BSA TROOP 189 Scouting 201 Scout Skills: Preparation for Scouting 101 new scouts

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1 BSA TROOP 189 Scouting 201 Scout Skills: Preparation for Scouting 101 new scouts EVENT GUIDEBOOK march 16-18, 2018 PRINCE WILLIAM FOREST PARK TURKEY RUN RIDGE, CAMPSITEs H & I POC: Michael Buggé Assistant scoutmaster Cell: We will review the basics and prepare ourselves to teach our incoming new Scouts the skills required to enjoy a safe and fun camping experience with Troop 189. Using the E.D.G.E method, we will review the following Scout Skills: Proper Campsite Setup Knots & Lashings Orienteering Fire Building Basics The National Park Service requires Prince William Forest Park to charge a $7.00 entrance fee per vehicle. This should be paid at the Visitor s Center at some point during the campout weekend, and before exiting the park on Sunday. Fees can also be paid in advance by using the PWFP Fee Pay APP found at the Apple APP Store. Annual passes ($30) may also be purchased at the Visitor s Center. BSA Troop 189 Montclair, VA. All rights reserved. v mcb

2 Weather Forecast for March 16 18, 2018 Be Prepared! As of March 7, 2018, the weather forecast for Triangle, VA is: Check or or your local TV/Radio News for up to the minute weather forecasts Plan to wear and bring appropriate daytime and night time attire to ensure proper warmth during the event (layer your clothing). The forecast is for a wintry mix earlier in the week so the ground will be cold and wet. A suitable sleep system (a properly rated sleeping bag, and a sleeping pad/mattress to insulate your body from the cold ground is required). NO SMELLABLES IN TENTS OVERNIGHT! 2

3 Scouting 201 Campout Schedule of Events NOTE: All Scout camping and daytime activities will be within your normally assigned Patrols; provisional patrols will not be permitted. Patrol Leaders, it is your job to ensure participation within your Patrol. Friday, March 16, :45 pm Troop 189 Scouts and Scouters should plan to arrive at Pattie prior to this time. Permission slips to be collected by SPL. 7:00 pm Troop 189 Scouts and Scouters depart Pattie parking lot (Scouts in Class A Uniform) 7:30 pm Arrive at Prince William Forest Park, Turkey Run Ridge Campground sites H and I. (See page 10.) Event Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) coordinates Patrol sites (Campsite I) with Patrol Leaders and Troop Guides. Campsite H is reserved for Scouters and Adults. Using chain of command each Patrol will requisition tents and lanterns from the Quartermaster at the Troop trailer in the parking lot. Equipment assignments will be based on pre-completed Duty Rosters for the event. (Duty Rosters should be completed in the regular Troop meetings prior to the campout.) 7:45 pm Move into and setup camp for the night. (See page 2 for the Alert!) 8:30 pm Troop Leadership Cracker Barrel: (Scoutmaster, ASM s/scouters, Event Point of Contact, SPL and Patrol Leaders to review tomorrow s agenda) 9:30 pm Personal hygiene 10:00 pm Lights out in camp announced with Bugler playing Taps 1 Saturday, March 17, 2018 (Scouts) 6:30 am Wake up with Troop s Bugler playing "Assembly of Trumpeters for Reveille" and "Reveille" 2. 6:45 am Post the Colors and Review Day s Events all Scout Leaders and Scout participants 7:00 am Before Breakfast Session 1: Proper Campsite Setup (ASM s assigned to respective Patrols) By utilizing proper chain of command within each Patrol, and by requisition to the Quartermaster: Each Patrol will review their completed Patrol Duty Roster, and must requisition the required Patrol gear from the Quartermaster sufficient to setup a complete and proper campsite including: placement of tents, chuck box and green box, cooking area (including propane tank, stove and lantern) and wash up area. Consideration should be made for trash and dishwater disposal areas. (See page 2 for the Alert!) The fire ring should be prepared for evening campfire (including stacking of tinder, kindling and fuel to sustain the fire, a fire bucket and shovel). Each Patrol will explain their campsite setup to an ASM or Adult Scouter. (Second Class 1c) Once the campsite has been properly setup and explanations approved by an ASM or Scouter, the Patrol may begin preparing their breakfast. (Tenderfoot 2a) Following breakfast, proper cleaning and sanitization is required, and all gear must then be secured within the campsite for the day s events (Tenderfoot 2b). The Patrol must present their prepared campsite for review and inspection by an ASM. Personal hygiene may be completed only following campsite inspection. Immediately following, all personal gear should be stowed in their respective tents. 1 Taps go to - for a video made to heighten awareness regarding the need for live buglers, go to "First Call"/"Reveille" go to 3

