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2 CAMP DETAILS EDUCATIONAL AIMS Develop Outdoor Education skills Develop independence LOCATION Alpine National Park ACTIVITIES Bushwalking DATES Sunday 18 th Friday 23 rd February, 2018 ACCOMMODATION 2-3 person mobile tents TRANSPORT Please arrive at school at 8.00am on Sunday for an 8.30am departure. You will be returned to school by 5pm on Friday. MENU AND FOOD Students and staff need to provide their own lunch on the first day of program. This should be substantial and comprise of several healthy sandwiches or rolls, fruit, snacks and a drink. Please ensure all items are free of all whole nuts. All dietary requirements must be written on your medical form. Bindaree can cater for any food allergies or intolerances with adequate notification therefore you must inform your camp coordinator a minimum of six (6) weeks prior to the start of the camp. MONEY There is no need to bring any money on camp. Please bring everything you need for program as you probably won t have the opportunity to visit any shops. MEDICINE If any personal medication is required during this camp, please ensure it has your name on it and instructions on when to take it. Personal medication should be noted on your medical form and each student will be responsible for handing their medication to their school staff leader upon arrival at camp. Asthma puffers will be the responsibility of the individual to carry at all times unless otherwise agreed upon. If an Epinephrine Auto Injector is required then one must be carried on person at all times and another given to the school staff leader in addition to bringing oral antihistamines on camp. Page 2 of 8

3 MEDICAL FORMS Each group s medical forms will be carried by the school staff leader at all times, to every activity. Any student with a pre-existing medical condition and/ or history (e.g. ankle, knee, hip, heart attack or back injury etc.), must include this information on their medical form. LUGGAGE Students should bring their personal belongings to camp in a soft sided bag. Bindaree will supply you with a backpack to pack into as required. A small daypack is also useful on day 1 and at other times during the program. Please no suitcases. RAINWEAR & SLEEPING BAG HIRE If a student does not have or cannot acquire a good quality waterproof rain jacket or sleeping bag from friends or family then they may hire it from Bindaree. Please follow these steps: Visit Click Outdoor Education On the right under School Hire Form click the link to access the form You need to print, complete and return this form to Bindaree by no later than two business days prior to the commencement of camp. SOME GOOD PLACES TO SOURCE GEAR Family and friends often have clothing and equipment you can borrow. Opportunity shops and thrift stores. Retail stores such as Anaconda, Mountain Designs, Kathmandu, Macpac etc. Be careful of up selling, you don t want to buy more than you need. SCHOOL EMERGENCY CONTACT If a family member needs to get in touch with someone on camp they should contact the school office on or and ask for the emergency contact, Noel Davies. BASIC SAFETY RULES There are a few important rules that will help ensure camp is safe and enjoyable for everyone: 1. Aerosol cans, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, electronic equipment, matches and pocket knives are not permitted on camp. 2. No student is to leave the camp site or activity site without permission from a leader. 3. No student, by their actions, is to place another student, groups of students or the general public in danger. SAFETY IS OUR #1 PRIORITY Page 3 of 8

4 CLOTHING AND EQUIPMENT LIST In selecting clothes for camp please consider the weather, environment and all activities. Pack clothes that will protect you from the elements and you don t mind getting dirty. Leave your valuables at home and please limit yourself to one soft sided bag (not a rigid suitcase) and one day pack. CLOTHING CHECK LIST EQUIPMENT ITEMS 1 Waterproof rain jacket (Japara) 1 Sleeping bag with hood 3 Set of thermals, top and bottom 1 Torch with spare batteries 2 Jumpers, woollen or fleece 3 3 T- shirts, must have sleeves 2 Large plastic bags (orange or green garden bags are best) Plastic bags for rubbish/waterproofing (shopping bags are best) 2 Pairs of pants, no denim 1 2L water bottle, or 2x 1L bottles 2 Pairs of shorts 1 Reusable plastic dinner ware: plate, bowl, mug, knife, fork, spoon Underwear as needed 1 Old tea towel 4 Pairs of socks, at least one woollen 1 Beanie, woollen or fleece PERSONAL ITEMS Personal medication as listed on medical form 1 Sunhat 1 Sunscreen / insect repellent / lip balm 1 Sunglasses, optional 1 Small personal first aid kit 1 Pair of old runners that can get dirty and wet 1 Toothbrush and toothpaste 1 Pair of shoes for around camp, no thongs! 1 Roll of toilet paper in a snap lock bag 1 Set of travelling clothes to wear to and from camp 1 Antibacterial hand sanitiser gel 1 Small towel 1 Small note book and pen, optional 1 Camera/ book/cards, optional Page 4 of 8

