IngersollRand, TS7N7.5. With Parts List. More Than Air. Answers. CCN: _7882

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1 ngersollrand, TS7N7.5 Owner's Manual With Parts List More Than Air. Answers. CCN: _7882 On ne answers: _tp'j_,_vw.air. REV," A DATE: FEBRUARY" 2003

2 2 F.qau DEFNffONS &l;lr&'_f_q WLLurn4 OF_TH.r_'VERE NjUrer or _WARKNG.GN t'ion G_ CANcause OEAT/_SEVEREKNJURYor s.bsta_ttsi pretty _=,=_ WLLor CANgaminEl_lOt_NJUKYor xope_ydamage. SAFETYPRECAUllONS &_ml_=e_ tntakea_r.concqot_s(ncsdxm mono_de oro/her onemttlnmtll_11 Rand air ornpmmmmerenotdesigned. ntendedorapprovedfor brea_lng sir. Cow_nmse4air =tm_ldn_tbe _K tw brcalhtng=drappllcatlomsunlm tnmted n =m-cardmwewith all applicable_e= t_ri_lulutl, mu. -_ H_ST._OQU_iVOLTAGE._ caeca =q l_uv d_ath,di_mmm_t a_m_ L:i=l[q11".dllF_=l'.l=[ql[], EnsureadeqtmmRflln_equipment issvallablef_runloading e_l rnovlng_e uni tothe_ slt_. for thew_ of the unll _c_rton _At_ u_ttw the shtl_s_l sidd o_ t_ remo_ng _ motortrom l_u unit only., 'TON D_ not workon or w=dkun_e_'dinunit =_r.=, r..apab_of_pporung_hewe_t of _e _t. nrv_ng._oot/t_ properlygroundedcircuit.see grounding imtm_jon_ nmanuald_ notoperate _n,,_m_r _,w_ _d_. tndoors. MOVNGPARTS.Cmlcause serious inlury.oonotoperatewith guards removed.machinemaystart s_a_ Otr, _nect pow_ bsi_ cantcing. Lockoutrragoutmacaw. HOT SURFACES.Cancausesor_s njury.donottouch.allowto COOlbefore =m'vtct_9.0o not touchhot cas_pmss_ o_t_t_ng. HGHPRESSUREAR. Bypuslng. modh_ngorremovingmsfe/yfrthf valves ca sttwos _u_y _ demh. O_not bypmm,modifyor removecaf_lylmllel relying,bo mt dlrm;tair _h'munot body. Rustedtanks cen cause impk_ion lind _,_er_ tnjurjof dwath.draintank dsi_ siter _w.h.a._. Ondnw.i.mor.l t bottomof tank. RSKOFBUR.SlNG.Uca _mlymd!_e air handlingpmrt pl_ble for premmmof no_[ecathmnthemulmum arlowable work;ngpressurecrthemachine. _rore_dgningb',,edeuve_re_e_ltn_pectf_rdamageand miss(rigpacts,(fdamageormlss_gpartssre_parerk. mske the_ notdon=nmeo'_'ery re_, en s tm nmmpt.mmediatelyconlacther,an_" f_xaninsped_n. N materlalmcat_ heldk_u_emcemn_ocat_ tbr_ =m_or_r,spec:_. DeaNeryre _ cono_,ed damage_fms, Sere dm,nagec_ms almc_yw_ ffy0_discaverdatable=dtermc_mng_heur,'t(_ _ed _ar_a_e_the_=dermus:benot_e_v_t_. 1Sdsysot re_sipt ar_ en_pecu_ mus_ re_este /te_p_w_ cord_s_n nwdung.oncanca_)d damagede,ms,b_e bun_-_d _0iishinu th_ the,j_twas_au_d i a_i_ rev=r_bad[tothe_mant. Rud theunitmm'_m tov_ttyltisth_mod_o_d_red,m_,d maclh_m_l_r_l=4at= 1ov=rr_ttts_mpetllde v,_h',p_r e_e_b'k_con_r,_ms. MakewJrede_b_ end_urca end _mb amul_olxtataforumiastailauon_ of "P31S, "r_l, i"87,t810,11rl _ tffknctt*ry _LEGTRR;(,l_ tq,j_l]

3 SELECTNQ A LOCATON Formost e(ectrk;motor units,sotectu relativelydean and dn/ welt-lightedindoor ezesw'_ plentyof z_cs for prop_ vent.gabon,coormgair flow and eomh4bglty.provlde1,000 cublc_et of (tastealr per 5 hoampower. Locatethe unita_k_s! 15'inches (38 cm)h'omwegta,and reekssum U_emelnpower supply_ deerlyldentmed end_. Unless Sheelec_ca] compommtsafthe unitere _ly protectedforoutdooruse, do not installan ele_dc motorunit outdoorsorinan anm 5'_t wlllexpou g,,ee_,octrica] componen_lto r_n, i_:niv or iource_ o{ _recl. WARNNGFOR UNTSEQUPPED WTH ELECTRCDRAblVALVE 't-warnng The eloctrlcdrainvalvencecorawo arcinga upaddngparis,suchu snap switches, nmep_aclesandhe lkothat tend to produce arc_orsparbeand,f_ure(ore,when locatedn agarage,the cmnpmuor shouldbe in u roomorin,torero providedfortl_ purpose,orthe electdc dz'atn valveshouldbe '18ncbes (457mm)ormm abovetbeloor. AMBENT TEMPERA' E C,OE RATOHS. _deal operandi temper_ures are between 32"F and 100"F (0"C and 37.8"C). )ftemperaturescorls_endy _ below32"1={0"c), ns_l Ulo_;qxessor na heated area. f _is _snot pq_lble, you_ pmtegtsafety/re(e#_ md dn_mivuh_ from 11ee_ng.ftempemtum_ are cond_te_tfybek_w40"f (4.4"C), o_stderinsta[mg arlexternal crankcaseheater d_e_oedal_y ifme compressorhasdiffioj_j starting.,_ catr/1on Hevo_operate_ _xnwe_mrn tmpera_rms be[ow2o'f(6.6"g)orubove 104"F(40 C). installing REMOTEAR & CAU_ON NLET PPNG 6 1_w Do not operste Um unit wl/hout s_rnlet ftheairaroundg_eunitsrelagvely freeofdid,n,stall g_eak k31etfl_ter_t tr:ek'detconrm _ atthe pump. fthe ak'lz dirty. ptpethefllte_ to a source of dean e_r.use PVC plastictubes _r mmotoinlet p_olng,do not useblack pipeor galvenb_l pipe, as _e_e promotesweating and rust.condder ]nstaning an k,,.anetype m_- foreese of cleaningand _t. Make the ne 8s sho_ er_ direct as posstbleand es lal_e, or _;;er, b'_entt_ diameterofthe tn_ co_nect_ on _ pump. Do not nst_ plph_ w_ udlarneh_k)vv_rthan (hat _'the pump m_e. nc_eu e pipedmmet_ro_mstzsfor everj 10 faet (3 m) _ /en_'mr uver'/9_' be,d. Make sn _e i_ng b m_luate_ t_'u:ed. fyou pipe_'ls rateroutdoor, cover Kwith_ hoodto _t Heavy e!enmnb endmtrstjonequipmentare average f_me aitborrmdta t_h = cern_t m'_d_k du HUM_ AREAS. nfmqu_dly hurr4d_ mai_bjmnmyform in _le pump _mdpmdmm_udge n_ f,,bricant,cau_jng runnl_gparmtowe_" out prematurely.exce=fne molstt=_b esp_jally Rm_yto occur# _ounlt i_ lacalodn en unheatod Twod4F_ ofexc_ humldllyare e_ma/_ond unue_m o_ d_epumpwhen i_coolsdow11and _'ra'e_'y" appearance in petro_umux_c_n_ Youmaybo ableto pmvontmol_ fromfom_lngnthe purnp by increasing_n, op longerntentbbor instan_lgan _ crankcaseheaterkit. NOSE _(_S. P-,O(stdt _ Oftlcklf4_ infonnaf_on regardingac_mable noi_elevels b your inn, To reduce excessive noise,use _4bratto_lao_atorp_da orntuea baff_wa_l MOUN momtt[ng, Boltheul_ltoufirm,_ found_ (_ud_e_ u_o oor).dono_bo_uneveelre_llg_ly_othefounddon,u _s wll causeex_md_es_ on_mreoalvertank,u_emet -r_ under_ ehod"reehf_.

