 AM) N Meeks Dr Zp Tel (713) MD Steve Cathey Ozona-KRCT FM St Zp Tel (915( PD & MO Richard Whitworth Palestine-KNET (1450 AM PO Box 789 Zp Tel Pampa-KGRO (1230 AM) Box 1779 Zp Tel (806) PD & MD Bob Tate Paris-KPRE (1250 AM) 210 Fust Nat Zip Tel (21ew-KELP Plainvi 900 AM 1415W Fifth Zip Tel (806) Plainview-KKYN AM 2202 Edgemere Zip Tel 1806) PD Dave Clark MD Jerry Brownlow Port Arthur-KYKR (1510 AM 93 3 FM PO Boa 2307 Z, Tel (713) Ouanah-KOU AM Box 456 Zip Tel (817) Raymondville-KSOX (1240 AM, 345 S Seventh Zp Tel (512) Robstown-KROB (1510 AM 99 9 FM Boo 752 bp Tel (51 2) PD Karl Lentz MD Wal_ ter Gossage Rosenberg-KFRD (980 AM) Box 832 Zp Tel (713) Rusk-KTLU (1580 AM Bos 475 Zip Tel San Angelo-KPEP (1420 AM 4103 N Chadbourne Zip Tel (915) PD Lou Kordek MD Wes er San Angelo-KTEShman O (1340 AM) 333 Rio Concho Dr Zip Tel (915) PD Chet Young MD Bob Cacy San Antonio-KBUC (1310 AM FM) 3642 E Houston Z1p Tel PD Gene Kelly MD Don White San Antonio-KKYX (680 AM 8022 Bandera Rd Zip Tel 1512) PD Paul Morgan MD Max Gardner San Saba-KBAL (1410 AM) Box 206 Z1p Tel ( Seminole-KK (1250 AM) 120 SE Ave B Zp Tel 1915) Seymour-KSEY (1230 AM) PO Box 1191 Zip Tel ( PD Tweed Scott MD Al Smith Sherman-Denison-KTX0 (1500 AM) Box 220 Sherman Tel (214) Stamford-KDWT (1400 AM) Box 1205 Zip Tel PD Gary Barrett MD Glen McCandless Sulphur Springs-KSST (1230 AM) PO Box 284 Zip Tel (214) PD & MD Dwayne Grimes Sweetwater-KXOX (1240 AM) 1801 Hoyt Ln Zip Tel (915) PD & MD Terry Bel - you Taylor-KTAE (1260 AM) 121 E Second St Zp Tel 1512) PD Fred Switzer MD Ed Lee Tenarkana_KADO (940 AM) 303 W Broad bp Tel (214) Texarkana-KCMC (740 AM) 3227 Summerhill Rd Zp Tel (214) PD Al Hanna MD Doug Duc s Country Music Sourcebook Billboard

51 Texas City-KTLW )920 AM PO Boa 2279 Zip 7759e Tel (713) Tuna-KTUE (1260 AM) Bon 169 Zip Tel (806) Tyler-KROZ (92 1 FM) PO Box 4248 Zip Tel ( Tyler-KZAK (1330 AM) 1922 E Front Zip Tel (214) PD & MO Neal White Vernon-KVWC (1490 AM) Box 1419 Zip Tel (817) Victory-KNAL (1410 AM) PO Box 2209 Zip Tel (512) PO Chuck Gibbons MD Mann Paul Victorea-KTXN (98 7 FM) Lower Mission Valley Rd Z)P Tel (512) P0 6 MD Joe Tibilan' Waco-KHOO (99 9 FM) 314 W Loop 340 Zip Tel (81 7) PD 6 MD Ron Richards Waco-KKK (1010 AM), PO Boa 7957 Zip Tel (817) PD John Wallis MD Ray Welch Weatherford-KZEE (1220 AM PO Boa 219 Zip Tel (817) PD Garry SWmonson Wharton-KAN (1500 AM) PO Box 350 Zip Tel (713) Wichita Falls-KLUR (99 9 FM) 4302 Call Field Rd ZP Tel (817) PD Jim Hill MD Jnn Russell Woodville-KV (1220 AM) PO Box 458 Zip Tel (713) PD Don Stevenson MD Rhonda Hall UTAH Cedar Crty-KSUB (590 AM 92 5 FM) PO Boa 819 Zip Tel (801) PD & MD Don Cartwright Delta-KNAK (540 AM), 74 S Center St Zip Tel (801) Ogden-KSVN (730 AM) Box 9730 Zip Tel (801) Prow-KFTN (1400 AM) 1400 S University Zip Tel (801) Sag Lake City-KRGO (1550 AM) KZAM (97 8 FM) 5065 W 21 South Zip Tel (801) PD Randy J Timothy Salt Lake City-KSOP (1370 AM FM PO Boa Zip Tel ( PD Yom Parker MD Joe Flint Spanish Fork-KON (1480 AM) Boa 379 Zip Tel ( PD Mike Pierce MO Jimmy Valentine VERMONT Rutland-WHWB (1000 AM 98 1 FM) Boa 518 ZiP Tel (802) PD Bob Bascom MO Chris McCormack South Burlington-WJOY (1230 AM) Broadcast Park Joy Dr Zip Tel ( White River Junction-WNHV (910 AM 95 3 FM) Boa 910 Zip Tel ( PD Ray Reed MD Dan Parker VRGNA Abingdon-WBB (1230 AM) US 11 Zip Tel (703) Alexandra-WPK (730 AM) WXRA (105 9 FM) 362 S Pickett St Zip Tel (703) PD 00 Hughes MD Kenneth Winters Ahavista-WKDE (1000 AM FM) Boa 512 OP: Tel (804) PO Neil Ryan MD Doug Catlin Bassett-WODY (900 AM Box 231 Zip Tel (703) PD Temple M Mays MD Donald Fielda- Blacksburg-WKEX (1430 AM) 1501 lark n NW ZiP Tel (703) PD Paul Lucci Bob Bding MO Sharon Kay Matherly Blackstone-WKLV (1440 AM WBBC (93 5 FM) PO Drawer 192 Zip Tel (804) PD & MD Gary Taggan Bluefield-WBDY FM) 134 Stockton St ZP Tel (703) PD 6 MD Mike Brown Bristol-WZAP (690 AM), Box 1038 Zip Tel (703) Brookneal-WOD (1230 AM) Radio Rd Zip Tel PD 6 MD Alan Soper Chatham-WKBY AM Bon 105A Rt 2 Zip Tel )804) PD & MD Deborah Motley Cuntwood-WDC (1430 AM Box 412 Rt 1 Zip Tel 1703) PD Betty N Fleming MD John H Mullins Covington-WKEY (1340 AM) 508 W Oak St Zip Tel (703) PD John Lee Davis MD Dwight Rohr Crewe-WSVS (800 AM FM) 800 Melody n ZP Tel 1804) PD 6 MD Randy Shave Crozet-WPED (810 AM) Hilltop St Zip Tel (804) PD Joe Bead MD Bobby Jo Watson Danville-WDVA (1250 AM) 1 Radio Ln Zip Tel (804) PD Tom Willer MD Tom Wilson Fredericksburg-WFLS AM 93 3 FM) 616 Amelia St Zip Tel PD & MD DKk Richey Galax-MOB (1360 AM 98 1 FM) Poplar Knob Rd Zip Tel (703) Gate City-WGAT AM FM) 133E Jackson Zip Tel PD Mike Long ptd Carol McConnell Luray-WRAA (1330 AM Rt 211 W Zip Tel (703) Mgr George R Hume Lynchburg -WBRG(1050AM) Box 1079 Zip Tel (804) PD 6 MD Doug Keefer Lynchburg-WGOL FM PO Bon 11529, 1 Radio Ln Zip Tel 1804) Lynchburg -WNOD(1390AM) PO Box 1390 Zip Tel (804) Mount Jackson-WSG (790 AM) Bon 425 Zip (703) PD & MD David W Parks Tel Norfolk-WCMS (1050 AM FM) 5600 Curlew Or Zip Tel (804) PD Joe Hopper MD Russ Cassidy Norfolk-WHNE AM) 206 W York St Zip Tel (804) PD Brad Karva Norfolk-WZAM (1110 AM) 520 Janet Office Bldg Zip Tel (804) Norton-WNVA (1350 AM FM) Box 500 Zip Tel ( PD & MD Steve Golly Pennington Gap-WSWV (1570 AM FM) 311 Woodway Rd Zip Tel (703) PD Wayne Sizemore MD David Hartley Petersburg-WPVA (1290 AM 95 3 FM) PO Box 87 Zip Tel ( PD Royal Bruce MD An Goodwin Portsmouth-WXR (105 3 FM Box 111 Zip Tel: (804) Pulaski-WBLB (1510 AM) Boa 915 Zip Tel (703) Radford-WRAD (1460 AM) PO Boa 1168 Zip Tel ( Richmond-WEET (1320 AM) 6555 Hull St Zip Tel (804) Richmond-WXG (950 AM) PO Boa 8872 Zip Tel ( PD George Popkins Roanoke-WSLC (610 AM) Bon 6002 Zip Tel (703) PD George Gillock MD King Edward V Rocky Mount-WNLB AM Box 602 Zip Tel (703) PD & MO Donny Brook Salem-WJLM (93 5 FM) PO Box 6099 Roanoke Tel (703) Staunton-WKDW (900 AM)_ PO Box 2189 Zip Tel (703) PD Darby James MO Gary Shannon Stuart-WHEO (1270 AM) Box 24 Rt 1 Zip Tel (703) Tazewell-WTZE (1470 AM) Box 69 Zip Tel (703) MD Dave Cox Warrenton-WKCW (1420 AM) PO Box 740 State Rt 673 Zip Tel 1703) PO & MD Tom Reeder Warsaw-WNNT (690 AM FM Box 877 Zip Tel ( PD Bill Little MD Mike McKenney Winchester-WRFL (92 5 FM) PO Drawer 3300 Zip Tel Gen Mgr Stephen E Shulman Woodbridge-WPWC (1530 AM) PO Box AC Zip Tel 1703) E1 PD Raynee Woolfenden MD Terry Linton Wytheville-WYVE (1280 AM) 195 S First St Zip Tel ( PD 6 MO Chuck Morne WASHNGTON Aberdeen-KBKW (1450 AM) 701 E Heron Zip Tel PD Terri Downing MD Stuart Black Belnngham-KBFW (930 AM) PO Boa D Zip Tel PD 6 MD Steve Lewis Bellingham-KER (104 3 FM) 2340 E Sunset Dr Zip: Tel (206) Centralia-KELA (102 9 FM) 1635 S Gold Zip Tel 706) Everett-KWYZ AM Bon 1234 Zip Tel: ( Kennewick-KOTY (1340 AM) Box 6127 Zip Tel 1509) Longview-KBAM (1270 AM PO Bon Ave Zip Tel ( PD & MD David Peterson Mount Vernon-KAPS (1470 AM) PO Boa 70 Zip Tel ( Prosser-KARY (1310 AM), Box 1310 Zip Tei 1509) Seattle-KAYO (1150 AM) 2939 Fourth Ave S Zip Tel (206) PD 6 MD Kris Carpenter Seattle-KMPS (1300 AM 94 1 FM1 Box SW Florida St Zip Tel ( PD 6 MD Ron Norwood Shelton-KMAS AM) PO Box 760 Zip Tel PD 6 MD Dennis Partlow Spokane-KGA (1510 AM) Box 8348 Zip Tel ( Tacoma-MAO (1360 AM) PO Box 1277 Zip Tel PD Art Lind MD Russ Riley Toppenish-KENE (1490 AM 92 7 FM) Box 350 Zip Tel PD Ken Nelson Vancouver-KGAR (1550 AM) PO Box 4638 Zip Tel ( PD Bruce Myers MD Ric Elgin Wenatchee-KUEN (900 AM) PO Box 79 Zip Tel 1509) PD Tim Scott WEST VRGNA Beckley-WJLS 1560 AM) WJLS Bldg Zip Tel 1304) PD & MD Roger Ball Berkeley Springs-WCST AM 93 5 FM PO Bon 8 Zip Tel (304) Charleston-WCAW (680 AM) Bin 4318 Zip Tel ( Charles Town-WZFM )98 3 FM) PO Boa 188 Zip Tel (304) Clarksburg-WKKW (106 5 FM) PO Box S Fourth St Zip Tel ( PD Chuck Warren Clarksburg-WPDX (750 AM FM) Bon 1920 Zip Tel ( PD 6 MD Mike King Hinton-WMTD (1380 AM Box 820 Zip Tel (304) Matewan-WHJC 1360 AM Box 68 Zip Tel ( PD George D Warren Jr Milton-WNST (1600 AM Bon 266 Zip Tel 1304) Morgantown-WAJR (1440 AM) Greer Bldg Zip Tel ( PD Dale Miller MD Carl Becker Parkersburg-WKYG (1230 AM) Box 368 Zip Tel 1304) PD & MD Kirk McCall Princeton-WAEY (1490 AM 95 9 FM Box 1011 Zip Tel 1304) PD & MD Jack Sheridan Ravenswood-WMOV (1360 AM) Box 647 Zip Tel (304) PD David L Hoyt St Albans-WKC )1300 AM, FM) 100 Kanawha Teri Zip Tel (304) PD & MD Savannah Adkins Wheeling-WWVA (11 70 AM) 1015 Main St Zip Tel (304) PD Tom Miller MD Bob Berry WSCONSN Amery-WXCE AM) Bon 1260 Zip Tel ( PO Cary Dean MD Jo Henderson Appleton-WAPL (1570 AM FM) 103 W College Ave Zip Tel (414) Beaver Dam-WXRO (95 3 FM) 98 Stoddart St Zip Tel 1414) PD John Moser FM Ed Hoefs Dodgeville-WDMP (810 AM 99 3 FM) Boa 116 Zip Tel (608) Durand-WRDN AM 95 9 FM) Boa 208 bp: Tel (715) Eau Clairs-WAXX (104 5 FM) 1907 S Hastings Way Zip: TM (715) PD Chris Millunzi MO: Tim Wilson Eau Claire-WJJK (1400 AM) 609 Cameron St Zip Tel 1715) PD Dave Shannon MD Joey Benkert Green Bay-WGEE (1360 AM) Jefferson Zip Tel (414) PD & MD Randy Allen LaCrosse-WLXR FM) Boa 1421 Seventh & King Sts Zip Tel (608) Madison-WTSO (1070 AM) Box 8030 Zip Tel 1608) PD Chuck Mork' MD Pat Martin Manitowoc-WCUB (980 AM) WKKB (92 1 FM) 1915 Morro Dr Zip Tel (414) PD & MD Bob rish Milwaukee-WBCS (1340 AM FM) 5407 W McKinley Ave Zip Tel (414) PD Bill Conway MD Ken Rice Milwaukee-WEMP (1250 AM) W Grange Ave Hales Corners Tel (414) PD & MD Bob Moke Minocaw-WWMH (95 9 FM) PO Boa 403 Zip Tel (715) Neillsvdle-WCCN (1370 AM, FM) Wisconsin Pavilion Zip Tel (715) Oshkosh-WYT (1490 AM) 2333 Bowen St Zip Tel (414) PO & MD Doug Lane Plymouth-WPLY (1420 AM) Box 420 Zip Tel (414) Port Washington-WGLB (1560 AM FM) Box 347 Zip Tel 1414) Prairie Du Chien-WPRE (980 AM 94 3 FM) Box 90 Zip Tel (608) Shawano-WTCH (960 AM 99 3 FM 108 S Main Zip Tel (715) Sturgeon Bay-WDOR (910 AM 93 9 FM) 800 S 15 Ave Zip Tel (414) PD Edward D Allen ll MD David Allen Tomah-WTMB (1460 AM 98 9 FM) PO Box 588 Zip Tel 1608) Viroqua-WGBM (102 3 FM) WSV (1360 AM) Rt 4 Zip Tel 1608) PD & MD David Robinson Waupun-WLKE (11 70 AM 609 Home Ave Zip Tel (414) PD Stan Holden Wausau-WXCO (1230 AM 1110 E Wausau Ave Zip Tel (715) PD 6 MD Gene Converse WYOMNG Casper-KVOC (1230 AM) 2323 E 15 Zip Tel ( PD Ron Tatar MD Barb Richardson Cheyenne-KVWO (1530 AM) PO Box 926 Zip Tel ( PD Bob McBride MD Don Bell Evanston-KEVA (1240 AM Box 190 Zip Tel 1307) PD & MD Curtis Carroll Gillette-KML AM PO Boa 1009 Zip Tel 1307) PD Butch Luth MD Ralph Lenin Kemmerer-KMER (950 AM) 436 Fossil' Butte Dr Zip Tel (307) Laramie-KOJO (1490 AM) PO Box 818 Zip Tel 1307) PO John Logan MD Michael Gor - men Rawlins-KRAL (1240 AM) 319 Wyoming St Zip Tel (307) Rock Springs-KOSW (96 5 FM PO Boa 2128 Zip Tel ( PD & MD Jon Collins Thermopolis-KTHE (1240 AM) Bon 591 Zip Tel ( PD & MD Bruce Long Wheatland-KYCN (1340 AM PO Box 248 Zip Tel ( Country Music Extra copies of this year's edition are available from Billboard Magazine see page 4 Country Music Sourcebook Billboard 51

52 REALLY WANT TOP SNGLES The following is a selected portion of Billboard's "Top Country Singles of the Year" Programming Aid For details on this service and Billboard's other Programming Aids, please contact: Billboard Chart Research, 9000 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, Calif Tel: (213) Pos TTLE -Artist (Label) 'M MOVN' ON -Hank Snow (Victor) 2 CHATTANOOGE SHOESHNE BOY -Red Foley (Pecca) 3 'LL SAL MY SHP ALONE -Moon Mullican (King) 4 WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME?-HankWilliams (MGM) 5 LONG GONE LONESOME BLUES -Hank Williams (MGM) 6 GOODNGHT, RENE -Red Foley & Ernest Tubb (Decca) 7 CUDDLE BUGGN' BABY -Eddy Arnold (Victor) 8 (REMEMBER ME) 'M THE ONE WHO LOVES YOU -Stuart Hamblen (Columbia) 9 BRMNGHAM BOUNCE -Red Foley (Decca) 10 LOVEBUG TCH -Eddy Arnold (Victor) Pos TTLE -Artist (Label) COLD, COLD HEART -Hank Williams (MGM) 2 WANT TO BE WTH YOU ALWAYS -Lefty Frizzell (Columbia) 3 ALWAYS LATE -Lefty Frizzell (Columbia) 4 RHUMBA BOOGE -Hank Snow (Victor) 5 WANNA PLAY HOUSE WTH YOU -Eddy Arnold (Victor) 6 THERE'S BEEN A CHANGE N ME -Eddy Arnold (Victor) 7 SHOTGUN BOOGE -Tennessee Ernie (Capitol) 8 HEY, GOOD LOOKN'-Hank Williams (MGM) 9 MOM AND DAD'S WALTZ -Lefty Frizzell (Columbia) 10 GOLDEN ROCKET -Hank Snow (Victor) Pos TTLE -Artist (Label) WLD SDE OF LFE -Hank Thompson (Capitol) 2 LET OLD MOTHER NATURE HAVE HER WAY -Carl Smith (Columbia) 3 JAMBALAYA-Hank Williams (MGM) 4 T WASN'T GOD WHO MADE HONKY TONK ANGELS -Kitty Wells (Decca) 5 SLOW POKE -Pee Wee King (Victor) 6 NDAN LOVE CALL -Slim Whitman (mperial) 7 WONDERNG -Webb Pierce (Decca) 8 DON'T JUST STAND THERE -Carl Smith (Columbia) 9 ALMOST -George Morgan (Columbia) 10 GVE ME MORE, MORE, MORE OF YOUR KSSES -Lefty Frizzell Pos (Columbia) TTLE -Artist (Label) KAW-LGA-Hank Williams (MGM) 2 YOUR CHEATN' HEART -Hank Williams (MGM) 3 NO HELP WANTED-Carlisles (Mercury) 4 DEAR JOHN LETTER -Jean Shepard & Ferlin Husky (Capitol) 5 HEY, JOE -Carl Smith (Columbia) 6 MEXCAN JOE -Jim Reeves (Abbott) 7 FORGOT MORE THAN YOU'LL EVER KNOW -Davis Sisters (RCA Victor) 8 T'S BEEN SO LONG -Webb Pierce (Decca) 9 TAKE THESE CHANS FROM MY HEART -Hank Williams (MGM) 10 FOOL SUCH AS -Hank Snow (Victor) Pos TTLE -Artist (Label) DON'T HURT ANYMORE -Hank Snow (Victor) 2 ONE BY ONE -Kitty Wells & Red Foley (Decca) 3 SLOWLY -Webb Pierce (Decca) 4 EVEN THO-Webb Pierce (Decca) 5 DON'T WANT TO KNOW -Eddy Arnold (Victor) 6 MORE AND MORE -Webb Pierce (Decca) 7 YOU BETTER NOT DO THAT -Tommy Collins (Capitol) 8 THERE STANDS THE GLASS -Webb Pierce (Decca) 9 ROSE MARE -Slim Whitman (mperial) 10 'LL BE THERE -Ray Price (Columbia) Pos TELE -Artist (Label) CRAZY ARMS -Ray Price (Columbia) 2 HEARTBREAK HOTEL -Elvis Presley (Victor) 3 WALK THE LNE -Johnny Cash (Sun) 4 BLUE SUEDE SHOES -Carl Perkins (Sun) 5 SEARCHNG -Kitty Wells (Decca) 6 YOU, NEED YOU, LOVE YOU -Elvis Presley (Victor) 7 DON'T BE CRUEL -Elvis Presley (Victor) 8 WHY BABY WHY -Red Sovine & Webb Pierce (Decca) 9 FORGOT TO REMEMBER TO FORGET -Elvis Presley (Victor) 10 SNGNG THE BLUES -Marty Robbins (Columbia) Pos TTLE -Artist (Label) GONE-Ferlin Husky (Capitol) 2 FRAULEN-Bobby Helms (Decca) 3 BYE BYE LOVE-Everly Brothers (Cadence) 4 A WHTE SPORT COAT -Marty Robbins (Columbia) 5 YOUNG LOVE -Sonny James (Capitol) 6 FOUR WALLS -Jim Reeves (RCA Victor) 7 THERE YOU GO/TRAN OF LOVE -Johnny Cash (Sun) 8 WAKE UP LTTLE SUSE-Everly Brothers (Cadence) 9 GONNA FND ME A BLUEBRD -Marvin Rainwater (MGM) 10 JALHOUSE ROCK -Elvis Presley (RCA Victor) Pos TTLE -Artist (Label) OH, LONESOME ME/ CAN'T STOP LOVNG YOU -Don Gibson Z (RCA Victor) JUST MARRED/STARWAY OF LOVE -Marty Robbins (Columbia) 3 GUESS THNGS HAPPEN THATWAY/COME N, STRANGER - Johnny Cash (Sun) 