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1 f fp Hi* f Mr, kmtattaf elmufintsi ute b to day, high in the 7»g. Sunday, fair, little change in temperature. See weather, page J. VOL. 86, NO, 36 Diftftbuffon Today 21,275 DIAL imiud dally, Mondty through Friday. Second Cl&as PCNU(«RED BANK, N. J., FRIDAY, AUGUST 16, 1963 Paid at Red Bank and at Additional Hailing Office*. 7c PER COPY PAGE 6NE Local Officials Calm ValachVs Song Has Gangland in Lather 'NOW, LET'S SEE'' Military police garbed for battle are busy chsckjng the cars of visitors to Port Monmouth where Joseph Valachi, 'the Mafia's 'singing canary' informer and confessed murderer, is being held in protective custody. Visitors must be signed in when they arrive, state thair business, gat it done and sign out on departure. The three MP's above are shown at work at the post's East Gate, off Oceanport Ave. Others had the same chore on the West Gate. NetTighteningonTrainRobbers FORT MONMOUTH - Information officer J, Peter Hoffman suddenly from being the Army Mr. Hoffman's job switched did not bother thumbing through Electronics Command's chief information spokesman to being he whole story of Valachl's sensational disclosures in a year of LONDON (AP)-The hunt for resort of Bournemouth where two Authorities indicated they be- The two men arrested in Bournelieved the gang was still in Bri- mouth after a fight with police guidelines on how to handle the the federal government's chief the regulations In search of the gang that staged Britain's of the suspects were arrested spilling to federal agents the serets of Cosa Nostra. Thursday.. great train robbery was believed tain. There was an unconfirmed were identified as Roger John mobster Joseph Valachi story. information spokesman on Joseph Valachi. nearing a climax today as live Comb London report, however, that Scotland Cowdery and William Boal, both None have been written on Reliable reports said nearly 100 Yard had asked French police to of London. They were charged Worst to Come what to do when a military installation suddenly finds itself from Ihe Justice Department or With few Initial Instructions luspects were held and Scotland detectives were combing the Lon-watcdon area for members of the believed plying between the Eng- tor a 20-ton British yacht with being concerned "with oth The worst may be yet to come, Yard imposed a 24-hour blackout ers unknown" in the predawn they feel, when their former col- the housekeeper for an underworld informer with a $100,000 him, Mr. Hoffman found himself the Defense Department to ateer on news of its next moves. ;ang. lish South Coast and the north robbery. Officially, police said no further coast of France. Police fanned Boal's wife, Rene, and Alfred price tag on his head. bombarded by newsmen and TV arrests were imminent. But (here out along the South Coast, keep- a watch on little used har- London florist shop, were vord leaked out that Valachi was report that Valachi was being and Mary Pilgrim, who run a It was Tuesday night when men seeking confirmation on the was reason to believe the net wasing tightening. bors. charged with receiving 1,190 mprisoned here. hidden here under heavy guard. The suspects three men and two women were to appear in court today in Linsdale, a Buckinghamshire village four miles from Ihe lonely crossing where the Glasgow-London mail train was ambushed eight days ago and robbed of more than $7 million in British currency. Police said a total of 102,000 pounds ($285,600) had been recovered. Most of it was in a car and truck found,near the South Coast Fire Sweeps Entire Block In Bayonne Rev. Charles Bourne To Leave Red Bank RED BANK Rev. Dr. Charles E, Bourne, pastor of the A.M.E. Zion Church, Shrewsbury Ave., Ae past 12 years, and chairman of the Red Bank Housing Authority, has been named to the Clinton Memorial A.M.E. Zion Church, Broadway, Newark. He. v/iw assume his new post early next month. HAYONNE (AP)-A _ fire swept The transfer was announced by through a block oh : a downtown Bishop Herbert Bell Shaw of the tvenue Thursday night, destroying New Jersey Conference of the several stores, a tenement and A.M.E. Zion Church. Dr. Bourne two homes, and damaging a synagogue. will replace Rev. Dr. James C. Nelson, pastor of Clinton Memorial Church for 35 years until There were no serious injuries although the fire was out of control for more than three hours. Rev. Thomas Courseyf pastor his death a few weeks ago. Everyone in the danger area was of St. Augustine's A.M.E. Zion evacuated,, a fire officer said, but Church, Bridgeton, has been the blafce leveled the Stelnert named to the pulpit here. He Brothers furniture, store, which occupied about half of the east tide of Avenue C between 20th and 21st Streets in this peninsula city between New York and. Newark Bays. Other buildings destroyed on the avenue were an unidentified store and-a three-story frame tenement»nd barbershop. Two frame homes and a frame garage were destroyed around the corner on East 50th Street as the flames spread behind the avenue. Firemen removed sacred articles front the synagogue next to the burning homes on East 20th Street, but the synagogue sustained heavy smoke and water damage. The cause was not Immediately known, but a fire official said tt was believed the blaze began in the corner tenement. Fire trucks from Jersey City came to the assistance of the Bayonne department. Bayonne Hospital admitted a 6- week-old boy, George Johnson, for smoke inhalation, and treated and released three persons, including fireman. Mrs. Ethel Reed, 40, and Mrs Loretta Oskierko, 46, were treated for emotional upset. Fireman Joseph Modeshefsky Jr., 28, had Witches taken to close a cut In his right hand. Workers Voting In Coke Strike NEW YORK (AP)-The Coca Cola Bottling Co. announced yesterday tentative agreement on a new contract to end a two-month strike ot 600 employees in New Jersey. Abraham L. Bauman, an at lorney who handled negotiations for the company, said Coca-Cola workers would vote yesterday and today on whether to accep the three-year pact. The employees are represented by the Teamsters Union. Bauman itaid, the agreement doe?" not ' affect' ther- walkout' of doe? 1,500 Coca-Cola C workers who truck in the metropolitan New York area June 1. Mediation sessions in that dispute are continuing. will officiate at services Sunday morning. Membership Of 1,200 The Clinton Memorial Church has a membership of 1,200. The local church has 350 parishioners. Active in church add., civic affairs, Dr. Bourne is secretary of the New Jersey Conference of the A.M.E. Zion Church, and trustee of Clinton College, Rock Hill, S.C. He is serving his second five-year term as a member of the Housing Authority, is a member of the executive committee of the Monmouth County Republican Party, and from 1955 to 1961 served as president of the Red Bank chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. pounds ($3,332) in stolen banknotes. The two women were said to be sisters. Emily Clark, the Bournemouth widow who tipped police when Boal and Cowdery offered her three montfis rent in advance for a garage, went into hiding. He is a sixth grade teacher In "f don't want to say anything the Memorial School, Eatontown. about it at all," Mrs. Clark toll A graduated Howard Universi reporters as she left for a secrei ty, Washington, D.C., and. Me-address. "It's all very frighten Kinley-Roosevelt College, Chicago, ing." Rev. Dr. Charles E. Bourne III., Rev. Dr. Bourne was awarded an honorary degree of doctor of divinity by Livingstone College, Salisbury, N.C.- He resides at 193 West Bergen PI. with Ihis wife and two sons, Charles, a Red Bank High School student, and Noel, who attends River Street School. Dr. Bourne saw the family will move to Newark next month. "I am sorry to leave Red Bank, and I will take many fond memories with me," he said. Reward Contest A contest appeared to veloping lor the 260,000 poundl ($728,000) in reward for iitfuraation leading to apprehension of the gang. Most of the reward money will be paid only if a "substantial part" of (he loot is recovered. Mrs. Clark had a claim. So dli John Marls, 33, a herdsman.wh led detectives to the gang's farm hideout 18 miles from the seen of the robbery. "I foresee complications," sali Cecil Hart, head of the Londoi firm of insurance assessors. Two in a Row On Record Low Today's temperature equaled the coldest for an Aug. IS on record, according to William D. Martin, Long Branch Weather Bureau forecaster. The temperature dipped to 55 at 4:50 this morning, equalling a record low set back in 18S0, Mr. Martin said. Yesterday's 55 degree temperature at 7 a.m. made it the coldest Aug. 15 on record. The high yesterday was 7S degrees at 11 a.m. Temperatures are expected to reach Into the 70s again today and tomorrow, dropping Into Ihe 50s tonight. Skies will be sunny and fair, Mr. Martin said. Adopt School Manners Code the) ducks. And those black leather motorcycle jackets they're gone, man, gone. "Manners to Grow By," the long-awaited code of dress and manners, has come to town. The Board of Education voted unanimously last night to adopt the code, compiled over several years' time by board members, faculty, students, and interested friends. It will be effective for students of Uie fourth and higher grades. ' The booklet will be printed in hard-cover form and distributed "as a guide to teenager and par ent alike." Minimum Standards In written comments accompanying the mimeographed final draft, Superintendent Thomas C. Garrison "'ppiutd'.put^tfc*t :the "booklet contains current standards that are felt to be the mln. KEANSBURG Knock down an attempt to dictate how one lieve there is a way to and a those bouffant hairdos, slick should act, dress, and speak. way not to act. We hope your chicks, and get those skirts down We believe children should have actions will speak for themselves." to the knee. Bid farewell to fun and good times. We also be- heavy make up and to any at all Defining good manners basi around the eyes. cally as "consideration for others their rights and your Put away those fancy dresses and crinoline petticoats, and rights," the booklet offers ex never, never wear tight sweaters nmples of courteous behavior al or very narrow skirts. home, at school, in public places at dances, and on the telephone Clip those sideburns, cool cats, Moderation Key and give the ducktails back to inuim for acceptable bthavlor and dress." Me added that the code "it not Set Unveiling Of Hydrofoil Next Week ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS- Leeds Mitchell, representative of North American Hydrofoils, Inc., said the formal unveiling of Jhe newest concept in commuter transportation should take place next week. He said a new hydraulic steering system has been installed and the hydrofoil should be back in the water today, Mr. Mitchell said the mechanism Is brand new, having been in existence about six months.' He said it was originally planned to install tip new system after Coast Guard approval hud been received for the Hydrofoil. The firm decided, however, to install. It now. :. Mr. Mitchell said he,hopes W taka members of the press and "VIP*" on a test run early next wetk weather permitting, couridl holds section page ken Discussing manners and groom- Ing, the code reminds students that moderation and cleanliness in speech and dress are required. Codes of dress are prescribed for boys and girls. A reasonable amount of informality is permitted, but outlandish, sloppy or "real cool" styles are barred. Said Mr. Garrison, "I am sure (hat our school, our homes, and our town will be better placei to live by observing the rules set forth, and that teenagers will gain respect from adults, contemporaries, and acquaintances by exhibiting the manners of 'Manners to Grow By." Mr. Garrison also asked the board to go on record as favoring; the current administrative rule lhal students mav not smoke in sight of the school. Board members agreed, Mrs, James Boyle, board chairman, remarked: "Yes, their little lungs get that oon enough." eight-man tents: 1or- the shelte of teams of MP's; Federal Bu reau of Investigation agents and other security officials. In Eatontown and Oceanporl Chiefs of Police William Zado- FORT MONMOUTH Mayorsrozny and Robert G. Berry put f three municipalities surrounding this Army communications ilert for suspicious-appearing aumen on traffic detail on the mil enter now also cast in the role :omobiles, particularly those f a federal prison expressed Waring New York or other autconfidence yesterday that the )f-state license plates. They were ublic has nothing to fear from jn the lookout for any undervorld characters who might dare oseph Valaohi, the infamous >nmale. o attempt to sneak into the fort Voicing trust in the Army as :o reach Valachi, who is believed :uslodinn of the Cosa Nostra's to have fingered overlords of the tinging canary were Mayors Herbert Werner, Eatontown; Edward with the authorities. underworld In recent interviews C. Wilson, Sr., Oceanport, and Frederic Messina, Shrewsbury. While local officials were calm, he bosses of organized crime were reported to be in a lather over the impending Senate testimony of the informer on gangland, the Associated Press said in a report from Washington. They fear the Justice Depart ment hasn't even begun to tall league, who earned the syndicate's death warrant when he roke its oath of silence, comes efore the investigations subcom mittee of Sen. John L. McClellan, D-Ark, in the full glare ol ational publicity. Assurances of local public prolection also came from Patrick Anderson of the Department of Justice in Washington and J Peter Hoffman, public Informa ion officer at this busy post. They said they expected him to have no "visitors." That the atmosphere was tense was obvious, however. Military police in steel helmets were in full battle dress as they madi double checks to see who came into and went put of the gates. There was an outcropping ol Find Second Poisonous Jellyfish i DEAL (AP) - A second large jellyfish of a variety whose sting can be fatal has been pulled rom the Atlantic Ocean surf here. Lifeugards pulled the Jellyfish in at Deal Casino, a private beach, yesterday. Another one like it was found several days ago and was buried by guards. One of the guards, Jerry Zimmerman, 21, described yester day's arrival as about two feet in diameter, with small ten tacles. He said it was colorless except underneath its mantle where it was blue-brown in color. The jellyfish, called Cyanea capillata or "lion's mane," normally inhabits deep water throughout the North Atlantic. The animal it's not really a fish, but a lower form of life is known to grow to six feet in diameter with tentacles 120 feet long, Its stings have been fatal in some cases Several specimens measuring up to two feet in diameter have been reported at Long Island, N. Y. f beaches recently. Sclenists have collected others some distance from shore. A marine authority said the ocean temperatures ofl-shore have been extremely cold for this time of the year. He said frigid water probably stunned some of the jellyfish, and killed many of them, causing them to be washed ashore by the tide. Index P«ge Amusement! 12-1J Births t Jim Bishop Bridge 1* John Chamberlain «Church 8 Classified Comics Crossword Puizle Edltorlali Hcrblock Movie Timetable Obituaries W Sylvia. Porter,,..,...,, T T.., Sports Sots ::..:..';.:.I::.-I..:.M>"-IT, :::':I::I: u Stock Market, 3 Successful Inventing $ Television Woman's N«wt If-U Most confident that the public ity of the United States Army is well protected and there and the FBI. I u\ no need for should be no cause for alarm public apprehension. I don't think about the presence of the confessed murderer and informer gangsters are going to bother at Fort Monmoudh was Shrewsbury's Mayor Messina. Complete Faith Asked if Shrewsbury's police!." Mayor Werner said he and others in Eatontovi'n would be hap. pier If the gov«rnment took Valachi away. "Bi t the Army, FBI had gone on special alert along and CIA (Central Rt. 35 and elsewhere, he replied: "No, that would be ridiculous. I have complete faith In the abil- Intelligence Agency) appear to be in fuh control, and I do not expect any (See VALACHI, Page 2) HoffmanHadNoGuidelines,Bui Scores Well on Valachi Story Joseph Esperak. 106th Birthday Keyport Centenarian Still Alert KEYPORT Joseph Esperak, a resident at the Bayshore Nursing Home, West Front St., was another year older yesterday, making a total of 106, according to the home's records. The centenarian's memory is still sharp, and lie often recounts world events that occurred during his childhood. Mr. Esperak's birthday will be marked Saturday with a party at the home. It will be given by the auxiliary of the local Veterans of Foreign Wars Post. Born in Austria, Mr, Esperak tells of his life there and of serving in the Austrian army before coming to this country as a young man. His parents were Frank and Barbara Esperak, who remained in Austria. At one time there were distant relatives in this country, but it is believed they are now deceased, according to his records. Before coming to the nursing home, Mr. Esperak lived in Perth Amboy for more than half a oeniuury. He was employed by the Perth Amboy Trust Co. Park Staff Cut Cite Lack of Funds; Revenue Up SANDY HOOK - Attendance to date at the state park here has exceeded the 200,000 mark, with revenues "comfortably" ahead of last year at the same period, according lo Richard L. Riker, park superintendent. However, because the slate Department of Conservation and Economic Development failed lo appropriate enough funds in its current budget for this and other state parks, 10 local employees have been laid off. Released! from their Jobs were hrce of the park's four naturalists, and laborers, beach patrol and cleanup men, toll collectors, and parking lot attendants. Twn of Ihe nark's naturalists who had divided their lime between here and Cheesequakc and Allaire Stale Parks will be released fropi duly at the latter sites»( well', Mr. Riker rioted. Sandy Hook Park will reduce its nature lours to three per day, utilizing Its me remaining guide, he announced. The park's staff, decreased to 57 employees, will still handle approximately 4,500 daily visitors. Mr. Riker Indicated that entrance lo the park and the park- Ing of cars will be slowed down greatly by the layoffs of toll collectors and parking attendants. "And because of the reduction in Ihe number of beach patrolmen and cleanup crew members, the beaches and picnic areas may not be as enjoyable," he predicted. Mr. Riker told The Register that the conservation department had Issued pay raises July 1, but apparently failed lo appropriate enough funds to cover them. Last year the park opened July 14. From opening day until Labor Day total park revenue was J This year, Its second yenr of operation, the state park opened their atlentio A lesser public relations man may have bueliled at the task, but Mr. Hoffman, a veteran of such skirmishes as the Army- McCarthy healings and probes into alleged Signal Corps contract Favoritism, tool; the situation In land. For the neiit 24 hours, ha tad the job (if trying to tell lewsmen what! they wanted to ;now by saying as little as posible. "We knew he was on the spot," aid one newsman. "It was t difficult assignment that no PR man would want. We asked many questions, but jot few answers." One noted tho ease with which Mr. Hoffman handled the story without belnj ruffled, excited or nervous. "Pete told UII what he could," he said. "He co-operated as best as he could vlnder the circumstances." Most realized that Valachi was another agency's problem and that Mr. Hoffinan wasn't merely trying to get off the hook when he explained!! that Fort Monmouth is "on]y playing host* to Mr. Valachi for the Justice Department. One New Yqrk City newspaper called the Arihy "the soul ot cooperation" affd noted Mr. Hoffman answered questions "with a tact' that would have reflectad well on a spokesman lor the itale Department." There were contrasts with an tfmy Materiel Command information officer who said he hated "pass the buck," but woum jrefer if newsmen talked to higher headquarters, or the Defenss Department <olonel who bellowed, "We Mil have nothing else to say about Valachi. Peiod." A Register newsman contrast- 1 Hoffman's new and temporary role to his job as Elecronlcs Command Information :hief. "Pete Hoffmiin is a good man o get a story from. If you havs something exclusive and enough 'acts to go mi, Pete will conirm it and fill you In on ths background. Hi! has been around (See HOFFMAN, Page 3) Residents To Get Back Tax Cash MARLBORO Clifton T. Barklow, In a letter, informed th«township Committee last night hat the 1,300 nverassessed property owners vyould receive taxrefund applications In the mall within Ihe next two weeks. The taxpayers had been overaxed a total of (85,000 in their 962 tax bills. Mr. Barkalo?/, former township attorney Is completing the overassessment payment project which began while he was In office. The refund approval was Rranted by this state Division of Tax Appeals. The situation came about when the township did not go into a revaluation program until the last possible moment. The United Appraisal Co., Garfield, finished the appraisals by Fen. 14, 196.1,' and the figures were entered on the tax books. In rechecking figures, the company discovered that 1,600 of the 2,400 taxpayer had been overniiesied and ivould have to pay too much In taxes. The Monmdiith County Board of Taxation Ifuled that It, Was too late to (jhange the figures when the mat,er was brought to in late August, its gaits ottmeiriorjal Day.'.-"» 1992: "And our revenues are more Only 265 of he 1,600 taxpayers than offsetting our expenses, up realized tha the correction! to this point," the superintendent would not be nade md filed apiounty noted., peils to the board.

2 SS FrtJ*y, August U, \%Z RED BANK REGISTER Want Township to Change Name Of Trailer Gamps to Mobile Homes RARITAN TOWNSHIP - At the Mobile Homeowners' last meeting, the Township Committee was requested to change the wording ti> a number of ordinances from "trailer camps" to "mobile home parks." Vice president James Cowan, Twin Boro In New Office On Monday EATONTOWN - Twin Boro Federal Savings and Loan Association will open its new office at 94 Broad St. Monday. The new 34 x 62-foot building of colonial design will replace the present office at 40 Main St. The president, John Adams, has announced that the present office hours, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., will continue. Twin Boro was organized in 1920 under a state charter and In 1940, under the leadership of the late Richard B. Roberts, received a federal charter. In addition to Mr. Adams, other members of the building committee are William R. Blair, Jr., attorney, George T. Burtt, director, and Felix J Foggia, director. Features of the new building will include a large, off-street parking lot with a rear entrance to the customer service section and a drive-in window. Other directors are Alexander Boross, Frank 0. Magee, Daniel S. Morris and Fred S. Morris. membership chairman, announce* that he was enthused about the increase in membership to 160, and stressed the desire for add tional members, Any mo bile home resident is entitled t< belong to the organization, h< said. Ted Price was appointed chai man of the finance committei The first reading of the bylaw was read. A second reading wil take place at the next meetin Sept. 11. Nominations for permanent of ficers will be held at the Octobei meeting at township hall. All mo bile homeowners are urged t< attend. Appreciation was expressed the township committee for th continued use of the town hall Births RIVERVIEW Red Bank Mr. and Mrs. John Qulnn, 101 Tindall Rd., Middletown, son, yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Jon Lowing, 17 Clifton Ave., Long Branch, daughter, this morning. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kugelman, 15 Market St., Fair View, ion, this morning. Mr. and Mrs.Samuel Karinja, 11 Lafayette St., Rumson, daughter, this morning. Mr. and Mrs. Julian Jackson, 34 Ridge Rd., Rumson, daughter, this morning. MONMOUTO MEDICAL CENTER Mr. and Mrs, Ismael Girado, 172 Monmouth St., Red Bank, son, Thursday, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Goldsberry, 137 Garfield Ct., Long Branch, daughter, Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Zeller, 12 Franklin Ave., Leonardo, boy, Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Allison, 57 Lewis La., Thursday. Fair Haven, son, Mr. and Mr*. Alfred C. Borys, 19 Anderson St., Monmouth Beach, daughter, Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Curtis West, 16 Youman Ave., Eatontown, son, Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. William Pelerson, Jr., 11 Johnston St., Oakhurst, ton, Wednesday, Mr. and. Mrs. Alfred Epps, 73 Leighton Ave,, Red Bank, son, Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Yancls, 39 Woodrow Wilson Homes, Long Branch, daughter, Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. William Gopslll, 145 Meridith Dr., Bricktown, daughter, Tuesday. FITKIN Neptune Mr. and Mrs. Horace Everett, 36 Avenue A, Freehold, son, yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mindnich, Hasler La., Llttla yesterday. Silver, son, Demo Party Tomorrow LONG BRANCH - Surfslde Beach Club, 643 Ocean Ave., will be the scene of the local Democratic Executive Committee's annual reception and dance honoring their state and county candidates tomorrow night. Guests of honor will be Middletown Mayor Earl Moody, candiate for slate senate; Paul Kiernan, Jr., Donald Cunningham and Leo Welnsteln, candidates for the assembly, and Highlands Mayor Neil Guiney and Huge Meehan, candidates for freeholder. The Executive Committee, under the chairmanship of Paul Kiernan, includes Mrs. Rocco Bonforte, Thomas Kelly, John Angerio, Miss Betty Yancy, Mrs Blanche Cattanach and Mrs. Al phonso Muzzi. New Jersey News Briefs ELIZABETH - Civil rlghl demonstrations against job di crimination were expected to coi tinue today but the focus wi on negotiations called to iro: out some of the tension. Gov Richard J. Hughes has order. George Pfaus, state Civil Right Division director, and Raymon Male, state labor commissioner to meet today with integrate leaders and building trade repre sentatives. Two weeks of dem onstrations protesting allegec racial discrimination in hirlnj practices have led to 50 arrests The picketing began Aug. S the construction site of the ne $5.1 million Union County Cou house Annex and spread th week to a private 14-story apa ment building project. HIGHLAND PARK - Five wooden buildings burned to the ground early today at the Cronk Box Corp., maker ol wooden boxes and packing cases. A sixth frame building was nearly destroyed. One other ol these large, slngl itory production buildings escaped the flames, along with the cement block office building which firemen kept hosed down. The Cronk Corp. is a 401 Cleveland Ave., across the Rarttan River from New Brunswick. WASHINGTON Sen. Harrl son A. Williams, Jr.-, I>N. J asked Congress yesterday to a propriate $35,000 to begin study ol shoaling and other na igation hazards in New Jersey" Intercoastal Waterway. "Thi condition of the waterway hai steadily deteriorated and has r cently become particularly acti as a result of the damage fro last year's disastrous storms Williams said in a letter to Cha' man Allen J. Ellender, Dia., the Senate Appropriations Com mlttee. Congress already h been asked by President Kei nedy to appropriate $250,000 f< maintenance of the waterway I New Jersey during the fisci year which began July 1. CAMDBN-A Camden firema: told police he was robbed yei terday of' $900 in cash, repp senting die. semimonthly pay < four fallow firemen. Samui Fisher, 47, said lie had cash the paychecks of four oth members of Engine 1, and t bank clerk placed each man pay in a manila envelope. Whi he returned to his auto, Fish said, a man approached hi showing him a slip of paper wi EI name on it. asking him If " knew where that person lived While he was talking to the ma another man reached through tl opposite front window of the c and snatched the four envelope! From the front seat. There's Dlseor In Harmony HARMONY (AP) - Ther was little harmony here last night as Gov. Richard J. Hughes and state Sen. Wayne Dumont Jr., R-Warren, locked horns at the Warren Count Farmers Fair over Hughes' proposed $730 million bond Issue. Dumont introduced local Republican leaders and then fired an unscheduled broadside al the bond Issue. He criticized the proposal as "mortgagin our children and our grandchildren" and he added: "We should be able to resolve our own problems in ou own time." After Dumont sat down, Hughes took the stand and sad Dumont "has been talking In favor ol a sales tax for so long he la unable to shift gears." Worden Funeral Home 60 I. FRONT STREET RED BANK A modern, toon-sectarian funeral home, with a homelike atmosphere and memorial chapel, dedicated to the continuation of traditional reputation for distinguished service and quiet dignity. HARRY C. F. JAMES A. ROBERT F. Weather New Jersey Moitly sunny and coal today, high in th< mid-76t in the north to near 10 in the south. Clear and cool tonight, low in the low and mid-50» inland and near 80 in coastal secions, Saturday fair and not as cool followed by increasing cloudness late in the day. High well ip in the 70s to about 80. MARINE Cape May to Block Island 10 to 15 knots thii morning and Winds becoming west to northwest bout 10 knots tonight becoming ariable by Saturday morning and southerly 10 to 15 knots by afternoon. Fair weather through most of Saturday. Visibility better than 5 miles. High during the past 24 hours, 73. Low, 55. Ocean temperature, 66. TIDES Sandy Hook TODAY High 6:37 p.m. and low 12:14 p.m. TOMORROW - High 7: OS a.m. and 7:27 p.m. and low 1:06 a.m. and 1:08 p.m. SUNDAY - High 7:57 a.m. and 8:11 p.m. and low 1:58 a.m. and 2:01 p.m. For Red Bank and Rumson bridge, add two hours; Sea Bright, deduct 19 minutes; Long Branch, deduct 15 minutes', High' lands bridge, add 40 minutes, NATIONAL By The Associated Press A warming trend appeared developing across most of the east em half of the nation today after brief spell of unseasonable cool weather. However, there were some cool spots again this morning in north' east sections with the mercury dropping Into the 40s in some areas. It was 41 in Pellston, Mich. 45 in Phllipsburg, Pa. and 48 In Montpelier, Vt. Generally higher temperatures In the 50s and 60s were reported across most of the region. Record low readings for the date were reported in many cities in the Midwest, East and South yesterday. The»» and 60s covered the North Atlantic coastal states with the 70s In the South. Readings In the 60s and 70s prevailed in most of the central and weitern sections of the country except for higher marks In south ern Texas and In the Southwest desert region. There were a few wet spots across the country but generally dry weather was reported In most areas. Thunderstorms rumbled across scattered lections in the Northern Plains and upper Mississippi Valley and rain fell from western New York to northern New England. Some early morning temperatures and conditions: New York 65 clear, Chicago 62 partly cloudy, Boston 61 clear, Washington 63 partly cloudy, Philadelphia 60 clear, Atlanta 68 clear, Miami 79 clear, Louisville 56 clear, Detroit 62 clear, St. Louis 60 clear, Minneapolis 65 partly cloudy, Kansas City 73 clear, Denver 69 clear, Dallas 75 clear, Phoenix 85 cloudy, Seattle 62 clear, San Francisco 54 clear, Los Angeles 69 clear. Anchorage SO cloudy, Honolulu 78 partly cloudy. To Complete School Work For Opening Alter Policy On School Admittance MIDDLETOWN The Board of Education has announced a change in its policy dealing with admitting new children to the school system. The policy deals with children egistering for kindergarten classes. The board said a child must reach his fifth birthday by Oct. 15 to be eligible for admittance. The board said the school syi tern will not accept a child whe is not five years old by that dati nor will it accept as a transfer from a nursery or private schoo later in the year one who dii not reach his or her fifth birth day by Oct. 15. Under the old policy, the board would accept the transfer of students from a nursery or private school even if they had reach* their fifth birthday after Oct. 1! KEANSBURG - Renovation of the school building will be finshed by opening day except outside masonry work and painting, announced building grounds commltteeman Gee at last night's Board of Edu cation meeting. The outside work, he pointed out, can continue into the fal without interfering with school activities., Contracts were awarded In June for new naslum flooring, extensive electrical renovations, masonry tile installations, landscaping, painting and miscellaneous repair work. The building and grounds com mittee was authorized to negoti ate with Gormley and Sons, Wesl Keansburg, for seeding of the front and side school lawns. An expenditure limit of $1,000 was specified. The appointment of Mrs. Lois Marie Wells, Sea Girt, as firs grade teacher at a salary of $4r 000 was approved. Superintendent Thomas C. Garrison reported that he is still in need of one first and one second grade teacher to complete school roster. Rabbi Levine In New Post UNION-Dr. Harry O. H. Levine, who has served the United Hebrew Congregation of Keyport since was named yesterday as the new rabbi of Temple Israel. He will assume congre Rational duties here Sept. 1, sue ceeding Rabbi David Friedberg, who moved last month to a New York congregation. Valachi Man Jailed On Boat Theft Charg FAIR HAVEN-Ronald Lent, 23, of 124 Highland Ave., Higl lands, yesterday was returned the county jail after falling post $1,000 bail set by Magistral John V. Crowell. Lesser ii to await grand jur action on a charge of grand la ceny. He Is accused of stealing a $350 boat from its mooring nea the Shrewsbury River Yacht Club Lesser had been committed the county jail In default of $50 bail set by Magistrate Willlar I. Riker In Rumson. According to police, he is su; peeled of having stolen five boa from the Highlands Radar Sta tion, Rumson and here over th weekend. His alleged accomplic a Highlands juvenile, has bee or will be charged with juven delinquency. Local police arrested Lesae: after he and hit companion a parently abandoned one of 0 stolen boats just before it cc llded with another craft nei here. Also in Municipal Court yestel day, Marie M, Nash of Bue Vista Ave., Rumson, was fine<! $40 for reckless driving Jffi other motorists were fined $20 f careless driving. They are Patricia Runyon, als of Buena Vista Ave., Rumson and Robert W. Rowe of Eato town Blvd., Oceanport. Highlands Mrs. Robert P. Caplinger an Mrs, Harry E. Beyer will entei tain the Past Presidents Club the Ladles Auxiliary of the Twin light Post, American Leglot Monday, Aug. 26 at Mrs. Ca lihger's home, 50 Center St. At a recent meeting of t Twintlght Council, Sons a Daughters of Liberty, plans wei made for a card party to held Oct. 7 with Mrs. Alfred \ Wright, Sr., Mrs. Helen J. She and Mrs. Harry Dilger In charg* Mrs. Earl Morse, councilor, coi ducted the meeting which wi held in the Veterans of Foreii Wars Post Home. Mrs. Harry E. Beyer am daughter, Shrewsbury Ave., an Mrs. Gary Harness and son Ji for seph have returned after moto ing to Muskogee, Ok!a. wher and they visited for several weeks Charles with Mrs. Harness' mother-inlaw, Mrs. Mary Cava. Miss Betty Kehoe, Washlngtc Ave., and her cousin, Mr. Charles Hellreigel and so Charles, Long Branch, visit over the weekend with Mn auditorium-gym-hellrelgel's lister and brothei In-law, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Harve; and Audubon, N.J, They also visit* with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Weoker, 2d, Yardvllle. before n turning home. Middletown Donald Schlachter, son of Mi and Mrs, Donald Schlachter, VII age La., celebrated his fourl birthday recently at a party his home. Elliabeth St. Germaine, daugl ter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Si Germaine, Blossom La., has r< turned after visiting her grand the parents, Mr. and Mrs. Georgi LeCtalr In Stroudsburg, Pa. Dottle Barrett, daughter of Mr and Mrs. R. F. Barrett, Villagi La., celebrated her 13th blrthda; recently at a party in her home Gathering to celebrate the even were Joan Grandenetti, Hath; Heery, Charlene Bluckman, Lau rel Trow and Kathy Collins, a of MMdletown. There's no Trick to Having Ex rra Cash. You Get it Fast Whe You Use The Register Classified Advertisement. FOR ANY OCCASION HONEY BEE FLOWERS RUSSELL T. HO0GKISS 4*4 MOAD STREIT SHMWS1URY SH iuii*ki«simt mr IY WIRE ANYWHERE (Continued) real trouble. We have had a few calls from residents who told 1 of concern that this criminal had been brought here, but we assured them they were we* protected." The opinion of Mayor Wilson was similar. Well Guarded "We in Oceanport would be glad if they got him out of there. But it can be sure those guarding Valachi are guarding him well. They know he would be a dead duck if anybody could get to him. Still, our police department has been alerted and is watching all care carefully. We don't want this to end up n a gang war In our neighbor' hood." The latest report of frantic worry among the rulers and mobsters of Cosa Nostra came today from an official who is privy, through confidential informants, to the grapevine of the under world. "They don't like what they've read so far," he said. "That's hurt them badly. But they're even more icared of what Valachi might have said that the presi hasn't been told about." No Frearar* It was made plain that no pressure wai needed to get the hoodlum to go before the public with his testimony, "He insisted on It," the tource said. "That's why we could divulge his name to the presssomething we never do with informants. He hates the syndicate because he feels it had him marked for execution. He wants to do everything in his power to destroy Cosa Nostra and Vito Genovese too, if he can." Genovese former Atlantic Highlands resident now serving a narcotics sentence in the federal prison at Leavenwortt, Kan, -was labeled by Valachi as the overlord of the vast criminal empire that has become a $40-million-a-year industry. Valachi and Genovese were fellow inmates In Atlanta when Valachi convinced the boss had ordered him rubbed out for Informing killed another inmate who he thought had been assigned to carry out the Job. He got a life sentence for that It was then that he began providing agents with unprecedented details of the Inner workings of the nationwide syndicate which Valaohl says is called Cosa Nostra Our Thing by its members. $100,000 Tag The word is out that. $100,000 is available as an underworld payoff to anyone who will kill Valachi. "It I talk I'm dead," is the oath taken by Cosa Nostra's members. While Hie Justice Department sn't saying whether Valachi has new bombshells to explode on Capitol Hill, the indication is that he> stilj is tal&ing even though Wi been a long time since he's had access to fresh syndicate doings. 'This fellow's been In business 30 years," the source said, "Even after months of question- Ing there are details that come back to him, and he tells us. So he's still of plenty of use." While perhaps a doien investigators have talked to Valaohl, it was learned, most of his conversations have been with one FBI agent who has gained his confidence. Every Precaution Mr. Anderson, reached at his office in the Justice Department at Washington, told The Register "people in your area must realize that the military will take every possible precaution to guard and protect this man. He was sent to Fort Monmouth because of its faculties for maximum security and safety. It was desirable to get him into a that had proper facilities. Fort Monmouth Is one such place." No Immediate clu* was given either by Mr. Anderson or Mr. Hoffman as to songs valachi may now be singing about past crimes. It was teamed from Mr. Hoffman, however, that the man is being kept In isolation and is being interrogated regularly by FBI and other - Justice Department agents and that "while here, he has been a well-behaved prisoner." Little Apalachin The New York Daily News said today that a little Apalachin attended by top East Coast hoods and delegates 'from Chicago was held at Atlantic City over the long Fourth of July weekend. At tributing its information to federal authorities, it said the meeting was 'held to "revamp Cosa Nostra because of the threat ta the national crime syndicate posed by stoolle Joseph Valachi. The Daily News also said Queens District Attorney Frank O'Connor's office questioned Francesco Cucola, of Beach Haven, about the 19M ilayinj; of gangster Anthony (Little Aug'.e Pisano) Carfano. It said the questioning was a direct result Assistant District Attorney place Mr, of Irfwrj.oon dumim by ltde-ril authorities, fxpm V«lay*i. Frank X. Smith tom Th* Newi Cucola wu one of thof* questioned tour yean ago after me bodies of Carfano and Mrs. Janice Drake were discovered in a car near LaGuardia Airport. Concerning the Little Apalachin meeting (so tagged because o the notorious gathering of underworld characters a few years ago. at Apalachin, N. Y., which was broken up by police) the News said 10 East Coast gangsters and two from Chicago visited Atlantic City. They were not identified. Valaehi has been In Army custody here for a month or more and may hav* been here on th* Independence Day date. Further evidence that not everybody locally is happy to have Valachi at Monmouth came from Karl Wihtol, president of rhe Eatontown Chamber of Commerce and a manufacturer hi that borough. Mr. Wihtol, a retired Army ieuleaant colonel, slid: "I don't know what the Army has to do with biding a criminal. I did not know Fort Monmouth wai a Bastille." To have Valachi there, he said, wat "a bad reflection on the fort and on, New Jersey." Mr. Hoffman, who has been * civilian public information officer at the fort for many yean, aid he could not remember when this Signal Corp* headquarters bas* ever had been used to detain, house or protect a federal prisoner of such notoriety. Bui he said he felt Monmouth wa "well equipped" for this use. "We easily can get up 'maximum security' here. It it no problem." When Is Her Neither the Army nor the Justice Department would disclosi the exact location on the posi where Valachi is being held However, as shelter tents poppei up yesterday around the fort' southern area, there was every indication it was to the one-story cement block stockade, itself, near Oceanport. Its "maximum security" cell stands in th< center of a room alwayi guarded. Rolls of concertina-type, heavy duty barbed wire were strun; around the stockade area. Am it was learned that through 24-hour period some SO to 60 military police all of them with battle equipment were keepin constant vigil over the area. Cars admitted to the post were turned away from streets leading to th stockade. One blocking point I on GossHen Ave, where a security tent wis pitched. It was confirmed that there has been one.arrest. Wednesday night, Mr, Hoffman said, a newspaper reporter found seated on the (teps of a building in th. quartermaster area now of bounds to newsmen was taken into custody. "He wai given an ejection notice and told not ti come back," he said. Among the ground rules foi reporters now is" to go through the fort only under escort, by Mr. Hoffman or another authorized person. Mr, Hoffman said! the New York Daily News had received a protest about sending a plane over the post to take aerial pic tures. Mr. Hoffman repeated what he said Wednesday about having no idea about any plans to move Valachi from the post or th length of time the prisoner woui be kept here. As to talk o having him appear before the Senate crime Investigations sub committee at Washington next month, Mr. Hoffman said "w have not been told anythinj about such a move as that." Behaving Wen Valachi was said to be "behaving perfectly normally. There have been "no incident of any kind and he Is not causing anybody any trouble here/ ~ *. Hoffman said, "He eats well, seems to thriv* on Army food and is getting nothing special." The public information officei aid it still has not been deter mined just how the New York Daily News got its information that Valachi was at Monmouth. "We are not particularly' disturbed by this 'news leak' bu we don't know where the leak came from. Persons in New York may have read parts o legal records on the Valachi case. There ii no reason to believe the information emanated from Fort Monmouth." As regards general safety, foi post personnel and residents of the immediate ares, Mr. Hoffman stressed that Valachi "is being kept in a perfectly safe and secure place, and I do not believe anyone can be hurt If e ;rybody here lives up to the Army's ground rules for proper behavior." service For Dr. Parry ASBURY PARK - Funeral iervices for Dr. Oliver K. Par- y, 70, of 408 Windermere Ave., Werlaken, former director of mrgery at Fitkin Hospital, Nepune, will be held Monday at 10».m. in the Ely Funeral Home, >ere. Rev. Blanchard D. Romaine, pastor of the Beimar Presbyterian Church, will officiate. Burial rill be in Old Tennet; Cemetery, >nnent. Dr. Parry died Wednesday of a wrt attack while camping with Mn. Parry and another couple in the Greys River in the Rockis near Afton, Wyo. Dr. Parry, who remained on lie Fitkin Hospital staff as surgeon after his retirement as director of surgery there in 1956, maintained an office at 601 Grand Ave. here. He was bora in Salt Lake City, Utah, son of the late Joseph H, and Parthenla Parry. He was graduated from the University of Utah. He held the Rocky Mountain area record foi the high jump there. He.attended New York University and Bellevue Hospital Medical College. He came to the county in 1924, after completing t postgraduate course at Bellevue. Dr. Parry was originally connected with the Ann May Memorial Hospital at Spring Lake, In 1024, he married Carol Ackerman of Asbury Park, whose father, the late Dr. James F. Ackerman, founded Fitkin Hospital. She died Aug. 1, 1956, and in 1958 he married Mrs. Louis Bauver of Deal. Dr. Parry was a former presilent of the Monmouth County Medical Society, had been a di rector of the Asbury Park anc Ocean Grove Bank, and also had been a director of the Kiwani Club. He was a former Intertaken councilman. He was a fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a member of Hie New Jerse; State Medical Association. Surviving in addition to his wife are two sons, Dr. Lynn A. Parry and O. K. Parry, Jr. and daughter, Dr. Ann Gosling, all of Interlaken; and a sister, Mrs. Miles Winder of Salt Lak City. Dr. Miles S. Winder of West Mlenhurst is a nephew. OAKHURST MAN HURT LONG BRANCH - Carl Carl son, 16 Berger Ave., Oakhurst was admitted to Monmouth Medical Center this morning with a posslbli head injury as the result of an automobile accident No further details were available at press time. John E. Day FUNERAL HOME 85 Riverside Ave. '6."SIDUN, M,r. O»»«iltt M*lly Red Bank SH Obituaries DANIEL W. SCABET KEANSBURG Daniel W. Scabet, 4«, of 7 Snyder Ave. died yesterday in Potlak Hospital, Jersey City, after a iengtfiy illness. Mr. Sestet was born in Newark, son of the late Vito and Angela Rose Crecca Sctbet, and had lived here 20 years. Surviving are hi* wife, 1 Mrs. Mary Raflerty Scabet; a son, Daniel B. Scabet, and a daughter, Marianne Scabet, both at home; three brothers, James Scabet of Newark, Michael Scabet of Irvington and Lawrence Scabet of this place, and three sisters, Mrs. Mary Rattigan of Green Belt, Md. and Mrs. Jennie Schwind and Miss Marguerite Scabet, both of this place, The funeral will be Monday at 8 a.m. from rte Tamburro's Laurel Funeral Home, West Keansburg, to St. Ann's Catholic Church, here, where a High Requiem Mass win be offered at 9 o'clock. Burial will be In Mount Olivet Cemetery. EDWIN L. CARLSON, SR. WEST KEANSBURG - Edwin,. Carlson, 66, of 43 Hudson Ave., died Wednesday at Velerans Ad ministration Hospital. Mr. Carlson was born in Chi' :ago. He had lived in this area 15 years. ''"_ He was a retired carpenter. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Fane Carlson; a son, Edwin L. Carlson, Jr., both at home; two mothers, Emil Carlson and Theolore Carlson, both of EJnora, N. Y., and three sisters, Mrs, Mabel Murray of Elnora, Mrs, Agnes Thompson of Scotia, N. Y., md Mrs. Edna Jewel of Schenectady, N. Y, The funeral service will be Sunday at 8 p.m. at the John J. Ryan Home for Funerals with lev. H. H. McConnell, pastor of teansburg Methodist Church, officiating. Burial will be in Beverly National Cemetery. Red Bank Man Held in Car Theft RED BANK-Orlon L. Davis, $, of 120 River St., will receive a hearing in Municipal Court today on an auto theft charge. He was arrested yesterday In Newark. Police Chlel George H. Clayton said Davis has admitted taking a car from Carland Inc. 363 Maple Ave., this place, on Aug. 7 and driving it to Newark. The chief said Davis parked he car in Newark and would return at night to sleep in it. Newark police arrested Davis vhen they found him asleep in he car. Davis is being held In default >t $1,000 bail pending the hearing WILLIAM BAIGENT POMPANO BEACH, Fla William Baigent, 79, of 1696 Northeast 51 Port died Wednesday in his home. Mr. Baigent was bora in England and lived In Rumson, N.J., most of his live. He worked on the estate of the late Bertram H. Borden of River Rd., Rumson, and moved here three years ago. Mr. Baigent was a life member of the Mystic Brotherhood Lodge 21, F&AM, and of the Hiram Chapter, Red Bank. He also belonged to the Oceanic Hook and Ladder Company in Rumson. Surviving are his wife, Daisy Grace Baigent; a son, Frank William Baigent of Rumson, and a brother, Victor Baigent of Mount Kisco, N.Y. Services were held this morning In the Kraeer Funeral Home here. Cremation will be tomorrow. ARNO F.WEBER MARLBORO - Arno F. Weber, 76, formerly of Red Bank, died at the state hospital here Tuesday. He was born in Germany, Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Bessie Weber of Perth Amboy and two sons, Henry Weber of Middletown and George Weber stationed with the Air Fore* m England. The funeral will be Saturday at 2 p.m. in the Posten Funeral Home, Atlantic Highlands, with Rev. Harry W. Kraft, pastor of the Central Baptist Church, officiating. Burial will be in Bay View Cemetery, Leonardo. MRS. BEATRICE C. ARIANO CLIFFWOOD - Mrs. Beatrice C. Ariano, 71, of 1117 Woodmere Dr., widow of Charles F. Ariano, died yesterday at the Perth Amboy General Hospital. Born In Kingston, N.Y., Mrs. Ariano was the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Grant Cambell. She was a member of. the VFW Auxiliary. Cliffwood, and also was affiliated with the Matawan Township Democratic Club. She is survived by two sons, George J. Pouzenc of Cliffwood and Alfred Pouzenc of Cliffwood Beach; one daughter, Mra. Muriel Sink of Cliffwood; eight grandchildren, and two greatgrandchildren. Services will be held tomorrow at 2 p.m. at the Day Funeral Home, 361 Maple PI., Keyport, with Rev. Frederick Boos of the Lutheran Church officiating. WILLIAM FEELEY, SR. REEDSVILLE, Ga. - William Feeley, Sr., 60, formerly of Keansburg, N.J., died here Tuesday. Among the survivors ar* two SOM, William Feeley and Ronald Feeley of Keansburg; a daughter, Mrs. Jean Bassett of Bloomfield, and four grandchildren. IN MEMOI1IAM In lovlni memory ol Chtrlei H. 8«nn«t, Sr. who pitied «w»y on Anrirt Thfe llowtri wa plftct upon TOUT crav* mny wither and decay, Our thoughts for you who alctpt beneath will never lad«away. Sadly mined by hli tamlly. Beaity... Quality... Craftsmanship In Enduring Memorials Vhfrour dhplay. S M tti* ptm*. ln«varmy of guaranteed maimmtnts... sireasonablyprfcad. cocm in Miy M#M. y *TW «wrimf krmulmt. am «*tt* ar wwstel*. jtnr>< Infer *'^"' JOHN VAN KIRK.* SON M Umtu "U MKdMtwn ull tl. M u ao... <W«er SB MBit U.MMI The Adams Memorial Home Successor to Mount Memorial Horn* FUNHAL DIKICTORS 310 IrwKi Strut ltd Mmk, N. J.

3 Roger E. Spear Q) "We >re a young couple in our tote twenties. My husband made what I'm afraid maybe unwise investments in the hope of making a quick gain. We now own American Motors, Textron, «nd U.S. Smelting. What do you think of these stocks? B.J. A) I'm all against investing to make a quick gain, but I believe your husband used pretty good judgment, on the whole. U.S. Smelting looks a little high now because of recent proxy battles, but the asset value here Is very high also. I would hold the stock. Textron is beginning to. develop strong growth and offers a good 4 per cent yield. You would be well advised to retain it on this basis. In view of the intensified competition from the Big 3 and its relatively low profit margin, I advise you to switch American Motors into Columbia Broadcast- Ing System. Q) "I would like to buy a little Papercraft stock, for my grand (on,; age 3. The stock used to sell much higher but now trades for T/,. I would appreciate your advice." E.S. BOYLE Investing By ROGER E. SPEAR POOR MAN'S PHILOSOPHER NEW YORK (AP)-The movie career of Constance Towers teemed utterly blighted at the tender age of 12. Working as a summer usherette in a small town theater, she committed the most unforgivable sin Of filmdom. "I accidently set fire to the popcorn machine," she said, hanging her head in mock shame, "I lost tny (Ob on the spot. "I wasn't in too good standing With the manager anyway. Instead of showing patrons to their teats, I spent most of the time sitting in the front row sobbing at the picture.", But 1 In the yea«since then the little druggist's daughter from Whitefish, Mont., has done very well for herself. Today she lives in several worlds all pretty wonderful. Miss Towers became a top singer in television and the nation's supper club circuit. She married a wealthy Panama insurance tycoon, Eugene C. McGrath, whose brother is Catholic archbishop there. She has two lovely children, and a family yacht to dive from when she goes skin diving. Socially, she is chummy with tome members of the Kennedy clan, and she is noted as one of the nation's best-dressed women. After appearing in one film she'd prefer to forget, she got a real break when director John Ford met her at an Ice show and later signed her to co-star with John Wayne in "The Horse Soldiers." In her latest picture, "the Shock Corridor," Miss Towers sheds her usual custom-designed finery to appear as a strip tease artist, a iole she undertook with some misgivings. "It threw me at first when I found I was to play a stripper, because I had never performed as a dancer," said Constance, who is blonde and willowy, bright and vivacious. "It isn't easy to sing and take your clothes off at the same time. It's I** trying to pat your bead and rub your stomach simultaneously." She studied for her part by watching some real strippers go through their chores in a Los Angeles temple of the arts known as "The Pink Pussy Cat." A chor- A) If you will allow me, I would iifce first to commend you warmly for thinking of yout grandson's future while he is at uch an early age. There is nothing much wrong with Papercraft except that earnings have been on a platea since The business of gift wrappings is highly seasonal as well as extremely competitive, and capable chairman and presi dent J. M. Katz has been unablt over the past four years to re establish the earning gains which gave the company rather a sharp growth rate through I (hink the shares must be con sidered somewhat speculative and I believe you should buy foi your grandson a. stock with i stronger growth record and outlook. I suggest a smaller number of shares in General Foods. (Mr. Spear cannot answer al mail personally but wilt answei all question! possible in his col timn.) Egg Market NEW YORK (APWUSDA) - Wholesale egg offerings light o large and ample on balance. Di mand good on large and di creased on balance yesterday. Whites: extras (47 lbs. min 38V5-40; extras medium (40 lbs, avenge) 28-29; top quality (4' lbs. min.) 41441/4 mediums (41 fcs. average)»-29tf; smalls (9 lbs. average) 1940; peewee Brawns: extras (fl lbs. min ; top quality (47 lbs. min.: 41&43& mediums (41 lbs. av erage) 29-30& smalls (36 lbs. av erage) 19-20; peewees % Fortune Showers On Constance Towers By HAL BOYLE eographer then taught her howti bump and grind. "It's a great form of exercisi if you need to get Into shape, she remarked learnedly. "You' be surprised- how many muscles you use." Today in History By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Today is Friday, Aug. 16, thi 228th day of There are 1J days left in the year. Today's highlight In history. On this date in 1780, the British scored an overwhelming victory in the battle of Camden, S.C., during the American Revolutionary War. Lord Cornwallls led 2,000 redcoats against 3,(100 Americans under Gen. Horatio Gates whose Colonial Arms was so badly beaten that Gates was labeled an Incompetent military leader. On this date In 1858, the first message over the new Atlantic cable wal sent fay Queen Victoria of England to President James Buchanan. In 1896, gold was discovered in the Alaskan Klondike. In 1936, Spanish rebels seized Badajoz and executed 1,200 of its defenders. In 1948, baseball great Babe Ruth died In New York after long Illness. Ten years ago... Russia proposed to the United States, Britain, and France that a German peace conference be held in six months and that the existing East and West German governments be merged temporarily. Five years ago... Playwright and drama critic Wolcott Gibbj died unexpectedly at the age of 56. One year ago... The AFL-CIO Executive Council approved plans for a drive to reduce the work week from 40 hours to 35 hours. America's first globe maker, James Wilson, walked 250 miles to New Haven, Conn., to learn copper engraving from Amos Doolktle, one of America's first map makers. Buying or selling? Use Register Classified for quick relults.-advertshneat, LOCAL SECURITIES The following bid and asked quotations from the National AJJOelation of Securities Dealers, Inc., do not represent actual transictions. They are a guide to the range within which these securities could have been sold (indicated by the "bid") or bought (indicated by the "asked") at the time of completion. BANKS Div. Bid Asked Asbury Park Ocean Grove Belmar - Wall National Central Jersey Bank Farmers ft Merchants First Merchants National Bank Keansburg - Middletown Long Branch Trust Matawan Bank Monmouth County National New Jersey Trust Peoples National, Keyport Sea Briflht National (xl 1.00 (x) (x) Brockway Glass INDUSTRIAḶ 80 Bzurs Chemicals Family Circle International Flavors and Fragrance* Laird * Company Mpnflpw'h.&ptal,...,..., Monmouth Electric MonmouUi Park N; J. Natural Gas Common 1.00 N. J. Natural Gas Fid Rowan Controller Spiral Metal if S. Homes * Devalopmwt Corp. (x) Dividend 1 5th Straight Advance For Wall Street NEW YORK (AJ>) - The stock market yesterday staged a pf< mature celebration of what appeared to be.,pe»r-»ettt ment ot he railroad labor dispute. The result was die fifth straight advance. Volume of 4.99 mttlion shares topped Wednesday's 4.42 million and was the heaviest since June 20 when similar total was com piled. Steels and motors were advancing early in the afternoon and rails began to perk up even in, advance of the news, so the first report arrived in the midst of a market that was rising. Rails wtre bought so heavily h a t Pennsylvania Railroad ended the day as the most active stock, up */ t at 19% on 93,- 200 shares an unaccustomed honor'for a rail stock. At its top price, Pennsy sold at 20%. The trend still remained higher at the end for the autos, steels, rubbers, building material utilities, oils, and a wide range of selected issues. Some of the more volatile issues were down. The Dow Jones industrial average, which was up 4.33 a rial hour before the end, closed wit] gain of 3.60 at Of 1,312 issues traded, 654 ad Under this plan, the insolvent wage earner can avoid bankmake To apply for this type loan, ruptcy. He is allowed regular payments based... you must be full-time matricuwhat he can actually afford lated student In a degree proing as many credits as each se- to a specified authority, who gram at the colege level earnthen distributes these funds among his creditors. Thus the mester calls for. So I would say creditors eventually get paid and this is not a solution in you the debtor i s given the opportunity of fulfilling his obligations-, However, business Sohoolg may case. instead of just writing them off have loan arrangements in you by filing bankruptcy. The wage area, so why not Inquire? If you earner's salary cannot be gar- simply want a means of earning an income, and a diploma is not nished while this plan is in effor must apply to the court. Pa. feet, and creditors who wish to essential, you might take some With two other men, vanced and 390 declined. New repossess merchandise not paid courses through your community expenses, and others: $15, includng car; $2, miscellaneous; $8, highs for the year totalled 83 am adult education facilities. Usually there is a very small fee Since I discussed the Wage new tows 14. Nine of the 15 most active Earner s Plan in this column which can easily be handled on medical; $1, newspapers, etc.; some time ago, I have received tion. that's $ stocks advanced, four declined almost any budget. many letters from readers who You'll note that I've counted and two were unchanged. said they could not get hold of the dimes as well as the dollars, Ralston Purina, thanks to Dear Miss Feeley: the proper form to file, in order which is what you'd better do, late block of 79,800 shares, took My wife Is having some extensive dental work done, which will to obtain the aid this piece of too. second place among the volume social legislation offers. Form leaders, easing y, to 32% on 87, cost us about $10 a week for 1058A should be obtainable at (You may obtain Mary Feeley's budget suggestion booklet 100 shares. Third was Chrysler, more than a year. My takelarge stationery, stores. I scouted home pay is $113 a week, rent $90 off % on 80,800 shares. by sending self-addressed long Next came U. S. Steel, up 7, envelope to her in care of this at 49%, and New York Central newspaper.), up % at 21%. Planners Stand Firm Market leadership in early afternoon was provided by General Motors wihioh ended the day as Against Rooftop Signs Takes Over eighth most active stock with net gain of 1% and by Ford (lotl ommendation on a variance application by Vincent Gesualdi, Rt, most active) up \\/ t Practice. not. CBS responded to record profits by touching a new high for pansion of his retail business anc outstanding ability 36, West Keansburg, to allow ex the year and making a net gai the moving of his residential <f Wt- Carter Products was u quarters above the store. ' %, U.S. Gypsum 2, Atlantii Coast Line 1%, Anaconda 1%. Yesterday's closing stocks: AOP Ind 100H r-t-jt CM Brk U Adami Ei 2B&, Jphns. M.m 48 Air Prod 6O',4 Jonei ft L 58 Air Heituo U% 'lay MfK 27 Aim Cp 10% K«ni)ecoll.72«i Allec Lud ' ' 40H Kaiier Al 36 Alls* Pw.. *2!4 Kopperi ft AlUtdCh 50-4, ES 22' Kroi«r " hth Port c, L*h V»l Ind LOP Gla«j Avco Corp Chry»l«r ClUti av COM Col* ConEdOvK 1111 Corn rt tli, Dug LI Cut Air I Xut Kod. TOO Op Ford Hot oirrctt Osn Accept Lib HCN&IJ Un * My LlUon Ind Lukeni Bll Mack Trk Mtnuh Oil Martin M Merck MOM Mlrm M*1I, Mo Pic A Mont Ward Nat Blac N Oat Rel Nat Dairy Nat Distill Nat Gypa Nat Steel NT Central NIa M PIT No Am Av Nor Pac Noit Alrlln Norwich Ph Outb Mar ow«n«111 Ol _ Fan A W Air 43' Faram Plct 47 1 Penney, JO 43 Pa PwiU 31 Pa HR» 19 M pep* Cola Ferkia Xlm PIlMT Phil 11 PWII Pat Pit Weal Pub Sv KG 79 Pullman Fur* CHI RCA KarthKm neidtex Co Repub SU R«7lon Bern Met Bar Tob Rob Controli Bt Joi Lead Bt Ret Pap 3H Mara Roeb " SIHII Oil Sinclair 4i% imllh. AO 31 Soconjr 70' Sou Pap Sou Ry Sperrj Rd 8td Brand 25 Std Oil Cal Ml am on NJ 705 Studebaker Texaco TH O Prod Tex O Bui Ttxtron ndewat Oil Trantamer Un Carbide Un Pac Unit Alrc United Cp US Unea US Pljwd US Rub U8 Smelt VB Steel Van Al SU WatworUi Warn B Plo Wn Un Tel 29 Weitt El While Hot Woolwth' Tnset Bh*T ZenlUi K the It is on these two applications hat the Planning Board last lot Tel * T«1 SO light recommended denial, after again* reviewing the regulations DAUGHTER FOR BOWMANS at" the request of the Zoning MATAWAN TOWNSHIP - A Board. laughter, Karen Elizabeth, was In other action the board: bom to Mr. and Mr«. Vern R. Recommended that the Zoning Bowman, 3 Idlestone La., Strath Board approve a variance for more, Aug. 1 at New York Lying- Dr. Richard Levirte, Middle Rd., In Hospital. Mr. Bowman is art Hazlet, to permit the renting of lirector for the Book of Know- the remaining portion of his ledge, Crolier Publishing Co., Mew York. Mr. and Mrs. Bowman and their son Mark, 14 months, moved here this month from New York City. Living Within Your Income A Plan to Reduce Bankruptcy By MARY FEELEY Consultant in Money Management It's heartening to note that the personal bankruptcy rate has been slowed and may well continue to diminish, because more people are learning about the Wage Earner's Plan known also as Chapter XIII of the National Bankruptcy Act of At a recent International Consumer Credit Conference, a banker made the point that credit men are agitating for wider application of this plan. For the benefit of those readers who aren't aware that this legislation is on the books, let me sum up briefly: my own area in the Interest of research and found one promptly. If you can't, you might try contacting bar association city, county, or state. A lawyer moreover can help you make sure you fill out the form correctly, and what fees are involved. Dear Miss Feeley: 1 understand a qualified stu dent can get a government loan. Does this same provision apply to an adult? I would like to go to school to take a business course. Can apply for this loan or Is ther< some other government loan could get? Mrs. L. R. a, Oakland, Calif. Dear Mrs. H.: RARITAN TOWNSHIP - Back ing up its previous stand, th Planning Board last night recom mended that the Zoning Board ol Adjustment deny two pending ar> plications for signs atop roofs. Earlier this year the planners in reply to a request from th Zoning Board for an opinion 01 the regulations concerning roo signs in a B-3 zone, reported the found the regulations "to be no only fair and reasonable, but vitaj part of the zoning ord nance." Last night the bo'ard reaffirmed its view in reply to a second request from the zoners concerning the erection and illumination ol rooftop signs in the B-3 business commercial zone. It stressed the erection a B-3 zone, reported'the; the provisions of the zoning o dinance with specific regulation detailed for each zoning district and in all zones, signs! etectei op the building are restricted tc the facade of the structure, "which by definition does not include the roof." No Signs With reference to the B-3 zone, the planners, pointed out the ordinance specifically states that in this zone "no sign, except sue directional devices as may be required by the Federal Aeronautical Authorities, shall be placed, s«inscribed or supported upon the 135 7» 38K building which 7».4 roof or upon any buildig T{^ extends above the roof of any bildi" building." The board's report also stressed that,the zoning ordinance "is the most important 'tool' available to carry out the long range com prehenslve plan of the township. Deviations from the ordinance therefore, should be made only after careful study of the short aad long range effects that these deviations may have on future planning in the township." It concluded that "to protect the, general welfare of our community, (he erection of signs must be In accordance with orderly design and function." Granted One Disregarding the opinion of the Planning Board on the rooftop sign question, the Zoning Board in March, by a 3-2 vote, approved a variance for Family Circle Stores, Rt. 36, to erect a sign atop Its store roof. Applications now before the Zoning Board for rooftop sign approval are by Weston's Drive-In, Rt. 36, and Hutchinson Signs, Inc., for J. M. Fields, Rt. 35. premises not required for his dental practice. Requested from the Zoning] Board "specifics instead of generalities" before making a rec-ll LOANS UP TO $10,000 IF YOU NEED MORE CAPITAL IN YOUR BUSINESS Dry OMMIIHI N*l Oil K INOUIRIIS W1LCOMID FROM ALL Un IUSINUSISI * SwtkMtt TncklM AND OTHIRS PHONE MMrits M.t.h Hoffman (Coniilnued) long time and has earned th respect, not always easy to get rom county, state and nations newsmen. Like most public re ations men, he rarely vol unteers a story that might be considered adverse to his organ ization. But if we get it from another source, Pete will giv us the straight Information." Mr. Hoffman, a Chapel Hil Middletown, resident, started oul at Fort Monmouth in 1946 as the assistant chief of information Two years later, he was name to the top post here. An offlcei in World War II, he was at oni time a New York City advertising man. Mr. Hoffman, in his job as information chief, has served under several commanding generals, few of them the same in personality or temperament. I has been said that being able to do a good job {or them and, a the same time, keep the communications media reasonably appy is a feather In the hat :hat he sefdom wears. Few people, especially those in Fort Monmouth's higher echelons, will disagree that Mr. Hffman is definitely one of the key men at Fort Monmouth. It is known generals value his dvice and seek It often. To a commanding general, new in his ob, Mr. Hoffman very often represents the stability of being a rldge of continuity. In Washngton, information people at De- )artment of the Army and the )epartment of Defense have, a ilgh regard for. him. His job deals little with actual writing he has a staff for that tmt more with information polcy making. Whereas at one time, had all of Fort Monmouth his beat, there are now in irmation officers for other fort gencies. But as the Information oss of the Electronics Command, his authority stretches out many other installations in the ountry. The good relationship that Fort tonmouth enjoys with neighborng communities has been atrlbuted largely to Mr. Hoffman. le has often stressed that Fort onmouth must not only be a cod neighboimrat mutt also ke part in county anfd communa month, including utilities. With a boy 14 and a girl 10, how can we manage? I've been accustomed to giving my wife $60 a week, to cover food, laundry, clothes, and personal expenses for her and the kids. But we're going to have to tighten up. The point is, where? D. E. L., Long bland, N. Y. Dear D. E. L.: When a family spending plan needs surgery, the logical place to start operating is on the food allotment. The food dollar has a lot of give and bounce. If your wife wil aim at the low-cost food figure per week, as estimated by the U. S. Department of Agriculture, she can feed the four of you on $ And with a cautious approach to other items, your budget should sur vive this medical emergency. For instance: trim your wife's weekly allowance to $ Thi: would allow $27.10 for food; $4, laundry, supplies, etc.; $5, clothes; $10, personal expenses; $3.50, children's personal expenses. Hold family weekly expenses to $33.60, which you should bank and pay out month: $21 home; $4, telephone; $5.10, insurance; $3.50, savings, Now for your personal weekly Sanford Gold KEYPORT Dr. Sanford Gold has assumed the practice of Che late Dr. Bernard Wiener at Main St. for the general practice of dentistry. A graduate of Rutgers University and New York University College of Dentistry, Dr. Gold measure, served as a dental captain i the Air Force for two years, He has practiced in Emerson f the past two and a half years. He Is a member of the New lersey Dental Society and has aken specialized courses in nalgesia. Dr. Gold is married to the former Judith Raff. They have two hildren. They expect to make their home In (his area In the ear future. Glamis Castle, Scotland, Is said > shelter the ghost of Earl Jaerdie, doomed to play cards vith the Devil for eternity. The arl staked his soul In a card ;ame with Satan and lost. ty activities. The fort likes Its officers, enlisted men, and civilan employees lo be a part of he community and sanctions luch organizations as the Comunity Appeal, Red Cross and loy Scouts. Mr. Hoffman Is a Red Bank otary Club member and hates > miss a meeting. In 1MB he was presented the lerltorious service award, one f the Army's highest civilian wards. It was presented for his ublic and troop information acomplishments. At that time ie was- the secons civilian at tort Monmouth ever to receive e award. HHDS 30th ANNIVERSARY DIAMOND SALE! DIAMOND QUALITY,# & FOR LESS! Na MeiMy DIAMOND DUO Down, $1.00 w«k. IiqililN marcklnq 14K _ rings onaurpaimcl aaywjki* at this law prlca.' Urgnt fetation of Porhct DIAMONDS from 3t.5O le Sold with a 30-Day, Mowy-lack a«ar«too. REEDS JEWELERS Cntnil Jtriiy-C : M Irwd St., Ui Imk 717 Coohmn Av.., Atbiiry Port Cpo* Wod. awl Fri. «*. * «loak Opmi WM.. frl. Im. B D BANK REGISTER Friday, August ti>, Allen-Heott Beporti A Marcher With a Record By ROBERT S. ALLEN and PAUL SCOTT WASHINGTON The "brains" of the forthcoming giant civil rights rally in the nation's capital is a one-time member of a Communist organization, a wartime conscientious objector, and served a jail term on a morals conviction. That's the record Senate authorities have turned over to Washington police on Bayard Rustin, deputy director of the massive Aug. 28 demonstration. This record, based on FBI and police reports, is as follows: As a student at. the College of the City of New York in M36, Rustin joined the Young Communist League and was active in its operations on the campus and elsewhere. In World War II, he was arrested several times for making speeches advocating resistance to the conflict against Hitler and Mussolini. As a professed conscientious objector, he served 26 months in the federal prisons at Ashland, Ky., and Lewisburg, was convicted in 1953 in Pasadena, Calif., on a morals charge, and served 60 days. While Rustin has no college degree, he spent seven years studying at Wllberforce, Ohio, and Cheyney, Pa., colleges, the College of trie City of New York, and the London School of Economics. A. Philip Randolph, president of the Sleeping Car Porters and chairman of the huge march on Washington, personally designated Rustin as deputy. Asked If in view of the Senate report to Washington police on Rustin's Communist and prison record he would be asked to qivc up this key post, Randolph em phatically replied, "Of course 'I firmly believe," declares Ribicoff. "that those who urge the need for law have a responsibility to insist that law be observed. Many who decry discrimination have practiced or condoned il. Man/ who point a condemning finger at the South are unaware, for example, that in no Northern city can be found the extent and quality of private residential housing lor Negroes that exist 1 ; in Atlanta, Ga. "Many who are quick to condemn discrimination 1,500 miles away have never looked at what is happening six blocks from their own home?. Denying a man a job he is a Negro ;he President, showed a maxi- He's 'Mr. March' himself. mum of 54 votes for his civil We couldn't do without him. His rights bill, with a greatly and experience watered down version of the pub- are invaluable." accommodations provision. This column put the question direct to Rustin if he proposed continuing his connection with the demonstration. "I certainly do," lie said. I've been meeting with high Justice Department officials on our plans, and I will have other conferences with them as we progress." "Who are these officials?" "One of them is Assistant Attorney General Burke Marshal (head of the Civil Rights Divl sion)," said Ruslin, UNEXPECTED PLAIN TALK Senator Abraham Ribicoff, D- and Welfare, favors the adminis that's not keeping him from doing some blunt talking particu larly about the need for law oblegislation. It is Ri'blcoff's forthright concomes before enactment of is indefensible. Granting a man a job if he is not qualified just,. because he is a Negro cannot be R " sun justified cither. "Those who claim that X nunfber of jobs or Y per cent of jobs must be set aside for Negroes re not favoring equality of opportunity. They are saying that opportunity does not matter, that merit does no matter, that only arbitrary numbers and percentages matter. This point of view will undermine the whole effort to achieve equality In this country. Discrimination Is wrong whether it works against a man ir for him. Unless the test is ability, someone will always be the victim of discrimination." CIVIL RIGHTS FLASHES -,atest backstage nose count of :he Senate; made expressly for While this is a meager majority of the Senate, it is 13 short of the rate required to bring the measure to a ballot. That means the President has a long and hard battle ahead of him getting enate action on ths legislation.. A. Philip Randolph, director if the mass march on Washingon, Is telling other leaders he "confidently expects" that President Kennedy will address the vast rally at the Lincoln Memorial. Also that Vice President Lyndon Johnson, Attorney General Robert Kennedy, Speaker John McCormack and other notables will attend and speak... Walter Reuther, head ol the United Auto Workers and vice president of the AFL-CIO, Is extremely active behind-the-scenes in the big demonstration. He is participating In the planning and h i There's no Trick to Having Ex- :ra Cash. You Get It Fast When 'ou Use The Register Classified. NEED MORE SPACE? MODERN BATH COLOR FIXTURES Finest Workmanship CUSTOM KITCHEN CUSTOM PLANNING Moi^rattm your old bathroom Hrl«nllttr*tly planned for «*«r er let u«iflntalf» new oaf. Elthnr w*r *ur prim tr«lh«utr, df«l(»rd (or btftuly Ud prlrrd to nave you the molt Umeit. rri>«estimate!, nionry. Call and tee. FIRST PAYMENT DEC. UP TO 20 YEARS TO PAY