4 Nb'TALLNGDSCHARGEPPNG _r',m.lngeg.e_wrng &_G OQ_ mmp_ p_. _klec_ :opp_ Ti_ngs, ru_1_rhose,m'lead4n mlder_ be _1orm_ by qlmw_melantr_lan c_ntsanyv_andn thecamprmmodadr rjn_m. who =h=mlllmwlth all =_pllca_=4e local, =ridf_d_ndkmmand m_l_on=. GENERAL.Themotor'atlnQ, _ showrtontt_emotor &CNntON fyouvdl(r_u_k'_g=er.h_cl mlxemr r,m'nmiate, andthexaver=t_,_ musthavecompafde iubd_n(._idown.rum pipingmmamra( voite_, p_se mdt'_-lzd_racteds_l s_'u:l 1_yWbm_ m_,ud, be =nlmi$_ Rsfmto_ fo(lawkh_ n,mt_- WREelL_-.."_mele=etc_wfdr,g betwee_erepowers_y _nde4m:_tcmoorvao_;ao::m'd_n_ eon_o_-ho_sepow_and _$',i_f $hd.(fluh_'m (r,_'i_p=,t(t:,le mathrlelmwutmt nyoursystem,o( f cemrre_om,kle e=em_pa_y =_d pow_luds _opm_ct erneste.,,_ voita_dmpdudrmst=t-up.re_ =o_ Unem_ matedalenottndu6edn61etlst, twntactng_so_a_i fc* Nmlon_F.lecMcCode(NEC)fornforma_non_electlng_0 recommend_jons. proper_m m nndt_cudngeledalc om_on_ i/you connect_l_rml elec_i_ equipment tothe=amecir_ condderthet_taleleddcalo_.ahensek_ng the properwbe SY_t'HE'nCCOMPRESSORLUBR}CANT sl=e.donotuseunderszewre. MATE:RALCOMPA'RBLTY_ fv,tm_lzonf_mat_nsnotevdable._e wire_zes shownn SUTABLE Vl r_=y (Ola==mk,d),OnRe_,mntNk_, (hefollowing_v;mselec_onc_r( cenbeusedasa safegulde. F_oro_l[l_. Ruomc_bon.Poty_J]_le. 2-Componerd Ut'e_'tane, fthedistancedoesnotexceed50feet(15.$m).forlonger dl_ COrle_l W ele_atc_corltractororttleoc_okzctdc Nylon, Oelfln_, Cel=o_O. H)Dh N11d_ RuM3er (BQemN, NBR morn companyform_. Ep_n, Polyacwl_to, _, Polyp, Baked Dul_ Corpomlo_) NOT RE_DMMENDED Ne_'_ma. Natural Rubber, SBR Rubber, Ac_y_c Paint. Lacquer, Varnish,P_l-_t_ene,PVC,_s. _, cegulo_ Acel_to, Low N_lle Rublx_ (Buem N. NBR k_z them30% Phenc=y,FV_eulfone_StyreneA=yto_ (S_,), a_'tl ; MOTOR WNOLE "itree HP _ phase!t5v _ 200V 230V 460V b'/sv 6 4(5) 8(10) 10(12) 12(14) 14(16) 14(16) 7.s e(e) 00o) 1o(1.2)14(16) 140o) 10 0(10) 8(10)1204 ) 14(1(;) 1_ 4(8) 6_) 1"0(12) 10(12) NOTE /_1_ slr _y_tem_generate e,ond_.j_at_"whh:k. _:w._m_stss _nm_t =hrc_=lmt. dryer_).th(s om[ensste _n_ kgbrlc_lngokandtofsubstances _lch mw be r_u_ed imdmur,t be d_pmmd_" mdanc_ with kx_d, nd fm_md_ m_l mgu_k GENERAL_=QUREMENT_J. The_plng.fittings,air rece_ertank.etc.mustbecer_fledsafeforatleast_e rm_rnumv,,o(k_gpre_reeol_'-mun_ Usehen_-w_dedor threadedsme oot_erplpeeendces_ron_gs _]_ ere cert.'leds_fefortheunlt'$d1_na_epres_re em lperakim. DONOT USEPVCPLASTCNTHE COMPRESSEDARDSCHARGELNE.Usep_pe_d sealant_ all_m_s, andmakeupjo_sughtlytoprevent a(rlea( ONOEN6ATED6GtARGEPipNG. f(na_linge cor_lensatedischargenne,thepipingmustbeatle_=t_e size langerthanhe_ortrmctkxt,as_tort enddirectn possl_e, securedt_h'_yandroutedtoa m=_at_e dral. pointorwaste corltajner. Condensatemustbe disposedofinncco_ance w_hoc_ state,m=dfederallawand_s. '_,_ ll'mt dtereo_ler,dte_k valve,bloekvllve, m-ttty _,h_a"t'tstd_k_t fi_tdd_d to 'd_ =m_lx'_=_r dt_hwg_, hwtat,;==pr_pedy- =lz_l ASME _ safety/nelkaf valve bebveanthe omprmmm"dllchoq;e and therufrk_on, W'n _z_e shownnawg (SWG) AWG = Amelfcan WireGauge SWG = Bd_'s_tmpedal S_-_:laedW_reGmme ra]_'er. /_e motor]rsmj]ed _ yourur,l_l'me amoormse_buxom, tdae_,'_{req_ke_ m_;n_c st_'_er.k e (ea_w-m_,_e_s_er, k',s_ era_ne_ sw_terw em_el remember_e momentarystaringcu,-mntofanelect sgme_"_n _ fu_loadcum_. T_.e-de_ oc"s_do# fusn amm_.nme_ded, PRF.SSURJE b'wtch.onu_ '_thouta f_ctoey_ pre_.jresv_h, w_ apressureswlt na_:_lmce wfth_he apfropr'.ate wldng_ema_c nthedagramseectlonofthis manual. Mount _e pr_mum sw_h in 8c_o_an_ w e mm_'_"s r_ammen_-_. T_ ccmnec_gtne_ the recet_r _ankrm_be as _o_ anddlr_t _ poss_e, mj cw_t_='_ farn{_m_ ff_ema_nta, workjngpnmsumof

