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1 A FREE INDEPENDENT COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER Written by the people for the people Raising Funds for Community Projects 8 7 Full of Local Good News 9 PO Edition 37 May - June 2018 POSTCODE PUBLICATIONS PUBLIC ACCESS DEFIBRILLATORS IN PLACE WE EXIST AS A NOT FOR PROFIT VOLUNTEER ORGANISATION TO SUPPORT COMMUNITY PROJECTS Bedhampton Social Hall Alan Westbrook PPL, Phillipa Gray & Mike Sellis of Bedhampton Social Hall Download the app to you mobile phone Rob Fryer Meridian Shopping Centre, with Alan Westbrook PPL St Mary s & St Andrew s Churches, Hayling Island Westbourne Co-op AlanWestbrook PPL, MeganTaylor manager of Westbourne Co-op and Richard Hiscock. Chairman of Westbourne Parish Council. Phil Pritchard deputy coordination of Hayling Island Community Responders and mascot Mya Pritchard with Alan Westbrook PPL The Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) donation from Postcode Publications continues to roll out across the postcode districts that we cover. New PAD locations will be Postcode Publications (PPL) was established six years ago to generate funds for community projects. Since 2012 we have supported many projects for community benefit throughout the PO7 to PO11 postcode districts. We do not employ anyone, relying on stories and information received from the community for our content.we are non-political, and have no affiliation to any political party as some might seek to portray us. We are keen to support local enterprise and those interested in putting their efforts into improving the community in which they live.we have provided many tens of thousands of pounds which now benefit recipient organisations to further their objectives. We rely on advertising and corporate support revenue, so why not advertise with us and at the same time support your community rather than those profiteering from the community under the guise of their local commercial publications. MUSIC Scrumpy Bob s Column NewCutters MusicGig Club? Winners! included on the mapping provided by the South Central Ambulance Service.Visit their website and download the app you ll never know when you might need it. Why not contact us at to see how we might be able to help with your ideas and projects Jonathan s Full Reds SOUTH STREET WOODLAND GLADE COMMUNITY PROJECT A proposal by Postcode Publications is under consideration to preserve and enhance mature woodland in South Street Havant by a structured landscaping scheme designed by Jennie Leadbeater of the Martin Critchley practice at the Old Brewery in Twittens Way, Havant. The proposal is sponsored and will be funded by Postcode Publications in co-ordination with land owners Hampshire County Council and Kathryn Robinson, Headteacher of Bosmere School. The Glade will provide a much enhanced public view of the west side of South Street, and develop an area in which school children can enjoy and learn from planting and the seasons as species flower in turn to provide constant change. The Glade will also provide planned habitat provision for appropriate species as advised by local experts. Jamie Garget the tree officer at Havant Borough Council will provide guidance for trees protected by Tree Preservation Orders, and their maintenance to sustain them to the best possible effect. If you are interested in understanding more about the proposal and even in becoming a warden to help manage the land on behalf of Bosmere School then please get in touch with us at: Fred s Mackerel locallynewnew locally-compiled compiled Crossword Crossword Station House North Street Havant PO9 1QU Tel: See Your Money column for advice on starting your own business

2 Postcode Publications Alan Mak MP Report on my work locally and in Westminster Like many of you, over the last couple of months I ve been taking up the challenge of cutting out harmful single use plastics. Together with around 40 other MPs, for Lent I pledged to reuse plastic water bottles, use refillable coffee cups and avoid plastic cutlery. The aim was to raise awareness about the difficulties consumers face in going plastic free in everyday life. The amount of marine litter is increasing so much that floating continents have formed; one, in the Pacific Ocean, is bigger than France. Not only is it an environmental problem but it hits the economy, for instance it costs fisheries 62 million annually, and one in three fish caught in the English Channel contains pieces of plastic. Thankfully the Government is taking action, and recently unveiled its 25 year plan for improving the environment, outlining the ways in which the Government will work with communities and businesses to leave the environment in a better state for future generations. Thank you to everyone who came to my record breaking third MP s Jobs, Apprenticeships and Careers Fair in March. The Fair s success reflects the strength of our local economy, with firms from our area ADVERTISE WITH US AND BENEFIT YOUR COMMUNITY IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE contact: a.westbrook offering more than 500 jobs and apprenticeships on the day. Nominations are now open for my Havant Small Business Awards. You can visit to put forward your favourite café, pub or restaurant, a tradesman who has gone the extra mile, or a local business leader or apprentice who has inspired you. Don t forget you can stay in touch with my work by following me via Facebook and Twitter and you can sign-up for my monthly e-newsletter by visiting PO9 & PO11 Contacts: i n f o r m a t i o n Postcode Publications Limited, Langstone Technology Park, Langstone Road, Havant, Hants PO9 1SA Information: Editorial: Sports: Advertising: HAMESH: Disclaimer The PO9 & PO11 Postcode Community Newspaper is published and owned by Postcode Publications Limited who accept no liability or responsibility for content provided by its sources. Copyright Postcode Publications Limited reserve copyright of all published material other than photographs and advertising produced by third parties. Any re-use of published material shall be permitted only on receipt of written permission granted by Postcode Publications Limited. PO9 & PO11 is an independent newspaper printed by Mortons of Horncastle Ltd. FINAL STRAW CLEAN UP CAMPAIGN We had hoped for ten to fifteen people to turn up and help on the morning of our first beach clean on the 18th February, but we were overwhelmed with a crowd seventyfive strong amazing volunteers An Oarsome Day For Local Business some of which are pictured above standing behind a proportion of the bags of rubbish we collected. Many more were still breaking their backs picking up litter and didn't want to stop for the photo Send your articles and pictures to us and see them in print Contact: An interesting insight into Oarsome Chance was on the agenda for a group of employees from Pfizer who gave up their time to help the local charity help build equipment and prepare boat hulls to render them fit for the water. Oarsome Chance is a unique charity with a base in Havant aiming to help young people re-engage with mainstream education and employability prospects. In their workshop at the Apex Centre in Havant, they provide experiences such as building projects on coastal rowing boats with an aim to getting them out onto the open PAGE: 2 John Gillard, principal at Oarsome Chance, Pfizer volunteers. with Stuart McClellan, Trustee at Oarsome Chance water. These activities are available to young people who for reasons of ability or circumstance would not otherwise have access to these facilities. The charity aims to encourage the use of the local coastal waters through the sports of sailing and rowing to create a pathway of opportunity for disadvantaged 9-19 year olds to enhance their life skills and improve their route to employability. Pfizer take part in a rolling program of volunteering events around the Havant area organised by Community First and have helped many charities and organisations. They agreed to help Oarsome Chance with various tasks in their workshop including sanding an old 2-person scull rowing boat that has been donated to the charity, building furniture and dismantling old bikes for the students to utilise the parts. Mary-Anne a volunteer from Pfizer said, It was an inspiring day and lovely to see people with a passion for helping others. I ve been happy to give up my time to help in any way we can for local children and worthwhile projects in the community. Stuart from Oarsome Chance was extremely grateful for Pfizer s support saying The group from Pfizer were such lovely people, extremely helpful and ideal role models. They are a brilliant example of showing the numerous different pathways our children can take to achieve a career within a large organisation, we thank them for giving up their time for Oarsome Chance. Without the support of local businesses many charity and community groups would struggle. For more information about how you can get involved with the employee volunteering scheme contact Rachel Taylor at or telephone

3 The countdown to cracking down on fraudulent whiplash claims has been announced by the Government. Their aim? To set fixed amounts for compensation. Although figures have not yet been finalised, these fixed amounts will be significantly lower than the amount of compensation that is currently being awarded by the courts. Here are a few possible examples: Injury Duration Current Levels New Fixed Amount 0-3 months 2, months 2, months 3,450 1, months 4,850 3,725 In addition, if the claim settles for 5,000 or less, the victim will not be able to recover their solicitors costs from the insurers. And yet the insurance companies representing the defendant will be able to afford legal representation. Hardly fair! Make no mistake, these reforms will have a huge impact on all motorists, motorcyclists, and cyclists who are genuinely injured on our roads through no fault of their own. With no legal representation, the victim s position is severely prejudiced and their claim Vicki Wright, Personal Injury Solicitor is likely to settle at a significant undervalue. As a result of these reforms, says the Government, the motorist can look forward to an average of 35 reduction in their insurance premium. Good news? No, it is not - this has been promised in the past and I personally have not seen any reductions and frankly, I doubt very much that the insurance companies will pass this new reduction on either. Why should they? There is nothing to force them to do so. I do accept that fraudulent claims are made. But when claims are submitted to the insurers, they could defend it if they believe it is fraudulent. It is easy. They simply deny liability, leave it to the claimant to issue court proceedings and then a Judge decides who he/she believes. This seems obvious to me. But instead, over the years, insurers have fuelled the situation, which they themselves are now complaining about, by settling claims and even making offers to settle claims without the claimant producing any kind of medical evidence whatsoever. And the Government could do more by banning cold calling with immediate effect. How many calls have you received asking if you can be assisted in recovering compensation for injuries sustained in a road traffic accident that never happened? Yes, steps should be taken to reduce the compensation culture that does exist but these proposals will have a disproportionate impact on the many thousands of motorists who are genuinely injured every year on our roads through no fault of their own. These changes are likely to be implemented by April The message is clear. If you are involved in a road traffic accident through no fault of your own, seek legal advice immediately. Raising awareness for Cystic Fibrosis families - Wear Yellow Day 22nd June Cystic fibrosis is a rare inherited progressive condition, caused by a faulty gene which is carried by one in twenty-five of us. For over thirty years, a small group of parents, relatives and friends have met nearly every month, to support the aims of the national charity. Some of us are now in our seventies and eighties, but we're still active, and do what we can, when we can. Thanks to the Pfizer Havant Community Fund, we're able to raise awareness, particularly in June, when we have Cystic Fibrosis Week, including Wear Yellow Day, on 22 June. The fund has enabled us to 'grow' the event, with help from THE CAT & RABBIT RESCUE CENTRE Hulky Bear Good day from your favourite out and about reporter at the Cat and Rabbit Rescue Centre, Hulky Bear. I hope you all have had a fantastic Easter break. We have had lots of new rabbits and guinea pigs arrive at The Centre over the last few months. I thought to help them feel more at home I would arrange a little welcome party for them. I decided on a sort of Easter Egg Hunt but instead of eggs I used extra vegetables we have been kindly donated and hay bundles that our kind volunteers have been making up as parcels. I hid them all around their pens and they had great time hunting for them. I like to welcome all the new arrivals and make sure everyone is happy. I had a thought if you are going away for your holidays any time soon we would love to hear from you. If you get time please send me a postcard the Emirates Spinnaker Tower which has lit up yellow for us in the past few years. Last year we received tremendous support from the Mayor of Havant, the local libraries, and from people in the borough, who organised events. Our thanks to them all. Recently there have been Christmas fairs, a jumble sale, and other events where we help out by visiting, buying, and/or publicizing. This year, a community petition, led by mothers Gemma Weir and Michelle Frank, resulted in a debate in parliament about access to modern precision medications - which are invariably effective but expensive - Pet of the month - Iru Bru and let me know where you are. I can make a collection that my friends and I can look at. Some sad news one of my out and about friends Michael passed away recently. He spent most of his time running our barn checking everything was running well. He was loved by us all at The Centre and he will be very much missed by us all. Some happier news we have a new arrival of the human kind at The Centre. Our new manager Dave joined the team. I of course made sure he had a great Hulky Bear of a welcome. Take care and see you next month If you are interested in adopting a cat, kitten, rabbit or guinea pig then please call us here at the centre on between 9-4pm during the week. PS: We have a Viewing Day Saturday 28th April 12-2pm. Viewing days are nonappointment days so people thinking of adopting a cat can pop along. Otherwise we re-home 7 days a week by appointment only. an issue for us all in this new era of medicine. Havant and the surrounding area was particularly supportive - perhaps because we've been active for over fifty years. There are two or more Cystic Fibrosis charities in the area: a large clinic at Queen Alexandra Hospital, research at the university, and brilliant local newspapers. We are grateful to our MP, Alan Mak for supporting us. This year, we'll hopefully display more banners, and ask people to wear something yellow, to show support for over 10,000 people in UK who live with Cystic Fibrosis, and its unrelenting demand for daily This month allow us to introduce you to Iru Bru, an 11 month old male, ginger and white guinea pig. He arrived at the centre with his brother after his original owner became ill. Unfortunately Iru Bru did not get on with his brother and he had to be re-homed separately so Iru Bru is now looking for a new home with a new male guinea pig. He is happy to be handled and enjoys the company of the staff. We would love to find him a new friend. We can arrange bonding of your male at the centre. If you think you may be able to give Iru Bru the new home he deserves please give The Centre a call. We can then explain the bonding procedure with you. treatment. Sue Kruk, who is secretary of the branch, will take part in the May Days Arts Trail, on Hayling Island on the weekend of 12-13th May. She sells her cards and prints in aid of the Trust, and will have some free postcards for people to send or put in their windows. The first design shows a yellow rose, and the date, as ' sixty five roses' have become symbolic of Cystic Fibrosis charities across the world. Further information can be found at: or The date for your diary is 22nd June Please! THE PROBUS CLUB OF HAVANT At the Annual General Meeting held recently, the Chairman, John Moore, reflected on another successful year for The Probus Club of Havant. Numbers of members, and the Club s finances, remained in a healthy position. Additional visits had been made to a number of local hostelries, and at the monthly meetings, talks had been successfully arranged on a wide range of subjects, including Vietnam, the Quaker movement, RN Boys, Kings Theatre etc. Founded in 1975, the Probus Club of Havant offers a social meeting place for retired PROfessional and BUSiness people in the area. New members are always welcome. We meet at Denvilles Club, 33, Emsworth Road, Havant, on the first Monday of the month. Full details, and the agenda for the coming year, can be seen on our website: PAGE: 3

4 Postcode Publications CRAFT BEERS - Enjoy your Local Ales Sour Beers the Next Big Thing? Businesses are always looking for new products to tempt customers. Every week hundreds of new lines are launched and consumer magazines are full of enticing new goods to tempt the shopper. Breweries are no different and having weaned people off bland industrial lager onto heavily hopped American style Pale Ale many are thinking of where to go next. In the USA, where most new trends originate, the next big thing in brewing is sour ales, some of which may also be barrel aged. In the old days all beers were sour, due to fermentation from wild air borne yeasts and were stored in barrels. The isolation of yeast by Louis Pasteur in 1857, improvements in brewing science and the development of metal casks and kegs put an end to this style of beer. An exception was in Belgium where craft brewers carried on brewing in the traditional way which involved fermenting beer with wild airborne yeasts and then maturing it in wooden barrels. Lambic and Gueuze are Belgian styles of naturally fermented, barrel aged beers. Brewers from all over the world have looked to these traditional Belgian styles for inspiration when brewing their own sour beers. Sour beers are neither top fermented as with most ales, nor bottom fermented, as with lagers. In practice most modern sour beers will have yeast added as well as undergoing spontaneous fermentation. I have recently sampled an international selection of sour beers and here are my tasting notes. Thornbridge Tart Bakewell Sour 6% abv. (UK) Thornbridge are one of Britain s most innovative brewers and offer many different PAGE: 4 styles of beer. They are based in Bakewell, Derbyshire and started up in This beer, which is named after a local dessert, the Bakewell Tart, pours a light yellow colour and has a lemon aroma. The beer has a tart, refreshing lemonish taste but is not specifically sour. At 6% abv. it is not really a session beer but is very thirst quenching and would make a pleasant drink to sip on a hot summers day. Rodenbach Classic Flanders Red Ale 5.2% (Belgium) This is the real thing, a genuine, Belgian, barrel aged sour beer. The beer is matured in oak vats for up to two years and then is blended with fresh beer. Rodenbach are based in Roeselare, which is in the west of Belgium, and were formed in It differs from the Lambic and Gueuze beers in that it is a red ale with a more acetic taste. Rodenbach pours a reddish brown colour and has a distinctly balsamic vinegar aroma. It has a very distinctive taste which can only be described as sweet and sour. This beer is very refreshing although its unique taste will not be to everyone s liking. Personally I think this beer has a real depth of character but By David Harris, Member of the British Guild of Beer Writers - not likely to become a best seller. Tiny Rebel Mojita Sour. 3.5% abv. (Wales) Tiny Rebel are based in Newport, South Wales and rose to fame in 2015 when they won the Champion Beer of Britain award, which was a tremendous achievement for a business that had only been founded in Mojita Sour pours a pale yellow with a lemon peel aroma. It has a very tart, sour, lip puckering taste which reminded me of home-made lemonade. It is flavoured with peppermint and Kaffir lime leaves. At only 3.5% abv. this would make a splendid session beer to drink on the beach. To Øl Sur Simcoe Session Pale Ale 4.5% abv. (Denmark/Belgium) This beer is brewed by the De Proef brewery in Belgium on behalf of Danish brewers. The beer pours a light straw colour with a citrus aroma. It has a delicate lemon/lime flavour and is the least sour of the beers I have sampled. To Øl are what is known as a gypsy brewer in that they do not own a brewery but contract their beers out to other brewers. They were founded in Copenhagen in 2010 and now export to over 40 countries. To Øl have a brew pub in Copenhagen which offers 32 different types of beer on tap. Goose Island Sofie Belgian Style Farmhouse Ale % abv. (USA) This beer is brewed in Chicago by one of the first pioneering craft breweries in the USA. They started with a brew-pub in 1988 and expanded in 1995 when they built a large brewery. Since 2011 Goose Island has been owned by global brewers AB-Inbev. The beer pours a pale straw colour with a gentle fruity aroma. The taste is quite complex with orange, pepper and vanilla notes. White Hag Irish Brewing Company, The Puca Dry Hopped Lemon Sour Beer (with Berry, Hibiscus and Ginger) 3.5% (Ireland) In the Sept/Oct 2017 edition of Postcode I sampled a number of very interesting Irish beers. Therefore I was pleased to try another Irish brew from this Sligo based brewer who started brewing in The Puca pours the colour of rose wine and has a complex fruit aroma. The taste is really intriguing with lemon, berry fruits and hibiscus flavours coming though. This is a very unusual beer but very enjoyable and a beer you could offer to someone who claims not to like beer. Beer Facts and Figures The biggest month for beer sales is December when twice as much beer is sold than in January which is the quietest month. 74% of all beer sold in the UK is lager. In 1970 lager had only 7% of the beer market. Draught beer sold in pubs accounts for 45% of all beer sales. Bottled beer accounts for 22% and cans make up 33% of beer sales. The UK imports over 10 million Hectolitres of beer each year We import beer mainly from Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy and Netherlands. Beer exports from the UK are around 6 million hectolitres. Britain s biggest export markets for beer are France, Ireland and the USA. The average wages for pub staff are: f/t bar staff 16,600 p.a., pub manager 25,000 p.a., chef 19,000 p.a. David Wilson Homes Showcases Construction Careers to Local Pupils School children in Havant have had a chance to find out about careers in the construction industry thanks to David Wilson Homes. Students from The Cowplain School in Waterlooville, who have been attending a construction skills course at the Apex Centre run by Park Community School, visited the company s Berewood Heath development this week to find out about the many jobs involved in the construction industry. They were given the opportunity to learn about roles in everything from groundworks, brickworks and carpentry to plumbing, electrics and sales. The pupils, aged 15 and 16, also heard about the various pathways to a career in construction, including apprenticeships. Anthony Dimmick, community liaison manager at David Wilson Homes (third from left), said the talk was designed to give the pupils a real understanding of the varied roles within the construction industry and how all roles are crucial in creating a successful new development. The pupils were aware that there are different roles on site but I think we showed them that construction is extremely diverse and we need a real variety of skills for the future, he said. As a leading house-builder we are keen to showcase great careers to those considering their futures now and hope that this project has encouraged some of these pupils to follow a career in construction. Claire Dodd, Senior Pastoral Leader at The Cowplain School in Waterlooville said, It is always extremely useful for pupils to gain a real insight into the workplace and it s great that companies such as David Wilson Homes can offer this kind of opportunity. During their visit, the pupils had the unique opportunity to see behind the scenes at the Berewood Heath development, which is bringing much-needed new homes to the area. To find out more about homes at Berewood Heath visit

