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1 WELCOME Useful and important information for all participants at the WBFSH Annual Meeting 2018 Hosted by the Hungarian Sporthorse Association (MSLT) Jojo Az gelding at the Danish team at the OG in Rio 2016 & silver medallist team at the Europeans in Gothenburg 2017, and Timpex Bölcsész: Nations Cup and CSIO GP winner, finalist in the World Cup at Omaha & no 1 ranked Hungarian sport horse premium mare

2 Welcome to Hungary! This year Hungary is venue of the eagerly awaited Annual Meetings of the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses. As organizer of the event we are very happy to welcome all participants, guests and friends of equestrian sports and breeding. In close co-operation with WBFSH the MSLT has been looking forward to hosting this year s event, to showing you our horses and to giving you a taste of Hungarian lifestyle. We wish all participants and guests some fantastic days in Budapest, and hope you will find some useful and inspiring information in this small leaflet. Miklós Jármy Chairman of MSLT The Hungarian Sport Horse Association 2

3 Official Hotel Hotel Mercure Korona Budapest 1053 Budapest, Hungary Kecskeméti u.14. Phone: minutes from Budapest airport the hotel Mercure Korona Budapest is located. Delegates of the WBFSH have a special reservation form for booking a room at this hotel, which gives you a special WBFSH room rate; please use that if you did not already book your accommodation The airport shuttle departs directly outside the terminal every 20 minutes from 5:00 AM 00:40 AM, one way ticket costs 900 HUF (approx. 3 euros). The shuttle stops meters away from the hotel, you have to take off at Kalvin tér. Shuttle bus number: 100E Shuttle bus details: Taxis are located outside Arrivals. Other shuttle services from the airport: & Hotel information: Mercure Budapest Korona is the best located hotel in Budapest. It offers swimming pool and sauna and is situated in the heart of the city with beautiful surroundings as River Danube, Market Hall, Synagogue and famous ruin pubs. Experience the harmony created by the future and the tradition of Hungary. Enjoy the royal history with a vibrant locally inspired touch. Beside the standard rooms you can choose from Privilege Rooms or Suites to ensure your full comfort. Pamper yourself in our exclusive Privilege Lounge and feel like a King or Queen. Enjoy being located in the centre of Budapest and go shopping on Vaci Street or in the Market Hall or take a short walk along the River Danube. The national museum is worth a visit as well and is only a few seconds' walk away from the hotel. Arrival at the hotel - Check in at our WBFSH/DWB desk as well Hotel room check-in from 2 pm Check out before 10 am When you have checked in for your room at the hotel, please refer to the WBFSH/MSLT information desk. Here you will be provided with the latest information on agendas, tours, etc. Opening hours of the WBFSH/MSLT desk: Friday: 13:00 17:00 Saturday: 08:00 17:00 Sunday: 08:00 17:00 Monday: 08:00 08:30 Opening hours of the hotel reception The hotel reception desk is manned 24 hours per day. 3

4 Parking at Hotel Mercure Korona Budapest Parking house next to the hotel. 150 parking places on 9 floors. Opening from Magyar Street. Bar at Hotel Mercure Korona Budapest My Bar offers a wide variety of coffee specialities and drinks all in a very pleasant atmosphere. Wifi: There is free Wi-Fi at the hotel. Facts in general Airport Nearest airport: Budapest airport (20 minutes) Taxi to the hotel approx HUF (25 euros). Taxis are waiting outside the terminal. Ambulance In Hungary the number to dial at emergencies is 112 Ambulance, emergency Bus for excursion & shuttle bus to and from hotel and Blue Hors See in the programme when a bus will take you to and from an event. Please gather near by the busses preferably 10 minutes before due departure time. The buses will depart near the hotel. Cars from airport Car rental companies are available at the airport; a reservation is recommended. Cell phones Please respect the speakers during the presentations by turning off your cell phones or muting the sound. Climate Cold and windy weather must be expected, as well as rain. Snow not likely but possible in December - it is normally around 0-10 degrees As we are going to walk at some occasions, please bring good walking shoes, warm clothes and perhaps a rain coat/umbrella. Currency In Hungary you pay in HUF (1 euro ~ 323 HUF) Doctor Contact the hotel reception if you require a doctor or pharmacy, they will inform you of the opening hours. Electricity supply In Hungary we provide 220V. Help If you have a problem please contact a member of the WBFSH or MSLT at the Information Desk. Adrienn Becsey, MSLT, cell: Nora Czegledi, MSLT, cell: Karina Christiansen, cell:

5 Puszta five: Legendary Hungarian horse show - included in the programme at Lazar Equestrian Park Insurance It is the participant s own responsibility to have personal and travel insurance. WBFSH/MSLT will not accept any liability for personal injuries, loss or damage of property. Internet/Wifi There is free Wi-Fi at the hotel. Lost Property If you miss or find articles of property please refer to the hotel reception or a MSLT representative. Official language The official working language at the annual meetings is English. Sessions of commissions and lectures will not be translated. PC If you have brought your own laptop and other electronic device it is on your own risk. Ask the hotel with regard to making a connection to their wireless broadband. Presented papers After the annual meetings, the WBFSH secretary will collect all presented papers electronically and publish them on the website. All presentations will be published on the in a light version easy to download. Press centre We have no official press centre, but news editor of WBFSH, Thomas Bach Jensen, will be present during the meetings. Smoking ban In Hungary smoking is banned in all public buildings, public transport and many sporting venues or events. Please ask for official smoking areas. Taxis In Budapest you can call several taxi companies: 6*6 Taxi: Citytaxi: Taxiplus:

6 Tipping Usually the tip is 10% and in many restaurants the tip is included in the bill. 6 Zordan Nations Cup Winner with Team Hungary, no 1 ranked Hungarian sport horse stallion and two premium mares Mare performance test winners of 2017: To the right; Forli, mare by Filou de Muze, to the left; Rádiháza Krizia, mare by Carpaccio

7 Facts about Budapest WELCOME TO BUDAPEST Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, tells fascinating tales about the historic architecture and is paradise for explorers. Situated on the Danube River, Budapest is the most popular city in Hungary. Blessed with an abundance of hot springs, it is known as the City of Baths. The scenic beauty of the city is not all natural but somewhat man-made as well. The history is complex and has many layers to unfold. Before planning to pack your bags, read these interesting and amazing facts about the Paris of the East, Budapest: 1. Tons Of World Heritage Sites Buda Castle night view, Budapest, 7

8 The Heroes Square During Sunset The city of Budapest has tons of UNESCO s World Heritage Sites such as the Danube, Heroes Square, Buda Castle, and many others. It is a city filled with several fascinating places to visit which makes it one of the most scenic places in the World. source: icosnap.com, image: budnews.hu, image: askideas.com 2. Buda And Pest Buda and Pest The word Budapest came from the combined city of Buda and Pest. The two cities were united into a single city in the year The name Buda comes from the name of its founder Buda, brother of the Hunnic ruler, Attila. The name Pest comes from the word 8

9 Pession, a fortress during the Roman time. source: wikipedia.org, image: tastingtravels.com 3. Largest Thermal Water Cave Thermal Water Cave The largest thermal water cave system is located in Budapest. source: icosnap.com, image: i2.cdn.cnn.com 9

10 4. Take A Hot Bath And Get Rid Of Ailments! Szechenyi Baths outdoor pools This is a thing of significance in Budapest that if you take a Turkish bath, the mineral-rich waters of the natural hot springs will cure bone, skin, and muscular ailments in the body. If you visit Budapest, make sure you visit the Széchenyi Medicinal Bath, the largest medicinal public bath in Europe. 5. Vampires In Budapest Yes, you can get to see vampires in Budapest!! One of the Roman Polanski successful movie screenplays, The Fearless Vampire Killers was converted into theatre entitled Vampire s Ball Musical. Around five million people from across the globe have seen Vampire s Ball Musical. source: hotels.com 10

11 6. Oldest Subway Line Underground Budapest Metro Subway Budapest is home to one of the oldest subway lines in the world. The line opened in the year 1896 when Hungary celebrated its 1,000th anniversary. source: icosnap.com, image: Wikimedia.org 7. The Largest Synagogue Of Europe Dohány Street Synagogue in Budapest Another interesting fact about Budapest is that it has the largest Synagogue in the whole Europe. The Dohány Street Synagogue has a capacity of 2,964 seats. 11

