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3 DOMINION BUREAU OF STATISTICS Business Finance Division NEW MANUFACTURING ESTABLISHMENTS IN CANADA DECEMBER 1959 Pubhshe4 by Authority of The Honourable Gordon Churchill, Minister of Trade and Commerce December, Pnce: 2.00 per year The Queen's Printer and Controller of Stationery, Ottawa, 1959

4 INDEX Page Foods and Beverages 5 Tobacco and Tobacco Products 14 Rubber Products 15 Leather Products 15 Textile Mills 16 clothing 18 Wood Products 26 paper Products 41 Printing, Publishing and Allied Industries 43 Iron and Steel Products 49 Transportation Equipment 59 Non-Ferrous Metal Products 63 Electrical Apparatus and Supplies 64 Non-Metallic Mineral Products 66 Products of Petroleum and Coal 71 Chemicals and Allied Products 71 Miscellaneous Manufacturing Indus tries 74

5 NE,}' ACTURING ESTABLISHMENTS IN CANADA This memorandum revises and brings up to date a previous issue published in June, It contains the names, addresses and principal products manufactured by new establishments which have come into operation recently, or report that they expect to be in operation in the near future. To enable the examination of new entrants in a particular field or area, the firm names have been arranged by industry and by province within each industrial group. Revised issues of this memorandum will be published every six months. The listing comprises the names of firms that have not been in business before, as well as new branch plants of existing businesses, all of which have indicated that they operate in the manufacturing field. The names of those establishments appearing for the first time are preceded by an asrerisk(*). Branch sales offices and separate new warehousing facilities are excluded. Change of ownership does not constitute a new firm as it is essentially the same business even though it may operate under a new name. The industrial classification follows the concepts of the Standard Industrial Classification except that, in most cases, where the activity is essentially repair in nature, the establishments are not classified as manufacturers. Dressmakers and businesses engaged in welding and repairs to electrical goods which were included in previous memoranda have now been deleted. Those engaged in re-, refinishing and electroplating and other metal finishing are, however, considered as manufacturing by the Census of Industry and are, therefore, included as such in this memorandum. An establishment reporting as operating in more than one manufacturing field is classified in that sector where the major part of its operations are conducted. The information contained in this memorandum should be qualified in view of the fact that there has been no evidence to show whether or not the new firms are in actual production. It has been reported that for every firm listed, production has recently started or that it is expected to start in the near future but this cannot be considered as solid information until such time as data are collected in the annual Census of Industry, covering the details of the manufacturing operations. The names listed cover establishments which have come to the attention of the Bureau since the last published annual report for each industry. Since the previous memorandum was prepared, 1,191 new names have been added as a result of information received. During this same period, 1,397 names which appeared in the memorandum dated June, 1959, have been dropped from the listings. Of those deleted 967 were firms now included in Industry and Merchandising annual reports, 21 were duplications because of change in the firm name, further contact revealed that 163 were Out of business and 167 were not manufacturers as originally reported and the remainder, 79, were discarded for various reasons. With annual reports being issued throughout the year, it is impossible to avoid some duplication of firm names in this memorandum and certain of the annual reports of the Industry and Merchandising Division. This, however, has been kept to a minimum.

6 All new establishments, irrespective of size, are included in this memorandum if they report as being operators in the manufacturing field. In cases where a firm is in the organizational stage when contact is made and information relating to the nature and scope of operations to be conducted is secured through soiicitors, the establishments are excluded until such time as a permanent business address is established. This procedure is followed as many new businesses apply for letters patent to protect a firm or trade name, with actual operations commencing at some considerable time after this action has been taken. The information given in this memorandum is limited to that permitted by the Statistics Act, Statutes of Canada, 1953, Chapter 45, which authorizes the Dominion Bureau of Statistics to issue "an index or list... of particulars taken from individual returns, of the names and locations of individual firms or businesses, of types of products produced, manufactured or dealt with by individual firms or businesses, but no such list of index shall otherwise reveal any of the particulars comprised in any individual return". December, 1959.

7 FiRM NAME AND ADDRESS NEWFOUNDLAND FOODS AND BEVERAGES PRCI)UCTS 5. Bell's Pastry 6. Delicatessen, 152 Duckworth, St. John's, Nfld.... Billard, Gabriel, Margaree, Nfld Booth Fisheries Can. Co. Ltd., Fortune, Nfld.... Brake, Frank, Trout River, Nfld.... Hickey, Alex, O'Donnell's, St. Mary's Bay, Nfld.... Mink Foods Agricultural Society Ltd., South Dildo, Nfld.... Quirpon Producers Ltd., Quirpon, White Bay, Nfld.... Scotia Fat Salvage Co. Ltd., Witless Bay, S. Shore, Nfld.... Seldom Fish Co., Seldom, Fogo Island, Nfld fish processing fish processing fish processing canned lobster complete feeds fish processing fish meal fish processing PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND Keeping & McKay Ltd., Murray Harbour, P.E.I... Montague Bakery, Montague, P.E.I... Pridhan,s Feed Service, Alberton, P.E.I... Prince Edward Island Frosted Foods Ltd., Sherwood, P.E.I... Smaliman's Bakery, O'Leary, P.E.I... fish processing custom grinding frozen fruits, vegetables NOVA SCOTIA A.C.A. Co-op. Association Ltd., New Minas, N.S... Bay Home Cooking Shop, 2A Catherine St., Glace Bay, N.S... Birk's Fine Pastries, O'Brien St., Windsor, N.S... Bonda Meal & Oil Ltd., Short Beach, N.S... Bridgeport Co-op. Small Fruits Ass'n. Ltd., Glace Bay, N.S... Brookfield Creamery Ltd., 91 Walker St., Truro, N.S... Burgess, Austin H., S.W. Port Mouton, Queens Co., N.S... Dartmouth Casino Pastry Shop, Dartmouth, N.S... Deep Sea Products, Clam Poifit, Shelburne Co., N.S... Digby Frozen Food Ltd., Water St., Digby, N.S... Fulham Brothers of Canada Ltd., Main St., Glace Bay, N.S... Greenlaw, Howard, Tiverton, Digby Co., N.S... Harnish, Robert Sinclair, Birchy Head, Lunenburg Co., N.S... Lunenburg Pudding & Sausage Ltd., 54 Jubilee Rd., Bridgewater, N.S. MacPhee, Ira C., P.O. Box 419, Westville, N.S... McKeigan, Gordon, 159 Pluomer Ave., New Waterford, N.S... Mosher, Hilda Mae, R.R. No. 1, (East River Point), Hubbards, N.S. Nanette Parisienne Pastry, Bayers Rd., Halifax, N.S... Nellie's Home Bakery, 66 Inglis St., Truro, N.S... Neptune Chemicals Ltd., Chester, N.S... Normandy Pastry 6. Grocery, 3 Normandy Dr., Halifax, N.S... Outhouse, Lindsay & Emerson, Tiverton, Digby Co., N.S... Sandy Cove Fisheries Co. Ltd., Sandy Cove, Digby Co., N.S... Smith, Cecil W., Port Maitland, N.S... Smith, E. Archie, Port Medway, Queens Co., N.S... Snair's White Eagle Bakery Ltd., Black Point, N.S... Stony Island Fisheries, Stony Island, N.S... Sunshine Products Agencies, 220 Dominion, Sydney, N.S... Tynee Pastry Shop, 147 Townsend St., Sydney, N.S... West End Bakery, 530 Prince St., Truro, N.S... poultry processing fish meal blueberry processing poultry processing fish processing fish processing frozen lobster meat fish processing fish processing fish curing sausage8, meat puddings meat processing meat processing irish moss extract fish processing fish processing fish processing fish processing fish processing flavouring syrups and extracts NEW BRUNSWICK Annie's Candy Shoppe, Dorchester, N.B.... candy, table syrups Beaudin, J. Henry, Miscou Hbr., Gloucester Co., N.B.... fish processing Betts, John LeRoy, Millerton, N.M.... fish processing Boudreau, George, Robichaud, N.B.... meat curing Brown & O'Neill, Seal Cove, Grand Manan, N.M... fish processing Connors Bros., Black Harbour, N.B. (Branch at Beaver Harbour, N.M.) fish processing Cormier, Ernest J., Cape Bald, N.B canned lobster Cossabocan, Harley V., White Head, Grand Manan, Charlotte Co., N.M... fish processing Daggett & O'Neill, Seal Cove, Grand Manan, N.M.... fish processing Elsie's Home Bakery, Cunard St., Chatham, N.B.... Ferron, Jean Baptiste, St. Raphael Sur Mer, Gloucester Co., N.B.... fish processing Gaudet, Prank, Lower Cape Bald, Westmorland Co., N.B.... fish processing Gionet, Andre, Middle Caraquet, N.B.... fish curing Girard, Lucy, 175 Roseberry St., Campbellton, Restigouche Co., N.M.... Golden Nugget Doughnut Co., 31 Carmarthen St., Saint John, N.B.... Grand Manan Sea Products Ltd., North Head, Charlotte Co., N.M.... fish processing Guptill, H.M., White Head Island, Grand Manan, N.B.... fish processing Holmes Bakery, St. George, N.B.... Ingersoll, J. Wesley, Seal Cove, Charlotte Co., N.M.... fish processing

8 6. F IRM NAME AND ADDRESS NEW BRUNSWICK (concl'd) FOODS AND BEVERAGES (cont'd). Kennedy Bros. Sugar Bowl, Wood Lake, Saint Martin, N.H.... confectionery La Cooperative de Maisonette Ltee, Maisonette, N.H.... canned fish Landry, Clara, Memramcook East, N.B.... confectionery Leger, Adrice, Cap Pele, N.B.... fish processing MacKin's Bakery, 258 Main St., Saint John, N.H.... Middleton and Travis, Castalia, Charlotte Co., N.B.... fish processing Miller, James C., Hartland, N.B.... confectionery Militown Bakery, 190 Main St., Milltown, N.H.... Monroe & Monroe, Woodwards Cove, Grand Manan, N.B.... fish processing O'Neill & Son, Grand Harbour, Charlotte Co., N.H.... fish processing Quoddy Sea Foods, Willingdon, Black's Harbour, NB.... canned fish Russell, Harvey, Woodward Cove, Charlotte Co., N.H.... fish proces5ing St. John Valley Canners Ltd., West Market St., Moncton, N.B.... catned baked beans Small, Francis, White Head, Grand Manan, Charlotte Co., N.H.... fish processing Travis, Arthur, Castalia, Grand Manan, N.B.... fish processing White Heather Pastry & Delicatessen, 423 Main St., Saint John, N.B.... Wilson, Albert, Little Shippigan, Gloucester Co., N.B.... fish processing EBEC Abattoir Avicole de Sherbrooke, 965 Panneton, Sherbrooke, Cte Sherbrooke, P.Q... Abattoir Avicole Laval, 58 Notre Dame de Laval St., Ste Rose Station, CteLaval, P.Q... Abattoir a Volailles, St. Francois du Lac, Cte Yaxnaska, P.Q... Ahattoir Moderne A Volailles Enrg., Bourque Blvd., Rock Forest, Cte Sherbrooke, P.Q... * Abattoir St. Guillaume Inc., St. Guillaume Station, Cte Ya,naska, P.Q. Abitibi Bottlers Ltd., Lamaque Blvd., Bourlamaque, Cte Abitibi, P.Q... Adam, Joseph, St. Cuthbert, Cte Berthier, P.Q... Ardo Bakeries Ltd., 7400 Delorimier Ave., Montreal 35, P.Q... Athen's Bakery, 4051 St. Dominique St., Montreal 18, P.Q... * Au Peche Mignon Enrg., Pont Viau, Cte Laval, P.Q... * Aubry, Henri, Rang Fontarabie, Ste Ursule, Cte Maskinonge, P.Q... Aurora Bakery, 6421 Papineau St., Montreal 35, P.Q... * Bagel King, 5169 Decarie Blvd., Montreal, P.Q... * Bailey's Bakery Inc., 5638 Westminster Ave., Montreal, P.Q... * Bakery Shop Peloponissos, 152 Napoleon St., Montreal, P.Q... Banville Pastry, 967 Cure Labelle, St. Martin, Cte Laval, P.Q... Bau-Lis Bakery Inc., 5040 St. Urbain St., Montreal, P.Q... Beaudry, Gilbert, St.Felix de Valois, Cte Joliette, P.Q... Bell Canning Co., St. Lazare, Cte Vaudreuil, P.Q... * Belmont Foods Ltd., 3580 Chambly St., Montreal 4, P.Q... Benjamin, A., Enrg., 551 Chambly, Marieville, Cte Rouville, P.Q... Best Candy Reg'd., 4583 Breboeuf St., Montreal, P.Q... Billy's Pastry Shop, 322 Mt. Royal Ave. E., Montreal, P.Q... * Blaquiere, Arthur, St. Jean Baptiste, Cte Rouville, P.Q... Bonbons Jacalin Enrg., 81 Orphelinat, Giffard, Cte Quebec, P.Q... Bonbons Michele Enrg., Chandler, Cte Gaspe, P.Q... Boulangerie Au Pain De France, 4280 Des Erables Ave., Montreal 34, P.Q. Boulangerie Blanc & Or, 266 St. Paul St., St. Tite, Cte Laviolette, P.Q.. * Boulangerie Carleton Enrg., Carleton, Cte Bonaventure, P.Q... Boulangerie Cattalica, 6229 Papineau Ave., Montreal, P.Q... Boulangerie Champion Ltee, 45 Pelletier St., Rouyn, Cte Temiscaming, P.Q. Houlangerie Croute Doree, Louvicourt, Cte Abitibi, P.Q... Boulangerie Desrosiers Enrg., 6528 Henri Julien Ave., Montreal 10, P.Q. Boulangerte Europeenne, 356 Du Roi, Quebec 2, P.Q... Boulangerie Royale Enrg., 34 St. Alphonse, Druusaondvjlle, Cte Druarnond, P.Q Boulangerie St. Jerome, R.R St. Jerome, Cte Terrebonne, P.Q... Boulangerie St. Lambert, St. Lamb&rt, Cte Levis, P.Q... Boulangerie Sicilienne, 2425 Champagne St., Montreal, P.Q..... Boulangerie Ungava (Bakery) Ltd., Schefferville, Cte Saguenay, P.Q... Bourgeois, Gabriel, St. Denis sur Richelieu, Cte Stt, Hyacinthe, P.Q... Breuvage Corona Inc., 0650 Atwater, Verdun, P.Q... Breuvages Radisson Ltee, 64 Massicotte, Cap Madeleine, Cte Champlain, P.Q Breuvages St. Maurice Enrg., Gentilly, Cte Nicolet, P.Q... Campagna, Leon, Dosquet, Cte Lotbjniere, P.Q poultry processing abat toir abattoir poultry processing abat toir carbonated beverages butter canned beans, tomatoes meat processing poultry processing confectionery abat toir confect ionery confectionery meat processing carbonated beverages carbonated beverages carbonated beverages

9 FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS QUEBEC (cont'd) FOODS AND BEVERAGES (cont'd) PROOUCTS 7. Canadian Carmel Kosher Wine Co. Ltd., 133 Laurier Ave. W., Montreal, P.Q. wine Cannistra, Nicolo, 6568 Papineau St., Montreal 35 9 P.Q.... Chartier, Rolland, St. Damase, Gte St. Hyacinthe, P.Q.... poultry processing Cloutier, Edouard, St. Fabien, Cte Rimouski, P.Q.... Coast Produce Reg'd., Thunder River, Cte Saguenay, P.Q.... fish processing Conserverie Carleton Ltee, Carleton, Cte Bonaventure, P.Q.... canned fish Conserverie Notre-Dame, Charette, Cte St. Maurice, P.Q.... canned poultry Conserverie Savard, J.,St. Eustache, Cte Deux Montagnes, P.Q. jams, marmalades... Cote, Antoine, St. Raymond, Cte Portneuf, P.Q.... custom grinding Cournoyer, Albert, Upton, Cte Bagot, P.Q.... abattoir Cremerie St. Honore, St.Epiphane, Cte Riviere du Loup, P.Q.... butter Desalliers, Rosaire, Shawbridge, Cte Terrebonne, P.Q Ducharme, Emile, Range Ste Julie, Joliette, Cte Joliette, P.Q.... canned vegetables Dufour, Dufour & Dufour, St. Urbain, Cte Charlevoix, P.Q.... poultry processing Dumont, Roland, St. Valuer, Cte Bellechasse, P.Q.... Eastern Milk Concentrates Ltd., Rang de la Visitation, Joliette, Cte Joliette, P.Q whey milk powder Evaporateur Portneuf Inc., Portneuf Station, Cte Portneuf, P.Q... milk powder Filion, Roland, St. Basile de Portneuf, Cte Portneuf, P.Q.... Fortune Pastry Shop, 3298 Jean Talon St. E., Montreal, P.Q Frozen Desserts Ltd., 448 Walpole Ave., Montreal 16, P.Q.... frozen desserts Gagne, Jean-Marie, Ste Famille, Cte Montmorency, P.Q.... butter Gentilly Rendering Inc., Gentilly, Cte Nicolet, P.Q.... fats & oils for soap Geoffrion, Jean Paul, 184 Provencher, St. Hilaire, Cte Rouville, P.Q. poultry processing George's Boulangerie Inc., 222 St. Michel St., Sherbrooke, P.Q.... Giroux, Marcel, 483 St. Georges, St. Jerome, Cte Terrebonne, P.Q.... Gosselin, Viateur, 26 Maple, Rock Island, Gte Stanstead, P.Q.... Hebert, Benoit, Proulxville, Cte Champlain, P.Q.... Henry & Sons Inc., Montmagny, Cte Montmagny, P.Q.... confectionery International Chop Suey, 1895 Craig St.E., Montreal 24, P.Q.... chop suey Jacob, Claude, 158 St. Antoine St., Contrecoeur, Cte Richelieu, P.Q.... Jo Ann Pastry & Coffee Shop, 5200A Cote Des Neiges Rd., Montreal, P.Q... Jobin, J., Roxton St., Granby, P.Q.... abattoir Kamerling Fruit Flavor Co., 3230 Rouville St., Montreal, P.Q.... flavouring syrupa King Boy Foods Ltd., 7957 Dante Ave., Ville St. Michel, P.Q.... specialty foods La Boheme Patisserie, 3753 Wellington, Verdun, P.Q.... La Meunerie Daveluyville, Daveluyville, Cte Arthabaska, P.Q.... complete feeds La Meunerie La Perade, Ste Anne de la Perade, CLe Champlain, P.Q.... custom grinding La Meunerie Leclerc Inc., Ste Angele de Laval, Cte Nicolet, P.Q.... complete feeds La Prairie Candy Co. Ltd., St. Philippe de Laprairie, Cte Laprairie, P.Q. confectionery La Salaiaon Brisson Inc., Ferland St., Nicolet, Cte Nicolet, P.Q.... meat processing Laboratoire Veterinaire Medico Inc., Coin Sicotte Desaulniers, Cte St. Hyacinthe, P.Q.... complete feeds Ladouceur, Real, St. Marc stir Richelieu, Vercheres, Cte Vercheres, P.Q. butter Lalonde, Marcel, Namur, Cte Papineau, P.Q.... butter Lamontagne Enrg., 578 St. Martin, Sherbrooke, P.Q.... confectionery Le Beigne Enrg., 1434 Savoie St., Plessisville, Cte Megantic, P.Q.... Leclerc, Joe., Inc., 17-8th St., La Guadeloupe, Cte Frontenac, P.Q.... carbonated beverages Leclerc, Maurice, St. Andre, Cte Kamouraska, P.Q.... Legault, E.F., 83 Champlain St., Hull, P.Q.... Leger, Jacques, St. Lazare, Cte Vaudreuil, P.Q.... Legrade Inc., 4363 Frontenac St., Montreal, P.Q.... abattoir Lelievre, Theodore, Petite Riviere E., Cte Gaspe, P.Q.... fish processing Lea Produits Laitiers de Ste Croix Ltee, Lac Ste Croix, Cte Lac St. Jean, P.Q.... butter, cheese Lessard, Arsene, Frampton, Cte Dorchester, P.Q.... Little Denmark Bakery, 723 Decarie Blvd., Ville St. Laurent, P.Q.... Loney, J.R.,Foods Ltd., 8770 Park Ave., Montreal 11, P.Q... soup mixtures Longpre, Josaphat, Labelle, Cte Labelle, P.Q.... Manda's Pastry, 4008 Notre Dame St. W., Montreal, P.Q.... Margot Donut Shop, 10 St. Paul, St. Jean, Cte St. Jean, P.Q.... Marko Pop Corn Enrg., South Durham, Cte Drumsond, P.Q.... popcorn Mayport Foods Ltd., 1251 Notre Dame St. E., Montreal, P.Q.... packaging of foods McFadden, Maurice, Fugereville, Cte Temiscaming, P.Q.... custom grinding Meunerie Gamache Inc., 185 St.Georges, St. Jean, Cte St.Jean, P.Q.... custom grinding Meunerie Matane, Desjardins St., Matane, Cte Matane, P.Q.... custom grinding Michaud, Marcel, 186 St. Olivier St., Quebec 4, P.Q.... confectionery Miller, Morris, Pastry, 4816 Wellington St., Verdun, P.Q.... Monteco Food Products Reg'd., 570 Chabanel E., Montreal 11, P.Q.... spaghetti sauce

10 8. FIRM NAME AND ADDRF.SS QUEBEC (cont'd) FOODS AND BEVERAGES (cont 'd) New Greek Bakery & Pastry, 4104 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal 18, P.Q. Orange Maison Ltee, 2323 Aubry St., Montreal 5, P.Q... Oxford Pastry & Delicatessen, 5628 Sherbrooke St. E., Montreal, P.Q... Park Ave. Chocolate Co., 4663 Park Ave., Montreal 8, P.Q... Parma Food Products Ltd., 3775 Industrial Blvd., Montreal N., P.Q... Patisserie Albert, 3643 Dickens Ave., Ville St. Michel, P.Q... Patisserie Amato, 2739 Jolicoeur St., Montreal, P.Q... Patisserie Anne Marie, 433 Belanger St. E., Montreal, P.Q... Patisserie Banville, 1843 O'Brien St., St. Laurent, P.Q... Patisserie Belge, 16A Turgeon, Ste Therese-de-Blainville, Cte Terrebonne, P.Q Patisserie Broekaert Enrg., 2006 Mount Royal Ave. E., Montreal, P.Q... Patisserie Caprice, 8141 Pie IX, Ville St. Michel, P.Q... Patisserie Charles & Claire, 1458 Sauve St. E., Montreal, P.Q... Patiaserie Chez Marcel, 1259 Belanger Ave. E., Montreal, P.Q... Patisserie Christ-Rol, 9367 Lajeunesse St., Montreal, P.Q... Patisserie de Gascogne, 6152 Gouin Ave. W., Montreal, P.Q... Patisserie De Salaberry, 4620 De Salaberry St., Montreal, P.Q... Patisserie Doree, 314 Jean Talon St. E.,Montreal, P.Q... Patisserie Eclair, 4512 Papineau St., Montreal, P.Q... Patisserie Francaise Au Duc de Lorraine, 5024 Cote Des Neiges Rd., Montreal, P.Q... Patisserie La Tosca, 1556 Marie Anne St. E., Montreal, P.Q... Patisserie Lambert, 447 Notre Dame E., Victoriaville, Cte Arthabaska,P.Q. Patisserie Marie-France, 2638 Jean Talon St. E., Ville St. Michel, P.Q. Patisserie Mireille, 3488 Bochelaga St., Montreal, P.Q... Patisserie Nourry & Freres, 961 Ursule St., Trois Rivieres, CteSt. Maurice, P.Q... Patisserie Pat, 369 St. Jacques St., Ville St. Pierre, P.Q... Patisserie Provost, 839 Provost, Lachine, P.Q... Patisserie Rene, 1585 Cure Labelle, St. Martin, P.Q... Patisserie Robert, 380 Langelier Blvd., Quebec 8, P.Q... Patisserie St. Albert, 212 Beaubien St. E., Montreal, P.Q... Patisserie St. Paul Enrg., 5196 Notre Dame St. W., Montreal, P.Q... Pelletier, Louis-Gonzague, Village Des Anlnaies, Cte L'Islet, P.Q... Pichette, Andre, 205 Gagne St., Quebec, P.Q... Poirier,Rene,Ltee, St. Felix de Valois, Cte Joliette, P.Q... Potvin, Paul, 51 Des Peupliers,Druninondville W., Cte Drummond, P.Q... Poulin, Aurele, Rang Grande Montagne, St. Joseph, Cte Beauce, P.Q... Poulin & Fils, St. Joseph de Beauce, Cte Beauce, P.Q... Prince, Marcel, St. Leonard d'acton, Cte Nicolet, P.Q... Procter & Gamble Co. of Canada Ltd., 1320 Yonge St., Toronto, Ont. (Branch at Pointe Claire, P.Q.)... Produits Pere Dominique, C.P. 14, Rougemont, Cte Rouville, P.Q... Provencher, Rolland, St. Rosaire, Cte Arthabasca, P.Q... Quality Smoked Meat Inc., 3558 Colonial Ave., Montreal 18, P.Q... Quebec Pop Corn Inc., 1090 Vincent Massey, Quebec B, P.Q... Quebec Poultry Co. Ltd., St. Jean Baptiste, Cte Rouville, P.Q... Regina Bakery & Pastry Reg'd., 3663 wellington St., Verdun, P.Q... Rigaud,Victorp Enrg., 3132 Sherbrooke St.E., Montreal, P.Q... Rito Mints Reg'd., 1055 La Verendrye, Trois Rivieres, CteSt. Maurice, P.Q... Rose-Marie Pastry & Delicatessen, 5559 Monkland Ave., Montreal, P.Q... Roux, Jean-Paul, R.R. No. 1, Victoriaville, Cte Arthabaska, P.Q... St. Jean, Jean Louis, St. Scholastique, Cte Deux Montagnes, P.Q... St.Louis, Bruno, St. Sylvere, Cte Nicolet, P.Q... St. Pierre,Jules,Ltee, Mont Laurier, Cte Labelle, P.Q... St. Pierre, Lorenzo, St. Rosaire, Cte Arthabaska, P.Q... Saguenay Food Products Reg'd., Arvida, Cte Chicoutimi, P.Q... Salamico Co. Ltd., 385 St. Eustache St., St. Eustache, CteDeux Montagnes, P.Q... Samoa Bakery & Pastry, 26 Roy St.E., Montreal 18, P.Q... Service Patates Lapointe Enrg., 117 La Capricieuse, Quebec, P.Q... Siuiard,Philippe, & Fils Ltee, 501 Des Peupliers, Dolbeau, Cte Lac St. Jean, P.Q Sparta Bakery Reg'd., 4800 St. Lawrence... Blvd., Montreal 14, P.Q..... Sutton Maple Products Ltd., Sutton, Cte Brome, P.Q... Syndicat des Pecheurs, Ruisseau Leblanc, Cte Bonaventure, P.Q... Trepanier, Laurent, 14 St. Laurent, St. Eustache, Cte Deux Montagnes, P.Q... orange juice confectionery meat processing custom grinding complete feeds carbonated beverages custom grinding complete feeds complete feeds edible oils flavouring syrups complete feeds meat processing pop corn poultry processing confectionery confectionery abattoir carbonated beverages ab at toir potato chips meat processing apple, potato processing carbonated beverages maple syrup fish processing sausages

11 FIRM NAM} AND ADDRESS FOODS AND BEVERAGES (cont'd QUEBEC (concl'd) Trieste Macaroni Co., 378 Beaumont Ave., Montreal 15, P.Q.... macaroni, ravioli Trudeau & Freres Ltd., Chemin Larocque, Valleyfield, Cte Beauharnois, P.Q. complete feeds V.H.Quality Food Products LLi., Gouin Blvd. V., Ste Genevieve De Pierrefonds, P.Q.... chinese sauces Venezia Biscuit Co. Ltd., 250 Chabanel St. V., Montreal 11, P.Q.... biscuits Venezia Pastry Shop, 7120 St. Lawrence St., Montreal, P.Q.... Venitian Salami Co. Reg'd., 130 Beaumont Ave., Montreal 10 9 P.Q.... meat processing Verdonck & Frere Enrg., Ste Marthe, Cte Vaudreuil, P.Q.... flour milling Yergeau, Philippe, Yamachiche, Cte St.Maurice, P.Q.... butter Zorro Candy Reg'd., Rang Lachapelle, St. Jerome, Cte Terrebonne, P.Q.... confectionery 9. ONTARIO Adams Bakery, Frankford, Ont... Adria Delicatessen Bakery, 266 Queen St. E., Toronto 2, Ont... Albion Bakery, 387 Albion Rd., Thistletown, Ont... Alda Pie Co., 47 Cannifton Rd., Belleville, Ont... Almako Bakery, 502 Eglinton Ave. W., Toronto 12, Ont... Angel Bakery, 3253 Dufferin St., Toronto 19, Ont... Angelo's Italian Bakery, 575-1/2 King St., London, Ont... Armstrong's Do-Nuts, 10 Lawrence St., Guelph, Ont... Arthur Home Bakery, George St., Arthur, Ont... Associated Mixed Feeds Ltd., 619 Gowrie St., N. Fergus, Ont... Avenue Dairy Mart Ltd., Box 56, Toronto 12, Ont... Bagel King, 1000 Eglinton Ave. V., Toronto 10, Ont... Barkley, 0.J., Morrisburg, Ont... Baxter, Allen, Walkerton, Orit... Beaver Valley Frozen Foods Produce, Clarksburg, Ont... Bell Brand Bacon Rinds, 105 King George Rd., Brantiord, Ont... Belvedere Salami Co., 544 Wentworth St. N., Hamilton, Ont... Betty's Bakery, Haliburton, Ont... Bittner Packers Ltd., 21 Medulla Ave., Etobicoke, Ont... Bob's Honi-Dipt Do-Nuts, 30 Queen St., Aylmer, Ont... Broken Arrow Enterprises Ltd., 32 Orton Park Rd., Scarborough, Ont... Brooks, Gene, 268 Ottawa N., Hamilton, Ont... Bruno's Canned Foods, 115 King W., Dundas, Ont... Budapest Bakery, 169 Brunswick Ave., Toronto 4, Ont... Bun Shop, 1731 Lakeshore Rd. E., Clarkson, Ont... C.O.B. Bakery, 1052 Gerrard St. E., Toronto, Ont... Capeau's Belgium Bakery, 8 Talbot St., Essex, Ont... Carringtons Distillers (Ontario) Ltd., 12 Newcastle Ave., Toronto 1, Ont.. Central Fish Co., 63 Mulock Ave., Toronto 9, Ont... Centre Bakery & Grill, Marmora, Ont... Clicquot Club Beverage Co. (Can.) Ltd Bay St., Toronto 1, Ont. Colonial Packaging Co. Ltd., 29 Fraser Ave., Toronto 3, Orit... ConnalA James, Ltd., Walkers Line, R.R. No. 2, Burlington, Ont... Continental Bread Co., 253 Merritt St., Merritton, Ont... Continental & Oriental Foods Co., 1601 Ogden Rd., Port Credit, Ont... Cook Chocolate (Canada) Ltd., 36 Saskatoon St., Campbellford, Ont... Country Meat Packing (Galt) Ltd., R.R. No. 1, Galt, Ont... Crown Bakery, 1687 Wyandotte St. V., Windsor, Ont... Crupi Bros. Bakery, 840 Dundas St. W., Toronto, Ont... Cunningham's Bakery, 94 King St. W., Brockville, Ont... Davidson's Bakery 6. Confectionery, 1183 Victoria Park, Scarboro, Ont... Decraaf's Bakery, Norwich Ave., Woodstock, Ont... Del Duca Food Products Ltd., 1648 Stanley Ave., Niagara Falls, Ont... Dinning Bakery, 116 Middleton, Tiamiins, Ont... Dominion Bakery, 1658 Eglinton Ave. W., Toronto, Ont... Dominion Do-Nut Shop, 259 Pearl Ave., Tiomins, Ont... Dromore Feed Mill, R.R. No. 2., Holstein, Ont... Duckworth Meat Pies, 1203 Cannon E., Hamilton, Ont... Dundas Producers Ltd., R.R. No. 1., Dundas, Ont... Dundas Valley Food Products Ltd., Box 60, Dundas, Ont... Elizabeth Bakery, 195 York St., Hamilton, Ont... Eric's Pastries, 1128 Danforth Ave., Toronto, Ont... Essex County Canners Ltd., North Ridge, Ont... Excel Beverages Ltee, Bourget, Orit... Famous Pastries, 633 St. Clair Ave. W., Toronto, Ont... custom grinding ice cream poultry processing frozen fruits bacon rinds meat processing meat processing fruit juices canned foods distillery fish processing carbonated beverages food packaging confectionery specialty foods cocoa powder, chocolate bars meat processing casseroles, sauces biscuits custom grinding poultry processing edible oils canned foods carbonated beverages

12 10. FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS ONTARIO (cont'd) FOODS AND BEVERAGES (cont'd) Feyen's,Maup,Bakery, 114A Dundas St. W.,Trenton, Oat.... Fort Frances Brewing Co. Ltd., Atikokan, Oat.... carbonated beverages Fort Frances Meat & Sausage Co., 1200 Colonization Rd. W., Fort Frances, oat.... smoked meat, sausages Fortier, Rolland, Embrun, Oat.... cheese Freez-Pak Meat Products Ltd., 142 Wolsley St., Toronto 10, Oat.... meat processing Gamble, W.W., Mobile Feed Service, Box 103, Paris, Ont.... custom grinding Garrison's Mobile Feed Service, Picton, Ont.... custom grinding George's Meat Pies, 10 Trafalgar St., St. Catharines, Oat German Home Bakery, 1160 Dufferin St., Toronto 3, Oat.... Gerrow's Bakery, Queen St. Oshawa, Ont.... Gibson,J.J.,& Son Ltd., Port Perry, Oat.... poultry processing Glen-Park Food Products, 1160 Dufferin St., Toronto 4, Oat.... food bases Good Cheese Co., 153 Kent Ave., Kitchener, Ont.... cottage cheese Hallon Dressed Meats Ltd., Georgetown, Ont.... abattoir Hansen's Bakery, 110 Jarvis St., Fort Erie, Oat.... Harold's Home Bakery, 42 Haney St., Toronto, Oat.... Haynes Pastry Shop, 93A Wilson, Tiains, Ont.... Heayn, W.J., Prince Albert, Port Perry, Oat.... poultry processing Hennick, Fred, Box 233, Mitchell, Ont.... cider Highland Packers, Highland Road, Saltfleet Twp., Ont.... meat processing flirt's Food Mfg. Co., 281 James St., Delhi, Oat.... salami, sausages Hofer Valley Packing Co., R.R. No. 2, Whitby, Oat.... sausages Home Bakery, 11 Dalhousie, Amherstburg, Oat.... Honey Flavour Bakeries, 19 Melinda, Toronto 8, Oat.... Hosack,E., Candies, Vittoria P.O., Oat.... confectionery Hoskin, H.G., Elmvale, ont.... Ideal Bakery, 331 Algonquin W., Timxnins, Ont.... Ideal Knishe Co., 768 St. Clair Ave. V., Toronto 10, Ont.... International Bakery, 205 Victoria St., Sarnia, Ont.... Jackson's Famous Pastries, Queen St., Port Perry, Oat.... Jacobs, Herbert, 1611 Dupont St., Toronto, Ont.... Janet's Pastry Shops Ltd., 1540 Queen St. V., Toronto 3, Oat.... Johnston, Blake, Dorland, Oat.... cheese Jones, Harold, Caledonia, oat.... Jus-Squeezed Juice Co. Ltd., 38 Rivalda Rd., Weston, Oat.... fruit juices Kangas' Bakery, 333 Queen St., Port Arthur, Oat.... Karaseh, Oldrich, 1310 Queen St. V., Toronto, Ont.... Kathy Bakery, 330 King St., Welland, Oat.... Kennys Bakery, 335 Portage Rd. N., Niagara Falls, Oat.... Kent Canners, Box 303, Blenheim, Oat.... canned tomatoes King's Pastry, 131 King St., London, Oat.... Kingston Bakery, 36 Johnson St., Kingston, Ont.... Kingston Co-Operative, 275 Ontario St., Kingston, Oat complete feeds Kirkland Beverage Ltd., 7 Station Rd., Kirkland Lake, Oat.... carbonated beverages Klein's Bakery, 736 Richmond St., London, Oat.... Krun-chee Potato Chip Co., 3255 Wyandotte St. E., Windsor, Oat.... potato chips, popcorn Kurt's Bakery, 1196 Bloor St. W., Toronto, Oat.... Kuzyk, Michael, Ridgeway, oat.... Leiner, P., & Sons (Canada) Ltd., Front Rd. E., Cobourg, Oat.... gelatine Leroux,Norman,& Sons Bakery, 345-5th St. V., Cornwall, Oat.... Lieberman's Splendid European Quality Chocolates, 1274 Eglinton Ave. W., Toronto, Oat.... confectionery Ljndhout, Corneluis, 68 First St., Orangeville, Oat.... Lion's Head Bakery, Lion's Head, Oat.... MacKinnon Co., R.R. No. 3., Lambeth, Oat.... horseradish Manitouline Turkey Co-op. Ltd., Box 152, Gore Bay, Oat.... poultry processing Maple Lodge Poultry Farm, R.R. No. 2., Norval, Oat.... poultry processing Maple Ridge Orchards, R.R. No. 3., Brighton, Oat.... apple processing Master Feeds, Queens Quay, Toronto, Oat. (Branch at Baden, Oat.)... complete feeds Maynards (Canada) Ltd., 1 Scarsdale Road, Don Mills, Oat.... confectionery McCartney, Leonard, R.R. No. 1., Wellington, Oat.... meat processing McIntosh, Perry, Campbellford, Ont.... Metropolitan Meat Packers Ltd., 1-3 Glen Scarlett Rd., Toronto 9, Oat. abattoir Midtown Bakery, 17 Dundas St. W., Trenton, Oat.... Mocca Pastry, 33 Kensington Ave., Toronto, Oat.... Montmartre Bakery, 76 Crockford Blvd., Scarboro, Oat.... Muis, Handricus, 183 Wellington St., Kingston, Oat....

13 FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS ONTARIO (cont'd) FOODS AND BEVERAGES (cont'd) PRODU CTS Il. Munro Bottling Co., 1276 Drouillard St., Windsor, Ont... Murby, J.S., 92 Temperance St., Aurora, Ont... Nabob Foods, (Div. of Kelly Douglas and Co.), 134 Abbott St., Vancouver 4, B.C. (Branch at Ajax, Ont,)... * Niagara Cream Confections Co., (Div. of t4offat & Hunter Ltd.,) 226 Bellview Ave., Hamilton, Ont... Nipissing Canners Ltd., R.R. No. 1, Sturgeon Falls, Out... Norfolk Canning Co. Ltd., P.O. Box 671, Port Dover, Out... Northern Star Donuts, Boisvert St., Swastika, Ont... Nuiin-Nicer Candy Co., th St. E., Ouen Sound, Ont... O'Connor Bakery & Delicatessen, 1062 Coxwell Ave., Toronto, Out... Ogino Food Processing, 125 River St., Toronto, Out... Old Vienna Bakery, 709 Queen St., Niagara Falls, Out... Old Vienna Pastry Shop, 1219 Dundas St. W., Toronto, Out... Olympia Home Bakery, 779 Dundas St. V., Toronto 3, Out... Open Window Bakery, 3507 Bathurst St., Toronto 10, Out... Paletta Brothers Meat Products Ltd., R.R. No. 1, Hannon, Out... Paradise Confectionery Co., 22 Rosemeade Ave., Toronto 14, Out... Pavasars, P., 361 Roncesvalles, Toronto, Out... Petit.Fours", 2372 Bloor St. V., Toronto 9, Out... Pork Chips Co., 241 Drouillard Rd., Windsor, Out... Portuguese Bakery, 2077 Davenport Rd., Toronto 9, Out... Prague Sausages, 638 Queen St. W., Toronto 2B, Out... Prescott Dutch Bakery, Prescott, Out... Quality Bakery, 77 Celina, Oshawa, Out... Quality Bakery, 221 George St., Midland, Out... Quality Cheese Co., 66 Antler St., Toronto 9, Out... Rideau Valley Processing Co. Ltd., Kemptville, Out... Rockford Feed Mills, R.R. No. 3, Waterford, Out... Rose Bakery Co., 779 Dundas St. V., Toronto 3, Out... Rose Corner Bakery & Coffee Shop, 134 James N., Hamilton, Out... Royal Patisserie Bakery, 732 St. Clair Ave. W., Toronto 10, Out... Ruby & Baechler Ltd., R.R. No. 1, Baden, Out... Rupert's Pastry Shop, Durham St., Walkerton, Out... Rus-Mil Pastry Shop & Confectionery, 3099 Walker Rd., Windsor, Out... St. George Abattoir, St. George, Out... Sandra Instant Coffee Co. Ltd., 1275 Castlefield Ave., Toronto 10, Out.. Sandra Lynn Candy Co., Mercury Mills Bldg., Cumberland Ave., Hamilton, Out... Schonblum, N., 390 Spadina Ave. (rear), Toronto 2B, Out... Scotch Bakery, 6 Mill St., Georgetown, Out... Sicilia Bakery, 784 College St.,Toronto 4, Out... Silverwood Dairies Ltd., Warden Ave. to Civic Rd., Scarborough, Out. Silverwood Dairies Ltd., 190 Norseman St., Toronto 18, Out... Soja Bakery, 2204 Dundas St. W., Toronto 3, Out... Sovereign Fine Cookies & Cakes, 679 Mount Pleasant, Toronto, Out... Stadore Products Ltd., 888 Yonge St., Toronto 5, Out... Stansens, Maurice, 1212 Kingeway, Sudbury, Out... Stewart Fisheries, Kingsville, Out... Stratford Packers, R.R. No. 3., Stratford, Out... Surplus Bakery Products, 1478 Bloor St. V., Toronto, Out... Swan Bread Co., 64 King St. V., Dundas, Out... Swedish Pastries, 815A Bank St., Ottawa, Out... Tappens Finest Pies & Pastries, 515 St. Clair Ave. W. (rear), Toronto, Out... Tassie's Scotch Bakery, 1234 Woodbine Ave., Toronto 13, Out... Tasty Chip Steak Products Ltd., 71 Strachan Ave., Toronto, Out... Tempo Fruit Products, 217 Lambton Ave., Toronto, Out... Tend-R-Flesh Turkey Ltd., Petersburg, Out... Tenderal Laboratories Ltd., 17 Nelles Ave., Toronto, Out... rhee pastry Shoppee, 326 Front St., Belleville, Out... Thomas Foods Ltd., 2551 Wharton Glen Rd., Suninerville, Out... Truglia Bakery, 114 Preston St., Ottawa, Out... Tudor Products, 308 MacKenzie, Atitokan, Out... 'nited Dairy & Poultry Co-Operatives Ltd., Dundalk, Out... United Dairy & Poultry Co-operative Ltd., 35 Oak St., Toronto 15, Out... carbonated beverages poultry processing tea, coffee, peanut butter confectionery canned foods canned poultry confectionery fish cakes abattoir confectionery fried bacon rinds meat processing cheese poultry processing custom grinding poultry processing abat toir instant coffee packaging confectionery fish processing dairy products dairy products cheese fish processing meat processing meat processing fruit syrups poultry processing meat tenderizer food products syrups, concentrates butter butter, cheese

14 12. FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS ONTARIO (concl'd) FOODS AND BEVERAGES (cont'4) Van Lindonk, Maria, 220 O'Brien St., Atikokan, Ont... Vienna Bakery, 335 Cumberland St. N., Port Arthur, Ont... Vienna Bakery, Box J97, Blind River, Ont... Violet Bakery, 2055 Yonge St., Toronto 7, Ont... Visser, Herb., 117 King St. S., Whitby, Ont... Wagner's Sausage, 158 James St., Hamilton, Ont... Warren's Bakery, St. Lawrence St., Madoc, Ont... Wayside Abattoir, Amherstburg, Ont... Werb's Slaughter House, Caistor Centre, Ont... Wheatley Harbour Terminal Ltd., Wheatley, Ont... Windmill Bakery, Lorne Park Shopping Centre, Lame Park, Ont... Windsor Home Bakery, 1162 Queen St. E., Toronto, Ont... Wood's Bakery, 7 Grove St., Belleville, Ont... sausages abattoir abattoir frozen vegetables, fruits MANITOBA A. & G. Packing Co., 775 Archibald St., St. Boniface, Man... B.C. Pea Growers Ltd., 10th St. N.E., Portage La Prairie, Man... Bate & Richards, Killarney, Man... * Boissevain Feed Mills Ltd., Boissevain, Man... Co-op Prairie Canners Ltd., Winkler, Man... Corona Snack & Coffee Bar, 1435 Logan St., Winnipeg, Man... Dominion Poultry Sales Ltd., 740 Logan Ave., Winnipeg 3, Man... Dominion Turkey Sales Ltd., P.O. Box 434, Winnipeg 3, Man... * Dyck, Peter H., Arden, Man... Dzuba, William, P.O. Box 489, Lynn Lake, Man... Epp,D.D.,& Sons, 5th Ave., Winkler, Man... Estate of Larus Bjornson, 503 Jefferson Ave., Winnipeg, Man... European Pastry Shop, 685 Broadway St., Winnipeg, Man... Flying Dutchman, 21-7th St., Brandon, Man... Granny's Kitchen, 2479 Portage St., Winnipeg, Man... Highway Bakery, 861 Henderson Hwy., Winnipeg, Man... Killarney Feed Service Mill, Killamney, Man... Lakeside Poultry Products, Headingly, Man... Minnedosa Enterprises Ltd., Centre Ave., Minnedosa, Man... Mudry, Walter, 335 Ross Ave., Winnipeg 2, Man... Oakland Bakery, 215 Oakland Ave., North Kildonan, Winnipeg 5, Man... Old Dutch, 1700 Sargent Ave., Winnipeg, Man... Petit Four Ltd., 2479 Portage Ave., St. James, Man... Pioneer Sausage Manufacturing Co., 697 Anderson Ave., Winnipeg 4, Man. Porky Brand Products (Brandon) Ltd., 1905 Brandon Ave., Brandon, Man. Rooswinkel, Joseph William, Charleswood, Man... Scotch Bakery, 906 Sargent St., Winnipeg, Man... Stafford Baking Products, 655 Stafford, Winnipeg, Man... Sunrise Bakery, Morris, Man... Tony's Pastry, 885-1/2 Main St., Winnipeg, Man... Visking Ltd., Waverley St., Fort Garry, Man... Winnipeg Cereal Milling Ltd., 1005 Logan Ave., Winnipeg, Man... cereal processing peas complete feeds custom grinding canned vegetables poultry processing poultry processing fish processing flour milling butter complete feeds poultry processing complete feeds fish processing potato chips, confectionery meat processing meat processing synthetic meat casing cereals SASKATCHEWAN Al's Bakery, Gull Lake, Sask... Beaverlodge Bottling Co. Ltd., Uranium City, Sask... City Bakery,, 1841 Main St., North Battleford, Sash... Dave's Bakery, Togo, Sask... Dutch Mill, 24-1st Ave. E., Swift Current, Sash... Frontier Bakery Ltd., 13 Railway St. E., Swift Current, Sask... Clover,Larry, (Foods) Ltd., 3408 Hill Ave., Regina, Sask... Crenfell Bakery, Grenfell, Sash... Herb's Bake Shop, 906 Central Ave., Saskatoon, Sask..... Holt's Farm & Ranch Supplies, st St., Lloydminster, Sash... Ituna Bakery, Main St., Ituna, Sask... James Food Products, 1375 Lorne, Regina, Sask... Kelliher Creamery Co. Ltd., Box 760, Wynyard, Sash... Lyone,H., Industries Ltd., 155-3rd Ave. N., Saskatoon, Sask... * Mid-Continent Food Processors Ltd., Regina,Sask... Pastry Palace, 447 Athabasca St. E., Moose Jaw, Sask... carbonated beverages custom grinding packaging of foods poultry processing edible oil vegetable processing

15 FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS 13. SASKATCHEWAN (conci 'd) FOODS AND BEVERAGES (cant 'd) Quality Beverages Ltd., 1402 Sixth Ave., Estevan, Sack... Scotty's Tasty Pastries, th St., Estevan, Sask... Stenes Bakery Ltd., 113 Ave. B. S., Saskatoon, Sack... Stonehocker, John M., La Range, Sask... Treen's Packers Ltd., 133 Central Ave., Swift Current, Sask... Verna's Bake Shop, Carievale, Sack... Waldheim Cheese Factory, Crescent Dairies Ltd., Waldheim, Sack... Wooden Shoe (Yko Sikma), th, Regina, Sack... Wynyard Bakery, Bosworth St., Wynyard, Sask... carbonated beverages fish processing abattoir cheese ALBERTA Alberta Dehydrating Co. Ltd., Vauxhall, Alta... Alberta Fish Products Ltd., Ave., Jasper Place, Alta. Andy's Pastries Ltd., 1603 Centre St. N., Calgary, Alta... Arctic Fish Co. Ltd., Canyon Creek, Alta... Bon Ton Bakery Ltd., Ave., Edmonton, Alta... Calgary Feed Service Ltd., A St. N.E., Calgary, Alta... Calgary French Pastry Shop Ltd., th St. N.W., Calgary, Alta. Central Abattoir, Box 323, Red Deer, Alta... Chinook Poultry Sales Ltd., 2126 Hirst Rd., Calgary, Alta... County Bakery, P.O. Box 164, Milk River, Alta... Cousins, R.E., Ltd.,9841 Jasper Ave. (rear), Edmonton, Alta... Donalda Feed Service Ltd., Donalda, Alta... Downtown Bakery Products, LOlA Ave., Edmonton, Alta... Drayton Bakery, Drayton Valley, Alta... Dvorkin Meat Packers Ltd., th St. W., Calgary, Alta... Edmonton Processors, 93rd St. & 137th Ave., Edmontom, Alta... Erwin Bakery, Blairmore, Alta... French Pastry Shop, St. N.W., Calgary, Alta... George's Bakery, 716-2nd St. S.E., Calgary, Alta... Hilltop Bakery, Whitecourt, Alta... Honey Boy Baking Co. Ltd., Ave. W., Calgary, Alta... Howeihe, Fritz, Sedgewick, Alta... Lethbridge Feed Service, th St. N., Lethbridge, Alta... Madden Feed Mill, Madden, Alta... Mitchener Hill Bakery, th St., Red Deer, Alta... Mom's Bakery, P.O. Box 760, Banff, Alta... North Side Bakery, th St. N., Lethbridge, Alta... Okotoks Feed Service, Okotoks, Alta... Pearl's Pastry Shop, Grande Prairie, Alta... Pfeiffer's Bakery, th Ave. S.W., Calgary, Alta... Pop's Bakery Ltd., P.O. Box 760, Banff, Alta... Scandia Bakery Ltd., st Ave. N.W., Calgary, Alta... Sedgewick Bakery, Sedgewick, Alta... Sherbrooke Bakery, th Ave., Edmonton, Alta... South Peace Abattoir & Meat Co. Ltd., Grande Prairie, Alta Spencer's Bakery, th Ave., Edmonton, Alta... Sylvia Bakery, th Ave. S.E., Forest Lawn, Alta... Tofield Feed Mill, Tofield, Alta... Trochu Feed & Seed Mill, Trochu, Alta... Tuffy Nuts and Bolts, IA St., Calgary, Alta... Ukrainian Bakery, Fort Rd., Edmonton, Alta... Van's Meat Supply Ltd., 9328 Jasper Ave., Edmonton, Alta... Widger's Passtla Shop, 2702 Centre St. N., Calgary, Alta... Wooden Shoe Pastry Shop, 142 St. Corner of 85th Ave., Edmonton, Alta. Yaremichuk, Steve, Two Hills, Alta... complete feeds fish processing fish processing complete feeds abattoir poultry processing custom grinding aba t to it complete feeds custom grinding custom grinding custom grinding abattoir custom grinding complete feeds cocktail snacks sausages custom grinding BRITISH COLUMBIA Alma Bakery, 3637 W. - 4th Ave., Vancouver 13, B.0... Apex Poultry Co. Ltd., 240 E. Georgia St., Vancouver 4, B.0... Arena Bakery, 3408 W. Broadway, Vancouver 8, B.0... B. & B. Mink Foods Ltd., th Ave., White Rock, B.0... B.C. Crumpetry Co. Ltd., 3995 Main St., Vancouver, B.0... Barbara's Donuts, th Ave., Prince George, B.0... Bernard Food Industries Ltd., 152 West 3rd St., North Vancouver, B.C. Bonnie Bakery, 4223 Fraser St., Vancouver 10, B.0... Continental Bakery, 2313 Main St., Vancouver 10, B.0... poultry processing complete feeds food bases

