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1 S o u t h e r n N e v a d a C h a p t e r, I n c. # The Director s Saddle Well, here we are in November with two special holidays; Veterans Day and Thanksgiving. Thinking about the later, I came across a particular Thanksgiving festivity held way back in 1959, when I was in the 5 th grade. N O V E M B E R, Funny, I still remember many of the kids in the photo! Like my big crush Claudia kneeling at the far left next to the chief. I was thankful for that day, because I was close to the love of my life standing right behind her (yes, that is me). Then, there was Kathy Brooks (seated behind the pumpkin) who was a good friend and a real hot sh-t even back then. She was the only one who knew how much I adored Claudia and was Claudia s best friend. We even put together a song for field trips! Sung to the tune of Tra la la boom di-ay. We are the Highland boys. We are the real McCoy's. We are the biggest boobs in all the TV tubes. We like the Highland girls, who wear their hair in curls, and wear their dungarees way up above their knees! Yeah, there was a lot to be thankful for at the good old Highland School! Today there are still so many things to be thankful for. S.N.H.O.G. Officers 2013 DIRECTOR AJ MORGAN ASSISTANT DIRECTOR DONNA YADA ASSISTANT DIRECTOR DAVE FREEMAN SECRETARY CINDA GIESING TREASURER TRACY TORRES LEAD ROAD CAPTAIN TOM WESTDORP ACTIVITIES OFFICERS MINNIE WATSON KENDRIA ADAMS MEMBERSHIP OFFICER WILLI ELLISON LADIES OF HARLEY OFFICER CLAUDIA SMITH NEWSLETTER EDITOR MARIO TORRES WEBMASTER JOHN VIZCARRA SPONSORING DEALER REP STEVE RITCHEY Inside this issue: Director s Saddle 1-2 Road Captains Article 3 New Members 4 General Meeting Photos 5 Member Articles 6-7 Nation of Patriots Fotos 8 Progressive Dinner 9-10 Calendars Hog Calls HOG Benefits 17 Lucky Winners 18 Birthdays 19 Applications HOG Merchandise 23 Continued on Page 2 Page 1

2 Continued from page 1 Director s Saddle...continued The Director s Saddle...continued Regardless of some of the recent turmoil in DC, we still live in a country were everybody else in the world wants to come, whether it be education, health care, or just the opportunity to have a job and a chance. But we have those benefits because of all our Veterans past and present. So each Thanksgiving, I give a special thanks to all those that have served and their families. For in the words of John Milton, They also serve who sit and wait. I give thanks and remember. I remember two special Vets, Sam & Eli. Sam was a career Marine who by the time of WWII had already been seasoned by campaigns in Nicaragua. A First Sergeant, he led his platoon from island to island. Places we all have read about Guadalcanal, Saipan, and Tarawa. After the war, he retired in the early 50s with 25 years of service as a Sergeant Major and became a Security Officer at Brandeis. He spent another career at Brandeis working his way up to the Head of Security for the University. Got married and had a family. In all the time I knew him, he always had a smile, never raised his voice, and never spoke about his experiences and the horrors that he witnessed. Eli was in the Army. Joining just prior to the war. He served as a Medic in the European theater. Marching across France and into Germany, Eli was wounded several times attending the troops during battle. Receiving a battlefield commission he rose to the rank of Captain. He was one of the first to see the cruelty of war on a civilian populace when they entered and liberated the Buchenwald Concentration-Death Camp and saw first hand the inhumanity and atrocities of the Nazi Regime. After the war, Eli spent another 7 years with the occupation forces in Germany, returning home in the mid 50s. Like Sam, he always had a smile, never raised his, voice, and never spoke of his experiences. Unlike Sam, Eli never married. His sisters, brother, and relatives were his family. Simply put his life after the service was a mess. A professional gambler he affected and infected those around him. It wasn t until the last months of his life that it became obvious how the time spent at Buchenwald and all the lives lost in his arms or under his care affected him. Affected to the point that he thought himself to be one of those many liberated prisoners he had tried to help so many years back in April of 45. But Sam and Eli are only examples. Only two stories of the millions of stories from millions of Vets to whom we owe a debt of gratitude and our undying Thanks! I think the Marines have said it in the ending of their poem. And when he gets to Heaven, to Saint Peter he will tell, One more Marine reporting, Sir. I've served my time in Hell. During November, take a moment and thank a Vet. If he s like Sam you ll put a smile on his face, maybe even embarrass him a bit, but if he s like Eli, you might change and save his life. To my Brothers and their Family Thank you for Your Service To All, a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving AJ Page 2