5 'non & CAUTOH Do r_t qxm_e wilhout_m m"w;_ nadequatelulri_ud. ngersoll-randx not mponsible for orr4mm_ fa,'im _..xl by m_luabt lubrlc_o,. SYNTHETCCOMPRESSORLUBR_,ANT.ng_imU-Rsnd recommendsn SeaaoeSelect.,Sethe_lutxlcent from.tartup.see6,1ewarrantylotexmndedwan,amtywlommnon. ALTER_kATELU_RGAN'/8.Youmayuam_0.-300ora comperabiepetrale_ lulx_ant_ isprerniumqudty, _es noto_a_ deterrents,contalnsonlyar_m_ m_- o_da_on,_d anti-foernagents_ adds, ;_s e k_sh_nt of440"f(227"0)orhigher,andhassna,._o-_on potetof r_o'f(34s'c)or_ her. Useone_[l_e fl_x_ng mel_ds iustratm] Zodetenn_ewt crm_ fs_dl. A.FULL_,_atbotlomthn_doi'oaB_op_nlngonun_s ep_rol_jrn lu_',_v_sco_ty ruble below, _ t_ble _ intendedas nmorelguideonly.heavydulyopen_r_ 8.ADO lewl bel:w b_awe#wud _t dfill wwdmg_,wdt: cond_on6mqu_ l'wm/wrv_mr.ltl_. Refer_z_flc opw_ wfmeet_t _r tolngemo-r_ formcommends_ C. FU.J_levelonu_,t_w M gla_. Tem_rsfam)Around V_m_OOO'F Y_oM_Omdo!.rcl,F "c SUSlConUm_L mo ] s_ L <40 <4.4 1_ A-2_ % fyouuse s pe_oleurrpbssedcompressorlubdcerdat start-up 8ridderide to converttoa Seaso. Select ister on, _ pump mustbe decafoontzed and11us_hed before conve_.lo_. Contact ngor_oli-rand for moree_,torma/_on. FnJJNG PROC_LRES: % Unscrew8rid remove _e pl, F_the cmr_se W_lJubrlcant. 3. R_p_aceth9 oil_ p_ ghand TGHT ONLY. & GAUTON Do,not remove b'_ ol m] p_ugwhile _he compressor/, mnn/ng. LOW OL LEVEL SWTCH A/_t ac_,_ted lowol m_ swltchmaybe nstadedto prote_ yourunrsgdnst darnsge dueto k_r_ont oomptmlor og lev_. L_w olllewdinf_e omprmmorcran_ase cauaes the _ coniaclst_open, _us shutting_haunitdram Umlthe proper oll kwel has bee_ restored, proper proto=i_ aga_st k:,woa ie_d depe_'_, _ XOper ad_u_a_t ofthelowollavel8w_ Duflngth_nil_al nan,sto_ he uni dram _ qus f c_1fmrnlt_e _nvp_x cr_ko_m _o s _ultnbte _n _ontalner. Listenfor_e switch The Host some_'t'ies gets co_ed or stud(, during shlpp_nu, f the 11_t is cock_ orstuck,open the disc_oct swi(ch,dmk_ the f_.. ;_a_r_e aedtf'_mmuw he _me o_, NOTE f _ flo_t s _k_l _ the low _]tlon, ts'munlt _nrmt stm't. START.UP 1. Closethe sewlce valve. manual drainvalve. c_'npm_sor, tfthe pin,sum swtlchis equippedwlth8n "0N/ AUTO-OFF' lever,llphe switchto _ "OWAUTO" posl_m. f tmunitb oqu_0!)edwitha controlpanel"on/off" swath. mov_ heswitchtothe 'ON" posl_on. 40 OZ. {.12 L) 40 OZ. (1.2L) S0 OZ. 0.SL) 60 O7- (_L) e4 Or. (2.,5L) OWAUTO OFF "pslt_, "_r, "r_1lt 11M&_'_TOW,_RY _LBC'i_C (,im lg, 20_

6 T'Aok_Comm/_q. 4. Sbw_ownth===v_. t_.w" (W_quemN,_ & CJK/'ON U_ nol_a af _hratlaa _:st_m a problem. Do not continue to ope_to until you tdentlfy nnd _rru;t the sour_ of tho l,n:blm. NOT_ Ensure he llmctlon of rotatl, correct per the m'ow on _e motor. f Oto rotation s n_tllct OntlhrlqH)4hal_lunits, nterchange any two of the throe luds. COMPRESSORCONTROLS AUTOMATC 8TART & 8TOP CONTROL T_ type of o_t_ xppl_ to electricmotorcktvenmodelsund_ 10 ho_r. NOTE Automatic _ & _ Conbol s ntended for Lmowhen the motor vdll start no morn th_n 00mes per hour. Whenthe recei_ tank pm_sum mad_s the fadow pnhj_ mmdmumpremj=_ (usually175 PSG;),01epre_um sw_h sto_ a-munl When the reou_er lankprm_um dro_ below the factor/preset minimumcusually135 PSG), the pressure swlt_ rents =nd m_s.ts he u_ll DUAL CONTROL. Th ype_ om_o_ ap_ie_ to _ectrlc rnot0rumb over 10 horsepower.sek_t eltl_a_,at and stopcont_ orconcant q_ed _Wol byadjust_ the knobon thexuxllisryvalve. Forautomaticst=rt and stop conl_l, turnf._ knob onthe auwaryvalw fullydod<wiseto a'lseblethe etj_llaryve_ve.the l:_lesufesw_chwll_thens_e_t andstop _e unit. NOTE For dual cordml models, autmndc start s(,,dato_ S pcefer_d. 5utect comdantspeedconl_ fft_ unr_ n less_m 10 ndru_ L'd_ o_runsmornt_an40 mbutes per hour.turn t_e tmobmly coume._c_ee _or u un_cxx_u_y.wh_n racel_r tank prm_um reaches 170 P_G. _o unitrumsbut doe=not pump. _ NOTE The auxllisry valve is f_to_y We.,sat at 5 PSG k)w_r U_n th_ faclmy pressure iwill_h i_tljng. CAUTON Running unloaded for mom than 2_ mlrmtu per hour or m_ than 15 mlnutm _tlnually with the use of _m1_tant q)eed control will cause oll pumping and should be avoided. 8wrrcHADJUSTMB_T Z_WARNNG Highva_ages prmmntatw,epros=urn swlich_ u_on the po_or supplys _ormec_i. Ok_:otme odk_ml twim_t powersupplybe(or=making_ljuatments..cautton Donot s_juathe prnxumswltc_to m_cm_dl the magnum d_m_'g_ :e_um of the unit. NOTE Adjustthe pressures_tch _'dy f " _!Ju_mer, al_ut_y r_ce_wy. CUT.N & CUT.OUT. _ out-out(compre_,or shut-down)is _e pros=urn=t whk:h' neswttc:h ontac_ ope_,and _neo.,t-in (_'_gmssor resort) s thepressure =t whichthe s*ftch _on_s dase. See COMPRESSOR CONTROLS. ADJUSTMENt" CONTROLS./_3 txessuce switches_ s nmge ad_ conm,_.8o_e pressure sw_:_s a_so huvea difemnualadjustment(b) con_s'01, Onswitcheswll_outa dllfemn_ ed_js_ent comrut.he spanbetween out-inerd outoutpressure levetsswitchesb f_ry set for40 ± 4 PSlO and NOTE _Somepnmsu n equ_k vdffi tm on-off lever usod to ofem and close the sle_-_l _w_tact= r_lds the swlt=h. THS L.EVER_ NOT & 01FF-ERERrlAL _ CONTROL 11m _ nftd'm wtth the on-otf lewr do not hr_,m_us'l14ent PROC_=nURE,_ (swtrc, _ withotrr DFFERENTAL ADJUSTMENT cokrrol): 1. R_mmmfire p_su_ s_h (_ver. 2./.,d_tthe_ byt,m_ f_ range_']ustm_t_'ew doc_be (fn)to k_mese _hecut-out p_t orcoun_'- dockv_e(out) t_ dea_ne_e _t-o o_. NOTE: One full turn changes (he 8effJng ippmx_,,_y 2 P_X _. Reptacsco_r. reco_ pow_ R_pptya_d m_. _ compme_x. 4, No(o _e pressuregauge ma_jng v/dch_ c_npressor cutsou_ Amd_y Valve, _, CLO_<_P_BE coum_m_ocxw_

