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1 May 2016 K E E P I N G P A C E CHAPTER NEWS PACERS NORTHWEST RV CLUB PRESIDENT S COMMENTS 2016 Pacer Rallies* Annual Unofficial Rally At Quartzsite January Rally 1 Harmony Lake RV Park Silver Creek,WA. April Rally 2 Silver Spur RV Park Silverton,OR, May Rally 3 NW Area Rally Albany,OR. June Rally 4 Washington Land Yacht Harbor/August Olympia,WA. Rally 5 Woodburn RV Park Woodburn,OR. September Here we are starting another year. The winter snowbirding went by so fast, and our first rally has already come and gone. Teri and I spent November, December, and January at River Lodge Resort, Parker Dam, California (just 25 miles south of Lake Havasu City). Spent a lot of time golfing as well as shopping in Lake Havasu. Ken and Kay Hedlund joined us in January and went with us to two Parker road races and the Lake Havasu Balloon Festival. From there, we went with Ken and Kay to Yuma and met up with Dennis & Martie, Don & Kathy, and Gary and Sue. We had a great time visiting, flea marketing, and golfing. After that, it was on to Phoenix to the nascar race and introduced Ken and Kay to a live nascar race. Then it was time to head home. The April rally was a great time with 12 coaches in attendance. Wow, that was a great start to the year. Thanks to everyone for showing up and having such a great time. All the food was great and the games were a lot of fun!! We look forward to seeing everyone at the May rally in Silverton at the Silver Spur RV Park. Don t forget the other rallies coming up. The Northwest Area Rally will be held in Albany, Oregon from June Check with Dennis for volunteering. The next rally will be held in Lacey, Washington at the Land Yacht Harbor from August And, the last rally of the year will be in Woodburn, Oregon at the Woodburn RV Park from September Please try to make it to as many rallies as you can for great visiting, fun, and of course food. I will be checking on the dates for another Quartzite rally for next January. Martie has already set times and places for Washington rallies for 2017, Toutle River RV in April and Midway RV in August. Way to go Martie. So are the best!!!!!!!!!!! We had a business meeting at the April rally and will have another one at the September rally. If there is any new business you would like to bring up, let me know, and I will get it on the agenda. If you would like a business meeting between April and September, let me know that also, and I will work it in. Once again, I would like to extend a huge thank you to Dennis for doing an exceptional job serving as president for the last two years. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! And a big thank you to Martie, Butch, Glenda, Tom, Rudi, and Kathy for continuing on as officers. See you down the road at the next rally. Drive safe and stay healthy. Bill President PACERS NORTHWEST, AN FMCA CHAPTER

