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1 Mt Lawley Helen Bond Di Pitchford Voice The Perth N o 728 Saturday May 26, 2012 Phone EAST Donna Faragher MLC for East Metropolitan Region Michael Sutherland MLA for Mount Lawley by STEPHEN POLLOCK THE number of executives at Stirling city council earning more than $100,000 a year has skyrocketed more than 400 per cent in four years. In just five employees took home more than $100k. Now it s 28, with five of those earning more than $150,000. The salaries based on a nine-day working fortnight and which include time-off-in-lieu for attendance at council and committee meetings have contributed to a blow-out in Stirling s staff budget from $46.2 million in 2007 to $77.8m in Ex-councillor Paul Collins says the high pay is unjustified but elected members have little power to act. I raised rising employee costs during my term as a councillor and it was to little avail, he told the Voice. Everything is very cosy for staff at Stirling...with staff expenses rising from $46.2m in 2007 to $77.8m in 2012 whilst actual capital expenditure has fallen, or at best fl atlined since Mr Collins says the city s infrastructure is deteriorating while executive pay, with cushy conditions, balloons. Perth city council has 18 executives on more than $100,000, Bayswater nine and Vincent four. They compare to 273 staff at Verve Energy on more than $150,000 a year, 228 at Western Power, 226 at the Water Corporation and 41 at Synergy. Stirling human resources chief Angela Wolstencroft says the high salaries are needed to attract the best talent. Salaries are reviewed to Fat cats fatter ensure that they re competitive with the ever-changing economic environment by enabling the city to recruit and retain the resources it needs to provide its services to the community, she says. The City of Stirling recorded its highest level of customer satisfaction ever this year, being 89 per cent. She says the introduction of a nine-day fortnight in 2007 reduced turnover significantly from just under 30 per cent in 2008 to under 13 per cent in The highest Stirling earner is CEO Stuart Jardine, who earns between $280,000 and $290,000 before bonuses and allowances. A year after Mr Jardine joined Stirling in 2007 the number of executives on more than $100k leapt from five to 21. Ms Wolsencroft says the CEO has the biggest local government job in WA. To put this into context, the CEO salary package is on par with similar sized LGAs in other states of Australia. Stirling is WA s biggest council with 1100 employees, 202,000 residents and a budget of more than $200 million. Chatfield, page 4 Moira bounces back Doctor s orders Do you work in an office? If so, you d probably sit down for long periods of time and forget to walk around regularly as recommended by health professionals. Make up for this and reward your body by taking on a Voice paper round. It s a great way to get fit. Not only would you be rewarding your body but your wallet as well. Call Steph on NORTH PERTH AREA 9 Moira Martin is regaining her confidence after being mugged in Morley Galleria and suffering a broken rib, but it s taking time. Read her story, page 7. Photo by Matthew Dwyer Find the Fake Ad & win a chance for a feast for two See competitions for details /7 QUOTES & CALLOUT Electrician TV Wall Hangs SAVE $$$ CALL ANDREW Digital TV Antennas TV Points & DATA Cabling Computer & Laptop Repair Install & Repair Man 10% SEN Sen DISCOUNT Discount ONLINE 24/7 CHAT! SAME DAY SERVICE * * On standard local jobs - EC super specials Hot price $19 95 Swisse Ultivite Mens or Womens Multivitamins 60s^ ^Vitamin supplements may only be of assistance if dietary intake is inadequate. Hot price $45 00 Reg $59.95 Vicks Vaporizer Suitable for children under 2 years of age Inglewood Amcal Chemist Next to Coles, Cnr Beaufort & Salisbury St, Inglewood Phone: Opening Hours: 7 Days - till 9pm On sale until 17 June, 2012 or while stocks last

2 Donna Michael Faragher Sutherland MLC for East Metropolitan Region MLA for Mount Lawley by STEPHEN POLLOCK The ambitious, community-led planning scheme was designed to allow Vincent residents to shape h i wn c VINCENT VISION 2024 is a dead duck says ex-councillor Simon Chester. Mt Lawley Helen Bond Di Pitchford Your Highways will be expanding A world fi rst expansion is soon to begin on your highways. To accommodate the digital age, a new lane will be added to popular highways for the road users benefi t. 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Online shopping now available 20% off Dog coats & jumpers Till 30th June Excluding Specials All Collars & Dog Leash Excluding Specials Fax Orders 414 Oxford Street, Mt Hawthorn PETS MEAT SUPPLIERS OPEN MON-FRI 8.30AM-6PM THURS NIGHTS TILL LATE SAT 8AM-5PM SUN 10AM-3PM The dinner that saved the RISE Ratepayers are telling me by STEPHEN POLLOCK they want these expensive meals A BAYSWATER city scrapped. Cr Sabatino had first sought councillor says the $21 to cancel the dinners last month million Maylands RISE may and had the numbers, with two never have happened if of the mayor s supporters absent mayoral dinners hadn t been due to illness. around. Instead of risking losing Cr Barry McKenna says the vote the mayor and his federal Labor Perth MP Stephen remaining supporters walked Smith was schmoozed at out of the chamber, causing a one before the government loss of quorum. They d claimed committed $10m to the project. they couldn t vote on the issue We received millions in due to a confl ict of interest. federal funding, largely because WA local government of our healthy relationship Terry Kenyon dinners saved. minister John Castrilli later with Stephen Smith, he told upbraided the mayor, saying colleagues last week. and said we are from outerspace it was way over the top. abandon his own chamber mid- he d had no valid reason to At these dinners we get to network with Main Roads, In the RISE, we have the meeting. Lotterywest, politicians and perfect venue and the budget This month, with Cr other important bodies. for the dinner is now far more McKenna back in the saddle In the long run, the modest. following his heart scare, the financial benefit to ratepayers Cr Graham Pittaway referred mayor s faction defeated Cr far outweighs the initial cost of to the spaceship dinner as Lou Sabatino s motion (having staging the event. Magro s Hollywood moment. somewhere along the way He d been speaking during Cr Sabatino was made to decided they had no confl ict of a heated 45-minute debate to withdraw three comments which interest after all). keep the dinners, after Cr Mike the mayor deemed offensive to Cr Sabatino also moved a Sabatino tried to have them other councillors. motion to scrap $3000 Budget cancelled. Cr Sabatino, who has been dinners held as a reward Mayor Terry Kenyon won the attending the dinners for more for staff and their partners for vote to keep the dinners, and than 20 years, says networking is putting in long hours but it said they were a lot more useful done over the whole year, not at was lost. than they used to be. a solitary event. Cr Kenyon noted the mood of I remember mayoral dinners To say all this funding the public gallery, which moaned being held at the Sheraton and is secured by networking at and sighed through 90 minutes the Hyatt. one dinner is wrong, he told of bickering: This is very sad: The mayor [Lou Magro] colleagues. The political point-scoring has to emerged from a spaceship with Relationships are nurtured stop and the council has to show the CEO dressed as an astronaut over time, not over a single meal. unity going forward. Views sought on Aussie burqa ban by STEPHEN POLLOCK UWA is surveying people on what they think about banning the burqa in Australia. The survey, launched in April, was created by the Centre for Muslim States and Societies. Centre professor Samina Yasmeen says educators want to get a better idea of what Australian Muslims and non- Muslims think about the issue. We want to engage people of all ages and backgrounds, she said. There is great debate about security issues, gender equality and freedom of dress that we Tax Returns BY AN EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONAL Owner Operated CPA and Registered Tax Agent Tax returns for Individuals / Companies Partnerships / Trusts / SMSF Plus - a full range of Business Accounting Services Suite 7, 884 Beaufort St, Inglewood, Phone Glenn Today T: F: M: E: Glenn Hutcheson CPA - Proprietor/Tax Agent Standard Tax Return Charge $165 want to explore. Hopefully we can get a deeper understanding of what Australians think. The survey includes questions about the wearing of the niqab [a cloth that covers the face] and hijab [head covering traditionally worn by Muslim women]. In 2010, France which has a tradition of secular primacy passed legislation to ban the burqa and niqab in public places. In January 2012, a law was accepted by the Dutch cabinet, banning any clothing that hides the wearer s identity. Fines for wearing a burqa in public go up to 380 euros. Other European countries are debating Voice The Perth N o 724 Saturday April 28, 2012 Phone EAST Vision dead in Vincent What s the most valuable tool in a tradie s toolbox? The Voice of course. Be seen in our newspapers every week. P: E: whether to follow suit. The burqa debate reached fever-pitch in Australia in 2010 when Perth judge Shauna Deane ruled a witness would not be allowed to give evidence without removing her niqab. In 2011, Murdoch University s Dr Ameer Ali, head of the Muslim Advisory Group under the Howard Government, said the clothing was socially destabilising and hindered Muslim integration with Australian society. The 2006 Australian census recorded 340,392 Muslims living in Australia, with 23,827 (seven per cent) in WA. The survey ( JTLC6CF) is online till December. MOUNT LAWLEY FOR A FRESH, INSPIRING APPROACH TO PROPERTY MANAGEMENT THINK ACTON MOUNT LAWLEY Treating your investment property like it s our own 678 BEAUFORT ST, MOUNT LAWLEY PH:

3 Lib MP wants right-wing ban by STEPHEN POLLOCK MICHAEL SUTHERLAND wants permanent no-right turns at the Beaufort and Walcott Streets intersection. The Mt Lawley Liberal MP says the intersection, crossed by has around 42,000 vehicles and 3800 pedestrians every day, has been designated a black spot by the RAC. It has been the source of numerous complaints and constituents to my office, the MP said. He recently convened a meeting between WA transport minister Troy Buswell, Main Roads and representatives from Stirling and Vincent councils to discuss the issue. It proposed: extending the 40kph zone to north of Beaufort St; Permanent no-right turns; Parallel pedestrian crossing signals. Vincent officers wanted to green-light the proposal, but councillors were unsure and voted to refer it to an advisory group. What we found elsewhere is that you do increase rat-running [when you ban turns], Cr Dudley Maier said. What is important is we get a red light camera there you can bet some will go through on a red light turn. Once you put [cameras] in there and you see a few fl ashes going off as the cars go through, the message gets out there. Meanwhile, Stirling officers have recommended approving the changes. Council will vote next week. Mr Buswell is backing the group s recommendations. GET RID OF UNWANTED HAIR PERMANENTLY! Offers For Packages Paid Up Front 1. Pay for 3 Full or Half Leg treatments and get 4th treatment FREE 2. Pay for 4 Brazilians or Bikinis and get 4 Underarms FREE 3. Purchase 3 full face treatments & receive the 4th FREE Valid until 30/07/ Scarborough Beach Rd, Mount Hawthorn Phone Book online at Station stays The F R E M A N T L E DOOR & WINDOW Co Pty Ltd by DAVID BELL TROY BUSWELL has rejected a call to close the chronically under-used Mt Lawley station. Andrew McDonald, an activist blogger from The Worst of Perth who spends his time mocking dodgy things around town, recently wrote to the WA transport minister decrying the art at Mt Lawley and calling for the station which services fewer than 500 a day to be closed. I wonder at the decision to spend large amounts of money on a station that according to the transport website is used by virtually nobody, Mr McDonald wrote in a letter he shared with the Voice. It is difficult to see why the station is even there, since it does not service the commercial centre Photo by Skink. Supplied: The Worst of Perth The station is situated in a very low-density residential area, the demographic of which would regard public transport as some kind of dangerous socialism of Mt Lawley (or anywhere else). The station is situated in a very low-density residential area, the demographic of which would regard public transport as some kind of dangerous socialism. Most of the day, even at peak times, the three sculptural figures purchased for no doubt vast amounts of money, greatly outnumber passengers on the platform. Surely the sensible thing to do would be to close the station and put the resources into either more trains or into the other better-used stations on the line. Maylands, for example, where thousands of drinkers will soon be fl ocking to Alannah MacTiernan s new bar. While Mr McDonald has been successful in pressuring Perth city council to remove questionable public art, Mr Buswell isn t budging. Patronage on public transport is increasing and patronage at Mt Lawley station is no exception, the minister s response said. Mt Lawley is one of the smaller stations on our network, but it is far from the smallest. More than half the patrons who regularly use Mt Lawley are school students. Closing Mt Lawley would spill its patronage to other stations. ANEETA, ARTILUX, CASEMENT, AWNING, LOUVER W W W. F R E M A N T L E D O O R. C O M DOUBLE HUNG & SINGLE HUNG WINDOWS Spiral Balances or Weights & Pulleys BIFOLD DOORS & WINDOWS Custom Glass Custom Designs Custom Sizes U6-23 PEEL ROAD, O CONNOR WA 6163 P: F: E: Got a rental? Isn t there something you d rather be doing...? Trust it to the Property Management Experts. 970 current Landlords can t be wrong. Call Kate Curtis or Property Management Area Specialist for: Coolbinia - Dianella - Inglewood - Maylands Menora - Mount Lawley - Yokine CELEBRATE ITALIAN DAY AT THE RACES FEATURING THE D ORSOGNA ROMA CUP SATURDAY MAY 26 BELMONT PARK RACECOURSE ITALIAN SINGING AND DANCING FREE KIDS RIDES AND ENTERTAINMENT FROM NOON GENERAL ADMISSION ENTRY JUST $12 WH47962 Contact Perth Racing on or visit PERTHRACING The Perth Voice, Saturday May 26, Page 3

4 Do you live in or around any of these areas? Mount Lawley 3 Mount Lawley 11 East Perth 3A Maylands 11 Perth family grows by DAVID BELL PERTH city council is to formalise its sister city relationship with Chengdu, capital of Sichuan Province in China. The PCC currently has a three-yearold charter of mutual friendship with the city. A council report says there are no immediate financial implications involved. The PCC says the more formal sister city relationships are highly regarded by the Chinese Government and people. voice [They] are an important leverage to access leadership, establish community links and to facilitate business operations. Cr Lily Chen (who hails originally from Nanjing in Jiangsu province) explained the importance of sister cities to her culture: The Chinese people always consider the blood relation is the highest one, that s why they move from friendship charter to the sister city. The council reckons its Chengdu relationship is bearing practical results, with an increase in students, business and tourism. mail formerly Newspaper House, Cliff Street Fremantle WA 6160 PO Box 85 North Fremantle WA 6159 Publisher: The Herald Publishing Co. Pty Ltd Editor-in-chief: Andrew Smith Directors: Andrew Smith & Pip Thomson EDITORIAL Editor: Andrew Smith Chief of Staff & Production Editor: Steve Grant Journalists: David Bell, Stephen Pollock Photographer: Matthew Dwyer Cartoonist: Chatfi eld Story Deadline: Tues. noon ADMINISTRATION Business Development Director: Bryan Zemunik Receptionist: Julie Rainbow ADVERTISING Director: Natalie Hug Assistant to Director: Melanie Buljan Display Ad Rep: Simon Fasolo Real Estate: Natalie Hug Ad Copy Control: Susanne Ottosson Paola Fischer Production: Matthew Eeles, Nibha Mehra, Fernanda Herrmann, Helena Tay Trades & Services: Bryan Zemunik Classifieds: Julie Rainbow Ads Deadline: Tues. noon East Perth 8 North Perth 9 Perth 9 Mt Hawthorn 4 Page 4 The Perth Voice, Saturday May 26, 2012 Maylands 15 Maylands 14 Yokine 5 Yokine 8A If so and you would like to join the Perth Voice distribution team call Stephanie Stop the destruction DEAR Colin Barnett, please cancel the destruction of the historic Esplanade. Such misuse of Crown land, supposed to be for our descendants for ever, must not be allowed to go on. Also, if the Australian Rules football people, or the soccer people, want a stadium or oval, let them build one with their own money. It was part of public authorities duties to build playing fields when our colonial forefathers and mothers had children who needed healthy sports, but in these days of footballers earning more than Cabinet ministers, what on earth are you doing? John C Massam, Cobine Way, Greenwood Ungrateful women WE women of Oz are an ungrateful bunch. Do we give a thought to our political sisters in Canberra Julia, Penny, Jenny, Tanya, Nicola and the rest working their butts off to make life better for ourselves and our offspring? Not on your nanny. We are far too busy worrying about how much butt and boob exposure the fashion gurus dictate is hip and which part of our anatomy can accommodate the latest must-have tattoo. Do we thank them for their gallant efforts getting paid maternity leave and equal pay over the line on our behalf? Of course not. After catching up on the latest TV reality show of what s what in cooking and dieting, there is no time left for such matters. Get a grip ladies. The ultraconservative brethren have had a gutful of women ruling the roost (albeit for such a short time) and are desperate to snatch back power, by hook or by crook. Are we going to stand idly by and allow this to happen? Meanwhile, thank you Team Julia for the long, hard, thankless hours spent on Capital Hill battling the odds and the oddities to make our world a better place. Eileen Waldron Central Ave, Maylands Someone call an ambulance again! HEAVEN bless with sweet dreams all ambulance crews everywhere. I recently took a tumble in the bathroom. Avoided serious injury and broken bones. I was unable, however, to find my feet; but an ambulance crew driver and gracious lady paramedic quickly did so. Guess where? They were still attached to the bottom of my legs? Oh, memory. Speaking of those legs, mine came over all wobbly again when I later received from St John Ambulance a blatant demand for $411. Blatant because, regardless of who foots the bills, it lacks the courtesy of a breakdown explanation for this, er, well, surprising amount. For some of us there s potential in this to bring on greater distress than the original mishap. Ron Willis First Ave, Mt Lawley Council House birthday not worthy OUCH. So unlike the Lord Mayor of Perth, who has gained legions of supporters here and overseas since Lisa Scaffidi s equating 50 years of a local council s varying standard of service with a newspaper s sweat-and-blood offerings over a century (Voice, May 19, 2012) will have journalists, particularly the old hands, wincing. C mon, Lisa. Why the council s responsibility to celebrate? There needs be more worthy milestones to justify another PCC knees-up at ratepayers expense. Vera Shaw Mills Beaufort St, Perth WE love letters. Get that issue off your chest and into Voice Mail! Keep it short and remember your name and address and a phone number so we can call you if need be. Letters requesting anonymity go to the bottom. ACCOUNTS Director: Christine Smith Assistants: Janelle Tester, Molly Brown DISTRIBUTION Manager: Marie King Assistants: Stephanie Campbell, Dave D Anger, Sandy Brooks & many locals! WEBSITE Matthew Eeles, Stephen Pollock Where do we go? We re delivered to letterboxes on Fridays and Saturdays throughout: Coolbinia Dianella* East Perth Glendalough Highgate Inglewood Leederville Maylands* Menora Mt Hawthorn Mt Lawley Northbridge North Perth Perth West Perth Yokine* PLUS: We deliver to key drop-points in Bayswater and Perth CBD Total Voice circulation: 45,466 SEPT 10 ACN: The Voice is part of the independent and WA-owned Herald Newspaper Group, which also publishes the: 19,500 papers (approx.) 31,000 papers (approx.) Applecross to Bicton 24,900 papers (approx.) Leeming to Kardinya 16,600 papers (approx.) Total Herald circulation: 92,536 SEPT 10 ACN: Total combined Voice & Herald circulation: 138,926 *Fortnighty Distribution