4 '* ni».y, August 1.6,19«3 KEO- BANK REGISTER ON THE HOUSE From various sources come these bits of information of interest to the home owner:. More than 50 leading paint brush manufacturers are now offering sash and trim brushes with tapered nylon filaments. It is said that this type of brush resists water and maintains its resilience through prolonged use with water-base paints. ing to one school of thought, natural bristles' tend to soak up water in these paints, becoming floppy and losing their shape. The now brushes also are said to eliminate "dumping," the a term used by painters for the release of too muoh paint the instant a brush touches a surface. products dealer? In the old days, you bought your lumber at the yard, your paint someplace else, your plumbing repair maerials in a third place, and so on. Today, most lumber yards have a kind of supermarket setup, where you can purchase vir tually anything you need to repair, remodel or refurnish. Accords FREEHOLD - The best methods Prefinished wood siding for Seeding a new lawn or for homes is now receiving a marketing renovating an unsatisfactory old- test. A major lumber er lawn, will be shown, in the company is selling the material ield at the College of Agriculture Research only in the Omaha, Neb.," area. Farm in Adel- The finish coat is a baked-on phia, Tuesday, Aug. 20, according to County Agent Marvin acrylic resin with a satin appearance. The claim, backed by a A. Clark. written warranty, is that the siding will not require painting for at least seven years and that tihe factory applied paint film will not peel or blister at any time. National distribution is planned when demand and production permit. which will take place at 7 p.m. This will give Monmouth County people an opportunity to see how good lawn seeding practices are put into effect. If they are suf- A recent national survey dhows that, when it comes to ficiently interested to follow it adding an extra room to a house up, the demonstration will serve the bedroom Is the most frequent addition. When it comes pected from the use of these to show what results can be ex- to remodeling a room that Is methods. already there, the kitchen is the The Rutgers Agricultural Re- most popular target for modern Improvements. Some home builders are mak Ing a discovery: women are yearning for the return of the old-fashioned pantry. A house With a walk-in pantry, with plenty of. room for canned goods, jars, etc., makes an instant hit with female homeseekers. This type of pantry can do wonders to offset the space nan dicaps of a small kitchen, and gets plenty of appreciation, too, when combined with a kitchen of any size. Ever notice the big difference between the old lumber yard down by the railroad tracks and the modern, one-stop building REBUILT REFINISHED Prompt Service CARL WILMS 25 rear) St Rid Bonk Lawn Seeding Demonstration Next Tuesday Dr. Henry W. Indyk, extension specialist in turf management at Rutgers, is co-operating with the Monmouth County agricultural agents in this demonstration search Farm is located on Halls Mill Rd., north of Rt. 524 at the village of Adelphia, which is about three miles south o[ the center of Freehold. The county agent states that this demonstration in the central part of Monmouth County will have a number of advantages for Monmouth County residents. Because it is located at the Research Farm, it will be continued as many years as there is need for It. Because it is so centrally located, It Is readily accessible to interested people who want to see how and what is done to establish a good lawn. The county agent emphasizes that any and all Interested people are welcome to attend. Peters House Is Sold RUMSON Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Peters, formerly of 172 Buena Vista Ave., Fair Haven, have sold their home to Mr, and Mrs. David McKissock from 404 East 66th St., New York City..' Mr. and Mrs. Peters and their family have been transferred to Taiwan to manage a new factory for Singer Sewing Machine Company. Mr. Klssoik Is with the American Flange.Manufacturing Company, Inc. The MoKissock's have two children.-the sale was made by Mrs. John Heermans of ths Ellen S. Hattlton' Real Estate office at 131West River.Rd. New Crown Kitchen,.. BEAUTIFUL! 418 Highway Mlddlerown, N. J. IN THE GREAT AMERICAN TRADITION IT'S Wyohrioob AT HOLMDEL IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCIES AVAILABLE front 522,990 THE FEATURES 3 and 4 bedrooms, huge rtereat.uii room,, custom birch or reokwood cabinets, largo bowmenti, full Iniulotloi) and w»alhentrlpplng, Caloric klfcheni, automatic S, E, oai heat, two-car garages, 100 -nip. service),,ft5 Model Home Phone ***" DIRECTIONS GARDEN STATE PAltKf WAY Take Parkway South *o T.M Flunk Exit 109 inrl N«wman Spring! lid,, l!ien turn right on Nfiwman BprlnM ltd-, continu* ipproxiilx mllei nlle to y llolmilel Onttr Md MB. IANK! Agant Kastner-Mlranll 100 Qulintiy Hlrrel W nmfs FurcilnliPd by F J I C l ]\\jclin ) oohwumel JOINER Ted Hall, right, president of the Red Bank Area Multiple Lilting Service, welcome! William J. McGowan to membership. The group hat 38 member offices. Mr. McGowan' owns McGowan Agency, 258 River Rd., Red Bank. He recently became a member of the Monmouth County Board of Real-tors,» prerequisite to joining MLS. Here's How List Rules By VIVIAN BROWN AP Newsf eaturei Writer To repair or not to repair a piece of furniture is a dilemma faced by many people. Is it worth the effort, they want to know. And how do you judge whether it is worth the time and trouble before you Invest? If the object is a loved piece be about 16.C00 different species of furniture such as an old favorite rocking chair, family heir plants outdoors for a vacation i TJie time to take your potted of insects, according to County Agent Marvin A. Clark. In orloom or one Jhat recalls happy der that a postlve identification when the temperature is abou memories and associations, the the same outdoors as it is Indors. Plunge them in your gar- of your problem can be made, expense and effort should be well specimens must be in, good condition on arrival. planters up to jfrik.fiort rims worth it.. den, window boxes'or.outdoor But one shouldn't put {300 Louis M. Vasvary, entomologist for the agricultural extension plants to breathe more- eftsily Porous dlay pots permit youi worth of labor into something bought for $20, just to prove he's service of Rutgers University, than plastic containers. ' got a bargain, unless the piece lists nine points that should be when finished Is worth $320 to followed in preparing insect spec- him. Value your own time when appraising the worth of an item to be repaired. A rare "find" is another mat ter. It could be that you would work for a year and put In hundreds of hours of spare time to repair a beautiful piece of furni' ture, matching veneers or inlay or applying authentic decorative design meticulously in a labor of love. This Is an object you can exhibit with personal pride at the finish. The most careful buyer makes an occasional impulsive purchase thafhe must judge eventually as having been foolhardy, He should then settle for being out of pocket, reselling the article at the earliest opportunity even at a loss, if owning it causes him mental-anguish. A case in point Is that of a young couple in a tiny house wh found a good-size Directoire secretary, that must have been gem in other days. The inlay tha! is intact is lovely, but much of Is missing, along with so many other pieces drawerirontu, hard ware, rails that it would be a enormous undertaking for ai amateur cabinet worker. The desl section is fairly well intact wit! its.narrow drawers, but sides an back of the piece are badly di< colored and slightly warped, an because of the inlay requires tremendous work. The husband realized he wai licked when he took a good lonj look at it (which he should done before buying It). His' wifi wants to make the best of It, pu ting" It in the bedroom with wha ever repairs they can make them selves making it useable. Th( husband realistically refused. Bu now the piece Is In their basement where it will no doubt deteriorate. It should be sold eve at a loss to someone who has th time and experience to make th repairs. Anytime one buys an old pleci of furniture with the Idea of re pairing it, he thould be fairly well aware of how missing essential pieces may be located and havi some basic knowledge of how ti put the missing parts together. Ai old piece can be a good purchase, providing one' has the time, money and materials to make re pairs. It is frustrating when ow doesn't. Some people forget to figun the cost of materials when estimating expenditures necessary in making repairs. Warped piece may require clamps. Decoration can be a costly Item if gold lea or many colors must bs used. Authentic reproductions of hard ware can bring the cost of goodsize piece of furniture up considerably. It is worthwhile if you have a treasure when finished. but often it would have been cheaper to buy a good piece in the beginning. One man, who bought a severely damaged Boston rocker for $15, could have got one In good condition at the same sale for $27. Dut the enjoyment he had In refinlshing the piece was worth I the trouble. Attitude Is something that must I! be taken into consideration when I making a decision ton, and that I can be evaluated only by the in- I terestcd party. Never buy any- I thing that needs to be repaired if I you feel wishy-washy about do Ki Therc'<! no Trick to Having Ex- Ijtra Cash. You Get it Fast When I You Use The Register Classified. Advertisement. For Insect Identification FREEHOLD Many times homeowners are plagued with insect problems that require the identification of the pest involved. In this area, there are said to imens for shipment. 1. Insects may be sent dead or alive, although it is usually better to kill them before shipment. 2. Hard-bodied Insects should be confined In a small box with cotton or cushioning material. 3. Soft-bodied Insects should be place in a tightly stoppered bottle or vial of alcohol. 4. Plant specimens should be selected to show typical Injury. Wrap the specimen in waxed paper, cellophane, or other moisture-proof wrapping. 5. Wood specimens should show typical damage and should be large enough to include some undamaged material. 6. Remove'specimens'from soil before shipping, 7. Paj&;>ip»y?M r crushing. 8. Always send an accompanying letter giving the circumstances of the problem and telling exactly where the specimen* were obtained. 0. Send leter and specimens to County Agricultural Agent, 20 Court St., Freehold. "ASTRO-GUIDE" Answer By ANDY LANG AP Newateatures QUESTION: We have moved into an old house' and find that there are many openings trouac the bathtub, the corners and al the floor joints. These openings are at places where there are wail t«les. -Some bi* the tiles are loose, although stih clinging to the wall. Appreciate your ad- ice to fill these spaces to prevenj damage from water; ANSWER': The openings around the top of the bathtub and at comer* and floor joints should be sealed with a waterproof plastic or other type of caulking compound. There are many' good brands on the market for th!: specific purpose. The. compound is applied directly from, the tube by maintaining a steady pressure' while it is being- guided along a joint. Let the compound set For 10 or 15 minutes, then smooth it out with a wooden stick of the type used n ice pops or supplied with containers of coffee or other beverages. The tiles can be reset by applying a special tile cement. In both these cases,, all loose mortar or other crumbling material shoum be removed'before he new compound and cement are applied. Read the instrucions on the tube of the particular compound you buy to see whether painting Is recommended. (Questions of general Interest will be answered In this column. Individual correspondence can not be undertaken.) Board Grumbles But Bans Prayers KEAN9BURG - The Board of Education last night reaffirmed its reluctant decision r to discontinue reading of the Bible and recitation of the. ord'«prajfei in classrooms. this."pomjng schrc! yeai\. ' '..,',.' The decision was taken as. a result of State Attorney. General Arthur J. Sills' recent; opinion that state laws requiring such reading and recitation are unconstitutional. Instead, announced Superintendent. Thomas C Garrison, "most of the lower'.grades will sing, a patriotic song,, and teachers will be Jree to comment about other phases ot life.".. Mr, Garrison will, consult with teachers "and see if we cannot come up with something appropriate to open each day." Grumbling commentj wen heard from board members, bul they agreed that any other decision wai impossible under present circumstances. For Saturday, Auguit 17 Present For You and Y o u r s... Optimistic radiations continue. Interest in inventions, new methods and ideas h accented. Travel is favorably aspected once more. Temporarily defer a large-scale purchase which isn't retfly necessary it this partioalu' tine. A better buy will be available a little later anyway. By Ceean Past... On Aug..:17, 1807,. ft hire)". Of the 573,000 who Robert Fulton'i steamboat, the log^oiie-fifth wiil' < prxmy "Clermont," mada its way up continue in graduate study. t... Many of these future graduates the Hudson River from New do not plan on this coune now, York to Aloaoy-i distance of ^*j *" M bigbet u <"* 150 miles in 32 hours. The Day Under Your Sign ARIES (Sorn March 21 fo April It) It would be toolkit to morteaca your 'uture for minor temporary furu. TAURUS (April 20 lo May 291 Something; that oomei In a eiltterinf packige may be found to be worthlcaa. EMINI (May 21 to June 21) ^ Personal enuuuiaem will inldire otherc to be more optimistic- about tntnrj. CANCER (June 22 to July 21). This la not a rood tine to ducust your ambiiioua objectirea. exxept with your nite. > LEO (July 22 fit Aug. 21) A cutioui Individual aboutd U dealt with firmly, as only you can do. VIRGO Ai». 23 to Sept. 22) This la no time for 'Complacency. In- Iteid, ttasd up and be counted. ZOUBEK LIJRA <5«pr. 21 I* Ott. J}) PUn axial tlhln lot tie eratof. A md time will be hid tu ill SCORPIO (Oct. 23 «Nov. II) Your hnllh Bur l» lomewhat rhptrrdr Mected tally, (rat rat will do wonfetf. SAGITTARIUS (NoV.JJIo D.e. 21) Be a little mjrtcrtoui laitenl of tlpptaf rear bud to time ttouad roc CAPRICORN (Dae. 22 to Jan. 20V H omcona acemi to VJ into jour private affalri, (rj to find out wbr, AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 H Feb. ID Peopra will differ with TOUT riewf tod«r. but to vhatr There'* room for all. PISCES (Fab. 20 l«march 10) Frtetute nur be wtkinf for 70U to renal vacation plani, to ifttu op. C Fubllihera Newspaper Syndicate Construction, Industrial Equipment, Supplies DISTRIBUTORS FOR JACKSON MFG. CO. Wh.eibarrewi, L P Gat SalamanrJ.ri Concrtrtt Carti Mixing Boxts Mortar Pans and Stand* ELECTRIC TOOL and SINBRATOR RENTALS 42 IIRCH AVI. SN LITTLI SILVIR Richard B. Davis Joins Maifeo SHREWSBURY - Richard B. Davis, Shrewsbury, received his New jersey realtor licenses and is associated with the A. Fred Maffeo Agency here. Mr. Davis is a graduate of Red Bank High School ami attended Peddie Preparatory School, Hightstown, and Monmouth Junior College, West Long Branch. He served with the Havy in World War II. and was stationed in the Philippines Islands.. Mr. Davis was previously associated with the Merchants Trust Company, Rad Bank, Bendix Corporation,' Eatonknvn, and Hie f^air University Shop, Wanamassai He lived with his wife arid two children in Shrewsbury. Giant Hornet Is Damaging Many Plants FREEHOLD The giant hornet is working on rhododendrons, lilac and dogwood, 'often with damaging results. County Agent Marvin A. Clark says this insect is a large wasp an inch long or more with orange markings. It removes strips of bark about an eighth o< an inch wide to build its nest in * tree cavity, between, rafters of a building or perhaps underground. The hornet feeds on the sap that Hows from the Wounrjs.It* make's.', A. pranfjh.that fs/completely girdled maji'die.. ';... The best control, according to Louis. M, Vasvary, Rutgers entomologist, is to spray the trunk and branches with two tablespoons of 50 per cent DDT wettable powder to a gallon of water when the,,pest begins to. tear off the bark. If yqu Jiqd a.nfst, deslroy it by spraying with: DT or choiordane or pouring kerosene, ovef It or fumigating with calcium cyr anide... There Is.less chance of being itung when you destoy the nest if you wait until evening after the wasps have returned to the nest. itr 125 MOH TU6 WES TW 6 Has Advice For Outdoor Light Plans FREEHOLD - Often electric lighting and appkcances make outdoor living even more enjoyable. However, only electrical equipment properly designed for outdoor use should be used, cautions William J. Roberts, extension agricultural engineer at Rutgers University. All permanent outdoor wiring should be VF cable, which is designed tor direct burial, he says. It, however, must pass through electric conduit vriiere it enters the basement and the appliances or where it leaves the ground There *re many, types of out door lights. They should have weatherproof cords and plugs. Sockets and outlets should be waterprooled and all connections taped with plastic electrical tape. Avoid leaving connections directly in low spots where water might accumulate during a sudden shower, Roberts advises. Simple plastic covers can be used to shed much of the water. The wire should be looped a the connection into a drip loop with the plug and socket at the top of the loop. The water will drain to the bottom of the loop and drip away. Make your summer outdoor living safer by using proper electrical. equipment, the engineer urges. India mines Iron ore, manganese, mica, coal, bauxite and chroniite. The Caanty Agent Answers By MARVIN A. CLA«K Q. is there any way to control the tall reeds that grow new the marshlands? A; Persistent cultivation will gradually eliminate the tail reads and cat-tails but where this'is impossible or impractical, a chemical known as Dalapon ha* been used with considerable mecess. Repeated applications ;in successive years may be necessary»nd one should ajwayj ^eep in mind that weeding with chemicals is really like hoeing, minus the exercise. - ; Q. There is some lose barji on the trunk of one of my trees. How can I make It grow back? A. Once the outer bark is loosened from» tree trunk-or nwture branch, there is no way to make It grow back. Proper treatment would be to trim off all the loose bark, back to vvhire the green tissue beneath the bark is exposed. If this leaves a-laige scar two or three inches in diameter, the exposed heartwood should be painted with a good tree pain*. If it is just a small scar, nature Wrll heal it over without any treatment. COURT OF AWARDS MIDDLETOWN A Court of Awards was held by Girl Scout Troop 99 in Camp Nomoco last weekend. Carol Rlckner, Sherry Hyatt, Susan Sdiaeffer and Deborah Brown received first d»ss badges. Other scouts received badges. Mrs. Richard Tuston and Mrs, Anton Krumel attended with the co-leaders, Mrs. Matthew Schink' and Mrs. Loftus Brown. ililiiil EDWARD FRONCEK PAINTING I DECORATING 840 NINTH AVE. UNION BEACH TEL CO FREE ESTIMATES FALL SPECIAL! DUPONT M10-10 TURF FOOD (Wfrii Thii Coupon Only) 20% OFF 3 Middletown Gdrden Center #3S, MIDDLETOWN k it WITH THIS COUPON $ TUf KltO THU bonus reasons m n CJtt MOW TUE W»O THU BE! 1 It for renting at Aberdeen East Every summer day becomes a vacation because Aberdeen East Is complete with Its own private swim club. Summertime,»nytlm«, the living's great In these gracious air conditioned apartments. They look liks and live like charming colonial homes. Don't let the suburban setting (we'ra next door to Cheesequake Park) fool you. We're minutes from trains, shops.,, 30 minutes from Newark, 50 minutes f rent New York City. 3Mtro«msfrom$1ia/4Vi roomi, 2 b«dre«ns f rem S14S Furnished Aparttntnti Available Model aptt. open noon till S P.M. dally & Sunday. j5%berdeen 12 id m 26 WSKSM (Mfll.Owntav«oi9«( <> )nir4-wn DIRECTIONSi Gardii) StiU farkwav to exit 120. Right turn to corner o< Ravins Driva and AtMrdtan Road. AbtvdMn Road to MaUwan Awnue, Left turn on Matawan Avenm 200 yards on left. Rout* I into Rout* 34 to Main Strwt In Matawan. Left torn on Main Street to ABERDEEN RD. (DutehtM Restaurant) toft on AtwrdMn Rd. to Mttawan Avenue. Right turn lo property. 200 yards on left *«rt» 3»! Main Street in Matawan. Turn right it RQIIOS to Aberdeen Road (Dutchla'i Restaurant), than right turn to Matawan Avenue. Right turn to property, 200 yd*, on left. I. '

5 MENACE ynm,m am m*. ARE MY FAR CHIEMI NEW YOBK (AP) - An all- Japanese cast will do the Tokyo version of "My Fair Lady" this (all. Eie Toho Company, a major Mm-and-stage corporation in the Orient, has been licensed for the production by the Columbia Broadcasting System, which fi nanced the original Broadwa presentation. =tueceni-they hope 1o :emulate. Mr. Kanneily, 36, it Eliza Doolittle will be portrayed by Chiemi Eri, and Pro graduate of FordhamUnivenity an d St..John's Law fessor Henry Higgini by Tada< sardw«re,,and especially the safe-j SeKdol.iaipraeticing att'orpty and a member of the Plan. Takshima. Japan l» the nth ty equipment you need.,_ : ' nftig B^ard, and.resides at 8 Highland Ave. with 'hit wife country to see the lernerfjoewi musical. ATTICE Mavt dwd mi pprwslw Imt air fren yaw attic and «*ol HM ii- Hrlsr of year keim. All sins I* feck 7» C. Nnrma Springs Rd.. lud Ink WEST RJRNITURE CO. KEYPORT, N. J. CO Open Monday and Friday Evenings Until 9 P. M. Carrier AIR CONDITIONING UNIT! LET US INSTALL A MODEL TO FIT YOUR HOME for as little as 525 pliu installation CALL US NOW FOR A FREE ESTIMATE EASY BUDGET TERMS NOEL R. NILSON CO. SH SILVER Don't Move-Add A Room Wfielfctr or net your dctirt Is to add a room... or simply a porch enclosure your test btt would be to call ScMoeder Coutractlon Co. LOW MONTHLY PAYMENTS I YEARS TO PAY! FREE ESTIMATES! DORMERS GARAGK* TOUCH ENl LOSUBKS ROOM ADDITIONS > HODBHN O E N K KTTOBKNS > BATHROOMS MAMO.NRY IIEATINO CALL DAY or NIGHT SCIILOKDKIU CONSTRUCTION CO. YEARS TO PAY / i * / v thu 11: i a I / on tt / til f 'i i ii f ti" n I * YOUR Maybe our Garden State won't ie in the path;, of.a late summer or fall hurricane-tw*. par. Perhaps we won't even {eel the sting of. the monster's tall is it rusbes to the eatt or weatj of us., On the ether band, 9iis may i the yearfor ns and our gats lens to be btowa «od soaked. Dancer for East-Omrm There's cause to worry it the home landscape includes fattgrowing tree sudt a* poplar, ma> pie, willow, black-locust or CM-I nese and Siberian elms. You can feel more secure, H ees important to your landscape include the stronger types iuch as oak, sycamore, honey-j ocust or Sophora... «Any tree, even one (of th«weaker kinds, can be strengthened so it's better able to stand lp to a big wind. One way is o make, the main limbs support Bach other by stringing ca- Je» through them." You can do the Job yourself you know, about the stresses] at work in a windblown tree, and if you have the time, tools, Otherwise, you'd better turn the Job over to a certified tree pert, advises.raymond P. Korbobo, extension specialist, in otnamental horticulture at Rutgers. Sometimes a tree Is so heavy with leaves that It offers a broadside target tor a strong wind,. Choosing just the right branches o take out can put "holes" in he tree rx> let the wind through. A tree with thick foliage and ihallohv roots that stands! self in the open often Is the on«to topple over, especially when rain softens the soil around Its oots. Korbobo makes «point of recommending a certified tree expert because such a man has had special training and is registered with the State Department of Agriculture. You can always locate one with the help of your county ag- '(cultural agent. Tree "doctors" and "surgeons" re easier to locate, especially an emergency following a torm. In fact, you may find one on your front porch after a bur- 1 cane, ready for a quick dollar. At such a time it's particularly import to get the 'services' of jpur state - and local governments? ' certified tree expert, says Korbobo. Congress may pass an 1 Income There's a certain amount of tax cutforindividuals and corporations this year or early next rst aid that you can do your-j self after a tree has been hurt, year. you know how. Korbobo has] But the skeptics say the $10 billion or so which the federal goy. written some instructions In Leaflet 17J, "Storm Injured eminent might thus free would "rees." just be a sitting duck for state, If you'd like to have a copy county or local governments looking-for more funds they can tap on hand In case you need it, ask your county agent (Marvin A. Clark, 20 Court St., Freetold) or send a card to Garden Reporter, College of Agriculture, Rutgera University, New Brunswick. Councilman Is Called Greenhorn' SEA BRIGHT - John J. Picknally. Independent candidate for mayor, has questioned a statement by Councilman Frank Van Duzer that atmospheric conditions are solely responsible for the pall of odor hanging over the borough: The odor, caused by gases Issuing from the local sewer plant, have been an annoyance to borough residents for several weeks. "The atmosphere over surrounding communities," said Mr. 'icknally, "Is no different th» here. There are no reports )f sewer troubles in nearby towns mch as we are now experiencing." The candidate charged the councilman does not know what he is talking about, "The odors in Sea Bright for the past two weeks have been unbearable," he said. "Even today, with a high wind, the odor Is very strong," ie added. He >aid that before Mr. Van Duzer passes off the."serious matter," he should realize the tacts. "This is an emergency," te said," "and something should done about it.".-, Mr. Picknally charged that the councilman has failed the borough in his first year in office ind he questioned Mr. Van Duzsr's qualifications as a candidate lor mayor. The Independent candidate termed his opponent a "greenhorn councilman." "If he csn't properly control (he operation of the sewer department, of which he is chairman, how can he supervise the borough?' 1 Mr. Picknally asked. Substitute Teacher* Approved by Board RUMSON - The following list >f substitute teachers was ar> >roved Wednesday by the Board if Education for the coming school year: Mrs. Marie Armstrong, Mrs. Donald Blesse, Mrs. Gerry Germain, Mrs. Marilyn Grimmer, Mrs. Miriam Grayzel, Mrs. Donald MembUng. Mra. Rutt Jacobs, Mrs. Beatrice Lawrence, Mrs, Barbara Love. Mrs: Arlene Meatley, Mra. Irving Peak, Mrs Elaine Petach, Mrs. Nancy Phil lips, Mrs. Joseph Ruscio, Mra Joseph Screen, Mrs. Patrick Stanley, ud Mr* Mary JafiaAea. Council Charlai K. Woodward, Jr., left, and Francis X. Kinnaity, right, Kaye 1 launched their campaign-with the 9.(5od\wi»baijOf Gov.! Richard J. Hughai, whoia political, and t\yo" dauglitari. Mr. Woodward, 31, it a native of thai borough, a- graduate of Panzer College, and pr»jid«nt of the Woodward Construction Company. Their.campaign'has started withibannan flying ovar Broad St. and.shrewsbury Ave. and a series of district meetings end j>ipnic«. The'Democrats' platform calli for a youth recreation program, naw ratablei, the revitaliiation of the watar dspartment.traffic pattern 1 revisions, the promotion of low cost.housing,-and ihe completion of the maitar, plan., DAWSON TODAY'S BUSINESS MIRROR: Who Will Spend That Tax Cut? By SAM DAWSON NEW YORK (AP)-H you get, are spent directly by taxpayers that tax cut next year that you've' or indirectly, at their command, been-hearing about for so long, who is going to spend It you or by, raising their own tax rates. If so, the end result could be that the taxpayer' would end 1964 owing just about as much as ever to one or another tax collector. One of the big arguments for a federal tax cut beyond the natural appeal of any tax cut by any agency is that it will free more spending money. You will be able to buy, more things you want,, the argument goes, and thereby you will be encouraging more production, more investment in future production, and hence more aorely needed Jobs. That, In turn, would add a lot more people to the income tax rolls, and the U.S. Treasury would collect more, even at the reduced rates. But.the state and local governments. are.searching for mora revenue to. meet the needs of growing communities and to furnish, still, more services that peopte like'to have (even if they don't enjoy paying for them). If $10 billion is freed by the federal tax collector, it'll be mighty tempting to other revenue seekers. It is widely conceded that state and local tax rates will, rise, or new taxes be devised. These will come out of your pocket, leaving just'that much less to be spent at the store. Will this nullify the boost to the economic growth rate that a federal tax cut Is supposedtopromise? Walter W. Heller says that Isn't necessarily so. The chairman of the President's Council of Economic Advisers argues this way: '"The boost to over-all demand Is the. same, whether ^the federal tax savings SERVICES ON MONDAY LOS ANGELES (AP) -An unusual experiment In worship services on Monday evening is being tried by Holman Methodist Church here to reach people who can't or won't attend Sunday morning. The Monday night worship so far had drawn from 17 to 100 worshippers, most of whom don't get to church on Sunday. "So long as the service la helpful to a single person, it will be continued," the pastor, Dr. L.L. White, said. by their stata and local governments." He contends that the end result would be "higher output, more jobs and a greater legacy of real wealth nouses, schools, productive plant and equipment. Heller adds that federal tax cu or no, the increase next y«ar In state and local tax revenues Is expectedtoapproach $3 billion. Sleepytime Pal Huggable from her loopy curls to the tips of her toes! Make her for pennies. Sleepytime Gal loves to cuddle up and go to sleep with baby. Make her of man'a sire 12 sock. Pattern 802: directions for doll, 'jamas. Tbirty-ftve cents In coins for this pattern add 15 cents for each pattern for first-class mailing and special handling. Send to Laura Wheeler, The Red Bank Register, Needlecraft Dept., P.O. Box 161, Old Chelsea Station, New York 11, N. Y. Print plainly pattern number, name, address and zone. NEWEST RAGE-SMOCKED accessories plus 208 exciting needlecraft designs in our new 1963 Needlecraft Catalog - just out! Fashions, furnishings to crochet, knit, sew, tfeave, embroider, quilt. Plus free pattern. Send 75 cents now. SEE THE HOUSE YOU REALLY WANT FAST? TRADMN YOUR PRISENT ONI te WALKER & WALKER : REALTORS SHREWSBURY 741-OU MIDDLETOWN o* xtrurmjt union >M nuoa-wa Belford Mr, tad Mrs. AMa WaSu* BANK.REGISTER 1 and grtudsoe L*rry of in, Friday, A»gu»t 16,19«3-S disnapous, lad., ware gneatt of Michael A. Schmidt, Waterytow Mr. and Mia. Harry Ltog* flvt KATE' flul Aye., celebrated his birthday days faut week. GETS AROUND J Aug. S wjth Mr. and Mrs. John NEW YORK (AP) Flftt«Reinhold, Mrs. Mary Sinilnifcoff, Lori Ann Uebowitz, daughter ve «r * *"" Broadway tfartr Mr. and Mrs. Herman Schmidt ' Uebowitz. "Kiss Me, Kate" remains OW ot and Michael Schmidt, Jr. of Mr. and Mrs. S. Uebowitz, N«il Ave., celebrated her fourth birthday Aug. 7 and was visiting Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Epstein of New York City. Peter De Wcola, son of Mr and Mrs. Peter De Nicola loceanview Ave., celebrated his eighth birthday Aug. 11. Attending were Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Jennie and Mrs. Anna De Nicola Jersey City, and John and Pau De Nicola and :arl Hetwig. Mr. and Mrs John De Nicola is spending ils week with Mr. and Mrs 'rank Coleman of Roselle Park The 11th birthday of George ;verntiam, son of Mr. and Mrs )aniel Evernham, Locust St. as celebrated Aug. 9 by mem»rs of his family. Marilyn Renton, daughter of r. and Mrs. Robert Renton lopping Rd., spent Aug. t with 'riends in Keansburg In the 1 musement area celebrating her ith birthday. Keith Hutohinson, son of Staff isgt. and Mrs. Henry Hutohm- :son, Morris Ave., was given a party with members of his immediate family lor his 12th birth-! day Aug. 9. Pre-assembled cedar PICKET FENCE MAHOGANY 34" x 84" PANELING WHILE THEY LAST! Kitchen Chairs 2 95 Bar Stools the most popular American shows overseas. Bella Spewack, co-author with her husband, Sam, of the book for the Cole Porter musical, reports initial presentations are; now on in Yugoslavia, Turkey and Argetina. Budapest sees it for the first time in November, and 1964 exhibits are scheduled in the Netherlands. Czechos!ovaa ia and possibly Mexico. I Lang Branch Keyport HoUndel Oakhurst Mddlrtown DISSTON REG per 8 ft. Merlon HAND SAW BUCK & DECKER %" DRILL 9 98 MARINE LUMBER CO. Complete Una of do-lr-yourself material* for hemt and boat MAHOGANY, TEAK, OAK and MARINE PLYWOODS 1139 OCEAN AVE., SEA BRIGHT PHONE Open Daily 8 a.m. to 5:30 p^m,. Sat. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Why Settle For Less? The Finest Custom Built-in SWIMMING POOLS are now at - = - Record Prices! H'x32' BUILT-IN SWIMMING POOL! INCLUDES: * '" ' Cyprtu wall pan*l>, I. P. ttoodrleli llnr, Jacml filtering ivtftm Including Anrhrafilr, coping, ladder, ncriaa ocuain. chrome main drain, ckremt iklmirar, chrome Islet, all piping and hardware. HTH CHLORINE Ibi $ ' x 40' BUILT-IN SWIMMING POOL 3' te I' d**p I.VCMJIIKS! t'rprm W«II rurla. B, W. Ooolrlch IJorr, J*ruul Flllerlnf Hyurm Including Anlhr»llll, Coplot, Uddrr, Burlloo V«r«- am. Chrnmft Main DI*ID, C Cbrom* SklmmPr, Ckrom. Inlet. Ml Necniurr riplns ul H«rd 1,175 Fhas* t*»t m* nor* Mcnaattm. i Ha obligation. jhama I Addrtu icity... H[ tyihe BEACH SHOP ROUTE 34 % Collingwood Pork, N. J. '" (Farmlnodola Port Office) Between Auction & Collingwood Circle Call ! IM* ROUTE 22 s» it Scutch "lolni, N. J. C J,,,,, (Oppo«ll»Bowcro(t) 'c Call ADams RBR I/It 'I TCQTCH D

6 Met Hank fk> Smd afreet, tad Beak, N. J. EttafeUsBed 2IJI by Jato a Ceefc aad Heavy CU» Published by The Red Buk Register Incorporated W. HARRY PENMNGTON, President M. HAROLD KELLY, General Manager Thomas J, Bly a editor WnUam F. Stndlord and Arthur Z. Kanla awowttt ttaen Member of the Associated Press AMMlaUl frttt Ii MiMiA ueliulnly M tt, H* *t i «fw u M i i i a i f m i Onaiabu. Member ol Amcricu Newspaper Publishers Association Member Audit Bureau of Circulation JAMES 7. H&GAN. Editor Frank W. Harbour I IOMI W l POOM B (Ml n» IU4 BM* RagutM auiuui as euatui M lot., ma nptut wttneut thuft. thu put ol an idnklawnnit a. wblet Uw tjporublml in* «e<mn. AdnrUms mu MUM UUO uu MMimiil ImrrmitiUli it uj «nei wtuei BUT OWUI. Mi Mwmptr mwmn u ratoulmuom to tutnuiu ol owmoai In Ittun mm 8* rm4mfc iutninnion PrlMt In Uma atniu «o»r tt oouotir. t emu MM IIU met. rw moots Mafl* Mp)t kx wtl, U emu FRIDAY, AUGUST IS, 1943 The Highway Megs 2J BW» nrnnttn 11 4.W We wish we could give a well-i of Mr. Palmer and his Highway De deserved pat on the back to Gov. partment are not always of the best. Richard J. Hughes and Dwight R. G. Very often, they are subject to political interference as was the case Palmer, his highway commissioner, for promising to take another look in the Red Hill Rd.-Garden State at the possibility of building a Parkway controversy last year. toll road between the county and The Register, you will recall, Trenton. brought the issue as to whether the But, alas, the idea of such a road Red Hill Rd. interchange should be has been discussed for many a year built straight to the governor. H< and the fact that there has been turned it over to Mr. Palmer for i such procrastination for so long has report. To our amazement, aftei meant a great economic loss for theall the facts were made known, county. Even now, Mr. Palmer reportedly is not keen on the Idea but persuasion from the governor made Mr. Palmer agree to take the new look. Growing Monmouth County is certainly in need of an improved link from the west to this area. Perhaps a toll road is the answer. Anyone who has made the trip from Red Bank to the New Jersey Turnpike outside of Hightstown knows what a tedious ride this is. Alleviating this situation somewhat will be the $1.25 million allocated for the proposed start on the widening of Rt. 33 from Freehold west to Hightstown, including the acquisition of additional right-of-way. The possibility of a toll road certainly does bear study and the fact that the Highway Department will make a traffic analysis and look into the financial possibilities is somewhat encouraging. But, we should say, the studies Mr. Palmer and the governo. said yes, the interchange should be constructed. As we have said often, their studies show what they wani them to show. This is why, also, if an east-wesl toll road is ever built, we seriously question whether the Garden Stati Parkway should operate it, as has been suggested. The facts brought out by Th Register in the Red Hill Rd. issue point out vividly that the New Jersey Highway Authority, which operate, the parkway, makes many of its decisions to satisfy the desires of certain business and political interests. We cannot see giving the Garden State Parkway added power and jurisdiction. We know what would happen. v New Jersey's road problems have long been in a sorry state of affair; *-and we have little hopes that they will improve under Gov. Hughes, Mr. Palmer and the group that controls the Garden State Parkway. Your Money's Worth: A Columnist's Tax Strategy and Wooden Nickels By SYLVIA PORTfeR "I have been watching your column expecting you to make an apology oa your prediction* of last November and December that there was to be a substantial tax reduction in 1963," Texas reader wrote me. recently. He explained that he had followed my suggestion to prepare for tax cuts In 1993 by ihiftln some incom Porter from 1962 lnt< 1963 and paying some deductibli 1963 expenditures in advance an that as a result he Is "now being penalized by reaching a higher tax bracket." Okay, I apologize in print ti the physician and congratulate him for being a sufficently successful doctor to have reached that higher tax bracket. I alsc confess that as long ago as mid- January, I admitted to friends with whom 1 had made bets on across-the-board tax reduction ii 1963 that I'd lost, and months ago I paid off in wooden nickels. (As an incidental piece of intelligence for you, a wooden plckel today costs 10 cents.) Now having bent my head and cent my pence, permit me to remind you that I was in mighty high-level company last November-December when I was forecasting tax reductions this year. Few 'Reform Gimmicks'. The tax package President Ken nedy presented was being written then and (he inside reports I saw revealed few of the "reform gimmicks" which bogged down the bill from the very day it was submitted to Congress. The obvious sluggishness in the economy last fall was adding rote of urgency to proposals for across-the-board tax cuts to stimulate business investments as well as consumer spending and to keep the faltering business id vance alive. There wai extraordinary agreement among all hades of economic-political opinion that our punitive tax rates were acting as a dangerous brake on the Moony. The squabble over fax reforms could not be foreseen became we didn't expect such controversial proposals. The character of this Congress and the civil rights explosion could not be anticipated either. Confidence that tax reduction) would be voted to take effect at some date In 1963 ranged from President Kennedy to Chairman of the Houie Ways end Means Committee Mills to many of the most Informed men in industrial, financial, and labor circles. It's mid-august and the earliest we can now hope for tax reduction is 19M. What are the prospects? Another Limb to Crawl The limb still invites me, «c here I go crawling out again with CAIMKHAEL 6 Friday, August 16,1963 the guess that before this sessio of Congress adjourns, major tax relief will hive been voted both for Individuals and corporations, beginning in 19M. A good gues still is that the net reductioi (after reforms) will be in thi neighborhood of $10 billion : year, to take effect over a two year period. Our economy will need this stimulant increasingly as th months roll on. We aremovlni toward the 31st month of thi: business expansion which make; it "old" by any yardstick foi peacetime business advances. Thi key force now keeping our econo my -In an upward trend is thi rising rate of business spendin on new plants and equipment and much of this rise stems di rectly from the tax incentive; Congress and the administrate gave businessmen In 1982 to spu this vital spending. The need fo substantial tax reductions Is a, great today as ever, There will be hitches before e acceptable tax bill emerges Nothing is set yet. The timing ol action Is fuzzy. Still, tax cuts t< take effect beginning In 1964 an likely. What would this mean to you' If you want to crawl out on thi limb with me, it would be soun tax strategy for millions of yoi to try In the remaining month; of this year to shift some Incom 'rom 1963 Into 1964 and to mov ahead some 1964 deductible expenses into By so doing, you'll reduce your 1963 taxable income and raise your 1964 in come and If tax rates are cut for 1964, you'll achieve an overll tax saving. P. S. For the stko of all tax- Myers and the nation, dear doctor, I hope you write me a thanknote next time. Pa» The That" These Days: Cross-Purposes or Homo Sap 1 By JOHN CHAMBERLAIN The word policy, in my dictionary, implies choosing a definite course of action to bring about a certain to the Middletown Townshii Attached 1» a copy of a lettei desired result But what is a citizen to do and how can he make lip his mind about voting T-when government, no matter which political patty is in pow,er, seems to be a vast tissue of policies that cancel each other out? j, You are, let us say, a small business man. You can theoretically applaud the concern that the federal government expresses for your well-being, There are public agencies that hav been set up to provide you with capital If you can't get it from private sources. Chamberlain You get preferential tax rates if you annual profits are not large. Maybe you can succeed in creating a going concern of yodr small business. But when ^ou come to think of passing the fruits of your ability on to your son, you suddenly discover that you must sell out to a bigger company to raise money for the requisite high estate taxes. Your concern is m longer how to keep your creation going, but how merge It with a bigger one at the least costly expensi to you and your family. taken. If you are not a small business man, you may I hope you see fit to publist perchance, be a farmer. You'd like to raise crops b; the attached letter In the public methods employing your own ingenuity, even though interest. Very truly yours, you may be willing to accept an acreage limitation o Evan R. Beechtr. planting. But as time goes by the surplus in govern ment storage bins increases in spite of everything, anc Mr. Howard R. Roberts, the Department of Agriculture man comes around to explain to you the desirability of putting your farm in the Soil Bank. You agree. Then, one fine morning, you pick up your paper and read about the amount of new land that is being brought under cultivation because of government irrigation policies elsewhere i: the nation. Which Way to Applaud? Or, let us say, you are one of those natu're-lovin souls who consider that civilization has gone far enough, geographically speaking. You don't want to see migrant wildfowl die because they can't find con- Plan for the long range needs of the community for schools, recreation, and other planned public use. I feel aure that the FIBS' genial marshlands along their traditional north-south ning Board has this primarily i "flyway" routes. So you applaud the move to save certain swamps. The only trouble is that while some gov- mind 'for the recommendation of this amendment. However, find that this amendment does ernment men are busy saving swamps, other government men are busy helping to destroy them by pro-jectives and intent" of not adequately define the "ob- "cluster Zoning." A paragraph on the moting drainage activities. Again, you may be hoping third page of the amendment, that the Wilderness bill will pass both houses of Con-Itegress, thereby setting aside certain tracts that will pre- may recommend any additiona 4,b, (3) states: "Toe board conditions it considers necessary serve all types of animals and trees in their original to carry out the objectives and setting. It burns you up, therefore, to learn that the intent of this ordinance or tha Federal Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife, respond ownship's Master Plan." The objectives and intent of Planned ing to the ubiquitous trout fishermen's lobby, has un-communitdertaken to kill off the "coarse" fish in the, Green River be defined in the beginning of Development should watershed of Utah and Wyoming. This threatens the this amendment or added to the definition section of the toning humpback chub, a species that, is known only to th Green River system, with total extinction. Genocide for the benefit of the master race of trout. Maybe it is culture that you love, not the panorama of wilderness life. You have been impressed with the Federal Communications Commission's attacks on case with the Middletown-Lincrofl the "cultural wasteland" represented by our' com-rdmercially sponsored television and radio programs. But tract) for schools, recreation, or public works. if you are willing to pay a dollar to get some partial The objectives and intent of this ordinance'amendment should lar musical program or moving picture or ballet performance over an unsponsored "pay as you see" sysout is to when this im have certain criteria spelled amendment tern, you discover that the,federal Communications hould be considered by the Planning Board, by the Zoning Commission has no real interest In making things easie; Board tof Adjustment, and Townsnip. Committee.' These criteria BOARD LETS CONTRACTS for you. Present "pay as you see" experimentation is OCEANPORT - This Board of imited to the Hartford, Conn., area despite the. fact"^faiajp^ferthssisboards Education Wednesday awarded the develop* because I feel contracts for fuel oil, bread and hat the basic inventions that make It possible were certain that if "Cluster Zoning" dairy products. Fuel oil will be ill perfected more than a decade ago. adopted without adequate supplied by the John Gulre Co., guide lines, «Very development Long Branch; ice cream is to Let us say, finally, that you are concerned with a 50 acres and over will be submitted based on this "Cluster be furnished by Jersey Farms, ticky rate of unemployment that runs to about 6 per New Shrewsbury; milk by Zoning" amendment to lower Improvement costs regardless of the Shrewsbury Dairy Co., Shrewswry, and bread and rolls by the him work fl 6f the itft over land. lent Service Continental Baking Co., Paterson. :ent of the working force. A State rffice sendsyd ua Job applicant. You {Continued «n ftijs 7) LETTERS CLUSTER ZONING' 12 Conover la, Middletown, N, J, Aug. 7, To the Editor: mmlttee commenting on much discussed Planned Com' munlty Development better known as "Cluster Zoning." This subject Js of particular interest to i the citizens of Middletown Township at' the present time as' it involves (he new high school site on the Mlddletown- Lincroft Kd. near the Garden State Parkway recommended on the master plan. Ag a former chairman of the Planning Board during the tint of the adoption of.the Middletown Township Master Man, believe my thoughts on this controversial subject may be of la ing toning ordinance, is a recomjj mendatlon by the Planning Boari to the Township Committee, but it has not been publicly Intro duced by the Committee. It will be the subject of a joint Plan' ning Board Township Committee meeting in the near future after which some action will be Township Clerk Middletown, N. /. With the best long range Interof Middletown Township In mind, I thoughts submit on the the folkiwini Zoning Ordi nance Amendment in regard to Planned Community 1 Development (Cluster Zoning) for your kind consideration. "Cluster Zoning" can be a us ful Instrument for acquiring land areas Indicated on the Master ordinance. By Implication, thi amendment is to get land fo nothing, but I am lure that the ownship does not want land for nothing unless this land serves useful purpose as provided in the Master Plan (as Is presently the (Continued on Pag* 7) i JIM BISHOP: Reported Fire: A Merciless Enemy Fire is a sneaky, merdless enemy. It starts, small and hidden, and is big and beyond control in tw<j or three minutes. Fire and water, "which are implacable enemies, have a fascination for most people when they re viewed in small amounts, and fear when they are large. I know of no work around a house which is more a man's duty an<f e*s a woman's than fire prevention. Junk in the cellar represents an engraved invitation to disaster. Too many ejectrlcal appliances on old wiring U another menace, especially when someone replaces small fuses with heavy ones. Old BISHOP grease in a gas range is sure, hi time, to start a blaze. Leaving matches within reach of little hands is another way. \ ' No insurance check covers heartbreak. In January, it will be 35 years since I started as a copy boy, and I have covered many fires and all of them have an element of horror. It started with the burning of the German liner Muenchen at a pier in New York. It was the last big one fought by Smoky Joe Martin, and h«was helpless.,,. This was 1929 and portholes made of glass three inches thick exploded outward and the 'Water around the pier steamed, as though someone had set a flat iron in it The Lincoln Square fire might have been.kept under control if the first battalion chief had pulled a second alarm. He didn't He thought he could fight it It was a cold night and the hoses pumped ice. The flames swept from building to building. I stood near a photographer who loaded his flash gun with a lot of powder. He blew three fingers off trying to get a picture. In an old tenement on another day, a man fell asleep with a lighted cigarette. The building burned like a paper bag. A Dog Can Help -, A boy named Berinudez went back to rescue his pet kitten. He was found dead in the kitchen, alms outstretched toward the dead cat. One of the reasons I keep a dog around the house at all times is fear of fire. The poorest mutt not only feels a protective interest in keeping strangers off the premises, but he is also ah automatic fire alarm. I also keep garden holes ia front and in back of the house, at the ready. These are of little use, though, unless employed early, From cellar to attic, fire extinguishers adorn our walls./ I hope none of it is ever used. A few years ago, we had the house rewired and I was shocked at the brittle state of some of the old dusty spaghetti coming out of the walls. New fuse boxes with automatic trips have helped. So what happened? Little Kathleen came out in, the back yard one evening with fright on her face. ' -,. j' All she could say was "Hurry! Please hurry!" I ran inside and found that the glass coffee maker had been left on ths dining room table. A candle suspended underneath kept it hot The thing had tilted, and the can-,,,,, y the palm of yo^r hand. ' ; ' i- ; #ut what would have happened if we had remained in the cool backyard with the dog? Suppose Kathleen had not seen it? We have a Volunteer Fire Department in my town. The public spirited citizen requires time to get out of bed in answer to the hooting alarm. Th* fire is awake all the time. A Friend That Can't Be Trusted Several years ago, in a nearby town, flie people Mflsre. terrorized by a fire bug. On odd nights, a cmcken coop burst into flames. On others, it was a bungalow or a garage. The police and the firemen worked together to track down the arsonist The maniac was always a step ahead of them. One old lady became panfe-stricken and burst Into tears. A friend of mine was so touched that he told her he would guard her house during the dangerous hours of night He - did. After all, she lived alone and, if her little place went up In smoke in the dead of night there would be little chance that she would! get out He guarded the house every night, and dozed 6n the front porch. One night a police car pulled up. "What are you doing here?" a cop said, aiming a flash light at my friend. "Oh," he said, "I'm guarding the old lady's house." The policeman smiled and shook Us head. "You won't have to do it anymore," he said. "While you've been guarding the front door, she's be«n sneaking out the back setting fires. We have her hi headquarters now." Fire, which heats houses, cooks food, and makes man'* machines run, is a friend of man which cannot be trusted... "Throw-oway bottles...soft-top coni.,, 'pop»tpp' cans,,.no wunner *»'r«of I, utto cdndftlen. You nakt Ufa tor o*y!* ' i.

