Meadowlark Model A Ford Club, Omaha, NE

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1 President's Message I m sorry for the delay in the message this month. Our newsletter editor has been visiting the local hospital the last couple of days. Dale went in with some heart problems but think they have everything under control. I just talked to him tonight ( Tuesday ) and he isn t going to be able to get the newsletter out on time this month. So this will be an abbreviated newsletter, and we ll get back on schedule as soon as possible. I hope that everyone can make the meeting this Sat. I ll enclose a short message anyway. Let s hope that Dale will be back in operation soon and wish him the best of luck. Another month has passed us by, and we ve had some very interesting events. The Benson Ford show was held after a very WET morning. It turned out to be a very good day. We had lots of entries a very good mix of cars. The next day there were 5 of the club members who ventured out to the zoo. Everyone had a good time and hopefully next year we can get a few more cars out. In addition to showing off our cars, we got to take in the zoo and most of us left a little tired after walking to the various attractions. events soon. Your Prez --- Lee Hendrix Meadowlark Model A Ford Club, Omaha, NE July 2011 Special Points of Interest: Calendar Events Birthdays and Anniver- Table of Contents President s Message 1 Calendar 2 Event Details 3 Activity Reports 5-7 Birthday/Anniversary/ Sunshine Advertisers 9 Membership Info 10 7 ZOOM Tour a Day at Henry Doorly Zoo Next year is the 50th Anniversary of the Meadowlarks charter in the We had a nice place to park in the shade and had a leisurely tour of the zoo.

2 July/August 2011 see more info in letter* SUN MON TUES WED THURS FRI SAT 31 Tour to LeMars* Millionaires and Mansions Tour* Regular Meeting 6:30PM Gretna Parade followed by lunch at McKinneys Seldin Car Display* Tour to LeMars* Tour to LeMars* Ft. Calhoun Tractor Show* Regular Meeting July 9, Ollie the Trolley, Meet at Durham Museum at 10:00 am. $15.00 per person. Focusing on the history of the South Goldcoast of the 1800 s in Omaha. Mary Denker is the contact person July 16 Gretna Parade. Followed by lunch at Bob & Mary McKinneys. Meet at 10:15 at the cement plant- Same place as last year. Bob & Mary are the contact people July 21, Seldin Car display. Located about 125 th and West Center Road. 6:00 9:00 pm Howard Denker is the contact person July Tour to LeMars Iowa and Plymouth co. Doug and Vicki are the contact persons August 13, Ft. Calhoun tractor show / with Model A s 9:00 approx 3:00 pm Lee Hendrix is the contact person August 13 Regular meeting, 6:30 pm at DCHC. August 20, Stormchasers baseball game at Werner Park. Lee Hendrix is Contact person. Coming up in September: Garage Tour & Club Picnic 2

3 Up Coming Event Details Upcoming Tour July 9th Clang, clang, clang went the trolley Ding, ding, ding went the bell Zing, zing, zing went my heartstrings as we started for the Gold Coast of Omaha! Yes, we are going to ride Ollie the Trolley on Durham Museum s tour Millionaires and Mansions: South Gold Coast. This tour looks back to the early 1900s in the area south of Dodge Street in mid-town Omaha. Many landmarks in the city are located here including the Blackstone Hotel, the Storz Mansion, and the home of Arthur and Zerlina Brandeis. Visitors will see the beauty of traditional architecture and hear the stories of the people who built these magnificent homes. This will be a 1:30PM tour with an admission fee of $15 per head. If you happen to belong to the Durham Museum, your fee will be $10 per head. The trolley holds 42 people and we plan to go as a group to fill a trolley. A sign-up sheet will be at the June meeting and you will need to pay the admission fee in advance. If you can t make it to the meeting, but would like to be part of the tour group, please contact Mary Denker, Our cut-off date will be July 2 nd. Hope you can make it! Seldin Co. Car Show and Old Fashion Ice Cream Social and Family Night The Meadowlark Model A Club has been asked to put on another car display for the Seldin Company at 123 rd and West Center from 6:00 to 9:00 pm on July 21st. This is a Thursday night and they are having an old fashion ice cream social and family night. They will be looking for 25 cars, similar to last year. There will be a sign up sheet at the next meeting. To encourage attendance the club has purchased some really neat gifts for the first 25 members that sign up and then show up for the display. It does not count to only sign up, you also have to show up. If you don t show up your gift will be given to the next person that signed up. So mark your calendars and make sure you are at the next meeting to sign up or call me so I can put you on the list. This should be another fun night so plan to come out and support the club. Upcoming LeMars Tour Come to LeMars, Iowa where Life is Sweet for a July tour. Attend all or part of the weekend. Tentative schedule includes: Bob s Drive Inn for their famous Bob Dog. A sweet stop to the Blue Bunny Ice Cream Parlor at their new location. A visit to the Plymouth County Fair Grounds $7.00/ individual entrance fee for the day and roped off parking in the Pioneer Village area for Model A parking. Free entertainment on the Village stage and in the Grand Stand throughout the day. Visit for further information and the fair s daily schedule. Dining at nationally recognized Archie s Steak House for meals ranging from hamburgers, to dry aged steaks and seafood. Then wrap up the weekend with a pancake Doug & Vicki Heeren s home. A Board of Director s Meeting will also be the Business Center/ Breakfast Room at America s Best Value Inn. For more information look for fliers at the next general meeting, or contact Doug & Vicki Heeren. or