7 M)Jt_TM_tT PROGEDUR_ swr_te_ DFFERENTAL ADJUSTMENT COKt'ROL): F.- J_l =_vf-qvlm 1. Remove _e pressureswitchcover. 'h WARH_ 2. Set the cut-b pressurew_lhb_ range adju_n,,e_tnut.turn e nut _ On)to increase_'m pressureoro_untm'- ck_#,se (out) _odecrease ifm pn_sure. NOTE: One full turn d_am_m the s_jng NOTE p_oximatut]f 2 PSlG. 3. Se( _e cut-outi_svm _ thedfferar_d m[_s_er_ Turn the duferer_a]ad,_stmentnut dod0t/se On)ton<neso the prose.urn0r counter-dockwise(out) to d,ecme4_the prossure, NOTE; One full turn changes the setting mpprmdmately2 PSlG, 4. -wco_r_ moor powersup_y ar_ s_t HOT=.. & Note_e [_,ve gauge readfr,g at _n_h the ur_tcu_ out. o. ReputtheadJusth_mt pmmdumrneces._y. mlnirnumposs_e dil?en_,m] b a_ 20% of cuter ixenure. t b 8d_uble to have m wlde8 dl_emnt_ m poss1'_ to,woldrequant st_t_g md =topl_ otthe unit. Note thepressuregauge flinchingstwhich theunit _ and re-estal_'_h f_is pointif neces_ry. Notethe int_rac_n betweenthe rangeand differential adjus_nents,le., _ the _ut-o_t b incmased, _hed_eren0al wll a)so_x_ea._, or )f_e _feren_1)s narrowed,_e c_t-outw_ be reduoed, eto.these fao_r= mustbe oo_side,rodwhen _)us_g the switch snd cornpen_t ' sccor_g_y. 08. CONSUMPTONCHECK A ru_ oftrmmb_noe_rm_g a"passingg]'ade"lot oil cor_jrr_on istoconsiderco_mjrnl_onatorabove 50 x_aepower-hoursperouncetobeaccep_ble. Theformulaisa 011ows: Homepow_ X Houmo(Opemtk)n = Hor_m_mrHaunl Ouncesor01[ UNd per Ounco Toapplythis formusa,considerthed,ze ofthe mach_lle.nthe forowlngoxo_ple, 8 5 horsopower_mprmmor u_ 2 oun_ of _ evmy 20 houm at opemu_n. 5Homepaw_ X 20Ho_mof = r_0_ Operm'on Hoump_h"Ounca NOTE DaVyor Each B_ pe_fon_n9_ntsnance, dr pn_sur_ frmll 1_1eip3_em m,t dlsconlme_k_k mr_cl tagb_ malnpowm sut_ty. All _nlpf_;sod air _lt_na contain maintenanceparts (e.g.lubdcaldngoif, fitter=,=epar_=x=) Wht_ =m p=rtod_,atty mldm;_l. Thin u_l _.t= m=ybe, or maycontain,_ubstunc_ that8m _llatod andmu=tbedfq)o_d of n li _ofdllhi_ wfthlocal,l(ato, midf_det m m_l mgut_d]oa_ Tak :_ of tbe pm_m_s _*,_to_uons of pm_ dwlng dl_z_nbly to m_ke _ a=ler, Tbe ms_._.bly lequeflmhand p_ats Hm'&atodntayd}ff_r tot yourpa_cu_r un_ Any_co _ntt_ns notexptalnedin _t_ mst_lt _hm_d be pmts_m_jd t)y _n h_mvlng m_mu r,.bed_l_ beendevelolx_lfortypll_ll_plle_uonl. Mt_ntemm a_uld be sh_mn_d _ h_w.h w_mm_m_. MANTENANCE 6_HEOULE Check _oro lea_ Check lub'tc_n eve_,f_ as neecfed. C_eenlfneeded, 1:)ra_receWettank of1_ansatew autom=ecdri_n_rigdevice is natptovidod Omn mmml dr_ rune mcl celect eml _po_ ofcor_enwt_occordif_,y. Cl_eckorunu_ml no_e end vf_n_on. Er_uro b_'_ and c_ver_an_ secu_ln p_lc_ E_sure eros emu_d conlpressorlsfree fromrags, _ds. de_r_ end_km_e_e _ expk_e_. WN_y Ot_eer_ q_rat_n of m_y_e_v_;es "l'he ompremmr ntheexamplepessestheol]consump_ te_t. NOTE New orrm:ugt ompmuor pumpswill all.dirge htgtmrtha,n normalmmunk, of Mrun_! thepj_ondng amde_ (=_pro_mm_/t00 o_r=urq hour=_ Mor vatms mat _o notope_e thspectsk,r_e_ent(s if nec_s_/. nspec_ airk_e_.sq_t aoapywater opemifon andwatchforb(_ble_, _k_n dmth_,_lw. ChedK_ ofsc._and bol_ "r_h_ u need_ n_pe_ ddveb_. Aclu_ ffnecema_ C_an _=ded_r. _/500" Charge pe_m lubrk_wh_e =rar_ isv,an_ D_n oompm_ap mdd_n _i 12/2000" Changesy_ lubdcantwhtu crank(_mei_v_n_m _lu mor_doperdng bourn,whl_he',,m" oc_jre'iimt.