16 14. FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS BRITISH COLUMBIA (concl'd) FOODS AND BEVERAQES (concl'd) Copenhagen Bakery, 666 Kingsway, Vancouver, B.0... Crest Bake Shop & Coffee Bar, th Ave. E., New Westminster, B.C.. * Dale Food Products Ltd., 2081 W. 4th St., Vancouver, B.0... Dania Bakery Ltd., Box 1151, Kitimat, B.0... Dipsy Doodle Drive-Inn, R.R. No. 4., Kelowna, B.0... Dunbar Bakery, 3206 Dunbar St., Vancouver 8, B.0... General Meat Purveyors Ltd., 48 Water St., Vancouver, B.0... Harrang, L., 1574 Sunnyside Rd., White Rock, B.0... Hoppy's Feeds Ltd., Box 509, Dawson Creek, B.0... Imperial Plant, 7. B.C. Packers Ltd., 610 Dyke Rd., Richmond, B.0... Island Processing Ltd., Westholuie, B.0... Jensen, E., Trans Canada Highway, Surrey, B.0... Kandy Kottage, 909 Douglas St., Victoria, B.0... * Kingsway Bakery, 2521 Kingsway, Vancouver 16, B.0... Lake Cowichan Bakery, Cowichan Lake Rd., Lake Cowichan, B.0... Langley Poultry Processing, P.O. Box 662, Langley, B.0... Lloyd's Bakery, 730 Goldstream Ave., Langford, B.0... Long Beach Shellfish Co. Ltd., Box 136, Deep Cove, B.0... Made-Rite Sausage Co. Ltd., 1221 Vulcan Way, Richmond, B.0... Margo's Chocolates & Candies, 912 Government St., Victoria, B.0... Max's Delicatessen & Bakery, 3150 Oak St., Vancouver, B.0... Milky Way Dairy Ltd., R.R. No. 3, Victoria, B.0... Murphy Laboratories Ltd., 439 Alexander St., Vancouver, B.0... Nord Enterprises Ltd., 535 Howe St., Vancouver, B.0... North American Fisheries Ltd., 995 E. Cordova St., Vancouver 4, B.C. North Vancouver Fish Supply Ltd., Box 63, Maplewood, B.0... Ogden, Leonard, 1311 Co,miercia1 Dr., Vancouver 6, B.0... Park Lane Bakery, 5th St., Nanaimo, B.0... Pat's Bakery & Cafe, Alert Bay, B.0... Pedersen, Eric, Clover Valley Rd., Port Kells, B.0... Penn's Bakeries, 4058 E. Hastings St., Burnaby 2, B.0... Peter's Bakeshop, Trunk Road, Duncan, B.0... Phil's Bakery, 345 Baker St., Nelson, B.0... Pioneer Meat Packers Ltd., McCurdy Rd., Rutland, B.0... Puritan Canners Ltd., 1300 Vulcan Way, Vancouver, B.0... Reddi-Cut Meat Purveyors Ltd., 789 W. Pender St., Vancouver, B.0... Regal Bakery, 305 Main St., Vancouver, B.0... Richmond Bakery, 342 Moncton, Richmond, B.0... Roma Bakery, 1236 Coimercial St., Vancouver, B.0... Rudy's Bakery, 4456 Main St., Vancouver, B.0... St. Clair's Bakery, Marine Dr., West Vancouver, B.0... Saimoto,K.,& Sons Ltd., 1842 W. 37th Ave., Vancouver 13, B.0... Sardis Bakery, 300 Vedder Rd., Sardis, B.0... Sea Specialties Ltd., 1338 Franklin St., Vancouver 6, B.0... Shing Chong Poultry Co. Ltd., 251 E. Pender St., Vancouver 4, B.0... Snow Crest Packers, Webster Corner, B.0... Stellar Ice Cream, Trans Canada Hwy., Cloverdale, B.0... Stubby Products Ltd., 2585 Beresford St., Burnaby, B.0... Superior Baking Co., 732 E. Georgia St., Vancouver 4, B.0... Tea Time Bake Shop, 3185 Oak St., Vancouver 9, B.0... Thors Bakery Ltd., Box 607, N.P.O., Kitimat, B.0... Three Star Delicatessen, 943 Kings, Victoria, B.0... Town-N-Country Bakery, Creston, B.0... Tyee Bait Co., P.O. Box 226, Sechelt, B Valley Bakery, st St., Vernon, B.0... Wardrop Bakery, 3342 Kingsway, Vancouver 16, B.0... West Bank Canners Ltd., West Bank, B.0... Whalley Bakery, Trans Canada Highway, North Surrey, B.0... Willows Farm Ltd., R.R. No. 1., Yarrow, B.0... Yoshimasu, Ted, 2199 Coomissioner St., Vancouver 6, B.0... food products meat processing poultry processing complete feeds fish processing tall ow ice cream confectionery poultry processing crab processing sausages confectionery dairy products flavouring extracts fish processing canned salmon crab processing fish processing meat processing canned meat meat packing salmon roe processing canned fish poultry processing frozen peas, strawberries ice cream carbonated beverages meat pies, salads bait canned tomatoes poultry processing fish processing TOBACCO AND TOBACCO QUEBEC Gagne, Roger, 5774 Cartier St., Montreal, P.Q... cigars

17 FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS ONTARIO TOBACCO AND TOBACCO (concl'd) PRODCCTS 15. Dibrell Brotherelnc., Box 279, Leamington, Ont.... tobacco processing Imperial Tobacco Co. (tario) Ltd., 3810 St. Antoine St., Montreal, P.Q. (Plant at Guelph, Ont.)...cigarettes Rothmans of Pall Mall Canada Ltd., 75 Dufflaw Rd., Toronto, Ont.... cigarettes QUEBEC RUBBER National Carpet Co. Reg'd., 212 Cadillac St., Quebec 3 0 P.Q.... rubber mats Potvin, Antonio, R.R. No. 5, Baie St. Paul, P.Q...kneeling pads ONTARIO Chevron Matting Co., River Canard, Ont mats Hamilton Kent of Canada Ltd., 10 Brusaeis Ave., Toronto 14, Ont.... rubber gaskets and cement Kerr, Robert S., 12 Peace Dr., Scarboro, Ont.... tire rebuilding Sotos Mfg. Co., 91 Woodfern Dr., Scarborough, Ont.... foam rubber shoes ALBERTA Continental Rubber Ltd., Ave., South Edmonton, Alta.... tank linings BRITISH COLUMBIA Pacific Marine Bumpers Ltd., Ft. Rodger St., North Vancouver, B rubber bumpers LEATHER EBEC Anne Footwear Ltd., 291 St. Valuer E., Quebec, P.Q... Bernard Handbags Ltd., 412 McGill St., Montreal 1, P.Q... Brumer Mfg. Corporation, 685 St. James St. W., Montreal 3, P.Q... Canadian Slippers, 171 Mont-Royal Ave. E., Montreal 14, P.Q... Castle & Gates Ltd., 1925 Edward Blvd., Mackayville, Cte Chambly, P.Q. Colonial Handbag Ltd., 6410 Mule lies Blvd., yule St. Francois, Cte Laval, P.Q Conti Leather Goods, 153 Lagauchetiere St. W., Montreal 1, P.Q... Demers,Tonç Enrg., 1513 Sauve Ave., Montreal 12, P.Q... Distinctive Leather Goods, 3434 Masson St., Montreal, P.Q... Excel Footwear Manufacturing Co., 682 Craig St. W., Montreal 3, P.Q. Extreinultus Transmissions Ltd., Sixth Ave., Lachine, P.Q... Fournier, R., & File Ltee, 1647 Savoie, Plessisville, Cte Megantic, P.Q. Caby Footwear Co., Adamsville, Cte Brocie, P.Q... Herbert, Wilfred, 239 Marie Louise St., Quebec, P.Q... Les Talons Duro Inc., th Ave., Ville St. Michel, P.Q... Lewis Handbags, 4325 Marquette St., Montreal 34, P.Q... Maple Leaf Shoe Mfg. Co. Reg'd., 738 Church St., Verdun, P.Q... Marvel Glove Ltd., St. Stanisias, Cte Champlain, P.Q... Mazel Leather Co. Ltd., Rawdon, Cte Montcalm, P.Q... National Glove Enrg., Ste Anne de Is Perade, Cte Champlain, P.Q... National Heel Ltd., 234 Ste Paule, St.Jerome, Cte Terrebonne, P.Q. Pacific Hide Co., 7000 Park St., Montreal, P.Q... Quinn,K.J.,& Co. (Canada) Ltd., 5955 Souligny Ave., Montreal 5, P.Q. Renaud Luggage Ltd., Ave., Abord-A-Plouffe, Cte Laval, P.Q. Royal Shoe Mfg. Co., 5661 de Lanaudiere St., Montreal 35, P.Q... Service Shoe Triamings Co. Ltd., 209 Vallee St., Montreal 18 9 P.Q. Sun Shoe Supply Ltd., St. Charles & St. Augustin, La Providence Cte St. Hyacinthe, P.Q... Symak Mfg. Co., 648 Wellington St., Montreal, P.Q... Tepee Chief, 39 Martel, Loretteville, Cte Quebec, P.Q... Thunder Bird Brand Reg'd., 32 St. Armand St., Loretteville, CteQuebec, P.Q... Trend Notions & Novelties Inc., 648 Wellington St., Montreal 3, P.Q. shoes women's handbags watch straps slippers, sandals leather products handbags leather products leather products billfolds, handbags footwear power transmission belting shoes slippers leather products heels women's plastic handbags slippers work gloves leather products gloves plastic heels tannery shoes leather products shoes shoe triunnings heels slippers slippers, moccasins slippers pennants, slippers

18 16. FIRN NAME AND ADDRESS ONTARIO LEATHER (concl '4) Airline Footwear Co. Ltd., 90 Sherbourne St., Toronto 2, Ont... " Aurora Leather Goods Co., 64 Temperance St., Aurora, Ont... ' Cytau, T., 64 Spadina Ave., Toronto 2B, Ont... Diamond Shoe Company Ltd., 35 Fraser Ave., Toronto 3, Ont... Doreen Shoe Co. Ltd., 204 King St. E., Toronto 2, Ont... Goodstyle Leather Products, 731 Queen St. E., Toronto 8, Ont... Herinanjo of Canada Ltd., 251 Sorauren Ave., Toronto 3, Ont... K.C.K. Shoes Ltd., 6 Phoebe St., Toronto 2B, Ont... Koerber,A.,Leather Products, 12 Laurel St. E., Waterloo, Ont... Kumberg, 0., 136 Jane St., Toronto 9, Ont... Lynn Sales Co., 253 Merton St., Toronto, Ont... Olympia Shoes & Slippers Co., 62 Kensington Ave. (rear), Toronto28, Ont... Paterson Leather Works, 1100 Goyeau St., Windsor, Ont... Ruicci Shoe Co. Ltd., 367 Fares St., Port Colborne, Ont... Sun Luggage Manufacturers, 94 Bay St., Woodstock, Ont... Toronto Chamois Lining Co., 552 Adelaide St. W., Toronto 2B, Ont... U.C. Belt Company Ltd., 227 Spadina Ave., Toronto 2B, Ont... MANITOBA Cedar Manufacturing Co., 288 Princess St., Winnipeg 2, Man... Continental Crafts Ltd., 587 Clifton St., Winnipeg 10, Man... PRUCTS women's shoes leather products leather products shoes shoes handbags shoes women's shoes handbags, wallets handbags, portfolios belting slippers luggage, briefcases shoes luggage chamois linings leather products leather products shoes, slippers ALBERTA Jaguar Shoe Manufacturing Co., st N.E., Calgary, Alta... shoes TEXTILE MILLS NOVA SCOTIA Bill, Arthu; Agencies, Queen St., North Sydney, N.S... Levy, Ervin, Louisbourg, C.B. Co., N.S... Wile, Vernon, Bridgewater, N.S... wiping cloths fishing tackle wool carding QUEBEC Artistic Craft Reg'd,, Iberville, Cte Iberville, P.Q... Atlantic Felt Inc., 995 De Bullion St., Montreal 18 9 P.Q... Atlas Shoulder Pads of Can., 909 Clark St., Montreal 1, P.Q... Ben's Button Holes, 423 Mayor St., Montreal, P.Q... Better Made Buttonholes, 3575 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal 18, P.Q... Bier, L., 48 Bourget St., Montreal 30, P.Q... Breton, Aurore, 3400 St. Antoine St., Montreal 30, P.Q... Canadian Velcro Ltd., 400 Ontario St. W., Montreal, P.Q... Canning,W.E.,Mfg., 9500 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal, P.Q... Deborah Embroidery Reg'd., 2624 Sicard St., Montreal 4, P.Q... Dianca Embroidery Co., 650 Cote Vertu, Montreal, P.Q... Dugas, Andre, 50 1st Ave., Iberville, Cte Iberville, P.Q... Ecole de Tissage du Tapis D'Orient Enrg., 475 Richelieu, Quebec 4, P.Q.. General Manufacturers Reg'd., 39-1/2 St. Jean Baptiste St., Hull, P.Q. Goldwarg, B., 1202 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal 18, P.Q... Grenier,Mme Benoit, Vallee-Jonction, Cte Beauce, P.Q... Harcourt Mfg. Co., 628 Heriot, Drummondville, Cte Drunond, P.Q... Iberville Sac Supply Ltd., 16 Hebert St., Iberville, P.Q... International Dyers & Bleachers Co. Ltd., 2115 St. Laurent St., Montreal, P.Q... Jace Tapes Inc., 636 St. Paul St. W., Montreal 3, P.Q... La Filature Gaspesienne Enrg., Caplan, Cte Bonaventure, P.Q... Levine,M.,& Son Inc., St. Constant, Cte Laprairie, P.Q... Mantex Ltd., 201 St. Louis, St.Jean, Cte St. Jean, P.Q... Montreal Elastic Mills Ltd., 1206 Craig St. E., Montreal 24, P.Q... Moose River Mills Ltd., Acton Vale, Cte Bagot, P.Q... National Vintex Corporation, 1860 St. Catherine St. W., Montreal 25, P.Q. Normandy Textiles Ltd., 423 Mayor St., Montreal, P.Q... Peelle, Jake, 3934 Henri Julien St., Montreal 18, P.Q... Regulation Crests, 5334 Gamier St. W., Montreal, P.Q... embroidery felt, wadding shoulder pads buttonholes buttonholes wiping rags draperies textile products tarpaul ins embroidery (contracting) embroidery quilting oriental rugs awnings buttonholes rugs surgical bandages jute bags textile dyeing narrow tapes wool carding cotton bags ban-lon yarn elastic yarn vinyl coating converting textiles bottonholes (contracting) crests

19 FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS QUEBEC (concl'd) TEXTILE MILLS (cont'd) PRUCTS 17. Rena Draperies, 1437 Van Home Ave., Montreal 8, P.Q... Robison of Canada Ltd., Sutton, Cte Brome, P.Q... Rosemere Draperies, 311 Crande Cote, Rosemere, Cte Terrebonne, P.Q... Sportcraft Textile Printing Reg'd., th Ave. Ville St. Michel,P.Q. Stern,Dora.Draperies, 5771 Smart Ave., Montreal 29, P.Q... Supreme Bed Spreads Inc., 120 McGill Ave., Montreal, P.Q... Sylvie Mfg. Co. Reg'd., 408 Carswell St., Quebec, P.Q... Tarnoack Floating Products Ltd., St. Lin des Laurentides, GreL'Assoinption, P.Q... Templon Spinning Mills (Canada) Ltd., Box 10, Dru,miondville, CteDrunsnond, P.Q... Three Kings Studio, 985 Sherbrooke St. W., Montreal 2, P.Q... Tufted Products Inc., 686 Notre Dame St. W., Montreal 3, P.Q... Tye-Sil Corp. Ltd., th Ave., Montreal, P.Q... Weutmount Draperies Shop, 4178 St. Catherine St. W., Montreal 6 9 P.Q. draperies cotton yarn draper ies printing on textiles draper ies bedspreads diapers life preservers orion yarn hand woven cloth bath sets, scatter rugs ribbons, tapes draperies (contracting) ONTARIO Accurate Awning Co., 58 Dingwall Ave., Toronto, Ott... Apex Textile Mfg. Co., 2514 Howard Ave., Windsor, Ont... Art Chenille Crests, 2031 Yonge St., Toronto 7, Ott... Bamwood Eastern Ltd., 372 Olivewood Rd., Toronto 18, Ont... Barrday Ltd., P.O. Box 154, Galt, Ott... Belmat Mfg. Co., (Koolray Awning Co.), Toro Rd., North York, Toronto, Ont... Bo-Peep Nursery pad Co., 1541 Davenport Rd., Toronto 4, Ont... Buoy-o-Boy Marine Equipment Co. Ltd., 77 Waterloo St., Guelph, Ont... Castle Draperies, 1664 Wilson Ave., Downaview, Ont... Catchpole Awning & Storm Window Supply Co., 307 Forest Ave., St. Thomas, Ont... Cedar Manufacturing Co., 847A Dundas St. W., Toronto 4, Ont... Chinook Sleeping Bags Ltd., 1225 Bank St., Ottawa 2, Ont... Copemar4 S., Custom Draperies, 278 Britannia Ave., Hamilton, Ont... Coral Bedding Ltd., 475 Spadina Ave., Toronto 4, Ott... Cottage Maid Rugs, St. Jacobs, Ott... Dean, Gler Crests, 188 Parliament St., Toronto 2, Ott... Done-Anne Custom Drapes & Spreads, 12 Roslin Ave., Toronto 12, Ott. Dress Crest Embroidery Co., 1031 Lillian, Willowdale, Ott... Dukas, Ruth, Reg'd., 37 Touraine Ave., Downaview P.O., Ott... Duncan Textile Mills, Ceylon, Ott... Fibre Conversion Co. Ltd., 20 Maud St., Toronto 28, Ott... Globe Glass Saturaters Ltd., Petrolia, Ott... Gray, S.,Co. Ltd., 78 Nelson St., Toronto 2B, Ott... Cuelph Cushion Co. Ltd., 77 Waterloo Ave., Guelph, Ott... Herron,E. W.,Mfg., John & James St., Burlington, Ott... Hespeler Fabricators, 215 Queen St. V., Hespeler, Ott... Horenfeldt-Hands Ltd., 650 Dufferin St., Toronto, Ott... Ideal Auto Trim, 1A Lawrence Ave. W., Toronto 15, Ott... Imperial Canvas Goods & Luggage, 149 Sterling Rd., Toronto 3, Ott... Keeble, C.K., 11 Water St., Belleville, Ott... Kingaway Manufacturing Co., 619 King St. V., Toronto 2B, Ott... Kraus Carpet Mills Ltd., 152 Birch Ave., Kitchener, Ott... Lakehead Bag Co., 114 North St., Fort William, Ott... Luxor Pillow-Case Manufacturing Co., 14 Camden St., Toronto 2B, Ott. Mailing Bag Mfg. Co., 33 Britain St., Toronto, Ott... McGill, Margery, 286 Dupont St., Toronto 12, Ott... Monarch Pad & Quilting Co., 410 Adelaide St. V., Toronto 2B, Ott... Novelty Bias Ltd., 646 Adelaide St. W., Toronto, Ott... Ontario Drapery Service, 303 King St. W., Toronto ZB, Ott... Otterbein, Earl, R.R. No. 1, Waterloo, Ott... Parkspin Ltd., 49 Metcalfe St., St. Thomas, Ott... Pottruff, Morgan, 15 Niagara St., Brantford, Ott... Progressive Industries, Sherbourne St., Toronto 2, Ott... Puns, Paul A.,LtCL, 70 Albert St., Gait, Ott... Quality Felt Co., 182 Spadina Ave., Toronto 2B, Ott... St. Clair Upholstery, 2206 Bloor St. V., Toronto, Ott... Shur-Fit Plastic Covers Co., 30 Acton Ave., Down.eviev, Ott... Smith,00nald G.,Mfg. & Supply Ltd., 77 Danforth, Ottawa, Chit... Stewart, V., Crests, 165 Spadina Ave., Toronto, Ott... awnings automobile seat covers crests bamboo draperies filter fabrics, bags awnings nursery pads marine equipment draperies canvas awnings hassocks sleeping bags draperies pillows, cushions rugs crests, pennants draperies, spreads embroidery embroidery thread processing textile converting underground pipe wrap textile dyeing cushions draperies textile dyeing shredded materials automobile seat covers, canvas goods canvas products scatter mats car pets jute bags pillow cases mailing bags draper ies shoulder pads bias bindings draperies pillows wors ted yarn crests cushions, draperies nylon handbags, novelties felt cushions slipcovers automobile seat covers crests, embroidery

20 18. FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS ONTARIO (concl'd) TCTILE MILLS (concl'd) Ter-Nyl Co. of Canada, 431 King St. W., Toronto, Ont.... thread Tooley & Young, 345 O'Connor Dr., Toronto 6, Ont.... draperies Toronto Pile Fabric Blenders, 469 King St. W., Toronto 2B, Ont.... textile finishings Valtex Mfg. Co., 171 Rustic, Toronto, Ont.... tablecloths Ventes Ltd., 50 Racine Rd., Rexdale, Ont.... jute packing crests Victory Cresting, 490 Adelaide St. W., Toronto, Ont.... MANITOBA Quiltrite Industries Ltd., 285 Madison St., St. James, Man.... quilting Western Label Co., 230 Sherbrook St., Winnipeg 3, Han.... labels S ASKATCHEWAN Clark's Interior Furnishings Ltd., 101-2nd Ave. S., Saskatoon, Sask.... ALBERTA draperies Lethbridge Quilt Factory, 417-3rd Ave. S., Henry Schwarz Bldg., Lethbridge, Alta.... quilts Sanicloth Products, Sub. P.O. 24, South Edmonton, Alta.... wiping rags draperies Schryver, George, th St., Edmonton, Alta.... BRITISH COLUMBIA B.C. Wiping Cloth Co. Ltd., 346 Alexander St., Vancouver 4, B wiping rags Beauty Sleep Products Ltd., 1921 W. 4th Ave., Vancouver 9, B pillows, comforters English Bay Upholstery, 1769 Davie St., Vancouver 5, B draperies, slip covers NOVA SCOTIA CLOTHING Bonda Textiles Ltd., 232 Main St. (rear), Yarmouth, N.S.... woollen mills Faini, Donato, & Pigli (Canada) Ltd., Box 1,000, Stellarton, Pictou Co., N.S knitted garments Madarasz, Steven, 42 Blower St., Halifax, N.S... custom tailoring Tony's The Tailor, 662 Barrington, Halifax, N.S.... custom tailoring )JVW nr1t)jetjtt'i( * Exquisite Form Brassiere Canada Ltd., 215 Spadina Ave., Toronto, Ont. (Branch at Moncton, N.B.)... Knitster Ltd., King St., St. Stephen, N.B... QUEBEC Airline Sportswear Ltd., 2116 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal, P.Q... Alfa Hosiery Mills Inc., 358 St. Peter St., Montreal 1, P.Q... All Style Tailor Co., 5812 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal 14, P.Q... All Weather Togs Reg'd., 7949 Dante Ave., Ville St. Michel, P.Q... Allard, J.M., St. Alexis des Monts, Cte Maskinonge, P.Q... Alrod, Sydney, 2116 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal, P.Q... Amalfi Shirt Co., 307 St. Catherine St. W., Montreal 18 0 P.Q... American Deb Dress Co. Ltd., 1435 Bleury St., Montreal 2, P.Q... American Furs Inc., 1010 St. Catherine St. E., Montreal 24 0 P.Q... Angel inc Hosiery Mills Ltd., 2345 Des Carrieres St. W., Montreal, P.Q. flfl55 Corset Salon, 1546 Crescent St., Montreal, P.Q... Arcotex Co. Ltd., 3730 Dickers St., Ville St. Michel, P.Q..... Arlo Sportswear Co., 10 Pine Ave. W., Montreal 18, P.Q... Astor Hosiery Mills Ltd., 7179 Waverley St., Montreal 10 2 P.Q... Atlantic Hosiery Mills Ltd., 15 Mt. Royal Ave. W., Montreal 14, P.Q. Austin Glove Mfg. Co., P.O. Box 1088, Sherbrooke, P.Q. (Branch at St. Tite, P.Q.)... B. & B. Lingerie Mfg. Reg'd., 487 Station St., Shawinigan, CteSt. Maurice, P.Q... B. & C. Dress Reg'd., 1435 Bleury St., Montreal 2, P.Q... Bared Fur, 5405 Park Ave., Montreal 8, P.Q... Bazinet, Pearl, Ste F.melie de L'Energie, Cte Joliette, P.Q... foundation garments poio shirts sportswear hosiery women's coats women's clothing women's clothing children's wear (contracting) men's shirts women's dresses fur garments women's hosiery foundation garments boy's sportswear (contracting) sportswear hosiery hosiery gloves children's wear (contracting) women's dresses (contracting) fur garments (contracting) children's wear (contracting)

21 FIRM NAME AND ADDR.ESS QUEBEC (cont'd) CLOTHING (cont'd) 19. Beauty Wear Mfg. Co., 70 Moliere St., Montreal, P.Q... Bel Air Fashions, 366 Mayor St., Montreal, P.Q... Berkshire Knitting Mills (Canada) Ltd., 9500 St. Laurent Blvd., Montreal, P.Q... Bernadeen Fur Reg'd., 975 Jean Talon St. H., Montreal 15 9 P.Q... Bernie Fur Finishers, 366 Mayor St., Montreal 2 9 P.Q... Besmargian, Moe Rosa, 418 St. Louis, Warwick, Cte Arthabaska, P.Q... Blossom Children's Wear Inc., Oka, Cte Deux Montagnea, P.Q... Blouse Togs Inc., 5505 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal, P.Q... Blue Style Co., 3575 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal 18, P.Q... Bonfur Inc., 150 St. Etienne St., L'Aasomption, Cte L'Assomption, P.Q. Bonnie Children's Wear Co., 2116 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal 18, P.Q. Boulerice, Real, L'Eglise St., Lacolle, Cte St.Jean, P.Q... Brena Fur Co., 1449 St. Alexander St., Montreal 2, P.Q... Bridal Creations, 1221 Phillips Square, Montreal 2, P.Q... Brisson Fourrures Ltee, 1590 Mont-Royal St. E., Montreal, P.Q... Bristol Leather Sportswear Ltd., 4267 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal18, P.Q... Bross Fur Inc., 410 Ontario St. V., Montreal, P.Q... Buckskein Brand Sport Fashions, 4060 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal, P.Q.. Budapest Fur Co., 5365 Park Ave., Montreal, P.Q... Bun-Maur Ltd., 83 Rachel St. E., Montreal, P.Q... Burshten, M., Hatwear, 408 St. James St. V., Montreal, P.Q... & C. Belt Co., 270 St. Catherine St. W., Montreal 18 9 P.Q... Cahill Lingerie Ltd., 7245 Alexandra St., Montreal 10, P.Q... Canadian Hatters Supply Co. Ltd., 360 Recollet Ave., Montreal, P.Q... Capri Casuals Inc., 3981 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal 18, P.Q... Caramy Knitting Mills Ltd., 7080 Hutchison St. 1 Montreal, P.Q... Carina Hosiery Mills Ltd., 1098 Clark St., Montreal 1, P.Q... Carol Shirt Maker, 406 Lagauchetiere St. W., Montreal 1, P.Q... Caroline Creations Reg'd., 4272 St. Dominique St., Montreal 18, P.Q. Castets, Robert, 3411 Allard St., Ville Fmard, P.Q... Cellini Inc., 4691 Van Home Ave., Montreal 26, P.Q... Champion Knitting Mills, 10 Ontario St. V., Montreal 1, P.Q... Charm Fashions, 1072 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal 1, P.Q... Charm Knitting Mills, 3684 St. Lawrence Rd., Montreal 18, P.Q... Chez Danielle Enrg., 531-1st Ave. N., Sherbrooke, P.Q... Cie Des Pelleteries & Fourrures Ltee, 367 St. Paul St. V., Montreal 1, P.Q... Cinderela Slippwear Co St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal 18, P.Q... City Sport8ar Co., 10 Ontario St. V., Montreal 18, P.Q... Classy Belt Inc., 5170 Henri Julien Ave., Montreal 14, P.Q... Cliche, Moe Ernest, 603 Lacroix Blvd., Ville St. Georges, Cte Beauce, P.Q... Confection Lucienne, Disraeli, Cte Wolfe, P.Q... Confection St. Koch Inc., St. Koch De Richelieu, Cte Richelieu, P.Q. Cooperative Du Baa Perfection Inc., Berard St., Farnham, Cte Missisquoi, P.Q... Crystal Hosiery Mills Ltd., 5120 St. Dominique St., Montreal 14, P.Q. Current Fashions Inc., 1193 Thillips Sq., Montreal 2, P.Q... D. & R. Fashion, 2454 Des Carrieres St., Montreal 36, P.Q... Dandiline Inc., 4398 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal 18, P.Q... Dandy Frocks Inc., 1435 St. Alexander St., Montreal 2, P.Q... Dayru Distributors Reg'd., 1029 Bleury St., Montreal 1, P.Q... Deger Enterprises Incorporated, 1449 St. Alexander St., Montreal, P.Q. Delicia Junior Circle Inc., 1435 Bleury St., Montreal 2, P.Q... Demiron Hosiery Mills Ltd., 970 McEachran Ave., Outremont, P.Q... Dempsey Contracting Mfg,, 57 Charron, Ville Lemoyne, Cte Chambly, P.Q. Depratto, Leon, R.R. No. 2,, St. Eustache, Cte Deux Montagnes, P.Q... Dorchester Sportswear Co., 1100 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal, P.Q... Doris Belt Manufacturing Reg'd,, 4076 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal 1, P.Q... Douek, Albert, 5770 St. Laurent Blvd., Montreal 14, P.Q... DreanMear Ltd., 210 St. Louis St., St. Jean, Cte St. Jean, P.Q... Ducharme Sports Inc., 156 Beaubien St. E., Montreal 10, P.Q... Dupre & Lalancette Enrg., 1391 St. Louis St., St. Hyacinthe, Cte St. Hyacinthe, P.Q... Dysthe Fashions Reg'd., 1621 Sherbrooke St. W., Montreal 25, P.Q... * Eldorado Sportswear, 4399 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal 10, P.Q... children's wear women's coats, suits women's hosiery fur jackets (contracting) fur finishing sewing (contracting) children's wear blouses, coats boy's clothing (contracting) synthetic fur children's wear (contracting) chjldren's wear fur garments women's hate fur garments men's sportswear fur garments men's jackets fur coats children's coats hats (contracting) belts women's lingerie men's hat linings women's coats, suite (contracting) sweaters women's hosiery men's shirts women's dresses women's clothing men's clothing sweaters women's clothing sweaters children's wear women's fur coats women's lingerie women's sportswear covered belts fur repairs women's nightwear women's clothing (contracting) hosiery hosiery women's dresses vinyl coats (contracting) children's wear women's dresses hosiery women's coats women's dresses women's hosiery children's wear (contracting) children's wear (contracting) women's sportswear (contracting) covered belts hosiery (contracting) children's lingerie knitted sportswear children's wear women's suits, coats sportswear

22 20. FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS QUEBEC (cont'd) CLOTHING (cont'd) Electro-Knit Fabrics (Canada) Ltd., 1239 Benoit St., Montreal, P.Q... Elegant Tailor Shop, 2147 Bleury St., Montreal 2,P.Q... Elias, Robert,Inc., 1435 St. Alexandre St., Montreal 2, P.Q... Elite Dye Works Co. Ltd., 1242 St. Adelard St. S., Drunsnondville, Cte Drummond, P.Q Ellenbogen, Therese, 223 St. Viateur St., Montreal 14, P.Q... Ellendale Converters Corp., 372 St. Catherine St. W., Montreal 2, P.Q. Embassy Knitting Mills Ltd., 2685 Charlemagne Ave., Montreal 4, P.Q. Enaren Ltd., 2345 des Carrieres St., Montreal 36, P.Q... Equator Blouse & Sportswear Co., 5505 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal 14, P.Q Esmonde House Reg'd., 366 Mayor St., Montreal, P.Q... Eve-Lynn Togs Reg'd., 209 St. Paul St.W., Montreal 1, P.Q... Excelsior Knitting Mills Inc., 3964 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal 18, P.Q... Fabulous Cloaks Inc., 1435 St. Alexander St., Montreal, P.Q... Falkat Knitting Ltd., 4223 Iberville St., Montreal 34, P.Q... Fantasy Raincoat & Sportswear Co., 5174 Cote Des Neiges Rd., Montreal 26, P.Q... Fashion Rite Inc., 307 St. Catherine St. W., Montreal 18, P.Q... Fashion Tee Casuals Ltd., 7275 St. Urbain St., Montreal, P.Q... Fashionable Clothing Co., 82 St. Catherine St. W., Montreal 18, P.Q. Fidelity-Hosiery Ltd., 137 Cousins, St. Jean, Cte St. Jean, P.Q... Fine Pants Contracting Co., 904 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal 1, P.Q. Flair Lingerie (Canada) Ltd., 5555 Casgrain St., Montreal, P.Q... Pores-day Pants Reg'd., Lemieux, Cte Nicolet, P.Q... Francine Mfg. Co. Ltd., 3575 St, Lawrence Blvd., Montreal l,p.q... G.M. Sportswear Contractor, 1100 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal 1, P.Q. Gay - Lee Fashions Inc., 3696 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal 18, P.Q... General Sportwear Enrg., 1861 de La Salle Ave., Montreal 4, P.Q... General Uniform Supply, 5483 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal 14, P.Q... Genesee Mills Ltd., 686 Notre Dame St. W., Montreal 3, P.Q... George Sportswear Enrg., Notre-Dame St. E., Montreal 5, P.Q... Gerard,Gaetan,Enrg., 5720 St. Andre St., Montreal 10, P.Q... Giasson, Emma, L'Islet, Cte L'Islet, P.Q... Gloria Hosiery Co., 157 Lagauchetiere St. W., Montreal 1, P.Q... Gondon Garment Co., 4257 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal 18, P.Q... Crenier, Jean Noel, 518 Marchand St., Drummondville, Cte Drummond, P.Q.. Guarantee Fur Finishers, 1449 St. Alexander St., Montreal 2, P.Q... Guarantee Sports Garment Ltd., 3655 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal, P.Q... Guy, Gabriel, 265 E. St. Vallier St., Quebec, P.Q... Hamel, Maurice, 2A Laurier, Victoriaville, Cte Arthabaska, P.Q... Hartford Shirt Corp., 5617 Park Ave., Montreal, P.Q... Hebert, Dolores, Clarenceville, Cte Missisquoi, P.Q... Hebert, Marcel, 18 Massue, Varennes, Cte Vercheres, P.Q... Hetu, Leona, Warden, Cte Shefford, P.Q... Hi-Craft Garment Inc., 400 Dowd St., Montreal 1, P.Q... Home & Country Casuals Inc., 5505 Iberville St., Montreal 36, P.Q... Imperial Converters Co. Ltd., 7386 St. Hubert St., Montreal, P.Q... Inka Hosiery Reg'd., 5649 Waverley St., Montreal 14, P.Q... Interlock Knitting Mills, 5570 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal 14, P.Q. Jean Paul Fur, 2116 St. Laurent Blvd., Montreal 18, P.Q... Jean Tailleur, 4472 Christophe Colomb, Montreal 34, P.Q... Jocardi Suits & Coats Ltd., 7245 Alexandra St., Montreal 10, P.Q... Jo-Tay Dress Reg'd., 2457 Des Carrieres St., Montreal 36, P.Q... Juliana Knitting, 2111 Bleury St., Montreal, P.Q... Junior Lady Inc., 10 Pine Ave. W., Montreal, P.Q... King, John, 1418 Bleury St., Montreal 2, P.Q... Kirschmer, Arthur, 5377 Jeanne Mance St., Montreal, P.Q... L.A.D. Dress Contractor, 2085 Clarke St., Montreal li, P.Q... Labelle,Roland,Fourrures Enrg., 1590 Mont-Royal St. E., Montreal 34,P.Q. Lalonde, Jean, 1475 Decelles Ave., Montreal 26, P.Q... Landeau,Jean E.,Co., 354 St. Catherine St. E., Montreal 18, P.Q... Laura-Lee Styles, 261 St. Catherine St. V., Montreal, P.Q... Laurentian Made Garment Inc., 5757 Decelles Ave., Montreal, P.Q... Lebo Inc., 4665 Rosemont Blvd., Montreal 36, P.Q... Leclerc, Paul, 251 Dorion, Drummondville, Cte Drummond, P.Q... Les Confections Coronet, 2010 St. Laurent Blvd., Montreal, P.Q... hosiery (contracting) custom tailoring women's rainwear hosiery dyeing fur finishing women's lingerie knitted garments children's wear women's clothing women's coats, suits children's wear knitted outerwear women's clothing knitted goods (contracting) raincoats men's sportswear men's & boys' sportswear men's clothing (contracting) hosiery men's trousers women's lingerie wear women's clothing (contracting) women's clothing (contracting) clothing (contracting) men's overcoats uniforms (whitewear) men's sport shirts women's clothing vestments men's windbreakers hosiery children's wear custom tailoring fur finishing chjldren's wear women's clothing men's clothing (contracting) shirts women's clothing children's wear women's clothing women's coats, suits women's nightwear knitwear hosiery finishing knitted garments fur coats custom tailoring women's coats, suits women's dresses (contracting) knitted garments women's dresses women's clothing (contracting) fur finishing (contracting) dresses (contracting) fur repairs custom tailoring fur garments (contracting) women's sportswear women's sportswear children's wear men's clothing women's clothing

23 FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS QUEBEC (cont'd) CLOThING (cont'd) 21. Los Coupons Emile Enrg., R.R. No. 4, Granby, P.Q... Los Industries Longchamps Ltee, St. Ephrem, Cte Beauce, P.Q... Les Industries St. Croix Ltee, St, Croix, Cte Lotbiniere, P.Q... Levesques Fourrures Enrg., Mont Carmel, Cte Kamouraska, P.Q... * Lii Angel Inc., 4530 Clark St., Montreal 14, P.Q... lily Knitting Reg'd., 1450 St. Jacques, Ville de Tracey, CteRichelieu, P.Q... * lingerie Ideale Cie Ltee, St. Victor Village, Cte Beauce, P.Q... Lingerie Martinette Enrg., St. Henri De Levis, Cte Levis, P.Q... Lingerie Mills Ltd., 386 Lemoyne St., Montreal 1, P.Q... * Loma Juniors Co., 2050 Bleury St., Montreal, P.Q... Longpre, Lucien, Fourrures, 1431 Miherst St., Montreal 24, P.Q... tars Hosiery Mills Ltd., 7130 Alexandra St., Montreal 10, P.Q... :ydia Fashions Inc., 3890 Henri Julien St., Montreal, P.Q... Mack's, Jean,Shop, 1 Steven's St., Rock Island, Cte Stanstead, P.Q. Made to Wear Lingerie Ltd., 6554 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal 10, P.Q... * Magic Sportswear Inc., 2075 Notre Dame St., Lachine, P.Q... M.danson Inc., 395 Mayor St., Montreal 2, P.Q... Man-Rose Sportswear Inc., 904 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal, P.Q. Margo Garment Co., 1331A St. Catherine St. E., Montreal 24, P.Q. Mann Knitting Corp., 987 Cote St., Montreal 18, P.Q... Marvel Knitting Co., 4135 St. Dominique St., Montreal, P.Q... Matinee Dress Inc., 460 St. Catherine St. W., Montreal 2, P.Q... Maxime of Hollywood Inc., 2491 St. Patrick St., Montreal 22, P.Q. May Mfg. Co., 660 St. Catherine St. W., Montreal, P.Q... Meritt Manufacturing Co. Ltd., 7370 St. Hubert St., Montreal, P.Q. Mteor Creations Inc., 4565 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal 14, P.Q. * Metropolitan Leather & Cloth Garment Co., 4362 St. Lawrence Blvd., k Montreal 18, P.Q... Munch Hosiery Ltd., 2405 Ville Marie, Montreal, P.Q... Minkki Fur Mfg., 1485 Bleury St., Montreal 2, P.Q... Monica Mills Ltd., 77 St. Jean Baptiste, St. Vincent de Paul, CteLaval, P.Q... Montreal Leather Garment, 4269 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal 18, P.Q. Murray Fur Co., 1231 St. Catherine St. V., Montreal, P.Q... Nigley, Albert,Reg'd., 83 Rachel St. E., Montreal, P.Q... N.'mor Dress Contractors Reg'd., 3468 Park Ave., Montreal 18, P.Q. * N,itional Uniforms Mfrs. Ltd., 1405 Maisonneuve St., Montreal, P.Q. Ni-Col Enrg., 127 St. Paul St., Joliette, Cte Joliette,P.Q.... Normandy Cap Mfg. Co., 20 St. Cuthbert St., Montreal 18, P.Q... Northern Manufacturing Corp., 15 Marie Anne St. V., Montreal, P.Q. * Nuvo Fur Dyeing Co., 444 St. Paul St. E., Montreal, P.Q... Orient Fur, 366 Mayor St., Montreal 2, P.Q... l'age,judy, Inc., 77 Mont Royal Ave. W., Montreal, P.Q... Paris Leather Originals, 6565 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal 10, P.Q. Paris Originals Ltd., 62 Rachel St.E., Montreal 18, P.Q... Park Lane Clothes Ltd., 3655 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal 18, P.Q. Parkway Furs Reg'd., 366 Mayor St., Montreal, P.Q... Patti-Sue-Originals Inc., 20 Young St., Granby, P.Q... Paul Contracteur Enrg., 5505 St. Laurent, Montreal 14 9 P.Q... Perfect Dyeing, 665 Desnoyers St., Montreal, P.Q... Petit, Francoise, 15 St. Jean St., Quebec 4, P.Q... Petrucci, Dominique, 82 St. Catherine St.W., Montreal 18, P.Q... Piche,Sarto,Inc., nd Ave., Montreal 36, P.Q... Pinkor Sportswear of All Kinds Reg'd., 4362 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal 18, P.Q Play Toppers Inc., Mayor St., Montreal, P.Q... Poinposelli, Jacqueline, 5186 St. Denis St., Montreal 34,P.Q.... Poulin Eugene Enrg., 7949 Dante St., Ville St. Michel, P.Q... Poulin & Trudeau, Ste Julie de Vercheres, Cte Vercheres, P.Q... Primoknit Mills Ltd., 9755 Jeanne Mance St., Montreal 12, P.Q... Provincial Sportswear Inc., 282 Ontario St. V., Montreal 18, P.Q. Pullar & Vergil Enrg., 241 A 3rd Ave., yule Lasalle, P.Q... Quality Apparel Contractors Ltd., 5505 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal 14, P.Q Quintal, Roger, St. Liboire,... Cte Bagot, P.Q... Ranch Style Sports Wear Co., Reed Blvd., Montreal 9, P.Q... women's skirts (contracting) contract sewing men's jackets fur garments children's wear hosiery women's lingerie (contracting) wear lingerie women's dresses fur garments women's hosiery women's Sportswear sewing (contracting) women's lingerie (contracting) women's sportswear women's clothing men's jackets, car coats women's coats, suits knitwear (contracting) hosiery women's dresses bathing suits sportswear men's & boy's clothing men's clothing men's clothing women's hosiery fur garments hosiery leather jackets fur garments clothing women's dresses (contracting) men's uniforms wear caps men's clothing fur dyeing fur garments women's blouses leather coats foundation garments men's garments fur garments women's dresses (contracting) women's clothing hosiery dyeing custom tailoring men's clothing (contractin$) men's leather jackets sportswear (contracting) women's hats hats women's clothing (contracting) women's clothing knitwear clothing boy's clothing women's clothing children's wear women's sportswear

24 22. FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS QUEBEC (cont'd) CLOTHING (cont'd) PRUCTS Regal Sportswear Inc., 50 Lemieux St., Megantic, Cte Frontenac, P.Q. (Branch of Canadian Converters)... Reiter, Samuel, 1449 St. Alexander St., Montreal, P.Q... Reliable Style Ltd., 395 Mayor St., Montreal. 2, P.Q... Ribkoff,Joseph,Inc., 1418 Bleury St., Montreal 2, P.Q... Riopel, Andre Claude, 124 Des Sulpiciens, L'Epiphanie, Cte L'Assomption, P.Q... Rita Hosiery Mills Ltd., th Ave., Montreal 36, P.Q... Robert K. Fashions Inc., 460 St. Catherine St. W., Montreal 2, P.Q. Rona Lee Inc., 2050 Bleury St., Montreal 2, P.Q... Rose Ann Dress, 2050 Bleury St., Montreal 2 0 P,Q... Rose Better Coat, 609 Lahaie St., Montreal 9, P.Q... Roselle Dresses Reg'd., 10 Pine Ave. W., Montreal 18, P.Q... Rozenek, L., 4830 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal, P.Q... St. Louis Knitting Enrg., St. Louis de Blandford, Cte Arthabaska, P.Q. Salon Roxane, 109 Wellington St. N., Sherbrooke, P.Q... Sample Blouse & Sportswear, 3607 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal 18, P.Q. Saxon Sports Wear Co., 3575 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal 18, P.Q... Schwago Sportswear, 117 Mont-Royal Ave. W., Montreal 8, P.Q... Self ix Corp., 40 Bates Rd., Montreal 8, P.Q Service Hat & Cap, 3430 Park Ave., Montreal 18, P.Q... Shearling Processors Ltd., 7 Fort St., St. Lambert, P.Q... Sherbrooke Children's Wear Reg'd., 744 Conseil St., Sherbrooke, P.Q. Shirley's Hosiery Co., 2033 Bleury St., Montreal 18, P.Q... Silky Sleepwear Inc., 1187 Bleury St., Montreal 2, P.Q... Simard,Rejean,Fourrure Enrg., 1408 Bleury St., Montreal 2, P.Q... Slips Ltd., 9200 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal 11, P.Q... Solitaire Hosiery Mills Ltd., 9735 Jeanne Mance St., Montreal 12, P.Q. Somwil Sportswear, 3686 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal 18, P.Q... Splendid Children's Wear, 6722 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal, P.Q... Splendid Hosiery Mills Inc., 8900 Tanguay St., Montreal 39, P.Q... Sport & Leather Wear Co., 4535 Park Ave., Montreal 8, P.Q... Star Pants Lotbiniere Ltee, Lotbiniere, Cte Lotbiniere, P.Q... Style Pack Reg'd., 107A Champlain, St. Jean, Cte St. Jean, P.Q... Sun Fashion Ltd., 5765 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal 16, P.Q... Super Contracting Ltd., 5505 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal 14, P.Q. Suzanne, Marthe, Enregistre, 3195 Des Ormeaux St., Montreal 5, P.Q. Symphony Lounge Wear Inc., 460 St. Catherine St. W., Montreal, P.Q. T. & K. Fur Finishers, 366 Mayor St., Montreal 2, P.Q... Tsub,Dsvid,& Son, 1470 Peel St., Montreal,P.Q... Thiboutot, Therese C., Lemieux Station, Cte Nicolet, P.Q... Three Star Hosiery Manufacturing Ltd., 5176 Henri Julien Ave., Montreal14, P.Q Thrift Fur Co., 1449 St. Alexander St., Montreal 2, P.Q... Tiffany Sportswear, 400 Ontario St. W., Montreal 2, P.Q... Tiny Tots Knitting Mills Inc., 4078 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal, P.Q. Togmaster Inc., 7345 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal, P.Q... Tomeo Furs Inc., 7463 St. Denis St., Montreal, P.Q... Tour Eiffel, 6796 St. Hubert St., Montreal, P.Q... Town & Country Uniform Reg'd., 7960 Fabre St., Montreal 35, P.Q... Trendsetter Junior Reg'd., 1231 St. Catherine St.W., Montreal, P.Q. Tricosa Inc., 1098 Clark St., Montreal 1, P.Q... Trousers Inc., 1180 St. Antoine St., Montreal 3, P.Q... Trudeau, A., Ste Julie, Cte Vercheres, P.Q... Truly Yours Sportswear Inc., 1470 Peel St., Montreal 2, P.Q... Tudor Converters Ltd., 2360 de la Salle Ave., Maisonneuve, P.Q... Turnbul],C.,Ltd., St. Andre St., Riviere du Loup, CteRiviere du Loup, P.Q... Uniformes Letellier de St. Jug, 1051 Norbert Blvd., yule Jacques-Cartier, Cte Chambly, P.Q... Union Converters Inc., 133 Fabrique St., St. Romuald, Cte Levis, P.Q. V.K. Charm Knitting Mills, 3684 St. Laurent, Montreal 18, P.Q... Valdagno Inc., 200 St. Zotique St. E., Montreal 10, P.Q... Vanha,William,Reg'd., 15 Principale St., Sweetsburg, CteMissisquoi, P.Q... Varennes Children's Wear, Marie Victorin Blvd., Varennes, CteVercheres, P.Q... Varsity Mouse Sportswear Inc., 1800 Parthenais St., Montreal, P.Q. women's lingerie (contracting) fur garments women's dresses women's dresses fur plates (contracting) nylon hosiery dresses women's coats, suits (contracting) women's dresses (contracting) men's coats (contracting) women's dresses (contracting) fur garments children's wear women's clothing dresses & sportswear (contracting) men's sportswear bathing suits nylon hosiery caps (contracting) fur dressing children's wear (contracting) hosiery women's nightwear fur garments (contracting) lingerie hosiery women's sportswear (contracting) children's wear women's hosiery women's clothing men's clothing women's hosiery clothing women's clothing women's clothing (contracting) women's clothing fur finishing dresses men's trousers women's hosiery fur garments women's sportswear children's sweaters women's clothing fur triamings women's foundation garments uniforms women's dresses women's sweaters men's trousers children's wear (contracting) women's blouses men's clothing (contracting) men's underwear children's wear (contracting) women's shirts sweaters Custom tailoring women's clothing children's clothing women's sportswear

25 FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS QUEBEC (concl'd) CLOTHING (cont) PRUCTS 23. Veillette,Roger, Inc., 2 Ave. W., Amos, Cte Abitibi, P.Q... Vetement Villeroy Ltee, Villeroy, Cte Lotbiniere, P.Q... Viau Underwear Reg'd., 5872 Cartier St., Montreal 35, P.Q... Warren Dress Co., 463 St. Catherine St. W., Montreal 2, P.Q... Weiner, Ron, Inc., 1435 St. Alexander St., Montreal 2, P.Q... Westmore Fur Co., 1449 St. Alexander St., Montreal 12, P.Q... Wilco Hosiery, 2025 Parthenais, Montreal 24, P.Q... William Clothes Reg'd., 590 Jarry St. E., Montreal 11, P.Q... Williams, Harold,Inc., 1378 Mt. Royal Ave. E., Montreal, P.Q... Wonderland Fashions Reg'd., 243 Mont-Royal St. W., Montreal 8, P.Q. Y. & V. Sportswear Reg'd., 1295 St. Urbain St., Montreal 18, P.Q. York Fibre Co., 8215 Bloomfield St., Montreal, P.Q... Young Line Mfg. Co., 10 Oatario St. V., Montreal 18, P.Q... Z.W. Leather Sportswear Contracting, 4282 St. Dominique St., Montreal18, P.Q... Zarby, M.F., Co. Reg'd., 6347 St. Hubert St., Montreal, P.Q... Zel-Beck Fur Co., 4617 Park Ave., Montreal, P.Q... Zelko Fur Co., 1449 St. Alexander St., Montreal 2, P.Q... hosiery men's clothing (contracting) women's lingerie women's dresses (contracting) custom tailoring fur garments Qffi55 hosiery men's suits (contracting) woinen'a dresses women's clothing (contracting) men's sportswear men's hosiery children's wear sportswear (contracting) uniforms, white wear fur garments fur garments ONTARIO Abel Sales & Mfg. Co., 888 College St., Toronto 4, Oat.... hats Active Knitting Co., 312 Adelaide St.W., Toronto 28, Ont.... knitted garments Adam Sportswear Co. Ltd., 18 Balmuto St., Toronto, Ont.... sportswear Alamac Knitting Mills (Canada) Ltd., 590 King St. W., Toronto, Oat knitted garments Alderina's Shop, 745 Erie St. E., Windsor, Ont.... knitted garments Atlas Hosiery Mills Ltd., 690 King St. W., Toronto 2B, Ont... women's hosiery Atush Sportswear Mfg., 443 King St. W., Toronto 2B, Ont.... men's sportswear B. & R. Custom Tailors, 2487 Yonge St., Toronto 12, Ont.... custom tailoring Baldwin Garments Ltd., 155 Adelaide St. S., London, Ont.... men's clothing Ball, Allen,Ltd., 163 Spadina Ave., Toronto 2B, Oat.... custom tailoring Banack,Jack,Ltd., 32 Camden St., Toronto, Ont.... women's clothing Barrett Fur Co., 7 Camden St., Toronto, Oat.... fur repairs Belcraft Cloaks Ltd., 119 Spadina Ave., Toronto, Ont.... women's suits, cloaks Belle-Town Sportswear Co., 424 Wellington St. W., Toronto 2B, Ont women's clothing Biz Knitting Mills, 39 McMurrich St., Toronto, Ont.... women's hosiery Blanchette, Georges, Reg'd., Main St. N., Alexandria, Ont.... children's wear (contracting) Blossom Sportswear, 200-1/2 Spadina Ave., Toronto 28, Oat sportswear Bradleigh Clothes Co. Ltd., 6 Terauley St., Toronto, Oat.... women's clothing Bright, Maurice, 382 Elgin St., Ottawa, Oat.... custom tailoring Carillon Sportswear Ltd., 129 Spadina Ave., Toronto, Oat.... women's clothing Coboconk Knitting & Sportswear, Box 50, Coboconk, Ont.... knitted garments Collins,S.P., Ltd., 20 Research Rd., Leaside, Oat.... sweaters Continental Knitwear Curiosities, 43 Grange Ave., Toronto 2B, Oat sweaters Czigler, Steven, 485 Spadina Ave., Toronto 4,Ont.... knitted garments Dillmann,Charles, Ltd., 144 Front St. V., Toronto 1, Oat.... men's clothing Eddy's Hats & Novelty Co., 542 Dundas St. W., Toronto 2B, Oat.... women's and children's hats Elbros Knitwear Ltd., 741 Talbot St., London, Oat.... men's sweaters Empire Hosiery Ltd., 37 McCsul St., Toronto 28, Oat.... hosiery Eugene's Tailor Shop, 566 Adelaide St., London, Oat.... custom tailoring Exclusive Knitting Co., 1606 Queen St. W., Toronto 2B, Oat.... knitted garments * Fera, Nicola,Tailor, 637 College St., Toronto 4, Oat.... custom tailoring * Freedberg Furs, 979 College St.,Toronto 4, Oat.... fur garments Frey's Textiles, 158 Church St.,Brockville, Oat.... women's lingerie Futurama Knitting Mills Ltd., 372 Richmond St. W., Toronto 1, Oat sweaters C. & K. Tailoring Co., 16 Lacey Ave., Toronto 9, Oat.... custom tailoring Cauder, Paul, 268 Spadina Ave., Toronto 28, Oat.... custom tailoring Goldberg Tailor, 569 Gladstone Ave., Ottawa, Oat.... custom tailoring Goodline Clothing Ltd., 4 Camden St., Toronto 2B, Oat.... men's clothing Grotto Tailor Shop, 2110 University V., Windsor, Oat.... custom tailoring Gruda'a Ladies Custom Tailoring, 691 Bay St., Toronto 2, Oat.... custom tailoring H. & C. Hand-Knit Quality Hose, 337 Talbot St., London, Oat.... hosiery flarry5 Sportswear, 318 Adelaide St. W., Toronto 2B, Oat.... women's sportswear Helios Shirts & Sportswear, 34 Ossington Ave., Toronto, Oat.... men's clothing Highland Queen Sportswear Ltd., 93 Spadins Ave., Toronto, Oat.... sportswear * Hi-Style Fur Co., 96 Spadina Ave., Toronto, Oat.... fur garments Hollywood Style Tailoring, 762 Dundas St. V., Toronto 3,Ont.... custom tailoring