5 Minister a small bar smoothie by DAVID BELL TERRY WALDRON has hinted at a thaw in WA s strict liquor licensing laws, with easier access to small bar licences potentially on the way. The WA racing, gaming and liquor minister fronted the Small Bar Association on Monday to tell members a rules review was pegged for late Small bar owners like David Durack from Helvetica are tired of being lumped in with big problem venues. Despite having had zero problems with drunks or yobs an application to remain open post-midnight took 18 months to approve. Mr Waldron says the current rules aren t bad, with 85 applications processed since the small bar category was created in I m always hearing about how we re always rejecting all these small bars, but since it s inception there s only been five refused, he says. Small bar owners say the red tape, expense and time are major bug-bears. A series of off-the-record conversations between the Voice and nervous applicants reveals many feel they re walking on egg shells, and finding the process confusing and overlybureaucratic. The tentative ideas for the review include: making it easier for small bars to pass a public interest assessment test, as they re not as troublesome as big high impact venues; increasing maximum occupancy from 120 to 150; dropping the three-year cooling off period between rejection and re-application. Mr Waldron says he supports small bars and wants to make the process easier for start-ups. I think they ve been very successful. I think they ve been welcomed by the public so I m a supporter. The association greeted his comments with cautious optimism STATE BUDGET WESTERN AUSTRALIA State Budget Western Australia Advertisement The Liberal State Government s clear plan for WA Electric dreams by DAVID BELL ELECTRIC cars may soon replace the gas-guzzlers in Vincent city council s fl eet. Technical services chief Rick Lotznicker was like a kid with a new toy when he enthusiastically showed off a test model he s been driving around this week. He took the Voice and mayor Alannah MacTiernan for a ride showing how the light-weight car could zip up to high speeds with ease (and with practically no noise). It costs $2.80 to recharge the battery and that ll last about 120km. The cheaper end of petrol cars cost about $10 to cover the same distance. Mr Lotznicker s so impressed with the plug-in cars he s looking at buying more of the $38,000 vehicles to gradually replace the existing council fl eet. Ms MacTiernan says the cars are better for the environment and this is about walking the talk in reducing the council s carbon footprint. When the cars first came out she says a lot of her male friends reckoned they were sissy-mobiles, but they ve been proven wrong by the respectable performance. A lot of blokes have a real prejudice against this technology, she says. I wanted to put some of the male drivers into re-education camps, because they said these Vincent mayor Alannah MacTiernan gets friendly with a funky new electric car belonging to council technical services chief Rick Lotznicker. Photo by David Bell they said these things can t pull the skin off a custard, but they re wrong! Alannah MacTiernan things can t pull the skin off a custard, but they re wrong! The council has also recently installed a couple of electric car charge points at Beaufort Street carpark (near Barlee Street) and the Avenue car park, an initiative of former councillor Sally Lake. Mr Lotznicker says usage of the charge points has been low, but the council wants to set a good example. Ms Lake previously said it was a chicken and egg scenario: if you don t have the charge points, no one will buy the cars. If you have an electric vehicle you can pick up an access card from the council to use the charge points. Families Packages to help those most in need will include; A Cost Of Living Assistance (COLA) payment, worth $200 per year. $971 million will fund affordable housing. $11.7 million for the Hardship Utilities Grants Scheme (HUGS). Health $22 million for the Royal Perth Hospital. $228.3 million for the new children s hospital. $58.5 million for 100 new child and school nurses. Seniors $8.5 million for the Seniors Cost of Living Rebate. The Seniors Safety and Security Rebate will be extended. Michael Sutherland MLA Your State Member for Mount Lawley Education $4.1 billion on the public education system including $265 million for the upgrade of 29 schools to accommodate year 7 students. Transport $162 million for 15 new three-car trains seating 8,400 passengers. $183.4 million for the Perth City Link project. $35 million for the Graham Farmer and Mitchell Freeways. $6.2 million for rail station upgrades, including the Midland line. Small Business $135 million for payroll tax rebates for small businesses. Transforming Perth $375 million for the Perth Stadium. $167 million for the Perth Waterfront project. $85.1 million for the NIB stadium. $70 million for the new Museum. $25 million for SciTech. Suite 2, 58 Walcott St, Mt Lawley 6050 Phone: WESTERN AUSTRALIA Authorised by Michael Sutherland, Suite 2, 58 Walcott St, Mt Lawley Bankwest End of Financial Year Deal A $2,000 saving every year, on the house! Bankwest Premium Select Home Loan gives you a lifetime discount of 0.85% p.a. off our standard variable rate for borrowings up to 75% of property value. That s a saving of $2,000 every year. New borrowings only. Minimum $200,000. Plus receive a 2 for 1 Movie Pass valued up to $900* with pre-approval on your Bankwest home loan! 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Cardholders are required to purchase one Movie Voucher at $18 (+$2.50 admin fee) from Offer is valid for repeat use for 12 consecutive months from date of activation. Card must be activated by 31/07/2012. Final date to purchase is 31/07/ for 1 Movie Offer: Promoter of this offer is Bankwest. Conditions apply regarding use of the Movie Pass including the number of vouchers that can be purchased per day, the participating cinemas and the online redemption process. Only customers who complete a pre-approval in a Bankwest store will be eligible for the Movie Pass. While stocks last. Full terms and conditions are available at BWN5227-VN-10x The Perth Voice, Saturday May 26, Page 5

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Council rubs out home massage attempt by STEPHEN POLLOCK A BAYSWATER woman has been denied permission to conduct Chinese massage from her Whatley Crescent home after neighbours complained it was intended to be used as a brothel. While councillors rejected Zhi Mei Wu s application on technical grounds related to a lack of parking, Cr Graham Pittaway complained the decision was really based on certain perceptions and innuendos. Ms Wu has a massage certificate from China but no Australian accreditation for herself or two prospective employees. The business would have been open 9am to 9pm, seven days a week, and Ms Wu estimated she would have had around 10 customers a day. There were seven objections, four alleging the proposed home business is intended to be used as a brothel. We need to issue a deputation and bring the applicant into chambers and talk with them, Cr Pittaway said. Otherwise we are basing our decision on peoples perceptions not on what their real intentions maybe. But his plea fell on dear ears and the council voted to refuse the application. No Chinese massage allowed here. Photo by Jeremy Dixon Compulsory vote call by DAVID BELL BRING on compulsory voting at local government elections, Vincent mayor Alannah MacTiernan reckons. She has the support of most of the Vincent council, but is facing stiff opposition from the WA local government association. Ms MacTiernan says compulsory voting will encourage people to engage with local government and get the state and federal levels to take councils seriously. The other tiers of government dismiss us by saying two-fourths of bugger all came out to vote in your community, Ms MacTiernan told colleagues at this week s meeting. She says there s an unfounded fear that compulsory voting will lead to political parties taking over. She says that kind of thinking that rusted-on party voters will blindly vote for a party-endorsed candidate is outdated. It s based on a notion that is diminishing in time... I don t think [parties] will dominate the way you think. I do think it s about getting more people engaged, and getting more credibility for local government. Cr Matt Buckels quietly pointed out it wasn t like councils were free of party politics now. Voluntary voting never hurt the ALP at Vincent, he chuckled, referring to a slew of Labor mayors including Jack Marks, John Hyde, Nick Catania and now Ms MacTiernan. WA local government minister John Castrilli is a former Bunbury mayor and Mt Lawley Liberal MP Michael Sutherland a former deputy lord mayor of Perth. Cr Buckels said it s not like Vincent has had a history of Liberal tyrants. Am I being quoted? he asked, turning to the press table. The council will tell the WA government it wants compulsory voting introduced. Escape the Hustle and Bustle of the City Give your business some extra juice! Under an hour from Perth! 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Additional editions at $660 gst included. To book your package today or for more information Phone FREMANTLE The Perth

