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1 DOCK LINES EDITOR: Jim Lium VOLUME 5 NUMBER 4 Assistant Editor Mary Lium APRIL 2014 MYCLB Founded Your Flag Officers at Opening Day Maiden Voyage April PORT CAPTAIN Schumacher, Davis & Saraf Memorial Day Cruise May 23-26, 2014 PORT CAPTAIN Dworski, Sausser & Codner Avalon Cruise June 13-15, 2014 PORT CAPTAIN Batton & Austin

2 COMMODORE S CORNER RSVP RESPONDEZ S IL VOUS PLAIT This means, please respond. Often guest will see this on an invitation and are not sure what they re supposed to do, so they do nothing. When RSVP is on an invitation it means you should respond in some way. Both (Yes) or (No) count for the First Responder Award. Our BLUE CARD mean RSVP. Why do we have Blue Cards? We have BLUE CARDS to let the Port Captains know how many members and guest are planning to attend an event. Why do we need a definite head count? We need an correct number of people because an incomplete list of respondents can cause numerous problems for a Port Captain. Some of these difficulties include planning food quantities, issues relating to minimum and maximum quantities with caterers and restaurants, uncertainty over the number of party favors and planning appropriate seating. In some events this also includes guest slips and anchoring sites that will fit us all. At one time our Blue Cards were sent to our Port Captains by mail. Now we are doing things electronically and sometimes it is difficult for Port Captains to plan because answers come from all over. ( , answering machines, telephone calls and yes by mail) It is important that you answer by any means but it might make things simpler if your Blue Card and checks come by mail. Many times the Blue Card includes other information that is necessary for the Port Captains to finalize their plans. We instigated the first responder award to encourage everyone to respond with their Blue Card as quickly as possible. The first responder from each event has their name put in a drawing and the winner receives a $25.00 award. If anyone has any ideas how to help with this challenge let Jim Lium know. He is the bridge officer in charge of events. So let s all help our Port Captains out by getting the Blue Cards to them as quickly as possible Your Commodore, Hedy Codner VICE COMMODORE S CORNER Great Opening Day, thanks to Phil & Kathleen for a great job! Also thank you to the skippers who participated in the parade. You all did a good job but someone has to win: John Codwell forbest Boat & Susan Saraf and Holly Davis for best dressed crew. Now that the season is officially open we are ready for some boating stuff. First up is the Madian Voyage hosted by Schumacher, Davis and Saraf. That will be followed by the Memorial Day Cruise hosted by Dworski, Codner and Sausser. See the blue slips below. Please note the early signup for the Memorial Day Cruise. A special recognition to Rod Coomber on his induction into the International Order of the Blue Gavel. See You on the Water, Jim Lium MYCLB Vice Commodore, 2014 WANTED! Our Historian needs some pictures for the year book. Pleas send any pictures you have to Susan Saraf: She will look at any you have to pick ones she will use.

3 OPENING DAY CELEBRATION April 6, 2014 Opening Day for Marina Yacht Club has now come and gone.and what a day it was! The weather was picture-perfect for our 57 th opening day, with clear sunny skies, and a temperature well into the 70 s! Marina YC officers, members and guests arrived at 0830 to enjoy beverages, pastries and camaraderie, as the participating yacht club boats gathered in the tuning basin to begin the parade which would be led by Jim & Joan Wolfelt aboard Sea Siren. Shortly prior to the parade, Tony Rietdyk from Navy Yacht Club Long Beach, our designated canoneer and parade boat judge joined us, and Joanne Jovannvic, dressed in traditional Scottish attire, began tuning up her bagpipes, which brought Tavish & Barley (two miniature Scotties) running over, with their human in tow. After a brief visit with Jet, Dee Schumacher s pooch, everything was in place to proceed. Staff Commodore Rod Coomber led everyone in a mariner s prayer, Joanne began playing Highland Cathedral and Sea Siren made her appearance. At the appropriate moment, Tony fired the canon, and the Sea Siren saluted the flag on land, with Marina YC officers returning the salute. Sea Siren was followed by Sea Shanty, Escapade, Honu, and Summer Wind. Each boat receiving a canon recognition and Officer salute, while Joanne continued to play an American Set, followed by Scotland the Brave. Summer Wind captured the best dressed boat award, while Honu took best dressed crew honors. Finally the parade ceremonies were concluded and it was off to brunch, which was held at Claire s at the Museum in Long Beach. Claire s at the Museum is one of Long Beaches best kept secrets, as many M.Y. club members had passed by and never stopped in, or did not know of its existence. The food and beverage are first rate, with a view of the Ocean second to none. Many thanks go out to Claire s Event Services co- coordinators, Luann and Nallely, for expanding our venue to accommodate us all on their lovely patio. Once the club members and guests were settled in, Commodore Hedy Codner began the opening ceremony, with the pledge of allegiance, as grandson Alan held our national ensign aloft. This was followed by a mariners psalm led by Staff Commodore Rod Coomber, officer introductions, staff commodore recognition by Vice Commodore Jim Lium, and finally a proclamation by Staff Commodore Jim Wolfelt declaring that the harbor was free of ice! This marked the opening of Marina Yacht Club for 2014, and everyone got down to the business of enjoying brunch and fellowship under a picture perfect day. Shortly after the meal, John Caldwell was

