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1 CHAPTER S A F E T Y F O R L I F E W A S A T C H W I N G S JULY 31, 2018 GWRRA - Chapter H Newsletter VOLUME 1, NUMBER 8 Thanks for riding with Chapter H, we try to be a fun group and are always on the lookout for great places to ride oh yes and to try out for lunch/dinner/ice cream. We look forward to seeing you Saturday the 4th of August 2018 at Golden Corral in Layton at 7:30am for Breakfast (if you re interested) and our Chapter Social prior to our scheduled monthly ride. More details in this newsletter. Our next Gathering will be August 4th and coincides with our scheduled ride for August. As mentioned, we moved our Gatherings to the same Saturday on which our ride is scheduled. This month (August), we will meet for breakfast at 7:30-7:45 am at the Golden Corral in Layton, UT. We will start the Gathering at 8:15 8:30 and leave for the ride, at 9ish. Bill and Kathie McGowan CD s Chapter H UTAH GWRRA Larry Schaack Chapter H Treasurer Chapter H Website URL Utah District Website URL David Heaton and a few others have been hard at work behind the scenes to turn the Utah District Website into a useful resource. Chapter H has also updated their website. Please make these home pages your first stop for information about going on s in the Chapter and/or District. The URL s (web addresses) are listed above. While we are not completed with either of the websites, we have made strides in removing the outdated information and updating the sites with current information and photos. Suggestions for additions to the websites are always welcome. We will be holding our April - September 2018 Gatherings at the Golden Corral 1624 N Heritage Park Blvd, Layton, UT Please join us Saturday August 4th at 7:30 am for our next Gathering. We expect to move back to Wingers for the Winter months details to follow

2 Directors thoughts Amy Limburg has had to step aside as Chapter Treasurer. Larry Shaack has stepped in to take her place. I wanted to publically thank Amy for her assistance. She stepped in when our previous Treasurer stepped aside and helped keep the Chapter viable Thanks again AMY and welcome Larry. Current Staff for the Chapter: Chapter Directors Bill and Kathie McGowan Assistant Directors Vacant Treasurer Larry Schaack Ride Coordinator - NEW Vacant Membership Enhancement Vacant Bill & Kathie McGowan 1757 Doral Drive Syracuse, UT Cell Please see me or any other Chapter officer if you are interested in a vacant position. Well, the weather for the July ride was in a word Gorgeous. We met at the Golden Corral on Saturday July 7th and had a fun little Social Gathering and headed to Sardine Canyon. We went up Sardine, and made a fuel/pit stop outside of Logan. Up to Logan Canyon and a quick stop for some photos at the overlook above Garden City. Lunch at the Fire House Pizza right in the Center of Garden City and then we headed to Monte Cristo for our return trip home. I have never seen so many butterflies/moths as there were on the entire stretch of Monte my bike must have weighed 30 pounds more with the weight of the carcasses on my fairing/windshield alone!!! It was a fun day and nice to get into some cooler air as we headed north. We will go on our August ride Saturday the 4 th. (Destination to be determined by those who attend the Gathering) The weather looks nice with forecast highs in the LOW 90 s, but no rain in sight!!!! Stop by for full details on Saturday and stay for a fun ride. Chapter H Officer doings We STILL have openings for several officers in the Chapter. None of the Officer positions take a lot of time and/or effort and the influx of new members in these rolls always prompts fresh thinking. I would really appreciate having some new blood help Chapter H come up with new ideas. Please feel free to discuss an officer position with me at one of our gatherings or by phone. District Training None held I have not heard from anyone requesting an additional First Aid/CPR class, so we will look to next year for renewals as needed.