7 Shaken but undeterred by DAVID BELL MOIRA MARTIN was caught unawares when two hoodlums attempted to steal her bag at Morley Galleria a few weeks back. In the ensuing struggle the Mount Lawley resident suffered a broken rib and ended up in hospital. I think a lot of my confidence went, the 60-year-old told the Voice. It s had more of a mental effect and certainly it knocked me about. I was a bit wary of going into the Galleria again. In between campaigning to get back into parliament, Bob Kucera heads up the WA Council on the Ageing. The former copper puts out a free pamphlet advising how seniors can keep safe. Tangled One of his key recommendations is to carry a bag in the hand instead of over the shoulder where it can get tangled if grabbed. If they grab them you will be pulled over and may be badly injured, he says. Mr Kucera says seniors shouldn t play the hero, even if their instinct is to fight back. Ms Martin, a keen fencer, says she ll have to give swordplay a miss while she recovers. I probably won t be going back to fencing this winter, she says. That s one effect of it. I m not going to risk my arm. The keen traveller says she only ever has trouble when home in Perth. I ve done a lot of travelling on my own in some weird and wonderful places around the world, and this is only the second time I ve been hit. Egypt, Jordan, Greece, I worked through America from Hawaii to New York and I was never attacked like this. But that s twice in Perth. WHAT S NEW Moira Martin says she s been assaulted twice in Perth but never during travels to places like Egypt, Jordan, Greece and the US. Photo by Matthew Dwyer Kinesiology Awaken your old self! Buy 2 get one FREE! Vicki Rodgers / Emotional balances Pain management Learning Confi dence UWA School of Music presents Chamber! Two Experience a musical masterpiece in the intimate acoustics of Callaway Music Auditorium: Quartet for the End of Time Olivier Messiaen s ethereally stunning twentiethcentury masterpiece first premiered in 1941 to an audience of Messiaen s fellow prisoners of war at the Stalag VIII-A prisoner-of-war camp in Görlitz, Germany. On this viciously cold night hundreds were offered hope. Celebrated national artists, Graeme Gilling (piano), Ashley Smith (clarinet), Semra Lee (violin) and Jon Tooby (cello) combine their considerable musical weight for this extraordinary piece of music. Date: Time: Venue: Web: Wednesday 6 June 7.30pm Callaway Music Auditorium, UWA Book through BOCS:; A VOICE PROMOTIONAL FEATURE GRAND OPENING CAMPAIGN CUSTOMISED CAR LEATHER AT A PRICE YOU CAN AFFORD. GET ready to add luxury and personality to your car, with customised leather seats and trim at a price you can afford. Robson Leather is absolutely massive across Asia - it s retrimmed more than 10,000 sets of seats in Japan alone - and it s now chosen Booragoon as its Australian launching pad. We re making customised leather seats affordable, says Robson Leather partner Arull Maniam. Our master craftsmen employ a mix of traditional skills and state-of-the-art technology to provide a fi nish that till now has been available only on expensive, top-of-themarket vehicles. As a guide, we can fi t front and back seats and door trim in premium 100% leather in a standard sedan for around $2500. For about 20% more we ll fi t nappa grade, the supersoft leather they use in Lexus and Mercedes S Class. For 30% more you can get alcantara grade, a unique fabric designed in Japan in the 70s that offers a suede appearance. Durable and stain-resistant, alcantara is very popular on top-range sports models like Lamborghini and Ferrari. Arull and his partner Kaz Takazawa say any car can be customised, from family cars looking for a bit of pizzazz to high-end sports beasts and luxury marques. Heated seat options are also available. Because we re fully customisable you don t have to be stuck with the limited choice you get at the dealership, Arull says. We have a wide variety of colours, leather grades and textures, allowing you to be as fancy bold, subtle or conservative as you want. At last, your car can reflect who you are, whether you drive a Hyundai or an Audi. And we can even stitch in logos to add more personality. Arull says leather seats and trim are much more common across Europe and Asia and he thinks WA motorists are perfectly poised to expect more, not less, from their cars. We love our cars here, he says. Customising leather seats is an affordable way to add some real pow! factor. And you know what, leather just makes your car smell amazing. Robson Leather opens in Booragoon on June 1. Call Arull Maniam today on to make enquiries about being amongst the fi rst in Perth to experience affordable, customised automobile luxury. Re-trimming in Robson Leather limited to the fi rst 50 customers Heated Seats $550 extra Choice of leather colours Choice of two types of perforations Any make, model, new or used cars *Campaign runs till 30 June 2012 WAS $2500 NOW $1750 SAVE $750 CONTACT US NOW The Perth Voice, Saturday May 26, Page 7

8 Perth CEO calls it a day by DAVID BELL PERTH city council CEO Frank Edwards is retiring and the council will spend $50,000 looking for his replacement. After 10 years in the job he s decided it s time for new leadership. Mr Edwards declined a formal interview for now (saying he d rather reminisce when he actually leaves in September) but we did catch up in the elevator, where he confided he s planning to move to his home in Margaret River and contemplate the next stage of my life. Long-held visions In a written media statement Mr Edwards said his time at the helm, has been an exciting 10 years that has seen the City grow and develop, along with the realisation of several long-held visions for the city, such as the City Link and Waterfront projects. The PCC will pay a recruitment firm about $50,000 to search Australia-wide for a new CEO. The advertised remuneration package is $327,034 per year, (about the same as premier Colin Barnett). Mr Edwards graduated from Frank Edwards retiring. Duntroon and rose through the ranks to colonel, serving at posts in Australia, the US and Papua New Guinea. He entered local government as CEO of the Town of Kwinana, before taking up the Perth city council post in April He continued to serve in the Reserves until December 2003, retiring at the Mr Edwards graduated from Duntroon and rose through the ranks to colonel, serving at posts in Australia, the US and Papua New Guinea. rank of Brigadier (some about town still surreptitiously refer to him as the Brigadier ). A stickler for discipline and appearances, Mr Edwards has occasionally taken aim at the Voice s casual style of dress at council meetings, and on one occasion attempted to evict us from the dining room for wearing jeans (lord mayor Lisa Scaffidi took a vote and it was decided this scruffy reporter could stay). Killer dogs on the loose by DAVID BELL TWO dogs that mortally mauled a westie maltese at Banks Reserve in East Perth three weeks ago remain at large. The small dog, Mr Moo, had been out for a walk May 3 with his owner when two big pitbulls savaged him so badly he required euthanising. Distraught owner Stewart confronted the pitbulls owner, who callously remarked, you should have got a bigger dog. Vincent council started snooping around to track the man and his dogs and had narrowed the search to an owner of two American staffordshire terriers on Zebina Street. But Stewart says they re the wrong dogs. Tasted blood I am concerned that there are two American pitbull terriers who have attacked and tasted blood still within the community who pose a potential risk, dog-loving council CEO John Giorgi said in a media statement this week. I appeal to anyone with information about this case, or the owner of the responsible pitbull terriers to come forward and cooperate with the city s rangers so we can take measures to prevent this tragic incident from occurring again. The council has no other leads and will now scale back its search. Stewart says it s like someone walking around with two loaded guns in his pockets. If you know anything about two aggressive pitbulls living near Joel Terrace or the Banks Reserve area, call the rangers on Next time it could be a child. Page 8 The Perth Voice, Saturday May 26, 2012 Challenger Institute part-time beauty courses Challenger Institute of Technology has the following part-time beauty courses on offer at our Fremantle or Peel Campuses. These industry-relevant courses are run by our highly qualified lecturers in a hands-on and dynamic training environment. Prerequisites may apply. * Courses Include: Waxing and Tinting (10 week course) Certificate II in Nail Technology (14 week course) Certificate II in Retail, Makeup and Skincare (12 week course) Reflexology - The Complete Sequence* (16 week course) Spray Tanning Workshop (3 hour workshop) Hairdressing Refresher* (6 week course) Men s Cutting* (4 week course) Aromatherapy - Blending and Massage* (16 week course) INTERESTED? Call now on for course dates or to enrol, or CTA4312/May 12

9 by DAVID BELL VINCENT city council has voted to pour $107,000 into a conservation revamp of Anzac Cottage in Mount Hawthorn. The Kalgoorlie Street cottage was built during the Great War as a memorial with a difference: to serve as a home for a returned serviceman. Anne Chapple s grandfather lived there and in her history of the house she writes one small group in Perth, inspired by the brave men of Gallipoli, was determined to make some sort of gesture in honour of their fellow countrymen, and to commemorate the Gallipoli landing. The plan faced difficulties: Money was scarce in those days, and many of the able-bodied men were off fighting. But on February 12, 1916, a swarm of 4000 onlookers watched as 200 labourers erected the cottage, almost completing the exterior in a single day. The house was to go to a returned soldier, Ms Chapple says. And this honour was given to my grandfather, Cuthbert John Porter. The reasons for this choice are not entirely clear, but it seems from the relevant newspaper articles that he was chosen because he was one of the first wounded soldiers to return from Gallipoli and to live in the area. A newspaper of the time, The Westralian Worker (which John Curtin was to later edit) described it thus: A few months ago the whole world was thrilled by what was described as the greatest feat of arms in the annals of warfare the landing of the Australians at Gaba Tepe. One of those heroes who covered our young nation with imperishable glory on that occasion has come to live at Mount Hawthorn... Ms Chapple recalls, my grandfather faithfully raised the Anzac fl ag every Anzac Day at 4am and Remembrance Day until his death in In the 1980s the house was the subject of a legal battle, but was saved from the wreckers ball and is still used as a memorial. The Friends of Anzac Cottage now open the place to the public, with New lease of life for Anzac Cottage Anne Chapple at Anzac House. Photo by Jeremy Dixon hundreds turning up every time. Over the years its condition has deteriorated. Ms Chapple says the extra cash will help the Friends expand its displays and tell the full inspirational story of the cottage, including a little-known history where in a refl ection of the original construction, a group of Vietnam Veterans came together and undertook renovations after years of neglect. The Friends are hoping the upgrades will be complete for the centenary of Anzac Cottage in KEEP FIT & EARN MONEY Earn $100 to $300/wk for 8 14 hrs. Delivering & collecting catalogues. Immediate Start. No Outlay. Call Working hard. Working smart. Getting things done. Problems with drugs or alcohol Help IS available. Treatment works. Find out more at John Hyde Your local MLA Member for Perth 446 William Street, Perth WA 6000 Ph: Authorised by Simon Mead, 79 Stirling Street Perth WA 6000 AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL COUNCIL ON DRUGS New advertisers Get 2 ads free when you book 6 ads in the Voice Trades Services. Mt Lawley Helen Bond Di Pitchford by STEPHEN POLLOCK BAYSWATER city council has approved an increase in student numbers for St Columba s primary school. Voice The Perth Michael N o 708 Saturday January 7, 2012 Phone EAST The approval which went against staff advice for rejection means the Catholic school can now double stream and secure a $3 million federal grant. Staff recommended the council block the expansion, citing the impact of increased traf c on surrounding streets. At a special council meeting held in late December, councillors narrowly voted (5/3) that the school be allowed to increase student numbers from 240 to 490. The school has agreed to provide extra parking, including six bays on Almondbury Street, 17 bays on Milne Street and 35 bays on-site. Cr Marlene Robinson, who voted against the expansion, Donna Faragher MLC for East Metropolitan Region Sutherland MLA for Mount Lawley St Columba s wins expansion Rorts tabled a letter from Alison and Geoff Ruhen of Leake Street, opposing the expansion. Principal Greg Martin says the Roberts Street school spent $12,000 on an independent report to address traf c issues. Dining...but when you spend your hard earned money somewhere for dinner, don t you expect it to be made there? Sadly, to cut the high cost of labour, many restaurateurs are opting to bring in manufactured food for reheating or assembly. These benefi t the restaurant by cutting waste, and require less labour and skill. This is especially prevalent in the takeaway industry, which consist mainly of food assemblers that use factory made processed food products that were designed for maximum shelf life, and maximum profi t. Stones Pizza is not a franchise whose toppings are shipped in from the company factory. They make nearly everything onsite fresh themselves, with the best fresh ingredients. Behind the scenes are qualifi ed chefs that create balanced healthy A VOICE PROMOTIONAL FEATURE You probably wouldn t buy a homemade car... meals that are served on an organic pizza base. Nearly every pizzeria promises a better, fresher, healthier pizza, but Stones Pizza truly delivers a real unprocessed meal, and they re not afraid to show you how they do it! At they have many videos showing behind the scenes how they prepare many of the fresh ingredients that end up topping their award winning pizza. Stones Pizzas are not assembled by kids, but are handcrafted by trained professionals who are passionate about real food. Handcrafted is always better than manufactured. Wherever you go, feed you and your family well. Demand homemade. Stones Pizza Phone Fitzgerald Street, North Perth Be seen in over 46,000 newspapers every week. Contact the Perth Voice today on or The Perth Voice, Saturday May 26, Page 9