3 Road Captains article By Mr. Larry Preston The fall is fast approaching and now is the time to start getting ready for winter driving and the associated accessories that go with it. Tom has reminded us all several times to check the pressure in your tires during the change of seasons as well as before each ride. The T-Clocks is always the best way to start a ride. T-Tires and Wheels C-Controls L-Lights O-Oil and Fluids C-Chassis S-Side stand (kickstand) the spring is what you are checking Next, it is time to start breaking out the long gloves, heavier coats, windbreaker and probably your ¾ or full face helmets. If you have electronic heated gear, try it out prior to your ride. It is a terrible feeling to start your ride, turn on the heated gear only to find out that it is not working properly. Hopefully you have not stored this gear in your garage all summer. See if you need to put a little leather moisturizer and your equipment to soften it back up and to keep it in good condition. Each fall I try to go through my check list of clothing and accessories to make my ride easier and more enjoyable. I have already had to replace a light, a fuse and will probably add another plug in area for my convenience of the heated gear. If you have space, it can never hurt to carry extra gear for the change in weather. The other day we left with our heated gear in the am and ended up with some great warm weather by the time we returned to Las Vegas. I almost always carry my rain gear anytime we head to the mountains, but we also know it can happen even on the short rides into Utah or any of the close by mountains. If you have any spare space, tools, extra parts or even some spare gas is always nice to have. As you can see, we have a lot to think about prior to each ride and with the change of weather, carrying more gear is really a good idea. Last year I also reminded people of checking the life of the foam in your helmet. Who knew that my favorite helmet which was about 7 years old really did not fit properly anymore and some of the foam was really worn. Most helmets in Las Vegas take a beating with our extreme weather and that will cause the foam inside your helmets to wear much faster. Most helmets should be replaced every 3-4 years for optimum conditions. Both the Eastern and Rainbow stores can check your helmet if you have any questions and as we all know; they have a huge selection of helmets and accessories. Please take the extra time to check your gear, ride safe with the proper equipment and condition of your bike. Ride your ride and enjoy the experiences of riding with SNHOG. Page 3

4 Welcome New Members New Members, are, Eric Ponder, Julie Vandestouwe, Lori Colson, Steve Maas. Event Photographs... A Friendly Reminder! Photographs are such a great way to remember events in our lives. Our SNHOG Event Photo Gallery is also a great way to share the fun we have as a Chapter with friends, family and/or anyone who is skeptical about joining our Chapter. By browsing through our event photos for just a few minutes, anyone is able to quickly realize we ride and have fun all year round! Although Beverly Kusler, Darlene & Tom Greenough, David Fraley, & Penny Carver are our Chapter Photographers, they are obviously not the only ones taking pictures at our events. If you have a photo(s) you would like to submit for the gallery, please to The name and date of the event photos were taken at must be included. Be sure to visit our online Event Photo Gallery at PLEASE BE ADVISED Photographing, filming, recording, and videotaping of activities and events will be occurring at our events. By entering the H.O.G. event area, you irrevocably grant permission to the Harley-Davidson Motor Company and its agents to photograph, film, record, and/or videotape you and use (and authorize the use of) your name, image, likeness, voice, and/or biographical or other information in any and all media now known or hereinafter developed in perpetuity for any and all purposes. Page 4