3 2018 Rallies and Fun events to come June 2 nd Chapter H ride Mirror Lake Highway to Evanston and back over Monte Cristo and Trappers Loop to I-84 then home. (or reverse) July 7th Chapter H - Wolf Creek Unless we decide to go elsewhere!!! August 4 th Chapter H Ride Come help us pick a destination WingDing 40 - Knoxville, TN August 28 - September 1, 2018 September 9 th State Fair Show and Shine Fair Park SLC Arizona District Rally - October Lake Havasu, AZ Things from the Grapevine There are a few of us working on putting together a 4 Corners Rally next year. The folks from Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and I met last week on an online call and sketched out some thoughts. We don t want to lose track of the friends we have made just because Region F from GWRRA has gone away. The early thinking is that we would get the folks from these 4 Districts to join in 1 Rally a year rather than 4 and rotate it thru the 4 states on an annual basis. MUCH more work to be done before it becomes a reality, but the framework is starting to take shape. We are talking about Mid August or Mid September. We don t want to conflict with WingDing, and are also looking to stay away from the 100 Degree+ temps. Anyone interested in joining in to these calls, give me a shout and we will see what we can put together. Last Month s Ride July 2018 Bear Lake We did have 1 of our new Lunch rides. I will post the pictures of them here if I remember to take any and in the Chapter H website at Look under the Rides tab and you will see a page titled 2018 Ride Photo s. There are a few photos there, but the rest live in a Photo Archive page under the 2018 Ride Photo s page.

4 Utah Officers Corner As there is only the one newsletter in Utah, I offer the current officers space in this newsletter to get word out to all Utah District members about their upcoming events or other communication of interest. I ll include information I get from these officers each month. I send this newsletter to each officer and ask that they forward it to their Chapter membership so that everyone gets to hear the news I collect regardless of their geographic location. Brian Anderson our Utah District Motorist Awareness Coordinator attended the Cycle Gear bike night on July 10 th it was a fun event by the pictures Brian send to me. (see below) About the event..brian says: I held the Motorist Awareness night at Cycle Gear in Draper. I had a fun time with all the Sport Bikes that showed up. They were some interesting people and we talked all night from 5-8pm. Brian says Cycle Gear is doing Motorist Awareness nights in August and September. He has a conflict in August (he s getting married!!!) But might be able to go in September. It looks to be the week after our State Fair Show and Shine. Details as we get them. Brian also confirmed that we are on for the State Fair, the first Sunday that the Fair is held as usual. We do a Motorist Awareness Event as well as talk to the attendees about GWRRA. We will be there September 9 th. Details to follow as usual, but just a reminder to reserve the date!! No news received from the other officers in the District

5 Pictures from the Cycle Gear event

6 Photo s from the Chapter H Monthly ride. ( more on the Chapter H Website)


8 2018 Ride Schedule - Completed January 1 Chapter S Chilly Willy Mesquite January 13 Chapter S Car Show Casa Blanca Mesquite January 27 Chapter S Hot Air Balloon Festival Mesquite February Chapter R/S Death Valley, CA March 3 Chapter H 8:30 am Gathering/ Local ride - March 10 Chapter M Weather permitting impromptu ride March 17 Chapter S Hoover Dam & Bridge via Overton April 7 Chapter H 8 am Gathering/Ride to Tooele Gold Mine visit Oquirrh April Chapter M Camp Carbonville Shooting Range April Chapter S Lehman Caves April 21 Chapter R Spring City May 5 Chapter H 8 am Gathering/Lava Hot Springs, ID May Chapter M Lehman Caves Overnight Trip May Chapter S May Chapter R Zermatt May Zermatt Rally Midway, UT June 2 Chapter H 8 am Gathering - Mirror Lake June Chapter M Fire fighters Salmon Dinner - Garland June 9 Chapter S North Rim Grand Canyon Picnic June Chapter S PIOCHE, NV (June 16 th??) June 16 Chapter R Nebo Loop July 7 Chapter H 8 am Gathering Wolf Creek Ride July Chapter M Monte Cristo/Mirror Lake July Chapter S Glenwood Spring