7 from the repobuc. Be modern with MOEN NEW SHOWLR JUST PUSH BUTTON,T0 CLEAN tsons. Ptomblnj and Heating 1M Maple Ave., Eatontown iu2«b 100% Re-Built Riversidt Engines RiYtnlifc....Osamoii I! re-am* iitfmtnrm UHmbly (till bwttih a p«h ot (ha utwalilr li 4fr Initalle4 teotlv* within to im from 4at* of kutallfcttoo or MM mill ol 1M»-S* w (wuohtnr conn Oedee a OnU,.ttjjMrt will riymourk Ncolaultbor chug*. *W1* kesri ri **Wlrto»l Uteea* WM «tf eagtae la trod. i f M r old car's p. p T: HKMMM ihttfmil O UMISO (CcoOtauerJ) that is a little out of his previous Una, ft a little less money than he used to make. So he turn* ytki down. Since this is a ffee country, you have no Mek about Ithat But you subseqbenuy discover that to nun is (still receiving unemployment compensation. The gov-iernment is paying him to sit on hit hands, tad do noth- Municipal Court Wednesday ing when he might have been working., wife, Mrs, Mary Manilla. So it goes when you live under a government that Manilla, a soldier at Fort Monoften seems to consist of nothing but * tissue of or- mouth, bu already spent three ganized cross-purposes. The list of governments- J""* '* U11 ""' " " *" mond McGow«n suspended the forced policies that cancel each other out might be extended almost to infinity. Did someone mention homo sapiens? Or did hethe peace be committed. say homo sap?. Before sentencing, the soldier's moved that the case be dismissed quired. Thla will remove the since Manilla was simply "exercising his marital rights," but objection that the developer is LETTERS getting the best of the deal, the the motion was denied. (Continued) larger the development (he better Those developers not permitted He deal. Hearing on t charge against Oscar H. Woepse, M Ridge Rd., to use "Clutter Zoning" will cry The present subdivision ordi Neptune, of carrying concealed persecution or favoritism one* a nance require* S par cent of the weapons, wai continued one week, precedent ii established. land area ot any njajor development to be deeded to the town- for the second time. Uncontrolled use of this amendment would result in much haphazard leftover acreage which ship for puwlc use. Thli editing! requirement would provide f threatening to kill his wife Two charges against Woepse would become a burden to the approximately ' H M ot or the acreage «w d «" Mrs. Margaret Christine enruune township in the following wayi: (1044 acres) presently naided ChM P Un of Oceanport were a These areas will be non-tax for a new school In the Middle- propped at the request of the producing, town-uncroft Rd. area. Thil two women who brought them. b These areas will require would out down considerably the Each paid (10 court costs. some tort of maintenance or upkeep at the general taxpayer's amount of money which the Magistrate MoGowen, in im School Boerd would hive to payposing costl paymenb, criticized expense. for the required 39 acres. "the habit of using the police c These areas if not maintained and policed, would be- not spedflcafly mention the 5ments." per cant land requirement in the Marvin Brown, 411 Mattleon This proposed amendment does department In family argu- subdivision ordinance. Most de- Ave., Asbury Park, was sentenced come a depository for neighborhood refute, in other words would become a "dump," The lot lite reduction permit- veloperi would probably aimma that this would be absorbed is ted under this amendment, one the 25 per cent required in MOM! revolutionary new slacks fortified with DuPont "420" nybn to give your boyi seven tithes more wear! BOYS'FLANNEL AND GABARDINE SUM-LOOK SLACKS comparable Featore$ found only in better slacks... no-»og double piped bock pockets, genefw* front pocket facing*, higfhcount long-wear cotton inner waistbanding, pocketing. Rayon, fortified with DuPont "420" nylon, iii Ivy or continental model, new fall shades. 6to 18. No*pr»fi/*e<i,*vf specially fitted to your '. fco/s IIKHVWBOI iaseam length wjfhotrt skarge MmTWHY'WastllforeaikMlirt YOU tavt * Tntfc ttt% M cf#*jh dwrftit AT towtt HAU y*» tine attama w* MVII jair-comf Mt)Mtt for yt)vr ihopplng *tewfa«oi*er sacaist«r*» M kub«4a made gnlvoi* isj MayaMMaca jb-iaaswisriaf a mnaaeu. Mr. Sal)- the Pine Arts building. seed in Red Sank court la alik was also fined 8$ for Inattentive driving. The summons The capacity of the book start Of Imllar charge. on Campusp has been doubled with the transfer of the college newspaper's Carl Grimth. HI Adams St., for this offense was returnable WEST LONG BRANCH-Monmouth College reports expendi- Wife Assault Atontown, was fined PO for Nov. 12, IMS. office to the Student Union. The assug a bad check et the sane William J. Spero, 16 Pine Brook tures in excess of $60,000 in anthird "oor of the Union Is being EATONTOWN - Anthony Mao* itgomery-ward store. Dr., Neptune, was fined $20 (oieffort to ready the Shadow Lawn remodeled and decorated for use Ulo, 41 Lewis St., was sentenced Joseph Sablak formerly of Rt. driving without correct I v< campus for the fall. «s student offices. Browns Mills, now of Highisds, drew a contempt'of court plates wired, rather than bolted facing of the 2,000-car student glasses, and $15 for driving with There has been a total resur- Resurfacing ha* also been night to 30 days in county Jail for assault and battery oa his ne of tim and a strong reproof to his car. creating additional days in jail. Magistrate M. Ray- balance of the sentence, on condition that no further breach of attorney. Francis X, Moore, to serve 30 days In the county jail far pairing a bad check at acre zone reduced to two third! tonbig amendment, but they can of an acre, and two thirds acre not assume that the S per cent zone reduced to one half acre, subdivision requirement it autobe nothing in this toning amend- seems to economically favor the matieally waived. There should developer In greatly reduced improvement coats especially In ment contrary to other large developments. Perhaps a township ordinances. TWi existingyour WHOLE point more equitable sliding scale re- should be clarified, duction In lot six* could be Another point which should be worked out on the bails ot estimated improvement costs and amendment Is adopted Is the fu- clarified in the event this walng the value of the land to be acture status of leftover acreage deeded to the township which Is not Immediately put into specific public use. The township government at some future date may want to sell this land for housing development If a planned public use does not develop. This In effect, Is over-all downgrading of the loning as the new lots would be in accordance with the reduced "Cluster Zoning" sizes. This amendment' should state conditions governing resale of these lands acquired by the township under ''Cluster Zoning." - tomfsmt. KEANSBURG: ROUTE 36 on MAIN ST. AMURYPARK PIHTH AMIOY t: is a* Attwy P«rk CIrek [ til StuM ft, W if M tfe In wmmiriilng the above I believe that this "Cluster Zoning 1 * amendment is not ready for adoption by the Township Committee as it needs Improvement in the following ways: 1-Oefine the objectives and intent of'this amendment. 2-Establtsh criteria or guide lines for the Planning' Board, the Zoning Board and the developer aa to when "Cluster Zoning" should be used. J-Cstabllsh an economic balance between reduction In lot sizes and the reduction la estimated improvement costs to remove the "something for nothing" aspects. i 4-Clarify the Status of this amendment in relation to the existing S per cant land area subdivision requirement. S Establish conditions governing resale of lands acquired and deeded to the township under this amendment which are not Immediately seeded for public use. I hope the amendment in its present form is not adopted because of expediency. It should be returned to. the Planning Board tor strengthening of these apparent weaknesses. Respectfully submitted, Evan K. Beecher, Keyport Mr. and Mn. Claud* Brideau and son. Ettxabe* St., are spending a vacation at Ocean City, Md. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Patereon, Stone Rd., have returned after spending a vacation at Cap* Cod. Mrs. Jamas Cadoo and guests, Mr*. Henry Kautanan, Mrs. Harris Parker and Mrs. CHfford Lowden, Georgia, spent Tuesday in New York City. Dinner guests of Mrs.' SueHa Stultz, Division St., Sunday were Mr. and Mn. Daniel Clark, Atlantic St., and Mr. and Mrs. Russell Clark, River Plan. Mrs. William Bedle, Erlnbeth St., who has been vacationing at Die Bedle home In Northfield, N. H., has returned home. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Leonard, Mrs. Bedle's bromer-in-taw and sister ot Somerville, former Keyport residents, spent some time witri her. Mn. Madeline Wild, Stone Rd., who was visiting relatives in Holland, was caned home by the death of her son, Cart Mount. Mn. Wild also expected to spend six weeks In Africa. NEW RESIDENT MATAWAN TOWNSHIP Michael Andrew Levlne, first child of Mr, and Mn. Noel D. Uvine, IN Ivy Hill Dr., Strathman, was born July M at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, New York. Mr. and Mrs. Levlne moved here June 20 from former Hackenssck. Mr. Levlne ii a salesman in the New Jersey area tor Hospital Accessories Co., All First Quality Complete Selection Outstanding Values For Everyone Sped LADIIS' SATIN HOUSI SLIrtIR Uwly * ** enbeesed eeria. flt aaaeh, sele. Hat m that 4 t* II. TONS. WOMIN'S PfAKID STIP-IN C«l«r-i*a«flat I *#f» It nail ' ^a^m U^ak mllh knwe averiay-shes 4 M II. LAMB* DRISS HIILS framwi* S#ft Mlf sj^p+fi) TRHS 1. WOMEN'S ITAU/UHNSPIRED CASUAL WHAT THIS WELL-DRESSED STUDENT WILL WEAR! If we My letk. Him ytars, we'd say W4 IM«swer H rkli sjees- It** ««w.. I* y*r mliei bmk keekl kett hi fke ea» <M4 jew* ef e eellete W Will ke It? To. sea Open a Savings Account Nop and Ktep It Growing KEANSBURG-MIDDLETOWN NATIONAL BANK KEANSBURG toddletown Church * Can Ave. KlngiHwy OSM** UNCROFT Uacroft Shopping CenUr SH 74»0t College Spends parking lot, 400 spaces. ' NO PAINTING EVER!» I Car»fn*alcUdAIco«*AlamIaum ends corrosion without protective coatings, uauiee tuny yt*» of laving*. # STRONG, LEAKPROOF! 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8 W BARK REGISTER Schedule of Religious Services PBJUBYTEtUAN Red Bank Rev. Dr. Wyn Blair Sutphln, minister of tht Presbyterian Church. Pompano Beach, Fit., [burg. In the celebration of Holy will bt the preacher at the 10 Communion at I a.m. on this ain. tervict Sunday in the as-, 10th Sunday after Trinity, there aence of Rev. Dr. Charles S 'will be no sermon nor music. Webster, who It on vacation. His At 8 a.m., Father Broburg will sermon topi* will bt "Tht Littlt preach. This Parish Eucharist Is Foxes." scheduled for joint worship by Simultaneous with tht entire family, ths children witli erviot church school will be held being included in the celebration la the education building for students In tht nursery, kindergarten and primary departments. At I p.m., the Geneva-Wesley Fellowship (single young adults) will meat in the Red Bank Methodist Church. During Dr. Webster's vacation, Rev,. Edward Harrison, Long Branch will be available to members, and friends of the church for any pastoral tervice. The Novena devotion In honor Church Women of Christ Church 1 of Mary's Miraculous Medal and Monday - 9:30 p.m., tht spin-^ sponsor the annual patch the service *f Benediction of the tual therapy group and tht prayer and study group will meet in [of 1 smorgasbord dinner, festival. This year it will consist iblested Sacrament will be held the church parlor; S p.m., Tht ««Monday iat I p.m. and hftme-canned preserves will Tower Hill Cooperative Nursery Rt. Rev. Msgr. Emmett A, be available for home servings, School committee will meet. Monthan It pastor, assisted by Tba affair will be held la the Tuesday 8 p.m., volleyball Rev. William C. Artderson, Rev. church parish house adjoining the for members of Hit Cfcneva-Wes-j ley Fellowship at the Red Bank Methodist Church; 8 p.m., the! advisors for tht 104»fc grade Fellowship Group will mett in tht home of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie R. Stewart, Jr., JO Fox HM Dr. Little Silver. Thursday I p.m., tht advisers for the ninth grade Fellowship Group will meet hi the home] of Mr, and Mrs. Robert Patton, m Cherry Tret Farm Rd., M14- dletown. MONMOUTH REFORM TEMPLE Shrewsbury.Sabbath ave services wil be tonight at «:30. Rabbi Richard F. Stelnbrink will read from a six-part sermon series entitled "Germany Today - A Rabbi Revisits the Und of.his Birth," by Rabbi V. Gunther PUut ol Toronto, Ontario. The board of trustees will meei Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. In the ichool building. The religious school will resume Saturday, Sept 1, at t a.m. The Hebrew school will restims Monday, Sept IS, at p.m., and the confirmation class will have Its first session at 8 p.m. The temple office is open from a.m. to 1 p.m. dally for membership and religious school information. JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES Fair Haven Tht publio talk Sunday at p.m., "Swords Into Plow. shares'- in Our Time?" It wil be given by R, SanFilllppo a visiting minister of the Watchtower Sodety. Tht regular Watchtower study will follow at 4:15 p.m. on tha subject, "Strength Imparted Through Encouragement." Tuesday, at 8 p.m., study of the Bible aid, "Let Your Namt be Sanctified," will be hold al the following locations: 58 Forman St., Fair Haven; Mary's PI., 11 Clinton Pi., SO Monmouth St., Red Bank; 114 Sprlngdale Ave., New Shrewsbury; 99 Lincoln St., Fairview; and 144 Seventh Ave., Atlantic Highlands. Thursday; at 7:2S the Theocratic Ministry School will begin and be followed by tha service meeting at 8:30. CALVARY BAPTIST Oceanport. Preacher at the 11 a.m. service Sunday will be Rev. Jack Max. son, missionary to Ethiopia. Rev. CHM5T EPISCOPAL Shrewsbury Sunday will mark the ratuntof the rector, Rev. Anselm Bro- of the eocharistle rites, CongrejatJonal singing will be accompanied by music from the organ played fay Norman Afoert. Until fall, there will be no 11 a.m. service. Beginlng next Friday, the r#ctor will conduct Friday morning Hob/ Eucharist at I a.m. On Saturday, Aug. 34, between and % p.m. the Episcopal church tit Sycamore Ave. POCONO CONFERENCE UTTLE SILVER Eight young Mr. Maxson and his wife will alto person!,-ersons from Embury Methodist celebrated on the first and third take part during the Sunday Church will attend the Itiur-dedenominational Young People'! the second and fourth Sundays. Sunday. Morning prayer will be school hour at 9:45 a.m. The Anglers netting is at 8:30 Conference at Pocono Plateau There Is no midweek service of p Cresco, Pa. Holy Communion in August. On Mr. Gerald Sullivan will be the They are Nancy Bennett, Dar- Saturday, Aug. 24, St. Barthol.yl Van Pelt, Patty Barrett omew, Holy Communion will be BAYVIEW PRESBYTERIAN Clifrwood Beach -"God and Science," will be the title of Elder Richard Dodenhoff's sermon topic at Sunday's Nursery for pre-school children.t 8:30 and II a.m. There is a 10 am service. during the 11 a.m. service. Rev. The alders of the church will Robert H. Heulltt will speak on take charge of the service while Rev. David L. Bucd Is on vacation. BAPTIST New. Monmouth The church school meets Sunday at 9:30 a.m. In the absence of the pastor, Rev. William E. Biigrove, the assistant pastor, Donald Tshudy, will preach at the 10:45 a.m. service Sunday. The mid-week service of praytr and Bible study meets Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. BAPTIST Red Bank Rev. Dr. Harold Hutted, Plainfield, will preach at the 11 a.m. service'sunday on "Handling Our Disappointments.'' Church school will meet at 8:45 a.m. The preserylce prayer circle meets in the Clayton Room at 9:30 a.m. The mid-week service will be Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. and will be led by the deacons. KING W KBm MTIHEIfAN Mlddletown Sunday. School Is it 9:30 a.m. Church service is at 8:15 and 10:4S a.m. A nursery Is provided tor tht 10:45 service. Rev. C. Roger Burklnf Is paitor. CENTRAL BAPTIST AtltnUt Highlands Sunday school wffl meet«*«5] a.m. Rev. Harry W. Kraft will preach at the 10:4* a.m. service on "The Supreme Judge of ST. JAMES CATHOLIC Red Bank Tha Uth Sunday after Pentecost will be celebrated with Masses at 8, 7, 8, 8, and noon in the church and 9,11) and 1 o'clock In the auditorium. The sacrament of Baptism wil! be administered Sunday at 1:30 p.m. At least two days previous, arrangements must be made one of tht priests of the rish by the parents of the candidates for Baptism. Daily Mass it offered at S:2$, and 8 o'clock. The sacrament of Penance will be administered Saturday from to 8 (.A, add 7:30 to 9 p.m. Confessions art also heard daily during the 8 a.m. Mass and after he Novena Service Monday evening. Richard' A. Leadem and Rev. Florhn J. Gall. tht Universe," and at the 7:M p.m. service on "The Dtvtt Ii Powerful." for their classes after the Creed, The youth groups ~ the Ml except on the first Sunday of the grimt. Pioneers. Ambassadors month, when there wih be a Holy and Senior Youth Fellowship - Eucharist. All other family services will be services of will meet in the church Sunda; at 6:30 p.m. prayer. Tht Philathea Group will meet in the home of Mrs. Thoma There will be a celebration of Gould. Rt. 38, Atlantis Highlands, Tuesday at t p.m; Midweek prayer meeting wi! be Wednesday at 7 p.m. REFORMED New Shrewsbury Dr. Renwlck Jackson, former professor at tht New Brunswick Theological Seminary, now em' ployed with the National Conference of Christians and Jews, New York, will be the preacher»t the 9:30 a.m. service Sunday, His topic will be "an Authentic Way of Life." Church schoool meets at 9:30 a.m. The consistory will meet Mon-, day at t p.m. in White Hall. There will be a workday for tha bazar Wednesday at 10 a.m. AM.E. ZION Red Bank 'Sunday school will meet al 19:30 a.m. Rev. Thomas Henry Courser of Bridgeton will preach at the It a.m. service Sunday. Albert Richard Sampson, Everett, Mass., will bt the speaker at the youth choir song and praise service, at 7 p.m. Tht call to prayer service Is Wednesday at S p.m. Sunday school outing to Rockaway Beach, N.Y. will be heir Thursday at 10 a.m., kindergarten laboratory school a Bucknell University, Lewlsburg, Pa., this week. Church members at the Baptist Conference Center, Lebanon, Pa., include Albert Van Nos traod, who has served at counselor for the past tw< weeks,' and Etta Katmnitter an Edward Selfried, who were campers there this week. - speaker at the. evening service I ryl at 7:30. Betty Wright, Anna Thomas. The Ambassadors will hold Chip Grammer, Reggie Thompnt and Bill Reisen. progressive supper on Vednes- son day.. The group will participate in Prayer and Bible study hour *e _ie morning service at tht Is Thursday at 7:30 p.m. church Sunday, Aug. 23. METHODIST Atlantic Highlands Worship will be held Sunday th«theme: "Wait for the Lord." Church School convenes 9:30 a.m. Leonard E. Hofmtn Is su perintendent. CHRIST METHODIST Fair Haven Rumson Rev. James C. Rupert will preach at the 9:30 a.m service Sunday in tht new church off Ridge Rd., at MeCarter Ave. Tht commission on educttioi will meet in the parsonage Tue» day at 8 p.m. There will be a workers' con ference for all church school teachers Thursday at I p.m. in the new church. METHODIST Sea Bright Rtv. Howard Shoemaker wil preach at the 11:15 a.m.»trv Ice Sunday. Church school will meet at 9:30 a.m. The MYF will meet Sunday at 6:30 p.m. There will be no.nldweek services ' this month. BAPTIST Mlddfotbwn During August, the Baptist and leform^d Churches will hold unm services In the Reformed Church. Rev. John E. Bates will speak at (be 10 a.m. ssrvice Sunday on "The Wtd to the Bosk! IT. ANDREWS EPISCOPAL Highlands Holy Communion wil be celebrated every Sunday at I a.m, There will be a family service! each Sunday at 10 a.m. Church' school children wilt come to thi; service with parents and leave the Holy Communion ev*ry]ur«y. Ctndlt lighting tine is at Wednesday at 7 a.m. Celebra- 7: 7 :33 p.m. [home of Mrs. Lawton Cox, 82 day." The citizenship committee tlons of the Holy Communion on Saturday morning services are Cloverdale dr.,. New Shrewsbury. the - Geneva-Wesley Fellowship Roger Kondrup and George Sher-j will be in charge. At 8:30 p.m, ibert Emmons,' Ralph Johnson, holy days will take place at announced. Rev. Donald G. A. Mac- on the portion of the week. Can- The Women's Organization will will meet., man,: at 10. Rabbi Rosenthal will preach Leod it the vicar. tor Sidney Scharfl will chant the have a picnic at the summer The Interdenominational Prayidays at 7:30 p.m. The adults will MM-week services are Thurs- CHRISTIAN SCIENCE liturgy. home of Mrs: Charles F. H, er tnd Study group meets Red Bank Sunday morning services are Johnson, Point Pleasant, on Squire Chapel Tuesday at 10 have a film strip lesson, "The at 9:15. Daily evening services Thursday..m. At 8 p.m., the Geneva-Wesley Fellowship will play volley- ble classes are at 10 a.m. Stages of Growth." Sunday B. Soul" will be the lesson-sermon topic Sunday. [art at 7:30. ball in Fellowship Halt at 8 p.m. Golden Textt "Thy way, PRESBYTERIAN p.m., the adult education class God, it in the sanctuary: Who li Rumson will continue the study of the so great a God as our God?' (Psalm 77:13). Charles E. Autenrieth, director play "King Lear." of Christian Education at the The Geneva-Wesley Fellowship Related readings from "Scl ence and Health with Key to the Red Bank Presbyterian Church, >layt Softball at 7 p.m. on Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy will occupy the pulpit at the 9:30 Wednesday at the Red Bank will open with this passage (p. 330): "God Is Infinite, the only Life, substance, Spirit oi Soul, tht only Intelligence of the universe, including man." ST. JOHN 1! EPISCOPAL Littlt Silver Holy Communion will bt celebrated Sunday at 8 a.m. Rev, Stuart F. Gait will preach at the 10 am. service. Holy Communion win be celebrated the first and third Sunday of the month. Morning pray, er will be celebrated the second and fourth Sundays. TRINITY EPISCOPAL Matawan The schedule for Sunday: 8:1 a.m., matins, James Mershon, lay reader; 8:30 a.m., Holy BUCKNELL SESSION 10 St. RED BANK Mrs. Eth Strong a member of the Baptist Church here, is attending tin the Communlon, Rev. Charles Walling, vicar of the Church of On: Saviour, Cheesequake, celebrant, and 10 a.m., morning prayer, Robert Taylor, lay leader. Alcoholics Anonymous will raee Tuesday at 1 p.m. HOLY COMMUNION EPISCOPAL Fair Haven In August, Holy Communion will be celebrated every Sunday morning at 8 o'clock. At the 9:30 service Holy Communion will be celebrated at 9:30 a.m.. CHRIST EPISCOPAL Mlddletown Holy Comiminkm will be celebrated Sunday at 8 a.m. Morning Prayer will be at 10 a.m. FAITH REFORMED Hazlet Rev. F. Alvln Langwith will be he guest preacher at the 9:30 a.m. service Sunday. HOLINESS Long Branch Sunday school and Junior church will meet at 10 a.m. Scripture lesson and prayer service for the sick will be Rtv. E. H. Lawrence pastor, Monday at 8 p.m. In Westminster Hall. FRIENDS MEETING Shrewsbury The Religious Society ol Friends, (Quakers,) meets every Flrstday, (Sunday,) at 11 «JH Flratday school for religious education of children meets at 10:31 FIRST BIRTHDAY LEONARDO - The first birthday of Laurie Ann Brink, daugh- :er of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brink Washington Ave., was celebrated Augi 11. Those who attended were fean, Cindy and Jerry Hlckman, >atty Ann Gullanlo, Ruth Green ind Brenda Brink, this place, and, from Yonkers, N.Y., were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brttko and son Kenneth and Miss Charlene There's no Trick to Having Ex a Cash. You Get It Fast When 'ou Use Tht Register Classified. forfobap Matt. S:22 - "Every one who Is angry with his brother shall be liable to Judgment." *,> * * When a man loaea his temper* he loses a lot more at one and the same time. He loses his balance. hi» poise, hi* sense of proportion, bis mental equilibrium. He becomes hopelessly unfair tn Judgment, reckless In the use of words, incapable of dealing; with the situation that aroused him. How can be bt> otherwise when he has lott hia head? A mirror will reflect what lie Is at the moment he lose* his temper. A Christian must learn to be In possession of himself at all times, not to give way to heady emotion* that twtep through him until hot and wild words, later regretted, pour out In torrents. Mow dlslllmionlng It such a display t» those who look to him *>r Christian witness! Watch those preliminary warning signals when temper le about to flare. Pause to look Into the face ef God and ask hln aidtocheck the rielng tide. Som* «rg# a«tostopand«c«nt tea. Th» Christian CONGREGATION BNAI ISRAEL Rumson MarkA,Talney Executive Director Oregon Council of Churches By GEORGE W. CORNELL atodated Prat ReBgWa Writer One evening last spring at a meeting of the. Board of. Deacons of the Baptist Church m the community of Linden, Ah., someoot asked a hypothetical question: What would happen if a Negro ought membership? The Rev; Joe Patterson, men pastor, promptly replied that to liar a person because of color would "reduce the church, which! was founded by Christ to be a universal and. redemptive fellowship, to nothing more than a social club. 1,'. His viewpoint brought sharply conflicting reaction from tht con gregation. Rather than "tear up the church," the Rev. Mr. Pat: terson resigned, effective June 29. Such cases bayt. become. Increasingly frequent. Numerous pastors hi me South', and a few In the North, have left their pulpits under varying degrees of pressure because of their Late Friday night services will Rev. John R. Collins will preach study the lesson, "Roman Cath at 8:30 conducted by Rab- at the 9:30 a.m. service Sunday bl Gilbert S. RosenthaL Cantor Sidney Schaifl will chant the W- ihcprotettant Understanding.' *.m. service Sunday in the absence of Rev. Harvey C. Doule, who is on vacation, Mr. Autenrieth will preach on ''Jesus of Nazareth-Teacher of Life." Sunday church school will meet at 9:30 a.m. in the kindergarten, primary and junior departments. Tuesday at 10 a.m., Prayer Fellowship will meet in die lounge: LUTHER MEMORIAL EV. LUTHERAN New Shrewsbury "I Believe in the Forgiveness of Sins" will be the sermon topic [of Rev. Daniel D. Reinheimer Sunday as he continues a sermon series on the meaning of the Apostles' Creed. Matins begin at S a.m. anfd the late service at 10:15 a.m. Sunday schol and Bible classes meet at 9 a.m. Services are being conducted in the Sycamore Avenue School until Sept. 1. ST. JAMES EPISCOPAL Eatontown Services Sunday will be: 8 a.m., Holy Communion; 10 a.m., Holy Communion and sermon. The eelebrant will be Rev. Canon Edwin W. Tucker, assisted bjj Rev. S. M. Woolley, Jr., vicar. BAY SHORE COMMUNITY East Keaniburg Rev. John P. Euler, minister emeritus, will preach at tht 10 a.m. service Sunday on "Loyalty." Church school also will-meet at 10 a.m. ; METHODIST Morganvillt Sunday worship service It at 9 [a.m. Sunday school meets at a.m. DAILY ACBOM 1. Indian prince (.rattan; eoboq. U.1Wtsta* B«w.Is. 15, Bin or twr.pj. ltoanxjult 16. Writing Add HRearot ship 18. From: tat ULAddttton tail ChOKMTl* UtW 2J.EnconnU>r Si. Slipper, tor out' 28, one's heels (watts perch sawna entranee lt.8tringtd Instrument JO.Ay. 31. Dessert U09 StStatonBa SUBKBtDdtoaUnfhft ST. Chins and fever* 39. Made of etnal grain B q llka«az> PRESBYTERIAN Shrewsbury on "A Faith Not Our Own." The fair workshop will meet Wednesday at 10 a.m. In the WESTMINSTER PRESBYTERIAN Mlddletown In the* absence of Rtv. Harltn C. Durfee, Rev. George F. Aberle will preach at worship services Sunday at 9:15 a.m. Rev, Aberle it a graduate student at Princeton Theological Seminary and tht assistant minister of h Flemlngton Presbyterian Church. His subject will be "The Wall. 1 Church school will meat at 8:1$ a.m. METHODIST. Naveslnk Rev. John Fulton will bring as his message Sunday-at 9:30 a.m. 'A Midnight Song." Sunday school, with classes for all ages, meets at 10:45 a.m. Nursery It provided at the mornings service. Chester W. Hendrlcks, Jr., is organist' The senior choir rehearses Wednesday at 7:30 p.m, and pastor's choir. Sunday at 8 p.m. Methodist Youth Fellowship meets Sunday night'at 7. ALL SAINTS EPISCOPAL Naveslnk Rev. Harry R. Sorensen, rector, will celebrate Holy Communion Sunday at 8:38 a.m. Holy Communion and sermon will be at 10:30 a.m. Holy Communion will be Celebrated at 10 a.m. Saturday, Aug, 24 St. Bartholomew's Day. BIBLE BAPTIST Hazlot Pastor D. Ross Brlttain will preach at the 11 a.m. service Sunday on "Our Friends." Bible school meets at 9:45 a.m. Pastor Brittain will preach at the 7 p.m. service on "Gods' iifts to the Church." FEDERATED Hoimdel Rev.. J. H. Goeway, Rev. Kerry Rot* will preach Evangelist C. J. Kirkpttrlck at the 8:30 and 10 a.m. services I wm preach at 11 a.m. Sunday on Sunday on, "Make Yourself a WorM,' r A. Alvin Whiting, lay leader, will assist. Church school will meet at 10 a.m. Sunday at 7 p.m;, the Intermediate Youth Fellowship will At 7 p.m., the Methodist Youth fellowship will study chapter 1 of the book, "Our Mission To- irganist The: Senior Choir rehearses Wednesday at 7:38 p.m. retired Army chaplain of Haddonfield, The Pastor's Choir rehearses lowih be guest minister at'the 10 Sundays at ( p.m. a.m. service Sunday. CROSSWORD 43. Bounds on JftAnliBdtrsertea mat's 44.Dteds for DOWN ttontk LQtnek island XBHnrtnto JXBos* agratmeatl flax Tar. It; Damp. S. Mains at* nickname- SLMstExcUmatta 6.8quabbl«t [in :-:.»! :.:' ll.'llu 11: anartitt Indies aagaest 7. Affirm key S5.Dktontf 8. Ita symbol M.Poem character UthTM IT.Oommlf M/Pottlm: bells akntal Or..Corroded».Good W.Warp-ytni».Weight: wtthegfle M.Mne*J tod; *, KHatBht oath iexpartof. "lobe" 1 11 r» tit le % 25» w 4/ 4* * % 23 W 19 \ sv s. 11 a % % «- a %» n 4i 7 '4 e» % N) 9 % V ft 32 > n IS News of Religion The Church and Ra rial Issues METHODIST Red Baric Athletic Field. The Married Couples' Bible Chut will meet at Camp Arrowlead Thursday at 5 p.m. The Intermediate Youth Fellowship will leave at 9:30 a.m. Friday for a bicycle hlkt. ST. ANN'S CATHOLIC Keaniburg Sunday Masses will be at 7,», 10, 11 and noon. Dally Masses will bt celebrated; at 7 and 8 a.m. except on first Fridays when hours will bt at 30 and I a.m. On Holy Days, Mattes will be iffered at 8, 7, 8, 9, 10 and U i.m. and at 7.30 p.m. No chll- Iren are permitted at' evening! Mats. Confessions will be beard Saturdays, first Thursdays, and on Ihe eves of Holy Days, from 1:30 to S p.m. and from 7:30 to >:39 p.m. Baptisms will be administered 1 every Sunday at I p.m. Arrangements should be made a week in advance of the baptism. stands against racial segregation. Number Unknown The total number is unknown, since the reason for ministerial others ' who resigned vohiatikrily because they felt they couldn't departures ordinarily is hot specified'when such conflicts are! in.j preach forthrighth/ oa tht racial ~ problem. *.'. volved, church officials say. While somt nave remainei silent in order to continue what However, reports have turned up more than a score of clergymen who have left their pulpits service they could in peace, the. Rev. Mr. McCMIan said, stilt others "have spoken out In love since early spring under fire for for their stands on race relations. In some instances, there have been' physical attacks, harassing telephone cahi, tire-slashings, Usually, however, the objection! are registered by chilly attitudes and thinning church attendance. ' Largest Christian bodies in the South an the Methodist Church and the Southern. Baptist Convention. The Rev. Dr. Albert MoClelian of Nashville, Tenn., a Southern Baptist executive, says he knows definitely, of only three pastors forced out of their pulpits recently over the race question. SOUTHERN BAPTIST FELLOWSHIP Lincroft Bible study, prayer and fellowship meeting will be Wednesday at 8 p.m. In the Lincroft Elementary School. Charles Harding will preach. Rev. Ralph Neighbor, acting pastor from the Home Mission Board, will be away for two weeks. Rev. Edward - - ' - A. Corrlgan - ls be celebrated by the rector, Rev. pastor and. Rev. Stanley J. * Canon Charles H. Best, at 8 a.m. >vandotkl and Rtv. Frederick k. Valentino are assistants. METHODIST Navesink Rev. John Fukon will bring the mesiagt at the 9:30 a.m. Sunday worship service. Sunday ichsol, with classes for all aget, meets at 10; 4J sum. A nunciy provided at the morning worihlp service. Chester- W. Hendrlcks, Jr., Is BAPTIST Leonardo Church school meets Sunday at»:«a.m. Rev. William Carr will preach at the 11 a.m. service on 'He Came to Himself." The evening service is at 7:30, when the closing program of the Vacation Bible School wtll be held. Midweek prayer and Bible] study Is Wednesday at 8 p.m. HOLY TRINITY LUTHERAN Red Bank Sunday school and church servcej are at 9:30 a.m. Sunday. Those, needing pastoral assistinoe during the pastor's vacation hould contact John' White, congregation president. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SOCIETY Atlantic Highlands Church service and Sunday school are at II a.m. Wednesday's testimony meeting is at 8:15 p.m. Reading room hours are Tuesday from noon to 2 p.m. ind Saturday from 1:30 to 4 p.m. except on holidays. - CHURCH OF CHRIST Red Bank the subject "Bora Anew," and at p.m. on "Review of Deuteronomy.'* Richard Otey will direct the tinging. Wayne Slifer, Ron Henry, LIndal Brown and Walter Crafton are to read Scripture and lead Prayers. The Lord's Supper will be observed at both morning and evening services with Roy Osborne presiding. At the morning service, he will be assisted by Al- ST. CLEMENT'S EPISCOPAL Belford On the tenth Sunday after Trinity there will be a Sung Eucharist at 9 a.m. Monday at 8 p.m. tht Men of St. Cltment't will meet. Wednesday at 8 p.m. the St. Agnes' GulM will meet. METHODIST" Belford Rev. William R. Hodgdon, pastor, will preach at the 11 a.m. service Sunday on the subject 'Dry Bones and the Breath of God." Church school will meet t 9:30 a.m. The sewing group will meet Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. TRINITY EPISCOPAL Red Bank. On Sunday Holy Eucharist will Morning Prayer and address will be at 10 a.m. There will be no :I5 a.m. family service In August. Alcoholics Anonymous and the il-anon Group will meet at 9 i.m. Monday. PRESBYTERIAN Lincroft Rev. Dr. John Townley, pastor meritus of the Point Pleasant' Presbyterian Church, will preach t the 8:30 a.m. service Sunday. Church school Is conducted simultaneously with the service. Bfbte study meetings are held etch Wednesday 9:30 to 11 a.m. EMBURY METHODIST Littlt Silver Rev. Ralph L. Barret, pastor, will preach at the 10 a.m. service Sunday. St. George's by the River Waterman Avt., Runuon Follow i! it at Su IrljM IrMs* Canon Geo. A. Robertshaw R«etor 8 A.M. Holy Communion j 10 A.M. Morning Servicf Rev. John P. Cuyler fraaehtr You Ari Invited THE ELBERON MEMORIAL CHURCH PARK AVENUE ELBERON, N. J. SUNDAY DIVINE SERVICE 11:00 A. M. SIRMON IY DR. HAROLD A. IOSLIY I Ckrl.t ekt Sim Ttdi Crty THI MiNitTav or MUSIC WIILIAM MIMtWTT, tmnm MALLIK NOWLAN0, S»»NIM fanc*! VIHIU,.Cwtralto r«ahk MMH, T«Mr * Wr.rt.r WWUI 1H»W, WMMM. Quit Votaatarlly But he said mere could be many more, and mat he knew of sever*] racial reconciliation." In Mississippi Methodist Bishop Marvin Franklin said "a little more man usual left last year. "But we haven't had an enormous number leave," be added. "A lot: of them found better positions. I think we've had others leave partly on account of the racial situation." Of 28 Methodist pastors In Bishop Franklin's conference who last January signed a "statement of conviction" against racial discrimination 19 have moved on to other posts.. Three-Way Shift, Printed Pattern Three-ways marvelous! Sell this shapely shift at natural waist. Empire-high or low depends on when you stitch-buttons. Smart V dmple-sew. Printed Pattern 8172: Mines' Sizes 10, 12, 14, 16, IB. Sin 1«requires '3% yards 31-inch fabric. Fifty cents In coins for mil pattern add 15 cents for each pattern for first-class mailing and special handling. Send to Marian Martin, The Red Bank Register, Pattern Dept, 232 West Uth St, New York 11, N. Y. Print plainly name, address with zone, sin and style number. CLIP COUPON FOR SOe FREE PATTERN m big new Fall-Winter Pattern Catalog, just out! 3S4 design ideas. Send 50 cents for catalog. H ow can I learn to pray? ethe TRUTH IN THIS CREATBOOK CAN TEACH TOtJToillAY EFFECTTVEI.T You can learn how to pray, how to commune with God, how to listen for Hit guidance, it you will read with an unprejudiced, receptive thought the truth contained in tha great book, Science and Health with Key to the Scripturel by Mary Baker Eddy. You may read Or borrow Science and Health free of charge at any Christian Science Reading Room. The book can be purchased in red, Teen, or blue binding at $S ind will be sent postpaid on receipt of check or money order. Christian Science READING ROOM 209 BROAD ST. Mm. thru Sat 11*10 Alt* Friday KM. r-.w*»

9 ' J it :s i: )f OffICi SUPPLIES > ARTftDRAFDNG MATB^IALS EshablMied 1W4 17 Broad St. J» TaJepheat SH; 1*0001 RED BANK 1, y ton, daughter of Mr. and Mra. Edward Shelton, Holrodel Rd., celebrated, her 14th birthday Aug. 6 at the Sea Star Swim Club, od it night at home with Mn. William Edele, Brooklyn, and Mrs. Catherine Barnes, who also celebrated her ljirthday that day. Also present were Mr. and Mrs. John CarpentWr, Brooklyn, and Thomas, Timothy; Anthony, Jean and Denise' Shelton. : ' This Trustworthy Event Continues On! 43rd AUGUST McKELVE Y'S '.EASY CHARGE AND BUDGET PAYMENTS ARRANGED 21 WBT MAIN STREET, FREEHOLD, N. J. TELEPHONE: ,, t W«hay* carpet layers for every job anywhere Store Hours: Monday thru Saturday 8:00 A.M. to 5; 30 P.M. IITOKI OPIN TP»io» P.M. 2-Hour Free Park* Ing at Lot in Rear of MeKtlviy'i ttort. It Pavs to Advertise in The Register < LIQUIDATORS DAILY CROSSWORD LCUibms IMUIUry Wfcool taunt 10. Difficult eounecal lxufht sueum IS. Past: anhale 14 Venture 15. Reply 1& Statins ana U-Kutlenota!». Standing (2d) J2. Small car 31. Movie ahown previously SSiHamful oftunij S7. School Inter, l J8.Boy» nickname Timber wolf 80.Clo«ly mated S3. Auction 37. Forest vlne- 88. Certain car of passenger train SB,. asd «nee 40. Speak 41. Dismal 42. Organs ofrif&t LBeottt OHara'a turn* XSnaD ( nanlmow e.camea " with ait. ficutty 7. Below: XUU1& 8. Not mejojlou* A-Bpaolah hero 9 5# 1!) ) 37 S9 1 4t % % 31 2 Troopers To Retire TRENTON (AP) Lt. Willla A. Lewis of New Egypt and Li Charles W. Jaeger of Stockt are retiring from the state pc lice force, Col. Dominick R. C pelto has announced. S IS. PlayfulntM tt. Before SB. Spite's v» if % 5Z 4» pole k K 27 % 38 ^4 V 4 f IO a % is SLDtn M. "Child of the Sun"' M.Fok»riUk 3S.Sra(> IlOoaatny SLOwlar 7 8 Jaeger, who will be 61 Satu Troop D, New Brunswick. day, won world notice in hi youth as a bicycle racer, pa tidpating in races in Europe a Australia and winning the wo: motor-paced championship Paris in 1929 and A native of Newark, Jaegi joined the state police on A 15, 1938, and has served In Scotc Plains,- Morristown and Trento where he has been division mei teal officer since Since 18 Jaeger has been training -bieycl r a w s sponsor of the ai Y W O R L D OPEN 3 DAYS ONLYI Thuri., Mi 10 am, to 9, p.m. iot. "TO a.m. to p.m. 69 NEWMAN SPRINGS ROAD. Al M. 3$ SHRIWSBURY AT THI RID IANK UNI (ACROSS FROM MAYFAIR MARKIT) Entire Store Buyers ANY TYPE STOCK or PART WANTED, CAIL 74M8W or ON SALE SATURDAY, 10 A. M. TO 6 P. M. THE FOLLOWING ARE TYPICAL EXAMPLES OF HUNDREDS OF OTHER NONE HIGHER ITEMS NOT ADVERTISED INFANTS' & BOYS' JACKETS NAnONAUY ADVERTISED TO fd BLANKETSI C«laiww,Ac*h>t*.«Aerlloi DecrM NATIONALLY ADVERTISED UP TO 3.95 *«Hl 9Wr m INFANTS' OUILTED PLASTIC BIBS 61 49e FOR MONI HI«HIR 00 NONI HlaHM 18 II 817, nual "Flemington Tour" cross country bike race, Lewis, 58, graduated with Jaeger from the State Police Academy in 1938 and has served in Perms Neck, Fort Dix, on the turnpike patrol, and as station commander at Laurelton, Fort Dix and Bordentown, Later he served with Troop C's traffic lection in Princeton and then be came administrative officer of State Police regulations require that troopers retire after they reach the age of SS or have servedfor25 yfi&rs. Both Jaeger and Lewis have been on the force 25 years. KC Picnic On Aug. 25 HOLMDEL - Red -Bank Council, Knights of Columbus,, will hold Us annual family picnic Sunday, Aug. 25. Joseph Ambrosino is general program chairman of the fraternal society. The picnic will be held at the Farmers and Gardeners Labor Camp here. Tickets can be obtained from Mr. Ambrosino. Games and races will be conducted for children by the youth activities committee, under the leadership of James P. Erving of Little Silver. Prizes and toys' will be awarded to the partlci pants. A softbtll game will highlight the afternoon for the adult males and dancing to the music of phonograph records will be held in the camp dining room later in the afternoon. BOARD LACKS QUORUM NEW SHREWSBURY - The Board of Adjustment meeting, scheduled for Wednesday, did not take place due to the lack of a quorum. The board will meet next In September. Announcing... The Opening of Our New Building. jv^^j^ui^h:4i^\ Robert Meyer With Allstate PORT MONMOUTH - Robert C. Meyer, M York Ave., has heeu appoeste*~an agent for Allsute Insurance Companies, according to New Jersey Regional manager, Rick E. Vernoia. Mr. Meyer joined Allstate in June and enrolled in a special training program the company provides for all sales representatives. At the conclusion of the course, he satisfactorily completed examinations conducted by the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance. RED Friday He is Ucenied for the sale o< Allsute In Middbacx and Monmouth CouotJc*, wwtot mainly both casualty and life insurance. Married, and the father of from the Seen, BoeUtk and three boys, Mr. Meyer'represents Company Catalog-Store, Keypon. J. ((ridel's open-end one-third-balance charge account makes back-to-college shopping easy. BUSTERS FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Your Choice of HAIR SPRAY EACH 'Suave ONLY! * «Special purchase at a very special price. Come in and stock up on big savings. Boys' Western Style Heavy Wear Dungarees Really fabric tni workman- hip. Built to withstand many after tetfool ftpjlr* fn.iixei 6 to20..!,.. deluxe.". 'A '- i 1 t m til' 3-TIER METAL TABLE IH WHITE OR COLORS * i * ^ Sturdy iteel with enamel finish, relli on casfars. Hai alectrical euiht Sin 20x1 Sx30'/i". losement Salei Fleer 94 BROAD STREETf EATONTOWN, ON MONDAY, AUGUST 19, 1963 NEW MODERN FACILITY-DRIVE UP WINDOW - LARGE OFF STREET PARKING AREA REAR ENTRANCE FOR COSTOMER CONVENIENCE TWIN BORO FEDERAL SAVINGS & ASSOCIATION CURRENT DIVIDEND iv,l>!!> ' GULF SUPREME MOTOR OIL QTS. * 1 29c qt. each This quality motor oil supplier tough lubricating film to all bearing lurfic««. SAE 20 ^nd SAE AL CAN 1.67 "^" ' " " ^ w^ii^ av Buy th» tconomy 2 gal. size and av««van mort. DOWNTOWN OKN WID. AND W BANK «'

10 10 Friday, Auguit 16,1963 RED BANK REGISTER State Leader to Visit VFW National Home METUCHEN Mrs. James Caffrey of this place, state president of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary, will visit the National Home in Eaton Rapids,! who annually make this pilgrim-, ge. The National Home, which is tuported by the contributions received from the VFW Auxiliaries throughout the world, is (comprised of cottages built and maintained by contributions from auxiliaries. More than 200 orphaned children of VFW mem' bers reside there. Each cottagi has its own house mother whc makes every effort to be a real mother to the six or eight chi Mich., at the end ol the month. dren committed to her care, whc Mrs. Caffrey, a member of are raised as they would be i the auxiliary to the VFW Police normal homes. Post of North New Jersey, will The state of New Jersey is responsible, through its VFW be one of many state presidents, auxiliaries, for the upkeep of the New Jersey Cottage and furnishes the necessary household items and repairs. While Eaton Rapids, Mrs. Caffrey will determine what is needed the; and, upon her return, will in form fi.» auxiliaries so.they ma; raise the necessary money. Deanna Stine Engaged NEW SHREWSBURY - Mr. and Mrs. S.L. Stine, 30 WillsJiire Dr., announce the engagement o! their daughter, Mist Deanna Marie Stine, to Carmine Arthur Sicilian), Jr., son of Mrs. Louise Sicillano, 28 Center St., Red Bank, and the late Carmine Siciliano. The bride-elect is a graduate of Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School and is employed in the hospital plan department at Riverview Hospital. Mr. Siciliano attended Middle town Township High School and li employed by Scalzo Construe' tion Company, Lincroft. The wedding has been set for Jan. 25, Third Birthday FAIR HAVEN Jeffrey Dupree, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ber nard A. Dupree, 2d, 226 Dartmouth Ave., celebrated his third birthday Monday at an outdoor, party. Guests were his brothers, Tripp and Chris Dupree, Ed- tion of the tango, meringue MIDDLETOWN An exhib ward and Karen Apy, Robin bossa nova and other populai Drake, Dawn Dupree, Susan Golden, and Donna and Stephen Noglows. Monmouth Speech Center CALL Public Speaking Courses for Clubs and Corp. Are you having a party- Giving a gift.,. Saying "Thank You"... or just Hello? then see BIRNN " CANDY FINE CHOCOLATES SIFTS. CARDS fi Brotd St. Rid lank : Miss Deanna Marie Stine August Moon Dance Tonight dances will be presented tonigh by Mr. and Mrs. Victor J. Mar asco, Pine St. The couple will entertain the August Moon Dance spon sored by the Parent-Teacher As sociation of St. Mary's School New Monmouth, in The Oaks, Music will be by Al Fazzone anc his orchestra. Mr. Marasco teaches ballroom dancing in the adult education programs of Middletown an< Raritan Townships. Fashion Preview At Carlton House ASBURY PARK - A specla' fall fashion preview will be hek from 2 to i p.m. Wednesday oi the terrace of the Carlton Hous Apartments at 510 Deal Lak Dr. The fashion show is beinj staged for tenants and guests b; the Dainty, Apparel Shop of A( bury Park. Mrs. Barba Samaha is fashion coordinate: Co-sponsor of the, preview B. J. Lucarelli and Company o Newark, builder of the Carlto House, a new 12-story apartme building overlooking Deal Lake Refreshments will be servet ENROLL NOW "LIMITED ENROLLMENT" Five Corners Nursery School AND KINDERGARTEN CtrrifM mi Suj»rvl»d by N. J. D»pf. of Iduccrtioii Cartffitd Tiechtri and RtQliNred Nunti Fall Settlor Start! Sapftmbtr?, 11*1 Half Day mi All Day Stiltons Registration for Fall Terms FRIDAY, AUGUST 23-9 A.M. to 4 P.M. FIVE CORNERS NURSERY SCHOOL Klngi Highway, Middlstown, N. J CROSS THE THRESHOLD Let us show you how your houie could look. New draperies can make la room entirely different. Recovering on* or two piecoi of furniture can refreihen an entire room. You will be pleaied with what can be don* by ui. No charge /or estimates, oj course M. SILBERSTEIN Interior Designs Furniture Draperies -Slipcovers 25 MECHANIC ST RID BANK TODAY AUGUST MOON DANCE, Pa rent-teacher Association of St. Mary's Sohool, New Monmouth p.m.. The Oaks, Rt. 35, Middfetown. RUMMAGE SALE, Belford In. dependent Fire Company Auxiliary, 10 a.m., in firehouse, Rt 36, Belford. TOMORROW ANNUAL BOARD DANCE Sisterhood of Temple Beth Miriam, 9:30 p.m., outdoors at temple, Lincoln Ave., Elberon. RUMMAGE SALE, Belford Independent Fire Company Auxiliary, 10 a.m., fire house, Rt. 36, Belford. SIGHTSEEING TOUR, Molly Pitcher Barracks Auxiliary, 10 a.m., leaving from American Legion Hall, Carr Ave., Keansburg. SUNDAY CLAM BAKE, Wayside Firemen's Auxiliary, at fire house. CONCERT, Morning Star Maie Chorus of Woodstock, 3:30, p.m., Calvary Baptist Church, Bridge Ave. and River St., Red Bank. Asks Ramps For Public Buildings NEPTUNE - Miss Helen M. Dunn, president of the Without- Mrs. James A. O'Brien (The former Miss Margaret Wilson) Miss Wilson Married To James A. O'Brien ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS gandy. The maid of honor wore Miss Margaret Mary Wilson and a headpiece of blue-tinted daisies James A. O'Brien were married and carried a bouquet of the here Saturday in St. Agnes same flowers. The bridesmaids Catholic Church. wore similar headpieces in pink The bride is the daughter of and carried pink-tinted daisies Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Wilson, and babies'-breath. 94 Third Ave. Mr. O'Brien is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Best Man Edward O'Brien, Clnnaminson, O'Brien of Gloucester. brother of the bridegroom, was The project has been under- Rev. John P. Murray of Our best man. Ushers were Robert taken by tha Red Bank, Long Lady of the Angels Seminary, Albany, N. Y., a cousin of the brother of the bride, and James tions of the National Council of Wilson, Atlantic Highlands, Branch and Asbury) Park sec- bridegroom, officiated at the Keen, Long Branoh, cousin of Jewish Women. A-Doubt Society, an organization ceremony and celebrated the the bridegroom. The purpose of the survey will of handicapped adults in the (Nuptial Mass. The Mass and The bride was graduated In be to determine how and where shore area, has asked that com Ave Maria were sung by the St from Red Bank Catholic these volunteers can best serve munities make public buildings Agnes School Choir. Miss Jean High School and is employed In the needs of the community, according to Mrs. Henry Berman, accessible to the handicapped by Colleran was organist. the Mechanical Engineering A reception in the Hofbrauhaus Branch of the U.S. Army Electronics Materiel Support Agency munity affairs for the Red Bank vice president in charge of com- building entrance ramps. followed. The American Standards Association has recommended The bride, who was given In A 1956 graduate of Gloucester A volunteer service bureau, Escorted by Father at Fort Monmouth. section. eliminating architectural barriers, Miss Dunn said, but it is.'ull-skirted gown of cotton or- O'Brien received a bachelor's de- marriage by her father, wore a Catholic High School, Mr. Mrs. Berman pointed out, will up to city officials and architects gandy trimmed with panels of gree In chemical engineering to carry out the recommend- Schiflli embroidery and ending from Villanova University and a ations. in a ohapel train. A crown of master's degree in the same field Miss Dunn, made the- comment daisies held her chapel-length from Pennsylvania State Univerveil. She carried a bouquet of sity. He is a member of the ifter members of the WADS at- ;ended, a concert of the Asbury daisies and red roses. American Institute of Chemical "ark Municipal Band at the Arthur Pryor Pavilion recently. Highlands, was maid of honor Society, and Phi Lambda Upsilon Miss Carole Wilson, Atlantic Engineers, American Ohemteal Those in wheelchairs were For her sister. Bridesmaids were honorary chemistry society. He pushed up the ramp to the pavilion by Boy Scout Dick Adams so a sister of the bride; Madepartment of Socony Mobil Oil Misses Mary Theresa Wilson, al- Is employed In the research de-»f Explorer Post 199, Asbury line Nash, Jackson Heights, Company, PauJsboro., 'ark. N. Y., and Mary Sue O'Brien, Following a wedding trip to She expressed the hope that Gloucester, sister of the bridegroomara Falls,,the couple are the Thousand Islands and Niag- in rebuilding the Sunset Avenue making Pavilion sidered. ramping will be con- Final Plans For Benefit LONG BRANCH List of patrons for the annual summer party of the Family and Children's Service has Increased 40 per cent over last year, according to Mrs. Charles C. Schock Jr., president of the board of directors. Patrons names will appear i» the program. The annual event will take place Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. In Sea Girt Inn. A fall fashion show will be presented by Doops if East Orange. Mrs. Frank M. Sibley, Red Bank, is in charge of the fashion show. Mrs. E. Melvin Goddard, Asbury Park, is reservations chairman and Mrs. X.S. Smith, chairman of special gifts. The auxiliaries are assisting under the direction of Mrs. Alton V. Evans, Long Branch Sponsors will hold a final meeting this afternoon at o'clock in Family and Children's Service headquarters, Bath Ave., Long Branch. Nevada Chief Justice Visits Daughter FAIR HAVEN Houseguests The attendants wore gowns their home at 3268 Gerry Walk, similar to the bride's in pink or-lfairview. Married 60 Years Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Eckman RIVER PLAZA-Mr. and Mrs, Thorne, 1485 West Front St., both If you're wondering whethei Charles A. Eckman, 29 George Lincroft; Miss Eva Lou Ham now's the time to see whether St., celebrated their 60th wedding ntond, at home, and George Walling, 6 Bay St., Highlands. They anniversary Monday with an open house at home. also have five great-grandchildren. They were married Aug. 12, In Rifle Championship 1903, in the Wall Methodist Church, Spring Lake Heights, by! RUECKELS HAVE DAUGHTER CAMP PERRY, Ohio-Stephen his week of Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Drake, 221 Dartmouth Rev. Eliah Reese. QUANTICO, Va. - Marine E. Bloom of 27 St. Nicholas PI., Ave., are Mrs. Drake's parents Mr. and Mrs. Eckman have Corps Capt. and Mrs. Frederick Red Bank, N. J., will compete Anthony Rueckel of this place, Judge and Mrs. Milton B. Badt two daughters, Mrs. John C. was getting off the ground an in the NRA National Highpower of Carson City, Nev., who ar-.wallingrived here from Chicago where and Mrs. Anna L. Hammond, parents of a daughter, Mary his own rocket. 6 Bay St., Highlands, formerly of Eatontown, N.J., are every little boy wanted to launch Rifle (.30 caliber) championships here from Thursday, Aug. 22 they attended the National Conference of Chief Justices. Judge They also have four grandchil- For a change, ttie John F. Ken with whom they reside. Elizabeth, born July 29 in the through Friday, Aug. 30. First Family Again U.S. Naval Hospital here. More than 2,600 top shooters Badt is chief justice of the Nevada Supreme Court. ley's La., and Mrs. Floyd A. both graduates of Red Bank fired at 200 yards through 600 dren, Mrs. John C. Long, 65 Hur- Capt. and Mrs. Rueckel are will be vying for top honors in the 160-shot aggregate matches, Catholic High School. yards. The highpower championships are fired in two divisions. AUGUST SPECIALS IN BEAUTY CARE New It the tlmi to tramfer your hair to radiant colon; to tllktn, chic iparklt, to lairing liitrroui btaut) al btoutlful l TUES. and WED. ONLY Thru Aug IN-l HAIR TREATMENT 1. Hair conditioning traatnunl All Flvt Btaury Scrvlctt el 30-day color treatment 2. Dt*p CIMNM* tbompeo 3. Sparkling CWRW rlnie 4. Cuittm tryl*.cii» I. Custom irylo-wt CD EC * 9 * lal " MltSt Manlcur* with any SIS (or u>) HIIMANINT $ Complete BETTY'S CHARM SHOPPE 57 PROSPECT AVI., MO BANK Call MM.,» t-i 4a!ly! ample frte parking raelllhai ON VACATION BANK Mrs. Manuel RED Almendarez and, son Val, 167 River St., are- on a tour of the West Coast. W AC Officer Named The Adjutant is a Lady FORT MONMOUTH - A lady stoves," she recalls, "I officer, an officer's lady, and to stoke them." Wahine to boot is the new adjutant at the U.S. Army Eleclisted woman in the continental Maj. Palmer served as an entronics Research and Development Laboratory. leaving United States and in China, Maj. Beatrice B. Palmer has been named adjutant of the laboratory, succeeding Maj. Howard W. Killam, who has been assigned to duty In France. Maj. Palmer, dark-haired dark-eyed and diminutive, has been in Hie Women's Army Corps since December of She is the wife of Maj. Ellis A. Palmer, deputy commanding officer of the U.S. Army Signal Radio Propagation Agency, which makes her both a lady officer and an officer's lady. Bora In Hawaii She is a Wahine because she was bora in Honolulu, Hawaii, and never left the islands until she joined (he Army. Then she was assigned to Fort Oglethorpe, Ga., where she learned for the first time that artificial heating sometimes Is necessary. "It was a cold winter, and we had those pot-bellied coal Ma). Beatrice B. Palmer learned the Communists. In IMS, working in the Presidio of Sao Francisco as a tech sergeant, sh«listened to the plea$ of her commanding officer, a ' colonel and signed up for officer candidate school at Fort Lee, Va., whew she was in the first of the then new six-month OCS courses. Married After graduation she was assigned to various post in the United States and Japan before she returned home to Fort Shatter, Hawaii, where she met and -married the other Ma], Palmer. Although most of her dutieshave been in personnel and' administration, Maj. Palmer did one tour as commanding officer of the WAC battery at Fort Sill, Okla. She notes that only at an artillery post such as Sill could the WAC group be called anything but a detachment. Since the artillery has batteries rather than companies, the detachment had to be a battery. For recreation Maj. Palmer, likes gardening, horseback riding and bowling, and, she adds, "I play at golf." Study Project to Aid Sr. Citizens RED BANK - that persons do not automatically forget the skills and knowledge of a lifetime on their 60th birthday, a survey hai been initiated Into the possibility of a volunteer service bureau for senior citizens of this county. eliminate possibility that the skills, experience and wisdom of these people will be lost. Awareness of the growing In the belief prompted National Council of Jewish Women to inaugurate several pilot projects, one of which has been given recognition by Look Magazine in a story in Tuesday's edition. The story deals with a senior citizen who was able to maintain h!«dignity by sharing his particular skills with the young people of his community. Council representatives tre Mrs. Bernard Levy, Red Bank section; Mrs. Morri* Chernow and Mrs. Alfred Kessler, Long Branch section, and Mrs. Albert Berlin, Asbury Park lection.... Kathleen Reilly to Wed PORT MONMOUTH-Mr. and Mrs. Gerard J. Reilly, 208 Main St., announce the engagement of their daughter, Miss Kathleen D. Reilly, to Kurt Kugele, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Kugele, 47 Asbury Ave., Atlantic Highlands. Miss Reilly is a graduate of Star of the Sea Academy, Long Branch, and of Monmouth College. She is a secretary with the Electronics Command Agency, Fort Monmouth. Her fiance, a graduate of Red Bank Catholic High School, is number of retired people has attending Monmouth College. A Break for Parents NEW YORK (AP)-Mom an Pop just might have a good tim< shopping for toys this Christ las. For a change they'll be con fronted with counters full of, thi kinds of playthings they under stand the spinning tops and fire when engines and dolls they had whe; they were Children. If a trend toward somethin, new and different showed up the American Toy Fair here, n body noticed it. Instead, the em phasis seemed on the traditional trled-and-true toys that have d lighted youngsters for years. OI ten, of course, they have a nev gimmick so you'll know they' 1963 models. They're Updated Dolls talk, drool, kiss. Toy an! mate talk, walk, toss back balls Trucks and fighting galleons ar motorized. Miniature models of home % pliances are powered by electri ity or battery and are supposed to do a real job. They're there sewing machines, vai uum cleaners, food mixing m chines all the things a little t;ir growing up in a pushbutton so ciety needs to learn about ear In life. Fewer Science Toys Games seem to be more diffi cult, and possibly will appeal adults too. mechanical monster will char or chill your child, It won't r> much of a problem. There aren' many around. Is your young sprout an em bryonic Einstein? Good scie tific toys are available, but ther Isn't the confusing plethora last year, when tfie Space Agi nedys are getting something a breather from exploitation. Bu there is a family of tiny doll (daddy is a doctor), reported look like miniature humans, and if the mother and Hie tee age daughter aren't supposed I resemble Jackie Kennedy it's <h strangest coincidence of the to; fair season. After School Classes in... READING ENGLISH MATHEMATICS FIRST GRADE THRU ADULT RUMSON READING INSTITUTE RUSSELL G. RANNEY, DIRECTOR A JFK (Just For Kids) rocker may have a presidential look about it,> none the less a good piece of furniture for young ones. It'* always said of everything from fashion shows to toy shows there's no outstanding trend < there's something for everyone. Since there's no runaway favorite, this Christmas it may be possible to select toys a child wants because he likes them and because they're the hit of the season. Sister Gives Surprise Party PORT MONMOUTH - Mrs. Joseph S. Straniero, 830 Palmer Ave., Middletown, was honored at a surprise birthday party given by her sister, Miss Gail Kowtko, in her home on Main St. here. Guests were Mr. John Straniero, Mr. Richard Frost, Mr. James Barker, Mr. Herbert Vivian, Mr. William Kowtko, Mr. and Mrs. George De Luca, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Veseloski and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Calhoun. Also, Mrs. Emily Levering, Mrs. Josephine Witt, Miss Ella Uhrig, Miss Patricia Boyle, Robert Witt, and Mr. Straniero and sons. Red Banker Entered Defending champion in the Service Division will be national match record holder, Sgt. David A. Luke, USMC. Earl H. Burton, Vacaville, Calif., also the National Match Record holder in the Bolt Action Division, will defend his 1962 win. SP4 Barbara J. Hile, USA, will shoot for her third straight women's service rifle crown while Mrs. Pauline S. Tubb, Canadian, Tex., will defend her Women's Bolt Action Me. Miss Kathleen O. Reilly Baby-Sitting,[ Classes Set RARITAN TOWNSHIP - Baby sitting classes will be sponsored by the Raritan Bay Area Jaycee-ettes with classes to be held- - in the high school starting In September. Mrs. John Quattrocchi is chairman of the project It is planned to hold classes ; once a week for a five-week J period. Speakers will include local fireman, policeman, kindergarten teacher artd nurse. Detail*" will be announced later. The group will sponsor a masquerade dance Nov. 2 at th» ' Palmer Lounge, West Keansburg. Refreshments will be included inthe price of admission. Mrs^i and Mrs. and Mrs. Charles V. Nemetz Is chairman.-! and Mrs. of the affair.. ; j' and Mrs. and Mrs. The next meeting of the Jay* r i cee-ettes will be held at the home*' of Mrs. Albert Ortlieb, presides*, ' 32 Appleton Dr., with JamM ; : O'Meara, Jaycee president, and;.' Warren Van Nosdall as guests. FIRST BIRTHDAY WEST KEANSBURG - The first birthday of Jacqueline Castellitto, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Castellitto, 31 Liberty PI., was celebrated last night at a family gathering- in. the Castellitto home. >- It pays to advertise in the Red Bank Reglster.-ArlvertiMment. 400 BROADWAY POINT PLEASANT MACH TW ZIP SERVICE You Call - We Install PHONE CA H. KAABE GLASS CO. WINDSHIELDS! MM5? (roadway. I** feftkh I

11 Around Monmouth The greatest parties are not brays tbs biggest ones. The party in point was «t CobWe Close Farm, Middletown, Sunday afternoon. Party Time By MILLI HRUSKA It, began with cocfctahs and and Lucille Greiner Ziegman a Rutherford. Entertainment on board wi include a program arranged bj Grace's partner, Jean Reed of Fair Haven. Walter Isfaraadtsen of Fai walled garden that surrounds the company's newest cruise ship for pool is beautiful, has an old the unusual party. It includes that is * m. ^ larly, entrancing and makes you the ship's beautiful pool, a sale feet you're on another continent. of art, browsing in the curio After swimming, we proceeded shops on board, and a sail to to the,telson house that clings an unknown destination. Return to the mountain on Cameron Circle-off the scenic,drive in Atnight. Proceeds will benefit the to port is set for about midlantic Highlands. Supper was Girl Scouts of Monmouth County. served on the pool terrace overlooking the ocean. Irene Turco, Englewood CliHs, whd has leased the Telson house for the season was hostess. Among the guests were Peg Thcfrntort of Atlantic Highlands; Irene's son, Bobby Turco; the Sharpes' son, Bobby Sharpe..., and the Turcos' super colossal, coal black great Dane, Angus. Ellie ; Qualey of Monmouth Beach has returned from a two year residence in Rabat, Morocco. She will be the house guest Doop's of Spring Lake wi of her sister and brother-in-law, show clothes and furs at th the Samuel Stetle Smiths of Family and Children's Servici Monmouth Beach. luncheon and fashion show i ' ' * _ Sea Girt Inn Tuesday., The season is spinning toward Members of the committee its hrf and invitational' to parties include Mildred (Mrs. Frank are-piling up to the point where SiWey, Pat Reardon, Florence Kridel and Marie (Mrs. Jo one-would have to be triplets to accept all of them. seph C.) Irwin of Red Bank; Aug. 24 is the date for at least Mary (Mrs. X. S.) Smith of four parties. Judge and Mrs. James P. Haney have chosen this date for a cocktah party at tholr lovely French house on Avenue of Two Rivers, Rumson. The Rumson Badenhops will be hosts Che same evening at a "Come.,.as,Your Favorite Song" costyrflft party.' This party is becoming a traditional late summer eyient' Pat Retrdmi of Red Bank lssujid invitations to a ball and Dining on (he Champagne Circuit at Mayer's Inn, Rumson, before attending the Naveslnk Country Club's first formal dance and 44 countries. Dolls will be shapely gals from the SO states fest(vi,t' tt Peninsula House, S were Rumson Mayor and Mn. selected by the judges to carve BrigWt also- on the 24th. Pro- Charles CaJlman, with Mrs. Patterson Humphrey of Little Sil- set aside for the winners. Fina up the $68,000 In cash and prize: ceedo'ftil! benefit the Crippled CMBhffl'f Society and the F«mmily and Children's Service of York... the Robert Bergs of International Beauty." 10 p.m ver and the John Dales of New winner will be known aj "The Monmouth County. Rumson with the Al Kelps of NBC. And the Girl Scouts' "Rendervous with Lorelei" twilight and of Fair Haven... Seen there wood interviews the dean of Rumson and the Larry Garritys PORTRAIT. Charles Colling- moonlight cruise is set for the through the weekend were Larry radio journalists,' H. V. Kaltenborn, at the'85-year-old com- same night. and Sylvia Taylor of Rumson Niki and Grace Vuyo*evioh of with the Peter Reidemeisters of mentator's home in Stony Brook, Fair Haven Jetted in from a Middletown... Mrs. John Gave: Long Island. The years have nine-day sojourn at the Lantana of New York...Mary Rockafeller of Asbury Park with Gent Colony Club at Somerset Bridge, Bermuda, yesterday. Bush of Holmdel... Dale and Grace, who sings professional- Ross Scott of Fair Haven... th ly as Grace Lang of Reed and Lang, will go into rehearsal for Flo and Joe LlottJ of the Colony House, Red Bank, are touring Europe In their Mercedes. They bavt toured Spain, Portugal, France Switzerland, Germany and Austria. They are due this week In Cortina hi tbe Italian Alps. Their schedule includes Milan, Florence, ROHM and a month In Sorrento before their return here In late September. Rumson; Mac (Mrs. Alton V.) Evans and Marge (Mrs. 0. Woo cott) Morris of Long Branch; MHdred (Mrs. Stanley) Tracy of Allenhurst; Dottie (Mrs. Francis P.) Drucker of Shrewsbury, and Helen (Mrs. J. William; Procter of Little Silver. Carl Priems of Portaupeck.. Maryjane and Bruce Luther of Oahhurst... and Katy and C1IH Vanderhoff of Lincroft. At the HomesteadlGoU Club, Spring Lake Heights, were thi her role of Lorelei, In the "Rendezvous with Lorelei" cruise. The party will sail at 7 p.m. and fohww the siren call to Lore- lei and her court ot sea maidens Frank A.Fahey's, Jr. of West who will be luring them to the Point Pleasant, and Ed and Dori rocks off the coast of New York. Heffernan of East Orange. Grace's Lorelei costume is quite devastating. It cost $2,000. Coining up this weekend is the Tom Geoly cf CoJts Neck, president of Eaves Costume Co., New party for 250 guests and the Edgar Mooney's garden cocktail York, donated the use of the costume: to benefit the Monmouth club. President's Ball at Deal Got! County Council of Girl Scouts. Grace's sea maidens are Marilyn There'i no Trick to Having Ex- (Mrs. -William 0.) Barnes of tra Cash. You Get It Fast When West Long Branch. Peg (MrjiYou Use The Register Classified. Robert) Goodman of Naveslnk.-iAdvertlsement. SHERMAN'S AUGUST WHITE SALE IS.9I New N»w N*W America's Favorite Ovtnwort "Brawn Drip Ola*" Service for 8 $9.95 Literally ton* of faptory selected seconds (the flaws art hardly noticeable). Dinner sett and serving piacei; cwserolei, btan pots, mujs, bowls, baking diihes, platten, sugars and creamers. Everything available in open stock. Air-Conditioning jor Your Browsing Convenience 812 MAIN ST. TOMS RIVER Op** tmtn ii M i rvmev 'HI «MlT 'HI * But>»lrtl Ine Us». l««fj*«m* r*ro rat- TV Key Previews Tonight's top shows as previewed and selected by TV Key's staff of experts who attend rehearsals, watch screenings an analyze scripts in New York and Hollywood. RAWHIDE. "The Lost Tribe" (Repeat) Regulars will enjoy this one. All those brawling cattle who move obediently about through each episode, take off on one whale of a stampede tonight. Indians are behind the fracas am make off with some of the cattle so drover- Pete Nolan really has his hands full. 7:30 p.m. CBS. ROUTE M. "Who Will Chee My Bonny Bride?" (Repeat) i weirdie that works. Shimon Wincelberg's decidedly unconventional script about a pair of backwoods hoodlums and the merry old ride they give Lin< Case, will raise your eyebrow, and arouse your curiosity. Albert Salmi and Rip Torn as the guntoting pair, and regular Glenn Corbett, as Line, do a bang up Job throughout. 8:30 p.m. CBS. SING ALONG WITH MITCH. (Repeat) Leave it to Mitch to find a few songs to fit "Cinderella" even if he had to switch the locale to include tunes lik< "I Ain't Got Nobody," "You Feet's Too Big," and "Save thi Last Dance." Other famous old standards like "Bury Me Not the Lone Prairie" and "Pack Up Your Troubles" come dressed up in other sets for a variety of segments. (Color) 8:30 p.m. NBC. INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY SPECTACULAR. Long Beach, California once the home o "Miss Universe" stays In the pulchritude swim via this extravaganza. It's all going to be handled like a revue and there'll be musical numbers with Meredith Willson composing and conducting Lome "Bonanra" Greene as emcee, lots of produc tion numbers and of course not dulled Mr. Kaltenborn's wif as he so ably proved earlier this season on an ABC show, and his comments on world events pasl and present make for a lively interview p.m. CBS. SUNDAY MEET THE PRESS. Forme U.S. Ambassador to the USSR and acknowledged expert on th Soviet Union, George F. Kennan, faces the panel today. The newsmen will definitely try and find Mr. Kenntn's opinion on tfte current thaw in Russian-American relations and what It holds for the future. (Color) 8 p.m. NBC. ED SULLIVAN. Good musical line-up tonight for ail tastes. An aria from Bellini's "I Puritan!" by renowned soprano Joan Sutherland; Stan Kenton and his band putting a little progressive Jaiz to some hits from "West Side Story"; and DeUa Reese doing "You Came a Long Way from St. Louis" and "Be My Love." For the youngsters there's a hoop act, tumblers snd Charles Cairoll, the slapstick clown. S p.m. CBS. THE JO STAFFORD SHOW. Miss Stafford filmed this oneshot special last year In England and she managed to collar guest) like Bob Hope and James Darren to help her out. Jo sings standards like "Over the Rainbow," "Lullaby of -Broadway," md "You'll Never Know." Bob contributes a monologue, naturally, and does one of his movie tune», "Buttons and Bowj," Darren sings "Gig!" as well as «nice medlev of ow favorites with Miss Stafford. 9 p.m. CBS. READY FOR BUSINESS Two new stores opened yesterday in Monmouth Shopping Center Lane Bryant and Liftman's Jewelry Stores. Gathered, left to right, at the ceremony are Miss Rosalind Martin, real estate astiitant of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co., owners of the center; Hy Liftman, president of Littman's; Eatontown's Mayor Herbert E. Warner; Jack Daynard, presi. dent of the Center Merchants' Association, and Theodore Malsin, secretary of Lane Bryant. D. C. Circuit A Polish Treat By ROBERT S. ALLEN and PAUL SCOTT SOCIAL WHIRL Polish Ambassador Drozniak gave the capital's large army of "freeloaders" a big treat with a lavish party on his country's so-called Na tional Liberation Day. Staring at 6 p.m., and featuring two long tables piled high with Polish delicacies, and four bars, the affair went on for hours. As such elaborate shindigs are infrequent these torrid days of summer, Drozniak's open-handed hospitality was heartily enjoyed... A ton of California grapes and 500 pounds of roasted buffalo from South Dakota were consumed at the third annual buffet dance of the Junior Foreign Service Officers Club for young members of the foreign diplomatic corps'. By the time the feasting was over, the 40-fopt-long buffet table had been swept clean. Nothing was left except crumbs and empty platters... Mrs. George Anderson, wife of the former Chief of Naval Operations who is leaving to become Ambassador to Portugal, says she learned one thing during her stay in Washington: It is to sit on a high perch at receptions. Says Mrs. Anderson, "It may be unorthodox but it's very comfortable, especially for taking the strain off an injured knee."... Mrs. Corrado Ceccacci wife of the new Italian air attache, was introduced a 1 her first diplomatic party in an unusual manner as a doctor of philosophy and a poet. She explained she got her Ph.D. at the University of Rome before she married more than 20 years ago, and taught Latin, German and ancient Greek in high schools. Faces Charge Of Larceny RED BANK John Bogdanskl, of 23 Fourth St., Sayreville was arrested Wednesday on a charge of larceny. He will appear in WHEAT FOR VICTIMS NEW YORK (AP) About 400,000 bushels of wheat are being made available to cyclone victims In East Pakistan through Church World Service, relief arm of the National Council of Churches. Some 10,000 lives were lost in the storm. The boardwalk at Asbury Park, N. J., is 85 feet wide in places. Rocking chairs are placed at strategic locations. SHOW OF THE WEEK. "The Shadowed Affair" (Reps*') in this special five-parter on the Women who like "women's civil rights crisis concentrates on shows" will love this nocturnal "The Issnes." From New York, soap opera. It gets a tremen California and Louisiana, this dous boost from the performance program attempts to define th«of Greer jgarson, who runs away differences in the problem in with the show, in the role of trie various parts of the nation. The domineering wife of a milquetoast Nobel Prize winning au- "racial lmbal«nce" in school! New York segment concerns thor. Douglas Fairbanks and ind Hie controversy over job op- Lois Nettleton fill out the emotional triangle. (Color) 10 p.m. lion examines a housing prob- Mrtunltles; the Califor tl«sec- NBC. lem; and In Louisiana the main point is voter registration. 10:30 CRUClAt SUMMER. Second?.m. ABC. CLEAN RUGS LAST LONGER and look lovelier too! CALL TODAY Dry CUaolai Uaaiiy WHITIST. SH74M* UOIANK Municipal court today. Police Chief George H. Clayton eported that detectives traced :he man, who was charged with stealing about $100 In coins from Donald's Cojn-O-Matic laundry Aug. 8, through witnesses who Identified him from police photographs. 'One witness who saw the man open machines and put the coins in a paper bag, the chief said, took down Bogdanskl's car registration number and gave it to detectives. Captain Irving Krakowitch, Lt. George H, Clayton, Jr., and Sgt. Robert Scott investigated for local police. The suspect was released In 1200 bail. JWinter Baat Storage Plan Cost Studied ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS-The Harbor Commission is pressing its study of planned facilities (or a winter storage program to begin this year. There are indications, however, that the project may find itself in a tight-budget situation. Costs for a concrete well have been estimated at $7,500. The selfpropelled boat lift operating in conjunction with the well may carry a price tag that will absorb moijt of the remainder of the (27,000 appropriation Borough Council has made for the storage project. Members ft the commission have received preliminary cost figures from two well-known lift manufacturers, but the actual purchase would have to be on a sealed-bid basis, members said. Commissioners are also fight- 'ing the clock. Delivery on the equipment can take up to 30 days or more. Bids for the well will be opened at the commission's Wednesday meeting. Response by boat owners to the proposed storage program has been called "extremely favorable" by commission members. But in questioning a representative of the Renner Mfg. Co., Milwaukee, WIs., last night, the body asked for details on a rental-lease plan "in case we don't get the boats" that would permit the hoist to be returned at minimal expense. Morganville The Social Club met recently at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sober, Jr., Wickatunk, for a barbeque. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Smith, Sr. and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Miller celebrated their adversary. Mrs. Edward Becker and Mrs, Louis Becker celebrated their birthday. Attending were Mr. and Mrs, Harry Conowalo and children Patty and Kathi, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Eckel, Mrs. Robert Owens and children Vivian and Bubby, Mrs. August Boldl, Mrs. Martin Smith, Jr., and daughter Christine, Don and Thomas Miller, Eddie Becker, and Jean, Robert, Steven, Rita and Erich Seber. Erich Seber celebrated his third birthday August 9. Attending a party were Mrs. Michael Manzo and daughters Claire and Angela, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Eckel, and Jean, Robert, Steven and Rita Seber. Michael Rynlewici has returned to Wheeler Air Force Base, Honolulu, after a two-week visit at j home with his family. Mrs. Clifford Rlchenberger, Tennent Rd., returned Sunday from Rlverview Hospital, Red Bank, where she was treated lor back Injuries received in a recent automobile accident. Mrs. Ted Mendinl and son Douglas and Mrs. J.E. Farrell went to a church picnic in Llewellyn, Pa., Saturday. Llewellyn is Mrs. Mendini'i home town. HONOR STUDENT STATEN ISLAND, N. Y. - Miss Barbara Braun, 161 Fair Haven Rd., Fair Haven, N. J., has been named to the dean's list at Wagner College for academic achievement semester. during the spring Happy Hours School Sycamore Avt. Lift* Silver STATE APPROVED NURSERY SCHOOL 9 a.m i.m. 2 Days a WMIC $18 per month 3 Days a Week $24 per month 5 Days a Week $35 per month KINDERGARTEN 5 Days a Week $40 per month TRANSPORTATION CALL SH FOR APPOINTMENT RED BANK BJEGISTCH Friity, Aufnst 16, Arlene Dahl Praises Beauty Contestants BY CHARLES WITBECK HOLLYWOOD-"!! takes a lot of guts to get up in a bathing suit, smile and walk around in front of all those people," sayi actress Arlene Dahl, one of the judges in the Long Beach International Beauty Spectacular televised by NBC tonight. "I know I couldn't do it today." Miss Dahl may be kidding, or maybe the old Dahl drive is missing now that she writes a beauty column, has a lingerie business making "Dahl Caps" for dames who wear curlers at night and acts in a picture occasionally. Besides, if Arlene sauntered across the Long Beach stage in a bathing suit, to the them* song of "Three Little Words," she'd win hands down. "A beauty queen's life is rough, 1 ' she says. Those girls are on a schedule that would frighten an Army major, and a girl may have everything until she opens her mouth." As a judge Miss Dahl looks for four pluses physical beauty, facial beauty, presentation which takes in stature, posture, etc. and, finally, that extra something. "It's an Inner glow," says Arlene In her beauty ejcptrt jargon. "That extra something which makes a star. They called it 'oomph' in Ann Sheridan's Day, 'if In Clara Bow's time." Last summer Arlene Judged the Miss America contest, and the moment she Interviewed the future winner, Jacqueline Mayer from Sandusky, Ohio, five days before the finals, she wrote down in her little book "This is Miss America." "Jacqueline had such magnetism and fresh beauty," said Arlene. "She retched out to you. But I had a tough time convincing the male judges who are more easily swayed by physical beauty. Looks Good In Rain "I'm surprised more hasn't happened to Jacqueline, but I'm not worried about her. She'll go far unless she gets married or settles down." Miss Dahl, who has "never joined a contest' except in a movie where one was fixed, was the grand marshal in the Miss America parade last summer in addition to being a judge, and received a good soaking as she drove through crowds In a torrent of rain. While the movie star was drying out. an onlooker came up and said: "Honey, I wish you all the luck In the world. What is your state?" mttically answered, "Minnesota" "Well I sure hope Minnesota wins," said. the lady and sauntered off. Even in the rain Miis Dihl looks good, as well as in a recent magazine layout posing in sheer nightgowns and (he contestants are glad she's in the judges' ring. Arlene has judged the Miss Rheingold conteit in addition to the first Miss Universe pageant held in Long Branch some years ago. Then Long Beach lost the Miss Universe business to Florida, and after a few years of quiet streets in August, the city couldn't stand it any longer and started up another bathing beauty show, This one is called a "spectacular" ("We hope it will be spectacular" says Miss Dahl) with girls sauntering in and out between entertainment acts to "Music Man's" Meredith Willson's new marching song. It will be run more like a Broadway show say the press agents, and TV'j grey-haired hero, "Bonanza's" Lome Greene has signed as Grand Marshal... Real 'Girlie' Shows Now TV fans have Miss Universe, Miss America and Miss International Beauty to watch in the summer. Ratings continue to soar on these "Girlie" shows so there will probably be even more next year. Miss Dahl is ill for supporting two or three contests to send the winners around the world. "A beauty who is gracious is a great good-will ambassador for our country," she says. "I'm sure Jacqueline Mayer gave us a lot of pluses in her travels during the year." Arlene even has a beauty queen working for her Miss Maid of Cotton, vintage of '59, Miss Anna Jane Sitton of New Mexico who acts as assistant on all the Dahl enterprises. "Beauty and intelligence are an unbeatable combination," says Arlene, "and if contestant* have both, a big future lies ahead." And where do the great beauties come from? "Texas is generally called the number one spot and Mississippi is not far behind, but, to me. Minnesota is underrated," says Miss Dahl loyally, "and should be on top, But Minnesota girls are shy. They stay at home, marry and have lots of chil- Arlene blinked and auto- dren." LET US HANG AROUND YOUR HOUSE SHOP-AT-HOME SERVICE Broad Si., Shrewsbury Dally la IiJO M. 'HI f WANNER'S BEAUTY SALON Rt. 3S In the heart of Middletown Shopping Center GET ACQUAINTED OFFER! jl.moroui COLORING un'ng CljJrof, Roux or L'Ortil ot Parij #i sn on TV. from,.. CLAMOROUS HI9H FASHION HAIR STYLINO. Doitn«sf itylu to fhosit from, PERMANENT* Reg Reg Reg Reg $7.50 NO AfPOINTMINT NICISSARYI EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS! mo/ AtC ON AIL ABOVI HICU STYLE HAIRCUTS $2.00" TRACE-A.WAVE CUT $2.50. Opt* All <fr«k Tlwn4«y «d fitter Ur» Nlfkft Watch For Our.. GRAND OPENING FEATURING SANDWICHES TO TAKE OUT TABLE SERVICE CATERING TO ALL TYPES OF PARTIES Towne Delicatessen 31 MONMOUTH ST. Phil Cerbone, Prop RED BANK Sam Aekerman, Mgr,