10 MOUNT LAWLEY TOP SALESPERSON APRIL 2012 ACTON MOUNT LAWLEY RECENT SALES SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD 91 Holmfirth Street, COOLBINIA 8 Warralong Crescent, COOLBINIA 42 Meenaar Crescent, COOLBINIA 369 Walcott Street, COOLBINIA SOLD SOLD SOLD 2 Robin Street, MENORA 61 Fourth Avenue, MOUNT LAWLEY 2 South View Road, MOUNT LAWLEY FOR SALE There has never been a more opportune time to secure your position in this sought after suburb. 36 MEENAAR CRESCENT, COOLBINIA 30 CARNARVON CRESCENT, COOLBINIA 15 CARNARVON CRESCENT COOLBINIA 10m 20m 17m N 53m 52m 884sqm 51m 50m 1048sqm 50m 835sqm 50m 19m A PERFECT SPOT $919,000 - $949,000 orientation 22m JEWEL IN THE CROWN $1,400,000 - $1,450,000 17m A CANVAS ON CARNARVON $939, INTERNET ID# INTERNET ID# 20 INTERNET ID# I have genuine buyers looking to purchase property NOW in Coolbinia, Menora & surrounds. No obligation market opinions, my pleasure. Please call for a confidential chat. JODY MISSELL ACTON MOUNT LAWLEY 2/678 BEAUFORT ST MOUNT LAWLEY PH: (08) Page 10 The Perth Voice, Saturday May 26, 2012

11 MOUNT LAWLEY INGLEWOOD $1,595, INGLETON LANE DIANELLA FROM $879,000 9 ARCADIA PLACE INNER CITY FLAIR - SECURE LOCK UP AND LEAVE This fabulous, newly created, stylish home is dripping with many modern design features and represents a unique opportunity to reside in a truly central location. Ideal for the extended family, this stylish, brand new, 3 level home boasts 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms 2 lounges, 2 dining areas and 2 kitchens as well as 2 laundries. Live on the first and second levels, content in the knowledge that your parents have their own complete home, which is totally separate, just one floor below. Just moments from the café strip INTERNET ID# HOME OPEN: SAT 26TH MAY WARM, INVITING & SPACIOUS Beautiful 4 bedroom family home situated in a quiet cul-de-sac in Dianella. This home is ready to move in, featuring neutral tones throughout, ducted vac, reverse cycle air conditioning, spacious kitchen finished in American Oak, Miele dishwasher, plenty of storage, 2 bathrooms (3 WC s), parking for 6 cars and a cubby house for the kids. There is a bar in the theatre room for entertaining your guests which leads outside to the barbeque area. The garden is low maintenance and all this is sitting on a big 804 sqm block HOME OPEN: SUN 27TH MAY TOBY BALDWIN MOUNT LAWLEY FROM $949, VENN STREET MERVYN MISSELL TEAM INGLEWOOD FROM $749,000 4/127 NINTH AVENUE A REAL STUNNER THAT WILL CAPTURE YOUR HEART We warn you well in advance that if you view this house, it will be very hard to resist. It really is very special. Just a glimpse of the gorgeous 1920 s tuck pointed façade through the white painted picket fence is tempting enough but once you walk through the classical formal garden and on to the wide verandah, with its magnificent lead light front door, this truly Romantic home, will have you hooked. The total restoration is inspired by the existing period features and has been extended and embellished to create the amazing home it is now INTERNET ID# HOME OPEN: SAT 26TH MAY SPACIOUS AND CHARMING FEDERATION STYLE HOME This spacious 4bedroom three storey federation style townhouse is in a small quiet group of 4, and is located close to trendy Beaufort Street cafes and shops with direct access to Perth CBD 6km away, and an easy stroll to Maylands train station INTERNET ID# HOME OPEN: BY APPOINTMENT DONNA BUCKOVSKA CLINTON EDWARDS COOLBINIA $1,400,000 - $1,450, CARNARVON CRESCENT ALMOST SOLD OUT!!! VACANT LAND JEWEL IN THE CROWN Location location A perfect 1048sqm block on the premium street in Coolbinia with a 22m frontage and CITY VIEWS. Cleared and ready to build. What else are you looking for? 1048sqm INTERNET ID# THE CARLOS LEHN TEAM HAS 8 PROPERTIES UNDER OFFER FOR THE MONTH OF MAY! THINKING OF SELLING? THINK THE CARLOS LEHN TEAM HELPING PEOPLE MOVE JODY MISSELL CARLOS LEHN ACTON MOUNT LAWLEY 678 BEAUFORT STREET, MOUNT LAWLEY PH: (08) The Perth Voice, Saturday May 26, Page 11

12 voice estate Live the If you are serious about security DON T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT! high life Worried about keeping your home safe and secure while you re on holidays, at work or even in the house? The most important item in making your home safe from intruders is often overlooked when security is considered. Of course it s your meterbox! The meterbox is like the heart of your home - without power you have no lights, no cordless phone, no electricity and in some cases no security system Thieves can switch off your power at the meterbox just to see if you have an active alarm system. Don t rely on back-up batteries - they frequently fail because the use by date has been overlooked. Thieves would much rather go elsewhere than rob your home if the meterboxes are professionally locked up by the Meterbox Man. Locking your meterbox is recommended by the Police, Western Power, Alinta Gas, RAC and all insurance companies. So for peace of mind and a safer home call the Meterbox Man. Contact PETER LYNCH on Fax SECURITY Stop intruders from switching off your power and removing your fuses Police Lic Photo I.D. Hot Offers from Kleenheat Gas House, Morley Isn t there something you d rather be doing...? Got a rental? Trust it to the Property Management Experts. 970 current Landlords can t be wrong. Call Kate Curtis or Property Management Area Specialist for: Coolbinia - Dianella - Inglewood - Maylands Menora - Mount Lawley - Yokine Sapphire In-Built SAPN / SAPF1 Continuous Flow Get your gas heater serviced on site by our qualified gas fitters. Royale ETR Freestanding RFST05N *$ 150 CASH BACK Gas Storage Hot Water Continuous Flow K26N Terms and Conditions: This offer is only available at Kleenheat Gas House in Morley. Gas cylinders not included unless otherwise stated. All products require assembly and/or installation unless otherwise stated. Flue kits are not included unless otherwise stated. Pictures are for illustrative purposes only. All prices are inclusive of GST and are valid until 31 May 2012 or until stocks last. We reserve the right to restrict the purchase of commercial quantities. # An additional cost applies for an external power if required for the Rheem 12. *Rinnai Cash Back Offer: This Offer is promoted by Rinnai and only applies to the purchase and installation of participating products from the Rinnai INFINITY Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems, which must be purchased on or between 12:01AM 05/03/2012 to 11:59PM 29/04/2012. This Offer is limited to residential installations only and expressly excludes products designated for non-residential applications including but not limited to commercial or industrial building applications, projects or similar property developments; motels, hotels, caravans, mobile homes, nursing homes, retirement village complexes and other care institutions. Cash back is issued by Rinnai, includes GST, and is given as a EFTPOS Gift Card which will be mailed to the Claimant 2 weeks of Rinnai receiving, accepting and processing the completed form and proof of purchase. To redeem the Offer, the Claimant must complete an online redemption claim form at print it and send it to Rinnai together with a copy of the proof of purchase, model number and serial number of the Participating Product purchased within the promotional period. All paperwork must be received by 5:30PM 27/05/2012. By making a claim, the Claimant agrees with the full terms and conditions of this Offer. For full terms and conditions ask in-store or see Morley Cnr Russell Street and Boag Road TRIGAS 2993 Page 12 The Perth Voice, Saturday May 26, 2012 e