8 FL'FER ECl"ON & CLEANB4G 1. Unsc_wandt_novethe_ng nut(a)_ojrl_ fib flltw ho_ng (S)to _ba_ (C). 2. Remo_ thefilterhou_ a_l w(thdraw(heo1_racer_t ([3).Cleafltheelementwflhajetofairorvacuum. 3. Repmace thef_er elermmtandhousing,seojd_ tnplace _th thew_gr_ pmv_us]y.xnoved. Followthepin.alumsoutibedbelowtocorrecllysetand maesu_be_l=',slon.re_ tomefo_d_ L,_ra_on _%ra V,eualmp_=_nta_on, OLCHANGE 1. Remove _ o_ drainplug {A}and allowthe lubricantto drain ntoa =#_bre coflkdner. 2. Re_ce theo_o'mlnplug. 3. e flh_ procedure=inoperaton.ecuon, BB.T_ENT CHECKNGBELTTEN_ON.Chedcb_ttea_ond,_dd be oo=_o_ly, espeda_ ffloo_me._b _spec_ad.nawbd= mu=e_sobepropedytendon_ uponktstallatlon. T_SONNG BELTS.Belttandoningcsnbaaddevedby oo_nlng_e motoranchors_s, pu_lngthemotoraway "_'omthepump.andretighter=_therno_ anchorscrews.ti_ motormn beeadlymovedbypladnga p_ng toolbenemhl dev_e cana_sobehe_d'ut. 1. Layas_ght _ga aoossthetopoutersun'ac_of_habelt dd,_ f_mpuiw tost_,_.?.a he e(_r offf'=esga _oe_tebert.,_dy prusumtotheoutersudaceofthebeltw_ a tension gauge.fomethobelttothedeflec_nndkm_:ln_ BELT TENSONTABLEntheDAGRAMS&TABLESse_on. Compare_e m_lng on_et_tsk_ gaugetothetable. Er_n _'_ puley_d _ am _t_ motoranchor==rowsareadequablym_hter_l prlor_o resta_ng_e =omlxessor. belttin.on _m nmultnmotoroverload, excessivevibration,and_lmature belt a,nd/orbeartriglatrum, Topre_,ent the_e_xo_lem=rro_ occt.rr_, err_. e pu_ey and_t_ are_ andb_t term_ is=at_f-a _ acter r_l_ newbeltsortem_onlng_ bet=. TN_KNaPECllON The '_n alrreceiwr ta_kis d_p_da_ upon=_'al fac_s including,butnot limitedo,operatingconditions, ambient ernfronments, e _ ofmaln_nance. The exact _fect o_t_oso_ on tank_o s dllllo_k_ predict; tj_mdo_, _er_l-rand recommend=tj'_tyou_ed,jle a c_tl,_edlank tns/_on v_h_ 0_er_t f_ yea_ o_ eom;xe=_r aervlce. Tosn'angea tank rnq_tlon, contact ng_mo_and. f t_ tank hn not _ inspired w_,thi_th_ fm_t_ y_m of _mp_ssor se_ics, b_ nm_er must be taktm out of =en_e until i_ha= l_.=_=d n=gectkm. T_d_ tt_t f_ll _ mee_ requ_'en'_t= mud be mpla_:l. &_tng FalZure to mplar.e _ rusted a_rreceiver tank gould nmult n air m_lv_ tank rupture or exp_mljon,whlch could mmlli submantlal pr_ detnige, severn pemorml n]uqf, or death. Never modlfy or rq_r_n_. Oh_n repfm_:omo_ from tnnt ll_l _:elttllr.

9 9 -TO)l:;_..._-'i oxo]+ t Je_no,md orm+h_erwear A_)mat]cdrainvalv_leaksordoesnotdrainau_ma_ca_ Bn_xenknteroook)r Ora_emool_tubes Comprmmor doesnotoorrmuptospeed Corn_ sslow_) o0rneupto speed C_ re_.._ r_= ex_nsfve4yhot Ccxnpressor wglnotreloadwhenstopped ExcessivenolsQduringopera,on Excesdvestartingar_ sto_pin9 KnocksorraWes Llghtsrockerordlmwhenrunnlng Mobttx_incnmkca,_or"mlR_y" alppemance npeuoleum lubdcant orrustingncyflndexs Motorovedoadtripsordrawsexcessl',ecurrent Oilind_hslge _r (ollpumping) Ogleakingh'ornshafteeal,_afetyhehfvabe "po_" Highnternee pressure LowSnt_rstagepressure Motorwnlnotstart OilLeal_ CHECKPONT 4,8,9,19,25,33 1, 8, 15,18,18, 19, fl ,14,15, , 15.16, t , 34 2, , t0 5. $_t2. 13, t4. 15ot6, t t , 19, , T85, "_11, "r_7,t810, 78'15 S'TK10_ARy S.ECT_C (,k_ )