5 Can you help? First the back story Thomas Till, born 1883, was a farmer at Whichers Gate who emigrated to Australia below are the family s names on the passenger list of the Bendigo which sailed to Melbourne on 5th June Madge Till was nine when she left Havant. She married in Australia and died in Her family continued to correspond with neighbours in Havant, and among Madge s effects was the wedding photograph right which looks as if it might be from the 1940s. Madge s son Pete Marshall in Australia has no clue no name or date just the fact that the photograph was probably taken somewhere locally. Pete would be delighted to hear from anyone who can give him any information about the photograph, and maybe about any letters Madge may have written in return. His address is and your local contact is NEW BOOK By Linda Franklin I was walking in the bluebell woods behind the Denmead allotments early last summer with my golden retriever, Bentley, on a bright, beautiful sunny day and returned just a couple of days later. What a difference, the weather turned stormy, and what with the darkening sky and the trees whining as they violently brushed and scraped on each other in the fierce wind, the copse took on a totally different atmosphere, haunting, spooky and menacing. The perfect setting for Mulberry Cottage! I went home and started writing... After finally finding the strength to walk out of an abusive marriage Maggie is looking desperately to make a new beginning, and to hopefully regain her badly shattered confidence and selfesteem, when she stumbles across Mulberry Cottage. Maggie loves the place immediately and feels uncannily drawn to the pretty thatched cottage, but all is not what it seems. It doesn t take long for the feeling of peace and serenity that she initially felt to turn to pure terror and she realises that perhaps living alone and isolated wasn t one of her brighter ideas. Having poured all her resources into the property she has no choice but to stay, but to continue to live in Mulberry Cottage she will draw on every bit of courage that she can muster. Mulberry Cottage is available on Amazon Kindle Hampshire Family Funeral Service Independent Funeral Directors Your local Funeral Directors is now fully open It s our honour & privilege to take care of loved ones FREE UNDERLAY WITH ALL CARPETS FREE UNDERLAY OVER 20 PER WITH SQUARE ALL CARPETS OVER METRE 20 PER SQUARE METRE TEMPORARY LOCATION 33 CREEK ROAD, HAYLING ISLAND PO11 9QZ Market Parade, Havant, Hampshire PO9 1QF Telephone: (023) (Available 24 hours a day) PAGE: 5

6 Postcode Publications There were twenty lucky winners from the first draw on Saturday 7 April. Twelve hundred and thirty tickets were sold ahead of the draw, which supported more than 45 local charities and good causes. The Lottery is on track to raise over 40,000 a year. One lucky winner, Mr Andrew Vassallo from Havant - above right, matched three numbers and won 25. The additional bolt on prize of an ipad, to celebrate the start of the scheme, was won by a resident from Waterlooville who was selected at random. Havant Borough Council has set up the online lottery to provide support to local voluntary organisations and charities. Each ticket costs 1 and has a 1 in 50 chance of winning a prize every week. This includes an incredible 25,000 jackpot prize if you match all six numbers, as well as various other cash prizes. Tracey Wood at Havant Borough Council said I am thrilled that the Lottery has launched with such great success. The support we have received from residents has resulted in a fantastic amount raised so Curve Fit Gym members Victoria Fury and Carol Gibson jointly won Member of the Year for losing five and a half stone in a year (Carol Gibson had actually lost seven and a half stone in eighteen months). Owner Karen Wiltshire right presented the winners with bottles of champagne. PAGE: 6 FIRST WINNERS far, and it s great to see that the local charities and good causes have got on board. Tickets cost just 1 each and deliver 60% back to local good causes, in comparison to just 28% contributed by the National Lottery. The remaining 40% goes back into the prize fund and pays for the running costs. Players are able to set up a monthly payment in advance with the option to do a three, six or twelve month repeating subscription by direct debit or payment card. Winners are informed over and will have the money transferred automatically to their chosen bank account. For more information or to sign up to the Havant Borough Community Lottery please visit: Loosing Stones with Curve Fit Horizon Leisure Centres gave two lucky winners a brand new Hyundai i10 this month. Horizon has previously run this competition giving away just one car, this year they wanted to give even more back by giving a car away at both their Havant and Waterlooville centres. To be in with a chance of winning one of the new cars, supplied by Richmond Hyundai Portsmouth, existing Platinum Members had to refer a friend to join Horizon Leisure Centres between 1st December and 28th February, for every successful referral an entry would be placed in to the draw where, YOUR MONEY Are you thinking of starting your own business? The thought of going self-employed often evokes a feeling of tangible excitement mixed with genuine fear. However, the more consideration you can give to the job of running your business, the more likely you are to succeed. You should ask yourself: Are you the sort of person who can succeed in business? Have you any funds you can put into the business? Are you familiar with the legal requirements that will be placed on you as a business proprietor? Have you considered how much you will earn during your first year? Do you need help raising finance for your business? After business expenses, including taxation and national insurance, have you estimated what your salary and profit could be? By Paul Underwood, Director Have you considered how you can minimise your tax liability so that you keep more of what you earn? Have you considered how technology can benefit your business? There are many other matters you will need to consider before going into business. These include: Registering as self-employed with HMRC Working out whether you need to register for VAT Opening a business bank account Insuring your new business Keeping up-to-date financial records. If you would like to arrange a free noobligation meeting to discuss your new business idea and find out how we can help in providing tax planning advice and bookkeeping services, please contact us. Lucky Car Winners at Horizon Leisure Centres Waterlooville Winner, Janet Hardy (centre) accompanied by staff from Horizon Leisure Centres after the closing date, two winners would be picked at random. Waterlooville winner, Janet Hardy said I am so amazed I won, I never win anything this is so exciting. My current car would not have passed its MOT so this has come at just the right time for me. I kept thinking I ve dreamt it! The second lucky winner, Vicky Clarke pictured left also collected her Hyundai i10 on Thursday 22nd March. Vicky has been attending Horizon Leisure Centres, since she was 16, a loyal member of 29 years. Vicky couldn t believe her luck; I was speechless when I found out, I didn t think it was real. I really can t believe I ve won a car.

7 A Positive Start for Mill Rythe Junior School Volunteers from Community First s Positive Pathways project and Growing Together (a partnership between Hayling Horticultural Society and Hayling Schools) spent the morning helping prepare the grounds at Mill Rythe Junior School on Hayling Island to clear space for a new poly-tunnel to help schoolchildren plant and grow fruit, vegetables and flowers. Positive Pathways is a Community First supported volunteering project helping those who have support needs or lack confidence to take part in team volunteering in the community, gaining a range of skills by carrying out activities such as befriending, gardening, conservation work and painting of community venues.volunteers also build their social and communication skills by attending tailored training and working as part of a team. Volunteers worked with Bill, Ray and Clive from Growing Together cutting back trees and brambles to clear a large area for the polytunnel. Ina Allum, Positive Pathways Co-ordinator from Community First, said the volunteers did a fantastic job, cutting back trees and brambles and clearing scrub, which will enable Growing Together to come in and remove the tree stumps ready for us to level the ground for the poly-tunnel.the Growing Together team are great fun and the volunteers enjoyed working with them. The Positive Pathways volunteers, with Clive from Growing Together (red braces, kneeling) and Beverley Palmer from Community First (white top, front) Teacher Mike Darby who is heading the school garden project said the Positive Pathways volunteers have really helped, it s great to see a project that helps so many people in different ways.their partnership with the Growing Together project has benefited several schools on Hayling already, and we are looking forward to working with them in the future while we are establishing our new garden area. Community First also operates an Employee Volunteering Scheme and are keen for more companies to take part in volunteering within their community. For more information, please contact Rachel Taylor on or find out more about Positive Pathways contact Ina Allum on or PAGE: 7

8 Postcode Publications A Friday bike ride for new-riders By Mike Skiffins and Sarah Calton Your local cycle club, Portsmouth CTC has introduced a regular ride on alternate Fridays aimed at new riders, and those who only want to ride a short distance. Although the rides are regular, it is not like a class where you have to turn up every time, but if you enjoy the ride and the company you may well want to. The rides are organised, and led, by Sarah and Martin Calton who have both worked in the fitness industry for over 15years, where they have helped people from all ages and abilities improve their fitness, health and well-being. They only took up cycling about four years ago, and in that short space of time found that the benefits from just being outside and socialising with others, made a big difference to their own lifestyle. They both found a way to slow down and just 'BE'. Although in the fitness industry already, they slowly started to improve their own fitness on the bike, starting from a small journey out on flat roads, to being able to enter Sportives, with an average 40mile course which included hills like Harting. The logical step about two years ago was to join the CTC, and after this they realised that they could also help others get out and enjoy the rides as much as they did. That was when they approached the CTC about becoming Ride Leaders, and after guidance and training asked about starting a fortnightly beginners ride with a half hour break for refreshment stop which might be a sandwich, or just cake. The rides would be open to any one from any background, each ride would give the member confidence just to get outside and ride a bike, which in turn would not only The Spring Arts and Heritage Centre in Havant has been awarded a 57,100 National Lottery grant through the Heritage Lottery Fund to record and celebrate the history of Havant and Waterlooville Football Club. The project will tell the story of the club since the merger of Havant FC and Waterlooville FC in 1998 and also track the development of football in the borough following the formation of Havant FC in The stories of fans, staff and players will be collected by volunteers and used to create a book and short documentary film to be premièred at The Spring. A group of young people will also be mentored by film production company Millstream Productions to make a second film focusing on Havant and Waterlooville s famous FA Cup run ten years ago when the club received national attention after twice taking the lead at Anfield, home of five times European Champions Liverpool. The documentary films will feature as part of a temporary exhibition in The Spring s mezzanine in early An interactive exhibit will also be created to enable the PAGE: 8 Sarah and Martin with their daughter Katie Ann. improve their well-being, but also, over time it would improve their fitness and above all introduce them to a fantastic social group, which for some is a bonus on its own. The rides are not designed to be too strenuous, and are a lot of fun. Sarah says 'We were overwhelmed by the uptake of these rides, as well as the fact that we were also getting more ladies out on their bikes which is fantastic to see'. Martin and Sarah want to thank everyone for their support those who nominated them to become leaders as well as everyone who comes along to each ride. The aim of these Friday rides is to encourage an active community; as long as you have a bike then anyone is welcome. Its not about the speed, or the bike or even putting on the dreaded Lycra, it's about getting out there on whatever bike you have and just enjoying the company. The fitness element is just an added bonus. (And of course the CAKE). Sarah adds 'We look forward to seeing more riders join us on our Friday adventures'. Details of the rides are on the club website 57,100 HERITAGE LOTTERY FUND GRANT story of the football club to be recorded permanently in the venue s museum. Sophie Fullerlove, Director of The Spring Arts and Heritage Centre, said: The 20th anniversary of the formation of Havant and Waterlooville FC is a perfect opportunity to undertake research into the history of the club. The project will enable our museum to offer visitors a comprehensive record of the development of football in the borough and celebrate the role the football club plays in the wider community. Trevor Brock, Secretary of Havant and Waterlooville FC, said: We are delighted The Spring Arts and Heritage Centre has been awarded this grant to enable the history of the club to be researched and celebrated. We are looking forward to participating in the project and hearing the stories of fans, staff and players. Hawks fans got an opportunity to contribute to the project by visiting a roadshow held in The Westleigh Pub at the team s Westleigh Park stadium before the home game with St Albans City on Saturday 14th April. Hayling Island Cricket Club Preparations for the cricket season are in full swing at Hayling Island Cricket Club. We currently hold indoor training at Warblington School on Tuesday evenings from 6:30pm, these sessions will carry on until the end of April and new comers are always welcome. Hayling have two successful Saturday teams competing in the Hampshire Cricket League. At the end of last season, the First Team was promoted to County Division Two and will be led by long serving player and local Islander, Rob Cordell. Rob says Following on from our outstanding season last year, I would like to say that the club is going from strength to strength and give a warm welcome to all new, and returning players. With a refurbished clubhouse and new sponsor in Michael Thornton of KSM telecom, the future of Hayling cricket looks very bright. In addition to the Saturday teams, we also have a Sunday friendly team and a midweek team who will play in the Portsmouth Midweek League. The children in our Colts Team are learning and developing their cricket and sessions will be taking place with Ben Johnson on Thursday evenings in Hayling Park. The Colts cater for children of any ability, gender, or previous cricket knowledge and take children from school year R upwards. This year marks the 45th anniversary of the Hampshire Cricket League and Hayling will play against Portsmouth and Southsea in a pre-season friendly on 28th April. This replicates the first ever fixture from the Hampshire Cricket League and promises to be a memorable event with both the first and second team in action. The event also makes the grand opening of the new pavilion and café at the park and spectators are very much welcomed to come down and watch from the balcony. For the upcoming season; Rob Cordell is First Team captain, Tony Watton will captain the Second Team, Dave Gorvin is captaining the Midweek Team and Jamie Nottage is the captain for the Sunday Team. If you are interested in getting involved in the club in any capacity, either as a player or if you would like to come down and watch some local cricket then please get in touch via or you can follow the club on facebook (search Hayling Island cricket club) and Instagram (Hayling Island cricket). SEND YOUR SPORTS STORIES TO US AND SEE THEM IN PRINT FISHY from Fred Monk Horizon Angling Club For The Disabled STORIES It was a decent turnout for Round two at Three Oaks Fishery. Thanks to everyone who came along on the day. Despite several days of sub-zero temperatures, snow, ice and a biting north-east wind, things improved on the day and 8 members turned out to fish with some mixed fortunes. Bites and fish were hard to come by on the top lake where Mike Waite, John Forster, Team Parkin (Sue with help from Paul) and Denis Bloodworth managed a few silvers. Denis was fresh from his weekend exploits which produced a splendid nine and a half pound carp in a blizzard session at Havant but no such luck at Denmead! Derek and brother Alan fared better on the bottom lake choosing to fish the sheltered swims out of the cold wind. Alan caught silvers steadily on pole and maggot including a lovely half pound roach, while Derek started on a mini feeder with double maggot to land skimmers to one pound nine ounces plus a bonus small common carp early in the day before switching to his pole and adding some decent roach. Thanks to Denny Horn and John Robinson who both looked in to see how we were all doing and to add their moral support. The day s You ve Been Framed moment (we always get one) came when I lost my footing on the slippery, boggy, muddy slope while trying to get back up from the bottom lake to check on the others on the top lake. Very muddy gear straight in the wash! RESULTS 1st Derek Wood 5 lbs 5 ozs 12 pts (including 1 bonus pt) 2nd Alan Wood 2 lbs 10 ozs 6 pts 3rd Mike Waite 0 lbs 12 ozs 3pts 4th Denis B 0 lbs 8 ozs 2 pts John Forster 0 lbs 3 ozs 1 pt Sue Parkin 0 lbs 3 ozs 1 pt Colin O Mara 1 pt Jan Horton 1 pt Heaviest fish for one Bonus Point 1 lb 9 ozs skimmer caught by Derek. Thanks to Denny Horn and John Robinson for coming along to add their support. Cheers and Tight Lines Derek Wood - Match Organiser Horizon Angling Club for the Disabled

9 Coming soon to Havant Academy The Aled Price Productions Performing Arts Academy opens at Havant Academy on the 21st April. This amazing opportunity is open to children aged 5-16 years. These classes will be offering the children the opportunity to learn dancing, singing and acting, all with the aim to increase confidence and performance ability. The children will be working towards an annual performance, as well as community events, competitions and festivals. The aim of the sessions is to create a fun, friendly, safe haven for children to hone their performing skills outside of school. These amazing classes are just 10 for 4 hours of education! Sibling discount; with the first child paying 10 the second child pays 8! There will be a walking bus from Front Lawn Primary Academy at 9.25am to walk over to Havant Academy together. The children will then be walked back over to Front Lawn at the end of the session. For more information please Don t forget to book your football pitches here Only 50 per game! Contact Louise to book now Havant Academy Telephone AUCTIONEER & ANTIQUES ENTHUSIAST HILARY BOLT on HOUSE CALLS & CLEARANCES Over the last twenty years I ve been lucky enough to turn a life-long interest in old things into two of my current day jobs auctioneering in Emsworth Auctions and running an antiques and collectables shop, Emsworth Antiques Etc. in the town s West Street. These days, I spend quite a lot of time in other people s bedrooms and sheds, as well as various local self-storage facilities. The requests for visits cover a number of purposes : a collector who want to sell past treasures, impending down-sizing, the items which won t fit in after down-sizing, dealing with the contents of a relative s home either in situ or having been brought away to be dealt with. My mission is to assess the items for purchase, or to triage them for the owner to put into our auction, or to provide a partial or complete clearance service. Whilst not everything I am shown is to my taste, the previous owner had probably loved it for some reason, and my involvement takes the items a step closer to the next person who will love or use them in turn. I can afford to be objective, whereas the person who has asked for my help has all sorts of memories and sentiment attached to the goods I am being shown. My advice is that if you re not ready to let them go yet, hold onto them a while longer rather than regret their absence. But if you ve been storing Aunt Aggie s boxes for fourteen years, remind yourself that she wouldn t have wished her bequest to be a burden, and you really shouldn t feel guilty about moving her possessions along. Someone else WILL love them in time. Meanwhile, if I may - a couple of important points when arranging clearances at any level: Present an accurate picture hold the family gatherings to decide who wants to keep what before you call us in. It doesn t matter if the items have not been removed yet, but we do need to know exactly what we are dealing with. Once a price has been agreed, please do not remove items. If you decide you want to keep the cranberry glasses after all, please understand that has to change the financial agreement. Try not to sound aggrieved when told so. And remember that most of us live with well-worn possessions which are really not suitable for re-sale at all, and for which there will be costs for disposal. All that has to be put in the balance. We always make sure that any personal documents we find are returned, and that we treat our clients premises with the respect we would hope for ourselves in due course. A couple of years ago my daughter said she couldn t decide what to get me for my birthday, and almost decided on a skip! Dear child. PAGE: 9