26 24. FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS ONTARIO (concl'd) CLOTHING (cont'4) PRIUCTS Ideal Sportswear, 571 King St.W., Toronto 28, Oat... Irving of Canada, 635 St. Clair Ave. W., Toronto 10, Ont... Italia Sartoria, 571 Erie St. E., Windsor, Oat... Jay Sportswear, 443 King St. W., Toronto ZB, Oat... Kameo Knit Co. Ltd., 51 Camden St., Toronto 28, Oat... Kovac & Son, 807 Dundas St. W., Toronto 3, Ont... Kruger's Sportswear Co., 119 Spadina Ave., Toronto, Oat... Kurtzer, Percy, 93 Spadina Ave., Toronto, Oat... Lady Petite Fashions, 32 Camden St., Toronto 2B, Oat... Lettner, Ann; Custom Salon, 131 Park St. W., Windsor, Oat... Liberty Sportswear Ltd., 372 Richmond St. W., Toronto 2B, Oat... Lipson, S., 15 Arlington St., Ottawa, Oat... Little Lady, 758 Yonge St., Toronto 5, Oat... Mademoiselle Tall Ltd., 119 Spadina Ave., Toronto, Oat... Malvern Sportswear Ltd., 96 Spadina Ave., Toronto, Oat... Mario's Custom Tailor, 61 Barton St. 8., Hamilton, Oat... Martin's Tailors, 527 Simpson St., Fort William, Oat... McCance, H., 54 Hiawatha St., St. Thomas, Out... McGregor Sportswear of Canada Ltd., Victoria Rd., Guelph, Oat... Metro Pant Co., 460 Richmond St. W., Toronto 2B, Out... Miss Elegant Dresses Ltd., 431 Richmond St. W., Toronto 28, Oat... Modern Blouse Mfg. Co., 116 Spadina Ave., Toronto 2B, Oat... Monarch Hat & Cap Mfg. Co., 440 Adelaide St. W., Toronto 23, Ont. Murray Uniform Ltd., 116 Queen St. 8., Toronto, Oat... Nash, Jack,Ltd., 298 St. Paul St., St. Catharines, Oat... New Star. Knitwear Co., 76 Bellevue Ave., Toronto 28, Oat... Nusca Custom Tailors Ltd., 641B Barton St. 8., Hamilton, Oat... Oly Ladies Tailoring, 499 Bloor St. W., Toronto 4, Oat... Perani, Paola, 1554 Eglinton Ave., Toronto 10, Oat... Progressive Fur Co., 345 Adelaide St. W., Toronto 2B, Out... Quality Tailor Shop, 301 Spadina Ave., Toronto 2B, Out... Rauch,Sam,Custom Tailor, 3357 Yonge St., Toronto 12, Oat... Reliable Leather Sportwear, 217 Richmond St. W., Toronto 2B, Oat. Renette Cloak Co. Ltd., 130 Spadina Ave., Toronto, Oat... "Rialto" Knit Goods, 39 Norman Ave., Toronto 1, Oat... Ridley Clothes, 438 Adelaide St. W., Toronto, Oat... Rocky's Tailor Shop, 143-1/2 Simpson St., Fort William, Oat... Sandwich Tailoring, 3154 Sandwich St. W., Windsor, Out... Schaberger, Louis, 215 King St. E., Oshawa, Oat... Selrite Hat & Frame Co., Bulwer St., Toronto, Oat... Seventeen Dress & Sportswear Ltd., 442 Adelaide St. V., Toronto2B, Oat... Shopiro,S., Dress Co., 312 Adelaide St. W., Toronto 1, Oat... Showtime Fashions Ltd., 559 Davenport Rd., Toronto 4, Oat... Silver Furs & French Furriers of Paris, 1271 Queen St. W., Toronto, Oat... Skirtmaster Ltd., 119 Spadina Ave., Toronto 2B, Oat... Star Sportswear Co., 333 Adelaide St. W., Toronto 23, Oat... Susan Dress Co., 312 Adelaide St. W., Toronto 28, Oat... Tailored Junior Dress Co. Ltd., 422 Adelaide St. V., Toronto 2B, Oat. Tiaaiins Tailors, 12 Balsam S., Tiasains, Oat... Toff Shirt Hf g. Co., 604 King St. V., Toronto 23, Out... Tony's Tailor Shop, 69 Beech St. V., Sudbury, Oat... Toronto Hosiery Mills, 81 Peter St., Toronto 28, Out... Universal Knitting, 171 John St., Toronto 2B, Oat... Universal Leather Garments Ltd., 116 Spadina Ave., Toronto 2B, Oat. Uzelac's Cleaners & Tailors, 852 Dundas St. W., Toronto 3, Oat... Veronica-Lan, 313 Roncesvalles Ave., Toronto, Oat... Victory Cap Co., 174 Catharine St. N., Hamilton, Oat... Vogue Junior Dress & Skirt, 889 Lakeshore Rd., New Toronto, Oat... Westdorp, A.J., 40 York St., St. Catharines, Oat... Westwood Pant Co., 45 Camden St., Toronto 28, Oat... Winestock Custom Tailors Ltd., 597 College St., Toronto 4, Oat... Yadran Tailors, 3079 Dundas St. V., Toronto 9, Oat... sportswear sport shirts custom tailoring sportswear (contracting) sweaters sweaters women's coats, suits women's clothing clothing (contracting) millinery men's sportswear custom tailoring children's wear women's clothing women's sportswear custom tailoring custom tailoring church vestments sportswear men's trousers women's clothing women's blouses hats, caps uniforms (coninercial) custom tailoring sweaters custom tailoring custom tailoring knitted garments fur garments custom tailoring custom tailoring boy's sportswear women's coats, suits knitted garments men's clothing custom tailoring custom tailoring custom tailoring hat frames women's sportswear dresses women's clothing fur garments women's skirts men's sportswear dresses women's dresses custom tailoring men's and by5 shirts custom tailoring women's hosiery sweaters sportswear custom tailoring wear caps women's dresses custom tailoring men's trousers men's clothing custom tailoring

27 FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS MANITOBA CLOThING (concl'd) PRC)UCTS 25. Berolina Leather Mfg., 670 Sargent Ave., Winnipeg, Maxt.... Career Fashions Ltd., 62 Albert St., Winnipeg, Man.... Great West Uniform Ltd., 221 McDermot Ave., Winnipeg 2, Man.... Nu-Fashion Sportswear, St. Pierre, Man.... Universal Cap Manufacturing Co., 4th Fl. Gregg Bldg., 52 Albert St., Winnipeg 2, Man.... Winston,Monte,Fur Co., 1166 Main St., Winnipeg 4, Man.... leather sportswear imitation fur garments men's uniforms men's clothing caps fur repairs SASKATCHEWAN Deluxe Tailors & Cleaners, th Ave., Regina, Sask.... custom tailoring * Kaiser, Nick, 1910 Hamilton, Regina, Sask.... custom tailoring Uniform Centre, 158-2nd Ave. S., Saskatoon, Sask.... uniforms (couinercial) ALBERTA Advance Knitting Co., 624-4th St. S.E., Calgary, Alta... Alberta Knitting Mills, th Ave., Edmonton, Alta... Altadore Tailor Shop, High River, Alta... Bergwall, C.F., th Ave. S.W., Calgary, Alta... Custom Tailors, Thompson Bldg., st St., Edmonton, Alta. Fit Rite Tailors, 324-5th St. S., Lethbridge, Alta... Latta, Percy E., th St. S.W., Calgary, Alta... Margret's Fashion, nd Ave., Edmonton, Alta... knitted garments sweaters custom tailoring custom tailoring Custom tailoring custom tailoring fur garment repairs knitted garments BRITISH COLU)IA Alex's Tailor Shop, 301-3rd Ave. W., Prince Rupert, B Blaeser's Tailoring & Men's Wear, nd Ave., Dawson Creek, B.C. Charle's of California, 540 Beatty St., Vancouver 3, B Esquire, 810 Yates St., Victoria, B Janfor Clothing Products Co. Ltd., 222 E. Georgia St., Vancouver, B.C. Ladies Custom Tailoring, 1361 Marine Dr., West Vancouver, B Mailer, Robyn M., 6107 W. Blvd., Vancouver, B National Textile Co., 411 W. Cordova St., Vancouver, B Suklea,John,Custoin Tailors, Service Center, Kitimat, B Townline Outerwear Ltd., 1482 Frances St., Vancouver, B Western Sport Togs, 189 West Broadway, Vancouver, B Custom tailoring custom tailoring women's blouses custom tailoring men's jeans custom tailoring children's wear women's clothing custom tailoring men's jackets sportswear

28 26. FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS NEWFOUNDLAND WOOD Apex Upholstery, Maple Valley Rd., Corner Brook, Nf Id... * Clarinanis Co. Ltd., 2 Rostelan Rd., St. John's, Nfld... Pynn's Mill, Petty Harbour, S.S., Nfld... repairs sawini 11 PRINCE EDWARD ISLAN1) Crane's Mill, Mt. Stewart, P.E.I... Doucette, Alphy, St. Louis, P.E.I... Eddon Woodworkers, Water St., Suasnerside, P.E.I... Glennie, John W., Southport, P.E.I... Hayes, Chester, R.R. 1, Alberton, P.E.I... Johnston, Mark, Suffolk, Charlottetown, P.E.I... Leavitta, The, Alberton, P.E.I... Murphy, Wilbert, Alma, P.E.I... Reliable Upholstery Shop, 133 Euston St., Charlottetown, P.E.I... Ross, Alexander Emanuel, Ellerslie, P,E.I... crates woodenware log boxes NOVA SCYIIA * Baltzer, Paul, Aylesford, N.S... Baxter Services Reg'd., Box 573, Digby, N.S... Beaton, Ronald, R.R. 1 (Broad Cove Marsh) Inverness, N.S... Belliveau Upholstering Co., St. Bernard, Digby Co., N.S... * Damery, J. Enterprises, Duke at Maine St., Trenton, N.S... * Delaney, John, R.R. 1, Eureka, N.S... * Dillman, George & Alfred Moxon, Waverley, Halifax Co., N.S... Eastern Optical Laboratories Ltd., 23 Portland St., Dartmouth, N.S... Gahan, Fred, R.R. 1, Upper Stewiacke, N.S... Giffin, Churchill, Sable River, Shelburne Co., N.S... Hayden Furniture Ltd., Box 230, Berwick, Kings Co. N.S... Henri's Upholstering, 8 Victoria St., W., Amherst, N.S... Leblanc, Wilfred & llacdougall. Calder,LOUiSdale, N.S... Lowe, Gerald, Aylesford, Kings Co. N.S... MacDonald, Dan Charlie, R.R. 2, Port Hood, N.S... MacKinnon, A.C., R.R.l,(Queensville), Port Hastings, N.S... MacRae, Malcolm Rod, Gairloch P.O., Victoria Co., N.S... New Glasgow Upholstering Store, 190 Forbes St., New Glasgow, N.S... Poole, Ernest, Herring Cove P.O., Halifax Co., N.S... Prime, Roy, R.R. 2, South Ohio, Yarmouth Co., N.S... Rafuse, Gordon, Burlington, Kings Co., N.S... Richard, J.A., 138 Church St., Amherst, N.S... Silver, Otto, West Northfield, N.S... Solowij, Michael, Enfield, Hants Co., N.S... Sottez, Joseph, South Side Boulardarie, N.S... Valley Upholstering Co., Upper Clements, N.S... Wentzell, Glenwood M., R.R. 1 (Watford), New Germany, N.S... Whitney Produce Co. Inc., R.R. 1, Springfield, Antigonish Co., N.S... Young, Earl William, R.R. 1, New Ross, Lunenburg Co., N.S... baskets optical goods ladders, repairs boxes NEW BRUNSWICK Allain, Livain, Oromocto, N.H... Beatty, Chas., J. & C. Hickman Ltd., Sackville, N.H... Belliveau, Reuben, 48 Matheson St., Campbellton, N.B... Braun, William, Lower Hainesville, N.B... Breau, Frank, & Son, Upper Sheila, N.H... Chevarie, N., & Thibault, Cameron's Mills, N.H... City Upholstering, 37 Rothesay Ave.,Saint John, N.H... Dickinson, Clyde, Meductic, N.H... Dodds, William, Taymouth, N.B... Dugas, Emile, Maisonnette, Gloucester Co., N.B... Flanagan, Roger, Armstrongs Brook, N.B... Fournier, Valmond, Pointe Verte, Gloucester Co., N.B... Hudson, William T., R.R.2, Rexton, Kent Co., N.H... La Manufacture Cornier Enrg., Ste Anne du Bocage, Gloucester Co. N.H... LaForest, Raymond, Grand Falls, N.H... McDonald, Charles, Welaford, N.B... Mitton, Hartley, Elgin, N.B... Murphy, John, Pokeshaw, N.B... sawmi 11

29 FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS NEW BRUNSWICK (concl'd) WOOD (cont'd) PROIXJCTS 27. Poirier, Yvon A., Cocagne, N.B... Robertson, Arthur N., Tabusintac, N.B... Russell, Stanley, Moores Mills, N.B... Thebeau, Treffle, St. Ignace, N.B... Valley Woodworkers, Woodstock, N.B... Westmorland Equipment Co. Ltd., Shediac Bridge, N.B... sawni 11 a awmi 11 QUEBEC Addis Industries Ltd., 992 City Hall Ave., Montreal, P.Q... Allard, Frank, Lac au Saumon, Cte Matapedia, P.Q... Ameublement Luxor, 4662 Papineau Ave., Montreal 34, P.Q... Ameublement Richelieu Enrg., St. Ours, Cte Richelieu, P.Q... Angliers Construction Ltee, a/s Cyriaque Larouche, Laforce, Cte Temiscamingue, P.Q... Antique Studio Reg'd, Reid Blvd., Montreal 9, P.Q... Arlipo Planing Mills Inc., C.P. 506, Val D'Or, CteAbitibi, P,Q... Artistic Wood Turners, 957 Amherst St., Montreal 24, P.Q... Aster Upholstering, 5405 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal 14, P.Q... Atelier Moderne Enrg., 93 des Sorbiers St., Drunsoondville W., Cte Druomond, P.Q... Ateliers de Paul Champagne, St. Valere de Buistrode, Cte Arthabaska, P.Q. Ateliers Garden Shop, Fulford St., Deschenes, P.Q... Aubertin, Guy, Vercheres, Cte Vercheres, P.Q... Aubry, Ernest, flebert St., Vercheres, Cte Vercheres, P.Q... Baril, Gaston, Ste Elizabeth de Warwick, Cte Arthabaska, P.Q... Barling, Henri, 13 Rang Ste Anne, Ancienne Lorette, Cte Quebec, P.Q... Bastille, Eleuthere, Sully, Cte Temiscouata, P.Q... Beau Fab Inc., 34 St. Laurent St., Beaupre, Cte Montmorency, P.Q... Beauchamp-Desrochers Enrg., Route 30, Lantier, Cte Terrebonne, P.Q... Beaudoin & Frere Enrg., Disraeli, Cte Wolfe, P.Q... Beaudoin, L., Upholstering, 3 Dunlop Place, Montreal 6, P.Q... Becker, A., Upholstering Co., 4929 Decarie Blvd., Montreal, P.Q... Bedard, Pernand, Stornoway, Cte Frontenac, P.Q... Bedford Specialties Reg'd., Bedford, Cte Missisquoi, P.Q... Bel-Air Art Co. Reg'd., 7215 Delorimier Ave., Montreal 35, P.Q... Belanger, Gerard, Quebec St., Cowansville, Cte Missisquot, P.Q... Belmond-Matelas, 3775 Monselet, Montreal N., P.Q... Belvedere Chesterfield Enrg., Albert St., Cowansville, Cte Missisquoi,P.Q Bergere Lumber Ltd., th St.,Val d'or, Cte Abitibi, P.Q... Berube & Freres Enrg., St. Jean Port Joli, Cte L'Islet, P.Q... Bherer, Roland, St. Fidele, Cte Charlevoix, P.Q... Bibeau, Hermenegilde, 36 Mondy, St.Gabriel de Brandon, Cte Berthier,P.Q.. Bilodeau, Jules, 1288 Cotamerciale, St. Roinuald, Cte Levis, P.Q... Bilodeau & Silius, Jacola, Cte Abitibi, P.Q... Boisvert, Eugene, R.R. 4, South Durham, Cte Driumnond, P.Q... Bolduc, Levis, 227 Dodier W., Thetford Mines, Cte Megantic, P.Q... Bolduc, Marie-Louis, R.R. 2, Ville St.Georges, Cte Beauce, P.Q... Bonnette, Guy, 462 Mercier, St. Jean, Cte St. Jean, P.Q... Bouchard, Adrien, 309 St. Louis France, Jonquiere, Cte Chicoutimi, P.Q... Bouchard, Alfred, Bourlamaque, Cte Abitibi, P.Q... Boucher Chesterfield, 142 Montigny, St. Jerome, Cte Terrebonne, P.Q... Boulay & Freres Enrg., Causapacal, Cte Matspedia, P.Q... Boule, Adelard, St. Adrien cia Ham, Cte Wolfe, P.Q Boulevard Upholstery Enrg., 4117 Notre Dame St. E., Montreal, P.Q... Bourdage, Julien S., Bonaventure E.,Cte Bonaventure, P.Q... Routin, J. Henri, La Patrie, Cte Coinpton, P.Q... Brault, Claude, 5466 Brodeur St., Montreal, P.Q... Cabinet Maker, Corner let St. & 3rd Ave., Iberville, Cte Iberville, P.Q.. Caouette, Joseph Henri, St. Thomas Didyme, Cte Roberval, P.Q... Capri Chesterfield, 9480 Hamelin Ave., Montreal, P.Q... Carlos & Frere Enrg., 5806 St. Hubert St., Montreal, P.Q... Carom 6 Guay, Ste Anne de Beaupre, Cte Montmorency, P.Q... Cercuells Huard Enrg., Tring Jonction, Cte Beauce, P.Q... Champagne, Bernard, St. Zenon, Cte Berthier, P.Q... Charbonneau, Gaston, Ste Marguerite Marie, Cte Matapedia, P.Q... Charbonneau, Leonard, Ste Marguerite du Lac Masson, Cte Terrebonne, P.Q.. Charlebois & Pus Enrg., 322 Bedard Blvd., Lachute, P.Q... Classic Products Co., 5721 Christopher Colomb Ave., Montreal, P,Q... Cloutier, Eugene, Sully, Cte Temiscouata, P.Q... Coijnnonwealth Plywood Co. Ltd., Box 70, St. Therese de Blainville, Cte Terrebonne, P.Q... S 5WTfli 11 repairs wood turning basket bottoms woodworking saah and door prefabricated buildings woodworking repairs woodworking picture frames mattresses church crates mattresses planing mill caskets planing mill prefabricated buildings sawmi 11 Veneer

30 28. FIRM N#INE AND ADDRESS QUEBEC (cont'd) WOOD (cont'd) Compact Ladder Co. Ltd., London St., Montreal N., P.Q... Cossette, Jean Jacques, Champneuf, Cte Abitibi, P.Q... Cote, Alphonse, 567 Sauvageau Blvd., S., Thetford Mines, Cte Megantic,P.Q Cote & St. Hilaire Enrg., St. Sylvestre, Cte Lotbiniere, P.Q... Coulombe, Laureat, Notre Dame de La Dore, Cte Roberval, P.Q... Coutu, Jean, R.R. 2, Barraute, Cte Abitibi, P.Q... Couture, Gonzague, Stratford Centre, Cte Wolfe, P.Q... Croft, Arthur, Lac des Plages, Cte Papineau, P.Q... Crown Wood Products, 3167 Rouville St., Montreal 4, P,Q... Dania Furniture Mfg. Ltd., 1225 St. Jogues St. S., Drummondville, Cte Druimnond, P.Q... De Luxe Rembourrage, 6244 Papineau Ave., Montreal, P.Q... Dery Cabinet Makers Enrg., 73 Ste Croix Blvd., Victoriaville, Cte Arthabaska, P.Q... Dolbec, Laval, Biencourt, Cte Rimouski, P.Q... Dominion Furniture, 58 St. Joseph St., Lauzon, Cte Levis, P.Q... Dominion Kitchen Supply Co., 5460 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal 14 2 P.Q... Douglas Sales Co. Ltd., P.O. Box 90, Ste Martine, Cte Chateauguay,P.Q... Drapeau, Alfred, Inc., Chibougarnau, Cte Abitibi, P.Q... Dube, Joseph, St. Damase, Cte L'Islet, P.Q... Du-Bo Upholstering Enrg., 7769 St. Hubert St., Montreal 10, P.Q... Duchesne, Robert, Shipshaw, Cte Chicoutimi, P.Q... Duclos & Freres Construction Enrg., 102 Baillargeon St., Croyden, Gte Chambly, P.Q... Diihaxnel,Dulcide, 736 Petite Riviere N., Chambly, Cte Chambly, P.Q... Dumont, J.M.,Furniture, Laferriere St., Berthierville, Cte Berthier, P.Q. Ebenisterie Fiot Enrg., 4548 St. Laurent Blvd., Montreal 14, P.Q... Ebenisterie Normandie, 5117 Levesque Blvd., St. Vincent de Paul, Cte Laval, P.Q... Entreprises Paradis Ltee, 103 Des Pins Ave., Drummondville, Cte Drunuond P.Q... European Store Fixture Reg'd., 3232 Rouville St., Montreal 4, P.Q... Faubert, Rhea, Montpellier, Cte Papineau, P.Q... Fiot, Bernard, 4548 St. Laurent Blvd., Montreal, P.Q... Fiset, Robert, Enrg., 1551 St. Paul St., Ancienne Lorette, Cte Quebec, P.Q Forest, Yoland, 58 Bernard St., Joliette, Cte Joliette, P.Q... Francoeur & Belanger, Pointe-a-la Fregate, Gte Gaspe, P.Q... Fremin, Andre, 6552 St.Laurent Blvd., Montreal 10, P,Q... Frenette & Lambert, Pont Rouge, Cte Portneuf, P.Q... Gagne, Claude, Cap St. Ignace, Cte Montmagny, P.Q... Gagne, J. Albert, R.R. 1, St. Tharsicius, Cte Matane, P.Q... Gagnon, Jean Jacques, St. Justin Village, Cte Maskinonge, P.Q... Gariepy,Ovila, 95 David Lord St., St. Eustache, Cte Deux Montagnes, P.Q.. Gariepy Reinbourreur, 37 St. Hubert, Pont Viau, Cte Laval, P.Q... Garneau, Jack F., Chartierville, Cte Compton, P.Q... Gauthier, Laurent, Millage 97, Forsythe, Cte Abitibi, P.Q... Gauthier, Magella, 641 Montcalm, Chicoutimi, Gte Chicoutimi, P.Q... Gazaille, Germain, St. Valerien, Cte Shefford, P,Q... Gendron F.,Enrg., 7092 Levesque, Ville D'Anjou, P.Q... Gingras, Raymond, Lavaltrie, Cte Berthier, P.Q... Clatter, Andre, 5471 Decarie Blvd., Montreal 29, P.Q... Grenier, Jean-Paul, 120 Belanger, Quebec West, P.Q... Grenier, Pierre P.,Enxg., Centre Industriel No, 5, St. Halo, Cte Quebec P.Q... Guerard, Florian, St. Felix de Valois, Cte Joliette, P.Q... Hamelin, Romeo, Coteau de Lac, Cte Soulanges, P.Q... Hardy, Leo, Co. Reg'd., 2625 Albert St., Montreal 3, P.Q... Horbas, Johan, 394 Springfield Ave., Greenfield Park, Cte Chambly, P.Q... Houde, Alfred, th Ave., Sherbrooke, P.Q... Houle, Maurice, 56 Dequoy, St. Gabriel de Brandon, Cte Berthier, P.Q... Houle, Pierre, St. Alexis Des Monts, Gte Maskinonge, P.Q... Hutoft, Donald, Reg'd., 5437 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal 14, P Q... Iberville Cabinets Ltd., 67-5th Ave., Iberville, Cte Iberville, P.Q. Ideal Chesterfirid, R.R. 2, Victoriaville, P.Q... Industries St. Joviet Ltee, Verbalisee St., St. Jovite, Gte Terrebonne, P.Q... Interior Woodwork, 1125 Hickson St., Montreal, P.Q... International Flush Door Ltd., 913 Ontario St, E,, Montreal 24, P.Q... Jean, Antoine, St. Leonard, Via Kenogami, P.Q... Jean, Camille, St. Jean Port Joli, Cte L'Islet, P.Q... ladders wood flour upho&stering kitchen school repairs woodworking mattresses kitchen repairs refinishing mattresses mop and broom handles wood carvings

31 FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS QUEBEC (cont'd) WOOD (cont'd) 29. Jean, J.P., 2505 St. Catherine St., E., Montreal, P.Q... Jeanne, Leopold, 9 Montee Mason, Ville St. Francois, P.Q... Jbin Jean-Baptiste, St. Basile, Cte Portneuf, P.Q... Joliette Industries Enrg., Joliette, Cte Joliette, P.Q... Jurkiw, Roman, 4309 Clark St., Montreal 18, P.Q... Kasner, Paul, Modern Art Furniture, 776 Beaubien St. E., Montreal, P.Q... Kelly Upholstering, 19 Riel (rear), Verdun, P.Q... La Compagnie Noel Chesterfield Ltd., St. Benoit, Cte Beauce, P.Q... La Menuiserie de L'Est Enrg., 73-9th Ave. S., Sherbrooke, P.Q... La Menuiserie de Sherbrooke Enrg., 60 Versailles St., Sherbrooke, P.Q. Laberge, Gerard, 46 Edgar Hebert Blvd., Beauharnois, Cte Beauharnois,P.Q. Labonte, Arthur, La Durantaye, Cte Bellechasse, P.Q... Labranche, Gerard, St. Isidore D'Auckland, Cte Compton, P.Q... Lacasse, Euclide, St. Pie, Cte Bagot, P.Q... Lachance, Robert & Raymond, Enrg., 778 Poirier St., Thetford Mines, Cte Megantic, P.Q... Lacombe, Yvon, 270 Beauvillier, St. Gabriel de Brandon, Cte Berthier,P.Q. Lajoie, Jean Bte. & Charles, Notre Dame des Monts, Cte Charlevoix,P.Q. Laminex Products Ltd., 700 St. Laurent Blvd., Cap de La Madeleine, Cte Champlain, P.Q... Lancaster Furniture Ltd., 67-5th Ave., Iberville. Cte Iberville, P.Q... Lanco Furniture Mfg. Inc., 3152 St. Catherine St. E., Montreal 4, P.Q... Lane & Boucher, Rawdon, Cte Montcalm, P.Q... Laplante, Paul, 255 St. Augustin, La Providence, Cte St. Hyacinthe, P.Q.. Laporte, Maurice, Ste Beatrix, Cte Joliette, P.Q... L'Atelier du Meuble Inc., St. Bruno, Cte Lac St.Jean, P.Q... Laurentide Furniture Enrg., 373 Des Sables, Quebec 3, P.Q... Lawes, L.W.,Upholstening, 5535 Upper Lachine Rd.(rear),Hontreal 28, P.Q.. Le Salon du Cadre, 7220 St.Hubert SV., Montreal 10, P.Q... LeFebvre, Ceo. A., 2395 Cartier St., Montreal, P.Q... Legault, Gerard, Ste Marguerite Lac Masson, Cte Terrebonne, P.Q... Legua, A., 2343 Quesnel St., Montreal, P.Q... Lepage, Joe. A., Anse Ste Anne Des Monts, Cte Gaspe, P.Q... Lepine, Lucien, L'Ascension, Cte Labelle, P.Q... Lee Industries A-Doyon Enrg., 21 Julien St., Quebec, P.Q... Lee Industries Prevost, St. Romuald, Cte Levis, P.Q... Levesque, Hilaire, 390 Brodeur, La Providence, Cte St. Hyacinthe, P.Q... Levesque, Wilbrod, Grande Anse, Cte Matane, P.Q... L'Industries Du Bois De Repentigny, Repentigny, Cte L'Assomption, P.Q... L'Industrie du Bois Maltais et Freres, Route Regionale, Isle Maligne, Cte Lac St. Jean, P.Q... Lirette, Louis Ltee., 4140 Rouen St., Montreal 4, P.Q... Literie Empire Bedding Enrg., 69 Gauvin Ave., Quebec 8, P.Q... Lizotte, Roland, St. Narcisse, Cte Rimouski, P.Q... Lord, Guy, St. Jacques, Cie Montcalm, P.Q... Magic Line Chesterfield Ltd., 69 Bates Rd., Montreal 8, P.Q... Maheux, Bernard, Ste Aurelie, Cte Dorchester, P.Q... Maisonneuve 6 Fils, Gouin Blvd. W., Ste Genevieve, P.Q... Maisonneuve Upholstering Reg'd., 4281 St. Catherine St. E.,Montreal,P.Q.. Mambo Rembourrage, 1213 Cartier St., Montreal, P.Q... Mansard Ltee, 94 B de Ia Fabrique, St. Roxnuald, Cte Levis, P.Q... Mfg. de Meubles Laurentien Enrg., 19 St. David, Montmagny,Cte Montmagny, P.Q... Maple Leaf Furniture Mfg. Inc., 55 Queen St., Montreal 3, P.Q... Maplewood Manufacturing Co. Inc., Box 15, La Patnie, Cte Compton, P.Q... Marchand, Albert, Daveluyville, Cte Arthabaska, P.Q... Martel, Henri, Rg. Saguenay, Alma, Cte Lac St. Jean, P.Q... Mantel, Leo, R.R. 2, Barraute, Cte Abitibi, P.Q... Martel & Tremblay, N. Est Riviere La Malbaie, Cte Charlevoix, P.Q... Mascouche Lumber Enrg., Mascouche, Cte LAssomption, P.Q... Masson Upholstering, 3132 Masson St. (rear), Montreal, P.Q... Matte, Louis, Girardville, Cte Lac St. Jean, P.Q... McKales, Charles E., Pointe au Chene, Cte Argenteuil, P.Q... Menard Upholstering, 77 St. Redempteur St., Hull, P.Q... Menard & Vandal, 79 Royale Ave., St. Tite Des Caps, Cte Montmorency,P.Q.. Meubles Desier Furniture, 318 St. Joseph, Lanoraie, Cte Berthier, P.Q. Miguel Furniture Inc., 2619 Charlemagne Ave., Montreal, P.Q... Mirizio, T. & Co., 2162 Rachel St. E., Montreal, P.Q... Moisl, Herman, Home Furnishings, 2625 Albert St., Montreal 3, P.Q... Morency, J.A., Enng., 38 de Is Fabrique, Quebec 4, P.Q... Moulures Mercier, Sr.Honore Shenley, Cte Beauce, P.Q... frames truck boxes sewing machine boxes s awmi 11 laminated structures frames picture frames planing mill planing mill truck boxes mattresses veneer turniture caskets veneer mill repairs

32 30. FIRM NA1 AND ADDRESS QU EBEC (cont'd) WOOD (cont'd) Multiform Laminates Ltd., 894 Blootafield Ave., Montreal 8, P.Q... Nadeau, Fernand, Ste Methode, Cte Lac St. Jean, P.Q... Nadeau, Lucien, Lemesurier, Cte Megantic, P.Q... Nantes Furniture, Nantes, Cte Frontenac, P.Q... Nas Co., Stanhope, Cte Stanstead, P.Q... Naud, Michel, Notre Dame de is Dore, Cte Roberval, P.Q... New Idea Furniture, 6552 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal, P.Q... New Way Restaurant Equipment & Store Fixture Ltd., 2028 Moreau St., Montreal 4, P.Q... Novax, Durham Ave., Montreal, P.Q... Opus, 3819 Mentana Lane, Montreal 24, P.Q... Orient Cabana, 2404 Raimbault St. N., Sherbrooke, P.Q... Ouellet, Bernard, Villeroy, Cte Lotbiniere, P.Q... Ouimet, Alexandre, Dequen North, Cte Roberval, P.Q... Paquet, J., & Pus Enrg., 133 Royal N., Louiseville, Cte Maskthonge, Quebec 3, P.Q... Pare, Roland, 76 Gamier Ave., Itouterive, Cte gaguenay, P.Q... Parent, Marius, Sayabec, Cte Matapedia, P.Q... Patoine Rembourrage Generale Enrg., 425-7th St., Quebec 3, P.Q... Pelegrin & Freres Enrg., Ave., Quebec, P.Q... Pellerin, Ludovic, Ste Perpetue, Cte L'Islet, P.Q... Pelletier, Ammand, St. Adalbert, Cte L'Islet, P.Q... Pelletier, Marcel, Hebertville Village, Cte Lac St. Jean, P.Q... Pelletier, Paul, St. Paul D'Industrie, Cte Joliette, P.Q... Perreault, Omer, Girardville, Cte Roberval, P.Q... Perreault, Yvan, 27 St. Jacques St., Cte Montcalm, P.Q... Perrier, Gerald, 5031 Notre Dame St. W., Montreal 30, P.Q... Perron & Martel, Ste Philomene St., Clermont, Cte Charlevoix, P.Q... Peternelli, Pietro, 6552 St. Laurent Blvd., Montreal 10, P.Q... * Philippe, Laurel, 234-2nd St., Pont Viau, Cte Laval, P.Q... Picard, Valere, 559 St. Viateur, Joliette, Cte Joliette, P.Q... * Plourde Gonzague & Frere, Riviere Au Renard W., Cte Gaspe, P.Q... Poirier's Upholstery Shop, Petit Cap, Gaspe, Cte Gaspe, P.Q... Polen, A., Upholstering Co., 23 A Prince Arthur St. W., Montreal 18, P.Q. * Pomerleau, Gedeon, Ste Felicite, Cte L'lslet, P.Q... Popular Frame Shop, 5461 Prenoveau St. (rear), Montreal 34, P.Q... Potvin & Fournier, Deschaillons, Cte Lotbiniere, P.Q... Poulin & Frere, 4946 Levesque Blvd., St. Vincent de, Cte Laval, P.Q. Premier Chesterfield Enrg., 1960 Logan St., Montreal 24, P.Q... Proulx, Raymond, Roxton Pond, Cte Shefford, P.Q... Providence Furniture, 505 Castelnau St. E., Montreal 10, P.Q... Provost, Gaston, Huberdeau, Cte Argenteuil, P.Q... Quirion, Anatole, St. Robert, Cte Frontenac, P.Q... Raby, Pierre, Inc., 4164 Rivard St., Montreal 34, P.Q... Ray's Upholstering, 23 Wellington, Hull, P.Q... Raymond, Claude, 100 Laurendeau Ave., Montreal E., P.Q... Record Upholstery Reg'd., th Ave., Ville St. Michel, P.Q... Regence Rembourreur, 1335 Beaubien St. E., Montreal, P.Q... Rembourrage Ellice Upholstering, 21 Ellice, Valleyfield, Cte Beauharnois, P.Q... Rembourrage Laurier Enrg., 444 De La Madone, Mont-Laurier, Cte Labelle, P.Q... Rembourrage Moderne Enrg., Joliette, Cte Joliette, P.Q... Renaud, C. & M., Enrg., Roxboro, P.Q... Robitaille, Charles Emile, Morin St., St. Lin, Cte L'Assomption, P,Q... Rodrigue, Jean Marie, St. Benjamin, Cte Dorchester, P.Q... Rougier, L., & Fils Enrg., 4585 de Ia Roche St., Montreal 34, P.Q... Roussin Box & Lumber Co., 1480 Cure Labelle Blvd., St. Martin, Cte Laval, P.Q... Royal Interior Woodwork Reg'd., 4377 Drolet St., Montreal 18, P.Q... Ruel Transit & Box Reg'd., 416 St. Joseph, Lauzon, Cte Levis, P.Q... S-K General Woodworkers, 2401 Lytaburner, Montreal 3, P.Q... St. Come Wood Turnings Ltd., St. Come, Cte Beauce, P.Q... St. Pierre, Adrien, Trois Pistoles, Cte Riviere du Loup, P.Q... St. Vallier Bedding, St. Vallier, Cte Bellechasse, P.Q... Schreiner, E.P., 163 Collin St., St. Jean, Cte St. Jean, P.Q... Schroll Inc., 2135 Mackay St., Montreal 25, P.Q... Sept IlesRembourreur, 285 Joliette, Sept lies, Cte Saguenay, P.Q... Simoneau, Alcide, Kotevale, Cte Stanstead, P.Q... Simonesu, Isidore, 493 Arona St., Sherbrooke, P.Q... Sound Regrigeratc'r Products, 984 Galt St., Verdun, P.Q... laminated structures ladders hardwood squares sawmi 11 store fixtures display tables wooden cases s awni 11 s awni 11 s awmi 11 polishing sawmi 11 frames chesterfields reupho Is t er ing doors pal lets boxes frames boxes woodworking bowling pin blocks f urn it lire cold storage doors

33 FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS QUEBEC (concl'd) WOOD (cont'd) 31. Star Chesterfield Mfg. Co., th Ave., Villa St. Michel, P.Q... Syme, C., Upholstering Reg'd., 1652 Everett St., Montreal, P.Q... Tardif, Ulric, Village des Chutes, Cte Wolfe, P.Q... Thibault, Rosario, Champigny, Cte Quebec, P.Q... Thomas Furniture & Upholstering, 214 Jean Talon St. W.,Montreal, P.Q... Tip-Top Woodcraft, 6350 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal 10, P.Q... Tobenstein, H., 2105 Van Home Ave., Montreal, P.Q... Tourville, Aurele, 827 Royale St., Ste Anne de Beaupre, Cte Montmorency, P.Q... Tremblay, Antoine, R.R. 2, Kenogami, Cte Chicoutimi, P.Q... Tremblay, Ulysse, Lorrain St., Buckingham, P.Q... Trottier, Lionel, St. Pierre Las Becquets, Cte Nicolet, P.Q... Trudel, Charles, Baa Riviere Maskinonge, Cte Maskinonge, P.Q... Turgeon, Gerard, 65A Laval St., Bromptonville, Cte Richmond, P.Q... Utility Made Products Inc., 30 Champlain, Ste Rose, Cte Laval, P.Q... Veillette, Prosper, Valmont, Mont Camel, Cte Champlain, P.Q... Verheyden, Jacques, &Barac, Vladimir,4322 Drolet St.,Montreal 18,P.Q... Verville, J.W., Ltee, 2642 Roussel St., Chicoutimi N., P.Q... Vida Furniture Corp., th Ave., Montreal 38, P.Q... Vinet, Georges, St. Eugene de Guigues, Cte Temiscaming, P.Q... Wafer, George, Fleurant, Cia Bonaventure, P.Q... Yelle & Fils Enrg., 137 St. Louis, Ville Lemoyne, Cte Chambly, P.Q... Zanasi, William, Reg'd, 6644 Clark St., Montreal 10 3 P.Q... S awni 11 repairs upholstered repairs flooring basket covers counter tops repairs basket bottoms woodworking ONTARIO A.A.A. Store Fixtures, 3149 Danforth Ave., Toronto, Out... store fixtures Abco Upholstering Co., 604 Guelph St., Kitchener, Ont... Ace Furniture Refinishing Service, 58 Collingdon Dr., Brantford, Out..., refinishing Acme Table Manufacturers, 58 Ossington Ave., Toronto 3, Ont... Acton Box Mfg. Co., Wallace Ave., Acton, Ont... boxes, crates Advance Upholstering Co., 51 Bulwer St., Toronto 2B, Ont... Al's Cabinet Shop, 791 Lauzon Rd., Riverside, Out... Aldo, George, P.O. Box 141, Sudbury, Out... Alex Furniture Refinishing, 206 Osler Ave.(rear), Toronto, Out... refinishing Allen's Utholstery, 1010 Bathurst St., Toronto, Ont... Amherst Woodworking Ltd., 72 Cordova Ave., Islington, Ont... doors Anthony, Richard, 81 Haig Ave., Toronto, Out... Arc Stainless Ltd., 1019A Queen St. E., Toronto 8, Out... restaurant equipment Arne Cabinet Works, Chieflake Rd., Sudbury, Out... repairs Ascot Chair Ltd., 80 Mitchell Ave., Toronto 3, Out... Associated Metal Industries, 35 Water S., Galt, Out... Atchison's Carpenter Shop, South River, Out... Atlas Chrome Chair Repair, 229 Atlas Ave., Toronto, Out... repairs B.M.V. Manufacturing Co., 290 St. David St., Fergus, Out... B. & N. Door M.fg. Co. of Canada Ltd., 385 Salter Ave., Windsor, Out Beaver Lumber Co., Bay St., Sault Ste Marie, Out... woodworking Bellevue Woodworking Co., 86 Nassau St., Toronto, Out... kitchen Bergeron, A., Builder's Supply Ltd., 10 Manor Rd., Sudbury, Out... Bernier, Fernando, Chapleau, Out... Best Way Upholsterers, 43 Yonge St., Toronto, Ont... Biubrook Wood Products, Binbrook P.O. Out... packing cases Birchland Veneer Ltd., Thessalon, Out... veneer Boucher, Roland, 8 Darby, Massey, Out... Bowlby, Garnet A., Sash & Door Factory, R.R.4, Trenton, Out... Brandt, A., 382 Hamilton Rd., London, Out... Brown, Russell, Camden East, Out... Bruno's Woodcraft, 3243 Sandwich St. W., Windsor, Out... Burkholder, John T., 71 Memorial Park, Cochrane, Out... Bursey, Harold, Upholstery & Carpets, R.R. 1, Brantford, Out... Bussman, John, Cabinet & Furniture, 1317 Georgina Av*., Fort William,Out Canadian Custom-Built Upholstery, 86 Dorval Rd., Toronto, Out... Carla Upholstering & Service, 278 Annette St. (rear),toronto, Out Carpenter, H,G., Construction & Woodworking, 74 St. Clarens Ave., Toronto 3, Out... woodworking Carroll & Currie Construction Co. Ltd., Box 447, Elliot Lake, Out Carter's Refinishing, 255 Emerald St, N., Hamilton, Out... refinishing Cerny Upholstery, 175 Beaconsfield Ave., Toronto 3, Out... Charuk, Geo., Wood Working, 327 Killaly St. E., Port Colborne, Out pallets, boxes

34 32. FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS ONTARIO (cont'd) WOOD (cont'd) Clover Leaf Bedding Co. Ltd., 49 Rivalda Rd., Weston 15, Ont... Clynick, C.E., & Son, Hespeler, Oat... Colborne Wood Products, Victoria St., Colborne, Oat... Collapsible Bed Co., 744 Shaw St., Toronto, Out... College Woodworking, 169 McCaul St., Toronto, Ont... Colonial Homes, Havkesbury, Oat... Confident Woodcraft, 31A Herman Ave., Toronto, Out... Constable Furniture, 57 Buffalo St., Brantford, Out... Coolmaster Mfg., 80 Main St. W., Grimsby, Out... Copenhagen Craftsmen Lcd., 289 Adelaide St. W., Toronto 2B. Oat... Coronet Furniture, 245 Queen St. W., Toronto 2B, Oat... Creative Counter Top Co., 76 Crockford Blvd., Scarboro, Out... Crest Kitchen Cabinets, 143 Ennerdale Rd., Toronto 10, Oat... Crest Woodworkers, 443 Spadina Ave., Toronto, Out... Croth Upholstering, 1003 King St. E., Kitchener, Out... Crown Cabinet Makers, R.R. 2, Tecurnseh, Oat... Crystal-Vue Industries Ltd., Durham Rd., Grimsby, Oat... Custom Woodcraft, Days Rd., Reddendale, Ont... Danco Fixtures & Cabinet Making, 104 George St., Hamilton, Ont... Daytnond Custom Cabinets, R.R. 2, Guelph, Out... Dayton Mfg. Co. Ltd., 915 Crawford Ave., Windsor, Oat... Degier, J., Custom Woodcraft, 160 Main St. N., Weston, Out... Design & Woodwork, 672 Bay St., Toronto 2, Ont... Diamond Frame & Woodworking Co., 82 Spadina Ave., Toronto 2B, Oat... Diamond Upholstery, 69 Aikman Ave., Hamilton, Out... Dick's Miliwork, P.O. Box 11, Virgil, Oat... Dising Ltd., 208 Pellatt Ave., Toronto 15, Oat... Doric Door Ltd., 25 Medulla St., Toronto 18, Oat... Dowdall, Murray,Birch's Rd., North Bay, Ont... Durable Equipment, 1383 Queen St. E., Toronto, Out... Du-Rite Upholstery, 23 Outario St., St. Catharines, Out... Dutch Canadian Furniture Co., 54 Wellington Ave., Hamilton, Ont... E. & K. Woodturning Co., 180 Robert St., Toronto 4, Out... East Upholsterers, 418 Parliament St.(rear), Toronto, Oat... Eastwood Cabinets, Ogilvy Rd., Cyrville, Out... Europe Upholstering, 1571 Eglinton W., Toronto, Oat... F. & P. Cabinet Makers, 1242 Bloor St. W., Toronto 10, Out... Falkenberg & Gamon, 10 Asquith Ave., Toronto, Out... Flindall, Ivan, Woodworking, R.R. 3, Brighton, Oat... Forget Woodworks, Wahaapitae, Oat... Foxbury Furniture, 225 Jones Ave. (rear), Toronto 5, Oat... Fraser Furniture Refinishing, 124 Mimico Ave., Mimico, Out... Freeman Smith Associates, 350 Adelaide St. W., Toronto 2B, Oat... Freeman's U 1 holstering, 335 Christina St. S., Sarnia, Oat... Frisque, Maurice D., R.R. 2, Uxbridge, Oat... Furniture Service, 17 Redberry Parkway, Toronto 15, Oat... Gauthier, Firmin, 192 Main Ave., Tiumdns, Oat... General Mercantile Co., 454 Huron St., New Hamburg, Out... General Wood Products, Hillsburg P.O., Ont... Germor Woodworking, 316 Clinton St. (rear),toronto, Ont... Glud Upholstery, 20 Denison Sq., Toronto, Out... Gorrie Wood Products, Gorrie, Out... Grantham Upholstery, 275 Church Rd., St. Catharines, Oat... Grenmar Ltd., 62 Densley Ave., Toronto 15, Oat... Guild Industries & Manufacturing Ltd., 514 Davis Dr. E., Newmarket,Ont.. H.- G. Designa Ltd., Dunbarton, Oat... Haas, Albert, 27 Chalk Farm Dr. Downsview, Out... Hanka Woodworking & Model Kitchen, 292 Harbord St., Toronto 4, Oat... Harriston Chrome Products Ltd., Elora St., Harriston, Oat... Harry's Upholstering, 1028 Bathurst St., Toronto, Out... Hawkestone Wood Products, Mill St., Hawkestone, Oat... Hayden Lumber Co. Ltd., 181 Hugill St., Sault Ste Marie, Oat... Health-O-Mat Mattress Co. Ltd., 48 Abell St., Toronto 3, Oat... Hearst Transport & Lumber Ltd., Hearst, Oat... Heighway's Upholstery, 1143 Partington, Windsor, Oat... Henderson, W.A., Furniture Repairs, 358 Catherine St., Ottawa 4, Out... Henry-Craft, R.R. 1, Peterborough, Oat... Herbert, Wm. I., 3257 Yonge St. (rear), Toronto, Oat... Hicks, Ray, Odessa, Oat... boxes prefabricated houses kitchen counter tops kitchen woodworking kitchen sashless windows kitchen store fixtures woodworking frames store fixtures restaurant equipment woodturning kitchen wood carving refinishing repairs frames basket bottoms planing mill windows wood carvings woodworking basket bottoms mattresses repairs

35 FIRM NAME AND ADI)RESS ONTARIO (cont'd) WOOD (cont'd) Iloferer, Ludwig, 23 John St., Kingston, Oat... llollyer, John B., 363 Church St., Toronto, Oat... Holly-Wood Kitchens, st Line W., Cooksville, Oat... Home of Cabinets Ltd., 4949 Tecumseh Rd. E., Windsor, Ont... Homestead Furniture Ltd., 64 Colborne St. E., Orillia, Ont... I-lowe Woodworking Co., Box 197, Killaloe, Ont... Ilumber Wood Products, 47 Ingram Dr., Toronto 9, Oat... Elutten's Furniture & Woodworking, 1 Denison Ave., Toronto, Oat... Industrial Wood Products, R.R. 6, Wallaceburg, Oat... Jackson Aluminum Ltd., Egmondville, Oat... Jamieson, Melville F., 22 Peel St., Lindsay, Oat... Johnny's Cabinet Works, 332 N. Marks St., Fort William, Ont... Jthnson, Ivan, R.R. 4, Singhampton, Oat... Joseph's Upholstering, 241 George, Sarnia, Ont... K.M. Design, 2 Givins St., Toronto 3, Oat... Kaye's Woodworking, 34 Ronald Ave., Toronto, Oat... * Kelfran Woodworking Ltd., 706 Ontario St., Toronto 5, Oat... Kitchener Caskets, 26 Ontario St. S., Kitchener, Oat... Kiviste, Arthur, John St., Eganville, Oat... Klapka Furniture Ltd., Laurier St., Hawkesbury, Oat... Kozub Cabinet & Fixtures, 514 N. Brodie, Fort William, Oat... * Kuhn, Karl, Maberly, Ont... Laminyte Pre-Fab Co., McMurrich St.(rear), Toronto, Oat... Landry, J.Z., Lumber Co., Verner, Oat... * Lasting's Custom Woodworking, Box 521, Elliot Lake, Oat... Lenart's Upholstery, Beaverdams Rd., St. Catharines, Oat... Lewis Products Ltd., Richmond St. E., Toronto, Oat... Lisle Lumber & Crate Co., R.R. 1, Lisle, Oat... Lard's Picture Framing, 773 Mount Pleasant Rd., Toronto 7, Oat... MacDonald, Peter, 33 Queen St. W., Brampton, Oat... MacDonald, Thos. W., Upholstering, 44 Seneca St., Ottawa 1, Oat... Madsen, Gunner, 43 Maitland St., Toronto 5, Oat... Kalabe Co., 135 Tecumseth St., Toronto, Oat... Kalloy, Gerrard, West Guilford, Oat... Kandelcraft Reg'd, 724 Wilson Ave. W., Downsview, Oat... Manherz Cabinet Shop, 3150 Walker Rd., Windsor, Oat... Manufactured Homes, General Delivery, Brampton, Oat... Manyk's Upholstery, 548 Upper James, Hamilton, Oat... Martin, J., Upholstery, 386 Bayview Parkway, Orillia, Oat... Martin's Wood Working, 14 Langron St., Peterborough, Ont... Mathieu, Jim, Lumber Ltd., Sapawe, Ont... Maurer & Co. Cabinetmaker, 522 Yonge St., Toronto 5, Oat... Mayers, B., Custom Wood Working, 278 King St. E., Toronto, Oat... McLean, S.R., & Associates, 12A Main St., Huntsville, Ont. (Mill at Melissa, Oat.)... McVeety, Norman, R.R. 1, Nipissing, Oat... Melaco Cabinet & Woodworking Co., 522 Yonge St., Toronto, Oat... Midland Upholstery Service, 186 Fourth St., Midland, Oat... Milczynski, Stan, 188 Dupont St., Toronto 5, Oat... Milinkov, T., 160 Mead Ave., Hamilton, Ont... Modern Door Design Co., /2 Dundas St. W., Toronto 9, Oat... Modern Kitchens, Maple St., La Salle, Oat... Modern Sales, 64 Niagara St. N., Newmarket, Out... Modern Upholstering, 926 1/2 Simcoe St. N., Oshawa, Oat... Modern Woodworking Specialties, Peter St., Walkerton, Ont... Molton Mfg. Co., 327 Breithaupt St., Kitchener, Oat... Moore, A.G., Stroud, Oat... Morgen Upholstering Ltd., 14 Darling Ave., Toronto, Oat... Mornick, L.,lO Bevdale, Willowdale, Oat... Nulvey Sawmill Co. Ltd., Mattice, Oat... Nometh, Vincent, R.R. 3, Everett, Oat... Nuubauer, Herb, R.R. 4, London, Oat... Nt'wport Chesterfield Mfg. Co. Ltd., 860 Richmond St. W.,Toronto, Oat... Northland Lath Co. Ltd., 71 Memorial Park, Cochranc, Out... Otfice Equipment Service, 111 Pharmacy Ave., Toronto 13, Oat... Ontario Basket Co., R.R. 1, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Oat... Osmose Pressure Treated Wood Products(Ontariu) Ltd., Bancroft, Oat ette, L.M., Mount Albert, Oat... Pu tin Lumbor Co., South Gillies, Ont... refinishing woodworking kitchen kitchen wood turning planing mill frames sashless windows refinishing s awi 11 store fixtures refinishing woodworking caskets woodworking counters crates picture frames repairs pre-fabricated houses sash and frames crates woodworking doors kitchen basket bottoms crates kitchen repairs baskets wood treating wdworking 4OWfl1 I I

36 34. FIRM NAME MD ADDRESS ONTARIO (cont'd) WOOD (cont'd) Parkdale Construction Co. Ltd., 409 Front St. E., Toronto, Ont... Peake, Bob, Wood Products, Sidney St., Belleville, Ont... Penko, Wm.,Cabinet Shop, 406 Hodder Ave., Port Arthur, Out... Perreault, Paul, Mileage 50.6, Temagami, Out... Perry-Hill Wood Industries, Industrial Rd., Richmond Hill, Ont... Phillips, Harold G., 193 Church St., Toronto 2, Out... Phillips Upholstering, 953 Dundas St. W., Toronto, Ont... Piovesan Upholstery, 92 York Rd., Guelph, Ont... Pipher Trophies, Kingston St. W., Oshawa, Ont... Pividor Ltd., 39 Edgar Ave., Weston, Out... Plywood Associates Inc., Wiarton, Out... Point Display Ltd., 64 Birch Ave., Toronto 7, Ont... Poly-Mol-Lite Co., 2139 Dundas St., Toronto, Out... Postma's Upholstering & Repair, 1999 Main St. W., Hamilton, Out... Rabe Custom Furniture, Markham, Ont... Randall Furniture Mfg., 19 Maruora St., London, Ont... Rapid Furniture, 51 Kensington Ave., Toronto 2B, Ont... Red Hill Upholstery, 34 Hixon, Hamilton, Ont... Regal Arc Ltd., 1139 College St., Toronto 5, Out... Reliance Furniture Mfg. Ltd., 1260 Castlefield Ave., Toronto, Out... Ren.Ston Furniture Ltd., 720 Quebec St.(rear), London, Ont... Restline Chair Co., 81 McCormack St., Toronto 9, Ont... Rogers Furniture Co., 574 Rogers Rd., Toronto, Ont... Ron's Upholstering, Queen St. W., Toronto, Ont... Rosewood Furniture Finishers, 57 Crockford Blvd., Scarborough, Out... Rumble Industries, 3700 Bathurst St., Toronto 10, Ont... Runia, Simon P., Mfg. Co., 1358 Plains Rd. E., Burlington, Out... Rupo Upholstering, 211 Hallain St., Toronto, Ont... Sarfi, Joe, Box 434, Keevatin, Out... Scandia Furniture Co., 53 Balmoral Ave. N., Hamilton, Out... Scandia Upholstering, 96 Clemintine Sq., Scarborough, Out... Schienther,Ben, 110 Wardrope Ave., Port Arthur, Out... Schutte's Sash & Door Factory, Chesterville, Out... Sebastian Custom Made Furniture Co., 35 Water St., Gait, Ont... Silvermans Frames Ltd., 103 Orfus Rd., Toronto 10, Out... Simcoe Cabinet Works, 323 Frood Ave., Sudbury, Out... Sleeprite Mfg. Co., 389 College St., Toronto 2B, Out... Smith, Ivan, Woodwork & Construction, Campbell St., Belleville, Ont... Special Woodcraft, 113 Matchedash St., Orillia, Out... Springer, Florian Jos., R.R. 3, Renfrew, Out... Stacey's Custom Upholstery, 117 Manville Rd., Scarborough, Out... Stajkowski, Rudy, Wamsley, Out... Stanley Bedding 543 Rogers Rd., Toronto, Out... Stereophonic Cabinet Co., Hwy. 6, Hamilton, Out... Steve's Furniture Co., 209 Buttonwood Ave., Toronto 9, Out... Stone's Miliwork & Woodworking, 92 Crockford Blvd., Scarborough, Ont... Stouffville Wood Specialty, R.R. 4, Stouffville, Out... Style-Master Woodworking Co., 464 Bathurst St., Toronto 2B, Out... Teck Upholsterers, 56 Main St., Kirkland Lake, Out... Ther-A-Pedic Sleep Products Ltd., 103 Orfus Rd., Toronto, Out... Tibbutt, R.A., 334 Kingscourt St., Kingston, Out... Timber Framing & Treating Co. Ltd., 174 Larch, Sudbury, Ont... Tip Top Upholstering, 2055 Dundas St. W., Toronto 3, Out... Tittler, Eugen, Canada Led., Duke St., Bobcaygeon, Out... Top's Upholstery, 393 Queen St. W., Toronto, Ont... Toronto Upholstering, 490 St. Clements Ave., Toronto 12, Out... Trend Upholstery, 1095 Main St. E., Hamilton, Out... Triangle Industries Co., 514 Coxwell Ave., Toronto 6, Ont... Trio Frame & Woodworking Co., 178 Ossingtou Ave.(rear), Toronto 3, Out... Tru-Grain Ltd., 98 Munro St., Toronto 8, Out... Tyre Manufacturing Co.,, Dunnville, Out... Vida, Leslie, R.R. No. 2, Oro Station, Out... Viking Vacation Hones, 49 Benson Ave., Port Credit, Out... Vile, Win, R.R. No. 1, Bells Corners, Out... Von Svoboda, Alex, De Ltd., 140 St. Clarens Ave., Toronto 3, Out... Wake Furniture Finishers, 85 Barker Ave., Toronto, Out... Wardell, J.G.,Custom Woodworking, 26 Safri Ave., Scarborough, Out... Westminster Lounge Furniture, P.O. 414, London, Out... Weston Window Co., 31 Main St., Weston, Ont... kitchen woodworking store fixtures doors, shutters trophy bases plywood mills display racks finishing frames refinishing repairs frames woodworking woodworking mattress repairs kitchen legs woodworking mattresses woodworking wood treating veneer upholstered frames refinishing veneer crates pre-fabricated cabins woodworking polishing

37 FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS ONTARIO (concl'd) WOOD (cont'd) 35. Wbitjax Ltd., 151. Wellington St., Braneford, Ont... Williams, T.M., Mfg. Co. Ltd., Bay Shore Rd., Owen Sound, Ont... * Williams Upholstering, 612 The Queensway, Mimico, Ont... Williamsf.rd Sash 6. Door, Williansford, Ont... Woodcraft Mfg. Co., 10 Main St. S., Waterdown, Ont... York Upholstery Studio, 55 Avenue Rd., Toronto 5, Ont... Yorkton Woodworking Ltd., 708 Ontario St., Toronto 5, Ont... Zarembiv, Alex, R.R. 5, London, Ont... layette, Anthony, 1111 Centre St. S., Whitby, Ont... Zepf, C., Woodworking, 166 Park St., Kitchener, Ont... woodworking woodworking MANITOBA Acme Furniture Finishing, 253 Ellen St., Winnipeg 2, Man... Beausejour Cabinet & Lumber Supply, Beausejour, Man... Bros. Bedding & Upholstering, 1857 Notre Dame Ave., Winnipeg 3, Man... Custom Bedding & Upholstering Co., 339 William Ave., Winnipeg 2, Man... Danish Woodwork, 1547 St. Marys Rd., Winnipeg S. Man... Gladstone, C., 131 Park St., Brandon, Man... Grimm's Woodwork, Ge4thon P.O., Man... Ideal Cabinet Shop, 113 Main S.(rear), Dauphin, Man... Imperial French Polishers, 116 River Ave., Winnipeg, Man... Imperial Woodwork, 761 Archibald St., St. Boniface, Man... J.G. Upholstering Ltd., 460 Bignall Ave., The Pas, Nan... Lalonde, R., 86 Salter St., Winnipeg 4, Man... Lavergne, Martial, St. Pierre, Man... Marguetry Murals Ltd., Varsity View, Winnipeg, Man... * Michael's Cabinet, 328 Aberdeen Ave., Winnipeg, Man... * Mid-West Furniture Nfg., 178 Henry Ave., Winnipeg 2, Man... Ottosen, Svend H., 2110 Park Ave., Brandon, Man... Roblin Forest Products Ltd., Box 489, Roblin, Man... Senkiw's Upholstering, 719 Selkirk Ave., Winnipeg, Man... Superior Millwork, 371 Johnson, Winnipeg 5, Man... Versatile Upholstering, 9 Barrington, St. Vital, Man... Wessler, Werner,39 St. James Place, Winnipeg 10, Man... West Remodellers Ltd., 392 Seven Oaks Ave., Winnipeg 4, Man... finishing woodworking polishing windows murals (contracting) kitchen wood treating kitchen store fixtures SASKATCHEWAN Adam, M.H., Nobleville, Sask... Anfinson, L., Pelly, Sask... Aspvik, Relmer, Paddockwood, Sask... Bleich, Alex, Pontrilas, Sask... Cook, Thomas IL, Hazel Dell, Sask... Czornaby, Steve, Endeavour, Sask... Davis Custom Upholstery, 110 Victoria St., Regina, Sask... Desmarais, A., & Margerison, H.,Paynton, Sask... Dortman, Henry, Leoville, Sask... Drechsler, Arvin, Hudson Bay Junction, Sask... Durabilt Woodwares, 708-2nd Ave. N., Saskatoon, Sask... Ens, Wilfred, Gronlid, Sask... Folwark, Albert, Endeavour, Sask... Francis, Bert, Leoville, Sask... Francoeur, Gerard, Victoire, Sask... Friesen, George, Peesane, Sask... Frolek, Robert, Battleford, Sask... Garner, Fred & Ross, Cater, Sask... flolness, Lloyd, Crestview, Man. (Mill in Sask.)... Kelsey, Clifford Thos., Choiceland, Sask... Kowch, Steve, Swan Plain, Sask... Kozmeniuk, Wm.,Danbury, Sask... Krywy, Paul, Danbury, Sask... Kwiatkowski, Nick, Porcupine Plain, Sask... Lewis, Harold E., Shipman, Sask... Lucas, Raymond, &Langdon, Leonard, Box 42, Hudson Bay, Sask... MacKie, Hugh, Fairholme, Sask... Mateush, Mike, Ketchen, Sask... Nelson, G.H., Usherville, Sask... Nelson, L., Amiens, Sask...

38 36. FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS SASKATCHEWAN (conci 'd) WOOD (cont'd) Nielsen, Vern, 2101 Ewert Ave., Saskotoon, Sasi'.... Northern Can. Evangelical Mission, Portage La Loche, Sask... Pauls, Jake J., Duck Lake, Sask... Perrin, Carl, Arborfield, Sask... Professional. Upholstering, 2409 Vernon Ave., Saskatoon, Sask... R.R. Upholstery, th St. W., Saskatoon, Sask... Robert, Joe, Steep Creek, Sask... Rogers, A.T., Pleasantdale, Sask... Rupchan, Arthur, Reserve, Sask... Ryhorski, Frank, Chelan, Sask... Saskatchewan Sash & Door, 632 Ave. N., Saskatoon, Sask... Sauer, John, Lintlaw, Sask... Schell, Jack, Box 130, Kinistino, Sask... Scutt, N., Rabbit Lake, Sask... Senderak, George, Muskeegan, Sask... Smith, L.R., Carragana, Sask... Sprackman, Thos., Veillardville, Sask... Szepesi, George, Usherville, Sask... Vic's Cabinet Shop, Meadow Lake, Sask... Wagner, Fred F., Lintlaw, Sask... Watne, Lawrence, Ketchen, Sask... Wilf's Cabinet Shop, 322 Ave. B.S., Saskatoon, Sask... Wittynek, Harry, Wallwort, Sask... Wood, Allyn, Big River, Sask... Yufrym, Stanley, Danbury, Sask... Zabloski, Joe, Yellow Creek, Sask... Zacharias Bros., Loon River, Sask... sawmilwl kitchen ALBERTA A-Brand Cabinets Ltd., Ave.(rear), Edmonton, Alta... Abbey Upholstering, St., Edmonton, Alta... Aero Sash & Millwork(Alta.) Ltd., th St., Edmonton, Alta... Aerox Upholstering Co., A Ave., Edmonton, Alta... Altoy-Manufactory, R.R. 2, South Edmonton, Alta... Arbor Woodworking, th Ave., Beverly, Alta... Benders & Dittrich, Box 359, Stettler, Alta... Bergman, P.K., Furniture Upholstery, th Ave. S.E.,Calgary, Alta. Brentsn Windows Ltd., St. S.E., Calgary, Alta... Centralta Millwork & Building Supplies Ltd., th St. Red Deer, Alta... Chase Upholstering, st N.W., Calgary, Alta... Chuck's Upholstery, rd St. N.E., Calgary, Alta... Cooley, A., & Goble, K., Wildwood, Alta... Crafty Cabinet Ltd., th St., Edmonton, Alta... Crescent Upholstering, th Ave., Edmonton, Alta... Custom Upholstery Furniture, th Ave., Edmonton, Alta... Delton Cabinet Co. Ltd., th Ave., Edmonton, Alta... Denny Logging Co., Fort Fitzgerald, Alta... Doucette, Clarence & Leon, High Prairie, Alta... Ergliss, John, (Wood) Co. Ltd., 511-3rd Ave. S.W., Calgary, Alta... Expert Woodcraft Mfg. Ltd., th Ave. S.W., Calgary, Alta... Falcon Fixture Manufacturers, 118 Ave. & 157 St., Edmonton, Alta... Fersovitch, Steve, losegun Lake, Alta... Forest Lawn Sash & Door, th Ave. S.E., Forest Lawn, Alta... Garrow, George, Upholstering, Ave.(rear), Edmonton, Alta... Grundaus Upholstering, St., Edmonton, Alta... Hanna Sash & Cabinet, 304-2nd Ave. E., Hanna, Alta... Hildebrand Furniture Finishing Co. Ltd., th Ave., Edmonton, Alta... Hilltop Millwork, Box 393, Lethbridge, Alta... House of Acorn Furniture Ltd., P.O. Box 286, Drumheller, Alta... John's Woodwork, st Ave., Edmonton, Alta... Koopmans Manufacturing Co., St., Jasper Place, Alta... Libicz & Mucha, Ave., Edmonton, Alta... Luoma & Rakowaki Sawmill, Box 237, Thorhild, Alta... Magee, T.R., Box 14, Rocky Mountain House, Alta... Mannville Woodworks, Mannville, Alta... Martin Mfg., th Ave. N.E., Calgary, Alta... Master Woodcraft, Linden, Alta... woodwor king store, church fixtures windows kitchen store fixtures finishing kitchen

39 FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS ALBERTA (concl'd) WOOD (cont'd) :37. Masterbilt Furniture & Mfg. Co. Ltd., 202-4th Ave. S.E., Calgary, Alta. Minnewanka Cabinet Co., Ave. N.E., Calgary, Alta... Moberg Sawmill, Ricinus, Alta... Modern Design Furniture, st St., Edmonton, Alta... Modern Upholstery, Taber, Alta... Murray Manufacturing Ltd., th Ave. S.W., Calgary, Alta... Niemi, Vester R., Eckville, Alta... North West Truck Body, Sylvan Lake, Alta... Nu-Look Furniture Refinishing, 1329B - 9th Ave. E., Calgary, Alta... Olsen's Lumber(Lacombe) Ltd., Box 606, Lacombe, Alta... O1hus, Ed., Niton, Alta... Petersen, Max, Grande Prairie, Alta... * Pinto Creek Lumber Ltd., Ave., Edmonton, Alta... + P rtell Prefab Industries Ltd., Ave., Edmonton, Alta... R.A.W. Building Supplies Ltd., th St., Edmonton, Alta... R. R. & F. Sawmill, th St., Edmonton, Alta... Reason & Bolduc Lumber, Smith, Alta... Renew Mattress & Upholstery Shop, Ave. S., Lethbridge, Alta... Riverview Lumber Ltd., Ave., Edmonton, Alta... Royal Acres Saw Mill, Frank, Alta... Scholz, Robert, th Ave., S.E., Calgary, Alta... Sharman's Upholstery, Box 21, College Hts., Alta... Standard Store Fixture Co., th Ave. S.W., Calgary, Alta... Strathmore Wood Products, Strathmore, Alta... Straub, Ernest, Box 126, Grande Prairie, Alta... Swab & Cap, Athabaska, Alta... Thomas, Karl, rd Ave., Edmonton, Alta... Timber Rib Ltd., 118th Ave. & 157th St., Edmonton, Alta... Totem Upholstering, Ave., Edmonton, Alta... Vanderwell Lumber Ltd., Winterburn, Alta... Werstuik, Nick, Ave., Beverly, Alta... Willis, Floyd, Dunmore Rd., Medicine Hat, Alta... Yt Woodcrafts, St. S.E., Calgary, Alta... wood lath grain boxes refinishing planing mill prefabricated buildings store fixtures laminated beams windows iritish COLUMBIA A.A. Box Co., Box 175, Clinton, B.0... A. & C. Planers Ltd., P.O. Box 51, Williams Lake, B.0... Acme Pellets Ltd., Ft. of Rogers Rd., North Vancouver, B.0..., Fred A., Montrose, B.0... Aiwest Sawmill, Box 331, Quesnel, B.0... Aiiwtto Woodworking Ltd., 1441 Parker St., Vancouver, B.0... * Annis, Box 245, Prince George, B.0... Art's Sawmill, Pine Valley, B.0... B.C. Contempory Furniture Factory,1483 Clyde Ave., West Vancouver, B.C. B.C. Steel Furniture, 937 Main St., Vancouver 4, B.0... B. & F. Sawmill, Box 75, Houston, B.0... B & R Sawmills, Lac La Hache, B.0... * B. & W. Mills, Box 217, Salmo, B.0... Baldwins Cabinet Work, 2984 Norland Ave., North Burnaby, B.0... Balmoral Cabinet Works, 833 Balmoral Rd., Victoria, B.0... Barnett Planer, Box 7, Hazelton, B.0... Bartrim Sawmills Ltd., Box 212, Ashcroft, B.0... Beauvillier, Arthur Edgar, Box 213, Houston, B &1-Air Cabinets Ltd., 2951 Bridge St., Victoria, B.0... Bi Bend Hardwoods, Box 3, Britannia Beach, B.0... Bjorg, Nick, Winlaw, B.0... * Ihud Lumber Co., Box 15, Chetwynd, B.0... lloonett Sawmill, Box 602, Prince George, B.0... Brassard, Victor, Pine Valley, B.0... Bridgeview Sash & Door Ltd., Beckstrom Rd., New Westminster, B.C. Brill & Krees, Cache Creek, B.0... C & F Custom Upholstery, st St., Vernon, B.0... Campbell, Donald, Box 292, Burns Lake, B.0... Campbell, L.W. Ltd., W. 6th, Vancouver, B.0... Carpentry-Craft, 2460 Marine Dr., West Vancouver, B.0... Carter Sawmill, Fraser Lake, B.0... Centennial Sawmill, Box 1791, Cranhrook, B.0... Centennial Upholstery th Ave., Haney, B.0... boxes planing mill pall eta planing mill kitchen planing mill planing mill doors

40 38. FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS BRITISH COLUMBIA (cont'd) WOOD (cont'd) Century Lumber Ltd., Lytton, B.0... Century Woodworks, 1701 River Rd., Richmond, B.0... Charlie's Mill, Box 382, Merritt, B.0... Cheek & Tayler Products Ltd., 52 Yale Rd. E., Chilliwack, B.0... Chong Timber Co. Ltd., Douglas, Victoria, B.0... Christoph, Joe, Lugrin Rd., Alberni, B.0... Chupa, Alex, Sawmill, Box 91, Clinton, B.0... Colebank & Arnison, Falkland, B.0... Columbia Shingle & Lumber Co. Ltd., P.O.Box 382, Revelstoke, B.0... Costyk, Wm.,Sawmill, th Ave., Prince George, B.0... Couldwell Sawmills, Quesnel, B.0... Coulter, Wiley & Warner, Invermere, B.0... Coyle Planing Mill Ltd., Merritt, B.0... Cranberry Lumber Ltd., Arrowhead, B.0... Creek Sawmill, Box 292, Burns Lake, B.0... Cripple Lake Sawmills, Fort St. James, B.0... Custom Interiors Co. Ltd., 6088 Rumble St., South Burnaby, B.0... Dalmore Steel Wares, 1602 Hunter St., North Vancouver, B.0... Danish Home Furniture, 1458 Broadway E., Vancouver 12, B.0... Dc Groot's Antique & Upholstery, 38 Nichol St., Nanaimo, B.0... Denney Logging Company Ltd., Fort Smith, N.W.T... Dependable Frame Co., nd Ave. E., Vancouver 10, B.0... DuMont, Robert F., P.O. Box 824, Terrace, B.0... E. & D. Sawmill Co., West Sunsuerland, B.0... E.M.T. Sawmill, Box 66, Hixon, B.0... Erbe, Albert, Ave., Dawson Creek, B.0... Estrex Sales (B.C.) Ltd., P.O. Box 172, North Vancouver, B.0... Fell, H.D., Lumber Yard, P.O. Box 741, Fort St. John, B.0... Finmoore Lumber Co., Box 388, Vanderhoof, B.0... Fleetwood Door (1955) Ltd., 235 Victoria Dr., Vancouver, B.0... Fraser Valley Millwork Co. Ltd., 6830 Johnson Townline Rd., Milner, B.0... Fraser Whitewood Ltd., 1182 River Rd., Richmond, B.0... Frizzi, W., Williams Lake, B.0... Fussell, Allen E., R.R. 2, Mission City, B.0... Galley's Woodworking Shop, Gibson's, B.0... Garner-Denroche Sawmill, Galiano Island, B.0... * Gentles Sawmill, General Delivery, Quesnel, B.0... Gibsons Lumber Co., R.R. No, 1, Gibsons, B.0... Gilbert, John, 699 W. 7th Ave., Vancouver, 9, B.0... Gilbert & Parker, Kitwanga, B.0... Goddard, T.S., Merritt, B.0... Goertzen, George, Box 305, Burns Lake, B.0... Goode's Rustic Shake Mill, Nakusp, B.0... Goodwood Log & Lumber Ltd., Coalmont, B.0... Graff Lumber Co., General Delivery, Merritt, B.0... Grandview Specialties Mfg., 1256 Granville St., Vancouver 2, B.0... Gray Creek Forest Products Ltd., Gray Creek, B.0... Green & Anderson, Prince George, B.0... Greenwood Lumber Co. Ltd., Box 1493, Quesnel, B.0... Grizzly Lake Sawmill, P.O. Box 146, Prince George, B.0... Gross, E.C., Sawmill, P.O. Box 436, Merritt, B.0... Gustavson, F., Lumby, B.0... H.L. Metals & Engineering Ltd., Kelowna, B.0... Hachey & Lonquist, Box 1151, Quesnel, B.0... Haffner Sawmills Ltd., Mission City, B.0... Haralson, R.M., Box 1183, Quesnel, B.0... Harkins, Thomas John, 2 Mile Flats, Quesnel, B.0... Haroidson Industries Ltd., 1000 Parker St., Vancouver 6, B.0... Hartman, A.G., Telkwa, B.0... Hass, Wilheim, 352 East 38th Ave., Vancouver 15, B.0... Hauke, H,, & Midwood, D., R.R. 2, Prince George, B.0... Hazelton Sawmills Ltd., South Hazelton, B.0... Hickson Sawmill Ltd., P.O. Box 457, Lillooet, B.0... Highway Upholstery & Custom Built Furniture, Whitehorse, Yukon... Hobenshiel Brothers, Kitwanga, B.0... Hood Sawmill, Little Prairie, B.0... House of Danish Furniture, 685 E. Hastings St., Vancouver 4, B.0... Howe Sound Cedar, Britannia Beach P.O., B.0... Hub Upholstering, Montrose Ave., Abbotsford, B.0... planing mill frames kitchen shingle mill planing mill kitchen frames plywood planing mill school kitchen s awmi 11 frames sawini 11 sawed. 11 shakes planing mill kitchen shakes

41 FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS BRITISH COLUMBIA (cont'd) )OD (cont'd) 39. Hush Lake Spruce Mills Ltd., W. Pender St., Vancouver 1, B.C. Hutton, W.J., Lbr. Co. Ltd., Chief Lake, B.0... I.B.I. Lamps, 1893 Triumph St., Vancouver 12, B.0... Inscho, H., & Sons, R.R. I, Quesnel, B.0... Insulaire Window Ltd., 30th A Ave., Aldergrove, B.0... Interior Cedar Products, Box 253, Nakusp, B.0... Island Craft Woodworkers, 6th St., Sidney P.O., B.0... K. & R. Sawmills, R.evelstoke, B.0... Karr, Frank, Lillooet, B.0... Kelly's Sawmill, Box 633, Cranbrook, B.0... Kereley Lumber Co. Ltd., Kersley, B.0... Killy Lumber Co. Ltd., 174 Victoria St., Prince George, B.0... Kiss, E.M.,Sawmill, Box 1704, Merritt, B.0... Klassen Bros., do W. Jansen, Digest Block, Quesnel, B.0... Klimp's Sawmill, Tupper, B.0... Kriese, William, R.R. 1, Kamloops, B.0... Leading Lumber Ltd., Lillooet, B.0... Lee's Custom Upholstery, A Ave., Surrey, B.0... Lefebvre & Sons Sawmill, P.O. Box 395, Lillooet, B.0... Little Fir Sawmill, R.R. I, Prince George, B.0... Little Mountain Sawmill Ltd., Burns Lake, B.0... London Antique Shop, 872 Howe St., Vancouver 1, B.0... * Long Lumber Enterprises Ltd., Box 188, Williams Lake, B.0... Lost Dollar Mill, Box 198, Lumby, B.0... Love Sash and Door Ltd., 670 Edmonds St., Burnaby, B.0... Lund, Lawrence G., Canoe, B.0... MacDicken, Alex, Shingle Co., 710 Taylor St., Vancouver, B.0... Madsen, Karl Moller, 181 W. 6th Ave., Vancouver 10, B.0... Marten's Cabinets, 1654 Howse Rd., Aldergrove, B.0... Martensen, Svond, 740 E. Hastings St., Vancouver 4, B.0... McCauley, Lelia, th Ave., Cloverdale, B.0... McConnell's Upholstery, 6549 Royal Oak St., Burnaby, B.0... McKague Lumber Co. Ltd., th Ave., Prince George, B.0... McKinney Lumber Co. Ltd., Lillooet, B.0... McLean, Lyle, Box 98, 100 Mile House, B.0... Meadow Valley Lumber Co. Ltd., do 345 Seymour St., Kaniloops, B.0... Meiklem, Telkwa, B.0... Metcalfe, V.1., Upholstery, 3820 E. Hastings St., North Burnaby, B.C... Michaelis, LeRoy, c/a Box 519, Vernon, B.0... Michaelis Upholsterers, Port Coquitlam, B.0... Millar & Hanson, Lumby, B.0... Moha Planing Mills Ltd., Box 348, Lillooet, B.0... Moldovan, F., Sawmill, R.R. 1, Gibsons, B.0... Morgan, Edward J., Mount Currie, B.0... Mountain Timber, Draper Rd., Hatzic, B.0... * Muir Alton, Waldo, B.0... Myers Sawmill, Stoner, B.0... New Hazelton Mill, New Hazelton, B.0... Nolan, Charles, Sawmill, Prince George, B.0... North Shore Woodworking Co., 213-1st St. E., North Vancouver, B.0... Northern Shake & Cedar Products Ltd., 6111 Oak St., Vancouver, B.0... Northway Upholstery, 339A McBride St., Prince Rupert, B.0... Northwest Shake Co. Ltd., R.R. 3, Mission City, B.0... Norway Chair Co., 3205 Cambie St., Vancouver, B.0... Oleson, Arlo, Ferndale Rd., Mission City, B.0... Orr Manufacturing Co., 2646 E.Hastings St., Vancouver 6, B.0... Pacific Coast Woodworking Industries, 2470 Thorne Ave., New Westminster B.0... Palethorpe & Co., 7304 Buller Ave., Burnaby, B.0... * Panichelli, Antonio & Agostino, 5223 Ross St., Vancouver 15, B.0... Parks Sawmill, R.R. 1, Quesnel, B.0... Pass Timber Mills Ltd., 345 Victoria St., Kamloops, B.0... Peace River Forest Industries, Chetwynd, B.0... Peace River Spruce Ltd., Fort Fraser, B.0... Pendrak Sawmills, 2213 Millstream Rd., Langford, B.0... Perry River Lumber Co. Ltd., Box 468, Hope, B.0... Petersen's Cabinet & Refinishing, 61 Argyle St., Port Alberni, B.0... Phillips, W.B. & R.V., Blue River, B.0... Pilgrim Planer Ltd., Box 535, Prince George, B.0... planing mill shakes kitchen repairs sawmi 11 shingles kitchen crates planing mill planing mill shakes picture frames shakes shakes shakes boxes, crates, pallets planing mill

42 40. FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS BRITISH COLUMBIA (cont'd) WOOD (cont'd) Pioneer Manufacturing Ltd., 1550 Granvitle St., Vancouver 2, B.0... Plasti-Class Developments, Annacis Industrial Estate, New Westminster B.0... Pleasant Valley Lumber Ltd., Merritt, B.0... Poulton's Upholstery, 6269 McKay Ave., South Burnaby, B.0... Powell Mfg. Co., 1615 Franklin, Vancouver, B.0... Provincial Furniture Manufacturing Ltd., Granville Island, Vancouver, B.0... Quartet Sawmills Co., General Delivery, Williams Lake, B.0... Quesnel Sawmills Ltd., Williams Lake, B.0... Quinbro Manufacturing Co. Ltd., 455 Belleville St., Victoria, B.0... R. & H. Sawmills, R.R. 1, Winfield, B.0... R. & J. Sawmill, Reid Lake, B.0... Rabbitt, Daniel L,, Happy Vale Rd., Kamloops, B.0... Ralph's Interiors, 2344 Granville St., Vancouver 9, B.0... Ray's Lumber Manufacturing Products, Box 11, Terrace, B.0... Rea Sawmilling, Malakwa, B.0... Red Rock Lumber Ltd., Red Rock, B.0... Redhead Sawmill, Box 105, Prince George, B.0... Reedsport Lumber Ltd., 2118 Yew St., Vancouver, B.0... River View Sawmill, Box 65, Hixon, B.0... Riverside Woodworks, Dyke Rd., Port Hammond, B.0... Robins, Levi,& holmes. O.W., Box 92, Kamloops, B.0... Roller, C.H., Quesnel, B.0... Rollings Lumber Co., Pavilion, B.0... Ron's Woodcraft, North Railway St., Mission City, B.0... Rose Furnishings Co., 1560 Bay St., Trail, B.0... Rudowky, Henry, Buffalo Creek, B.0... St. Louis, Kindler & Funk, Cranbrook, B.0... St. Maryts Lumber Co. Ltd., 2 Cranbrook St., Cranbrook, B.0... Saddle Mountain Lumber Co., West Demars, B.0... Savinkoff, John D., Crescent Valley, B.0... Sawchuk Planing, Fort Fraser, B.0... Scandinavian Furniture Export & Import Organization Ltd., 1483 Clyde Ave., West Vancouver, B.0... Scheumann, Alexander, Sawmill, P.O. Box 998, Quesnel, B.0... * Schmelzel Construction, R.R. 1, Prince George, B.0... Schneider, Kurt, 23 Front St., Penticton, B.0... * Shelter Bay Logging Co. Ltd., Sidinouth, B.0... Sherwood Window Products Ltd., 1726 Bay St., North Vancouver, B.0... * Shuswap Cedar Products Ltd., Squilax, B.0... Simpson, F., Shake & Shingle, 710 Taylor St., Vancouver, B.0... Sivara Sawmill, Riske Creek, B.0... Sloan & Foyston, Box 131, Golden, B.0... Slocan Planing Mills, Slocan City, B.0... Snellstrom, Charles K., Box 37, Hazelton, B.0... Solberg's Upholstery, st St. W., Vancouver, B.0... South side Upholstery, 5575 Short St., Burnaby 1, B.0... Spences Bridge Lumber Ltd., Railway Ave., Ashcroft, B.0... Staffen Lumber Co.,Kainloops, B.0... Stafford, H.R., & Sons Ltd., Nelson, B.0... Stanley Miliworks Ltd., 1379 Marine Dr. W., West Vancouver, B.0... Steward's Cabinet Shop & Carpentry Service, General Delivery, Dawson Creek, B.0... Strauch Sawmill, do Box 519, Vernon, B.0... Strong, A.E., Monte Lake, B.0... Styline Furniture Manufacturing Ltd., 284 No. 3 Rd., Richmond, B.C.,.. Summit Sawmill, Ymir, B.0... Sylvania Logging & Milling Co. Ltd., Rossland, B.0... Tee, George, Box 251, Vanderhoof, B.0... Terepocki, Steven, Wesley St., Wilson Creek, B.0... Toma, S., Sawmill Ltd., Chimney Creek, B.0... Triumph Lumber Co. Ltd., Vernon, B.0... Tschnadel, J.,Upholstering, 324-6th St., Prince Rupert, B.0... Tyac Planing Mill, Sunsnerland, B.0... Unique Interiors Ltd., 7488 Griffiths Ave., Burnaby 1, B.0... Victoria Kitchen Cabinets, 306 Gorge, Victoria, B.0... Viscount Manufacturing Ltd., 715 W. Seventh Ave., Vancouver, B.0... Wall 6. Morhart, Clinton, B.0... moulding kitchen planing mill shakes, shingles shingle mill planing mill shakes planing mill store fixtures kitchen mattresses, pillows

43 FIR1' NAME AND ADDRESS BRITISH COLUMBIA (concl'd) WOOD (concl'd) 41. Walley Sawmills, Box 1645, Quesnel, B.0... Washburn, G.E., Co., P.O. Box 592, Prince George, B.0... Way & Fugle, Groundbirch, B.0... Wesco Lumber Distributors Ltd., 6152 Beresford St., Burnaby 1, B.C.. West Coast Plywood Specialties Ltd., Low Level Rd., North Vancouver, B.0... West-Beck Timber Ltd., 245 Quebec St., Prince George, B.0... Western Metal Products, 1000 Parker St., Vancouver, B.0... Western Upholstery, 2385 Burrard, Vancouver, B.0... Western Woodworking, 1275 Mitchell St., Richmond, B.0... Westside Planing Co. Ltd., Clinton, B.0... White Rock Upholsterer, 1333 Johnston St., White Rock, B.0... Whitelock Lumber & Timber Ltd., Taghum, B.0... Wickson Lumber, Nukko Lake, B.0... Wigwam Cedar Products Ltd., Marguerite St., Port Kells, B.C... Willowbrook Sawmill, R.R. 1, West Sunvnerland, B.0... Wimar Manufacturing, 2450 Alberta St., Vancouver 10, B.0... Windrem Creek Sawmill, Little Prairie, B.0... Wium, E.R., Box 602, Prince George, B.0... Wonderwood Products Ltd., Ft. of Rogers Rd., North Vancouver, B.C... Woodgates Sawmill, Giscome, B.0... Woodlam Products Ltd., E. 1st Ave., North Vancouver, B.0... sawmill planing mill components springs woodworking planing mill planing mill shingles, shakes kitchen folding doors laminated beams NEWFOUNDLAND PAPER * Hygrade Containers Ltd., Box 634, London, Ont. (Branch at St. John's Nfld.)... corrugated containers NEW BRUNSWICK * Coloroll of Canada Ltd., Dover Hill, St. Stephen, N.B... paper boxes Maritime Shredded Paper Co., Coldbrook, N.B... shredded paper QUEBEC B & S Paper Products Inc., 4630 Earnscliffe Ave., Montreal, P.Q... Desmond-Hall Ltd., 4760 Hochelaga St., Montreal 34, P.Q... Dominion Fitre Drum Corp., 772 Aqueduct St., Montreal 3, P.Q... Glence Industries Ltd., 1247 Jean Talon St., Montreal, P.Q... Kimberley-Clark Canada Ltd., 2 Carlton St., Toronto, Ont. (Branch at St. Hyacinthe, P.Q.)... Korea of Canada Ltd., 6815 Decarie Blvd., Montreal 25, P.Q... Laval Paper Box Ltd., 18 Labelle St., Laval, Cte Laval, P.Q... Marking Products Corp. Ltd., 1801 Favard St., Montreal, P.Q... Richard Wax Paper, Rang St. Francois, Jonquiere, Cte Chicoutimi, P.Q. Royal Paper Mills, 3476 St. Dominique St., Montreal 18, P.Q... Thurso Pulp & Paper Co., P.O. Box 130, Thurso, Cte Papineau, P.Q... Western Corrugated Containers Corp., 250 Young, Montreal 3, P.Q... paper converters paper bags fibre drums fabric adhesive facial tissues stencils, carbons paper boxes stamping & embossing foils printing 6. waxing paper paper cups pulp kraft corrugated containers ONTARIO Canadian Accurate Tubes Ltd., 38 Upton Rd., Scarboro, Ont... * Capacitors of Canada Ltd., 38 Upton Rd., Scarboro, Dot... * Chadwick, M.,& Sons, 103 Manville Rd., Scarboro, Ont... Continental Tapes of Canada, 29 Jutland Ave., Toronto 2B, Ont... Federal Packaging & Partition Co. Ltd., Box 149, D Ave., Ajax, Ont.. paper tubes foil, paper capacitors paper shredding masking tape chip board partitions

44 42. FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS ONTARIO (concl'd) PAPER (cont!) Foldec Industries Ltd., 56 Crockford Blvd., Scarboro, Ont... Guthrie Containers Co., 23 Medulla Ave., Toronto 14, Ont... Hampson Paper Box & Printing Co., Dunning Ave., Aurora, Ont... Iko Asphalt Roofing Products Ltd., 71 Orenda Rd., Brampton, Ont... Inter Provincial Bag Ltd., 230 Eighth St., New Toronto, Ont... Lakehead Newsprint Ltd., Fort William, Ont... Leask, George, Ltd., 79 Racine Rd., Rexdale, Ont... Merry Woxed Papers Ltd., 582 Eighth Line N., Oakville, Ont... Porcupine Forest Industries Ltd., 30 Bloor St. W., Toronto, Ont... Pre-Fab Cushioning Ltd., 93 Peiham Ave., Toronto 9, Ont... Superior Guasued & Waxed Paper Ltd., 1244 Dufferin St., Toronto 4, Ont... Vanderbelt Paper Products, Ave. D, Ottawa, Ont... aluminum foil capsules corrugated containers folding boxes asphalt shingles shopping bags converting newsprint sensitized paper waxed paper bleached wood pulp wood pulp guasned, waxed paper paper specialties SASKATCHEWAN Martin Paper Products Ltd., 755 St. Jean Baptiste St., St. Boniface, Man. (Branch at Regina, Sask.)... Superior Fibre Board Ltd., McCallum Hill Bldg., Regina, Sask containers fibre board ALBERTA Dickinson, John, & Co. (Canada)Ltd., 799 Beach Rd., Hamilton,Ont, (Branch at Edmonton, Alta.)... Dietzgen of Canada Ltd., 5304 Fifth St. S.E., Calgary, Alta Klear Pak Ltd., Ave. S.E., Calgary, Alta... Northwest Polyrama Ltd., 6722 A -81st St., Edmonton, Alta envelopes sensitized paper polyethylene bags polyethylene bags BRITISH COLUMBIA Alko Paper Products Ltd., 307 West Pender St., Vancouver 3, B.C... Edoco Healey Technical Products Ltd., 95 East 1st Ave., Vancouver, B.0... Klear Pak (B.C.) Ltd., 8683 Hudson St., Vancouver 14, B.0... Okanagan Packaging Ltd., Kelowna, B.0... Sidney Roofing & Paper Co. Ltd., P.O. Box 880, Victoria, B.C. (Plant at Burnaby, B.C.)... paper bags fibre expansion joints polyethylene bags fruit packing supplies roofing paper

45 FIRN NAME AND ADDRESS NEWFOUNDLAND PRINTING, PUBLISHING & ALLIED INDUSTRIES 43. * Bell Island Reporter, Bell Island, C.B. Nfld.... Du Van Advertising Ltd., 334 Duckworth St., St. John's, Nfld.... silk screen printing Hillyard, A.E., & Lawrence Nfld. Co. Ltd., 211 Duckworth St., St. John's, Mild.... Pickett, Patrick H., Water St., Bay Roberts, Nfld.... Samuelson Printing Office, 123 New Gower St., St. John's, Nfld.... Signs & Sales, 112 Duckworth St., St. John's, Nfld.... silk screen printing PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND Dillon Printing Co., 140 Great George St., Charlottetown, P.E.I.... NOVA SCOTIA - Advertiser, The, P.O. Box 77, Bedford, N.S.... newspaper Berwick Register, Berwick, N.S.... printing, Colchester Printers & Lithographers Ltd., 602 Prince St., Truro, N.S. Eastern Directories Reg'd., Lane Bldg., Truro, N.S... Halifax Offset, 147 Granville St., Halifax, N.S.... offset printing Provincial Engravers Ltd., 7. Ahern Publishing Co. Ltd., 128 Upper Water St., Halifax, N.S.... engraving Specialty Printers Ltd., 21 Havelock St., Truro, N.S.... NEW BRUNSWICK Beldonald Screen Prints & Crests, 84 Century Dr., Noncton, N.B.... Daihousie Tribune Ltd., 396A William St., Dalhousie, N.B.... silk screen printing QUEBEC Admiral Printing Ltd., 410 St. Peter St., Montreal 1, P.Q.... Advertising Novelties Reg'd., 752 St. John St., Quebec, P.Q.... silk screen printing Ahuntsic Photo-Litho Enr'g., 469 Gouin Blvd. W., Montreal l, P.Q.... lithographic plates Alvernia Publishing Co. Ltd., 70 Notre Dame St. W., Montreal, P.Q.... Ass. des Arts et Sciences Ltee, 5675 Christophe Colomb Ave., Montreal 10, P,Q.... Associated Typesetters Ltd., 988 St. James St. W., Montreal, P.Q.... typesetting Atelier Pierre Cuillaume, 1554 St. Denis St., Montreal, P.Q.... Atomic Printing Co. Ltd., 2555 Charland Ave., Montreal 12, P.Q.... Bannantyne Printing Ltd., 5991 Bannantyne St., Montreal, P.Q... Bedard,Andre, 256 D'Iberville St., Quebec, P.Q.... Canadian Forestry Assoc., 4795 St. Catherine St. W., Montreal 6, P.Q. Canadian Paper Converter, 4587 De La Roche St., Montreal 24, P.Q.... bookbinding Capitol Printing Co., 1030 St. Alexandre St., Montreal 2, P.Q.... Challenge Press, 12 Maguire St., Montreal 14, P.Q.... Chotnedy Publications Ltd., 193-2nd St., St. Lambert, P.Q.... Cooperative de Publication de Portneuf "La Mire", 271 Notre Dame St., Donnacona, Cte Portneuf, P.Q.... Dale Outdoor Publications Ltd., P.O. Box 90, St. Anne De Bellevue, P.Q Dorval Reporter Publishing Co. Ltd., 243 Neptune Ave., Dorval, P.Q.... Doucet,L.aurent, 783 Bienville St., Montreal 34, P.Q.... Eagle Sample Card, 410 St. Peter St., Montreal 1, P.Q.... greeting cards Faucher, Louis, 74 Laurier St., Magog, Cte Stanstead, P.Q... Fillmore, Martin, Business Forms, 2415 Notre Dame St., Montreal 24, P.Q. Football Fanfare, 1396 St. Catherine St. W., Montreal 25, P.Q.... Gauvin, Andre, Enrg., 1086 Cartier Ave., Quebec 6, P.Q.... printing, Graphic Display Advtg., 231 St. Paul St. W., Verdun, P.Q.... silk screen printing Ideal Litho Inc., 4760 Hochelaga St., Montreal 4, P.Q.... Imprinierie Robert Bayard Enrg,, 87 Cremazie Blvd. W., Montreal, P.Q.... Imprimerie Bedard, 254 D'Iberville St., Quebec, P.Q.... Imprimerie Belle-Isle, L'Islet, Cte L'Islet, P.Q.... cousnercial printing Imprimerie Bo Modele Enrg., C.P. 246, Lac Etchemin, Cte Dorchester, P.Q Imprimerie Bouchard, 5313 a De La Fabrique St., St. Vincent De Paul, Cte Laval, P.Q.... Imprimerie Charron & Carom, 4597 de La Roche Ave., Montreal, P.Q.... Imprimerie D.K. Printing, 6512 Henri Julien Ave., Montreal 10, P.Q.... Imprimerie Drouin Inc., 815 Beaumont Ave., Montreal 15, P.Q.... Imprimerie Drouin Inc., th Ave., Quebec 3, P.Q.... Imprimerie du Pont, 88 des Laurentides, Pont Viau, Cte Laval, P.Q....

46 44. FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS QUEBEC (cont'd) PRINTING. PUBLISHING & ALLIED INDUSTRIES (cont'd) Imprimerie Futura Enrg., 594 Letourneaux St., Montreal, P.Q... Iniprimerie Industrielle, La Guadeloupe, Cte Frontenac, P.Q... linprimerie J.0.C., 1019 Sc. Dents St., Montreal 16, P.Q... Impritnerie Landry, Riviere Bleue, Cte Temiscouata, P.Q... Imprimerie Charles Lariviere Inc., 5915 Delorimier Ave., Montreal 35, P.Q. Imprimerie Larochelle, Honfleur, P.Q... Imprimerie Laurentienne, 295 de Villemure St., St. Jerome, CteTerrebonne, P.Q... Imprinterie Le Flambeau, 136 De La Madone, Mont-Laurier, Cte Labelle, P.Q. Imprimerie Las Specialites Enrg., 137 Rocheleau St., Cap de Is Madeleine, CteChamplain, P.Q... Imprimerie Moderne Enrg., 995 St. Louis St., La Providence, Cte St. Hyacinthe, P.Q... Imprimerie Monclair Enrg., 2461 Fauteux Lane, Montreal, P.Q... Imprimerte Moreau Enrg., 5140 Delanaudiere St., Montreal 34, P.Q... Imprimerie Regionale, Trois Pistoles, Cte Riviere du Loup, P.Q... Imprimerie Rolland Printing Enrg., 37 Clarence, Richmond, Cre Richmond, P.Q... Imprimerie Ste Cecile Enrg., 464 Jeanne Mance, Valleyfield, CteBeauharnois, P.Q... Imprinierie St. Eugene Enrg., 403 Wilfrid Hamel Blvd., Quebec, P.Q... Imprimerie St. Felicien Ltee, 200 Sacre Coeur Blvd., St. Felicien, Cte Lac St. Jean, P.Q... Imprimerie St. Michel Ltee, 3061 Bernardin, Villa St. Michel, P.Q... Imprimerie Unie Press Inc., 1861 LaSalle St., Montreal, P.Q... Imprimerie Vallieres Enrg., 181 Lorette St., Cap de Is Madeleine, CteChamplain, P.Q... Imprimerie Villor Enrg., 126 Giroux, Loretteville, Cte Quebec, P.Q... Industrial Photographic Corp., 2975 Fleury St. E., Montreal 12, P.Q... La Cie de Publication du Journal de Rosemount Inc., 2125 Jean Talon, Montreal, P.Q... La Compagnie Des Editions Horlogeres (Canadienne Ltee), 2950 Musson St., Montreal36, P.Q... La Nouvelle, 117 Notre Dame E., Victoriaville, Cte Arthabaska, P.Q... La Sentinelle, 528 Centrale Ave., Val d'or, Cte Abitibi, P.Q... Landry, Edinond, C.P. 723, Hauterive, Cte Saguenay, P.Q... Langevin Litho Inc., 77 Grande Ile, Valleyfield, Cte Beauharnois, P.Q. La Bulletin de Buckingham Inc., St. Jacques St., Buckingham, Cte Papineau, P.Q... La Hatch Enrg., 80 Wellington St., Hull, P.Q... La Nouveau Quebec Enrg., 431 Arnaud Ave., Sept Iles, Gte Saguenay, P.Q. L'Echo de Vaudreuil-Soulanges, 70 St. Charles, Dorion, Cte Vaudreuil, P.Q. Leclerc Impressions, 6987 St. Hubert St., Montreal, P.Q... Las Agences Publicitaires Du Nouveau Quebec Inc., 431 Arnaud St., Sept Iles, Cte Saguenay, P.Q... Las Editions Commerciales Inc., 3587 Papineau St., Montreal, P.Q... Las Editions de La Cite Inc., 4237 St. Denis St., Montreal 18, P.Q... Las Editions Verite Incorporee, 1311 St. Christophe St., Montreal, P.Q. Les Hebdos Laurentiens Inc., C.P. 325, St. Jerome, Cte Terrebonne, P.Q. Las linprimeries Cossette & Fils Ltee, 225 Roy St. E., Montreal, P.Q... Las Presses Publicitaires, 259 St. Catherine St. E., Montreal, P.Q... Las Publications Agora Enrg., 3563 Ste Famille, Montreal 18, P.Q... L'Imprimerie Laize Ltee, Joliet blvd., Hauterive, Cte Saugenay, P.Q... Litho Plate Making Ltd., 1027 Mountain St., Montreal 25, P.Q... Logan Screen Process, 52 Maisonneuve, Hull, P.Q... Modern Offset Ltd., 1801 Delorimier Ave., Montreal 24, P.Q... Mont Laurier Journal Inc., C.P. 559, Mont Laurier, Cte Labelle, P.Q... Montreal Bindery Service Ltd., 40 Bates Rd., Montreal 8, P.Q... Mount Royal Typesetters Inc., 270 Vitre St. E., Montreal 18, P.Q... New Richmond Printing Reg'd., New Richmond, Cte Bonaventure, P.Q... North America Decal Co., 277 Bordeleau, St. Dorothee, Cte Laval, P.Q... Pantograph Engraving & Profiling Reg'd., 2450 Raymond, St. Hyacinthe, Cte St. Hyacinthe, P.Q... Paramount Enterprises Ltd., 999 College St., Montreal 30, P.Q... Planatery-Silk-Screen Reg'd., 945 Frontenac St., Montreal 24, P.Q... Poirier, P., Imprimerie Enrg., St. Gabriel-de-Brandon, Cte Berthier, P.Q. Portneuf-Presse Inc., St. Basile de Portneuf, Cte Portneuf, P.Q... Press-Tige Printing Co., 445 St. Helen St., Montreal 1, P.Q... * Printall Reg'd., 2636 Bellechasse St. E., Montreal 36, P.Q... * Pro-Gel Printing & Duplicating Reg'd,, 5577 De La Verendrye Rd., Montreal, P.Q... cousnercial printing coninercial printing newspaper printing and lithography roto printing printing lithographic plates silk screen printing offset plates newspaper bookbinding decals printing moulds silk screen printing silk screen printing coninercial printing silk screen printing

47 FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS QUEBEC (concl'd) PRINTING, PUBLISHING & ALLIED INDUSTRIES (cont 'd) 45. Prolith Inc., 2042 Papineau St., Montreal, P.Q... Publications Chretiennes Enrg., 227 St. Pierre, Cap Madeleine, Cte Champlain, P.Q... Quick Composition Composer, 4527 St. Dominique St., Montreal 14, P.Q... Rapid Business FormsReg'd.,St. thuis de Gonzague, Cte Beauharnois, P.Q... Rapid Systems Ltd., 1180 St. Antoine St., Montreal, P.Q... Riviera Printers & Publishers, 6896 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal 10, P.Q.. Roy Trade Bindery Co., 2575 Notre Dame St., Montreal 4, P.Q... St. Lawrence Sun, P.O. Box 302, Valleyfield, Cte Beauharnois, P.Q... Schindler Press Inc., 190 Rockland Rd., Town of Mount Royal, P.Q... Semainier Paroissial, 219 St. Paul St., Quebec, P.Q... Social Register of Canada, 1255 University St., Montreal 2, P.Q... Southern Press of Canada, 837 Taschereau Blvd., Ville Jacques Cartier, CteChambly, P.Q... Starr Litho & Letter Inc., 540 University St., Montreal 1, P.Q... Studio B., 227 Beaubien St., Montreal, P.Q... "Ted's" Printing, 317-3rd St., Chibougamau, Cte Abitibi, P.Q... Typographie Ahuntsic, 469 Gouin Blvd. W., Montreal 12, P.Q... Universal Publications (Quebec) Ltd., 1255 University St., Montreal 2, P.Q... Varin, Paul Claude, Francis St., Montreal 12, P Westmount Publishing Co., 5315 Brodeur Ave., Montreal 28, P.Q... Zenith Offset Plates, 360 Craig St., Montreal 1, P.Q... color separations typesetting printing and newspaper couinercial printing printing plates typesetting pub Ii sh ing lithographic plates ONTARIO A. & R. Print & Litho, 1515 Lakeshore Rd., Lang Branch, Out.... Accurate Photo-Reproductions Ltd., 184 Bay St., Toronto, Ont.... Acme Offset Printers, 133 Elgin St., Sault Ste Marie, Ont... offset printing Active Screen Process, R.R. No. 1, Wilton Grove, Ont.... silk screen printing Adam Brothers, 21 East Rd., Toronto 13, Out.... Administrative Publishing (Can.) Ltd., 3409 Yonge St., Toronto 12, Out. Advertising Wheels Inc., 59 Wellington St. W., Toronto, Ont.... Ainsworth Press Ltd., 936 King St. E., Kitchener, Out.... Alert Printing, 1443 Dundas St. W., Toronto 3, Out.... coitanercial printing Allen, Gordon V., Publications, 15 Toronto St., Toronto, Out.... Apollo Press Ltd., 272 Spadina Ave., Toronto, Ont.... Arthurs-Jones Lithographing Ltd., 587 Adelaide St. W., Toronto, Grit.... lithography Artistic Printing Co., 409 Spadina Ave., Toronto 28, Out.... Associate Lithoplate Service Ltd., 81 Jarvis St., Toronto 1, Out.... lithographic plates Aj.irora Lithographers, Dunning Ave., Airora, Out.... Barry's Bay Review, Box 220, Barry's Bay, Out.... Baxter, W.H., Services Ltd., 2382 Dundas St. W., Toronto. Out.... printing, Bernard Printing, 285 Rushton Rd., Toronto 10, Out.... Bonar and Bemis Ltd., 7, Ogilvie Flour Mills, Fort William, Out.... silk screen printing Boston Printing Co. Ltd., Sutton, Out.... Brantford Silk Screen & Displays Ltd., 1 Alfred St., Brantford, Out.... silk screen printing Brewster & Stafford Advtg., 310 Dupont St., Toronto, Out.... coninercial printing Brown's Enterprises, 55 Glen Rd., Hamilton, Out.... coninercial printing Burns & MacEachern Ltd., 12 Grenville St., Toronto 2, Out.... C. & G. Offset Printing Co., 495 Jones Ave., Toronto 6, Ont.... Calad Co. Ltd., 1400 Graham Lane, Burlington, Out.... silk screen printing Cameron tdvtg. Displays, 179 John St., Toronto, Out.... silk screen displays Canadian Athletic Program Service Ltd., 310 Spadina Ave., Toronto 28, Out Canadian Journalist & Press Photographer, 356 Bloor St. E., Toronto, Out., Canadian Mines Chronicle, 199 Bay St., Toronto, Out.... Canadian Office Publishing Co. 9 Duke St., Toronto, Out.... Canadian Printing Service, 282 College St., Toronto 28, Out.... Canadian Student Yearbooks Ltd., Albert & Cathcatt Sts., Ridgeto'm, Out. printing, Capital Screen Arts, 64 Carling St., Landon, Out.... silk screen printing Capreol & Valley Express, Medical Bldg., Capreol, Out.... Carol's Printing Service, 73 Adelaide St. W., Toronto 1, Out.... Churchill Lithographing Ltd., 310 Spadina Ave., Toronto, Out.... Clarendon Off-Set Printers, 184 Bond St. W., Oshawa, Out.... Clarendon Press, 1096 Simcoe St. N., Oshawa, Out.... Clark Advertising Sales Co., 100 Sherbourne St., Toronto 2, Out.... silk screen printing Commercial Press Co. Ltd., Dunning St., Aurora, Out.... Continuous Forms & Envelopes Ltd., 401 Wellington Rd. S., Landon, Out....

