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2 Table of Contents What is Rust...3 Spec requirements...5 Game controls...4 A few tips to boosting FPS...5 How to change your controls...4 Surviving your first night...6 Default controls

3 WHAT IS RUST Rust is an action-adventure with a blend of survival mixed in which takes place on a procedural generated map. Your first few nights will be the most memorable in aspects of forming alliances and the hardship involved with learning the tips and tricks to forming your foundation to success. Rust has a lot to offer which may be a pain in learning, but with the use of this guide you will always be one step ahead of your fellow opponents in the game of survival

4 Game Controls How to change your controls The default game controls are most recommended, as they are easy to get used to. If you are interested in changing them, simply launch the rust unity program (the window that opens where you select your graphics options before launching the game itself.) When here there are 2 tabs, graphics and input. Select Input, and from there feel free to change controls by double clicking on any control you would like to change and entering the new key assigned to this role. Default controls Move forward: (W) Move backward: (S) Move left: (A) Move right: (D) Jump: (Space_bar) Sprint: (Left_shift) Interact/Pickup: (E) Inventory screen: (Tab) Primary fire: (Mouse_1) Aim: (Mouse_2) Reload: (R) Local voice chat: (V) Global text chat: (T) - 4 -

5 Spec Requirements Rust is a very CPU and GPU intensive game, with that said, there are some tricks to get it running better without lowering your visual quality. The Minimum requirements to run the game as cited by the official Rust page and our research are as follows: Windows 7 4 Gb of ram 4 Gb of space on your hard drive Intel Core I3 Gtx 550 follows: Our cheapest, but recommended specs to run the game at maximum settings are as Windows 7 (and above) 8 Gb of ram Gtx 660 or the R9 270 (Great cards for very cheap prices) 10 Gb of hard drive space Intel Core I5 A few tips to boosting FPS Playing in full screen as opposed to windowed mode When launching your game, lower graphics quality to fastest While in game, press f1 and type terrain.pvt false Make sure to close all windows that are not in use If all comes to all, try a computer restart. In most cases it can help with up to 10 fps - 5 -

6 Surviving Your First Night Your main objective for the first day is to gather supplies to be able to build a shelter for the night. To get a basic house going, you will need: A sleeping bag A camp fire A building plan A hammer A spear A stone hatchet When you first spawn in, you are going to want to gather 300 wood with your rock. To do this, simply hit a tree by looking at it and clicking the left mouse button. After you have collected the wood, press (TAB) to bring up the inventory. Go to the right side of your screen where you will see your crafting menu. You want to click the tab menu with the picture of a sword, and select the wooden spear. Make sure the number is set to 1 and click craft. You can close the inventory menu by clicking (TAB) again. During the time that the spear is being made, go ahead and gather 200 more wood and 100 stones (refer to resource gathering section for help.) By this time, you should have a spear which you can hunt animals with, and defend yourself from players. Once you have gathered the 200 wood and 100 stones bring up the inventory screen again and select the tab with a picture of a hammer and wrench in an X formation. In this menu, select the stone hatchet and craft it. For a simple house, you will need about 2,300 wood and an additional 1,500 wood for the accessories. Once you have gathered the full 3,800 wood needed for the night, it is time to go hunting (refer to hunting section of the guide.) You are going to need to acquire a minimum of 30 cloth and 3 pieces of meat. Once acquired, you can start building your new home. First things that need to be crafted: - 6 -

7 1 hammer (100 wood) 1 building plan (to craft this, first craft a piece of paper [100 wood.] The paper crafts this) 1 campfire (100 wood) 1 sleeping bag (100 wood, 30 cloth) 1 lock (100 wood) 1 tool cupboard (1000 wood) 1 small wood storage box (100 wood) Use your Building plan and hold down the right mouse button to bring up the building option wheel. Select the Foundation on the wheel and place 2 foundations in a straight line connecting. (*NOTE* Very important that when placing down your walls and doorways that you are standing inside your home whilst doing so, or else you will put the wrong side facing outwards making it much easier for attackers to raid you.) You want to then bring up the building wheel and select doorway. Place down the doorway in any location you desire, this is the entrance to your new home! Next, bring up the wheel again and select the door and place it in your doorway with the door opening outwards. When finished, find the wheel and select the wall option, place down a wall on all the edges facing outwards of the home. Once finished, find the floor piece and use it as a roof and your home foundation has been placed. Next, use your hammer and right click on all the building materials and upgrade them to wood. Follow up by placing your sleeping bag (used for spawning on,) your storage box, and camp fire inside your home. For security, add a lock to your door and place a tool cupboard inside your home. Your home is officially ready for use! During the night, you want to stay warm and cook up food for the following working day as you will need the calories. Hold (E) on your campfire and select open. Your campfire has 5 inventory spots. 1 needs to be filled with the fuel (in this case wood,) there will be 2 spots where you can divide your meat to cook faster, and 2 spots left empty. The empty spots are important and many rookies make mistakes by filling them with meat

8 One of the empty spots is used for when the meat cooks, it will automatically move into the empty spot to be picked up as cooked. The other empty spot is for where the charcoal will go to from the burnt wood, do not get rid of this as it is needed later on to make explosives, ammunition, and other market valued items. *NOTE* Make sure to get cooked meat out of the camp fire as soon as it s done, as if you leave it in for too long it will burn and become inedible. A final reminder for the night, when the camp fire is not needed it is recommended you turn it off, as during the night it marks you as a huge X on peoples radars. It will emit light from your home letting people know that you are there and active, and will attract a lot of attention. The campfire should only be used during the night if you need to cook food, stay warm in cases where you would otherwise freeze, or to regenerate health via comfort. Unless you are in need of charcoal, you are only wasting wood and gathering attention