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1 March/April 2015 May/June 2016 Shorelines is Going Electronic! In January, the Council agreed to do a survey to find out what level of interest there is for an electronic version of the Shorelines newsletter versus paper copy. It appears that we have about 80% interest to receive the Shoreline electronically. Based on this input, the Council has agreed to electronically deliver Shorelines. We will continue to have a small amount of hard copies at Harvard Management each month, and therefore, you can pick one up while supplies last. The electronic file will be downloadable to your computer, and, you can print a copy if needed. How and when will this happen? Our last printed version is the one you are reading, May/June issue. In future issues, an will be sent to each owner with a link to download the file from our website. In addition to this, our website, will have the most current link on the home page plus links to current and past issues on our News tab. Feel free to explore this prior to the July/August issue. Deadline for July/August 2016 Shorelines issue is June 3rd! Do you have an article or pictures of South Down or Long Bay you d like to see in the newsletter? Submit material to: FIREWORKS DISPLAY ON SATURDAY, JUNE 25th ON THE GREENBELT This year s Independence celebration will be the weekend before the 4th Saturday, June 25th. All South Down and Long Bay residents and their friends and family are welcome to attend. Dylan and Pete s Ice Cream Truck will be on the premises to offer discounted ice cream treats for attendees. Mark your calendar to join us for this very popular event! Golf Carts Online Registration Golf cart owners can now submit registration for their golf carts using an online form. The form is filled in by the owner and electronically sent to Harvard. Harvard reviews the form and confirms back to the owner within 3-5 business days. Owners who do not get confirmation within 5 business days should contact Harvard Management.

2 Message from the SDRA President Bruce Miller South Down Shores History It has occurred to me that most of us (including me) know precious little about the history of the community in which we live. So, this edition of the President s letter is devoted to the history of South Down Shores and an update of the ongoing initiatives within the community. It is difficult to separate the history of South Down Shores from that of L. John Davidson. His history is what one would euphemistically call colorful. The original developer of South Down Shores was the Inglefield Corporation, NV. At that time, the development was called South Down Farms. The Inglefield Corporation NV acquired property along route 106 which comprised original South Down Farms development. The property is described in the Belknap County Records (book 863, page 364). If you have trouble sleeping some night and would like to test your mapping skills, see if you can figure out the boundaries. According to the Belknap County documents, Inglefield Corporation NV developed some of the common infrastructure and built out a portion of the Fells before the project stalled in This brings us to the colorful Mr. Davidson. John attended Phillips Andover and Harvard University. He subsequently had a tour of duty in the Air Force. Here is where it gets interesting. When John was in his 20s, he and two of his friends decided to look for a lost Mexican gold mine, which they never found. In 1985, an investment group led by John purchased Sub-Sal, Inc., the company that had discovered the shipwreck of the HMS De Braak which sank in 1798 in a squall off Cape Henlopen (Delaware Coast). The shipwreck was thought to contain treasure worth up to $500 million. The investment group invested $2.5 million in the project but only recovered a few coins. In the early 1990s, John embarked on a new business venture with the intent of developing and marketing a technique for pasteurizing eggs. His first patent (5,843,505) was filed in November of He formed the Pasteurized Eggs Corporation in 2001 (of which he was president and majority shareholder). In 2002, the Pasteurized Egg Company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy at which time some of the corporate assets were transferred to a shell company (really) called SD-Barn Enough South Down lore; by now you re probably wondering how Long Bay got its name. Back in the 1800s, Paugus Bay was called Long Bay. Presumably, that is the origin of the Long Bay development s name. South Down Farms was sold to Laconia Investment Properties (L. John Davidson) in January John subsequently purchased additional property from Edward Morris and Jane Morris (BAR Trust). This property was comprised of two parcels of land; a 90 acre tract known as Hadley Pasture and a 40 acre tract known as Eastman Pasture. These two tracts appear to be the land adjacent to the Boston and Maine Railroad frontage which now comprises our shorefront. Laconia Investment Properties controlled the development and common property of South Down Shores until the common lands were transferred to the South Down Recreation Association in April of 1993.