48 46. FIRN NAME AND ADDRESS ONTARIO (cont'd) PRINTTNC, PUBLISHING & ALLIED INDUSTRIES (cont'd) Craftsman Embossing Co., 105 Kersdale Ave., Toronto 9, Ont embossing * Creative Printing & Advertising Service, 284 King St. E., Hamilton, Ont. conanercial printing, typesetting Daison's Publications Ltd., 441 King St. W., Toronto, Out.... newspaper Danilou Printers, 35 Riverside, Kapuskasing, Ont.... Dean Printing, 34 McKay St., London, Out.... Don Mills Photo Engraving Co., 1450 Don Mills Rd., Don Mills, Out.... printing plates Durham Typocraft, 36A Garafrax St., Durham, Out.... Eastern Lithographing Co., 90 Ontario St. (rear), Toronto 2, Ont.... lithography Eldridge Printing Co., 1374 Queen St. E., Toronto, Ont.... Erdis-Ferrier Ltd., 90 Ontario St., Toronto, Out.... printing, Eskay Printing Co., P.O. Box 265, Brockville, Out.... coonnercial printing Espanola Times, 5 Centre St., Espanola, Ont.... newspaper Esperanto Press, 133 Service Rd., Oakville, Out.... printing, Executive Methods, 21 King St. E., Toronto 1, Ont.... offset printing Express Printing Co., 65 Pearl St., Toronto, Out.... Fast & Exact Lithographers, 11 Yorkville Ave., Toronto 5, Out.... offset printing Feheley, A.J., Ltd., 26 Wellington St. W., Toronto, Ont.... Fine Art Printers, 9 Beverley St., Toronto 2B, Out.... Firestone Press, 4 Mowat Ave., Toronto 3, Out.... lithography Foam Rubber Printing Service, 71 Layton Ave., Kitchener, Ont.... Frid-Mullin Ltd., 13 Charles St., Hamilton, Out.... consnercial printing Gibson Greeting Cards Ltd., 26 Coninercial Rd., Toronto, Out.... greeting cards Globe Printing (Cornwall) Ltd., 147 Chevrier St., Cornwall, Out.... Goldcraft Printers, 662 King St. W., Toronto 2B, Out.... Golden Mile Press, 51 Gage St., Toronto, Out.... coninercial printing Greenwood Printers, 218 Greenwood Ave., Toronto, Out.... Griffin Press, 564 Ontario St., London, Out.... coimnercial printing Guild Publications Ltd., 330 Gerrard St., Toronto, Out.... Hall Printing Co., 1405 Blackwell Rd., Sarnia, Ont.... cotmnercial printing Hampson, H.J., Enterprises Ltd., 188 George St., Toronto 2, Out.... lithographic plates Hanover Typocraft, th St., Hanover, Out.... Harding Trini Gravure Ltd., 104 Bartley Dr., Toronto, Ont.... rotogravure printing Hartnsworth, B.W., 86 Parklea Dr., Toronto,Out.... book repairs Heath Screen & Display, Div. of Decalcomania Industries, 17 Carlaw Ave., Toronto, Ont.... silk screen printing Heather, E.W., Printing, 29 Civic Rd., Scarborough, Out.... coninercial printing Heavy Construction Publications Ltd., 40 Irwin Ave., Toronto 5, Out Hooftman Printing Service, 912 Dundas St., London, Ont.... Houston, Wesley Herbison, 61 Prince, Sioux Lookout, Out.... newspaper Imprints Ltd., 70 Dundas St. E., Toronto 2, Out.... Investment Indicator Ltd., 137 Wellington St. W., Toronto, Ont. Johnston, C.H., & Co., 47 Hayden St., Toronto, Out.... K.H.K. Creative Printing, 72 Main St. W., Hamilton, Out.... lithography Kerton, Robert, 218 Harwood S., Ajax, Out.... Lancaster Printing Co., 6 Forest St., Chatham, Out.... Life Press, 361 Spadina Ave., Toronto 2B, Ont.... Litho-Offset, 557 King St. W., Toronto, Out.... lithography Lith-O-Type, 2 Queen W., Port Credit, Out.... offset printing Lorne Press Ltd., 34 Rivalda Rd., Toronto 15, Out.... Loucks Printing, Frankford, Out.... conunercial printing Lynn Press, St. Catharines, Out.... Makedonski Glass, 392 King St. E., Toronto, Out.... newspaper Meric Printing, 53 Huntington Ave., Scarboro, Out.... Metro Lithoplate Ltd., 29 Leslie St., Toronto 8, Out.... lithographic plates Metro Mirror Publishing Ltd., 1470 Don Mills Rd., Don Mills, Out.... newspaper Minet Services, 593 Yonge St., Toronto 5, Out.... Moore Business Forms Ltd., Ray & Goddard Ave. Toronto 15, Out. (B - such at Frgus, Ont.) MUILi-Litho Ltd., 526 Bay St., Toronto 1, Out Music World, 325 Bloor St. E., Toronto 5, Out.... New Equipment News, 95 King St. E., Toronto, Ont.... Niagara Printing, 668 Manning St., Toronto, Out.... coninercial printing Norflex Ltd., 42 Wellington St. E., Toronto, Out.... North Star Press Ltd., 2nd, Smooth Rock Falls, Out.... Northern Students Weekly, 193 Park St., Port Arthur, Out.... O'Brien Printing Co., 777 Vaughan Rd., Toronto, Out.... News-Mirror Ltd., Coldwater, Out.... Omega Litho, 72 Pine Crest Rd., Toronto 9, Out.... lithography Ontario Business Directory Ltd., 77 York St., Toronto 1, Out.... Oz Greeting Cards (Canada) Ltd., 208 Gerrard St. E., Toronto 2, Out greeting cards typesetting P.B. Typesetting, 126 Hixon St., Hamilton, Out....

49 FT.RN NAME AND ADDRESS ONTARIO (concl'd) PRINTING, PUBLISHING & ALLIED INDUSTRIES (coot 'd Panorama Italian Publications Ltd., 158 Seventh St., New Toronto, Ont. Paragon Press, 1264 Weston Rd., Toronto, Ont... Pitria Publishing Co. Ltd., 112 Bond St., Toronto 2, Ont... Penstock Publications Ltd., 570 1/2 Yonge St., Toronto 5, Ont... Photo Equipment Publications Ltd., 11 Hayden St., Toronto 5, Ont... Plaza Reproduction Service Ltd., 465 Wilson Ave., Downsview, Ont... Process Color Plate Ltd., 609 King St. W., Toronto, Ont... Rapid Printing, 841 Sydney St., Cornwall, Ont... Raymond Signs Studio Ltd., 47 Duke St., Toronto, Ont... Redpath Printing Co., 19 Wellington St. E., Toronto, Ont... Reproductive Printing Service, 34 A4vance Rd., Toronto 18, Ont... Reproducto, 438 Talbot St., London, Ont... Risman, Arthur, & Son, 96 Spadina Ave., Toronto, Ont... Rogers, Harned & Dunne Ltd., 730 Bay St., Toronto 2, (.Int... Roma Printing, 36 Clinton St., Toronto 3, Ont... Ruta Printing, 89 Napier St., Hamilton, Ont... Sannuto Printing, 591 Evans Ave., Long Branch, Ont... Sault To Sudbury Press Ltd., Bruce Mines, Ont... Schunemann, Carl, Canada Ltd., 104 Bartley Dr., Toronto, Ont... Scott Douglas Co., 1008 Barton E., Hamilton, Ont... Shannon Offset Service, 881 Hamilton Rd., London, Ont... Sharpe, George, 9 Market Sq., Barrie, Ont... Sheppard, V.H., 209 Market Sq., New Market, Ont... Shore, B., Co., 59 Wellington St. W., Toronto. Ont... Smith, Chester L., Zurich, Ont... Spicer, Douglas, & Associates, 19 Eastdale Ave., Toronto 13, Ont... Stanley Printing Co., 140 Brown's Line, Etobicoke, Ont... Sulford Sports News Ltd., c/o 330 University Ave., Toronto, Ont... Toronto Art & Print Shop, 69 Jarvis St., Toronto, Ont... Toronto Bindery Service Ltd., 37 McCaul St., Toronto 2B, Ont... Toronto Free Press Publications Ltd., 15 Neepawa Ave., Toronto 3, Ont. Toronto Offset Plate Service, 1893 Davenport Rd., Toronto 9, Ont... Toronto Township News, 43 Dundas Hwy. W., Cooksville, Ont... Trelford & Graham Printing Co., 462 Wellington St. W., Toronto 2B, Ont. Tyrell Reproduction Services, 305 Bank St., Ottawa 4, Ont... University Press, 736 Pelissier St., Windsor, Ont... Van-Graphic Reproductions Ltd., 696 King St. E., Hamilton, Ont... Victoria Press Co., 221 Park St., Niagara Falls, Ont... Webb Printing & Stationery, 1860 Herbert Ave., London, Ont... Whittall-Frazer Publishing Co. Ltd., 1338 Weston Rd., Toronto, Ont... Who's Who in Canadian Jewry, 415 College St., Toronto 2B, Ont... Will-Den Press, 386 Kennedy Rd., Scarborough, Ont... Willowprint Commercial Printers, Rouge Park, Ont... newspaper cosunercial printing conunercial printing lithographic plates silk screen printing coitanercial printing lithography conunercial printing conunercial printing coninercial printing printing, rotogravure printing con.uercial printing conunercial printing cousnercial printing bookbinding lithographic plates newspaper conunercial printing printing, offset plates lithographic plates M.N ITOBA A-i Offset Printing Co., 608 Portage St., Winnipeg, Nan... Art Bookbindery 6 Stationery, 1194 Main St., Winnipeg 4, Man... Beausejour Beaver, Gladstone, Man... Fitzgerald Printing Service, 429 Washington Ave., Winnipeg 5, Man... Fort Garry Press, 200 Turnbull St., Winnipeg, Man... J.M.R. Sales Promotion Ltd., 1380 Notre Dame Ave., Winnipeg 3, Nan. Orbit Press, 53 Primrose Crescent, West Kildonan, Man... Paskiw Printing, 30 North Lane, Fun Flon, Man... Process Plate Service Ltd., /2 Garry, Winnipeg, Man... Progress Printing & Publishing Co. Ltd., 418 Aberdeen Ave., Winnipeg4, Man... Sun Printing Co. & Brandon Daily Sun, th St., Brandon, Man... Vanguard Research, 515 McIntyre Bldg., Winnipeg 2, Man... Western Business Forms Ltd., 620 King Edward St., Winnipeg 12, Man. bookbinding newspaper silk screen printing offset plates printing, SASKATCHEWAN Allied Publishing Co. Ltd., th Ave., Regina, Sask... Bradley Publications Ltd., P.O. Box 1026, Regina, Sask... M & H Enterprises Ltd., E., Swift Current, Sask... Maple Leaf Press, Gravelbourg, Sask... Meridian Printing Co. Ltd., Lloydminster, Sask... printing,

50 48. FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS SASKATCHEWAN (concl'd) PRINTING, PUBLISHING & ALLIED INDUSTRIES (cont'd) Monarch Press Ltd., 1676 Angus St., Regina, Sask... Rooney, Ross C., Unity, Sask... Tn-Graphic Engravers Ltd., 1319 Albert St., Regina, Sask... printing & offset printing ALBERTA Associated Business Publications, St., Edmonton, Alta... Atomic Press Ltd., 612-3rd Ave. S.W., Calgary, Alta... Blue Crest Printers Ltd., St., Edmonton, Alta... Calgarian Publishing Co. Ltd., 96 Mobil Oil Bldg., Calgary, Alta... Creative Printers Ltd., 10016A Ave., Edmonton, Alta... Donbee Printing, nd Ave., Edmonton, Alta... Edwards, T.H., Publishing Co. Ltd., 230-7th Ave. S.E., Calgary, Alta. Gare Printing, st St., Red Deer, Alta... Gateway Publishers Ltd., 205 Royal Trust Bldg., Edmonton, Alta... Guardian Press, th St., Edmonton, Alta... Huff, William, Art Studios Ltd., A Ave., Edmonton, Alta... Inter Missions Press, Three Hills, Alta... Modern Photo-Lith Services Ltd., 1609 Kinsington Rd., Calgary, Alta... Pembina News Advertiser, Box 120, Drayton Valley, Alta... --Photo-Lith Services, Willetts-Berge-Bright & Co., Insurance Exchange Bldg., Calgary, Alta... Quality Printing Co., th St., Edmonton, Alta... Radio T.V. Guide, th St., Edmonton, Alta... Stampede Printers Ltd., 3823A MacLeod Trail, Calgary, Alta... Suburban Publishers Ltd., P.O. Box 729, Grande Prairie, Alta... Supply & Demand, 510-5th St. W., Calgary, Alta... Universal Bindery, th St., Edmonton, Alta... Western Signs, Stony Plain Rd., Edmonton, Alta... Wild Life Publishers Ltd., 815-3rd St. N.E., Calgary, Alta... Wood A.E., Printing Service, A St. N.W., Calgary, Alta... lithography lithographic plates lithographic plates printing, bookbinding BRITISH COLUMBIA A.A. Printing Service, 238 East Columbia St., New Westminster, B. C... Anderson-Russell Enterprises Ltd., 1250 Richards St., Vancouver 2, B.C. Argosy Printers Ltd., 306, 1111 West Georgia St., Vancouver, B.0... B.C. Senior Citizen, 850W. Hastings St., Vancouver, B.0... Clesrbrook News, Clearbrooke Rd., Abbotsford. B.0... Colonist Lithographers Ltd., P.O. Box 300, Victoria, B.0... Colonist Printers Ltd., P.O. Box 300, Victoria, B.0... Delta Lithotype Ltd., 2072 W. Fourth Ave., Vancouver 9, B.0... Family News Advertiser, 1137 W. Hastings St., Vancouver, B.0... Hughes Silk Screen Processing, 617-3rd Ave., New Westminster, B.0... Industrial Photographics Ltd., 1685 Third Ave., Prince George, B.0... Interior Post Publications, 460 Ward St., Nelson, B.0... Jones Lithograph, 47 Powell St., Vancouver, B.0... Kitimat Advertiser, Box 1005, M.P.O., Kitimat, B.0... Langley Advance Publication Co. Ltd., P.O. Box 310, Langley Prairie, B.C. L'Eco D'Italia, Granville St., Vancouver 2, B.0... Metropolitan Press Ltd., 1137 W. Hastings St., V,.ncouver I, B.0... Mills Printing & Stationery Co. Ltd., 1429 W. Broadway, Vancouver, B.C. Northsyde Booster, 394 Tranquille St., North Kamloops, B.0... Nytt, Norsk, 639 Front St., New Westminster, B.0... Ontario Printing Co., 603 Victoria Dr., Vancouver 6, B.0... Pacific Engravers and Photographers Ltd., W. 4th St., Vancouver, B.0... Pathfinder Enterprises Ltd., 716, 789 West Pender St., Vancouver, B.C. PortPrinters, Port Coquitlam, B.0... Powell Engraving, 460 Ward St., Nelson, B.0... Powers, Frank W., Job Printer, 353 McGowan Ave., North Kamloops, B.C. Prince George Echo, nd Ave., Prince George, B.0... Radiotelephone Directories of Canada Ltd., 119 Pender St., Vancouver, B.0... Rawhide Publishing Co. Ltd., 2250 East Hastings St., Vancouver, B.0... Roy Advertising Services, 3788 W. 10th, Vancouver 8, B.0... Screen Printer, 880 Fort St., Victoria, B.0... Sea-Crest Reproductions, Marine Dr., R.R. White Rock, B.0... Speedee Printers Ltd., th Ave., Prince George, B.0... Sudden Printers Ltd., 8615 Granville St., Vancouver 14, B.0... silk screen printing lithography newspaper white printing lithography printing, printing, photoengraving lithography cotmnercial printing cotmnercial printing

51 FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS PRINTING, PUBLISHING & ALLIED INDUSTRIES (concl'd) BRITISH COUJNBIA (concpd) Tofino-Ucluelet Press, Ucl.uelet, B.0... Tri-R Lithography & Signs Co. Ltd., P.O. Box 766, Princeton, B.0... Universal Printers & Specialties, Duncan, B.0... Vancouver Courier, 119 W. Pender St., Vancouver, B.0... Western Engraving Co., 514 Smithe St., Vancouver 2, B.0... Western Miner Press Ltd., 1200 W. Fender St., Vancouver 1, B.0... Yukon & Alaska Highway Directory, West Hastings St., Vancouver 2, B.0... IRON & STEEL 49. printing, lithography stationery engraving NOVA SCOTIA Barrington & Vokey, 99 Johnston, Sydney, N.S... Eastern Everseal of Amherst, 3 Electric St., Amherst, N.S... Ideal Aluminum Products Ltd., 603 Barrington St., Halifax, N.S... Mallard, J. William A., Forest Hill Drive, Rockingham, Halifax Co., N.S.. Regent Aluminum Products (Maritimes) Ltd., Woodside Industrial Park, Woodside, N.S... Sjoberg, Carl, Machine Shop, Meteghan, Digby Co., N.S... Warner Weather-Master of Sydney, 114 Bentinck St., Sydney, N.S... Wilson Weather Wise, 422 Dutch Village Rd., Halifax, N.S... sheet metal products aluminum windows, doors aluminum windows, doors aluminum doors, windows aluminum windows, doors aluminum windows, doors NEW BRUNSWICK Armco Drainage & Metal Products, 41 George St., Guelph, Ont (Branch at Sackville, N.B.)... Clowes, Lloyd, King St., Woodstock, N.B... Eastern Machine Co., 171 King St., St. Stephen, N.B... Ever Seal of Moncton, Richibucto, N.B... Industrie St. George Ltee, Grand Falls, N.B... St. Stephen Steel Co. Ltd., St. Stephen, N.B... culvert pipes aluminum windows, doors potato sprayers structural steel QUEBEC Acoustic Ceiling Products Reg'd.,252 St. Elzear Blvd., St. Elzear, CteLaval, P.Q... Adams, D.T., Sheet Metal Reg'd.,533 St. Andre St., Pont Viau, CteLaval, P.Q... Almet Findings Ltd., 1074 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal 1, P.Q... Alumcraft Corp., 9780 Waverley St., Montreal 12, P.Q... Aluminum Construction Inc., 276 St. Jacques St. W., Montreal, P.Q... Art Steel Products Ltd., 2966 Mackay St., Mackayville, Cte Chambly, P.Q.. Arvisais, Marcel, 115 Ste Marie St., Hull, P.Q... Ashworth Card Clothing Co. Ltd., 316 St. Hubert St., Granby, P.Q... Atelier Forget Enrg., 151 de Ia Riviere Ave., St. Jerome, CteTerrebonne, P.Q... Atlas Industrial Products Co., 4723 Hochelaga St., Montreal 4, P.Q... Auroco Tractors Reg'd.,8l Rocheleau St., Cap de la Madeleine, CteChamDlain, P.Q... Barnes, Wallace, Co. Ltd., 274 Sherman Ave. N., Hamilton, Ont. (Branch at Valois, P.Q.)... Beauharnois Fer Ornamental Enrg., 11 Hannah, Beauharnois, CteBeauharnois, P.Q... Belko Inc., 1655 D'Assise St., Quebec 3, P.Q... Benoit Iron Works, 3781 Mayenne St., Montreal, P.Q... Benton, James, 6071 Notre Dame de Grace Ave., Montreal 28, P.Q... Bigras & Frere, 273 Jacques Cartier, Pointe Gatineau, P.Q... Blanchette, R.E.L., Enrg., 1440 Mercure Blvd., Cte Druninond, Druninondville, P.Q... Bonnette, Fernand, Chambly Rd., St. Hubert, Cte Charnbly, P.Q... Bouchard, Leonard, 1814 du Foulon Rd., Quebec 2, P.Q... Branconnier & Carreau, Senneterre, Cte Ahitibi, P.Q... Bureau, Antonio, Inc., 105 de La Capricieuse, Quebec 3, P.Q... CDN Tank Erectors Ltd., 5441 Notre Dame St. W., Montreal, P.Q... C.P. Metals & Plastics Works Co., 227 A-8th Ave., L'Abord-A-Plouffe, Gte Laval, P.Q... Canadian Aluminum Window Co., 1962 Logan St., Montreal 24, P.Q... structural steel sheet metal products hardware aluminum doors, windows prefabricated aluminum structures sheet metal products machinery repairs iron & steel products springs ornamerta1 iron sheet metal products snowblowers incinerators aluminum windows steel tanks aluminum windows, doors and awnings

52 50. FIRX NAME AND AJ)DRESS QUEBEC (cont'd) IRON & STEEL (cont'd) Canadian Artistic Dies Reg'd., 400 Minto St., Sherbrooke, P.Q... Canadian Bridge Company Ltd., Walkerville, Ont., (Branch at Ville La Salle, P.Q.)... Canadian Components Co., 1180 St. Antoine St., Montreal 3, P.Q... Canadian Pyromatic Ltd., 2200 Hingston Ave., Montreal 28, P.Q... Canadian Tinsmith Works Reg'd., 4086 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal 18, P.Q. Central Duct Work Reg'd.,C.P. 291, St. Jean, Cte St. Jean, P.Q... Charest Steel Co. Ltd., th Ave., Ville St. Michel, P.Q... Chatham Art Metal Works Ltd., 781 Chatham St., Montreal. 3, P.Q... Colonial Hardware, 216 Jeanette St., Lemoine, Cte Montmorency, P.Q... Colonial Metal Products Co., 913 Ontario St. E., Montreal 24, P.Q... Continental Metal Products Ltd., 795 Versailles St., Montreal 3, P.Q. Coulombe Ornamental Iron Works Co. 13 St. Andre, Terrebonne, Cte Terrebonne, P.Q... Cowan Dynamics Ltd., 105 Union St., Ville St. Pierre, Cte Jacques Cartier, P.Q... Dario, F., & Freres, 8631 De Teck St., Montreal 5, P.Q... Decoration Steel Metal Works, th Ave., Ville St. Michel, P.Q. Delson Ornamental Iron, 44-5th Ave., Delson, Cte Leprairic, P.Q... Desaulniers, Dents, 44 St. Angustin, Leuiseville, Cte Maskinonge, P.Q. Desgagne, Charles, 32 Guy, Kenogami, Cte Chicoutimi, P,Q... Desrosiers, Marcel, Blain St., St. Hilatre Village, CLe Rouville, P.Q. Diversified Metallurgical Inds., Dunham, Cte Missisquot, P.Q... Dorion Iron Works Reg'd., 31 St. Charles,Dorton, Cte Vaudreuil, P.Q... Drive Pins (Quebec) Ltd., 6855 Dc L'Epee Ave., Montreal, P.Q... Dumas, Robert, 115 Terrebonne Blvd., Terrebonne, Cte Terrebonne, P.Q. Duo-Temp of Montreal Reg'd., 2125 Marcil Ave., Montreal, P.Q... Duquette 6 Gariepy Enrg., 307 St. Eustache, St. Eustache, CteDeux Montagne, P.Q... Durabilt Motor Mfg. Co., 9775 Meilleur St., Montreal 12, P.4... E.T. Aluminum Windows & Products, 1603 King W., Sherbrooke, P.Q... Enterprises St. Luc Enrg., Legar St., St. I-sic, Cte St. Jean, P.Q... Esty Ltd., Wheler St., Bedford, Cte Missisquoi, P.Q... Etwell 6 MacDonald Ornamental Iron, 26 Valois Ave., Valois, Cte Jacques Cartier, P.Q... Exclusive Iron Works & Welding, 1913 Plessis St., Montreal 24, P.Q... Ferbianterie Generale Enrg., Etang du Nord, M.I., P.Q... 15th Avenue Machine Shop, th Ave., Ville St. Michel, P.Q... Fit-Right Tools Inc., 5222 Des Erables Ave., Montreal, P.Q... Fonderie Brandon Enrg., St. Gabriel De Brandon, Cte Berthier, P.Q... Foschi & Liberatore Ltd., 6759 St. Urbain St., Montreal 8, P.Q... G. & S. Per Ornamental Reg'd.,2749 French St., Montreal 4, P.Q... Gagnon, Leo, 1071 St. Angele St., Trois Rivieres, Cte St. Maurice, P.Q. General Artistic Metal Works Reg'd., 654 Levesque Blvd., St. Francois de Sales, Cte Laval, P.Q... General Iron Works Co., Ave., Ville St. Michel, P.Q... Cranby Welding Supplies Inc., 120 Cowie St., Granby, P.Q... Hangeze Co. (Canada), 5545 St. Dominique St., Montreal, F.Q... Harris,.1., & Sons (Quebec) Ltd., 45 St. Joseph St., Lachine, P.Q... Ideal Builders Hardware Corp., 9 Brooke Ave., Montreal 6, P.Q... Industrial Cable & Tool Corp., 1980 Sherbrooke St. W., Montreal 25, P.Q., Industries Harvey Inc., 108 St. Thomas, Jonquiere, Gte Chicoutimi, P.Q. J.D. Steel Works Co. Ltd., 3811 Dickens St., Ville St. Michel, P,Q... J.R. Manufacturing Co., 2332 Marmier, Ville Jacques Cartier, Cte Chambly, P.Q... Jo-Ber Machinery Enrg., Sabrevois, Cte Iberville, P.Q... K. & T. Engineering Co., 5365 Ilenri-Julien St., Montreal 14, P.Q... La Contre Fenetre Aluminum Enrg., 410 Langelier Blvd., Quebec 8, P.Q. La Forge Artistique Enrg., Jacques Cartier St., Farnham, CteMissisquoi, P.Q... La Forge Ornamentale, 1377 Antonio, St. Martin, Cte Laval, P.Q... La Vieille Forge de Rouyn, 1085 Lariviere St., Rouyn, CteTemiscaming. P.Q... * Lafond & Bergeron Cie Ltee, 2454 Des Carrieres St., Montreal 36, P.Q. * Lafrance, J.R., 1742 Murray, Lafleche, Cte Chambly, P.Q... Larocque & Pelletier, Maniwaki, Cte Gatineau, P.Q... Latulippe, Rosaire, St. Victor De Beauce, Cte Beauce, P.Q... Lauiiere Per Ornemental, 3507 Davidson St., Montreal 4, P.Q... metal stampings structural steel lamp parts cooking apparatus sheet metal products ducts sheet metal products boat hardware metal products machine parts hydraulic controls castings concrete fasteners aluminum windows, doors motor remanufacturing aluminum doors, windows tools, dies sheet metal products tools castings metal lath sheet metal products welding supplies garment hangers reinforcing steel aluminum window & door hardware wire rope sheet metal products tanks farm machinery aluminum doors, windows aluminum doors, awnings farm machinery repairs

53 FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS QUEBEC (cont'd) IRON 6. STEEL (cont'd) 51. Leclerc Truck Equipment Reg'd., 35-35th St. E., Charlesbourg, Cte Quebec, P.Q... Lefrancois, S., & Fits Enrg., 1450 Provinciale St., Petit Riviere S., CteQuebec, P.Q... Lemay, Armand, & Fits Ltee, St. Basile Le Grand, CLe Chambly, P.Q... Lea Industries Dorval Enrg., 29A Dorval Ave., Dorval, P.Q... Lea Industries Du Nord, Iberville St., Montreal 12, P.Q... Les Industries Dupuis Inc., 22 Jean-Talon St. E., Montreal 10, P.Q... Lea Industries Metalliques de Lothbiniere, St. Agapit, Cte Lothiniere,RQ. Lea Structures D'Acier Saguenay Lac St. Jean Ltee, 31 Racine W., Chicoutimi, Cte Chicoutimi, P.Q... Limoges, Jean-Paul, 974 St. Antoine St., Montreal, P.Q... L'Industrie Troy Enrg., 219 Grande Allee, Quebec, P.Q... Loggers Power Chain Saw Ltd., River St., Bedford, Cte Missisquoi, P.Q. Loyal Industries, 1815 Laurier St. E., Montreal 34, P.Q... Mailhot, Cilles, St. Jacques, Cte Montcalm, P.Q... Manhattan Products Inc., 5347 Park Ave., Montreal, P.Q... Maple Leaf Cutlery Co. Ltd., Sherbrooke St. E., Montreal E., P.Q. Marcotte, J.P,, & Cie Ltee, th Ave., Ville St. Michel, P.Q... Mathieu & Moisan Enrg., 100 1/2 Scott St., Quebec 4, P.Q... Mayo Aluminum Ltd., 332 St. Andre, Gatineau, Cte Hull, P.Q... McRob Industries Co. Regd th Ave., Montreal, P.Q... Mercury Engineering Co. Reg'd, 5940 Jogues St., Montreal 20, P.Q... Mercury Piping Co. of Canada Ltd., 1100 Pacific Ave., Lachine, P.Q... Mercury Wire & Nail Co. Ltd., 3000 St. Prosper, St. Hyacinthe, CteSt. Hyacinthe, P.Q... Metropolitan Ornemental Enrg., th Ave., Ville St. Michel, P.Q. Modern Gearing Co., P.O. Box 145, Beloeil-Ville, Cte Vercheres, P.Q... Modern Machine Shop, ha Chateauguay, Huntingdon, Cte Huntingdon, P.Q. Mohawk Motors Mfg. Ltd., 2875 Hochelaga St., Montreal, P.Q... Molleur, Louis, 397 Notre Dame, Repentigny, Cte L'Assomption, P.Q... Montfield Metal Products Ltd., 970 St. Georges St., Montreal, F.Q... Montmorency Corporation, 375 Lee St., Quebec 2, P.Q... Montreal Mechanical Ornemental Co. Ltd., 7186 Normanville St., Montreal 10, P.Q... Morin Machine Works Ltd., Noranda, Cte Temiscamingue, P.Q... Munico Ltd., Bellevois St., Montreal 12, P.Q... Munroe Engineering Ltd., 2454 Des Carrieres St., Montreal, P.Q... Noel Ornemental, St. Remi, Cte Napierville, P.Q... Nucleonic-Electric Equipment & Development Co., 913 Ontario St. E., Montreal24, P.Q... Obim Manufacturing Co., 9035 Tanguay St., Montreal 12, P.Q... Otterburn Sheet Metal Industries, Otterburn Heights, Cte Rouville, P.Q. P. 6 L. Ornamental Enrg., 5444 A St. Hubert St., Montreal 34, P.Q... Perrier, Louis, 222 Longueuil, St. Jesn, Cte St. Jean, P.Q... Peterhill Engineering Co., 282 Ontario St. W., Montreal, P.Q... Picard, Jeannot, Fer Orneinental, 255 Panneton St., Asbtos, Cte Richmond. P.Q... Pneumatic 6. Hydraulic Co. Ltd., 592 Sicard St., Montreal, P.Q... Power Press 6 Equipment Co., 960 Lafayette Blvd., Montreal 23, P.Q... Precision Industries Reg'd., 4774 A Notre Dame St. W., Montreal, P,Q... Productive Industries, Lorne Ave., Longueuil, Cte Chambly, P.Q... Provincial Machinery Reg'd., 1649 Belvedere S., Sherbrooke, P.Q... Pulp 6. Paper Mills Accessories, 6139 Cote de Liesse Rd., Ville St. Laurent, P,Q Rapid Foundry, Ste Philomene, Cte Chateauguay, P.Q... Rapid Machine Works Inc., 1662 Sicard St., Montreal 4, P.Q... Rapid Steel Rule Die, 5954 St. Hubert, Montreal, P.Q... Remembrance Machine Shop Reg'd., 2377 Remembrance, Lachine, CteJacques Cartier, P.Q... Richard, Benoit, Fer Ornemental, 3153 Beaudry-Lehman, Shawinigan Falls, CteSt. Maurice, P.Q... Riniouski Structures Enrg., 53 Fiset, Rimouski, Cte Quebec, P.Q... Riverside Steel Works Ltd., 31 Ceo. Davie St., Lauzon, Cte Levis, P.Q. Rosemount Metalcraft Inc., th Ave., Montreal 36, P.Q... Rotenberg Metal Work Co., 5411 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal, P.Q... Roy, Fernando, Fer Ornemental, 29 Lahaie, Pont Viau, Cte Laval, P.Q... Roy, Marcel, 1700 L'Ange Gardien Blvd., L'Assomption, Cte L'Assomption, P.Q log loaders, hoists steel tanks farm machinery boilers carpet sweepers sheet metal products sheet metal products structural steel sheet metal products chain saws sheet metal products bath enclosures, shower doors cutlery structural steel aluminum doors, windows steel tanks, stacks pipes nails gears, gear tools engine remanufactur ing nuts & bolts metal galvanizing metal heat treating special purpose machinery wire racks spraying equipment sheet metal products enamelled copperware tools, dies hydraulic equipment presses, air cylinders machine tools pulp & paper machinery iron castings steel rule dies structural steel towers, tanks, vessels aluminum windows, doors

54 52. FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS QUEBEC (concl'd) IRON & STEEL (cont'd) St. Hubert Far Ornamental, Guy St., St. Hubert, Cte Chambly, P.Q... St. Jean "Alumutic" Inc., 946 St. Jacques, St. Jean, Cte St. Jean, P.Q. St. Jean Fer Ornemental Enrg., 224 Place du Quai, St. Jean, CteSt. Jean, P.Q... St. Louis Ornamental Iron Works Ltd., 7, 162 Hotel de Villa St., Hull, P.Q... St. Vincent de Paul Ornemental, 64 St. Francois, St. Vincent de Paul, CteLaval, P.Q... Salonen Machine & Repair Shop, 59 Mgr. Tessier St. W., Rouyn, CteTemiscaming, P.Q... Savage, M., Mfg. Reg'd., 470 Victoria Ave., Lachine, Cte Jacques Cartier. P.Q... Scott Metal Inc., St. Maxime Dc Scott, Cte Dorchester, P.Q... South Shore Machine Parts Reg'd., 184 St. Paul St. W., Montreal 1, P.Q. South Shore Ornamental Iron Works Reg'd., 270 Derome, Brosseau Station, CIaL.iprairie, P.Q... Standard Electric Heating Products Ltd., 6268 Cote des Neiges Rd., Montreal, P.Q... Stemac Ltd., 3333 Cavendish Blvd., Montreal, P.Q... Stone Machinery & Equipment Ltd., 3455 Montgomery St., Montreal 34, P.Q.. Strato Tool Co. Ltd NoIre-Dame St. W., Montreal 3, P.Q... Summa, Giovanne, Collard St., Alma, Cte Lac St. Jean, P.Q... Superior Zig Zag Spring Co. Ltd., 5700 Dc Normanville, Montreal, P.Q. T.L.F. Structural Steel Reg'd., 2694 Letourneaux Ave., Montreal 4, P.Q. Talbot Metal, 1040 Balzac St., Montreal N., P.Q... Terry Burners Inc., 5015 Buchan St., Montreal, P.Q... Thibault, Louis Philippe, 21 Racine St., Bate St. Paul, Cte Charlevoix, P.Q... Tool & Die Precision Works Ltd., 703 Notte Dame St. W., Montreal 3, P.Q.. Tremblay, Adeodat, Puyjalon St., Hauterive, Cte Saguenay, P.Q... Tremblay, Gaston, 129-5th Ave., Port Alfred, P.Q... United Steel & Modern Iron Works Co., 3 A Commissioners St. W., Montreal, P.c... Universal Stamping & Die Work8 Inc., S Courcelette St., Quebec, P.Q... Vulcan Machine Works, 161 Belanger, St. Jerome, Cte Terrebonne, P.Q... W.B. Iron Works, P.O. Box 1262, Baie Comeau, Cte Saguenay, P.Q... Warren Automatic Controls Corp. (Canada) Ltd., th Ave., Rosemont, P.Q... Wilson, J.T., & Co. Ltd., Bellevois Ave., Montreal 12, P.Q... World-Wide Staple Co. Inc., 2624 Villeroy St., Montresl, P.Q... Zimmcor Co Church St., Verdun, P.Q... aluminum windows, doors pipes electric heating equipment plate work stone cutting machinery tools springs structural steel sheet metal ventilators oil burners tools and dies heating units metal stampings dies valves doors staples aluminum doors ONTARIO A. & P. Ornamental Iron Works, 203 Folaise Ave., Oshowa, Ont... Accurate Engineering Co., 267 Caledonia Rd., Toronto, Ont.... Accurate Tool & Die Works, 1244 A Dufferin St., Toronto, Ont.... tools, dies Ace Metal Works, 801A St. Clarens Ave., Toronto 4, Ont.... sheet metal products Acrow (Canada) Ltd., 4242 Dundas St. W., Toronto, Ont. (Branch at Orangeville, Out.)... concrete forms, ties Acton Home & Builders Supply, 1466 Main St. E., Hamilton, Ont.... Acton Precision Engineering, Acton, Ont.... Advance Design & Engineering 95 Mericourt Rd., Hamilton, Ont.... Aerloc Aluminum Products, R.R. No. 2, DunJas, Out aluminum windows, doors Aerofin Corp. (Canada) Ltd., Bath Rd. & Days St., Kingston, Out.... coils Agincourt Steel Fabricators Ltd., Midland Ave. N., Agincourt, Out.... structural steel Air Master of Canada Ltd., 2 Curtis St., St. Thomas, Ont.... aluminum doors, windows Aircrsft Spinning Ltd., 1565 Keele St., Toronto, Out.... metal spinnings Algie Machine Tool Ltd., 45 Algie Ave., Toronto, Our.... tools Airich Steel Ltd., 100 Hymus Rd., Scarborough, Out.... structural steel Altron Fabricating Ltd., 31 Medulla Ave., Toronto 18, Out.... sheet metal products Alumatic of Sudbury, 725 Long Lake Rd., Sudbury, Out.... aluminum doors, windows Aluminum V-Seal Products, 65 Riverside Dr. W., Windsor, Out.... aluminum windows, doors Anchor Metal Products, 121 Logan Ave., Toronto, Out.... ducts Pnders, Otto,Engineering Co., 3325 Townline, Erindale, Out.... tools, dies Arcan Eastern Ltd., Box 158, Hamilton, Out iron & steel products Architectural Aluminum Co., 1015 York Blvd., Burlington, Out.... aluminum door frames Armstrong Windows Ltd., Martingrove Ave. N., Rexdale, Out.... aluminum windows Atchison's Steel Fabrication, 3 Clarke Side Road, London, Out.... Atkinson, C.H., & Co., Richmond Hill, Out....

55 FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS TARIO (cont'd) IRON 6. STEEL (cont'd) Atlas Materials Handling Ltd., 1620 Dundas Hwy. E., Cooksville, Ont... Atlas Nail & Wire Ca., 1 Adam St., Kitchener, Ont... Automotive Machine Service, 1 Youngmill Dr., Toronto 16, Ont... Avco Tool & Die Co., 938 Walker Rd., Windsor, Ont... Aztag Ltd., 34 Mendota Rd., Toronto, Oat... B. & C. Engraving Co., 868 Walker Rd., Windsor, Ont... B. & P. Mfg. Co., 334 1/2 Dundas St. E., Toronto, Ont... Barco Metal Products Ltd., 883 Dundas St. E., Toronto 1, Oat... Basin Foundries Ltd., Chelmsford, Oat... Bee, F., 33 Fidler Ave., Woodstock, Oat... Beehoo Engineering, Old Station Rd., Streetsville, Ont... Bellamy Windows Ltd., 98 Tycos Dr., Toronto 19, Oat... Beipree Co., 103 Walnut Ave., Toronto 2B, Oat... Bernstein, K., 21 Kensington Ave., Toronto, Oat... Bernz, Otto, (Canada) Ltd., 72 Kincourt St., Toronto, Oat... Bethridge Steel Construction Ltd., 43 Bethridge Rd., Rexdale, Ont... Black & Decker Mfg. Co. Ltd., Brockville, Ont... Bluejet Canada Ltd., 23 Racine Rd., Rexdale, Ont... Bradford Aluminum Products, Holland St. W., Bradford, Oat... Brant-Metal Engineering, 441 West St., Brantford, Ont... Bravo Products Ltd., 39 Yarmouth St., Guelph, Oat... Brooine Porcelain Co., 786 Dundas Hwy. E., Dixie. Ont... Brown Foundry Ltd., Morrisburg, Oat... Bruno Machine Shop Co., 308 Adelaide St. W., Toronto, Oat... Burford Sheet Metal, 23 King St. E., Burford, Ont... Bush Roller Co. Ltd., 296 Lakeshore Rd., Toronto 14, Oat... C.B. Wrought Iron Mfg., 185 Willowdale Ave., J.4illowdale, Oat... C. & R. Metal Products Ltd., Kelly Lake Rd., Sudbury, Ont... Caliwood Equipment Ltd., 34 Crockford Blvd., Scarborough, Oat... Calmore Manufacturing Co., 4294 Kingston Rd., West Hill, Oat... Cameron Windows (Aluminum) Ltd., Brampton,Oat... Camsteel Ltd., 5343 Dundas St. W., Toronto 18, Ont... Canadian Bathtub Enclosure & Mfg. Co., 5739 Tecumseh St. E., Wincisor, Oat... Canadian Canners Ltd., 44 Hughson St. S., Hamilton, Oat. (Plant at Burlington, Ont.)... Canadian Pipecoil Fabricators, 468 Gerrard St. E., Toronto, Ont... Canadian Safety Fences, 200 Daihousie St., Toronto, Oat... Caprin Ltd., 73 Sherry Rd., Sc.rborough, Ont... Centurian Steel Coast. Ltd., 924 Southworth St., Welland, Ont... Clark, John W., Ltd., 370 Olivewood Rd., Toronto 18, Oat... Clawsey-Sohrt Mfg. Co. Ltd., 1665 Eagle St. N., Preston, Oat... Cleaver-Brooks of Canada Ltd., Lorne Ave., Stratford, Oat... Coidmatic Refrigeration Co., 425 George St., Burlington, Oat... Colonial Aluminum Industries Ltd. 515 Brock St. N., Whitby, Oat... Commodore Portable Typewriter Co. Ltd., 680 King St. W,, Toronto 9, Oat.. Commonwealth Stress Wire Ltd., 76 Crockford Blvd., Scarborough, Oat... Continental Motors of Canada Ltd., Gaylord Rd., St. Thomas, Oat... Corell Mfg. Co. Ltd., Box 240, Glencoe, Oat... Coupco Ltd., 200 Bay St., Toronto, Oat... Crossland Steel Co., 952 Queen St. W,, Toronto 3, Oat... Custom Iron & Cement Work, 315 Moatfort St., Ottawa 2, Oat... Custom Metal Products, 428 Cannon St. E., Hamilton, Oat... Custom Steel, 1290 Simcoe St. N., Oshawa, Oat... Customatic Aluminum Products & Enterprises, 45 Windermere Ave., Toronto 3, Oat... Cyr, R.J., Co., 1263 McDougall St., Windsor, Oat... D.B.E. Dairy Brewery Equipment Co. Ltd., 37 Hanna Ave., Toronto, Oat. Dace Industries Ltd., 504 Victoria Ave., Windsor, Oat... Darrigo Bros. Mfg. & Sales, 37 Church St., Toronto 1, Oat... Deluxe Ornamental Iron, 10 Hastings St., Toronto, Oat... Designed Precision Castings Ltd., 75 Eastern Ave., Brampton, Oat... Diebold of Canada Ltd., 54 Peter St., Toronto 2B, Oat... Die-Master Co. Ltd., 200 Queen's Drive, Weston, Oat... Diver, J.E., 725 Hamilton Rd., London, Oat... Docylco Ltd., 15 Oakland Ave., Toronto 15, Oat... Dominion Railings, 53 Wardlaw Ave., Downsview, Oat... Dominion Sinks & Stamping Co., Petrolia, Oat... Duo-Meet Ltd., Alice St., Waterford, Oat... material handling equipment wire nails remanufacturing engines tools, dies refrigeration and air conditioning equipment dies cubicle track metal stampings grinding balls knitting machine parts aluminum windows, doors tools, dies propane torches structural steel portable electric tools power saws aluminum windows, doors sheet metal products oil burners porcelain enamelling iron castings dampers printing press rollers mine hardware poultry processing equipment tools aluminum windows structural steel bathtub enclosures cans pipes fences aluminum windows steel products sheet metal products furnaces boilers commercial refrigeration aluminum windows, doors typewriters flexible cable assembling internal combustion engines sheet metal products pipe couplings steel channels sheet metal products aluminum doors conveyor s pipe fittings, valves dust collectors grape presses castings safes leather cutting machines steel rule dies hydraulic cylinders steel sinks furnaces

56 54. FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS ONTARIO (cont'd) IRON & STEEL (cont'd) E.g1e Precision Tool Ltd., 217 Henry St., Brantford, Ont... Eagle Tool & Engineering, Jct. No. 2 - No. 5 Hwys., Paris, Ont... Easi-Kleen Products, 621 Cosburn Ave.. Toronto 6, Out... Economy Machine Tool Co., 529 George St., Cobourg, Ont... Edmor Manufacturing Co., 10 Hafis Rd., Weston, Ont... Elliott Turbine and Electric Co. of Canada Ltd., 1835 Yonge St., Toronto, Ont... Emerson-Pryne of Canada Ltd., 550 Hopewell Ave., Toronto 10, Ont... Emil's Ornamental Iron Works, 16 College St., Kitchener, Ont... Ensign Engineering, 353 Ryding Ave., Toronto, Ont... Equipment Manufacture & Design Co., Burlington, Ont... Ergon Wire & Steel Products, 500 Greenwood Ave., Toronto 6, Ont... F. & G. Aluminum Storms Ltd., 12 Queen Elizabeth Blvd., Toronto 14, Ont.. Federal Bolt and Nut Corp., 1171 Queen St. W., Toronto, Ont... Ferro-Metal (Ottawa) Ltd., 100 New Hymus Rd., Scarborough, Ont... Fine Pitch Geare Ltd., 10 Sunrise Ave., Toronto, Ont... Fire Bowl Oil Burner Co., River Canard, Ont... Fleming, S.W., & Company Ltd., 1236 Birchmount Rd., Scarboro, Ont... Flexitop Products, 1435 Lakeshore Rd., Long Branch, Ont... Foster & Robb Machine & Repair, Cataraqui St., Kingston, Ont... 4 X 10 Sheet Metal Co. Ltd., 30 Six Points Rd., Toronto 18, Ont... Friberg Metal Products, 356 McRae St., Ottawa 3, Ont... Galva-Co,, 3rd & Harewood Sts,, Ajax, Out... General Metal Products, Box 70, Ajax, Ont... General Refrigeration of Canada, 822 Richmond St. W., Toronto 3, Out. Gilbert Steel Ltd., Britannia Rd., Malton, Ont... Glosta Mfg. Co. Ltd., 121 Cavan St., Port Hope, Out... Gondy Tool & Die Machine, 46 Hyde Ave., Toronto 9, Out... Gore Iron Fabricators, 225 Giles St., london, Out... Grenville Iron Works, R.R. No. 5, Spencerville, Out... GrinbyStee1 & Fabricating Co., 180 Mary St., Hamilton, Out... Gross Ornamental Iron Ltd., 23 Connie St., Toronto 15, Out... Guy.Chart Tools Ltd., c/0602 Bayview Ave., Toronto, Ont... H. & M. Machine Co., 149 &nnechere St. N., Renfrew, Out... Haca Supplies Ltd., 30 Market St., Hamilton, Out... Harmac Engineering, P.O. Box 6, Uxbridge, Ont... Harris Mfg., Talbot St., Jarvis, Ont... Hasson Machinery, Cold Springs, Ont... Hastings Industries, Hastings, Out... Hausernian of (Can) Ltd., Mallard Rd., Don Mills, Ont... Hem-Werner of Canada Ltd., Fairall St., Ajax, Out... Henderson Metal Fabricating, 215 Brute St. (rear), Sault Ste Marie, Ont. Heyninck Sheet Metal, 192 Forest St., Chatham, Ont... Hi.-Lo Equipment (Canada) Ltd., 49 Main St., Mimico, Ont... Holek Sheet Metal Ltd., 627 Tuscarora St., Windsor, Out... Horland Engineering Co., 1 Beaufort St., London, Out... Howden, James, & Co. (Canada) Ltd., 1510 Birchmount Rd., Scarboro, Out. Hughes, L.G., 180 Robert St. (rear), Toronto 5, Ont... Humphrey Aluminum of Ottawa, 154 George St., Ottawa 2, Out... * Hydrametals Ltd., 74 Market St., Toronto, Out... Hydraulic Crushers Ltd., P.O. Box 20, New Liskeard, Out... Hydraulic Jack & Lift Repair Service Ltd., 178 Horseman St., Toronto 15, Out... Hy-Du Plast Tool & Die Co., 75 Logan Ave., Toronto 8, Out... Imperial Plating Rack Co. Ltd., Oxford St. E., London, Ont... Indufab Ltd., 32 Front St. W., Toronto, Out... Industrial Fabricators, 209 Tunnel St., Sarnia, Ont... Industrial Sheet Metal, 27 Wade St., Chatham, Out... Inland Building Products Ltd., 100 Canadian Rd., Toronto 13, Out... Irvinsteel Construction Ltd., 118 Maria St., Toronto 9, Ont... Jig Boring Specialties Co., 955 Roselawn Ave., Toronto 10, Ont... * Judd Guustocks, Box 544, Waterford, Out... K.W. Ornamental Iron Works, 25 Weber St. N., Waterloo, Out... Kerker J.,& Son, 3345 Danforth Ave., Toronto, Ont... Kern Ornamental Iron Works, 42 Wellington St. W., Chatham, Out... lush Resin Sales, 647 King St. W., Toronto, Ont... Komline-Sanderson Ltd., 32 Maud St., Toronto 25, Out... Leigh Metal Products Ltd., 72 York, London, Out... jigs, fixtures tools, dies, jigs car cleaning products machine tools aluminum screens steam and electric power equipment exhaust fans machine parts snow plows wire nails aluminum windows bolts and nuts steel tanks gears oil burners steel doors, frames registers, grilles galvanizing sheet metal products refrigeration equipment structural steel sheet metal products tools, dies structural steel tools screw machine products tools, jigs, fixtures farm machinery repairs iron castings partitions hydraulic jacks sheet metal products sheet metal products material handling equipment sheet metal products tools, dies blowers, dust collectors (gas) animal cages aluminum windows screw machine parts hydraulic crushers hydraulic jack repairs tools, dies, jigs, fixtures electroplating racks tanks structural steel sheet metal products structural steel structural steel jigs gun stocks plastic tools sheet metal products sheet metal products