12 12 Friday, August 16,1963 RED BANK REGISTER. THE DUBONAES will be one of the featured groups at Norman SelduVs "Oldies but Goodies" show and dance in McSuire's Grove, Middletown, Sunday right. Young Seldin, producer, bandleader of the Naturals, and pianist from Fair Haven, will play some of his own compositions. Also on the program will be the Charts, the Wathington Brothers, the Adelphies and the Velvetones. The Dubonaes are, from left, Jack Olsh and Sonny Andrews with, from leff, Kathy Freeman and Margo Scarpino. pitch; Richard Karyczak, beai bag toss; Richard Bischoff, bort cap toss; Wendy Green, Frenc book store; Barbara Edelsteii and Doreen Gay; puppet she and fortune telling; Jamie Cu! pepper, clown and Jenny Cul pepper, lemonade stand. Amy Newman was instrumen Deeriield Children Aid MD MATA.WAN TOWNSHIP-Children from the Deerfield Park sec- 4-New» cessful at all. In fact, it was a dismal flop. tal in forming the carnival bj tion of Strathmore put on a car-contactinnival Aug. 9 and 10 to raise answer this question. Does Peter Sonny Fox of television station WOR. Question I hope you will money Tor Muscular Dystrophy, Falk have an artificial eye? I CONFERENCE SPEAKER have seen him on TV many times The children worked for two KIAMESHA LAKE, N. Y. and in the movies. Also, is he 4-Newi have a real meal for a change... and a home-size cocktail if you wish. You'll find a wonderful selection of seafood, served in the manner for which we are famous. OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK LINCROFT INN NEWMAN SPRINGS ROAD S5 TV y Mailbag By STEVEN H. SCHEUEH VKIDAY AFTERNOON Question Has Joan Fontaine retired from show business? I 2-Love of Life-Serial recently saw three of her films 4 Your First Impression on TV and thought she was very 7-Ernl e Ford-V«rietjr 'ine in all of them..they wereii Bozo The Clown ' 'Rebecca," "Suspicion," and "Jane Eyre." Mrs. R. J., Memphis, Tenn. Answer The still glamorous Miss Fontain recently appeared as a guest talent scout on TV and has made many appearances on the various game shows such as "To Tell The Truth," and "Password." She has also worked on some of the leading TV series and will undoubtedly make some guest appearances on new series this Fall. Question Please settle an argument. Did Earl Holliman or 11 Komedy Capers Mickey Rooney star in a TV series called "Sundance Kid" about 4-News 12:U three or four years ago? M. D., Providence, R.I. Answer Neither actor starred Question During the early days of TV (around 1950) there was a show called "Pantomime Quiz." Whatever happened to this show? Why don't they re vive it? G. S., Leland, Miss. Answer "Pantomime Quiz" was revived this past season uiv der the title of "Stump The Stars" and did not prove sue day of Thomas Green, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Green, Washington Ave., whose birthday was July 22, was given a party Aug. 10. Attending were Ronald and Bruce Lundrigan, Nancy, and Peter Allen, Jack Smith, Edward Lassik, James Brink, Judy Payne, Claudia Paine and Robert 12: It J Farm News 12:1$ 9-Newi fc Weather 2 News H. Reasoner 9 Almanac Newsreel I2:M 2 Search for Tomorrow 4 Truth or Consequences Quit 5 Cartoons Tom Gregory 7 Father Know* Bert-Serial 9 Memory Lane Joe Franklia 11 Rocky and his Friendi 11:45 2 Guiding Light-Serial l:m 2 Burns & Allen 4 Afternoon Drama n a series with that title.,. 5 Cartoons however, Earl Holliman played 7 General Hospital he character known as "Sundance Kid" in the short-lived 13 Calculus 11 Bold Journey western series, "Hotel de Paree." 1:23 S-Newi 1:10 2 As The World Turn* 5 Film Strange Triangle 1946-Signe Hasso-85 Min. 7 Susie Comedy 9 Star.And Story 11 Film King of the Turf 1938 Adolphe Menjou 90 Min. 1:55 FRIDAY TV.WNSCTV ChMMl T. iqahml I WCMklTCHuH U. 1:M 2 Password Allen Ludden 4-People Will Talk 7 Day In Court Drama 9 Understanding Our World- Education 2:2J weeks under the guidance of Mrs. James C. Hynes, 143 Deerfield La., and raised $ The N. J., representing the com Morris Westerman, Red Bank, going to star in a new TV series 7 News next season called "Arrest and 2:31 Trial?" I have seen shots from 2 House Party-Art Llnklettef fair was held at Deerfield La. Monday addressed the New Yort I recognized him. L.D.S., 7 Jane Wyman pany's Trenton general office, this show on ABC and I thought 4 Doctors Booths run by the children included: Lois Hynes, bowling on Life Insurance Company's edu East St. Louis, III. 9-Film-Tap Roots the green; James Hynes, marble cational conference here.he Answer Peter lost an eye as Van Heflin-90 Min. toss; Amy Newman, auction spoke on the selling of life in a result of an illness When he 2:51 was three years old but it has5-news table; Elaine Karyczak, penny never hampered him in any way. -1:M He does not have a new show of 2 To Tell the Truth Panel his own this Fall but he will 4 Loretta Young Drama mr. businessman: make many guest appearances 5 Doorway to Destiny on leading drama series. 7 Queen for a Day Tired of the lameness of luncheon menus? H_Flm-The Master Plan 1951 The hustle, bustle and heat of small eateries? (For an answer to your question about any TV program or 13 American Nation -JWayne Morris-flO Min. Then it's time you treated yourself to lunch actor, write to Steven H. 3:25 at the Lincroft Inn Relax in the cool comfort of our newly expanded tap room and of The Register.) 3:30 Soheuer, TV Key Mailbag, care I News Douglas Edwards 2 Edge of Night THOMAS GREEN IS 13 4 You Don't Say LEONARDO - The 13th birth- 5 Texan MCDONALDS 7 Who Do You Trust? 4:00 1 Secret Storm Serial 4 Match Game Gene Rayburn S-Pellx And The Wizard 7 American Bandstand D. Clark 9 Playhouse 30 Drama 4:25 4 News Sander Vanocur 4:30 2 Millionaire 4 Make Room For Daddy 7 Discovery '63 Children 9 Treasure 11 Popeye 4:55 7 American Newsstand U-Mr. Peabody 5:00 I Love That Bob Comedy 4-Film-Mohawk-1956-Scott Brady-75 Min. 7-Rescue Eight 9 Looney Tunes U Dick Tracy Cartoons 13 Dr. Posin's Giants 5:21 9 News 11 Rocky»nd' His Friend* 3:30 2 Film Abbott & Oostello I Hollywood-IMS (-Sandy's Hour r. Q. OfritmmM * M. Septet Preaent CONVENTION HALL ASIURY PAWC Sun. Eve, Sept. 1-9 p.m. (Labor Day Weekend) 1st Annual Labor Day FOLK FESTIVAL IncludLnf MIRIAM MAKEBA ION & SYLVIA JOHN LEI HOOKER VIKINGS 3 Ttcketi TICKETS for all IS.70, performances O.50. at «3.83 Convenlloa Hall Box om«e. PR MMO, NfelnlMufe'i Service D«k. FR 54000, Bamberfer'i (all!««> MI 3-331, Nlenen Muilo Center, Aibory Park * MOB. (few. Ctntor. Hall order, to Conveado* Hall, Aibnij park, If. J. Eaclom ttamped, MilatinitM envelope. mot PR!-0»00 JTABCTV»<tt-TV 7-Highwiy Petrol 9-Film Fort Apache-194&~ John Wayne-«0 Min. H SuDerauu U-Wbat'i New-Children FRIDAY EVENING f:00 T-News II Three Stooges lj-calculus 1:15 4 Local News 7-Weatlier 1:2* 7 Sports Howard Cosell 0:3* 5-Mickey Mouse Club 7 Focus on the Newt 11-Jeff'i Collie-Drama 1:40 4-Weather 1:45 2 News-Mike Wallace 4 News-Huntley, Brlnklejr 7 News Ron Cochran 7:00 4 Bachelor Father 5 Assignment: Underwater 7 Death Valley Days S Merrytoon Circus 11 News Kevin Kennedy 7:10 2-Weather U-Local Newt 7:15 2-News ll-weather 7:» 7:30 2 Rawhide 4 International Snowline 5 Roaring 20's Drama 7 Cheyenne 9 Sports 11 Expedition-Oocumentary 7:55 9 Baseball Mets 7:40 9-Sports 8:00 11 Guest Shot 13 American Nation 8:30 2 Route 66 4-Slng Along With Mitch 5 Texan Western 7 Flintstones 11 Sportsman's Club 8:45 11 Sports 9:00 5 Bronco Western 7 Dickens Fenster 11 Baseball-Yanks 1:30 2-ALfred Hitchcock 4-Prlce Is Right 7 77 Sunset Strip 1KO0 4 Beauty Spectacular 5 Detectives 13 World at Thirteen 10:30 2-Portrait 5 Mr. Lucky Adventure 7 Third Man 11 Steve Allen 13 Jazz is Music 11:00 2-News-Mike Wallace 4 News Frank McGee 5 News 7-News-JM. Martin 11:10 4 Weather Tex Antoine 5 Film The Fountainhead 1949-Gary Cooper 2% Hrs. 7 News 11:15 2 Weather Carol Reed 4 Local News 9-Sports ll-5ports 11:20 2 'Film-Jeanne Eagels 1957 Kim Novak Jeff Chandler 1 2 Hrs. 5 Min. 7 Film The Indian Fighter % Hrs. 11:30 4 Tonight Johnny Carson, 9 Film-iArmored Car Robbery Min. 11-News-J. K. M. McCaffery 11:40 11-Steve Allen' 1:00 4-News 7-Film-Intrigue AImanae Newsreel 1: th Hour 9 News and Weather 1:15 11-Charlie Farrell 1:23 2 News 5-News 1:30 2 Film Swing Fever 1944 Marilyn Maxwell 1 Hr. 3J Min. 1:35 5 Film-City On The Hunt 1953 Lew Ayres 2:05 4 Sermonette 3:05 2 Film The King and the Chorus Girl 1937 Joan Blondell 1 Hr. 50 Min. 4:55 2 Film Frisco Kid 1935 James Cagney 90 Min. BANQUETS! HOVt TIMETABLE RED BANK CARLTQN- Watt DMnerti Bummer Mule»:40: 7:00:»:»; money Ytllowitone Cubi 2:00; S:00. SAT. & SUN. Walt Dliney'a Sum raer Magic 2:00; 1:30; 7:25; Dttney'i YelloWBtone Cubi 3:45, 6 20, EATONTOWN DRIVE-IN- FIU. * SAT. Kartoon Karnlvnl S 25 Come Blow Your Horn 9:20; 1:00; Cattle King 11:25. BUN. Come Blow Your Horn 8:26; 12:10; Catlle Klnj 10:36. LONG BRANCH BARONET- The Nutty ProfeMor 3:00; 7:00;AO 20 Yellow Canary 1:30; 6:50. SAT. The Nutty Pro/ejaor 3:30, :30; Yellow Canary 2:00; 5: SUN. P.T :"" 5:50; 6 50 Cool of Day 4:20: B:20. ASBURY PARK LYRIC- Irma La Douce 2:50; 7:20; 10:10 BAT. Irmi hi Douce 2:30; 5:20; 8:10; 11:10. SUN. Irma La Douce 2:00: :30; 10:15. MAYFAIR- The Thrill of It All 2:«: 7:35: lo:o0. BAT The Thrill of It All 2:15; 4:30; 6:40; 8:55; 11:00. BUN. The Thrill of It All 2:35; 6:00; 7:30; 10:00. PARAMOUNT- The Great Escape 2:30; 7:00; 10:00. SAT. The Great Escape 2:O0; 5:0O; 8:00; 11:00. BUN. The Great Escape 2:00v 4:60; 7:45: 10:40. ST. JAMES PRI BAT. A SUN. Lawrence ol Arabia 2:00: 8;00. COLLINGWOOD CIRCLE SHORE DRIVE-IN- FKI., BAT. ft BUN. Irma La Doucn 8:30; 12:45; areat Van Robbery 11:30 NEPTUNE CITY NEPTUNE CITY- FRI * SAT. Mutiny on the Bounty 2:O0; 8:30; 9:30. SUN. Mutiny on tile Bounty 2:00; 6:00; 9:00. BELMAR FLY-IN DRIVE-IN- FW * SAT. Too Young Too Im moral 8:37; The. Beducera 10:26 Fruit la Ripe 11:59. BUN.-Bln you Sinners 8:37; Caree Girl 10:10; Night ol PaMlon NORTH OF RED BANK HIGHLANDS, MARINE- Llet of Adrian Messenger 7:00; 10:30; If A Man Answer«8:15. SAT List of Adrian Messenger 2:00; 7:00; 10:30; If a Man Answers 3:45; SUN. Nutty Professor 2:00; 7:00; 9:00 ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS ATLANTIC P.T :00; 9:25. 8AT.-P.T, 109-2:oo; 7:00; 6:25. BUN..Spencer's Mountain 2:00; 4:15; 6:30; 8:45. HAZLET LOEWS DRIVE-IN- Carloon 8:20: Come Blow Your Horn 8:27; 12:00; Tarzan the Magnificent 8ATi BUN. Cartoon-O-Rama 8:20; Come Blow Your Horn 8:41: 12:15; Tarzan the Magnificent 10:45. KEANSBURG CASINO FRI. * SAT. Donovan'B Reel.. PERTH AMBOY MAJESTIC Irma L«Douce 2:00; 4:30; 7:16; 10:00. DRIVE-IN THEATRE GATES OPEN 7:0OT.M.-MOVIES AT DUSK CM10WAKMW-WR'' UT, wj iuw.^ttllst SHOW CHIT FRaNKSiNama ^VComE BLOW YOUR Borfi Pkhjtti tn Color "TARZAHHLfSSSSB" FREE CANOVCANEI MIOGtT PUYGROUND OAILROAD ATLANTIC THEATRE Atlnallc HlRhlondu Trt. 2M-01W ' TONIGHT Olid SATURDAY Marina* Sat. at 2 P. M. Tto Ira* ilory ttli Mn f. Kermetys SUN. - MON. TUES. Contlnuoui Sun. hem 2 Henry Fonda Maureen O'Hara "SPENCER'S MOUNTAIN" MARINE THEATRE Highlands TONITE and SATURDAY 5 Great Stars in "ADRIAN MESSENGER" and Sandra LM "IF A MAN ANSWERS" SUNDAY and MONDAY JERRY LEWIS "THE NUHY PROFESSOR" Color AIR CONDITIONED Ik. II. HvhM Ont»»««Cutm m and FINAL WEEK! Thru Tuesday NEW LOW PRICES! METRO GOLOVyVN-MAYER NEW MirriNY ON THE BUI) AT CONVENTION HALL Peter, Paul and M«ry, popular folk tinging trio, will appear at Asbury Parlc'i Convention Hall, Saturday, Aug. 24, at 9:15 p.m. SAT. Irma La Douce 2:30; 5:00; 7:45; 10:30. I BUN. Irma La Douce 2:00; 4:30; 7:15; 10:00. STEPHEN CRAIG MIDDLETOWN The ninth EDISON birthday of Stephen Craig, son MENLO PARK CBJEMA- of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Craig, PBl, SAT. & SUM Toys in tse Attic Tindail Rd., was celebrated at 2:00; 4:00; 6:00; 8:00; 10:00. a barbecue Aug. 12. Guests included John Cahill, Joseph Iorio, W0ODBR1DGE DRIVE-1N- David Ginsberg, Thomas Goedert, FRI. & SAT. Cartoon B:15; Come Blow Your Horn 9:00; 12:40; Hero's Thomas Hockin. Jay Diigan, Island 11:00. BUN. Come Blow Your Horn 8:15; Frank MacDonald, Robert Petterson, David Rockefeller,' Ed- 12:00i Hero'l Wand 10:20. It pays to advertise in the Redward Reganthal and Kevin and Bank Register. Advertisement. Timmy Craig. WAITER WEAPE-STERUHO ENTERTAINMENT OUIDE AIR CONDITIONED CARLTON KOW THI^U TUESDAY pfd BANK,LL WALT DISNEY PROGRAM Hayley'sinawhirl! TOCrlNKXWr" EATONTOWN DRIVE-IN * COIHEBIOW YOUR HORN ALSO Robert Taylor "CATTLE KING" SUnkn HAYLEY BURL DOROTHY DEBORAH '" MILLS - IVES - McGUIRE; WALLEY i. EXTRA 2nd DISNEY HIT! ;', TWO PRANKSTERS HAVE A FIELD DAW SHOWS NIGHTLY SHORE DRIVE IN -4 I MN0N MaelBlNE <J. } BILLY WILDERS o TECHNICOLOR'PAHAVMION- ALSO "THE GREAT VAN ROBBERY" CHILDREN Always FREE X ^ X FREE PLAYGROUND Y////////////////////////////X 3 SENSATIONAL ADULT HITS! W/////////////J7/S////////A An Condih'orted JERRY LEWIS Lonq Branch "THi NUnV PROFESSOR" alto PAT IOONE In "YELIOW CAHARr BARONET 1 An Cc.nd:iionod...t h e talk of the town I 100% PURE BEEF HAMBURGER CRISP GOLDEN FRENCH FRIES CREAMY OLD-FASHIONED SHAKE -fl/ledftmim /» mean goodness in food prepared and served with extra care. Everything is so inviting... so spotless!/ clean, the service is fast and friendly. Ifs the pride of the community for family food 'n' fun at price* that please you. Come in any time.... for a banquet ar any toclal gstktrlng, y«u an cordially Invited to liup*cl rti«r-«lllrt«t (rtu CobbhSrmn.... w«btlkvt that w«h*v* voryllilpij y*«nni to make your affair a porftcl mcctu. Jhe GobbleStones Routa 35, MWdltrowB. N. J. Wtckdayi at 2 and 1:30 Frl., Sat. at 2, 6:30, *:30 Smday at 2)00, 4:00, 9:00 Srartt Wednesday at POPULAR PRICES! ACCLAIMED HIT! ommr.vtwcksvxt, Dorli Day Jamoi Gariwr "THRILl OF IT ALL" :;; LYRIC 7 Academy Awardtl "Lawrence of Arabia" Chele* watt now «t nit 2 a t" PARAMOUNT Joed Ummon VA Stovt Shlrtay MacUlM \A Jomoi i "IRMA Li DOUCE" " EGREAT BCAPE 1! j HIGHWAY 35 (Just Nerth of Five Corners) MIDDLETOWN!JSS5 X FURTHER IHtATRf INHORMATION CAU SH

13 if SATURDAY TV MTWtDAY MWWMO 4 Sanaonette Religion Farmer 7:11 7;» I Summer Semester News i is fcn.?3-jjave 'You Read ~ -Cnu»d*r Rabbit-Carton* i -f-oirtpobs-childreii If, " ' *n *%-Story Shop *-Cartooas-Chlldren I:N J-CapttIn Kangaroo 4 Andy 1 * Gang-Children 5 Ju»t For Fun Sonny Fox I: IS 7 Davey and Goliath I: It 4 RuM And Reddy Cartoons 7-Q.T. Hush 1:15 11 Adventures With Indians 10:H 3 Al»in Cartoon 4-Sharl Lewis-Children 7 Courageous Cat 11 Christopher Program 1O:1S ll-iivlng Word llim 1-Mighty Mouse-Cartoons. 4 King Leonardo Cartoons 7 Little Rascals-Cartoons 11 Ibis Is The Life 11:M : >-*ln Tin Tin Adventure - 4--Fury Adventure Write for tickets now to the GREAT Sspt. 13 thru 21 TENNESSEE ERNIE : FORD * Sept. 13 thru IS ic JIMMY * 4 DURANTE S*ar. 17 ami It 4. R E D, SKELTON Sept. 19 thru 21. 2SHDWSPA1LY 6 P.M. and 9:30 P.M. except Sunday 2 P.M. & 5:30 P.M. Reserved Seats J3.5O-J3-J2 SPRINT CAR RAOSS SgHjHO t!tt «W«THRH.Ii SHOW Stpl. 17»1S Z P.M. Adolli,JI.5O-C*lldcin, (1 STOCK CAB BACBS Sopt 19,1 r.m. DEMOLITION DKRBY SlpL20.2f.H. AJiilHK- CMWwi II Box Of fie. Op.n Hw.HruFr1.-tP.*l.lo9P.M, Sit 4 Ian.-I P.M. M< P.M. 7-Cartoonies -News and Weather 11-Religious Leaders 11:11 9 Almanac Newsreel 11:1} -Mischief Makers 11: M 1 Roy Rogers Western 4 Make Room For Daddy 5 Just (or Fun Cartoons 7 Beany And Cecil -Cooking 11 Pioneers SATURDAY AFTERNOON 11:00 t-sky King-Adventure 4-Mr. Wizard T Bugs Biuuiy Cartoons 8 Film Armored Car Robbery Min. 11-Willlim Tell 12:10 2 Space: New Ocean 4 Trouble With Father J Circus Boy 7-Ailtktzam-ChiIdren U-RoUer Derby 1:00 2-News Mike Wallace 4-TV Hour Of Stars 5 Film Or. Renault's Secret Hr. 7-My Friend Flicka 2-Eye On The City Parks 7 Lone Ranger 9-Sports 11 Film Broken Arrow 1:35 9-Baseball-Mets xtn 2 Legislative Hearing 4 Radiation Story 5 Film The Daring Young Man 1942 Joe E. Brown 90 Min. 7 Rescue 8 Drama 2: IS 11 Sportsman's Club 2:10 11 Sports 2 Doctors Today 4 Let's Talk Business 7 Sir Lancelot 1:00 2 Communism: Myth vs. Reality, Education 4 Films Invaders from Mars Hr. 45 Min. 7 Exclusively Outdoors 2 'Film The Killer Is Loose 1956 Joseph Cotten 90 min. 5 Film Bowery Champs 1944 Leo Gorcey 1 Hr? 7 Film Clancy Street Boys 1943 Leo Gorcey-1 Hr. 7-Film-Landfall Min. 4: JO I Horse Race, Saratoga 4:45 4 Film Thunder in the Valley Min. 5:0» 2 Film Dangerous Blondes 1943-Evelyn Keyes-90 Min. 5-FeIIx and the Wizard 7 Wide World of Sports 5: IS 9 Sports 11-Sports 9-Maverick Western ll-florae Race Atlantic Cit MTURDAY EVENINC 4 News Sander Vanocur 8 Sandy's Hour 11 Raroar of the Jungle I: IS 4 Washington Square Concert 2 News 7 Five Fingers Adventure 9-NFL Exhibition 11-JefFs Collie-Drama t.u 2 Weather Jeanne Parr 7:00 2-Sea Hunt 4 Local News J Jungle Jim Adventure 9 Maverick Western 11 Superman Adventure 7:11 4-Weather 7: IS 4 Financial News AIR CONDITIONED SANDY HOOK BAY MARINA Hide-Away Cocktail Lounge Enjoy our delicious cocktails i our Panoramic View Lounge overlooking Sandy Hook Bay. COCKTAIL HOUR: M.? to 11 Sot. 4 to Hers d'otuvrts 1 WILLOW ST., HIGHLANDS at th« Gracious Dining..... is yours at the ALPINE MANOR Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge SOUTHERN SIREN L e a Remiclc tfari ai the flighty Eula in th«motion pictura adaptation of William Faulkner's itory of love and hate in a Mississippi town, "The Long, Hot Summer," a color broadcast on NBC-TV's "Saturday Night at the Movies" tomorrow. Taylor-Burton Again Starred in the VIP's By BOB THOMAS AP Movie-Television Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP)-MGM is releasing another Elizabeth Taylor-Richard Burton movie hard on the heels o( "Cleopatra." It's called "The V.I.P's" and it 4 Sports 7:20 7:10 2-Lucl Desi 4 Sam Benedict S Bit Masterson Western 7 Gallant Men War Drama! Film Daughter of Dr. Jekyll 1957-John Agar-90 Min. 8:00 5 Dragnet Police 8:10 J Defenders 4 Joey Bishop 5 Peter Gunn Mystery 7 Hootenanny S-Fllm-NFL Exhibition 0:00 4-JFilm The Long Hot Summer 1955-Paul Newman 2 Hrs., 20 Min. 5-Wrestling 7 Lawrence Welk- 9 Film Armored Car Robbery See 12:00 noon 1-Clay Cole 1:10 J-Havr Gun,' Will Travel 10i00 2 Gunsmoke 7 Boxing 11 Harness Racing, Yonkers 10:30 9-Editorial Page 10:45 7 Make That Spare 11:00 ; 2-News 5 Senate Report 7-News ' 9 Film Armored Car Robbery 11 Mystery Hour 11:05 5-FUm-Tampico-1944-E. G. Robttison-1 Hr., 50 Mia. 11:15 2-Weather 7 Film Monkey Business 1952 Cary Grant, Ginger Rogers 1 Hr., 55 Min. 11:20 2-Film Let's Do It Again 1913 Jane Wyman 1 Hr., 50 Min. 4-News 4-Weathet UitS 4 Film Along The Gre»t Divide 1911-Klrk Douglas, ' Virginia Mayo-1»4 Hr«. 12:00 1 Front Page Story ' 12:10 J Understanding Our World,1-New York Confidential 12:55 l-flm-wyoming Kid 1947 Dennis Morgan 1:00 9 Almanac Newsreel 1:05 9 News and Weather 1:10 2-News 7-Fllm-^BIackmall 1939-E. G. Robinson 1 Hr., 35 Min. 1:20 4 Film Be Beautiful, But Shut Up 10S8-1 Hr., 55 Min. 2:50 J_FiIm Love and Learn Jack Carson 1 Hr., 40 Min. I: OS 4 Sermonette 4:30 2 Film King of Lumberjacks 1930-John Payne-70 Min. 5:40 2 Film Son of a Sailor 1933 Joe E. Brown 85 Min. is being booked Into WO theaters throughout the world in the next several weeks. The aim Is obvi ous to cash in on "Cleo's" fame. But "The V.I.P.'s'' could stand on its own. This is a problem picture. The 9:55 problems concern how the rich -Christopher Program hold onto their wealth and how II: N they avoid being ruined by it. 2 Lamp Unto My Feet Author Terence Rattigan came 4 Jewish Heritage up with an intriguing premise: 7 Cartoons What happens to a handful of 9 TV Gospel Time well-heeled passengers whose il Let's Have Fun New York Flight is delayed in II: M London by fog. 2-Look Up & Live The dilemmas: ^-Agriculture U.S.A. 1. A shipping magnate's wife 7 Funny Manns (Elizabeth Taylor) has left her > Greatest Drama husband (Burton) a note at home 10:45 saying she is leaving him for a t Senator Keating Reports gigolo (Louis Jordan). 1I:M 2. An Australian wheeler-dealer (Rod Taylor) must get to a I Searchlight I Camera Three New York board meeting to cover a worthless check he has writ- ) Congressional Conference 7 Q. T. Hush Cartoons ten to save his company. 11: II 3. A Swiss-based movie direc- 2 American Musical Theater tor (Orson Welles) must get himsell and his actress-doxy (Elsa Martinelli) out of England or suffer a million-dollar fax kiss. ' Lots of chance for drama here. And it is played for all It Is worth, especially when Burton shows up to win back'lm wife by whatever means he can. The dilemmas are solved to the satisfaction of most of the parties involved. What about Taylorflurton?: She is as gorgeous as ever, though her figure is a bit ample. Modern drama is obviously her forte, and she delivers without a false note. Burton is hampered, as with Marc Antony, by having to be hang-doggish through most of the film. CYAC Lists Its Activities ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS-The Catholic Young Adult Club of northern Monmouth County has announced the following schedule of activities for the week beginning Saturday: The group will meet Saturday at the Asbury Park Elks Lodge at 9 p.m. to attend the Coast Catholic Young Adult Dub dance. Sunday, there wilt be a bike trip to Sandy Hook State Park. Tuesday, the group will meet in Asbury Park at 8 p.m. to play miniature golf. Next Wednesday, t* play rehearsal will be held in St. Mary's Church, New Monmouth, at 8 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 22, the group will meet in Belmar at 8 p.m. for a newspaper meeting. For... PRIME RIBS CRYSTAL BROOK INN LI 2-08OO HIGHWAY 35, EATONTOWN Opposite Fort Monmouth, SUNDAY TV UNBAT MOtNMO 7:20 7-News?:» t-ca!l To Prayer-Reilgloa 7 Focus 7:41 4 Sermonette 7:41 2 Previews 4 Modern Farmer 5 Hour Of St. Francis 7 Christopher Program 7:50 2-Give Us This Day f:sf 2-News- «:H 2 Friendship Show 7 This Is The Answer 1:15 5 Off To Adventure 11 Agricultural Film t:m 2 Around the Corner 5 Light Time 7 Faith For Today U Evangel Hour Religion 1:45 4 Library Lions 5 Cartoons»:H 5 Wonderama Sonny Fox 7 Davey & Goliath 11 Superman Adventure 1:15 -Protestant Fourth R 7 Barney Bear tin 2-Way to Go-Rellglon 4-Let'a Talk About God 7 Courageous Cat 11 Rocky And His Friends»:45 4 Jewish Fourth R 9 News & Weather 4-A Moment With 7 Little Rascals -Point of View SUNDAY AFTERNOON 12: N 2 Newsmakers 4 International Zone 7 Intertel 8 Film Armored Car Robbery Min. 12:11 2 Washington Report 4 Youth Forum 1:M 2-Fllm-5aigon-lM«-Alan Ladd 4 Science ABA 5 Film The Immortal Sergeant 1943 Henry Fonda- Maureen O*Hara 2 Hrs. 7-Youth Wants To Know 11 Sergeant Preston 1:10 4 Catholic Hour 7 Guestward Ho! II Religious Leaders 1:40 9 Sports 1.-SS 9-Baseball Mets 2:00 4-Ex Ltbris 7 Ivanhoe 11 Sportsman's Club 2:15 11 Sports 2:M 2 Film A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court 1949 Bing Crosby 2 Hrs, 4 Direct Line 7 Issues and Answers 11 Baseball Yankees 1:01 4-0pen Mind 5 Film My Darling Clementine 1946 Henry Fonda 2 Hrs. 7 Film The First Texan Joel McCrea-90 Min Community Checkers 4:30 2 Repertoire Workshop 4 Montage IV 7 Lone Ranger S:M 2 Eye On City Parks 4 Story of Pro Football 5 Islanders I Major Adams 1:30 2 Amateur Hour Ted Mack 4 Bullwinkle IUNDAY EVENING 2--Twentieth Century 4 Meet The Press 5-Fllm-13 Rue Madeleine James Cagney 2 Hrs. 7 Film The Steel Bayonet Min. 1:11 2-Mister Ed 4 Sunday Report 7:M 2 Lassie Drama 4 Ensign O'Toole 7:15.1 Sports 7:11 2 Dennis the Menace 4-Walt Disney's World 7 Jetsons 1-Probe 7:45 9 Sports I:M 2-Ed Sullivan 5 Opinion Jn The Capital 7 Jane Wyman 9 Keyhole 11 Pocket Billiards Championship 8:30 4-Car54 5 Community Dialogue 7 Film Apache <Burt Lancaster-2 Hrs. 9-Film 1 Pagllacci 1951-Glm Lollobrigida-90 Min. 8:55 5 Senate Report RED BAHK B&lSTZtL Friday, Aupt* U, fcm 2-Jo-Stafford Bob Hop* and James Damn 4 Bonanta 5 Under Discussion 11 Thriller 10:00 2 Candid Camera 4 DuPoat Show Drama 9 Pan American Newsreel.1 Checkmate 10: M 2 What's My Line 7 Crucial Summer 9 Hy Gardener 11:00 2 News, Reasoner 4 News 5 Congressional Report 7 News, Bill Beutel 9 Film Armored Car Robbery See 12 noon II Word Of Life Religion 11:0* 5 Film The Ghost and Mrs. Muir 1947 Gene Tierney 11:10 4-Weather 11:15 2-News 4 Desilu Playhouse 7 Film ^Ail About Eve- 1K0-2 Hrs. 11:25 2 Film Bataan-1943-Robert Taylor, George Murphy 2 Hrs. 11:10 -Encounter 12:00 1 Big Picture-Army 12:15 4 Fllm-Gis-Oil Jean Gabln- 1 Hr. 50 Min. 12:10 9 Almanac Newsreel 12:15 8 News and Weather 1:15 7 Film Rogue River :30 Film The Heavenly Body 194J William Powell 1 Hr. 55 Min. 2:05 4 Sermonette 1:10 Film-Virginia City 1940 Errol Flynn-2 Hrs, 15 Min, MONDAY MORNMO. 0:15 I Previews 1:20 1 Give Us Thli Day 7-News 1:21, 1 News 4 Sermonette 2 Sunrise Semester 4 Education Exchange SCENIC DRIVE, 7:0» 2-NewaAnd 4-T diy-ha B DMM 7-Eariy Bird CarfcMM im f-ctli To Praytr JUH Ja» 7:N 5 Columbia Lecture* 7 Barney Bear 7:41 7-King And CMie 2 Captain Kajigaroo S Sandy Becker Children 7 Courageous Cat 8:2* 7 Billy Bang Bang 7 Little Rascals 0-.N 2 My Little Margie 4 Birthdiy House 7 Funny Manns 13 Calculus t:1s 5-Newi 2 Our Miss Brooks Comedy 4 Dr. Joyce Brothers 5 Topper Comedy 7 1 Married Joan 0:55 4-News It: 00 2 Calendar Reaioner 4 Say When Art Jam»* 5-Film-Secret Valley-19J7- Rlchard Arlen-85 Mia. 7-Susie 4-News 10.M 2-1 Love tucy-conwdy 4-Play Your Huack 7-Gale Storm 11:00 2 McCoys Comedy 4-Price Is Right 7 December Brlda 11 Jack La Lanne 13 American Nation 11:39 5-Newj 11-.J0 2 Pete and Gladyi 4-Concentratlon 5 Pomper Room 7 -Seven Keys II Operation Alphabet Don't Miss Tt» 111 Weaka* DANCES^ w.o. Alr-CaatfltloM*' Hlakt«t»w» Country Cteb M.-ANDY WILLS IAND SI.10 IM. «Cemla«Special TMi Satarttey M m Phllo., Hw f»»il«f IU0DY FISHIR IAND I»«ty Wai. hr 'elks IS ft tit Alw«Y> fan Atom «CmqilM ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS DANCING EVERY SATURDAY NITE COCKTAILS DINNERS LUNCHIONS 3 BANQUET ROOMS 4 IARS 74th Annual Fireman's Fair SPONSORED BY... NAVHINK HOOK and LADDER CO. No. 1 Friday & Saturday Nights August 16 6L 17 HELD ON HRE HOUSE GROUNDS MONMOUTH AVENUE. NAVESINK FIVE ACRES OF FREE SUPERVISED PARKING... MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT THE FAIR! NEW JERSEY'S OLDEST FIREMAN'S FAIR

14 , Aiipu*, 1.6, }%H REft BANK REGISTER AIRPORT PLAZA Highway 36, Hazitf, N. J. AND KEANSBURC Term R.T. Fare $2,10 N.Y.C. R.T. Fare $1.59 Newark CO Leonardo Terminal Newark NEW YORK'KEANSBURG LONG BRANCH BUS LINE wchway, K«ai»bura O 7*7-Wi Bridge Column By ALFRED SHEINWOLD Many bridge playeri have a simplified system of defensive signals: a card as high as 'he seven is encouraging, and any lower card is discouraging. K's better than no system at au, but this is all,you can truthfully say [or it. > West opened the ace of clubs, and East signaled encourage ment by playing the nine. The system worked beautifully, for West led his other club to East's king. Now East knew he could defeat the contract if his partner had the king of spades or the ten of hearts. To find out which card West held East led out die ace of spades. The idea was very good. If West had the king of spades, lie would play a high spade to encourage a continuation. If West lacked the king of spades he would play a low spade, and then East would switch back to, clubs. South Falsecards The trouble was that South got into the act by falsecarding South dropped the ten of spades on the ace, concealing the three of spades.. East saw that his partner had played the seven of spades and that the three of spades was missing. East assumed that his, partner was encouraging a spade continuation, so he obeyed instructions by leading, another spade. : South won with the king of spades, cashed the ace of hearts, got to dummy with the ten of dia- THE HANDS iouth dealer East-Weit vulnerable NORTH 42 <? K J 10 WEST * Q J^V * QJ987 *A6) <? 103 V Q A 7 * K 98 3 SOUTH ' K 10 3 V AKI9 2 0 A Q South West North Eait 1 V Pass 2 <? Pui 4 V All Pass Opening lead * A monds, and won a finesse with the jack of hearts. Hie rest was easy. If East had switched back to clubs, South would have had to ruff with the jack to shut West out. Then East would surely win a trump trick with the queen. East should have known that his partner was not signaling encouragement with the seven. If South had the doubleton Q-10 of spades, West would have held K-J of spades. He would throw the nine rather than just the seven. When In doubt about the meaning of a play, try to wor* out your partner's hand and see whetherfan pity nuticm MBM tfo- gp w*t«&4 H Atr those condition*. uttntva oaty Ta«*l*y, But p* M& of labor. DAILY QUESTION jroundwork wm«laid last week Partner opens with one tpade, Then Federal Housing Adminitrator Robert C. Weaver direct- ra Cash. You Get it Fait When There'* no TricktoHavin* E* and tie, next player passes. You, TV Repair hold: Spades Q J 987. Hearts id the housing ageoc/i Philadelihia office to contact Anbury Park -Advertisement. fou Uie The Register Classified Diamonds Clubs A 7. What do you say? Boa dwalks raiders about possible federal aid Answer: Bid two spades. This WASHIN< itom (AP)-The Com o repair fire damage. is a very poor hand desipte your munity Fixities Administration Williams had earlier asj»t, COMPLETE' five-card support for spades. said Wedn sday it bad approved leaver's help in Uie matter. BATTERY SERVICE You can afford only a weak response the simple raise. ing $322,501 to help Asbury Park, >n the hoardwalk will begin with two applic lions for grants total- The housing agency said work H«lUatab facto* For Sheinwold's 36-page book N.J., repa r damage caused by n 45 days add will provide 90 DOUGLAS ELECTRIC CO. let, "A Pocket Guide to Bridge," last week', boardwalk fire. nan-months of local labor. Work 35 MST FtOHT STMIT send 50c to Bridge Book, Red Sen. Ha rison A. Williams Jr. m the pavilion will begin with- MB MNK W. $H 7«in Bank Register, Box 3318, Grand D-N.J., wa advised that the monunder. the Ac- Central Station, New York 17, ey was a[ iroved N. Y. ceierated 'ubtic Works, program designed create Jobs in areas NOTED NAMESAKE of substantal unemployment, SENECA FALLS, N. Y. (AP) The grai ts are $47,500 to help A new Presbyterian-related repair boardwalk damage esttcollege is being established on a 300-acre site here. It will be named Eisenhower College, in honor of the former President, Presbyterian. OK mated at cover half two-story city-owned the fire. Grants 110,000 and $ to the coat of building a >avilion to replace a building destroyed in "/ bank at Fint Merchants National 'cause it's eaiiest.., one stop take* care'of all my banking need** titan Fart Ntttk Altar* F>rk. Inii - H.laJcl Briel* Hunnth C.nnty'i Ia fc»»1 Bank M t a n! «Cratluau, M«mti«r rt&ntd Dapoitt I<utir«M* Cotp. TRAVEL AGENCY Servlni Monmouth County fer II Yean NOW LOCATED IN OUR NEW OFFICE 144 BROAD ST.,RED BANK Jiut around the corner from our former office af II RECKLESS PLACE Telephone SH You can rekerve and pick up airline, (teamship, but and tour tickets, hotel and resort area reservatiroi at our offices. - It Cost* No Mor* to Book Through YOUR LOCAL TRAVEL AGENT Open 9J0lo9s30, &u.*4 J. YANKO 10 IROAD STREET RED tank 100th Anniversary Event Specials for FRIDAY only ZIPPER TRAVEL BAGS red or brown (street floor) 18", reg. B.»l 19", reg ", rag. 7.9B BOYS 1 SHIRTS long ileeves, siies 6 to 12. Ctiildren'i department 3.79 to 5.25 RUFFLED CURTAINS O99 (home furnishings) 45 Inch, 54 Inch» 63 inch, 72 inch, 81 inch, 90 inch BASKETS > «+«4< attractive lucite end decorated metal baskets 100 Our Extra Heavy 100% WoorParkwood' in 8 Stunnkg Colors. We Specially Purchased the Mill's Overstock! Sale tt.95 * yd. Save *6. - A $45,000 purcwow! It's ««"Parkwood" twist. The ckoiee «* Hamt who want the finest in broadloom.' Aad no wonder! The pile is thick, Inxitrions. The colon... decorator perfect I Only fine, 100% Wools were wed bj.iiat m- tionally-known mill. This broadloona W rugged, sturdy cotton backing for yean and yeara of wear. Choose from theaa idea-inspiring colon: Mom, Honey Wheat, Martini, Champagne, Turquoise, Iris greca and parchment In 12,15 ft widths WOMEN'S SKIRTS. SUCKS, SHORTS 4* dacrons and cotton fabrics, 8 to 20. Saeohd floor * * * * Specials for SATURDAY only 45. and 59. ALLIGATOR HANDBAGS all new styles, leather lined. Street floor. and 44.25* 390 C 0 and 0 cardigans and ilip-om, 3 to 7, 4 to 20. Childran'i dept for «J xippered, extra size, new colors. Home furnishings TABLE LAMPS complata with shade. Gift dapartmant Final Clearance! All-Season Rug^. Sisal, Coir, Hemp Squares. Save! Durable Sisal Rugs Reversible for extra wear! Tightly-woven, versatile, me them year 'round. Several smart colors. Tweeds, Sale $ 3O Reg. $49.95 *. Rugged Coir Rugs Long-wearing, decorative, and so inexpensive! Our imported Coirs are in in assortment of decorator shades. Value! Sale J 25 9x12 Abaca Htmp Rugs Imported Hemp Square* made to any lice nig! Only 3jj)c per square, reg. 45c. Natural shade, hand-made f r long use! Reg. $39.95 Reg. $49.95 Also In Fully Bownd Room SIM Ihigtl WOMEN'S TRANSITION J>HI?SES, J cottons, solid colors, prints, 6 t6 18. Second floor '".'** Shoo Yanko's Friday and Wednesdays until 9 p.m. Budget your purchase if you wish!, A 30 sq. yd. Living Room, Dining Room Area completely installed using the deluxe Tackle$s Strip Method over heavy 40-ox. waffle cushigi, only $45. Down and $26.10 ptrmonrh jor 18 months. ROUTE 35 CIRCLE, EATONTOWN, LI

15 ».:.. ' -.. For Quidc Results J5fe Our Want Ai^ Dial 7 *'-<»IODAY NISHT SECTION TWO IN TUNE Members of the Long Branch Summer High School Youth Honors Chorus re shown going through their final rehearsal prior to Tuesday's concert in Long Branch High School. Left to right are Jerry Oyan, Reunion-Fair Haven Regional High School; Robert Spencer, choral director of Red Bank High School; Diane Wyckoff, Long Branch High School, a soloist with the chorus, and Nancy Evans, Long Branch High School. Council Holds Off Development's OK WEST LONG BRANCH - De- Lakes, Inc., has added three Id pite a land owner's heated protests, council yesterday post- development. In all, she to Us originally announced 66-k poned until a special Aug. 22 these three lots and two other meeting consideration of a request by Franklin Lakes, Inc., menu but are not 100 by 200 feel meet square footage require- Emerson, for preliminary ap- as the zoning code requires, prbval'of a 69-house development on the former West Long Branch Estates tract. Mayor Fred W. Schantz thought council should study the proposal, even though Tuesday night the' Planning Board favorably recom mended development plans if mine conditions were met. Mrs. Betty Spiegel, development co-sponsor and actual land owner, felt "an understanding had been made" regarding speedy handling of the matter. She charged council was waiting her time and money by this delay, because Joseph Carr, an Emerlon builder,.and herself had hold long, thorough meetings with Planning Board Members. Federal Aid? Mrs, Spiegel, Little Neck, N.Y., even threatened at one point to seek federal aid if council failed to act more promptly. Howard W. Roberts,.borough attorney, calmly iwted even immediate council preliminary approval would be conditioned by the granting of variances on five lots in the tract. J. Russell Waolley, borough clerk, also reminded her variance applications could' not be filed in time for next Wednesday's Zoning' Board of Adjustment meeting, which means she could not have (h» variance hearings until Sept,, Councilman George Conway, also a Planing- Board member, emphasired that the Planning Board was only a referral body *nd council had final - authority despite any understanding Mrs: Spiegel might have felt she had. He' also asked, her why a preliminary development map had not been received as promised. Sh«said this was a misunderstanding that would be soon remedied. Mrs. Spiegel said Franklin When approval is granted,, Mn Spiegel said Mr. Carr will begi construction of 69 ranch and spli level homes ranging in price from $25,000 to $27,000. Council also decided, to dela: a condemnation heating f^r Joseph and Fannie DeRailo,/\ynose Cedar Ave. house was destroyed by fire. Currently pending before, the-, zoning board is a request by Joseph Himmelstein, Long Branch builder, to subdi vide the D&Rario property b build two homes, one of which would house a dental office. '' ' Condemnation Council received' health, fire, and building Inspector reports recornmending (condemnation of half-constructed' building at Poplar Ave. and a deserted housi and garage at 17 Pinewpod Ave, Council withheld condemning ;he 38 Poplar Ave. building, because construction has resumec since submission of the reports but asked its attorney to notif; owners of 17 Poplar Ave. schedule a condemnation hear- ing- In" other action, council: Confirmed the mayor's appoint ment of Francis E. Bierstadt, 1 [Lakeview Ave., to fill a zoning board vacancy created by thi resignation of Thomas Monahan Confirmed the mayor's appoint- ment of Arrgelo Fioretti, 38 Walnut PI., as building inspector effective Sept. 1. Confirmed the mayor's appointment of'henry J. Shaheen, 3+ Norwood Ave., to serve Mr. Fioettl's uncompleted zoning board erm which expires Dec. 31. Mr. Fioretti resigned to become build ng inspector. Approved an application from Franklin H. Dennis. 67 Golf St, o join Borough Chemical and 'ruck Co. No. 1. Rap 'Do-Nothings' Propose Fill-In at Keyport Harbor KEYPORT - The Planning Board decided last night to "deeltre war" on the "do-nothing elements in, town" and propelled a major step forward in waterfront development. The board announced that 1 will ask its master planner, Candeub, Fleissig and Associates, Newark, to make as its first order of business a bulkhead study project. The board proposes' that bulkhead be built at the bayfront from the foot of Broad St., at. the ewer plant, to the Beers Si. rei, a distance of about 500 feet Ths would create a crescent- TOMS RIVER (AP) - The Ocean County health co-ordinator ihaped body of water which Isays the thousands of dead;, fish would then be filled in, extending found along the banks of the the land area into Keyport Harbor. The additional pproperty, p y were killed apparently by "some Toms River earlier this month aboutb % to 2 acres, could ld be b ype of underwater explosion." tiled for business district parking The official, Thomas. Kennedy, said analysis at the State facilities and park facilities. Dr. George Rooney, board chairman, Mid. There are twp major questions: Bin the borough ge,t the businessmen and the state to grant riparian rights, and can the borough obtain federal aid for such *l«iw;''--''/* ; -4^:-!?\ jt will be the job of tfie master planner to determine these things. The board hopes to meet with Candeub within two weeks. and possible urban renewal for some: portion of the Front St business area. Dr. Rooney said the bulkheadlandfill project has been talked about in Keyport "for decades, but nothing has ever been done. It is time to do something," he declared. "It is time to get this town moving." No cost estimates were made. Say Blast Killed Fish Division of Fish and Game laboratory in Lebanon disclosed that swim'bladders of the fish were ruptured, indicating they were killed by a blast. He said no toxic substances were foijnd in the fish examined, "artd this eliminated -arty BUSjicibn of Industrial pollution or he dumping of insecticides as the caitse of the kill." ' The fljh, mostly flounder and :cl, were concentrated in a threeptuiiing Also to It be reaming considered of Rt. In the 38,Mock area In Ocean Gate. FRIDAY, AUGUST 16, "H No Full Slate Name Only 2 Charter Candidates MATAWAN TOWNSHIP The Strathmore Civic Association last night failed to come up with a full slate of charter study candidates, but named two candidates from Strathmore. The association's special screening committee has been attempting to put a full five-man slate in the field. As a matter of pre-established policy, the group wants three of the five to be from "the old section'' of the township meaning non-strathmore residents. But after talking to 50 people, and interviewing 23, not one "oldtime residents" would accept the association's backing, the committee reported during its meeting at the grammar school. The two candidates selected from Strathmore were George C. Hill, 21 Imbrook La., past president pro-tern of the association, and Hans Froehlich, 39 Avondale La., association membership chairman and a paper company market research executive. Deadline Soon 'Deadline for filing as charter study commission candidates reportedly is Sept. S. If elected 83 commissioners It would be the task of the two START OF A SCHOOL Rev. Thaddeus J. Wojciehowski, center, pastor of St. Catherine's Catholic Church, East Keansburg, turns over first, spadefut'of earth signaling start of construction on an eight-room elementary school on Shore Acres Ave. Giving an assist is Irene Ochs, 5, daughter of Mr. apd Mrs. Arthur. Ochi, 303 Main St. At left is Thomas A. Vaif, architect for project, and at right, Joseph Donate-, president of Donato Construction Co., Red Bank, general contractor.. In Middietown Conference Planned On Zoning Changes MIDDLETOWN - The Townip Committee, Planning Boari nd Zoning Board of Adjustmen yill confer Wednesday night on wssible zoning changes involving luster zoning and apartments In June, planning officials in- Icated they were considering the. Planning Board that It was imendments to the zoning orinance which would permii ment situation." "considering the whole apart- tpartment construction in thi The cluster zoning proposal already has received Planning lownship. At the present time, the zoning Board approval. irdinance makes no proyision Members of the governing body or apartments. are considering it and the majority appear to favor it under Early drafts of the townships' master plan included provisions certain conditions. 'or such construction. Public opposition,.however, relulted in these provisions being Iropped from the plan. Mayor Earl Moody said he feels is time that the township con ders revisions fa the,master Ian to allow such construction, Certain Conditions The mayor feels such construeon, under rigid controls, could ring much needed ratawes to e township. Other members of the govern ig body are noncommittal at is time. The majority of the "Planning oard favor apartment construeon on a limited basis and sub- :ct to such regulations as would mil number of bedrooms,,nd ntrol type of construction and cation.» Last year the zoning board ijected a proposal by John Elv, Woodbrfdge, to build a P no action on a third apartment project slated for Port Monmouth. The $1 million project involved construction of 24 garden apartment buildings off Main St., in Port Monmouth, The zoning board took no action on the request when advised by The proposal involves residen- 1 tial construction in the R-45 and R-30 zones. The amendment would permit builders of developments on tracts of more than 50 acres in these zones to reduce lot sizes up to 25 per cent. The proposal also provides that the undeveloped portion of the tract be dedicated to the township for public use. The proposal also limits the number of houses constructed in each project to the number that would be built through existing zoning laws. It would be left to (he Planning Board to determine what subdivision proposals would Be elisi ble for consideration under the cluster zoning principle. J JOIN MEDICAL STAFF RED BANK - Three Malawan (Won apartment project on men were accepted as associate ing's Hwy. "Earlier this year, the toard mied a variance request for a members of the medical staff if Riverview Hospital by the hot, iltal board of governors Wedneslay. They are Dr. Joseph Kyrllloj,5 million apartment project on 22-acre tract in Middietown if Ml Main St., Dr. Zaven Ayanillage. Ian of 213 Main St. and Dr Sey- Back In June, the board took mour Shore of 428 Lloyd Rd. Strathmore men lo examine ill the possible alternative forms of government permitted under the Faulkner Act and to study the special needs of Middietown, arriving at a recommendation to the voters as to the desirability of a change, and what change they deem best. The plan then would be put on the ballot at a referendum for approval or rejection. Under the law, the top five candidates in the election will constitute the commission. At the same election the question of authorizing the commission will itself be on the ballot, and unless the authorization is passed the commission will never take office. Busman'$ Holiday FORT LEE (AP) - A New York City taxi driver received suspended sentence 'n court last night for reckless driving on a miniature automobile ride In Palisades Amusement Park. Domingo Maldonado, 24, pleaded guilty to a disorderly conduct charge, Magistrate Peter Forn-i adei suspended sentence but charged {10 court costs. The incident happened Aug. 4 on the amusement park's turnpike ride. Special Officer Frank Carfora said Maldonado, on Aug. 4, was weaving and crashing the car as if he wanted to wreck it. Carfora said he asked Maldonado to stop and got * (lap on the neck in return. Horn D«liv#ry 7c PER COPY KING PREPARED Left to right are Mrs. Marie Ehrhardr, superintendent of Allenwood Hospital; Freeholder Marcus: Daly; Mr*. George L. Van Deusen, Red Bank, president of the board of managers of the hoipital, and Dr. Marie Sena, medical co-ordinator of the state Civil Defame, looking over a pressure sterilizer, part of the 200-bad emergency hoipital unit stationed at Allen wood; The hospital unit, for the first time in the state, was let up and displayed at Allenwood Hospital yesterday. The unit includes ell needed equipment for X-rayi, operations, water purification, all types of medication, and bedding for the treatment of 200 patients during any national emergency. Two other luch emergency units are stationed in Monmouth County, at Freehold and in the armory at Red Bank. Treaty Backers Build 'Good Case 9 By ERNEST B. VACCARO Associated Press Staff Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - Th chairmen of three key Sena committees agreed today that a ministration witnesses are buil ing up a strong and effective ca for ratification of the limited n 1 clear test ban treaty. Chairman Richard B. Russell the Armed, Services Committ said government diplomatic m iury and scientific spokesnv "make a very strong case." Bi he added that he is keeping ai open mind until all the eviden Win. The Georgia Democrat laid h was Vlmpressed. that the. witnesi es'lre aware that,there are mi IUry disadvantages" in adhe Two Bodies From Bay SANDY.HOOK_. The bodii of two, New-York; men were r covered by the Coast Guard I: Raritan Bay yesterday after wreckage of their boat wa sighted by a fishing boat caplain. The two men, Joe Bonacci, 65, of the Bronx and Vincent Zuzzolo, 82, of Mount Vernon, N.Y., wen found in the water about thre miles off' Sandy Hook. Both bod ies wore life jackets which wer< said to have been put on backwards, indicating a hurried departure from Ihe damaged vesse The Coast Guard said then was no indication of an explo sion and that there exists th possibility that the 26-foot boat, "Frederick B.," was struck by a larger vessel. Captain Harry "Red" Zoilingei of 53 Shrewsbury Ave., Highlands, sighted the wreckage from hi: fishing boat, "Lazy Bones," and notified the coast guard. The men had set out Wednesday morning from Great Kills, Staten Island, for a cruise ol the bay area, it wa< reported, and were reported overdue ai 5:30 a.m. yesterday. Dr. Harry L. Harwood, assistant county physician, said both men were drowned and had been dead only a lew hours when their bodies were recovered. He said they were recovered between 10:30 a.m. and noon. Says County Gets $700,000 From State FREEHOLD - County Freeholder Director Joseph C. Irwin announced today that Monmouth County has obtained nearly $700,- 000 In stale assistance within the past month for county project). The latest acquisition is a $165, 070 grant from the Green Acres fund for use In the county'* new 17!)-acr» park In Holmdel. Robert A. Roe, commissioner of Conservation and Economic Development, said the funds will -be paid the county when It lakes tide to the land, Monmouth will also receive $400,928 In Kite" aid for Its planned reconstruction of the Sea Bright sea wall, and SI from the stale Highway Department for road construction and maintenance. ence while maintaining they are more than offset by other factors In V.S. favor. Sen, J. W. Fulbright, D-Ark., chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, said in a separate interview that he believes the treaty is picking up votes as the hea ings proceed, on the basis of very effective presentation. Sen. John O. Pastore, D-R.I, chairman of the Joint Atomic En ergy Committee, said he thougl the case for ratification is te Township Approves 720-Lot Subdivisions MARLBORO - The Township Committee last night granted preliminary plot approval to tw< major subdivisions containing total of 729 lots. The committee's action followe, Planning Board approval of th subdivisions Monday night. The applications approved wen those of Big Brook, Inc., Neptune, for Its Village Homes, Shore Board OKs Contract For Field WEST LONG BRANCH - The Shore Regional Board of Educaicn last night awarded contracts fdr the third and final phase of instruction of an athletic field. The project, which entails griding and landscaping the site, Installing a parking area and iroviding for site drainage, will" ie completed by Herczku Bros. of Nixon. The cost will be $79, In other action, the board iwarued 10 contracts for school mpplies and equipment, totaling $5,952.55; awarded a $582 conract to Serpico't Office Equipment Co., Red Bank, to maintain and repair school business nd classroom equipment; referred bids for a small vehicle lor.ransportatlon to committee, and ipproved a list of 26 substitute teachers for the coming school ear. The board adjourned untll.tueslay when policy will be dlscussed. 513-lot development of 331 acre: on Rt. TO at School Road Wes and for Brook Estates, a 20' lot development on 133 acres both sides of Rt. 79 south Rt. 520, The approval of the subdiv sions is being challenged in Superior Court suit filed by th Township Citizens' Committee The citizens' group Is question ng whether the prescribed legal steps had been taken when th original public hearing was he! by the Planning Board April 30 A second public hearing on th subdivisions was held Monda night in an effort to avoid legal action. Gerald A. Bauman, Jr. hairman of the citizens' group, laid members are consulting with heir attorney to decide on whai legal steps they would now take, The resignation of Plannbig Board member Lawrence Young man, Lloyd Rd., Morganville, was ormally accepted by the com mittee. Mayor Joseph A, Lanzaro said :hat several names for a relacement for the post were un let study. The attorney was authorized i prepare amendments to the oning ordinance which would inxease block lengths from 800 o 1,000 feet and decreasing the liameter of cul-de-sacs from 75 o 50 feet. The amendments were ecommended by the Planning Board. A resolution was adopted nam Ing a previously undesirnaled reet off Union Hill Rd. In the obertsville section of the townhip Bartram Rd. The committee ' renamed ithomas Maher and Dorothy Howardson as school-crossing guards. Massachusetts Girl Wins Talent Crown ASBURY PARK (AP)-A medley of Hawaiian aongs, by Jo n n Balestracci wowed the udges last night and won the 8-year-old singer die designation Talent Queen at the fifth an- SENTENCE COMMUTED TRENTON -r Gov. Richard J. ughes yesterday commuted the entence of George Smith of Asury Park, serving a 5-8 year intence for aiding an armed abbery. At the same time the Parole loard announced It would rease Smith, 47, on parole. Smith now under treatment at a eterans Administration hospi- I In East Orange. The governor commuted the «ntence from J-S year* to 2,-3. :«r«and 2 mbrtthi. He was mvlcted of aiding two other men In the robbing of $6,000 'rom Val Ernie in Will Town- hip on June 25,1902. nual Miss High School of America pageant. Some 2,500 persons were in Convention Hall to watch 30 contestants from as many states perform in the talent division. The pageant's beauty queen will be selected from 30 other eritranls tonight. The talent and beauty divisions are separate categories. Miss Balestracci will be a senior at New Bedford, Mass., High School In September. Cheryl Marie Miller, 15, of New Haven, Conn., w»s first runner-up in talent, The limber junior at St. Mary's High School, New Haven, maneuvered under [a limbo bar only 8J4 Inches from he floor.., Second runner-up was Carol Sue Darmntead, 16, a baton twirling junior at Oxon HiU High School. Oxon Hill, Hd; Sharryn Ann Torbert. U, of Bangor, Maine, wai third runner-up and Patricia Albright, 1«, of Wed Warwick, R. I., fdurth runner-up. rlflcally strong. If anyone had any doubts about this treaty," he added, "I think he found a great deal of comfort and assurance In the testimony." The three chairmen voiced their opinions before the Foreign Relations Committee) went behind closed doors to question Director John A. McCone of the Central Intelligence Agency on the security aspects of the treaty banning nuclear tests in the atmosphere, underwater and in space. The three committees, jointly, heard Gen, Maxwell D. Taylor testify Thursday that the Jomt Chiefs of Staff, of which he is chairman, agreed to support ratification without any "pressures" or "arm twisting" from Pentagon civilian superiors, He said they based their support on assurances of: 1. "Comprehensive, aggressive, and continuing" weapons development and Improvement In tlv underground testing environment permitted by the treaty. 2. Maintenance of modern nuclear laboratory facilities and programs to insure continued application of human scientific resources to these programs. 3. Maintenance of facilities and resources to institute atmospheric :csts promptly if needed for na- :ional security or if the Soviet Union should abrogate the treaty. 4. Improvement of capability to letect any violations of the treaty nd to maintain knowledge of ino-sovlet "nuclear activity, apabilities, and achievements." Probe Thefts At 2 Homes NEW SHREWSBURY - Police his morning are investigating wo apparently connected breakg and entries and thefts at omes here. In both cases, entry was gained y prying open a screen on a ear window. The David Mallen home, at 86 ranford Cir, was entered early 51 night and an undetermined mount of cash taken from Iresser drawers. The theft was eported at 9:50 p.m. when the ccupants returned after a few ours absence, police said. Bureau drawers in the living Mm and master bedroom of the C. Davenport residence, 25 'ellington Dr., were ransacked nd an undetermined amount of ish taken. The entry was reirted at 2:15 this morning when ie family returned from a vacaon. The house had been empty nee Aug. 4, but police said the eft occurred quite recently. Sgt. Fred Garrabrant is instigating the theft at Ihe Mallen ome and Patrolman Edward olden is investigating the eny at Ihe Davenport residence. Today in Washington By The Associated Prew Secretary of State Rusk hold) wit conference. SENATE Not in session. Foreign Relations Committee :arj AEC Chairman McCone In bsed session on limited nuclear 'St-ban treaty. Armed services jubcornmitte*,,,, jbesnr Air Force Chief of <&Uitr' '*.emay In closed session on nu* lear treaty. MOUSE Not In sesilon.