3 Message from the SDRA President Bruce Miller...continued INITIATIVES and UPDATES There are a number projects in the planning and execution stages: 1. The first 1/3 of Davidson Drive (from Outerbridge Drive to approximately past the boat club) will be reclaimed and repaved this year. The culverts in this section of the roadway have already been repaired in preparation for the paving project. 2. The software that operates the entrance gate is going to be upgraded. The existing software is completely antiquated and no longer supported. In addition, we will be upgrading the security system at the guard shack. 3. The trailer storage area is planned to be expanded by building out another lot on the opposite side of Recreation Drive. We currently have more demand for trailer parking than capacity and this project should provide ample parking and pay for itself over the next few years. We will be asking the membership to approve this project during the annual meeting. 4. The culvert between the pond and Paugus Bay has been identified as a restriction to water flow from South Down Shores and a larger culvert is in the planning stages. This will take some time as it has to be done in collaboration with the railroad and there is a significant permitting process. 5. We will be using North East Security this year for the security patrol and beach access. They will be using marked vehicles and uniformed personnel. So, enjoy a summer of boating on Long Bay, and be sure to be watchful of the tourist train when you cross the tracks near Hadley Pasture or Eastman Pasture. South Down Social Committee Upcoming Events SD Adult Socials are held the last Saturday of the month from May thru September at the Beach House at 5:30 until?. Please bring a dish to share: entrée, appetizer, desert and it is also a BYOB. Sometimes we may have one last Social in Oct. Turnout for these evenings has been well attended and many LB residents join in on the fun. The Taster s Group is continuing to grow in size and each month we have more LB attendees joining the group. I arrange for a different restaurant the third Thursday of every month. We enjoy our cocktail hour at 5:30 to 6:30, with dinner following with separate checks! Anyone interested in joining this group can contact Pam Watson, who is listed in the directory. Fourth of July Fireworks Celebration will be held this year on the Greenbelt on June 25 th, with a rain date of June 26 th. The Social Committee has arranged for Dylan & Pete s ice cream truck to be on the premises to offer discounted ice cream treats for the communities. It was a big hit last year. Fourth of July Golf Cart Parade The SD Social Committee will again support the LB 4 th Annual Golf Cart Parade on July 2nd and offer help organizing and preparing for the event. The Annual Ice Cream Social will again by in August on a Saturday from 5:30 to 7:30 (rain date will be Sunday). The date has not been finalized. Under the big tent will be ice cream servers, offering up fixings for ice cream sundaes, and Ro-Ro the Clown will be there with balloons and toys for the kids. A DJ from Good Times DJ will be on hand to play music and help with the children s games. - Pam Watson

4 HARVARD MANAGEMENT 2016 Golf Cart Registration- Registration of golf carts is required annually and expired on December 31 st for both SDRA & LBHOA. **Complete the Form and submit Online or download the 2016 form from or SDRA Trailer Storage Some boat trailer spaces are available. Trailer storage is not permitted in driveways, vacant lots etc. it is only permissible in the trailer storage area or within your enclosed garage. Rules and Regulations- Anyone on the property needs to be familiar with the rules and regulations, which are amended from time to time by the Council. Full association documents, including amended rules and regulations can be downloaded from the South Down Website feesforms.html ANNUAL MEETING DATES LB Boat Club Sunday, June 6 th ; LBHOA Town Hall Meeting Saturday, July 9 th ; LBHOA Annual Meeting August 20 th; and SDRA Annual Meeting August 6 th Mark your calendars!!! SDRA & LBHOA Canoe/Kayak Racks Canoes and kayaks stored on the racks must be rented annually with Harvard Management and be stored in the assigned rack space. Watercraft may not be left on the ground. SDRA renewals are past due and LBHOA deadline for renewals is April 30 th. Short Term & Long Term Tenant Registration is Required- ALL TENANTS must be registered with management by submission of a short term (30 days or less) or long term (over 30 days) tenant form, also available for download Registered tenants will be given a gate code programmed to the length of their lease and a beach access card to get through security. Gate Access Codes & Clickers- Access codes and clickers are available at the Harvard Management Office. Clickers are $35 each for SDRA residents / $50 each for all others made payable by check only to SDRA. Short-term vendor codes are available upon request. New Owners & Sellers- Please contact Harvard Management to ensure we have proof of purchase so we can enter you into our owner database and update you in the security gate system. Buyers & Sellers, make sure your closing company contacts Harvard Management well in advance to request a 6D Estoppel Certificate to alert us of an upcoming sale. This will ensure a smooth transition for all parties. ***Owner and New Owner Update Forms are now available to complete and submit online on both the Southdown and Long Bay HOA Websites*** LBHOA Mooring Renewal- Mooring rentals at Long Bay are available through Harvard Management for $700 for the season. Renewal applications have been sent out and should have been returned by March 30 th. Those wishing to be placed on the waitlist should contact Harvard Management. This season all assigned moorings numbers will be based on layout of length overall of the 25 the boats so we can avoid boats swinging around in light winds and hitting each other. LBBC Questionnaire- Owners are required to submit a completed 2016 Questionnaire, stamped executed current boat registration and current Certificate of Insurance by April 30, 2016 yearly to Harvard Management. Forms can be downloaded on the Long Bay website or the Harvard Web portal. Office Hours- Our hours are Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. Please call ahead to ensure we are in the office. as we may be at our properties or in a meeting. You are also welcome to make an appointment. Harvard Management is closed for Major Holidays. Katie Dodge Deana Rizzo Robin Kingston Harvard Management Solutions, Inc., 14 Country Club Road, Suite #6, Gilford, NH Phone: Fax:

5 Safety and Security As of Memorial Day Weekend thru Labor Day and Columbus Day weekend, the security patrol will begin their nightly duties. We ask for your cooperation by obeying the rules of South Down. Please help in keeping South Down clean and beautiful as she is. Security patrol will be checking for unregistered golf carts, overloaded golf carts, youth drivers and golf carts being driven in a reckless manner. Please remember that only handicap golf carts can park at the beach house. There will be a security person at the beach area again this year; please help him by obeying the rules. Remember, there is no smoking in the beach area; there is an area by the beach house for that. Glass containers are also not allowed in the beach area. Please remember that fireworks are dangerous and are not allowed on the beach, our greenspace and after 10PM anywhere in South Down. The city of Laconia has a 10PM curfew on loud noises; please observe this. Remember, noise travels very far at night. Please observe speed limits on our road that have a lot of walkers and please stop at our stop signs; there will be kids and golf carts to watch for. - Chet Cilley

6 Irwin Marine PO Box Union Avenue Laconia, NH Phone: Phone: Fax: Welcome back! What a crazy Winter/Spring we have had. Just when we thought it was safe to go back in the water, Mother Nature turned the temperature back down. Thankfully, the Boat Club is back up and running, docks are being stained and the crew is getting ready for a busy summer. We are at full capacity so you may experience delays in boat launching from time to time. The crew will launch boats as quickly as possible, but doing it safely is of utmost importance. Remember, you must be present for your boat to be launched when the Dockmaster is on duty at the Boat Club. Please remember to have all your paperwork and fees returned to me before you plan to use your boat. NO boats will be launched without the required paperwork and fees being paid in full. Hours of operations were mailed out to everyone; they are also posted at the Boat Club. Contact me or the Dockmaster if you need another copy. On Saturday, June 25 th, the Boat Club will be removing all boats from the moorings and shutting down operations at 6pm for the Annual Fireworks display. Carol Downing SDBC Administration Irwin Real Estate Sales & Rental Agent Expires: 6/30/16

7 South Down Garden Club The Garden Club is excited to begin its new season. Following is the schedule of the events this year. Program Schedule for 2016 May 12th June 9th July 7th August 11th September 8th October 13th November 10th December 8th Wine Glass Painting. Includes instructions, 2 wine glasses of your choice and choice of paint colors. (There will be a small share, TBD) Annual Meeting Emma s Perennials Touring of the beautiful gardens followed by a visit to her lovely gift shop. Votive Holders Learning to decorate lovely Votive Candle holders using Epsom salts, food coloring and glue. Members will bring a holder of their choice. Loon Center Presentation. Wreaths for any occasion Using burlap and your choice of decoration. (cost share, TBD) Making Life Easier Sharing tips on gardening, cleaning, cooking and every day living. Annual Christmas Party Location to be determined Please submit annual dues of $20 at the first meeting or deliver to Barbara Shea at 45 Lantern Circle.