13 ESTATE DAVID BELL WE RE 19 fl oors up and I can see all the way to Fremantle s cranes looming over the port. This generously broad two-bedroom, two-bathroom unit on Terrace Road takes full advantage of the amazing views of Perth s front lawn, the Swan River and South Perth, with full-length windows giving unmitigated sightlines in both the living room and main bedroom. The developers have gone for something a bit speccy, and there s a lot of room up here with raised ceilings, pretty spacious bedrooms and a big entertainer s balcony (I m already thinking of the logistics of hauling up a barbie). Fully furnished The chef s kitchen includes stainless steel appliances, built-in water filter, granite benchtops, glass splash backs, and an ice-making fridge plugged into the plumbing. It s worth noting the place is being sold fully furnished. This means it s a ready-to-go investment opportunity, and with rents as high as they are in WA you can see why this might pay off pretty quickly. It s been getting about $1300 rent per week. If you rent it out as short-term accommodation you d have less regular income but could get more per night, and it could make a handy holiday apartment. The complex itself has a few bells and whistles too: Two secure undercover car bays, a 21-metre heated pool, outdoor spa, gym and sauna, barbie area and a games room with a pool table. Any pool player knows it s almost impossible to find a home big enough to house a pool voice estate table (people always forget about the length needed for cues). Locationwise, well... too obvious. You re in walking distance of everything in the city, and five minutes from East Perth s classy Royal Street. 61/100 Terrace Road East Perth $879,000 Peter Wright real estate 88: Home open today, Saturday May 26, 3 4pm. 9,000 Full Colour DL Flyers $999 Incl. Print & Delivery Give Your Message a Helping Hand To discover the great benefits of delivering your flyers with the Perth Voice phone Natalie Hug LOCATION NEW PREMIUM QUALITY FINANCIAL LUXURY from YEAR $612,990 OPPORTUNITY COMPLETION OVER OCTOBER 50% 2012 Only SOLD 13 units left 378 BEAUFORT STREET, PERTH THE ART OF INNER CITY LIVING A rare and exciting opportunity awaits you as the stylish CIVIC SQUARE Apartments have now been released! CIVIC SQUARE Apartments are ideally situated at the historic Civic Theatre site on Beaufort St, converging on the borders of Perth and Highgate. On offer are spectacular skyline views of the city, leafy parklands, with the café, restaurant and shopping rich precinct of Mount Lawley and the Perth CBD at your doorstep. Architecturally, the CIVIC SQUARE Apartments have been exceptionally well conceived with functionality and versatility being the driving force of the building design. This stylish Development features 1 and 2 bedroom premium residential apartments with modern finishes and exceptional quality throughout. CIVIC SQUARE Apartments are truly a piece of art, with their unique offering of prime LOCATION, premium QUALITY and affordable PRICE - starting from $399,950 $534,900 CALL TODAY TO VIEW THE PLANS AND PRICE LIST Kim LIM T M E The Perth Voice, Saturday May 26, Page 13

14 A VOICE PROMOTIONAL FEATURE Classes starting Wed 6 June Keep fit & stay warm this winter! Feel your body come alive with the spicy rhythm of Salsa. No partner required. Experienced trained instructors. Beginners Advanced From pm From pm 8 WEEK COURSE $100 per person $170 per couple $20 per casual class Upstairs at Kulcha South Terrace Fremantle Ph: Bookings: Call Liliana: or acupuncture & naturopathy Anti-ageing Cosmetic Acupuncture : Naturopathic Skin Consults Specialised Microneedling : Acne Treatments : Facial Rejuvenation Opened in March 2010 Mi:skn is Perth s first specialised holistic skin Clinic. Our highly trained therapists combine Cosmetic Acupuncture and Skin Naturopathy to achieve lasting results in anti-ageing and skin conditions. Our areas of expertise include facial rejuvenation acupuncture, specialised microneedling and holistic treatments for adult acne. We believe that great skin is a reflection of a healthy body! 307 Lord Street Highgate WA 6003 : Phone : Loftus Community Centre s Little Tackers Market Sausage Sizzle Highchairs, Furniture, Prams, Bikes, Car seats Monday 4 th June From 9am - 12pm Clothes, Shoes, Books & DVD s Loftus Community Centre 99 Loftus St, Leederville Ph: Kids Corner Buy and sell quality, gently used children's gear Call to book your table now! From $40- $45 Gold Coin Entry Toys Proudly supported by: Embrace your passion for food at Maurizio LET your passion for Italian food lead you to Maurizio Restaurant & Events Catering. Tucked away on Fitzgerald Street, Maurizio and his dedicated team await another busy night. Established 11 years ago, Maurizio Restaurant has grown from strength to strength, cementing itself on Perth s culinary stage. Maurizio s reputation has been earned by providing mouth-watering Italian cuisine, traditional yet contemporary, with an exceptional standard of service in stylish, elegant surrounds. As an award winner of the prestigious Ospitalita Italiana and an Honouree from the Restaurant and Catering Industry Association of WA, you know you are in good hands. Maurizio is famous for being a walking talking menu with his fortnightly Il Giro D Italia dinners that run throughout the year. Il Giro D Italia gives Maurizio Restaurant an Little Tackers market is on again! IT S on again! The annual Little Tackers Family Market at Loftus Community Centre. Buy and sell quality used children s clothes, furniture, prams, bikes, toys, books, shoes and other items. Some tables remain for sellers ($40 for members and $45 for non-members) while buyers can just head along on the day to snap up some pre-loved bargains. There s a kids supervision/activity corner (so you can shop all by yourself bliss!), sausage sizzle (proudly supported by Aussie Farmers Direct), coffee van by Cappuccino Xpress and entertainment provided by Catch Music. Monday June 4, 2012, 9am noon. Plenty of parking. Gold coin donation. Loftus Community Centre, 99 Loftus Street Leederville Phone entirely new dimension and diners experience something truly different: A culinary tour through Italy of degustation menus with entertainment, and regional wines available. Il Giro D Italia simply must go on your list of things to do before you die it is an experience to be remembered forever. But whether you experience be a la carte, relaxing in the M Lounge, or enjoying your own special event, Maurizio and his team make it one to savour for many years to come. From the most intimate of gatherings to lavish celebrations, Maurizio Restaurant & Events Catering provides everlasting memories. Call Maurizio Restaurant on or visit Maurizio Restaurant 235 Fitzgerald St, Perth Phone Skin Needling Skin Needling (Dermaroller) Treatments have become increasingly popular as an alternative to IPL, skin peels and dermabrasion. At Mi:skn Clinic we combine our holistic training and the proven Medik8 Skin Needling protocol to ensure safe and pain free skin treatments and long lasting results. Skin Needling stimulates collagen and elastin production and improves circulation to the face. It works effectively to plump the skin, reduce fi ne lines, improve acne scarring and reduce discolouration or pigmentation. Skin will improve after your fi rst session and continue to improve for weeks after as the skin naturally renews itself. We recommend a minimum of three treatments once every six weeks, combined with a personalised skincare and natural medicine protocol. Mi:skn 307 Lord St, Highgate Phone Creating everlasting memories... Book now and join us for a Roman Banquet 29 June 27 July 2012 every Friday. Il Giro D Italia continues: 16 June Sicilia, 30 June Basilicata $45 Lunch Tuesday Friday Dinner Tuesday Saturday Catering Monday Sunday M Lounge Tuesday Saturday Maurizio Restaurant & Events Catering 235 Fitzgerald St, Perth GRANNY FLATS From $58,710 environmental housing energy effi cient design completed in 4 weeks suit most blocks 1 & 2 Bedrooms Available BONUS RETRAVISION ELECTRICAL PACKAGE Call us today Page 14 The Perth Voice, Saturday May 26, 2012