2 2 May 2016 KEEPING PACE Page 2 Nusy Says by Kathy McKnight.!May 2016 ALOHA! My Pacer s Northwest brothers and sisters... Hoping everyone has survived the winter season and have brought in the new year with health and vigor. News update from the Nuzy corner... many heartfelt condolences had been sent on our behalf since our last news letter last year. Get well wishes were sent to: Butch Evans, Patricia McCullum, Ron Garner, Jean Bailey, Rudy Schaffner, Gary Tilley, Sue Tilley, George May and Martie Martin. Our prayers and thoughts are with you all for a successful speedy recovery. Wishes of heartfelt sympathy were sent on our behalf to: George and Madelyn May for the sudden loss of George s brother. Patricia Morgan was called to serve and soar with the angels on January 4 th, We sent our deepest sympathy to Jerry Morgan and their family. George and Madelyn May for the loss of their faithful companion Zora. Don and Becky Paulsen for the loss of Don s mother. We feel the pain in your loss and continue to pray for your healing. We also lost an old friend, Jan McIlroy on November 24, Bill and Jan were past Pacer s and she served as our National Director for several years. Our deepest sympathy goes out to Bill and their family. We received some disheartening news in March of members, Ray and Hana Huffman, dropping out of the Pacer s and discontinuing their RV adventures. They are going to concentrate on getting Hana s health in check. We will truly miss Hana s quick wit and Ray s informative conversations. Update on Pat McCallum; Mickey and Pat are now in Yuma, Az and residing across the street from Sylvia. Pat was in a nursing home when we arrived in Yuma in January. Her diagnosis was unknown at that time. She had her good days and not so good days. Through trying different medications they seemed to have gotten something right, when we left in February she was out of the nursing home and walking on her own. We had our first official unofficial rally. We all rolled in to boone dock in the desert of Quartzite, Arizona. We started arriving on January 16 th and were all there by the 18 th. Our elusive desert dog chef did an amazing job once again...thank You Kimm Cady and your sous chef, Ken Hedlund. Thank you to everyone for a great pot luck, as always we had an abundance of delicious food to go along with our desert dogs. We sat around the fire and had great conversation with fantastic people. We celebrated our start to another great year together with the lighting of a few lanterns, released in the cool evening sky. We all felt like we were missing something and we discovered what it was, Russ and Jean Bailey where are you!! Official count for the Quartzite rally was; 10 RVs, 31 people, 13 dogs and 4 cats. Included in the 31 attending were 7 guests from the Escapees, new members Don and Becky Paulsen & Gary and Kathie Ayers and our newest members just joined atquartzite, Ed and Sandy Draghi. We look forward to spending more adventures together. Our first official rally was held at Harmony Lake in Silver Creek, Washington. We had a great turn out. We had some rain but it didn t put a damper on the weekend, fun was had by all. New member, Judy Lockwood was a big winner at CLR, congrats Judy! Butch and George did a fantastic job at the auction, we raised over $ for our Christmas family. Another great beginning for our rally season. Our next rally is May 19-22, 2016 at Silver Spur RV Park in Silverton, Oregon. Hope you can make it! I will once again ask for every ones assistance; if you know of a member who is under the weather, having surgery, celebrating a special occasion or just has some news, information or a story to share feel free to contact me: Kathy All information is greatly appreciated. Food for thought: Life isn t about waiting for the storm to pass. It s about learning how to dance in it. Here s to an adventurous 2016 RV season... safe travels to all. MAHALO!

3 3 May 2016 KEEPING PACE Pictures from the Quartzsite Rally Page 3

4 4 May 2016 Keeping pace Page Pacer Spring Rally We have started off our spring with a great Pacer Rally at Harmony Lakeside RV Park in Silver Creek, WA. It has been years since our club has been there and it is beautiful! The rhododendrons were all in bloom and the view of the lake was breath taking. We ended up with 13 coaches in attendance, which included guests Bud & Marge Fouts. The weather changed on us and we got more rain than sunshine, but that was OK because we spent most of our time in the beautiful club house. As a host, I was very impressed with the kitchen and abundance of supplies and appliances. I would like to thank everyone who helped me at the rally, you were awesome! About six rigs showed up on Thursday and most of us enjoyed a great Mexican dinner in Morton. Friday night we had a hilarious game of LCR (dice game) with almost all of the Pacers playing. Towards the end of the game, it was a close one between Judy Lockwood and Marge... Judy won. Half of the pot went to the Christmas sock ($32) and Judy won $31!! On Saturday morning we all enjoyed the typically wonderful potluck breakfast. Bill Hollenbeck did a great job on his first official meeting as President and we were done in 55 minutes! Sylvia Wynandts surprised us and came up for the day. Many of the ladies carpooled to the Centralia Outlet Mall to do some shopping and lunch while the men stayed back and discussed some RV maintenance tips. The ladies got back just in time for an awesome jewelery sale by Sandra Riley. Then it was time for happy hour, dinner and then yummy deserts made by Madelyn May. After dinner, we had the auction!! Butch Evans and his assistant, George May, did the auction. What fun! We all had a grand time, we laughed, teased and kept on bidding. Boy did we bid! Of course it helped that one of the items was a flat screen TV, used but in good condition. There were some really nice gifts and one item was secretively re-wrapped and auctioned again. Not only was it fun, but Butch got us to spend a lot of money! Sandra Riley donated $40 from her jewelry sale. Then Don & Becky Paulson had to cancel their reservations early and donated their $100 to the Christmas sock. That totaled the Christmas sock money for just this rally to...$823!!! Wow! It was a fun filled rally and everyone is looking forward to the May Rally in Silverton, OR. I know that some past members get our News Letter and we want to remind and encourage you to come and visit for the day or stay the night near by. We would all love to see you again! Safe Travels, Martie Martin

5 5 May 2016 KEEPING PACE Page 5 How many men does it take to erect a Flagpole

6 6 May 2016 KEEPING PACE Page 6 TECHNICAL INFORMATION PROVIDED BY DENNIS MARTIN RV Maintenance Tips of the Day Cleaning RV screens without water: To clean your outside windows, go ahead and wash them with soap and water. If your screens are dusty, remove them and clean with a good microfiber cloth. All you need to do is just wipe each side with the towel and you are done. You can also use a microfiber cloth for cleaning the carpet, fantastic vent screens,awnings and tires. You should never use bleach to clean a microfiber cloth because it destroys its ability to pick up dirt and never put them in the dryer. Corrosion of your battery cables: One other tip I have learned is regarding the corrosion of your battery cables. If you take a couple of pennies and super glue them to the top of your batteries the vapor that escapes your wet cell batteries, will attack the cooper pennies and leave the cables free of corrosion. I haven't tried it myself but I was told it works. You can also use an old strip of cooper as long as you ruff it up with some sandpaper Joke of the week Fred Brown is on his deathbed, the end near. His nurse, wife, daughter and two sons are at his side. He asks for two witnesses as he records his last wishes. "My son, Bernie, you take the Mayfair houses. My daughter Sybil, you take the apartments in the East End. Jamie, my son, you take the offices at City Center. Sarah, my dear wife, please take all the residential buildings along the river." The nurse and witnesses are blown away by the man's words. The nurse says, "Mrs. Brown, your husband must have been a brilliant businessman to have accumulated all that property." The wife replies, "Property? Oh, no... he had a paper route

7 7 May 2016 KEEPING PACE Page OFFICERS ADDRESSES, PHONE NUMBERS, CELL NUMBERS, ADDRESSES President Bill Hollenbeck Cell Oregon Vice President Butch Evans VP-Washington: Martie Martin Cell Same as Dennis ffffffaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt Note: Some of the Pacer officers may have second addresses. Please check your directory for this information. Secretary Glenda Specht Treasure Tom Specht National Director Dennis Martin Alternate National Director Bill Hollenbeck Director-1 Year Gary Tilley Director - 2Year - Dale Riley Director 3 Year Roger Daggett Sunshine Chairperson: Nuzy Chairperson: Kathy McKight Keeping Pace Editor: Rudi Schaffner nd ave nw Stanwood,wa REMEMBER DUES SHOULD BE PAID THE END OF THE YEAR Ideas For Rally Sites? Please Contact: VP Oregon Butch Evans VP Martie Martin for Washington Wishing You Could Host A Rally? Please contact: Dennis Martin (253) To Make Your Wish Come True.

8 8 May 2016 Keeping Pace Page 8 Christmas Familie Well, Christmas is here and the presents have been delivered. On December 17 th we met at the Martins house. Dennis and Martie, Jean and Russ, Kathy and Don, George, and Tom and Glenda met for a marathon wrapping party and dinner. We wrapped presents for two families this year. Dinner was wonderful; Taco soup, a beautiful salad, a veggie tray and Apple Dump Cake for dessert. On December 19 th we again met at the Martins home along with Santa and his wife Eileen aka Mrs. Santa prior to going to the two family homes to deliver presents. There were three children in each family. One family was in Spanaway and the other in Puyallup. The three children in Spanaway were 5 (a little princess ), 6 (a boy with autism) and 8 (a boy with ADHD). After Santa heard their wishes, they were given their stockings and Santa and his elves left to go to Puyallup. The three children in Puyallup were 14 year old twins and a 12 year old boy. We had a great time shopping, wrapping and delivering. Always it brings tears to our eyes when we deliver presents and reflect on how blessed we are to be members of a club that cares so much and gives to those in our communities. Thanks to all the Pacers for making these two families Christmas more special.

9 9 May 2016 Keeping Pace Page 9 Thank you Letter from our Christmas Family