4 CTY LGHTS/NVTATON TO THE BLUES -Ray Price (Columbia) 5 DON'T/ BEG OF YOU -Elvis Presley (RCA Victor) 6 THE WAYS OFAWOMAN N LOVE/YOU'RE THE NEAREST THNG TO HEAVEN -Johnny Cash (Sun) 7 BALLAD OF A TEENAGE QUEEN -Johnny Cash (Sun) 8 SEND ME THE PLLOW YOU DREAM ON -Hank Locklin (RCA Victor) 9 BLUE BLUE DAY -Don Gibson (RCA Victor) *10 ALONE WTH YOU-Faron Young (Capitol) *10 BLUE BOY -Jim Reeves (RCA Victor) *tie Pos TTLE -Artist (Label) BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS -Johnny Horton (Columbia) 2 THE THREE BELLS -The Browns (RCA Victor) 3 HEARTACHES BY THE NUMBER -Ray Price (Columbia) 4 WATERLOO -Stonewall Jackson (Columbia) 5 DON'T TAKE YOUR GUNS TO TOWN -Johnny Cash (Columbia) 6 WHTE LGHTNNG -George Jones (Mercury) 7 COUNTRY GRL-Faron Young (Capitol) 8 AN'T NEVER -Webb Pierce (Decca) 9 WHEN T'S SPRNGTME N ALASKA -Johnny Horton (Columbia) 10 BLLY BAYOU -Jim Reeves (RCA Victor) Pos TTLE -Artist (Label) FALL TO PECES -Patsy Cline (Decca) 2 FOOLN' AROUND -Buck Owens (Capitol) 3 WNDOW UP ABOVE -George Jones (Mercury) 4 TENDER YEARS -George Jones (Mercury) 5 THREE HEARTS N ATANGLE-Roy Drusky (Decca) 6 HELLO WALLS-Faron Young (Capitol) 7 DON'T WORRY -Marty Robbins (Columbia) 8 HEARTBREAK USA-Kitty Wells (Decca) 9 SEA OF HEARTBREAK -Don Gibson (RCA Victor) 10 ON THE WNGS OFA DOVE-Ferlin Husky (Capitol) Pos TTLE -Artist (Label) WOLVERTON MOUNTAN -Claude King (Columbia) 2 MSERY LOVES COMPANY -Porter Wagoner (RCA Victor) 3 SHE THNKS STLL CARE -George Jones (United Artists) 4 CHARLE'S SHOES -Billy Walker (Columbia) 5 ADOS AMGO -Jim Reeves (RCA Victor) 6 A WOUND TME CAN'T ERASE -Stonewall Jackson (Columbia) 7 SHE'S GOT YOU -Patsy Cline (Decca) 8 WALK ON BY -Leroy Van Dyke (Mercury) 9 TROUBLE'S BACK N TOWN -Wilburn Brothers (Decca) 10 LOSNG YOUR LOVE -Jim Reeves (RCA Victor) Pos TTLE -Artist (Label) STLL -Bill Anderson (Decca) 2 ACT NATURALLY -Buck Owens (Capitol) 3 RNG OF FRE -Johnny Cash (Columbia) 4 WE MUST HAVE BEEN OUT OF OUR MNDS -George Jones & Melba Montgomery (United Artists) 5 LONESOME Hawkshaw Hawkins (King) 6 TALK BACK TREMBLNG LPS -Ernest Ashworth (Hickory) 7 ABLENE-George Hamilton V (RCA Victor) 8 DON'T LET ME CROSS OVER -Carl Butler (Columbia) 9 SX DAYS ON THE ROAD -Dave Dudley (Golden Wing) 10 YOU COMB HER HAR -George Jones (United Artists) Pos TTLE -Artist (Label) MY HEART SKPS A BEAT -Buck Owens (Capitol) 2 WELCOME TO MY WORLD -Jim Reeves (RCA Victor) 3 TOGETHER AGAN -Buck Owens (Capitol) 4 GUESS 'M CRAZY -Jim Reeves (RCA Victor) 5 DON'T LOVE YOU ANYMORE -Charlie Louvin (Capitol) 6 SAGNAW MCHGAN -Lefty Frizzell (Columbia) 7 BURNNG MEMORES -Ray Price (Columbia) 8 UNDERSTAND YOUR MAN -Johnny Cash (Columbia) 9 DANG ME -Roger Miller (Smash) 10 MEMORY # 1 -Webb Pierce (Decca) Pos TTLE -Artist (Label) WHAT'S HE DONG N MY WORLD -Eddy Arnold (RCA Victor) 2 'VE GOT A TGER BY THE TAL -Buck Owens (Capitol) 3 YES, MR PETERS -Roy Drusky & Priscilla Mitchell (Mercury) 4 BRDGE WASHED OUT -Warner Mack (Decca) 5 THE OTHER WOMAN -Ray Price (Columbia) 6 THEN AND ONLY THEN -Connie Smith (RCA Victor) 7 BEFORE YOU GO -Buck Owens (Capitol) 8 KNG OF THE ROAD -Roger Miller (Smash) 9 YOU'RE THE ONLY WORLD KNOW -Sonny James (Capitol) 10 'LL KEEP HOLDNG ON -Sonny James (Capitol) Pos TTLE -Artist (Label) N THE JALHOUSE NOW -Webb Pierce (Decca) 2 MAKNG BELEVE -Kitty Wells (Decca) 3 DON'T CARE -Webb Pierce (Decca) 4 LOOSE TALK -Carl Smith (Columbia) 5 SATSFED MND -Porter Wagoner (RCA Victor) 6 CATTLE CALL -Eddy Arnold & Hugo Winterhalter (RCA Victor) 7 LVE FAST, LOVE HARD AND DE YOUNG-Faron Young (Capitol) 8 F YOU AN'T LOVN'-Faron Young (Capitol) 9 YELLOW ROSES -Hank Snow (RCA Victor) 10 'VE BEEN THNKNG -Eddy Arnold (RCA Victor) Pos TTLE -Artist (Label) PLEASE HELP ME, 'M FALLNG -Hank Locklin (RCA Victor) 2 HE'LL HAVE TO GO -Jim Reeves (RCA Victor) 3 ALABAM-Cowboy Copas (Starday) 4 ONE MORE TME -Ray Price (Columbia) 5 ABOVE AND BEYOND -Buck Owens (Capitol) 6 ANOTHER -Roy Drusky (Decca) 7 JUST ONE TME -Don Gibson (RCA Victor) 8 ON THE WNGS OF A DOVE-Ferlin Husky (Capitol) 9 EL PASO -Marty Robbins (Columbia) 10 EXCUSE ME ( THNK 'VE GOT A HEARTACHE) -Buck Owens - (Capitol) Pos TTLE -Artist (Label) ALMOST PERSUADED -David Houston (Epic) 2 THNK OF ME -Buck Owens (Capitol) 3 WATN' N YOUR WELFARE LNE -Buck Owens (Capitol) 4 WANT TO GO WTH YOU -Eddy Arnold (RCA Victor) 5 SWNGNG DOORS -Merle Haggard (Capitol) 6 DSTANT DRUMS -Jim Reeves (RCA Victor) 7 GDDYUP GO -Red Sovine (Starday) 8 OPEN UP YOUR HEART -Buck Owens (Capitol) 9 TAKE GOOD CARE OF HER -Sonny James (Capitol) 10 LOVE YOU DROPS -Bill Anderson (Decca) 52 Country Music Sourcebook Billboard

53 Pos TTLE -Artist (Label) Pos TTLE -Artist (Label) 1 ALL THE TME -Jack Greene (Decca) 1 YOU'VE NEVER BEEN THS FAR BEFORE -Conway Twitty (MCA) 2 WALK THROUGH THS WORLD WTH ME -George Jones 2 BEHND CLOSED DOORS -Charlie Rich (Epic) (Musicor) 3 SATN SHEETS -Jeanne Pruett (MCA) 3 T'S SUCH A PRETTY WORLD TODAY -Wynn Stewart (Capitol) 4 TEDDY BEAR SONG -Barbara Fairchild (Columbia) 4 'LL NEVER FND ANOTHER YOU -Sonny James (Capitol) 5 AMANDA -Don Williams (1M) 5 WHERE DOES THE GOOD TMES GO -Buck Owens (Capitol) 6 YOU'RE THE BEST THNG THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME -Ray 6 DON'T WANNA PLAY HOUSE -Tammy Wynette (Epic) Price (Columbia) 7 YOUR GOOD GRL'S GONNA GO BAD -Tammy Wynette (Epic) 7 WHY ME -Kris Kristofferson (Monument) 8 THERE GOES MY EVERYTHNG -Jack Greene (Decca) 8 EVERYBODY'S HAD THE BLUES -Merle Haggard (Capitol) 9 T'S THE LTTLE THNGS -Sonny James (Capitol) 9 SHE NEEDS SOMEONE TO HOLD HER -Conway Twitty (MCA) 10 MY ELUSVE DREAMS -David Houston & Tammy Wynette (Epic) 10 THE LORD KNOWS 'M DRNKNG -Cal Smith (MCA) Let's save energy now 1968 Pos TTLE -Artist (Label) FOLSOM PRSON BLUES -Johnny Pos TTLE Cash (Columbia) -Artist (Label) 2 SKP A ROPE -Henson Cargill (Monument) THERE WON'T BE ANYMORE-CharlieRich (RCA) 1 3 D - V-O-R-C-E-TammyWynette (Epic) 2 F WE MAKE T THROUGH DECEMBER -Merle Haggard 4 MAMA TRED (The Ballad From "Killers Three") -Merle (Capitol) Haggard (Capitol) 3 LOVE -Tom T Hall (Mercury) 5 WORLD OF OUR OWN -Sonny James (Capitol) 4 THE GRAND TOUR -George Jones (Epic) 6 WANNA LVE -Glen Campbell 5 (Capitol) RUB T N -Billy "Crash" Craddock (ABC) 6 JOLENE-Dolly Parton (RCA) 7 ONLY DADDY THAT'LL WALK THE LNE-Waylon Jennings (RCA Victor) 7 MARE LAVEAU-Bobby Bare (RCA) 8 HEAVEN SAYS HELLO 8 -Sonny James (Capitol) A VERY SPECAL LOVE SONG -Charlie Rich (Epic) 9 HONEY -Bobby Goldsboro (United Artists) 9 F YOU LOVE ME (LET ME KNOW) -Olivia Newton -John (MCA) 10 HARPER VALLEY PTA-Jeannie C Riley (Plantation) 10 ANOTHER LONELY SONG -Tammy Wynette (Epic) Pos TTLE -Artist (Label) Pos TTLE -Artist (Label) 1 MY LFE -Bill Anderson (Decca) 1 RHNESTONE COWBOY -Glen Campbell (Capitol) 2 DADDY SANG BASS -Johnny Cash (Columbia) 2 RECONSDER ME-Narvel Felts (ABC/Dot) 3 'LL SHARE MY WORLD WTH YOU -George Jones (Musicor) 3 BLUE EYES CRYNG N THE RAN -Willie Nelson (Columbia) 4 HUNGRY EYES -Merle Haggard & the Strangers (Capitol) 4 LOVE N THE HOT AFTERNOON -Gene Watson (Capitol) 5 STATUE OF A FOOL -Jack Greene (Decca) 5 WASTED DAYS & WASTED NGHTS -Freddy Fender (ABC/ Dot) 6 (MARGE'S AT) THE LNCOLN PARK NN -Bobby Bare (RCA 6 FEELNS'-Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty (MCA) Victor) 7 T'S TME TO PAY THE FDDLER -Cal Smith (MCA) 7 ONLY THE LONELY -Sonny James (Capitol) 8 YOU'RE MY BEST FREND -Don Williams (ABC/Dot) 8 LOVE YOU MORE TODAY -Conway Twitty (Decca) 9 WRONG ROAD AGAN -Crystal Gayle (United Artists) 9 DARLNG, YOU KNOW WOULDN'T LE -Conway Twitty r9 LZZE & THE RANMAN-Tanya Tucker (MCA) (Decca) tie 10 THE WAYS TO LOVE A MAN -Tammy Wynette (Epic) Pos TTLE -Artist (Label) Pos TTLE -Artist (Label) 1 HELLO DARLN'-ConwayTwitty (Decca) 1 CONVOY -C W McCall (MGM) 2 FOR THE GOOD TMES/GRAZN' N GREENER PASTURES -Ray 2 GOOD HEARTED WOMAN-Waylon & Willie (RCA) Price (Columbia) 3 THE DOOR S ALWAYS OPEN -Dave And Sugar (RCA) 3 TENNESSEE BRDWALK-Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan 4 'LL GET OVER YOU -Crystal Gayle (United Artists) (Wayside) 5 TEDDY BEAR -Red Sovine (Starday) 4 DON'T KEEPMEHANGN'ON-SonnyJames(Capitol) 6 EL PASO CTY -Marty Robbins (Columbia) 5 S ANYBODY GON' TO SAN ANTONE-Charley Pride (RCA 1 ('M A) STAND BY MY WOMAN MAN -Ronnie Milsap (RCA) Victor) 8 DON'T WANT TO HAVE TO MARRY YOU -Jim Ed Brown & Helen 6 WONDER COULD LVE THERE ANYMORE -Charley Pride (RCA Cornelius (RCA) Victor) 9 ONE PECE AT A TME -Johnny Cash (Columbia) 7 T'S JUST A MATTER OF TME -Sonny James (Capitol) 10 STRANGER -Johnny Duncan (Columbia) 8 MY LOVE -Sonny James (Capitol) 9 FGHTN' SDE OF ME -Merle Haggard & the Strangers (Capitol) 10 HE LOVES ME ALL THE WAY -Tammy Wynette (Epic) Pos TTLE -Artist (Label) LUCKENBACH, TEXAS (BACK TO THE BASCS OF LOVE) Waylon Jennings (RCA) Pos TTLE -Artist (Label) 2 DON'T T MAKE MY BROWN EYES BLUE -Crystal Gayle (United EASY LOVNG -Freddie Hart (Capitol) Artists) 2 WON'T MENTON T AGAN -Ray Price (Columbia) 3 LUCLLE -Kenny Rogers (United Artists) 3 HELP ME MAKE T THROUGH THE NGHT-Sammi Smith4 HEAVEN'S JUST A SN AWAY-Kendalls (Ovation) (Mega) 5 T WAS ALMOST LKE A SONG -Ronnie Milsap (RCA) 4 THE YEAR THAT CLAYTON DELANEY DED -Tom T Hall 6 ROLLN' WTH THE FLOW -Charlie Rich (Epic) (Mercury) 7 SHE'S PULLNG ME BACK AGAN -Mickey Gilley (Playboy) 5 WHEN YOU'RE HOT, YOU'RE HOT -Jerry Reed (RCA) 8 SOUTHERN NGHTS -Glen Campbell (Capitol) 6 EMPTY ARMS -Sonny James (Capitol) 9 WAY DOWN/PLEDGNG MY LOVE -Elvis Presley (RCA) 7 'M JUST ME -Charley Pride (RCA) 10 SHE'S GOT YOU -Loretta Lynn (MCA) 8 HOW CAN UNLOVE YOU -Lynn Anderson (Columbia) 9 GOOD LOVN' (MAKES T RGHT) -Tammy Wynette (Epic) 10 HOW MUCH MORE CAN SHE STAND -Conway Twitty (Decca) 1978 Pos TTLE -Artist (Label) MAMAS DON'T LET YOUR BABES GROW UP TO BE COWBOYS/ Pos TTLE -Artist (Label) CAN GET OFF ON YOU-Waylon & Willie (RCA) 1 MY HANG UP S YOU -Freddie Hart (Capitol) 2 HERE YOU COME AGAN -Dolly Parton (RCA) 2 THE HAPPEST GRL N THE WHOLE USA-Donna Fargo (Dot) 3 ONLY ONE LOVE N MY LFE -Ronnie Milsap (RCA) 3 T'S FOUR N THE MORNNG -Fawn Young (Mercury) 4 'VE ALWAYS BEEN CRAZY-Waylon Jennings (RCA) 4 T'S GONNATAKEA LTTLE BT LONGER -Charley Pride (RCA) 5 HEARTBREAKER -Dolly Parton (RCA) 5 F YOU LEAVE ME TONGHT 'LL CRY -Jerry Wallace (Decca) 6 TAKE THS JOB AND SHOVE T -Johnny Paycheck (Epic) 6 CAROLYN-Merle Haggard & The Strangers (Capitol) 7 DON'T BREAK THE HEART THAT LOVES YOU -Margo Smith 1 KSS AN ANGEL GOOD MORNN'-Charley Pride (RCA) (Warner Bros) 8 CHANTLLY LACE/THNK ABOUT T DARLN'-Jerry Lee Lewis 8 EVERYTME TWO FOOLS COLLDE -Kenny Rogers & Dottie West (Mercury) (United Artists) 9 ONE'S ON THE WAY- Loretta Lynn (Decca) 9 DO YOU KNOW YOU ARE MY SUNSHNE-Statler Bros (Mercury) 10 WOMAN (SENSUOUS WOMAN) -Don Gibson (Hickory) 10 SOMEONE LOVES YOU HONEY -Charley Pride (RCA) "This used to be a flourishing, gold - rich town The people who lived here never thought it would end up like this" But the gold ran out "Today we run the risk of losing something more precious than gold Our country's energy We waste a shameful amount of it "We can't afford to waste more time or more energy We've got to start saving our resources today "Join me in an important new alliance of concerned Amencans the Alliance to Save Energy Together we can make a significant contribution to the future of our country "For our children and their children Let's not blow it America" For a free booklet on how you can help save energy, mail the coupon below AALLANCE TO SAVE ENERGY Box Washington, DC want to help save energy Send me your booklet Name Address City State Zip A Public Serrice of This Magazine und The Adrerti sin c Council pm Country Music Sourcebook Billboard 53

54 January 1 Esco Hankins 2 Harold Bradley, Roger Miller 3 Leon McAuliff 4 Lorene Mann 5 Hank Chess 6 Earl Scruggs, Bobby Lord, Autry nman 7 Jack Greene, Leona Williams 8 Elvis Presley, Cristy Lane 9 Crystal Gayle, Jimmy Day, Rollin "Oscar" Sullivan, Roy Head, Red O'Donnell, Jack McFadden 1 1 Gordie Hill 12 Ray Price, Tex Ritter, LaWanda Lindsey, Tommy Duncan 14 Billie Jo Spears, Billy Walker 15 Wendel Adkins, Robbie Harden 16 Ronnie Milsap, Duane Dee, Ruby Falls 17 Grady Martin 18 Bobby Goldsboro 19 Dolly Parton, Stu Phillips, Phil Everly 20 Slim Whitman 21 Mac Davis 23 Johnny Russell 24 Doug Kershaw, Ray Stevens 25 Claude Gray, Rusty Draper 26 James O'Gwynn, Dave Rowland 27 Buddy Emmons, Billy Larkin 28 Bill Phillips 29 Al Stricklin 30 Jeanne Pruett, Norma Jean, Harold Morrison February 1 Don Everly, Ray Sawyer 2 Rusty Kershaw, Glenn Barber 3 Sarah Johns, Linda Hargrove 4 Dave "Lonzo" Hooten 5 Claude King 7 Donna Stoneman, Wilma Lee Cooper, Tony Booth 8 Jim Mundy 9 Ernest Tubb 10 Bennie Hess 1 1 Wesley Rose 12 Steve Sholes, Moe Bandy, Jay Lee Webb 13 Tennessee Ernie Ford, Chickie Williams, Jim McReynolds (Jim &Jesse) 15 Hank Locklin, Wally Fowler, Bobby Barnett 16 Jimmy Wakely 17 Johnny Bush, Buck Trent, Bobby Lewis 18 Pee Wee King 19 Jerry Max Lane 20 Muni Skinner 21 Don Reno 22 Del Wood 25 Faron Young, Ralph Stanley 26 Johnny Cash, Fiddlin' Sid Hartreader, Al "Porky" Witherow 27 Chuck Glaser 28 Audrey Williams, Jim Denny March 1 Connie Eaton, Cliffie Stone, Arleen Harden 2 Doc Watson, Arkie "Arkansas Woodchopper" 4 Betty Jack Davis 5 Jimmy Bryant 6 Bob Wills, Jerry Naylor 8 Jimmy Stoneman, Johnny Dollar 9 Mickey Gilley, Jerry Byrd, Marty Martel 10 Ralph Emery, Alexander Harvey, Jethro Burns, Leon Rhodes, Gary Buck 11 Billy Golden 12 Lew DeWitt 13 Jan Howard, Liz Anderson 15 Carl Smith, James Monroe 16 Ray Walker 17 Dick Curless, Jim Weatherly 18 Charley Pride, Margie Bowes, Smiley Burnette 20 Jerry Reed, Nick Nixon, Tommy Hunter 21 Gary Buck, Stan Hitchcock, Carol -Lee Cooper 22 Dick Damron 25 Bonnie Guitar 26 Charly McClain 27 David Rogers 28 Reba McEntire 29 Moon Mullican, Kathy Barnes 30 Bobby Wright, Connie Cato 31 John D Loudermilk, Lefty Frizzell, Anita Carter, Hoyt Hawkins, Tommy Jackson April 1 Jim Ed Brown 2 Warner Mack, Sonny Throckmorton, Emmylou Harris 3 Don Gibson 4 Norm Wilson, Steve Gatlin 5 Tommy Cash, June Stearns, Jack Clement 6 Vernon Dalhart, Merle Haggard, Dottsy, Wade Ray 7 Bobby Bare, Cal Smith, Dee Mullins 8 Jimmie Osborne 9 Carl Perkins 10 Sheb Wooley, Weldon Myrick 11 Jim McCoy 12 Judy Lynn, Tony Douglas, Ned Miller 13 Harry Compton, Buddy Meredith 14 Loretta Lynn 15 Bob Luman, Roy Clark 16 Harmonica Kate 18 Harlan Sanders 54 BRTHDAYS 20 Hylo Brown 21 ra Louvin, Carl Belew 22 Glen Campbell, Ray Griff 23 Roy Orbison 24 Kenny Hart, Peggy Sue 25 0 B McClinton 26 Johnny Mosby, Cecil Null 27 Maxine Brown, Jimmie Skinner, Dave Peel 29 Billy Mize, Danny Davis, Russ Wheeler 30 Willie Nelson, Johnny Horton, Darrell McCall, Dewey Groom May 1 Sonny James, Jimmy Gately, Rita Coolidge, Sam McGee 2 Larry Gatlin 3 Dave Dudley 4 Stella Parton 5 Tammy Wynette, Poni Stoneman, Wayne Carson 6 Mike Hoyer, Cliff Carlisle, Debbie Lori Kaye 7 Lorrie Collins 8 Jack Blanchard, Rick Nelson, Benny Martin 9 Hank Snow, Tommy Roe, Bobby Lewis 10 Maybelle Carter 1 1 Joe Taylor 12 Billy Swan, Joe Maphis, Duke of Paducah ("Whitey Ford") 13 Johnny Wright, Jack Anglin 14 Sonny Garrish 15 Eddy Arnold 16 Wendy Bagwell 17 Penny DeHaven, Grant Turner, Ben Smathers 18 Little David Wilkins 1 9 Mickey Newbury, Martha Carson 20 George Gobel 21 Harold Robbins 22 Ralph Peer 23 Mac Wiseman, Misty Morgan, Buddy Alan, Rosemary Clooney 25 Tom T Hall, Pop Stoneman, Jessi Colter 26 Hank Williams Jr, Jimmy Stephens 27 Kenny Price, Redd Stewart 28 Gary Stewart, Mary Taylor, Charlie McCoy 30 Johnny Gimble 31 Vic Willis, Johnny Paycheck June 1 Johnny Bond, Pat Boone, Andy Griffith, Larry B 2 Carl Butler, Anthony Armstrong Jones 3 Boots Randolph 4 Gordie Tapp, Texas Ruby, Freddy Fender, Bill Mack 5 Don Reid 7 Wynn Stewart 8 Steve From holz, Clyde Beavers Vernon Oxford 9 Glen Hurley (Cuzzin Sipe), Les Paul 10 Karen McKenzie 11 Wilma Burgess 12 George Kent 13 Mary Lou Turner, Dennis Locorriere 14 Burl ves 15 Waylon Jennings 16 Leon Payne, Billy "Crash" Craddock 17 Red Foley, David "Stringbean" Akeman, Elton Britt 18 Don Williams 19 Pat Buttram, Bobby Borchers 20 Chet Atkins, Jimmy Driftwood, Anne Murray 22 Kris Kristofferson, Roy Drusky 23 June Carter Cash, Diana Trask 24 Tommy Scott 26 Doc Williams 27 Bobby Harden 28 Lester Flatt, George Morgan 30 Mike Lunsford, Doyle Holly July 1 John Lair 2 Marvin Rainwater 3 Johnny Lee 4 Marion Worth, Charlie Monroe, Ray Pillow 5 Guy Willis 6 Jeannie Seely 7 Red Sovine, Doyle Wilburn, Charlie Louvin, Webb Foley B Carol Sue 9 Jesse McReynolds (Jim &Jesse), Eddie Dean 10 Dave Kirby 11 Bobby G Rice 13 Bradley Kincaid 14 Del Reeves 15 Cowboy Copas, Linda Ronstadt, Johnny Sea 16 Faith O'Hara 17 Rich Garrett 18 Chill Wills 19 George Hamilton V 20 Henson Cargill, JE Mainer, TG Sheppard 21 Ken Maynard 23 Johnny Darrell, Pat Roberts 24 Red Blanchard 25 Roy Acuff Jr 26 Cathie Taylor 27 Bobbie Gentry, Homer Haynes 28 Sherwin Linton, Randy Cornor 29 George Pasher 317 Bonnie Brown, James W Blackwood Jr August 2 Hank Cochran, Blake Emmons, Rod Brasfield 3 Gordon Stoker 4 James Blackwood, Carson Robison, Vickie Hackeman 5 Hal Durham, Vern Gosdin, Sammi Smith, Carmol Taylor, Bobby Braddock 6 Myrna Lorrie 8 Webb Pierce, Mel Tillis, Phil Balsley, Peggy Little, Wayne Walker 9 Merle Kilgore 10 Junior Samples, Jimmy Dean, Jonie Mosby, Jimmy Martin 12 Buck Owens, Porter Wagoner 13 Valerie Jay 14 Connie Smith 15 Bobby Helms, Rose Maddox 17 Nate Harvel, EW (Bud) Wendell 18 Molly Bee 19 Eddy Raven 20 Jim Reeves, Justin Tubb, Rudy Gatlin 21 Harold Reid, Kenny Rogers 22 Doyle Blackwood 23 Tex Williams, Rex Allen Jr 24 Fred Rose 26 Don Bowman 28 Billy Grammer 29 Jimmy Newman 30 Kitty Wells 31 Orval Prophet September 1 Conway Twitty, Patti Leatherwood 2 Johnnie Lee Wills 3 Hank Thompson, Tompall Glaser 4 Sherri King, Shot Jackson 6 Mel McDaniel, Zeke Clements Margie Cates 7 Ronnie Dove 8 Jimmie Rodgers, Harlan Howard, Patsy Cline, Bill Compton 9 Freddy Weller 10 Tommy Overstreet 11 Jimmie Davis 12 George Jones, Helen Carter 13 Bill Monroe 15 Roy Acuff 17 Hank Williams 18 Priscilla Mitchell 1 9 Billy Deaton 20 Pearl Butler, Gwen Collins 21 Jay Huguely, Dickey Lee, Ott Stephens 22 Ted Daffan 26 Lynn Anderson, Bob Jennings, Marty Robbins, Olivia Newton -John 27 Marcie Cates 28 Jerry Clower, Tommy Collins 29 Gene Autry, Jerry Lee Lewis 30 Freddie Lake October 1 Bonnie Owens, Ray Sanders 2 Joel Sonnier, Leon Rausch 3 Vern Stovall 4 Audie Ashworth, LeRoy Van Dyke, Larry Collins 5 Johnny Duncan, Margie Singleton 6 Billy Ray Reynolds 7 Uncle Dave Macon, Gordon Terry, Larry Jon Wilson 8 Pete Drake, Susan Raye 10 Tanya Tucker 1 1 Dottie West, Gene Watson 13 Anita Kerr 14 Melba Montgomery, Kenny Roberts 15 Ethel Delaney 16 Stoney Cooper 17 Jack Howard 19 Jeannie C Riley, Art Satherly, Brian Collins 20 Grandpa Jones, Stuart Hamblen, Wanda Jackson, Kenny Seratt 21 Owen Bradley 22 Tex Carson 23 David Wills 25 Minnie Pearl 26 Neal Matthews 27 Floyd Cramer, Dallas Frazier, Ruby Wright, Bonnie Lou 28 Cecil Stamps Blackw000d 29 Sonny Osborne 30 Patsy Montana 31 Dale Evans November 1 Bill Anderson 2 Charlie Walker 3 Lulu Roman 4 Kirk McGee 5 Roy Rogers 6 Stonewall Jackson, Doug Sahm 7 Archie Campbell 8 Scotty Wiseman, Patti Page 9 George D Hay, Curly Fox, James Talley, Tommy Caldwell 10 Donna Fargo, Onie Wheeler, Dave Loggins 11 Narvel Felts 12 Barbara Fairchild, Van Trevor 1 3 Larry Ballard, Toy Caldwell 14 Colleen Peterson 15 CW McCall (Continued on page 62) Country Music Sourcebook Billboard

55 Record Companies Continued from page 32 Slade Rec Co, Box 536, Crookston, Minn Tel: (218) Owner: Gary Emerson Solar, see Mystic Sonata Recs, 4304 Del Monte Ave, San Diego, Calif Tel: (714) Pres & A&R: Paul Di- Lella; VP: Joseph DiLella; Sales Mgr: Melbalee Newberry; Promo & Dist n: Helen DiLella Sonic, see owa Great Lakes Sonyatone Recs, PO Box 567 Santa Barbara, Calif Tel: (805) Pres: Peter Feldmann Labels: (Owned) Hen Cackle, Sonyatone; (distributed) Red Clay USA Soul Deep, see ndi Corp Soundmate, see Caprice Soundwaves Recs, 1204 Elmwood, Nashville, Tenn Tel: (61 5) Pres & Mgr: David Noel Gibson; Promo Dir: Jerry Duncan (Distributed by Nationwide Sound) Labels: (Owned) Brand X Soundwaves Sourwood Mountain, see June Appal South Park, see RDA Hal Southern Prod'ns, Box 4234, Panorama City, Calif Tel: (213) Pres: Hal Southern Labels: (Owned) Country Gold, vory Southern Star Rec'g, 3316 Line Ave, Shreveport, La Tel: (318) Partners: George W Clinton, Dennis H Zimmerman; A&R: Joe Spivey Label: (Owned) Custom Sound Sovereign Rec Corp, 1619 Broadway, Suite 411, New York, NY Pres: Reuben Fisher Space Recs, 2037 Alvarado Dr NE, Albuquerque, NM Tel: (505) Pres & Gen Mgr: A Medley Spectrum, see Nashville ntl Spina Music, 2232 Vista Del Mar Pl, Hollywood, Calif Tel: (213) Pres: Harold Spina; Sec'y-Treas: Edith Spina Label: (Owned) Argyle Sports, see Lee Anderson Spring Recs nc, 161 W 54 St, New York, NY Tel: (212) Pres: Jules Rifkind; VP & Country Contact: Bill Spitalsky; Sec'y-Treas: Roy Rifkind Stable, see Dawn Star, see National Music Starcrest Recs Ltd, PO Box Nashville, Tenn Tel: (615) Pres: David Kane; VP: Chuck Honey; Exec Prod'r: Scott Turner; Gen Prof Mgr & Nat'l Promo: Bobby Fischer Starday see Gusto Stardust, see Col Buster Doss Stark Recs & Tape Co, 628 South St, Mount Airy, NC Tel: (919) Owner & Pres: Paul E Johnson Labels: (Owned) Hello, Pilot Stark, Sugarbear Starline Recs & Video Works, PO Box 2818, Newport Beach, Calif Tel: (714) ; NYC (212) Pres: Joseph Nicoletti; VP/A&R: Cheryl Lee Gammon Starr Rec Co, Box 1, Florida, NY Tel: (914) Pres: Jimmy Sturr; VP: Edward Kosior; Sec'y: Joe Dembeck Steady Recs, 846 Seventh Ave, New York, NY Tel: (21 2) Pres: Art Trefferson Stone Post Recs, PO Box 1213, Emporia, Kan Tel: (316) Pres & A&R Dir: Richard Bisterfeldt; VP: John Richard; VP Sales & Mktg: Jacki Bisterfeldt Streke, see Periscope Studio 1 7, see Revonah Sugar Bill Recs, PO Box 4040 Duke Sta, Durham, NC Tel: (919) Pres: Barry Poss; VP: David Freeman; Promo: Chet Rhodes Sugarbear, see Stark Sun ntl Corp 3106 Belmont Blvd, Nashville, Tenn Tel: (61 5) Cable: SHELREC Telex: Pres: Shelby S Singleton Jr; VP: John A Singleton; VP Sales: Richard Bruce; Promo Dir: Tom McConnell Sunbelt Recs, c/o Hollis Venture Corp, 2750 Northaven, Suite 310, Dallas, Tex Tel: (214) Suncat Recs (div of Suncat Entertainment), PO Box 66, Manhattan Beach, Calif Tel: (213) Cable: SUNREC Pres: Gary Young; VP A&R: Larry Thatt; VP Promo: James Morris; VP Sales: Ed Cardinali; VP Adv: Mark McPhail; VP Country A&R: Ken Satterlee Branch: Oklahoma City, Okla, 3313 NW 41 St Zip: Tel: (405) Pres: Ron Hicks; VP: Gordon Johnston Labels: (Owned) Suncat, Windi; (distributed) Calabasas My Rec Co, Nova -Sol Suncountry Prod'ns nc, 14 E Second St, Tucson, Ariz Tel: (602) Pres: Fred Knipe; VP: Jim Bastin; VP Bandolier: Steve Chandler; Country A&R Dir: Tom Chandler Label: (Owned) Bandolier Sundown Recs, Box 258, Rt 1 Carriere, Miss Tel: (601) Owner: Vern Pullens Branch: Nashville, Tenn, 1204 Elmwood Ave Zip: Tel: (615) Owner: Joe Gibson Sunshine Country Recs, PO Box 31351, Dallas, Tex Tel: (214) Pres: Bart Barton Labels: (Owned) SCR; (distributed) Branch ntl, Vertex, Yatahey Sure Fire, see RDA Surf City Recs, PO Box 14 Hollywood, Calif Tel: (213) Labels: (Owned) GTP; (distributed) Bob Susan, see Terock Swallowtail Recs, Box 843, thaca, NY Tel: (607) Owner & Pres: Phil Shapiro Labels: (Owned) Swallowtail; (distributed) Folk Legacy, Front Hall Philo Country Music Sourcebook Billboard Sweetsong nc, PO Box 2041, Parkersburg, W Va Tel: (304) Pres: Roger L Hoover Label: (Owned) Mansion T S K, see World ntl Group T 2 Topple, see Old Hat T W C Entertainment Corp, GPO Box 2021, New York, NY Tel: (212) Pres: Thomas Schroeder; Treas & Country Div Mgr: Walter Balderson Takoma Recs nc, PO Box 5369, 3105 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, Calif Tel: (213) Pres: Charles K Mitchell; Promo & Pub Dir: Sita Mitchell Taman see La Louisianne Tao Recs, PO Box 504, 4290 Acacia Ave, Bonita, Calif Tel: (714) Pres & Gen Mgr: Virginia Anderson Tar -Heel, see Jim Hall Teena Joy Recs, PO Box 302, Wilmington, NC Pres & Gen Mgr: Bobby Ray Stanley Tee Vee Recs nc, 1710 Grand Ave, Nashville, Tenn Tel: (615) , Controller: Ken Goans Tel -E -Vue, see Revonah Tell ntl Rec'g Co, Box 368-A, Rt 5, Yakima, Wash Tel: (509) Pres: Jerry Merritt; VP's: Hiram White, Lloyd Jones; Eng: Larry Merritt Terock Recs, PO Box 4740, Nashville, Tenn Tel: (615) Pres: Wade Curtiss Label: (Owned) Susan Texas Re -Cord Co (div of Western Head Music Co), Box 19, Bulverde, Tex Tel: (512) Pres: Augie Meyers Labels: (Owned) Texas Re -Cord; (distributed) Crazy Meskin Texas Recs, PO Box 57291, Dallas, Tex Tel: (214) Pres: Don Schafer Labels: (Owned) Demand, Texas Texasville, see Pantego This is Country Music (div of nternational Heritage Music Ass's), 133 Walton Ferry Rd, Hendersonville, Tenn Tel: (615) Pres: Ralph H Compton Thomas, see RC Thoroughbred Recs, PO Drawer 2176, Zip: 78767; 910 Post Oak St, Austin, Tex Tel: (512) Owner: Rex T Sherry Time, see Charta Time, see Nationwide Sound Times Mgmt Corp, 1216 Granby St, Norfolk, Va Tel: (804) Pres: DH Burlage: VP: Guy A Burlage; Sec'y-Treas; Denis J Burlage Local branch: 107 E 13 St Zip: Tel: Label: (Owned) Waylon Tina, see RDA Travel, see Nationwide Sound True, see World Wide Music Twister, see Quadraphonic 2-J Recs nc, 1115 S Lillian, Ottumwa owa Tel: (515) U Underground, see Record & Music People Union Label see United Rec'g United Artists, see Liberty/ United & Capitol United Rec'g Group nc, Carew Tower, Cincinnati, Ohio Tel: (513) Pres & Exec Prod'r: Sanford S Paris; VP A&R: Tom Bass Label: (Owned) Union Label Utopian Ents nc, PO Box 5314, Macon, Ga Tel: (912) Pres & Gen Mgr: Randy L Howard v Vanguard Rec'g Society nc, 71 W 23 St, New York, NY Tel: (212) Cable: VANMUSCA Vegas Encore, see Vintage ntl Vegas Recs, PO Box 80032; Smithfield, Tex Tel: (817) Owner-Pres: DM "Doc" Holliday; Sales Mgr & Promo: Sandy Sexton; Promo: Sam Bar - din Ven-Jence, see Ozark Opry Vertex see Sunshine Country Vintage ntl Prod'ns Ltd, 5441 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, Nev Tel: (702) Cable: VPENCO Pres & Exec Prod'r: Leo A Ciriano; VP & Gen Mgr: Haven Dunn; Sec'y-Treas & Admin: Kim Ciriano; PR: Fiona Anderson; Prod'r Eng: Bill Shostak; A&R: John Caccamo Branch: Anaheim, Calif, 1631 N Placentia Ave, No D4 Zip: Tel: (714) Gen Mgr: Parks Mattews Labels: (Owned) Farne, Vegas Encore Volunteer, see Howard Knight Voyager Rec'gs, 3727 Seattle -First Nat'l Bank Bldg, Seattle, Wash Tel: (206) Owners: Philip L & Vivian T Williams Labels: (Owned) Crossroad, Voyager w WLD (World ndependent Label Dists), PO Box 38391, Hollywood, Calif Tel: (213) Pres: Steve Riggio Label: (Represented) Essar Wagon Wheel Recs, Box 266, Rt 1, Georgetown, SC Pres: Jack Redick Labels: (Owned) Wagon Wheel; (represented) Lu -Tex Warner Bros Recs nc, 3300 Warner Blvd, Burbank, Calif Tel: (213) Bd Chm & Pres: Mo Ostin; Exec VP: Stan Cornyn; Sr VP A&R: Lenny Warocker; Sr VP Sales & Promo: Ed Rosenblatt; Sr VP/ Treas: Murray Gitlin; VP Artist Development/ Pub: Bob Regehr; VP Artist Relations: Carl Scott; VP Bus Affairs: David Berman; VP Nat'l Sales: Lou Dennis; VP nt': Tom Ruffino; VP & Exec Prod'r: Ted Templeman; VP/Country Music Dir: Andy Wickham; VP/Talent: Bob Krasnow; VP/ Promo Dir: Russ Thyret; VP Prod Mgmt: Clyde Bakkemo; Creative Dir: Pete Johnson; Mdsg Dir: Adam Somers: Pub Dir: Bob Marks: Editorial Dir: Gene Sculatti; Exec Art Dir: Peter Whorf; Prod Mgrs: Robin Rothman, Barry Gross, Charlie Lourie; Adv Mgr: Shelley Cooper; Nat'l Promo Dirs: Bert Keane, Charlie Lake; Nat'l LP Promo Dirs: George Gerrity, Kim Anderson, Bonnie Simmons Branches: New York, NY, 3 E 54 St Zip: Tel: (212) (Pub), (Admin); Sr VP: Jerry Wexler; NY Pub Opns Dir: Liz Beth Rosenberg -Nashville, Tenn, PO Box , 1706 Grand Ave, Nashville, Tenn Tel: (615) Promo Dir: Stan Byrd; A&R Dir: Norro Wilson; Artist Relations & Pub Dir: Bonnie Rasmussen; Nat'l Sales Dir: Sam Cerami Labels: (Owned) Reprise, Warner Bros; (distributed) Warner / Curb Warner/ Curb; see Warner Bros Waylon, see Times Mgmt West Recs, PO Box 8875, Universal City, Calif Tel: (213) Owner: George E Clements West Wind, see Metrobeat Western News Recs 619-A Busk, Vacaville, Calif Tel: (707) Wildwood, see OCA Wilwin Recs, PO Box 1669, Carlsbad, Calif Tel: (714) Owner: Denny Tymer Win, see Nationwide Sound Windi, see Suncat Windsong, see RCA Winterwood Recs, 33 Highland Ln, Wheeling W Va Tel: (304) Owner: Don Teachout Wizard Prod'ns nc, 2501 S Ocean Dr, Hollywood, Fla Tel: (305) Pres: Robert S Taran; Nat'l Sales Mgr: Evelyn Geldon; Promo: Burt Compton; A&R: Mike Lewis Wizard, Tex, see Col Buster Doss Word nc, 4800 W Waco Dr, Waco, Tex Tel: (81 7) Mktg Dir: Dan Johnson Labels: (Owned) Canaan, Myrrh World ntl Group nc, 2125 Eighth Ave S, Nashville, Tenn Tel: (615) Pres: Gene Kennedy; VP: Linda Kennedy; Nat'l Promo Dir: Dave Allen; Promos: Ken Porter Labels: (Distributed) BMA, Door Knob, Granny White, Louisiana Hayride, Mandy Kaye, Nu-Trayl, Palmer, Showcase, TSK World Wide Music nc, 1300 Division St, Suite 201, Nashville, Tenn Tel: (615) Bd Chm: Clyde Brown Jr; Pres: Cal Everhart Label: (Owned) True Worldstar Recs, PO Box 2609, 1191/2 E Main St, Lafayette, La Tel: (318) Owner/Mgr: J Michael Fernandez Wright Prod'ns & Promos, 4125 Hollister, Houston, Tex Tel: (713) Pres: Lonnie Wright Labels: (Owned) Eden, Juke Box; (distributed) Al Joseph Wyndell Prod'ns, PO Box 666, Madison, Tenn Tel: (615) Exec Prod'r: Neely Reynolds; Assoc Prod'r/Dir: Susan Reynolds Y Yatahey Recs, PO Box 31819, Dallas, Tex Tel: (214) Owner: Pat McKool (Distributed by Sunshine Country) EXTRA COPES? Billboard's Country Music Sourcebook The cost of the Sourcebook is $1000 each which includes postage see page 4 55