12 Sightseeing in Budapest Chain Bridge: Teaser of the sightseeing tour on Friday! Joining Buda and Pest Our Budapest bus tours give you the best seat in the house to see the magnificent Chain Bridge. Built by British Architect William Tierney Clark, it spans the Danube and was the first permanent bridge in Budapest. The story of the Chain Bridge Before the bridge was built, the Danube separating Buda and Pest could only be crossed in two ways. In summer by floating pontoon barges, and in winter by walking across the frozen ice. Imagine how irritating it would be to get stranded on one side or the other when the ice thawed. That s just what happened to Count Szechenyi. Furious at missing his father s funeral, he commissioned Chain Bridge to be built in It was completed in Can the lions roar? Chain Bridge is guarded on either side by fierce stone lions, sculpted by János Marschalkó. Local legend says that the sculptor drowned himself in the river when a spectator to the opening ceremony noticed that that the lions had no tongues. It s not true. A view from above confirms that the lions indeed have tongues so the sculptor would have lived a long and happy life after all. Other interesting facts about Chain Bridge, Budapest In 1945 the bridge was blown up by Germans and then rebuilt after the War exactly as it was before Chain Bridge is a symbol of independence and was the site of demonstrations during the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989 The bridge is 1230 feet (375 metres) long and 53 feet (16 metres) wide When it was built, Chain Bridge was the longest suspension bridge in Europe When linked by Chain Bridge, the city was almost named Pestbuda 12

13 Fisherman«Bastion: A fairy tale come to life Imagine Disney s Sleeping Beauty castle. That s pretty much what Budapest's Fisherman s Bastion looks like. It s a fairy tale building: all turrets, parapets and climbing stairways, giving you breathtaking views over the city. The history of Fisherman's Bastion Fisherman s Bastion is in a neighbourhood once known as Fisherman s Town, where there was a fish market during medieval times. It s said that The Guild of Fishermen once defended the city from this enchanting spot, hence the name. Designed by architect Frigyes Schulek in 1905, the beautiful white stone building was conceived as a lookout tower on Buda Castle Hill, where there was once a real-life fortification. Fisherman s Bastion, along with Buda Castle, the river views and the Danube riverfront are part of a UNESCO World Heritage site. Don t miss this beautiful area during your Budapest city tour with Big Bus. 13

14 Budapest Parliament: It s big and it s beautiful Sitting magnificently on the banks of the Danube river, the Budapest Parliament dominates the city of Budapest. It s not only one of the oldest legislative buildings in Europe, it s also the largest building in Hungary. Unsurprisingly, it s a huge visitor attraction. The history of the Budapest Parliament It s said that 1,000 workers built the Budapest Parliament between 1885 and It s a massive 268 metres (880 feet) long and 96 metres (315 feet) high the 96 figure marks the year 896, when Hungarian Magyars first settled in the region. While the country was under Soviet rule a large red star was placed on top of the main dome, but this was removed in Royal Palace: A visitor attraction fit for a King Check out the skyline during your Big Bus Budapest tour and, wherever you are, one building will always visible: the Royal Palace. Situated on the southern tip of Castle Hill, it looks proudly over the city it once ruled. The original Royal Palace was built in the 13th century. Over the years kings, nuns and students have all made it their home. Today it houses many art exhibitions and museums, and features a grand terrace with stunning panoramic views of the city below. 14

15 Feast on culture at the Royal Palace The Hungarian National Gallery, the Budapest History Museum and the National Library are all here. As you d expect, they all focus on the history of Hungary, exhibited through art, artefacts and books. Other attractions include the Lion Courtyard, the Matthias Well (a bronze statue of King Matthias) and the statue of the Turul Bird, the mythological bird of the Magyars. You can enter the Royal Palace up the Habsburg Steps and through an ornamental gateway dating from 1903, or through the Corvinus Gate, where a large raven holding a golden ring in its beak watches over you. This raven symbolizes King Matthias Corvinus, who is said to be named for a raven that summoned him to power in Hungary. BUDAPEST CHRISTMAS MARKET: Send your most relevant news and calendar information to (Stallion licensings, Mare of the Year, Young Horse Championships, auctions, etc.) 15

16 Remember to inform about the WBFSH in your home country! Please refer to the WBFSH homepage in your studbook publications AND PLEASE LINK TO US from your own studbook websites!! 16