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1 E-NEWSLETTER May ~ June 2016 Website: Welcome to the latest edition of the Jets Classic & Custom Car Club Published bi-monthly to keep you the Jets member informed of club happenings. The Jets Annual Car Rally 2016 Congratulations to Carmen & Kevin Spiteri on winning the 2016 Jets car rally, Up against some very good opposition which included our Champions from 2014 Ruth & Rod and 2015 Evie & Loui. Great result guys and what a fantastic day. Look for a full report deeper in this edition. Jets Upcoming Events July 10th Fyansford Lunch 24 th Jets Annual AGM August 28 th Tyabb Packing House Antiques & Lunch September TBA October 16 th Marsh Rodders Show n Shine Bachus Marsh TBC This one may change Whilst congratulating Kev & Carmen we need to also say congratulations on the pending birth of their first grandchild, It won t be long before we are having a kids Christmas party for all the grandkids, ChrisG you better get those Jets 00 Jumpsuits going mate we may need a few. November 27 th Foreshore Fest Rosebud. December 4 th Jets Christmas Party Oakleigh RSL

2 Newsletter May ~ June 2016 A FEW WORDS FROM OUR PRESIDENT ~ DAVE GALLOWAY. Well we are half way thru 2016 already, where does the time go but there is a silver lining, the warmer months are on their way and that means more events and more opportunities to cruise in the sun. After being spoilt with good weather for so many of our previous events May & June really closed in a little on us, having said that although it was cold we were still very lucky with minimal rain on our cruise days. May & June saw us once again attract several new members to the club, we have now reached 43 members and the committee plan is still to cap membership at 50. I d like to welcome, Doug Greenough with his 70 Cadillac Eldorado, Stephen & Chrissie Sayer with their Black 65 Mustang, Marc & Tracy Gorman 73 convertible Mustang and Nick & Emily Falaguerra 67 convertible Mustang. Welcome guys, I m sure you ll enjoy your time as part of the Jets family and I have no doubt our members will make you feel very welcome. Just while I m talking membership the renewal form for 2016 / 2017 has been ed out and again our renewal fee remains unchanged at $60.00, fees are now due, If you didn t receive a renewal form please contact our secretary Dianne The AGM Nomination forms have also been ed out in readiness for the club annual AGM at Oakleigh RSL on the 24 th July. As in past years the AGM will be kept as informal as legally possible, following the AGM there will be a short July general meeting which is your chance to have your say on the club and talk about anything that affects the club going forward, any changes you may like to see. The whole process AGM & July meeting should only take around one hour followed by Jets supplied afternoon Tea, Coffee, Cake s & Biscuits. The bar will also be open to purchase something a little stronger. It s a day where the club elects a Committee for the next 12 months all club transactions for the past year are made available for all members to view but as with all jets events the emphasis is on having a fun day. It would be great to again see as many members as possible on the day. We have some great events planned for the rest of the year but if you have a car show or a cruise to a venue that you d really like to do then please let a committee member know or bring it up in the General Business section of the July meeting following the AGM. A couple of weeks ago the AOMC (the governing body for all car clubs) contacted me and asked if they could publish an article about the Jets car club in their next magazine, given there are 253 registered car clubs in Victoria several of these with many hundreds of members and we ve been selected as the first club ever to be profiled by the AOMC I m sure you ll agree this is quite a pat on the back for our little car club. I ll be sending out the electronic version of their magazine when it becomes available. Di and I are in the throes of moving house and may miss a couple of events, feels strange I haven t missed an event since the very first meeting at our house to form the club. Hopefully we will only miss a couple. I think that s about it for now, Keep Kruzin, Dave

3 Summary of Upcoming Jets Events 10 th July Fyansford Lunch Cruise. Departing Shell ~7/11 servo Princes Fwy Altona meadows at 11am for Lunch at the Fyansford Hotel near Geelong. 24 th July Jets Car Club AGM see below 28 th August Tyabb Packing & Antique house cruise. This place is amazing as the name says suggests it s a huge old packing house full of all sorts of antiques and old world memorabilia, If you haven t been here before It s a real eye opener. From here we will head for lunch at the Flinders Hotel Jets Classic & Custom Car Club Annual General Meeting Sunday 24th July 2pm at Oakleigh RSL ~ Drummond Street Oakleigh Will be the Clubs Annual general meeting, a full run down of the procedure was ed to all members along with nomination forms a couple of weeks back, after the AGM there will be a short July general meeting which is an opportunity for club members to ask or discuss anything relating to the Jets car club in General Business. Following that meeting there will be tea, coffee, cake, and biscuits provided by the club, The RSL bar will be open to purchase something stronger if required. Come along we d love to see as many members as possible. The whole meeting process is usually less than 1 hour All sitting committee members have re -nominated to go around again, so no chance you can be railroaded into a position you don t want, just come along and if you want have a say in the future direction of the Club, after all this is your club. There is St reet parking available at the RSL but it tends to be very busy on a Sunday with a Church across the road most members take their daily drivers, your choice Jets committee is as follows: President Dave Galloway Vice President Chris Gleeson, Giovanni Lizza Secretary Dianne Galloway Treasurer Sue Wiggett, General Committee Allison Gleeson, Brian Chircop, Merchandise Chris (Car Boot Sales Extraordinaire) Gleeson Newsletter Dave Galloway Club Plates Dave Galloway (Wheelers Hill) Giovanni Lizza (Mt Evelyn) The Jets Website & Facebook Pages Remember to check out the club website. or the club s Facebook page It s a great way of seeing news from the club. Website: Facebook: Jets Car Club

4 Past Events All American Flemington ~ 1st May 2016 All American Flemington 2016 Sunday 1 st May Another All American day has been and gone and although Jane Bunn tried to scare us all off with threats of hail, Gail force winds and driving rain combined with a storm that hit Melbourne around 3am and blacked out power in many suburbs, we lost power at home until almost 7am but, the show must go on we set off in the hope the worst had passed, several of the big car clubs had cancelled but the Jets pushed on. We thought this weather would really impact on how many members would turn up, Earlier in the week I had sent out a text asking for a few volunteers to help setup early, I was thinking maybe 2 or 3 but in true Jets style I was blown away to see so many members just waiting to get things setup. The day was windy stormy, cloudy, sunny cold warm but thankfully it was mostly fine. We d had 53 confirmed earlier in the week and I was amazed that on a bleak cold & crappy Melbourne day 52 turned up, that s just amazing, some other very big clubs only had one or two members attend. I can only say well done everyone, Once again this year the ladies brought along plates of American themed food and the hot dogs & rolls organized by Sue Wiggett went down a treat for lunch. Chris our merchandising officer had a special pair of Coke bottle cap earrings made up with the Jets Logo on the Inside, so it was decided to auction them off, There was only one choice as our Auctioneer a man who has many years experience auctioning million dollar bayside property s. Our very own Mr Simon Bartaby. This was the highlight of the day as Simon went into full auctioneer mode and the bids came thick and fast, in fact we had people coming from everywhere to see what the fuss was over at the Jets Gazebo, the bidding came down to two, I think the bids were moving up in 50 c increments but it didn t matter it was like seeing a multimillion dollar mansion go down to the wire, with each bid came a roar of laughter until finally there was only one bidder left, Sue Wiggett and the winning bid was $30 but the real winners were all of us who got to witness an event that started from nothing and really helped to make it a great day out, Once again thanks Simon, next time I m selling a house you ll be my first contact mate. Congratulations to Dave Mackenzie who although missing out on the earrings after bidding strongly right to the end was able to sell his stunning Black 65 Mustang, Dave s car sold to Steve & Chrissie Sayer and it s a win/win all round as Steve & Chrissie are now members of the Jets car club. Dave has picked himself up another stunning Mustang this time it s a 69, I ve seen some pics and she is sweet, I m sure you ll get to see it at an event before too long, Last but certainly not least thanks to all the ladies who prepared a plate of food or cooked Hot dogs or helped the guys set up the four Gazebos, (Gave us just enough room to stay dry). Another very successful All American day, Bring on next year when we ll be having breakfast pancakes, bacon & eggs from the Club BBQ trailer. (Some photos from the day next page)

5 More Photos from All American day Lunch time..gotta love those Hot Dogs Gio, Marion, Ruth & Melissa Some of the crew enjoying the Sun Chris & Dave s Mustangs took pride of place Early in the day as we settled in Phils Dad, Phil, Simon & Geoff

6 Jets Car Rally ~ 29 th May 2016 Another big Jets car rally has been run & won, What a fantastic day it was, the day got started with a pre meet at BP Eastlink and cruise to the Shell servo Altona Meadows where 42 members of the Jets family gathered together for the start of the rally, Allison handed out the question / answer forms while Chris Gleeson gave us all some basic instructions in relation to the roads and reinforcing the message that this is not a race. It was another great day weather wise, not hot but given it s May in Melbourne any day without rain is a great day, It was time to mount up and follow our Q&A sheet to a destination unknown, I sat and waited while all the cars rolled out of the servo headed for the first stop of the day, I made a point of leaving last and rounding up each car so I could video the cars heading down the freeway, I kept pushing at the speed limit so I d be first at the morning tea stop so I could video all the cars arriving, all was going well and after several questions the Q&A sheet gave instructions to exit the freeway left on B140, no mention of RIGHT but unfortunately the club Secretary & President turned right and drove for several k s before realizing this might not be correct. Following a spirited exchange of ideas and colorful words it was decided that a U turn was the best course of action, so back we went to arrive last at the morning tea stop Fyansford Hotel, A quick coffee and a laugh about our navigational issues and we were on our way again, the fleet rolled out and headed past the freeway and down B140 (Hhmmm this road looks familiar), answering lots of questions along the way. Eventually we arrived at Inverleigh Hotel our lunch venue and end of the rally questions, this is the perfect destination for a car rally, an old world pub in a little country town, as the 21 Jets cars rolled in and parked up along the main street a car show just sprang up, people passing thru and locals all came over to look at the cars and have a chat, It s amazing how many people or their parents have owned one of these cars, while the boys chatted with locals, some of the ladies headed inside for a glass of wine, Allison & Di set about checking the answer sheets to determine a winner of the jets 2016 car rally. Next order of the day was lunch, the owners had given us a room on our own which was just as well, I m sure the locals wondered where this rowdy Jets crew came from. Lunch was great again we got lucky with a venue that serves quality food and service while we created the atmosphere. At one stage I stood back and just observed the Jets family at their best having a great time together, It was now time for a few words of thanks from me and of course to announce the 2016 Jets Car Rally Champions. As I m sure you will have seen on the front page our Champions for 2016 are Kevin & Carmen Spiteri Well done guys great effort, they join Rod & Ruth Astbury & Loui & Evie Possoco in the Jets hall of fame (when we get one) This was a fantastic day probably the best car rally so far. Thanks to Allison & Chris who really give there all to make the car rally a special day for the club, I m sure you ll agree this one set the bar at a whole new level. (Continued next page)

7 Jets Car Rally ~ 29 th May 2016 Continued I m sure the Farmers Daughter Is a Lovely Girl Our Lunch Venue The Inverleigh Hotel There was a question in the Q&A sheet which did generate a lot of interest, It was the signs along the Freeway at the Werribee Zoo asking what animal was on each sign, The answers were many and varied. So to put everyone s mind at ease here they are. Cheetah Zebra Rhino Giraffe Hippo (with mouth open)

8 The Rosebud RSL cruise in June saw Grant & Lucinda Ross get their beautiful custom 39 Ford sloper out for it s first Jets cruise. Well done guys the wait has certainly been worth it WOW!!! Another NEW toy has arrived, Allison & Chris s 2016 Mustang has just arrived from the States and the proud parents are happily cruising around to the sounds of Mustang Alli. Brett Field received one of the very first a couple of months ago and It seems the new Stang has impressed plenty with a several more in production for Jets members. We could get overrun by late models The Club BBQ Trailer a work in progress We ve started to find that for some car shows we are just running out of room in cars for all the club equipment, so I figured it s time to get a trailer.. but we re the Jets we can t just have a 6 x 4 box trailer, It s gotta be different, so I figured why not build a teardrop type trailer and incorporate a BBQ and Esky and room to transport everything we need to take along to car shows. Bonus somewhere to have a nanna nap in the afternoon for us old blokes (Chris Astbury). I found a frame and went from there, John Wiggett helped me extend widen and lower this sucker to the ground to give it that slammed appearance and make it practical to use Thanks John, In order to fit everything in I designed a rollout system for the BBQ so that for travelling all the equipment slides in under the Barbie, The roof will be fibreglass and sides will be either raw or painted aluminium, it will have the Jets signwriting on both sides, I m trying to source some hot rod guards at the moment to cover the Cragar wheels. And lastly will be to fit a sound system so at shows we can kick back to some classic Rock n Roll., The plan is it will look something like this one (I hope) see progress below

9 BBQ Trailer Pics The photos below show progress on the club BBQ trailer, Starting with a steel frame and setting the suspension as low as possible, next was the frame for the floor the overall length of the finished trailer will be 2.4 x 1.6 meters, photo 3 was setting out the profile and cutting the sheets of 8x4 plywood into the sidewalls These trailers are normally built by people wanting a rugged camper that s easily towed and a step up from sleeping in a tent. Ours is a variation on that, No Kitchen or mattress just storage & BBQ. Below: The frame and plywood floor have had several coats of waterproofing material, the vinyl flooring supplied by Chris G is fitted to the floor and wheel tubs, Side walls fitted now time to fit the spars that will support the roof. Below most of the spars fitted time to make the roll out system for the BBQ which is in the second pic the BBQ will mount on the platform and roll down on the aluminium track which has hinged extensions so the BBQ is just protruding from the trailer for cooking, the 3 rd pic is starting to fit the roof, bending the ply,fitting the fibreglass sheeting will finish the roof. Unfortunately moving house will put the brakes on the trailer a little but the plan is to have her ready for Foreshore Fest at Rosebud 27 th November still lots to do. Pic 1 the roof ply fitted ready for fibreglass outer skin, pic 2 BBQ installed in rolled out position ready for cooking, pic 3 BBQ rolled up into travel position with room for tables, Gazebo, flags, esky etc.

10 Merchandise New Club T~Shirt The New club Tshirt available in Black & White in Mens and Ladies cuts, Members $25.00 Non members $30.00 Also now available the all NEW Mens & Ladies Polo Tops Members $30.00 Non members $35.00 The Club has a wide range of Merchandise for sale, if you see something you like please give Chris our Merchandise Officer a call, on

11 The Committee are always looking for new places for club cruises, we work hard to come up with events that will appeal to members and especially their partners, you can help us by bringing forward any ideas for an event or venue for us to visit, please feel free to contact us and share. Things like day cruises to a place of interest, maybe a picnic spot for Lunch or your favourite Car Show or maybe even a night without the cars, a movie night or a stage show. Let us know your thoughts and what you d like to see your club doing. to a yo Special Offer to Jet s Members Available to all Jet s Members, over the Christmas period. Holiday House in Rye. Featuring: Four Bedrooms, 2 Bathroom, 2 toilets, 2 living areas. Pinball machine, dart board, and bar. $1,500 a week for Jets members only. If you are interested, please call Helen Smith on for further de