57 FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS TARIO (cont'd) IRON & STEEL (cont'd) 55. Link-Belt Speeder (Canada) Ltd., Box 173, Station H. Toronto, Ont. (Branch at Woodstock)... * Linread Candda Ltd., 24 HayeS Ave., Guelph, Ont... Lloyd's Sheet Metal, 82C Yarmouth St., Guelph, Ont... * London-Frarer Mfg. Ltd., Elora, Ont... Lrdan Mfg. Ltd., 1 Bond St., Dundas, Ont... Lubrex Equipment Ltd., 420 Keel St., Toronto, Ont... Ludell Mfg. (Canada) Ltd., 250 University Ave., Toronto, Ont... Luff, Gordon, 58 Johnson Rd., Brantford, Ont... M.S. & T. Co., 25 Ripley Ave., Toronto, Ont... Magicure Manufacturing Ltd., Simcoe, Ont... Maier Iron Works, 287 Rustic Rd., Toronto 15, Ont... Mainline Heating Supplies, 199A Christie St., Toronto, Ont... Maple Machine & Tool Co., 11 Oakland Ave., Toronto, Ont... Market Machine Shop, 345 Talbot St., London, Ont... Master Welding Ltd., 857 Lakeshore Rd. E., Port Credit, Ont... Mayfair Wrought Iron Sales, Dixie, Ont... McDonald, C.J., Co. Ltd., 344 Bering Ave., Toronto 18, Ont... Memorial Vault Co., 293 Mount Pleasant Ave., London. Ont... Metal Craft Co., Pickering, Ont... Metro Metalcraft Co., 282 Raleigh Ave., Toronto 13, Ont... Metz & Watson Co. Ltd., 54 Brydon Dr., Rexdale, Ont... Midland Equipment Co., 251 Raleigh Ave., Toronto 13, Ont... Miken Aluminum Windows Ltd., Ida St., St. Catharines, Ont... Millar Fastcut Ltd., 130 Lakeshore Dr., Ferris, North Bay, Ont... Milrod, Ralph, Metal Products Ltd., 6 Lisgar St., Toronto 3, Ont... Milton Metal Products Ltd., 12 Mill St., Streetsville, Ont... Monsa Steel Ltd., 1121 Castlefield Ave., Toronto, Ont... Montgomery Metal Products Co., 107 Chandos Ave., Toronto 4, Ont... Moore Metal Fabricating Ltd., 50 Glebe St., Gait, Ont... Mooring Tool & Engineering, R.R. No. 5, Hamilton, Ont... Morissette Mfg. & Sales Ltd., Browning St., Haileybury, Ont... Morris Precision Castings Ltd., 214 Spadina Rd., Toronto, Ont... Morrow Wire Works, 127 Manville Rd., Scarborough, Ont... * Muirhead Fromson Ltd., 50 Mime Ave., Toronto 13, Ont... * Multi-Lite of Canada Ltd., 57 Mack St., Toronto, Ont... Murphy Sheet Metal, 2080 Eagle N., Preston, Ont... Nailon Products Co., 247 Duke St., Kitchener, Ont... Neelon Steel Ltd., Label, Ont... Nelson Precision Boring Co., 16 Sheffield Ave., Toronto, Ont... Neo Machine Ltd., 76 Mead Ave., Hamilton, Ont... Nestor's Machine Shop, 136 Laporte St., Riverside, Ont... New England Valve Corporation of Canada Ltd., 1 Seneca Ave., Port Credit, Ont... Niquette Freres, 932 St. Laurent Blvd., Ottawa, Ont... Nohab Cunada Ltd., 60 Northline Rd., Toronto 16, Ont... Nor-Dale Machines, 31 Ripley Ave., Toronto 3, Ont... Northwestern Sheet Metal Works, 400A Hopewell Ave., Toronto, Ont... Nova Dies & Metal Stampings, 46 Hyde Ave., Toronto 9, Ont... Nucan Manufacturing Ltd., do 372 Bay St., Toronto 1, Ont... Oak Stamping Co., 452 Cbarles St., Windsor, Ont... Oakton Products Ltd., 102 Crockford Blvd., Scarborough, Ont... Oakwood Machine & Tool Co., 618 Vaughan Rd., Toronto, Ont... Old American Iron Decoration, 862 Dovercourt Rd., Toronto 4, Ont... Olheiser, Murray, Co., 3 Hoffman St., Kitchener, Ont... Ontario Culvert & Metal Products Ltd., 180 Columbia St., Waterloo, Ont. Operation Reliance Incorp., 214 Pellatt Ave., Toronto, Ont... Ornamental Iron Works, Merriton, Ont... Ornaxnentalsmiths, The, 10 Ewing St., Georgetown, Ont... Overhead Door Co. of Canada Ltd., 586-3rd Line Rd., Oakville, Ont... Paramount Welders & Fabricators Ltd., 850 Adelaide W., Toronto, Ont... Parkdale Machine & Tool Co. 652 Parkdale Av*. N., Hamilton, Ont... Perth Metal Industries Ltd., 128 Monteith Ave., Stratford, Ont... Pickering Engineering, Pickering, Ont... Pneumatic Pipelayers (Canada) Ltd. 295 Kipling Ave., Toronto, Ont... Porter, ILK., Co. Canada Ltd., Industrial Ave., Woodstock, Ont... Pour Box Mfg. Co. Ltd., 4 Citadel Dr., Scarborough, Ont... Practical Jig, Dies & Tool Making, 105 River St., Toronto 2, Ont... Precision Machined Metals, 209 Crescent St., Peterborough, Ont... Precision Seal Mfg. Ltd., 12 Oakland Ave., Weston, Ont... power cranes, shovels screw products sheet metal 'roducta agricultural implements grinding balls lubricating equipment heat reclaiming equipment jigs, fixtures tobacco curing systems duct work tools, dies, fixtures sheet metal products burial vaults manhole steps aluminum windows diamond saws stampings aluminum windows, screens structural steel sheet metal products tools, dies, jigs, fixtures diamond drilling equipment small tool castings display racks heat exchangers aluminum windows, doors exhaust systems electrical cable straps grinding balls jig boring valves turbine parts metal doors tools, dies tools metal stampings steel tubing registers, grilles culvert pipe metal stampings metal doors specialized metal products tools, dies, jigs pipeline construction equipment underfloor duct cast iron boxes tools, dies, jigs tools, dies, jigs aluminum doors, windows

58 56. FIRM NAtE AND ADDRESS ONTARIO (cont'd) IRON & STEEL (cont'd) Prestole Corporation of Canada, 16 Racine Rd., Rexdale, Ont... * Prime Windows of Canada Ltd., 188 Bentworth Ave., Toronto 19, Ont... R.K. Tool & Plastics Ltd., 123 Manville Rd., Scarborough, Ont... R.S.R. Power Tool Ltd., 19 Cordova Rd., Toronto, Ont... Redman Machine & Metallizing Co., 1145 Brydges St., London, Ont... Regan's, Len, Ornamental Iron, Bayshore, Deseronto, Ont... Republic Machine Tool Corporation Ltd., 49 Niagara St., Toronto 2B, Ont.. Rich Tool & Die Ltd., 1191 Bathurst St., Toronto 4, Out... Ridge Tool & Machine Works, Yonge, Oak Ridges, Ont... Rieke Metal Products Canada Ltd., 77 Eastern Ave., Brampton, Out... Riexinger & Schultes, Markham, Out... Riverdale Machine & Tool Co. Ltd., 755 Danforth Ave., Toronto 6, Ont. Romat Ornamental Iron Ltd., 11 A Busy St., Toronto, Out... Roscek, Alfons, 718 McDougall St., Windsor, Ont... Royal, J., Repairs, Box 309, Collingwood, Ont... Runnymede Steel Construction Ltd., 3370 Dundas St. W., Toronto, Out. (Branch at Cooksville, Out.)... S.H.S. Fabricating Ltd., Binbrook, tint... S.T. & D. Mfg. Co., 94 Grey St., Brantford, Out... Scarboro Products, 10 Beacon Rd., Scarboro, Ont... Schuller's Machine & Tool Co., 741 Birchmount Rd., Scarborough, Out... Schwebler Tool & Die Concession Rd. N., Preston, Out... Security Products (WallaLeburg) Ltd., No. 40 HWY., Wallaceburg, Ont... Skilcools Ltd., 3601 Dundas St. W., Toronto, Out. (Branch at Trenton,Ont. * Solo Mor Motor Mfg. Ltd., 220 Medland Ave., Toronto 1, Out... Southern Manufacturing & Equip. Ltd., 1226 Dundas St. E., Toronto 8, Out. * Sovereign Water Conditioners Of Can. Ltd., 1244 Caledonia Rd., Toronto 19, Out... * Standard Fittings (Can.) Ltd., 4 Ripley Ave., Toronto 3, Out... Star Sheet Metal Mfg. Co., 1575 Dundas St. W., Toronto, Out... Steel Specialties Co., 26 Main St., Markham, Out... Steel-Craft Tool & Die Co., 68 Densley Ave., Toronto 15, Out... Steel-Metal Machine Shop, 347 Cannon St. E., Hamilton, Out... Stockton Wire Products Ltd., Newport St., Brantford, Out... Stogla Tool & Machine Co. Ltd., 49 Margueretta St., Toronto, Out... Stoney's Ornamental Iron Works, 10 1/2 King St. W., Stoney Creek, Out. Strategic Udy Metallurgical and Chemical Processes Ltd., Ni agara Falls, Out... Sudbury Ideal Welding Co., 387 Bessie St., Sudbury, Out... Summers Manufacturing Ltd., 1203 Roselawn Ave., Toronto, Out... Sure Seal Products & MEg. Co., 1139 Kipling Ave. N., Rexdale, Out... Swift Manufacturing Co. Inc., 2536 Dougall, Windsor, Out... Teric Machine Co., 1951 Mattawa Ave., Summerville, Out... Three 'S" Co. Ltd., 61 George St., Brantford, Out... Tope, G., & Son, Jordan, Out... Fri-Bay Industries Ltd., Coldwater, Out... Trion (Canada) Ltd., 212 King St. W,, Toronto, Out... Trisen Tool & Die Ltd., 791 Felix Ave., Windsor, Out... Turbo Gas Equipment Ltd., Delhi. Out... Tycos Tool & Die Co. Ltd., 115 Tycos Dr., Toronto 10, Out... United Tool & Die Co., 15 Jutland Rd., Toronto 14, Out... Unit-Lift of Canada Ltd., John St., Cooksville, Out... Universal Form Clamp Co. of Canada Ltd., 226 Norseman St., Toronto18, Out... V.H. Metal Services Ltd., 385 Salter Ave., Windsor, Out... Vent Rite MEg., 8 Newsham St. (rear), Toronto, Out... Vent-Aire Aluminum Products, 462 Gilbert Ave., Toronto 17, Out... Walter's Welding & Iron Works, Wellington St. S., Hamilton, Out... Wayne-Crothers Ltd., 722 Warden Ave., Scarborough, Out... Weather Shield Aluminum Products, 733 Birchmount, Scarboro, Out... Webber, Syd,Sheet Metal Ltd., 127 Willowdale St., Willowdale, Out... Werner Metal Products, Oak Hill Drive, Brantford, Out... West Bend Aluminum Co. (Canada) Ltd., Barrie, Out... West End Machine Shop, 3 Tecumseh Rd., Chatham, Out... Weston Metal Fabricators Ltd., 272 Main St., North Weston, Out... Whitby Metal Products, Watson St., Whitby, Out... White Eagle Tool & Die Co., 279 Drouillard Rd., Windsor, Out... White Products (Canada) Ltd., 6161 Tecumseh Rd. E., Windsor, Out... Williamson, T.D., (Can.) Ltd., 271 Queen St. E., Brampton, Out... Will-Tools Ltd., 2444 Haines Rd., Dixie, Out... Windsor Fence & Wire Ltd., 2249 S. Cameron Blvd., Windsor, Out... nuts, clamps aluminum windows dies, matilda industrial tools dies, jigs, fixtures tools, dies tools, dies drum closures milk tanks structural steel power tools tools, dies tools, jigs, fixtures aluminum windows, doors portable electric saws engine remanufacturing water softener pipe fittings sheet metal products structural steel dies wire reinforcing strip tools, dies ferro manganese heating equipment aluminum windows, doors special purpose machinery vending machines steel shelving steel tubing air cleaners tools, dies, fixtures tobacco processing equipment tools, dies tools, dies material handling equipment concrete form ties structural steel aluminum screens, windows aluminum windows power sweeper S aluminum windows sheet metal products tools, dies, jigs motors industrial furnaces tools, dies tools, dies water heaters pipe line equipment screw drivers

59 FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS ONTARIO (concl'd) IRON & STEEL (cont'd) 57 Winstrip (Reg.). Streetsville Rd., Streetsviile, Ont... Woodlong Ltd., Gait, Ont... lager Machine Co., Pond St., Simcoe, Ont... Yonge Hanger & Wire Products Ltd., 164 Mulock Ave., Toronto 9, Ont. a 1u:iinum windows dry cleaning, laundry machinery garment hangers MANITOBA Art Metal Products, 637 La Fleche, St. Boniface, Man... Chicago Blower (Canada) Ltd., 1512 Wail St., Winnipeg 3, Man... Custom Sheet Metal Works, 254 Madison St., St. James, Man... Da-Ca Industry, 1510 Wail St., Winnipeg 3, Man... Dominion Structural Steel Ltd., Messier St., St. Boniface, Man... Eastern Machinery & Tool Mfg. Ltd., 493 Madison St., Winnipeg 12, Man. Filtersoft Ltd., 244 Princess St., Winnipeg 2, Man... Herwig, K., 23rd St. & Park Ave., Brandon, Man... High Speed Seeder Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Clearwater, Man... Ideal Wire Manufacturing, 501 Archibald, Winnipeg, Man... Imperial Steel Products Ltd., 901 Madison St., St. James, Man... Kay Foundry 6. Machinery Co. Ltd., Headingley, Man... Logan Machine Works, 870 Logan St., Winnipeg, Man... Man-Men Industries Ltd., 725 Madison St., Winnipeg, Man... Norwesto Aluminum Products, 405 Hartford Ave., Winnipeg 4, Man... Precision Machine 6. Steel Works, 23rd & Park Ave., Brandon, Man... Sutherland Steel Ltd., 7. Sutherland Supply, 123 Anabella St., Winnipeg4, Man... Virden Sheet Metal Co., Box 1329, Virden, Man... Western Machine Works, 771 Archibald St., St. Boniface, Man... Western Standard Fittings Ltd., Fort Whyte, Man... Wood, A.R., Manufacturing Co. Ltd., 450 Provencher, St. Boniface, Man. fan, blower products ducts, trailers structural steel tools, dies water conditioning equipment seeder units wire products farm machinery castings gas vents aluminum windows structural steel sheet metal products galvanized steel sheets poultry equipment SASKATCHEWAN Dash Industries Ltd., Warman Rd. & 41st St., Saskatoon, Sask... Dulton Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Box 426, Yorkton, Sask... Estevan Machine Shop, th St., Estevan, Sask... Miracle Buildings Ltd., Dewdney & Park Ave., Regina, Sask... Mitchell Paraffin Scrapers Ltd., th St., Estevan, Sask... Motive Machine Works, 1342 Lorne St., Regina, Sask... Northwest Machine Shop Ltd., 1419 Scarth, Regina, Sask... Saskatchewan Steel Fabricators Ltd., 1050 St. John St., Regina, Sask. Stevens Aluminum Products Ltd., th St. E., Saskatoon, Sask. Swanson Industries Ltd., 417 Ave. "M" S., Saskatoon, Sask... Tarrant Sheet Metal, th St., Saskatoon, Sask... incinerators agricultural machinery steel buildings paraffin scrapers structural steel aluminum windows, doors sheet metal products ALBERTA Anchor Wire Products Ltd., Box 273, Calgary, Alta... Anthes-Imperial Co. Ltd., Berrytnan Ave., St. Catharines, Ont. (Branch at Calgary, Alta.)... Argus Machine Co. Ltd., Ave., Edmonton, Alta... B.T.U. Sheet Metal Ltd., St., Edmonton, Alta... Beaird International Inc., 709-8th Ave. S. W., Calgary, Alta... Burgess Metal Casing Bead, Cooking Lake Trail, South Edmonton, Alta. Burton Loaders Ltd., nd Ave., Jasper Place, Alta... Collins Rail & Ornamental Works, Hangar 16, Municipal Airport, Edmonton, Alta... Coynco Products Inc., 4646A - 2nd St. S. E., Calgary, Alta... Csepregi, Louis, Ave. S. W., Calgary, Alta... Edmonton Tinsmith Supply Ltd., Ave., Edmonton, Alta... Futurama Window Corporation Ltd., St., Edmonton, Alta. Gates Forming Accessories Ltd., nd Ave. A N., Lethbridge, Alta. HoIm & Andersen Machine, St., Edmonton, Alta... Norwesco Manufacturing (Alberta) Ltd., th Ave. Calgary, Alta... Pedlar People Ltd., Simcoe St. S., Oshawa, Ont. (Branch at Edmonton, Alta.)... Pneuma Pump of America Ltd., Ave., Edmonton, Alta... wire nails cast iron pipe oil field equipment sheet metal products compressors, (contracting) metal bead garbage handling equipment refrigeration equipment tie wires sheet metal products aluminum windows concrete form ties aluminum windows metal culverts pumps

60 8. FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS. 'LBERTA (conci.'d) IRE & STEEL (cont'd) * (ulity Ornamental Iron-Works, th Ave. W., Calgary, Alta... FCichardson Road Machinery, th Ave., Edmonton, Alta... Rm.h-Bern Manufacturing Ltd., 517-3rd St. S., Lethbridge, Alta... standard Metal Products Ltd., th St. S.W., Calgary, Alta... SureFlame Tank Heater, Granum, Alta... Western Aluminum Products Ltd., Cor, 8th Ave. & 19th St. S.E., C algary, Alta... o stern Sheet Metal Products, Ave., Edmonton, Alta... steel culverts electric livestock waterers hardware water heaters aluminum windows, doors sheet metal products CCC ITISH COLUMBIA justoimattc Haimner Co. Lcd., 221 Carrall St., Vancouver 4, B /.0 Metals, 1406 Pemberton Ave., North Vancouver, B.0... Atlied Steel Fabricators Ltd., Box 25, Annacis Island, New Westminster, B.0... * Ansell Machine, 1615 Franklin, Vancouver 6, B.0... Arc Industries, 833A Victoria St., New Westminster, B.0... Archibald, C.B., Steel Fabricating Co. Ltd., 6787 East Hastings St., Burnaby, B.0... ArC;us Engineering & Development Co., 8638 Ash St., Vancouver, B.0... S.C. Pulp Equipment Mfg. Co. Ltd., 1500 Pemberton Ave., North Vancouver, B.0... F.idin Hydraulic Tool Co. Ltd., 339 W. Pender St., Vancouver, B.0... Crooks Fabricating & Repairs Ltd., 7438 Gilley Ave., South Burnaby, B.C. hr.lier, E.A., Manufacturing & Engineering Ltd., Trans Canada Hwy., Ahbotsford, B.0... * ('.-r.dian-norwegian Chain Co. Ltd., do Canada Chain & Forge Co. Ltd., tranville Island, Vancouver 9, B.0... Criboo Drives & Bearing Sales Ltd., Box 231, 100 Mile House, B.0... Century Thermal Engineering Ltd., 1867 W-lst Ave., Vancouver 8, B.C. Clearlite Industries Ltd., 7465 Griffiths Ave., Burnaby 1, B.0... Coleman Machine Works Ltd., Quesnel, B.0... Cursor Supplies, 4214 Clydesdale St., North Burnaby, B.0... Continental Metaicraft, 525 Main St, (rear), Vancouver 4, B.0... Crescent Iron Works, Box 384, Haney, B.0... (ustom Craft Ornamental Iron, th St., North Surrey, B.0... Derrick Machinery Co. Ltd., Fort St. John, B.0... C n d en Enterprises, 5424 Main St., Vancouver, B.0... Rro Ltd., Port Coquitlam, B.0... Expanded Metal Co. of Canada Ltd., Box 9, Annacis md. Estate, New Westminster, B.0... Fanny Bay Machine Shop, Fanny Bay, B.0... General Foundry Products, 202 E. Durham St., New Westminster, B.0... General Iron Works, Hillcrest Rd., Langley, B.0... Gorge's Machine Works, 207 Petnberton, North Vancouver, B.0... Greenline Manufacturing Ltd., c/c Western Corrosion, 882 Cordova, -ncouver, B.0... Itletron Industries Ltd., 185 Pemberton Ave., North Vancouver, B.0... leaf Trade Supply Mfg,, 643 E. Hastings St., Vancouver, B.0... Helvetica Iron Works, 674 Edmonds St., Burnaby 1, B.0... Hcberth American Metals Ltd., Sardis, B.0... Cowards Machine Shop, 3013 Sidley S., Burnaby, B.0... phrey Windows Ltd., 751 Discovery St., Victoria, B.0... Iperia1 Steel Erectors Ltd., 1231 Bridgeport Rd., Richmond, B.0... Industrial Metal Works, 308 Esplanade St. W., North Vancouver, B.0... Iron Railing Co., 1334 Seymour St., Vancouver, B.0... Lreing Machine Shop Ltd., Vernon, B.0... Island Welders Ltd., 325 Farquhar, Nanaimo, B.0... * Jenkins, T., th Ave., New Westminster, B.0... Johnstone Fabricators Ltd,, 680 Industrial Ave., Vancouver 4, B.0... Kamloops Steel Fabricators Ltd., 194 Victoria St. W., Kamloops, B.C. Kenmade Sheet Metal Ltd., 258 E. Georgia St., Vancouver 4, B.0... Kent Metal Products Ltd., 1878 Kent St,, Vancouver, B.0... Lund Machine Shop, Lund, B.0... N. L. Machine Works, loch Ave., Haney, B.0... Mcquat Industries Ltd., 1500 Pemberton Ave., North Vancouver, B.0... Modern Aluminum Ltd., 2550 Yew St., Vancouver 9, B.0... Modern Hydraulics Ltd., 315 Levi St., New Westminster, B.0... Modern Iron Products, 176 Pemberton Ave., North Vancouver, B.0... Monarch Stecicraft Ltd., 1406 Pemberton Ave., North Vancouver. B.0... N.K. Aluminum Products Lid., th St., North Nm1oops, B.0... stamping hannuers door frames structural steel industrial piping blister detectora conveyors hydraulic cutting tools structural steel wire fencing chains gas burners aluminum windows wire rope rodent traps steel castings metal lath heating equipment water heaters aluminum windows, doors heating equipment culvert pipe logging equipment aluminum windows structural steel logging equipment repairs steel castings structural steel stainless steel equipment sheet metal products steam cleaning guns aluminum windows hydraulic jacks SIC Id I St 010) us iou: lodows, JJOL

61 FJ.RN NAME AND ADDRESS BRITISH COLUMBIA (concl 'd) IRON AND STEEL (concl'd) National Shield Weld. Ltd., 882 E. Cordova St., Vancouver, B.0... Nielson Iron Works, Fruitvale, B.0... North Arm Machine Ltd., Foot of 20th St., New Westminster, B.0... O.K. Engineering Works, West Suninerland, B.0... Oregon Dryer (B.C.) Ltd., Box 710, Grand Forks, B.0... Pacific Coast Engine & Machinery, 650 Cardero St., Vancouver 5, B.0... Pacific Rockbits Ltd., 1291 Parker St., Vancouver 6, B.0... Panel-But Mfg. Ltd., 618 Main St., Penticton, B.0... Pare, T. P., th St. N., North Kamioops. B.0... Prince George Casting Repairs Ltd., 896-4th Ave., Prince George, B.C. R. & A. Steel Erectors, 1490 Mary Ave., South Burnaby, B.0... Sakoloff, W., 1112 Cortell, North Vancouver, B.0... Samco Engineering Ltd., 911 Beckwith Rd., Richmond, B.0... Scandia Iron & Metal Works Ltd., 851 West Rd., Richmond, B.0... Screenall Products Ltd., 313A - 6th St., New Westminster, B.0... Severson Bros. Ironworks, th St., N. Surrey, B.0... Skinner Scales, 51 W. Cordova St,, Vancouver, B.0... Smith Industries Ltd., th Ave. E., Vancouver, B.0... Swan Sheet Metal Ltd., 652 E. Broadway, Vancouver, B.0... Tony's Welding Shop, 414 Tranquille Rd., North Kamloops, B.0... Turbu-Radiant Engineering Ltd., 402, 535 West Georgia St., Vancouver, B.C. Universal Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Home Ave. S., Mission, B.0... Vulcan Containers (Canada) Ltd., Box 284, Toronto 15, Ont. (Branch at New Westminster, B.C.)... Wallin Machine Works, 315 Levi St., New Westminster, B.0... Western Coastwise Service Ltd., 8194 Ontario St., Vancouver 15, B.0... Western Wrought Iron Works, 2210 Jefferson Ave., West Vancouver, B.0... Whicehouse Machine Shop, 2543 Beacon Ave., Sidney, B.0... Wilson, J. L., 2103 Emerson Rd., Abbotsford, B.0... Wireco Engineering Ltd., 2015 Columbia St., Vancouver, B.0... PIWDUCTS 59. structural steel dry kilns marine equipment rock bits structural steel aluminum windows, doors structural steel nuts, bolts dados structural steel aluminum screens industrial scales door frames gas conversion burners aluminum windows shipping containers hydraulic units storage tanks storage bins industrial machinery TRANSPORTATION EQU IPMENT PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND Maritime Boat Builders, P.O. Box 1452, Suninerside, P.E.I.... NOVA SCOTIA Bluewater Industries, King St., Chester, N.S.... Brownell, Austin A., Amherst, N.S Clannon, John E., Lower L'Ardoise, Richmond Co., N.S.... d'entre,nont, Delisle C., Lower West Pubnico, N.S.... Harbour Boats Ltd., P.O. Box 358, Yarmouth, N,S.... Hurt, Norman, Owl's Head Harbour, N.S Kaiser, Ellis W., Port Bickercon, Guysboro Co.,N.S... Kainp Kraft Ltd., 81 Prince Albert Rd., Dartmouth, N.S.... mobile homes Mitchell & Stevens Ltd., Black Harbour, Chester, Lunenburg Co.,N.S.... Scotia Fiberglass Products Ltd., MacKay St., Stellarton, N.S.... Stevens, Gerald Lawson, Box 405, Chester, N.S.... NEW BRUNSWICK Beaver Battery & Electric Mfg. Co. Ltd., Hanwell R., Fredericton, N.B. Friolet, Gerard 6. Josue, Middle Caraquet, N.B.... Godin, Adelbert, Maisonette, Gloucester Co., N.B.... generators

62 60. FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS QUEBEC TRANSPORTATION EQUIPMENT (cont rd) Air Craft Maintenance & Service Reg'd., Mont Joli, Cte Rimouski, P.Q aircraft repairs Berthiaume, Marcel, St, Donat, Gte Montcalm, P.Q.... Blais & Fils Enrg., St. Sylvestre, Cte Lotbiniere, P.Q.... Canadian Steel Wheel Ltd., 1900 Dickson St., Montreal, P.Q... steel wheels Continental Naval Industries Inc., 3175 St. Catherine St. E., Moncreal, P.Q.... ship repairs Dansereau, Noel, Contrecoeur, Gte Vercheres, P.Q Gosselin, Charles, Petit Mtane, Cte Matane, P.Q.... truck bodies Laliberte & Frere, 2008 Chemin des Foulons, Sillery, Cte Quebec, P.Q. Lapointe Craft Ltee, St. Andre E., Gte Argenteuil, P.Q.... Laprairie Aircraft Inc., 536 Brossard St., Laprairie, Cte Laprairie, P,Q aircraft parts Lea Industries Mallard Ltee, 100 Lois St., Hull, P.Q.... Morneau, Georges "N', Los Escoumins, Cte Saguenay, P.Q.... Multi-Ply Moulders Ltd., Contrecoeur, Cte Vercheres, P.Q.... Pelletier, Gilles, 471 Strathcona Ave., Montreal 6, P.Q.... Renaud, Edouard C., Auringny, I.M., P.Q.... Robert Aircraft, 323 St. Antoine, Granby, P.Q.... aircraft repairs Sherbrooke Coach Mfg. Co., 34 Galt Terrace, Sherbrooke, P,Q.... coaches Tanser Craft, 54-3rd Blvd., Terrace Vaudreuil, Gte Vaudreuil, P.Q.... Truck Tank Service Co., 4255 Paul-Pau St., Montreal 5, P.Q truck tank repairs United Aircraft Technicians Co. Reg'd., Hangar 3C, Montreal Airport, P.Q.. aircraft repairs ONTARIO Advanced Car Specialties Ltd., 15 Jutland Rd., Toronto 18, Ont... Associated Truck Bodies Ltd., 181 Victoria Ave. S., Hamilton, Ont... Baycrest Boats, R. R. No. 1, Demorestville, Ont... Berg Mfg. (Canada) Ltd., 83 St. Patrick St., Toronto 2B, Ont... Brighton Body & Coach Co., Ontario St., Brighton, Oct... Brighton Fabricators, Brighton, Ont... British Boat Co. Ltd., Streetsville, Oct... Buoyant Products Ltd,, Fulton St. S., Milton, Oct... Campbellford Precision Products, Cobourg, Oct. (Plant at Campbellford, Oct.)... Canadian Motor Lamp Co. Ltd., 2429 Seminole St., Windsor, Oct. (Branch at Bracebridge, Oct.)... Commercial Truck Bodies Co. Ltd,, 78 Advance Rd., Toronto 18, Oct... Corby Steel Products, 85 Tecumseth St., Toronto, Ont... Courtaulds Maulded Products of Canada Ltd., Montreal Rd., Cornwall, Oct. Custom Cruisers, 277 Gill St., Orillia, Oct... Davies Truck Equipment Ltd., 10 Kelfield St., Rexdale, Ont... Dayton Steel Foundry of Can. Ltd., Orillia, Oct... Dearborn Steel Tubing Co. (Canada) Ltd., 85 Newgate St., Goderich, Oct. Dunphy Boat Shop 190 Talbot St. E., Leamington, Ont... Erie Watercraft Ltd., 1062 Felix, Windsor, Ont... Fleet-Line Products, 70 Alice St., Waterford, Oct... Gasjet Corporation Ltd., 339 Bering Ave., Toronto 18, Oct... General Electronics Co., 108 McDougall St., Windsor, Ont... Hansa Boat Co., Unionville, Oct... Henry Boats, Lakeside, Port Dalhousie, Ont... Hiller Mfg. Co. Ltd., 2375 Edna, Windsor, Ont... Hollywood Homes (Windsor) Ltd., 4040 Sandwich St. W., Windsor, Ont... Hufiman, T., Trailers, 982 Brant St., Burlington, Oct... Hull-Thomson Ltd., 2315 McDougall St., Windsor, Oct... Hurlbut Body Co., Park St. E., Dunnville, Ont... International Formed Tubes, 111 Manville Rd., Scarboro, Ont... Lake Controls Ltd., 9 Wellington St. E., Toronto 7, Ont... Mason, David A., Centre St., Smiths Falls, Oct... Miller Lubricator Co. of Can. Ltd., 332 West St. N., Napanee, Oct... Milton Bus and Body Co. Ltd., Court St., Milton, Oct... Moderne Marine, 392 Front Rd., La Salle, Oct... Niemi Boat Works, 184 Clarke St., Port Arthur, Oct... Northern Watercraft, Box 4, Sturgeon Falls, Oct... Over-The-Road Equipment Ltd., 850 Wyandotte St. W., Windsor, Oct... Page Moulded Finished Products, 230 Eighth St., Cornwall, Ont... Personal Plane Services Ltd., P.O. Box 164, Billings Bridge, Oct... Peterboro Sulky & Jog Cart, R. R. No. 9, Peterborough, Oct... exhaust pipes truck bodies electrical equipment truck bodies truck bodies aircraft parts automobile lamps truck bodies rebuilt automotive springs trailers truck parts exhaust pipes trailers truck bodies directional signals forged automotive parts mobile homes trailers automobile parts truck bodies tail pipes outboard motor controls railway car lubricators bus, truck bodies fiberglass truck bodies aircraft repairs shafts, seats

63 FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS ONTARIO (concl'd) TRANSPORTATION EQUIPMENT (cont'd) Pyramid Mobile Homes Ltd., 4040 Sandwich St. W., Windsor, Ont... Reinforced Plastics, 35 Water St. S., Gait, Ont... Rhodenhiser, Wm. S. Herchirner Ave., South Belleville, Out... Richard Steel Boats Ltd., Box 2, Tilbury, Out... Rucon Boats, Glen Williams, Ont... St. Lawrence Boat Works, Mill St., Gananoque, Ont... Sadler Car Co., Dunlop Dr., St. Catharines, Ont... Seiler Boat Co. Ltd., Box 309, Caledonia, Ont... Stamps Steel Boats, Ho. 2 Hwy., Tilbury, Out... Steadco Truck Bodies Ltd., 225 Evans Ave., Toronto 14, Ont... Stewart & Beaudry Steel Boat Works, Fenelon Falls, Ont... Sturdy Truck Body Mfg. Co., 196 River W., Kitchener, Out... Tamco Ltd., La Salle, Ont... Tealcraft Industries Ltd., 1167 Blains Rd. E., Burlington, Ont... Tee Jay Mfg., 108 Manville Rd., Scarboro, Out... Trans Canada Engine Rebuilders, 268 Augusta Ave., Toronto, Ont... Traveler Manufacturing Co. Ltd., 753 Lansdowne St. W., Peterborough, Out.. Universal Trailer Mfg. Co., 205 College St., Toronto 2B, Out... Valley City Body & Equipment Co., Court St., Milton, Out... Warren Molded Plastics Co., 229 Barclay Rd., Ottawa 2, Out... Watercraft Industries Ltd., 216 Rink St., Peterborough, Out... Wavemaster Boat Co., 76 Dundas St. W., Waterdown, Out... Webb Boats, 225 Louisa St., Kitchener, Out... Winger's Marine, Morgans Point, Out... Wolfe Transmission Ltd., 85 Tecumseth St., Toronto 3, Out mobile homes sport cars truck bodies truck bodies motor vehicle parts rebuilding automobile engines trailers truck bodies aluminum rebuilt transmissions MANITOBA Aero Trades Western Ltd., Stevenson's Field, Winnipeg 12, Man.... aircraft repairs Alutna Way Boat (Mfg.) & Marine, Old Kildonan P.O., Winnipeg 9, Man.... Caravan Coach Mfg. Co., P.O. Box 78, St. Agathe, Man.... mobile homes Fibre Industries, 1827 Pembina Hwy., Transcona, Man.... Griffin Steel Foundries Ltd., Box 310, St. Hyacinthe, P.Q. (Branch at Transcona, Man.)...steel wheels Minaki Boat & Marine Co., Box 890, Winkler, Man.... plastic SASKATCHEWAN Ennis, V. C., 1159 Elliott St., Regina, Sask... Estevan Industries Ltd., Box 338, Estevan, Sask... mobile homes ALBERTA Custom Air Industries Ltd., st St., Edmonton, Alta... Falconar Aircraft Maintenance, Bldg. 425, Municipal Airport, Edmonton, Alta... Fibrecraft Industries, Ave., Edmonton, Alta... Forest Lawn Truck Body Work, th Ave. S. E., Forest Lawn, Alta... Glendale Mobile Homes Ltd., Strathroy, Out. (Branch at Wetaskiwin, Alta.). Jaycopters Ltd., Ave., Edmonton, Alta... National Servicair Co. Ltd., 16 Hangar L.C.D. No. 2, Edmonton, Alta... Peerless Mfg. Co., 6110-lA St. S. W., Calgary, Alta... Pinewood Industries Ltd., P.O. Box 217, Red Deer, Alta... Plesco Industries Ltd., St., Edmonton, Alta... Prairie Plastics Ltd., st Ave., Lethbridge, Alta... Robertson Coach & Trailer Ltd., Hangar 16, Monicipal Airport, Edmonton, Alta... Sen-Craft Mfg. Ltd., Hanger 12, Municipal Airport, Edmonton, Alta... Speedway Millwork & Supply. 97th St. & 51st Ave., Edmonton, Alta... Watson Industries (Alberta) Ltd., P.O. Box 457, Claresholni, Alta... Wittke Iron Works, Medicine Hat, Alta... aircraft repairs aircraft repairs trailers truck boxes mobile homes flight simulators aircraft repairs automobile accessories truck boxes, hoists trailers mobile homes truck bodies

64 62. FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS BRITISH COLUMBIA TRANSPORTATION EQUIPMENT (concl') A-i Boat Works, 341 Powell Sc., Vancouver 4, B.0... Admiral Shipyard Ltd., Port Hanmond, B.0... Anderson Marine Ways, Sointula, B.0... B.C. Fibre Class Co., 1430 Burrard St. (rear), Vancouver, B.0... Bert's Boat Yard, Smelter Site, Kitimat,B.C Brown, H. Lorne, 264 Pemberton St., North Vancouver, B.0... Bruce Modern Boats Ltd., 3805 Dollarton Hwy., North Vancouver, B.0... Canadian Kenworth Ltd., 3750 Kitchener, Burnaby, B.0... Car-a-Van Builders Ltd., 95 Kingsway, Vancouver, B.0... Chilliwack Aircraft Industries Ltd., P.O. Box 247, Chilliwack. B.0... Clarendon Engines Ltd., 2582 Kent St., Vancouver 16, B.0... Delaire Aircraft Ltd., Vancouver Airport, B.0... Enno's Boat Interiors, 1701 W. 3rd Ave., Vancouver 9, B.0... Fawell, Kenneth L., IIOA St. North Surrey, B.0... Fraser Machinery, Sub. P.O. No. 36, Vancouver 14, B.0... Frontier Plastics Ltd., 833 Agnes St., New Westminster, B.0... Georgia Boat Works, Ft. Chatham, Steveston, B.0... Grenfell Marine Enterprises Ltd., 805 River Rd., Richmond, B.0... Grenfell Yachts, 1929 W. Georgia St,, Vancouver 5, B.0... Jan-Craft, 1st Ave., Ladysmith, B.0... Kajnloops Aircraft Ltd., Municipal Airport, Kamloops, B.0... Kroy Industries, 2835 W. 4th Ave., Vancouver 8, B.0... Lucas-Rotax Ltd., Vancouver Airport, Richmond, B.0... Mack Enterprises Ltd., 341 Powell St., Vancouver 4, B.0... Maple Bay Marine & Shipyards Ltd., R. R. No. 1, Duncan, B.0... Microplast Laminates, 10 Huron St., Victoria, B.0... North Shore Welding & Iron Works Ltd., 1786 Railway St., North Vancouver, B.0... Peters Aircraft Service Ltd., Vancouver Airport, B.0... * 'Q" Cove Boat Works, P.O. Box 15, Quathiaski Cove, B.0... River Boat Works, Duncan Bay Rd., Campbell River, B.0... Sea Nymph Fiberglass Boat Co., 1323 Lonadale Ave., North Vancouver, B.C.. Seven Seas Marina, 6459 Pat Bay Highway, Victoria, B.0... Sierra Development Ltd., Ft. of Argyle St. S., Vancouver, B.0... Sjodin Boat Works, Heriot Bay, B.0... * Solvey Plastics, 450 Trans-Can. Hwy. E., Chilliwack, B.0... * Starflite Boats, 5328 Irving St., Burnaby, B.0... Thermolite Plastics Ltd., 7342 Government Rd., Burnaby 1, B.0... Topper-Tent & Boat Co., 605A 3 Rd., Richmond, B.0... Vancouver Helicopters Ltd., W. Pender St., Vancouver 2, B.C. West Van Boat Works, 1431 Clyde Ave., West Vancouver, B.0... Western Marine Enterprises Ltd., 1040 Stewart Ave., Nanaimo, B.0... Western Marine Service, Box 107, Tofino, B.0... Western Plastjcraft Ltd., 882 East Cordova St., Vancouver 4, B.0... ship repairs boat repairs trucks mobile homes aircraft repairs marine engine repairs aircraft repairs boat interiors house trailers truck boxes aircraft repairs aircraft repairs truck bodies aircraft repairs helicopters boat repairs

65 FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS QUEBEC NON-FERRCXJS METAL PROtECTS Bijouterie Turco Enrg., 517 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal, P.Q... Canadian British Aluminium Co. Ltd., P.O. Box 1530, Baie Comeau, Cte Saguenay, P.Q... Cheron, Raymond, 2260 Perrot Blvd., Isle Perrot S., P.Q... Dismus Society, 4800 Decarie Blvd., Montreal 28, P.Q... Dominion Buffing & Plating Co. Ltd., 1171 Sanguinet St., Montreal 18, P.Q. Fonderie St. Louis Enrg., St. Louis, Cte Richelieu, P.Q... I.S. Jewellery Findings Reg'd., 359 St. James St. W. Montreal 1, P.Q. Iserlohn Brass Foundry, 1131 Hickson Ave., Verdun, P.Q... John Electro Plating & Metal Works Co., 3946 Berri St., Montreal 24, P.Q. Kaye Lead & Alloys Co., 7929 Dante Ave., Ville St. Michel, P.Q... Lamer & Cote Reg'd., 5365 Henri Julien Ave., Montreal, P.Q... Luba Jewels Inc., 408 St. James St. W., Montreal 1, P.Q... Lyster Die Casting Ltd., Lyater Station, Cte Megantic, P.Q... Modern Metal Spinning Reg'd., 4249 Frontenac St. (rear), Montreal 24, P.Q. Montcalm Plating & Mechanical Works Ltd., 2175 Moutcalm St., Montreal 24, P.Q... Northern Belco Mfg. Ltd., 9810 St. Urbain St., Montreal, P.Q... Paris Joaillerie Enrg., 1294 Maguire, Quebec, P.Q... Produita Universal Products Inc., Casier Postal 129, Limoilou, Cte Quebec, P.Q... Sabourin, Camille, Desaulniers St., Montreal N., P.Q... Savard, Jean, Inc., 1067 Amherst, Montreal 24, P.Q... Sherback, Lilian, Reg'd., 540 Beaudry St., Montreal 24, P.Q... Sorbonne,N., Casting, 248 Charron, Ville Lemoyne, Cte Chambly, P,Q... Succession J. Henri Achim, 205 St. Paul St. V., Montreal 1, P.Q... Surek Jewellery Mfg., 224 Laurier Ave. W., Montreal 8, P.Q... Thetford Plating Enrg,, 226 Notre Dame North, Thetford Mines, Cte Megantic, P.Q... ONTARIO jewellery aluminum jewellery engraving electroplating copper products gold, silver castings plumber's supplies electroplating plumber's supplies chrome plating jewellery hardware lamp parts electroplating. ball bearing washers jewellery weatherstrip jewellery electroplating aluminum gift ware white metal castings gold & chrome plating j ewe llery electroplating 63. AME Atomics (Canada) Ltd., Port Hope, Ont... Allied Foundries Ltd., 138 Willowdale Ave., Willowdale, Ont... Auto Die Casting & Engineering, 1 A Thora Ave., Toronto 13, Ont... B. 6' H. Plating Co., 930 Gerrard St. E., Toronto 8, Ont... B. & M. Plating Co., 522 Hamilton, London, Ont... Bari Bros. Jewellers, 236 Adelaide St. V., Toronto 1, Ont... Bay Industries Ltd., R. R. No. 4, St. Catharines, Ont... Bristol Cadmium Plating Co. Ltd., 43 Advance Rd., Toronto 18, Ont... C.B. Electroplating Ltd. 123 Manville Rd., Scarboro, Ont... Caltraco Metal Ltd., 66 Sheffield St., Toronto, Ont... Calumet 6' Hecla of Canada Ltd., 1920 Cheapside St., London, Ont... Central Plating, Skyline Dr., Orillia, Ont... Chrome Hard Surfaces, S Howard Crescent, Kingston, Ont... Colville Platera Ltd., 43 Colville Rd., Toronto 15, Ont... Crown Electro Platers, 253 Gerrard St. E. (rear), Toronto 2, Ont... Devitt, Kay & Thornley, 2 Temperance St., Toronto 2, Ont... Don Coppersmithing Co., 514 Coxwell Ave., Toronto 6, Ont... D'Orlan Jewellers Ltd., 3 Mutual St., Toronto 2, Ont... E. & S. Quality Products, R.R. 1, Essex, Cottam, Ont... Empire Silversmiths Ltd., 10 Ripley Ave., Toronto, Ont... Eros Jewellery Mfg. Co. 291 King St. W., Toronto 25, Ont... Flintridge Canada Ltd., 102 Rivalda Rd., Weston, Ont... H. & B. Enterprise (Canada) Ltd., 58 Crockford Blvd., Scarborough, Ont. Hollys Anodizing Service, 12 Milford Ave., Toronto 15, Ont... Hoim, E., 459 Martha St., Burlington, Ont... Holody Electo-Plating, 66 Victoria S., Guelph, Ont... Hose Couplings, Fittings Ltd., Water St., Simcoe, Ont... J. & K. Zinc Die Casting Co. Ltd., 48 Crockford Blvd., Scarborough, Ont. Kalupe Jewelry, 19 Pretoria Ave., Toronto 6, Ont... Kent Buffing Specialty Ltd., 53 Minnie St., Wallaceburg, Ont... Knowlton, J.G., Co. Ltd., 311 Richmond Rd., Ottawa, Ont... Lakatos, E., 26 Vaughan Rd., Toronto, Ont... Lepp, Herman, 9 Richmond St. E., Toronto 1, Ont... Lewis & Co., 263 Davenport Rd. (rear), Toronto, Ont... Luster Corporation of Can. Ltd., Forhan St., Wallaceburg, Ont.... Metal Atomizing and Processing Corp., Speers Rd., Oakville, Ont, Niagara Name Plate Co., 29 1/2 Queenston St., St. Catharines, Ont... Northern Plating Co. Ltd., 37 Parliament St., Toronto, Ont... atomic reactor fuel elements non-ferrous castings moulds electroplating electroplating rings aluminum anodizing electroplating electroplating electroplating seamless copper tubing electroplating electroplating electroplating electroplating jewellery copper coils j ewe llery zinc castings moulds custom jewellery non-ferrous metal products aluminum partitions aluminum anodizing jewellery electroplating hose assemblies castings jewellery metal polishing metal engraving costume jevellery jewellery metal engraving electroplating castings electroplating electroplating

66 64. FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS ONTARIO (concl'd) NON-FERRaJS METAL PROL*JCTS (concl' d) PROIJCTS Ottawa Valley Gem Shop, 424 Churchill Ave., Ottawa 3, Out... Peterborough Plating Co. Ltd., 685 Erskine Ave., Peterborough, Ont... Prime Castings & Machine Shop Ltd., 48 Prospect Ave., Newmarket, Ont. Rain Refined Alloys Ltd. 167 Barton St. W., Hamilton, Ont... Roberts L., 10 Temperance St., Toronto, Ont... Robertson, Joseph, Foundries Ltd., 4 Mansion Ave., Toronto 13, Ont... Russell, Owen, Mfg. Co. Ltd., 1160 Albert Rd., Windsor, Ont... Sun Polishing & Buffing Co., 15 Towns Rd., Toronto, Ont... Superior Bronze & Granite, 419 Gage Ave. S., Hamilton, Ont... Tn-Canada Fittings & Equipment Co., 4165 Dundas W., Islington, Ont... Universal Jewellery Mfg. Co., 284 A Yonge St., Toronto 1, Ont... Uno Jewellery Co., 77 Victoria St. Toronto 1, Out... Uxbridge Brass Foundry, 144 Brock St. W., Uxbridge, Out... Vanity Jewellery Mfg. Ltd., 336 Adelaide St. W., Toronto 2B, Ont... Vansum Products of Canada, 95A King St. W., Toronto 1, Ont... Victor Metal Containers Ltd., 30 Bermondsey Rd., Toronto, Ont... Walker & Kurtz Co. Ltd., Box 196, Belleville, Ont... Watson, R. A., Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Box 663, Woodbridge, Ont... Zenith Electroplating Ltd., 3194 Dundas St. W., Toronto 9, Out... jewellery electroplating non-ferrous castings solder j ewe liery bronze, aluminum castings metal rolling metal polishing memorial plaques non-ferrous metal products jewellery jewellery grinding, polishing brass fittings jewellery jewellery collapsible tubes e1ectrop ating aluminum castings electroplating MANITOBA Canada Platers Ltd., 103 Princess St., Winnipeg, Man... Deeley Metal Weatherstrip Co., 281 Kensington St., Winnipeg, Man... gold, silver plating weatherstrip ALBERTA Edmonton Silver Plating Co., Fort Rd. (rear), Edmonton, Alta... Hofbauer, John, Ave. S. W., 25 Kresge Blk., Calgary, Alta... Kipulos Mfg., th St. S. E., Calgary, Alta... electroplating goldsmithing aluminum castings BRITISH COLUMBIA Alran Metal Products Ltd., 1512 Boundary Rd., Burnaby, B Aluminum Co. of Canada, 1260 Vulcan Way, Richmond, B aluminum shingles aluminum extrusions Dogwood Costume Jewellery, 45-W-20th St., Vancouver, B jewellery General Metal Industries, 8726 Barnard St., Vancouver, B brass and bronze ingots Halton Metal Co. Ltd., 4645 Keith St., S. Burnaby, B.0. brass, aluminum castings... Junger, Rosa, Seymour St., Vancouver 2, B jewellery Metro Bronze & Aluminum Foundry Ltd., 3755 Keith St., Burnaby 1, B.0 brass castings Northern Machine & Mfg. Co. Ltd. 1623W. 2nd Ave., North Vancouver, B.0 brass castings Pacific Aluminum House Ltd., 720 Homer St., Vancouver 3, B aluminum products Reynolds, Harry, Lillooet, B jewellery Western Copper Mills Ltd., Annacis Island, New Westminster, B extruded copper products NEW BRUNSWICK ELECTRICAL APPARATUS & STJ PPLIES Western Wire and Cable Co. Ltd. 951 Fairville Blvd., Lancaster, N.B.... electrical conductors QUEBEC Artcraft of Montreal Ltd., 3430 Park Ave., Montreal, P.Q.... electric fixtures Associated Electrical Industries (Can) Ltd., 562 Montee De Liesse, Montreal, P.Q electrical equipment Carl, H., Reg'd., 1426 A Clark St., Montreal 18, P.Q.... lighting fixtures Central Dynamics Ltd., 147 Hymua Blvd., Pointe Claire, P.Q.... electro-mechanical systems Coastal Equipment Ltd., 3 Courcelette St., Quebec, P.Q.... water heaters Coldbar Corporation, 1176 Sherbrooke St. W., Montreal, P.Q.... assembling refrigerators Constants Co. of Canada Ltd., 280 Regina Ave., Verdun, P.Q.... resistors Eastern Power Devices Ltd., 2401 Dixie Rd. Port Credit, Out. (Branch at Montreal, P.Q.) electrical connectors France Nouveautes Enrg., 179 Bernard Blvd., Druninondville, Cte Druimnond, P.Q.... lamps General Precision Industries Ltd., 455 Craig St. W., Montreal 1, P.Q. electronic instruments International Systcoins Ltd., 8235 Mountain Sights Ave., Montreal 9, P.Q.. electronic products J. R. Electric Reg t d., 2520 Charland St., Montreal 12, P.Q.... pole line hardware Kearney, James R,,Corp. of Can. Ltd., 101 Labelle Blvd., Ste Therese, Cte Terrebonne, P.Q.... electrical switchgear King's Electronics (Canada) Ltd., 2425 Grand Blvd., Montreal, P,Q.... electronic components