10 Postcode Publications PAGE: 10

11 Come along and Join Terry, Melody and the team, and enjoy a fantastic dining experience. We start with our delicious breakfast menu form 09:30 11:30, the restaurant opens at 12 noon daily. We offer an extensive A la Carte menu along with daily specials. We also offer: Lighter Bites for those with smaller appetites Pit Stop for cyclists Coffee & Cake only 3.50 Dog Friendly Tribute Nights Quiz Nights Bottle Bingo Traditional Afternoon Tea Private functions, weddings birthdays, wakes and meetings Steak Night every Wednesday from 6pm - 2 x Rump Steaks with a bottle of house wine 25 Sunday Roast Deal - 2 x roast dinners only 16 between 5-7pm Call Sign up for our monthly newsletter for offers and events: all A la Carte food Monday Friday 12-5pm Valid until 29th June 2018 Please bring this voucher with you to redeem the offer Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer PAGE: 11

12 Postcode Publications 5 9 CROSSWORD Compiled by Michael Curtis Supported by Havant Insurance Services Ltd, 20 East Street, Havant, Hants PO9 1AQ ROWLANDS CASTLE HERITAGE CENTRE Model Railway on view at Stansted House, PO9 6DX Open Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday Solutions on page 25 Scribbles: ACROSS 1 No gold painting about fur almost can be brought to an end (10) 6 Complain, say, when grass is cut (4) 8 Drunk exhibit first indisputable (8) 9 Elgar nervous? Gather inside (6) 10 Sums up cutter, it's said (4) 11 Gives advance notice of papers (10) 12 Wind French too much before nearly strange mollusc (9) 14 I have river crossing around inlet (5) 17 I'm in lecture for laughing (5) 19 Abolished change to get abroad (9) 22 Damaged a nerve into a worship (10) 23 Jewellery gossip, we hear (4) 24 Restrict supply (6) 25 A line-up about ready, scaremonger (8) 26 Yield plant, it's announced (4) 27 Marinaded and be disposed to include increase (10) DOWN 1 Battle a long way back in to plague officer from east (9) 2 Joiner back - no left screen (7) 3 Race around,say, for denial (8) 4 Dry in bundle about educated lady in box war (6,2,7) 5 Absorb draw (6) 6 Drink unit back with broken tiara (9) 7 Overcome, say, but iffy (7) 13 Generation change with nothing going for fruity outcome (9) 15 Inscribed short notice in backnumber (9) 16 Beat generation tax (8) 18 Form no start and regard stress (7) 20 Script with nothing fashioned for Torrid Zone (7) 21 Get man around to charm (6) Traditional Homecare, with a modern flare! PAGE: 12 Will there ever be a time when we don t hear about the state of social care in our country? How the elderly and vulnerable are being treated without respect and dignity, and even worse abused? It s terrifying to think that in 2018 we are still having these issues and that it seems to be getting worse with no answers, as to help the aging population that we live in. I ve worked for over 25years in the health and social care sector in various settings, and have witness the changes and challenges it presents. In January 2011, I decided that I would like to make a difference. I knew that it wouldn t fix the problem however I hoped (and thankfully I do) help some people to have the care and help at home that they need. When talking to my customers and community groups about what they would like their homecare to be like, there were always the same responses: Wanting to know the person who was coming NOT having different people all the time What time they were coming Actually doing what they wanted and needed on that day and not just working from care/ support plans Being able to talk to someone who would actually do something if there was a problem Not to feel rushed To be cared for in their own homes and for it to be affordable To be treated like a human being! WOW! Not rocket science, not ground breaking, just perfectly doable simple things that make a huge difference! My customers get all of these things and more. We support them with all the household tasks, personal care, socialising, gardening, and friendship, whatever they need to live happily, independently and safely in their own homes. The support is ever evolving to meet their needs. I love what I do and I am passionate about care and support. Caring for people in a way that gives them a excellent quality of life, is so rewarding. If this has resonated with anyone then I would love to chat with you - Sonya North: /

13 Stronger, More Flexible, Pain-Free Readers My name is Natalie March from Physio-logical, a Chartered Physiotherapist based within MyFitness Hub in PO9. We have some exciting news we now have a satellite clinic offering Physiotherapy, acupuncture and sports massage in Rowlands Castle. I hope you found our last self-help exercises for lower back pain useful. Now that the better weather is here, many of us are feeling inspired to get out into the garden and start digging! Today we will share with you a few physiotherapy tips to help avoid some common gardening injuries. Is it important to do a few stretches before and after gardening. No-one would consider running a marathon or going to the gym without doing a warm-up. You are going to do some moderate exercise so it is important to prepare your body. Gardening Tips Plan your workload it is important to have a few tasks on the go at the same time, but work a little on each every time you go into the garden, your body will much prefer the variety of tasks. Pace yourself - do not try and dig the whole vegetable patch in one morning, your back and muscles will find it very strenuous. Pruning do this in moderation it puts a lot of strain on your forearm muscles which can lead to tennis elbow, try and use two hands for tough pruning, also stretching out your forearm muscles will help to reduce muscle soreness. Consider your equipment use long handled tools if you have problems with your hips, knees or your back Use a kneeler this will reduce the pressure through the knees Don t overfill the wheelbarrow it is better to make a few extra journeys with a lighter load Maintain good posture - squat down and bend at the knees, kneel whilst planting or weeding, don t just bend at your back. Set a timer to tell you when to have a break, or you may lose track of time and just keep going. Gardening Self Help Exercises Here are some simple exercises to do before and after gardening. Please be aware of your body and take advice from your GP before exercising or send an to for advice and guidance: Lumbar Spine Side Flexion Stand with your arms by your side Slowly bend sideways by sliding your hand down your thigh towards the floor. Slowly return to neutral position and repeat on the other side Repeat five times on each side hold the last once for a thirty second stretch on each side. Thoracic Spine Rotation Sitting, cross your arms over your chest and rotate round to the right then left Repeat five times on each side hold the last once for a thirty second stretch on each side. Shoulder Rolls and Shrugs Roll your shoulders forwards and backwards Shrug your shoulders up and down Repeat each movement five times Forearm Stretches Extend one arm out with elbow straight and use the other hand to grasp it at the side of the thumb and bend the wrist downward. Then, face your palm up and pull your hand back gently to feel a stretch in the forearm Hold each stretch for thirty seconds repeat twice If you want to make sure you are gardening fit or you are struggling with any niggles, aches or pains which are preventing you from enjoying your gardening then please get in contact with us via or book online book online via as we can help you to today. Happy gardening! LANGSTONE CUTTERS GIG CLUB Langstone Cutters Gig Club is Hampshire s first Cornish Pilot Gig Club and they have been introducing gig rowing and racing to the local community since They are based at Northney Marina on Hayling Island and row all year round in the beautiful waters of Chichester and Langstone Harbours. A Community Rowing Club run by volunteers with around 130 members of all ages from 12 to 80 years old, which include all levels of fitness and ability. They row traditional Cornish Pilot Gigs which were originally used as lifeboats and to ferry pilots out to incoming vessels along the Scilly Isles and South West coast. These are beautiful, traditionally built six oared boats and the club currently own three wooden racing gigs Heart of Hayling, Spirit of Langstone and Star of Northney along with two GRP training gigs CShel and Islander. Club membership consists of both recreational rowers and those who wish to race in regattas along the Jurassic Coast into Devon and Cornwall throughout the summer, and in the World Pilot Gig Championships held in the Isles of Scilly every May. The club takes part in a number of Jurassic regattas and also the Great River Race, The Hamble River Raid and they also host their own yearly Junior Sprint event at Whale Island with clubs coming from Devon, Dorset and Cornwall. As well as the fitness and competitive side, and the joy of being out in the fresh air yearround, members enjoy the camaraderie of being part of a team, both in and out of the boat. In addition, they have an excellent programme of social events which are always well attended by members and their families. The club recently received funding from Sport England to purchase a new GRP training gig. This new GRP gig will enable the club to further develop it s on water training throughout the year, and therefore increase the numbers of people that are able to enjoy the wonderful waters of Chichester and Langstone Harbour. Members were invited to submit ideas and a ballot was held of the top four favourites. The result was that the new boat will be called "Islander." Gig Rowing is Britain s fastest growing water sport and the club is a BBC Get Inspired Partner. Havant Borough Sports Association recently awarded the Gig Club a Team of the Year Award and they finished third in the highly competitive 2017 Jurassic League. Langstone Cutters Gig Club welcomes new members irrespective of age or fitness. Your first visit will be free and all you need to be is keen to row! Please contact either Brian on or Jackie on who would love to hear from you, and we can get you booked into a free session. PAGE: 13

14 Postcode Publications From Orphan to Mayor in easy stages Episode Four - I retired from Pall Aerospace in December 2000, aged 59. One of my first actions was to set up a Consultancy "KPS Enterprises" so that I could continue to work with my long term business partners. I thoroughly enjoyed this activity and with very little effort, obtained a contract to supply troop seats for the new Merlin Helicopter. A million pound contract which financed my KPSE activities for the next four years. It was thanks to Hazel that I discovered a new and very unexpected opportunity. She had read in the local paper that Chichester Festival Theatre (CFT) were looking for amateur actors for a new community play, Barchester Chronicles, and suggested that I apply. I had had no acting experience, in fact, had never been on stage, but to my amazement, I was offered not one but two parts! I was little more than portable furniture, no lines to learn. Nevertheless I found Barchester Chronicles quite demanding but the experience was fantastic and I made friends with other cast members which would last throughout my short but exciting acting career. My next performance was at the South Downs Open Air Theatre. I was to play Bardolph in The Merry Wives of Windsor. Shakespeare no less! If I knew little about acting I knew even less about Shakespeare, as became clear during one rehearsal. After we d run through a scene the Director called me over and said: Ken, that last little line of yours, it was intended to be a joke! Well, Shakespearean jokes are notoriously difficult to spot anyway, that was my excuse! In 2002 I was invited back to the CFT and this time I was chosen for a principal part in The Devil s Dancing Hour, a drama about the Civil War when Cromwell and his troops invaded and held the city of Chichester to ransom. I was cast as Sir Thomas Bowyer (Hazel called me Sir Sausage at home!). When it came to the production I had the full costume, sword, swagger, hat with plumes and everything. It was a really fantastic experience. The atmosphere at CFT was always friendly. That s what made it such a pleasure. The next play was The Roses of Eyam by Don Taylor which took place in the Singleton Ken as Sir George Saville - Roses of Eam PAGE: 14 & Downlands open air museum utilising the fantastic collection of 16th and 17th century buildings. As you may know, The Roses of Eyam is a very moving tale of the Derbyshire village where a ream of cloth was purchased by the village tailor. Unfortunately the cloth came from London and was impregnated by the Great Plague which caused much suffering and many deaths in the village. I had two roles, Sir George Saville, patron of the Rector of Eyam, and William Thornley, a member of a prominent Eyam family. A very enjoyable experience, acting in the open air but quite demanding on a windy evening. Next was the famous musical Cabaret at CFT. I had a number of roles but, principally, I was a patron of the nightclub. I was even allowed to sing, albeit as part of the chorus. Great stuff! It was a real privilege to be on stage and share dressing rooms with professionals. My last production was Marlowe s Doctor Faustus. The play started in the Chichester Minerva Theatre and from there it together with the audience moved out and into the streets of Chichester, up to the Cross and then along to the Cathedral, the final scene being at the altar. My role was to be one of six narrators. I had the opening line at the Minerva, and the last line at the Altar. Just before opening night the director came up to me and said: Ken, I saw you arriving in your little red MG, do you think we could use it in the play? I asked him what he wanted to do with it and he said: Well, if you agree, you can be dressed up as a minor demon and chauffeur the Devil to and from the Cross. Of course, I said I d be delighted and so, before each performance, my car was positioned at the ready in a pub car park in North Street (it had been equipped with false plates reading DEV 1 L, what else?). According to plan I had to drive up North Street, with lights flashing and music blaring, pick up the actor playing the Devil, drive him round the side streets to Chichester Cross, leave him there, drive away and then wait for my cue to return to pick him up again at the Cross and take him to the Cathedral. One night I was sitting in West Street, Chichester, my car facing the wrong way in the one-way system on double yellow lines, when a young policeman came strolling along. I thought: This looks ominous, a demon sitting in a car with false plates, facing the wrong way. Well, the constable walked up to me and said: Excuse me sir, you can t park there. I said I m very sorry officer, but this is the Devil s chariot and I m his demon driver waiting for him. So he said, rather decently I thought: Oh, well OK then, and walked away! As I ve had the last line of the play. In the cathedral it was very quiet, dark and spooky. I came on stage holding a candle by this time Faustus has gone to the devil and having delivered my closing line, I blew out the candle and the play ended. It was very dramatic. I really enjoyed my acting career but that came to an end when I was elected as a Havant Borough Councillor. I knew anyway that I couldn t last very much longer in the theatre because I was finding it difficult to learn all the lines! The life story of Councillor Ken Smith Politics Having spent my business life travelling the world I decided to become more involved with the local community. I d always had an interest in political affairs and now wanted to give something back into the community. In 2003 I applied to the Conservative Association and became a member of the Party for the first time. In 2004 I stood as a candidate in the local elections for the Bedhampton ward of Havant Borough Council where there hadn t been a Conservative Councillor in the ward for at least twelve years. To my amazement I won the seat, although with a very slim majority. I m proud to say that I have increased my majority in every election and in 2016, secured 51% of the vote. I felt very happy and privileged. Back in 2004 the first thing I was asked to do was to find local people to form a committee with me as chairman to spend a new grant called Liveability. This had been voted in by Tony Blair s Labour government to benefit local communities. In our case it meant we had 1.1 million to spend on local projects, and as with much local funding, it had to be spent within the allocated year or it was forfeited. I duly formed a committee and we spent our allocated budget There are many examples around Havant where improvements were made which might otherwise never have attracted funding. One highlight of my time on the council came in 2007 when Havant received a visit by HRH Princess Anne. As the relevant portfolio holder, it was my privilege to escort her to see the work we were doing to motivate young people to acquire working skills. The following year I was invited to attend a ceremony in Portsmouth where the Military Attaché of Malaysia invested surviving British servicemen who had served in the Borneo/Malaysia/ Singapore region with the Malaysia Pingat Jasa medal for helping to save his country from Communism and I was honoured to be a recipient. In 2010 I was elected as the Deputy Mayor of Havant, and the following year Hazel and I became Mayor and Mayoress. This was the pinnacle of my political career and a proud achievement. Hazel and I enjoyed a very busy and exceedingly rewarding year during which time we attended over 400 engagements and raised over 26,000 for our selected charities. A year later I was asked to become President of the Havant branch of the Royal British Legion, a position I still hold with pride. Today, I remain a local councillor involved with the management of Langstone and Chichester harbours. I also chair the council s Governance & Audit Committee. These activities keep my brain ticking over! I also keep in touch with old comrades from my RAF Halton days. We have a major reunion at Halton every three years and I m an active member of the South Coast old boys branch which meets monthly at the Tangmere Aviation Museum. I am also a member of the Royal Airforce Association, the Aircrew Association and the National Malaya and Borneo Veterans Association. Last Recollections In 1989 I qualified for a Private Pilot s License. Hazel and I flew to the Alps that summer and had a wonderful vacation. In fact, Hazel learned how to take off and land plus use the radio for our self-preservation and protection, should anything untoward happen to me whilst we were in the air! I had part ownership in two aeroplanes, a Piper PA38 (G-PRIM) and a Cessna 172 (G- BEMB). I flew for nearly twenty years during which I gained an instrument rating which enabled me to fly on business trips. But when I passed sixty the medicals became very onerous and because I had a suspected heart problem, the authorities said I couldn t fly unless I was accompanied by a safety pilot. I never took to that idea so I retired. Living by the sea, we also enjoyed playing about in boats. We owned a beautiful Westerly Tiger named Ocelot and, a little later, we had a fast motor cruiser called Hey Jude. All in all I have enjoyed a very fortunate life, notwithstanding a couple of real personal tragedies. Compared with much of humanity that s not bad going, at least I think so. Beginnings and endings Happy times Sons Ian and Mark with Hazel and Ken you can t escape them. You just have to be thankful for the time in between, and I surely am!