4 Saturday, March 17, 2018 (Scouts) - continued Scouting 201 Campout Schedule of Events 9:30 am Session 2: Knots and Lashings Injured victim transport using a Stokes Basket - a.k.a. Rescue Litter Basket: (ASM s TBD) Scenario: Your Patrol is hiking away from base camp and one Patrol member is injured. The injured Scout has received First Aid treatment to stabilize their injury. However, the injury prevents the person from walking and now requires the Patrol to provide a method of transportation back to base camp in order to receive additional receive medical assistance. Each patrol will gather suitable materials to assemble a first aid stokes/litter basket. The litter basket must be assembled by utilizing materials found/scavenged within the surrounding area such as: dead fall, tree branches (or only as a last resort, staves as requisitioned from the Quartermaster) or other suitable structural materials, blankets or sleeping bag or coats/jackets, and ropes, cords, belts, or straps using appropriate Scout knots and lashings. (See page 11.) (First Class 3a, 3b, 3c, 3d). The completed litter basket will be tested by having an injured Scout lay on it (safety approval by an ASM/Scouter is required prior to lifting for transport). The injured Scout must be secured within litter basket. The remaining Patrol members must safely carry the injured Scout from the campsite to an area designated by the Patrol s ASM (i.e., restroom area or down the Mary Bird Branch Trail) for a distance to get the feel for what is required to transport an injured person. A second injured Scout may be placed in the litter basket to make a return trip to the campsite (time permitting). 11:30 am Patrols clean up their area work areas and materials in preparation for lunch. 11:45 pm Lunch, followed by campsite cleanup and handbook sign offs as required. 1:00 pm Session 3: Orienteering (Rob Dotson, ASM s TBD) Each Patrol member will demonstrate the different parts of a compass to their Patrol ASM or Troop Guide (Second Class 3a). Within each Patrol, each member will calculate/reconfirm his pace count and demonstrate the use of a Pace Count Bead String. (See page 11.) The Patrol will utilize their orienteering skills to navigate an orienteering course of at least one mile (First Class 4a). Upon completion of the course, the punch cards will be graded for accuracy by the course builder. 4:00 pm Session 4: Fire Building Basics (ASM s TBD) Each Patrol will gather suitable materials to demonstrate three fire building techniques by preparing: a tee-pee, lean-to, and log cabin from available materials. The Patrol will explain their methods of construction and the advantages of using each type. Verifying all safety precautions have been met, using your personal fire starting kits, each Patrol will ignite a fire in each one of the three types assembled, utilizing three different methods of ignition source of their choosing (i.e., matches, flint & steel, etc.). Each Patrol will explain to an ASM the benefits of using each method (Second Class 2c). Of the three fire building techniques prepared, the Patrol will then agree on one method and they will prepare their fire in a designated fire ring. They will ignite and maintain their evening campfire. 5:30 pm Prepare and cook a Dutch oven dinner over your open campfire. Kitchen clean up, and store everything away for the evening (First Class 2e - only if you also prepared a hot breakfast or lunch also). 7:45 pm Patrol Activities: (Nighttime navigation; Intra-patrol games/competition, etc., TBD). 4