67 FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS QUEBEC (concl'd) ELECTRICAL APPARATUS & SUPPLIES (cont'd) PROtRJCTS 65. * Kirkland, H. R., (Canada) Ltd., 4920 Western, Montreal, P.Q... Kiockner Moelier Canada Ltd., 505 Edouard, Granby, P.Q... * National Electric Coil Can. Ltd., St. Michel St., St. Jean, Cte St. Jean, P.Q... National Semiconductors Ltd., 146 Bates Rd., Montreal 26, P.Q... Pole-lite Ltd., St. Philippe de Prairie, Cte Laprairie, P.Q... * Speer Carbon Co. of Can. Ltd., 305 Decarie Blvd., Ville St. Laurent, P.Q.. Vogue Lighting Products, Cobourg Ave., Montreal North, P.Q... * Westbury Electronics (Canada) Ltd., 3333 Cavendish Blvd., Montreal, P.Q. annunciators switches, relays cot is photo electric cells light standards carbon brushes fixtures television appliances ONTARIO Anderson Manufacturing Co., 441 West St., Brantford, Out... Bahnair of Canada Ltd., 42 Hyde Ave., Toronto, Out... Berlet Electronics & Controls Co., 34 Ainslie St. S., Gait, Ont... * Braun of Canada Equipment Ltd., 35 Haas Rd., Toronto, Out... Brooks Lighting Ltd., 318 Rexdale Blvd., Rexdale, Ont... Canada Wire & Cable Co. Ltd., Postal Station "W', Toronto, Out... * Canadian Puregas Equipment Ltd., 156 Front St. W., Toronto, Out... Canadian Westinghouse Co. Ltd., 286 Sanford Ave. N., Hamilton, Ont, (Branch at Grimsby, Out.)... Canadian Westinghouse Co. Ltd., 286 Sanford Ave. N., Hamilton, Ont. (Branch at Stratford, Out.)... Caneurop Mfg, Co., 440 Adelaide St. W., Toronto 2B, Out... Clairtone Sound Corporation Ltd., 118 Rivalda Rd., Weston, Out... dare, C. P., Canada Ltd., 2700 Jane St., Toronto, Ont... ConsolidatedDiesel Electric Corporation of Canada Ltd., 66 Racine Road, Toronto, Ont... Consolidated Enterprises, 3874 Bloor St. W., Toronto 18, Out... Continental Fire Service Ltd., 748 St. Clair Ave. W., Toronto, Out... Craig Electronics Co., 183 Bathurst St., Toronto 28, Out... Crothers Manufacturing Ltd., 772 Warden Ave., Scarboro, Out... Durham Pure Copper Lightning Conductor, Durham, Ont... Fanner Electrical Products Ltd., 50 Frid St., Hamilton, Out... Franklin Manufacturing Co. (Canada) Ltd., 501 Franklin Blvd., Gait, Out. General Instrument - F.W. Sickles of Can. Ltd., Box 408, Waterloo. Out. (Branch at Mount Forest, Out)... Globe Connectors Ltd., 482 Wellington St. W., Toronto 28, Out... Industrial Transformer Products, 120 Manville Rd., Scarboro, Ont... Jacka, E., Metal Fabricating Co., 15 Towns Rd., New Toronto, Out... Liton of Canada Ltd., 2223 A Dundas St. W., Toronto 3, Out... National Electric Manufacturing Ltd., 53 Fraser Ave., Toronto, Out... Potter & Brumfield Canada Ltd., 135 Oxford St., Guelph, Out... Rite Assembly Co., 3231 Girardot St., Windsor, Out... Ruth, Gordon, & Co., 354 Princess Ave., London, Out... Stegg Electric Ltd., 34 Bertram Blvd.. Belleville. Ont... Stewart, Henry, Ltd., 281 Centre St., Richmond Hill, Out... Taylor-Leslie Mining & Engineering Corporation Ltd., 9 Wellington St. E., Toronto, Out... Turret Electronics Ltd., 31 Hayes Ave., Guelph, Out... Woodhouse, W. J., Co. Ltd., 15 Brandon Ave., Toronto, Out... electric motors air filters control panels electronic equipment electrical fixtures electric wire telephone equipment television tube mounts electric motors lighting fixtures high fidelity apparatus electrical relays aircraft equipment air conditioners automatic fire alarms high frequency devices electric generating Sets lightning rods transmission, communication line accessories refrigerators, freezers transformers wire connectors transformers lighting fixtures radios electric hand dryers relays electrical fixtures intercommunication systems relays trans formers electronic components television picture tubes lighting equj.pment MANITOBA Aytex Systems Engineering Ltd., 1930 Sargent Ave., Winnipeg 3, Man... communication equipment ALBERTA Camrose Electric Controls Ltd., Ave., Camrose, Alta... Timewell Controls Ltd., A St. S. E., Calgary, Alta... electrical controls control equipment BRITISH COLUMBIA * Canada Wire & Cable Co. Ltd., Postal St. R, Toronto, Out. (Branch at Delta, B.C.)... Industrial Electronic Laboratories Ltd., 1119 Vancouver St., Victoria, B.0... Phillips Electrical Co. Ltd., Brockville, Out. (Branch at South Vancouver, B.C.)... wires, cables intercommunication systems electrical wire, cable

68 66. FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS BRITISH COLUMBIA (concl'd) ELECTRICAL APPARATUS & SUPPLIES (concl'd) PROJ.'JCTS Republic Electric & Development Ltd., 360W. 1st Ave., Vancouver 10, B.C.. Skyline Advertising Ltd., Trans Canada Highway, Surrey, B.0... Vision Manufacturing Ltd., 620 Taylor St., Vancouver 6, B.0... Western Code-A-Thone Ltd., 1245 Granville St., Vancouver 2, B.0... switchboard equipment advertising devices television picture tubes office machines NEWFOUNDLAND NON-METALLIC MINERAL PROIJCTS Atlantic Gypsum Ltd., Box 61, Corner Brook, Nfld... Biundon Bros., Gander, Nfld... Pinsents' Concrete Ltd., Brook St., Stephenville, Nfld... NOVA SCtYFIA Athersuch Mirror & Glass, 2 Edgemere Dr., Dartmouth, N.S... Atlantic Building Materials Ltd., 205 Kempt Rd., Halifax, N.S... Chute, L. M., & D. L., Berwick, N.S... * Lawrence, John F., 96 Cedar St., Halifax, N.S... * Nova Stone Ltd., 1 Portland St., Dartmouth, N.S... Payzant & Burgess, Port Williams, N.S... Poly-Perm Products Ltd., Central Ave., Wolfville, N.S... Rice, C. A., Middleton, N.S... Vibric Ltd., Lower Truro, N.S... gypsum wall panels bricks, blocks ready mixed concrete mirrors ready mixed concrete concrete tile, pipe, blocks concrete blocks, bricks artificial Stone precast septic tanks fibreglass products monuments ready mixed concrete NEW BRUNSWICK Briggs, Roland E., Chipman, Queens Co., N.B... Courtney Concrete Co., do Stephen Construction Co., Bayside Dr., East Saint John, N.B... Elsmore, Joseph, Bath, N.B... Gloucester Construction Products, 430 Golf St., Bathurst, N.B... McLaughlin Concrete Products Ltd., Tracadie, Gloucester Co., N.B... cement blocks concrete blocks cement blocks concrete blocks cement blocks QUEBEC Acme Oil Reg'd., 95 St. Zotique St. W., Montreal, P.Q... Acme Slate and Tile Co. (Quebec) Ltd., Bedford, Cte Missisquoi, P.Q... Amyot Ready-Mix Co. Ltd., Chelsea Rd., Hull, P.Q... Asbestos Mfg. Co., 330 Water, Coaticook, Cte Stanstead, P,Q... Atlantic-Sills Inc., 8447 Omer Gaucher Blvd., Riviere des Prairies, P.Q. Bedard, Maurice, 5220 Royale, Boischatel, Cte Montmorency, P.Q... Belgian Glass Works Reg'd., 6764 Papineau Ave., Montreal 35, P.Q... Blocs de Ciment Montmagny Enrg., 9 Montcalm, Montmagny, Cte Montmagny, P.Q... Blocs de Ciment Montreal Nord Enrg., Balzac St., Montreal, P,Q... Boyer, Herve, Piedmont, Cte Terrebonne, P.Q... Brique Orleans Inc., I Maufils St., Quebec 3, P.Q... Brochu, Henri, R. R. 40, Iberville, Cte Iberville, P.Q... Brucy Stone Enrg., 108 Ranger Brucy, Lie Perrot, Cte Vaudreuil, P,Q... Brunet, R., Concrete Ltd., Mgr. Langlois Blvd., Vaileyfield, Cte Beauharnois, P.Q... Brussieres & Fils Enrg., 208 Henri Bourassa Blvd., Gros Pin, Cte Quebec, P.Q... Burrogano, Vincent, Brochu Ave., Sept Iles, Cte Saguenay, P.O... Canadian Cut Stone Reg'd., 500 Grande Cote, St. Louis de Terrebonne, P.Q.. Canadian Schokbeton Ltd., 4450 Cote des Neiges Rd., Montreal 26, P.Q... Cap Stone, 1991 Des Laurentides, St. Elzear, Cte Laval, P.Q... Castonguay, J. A., Dorion, Cte Vaudreuil, P.Q... Chalvignac, Maurice, 8868 A Lajeunesse St., Montreal 11, P.Q... Chicoine et Frere, St. Dominique, Cte Bagot, P.Q... Cinent Vibre Maniwaki Ltee, 63 La Montagne St., Maniwaki, Cte Gatineau, P.Q... Cloutier, Gilles, St. Pierre, Cte Montmagny, P.Q... Columbia Acoustics & Fireproofing Co. (Canada) Ltd., 5495 Pare St., Montreal 9, P,Q... Compress Pipe, 650 Labelle Blvd. Ste Therese, Cte Terrebonne, P.Q... De Boiley & File, 218 Principale St., Cowansville, Cte Missisquoi, P.Q. Deamond Stone, 1914 Marie Victorin, Ville Jacques Cartier, Cte Chambly, P.Q... Desgagne, Rene, 234 Pie XI Blvd., Val St. Michel, Cte Quebec, P.Q... abrasives slate, floor tile ready mixed concrete asbestos brake linings sills, thresholds bricks, terra cotta mirrors cement blocks cement blocks cement blocks bricks cement blocks concrete blocks cement pipe artificial stone cement blocks building stone concrete building elements artificial Stone cement pipes ceramics, vases cement blocks cement blocks, pipes cement blocks fireproofing, insulating concrete pipes stained glass cement blocks cement blocks

69 FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS QUEBEC (cont'd) NON -METALLIC MINERAL }1R0IJCTS (cont' d) PRO E$JCTS 67. Desormeaux, R. & R. Enrg., Lesage, Cte Terrebonne, P.Q... Drouin, Arthur, St. Lambert, Cte Levis, P.Q... Ducas, Roland, th Ave., Montreal, P.Q... Dufour, Rejean, Causapacal, Cte Matapedia, P.Q... Dumas, Marcel, St. Anne Blvd., Boischatel, Cte Montmorency, P.Q... Featherrock Inc., St. Francois du Lac, Cte Yatnaska, P.Q... Fibreforce Products Ltd., 425 Boyer St., St. Jean, Cte St. Jean, P.Q... Fiset, J. L,, Enrg., Notre Dame St., Trois Pistoles, Cte Riviere du Loup, P.Q... Flintkote Co. of Canada Ltd., (Vanpacker Division), 5th Ave. & Canal Bank, Ville St. Pierre, P.Q. (Branch Plant at Montreal, P.Q.)... Gelinire Inc., 290 Parc Ave., Grand'Mere, Cte Laviolette, P.Q... Goulet, Marcel, 323 Lacroix, La Tuque, Cte Laviolette, P.Q... Granit Alma Inc., 66 Francoeur Blvd., Naudville, Cte Lac St. Jean, P.Q. Grants' Concrete Products Inc., Douglastown, Cte Gaspe, P.Q... Grenier, Noel, St. Raphael, Cte Bellechasse, P.Q... Guby Art Stones, 4 St. Elzear Blvd., St. Elzear, Cte Laval, P.Q... Hochelaga Pre-Cast Structures Ltd., 39 Westminster Ave. S., Montreal West, P.Q... Ideal Block Co., 5770 Franchere St., Montreal, P.Q... Imperial Stone & Sills of Canada, 3945 Cool St., Verdun, P.Q... Industrie de Ciment Orleans Enrg,, St. Emile, Cte Quebec, P.Q... Iroquois Glass Ltd., do 1980 Sherbrooke St., Montreal, P.Q. (Plant at Candiac, P.Q.)... Jette, C. H., 380 L'Industrie Blvd., Joliette, Cte Joliette, P.Q... La Brique De Mont-Joli Inc., Mont-JaiL, Cte Rimouski, P.Q... La Miroiterie "Durex", 900 King St., Sherbrooke, P,Q... La Pierre Artificielie De L'Abitibi Enrg., C.P. 3, Taschereau, Cte Abitibi, P.Q... La Pierre Artificielle Vibree Gri-Mar, 917 Courcelette St., Sherbrooke, P,Q... Labrecque, Augustin, St. Bernard, Cte Dorchester, P.Q... Labrecque, R. J., 5 A Adele St., Dorion, Cte Vaudreuii, P,Q... Lacroix, R. & I., Granite Inc., 9945 St. Michel Blvd., Montreal N., P.Q. Lafresnaye, L., Enrg., 4-3rd Ave. E., Rimotaski, Cte R.imouski, P.Q... Landry, Maurice, Clapperton Office, Cte Bonaventure, P.Q... Laurentide Perlite Inc., Chariesbourg, Cte Quebec, P.Q... Lavallee, Honore, 29 St. Charles St., Beloeil Station, Cte Vercheres, P.Q. Lavoie, Jacques, 49 Ouimet St., Terrebonne, Cte Terrebonne, P.Q Lavoie, Jean-Marc, Notre Dame d'hebertville, Cte Lac St. Jean, P.Q... Leadcraft Reg'd., 5889 des Erables Ave., Montreal 36, P.Q... Leclerc, Raymond, 72 Dupont E., Pont Rouge, Cte Portneuf, P.Q... Les Entreprisea Burrocano 6 Russeilo Enrg., 378 Joliette, Sept lies, Cte Saguenay, P.Q... Lea Entreprises Neurohr Enrg., 89 Bossi St., Hauterive, Cte Saguenay, P.Q. Lea Granits du Lac Saguny Inc., Lac Saguay, Cte Labelle, P.Q... Les Industries de Ciment Monar Ltee, St. Jerome, Cte Terrebonne, P.Q... Lea Miroirs St. Antoine Enrg., 677-8th Ave., St. Antoine des Laurentides, Cte Terrebonne, P.Q... Lea Pierres Modernes (Stones) Enrg th Ave. E. St. Rodrigue, Cte Quebec, P,Q... Lea Produits Ciment St. Donat, Chetnin Guay, Cte Montclam, P.Q... Lea Produits de Ciinent Grandmont Inc., 245 St. Charles S., Granby, P.Q. Lea Tuyaux Vibres de Portneuf Enrg., B.P. 26, St. Casimir, Cte Portneuf, P.Q... Matane Ready Mix Inc., Matane, Cte )tatane, P.Q... Michaud. Andre, 2795 Roy St., Sherbrooke, P.Q... Mobil-O-Crete Ltee, 977 Labelle St., St. Eustache, Cte Deux Moncagnes, P.Q... Montreal Perlite Induatrie Reg'd., Charlesbourg W., Gte Quebec, P,Q... Norm, Raymond, Robertsonville, Cte Megantic, P.Q... New Stone Co., 1045 Taschereau Blvd., Ville Jacques Cartier, P.Q... Ornamental Marble Terrazzo Works, 681 Jean Talon St. W., Montreal, P.Q. Pierre Ornemental Enrg., 197 Bemond Blvd., Drummondville, Cte Drutmnond, P.Q... Robitaille, Edouard, Inc., nd St., Shawinigan S., Cte St. Maurice, P.Q... Royal Artificial Stoneworks & Masonry Cont. Reg'd,, 13th St., Sept Iles, Cte Saguenay, P.Q... Cement pipe cement pipe cement blocka cement blocks bricks aggregates translucent sheeting artificial Stone chimneys concrete septic tanks cement blocks monuments Concrete pipe, blocks cement pipe artificial stone precast concrete cement blocks concrete sills, slabs cement pipe glass containers artificial stone cement bricks mirrors sills, thresholds artificial stone cement blocks artificial atone monuments monuments cement blocks perlite concrete slabs cement blocks monuments lead connections cement blocks cement blocks artificial Stone natural stone precast concrete products mirrors artificial stone cement blocks cement blocks cement pipe ready mixed concrete fibreglass products ready mixed concrete concrete aggregates artificial stone artificial stone precast terrazzo artificial Stone cement blocks artificial stone

70 68. FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS QUEBEC (concl'd) NON-METALLIC MINERAL PROIXJCTS (cont'd PROJCTS St. Georges Monuments, 426 Cure Poirier W., Jacques Cartier, Cte Portneuf, P.Q... St. Marc Ready Mix Ltee, St. Marc des Carrieres, Cte Portneuf, P.Q... Savard & Lapointe, Forestville Nord, Cte Saguenay, P.Q... * Sept-Iles Masonry Ltee, 642 Coin Maltais & Marquette, Sept-Iles, Cte Saguenay, P.Q... Sherbrooke Drain Tile Enrg., Brampton Rd., Sherbrooke, P.Q... Sherbrooke Perlite Inc., 270 Dufferin, Sherbrooke, P.Q. (Plant at Lennoxville, P.Q.)... Silicaciment Enrg., St. Joseph St., Les Saules, Cte Quebec, P,Q... Siporex Ltd., Delson, Cte Laprairie, P,Q... Theberge, Paul, St. Fabien, Cte Rimouski, P,Q... * Tremblay Ready Mix Ltee, 231 Durocher Ave., Norniandin, Cte Roberval, P.Q.. Tuyauterie Beaurivage Enrg.. St. Patrice de Beaurivage, Cte Lotbiniere, P.Q... * Vezina, Lionel, 39 Vezina Ave., Boischatel, Cte Monttnorency, P.Q... Villeneuve, Candile, Notre Dame Des Laurentides, Gte Quebec, P.Q... Vitrerie Ontario Glass, 2124 Bourbonniere Ave., Montreal 4, P.Q... monuments ready mixed concrete cement blocks cement blocks drain tile perlite ore precast flagstones, steps concrete blocks artificial stone ready mixed concrete cement pipe bricks cement pipe mirrors ONTARIO Alsam Products Co., R. R. No. 1, Port Arthur, Ont... American Glass Stone Co., 136 Victoria St., Barrie, Ont... * American Standards Products (Canada) Ltd., Box 39, Station D, Toronto, Ont... Armourcrete, 51 Central Ave., Beanisville, Ont... Babcock Supply Co., R. R. No. 2, Wallaceburg, Ont... * Babiuk's Concrete Products, Highway 7, Woodbridge, Ont... Barratt Spun Concrete Pole Ltd., Montrose Rd., Niagara Fa118, Ont... Bedford, Alvin, 29 St. David St., Lindsay, Ont... Bell, P. Graham, Associates Ltd., Georgetown, Ont... Bench Advertising Co., 214 Dunvegan Court, Sudbury, Ont... * Boatex Fibreglass & Resin Ltd., 630 Bayview Ave., Toronto, Ont... Border Cities Ready-Nix Cement, Fort Francis, Ont... Boudreau, Paul E,, Terrace Bay, Ont... Brant Transit Mix, Hardy St., Brantford, Ont... * Breen Concrete Products, Brookfield Rd. Port Colborne, Ont... * Caledonia Marble Co., 176 Bentworth Ave., Toronto 19, Ont... Canada Lock Joint Pipe Ltd., 60 Vulcan St., Rexdale, Ont... Canadian Pittona Precast Ltd., 2325 Keele St., Toronto 15, Ont... Canal Concrete Products, P.O. Box 714, Peterboro, Ont... Canyonstone Co., 121 Victoria Ave. N., Hamilton, Ont... Capital Concrete Products Ltd., P.O. Box 430, Iroquois, Ont... Cement Derivatives Ltd., 45 Research Rd., Leaside, Ont... Central Beirock Production Ltd., Wyecroft Rd., Oakville, Ont... Chemical Concrete Products of Can. Ltd., Box 280, Wellington, Ont... Dalton-Hill Ltd. 163 Falconbridge Rd., Carson. Ont... Diamond Clay Products Ltd., Tansley, Ont... Dixon Construction Enterprises Ltd., Indian Line, Malton, Ont... Dominion Precast Co., 930 Mountainview Ave., Ottawa 3, Ont... Eagle Stone Co., 120 Homewood Ave., Willowdale, Ont... Elgin Block & Cement Products, Talbot St. E., St. Thomas, Ont... Elliot Lake Ready Nix Ltd., Timber Rd. Elliot Lake, Ont... Eriri Tile Works, Main St., Erin, Ont... Erna Industries Ltd., 12 Laurel St. E., Waterloo, Ont... Escar Development Co. Ltd., 12 t4illford St., Toronto 28, Ont... Fowler, F. T., Mitchell, Ont... * Glencrest Memorials, 777 kent Ave., Niagara Falls, Ont... Glendale Pre-Fab Cement Products, 687 Woburn Ave. (rear), Toronto 12, Ont. Grant Ready Mix Ltd., 205 First St. E., Cornwall, Ont... * Grover Cast Stone Co. Ltd., R. R. No. 2, Corniley, Ont... Haberer & Westiake, Zurich, Ont... * Hailer, Bill, Brick Yard, Box 908, South Porcupine, Ont... * Ilomaki Bros., 275 Rowland Ave.. Toronto, Ont... International Block Co., 1509 King's Hwy., Fort Prances, Ont... Kaye, George, Ltd., Richvale, Ont... Lakeland Cement Products, Fruitland. Ont... Lakeside Concrete Products Ltd., Copperfield Rd., West Hill, Ont... Leader's Tile, Hilisburgh, Ont... * Leaside Cut Stone Ltd., 27 Industrial St., Leaside, Ont... cement blocks glass stone cutting sanitary products concrete products concrete vaults, septic tanks precast concrete products concrete poles precast concrete products laminated porcelain panels concrete and wood benches resins, fibreglass ready mixed concrete cement blocks ready mixed concrete concrete products marble products concrete pipe precast concrete slabs concrete blocks artificial stone concrete blocks concrete products gypsum wall panels concrete products wall panels bricks bricks precast concrete steps, porches artificial stone cement blocks ready mixed concrete concrete tile artificial stone ready mixed concrete artificial stone monuments barbecues ready mixed concrete laundry tubs concrete products concrete blocks monuments cement blocks ready mixed concrete concrete septic tanks precast concrete products concrete products stone cutting

71 F IRM MANE AND ADDRESS NON-METALLIC MINERAL PROIJCTS (cont'd) FROIJCTS 69. ONTARIO (concl'd) Lewis Metallurgical Ltd., Kent St., Stamford, Ont... Lido Tile Co., 1991 Lush Ave., Clarkson, Ont... Life Brik & Stone Co. of Canada, 377 Huron, Stratford, Ont... Macklin of Canada Ltd., Harrow, Ont... Matheson Concrete Products, Box 248, Elliot Lake, Ont... McFarland, H. J,, Ready-Mix Concrete Products, Foxboro Rd., Belleville, Ont... Mel Mix Concrete Ltd., 949 Wilson Ave., Downsview, Ont... Metro Ready Mix Ltd., 147 University Ave., Toronto 1, Ont... Milton Mobile Mix Ltd. 269 Martin St., Milton, Ont... Mobile Mix Ltd., 74 Ann St., London, Ont... Mobile Mixed Concrete, 549 Woodward Ave., Hamilton, Ont... Nerheim Modern Crete Building Products Co., 991 Lasalle Blvd., New Sudbury, Ont... Nixon Building Products Ltd., R. R. No, 1, Orillia, Ont... Nor-Can Ready Mix, 5 Hillyard St., Hamilton, Ont... Ontario Stress-Crete Ltd., 875 Eastern Ave., Toronto, Ont... Panes Dunbrik Co. Ltd., Schomberg, Ont... Paramount Precast Products, 90 Dundas St., Brantford, Ont... Port Elgin Cement Products, Green St., Port Elgmn, Ont... Port Hope Ready Mix Ltd., Camborne, Out... Precast Building Products Co., 190 Bridgeland Ave., Toronto, Out... Pre-Cast Cement Products, 349 Albert St. E., Sault Ste. Marie, Ont... Pre-Cast Concrete Products, 1258 Dobbin Ave., Peterborough, Ont... Precast Tank & Vault Co. Ltd., North Bay, Ont... Pre-Con Ltd., Orenda Rd., Brampton, Ont... * Prepost Co. Ltd., 4937 A Dundas St. W,, Islington, Out... Pressure Pipe Co. of Canada Ltd., 921 Sun Life Bldg., Montreal, P.Q. (Branch at Toronto, Ont.)... Schultz's Concrete Products, Box 232, Kingston, Out... Seaforth Sewer Tile Ltd., Seaforth, Out... Seraph Precast Cement Co., 6191 Yonge St., Willowdale, Ont... Sibco Ltd., 1068 Wellington St., Ottawa, Ont... Simfar Pre Cast Concrete Products, 14 Langton St., Peterborough, Ont... Standard Prestressed Structures Ltd., 73 Adelaide St. V., Toronto I, Out.. Stormont Concrete, R. R. No. I, Cornwall, Ont... Strathroy Brick & Stone Co. Ltd., 280 Beattie St., Strathroy, Ont... Teskey Ready-Mix Ltd., 184 Regent St., Downsview, Out... Thermospacer of Canada Ltd., P.O. Box 494, Tinning, Ont... Tooke, Gerald E., 186 Dupont Sr., Toronto 5, Ont... Tottenham Tile, Queen Sr., Tottenham, Out... * Unit Precast (Sarnia) Ltd., R. R. No. 3, Forest, Ont... United Concrete Products Ltd. 566 D'Arcy St., Cobourg, Ont... * Vermillion Cement Products, Val Caron, Out... Walker, Ruth, 19 Foster St., Perth, Out... * Wentworth Cut Stone Ltd., Head and Mercer Sts., Dundas, Ont... Winona Concrete Products & Plastering Co., Box 211, Winona, Out... Zenith Abrasives Co. Ltd., Box 159, Leamington, Ont... industrial furnace linings tile bricks grinding wheels concrete blocks ready mixed concrete ready mixed concrete ready mixed concrete ready mixed concrete ready mixed Concrete ready mixed concrete light weight concrete panels ready mixed concrete ready mixed concrete precast concrete products concrete brick cement fence posts concrete blocks ready mixed concrete precast concrete precast concrete products ready mixed concrete concrete septic tanks precast concrete products concrete products concrete pipe concrete drain tile, window sills concrete sewer pipe concrete slabs concrete blocks precast concrete products prestressed concrete products concrete products bricks ready mixed concrete dynamite spacer plugs stained glass concrete pipe precast concrete steps concrete blocks cement blocks ceramics stone cutting concrete products grinding wheels MANITOBA Canada Lock Joint Pipe Ltd. & Pressure Pipe Co. of Canada Ltd., 169 Dawson Road, St. Boniface, Man.... concrete pipe Cold Spring Granite (Canada) Ltd., Lac Do Bonnet, Man.... stone cutting Lee Burial Vault Co. Ltd., R. R. No. 1, Headingly, Man.... concrete vaults Lok-A-Blok Industries 1958 Ltd., 306 Pacific Ave., Brandon, Man.... cement blocks Paramount Glass Ltd., 362 Panet Rd., St. Boniface, Man.... insulating windows Perma-Crete Products, Clanwilliam, Man.... Concrete incinerators Pressur-Crete Ltd., Nairn & Wolfe, Winnipeg 1, Man.... concrete blocks, bricks Pugh, Elmer, Gladstone, Man.... concrete tile Seal-Dow Co., 2029 Somerville Ave., Fort Garry, Man.... insulating windows Steinbach Enterprises, Steinbach, Man.... art pottery Steinhagen Vaults Ltd., Noire Dame at Parkview, Winnipeg 2, Man.... burial vaults Wall Construction Co. Ltd., 1500 Wall, Winnipeg, Man.... terrazzo tile, ornamental brick Westcan Industries Ltd., 309 Elgin Ave., Winnipeg 2, Man.... insulation products

72 70. FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS SASKATChEWAN NON-METALLIC MINERAL PROIJCFS (cont'd PRO1JCTS Fjbroljte Co., 626 Ave. "J" S., Saskatoon, Sask... Northern Concrete Products, 7th Ave. W., North Battleford, Sask... Patrick Ready Mix Concrete Ltd., P.O. Box 1242, Saskatoon, Sask... Redi-Mix (Saskatoon) Ltd., 816 First Ave. N., Saskatoon, Sask... Suburban Sanitation Supplies Ltd., Box 1708, Weyburn, Sask... Unit Step (Alberta) Ltd., 1801 Ontario Ave., Saskatoon, Sask... Western Clay Products Ltd., Dewdney St. W., Regina, Sask... Zono-Crete Manufacturing Co., 465-1st Ave. N., Saskatoon, Sask. fibre glass grave covers concrete blocks ready mixed concrete ready mixed concrete precast septic tanks precast concrete steps sewer pipes refractory brick ALBERTA Brax Rock Stone. do Black Diamond Quarry, Clover Bay Bridge, Alta.... artificial stone Canadian Unit Burial Co. Ltd., St., Edmonton, Alta.... fibreglass vaults Ceramic Arts, 901-8th Ave. W,, Calgary, Alta.... ceramics Consolidated Concrete Industries Ltd., Ave.. Edmonton, Alta. concrete pipe Crowsnest Ceramics, Blairmore, Alta.... ceramics Czar Block Ltd., Czar, Alta.... cement blocks H.Q. Concrete Supplies Ltd., St., Edmonton, Alta.... concrete products Iberia Glass, th Ave. N. E., Calgary, Alta.... stained glass Kruger, P., Concrete Products Ltd., rd St., Edmonton, Alta concrete steps Lockcrete Industries (Northern) Ltd., Jasper Ave., 207 Rawleigh Bldg., Edmonton, Alta.... concrete blocks Marvelite Products Ltd., St., Edmonton, Alta... joint filler 0. B. Concrete Co. Ltd., St., Edmonton, Alta.... concrete steps ParaGlas Ltd., nd Ave. S. E., Calgary, Alta.... insulating windows Prairie Stucco Supplies Ltd., Sub P.O. 24, S. Edmonton, Alta.... stucco glass Premco Concrete Specialties Calgary Ltd., rd Ave. S.E., Calgary, Alta.... roofing tiles, blocks Stoy Cement Co. Ltd., Ave. N.E., Calgary, Alta.... flagstones Tradewinds Fibreglass Manufacturing Ltd., Ave., Edmonton, Alta fibreglass products Tru-Set Concrete Products Ltd., St., Edmonton, Alta.... precast steps, blocks Vallee Cement Industries, th St., Edmonton, Alta.... concrete blocks Westcon Concrete Products (Edmonton) Ltd., Ave., Edmonton, Alta.... precast concrete products BRITISH COLUMBIA Art's Cement Works, 4405 Pleasant Valley, Vernon, B cement blocks, tiles British Columbia Lightweight Aggregates Ltd., Saturna Island, B shale aggregates Bullseye Mfg. Co. Ltd., 523 West 6th Ave., Vancouver 9, B abrasives Canadian Potteries Ltd., 5 Seminaire Blvd., St. Johns, Cte Ste Jean, P.Q. (Branch at New Westminster, B.C.)... Cariboo Concrete Products Ltd., 201 Victoria St., Prince George, B.0 vitreous china ready mixed concrete Columbia Concrete Products & Erectors Ltd., th Ave., North Surrey, B concrete products Davies, Stan, Red-E-Mix, Box 1049, Salmon Arm, B ready mixed concrete Dueck Ready-Mix (1958) Ltd., Langley, B ready mixed concrete Durra Pipe Co., Bridge St., North Surrey, B sewer pipes ElkHorn Block Works, Fernie, B cement blocks Gravel Hill Supplies Ltd., Box 1014, Duncan, B ready mixed concrete Hart Concrete Products Ltd., Box 481, Dawson Creek, B concrete pipe Hart Concrete Products Ltd., Box 943, Prince George, B concrete pipe Kelowna Ready-Mix Concrete Ltd., 1131 Ellis St., Kelowna, B ready mixed concrete Lafarge Cement of North America Ltd., P.O. Box 25, Richmond, Lulu Island, B ceient Lake Block & Construction Co., Williams Lake, B cement blocks Maple Leaf Concrete Products Co., 3930 McKee St., South Burnaby, B.0 precast concrete manholes McPhail Engineering Ltd., Spillimacheen, B barite Melamar Tile, 1478 Clyde Ave., West Vancouver, B concrete block, tile Mercury Cement Tile Co th St., North Surrey, B drain tile Mt. Ida Concrete Products, Salmon Arm, B concrete blocks, bricks * Mutual Building Supplies Ltd., 8393 King Geo, Hwy., N. Surrey, B cement blocka North American Prestressed Concrete Ltd. 633 Hornby St., Vancouver 1, B precast and prestressed concrete Rain Master Fiberglass Products Ltd., 736 Granville St., Vancouver, B.C. eavestroughs Roccamite of America Ltd., 2025 Beresford St., South Burnaby, B floor tiles Roccaxnite Sales of B.C. Ltd., 185 Petnberton Ave., North Vancouver, B.C. faced building blocks Rupp, Everett S., Osoyoos, B concrete products Speed-O-Brick Manufacturers Ltd., 3976 S.E. Marine Drive, South Burnaby, B brick planters

73 FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS NON-METALLIC MINERAL (concl'd) 71. BRITISH COLUMBIA (concl'd) Standard Glass Co. Ltd., 5137 Victoria Dr., Vancouver 16, B mirrors Terrace Concrete Products Ltd., Box 89, Terrace, B ready mixed concrete Valley Block & Tile Co. Ltd., Pouce Coupe, B cement blocks Valley Cement Works, K. R. No. 3, Dahlstrom Rd., Abbotsford, B.C., concrete blocks Valley Ready Mix Ltd., P.O. Box 824, Haney, B ready mixed concrete W. V. & W. Construction Co. Ltd Waltham Ave., South Burnaby, B.C.. cement blocks Waro Products Ltd., 257 Station St. IXincan, B flower pots QUEBEC OF PETROLEUM AND COAL Laurentian Asphalt & Paving Co. Ltd., St. Jerome, Cte Terrebonne, P.Q.... a8phalt Quebec Asphalt Inc., St. Leonard Range, Montreal E., P.Q.... asphalt ONTARIO Asphalt & Bituminous Supplies Ltd., Breslau, Ont.... asphalt Cities Service Refining (Canada) Ltd., 170 University Ave., Toronto 1, Ont petroleum products Metro Asphalt & Building Products Ltd., 1117 Castlefield Ave., Toronto, Ont.... asphalt Schofield De Vries Ltd., Breslau, OAt.... petroleum processing Tapecoat Co. of (Canada) Ltd., 25 Raas Rd., Toronto, Ont.... coal tar tape Toro Asphalt Co., Toro Rd., Downsview, Ont.... hot-mix asphalt MANITOBA Lubrifine Oil Co., Mission St., St. Boniface, Man.... re-refined oil SASKATCHEWAN Smiley Gas Conservation Plant, Smiley, Sask.... natural gas products ALBERTA British American Oil Co. Ltd., 800 Bay St., Toronto, Ont. (Branch at Pincher Creek, Alta,)... Imperial Oil Ltd., 111 St. Clair Ave. W., Toronto, Ont. (Gas Conservation Plant at Redwater, Alta.)... gas absorption petroleum products BRITISH COUJMBIA British American Oil Co. Ltd., 800 Bay St. Toronto, OAt. (Refinery at Port Moody, B.C.)... petroleum products Consolidated Carbon Co. Ltd., Cloverdale, B charcoal briquettes Enterprise Oil Refinery, 84 Mountain Highway, North Vancouver, B petroleum refining Hoban Construction, rd St., North Surrey, B asphalt Western Paving Ltd., Powell River, B asphalt NEWPc*JNDLAND CHEMICALS AND ALLIED Bay-de-Verde Buying Club, Bay-dc-Verde, Nfld.... cod liver oil Le Pages Inc., P.O. Box E5340, St. Johns, Nfld.... fish glue NOVA SCOTIA Murdoch Industries Ltd., 5 McLean St., Halifax, N.S.... sweeping compound NEW BRUNSWICK L. & M. Wood Products Ltd., De Wolfe Corner, Charlotte Co., N.B.... cedar oil distilling * Peariglow Products Co. Ltd., 185 Water St. W., Saint John, N.B.... pearl essence QUEBEC * A - 1 Chemicals Ltd., 856 St. Remi St., Montreal, P.Q.... chemical products * Agricultural Chemicals Ltd., Fort Chambly, Cte Chambly, P.Q.... * fertilizers * Audet, Onesime, St. Louis, Dorchester, P.Q.... wood oils * Bilodeau, Claude, St. Fabien de Panet, Cte Montmagny, P.Q.... wood oils

74 72. FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS QUEBEC (concl'd) CHEMICAL AND ALLIED PROIXJCTS (cont'd) PROIXJCTS Canadian Industries Ltd., 1253 McGill College Ave., Montreal, P.Q. (Branch at Seven Islands, P.Q.)... Canadian Super Compost Ltd., 360 Craig St. V., Montreal, P.Q... Carlew Chemicals Ltd., 115 Station Rd., St. Remi, Cte Napiervil.le, P.Q. Charmaine Cosmetics Inc., c/c 1435 St. Alexander St., Montreal, P.Q... Cleen-Rite Enrg., 181 Pie XII Blvd., St. Foy, Cte Quebec, P.Q... Comm. Lith. Chemicals Ltd., 835 Mill St., Montreal 3, P.Q... Compagnie Pharmaco-Chimique, Reed Blvd., Cartierville, P.Q... Cosmol Specialties of Canada Ltd., 3456 Park Ave., Montreal, P.Q... Couloinbe, Lucien, St. Philemon, Cte Bellechasse, P.Q... Countrywide Flaineproofers Associates Inc., 1467 Mansfield St., Montreal 2, P.Q... Crystophane Co. of Canada, th Ave., Lachine, P.Q... Denalt Chemical Co., 930 St. Georges St., Montreal 1, P.Q... Eau De Javel Lion Enrg., 2500 Bourassa St., St. Hyacinthe, Cte St. Hyacinthe, P.Q... Finishes Ltd., 1400 Laurentian Blvd., Montreal, P.Q... Interlab Enrg., St. Eustache, Cte Deux Montagnes, P.Q... Juilliard Building Products Ltd., 6615 Papineau St., Montreal, P.Q... Langlois, Fernand, Notre Dame du Rosaire, Cte Montmagny, P,Q... Laurentide Chemicals & Sulphur Ltd., 3100 Marien Ave., Montreal, P.Q... Les Produits Sanitaries de Chez Nous Enrg., 791 St. Paul St., Chicoutimi, Cte Chicoutimi, P.Q... Mansonville Plastics Ltd., Mansonville, Cte Brome, P.Q... Metalsalts of Canada Ltd., 738 Mann Ave., Montreal 1, P.Q... Nonlantic Paint Co. Ltd., 208 Labelle Blvd., Fabreville, Cte Laval, P.Q. Parfumerie Franco-Canadienne Enrg., Rte. Trans Canada, St. David, Cte Levis, P.Q... Pentagon Chemicals Ltd., 311 Churchill Blvd. Greenfield Park, Cte Chambly, P.Q... Pharinalab Ltd., 203 Place Youville Square, Mmtreal 1, P.Q... Produits Drutisnond Products Ltee, 1512 Mercure Blvd., St. Simon de Druninond, Cte Druninond, P.Q... Produits St. Laurent Enrg., 5289 Royale St., Boischatel, Cte Montmorency, P. Q... Schmidt Printing Inks of Canada, 1123 Hickson Ave., Verdun, P.Q... Scientific Concentrates Co., St. Mathias, Cte Rouville, P.Q... Speciality Pharmaceuticals Ltd., 286 St. Paul St. W., Montreal I, P.Q. United Mirror Laboratories (Canada) Ltd., 464 St. John St., Montreal, P.Q. Vanko Corp., de Loritnier St., Montreal, P.Q... Zanco Chemicals Ltd., 215 St. Paul St. W., Montreal, P.Q... explosives fertilizer chloride compounds cosmetics Javelle water chemical products deodorizers toilet preparations pine oil distilling flameproof ing vinyl film chemical products javelle water paints pharmaceutical preparations chemicals, resins pine oil distilling sulphur sweeping compounds polystyrene insulation mercury compounds, chemicals paints, varnishes toilet preparations chemical products pharmaceutical products detergents sweeping compounds printing inks feed concentrates pharmaceutical preparations chemicals for silvering mirrors veterinary medicines toilet preparations ONTARIO Abrex Specialty Coatings, Wyecroft Rd., Oakville, Ont... Aerosol Custom Pharmaceuticals Ltd., 42 Milford Ave., Weston, Ont... Anachemia Chemical Ltd., 500-2nd Ave., Ville St. Pierre, P.Q. (Branch at Toronto, Ont.)... Ardrox Ltd., 113 McCormack Ave., Toronto, Ont... Bear Chemicals Co., 145 Vine Ave., Toronto 9, Out... Blachford, H. L., Ltd., 977 Aqueduct St., Montreal, P.Q. (Branch at Toronto, Ont.)... Bullock, G. F., Ltd., 207 Queen's Quay W., Toronto, Ont... Canabond Ltd., Centre St., Prescott, Out... Canadian Custom Packaging Co., 39 McMurrich St., Toronto 5, Ont... Canadian Moulding Powders, Div. of Milgreen Prod. Ltd., 116 Clifton Ave., Downsview, Ont... Chemicals of Canada, 104 Johnson St., Kingston, Ont... Cosmair (Canada) Ltd., 508 Wellington St. N., Hamilton, Ont... Crystal Chemicals Ltd., 124 Manville Rd., Toronto 1, Ont... Domestic 6 Industrial Polishes Ltd., 551 Eastern Ave., Toronto, Ont... Dominion Fertilizers Ltd., Port Maitland, Ont... Dominion Tar & Chemical Co. Ltd., Sun Life Bldg. ) Montreal, P.Q. (Branch at Hamilton, Ont.)... Do Pont Co. of (Canada) 1956 Ltd., P.O. Box 660, Montreal 1, P.Q. (Branch at Nipissing, Ont.)... Ferns, J. L., Waldemar, Ont... Grand Valley Fertilizers Ltd., Orangeville, Ont... Gryphon Laboratories Ltd., 20 Advance Rd., Toronto 18, Ont... Halliday-Armstrong Ltd., 20 Trent Ave., Toronto 13, Ont.... synthetic coatings pharmaceutical preparations organic solvents chemical products cleaning compounds rolling oils toilet preparations adhesives pharmaceutical preparations primary plastics toilet preparations cosmetics soaps, detergents industrial chemicals, sanitary products fertilizer coal tar pitch explosives industrial protective coatings fertilizers pharmaceutical preparations compounds, adhesives

75 FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS ONTARIO (concl'd) CHEMICAL AND ALLIED PROT*JCTS (cont'd) PRO1.JCTS 73. * Hardifoam Products Ltd., 91 Advance Rd., Toronto 18, Ont... }Iysol (Canada) Ltd., 44 Beechwood Dr., Toronto 17, Ont... Knox-All Specialties, Norham, Ont... Kuhn Products, 50 Church St., St. Catharines, Ont... London Laboratories Ltd., P.O. Box 591, London, Ont... Mid-Canada Chemical Industries Ltd., 213 Bay St., Port Arthur, Ont... Midland Chemical Co., 93 Church St., Toronto, Ont... Miracle-X Bleach Mfg,, 68 Lemoine St., Belleville, Ont... Monarch Inks Co. Ltd., 18 Ingram Dr., Hamilton, Ont... Monteil, Germaine, Canada Ltd., 36 Calendonia Rd., Toronto 1, Ont... Nichols Chemical Co. Ltd., Port Arthur, Ont... Omega Laboratories Ltd., 354 Olivevood Rd., Toronto 18, Ont... Ottawa Chemical Mfg. Co., 538 Mutual St., Ottawa, Ont... Oxywood Products Ltd., R. R. No. 1, Creemore, Ont... Parkinson Inks Ltd., 445 Nightingale Ave., London, Ont... Pennsalt Chemicals of Can. Ltd., 3rd Line, Oakville, Ont... Perco Supplies, 38 Billings Ave., Toronto 8, Ont... Read Fertilizers, Exeter, Ont... Riddell Enterprises, Pine St., Woodbridge, Ont... Roy Chemicals & Sales, 403 Windermere Rd., Windsor, Ont... Russette, N. M., Industries Ltd., 2437 Howard Ave., Windsor, Ont... S. & W. Chemical Co., 59 Simcoe W., Hamilton, Ont... St. Catharines Chemicals Ltd., 247 St. Paul, St. Catharines, Ont... Safety Flares & Fireworks Ltd., Box 418, Orangeville, Ont... Shell Oil Co. of Canada Ltd., P.O. Box 400, Terminal A, Toronto 1, Ont. Sheran Manufacturing Ltd., 6 Adelaide St. E,, Toronto 1, Ont... Smith - Dorsey (Div. of A. Wander Ltd.), Elmwood Park, Peterborough, Ont. Sovereign Chemical Corp. Ltd., 64 Sheffield St., Toronto, Ont... Sterling Varnish Co. of Canada Ltd,, Marren St., St. Catharines, Ont... Strathroy Paint & Varnish Co., 217 Front St., Strathroy, Ont... Synchem Ltd., Box 361, Oakville, Ont... Toronto Protective Coatings, 256 Maria St., Toronto, Ont... Tower Chemicals, 9 Fisher St. (rear), Toronto, Ont... Varnicolor Paint & Chemical Co., Spring st., St. Jacobs, Ont... Webb Products Co. (Canada) Ltd., 139 Stephenson Ave. foronto 13, Ont. White Oak Pharmaceuticals Ltd., 173 Colborne St. W., Oakville, Ont... Whitmoyer Laboratories Ltd., 1100 Shaw Drive, Port Credit, Ont... Witco Chemical Co. Can, Ltd., P.O. Box 222, Oakville, Ont... polyether foam sheets, rolls chemicals hand cleaner chemical sealants chemicals for silvering mirrors acids toilet preparations bleaching compound ink toilet preparations sulphates pharmaceutical preparations floor cleaner and polish adhesives ink organic chemicals cleaning solvents fertilizers soaps, detergents cleaning compounds paints, polishes household chemicals chemical products safety flares, fireworks pesticides toilet preparations pharmaceutical preparation industrial chemicals varnishes paints vinyl coatings paints putty paints, varnishes wood and metal filler pharmaceutical preparations pharmaceutical preparations Stearates MANITOBA Fuller, H. B,, Co. (Canada) Ltd., 1400 Sargent Ave., Winnipeg 3, Han... adhesives SASKATCHEWAN Vimridge Chemical Co. Ltd., 1322 Lorne St., Regina, Sask... metal treating compounds ALBERTA Cununings Specialized Products Ltd., th St. S. E., Calgary, Alta.., cleaning compounds Dee Tee Mfg. Co. Ltd., Municipal Airport, Edmonton, Alta.... cleaner gun, solvent Cower Products Ltd., 320 Kipling St., Medicine Hat, Alta.... asphalt coating Lynn Plastics Ltd., th Ave. S. E., Calgary, Alta.... polyethylene tubing Mynet Chemical Products Ltd., do 600 Lancaster Bldg., Calgary, Alta fuel additives Strudo Products Ltd., do 101 Metro Block, Red Deer, Alta.... cleaning compounds Super Dee Chemicals Co., 808-9th Ave. S. W., Calgary, Alta.... detergents Weed-Master (Western) Ltd., do Allied Chemical Services, st St. S. E., Calgary, Alta.... weed killer Wendar Adhesive Corp., Clover Bar, Alta.... cement BRITISH COLUMBIA Benjamin-Moore Co. Ltd., Annacis Industrial Estate, New Westminster, B.C.. Canadian Elastileum Ltd., 846 River Rd., Richmond, B.0... * Concrete Control Products Ltd., 1477 S. W. Marine Dr., Vancouver 14, B.C.. Davis, C., & Sons, 3844 E. Pender St., North Burnaby, B.0... Fertil-Muich Products Ltd., 9252 Hudson St., Vancouver, B.0... General Dye & Chemical Co. Ltd., 2166W. 4th Ave., Vancouver, B.0... Granville Enterprises Ltd., 1231 Bridgeport Rd., Richmond, B.0... Indag Chemicals Ltd., 1261 Cotton Dr., North Vancouver, B.0... paints paints, flooring compounds concrete additives laminated acetate products fertilizer liquid wax soaps, detergents chemical products

76 74. FIRM NAME AMD ADDRESS BRITISH COLUMBIA (concl'd) CHEMICAL AND ALLIED PROIXJCTS (concl'd) PRorvc'rs Industrial Oxygen Ltd., P.O. Box 668, Prince George, B acetylene, oxygen Jefferson Lake Petrochemicals of Canada Ltd., Box 90, Taylor, B sulphur recovery K. T. C. Laboratories Ltd., Box 1207, Courtenay, B chemical products Lions Gate Chemicals Ltd., 285-5th Ave. E., Vancouver, B packaging household chemicals New Life Remedies Ltd., 1303 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, B veterinary medicines Paint Industries, 2050 Kingsway, South Burnaby, B paints Quick Strip Paint Removing Co. Ltd., 1867 Powell St., Vancouver 4, B.C. paint remover Sanitary Specialties Mfg. Co., 821 E. Hastings St., Vancouver, B soaps, sweeping compounds * Uniplast Products Ltd., 750 Powell St., Vancouver 4, B cement adhesive Western Plastics & Coating Ltd., 40 Ewen Ave., New Westminster, B coatings, linings Wiles Paints Ltd., 2050 Kingsway, South Burnaby, B paints NEWFXJNDLAND MISCELLANEJS MANUFACTURING INIIJSTRIES Modern Signs, 46 Country Rd., Corner Brook, Nfld.... NOVA SCYIIA Nova Scotia Artificial Limb Co., 32 Waddell St., Truro, N.S.... artificial limbs NW RR11N9WTCI Superior Neon Signs Ltd., 454 Rothesay Ave., Saint John, N.B... neon JEBEC A - 1 Enseigne Neon Enrg., 163 Lorette, Cap de la Madeleine, Cte Champlain, P.Q... Accuracy of Canada Ltd., 455 Craig St. W,, Montreal, P.Q... Alberco Signs, 1233 Marie-Anne St., Montreal 34, P.Q... * Alberto Sign & Display Co., 4272 Boyce Ave., Montreal, P.Q... Alliance Plastic Products Inc., 8574 St. Dominique St., Montreal 10, P.Q.. * Allied Extrusions Ltd., 1455 Larocque, St. Hyacinthe, Cte St. Hyacinthe, P.Q... Allied Marker (Canada) Ltd., 5432 Iberville St., Montreal, P.Q... Arrow Plastics Ltd., 74-6th Ave., Iberville, Cte Iberville, P.Q... Atlas Neon, 1176 Lagauchetiere St. H., Montreal 24, P.Q... Auvents Richelieu Enrg., 32 Mercier, Iberville, Cte Iberville, P.Q... Baldoc Plastics Ltd., th Ave., Montreal, P.Q... Barr, Andy, Anglers' Products Ltd., 305 Taschereau Blvd., Greenfield Park, Cte Chambly, P.Q... Bertrand & Frere Enrg., rd Ave., Quebec 3, P.Q... Bloomfield, Charles A., Displays, 5774 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal, P.Q,, Board Novelty, 477 Champ De Mars, Montreal 10, P.Q... Bougie Signs Reg'd., 209 St. Louis, Valleyfield, Cte Beauharnois, P.Q Bouteillea Copah Enrg., Ste Claire, Cte Dorchester, P.Q... Boutin Sign Shop, th St., Val d'or, Cte Abitibi, P.Q... Bullion Insignias Reg'd., 299 Ontario St. W., Montreal, P.Q... Cana-Plastic Co. Ltd., 781 Chatham St., Montreal 3, P.Q... Cape Diamond Games Reg'd., St. E., Charlesbourg, Cte Quebec, P.Q.. Charette, Jean, Enrg., th Ave., Lachine, P.Q... Cibako Ltd., St. Ours, Cte Richelieu, P.Q... City Displays, 2211 Champlain St., Montreal 24, P.Q... Collerette, Roger, Advertising, 3555 Jean Talon St. E., Montreal 38, P.Q.. Columbia Novelty Co. of Canada Ltd., 1449 St. Alexander St., Montreal, P.Q. Concordia Mfg., 7454 St. Hubert St., Montreal, P.Q... Craig Signs Reg'd., 1269 Craig St. H., Montreal 24, P.Q... Crepin Shoe Pattern, 279 de l'etoile St., Laval des Rapides, Cte Laval, P.Q... Dma Jewellery, 5230 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal 8, P.Q... Doganieri, Tony, 7310 Mountain Sights, Montreal 12, P.Q... Electromould Engineering Reg'd., 540 Beaudry St., Montreal, P.Q... Entreprises Dorchester Enrg., Ste Germain, Cte Dorchester, P.Q... Ertel of Canada Ltd., 6120 Cote de Liesse Rd., Montreal, P.Q... Excel Screen Displays Reg'd., 1212 Craig St. E., Montreal 24, P.Q... Gore Lamp & Shade Co., 247 Dunbar Ave., Montreal 16, P.Q... Granby Venetian & Vertical Blinds Reg'd., 388 Notre Dame, Granby, P.Q. Huet Hockey Stick Mfg. Reg'd., 760 Victoria St., St. Lambert, P.Q... Industrie Adanac Enrg., 94 8 de la Fabrique, St. Roinuald, Cte Levis, P.Q.. neon scientific gauges showcards insulation plastic extrusions die patterns plastic products neon awnings polystyrene foam articles fishing tackle playground equipment displays punch boards plastic bottles plastic packaging games medical instruments cigarette extinguishers displays plastic novelties lamps shoe patterns shoe bows plaster castings mou lds hockey sticks survey equipment silk screen displays lamps venetian blinds hockey sticks wood patterns