15 much more than just a school Park Community School news Park Race for the Line... Race at our Place Our annual Race at Our Place in aid of Cancer Research took place on the 29th March. This year the rain might have put people off but it did not. We ran and many came to watch. Thank you if you were one of those. Georgie Harris from Park Community School, who is the driving force behind this event said: Having lived in Leigh Park all my life and being an ex-student, I have a strong connection with park students and I feel its massively important for the students and the community to feel proud of where they are from and this kind of event certainly helps to promote that. Headteacher, Christopher Anders said: For many staff and students the Race at Our Place is a highlight of the school year. The number of students who run and walk is a very special part of our school. It is one of those times when the difference between our school and others is clear to see. The sense of excitement and fun before the race as well as along the route is fantastic. The sense of achievement experienced by all participants is obvious at the finish line and in the conversations which take place back at school. Hampshire Music Festival Primary Children s Workshop A wonderful afternoon of musical fun was had by primary school children with World of Music on Saturday 17th March 2018 at Park Community School s Dickinson Centre. As part of the Havant Music Festival, the children were encouraged to learn new skills whilst having fun playing unusual instruments such as steel pans and harps amongst many others. Max said It was awesome. My best bit was playing the harp and singing, and I loved making the didgeridoo. Race for the Line On Thursday, 15th March, the whole of Year 7 took part in the Race for the Line competition. This involved them designing and making a rocket car during Technology lessons. This is a national competition in conjunction with the Bloodhound team who are aiming to get their rocket car to 1,000mph. Navy personnel conducted the races and each class of Year 7 joined them outside on the MUGA to witness their rocket cars racing against others. It was a very exciting day for all of Year 7 and was amazing to see the range of cars produced. Only one team can get through to the next round, which is held in April at Portsmouth naval base. Last year we were very successful and got to the National final, eventually coming fourth overall in the country. The top speed this year was 51.19mph and our winning team was Bumper, a car made by Lewis and Lenny. Fingers crossed for the next round! Park Community School Middle Park Way - Havant - PO9 4BU PAGE: 15

16 Postcode Publications Don t stop Wining Full Bodied Wines love em or loath em Part 1 Tannin - This time I explore reasons why some wines are heavy while some are lighter. The are many different wines on the market today from all over the world and when people come into my shop and ask for a good wine the question I always ask is what style of wine do you like? I can whittle this down to maybe four main styles which include heavy or light, dry or fruity. There is off course a fifth style which is sweet but that is a whole different kettle of fish. So, what makes a wine either heavy or light, dry or fruity? To be honest there is a whole combination of factors that affect the style and quality of a wine. From the weather to the soil to the different grape varieties and the wine-making practices, all these provide the overall make-up of the wine. With regards to the weight of the wine: i.e. full bodied or lighter, then there is one main characteristic of the wines which provides this answer and that is Tannin. Tannin is found naturally in some products, from beef to tea and oak, it also forms on the grapes, more evidently on red grapes. Wines which have been aged in oak will have more tannin. However, oak also gives wine a sweeter, fruitier character as vanillin is a natural extract from oak, so the wine might appear fruitier. There are two main characteristics that make up tannin, bitterness and astringency. Bitterness is easy to understand as its one of our four main taste buds, so we can taste bitterness quite easily. Astringency is different though. When a wine has a lot of tannin, it reacts with the molecules on your tongue and the inside of your mouth and these molecules become raised. You will feel a roughness on your tongue and you feel a dryness all over your mouth. Therefore, tannin can be attributed to the sense of touch as opposed to the sense of taste. In other words, you can feel tannin not taste it. The majority of reds with have some tannin to varying degrees but it s whether the tannins are balanced with the fruity element of the wine therefore you can t feel them as much or is the tannin in the wine so aggressive that it shouts obscenities at you as you take a sip! You will either prefer one or the other. If you don t like the heavy, full bodied reds but still want to try them then all is not loss. Having these styles of wines with food will reduce the tannin feel and soften the wine out. You will need something heavy like a good rich steak dish to stand up to Support your local Independents Shop Local PAGE: 16 By Jonathan Rogers of VIN Wine Merchants Emsworth the aggressive tannins, but they will calm down with food and make the wine much more approachable. Opening the wine up a good couple of hours before will also calm the tannins down as a small amount of oxygen enhances the characters of the wines while reducing the tannins. That s why sometimes when you go back to an opened bottle of red the next day it sometimes tastes better. Decanting the wine will also have the same effect. In the next issue I will discuss the fruitier element of wines but in the meantime, here are a couple of big tannic beasts for you to try from me: De Lucca Tannat Uruguay Campo Dorado Rioja Crianza Spain 8.99 Crianza wines have around a year or so in oak barrels so not a huge amount. This is silky with slightly more fruit but still enough weight to sink a small boat!! Pop into 6 Queen St., Emsworth, Hants PO10 7BL FREE WINE TASTINGS EVERY WEEKEND! The Tannat grape takes its name from Tannin so you can guess what this is going to be like. Its dry, full bodied with an underlying hint of fruit but it s also smooth on the finish. The Uruguayan wine makers live this style. Free tastings at the weekend or enjoy a glass in our upstairs wine bar area and courtyard. Fred s Food Hello, I'm Fred Duncannon, Coowner of Stansted Park Farm Shop, and I will be writing the new food column here based on seasonal, local produce. When you eat food in season, it's at Watercress We get our watercress from the Hairspring Watercress beds and it is one of the few crops that enjoys wet, cold weather; the occasional frost helps give it a peppery hit. It s packed full of vitamins and nutrients, with vibrant colour and a satisfying crunch. It is also seriously local, coming less than five miles away in Hambrook, in beds which have solid gravel bases and impermeable walls fed by natural spring water and deep boreholes during the drier months. All their watercress is cut and bunched by hand, then trimmed, labelled, washed and packed with ice. You can eat the watercress as a salad, in sandwiches or as soup and as it is stuffed full of vitamin C, it s ideal for helping keep the colds. It s also perfect for this seasonal recipe that uses South coast mackerel, chicory and oranges. 1 large orange 2 x mackerel fillets 2 heads chicory, trimmed 1 bunch of Hairspring watercress 1 tbsp olive oil 2 tsp wholegrain mustard 1 tsp clear honey Method Use a knife to remove the skin from the oranges, then cut between the white membranes to loosen the range segments. Once all the segments have been removed, squeeze the remaining piece of orange over a bowl to remove the juice and set aside. Break the chicory into leaves. Heat a frying it's tastiest, freshest and most nutritious. We have an amazing selection of food grown, farmed and fished on our doorstep, so I hope this helps you to fully enjoy it. Mackerel Our mackerel comes straight off a local dayboat and is supplied to our shop on Fridays by Fresh From The Boat. Mackerel, Orange and Watercress Salad Recipe Ingredients F A R M S T A N S T E D P A R K S H O P pan with a little oil over medium high heat. Lightly score the mackerel fillets on the skin side and season with pepper, then place skin side down in the frying pan for 2-3 minutes, then turn over for a further minute. Remove from pan. Arrange the watercress, chicory and orange segments into two bowls and place the mackerel on top. Whisk the reserved orange juice, oil, mustard and honey together with a little salt and freshly ground black pepper. Drizzle over the salad and serve.

17 IN SUPPORT OF CANCERWISE Join us for the 24 th Garden Show at Stansted Park on 8 10 June The perfect event to find all you need to make your garden (and home!) grow. A great opportunity to explore what s on the doorstep; source new talent, designers and artisans. Browse affordable and handpicked stands showcasing the latest specialist plants, garden and home accessories, art, design, sculpture, fashion, gifts and then treat your taste buds to tempting foods and wines. It s also a good opportunity to learn about gardening - meet the Garden Show team and pick up top tips from horticultural experts to solve those frustrating problems they know what they are doing. As ever the specialist plantsmen will bring their knowledge and an abundance of beautiful plants and, along with The Gardening Doctors Val & Steve Bradley, they will be working hard to solve any gardening dilemmas. A great chance to get your garden into shape and with environmentalist, Jules and Lance on hand again, you can be sure that any garden ailments will be resolved in as friendly a way as possible! By popular request daily Talks & Chats on the environment, garden & country matters return for a second year. Ben Cross will be back extolling the quality of British grown cut flowers and explain how the industry needs supporting to ensure survival. Other Talks are being planned so watch this space for any updates We welcome back for his 7 th Show, Ray Hunt who with his unique flair, will be building a garden in aid of CancerWise Don t s not all about gardening with ongoing cooking demonstrations and a variety of other demonstrations to persuade you to be creative when you get home! The busy Studio Shop Marquee and The Open Studio workshops, which proved so popular, will return with talented artists and artisans ready and willing to share their expertise; jewellery design, water colour painting, photography, felt making, forging, pottery and so many more. There is plenty to engage your children & the whole family: watch children play in the beautiful parklands and they can get crafting and learn to juggle, have their faces painted, get lost in the maze, ride the model railway or play in the fairground. Everyone can have a go at the Target Zone Archery range. Enjoy Stansted s lovely parklands, explore the House, Chapel and arboretum or watch Huxley Birds of Prey soar through the skies. We have grown over the years but are happy that the original concept hasn t changed giving visitors the opportunity to source an innovative range of items for the house, garden & themselves. Over 350 stands, picked for their quality and difference, bursting with stylish accessories, art and design and enticing artisan foods and wines. A chance to rejuvenate your home and make your life feel much better! Come to the garden party revitalise your garden and life and yourself. Adults 9. Concessions 7. Child 3 (4 years & under free). Family 22 (2A + 4C). Groups 6 (20+ visitors) Mobility For You: Free Flow Tours of Stansted House (1pm 4pm) 5 No dogs please except those to assist And.. don t forget the show moves onwards to Loseley Park, Guildford July PAGE: 17

18 Postcode Publications Health & Well-being by Denise Kelly Health and fitness in 2018 Mental Health problems are rife I am back out working in Dubai this week, which of course I love. I have been fortunate enough to have a three-hour lunch break at the beach, with a large coconut for my cocktail of choice and half a watermelon the size of the moon for lunch! For me it doesn t get much better than that Heat, sun and beautiful food! Paradise! The one thing that becomes more and more apparent to me as I trot round the globe giving health lectures and seeing clients from all Nationalities, is that it doesn t matter how wealthy you are, or what position you hold within your company, no one in this modern society is free from stress and anxiety. It s out of control. And what are we all striving for? Apparently the latest stats for the UK are one in four people suffering form serious mental health issues, and one in six people reporting experiencing a more common mental health problem such as anxiety and mild depression or feelings of low mood. This is a huge percentage of people. There is something very wrong with society, as we know it. I see lots of teenagers in my clinics now suffering from anxiety, and is it that our expectations of them are too high? Or, their expectations of themselves are too much? Five years ago I wasn t seeing even half the amount of people with these issues as I see now, so even in that relatively short space of time period things are changing rapidly. From a Nutrition point of view, one of the things I would consider if someone comes to see me presenting mental health issues is to look at the health of their digestive system. I think a lot of people know now that diet and gut health can seriously affect mental health symptoms such as stress-related disorders, depression and anxiety. Signalling between the gut and the brain includes communication via the immune system, central nervous system and the endocrine (hormonal) system, which in turn impacts mood and behaviour. This communication is under the influence of the gut microbiota. The gut is home to hundreds of trillions of micro-organisms, which form part of the gut-microbiome-brain axis. The complex interactions involved are thought to be influential in conditions such as depression, schizophrenia, autismspectrum disorders and ADHD. After running several tests on a patient in my clinic, I would be able to detect if there is a problem in the gut and then determine how to treat it. Sometimes it can be really simple stuff to correct and can make all the difference to a persons well-being, thought pattern, feelings of anxiety and feelings of happiness. Can you imagine? A lifetime of healthy eating, or a lifetime of medication, which can often cause other side effects and symptoms. Sometimes if you look at life really simply and clean up your diet, so you take the toxins and stress away from your physical body, it s amazing what can happen to the mind. Even just the realization that the two are connected can help address health issues. Knowledge is always power, so if you suffer, get to know as much about your subject as you can, because it often removes the fear. If you are worried about mental health for yourself, your child, or someone you know and would like to talk things through, or book an appointment for a consultation please don t hesitate to contact me for further confidential advice at: PAGE: 18

19 Local house-builder Barratt Homes Southampton has received the maximum five-star rating in the new Home Builders Federation (HBF) annual New Homes Survey. Michelle Storer - above, sales director at Barratt Homes Southampton, said: We are very proud to be independently rated as a five-star builder, and to be the only major national house-builder to have fivestars for nine years in a row. To us this is the most important industry award which is why we put so much effort into building high quality homes in the first place and then looking after our customers as much as possible. It is great to know that more than 90% of our customers would recommend us to a friend. The number of stars awarded is based on responses to the question would you recommend your builder to a friend? For Barratt to have been awarded fivestars means that more than 90% of its customers would recommend their homes to a friend. Barratt is currently the only major national house-builder to be rated as fivestar for nine years in a row, having first been awarded the accolade back in With 2018 also being the 60th anniversary year for Barratt, the new fivestar rating award is a double celebration for the house-builder. The HBF New Homes Survey is one of the largest surveys of its type in the country with nearly 40,000 people who have recently bought a new build home completing it. The simple one to five star rating system was developed to give customers an easy to view ranking system of which house-builders have the most satisfied customers. The high customer satisfaction for Barratt Homes is a product of the housebuilder s commitment to building high quality homes and creating great places. Coupled with its focus on looking after customers, particularly post sale, all of this combined produces the high recommendation scores. Stewart Baseley, executive chairman of Barratt Homes reinforces position as the UK s most recommended house-builder Hayling Camera Club Competition The last few weeks at Hayling Island Camera Club have been busy with the last rounds of the internal competitions in both the projected digital image league and the print league. The scores from the fourth rounds in each of these will help finalise members final league positions for each of the three categories, Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced and will be used to help determine movement between the categories up and down! Results in the fourth and final round of the Projected Digital Image League were: Preliminary: Elaine Redknap with Great Court Intermediate: Mike Inglis with A Scotsman s Home is his Castle Advanced: Gary Kenmir with Catbells Dawn Winner of the Projected Digital Image of the Evening was Mike Inglis. Mike joined Hayling Island Camera Club this season and says he was somewhat overwhelmed by the lovely comments he received from club members after the judging. It made me realise what a friendly club we have he said I m glad I joined. When he reviewed his image afterwards, he saw that he had actually taken A Scotsman s Home is his Castle in December, 2009 on his Canon 300D. I d always wanted to improve it he said, And joining the club has given me the skills to do just that! Results in the fourth and final round of the Print League were: Langdale Valley Preliminary: Nic Charrett with Beaky Intermediate: Mike Inglis with A Scotsman s Home is his Castle Advanced: Gary Kenmir with Langdale Valley Winner of the Print of the Evening was Gary Kenmir with one of his own personal favourite landscapes. It has colour, snow, nice clouds, decent composition and it is sharp! Gary has quite a reputation amongst club members for the quality of his landscapes. When asked, he says If I were to give only one piece of advice about photographing the Lake District, it would be to avoid summer when everything is green and there are countless visitors. Choose the right times in autumn, winter and spring and you will be rewarded with a far greater palette and you only share it with a few walkers! The next few weeks at the club will see a couple of special internal club competitions, two inter-club Beaky competitions and the Annual General Meeting. A couple of photographic outings during the summer months are already arranged and others are in the pipeline. The club does not finish at the end of the season! the Home Builders Federation, said: Achieving high levels of customer satisfaction is hugely challenging. It requires leadership from board level downwards and commitment from all areas of a housebuilding business and is a credit to every member of staff. A five-star rating is not easy to achieve and is a very positive endorsement of the processes, systems and culture in place and should provide customers with real confidence in Barratt and the homes they build. For a full list of the customer recommendation scores from every participating homebuilder, visit: Methuselah eat your heart out! Advertise with us and help fund community projects not profits! Havant Rotarians reach 504 years of It s the friendship which is so strong in Club of HAVANT volunteering and reach out to new members Rotary. Making new friends and being able to the work of Rotary then you are welcome Fourteen members of Havant Rotary have put new ideas into action is very rewarding. If to come along and join a regular meeting so clocked up a massive 504 years of you are interested in finding out more about contact: volunteering in local communities and have been rewarded with Long Service Awards. President Jenny Edgell said, 504 years of Volunteering is a fabulous achievement. The certificate for the shortest time is twenty-five years and the longest You know it makes sense serving member David Barnard has 58 years of volunteering and service through Rotary but this award is for 55 years Volunteering with Rotary, is unique and contact: there are people out there who have time on their hands who want to put something back. A Scotsman s Home is his Castle Great Court PAGE: 19

20 Postcode Publications HAMBLEDON FOLK CLUB What s on Science Discovery Group Are you interested in science and would like to know more? The why not come to our talks from the experts on the 3rd Monday of each month, in the Drama Room at Warblington School, Southleigh Road, Havant, PO9 2RR. Entry charge of 3 per meeting. No previous knowledge assumed. Monday 21st May The rise of Ransomware - and what (if anything) we can do to protect ourselves. Talk by Bruce McGavin, BetaPlus Computer Club. Monday 18th June Medical detection dogs trained to recognise smells of various illnesses and give early warnings. Talk by Terrance Dawes of Medical Detection Dogs, Milton Keens he hopes to bring a dog to the talk. Telephone or see Rowlands Castle Craft Fayres Saturday 5 May 10am to 1pm Saturday 2 June 10am to 1pm The craft fayres are held on the first Sat of each month from April to July and Sept to Dec in the Parish Hall, Links Lane, Rowlands Castle PO9 6AD. Admission is free and refreshments are available. Approx 24 local artisans display a wide range of skills in their high quality hand-crafted items. Crafts represented can include Wood-work, Spinning & Dyeing, Patch-work & Quilting, Papercraft, Knitting & Crochet, Jewellery, Glass-work, Ceramics, Candle-making, Body products and Beading. If you are looking for a special gift or something for the home come along to the next fayre. There is access for disabled people. Public transport is 5 minutes walk away and there is a car park and on-road parking close to the hall. If you are interested in having a stall please and include some images of your work if possible. Find us on Facebook at Rowlands Castle Craft Fayre. Wednesday 9 May - SAID THE MAIDEN -Said The Maiden are Jess Distill, Hannah Elizabeth and Kathy Pilkinton; three friends who discovered a mutual love of folk music when they reunited several years after spending their school years together in Hertfordshire. After tentatively performing a few songs at their local Folk Club, the group soon gained a great deal of interest on the local and national folk circuit, securing major support and headline slots at folk clubs and festivals around the country. The trio has also opened for many great artists including The Full English, Jim Moray, Martin Carthy, Cara Dillon and Fairport Convention. They were also honoured to join legendary fiddler the late Dave Swarbrick on a successful UK solo tour in the spring of 2014, and have since performed in Germany and Portugal as well as across the UK. Their new album Here s a Health was released to great acclaim in November "I like anything these girls do, they mean it! Their harmonies are extraordinary." (Dave Swarbrick). "Their combination of distinctive voices lacing intricate harmonies through original and traditional songs is supremely addictive." (Tim Carroll, FolkWords). "Rising doyennes of the folk scene...i can hear why Said The Maiden have already made themselves a healthy reputation, and I can also sense a strong measure of untapped potential." (David Kidman, FATEA Magazine). (Winner of Folking Awards Rising Star prize Wednesday 13th June COSGRAVE and BANKS Hailing from Devon, Mike Cosgrave (accordion, guitar, whistle) and Steve Banks (fiddle, vocals, Hardanger fiddle, guitar) are two superb musicians each with an impressive musical pedigree. Mike s varied career includes work with artists as diverse as the late Celtic Soul singer Jackie Leven, current popular folk singer Jackie Oates, and bluegrass virtuosos Daily Planet. He started out with renowned late 90s Celtic/World music crossover band Sin é. Steve began his career as a classical violinist, playing with the London Symphony Orchestra and the Chamber Orchestra of Europe. He is also a long-time member of the Carnival Band, including their ever-popular Christmas tours with Maddy Prior and has played with Celtic folk-rock group Chanter. Together, Cosgrave and Banks pay a range of styles including gypsy jazz, classical and folk music from around the world along with their own compositions. Superb playing and singing, all with a great sense of style and fun! (Tom McConville, Newcastle musician); Fine versions of traditional songs and some excellent self-penned material, all underpinned by top quality musicianship. (Anton Horwich, Folk On The Moor folk club); Their level of brilliance across a wide range of musical traditions is astonishing and a joy to listen to. Treat yourself! (Bruce Millar, Totnes Folk Club). ALL GIGS: Venue: The Youth Hut (between Village Hall and Vine Pub), West Street, Hambledon PO7 4RW - Start: 8.30pm (doors open 8.00pm). Floor spots and guests welcome! Entry: ( 8.00 members, 5.00 under 18s and students) Drinks: From Vine Pub next door (or bring your own). Tea/Coffee available at the Club Wednesday 11th July WILD WILLY BARRETT S FRENCH CONNECTION (You really will have heard nothing like it)! Wild Willy Barrett, known as the Godfather of Grunge Folk, is a highly respected musician whose styles include folk, blues, gypsy jazz, reggae, bluegrass and punk. His latest musical ensemble, Wild Willy Barrett s French Connection, brings together a diverse group of musicians from the UK, Ireland and France - and features an original melange of French, Irish and English acoustic arrangements. From a cafe in Paris, via a hooley in Dublin, to a night out in New Orleans - this band does it all using everything from a guitar, cello, fiddle, Uilleann pipes and banjo (and some exquisite singing) to provide a truly inimitable musical experience! A unique and heart-lifting tour de force of universal musical themes, rhythms and melodies. (Helen Smith, Old Fire Station venue, Oxford). A wonderful evening of unique and fresh musical entertainment! (Simon Icke, Limelight Theatre, Aylesbury). CONTACT: ENQUIRIES AND BOOKING/RESERVATIONS: phone or Website: AirACES Monday 21st May for 1930 hrs The RAF Today and in the Future Presented by the RAF Presentation Team With their stunning new presentation, celebrating 100 years since the formation of the Royal Air Force, Air Aces is thrilled to welcome the RAF Presentation team back to Chichester. The team, all of whom have operational experience, will present a blend of personal narratives with highly engaging and dramatic footage telling the story of how the RAF contributes to the delivery of Air and Space Power. PAGE: 20 As well as promising to be a fascinating presentation, this evening will offer an exceptional chance to meet with members of the team and discuss the challenges and opportunities that life in the RAF presents. Monday 18th June for 1930 hrs The History of Modern Ballooning - Presented by Don Cameron Don Cameron is the leading expert in the world of Ballooning. Most of the balloons that you see in the sky have been designed and made by his company, Cameron Balloons, who have their offices and workshops near Bristol. In his talk, Don will be explaining how ballooning had almost disappeared until the re-invention of modern hot-air ballooning, around Since that time, there has been a vast expansion of activity and a flowering of innovation. He will describe some of these developments, including balloons which have flown around the world, achieved records in the stratosphere, or simply decorated the skies with eye-catching shapes. This fascinating talk promises many superb photographs, as well as being highly entertaining and informative. AirACES is an aviation talk society, providing its members with regular talks, given by experts in many different fields related to the world of aviation. The talks are held at the Chichester Park Hotel, Westhampnett Road, Chichester, 6.45 for 7.30 pm. Members 3, visitors 5 and under 16s FREE. No pre-booking For further information about AirACES, please see or call David Batcock on