4 presented with the best dressed boat certificate, and gift. Susan Saraf and Holly Davis of Honu were not in attendance to accept their award for best dressed crew). The event was concluded with a raffle for monies won at the Los Alamitos race track from a bet placed on Yacht Clubber at the St. Patrick party. The winning ticket was placed into a sealed envelope, which Vice Commodore Jim Lium took possession of. (The winner is to be revealed in the Docklines). Finally, our Opening Day ceremonies were concluded with members leaving with memories, and a beautiful wrapped white chocolate star fish from Dimple s Delights. Wishing you fair winds and smooth seas: Your hosts, Kathleen & Phil Collins AND THE WINNER IS! CHARLIE BATON

5 2014 MEMORIAL DAY CRUISE - May DETAILED INFORMATION The Port Captains for this event are Doug & Susana Dworski, Larry & Hedy Codner, Darrell Sausser and Debbie Neal. We have a few new activities this year and a new venue for the Friday dinner. There will again be a $10.00 charge per person this year for those in the raft-up to cover the costs for our festivities, but if you ve ever participated on this event before, you know it s worth it. The deadline for the blue card and payments to be in the hands of the Dworskis has been moved up to Monday, April 28, before we pester the heck out of you. We have a full agenda of activities for this event, so get well rested before cruising on down to Newport Harbor. Marina Yacht Club s annual fun event officially kicks off Friday, May 23, or earlier, depending when you get there! The Dworskis in Meant To Be, will be at the anchorage on the east end of Lido Isle starting on Thursday afternoon, May 22, and will be ready to receive other boats anytime after that. We have extended our permit with the Newport Beach Harbor Patrol from Thursday, May 22 through Tuesday, May 27. Plan to join us no later than 3:00 p.m. Friday afternoon in order to grab a good spot and set both bow and stern anchors. Radio communications - hail on VHF channel 16, and then switch to channel 69. Come prepared to set either a bow or stern anchor, as we will secure about every third boat as we have in the past. Allow plenty of time so that you will have help tying up, deploying anchor and fenders, etc. before the crowd leaves for dinner. The venue for the Friday dinner has been changed once again to provide some diversity in our event, and the details are set forth below. As always, you are welcome to join the raft-up at any time Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or even Monday. Just let the Port Captains know when you re coming. The Club s Memorial Day Raft-up is the most popular cruising event of each year, and each year the Port Captains try to outdo the prior year s event. Once again, we have three sets of port captains working on the event, so it promises to be better than ever. We have arranged a series of gastronomic triumphs, starting with early bird dinner at the Sol restaurant Friday night, May 23, at 5:00 p.m. Naturally, there will be informal parties on board as the Friday arrivals finish spinning their webs of dock lines, spring lines and anchor rodes needed to hold the raft together, as well as hanging every fender that you have ever owned over the side. Once these parties get started, it is always a jolt to realize it is time for dinner. We need to be seated by 5:00 p.m., so we will depart from the anchorage no later than 4:30 p.m. Sol is an upscale Mexican restaurant with an extensive menu. Dinner will be from the regular menu, with one check for each 5 or 6 people, and a 20% gratuity added on. For those of you who may want to join us for dinner from shore, the address and phone number of Sol is 251 East Coast Highway in Newport Beach (949) The $10.00 per person charge does not apply to those attending just the Friday dinner or the Sunday brunch. On Saturday, May 24, festivities will begin with a breakfast surprise supplied by the Dworskis on the Meant To Be around 9:00 a.m. This will get the party started, but be sure to bring your own backup supplies for Bloody Marys, Tequila Sunrises, Champagne, etc., just in case we run short (could that possibly happen?). After your breakfast has had time to settle, the Codners have planned lunch and an afternoon activity for the group ashore in the Fun Zone. Lunch will be purchased from local vendors in the Fun Zone area (or you can bring your own), and then we will meet at the picnic tables across from the Ferris wheel between 12:00 and 12:30 p.m. This will be followed by a challenging terrestrial hunt for the answers to a quiz in the local area. After the hunt, we will all return to the raft-up for some well deserved relaxation. Later on Saturday afternoon, cocktails will be the order of the day, followed by an Italian-themed potluck dinner in late afternoon and early evening. Once we have the blue cards, we will be assigning dishes to the attendees for the potluck. After dinner, we will continue with dessert, coffee and after dinner drinks aboard the Meant To Be. Since most of our resident musicians won t be able to attend the event this year, we may show one of our nautically themed movies on board one of the vessels in the evening.