16 AMf 69th Annual Hbi^e Show Under A CLOSE ONE Keen's Directta, No. 6, captures the fifth net at Freehold Raceway ye.terday in a photo finish with No. 3, Southern Prineen. taking the runner-up. spot with Margy Star, top, third. Aiutin Thomas piloted Keen's Diractta to an $11.00 payoff whila a weekday record of 9,316 watched. Record Weekday Crowd At Freehold; $ DD FREEHOLD - Longshots gladdened the hearts of the record breaking weekday crowd of 9,316 at Freehold Raceway yesterday. A staling stretch drive by Pleas Key with Owen Julius at the helm copped the seventh race and rewarded the five-year-old's followers with $44.80, $10.20 and $8.60 for win, place and show and Hawthorn captured the feature Armed Forces Pace to return $17.40, $8 and $4.60. Sycamore lady and Betty Gold, trangers to the- winner's circle this year, won yesterday's first and second races, respectively, to form the second highest $ daily double payoff of the season at Freehold Raceway. The largest, $370, occurred Wednesday. FnttiU, H. J. Mm l««i Mtti «ntt II For mtmllom call HOpklni 2-JI00 Buses Direct to Track Lv. Roe* lank NY. Sal Terminal 12 Noon Lv. ftrroarown. Main St.. 12:13 f.m. HORSES- RABBITS HAMSTERS PIGEONS- GUINEA PIGS WILD HSH Red-hot reinsman Vernon Cowger started it with a come-frombehind victory for Sycamore Lady, who had won only once in 24 prior starts this year. The three-year-old chestnut filly returned $24.40, $7.80 and $4 across the board after churning the mile in 2:10. It marked Cowger's eighth victory ol the young Freehold sea- Mi. Betty Gold paid $ $8.40 and $4 for her initial victory in 17 starts this year. Owner Ruisell Doggett of Corydon, Iowa, wasn't to be denied this victory. He took the flve-y,ear-old bay mare to the top at the quarter pole and fought off several challengers for a one-half length victory. Time for the mile was 2: While throughout (he year, she did manage to earn six seconds and five thirds before yesterday. The daily double numbers were four and six. Thrilling victories bjl Miss Boo $4.20 in the fourth and Keen's Directta, $11 in the fifth, spiced the 11th racing day of the meeting. GRIDDER DIES ROCK HILL, S. C. (AP) - itommie Marshall, 17-year-old prep football player, collapsed and died Wednesday while running laps around the athletic field at Emmett Scott High School. Coroner A. Y. Lesslie said th' youth apparently suffered i heart attack. FEED PURINA TO THESE ANIMALS Purina Omolene Purina Hone Chow Checkers Purina Rabbit Chow Purina Labena Purina Pigeon Checkers Purina Pigeon 6ralns Purina Guinea Pig Chow BIRDS Purina Wild Bird Chow Purina Fish Chow LAWES SHREWSBURY FAIR HAVEN By BOB GREEN Associated Press Sports Writer NEW YORK (AP) Note to bartenders: Please post and preserve. This is the time of the year, what with the baseball season at its height, that barroom arguments blossom in full flower. At newspaper sports departments throughout the country telephones ring at unlikely hours of the early morning and fuzzy voices say: "Shay, ol' buddy, I wantcha seddle an argument Who started for the Yanks in the second game of the '42 Series?" "Lenune look It up." Long silence. "It was Ernie Bonham." "Haw. I told'im. Just repeat that to my friend here, will ya?" Silence, with vague, barish sounds in the background. "Yeah?" "It was Ernie Bonham." "You sure?" "Yep." 'Better check it agin. 1 know It was Spud Chandler. I was there." About this tim» things can get a Mt awkward. So, in th* Interest of cutting down telephone calls to harassed sports departments, her* ar* some of the more frequently disputed questions, with answers. 1. Babe Ruth hit 60 home run* in Who held the record before that and how many? 2. And who held the record before that and how many? 3. Who's the only player ever to win th* triple crown horn* runs, batting average and runs batted In two times? 4. Only eight other men have ever won th* triple crown. Who were they? 5. What's the most home runs hit by a player who won the batting championship in th* tame year? Who was he? 0. In modern ball, has a player eligible for the batting championship ever hit.400 or better and failed to win th* title? If so, who? 7. Babe tfuth hit 714 horn* runs. How many did he hit as a Yankee? 8. Ty Cobb had a.367 lifetime batting average, with Roger* Hortby Mcond on the. all-time Hit as.358. Nam* the third, fourth and fifth players on the all-tlmc list 9. Who holds the single season record for total bases, and how many? 10. What's the lowest averagt to win a major league batting championship in modern ball, and who did it? 11. Mickey Mantle and Roger Marts broke th Ruth-Lou Gehnig two-man single season home run record with 115 in Ruth and Gehrlg still hold three other major single season two-man records. What are they? 12. Joe DiMaggio holds the major league recon for hitting in consecutive games, 56. What was hi; batting average during the streak? 13. Whatk the career record for grand slam horn ers, and who holds it? 14. Name the players who have hit 50 or more home runs in a season. 15. What's the highest batting average ever com piled by a Yankee, and who hit it? 16. Who's the last pitcher to win his league's mos valuable player award? 17. Who holds the career record for shutouts, aft how many? 18. Dizzy Dean was the last pitcher to win 3( games in a season. Who was the last man to do i more than once? 19. Which pitcher holds the record for consecu tlve games won, and how many? 20. Which pitcher holds the modern record fo winning 20 or more games the most years? 21. Who's the best player, Mick«y Mantle or Wil lie Mays? ANSWERS: 1. Ruth, 59, Ruth, 54, Ted Williams, 1942, 1M7. 4. Rogers Hornsby, Heinle Zimmerman, Chuck Klein, Joe Medwlck, Ty Cobb, Jimmy Pox, Lou Gehrlg, Mickey Mantle.. ^ 5. Mickey Mantle, 52, 195S. «. Yes. Ty Cobb,.401, 1922, Joe Jackson,.408, Joe Jackson,.356; Roger Browning,.355; Dennis Brouthers, Ruth, 4S7, Elmer Flick, Cleveland,.306, Runs batted In, 347,1931; total bases, 864, 1927; runs, 312, , Lou Gehrlg., 14. Roger Marls, Babe Ruth, Hank Greenberg, Jimmy Foxx, Mickey Mantle, Hack Wilson, Ralph Klner, John Mize, Willie Mays. 15. RutJv.BM, 1* Don Newcombe, Brooklyn, Walter Johnson, 113. (See HY-SPOTTING SPORTS on NfJtt Page) 16 Friday, August 16, 1963 RED BANK REGISTER Best Show Riders to Compete InNJ-'sOldestEquestrianEVent 00EANPORT - New Jersey's oldest equestrian event, the Monmouth County Horse Show, marked its 69th anniversary when the curtain was rolled up this morning at 9 o'clock at Wolf Hill Farm, adjacent to Monmouth Park. The sporting event was established in Long Branch in 1893, and this year's edition has attracted the largest entry in its istory. Most of last year's ribbon winters will be on hand again this /ear seeking repeat victories in heir respective divisions. Leadng hunters and pony hunters from the top ranking Eastern able* have filed entries. Many of the principal stables in Pennsylvania and Connecticut, and one from Florida, will be competition with the local show stables who regularly com' pete in the show. Veteran Campaigners Three veteran hunter campaigners from the stable of Lymsn Wakefield, Jr., of Wayzata, Minn., ill be on hand at this show to participate in the spirited com' petitions for hunter laurels. Miss Louise Wakefield will be showing he farm's seasoned hunters All of New Jersey's principal schools of equitation are represtnted by multiple entries. Several entries who are com petlng in the International Pony team competition next week at Fairiield, Conn., wilt be on hand provide major opposition to the entrants. Susan Blalsdell'i Highflelds Tulip, large pony champion this spring at Devon and Barbara Ulrichsen'a Highfields Town and Country, champion and reserve champion at number of shows this year, will lead the competitors vying for honors in their divisions. Both young riders are residents of Mlddletown.. > Featuring hunter, pony hunter, lumper, equitation and Arabian classes, the show will benefit Monmouth County Historical Society, the United States Equestrian team and Red Bank Com posits Squadron, Civil Air Patrol. Top Judges At Show The following have been' invited to Judge: Mrs. Charles L. Harper, Southern; Pines, N. C: Daniel P. Lenehan, Sewickley, Pa., and Mrs. Harry Harris equitation, tranters and Junior exhibitors, Mrs, William J. K. O'Brien, Bayonne, and Malcolm Benynge, Glen Head, N.Y., lumpers. Donald Sheldon, Hyde Park; N.Y., Arabians. Mrs. Lawrence Yetter, Newton, and Harry W. Brown, Franklin Lakes, stewards, Dr. Robert Rost, jumper course designer. Gerald Goldman, Philadelphia, will handle the announcer's duties and Earl Wandell, Edison, Pa., will be the ringmaster. Dr. Martin P. Mackay-Smith, School of Veterinary Medicine, Philadelphia, will be veterinarian at the show. Amory L. Haskell, Middletown, is honorary president. Assisting Mr. Haskell are L. Stlnor Glmbel, show chairman; Mrs. C. Ellis, secretary; Mrs. Joseph P. Lord, corresponding secretary, and Dr. A. Robert Gllman, treasurer. Freehold Results i Tma, Carti m.i T-JIIH tit tin syeunan L u r r.m 4.00 Mill Vitw Vat (Mil)... J.« Daad Kxn.nM (EILrraany 2.40 M» Waycount, Tlser Exprftsi, Do Royal, Lucy'i Damon. Aba Wlnon.»»»«, CT»., m.i T libt.1 &H I;4t 8«tly O61d (Doajett) M.J0 ( Kins Volo (Howard) (0 Dlvonbar (Roblnaon) 4.*0 Alio Linda carol. Srnla Jot, Burl Elklntton. Raw Hid. Jim, ktfto DAILY noublk (4-ai raul SMS.M J-r, co*di m.i T-»H».4 «n sm rtrlt Edition (Zolrca)...19.*) S.SO In Mlldy Harmon (F»rri«roi 1.SO l.w Joi V»lv«! (Robloton)... 3.M Alto Qilvtn Rotd. Shtmro«k Rtnry, koroth Utrlt, Utrll Csmtl, 4-Tnrt. rooa.; 1 m.i T 1:0(1.4 Mt Jtfl Ml.. Boot (Raihbon.).4.M M Vina Kay (Robinson) l« Plckney Hanov.r (Qulnn) _ J.00 AIio Stradivari, Bhadydala Lyric Mm Do More, Lone Dim Star, Mr. Jim Q. I Fare. Cii.ll m.: T I:0»» 4:H K4en's Directta (Tbomaa)lLOO Southern PrincsiXYounj) Uargy Star (Copeland) AIio Mlit.r Mac, aparkllnl Oare, Or. Direct, Poplar Cdan, Bunny Rainbow. S-P»*«, Cos*: m.i T-l:»» «ll «im Navy Jet (Tele) 1J00 «.« Emily Lu (Tattle). 15,«0 «.M Mudydale Dream (Ridtway) 4.00 Alao aharftroek Richards Blue Cream, Sherry J., Sammy Direct, acratohed: Carol T. 1 Tkrt, Coadi m.i T SKrJ.I art 4:11 rnaa Kly (.Julius) 41.M».» (.to Ray Creed (Crook) J» a.00 Electric (Nome) l.w AIKO Bbamrock Viola, Keen's Jay, Pay Farvel, InrilaA Melody, aloun tain Nib l-faer, Con]., m.i T lie».j alt Sill Hawthorn (Crawford > «.oo 4,60 Smart Time (Dancer) Dottle'a Time (Howard)... S.M Also Squire. Abbe Jo. Myrlls'l Dream, Grace P. Confreai, Irish i. race, ar, m.1 T-tiW Mt e:ti HI xi (Winiii a.v> it E.S.M. (Marrlntrl Lloyd's Direct (Howard). MO AIio W. J. Counael. Jar]* Hsnflvsr, Haiiy aio, Alton Vernon. nenu a. IS Aw*. C«M.I ffl.l T Jili.l Mt Sill Anchor Van iroklnion) 3».rX) e,«u.«i tulu Quflln (Lowden).., Dodle Sraile (ftaad) 1M Allb Cedar Creit Hope, Alton Mar Homeitretch Mack, Ooaro Roy, I Lo'a Colleen, AIIMIIMM»,JU HUH* MOMOAV MOHT MIXED IXAUIIK Pauer* Boate M ij Keani, Mdln. Nail. Bank...14 it Muwii'k Watermelon Bar -la It Rayafiore pnarmaey. - HW 17 lau AU. Hardware 1% Jerry't Bar. 20 Atlantis VlniUnj...» There are several fine trophies up for grab*. Mis* Nancy Burr, riding Wiiard of Or, has two leg* on the Davis Trophy for ponies championship, and has an excellent chance of taking trophy out of circulation /ear. ' One Of The Oldest 1* 11 S«S rruk't Cltlei Serv.....:_..U.11 Vtt M0 Club - Charlie Hull 114, JU, Rajah Rd W«ll tllly Hodfkln lot. this this One of the oldest trophies (1W8) is the Miriam S. Rumbough Memorial Trophy for ladies in the working; hunters. In the same class is the W. B. Ruthrauff Memorial* award. The Louis S. Gimbel, Jr., Perpetual Memorial trophy goes to the winner of the working hunter championship. A cup for the green working hunter grand championship Is ottered by Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Lord, and this one is a three-timer, three legs and It is in the winner's possession. A new trophy donated this year by Mrs. E. B. Ross, Basking Ridge, in memory of her mother, is the Annette Tillord Haskell Memorial trophy. This award will go to the winner of the Junior Hunter championship. The Armand Savarese Memorial trophy for horsemanship championship will once again be GETTING READY FOR COUNTY SHOW Mil, Sally Lord, I?, Little Silver, and Crafton Held, 23, Rumson, prep for 1 tfi» Monmouth County Hone Show which opam today"** Wolf Hill Farm, Oeeanport, and runs through Sunday. The horse is Red Cedar, a green jumptr. Miss Lord was runner-up in ihe field of field hunters for this Punkin Tirt Memorial Trophy in last year's edition of the show. Former Yankee Pitcher Drews Killed by Auto FORT LAUDBROAiLE, Fla. (AP)-^A car struck and killed (ormer ms(or league baseball pitcher Karl August Drews ye* terday as he tried to flag down a. passing motorist. Police charged the driver, Ear Richard Johnson of Fort Lauderdale, with driving while inloxi cited, reckless driving and caus ing an accident. Johnson was free under $500 bond. Drews, 44, and his daughter Geraldlne, 17, were driving from their home In nearby Hollywood to Jacksonville. Geraldine was to participate In a swimming meet Drews' car stalled on a smal bridge. He was killed when he got out to get help. resented by Mrs. Savarew, in lie field hunter class, it U the 'unkln Tart Memorial trophy, be won three times for ptrtanent possession. This award given by Mr. and Mrs. George Howell, ScobeyviUe.TheTourely Farm trophy, also by Mr. nd Mrs. Howell, is for, the Monnouth Special event. Tfali event for horse or pony to be hown in harness; to be ridden under saddle at a walk, trot and canter; and to jump four fences xh exceeding 2 feet, 6 inches r small ponies, S feet for large ponies and horses. Arabian DMakn In the Arabian division, added last year for the first time, thi ersatility Trophy Is the trig 'one. Ills award is to be won by the abian accumulating the greatit number of points throughout he show. It counts 10 points ward the New Jersey Arabian iigh Score Award. The show offers thrills from itart to finish in both jumping ivents by the experienced and the over hurdle events by the youngsters. STOCK CAR RACES CAT NIGHT 3M I :IO p.m. * 30-LAP FEATURE * 2Q-LAP NOVICES * 8 BIG RACES * * *. SEE All THI STAM laclaaiaa State Ctaah whasr Ota Stuns*, h» are**, Wai- V DillMWk. MU MtCaitky. T.mml. Illlett. Wlttmller. Jin mi Him H.ff «, J«k Hart, Do. SMvts me* nn>. many * «. STADIUM 14 WALL JMCIAL JAYCII SPUD DIRIYI M. J. Jtnit pftsmtirti' raw. Help roar local Jaycoe Cleater er pureknlng tkkets I* oveato ^^^^A TTwHI mmj BUTCH'S CAR WASH 170 E. NEWMAN SPRINGS RD. a RED IANK (Acre** from AID f Don H Miss The Monmouth County HORSE SHOW 14 THRILLING EVENTS CHAMPIONSHIP COMMT1- DON IN ALL DIVISIONS t EXCITING JUMPING CONTISTS IXPIRTS RIDING HUNTIR CUSSES OVER DIFFICULT COURSES COLORFUL ARABIAN HORSES LOCAL CHARITIES NNBNT FUN FOR THE KIDS AND THE WHOLE FAMILY, TOO LUNCH AND REFRESHMENTS irs THIS WEEK-END! August Uth at 9:00 a.m., August,7th at 9:00 a.m. August 18th at 12:00 Noon Wolf Hill Farm Monmouth Pat* Race Track OC1ANFORT. N. J. ADMISSION: ADULTS SUM-CHILDREN SOc

17 MiMletdwn Mentor fakes College Post MIDDLETOWN - Joseph I. Clark, freshman baseball coach and physical education teacher at Middletown Township High School for the past two years, has been appointed varsity baseball coach and assistant varsity basketball mentor at Plymouth State College, Plymouth, Mass.," effective in September. Arnie Truex, Middletown High athletic director, said last night the school has "lost a good man." Clark would have coached the frosh cage team at MfcJdletown this coming season. No replacement has been named. Clark attended Point Pleasant High School during his sophomore and junior years and earned six varsity letters in three sports. He was selected to the * All- State basketball team in his junior year. While at Point Pleasant, Clark averaged more than JO points per game and once held the Shore Conference single game scoring recored of 36 points. He transferred to Newark Academy where he also was a threeletter man in his senior year. Clark was graduated from Florida Southern College where he played shortstop on the varsity baseball team. While in the service, he played on the 1956 Air Force championship team and was selected for the USAF All-Star team. That same year he was also captain of the Alas ieht ARDC Aces to Race At Old Bridge Gib BRIDGE Entries from eight of the top American Racing Drivers Club (ARDC) speed merchants have been received by Old Bridge Stadium race director Bob Sail for competition Sunday, A double midget-stock car combination speedfest is scheduled tor the Rt. 18 speed plant Sunday. _'- Entered in the 8:30 p.m. racing 'double-header with automobiles they will drive are: Len Thrall with the Bahre Offy, Johnny Kay handling the Fahey Offy, Joe Csiki in his Falcon midget, Bobby Albert driving the Hennessy Offy, Bill Eldrige wheeling the Scrivan Offy, Ray Roberts debuting in the Crowley Ford, Chuck Stane at the controls of the Airways Cab Offy and prexy Dutch Schaefer seated in the Bennett Bros,Offenhauser speedster. A classy field of 40 open-cockpit cars is expected to vie through four preliminary hea races to determine the fastest 18 itarters in the 25-lap feature headliner. ; ' The second half of the program will feature the.'wild rookie entrants In novice stock car races, Three qualifying heat events will lead up to a 35-1 ap feature race. Some 30 to 40 entrants are expected to line up for starter Ray Sullivan's green flag, with Sunday's races being the lone novice events scheduled for competition In the state. \ Five-time novice main evenl winner here this season, Tomm; Green of Bordentowii, along with Farmingdale's Johnny Luhrs am ^.ee Sofreld of Somerville are th pre-race favorites, in the stock events. Trenton's Paul Elder am Ed Connell of Spotswood loom a the next likely choices of scorini upset victories. OPEN AN ACCOUNT TODAY for any wofrtiwhiu Joseph L. Clark kan basketball team that won the 1955 conference championship. Clark was the leading scorer in the conference with a 2+point average. Clark holds a masters degree in physical education and is engaged in post M.A. work. Bishop Leads 3-Ring Golf NEPTUNE - William Bishop, Philadelphia, is top man among the professionals in the fourth annual 3-Ring Charity Open, at the Asbury Park Golf Club. Bishop leads, with The Open is being sponsored by the P. Ballantine & Sons of Newark ' Gordon Chavis, Baltimore, Md., trails by one stroke with his card of Third position is in a three-way tie, Ronald Goldberg, Plainfield, is leading the amateurs in the championship flight, Bishop birdied the third, fourth, sixth, seventh and 15th holes. Griffith, who is tied for third with 144: score, shot a 69 yesterday which included birds on the second, eighth, ninth, 12th, 13th and 18th holes. Last 18 holes will be played today. flummsu-les < Profeislowls William Bishop, PMU &-MJ Gordon Cluvil, Bait Pete Arenbiro, Phils., Hi Isaac Griffith, NYC. 7MK-JM. Lee Sldtra, Los Ang«1es, 72-72^444 Bobby Man, PhlJt., US Vlnce Sullivan, MeHlchen, Dick Ttiomu, Bait., 7O-7»-JiS Pete Chase, Wash., D.C !> H9 Mil Rader, NYC, «Tom StrafacI Sr., Broohlyn Alfred Blair, NYC, Ike Pinckney. NYC, Joseph Tlowera, Waih., D.C. 71-7J 147 Murphy Street, Bait., John Berry, Phils., Marty Tolomeo, Twin Brooks Cliff Brown, Cleveland Junior Walker. NYC B Tsd.RhodM, Chicago, » Amateurs Champion.hip night Ranald Goldberg, Plainfield M John MoCall, Newark, 78-7S-1M Homtr Stark, Phlla Tony AMarelll, Asbury Park J63 Flrs4 Flight L: C. Darden, NYC, J58 Willie White, Greenville. Del., Howard Qreen, PeekiklU, NY., 84-TS 160 Second FlUht Lee Cross, St. Albans, N.Y., M Fred Wise, SUten Island, Ed RlvUra, NYC 80-SO 1» Third Flight Ike Jameson. Peeksklll. N.Y Ted Francis, NYC, m flamnel Evans. Woodbury. &Wt2 177 W. J. Willis Jr., Shady Rest OC, J Ernie Vessels, NYC, Fourth Flight William Lackey, NYC, John Lee, N«J>tune, Nat Fuller, NYC, Buying or selling? Use Die Register Classified for quick results. Advertisement. A SAVINGS ACCOUNT AT MAINSTAY FEDERAL IS THE SAFEST WAY TO SAVE... WITH DIVIDENDS ADDED REGULARLY Mainstay Federal Savings and Loan Association 34 Monmourn Strut Rtd Bank Insured Saving!.-Mortgage Loam SURF, AND STREAM Timely Note* on the Great Outdoor* By NELSON BENEDICT Atlantic Flyway waterfowl hunters, local sports men included, received pretty much the short end ol the stick when the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service cam( tp with gunning regulations for the season was a disappointment to all concerned, especiall. rhen the federal people refused to go along with this tate's request for a 70-day season. Superintendent of Game Management Lester G VlacNamara and his staff of biologists are today meeting in Trenton to decide on one of two unappealing options. New Jersey may take 50 consecutive days of luck hunting or a split season of 36 days. There is considerable pressure on 'the Division of Fish and Game from hunters in the northern part of the statt for a split season. Area hunting interests, of course much prefer an uninterrupted string of shooting days In either case, prescribed seasonal lengths are misleading Insofar as New Jersey is concerned. Due to the ban on Sunday hunting, sportsmen here would actually realize a net of either 43 straight hunting days or 31 days on a split season basis. With one exception, the bag limits offered by Washington are unrealistic. Although the dally bag was increased to four birds, only two mallards and/or black ducks may be included In same. That hurts, particularly in the South Jersey marsh country. There'll be another bonus bag on scaup. Two broadbills may be harvested in addition to the regular four-bird limit. Which means diving fowl fanciers will be able to kill fix broadies daily and retain 12 in possession. Redheads and canvasbacks remain on the protected list The brant and goose season was upped to 70 day: concession which means comparatively little to coast al nimrods, After brant check in late October, the lit tie black geese quickly lose their table qualities follow ng a steady diet of rank bay cabbage. Which means that majority of wdldfowlers sto] hooting brant in November. They argue that if th< >irds are unfit to eat, why kill 'em? It is to be presumed federal biologists settled up >n a six-brant bag limit on a "guestimate" of the spe lies' breeding success. Nobody really knows what hap pened on brant nesting grounds, located as they an well to the north of the Arctic Circle. Division of Fish and Game headquarters in Trenton yesterday hinted there was a distinct possibility a split season would be established on ducks. If it pans out that way, clubs, commercial guides and individual hunters on the entire coast will take a beating. There is excellent reason to believe heavy pres-. sure was brought to bear on the F. W. S. by nonshooting interests. After all, the news from northern waterfowl nesting areas was all good plenty of rain and lots of birds. Over-caution as demonstrated in this instance does not represent dynamic waterfowl management.... A mid-week nor'wester rocked offshore fishing back on its heels. Winds up to 40 knots buffeted the coast Wednesday. Bluefishlng in the Acid Water was knocked right out of the box, although chummers did manage to raise small blues on Shrewsbury Rock. There was sufficient lee in on the beach to permi continuance of what has been some exceptionally goo porgy fishing. Still spotty, though, is fluke prodtu tion. Some of the Highlands and Atlantic Highland boats are managing to run up fair scores on flatfis along the edges of South Channel. > Once the sea subsides, the Big Stain should boun right back as a reliable source of jumbo bluefish sup ply. Before the blow, chummers there were takin blues which weighed 12 and 13 pounds on hones scales. Tuna are not co-operating to any extent with blm water trailers. Anglers who visited the 20-fathon curve recently settled for a strict diet of skipjacks an bonito. Nor are white marlin to be seen anywhere. Something could be cooking, however, on 17 Fathoms and Ambrose Ridge. Horse mackerel, (See SURF. FIELD and STREAM. Page 24) Freehold Entries Second Race-$80l Pace C N/W $750 In tl 1 Jealotu Abbe P. Martin 8 Elm* D. E. Mansfield I Grattan Express W. DUI S Site Deposit L. easier 7 Flying Counsel P. Virag 4 Brace Western R. Doggett i Peggy Woollen M. Robinson Mr. Brewer G. Marrlner Fourth Race-$8M Pace Two Year Olds 1 mile J Singing Water F. Bivosl J-l 4 Siesta Hanover H. Ctmnen Meadow Thor R. Thomas Mercury Don A. Abb»tlello J-l 7 Savings Bond «Duiur, Jr. 1-1 t Nocl'i Frwity * Thomas 5 Sycamore Dave V. Cowger 8-1 lt-1 I HoHy Boot W. RaUibone Filth Race-*8»0 Pate C N/W $KM lifetime mile I Frorty Beau H. Dancer, Jr. t-1 M 7 Our Girl ' * Churchman 4-1 4CtcUall E. Cobb %i M 1 Davt Bar * U» I Jimmy Dal*,» ««1 Jime'a Gem M- *«blii«on CMKhoWIU JJeHj.Bean A. V. Cew ir S-l ( K-l lt-1 er0!f>»<u Jo fit- ta 0" Ti4r «>>. on G%,i q.ft <,.. THE URNETT NOTES 'This it a copy of copi»i of notes which Atlanta insuranceman Gaorg* Burnett said he made when he was accidently connected Into a telephone conversation between Wally Butts, former University of Georgia athletic director, and Paul "Bear" Bryant, University of Alabama football coach, prior to the 1762 Alabama-Georgia game. The notes were released by Georgia's attorney general who conducted 1 an investigation before Butts brought suit for $10 million against the Saturday Evening Post. In the past couple of days the notes have been under fire in the trial. John Blanehard Grand Slams Giants on Dodgers 9 Heels Mickey Mantle and Tony Kubek re benched with foot trouble. Roger Maris has a sore hand. You'd think the New York Yankees would rattle along like a car without two front wheels. So Johnny Blanehard hits two home runs, Including a first-inning grand slammer, and drives in six runs. Hec Lopez and Phil Linz each bang a double and two singles. The super subs wind up with a total of eight hits and eight runs batted m in a 10-2 blast of the Red Sox at Boston Thursday, As for Blanehard, the Sox would like to dump him in the Charles River. He doesn't hit for average in Fenway Park but when he does connect, the seats get an awful blasting. "I think I've only had six hits m this park in my entire career and five of them have been home runs," said Blanehard after he wrecked the Sox. His recollection correct. Of the five homers four won games. - Johnny's grand slammer came in the Yanks' five-run first inning off Earl Wilson. With that fat cushion, Stan Williams won hi second straight route-going ]ob with a six-hitter, including Dick Stuart's 30th homer. The victory Increased the Yan kees' lead to 8>/2 games over th< idle Chicago White Sox who foun> the surging Minnesota Twins just a half game behind in third place. The Twins crushed the fourthplace Orioles Detroit walloped the Athletics 11-1 at Kahsa City and the Washington Senators eked out a 5-4 win over the Angels at Los Angeles. In the National League, the league-leading Dodgers beat Milwaukee 7-5 to keep three games in front of the San Francisco Giants who downed Cincinnati 6-3. Houston whipped the third-place St. Louis Cardinals, 4-2, the Philadelphia Phillies tripped Chicago, 44, and Pittsburgh pasted the New York Mets, 8-2. Jimmy Hall, the Twins' candidate for AL Rookie of the Year honors, slammed three hits including his 20th home run, and drove in five runs in the home rout of the Orioles. Minnesota's New York Lee Stange went all the way on Chicago a nlne*itter and nine strikeouts Minnesota to boost his record to 6-2. Don Baltimore Mincher end Bob Allison also Cleveland homered for the Twins. It was No. 13 for Mmcher and No. 26 for Allison. Flnt Race $800 Pace C N/W $2509 lifetime mile Sixth Race-$1MO Pace clg clg $2000 Mares mile 8 Babe Bohemia H. Veale M 2 Success Don A. Young 3-1 S Jet Direct M. Hubbard Sentinel Direct D. Howard Lyndle Breezer J Dynt Yellow Brook J. Crane C. Dill» fed Lybrook 6 Red Rain E. Cohb J. Qulnn Eva G. M. Robinson «-l S Jerry Kirk H. Camden Demon Hill F. Tete Challdale Ron R. Farrington Fancy Phyllis G. Reed Max Flyer H. Adams S-\ 1 Mr. R.C. R. Copeland Little Katie A. Abbatlello 10-1 mile J-l Seventh Race- I2M Pace C N/W $4000 '62-'63 m 8 Miss Goldle Patch O. Ray Al Brook R. Thomas Burrsvllle P. Stanton J Miss Majesty's Lady J. Qulnn 5-1 t-1 4 Crafty K. M. Robinson S-l,6-1 7 Captain Symbol V. Cowger S-l 8-1 (Torrid Adlos L. Copeland Sard! Hanover A. Garafola 10-1 Third Race-1800 Pace C N/W 25«Lifetime mile Eighth R«ce J20O0 Pace C N/W $11100 In '61 mile ( Formal R. Etlerman J-l "ESSEX COUNTY PACE" S Apothecarlus H. Dancer, Jr Jimmy Gene V. Cowger Miss Twin Tower A. Thomas (-2 7 Meadow Blaze 1. Schmlgel Gay Jean G. Marriner 5-1 I Chief Good Friday R. Farringlon 4-1 Baby Hal E. Loar (-1 S Pacific Pioneer A. Abbatlello S-l 3N«Upan L, Copeland Chockoyotte Doc A. Young (-1 t Grand Marie G. Reed Edgewood Brook J. Willis Donna's Adloi H. Camden Wynlng Duke D. Murphy 8-1 Nlnlh Race-$1200 Trot C N/W $4000 In 'U mile 8B 15 M. Robinson Gussie Hanover J. Quinn 4-1 ( Oscar Patch D. Howard 9-2 S John Michael L. Copeland Midge II. Camden (-1 1 Wills Valley D. Murphy Flashy Ronnie R. Farrington Front Line V. Kachel 11-1 Tenth Race-UN Pace el 8 George's Pal 4 Miss Lortne Hayea 5 Paqulta Frisco I Sandylane J. 7 Avagar Catherlng G. 1 Ettagraph 2 Susan Maotccnff Grade fc. $800 Mares mite C. Howard R. Farrington C. Dill F. Jaeger A. Young R. Rhoadt K. Wamn Giants Win, 6-3 Wobbly-legged Jim Davenport, a versatile infielder whose underpinnings have been in the spotlight as much as any chorus girl's, is kicking up a fuss in San Francisco's bid to repeat as National League champion. In and out of the line-up because of his weak legs, Davenport played a key role in a 6-3 victory over Cincinnati Thursday night that kept the second-place Giants right on the heels of the front-r u n n i n g Los Angeles Dodgers. Davenport, who stroked three hits for five straight hits in two games, legged out a key bunt single in the fifth inning to keep a rally going. Before it was over, Willie Mays had smashed a decisive two-run single and the Giants had four runs and the ball game. a-i 4-1 «n The triumph left three games behind the Dodgers who again got a superlative relie effort by Ron Perranoski, in c 7-5 decision at Milwaukee tha snapped a three-game losing skid, Houston dropped third-place St Louis five games behind with 4-2 victory built on John Bateman's three-run homer, Philadelphia took fifth place from Chicago by edging the Cubs 4-3 and Pittsburgh walloped the New Yor Mets 8-2. " The American League-leadinf New York Yankees thumped Bos ton 10-2, Minnesota crushed Bait more 13-3, Detroit whipped Kansas City 111 and Washington nipped the Los Angeles Angels 5-4. Cleveland and the Chicago White Sox were idle. Davenport raced out a triple in the first, beat out an Infield hit fit n the third, then laid down his jerfect bunt in the fifth to load lie bases after Harvey Kuenn's ingle had accounted for the iants' first run. Reds starter Joe Nuxhall, apparently upset, hit Willie McCovey with a pitch to force in a run before Mays vrapped it up. Nuxhall had gone Into the in ing with a 1-0 lead provided by 'ada Pinson's homer off Jack ianford. The Braves knocked out Sandy {oufax with a four-run first in aing three on Gene Oliver's lomer after the Dodgers had used Frank Howard's two-run homer to get off to a 3-0 lead in the top half of the inning. Then, in the fifth, with the score tied 5-5, the Dodgers broke through m a walk, Ron Fairly's double, i sacrifice fly by John Roseboro and Maury Wills' single. Perranoski allowed only one hit in 3 2- the Giants boosting his record tc innings, Ma;or Leagu Boston Los Angeles... Detroit Kansas City... Washington... Associated Press Peard, Peskoe Duo Advance In R.B. Net Play RED BANK The sixth-scedei men's doubles team of Bill Pean and Al Peskoe moved into the semi-finals of the Red.Bank Opei Tournament yesterday wit] a 6-0, 6-3 win over Chuck Cleri cuzio and Lou Jahn. The eight-seeded team of Sterling Thompson and John Kappmcier won by default over Wag and Kip Merrill. American League W. L. Pet. G.B. National League VI. L. Pet. G.B Los Angeles San Francisco St. Louis Cincinnati '/ 2 Philadelphia /4 Chicago Pittsburgh Milwaukee Houston New York Thursday's Results New York 10, Boston 2 Detroit II, Kansas City 1 Washington 5, Los Angeles 4 Minnesota 13, Baltimore 3 Only games scheduled Today's Games Detroit aulos Angeles (N) Baltimore at Kansas City (N) Washington at Minnesota (N) New York at Chicago (N) Cleveland at Boston (N) Saturday's Games Washington at Minnesota Cleveland at Boston New York at..chicago Detroit at Los Angeles (N) Baltimore at Kansas City (N) Thursday's Results Los Angeles 7, Milwaukee 5 Philadelphia 4, Chicago 3 Houston 4, St. Louis 2 Pittsburgh 8, New York 2 San Francisco 6, Cincinnati 3 Today's Games Los Angeles at New York (N) Philadelphia at Pittsburgh (N) Houston at Milwaukee (N) San Francisco at St. Louis (N) Chicago at Cincinnati (2 tw night) Saturday's Games Los Angeles at New York Chicago at Cincinnati San Francisco at St. Louis Philadelphia at Pittsburgh (N) Houston at Milwaukee (N) Hy Spotting Sports Continued 18. Grover Cleveland Alexander, 31-10, 1915; 33-12, 1916; 30-13, Carl Hubbell, New York Giants, 24, July 17, 1936 to May 27, Christy Mathewson, Uh. Ah. Well, uh, you see, It's klnda like this... RENT A CAR or TRUCK from HERTZ U-DRIVE.,. Call PR , CA , SH LUflWAM RED BANK REGISTER riday, Augusi 16, DAYS ONLY BRAND NEW NO SECONDS 1 WHITEWALLS BLACKWALLS "TEST NON-SKID TREAD PATTERNS FAMOUS GENERAL 5 Mi NYLON FORD, CHEVY, PLYMOUTH, StUDEBAKER DODGE, PONTIAC, RAM- BLER, AMBASSADOR, MERCURY, OLDS, OE- SOTO, BUICK (EXCEPT ROADMASTER. ELECTRA) * " GENERAL NYLON CADILLAC, CHRYSLER, CONTINENTAL, BUICK COMPACT CAR SPECIAL DOUBLE GUARANTEE You an (Kotvetid jjun.t di'itii in woikminshtp tni miltfijli for lift lid, trirj i»injt nor mi I rojrl hjutmidf 1 tull.4 0Mh» VT.M. inr] 21 montfii on (* Gtniril, l tttjuitmcfltt pro-nxi on («' Cn pneu it dm* of (diii,[merit. ICNERA1 TIRE BOB KUNZE ED GOLDEN MIDDLETOWN GENERAL ~ TIRE CO. Rt. 34 ft Av«. D Leonardo Op«n Dally

18 IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR FABULOUS DEALS ON NEW RENAULTS - VOLVOS PEUGEOTS CHECK THIS END-OF-YEAR SALE ON ALL IMPORTS 25 GARS IN STOCK Must Be Sold SAVINGS UP TO $500 COME IN THIS WEEK-END. RED BANK AUTO IMPORTS 119 E. NEWMAN SPRINGS RD. RED BANK Authorized Dealers for RENAULT TRIUMPH VOLVO PEUGEOT OPEN EVES OVER FORDS MERCURYS and LINCOLNS CLEARANCE SALE! 1963 GAUXIE dr. & cylinder Cruise- : O-Matic. Power steer- ' ing, 2,000 milei, ate. Lilt price $3311. OUR SALE PRICE $ GALAXIE XL Convertible, automatic, power steering. Lift price $3725. OUR SALE PRICE $ FALCON Deluxe. Four-door auto. 9,000 miles. List price $2389. '59 '58 '59 '59 '60 '59 59 '61 '60 '59 '60 '60 '60* '62 '61 '62 '61 '61 '60 '61 '62 OUR SALE PRICE $ V2 GALAXIE 500 Sport HarcMop, B cyl. Cruiie-O-Matic. Power steering, 1,000 miles, Lilt price $3318. OUR SALE PRICE $ FALCON FUTURA Auto., white with red inferior; 5,000 milei. List pries $2484. OUR SALE PRICE $ COMET Deluxe four-door auto. 9,000 miles. List price $2530. OUR SALE PRICE $ YR. OR 24,000 MILE WARRANTY FORD DEALER 3-WAY GUARANTEE TWO-YEAR PROTECTION FORD Panel Delivery. Excellent condition MERCURY 9-Pass. Sta. Wag., MOM, P.S. MERCURY Monterey 4D, MOM, P.S. FORD Galaxia Hd.Tp. FORD FairJane "500" 2D., POM FORD 4D Ranch Wag., FOM, New Engine FORD 6-Pass. Country Sedan SW, FOM FALCON 2D Sedan, R&H DODGE "Polara" Hd.Tp., P-FI., P.S., Sp«e FORD Convertiblo, FOM, P.St. 1150, FORD Starliner 2D, HdTp., FOM, R., P.St. 1195, FORD 9-Pass. C'try Squire S.W., FOM, P.S MERCURY Monterey 4D, MOM, P.St. FALCON 4D Sedan, R&H COMET Custom, MOM COMET 2-D Sedan MERCURY Monterey 4D Hd.Tp., R-MOM MERCURY Convertible, MOM, P.S. LINCOLN Prem. 4D Hd.Tp., Low Mileage THUNDERBIRD, Full Power LINCOLN-CONTINENTAL 4D, Air Cond ENGLISH AGENCIES Sine MONMOUTH 4 MAPLE, RED BANK RED BAIflK BEG1STER 18 Friday, August 16, 1963 ANNOUNCEMINTS LOST AND FOUND LOST Hfcif frown derk tiger striped kllt«n from 11 Elm PL, Red Bink. Reward. Curley, 0 Kim PI. Ctll 7< LOST Aqua wallet with many personal papers In vicinity Grant'!, Airport Piau. Kindly return papera to K. Morril, 241 MuUrwimp Ra., Bed Bank. LOST Orav cat. Vicinity 181 W. Front St.. Red Bank. Reward PUBLIC NOTICES I WISH TO THANK Th«Com. muntty Hot Control for referring me ta tiie f«rm so that I could Identify " loet dof from ilmllar dosji. Mra. en Keansburg Businessmen's League. Are,you navini trouble with your drink. InngT Write: ALCOHOLJCa ANONX' MOUS, P.O. Soi 19 Red Bank. N.J. AirroMonvi AUTOS CONVERTIBLE TIUB 1M1 PLYMOUTH Taty convertible. Thli la a mack beauty wlui futt power. It lui all good Cliei and la the ORIIN MORQAH IStl MM mllea. Caxtllnt omdiimb. HM. Cu 6* eeeo at Sue RettoeTSn Ooraere, W4dUtown, or call tn^tn 1X7 TRIUMPH Convertible, TR-1 Excellent condition. Mew painl. BU. la and drive It. Call 2S1-I712, Maurice Schwartz & Sons 1«6» THUNDERBIRD Fully equipped. Palmer^Lourvge, Lou-- Palmer " Avt., Kaana- 111 W. Front St.. Red Bank 71T-O787, burg. 717-M: 1M0 AUSTIN HEAUCT 8PR1TI _ FORD PAIRLANE 500 two-door, Etcelient condition. Beat offer over beat idler. Will aacriflce. Call after I S700. Call 7n-ft72«. P.m. M HILLMAN Four-door. Bara BUICK 1M1 LI SABRE Four-door let Urea. Top condition. $ hardtop. Power «nuipmtet Ooe owner. Excellent condition. T41-42M. Re- SW nlthti of TW dare. duced to PB3 TWO DOOB PLYMOUTH - Hardtop. Good tlrea. Good brekea. *95. Call PLYMOUTH CONVERTIBLE - Call M0 HILLMAN HUSKY Good ahepe. Third car. Moll. Call after «;10 p.m. MM7M. THUNDBRBIRD CONVERTIBLE l«5t Power brakes, power eteerfng, power eeal and wlndowa. Radio and neater, tinted gliai, waihera. All leather upholster. New top, ehoelce, rubber and mufflere. TU-MtO. Thla league hen openings for teama BAROAIN 1957 V0LK8WAQEN with that average ISS-MS per aerlea. There sun roof, radio, heater, great for flrat la a)ao room for bowlers having an or second XAT, hlgheit offer over $4110. Individual average ot To aee, jua! call after «p.m. 19M JCBRCURY HARDTOP Qood Contact Fred Brlen, Secretary, at Jthepe. Jteaaonable evenlnga, except Werlnendaya B87 DWYER'S CROWM UBBD CARS 819 Hwy. M. Mlddletown, <71-MU Oppoatte Two Ouya. Domeatlc and foreign, 1055 to 1M0 modela.. AUTOT * TRUCKS CADILLAC IMS Coupe de Vllle. excellent condition, alt power, new battery and exhauat ayaiem. H0. 741* VOL.K8WAGEM Radio, better, good condition Can b* aeen at CROWN SERVICE STATION, Corner Maple Ave., W. Bergen PI,, Kid Bank FORD Two door. Radio, heater, windshield waeher, back-up llghu. and Bhow tlrei with extra wheel. Owner going to Europe. 11,000. Phone $ TWO-DOOR 19H OLDBHOB1LS - (UO. 1M1 CHEVROLET»U-cv)lmler fourdoor aedan, excellent condition. Call 5W ljkie* PLYMOUTH V-t wagon, tmo. Eaao Station, Mable and Ber en, Red Bank VOLKSWAOEN cuitoroized camper, can be converted to rine-paaaenger wagon, loaded, 12,100. 1X3' VOLKI- WAOBN aedan, like new,»1,jt». Call J AUTOS & TRUCKS AUTOS & TRUCKS AUTOS ft TRUCKS SOMETHING TO CROW ABOUT? WHY SURE! We're mighfy proud that we're the shore's largest Oldsmobile- Cadillac dealer. It took us a while to establish the fact that we are 1 truly competitive in the medium price field As a matter of fact, you'll have to get up before the chickens to beat the deals that we offer on the '63 Olds. We're proud of our sales record... our sales staff... our service department.. and our service to our customers..air-conditioned SHOWROOM RUSSELL If you're in the market for a A new car, *we invite you to ihop and compare. We're sure you'll find that you'll get more for your car-buying dollar when you buy at Russell! 23' ZOBEL IBA SKIFF tmex Chrysler Crown. Bunk* and oushlou, fully equipped. Olliinel coat»ver W,000. Clll I71-3MT. II» CHRlt CRAFT Ctvuller. Been four, moorlni Incluned. yn-m>7,. TH0HMON *t h.p. Ivlorude elktrle eterter, navr top, sld. «ir- II Ulna, etc Perfect condition. PJK. «T1- OLDSMOBILE- CADILLAtCO. 100 Newman Springs Rd Red Bank CIRCLE CHEVROLET CO. WILL MAKE YOU SAVE MONEY ON ALL THEIR OK USED CARS WE PROMISE YOU 1. Better Cars. 3. Better Service 2. Better Deals 4. Friendly Salesmen 5. An OK Used Car That Is Trouble Free SHOP AROUND FIRST... THEN DO AS EVERYBODY IS DOING FOLLOW YOUR FRIENDS Circle Chevrolet Co. 325 MAPLE AVE. OPEN EVENINGS RED BANK AUTOS * TWK3B ohxvuotrr WAOOH - A e. Hi-tyllrKler win lgws A Uadird trau- uev nlulin tod la is- excellent condition. Priced to wll. UM FORD gtulmi wagon, foui-d»er. automauo tnutamlaelon. radio, heater, Mauriea Schwartz & Soni anow um. M ifi, is QueenJ 141 W. Front St., Red Bank *1 Dr.-»., Uttle Wlver after fm. 1M1 COMET Two -door. He»ler, wlndebleld waeher. mow Urn. Only 12,000 mllea. Owner going to Europa Pbona MJ-W10. U67 VOUUWAQEN ~ White. Radio, white-walla. Aaklig WIS ' FORD Cabriolet convertible, Buick Pow HUDSON Four-door. Muat tell. Uake offtr. Call 21' curl. Craft ItM OPEL Excellent condition. Radio WHITE rouhdoor HARDTOP 1H7 If Owene, M Uereurj. very nice 14i«" Heater. Ntw Tl««. One owner. Oaly Ford nice, cleauo. 3M. 1M7 ChnroMt J«v FsreM Johnson, twin, nn, ' very. niee Jog 14(6. Call any time 715-M17. Nomad Wagon. Really alee. Um mile* nv oven, ntj olee. a. DirgaU 6argal«X» lie! TBMPB8T Two^loor, automatic age. Zvanlngi. T414T1S. ^^^ VI miff, twin Oraj >"J IK Custom, verr nice W> Iranamlsalon. radio, heater. WhltewaU IMS CHEVROLET ftatlon wagon, FAUt HAVEN 1TACHT WOKKI, Jlf. Una. H, FORD Ml cylinder, aulomitlc tranamlaalon, cadlo, heater. Veil cared for ! DODQE H-TON pickup. Oood oondluon. tut. Call 542-2S4! era condition."alklog S3I95. T41-MI7 or 741-ISM. RUHR ON AIR. ALMOST Morrie Minor convertible. 1M7. Wernor'a, 7S7-MG SINGER Austin engine. Four speed tranamualon, plua two extra englnea and transmissions. OT1.2S CACUXAC Four-door, whitewall tires. Also 1955 PONTIAC convetume, Both In verr fom oondlllon, reiaonable, B12-2O BUICK CENTURY Radio, heat. power brakes, steering. Call S I 1«W BUICK apecial Hardtop. I Original owner. Excellent leeond ear. Call «71-M67. i AUTOB * TmUOti CHBVXOUR 'an Am' * WILLTIX/TATION WAOON HM Rebuilt motor, rerr mod tlree. glu. 5U-5M3. TOM'S FORD INC. ^".M* CAM F0JHDMIM5AM FORD Twodoor. Excellent condition. S4SS or beat offer. 2S1-3MI or MB CHEVBOLBT "ik" - alm0»l two-toot eedan. straight stick, radio, M' eea CHRJa angtiloratt Sea iwff. SM-28W. heater, 4M0 mllea. Muat nil UomMI eab41uon, ': 'n erater. CaU fu-oms aielj. (71-OIM. twees kw p.«a. s lor demomu-alloc. FORD 1957 Convertible. Automatic, power' ateering, beautiful. S4SO UM OMSK CH*VROLl>r-Tw«-dnor. UARINB elu"fuh», S64-7OM Oood tlraa. iktlltnt eondillob, IteuoniMe. mtlu aey'a largest gstrin wxnuamu*. verytkmg for me Miaam. «" *» 1955 FORD STATION WAOON Oood EvlnnuJe Salea and itntj body, motor, tlrea. Aa la Call UM FORD VICTORIA rower steer TH» BOATMAN'S. ahoi 1OP M before t a.m. after p.m. inr. V-t, autometle trunabtwn, rw) H miut An m*ik> K»d * emtwm, W». I47-4JJ6. Opes Sundays and Kolldaya 9 am-1 pm 19S9 PLTMOUTH FURY Four door Hat, 0iUIUae,Jwl mailed AHfiw^p w ~'~ l^t ^ hardtop/evblm with blue Interior. S5M KQA 1M1 ROADaTIKR Win wmtu, W UAP1TRAKI - Welter Iklff. MI M excellent condition, RML HoaMlJH errtriled. Cell M«-31»t. _ ^ HP. Chrysler Crown with "K"""?, OWNER MUST SACRIFICB - 1««. anlft, three bunks, foam rubber, full PonUae Tempeet SMUon Wagon. Take NOW THAT TOU nan ttunled the ourtalna, head, Illhflndar, eomplas, pole over payments. H449S5. ADS... "Hustle to Riieieir to lnreett AUTOS ft TRUCKS BUCK AND TAN... Faihionibly ttyud 1?& f Cadillac convertible. A truly unuiuel value. and buy a ton rewndluoeed CUfflaa. Oldsmoblle nr other max* out ' Died' New M0Bn Rout.. 1M MOBILE HOMES IfOBILI BOaan 10% dm 1-jeir finaieng 10. ' cont»lnad aulrn. WDM." halter, new. OSM. ftt-lm. uil CHAMPION - Wxllr. xceuent condition. Two badraoau. Waaner. Air conditioner. Xitraa. Nice park In Hatlet. M4-SMT. AUTOS ft TRUCKS TSACZOftS (UP yda. irate Itomrej JM 1, m-me ttit BUICK KOKVtUmR Fuily evulmd. Al tower. Ta» eondiuon." Newt, tnapaetad. ertutt USED BOAT BAJ10AI1M 1M1 COKXT-IUdio, healer, ttudard IV Terrr Iklff. EUnruoa W ahlft. Low mileage. Aaktog gl.j«. Call 17' Water Bug. Kvlnnide U»lll)» after T p.m. XC Owam. very»lce 1M ss. automatle tranemluion, Terr euas, toot DeKoimandll Are.. : MM. MM4M. 41 Blnghan An., Rumeon.»»lr Haver 74I-eD19 ciwrunif VUONO - if iw «board. Ti any marine, new engine 1M0, navy lop, many extras, coat Cadillac Old.mobil. MOADWAY AT 4lh 8» JMS»a"S!8Jf' bolderi, bow rajl. twe monal gee tanlv. A itaav at gj.eoo. This boat la In mint condition, Call lh-wf. AiK far Sick LUta. ; U' OUTBOARD IKirr TtlUer. very FOR tale I Ctlimiran pnm. xtrai. Oood coflditlon. W. we. MAWOOD SKIFFS TruWeissy 1J»- it i. alrake,»' cabin Sport Flaharman, ZU tp.. ilet St,IM NOW U.U/J. XT Fl»; _ bridve'ipovt Klinermen, MO h.p., lilt 5fi v.m NOW K.IM. Me»o». H.P. lulr MOTon n IT MOLDID PLYWOOD ruiumtlt. wlndsbleld. navj top, M h.p. Mercury motor with controla, plus enru, 1* " ' 12' DUROTECH ALUMINUM RUN- ABOUT Windshield, control) IS h.p. Eviarude motor and trailer, SH-1I7I. I If CUITOM MOLDID (IberflM ouek I boat, S h.p. Ivlnrude, Irallea. $1TB. Cell alter p.m. T4M0W. (Mora OauHted Adi Oa Th«Ntrt Pagt) AUTOS k TRUCKS SAVE UP-TO '300 ON THE FABULOUS MANY EXTRAS 1963 STUDEBAKER LARK... ALL TRADES YEAR-END CLEARAlMCi CHECK THESE USED CAR PRICES.. i 1962 LARK 1962 FORO Two-door. Ranch Wagon. Auto. Standard tranimiislon. Vary nice) car NASH Automatic. $1350 $1895 $595 ALSO MANY TRANSPORTATION CARS $»8 TO $ I SO. BAILLY BROS. INC AUTHORIZED STUDEBAKER DEALER 91 MONMOUTH ST RED BANK STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSES 1 MOUTH... RED HOT BUYS ON ALL USED CARS AT SHREWSBURY MOTORS... BIG DISCOUNTS! I960 VOLKSWAGEN Station Wagon.$1295 I960 VOLKSWAGEN Convertibre #. $1350 BLUE, NEW TOP. RADIO, CLIAN 1959 CHEVROLET Bel Air $995 2-DOOR SEDAN, AUTO, R/H, WHITE, NEW PAINT 1958 VOLKSWAGEN Pickup Truck.. $895 NEW PAINT AND tlres 1957 C H E V R O L E T Bel Air..... $895 STATION WAGON, 4-DOOR. AUTO., P.S., P.B., LISHT BLUE, VERY CLEAN 1957 F O R D Station W a g o n.... $299 AUTOMATIC SHREWSBURY MOTORS, INC. SHREWSBURY AVE., SHREWSBURY

19 Runuon Yacht Basin PRESENTS VIKING "36" ON DISPLAY AND ACCEM0U& MATI AND ACCEttOUES tusmiss NOTCH m- RUlfoBdOT BOAT - ]99t Milk 14' RUMASOUT Ctntarr: II h-p. 25 horn outboard motor and trailer. Irlnraae. Mortal WMshlsm controls. CHAJtUBS HOITEI - luaob Obatractor. No job Vx> smeji or ENTER REAL ESTATE WANTED - Enerlenctd In! S U m ' 1 ' ttt» r BsuHut UH. tin-om,»tpuml«l!r. C«J cust at., Keyport TAB U' OUTBOARD Dan Motor and HELP WANTEB-MALE MASON CONTRACTOR Brick ateps, W CHRIS CRAFT RUNABOUT-34 trailer. SqulpQed. May toe teen at US garages, patios, sidewalks. - Evening*. The profession that it the REGISTERED NURSES - Ml p.m., Up. Evlnrude eitclric start, compute River Rd., Fair Haven. T4M1M. 78T-515S.- II p.m. to 7 a-m oood pay. Call 364- OPERATOR with battery. Utbta. iltctrie bllie pump. Bkl rtjied. Safe lamor boat Ssfi'sU 0^1;, basis for all wealth. MOO. a.m. to > p.m. 1 ""- For trlil 12' ROWBOAT V dlnchy. M 1 Old Muale For All Oceaaiona Town with Mark 20 Mercury outboard. THE SCEPTRES MANAGER AND DEMONSTRATORS EXCELLENT CAREER "" Reasonable. T41-1M8. Tout piece band PART-TDIX AND FUU/nME IALEB NEEDED For new parly plan deslgned for housewives OPPORTUNITY HEAVY EQUIPMENT EXPERIENCE ESSENTIAL Call Bob Watson 8IJ284J AUo Used Boats for Sale I6 1 JERSEY SPEED SKIFF-1M ' RUNABOUT Fiber flail bottom. NO IXPERIXNCX NICEMARY SHIRT PRESSEB WANTED To oper APPLY PERSONNEL DEFT. OPERATORS h.p. Chrit Craft V-8. Nibral mper cup 1S$O 40 h.p. Evinrurie Lark motor. PAINTERS COOPERATIVE Seven ate Prosperity two-girl shirt unit Must Among Many Others propetlor. Electric bilge pump. Call Many earn. Bum for ikltn( full-time paintera working evening* and We will train you at our eipertn tor have good references and be dependable. Apply In person. MORE? LARUE RT. as HOLMDE: URGENTLY NEEDED LILY-TULIP CUP CORP. "IJKn 1 '* wlth "" brld after 7 p.m., weekends. Five exterior, two Interior interesting, anloyable spare time work specialists. Call til and aave SM. In real estate lales consultation. Ws CLEANERS, Rt. 33. Eatontown. "AN EQl'AL OPPORTUNITY ZOBEL 21' SKIFF Excellent condition. Monel tank and shaft, head, «16' 60 MAHOGANY STARLINER JOHN MOHAN General Contracting pay excellent commleslone and offer B' CHRli"bRAfT"Zr.'.Z~I!l' Hardtop curved windahleld. 61 electric 40 pump, skiing equipment $1,500 firm. Co. Plastering, painting, atdewalka and full career employment opportunities PERMANENT PART-TIME - Poalllon EMPLOYER'. NO EXPERIENCE NECX66AILY h» Johnson. Sterllnj till trailer. 2»3»9 driveways. 787-M74. with us In the real eitate profession. In Red Bank Insurance ofrlce. Olversl LAC a! and ovrriftaa work tvauibfa. Keep your refular Job as long a* you fled Job, entailing general offtca procedures. Ty ping and knowledge nf Klrsl part of training will not inttitira A KENNILMAN " I" excellent condition $950. Will wish. Complete free training course vilh prtseni )nb. ACILMJ ftrld mining consider trade for larger boat O 1 Experienced. Call TRO1IAN SEABREEZE 40 h.p. Include! salea and guided Held txpa ihorthand require!. Flexible hours. Call on heavy equipment. Tor local Inter- «711M) M2 Evinruda selectrlc New canvas. EMPLOYMENT rience, leading to an.enterprising life: ' IfW, call Mr. 8#{al. 10 am. to I p.m.. SI' CHRIS CRAFT..., SS water tank, head galley, two bunks. time career with substantial earnings TV BBNCHMAN Elflclint, reliable Aabury Park area, ONE,}f ROWBOAT...Z~.Z} SHBPHARD SPEED BOAT 22". 12SCompletely reflnlshea.»lm5. M2-3I28. HELP WANTED-FEMALE and financial Independence. SECRETARY Part-time. Hours flexible. Oood skills. DAVKNPORT PER or weekends. Mlddletown ana. Ca top pay per Irt basis, evenings ant hp. Gray, (SOD or but offer. Bee at Irwln'i. Aik for Bennett's boat. 14' RUNABOUT 35 h D. Johnson. PART-TIME ASSISTANT in oral wr< BEACH AGENCY SONNEL SERVICES, 77 Broil It., 671-0JO3 after «p.m. FINANCING ARRANGED Upholetery, windshield, skis. Must sell gery office. Training preferred. Call t Red Bank. 7( BARBER WANTED Parl-llme. full over weekend. Any reaaonabl* offer accepted. 8(2 Mil or to 6. 2( RESTAURANT STEWARD Knr Mon Hm«Ut«r on, Ca.ll Emtl'i B&rbtr 24' SHELTER CABIN 1W0 sucdtf CASHIER Knowledge of NCR. post mouth County's flnut restaurant. Ileav: Shop. Mnnmoufh Shopping Center. M3- FIRST 8T. RUMSON Chrysler Ace engine. Radio telephone. PLANNING A VACATION? Be»n Avon Ing machine and typing helpful. Apply In nerson to Mrs. Dunham, River complete resume to "B.L", Box Etl purchaalng experience necessary. Seni MM or_22fl-2(*0. 120K 8( before 7 p.m. 23' OWENS CABIN CRUISER 18S Representative and atart earning for._,,., h.p. New condition. Owner. that trip Immediately. Call 741-4S43 5, B "* MACHINE OPERATORS view Hospital. Red Bank. Red Bank. REAI, ESTATE SALESMAN! 14' OUTBOARD RUNABOUT With B or write Mrs. Margaret Oulotta. J*.O. Part-time "" - '- evening work from A ft forward control*, upholstered aeau, and Box 190, Red Bank. p.m. piece work or time rate. COOK Live In. Exp*r(enr» preferred but not n#c«isary! Will tr«ln all ph«««9 nf realty! LEARN THE "BRASS TACKS' N.J. STATE EMPLOYMENT SERVICE references, Eicelirnl opportunity for rulrm p*rmin or ynunj; m»r lnnmnc (or ib* windshield. Verv clean. In water.!50. 15' RUNABOUT Plywood, 18 h.p. MACHINE OPERATOR* WANTED. 41 E. Front St. Red Bank hp Evlnrude motor. Used 12 Johnson, remotes, saa tanki, cushions, Sleeve setter. Call NO FEE CHARGED hours. Like new Call anchor. «16J. 2tl-B333. WAITRESS AND CQUNTEROIRl. future. For Interview call Mr. Kretowici M Must be experienced. Steady days. Ap- AUTOS & TRUCKS AUTOS & TRUCKS AUTOS & TRUCKS AUTOS fc TRUCKS GRAND OPENING RENAULT DEMONSTRATION CARNIVAL LAST TWO DAYS FRIDAY SATURDAY August A.M. TO 10 P.M. My name is Moe Freibaum, owner of MONMOUTH MOTORS, and I want to extend a personal invitation to tee the great new line of Renaults during our repeat offer! These new Renaults offer the most for the money in the economy cor field. You can actually save up to $1000 in the first year. Renaults cost $500 less to buy and you save $200 a year on gas, plus great savings on depreciation and maintenance. Remember, every new Renault is sold with a 12,000-mile oneyear guarantee.., parts and labor!? This is twice the guarantee offered by our competitor. Came on down this weekend... enjoy our marvelous Grand Opening... and, if you're in the mood to buy a new car, you can save a bundle this weekend! I'll trade any- ^ ' v thing on wheels.,. including roller skates! ' FREE * Champagne Party Nigh+ly 8-10 P.M. FREE * Rand-McNally Road Atlas FREE * Model Auto for the Kiddies FREE GASOLINE FOR ONE YEAR WITH PURCHASfctOF NIV/ RENAULT SEE SEE RENAULT APTQ^ATIC TRANSMISSION RENAULT AUTOMATIC COSTS $1635 P.O.E. $361 LESS THAN ANY OTHER AUTOMATIC ON THE MARKET. SERVICE. That's what you get when you drive a Renault and take advantage of our entire program. We stock a complete supply of parts and have the special equipment n e e d e d to keep your Renault in topnotch condition. And our Renault-trained technicians are on hand all the time. Drop in and ask us about our service program. PEUGEOT $6000 WORTH OF CAR FOR ONLY $2575** The New Renault Automatic get 40 miles per gallon. The.New Rcnaulf Automatic outperform standard shifts. The easiest car in the world to drive, park and own! RIDE YOUR OWN PERSONAL ROCKET BUY A RENAULT R-8 AT A RIDICULOUS PRICE! Underneath the calm beaufy of the new Renault R-8 il a wild, icreaming performance engine! No import in its price clan can outperform an R-8I 0 to 60 in 16.5 seconds, turn on a hair... and the 4 wheel disc brakes stop you on a dime and give you changel Experts say this is the car that will lead the market! Regularly priced at $1795, but we will deal! The new Peugeot 404 is a most extraordinary car. In France there is a six-months' waiting list for this compact four-door sedan. The 404 is the luxury companion car (not the replacement) to the Peugeot 403 which was judged as one of the seven best made cars in the world.* 400 authorized Peugeot dealers from coast to coast are waiting to demonstrate, sell and service the new Peugeot 404. Come in fora test-drive soon. FOUR-DAY SPECTACULAR GRAND OPENING SALE! $'95 $'1495 DOWN DELIVERED from MONMOUTH MOTORS M O N M O U m COUNTY'S ONLY EXCLUSIVE RENAULT AND PEUGEOT DEALER HWY. 35 & KREMER AVE. EATONTOWN HEL* WAimED-FOULE BAByS'ITER Part-lime. Woman lo car. for thre. small children In Rum* son. 7«T.»TO. DANC1NO TEACHER Experienced, ballet, tap. toe. LENEVE MUSIC SCHOOL, after 5:30 p.m. OIRLS PHYSICAL, EDUCATION IN- STRUCTOR Part time, 11 houra weekly, for small school. Please write giving age, qualification, experience, etc. To "A.O." Box Gil, Red Bank, U.S. EXPERIENCED COUNTER CJIRL. Excellent opportunity, steady, year round employment, good salary. Must apply In person HOWARD JOHNSONS, Hwy 39, Mlddletown. MATURE WOMAN _ Care for leacher'a son. three. General housswork. Mornings. Own transportation. 6U-13OT. ABJI8TANT BOOKKEEPER Apply HEU" WAKTED-FEMALE ply in person Harmony Coffee flnop, 1SJ5 Rt 35. Mlddletown between 1 snd p.m. only. SALESGIRL WANTED Part-time, SYLVETTE'S CHILDREN'S Depart. ment, Mlddletown Shopping Center. TRAVEL CLERK Immediate opening for personnel with agency or air line training. Write "B.F." Box 511, Red Bank. SALESWOMAN - For yarn shop. Must be expert knitter. Permanent position. Apply In person, KNITTER* WORLD, Monmouth Shopping- Center, Eatontown. REGISTERED NURSE- Or Llcunied Practical Nurse, 3 to 11 shift. From Auguft 28 to September 16. Small nursing home. 6<2-(B!5 YOUNG WOMAN To care for elderly woman who is cripple. Five riayi a week, with own transportation fter «p.m. HELP WfWrED-MALE CARPENTER. AND CARPENTER'S person to ELECTRO 1MPUUE HELPER - Inquire 159 Mela It-.ABs, 3M River St., Red Bank. Keaniburf. AUTOS & TRUCKS AUTOS * TRUCKS EVERYBODY'S TALKING ABOUT AT CONTINENTAL CARS! CHECK THESE CARS ALL UNDER $ HILLMAN HT $ HILLMAN Convertible $ MORRIS MINOR Conv. $ FIAT 1200 Sedan $ PLYMOUTH $ RAMBLER Sta. Wagon $ DODGE 4-dr. Sedan $ JAGUAR MK VII Sedan $ BORSWARD 2-dr. Sedan $ FORD $ PQNTIAC 2-dr. HT Sedan $395 CONTINENTAL CARS, Inc. "ONLY QUALITY IMPORTED AUTOMOBILES" NEWMAN SPRINGS RD. RED BANK OPEN EVENINGS KELT WANTED-MAUE real estate aelllng. ir you are Interest ed In a life career in real eitate. w can tell you your potential! w«nee two people now. Call FIRESIDE REAI TY. for appointment. fi71-'j53!. TRACTOR TRAILER DRIVERS Appl in person. Nsppt Trucking Corp., Moi ristown Rd.. Matawan. REAL ESTATE SALESMAN W have two. openings for real sstai salesmen to Join New Jerseys larges real estate firm. This Is at rare op portunlty to enter a profession the has many rewards. No experlenc necmary will train and offer excel lent commissions to ambitious am aggressive men. Ask for Harry Wei xer, THE BERG AOENCY, Ulddli town. (Tl-1000 or 2S4-820O. AUTOS * TRUCKS TERRIFIC i i SAVINGS YEAR-END CLEARANCE SALE " AT BOB WHITE BUICK NEXT TO RED BANK AIRPORT SAVE AS MUCH AS $800 on 1963 L.SABRES Fully aquipptd with air-conditioning $700 on 1963 RIVERA'S Fully equipped with air-conditioning MANY OTHER FABULOUS NEW CAR BUYS. USED CAR BUYS! 1961 BUICK S1995 Fully equipped with air-conditioning 1960 VOLKSWAGEN $1195 Radio, white walls, liki new 1960 RAMBLER $1245 Cuitom, automatic 1962 FORD $1495 Falcon. One owner, 5,00 miui, like new KED BANK REGISfER Friday, August AJ)AMS AfiESCY, itmltnni'intvirnrft 3 Howard Ave. Ttl 500S Ntw Ihrawibury. MEN-DEC!TUTY OUAP.Dfl Good aatat-y. Hith irhool graduatr* over 5' 11" tall. WRM proportioned. Com piny *unp ea uniforms. No criminal record. Eicrtlenl poult ion lor mirci military OP pollc«officer. Poaltlon Iti Matawan area. Apply only on Wtclnei flay, Augiut 21. between t a.m. and 2 p.m. at N.J. STATE EMPLOYMENT BKRVICE ti Etit Front St. Red Bank NO FEE CHAROBD AUTO MECHANIC Kxperenced. An«3M.V salary and DtretnUi*. No limit, full tim*. p«rm»nenl. Call TJT-flMO, DISTRICT MANAGER J?bf ClffluiJtiiofl I>*pirtm«nt of irowlnf newtpapar concern. Oood atari In t f»itry with opportunity lor advanctmint, O«11var to boya and atorta on»iiab- UiheA routi,»jid work with boya on irflclsncy. Ho experlenc* n«o«ua.ry, wul train. Ability to anociatt with ptopl* mntlal Apply In Ptnon Mr. fttrons Red Bank Regiater CUTTERS Eiperlencfld wan(«4 on ralncoatf. Apply L*aPOTtT, INC., 911 Flrit Avt., Aibury Park. "OPERATORS Bewtnj machlna operatori to work on children"! coati and car coat*. Company btnellla. Bnora Coat Co., Inc., 22 8 Brldg* Avt., Red Bank. (Elmer Bullrttnut N Men >r«ns«df<i tmrncitlttaly to «rork for local brunch nt nattonul «lectrnnlcn company. Call 6U-13T0 bctwaan 1 and 4 p.m. only to start. COUNTERMAN For rirtv«-ln IhastVr concession, paid vacation and other Walter Jlcida-Sttrllnf bfnaflta. Sxcsllent patt-tlm* Job. Arpl7 Eatontown nrlv«-ln Concession, T p.m. Bat Mr. Pro«oplo. ANIMAL HOSPITAL ATTENDANT - Flvfl anfl half days. Stat* qualllleation In wrltlnj to "A.U" Ba» UJ Bank (More Cimllled Ads On Hi* Next Pile) AUTOS ft TRUCKS OUR ENTIRE STOCK OF 31 USED CARS NOV/l IrnpaU convartibu Full powar. Lilt* naw, Ori 9. $3600 NOW $2795 Low milsg«'59 CHEVROLET Wagon $795 YOU CAN SAVE HUNDREDS IF YOU ACT NOWI All Offsn Will Rictivt Contldtratlon TWIN-BORO RAMBLER 131 NEWMAN SPRINGS RD. OPEN EVENINGS 'TIL RED BANK FABULOUS CLEARANCE SALE DUE TO THE TREMENDOUS RESPONSE OF THIS SALE... WE WILL CONTINUE TO SERVE YOU WITH THE BEST DEALS POSSIBLE RAMBLER DELIVERED IN RED BANK FACTORY EQUIPPED' DOOR SEDAN RAMBLER SELECT USED CARS CADILLAC Hardtop Coup*, full power, one owner, like new 1962 COMET fwo-dr., one owner. Radio, Heafer $ CORVAIR Monia Coupe. Auto., radio and heater $ RAMBLER Ambaiiador, 4-dr. cuitom, automatic, R&H - $ RAMBLER 4-<Joor. Radio, heater, Powder blue.. _ $1550 I960 RAMBLER AMERICAN wagon. Two-dr., radio, heater...". i $995 I960 COMET four-dr. wagon. Radio, heater $1195 I960 FORD 4-door Station Wagon, auto., R/H, P.S $1250 I960 RAMBLER 4-dr wagon. Radio and heatir... $ DESOTO Convertible, full power $ RAMBLER 4-dr. Sta. Wgn., R/H 12) Z. l..'...".l"$ RAMBLER 4-dr. Hardtop. Auto, radio and heafer, P.S., P.B $ FORD 4-dr Country Squire wagon. 9 pan. Auto,, R/H P.S. P.B. $ FORD Galexle 4-dr. H.T. Auto./R/H, P.S. _.:... " '" ".'. $ VOLKSWAGEN Panel Delivery. Like new $ VOLKSWAGEN. Radio. Heater.. ] $650 TRANSPORTATION CARS, $95