21 Bedhampton Social Hall FREE PHONE WORKSHOPS Why not join our singing group Sing Right at Home and O2 have recently Sing Sing? Plenty of fun and laughter to be partnered to offer free workshops for people had by all regardless of singing ability. in Emsworth and the surrounding area who This friendly group meets once a week and want to learn how to use a smart phone or sing to hits old and new. Tea and Coffee available. tablet or build on any existing knowledge. Tuesday's in the Members Lounge. There will be five monthly workshops Why not pop along to our new book from 2pm to 4pm taking place at the Costa club and drop in social session. Plenty of fun Coffee, High Street, Emsworth. Titles and laughter to be had by all. will include: Getting started on your device, We also have a friendly group who Social media, Photography, Comparison sites meet once a week to read, talk about and and Online shopping. swap books and have a general natter. Tea There is no selling involved, simply and Coffee available. Tuesday's 9:45-10:45 individual and small group assistance to help in the Members Lounge. you make the most of your device. This is a Sunday 22nd April - 7:30pm - 10pm - fun and friendly way to learn together. O2 an eventing of mediumship with Justin Pearce provides two Tech Gurus who lead the - tickets 10 on sale in the Centre s office workshop and refreshments are provided by Table Top Sale - Saturday 5th May Right at Home. Duncan Cameron, Director of Saturday 2nd June FREE Entry for Buyers Right at Home says: there is an assortment of Refreshments Available Tables Provided different Apps and technology that can be 10am - 1pm Doors Open for Stall utilised to help people remain safe and Holders at 8:30 - Call now to book your independent in their own homes if only we table: knew it was available. Therefore, I approached the friendly O2 team for some ideas and discovered they offer the services of their Emsworth Bowling Club Tech Guru for exactly this type of workshop We are situated in the Recreational and that they were willing to help out. It s ideal Ground on Horndean Road in Emsworth. because it s a small group so there is plenty of We are holding our Open Day on time to spend answering individual questions Saturday May 12th from 10am-4pm. and working with each person s own device. I All ages are welcome to come and try highly recommend it and it s free! out Flat Green Bowling, all equipment and For more information, or to book your footwear will be provided. For more place at one of the free workshops, call 023 information contact Jane Johnston The evidence linking bodyweight and cancer has been building for decades, with new evidence still emerging. Then, with obesity at an all-time high two out of three adults in the UK are overweight or obese and government predictions say that 80% of men and 70% of women will be overweight or obese in the next decade the demand for our unique warm and friendly approach has never been greater. Slimming World have the best eating plan in the world where members can, and do, lose weight without ever having to go hungry. Slimming World Havant meets on Tuesdays at Warblington School, from 5:30pm and 7:30pm. Saturdays at The Stride, PO9 2FA at 8:30am and 10:30am. For further information, contact Kay on TAKE PART IN THE QA WARDWALK Join Portsmouth Hospitals Charity for the exciting WardWalk on Sunday 20 May, from 10:00am 12:30pm at Staunton Country Park, Havant, PO9 5BH. Choose between a beautiful 5K or 10K walk for a Ward or Department within Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust of your choice or The Rocky Appeal. The event is only 2 per person to register and a suggested minimum sponsorship of just 20. The event will be a great family day out for all, and will include an exciting warm up by fitness instructors from David Lloyd, free parking, a cake sale for the charity as well as a refreshment stall, a snack bar, a picnic area and free parking. Staunton Country Park is also offering 50% off of Staunton Farm tickets on the day for those taking part. Charlotte Cobb is taking part to raise funds for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. She says, Myself and my daughter will be taking part in the WardWalk to raise money for NICU, as the staff are miracle workers. They have supported my family in so many ways, and made sure my daughter survived. Ava was born at 24 weeks and spent four months in the Unit. For more information on the WardWalk and to register your family or team, please contact the Fund raising Team on Ext: 5927 or Portsmouth Hospitals Charity aims to support the patients of Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust by improving existing facilities and by providing additional equipment, supporting research programmes and innovation in the development of services and education to both patients and staff. Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust provides services to more than 650,000 people across Portsmouth, South East Hampshire and West Sussex. Most services are provided at Queen Alexandra Hospital but we also offer a range of outpatient and diagnostic facilities closer to patients homes. What s on Hayling Island Sailing Club The Club s bigger and better three-day Open Whitsun event now in its third year, will take place 26th, 27th, 28th May. The weekend is a must-do regatta for anyone interested in first-class racing in both adult and youth racing classes, including dinghies and keelboats. The HISC Whitsun Open Regatta attracts large fleets of Solos, RS Elites, RS200s. Fireballs, Flying Fifteens, RS Fevas, RS Teras, Optimists and 29ers all attracted to the awesome sailing conditions that Hayling provides as well as the stiff competition and friendly on-shore atmosphere. In addition, classes such as Moths, RS700s, RS800s, Merlin Rockets, International 14s and Lasers are all expected to have good turn-outs. This year the International 14 class will be racing for the Hayling Hull Trophy. Racing for the 26th and 27th May will be run over 4 courses and promises to offer exciting Open Class racing with a mix of 'round the harbour courses', short-course racing and 'championship style' racing in Hayling Bay (outside Chichester Harbour). The final day, Bank Holiday Monday 28th, will be a 'Pursuit' style charity race for all the classes and competitors to enjoy the splendours of Chichester harbour. Saturday night will see Happy Hour in the famous HISC bar together with video footage of the day s racing, class themed tables for dinner, live music open to everyone and Youth games. One of HISC s aim for this year is to host our greatest regatta tea ever for competitors as well as their all-important families; top bakers are already planning the mouth-watering bakes for the prize-giving tea on Sunday afternoon! Save the date (26th-28th May 2018) and make sure you join us for this fantastic event. Why not call Hayling Island Sailing Club now on to pre-book your accommodation, 3 nights for two is on offer for the Whitsun Regatta weekend. Commenting on the HISC Whitsun Regatta 2018, Andy Partington, Vice Commodore Sailing said, We re really looking forward to welcoming members and visitors to this exciting Whitsun Open Regatta. Chichester Harbour is a truly magical place to sail and HISC has the capabilities and enthusiasm to host worldclass open racing and fun social events. I urge anyone interested in top class on-thewater racing and equally top-class social events to join us this Whitsun for what promises to be a memorable long weekend. For full details and information visit: / and the HISC website PAGE: 21

22 Postcode Publications What s on SPRING WOOFS & WELLIES Registration for Rowans Hospice s popular sponsored dog walk, Woofs & Wellies, is open. The event takes place on Sunday 20 May at Queen Elizabeth Country Park and features a choice of two routes; a 3km or 6km walk through the Hampshire countryside to suit doggies of all shapes and sizes. It costs 5 to register each dog and humans walk for free. The money raised from this event helps to ensure that patients receive outstanding end of life care, either in the Rowans Hospice or at home. Gemma Carden, Events & Community Fundraiser, said: This is a fun day out for our four-legged friends and their families. At Rowans Hospice, we understand how important pets are in helping with the wellbeing of our patients and this event celebrates this special relationship. All dogs receive a medal at the finish. For more information and to register, visit Remote control service MUSIC By Bob Rivers at Havant Music Mart THE LITTLE BITS A few months ago 1 had a visit from the sales director of Tanglewood Guitars who had called in for a chat, as my Tanglewood sales had increased over the past twelve months. During his time in my shop he remarked at the amount of small bits I keep in stock. He had never seen another of his retailers with such a large selection box of screws for guitars ever! Beside the strings and other accessories that left the shop while he was there. I have said for years that my shop is like a Hardware shop for musical instruments! With all the little bits I do carry there are times when I've sold out or never even seen one! To me this is an important side of the music industry. It's all very well selling large items, but all rather sad if your Shop cannot offer any decent form of after sales service, which seems to be the norm with so many business's of today with a cannot fix it so bin it attitude! So maybe those that buy on-line can easily get what they want. I have found over the years that the internet has created two types customers: Some who only buy on-line, and others who would rather see and play an instrument before buying it. Just to look round a shop has a plus factor. There is so much more to retail than just being a box shifter!! Enjoy your instruments. Enjoy your music - Scrumpy Bob OPEN MIC NIGHTS Please note Open mic / Jam nights are notoriously transient (there one month gone the next) so we suggest contacting the venue before travelling. We do try to keep our listings up to date!! Sundays The Olive Leaf, Hayling Island The Life Boat, Hayling Island First Sunday of the month The Billy,Hayling Island Last Sunday of the month Alley Cats The Golden Eagle, Delemere Road, Southsea Mondays The White Horse, The Square, Westbourne First Monday of the month Comedy Night at The Folly Bar, Downstairs, College St, Petersfield 8.00pm Last Monday of the month The Plough & Barley, Waterlooville Tuesdays Robin Hood, Rowlands Castle Fri 27 Apr POSTPONED - The Strawbs (acoustic) - Emsworth Baptist Church - Sadly, due to health issues, we've had to postpone The Strawbs (acoustic) concert. New date for the event is Friday 9 November - Existing tickets will of course be honoured for this new date. Thu 14 June Tunde Jegede (Nigeria) - Chidham Village Hall Sat 23 June Quimantu Venue TBC but quite possibly The Parish Rooms in Compton July 6 Vikki Clayton - Chidham Village Hall Wed 18 Jul Yves Lambert Trio (Quebec) - Emsworth Baptist Church Wed 16 Oct Dave Kelly & Maggie Bell - Chidham Village Hall Thu 15 Nov Oysterband - Emsworth Baptist Church Get your tickets in Person at Bookends, High Street, Emsworth - they accept credit cards. Online: (a small booking fee applies). BACS: me at: The eccentric entertainment magazine The Vestry, Chichester 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month Folk Night at The Good Intent, Petersfield Alternate Tuesdays Lilly s Bar, Hayling Island Every two weeks Tuesday of the month The Ship, Langstone Rd, Havant 8-11pm Wednesdays The Old Barn, Portsmouth The Golden Lion, Bedhampton Road, Havant 8.30 pm The Park Tavern, Gosport La Havana, Chichester The Royal Albert, Southsea 1st & 3rd Wednesdays of the month The Coal Exchange,Emsworth Thursdays The Crown Hotel,Emsworth The Farmer,Catherington The Good Intent,Petersfield First Thursday of the month Acoustic Session at The Heroes, Waterlooville MAY LIVE MUSIC GIGS Tuesday 1st May - The Storms at The George, Cosham Jon Boden & The Remnant Kings at The Brook, Portswood Rd, Southampton Wednesday 2nd - The Bluetones at the Wedgewood Rooms, Albert Rd, Portsmouth Friday 4th - China Lake at The Bird in Hand, Fareham Saturday 5th - Drunk Education at the Fareham Pub Ruystn George Band at the Westleigh Pub, Havant Damian Lodrick Band at Lily s Bar, Creek Road, Hayling Island you the necessary banking details and we'll have the tickets ready for you on the night. Thank You for your continued support of live music - Best wishes, Mark Millington- Ringwood (WemsFest Artistic Director) NEW CONTACT DETAILS: or Lumley Terrace, Lumley Road, Emsworth Hampshire PO10 8AB Originators of the World's First Ever Red Nose Town (Comic Relief) 7th WemsFest 4-20 October 3rd Emsworth Beer, Cider & Wine Festival September (part of Great British Food Fortnight). HAVANT MUSIC MART PRESENT LIVE - The distinctive Rocky Rootsy Band from Dorset, 'STATE OF UNDRESS'. Utterly irresistible, infectious, exuberant music - FRIDAY 22 JUNE in the function room of the Ex-Servicemen's club, Brockhampton Lane, Havant - with licensed bar. Tickets on the night 7.00 in advance from the Ex Servicemen's club, NB: WemsFest and its sibling events & Havant Music Mart, Ink Planet (upstairs festivals are run by WemsFest which is a Meridian Centre) and I'll send Community Interest Company Reg: Emergency IT support within 2 hours guaranteed or an entire month FREE.* PAGE: 22

23 Being of Sound Mind by Andrew Hull is a play set in the drawing room of an old manor house, the time is the early 1970 s although the décor of the manor house has not changed for the last 25 years. Edward Goodchild has died and the characters have been called for the reading of his will. Stephen and Penelope Asquith are eager for money, Martin Bodmin does not quite know why he has been summoned and ex-actress Rebecca Flockhart, sister of Edward Goodchild s wife Eleanor who died before Edward, has her own reason. However their inheritance is not as straightforward as they think as Edward has put a stipulation which he calls a chicken clause in his will which is that they all have to survive the night in the house until 9am the next morning in order to receive the whole inheritance. Why has he done this? Glorious: The True Story of Florence Foster Jenkins, the Worst Singer in the World by Peter Quilter. You may recall there was a film last year with Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant. The play is even funnier! Hilarious comedy of the worst singer in the world. In 1940's New York, the performer who everyone wanted to see live was Florence Foster Jenkins, an enthusiastic soprano whose pitch was far from perfect. Known as 'the first lady of the sliding scale', she warbled and screeched her way through the evening to an audience who mostly fell about with laughter. But this delusional and joyously happy woman paid little attention to her critics, instead she was surrounded by a circle of devoted friends who were almost as eccentric as STANSTED PARK ROWLANDS CASTLE, HAMPSHIRE, PO9 6DX Saturday 30th June & Sunday 1st July - The Nostalgia Show - Delight in a whimsical EVENTS weekend of nostalgic music and all the Sunday 20th May - Solent MGs in The charms of days gone by 10:30am-9pm What s on Park - See these classic cars in front of the Tuesday 17th July - Il Divo - Outdoor Wednesday 28th August - Treasure Island House - 12pm-4pm concert Boxtree Productions outdoor theatre Thursday 24th May - Music Evening Castles and Country Tour Sunday 2nd September - Hot Rod & In the elegant Music Room of Stansted Monday 30th July - Alice's Adventures in Custom Car Show - With Victory Wheelers House 7:30pm Wonderland, Chapterhouse Theatre Wednesday 26th September - Last Day of Friday 8th - Sunday 10th June - The Company House Opening 1pm-5pm (last admission 4pm) Garden Show - A whole weekend of From 12pm Friday 10th - Sunday 12th Sunday 21st - Sunday 27th October - gardening heaven! 10am - 5pm daily August - Flo Vibe - Retreat meets family Half term Halloween activities Sunday 17th June - Father's Day - Free festival with yoga, dance, live music & Thursday 22nd - Sunday 25th entry to the House for all Fathers 1pm-5pm treatments in the woods November - Stansted Christmas Fayre Wednesday 20th June - The Importance Wednesday 22nd August - Robin Hood For more information visit our website or, of Being Earnest - The Pantaloons family and his Merry Men - Chapterhouse Theatre contact the estate office on outdoor theatre 6pm-9pm Company Hayling Island U3A are undertaking research into the Social History of the Island from Members are keen to seek the help of readers in their work. To date we have discovered fifteen Service men who lost their lives during WW2 who are not commemorated on the Memorial plaques in St. Mary s Church, and it is hoped that in 2019 an additional plaque will be placed alongside the existing plaques. We are asking any relatives of men who lost their lives to make contact with us so that not Hayling Island U3A are seeking help From Michael Burnham, Hayling Island U3A. only can they be remembered in St. Mary s Church but also in the book we plan to publish in It has also come to our notice that nowhere on Hayling Island is there a record or memorial for the Civilians who lost their lives through enemy action. This omission we plan to rectify, because we feel it is important that future generations should not forget the sacrifice residents made during the War years. It is being planned that a suitable wooden plaque will be prepared and placed in the Community Centre to commemorate Hayling Residents in late We do need any relatives to come forward and talk with us to ensure as far as possible we do not omit any loved one. We shall be attending the following Coffee mornings, when you are welcome to have a chat with us; Wednesday 16th. May at Northey Tea Rooms and Tuesday the 19th. June at the Ark, St. Peters Church, Northney. We shall be at all the venues between and noon. If you are unable to come along then please contact us at: Chichester & District Archaeology Society Sunbeam Celebrations Wednesday 25th April at Bronze have a better appreciation of how excavations Age Barrowscapes in the Rother region are organised. As well as making the Talk by Stuart Needham - Free to Members, experience more interesting you should have a non-members 5 payable at the door. better understanding of why you are asked to New Park Centre, New Park Road, Chichester, do things in certain ways, how what you are West Sussex, PO19 7XY doing fits into the wider picture and why there Saturday 12 May - Excavation Study Day led are things that you never do. by CDAS members Steve Cleverly, Ann Davies, Though it will not be possible to provide a real Trevor Davies and Mike Kallaway trench there will be practical elements to the day. Time: To be confirmed. This is a full day event. Saturday 9 June - 10:00-16:30 - Flint A special regatta weekend of racing and an Location: Eames Farm, Thorney Road, knapping: a practical study day led by Bob anniversary party has been planned for the 95th Emsworth, PO10 8DE. Free parking is Turner at Butser Ancient Farm, Chalton Lane, birthday of the Solent Sunbeam class over the available. You will need to bring a packed lunch. Chalton, Waterlooville PO8 0BG Directions 26th 27th May. closing with an anniversary Cost: Members 25, non-members 30 (if There is plenty of parking. You will need to party at 19:30. This pretty, classic, three-man places are available). Payment is due by 9 April. bring a packed lunch and refreshments. keelboat designed by Alfred Westmacott in 1923 Details of how to pay will be sent when your Cost: Members 40, non-members 45 (if has been continuously sailing in the Solent for 95 place is confirmed. To book a place please places are available). This includes entry to years and has its base at Itchenor Sailing Club. The contact Pauline Blagden at Butser Ancient Farm. Payment is due by 1 May. very first Sunbeam Dainty, No. 1 is still actively The objective of the course is to provide a Details of how to pay will be sent when your raced today as are several boats that were built in general understanding of: place is confirmed. the early 1920 s. How the excavation is justified There will be a practical demonstration We look forward to welcoming many regular What is involved in setting up an excavation followed by everyone trying their skills with flint. sailors at the anniversary weekend taking place at The processes used in the excavation itself The lecturer will give you a flavour of life in the Itchenor Sailing Club, PO20 7AG from 3pm. The post excavation analysis and reporting Mesolithic / Neolithic showing how people lived Please use the contact details below if you would she was. At the end of this study day you should and he will try to cover the full range of tools. like further info. Guaranteed fast response Contact us: T: E: W: Call out service PAGE: 23