4 Tech Talk Talk Howard Denker presented a Tech Talk on greasing wheel bearings at the June meeting. The ladies had a good chat. At the July meeting, we will be taking a good look at what it takes to change out your generator cutout to make it more reliable with a Diode. We will also be showing you all the different changes made during production. In addition we are going to be looking at all of the different clocks that were available as accessories for our Model A fords. So,if you have an auto clock and would like to show it off, please bring it to the meeting. Two Meadowlark Couples Celebrate Golden Wedding Anniversaries Dick and Mary Knapp were married in May, years ago. They have belonged to the Meadowlarks most of that time. If they don t look familiar to you, it is because they live in Arkansas and visit us only occasionally. Those of us who attended the Kansas Regional were able to celebrate with the Knapps at their daughter, Deb s, house. They are celebrating further by visiting their son, David, in California and then on to Australia to visit daughter, Cheryl. Jerry and Karan McManis were married in June, years ago. They are also long-time Meadowlark members. The McManus family celebrated in Omaha, with their five children (David, Don, Paul, Jeremy, and Theresa) coming to visit them. Dick and Mary Knapp Jerry and Karan McManis FOR SALE C Cabriolet Professionally restored Color Maroon and Black. Tan convertible top/tan wheels. Ron Kelley Engine with inserts, balanced crank, high compression head, NOS transmission gears and 354 rear end gears. LeBaron Bonney interior and top. 6V halogen headlights. Underside/powder coated. $29, IOWA or or 4

5 Our 25 th Anniversary Ford Show The 2011 Omaha Ford Show is now in the history books. Our 25 th anniversary show was a great success, especially if you were in the Benson area around 7AM. As we sat under the overhang of one of the stores, we thought this year would surely be a washout. During the downpour, four brave souls drove in and took a spot to show off their pride and joy. Then, about 9AM, the sky started to brighten and the entry gate started to get busy. Before long, both sides of the street were filling up. We had a great variety of Ford products from 1915 to We saw more Model Ts and more Mustangs than ever before. prizes for the best Odometer Poker Hand and Odometer reading ending in 25. El Gertner s handiwork on the trophies and Ed Jankowski s help in putting the commemorative trophies together also deserve special thanks. I also really appreciated the members who stepped up to the plate when I asked for door prizes for our show. This year s show was a big success because of all the members who showed an interest in keeping the only Omaha Ford Show going strong. Vickie Heeren reported that she overheard one of our entrants saying that it was a "Top notch, great car show. One of the best!" Thanks again, Don Graves. The Meadowlarks had a special parking area, which was almost full. If it had not rained early in the day, we would have run out of space. Fifty-six paid entrants and twenty Model A s made for a great Ford Show. Thanks to all Members who showed up with their A s and special thanks to all members who helped during the day to make this show run smoothly. Special thanks to Greg Bowden for coming up with the idea of special 5

6 Planes, Trains, and Model A s The six Meadowlark families who attended the Regional Meet sponsored by the Plain Ol As had a great time. Charlie and Suzanne Earnest, El & Dot Gertner, Don & Janet Graves, Doug & Vicki Heeren, and Bob & Mary McKinney drove their A s down via HWY 73 keeping an eye on the flooding possibilities when we got close to the Missouri. Ed & Millie visited son, Pat, and his family in Lawrence and then joined us at Overland Park. We took lots of tours, which we were glad to see were planned to NOT enter the busy parts of Kansas City. A good old rally like we used to have featured counting the number of round-abouts that we went through. Would you believe there were 21 or 22? We saw a Pietenpol airplane with a Model A engine and decided we would stay on the ground with our Model A engines. We went to Topeka and saw the Kansas State Capitol which is in the process of being restored and a couple of great museums. We went to a Kansas City T-Bones baseball game. A highlight of the trip was a trip to the Kansas Speedway, where many of us actually drove the speedway, but a little slower than the race cars. Vicki Heeren entered her blue Coupe in the Hubley Race and, with the help of her mechanic (Doug), had a great showing of MPH! (good thing that wasn t a real Model A). But, she got beat out a little later. Planes, Trains, and Model A s The Plain Ol As came up with some great Model A games. It was kind of a rainy morning, but we did win some prizes. Bob McKinney (with passenger, Don G.) placed in the Sock Throw game (3 tennis balls in a sock that had to be thrown over the Model A roof into a barrel on the other side). Vicki Heeren won the Cup Stacking game (50 cups had to be moved from bottom to top one at a time). Don Graves won first in the Windshield Wiper contest (proving that a 66 year old human can wipe a windshield faster by hand than a 80 year-old electric Model A windshield wiper). He also won the Nut and Bolt Twist game (fastest at putting about 20 various size nuts on their corresponding bolts). Our group cleaned up pretty good for the banquet. Doug & Vicki even won the Best Era Fashion awards. We did well in the many raffle drawings also: Bob won a nice metal cut out of a Model A, Dot won a nice painting of a Model A in a winter scene, El won a Motometer, and Don won a set of wheel bearings. I hope we didn t forget anyone s winnings things were moving pretty fast for a while. Anyway, we had a great time. Although there was lots to do, we had time to sit around and chat, as well as walk to the Applebee s for dessert. There was really a lot more, but all we can share here. Oh yeah, there were lots of neat Model A s there, too. Don & Janet Graves 6