8 Message from the LBHOA President Dick Bordwell It won t be long before Long Bay will be welcoming back all its members from locations in FL, NY, CT, MA, and NH. We are happy to report that our Association is in good shape financially, its amenities, and volunteerism have been increasing each year. We hope to see everyone at the planned social events, at our pool and beaches, and of course on our wonderful lake. This past spring saw 6 vacant lots in Bay Reach donated to Greenspace. We are now down to 18 vacant lots in Long Bay and at least 4 of these have planned development this year. As Long Bay is entering a mature building stage and the economy continues to improve, we are seeing rising property values again, and homes selling in much shorter periods. A simpler solution to the Front Gate is still being considered by the South Down and Long Bay project team. Ultimately we are looking for a solution that will speed travel through our gates and allow those using the key pad to have priority in reaching the gate once they have activated the code. At this point those with clickers are not aware when the key pad has activated and the gate is closed for those key pad users before they can reach the gate. Only the software for the current configuration is going to be updated at this time. Some of you may have heard that the early ice out this year has taken its toll on 4 of the Long Bay docks. These docks are completely unusable, and will require WaterMark to use a barge to reset the piers before completing repairs. This work will not commence until June 1 st. In the meantime, the Board has offered weekend use only to these effected owners, on 4 of the 6 day docks, until June 21 st, when repairs can be completed. South Down has also graciously offered use of 4 moorings for up to a month to help out. Additionally, South Down is working on a plan to expand their trailer parking area and this will allow for Long Bay trailer storage again. We expect to have more details on this by the time of our Town hall Meeting. We will be providing early plans on the clubhouse repairs and possible renovations for viewing on our website. This will be also be discussed in more detail at the Town Hall Meeting to be held on July 9 th at the Beane Center. We hope to hear your thoughts as you review the early plans. (Continued next page)

9 ...continued COMMITTEE UPDATES Long Bay Social Committee - Coming Soon! Another year of community activities for our Long Bay and South Down communities. Mark your calendars now for the following events and check out the websites for new activities! June 17 Pool Social at 6:00 pm July 2 4 th Annual Golf Cart Parade with snacks and drinks at the Long Bay Pool following the event Start thinking about golf cart decorations in any theme you may wish join the 100+ decorated carts on the parade route through South Down and Long Bay Kids are welcome to dress up their bicycles and join the group! RAIN DATE July 3rd July 15 August 19 Sept. 10 Pool Social at 6:00 pm Pool Social at 6:00 pm Goodbye Summer Welcome Fall Gathering at Long Bay Beach 5:00 pm At all socials, we will move to the Clubhouse in case of rain If you would like, bring an appetizer to share pizzas will be provided! All our events are great opportunities to bring your family and get together with old friends and meet new ones as we welcome new families into our communities! Two special activities for kids will be announced at a later date, so watch for the announcements of these events! - Judy Taylor, Long Bay Social Committee Beach Committee - This spring we are replacing chairs and lounges at the north beach to match what was done on the south beach two years ago. We are also having to buy some new umbrellas for the pool that have been broken when blown over while they are still raised. It is very important to put the umbrellas down when you leave the pool. They break much easier when they are blown over while they are still raised. A little care will keep the umbrellas looking nice for a longer time. Garden Committee The Long Bay Garden Committee is gearing up for another busy, beautiful season. We have tentatively set our planting dates for Saturday, May 21 (perennials & bushes) and May 28 (annuals). According to The Old Farmer's Almanac, our last spring frost date will be May 20 so planting our annuals after that SHOULD be safe. You never know what Mother Nature will bring us, though. We hope to have our first Garden Committee meeting the first week in May to discuss plans for the gardens. We had so many wonderful volunteers to water our containers and gardens last year and we're hoping they will help out again this year. Planting, watering, weeding - if you enjoy doing these, we want you on the Garden Committee!!!!! Ann Harper and Nancy Washburn, co-chairs Boat Club - We hope you all had a good winter season as short as it was. With the early onset of spring, hopefully, we will be able to get our boating season off to an early start. We do start the year with some challenges as the ice flow took out 4 of our docks during one warm windy night in early March. We are doing our best to make repairs as soon as possible so we can all enjoy the upcoming season. We hope to see all the members at the annual meeting on June 10:00. (Continued next page)