5 General Meeting Photos Page 5

6 Notes from HOG Member David Chadwick Mario, Just something I put together. Just a letter of thanks to everyone. I would like to thank all the H.O.G. members and officers for letting me join the ranks as a new ambassador. In brief, I have been a member since I took the Riders Edge course to get the motorcycle feel back in my spirit. I didn t think I could afford a Harley but after taking the course it was hard to walk past those glorious bikes and not drool a little. The sales team saw me a-coming and I soon had a slightly used 06 Road King from the rental fleet. I bought the bike and also became a member of the Southern Nevada HOG Club. Riding with the group at first was different as I have always ridden alone but seeing how everyone was in formation and the Road Captains orchestrating our motions I quickly felt a strong sense of community. Being guarded in social skills, it took me a while to associate freely with other members but after going on most of the monthly weekend rides it got easier to talk especially when I was by myself at a restaurant table or booth with other club members that I had not met. As I have gotten patches and pins through the past years my vest has a sense of the journey that I signed up for. My yearly HOG pins, rocker patches and ride/event pins are looking like some kind of story about my beginning adventures. But at the same time I really wasn t getting to know everyone until I was TOLD that I need a name patch on the vest. Well, that did the trick. No one really knew my name so it opened up communication with everyone. I was still a bit socially quiet but had a greater sense of friendship with the group. My 06 Road King was getting more chromed, exhausts, electrical and cosmetic upgrades all the time. I loved that bike. In fact, it was my first Harley. I won t mention the others here but I will say that my first one was a real dream. After attending the advanced Rider s Edge course I was, once again, walking past the shiny bikes and happened to talk with Tom Campbell in the sales area. Guess what! The new 2013 s were in and oh boy they looked good. You know what follows...yep; they saw me a-coming. I settled on the 2013 Ultra Classic 103. I always wanted to have CB radio capability so I could hear what the Road Captains were talking about. Then Tom pointed out I could plug my ipod into the accessory and with head phones in the helmet my whole ride outlook had changed. Listening to the 2 way communication of the road captains is impressive. All the entering, exiting, riding updates and road hazard alerts are detailed in precision. A formidable job was done with finesse. The more I thought about this group and hearing it all happen in monthly meetings and in motion on the road was when I decided to apply for ambassador so I could offer a hand, smile, help or just friendship to the members I have made friends over the past eight years and also offer the same to any and all new members looking to find a friend to talk to before the meeting or the pre ride briefing. I am self-employed, a sole proprietor, with work done by myself so the community experience I get from others in conversation is something I am learning to give back. Thanks to everyone for your support! David Chadwick Page 6

7 2 Million Bikers to DC Event By Chester McQuillen I went to the 2 Million Bikers to DC event. I signed up for information on Facebook with the Nevada group, but also with the Ohio group since I knew that I would be in Ohio when it was time to assemble. I didn't see much participation with the Nevada group which was not surprising considering the distance. I assembled with the Ohio District 6 group on Sep 10 at 0800 hours and we went KU at 0930, one half hour late due to a last minute battery change by one member of the group. The ride to DC was uneventful other than some truck drivers honking to show support. The group split up in Fredrick, Maryland with everyone going to different camp sites. I camped with four others at a campsite that was seven miles from the Washington DC Harley Davidson in Ft. Washington, MD. We arrived at the dealership at There were no spots left to park in front of the dealership. We were jammed in the back near the service area with well over 200 other bikes, and those were just the ones in front of us. The crowd was amazing, in that we were all on the same page with the outrage over the slap in the face to the American people by the group that had planned the march which brought this event to life. A lot of us were Veterans. We realized that we had fought for the right of those folks to march, but we had a voice that we wanted to share also. When the initial permit for the ride was denied, Plan B was put into effect by the organizers. Helicopter surveillance of the 18 mile long 4 deep column of motorcycles convinced the authorities to somehow get control. They offered a permit to have a procession on the DC Beltway for two orbits. This permit was relayed two hours prior to KU for the event. There were some speeches made by the organizers. Each of the riders were given the name of a 9/11/01 victim to ride for. We went KU at 1100 hours and the chaos began. The name I was given belonged to a 52 year old mother/grandmother of 3 children and 2 grandchildren. Cora Hidalgo Holland, of Sudbury Massachusetts who boarded Flight 11 to visit her mother in her old home in San Bernardino, CA. Cora was a volunteer in the food kitchen of the Our Lady of Fatima church. Her two greatest loves were her family and the Boston Red Sox. On September 11, 2001 at 08:46:30, Cora Hidalgo Holland was murdered by Mohamed Atta when he drove Flight 11 between the 93rd and 99th floors of the North facade of the North Tower of the World Trade Center at 440 knots (495 mph) and carrying about 10,000 gallons of jet fuel. We rode because we remember! Page 7