24 Postcode Publications Must Visit Singers in harmony with countryside charity beautiful large tank of tropical fish that catches your gaze The food at Zayns is delectable, Restaurant consultant Ben beautifully presented dishes of Bangladeshi Two internationally renowned choirs will Heath shares his expert perfection, with delicious flavours using join together for a charity concert to opinion on the Must Visit quality ingredients. The prices are very raise vital funds to help protect the places to eat in the area reasonable, with a Tikka masala costing Hampshire countryside on 19th May What s on Zayns, Drayton 8.95 and a special Biryani with Chicken, Lamb and prawns setting you back 10.95, The acapella singing group made up 230 Havant Rd, Portsmouth PO6 1PA very good value when you experience the of the all-male group The Close Shaves quality of the food. and the all-ladies group The High Heels For those of you that do not favour a will perform at Stockbridge Town Hall curry dish, Zayns also offer an English range at 6.30pm on Saturday 19th May. on their menu! Usually, when a restaurant The performance will raise funds specialises in a certain cuisine, they are often for the Hampshire branch of the campaigning to see developments putting let down by trying to cater for an alternative Campaign to Protect Rural England. the right houses in the right places. Portsmouth is awash with Indian restaurants, we are a nation of curry lovers after all! And the ratio in Drayton is no exception to this statement. Drayton has just five restaurants; four of them are Curry houses, so you are not exactly spoilt for choice in the area, it feels as market, but not in this case From fillet of beef, served with asparagus, garlic new potatoes and mushroom gratin to beer battered cod, the English range is equally as delicious, cooked to perfection and plentiful. Children are also catered for here, with Dee Haas, Chairman of CPRE Hampshire, said: We were lucky enough to have a concert from these two Bach Choir groups three years ago and they were stunningly good. You cannot understate the quality of their music making - something for This will be a rare and special opportunity to see them perform together. Tickets are limited so book early to avoid disappointment! To book tickets, please though Drayton is gradually becoming Zayns is the new kid on the block, so I Zayns also offering a separate modestly The service in Zayns is very good, the everyone but all of very high quality, as you choir. They will give us another special Portsmouth s answer to Brick lane was fairly sceptical about trying it so priced children s menu. servers are a little thin on the ground at would expect from members of this famous evening of songs across the centuries, all Spirit-of-the-South Sing For Serenity prematurely. I usually prefer to wait for a restaurant to find its feet before reviewing it, to give it a fair chance. But not only have Zayns found their feet, they re running miles ahead of the competition too! Upon entering, you are greeted with the bar area. A comfortable, lounge style bar to have a relaxing drink before moving through to the dining area if you wish. It is tastefully furnished with comfortable sofas and has a times but the service is friendly and knowledgeable. The ambiance is soothing, with its soft lighting, tasteful décor and comfortable seating, it makes for a very enjoyable experience. Do you know a restaurant you believe is worthy of making my must visit places to eat? Drop me an and you could see your favourite eatery recommended here: beautifully arranged. The singers originally met while performing with the Bach Choir, but their concert included a wide range of music, from pop classics to musical theatre songs, as well as classical pieces. The money raised will support the work of CPRE Hampshire, which strives to protect the county s beautiful countryside. The charity supports local communities Local ladies harmony chorus, Spirit-ofthe-South, have an Open Evening on the First Tuesday of every month, from 7-30 until 9pm. We would particularly like to encourage those with the higher range voice to come along and see how we roll. We rehearse at Havant Methodist Church, Havant, Hants. Call or PAGE: 24

25 Citizen s Advice Havant continue to deliver services Citizen s Advice Havant have been commissioned to deliver their services to residents for the next 18 months by Havant Borough Council. As part of the agreement, the advice service will prioritise accessible services to accommodate those who require their assistance. The new arrangement will replace the former service level agreement that had been in place for many years. This method of delivery allows Havant Borough Council to take a more proactive role in shaping the services required by working closer with the Back To Continue The Good Work We d like another day of volunteering with Hayling Horticultural Society at Hayling College was the message that came through to Community First from Lockheed Martin, a large technology company based in Havant. The company were keen to continue their support for the Growing Together project set up by Bill Biggs and Ray Jones from Hayling Horticultural Society with the objective of crossing the intergenerational divide enabling children and adults to learn and have fun together. Lockheed Martin UK - Integrated Systems (LMUK IS) regularly takes part in volunteering activities organised by Community First. They first visited Hayling College in October 2017 and spent the day preparing the fruit and vegetable cage, digging over the poly-tunnel and tidying up the pond area. They wanted to return to the college to continue work preparing the grounds, which in turn will enable the students to start planting fruit and vegetables ready for the new season. William Ottley from Lockheed Martin said It s been lovely to come back a second provider to gain better value for money. Jon Stuart, Chief Executive, Citizen s Advice Havant added We are pleased to be awarded this contract so that our team of dedicated staff and volunteers can continue supporting local people and families in need of advice. Citizen s Advice Havant can be contacted on or at their advice centres at the Public Service Plaza, Leigh Park Community Centre, Waterlooville Library or Hayling Island Community Centre - for their opening hours see: The LMUK IS volunteers with Bill Biggs (wearing a hat) and Ray Jones from Hayling Horticultural Society. time and see the progress from our last visit. It s been great to work with enthusiastic pupils who care about the grounds and the future benefit to the school. Bill Biggs from Hayling Horticultural Society was grateful for their return saying We are delighted to see Lockheed Martin return to help the Growing Together project. They have done some wonderful work and once again they have been an inspiration to the students. Ray Jones from the project said, We are extremely grateful to Community First for organising volunteers - their help is invaluable getting projects off the ground. The team worked hard preparing and clearing a number of different areas, with the help of some of the College students. Gillian Jackman from Hayling College said Now the ground is prepared the students will be able to plant vegetables. The intention is to sell the veg to the community and raise funds to keep the livestock we have at the College. Lockheed have helped immensely. Without their help it would have taken the students many days to get to this stage. THE PORTSMOUTH AIRCREW ASSOCIATION & FRIENDS The Portsmouth Aircrew Association & Friends The Portsmouth Aircrew Association & Friends is not just a club for former aircrew. The national Aircrew Association existed until its cessation in Since then local independent Associations have welcomed many non-aircrew members and civilians alike. Whilst we maintain a core membership of both wartime and cold war aircrew, our present membership contains people from all walks of life, and even boasts a former RN submariner! Meetings are on the 2nd Monday of each month at the Royal British Legion, Full House for The Arts Society Portsdown Anniversary Lecture It was a full house on the evening of the 5th April when, at the Spring Arts and Heritage Centre in Havant, the audience settled down for what proved to be an utterly fascinating and hugely informative lecture entitled Votes for Women Art, Suffragettes and Female Politicians! The speaker, celebrated archivist, author and historian Caroline Shenton, was introduced by Janet Williams, the President of The Arts Society Portsdown, which had organised the event, and June Robinson, the National Chairman of The Arts Society which numbers over 90,000 members in countries across the globe. The lecture marked two special anniversaries which fall in 2018; the golden anniversary of The Arts Society in Britain and the 100th anniversary of the year when the first women in Britain finally won the right to vote in elections to parliament. Among the audience was at least one listener with a direct connection to those who fought for women s suffrage in the last century: Jacqueline Bowker s great grandmother, Margaret Pennington was a close friend of Millicent Fawcett whose statue will soon grace Parliament Square in recognition of her leading role in the struggle for equal rights. Jacqueline, from Emsworth in Hampshire, told me how Margaret and her husband, the Liberal MP for Stockport, were, with Millicent Fawcett, founder members of the London Suffrage Society which promoted the suffragist campaign of non-violent action. Both the promoters and the opponents of What s on Hayling Island, at 11 am and we always include a very interesting speaker. On Monday 14th May Tim Thorley will give an illustrated talk on The Apache Aircraft and on Monday11th June Joe Marsden recounts the intricacies of The Bloodhound Years. These Branch meetings are supplemented with an active social life featuring monthly lunches, a summer outing and a lively Christmas party. Full membership is only 5 pa, (no charge for a taster visit), and new Friends are always made very welcome; so give us a visit. Further details from Keith Watson on women s suffrage used art and artists to reinforce their respective messages and the visual image became a key weapon in the battle of beliefs. This was beautifully illustrated by Caroline who concluded a superb lecture by inviting questions from the floor. It was clear that what she had shared with us had been most thought-provoking and the response from the audience at the end of the evening showed that the overriding theme of The Arts Society, enriching lives through the arts, had been met with resounding success. Hazel Shaw T E R M I N A B L E M O W N R E E A N A H A I R T I G H T G A R N E R F E A T A G T A D D S T E L E G R A P H S L O I E E R E G A S T R O P O D F I O R D A A N F P T E R I A N T A B R O G A T E D T G M R U R I V E N E R A T I O N T O R C R R G T D P A R A T I O N A L A R M I S T T N E I G C E C E D E T E N D E R I S E D PAGE: 25

26 Postcode Publications The Stride Community Centre Daffodil Way, Denvilles, Havant PO9 2FA Regular Activities: Mondays: 9.30am am - Calton School of Pilates 5.30pm pm 2nd - Denvilles Brownies (girls aged 7 to 10) 7.15pm pm - Bounce Tuesdays: 6.15pm pm - Calton School of Pilates 7.30pm pm - Yoga Wednesdays: 6.15pm pm - Calton School of Pilates 7.30pm pm - Yoga Thursdays: Diddi Dance (Pre- School Dancing) Baby Ballet 4.30pm pm - 1st Denvilles Rainbows (girls aged 5 to 7) 6.00pm pm - Calton School of Pilates Fridays: 9.15am am - Calton School of Pilates 10.45am - 12 noon - Jiggy Wrigglers 7.00pm pm - Homewell Scouts (girls and boys aged 10 to 14) Saturdays: 8.30am - Slimming World 1.00pm onwards, available for private hire Main hall (11 metres by 10 metres) Chairs and tables for 80 people Accessible toilets and baby-changing facilities Kitchen with crockery and cutlery Saturday afternoons, evenings and Sundays - available for private hire at 15 per hour For Availability and Booking contact Tim Pike on: or by at: PAGE: 29 PAGE: 26

27 Hit the jackpot and support YOUR local cause Tickets are only 1 per week, with 60% going to local good causes and prizes up to 25,000! PAGE: 27

28 Postcode Publications It is important to identify these markets at back on track. For more information visit an early stage to prevent a negative impact on near neighbours. Call 101 to report any Reducing Anti-social Behaviour useful information or dial 999 in an Targeted patrols by Police and partners emergency. has reduced levels of calls to police and Supporting Families shown a drop in criminal and anti-social Many families tell us that they know help behaviour incidents in certain areas of the is available, but trying to get the right help, borough. This method can be utilised in hot from the right organisation, at the right time, spot areas to help tackle ongoing issues of is not always easy. The Supporting Families anti-social behaviour. programme aims to support people by Other areas of work for the partnership providing extra practical help early on to including, fly tipping, neighbour disputes and prevent problems from escalating. Families supporting vulnerable individuals and across Havant and Waterlooville are being victims. Havant Borough Council are leading a partnership response to help tackle emerging problems across the borough. Local organisations such as Councils, Police and family support services are working more closely together to manage priority problems that affect our communities through Havant s Partnership Action Group. Current priorities for the partnership include: Tackling Drug Related Harm Police are seeking community intelligence regarding drug users/dealers who continue to prey upon the most vulnerable, often taking possession of their homes to set up temporary drugs markets. supported who may be experiencing a variety of different issues from mental health problems to crime and anti-social behaviour. Families are asked about things that are important to them, about the things that might help, and what can be done differently to support them. This is how the programme works to start getting things When organisations work together to solve problems issues can be dealt with more efficiently which reduces the time and cost involved and prevents issues from escalating. Further information about the partnership can be found on the Safer Havant Website, visit - Making a Difference to our Coastlines Volunteers young and old give up their time to make a difference to our beaches Nearly a hundred people gave up their Saturday morning to come and help clean up a local shoreline on Hayling Island over the Easter weekend. The Final Straw Solent carried out their second organised beach clean on the 30th March, and by the power of social media alone an amazing eighty-three people, young and old, came along to help clean up a section of The Hayling Billy Trail. Sixty-five bags of rubbish were collected by these dedicated volunteers. Featuring highly among the collection of rubbish were plastic water bottles, dozens of straws and cotton bud sticks not forgetting the carpet, tyres and deflated rubber dingy that were lugged down to the collection point. The turn-out is incredible, said Final Straw Solent founder, Bianca Carr, We are so grateful to all the fantastic volunteers who have come to help this morning. I m blown away by the number of young families who are here it s so important to teach the next generation that we need to take care of our environment. Our seas and coastlines are in the middle of a plastic crisis, and we all need to start reducing the amount of single-use plastic that we buy and taking responsibility for cleaning up after ourselves. The UK and USA throw away 550 million plastic straws A DAY. These straws are, on average, used for twenty minutes before they are tossed in a bin (or, unfortunately, on the floor). It is estimated that a straw will take over 200 years to break down that straw you used last week will be around long after you are! And before they start to break down, they can pose a threat to wildlife. When the plastic eventually starts to break down, it becomes tiny bits of micro-plastic that can be eaten by marine animals. There is PAGE: 28 some evidence these micro-plastics have entered our food chain. And plastic acts like a magnet for chemicals, it adsorbs and holds them so that if they are ingested they cause even more problems as the chemicals are slowly released. It can all feel a bit overwhelming, so we have decided that we need to focus on the small things we can do to make changes. REFUSE STRAWS - Most people do not need a straw, and if you do then why not use a paper, wheat or bamboo straw or reusable metal one. If you are offered a straw in a café, bar or restaurant, just say no thanks!. USE REUSABLE BAGS - Plastic bags are not very strong anyway and can get blown into the countryside, waterways or the sea so easily. There are loads of interesting, cool, fun or pretty reusable fabric shopping bags around, so why not take one of those with you every time you go shopping, rather than asking for a plastic one? USE REUSABLE WATER BOTTLES - Single-use plastic bottles are expensive to produce, use up valuable natural resources to make and transport and create mountains and mountains of waste once we ve gulped down the contents. And recycling is not the answer either, here in the UK an estimated 800 plastic bottles a MINUTE are either ending up in landfill or as litter, which will too often make its way into our waterways and out to sea. We can all help with this by purchasing a re-usable water bottle. Put simply, if it s plastic or wrapped in plastic, think about viable alternatives. Refuse that straw and any other unnecessary plastic, spread the word and help save our planet! We hope that people will follow this campaign with earnest and join us for our next organised beach cleans, and that it will have a positive impact on our environment and change peoples views on their consumption of single-use plastic. Please find the Final Straw Solent on all social media networks and at GOLFERS NEEDED TO RAISE MONEY FOR QA RENAL UNIT Keen golfers are needed to take part in a charity golf day on Tuesday 1 May, from 9:30am at the Marriott Meon Valley Country Club, to raise money for Queen Alexandra Hospitals Renal Unit. This great team event costs 220 for a team of four, and includes breakfast, a buffet, prize giving and raffle. Funds raised from the day will support the Renal Amenity Fund, which helps provide extra equipment and resources for those being treated within the Renal Unit. Why not put a team together, enjoy a great golf day whilst supporting a worthy cause! For more information and to take part, please contact: The Renal Amenity Fund is under Portsmouth Hospitals Charity. Portsmouth Hospitals Charity aims to support the patients of Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust by improving existing facilities and by providing additional equipment, supporting research programmes and innovation in the development of services and education to both patients and staff. The charity supports all of the Wards and Departments across the Trust and you can choose to support and fund-raise for an area of the hospital that is close to your heart.