20 RED BANK REGISTER 20 Friday, August 16,1963 HEI* WANTED-MALE PARTS MANAGER MCCARTHY CHEVROLET 158 First Av*. Atlantic Highland! TOUNO MAN For general» lit Red Bank hardware store. Writ Mr H. P.O. Box 205. Red Bank. COOK Spaclallilnf In luilen-amefl. can cuisine. Steady y*et--round employ. ami Call eftar t p.m. 391-MM. IXPIIUINCKD KINNBL UAN Apply In person. COMB! ANIMAL HOI MTAL. Rt. 35 and Shrewsbury Ave., Shrawebury. OOMMUNICATtONS BNOINEIR ty* hav«to ptnlnj tor & communl catfoni engineer qualified to work the design, development, and prod, tlon of new equipment In the Field tnttnnu, tad &F twumfislon tint iy«ttmi. In thi HF. VKF, and UH> rang*. At Hut (iv«yean ext)th«ne* dctirab]*. Hilt la an exc«l.«ni oppo tunlty wllh an titabuihtd company operating primarily in thi commercial market Salary Ii open and will be made attractive! to the right man. M TaVaitmsk ttr writ a tt% "H tl >r Rm nil. W esume Bank. or writ* to BoiDU. Bed HELP WANTED-Mala Feraile MEN-WOMEN- COUPLES URGENTLY NEEDED AS MOTEL MANAGERS AOE no barrier. No experienc* n unr.. Qualified applicants will U trained. Tratnlm will not lnt*rf*r* with pr«i«ne ]ob. ror local Interview, Dhotis Wr. Quardino, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., ' bury Park area. m-lios. REAL ESTATE SALESMAN lull or pan time. Exparlinced or laeiperl enced. UTCHMAN HEALTY. 84J.118O. HAN AND WIFE TEAM for reslden' sextons in large protestsnt church ti live in apartment furnlahed. R*f*l encll required. Riply to "A.M." Bo: Ml, Red Bank for Interview. All piles kept confldtntlal. COUPLE Cook-houseworker, bullarhouieroab'chautfcur. Recent refer*nc«l and experitnc* required. Top eatery. TlMOU. THREE-PIECE LIVING ROOM BET With covert, $30. Alto Kuunoro wrlnglr typ* waahlng machine, u**d threa tlmii, ISO. Call after 1 p.m. m ACS AOBNCI l BOX8PHINO AND JdATTHESS Alm( new, 40. Coll epring and mattress, eight yein old ACS auplonibnt AOBNCI Bverr jrd*r a applicant our specialty. 11 Broad St. Red Bank H7 ally. -StM BAilB IllIPbOTlUCNT AdK.NOI «d JPtnonnu ror quality OrdsL iroad Lour Branch ' qualified 910 Bra 1DWARDB EMPLOXMBNT AOBNOT Buetttlve-SUai-Otflct-Domistls Suoeritr aad ability wltb hiih etnlo* «0 Broad It Red Bank SALES RIPnESENTATIVE To sell to retail, gift and lovelly dtpirtm*nti, In Monmouth County and southern Jar. ley. Many established account!. Protected territory. Must be panoneble, have own car, ; MIDDLE AOED COUPLB Tor nalntinanee and cleaning. Apvtraent supplied, rear round, good par. Writ* «." Bo* HJ, Red Sank. KTUATIONS F«BU!«XXPS1UXNOED BAB own transportation. Or 741-MSJ. With K14M: SUPERVUOR rull charge booklnsper, accounts receivable, pay oaah, genoral* ledger trlat balance, factorial cosn and Inventory. Writ* "A.B." Box 011. n*d Bank. EXPERIENCED COMPTOMETER OP- ERATOR, Destrek permanent position. Rtfenncu. Write details lo "A.2V Box Sll, Red Bank. RELIABLE WOMAN to take eare of children In har horn*. WIU also board If dislred. Call 747-SWo. WILL HEtiP OUT with privet* partial dinners or other occufom. Call 741* _, MATURE WOMAN wishes babysitting; also available for office work, vicinity NaVMlnk. Itl-Htt. HOUBBWORKXR Sightly deaf, col ored, «laep In, salary J30 week. 102a lewell Aye., Asbury Park. SITUATIONS WANTED. MU* RELIABLE XZOH SCHOOL Boy d*. Irei summer work; also available part-time (or winter months. Call 747> ItM after 9:90 p.m. DEPENDABLE COLLJtOE STUDENT wlihet summer employment Ht* oar and driver's ltcenie Phone HOTEL EXECUTIVE presently employed, seeks new position. No birddogging pltae*. Write "B.P.", Box 511, Red Bank. EXPERIENCED COUPLB To Uva til or out, references. Runuon are ttehrred. Call aft»r T p.m. m M M FINANCIAL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES COIN OPERATED munderette In Keanaburg. 30 maohlnta, tig dryari. Open year round, excellant location. Call 7»T-2M«between «* p.m. DURSERY Florist bualnesi, 100x300 It,11 on Hwy. M, Port Monmouth. Price Includes aut-room house. Full oel tar and all ImpiovemenU. 7IT*01M. MORTGAGES NEED MONEY? Rom* owner* Home buyers Let us help you, atop worrying about bills, w* caa cut your payment! up to 50%. Call MOSIDON MORTGAGE CO BANK RATES IMMEDIATE CAIH 1st, 2nd. 3rd Mortgage* Home Improvement Loans Debt consolidation Lowest Rate* 3,000 month 2,600 month xn.10 «3,B«) month fc» monln IO.M PARKER JIOHTOAOE T41-4J43 FO S-2401 Our Bondad Penonal Rrepresentatlve Will Call At Your Horn* At Your Convenience. No Obligation. KMt IALE MHO'!... FANTABULOUS 'BUDSETEER 1 Hot Vaeel... jfot XHstrcased,,, But * Cotton Thr»» Room Grouping *»!«... Prtoed... Sudgtftd For B«ginn«r«3 Cempltfa Room* of BRAND NEW FURNITURE for only $298. P«y only $3 wtokly 10 Plte* Living Room Orot» I mm Bedroom. Modern e I plea* Dinette Blue A Guaranteed really III* tinioiiiioi Only at FIELD'S Ml last Front Slreat. Keyport Open Dally M 2H-3020 Thursdsys ana Fridays 'til I INSTRUCTION 'ONMOUTH RADIO SLSCmtDHICa INSTITUTE - lit Cootunan Are., As- "iqr Pv*. nuth 0/ rtllfoui station. PIANO AND ACCORDION Privet Instruction. Mrs. Therva Faiguson, Graduate of Music, Vienna. T41-U11, and M. UmOH W PIANO. TUITION IK SINOINO N*w resident in atralh more. London, Bnglasd deiraet, L.R A.M., A.R. CM. Recently moved hen from Plalntlatd, N.J. Member of Musli Club Uben. Has law vacanclta to pupils, especially beilnnsra. Mrs. Anni Hannah. 1M Mlebrook La.. Watawan ill tt»-31«. MIXCHANDISI FOR MLB BATH TUB ENCLOSURE $29.95 Come In end * this exceptional -valui today. Installation optional. PROWN'S 32 Broad St. Red Bmk 7<1-7M HAM STATION - M wxmtr, Hal craitera receiver, ent«nna. ete JS1-B71 DKIKS HI up, FILES up, tank chalrc, adding machines, typewriters, office equipment, etc at bargain pries New or Used. AAC DESK OUTL P.u. a, Oakhunt. MSWO TWO BASS DRUMS One cymba with -stand. Suitable for beginner. Bes offer. Call Joe, 7( between 4» p.r WALLPAPER SALE rtepiat o( our Famous Wlntir lali 50% OFF --- all Lin Oor wallpapers, Ove: 1,000 patterns to chose from. KLARIN'S M Monmouth St., a, Red Ban] WE BUt AND I I U auyuitas and everything. Qlv*j tna hisnatt prices. Call William Left Furniture,' Inc., Hwr. 19, Ufddlttmra 1U-3U3. Onto (reolngs till» p.m. ANDERSON WIHUOT? PRODUCTS Dlslrlbutcri. RED BAKK LUMBER, ' Wall St., Red Bank EFRIOCRATOS TRXEZEB. Combination II cu. ft Kenltb was sacrifice *3M. tu.» Silent Scott's 21'' hud mower, two mrathi old SHOWCASES Suitable lor lingerie and haberdashery. Call HOSPITAL BED Mattress, side boards Twin blonde maple beds and springs, Bermuda b*l and box wrings HAMMOND ORGAN STUDIO OF ABBURI PAAK UIEO OROANB.ullon Organ * Bench. * Wurlluer a In 1 Organ Baldwin apinet Organ Ismmond Chord Organ. «Harrington arand Piano t 475, Opan Daily TU1» Saturday rill >: OOOKMAti A.VJ. AND Mini IT. SAXOPHONE With case, axollenl condition, hardly ui*d, bast o[f*r abov IN) WINDOW 3' 4"X4' double >hung, eliht or*r I light with aluminum three :rack combination $29. Large Venetian Hindi, whits aluminum, 7tt'xB', 8Vx4', each. 741B46«. HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS Ant!«ueiT >arble topped table!, glassware, etc 3all WE8T1NOHOUJE LAUNDROMAT Oood, runlng condition OM ANTIQUE SHOP Pine chests, Die tut* frames, ate, reasonable. 117 Main Port Monmouth. CUSTOM SLIP COVERS Three*pl*c«aet«Svft.W. Fr«* shop al home service. RID BANK DRAPXRY SHOP > Monmouth St., Red Bank FOR SALS Wilton Ruf. Sll* 13'xU- Color-Burgandy.Roa*. Condition Very good. Telephone 747-4M5. TWO-YEAR OLD Ollvtttl poruhl* typ*- wrtleir; steamer trunk, used once, Mx> 20x21. After p.m. 74M857. -'AADH IN your old rurnnare snu no down payment and «a new parlor or duilng room sat nt sale prloea. William i^ff Fttrnltur* Iso,, Hwy tt( llldutown J1J. open evenings till PWNTmo PRESS - 6x1, Irpe.casi etc. «12S. KEYS MADE WHAT WOULD you do if you lot your keyi? B«itUe gti xtra ktya WHAT WOULD our keyi? B«do if you lot gti xtra ktya. PROWN'S 32 Broad St. Red Bank FRIQIDAIRE Almcst naw. 21" wide, 3" hllh. S41-12U. [OUSB SOLD Complst* contents. Hammond organ side man, desk, show aquarium complete, oak bridge sat, ill dubs. Reasonable. HJ-0&38.»4, OKWINN OIRL'8 Call after 0 BICYOLE TRI aaver,. Stainless steel coffe* urn, 200 cup capacity. Qaa burner. D With spring and mattreu. Intng room sat walnut, four map)* lairs, reasonable. S4I-M79. WO! AltOUSND LA.WKMOWCR - Wth orward and reverse sears. Excellent ndltlon. 74T-94UI. FOR SATE SWIMMING POOLS AND SUPPLIES / X SHETLAND MARE AND HER FILLY X On* Welsh filly; on* red cart {1,000. To good hone only In August. Write "A.X." B«x (11. Red Bank. DOUpUOI AND BUSTER CRABBI KOLI. Xaiy chargs on sbor* groani pools. Chemicals, pool service and supplus. Al) your pool nssds In stock. frre» delivery. twxs " ~X>LJ eules. Hwy. mile south M Mu inter ktonmoiith Shopp'uij ACCOBSIONS Naw and used. 120 Bass. Reasonable, two yeir guarantee, Freehold Mullo Center. It fotttl St MID VICTORIAN SOFA. - la eieillsnt condition Call M rajvmnsw. Avmitu All makes naw of used. Ouaratteed. Low aj to. Sarploo'a. lm Monmmilb St. Nail to tisaur. 747-O4M. OOOD CONDITION Or*en upholstered couch. Electric drjrsr. Oth»r household Items. Private owner. Call HOTPOINT ILEOnUC RANOE-Doubll oven with rollsser/.. Call UPRIOKT PIANO ombradeiv Full keyboard ~« DANISH MODERN walnut bedroom set; Admiral upright freeser, two delks. Oarden tractor wltii all at> tachxnsatj plus (thria) gang mowers^ a sulky and wagon. Must sell. '4t, FRIainAIRX I Call after < p.m. In good condition. tdo. pm DAVID BRADLEY 3 h.p. tractor, rotary mower real mower, anowplow. Like naw, SUM. Call >711M1. MAPLE WARDROBE And crib Ht. With mattress. Built Rite carriage. FREE INSTALLATION! ALUMINUM COMBINATION STORM WINDOWS 6 for $77 ANY SIZE; TO OIANT MxW TRIFLE INSERT WEATHER STRIPPED GENUINE ALCOA PROWN'S Broad St., Red Bank 741-7J0C TXO ALL FOAM RUBBER UVINO ROOM CHAIRS - KM smije Plywood, ' pi Qt BAIXHEN? FOR IAJUMMB. tb Walt St. Red Bank. 30" OAS RAMOI - Chrome oven. Use esw. Call after «p.m. 717-OtB MERCHAKDISE WANTED cawamcui OFFICE SPACE M I twaiebej, <nn redanrsu to eon yaw rtottlrmants. tfut isotuon. mil HOUSES FOR KENT WANTBb UttiU ORIENTAJ. RUO«oacniaR AND PERSIAN FRIEDMAN GALLERIES T74-S1U Eranuus OLD ELECTRIC TRAINS mad* prloi to 1*40, Ltotiel. Ivee, American Flyer, PfconeTMUM afur a p.m. OLD MOUSE SHUTTERS - Picture frames, marbletop tables, etc. Writ* Wllkena, 117 Main!., Port Monmouth. '.NTiyUK» - Paintings. N. J.Atlas Estuai purchaaad and appraised. 7< The Hudson Shop Inc., 511.jroed sn.. Bnrewibury, OLD FllRNlTURt - Antique* ebl&a, glassware, art objects and brio-a-brao, immedlat* cash for anything and every. thlnr RtueU'fc 3» Eajt Frost St. 741-ISSS. PETS li LIVESTOCK STANDARD POODLES Light cream female, nine weexa old, and black male, 1U years old each PROFESSIONAL POODLE QROOM [NO Tors and miniature, K Stand. ard. r. Bath Included , SIAMESE CATS THOROUGHBRED OELDINO - Four years, lt.3 hands, good hunting pros, pect. Cell LABRADOR RETRIEVERS AKC. Hunting stock. Easily trained. Real beauties MINIATURE BLACK POODLBS-Three female. AKC registered. Innoculatod. && afler 4 p.m. MINIATURE POODLES Two males. one female. AKC. Eight weeks. One puppy shot. «7-2<»7. MINIATURE POODLE PUPS Black beautlm, AKC ref Island, 176 to 1100, Call 7I7-MK3 or I71-U07. COUNTRY HOME lor AKC beagle, excellent companion for older cblld, reasonable <. POODLH ~ AKC, imil silver miniatures, 13 weeks. Call BEADLE PUPS Seven'weeks old, AKC reilitered. Baaullful. Held bred. Call CHERIBOB KENNELS Oorgeoui lolden oolli* puppies, house a&d leash trained. Chihuahua* also. Stud servle*. I71-1H2. BEAUTIFUL CEDAR DOO HOUSES- III4M (or all dogs. KOTO'S KXNNELft Rt. SS, Oakhurst tlqht ADORABLE PDPPTXS Want food homes. 3QU>DOO PUPPIES Re*Tl*ter»d Eog. Ush pointers, From top hunting and Held trial stock. Reasonable. 22t-35». ONE SFRlNaEK SPANUL PUP Female, four months old, AKC registered PONY COLT It months, handled by children, good disposition. Call LIVE BABY TURTLES Bowls and lood. With complete Instructions to keep them healthy. KKVPORT PET I"'P- PLUS, Rt. 31 and Rlvardale Dr.. CUIf. wood. 6*«5«9. WIDE SELECTION OF RENTALS - Fumfaaned and untumuh.d. bsmedl ate occupancy. Samuel Tetcher Agency OCEAN QROVE - seven rooms unfurnished, two Baths, rant whole or aubdlvjd* into apartment*. 775^4710. OCEAN arove S*r«n-ioom houa*, (tour bedrooms), two baths. Also threeroom tparuueat. Yearly. Unfurnished S0. SM to nil Per Vonth THE BERO AQENCY Rt U MlddletawB 671*11100 NEW MODERN Flv*-room bom*, bath, full cellar, ona-car attached garage. AdulU only.. 3*4-303s. Haxlet. MIDDLETOWN Thrse-bcdroom Cape Cod. Large yard. Near achool*. Year, r lease, 1130 monthly. SHORE ROAD.EALTY. (71-tOOt. FIVE LARGE BOOMS And balh. Completely renovated. Hous* located at 101 W. Sunset Ave., Red Bank. Contact Mr. Jay, 747-MW. SMALL BUNOALOW Four rooms and bath. Very nlc* condition NEW SKKIWSBURT Three-bedroom rancher, Two baths, recreation room. Large lot, SU» a month. Leas* for one year. EATONTOWN Thrss-bsdraau, onebath rancher. Full basement with reo* reatlon room. S13e a month. MIDDLBTOWN ThretJbtdroom one bath rancher. Beautiful grounds, $180 a month. SHREWSBURY Two-bedroom o n* bath spin. Excellent condition. Large well landscaped lot, Sltt. All unfurnished and require at least one year lease. WEART-NEMETH AOENCY. Realtor. 102 West Front St., Red Bank LITTLE SILVER Unfurnished, three bedrooms, (wo car garage, convenient location, (150 monthly. Max Benowlu, RUMSON Furnished, three rooms. 190 month; five rooms (winter) HOD month; four rooms, 1200 month. Unfurnlahed, seven rooms S140 month; five rooma, gloo month, four rooma, 1110 month. DENNIS K. BYKNE. Realtor, 8 W. River ltd.. Rumson. 842-llM. ingalow. Tw rooms, Hying room, dining room, kitchen, bath. Small family. Lease two yeara. tloo monthly NEW SHREWSBURY Near Fort Monmouth, Bell Labs. Three-bedroom ranch, two baths, den. two-car carage, basement. tlm par month. S422M7. HOLMDEL Charming country (arm bouse. Ten room*, two baths. Best auction, Near Bell Labs. Fully modern kitchen. (200. S42-33M. RUMSON Carriage house, spacious, oharmlng. Best section. Larxe estate. Modernization just completed Phone M. WANTED TO RENT WE HAVE an overflow si bone fide prospects looking for two 10 four bedrooms. Call us tor fast action to have vour home rented. TUB BBRO AGEN- CY. Bt. 35. Mlddletown O0. 'HILCO REFKlaiRATOR ISO. gofs. ed too. Both perfect. Cell Thursday ivenlng, anytime Saturday WHITE PERSIAN MOTHER CAT Has four kittens, to be placed In lomss. All In perfect health. Call 741. OTIZENS BAND RADIOS Two RCA iranacelvers 13 or 110 Volts V Channel.1. $85 Complete, Oolng Into multichannel sets. Wrlta "A.R." Box 111. Red Bank, N. I. RBDUCIN3 EQUIPMENT For rent or eale. Free delivery, South Jersey Sorxlesl. IHadysid* U ALTENBURG PIANO HOUSE Rant A Piano $12 p»r Month; KMA8B, acason-baalun. SOUIUrt " ' ' MiuaoM. nvbitarrr. _^_ Oooknu At*. «lastn at. Asburr OH» dally tin B Sat. uu Ilk [mmedlite and (ulure occupancy. irie lour and five 2-bedroom apart-...enn. Spacious closets, complete kitchens. Frae parking, heated garages P1AN0S - Save I10O 01 more oft list price, brand new s8*notej console pianos, 10-year luarautei. Came see, SS %& VfaABSSSSZ NEW Two and Uueebedroom apartroenu. unfurnlihed, availabl* lmmedl* ately. Kaensburi. Call , Attar 6, Saturday and Sunday U8. ORAY WALNUT MODERN BEDROOM SET Doubl* bed, chest, drssilng table, bench, night table. 3»4-O53«. HAS RAMOS Fine oondlllon IPANISH CHAIRS SU. Heavy earv ng. Hand needlepoint. M2-0IH ARMY DRESS BLUE UNIFORM antf hst, 3t long; army military overooal I long: full length mouton lamp coat. ' "" after p.m. Call MUST fltjll Laminating set. Cornl ware, furnace, heatars, washing ma-,. ^^ :hlne, radios, wheelbarrow, akates. 174 DUPLEX " Washington Ave., Atlantic Hljhlsuds. r " FROM AN ESTATE - Raed chllrs, aintings, love ssat, farnarlks. anim Iron btds, summer rugs, briskok ug hia glw t im Iron btds, summer rugs, brisk- HIQHLr last nook, rugs, ohina, glassware, art "' "> rooi ibj*cts and bric-a-brac. RUSCIL'S, 55 M " Front St.. Red Bmk. USED T.V.'S W.M. AOB T.V.. N Hwy St. Neptuat!l«y B. BABY FURNITUBE CHb «nd mattress, Sll; cirrlege, *1O; feeding table, 10: playpen, tl; Oood condition SACRIFlCE Frlgldalre, waahlng ma chine, lev* seat, drapes, mahoiany drop l*ir tab)* and china cabinet. overstuffed chairs, bench saw. etc 741»722. POOL lfl'xl' d«*p.. Doughboy, one* year old. Filter, skimmer and ladder. M. Call 7U-M74. RUM Snare, 1UID, Clean looking, Ball between I and I ! CLASSICAL WALNUT, bedroom set. Qood condition. Mahogany ewlvel table md OE table television. Needs repair, eaatnable. 74I-27I3. lakooany COFFEE TABLB Tea :art, two end tables, two table lampa, me floor lamp, one picture window RIAL ESTATE FOR RENT APARTMENTS NEW LUXURY VA ROOMS IEROY APTS. 7ULLY AIR CONDITIONED Oloi* to all transportation, 21 Leroy PI. Eed Bank 741-1W3 Days M Xvenlngi FURNISHED ROOMS Private cooking. Business man or student. 74?-»3M. TWIN OABLES APARTMENTS - 31 Riverside Ave., Red Bank, on riverfront. n%4 rooms unfurnished. HI- 3SM, LAROE FURNISHED BEDROOM Reasonable. Near business district and busline. 57 Peters PI., Sed Bank !8. 38 WAVERLY PLACE Nice rooms ror rent. Coma any lima. Near Broad St. aprinoviiw OAKDENB Spring It Red Bank TWO LARGE BOOMS Each wltb private bath. Two rooms sharing bath. Cool In summer. Large parking area. Men only. Call T FAIR HAVEN Rooms in PMVS.U home wllb private entranu. Kitchen rlvilcke*. Oanuemen prafened. T41< Uuae-rootn furnished garden, apart. menu. Private turacts, TV. air conditioning. Weakly, monthly, seasonally, J early. Nauitllus Apartments, a**.nrnt. DlaT 2SJ-O2M or M2-0U0. KKANSBUTto Duplex, unfurnished, two bedrooms, til* bath, modern kitchen with gas dryer per month plus utilities. Available September UNFURNISHED Three rooms, pleas ant hillside location Atlantic Highlands.* e»7. 2S1-HW or 7I7-5»1«. 2V4 ROOM APARTMENT Oa«. elec- trie Included. Call bltween 5 and» p.m. Ing ra74om. Two bedrooms, living room, science kitchen. September 1 occupancy. Sublet SM month plus utilities. lupanoy. S NDS Furnished apartment, te roms, bath, all utilities SS2. Navesink Ave., Bt. 31. THREE LABOE ROOMS Unfumlshed, [coral floor, all utilities Included, good location, 17 Oakland St., Red Bank. Call COUPLB deelres three-room unfurnished apartment, bath, na children. Call»ny time J. LESTER RISBY ASSOCIATES, REALTORS 504 Shrewsbury Ave. New Shrewsbury U FOUR-BEDROOM RANCH Made to order for young family Urge pliyyard, superb scboo two baths, picture-windowed liv ing room, cellar, garage. J20,50C EIGHT-ROOM SPLIT LEVEL Within walking distance of firn schools, three spacious bedroom!, two full baths, living room, dining room, large kitchen, playroom, den separate laundry, ce Ur, attached garage. $22,500. ATTRACTIVELY DECORATED RANCH HOME - Three bedrooms, two full baths, dining room, kitchen equipped with dishwasher : and wall oven, conveniently located laundry room, rec reation room and den. Full eel lar, attached garage. $23,100. BEAUTIFULLY LANDSCAPED CORNER LOT with Four-fcedroom, three-bath spit level. Living room, dining room, kitchen, paneled recreation room, two-car garage. Price include! rugs and drapes in living room, wall ovei and range in kitchen and wasne and dryer in separate laundry $25,000. INCOME PROPERTY ON SEA BRIGHT PENINSULA - 10 bed room summer house with immense living room, dining roon and kitchen, together with smaller house for year round living Smaller home has three larg«bedrooms, living room, kitchen garage, All purpose and laundry room* on ground level. Propert; has both ocean and river mmi age, excellent dock and ocea; platform, Owner will help iinanr Asking $42,500. 'Mimbtr Red Bank Multipl Lilting Strvic*" TEACHING COUPLE -~ No children, wish to rent small horn* In Red Bank area with option to purchase.* Call U between B a.m. and 10 a.m. FURNISHED ROOMS FURNISHED ROOMS Simla and double. 30 Kllhwai 38, HKhlends. Oranler'a Quest House. ST3-O3J0. FURNISHED ROOM WITH BATH Oentleman. Call Ul 7:30»w. T17-2SH LAROE FRONT neit bath. With meals. No other roomer, private, Velr Haven. IH-BOlf. ROOM FOR RUNT with prlvats hath, quiet. Newly decorated, good neighborhood. Car spaes available. Fhon* 7* ABBURY FARK Furnished room. lllddleaied parson preferred. 775-Sm SINOUS ROOMS Clean and comfortable. Reasonable rales. Gentlemen pre* ferred. n Wallace Bt TW-D3M. beard, Si-hour service. 10 Wallace St., Red Bank. M2-3t93. ROOM FOR RIOT In nlc* house. Gentleman preferred. Tf Spilnf St Red Bank. 7I7-35W. REAL ESTATI FOR SALI HOUSES FOR 8ALB RED BANK Deluxe four room garden apartment] for October and November, quiet, fin*.moaphera, two bedrooms. Two year MADIIOH OARCENS 1J3 South St. Phone 7H-TJ3J ATLANTIC HMHLANDS - Hires lar«* rooma, excellent location, adults, avail- Lbl* saptember M. FOUR ROOMS AND BATH Furnlahed. All improvements. Centrally located In Red Bank. Second floor per month before noor^ KABT KEAN9BU11O New thr* room apartment. All electric. Lovely rooms, ideal tor couple MODERN APARTMENT In L_. ford. Four rooms and bath. Call after 6 p.m. 741-UH3. 3H> LAROE ROOMS, electric Kitchen; tan minutes from Bell Lah. Adulta onlv. Call 5M4M«after a p.m. Colonial (oldlns Ubl*. i Seven renatlsn blinds, 2a" 7( or wide. RMATE SRASS BED Full sll* with rint;, % brass bed with spring, four awer Victorian chest, washstsjid, (old Iweed loveieat, mahogany dropleaf table, S'lff rug, chairs, many decorative irly American accessorlea. Phone S42< RAITSMAN - I" Ubl* saw, comlite wkh stand, S h.r>. 34M rpn otor. Almost nsw. SM-SMS after 6 p.m. KEAN8BURO Aparlment. rive room* nd hath. «00 monthly with ulllltlea. SHORE ROAD REALTY, 671-»00». LEONARDO ~ Apartment aultabl* ror retired couples-or school teachers < after >:30 p.m. ATrRACnvK One room efficiency. Business man or student CLASSIFIED BUSINESS DIRECTORY A HANDY GUIDE OF BUSINESS SERVICES TO SUIT YOUR MANY NEEDS! Adding Machines Typewrltsn ADOINO MACHINES rypawruars sold, ranted, rapalred. Serpico'a 101 Monmoulli St., Red Bank UT-IMS. Auto Body Repair EXPERT PAltniNQ ana pair. Uodenle Chevrolet. Atlantic Highlands.»1-O3oi - body r*> nrlces. UcCfarthv Auto and frock Rental AVI8 Rent a new car or truck. Low ralm. Mafia Ave., ttt/l Benlc 7«7- POM. 77WI1S. Pally 7 a-m. 10 p.m. Bofldtog Contractor R. W. MaaiNB CompliU Alteratloni-Uudern'itltchana aad batha, llasonarir Carpentry Palming N< charge for *nlmel*i Ji-llour sirvlci add rti in wells aarvlced. deo\ Bsckfase work. ElWtiiut Contractor commercial >rlr. Horn* Impnvi FINU11XD BASIIIENTS, remodel- Int. plumblns. elactrlo wutng, masonry and painting. For tree estimate call 747-1*72. WORKING MAMS contractor Alter, atlons additions, painting, masonry, and ill those little Jots. Evening Lawn Mower Repairs ALL KINDS OF LAWN IfOWERS- Mind and olroulai- nsri, stsresi ripalred Tree pick up. 2»1.24i7. (Painting and D*Kora(In lavu CA9SAN - ramt.r. pepttihaiihai. 25 veai* Ctiapln Ave.v 7I1-17M mr. auoorab espemnoa. _. after 8 p.m. IL HIU. - Palnli itarlor. Ho Jobs t», J*r.Inurlor ana itarlor. Ho Jobs too large or too small, Very reasonable Call tfuxt OARL a. JONCs - Painting and deooratlng. Fully Insured, for fre. tsllmale call 7at-»0» sfter s p.m., ALLEN UALONI * SON-P.lntnf, decorating, InKrlor, eitetlor. Peperhamlog H7. JWIWO ANU faiwr a mssl IT-* Painting and Decorating TOM ILATB - Painting aid Deooratlng. Oeneral Oontraetlnav fully Inland. Twenty years experience, Free estimates. fll-mjl afur 6 P-ra. TIIRXB ROOK8 Unfurnished. Adults only. No p*u. Available after August 15. Can be tew-no* M. RUM80N Unfurnished csragc. utlllllm by tenant wujuc. m, xu. lias*, tso month, DKN.NIS K. JYRNE, Realtor, I W. Rivir Rd., Rum. son IK). RUMSON Unturnlahed. five rooms, s«cond floor, near bu*. utllltlea supplied, i<2-339s. FURNISHED APARTMENT only, csll 741-I37J Couplas THREE ROOMB Unfurnished. Third floor. Light nouseketpfng. Oood loca tlon. Prlvat* entrance. Quiet bualnesa woman. IM THREE - ROOM APARTMENT - For rant. Hast and light. 3( Piano Orgaa Toning Instruction PATRICIA RYAN Piano Organ M Monmouth Blvd. Qcaanport 23S-4I2S PlmnNng and Headaf KJUJOAM'S M Hour Service. All neittng alts serviced, 7iMB7, 741-7«75. FIVE-ROOU APARTMENT Furnished. Could be used (or two couples. All utilities paid, 530 Sprlngdale Ave., Long Branch. THREE ROOMB FURNISHED _ First floor, elderly couple or retired. All utllltlel, parking, bus passes door, Hwy. 33. S85 month. TS17C78. FURNISHED APARTMENT Thus rooms and hath. All private. 104 Herbert SI.. Red Bank. Rooting, Siding and bunltttoo ALUlflriUU S1OIKO installed by sliunlimiu miutuido*. auajuntbbd for 1 20 years. Fre* eatlmatee. PKOtVN-S. 31 Broad St., Red Bank, our nth year In business. T41-TMO. Insulation Sldini Corp. Certified Jobm-Uinvllle coctreotorr Adam JUosmay«r LOtiO BRANCH Two bedroom apartments, furnlahed. all utilities and heat supplied. Available September 1 June monthly. 22D.1M3. BERG Realtor Short o( Cath? Use Our Layaway Plan All Payments approximate to Qualified Buyers WHY PAY RENT? $1800 will assume the mortgage on Uila three-bedroom regal rancher on a M acr* lot. Total Monthly payments Large kitchen, tiled bath and attached garage are Just a few ol the ultra features. Possession In thirty daya. < Full Price $14,500. VETS-NO DOWN PAYMENT NON-VETS $600 DOWN I hnvt a ml, ft need-in twin, mint pool, four-bedroomi, panelled living room, two finlbhtd rooo\t In my bmiemerit, a two-ctr iirt(«md a lun d«ck, io com* took m«ovtc and claim m» NOW. Imm«dlat«ponefiloa at oloalnj. i Full Price $26,500. VETS-NO DOWN PAYMENT NON-VETS $700 DOWN You can capture all ttit eonvtnltacei you ever wanted tn thl«younj, thrte- >«droom iput level. nettled on I H acre lot; two mtnutei to Pailtway and shopping larfe Itvlnc room, recnation room, 14 bathi and f i n btne to make ttila buy a ~~~' to tee. HALL BROS. REALTORS MEMBER MULTIPLE LISTINC 813 River Rd. Fair Havei RUMSON COLONIAL - Framec by towering shade trees on quid side street. Close to schools. Foui bedrooms, one tiled bath with unfinished second bath, fireplace, den and formal dining room. Modern kitchen with family sized breakfast area. Rear porch, ful! basement. Attached garage. Taxes under $440. Adjoins large country estate. Owner leaving country, mus, sell quickly. Offered at $28,500. Call us today. BEAUTIFUL FAMILY HOME - Taxes only $407. Choice setting in desirable Fair Haven. Excellently maintained large living room, pine paneled den, formal dining room, pleasant eat-in kitchen, laundry on first floor, lavatory. Four double bedrooms, and tiled bath upstairs, basement, porch, tree shaded yard. Greenhouse. A new listing that will sell quickly Asking $19,500. Call at once foi early inspection. SIX-ROOM RANCHER - This charming compact home has tut been offered for ule. Two bed rooms and den. Living room wit fireplace, full dry basement, modern kitchen, attached garage. Low taxes. Well landscaped ground. All this In a fine residential area. Walking distance to Navesink River. Only $21,500. SEND'FOR FREE BROCHUR RARE VALUE FOR YOUR $ Transtorroe) own*r solllnej jhreeyear old r«nch houto «below coit. Excellent condition. Firenlaci In living room. Dining <rea hai iliding deen to resi porch whicr overlooks ds*p> fre* covered lal *dg«d by running brook. P*n*l*d den. laundry. Full, dry bssemsnt. Nast icheali. ELLEN S. HAZELTON REALTOR U West River Road Ruiruon Member o( Red Bank Multiple lilting Service HOLiliDEIj TTie ultimate In custom construction. Brand new four-bedroom contemporary bt-lavcl. Living room with fireplace, dlnlnf room, kitche with dishwasher, (ten or cam* room. Master tedroom wllh ssparate tiled bt " Mae batti fully walk-in closet. Main bal plua double sink. Parejuel ll d dll rooms floors in living and dining rooma. Peilo, tiro-car detached (araie. Brie planters at front entrance, over on ocra landacaped plot. Call now ask foi Ur. Cos. Aaklm (31,m. THE KIRWAN COMPANY MALT0R8 m ^ :ara * com* raal 1IUBT Full Prce $17,500. Monmouth County Office THE BERG AGENCY R««ltor Personalised Service' Daily 9-9 Saturday-Sunday 10-7 Route #35 Middletown, N. J. NBW ahrbwbbub* - Colonial, lour bedrooma all larn rooms. C9.6OO. Exc*ll*nt condium. owner. 1*7^380. BY OWNER Litti* Slivar WreabKl room ranch, dan. two tu«4 batba. twocar laraie, lari* rooms. Half acrs Pretty area OLDER COLONIAL FIVK BBDROOHs CORNER USllSO Four m>m* up and five rooms down Vk baths. Ideal for professional use or larsj* family. Hany astral. Owner ask. ' SJT.M». TBT-4149 RKD BANK Near Broad SU IH.JOO. for quick sal*. Oil heat. Xxdualv* broker, CONSTANCE SMITH, M Maple Av*., Fair Haven RKD BANK DUPLEX E. Front St. Six ronts each Ml4t. For budnea* or mldance. Asklni H9.5O0. Eiolmlve broker, CONSTANCE SMITH, It Maple Av*.. Fair Haven. HI 5JM. auddlktown-rkli BANK APJSA - Builder's doseout. Six-room ranch, two full bath. Ihrse btdrooms full batem*r>t. attachad ferae*. HT.69O. Call (8. MUDDLJCTOWN No footln', you've lot to aea this Hlddlatown cemf A fine >lth a full finished tnd bar. Fin* custom OL80H 00. Dfa-Bootlef. Mtai * insulation. InKalled and jruaranfirf lor ID yaars, 77J-O70o_]»: T»t mrarim Smk* mrrlca. STORES WWte «t BaM location, n a r r a- tion eomh»t*l smell or larse spaoe to awtt yom te<iilr*m»nl HlJloa WORKSHOP N. rental. - Reil Bank ft. Call T4T-UM Itiaso BHRKWBBURY SO Broad (t. TWO professional olflca rooms with private outatdt enlrsnce available in Ui* still. man Suldlnf Hsat and utllflks furnlalied. wilt deoorat* to lull. Consult RAY BTILLMAW on ptmik NLMM trarnlies. Tals. COME AND SBE-Thll hillside horn* In wooded area of Middletown. Flvs bedrooms, three baths plus unusual paneled entertainment room and large enclosed porch. Many eitraa. Priced at 33,»0O for Quick sale. Call MtDlol fo» apm»tm»rit or, your own broker. ranch home recreation room, kitchen, spacious living room and three muter bedrooms, laany utras. We think It's a food huy at fu.wo, Call FIRIS1CB ntaltl', next 10 Lily Tulip on m. 3.V Veti no down pay ment. Non vela 800 down. O.500 UNDER F11A AF1UIBALIIII Must sail at once, three bedroom center hall ranch. 2S' llvlng-dlnlns: room, 21* reqrcatlon room, two-car.carage, full baiornent. 120,TOO. MJ-2M7. HOUSES FOX SALE HtXWES FOR «AIX HISTORIC SHREWSBURY Tradition holds ftat fha nsmt Sycamor. Avtnua was darivad from I) Syeamora tra»f elintad naar ona oha moil tiirtorle crsureadi in *ha state, Syeamora Avanu. and Bread Strast in honor of f t. 13 original ttatai. Two of tha traai ara ««ll itandmg. Some 30 yaan ago, whan county amployaei attempted to remove ilia frtai while) improvinfl tha road, the woman of Shrewsbury turreunded trie treai nd defied tha man, thui laving tha treat. SHREWSBURY On Syeamora Avenue. One of tha oldar eomfortabla hauiei for a Urga family. Six badroomi, 114 bathi, living room and dining room (both largat, cantor hall, kitchen and dan. Sp.ciout badrooma, fiva-ear detached garage, largo plot, lovely traei, garaga ranting for $125 a month more than eevars tha taxei. Price $45,000. CLOSE TO RED BANK Naar Shrewsbury river. Wondarful location for ratirad coupla or brida and groom iuit starting out. Oalightful fwo-bidroom ranch in perfect condition. Large living room with fireplace, dining room, 30x12 patio, full b*i*m*nt, attachad garagt, Price $20,000. DRIVE OVER PARKINS AT OFFICE DOOR. RAY STILLMAN, Realtor "Our 45th y«ar" Member Multiple Listing Big priv«r» Parking Lot for your eonv»nune» Hwy. 35, Shrewsbury Write your r*<quifem*nti 1009 lilting! throughout Monmoutb County, including homei, farmi, watarfronti, devalopmant acraaga and buiiniu opportunitiai. WILLIAM H. HINTELMANN (FIRM) REALTORS IN RUMSON SINCE RIDGE ROAD RUMSON NEWLY LISTED A fine modern home in a setting of huge oaks, 140' frontage on a quiet Rumson street, a neat easy care plot. The bouse includes a fireplace in the living room, a 20' paneled family room off the kitchen, three bedrooms and 1% baths. If you'd tike a pretty house in a nice neighborhood, fine schools, call to see this one. $32,500. NEWLY LISTED-An attractive eight-room home on Oakwood Lane, one of Rumson's prettiest streets. Boasts four bedrooms, a den and a dining room. There's a screen porch and a dry cellar, too. Acres and acres of privacy out back. Taxes $ See this one toon. $26,300. FINE OLDER HOME-A shady Mtting of stately trees; 10 «pacious, gracious rooms, 4% baths. Cool porches, maid's quarter!, too. Pay no taxes (garage apartment pays them for you). Asking $53,51X1. WILLIAM H. HINTELMANN (FIRM) MEMBER MULTIPLE USTING SERVICE HOUSES FOR SALE RUMSON You'll be snug as bug in a rug in this charming ranch painted barn red and containing a pleasant living room with dining area, picture windo and fireplace, kitchen, den, tw bedrooms and bath; full dry basement, Combination storms am creens, plaster walls, attached garage. Groomed lawn with hade trees. $10,000. GI 4/2 mortgage may be assumed. $21,500. SEA BRIGHT Fanned by thi ever-cool ocean and rive reezes, this furnished riverfront cottage with private dock and ocean bathing is tops i summer living. There is a largi living-dining room with heatilatoi fireplace, enclosed riverfron porch and sundeck. a convenient sitchen with breakfast area, five bedrooms and two baths. Garag with toolhouse. Taxes undf $500. Asking $30,000. RUMSON Spacious four bedroom, two bath ranch in Hoi Cross parish with vestibule, large living room with fireplace, sep* rate formal dining room, roomy, kitchen, pine paneled den, laun dry, two-car garage on plot over, Vfy acres. Extras Include dish washer, combination storms and creens, wall to wall carpeting, air conditioner, river rights am many shade trees and evergreei shrubs. Taxes $898. Asking $47,50C JOHN L MINUGH REALTORS-INSURORS Member of Red Bank Multiple Listing Service 35 Rumson Rd. Phone 'AIR HAVEN Two atory three -bed room houae In Una residential section. il fired hot wiler nest. Lot JOI130, iklni I1H500. MONMOUTH BEACH Three bedoom split level, full be«m*nt, recreillon room, will to well ctmellnl, ock facilities.. Lot 100*150. Aklns; H»,!O0. HGIKLANT>S Flv* room retlremenl Mttere In excellent locitlon. Completefurnlahed. Ou heat. City sewers. ly water. Convenient lo beaches, ichool's, churches, ahopplal, rai trans lorutloc. MUnr, D.ToO., THE BROOK AGENCY Raal Estatelink Bullllm *t:antlo Hlfhlandi MIDDLXTOWN Nlneroom split level our bedrooma, 1% Dfctha, tares* wllh undbck. UOltfS lot. 117,5-X) Eleven bedrooms, two llvrooma, dining re alha. *14,M». LITCI I2-IIS0. room, kitchen, 3^ ^HUAN REALTY, UMSON Thre* bedrooms, living Kim. < riinlnf room, kltchan, (11,900. [TCHUAN REALTY, «< UMBON WATIBFRONT IOC ver. Ranch with two bedrooms, lar e.chen, livlns room end bath. Room add. Low taxes.- Asking 118,000. ICAUSTER AGENCY, Real Estate, 99 E. River Rd., Itumson *1. OKr A-i executive area, on* A new colonial ranch, customlilt HAS BVHRYTHINQ. Built-in Hjkcesea, marble trimming*. Very un- IUSI and In good lute. Adjacent new imei. atlllnjr for 13H.OO0. Will sacrl- :e for 131,960 firm. 4a Oreentrae Ter. 1?»M EW CUSTOII SEVEN ROOM SPLIT igvel Lane rooms, paneled rec-!atlon room. 1H batlis, one car n- ig*. wooded ^ acra lot, leas than five 11 from Bell Laba, Holmdel. Mg-498«NEPTUNB TOWNSHIP Exctllent condition. Six room*, sjaragt, full cellar. Freshly painted. Storm windows. tare apace. Low laxes. Convenient shopping, churches, parkway. Phone HOUSESTORSALE REDDEN AGENCY Realtor. Iniurori RUMSON WATERFRONT Idea! home for the active boatman or retired couple. Moor your boat in your front yard or sit on your porch and laze the days away. Large living room, paneled dining room, modern kitchen, three bedrooms, 154 baths. Newly painted and decorated. On deep water. Only $22,000. TRANSFERRED OWNER MUST SELL A truly lovely home. This attractive split level has a sunken living room with picture living room, full dining room, modern kitchen with dishwasher, four bedrooms, 2% baths. Also a paneled game room with fireplace and extras such at refrigerator, washer, dryer, three air conditioners, drapes, carpeting and many other features. Lovely plot with trees. A remarkable value at $27,509. JUST REDUCED! - This large Red Bank duplex allows you to live in one six-room apartment and let the tenant pay off (he mortgage. Each apartment has an attic and basement. Two garages, taxes $3J1. Excellent value at $17,900. y RUMSON Gracious home In park like setting. Living room, dining room, kitchen, den, library sun room, four bedrooms, four baths, three-car garage. Over three-acres of property with lane old trees. Outstanding value for $49,900. Member of Red Bank Multiple Listing Service Rt. 35, 301 Maple Ave. Corner Bergen PI. RED BANK Call or write fora complete brochure...located ON A SAFE, SECLUDED STREET IN LITTLE SILVER SPRING MEADOW AT LTTTLK SILVER. FOtm-BBDROOM COLONIAL* FROM $25,500. DIRECTIONS: Hwy. 3S to White Rd.. Shrewsbury..(Texaco gaa ateuon); Turn on to Whlta Ha.; continue lo Sliver While Rd: turn on silver Whit* Rd.. to Clrol. L*ne. For Information Call 74M2QO few THHEEBEDROOM RANCH Jpaeioua l»wn. Near ahore. 11,000 down for qualified buyer. Call ATONTOWN - 10 year-old four-bedoom home wllh oil hot water heal. lawera. Separata dining room, dm, nnn'shed second liathroom. Living room 13xl«, bedrooma, llxh, 12x13, lull, till. Landacapad and fenced, looittv lot wllh treea, patio wllh fooling tor :arpnrt or (ara(e. Full basement with.6x23 recnatlon room. Many other el- Call owner MJ-M93. pbtown Elgh,t room comer iplll. B«,ems.ii. Thre«or four bedoma. Patio. Peach trees. Beautifully.ndscaped. Owner HRKE BSDROOM RANCH - In Bel- >rtl. Full basement Oarare. fu per ent mortias.* assumption available, rival* owner H8O. (More Classified Ads On The Next Page) MIDDLETOWN (even-ram spin. Dishwasher, double gtrsje. enclosed jpa. llo, assume mortgaie, flu month, til HAY BILL otters in Atlantic Hlamiiada to any qaislltled bnyar, this lovely, two story, early American borne, Ttirs* bedrooms, full view living room, for. mal dining room, hot water hut, full basamsnt, plus a two car plus a washer, a dryer, snd aisiiwi ~ Yours lar only ilcwo. Vels no gown, 1-HA **» down. RAY BELL rthaltom, n. 6-4M0. Dial Vine* Lambarto, rvnlngs u d Sunv- - LINOnoFT.'it. Leo'* Parlih. Jlinch, on on«full acre, three larfe bedroomi, Hvlnf room, Ursa»tln kitchen, U)» bath. laundry area, tow laici. M0. MCALUBTER AOENCY A TATK 106 S. HIv«r nd-, Runuon. COMMERCIAL RENTALS ' gsrage, dlshwesh- IDEAL FACTORY SPACE 10,000 SQ. FEET. Just Available any type manufacturing:. 14' center, all opan space. Multiple entrance and sihi doors. Parking Railroad sldlnt *nd IUd Lotauon. Tour own broker er 74MJ0O. APARTMENTS APARTMEMTS FIRST SHOWING! 1 AIR CONDITIONED ANDREW GARDEN APARTMENTS 474 Sain Avt., Long Branch, N. J. 3 ROOMS $110 MO. 4'/i ROOMS U bedroomil $135 end $140 month FREE AIR CONDITIONERS HEAT - HOT WATER SAS FOR COOKING PHONE

