Nikolina Angelkova TRANSPORT AND ITC PRIORITIES. Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications. 28 August 2014 Sofia

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1 MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND COMMUNICATIONS REPUBLIC OF BULGARIA TRANSPORT AND ITC PRIORITIES Nikolina Angelkova Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications 28 August 2014 Sofia

2 Transport Strategy until 2030 A part of the thematic Ex-ante Conditionalities in the Partnership Agreement A two-stage process has been devised: Phase 1: A minimal content of the Strategy is accomplished in time for the purpose of negotiation of the respective OPs ( ) Phase 2: The full Strategy, meeting all the requirements, will be finalised not later than 31 December 2016 Funding will be provided from the Priority axis 5 Technical Assistance of the OP Transport and Transport Infrastructure

3 Railway Infrastructure Plovdiv Burgas : Stage II 2. Elin Pelin Septemvri 3. Vidin Medkovets (CEF) 4. Dragoman Sofia Elin Pelin (CEF) 5. Ruse Varna (alternative project)

4 Road Infrastructure Struma Motorway, Lot 3, Blagoevgrad Sandanski 2. Hemus Motorway 3. Shipka Peak Tunnel

5 TEN-T Policy TEN-T Regulation 1315/2013 and CEF Regulation 1316/2013 TEN-T planning on 2 layers: Core network includes the most important international links in EU Comprehensive network feeds into and distributes from the core network 2 of 9 TEN-T Priority Corridors pass through Bulgaria Corridor 4 Orient/East-Mediterranean Corridor 9 Rhine-Danube

6 Transport Infrastructure Building modern, balanced and integrated transport infrastructure as an important factor for the competitiveness of the Bulgarian economy The Operational Programme on Transport is one of the most successful operational programmes in Bulgaria Beneficiaries paid grants in the amount of 2,51 bln. lv. (over 1.25 bln.), which represents 64 % of the Programme budget The certified expenditure that are requested for reimbursement by the EC amounted to 1,83 bln. lv. ( 0,932 bln.) or 57% of the budget of the European co-financing under the Programme

7 Infrastructure Projects under Implementation (1) Electrification and reconstruction of Plovdiv Svilengrad Railway Line, stage 2: Parvomay Svilengrad Section Rehabilitation of the Railway Infrastructure along Plovdiv Burgas Railway Line Modernization of Septemvri Plovdiv Railway Section Rehabilitation of Sofia, Pazardzhik and Burgas Railway Stations Extension of the Sofia Metropolitan, Stage III, Lot 1: Tsarigradsko shose Sofia Airport and Lot 2: Mladost 1 Business Park in Mladost 4 Establishment of River Information Services System in the Bulgarian part of the Danube River BULRIS Vessel Traffic Management Information System VTMIS

8 Infrastructure Projects under Implementation (2) Construction of Maritsa Motorway, Lot 1 and Lot 2 Construction of Struma Motorway, Lot 2 and Lot 4 Construction of Kalotina Sofia Motorway, Lot 1: West arc of Sofia Ring Road Montana Bypass Gabrovo Bypass

9 Programming Period (1) Railway sector Modernization of railway line Plovdiv Burgas, Phase II Modernization of railway section Sofia Septemvri, Septemvri Elin Pelin sub section

10 Programming Period (2) Road sector Struma Motorway, Lot 3: Blagoevgrad Sandanski (67 km) Kalotina Sofia Motorway (31,5 km) Speed road Vidin Montana (126 km) Road Е-79 Mezdra Botevgrad (33 km) Hemus Motorway (Yablanitsa Shumen) Tunnel under Shipka Peak, Phase II of project Bypass of town Gabrovo with a tunnel under Shipka Peak, Stage V (11 km)

11 Programming Period (3) Intermodality for passengers and freight Construction of the Third Metro Diameter in Sofia Extension of the Second Metro Diameter in Sofia Construction of intermodal terminals Other projects Information systems in the navigation Specialized vessels supply Modernization of port facilities for reception and treatment of waste Improvement of the air navigational data quality Improvement of the environmental management in the air transport

12 Connecting Europe Facility Projects Modernization of Dragoman Sofia Elin Pelin Railway Line Modernization of Vidin Medkovets Railway Line Improvement of the Navigation on the Danube River

13 Transport Infrastructure Development through Public-Private Partnership Strategy for Development of the Transport Infrastructure of the Republic of Bulgaria through the Concession Schemes Potential concessions Plovdiv Airport Port Terminal Vidin Center (passenger) Port Terminal Ruse East Port Terminal Zimovnik Ruse Varna Railway Station State control over the concessionaires

14 Improvement of the Financial and Technical Status of the Railway Sector Optimizing the costs and decreasing the indebtedness of Holding BDZ EAD and BDZ-Freight EOOD to NRIC using the debt/property deal Notification of Debt Abatement Measure Performing of procedure for new rolling stock supply Providing funding from the State Budget (subsidies, compensations and capital transfers) to BDZ- Passengers Transportation EOOD for the period

15 Bulgaria s progress in implementing the goals of the Digital Agenda for Europe The MTITC is the executive power authority which has the main commitments in the area of ICT Double role of ICT Broadband coverage and penetration e-governance services

16 Vision Our vision foresees that by the year 2020 Bulgaria would become a country with knowledge economy and developed information society through global use of information and communication technologies

17 National Strategic Documents Strategic Policy Framework on development and use of ICT in Bulgaria National Programme Digital Bulgaria National NGA Plan , updated and supplemented within an extended timing horizon until 2020 National Strategy for developing e-governance in the Republic of Bulgaria

18 Key Priorities Accelerated establishment of e-governance 100% broadband coverage in the territory of the whole country, as well as fast and ultra-fast access to the Internet, so that until the year 2020 over 50% of all households and businesses to be able to use the Internet with speeds higher than 100 Mbps Support of the development of the ICT sector Improvement of digital competences and skills

19 THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION! Nikolina Angelkova Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications 28 August 2014 Sofia