8 NOP Ride and Presentation at Nellis Air Force Base Page 8

9 2013 Progressive Dinner A BIG thanks to LOH Officer Claudia & her team! This years Progressive Dinner was a huge success thanks to lots of planning and the graciousness of our Hosts & Hostesses and of course our absolutely amazing Road Captains who lead us on once again a very safe trip across the Vegas Valley with lots of challenging Sunday afternoon traffic to deal with! Yes, we do have the most amazing team of Road Captains! We left from RRHD on what could not have been a more perfect day weather wise with over 30 bikes and over 40 hungry members & their guests ready to roll. Our first stop was for appetizers at Phillipe & Deb s house. The house was easy to spot with Phillipe s shiny & spotless bike parked in the driveway!!! And speaking of parking we had an entire school parking lot waiting for us! We enjoyed our appetizers, salad & good conversation before heading on to our next stop. When we arrived at Tom & Judy s I m sure the neighbors heard us coming! Our bikes lined up on both sides of the street. Hungry and ready for the main course, we were very pleasantly surprised to find that Tom & Judy had once again outdone themselves when we learned the main course was filet mignon on the grill, baked potatoes with all the fixings, corn on the cob and rolls! Becky & Don assisted with the grilling of the steaks Claudia also helped out with taking orders for how everyone wanted their steaks cooked! WOW! Not only a great meal with great people, we had an incredible view of the valley! Our last stop was at Cinda s where we all enjoyed LOTS of sweet deserts and some really fun conversations as well as relaxing in her huge back yard while we reminisced over what a fun day we were all having. Birthday wishes were sung to Tony B and Cinda even had a candle for him to blow out! Thanks to all of you who made this such a successful day!!! Page 9

10 Progressive Dinner Page 10

11 Southern Nevada H.O.G. November 2013 Departure Locations LVHD Las Vegas Harley-Davidson 2605 S Sahara RRHD Red Rock Harley Davidson 2260 S Rainbow Blvd SILHC Silverton Hotel & Casino I-15 Blue Diamond Road ABD Albertson s Shopping Center Blue Decatur ABC Albertson s Shopping Center Boulder City ISK Iron Skillet I-15 Speedway Exit ANW Albertson s Northwest Farm Rd off US95 and Durango Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat SUBJECT TO CHANGE Pre-Ride Marine Riders Toys for Tots Poker Run ABD 8:00 AM Daylight Savings Ends 1hr 2:00 am Primary Officers Meeting LVHD 5:30 PM Road Captains Meeting 6:00 pm New Member Ride Safety Day RRHD 9:00 AM 10 LOH Vet Fundraiser Topok ABC 9:00 AM 17 Ghost Ride #5 Chloride ABC 9:00 AM 11 Veterans Day 12 General Membership Meeting LVHD 6:30 pm Mid Week Ride ABC 9:00 AM All Officers Meeting Blue Ox 6:00 pm HOG TOP GUN RRHD 9:00 AM LVHD 3rd Saturday Nevada Veterans Benefit ABD 8:00 AM Thanksgiving All run times are FULLY FUELED and READY to ROLL. Plan to be there early for the ROAD CAPTAIN S BRIEFING! For more information about any SN H.O.G. event, contact any PRIMARY Officer, Activities Officers, or view our Web-site at Page 11

12 Southern Nevada H.O.G. December 2013 Departure Locations LVHD Las Vegas Harley-Davidson 2605 S Sahara RRHD Red Rock Harley Davidson 2260 S Rainbow Blvd SILHC Silverton Hotel & Casino I-15 Blue Diamond Road ABD Albertson s Shopping Center Blue Decatur ABC Albertson s Shopping Center Boulder City ISK Iron Skillet I-15 Speedway Exit ANW Albertson s Northwest Farm Rd off US95 and Durango Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Primary Officers Meeting LVHD 5:30 PM 4 5 Road Captains Meeting 6:00 pm 6 7 Lake Havasu Overnighter ABC 9:00 AM 8 Return from Overnighter 9 10 General Membership Meeting RRHD 6:30 PM NCCF Charity Ride LVHD 9:00 AM Meet & Eat Village Pub & Christmas Ethyl M 6:30 PM Mid Week Ride SILHC 9:00 AM Chapter Christmas Party Golden Nugget 5:30PM LVHD 3rd Saturday Christmas New Years Eve SUBJECT TO CHANGE All run times are FULLY FUELED and READY to ROLL. Plan to be there early for the ROAD CAPTAIN S BRIEFING! For more information about any SN H.O.G. event, contact any PRIMARY Officer, Activities Officers, or view our Web-site at Page 12