6 On Sunday, May 25, we will a have a group brunch at Woody s Wharf at 10:00 a.m. This establishment is located at 2318 Newport Blvd. on the Balboa peninsula in Newport Beach (telephone ) and is accessible by both dinghy and car. You will be able to order items directly from the menu. Each table will receive a single check, so bring cash to expedite the process. After breakfast, you will have time to return to the anchorage and relax, or to explore and shop around Newport Harbor prior to the afternoon theme cocktail party. Sunday afternoon we will have a theme cocktail party, with this year s theme being the World Cup. There are 32 countries playing in the World Cup football (soccer to us gringos) tournament this year, and your job is to pick a cocktail and appetizer from those countries. Your cocktail and appetizer do not have to be from the same country as long as they are picked from the participants. The choices are endless, so use your imagination. The festivities will begin at 4:00 p.m. and each boat will host the serving of their drink and appetizer. Sunday evening will be spent relaxing and socializing aboard our boats (and recovering from the cocktail party). A list of the 32 countries will be sent to all participants in the raft up. The raft-up officially ends on Monday, May 26, after breakfast, or whenever you have sufficiently recovered from the Sunday festivities. You are also welcome to stick around for an extra day, as the Port Captains plan to do, relaxing and enjoying the ambiance that Newport Harbor has to offer. Assistance in retrieving anchors will be provided by the Port Captains at no extra cost. Please let the Dworskis know by way of the Blue Card, which of these events you will attend, and how many will be attending, by Monday, April 28 (since we will be out of town for the first three weeks in May). We will need exact head counts for the Friday dinner and Sunday breakfast. Don t forget to send us a check for $10.00 per person to help defray the cost of the weekend s activities.

7 BLUE CARD FOR MAIDEN VOYAGE 2014 Where: Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club, 211 W 22 nd St, San Pedro, When: Friday, April 25 th, Saturday April 26 th, and returning Sunday the 27 th. Who: All MYCLB members and guests, by land or sea. What: It s our annual Maiden Voyage shakedown cruise along with some maintenance business and lots of fun shopping and exploring in San Pedro. We have slips available at Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club for Friday and Saturday nights. We will return to home ports Sunday after a brunch provided and served by your Port Captains Holly Davis, Susie Saraf & Dee Schumacher. We will send a link to access the CBYC website for directions if requested. Bring: Registration & proof of insurance papers, fire extinquishers and quarters (.25) for R-L-C and bingo games, your favorite dish and drink for a gangway get-together, Port Captains will provide desserts. Friday: Arrival CBYC anytime before 3:30 for BOB PETERS FIRE PROTECTION CO. to inspect and service our fire extinguishers. 1700hr bring your favorite dish and drinks for a gangway get-together, Port Captains will provide desserts. Saturday: Spend a leisurely day strolling, exploring, shopping, reading, games, etc. At 1700 hr we will have dinner at 22 nd Street Landing adjacent to CBYC. Sunday: 0800 hr. champagne brunch with coffee, juices, sweet rolls and fruit provided by Port Captains, then return to home ports. Deadline: April 13 th for the Blue Card, cost $5 per person. We will Will not Names Boat Name Extinguishers? # Please enclose a check for $5 per person made out to MYCLB and send to: Dee Schumacher, 233 Corsair Way, Seal Beach, CA