21 SHREWSBURY OFHCE OFFERINGS: A SMALL FOREST tf1?" I Colonial, foyer BE SETTLED BY SCHOOL family home, 21' living room, dining area --_., -jcreatlon room, screen porch, nice]y land Friendly neighborhood. Asking $18,900. HIGH WOODED LOT r.i tajlt ranch, only seven years old. Three bedrooms, bea i aen, fireplace in spacious living room, separate dining, pim porch, shaded by tall trees; basement and ga are* near public and parochial schools ant home.~"6nlv"«7is? y t0 *** thls reaily fin «non-devetopme. NEAR THE WATER tamaculate Ranch in excellent location. Boasts foyer, 22' livin i^ifclii i Pk"?' fo, r. mia dining room ' e «icienuy planned kite! en with adjoining breakfast room, three bedrooms, two full baths Hot water heat. LoU of closets. Transferred owner asking $24,500 MIDDLETOWN OFFERING. A PERFECT PICTURE Smart suburban living, lovely three-bedroom home, formal dining room, Hiring room, large kitchen and inviting entrance foyer, gam i m tbd,r'» baths ' H o m e ln «wsellent condition. Washer, dryer, wail-to-wa 1 carpeting, storm windows and screens and Venetian Blinds. Also sewer*, sidewalks and curbs, near schools, shoppin and 1 transportation. $19,700. _, PRESTIGE AREA This Is an extra special charming bi level with four bedrooms, three baths, den, wuth a coiy fireplace, mosaic tile, entrance hall with planter. Hot water baseboard heat and Inter com throughout home. Is nestled in the trees and beautifully landscaped. Immi dtate possession. WALKER & WALKER REALTORS «61 Broad Street Shrewsbury; N. J Hwy. 35 1,000 feet south of Lily-Tulip Co. MJddJetow Multiple Listings and Trade-Ins SEND FOR CATALOGUE AND MAP 24-HOUR SERVICE ALLAIRE - FARROW AGENCY Monmoirth County's Oldest Re.l Estat* Firm 199 Broad Street, Red Bank Member of Multiple Listing Service LITTLE SILVER - TREES GALORE! Barn red, white trim, splii level, three bedrooms, separate dining room, attractive kitcher ' with front view, combination den and utility room, garage, taxe, only $426. Beautiful location. Price $19,950. LOOK NOW. LIKE A FIREPLACE? This one is built of Tennessee stone, lik new ranch in quiet neighborhood, separate dining room, 14-ft. kitchen, three bedrooms, full cellar, attached two-car garage, taxes only $429. Complete in every way. Asking $22,000 by transferee owner. HOUSES FOR SALE RUMSON Two-story home. Con venent to town. Living room, din Ing room kitchen and bath or first floor, tour bedrooms on sec ond. Taxes $280. Priced for fasl sale $12,000. SHREWSBURY - Living room 20x12, dining room 10x12 modern kitchen and powder room; foui bedrooms and bath on second floor, dry basebient; hot wate baseboard heat, attached garage convenient to school and bu line. Price.$18,500. WEARf-NEMETH AGENCY REALTOR 102 WEST FRONT ST HOUR SERVICE Member Red Bank Area Multiple Lilting Service NO DOWN PAYMENT. FOR OUAUWED VETS r-o ittau ran NON VETS Huee-bedroom ranch, carport, centered " "mu&mx PAY* ALL FULL PRICE $9,750 Three-bedroom ranch with attached fang*, 100x218 landicaped lot.»7» MONTHLY PAYS ALL FULL PRICE $10,990 Immaculate rancher with thre* Urge Mdraoma and two Cull batbi. Located TOE FULL PRICE $11,100 OAIX (821(53 CORRIGAN AOENCY Open Dally Saturday and Sunday, IM. RIVERSIDE HBIOHTB J21.90O. Juil rut of Rod Bank, n«ar river, cuitombout three-bedroom ranch. Plaiter walll, full baaement and attached ffa* rue. Shown by appointment only. THE JttlSTRlCB AQIJNCY, Ml-MSS. TBRXB-BEDROOH RANCH Science kitchen, no down payment. 25 year manias* 10 aualllled buyer. Call '«T- TIM or aner I p.m. M2-4MS. WANAMASSA Biautltuily landicaped Ttt room ipilt. thru alr-condloned pedroonn, 1H bathi, carpet, dryer. garue. Near ichool and bu«. t3ht«- BOLUDSL New ranch three bedrooms VA oathi, laundry room, livlni room with tlreptace, large paneled recreation room with Ilreplace, two-car g v a s e, large lot and brook. MS-MI0. HACIOUS SEVEN-ROOM DUTCH CO- LONIAL oo one acre with river rlghti. 17x33 llvlnx room, wlui bookcaiel iurrounding a beaulltul brick fireplace, generate dining room, handy kitchen with breakfait room, den, three larg* btdroomi, l!l» bath, XT Kreened porch. low taxei. Priced at a down to^earth S34.W0. ELWOOD A. ARMSTRONG AOENCY, Realtor. 855 Pro«pect Ave. Little Silver. 7U UNCnoPT - Seven acxea, four bedroom*, family room, modern kitchen. dining area, naclou*living room.»x- Mllent larmlng ItOUSON Larg* (our-bedroom houa*. One block Irom new grade ichool. Modern 27xl«kitchen with ample birch cablneti and built-in appliance!, with plctur* window overlook 20x20 nagalone patio. 21xH paneled den with llrtplace. 100x100 lot Detached garage. Btorma and ecreene. S42-O2DO. VWDLXTOWN On knoll overlooking an eaute. Over ona acr* land treee, ehrubbery. Four-bedroom Cape Cod, Hi balhl. paneled living room, fireplace, dining room, eat-in kitchen. NotV envelopment VAN VLIKT -AOINCY, Realtor, Line Rd.. Holmdel. B(K(M UIDDLXTOWN Colonial epllt level, (our bedroom*. Hi bi!)u, recreation room, dining and living roam, baleminl, large petto-porch. Well.lo-wa.ll carpeting. Oaf dryer, many extrai. 01 r r-ha. 121,800. «7M511. VAIL HOMB8 - menu. Tile bub. >n*r 8 p.m. Three-room apart- 011 heat. MJ-2702 HUD HANK 0* Newman Spring! UMI, T w eloir raaumhu, Uvlag nma llxlb, dlnlns room, llodern xltcnen with dlnlnc area, laundry. Three bedrsoma, enolmed porch. Buement. A>k- Ing (IJUOO. I1J.M0 FHA loan for 20 nan to aimllfltd buyer. Often can- Idared. LAWRBNCB J. achiluno. Realtor, IS Spring BL, Red Bank UT DATONTOWN Lovely oornlr brlt* and fram* ranch. On* aer*. thre* bed* roam: larg* living room with fireplace, lining room. *at-ln kitchen, central «lr aoodltlonlng, wall-to-wall carpeting. lereeam porch, beiimiol, SUMO, Low fait*. Owner, S4MSS4., - HOUSES FOR SALE STANLEY X. DOWNS REALTOR "Homes of Charm and Value Member Multiple Listing Service Sycamore Ave. Shrewsbury RUMSON - ESTATE AREA. Picturesque setting three acres, Charming Colonial home 10 rooms. Four bedrooms, four baths. All large rooms for gracious living. Paneled library, Flagstone patio. Three-car garage. Incomparable! Asking $50,- CHOICE SELECTION OF LARGE HOMES IN RUMSON. Near Hoi; Cross and the tennis club, al prices far below replacement cost. Call for appointment! "Wida Selection of Choica Horn.." STANLEY K. DOWNS ATI4ANTIC HIGHLAND* Live I privacy on 1U acre wooded lot li beautiful hill top rcildentlal *rea. Delightful icreened porch overlooklni woods. * Lovely living room with iton. lira' place. Fenced play yard with playftome. t Triple track atorm window*, Den or extra bedroom. Large dining area, Recreation room. Fallout shelter. Eat-In kitchen. Custom split. Pull cellar. Center hall. Three bedrooma. ' Two baths. Many other features, Call owner. 125, LINCROFT If you want lomething special, iurrounded In beautiful trees, all brick cuatom ratach, three to four bedrooms, hot water heat, many extra*. Xxclu* live location. Frlctd m the 30*1, Mui be iaen REDECORATED RANCH ON CORNER LOT Spacious living room, modern kitchen, three large bed roomi, UU bath, game room ind full basement, rartge. Going at 115,900. ELWOOD A. ARU8THONQ AGENCY, Realtor, 536 Prospect Ave.. Lit Us Silver fceanbbima Ranch, reduced to 113,200. Five large rooms, fenced in rard, iewen, la town locution down, subject to VA or FHA approval. IMMACULATE SUMMER BUNGALOW Reduced to $5,500. Call now. CHATEAU REALTY. Real Estate, 215 Carr Ave., Keantburf. 7BT-5SS4. NEW SHREWSBURY Four-bedroom ranch, two baths, fireplace, garage, tear. thopping end Fort Uoamomh Owner HARTSHORNS WOODS Your htart'l desira. Southern Colonial on hilltop rlew of river. Tea rooms and acreage. :etuonably priced. Mortgage available, all for appointment OUNTRY HOME Bix rooms, V/,, fireplace, two-car garage, itt icres. Keasonably priced, convenient lermj, LEXINGTON AGENCY. Broten, , AIL. HOMES Three-room bungalow. HI heal, 47 Belshaw Are., atomown. B OLMDIDL Large custom five year ild tone front ranch. On over 1H icres. Secluded y«t convenient. AH ooms extra, large. Double garage. Full baaement. Fireplace. Two baths, $30,600. VAN VUET AGENCY, Realir. Line Rd.. Holmdel. S4S-44S4. COLTS NECK HOLMDEL our-bedroom home, 20 acrei, brook, itablei, beet area. 160,000. Jmtom-bulU Uiree-bedroom Colonial, learned celling!, den.'130,1)00. J. P. Roche Agency, Realtor! Long Bridge Rd. Colls Neck [ODERN COLONIAL Charm ing In /try rfetall. 24' living: room with tirelace, formal dining room, deluxe kltchn, break Tint area, Wall oven, diahraaher. Porch. Full buement. Four louhie bedroomi. Very well UndHcapccl. lhade trees. Choice location. Outntanrtfir va.uel! $20,m. STANLEY K. > " WNii WaUor, ahrawtbiiry. 14M01T. "Aim Ten acres. 303' on paved Dad. Largs barn 38x40 with addition of WrtO. Three room apartment and bath. Ten stalls. Houia with living room tone fireplace, two bedrooms, kttehtn «h dining aria, bath, put basement. ot water oil heat. Brook on property. M»0 AGENCY Shrewsbury CHA M Broad St..flDDLETOWN ARSA - Ranch. 1,200' Ivtng aria. Oarage, lvt baths. Now under construction on large lot.. 7*7- HOIWJ FOt taxe JOSEPH G. McCUE, REALTOR 30 RIDGE ROAD RUMSON, N. J THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR OVER 38 YEARS EXPERIENCE RUMSON COLONIAL. LOVELY FAMILY HOME. DELIGHTFU1 GROUNDS! Center hall, living room, dining room, den, sunroom, paneled library, kitchen, pantry, laundry, maid'«room and bath. Second floor: Four bedrooms, three baths, sun deck and Bleeping porches. Attic, basement, detached three-car garage, recreation room and bar. All schools area and near bus lines and beachei. Room for pool or tennis courts. Asking $49,900. RUMSON. PERT AND CHIPPER. CHARMINGLY DIFFERENT. ESTATE AREA. Living room (fireplace), dining room, kitchen, master bedroom and bath and powder room. Second floor: Tw( bedrooms and bath. Detached two-car garage, play house, love 1 l'/4 acres. Asking $39,000. RUMSON. BRICK AND FRAME RANCH. FOUR BEDROOMS TWO BATHS! Owner transferred abroad. Wants to sell. Excellent condition. All schools area. Living room, foyer, dining room, den kitchen, attic, two-car attached garage, porch. V/, lovely acre Many extras. Value seekers here is one. Asking $47,500. RUMSON. PRIZE FOR THE DO-IT-YOURSELFER. TWO FIN ISHED BEDROOMS AND BATH. TWO UNFINISHED BEDROOM! AND BATH. Living room, kitchen, utility room. Reasonable offei on $15,500. RUMSON. EARLY AMERICAN STYLE RANCH. FOUR YEARS OLD. SKIP TO SCHOOLS, Built on steel beams. Four bedrooms IVf baths. Dead-end street. Seclusion, yet only minutes to every thing. Transferred owner wants offer on $50,500. LOCUST! BEAUTIFUL, NEARLY NEW COLONIAL. WATER FRONT 257-FT. NAVESINK RIVER! Custom-built in meticuloui detail. Center hall, dropped living room (fireplace), dining room family rdora (barbecue), den (or bedroom), full bath, breath taking kitchen. Second floor: Four bedrooms, dressing room, 2V baths. Basement, attic, attached two-car garage Many extras' Outstanding offering at $65,000. MULTIPLE LISTINGS RUMSON-FAIR HAVEN HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT COLONIAL HOMES #108 Harvard Rd. Fair Havan Four twin-aiie bedrooms, Vfa baths, living room with fireplaci formal dining room, country paneled kitchen, full basement, a tached garage, hot water heat, fully insulated. Patio: $29,900 Landscaped. JOHN W. POST (Builder) 29 Wardell Ave., Rumion, N. J. HOMES OF CHARACTER HOUSES FOR SALE VETERANS NO DOWN PAYMENT ONE ACRE MIDDLKTOWK Three bedroom ranch, Living room. Science fcltchen. Til bath. Full basement. Refrigerate ftorma and screem. Attached garage. mmediate occupancy to qualified buy $15,425. Non-vet $525 down. VETERANS NO DOWN PAYMENT NO CLOSING fees T LOveJy three bedroom pill level. Recreation room, extr l*rge. living room, dining Area, eat-li kitchen with built In oven and range, 1H bathi, attached garage, aluminum torm* and icreeiu, plus axtru, r nicely landscaped ovenixe lot. $17,200. Non-vet, 1600 down. Subject to VA and FHA approve!, RITEWAY REALTY, INC Lfcemed Keal Eit&ta Broker 3370 Hwy. 35 Hatfi MIDDLETOWN Thla handyman' delight Is an older four-bedroom hom< n t, moit convenient location, whigf.ervet schools, ihopplng and transsortatlon n*edi of mor«than the aver cre landscaped plot. Call now uk for 12,000. To qualified buyers HtO down approximately pel* month includes ;azes and Insurance. Vett no down, ipprorimatejj' 986 per month. Subjecl.o FHA or VA approval. A»k for Mr THETKIRWAN COMPANY REAI/TOR8 8M# UNPARALLELED VALUE Cbarnv ing two-bedroom ranch, no develop ent. Only 12,B00! Excellent location, 'erfect for retirement or newly wed iome. High < % loan can b«aiiunnd. forth a visit, call today.. Adams Agency RE ALTO Jt Howard Ave. O Jt New Shfewsbui & EAST YOUR EYES ON THIB ONE! "wo bedrooms, formal dining room, ful lew living room, "hot water baseboard eat, two car Karage, jaloualeg an< terms throughout. VA appralied a 12,700. Selling price. 112, n awn for qualified buyer. Approximat lonthly payment Walking dlsince to everything. RAY BELL REAL- OR8, PR Dial Vlnce Lambeno, & even!tigb and Sundays. rono BRANCH Gracious old homi nd barn. Seven bedrooms, fenced li -operty. $18,500. Bii-i60X Alfl HAVEN Flv«roomi, encloirri arch,' oil heat. Urge lot.' Now va>.nt, lu.doo. Eiciueive broker, CON- 7ANCE SMITH, 14 Maple Ave., Fall!aven BW SKREWSBURY Seven-room anch. Two bathi. Carpeting. Excellenl ndltlon. I27.S00. 7*1-1M7. VB ROOM HOUBS Large- lot. In uslnesn xone, near parochial ichoo rid five public tchooli, tour churchei. bus line, In New Monmouth. Owner XKD BANK Modernized older home in excellent oelghborhoori. near paro< chlal, public schooli and shopping. Four bdrooms, flreplao in large living torn, kitchen with all bullt-lns, wait -wall carpeting. 60s 130 lot, low taxes, iddu 20'a. Call for appoint' ent S400 DOWN PAYMENT About ly $113 per month to qualified buyer, hxee bedroom Cape Cod. Basement, haded yard. River Plaza, Mitlrtletown. xcellent condition and location. $14,- 00. HALL BROS., REALTORS, R13 Liver Rd., Fair Haven A88. Mr lozeni. _ I UNNINO. MODERN COLONIAL JiNCH In lovely neighborhood. Sunken vlng room, aeptrate dlntng room, dene modern kitchen, 23' game room, >ur twin»lze hrdroojni, 2% tiled baths, Itacbed garage. Dishwasher, washer, yer, three air conditioner*, refr.«erawa)ho-wal) carpet*. All thla offered»37,soo. ELWOOO A. ARMBTRONO OENCY, RaaUor, W5 Prospect Av«., ;Ue Bllver. ijliw) [VKHfllDE HKIOHT BOO. Adorbit little ranch for the young couple tailing out or the older couple tiaimhtg up. Immaculate throughout. Lovely ndscaped corner properly. THE EuyrnioH AGOBNCY, ui-&m. UBTOM-SUILT BRICK AND FRAME ANCH Three bedrooms, *wo bathi. -eplace, large dining room, full tie A ted alkout baaement steel b«arn«, plaster illi, over one landscaped acre, tall brook, in estate cectlon NCROFT lft»'ory two-bedroom, ipn Co A. Llvinx room with fireplace, icrtty pined dlnlnc room and klichen, closed porch, attached garage. Withwalking dlaiancn to clmrch««, iclioal* nd shopping center. Atkins $18,500. ill JA BRIGHT Two-bedroom )iou»*..11 evenlngi between 5 and ILTH NECK Three-bedroom ranch quiet road. Over *i acrei of lanri-.ped ground! with treea. Large living om, hot water heit. niwcment, gfli, low la«i. Top area.- SJxeiUent retirement or im«ll family. S1I.M0. t VfJtET AGENCY, Realtor Lfn* Holmdel. MI-41M. DDLSTOWN, T1IMI! BEDROOM UBB Half aere land In plclureai (arm area. 1U bathe, hululn.intesa counlef top puah button etove j [UN stie oven, pine cablneta In inny kllchen. 2J 1 "L" ibaped living «m with fireplace, bar window. Qai at water radiant heat, citerlor ptlnttif at jear; Inteilor thla. One-car lalit. Owner tranafarretf. Aaklog $33,-. (TI-M23. HOUSES FOR SALE REINFELD OFFERS QUALIFIED Veterani No Down Payment $58.90 Month Approximatel Once again REINFELD REAUTS chailengei you to compare! A mai nlflcent Colonial wlui three extra Ur i bedrooms, formiil dlntnf room, iclenct kitchen, aluminum ilorme and acreem gar&ce on overtlzed comer lott Al of thli re youre ror the a(kln( with no down paymenu DON'T DELAY, OALL TODAY I II ^^ Non $225 Down $7,4?p FULL PRICE SUBJECT TO V.A. JT.H.A; APPROVAL REINFELD Company MJDDLETOWN Realty NEXT TO HARMONY BOWL LICENSED RXM, ESTATE - BROKER Dally > to». (alurdagr and. Sunday VETERANS DON'T HESITATE If you are a veteran and have.. bought a home yet becauae you dtdn 1 tutve doelns feee, hurry to iee thla t year old three-bedroom ranch. Fe turel Include aolence kitchen, za, heat, IM clolhei dryer, tiled btth, etc PULL PRICE $13,990 VETBRANS NO MONEY DOW NO CLOSING FIEES Subject to mortfase approval SNYDER REALTORS 671-aSO 5 CORNERS MIDDLETOWN A RARE BARGAIN Bank Rapoiie)iilon Thle three-bedroom ranch oeedf lome paint, but alt any buyer needa le 1300 down and the balance like rent for 18 yean. Cloie to Newark, New Yon bueee and hopping. Only $9,500 BEACH AGENCY 1400 Hwy 35 MlddleUnm Dally to I p.m. Baturday, Sunday to I Licensed Real Estate Broker EDNA M. NETTER LICENSED HEAL ESTATE BROKER llollidclrcoltn NECK MARLBORO FREEHOLD AREAS Dutch Lant Rd, RD L U&rlbOfO P.O. Box *a. Fr-ebold EATONTOWN COOPERATIVE Four roomi, dlnett* area, new oil burner, water heater, complete!/ redecorated, SS9.5O a month Includes taxes and utllltlei. Down payment or NEW SHREWSBURY Eight room ranch, three bedroomi, two batni, twoar garage. Wait to wall carpeting, f oiher, dryer, Venetian bllndi, etc. Near icbooli, best location. Appraised (20,000. Buy direct, save 11,700. Seller beildei will pay In luivai\e, two yean :ea. Net price, R5JW» Will grant mortgage 122,000 it *TJ, No doling ee. Call QUAINT Small four-bedroom house. Attached garage. Little Silver. Mature :rees and ihrubl. Original pine floorl, lewly wired, copper plumbing, brook, [utet tree lined itreet. Walk to itatlon, ioit office, market, ichool and bui, 18, M. NEW BHP.EW3BURY $19,500. Here'i real buy In * king Used four-bedroom, two-bath rancher. Full basement, ecreation room, two-car garage. Extra rgfi lot. THE UKIBTRICH AGENCY, MU8T BELL Three bedroom, 1% bath split, panelled den, firtpltcr, kitchen h*a wall oven, dish wither, lot* of cabinets. Screened porch, full base-,ent, corner lot, nicely landscaped, flood commuting. >18,900, *0. ATTRACTIVE! EIOHT-I1OOM IIOUSE- Four bedroortii, fireplace, two-car ga* rage, O.I. mortgage, nice neighborlood, convenient to bu* and town. Rea> onahle. 741-MM. URKE-BEDROOM RANCH ONE- HALF ACRE. ATTACHED OARAOE. LAROV BCRKENED PORCH. PRICED TO MOVE. CALL M. FAIR HAVEN Near school and hopping. Older home. Fireplace Jo the Ivinc room. Large dining room, Etiloied porch. Kitchen, pantry. Powder oixn. Three brrjfuoijjh, linth. Tax en \0. A Wft House Low Price! Only STANLEY K. DOWNS, Rial B h h ir, K DO , HVEIU'RONT. DEEP WATER CHAN- JEL Almost nnw spllt-levet. Irving oom. t*«mi)y room with /(replace. Cllchfn with largi dining a rea. Four rdroomi, two bfttlm. Laundry room. "wo cmr Hunched range, B»$em»tit. lot water heat, two xone control. Anderson windows. Extras. Aiklng 31,000. IM WHENCE J. ffcklluko,. altor, IS Spring Bi., Red Bank. 7*1- in, XTRAOnDlAJiy If THUt tciwup- IOHB RANCH on \ act* In lha counry. There are nine roomi IncJudlng 31' *creation room, four bedrooms, two nthi, full haitment, two-ear ft-rage, ryer, wtiher, refrigerator and lirown In tor anir , Will tonsliler trade'n. ELWOOD A. ARM- BTRONO AGENCY, lualtar. M* PtW PWt AW...UtUt 9tir»r nm HOUOIWftULE RUSSELL M. BORUS REALTORS 600 RIVER RD. FAIR HAVEN, N. J Mcmbtr MultipU Listing Strvle* TOO HIGH? Whit ibout * Cipe Cod with one finiihed bedroom and room (or more expansion on second floor? Two btdroomi, euy to cue for kitchen with "eat in" tptce and living room. Full basement. Offered at FHA appraised valuation of S14.M0. SEE IT TODAY! Two-year-old streamlined ranch. Living room with wood-burning fireplace, separate dining room, science kitchen with dinette. Three master size bedrooms, two baths. Large cedar paneled den with second fireplace. Full basement with a third fireplace which could easily be made into a party room. Flagstone patio and attached two-car garage. Many extras. Offered at $42,800. TRANSFERRED TO VIRGINIA Owner must sell this lovely Colonial situated in choice River Oaks in Fair Haven. Best schooli. Three large bedrooms, VA baths, paneled den. It you like nice things be sure to see this lovely home. $33,900. RUMSON COLONIAL Very attractive three-bedroom home ia excellent area and convenient to everything. Master bedroom li 23x12. Has charming living room with fireplace, larga dining room, kitchen with electric range and dishwasher. Has l'/j baths and den. There Is a full basement and two-car attached garage. Nicely landscaped and many extras such as mirror over fireplace, Venetian blinds, valances, some carpeting. Asking $29,900.»1 East Front Street WM. S. GARRISON AGENCY REALTORS * 22 E. FRONT ST., RED BANK MEMBER MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE F YOU WANT CHARM AND TOP LOCATION - Look at this ery pretty three-bedroom colonial. 28-ft. Iving room with fireplace, dining area, hall, kitchen with eating apace. Beautiful ;rounds, Asking $29,900. RUMSON Lovely four-bedroom, two-bath home on wooded 114 acres. In estate area. Unusual beamed ceiling and white brick fireplace in living room, large dining room, eat-in kitchen, den, laundry room, two-car garage. Asking $40,000. ADORABLE BARN RED RANCH IN RUMSON - Two bedroomi, one bath, paneled den, living room with fireplace, dining area, full basement, Immaculate condition. Beautiful landscaping and rees. All for $21,000. BED BANK REGISTER Friday, August U, HOWE* POK3ALE mom MB til* THE DOWSTRA AGENCY REALTORS Member of Red Bank Area MoltipU Uitiaf fcnrlot 741-«700 jud «u)r, H?. On SPACIOUS RANCHER a high lot, well planted, shrubbed, trees. Soccioui littw room with fireplace, 'dining' room, pjse kitohen, large faaris room with fireplace adjoining spacious screeasd-in porch UsT open flagstone patio, four bedrooms, two baths. A flmt * of charm. Asking 129,900. ONE OF THE BEST BUYS WE HAVE SEEN It you can wait 'til spring (or occupancy, we btueve tola *» an unusually good buy. Excellent location, large lot with trees. Four-year-old ranch house with three bedroomi, OM (with space for the second), full basement. Very attraeuv* lust $23,500. RUMSON COLONIAL Located on three beautiful acres (big trees). Spacious living room, Ui: dining room, modern kitchen, den, library and not room. Second floor has four bedrooms, two sleeping perehtt. three baths. (Atio two maid's rooms and bath on first flair.) (49,900. PHONE FOR CATALOG OF LISTINGS HOLLAND HILLS OF HOLMDEL THE ULTIMATE The Short Him ol Holm 4 rt. Horoee from WO.Ooa. UodeK areilable or will build to eult, Just 16 homea placed ln majeetlo aettlag wuh ttfwerlaf Oake and Doiwoodi aoattered everywhere, lacb eke U one-ten or water WUi two brtbkj am) a cenile nape, tocaled u-ralle weet e l*ur«! Ave en Holland Rd. Four mlnutea to BeU Lafce. Us mlnutee to lu4dletoira Railroad StaUon, 10 mlnutei to Red Sank, thru mtnlea lo auin State Re4 Hill Interehanie, (our minute* to Rt M al Ulr Tullo. HAROLD E. HARRISON DEVELOPIH AMD JUUJJIR x»> sn-tw HOUSES FOR SALE MUST BE SOU) - Reduced t $35,900. Worth more. A real buy... why? Not everyone likea wood paneling (can be replaced economically, we have the cost] and needs decorating. Four 01 five*edroom custom ranch with beautiful view of water. Three baths, full basement, two-car ga rage. Excellent neighborhood, Many fine features. MAKE OF' FER-GALL NOW! REDUCED TO $24,500 - Owner anxious. Country rancher, three bedrooms, VA baths, living room with raised hearth fireplace, din- Ing room, family kitchen, ful basement, extras. Fruit trees. Man; A. FRED MAFFEO REALTOR 735 BROAD ST., SHREWSBUR MEMBER MULTIPLE LISTING RIVERFRONT Split live], Lower level game room 14x27 with tlreplace, patio, bath, two ledroomi: flret level Ux2l living room, 1x13 dining room, two bedroomi, bath, " loreened porch commanding v!*w 4 foreened porch com m f river; dock. 942,500. CHANCK AGENCY Llndtn PI. 7<7-30<n Hemrier MulllpH Llatlns ARE YOU LOOKING FOR: turn-ot-century houit, with ttrgt roomi. an air of gracloui living. befcutlful yard with largi old trtta i houaa loo larg* tar lt'i ahrlnklni tmlly and one that pnvidti an inam* Irom a garag* ap*rtmiat?t lar* It li for: $47,500 11ARM1NO THREX-BEDBOOH OME Living room, dining room, ichcn, eneloied porch, ovarilsi * iragi, gai heat. 10,000. FINLAY REAL ESTATE AGENCY 370 Bay Jive. Highland! [NCROFT Buy direct. Tnreebed om epllt, attached garage, ehade eee. convenient to ecnoole. shopping >n(er and Netf Ydrk commuting, % il!e Irom parkway. H8.70O. Call TeT JITTLI SILVER, FOX HILL ARXA rn red Rpllt-level. Towering treea. Iheery llvlni room, dlrjli] room. Ihorel leem ee.ler In thla frant of the Hiee kitchen. Three bedroome. Com. Inailon lien an*! utility room 15x10. ullt-ln garage. Eleotrlc dryer and dlah.i anher. Bpotleis condition, Slft.ftBO. AWREHCE J. BCIMLUNO, Realtor, Spring St., Red Bank. T<7-<)2(. ANCK ~ Two bedrooma, modern jehen, living room, dlnlnr room, one ill mile from Red Bank. (M.MO. 7*7- HOUSES FOR SALE REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATES REALTORS 127 Oakland St. Red Bank Seven Day Service LITTLE SILVER - Four-bedroom, two-jtory home, large lot, best residential area needa paint Inside and out, exceptional buy at,13,500. LITTLE SILVER - Four-tedroom older home, large i«cluded tot, big barn on premisei, Transferred owner will tell. Existing GI mortgage of $13,800 can be assumed. Asking $17,800. RED BANK - Colonial, three bedrooms, dining room, living room, 1% baths. Taxes $329. Full cellar, sun room, fireplace, new kitchen, new roof, new furnace, copper plumbing. Asking $18,800. COUNTRY HOME AND HORSE FARM elght-room home bedroom, living Attractive two-itory, * (painted while). Four... room, doling room, kjtonen. Nice m pi* ihade triea. Two-story SDxM ban. other building*. SS acru rich farm land, aitmted oa highway. Short drive RAY VAN HORN REALTORS OVER A QUARTER CENTURY MULTIPLE LISTINGS STACKED WITH EXTRAS-Thla excellent seven-year-old, fourbedroom home has 514 baths. A fireplace in the family mm. Formal dining room, dishwasher, three air condition*, earpttbf, washer-dryer, refrigerator. 24" wall oven. Plot 115x175. Mgv* right in. Asking $«,W0. TREES AND A BABBLING BROOK Saven-year-oM modern ranch. Cathedral living room. Wall-to-wall carpeting. Everything in fine condition. New paint Job. Workshop and laundry. $11,000. RIVERFRONT HOMES-We have several desirable Shmwitmry and Navesink River front homes $22,000 to $35,000 for smaller OMf and $42,500 to $72,500 for the bigger ones. 804 River Road Fair Haven. N HOUSES FOR SALE one m Two Here wooded, bvalww auat aore rolrlng Mad altt i S Approilmateir U a«r* ur an a*t*t«type buyer, brook, trail, T1«r, teat area. m,ki). ateel thla SO t e n farm. ishai HM,Mtt J. D. Roche agency, Kealfara Long Bridge Rd ṀI-4M* HOLHDIL, 35 lota wltk float ** provil, Near Ben Lai >«rkj. WALTER J. ~ ClUte. AD J.J72». RUMSON - Centrally located Colonial, Four bedrooms, VA baths, modern kitchen, fireplace, den, lull basement, hot water oil, detached two-car garage. Priced at $30,000. RUMSON Very convenient locale. Frame dwelling, two bedrooms, l'/j baths, hot water 611, enclosed porch, two-car garage. Now asking $18,500. RUMSON - Frame dwelling, four bedrooms, large enclosed porch, dining room, plpeleis heat WA "JT, 1D "»»"? - oil, sufficient grounds. Offered at Jl.J 101 " 11 " 1»»"'" $12,000. RUMSON - Frame dwelling with possibilities, three bedrooms, dining room, enclosed porch, full basement, pipeless oil. $12,400. DENNIS K. BYRNE REALTOR-INSUROR HOLMDEL Urg* f lot, two brooki. asii ker. Rl.»». Holmdel. I West River Rd. Rumaon Phon. M2-115O MEMBER MULTIPLE LISTING KBANBBURa HI room houm. three bedroom! upetalrl. W.WO. Call owner after a:to p.m. nvtvn. luddlstown Four bedroom IV, bath epllt, with [mimed baaemeni. icnened vokb on H >o» lot, In Brigadoon VlUage. Dlahwuher. wall-to-wall carpeting on two levem, etorm wlndowa anil other ntru titeiiided. September uwney tiiwta LOTS ft ACWEAGK COLTi NTOKBOLJOSHi OMUKMk M WANTID BT Binunui «. x* Fair Haven or vicinity, on "; ntaos >'^ COMMERCIAL PROPZatTY RID BANK Tour-famtr/ B *EA»RlaHT-Two-!ara!ly 000. HlaHLANDt ltore and t»«menta, S32.0OO. BuaiirBaB» menta, S32.0OO. BuaiirBaB propertlm return Wk. Wasrierful opportunity for anull UTMtor. TUIKI after 1 p.m. RIPARIAN RIOHTS TOMe B. *ulk- Y RIAL lattatb 1 AOlN. Bay Ave.. IPghUJda. ttxmce. (MOM Claaslfled Adi OB The Not Page) HOUSES FOR IALE IHORCCRESrr Buy mmer. Very d«an. Four btdnanu, Im mil oatif, I family room, bailment, garage, eeweri, I reneed back yard, aiiume 4» per cent Ol mortgage. III.KW, KM'il. RIVIR OAKS RArlOH HOME Seven roomi. ICMaiv* ahide ireei. Paneled fireplace' In tee living room. Den. Powdar room. 0*p*rate dining room. Three bedroomi. tiled bath. Full baie- ' ment. Recreation room. Aaklng H3.90O., STANLEY K. DOWNS. Realtor. Shtewf bury. M1-1WT. from town and ichooii.' Only 11,000 per aorc. LAMSON, INC. (ResJton) KcdSankM W. Vala St... rreshold n POPLAR AVXKUX, run HAVXN. DO YOU HAVE A CHAHPAONB TUTTI BUT A BUR INCOME? Thll U th* home for you. Xmmaculita Colo* nlaj M wooded lot, (our btdroomi, IV, tiled hathi, dream Utchin, taparate lining room, apadoui living room, eparate din, itparate recriellon room, iwo-lone biat, aeparate laundry room, attached garage. Priced at down to earth Sft.MO. Many extraa Included, Will eonllder trme'n. KLWOOD A. ARMSTnONO AOENCV, Reallor. SM Protpect Ave.. UIU» Silver. Til rovn ACJIB RTVCRrRONT litatll MO' on river; tvy raid frontage. Grand Hew and trill Dwelling and carriage home offir challenge to right party.vtj.000. HAROLD IJNDIICANN, iroker (Van Winkle Merlne Bug.) Batontown. HJ1103. UNCROFT New Uiree-b e d r o o m ranch. IM tiled batha. madam kitchen, Urge paneled dan, dining room, living room, two-car garage, K aer* plot. Call 7<r-32J2. OI NO DOWN AVAILABUD far quailfled buyer. Four-bedroom Cap* Cod, two full bathi. den, MM buement with playroom. City atwerl. Many oxtrae. ReaaonabU offera conildared. Juit redueed to S1S.W0. UATTHBW 1 orll, Realtor, Til Highway SI (next to Howard Johnaon'e). Mlddletttwn. S7M3O0. O MONIY NEBDED TO BUY^-Urge.wo-etory bouie. Thre* bedroomi rard and garage. Ntedi» 111! 1 n nice nelghbornood. 1I7-3M1. IDDLKTOWN Ill.ftOO. Buy of the eek. Owner tranenrred muet Kll four- >edroom, two-bath home, eomslete with hot water oil fired heat, lewere, recreation room and many other feature!. THE 1IEUTRICH AOCNCT, T41-HSS. IUNIOK JBXICUTIVB> OOLDIN OP- PORTUNITlf II you are a qualllled )uyer end have MOO down then drive ly thll lovely four bedroom Ui bath tome at 7 Elvar Dr.. Hlddletown. If ou like what you aee. o.ultkly call tat UBI,L ni!al.tofl». PR 6-«H0, ilk for Vlnce Lamberto, TIT-UK), eveilngi and Sundayi, >AK DILI' Mlddlatown, Ii*eutlv* iome landicaped % acra. Htlla and rooda. Trl-level, double garage, baie* nent. Pour bedroomi, three full bathe, taneled family room. Carpeting, drape*, icreene. Flv* mlnulca to railroad and parkway. 15 mlnutea to ihore. Four yeara old. Newly palated. m,vn. Iran wner. Appointment only. art-jam- SPACE Plinly of It In thla tourbedroom Victorian atyled home. Paneled den for dad, heated sreenhoul* for mom. Koellinl condition. Priced,, at SIS.HO. OtAZEBROOK AOENCY, Rftaltor. Avenue of Twn RlTvri, Rumeon. MM700. GILL Realtor - MIDDLETOWN ARIA VETERANS Are You Still Bi«ibf»? Coniult Us On Hom.s. No Caih Down for <?u«lifie<i Buyers uem Piuoao tw«-at*rr, ttm cwdroonu, oath, living K Urge aeeavrat* dining n S^stseo. Modiu<ni ' w ** Ml-&tMT ITVTOJ Mur-DMnata. one baoi Cap* Ood, ca*-«r garage. ComWnatlon aluareuai Mreent. alarm lean, t, rtmt at SUMO,. LOTS ft ACREAGE at-vxoauuon ooonrnssr *ad prlwd beknr FHA Awnlaml tour-bedroom epllt level, lit bath*, raoraatton room,»** mjn^ earnest ptua. UMat lmttl»' LANMOAPED BUILDIMO LOT I With «12' tool ahed. Will coniuerir all olleri. IMMStS. BEAUTirt/LLT UNIXCAPED wal«r front lot with magnificent view. HI and dry, Read K-cALfSTER loa E, River Rd. Jlgh to build. S11.0O0.. Rial ElUK, Rumaon. KJ-1«*4. HOLMWOOD ColU Meek Towninip. Two acrei and up, wooded building aitea, hllta wuh vl*w, aom* with a brook, ulect your own builder, S*,W0. and up. PAUL It STRIKER RIAL- TOR Rolmdel, N.J. Mt-lllt HOUSES FOR SALE MATTHEW J. GILt "DM Broker Whs d m... Mlddletawa" Uemher Northern Xanraaulk Mulujle Uetteg Sam**) H»T.», VleVPrUma Next to Hnrard J«hnee*,'» HOUSES FOR SALE HOUSES FOR SALE HOMESTEAD PARK «t COLTS NECK offer* its HOUSE OF THE WEEK Four-Bedroom Ranch at $30,500 Bpaeioul living room with fireplace end book ehllvtng Forma) dining room Well organized kltchim and dinette with many buut-ln feature! L*rxe paneled family room. Aeparate laundry ar«e. eloutee dryer included. Ouaranteed dry baeement. Two-c«r eturherl eartce. One acre landecaped Int. /Ine locadnn. Within mlnutei to major chopping and riereatlon area*. Built-in attic louvercd fan. l.fioo iri. ft. living area in one of Monmoutn Ooaaly'a loweet Ux areai. Another outstanding community by G«nt Novello. Sain R*pr«untatlva George V. Illmemee WMT ON NKWHAM aptunoa RD. THRU MOM PAST UNOnOPT INK. TURN LBFT ON LONOVIUIMHB MX 1U i m. B B B B FOUR-BEDROOM Cape Cod, uvea rooms, tarsi*, extra equipment Included. This Is a very attractive Fair Havtn Home, 17,000. Offers. #MJ RED BANK Stvwvrocm split level. ThrM bedrooms, g»m«room, taraie, lewers, low taxea. Six yeara eld, good condition. Walking distant. to transportation, stores, cood schools. $19,900. #«5 ENGLISH TUDOR architecture. Eight rooms, large living room with fireplace, full dining room, (our bedrooms, two baths, basement, garage. Situated ln one of Red Bank's convenient neighborhoods near river. $24,- MO. #308 LITTLE SILVER COLONfAL split level. Four bedrooms, 1> baths, den, game room, garage, 125x125 landscaped yard, two years old, good condition, 123,900. #305. PHILIP J. BOWERS ft COMPANY... WALTER S. OVERTON OIAL74I-7J60 ' JUtl JEfUU SIM* UN BETTER BUYS BY BOWXlf

22 22 Friday, August 16,1963 RED BANK REGISTER BUSINESS PROPERTY INCOME PLUS BUSINESS SITE Move your enterprise Into tfau completely remodeled building with two apartrnenls now rented. Ideal iocatfon (or barber (hop, beaut' parlor, drug (tore, dentist and so on. Asklnc price, BJ.OOO. GLAZEBROOK AGENCY. Ave nue ot Two Rivers. Rumson FOR BALE OR LEASE Corner Lot 1TOB150 Shrewsbury Ave. Inquire at 336 Shrewsbury Ave. R.B. LEGAL NOTICE- REAL ESTATE WANTED the estimated tmoarii ot bondi or notes to t>e issued. The maximum amount SELLING CONFUSED 7 OF THE RECEIPT FROM THE of money to be raised from all sources Ho tie upi, courteous sen-fee, experienced and competent gales start. [AID HOUSING AND HOME FIN- 1RANT OF $143,500. FROM THE tor the *aid purpose i* Have cllenti aiwlnw to buy properly priced Homes In Bed Bank. Rurnson, Shrewibury, UtUe Silver and surround- UI areas. OPEN SEVEN DAYB Adams Agency 3 Howard Av». Shrewsbury SH 1-5*82 24-HOUR SERVICE HE COST OF THE SAME NOT IXCEEDING THE SUM OF *285, 00O.O0. BE IT ORDAINED by the Township lommltiee ot the Township of Middle town In the County of Monmoulh: SECTION I. That the Towmhfp 61 Mldriletown in the County ot Motv mouth proceed to construct an exten lion to the executive office building m the Township Hall property located >n the northerly airte of KIngi High- WE NEED YOUR HOME Our 12 iilespeople havs cllenti waunc lor your listing. They need ranches, way, Middle town, New Jersey, wester- put leveu, two; al«o investment Iy of the present Townuhlp Hall, ths property. Call ui lor «. aulck sale. Two same to be of non-fireproof construe' offices ttrvlag you. WALKER A WALKER Realtor! Chrpwabury Office Mlddleiown Office 111* WE NEED Fiv* or'six, 2-3 bedroom home*, turnlihed or unfumlihed. from 1120 to $175 per month for Incoming exftrutlvm. THE BERG AGENCY, Rt, S5, Mlddlettmn WANTED Two, Tnree, and four-besroom homes. >15,000-H0,000. ELWOOD A. ARMSTRONG AGENCY, Realtor, 555 Prospect Ave., UtU«Silver LEGAL NOTICE - NOTICB AN ORDINANCE AUTHORIZING THB CONSTRUCTION OF AN EXTEN- SION OF ADMWI8TRAT1VE OK- F1CES TO THE EXECUTIVE OF- FICE BUILDING ON THE TOWN- SHIP HALL. PROPERTY LOCATED burwd upon r*c«i&t ot Hid (rant or grant* Cram tht Heuifhi and Horat Finance Agency, Community Facilities Administration. SECTION 2. That.the sum or S300, or to much thereof as may be sufficient to carry out the jnoviilon* of this ordinance Is hereby appropriated for aald purpose and a down pay- ON THE NORTHERLY SIDE OF KINGS HIGHWAY. MIDDLETOWN, NEW JERSEY", AND APPROPRIATment has been provided for in the ING THE COST THEREOF IN THE Capital Improvement Fund of the SUM OF 1306,000, AND AUTHORIZludget for the year 1963 and budgets ING THE ACCEPTANCE OF A for^ prior years in the sum of GRANT OF $143,500. WHICH HAS and bortdi for (he balance thereof of BEEN APPROVED UNDER THE 1255,000,00 are hereby authorized to be.accelerated PUBLIC W0RK6 Issued for the purpose of financing PROGRAM OF THE HOUSING AND the coat of said work. The total HOME FINANCE AGENCY", COMamount of bonds Ixsued shall not ei MUNITY FACILITIES ADMINIBTRA ceed the sum of J2B5.0O0.OO which li TION, AND APPROPRIATING THE COST THEREOF IN ANTICIPATION NANCE AGENCY, COMMUNITY, PA CILITIE8 ADMINISTRATION AND UTHORIZINO THE ISSUANCE OF BONDS AND NOTES TO, FINANCE (ton, according to plans and specificslions made by Bernard Kellenyi, Registered Architect o( the State of NBW Jersey, together with furnishing* for the same, the said plans having been (lied with the Township Clerk, all at s cost not to exceed the Bum of 4300 moo. SECTION 2. That the lum of $143,500, 00 hai been or will be approve! under the Accelerated Public Works Program of the Housing and Home Finance Agency, Community Facilities Administration, and the said bond issue ere nted by thlr ordinance will be lined ror the construction of Bald Mtennlnn u above aft forth and will be relpi -UtGAL NOnCE- SECTION 4. It Is hereby determined and declared s«founwa: (a) That all bonrii or bond intlcipatlon notes issued pursuant to this ordinance shall bear Interest at a rate not exceeding nix per centum per annum, and the maturities, form and all other matters not determined herein shall be determined by resolution or resolutions of the governing body of said Township adopted pursuant to law. (b) That the average period ot usefulness of the purposes described In Section I hereof, within the!lm> itatlonn and provision* of the Local Bond Law li twenty-five f2s> years. -LEGAL on the obligations to flames tht said Improvement and iagal «s> penies and the colt of ins issuance of iucb obligations and legal tees, and (he other matters specified In Section 4OA:2-20 nf the Revised suttitm of New Jersey. SECTION S. Ptndng laid bonds, the cost of said work miy be temporarily financed by the Issuance of bond mnuclptwon notes, i' ach of *am notes "hall contain ecitnl that It Is issued In anticipation 0/ the Issuance of a bond, and shall describe In general terms ths purpose or purposes for the financing or which the note fi Issued. AH sucb notes may be issued for a period of not exceedins: one year and may bn renewed from tims to Uroe /or period of not exceeding one year, but such notes. Including renewals, shall mature and bn paid not more than two years from the date of the original notes, except 6i uppclally provided in Section 40:1-42. SECTION i. That thli ordinance until lake effect twenty day* after'the first publication thereof after final passage. KTATEMENT The municipal bond ordinance pub-..tilied herewith has been finally passed and the twenty rtay period or limitation within which a suit, acton proceedn* questioning the validity of such ordinance can h«commenced as provided in the Local Bond Law, has begun to run from the date of the tint Duplication of this statement HOWARD W. ROBBRTB Township Clerk 41 Th* mudlelpal bond ordtwne* pubshad herewith has been finally pasmd nd tbt twntr day period of UmlUtloo within watch a suit, action proceedlng questioning the validity of such the following item: "Capital Improve- Road Resurfacing Project 1100,. oe Umpocarlly Snam»d bjr tl» IMUanea ol bond anudoatlon notes, aid ordinance- can be commenced aa pro-mentsvided In (he Local Bond Law, has cital that It It luued In the MMUtnce ot ait ot aald noua ahall contain a re- utlelpation begun to run front' the date o( tb,e first publlcstion of UtU statement, HOWARD W. ROBERTS jtowbrtup Clerk NOTICE AN ORDINANCE AUTHORIZING TKE RBCQNaTHUCnON OF VARI- OUS STREETS IN THE TOWNSHIP OF MJDDLBTOWN, COUNTY OF MONMOUTH. AND APPROPRIATE JNO THB COST THERKOP IN THK BUM OP 1300,000 AND AUTHORIZ- ING THE ACCEPTANCE OF A GRANT OP WHICH HAS BEEN APPROVED UNDER THE ACCELERATED PUBLIC WORKS PROGRAM OF THK HOUSING AND HOME FINANCING AGENCY. COMMUNITY FACILITIES ADMiN- ISTRATION, AND APPROPRIATING THE CO8T THEREOF IN ANTICIPA- TION OF THE RECEIPT FROM THE GRANT OF 1100,000 FROM THE 8AID HOUSING AND HOME FI- NANCING AGENCY. COMMUNITY FACILITIES ADMINISTRATION, AND AUTHORIZING THE ISSU- ANCE OF BONDS AND NOTES TO FINANCE THE COST OF THE SAME NOT EXCEEDING THE SUM OF WOO.OOO. BE IT ORDAINED by th* Township Commute* of the Township of Middletown tn tha County ot Motunouth and State of New Jersey; SECTION 1. That ths Township of Middle town undertake a program ol road Improvement and reconstruction of various streets and roads in the Townsblp In accordance with the plans and specifications prepared by Henry F. Labrecque, Township Engineer, ap- ot this ordtottc*, Is al*a far tht satt jnirpt** aa* -town payment has been proridea form the current Budget of ths Township ol Hltfdletewn tor Uie yua 1M3 under 000." Bonds for the balance thereof In the sum of (100,000 arc hereby authorised to be lsiuecl for the purpose of financing th* cost of the aforesaid project, the said amount of bonds not to exceed the sum of $100,000, which Is the estimated amount o{ bonds or notes to bs issued. The maximum amount of money raised from {200,000. SECTION 3. It Is hereby determined aod declared as follows; (a) That all bonds or bond anticipation notes iasued pursuant to this ordinance shall bear Interest at s. rate not exceeding six percentum. per annum and the maturities^ form and all other matters not determined by resolution or resolutions of the governing body ef the. Town- ; ship of Middletown adopted pursuant to law. (b) That tht period of usefulness BI defined by the Statutes of New Jersey is hereby determined to be ten (10> yean. fc) That the supplemental debt statement required by R A:2-42 was, prior to the passage ot this ordinance, on ftnt reading, duly made and filed In the office of the Township Clerk of the Township of Mlddletown and said supplemental debt statement shows that the gross debt of inifi Townihlp of Middletown as defined fn Section 40:2-43 of the Revised Statutes is' increased by this Ordinance by and that the obligations authorized by this.ordinance will be within the debt limitations prescribed by the Local Bond JAW. <d> That the amount of the BJDcaedi of the bonds or note* authorised by this Ordinance nhail include necessary expenditures for In- fc) That (he supplemental debt Fa sued and approved at «. meeting statement reoulrert by Section 40A :- All urorlslons set forth In fill specifications on file with the Townihlp nf the Township Committee of th 2-42 of the Revised Statutes was, Townahlp or Mlddletown held on Au prior to the p&ss&ge ol this rrsniution on first reading, duly marie cleric are made a part of this advertisement Ui. name as If repeated t H, Aug. 1< and fllpil in the office of the Township Clerk, and Bald gupplrmenul Th" successful bidder must furnish Chairman of tha Townihtp Commute* At««t: NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS debt statement nhnws that the a surety company bond with a company satiifactory to th. Townabls Com- HowaM W. Roberta gross debt of said Township as tiettneii )» Section 4OA;2-43 of the Revised Statutes Is Increased by this Township Clerk. The Township Committee of the Aur. H H Township of Hlddletown will receive mittee. In the amount ot th. contract bids on August 2S, 1S63 at t:00 P. M., price. ordinance by 1285, and thnt proved by tha Township Committee and prevailing time, at the Township Hall, All bids must bs on standard proposal form which Is Ittachad to the the ohlig&tionb authorized by this There's no Trick to Having Extra Cash. You Get it Fast When and roadt with bituminous concrete, drainage system, south of Lenlson Ave- Township Commlttle ot th. Townahlp filed In the Office of the Township Kings Highway, lllddletown Townahlp, ordinance will be within the debt Cleric, by resurficinr the said.streets Netr Jersey, for the construction of a specifications, and addressed to the limitation* prescribed by the Local Bond Law, at a cost not to exceed the sum of tereit on the obligations to finance nue, between Maple Drive and Church ot Hlddletown. <t\) That the amount of the proreertu or the tiond or notes author- SECTION 2. That lh- sum of S200, penaes and the cost of the Issu- Specification may be obtained from 1200,000. tha fajd \mptovtmtnt and legal ex* Street. Townablp of Mlddletown. You Use The Register Classified. HOWARD W. nosert" ized by this ordinance shall include 000. or 10 much thereof ai may be ance of luch obligation! and legal the Township Clerk, Township Hall, Township Clerk, necensary expenditures for interest Advertisement. sufficient to carry out fj>«provisions fees, and the othtr matters speci- Kings Highway, MHdletown. Hew Jer- Aug. It LEGAL NOTICE ~ LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE- SAL NOTICE 4XOUL tktttot- «M in cam itk-.m of th, B«- Tiaao 1 Statute! of N«w Jeraey.. SECTION 4. Pcndlni th* Uauanca of aald bondi. the COM O! nld wotk may ol the laauanca ol bwda, and ahall deacrlbe In general larma the. purpoae or turpomta tor th* financing of whlcb the note la lined. All such notea may be laiued for a oerlod of not exceeding- one (1) ytml but such notej Including reoewfua shall mature and paid Township Clirk not more than two (2) yean from Aug. ia P.13 the date of the original notes except as specifically provided In Section 40- NOTICE TO BIDDEE8 A:2-2, SECTION I. Pentlal the receipt of Tha Township Committee of the the $100,000 aireadv approved under Township rf)lfild[.t.w» will r«.. the accelerated Public work! Program bid. at a raeettal of the JowMhlP ot the Housing and Home Financing Committee to be held at Ib. Townihlp Agency, Community Facilities Administration, of that portion of the work Ha Klnw Highway, MMJIeUnra. N J on Wednesday August 2». U63 covered by Uie J1OO00O. to be reulvm at 8:00 p.m., tor the colleouon and from said ' Administration, funds may be used pending tnt receipt of the actual S10O.OO0 from the Housing and Home Financing Agency, Community Facilities Administration. SECTION t. That this ordinance shall take effect twenty day* after the firat publication thereof after final passage. Passed and approved at a meeting of the Townahlp CommUteft of the Townahlp of MlddlKown held on Augtul If, 1MB. EAftL MOODY Chairman of the Township Committee Attest: Howard W. Roberts Township Clerk..UGAL NOTICE- fy, upon proper ngufiatioii U4 W Each bm must 1M """"MS!* 1 hr» certified check for ten {10%) per cent of the amount ef the bid,««' payable to the Township of Middleown, and a bid bond as par ipedbca- U The Township Commit*** ««"" the right to reject any and/or all bids. By Order of the Township Committee of the Towmhip ot Middletown. August li, 1*63 HOWARD W. ROBBRTB disposal of garbage, refus. and rubbish; to tb. Township ot Mlddletown. beginning January for a period ot 1 year, 3 year, and t yean. Detailed specifications are nn file with th. Township Clerk and copy of sam. may be obtained upon appli- AU olds must be accompanied by a certified check oj P1v. (5%) per cent of the amount ot the bid as sit forth In the specifications. Tn«rlfht Is reserved to reject any and all bids a. set forth In the sped- BOROUGH KEANSBURG OF TOWNSHIP OF MIDDLETOWN MONMOUTH COUNTY NEW JEISEY THE TOWNSHIP PLANNING BOARD HERBERT H. SMITH - ASSOCIATES Hi SEPT. 14, ItSO REVISED-JULY 10, ISSS BOPOUGH OF ATLAN17Q H, -22 ft-45 td O o BOROUGH OF BOROUGH FAIR OF HAVEN too'ttfjtahmdmtmtt M0. l-fii, II, ltd Nat- ITMIOL VHK -no K-49»4I U Ml a-is 1-1S»-i»»-T ZONtNU OKDINANCE OF THE T0WNtHIP> OP MIDDLETOWM MONMOUTH COUNTY. NEW.JERSEY S 4 S «7 t (0 j ir IONC»-0 HR*"' rwtws 1 ' 1 U////A*~* li;:,' INTISIOS LDTI HUM! IIO^OO 41J00O >40» nan 11^09 T.K» ISO 200 no IIS IOO rt lit Z0M '!! 10,000' 10,000 O«r«i O«t«100 IOO 100 too SDO 1(1 ZONI U'l SCHEDULE Or AREA, D, AND IUILDIN. CMHH SOIMRE tiopoo 41,1 n !»,.Mio f.000 I0J00O 10,000 lhim.<..., lolvn LOTI 'RONTtU ' IN x» tl* iro in ill \ to too lit 1* FRONT. Tl >m>cimi T rtls SC HEDUL! CONSTITUTE S A SO SO 40 40» II u Tt loo too ME SIM vaao 40 -fl» to II II IUIL0IM TOTAL Of EsSr no so w 40 SO» 100 too ZONING vase Tl 10 W 40» tl I. u too 00 ACCMIOMT IUILOIMS.iftl TIRO 0 II II zo II tl II 100. JQO MQUIMMENTI IICAH YiAO ART C r ARTICLC V OF T HIS Ot DINANCE to IB IOO 100 SAXIHUK OF LOT 10 II. It II 10 so so MAP uumii KIWT inmii»'/.»w t - 14 Fiir >. II II IS II M 1. 10' H 19 II Mmmw seon rlooa ltd 10UI tpoo <p* IJH WOO IJO. too,/xn 1,-OM lyoo. opoo 40/MO FL0M«P. 1,1 M IA0O 00 MS r (,- - >- ""' wonci '. - NOTICE Is her<br liven that an of' fer Mas btsn reeslrnl tt (An Tuwnsblp Comnlltee ot the Towruhlp of Middletown' for (ha furehase of properly lorn ted la Me Township of UliiH brinf 1.isMJMM.iai-IM Block A _. On Uso enutled.' HOMMTEAD Tin- HACK > <or the sura ol, IW 'fees, deeds. Hr. upon Ids touawmt ftrnt: CAJ9H Tint a hearlox an tlie said rnattar li to be hill at Hit MMlttpVB Townihlp hall on Wednesday Mtibif Ait' fust 2A, 19A3 at fl.'ls p.m., at which flirt* tha Township Committee will consider the same or confirm, and ratify Ihe same, according to said termi and condjtlnnff provlrilnr thst no highsr price or bellrr trrms sliall be bid for the aalri jiropprlv by ary other ptnon. deed to ba subject lo Ibe comnllanc* with tha requlrementi of Ihl Zoning Ordinance. By Order of the Township Commit' tie of tht Township ol Mlddlitown. ii3» Township O.rk NOTICE The fallowing li a copy of an Ordinance thai was Ing and was laid nvar for further eonalneratlon upon second and final passage lo a meeting of ths said T "nslllp Committee to be held at the Commute. Meeting Room, in tha Mlddleiown r noun letown; N. J., on Wednesday Evening August 38, 1M3 at S:00 o'clock 'p. rp., at which time all oersona Intereited will b» given an opportunity to be heard. HOWARD W. ROBERTO Township Clerk AN MIDtNANOB FURTHER AMBND- 1NO AND SUPPLKMBNTINa "THB 19«0 REVIBBD EONINO ORDI- NANCB OF TUB TOWNSHIP OF MIDDLITOWN" ADOPTED HOVIM HER if, 1M0. shown on th. map.mined "Zoning BKCT1ON 1." Article IV (Eslahllihment of Zones), section B, la hereby simsnd.d lo read as follows:, Zoning Map, 8EOTJON 1. Article XV (BJ Business Zunt) flection S, I. amended and auppleminlect by adnlng a new paragraph numbered 4, reading aa follows: 4. Uses.atabllshm.nt In thla tone jhall conlorm lo tha site design review requlremenli of ArUole XVI, lie- The above mentioned inns. ar. tlon E, paragraph. B. ECTI0N 3. Article XVII (Ml Llgnt Industry Zone) aectlon. I, paragraph! town that ""Ths i»w Revliad ZonJm mouih County, Hi* Jersey" dated *p. Is trnsnim and aupplsratnlm to reiq Ordlnanc. of th. Tonhip Township ot Middle. Umber U. 1M0, revised July ' ' 1(1, " 1M3, aa follow!: town," adopted November», 1M0, be which I. attached hereto and made a and th. same Is amended and suppllmented as followi: shall conform to the site design part of this ordinance. «. Uses (itabinhed In this sone rsvl.w requirement, of Article XVI. Section E, paragraph 5. ECTI0N 4. Article XIX (Permuted Modification, and Exceptions), lection, Naturaf Production ITtea Is emended ty ameddlnk th. Introductory paragraph of gectlon la read is follow,: dlitrtot or aon. on approval of uji Township Coraram... tit..xeavatlon and sale ot.and, (ravel, itons, top toll, or other natural mineral depoalts lubject to tha following conditions' imii" IKCTION S. This Ordliario. ahall ' tak. eltaot Immadlately upon Ha jaelag. '"I pubitoatlon toeordtng to few. *«««Klt.M