13 November Hog Calls Important Notice: The dues for 2014 have been increase to $30. If you renew at General Membership Meeting, remember to bring 2013 Membership Card in addition to the typical renewal form. If you renew via mail, please include your 2013 Membership Card in addition to the renewal form in order that the 2014 slot on the card is punched. If you want your Membership Card returned via mail, please include $1.00 for postage, in total $ Should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact a Primary Officer. Saturday, November 2, 2013 PreRide for Marine Riders Toys 4 Tots Poker Run Over the past 6 years the Marine Riders LV have been hosting this poker run in the LV Valley raising tons of new unwrapped toys & cash donations. Registration begins at 9 AM. $15 for Riders $10 for passengers. Price includes True Texas BBQ Brisket meal at the end of the poker run. Join us for the Pre-Ride to Red Rock Harley Davidson, where the event begins! Date: 11/2/2013 Briefing: 7:45 AM Leave Time: 8:00 AM Location: ABD (Albertson s Blue Diamond at Decatur) SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 2013 DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME!!! 2 AM SET YOUR CLOCKS BACK 1 HOUR!!! SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 2013 New Member Ride and Safety Day with Metro Motor Officers! This is the New Member Ride you won t want to miss! We ll begin our ride at RRHD, where our experienced Road Captains will instruct new and seasoned members how we ride as a group. After a short introduction ride, we will end up at LVHD where our Dealer Rep. & Metro Officer Steve Richey and a few of his very experienced motor officers will share and coach us with some great riding instructions!!! Date: 11/9/2013 Time: 9 AM Location: RRHD SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2013 LOH LUNCH RIDE TO TOPOCK66 Let s head down to the river, check out the newly built Topock66 Resort and have some lunch. EVERYONE is invited! I hear it s really good and lots of fun! Date: 11/10/2013 Briefing: 8:45 AM Leave: 9:00 AM Location: ABC (Albertson s Boulder City) MONDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 2013 VETERAN S DAY Page 13

14 November Hog Calls (cont.) TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 12 General Membership Meeting Be sure to come in early and check out all the cool stuff at LVHD!!! This is a great day to do a little or a lot of shopping!!! Don t forget to purchase your tickets for the Christmas party and remember to say hello to someone you haven t met yet! Let s make everyone feel welcome! Time: 6:30 PM Location: LVHD (Eastern & Sahara) SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2013 CYSTIC FIBROSIS FOUNDATION POKER RUN AT LVHD SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2013 SNHOG TOP GUN Competition Top Gun Competition will be hosted by Red Rock Harley Davidson. RRHD will be providing a pig roast lunch and drinks for everyone. Metro Motor Officers will be giving instructions on the course prior to the start of the competition. So be sure to arrive early, you won t want to miss a thing! 5 Classes of riders/motorcycles: Road Captains FL Touring Models All Others LOH Trikes Date: 11/16/2013 Instructions by Metro Officers: 9 AM 11 AM Competition Time: 11 AM 1 PM Location: RRHD SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2013 LOH GHOST RIDE #5 of 5 This is the last Ghost Ride of the year and we ve found a little place not too far away with a couple of quaint restaurants to choose from. Park your bikes, explore this cool little Ghost town and have some lunch. Date: 11/17/2013 Briefing: 8:45 AM Leave: 9:00 AM Location: ABC (Albertson s Boulder City) TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2013 MID-WEEK RIDE Where will we go? What will we EAT? Join us and find out! It s that time again! Date: 11/19/2013 Briefing: 8:45 AM Leave: 9:00 AM Location: ABC (Albertson s Boulder City) SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2013 Pre-Ride to NEVADA VETERANS FOUNDATION BENEFIT Date: 11/23/2013 Briefing: 7:45 AM Leave: 8:00 AM Location: ABD (Albertson s Blue Diamond at Decatur) THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 28, Thanksgiving Day Page 14