8 BLUE CARD MEMORIAL DAY CRUISE and RAFT UP May 23-26, 2014 VENUE: Newport Beach Harbor - Anchorage at East End of Lido Isle EVENT PARTICULARS: Friday, May Boats arrive and join the raft-up. Call on radio as you enter Newport Harbor. Hail on Channel 16, then switch to Channel Depart by dinghy for dinner Dinner at local restaurant. Saturday, May Breakfast Surprise from the Port Captains Lunch in the Fun Zone 1330 Quiz Hunt around the Fun Zone 1800 Italian-themed Potluck Dinner aboard Meant To Be, and adjacent boats, followed by coffee, drinks, and a movie. Sunday, May Brunch at Woody s Wharf 1600 Theme Cocktail Party World Cup Monday, May 26 Anytime Depart raft-up after breakfast (or stay another day). NAMES: WILL ATTEND Boat Name Arrival Time WON T ATTEND Cost - $10.00 per person Arrival Date GUEST NAMES Either by land or sea, I will attend the following events: Number for Friday Dinner Number for Saturday Lunch Number for Sunday Brunch Number for Sunday Afternoon Cocktail Party Please reply to Doug & Susana Dworski by Monday, April 28. Send a check for $10.00 per person made out to MYCLB.

9 CHARITY REGATTA PANCAKE BREAKFAST Dear fellow members, I am pleased to announce the Pancake Breakfast is scheduled to take place on Saturday July 12 at Seal Beach Yacht Club in conjunction with their Swap Meet. These 2 events are our fund raisers for the Children s Clinic Charity we support along with many of the other Yacht Clubs in the Long Beach area. To make our event a success as it has been we do rely on member volunteers to assist with preparation, cooking, sales, serving, set up and clean up/breakdown after the event. Please put this date on your calendar. I will publish a Blue Card in the May and June Docklines so look for it and plan to join us. Additionally I am asking that you help with donations of products for the breakfast such as pancake mix, sausages, coffee, orange juice, fruit (watermelon went over well last year), paper goods, plastic dinnerware, hot and cold cups. Last year our friend Trisha Jackson and I visited many grocery stores and coffee houses soliciting supplies. Since Trisha Jackson will not be available this year I am asking you fellow members to assist in obtaining donations. We need supplies for at least 100 breakfasts as that is what we have provided in the past. Other fund raising events by member clubs: June 21. Long Beach Singles dinner/dance July 12. Marina/Seal Beach pancake breakfast/swapmeet August 9. Navy Golf Tournament September 21. ABYC/LBYC Regatta, Burger bash, Silent Auction, trophy presentation. Rodney Coomber Jr. SC

10 BIRTHDAYS AND ANNIVERSARIES April Kathleen Collins 5 Corkey and Phyllis Maywhort 7 Gail Schuck 19 Lara Edwards 24 David Murray 25 Jim Lium 29 May Allene Tumelty 8 Larry and Hedy Codner 11 Mary Barton 12 Clint and Pat Johnson 11 Marty Campbell 22 RECIPROCALS 2014* Alamitos Bay YC * American Legion YC* Bahia Corinthian YC* Cabrillo BeachYC * Cerritos Bahia YC Channel islands YC* Chula Vista YC* Coronado Cays YC* Dana West YC * Del Rey YC Huntington Harbor YC* Hurricane Gulch YC* Los Angeles Yacht Club* Marina Venice YC* Mission Bay Yacht Club* Navy YC of Long Beach * Oceanside Yacht Club * Pacific Corinthian YC Pacific Mariners YC*. Redondo Beach YC * San Luis* Shoreline YC * Silver Gate YC* South Shore YC * Seal Beach YC * Hollywood YC * West Coast YC Ventura YC * MYCLB Schedule for 2014 Date Event Port Captains February 14, 2014 Valentine s Dinner Codner March 16, 2014 St. Patrick s Day Miles & Hutton April 6, 2014 Opening Day Collins April Maiden Voyage Schumacher, Davis & Saraf May 23-26, 2014 Memorial Day Cruise Dworski, Sausser & Codner June 13-15, 2014 Avalon Cruise Batton & Austin July 12, 2014 Charity Regatta Coomber July 19, 2014 Ladies Day Edwards August 6-??, 2014 Long Cruise Bridge September 5-7, 2014 Isthmus Cruise Paine October 11-12, 2014 Fall Harvest Lium October 24-26, 2014 Land Cruise Wolfelt December 6, 2014 Christmas Brunch Mayes January 9, 2015 Commodore s Ball Paine