10 COMMITTEE UPDATES...continued Safety Committee - We have had a great start to this year's recreation season. We are continuing with Northeast Security after a record low number of issues and intrusions last year. Feel free to talk with the waterfront staff as well as the evening patrol officers as getting to know them improves their service. You will find them to be a very competent and friendly staff. We look forward to a great season with them. Please remember that we have Automated External Defibrillators located at the pool and outside the clubhouse by the entrance to the bathrooms. These units are fully automated and provide verbal step by step instructions for the user. If someone should become unconscious, unresponsive and stop breathing, these devices will diagnose if there is a need to administer defibrillation. When you open the cabinet to retrieve the device an alarm will sound. There are instructions above the cabinet to follow in case of an alarm. Have someone else take care of the alarm while you tend to the person in distress. Long Bay hosted Deputy Fire Chief Shawn Riley who conducted our second 3 hour CPR course on June 4 th at our clubhouse. Those who completed the course received certificate cards from the Laconia Fire Department. We will continue to expand our program to inform our residents on the ease of use regarding AEDs and hope to continue making the CPR training a yearly event. If you haven t registered your golf cart with Harvard for this year, please go to our website at and look at the box labeled Breaking News at the top left. There is a link to the fillable online golf cart registration form you can complete and send electronically to the Harvard Management office. This will ensure that your golf cart is registered and eligible for use in and around Long Bay.

11 NOTICE: All ads will be placed for one issue only and may be edited to fit. If you want your ad to remain in, contact the newsletter at by the next issue s deadline which can be found on the front page of the Shorelines. Classified Ads are also listed on the SD and LB websites and more detail may be provided. **************************************** 2002 Honda AquaTrax Turbo F-12X Great 4 stroke jet ski. Very low hours. Only used in Lake Winnipesauke. Second owner. Just dealer serviced (Naults Honda) and winterized last fall. Very solid and stable boat. Seats 3. Come with manual and accessories. Will reach about 55 mph. Red and white. Comes with galvanized trailer. $4,000. Call Rick **************************************** Wanted: Long Bay Dock for Rent or Sale Looking to see if anyone has a boat dock in Long Bay for rent for the 2016 boating season or even for sale. If you do, or if you know anyone that does, please contact me at or via cell at (603) Thank you! **************************************** Dog Walker Needed - Long Bay Dog walker needed immediately. Two walks per day for two boxers, times can vary. At least 16 years of age. Please call Dave at (860) **************************************** Recreational Tennis Anyone? Looking for someone to hit with here in South Down or Long Bay. I prefer singles, and play for fun and exercise. Played team tennis in Concord 20 years ago at 3.0 level. Call or ****************************************





16 South Down Recreation Association 14 Country Club Road Gilford, NH WELCOME NEW RESIDENTS! SOUTH DOWN: James & Lisa Barry - 16 Tartan Hollow George Burke & Teresa Amirto - 6A Independence Way Christopher & Tracey Constantino - 51B Gables Drive Robert & Cara Drew - 30 Foliage Lane Erik Fowler & Susan Bridgewater - 38 Crane Circle Steven & Daryl Shackleton - 2B Gables Drive Robert & Patricia Spinazzola - 17 Croft Way LONG BAY: Eileen and Paul McCusker, Lot # 205 Ponds View Lane FOR YOUR CALENDAR MAY: JUNE: Executive Meeting, SD 9 a.m. Mother s Day Garden Club Meeting, SD 6:30 p.m. Taster s Club 5:30 p.m. Long Bay Annual Meeting 9 a.m. South Down/Long Bay Social 5 p.m. Memorial Day Garden Club Meeting, SD 6:30 p.m. Taster s Club 5:30 p.m. Long Bay Pool Social 6. pm. Council Meeting, SD 9 a.m. Father s Day Fourth of July Fireworks and Ice Cream Green Belt JULY: 2 Fourth of July Golf Cart Parade Don t Miss an Issue of Shorelines! Remember to go online to to verify your address! Now that the Shorelines is going electronic, be sure to keep your address updated.