15 December HogCalls SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2013 Lake Havasu Overnighter Be sure to join us for the 31st Annual Parade of Lights. Bridgewater Motel 101 London Bridge St., Lake Havasu, AZ Rates: $68 & $78 Date: 12/7/2013 Briefing: 8:45 AM Leave: 9:00 AM Location: ABC (Albertson s Boulder City) TUESDAY, December 10, 2013 General Membership Meeting Time to find our what s been going on the past month, swap stories with your SNHOG buddies, meet new members, pay your 2013 dues early (hint, hint!), possibly win a raffle prize, eat birthday cake! Date: 10/8/2013 Time: 6:30 PM Location: RRHD (Red Rock Harley Davidson Rainbow & Sahara) SATURDAY, December 14, 2013 NCCF Charity Ride This is the time of year we collect toys for Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation. This is an extremely important and fun event to take part in. Blessing the children and their families! Don t miss it! Date: 12/14/2013 Briefing: 8:45 AM Leave: 9:00 AM Location: LVHD TUESDAY, December 16, 2013 Meet & Eat It s that time of year again! Come join us for dinner, followed by a walk around Ethyl M s to enjoy the Christmas lights! Date: 12/16/2013 Time: 6:30 PM Location: Village Pub WEDNESDAY, December 18, 2013 Mid-Week Ride This is the last Mid-Week ride for 2013! Take time from the holiday rush to clear your mind! Join Speedo and the Mid-Week gang for a ride! Date: 12/18/2013 Briefing: 8:45 AM Leave: 9:00 AM Location: SILHC (Silverton Hotel Casino Parking lot Blue Diamond) Page 15

16 December Hog Calls - (Cont.) SATURDAY, December 21,2013 Chapter Christmas Party Celebrate the holidays with your SNHOG Family! Good food, friends, music & festivities! Be sure to get your tickets early! Only 100 seats available. Cost: $40 per person. Date: 12/21/2013 Time: 5:30 PM Location: Golden Nugget Hotel Casino Should you choose to spend the night, we have a block of 15 rooms set aside for our members at special reduced rates: Carson Tower $69 Gold Tower $89- -Rush Tower $99 The room pricing is before 13% sales tax and $5 downtown destination charge. The room reservation code is : GSAHOGS. Rooms need to be booked by November 21, 2013 to get the above mentioned pricing WEDNESDAY, December 25, 2013 Christmas Day TUESDAY, December 31, 2013 Important Notice: The dues for 2014 have been increase to $30. If you renew at General Membership Meeting, remember to bring 2013 Membership Card in addition to the typical renewal form. If you renew via mail, please include your 2013 Membership Card in addition to the renewal form in order that the 2014 slot on the card is punched. If you want your Membership Card returned via mail, please include $1.00 for postage, in total $ Should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact a Primary Officer. Page 16

17 Here are some HOG Benefits for you HOG MAGAZINE ipad EDITION NOW AVAILABLE ON THE APP STORE Know Your ABCs It's not as if any of us really need another excuse to ride. But there's something thrilling about exploring back roads and happening upon little towns that make the ride so memorable. It doesn't take much to take part in the ABCs of Touring. Just take photos of yourself and your Harley holding a current edition of HOG Magazine in front of "official" signs that capture your travels from A to Z. 26 cities, counties, states, provinces or countries make you eligible for great prizes and bragging rights. For more details visit hog.com/abc An ALL-NEW Membership Exclusive! Harley-Davidson has launched an entirely redesigned website, making it easier than ever for members be in the know. Get VIP event info, photos, stories, videos and rides available only to H.O.G. Members. Take some time to check out the all-new members.hog.com today. Make Your Miles Count The H.O.G. Mileage Program rewards you for doing what you love most... riding. Harley recognizes the accomplishments. The more miles you log on your Harley, the more recognition you receive. A H.O.G. Mileage Program pin and patch will be sent to all H.O.G. members upon enrollment in the program. If you have more than one motorcycle, be sure to enroll each additional bike. After enrollment, additional awards can be earned by satisfying set mileage levels. See HOG.com/miles for details. Page 17