7 7

8 Birthdays and Anniversaries July 3 Klutts Anniversary 7 Karen Noodell Birthday 13 Lorences Anniversary 17 Jerry McManis Birthday 19 El Gertner Birthday 20 Lee Hendrix Birthday 21 Kristy Leddy Birthday 23 Mary Denker Birthday 24 Steve Anderson Birthday 25 Janet Graves Birthday 25 Noodells Anniversary 26 Audrey Freyer Birthday 26 Janice Leddy Birthday August Day Name Event 12 Barbara Bunch Birthday 13 Frank Wanek Birthday 15 Lori Rima Birthday 16 Judy Beckman Birthday 17 Hansons Anniversary 18 Karan McManis Birthday 25 Petersons Anniversary 30 Shari Briese Birthday 31 Jan Hartenhoff Birthday 31 Carol Hendrix Birthday Sunshine Report Roland Kunz spent a month in Rockford, IL receiving hyperbaric oxygen treatments for the effects of his stroke. He is home now and doing well. Dale Jergensen had a bit of a scare over the 4th of July weekend, but is out of the hospital now. Meadowlarks Affected by Flood We are probably all affected by the 2011 flood in one way or another, but at least 3 Meadowlark families are being affected more than the rest of us. Bob and Trish Rand have had to move from their farm on HWY 30 between Missouri Valley and Blair. Tony and Jan Hartenhoff live in Council Bluffs and are still protected by the levees there, but are ready to move, if needed. Don and Karen Noodell live in Cedar Creek, where the ground water is threatening their home. Our thoughts are with these families and all the others who are being affected by the flooding. Thank You Note: We want to thank every one for your calls, offers of help, and help during this difficult and stressful time in our lives. Say a prayer that the levee holds for all those in harm s way. Jan and Tony Hartenhoff 8

9 Please support our advertisers: DON V Insurance. Your Local J. C. TAYLOR and HAGERTY IN- 224 North Main SURANCE Fremont Nebraska AGENT LOW COST INSURANCE FOR YOUR A C&C Monogram and Embroidery Quality Computerized Monograms & Embroidery 2315 Lincoln Road Bellevue C&C Tailor Shop Men s and Ladies Alterations Military Uniform Specialists Shizuko Chase & Verl A. Chase Jr. Owners NEW PARTS Come to the "Best in the Midwest" for your new Model 'T' and 'A' parts. See us for mechanical parts, books, accessories, sheet metal, fenders, roadster bodies, pickup beds, wood kits, and original style bolt kits. We have a 120-page, all 'T' catalog and a 173-page, all 'A' catalog. Send for your copy or pick one up at the store. Daily U.P.S. service, Master Card, VISA, or COD Have quite a bunch of surplus stuff in the garage yet. If you are looking for something for your "A", let me know. I just might have it. No lists - ask for what you want and I'll look for it and let you know. Frank Cooper 2300 College Dr. Blair, NE Shawna & Bill Devin BIRDHAVEN VINTAGE AUTO SUPPLY 3515 West 88 th St. North, Colfax, IA Phone Toll free Fax

10 Monthly meetings are at the Douglas County Health Center. See map and directions below. This is the official publication of the Meadowlark Chapter of the Model A Restorers Club (MARC) and the Model A Ford Club of America (MAFCA). This monthly newsletter is mailed to members, prospective members, and editors of similar publications. Its purpose is to keep you informed about what has taken place and to remind you of future activities. Members may publish at no cost, ads for items wanted, for sale, or trade. They are also invited to submit technical Model A information and other interesting tidbits. Material should reach the editor by the last Saturday of the month. MONTLHY MEETINGS: Second Saturday of each month (except January) at 6:30PM at the Douglas County Health Center in the Town Hall. 42 nd & Woolworth Ave Officers President Lee Hendrix VP/ Pres. Don Graves Secretary Vicki Heeren Treasurer Mary Denker Board Members Steve Anderson Ed Jankowski Sherri Kunz Doug Heeren Howard Denker Membership dues for the Meadowlark Club are $24.00 per year prorated monthly for new members. Membership in one of the national clubs is required. You may join both national clubs if you wish. MAFCA dues are $40.00 per year and MARC dues are $38.00 per year. Prospective Members: Please call Membership Chairman, Don Graves, ( ) for more information. Club web address: Club web master: Janet Graves