10 10 CHECK pop,sble CAUSE POSSBLE SOLLTON O O _ ordirtyrgetand/ordlsdlaruo linefilter. Cieall or replsce, Loo_uibeliwheelormotor pu[iey,excessiveer_l CheckbeRv/m_,motorpuley,cra.kshatt,drive playn motortenslo_ lind shnttorloosedr)re bntts. al_rn_nt_ref_ror rep_ asrequ='e_. mmiequate_ around beltwheel. Padocate_ forbe_r _irflow. bjlxicanr v_ecos_ toolow. Draine_ling lubdclmtamtr_ w_hp_p_'k_xlo_l Air leak= ie airdisd_rge pipk_, _ tubingandoonnectlonltlgh_n)c_ieorreplace n _lub'ed. _t vi.._o_tytoohigh. Drainexlstln_lubricantendre_lllwlthproperlubricant. _ieveloo h_. Drainex_m_lubricant. Lubdcant iev_ tooiew. Dete_goot t'ipelubdcantbeingus_l. E_e'_ly r_t dutyc'tdee. Addlubricant_ crankcasetoproperle'_l. Draine._Emgnbdcante_dr_l with_ Runcornlxessor_or longerdu_"o_les. nbricanl Cornpressm'locnted bldamporhumidocaliofl, Relocatecompressorinstanemnkcaseheaterie. Pre_Qroswltch_ toonmtow, A_untpressures'w_htolncrea+edll?emnlie_, f_fl'eren_! ao')mcmm't _ pm,aded._ prum,_esw_u:hw'_ dlflerent_ m_stmen_ featurelid_mr_al a_us_ent b d_k'_d. mpmpw1_e vo_,_e. Checkllnevoltage=ndupgmdelinesasmqulmd. P..,onta_ dectr'_an. wldngorelectric_mt_clpaneltoosmall. nstalproperly_z_l wlmorse_:e box.contactelectrician. Pooroontactonmotortawdnalsorsta{lero_nnecl_s. Ensuregoodomtento_motor'_in_ie orstarter_rmentier_. mpropersteer overloadheaters. Poorpo_r r_jla_on(unbalancedline). Drivebeltstoolightorm_al'_ned. nstsllprope4- stetterovedoedheetess.contactdectttdan. Contac_powercompsny. Ao'Ju_be_ b pmporten,siooind ar_gr_l _ vatvasleaky,broke, cedx_tzedorhome. lnape_valve. Cleanorreplaceasroqubed. tnntallvalve/gask_stop_ner <]t. Automaticdrainvalvedogged,lentdngordefectlva. nspec_va/vaandclean,repairorreplace_srequired. _ bu_-up ontopofpisto_s). Cleanpiston(s).Repdrorreplaceasrequired. P'mtonrlngsdamagedorwom (broken,roughormza_hed). Excesak_endgmporaldedleemnce. Plstoni'ngsnotsented,mestuckngroovesor endgapsnotstaggered. nmnr_n_t,_ Adjust pieto,r_s. StepSaver Cyrmd_(s)orplnt_) saatched,wornorsc_red, R_pairor mpiece_ r_uir_d. Cannec_ngrod.piton pinorbarb_ wornorscored. lnupe_ el Raperorml_ao=m=required. n,tellbearing/ Looeebearingspaceronoran_ Conne_lngRodStep,_=var_. Defecliveballbearingso_crankshaRormotorshaft. ns1_k_be4_r_s_tld replacef reqult_:l. nstalbeadn_" Wroogbeliwheel dlrec_oaof rotalion. Cranksh aft seal worn or ctanlmiwlt _i_red, Leekrng c+hed_val,_ ord_ed_valveseatblowno,,it+ Emmmelydraftyatmom_. Ht_ pmm_e inietvekeieaid_. LowpressuredieeMrgevalveiealdng. _atic startand_op mod_ienotsuitable forairciemano'. Pms_Jms_#a;hu.inadorieaks='does notwod<. Ambient temperaturetoolow. Worncyllnderr_ish. Be[twhool_to{balance, tube_notbracedor Conr_:_'_gRod_op _var Y_. C_ad_motorwidngforproper_:o_nec_ons.R_vorsetwoleads o 'too-ptm_ motom. Replaceseal.nstalsl_t sleevefrequ&ed. nsta/bearing/ Connec_ngRod8rap8av_-_. Rq_a_od_dwalva. r_ remotedr k_letptpl_gm_:lroutetosolq'_e of_ dr. n_d mornefie_valil_ntinn. R.d=e. r_ cleanorra_ak-==roqu_red. _ped. cieanorrepak_ re_uired. Co_v_tmechlnetoconstant_ed R_Ng_ste_ ormpl_e. nstall _nkcesehe_te_kit.convertoall$ea_onset_ct nbdcanlrelocatecompn_ towarme_envlro_ment. c_nderwt_ 180gritflex-hone. Checkvibrato ievelchangepuneyorbeltwheehf required, _ o0nden,jato nn_dn_r_u,&. Loo_ lit_ gs_bow_oonrm_ Ora_nm=lN_ tankuff_numu_dci.a_v_dvaor imial au orna_c dm ke. Re4omue_ per_ iemuerequ_men_ "rim,'rim1,11t,'rs_ o,11111_ 11.;N0_ BN_R4

11 11 FASTENER TORQUE TABLE FASTENERLOCATON TS5 TSSl TS7_ TSl0 TSlS "_alve/_mbly SFT.LB. 5 FT.L.B. 5 FT.L.8. 5 FT.LB. 5 FT.LB. (e.0tm) (6`0NM] (_ N_ (e.0n_ (6.0N_) EndCoverAssy N.LB. 1O2-1061N.LB N.LB, _-1061N, LB ;N.LB. (11,5-12NM) (1t.5-t2 NM) (' NM) (tt.5-12 NM) (11.5-t2NM) Connec_ Rod 18-18FT.LB F_.LB )N.LB F'f.L_ N.LB. HeadBolt 21.23FT,LB FT. L.B FT.L FT.LB FT.LB. CyinderFlange 21-23FT..B FT. L.B FT.LB FT.LB, 34-36FT.LB. Beltwheel 21-23FT,LB, 21-23FT. LB FT.LB FT.LB FT.LB. LowOilLevelSwitchBafl',e N.LB. 10_-'_06N.LB N,LB iN.LB N.LB. ( NM) (11,5-12NM) ( NM) (11,5-12NM) ( NM) BELT TENSON TABLE MODEL D_R..EGTON N. MN. LBS TENSON MAX. _ TENSON T&5 (5 HP) "r_51 (5 HP),25 4,0 7,1 T_7 (5 HP) "rs7 ('7.5Hi:)) TSl0 (7.5 HP).27 7,5 t0.0 TS10 (10 HP)..27 6` TSl 5 (15 HP).27 5.S 8.0 'rr*8_."_181,'r_lt,"p110,'i'1111_sta_ S.E_'r'R_; {,_1_llk 200_1

12 12 ELECTRCAL WRNG DAGRAMS s m-r4 TQ SUP_.y A C EDV T L FU HAT8 LO..S OL PS $8 To_ forop_l ek_l_'_ mb_aive _ec_ _ velve Sup_ Lk'[eTem'dnal Load Termb'_al Conl_l CircuitFuse H g_airtemperatureswftch(_ LowOULevel _tch (#) Motor StarterOverload Pre_ta'e Switch Selec_ Swnch(#) _ern_ v_ng U,g 3 p_ae starter to 1 phesee_k_on n_,, P_m w_w NOTE On untbemquldng a Ma,-ter, _onnect r_ power to the Marleh do not connect line pov_r to Ule pnmsure switch. Cor_ gr_nd wireogroundlug L3seedfor3-phasemo_s &stlu'tm e_ly

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23 23 llw_.q pj_'_l[o]+' ]J _+._ PRO6LEMA PUNTO D_ COMPROBAC4ON D_gasto unormal delcibxim, onilloo piston 4, 8, 9, t9, 25, 33 Lae.l_g, de ake dismkluye 1,6, 15, 16, 18, 19,28 Lav_lvula de dmna_ automt_ca pm_n_ flivadones o nodnma autom_camerde 16 Tubos rotosen,d _dor o pose_dtfmdor 33 El compmsor no _ 8 la velocldad desea_ 2, 6, 12, 15, 21 El compms<xtarda ;m legm"a la velod_d d_)ada 24, E;x_np_of ee allenta dema41adoduraale el fundonamlento 3, 14,15, 22 El compresornodefeats cuando se deuene 30 Ruldo excedvo dure_te laopemc/_ 2,6,15,16,24,29 Demasladas t_rtldas y p_ades 5, ,34 Golpea o _thlo_t 2. 15, 17, , 21 Lasluc_ destel_an o se ut_a. du_ntu la opurnci_ 12,13 Humeded en e]_t_- oa_ede_ta "techosa"_ d lubrk:ante depetrbleo ohemjmbm+no6cmndr_ 9, 10 Le sobmcmga del motorproduce una doscone_d_ o uno0nsumoexoeelvode oordonto 5, e, 12.13, t6, 19, 20, 21, 31 Acelte en le _marga de eke {b_nbeo de ocene) 4, 7, 9, B, 19, 23, 32 Escape dea_dte del ret&ndel eje 23 La vsvulade seguddad/descmga"salta" t,5, 2_,27 Nta pres_ en_e etapm 27 _Ja pre_l_n e_tre etapas 28 El motor noammca 12 E_ de.ce_ 35 '1r11_, "RB, 1'8_,TBi0, T_t 5WrA"nOt_ARYEL_CTF AN _1._