5 Scouting 201 Campout Schedule of Events Saturday, March 17, 2018 (Scouts) - continued 9:00 pm Cracker barrel (Troop Leadership Scouters/SPL/ASPL/PL s) to review the day s events, make comments and observations for the upcoming Scouting 101 campout. 9:45 pm Personal hygiene 10:00 pm Lights out in camp announced with Bugler playing Taps Sunday, March 18, :00 am Wake up with Troop s Bugler playing "Assembly of Trumpeters for Reveille" and "Reveille" Secure personal gear in backpacks, take down and pack up tents. Prepare breakfast; kitchen and gear cleanup. Using chain of command return of Troop gear to the Quartermaster for neat storage in the Troop trailer. Personal hygiene. 9:00 am Scout s Service (Chaplain s Aide) 9:30 am Patrol Hike (with full backpacks) to build Esprite de Corps : (We will hike as individual Patrols, not as a Troop en masse) Little Run Loop (1.2 miles around the loop) OR Mary Bird Branch Trail (1.0 miles round trip) 11:30 am Police line at campsites Circle up - Roses & Thorns 12: 00 pm Depart camp 12:30 pm Arrive at Pattie Elementary Scouts/Scouter Duty Roster Saturday, March 17, 2018 Trailer inventory and clean up (M. Henshaw, P. Antaya, V. Carter, etc.) ASM s assigned to monitor/mentor respective Patrols throughout the daytime activities. Orienteering course layout (R. Dotson, other ASM/Scouter as available) (Consider utilizing the existing Orienteering courses within the park and borrowing maps from the Visitor s Center.) 5

6 Safety & Emergency Procedures Tornado If you hear or see a tornado coming, warn others and take cover right away If you're in a building, go to the middle of the lowest level away from windows (bathroom or closet if possible) Get under something sturdy, such as a heavy table, hold on and stay there until the danger has passed Use your other arm and hand to protect your head and neck from debris If there is no building nearby, lie flat in a low spot and use your arms and hands to protect your head Lightning The safest place to be during a lightning storm is inside a relatively large, fully enclosed building Avoid bodies of water, open areas, high ground, tall objects (trees, light poles), small shelters in open areas, and metal objects If you are outdoors and lightning is in the immediate area, crouch down with feet close together, keep your head down, and cover your ears to minimize hearing damage from thunder Stay at least 100 feet away from other individuals in the area to prevent lightning bolts from jumping from person to person Injuries Scouts treat minor injuries using their individual first aid kit For serious injuries & hurry cases, Scouts perform immediate aid and call for assistance with three short whistle blasts The first Scouters to arrive on the scene provides additional immediate aid as required, and determines whether medical evacuation is required by Ambulance (911) or Troop vehicle or Park Ranger (703) For Prince William Forest Park, the nearest hospital emergency room is Sentara Hospital Hospital Address Phone Miles 2300 Opitz Boulevard Sentara Hospital (703) Woodbridge, VA

7 Directions to Sentara Hospital Emergency Room 7

8 8

9 Individual & Troop Equipment Scouts (including Webelos) bring the following personal equipment 3 : The Troop provides: Troop first aid kit Tents for Troop campers Dining fly/awning/tarp Water container (large) Soap/hand sanitizer Trash bags Waterproof bag (bear bag with cord & carabineer) & 100 brightly colored rope Work gloves & eye protection Pioneer tools (axe, bow saw, & shovel) & water bucket Lantern(s) and fuel Dutch ovens with lid handlers & gas stoves with fuel Stocked Chuck Boxes and 3-pot-wash system Movie and Projector Materials Needed for Adventure Sessions (as Listed) 3 Additional mandatory Items: closed-toe shoes with good tread and good ankle support (hiking boots recommended) 9