77 FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS JEBEC ( concl'd) MISCELLANEOUS MANUFACTURING INIJJSTRIES (cont' d) FItOIJ.JCTS 75. Kautex (Canada) Ltd., 160 Bates Road, Town of Mt. Royal, P.Q... Kiddies Wall Plaque Co., 91 King St., Montreal 3, P.Q... Kindermann (Canada) Ltd., 5800 Monkland Ave., Montreal 28, P.Q... Klear-Vision Contact Lens Specialists of Canada Ltd., 2228 Sherbrooke St. E., Montreal, P.Q... Kraft Toy Co., 153 Lagauchetiere St. W., Montreal 1, P.... Lamp-Art Reg'd,, 4515 Carleton Ave., Montreal 6, P,Q... Lapins, Th., Cine-Electronic-Engineering, 21-8th Ave., Terrace Vaudreuil, Cte Vaudreuil, P.Q... Lapointe, Richard, 258 Emile St., Victoriaville, Cte Arthahaska, P.Q. Lassonde Cutlery of Canada Ltd., 1500 Laframboise St., St. Hyacinthe, Cte St.Hyacjnthe, P.Q... Laurentide Sporting Goods, 6753 St. Denis St., Montreal 10., P.Q... LeGrand, J. A., 400 Sherbrooke St. E., Montreal 18, P.Q... Lea Marchands Mont-Royal Co. Ltee, St. Basile, Cte Portneuf, P.Q... Mark-It Devices Ltd., 5761 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal 14, P.Q... Marleu Signs, 399 Cure Labelle, L'Abord a Plouffe, Cte Laval, P.Q... Milsam Corporation, 21 Ontario St. W., Montreal, P.Q... Modern Plastics Co. Ltd., 1505 Laframboise, St. Hyacinthe, Cte St. Hyacinthe, P.Q... National Broom 6 Mop Hfg, Co., Desy St., Montreal, P.Q... Northern Resins Ltd. 23 Champlain St., Berthierville, Cte Berthier, P.Q.. Parisian Artificial Flower Co., 2103 A Bleury St., Montreal 2, P.Q... Perfect Pattern Works & Wood Working Reg'd., St. Sulphice, Cte L'Assomption, P.Q... Plastic Consulting Reg'd., 8952 Omer Gaucher Blvd., Riviere des Prairies, Cte Hochelaga, P.Q... Plastic Service and Dies, 825 Beaumont Ave., Montreal, P.Q... Plastics Engineering Reg'd., 9447 Omer Gaucher Blvd., Riviere des Prairies, Cte Hochelaga, P.Q... PlastifoamMfg. Enrg., Main St., Waterloo, Cte Shefford, P.Q... Polyethelene Bag Mfg. (Quebec) Inc., 2222 Ontario St. E., Montreal 24, P.Q. Press Sign Reg'd,, 355 Regina Ave., Verdun, P.Q... Prima-Sport Manufacturing Co., 199 Coniaercial St., Levis, Cte Levis, P.Q.. Remafa Co. of Canada Ltd., 777 Main St., Waterloo, P.Q... Research Instrumentation Ltd., 203 Prince Arthur St. W., Montreal 18, P.Q. Rowi Ltd., 1433 Stanley St., Montreal 25, P.Q Roy Display Reg'd., 3393 La Salle Blvd., Verdun, P.Q... Roy Neon Signs Enrg., 1150 A Villeray St., Montreal 10, P.Q... Solest Mfg. Co. Ltd., 4246 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal, P.Q... Stamp-O Enrg., 1152 Raymond Casgrain St., Quebec, P,Q... Studio Maurice Collin Enrg., 251 St. Joseph Blvd., Charlesbourg, P.Q... Studio Statuaire, Vallee Jonction, Cte Beauce, P.Q... Theriault & Lyttle, 46 Notre Dame St. V., Montreal 1, P.Q... Thermo- Extrusions Inc., 145 Port Royal St. W., Montreal 12, P.Q... Tibodo Enrg., 485 Kirduac, Quebec 8, P.Q... Trans Canada Novelty & Flower, 4049 Hochelaga St., Montreal 4, P.Q... Unique Novelties of Canada Reg'd., St. Martin, Cte Beauce, P.Q... United Advertising Reg'd., 2123 Notre Dane St. V., Montreal, P.Q... Vector Labs Inc., 736 Notre Dame St. W., Montreal, P.Q... Vernercraft (1957) Co., 2309 Aird Ave., Montreal 4, P.q... Vitrerie Champlain Glass Inc., 55-8th St. W., Charlesbourg, Cte Quebec, P.Q Weather-Vane Aluminum Products Ltd., 3055 Verdun Ave., Verdun, P.Q... Western Ski Lift Mfg. Corp., P.O. Box 15, St. Jovite, Cte Terrebonne, P.Q.. plastic products wall plaques photographic equipment contact lenses metal toys lamp shades plastic vases plastic products tic ckey sweaters, socks plastic artificial eyes novelties rubber stamps plastic products plastic housewares brooms, mops thermoplastics artificial flowers wood patterns artificial flowers plastic products polystyrene foam plastic foam products polyethylene bags fishing tackle plastic display material electronic instruments watch bands displays neon nylon wheels rubber stamps novelties candles weatherstripping artificial flowers novelties frequency monitors, voltage regulators plastic products aluminum awnings awnings ski lift equipment ONTARIO A - Z Neon Display, 174 Emerson Ave., Toronto 4, Ont.... neon Ace Castings, 51 Amiens Rd., West Hill, 'Ont.... trophies, cigarette lighters Acrolab Instrument Co., 324 Isabelle P1., Riverside, Ont.....precision instruments Allied Arts, 999 Upper James, Hamilton, Ont.... charts, * Alumaplast Ltd. 45 Southport Rd., Toronto 3, Ont... extruded plastic Andy's Displays & Associates, 125 Manville, Scarboro, Ont;... Apex Optical Co. Ltd., 207 Kresge Block, Fort William, Ont.... optical lenses Arm Precision Plastics, 392 Front Rd., La Salle, Ont.... plastic name plates Art Rite Advertising, 225 St. Leger, Kitchener, Ont.... * Artex Screen Print 6 Signs, 97 W'harncliffe St. S.. London, Ont.... Artistic Aluminum Co. Ltd., 709 Main St. W., Hamilton, Ont.... 'aluminum awnings

78 76. FIRM NAIE AND ADDRESS ONTARIO (cont'd) MISCELLANE(XJS MANUFACTURING INIXJSTRIES (cont' d) PROIACTS Atlas Enterprises, 94 Farewell Ave., Oshawa, Ont... Automatic Plastic Co., 127 Manville Rd., Scarboro, Ont... B. & B. Signs & Auto Body, Keewatin, Ont... Baker Sporting Goods Ltd., Burford Rd.,. Brantford, Oat... Bartley Mfg. Co., 1032 Papa Ave., Toronto 6, Oat... Bay City Signs Ltd., 1060 Cassells St., North Bay, Ont... Beaver Dek Supplies, 1999 A Avenue Rd., Toronto, Oat... Bering Plating Co., 305 Bering Ave., Toronto 18, Oat... Biltex, 168 Kendal Ave., Toronto 4, Ont... Bradlee Orthopedics & Artificial Limbs, 96 Gerrard St. V., Toronto, Ont. Brady, W. H,Co. of Canada Ltd., 1893 Davenport Rd., Toronto, Oat... Brampton Bottle, 57 McNurchy St. S., Brampton, Ont... Bull's Signs, 1419 Labadie Rd., Windsor, Ont... Bursiem Industries Ltd., 1339 Martingrove Rd., Rexdale, Ont... C. T. Enterprise, 9 Beverley St., Toronto 2B, Ont... Camesco Medical Supplies Ltd., 80 Advance Rd., Toronto, Oat... Canadian Neutronics Ltd., 12 Laurel St. E., Waterloo, Oat... Canadian Tree Ornaments, 39 Lombard St., Toronto 1, Oat... Carousel Toys, 372 Queen St. E., Toronto, Oat... Carroll Plastics, Beech St., Stayner, Ont... Charles Sign & Display Studio, 485 Spadina Ave., Toronto 4, Ont... Cohn, T., Canada Ltd., 1272 Castlefield Ave. W., Toronto, Oat... Continental Brush Co., 136 Sears St., Toronto, Ont... Creative Signs & Display, 78 Cannon E., Hamilton, Oat... Creative Specialties, 200 Crocus Dr., Scarborough, Oat... Custom Craft Lamps & Shades, 3703 A Bathurst St., Toronto 10, Oat... Daisy Manufacturing Co. of Canada Ltd., 336 Eagle St., Preston, Oat... Daron Industries, Norman Rogers Airport, Kingston, Oat... Decca Toy Co., 200 Sussex News, Toronto, Ont... Dew Superior Artificial Limbs, 127 Queen St. E., Toronto 1, Ont... Direct Supply Co., th Ave., Port Arthur, Oat... Dominion Thermogauge Instruments Ltd., 1195 A Lawrence Ave. W., Toronto 19, Oat... Drummond Tool Co., 67 Crockford Blvd., Scarboro, Ont... Dura-Design Plastics Ltd., 1454 Bloor St. V., Toronto 9, Oat... Edo (Canada) Ltd., P.O. Box 97, Cornwall, Oat... Emond Creative Signs, 904 Pembroke E., Pembroke, Ont... English Plastics Ltd., 245 Queen St. E., Brampton, Oat... Enterprise Displays, 41 Temperance St., Aurora, Oat... Ernie's Sign Co., Franktown Rd., Carleton Place, Ont... Feeney, Len, Printing & Signs, 15 Arnold, Wallaceburg, Ont... Plo-Rene Designers, 188 Pitt St. V., Windsor, Oat... Forbes Products Corp., 41 Industrial Rd., Richmond Hill, Ont... Frank-Lane Ltd., 82 Dundas St., London, Oat... Furlong Plastics Ltd., 76 Orfus Rd., Toronto 19, Ont... Gai-Lite Industries Ltd., 107 Jarvis St., Toronto 1, Ont... General Enterprises Ltd., 408 Dovercourt Rd., Toronto 3, Oat... Glendale Signs, Hanna St., Brampton, Oat... Hallmark Accessories (Canada) Ltd., 121 Sherbourne St., Toronto, Oat... Hamilton Watch Co. of Canada Ltd., 2 Bloor St. E., Toronto 5, Oat... Hill Rubber Stamp Service, 60 King St. V., Hamilton, Oat... Hi-Style Signs, 124 Manville Rd., Scarborough, Oat... Hollywood Vinyl Products Ltd., 88 Onus Rd., Toronto, Oat... Humane Pet-Aids, 257 Broadview Ave., Toronto 8, Oat... Hygiene Shower Curtain of Canada Ltd., 559 College St., Toronto 4, Oat. Imperial Lamp Co. Ltd., 1184 Castlefield Ave., Toronto, Oat... J an, 327 Bloor St. E., Toronto 5, Oat... John's Neon Sign Co., 73 Muriel Ave., Toronto 6, Oat... Kiddie Toy Co., 225 King St. E., Toronto 2, Oat... Laminall Industries Ltd., 133 Pears Ave., Toronto 5, Oat... Lancaster Reinforced Plastics, 134 Rivalda Rd., Toronto 12, Oat... Laz Mfg. Co., 244 Dupont St., Toronto 5, Oat... Leeds & Northrup Canada Ltd., 61 Industry St., Toronto 15, Oat... Lister Products Co., 380 Adelaide St. W., Toronto 28, Oat... Magic Signs, 243 1/2 Dundas St., London, Oat... Moore, Ross, Neon Signs Ltd., 291 Ontario St., Kingston, Oat... Naismith, T., Mfg. Co., 190 Main St., Toronto 13, Oat... National Rehabilitation Appliances, 137 Wellington St. W., Toronto 1, Oat. Nevil Plastics Ltd., 224 Merton St., Toronto 7, Oat... * Nito Co., 2501 Eglinton Ave. E., Scarborough, Oat.... toys baby exercisers plastic products sporting goods optical cases christmas decorations nameplates plastic producta orthopaedic appliances nameplates, industrial markers plastic hollow ware toys lamps, shades first aid kits scientific apparatus christmas tree ornaments toys plastic products toys brooms, brushes novelties lamp shades toy cap guns laminated plastic toys artificial limbs plastic window units gauges toys surgical supplies aircraft parts aircraft parts artificial flowers thermoplastic plastic products fiberglass panels plastic products clocks, barometers watches rubber stamps vinyl plastic products anti-flea collars shower curtains lamps wigs neon toys laminated plastic swimming pools laminated plastic electrical measuring instruments musical novelties neon toys orthopaedic appliances plastic products

79 FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS ONTARIO (concl'd) MISCELLANECJS MANUFACTURING INt*JSTRIES (coot' d Nordica Plastics Co. Ltd., 136 Sears St., Toronto 1, Out... North America Arms Corporation Ltd., 8 Bermondsey Rd., Toronto 16, Ont. Ojibway Archery Supply Co., Elliott Rd., La Salle, Ont... Ontario Stamp and Printing Co., 1693 Dundas St., Toronto, Ont.... Oxygen Canopies of Canada, 1128 Castlefield Ave., Toronto, Ont... Paradise Plastics Ltd., Wharncliff Rd. S., London, Ont... Parkway Mfg. Co., 241 Ottawa S., Kitchener, Ont... Pattern Engineering, 316 Nairn Ave., Toronto 10, Ont... Pekoba Plastic Foam of Canada, Park Ave., Dunnville, Out... Plasti Plants, 742 Danforth Ave., Toronto, Out... Polybottle Ltd., 120 Tycos Drive, Toronto, Ont... Polyplast of Canada, 144 Willowdale Ave., Willowdale, Out... Precision Patterns, 34 Canridge St., Gait, Ont... Precision Plastics Co., 725 Dundas St., London, Ont... Prince Signs, 166 Lochiel St. S., Renfrew, Ont... Princess Toy Nfg. Co., 51 Bulver St., Toronto 2B, Out... Progressive Plastic Co., 127 Manville Rd., Scarboro, Out... Prolite Industries, 41 Ormond St., Thorold, Ont... Protex Athletic Equipment Co. Ltd., 77 Waterloo Ave., Cue Iph. Ont... Provincial Plastics, Box 1003, Hespeler, Ont... Quality Tool & Die Co., 25 Ripley Ave., Toronto 3, Out... R. V. Signs 6 Displays, 4 Widmer St., Toronto, Ont... Ramsden, John, Toy Mfg., Charing Cross, Out... Raywares Ltd., 3284 Yonge St., Toronto 1, Out... Recreational Equipment Co. Ltd., 67 Frederick St., Toronto 1, Out... Remac Industries, 5 Essex Ave., Langstaff, Out... Renee's Toy Mfg., 8 St. Andrew8 St., Toronto 2B, Out... Resolite Corp. (Can.) Ltd., 1548 The Queensway, Etobicoke, Out... Roland's Neon Sign Co., 956 Drouillard Rd., Windsor, Out... Rose Plastics, 154 Bathurst St., Toronto 23, Ont... Safe Flight Instrument of Canada Ltd., Malton Airport, R. R. No. 4, Malton, Ont... Saunders Display Advertising, I A Hannaford St., Toronto, Out... Scott, 0. R., 9 Woodycrest Dr., Guelph, Out... Shewell Pattern & Mfg. Co., 856 Upper Sherman St., Hamilton, Out... Signs By Viscount, 1127 Dieppe, Cornwall, Out... Slide 6 Filmstrip Productions Ltd., 292 Merton St., Toronto 7, Out... Spaulding Fibre of Canada Ltd., 70 Coronet Rd., Toronto, Out... Stagecraft, 1039 Burnhamthorpe Rd., Islington, Out... Stellar Pattern & Machine Works, 167 Simcoe St. E,, Hamilton, Out... Straube, Kuhlmann, Co. Ltd., 118 Russell Dr., Oakville, Out... Swiss Chemical Co., 59 Simcoe St. W., Hamilton, Out... Tinsley Instruments, Churchill Crescent, Smiths Falls, Out... Tippett Signs, 158 Leyton Ave., Toronto 13, Out... Trojan Bros. 323 Bathurst St. (rear), Toronto, Out... Universal Record Mfg. Co. Ltd., 1244 Dufferin St., Bldg. No. 3, Toronto 4, Out... Universal Wood Products, 9 Miller St., St. Thomas, Out... Usher Plastics Ltd., 106 Nelson St. W., Brarnpton, Out... Vendall Machines Ltd., 110 Isabella St., Ottawa, Out... Vynelcote Ltd., 57 McMurchy St. S., Brampton, Out... Wham 0 Canada Ltd., 115 Vanderhoof Ave., Toronto 17, Out... Wilgoma Ltd., 976 Roselawn Ave., Toronto, Out... Wilson Signs, 25 Ontario N., Oshawa, Out... Witanek, Mieczyslaw, 570 King St. W., Toronto 28, Out... Wright Instrument Service Ltd., 186 Donlea Dr., Toronto 17, Out... PROIXJCTS 77. foam rubber products sporting arms arrows rubber stamps oxygen canopies swinuning pools patterns patterns plastic products plastic flowers plastic bottles, containers car patching compound patterns plastic products toys moulded plastic polystyrene athletic equipment plastic pipe moulds toys plastic products gymnasium equipment lamps toys plastic panels neon plastic novelties safety devices advertising displays part ems patterns slides, filmstrips electrical wire insulation theatrical scenery wood patterns drafting instruments plastic solder scientific instruments plastic products phonograph records stamp mounts plastic garden hose coin mechanism vinyl products toys, sporting goods patterns displays aircraft instruments MANITOBA * Canadian American Records Ltd., 408 Confederation Bldg., Winnipeg 2, Man., phonograph records Har-Velle Toy & Doll Co., Lot 118, R. R. No. 3, Winnipeg, Man.... toys Sea Shell Lamp & Novelty Mfg., 235 Spence St., Winnipeg, Man.... lamps, novelties SASKATCHEWAN Belle Art Floral Creations, 231 Ave. 1 North, Saskatoon, Sask.... artificial flowers Brook Airway Ltd., Saskatoon, Sask.... resuscitators Prairie Woodwork, Shellbrook, Sask.... hockey sticks Sign Craft, 2625 McDonald St., Regina, Sask.... Western Neon rd St. W,, Saskatoon, Sask.... neon * Weybumn Plastics, Airport, Weyburn, Sask.... plastic pipe

80 78. FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS ALt TA CELLANEOUS MANUFACTURING INWSTRIES (cont'd) PROtECTS (I M. C..: Co. Ltd., 318 bth Ave. S. E., Calgary, Alta... * Aivert Signs, 'ch Ate., Edmonton, Alta... Alberta Brsh 6 Broom Co. Ltd., 9614 B - 102nd Ave., Edmonton, Alta... Alberta Polytubes Ltd., St., Edmonton, Alta... * Alberta Stamp & Marking Co., Ave., Edmonton, Alta... British American Awning Co., th Ave., Edmonton, Alta... Calgary Brush, Ave. S. W., Calgary, Alta... Calgary Instrument Technical Service Ltd., 735-8th Ave. S. W., Calgary, Alta Creative Signs & Displays, th St., Edmonton, Alta... * Dayntee-Made, 809-1st St. B., Calgary, Alta * Dymer Plastics Ltd., P.O. Box 4392, Edmonton, Alta... Balliwell Sigra, St. (rear), Edmonton, Alta... Joel's Rubbcl Stamp Co., 9658B Jasper Ave., Edmonton, Alta... Jo-Mel Mfg. Co. Ltd., Hangar 16, Municipal Airport, Edmonton, Alta... Lauraga Plastics 6 Chemical industries Ltd., St., Edmonton, Alta * Lennox, S. J., Distributors Ltd., 1616 Centre St. N., Calgary, Alta... Mimura, Dan, Signs, Ave. N. W., Calgary, Alta... North American Solar Lite Mfg. Co. Ltd St., Edmonton, Alta. Pattern Modell Furniture, th St., Edmonton, Alta... Permaplast Products, do Sun Publishing Co., Ave., Edmonton, Alta Plastic Fabricators, th Ave., Edmonton, Alta... Side & Nydahi Enterprises, A Ave., Edmonton, Alta... Solar Displays Ltd., 432 A - 3rd Ave. S. E., Calgary, Alta... Spelman Signs, th Ave., Red Deer, Alta... Steingard, William, th Ave., Edmonton, Alta.... thermoplastic material brooms plastic products rubber stamps fiberglass awnings brooms precision instruments artificial flowers polyethylene film rubber stamps bowling alleys plastic products ball point pens sky domes patterns laminated plastic covers plastic products flower pots pictures, plaques BRITISH COLUMBIA Accessory Supply & Mfg., 4549 E. Hastings St., Vancouver, B.0... Adanac Pattern Works, 222 Front St., New Westminster, B Albert Signs, 738 Yates St., Victoria, B.0... Allied Fishing Tackle Co. Ltd., 207 W. Hastings St., Vancouver, B.0... Art Sign Co., 1030 Robson St., Vancouver, B.0... B.C. Ventaire Products Ltd., 859 Devonshire Road, Victoria, B.0... Barnes Enterprises, 740 Marine Dr., West Vancouver, B.0... Bob's Sign Shop, 142 Yale Road E., Chilliwack, B.0... Burrows, A. E., 4293 Slocan St., Vancouver, B.0... Central Sign Co., 751 Granville St., Vancouver, B.0... Challier Display Associates Ltd., 1451 Adanac St., Vancouver 6, B.0... Cholberg, Irwin, 795 River Rd., Richmond, B.0... Coast Precision Engineering Ltd., 1573 West 6th Ave., Vancouver 9, B.C. Comox Signs, 3105 Comnox St., Comox, B Decor-Tile Ltd., 371 E. 6th Ave., Vancouver, B.0... Delta Manufacturing Co. Ltd., 569 Howe St., Vancouver, B.0... E. C. Sign Service, 3980 Main St., Vancouver, B.0... Fiberfoanm Manufacturing Co. Ltd Boundary Rd., Vancouver, B.0... Fullerton Pattern Shop, 1000 Parker St., Vancouver 6, B.0... Gallo Signs, 2116 E. Hastings St., Vancouver, B Gragors Display Studios, 1411 Robson St., Vancouver 5, B.0... Haida, 2345 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver, B Jo-Bee Aluminum Products, 626 Kingsway St., Vancouver, B.0... Kandie Signs & Displays, 2120 Cosimercial, Vancouver, B.0... Kuddly Toy Manufacturing, 9154 Hudson St., Vancouver 14, B.0... Lindsay Models & Metalcrafts Ltd., 2067 Kings Ave., West Vancouver, B.C. M. & D. Industries Ltd., Annacis Industrial Estate, New Westminster, B.C.. Moberg, Gus, 220-3rd Ave., Chilliwack, B.0... Neumann, Henry W., 2251 Pandora St., Vancouver 6, B.0... * Northern Plastics Ltd., Box 87, North Vancouver, B.0... Nyglo Products, Box 628, Hope, B.0... Ox-O-Lite Plastic Products Ltd., 7170 Antrim Ave., Burnaby, B.0... Pacific Divers Equipment Ltd., 8828 Hudson St., Vancouver 14, B.0... Pacific Plast-Glass Developments, 502 Twentieth St., New Westminster, B.C. Peco Plastic Industries Ltd., 1620 W. 3rd Ave., Vancouver, B.0... * Pudleiner, Samuel, Jr., 848 Anderson Rd., Richmond, B.0... * Re-Nu Venetian Blind Co., 131 Dunlevy St., Vancouver 4, B.0... * Ron Signs, 4131 Fraser Ave., Vancouver, B Scollon Studios Ltd., 699 Drake St., Vancouver 2, B plastic fillers patterns, showcards fishing tackle metal awnings water sports equipment, displays displays fishing net equipment fishing lures simulated ceramic tile awnings fiberfoam insulation patterns dis plays aluminum awnings, displays toys scale models polyethylene film pianos plastic products fishing lures plastic parts skin diving suits, equipment plastic products plastic moulding venetian blinds

81 FIRM NAME AND ADDRESS MISCELLANECIJS MANUFACTURING INEIJSTRIES (conci' d) BRITISH COLUMBIA (conci'd) PROIXJCTS 79. * Totem Signs, Trans-Canada Highway, Clearbrook, B.0...., showcards United Neon Ltd., 2008 West 4th Ave., Vancouver, B neon Vancouver Glasscraft, 133 Water St., Vancouver 3, B glass ornaments

82 I ' ITt. t: - ' --ij' i - ' ' i' ' I;.-.--;,' i; L. -. ' r)i I ' Pf' li t JL : I i TT kt Et- I_un





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LAND [NW] SECTION. Canada Raw milk and dairy products. I kraft siden 18/11/2018 Publikasjonsdato 05/11/2018. [nw] List in force. Godkjenningsnum mer

LAND [NW] SECTION. Canada Raw milk and dairy products. I kraft siden 18/11/2018 Publikasjonsdato 05/11/2018. [nw] List in force. Godkjenningsnum mer LAND [NW] SECTION Canada Raw milk and dairy products I kraft siden 18/11/2018 Publikasjonsdato 05/11/2018 00105 [nw] List in force 0037 Parmalat Canada Inc. Winchester Ontario 0044 Kraft Canada Inc. Ingleside

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Canada raw milk, dairy products, colostrum and colostrum-based products

Canada raw milk, dairy products, colostrum and colostrum-based products COUNTRY SECTION Canada raw milk, dairy products, colostrum and colostrum-based products Validity date from 01/01/2018 Date of publication 19/12/2017 00099 List in force 0037 Parmalat Canada Inc. Winchester

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Канада сурово мляко, млечни продукти, коластра и продукти от коластра

Канада сурово мляко, млечни продукти, коластра и продукти от коластра ДЪРЖАВА [BG] SECTION Канада сурово мляко, млечни продукти, коластра и продукти от коластра [bg] Validity date from 22/07/2018 [bg] Date of publication 09/07/2018 00103 [bg] List in force 0037 Parmalat

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OPERATION LIFESAVER RAIL SAFETY WEEK April 29 May 5, 2013 CALENDAR OF EVENTS NOVA SCOTIA Dartmouth May 3, 2013 Level on Princess Marguerite Boulevard near Windmill Road in Dartmouth Highway Traffic Act Enforcement at level NEW BRUNSWICK Moncton May 2, 2013 Level on Mill Road between

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ColbaNet. Distribution. #238 Ownership Broadcasting - CRTC

ColbaNet. Distribution. #238 Ownership Broadcasting - CRTC ColbaNet Distribution UPDATE CRTC 2010-754 approved Colba.Net Inc. s application for a Class 1 terrestrial broadcasting distribution undertaking to serve Montréal Island. Administrative Approval 2011-08-23

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Vibrant Communities Canada Cities Reducing Poverty

Vibrant Communities Canada Cities Reducing Poverty Region VC Community Calgary (Community), Calgary (City), Corresponding Community Data Consortium Calgary Calgary Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Red Deer, Consortium under consideration Edmonton, Grande Prairie,

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Exam Dates Click on the links below to view a list of dates to write any of our paper-based exams in a location near you.

Exam Dates Click on the links below to view a list of dates to write any of our paper-based exams in a location near you. - Exam Dates Click on the links below to view a list of dates to write any of our paper-based exams in a location near you. CHOOSE YOUR PROVINCE Alberta British Columbia Manitoba New Brunswick Newfoundland

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Ontario A Strategic Location & Innovation Corridor A Strategic location With just-in-time delivery the standard, location is critical and Ontario s is

Ontario A Strategic Location & Innovation Corridor A Strategic location With just-in-time delivery the standard, location is critical and Ontario s is Ontario A Strategic Location & Innovation Corridor A Strategic location With just-in-time delivery the standard, location is critical and Ontario s is ideal. In fact, for advanced manufacturers eager to

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COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHY SCANNERS IN CANADIAN HOSPITALS COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHY SCANNERS IN CANADIAN HOSPITALS (Reported by hospitals or health authorities as of June, ) (Updated Saskatchewan data, October 26, ) PROVINCE / Northwest Territories Stanton Regional

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LifeLabs Ontario Patient Service Centres that Collect via Finger Puncture

LifeLabs Ontario Patient Service Centres that Collect via Finger Puncture LifeLabs Ontario Patient Service Centres that Collect via Finger Puncture Page 1 Alliston Almonte Ancaster Aurora Aurora Bancroft Barrie Barrie Barrie Belleville Bradford` Brockville Burlington Cambridge

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10th Annual Allstate Canada Safe Driving Study Results

10th Annual Allstate Canada Safe Driving Study Results 10th Annual Allstate Canada Safe Driving Study Results 10-Year Combined Ranking (2008-2018) (Per 100 Cars During 2008-2018) Increase or Decrease in Hanmer ON 1 3.8% -17% Brockville ON 2 3.9% -5% La Salle

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"Homes for Unwed Mothers" in Canada

Homes for Unwed Mothers in Canada York University From the SelectedWorks of Valerie Andrews 2009 "Homes for Unwed Mothers" in Canada Valerie Andrews, York University Available at: HOMES FOR

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List of: Fonds F 4598 Dominion Stores Limited storefront photographs collection

List of: Fonds F 4598 Dominion Stores Limited storefront photographs collection List of: Fonds -0-0-1 Alliston -0-0-2 Amherstburg 1927-6 March 1965 [Before 1932] 9 May 1956-0-0-3 Amherstburg (102 Richmond St.) [1957] -0-0-4 Arnprior -0-0-5 Arnprior [1960] -0-0-6 Aylmer -0-0-7 Barrie

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Vancouver Downtown & West


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Calloway Real Estate Investment Trust. Supplemental Information Package. For the quarter ending June 30, 2004

Calloway Real Estate Investment Trust. Supplemental Information Package. For the quarter ending June 30, 2004 Calloway Real Estate Investment Trust Supplemental Information Package For the quarter ending June 30, 2004 Calloway Real Estate Investment Trust 310, 855 8 th Avenue SW Calgary, AB, T2P 3P1 Tel: (403)

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8 logements Construction : logements Construction : logements Construction : 1930

8 logements Construction : logements Construction : logements Construction : 1930 Comparables 8 logements Construction : 1971 7 logements Construction : 1962 5 logements Construction : 1930 840 Rouleau, Saint-Hyacinthe (Bourg-Joli/Bois-Joli) Transaction : 2017-04-10,

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PROVINCIAL OFFENCES COURTS IN THE PROVINCE OF ONTARIO LISTING BY COURT ID 0160 Sault Ste. Marie 99 Foster Drive, P.O. Box 580 Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 5N1 705-541-7334 0161 Elliott Lake Municipal & Provincial Offences Court Service Town of Espanola 100 Tudhope, Suite 4 Espanola,

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Cross-sections involving a location within Manitoba and a location outside Manitoba:

Cross-sections involving a location within Manitoba and a location outside Manitoba: Bell MTS SUPPLEMETARY TARIFF CRTC 24002 SPECIAL SERVICES AD FACILITIES 9th Revised Page 149 Cancels 8th Revised Page 149 ITEGRATED DIGITAL ETWORK SERVICES 6016 FORBEARACE OF ITER-EXCHAGE PRIVATE LIE SERVICES

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December 30, Water Fluoridation Across Canada i

December 30, Water Fluoridation Across Canada i December 30, 2018 Water Fluoridation Across Canada i According to the Government of Canada s 2017 report on Community Water Fluoridation in Canada, Ontario has 71.1% of water system coverage compared to

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ADVENTURE IS A TRAIN RIDE AWAY. We can get you there. The rest is up to you. Trademark owned by VIA Rail Canada Inc.

ADVENTURE IS A TRAIN RIDE AWAY. We can get you there. The rest is up to you. Trademark owned by VIA Rail Canada Inc. TM ADVENTURE IS A TRAIN RIDE AWAY We can get you there. The rest is up to you. TM Trademark owned by VIA Rail Canada Inc. How do you get where the roads don t go? How do you see what you ve only ever heard

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BOARD OF DIRECTORS BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2016-2017 President Member-At-Large Marie-Hélène Lajoie, City of Gatineau First Vice-President Ontario Janice Baker, City of Mississauga Second Vice-President Alberta & Northwest Territories

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Locations of 87 New Grocery Stores Authorized to Sell Beer and Cider February 2, :00 A.M.

Locations of 87 New Grocery Stores Authorized to Sell Beer and Cider February 2, :00 A.M. NEWS Ministry of Finance Locations of 87 New y Stores Authorized to Sell Beer and Cider February 2, 2018 6:00 A.M. Eighty-seven new independent and large grocery stores in communities across Ontario will

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Broadcasting Decision CRTC

Broadcasting Decision CRTC Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2015-44 PDF version Ottawa, 16 February 2015 Various licensees Various locations across Canada Administrative renewals 1. The Commission renews the broadcasting licences for

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Store Open 11-6 Address City 2113 Yes 75 Kingston Rd. E. Ajax 3426 Yes 945 Innisfil Beach Rd. Alcona 3404 Yes 161 Young St. Alliston 3263 Yes 80 Park

Store Open 11-6 Address City 2113 Yes 75 Kingston Rd. E. Ajax 3426 Yes 945 Innisfil Beach Rd. Alcona 3404 Yes 161 Young St. Alliston 3263 Yes 80 Park 2113 Yes 75 Kingston Rd. E. Ajax 3426 Yes 945 Innisfil Beach Rd. Alcona 3404 Yes 161 Young St. Alliston 3263 Yes 80 Park St. Amherstburg 4064 Yes 44 Wilson St. W. Ancaster 3405 Yes 4-17 King St. Angus

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Revised: February 2017 Page 1

Revised: February 2017 Page 1 FEDERAL GOVERNMENT ENTERPRISES NAME OF ENTERPRISES: Atomic Energy of Canada Limited Belledune Port Authority Business Development Canada Development Investment Corporation Canada GEN Investment Corporation

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EMPLOYMENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM AGENCIES British Columbia / Yukon FSEAP Representative, Paul Singh (800) 667-0993 Suite 300, 1665 West Broadway Vancouver, BC (604) 732-6933 Vancouver, BC V6J 1X1 Family Services of Greater Vancouver (604) 731-4951

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S U R V E Y. Your guide to housing prices in Canada

S U R V E Y. Your guide to housing prices in Canada THIRD QUARTER ISSUE NO. 41 S U R V E Y O F C A N A D I A N H O U S E P R I C E S Your guide to housing prices in Canada T H E R O Y A L L E P A G E S U R V E Y O F C A N A D I A N H O U S E P R I C E S

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September Samsung Double-th -in-Rebate

September Samsung Double-th -in-Rebate September Samsung Double-the-mail-in-Rebate Appliances Unlimited 1200, Lougheed High Way Coquitlam Bay 7 Oaks Shopping Centre, 32900 South Fraser Way Abbotsford Bay 100-2929 Barnet Highway Coquitlam Bay

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001 Ajax 87, , Algoma Manitoulin 51,566 76, * 003 Aurora Oak Ridges Richmond Hill 78, ,581.70

001 Ajax 87, , Algoma Manitoulin 51,566 76, * 003 Aurora Oak Ridges Richmond Hill 78, ,581.70 Campaign Expense by Electoral for the 2018 General Election The total campaign expenses incurred by a registered candidate s campaign, its registered constituency association, and anyone acting on behalf

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Appendix B Profile of Ontario Federal Program Non-Profit Housing Co-operatives January 2018

Appendix B Profile of Ontario Federal Program Non-Profit Housing Co-operatives January 2018 Appendix B Ontario Federal Program Non- Profit Housing Cooperatives Federal Co-ops Federal Units Assisted Households Bedrooms Total Number 259 18,098 5,595 Average Percentage Per Co-op 31% Median Percentage

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Compliance Statistics:

Compliance Statistics: Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario Compliance Statistics: A look at the compliance rates of government organizations Ann Cavoukian, Ph.D. Commissioner May 2008 Compliance Statistics: A look

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Published by Authority of the Hon. James A. MACKINNON, M.P.

Published by Authority of the Hon. James A. MACKINNON, M.P. Published by Authority of the Hon. James A. MACKINNON, M.P. of Tracle and Cornt uerce. UP DOMNON BUREAU OF STATISTICS 1945 CONSTRUCTION BRANCH OTTAWA Dominion Statistician, S. A. CUDMORE, M.A.

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MSC/ACDF Approved Diagnostic Facilities DU - DIAGNOSTIC ULTRASOUND as of December 8, 2015


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KFC-CANADA PROVINCIAL LISTING -CANADA 1 109-001 190 Wellington Street South Alliston L9R 1H6 ON 1 109-002 177 Holland Street Bradford L3Z 2B9 ON 1 109-003 270 The Queensway South Keswick L4P 2B3 ON 1 109-004 Ashley Place, Unit# 3 1

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2017 Market Rent Index Table

2017 Market Rent Index Table Market Rent Index Table CMHC Rent CMHC Rent Barrie Barrie CMA 3.7% 1.5% 1.5% 5.3% 1.5% 1.5% Barrie Zone 1 - South 3.7% 1.5% 1.5% 5.3% 1.5% 1.5% Barrie Zone 2 - North 3.7% 1.5% 1.5% 5.3% 1.5% 1.5% Belleville

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Venues and Directions Au Sommet Place Ville Marie Location: 3 Place Ville Marie, Montreal, QC H3B 2B6 Main entrance: Cathcart Street

Venues and Directions Au Sommet Place Ville Marie Location: 3 Place Ville Marie, Montreal, QC H3B 2B6 Main entrance: Cathcart Street Venues and Directions Au Sommet Place Ville Marie Location: 3 Place Ville Marie, Montreal, QC H3B 2B6 Main entrance: Cathcart Street Direction from Sheraton (By foot: 8-10 minutes) As you exit the hotel,

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National Market Report

National Market Report National Market Report November 2015 In November 2015, the national hotel sample experienced a 2.8 point decrease in occupancy from November 2014 to 57.8%. The November 2015 average daily room rate for

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OUTFRONT MEDIA DIGITAL OUTFRONT MEDIA DIGITAL OUTFRONT Media Digital Outdoor An integral part of today s dynamic urban landscape, provides advertisers a compelling platform to use the flexibility and creativity of Digital Out-of-Home

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COAL AND COKE STATISTICS CATALOGUE No. 45-002 MONTHLY Hstorjcaj Fit COAL AND COKE STATISTICS AUGUST, 1959 Li l95g ZR4RY TIlE Published by A uhoriiy of The Honourable Gordon Churchill, Minister of Trade and Commerce DOMINION BUREAU

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ADVENTURE IS A TRAIN RIDE AWAY. We can get you there. The rest is up to you.

ADVENTURE IS A TRAIN RIDE AWAY. We can get you there. The rest is up to you. ADVENTURE IS A TRAIN RIDE AWAY We can get you there. The rest is up to you. CANADA BY RAIL / VIA RAIL CANADA CANADA BY RAIL / VIA RAIL CANADA WHERE WILL YOU GO NEXT? VIA Rail s 40th anniversary is the

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HON. J. ROBERT HOWIE FONDS MG32 B45. Finding Aid Number 1863

HON. J. ROBERT HOWIE FONDS MG32 B45. Finding Aid Number 1863 -ii- HON. J. ROBERT HOWIE FONDS MG32 B45 Finding Aid Number 1863 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction to Fonds 2. Finding Aid. File Classification List. -Volumes 1 to 8. Series: Minister of State for Transport

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2018 Top Rated Charities by Sector

2018 Top Rated Charities by Sector 2018 Top Rated Charities by Sector Charity Name Transpare ncy (out of 3) ANIMAL WELFARE BC SPCA Vancouver A 1.7 81 3 36,977 Ontario SPCA Ontario B+ 0.7 71 3 11,994 Toronto Humane Society Toronto B+ 0.7

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B is for British Columbia. A is For Alberta

B is for British Columbia. A is For Alberta C is for Canada A is For Alberta Alberta is one of the only provinces in Canada with 2 NHL teams. Edmonton, the capital of Alberta is the home of the West Edmonton Mall, which is the largest shopping mall

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CANADIAN UNION OF PUBLIC EMPLOYEES fonds / Fonds du SYNDICAT CANADIEN DE LA FONCTION PUBLIQUE MG 28, I 23 Manuscript Division/Division des manuscrits CANADIAN UNION OF PUBLIC EMPLOYEES fonds / Fonds du SYNDICAT CANADIEN DE LA FONCTION PUBLIQUE MG 28, I 23 Finding Aid No. 379 (Part 1) / Instrument de recherche

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ServiceOntario Centres

ServiceOntario Centres Ministry of Transportation ServiceOntario Centres ServiceOntario centres which offer the full suite of EDL services and are EDL card pick-up locations Cornwall 720 14 th Street West, Unit 2 Cornwall ON

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Parks Canada Attendance

Parks Canada Attendance Parks Canada Attendance 2016-17 Overall Summary 2015-16 2016-17 % Overall Figures 15-16 to 16-17 National Parks 14,469,008 15,449,249 7% Seven Mountain Parks 1 8,554,610 8,946,690 5% Marine Conservation

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Find your CBAF representative. British Columbia and Yukon. Alberta and N.W.T

Find your CBAF representative. British Columbia and Yukon. Alberta and N.W.T Find your CBAF representative CBAF is pleased to offer savings solutions to members of Canada s legal community. To find out more or to enroll, contact a CBAF representative located near you! CBAF Representatives

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EMPLOYEE AND FAMILY ASSISTANCE PROGRAM AGENCIES Sun Life 1-877-786-7227 FSEAP 1-877-553-7327 Canda LifeWorks Great-West Life Centre for Mental Health 1-866-407-5888 Health 1-888-366-8213

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PASSENGER FARE TARIFF AND SALES MANUAL REDUCED CITY SPECIFIC S This section is includes all student discounts and fare programs as shown in the Table of Contents for this section. All general rules and regulations shown in Section 7, National

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RAIL SAFETY WEEK April 27 May 3, 2015 CALENDAR OF EVENTS Canada British Columbia British Columbia April 27 2015 11:00:00 2:00 PM British Columbia April 27 2015 3:00:00 PM 5:00:00 PM RSW Kick-Off - Information handouts RSW Kick-Off - Information handouts & RSW Pledge

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The latest additions in the online store are located here:

The latest additions in the online store are located here: Dear collector friend, Our latest price list is online at the link above. Payment by credit card, cheque, etc as usual. Taxes are extra, if applicable. Unsubscribe

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Toronto Community Gardens by Ward Community Gardens

Toronto Community Gardens by Ward Community Gardens Toronto Community s by Ward 2012 Community s COMMUNITY GARDENS Ward Name Location Ward 1 Etobicoke North Ward 5 Etobicoke Lakeshore Panorama Park Community Jamestown Community Bell Manor Park Community

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BOSTON PIZZA - STORE LIST - ONTARIO (Store #) Updated April 27.15

BOSTON PIZZA - STORE LIST - ONTARIO (Store #) Updated April 27.15 402 Arthur Street 217 W. Arthur Street Thunder Bay, ON P7E 5P7 807-577-4201 403 Memorial Avenue 505 Memorial Avenue Thunder Bay, ON P7B 3Y6 807-345-6622 404 Goderich 490 Huron Road Goderich, ON N7A 3X8

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Where to buy Snappy Grains Barley in BRITISH COLUMBIA

Where to buy Snappy Grains Barley in BRITISH COLUMBIA 100 Mile House Save-On-Foods #1 95A Cariboo Highway 97 250-395-2543 Abbotsford Save-On-Foods 2140 Sumas Way 604-504-4453 Save-On-Foods #300-32700 S. Fraser Way 604-854-5318 Save-On-Foods #101-1888 North

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企业地址 Address of Plant st Ave.S.,Lethbirdge,AB,Canada T1J 4P Appleby line, Burlington,ON,Canada L7L 4W9

企业地址 Address of Plant st Ave.S.,Lethbirdge,AB,Canada T1J 4P Appleby line, Burlington,ON,Canada L7L 4W9 1 001A Maple Leaf Foods Inc. 2 4 Sofina Foods Inc. 3 7 Maple Leaf Foods Inc. 4 9 L.G.Hébert et Fils Ltée 5 10 Agromex Inc 6 11 St.Helen s Meat Packers 7 12 Les Viandes du Breton Inc. 8 38 JBS FOOD CANADA

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FLU CLINICS. Flu immunizations are offered during pharmacy opening hours throughout the flu season in addition to the dates listed below.

FLU CLINICS. Flu immunizations are offered during pharmacy opening hours throughout the flu season in addition to the dates listed below. FLU CLINICS Return to Costco Pharmacy Website Costco does not operate pharmacies or provide the services referred to in these pharmacy webpages in the Province of Québec. Pharmacies are independently owned

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Community Museums and Historical Societies Assistance Program Operating Funding

Community Museums and Historical Societies Assistance Program Operating Funding Museums and Historical Societies Assistance Program Operating Funding Deadline Date: April 15, 2017 Bathurst Heritage Trust Commission Bathurst 9,000 Beaver Harbour Archives & Museum ( Ventures Ltd) Beaver

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Descriptions of routes identified in the Province-wide Cycling Network

Descriptions of routes identified in the Province-wide Cycling Network Descriptions of routes identified in the Province-wide Cycling Network As shown on the map posted on the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) web site East Region Along the Ottawa river from Québec Border

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Liberal Express Detailed Itinerary

Liberal Express Detailed Itinerary Liberal Express Detailed Itinerary Wednesday, August 11, 2010 6:30 7:15 PM Wing Night at Frobisher Inn Frobisher Inn 7:30 8:30 PM Meet and Greet with Community Thursday, August 12, 2010 9:00 11:00 AM Frobisher

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C0NCRETE PRODUCTS. January, 1961

C0NCRETE PRODUCTS. January, 1961 CATALOGUE No. 44-002 (' DOMINION BUREAU OF STATISTICS MONTHLY OTTAWA - CANADA Published by Authority of the Hon. George I{ees, Minister of Trade and Commerce Vol. 13 - No. 1 Price: $1.00 per year. COPV.:

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RBC Banque Royale-emplacement des GAB audio qui seront installés entre le 1 er novembre 2002 et le 31 janvier 2003

RBC Banque Royale-emplacement des GAB audio qui seront installés entre le 1 er novembre 2002 et le 31 janvier 2003 RBC Banque Royale-emplacement des GAB audio qui seront installés entre le 1 er novembre 2002 et le 31 janvier 2003 Alberta Colombie-Britannique Manitoba Nouveau-Brunswick Terre-Neuve Territoires du Nord-ouest

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Lodging Outlook. Canadian August What Does a Franchise Cost? computers and reservation personnel.

Lodging Outlook. Canadian August What Does a Franchise Cost? computers and reservation personnel. Canadian August 2005 Lodging Outlook SMITH TRAVEL RESEARCH What Does a Franchise Cost? By: Stephen Rushmore, MAI, CHA - HVS International - New York T he selection of an appropriate hotel franchise affiliation

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PARKS CANADA ATTENDANCE to PARKS CANADA ATTENDANCE 1995-96 to 1999-00 PROGRAM PROVINCE NATIONAL PARK / NATIONAL HISTORIC SITE 1995-96 1996-97 1997-98 1998-99 1999-00 %** Number of Person-Visits* National Parks Newfoundland and Labrador

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TECH SOLUTIONS Calculating Insulation Needs to Fight Frost Heave by Comparing Freezing Index and Frost Depth

TECH SOLUTIONS Calculating Insulation Needs to Fight Frost Heave by Comparing Freezing Index and Frost Depth Calculating Insulation Needs to Fight Frost Heave by Comparing and Frost Depth To calculate the amount of insulation needed to protect highways, railroads, airport runways, utility lines and building foundations

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Tête-à-Tête 2018 Exhibitors

Tête-à-Tête 2018 Exhibitors A.P. Reid Insurance / My Group Insurance Mini-Booth - 548,550 Insurance Services Advanced Solutions International (ASI Canada) Full Booth - 225 Association Management Software Allegra Marketing Print Mail

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Destination: CD14 Year: 2012

Destination: CD14 Year: 2012 Destination: CD14 Year: 2012 Origin Other Canada US Border States Total Canada Ontario US Overseas Total Visits Total Unweighted 441 164 155 9 175 131 44 102 Total Household/Party Visits (Weighted) 1,271,307

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2015 April 2/28/2015

2015 April 2/28/2015 2/28/2015 2015 April SDTCA-3 04/01/2015( ) 3:00PM Brian Hu Asian Films 04/04/2015( ) 9:00AM : Old Coach Trail Highland Valley Road 14225 Highland Valley Road, Escondido,CA 92025 860-904-3844(Cell) 858-208-5223(Cell)

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Destination: CD14 Year: 2011

Destination: CD14 Year: 2011 Destination: CD14 Year: 2011 Other Canada US Border States US Non-Border States Total Canada Ontario US Overseas Total Visits Total Unweighted 349 149 140 9 113 72 41 87 Total Household/Party Visits (Weighted)

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Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday :15 AM Deep Cove Elem

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday :15 AM Deep Cove Elem April 2019 31 1 2 3 4 10:15 AM Deep Cove Elem 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 9:30 AM Harold Longworth, Bowmanville 12:00 PM Charles Bowman, Bowmanville 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 1:00 PM Bayridge Elementary, Surrey Good Friday

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Industry price indexes

Industry price indexes Catalogue no. 62-011-XIE Industry price indexes February 2004 How to obtain more information Specific inquiries about this product and related statistics or services should be directed to: Client Services

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LifeLabs Legal Urine Drug Screen Designated Collection sites

LifeLabs Legal Urine Drug Screen Designated Collection sites LifeLabs Legal Urine Drug Screen Designated Collection sites Patient must attend a designated LifeLabs Patient Service Centre Monday to Friday, between 9:00am and 1 hour before closing. City PSC Name Fax

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2016 Remittance Report

2016 Remittance Report 2016 Remittance Report Congregation Congregation Benevolence Benevolence ELCIC ELCIC Atlantic Ministry Area 4110 St Matthew, Fredericton, NB 1,000.00 1,000.00 - - 3,580.00 - - - 100.00 4,680.00 4120 Bethany,

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The Saskatchewan Economic Outlook: On Solid Footing

The Saskatchewan Economic Outlook: On Solid Footing The Saskatchewan Economic Outlook: On Solid Footing Saskatchewan Real Estate Forum Mario Lefebvre Director, Centre for Municipal Studies The Conference Board of Canada April 30, 2013

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66 OFFICE AND INDUSTRIAL PORTFOLIO SUMMARY MORGUARD CORPORATION (TSX: MRC) Morguard Corporation is a real estate investment company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the symbol MRC. The Company and its subsidiaries,

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WHO CARES ABOUT 15 MILLION URBAN VOTERS? WHO CARES ABOUT 15 MILLION URBAN VOTERS? CONTENTS About the Contributing Research Bodies 1 Who Cares About 15 Million Urban Voters 3 s Population 6 s Social Capital 11 s Economy 18 Appendix One: City Profiles

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SUN LIFE PREFERRED PROVIDER NETWORK SUN LIFE PREFERRED PROVIDER NETWORK KITCHENER Conestoga College Health Services 299 Doon Valley Drive Kitchener, N2G 4M4 Phone: 519 748 5220 ext 3679 K-W Urgent Care Clinics (Fairway) 385 Fairway Road

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Supplemental Information Package

Supplemental Information Package CALLOWAY REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUST Supplemental Information Package For the three months ended June 30, 2005 Calloway Real Estate Investment Trust 310, 855 8 th Avenue SW Calgary, AB, T2P 3P1 Tel: (403)

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Referral Types Accepted. British Columbia

Referral Types Accepted. British Columbia Appendix 1 (as supplied by the authors): List of clinic sites providing rtms in Canada. For each site, contact information is provided, and the site is denoted as accepting patients for research studies,

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The Canadian Retail Real Estate Market Real Estate Forum. Presented to:

The Canadian Retail Real Estate Market Real Estate Forum. Presented to: The Canadian Retail Real Estate Market Presented to: 2012 Real Estate Forum Presented by John G. Crombie National Retail Director Cushman & Wakefield Ltd. 416-756-5448 Retail Real Estate Canadian Retail

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Name: Crossword: Canada ACROSS. 5. The bilingual province. 6. The only French province. 10. It's capital city is Winnipeg. 12. Capital of Canada.

Name: Crossword: Canada ACROSS. 5. The bilingual province. 6. The only French province. 10. It's capital city is Winnipeg. 12. Capital of Canada. Name: Crossword: Canada ACROSS 5. The bilingual province. 6. The only French province. 10. It's capital city is Winnipeg. 12. Capital of Canada. 14. Northern territory with many mountains. 15. Capital

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LAW 201: CANADIAN CONSTITUTIONAL LAW 1 LAW 201: CANADIAN CONSTITUTIONAL LAW 2017-18 PROFESSOR EDINGER Office: 345 Telephone: 604-822-3925 Email: REQUIRED MATERIALS E. Edinger, Canadian Constitutional Law Casebook 2017-18

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RV's for sale If you look for a RV's in Quebec

RV's for sale If you look for a RV's in Quebec RV's for sale If you look for a RV's in Quebec Proads it's a reference for sale all vehicules. The classfieds ads for used or new RV's all types of used campers and Used RVs for sale through our photo

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172 Cherry Midday Seasonal change; frequent Pan-Am service discontinued 172A to Carlaw 25' 172B to Carlaw via Cherry Beach 10'

172 Cherry Midday Seasonal change; frequent Pan-Am service discontinued 172A to Carlaw 25' 172B to Carlaw via Cherry Beach 10' Route Period Headway Veh Headway Veh Headway Veh "Old" headways are May 2015 unless noted otherwise 192 Airport Rocket AM Peak / S-S Early Morning 8'30" 10' -1 10' 10' M-F Midday / S-S Late Morning 8'30"

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Old New Old New Old New M-F Saturday Sunday

Old New Old New Old New M-F Saturday Sunday 2 Bloor-Danforth M-F Midday / Weekend Afternoon 3'22" 3'20" 2 4'31" 4'30" 2 4'52" 4'52" 2 Additional running time for reliability Early Evening 3'42" 3'42" 2 192 Airport Rocket Seasonal changes and Ten

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Media Itinerary January 12 22, 2011

Media Itinerary January 12 22, 2011 Wednesday, January 12, 2011 Ottawa, ON Media Itinerary January 12 22, 2011 20 unheld ridings in 11 days to kick off 2011! 10:30-11:00 AM Tour launch on Parliament Hill Location: Centre Block Foyer Parliament

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Ce) Published by Authority of Hon. James Malcolm, M.P., annual Biii ic -

Ce) Published by Authority of Hon. James Malcolm, M.P., annual Biii ic - dz // Ce) Published by Authority of Hon. James Malcolm, M.P., annual Biii ic - Minister of Tx'ad.e and Commerce 300 copies. - DOMINION BIJBEAU or STATISTICS - Dominion Statistician; R. H. Coats, B.A.,

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Director s List Out of Province Customer Service Contact Outside. Licensed Laboratories - Ontario

Director s List Out of Province Customer Service Contact Outside. Licensed Laboratories - Ontario AGAT Calgary Maxxam Analytics - Bedford 2910 12 Street NE, Calgary, AB T2E 7P7 105-200 Bluewater Road, Bedford, NS B4B 1G9 Director s List Out of Province Alex Coldham Phone: 403-732-2764 Fax: 403-735-2771

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