24 24 PUNTO POSBLECAUSA COMA Flttraedetubed8 de entxaday/o de descerge sud_ o atascados., Rueda da banda opolea delmotor suelb_ juego exceslvo _ etele de_motoro band,s cle tn_nls/6a sueltas. Ve_ mldocuada alreded_' de la RK_il de benda. Lubdcantepoco _ FRtrador_s de aim on ntuborfode demcargqde aim. Lubdcsntedema_6do_. Ex_esodelubricants. Muypocolubrlcante. est_tmandolubdcanle_ detergente, Clcl_ deopemd6nex_emad_nente ortoe, Comping"ul:kadoenun_ulah0med8o mc:iada. D_ es_cho. Volta}e de lr_a_. clel_er_uptordo pres16ndemasjado Paneldese_do el_rico o oddeadodemeslado pequetlo. Contac_odsll_enhson_ ton_lnalesdelmo_oro o_0do_os dola_. Cele_ctores lnoon'ectoede sobreca_gadei ai'1"ancadot. D_de_te mdulaci6ndeki potond8 (_ea deseqmb_d._ Bandasde tmnsm_16n mw api_adas o mid a!_nead_. Vt_vu_ did_ rotmj,_rbonixadls, sueltss oconfirncto_es. PO_BLE _OLUQON Umlde oreemplace. Revts_kl t_nsl6ny M'mesck_de le tued_ de banda,pole_ del rn_or, ct_e_l y bsnd_ deltimsmblbn.rep_e o_ce U_0_'l sea r_esado. ue el compre_ en una podd6n con metorv_. Vecle eilulxk_nte e_tente y vuelvae _enar onuno adecuado. Revi_ la tuberiay kls o0_mdonos.apdo_ las unk_e_ o mon_lcelss seg0_ sea nece_do. Va le etkjbdc_mtexmen_ y vuena a llenar onun _bdcante _v_de el _0_uo de lubricants. _e _Jb_ 81 _ h_ el _llvel8decuado. lubdcantey vuena a flermrcon unlu_ adecuado. Opera ol oornpresorco_ cldo_ de opm'ae_ m_s ]argoo. Camb_ de lugarel compresoroln._a_ un]_ego de calefac_msde =_Le_, _i CUSter80_Xtn_J_e de _fsren_, ajuste el intm11_ do prest0npera 8,Jmentat eldlferendal _ dese8 d_le de d_t_d_ nst_e _mnleln_ d_pms_6 on _Jiw_>nde Revt_e elw_tajedelnei y rn_ kzs11nmls_m_ln _. Comu_queee _nun ek_ridste. nst_e una caja de set,ado0 cebleedode tamsho com)cto, Comunlqueseconun elec_dsla. Ase_re un bue_ o_tad_o de tostend_k_s del mo_-o conex]onesdel an'anrjador, 'lm_ calefa_oms o_rm_o_ de _bmca_ga ael arrencador. Comunlqueeeco_ un e_lec_,k:bt_ ComunlqueN con,, ompana ek_zica. AJu_telas bandas a k_tensiony a]_'_acl_ adecuadaz. nspeod, one]as_ UmpieoreempMce_mseq_nsea lg O VNvula de; dronajeau_r_tico utm_da, d_ectuosa o confl_adones. AcurmJiac_6ndecarbo.o sobre e_ob_ ph_tones. Anglo_delplst_ da_adosogastados(ro_s,lispero_ Ocon_). Exces_ esp,_o _rnalo sepemd_ latersl LosanEosdelplst_nnoezt_nase_tados,est/al _ a_ minumso _osespadosfinalesnoes_m _,ce,lonados, Cli_dr_ o plstono_con_dsazoe. gutsdo8o _mjdos. Biela,pasadordelpi_n orodamieetosgamado<j o Q_dudoe. Espadadorderodamientos8uoltoene_clgoet_,i. Rodsn_ento_debola_d_,e_oso8 enel dg0e_ ode dd motor. _etaidoetr_eo de_ de laruedadeberda. Ret_nd_ dg0e,'_aj gastadoo e_goeflal odado. Wd_M de mtsnd6nconfll_ad_o_eso ask_ntode lav_amdarun,do, A_m_ferae_madan'_te pok_bnta. V_ula desegurldad/d_ defectuosa. FO_raclones enlav_dvu[ade_mlsi_ deda pmsl_. Fil_dones e_ lawtmjladedes_r0a debajaixesl6n, Elmodo_ depm'm_yanlnque noe_ ado<_ja lmkl demandadeaim. H des_argador delnton_ptordepmd6nlene Rndones onofundons. TempendumambientedernsmdobaJe. Cepasupedk_ del_indro de_astada. Ruedndebendadesequ_llbmda, tubossinaoodaro f_ar,vetodd_ depolean_. Condensacf6n e_asiva entanq_ere_. Aconorios/codo_o_x_ctoms _ueltol n_ lav_lvulayli_:_e,rel:_u_o mempla_segon_e_ ne_e_. Umpteelo lospiatonea.repem0 menlplacep.,gqnsea mpjsado. nitak_e_juegoahon_oas_de8nilo_dtmpaq_etaduras.,nu_teo_edlloedeii_st6n, Ropare o reemplsce _gon sea no_s_lo. nspecc{one todo. Repam o mea_ce mgonna nmrlo. n_p_:_,one o_ rodamlmlto_y r_mlld,_lcesl mme_oarlo. _mm )u_o e_xr'apae_ Oero_. RavfimM ]asconex_ de cableadodm m_torson m:le,cuek,m_ kwk_e, doe.oor,ductmem_mlosm_r_. _#ad,.:_:) el mt_n. 8ies necesmlo, instaleunm_ngullode eje. nstaleel Juegoah_ de rodamlentosrolela. Rurnd,_ la v_lvu_ade i_end_l. lnsta]eunatubedadeadm1_6nmrnotadea]reygutekzauna luente deelmndm1repro. ne_teunflz0ro rn_ el'k:ez. Reem_lace. n_, mpleo mp_e _mo_seanece_mdo, lnspe_done, llmpieo reparese0qnseanecesado. AJ,._ekl_/_ula eux,lerp_mum_openid6nde_lockl_l mrmarl_. Rednee elv_tsgo omemplace. nst_ unjuegode ldentedom_dol c_,ler. Csmbleel lubdcente s N[ Seaso letect, U_m e[_mo_ e ut '_o de mzp_r _nl_r_dm am k_,k_e de t8_ g_nulos. Revise _l nlvel de vlbmc_dn,camble [a poleeo rued8 debande sl es ne_mm_ zq_k_elas abru.adet_ de tubo. V_de el tanquode r_eptor con lavdd_la de dnmajernanualo nste_ uns v_dvula_e dm_aleauton-,_ic_ Ap_que un_ londonedecuada a lossccesodos.