56 CANADA Note: For Canadian listings, please refer to United States & Canada sections, starting on page 6 GERMAN FEDERAL REPUBLC (WEST) artists Note: German artist listings include country & folk artists ADAM & EVE (Vocal Duo), Columbia; PM: Wilma Schiefer BAUM, FRANK (Steel Guitarist); BA: Frank Baum BLUEGRASS EXPRESS (Vocal & nstrumental Group), WAM; BA/PM: Rolf Sieker BRAEUER, MANFRED, SEXTETT, DS; BA: DS; PM: Mr Rabe BRANDED; BA/PM: Heinz Ulm -Musik CONWAY, GEORGE; BA/PM: Joe Mountain COUNTRY KDS, WAM; BA: d&p; PM: Jochen Kuhle COUNTRY SPECAL, WAM; BA: d&p; PM: Heidrun Groeboer COUNTRY SUNSHNE; BA/PM: Heinz Ulm -Musik DRFTER'S CARAVAN (Vocal Group -4), CBS; BA: Helmut Deil, Red Saxon; PM: Red Saxon EMSLAND HLLBLLES (Vocal Group -6), Nature; BA/ PM: Herman Lammers -Meyer FORSTNNNGER SATENMUS, Tonomatic; PM: Johann Winkler GABREL, GUNTER, DGG; BA: Roba Musikverlag GEORGE & LUCKY RDERS; BA/PM: Heinz Ulm -Musik GRANS, HAJO, DS: BA: DS!REEN & THOMMY, Marno; BA: Thomas B Teven; PM: Heinz Meiner JANDA, FRANZ, & SCHWENTNER BLASMUSK (Vocalist/Trombonist w/group), Auditon; PM: Plan Kommunikation KEMP, JENNFER, Karma; BA: Karma Musikproduktion; PM: Helmar Kunte LANDON, NEL, BAND (Group), Nova; BA: Music Center; PM: rene Lehmann LAREDO; BA/PM: Heinz Ulm -Musik LECHTALER-BUAM (ORGNAL), Polydor; BA: Willi Kock LNDBERGER ENOED SAENGER, Tonomatic; PM: Johann Winkler LUSTGEN TAUFERER, Tonomatic; PM: Johann Winkler MANN, MARTN (Vocalist), Jupiter; PM: Gaby Glashauser -Bell Promo PATRCK, PAT, & HORSEPOWER; BA/PM: Heinz Ulm - Musik PAYTON, VCKY, Karma; BA/PM: David Payton in UK PLSACHTALER, DS; BA: DS; PM: Mr Rabe QUNN, FREDDY (Vocalist), DGG; BA/ PM : Werner Triepke RANFORD, TNA (Vocalist), CBS; BA/PM: Armin Rahm STAFFELSTOANA MUSKANTEN, Tonomatic; PM: Johann Winkler STOBER BUEAM, Tonomatic; PM: Johann Winkler T -JUNCTON, Marino; BA/ PM: Heinz Meiner TEGERNSEER ALPEN QUNTETT, Tonomatic; PM: Johann Winkler TRUCK STOP (Group), Nature/Metronome; BA: d&p, Joe Menke, Cisco Berndt; PM: Burkhard Reichling, Joe Menke WAAKRCHNER SAENGER, Tonomatic; PM: Johann Winkler WOLPERDNGER TANZLMUS, Tonomatic: PM: Johann Winkler booking agents 8c contacts FRANK BAUM (self -booking), Heringnoherweg 62, D-8431 Sorghof Tel: (09662) 673 CSCO BERNDT, Homer Landstr 445, D-2000 Hamburg 74 Tel: (040) NTERNATONAL Note: For international organizations, please refer to Organizations section on page 4 D & P MUSCSERVCE, Postfach 566, Meteorstr 11, D Elmshorn Tel: (04121) HELMUT DEL, Am Spitzenpfad 25, D-6071 Goetzenhain Tel: (06103) HENZ ULM -MUSK GMBH, Voelkstr 34, D-8900 Augsburg Tel: (0821) , D S, Postfach , D-8500 Nuernberg 14 Tel: (0911) , KARMA MUSKPRODUKTON GMBH, Hofbrunnstr 11b, D-8000 Munich 71 Tel: (089) , WLL KOCK, Lechtal, Tirol, A-6651 Haselgehr 74, Austria Tel: (05634) 398 HERMAN LAMMERS-MEYER, Huente 35, D-4497 Aschendorf HENZ MESER, Limbeccstr 128, D-4600 Dortmund 72 Tel: (0234) JOE MENKE (ED), Studio Maschen, D-2105 Seevetal 3, Tel (04105) , JOE MOUNTAN, Furtwaenglerstr 27, D-6900 Heidelberg Tel: (06221) MUSC CENTER HAMBURG, Talstr 70, D-2000 Hamburg 4 Tel: Hamburg ARMN RAHM, Dreimuehlenstr 0, D-8000 Munich Tel: (089) RED SAXON, Am Spitzpfad 25, D-6072 Dreieich Tel: (06103) ROBA MUSKVERLAG, Feldbrunnenstr 50, D-2000 Hamburg 13 Tel (040) ROLF SEKER, Koblenzerstr 247, D-4972 Loehne 3 Tel: (05731) THOMAS B TEVEN, von Eichendorffstr 22, D-4791 Eisen - Paderborn Tel: (05254) WERNER TREPKE, c/o Deutsche Grammophon GmbH, Hohe Bleichen 14-16, D-2000 Hamburg 36 Tel: (040) personal managers BELL PROMO, Klopstockstr 1, D-8000 Munich 40 Tel: (089) Telex: GABY GLASHAUSER, see Bell Promo HEDRUN GROEBNER, Wunstorferstr 50 C D-3000 Hannover 91 Tel: (0511) HENZ ULM -MUSK GMBH, Voelkstr 34, D-8900 Augsburg Tel: (0821) , JOCHEN KUHLE, Funhofweg 6, D-2000 Hamburg 60 Tel (040) HELMAR KUNTE, c/o Karma Musikproduktion GmbH, Hofbrunnstr 11b, D-8000 Munich 71 Tel: (089) , HERMAN LAMMERS-MEYER, Huente 35, D-4497 Aschendorf RENE LEHMANN, Lutterothstr 15, D-2000 Hamburg 19 Tel: Hamburg HENZ MESER, Limbeckstr 128, D-4600 Dortmund 72 Tel: (0234) JOE MENKE (ED), Studio Maschen, D-2105 Seevetal 3, Tel: (04105) , JOE MOUNTAN, Furtwaenglerstr 27, D-6900 Heidelberg Tel: (06221) PLAN KOMMUNKATON GMBH, Fritz-Reuterstr 5, D Quickborn Tel: (04106) MR RABE, c/o DS, Postfach , D-8500 Nuernberg 14 Tel: (0911) , , ARMN RAHM, Dreimuehlenstr 0, D-8000 Munich Tel: (089) RED SAXON, Am Spitzpfad 25, D-6072 Dreieich Tel: (06103) BURKHARD RECHLNG, Quellental 14, D-2000 Hamburg 52 Tel: (040) WLMA SCHEFER, ltisweg 16, D-5000 Koeln 40 Tel: Cologne ROLF SEKER, Koblenzerstr 247, D-4972 Loehne 3 Tel: (05731) WERNER TREPKE, c/o Deutsche Grammophon GmbH, Hohe Bleichen 14-16, D-2000 Hamburg 36 Tel: (040) JOHANN WNKLER, Schwabelstr 2, kirchen Tel: (08102) concert promoters D-8011 Hoehen- Celebrity Attractions, Kaiserstr 74, D-6500 Mainz Tel: (061 31) Hans -Werner Funke Konzertdirektion, Hansastr 1 D-2000 Hamburg 13 Tel: (040) , Dir: Hans -Werner Funke (Contract with James Last-Ottobeuren West Germany) Terr Austria; Switzerland; West Germany nterteam Tour, Offenbacherstr 98, D-6078 Neu -senburg Tel: (06102) Karsten Jahnke Hailerstr 72, D-2000 Hamburg 13 Tel: (040) /4944 Lippman & Rau, Hollerkopfstr 6, D-6000 Frankfurt/Main 50 Tel: (061 1) Mama Concerts GmbH, Hansaallee 19, D-6000 Frankfurt/ Main 1 Tel: (061 1) Telex: ; Sendlingerstr 51, D-8000 Munich 2 Tel: (089) Contact: Patricia Collonia Noa Concert Agency, Postfach 2550, Lindenstr 8, D-4800 Guetersloh Tel: (05241) , Dir: Nobby Morkes Terr: Bielefeld, Dortmund, Minden, Munster, Osnabruck, Paderborn, Westfalia, West Germany Sunrise Concertbuero, Sierichstr 54, D-2000 Hamburg 60 Tel: (040) radio stations American Forces Network (AFN)-Bertramstr 6, D-6000 Frankfurt/Main Tel: (0611) Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR), 3rd channel -Rundfunkplatz 1, D-8000 Munich 2 British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS)-Parkstr 61, D Cologne 51 Tel: (0221) Deutschlandfunk (DLF)-Raderbergguertel, D-5000 Cologne 51 Tel: (0221) Hessischer Rundfunk (HR), 2nd channel-bertramstr 8, D Frankfurt 1 Tel: (0611) Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR), 2nd channel-rothenbaumchaussee 132/134, D-2000 Hamburg 13 Tel: (040) Radio Luxembourg (RTL) -Villa Louvigny, Parc Municipal, Luxembourg Tel: (00352) Rias Berlin, Rias 1 & 2-Kufsteinerstr 69, D-1000 Berlin 62 Tel: (030) Sender Freies Berlin, 2nd channel-masuren Allee 8-14, D Berlin 19 Tel: (030) Sueddeutscher Rundfunk (SDR), 2nd channel -Postfach 837, D-7000 Stuttgart 1 Tel: (0711) Suedwestfunk (SWF), 2nd channel-hans-bredowstr, D Baden-Baden Tel: (07221) Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR), 2nd channel -Postfach , D-5000 Cologne 1 Tel: (02202) artists SWEDEN BACK TO COUNTRY (Vocal & nstrumental Group -5); BA/ PM: Jan Jansson BLUE GRASS SWEDES (Group -5), GM; BA: Gary Johann - son; PM: Thomas Haglund BROTHER JOSEPH & THE TENNESSEE FVE (Vocal & nstrumental Group), T-bone; BA: Joseph Lundberg COUNTRY COMFORT (Vocal & nstrumental Group); BÁ: Robert Ahl COUNTRY MNSTREL & JANNE LNDGREN (Vocal & nstrumental Group), GM; BA: Janne Lindgren COUNTRY ROAD (Vocal & nstrumental Group), Scranta; BA: Folkparkernas Artistfoermedling; PM: Alfred Hansen COUNTRY SDE (Vocal & nstrumental Group); BA/PM: Mats Silvfing CROCK (Vocal & nstrumental Group); BA/PM: Conny War - berg HANSON, ANN -LOUSE (Vocalist), Glendisc; BA/PM: Bruno Glenmark JENKNS, RED (Vocalist/Guitarist), GM; BA/PM: Bjorn Raita KALVK, FNN (Vocalist), Polar; BA: EMA-Telstar; PM: Stig Anderson KORSMOVE BROTHERS (Vocal & nstrumental Duo); BA/ PM: Gunnar Korsmove LARSSON, KENTH (Steel Guitarist), Scranta; PM: Alfred Hansen LNDGREN, JANNE, see Country Minstrel MORNNG TRAN (Vocal & nstrumental Group); BA/PM: Hans Andersson PAULSON, MATS (Vocalist), Polar; Contact: Polar Music PEKS (Vocal & nstrumental Group), Wigwam; BA: Lilla Hu - set RADBERG, MATS, & RANKARNA (Vocalist w/ Vocal & nstrumental Group -7), Polydor; BA: AB Showringen; PM: Anders Radberg ROBERTSON, ALF (Vocalist), GM: BA: Alf Robertson SALO, HELENA (Vocalist), Tab; BA/PM: Harry Holm SAMUELSONS, Pilot; BA: Pilot Promos; PM: Rolf Samuelson SPOTN CKS (Vocal & nstrumental Group), Polydor-Sweden & Germany, AR -England, Swedisc-Japan; BA: AB Entertainment; PM: Roland Ferneborg SPRNG (Vocal & nstrumental Group); BA/PM: Tommy Backstroem TMJAN (Vocal & nstrumental Group), Planet; BA: Mats Olsson WESTERN EXPRESS (Vocal & nstrumental Group -7); BA/ PM: Lennart Sonne 56 Country Music Sourcebook Billboard

57 booking agents & contacts A B ENTERTANMENT NT'L, Norr Maelarstr 16, S Stockholm Tel: (08) A B SHOWRNGEN, Eknasvagen 9, S Stockholm Tel: (08) ROBERT AHL, Klyvningsvagen 57, S Norsborg Tel: (0753) HANS ANDERSSON, Torsten Almsgatan 49, S-51 Hagersten Tel: (08) TOMMY BACKSTROEM Tel: (0225) E M A-TELSTAR AB, PO Box 9127 S Stockholm Tel: (08) Telex: FOLKPARKERNAS ARTSTFOERMEDLNG, Swedenborgsgatan 1, S Stockholm Tel: (08) BRUNO GLENMARK, Vallvaegen 2, S Stocksund Tel: (08) HARRY HOLM, Box 210, S Arboga Tel: (0589) LLLA HUSET MUSKPRO UKTON, Box 13, S Ljusdal Tel: (0651) JAN JANSSON, Algraend 3, S Moelle Tel: (042) GARY JOHANSSON, Heleneborgsgatan 25 C, S Stockholm Tel: (08) GUNNAR KORSMOVE, Tel: (0251) JANNE LNDGREN (self-booking), Box 3038, S Skarholmen Tel: (08) JOSEPH LUNDBERG c/o Haeggblad, Kolgillaregatan 16, S Avesta Tel: (0226) MATS OLSSON, c/o Planet Recs, Framnaesbacken 12, S Solna Tel: (08) PLOT PROMOS, Fack, S Solna Tel: (08) POLAR MUSC NT'L AB, PO Box 26072, S Stockholm Tel: (08) (Contact) BJORN RATA, Byalvsvagen 127, S Johanneshov Tel: (08) ALF ROBERTSON (self-booking), Frodingsvagen 4, S Stockholm Tel: (08) MATS SLVFNG, Tel: (08) LENNART SONNE, Vallavagen 27 D, K S Falun Tel: (023) CONNY WARBERG, Smyckegatan 84, S V:A Froelunda Tel: (031) personal managers SMG ANDERSON, c/o Polar Music ntl AB, PO Box 26072, S Stockholm Tel: (08) HANS ANDERSSON, Torsten Almsgatan 49 S-51 Hagersten Tel: (08) TOMMY BACKSTROEM, Tel: (0225) ROLAND FERNEBORG, Norr Maelarstr 16, S Stockholm Tel: (08) BRUNO GLENMARK, Vallvaegen 2, S Stocksund Tel: (08) THOMAS HAGLUND, Stockholmsvagen 62 S Enskede Tel: (08) ALFRED HANSEN, Tornfalksgatan 52, S Oerebro Tel: (019) HARRY HOLM, Box 210, S Arboga Tel: (0589) JAN JANSSON, Algraend 3, S Moelle Tel: (042) GUNNAR KORSMOVE, Tel: (0251) ANDERS RADBERG, Skogstorpsvagen 133, S Sollentuna Tel: (08) BJORN RATA, Byalvsvagen 127, S Johanneshov Tel: (08) ROLF SAMUELSON, Eack, S Solna Tel: (08) MATS SLVFNG, Tel: (08) LENNART SONNE, Vallavagen 27 D, K S Falun Tel: (023) CONNY WARBERG, Smyckegatan 84, S V:A Froelunda Tel: (031) concert promoters E M A-TELSTAR, PO Box 9127, S Stockholm Tel: (08) Telex: JULUS MALMSTROM, PO Box 799, S Lund Tel: (046) SACS KONSERTBYRA AB, Ostra Hamngatan 31, S Gothenburg Tel: (031) UNTED KNGDOM artists ACME COUNTRY BAND, Westwood; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey ADAM & SHA & GOOD MEDCNE (Group); BA: Mike & Margaret Storey; Contact: AB McLeary Country Music Sourcebook Billboard ADAMS, TREVOR, Tank; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey ALABAMA HAYRDERS (Group), Tado; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey; Contact: John Lindsey ALABAMA OVERDRVE (Group); BA: Mike & Margaret Storey ALLEN, LNDA LOU (Vocalist), Decca; BA: Million Dollar; PM: Byron Godfrey -Million Dollar ALLSONS (Vocal & nstrumental Duo), Alice; BA Joyce Wilde; PM: Brian Alford -Alice Music AMERCAN ECHOES (Group): BA: F Feeney ANDERSON, DES; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey ASHFELD RAMBLERS (Vocal & nstrumental Group -4), SRT; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey; PM: Ashfield Ramblers; Contact: Ralph Farley ASTON, JOHN (Vocalist), Birds Nest; BA: Happy Face; PM: Fred H Hobbs AVON, RKK (Vocalist/Guitarist), Double H; BA: Double H; PM: Frank Huddy BAKER, BUDDY, & FAMLY (Group -3), Tank; BA: Buddy Baker BAKERSFELD, Westwood; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey BARBARY COAST (Vocal Group -5), FR/Champ, Tank; -BA: Allen Promos Mike & Margaret Storey BARETTA (Vocal & nstrumental Group -4), Tank; BA: Tony Nelson, Alan Stafford BARNSTORM BLUEGRASS BAND; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey; Contact: Dave Evans BARRETT'S, AL, LNEMEN (Vocal & nstrumental Group - 5), Sweet Folk & Country Tank; BA: da Barrett, D Hayward BEAUMONT, COLN (Vocalist/nstrumentalist w/vocal & nstrumental Group -3); BA: F Feeney; PM: Sandra Beaumont BENNETT, BARRY, SRT; Contact: SRT Prod'ns BEST, TONY (Vocalist/ Accordianist/ Comedian), Kama; BA: Kama Mgmt BLLY & THE KD (Duo) BA Mike & Margaret Storey BLACKMORE, GARY BAND; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey BLUERDGE MOUNTAN KNGS (Group), Look; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey BLYNCH & LAWSON; BA: Mervyn Conn BLYTHE, RON; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey BOF'S COUNTRY SWNG BAND; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey BOOTHLL BOYS (Group); BA: Mike & Margaret Storey; Contact: Mick Johns BRANDY & POPE, Folk Heritage; Contact: Folk Heritage BREN & DEE (Vocal & nstrumental Duo); BA: Bren & Dee, Mike & Margaret Storey BRETT, ANN & RAY; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey; Contact: The Old School House BROKEN STRNG BAND (Vocal & nstrumental Group -4), Westwood; BA: Double H; PM: Frank Huddy BROUGHTON, GRAHAM; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey BROWN, BUS, & DRFTWOOD (Vocal & nstrumental Group -5), Tank; BA: Bus Brown BROWN, FATH (Vocalist), Magnet; BA: Million Dollar; PM: Byron Godfrey -Million Dollar BRYAN, DAVE, TRO (Group); BA: Mike & Margaret Storey BUCK, RAY; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey BURKE, MCK, see Frances Gilvray BYRNE JUDY, Folk Heritage; Contact: Folk Heritage CAMPBELL, ALEX (Vocalist/Guitarist); PM: Kevin Wyatt- Lown CAMPBELL & RED (Duo); BA: Mike & Margaret Storey; Contact: A J Campbell CANNONBALL EXPRESS (Group); BA: Mike & Margaret Storey CAPTAN FLNT (Vocal & nstrumental Group -4); PM: Mike Carroll CARLSLE, JM, Billy Goat; Contact: Billy Goat CARLTON, JOHN, TRO (Group); BA: Mike & Margaret Storey CARSON, DANNY, Tank; Contact: Tank CARSON'S, MAL, TRUCKNG COMPANY (Group); BA: Mike & Margaret Storey CASEMENT, PETER (Vocalist/nstrumentalist/Ventriloquist), Zip; BA/PM: John Nugent CASS, DAVE; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey CHALKER, BRYAN (Vocalist/Guitarist/Harmonica), Sweet Folk & Country, Emerald; BA: Bryan Chalker, Mike & Margaret Storey CHAMPON, YVONNE & NORMAN (Vocal & Guitar Duo) BCMC; PM: Neil Coppendale CHEVN RAMBLERS (Group); BA: Mike & Margaret Storey CHEVVY (Vocal Group -4), Champ; BA: Allen Promos; PM: Lee Williams -Allen Promos CHRSTAN, COLN, Tank; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey CHUG -A -LUG (Group -4), Tank; BA: Gerrard Brogan CMMARO19, Tank; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey CMMARRON COUNTY (Vocal & nstrumental Group -3); BA: Tony Bennell CLARKE, STELLA; BA: Keith Hancock CLEARWATER JUNCTON (Group); BA: F Feeney CLFFSON JEWEL (Duo), Westwood; Contact: Westwood Rec'gs CLFFSONS (Duo); BA: Mike & Margaret Storey CLNE, TAMMY, & UNCLE SAM (Vocal & nstrumental Group -6); BA: David Anthony; PM: Dave Warwick & Tony Graham -David Anthony COATES, ANN (Vocalist/Guitarist w/ or w/o Drummer); PM: AnnCoates COCKATOOS (Vocal & nstrumental Group -6), Tado; BA: Templar Entertainments; PM: Toni Avern-Templar Mgmt COLE, REX (Vocalist/Guitarist), Cole; BA: Bridget Owens; PM: Mr & Mrs Frank Sponner in USA COLLER-DXON LNE (Group); BA: Mike & Margaret Storey COLM & THE SUNDOWNERS, Homespun; BA: C T Thompson COLOURS (Duo); BA: Mike & Margaret Storey CONLN COUNTRY (Group); BA: Mike & Margaret Storey CONNOR, SHAG, Sweet Folk & Country; BA: Unicorn Ents CONSTANTNE, STEVE (Vocalist/Guitarist); PM: Adam Kadmon COOPER, REG; BA: EMC CORBETT, TED, see David Hall COTTON GN (Group-5), SRT; BA/PM: Carole Baker COTTONWOOD (Group); BA: Mike & Margaret Storey COUNTRY LEGEND (Group-3), Westwood; BA/PM: Mrs J Taylor COUNTRY LFE (Vocal & nstrumental Group -4); BA: F Feeney COUNTRY MST (Group); BA: Mike & Margaret Storey COUNTRY NETWORK (Duo); BA: Mike & Margaret Storey; Contact: Keith Shaw COUNTRY SALOR, SRT; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey; Contact: GR Clennell COUNTRY SHACK (Vocal & nstrumental Group -5) Sweet Folk & Country; BA: CSO; PM: Terry Worlledge COUNTRY WAYS (Group); BA: F Feeney COUNTRYSTYLE (Vocal & nstrumental Group -5), Buffalo; BA: Dawn COURTNAY, TERRY, Tank; Contact: Tank CRAWFORD BELL STEELMEN, Homespun; BA: Crawford Bell Steelmen CRAZY CAVAN & THE RHYTHM ROCKERS (Vocal & nstrumental Group -5) Charly; BA/PM: Paul Barrett CREEPER, VRGNA; BA: F Feeney CURTS, DAVE (Vocalist/ Guitarist), Tank; BA: Kama Mgmt DALTON, MKE, & MD COUNTRY BAND, Tank; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey: DAMRON, DCK (Vocalist), Westwood, RCA; PM: Westwood Mgmt DAPHNE & SOUTHERN SUNSHNE (Vocalist w/ Vocal & nstrumental Group -4), Tank; BA: Daphne Fletcher DARON, MAL, Folk Heritage; Contact: Folk Heritage DAVE & SUE; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey DAVES, JMMY; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey DELTA GRASS (Vocal & nstrumental Group -3); PM: Steve Goodheart-Bognor Rock DENVER, JEANNE (Vocalist), Westwood; PM: Gordon Davies -Westwood Mgmt DENVER SPUR (Vocal & nstrumental Group -5), Midas; BA: Dave Beck DEREK'S, JON, COUNTRY FEVER (Group), Westwood, Decca; BA/PM: Mike & Margaret Storey DESMOND, DES, Tank; Contact: Tank DEVNE, MKE (Vocalist/Guitarist), Agenda; BA: Noel Cannon; PM: Linda Devine DEXTER, RAY, Sweet Folk & Country; BA: Rose Ents DNGLE DANGLERS (Vocal & nstrumental Group -5), Happy Face; PM: PE Collins DOHERTY, AL, Folk Heritage; Contact: Folk Heritage DOHERTY, TOMMY, Paragon nt'l; BA: Paragon Promos; PM: John McCourt-Paragon Promos DONEGAN, LONNE (Vocalist/Guitarist/Banjoist), Chrysalis; BA: Alan Field DOUCH, RUSTY; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey DOWN COUNTY BOYS, Westwood, Decca; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey DUFFY BROTHERS (Vocal/nstrumental/Comedy Duo); BA: Jessie Kent -Mervyn Conn, Mike & Margaret Storey; PM: Mervyn Conn DUNES BOYS (Group); BA: Mike & Margaret Storey; Contact: Adam Newman Turner ECHO MOUNTAN BAND, Westwood; Contact: Westwood Rec'gs EDWARDS, TONY; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey ELOT, HAZ, & CULPEPPER (Group-4), Birdsnest; BA: Allen Promos ELKN GRETA, Paragon ntl; BA: Paragon Promos; PM: John McCourt-Paragon Promos ELY, PAT, Homespun; BA: Pat Ely FAR ENOUGH (Vocal & nstrumental Group -5); BA/PM: Ricky McCabe FARADAY, NCK; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey FARMER, GEORGE G, & SUNDANCE (Group); BA: Mike & Margaret Storey; Contact: George G Farmer FARR, RCHARD (Vocalist/ nstrumentalist), Now; PM: Ronnie Simpson -Leon Catani FRTH, BRYAN; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey FVE CARD STUD (Group); Contact: Des Cooper FLOWERS & FROLCS (Group), Free Reed; BA Roger Digby FORD, GERRY (Vocalist), Emerald Gem; BA Emkay Entertainments; PM: G Corcoran FORD, JED (Vocalist), Pixie; BA: Dawn 57

58 nternational FORD, KEN & BLLE, TRO; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey; PM: F Feeney FOUR WHEEL DRVE; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey FREE SPRT (Duo); BA: Contact: Mike Mills FROGGATT, RAYMOND (Vocalist w/group), Jet; BA: Jessie Kent-Mervyn Conn; PM: Mervyn Conn GALLERY; PM: Nick Strutt GAP (Vocal & nstrumental Group -4), Sting; PM: Martin Noakes GARRETT, SNUFFY, Tank; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey; PM: Pete Nelson GEE, RODNEY; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey GENTRY (Group); Contact: Mike Reilly GEOFFREYS, PHL; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey GBSONS (Vocal & nstrumental Group -4); BA: F Feeney GLVRAY, FRANCES, & MCK BURKE (Vocal & nstrumental Duo), Coast; PM: Kevin Wyatt-Lown GOLBEY, BRAN, Major Oak; BA: EMC, Mike & Margaret Storey (Also performs with Pete Stanley) GOLDRUSH (Group -4), Hillside; BA/PM: Tony Bridges GOLDSMTH, AN & ANGE, Hot Lead; BA: Artiste Mgmt; PM: TT Mgmt GOODACRE, TONY (Vocalist), Outlet; BA: Tony Goodacre; PM: Sylvia Góodacre GRASSROOTS (Group); Contact: Barry Martyn GREEN, DALE, & COUNTRY RAMBLERS with MAGGE McGEE, Tank; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey GREEN, PHL; BA: Phil Green GREER, JOHN, Outlet/ Homespun; BA: John Greer GRFF, JOHNNY; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey HAGUE, MEL (Vocalist), Look; BA: Live Promos; PM: Colin Ward & George Slinger-Live Promos HALL, DAVD, & TED CORBETT (Vocal & nstrumental Duo), Look; BA: Mike Storey HAMLTON, GEORGE, V (Vocalist/Guitarist), Anchor; BA: Jessie Kent-Mervyn Conn; PM: Mervyn Conn HAMLTON, JOE E, Homespun; BA: Joe E Hamilton HARDMAN, ROSE (Vocalist), Plant Life; BA: Plant Life HARRS, KEN, & THE PLAYBOYS (Group -5), Westwood, Tank; BA: Ken Harris HAYES, CHARLE, DUO; BA: F Feeney HAYNES, REG, OUTFT, Folk Heritage; Contact: Folk Heritage HENDERSON, KELVN, BAND (Group -5), Chopper; BA: Allen Promos; PM: Lee Williams-Allen Promos HCKORY LAKE COUNTRY BAND (Vocal & nstrumental Group -5), Eastwood; BA: VA Woodhouse HLLSDERS (Vocal & nstrumental Group -5), RCA, Polydor, Style; PM: Colin Ward & George Slinger-Use Promos HNCHLFFE, LARRY, DUO; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey HODGSON, GRAEME (Vocalist); BA: Graeme Hodgson HOGSHEAD (Group-7), Rollercoaster; BA: Peter Eden, Waterfront; PM: Peter Eden HOLT, LES, Tank; Contact: Tank HOMBRE (Group); BA: Mike & Margaret Storey HUGHES, TONY (Vocalist/Guitarist), Tank, Folk Heritage; BA: Cambrian Entertainments; PM: Michael Breese- Davies-Cambrian Entertainments; Contact: Folk Heritage HUMPHRES, ROGER, & THE CHERRYPCKERS (Vocalist/Guitarist w/vocal & nstrumental Group -4); BA: Allen Promos; PM: Roger Humphries HURREN, BLL (Vocalist/Guitarist), BCMG; PM: Neil Coppendale DLE HOUSE; BA: dle House (FELD, FRANK (Vocalist), Warner Bros-USA; BA: Patron Mgmt; PM: Ron Rowbottom-Patron Mgmt MLACH, HAMSH (Vocalist/Guitarist), Transatlantic; PM: Kevin Wyatt-Lown JACK OF DAMONDS (Group); BA: F Feeney JACKANORY, Tank; Contact: Tank JAMES, BLL, COLLECTON, Tank; BA: Allen Promos JAMES, CARL, & THE JAMES BOYS (Vocal & nstrumental Group -4); PM: Patrick Griffith JAMES, CRSPN, Tank; BA: David Anthony JAMES, MARLO, Hot Lead; PM: TT Mgmt JEFF & THE GNGERBREAD, Tank; BA: Jeff & The Gingerbread JENNNGS, FRANK (Vocalist), EM -Columbia; BA: Frank Jennings JOHNS, BARRY; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey JOHNSON, KENNY (Vocalist/nstrumentalist w/vocal & nstrumental Group -3); BA: F Feeney; PM: Sandra Beaumont JONES, CHRS (Vocalist/Guitarist), Logo; BA/PM: Kevin Wyatt-Lown JONES, RON (Vocalist/Guitarist), Cambrian; BA: SC Rosser JONES, ROYSTON, Folk Heritage; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey JONES, WZZ (Vocalist/Guitarist), Plant Life; BA/PM Kevin Wyatt-Lown KENTUCKY COUNTY (Vocal & nstrumental Group -4), Buffalo; BA: Dawn Promos; PM: Dave Nicholson KEY WEST, Tank; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey 58 KNG, DENNY (Vocalist/ nstrumentalist w/ Vocal & nstrumental Group -3); BA: F Feeney; PM: Sandra Beaumont KNG, ROD, SRT; Contact: SRT Prod'ns KNGSWAY, PETE (Vocalist/Yodeler/Guitarist), Tank; BA: Pete Kingsway KNGHT, PETE, Tank; BA: Pete Knight KNOWLES, ROGER (Vocalist/Guitarist), Transatlantic; BA: Roger Knowles LANE, TM, SRT; Contact: SRT Prod'ns LARSEN, BRET, Tank; BA: Bret Larsen LAYNE & KNG (Vocal & Guitar Duo), Kama; BA: Kama Mgmt LEATHER, DON, & CNDY (Vocal & nstrumental Duo), SRT; BA: Don Leather LEDGER, CLFF, Outlet; BA: Cliff Ledger LE DQUX, CHRS (Vocalist), Westwood; PM: Westwood Mgmt LEE, DAVD H, Tank; BA: David H Lee LEE, EDDE, & COUNTRY FRENDS (Group), Hillside; BA/ PM: EW Balaam LEGG, ADRAN (Guitarist), Westwood, Transatlantic, Logo; Contact: Rose -Morris Ltd LEGGETT, GARY, & FREE 'N EASY BAND (Vocal & nstrument Group -4), Hillside; BA: Barry Dye; PM: Gary Leggett LEON, Homespun; Contact: Outlet Rec'g LEROY & LNDA; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey LEVNS (Vocal & nstrumental Group -4); BA: Reg Levin LNCOLN COUNTY BOYS, Tank; Contact: Tank LTTLE GNNY & ROOM SERVCE (Vocalist w/ Group -5); PM: Colin Ward & George Slinger-Live Promos LOST HGHWAYS, Tank; Contact: Tank LYDON, JOHN (w/ or w/o Trio); BA: Mike & Margaret Storey LYNCH & LAWSON (Vocal & nstrumental Duo), Jet; BA: Jessie Kent-Mervyn Conn; PM: Mervyn Conn MAC, JOHNNY, DUO; BA: Johnny Mac MADSON COUNTY, Tank; BA Mike & Margaret Storey MALCOLM, JOHN (Vocalist), Birds Nest; BA: Happy Face; PM: Muff Murfin-Happy Face MANFOLD, KETH (Vocalist), Westwood; PM: Les Manifold MARTN, SONNE LEA, Sweet Folk & Country; Contact: Sweet Folk All MARTYN, GEOFF; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey MATCHBOX (Vocal & nstrumental Group -5), Chiswick; BA/PM: Paul Barrett MAXNE, BRAN, & THE RNGRATS (Group-5), DJM; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey; Contacts: Brian Maxine, Allen Promos MAXWELLS (Vocal & Comedy Duo), SRT; BA/ PM: Jesmondone MAYNE, LYNDA, Homespun; BA: Lynda Mayne McCALL, CASH (Vocalist), Ember, Pilgrim; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey; PM: Paul Davis-New Music McCALL, SLM & SHONA, see Slimline Country McGEE, MAGGE, see Dale Green McKENNA, TERRY (Vocalist/Guitarist); PM: Colin Ward & George Slinger-Live Promos McVAY, FRANKE; BA: F Feeney MEAL TCKET (Vocal Group -5) Logo; BA: Nems Agency; PM: Peter Lyster-Todd-Flatspin Ltd MEMPHS SHORT, Tank; Contact: Tank MERCEY BROTHERS (Vocal Group -3), Westwood; PM: Westwood Mgmt MERRELL, RAY, President; Contact: President Recs M DDLER,' MARK (Vocalist/Guitarist); BA/ PM: Tony Lewis MDNGHT FLYER (Group); BA: Mike & Margaret Storey; Contact: Bev Williams MDNTE RAMBLERS, Folk Heritage; Contact: Folk Heritage MK & GRFF, Pye; BA: Cyril Berlin-London Mgmt MLES & BRDGET; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey MSTY MOUNTAN (Group); BA: Mike & Margaret Storey, EMC MTCHELL, LES, Si COUNTRY PRDE, Tank; Contact: Tank MTCHELL, STEVE (Vocalist), SRT, Westwood; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey; PM: Alan Stephens MONTANA COUNTRY, Tank; Contact: Tank MONTANA, LEE; BA: Chinook MONTANA, PATSY; PM: Nick Strutt MOON, MCK, Tank; BA: Mick Moon MORGAN, MKE; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey MORRS, ROSE (Vocalist/ Guitarist/Autoharpist); PM: Bob Morris MOURANT, NORMAN, Folk Heritage; Contact: Folk Heritage MOVN' ON (Group); BA: Mike & Margaret Storey MUSKRATS, SRT; BA: Dee Barnes, Mike & Margaret -Storey; PM: Dee Barnes MUSTANG; PM: Nick Strutt MUSTANG, Look; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey; PM: Mike Storey NADEN BROTHERS; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey NASH, CODY, Folk Heritage; Contact: Folk Heritage NASHVLLE MST (Group); BA: Mike & Margaret Storey NASHVLLE RAMBLERS (Group); BA: Mike & Margaret Storey NATCHEZ TRACE; PM: Nick Strutt NELSON BROTHERS; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey NELSON, PETE, Tank; BA: Pete Nelson NELSON, TONY (Vocalist/Guitarist), Tank, Westwood, Look; BA: Tony Nelson NEWELL, ROY, Paragon ntl; BA: Paragon Promos; PM: John McCourt-Paragon Promos NEWTON, CLVE; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey NGHTNGALE, PETER; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey NORTHERN UNON (Group); BA: Mike & Margaret Storey OLD SWAN BAND (Group), Free Reed: BA: Rod Stradling OLLE (Vocalist/nstrumentalist), Hillside; BA: GS Austin O'TEEN, NCK, & THE TURNHAM GEN SYNCOPA- TORS (Group) Whiterose; BA: Norton York OVERLAND EXPRESS, Tank; BA: Overland Express PAGE, JM (Vocalist/Guitarist), Whid-sle; BA/PM: Kevin Wyatt-Lown PAGE, NEV (w/ or w/o Group -3); BA: Mike & Margaret Storey PAPERWATE, Tank; PM: Mike & Margaret Storey PARKES, JACK, & WEST COAST SOUND (Group); BA: Mike & Margaret Storey PARKES, RAY (Vocalist/Guitarist), Bumble; BA: S Parkes PAUL, MARTN, & COUNTRY VELVET (Group); BA: Mike & Margaret Storey PAULA'S COUNTRY, Tank; Contact: Tank PAULL, ALAN; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey PEARSON (Duo); BA: Mike & Margaret Storey PEPPERS, NANCY (Vocalist w/ Group) United Artists; BA: Jessie Kent-Mervyn Conn; PM: Mervyn Conn PETERS, SHANE; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey PCKNS, SLM, & LTTLE BUDDES (Group-4), Tank; BA: Allen Promos PNE RDGE COUNTY (Group); BA: Mike & Margaret Storey PNEWOOD, Folk Heritage; Contact: Folk Heritage PLANE, DAVE (Vocalist/ nstrumentalist), Westwood; BA: Dave Plane (Also performs wth Andrew Townend) PLAYBOYS (Group); Contact: Ken Harris POACHER (Vocal & nstrumental Group -6), RK; BA: David Anthony: PM: Dave Warwick & Tony Graham-David Anthony PONTON, KEV (Vocalist/ nstrumentalist); BA: Artiste Mgmt POWELL, PATSY, & THE GOODTMERS (Vocal Group - 4), Folk Heritage; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey; PM: John Hutchings PRCE, MALCOLM, Projection; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey PUZON, JAN, SRT; Contact: SRT Prod'ns QUANTRLL, DON, DUO; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey QUARTERMOON (Vocal & nstrumental Group -4), Tank; BA: Paul Barrett, Allen Promos; PM: Paul Barrett 'QUESTON, MARK; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey QUESTONNARES (Group); Contact: W Weston QUNN, BRENDAN, & THE BLUEBRDS (Vocalist w/vocal & nstrumental Group -6), Release; BA/PM: Charlie McBrien QUNN, NOEL, Tank; Contact: Tank RAE'S, DONNA, CUSTOM MADE (Group-3), Hillside; PM: Donna Rae RAE, KEN & DONNA (Duo), Hillside; PM: Ken Mayer RAMBLN' BAND (Group); BA: Mike & Margaret Storey RAMRODS (Vocal & nstrumental Group -3); Tank; PM: J Thomas RAMSEY, COLN "LONG" (Vocalist/Guitarist); BA: Colin Ramsey - RAY, BOBBY, Tank; BA: Bobby Ray RAY & DAWN'S COUNTRY DUO (Duo); BA: RC Howes REDWOOD COUNTRY (Group); Contact: K Grice REED, MARTN (Vocalist/Guitarist); BA: ARJ Mgmt REED, TREVOR; BA: F Feeney REEVES, WARREN, & THE WEST VRGNA MOUNTAN- EERS (Group)- BA: Mike & Margaret Storey RENEGADE (Group); BA: Mike & Margaret Storey RCHARDS, BARRY (Vocalist/Guitarist); PM: Barry Richards RDNG, ALF (Vocalist/Guitarist), MPA; BA: Alf Riding RVERS, BEN LEE (Vocalist/Guitarist), Tank; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey; PM: Ben Lee Rivers RVERS, KEVN, BAND (Vocal & nstrumental Group -5), Buffalo; BA: Dawn ROARNG JELLY (Group-3), Free Reed; BA: Clive Harvey ROBNSON, DEL (Vocalist/Guitarist/Harmonica), Pinewood; BA/PM: Del Robinson ROCK SLAND LNE (Vocal & nstrumental Group -4), DJM; BA/PM: Paul Barrett ROCKY SLAND BOYS (Vocal & nstrumental Group -4), Pinewood; BA/PM: Del Robinson RODEO, Tank; BA: Rodeo ROMANE, MEL (Vocalist/Guitarist), Electric Cat; PM: Met Romane ROUGH MX (Vocal & nstrumental Group -4); BA: Mike & Margaret Storey ROULETTE (Group); Contact: June Pearson RUDD, BRYAN, Tank; Contact Tank Country Music Sourcebook Billboard

59 RUNAWAYS (Vocal & Guitar Duo), Lismor-Neptune; BA: Runaways RUSTLER (Vocal & nstrumental Group -5), Castle; BA: LE Agency RYAN, RON (Vocalist/Guitarist), Buffalo; BA: Ron Ryan, Dawn Promos RYE WHSKEY, Folk Heritage; Contact: Folk Heritage RYMAN COUNTRY BAND; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey SAGEBRUSH (Group); BA: Mike & Margaret Storey ST PETERS, CRSPAN (Vocalist), Metronome; PM: Kenneth Pitt SANDS, DAVE, Folk Heritage; Contact: Folk Heritage SANTE FE, Tank; PM: Mike & Margaret Storey SAYERS, PETE (Vocalist/ nstrumentalist), Response; BA: Rosewood Music SCHUMANN, AARON (Vocalist w/ nstrumental Group - 5), B&C; BA: GMC Promos SCOTT, ELLE, Tank; Contact: Tank SCOTT, GRAHAM, Tank; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey SHALAKO (Group); Contact: Tony Prettejohn SHERFF, DAVE, Tank; BA: Allen Promos, SHERMAN, BEN, Tank; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey SHLOH (Vocal & nstrumental Group -5), SRT; PM: Alan Stephens SDEWNDER, Tank; BA: Sidewinder SLVER, MOE, BAND (Group-4-5); PM: Moe Silver SLVER WNGS (Group), Tank; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey SNCLAR, JEANNE, & TYRONE COUNTY; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey SLMLNE COUNTRY -Slim & Shona McCall (Vocal & nstrumental Duo), Tank; BA: Alan Crossley, Mike & Margaret Storey SMOKEY & SAM (Vocal & nstrumental Duo w/ or w/o Drummer), Hillside; BA: Sam Sinclair SOLK, MANDY (Vocalist/ Guitarist), Rubber; BA/ PM: Frank Stuart -Brown -Sit-Up Promos SOUTHBOUND (Group), Westwood; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey SOUTHERN BREEZE, SRT; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey SPENCER, JOHNNY (Vocalist), Tank; BA: Allen Promos SPRNGFELD (Group); BA: Mike & Margaret Storey SPRNGWATER (Group); BA: Mike & Margaret Storey, STANLEY, PETE (nstrumentalist), Transatlantic, Projection; BA: Pete Stanley (Also performs with Brian Golbey) STEALN' CORN, Tank; Contact: Tank STEEL, RAY; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey STERLNG, DAVE, Tank: BA: Dave Sterling STEVENS, DANE, Tank; BA: Dane Stevens STEVENS, GARY, Tank; Contact: Tank STEVENS, STU, MCA, United Artists; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey, EMC; PM: Mike & Margaret Storey STEVENS, TONY; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey STORME, GERRY, Tank; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey STRNGDUSTERS, Folk Heritage; Contact: Folk Heritage STRNGS (Group), Tank; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey STROLLER (Vocal & nstrumental Group -5), Castle; BA: LE Agency STRUTT, NCK (nstrumentalist); BA/PM: Nick Strutt STUBBS, CAROL; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey SUNDOWN BAND, Folk Heritage; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey SYLVA, RCK; BA: Ricki Sylva TARNER, MEL, & WLDWOOD (Westwood); BA- Mike & Margaret Storey TENNESSEE STUD, Tank; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey TEQULA (Group); Contact: Liz Hart THORNBOROUGH, JULE; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey THREE DOLLAR BLL (Group); BA: Mike & Margaret Storey THREEWHEEL (Group -4), Buffalo; BA: Barry Williams TME & HALF TRO (Group): BA: Mike & Margaret Storey TOP COUNTRY SOUND, Folk Heritage; Contact: Folk Heritage TOWNEND, ANDREW (Vocalist/ nstrumentalist), Westwood: BA: Dave Plane (Also performs with Dave Plane) TRAVS, LANE, COUNTRY BAND (Vocal & nstrumental Group -3) Tank; BA: J Sensicle TUMBLEDOWNWND (Group); BA: Rainbow Ents TWGGY (Vocalist); PM: Neville Shulman -Adam Kadmon TWO'S COUNTRY (Group); BA: Mike & Margaret Storey TYLER, BONNE (Vocalist), RCA; PM Soundbarrier UNON PACFC (Group); BA: Mike & Margaret Storey VALANCE, RCKY (Vocalist), Tank; BA: Allen Promos VALENT, TONY; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey VENTURA HGHWAY (Duo); BA: Mike & Margaret Storey; PM: F Feeney VERDEN, JAKE, Tank; Contact: Tank VSON, Tank; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey; PM: Keith Marlow WADE, AL (Vocalist/Guitarist), Jacal; BA/PM: John A Cue ingham WATERS, RON; BA: Ron Waters WELLS FARGO, Tank; BA: Peter Holmes WELLS, TRACY, Outlet/ Homespun; BA: Tracy Wells WEST TEXAS HGHWAY (Group); BA: West Texas Highway Country Music Sourcebook Billboard WEST VRGNA, Rox; BA: EMC, WESTON, TOM, BAND (Group -5), Tank; BA: Allen Promos WHEATER, PAUL; BA: F Feeney WHELAN, CLFF (Vocalist), Sweet Folk & Country; BA/PM: Lee Williams -Allen Promos WHSTLERS LODGE (Group); BA: Mike & Margaret Storey WHTE LNE FEVER (Group), Westwood; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey; PM: P Baxter WHTTLE, ALAN (Vocalist/Guitarist); BA: Mike Storey; PM: Mrs D Walker WLDWOOD COUNTRY (Group), Westwood; BA: Mike & Margaret Storey; PM: JP Davies WLDWOOD, JOHN, Tank; BA: John Wildwood WLLAM, ALAN, Tank; BA: Alan William WLLAMS, DAVE (Vocalist/Guitarist), Double H; BA: Double H; PM: Frank Huddy WLSON, TERRY; BA: Terry Wilson WTHERS, TEX; Contact: Chris Forde WOODSTOCK MOUNTANS REVUE (Vocal & nstrumental Group -9), Rounder, Sonet; BA: Kevin Wyatt-Lown WOOLEY, SHEB (Vocalist/Guitarist/Comedian), Sweet Folk & Country; BA: ARJ Mgmt WOOTTON, BRENDA (Vocalist), Logo; BA/ PM: Plant Life WYLDE, STACEY (Vocalist/Guitarist), SAT; BA: ATS Ltd; PM: Stanley Joseph -ATS WYNN, CARL, DUO (nstrumental Duo), Ros; BA: Apex; PM: Lynton Hughes YONCO, FRANK (Vocalist/nstrumentalist w/ Vocal & nstrumental Group), Sweet Folk & Country; BA: Kit Connor, Mike & Margaret Storey YOUNG, ALEX (Vocalist/ Guitarist); BA/ PM: Ricky McCabe booking agents & contacts A RJ MGMT, 191 London Rd, N End, Portsmouth, Hants PO2 9AQW Tel: (0705) A T S LTD, City Varieties, Leeds, Yorks LS1 6LW Tel: Leeds ALLEN PROMOS, 6A Market Pl, Wantage, Oxon OX12 8AB Tel: (02357) 4785, APEX ENTERTANMENTS, Glen Avon Hope Mountain, Caergwrle, North Wales Tel: ( ) 3685 ARTSTE MGMT, 4 Regent Grove, Rossington, Doncaster, Yorks DN11 ODA Tel: (0302) ARTSTE MGMT & AGENCY, Carbon Chambers, 7B, Hall Gate, Doncaster, Yorks Tel: (0302) G S AUSTN, 20 Montgomery Close, Colchester, Essex Tel: Colchester BUDDY BAKER MGMT (self-booking), Music House, Caeau Farm, Hope Tel: (0978) CAROLE BAKER, 64 Botha Rd, Birmingham 59 5LT Tel: (021) E W BALAAM, Montrose, 4 Fiddlers Ln, East Bergholt, Colchester, Essex Tel: East Bergholt 667 DEE BARNES, 25 Amis Ave, West Ewell, Surrey Tel: (01) DA BARRETT, 19 Wendover St, High Wycombe, Bucks Tel: (0494) PAUL BARRETT ENTERTANMENTS, 51 Queens Rd, Penarth, South Glamorgan, South Wales Tel: (0222) DAVE BECK, Ashtree House, Curry Mallet, Taunton, Somerset Tel: (0823) CRAWFORD BELL STEELMEN (self -booking only), c/o Outlet Rec"g, 48 Smithfield Square W, Belfast, Northern reland BT1 1JD Tel (0232) TONY BENNELL ENTERTANMENT AGENCY, 86 Blenheim Rd, Kidlington, Oxford OX5 2HR Tel: Kidlington 2645 CYRL BERLN, see London Mgmt BLLY GOAT RECS, 71 Benhurst Gardens, Selsdon, Surrey CR2 8NY Tel: (Contact) BREN & DEE (self -booking), 23 Minton Way, Grosvenor Park, Widnes, Cheshire Tel: (051) TONY BRDGES, 17 Hornbeam Rd, Stowupland, Stow - market, Suffolk Tel: Stowmarket 4844 GERRARD BROGAN, 73 Botha Rd, Birmingham B9 BLU Tel: (021) BUS BROWN (self -booking), 392 Lindridge Rd, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands B75 7JB Tel: (021) C S 0, 1 Park Vale Close, Castle Hedingham, Essex CO9 3DS Tel: (0787) CAMBRAN ENTERTANMENTS NT'L LTD, Valley View, Trefeglwys, Newtown Powys, Wales Tel: (0551 6) 226, 603 Branch: Shrewsbury, Salop, 105 Whitchurch Rd Tel: (0743) A J CAMPBELL, 46 Gordon Rd, Gossport, Hants Tel: (0701 7) (Contact) NOEL CANNON, 11 Craignook Rd, Dyce, Aberdeen, Scotland Tel: (0224) LEON CATAN PROMOS, Anderston House, 389 Argyle St, Glasgow, Scotland Tel: (041) BRYAN CHALKER (self-booking only), 69 Hackington Crescent, Beckenham, Kent Tel: (01) CHNOOK MGMTS, Chinook, 26 Juniper Rd, Marlow Bottom, Marlow, Bucks SL7 3NX Tel: Marlow 6782 G R CLENNELL, Montana Cottage, Bicker, Boston, Lincs Tel: (0775) (Contact) MERVYN CONN AGENCES LTD, Chandos House, 45/46 Chandos Pl, London WC2 Tel: (01) Telex: KT CONNOR, 30 St Blazey Rd, Par Cornwall Tel: (072681) 2299 DES COOPER, 43 Station Rd, Willington, Beds Tel: Cardington 491 (Contact) ALAN CROSSLEY, 2 Back St, Barnby in the Willows, Newark, Notts NG24 2SD Tel: Newark JOHN A CUNNGHAM LTD, 3 Union St, Bath, Avon Tel: (0225) DAVD ANTHONY PROMOS, 80 Buttermarket St, Warrington, Cheshire WA1 2NN Tel: (0925) 32496, ,38264 DAWN PROMOS & AGENCY LTD, 186 Casterton Rd, Stamford, Lincs Tel: (0780) Telex: ROGER DGBY, 6 Paget St, London EC1 Te: (01) DOUBLE H AGENCY, Manor Court House, Fore St, Chard, Somerset TA20 1 PH Tel: (04606) 2439, 5224 BARRY DYE ENTERTANMENTS, 110-A Victoria St, pswich, Suffolk Tel: pswich E M C (EAST MDLANDS CONNECTON), Music nn, 30/ 32 Alfreton Rd, Nottingham Tel: (0602) PETER EDEN, 4 Cliff Ave, Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex SSO 7AJ Tel: (0702) PAT ELY (self -booking only), c/o Outlet Rec'g, 48 Smithfield Square W, Belfast, Northern reland BT1 1JD Tel: (0232) EMKAY ENTERTANMENTS, 12 Picardy P, Edinburgh, Scotland EH1 3JT Tel: (031) /2737 DAVE EVANS, 1 Mallard Close, New Barnet, Herts Tel: (01) (Contact) RALPH FARLEY, West View, Westley Way, Great Ashfield, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk Tel: (03598) 427 (Contact) GEORGE G FARMER, 29 West End Penwortham, Preston, Lancs Tel: (0772) (Contact) F FEENEY, C&W Entertainment Agency, 9 High St, Normanby, Cleveland Tel: (06495) 5366, 5070 ALAN FELD PROMOS LTD, 57 Duke St, London W M 5DH Tel: (01) , Telex: DAPHNE FLETCHER, 3 G N Cottages, Church Ln, Linby, Notts Tel: (0602) FOLK HERTAGE REC'GS LTD, Mid -Wales Sound Studios, Castle Caereinion, Welshpool, Powys, Wales Tel: (0938) 82585, (Contact) CHRS FORDE, The Tennessee Club, 267 The Broadway, Wimbledon, London SW19 Tel: (01) (Contact) G M C PROMOS 29 Cambrian Way, Basingstoke, Hants Tel: Basingstoke TONY GOODACRE (self -booking only), 17 Allerton Grangeway, Leeds LS1 7 6LP PHL GREEN (self -booking only), Woodway Farm, Great Gidding, Huntingdon Tel: Winwick 272 JOHN GREER (self -booking only), c/o Outlet Rec'g, 48 Smithfield Square W, Belfast, Northern reland BT1 110 Tel: (0232) K GRCE, 7 Hilton Ave, Berkley Estate, Scunthorpe, South Humberside Tel: (0724) (Contact) JOE E HAMLTON (self -booking only), c/o Outlet Rec'g, 48 Smithfield Square W, Belfast, Northern reland BT1 1JD Tel: (0232) KETH HANCOCK, Keri Ents, 101 Rockingham Rd, Corby, Northants Tel: (05366) 3143 HAPPY FACE MUSC, The Old Smithy, Post Office Ln, Kempsey, Worcs Tel: (0905) KEN HARRS, 32 Badger Rd, Coventry CV3 2PU Tel: (0203) LZ HART, Hartbeat Entertainments, 55 Westfield, Plympton, Plymouth Tel: (0752) (Contact) CLVE HARVEY, 11 The Butts, Belper, Derby Tel: (077382) 6378 D HAYWARD, 55 Rose Dr, Chesham, Bucks Tel: Chesham 2259 GRAEME HODGSON (self -booking), 40 Paradise Park, Whitstone, Holsworthy, Devon Tel: Week St Mary 412 PETER HOLMES, Woodlands, Main St Claypole, Nr Notts Tel: (063) (days), (evenings) DLE HOUSE, 73 Allerford Rd, Liverpool 12 Tel: (051) R C HOWES, 42 Maple Grove, March, Cambs Tel: (03542) 4852 JEFF & THE GNGERBREAD (self -booking), 19 Reeves Rd, Burbridge, Nr Henkley, Leicesters Tel: (0455) FRANK JENNNGS (self -booking), The Limes, 30 Church Rd, Woodley, Reading, Berks Tel: (0734) JESMONDENE PROD'NS, 63 Norman Crescent, Doncaster, South Yorks DN5 8RX Tel: (0302) 67868, MCK JOHNS, 65 Croft Rd, Balby, Doncaster, South Yorkshire Tel: (0302) (Contact) KAMA MGMT, Callaughton, Much Wenlock, Salop TF13 6PT Tel: (0952) /322 JESSE KENT, see Mervyn Conn PETE KNGSWAY (self -booking), 20 Lyndon Close, Castle Bromwich, Birmingham B36 OAJ Tel: (021) PETE KNGHT (self -booking), 70 All Saints Rd, Brooms - grove, Worcs Tel: (0527) ROGER KNOWLES (self -booking), 88 Crab Ln, Harrogate, Yorks Tel: Harrogate

60 nternational L E AGENCY, Nelson House, Castle Hill Rd, Hindley, Wigan, Lancs WN2 4BH Tel: Wigan (0942) BRET LARSEN (self-booking), 53 Aysgarth, Great Hollands Bracknell Tel: (0234) DON LEATHER (self-booking), Yew Tree Cottage, Upper Lydbrook, Glos Tel: (0594) CLFF LEDGER (self -booking only), 214 Coatham Rd, Red - car Tel: DAVD H LEE (self-booking), Souterspeed, Torver, Consiton, Cumbria Tel: (09664) 298 REG LEVN, 124 Chestnut Grove Wilmington, Kent Tel: Crayford TONY LEWS ENTERTANMENTS, Regent House, 235/ 241 Regent St, London W 1 A 2JT Tel: (01) JOHN LNDSEY, 7 Whitegate Close, Hitchin, Herts Tel: (0462) (Contact) LVE PROMOS 44 Double St, Spalding, Lincs Tel: (0775) 5670 DONDON MGMT, 235/241 Regent St, London W1 Tel: (01) JOHNNY MAC (self -booking only), 4 Collingwood Ave, Blackpool, Lancs Tel: (0253) BARRY MARTYN, 14 Hill End, Shooters Hill, London SE18 Tel: (01) (Contact) BRAN MAXNE, 42 Arragon Gardens, Streatham, London SW16 Tel: (01) (Contact) LYNDA MAYNE (self-booking), c/o Outlet Rec'g, 48 Smithfield Square W, Belfast, Northern reland BT1 1JD Tel: (0232) CHARLE McBREN PROMOS, 62a Derry Rd, Omagh, Co Tyrone, Northern reland Tel: Omagh (0662) 3269 RCKY McCABE ENTERTANMENTS LTD, 828 Corn Exchange Bldg, Fenwick St, Liverpool L2 7RB Tel: (051) A B McLEARY, 21 Newstead Rd, Abbey Hutton, Stoke on Trent Tel: (0782) (Contact) MLLON DOLLAR MUSC CO LTD, 12 Praed Mews, London W2 10Y Tel: (01) MKE MLLS, 42 Tredanek Close, Bodmin, Cornwall Tel: (0208) 4055 MCK MOON (self-booking) 134 Windermere Rd, Reading PETE NELSON (self-booking), 82 Ermine Close, Roman Rd, Blackburn, Lancs Tel: (0254) TONY NELSON, 104 Pargeter Rd, Bearwood, Worley, West Midlands B67 5HZ Tel: (021) NEMS AGENCY, 29/31 Kings Rd, London SW3 Tel: (01) NEW MUSC ENTS, 259 Marvels Ln, Grove Park, London SE12 Tel: (01) JOHN NUGENT AGENCES, 25 Breda Dr, Belfast, Northern reland Tel: (0232) THE OLD SCHOOL HOUSE, 83 High St Corby, Northants Tel: (05366) 4787 (Contact) OUTLET REC'G, 48 Smithfield Square W, Belfast, Northern reland BT1 1JD Tel: (0232) OVERLAND EXPRESS (self-booking), 9 Park Rd, Stratford - Upon -Avon, Warwicks Tel: (0789) 4670 BRDGET OWENS, 376 City Way, Rochester, Kent PARAGON PROMOS, 19 Smithfield, Belfast, Northern reland Tel: S PARKES, Cranberry Lodge, Cranberry Eccles Hall, Staffs Tel: Stardon Rock 349 PATRON MGMT CO, 14 New Barnes Ave, St Albans, Herts Tel: (0727) DAVD PAYTON, 143 Oaklands Rd, Bridgend, South Wales JUNE PEARSON, Longhorn House, Langrick Rd, Hubberts Bridge, Boston, Lincs Tel: (020) (Contact) DAVE PLANE, 12 Sandy Ln, Orpington, Kent BR6 ODY Tel: Orpington PLANT LFE, Edison Chambers, 109A Bancroft, Hitchin, Herts Tel: (0462) Telex: PRESDENT RECS LTD, Broadmead House, 21 Panton St, London SW1 Tel: (01) Telex: (Contact only) TONY PRETTEJOHN, 79 Langlands Rd, Cullompton, Devon EX15 1JD Tel: (08843) 8919 (Contact) RANBOW ENTS, 30 Smith Ave, Old Colwyn, Clwyd Tel; (0492) COLN RAMSEY (self -booking), 6 Bosley Mews, Pinglewick, Hamlet, Belper, Derbys Tel: Belper 7343 BOBBY RAY (self-booking), 77 Linekiln Ln, Lilleshall, Newport, Salop Tel: (0952) MKE RELLY, 129 Argyll Ave, Luton, Beds Tel: (0582) (Contact) ALF RDNG (self -booking), 69 Tanfield Grove, BGE, Hull HV9 4PP Tel: (0482) DEL ROBNSON, 50 Kingston Rd, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 7BW Tel: Leatherhead RODEO (self-booking), 126 Pennard Dr, Pennard Gower, Swansea, Dyfed Tel: Bishopsgate ( ) 8312 ROSE ENTS, 69 Whitley Rd, Hoddesdon, Herts Tel: (61) ROSE -MORRS LTD, 32/34 Gordon House Rd London NW5 1 NE Tel: (01) (Contact only) ROSEWOOD MUSC LTD, Rosewood House, Woodditton Rd, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 9BQ Tel: (0638) S C ROSSER, Primrose Cottage, District St, Penydarren, Merthyr Tydfil Tel: Merthyr Tydfil RUNAWAYS (self -booking), 46 Victory Ave, Gretna, Dumfriesshire Tel: Gretna 669 RON RYAN (self-booking), Tel: (0780) S R T PROD'NS LTD, 987 High Rd, Finchley, London N12 Tel: (01) (Contact) J SENSCLE, 44 Grove St, Leamington Spa, Warwicks Tel: Warwicks KETH SHAW, 71 Poynesdown Rd, Thatcham, Nr Newbury, Berks Tel: (0635) (Contact) SDEWNDER (self -booking), 12 Farnbrough Rd, Swindon Tel: (0793) SAM SNCLAR, 15 Peasecroft Rd, xworth, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk Tel: (0359) ST-UP PROMOS & MKTG SERVS, 75 Woodpark Dr, Knaresborough, North Yorks HG5 9DL Tel: (0423) ALAN STAFFORD, 25 Cheadle Close, Aldermans Green, Coventry Tel: (0203) PETE STANLEY, 15 Torriano Ave, London NW5 2SN Tel: (01) DAVE STERLNG (self-booking), 30 Knightsbridge Rd, Reading Rd, Berks Tel: (0734) DANE STEVENS (self-booking), 270 Lonpimwydd, New Town, Powys Tel: (0686) MKE & MARGARET STOREY ENTERTANMENT AGENCY, September Sound Studios 38 Knowl Rd, Golear, Huddersfield, West Yorks Tel: (0484) ROD STRADLNG, 32 Calcutt St, Cricklade, Wilts Tel: (079389) 222 NCK STRUTT, 75 Harehills Ave, Leeds, Yorks LS8 4EV Tel: (0532) FRANK STUART-BROWN, see Sit -Up Promos SWEET FOLK ALL REC'GS LTD, 74 Shrewsbury Ln, Shooters Hill, London SE18 Tel: (01) (Contact) RCK SYLVA (self-booking), 90 Gilbert Rd, Lichfield, Staffs Tel: (05432) TANK RECS, Welton Rd, Wedgnock Estate, Warwick CV34 5YA Tel: (0926) (Contact) MRS J TAYLOR, 54 Ridge Crescent, Whitefield, Manchester M25 6FP Tel: (061) TEMPLAR ENTERTANMENTS, 21A Bridge St, Leighton Buzzard, Beds LU7 7AH Tel: (0525) C T THOMPSON PROMOS, Duncluce St, Larne, Antrim ADAM NEWMAN TURNER, 8 The Drive, Countesthorpe, Leicester Tel: (0533) (Contact) UNCORN ENTS, 51 Baldwin St Bristol 1 Tel: (0454) WATERFRONT MUSC, 74 High St, Old Town, Leigh on Sea, Essex Tel: (0702) RON WATERS (self-booking), 3 Bernard St, Carrington, Nottingham Tel: (0602) TRACY WELLS (self -booking only), c/o Outlet Rec'g, 48 Smithfield Square W, Belfast, Northern reland BT1 1JD Tel: (0232) WEST TEXAS HGHWAY (self-booking), 8 Hepplewhite Close High Wycombe, Bucks Tel: High Wycombe W WESTON, 29 Telford Rd, Beechdale Estate, Walsall, Staffs WS2 7LD Tel: Walsall (Contact) WESTWOOD REC'GS LTD, Montgomery, Powys Wales SY15 6LU Tel: (068681) 427 (Contact) JOYCE WLDE, The Thatched Rest, Queens Hoo Ln, Tewin, Herts Tel: (043) JOHN WLDWOOD (self-booking), 1 Lincoln Close, Lichfield, Staffs WS13 7SW Tel: (05432) ALAN WLLAM (self-booking), Heath Farm, Shrewsbury, Salop Tel: (0743) BARRY WLLAMS, 20 Caves Farm Close, Sandhurst, Camberley, Surrey Tel: (0252) BEV WLLAMS, 5 Kingston Terr, Leeds LS2 9BW Tel: (0532) (Contact) LEE WLLAMS, see Allen Promos TERRY WLSON (self -booking), 1 Denton Row, Denholme, Bradford, West Yorks Tel: Bradford V A WOODHOUSE, 233 Milwards, Harlow, Essex Tel: (0279) KEVN WYATT-LOWN, 30 Baker St, London W1M 2DS Tel: (01) , NORTON YORK AGENCY, 86 Turnham Green Terr, London W4 Tel: (01) personal managers A T S LTD, City Varieties Leeds, Yorks LS1 6LW Tel: Leeds BRAN ALFORD, see Alice Music ALCE MUSC LTD 9 Cavendish Square, London W1M ODU Tel: (01) ALLEN PROMOS, 6A Market Pl, Wantage, Oxon 0X12 8AB Tel: (02357) 4875, ASHFELD RAMBLERS (self -managing), Westview, West - ley Way, Great Ashfield, Bury St Edmunds Tel: Wal - sham Le Willows 427 TON AVERN, see Templar Mgmt CAROLE BAKER, 64 Botha Rd, Birmingham B9 5LT Tel: (021) E W BALAAM, Montrose, 4 Fiddlers Ln, East Bergholt, Colchester, Essex Tel: East Bergholt 667 DEE BARNES, 25 Amis Ash, West Evu+ell, Surrey Tel: (01) c PAUL BARRETT ENTERTANMENTS, 51 Queens Rd, Penarth, South Glamorgan, South Wales Tel: (0222) P BAXTER, 6 Knowlys Crescent, Heysham, nr Morecambe, Lancs Tel: (0524) SANDRA BEAUMONT, 133 Low Grange Ave, Gillingham, Cleveland Tel: Stockton BOGNOR ROCK PROMOS, 103 Longford Rd, Bognor Regis, Sussex Tel: (02433) 4899 MCHAEL BREESE-DAVES, see Cambrian Entertainments TONY BRDGES, 17 Hornbeam Rd, Stowupland, Stow - market, Suffolk Tel: Stowmarket 4844 CAMBRAN ENTERTANMENTS NT'L LTD, Valley View, Trefeglwys, Newtown Powys, Wales Tel: (05516) 226, 603 Branch: Shrewsbury, Salop, 105 Whitchurch Rd Tel: (0743) MKE CARROLL AGENCY LTD, 42 Burford Park Rd, Kings Norton, Birmingham B38 8PB Tel: (021) LEON CATAN PROMOS, Anderston House, 389 Argyle St, Glasgow Scotland Tel: (041) ANN COATES (self-managing), 5 Pentre-Felin, Glan-Conwy, Colwyn Bay, Clwyd, North Wales Tel: ( ) 626 P E COLLNS, Fair View, Woodbrook, Kington, Hfds Tel: Kington MERVYN CONN AGENCES LTD, Chandos House, 45/46 Chandos P, London WC2 Tel: (01) Telex: NEL COPPENDALE, Westcroft, Western Rd, Shoreham - by -Sea, Sussex BN4 5WD Tel: Shoreham G CORCORAN, 96 Northfield Dr, Edinburgh, Scotland Tel: (031) JOHN A CUNNGHAM LTD, 3 Union St, Bath, Avon Tel: (0225) DAVD ANTHONY PROMOS, 80 Buttermarket St, Warrington, Cheshire WA1 2NN Tel: (0925) GORDON DAVES, see Westwood Mgmt J P DAVES 4 Fir Tree Rd, Bradley, Wrexham, Clwyd Tel: (0987) PAUL DAVS, see New Music LNDA DEVNE, 18 Old Mill Rd, Milton, Kildary, Ross -Shire V18 OPU Tel: (086284) 2480 PETER EDEN, 4 Cliff Ave, Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex SSO 7AJ Tel: (0702) F FEENEY, C&W Entertainment Agency, 9 High St, Normanby, Cleveland Tel: (06495) 5366, 5070 ALAN FELD PROMOS LTD, 57 Duke St, London W1M 5DH Tel: (01) , Telex: FLATSPN LTD, Mews House 33 Knox St, London W1 Tel: (01) Telex: BYRON GODFREY, see Million Dollar SYLVA GOODACRE, 17 Allerton Grange Way, Leeds LS 17 6LP Tel: (0532) STEVE GOODHEART, see Bognor Rock TONY GRAHAM, see David Anthony PATRCK GRFFTH, 38 Edward Bailey Close, Coventry CV3 212 Tel: Coventry (0203) HAPPY FACE MUSC, The Old Smithy, Post Office Ln, Kempsey, Worcs Tel: (0905) FRED H HOBBS, 7 Lime Close, Calow, Chesterfield, Derbys Tel: Chesterfield FRANK HUDDY, Manor Court House, Fore St, Chard, Somerset TA20 1 PH Tel: (04606) LYNTON HUGHES, Plastirion, Gardden, Ruabon, Near Wrexham, Clwyd, North Wales ROGER HUMPHRES (self -managing), 94 Christian Fields Ave, Gravesend, Kent Tel: (0474) JOHN HUTCHNGS, 4 Kingsley Crescent, Bulkington War - wicks, Nuneaton CV 1 2 9PL Tel: (0203) JESMONDENE PROD'NS, 63 Norman Crescent, Doncaster, South Yorks DN5 8RX Tel: (0302) 67868, STANLEY JOSEPH, see ATS ADAM KADMON LTD, 43 Welbeck St, London W1 Tel: (01) Telex: KAMA MGMT, Callaughton, Much Wenlock Salop TF13 6PT Tel: (0952) /322 L E AGENCY, Nelson House, Castle Hill Rd, Hindley, Wigan, Lancs WN2 4BH Tel: Wigan (0942) GARY LEGGETT, 29 Sycamore Rd, Stowupland, Stowmarket, Suffolk Tel: Stowmarket 2226 TONY LEWS ENTERTANMENTS, Regent House, 235/ 241 Regent St, London W 1 A 2JT Tel: (01) W LEYLAND, see LE Mgmt LVE PROMOS, 44 Double St, Spalding, Lincs Tel: (0775) PETER LYSTER-TODD, see Flatspin Ltd LES MANFOLD, Cornubia, Warren Carr, Matlock, Derbys Tel: ( ) 4625 KETH MARLOW, 34 Rodney Close, South Brook Estate Tel: (032772) 5948 KEN MAYER, Bulls Wood Ln, Cockfield, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk Tel: (028482) 752 CHARLE McBREN PROMOS, 62a Derry Rd, Omagh, Co Tyrone, Northern reland Tel: Omagh (0662) 3269 RCKY McCABE ENTERTANMENTS LTD 828 Corn Exchange Bldg, Fenwick St, Liverpool L2 7RB Tel: (051) JOHN McCOURT, see Paragon Promos 60 Country Music Sourcebook Billboard

61 MLLON DOLLAR MUSC CO LTD 12 Praed Mews, London W2 1OY Tel: (01) BOB MORRS, 2 Troddi Close, Hall Park, Caldicot, Gwent Tel: (0291) MUFF MURFN, see Happy Face PETE NELSON, 82 Ermine Close, Roman Rd, Blackburn, Lancs Tel: (0254) NEW MUSC ENTS, 259 Marvels Ln, Grove Park, London SE12 Tel: (01) DAVE NCHOLSON, 25 Arkwright Rd, Milton Ernest, Bed - fords Tel: (02302) 2760 MARTN NOAKES, "Wakehurst," Cranleigh, Surrey Tel: (048) JOHN NUGENT AGENCES, 25 Breda Dr, Belfast, Northern reland Tel: (0232) PARAGON PROMOS, 19 Smithfield, Belfast Northern reland Tel: PATRON MGMT CO, 14 New Barnes Ave, St Albans, Herts Tel: (0727) DAVD PAYTON, 143 Oaklands Rd, Bridgend South Wales KENNETH PTT LTD, 39 Manchester St, London W1M 5PE Tel: (01) PLANT LFE, Edison Chambers, 109A Bancroft Hitchin, Herts Tel: (0462) Telex: DONNA RAE (self-managing), Bullswood Ln, Cockfield, Bury St Edmunds Suffolk Tel: (028482) 752 BARRY RCHARDS (self -managing), 28 Watt St, Hull, Humberside Tel: (0482) BEN LEE RVERS (self-managing), 27 Agecroft Alt Oldham, Lancs Tel: (061) DEL ROBNSON, 50 Kingston Rd, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 761N Tel: Leatherhead MEL ROMANE (self-managing), 50 Horsendale Ave Nuthall, Nottingham Tel: (0602) RON ROWBOTTOM, see Patron Mgmt DEREK ROYALL, see Ricky McCabe NEVLLE SHULMAN, see Adam Kadmon MOE SLVER (self-managing), 44 Tiverton Ave, Skelmersdale, Lana Tel: Skelmersdale RONNE SMPSON see Leon Catani ST-UP PROMOS, & MKTG SERVS, 75 Woodpark Dr, Knaresborough, North Yorks HG5 9DL Tel: (0423) GEORGE SLNGER, see Live Promos SOUNDBARRER LTD, 16 High Garrett, Braintree, Essex Tel: (0376) 20750, (01) ALAN STEPHENS, 69 London Hill, Rayleigh, Essex Tel: Rayleigh (0268) MKE & MARGARET STOREY ENTERTANMENT AGENCY, September Sound Studios, 38 Knowl Rd, Golcar, Huddersfield, West Yorks Tel: (0484) NCK STRUTT, 75 Harehills Ave, Leeds, Yorks, LS8 4EV Tel: (0532) FRANK STUART-BROWN, see Sit -Up Promos T T MGMT, 34 Lake Terr, Hunslet, Leeds 10, Yorks Tel: (0532) M RS J TAYLOR, 54 Ridge Crescent, Whitefield, Manchester M25 6FP Tel: (061) TEMPLAR MGMT, 21A Bridge St, Leighton Buzzard, Beds LU7 7AH Tel: (0525) J THOMAS, 115 Wood End Rd, Erdington, Birmingham Tel: (021) MRS D WALKER, 15 Flamstead Ave Loscoe, Derbys Tel: (07737) COLN WARD, see Live Promos DAVE WARWCK see David Anthony WESTWOOD MGMT, Montgomery, Powys Tel: (068681) 427 LEE WLLAMS, see Allen Promos TERRY WORLLEDGE, 1 Park Vale Close, Castle Hedingham, Essex C09 3DS Tel: (0787) KEVN WYATT-LOWN, 30 Baker St, London W1 M 2D5 Tel: (01) , concert promoters Aiken Promos, 68 Malone Rd, Belfast BT9 5ET Tel: Promoter: Jim Aiken Allen Promos, 6A Market Pl, Wantage, Oxon 0X12 BAB Tel: (02357) Mgr: Lee Williams; Ass 't Mgr: Debby Lunn Ten': Europe including UK Frank Atkins 201 Park Rd, Bearwood, Warley, West Midlands Tel: (021) Back & Reeve Mgmts, 56 High St, Brandon Suffolk Tel: Thetford Dirs: Robin Back, Michael F Reeve Ten': East Anglia Dee Barnes, 105 Ewell By -Pass, Ewell, Surrey Tel: (01) Ten': Worldwide Derek Block Concert Promos Ltd, 16 Oxford Circus Ave, 231 Oxford St, London W1 Tel: (01) Telex: Cable: BESTOURS Dirs: Derek Block, Jef Hanlon, an Flooks Ten': Europe including UK Brooke Ents, 43 Manchester Rd, Greenfield, Oldham OL3 7ES Tel: Mng Dir: Philip Brooke Tea: Worldwide, primarily England & Europe Myles Byrne Org, Embassy Cinema, Western Rd, Hove, Sussex BN3 1AR Tel: (0273) Contacts: Myles & Trudy Byrne, Ralph Shaw Terr: Worldwide C & W Entertainments, 9 High St, Normanby, Cleveland Tel: (064) /5072 Owner: Frank Feeney; Office Asst: Ken Lilley; Booker: T Morris Ten': Cleveland, Tyne & Wear Al Campbell, Cruachan, Cummertrees, Dumfriesshire, Scotland Tel: (0461 7) 348 Mervyn Conn Promos Ltd, Chandos Pl, London WC2 Tel: (01) /9905/9970 Telex: Cable: PROMODSC Mng Dir: Mervyn Conn; Gen Mgr: Jessie Kent Dee E M Promos, The Lodge Lingen, Bucknell, Salop Tel: (054) Contacts: Mal Williams, David Hughes Ten': West Midlands; Wales Dee Prod'ns, 25 Amis Ave, West Ewell, Surrey Tel: (01) Ember Concert Promos Ltd, Carlton Tower Pl, Suite 4, Sloane St, London SW1X 9PZ Tel: (01) Telex: Cable: EMBERENTS Bd Chm: Jeffrey S Kruger; Mng Dir: Jeffrey L Horton; Promo Mgr: Howard Kruger; PR: Angela Mortimore; Tour Co-ord: Dorothy Jantschewsky; Artists Liaison: Leslie Lewis; Tour Road Mgrs: Laurie O'Leary, Jim Brent; Transportation Dir: Dennis Vane Terr: Europe including UK; srael; Middle East Chris & Hilary Forde, The Tennessee Club, 267 The Broadway, Wimbledon, London SW19 Tel: (01) , (04427) 6006 Bob & Mary Greenstreet, 22 Chiltern Close, Berkhamsted, Herts Tel: (04427) Terr: Herts; London Hartbeat Entertainment Agency, 55 Westfield, Plympton, Plymouth, Devon PL7 3EB Tel: (0752) Adrian Hopkins Promos, 79 Lots Rd, London SW10 Tel: (01) Terr: British sles nternational Entertainment Ltd, 16 Stanley Gardens, Kensington Park Rd, London W11 Tel: (01) Telex: Terr: Worldwide Karen Kendall Ents Ltd, 1699A Finchley Rd, London MN11 Tel: (01) Mng Dir: Herb Wilcox; Promos Dir: Karen Kendall Terr: UK L E Advertising, Nelson House, Castle Hill Rd, Hindley, Wigan, Lancs WN2 48H Tel: (0942) , , Mgr: W Leyland Terr: Northwestern England; Algeria; Netherlands Major Oak Recs, Oak Close, Ockbrook, Derby Midland Concert Promos Ltd, Cooper House, Brockhurst Crescent Walsall, West Midlands Tel: (0922) Telex: Mng Dir: Maurice Jones; Concert Coord: Tim Parsons Terr: Aberdeen to Southampton Don Page, 39 Thames Rd, Blakenall, Walsall, Staffs Tel: (0922) Derek & Rita Perring, Hawkesden, Yew Ln, East Grinstead, Sussex RH19 2AZ Tel: (0342) Pop -n Promos 56 Church St, Antrim, Northern reland Tel: 2314 Dir: R Miller (Contract with Forum -Antrim, Northern reland) Terr: Northern reland Rainbow Sound Servs, 1A St Andrew St, Plymouth Tel: (0752) , Owner: Philip E R Simonds Terr: Southwestern England from Bristol to Lands End Restenneth Promos, 40 Melville Gardens, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow, Scotland G6 20E Tel: (041) Contacts: Jan S Tomasik, GDW Antliff Terr: Aberdeen, Carlisle, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Scotland Solent Entertainments, 102 Portswood Rd, Southampton, Hants SO2 4HJ Tel: (0703) Contacts: George Beckett, Ray Gatehouse Stallion Promos, 87 Brewer St, London W1 Tel: (01) Mng Dir: Johnny Toogood; European Mgr: Joe Napoli Terr: Western Europe; Bulgaria; Hungary; taly; Poland; Scandinavia; Tunisia; UK Mike & Margaret Storey Entertainment Agency, September Sound Studio, 38 Knowl Rd, Golcar, Huddersfield, West Yorks Tel: (0484) Straight Music Ltd, 1 Munro Terr, London SW 10 ODL Tel: (01) (Contracts with Electric Ballroom & Lyceum Ballroom -London, UK) Terr: UK Frank Swaine & Danny Jerrom, 523 Ripon Rd, Stevenage, Herts SG1 4NT Tel: (0438) Drew Taylor Org, 29 High St, Biggar, Lanarkshire, Scotland Tel: (0899) Truckers Paradise Promos, 61 Tinkers Farm Rd, Northfield, Birmingham B31 1 RN1 /2 Tel: (021) Western Star Promos, Chinook, King St, Acre Fair, Clwyd Tel: Ruabon (097881) 7626/7268 Dir: W E Roberts Terr: Wales & bordering counties BBC radio stations Radio Aberdeen, Tel: ( ) Telex: Radio Birmingham, Pebble Mill Rd, Birmingham 65 7SA Tel: (021) Telex: Radio Blackburn, King St, Blackburn, Lancs BB2 2EA Tel: (0254) Telex: Radio Brighton Marlborough P, Brighton Sussex BN1 1 TU Tel: (0273) Telex: Radio Bristol, 3 Tyndalls Park Rd, Bristol BS8 1 PP Tel: (0272) Telex: Radio Carlisle, Hilltop Heights, London Rd, Carlisle, Cumberland CA1 2NA Tel: (0228) Telex: Radio Cleveland, 91/93 Unthorpe Rd, Middlesbrough, Cleveland TS1 5DG Tel: (0642) Telex: Radio Edinburgh, Tel: (031) Telex: Radio Glasgow, Tel: (041) Telex: Radio Humberside, 9 Chapel St, Hull HU1 3NU Tel: (0482) Telex: Radio Leeds, Merrion Centre, Leeds LS2 BNJ Tel: (0532) Telex: Radio Leicester, Epic House, Charles St, Leicester LE 1 3SH Tel: (0533) 271-1? Telex: Radio London, PO Box 4LG, 35A Marylebone High St, London WA,4LG Tel: (01) Telex: Radio Manchester, PO Box 90, New Broadcasting House, Oxford Rd, Manchester Tel: (061) Telex , Radio Medway, 30 High St, Chatham, Kent ME4 4EZ Tel: (0634) Telex: Radio Merseyside, Commerce House, 13/17 Sir Thomas St, Liverpool Tel: ( ) 3355 Telex: Radio Nottingham, York House, York St, Notts NG1 3JB Telex: (0602) Telex: Radio Oxford, 242/254 Banbury Rd, Oxford OX2 7DW Tel: (0865) 5341 Telex: Radio Sheffield, Ashdell Grove, 60 Westbourne Rd, Sheffield SO 2QU Tel: (0742) Telex: Radio Solent, South Western House, Canute Rd, Southampton SO9 4PJ Tel: (0703) Telex: Radio Stoke, Conway House, Cheapside, Hanley, Stoke-on- Trent, Staffs ST1 1JJ Tel: (0782) Telex: Radio 2, Broadcast House, London W 1 A 1AA Tel: (01) Telex: Radio Ulster, Broadcasting House, Ormeau Ave, Belfast BT2 BHQ Tel: (0232) Telex: commercial radio stations Belfast -Downtown Radio, Kiltonga Radio Centre, PO Box 293, Newtownards, Co Down; Northern reland Tel: (0247) Telex: Birmingham-BRMB Radio, PO Box 555, Radio House, Birmingham B6 46X Tel: (021) Telex: Bradford -Pennine Radio, PO Box 235, Pennine House, Forster Square, Bradford BD1 5NP Tel: (0274) Telex: Si 7444 Cleveland -Radio Tees, 74 Dovecot St, Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland TS18 LL Tel: (0642) Telex: Edinburgh -Radio Forth, Forth House, Forth St, Edinburgh EH1 3LF Tel: (031) Telex: Glasgow -Radio Clyde, Ranken House, Blythswood Court, Anderston Cross Centre, Glasgow G2 7LB Tel: (041) Telex: pswich -Radio Orwell, Electric House, Lloyds Ave, pswich 1P1 3HU Tel: (0473) Telex: sle of Man -Manx Radio, Broadcasting House, Douglas Head, Douglas, sle of Man Tel: (0624) 3277 Liverpool -Radio City, PO Box 194, 8-10 Stanley St, Liverpool L69 1LD Tel: (051) Telex: London -Radio Luxembourg, Tel: (01) Telex: Manchester -Piccadilly Radio, The Piazza, Picca dilly Plaza, Manchester M1 4AW Tel: (061) Telex: Newcastle -upon -Tyne -Metro Radio Tel: (0632) Telex: Nottingham -Radio Trent, Castle Gate, Nottingham NG1 7AP Tel: (0602) Telex: Plymouth -Plymouth Sound, Earl's Acre, Alma Rd, Plymouth PL3 4HX Tel: (0752) Telex: Portsmouth -Radio Victory, PO Box 257, Portsmouth P01 5RT Tel: (0705) Telex: Reading -Radio 210 Thames Valley, PO Box 210, Reading RG3 5RZ Tel: (0734) Telex: Sheffield -Radio Hallam, PO Box 194, Hartshead, Sheffield Si 1GP Tel: (0742) Telex: Swansea -Swansea Sound, Victoria Rd, Gowerton, Swansea SA4 3AB Tel: (0792) _Wolverhampton -Beacon Radio, PO Box 303, Wolverhampton WV6 ODQ Tel: (0902) Telex: For extra copies of Billboard's Country Music Sourcebook see page 4 Country Music Sourcebook Billboard 61

62 Personal Managers Continued from page 21 ELOSE SCHWARZ, RD 1, Broadbecks, Pa Tel: (717) GENE SCOTT, PO Box 454, Brentwood, Tenn Tel: (615) SCOTT BRO$ MGMT, 9229 Sunset Blvd, Suite 901, Los Angeles, Calif Tel: (213) LOUSE SCRUGGS TALENT AGENCY, PO Box 66, Madison, Tenn Tel: (615) LLOYD SEGAL & ASSOCS, 9454 Wilshire Blvd, No 500, Beverly Hills, Calif Tel: (213) HAPPY SHAHAN, see Alamo Village SHOUP, MORDECA & POPPEL, 157 W 57 St, New York, NY Tel: (212) Branch: New Orleans, La, 337 Rue Chartres Zip: Tel: (504) STAN SLVER, see Prima -Donna Entertainment JAY SNGLETARY, 7015 Gulf Fwy, Suite 215, Houston, Tex Tel: (713) SHELBY SNGLETON, 3106 Belmont Blvd, Nashville, Tenn Tel: (615) DAVD SKEPNER, see Loretta Lynn Ents BLL SMTH, Box 186-H, Rt 1, Thaxton, Va Tel: (703) HERBE SMTH MUSC NC, 1514 W Dorothy Ln, Dayton, Ohio Tel: (513) , JAMES R SMTH, PO Box 790, Cullman, Ala Tel: (205) SOUND SEVENTY MGMT NC, Ave N, Nashville, Tenn Tel: (615) SOUTH BREEZE MGMT, Ave S, Nashville, Tenn Tel: (61 5) SOUTHERN MOUNTAN BOOKNGS, Box 262, RD 2, Landenberg, Pa Tel: (215) JACK SPNA, see Rosina Mgmt MR & MRS FRANK SPONNER, RD 4, Perth-Galaway Rd, Amsterdam, NY DR RON STANDER, see Doc Ron STEVE STEBBNS, PO Box 47, Woodland Hills, Calif Tel: (213) CHARLES F STENMETZ, 8415 Bellona Ln, Apt 417, Baltimore, Md Tel: (301) CRASH STEWART, see Alamo Prod'ns LEE STOLLER, 120 Hickory St, Madison, Tenn Tel (615) STRATHCONA MUSC CO, Ave Edmonton, Alta TEE 3V9 Tel: (403) ED STRCKLAND, 1407 N 14 Ave, Omaha, Neb Tel: (402) THE NORTON STYNE CO NC, 148 S Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, Calif Tel: (213) JOSEPH E SULLVAN, see Sound Seventy 62 For extra copies of Billboard's Country Music Sourcebook ROGER SULLVAN, c/o Mac Curtis, Sunshine 77 Prod'ns, Labrador, Chatsworth, Calif PETE SWALK, 448 School Rd, Woodbridge, NJ Tel: (201) T T C MGMT NC, PO Box 64910, Dallas, Tex Tel: (214) TALENT SHOWCASE MGMT, 400 First Nat'l Bank Tower, Garland, Tex Tel: (214) BRUCE TAYLOR, PO Box 2802, 530 S Water, Corpus Christi, Tex Tel: (512) RHODA TAYLOR, see Boxer Prod'ns MKE TELL, PO Box 3101, Anaheim, Calif Tel: (714) TENTH HOUR PROD'NS, 4470 Brownsville Rd, Pittsburgh, Pa Tel: (412) ROY TESSER, see Tessier Talent TESSER TALENT NC, 264 Old Hickory Blvd, Madison, Tenn Tel (61 5) ; WATS (800) JM THRASHER, PO Box 2868, Birmingham, Ala Tel: (205) W ROBERT THOMPSON, 10 Music Circle S, Nashville, Tenn Tel: (615) ED TCKNER, 39151/2 Riverside Dr, Burbank, Calif Tel: (213) FRED TEKEN, see Armageddon Talent TMES MGMT CORP, 1216 Granby St, Norfolk, Va Tel: (804) JOHN TOOMEY, PO Box 2489, San Rafael, Calif TOWN & COUNTRY ENTERTANERS, Baribeau Ln, ndianapolis, nd Tel: (317) TOP DRAWER TALENT NC, Ave S, Nashville, Tenn Tel: (61 5) TRACKDOWN ENTS, 542 S Dearborn, Suite 1102, Chicago, Tel: (31 2) BOB TUCKER, 2500 Mount Moriah, Suite 208, Memphis, Tenn Tel: (901) HARRSON TYNER, see HT Music U UNTED POLKA ARTSTS, Box 1, Florida, NY Tel: (914) UNTED TALENT NC, PO Box 23470, 1907 Division St, Nashville, Tenn Tel: (615) CHARLE UPCHURCH, 8 Harvard St, Humarock, Mass Tel: (617) v VAN ENTERTANMENT LTD, 11 Yorkville Ave, Suite 408, Toronto, Ont M4W 1L2 Tel: (416) DAVD VANCRONKHTE, 1605 Hawkins St, Nashville, Tenn Tel: (615) H VANDENBERG, see Van Entertainment VASSAR'S MUSC, PO Box 208, Hermitage, Tenn Tel: (615) JM WAGNER, see American Mgmt in Calif JEFF WALKER ENTS, PO Box 196, Nashville, Tenn Tel: (615) BLL WALLER, see Pro -Talents HARRY WARNER, see Jerry Reed Ents LARRY WATKNS, see Moon -Hill EDDE WELDON ORG, PO Box 1294 DTS, Omaha, Neb Tel: (402) /7049 RUTH WENTLAND, see Mama Trax WEST MGMT CO, 600 First Ave, Suite 512, Seattle, Wash Tel: (206) MARC WHTMORE, c/o Wayne Coombs Agency, 655 Deep Valley Dr, Rolling Hills Estates, Calif Tel: (213) TRACY WEBECK, see Wooden Lady SHANE WLDER ARTSTS' MGMT, 1680 N Vine St, Suite 313, Hollywood, Calif Tel: (213) ALBERT WLLAMS, see Wooden Lady DON WLLAMS, see Williams, Hart, Cimini WLLAMS, HART, CMN, 816 N La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, Calif Tel: (213) HORACE WLLAMS, 120 Mikel Dr, Summerville, SC Tel: (803) M J WLSON, 1002 Kirby, Nashvillte, Tenn LARRY WLT& ASSOCS, PO Box 22638, Nashville, Tenn Tel: (615) WSHBONE NC, PO Box 2631, Muscle Shoals, Ala BOB WTTE, c/o JOP, 50 Music Sq W, Nashville, Tenn Tel: (615) WOODEN BOWL PROD'NS NC, 4006 N Howard, Suite 105, Tampa, Fla Tel: (813) WOODEN LADY PROD'NS, 1301 N Louise, Santa Ana, Calif Tel: (714) RANDY J WRGHT, PO Box 18320, Cleveland Heights, Ohio Tel: (216) Y HARVEY YATES, 425 Bryn Mawr, Birmingham, Mich Tel: (313) Birthdays Continued from page Troy Seals 17 Gordon Lightfoot 18 Jacky Ward 19 Jerry Foster 21 Jean Shepard, Cheryl Lee 22 Snuffy Miller 24 Johnny Carver, Doug Stuart 25 Biff Collie 26 Sue Richards 27 Eddie Rabbits, RW Blackwood, Werly Fairborn 28 Dorsey Burnett 29 Merle Travis, Jody Miller, Donna Darlene 30 Teddy Wilburn, Jack Reno December t Jim Nesbitt, Jim Chestnut 2 John Wesley Ryles 3 Ferlin Husky, Brian Shaw 5 Rusty Delaney 6 Helen Cornelius 7 Ronnie Sessions, Hugh X Lewis, Bob Osborne 8 Floyd Tillman 9 David Houston, Billy Edd Wheeler 10 Johnny Rodriguez 1 1 Brenda Lee, Cousin Jody 12 LaCosta - 13 Hairl Hensley 14 Charlie Rich 15 Ernie Ashworth, Randy Parton, AP Carter, Jerry Wallace 16 Jim -Glaser 17 Nat Stuckey 18 Wilf Carter 19 Bill Carlisle, Little Jimmy Dickens 20 Skeeter Willis, Gary Carter 21 Freddie Hart 22 Hawkshaw Hawkins, Red Steagall 24 Lulu Belle Wiseman, Stoney Edwards 25 Alton Delmore, Barbara Mandrell 26 Beacher"Brother Oswald' Kirby, Ronnie Prophet 28 Jerry Hanlon 29 Ed Bruce, Larry Barnes, Rose Lee Maphis 30 Skeeter Davis, John Hartford 31 Rex Allen, Van Stoneman, John Denver EXTRA COPES? Billboard's Country Music Sourcebook Extra copies of this year's edition are available from Billboard Magazine* The cost of the Sourcebook is $1000 each which includes postage Check or money order (no CODs) should be sent to: Billboard's Country Music Sourcebook 2160 Patterson Street Cincinnati, Ohio *As long as they last California residents add 6% sales tax Country Music Sourcebook Billboard

63 f you want the condenser microphone sound on stage, Electra -Voice gives you that option The PL76 and PL77 condenser cardioid microphones P15 are fast becoming the number one choices of vocalists who want to make the"studiocondenser" sound a part of their act Both mikes give you condenser performance in a package that competes with dynamic microphone durability Their gutsy, bass - boosting proximity effect adds presence to any voice The PL76 is powered by a 45 volt battery The PL77 is similar except that it is also phantom powerable The "77's" output is 4dB down from the "76's" to allow for more flexibility at the mixing board and it has a recessed on;off switch that many sound men prefer PL91 For those desiring the more traditional dynamic sound, the PL91 and PL95 fit the bill perfectly The PL91, with its mild bass -boost and clear highs is a joy to work with The PL 95 the "pro's choice" in a dynamic cardioid, offers the best gain -before -feedback of any dynamic mike in the business -a test we invite you to make Electro -Voice also offers four superb instrument microphones The PL5 dynamic omni is the mike to use when high sound pressure levels are encountered, as you would find when miking bass drums or amplified guitars, basses or synthesizers The PL6, with its patented Variable -D` construction gives you cardioid (directional) performance without up -close bass boost - perfect for miking brass, reeds, percussion or piano The PL11 even though it's a directional mike, maintains its response curve off axis "Leaked" sound from off -axis instruments are faithfully reproduced- not colored in any way E -V's PL9 dynamic omni has PL9 one of the flattest frequency response curves in the business - from 40 to 18,000 Hz And its small size lets you mike instruments you couldn't get near with other mikes 6 offering this performance All E -V Pro -Line microphones come with super -tough Memraflex grille screens that resist denting Designed to keep your mikes looking like new for a long time All have a non-reflecting gray finish that won't compete for attention under bright stage lights When the time comes to update your current mike setup, we invite you to A -B Electro -Voice Pro -Line mikes against any others, for any application f you try them, you'll want them in your act agukton company 600 Cecil Street Buchanan, Michigan 49107