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1 All Souls Weekend on the Bay 2013 Program Guide Friday, May 31 Sunday, June 2 About The Program Guide This is the FINAL version of the WOB Program Guide. Check at the Welcoming Table at Sharp Hall on Friday for any last-minute changes. About Camp Tockwogh Camp Tockwogh is a YMCA camp for kids. There are no plush accommodations. Use the brooms to brush away cobwebs when you arrive and leave. Beds are single mattresses add cushioning if you want. Alcohol and Pets No alcohol and no pets. But you ll still have fun. Liability / Waiver Forms At the Friday Welcoming Table at Sharp Hall, everyone must hand in their Camp Tockwogh Liability / Waiver Forms, as well as KidsZone forms. We will be distributing these by along with this final program and we will have extra copies for you at the Welcome Table. Ropes Course There will be a High Ropes this year. There are still a few slots if you are interested. Please sign up and pay at the registration table. The List Serve Subscribe to the Yahoo group: On Facebook Join the group at ASC Weekend on the Bay. Ride-Sharing Need a ride? Can you provide a ride? Contact Micah Watson for more info. Or call Micah at If you need a ride, it s your responsibility to find a ride but Micah can give you a list of car-pools seeking riders. Workshop Schedule and Sign Ups Below is the workshop schedule. This year you can sign up online to pre-register for workshops! Or sign up at the Welcome Table, space permitting. We will reserve some slots for sign ups at the camp. What to Bring Checklist Bedding (pillow, sheets & blankets or sleeping bag) to cover a single (twin-sized) bed with a thin mattress. The camp has no bedding. Flashlight, to get around camp after dark. A portable sports chair for your lodging. A refillable water bottle. Sunscreen! Bath towels, toiletries, and shower shoes. Snacks. Keep them sealed to keep away non-humans. Clothing for cool and hot weather jacket or sweatshirt, swimsuits, beach towels. Musical instruments for impromptu songs and bells, shakers and noisemakers for the Procession. For the talent show: Costumes, musical accompaniment, props, et cetera. Favorite reading material; your journal. Repellent for mosquitos, ticks, and insects. We have had incidence of Lyme Disease in the past so this year, make sure you check for ticks! Special Food Needs Camp Tockwogh will have food for Vegetarians and Vegans. If you have special needs, bring your food. Put your food in a clearly-labeled bag or box, and ask the camp staff to place your food in a Sharp Hall refrigerator, retrievable between 7am and 7pm (when kitchen staff is on duty). Refund Policy Full refunds before May 20; no refunds after May 20 (when we pay Camp Tockwogh). Questions? For all questions, contact the WOB team at 2013 Weekend on the Bay Program FINAL May 29, 2013 Page 1 of 17

2 The Schedule Friday, June 1 3:00-10:00 Check-in Sharp Hall lobby 3:00-5:15 Tubing Rides Waterfront 3:00 5:00 Camp Activities OPEN swimming pool, archery range, rock climbing area, waterfront (pool open until 7 pm) 4:00 4:45 or 5:00 5:45 or 6:00 6:45 NUUbie Tours Are you a newcomer to WOB a NUUbie? At the top of each hour join us for a special welcome and walking tour of Camp Tockwogh Meet at Sharp Hall flagpole 5:30-7:00 Pizza Dinner if you re driving through Chestertown Sharp Hall cafeteria after 6:30pm, get dinner there 7:00-7:15 Weekend on the Bay Procession Meet at Sharp Hall flagpole 7:15-8:45 Campfire s mores, singing, and other activities Amphitheater (Recreation Hall if raining) 9:00-9:30 Vespers Service Recreation Hall 9:30-10:30 WOB After Dark Workshops (see schedule) Various Locations Saturday, June 2 7:00 8:00 Sunrise Yoga Outside Sharp Hall 8:00-8:30 Breakfast (coffee & tea available at 7:00) Sharp Hall cafeteria 8:00-8:45 Check-in Sharp Hall lobby 8:30 9:00 NUUbie Tour and welcome Meet at Sharp Hall flagpole 8:45 12:15 Kid Zone / Childcare Stewart Lodge (childcare) for Kid Zone meet at flagpole 9:00-10:30 Workshops, Session 1 (see schedule) Various Locations 9:00 12:00 Ropes Course (extra fee ($30) required). 13+ only Meet at Ropes course (on map) 9:30 12:00 Camp Activities OPEN - archery range, rock climbing area, waterfront - except swimming pool CLOSED 10:45-12:15 Workshops, Session 2 (see schedule) Various Locations 12:30-1:00 Lunch Sharp Hall cafeteria 1:30 5:00 Workshops, Session 3 (see schedule, start times vary) Various Locations 2:30 5:00 Camp Activities OPEN swimming pool, archery range, rock climbing area, waterfront 3:00-3:45 Watch the model rockets go off Athletic Field 5:00-5:15 Water balloon toss Sharp Hall lawn 5:30-6:00 Dinner Sharp Hall cafeteria 7:00 8:00 Talent Show Recreation Hall 8:00 9:00 Talent Show After Party / Jam Recreation Hall 9:00-11:00 Dance Party Sharp Hall Sunday, June 3 7:00 8:00 Sunrise Yoga Outside Sharp Hall 8:00-8:30 Breakfast Sharp Hall cafeteria 9:00-10:00 Bonus Workshops Meet at Sharp Hall flagpole 9:30 12:00 Camp Activities OPEN swimming pool, archery range, rock climbing area, waterfront 10:15-11:00 Worship Service Chapel on the Bay 12:00-1:00 Pack Up and Check Out 2013 Weekend on the Bay Program FINAL May 29, 2013 Page 2 of 17

3 Camp Tockwogh Activities Open Friday from 3:00pm 5:00pm: the waterfront (for canoeing, kayaking, and motorboat rides). Also this is your chance for tubing rides this weekend, at the waterfront. The swimming pool will be open at 3:00pm, with extended hours until 7:00pm. Hurray! Open Saturday from 9:30am noon: the waterfront, archery range, and climbing wall. The swimming pool will be closed. Open Saturday from 2:30pm 5:00pm: the waterfront, archery range, climbing wall, and the swimming pool. Open Sunday from 9:30am - noon: the waterfront, archery range, climbing wall, and the swimming pool. Open at all times: the tennis court, basketball court, Frisbee disc course, and the horseshoe pit. Special Community Gatherings On Friday afternoon, we will open the Welcoming Table at Sharp Hall starting at 3:00pm. Tubing rides will be available at the Waterfront from 3:00pm 5:00pm this is only time all weekend that we will have Tubing. Also the Swimming Pool will be open extended hours, from 3:00pm 7:00pm. So come early to the Weekend on the Bay! On Friday night, meet at Sharp Hall at 7:00pm for a Procession to the campfire. Bring noisemakers, bells, shakers, etc. We will travel as a group to the 7:15pm Campfire at the Ampitheatre, with s mores and songs. Bring your flashlight, your voice and/or an instrument for some classic campfire singalongs. Andrew Brown will lead the festivities. Our intern minister, Abby Tennis will lead the Vespers Service Friday night at 9:00pm at Recreation Hall. (Bring a flashlight so you can find your way after the service.) After the Vespers Service, check out our brand new Weekend on the Bay After Dark workshops including ghost stories, games and more singing! On Saturday afternoon at 5:00pm, just before dinner-time, Abby Tennis will lead the Water Balloon Toss, just outside Sharp Hall. At 7:00pm, we will have our Weekend on the Bay Talent Show. Everyone has a talent let s see yours. This event was a big hit last year let s do it again! Eric Hoy will serve as your host. Stay for an After Party / Jam if you want to keep playing and singing for awhile (then join the Dance Party.) Afterwards, the Young Souls will be hosting a Dance Party at Sharp Hall. Open to all, not just the Young Souls. Abby Tennis will lead the Sunday Worship at the Chapel at 10:15 am Weekend on the Bay Program FINAL May 29, 2013 Page 3 of 17

4 NOTE: Camp Tockwogh will not provide lunch on Sunday. Instead, invite some of your new friends to lunch in Chesterton or Rock Hall! Community Service Commitment Help Make It Happen: All campers will be asked to take on at least one Community Service Commitment during the weekend. Please sign up online at or when you arrive, ask at the Welcoming Table how you can help. Roles: We need plenty of volunteers, to: Serve as Waiters at Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch or dinner, or Sunday breakfast Help at the Welcoming Table on Friday afternoon/evening or Saturday morning Give our NUUbies (newcomers to WOB) a tour and special welcome on Friday afternoon/evening or Saturday morning Helping with Kid Zone or childcare on Saturday morning Sign up to be an on-call medic Community-Building: You may be sharing lodging with All Souls folks that you ve never met before. Please embrace the opportunity to get to know someone new. And at mealtimes, make new friends! Meal-Time Notes Say Thank You: Meal Times are an extremely busy half hour for Camp Tockwogh staff. The camp kitchen staff works hard to prepare meals. Don t Be Late: Except for the Friday night pizza, mealtime is at these times: Breakfast 8:00am; Lunch 12:30pm; Dinner 5:30pm. No exceptions. You snooze; you lose. Make New Friends: Don t sit next to folks that you already know. Reach out and touch / somebody s hand / make this world a better place / if you can. We Need Waiters: Every adult needs to serve as a waiter for one meal. Meals are served Family Style. We should have one Waiter for each table, and they are responsible for the following duties: Setting Tables: Waiters should arrive 15 minutes before each meal to set the tables. Beverages, plates, cutlery, cups, and condiments should be set in advance. Milk will be available for breakfast and dinner in the metal refrigerators. Serving Food: Once the meal begins, one person should bring one serving tray to the table, unload the tray and return the tray to the rack. Take just one serving tray per table. Otherwise, another table will not get their food. If you run out of food, take the empty platters to the breezeway to get filled. Clearing the Table: Scrape off plates into the trash and stack all plates. Separate cutleries by type and place them into a cup. Put the flatware into the proper bin by the dish window. Place your cups upside down in the cup tray in the dish room. Return serving utensils, bowls, and platters to the rack where you got them. Place beverages on the beverage racks in the breezeway. Leave salt, pepper, and napkins at table. Wipe table with a rag, stack the chairs, and sweep the floor under your table Weekend on the Bay Program FINAL May 29, 2013 Page 4 of 17

5 Childcare on Saturday Morning If you have kids under age 13, you should have signed up for KidsZone / CampCare when you registered for the Weekend on the Bay. We need this information in advance so we can plan activities for all the kids. We will only have child care services on Saturday morning. Volunteers are needed to support child care activities, for both the CampCare and the KidsZone. Please consider signing up to help out during the early morning workshop (Saturday from 8:45am 10:40am) or the mid-morning workshop (Saturday 10:35am 12:15pm.) To volunteer, contact Nikevia Thomas at or use the community service commitment form. CampCare (under age 5) CampCare will be offered from 8:45am until 12:15pm in the Stewart Lodge. Some potential Campcare activities are: Parachute games Bubbles big ones and small ones Exploring with magnifying glasses Singing and dancing Reading stories and acting them out Art galore Inside games & activities Tenting and going on a hike KidsZone (ages 5-12) Camp Tockwogh staff will help us with the KidsZone. All children must be registered in advance. All parents must fill out the Camp Tockwogh waiver form at the Welcoming Table on Friday afternoon, June 1. Kids should meet at the Sharp Hall flagpole after the Saturday breakfast, at 8:45am. The Kidszone program will continue until 12:15pm. Please bring the following for your children: Diapers and wipes, if necessary. Juice, water, or milk (we will provide wee snacks). Rocking seats and pacifiers. Transitional objects to reduce separation anxiety Weekend on the Bay Program FINAL May 29, 2013 Page 5 of 17

6 Workshops Sign up for workshops online or when you arrive at Camp Tockwogh on Friday. Friday Night / Weekend on the Bay After Dark New This Year! Friday Night 9:30 10:30 pm join a special After Dark Workshop Title Description Hosted By For Where Scary Ghost Stories Campfire Hangout Is Camp Tockwogh haunted? The best way to fearlessly face our paranormal friends is to share some short but scary ghost stories. Bring a flashlight and a tale to tell. At least one of the ghost stories will be 100% true. Keep the campfire party going. There may be more singing. Eric Hoy Ages 10 and up (parental permission for teens) Meet at Sharp Hall Flagpole Ron Swanda At the campsite 2013 Weekend on the Bay Program FINAL May 29, 2013 Page 6 of 17

7 Saturday Workshop Session 1: 9:00am 10:30am (NOTE: Ropes Course will be 9:00 am 12:00 pm do not sign up for workshops) Title Description Hosted By For Book Group Zen Poetry Frisbee Golf EcoIntelligence Join other literary souls on the bay for a book discussion of "The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears", a book by the Ethiopian American (and Washingtonian) Dinaw Mengestu with the title taken from Dante's Inferno. We follow an Ethiopian immigrant on his pre-whole Foods Logan Circle store failure and the disappearance of his ex-pat friends into a gentrifying world. The book explores the intersection of immigration, race, socioeconomics, and community in Washington, DC. Links to the book on Amazon: and an interview with the author: Read, hear poetry / Frisbees then fly long and true / Breathe in, out; relax. A lively discussion of how to stay hopeful about environmental solutions, avert burnout, and steer clear of "thought traps" that create hopelessness. Veteran activists and those who have shied away from the subject will find wellsprings of teamwork and ingenuity. Based on the writings of Frances Moore Lappe, author of the original "Diet for a Small Planet," and her recent, "EcoMind: Changing the Way We Think, to Create the World We Want." Participants are invited to read more at Topher Kandik Eric Hoy Peter Kelley Adults only 2013 Weekend on the Bay Program FINAL May 29, 2013 Page 7 of 17

8 Saturday Session 1 Continued Title Description Hosted By For Tie-Dye Gentle Yoga for Sharing Walking as a Spiritual Practice Magic Words-Explore the Poetic Arts Bring your white, 100% cotton t-shirts, socks, pillow cases, whathave-you to this fun, multi-generational workshop where you can learn the basic tie-dye spiral pattern or improvise with all the colors of the rainbow! Dyed items will be taken home in plastic bags where they can be washed out after 24 hours. If there is interest, you can try your hand at a chalice or heart design using a basic stitching technique. These dyes are permanent and will stain clothing if spilled. Using the Sivanda book and learning intensively at the Esalen Institute of Big Sur, California, Andrew forged a very personal Yoga routine that he practiced daily for years. In this session, we will warm-up, breath, sit and safely practice asanas together. We can then compare the session with your own experiences for better awareness of what works for you among the many possibilities. After a short spiritual discussion, we will explore the camp. Bring your walking shoes. Words, words, words. Everyday language has its limits. Much of what we know to be most important of all seems impossible to put into words. Mighty Wordsters know that language and the poetic arts - from the simplest, like repetition or rhyme, to the most complex - can work a very special magic. Even if we are not poets, we use many of these techniques in everyday speech. Our own words can lead us to places within us we almost didn t know about. And the magic words we read and make together can lead to a deep connection with self and others. Let s play with words, enjoy ourselves and maybe make a poem or two... Jennifer Abercrombie Andrew Brown Abbey Tennis Mary Beth Hatem (children under 10 only if with an adult) Adults and Children 14-up Adults 2013 Weekend on the Bay Program FINAL May 29, 2013 Page 8 of 17

9 Saturday Workshop Session 2: 10:45am 12:15pm Title Description Hosted By For Yoga and Meditation Friendly Bridge Game Camp Choir All Souls Meet and Greet Join us for an active all levels vinyasa/flow yoga practice followed by a seated meditation. Bring your mat or a towel for yoga. Optional: bring a folded towel or pillow for seated meditation. We will practice outside if the weather is beautiful. If you enjoy playing Bridge, please join us. No need to bring a partner, just some knowledge of how to play. We'll play a few hands, then switch up partnerships to make it a little more interesting. and experience welcome, though there will not be any formal instruction. In Part 1, we will have fun learning and signing songs that accentuate how great it is to be together in such a wonderful outdoor setting. Part 2 of this workshop takes place at the Sunday morning worship, where we will wing two or three songs perfected in Part 1. Get to know other souls in a fun interactive environment! Participate in this All Souls speed mingling session to meet other Souls, big and small. We may play "get to know you" games that are guaranteed to break the ice! No experience or business cards necessary! Just bring your sense of humor and willingness to get to know others in the community. Angela Heverling and Juliana Schwartz Marilynn Schuyler Lenard Starks Amy Mulry Wesolek and Craig Dylan Wyatt Ages 13 and up Ages 8 and above 2013 Weekend on the Bay Program FINAL May 29, 2013 Page 9 of 17

10 Saturday Session 2 Continued Title Description Hosted By For Introducing Clearness Gatherings We all face difficult, fundamental questions in life: should I move? Should I marry? Marry? Seek to become a parent? Change jobs (or even professions)? Retire? For centuries, Quakers have sought aid in answering such questions by calling four to six fellow members to ask open, honest questions to those confronting an important decision -- not to advise them, but to help them hear their own inner voice. We are now introducing that practice of Clearness Gatherings at All Souls. Brian Marshall Adults only Channeling Your Child s Yetzer Hara We will begin the workshop with a journaling exercise to reflect privately about some aspect of our lives in seeking greater clarity. We won't have time for a Clearness Gathering, but will describe the practice to help prepare those who wish to participate in a Clearness Gathering in the future. Yetzer what? We ll examine the Jewish idea of yetzer hara, the aggressive impulse in each of us which can lead to greed and even violence, but is also a source of animating energy. Jewish child psychologist, Wendy Mogel, has some suggestions for helping parents deal effectively with this part of their child s personality. We ll try a reframing exercise and examine ways we as parents can more effectively channel this energy rather than continually battling against and restricting it. Jennifer Abercrombie Adults only 2013 Weekend on the Bay Program FINAL May 29, 2013 Page 10 of 17

11 Saturday Workshop Session 3: Afternoon (check start times) Title Description Hosted By For Scavenger Hunt by Codes 1:30 PM 3:00 PM Creatively Cleaning the Bay 1:30 PM 3:00 PM High Flight 1:30 PM 3:00 PM Part 1 3:00 PM 3:45 Part 2 Participants in this scavenger hunt will learn basic coding and decoding skills using junior high and some high school level mathematics. They will then use these skills in a scavanger-type hunt to decode clues leading to the next location. Participants will need a pencil and scratch paper as well as walking shoes. Knowledge of junior high school level mathematics including simple algebra skills, laws of operations and computational skills including exponents is needed. Join us for a workshop to learn about the campaign to get DC Water to clean up their act by creating rain gardens and green jobs to help clean up the Chesapeake Bay. This workshop will include some teaching followed by arts and crafts for all ages. This workshop has 2 parts. In Part 1, we will briefly reflect upon rockets and their impact on our daily lives. Then we proceed to construct flying model rockets and discuss safety concerns. For Part 2, we move to a large outdoor field to take turns launching our rockets high into the air. Properly made model rockets will reach altitudes of 1,000-2,000 feet. Part 2 will begin approximately 90 minutes after the beginning of Part 1. (Children under 11 will need one-onone assistance by an accompanying teen or adult) Doug Kilburg Cathy Rion Starr Lenard Starks 8 and above (ages 8-11 with teen/adult see notes) 2013 Weekend on the Bay Program FINAL May 29, 2013 Page 11 of 17

12 Saturday Afternoon Workshops Continued Title Description Hosted By For Try Stand Up Paddle Boarding 2:00 PM 4:00 PM (participants sign up for 20 minute sessions) Kayaking 2:00 PM 4:00 PM Finding aquatic insects 2:00 PM 4:00 PM Culinary Community 3:30 PM 5:00 PM Musical Souls 3:30 PM 5:00 PM Come try America's fastest growing sport - Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP for short)! I will have an inflatable SUP and adjustable paddle available for first timers or beginner SUPers and provide basic instruction on getting onto and upright on the board, safety and basic paddle techniques. Almost everyone is able to stand up and paddle on the board the first time out! Give it a 20 min. try and see if it's right for you before making an investment in rental or equipment. No experience necessary for this kayaking spree along the shores of the Bay. Enjoy the scenery and good company while bald eagles soar overhead and dive for fish. Adults and young people over 12 welcome. Come and explore around the little lake at the camp and try to catch and examine some of the insects living in the water. Dragonflies, caddisflies, mayflies, and many other kinds live most of their lives as larva in the water, emerging as adults only to live briefly and mate. Do you head for the kitchen to socialize at a party? Join your fellow nibblers to talk, lazily chop up veggies herbs and nuts to make dips, then enjoy eating them. If there are extras, you can take them for snacking later. Note that the activity focuses around use of knives. Bring your guitars, mandolins, fiddles, banjos, drums, tambourines, rhythm instruments, whatever your heart loves! We'll play and sing folk, old time music and anything else that comes to mind. Let's explore some fun music together at this lovely place. Jeff Tackes Uta Allers Kathy Ferger Kim Vitelli Vicki Childers Anyone approx. 4'10" - 6'4" (ish) Ages 12 and up Adults and children if they have patience for small details Adults and older children if with an adult 2013 Weekend on the Bay Program FINAL May 29, 2013 Page 12 of 17

13 Saturday Afternoon Workshops Continued Title Description Hosted By For Exploring Meditation Techniques 3:30 5:00 PM Meditation involves a wide variety of practices and techniques designed to promote relaxation, build internal energy or life force (prana, etc.) and develop compassion toward oneself and others. Meditation is often used to clear the mind and ease many health issues, such as high blood pressure, depression, and anxiety. During this workshop, we will guide the group through four different meditation techniques: tandem meditation, breath concentration, body scan, and metta. There will be opportunities as well for group sharing before and after the practice.bring a towel or sleeping bag to lie on for the body scan, as well as something you can fold and sit on such as a towel, blanket, or pillow. All levels of experience and newbies are welcome. Juliana Schwartz & Mo Edjlali Adults only Bonus Workshops: Sunday 9:00am 10:00am Title Description Hosted By For Yoga Nature Walk A Yoga workshop for yogis of all levels! Bring your mats and prepare for a quiet meditation and a wonderful yoga session. Come and walk around the camp looking at flowers, trees, shrubs and crawly things Vicki Childers Kathy Ferger 2013 Weekend on the Bay Program FINAL May 29, 2013 Page 13 of 17

14 Suggested lunch places for Sunday Camp Tockwogh will not provide lunch this year. Instead, invite some friends to join you at a restaurant. Below are some suggested locations The Fish Whistle in Chestertown. On the Chester River at 98 Cannon Street. See the map to the right. Waterman s Crab House in Rock Hall. Intentionally miss the turn-off to Chestertown, and blissfully continue down rural Route 298, and then Route 20, until you reach the small town of Rock Hall. See the map to the left. All locals love this restaurant. Optional Outing: Afterwards, intrepid folks can continue to Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge for hiking and bird-watching. More About Kent County, Maryland Chestertown Chestertown is the last major town on the way to Camp Tockwogh, about 12 miles or 25 minutes away. If you want to stay off-site, check out the Chestertown lodging options (and book them as early as possible before you register for the Weekend on the Bay) at: Here are some Chestertown recommendations, courtesy of Jillian Gibson, who grew up there: Favorite place for coffee: Play it Again, Sam's on Cross Street in the center of town has great coffee and muffins. It also pours and sells wine for those so interested. Rita's on Washington Avenue near the college is good for ice cream and other sweets. O'Connor's Pub which is on the northern end of High Street (near the intersection of Route 20 and 291) is a decent Irish-style pub with yummy pub fare. I've not been to Brooks Tavern, which is on the northern end of High Street, but I understand it's decent - closed on Sundays. Blue Heron - a lovely restaurant on Cannon Street just off Cross in the center of town. Closed on Sundays - very nice, excellent food. Slightly more upscale evening out Weekend on the Bay Program FINAL May 29, 2013 Page 14 of 17

15 Imperial Hotel - excellent restaurant - the most upscale in town, I believe. It's open 7 days a week. Reservations a must. Expensive for Chestertown. Village Bakery and Cafe is in the shopping center on the north end of town, close to the Worton Road turnoff that takes you to Tockwogh. Good food for breakfast or lunch. Open 7 days a week. Lockbriar Farms ( is at Worton Road. It s directly on the way to Camp Tockwogh, after you pass through Chestertown, just after you turn off Route 213 and turn onto Route 297 (Worton Road). Chances are good you might see some other ASC folks at Lockbriar Farms for Strawberry-Picking especially on the way to camp (on Friday afternoon) or after services on Sunday. This farm also has cherries, and if we re lucky, they may have some early-season blueberries. Rock Hall In Rock Hall (24 miles / 40 minutes south-east of Camp Tockwogh, or 12 miles / 22 minutes east of Chestertown) the crabs at Waterman's are excellent. Rock Hall is also in Kent County, but it's a different community all to itself. Go to: And south of Rock Hall is the Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge, with nature trails, bird-watching, canoeing, and room for biking. Betterton The Camp Tockwogh beach is rocky, not sandy and Camp Tockwogh staff will not let you swim in the Chesapeake Bay. (Insurance reasons, nuff said.) But just five miles east of Camp Tockwogh is the tiny hamlet of Betterton. They have a good sandy beach (with lifeguards), and they allow swimming in the Chesapeake Bay. There s at least one small restaurant in town Weekend on the Bay Program FINAL May 29, 2013 Page 15 of 17

16 How to Get to Camp Tockwogh The Camp Tockwogh address is: Still Pond Neck Road Worton MD From Washington DC, take US-50 east to Annapolis. From Annapolis, take US-50 over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. After crossing the Chesapeake Bay, continue several miles, then follow the road split onto 301-North. Exit onto Maryland 213 North. Go through Centerville and follow 213 N through Chestertown and take the first left onto Maryland 297. Follow Maryland 297 for 3.6 miles through Worton and make a right onto Maryland 298. Follow Maryland 298 for 1/2 mile and make the first left onto Coopers Lane. Follow Coopers Lane for 1 mile and make the next right onto Still Pond Creek Road. Make a left onto Still Pond Neck Road and follow 2.1 miles to the entrance of Camp Tockwogh (right side of road). The Camp Tockwogh phone number is dinner there. Friday Night Pizza Warning: Dinner is served until 6:59pm. Camp Tockwogh is 30 minutes beyond Chestertown. If you re driving past Chestertown after 6:30pm, get your I m arriving on Friday night after 10:00pm. How do I check-in? Lodging assignments will be distributed on Thursday by , if you arrive after 10 pm check for written instructions at the check in table and come sign in Saturday morning Weekend on the Bay Program FINAL May 29, 2013 Page 16 of 17

17 Camp Tockwogh Map 2013 Weekend on the Bay Program FINAL May 29, 2013 Page 17 of 17