9 2018 Ride Schedule - Remaining August 4 Chapter H 8 am Gathering - Destination unknown!!! August Chapter M Escalante Overnight August Chapter S Aug 28-Sept 1 WingDing Knoxville, TN Sept. 1 Chapter H 3 pm Gathering Bear Lake evening ride to Pickleville Melodrama and BBQ Sept Chapter M Mt. Nebo Sept 9 State Fair Show and Shine Motorist Awareness Sept Chapter S October 6 Chapter H 8:30 am Gathering Overnight to Mesquite/Lake Mead October Chapter M Fall Harvest Ride October Chapter S Chapter H Bill McGowan (603) Utah District events Chapter M Shelly Soules ( ) National Events Chapter S Lee Spencer (435) Non Utah sponsored events Lunch Ride Photo s Sorry No Photo s of the Logan Lunch Ride)

10 What s going on in Utah???? ABC4 News 7/25/2018 Sandy crash victim is 29th motorcyclist killed in Utah this year 16 of those riders were not wearing a helmet. The number of motorcyclists killed on Utah roads this year increased to 29 Tuesday night and officials are calling it a disturbing trend. According to the Utah Highway Patrol, 13 of the 19 riders killed through this time in 2017 were not wearing a helmet. 16 of the 29 this year were not wearing helmets. You're definitely going to be better off if you're wearing a helmet in a crash," UHP Lieutenant Todd Royce told News4Utah. "It doesn't necessarily mean it's going to save your life every time but you're definitely going to come out better in a crash with a helmet on." But Utah does not have a mandatory helmet law - even though Representative Jim Dunnigan (R - Taylorsville) is a former rider who once crashed into a car turning left in front of him."i had a helmet on," Rep. Dunnigan said. "If I didn't have that helmet on I'd have a dent in my head." In 2017, he successfully sponsored a bill to require all riders under 21 to wear protective headgear. "The reason we did that is because the Emergency Room physicians were coming to us...and saying 'We're seeing a lot of damage and lives that are lost that could be saved if they were wearing helmets'," Rep. Dunnigan said. "If you're a motorcyclist and you're driving defensively it's just not enough now. Really people should be wearing helmets." Some riders say helmets should be a personal risk decision. "When we go up and do fatal notifications and you see the reactions from the families, it affects a lot more than just you," Lt. Royce said. "It affects family members. It affects other people who were involved in the crash and might have seen that horrific crash." Sadly, Lt. Royce tells News4Utah that this latest motorcycle death of 2018 will likely not be the last.

11 This is not the type of article I like to include in the newsletter. But we can t bury our heads in the sand. We need to keep our heads on a swivel and remember what we learned in our Motorcycle Safety classes. We need to be aware of what is happening around us and take whatever defensive action needed to stay alive. There is gear available to help mitigate damage to our bodies in case of accidents something to think about. For Sale/Wanted I thought it would be helpful to anyone who wanted to post an item for sale / wanted to have a section devoted to that in this newsletter. If you have an item you want to sell or buy, please send me a photo or 2 if needed, a price and contact info. If you are looking for an item, send an accurate description and contact info. I won t post the item unless I have all the info. I don t want to fend off questions that I don t have answers to. No Items For Sale/Wanted this month Chapter Flags Larry Schaack, our Chapter H Treasurer, has worked with a flag manufacturer to produce a Chapter H flag sized to be flown on our bikes/trikes. (See photo below) We have a few of the flags available for sale, see Larry, the Chapter Treasurer if you are interested. $15 gets you your very own flag. We will order more as demand out paces supply.

12 Flag Etiquette - Display on Motorcycles - When the US flag is flown alone, it needs be at the center on the back of the motorcycle, or to its "marching right." The "marching right" is on the right side of the motorcycle to the rider's perspective when facing forward. If the US Flag is on your bike with another, it should be to its "marching right." All flags flown with the US Flag are the same size and at the same height of the US Flag. While the US Flag is on your bike with several other flags the US flag is placed at the center and highest. Other flags should be arranged in alphabetical order and in decreasing importance - Nations first, states (in order of admittance) and territories second, military third (in order of establishment), and then any others.