18 $100 Winner TOM GREENOUGH Lucky H.O.G.s October 2013 $50 Winners Danny Plourde, Larry McClelland, Rich Spiher, Sonny Rose, Betty Baldwin, Jim Cruiser Jones, Angela Himber, Mario Torres $25 Winners Deb Dartois, Steve Lloyd, Darlene Greenough, Bob Dubinsky, Jim Berry, Claudia Smith Secret Greeter - $25 to Lou Lorenzo as the Greeter, $25 to Roger Ellison as the Greetee! 50/50 Winner - Chuck Himber, $149.00!!! CONGRATULATIONS LUCKY HOGS Really Important Business Directory Update You ll find member advertisers integrated throughout your Silver Eagle News. We d sure like to see more of you who have business or services advertise in the Silver Eagle News. It happens to be the least expensive way known to man to get your business information out to hundreds of folks each month!! (And when I say more, I really mean MORE!! If you would like to advertise, the rates are as follows: $30 for 3 months (3 months is the minimum); $50 for 6 months; and $90 for 12 months. the editor to secure a spot, and send two business cards and a check to the Chapter Address listed on the back of this newsletter to Editor s attention. As a Reminder... When you get around to sewing on your Chapter patches (see the Merchandise page of the Silver Eagle News for sizes and prices from the SN H.O.G. Store )...remember that all three patches (your central H.O.G. patch and SN Chapter and Las Vegas rockers SHOULD BE TOUCHING)...There s a reason...it s to distinguish our patch from the three-patch (or 1% MCs)...and to abide by H.O.G. regulations for displaying your Patch...wear it proudly...and correctly!! Editor s Information MARIO TORRES EDITOR PHONE: Please provide newsletter contributions by to the Editor, or in care of the Editor at the Chapter s Post Office address (return address on this newsletter). All submissions are due no later than the Friday following the General Membership Meeting each month. Late submissions will be considered for the following month s publication, depending upon space and currency of the information. Please do not submit irreplaceable information or photographs. All materials become property of the SN H.O.G., and we do reserve the right to edit for length and content. Thanks, Mario Remember All Rides Are Alcohol Free S & WEBSITE!! We send out correspondence via regarding future events. So, please keep us updated with your most current address by sending it to Visit your Chapter s website at Page 18

19 SNHOG Event and Run Codes: Departure Locations LVHD Las Vegas Harley-Davidson S. Eastern Sahara Ave RRHD Red Rock Harley-Davidson S. Rainbow Blvd SILHC Silverton Hotel and Casino - I-15 Blue Diamond Road ABC Albertson s Shopping Center - Boulder City ISK Iron Skillet Restaurant - I-15 Speedway Exit ANW Albertson s North West - Farm Rd off US 95 and Durango ABD Albertson s at Blue Diamond / Decatur CE - Closed Event ME - Member Event OE - Open Event SE - SN Chapter Event Primary Terrain ****************************************************************************** Activity Type Open to Chapter Members and One Guest Open to H.O.G. Members Open to Chapter Members, H.O.G. Members, and Guests as desired Open ONLY to Chapter Members ************************************************************************* Run Codes Distance (Round Trip in Miles) A - Interstate 1 = 100 or less B - State Highway 2 = 101 to 200 C - In Town 3 = 201 to 300 D - Combination 4 = 301+ E - Single Lane/Tight Curves U = Unknown (0 to 301+) General Direction N - North; S - South; E - East; W - West; V -Varies 10 COMMANDMENTS OF RIDING 1. Be on Time! 6. Carry Your Own Gear 2. Be Prepared 7. Watch Where You Park 3. Give a Helping Hand 8. Be Rider Aware 4. Communicate Intentions 9. Have Fun 5. Think of Others 10. Ride Safe S.N.H.O.G. November Birthdays James Preus 11/6/ Steve Maas 11/11/ Stephen Noel 11/11/ Mary Bjerke 11/11/ John Stowe 11/12/ Kevin Geier 11/19/ Danene Garrison 11/2/ Candace Spiher 11/20/ Elizabeth Baldwin 11/21/ Mike Sweeney 11/23/ Chuck Carlisle 11/24/ Todd Binder 11/24/ Beverly Kusler 11/25/ Scott Lloyd 11/25/ Dave DeCarlo 11/27/ Darlene Scharf 11/28/ Thomas Frances 11/28/ Victoria Plourde 11/4/ Richard Mrozek 11/5/ Jerry Lawrence 11/5/ Jay Schumacher 11/6/ RT Robinson 11/6/ Nichola Rennet 11/7/ James Nelson 11/9/ Page 19