29 PAGE: 29

30 Postcode Publications BUSINESS Hampshire s Premier Business Location At Langstone Technology Park, Havant, the quality and range of our onsite services are unparalleled in the area and we have the data and communications capability to support any business. PAGE: 30 24/7 Security 200Mb Flexible Leaseline Secure Cloud Based IP Telephone Network Large Capacity Car Park Flexible Lease Terms Relocation Support Project Management Near A3 / M27 / Rail and Ferry Links Conference Facilities Nursery and Gym Restaurant and Starbucks Café ADVERTISE WITH US AND GET NOTICED contact: Roger Treagust Ltd 20 High Street, Emsworth, Hants PO10 7AW 10% Discount on all materials with this advert Electric Gas Multi-fuel Oil and Wood-burning Stoves All work guaranteed We install Central Heating and Service all types of Gas Boilers and Fires trade in when replacing your existing boiler between October and December 2017 using this advert as a voucher Jim's Barber Shop Look your best 7-9 South Street, Havant, Hants PO9 1BU Opposite the Old House at Home Public House New boilers typically run at 91% efficiency, which combined with a system power flush and controls upgrade, the average consumer could save around 30-40% off their existing gas consumption. New models come with ten years parts and labour warranty (subject to an annual service and model chosen). ALL ABOUT GAS Heating & Plumbing Services Ltd YOUR LOCAL SOLUTION NEXT FLOOR CARPET, WOOD & VINYL SPECIALISTS 43 WEST STREET, HAVANT, PO9 1LA FREE ESTIMATES FREE QUOTES FREE CARPET FITTING 10% DISCOUNT WITH THIS ADVERT FREE SURVEY & NO- OBLIGATION QUOTES Boiler Service & Repair Specialists Boiler Replacement Water Heaters Landlord Certificates System Power Flushing Safety Checks Cookers - Fires 25A South Street, Havant, Hants PO9 1BU

31 House-builder brings 43 million investment to local area Five star house-builder Barratt Developments, which has a number of new homes developments in the Portsmouth area has built 520 homes in the region during the past year and brought more than 43 million to communities where it is constructing new developments. The firm which includes David Wilson Homes - has made more than 33.6 million in contributions to councils, as well as for infrastructure and affordable housing for local people. And it says the local economy has benefited from an additional 9.6 million of additional spending in shops and services Accountants & Business Advisers Putting your business first Year end Accounts Self Assessment Business Start Ups Payroll & HR Book keeping & VAT Returns Take advantage of our introductory 20% discount off your current accountancy fee Church View, 4 East Street, Havant, PO9 1AQ The Arts Society Portsdown Arts Society Portsdown member, Petronella Hoskins, becomes the 35,000th visitor at the Charterhouse in London where Queen Elizabeth 1 spent the first days of her reign. On a chilly and damp day in January earlier this year, a group of members of The Arts Society Portsdown visited the centuries old Charterhouse in Clerkenwell, London. To her great delight, Petronella Hoskins was honoured as the 35,000th visitor since the ancient building opened to the public in January Pictured above is Petronella being welcomed by The Master of Charterhouse, Ann Kendrick, who presented her with a beautiful hardback book about the house. FISHY from Fred Monk Horizon Angling Club For The Disabled STORIES from the residents of its new homes across the region. This spending alone supports more than 100 retail and service-related jobs. Jon Green pictured right, operations director for Barratt Developments in the region, said: It is well-known that Barratt creates and supports a significant number of jobs in areas where we are creating new homes. But we also bring additional investment to the communities surrounding our developments - as well as an extra boost to local economies. quiet match meetings at Havant last year, this was just the start everyone needed and there was lots of friendly banter between members spread round the lake. Plenty of reference to eels was aimed in Andy s direction of course, and when others asked politely what bait should I use on the hook? the reply Nothing! came from the direction of Paul and Sue s bivvy! It went a bit quiet for a while until Colin, who had lost one earlier, got off the mark with a lovely looking bream at 3lbs 7ozs taken on float fished double maggot from the north bank. Having missed the opening event at Three Oaks, it was good to see Dave, fishing We feel it is particularly important to make our mark in a very positive way - leaving a lasting legacy within the new communities we are helping to create. And we do this in a number of ways - from job creation and introducing new facilities to the area, to protecting the environment. It is with great pride that we are bringing extra growth to the region, and we will be looking to continue our efforts throughout the coming year. Included within the company s report shows Barratt Developments: first outing. And what a fish it was. A cracking mirror at 7lbs 6ozs with just the odd scale, It almost looked like a leather carp. Dave s fish fell to artificial maggots on the drop. It was clearly going to be a day of quality rather than quantity but it gave those who didn t catch a chance to see some lovely fish landed from three different areas of the lake and underline that there are some lovely fish in there and that they don t get spooked completely on match days. This should bode well for the coming months. Results and Standings in Weekend League Round 1 1 John Knight (JJ) 8lbs 3ozs 12 inc. bonus pt The first of the Weekend League match meetings got under way at our own Club water on Sunday 8th April. It was a dry start but conditions became more challenging as a steady heavy drizzle set in for the day. A big Thank You to the nine members attended and it was not long before John Knight s alarm screeched and he was into a very decent mirror carp at 8lbs 3ozs taken on maggot from the east side of the lake. Following a few the west end of the lake, into a fish on his 2 Dave O Donnell 7lbs 6ozs 6pts Cheers and Tight Lines The Charterhouse was originally London s largest cemetery for victims of the Black Death, becoming one of the most important monasteries in London until it was dissolved in the reign of Henry V111. In 1611 it became a charitable hospital to provide a home and care to a community of elderly people known as The Brothers as well as schooling for poor scholars. The school has since moved to Godalming but The Brothers remain, now counting ladies, also known as Brothers, among their number! ROCKY WALK FOR THE ROCKY APPEAL Enjoy a steady walk on Sunday 13 May along the beautiful Southsea Seafront in aid of The Rocky Appeal. The Rocky Appeal is currently raising money for the Da Vinci Robot, which is taking surgery to a whole new level at Queen Alexandra Hospital. Join family and friends for a gentle 5-mile walk from the Eastney end of the shoreline to The Still and West Pub at Old Portsmouth. This event is free to join, just raise as much as you can to help The Rocky Appeal Supported 1,400 jobs directly and through its contractors and suppliers Directly employed nine new graduates, trainees and apprentices 90% of components used in the construction process were manufactured in the UK Planted or retained 50,420 trees or shrubs on its developments 10.5 hectares of green space created through public open space and private gardens Generated 16.7m in tax to support public services. 3 Colin O Mara 3lbs 7ozs 3pts Mike Waite, John Forster, Andy Farrell, Sue Parkin, Denis B and Jan Horton all score 1 pt. Bonus point for heaviest Fish of the Day goes to JJ for his 8 lbs 3 ozs mirror carp. Overall Standings in Points and Weights Leagues after 2 Rounds 1 John Knight 8lbs 3ozs 12pts 2 Derek Wood 5lbs 5ozs 12pts 3 Dave O Donnell 7lbs 6ozs 6pts 4 Alan Wood 2lbs 10ozs 6pts 5 Colin O Mara 3lbs 7ozs 4pts 6 Mike Waite 0lbs 12ozs 4pts 7 Denis Bloodworth 0lbs 8ozs 3pts 8 John Forster 0lbs 3ozs 2pts 8 Sue Parkin 0lbs 3ozs 2pts 10 Jan Horton 0lbs 0ozs 2pts 10 Andy Farrell 0lbs 0ozs 1pt reach its 2.4 million target for keyhole surgery at QA Hospital. The walk takes place from the Eastney end of the seafront (by the public conveniences). Meet at 10:30am, and the walk will begin at 11am. This walk will take approximately one hour; we look forward to seeing you there! To take part in this walk, please contact or call The Rocky Appeal on to let Mick Lyons or Audrey Clark know you are taking part. PAGE: 31

32 Postcode Publications tickets will be available through our Website it is strongly advised to pre-purchase tickets MORE THAN JUST YOUR LOCAL MUSIC SHOP HAVANT MUSIC MART COMPETITIVE PRICES - PART EXCHANGE - TOP BRANDS The SMART way to BUY - SELL - EXCHANGE your music Stacks of spares and accessories + Repairs and re-strings 49 West Street, Havant, Hants PO9 1LA PAGE: 32 *Valid until June

making memories next page >

making memories next page > making memories next page > Making memories... When your child is very sick it can be hard to imagine, Making Memories. On top of everything else, you are told to make special times. Usually memories just

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The Heritage Hunters Evaluation Report. April 2016

The Heritage Hunters Evaluation Report. April 2016 The Heritage Hunters Evaluation Report April 2016 Original design for the Heritage Hunters Logo by John Robinson aged 14 Young Roots Heritage Hunters Report written by BillyJoe, Brian, Blake, Dominic,

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Comenius 2010/2011 Newsletter 4. School of Kalymnos-Greece

Comenius 2010/2011 Newsletter 4. School of Kalymnos-Greece Comenius 2010/2011 Newsletter 4 (winning logo in the Greek school) LIVING BY THE SEA Welcome to the fourth newsletter of the Comenius project Living by the sea. Our group consists of eight schools from

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It s going to be minute clean up minimum. You re going to be running late today for sure.

It s going to be minute clean up minimum. You re going to be running late today for sure. ***IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER*** Please DO NOT copy and paste directly to your site without changing the article considerably to suit your niche site's original angle (Google WILL penalize duplicate content)

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1 Listen to Chapters 1 and 2 on your CD/download and decide if these sentences are true or false. Can you correct the false ones?

1 Listen to Chapters 1 and 2 on your CD/download and decide if these sentences are true or false. Can you correct the false ones? Officially Dead The story step by step 1 Listen to Chapters 1 and 2 on your CD/download and decide if these sentences are true or false. Can you correct the false ones? 1 Colin Fenton was in an eastern

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Newsletter March, 2017

Newsletter March, 2017 Newsletter March, 2017 Hi Everyone Firstly I d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your tremendous loyalty and on-going support for our young, vibrant radio station 94.1FM. The station has

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The Cambridge Tent Company specialise in hiring beautiful stretch tents for you to make amazing party spaces for your event.

The Cambridge Tent Company specialise in hiring beautiful stretch tents for you to make amazing party spaces for your event. The Cambridge Tent Company specialise in hiring beautiful stretch tents for you to make amazing party spaces for your event. Our company began in 2013 with these unique structures and we have been installing

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3. The word enthusiastically tells you. 4. Which of these words is

3. The word enthusiastically tells you. 4. Which of these words is Name: Date: WEEK 7 1 Read the text and then answer the questions. One Monday after school, Cindy and her friend, Julie, were talking about their weekends. Julie had gone camping with her family, and she

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Partnership Opportunities

Partnership Opportunities Partnership Opportunities GSA Annual Conference 2017 The Principal Hotel, Manchester Monday 20 Tuesday 21 November 2017 The Annual Conference of the Girls Schools Association, one of the pre-eminent gatherings

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SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES ISBA ANNUAL CONFERENCE ISBA ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2018 SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES Wednesday 9 and Thursday 10 May 2018 The Brighton Centre Supporting independent schools Access bursars and senior support staff

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RICE LAKE SNOWDRIFTERS NEWSLETTER 2017 1 RICE LAKE SNOWDRIFTERS NEWSLETTER 2017 Dear Friends, We are looking forward to this coming season. After the rainy summer we are hopeful that the same amount of precipitation will fall as snow this winter.

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Rita arrived on the 18 th. April having flown with Ryanair to Dortmund as the time of the flight was much more convenient than the flight to Weeze.

Rita arrived on the 18 th. April having flown with Ryanair to Dortmund as the time of the flight was much more convenient than the flight to Weeze. Ali Baba 2016 In some ways the season started very early for us this year when I returned to the boat in late January to start with the re-installation of the port engine. During the winter this had been

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Exemption to the Shared Accommodation Rate that applies to former residents of hostels for homeless people

Exemption to the Shared Accommodation Rate that applies to former residents of hostels for homeless people Exemption to the Shared Accommodation Rate that applies to former residents of hostels for homeless people A factsheet for housing advisers and support workers for the exemption to the Shared Accommodation

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Win a Nissan Juke $5,000 Membership Draw Celebrate Easter at your Club Seniors Week 2017 Mother s Day

Win a Nissan Juke $5,000 Membership Draw Celebrate Easter at your Club Seniors Week 2017 Mother s Day March April May June 2017 Win a Nissan Juke $5,000 Membership Draw Celebrate Easter at your Club Seniors Week 2017 Mother s Day 45 Rawson St Epping (02) 9876 4357 REPORT FROM THE PRESIDENT

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Tandem skydive booking confirmation

Tandem skydive booking confirmation Tandem skydive booking confirmation Thank you for booking your tandem skydive. Please take the time to read this confirmation carefully to ensure you are familiar with all the procedures for the day, and

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About the Case: Duif and Duinpan

About the Case: Duif and Duinpan Case description About the Case: Duif and Duinpan The island of Terschelling is very popular among tourists. More than 1 million tourists visit the island and most of them stay multiple nights. There are

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Woodbury House. The Manager s Welcome

Woodbury House. The Manager s Welcome Woodbury House October 2017 What s inside Introduction Primary School McGardening Return of the Birds Football Team Update Cat Lover of the Month Good Old Days Show Church Service Around the Home Wishing

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Reshaping your councils

Reshaping your councils Reshaping your councils a better future for your community Councils play a central role in our everyday lives. We all use council services. Dorset s nine councils are responsible for housing, planning,

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THE LAPLAND HOLIDAY EXPERTS THE LAPLAND POWERED BY ( Our vision is to inspire a journey which lasts a lifetime, one great experience at a time. Steve Witt. Co-Founder and Managing Director, Not Just Travel Welcome to Lapland Holiday

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Medjugorje Irish Centre News Letter

Medjugorje Irish Centre News Letter Medjugorje Irish Centre News Letter JANUARY 2016 Celebrating the Epiphany in Medjugorje 2016 Welcome to the Medjugorje Irish Centre s monthly Newsletter Each month we gather together stories and events

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Prague in Winter. Led by Robert Canis. Price: 195. Group size: 6

Prague in Winter. Led by Robert Canis. Price: 195. Group size: 6 Prague in Winter January 17 th 19 th 2018 Led by Robert Canis Price: 195 Group size: 6 Price includes: Tuition, guiding, tram tickets, minibus transfer to place of interest and welcome drink. Price excludes:

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2017 SPONSORSHIP PROPOSAL 2017 SPONSORSHIP PROPOSAL BACKGROUND The Angel Awards were established in 2011. The brainchild of Andrew Lloyd Webber, they recognise the work and achievements of ordinary people and community groups across

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Strong, Smart, and Bold

Strong, Smart, and Bold Girls Summer Camp 2018 10 Week All Girls Camp Program! Girls Incorporated of Meriden 130 Lincoln Street Meriden, CT 06451 Phone (203) 235-7146 Express Registration Sat.Feb.24th 9am-11am

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How the Romans changed Britain By Michael Coleman

How the Romans changed Britain By Michael Coleman How the Romans changed Britain By Michael Coleman TAX MAN: One of the biggest changes the Romans brought to Britain was peace. The tribes no longer fought each other. And, so long as they didn t rebel,

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The Amador County Recreation Agency News

The Amador County Recreation Agency News April 2011 The Amador County Recreation Agency News 10877 Conductor Blvd., Suite 100, Sutter Creek, CA 95685 (209) 223-6349 Duck Race Waddle 5k & The Duck Race Inside this issue: Free

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TICKETS There are two easy ways to pick up your tickets:

TICKETS There are two easy ways to pick up your tickets: YOUR JOURNEY GUIDE TO LYON 4h41 AVIGNON 5h49 6h27 Whether you re a Eurostar aficionado or a first time traveller who s wondering what to expect, here s a rundown of everything you need to know before you

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Friends of Glebe School   MINUTES OF THE FRIENDS OF GLEBE SCHOOL MEETING HELD ON TUESDAY 28 th JUNE 2016. Friends of Glebe School Email: Registered Charity No: 105167 Supporting our Children, Supporting our School MINUTES OF THE FRIENDS OF GLEBE SCHOOL MEETING HELD ON TUESDAY 28

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THE PERFECT SETTING. Whatever you have in mind, our team will be on hand to help you plan everything down to the smallest detail.

THE PERFECT SETTING. Whatever you have in mind, our team will be on hand to help you plan everything down to the smallest detail. Events and Meetings THE PERFECT SETTING From conferences to parties, board meetings to product launches, Farnham Castle is the perfect setting for a unique and memorable event. Just an hour from London

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A venue with a difference Reef HQ Great Barrier Reef Aquarium

A venue with a difference Reef HQ Great Barrier Reef Aquarium A venue with a difference Reef HQ Great Barrier Reef Aquarium Reef HQ Aquarium transforms into an exciting and unique venue for any occasion. With shimmering tropical fish, eerie predators and stunning

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I also extend a heartfelt invitation to our fellow Bread Loafers in Arizona and New Mexico to join us.

I also extend a heartfelt invitation to our fellow Bread Loafers in Arizona and New Mexico to join us. Hello, Colorado Bread Loafers, Hopefully, all of you received the announcement that I posted to the Colorado folder the first week of December. Thank you to those of you who have already responded. I ve

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The promotion of tourism in Wales

The promotion of tourism in Wales The promotion of tourism in Wales AN OUTLINE OF THE POTENTIAL ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF ADVANCING CLOCKS BY AN ADDITIONAL HOUR IN SUMMER AND WINTER Dr. Mayer Hillman Senior Fellow Emeritus, Policy

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Conference Package Quality Hotel Oceans Tutukaka

Conference Package Quality Hotel Oceans Tutukaka Conference Package Marina Road, Tutukaka RD3, Whangarei 0173, New Zealand T +64 9 470 2290 E W TABLE OF CONTENT INTRODUCTION 1 This Planner 1 1

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Airport Awareness. Travel advice for parents and carers of children on the Autistic Spectrum. The check-in process. Going through security

Airport Awareness. Travel advice for parents and carers of children on the Autistic Spectrum. The check-in process. Going through security Airport Awareness Travel advice for parents and carers of children on the Autistic Spectrum Ways to get to the airport Making your way to the terminal Going through security The check-in process Departure

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Burton Latimer Town Council Annual Report 2015/2016

Burton Latimer Town Council Annual Report 2015/2016 Burton Latimer Town Council Annual Report 2015/2016 Civic Centre This continues to be the Council s principal asset and it is used for a wide range of activities. We applied for a grant from KBC and as

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Tourism and the Cairngorms National Park // Update 2006

Tourism and the Cairngorms National Park // Update 2006 Tourism and the Cairngorms National Park // Update 2006 Tourism and the Cairngorms National Park // Update 2006 One Year on... Since finalising the Sustainable Tourism Strategy last March, the Cairngorms

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Five-Figure Finder-Fees Locating Unclaimed Funds

Five-Figure Finder-Fees Locating Unclaimed Funds Presents. The Insider s Guide to Five-Figure Finder-Fees Locating Unclaimed Funds Diamond Law Center, LLC Legal Disclaimer This report is intended to provide

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UPAC Agenda Brittany calls the meeting to order at 5:00pm. Guest Speakers No guest speakers

UPAC Agenda Brittany calls the meeting to order at 5:00pm. Guest Speakers No guest speakers UPAC Agenda 9-8-15 Brittany calls the meeting to order at 5:00pm Guest Speakers No guest speakers Special Events On-Campus: Spin Magic o Wednesday, September 9 th at 12-4pm Our job is to facilitate and

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Scarecrow trails will be available from the village hall and shop on the weekend of the Open Gardens at 1 per trail.