25 25 J_]F_,_e5=W_,_RF "dbf_,=5q=_ TABLA DE TOR$1ONE$ DE LOS FJADORES UBCAP.,16NDEL SUJETADOR T$5 T$54 TS7.5 "rslo TStG MontaJedeb _lvula 5 FT. LEL 5 FT. LB. 5 FT. LB. 5 FT.LB. 5 FT. LB. (6,8 k'u) (6,8 N_ (r_nm) (6,8 NM) (6. ) Mosdajedekmcubie_adeextmmo N.LB N.LB N. LB N.l-B. 1O2-1061N.LEL ( NM) ( NM) ( NM) (11,5-12 NM) ( NM) VarUlade conexl_ FT.LB, 16-t8 FT. LB N. LB. t6-18 FT. LB. 82,.86 N. LB. Pemo decabeza FT. LB FT. L.B FT. LB FT.LB FT. L.B, Bdda del cnndm FT. LB FT FT. LB FT. LB FT.UB. _25,5-31N_).(2S,5-,31tiM) _46-4_)NM) _26,5._,1_M) (464_,tM) Ruedadolacom)a F-r.LB FT. LB FT. LB FT.LB FT. LB. Del_sct_rd_conmutado_ N.LB. N.LB. t02-t06tn.l_, t N.1._. de bejonh,_lde=ceite (11,5-12 NM) (11,5-12 NM) (11,5-12 NM) (11,5-12 NM) (11,5-12 NM) TABLA DE TENSQNES DE CORREA MODELO DER.EXK_N PULG. TENS_N _N. DE LB. TENS(_)N_ DE LB. TS5 (5 HP) 0,25 4,g 7,1 T,,_51(5 HP) ,g 7,1 TS7 (5 HP) 0,27 4,5 6,8 TS7 F,.5 PP) 0,27 4_9 7,1 TS10 (7,5 HP) 0,27 7,5 10,0 TS10 (10 HP) 0,27 8,5 12,0 TS15 (15 HP) 0,27 5,5 6,0 TS, "11_1,'P87,'T810,'f_1 fss'tkrlon_k J_: {&qld111,2003)

26 26 OAGR.a_AS DE CABLF.N)O EL_CTRCO Cabtaado lo _Jm_.y _ h01[ _ -A T1 _--]1' "t,lot0g A A mzmi'nt_m C Cableadopara la v_vub de dmnm elt_,dco ooo;c*_ EDV V_lvula dedmns_ el6ctr_o T Tam_tudde ii_ade_n_o L FU Tmrm'm_dec_ Fusibledd elrculto de conlrol -_TS _ de a_ temperaturedel ab'e(#) LOL5 [ntermptorde bljo nlvel deace_e (#) M Boblrmdel emancedor_el _ PS Dlsyunt_ autonw4co SS Conn_tador select_ (#) CableedoaltemetJvopare con'._8 "EDV NOTA _n meunlda_ que rklu]a'4n un au'ran_, _m_t, llmm d M.mt_16n _ tmm_r. No _zxn_-t_ ia t nu d_ zlire,wda_6n zdntwn,_ptor d_ prul(_n. Conecteel cat_lede cone_(_na tlemsel termlnelde _eml L3se usa poralosmotomey a_oncadonm _l_sico_ Onic_1_nte " SB,TS_, 1"ST,T810,1_168"_.'13_NW E._RC (JM4le._90_1)

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39 3D J ] F*_Tel[lJ jl _jl_ izl ii f:l ". llr wgj. TABLEAU DE COUPLE OE TORSON i EMPLAGEMENT T85 T851 T87.5 T810 T815 D'_L_MENT DE F[XATK)N Ensemble de 8oupapes 5 FT. LB. 5 FT. LB. 5 FT.LB. 5 FT.L5. 5 FT. LB. (6,8 NM) (6,8 NM) (5.8 NM) (6,8 NM) (6,8 NM) En_mbJedecouverded'extrd_lt N.LB N.LB. 102-t08]N.Lg N.LB ]N.1._. ( NM) ( NM) (11._12 NM) ( NM) (11,5-12 NM) ]ige de p_uss_e FT. L.B FT. LB N, LB FT.LB N. LB. Boulon_t_te FT. LB. 2%23 FT. LB FT. LB. 2t-23 FT. LB FT. LB. Brlde de v_'{n FT.._ FT. L_ FT. -B. 2t-23 FToLB FT.LB. (28,5-31HM) _25,5,-3'_NM) (46-49 HV) ( HM) t46.45 NM) Courroletm_moldale FT. US. 21,.23FT. LB. 2t.-23 FT.LB FT. LB, FT. L'B. (_,5-51 HM) (2_,5_ NM) _26,5-5_ KM} (25.5-_ NM) _5.5-3_ NM) Ct_k_nedeco_r 102~1061N.LB, _.L_, to2-106_n,lb. 1_2-_06]_1..B N.U_. de bes ntvemjo"nulle (11,5-12 NM) (1t,5-12 NM) (11,5-t2 NM) (11,5-t2 NM) (11,5-12 NM) TABLEAU DE "1EN_ONDE COURROE MODC:LE D_.FLE,X]ONPO TENSON MN, L.8 TENSON MAX.!.8 TS5 (5 Hp) 0,25 4,9 7,1 TS51 (6 HP) 0,25 4,g 7,1 TS7 (5 HP) 0,27 4,5 8,5 TS7 (7,5 HP) 0_'/ 4,9 7,t TS'O (7,5 HP) 0,27 7,5 '10T0 TS 0 (10 HP) 0,27 8,5 12,0 T$15 (15 HP) 0,27 5_5 8,0

40 40 DAGRAMMES DES CABLES _J.ECTRQUE$ 10 SUP_.y L "_. T1 0 A Ar_ck_entat!on C C.,_blage pourbis_papede drayage6!;ec_tque EDV _de_e _edrique T 8ome de _ d'dlmen_tlon L So_edecha_e FU Fuslbbdedr_t dec_nmande CHTA Cont_teurhautetern_tum d'slr(#) CBNH Conlacteurb_ nbeaud'hulle(#) M Boblneded(mwn_Jr OL Surchargedeboblneded_narreur PS PmssQsU_ $5,S_e_eur(#) Cablegederemplacement pourla or_ndon d_l_d_lertage Mpllas6i une_ (#]= slfouml _DV RF-MARQUE BurN dj_pos_j_n_ms_ent un dkrmm'eur_ raccord_ s figne61ecblqueaudkrnarrmjr_t nonaupmmostat. Conne(:f_r lefitdemassei labornederaise&laminima 1.3utlh_ pourmoteumetd_nemmmtrlpham Nulernent 1118,T_81,'_ff, T810,l_lll.ECRiC (JANlS,:_O_

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