15 voice food HOTEL The Oxford s Annual Wine, Food & Beer Festival Our annual Wine, Food and Beer Festival is here again. $40 includes tasting of wines, premium beers and cocktail style food throughout the day, plus a complimentary souvenir wine glass. Travel the Globe Tickets can be purchased at the bar or by calling the hotel. Tickets are selling fast MEDIOCRE Italian restaurants are tena-penny. They clog the streets like congealed gnocchi. But good ones are worth seeking out, so the Voice decided to visit Globe Coffee House/ Trattoria. Opposite Astor Arcade in Beaufort Street, Globe occupies a prime spot in the retail heart of Mt Lawley. The dining area is a cosy annex: Crammed with dark wainscoting, shrubs and an overhanging canopy. Even though you are only a spaghetti strand from Beaufort Street, you feel insulated from the bustling trucks and busses. The lunch menu is a mix of panini, pasta, burgers and salads. BY OPENING THE DOOR TO US, YOU RE HELPING US OPEN THE DOOR TO OTHERS. To donate by credit card, call 13 SALVOS ( ) or visit RED SHIELD APPEAL FOOD STEPHEN POLLOCK An all-day breakfast menu is also available. I went for the calamari salad ($21.50), while er indoors ordered bacon and egg quiche ($15). The ordering system is akin to a bar, where you shuffl e to the counter and pay upfront. The waitress was punctual and it wasn t long before I was slurping down a refreshing granita ($6): a slurry of ice and sharp lemon. My squid quickly followed and was arranged in neat concentric circles on a bed of lettuce. Be Delicious Be Thailicious The Modern Thai Cuisine LUNCH SPECIAL FROM $ (Tues Sun) For a brief moment it reminded me of a famous Kandinsky painting debased in poster shops around the world: transforming genius into coffee table kitsch. The squid was tender and tasted as fresh as a nun s cassock, while the batter was negligible and didn t require an axe to cut. The accompanying salad was token and paltry: Italian lettuce and some sliced tomatoes drizzled in balsamic vinegar. An anticlimax given the price tag. But the dipping sauce had a mild, peppery heat which elevated the dish to a B+. Meanwhile, the good lady was wading through her quiche: a prodigious slab of egg and bacon. She praised the dainty pastry and fl uffy filling, which mingled in the pit of her mouth. It s very light and has a nice spongy texture, she said, as her knife clattered off the bottom of the plate. The quiche was piping hot, an added bonus, as cafes tend to specialise in serving lukewarm incarnations. Globe has an intimate feel and mimics an Italian trattoria. The mains were tasty but the side salads could do with a fillip. A good shout for a cosy lunch in Mt Lawley. Globe Coffee House/ Trattoria 672 Beaufort St, Mt Lawley SPECIAL WINTER SEASON Get 10% discount for Dinner (food only) Does not include Home Delivery Orders Function & Party Bookings Welcome Fully Licensed (BYO Wine Only) Dine in Take away Home Delivery Open 7 days Mon /160 James Street, Northbridge Booking Facebook = Perth Thailicious Looking for somewhere to go this Winter? Then come in and relax in our fully enclosed, fully heated Beer Garden Open from 12pm to late 7 days a week 368 Oxford St Leederville, Stocktake Sale Specials Assorted Bras Assorted Knickers Assorted Summer Nighties & Gowns 25% off Berlei Intuitive Fit Bras in black & beige See in-store for more Katherine s Corsetry, Lingerie & Sleepwear Shop 4 Morley Markets Walter Rd/Russell St, Morley Now $5 - $25 Now $5 - $10 Now $20 - $40 The Perth Voice, Saturday May 26, Page 15 e

16 advertising opportunities in your voice voice arts DINING An affordable restaurant feature designed to entice thousands of Voice readers to taste your fare. Book single or multiple panels. Free feature article in one week of your campaign* *Conditions apply Orchestra creates digital conductor No Daisy for Decibel WHO? WHAT? WHERE? Let Voice readers know more about your business. A great reference guide for weekend planning. Book 3 ads and receive a free feature article in one week of your campaign* *Conditions apply HEALTH & BEAUTY Health, fashion and beauty. Highlight your services and products now in the lead up to summer. Book single or multiple panels. Free feature article in one week of your campaign* *Conditions apply WHAT would have happened if HAL from Stanley Kubrick s 2001 A Space Odyssey had been in charge of an orchestra, instead of a spacecraft? Would he have locked the brass section in tuba cases and jettisoned them into deep space? Six WAAPA music teachers decided to find out and created a digital conductor to lead their ensemble, Decibel. The computer-brain controls tempo, musical score, drum loops and pre-processing. The result is the penumbra between classical music and avant grade electronica. Decibel s Lindsay Vickery, who lectures in composition and music technology at WAAPA, says the group wanted to approach classical music from a unique angle. We wanted to freshen things up and change the way in which our instruments are played and the music is presented, he says. Decibel ditched traditional music notation in favour of semiotics: Shapes, maps and colours scroll by on a laptop, instructing musos what to play. Some scores have a predictable pattern, while others are more random, Vickery says. It gives the music a more fl uid quality, where we can explore sounds and textures. The score doubles as a visual backdrop and is beamed onto a screen overhanging the ensemble. ARTS STEPHEN POLLOCK The computerbrain controls tempo, musical score, drum loops and preprocessing Many musicians with perfect pitch claim to see notes and keys in terms of colours, while synesthetes interpret letters and numbers as colours. Decibel will showcase pieces by contemporary Aussie composers Joe Stawarz and Anthony Pateras in their upcoming Perth show. The sextet is inspired by modern composer Philip Glass (who pioneered a minimalist sound) and ambient artist Brian Eno. In one of our first concerts we played Brian Eno s Music for Airports [a seminal ambient album], Vickery says. We recreated the original performance using huge analog machines, looping tape across the stage. We are open to all new music and our latest concert will feature a piece written by indie artist Amber Fresh. The ensemble, formed in 2009, includes a bass fl ute, bass clarinet, viola and an electric guitar. After three years of performing a computer-driven live show, Vickery says they have managed to eradicate most technical gremlins. I would like to describe the on-stage computer system as robust, he laughs. There s still the odd blip, but no rebooting! Sounds like HAL 9000 is still enjoying the music, but how long before he utters the words, I m sorry Lindsay, I m afraid I can t do that. Decibel s Small Things is on at the Studio Underground (State Theatre Centre) on May 28. NEW MENU? Publish Your Menu - 40cmx11cm Special Rate $550 10,000 Flyers Printed & Delivered - Special Rate From $992 Book four panels in Dining - Get a Free Story For more info or WALK YOUR WAY TO FITNESS earn extra pocket money save for your next holiday we have small and large areas availible if you re interested in joining the voice distribution team call stephanie today on Page 16 The Perth Voice, Saturday May 26, 2012