Scarecrow trails will be available from the village hall and shop on the weekend of the Open Gardens at 1 per trail. SCARECROW TRAIL Scarecrow trails will be available from the village hall and shop on the weekend of the Open Gardens at 1 per trail. Please be aware scarecrows may not be up and ready before the opening

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AUSTRALIAN OPEN ON SALE UNTIL 8 JANUARY 2018 AUSTRALIAN OPEN 2018 ON SALE UNTIL 8 JANUARY 2018 The Happy Slam January in Melbourne means only one thing the Australian Open is back, taking over the city for a fortnight of tennis action, world class

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Camelot UK Lotteries Limited. Chairman s & Chief Executive s statements for the year ended 31 March Company Number:

Camelot UK Lotteries Limited. Chairman s & Chief Executive s statements for the year ended 31 March Company Number: Camelot UK Lotteries Limited Chairman s & Chief Executive s statements for the year ended 31 March 2016 Company Number: 02822203 About Camelot Camelot UK Lotteries Limited (Camelot) is the operator of

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NEWSLETTER - NEWSLETTER - NEWSLETTER Alumni Applied, Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Diepenbeek (A²B²D) Diepenbeek, April 07 NEWSLETTER - NEWSLETTER - NEWSLETTER Dear A²B²D members, dear students, Another month, another issue of our newsletter.

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Gold Coast. Rapid Transit. Chapter twelve Social impact. Chapter content

Gold Coast. Rapid Transit. Chapter twelve Social impact. Chapter content Gold Coast Rapid Transit Chapter twelve Social impact Chapter content Social impact assessment process...235 Existing community profile...237 Consultation...238 Social impacts and mitigation strategies...239

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thames experiences dining cruise how to find us Tel: LUNCH AFTERNOON TEA DINNER

thames experiences dining cruise how to find us Tel: LUNCH AFTERNOON TEA DINNER how to find us thames dining cruise HUNGERFORD BRIDGE EDF ENERGY LONDON EYE SOUTH BANK experiences +44 (0)20 7695 1800 Bateaux London Embankment Pier

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Maastricht is a city whose history stretches back many centuries. It has been :

Maastricht is a city whose history stretches back many centuries. It has been : EPSA 2011 Best Practice Certificates, 15 November, 18.30 hrs Ladies and gentlemen, On behalf of the municipal government, I am delighted to welcome you officially, here in the beautiful town hall of Maastricht.

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Junior Recruit Memorial Project

Junior Recruit Memorial Project Junior Recruit Memorial Project Newsletter Number 14 Welcome to Newsletter Number 14. The watermark on this page is an old recruiting add for Junior Recruits provided to us courtesy of John Perryman who

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Carnival s Winter Warm-Up Webcast Details

Carnival s Winter Warm-Up Webcast Details Carnival s Winter Warm-Up Webcast Details Thursday, January 27, 2011 6:00 p.m. 10:00 p.m. Central Make your Carnival Sail-a-Thon party extra special this year with these sure-fire tips! 1. Host a party

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Safe and successful firework displays

Safe and successful firework displays Safe and successful firework displays These tips are intended for those organisers who are mounting firework displays for the general public. There is also important information about your responsibilities

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DATE - 17th to 19th November 2017 TIME - 11:00 am to 08:00 pm VENUE - Netaji Indoor Stadium 1

DATE - 17th to 19th November 2017 TIME - 11:00 am to 08:00 pm VENUE - Netaji Indoor Stadium 1 DATE - 17th to 19th November 2017 TIME - 11:00 am to 08:00 pm VENUE - Netaji Indoor Stadium 1 About CREDAI Bengal: CREDAI Bengal is the state s chapter of the Confederation of Real Estate Developers Associations

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RV Parking Rights Hand Book

RV Parking Rights Hand Book RV Parking Rights Hand Book Residential RV parking rights are under attack in a growing number of communities across America. And more often than not, RV owners find the task

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Pick a Box Game 1. a green I see story as. at be and story number and. green a number at as see. and story as green be I. I see be and at number

Pick a Box Game 1. a green I see story as. at be and story number and. green a number at as see. and story as green be I. I see be and at number Pick a Box Game 1 a green I see story as at be and story number and green a number at as see and story as green be I I see be and at number Pick a Box Game 2 like one we the or an or an like said of it

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Thank You, Ma am. By Langston Hughes

Thank You, Ma am. By Langston Hughes Thank You, Ma am By Langston Hughes She was a large woman with a large purse that had everything in it but hammer and nails. It had a long strap, and she carried it slung across her shoulder. It was about

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I have worked at JTG for 6 years, at my first job, I was a glassy at the Mentone Hotel when I was 16.

I have worked at JTG for 6 years, at my first job, I was a glassy at the Mentone Hotel when I was 16. A travel tip you don t want to forget is to always loo paper with you! The best thing about the travel industry is the awareness of amazing destinations. I have worked at JTG for 6 years, at my first job,

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How to Host a NANOG Meeting. Joe Abley NANOG 39 Toronto Feb 2007

How to Host a NANOG Meeting. Joe Abley NANOG 39 Toronto Feb 2007 How to Host a NANOG Meeting Joe Abley NANOG 39 Toronto Feb 2007 Starting Points How did NANOG wind up in Toronto? What locations are we looking at for meetings over the next 18-24 months? What is broken?

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MS PRINCESSE D AQUITAINE MS PRINCESSE D AQUITAINE SHIP INFORMATION 1 ms_princesse_d aquitaine_ship_info_210x115mm.indd 1 10/03/2016 10:36 MS PRINCESSE D AQUITAINE Vessel Technical Details Passengers: 138 Length: 110 metres Width:

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COMMUNITY REPORT COMMUNITY REPORT 2016-17 PRESIDENT & CEO When it comes to gambling responsibly, we all have a role to play. At the Nova Scotia Provincial Lotteries and Casino Corporation (NSPLCC), we take our role very

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A Bridge to the Past: The Euharlee Covered Bridge Written By Amanda Closs Edited for web application by Judi Irvine

A Bridge to the Past: The Euharlee Covered Bridge Written By Amanda Closs Edited for web application by Judi Irvine A Bridge to the Past: The Euharlee Covered Bridge Written By Amanda Closs Edited for web application by Judi Irvine When I first started my research, someone suggested that I get on the Internet and look

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Lansing woman launches trike-based commercial delivery service

Lansing woman launches trike-based commercial delivery service Lansing woman launches trike-based commercial delivery service Yvonne LeFave Apr. 26, 2014 2 Comments Purchase Image Yvonne LeFave rides her ELF eco-friendly delivery vehicle on Tuesday in Lansing. Her

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Oz Intro. It's all about good times, new friends and no worries! Group size: Age Range: 18-39

Oz Intro. It's all about good times, new friends and no worries! Group size: Age Range: 18-39 Oz Intro Oz Intro is the perfect start to your gap year, working holiday or holiday in Australia. It s an awesome group tour and package showing you the best of Sydney and beyond, that includes everything

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Interiew: Tremendous potential for the development of Libyan tourism

Interiew: Tremendous potential for the development of Libyan tourism Interiew: Tremendous potential for the development of Libyan tourism By Karen Dabrowska City Tourism Amelia Stewart, who set up the first company specialising in trips to Libya, talks about her experiences

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STUDENT ONE ON ADELAIDE STREET, BRISBANE STUDENT ONE ON ADELAIDE STREET, BRISBANE OPENING JULY 2016 STUDENTONE.COM STUDENT ONE ON ADELAIDE STREET At Student One we put students at the heart of everything we do. Students will love the convenience

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But then, out of the blue, THIS happened

But then, out of the blue, THIS happened JUNE Friday If there s one thing I ve learned from my years of being a kid, it s that you have ZERO control over your own life. Ever since school let out, I haven t had anything I ve needed to DO or anywhere

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ROOMS & SUITES ENJOY VIEWS OF GALWAY BAY FROM THE TERRACE OF OUR EXECUTIVE ROOMS. Galway City Welcome to Set in the heart of Galway city, overlooking Lough Atalia, The Galmont has everything you need for the perfect stay. Great hospitality, wonderful food, luxury accommodation and a

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FRANCHISE INFORMATION KIT FRANCHISE INFORMATION KIT INTRODUCTION In Australia, our national religion is sport. If we re not playing it, we re watching it. The faithful gather at such hallowed grounds as the MCG, Suncorp, WACA and

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With God all things are possible. Matthew 19:26, NIV. Walking on Water Matthew 14: Jesus walks on the water and helps His friends.

With God all things are possible. Matthew 19:26, NIV. Walking on Water Matthew 14: Jesus walks on the water and helps His friends. OVERVIEW CARD Key Question: Bottom Line: Memory Verse: Bible Story Focus: Coloring Page: Music: Bible Lesson: Who can do that? Only Jesus can do that! Jesus can do what is impossible. Walking on Water

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Final examination. Name: ( ) Class: Saving Ocean Park

Final examination. Name: ( ) Class: Saving Ocean Park Name: ( ) Class: Reading Read the following article. 5 10 15 20 Saving Ocean Park For a number of recent years, Ocean Park has lost money. Even though it has built many new rides, the number of visitors

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Christmas 2017 Planner

Christmas 2017 Planner Last Week of October Make your Christmas Cake - I use Delia Smith s Traditional Christmas Cake recipe and it works every time. I make my cake now so that I have plenty of time to feed it in the following

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SNOW CITY SHOWS. Corporate Event Guide Creative Events at 3 Unique Attractions SCIENCE CENTRE OMNI-THEATRE EXHIBITIONS HANDS-ON LEARNING Corporate Event Guide Creative Events at 3 Unique Attractions Best Enrichment Experience 2010 & 2011 Most Innovative Marketing Initiative 2011 Expat Living Reader Awards 2010 IMAX Best Booth Finalist 2010

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CYNGOR CYMUNED DINAS POWYS COMMUNITY COUNCIL CYNGOR CYMUNED DINAS POWYS COMMUNITY COUNCIL MINUTES PRESENT: of the Monthly Meeting of Dinas Powys Community Council held in the Lee Hall, Dinas Powys, on Thursday, 14 th April 2016. Cllrs. K. Hatton

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Social Calendar 2017

Social Calendar 2017 Social Calendar 2017 Dear Butte des Morts Members, Unique among many private country clubs in the Upper Midwest, Butte des Morts offers a never ending social calendar of events which are well-attended

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Woodthorpe Village Community Group

Woodthorpe Village Community Group Woodthorpe Village Community Group ANNUAL REPORT 2012 This is the first Annual Report of the Group since it was formed in 2011. The group was formed in response to threats to the village of inappropriate

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Re: Inquiry into the contribution of sport to Indigenous wellbeing and mentoring

Re: Inquiry into the contribution of sport to Indigenous wellbeing and mentoring Secretary of the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs House of Representatives PO Box 6021 Parliament House Canberra ACT 2600 26 October 2012 Dear

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THE CANADIAN ROCKIES FOR MARIE CURIE June Register online now at or call

THE CANADIAN ROCKIES FOR MARIE CURIE June Register online now at or call Trek THE CANADIAN ROCKIES FOR MARIE CURIE 22-29 June 2019 Register online now at or call 0800 716 146 YOUR ADVENTURE STARTS HERE THE CANADIAN ROCKIES Experience one of the world

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Welcome to your homestay!

Welcome to your homestay! Welcome to your homestay! We wish you an enjoyable stay here. Please take the time to read through this guide, which is designed to help you make the most of your homestay experience. The London School

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How It Works. Hi! Thanks for downloading our guide. We are Motorhome Rental Group, the only UK-based motorhome-sharing platform.

How It Works. Hi! Thanks for downloading our guide. We are Motorhome Rental Group, the only UK-based motorhome-sharing platform. How It Works Hi! Thanks for downloading our guide. We are Motorhome Rental Group, the only UK-based motorhome-sharing platform. Many motorhome owners find that they are unable to use their vehicles constantly,

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Lake living for Everyman at the Edge of Paradise

Lake living for Everyman at the Edge of Paradise The $3 million worth of construction and landscaping done by Larry and Sandy Harris are just some of the reasons lot owners at Smith Lake RV Resort agree with the Van Giessens signs. Lake living for Everyman

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FESTIVE SEASON Stay Christmas & New Year Christmas Parties Gift Vouchers

FESTIVE SEASON Stay Christmas & New Year Christmas Parties Gift Vouchers FESTIVE SEASON 2017 Stay Christmas & New Year Christmas Parties Gift Vouchers THE Festive Season 2017 It s never too early to be thinking of this magical time and what better place to spend it than at

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Australian Outback Marathon 30 th July 2016

Australian Outback Marathon 30 th July 2016 Thursday 28 th July 2016 Arrive at Connellan (Ayers Rock) Airport Transfer to Ayers Rock Resort Check-In and Race Registration Hosted Warm Up Run Exclusive Outdoor Welcome Function - Itinerary Overview

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2017 Camp Card Leader s Guide

2017 Camp Card Leader s Guide 2017 Camp Card Leader s Guide 60 Wellington Road, Milford, Connecticut 06461 203-876-6868 * Page 1 of 7 Your Scouts can earn their week at a Connecticut Yankee Council Camp this summer.

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Early Years Foundation Stage

Early Years Foundation Stage Early Years Foundation Stage Education Tour Pack VISITOR PARK MANCHESTER AIRPORT The Runway Visitor Park Sunbank Lane Altrincham WA15 8XQ Tel: +44 (0)161 489 8336 Email:

More information Luxembourg! SPECIAL EDITION TRAVEL PODCAST Luxembourg! SPECIAL EDITION TRAVEL PODCAST SPECIAL EDITION TRAVEL PODCAST Luxembourg! In this special edition podcast ENW visits four adventurous locations from the historic small country of Luxembourg! ENW Episode 322 January 19 2018

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GOLD WING ROAD RIDERS ASSOCIATION DRAGON TALES GOLD WING ROAD RIDERS ASSOCIATION "Friends for Fun, Safety, and Knowledge" Chapter R2 Grand River Riders Michigan District Region D - The Great Lakes Region VOLUME 22 ISSUE 1 January 2018

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Gold Rush In Australia For Kids

Gold Rush In Australia For Kids Gold Rush In Australia For Kids Fast Access :Gold Rush In Australia For Kids - EPUB Format. Free Download Ebook PDF GOLD RUSH IN AUSTRALIA FOR KIDS with premium access THE AUSTRALIAN GOLD RUSH AUSTRALIA

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English Heritage Partnership and Sponsorship Opportunities

English Heritage Partnership and Sponsorship Opportunities English Heritage Partnership and Sponsorship Opportunities Who we are English Heritage preserves the places where the story of England was forged and where it can be re-told. English Heritage is unique:

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This letter begins the planning of the annual Hiking Club adventure to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

This letter begins the planning of the annual Hiking Club adventure to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. January 7, 2015 To: Hiking Club Members and Parents From: Gary Banks Subject: Spring Break Backpacking Trip Dear Parents and Students, This letter begins the planning of the annual Hiking Club adventure

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Someone will open the door when you ring the bell. Please ring bell once and wait for door to open automatically

Someone will open the door when you ring the bell. Please ring bell once and wait for door to open automatically Look at the text in each question. What does it say? Mark the correct letter, or on your answer sheet. Someone will open the door when you ring the bell. Please ring bell once and wait for door to open

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MY FIRST TRIP Hal Ames MY FIRST TRIP Hal Ames Our school had planned the trip for us to study English during our holiday from school. We would be gone for three weeks. This would be the longest I had ever been away from my family.

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Community Engagement Policy

Community Engagement Policy Bishop s Cleeve Parish Council Community Engagement Policy Bishop s Cleeve Parish Council Parish Office Church Road Bishop s Cleeve Cheltenham GL52 8LR Telephone 01242 674440 Email

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The Monthly Chatter Editor: Michael Till

The Monthly Chatter Editor: Michael Till June 1 st, 2014 Volume 3, Issue 6 The Monthly Chatter Editor: Michael Till This edition of The Monthly Chatter is dedicated to: Rick & Deb LeVally Denny & Jacque Shoenleben Kenny & Alice Everett Ed & Char

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Exploring The J W Marriott Hotel in Venice

Exploring The J W Marriott Hotel in Venice Exploring The J W Marriott Hotel in Venice BY EMMA 17 APRIL Earlier this month, I was invited on a group trip to discover the J W Marriott Hotel in Venice. At the end of last year an ex-colleague of mine

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70th Birthday trip to Poole

70th Birthday trip to Poole 70th Birthday trip to Poole Medusa, then ML1387, was built by R A Newman whose yard was just below Poole bridge, and launched on the 20 th October 1943. Each 10th anniversary we have tried to go back to

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Riverlands Motel St George. (07) Day Three. Friday 30th March. Explorer s Inn Roma (07)

Riverlands Motel St George. (07) Day Three. Friday 30th March. Explorer s Inn Roma (07) Sinclair Tour and Travel 5494 5083 A Country Easter - St George, Lightning Ridge, Roma. Departs Wednesday 28 th March 6 days $1,750 per person twin share. Single $350 Day One. Wednesday 28 th March. After

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6/23/2017 6/23/2017 This Week s News 770-993-7975 We had a great first session at camp and we hope you had fun too! Limited space is still available for our 3 rd Session this summer, so if you

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Golden Hind Ship, The Quayside, Brixham Harbour, Devon TQ5 8AW

Golden Hind Ship, The Quayside, Brixham Harbour, Devon TQ5 8AW GOLDEN HIND MUSEUM SHIP BRIXHAM SCHOOL VISITS - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS These FAQs will complement organiser s knowledge/established procedures and help them to plan a smooth visit. What should I do

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Lookout Lodge Guest Information Pack 2017

Lookout Lodge Guest Information Pack 2017 Lookout Lodge Guest Information Pack 2017 We are delighted to confirm your booking to stay overnight at Lookout Lodge, nestled at the heart of ZSL Whipsnade Zoo. The ultimate overnight experience a once

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Policy National s plan for regional New Zealand. Policy highlights. Backing our regions. Delivering for New Zealanders

Policy National s plan for regional New Zealand. Policy highlights. Backing our regions. Delivering for New Zealanders Policy 2017 National s plan for regional New Zealand Backing our regions Policy highlights New Zealand is a nation of opportunities and that s all because of the hard work and enterprise of New Zealanders,

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H indd 1 09/11/ :59

H indd 1 09/11/ :59 H4004.010 11.16.indd 1 09/11/2016 12:59 H4004.010 11.16.indd 2 09/11/2016 12:59 Page 2-3 Page 4-6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11-12 Page 13 Page 14 Page 15 Page 16 Page 17 Page 18 Page 19 Page 20

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Avalanches and the Mount Whitney Basin

Avalanches and the Mount Whitney Basin Avalanches and the Mount Whitney Basin 10 April 2006 by Bob Rockwell Prelude Avalanches are a fact of life in high mountains in winter, and we take courses to find out about them. We learn how to assess

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Online flight bookings

Online flight bookings Travel and Events Online flight bookings A quick guide to booking flights online Welcome The flight tool is the online booking tool containing everything you need to book a flight, simply and quickly.

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