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3 It s a place where centuries-old culture and innovations are interwoven, where the traditions of education are the framework for art and creativity, where the spirit of antiquity, great discoveries and achievements of ancient times inspire all to move forward. Discover Polack independent and strong, full of incredible energy and a special cosmopolitan atmosphere; the oldest city in Belarus. Polack. Cradle of Belarusian statehood. Travel to Polack. Cultural discoveries

4 Polack the oldest city in Belarus mentioned in the chronicles; ancestor to the Belarusian statehood The golden age of Polack is connected to the reign of the legendary Vseslav Charodey (Bryachislavich) Polack the city on the Western Dvina part of the famous trade route from the Varangians to the Greeks Polack the capital of Belarusian culture and education Polack. Founded in 862 AD

5 SEASONAL EVENTS CALENDAR: Winter Father Frost residence in Polack Christmas fairy tale in St. Sophia Cathedral Famous Polack Banyas (banya Festival) Holiday Polack Shooter Spring International Festival of Early and Modern Chamber Music Classical music evenings May evenings in Polack Summer Celebrations dedicated to the Memorial Day of the Monk Efrosinya Polackaya Ecofest Polack Blueberry Image show Farinovskaya marka Holiday-festival Polack the honey capital Holiday-festival The Savior of the Apple Feast Day in Polack Autumn Holiday of writing Skaryna Days in Polack Ecofest Visiting Polack Lesun International Festival of Organ Music Sophia Bells Travel to Polack. Cultural discoveries

6 FESTIVAL OF MEDIEVAL CULTURE RUBON Knight tournaments Traditional dresses Medieval music Authentic cuisine Artisans fair


8 CULTURAL DISCOVERIES: ORGAN MUSIC Inspiring Penetrating Magical Festivals of early and modern organ music Organ Concerts in St. Sophia Cathedral

9 CULTURAL DISCOVERIES: THE MOST INTERESTING IN THE CITY Concerts of organ music 14 museums Weaving traditions of Pohozerye Monument to the letter Ў Interesting architectural monuments Modern university with European traditions Travel to Polack. Cultural discoveries

10 CULTURAL DISCOVERIES. TRAVEL BY BIKE ACROSS POLACK AND ITS SURROUNDINGS Take a ride through Polack and its surroundings and discover unusual, interesting and picturesque places. Travel to Polack. Cultural discoveries

11 RELIGIOUS DISCOVERIES. PILGRIMAGES Efrosinya Polackaya Simeon Polackiy St. Sophia Cathedral a white ship sailing along the Dvina Polack is a multi-confessional, open, progressive city. Churches Cathedrals Catholic churches Monasteries Lutheran Church

12 LEARN THE CULTURE OF COUNTRY LIFE Local rites and holidays Agricultural traditions Rural life TRY THE LOCAL CUISINE Try the local cuisine TOP-5 dishes and beverages: Draniki Machanka with pancakes Vereshchaka Sbiten Mead Travel to Polack. Cultural discoveries

13 TRAVELING OFFERS Choose a suitable destination for a one/two-day trip. Combine your trip to Polack with a visit to Viciebsk or Mior. Viciebsk is a bright, cultural city with a significant number of attractions, events and opportunities. The birthplace of Marc Chagall and Belarus festival capital. The perfect place to stay for a weekend. Miory is a small cozy town great for leisurely walks. There is: Miory lake A 500-meter promenade The majestic Virgin Mary Assumption church

14 HOW TO GET TO POLACK: How to get to Polack: by train, by shuttle bus, by car. The distance from Minsk to Polack is about 230 km, from Viciebsk 100 km. VISA: Starting from January 2017, Belarus has a 5-day visa-free regime for citizens of more than 80 countries (*only if they enter from the Minsk National Airport checkpoint). All information about the visa to Belarus you can find on the website CURRENCY: Belarusian Ruble (BYN)

15 Tourist Information Center Polack, 8 Skaryna avenue Developed by the Project Support to Sustainable Tourism Development in Belarus, funded by the European Union Photo: S. Plytkevich, A. Rakovich, V. Rakovich, A. Martsinkevich Design and page layout: OOO Public Creative Printing: printing house Donarit European Profiles S.A, 2017

16 The Project is funded by the European Union