17 NOTICEBOARD WHAT S ON CLASSES ACTIVITIES SPIRITUAL SERVICES SUPPORT GROUPS ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS meets at R.P.H. at pm Monday all welcome ARE YOU CONCERNED ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH REFORM? Mental Health Matters 2 (MHM2) is a community action and advocacy group formed in February The membership is unique as it comprises people with a lived experience of mental illhealth, their families and supporters as well as individuals who provide services to people with mental ill-health in public, private and community-managed organisations. The group particularly advocates for those families and individuals experiencing multiple issues which may include chronic ongoing mental ill-health, alcohol and other drug use and involvement in the criminal justice system. Mental Health Matters 2 is guided by a Steering Group of eight volunteers whose backgrounds refl ect the composition of the broader membership. Mental Health Matters 2 does not receive any private or public funding. Webpage: www. BAYSWATER Al-Anon family group meets on Wednesdays at 10: Contact offi ce FREE EXERCISE And meditation classes, specifi cally designed for cancer patients, will be run in Inglewood and Leederville as part of Cancer Council Western Australia s Life Now Program. Cancer Council s Life Now Program aims to improve the quality of life for people affected by cancer. The Life Now 12 week exercise program will include general fi tness training and strength-based exercises in a group environment. Exercise can assist in overcoming some of the common side effects of treatment such as nausea, fatigue and depression. It can also improve quality of life and help with recovery. During the program participants will have a one-on-one assessment with an Exercise Physiologist, receive a personalised gym program (a combination of cardiovascular and resistance training), and have access to gym classes twice a week. The Life Now 5 week meditation program aims to relax the body and calm the mind and can also help with other side effects of cancer treatment. This program is run free of charge for cancer patients and their family members. For a full list of Life Now classes that are on offer by Cancer Council please visit Exercise in Inglewood will commence from 21 May. Meditation in Leederville commenced 1st May. Numbers are limited. For further details and to register your interest contact: The Cancer Council Helpline GRIEF AND LOSS OPEN SUPPORT GROUP the last Wednesday of each month 1.00pm to 3.00pm at The Cancer Support Association, 80 Railway St, Cottesloe. For more info ring HAVoC GROW GROUP. Have you been a victim of violence and need some support? Grow s 12 Step program offers a chance to rebuild confi dence and work on wellbeing with people who understand. Meetings are free; no referral is necessary, just come along. Monday 10am in North Perth. Call Grow for more information THE CANCER COUNCIL WA runs one monthly cancer support Group from Shenton Park (the Head, Neck and Throat Cancer Support Group) which is suitable for people affected by head, neck and throat cancer their family, friends and carers. For further information and referral, individuals are advised to contact the Cancer Helpline for registration THE DOLL AND THE TOY Collectors Group will be holding their ANNUAL SALES DAY at the Loftus Community Centre, 99 Loftus Street Leederville, on Saturday 26th May, between 1.20 and If your interest is Antique bisque dolls, vintage composition or vinyl collectable dolls, there will be lots of choice and bargains to be found. Toys, prams, teddy bears and all sorts of related items are on offer as well. Established in 1993 the Doll and Toy Collectors Group meets on the 4th Saturday of the month, at the Loftus Community Centre THE INCEST Survivors Association is here to help and support survivors, friends of survivors and those affected by incest and childhood sexual abuse and trauma. We provide professional counselling and support services in a safe and confi dential environment for adults and children from 8 years of age. Please contact us on or visit INDEMNITY & WARRANTY THE HERALD & PERTH VOICE NEWSPAPERS CONDITIONS OF ACCEPTANCE The advertiser (or agent) indemnifi es the Company (and its employees and agents) against all actions, proceedings, claims, demands, losses, damages, costs and expenses arising out of or in connection with the publication of the advertisement (including any relating to defamation, malicious falsehood, infringement of copyright, trademark or design, or breach of the Trade Practices Act 1974, the Consumer Credit Code, or the Fair Trading Act 1987) and warrants that publication of the advertisement will not give rise to any legal, equitable or statutory rights against the Company ad will no breach any laws or regulations including the prohibitions relating to advertising in the Trade Practices Act 1974, the Consumer Credit Code, and the Fair Trading Act All advertisements are accepted on the following terms and conditions: RIGHT TO REFUSE - The Company has the right to refuse to publish or republish any advertisement without giving any reason. DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY - No liability will be incurred by the Company by reason of any amendment to or error or inaccuracy in, or the partial or total omission of, an advertisement (single or multiple insertion) or by reason of any delay or default or from any other cause whatsoever. If an error occurs which in the opinion of the Company clearly lessens the value of the advertisement and which is in no way the fault of the advertiser and the advertiser notifi es the Company of the error prior to the advertisement deadline on the fi rst day the error was published, then a refund will be provided on the cost of the advertisement proportionate to the company s opinion of its reduced value. ADJUSTMENT AND CLAIMS - The advertiser must notify the Company of any error in the invoice for an advertisement within 30 days from the end of the month in which the advertisement was published. The company will not consider claims for an invoice error lodged outside this period. Voice ARTS & CRAFTS HEALTH & BEAUTY NEED Space? Artist studios for hire in Maylands from 5m2 to 50m2. industrial space close to railway suitable for 2D and 3D work, installation, multimedia, sound, text. Mob: Jon CLEANING, Honest & reliable $20 p/hr Call Lorraine PERSONAL LOANS, Home loans, Equipment leasing, Commercial. Integrity Broking Services GARDENING voice EXPERT SERVICES METICULOUS Garden cleanup & maintenance service: mowing, mulching, trimming/pruning, weeding, planting and general tidy ups. Ph. Tim EMMA Louise Professional Mobile Makeup Artist. Makeup for Brides, Bridal Parties, Special Occasions, Balls. Mobile: MIND, BODY, SPIRIT WOULD You like to experience deeper levels of intimacy within your self as well as learning new skills to create more fulfi lling relationships with your loved ones? I am an Intimacy coach specialising in Tantric massage, body work and heart based sensuality practices. For more information on these life changing sessions, please contact Yasmin on Nth Perth. PUBLIC NOTICES DRINKING Problem? Alcoholics Anonymous meets in this area. Phone 24 hours on www. competitions Cooking up a storm JEAN RENO stars in the delightful culinary French comedy The Chef, the latest outing from the producers of The Artist. It s screening at Luna Palace Cinemas. A self-trained cook with hautecuisine ambitions, Jacky (Michaël Youn) gets canned from a series of menial cooking jobs for taking exception to his customers taste. Beatrice (Raphaelle Agogue), Jacky s heavily pregnant girlfriend, tries to halt their financial meltdown by arranging a handyman position for him at an old folks home, but he can t resist the siren call of the kitchen. Meanwhile, Alexandre Lagarde (Jean Reno), chef and nominal proprietor of the three-star Cargo Lagarde, faces a crisis of a different sort. Stanislaw (Julien Boisselier), the interfering son of his retired business partner, wants him to cut costs and update the menu. Since he can fire Alexandre if the Pure paradise LOCATED between Cairns and Port Douglas in tropical North Queensland, Thala Beach Lodge is a unique eco resort overlooking the Coral Sea. Thala Beach Lodge is delicately spread across 145 acres of native forest, with bungalows secluded amongst native forest. Thala Beach Lodge s positioning between World Heritage rainforests and the Great Barrier Reef provides an ideal base to explore the nearby area. For more information check out: The Voice and Thala Beach Lodge are offering a two-night stay for two people. You ll have to pay your own way to Cairns Airport, but then you ll get accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner (BYO) in Ospreys Restaurant, complimentary on-site experiences and transfers to and from Cairns Airport. Bookings are subject to availability. Send entries to Voice Thala Beach Getaway, PO Box 85 North Fremantle 6159 by Tuesday June 5. restaurant loses a star, Stanislaw tries to undermine him in every way possible, transferring his favourite sous-chefs and threatening his food suppliers. But then Alexandre and Jacky s paths cross... The Voice and Luna have five inseason double passes to give away, simply be entering this competition. Send your entries via to: or by post to Voice Luna Tix, PO Box 85 North Fremantle Entries close Tuesday 7 June and we will post out tix. Just one of the views from Thala Beach Lodge. To boot T KRYSIAK s off to Stones Pizza after spotting last week s Adbuster. If you spot the fake ad this week, write its details on an envelope and send it to Voice Adbuster, PO Box 85, North Fremantle, 6159 by this Tuesday. classifi eds SITUATIONS VACANT WALKERS Wanted distribution areas in Yokine, Dianella, North Perth, Maylands, Mount Hawthorn & Mount Lawley. Give Stephanie a call LOST & FOUND PRESTON Beach resort style apartment, 2 bed 11/2 bath $500 p/w swimming pool, tennis court and restaurant. Call Dorothy voice classifieds deadline 12 noon Tuesday 46,200 copies from just $12 per ad in the Voice Classifieds your classies to 1-8 words for just $12 For every extra 4 words add $1 voice classifieds Booking deadline 12 noon Tuesday Voice Astrology Astrology With Sudhir May 26 - June 2, 2012 ARIES (Mar 21 Apr 20) Life lightens up and moves on. Where there was trudging through wet blacksoil, there is now skipping and dancing on a clear and open path. Past doubts and despairs now look somewhat ridiculous. This forward motion is stronger than anything holding you back. TAURUS (Apr 21 May 20) Rest a little. You are out of the limelight. Get on with what needs to be gotten on with. It will be easier, now that you aren t the centre of attention. Your omens are still very good. Playfulness and good fortune are bouncing around and bringing you plenty of smiles. GEMINI (May 21 June 21) The Sun has just arrived, bringing in the birthday season. Be logical when everyone expects you to be intuitive. Be unpredictably creative when everyone expects you to be linear. In short, have a great time defying expectations. You aren t here to conform. Love and play. CANCER (June 22 July 22) The Moon has passed by. She has deepened your confi dence. Rather than second-guessing your moods, embrace them with abandon. Deep feeling is not to be shunned. Forget that myth of you supposedly having a big shell. You are deep water. Flow, as per your nature. LEO (July 23 Aug 22) The Moon brings a certain moodiness to your sunny disposition. Your golden aura is not being eclipsed. You are being given the gift of added feeling. Embrace it without resistance. Get to know your emotions a little better, before you label them as being diffi cult, VIRGO (Aug 23 Sept 22) Information and communication are vital. If you want to get your pet project rolling, it will depend on how well you can inform and educate yourself and then those around you, about what you are up to. Your natural thoroughness is a requisite virtue. Roll on. LIBRA (Sept 23 Oct 23) Venus is in Gemini. This makes you a little more playful and slightly more capricious than usual. It means there is more chance than normal of your upsetting the applecart, with intention. The great Libran lesson is to dare to create a bit of a mess. Do it beautifully. SCORPIO (Oct 24 Nov 21) Under all that is going on, you are apparently engaged in holding down your fi re. It s not going to work. It will work better to acknowledge that you might be a little more upset than you think. Then that fi re can be released and be replaced by laughter. Shake it off. SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 Dec 21) There are powerful shifts in the air, where there were previously merely ideas being entertained. Life is about to get you out of any dream states you have been in. It will insist that you be very aware, alert and on your game. Embrace all fresh options enthusiastically. CAPRICORN (Dec 22 Jan 19) Life keeps surprising you with curve-balls - or are they doosra s? It keeps annoying you with its inconsistency and unpredictability. Getting edgy isn t serving you well. It s starting to amuse your cohorts way too much. Experiment with lighter responses to randomness. AQUARIUS (Jan 20 Feb 18) As a gaggle of planets drift into Gemini, so the pressure lifts. Life seems more playful and mysterious. Your lessons are defi nitely more experiential than academic these days but they aren t heavy. Juggle your challenges, with a Mona Lisa smile on your face. PISCES (Feb 19 Mar 20) Though apparently innocent, as you drift through the ocean, you are presently a major player. Decisions that have to pass by you, are put through a very thorough test. You aren t about to agree to fl uffy notions, or misbegotten passions. Do your bit to keep it real. Copyright 2012 Sudhir (M.J.Dean) Sudhir The Perth Voice, Saturday May 26, Page 17

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Columba s primary ich went The approval wh advice for rejection against staff school can means the Catholic and secure a stream now double grant. $3 million federal the council Staff recommended citing the block the expansion, Rorts h Mount wi trafàc on impact of increased streets. surrounding council meeting At a special councillors held in late December, (5/3) that the narrowly voted to increase school be allowedfrom 240 to 490. student numbers agreed to The school has parking, including17 provide extra Street, bays six bays on Almondbury Street and 35 bays on Milne on-site. Robinson, who Cr Marlene the expansion, voted against and from Alison tabled a letter Leake Street, of Geoff Ruhen expansion. opposing the Martin says Principal Greg school spent Street report the Roberts independent $12,000 on an c issues. to address trafà Ph: Kurt Riley RETICULATION Allwest Reticulation Services experts in reticulation, installation & repairs bore repairs & replacement mobile servicing fully equipped broken wires found solenoids located & repaired 12 MONTHS WARRANTY OBLIGATION FREE CONSULTATION All this for $1500 Norrma ally y va alued at $ Sa ave $ To book your package or for more info phone or Prompt friendly reliable service Mob: Ph: The Perth Voice, Saturday May 26, Page 19

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