20 Southern Nevada Harley Owners Group Membership Information The Officers and members of the Southern Nevada Chapter are very happy you have decided to join, or renew, your membership. Please note the following: 1. Memberships are on a calendar year, i.e., January to December each year. Membership applications received after October 1 st will run through the entire next year. Annual dues run from January thru the 31 st of December each year, and for 2014 the cost is $ Your new Membership Card will be available for pick-up at any of the General Membership Meetings along with a new member packet that provides information regarding our chapter and website. If you are renewing, your multi-year card must be punched at a membership meeting. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month and alternate between dealerships. Please check our website calendar for location information 3. As a bonus for joining our chapter, Las Vegas Harley Davidson, our sponsoring dealer, provides a $25 credit to your store account on the month of your birthday each year you retain membership. This credit can be used at all three of its dealerships; Las Vegas Harley Davidson, Red Rock Harley Davidson, and Zion Harley Davidson. Please indicate the month and day of birth in the space provided if you would like to receive this credit: Your Name: Month & Date of Birth:. 4. If you are unable to attend a membership meeting to pick up your membership card and packet, please mail this application to: Southern Nevada Chapter, Inc. c/o Las Vegas Harley-Davidson 2605 S. Eastern Avenue, Suite 100 Las Vegas, NV And include a self-addressed stamped envelope with the proper postage (currently.66 ), or return your application with an additional fee of $1.00 for postage and handling, and your membership card will be mailed to you. A new member information packet will be sent to your address, including information regarding the chapter website. This same process is necessary if you cannot attend a meeting and want your punched card mailed back to you. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our Membership Officer at or our general mailbox at Thank you, Southern Nevada Harley Owners Group Page 20

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23 The Silver Eagle News 2605 S. Eastern Ave., Suite 100 Las Vegas, NV All rights reserved by Las Vegas Harley-Davidson Sponsoring Dealer Las Vegas Harley-Davidson Don Andress, Owner Tim Cashman, Owner Las Vegas Harley-Davidson Red Rock Harley-Davidson Or on the Web at or redrockharley.com Change of Address? If you are planning to move soon or have recently moved, or if any other information is changed for you, please this information to: Or mail it to: Membership Officer c/o the Chapter Mailbox: Southern Nevada HOG 2605 S. Eastern Ave., Suite 100 Las Vegas, NV Member Name: National Number: New Address: City: State: Zip: New Home Phone: New Work Phone: Name Change: Pick up your H.O.G. stuff at the next General Membership Meeting Here s what you ll find at the H.O.G. Store Small Chapter Rocker $15 Small H.O.G. Patch $15 Small Las Vegas Rocker $15 Large Chapter Rocker $25 Large H.O.G. Patch $25 Large Las Vegas Rocker $25 Large Reflective Rocker $30 Large Reflective H.O.G. Patch $30 H.O.G. Emblem Zipper Pull $6 H.O.G. Wheel Zipper Pull $6 Chapter Lapel Pin $15 Chapter Poker Chip Patch $ 5 Chapter License Plate $10 Chapter Baseball Style Hats $20 Name Patch $10 Name Tag Note: if you are buying through the mail PLEASE include Postage. Disclaimer: Harley-Davidson Motor Company, National H.O.G., Southern Nevada Harley-Davidson, as Sponsoring Dealer, Chapter Officers, and the Editor of this publication make no claims as to the accuracy and/or the opinions of the material contained herein. This newsletter is registered and belongs solely to Las Vegas Harley-Davidson as Sponsoring Dealer, and H.O.G. All information and/or artwork contained in this newsletter is not to be reproduced or published in any form, or distributed for any reason without the approval of the Chapter Director and/or the sponsoring Dealer. P A G E 23 Page 23