23 T*» aaaiclmi band l*«h*r*inoi ha* M leh a'luit acttoa pro- >!>( tha validity of iu«h».y...~^ can be oommincid ai pro. rld*d It the Ixwal Born Law. ha* beaub to run cmm toe due e( the tint publication ot thla lulement. HOWARD W. ROBIBTS Tcrmibip Ot4i none* AN,ORDINANCE AXJTHORIZINfl THE CONBTKUCTION AND JWTJkthl TION OF VARIOUS UDSWAUC FA- TH«TOWKiHIP OF ~ COUNT! OF j5ffibs«sfjnw fn,0o04» WHICH KA» utk AP- PROVBB UNDCB TH1 ACCKUER. AT«D PUBUC WORKS PROORAU OF THI HOUSING AND HOME Ft NAKgB AOINCT, COIUICMITY FA C I U i ADMINISTRATION AND APPROPRIATING THE COIT THBREOJIN ANTICIPATION or T H I luccxipt FROM THI GRANT OF Ml.MW.W FROM TH* SAID HOUS1NO AND HOltt FINANCI AOf NCT. COHMUNKY FACIUTIE8 fflgrsb*ss r 8? > / I SSS& fflgrsbss«8?o/sss& AND NOTBS TO FINAKCB THE BE IT ORDAINED by lha Towmhlp Oommlttaa of tha Townahlp of Iflddltlown In the County of Monmouth and atata or New Jttief. SECTION 1. That the Townihlp of Ulddletown una,rtam a program for the construction and Installation of sidewalk* In tha Townihlp ol Hlddlatown according to plana and ipaclflcatlona mad* by Henrr *\ Labrtcqut aad on file with the Towmhlp Clerk, th* location of,am* to b* a* follow,: 2. Northerly lid* of Cherrv Tree Farm Road from Hirb Road to at. Mary's Church, a. Oa* aide of New Vosmoulh Road from Tlndall Road to Kenwood Dtlve. S. Easterly aide of Tlndlll Road from Park Avenue ta Glllrldg* Parkway and Perk Avenue from Tlndall Road 10 Lconardvlll* Road. 4. weatariy side of Swimming Rlrer Road from Pine street la Newnan Spring! Road. I. Southerly aide of Newman Spring* Road from Navy Railroad to Pha lanx Road. All at a coat not to axceid Ih* aum f tia.ooooo. SECTION I. That tb* aum of 1125 eoft-qo or io much thereof ai may ba aufflelent to carry out the provisions of thle ordinance la hereby appropriated for said purpol* and a down payment ha* been provided for In th* eurrent budget for th* year 1M3 and prior yaara in th* Capital Improvemint Fund In th* eum of (S,IW0.n> and bend* for the balance thereof in th* mm of S118.SOO.00 ar* heraby authorised to ba taiuad for th* purpose of financing tbi cost of tha aforesaid firoieet; {h» total amount of bonds lalued not to uceed, tb* aum of *lls> SOO.OO which Is th* Mtlmatld amount of bond* or note* to be laiued. Toe maximum amount c-t money to bt raised from all sources for th* laid furposi li. tha aum of tl!j,0o0. SICTION 3. It Is hereby d*termln*l and declared *e lollowa: (a) That all bondi or bo/id anticipation notas lliued PUnuant to this ardleaneft ahall bear Interest at a rate not exceedlnf ill per centum p«r annum, and the maturities, form and all other matter! not determined herein ahall bs determined br resolution or resolutions ot the governing body of the Townihlp of fflddlatowa adopted pursuant to, law. (b) That the period of usefulness aa defined by the Statutes of New jariey la hereby determined to b* ttn (10> jean. <e) mat th* aupplamental debt atatament MWilred by R. S. 40A:I- 41 ni, prior to th* pinat* ot Uila ordinance on tint nadlng, duly made and Hied In th* office of th* Towmhlp Clark ot ttt Township of Mldaiatown and laid lupplemental debt atatemant ehowa that tha iron d*bt of aald Township of Miaaietown ai dsflnid In Section «A:J. S at tha R*vla*d Statute* fs Increased by thla ordinance by immo.oo and that th* obllgauona authorized) by Ihli ordinance will be within tha dent Iimltatlona prescribed by tut Local Bond Law. Wi That the amount ot th* proettds of th* bonde or notea authorised hy thle Ordinance Include naceeaary a*ner?<llturis tor Interest on Ih* obligations to finance th* eald Improvement and le- Cl»otfiiet and th* ooat of Uie uance of iuch obligations and aniimerlni fe«s, and th* other matler, spcclflm In Section 40A:MO sf th* Reviled Statut*! ot Ntw Itraty. ' SBCTION 4. Psndlnf Ih* liiuanee ot salil bone*; th* wwt of said work -may > temporarily Mnancid by tb* liauince of bond anticipation notes, and ach of aald note* ahatl eontaln a rtdial that -It la liaued In antlolpaton f thi Issuance of bond*, and shall daaerlba In general terme th* purpoae or purposes for th* flnanclnj ot which th* not* I* lasued. All auch not** mar Sa liaued for a period or not tweed- Ing ona (1) year, and m*r be re- MW*4 from time to tlmt lor period of not exceeding on* (1) year, but nch not**, Including ranewals, ahall mature and paid not more than two (I) Itar* from U» dat* of the orginsi note* except aa imcjlfctlly protidal In lection 40A:J-«. SECTION 9. Pendlnr the r*e«lpt ot Bi* Stl.00O.oO already approved under.the Accelerated Public Work, Program of Id* Houifnf add Rom*, Finance Agency. Community Facilities Administration, ot th* portion of th* work covered by th* SJl.OOO.DO to be reeelrid from nld Admlnlitratlon. fund, may be uied pendlni th* rttalpl ol the aetull W.00O.0O from tht Hnialnl and Home Finance Agincy, Community Facllltlfi Administration. axcttzon 9. That thli ordinaries *hall tave.ffert twenty days aflir th* first publication thereof aftir final palsag*. Panad and approved at a metum of th* Townahlp Committee ot the townahlp or Mlddlttown held on Au- *"" "' JW1 DAM. MOODT Chairman of tbt Towmhlp Commute, Attelt:, Howard W. Robert* Township Clerk. Au*. l«hotltp TO CONTRAOTOM The Townahlp Committee of tha Towtiahlp ot Mlddletown will receive tide on jtuguii M. JMJ at «:O0 P. M., privallmg time, at tht Townahlp Hill. Klngi Highway, Ulddlttown Townahlp, Ntw Jcratv, for the conttruetlon ol a tralnage ayitem at "Country «ld«,'' Chtrry Tree Farm Road, Townahlp ol Mlddlttown. ipeclllcatlone may be obtained from the Towneup Clerk. Townehlp Hall, Klnii Highway. Mlddletown, New Jar- ty, upon proper notification and payment ot coat of preparation. Each bid muat ba accompanied by t. eartmed check [or ten U0%) per ant of tht amount ol the bid, made payable to the TowmhJp of. Middle- (mrn, and a bid bond at per apiclfioation. Tht TownthVp Ccmmlttet reltrvea the right to reject any and/of", all bida. By Order of the Towneblp Committe. or the Townehlp of Mlddlttown. AUtUMH HOWARD W.ROBEHTS Townehlp Clerk Aug. It fl- 34 NOTICE TO CONTKACTOM Tht Townihlp commwet ol Ihe Townthlp of rflddletown wlu receive bide on Auguit H. IW at «:w J>. M. prevailing time, at the Townihlp Hall, Klni. Highway. Ulddletown Townahlp, Kaw Jereey. (or Hit conrtructlon of a or linage lyitem at 'lllgh View Park." Hart Road, Towmhlp of Ulddlelown. (peclflcatlonl m»y be oblalnnl from Ihe Townahlp Clerk, Townahlp Hall, Klnga Highway, Mlddletown, Niw J.rley, upon propar nollflcallon and par- Bent of coit of preparation. Each bid mult be accompanied by certlfhd cheok lor ten UOft) per cant ol tht amount ot the bid, made payable lo the Townihlp ol Middletown, and a bid bond ai per iptcllleatlon The Townihlp Committee reiervea tha ylght to reject any and/or all bide. By Order of the Townahlp Committo* of th* Towmhlp of Mlddletown. AUfU " "'HOWARD W. ROB.BT. Townahlp Clerk Aug. II *> *> NOTICK TO CONTHACTORI! Th* Townahlp Commltle* or Ih* Towruhlp ot Mlddletown will receive bldi on Auguit J8. INS at :» P. M.. prevailing time, at tne Townihlp Hall. Slug! Highway, Mlddletown Townahlp, New Jeraey, for tht conatruotlon of a dralnagt ayitem on Warren Plac* at Harmony Road, Townehlp of Middletown, emptying Into Colraan atraet, Ratitan Towmhlp. amclflcatlone may be oblalnid from th*t6wnahlp Clerk, Wwnihle Hell. Klnga Highway, lalddlatown. New Jtrley, upon propar notmcatlon an4 p*ymerit of out ot preparation. Each bin mutt be iccompanlti by t, ctrtlfled emttftr ten 0"*.' *f! enl of thk'awtjlnt»f the BIO.: made JSab. t" th. TiWrMlp of ind t bid bond at per nwdfleiuon. Th. To*nuM» Comnltttt reaenta tha rlghtto rtlect ammj/oi all_bide. *r otttt el tlu tmnumf Cmmnte* ot th* Tnwmhlp of Mlddletown. UEflU, NOrKZ l bond ordtoance pubbaa btarj nnall d uoai T p.rlo«s a anil action th l T ""» WIUHD wnian a tint action pro- "A?^* «M * u «n '«s tbi vaildlty ol inch ordinance c«a be commtnead at providtd in the Local Bond L a" has begun to rua from tht dat* ol tha nm nublleatloo of thli itattmidt. HOWARD W. ROBERTS Townihlp Cltrk N0T1CB ' OBDINAIICE AUTHOMMMO THI ^ T F ^ MUTH AND APPROPRIATING THK COt«TRERBOP AND AU- THORJHNO THX UMUANC* OF BONM AMD NOTES TO TOfANCl THE CO8T JTOR THB IAJUE NOT JXCMGIHNO rm MUM OT HM,- BE IT ORDAINED by U»«Town«hIn Commitu* of Uii TownJHID of ilwdlp town la the County of M on mouth ana Sine or New J«nsy: _,«C!TION L T1UU tbt TOWBlhl* Ol Middle town undcrukt * proirtm for the eonitructlon and lniuiutled ot atdawtliu tn tbt Townahlp of Mlddlttown tccordlnr ta plant and.pitmentloni mad* by H«ory V. Labrecaut»nd on fll» with th* Townihlp Clark, U» location of umi to b«ai follow*: 1. South.rly aid* of Main hrnt.port Monmouth. from Harmony Road to Wllion Avtnut. 1. Wcitcrly aid* ot Xlnga Highway from Cherry Tt«t Lant to Conover Avtnut, ft. Soutbtrty lint o( Thompson A«- nu«from Hcrmoor Koad to JBrar Avenue. 4. Northerly aid* of Nut twamp Road (Kubbtrd Aaad) and Hubbard Avcnua from Lot ft In Block 24S to Rlvir Plata Orammar BtHtoo). I. Eait»rly tldt of MlddUtown-Llncroft RoaA from htt Drlva to Oak Hill Road. t, Northtrly lid* of Rlv«nld«Drlva from Hubbard Read t6 Rooitv*lt Circle. t. Southerly aidt of Harmony Road from Thstnpson Avuma to Murphy Road. 8. ftrathtily alda ot Lwoaitvlll* Road from Orchard Itrtit to Hoifbrd Avamit. t. Eaatirly alda of Church Itraat from Railroad AT«U* to Matt Hlihway No. M. 10, Eaaterlr atda of Tlndall Road from ailliidta Parkway to matt Highway No. 3ft. 11, Murphy Road from Vain Strttt to Harmony Road. 12, Northtrly aide of Chtrry Tret Farm lu. i>ndn Leonardvllta Rd. from St. Mary'i drlvaway on Cherry Tree Farm Road to Church Street. All it a eoat not to aiceed tha aum of ttw.000. SECTION % That th* aum of HM or ao much thiraof at may ht sufficient to carry out the prorlaloni of thta ordfnaaee ff Jitrtby approprlattd for laid purpoae and a down payment h u been provided for In the curnnt buda"*c for th* ytitr IMS and prior yeara in tht Capital Improvement Fund m tht aum of 11, and bonda tor tht balance thereof tn th* Bum of nw.b00.00 are htrtby authorized to be liaued for tha purpoa* of f Inane In f the coit of tha aforeaald project; tha total amount of bonds liaued not to exceed th* mm of.flh.b00.00 which li the tatlmatftd amount of bonda or notei to be fiaued. Tha mailmum amount of money to bt ralitd from all ourcci for the mid purpoa* is tha aum Of Mfl SECTION S. It la htreby dttermlnad and declared aa fottawa: <a) That all bonda or bond anticipation nolei Inued purauant to thle ordinance ahall bear Intertat au t rate not exceeding alx per centum per annum, and the nuturltlea, form and all other matter* not determined herein ahall be determined by resolution or raimutic-ni of the foverning body of the Townihlp of Mlddletown adopted purauant to law. *b) That th* p*jrfod of Uflefulncaa s i defined by the Statutes ol New Jeraey la hereby determined to ba tea (10) yean. (c) That the supplemental debt atatamant reaulred by R. S. 40A:l-4Z waa, prior to th* ptiun of (hli ordinance on tint reading, duly made and filed in the office of the Townihlp Clerk of Uit Townihlp ot Hiddtetown and aald lupplementa) debt autement showa that the iron debt of taid Townjhlp of Mlddletown -unltiintd In Section 40A.243 of th* Revlaed Btatutai la lncreum by thli ordinance by flm and that the oblftatlone authorised by thla ordinance will be within the debt Iimltatlona prescribed by the Local Bond Law. (d) That the amount of the proceed! of the bondi or tiotai authorised by this ordinance ihair Include itceeaaary expenditures for Interest W the obitsatlona to finance tht laid Improremint and legal expemei and the eoat ot the lssuaoee ot auch cbligattoni and tnttdeerlnir fete, and the other mattera speeded m fiction 40A:3-3O of the Revised Sututti of tiew Jeriey. SECTION i. Pendlat tha liauance of aald bonds, the edit of said work may be temporarily financed by the isiuanee of bond anticipation notes, and each of aatd notes ahall contain a recital that It I* Jiau*d In anticipation of th* Isiuanc* of bonds, and ahall describe In general terms the purpose 1 or purpoae* for the flnaaclnf of which the note Is iiaued. All euch notea may be, Issued for a period of not exceeding ene ID ye*r out MUCH notes Including renewals shall mature and paid not more than two (21 yearn from th* datt of tbt orjfjnjt) notes except an Hpectflcally provided In Sicd«i 40-A.Z4. SECTION B, That this ordinance ahall take eff«ct twenty daya after the first publication thereof after final paasase. Paased and approvtri nt a m net I nit of the Townihlp Committee of the Township o' JWddletown held on Autuit 14, 1«1- EARL MOODY Chairman ot the Township Committee Attest: Howard W. Roberta Townihlp Clerk. Aug. 16 $43.93 NOTICE OF BRTTT15MENT or ACCOUNT ESTATE OF LOUISE TURNER, CE- CBA1ED. ivoifce I* hereby ctren that the aecounts of the luttiertbera. Executors and Truiteei of the eitate of ial<l Deaied will ht audited and stated by the Surrogate of the County or Monmouth and reported for lektement to The Monmoulh County Court, Probate Dlvlilon, on Friday, tha 4th day of October A. D., 1M1, at t:30, o'clock a.m., at tht County Court House, Monument and Court Streeti. Freehold, New Jeney. at which time Application will be made for the allowance of Commissions and Counsel feea. Dated Aufuit 8th A. I). 1M3. JOHN BAIER, BR., 24 Alvln Terraoe, prlngneld, N. J. VJ^.T&R HBMHAUSER, 24 Hill Top Circle, Uiranfl, If. J. Executors and Truatiea, Ueisrs. Klatsky A Hlmelman. Counsellors at Law, 8 Ban Front Street, Red Bank. N. J. Aug. 16, 23,», Sept. 6 Sn.30 TRANSPORTATION BID* Seale<f propoulm for tn* trmji&pott*.- tlon of piiptli by taxi on routes to be dealcnated as T-l and T-Z. will be received by th* Botrd ot Kdurallon of Uie School District of the Township of Colti Neck at 8:10 P. M.. Eaitisrn Daylight Savins; Time, on Tuesday *r*> filnt;. August 37th, at ihe A* I untie Elementary School, Colts Neck, W. J. Bids will be lor ona>year contract for the 1M344 school year tnd ipiclflcatlons and bid farmi for the routes and a standard form or queatlomulre to be anawered by the bidder may be inured from the Secretary, h. H. Doua> iii, or from Mrs. Zelda S. Hamilton principal. The Board reierrei the right to reject any and all bids., h. H. DOUOaUu. Sec'y. Box 11, R. D. NO. 1 CoHa Neck, N. J.' Aug. If (4.21 BIDA Sealed proposals for th* transportation of pupils on a Route to be designated ai Route No. It. will be received by the Board.of Education of tht School District of The Township of Colts Heck atff:10 P. M., Kaalern Daylljjrht Stvlns Time, on Tuesday rverlnir, August 21th, 19S3 at the Atlantic Kti>men<ary flchool, Coltf Neck, IV. J, Bids will he for 1 a one-year contract for the achool year and sn«clfltton* and bid forma tor line rout* and _ standard form of queiitlannslre to be ana we red by the bidder may be secured trom the Secretary, L. H. Douglan. or from Mrs, Zelda S. Himll- Xon principal. The Board t*nni*n th* right lo reect any. and all bmi. I, ft. DOtfOLAM, Secy. Pnn at n. n. NO. I Colte Neck,, N. J. Auf. 1< '- (' l»«or On Wednesday, Auguit», 1163 at 19[ft) A.M, I wil sill at publlo anelocton behalf or Seafloeit fraanee Co. at 11 Broad *., Red Bank. N. J. on* 1M6 Lincoln «Dr. HT. Capri Bar. No. HITB4M11I (or default }n a Conditional lalei Contract marl* by Wai- Ur Lathaji. Salt ear may be Men it: Otrluid Inc., HI Maple AYS,. Red * * N AueUoi,..r( /. M. KlfODaJB Aug. II PM WTAtMtUBT TW municipal bond-ordinance iutv Uahed herewith haa b*w finally»**»d aad tb* twttkif tot ptriod #/.initiation within which a iiilt, action pro* cmdtag, quhuonlnf ih# vajfeuty ot such ordinance eu bt eomm*at*i as providad in tht Local Bond Uw, bat baguo t» run from Uit dat* ot tht firit publicjulon of thu statement HOWARD W. ROBERT! Township Clerk N0TIC1 AN OltDmAMCB AUTHORIfcUIQ THC COMtTRUCTION AND INtTALLA TION Or VARJOU* PRAINAOS fa- CILJT1ES IN THB TOWNSHIP OF HIDDUTTOWN, COUNTT OP MON- MOUTH AT A COST NOT EXCEED ING 173, AND AUTHORISINQ THt 1MUANCI OF BOND* AND NOTKS IN THB IUU OT IM TO JTINANCC PART OF THB COST THBitvor. BB IT ORDAINED br th* Townihlp CommKUt of th* Towmhlp of MiddlitowD io tit* Countjr o( Moomouth tod Auu of W*>w Jtfrtty: JBECTION 1. Tblt Ih- Townihip of Mlddlttown uddtrtako a trofrim (or tht eooilructlod and trvtakiltttoa of itorm Uwirs of refnforc«d concrtt* plp«in th* Townihlp of Mlddlttown tccprting to plus and ip«elf)c%tloni mtd«by A\*K IV. DUciilshln, ind on til* with the Townthljp Clerk, and bt- Inf Known At ih«bft/abot* Draintgi Frwtct tt-l <U a coit oot to aieted m'wa, SECTION X That the mm of *7J or»a much thtrcof at may b» ulflcunt to carry out th* provlilom of thlt Ordtnanct 1B hertby appropri- *x*d SOT aald purpoa* and a down pajrmtnt hat bt*n provided for In the ourrtnt budget for tht rear 1M3 and prior yetri In tht Capital Improvement Fund In the aum of (3,600. and bondi for th* btlanct thereat tn thi mm of 9M.4O0.0O art htrtby authorized to be liiuid for the purpoaa of financial tli* eott ot the afortiald project; the total amount ot bondi Uiued not to exceed tht mm of *«, which li th«titlmtted amount of bobda or notat t» ba litutd. Tht maximum amount ot monty to bt railed fnsm all aoureti for th* mid purpott la tht turn of ri.ono.oo 1ECTI0N S. It If htrebr dltermlntd and dtclired aa followi: (a) That all bond* er bond anticipation note* Ifiutd ounuant to thla ontlntnei ihail biar Inttrttt at a ratt not excvidinc alx per etntum p*r annum and ih* maturltlti, form tod all other matttrf not dtttrmlntd herein thui bt dtttrmlnti by reiojutfoo or reiojutlom of the governlnc body of the Towmhlp of Mlddletown adopted puijuani to Uw, <b) That the period of ueefulniii aa diflned br the Statutta of New Jeniey it htriby determined to ba (40) ytkt. (e) That the lupplemtnttl debt atatemtnt required br R. I. 40A: wu, prior to the pa*iag«of thla ordinance on flrtt riadlna. duly made and filed In the Office of tht Townihlp Clerk of th* Town* ihlp of MlddJelown and said eupplemtntai debt statement ehowa that the irott dtbt or mid Townahlp ot VldOietown aa dtllned In Station 4C*A:2-4) of tha Revised Statutta li Increaattt by thli Ordinance by 988, and that the obligation! authorlied by thli ordinance will b* within the dabi limitations praacrlbed by the Local Bond Law. (d> That the amount of th* proceed! of tht bond* or notei authorized by thta Ordinance ahall In* dude neceaiary expenditure for Inttreit on tht owifatjom to flnanc* tht aald Improvement and l«jal ix* penati and the coat of the laiuanc* of *uch obiliatlona and enjjcterlnf feea, and the other matters specified in StcUon 40A:2-3D of tbe tteviieri Statue* of New Jeraey. XOTION 4. Pendlni the Issuance ot _ald bontia, the coit ot aald work may ba> tempofarily financed by the itiu ane* of bond anticipation notei, and each of aald notea shall contain recital that It li Hatted In anticipation of the Issuance of bonde, and hall rieacribe In general terms the purpoae or purposes for the financing of which tha note Is URutd. All such notes may be issued for A &a*iod._of not exceeding one (l>..yefi >. and may b«renewed from' tlma lo time for period of got exceeding one (It year but auch notes. Including ren.wali, shall mature and paid not more than two (2) yeara from th* date of the original notes, except aa- Jipaaf * " provided In Stciien ~Mk:T-t. SBCTION B". That thli ordinance shall takt effect twenty <3t» da>a after the first publication thereof after flnii pftiaag*.,-' ' Passed and approved at a meeting of the TdwnihFp Commit t#» of the Township of Mlddlttown held on A\xgust 14, IMS. JARL MOODY Chairman of tb# TownaWp Commltttt Attest: HawttA W. Robtrto Townahlp Clerk. Aug. It. W- 1 * NOTICE OF ffkttuemenr OF ACCOUNT ESTATE OF PAUL W. FIEBEL- KOR.N, DECEASED Notice la hereby given that the accounti of tht subacrlber, Adminletrator of th* estate of aaid Deceased will be audited and atated Lby the Surrogate of the County of Monmouth and reported for aettlament to Hi* Monmouth County Court, Probate Division, on Friday, the 20th day of September A. I). 1M.1. at 1.30 o'clock am., at the County Court House, Monument and Court Streets. Freehold, New Jeraey, at which time Application will be mad* for the allowance of Coramtialone and Counsel fees. Caten August inn A. D. INS. THE CENTRAL JEH1E7 BANK AND TRUST COMPANY, (By: ERNEST HALL, Truit Officer), SOI Main Street, AUenhurst, N. J, Administrator. Arnold Tanner, Eiq,, Couniellor st Law, 90 Eatt Main Street, Freehold, N. J. An*. 16, , Stpt. 9 ttt.m COUNTY tot MONMOVnt STATE OF NEW JEBRKY Notice le hereby given that leated blda will b# rec*ir*d br tit* Board of Choien Fretholdera of the County of Won m out I. for tturalahtng Sodium Chlor. Me /Rock Salt) to the Road «nri Brlrtg* Dt pert ment ot th* County with an amount Indicated In the proposal, ttn<j opened and read.lh public In th* Hall of Recnrda, Vain Btre«t, Freehold. X. J., on Wedneaday August 21, IMS t 3:00 o'clock, y. m.. Prevailing Time, Specification! and form of bid for Ihe prnnoaed work, preptired by H. Leroy Martlo, Uonmogth County %.. neer and approved by tht New Jersey State Highway Commissioner, have been filed Ih the office of the Engineer In tht Hall of Records aforementioned and of aald State Highway Commissionsr in Trenton, N. J., and may be Impacted by prospective biddin during buslneu hours. Bidders will be furnished with a copy of the specification! upon proper notice to the County Engineer. Blda muit b«mad* on atandard proposni farm* In tht manner designated In th* aptcjucatlona; must bt enclosed in aealed enviiopei bearing th* name and add rt is of the bidder and name of the work to be bid on. on the, outside; addrasiad to th* Board of Chosen Freeholder* of the County ot Monmouth. V, J., and must bt aoconv naniet by a Non-OHIuslon Affidavit and * certified cheek for not let* thin Ten Per Cent (10%> of the emount bid, provided aald check need not be more than «ft nor )«tt Ihtn gsoo.m payable to the Treasurer of tht County of Monmouth and be delivered at 1ht p)ac» on or bilort the hour above named, The atandard proposal form ta attached to the mpplemtntary apecln catlonf, copies of which will be furn lihed upon application to the County Engineer. Th* right Is reierrcd to reject any or all blda If deemed to the Intereat of tht County of Monmouth to do so. By order of the Board ot Choaen Freeholder* ot th* County of Monmouth. JOSEPH C. IRW1N, Director. WILUAU L. VUUCH. Clerk. Aut. I. 1» tm.*l COVJOT OF MONMODTH HTATB OF XXW JKR8ET Notice li harebr siren that ualtfl blda will be r*celred by the Board of Choien.Frktholderi or the Countr of uonmoutb, N. J., for Furnishing No. 2 Fuel Oil lor Varloua County Bultdinga In tht Soroush of Freehold and tht Townihlp of Freehold and opened and rtad In miblle In tht Meetlnff Room: In ihe Hail of Records. Ualn Strait. ' Freehold, N. J., on Wtdneidtjr, Jtuauit 21. 1H3 at >:00 o'clock, p. m., Prevefllns Time. O)PJ»Ht»JS*el'l«att«Bs, fptm ot bid, contract aim bond (or the propoaed work have neen riled In Uie office or William L. Ulrlch. Clerk ot tbt Board r>r rtioetn rreeholden In the Hall of Records, aforementioned, and coplo* may h* received bj prospectlte biddera. upon application, during bualneaa hour* Bids tnuat be made on standard propom forma In the manner deilanalpd and required by to* speclflcatloni; must be enclosed In sealed envelopre bearing tha nam* and addrele of th* bidder, deilrnatlnr the name of the work, on tha outald*, addressed to th* Board of Chosen Freeholder! of the Coiimr of llonmouth *nd mult b* aecomoanled by a certified check drawn in the order of Ihe Monmouin County Treaiurer for not leia than One Hundred (tloo.oo) Dollar* end mull be accompanied by a certlflcnte from e reapon'lble bonding complny that thiy will provide a bond If Ihe bidder la aucceialul) and be delivered at lha place and on the hour ahov* nnmm. Hie rlthl I* reserved to reject any or all hlrli If deemed tn the Intereat or th* County of Monmouth so to do. By order or the Betrtt of Cbimn Freeholder* ot Ih* County ot Monmouth. JOSCPff C 7RWSH, Director WILUAM L. IIUIICH, Cljr-k Aug. t. H W».K Ilia AN O OnD NOTICE a following entitled ordlnanct viz: AN OnniNANCI TO RBPBAL AN OnDlMANCI BUTITLID "AM OF1DI- NANCK AUTHOWSUNO THB CON- HTniJCTION AND JNiTAIXATlON OF VARIOUS) SIDEWALK FACIUTIES IN rra TOWNSHIP OP MIDOUOTOWM. COUNTT OF MONMOUTH ANU AP- PROPBIATINO THB COSTS THERE. OF A«r> AUTHOHI-UHO THU JUIf. AN0BO* 1 BONOS AND NO " TO FINANCB THE COST FOR T1IH»AMH NOT CXCEEDINO Tim IUK OF OOOO. waa paa»d on IIK'I "ailt a mattlns or Ihl Townahlp rjsnjlltti» tf'iht Townehlp 01 mooletown tmi «ii vttdne«la» AU»«ir 1*; 1M3 arid waa thereupon approvtd by Ult Chairman ot the Towoehlp Com- "*""'' BAM. uoovr Chtlnnan ot the Towiublp Committal Howard W. flodlrta T j 5 «* Hones Takt aotkt that application hai ktw mad* to Uie tlayar ist ComtU! the Borough ot IU4 lank ts trinattr to lubuitao Heui Syetim tradlu aa Uot\j ntehtr tno the Plenary Kttall Cooaumpuoo Uetflie Cl far premleti ttuattd at M Rl»ertlde Avenue, KM Bank, heretofore Iaaut4 to llolly Pitcher Operating Company, Inc. trtdjef. ai Holly Pltchar Inn. ^ OFriCKIM Harry A. Taylor, Br.-PreHdent m Elmysd Drive, Ormg., New Jeraey Ifarton R. Taylor-Vlct Prtaldent tti Elmynd Drlv*. Orange, N. J. Harry A. Taylor, Jr.-Vle* Prallatnl and Treaiurar n Kobart Artuue, atununlt, N. /. Oharlee 1. Kydd, Fairmont Road. PotttrevUll, M. 1. Robert O. Bentas-aecrttair S Semlnol* Way, Short Hllll, N. I. Catnerlne H Brady. 4*0 Main fttrtel. Orani*. H. i, DUECTOM Barry A. Taylor. Sr., S7a E-lmynd Drlv*, Oraaa*, N, J. Marlon R. Taylor ffl Xlmynd Drlv*. Orang*. N. J. Harry A. Taylor, Jr. tl Hobtrt Avtnua, Summit, H. J. William H. Taylor it Wait view Road, snort Rule, H.J. Chanea X Kydd Fairmont Road. PouarlvtUe. K. J. lane T. Kydd Fairmont Road. Fotttnrlllt, K. 1. Robert O. Beaton a Samlnol* Way, Short Hllll, I*. 1, Silly T. Btnaon 5 Semlnole Way, tjhort Hill! N. J, STOCKHOLDERS HOLDDfO MOBK THAN TEN PEB CENT or THE STOCH Harry T. Taylor. Sr. 77) Elmynd Drive, Orange, N. J. Marlon R. Taylor 773 Elmynd Drive, Orange, N. J. Harry A. Taylor. Jr. IT Hobart Avenue, Summit, K. 1. Jan* Taylor Kydd Fairmont Road, Fotltrivlllt. M. 1. William B. Taylor 41 Welt View Road, Short Hllll, N. J. Sally T. Renaon 65 Semlnole War, Short mm, N.. Objection! If any, ahoutd bt madi Immediately In wilting to John Bryan Clerk of Borough of let Bank, New Jtraey. SUBURBAN HOTEL, 1VSTIVC T/A uohvr motncr INN Aug. U. a S32.WI wonci to Tke Tmtklp Committee ot UM To*ma»l» ot JtWetown wtu rtctlve Mat oa Juigutt S UM at 1:00 P.M.. prevailing Urn*, at Ihe Towmfalo Ball, UK Htghway. MUMIttowa Township, Jtw Jirsty, for tat construction of dralnagt setttm u "Country C3ub Istalai," Highway BL M, Townahlp it Ulddletown. Sptclfleailnii raiy bt oblalnad trom Ihe Townahlp Clerk. TowuklP Hill. Klngi HHUway, Mlddlltowo, Ntw Jir ty, upon proptr notification and pay ntat of eott»r prtparadob. Saca bid must bt lctompanl«d by certified cheek tor tan (10%) per etnt of til* amount of to* bid, made payamt ta tht Townihlp of Mlddlsown, and a bid bond aa par apeclflca [OB. The Township Commlutt ruirvei «i rilkt to reject any and/or all bldi. By Ordtr of tbt Township Commltof Uit Townahl> of Mlddltlown. AUJT1H U. IMS HOWARD W. ROIXRTS Township Clark II; OF SBTTLEMENT OF ACCOUNT ESTATE OF FEUCITT CLARK DU- KE, DECEASED Nolle* li hereby tlven that tha aceounti of u>* aubt«rlb*ra. Zi*euio/i of th* tatu* or aald Dec*aaed will be audtt*d aad itatvd by th* Surrogate r till Couoty of lionmoulh and re- >rttd for teuientnt ta Tht iconiouth County Court. Probttt Dlvlilon. TrUtr. Ihe 30th day of September D.. IMS, at I:SO o'clock a.m., at County Court Houae, lionument Court Slreete, Freehold. New J«ry, at which tlm* application will be ltd* for th* aliofranc* ot Commliona and Count*! t*e*. Datid Julr Mlh, A. D. IMi. RICHARD BACH! DUANE. Locuat. ITew Jeraey. UNITED STATE* TRUST COMPANT, OF NEW TORK, By: I. r. RtAD, Aatlitartt Vlcl Praaldant,,6 Wall Str*H, *w York CJIy. W. T. Exacuton. >arlla B. Ailing. «., Counaillor at Law, 460 Bloomrlftlo Av*nu», Monlclalr, New Jeney. ug. 1. t. it. n f»oi MONMOUTH CODNTr «(IRR0nATE'«COIRT Notice I* Crf^ltore tt PinMt Claim. Again! Xttalt ESTATE OF WALTER E. ANDER- SON, DECBASSD Punuant to the order of JDDWARD C. BROEQE, Murrosate of the County of Monmouth, thla day made, on the application of the underilgnad, Jamei H. Andarion and E. AUalra Cornweu, Executora of the eitate of tht laid Walter K. Anderaon. dteaattd, notice It hereby given to tht eredltori of tld dec«titd to preietit to th*-*ia d Bxecutora their clatmi^undar oatfc within alx month*- from ' rtila dat*. * Dated: Alguat >lh, INI JAMIB If. ANDB 10 Sharaton' I^nt Rumion, New JerlPy.' E. ALLAIRE CORNWBLIt' 19 Borden Pl«c«Llllli Silver, New Jerity Executor*:'' Ifeaara. Reuuille. Corawill. Htuiner * carottnuto II Broad Street R»d Bank. New Jir«y Attorney* Aug. II, 33. M, Sept. S31.n ',' RTATKMfcNt Tht munlcloal bond ordlnanc*., llshed htrtwlth las bten flnallr Mned and thi twtntr day ptrlod of limitation within which a ault, action proae*41ns questioning the validity or auch ordlnanot can bt commenced aa provided In tht Local Bpnd Law. haa begun to run from tht date of lha tint publication of tbli statement. HOWARD W ROBERTS Township Clerk NOTICE AK ORDINANCE AUTHORIZINO THI CONSTRUCTION AND INSTALLA- TION OF VARIOUS DRAINAGE FA. CILrn*B AT COUNTRY CLUB ES TATEB IN THB TOWNSHIP OF MID DLBTOWN. COUNTT OF M0N. MOUTH AT A COST NOT EXCEED. INO 140, AND AUTHORIZING THE ISSUANCE OF BONDS AND NOTES IN THE SUM OF «J»,O00.00 TO FINANCB PART OF THB COST THE Kl! Or. BE IT ORDAlNED by the Townahlp Commttte* of th* Townahlp of Middletown tn th* County ot Moomouth «nd it at* or New Jersey: SECnoif I. That th* Townahlp OL Ulddtetown undertake a program for the construction and lnataukllon of itorm stw«r«of ralnforectt concrete pip* In the To win hip of Mlddletown according to pltns and tptclflcatlonj made by Henry F. Labnicqu*, known at "Plan or Existing and Propottd Dralnagt, Country Club Eitates. Hiddlelown Towmhlp. Monmouth Couaty, N. J. June 12, 1M3," at a eoat not to exceed 940, BJCCT1ON 2, That the aum ot,- 000,00 or ao much thereof tt may bt aufflclent to carry out th* provlalona of thla ordinance I* ntrtby appropriated for itld purpoat and A down pajmtnt hat bten provided for In th* current budget for th* year IMS and prior yetrs In the Capital Improvamtn. Fund In the aum of (2, and bond* for thi balance thereof In the fum of 138, ar* hereby authorised to b* 11 tiied for tht purpoae of financing the coat or th* aforetald project; th* total amount of bondi Isaued not to ix> ceed the turn of t3l.00q.o0 which ta the eitlmattd amount of bond* or notei to bt laiued. Th* maximum amount of money to be railed from all eourc** for th* tald purpoae la th* aum ol 140, SECTION I. It u hereby determined and declared ai followa: (e> That all bond* or bond anticipation notea liaued purauant to thli Ordinance ahan bear Interwt tt a rate not exceeding alx per centum par annum tad th* ma. turltlei, form and all other mitten notrf#t#rminm btrtln «hall b* detirmtned by retolutlon or reaotutlont of th* gottralng body of th* Townahfp of UlddiMOwn adepltd punuant to law. (b) That tht ptrlod of uiefulntm a* defined by tht Statute* of Kaw Jarity la hereby determined to b* forty (40) yean. (c) That the aupplemental debt itatement required by R.B. «0A:2O waa, prior to tht paatagi of thla ordinance on flrtt reading, duly made and (lied In the office of the Townihlp Clerk or th* Townamp or Mldriletown ind taid supplemental d*bt itatement thow* that Ihe groat debt of tald Townahtp tl Mlddletown a* defined In flection 40A:7-43 ot th* R IT fieri tttatut* la In created by thla ordtnanc* by IM.WW.00 and that th» obltralfona autiiorlxed by thfi Orrffnance will bt wilhln the A*W llm- Itatlon* preacribad by th* local Bond Law. (d> That the amount of th* proceed* of the bond* or note* au* thorlxttt by thli ordinance *h*m Include necettary eipendlturea (or Inttreat ID thi obligation! to finance tht fald tmpiov*m*nt and toga! *- pemtt and ihe coat ol tht Inuanc* of iuch obllgatlona and anglnatrlng fee*, and other matter* tpvclfltd In Stotlon 4OA:2-:o or th* Rtvli.fl Htatutta of New Jeriey. SECTION 4. Pending th* lliuanca of 11 Id ftonda. tht coat of laid work may b* temporarily financed by th* laauane* of bond anticipation not*». and ach of iald i»ote* shall contain a recital that It U Uiutrt in intlcipitlon of th* latuane* of bonda, and ihall dtacrlb* in itneral term* the purpote or purpoat* for th* financing of which th* not* li liaucd. All auch not** may bt (aiued for a period of not exceeding on* (1) year, and may t>t renewed from tlmt to tim* for ptrlod of not exceeding one (I) r««r, but auch notit Including ranawtlt. chill mature and paid not more than two 2) y«in trom tht daft 0/ th* origin*) notei. eicftpl it tpecirically provided in.iettlon 40A.1I. ;. MKCTION 5. That lh)j Ordlnmea hall take effect twenty <»» d*y«aft. cr Ihe tint publication thtrtof after final paaaaii. ol Ih* TowrtBhip Comihlltl* of til* TowmftJp ot Vfddftfflwn btld oa Aoglut 14, 1H3. KAflli MOODT Chairman of tha.townamp Commltit* Attttt: rtg TO COJiTtXACTOWt Th* Townihlp CommlUe* of the 'owmhlp of lliddletown will, receive Idk on August 2B. 1MU at 1:0 P. M., revautng ttmt, at th* Towmhlp Hall, :inie Highway, Wddlttown Towmhip, Tew Jeraer, for the construction of Idtwilka and work Incidental thereto the laat aide ot Church Strait bet won state Highway No. «and ill road Avenue. IptcIDcatlona may bt obtained from Towmhlp Cltrk, Towmhlp Hall, :inge Highway, Mlddlttown Townihlp, Tew Jarity, upon sropir notification,nd payment of coat ot preparation. Kach bid mutt ba accompanied by certified chtckt for ten 410% 1 per ent of the amount of th* bid, made itjabl* to th* Towmhlp of Uidnleawn, and a bid bond ai ptr spiclftcaon. Tht Townahlp Commute* rutrvea th* right lo reject any and/or all blda. By Or<t*r or tht Townihlp Commiti* of tht Townihlp cf Ulddletown, Aufu«t U. IMS, HOWARD W. ROBERTS Townahlp Clerk. Aug. if ^^ r.m Momcae JXGAL. wncz ^-^.ivf^vr^^ssis ot Choatja rrttholdttt *f tht County or XoomouUi, N. j., for rurniiblng No. 4 Fuel oil for virioui County bulldlnga in th* Borough of Freehold. Tbt Towntnit of Freehold and Th* Townahlp of Wall, and opened and read ia public la th* Uettlng Room, In tb* Hall of Record!. Main Btrett, Freehold, N. J.. on W*oo*tdiy. Aufuit 31. 1M3, at 1:00 o'clock, p. m., Prevailing Tim*., Complete ipecifi**uoni, form of bid, contract and bond for tbt ptopottd work hav* been filed in the office of Wllllim L. Ulrlch. Cltrk of th* Board of Choitn Fre*hold#n in (h< Hail o< Rtcordi aforementioned end cople* may b* received by proipectlve bid dert during bu#lnea* hour*. Btdi mutt bt madt on atandtrd propotal form* lo the manner detlgnated and requrtd by id* tptclf JcitJou ; muit b* endoatd tn a*aled tnvtlopea bearing the nam* and aidreti of the bidder, dt*lgnatlng Ih* name of the work on the outilde, at1dr«?s«<i tn \t\* Board of Choaen Freeholder! of th* Coumy of Won mouth and muit be «ceompanled by a. certified check drawn to tut order of the Monmouth County Treaaurer for not leu than Om Hundred (1100,00^ Dollan and muit he accompanied by * certificate from a reaponaible bonding: company that they wilt provide a bond If th* bidder la uccmifu!; and h* delivered at the place and on the hour above named. The rl ht 1* r«l*rv«d to rejtct any or»ll blda IT dtemid. lo th* lottreit of the County of Monmouth ao to do. By order or th* Board of Choien Freeholder* of th* County ot Monmouth, JOSEPH C. 1RWIN, Director WILLIAM L. ULR1CH, Cleric 9. IB *3( H NOTICE Tn«fallowing Dntllled ordinance via: AN ORDINANCB TO REPKAL AN OFtDIKANCl BNTITUED "AN ORD * NANCK AUTHORIZINa THD COK- 9TRVCTWN ANI> inttau^ation o r VARIOUS SIDEWALK FACILITIES IN THB TOWNSHIP OF MIDDLltTOWK; COUNTT OF MOmtOWH AND AP- PROPRIATINa THI! COST THEREOF AND AUTHORIZING THE IMUANCB OF BONDS AND NOTES TO FINANCE THE COST TOR THE flauv NOT EX- CEKDING THE BUM OF *133, waa puied on flitftl reading at a meet* Ing of the Towmhlp Committee ot the I Townihlp of Mlddletown held on Wednesday Aujimt 14, 1993 ind waa thereupon approved bw the Chairman of the Townehlp Committee. BAR I, MOODY hitrmfcn of tha Townih>t> Committee Howard W. Roberta Tr.wr.Khlp Clerk Aug. 1«94.44! NOTICE TO CONTRACTOR! 1 * Th* Township CommlUee of the Towmhlp of MIAdtetown will racelv* bldi on Auiuit M. 1M3 at 8:00 P.M., prevailing time, at the Towmhfp Kali, king* Hlihway, Mlddletown Townihlp, N«w Jeraay, for th* eonitrucllon ot a. drainage ayatem at Oak Place, at WUion Avtnut, TtwniWp of Ulrtdletown. Upeclflcalinnj may be obtained Irom th» Township Clerk, Townftilp Hull, King* Highway, Mlddletown, New Jartey, upon proper notification and pay* ment ot coit ot preparation. Bach bid muit bi accompanied by a certified chick for ten 110%) per cent of th* amount of th* bid, midt payable to th* TOwnvhip of Mldriletown, and a bid bond ta per apetlflc&tlan. Th* Townthlp Committee rejtervei th* right to r«l«ct any and/or all btrti. By Order of tht> Townahlp Comraitte* of th* Townihlp of Mlddlttown. Auguit 14, IMS HOWARD W. ROBERTS Townahlp Clerk Aug. U ^ H00 ITECISIEll 16, To Replace Monument EATONTOWN - Th«World War II monument in the borough pftrk i«being rtpuced, Councilmar. Leon B. Smock, Jr., announced Wednesday night. "Hie fact that tbe sign was not in its place is not due to vandalism, he stated. It was toppled when a car rolled down from the Blue Jay Diner parking tot across the street and struck it, he explained. Councilman Theodore Zebrowski told \ht council that the heavy fire-fighting equipment will go into the borough's new fire house this weekend. The building is finished except for "small details and touch-ups," he said. LEGAL NOTICE- Councilman JUlph L. Um\$ said the fire company $nd first aid squad are planning tn open house and exhibit of equipment at the new fire house, lor borough citizens. This. h«laid, is tentatively scheduled for the first Sunday after Labor Day. The council voted to se!i bondi Sept. II to pay for the fire house end the borough garage. Construction has been financed by short-term borrowing The council approved th# appointment of five new members to the fire company. They are: Joseph A. Mam, Jr., Thomas J, Stoneham, Jack Edward Lewis, Virgil Clinton Davis and Eugene Buckley. LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE TO ONrRACTORH Tb* Township Com mi tie* of tht Townihlp or Ulrtdletown will, receive bldl on Auguat 21. 1M3 at 8:00 P. M. ur*valilng Hm«, at thi Townihlp Hall. King* Highway, Mldrtletown Townahlp, New Jtney. for the conitructlon of ildewalki and work Incidental thertto on (tie Weit aldo of Klnjjn Highway, Mlddletown Vllllge School, Cherry Tree l*nt, Mlddletown Towmhlp, Monmouth County, New Jersey. Bpeclflctltoni may be obtained from the Townihlp Clerk, Township Hall. Klnga Highway, Mlddletown Township, Ntw Jerny, upon proper notification,nd paynunt of coat of preparation. Each bid mint ba accompinfed by a e«rilfiad check for ten (1(1%) p**r ecru erf th* amount of tht bid, mid* pay-.bta to the Towmhlp of Aflddlitown, and a bid bond aa par ipeclhcttlon. Th* Townihlp Committee re*arvei the right to rtjtct any cod/or an bldr By Ordtr o( th* Towmhlp Commlt- :t* of th* Towmhlp of Mlddletown, Auguat 14, 1063 HOWARD W. ROBERTS * Townihlp Clerk. Aug NOTICR Or METTM.MKNT or ACCOUNT ERTATK OF KMZABKTH CATHER- INE HEflBC, DECEASED. Notice! hereby given that the accounts ot the aubicrlbar, a. Co-executor of th*»atnte or aald!! <#» «(t will be audited and elated br the Surrogate ot the County o( Monmouth and reported for a«ttlament to The Monmouth County Court, Prohtte Divfalon, on Friday, the 24th day of September A. T>., 1M3, it 9:30 o'clock >. m., it the County Court ftnuie, Monument and Court Stretta, rreehold, New Jtreey. at which time Application will be made far the allowance ot Communion* and Cnunael feea, Dated July 30th A, I). 1M3. CHARLES J. HE8SE, JR., Beacon H1N Rnul, Leonardo, N. 3, a Co-Eiecutnr. Metmn. Robirta, PllUbury h. Carton, Countellara at Law, 95 6T Pint Avenue, Atlantic HIghlandii, N. 7. X» H M NOTICK MONMOUTH (OCSTV HVRROOATK'H COURT Nfttlre in Credilor* to PrctCtit Claim* Aia.not Kita(«> ESTATE OP IJCrTY BARTHKli (COURECT N A M K EDNA L. BA R- THEL) OICEASED. Pureuant to ih' nrd^r ft EDWARO C. BROEQE, Burrogat* of the County of Honmouth. thla d»y murif, on th: application of the undcralgned. M»rg*r*t Harvey, Bole Eiecutrlx of thv estate of the a*!d Letty Sarttiei (cor- Kd U HthH dec*i r*ct name t h d Ly U HarthHt. h nntlct Is hereby itven to tht creditor* of it li dtcetuerf to pr«i«ftt to tht aid, got* Executrix their clalma under 01th within alx month* frnm thta datt. Dated: Augmt tth, 1M3 MARGARET HARVEY M7 Brotdwaj Weit r-ortg Franch, New J*n#y Sole Executrix Cnarlt-i L. Morgin, E>q, 152 Broadway Wfit liong Branch, N. *T, Attorney Aug. f, lfl, 23, JO *MT.«NOTICE HONMOUTH COCNTV URROOATE'S COURT Atlantic HIg Aug X», H, M RROOATES COURT i tn Oredllors In Pru#*at Claim* Aialnut EiteJe EATATE OF OEORaE H. SCHID- LER, HCCEAflCD Fumtjinl to the order of EDWARD C, BROEDK, Surrogate of the County of Man mouth, (hi* day made, on the application of the undiralped, MIMred Hosch h>rn, on«of the Execute rt ot the estate ot the.aald Otorge H. Bchedler, deceiacri, notice li hereby gtvfn to the cradltora of aald deceaaea to pr«i*ni lo the aald EitentrU their" oialmi under otth within alx months-; trom thla date. Dated: July Wen, im MILDRED HORrH KERN Son ERat 13th Street Brooklyn 30, New York, Executrix **ir* Crow ell * Crowell 14 Mechanic Street RM Bank. New Jtraey, Attorney a 3 9 l«m I3T80 t 93S.S3 Aug. 3. 9, NOTICE of REGISTRATION For Hi* coiivanftnea of Hit voters who kavo not y*t registered, wt havt qrronjtd for night r*g«ittration in Hi* Township of Mlddltfawit on Hit following datts and places: DISTRICTS 4 ft 1 13 ft 23 It 14 ft II 7 ft ft II It 10 II 1 ft 22 U*«dot* for DAT! Tutictay ovtnlng Stpt. 3, 19*3 Wodntsdoy tvtnlitg Stpt *3 Thursday tvmlng Stpt. S. 1WJ Mday ovtiting Stpt. i, 1963 Monday ovtnnid Stpt. f. 1«3 Tuttdty tvtfjliia; Stpt. 10, 1M3 Wtdrftsday avtnlitfl Stpt. 11, 19t3 Thursday tvenlng Stpt. 12, 1f«3 Friday aythlng Stpt. 13, 19*3 Stpt. U, 19o3 THtsdajr ttmlii Sopt. 17, 1943 Stpt. II, 19*3 Thursday tvtnlng Stpf. 19, 19*3 Friday awning Stpt. 20, 19*3 Monday tvtnlnf Stpt. 23, 19*3 Tuesday evening Stpt. 24, 19*3 Wednesday evening Stpt. 25, 19*3 THURSDAY IVININO SEPT. 2*. 19*3 PLACI OF REGISTRATION ravont Park ft Leonardo Flra Hout* Center Avtnut, Leonardo Navetlnk Flra House Monmouth Avenue, Navtslnk Independent Firt Home State Highway #34, Mford Bayvlew School Ltttardvllle Road, lerterd Port Monmouth Firt Houst Wilson Avenue, Port Monmout* Part Mogmoufff School Rt. 3* ft Main St., Port Monmouth Harmony School Cor. Murphy Rd. ft Harmony Rd., MldoTetow* last Keansburg Firt House Thompson Av#., East Ktansburg Mtddlttown Township Fire Hausa Start Highway #35, Mlddletown Falrvlew School Cooper Rd. off Rt. 35, Middletawn Llncroft Hrt Homo Newman Springs Road, Llncroft Llneraft School Newman Springs Road, Llncroft River Plan Hose Co. Fin Hous* Faster St., River Pfcaa Thompson School Mlddletewn-Lincroft Rd., River Plow Mlddletown Township High School TindaN Road, Mlddletown Administration lullding Kings Highway, Mlddlttown Administration lullding Kings Highway, Mlddlttown Administration lullding Kings Highway. Mlddlttown The hours of regittretion will be from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Certain election districts are aitlgnid to e»rt«in locations on a certain tvaning for tha eonvsnitnes of tha rasidants of thoia ptrticular districts; howaver, any voter may ragiifar at any of the tbova placis whathtr or not they reside in thaf particular district. Every registration coven tha entira Township. Ragiitration will also ba taken at the Administration building on waekduys, Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. NO PERSON CAN REGISTER AFTER SEPTEMBER Anyone who has movad from on* district io anothtr or ona municipality to anothar, is requirad to have a change of addrass filled out and filed with tha Township Clark bafora Septambar 26, 1963, or they cannot vote in tha Novembar elaction. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Such transfer slips may ba filed with the parsons holding registration af tha times, and places above enumerated. ARTICLE II, SECTION 3, of the Stata Constitution givas the qualifications of voters at follows: "Every eitiian of tha United States, 'of tha age of 21 years, who shall hava bsen a resident of this Stata ft months, and of tha County in which ha claims his vota 60 days, next before election, shall be antitlsd to vote for all officers that now ara or haraaffer may be electiv* by the people and upon all questions which may ba submitted to e vote of the people, Adopted general election November 5, Effective December f, 1957." SUGGESTION: It is urged that everyone endeavor to register at the place nearest or In hit I9»3 and avoid the neeesii district as above indicated. This wilt avoid a crowd of people at the la it registration on September 26, lify of waiting in lini for'a «onllderaliij«*lihgfh of time. '':. ' :'- - ;;.- '-' '..' '- : ---^.i HOWARD W. ROBERTS Township Clerk

24 Sft-Friday, August 16,1963 RED BANK REGISTER OAT ING 8 By Toby Price The competitive boating schedule lightens up con?*iderably this weekend following a. hectic four days of Sweepstakes both senior and junior on the Navesink River. Before the Sweeps is forgotten, it is worthy of note that the quantity and quality of the attendance continued to rise. A total of 132 boats showed up for the regular Sweeps, second highest total in history. The National Junior Sweeps had 96 boats, an all-time record high. Jersey's top junior sailors were in attendance Monmouth Boat Club had a good break in the weather, except for the final day when a sudden squal blew up. Fortunately nothing serious developed, although the race committee was given some anxious moments. Two items of interest occupy the weekend com petitive schedule. Tomorrow at Bay Head, Charles Allaire, veteran Monmouth Boat Club sailor, will enter the Mallory Cup Area semi-finals against the Yachi Racing Association men's champions of Chesapeake Bay, Barnegat Bay, South Jersey and Hudson River. The winner gets a berth in the Mallory Cup North American finals to be sailed at Annapolis, Md., start- Ing Sept 9. Allaire, Middletown Township postmaster, is the North Jersey YRA men's champion, having won tha title in competition at Spray Beach last month. The series at Bay Head will be sailed in Lightnings, Charlie's favorite craft. One competitor that bears watching is Harry Sindle, the Barnegat Bay YRA champion. Sindle and Allaire are long-time Lightning class foes. BLUE WATER RACES The Atlantic Highlands Yacht Club will sponsor the annual Blue Water races for cruising auxiliary sailboats. There will be separate races each day over Sandy Hook Bay courses ranging from 16 to 18 miles. Jersey Ocean Racing Club off-soundings rating* will be in effect. Fleet captain Fran Branfn is In charge of the program. OTHER EVENTS Shrewsbury Sailing an Yacht Club has its annual club championship regatta this weekend. This is a five race series for Comets, Wood Pussies, Turnabouts and Blue Jays. The races also count towards the regular summer championship 15-race series. Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club, at Beach Haven has its annual open regatta for nine classes, plus auxiliaries. This one will draw a huge entry, especially from Barnegat Bay and South Jersey areas. North Jersey YRA will award its class pennants to the Comet and E Sloop winners, provided they are from a member club. Other classes include: M Sloop Blue Jay, Flying Dutchman, Jet, Flying Scot, Lightning and Barnegat Sneak Box. Powerboat enthusiasts have a two-day inboard regatta at Greenwood Lake. Classes include 44 througl hydros, plus Ski Racing Runabouts. Jersey Speec Skiffs also have requested to be included on th( program. COMET QUALIFIERS Many New Jersey Cornel sailors will be at Beach Haven this weekend trying oui the Little Egg Harbor waters. This is the same site fo; the Internationals to be held Sept A total of 18 Jerseyans qualified for the Internationals, including seven from the Shrewsbury S&YC In recent North and South Jersey Territorial Regattas The seven locals, who qualified at Lake Hopatcong, Aug. 3-4, included: Bud Rogers, Hank Miltenberger, Dave Kingston, Talbott Ingram, Ed Waters, Tom Morrison and Leighton Waters. Green Pond's Bob Wales was the Territorial champion. South Jersey's eliminations were held at Stone Harbor, also Aug Territorial champion was Fred Barclay, Little Egg Harbor Y.C. I The other qualifiers finished in this order: Joh ". Causland, Cooper River; Blair Fletcher, Ocean Cit. " Sam Fortenbaugh, Bay Head; Andy Schoettle, Coopi 5 Rdver; Charles Calhoun, Avalon; Jack Barclay, Littl i'. Egg Harbor; Kell Achenbach, Stone Harbor; Bar Kontes, Ocean City and Jim Ellis, Greater Wildwoo A 36-boat fleet competed in a windy series a'... Stone Harbor. The Comet International champion, Nor man Freeman, Ithaca, N. Y., will be back for a thin 1 title shot. Freeman is a top competitor in Flying Dutch men now, but stall is finding time for domet sailin Another big name is Harry Sindle, who qualifid In the Chesapeake Bay region. Sindle, a former Jer eyan, is now living in Virginia. Closest Point Race in Wai History Continues Saturda WALL TOWNSHIP - The ' closest season's championship point standings battle in the 14- year history of Wall Stadium uto racing will be resumed Saturday night when a pair of former champions go at it again botfi trying for their second title. Last Saturday night Pete Fra iee of Railway surged back into the lead after Sayreville'j Dill * Chevalier had held the top spot tor two weeks. Going Into this Saturday's 30- lap main event, Frazec hold's a dim four-point margin over his rival. Botifi a<«volertn modified time' title-holder Tom Elliott o* among the sportsmen racers v Toms River, He's only M points 2M points over second plao. out of second place. Wally Dalhnbacfa of East Brunswick pvor Don Stives. The Hoffman, RUBS Hoffman and 208 point: Running for his first champion- Stives and Mike Link race coul «hlp l> 130 points back and be a tight one for second place. still has a mathematical diam The sportsmen and novice vision races are not quite close, but could possibly chang especially the novice leader ship. Jack Krlska, out of compel lion for the year with a back i jury and being subbed for b; young Tommie Hoffman, hold 178-pbint lead. But the novice: still have several big races re maining on the sohedule and we ond place Norm Fourre" Is -itil within reaoh. The novices wil compete in two feature races th' week, the regular one and a (ncompfetcd race for last Sn'u Ohcvnlicr day night. Both races are 2ft division campaigners. W» the title In 195^ and Frazee appers with 12 to go on (.he,sec <n ' ond. Also gaining on the leaders Bill Brice of South Belmar sti! rid not out of If yet Is three-holds his commanding [Jury Takes er Butts' ase Monday ATLANTA (AP) Testimony vas completed yesterday in the rial of Wally Butts' $10 million ibel suit against Curtis Publishig Co. after Butts said he had Jld the truth in denying footballix charges. Both sides immediately moved or directed verdicts and the mo ions were denied. Closing argunents were set for today and rfonday. The jury will be given the case flonday. Butts, the boss of football at the University' of Georgia for more than two decades before his resignation, was the final witness. His attorney, William H. Schroler, Jr., looked at the stocky Butts and asked about the testimony Butts had given: Is that the truth, so help you 3od?" That is the truth, sir," Butts inswered. Schroder asked two more quesions about football, then he ooked at Judge Lewis R. Morgan id said "that is our case, your lonor," ^j Elborn B. Cody, chief counsel or Curtis, added "and we have :onipleted ours, your honor." The climax came at 4:03 p.m. in the ninth day of the trial which esulted from a Saturday Eveling Post article charging that Butts and Coach Paul 'Bear' Bryant of Alabama rigged a football game last fall. Cody asked for a directed verdict "in order to protect the record." He argued that Butts was not in the coaching profession and, therefore, was not entitled to any damages. He said Butts' complaint was imlted to the coaching profession. Butts, 58, was head coach for 1 years. He resigned but remained as athletic director for two years, leaving that post last Feb. 28. Allen Lockerman, one of Butts' lawyers, asked a directed verdict for Butts. Lockerman contended Curtis had not proved its case. Schroder argued for a directed erdict on what he said were unproved implications in the Post article Chat Butts had gambled on the outcome of the game. Judge Morgan denied all the motions. But he told Schroder to prepare for consideration a proposed charge to the jury about the gambling allegation. In testimony read to the jury earlier Chicago beer distributor Frank Scoby said he had bet heavily, on football six years ago, but had never got inside team information from Butts. Wes Ellis Leads Tourney With 66 HARTFORD, Corni. (AP)-We; Ellis of West Caidwell, N. J., sho a flve-under-par 66 yesterday, for hei'dpening day lead in the $40, 000 Insurance City Open Gol Tournament, but he can't afford to rest comfortably. RijtW behlmd him were' Bil Casper of Apple Valley, Calif., back on the PGA circuit after a three-month lapse because of an injured left hand, and Jerr; Pittman of Tulsa, Okla., Caspei posted a 57, and Pittman 68. They were not far ahead of the field, either. Close behind were 1 others including Bob Goalby, the 1962 fco champion; Art Wall. Jr., who lost the sudden-death playofl to Goalby last year; Doug Ford, Tony Lerna, George Bayer am Lionel and Jay Hebert. While 27 in the field of 15 shattered par on the : Wethersfield Country Club Course, two of the nation's top pros, Jack Nicklaus and Julius Boros, cam in with mediocre performances for them. Nicklaus, the PGA and Master' champion, shot a 73. Boros, U, S Open titleholder from Connecticut, posted a 74. Bnai Brith Lodge Golf Tourney Sept. 1 NEPTUNE The annual Bnal Brith inter-lodge golf tournament between Joseph Finkel Lodge, Long Branch, and Shore Lodge, Asbury, Park,.will be held at Jumping Brook Country Club Wednesday, Sept.l. Participants will start to tee off at 8 a.m. Approximately 100 golfers are entered to date. Committee members are Harry Berger, Jake Edelstein and Martin Grossman of Joseph Finkcl Lodge and Bob Kislin, Saul Rubin, Barry Stupelman and Sidney Meistrich of Shore Lodge. Presentations will be made at a dinner at Jumping Brook following the golf tournament. Lodge presidents Sidney Solden of Joseph Finkel and Albert Paskow of Shore will make the presentations. RANGERS OPEN OCT. 12 NEW YORK (AP) - The New York Rangers will meet tlie Detroit Red Wings in their Madison Square Garden opener Wednesday, Oct. 16, the National Hockey League club announced yesterday. The Rangers have scheduled 18 of their 35 home'gomes Sunday nights, 11 Wednesday nights, four Saturday afternoons and one each Thursday and' Friday nights'. The New York team will close its home campaign March 22 agslnst the Montreal Canadtens. There's no Trick to Having Exra Cash. You Get It Fast When 'ou Use The Register Classified. 1 IN FATZLER PACE Harold Dancer, Jr., wirh hit brown gelding pacer Chin Whiskers will be out to win the $5,000 Fattier pace, Freehold Raceway's feature Saturday. Surf, Field and Stream (Continued).. meaning tuna weighing up to 300 pounds, were spotted at both places. The big bluefins were seemingly chasing small blues all over the lot. Butch Miller of Fair Haven had a horse mackerel strike oh 17'Saturday while out with Jake Field on the latetr's Storm Petrel. Field, incidentally, made a significant observation on the importance of an inlet through Sandy Hook to local boating interests. Any boatman who made 50 trips around the Hook each season would save at least $150 annually in fuel costs alone were - he able to use a shortcut as represented by an inlet at Spermacettl Cove, figured Jake. Corps of Engineers should have a project report on the inlet by the end of September. If the Engineers come out strongly for the cut, heavy pressure will be placed on Congress for inclusion of the project on the next fiscal budget. George Chandler, Fair Haven, is more diligent and certainly a more successful crabber. He's been scapping plenty of softies in the Navesink nightly. Blueclaw expert Chandler predicts September will be a good month for crabbing in both' rivers,, Meanwhile, river fisherrn n are catching small por ;ies, some fluke and occasional blues. Striper sport has been lack-lustre. Plenty of rats, or bass averaging about 12 inches in length, t Highlands Bridge, bu precious few keepers there., ' Beach and jetty casters are coming by what could be described best as a delicate pick on bass. Night visitors to the rocks at Deal are taking stripers up to 35 pounds on rigged eels. Small blues continue to bounce in and out of the undertow on irregular schedule. McDonald's Nine Mancini Wins Feted at Dinner Net Title At EAST KEANSBURG White Sands LONG BRANCH - Danny Mancini, a Long Branch youngster, emerged as tennis champion at McDonald's Raiders, champion boys' division baseball team of the Middletown Youth Athletic Association, were honored recently at a father and son dinner at Buck Smith's Restaurant. The boys' division is for youths 11 to 13 years of age. Honored at the dinner were manager E. Hall, "Red" Kempson and coach Joe Yesenko. Gift? were presented to boih men by the fathers and boys of the winning team. Those attending were: Lou Deutsch and son Harry, Richard Dickinson and son, Tommy; Philip Dobbin and son Jimmy; Theodore Eskildsen and son Teddy; Harold Haskell and son Keith; Frank Murphy and son Fran; Robert Stimpson and sons Ricky and Bobby; Rudolph Widman and son Paul; Daniel Patterson and son Danny; George Spratford and son Scotty; Paul Kavanaugh and son Kevin, and Bobby Yesenko. the White Sands Bathing Clul recently. Mancini battled through a flel of ]6 to win the tourney played on the macadamized courts ol the local beach club. Mancini outlasted Al Valentino 3-«, 6-2, 6-2, in the finals. Val entino was atso from Lon Branch. The champion defeated Rogei Moog, 6-3, in the first round and (hen decisioned John Shirk, 6-3, in the quarter-finals. All opening round, quarter and semi-final matches were one-sel affairs, with the finals two sets out of three. In the younger division, Rocco Dowd, 9-years-old, went through two rounds, whipping Ralph Fusco, 6-3, and Fred De Sapio, 6-4. HELPING HAND FOR DADDY Mary Colleen and Eddie Kelly, Jr., children of trainer E. L. Kelly, visit with Brookfiold Farm's Inside Story in hit stall at the Atlantic City Race Course. The ion of Turn-To will be under lilkt In the better allowance races at the retort track. Rarltan Pop Warner Gridder* Meet Mon. RARITAN TOWNSHIP - Caadfdatei for Raritaa Townchlp Pop Warner football will meet Monday at f:m p.m. at Been Street School. Adults with football experience are also urged to attend the session and join the coaching staff. Youths Ml years of age are eligible to try for the squad. Last year Pop Warner was organized here, but due to lack of funds the team was unable to compete. This year, however, Karitan is a member of the Pop Warner League, but the group it Mill seeking financial aid. Mrs. Ryan Drops Ace AtBeacon LEONARDO Mrs. James Ryan, 78 Ridge Road, Rumson, scored a hole-in-one to feature yesterday's women's crier's golf tournament at Beacon Hill Country Club. Mrs. Ryan collected her ace on the first hole while competing In the nine-hole section of the tourney. This is the first year on the links for Mrs. Ryan. Mrs. Ryan was second in the line-hole group with a net of 23. Each player in the crier's tourna ment was allowed to substitute par for their three worst holes. In the 18-hole play, Mrs. J. W. Spencer, Middletown, won with a low net of 65. Mrs. Richard Robinson, Little Silver, was second with 67. Tied for third were Mrs. A. W. Stern, Little Silver, and Mrs. Charles Keyler, Rumson, each with 68. Roger Bolll of Wins Heel and Toe Rally RED BANK - Roger BoW, Holmdel, with Kathy Stanat, of Colts Neck in the navigator's seat, drove his fully. equipped.. Team Chrysler 300 to a handy win in the second Experimental Rally over a field of 34 cars from New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania last Sunday. The rally,, sponsored by the Heel and Toe Sports Car CJub, Red Bank, ran 125 scenic miles in Mercer, Middlesex and Hunterdon Counties. Mrs. Spencer won the low putts with 26. Mrs. Robert Kurau, Middletown, won the nine-hole play with are: Pack 5, Long Branch, Daniel Smith and Bill Jacobsen; a net of 21. Tied for third were Mrs. Robert Ticehurst, Fair Haven, and Mrs. Carl Miller, Rum- and Floyd Hemrnenway; Pack 11, Pack 10, Cliffwood, Edward Black son, each with 26. Rumson, Robert White and Don- Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Arthur Crawford, Fair Haven, tied for low putts with 16 apiece. Trackman's Freehold Selections I Dyna Yellow Brook Jet Direct Eva G. Jealous Abbe Grattan Express Flying Counsel Apothecarlus Formal > Natapan Meadow Thor Singing Water Mercury Don Jimmy Dale Concha Will Our Girl Sentinel Direct Max Flyer ChaUdale Ron Crafty K. Torrid Adlos Captain Symbol Jimmy Gene Meadow Blaze Chief Good Friday Oscar Patch Midge John Michael Sandylane J. Miss Lorene Hayes Paqulla Frisco BEST BET: JIMMY GENE 8th Race Jets to Play At Rutgers NEW BRUNSWICK (AP) - Professional football, which has left its cleatmarks at Princeton, Yale and Cornell, will make its debut at Rutgers Stadium on Sept, 1, when the New York Jets meet the Boston Patriots In an American Football League exhibition. The game will be in the nature of a homecoming for one of Rutgers' most successful alumni, David A. (Sonny) Werblin, chsa of "36. Werblin, who was manager ol the swimming team during his under-graduate days, is the owner ol the Jets and president of Music Corp. of America. He lives in Eiberon. Members of Hie Rutgers football team, which opens preseason practice the morning of the Jets-Patriots game, wil! serve as ushers. Scottish-American Games are Tomorrow TRENTON The 11th annual Scottish-American Games will be held at Lincoln Field, Klockner Rd, tomorrow starting at 10 a.m. The Games will be held under the auspices of the Trenton Scottish-American Highland Games, Inc. Laddie MacCabe, 36 Livingston St., is chairman and general manager of the event. BoM's winning score of only penalty points was outstand ing, being compiled under a weighted system which penalizes an equipped car three points for The Corvair of Gem Izzi and John Golski, both of Somerville, ran second, while Herb and Jean Mason's Austin Healey Sprite managed a third for the tost club. The Masons reside at 19 Peters PI- Red Bank. Paul King, 3d, New Yoi^t City, and his son, Paul, Jr,, won honors for the best morning run In. a Jajruar. Team honors went to the H Team, led by Bohl, who was also best in the afemoon. Dick Mevers and Mike Kluge, a Somerville team, copped the novice trophy in a Sunbeam. Other members of the winning H Team included Evelyn Mover, Bristol, Pa., and Tom Stewart, Marlton (N.J.). Marque awards went to Bohl. Miss Moyer, Ini, Stewart, Bill Parkell and Mason. each hundredth of a minute early or late. His errors through six checkpoints in hundredths were: one, two, 30, two, three and five. The winning car required an additional 5.76 miles and 14 minutes gators in the competition were Other local drivers and navi- to complete the route. The extra time, provided without penman, Union Beach; Dave and Frank Stas, Matawan; Sally Caralty under the rally's "add-time" Linda Benton, Farmingdate; Ken format, eliminates the tempta- and Betty Stickley, Freehold; Dave and Margaret Phillips. tion to speed in recovering from a missed turn. darolyrt and Walter Garner, Bill Under the weighted scoring Parkell and George and Janet system, non-equipped cars took Jaeger, all of Red Bank; Charles four of the first five places and Galbraith and Arthur Porter, averaged 472 points against 468 Hazlet; Melvin Fink and Marcy for the 12 equipped cars. Al- Kaplan,..,_... Shrewsbury;. Frank Seimost all cars took advantage off bert, Little Silver; William the add-time feature, and only Wright, Neptune; John Jervls, nine were unable to finish with- Interlaken, and Marilynne Canter, in the allotted time. Wanamassa. Cub Scout All-Star Game FORT MONMOUTH - The 12th annual Cub Scout All-Star basebail game will be played under the lights next Wednesday at Dean Field. Game time is 8 p.m. Col. Murray A. Little, deputy post commandar, will welcome the young players, present awards and throw out the first ball. The All-Star players, chosen by their respective Cub Scout Packs, White Sands Svfrim Titles Are Decided LONG BRANCH - The White Sands Bathing Club hss announded trophy and medal winners after four Saturdays of competition in the club's pool. All ties will be resolved in a special series tomorrow. Presentations to the winners will be made on Awards Day, Saturday, Aug. 31, at 4 p.m. All races were conducted by athletic director John Ciriello. -SUMMARIES- BOYS 4 YR, l. Lenny Morelll tile) 2. Michael Porlantlno (tie) j 3. mb<>ya 5 YH. ~ l. Richard Dl Bartol mele (tie): 2. Steve Wlddla (tie)' 3 Charley ADbruno, B. Medal. BOYS i n. - t Jackie- Lorenz, iropny; 2. Nicholas Dl Bartolmeli, tnovesa, Bimze M., B.M. ^BOYB 8 YR. l. Vincent Peata, B0Y8» YR 1 I. Harry Wlddli, Trophy; 2. Robert Oroaiman, B.M. 3. Rocco Dowd, B M BOYS 10 YR. _ l. Ralph Puaco, Trophy 2. Bruce Hovendon, S.M.; 3 larry Melendw Jr., B.M. BOYS il YR. _ i. Fre<1 Dellanno, Trophy; 2. Sklppsr Edwarda, S.M.; 3 Joe Aaclone. B.M. BOYS I) W - I, Paul Everett, Trophy 2. MIchMt Brltton. g.m.; 3. Baall Houpls, B.M. BOYS II YR. 1, Paul Savoth Trophy; 2. Kevin Keppl.r. H.M.? 3 Prank Falcone, (He); I. Ralph Bitter BOY* II YR 1. Paul Rlley, Tro- BOYS 'lb YR. 1. Tim McCuaker S?^.. rophy; ^" Dn Schrump. p, S.M.; 3 Nick Pljnato, B.M. OIRia 4 YR. 1. Lulle Mac Rae Trophy; 2. Marian Maloney, silver Medal: a. Mary Jo Loreni, Bronie OlRtS I B Angela Marie Corbo (tie); J. Robln Joyce (He). omlfl a YR. 1. Klckl Trezoalou Trophy J. Anita ciriello, silver Med. 3. Debbie Weat, Bronze Med. (MRLa T YR. 1. Mary Malloney, Trophy; Clare Ann Lorem, SM 3.!d. O'Mara, B.M. ^ v.«1 8 ** YR. *»» *. t. ajv Lori at Sweetwood, t* TJ t c b Trophy; 2. Karen SUIIman. 8.M. onu^» YR.. 1. Tereat Falcone Falranl Trophy: 2. Roaary Morelli, 8.M.; 3. Harjorla Mooi, B.M. ' OnUH 10 YR. 1. Patty Ann Ronca Trophy; 2. Diana flavotfi, a.m.; 3. Debbie Dl Bartolmela, B M OIRL8 11 YR. 1. Lyne CotLKreave, Trophy; 2. Wendy Me Rae, s. M.; 3. Judy Bonaforte, B.M. GiRtfl 12 YR Pat Ferrara, Trophy; J. Buaan Feata. 8.M.; 3 Alicia Romano, B.M. GIRUI 13 YR. 1. Mlchele Peaapane, Trophy; 2. Marlly lllrla, 8.M. O1RM 14 YR. 1. Chrla Stalker, Trophy; 2. Vlrilnli Jullano, S.M.; 3. QaU Hovendon, B.M. OUllM 15 YR Kathy Kdwardi, Trophy, IS YK. 1. Cathy C»rhart. Trophy; 2. Cathy Feita, S.M. MOTHER'S RACE - 1. Klyile SUlI-.. man, T,; Z. Mary Saundera, S.M.; 3. Barbara O'Mara, B.M. FATHER'S RACE 1. Car! Btroh lln, Trophy; 2. John Hovendon, a.m.: 3. Charley Wlddli, B.M. EVER HAPPEN TO YOU? TO MATCH HIS PATIENTS WHO T(2V TO LOOK! POOd BVWeAKlNlG TH6IR OLPEST O.OTHES TO APPOINTMENTS HSSMAKlNS HIS SIGfJ LOOK LBSS?go$?eKoos! TlTLlfMATCH PROPOSED PITTSBURGH (AP) - Boxing promoter Archie Litman has proposed a title mated in November or December betwen world middlewelght champion' Dick Tiger and the winner of a Rubin Cirter-Farld Salim bout. A spokesman for Litman said he cabled Tiger's manager, Jersey Jones, Monday and offered $29,000 for Tiger's appearance In Pittsburgh. fl ttm raitro SyndkaU, Int, MM. Ww aid Sutherland, Jr.; Pack 17, Red Bank, Rioky Blasi and Stuart Levinson; Pack 32, River Plaza, Gregory Olving and David Layton; Pack 45, West Long Branch, Kurt Wygal and Frank Natale; Pack 51, Keansburg, Robert Cirritto and Dennis Noon; Pack 58, Oceanport, Keith Mewes and Billy Nolan; 'Pack 77, West Long Branch, Angeto Massaro and James Baptist. Also, Pack 93, Morganville, Joseph Federico and Dan Don Antisell; Pack 139, Hazlet, Chuck Stone and Jim Cook; Pack 140, Fairview, Paul Kozonasky and Rick Marcikiewicz; Pack HI, Belford, Paul Crelin and Gary Thadser; Pack 145, West Long Branch, Phillip Nonnernaker «nd Bruce Edwards; Pack 146, New Monmouth, Gary Czugh and Vincent Spadorar Pack 240, Fairview, Richard Morford and Dick Karp. The Klein Publishing Co. trophy will be presented to Cub Scout Pack 240, Fairview, the Monmouth County champions. Charles Maps, Jr.. Long Branch, chairman of the annual All-Star contest, has revealed that the following Cub Scout Packs have been Invited to, attend in order to receive their district championship prizes: -Pack 58. Oceanport, Warren Mewes manager; Pack 240, Fairview, Rocco Zirpola manager; Pack 93, Morganville, Thomas Antisell manager. Thomas Devlin, Ocean Grove, will coordinate the Pinewood Derby Run-off, a pre-game feature. This event will feature miniature racing cars pitted' against each other on an Inclined track. Robert Demgard, Oceanport, assisting Devlin with this attraction, has announced that a championship trophy along with a runner-up trophy will b«awarded. Those packs entering racers should report to home plate at 6 p.m. Samuel J. Higbee, of the Monmouth Council staff, has asked that All-Star players and managers to report for practice at 7 p.m. Santelle Net Victories To Peskoe, Dean LITTLE SJLVER-Third-seeded Al Peskoe had to battle hard to eliminate a determined Bill Birkecmeier in a second round men's singles match of the 11th annual Dom Santelle Tennis Tournament yesterday. Peskos triumphed by 6-4, 4-«, 7-5 score. In another second round men's singles affair, Dave Dean ousted Tex Avchen, 6-3, 8-4. Avchen was the 1959 men's singles champion. Neither player was seeded In this year's tourney,. By BlaU


26 »~ Ait. r, Augiu* 16, 196S BAM BEGLSTEft The Tax Bill and You EWTOR'S NOTE-The tax bill «w being shaped by the House Ways and Means Committee is of bread-and-butter interest to every American who pays taxes. Although a long road to enactment lies aliead, the measure has advanced far enough to examine its dollars and cents meaning to you. By EDMOND LEBRETON WASHINGTON (AP)-The tax bill is moving well enough along In Congress to have a look now at what it would do for you or to you. But before getting to the fine points, the big picture should be made crystal-clear: As things stand now, the measure would cut your tax payments. True, the tax bill has a long way to go before it reaches President Kennedy's desk. The House Ways and Means Committee lias lots of work still to do on the measure. Then it has to clear the House Rules Committee, face the full House and travel over to the Senate tor another <n?und of hearings and floor action. There it may run into a filibuster on civil fights. this being understood, let's have a look at the tax bill as it stands now.and see what it means to you if the measure in its present form wins approval. If yflti pay any taxes at all, you'll be paying less. You would have to have a most peculiarly constructed income not to get «ome benefit from an across the board slash of tax rates, even though the package also includes some tax-raising features. The Treasury puts the average rate cut, for taxpayers with taxable incomes through $60,000, at 15'/4 per cent. This" picture is painted with- a broad brush and applies to the rate changes when they would be complete, Jan. 1, Take it as a rough guide if you like but no more than that. For 1964, figure two-thirds of the full saving. However, in tax matters, everybody is a special case. How much benefit you would actually reap depends on a number of factors. Your income bracket, whether you receive dividends, whether you drive your automobile a lot, whether you buy, and sell stocks, whether your income fluctuates widely from year to year all these and more can be important. Some guidelines can be plotted, subject to possible change. Among them are these, all applying to the complete revision planned for 1965 and subsequent years: If your income is either very high or very low, you would do better proportionately in the reductions than the man in the middle. The Treasury says a typical taxpayer, if there is such a creature, married and with two children, earning $4,000, would save $100, about 41 per cent of his present tax bill. His counterpart in the $10,000 class would save $202, or 16.9 per cent. If you have been in the habit of itemizing your deductions and claiming the amount paid in state gasoline taxes, a bit of your benefits would be nibbled away. Local gasoline, liquor and tobacco taxes would no longer be deducti LILACS' ON ROAD NEW YORK (AP) - A production of Lynn Riggs' ''Green Grow the Lilacs" goes on a tour of clubs, schools and colleges next October - November under spon orship of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. The bus-truck company will employ recent Academy graduates. ble, although Income, real estate and general sales taxes still would be. And if you dent old trusty's fender, you would not be able to claim the whole repair bill as a casualty loss, only, the amount over $100 for each mishap to car or other property. If you have considerable income from dividends, one change the Treasury wants made would nick your over-all tax gain. This would be repeal of the 4 per cent tax credit, a considerable offset to the tax benefit of many higherincome taxpayers. There may be a compromise that would miniize the effect on smaller divilend recipients. But if you are thinking of selling some stocks, real estate, or her property you have held at least two years and on which (here will be a profit, you're in uck. You would only have to inlude 40 per cent, instead of 50 ier cent, of such capital gains in our taxable income. And if 'ou're in a high bracket, your top apital gains tax would be only I per cent, instead of 25. One or two cautions: H you re in the business of building or uying real estate, taking maxium depreciation and selling m few years to take the most adantage of capital gains you face iffened rules. And if in the fuure you inherit property on which ;ains have accumulated, you ld encounter somewhat tightit tax treatment. -On fringe benefits, the hanges would have an Uneven ef- WHY PAY MORE? MIDDLETOWN Route 35 and New Monmouth Rd. New Shrewsbury at Route 35 Shrewsbury Ave. NEW HAMMOND SPINET, ORGAN $995* Just Down Draw Bur* K Permanent Pltcb 13 l*eda) i Twin Speakers Preset! PercuutoB 18 Control Tftb> New Stylinr Choice ol M&h Walnut, Cherry Hood call as for free home demon it ration PR 5-93D0 HAMMOND ORGAN STUDIO OF ASBURY PARK Cookman Ave. and Main St. own nui, w a. r.m. laltud*? 'HI 5:30 V.M. F.O.B. factory Bench fcxtm feet. If you get tick and your employer continues your pay, you would get a special deduction for It only after a month, instead of the present rule of a week. If you are 65 or older, the new law would give you at least two specific benefits. Your purchases of medicines would be fully deductible, without regard to the present Kper cent of income floor. And If you sold your home, you would get capital gains tax consideration on any increase in value, even If you did not buy a new house. There would be no tax on gains if the house sold for no more than $20,000, and there would be a reduced tax if it brought more! FeliowsMp Meeting Held HIGHLANDS - A meeting of the Golden Fellowship of the local Methodiit.Church was held recently in the church recreation room! Devotions were led by Mrs. Sivert C. Waistrom, who also conducted the meeting. Mrs. George G. King led the hymn sing. Mrs. Edith Rogers and Mrs. Deborah Bogue sang a duet. Mrs. King gave a reading. Mrs. Frank Thomas read a poem, Mrs, Bogue also led the group in prayer. Mrs. Mamie White, who has been attending as a guest, has been donating homemade aprons to the group and proceeds from the sale of ill b Arnel print jersey to wear round the calendar Reach for thil dresi any day of the yearl' It's wrinkle-free and slimming, easy to launder at a pocket hankie! 'You'll love the floral print, in flittering shades of blue, green. 14 to 20. Unbelievably priced at U.W STEINBACH'S BUDGET DRESSES. Sacond Floor and Albury Park used tar tat dwrcfa caruioa fund. Mri. wytealaj hai been donating homemade pot holders. Proceeds from the sale of time will benefit the group's treasury. be M A-iig. It G&en pretest were Mrs. Rogeri, Mrs. Hilda Layton, Mr«. WUlUo Worth, Mri. Lydia Schmitz, Mn. Bogue, Mri. Laura Rubley, Mn. Melissa HarU- FoUwiag the meeting, Wrth-grove, Mrs. Marie Schmidt and days were celebrated- by Mrs. Mra. Walstrom. Fred Koch, Mra. King, Mrs. Other guests were Mrs. Eliza- Thomu and Mrs White who will beth Shocko and Fred Koch. "" HTttlt.C ltf Broad St., Red Bank, N. J. DONT JUST FURNISH DtCORATI IT! SUp in for a free consultation. You'll find it will make a wonderful world of difference in your decorating! O*m la AM. * P.M. Mm. Itn M. A.M.! P.M. MtmHmn. Zip-lined all-weather coat water repellent for life It's guaranteed water repellent for the normal'life of the coat. A year 'round winner with warm Orion pile litter that zips out. Fine Dacron -cotton in pick of natural, black, green. 6 to 16. 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