5 BREAKFAST DINNER CAMP MENU Monday / Tuesday Tuesday / Wednesday Wednesday / Thursday Thursday / Friday M. BUTTER CHICKEN COUS COUS M. GREEN CURRY NOODLES 2 Min Noodles Chicken Coconut Milk Powder Butter Chicken Sachet Cup-a-Soup Chicken Coconut Milk Powder Grn Curry Paste Sachet Cous Cous Hokkien Noodles Cup-a-Soup Chicken Salt & Pepper Salt & Pepper ~ Capsicum - Red Smoked Chicken ~ Carrots ~ Broccoli ~ Mushrooms LUNCH DESSERT & SNACKS ~ Capsicum - Red ~ Onion - Brown ~ Garlic ~ Zucchini ~ Onion - Brown 0 ~ Zucchini 0 CHOC RIPPLE CAKE APPLE CRUMBLE SELF SAUCING PUDDING 0 Choc Ripple Biscuits Apples, Dehydrated Self Saucing Pudding 0 Cream, UHT Butternut Snap Biscuits 0 Instant Custard SNACKS SNACKS SNACKS SNACKS C.C. Biscuits Fruit Bars Popcorn Museli Bars Chocolate Bar Mars Bars Lollies Rice Crackers B. CEREAL AND MUFFINS M. MUESLI & PIKELETS M. PORRIDGE & PIKELETS 0 Cereal - Sultana Bran Cereal - Muesli Cereal - Oat Temptations 0 Fruit Fruit Fruit 0 Juice - Orange Milk Powder Spreads - Honey 0 Spreads - Honey Spreads - Honey Spreads - Jam Squeeze 0 Spreads - Jam Spreads - Jam Squeeze Spreads - Vegemite 0 Spreads - Vegemite Spreads - Vegemite Tea/Coffee/Sugar 0 Coffee Plunger/Tea/Sugar Tea/Coffee/Sugar ~ Pikelets 0 ~ Fresh Full Cream Milk 2lt ~ Pikelets ~ Fresh Low Fat Milk 2lt 0 ~ Muffins - F&S 0 ~ Muffins - Plain 0 M. SALAMI PITA M. TUNA WRAPS M. SALAMI PITA 0 Cheese Blocks 250g Cheese Blocks 250g Cheese Blocks 250g 0 Fruit Fruit Fruit 0 Mayonnaise Mayonnaise Mayonnaise 0 Salami Stick Tomato Paste Sachet Salami Stick 0 Tomato Paste Sachet Tortillas Tomato Paste Sachet 0 Vitafresh Tuna Vitafresh 0 ~ Carrots Vitafresh ~ Carrots 0 ~ Cucumber ~ Alfalfa ~ Cucumber 0 ~ Lettuce ~ Avocado ~ Lettuce 0 ~ Pita Bread ~ Carrots ~ Pita Bread 0 ~ Tomatoes ~ Cucumber ~ Tomatoes 0 0 ~ Tomatoes Page 5 of 8

6 Wednesday / Thursday Thursday / Friday M. GNOCCHI STRIVE MEAL 2 Min Noodles Chicken Strive Pack 24 Hours Chilli Flakes 0 Cup-a-Soup Tomato 0 Gnocchi 0 Herbs 0 Parmesan Cheese 0 Salt & Pepper 0 Sun Dried Tomatoes 0 Tomato Paste Sachet 0 ~ Broccoli 0 ~ Capsicum - Green 0 ~ Carrots 0 ~ Mushrooms 0 ~ Onion - Brown 0 SELF SAUCING PUDDING 0 Self Saucing Pudding 0 SNACKS SNACKS Museli Bars Rice Crackers Museli Bars Mars Bars M. MUESLI & PIKELETS STRIVE MEAL Cereal - Muesli Strive Pack 24 Hours Fruit Fruit Milk Powder 0 Spreads - Honey 0 Spreads - Jam Squeeze 0 Spreads - Vegemite 0 Tea/Coffee/Sugar 0 ~ Pikelets 0 M. TUNA WRAPS STRIVE MEAL Cheese Blocks 250g Strive Pack 24 Hours Fruit Tortilla Mayonnaise Fruit Tomato Paste Sachet 0 Tortillas 0 Tuna 0 Vitafresh 0 ~ Alfalfa 0 ~ Avocado 0 ~ Carrots 0 ~ Cucumber 0 ~ Tomatoes 0 Page 6 of 8

7 ACTIVITIES Bushwalking Bushwalking is the original outdoor educational activity and still one of the best today. Bushwalking programs facilitate self-reliance, resilience and patience. The pace of students lives will slow down and it teaches them that not everything in this world is instant and that the process of the journey is important and enjoyable. Students gain a respect for the land and an appreciation of the environment whilst learning practical transferable skills such as map reading and navigation. Page 7 of 8

8 Group No# 1 Mountain Creek Camp GR: Camp Creek carpark GR: Mt Loch Car Park GR: Huntingtower Year 11 Program Outline 2018 Last updated: 17/07/17 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Start PM Camp AM PM Camp AM PM Camp AM PM Camp AM PM Camp AM PM 5.5km 2.5km 4km Bivouac GR: Michells GR: Derrick GR: km via Quartz Ridge 5.5km 11km Big River GR: Cleve Cole GR: Tawonga s GR: km 11km via Pretty Valley 14km Johnstons GR: Ropers GR: Aqueduct GR: km 15.5km 11km Cope GR: Aqueduct GR: Fitzgerald GR: Off track Nav 4 km 8.5km 5.5km Pretty Valley GR: Buckety Plain GR: Watchbed Creek GR: km Rocky Valley Dam West GR: km off track Alpine Discovery Rd/ McNamara GR: km Rocky Valley Dam West GR: Brandy Creek Car Park GR: Featherto p Track GR: km via Brandy Ck Fire Trk 7km Cobungra CR Camp GR: Featherto p Bungalow GR: km via Swindlers Gap 15km Via Mt Feathertop Weston GR: Diamantin a Horse yards GR: km 13km Pretty Valley GR: Ryders Yards GR: km Rocky knobs and Heathy Spur 19km Watchbed Creek GR: Kelly GR: km 5.5 km Aqueduct GR: Edmondsons GR: km Cope Car park GR: km Watchbed track head GR: Rocky Valley Dam West GR: km Pretty Valley GR: km Via Mt Jim Cope GR: km Edmonds ons GR: km Cleve Cole GR: km Bivouac GR: km Mountain Creek Camp GR: