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1 Airport Advertising Luleå Airport



4 Content Swedavia a sustainable airport group Sweden and the Lapland region Airport Advertising Luleå Airport The airport Statistics and demography Plan Terminal Plan Outdoors Pricelist Departing Pricelist Arriving Pricelist Entire airport Pricelist Outdoor Digital Digital Out of Home Pricelist Digital networks Pricelist Wifi sponsorship Contact Valid from 2018 with reservation for printing errors and price changes.

5 Swedavia a sustainable airport group Swedavia is a state owned company that owns, operates and develops Sweden s national basic infrastructure of airports a network of ten airports from Malmö in the south to Kiruna in the north which connects all of Sweden with the rest of the world. We help to create the access that Sweden needs to facilitate travel, business and meetings in Sweden, elsewhere in Europe and around the world, based on the vision "Together we bring the world closer". Customer focus, sustainable development and security are the foundations of everything Swedavia does, both in the own operation and in the society at large. At the same time, the company shall continually reduce its carbon footprint and help reduce the environmental impact of the entire air travel industry. All of Swedavia s airports are environmentally certified at the highest level of the Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) programme. It is this longterm work that has made Swedavia a world leader in developing airports with the least possible environmental impact. Number of travelers at the ten Swedavia airports:

6 Sweden and the Norrbotten region Sweden is one of the most competitive and productive economies in the world, leading within innovation and with refined consumers and an open mindset to international business and ownership. Sweden is the home of multiple worldleading companies across various sectors and believes in making business easy which results in attractive investment and market opportunities. Luleå is a fast growing and blooming region with good infrastructure and quick communications, connecting Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Russian businesses in the north. The Norrbotten region has been depending economically on its steel industry based on the iron ore. Scandinavia s northernmost university, Luleå University of Technology, is nowadays almost as important. It is among the world leading in many technological areas research. This has led to Luleå being a centre for IT, science and business in the north. Luleå also offers an incredible landscape and often stunning views thanks to the changing of the seasons. The crisp and crystal clear winters turns into bright, sunny summers which make Luleå and its archipelago to a breathtaking destination all over the year. Due to the broad selection of activities, rich culture life and great variety of events and experiences that Luleå has to offer, the region is also a popular destination for both leisure and business travel. In 2016 more than 1.6 million commercial overnight stays was accounted for in Luleå, which is an increase by half a million since Source:,, 6

7 Airport Advertising Airports are positively charged environments that signal exclusivity, excitement and expectations, and the majority of the travelers are receptive to change and belongs to a market with spending power. Research shows that three out of four travelers feel anticipated before the airport visit. Airport advertising is therefore optimal, offering great opportunities to capture B2B and B2C taget groups that are easy to communicate with and remains in the same location for longer periods of time. 93 % of the travelers prefer to spend an hour or more at the airport before departure. With unique knowledge of the travelers Swedavia Airport Advertising offer relevant and qualitative contacts with both geographical and numerical range. Our wide variety of analogue, digital and promotional advertising spaces are strategically placed for optimal impact and to create integrated and effective markerting activities and campaigns, tailored to requests and requirements. Learn more at: Follow Swedavia Airport Advertising on LinkedIn 7

8 Luleå Airport 8

9 The airport Swedavia work to constantly develop and improve the ten airports to manage the increasing demand on effective national and international travels. Luleå Airport has been in operation since September 1944 and is the fifth largest airport in Sweden. It has a central role in the region, among other thing because of the closeness to Luleå City. There is only seven kilometers between the airport and the city center of Luleå. The airport also acts as a gateway to Lapland and as a domestic and international airport for ten of the fourteen municipalities in Norrbotten. To meet the demands of the present and future and to make the travelers stay at the airport more pleasant, the airport has experienced a number of reconstructions and extensions over the years. During the period the airport underwent an extensive reconstruction in order to handle increased traffic capacity, both domestic and international. During the last five years the number of travelers via the airport has increased with more than eleven percent and among the airlines that traffic Luleå Airport is SAS, Norwegian and NextJet. Learn more at 9

10 Statistics & demography The traveler Gender Men 54% Women 46% Age % % % % 65+ 8% Home country Sweden 91% Other 9% Number of passengers Total International Domestic Transfer Total traveler increase 2017 compared to 2016 Unchanged Transport to the airport Car Destinations 72% 1. Stockholm 2. Göteborg Top 5 Bus 19% Taxi 17% Other 2% Travel purpose 3. Malmö 4. London 5. Copenhagen Business Leisure 30% 70% 10

11 För resenärer För alla Customs Security Business lounge 16 Security Business lounge Checkin Customs Analogue 1 LLA014 2 LLA015 3 LLA016 4 LLA017 5 LLA025 6 LLA026 7 LLA027 8 LLA028 9 LLA LLA LLA LLA LLA LLA LLA LLA LLA LLA LLA LLA LLA LLA LLA LLA LLA LLA LLA LLA LLA LLA LLA LLA LLA LLA LLA LLA LLA LLA153 Special 1 LLA101 2 LLA115 3 LLA116 4 LLA122 5 LLA123 6 LLA129 7 LLA134 8 LLA138 9 LLA LLA LLA LLA LLA159 Promotion 1 LLA124 2 LLA137 3 LLA141 4 LLA155 4 LLA158 Digital Digital Portrait 6 faces Digital Landscape 9 faces

12 Analogue 1 LLA121 2 LLA136 3 LLA140 4 LLA150

13 Pricelist Departing Designation LLA099 LLA100 LLA106 LLA118 LLA125 LLA126 LLA127 LLA128 LLA130 LLA134 LLA135 LLA146 LLA147 LLA148 LLA151 LLA152 Product Banner Banner Analogue sign Banner Analogue sign Analogue sign Analogue sign Branding, Gate 2 Analogue sign Analogue sign Analogue sign Analogue sign Analogue sign Analogue sign Price, weekly* Price, monthly* SEK SEK SEK SEK SEK SEK SEK SEK SEK SEK SEK SEK SEK SEK SEK SEK Analogue Special * All prices excl. VAT. Promotion 13

14 Pricelist Departing, continuing Designation LLA153 LLA154 LLA155 LLA156 LLA158 LLA159 Product Analogue sign Promotion area Floor decal Value boxes Promotion area Foil, windows Price, weekly* SEK SEK Price, monthly* SEK SEK SEK SEK Analogue Special * All prices excl. VAT. Promotion 14

15 LLA146 & LLA147 LLA128 LLA154 LLA127

16 Pricelist Arriving Designation LLA014 LLA015 LLA016 LLA017 LLA025 LLA026 LLA027 LLA028 LLA029 LLA030 LLA031 LLA039 LLA040 LLA041 LLA095 LLA122 LLA123 LLA124 Product Banner Foil, bagage belt Foil, bagage belt Promotion area Price, weekly* SEK Price, monthly* SEK SEK SEK SEK SEK SEK SEK SEK SEK SEK SEK SEK SEK SEK SEK SEK SEK Analogue Special * All prices excl. VAT. Promotion 16

17 Pricelist Arriving, continuing Designation LLA131 LLA137 LLA139 LLA141 LLA149 LLA157 Product Analogue sign Promotion area Analogue sign Promotion area Banner Analogue sign Price, weekly* SEK SEK Price, monthly* SEK SEK SEK SEK Analogue Special * All prices excl. VAT. Promotion 17

18 Arrival hall

19 Pricelist Entire airport Designation LLA080 LLA101 LLA107 LLA108 LLA112 LLA113 LLA115 LLA116 LLA129 LLA138 Product Magazine racks Foil, jettie 3 Foil, jettie 5 Foil, jettie 4 Foil, wall Luggage trolleys Price, weekly* Price, monthly* SEK SEK SEK SEK SEK SEK SEK SEK SEK SEK Analogue Special * All prices excl. VAT. Promotion 19

20 LLA101

21 Pricelist Outdoor Designation LLA121 LLA136 LLA140 LLA150 Product Analogue sign in triangle Analogue sign in triangle Analogue sign in triangle Banner Price, weekly* Price, monthly* SEK SEK SEK SEK Analogue Special * All prices excl. VAT. Promotion 21

22 BMA023 GOT082 LLA150

23 Luleå Airport Digital 23

24 Digital Out of Home Digital out of home advertising, commonly known as DOOH, is integrated and interactive and offers a wide range of possibilities to adapt campaign messages to attain ultimate reach, visibility and impact. Location, the "who" and "where", is the foundation for sucessful DOOH campaigns. With heavy knowledge of the travelers and main target groups at the airports, Airport Advertising offer solutions for delivering realworld contexts and messages that are close to the target's consciousness and purchase. The Airport Advertising digital signage consists of more than 300 faces distributed at the ten Swedavia airports, strategically placed for optimized impact among the travelers and broken down into two networks. The portrait serie is placed in the largest passenger flows were high reach is enabled and through the landscape gate serie messages can be further amplified in areas where the travelers reside for longer periods of time. 24

25 Pricelist Digital network Portrait Placement Number of spaces Share of Voice Price, weekly* Entire airport % SEK National % SEK (all ten Swedavia airports) Digital network Landscape Placement Number of spaces Share of Voice Price* Entire airport % SEK National (except Bromma Stockholm) % SEK * All prices excl. VAT. 25

26 Digital network Portrait Digital network Landscape

27 Pricelist Wifi sponsorship Product Number of spaces Share of Voice Price, monthly* Designation Banners on Swedavia's page for wifi login. Two formats 100 % SEK DRIKS013 (Covers computer, smartphone and tablet at all ten of the Swedavia airports) * All prices excl. VAT. 27