10 Turkey Run Ridge Campground - Site Information Campsites I, H Campsite G Camping at Turkey Run Ridge, Site H and I Turkey Run Ridge Group Campground (TRR) is a wooded camping facility for organized groups of seven or more persons. The campground is open year-round. Amenities: Each site has a picnic table, grill/fire pit, parking area and lantern post. Restrooms feature sinks and flush toilets (no showers). There is one amphitheater with bench seating, which can be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Amphitheatre Use: The Amphitheatre at TRR consists of semi-circular bench seating around a fire pit. The Amphitheatre is reserved through the normal permitting process. A group leader must have a bucket of water during the campfire. Fires must be contained within the stone pit. Bonfires or enlarging the stone enclosure is not permitted. All fires must be "dead" out when you leave. Capacity: TRR Campground has nine wooded group campsites which can accommodate a maximum of 25 people per site. We are camping in sites H and I. 10

11 Important Event Specific Information for Saturday Session 1: Campsite Set-Up - Troop Guides and Mentoring ASM(s) Description: Self-explanatory and refer to Scout Handbook. Session 2: Use Knots and Lashings to build a stokes basket/first aid litter - Troop Guides and Mentoring ASM(s) Description: Assemble a First Aid Litter by utilizing deadfall, staves, poles, ropes and cords, belts/straps, knots and lashings. Utilize the litter to transport a first aid victim. Be sure to refer to First Class requirements 3a, 3b, 3c, 3d and use at least use these knots and lashings. Examples: Session 3: Orienteering Description: Navigate a course using a compass, map and pace count beads. Pace Count Beads 11

12 Important Event Specific Information for Saturday - continued Session 4: Fire Building (Not Just Fire Starting) - Troop Guides and Mentoring ASM(s) Description: Construction Types, Preparation, Starting Methods Gear Needed by Scouts: Scouts should bring their personal fire starting kits. Equipment Provided by Troop: Fire Pit, fire bucket, hatchet, shovel, some kindling and fuel as well as Scouter supervision and some modest mentoring. Important Event Specific Information for Sunday Patrol Hike: Refer to page 5 in this guidebook for options. 12

13 Permission Slip BSA TROOP Scouting 201 campout: march 16-18, 2018 Who: Troop 189 Scouts & Scouters What: Refreshing Basic Scout Skills and preparing for our Scouting 101 New Scout Campout Where: Drop off at: Pattie Elementary School, Dumfries Rd, Dumfries, VA. Travel to Prince William Forest Park Turkey Run Ridge Campground sites H and I. Pick up at Pattie Elementary School. When: From 6:45 pm Friday, March 16, 2018 to 12:30 pm Sunday, March 18, 2018 Why: Teach, practice and learn our Scout skills and build Patrol Esprite de Corps. Weather & Sunlight Data: Monthly averages: 51 F high, 31 F low, sunrise 7:17 pm & sunset 7:16 pm With: Equipment & Support Requirements list in Event Guide; grub fee (TBD by patrols; eat dinner prior to link up Friday night) cut here, keep the upper portion, & turn in lower portion with your grub fee BSA TROOP Scouting 201 Campout: march 16-18, 2018 As the parent or legal guardian of, I hereby give my permission for this child to participate in an outing with Troop 189, linking up on Friday, March 16, 2018 at Pattie Elementary School at 6:45 pm, camping two nights at Prince William Forest Park Turkey Run Ridge campsites H and I, and returning Sunday, March 18, 2018 at approximately 12:30 pm to Pattie Elementary School. I give permission to the leaders of the above unit to render First Aid, should the need arise. In the event of an emergency, I also give permission to the physician, selected by the Adult Leader in charge, to hospitalize, secure proper anesthesia, order injection, or secure other medical treatment, as needed. I further agree to hold the above named unit and its leaders blameless for any accidents that might occur during this outing except for clear acts of negligence or non-adherence to BSA policies and guidelines. In case of an emergency, I can be reached by phone at: or. In the event I cannot be reached, please contact at or. Printed name of parent or guardian: Signature or parent or guardian: Date: 13