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1 Copyright by GPSmyCity.com - Page 1 - Hiroshima City Center Nightlife Hiroshima has a vibrant nightlife that caters to all tastes. Whether you want to enjoy a laid-back bar, a delirious dance club or some tremendous live music, Hiroshima has you covered. As an added bonus, many of the best nightclubs and lounges are located right next to one other in the Central district of Hiroshima. Take this tour to discover the best nightlife in the city. Guide Location: Japan» Hiroshima # of Attractions: 5 Tour Duration: 1 hour(s) Travel Distance: 0.8 km Please note: This walk is also featured in the mobile app "GPSmyCity: Walks in 1K+ Cities" downloadable on itunes App Store and Google Play. The app provides turn-by-turn GPS navigation to guide you from one tour sight to the next, so you will never be lost. The apps offer additional walking tours in Hiroshima. Check them out! GPSmyCity offers self-guided walking tours in over 1,000 city around the world. Please visit for more walking tour offers. List of attractions included in this self-guided walking tour: A) 4.14 B) Southern Cross C) The Quattro Club D) Mac Bar E) Cream Club Copyright by GPSmyCity.com - Page 1 -

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4 Copyright by GPSmyCity.com - Page 4 - A) is a popular nightclub renowned for hosting some unforgettable live gigs. They often invite international DJs, having a top-notch sound system meeting the highest standards has opted for a rather minimalistic look in a bid to create more space for frantic performances. The club is usually open until 4 and sometimes even 5 AM is located opposite Tokyu Hands shopping center, in the basement. Address: 1-26 Tate-machi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima, Japan Image Courtesy of Flickr and Jsome1 B) Southern Cross Southern Cross is a bar and a nightclub run by two guys, one from Australia and one from New Zealand. Opened in March 2010, the place has been spinning around hosting live music shows, DJ parties, and even quiz nights. The public is mixed with a good cut of Japanese and ex-pats. Southern Cross boasts a fairly long bar counter and comfy lounge area. Another great thing about Southern Cross is that it's non-smoking. The place is tucked in the narrow Hon-dori walkway, in Five Star Building 4F. Address: 1-29 Hon-dori, Naka-ku, Hiroshima, Japan Image Courtesy of Flickr and star5112 C) The Quattro Club One of the most famous live music venues in Hiroshima, the Quattro Club is rock n roll to the core. Its interior is decorated with bright lights, and the club has a state-of-the-art sound system. Over the years, the club has hosted many world-famous rock bands, including Nirvana, Oasis, Bjork, Smashing Pumpkins, Red Hot Chili Peppers and many more. Address: Hiroshima PARCO 10F, Main Building, 10-1, Hon-dori, Naka-ku Hiroshima, Japan Image Courtesy of Flickr and Jsome1 Copyright by GPSmyCity.com - Page 4 -

5 Copyright by GPSmyCity.com - Page 5 - D) Mac Bar Mac Bar is one of the oldest nightlife landmarks of Hiroshima. Tucked away from the street, it is accessed through a narrow hallway leading into the coolest Western-style bar boasting, perhaps, one of the most complete CD collections in the world. You may simply go and ask for any CD that you ever owned and they'll surprise you! The dance floor is not big, but there are always people grooving and having their fun. Rather laid-back on weekdays, the place is usually packed on weekends, staying open until early in the morning. Overall, it is very much chill-out with a regular mix of Japanese and foreign crowd. Apart from CDs, the Mac Bar also features live music shows. Address: 6-18 Nagarekawa-cho, Naka-Ku, Hiroshima, Japan Image Courtesy of Flickr and Jack VS Japan E) Cream Club The Cream stands out on Hiroshima's night scene for its top-notch sound equipment and the most modern tunes played. Considered mid-size, the club has a rather spacious performance stage and a cozy bar area. It is also very sophisticated in terms of interior design, having much wood in decorations for the sake of good acoustics. This wooden music box has no problem gathering Japan's creme-ala-creme night clubbers. The Cream Club is located in Hakuba Building 2F. Address: 5-3 Nagarekawa-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima, Japan Image Courtesy of Flickr and Ivan Zuber Copyright by GPSmyCity.com - Page 5 -